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As the plane banked in, the land below looked rich and green, dotted with developments and striped with roads. It reminded Connor of his time in Hawaii visiting the islands that were separated from Oahu’s overdevelopment. As the vista grew closer, however, the roofs of the houses bloomed into focus and he could see the developed cityscape of Havana in the distance. Many of the houses were just corrugated metal or patched, and windows were missing glass or the glass was marred by tape in an X the size of the frame. The neglect was obvious even from a distance.

When the plane landed, the passengers broke into applause and he joined them bemusedly. He waited as the passengers slowly disembarked, and he and his co-workers worked their way down the narrow aisle to the portable steps and down onto the tarmac. They walked to the waiting bus with the rest of the crowd and as they did, the heat seeped into them. There was no air conditioning on the bus and the short ride to the terminal was sweltering.

Emma was next to him and chattering inanely, indifferent to whether anyone was actually listening, but Stephen, sitting across the aisle made an occasional murmur of reply, so perhaps he was. Jammed next to a thin, older, Cuban woman who was weighted down with a large purse and multiple plastic bags, Lauren was in the seat in front of Connor. This was her first trip to Cuba and she sat quietly, staring out the window in fascination. Connor was staring in fascination too, but his interest didn’t have anything to do with anything outside the bus.

As soon as Lauren had walked into the conference room the first morning of their 3-day preparation for this trip, he’d been struck by her beauty. She had long legs and a waist that tapered from rounded hips and then swooped upward to shoulders made wide by athletic activity. She exuded a quiet confidence and when she spoke, it was with an emotional intensity that was magnetic. He was normally self-possessed, even roguish in talking to women, but something about this one left him a little stunned when she turned her full attention on him.

She had a mischief about her when she smiled and he always had the impression that she somehow knew some litany of secrets or insights about him and what he was thinking. Now they were going to be spending the next 5 weeks working and staying in the same hotel, forced to share time and space. That thought, and the thought that there was little to do in the evenings and weekends besides lounge at the hotel pool or at the beach sipping iced rum drinks, presumably with her in a bikini, brought him more excitement than he’d like to admit.

Looking forward at her, he could see sweat beading on the back of her neck and painting down wisps of her hair where it had pulled free from where she had tied it up. Idly he wondered what her reaction would be if he leaned forward and blew lightly there to send a chill through her. He was brought out of his study and his attention turned outside by a nudge from Emma asking for translation of one of the signs they were slowly rolling by.

“Commander in Chief, Your Ideas are Invincible,” he answered. He was the only one among them that had been to the island before, but Stephen and Lauren at least had varying ability in Spanish. Emma was going to be a trial. Connor privately maintained that she was on the trip and employed with the firm based more on her ability to please certain partners than for any actual ability.

The fences and buildings seemed oddly cobbled together but functional, topped with razor wire and sided with mismatched colors and materials. The entrance to the terminal was made up of planks and the walls had cut outs to hold window style air conditioners that were whirring futilely against the thick, damp, stifling heat.

He and the others were pulled from the line almost immediately and moved past the people returning to visit relatives or from vacation. A uniformed woman took his passport and stared coldly from the photo to his face before telling him in English to look into a camera. He did, and then returned her stare impassively. Finally, she nodded him through the door to an open area where baggage arrived intermittently via a sluggish conveyor belt. There was no sign of organization as the passengers milled about and workers tossed the bags into their midst. When the four of them finally had all their luggage over an hour later, they approached a second checkpoint.

The special business visas in each of their passports kept them from even more scrutiny, but it didn’t make the line in front of them move more quickly. Waiting was a religion in Cuba. When they finally made it outside again, it became clear that if the terminal with its overworked fans and window air conditioners had been stifling, the sun-bleached sidewalk and dirt outside the exit was a steaming furnace. He had expected the heat, but he could see that it was withering most of the others. Lauren, however, though sweating, was doing well, smiling even, as she looked around in excitement.

“No worse than Thailand, right?” he asked her, matching her grin, and she gave a quick nod.

“The heat and the humidity are about the same, but the scenery is…” she answered, nodding toward one of the many communist slogan billboards that lined the road leading to the terminal.

“Bienvenidos,” he laughed. “Come one, we’ll have to change some money for the taxi and the hotel deposit.”

They walked down the cracked and intermittent sidewalk to another building that adjoined the terminal and inside to a bored looking woman in a booth flanked by two armed guards. After waiting for a few moments before the woman could be bothered to acknowledge them, they exchanged American dollars at a rate and fee that bordered on open extortion and then made their way back outside to find a man in a yellow and black checked tie and short sleeved, button down shirt waiting for them.

“Taxi to the Hotel Nacional, Sir?”

“How did…?” Emma began, but Connor cut her off.

“Yes, thank you. Do you have a van that will fit all of us and our luggage, or will we need to use one of your colleagues too?”

The driver smiled widely and gestured at a ten-year-old mini-van at the front of a long, eclectic line of cars whose only commonality was a metal sign propped on each dash proclaiming each of them to be a taxi. Without further word, the driver took bags from Emma and Lauren and another driver moved to help the rest of them. Emma looked at Connor in alarm, but he nodded and gave a stay calm gesture. They piled into the van, and Connor took the front seat, ignored the broken springs and the cracked leather and pulled the seatbelt into place.

They bumped and jarred their way out from the airport and accelerated onto a 4 lane highway that was almost bereft of other autos, past more billboards, these ones focused more on the evils of the blockade and George Bush than on the success of the Revolution and the glory of its leaders. Once they were on the major road, the driver turned to Connor.

“Where are you from?”

“The U.S.” There was no point in lying. The chances were, especially given his ability to speak English, that the man knew already anyway and had been sent conveniently to meet them. Any obfuscation would only appear suspicious, and would make their business in Cuba more difficult.

“I have cousins in the U.S.!” the driver responded enthusiastically.

“Hialeah?” asked with a chuckle.

“Yes!” the driver responded, and then began to rattle off questions. “What brings you? Is this your first trip to Cuba? We don’t get many Americans. Is the blockade lifting?”

“We’re just here on business. I don’t know much about politics,” Connor answered, and then deflected further conversation for the rest of the ride.

They pulled into the curved driveway to the front of the Nacional, and the check in process went quickly. Connor waited until they were all checked in and walking to the elevator before he stopped and spoke to the clerk again, switching to Spanish.”

“I forgot, Madam, it’s very important that I get the room next to one of my colleagues. We’ll be working very closely together on an account so we’ll need to be able to move back and forth between our rooms without disturbing other guests.”

“I am sorry, Sir, but your room has already been…” she began, but Connor placed his hand on the desk and leaned in, pitched his voice lower.

“Surely I don’t need to speak to someone else about this. I would hate it if when speaking to another manager I mentioned the money you asked me for that I had already given you to make this small thing happen.”

She looked around with a straight face, but alarm showed in her eyes.

“Sir, I did not ask, and you did not give…” she said, almost in a whisper.

“Of course not, but such things are possible, and nothing else needs to be said about it does it?” He said, smiling as though they were old friends and lifting his palm to show the 100 CUC note he had hidden under it. “You should tell them that I was very difficult and that you had to give me what I asked for to avoid a scene, and no one will know that I misplaced this money. And could I get an extra key card for operating the air conditioning, please?”

The woman smiled at him. It didn’t reach her eyes, but she took his room card and re-programmed it after consulting her computer. When she slid the card back to him, the 100 CUCs disappeared neatly.

He rode up the elevator, all brass and antique elegance and made his way to his room. He put the extra key in the slot that activated the outlets and the air conditioning and then made his way around the room noting potential and obvious monitoring points and devices as he put his clothes, toiletries, and luggage away in a systematic way that would allow him to know when they’d been disturbed.

He was about to close the closet door when he noticed light coming from the back of the closet at the floor level, and he realized that there might be another reason that the front desk clerk hadn’t wanted to put him in this room. It took him several minutes before he found the pinhole and several more of before he noticed that one of the hangars looked differently than the rest. He pulled it free from the rack and inserted it into the pinhole, and the back panel of the closet slid silently to the side. He opened the pocket door the rest of the way and tried to make his sight pierce the darkness behind the door.

After a few moments of staring and listening, he went to his carry on and pulled out the small mag light he always kept in there and shined it into the space. The space was about eighteen inches deep and stretched up as high as the ceiling of the room. He looked to the right and it stopped at the edge of his closet, but to the left, it looked like it ran the length of his room.

Nerves jangling, he decided he couldn’t close the panel without knowing what else was inside. Before he could change his mind, he ducked forward and crawled in, and then stood up. He slid the panel shut behind him, and the space filled with a dim glow of light. He edged sideways and could see that the light was coming from what looked like 2 large windows. They were several feet apart and between them was some sort of frame and a gear whose purpose he was unsure of until he realized that it must make 2 small panels swing into place to hide the space when the rooms’ adjoining door was opened.

Through the window in front of him, he could see most of a room nearly identical to his. One of Lauren’s suitcases was open on the bed, but she wasn’t in sight. He continued on and found the other looked into a bathroom. His breath caught as he stopped in front of it and Lauren was staring at him from inches away.

He stood frozen, breath held, waiting for her to scream or jerk away from him, and then realized slowly that he was looking at her through her bathroom mirror. She was nude and arranging her toiletries, and he could faintly hear her humming to herself. She was still sweating, the air conditioning not yet having cooled her from the oven outside, and her skin gleamed in the light from the bathroom ceiling and above the mirror. Her body was even more incredible than he had imagined and visualized. Her breasts were almost impossibly large for her frame and sat high on her chest, but hung under their own weight, making it obvious that they were untouched by surgery.

He couldn’t decide if she’d been a dancer or a swimmer and then decided her legs and shoulders said that she had been both. He watched her as she moved around the small room and turned on her shower, adjusting the flow of the water and the temperature with minute turns to the handles. Her ass was, if it was possible, even more perfect than her breasts, and he was mesmerized. Her back was leanly muscled, and just above her waist were two perfect dimples.

She stepped into the shower, and he became conscious that he was brutally hard. The semi-opaque glass of the shower stall hid the details of her, but her dim movements as she washed and conditioned her hair and scrubbed the travel off of her long form was somehow even more erotic than when he’d been able to see her in entirety. He thoughtlessly undid the buttons of his fly and stumbled slightly into the wall behind him. Her head jerked upward at the noise and he froze again, but after a moment of listening, she went back to soaping herself. His cock was pulsing and he began to lightly stroke himself as he watched her and then she reached upward to adjust the showerhead and lean backward against the shower wall. The stream was directed at her groin and she lifted one leg to plant against the wall opposite.

At the realization that she was masturbating at the same time, he could hear a roaring in his ears and his mouth went dry. His stroking became more frantic, and thinking numbly that he didn’t want to leave evidence in the walkway that he’d been there, he stopped to pull free from his shirt and then began to stroke himself more urgently. He longed to be able to hear her. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open, and she was shuddering. He felt his orgasm building from deep in his groin, from his legs and his stomach, and the muscles in his forearm began to spasm, making his stroking both faster and more irregular. He bit his lip hard when he came and rope after rope of semen shot into the shirt that he clutched onto his groin. He was shuddering and breathing hard, and when his eyes opened again he saw that she was finished, hands planted flat on the shower wall and water running over her head again. His thoughts and heart were racing, and he was full of the thrill and wrongness of the voyeurism. When she shut off the shower, he moved to leave the walkway and slid the panel back into place and rushed to get into his own shower, eager to regain his composure before the group met for drinks and dinner in an hour as planned.

Lauren stepped into her room, giddy with excitement. She’d heard Connor requesting the adjoining room as she walked to the elevator. None of the others understood Spanish well enough to have gotten much from the quick, quiet exchange, but she felt a little smug that hers was better than Connor realized. She knew he was interested in her, and had seen him flirting effortlessly with other women at different firm cocktail parties and happy hours, but for some reason he had not yet made any firm efforts toward her. She was hoping that the room change and 5 weeks in a tropical paradise, where language and custom would isolate them to some degree would change that. She’d packed a variety of bikinis and a ridiculous amount of sunscreen, and had every intention of needing it reapplied regularly.

Almost immediately after she got the air conditioning and the lamps working with her room key, the bellhop arrived with her luggage. Once he was gone, she stripped gratefully out of her sweat sodden clothing and moved to the bathroom to begin unpacking her shower items so that she could rinse off. The firm’s security officer and the State Department consultant had warned them that they could expect to be under, if not constant, then certainly thorough surveillance, but she had never been particularly modest, and had decided as soon as she’d been told she was going on the trip that she would simply act as though no one were watching and not worry about it. In fact, she found herself a little excited at the idea that someone might be watching her when she didn’t know it.

As she arranged her things, she hummed to herself; a song by Matt Costa that Connor had had her listen to on one of his earphones on the plane ride down. Once her things were out and the water was adjusted, she climbed gratefully into the cascade of the water. She went through the ritual of a shower and began to find herself fantasizing that there was actually someone watching her right that minute, and then that it was Connor, in the next room, somehow watching her without her knowledge. As she let the thought bounce around in her head and the water run over her, she felt a deeper warmth than the water deep in her groin. Suddenly she thought she heard a thump from the direction of the bathroom mirror and glanced in that direction with a start.

She giggled at herself, at her imagination giving her what she was fantasizing about, and then decided to say, “fuck it,” and reached upward to adjust the showerhead so that it would pour and pulse against her groin and then she leaned back against the shower wall, pulling one leg up to open herself to the spray. She began circling two fingers around her clit as the water vibrated against her and she closed her eyes, imagining that Connor was watching her and masturbating himself. It didn’t take long, immersed in the fantasy and the water for her to come, and she stepped out of the shower in a fantastic mood and looking forward to her first meal and mojito in Havana, and to flirting subtly and outrageously with Connor Lawrence for 5 weeks.

They met on the veranda, sat in a circle and listened to the ocean in the distance as a waiter in a Guayabera shirt brought them rum drinks. At times it seemed like everyone was talking at once, talking about the ordeal of getting through the airport, how different Cuba was from how they’d expected, and how much the same, but Connor couldn’t concentrate. He translated here and there as needed and answered when he was spoken to directly, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren in the shower. He found himself watching her mouth as she was speaking, staring at her lips and imagining them moving as she whispered against his neck or his ear and what they would look like as they parted to take his cock into her mouth. He tore his eyes away from her mouth and focused downward instead.

She was sitting diagonally across from him wearing a light summer dress that came to just an inch or so above her knee, but as she drank and shifted in the chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs, it had ridden up maddeningly. She uncrossed them again and sat for a long moment with her feet spread wide, but her knees close together, and then, as he watched, her knees began to spread slowly apart. Just at the moment he was sure he could see white cloth between her legs, they crossed abruptly once more. He ran his cold glass across his forehead and then signaled for another drink grinning wildly and when he turned back, Lauren was smiling at him. He gave a quick nod, and took a hasty drink. When he looked again, she was once more engaged in conversation with the others, and he had no idea if the view he had been given had been inadvertent or deliberate.

Connor gave himself a mental shake and rejoined the conversation and shortly they decided that it was time to get dinner. The four of them walked to the outdoor Spanish restaurant on the grounds of the Nacional and Connor was distracted from his thoughts about Lauren as he translated for the waitress, explained dishes and finally ordered for everyone. They were all a little giddy and drunk on rum and travel exhaustion by the time the appetizers and wine arrived. and Connor began to act more himself. He was naturally an extrovert and an outrageous natural flirt and got the waitress to take pictures of the group, and then to be in a few pictures herself. As they were lingering over the remains of the meal, a quartet of musicians with guitars and a bass violin appeared at the table and asked for requests, so Lauren asked them to play their favorite song.

The music was good, and infectious, and the travelers began to clap in time to the private concert. They lost track of time as every few songs the musicians would request a tip to continue and they took turns dropping a coin in the collection tambourine. Finally, Stephen was the first to announce that he was going to bed, and Emma took it as her cue to go too. Connor and Lauren were left to finish their drinks, thank the band, and push away from the table as the staff began cleaning up around them.

“Want to walk down toward the water and see the Malecón?” Connor asked, reluctant to end the night, and suddenly more aware that they were alone.

“The Malecón?”

“Yeah, it’s the shore break wall that runs the length of most of Havana. It’s where everyone hangs out at night and drinks rum, and listens to music, and dances, and makes love,” He laughed.


Connor turned to the waitress who was still clearing around them and said, “The Malecón, es para los amantes, si?”

She grinned shyly and glanced at Lauren and then back to Connor, “Si, Señor, for many.”

“All right, well, I’m too excited to be tired yet so we might as well, but there won’t be any more rum for me tonight, and there sure as hell won’t be dancing or lovin’,” Lauren laughed.

They walked to the edge of the hill that the hotel sat on and looked down at the road below and the seawall thick with people as he had predicted it would be, and stood for a while without speaking, staring out at the ocean and listening to the competing strains of Cuban music that drifted up to them.

“Where did you learn Spanish?” she asked.

“When I was in prison in South America.”

“You’re so full of shit.”

“Potty mouth.”

“Oh you have no idea, Mister. I love to cuss,” she said, “I have no idea why anyone would be offended by a well placed ‘fuck’ here and there.”

“Well, as long as it’s well placed,” he said after a long laugh.

“Oh, God. Whatever. We should probably head back and get some rest. Tomorrow’s meetings are going to come far too early.”

With a shrug he agreed, so they walked through the grounds back to the hotel. As they walked, he was deeply aware of her beside him. He felt as though if he were to stop and close his eyes, and she were to keep walking in any direction he would have been able to point at her without opening his eyes. The elevator ride and walk to their rooms was quiet. He didn’t speak or flirt for fear that it would somehow be taken wrong, and ruin the night and the next 5 weeks. She didn’t speak because she was content and comfortable, and confident that the next 5 weeks would give ample opportunity for talk and the possibility of other things.

Once he was in his room, Connor stripped and stepped under the shower to rinse off before climbing into his bed, but as he was toweling off his room phone rang.

“Hello?” he answered, clueless as to who would be calling him, especially at that hour.



“So, I thought I was going to be fine with it, but I am a little freaked out about the idea that some Cuban secret agent is going to be looking at me in my room. Do you have any idea where the cameras and things are? I think that if I can block them somehow, or at least if I know where they are, that it will be ok.”

“Uh, yeah, I have a pretty good idea. There are some signs and there are only so many places that make sense to put them.”

“Is there any way that you can come over here and show me without it looking like I’m trying to get you over here for any other reason?”

“Of course, give me a minute, I’ll be right over.”


Connor pulled on a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt and scrubbed a towel over his head and went next door. When she opened the door, he saw that she’d changed into a short pair of red work out shorts and a tank top and he was afraid for a moment that his visceral reaction to the outfit, which showed off her legs, shoulders, and cleavage, was visible on his face.

“Hey, I’m sorry, but thanks for coming over here. I don’t think I would be able to sleep otherwise.”

“It’s no problem, let’s see what we can find.”

He slipped past her into the room, hair on his arms and the back of his neck standing up as he brushed close to her. She stayed close to him as they moved around the room and he blocked or disabled all of the cameras and microphones he could find. He stood at the mirror for a long moment, staring at it and seeing her in it, looking from him back to it. He opened his mouth to tell her that it was a 2-way mirror, that he knew she could be seen through it, and that the one in the bathroom was the same, but then abruptly decided he couldn’t. He justified it with a half-truth.

“There are ways to watch you that aren’t electronic, but it would require someone to actively be looking in and focused on you, you know? Nothing can be done about that except making the best of it and putting on a good show, right?”

She laughed and touched his arm, gave it a small squeeze and thanked him, and then pulled in for a hug. When he put his arms around her, they lined up perfectly, and though he had expected a little back pat sort of hug, he found himself pressed against her from thigh to chest and her chin on his shoulder. They stayed that way for a moment, but broke away mutually when a flush began to suffuse their bodies, the hug beginning to evolve into something else.

She spoke before he could. “Ok, thanks, night-night!”

“Yeah, sweet dreams.”

The next day was a hazy blur, literally and figuratively. Between the drinking, the unfamiliar bed, the early pending wake up, the excitement of being in another country, and thoughts of Lauren, Connor felt like he hadn’t slept at all. By the time they’d all finished the day’s business, however, all of them had caught a second wind and were ready to go exploring. As Connor showered, he couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren showering too, about how incredible she’d looked in the moonlight and pools of light from the outdoor lamps the previous night, and how much he had wanted her. He’d told himself a hundred times that day that he wouldn’t go into the space between their rooms, but after he’d finished his shower and pulled on his pants, done a spritz of cologne and then donned his shirt, his resolve crumbled. He moved quickly, and as quietly as he could into the space behind the closet.

He could dimly hear music coming from her room as he entered the space and it reinforced how easily a noise could give away his presence. His heart was pounding as he stepped to the mirror. She was sitting on the bed in her panties and bra, one leg drawn up, and applying lotion. Her hair was wrapped in a towel, and she hadn’t yet put on any make up, and Connor was struck again at how simply gorgeous he found her. She finished what she was doing and hummed as she moved around the room, pulling a shirt and a pair of shorts from dresser in front of the mirror that he stood behind, and then shimmied into them. He realized she was almost ready, and that he didn’t want to be standing inches away as she stared into the mirror to put on her makeup, so he moved out of the space and back into his room.

Lauren finished putting the SPF lotion on her legs and pulled the towel from her head. She’d tried the television and it was a mixture of Spanish talk shows, Chinese talk shows, Spanish melodramas, and American VH-1. None of them appealed to her, and she was grateful for the iPod and speakers that she’d brought along.

As she rummaged in the dresser for a shirt and a pair of shorts, she imagined Connor was in the room with her and that he would come up behind her at any moment and pull her into his arms, bend her over the dresser or down onto the bed or push her up against the wall without a word and simply take her. She shoved the idea out of her head, though. She didn’t need to be worked up before they all went out to dinner, and there wasn’t time to take care of things before it was time to go downstairs if she did get worked up. She tried to hurry, but her mind was wandering, and the others were all in the lobby when she got there.

They piled into a cab and Connor gave the driver the name of a private, household restaurant. She was in the middle, between Connor and Emma, and Stephen was in the passenger seat. She was acutely aware of the side of his leg against hers and her shoulder against his arm, but as they drove, she became more slowly aware of something else – his cologne. It wasn’t overpowering, and she’d noticed in meetings before that he smelled good, but something about it was tickling her subconscious. It wasn’t until they arrived at the restaurant that it dawned on her. When she’d been getting dressed, when she’d briefly entertained the idea of him in the room with her, she’d been able to smell his cologne. It had been subtle, but she was sure of it, and sure that it was what had triggered the idea in the first place.

She pondered it through their meal and watched him as he interacted with the others, drank his drink, and enjoyed his food. She thought about what he’d said in her room, how he’d said, “it would require someone to actively be looking in and focused on you, you know? Nothing can be done about that except making the best of it and putting on a good show, right?” and then she was almost certain that he knew more about the monitoring of her room than he’d told her.

She smiled into her drink as she thought about that, and about what she might do to confirm her suspicions. Through dinner she made sure that her foot bumped his leg under the table, and that their hands brushed as they reached for bread and salt, but also that she made no direct eye contact with him, didn’t engage him in any direct way. For all intents and purposes, it appeared she was ignoring him when she was, in fact, focusing a tremendous amount of attention on him and his reactions.

On the car ride back to the hotel, she casually dropped her hand on his knee as she was leaning forward and speaking to Stephen, and again when Connor said something that made them all laugh. She could feel his body tense each time she did it, and was more and more certain that he was more interested in her than he’d let on so far. At the hotel, when Emma suggested drinks and Stephen immediately agreed, Lauren begged off.

“I think I am going to listen to some music in my room and organize my notes for tomorrow’s presentation.”

Connor watched her walk to the elevator and hesitated, debating as the others tried to talk him into joining them.

“You know what, guys, I am pretty exhausted too. I think I will head up. See you for breakfast.”

As he rode the elevator up, he was in a battle with himself. He knew he shouldn’t be acting the voyeur and the idea of what might happen if he was caught was nerve wracking, but the danger, and the carnality of watching her in her room, of having a private reality show with a beautiful woman was also almost impossibly exciting. His willpower lasted less than 5 minutes after he got into his room and had taken off the clothes he’d worn to dinner. Wearing only a pair of shorts, he climbed into the space.

Lauren had just begun to wonder if he had decided to go get drinks with the others after all when she heard Connor’s door shut. A thrill ran threw her, and she practically threw herself across the room to settle onto the bed. She propped herself partly up with pillows and arranged herself on the bed so that her fee were thrust out toward the mirror, and she was sitting up far enough that she could see herself in it. All of the lights in the room but a corner lamp were turned off, so it was dim in the room, lit enough that she could see herself in the mirror, but not with glaring detail. Warm with the thrill and wrongness of her belief that she was about to be watched, she ran one hand up her torso and began to squeeze and rub her breasts while with the other, she began to rub herself. She spread her legs and stretched her arm downward, and pushed 2 fingers inside herself. When she did, she thought she heard a gasp, but wasn’t sure if it was imagination, him watching, or if it had come from her.

Connor stepped in front of the mirror just as she entered herself and let out a gasp. He stood frozen and in awe, sweating and hard, pressed painfully against the inside of his shorts, he leaned on the mirror with one hand and worked frantically to free his cock. He took himself in his hand, but didn’t move. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and he wanted to imprint the image on him brain. She was writhing on the bed, nipples hard, stomach taut, and muscles standing out in her legs and forearms as he heels dug into the bed and her fingers moved in and out of herself. As he stroked himself almost involuntarily his head pitched forward and bumped the mirror. Just as it did, her head popped off of the pillow, mouth biting her bottom lip, eyes squinted with lust, and she looked directly at the mirror. He froze again, afraid that she’d heard him but she didn’t hesitate, didn’t stop driving her fingers into herself and as she began to come he was looking directly into her eyes.

The next morning at breakfast he was jittery, drinking coffee and pushing his food around his plate, lost in thought when she sat down with him.

“Morning, how’d you sleep?”

He looked up, startled, and for a moment could think of nothing to say.


“Uh, yeah, I slept ok. Watched a little TV and then kind of passed out.”

“Watch anything good?” she asked, no hint of a smile, face a picture of innocence.

He sat for a moment with his mouth open and then fought down a laugh. He cocked his head slightly to the side, studied her while she continued to stare back in guiltlessly, but something in her expression made him think she had known he had been watching her, but he couldn’t be sure.

“Yeah, there was a show on late that was pretty interesting. Cuban reality stuff.”

“Oh, my Spanish isn’t good enough yet to get all that.”

“How was the rest of your night? How did you sleep?” he asked, unsure what to say next.

“Oh, I slept amazingly last night. Like a guardian angel was watching me,” she answered with a small smile and took a drink of her tea.

Connor was on fire all day. It was one of those days that he could do no wrong, and he made huge progress on the negotiations the firm had sent them to Cuba he was utterly compartmentalizing because only a portion of his mind was on the work. She and the others were there with him but she was the only one he was aware of, and every moment and second was electric and a struggle for him to focus. The forefront of his thoughts, the focus of his drive, was on getting through the day and getting back to the hotel and immediately getting into the space between the rooms.

Every time he glanced in her direction an image of her naked on her bed staring at him as she pleasured herself was juxtaposed over the reality of what he was seeing. The crisp white blouse and professional skirt she wore as she bent over the desk to point out some specific language in a contract disappeared in his mind and instead she was naked and bending over the desk to allow him to take her from behind in front of the others.

When she sat down on a low couch and crossed her legs, he pictured her spreading them instead, and beckoning him forward to kneel between them and push his tongue and fingers inside her. When she stood and stretched, blouse drawing taut across her shoulders, breasts and stomach, he pictured her posing the same way in front of him, nude while he photographed her from every angle. When it was finally time to finish for the day, the cab ride back to the hotel was seemingly endless, and the elevator ride somehow even longer.

Once he was in his room, he threw his jacket and shirt on his bed, stepped out of his shoes and in his t-shirt and slacks, went straight to the closet to make his way into the space between the rooms. He’d been thinking about the design of the space, and he has a theory he was anxious to check. He waited and watched as she undressed in her room, discarding her clothing, piece-by-piece, and then naked turned on her music and the water in her shower. When she was in the shower and washing her hair, he moved to check his theory.

It took time to find what he was looking for, a catch that opened the back of the closet into her room from the passage. He stepped into her room and shut the panel behind him as the noise from the shower stopped. Matt Nathanson’s voice hummed out from her ipod speakers and Connor pondered the insanity of what he was doing. He could lose his job, his career, and his license. Christ, he could end up in a Cuban jail for the rest of what could be a fairly short life, but he didn’t change his mind and flee the room.

When she walked out of the bathroom, toweling her hair, another towel wrapped around her torso, he didn’t move. He realized he’d been holding his breath when she let out a yelp of surprise and jerked a hand to her chest.

“Fuck! Connor, you scared the piss out of me. What are you doing? How did you get in here?”

“I walked through the wall,” he answered quietly, not moving.

“Through the…,” she began, and then realization leapt in her eyes, lighting them up. “You came through the wall? You were watching me weren’t you? Last night and before. I knew it,” she finished, her face unreadable.

“I found a passage between the rooms. The mirrors are like windows. I couldn’t help but watch you.”

“So what are you doing here?”

“Hoping that you knew I was watching and that you didn’t mind, that you wanted me to do more than watch.”

She stood for a moment without speaking and his heart began to pound, a flush spreading through him as he wondered what she would say or do next. His answer came when she walked toward him. She stopped just in front of him, inches away, and looked up at him, licked her lips and then whispered with a small smile, “I knew you were watching. I smelled your cologne and heard you. I wanted you to see me.”

He kissed her then, hands moving to her arms and then unhooking the towel that hid her from him. The kiss was tentative at first, but her lips were soft, and it grew into something far more passionate. He picked her up, hands under her ass and behind her thighs and her legs went around his waist automatically. He carried her to the bed sat down so that she was on his lap, legs still wrapped around him. She tugged at his t-shirt and they continued to kiss, breaking only long enough so that she could tug it over his head. Her nipples were hard and he could feel them against his chest so he moved his mouth to cover them, one and then the other. He sucked them into his mouth, rolled them with his lips and tongue, nipped lightly at them as she moaned above him.

His hands were on her lower back, her ass, her upper thighs, everywhere on her body as his mouth traveled everywhere it could reach with her there on his lap. Her hands moved between them and struggled at his waist, unhooking his belt and then his pants. He made a frustrated growl and stood, still holding her and then turned to set her on the bed and free himself from his pants. He kicked free of them frantically and was on top of her, kissing her again, weight on his knees and elbows, one hand caressing her breast and the other her face as he kissed her again madly. He could feel the heat and wetness of her underneath him and he moaned into her mouth.

Suddenly her hand was on him, around him, and he made a sharp intake of breath, and before he could breath out again, he was inside her. He thrust forward instinctively and her knees rose up to meet him. Her legs were against his sides, heels under his ass, and the movement of legs encouraged him, drove him onward to drive into her faster and faster.

I had already taken a shower today, but this was a shower with my vibrator. A big, blue jelly, with segmented sides and three speeds. Romance.

So I turned the water on hot, lit a candle, turned the light and the fan off. I let the room fill with steam, which carelessly caressed my aroused, tingling body. I stepped in and my skin flushed under the hot water, running in rivulets across my soft, shaven body. My cock arched forward, ever so imperceptibly.

Meanwhile, my mind raged with lust, a whirlwind of lustful thoughts, tearing my mind apart like a pack of craven wolves. Both hands went immediately to my waist. My right reached for my slowly awakening cock. I reached for the soap dish, rolled it twice in my hand, and grabbed my thickening member, still floppy. What a sexy thing! How I would love to put it in my mouth!

My left lingered towards my backsides, tracing a gentle, focusing line down the upper arched curve of my boy bubble butt – down into the soft, clean curves and undulations of my ass. Finally, my fingertip came to a stop at my puckered boypussy, slowing to millimeters, tracing the smooth outline of each delicate pucker. Amorously, my cock grew to fill my right hand, freshly lathered with almond-scented soap.

My whirlwind of thought swirled more fiercely now. Pictures of me, undressing with a stranger, touching, lusting for a fuck – or my round rump, in silken panties, thrust in the air as my mouth gorged hungrily on a lipgloss-sloppy cock – or laying in a bathtub with no water, just boys galore, floating around me, jerking onto my skin, offering the plum-heads of their cocks to me as though I were the guest at a Roman banquet. Such plums, I would eat them all.

I remember very clearly the picture of just one such plump head-of-cock that was being offered to me in my fantasy, as my dildo slipped inside my tight ass, helped by a glistening glob of KY jelly. I gasped, girlishly, as I felt that star shooting into my center, the soft whispering kiss of each rounded segment of fake cock passing my asshole. All the way in, until I was compressed. My right hand now vigorously stroking away, soapy, racing forward. Thinking of some pussy, somewhere… and at the same time, thinking of my own cunt, right there, getting fucked.

As my left hand worked that gelatinous vibrating penis in and out of my pussy, alternating the speed of both penetration and vibration, the water washed the soap from my hand. I reached to push the shower head aside. I grabbed the bar of soap and re-lubed, and began to attack my penis again more ferociously.

I bent over, to feel like a girl, feel that living hot flesh inside me. How I want it! My toes girl, the water beats down near me, the feel of my rippling, soapy cock in my hand. I want nothing more than to have a cock in my mouth. My cock. A stranger’s cock. Anyone’s cock. God I want that fucking cock! As I stroke and fuck myself, something is rising within me. Being fucked like a girl, I have never felt so empowered.

Bent over, bent over. my mouth is open. It waits for my cum. The dildo is buzzing like an enormous dragonfly, fucking me. I melt for it. I wish I’d put on bright pink lipstick. My hand strokes the cock it knows so well. The shower is solid steam, I can barely see my cock, a foot from my mouth. But I know it is there. I want it badly. I want cum. I want come. The stars enter my eyes, and the dildo stops, fully inside of my ass. I know nothing around me, but the feeling of my cock exploding, deeply. The feeling of come, come, come, on my lips and in my mouth, on my chest, running down my nipple, hot, electric.

If the cock in my ass were real, it would be depositing its sweetness in my deepest recesses right now. I wish it were true. My mind races with millisecond fantasies of walking around with another man’s come inside of me. Like his little girl. This drives me further with lust, and I lick my lips to taste the spunk that has landed there. I taste the tide, I taste myself – but I taste a million other boys too, all at once.

I am a boy’s dream.

I was never gay okay, and I’m not gay now. There’s no coming out the closet if there was never a closet to begin with. I’m not like against gays, my R2D (Republican-to-death) friend James gay bashes people, but I just mind my business. If a gay guy told me he liked me, I’d probably tell him he can look but not touch. That’s how nice I was. But questions had arose today, the day I met Josh Dannier today at school.

At school, Josh was new and he sat next to me. That was the only open seat, the seat in the back of the classroom. I was kinda upset, because there were only 2 seats back there, and now I wasn’t all alone. I’m not really social. Josh was super tan and he had brown hair and a beauty mark on his face. He was muscled and tall. About 5’10. We were taking a quiz, and I didn’t know why I seemed so interested in him.

I stared at him as he stood up, and he walked over to hand the teacher his quiz. I noticed how well curved his ass was, and how his pants hugged his thighs when he walked back. I blushed, and I was shocked. Why the hell was I thinking about a guy like this? This was a new traitorous way of thinking…I’ve never thought of a boy like this before.

Josh looked at me and smiled. “Hi,” he said to me. I was blushing furiously, and I glared at him. Josh pretended like he didn’t even see me glare. He sat down. “Your name is Jack right?” he asked.

“How do you know my name?” I whispered so Ms. Ennis wouldn’t hear us.

“What?” he whispered back.

“How do you know my name?!”

“Speak up!”

“How do you FUCKING know my name?” I snapped, my whisper transformed into a violent hiss.

“Oh, I live on the same street as you. I heard your mom saying it the other day,” he explained.

“Oh, okay.”

“My name is Josh.”

“I’m aware,”

“Josh Dannier,”

“I don’t really need the last name,” I replied rudely. I didn’t want to talk to him. I just wanted to be left alone. “Well, what’s your last name Jack?”

“You don’t need to know. Mind your business and leave me the hell alone!”

“Sure. I’ll see you later,” he said still cheery and kind.

I glared at him. Why was he being so nice to me when I was being so gruff and rude. I figured out later that I had every class with Josh. Great, this kid stuck with my physically, but the bad and weird part of the story is…Josh was stuck with me mentally too. Maybe if I was mean to him, I could make him dislike me, and get him to leave me alone…then maybe he’d leave my thoughts alone and moral.

I turned around to look at him in my desk in 6th period. He yawned, then grinned at me. He opened his legs and his bare leg touched mine. My body was on fire, and at first I didn’t pull away. Then the body heat bugged me, and I snatched my leg away from his. I looked at Josh, and he didn’t react. The bell finally rang, and I stomped out the classroom feeling awkward.

As I walk home from school, I think of Josh, his nice voice, and his nice legs, what his body looked like under the clothes and- What the fuck?! Why am I thinking about him like this? This is sick, disgusting! I broke free from the sick thoughts and when I got home I saw my brother Mickey in my room watching my television. “Mickey, what the hell are you doing in my room? Go watch TV in your room?”

“Nah, I can’t find the remote,” he said.

“Then use your fucking hands,”

“Nah, I’m good over here bro,” he said.

Mickey was baiting me, and we both knew it. Mickey was 14, while I was 16. There weren’t that many differences between us physically except he was tanner than me, and he had a more babyish look that drove girls crazy. I had a good two inches on him. Mentally,pssh I can easily tell Mickey to get on my level (but he can say the same thing to me on a social scale).

Mickey was really dense, and dumb. He was 14 and he didn’t get things or know about stuff that most people learn about early. He doesn’t even understand half of the innappropriate jokes he hears.He relies on me, his genius older brother, but he is good with insults. Anyways, Mickey was trying to get me to wrestle with him. He was very physical, and loved football. He was definitely gonna be a jock. I decided to humor my brother and fight him. I jumped on him trying to roll him off my bed.

We were wrestling for about half an hour, and we were really hot and sweaty and took off our shirts. I had a boner and it was against his. Mickey knew I was hard and commented. “You’re THAT happy to play with me bro?” he said with a smirk. He rolled me over off of him then he jumped on me. “Oh shut up, you know as well as I do, Mr. Twelvinch comes out whenever he can, especially when he’s pressed against bodies,” I retorted.

“Twelveinch? When they say you are you eat, that doesn’t mean LITTLE you is what you eat too,”

“Oh shut up, one-inch wonder,” I snorted in derision.

“Make me, LITTLE brother,” He was sitting on my stomach with his arms outstretched pinning me down. I tried to wrestle out his grasp, but Mickey was just as strong as me. I eventually got frustrated and growled at him. “LET ME GO RIGHT NOW!” I warned him.

In response, Mickey made an all too familiar noise with his throat. “Loogey time!” I bought up my legs up and under his arms that were pinning me down and pulled them back down again flinging him off me. Mickey hit his head on the floor. “Bitch,” I said angrily.

“Goddamn, what the fuck is wrong with you?” snapped Mickey holding his head.

I took a deep breath, and apologized to my brother. My parents would be home from work in about 3 more hours. There was still daylight, and I decided to take a walk. “Hey, bro why don’t you heat up the lasagna, and you can even watch TV in my room. I’m gonna go take a walk okay?”

“Yeah, yeah sure whatever. Tell Kayla I said hi.” I snorted and somehow laughed at the same time (snaughed?).

Kayla was a girl, that I had a crush on. She was super slim, with a nice thick body with these shiny blue eyes, and long silky jet black hair. But the minute I thought of her, Josh interjected. I thought about him, and the warmth I felt next to him. I grimaced as my pants got shorter, and I went from flaccid to completely erect. I walked outside quickly forgetting to put a shirt on trying to distract myself only to bump straight into no other than Josh Dannier.

I swear to god, I felt my boner brush across something hard in his pelvic region. I hoped he didn’t notice me hard. Why the hell was this situation happening in the 1st place? “Hi J-Josh,” I said to him. Josh grinned. “Hi, Jack,” I cursed silently. Why was I stuttering like a 4-year old? What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I be as smooth as him. “Where ya goin?” he asked me.

“I’m taking a walk,” I told him.

“Me too, let’s walk together,”

As I walked with Josh I learned that he was a quarter Latino. His family moves around a lot because of his dad’s job and this time they intraregionally migrated within the state of Florida.

As Josh blabbered on about his history I just mumbled “uh-huh”, “yeah”, “i got ya” etc. As he got closer to me, his arm touched mine. I was about to say something stupid like “your arm is touching me” but I got all choked up, and couldn’t say anything. And Josh didn’t seem to care. I was really uncomfortable and Josh suddenly stopped talking. He looked down at my abdomen. “Woah, you’ve got a twelve-pack. That’s to die for man. How’d you get those abs?” he asked me. I blushed. “I work out,” I admitted.

“You must be pullin babes with that shit! God lee, you’re lucky,” he told me. I smiled, proud of myself. Suddenly, Josh’s soft hands were feeling my abs. “God damn, these are awesome. I wish I was you,” he said.

I felt even harder than before. My whole body was hot and tingling. Why was I reacting to him like that? I am not gay! I looked up at Josh’s face, his tanned face, and beautiful brown eyes, his small mouth, and those soft pink kissable lips. “Look at mine,” he said to me. He lifted his shirt with one hand revealing a six-pack. “No thanks,” I mumbled, but with his other hand he bought my hand to his abs.

I didn’t even fight him, I WANTED to touch them. I stroked in circles softly against abs, and I looked up at his face which had turned red. Or was that my imagination?

I didn’t stop, and he didn’t stop me. I eased my hand just a bit lower on his smooth body. He still didn’t stop me. I went even lower lustfully, when I heard a voice.

“Hey, Jack. The lasagna’s ready!” shouted Mickey. I heard his footsteps getting closer to the two of us. I pulled my hand away from Josh like he was on fire. Mickey came in between the two of us. “Whose this?” he asked casually.

“This is…Josh. He’s new,” I said to Mickey. I looked at Josh. “Josh, this is Mickey, my little brother,” Josh and Mickey shook hands. “Well let’s go, bro,” said Mickey. I walked away with him, and looked back at Josh. “Catch a movie tommorow at Regal?” he asked.

I nodded. As I walked with Mickey I pondered about what I just did. How low would I have went? And why did I feel these things with…a boy? I remembered his last words to me. Apparently, I had a date with him to the movies. What should I do? Then I remembered, I’d already nodded at him! What kind of idiot was I?

Leila and I both started reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Although some of the scenes were definitely erotic, we found the story a bit lame and the characters rather superficial. Indeed we found ourselves increasingly amused by some of the writing. I was thus inspired to write the spoof below. Leila loved it — I hope you do to!


‘Come on girl, get a grip.’
Doctor Leila Lispasia steeled herself and clutched her black medical bag a little tighter. She remonstrated sternly with herself – there really was no need to feel like a virgin on a first date. In any case everything she had heard or read about the famous Nathan Buggersworth made her wince with disapproval. Rich beyond belief, impossibly good looking, a string of glamorous blondes testified to the most deviant sexual preferences. She knew she would hate him with a passion. As she rang the doorbell to the impressive, yet understated, terraced house in South West London she steeled herself with every ounce of professionalism her training had given her.

The door swung open to reveal a woman who by any stretch of the imagination could only be described as stout. Very stout. Extremely stout. Leila was surprised and found herself blushing. Stout Woman regarded her dispassionately with beady black eyes, pinpoints of disdain in a slavic face. Even though it was high summer the woman wore heavy cloth in unremitting black. Gathering herself, Leila thrust out a delicate hand.

‘Dr Lispasia. About Mr Buggersworth’s bowel complaint?’

Stout Woman stared at her for a moment or two, no signs of comprehension in that fleshy deadpan face until finally she spoke, her accent thick and unwelcoming.


Leila blushed even more furiously, failing to understand.

‘Horse keeper?’ she enquired as politely as she dared.

Stout Woman shook her head emphatically and raised her hands which Leila noted for the first time were adorned with bright yellow plastic gloves.


Leila’s quick mind groped for a moment then realisation dawned.

‘Ahhhhh you must be Mr Buggersworth’s housekeeper?’

Stout Woman nodded vigorously and stood aside to allow Leila to enter the short hallway. Leila took in the exquisite oak flooring, the antique clock already chiming the quarter hour and the three twee ceramic monkeys on the shelf, one with his hands over his eyes, one over his ears and holy cow that’s strange! The third monkey had his hand wrapped around a monstrously erect monkey penis and was grinning manically. Leila blushed heavily and averted her eyes. Stout Woman was motioning her to pass through into what appeared to be a reception area. But before she could do so an even stouter woman of equally Slavic countenance appeared in the doorway, almost entirely blocking what little light there was in the crowded hallway. The grinning monkey receded thankfully into the dark.

‘Erm’, ventured Leila rather hesitantly, ‘Mr Buggersworth’s other housekeeper?’

What was it with all the Stouts? Did Mr Buggersworth have a thing for Stouts? But what about all those glamorous blondes mentioned in the extensive media coverage? Or was there some more sinister explanation? ‘Perhaps’, mused Leila beneath her proud and sensual eyebrows, ‘perhaps these were trained bodyguards scooped from some spartan East European secret service following the fall of the Berlin Wall?’

‘Niet,’ said the Monolithic Stout. Leila wasn’t sure whether the denial related to her polite confusion over domestic status or whether somehow Mrs Monolithic had been reading her thoughts. Leila’s delicate nostrils detected a sour scent of body odour and fought the urge to wrinkle her seriously cute and sexy nose. She blushed again and held up her medical bag in search of some kind of primal gesture of recognition.

‘Mr Buggersworth’s bowel complaint?’ she essayed again.

A gleam of understanding flashed momentarily in Mrs Monolith’s expressionless eyes. Leila felt the Monolith’s eyes look her up and down and felt a shiver of disapproval. Apparently satisfied, Monolith threw her head back over her shoulder and a voice like rolling thunder erupted from her chest.

‘Meeester Kreeeestian?’

From somewhere near Monolith’s massive hips a small chipmunk-like face popped into the hallway, spotted Leila and smiled broadly.

‘Aha!’ His voice was sibilant and flattened by a distinctive lisp. ‘You must be the gorgeous Doctor come to see poor old Bugger’s bottom. Come on ladies, let the luvvverly lady doctor in. My oh my, aren’t you a pretty one?’ He stood for a moment leaning back, lips pursed, his hands on his hips shamelessly admiring Leila’s svelte figure. She blushed furiously and felt very conscious of her bare legs. She knew she should have worn a longer skirt. But Mr Christian’s inspection was over and he was flapping his hands at the Stouts who were scattering before him, for all the world like a couple of bush elephants being chased by a demented wasp. Once the path was cleared he took Leila by the arm and steered her into the reception room, which Leila noticed was exquisitely adorned with the most expensive collection of posters of stunningly handsome male models.

‘Mmmmm darling’, fluttered Mr Christian, ‘I just know that the old Bugger is going to love you.’

Leila blushed furiously and suppressed an unwanted but annoyingly delicious clenching of muscles down there.

‘Now do come on, darrrrrling, let’s not keep the old Bugger waiting.’

Leila was flounced, rather than led, through a vast and impressive kitchen beyond which a neatly cultivated garden opened out, leading to what appeared to be an unimposing wooden shed. Mr Christian gave her a playful shove in the small of her elegant spine in the direction of the wooden shed. The look of surprise on her exquisite face must have been evident.

‘Oh absolutely darrrling, isn’t it the strangest business? An international tycoon like the old Bugger actually choosing to make his office in an old garden shed (at this point Mr Christian’s pert little nose wrinkled in disgust) but what am I to do?’ He sighed and shrugged his shoulders in an exaggerated fashion. Then a slow smile spread across his face and he caught Leila’s gaze with a mischievous glance. ‘Actually, darrrrrling, I find it all rather adorable. Now go on with you, don’t keep the old Bugger waiting.’ And the hand gave her another playful shove.

Leila had never felt as self-conscious in her short virginal life as she walked the 25 metres or so to the open door of the wooden shed. As she approached she heard a deep male guttural growling from within, interrupted occasionally by squeaks of feminine apology. Holy Moses, that guttural male growl seemed to stimulate some primal response in her, somewhere at the apex of her impossibly attractive satin thighs. Hesitating for a moment she stepped onto the decking on which the shed was built and peeked timorously inside. Before her eyes could adjust to the dim light within a small, stout woman, elegantly dressed, flew out of the door and passed her, sobbing and clutching a sheaf of papers, some of which were spilling into a paper trail on the garden path. But the voice that followed the fleeing assistant was calm, controlled and undeniably complex.


Holy cow! Something about that voice was like a delicious knife plunging into her abdomen. It was dark, compelling, dangerous, dominant, edged with the street and adorned with the sophistication that only the finest education can achieve. For some reason her legs felt leaden. She forced herself to take a step into the shed and promptly stumbled, falling ungraciously onto all fours, her medical bag spilling open and gurgitating dressings, syringes, packets of pills. The embarrassment was excruciating and she scrambled to grab the items rolling on the threadbare carpet and stuff them quickly back into her bag. She became aware that her firm pert bottie was protruding provocatively into the air and for the second time that day found herself fervently wishing she had worn a longer skirt. She looked between her legs and saw a distant Mr Christian, hands once again placed firmly on his hips, watching the entertainment with a wolfish smile on his chipmunk face. She realised that he could probably see her knickers and scrambled to her knees. She was again blushing furiously as she grabbed her bag and looked up to find herself looking at the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Holy Cow!

For some reason she had not been expecting someone so young. He can’t be a day over 52. Beneath a mop of disordered spiky hair of the purest white, she was being dismantled by the coolest, warmest, hottest, coldest eyes she had ever seen. Holy Moses! It was as though he was seeing right through her; seeing theconfusion he is causing, the spasms of desire gripping her Inner Goddess. His skin was soft, softer than anything she had ever seen, soft as skin in a photograph that has been airbrushed. His jawline was strong, assertive, his mouth firm and commanding. She was overwhelmed by an insane need to snog him right there and then. Get a grip girl, you’re behaving like virgin on a first date. She shook her head and forced herself to think of a fresher metaphor. Damn, no, nothing. It would have to do for now. She could always come back and rewrite this bit later.

Summoning every ounce of self-discipline she stumbled to her feet and smoothed herself down. She was blushing furiously but somehow found the courage to stand and look this Adonis directly in the eye. He seemed consumed by a languid curiosity, which seemed to burn along her spine to her deepest, most feminine centre. His question when it came was quiet, incisive, balanced and delivered with casual precision.

‘You’re the doctor who’s come to look at my bottie?’

She blushed furiously, nodding just a little too fast.

He grinned, a predatory wolverine grin that lit up his face and made his eyes dance with some kind of infectious fever. Holy Moses what is this guy doing to me?

‘Well then doctor, we’d better get on with it then.’ His voice was soft and seductive but somehow threatening. ‘After all I do have an empire to run.’

He rose from behind his desk and that’s when she realised – that beneath his expensively tailored Italian check shirt he was wearing the most extraordinarily red pair of lycra cycling shorts. That wasn’t all. Clearly visible beneath the taut fabric was the most enormous erection that Leila had ever seen. Holy Fuck. But something stirred deep inside her and she understood that she was totally utterly wet for this exquisite, powerful man. She had to suppress the urge to fall to her knees, release the monster from its cage and take it deep into her willing, virginal mouth. She heard a moan, realising with horror that it was her throat which had produced it. She wrestled her gaze away from the sight of this magnificent manhood and looked directly into the liquid fire of the eyes of the man she now knew she loved.

His mouth was beginning to move, those delicious lips forming the words she so needed to hear – words of love, lust, passion, devotion. She knew she would agree to anything: hard sex, rough sex, soft sex, kinky fuckery, holy cow she’d even agree to be tied to a wooden cross and have his strong finger inserted in her totally unexplored bottie. In an instant her future rolled before her: immense untold wealth, wild dirty fucking, the kind of love and laughter that only true soul mates would ever understand. Her straight fingers, suddenly certain and devoid of trembling, found the clasp on her medical bag and twisted it shut, as though shutting away a whole chapter of her life. Her life before him. Her eyes shone as she met his gaze, confident, loved, wanton with love, lust and everything in between. Ask me, she thought to herself, blushing furiously, ask me!

The most gorgeous man she had ever known rose from his leather chair and moved silently to stand in front of her. Just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him. The words clamoured around her mind like church bells on a wedding day. He took her hand, gently removed the medical bag from her grip and placed it gently on the desk. Holy Moses he moved like a panther in heat. His presence was intoxicating, commanding, erotic. She felt like a mare about to be covered. Her face tilted upwards to receive the first kiss, her breath fast and furious, her nipples two points of molten desire, her sex aching with the need to feel his monstrous manhood inside her. His fingers grazed the back of her hand and the touch went right through her spine, rendering her helpless with desire. Time held itself in suspense, the world turned itself upside down and emptied her previous life into the meaningless lost wilderness of outer space. Holy cow say it, say it, say it. Make me yours. She held her breath as he started to speak, watched his mouth move in that way that sent showers of lust sparking into the void between her thighs. The first vowel was enough to send her over the edge, shattering around him in an irrepressible orgasm.

‘So then doctor. Do you need to take a look at my bottie?’

I left you a note posted at the door stating: “Strip down naked and meet me in our back room.” From the back room, I could hear you laugh as you read it, but I smiled and hoped you would comply. I heard you, first removing your shoes and letting them drop loudly on the floor. The ensuing silence made me think that you might be taunting me, but I let out a sigh as I heard you mumble something about your pants. I heard your foot steps coming closer to the door. As I watched the doorknob turn, the door opened slowly and soundlessly. I looked toward the door while staying in the shadows of the dark room. As you entered, I flipped a switch lighting the fire in the room.

Seeing you standing there with the glow of the fire gleaming off your skin, I let out a small sigh of pleasure at your nearness. I stepped out from the shadows letting you see me fully. I wore my collar and a cup-less nightie, pasties covering my nipples from your view. My nightie extended only to my waist, leaving my black panties in full view. I returned your smile as your eyes ran over my outfit. I had my hair pulled up in a french twist with only a couple of loose curls flowing around my face. I moved to you and said:

“Honey, you have dominated me and I have liked it. I will not be the same to you as you were to me. This experience will be different.”

I ran my fingers along your body, from your waist upward and slowly around your chest. My eyes took in your stature as you allowed me to study your body closely. My fingers reached your shoulders, and I came face to face with you:

“I shall begin now.”

I took your hand in mine and led you to the far end of the room, letting you see my excitement to pleasure you differently. The walls of our back room were cinder blocks, unpainted and cold. I moved you to stand against one of them. I lowered the rope from above your head and tied your hands in firmly. I gave each of your hands a light kiss before I pulled on the other end of the rope and watched your arms slowly being raised above your head. I kept my eyes locked on your face as I made myself inaccessible to your masculine, normally tender hands.

I bit my bottom lip nervously and tied off the rope slowly, making sure it would hold you as you struggled against my taunting. You shivered and struggled as your back touched the cold, hard wall. I smiled, concealing the pleasure I derived from your slight displeasure. I moved close to you again, looking into your eyes, letting you read my gaze to see how much I loved you. I kept my features soft, so you would know I was only going to pleasure you. Your manly scent was so arousing as I stood close to you.

I kept within inches of you as I reached up and checked the bonds on your hands, making sure that they were secure. My breasts rubbed teasingly across your chest as I extended, and I smiled at you as I whispered,

“Did you like the feel of my breasts?”

You groaned an incoherent response before I went on.

“Oh, that’s right. You can’t see my nipples and how delicious they look. You will have to earn that.”

I knelt down and clasped your ankles slightly apart, further restricting your motion. I stood up and looked at you:

“I think I’ll let you get used to this before moving forward.”

I left you alone for a couple minutes to let you grow used to the restraints. I sat and watched in full view of your eyes, assuring you that you would go through nothing without me. When you had adjusted to being restrained, I came over to you with my hands behind my back and looked at you with a wry smile:

“I wish to pleasure you and drive you wild until you want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything. I do not wish to be a dominatrix but just a pleasure partner.”

I showed you the hand that held a silk feather from earlier. I smiled as you felt a tickle begin at your ankle, revealing that I have brought another one. I glided both feathers over your legs slowly, letting you feel their silky softness. I raised them over your thighs and hips, enjoying your efforts to hold still despite the slight tickles and growing pleasure. I dragged them over your chest slowly, skipping your manhood on purpose. I let them glide over your neck lightly, then over your face. I smiled and stepped back to look over your body once again.

As I returned the feather to your inner thighs, I let it graze over your balls lightly, watching them tense with pleasure. I bit my bottom lip as I grew aroused from watching your reactions. I withdrew again, letting you relish the sensations I have given you.

When I stepped back toward you, I held a mirror in front of you. You smiled in confusion, not quite understanding what I was going to use it for. I open my other hand, revealing a bright red stick of lipstick in it. I held the mirror and let you watch as I applied the lipstick to my plump soft lips.

“I wish to mark your body with proof that I have caressed you all over,” I said with a soft expression.

I knelt before you as I began to kiss both your feet, leaving my lips’ marking on both. I moved up your legs, kissing at sensitive areas where I wished to leave a mark of my affection. I traced up your inner thighs, stopping as I neared your manhood. Looking up at you with a playful smile, I kissed your tightening balls lightly, placing a bright smear of lipstick on them. I moved around your groin, feeling your body tense from the sensation of my lips caressing your skin. I shifted up your abs and over your chest, leaving little marks all along the way. I kissed your neck softly, letting my lips enjoy the sensitive spots on both its sides. I let out a small moan of pleasure as I felt you shudder from my tender caresses. I planted a kiss on both your cheeks before stepping back and admiring my handiwork — your body covered with the residue of my soft lips. I paused again, allowing you to savor the pleasure you felt and to let it drive you wild.

I smiled as I watched you and took pleasure in the face that you had not yet stopped me from teasing you. My hands behind my back, I took a step toward you again. I told you to close your eyes and tied a blindfold around them.

“I will remove this in one moment.”

I let you hear me as I shuffled with some objects near you. You suddenly felt my warm hands around the tip of your aroused manhood, pushing something over the tip, causing pleasure as you felt its tightness. As it went down your shaft to rest at the base, it squeezed slightly around your thick shaft. My hands worked diligently around the bottom of your shaft. I stroked you while you became aware of another movement between the base of your shaft and your tightening balls. All of a sudden you heard a small humming sound and felt intense vibrations at that sensitive point. I let out a sigh, finally getting to see your body tense and release. I watched your massively hard manhood throb with pleasure from the sensation. Licking your nipples lightly, I left a trail of moisture on them with my little wet textured tongue.

“I hope you like this taunting my love.”

I stepped back and admired you as you stood there, feeling the intense vibrations from the cock ring with vibrating bullet.

“I will let you feel more intensity now,” I said, and with that I turned up the remote to the maximum setting. I wanted you to feel the full intensity, and I wanted to touch you so badly now, to pleasure you even more.

Somehow, I held back. I withdrew again, watching your body as I alternated between high and low settings on the vibrating cock ring. My own pleasure grew as I stood close to you and said:

“You are not allowed to cum until later, my love.”

I turned down the vibrations to a low setting and moved around you again. I once again brought the feathers over your body, letting you feel them caressing your skin, as the cock ring pleasured your manhood. I looked down at your swollen shaft, your cock tip almost purple with intense arousal. I licked my lips as I bent over, tasting a drop of your precum.

“I love your enjoyment juice very much, my love.”

With those words, I prepared to taunt you one final time. Still blindfolded, you felt something around your thick, throbbing mushroom tip, something utterly unfamiliar to you. It was warm and moist as it slid down your shaft, almost like my tenacious pussy. As you felt it sliding up and down your massively aroused member, I leaned into you and kissed your neck lightly. I sucked on your skin and moaned softly into your ear as I pleasured you even more. When I felt you swelling with pleasure, I took off your blindfold and let you view everything I was doing to you. You saw the silicone pussy I was using to taunt your swollen manhood and the vibrating cock ring. I smirked at you as I took away the silicone pussy:

“I think if I do anymore, it might push you over the edge, my love.”

Stepping away once again, I turned the vibrating cock ring on high. I reached to the rope and let your hands down slowly, then freed them from the bindings while you gave in to the intense vibration around your thick cock base and balls. As I knelt to remove your ankle clasps, I looked up at your throbbing member for a moment. I stood up before you as your equal again.

“My love, how badly do you wish to ravish me?”

I stared at you waiting for your reaction, my heart racing, not quite knowing what your response would be to my seductive, taunting ways. My body was still flush with arousal from observing your body undergoing all my taunting. My posture gradually took on the appearance of your sweet innocent lover once again. Looking into your eyes that flashed with fires of passion, I whispered:

“I am yours.”

I rubbed my finger over the pasties that covered my nipples, and swayed slightly from my intense feelings as I awaited your response.

Editor’s note: To understand the nature of this relationship, please read Lisa and I chapters 1, 2 and 3. Without that background, this will be tough to follow. Though those stories were written before Susan and I had met, they became a driving force behind our relationship. Early in our relationship, I revealed the stories I had written on Literotica to Susan. She took an immediate liking to them – more than a liking, actually. They opened her eyes to a world she thought she would never consider, a world that was nearly the polar opposite of what she knew. The stories turned her on to the point where she wanted to become the woman in my published stories. What’s odd about this is that the following is a true story that came to be because of fictional stories I wrote here.

A warning for those who can’t resist negative comments. If you are turned off by cum play and other fetishes, please go to the vanilla section of the site. You’ve been warned.

As always, your comments and emails are always deeply appreciated. Sometimes they inspire me to write more.

Without further ado…

What was I thinking? Why did I let her go?

Let me start from the beginning.

I met Susan several years ago and we happened to click from the very start. She was different than girls I had dated in the past. In many ways, she was a little more reserved – at least on the outside.

As I would find out later, her true self was anything but reserved.

Our relationship was stranger than any I’ve had in my lifetime. Sexually, she was a perfect match for me. She was seductive, sensual, imaginative and confident. Her mind and thoughts had a way of reducing me to babbling idiot. Outside of the bedroom, we really did not know alot about each other. Her everyday life was very mysterious and she was secretive about her past. I was eager to learn of it all, but I was never able to learn the full truth. I was an open book with her, but it was never really reciprocal. That scared me, but it also excited me to the point where I couldn’t get enough.

She knew she had this overwhelming power over me, one I’ve never felt with a woman before. I had previously considered myself to be pretty smack dab in the middle of dominant and submissive. I knew I had a little bit of a dominant streak, but I also realized I had a tiny bit of submissiveness in me. But not to the depths that Susan revealed.

Susan had considered herself to be submissive in nature, but she was starting to explore, and immensely enjoy, the dominant streak in her. She welcomed it and adapted with amazing ease. She understood me; she knew I was more drawn to a gentle, loving, seductive dominant as opposed to a harsh, demanding, pain- inflicting type. It took her no time at all to naturally morph into the exact sexual being that I always wanted.

Our fantasies were ignited by the stories, but they were molded through conversations. Without having laid a finger on one another, through detailed conversations, we started down a kinky road with an unknown end. She was able to take the reins and in time, perfectly orchestrate the scenarios – a scenario she wanted and would readily admit… the same scenarios which I wanted, but was afraid to admit.

On to our first meeting…

We were supposed to meet at a much earlier time, but she was unavailable. The reasons for her tardiness were confusing and left me skeptical about everything about her. There was no cut and dry answers, just excuses that made no sense. She was hiding something and I knew it. Or was she just playing games with me? I was in a dazed confusion, but she looked so beautiful and sultry, even if she did have a disheveled look about her. I was conflicted between common sense and a raging hard on. Suffice it to say, my hormones won the battle. We embraced and our tongues intertwined as we both succumbed to the passion that had mounted over the months. Within an hour of meeting for the first time, we ended up back at my house in the bedroom.

We continued to kissing and caressing on my bed. I just couldn’t get enough of her. She left me panting for more. The action was hot and heavy and just a few seconds away from the removal of our clothing. That’s when Susan stared me in the eyes and stated that she’d be back in a couple of minutes, that she wasn’t to freshen up. Now, I knew she wasn’t on her period, because that was discussed before we met.

With my cock ready to split the skin, I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “I want you just the way you are, Susan.”

She got a twinkle in her eye and cooed, “that’s what I was hoping you would say baby.” She slowly unbuttoned her top, all the while staring at me with the slightest of smiles, almost Mona Lisa-like. I couldn’t wait to see her. As I laid back on the bed, I quickly removed my shirt, pants and underwear. I always leave my socks on. With my cock sticking up like a flagpole, she removed her blouse and revealed her hard nipples. What I saw next kind of surprised me. There were some barely detectable markings on her breasts. Slight bruises, nothing major. But I was too horny to give it much more thought.

I moved to her as she took my head in her hands, feeding me her rock hard nipples. I moaned as I teased them, gently biting and licking. Her breaths increased as I continued to play with them. With her hands moving from my head to her waist, she removed her skirt to reveal her white cotton panties.

She leaned back and stared at me with that same little smile and gauged my reaction as she spread her legs to reveal the crotch.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to go clean up, Joey?”, she asked. In my adult life, I had always gone by Joe. But when Susan was feeling naughty, she called me Joey. I loved hearing her say that.

The question just aroused me even more. The mystique of where she had been and what she had done, if anything, was driving me crazy. If she had been slutty before we just an hour before, could I actually go through with this? Surely we were going to take these fantasies slowly and tease another along the way. It’s not the type of thing you just jump into, or is it? Nah, no way, she’s just playing the game and playing it well I kept telling myself. But what if this is real?

I was conflicted, but more turned on then I’ve ever been. With that, I started kissing her stomach while my hands grabbed her hips. I gently lowered the waistband of her panties. I could feel the heat and moisture as I slowly lowered them. My tongue trailed town her stomach and over to her hips. It was so hard to restrain myself from diving right into the pot of gold, but I wanted her to shiver with anticipation as I was.

She put her hand ever so lovingly on top of my head as she moaned deeply. With a gentle nudge, she pushed me downwards. With her panties now along her ankles, I moved downward. Her aroma filled the air and make my cock drip precum.

“Do it honey, I know you want it, you know I want it,” she whispered. “Look at me. Tell me how much you want it.”

I finally gazed upon her damp pussy, so open, so inviting, just begging for my tongue. With one hand, she reached down and parted her slick lips, showing me deep inside.

“Oh God, Susan, I need to taste you, you look delicious,” I said. My hands reached under her to cup her ass checks and expose her even more.

“Yesssssssssss,” she whispered. “Lick it all.”

It was too difficult to go slowly. I dove in a lapped between her folds, savoring the wetness that flowed. The more conflicted I felt, the more eagerly I licked. My tongue pressed deep inside her which made her gasp as she pressed her pelvis into my face in an effort to get as much as she could.

“Yes honey, eat me. Taste it all,” she said. “Do you like the way I taste?”

With that, I took a momentary break to look up at her, my face flushed and glazed with juices. Without saying a word, she could tell how much I was enjoying this. She licked her lips as she pressed my head back down. I gave little nibbles to her thighs, which I now noticed had similar markings to the ones on her breasts. Even though I couldn’t be sure, I just knew that she had been recently used.

She gyrated her hips as my tongue entered her sweet passage. With slow thrusts, I gently tonguefucked her wet hole. She moaned in ecstacy as I lapped up every drop of juice. I was on the brink of splattering all over myself – actually, I had been in that state for quite some time.

The wetness flowed as my tongue gingerly danced over her engorged clit. I was going to drive this woman as crazy as she had driven me. Subtle swipes of my tongue over her button had her knees wobbling and toes starting to curl. Taking her clit between my lips and massaging it with my tongue, she exploded into an orgasm that lasted nearly a minute.

After her heavy breaths subsided, she looked at me with a face of pure adoration. But she wanted – no, she needed more. She reached down and ran her hand over her pussy, massaging the outer lips. She was so open. Then she told me that I wasn’t finished yet. She rolled over first to her side, then on her stomach. She propped herself on her forearms and elbows, elevating her luscious ass. With me staring at her globes, she reached back and again toyed with her pussy, which was starting to flow again. She put her face to the matress and massaged frantically, nearing another orgasm as she put a show on for me. Then, with both hands, she reached back, exposing her asshole.

“Lick it Joey, please?” she asked in her childlike voice. “Please?” she asked again, this time as she pulled it so her hole visibly opened.

How could I resist? With her cheeks parted, I pressed my face into her, my tongue loosening her up. My hands replaced hers on her cheeks, keeping it wide spread, while her hands went back underneath her to play with her damp cunt.

“Stick it all the way inside me Joey,” she asked. Well, she didn’t have to ask twice. With a stiff tongue, I entered her rear passage, wiggling my tongue, which made her gasp and writhe.

“I’m going to cum again,” she said. Her fingers were working at a furious pace as juices flowed down her thighs. “Oh my… Joey, eat my asshole… it feels so good honey”.

With that, she came again and collapsed on the bed. When she turned back over, sweat was on her brow as the heaving of her chest slowed.

“Now it’s your turn Joey. You’ve been such a good boy. I’ve never cum that hard in my life,” she said. I knew it all had to do with this powerful sexual connection that we had.

Her lips hovered above my cock as I lied on my back. She glanced at me and smiled while brushing her hair to the side. She lowered her mouth directly on my cock, taking the first six of my eight inches in her mouth while moaning. Now I’m one of these guys that lasts quite awhile, but I knew I wasn’t going to last long. She knew it too. My precum was flowing amply as she bobbed on my cock. Then she pulled off and started stroking at me. She quickened her pace as she looked at my face. She let out a little giggle and shrugged her shoulders and then winked at me. She moved up my torso while keeping her grip on my cock with her arm extended behind her. Her hair dangled in my face. Then she lowered her lips to mine and said, “Joey, I own you honey.” Then she stopped stroking, probably anticipating a hard cum with her next movement. She leaned in a kissed me deeply, passionately. Our tongues mingled. I let out a whimper as I sucked on her tongue. She forcefully pressed her tongue into my mouth and I continued to milk her naughty flavor. She pulled back and looked at me again.

“You like that, don’t you,” she queried. “You like that I taste like hard cock on my tongue.”

“God Susan, you are driving me crazy, please, just make me cum,” I begged.

“Oh, you will Joey, just as soon as you admit that you like the taste of cock on my lips. It’s ok honey, just tell me you like it, we will be so much happier together as soon as you admit it.”

Just before she plunged her tongue back into my hungry mouth, she mumbled, “besides, you liked it earlier today…”

Her hand reached back and gently touched my cock as I exploded like never before. Spurt after spurt of white hot cum erupted, covering her tiny hand and my belly. I sucked on her tongue with a crazed mind. Again, I didn’t know if this was a game or real and was having a hard time comprehending exactly what was happening. I accepted her snaking tongue between my lips and sucked on it, almost in the same was as she sucked my cock just moments earlier.

“Oh my, that was a lot of cum,” she said as she released my ultra-sensitive cock. She turned her head around to look at the slimy mess that accumulated on my stomach. She brought her hand back around and looked at the ropes of cum stuck to her fingers.

“Open up Joey, I know you are hungry,” she teased. She placed her fingers at my lips and I looked up at her and obeyed. Again, she flashed that little smile because she knew she had me right where she wanted me. I dutifully cleaned her fingers and she bent down and whispered in my ear, “You’re my good little cumeater, aren’t you Joey?”

I was so confused. I couldn’t grasp all that just happened. Was this real or was she just an incredible actress? What was I becoming, how did I lose control so easily? I knew I should be ashamed, and at certain points, I was. But that just fueled the fire more. What was going on here? My mind was mixed up. I didn’t know how I felt. Where is this going, where will it end up, can I trust her, can I trust ME?

So many questions to be answered….

This was the first of a few physical meetings between Susan and I. If I decide to continue, I will progress through each meeting until our fate is sealed.

The dance music was loud. The club was packed with sweaty bodies, and Karen was thirsty. She moved past gyrating bodies and through entangled couples. The dance club charged a lot for drinks, so she ordered a bottle of water and retreated to a corner. She sipped it and stared out at the dance floor. Karen was a twenty three year old senior in college, finishing up a Masters in communication. She stood tall at five feet eleven inches. She had shoulder length brown hair with an athlete’s body. She stared enviously at the voluptuous women in the club, always noticing the large chests and round hips. She had been a tom boy throughout high school and developed late. Her chest had filled out finally to a large b-cup and she was always slightly resentful that it wasn’t larger.

She stared around the club looking at the guys and girls equally. This was her last spring break, and she was determined to enjoy it. She tossed the empty water bottle away and strode back out to the dance floor. Picking an empty spot at random she started swaying to the music again.

Almost immediately a presumably single guy started dancing close to her. She glanced at him through lidded eyes and checked out his profile. He was tall and thin, wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed off fairly toned biceps. He kept moving closer and she made no move to leave. His leg brushed hers and she smiled up at him. He smiled down at her, and moved in closer.

Their thighs started rubbing together. Karen let herself enjoy the music and the feeling of another body close to her. The man reached out his hand and caught one of the belt loops on her pants. She obliged and moved in closer. They started dancing in earnest now. His pelvis grinding against her thigh and her pelvis grinding against his. She felt a nudge on her hip and realized he was getting aroused. She turned away from him, and then backed up. She gyrated her ass against his growing erection and felt the hard member rub through her clothes. He moved both his hands to her hips now and started gyrating in synch with her.

She grinned to herself and swayed her hips back and forth. His member was very erect now and it was nestled in the cheeks of her ass, head facing down towards her lower lips. She continued dancing to the music and rubbing herself on the erect phallus.

She was getting aroused when she felt the man pull away from her. She frowned in annoyance and turned around. She looked up at his face. He leaned down and spoke loudly over the music, but she could barely hear him.

“What?” She asked.

“I said,” He repeated loudly. “Do you want to help me take care of this problem?” He said and motioned down to his erection, which was obvious through his pants.

“What do you mean, take care of?” She demanded, now more annoyed.

“In the parking lot.” He said and grinned.

She looked at him with disgust and turned around. She walked off angrily and lost him in the crowds of people. She found a free area of wall and leaned against it. The nerve of him. If he had of finessed her a little more, spent more time dancing, and then asked her better, he might have had a chance, she mused to herself, sucking a guy off in a parking lot is not a fun night.

She wondered if there was even any point to the club. She looked around at the people. Most of the guys here wanted to hook up for the night and most of the girls wanted to be picked up. She had made up her mind to leave when an attractive girl stepped out in front of her. Karen started to move past her but the girl caught her arm. Karen looked at her in surprise and the girl leaned forward to speak to her.

“My name is Gina.” The woman introduced herself. Karen looked closer at the girl. She was shorter than Karen, probably only five foot five inches, body weight no more than a hundred and twenty. She had short blond hair with bright eyes. It was hard to tell what color they were in the dance club but they were full of intelligence and laughter.

“I’m Karen.” Karen introduced herself. She wondered if she as being hit on.

“My boyfriend and I saw you with that guy. I heard what he said. I just wanted to tell you we felt bad for you, that guy’s a jerk.” Gina told her over the loud music.

Karen laughed. She was a little sad that she wasn’t being hit on, but this was probably better. She smiled at Gina.

“I guess with some of these girls it would have worked. Just not me.” Karen told her.

A man cam up and stood behind Gina. He smiled at her and Karen smiled back. Gina turned around and smiled up at him. She introduced Karen.

“Karen, this is my boyfriend Mark, Mark, her name is Karen.” Gina said.

“Hi Mark.” Karen said.

“Hi Karen, I’m sorry about that guy, we aren’t all like that.” Mark said.

Karen smiled and nodded her head.

“Well, we were just going to leave actually.” Gina said. “We just wanted to say hi I guess.”

“I was actually just going to leave as well. We can walk out together.” Karen said.

Gina and Mark both smiled. Karen found herself in the lead, with the other two following her. The made it out of the club and found they could now speak normally.

“So where are you both headed?” Karen asked politely.

“Actually, I think we are going to go get ice cream. Would you like to come? There is a Baskin Robbins pretty close, which is still open.” Gina said as she looked at her watch.

Karen opened her mouth and paused. She overruled her first impulse; which was to say yes to these two attractive people.

“No thanks. I’d be a third wheel.” She said. “And I should probably get home. It was nice meeting you though.” She finished.

“You really wouldn’t be a third wheel, its just ice cream.” Mark smiled at her.

“Yeah, we’d like you to come.” Gina said.

Karen again wanted to say yes. Instead, she smiled, and asked them straight out what was bothering her.

“We don’t even know each other, we said like two sentences to each other.” Karen said. “Why do you want me to come along?”

Gina looked up at Mark and her smile faded. Mark looked embarrassed.

“We are new here, and we don’t really have any friends. I guess we seem really desperate. Sorry about that.” Mark said.

“I’m sorry too.” Gina echoed and didn’t look into Karen’s eyes.

Karen immediately felt stupid.

“I’m sorry; you guys were just being nice to me.” Karen said hoping to ease their embarrassment.

“We were being really forward…” Mark started.

“No, I’m sorry now, come on, let’s go get ice cream.” Karen said. “I wanted to say yes, I just, you know, I wasn’t sure why you wanted to go with me, that’s all.” Karen said.

Gina’s smile returned and they all agreed to meet at the ice cream shop. Karen got in her car still feeling guilty at questioning her new friends, and soon she was there. They all ordered ridiculously large orders. Gina and Karen both ordered triple scooped cups and Mark ordered a sundae. They sat in the tiny chairs, Gina and Mark on one side, and Karen on the other.

Mark was the first to break the ice.

“We just moved here from upstate.” He said.

“Why the move?” Karen asked through a mouthful of mint chocolate chip ice cream. She blushed but the other two just giggled.

“I got accepted to school here.” Gina said. “It’s been six years since I have been in school, but I want to go back, get a better job.”

“So that makes you, twenty four?” Karen asked.

“I’m actually twenty five. That mean’s it has been seven years.” Gina said and then groaned. “I’m scared to go back.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Karen smiled at her. “What about you Mark? Work, school?”

“I got a bachelors degree already. She supported me while I went to school, now it’s my turn.” He smiled at Gina, who smiled back.

“Aww, that’s so sweet you guys.” Karen said.

Mark and Gina looked embarrassed, but in a friendly way this time. Talk turned to Karen’s school, and Mark’s job. The three sat around talking for almost an hour, until one of the employees came to their table and told them they were closing soon. Karen looked at her watch and realized it was midnight. She looked up at her new friends.

“I should probably go home now.” She said regretfully. Wary at first, she had become immediately attached to these two. They were so open and content people; they made her feel good simply by their presence.

“I don’t want to sound to forward again, but you can come get a drink at our house if you want, we live about twenty minutes away. I don’t know if you have work or school or something.” Gina said hesitantly.

“I’d love to, but I’m sure you guys are sick of me. We should definitely exchange numbers though.” Karen said.

“We aren’t sick of you at all.” Mark said and looked at her.

She looked at both of their faces and felt her resolve waver.

“It is getting kind of late…” She trailed off.

“Only if you want to, we aren’t trying to pressure you, but truly, we would love to have you.” Gina said.

She looked at Gina and Mark’s smiling faces. She felt a smile tug at her own lips.

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea though. What if you get sick of me later, then you will be too polite to say anything and then you guys won’t ever call me.” She reasoned.

“Leave that to us.” Mark said. “We will let you know, so how about it, a drink or two?”

“Oh…All right.” Karen agreed and grinned in response to their grins. They packed up their ice creams, since none of them had finished, and left the ice cream store.

Karen got in her car and wondered if she was doing the right thing. She didn’t change her mind though, and pulled out of the parking lot following Mark’s car. The trip didn’t take very long and she parked on the street behind them. She got out and walked awkwardly to their car. Her awkwardness soon vanished as she was engulfed in Gina’s kindness and enthusiasm.

Karen and Gina sat on the couch and Mark went to fix them drinks. Gina jumped up and returned with two spoons, and handed one to Karen. Karen opened her container of leftover ice cream and started eating. Gina was doing the same, and soon Mark brought over three tall glasses. He looked down at the two girls eating ice cream. He grinned.

“Sorry to leave you both, but I am going to take a quick shower.” Mark said.

Karen looked to Gina.

Gina looked at Karen and smiled. She looked up at Mark.

“Ok. We will wait right here.” She said.

“Ok. I will be back.” Mark said, and disappeared into the bathroom, a moment later the shower started.

“He takes long showers.” Gina confided in Karen.

Karen giggled and took a mouthful of ice cream.

Gina started talking about her and Mark, and her and everything. She talked for a few minutes and then Karen talked, and let Gina eat her ice cream. They traded off and both felt completely comfortable with each other. Karen was so glad that this night had gotten better.

“Can I try some of yours?” Gina asked shyly.

“Of course, have as much as you want.” Karen said, and made to hand her the container of ice cream.

“No, I just want one bite.” Gina said. Karen shrugged and took a spoonful and handed it to Gina. Gina took her spoon and put it in her mouth. She sucked the ice cream off and handed it back to Karen. Karen took another bite of her own, and so did Gina. Gina sucked her spoon clean and then took a small scoop and extended her hand out towards Karen. Karen wasn’t sure if she was supposed to take the spoon or just take the bite, so she just leaned forward and in one quick motion licked Gina’s spoon clean. Karen leaned back and smiled. Gina retracted her hand and took a bite of her own.

Karen used her spoon to scoop a small portion of ice cream. She decided to follow Gina’s lead, and she extended her arm out towards Gina.

Gina leaned forward and brought her hand up. Her hand caught Karen’s and held it in place. Karen smiled as Gina moved her mouth onto the spoon and belatedly realized that Gina was holding her hand. She ignored the feeling of awkwardness and watched as her friend ate off of her spoon. Gina leaned back and Karen had a flash of insight. She just realized how sexual this could be seen as. Eating from each other’s hands, each other’s spoons. Karen herself leaned back, and Gina let go of Karen’s hand.

A moment of uncomfortable silence followed and Mark re-entered the room. He had changed clothes and did indeed appear clean and now more comfortable. Gina and Karen smiled at him. Gina stood up. She looked at Karen.

“I’m going to take a shower as well.” Gina said. “I got sweaty in that club. Wait. Karen, would you like to have one? There is plenty of hot water, I have clean clothes…” Gina tailed off.

Karen, still slightly aware of their brief sensuality shook her head.

“No I am fine thank you.” She said.

“Ok, I’ll be right back.” Gina said, again smiling at Karen. Karen smiled back before she could help herself and then blushed. Gina had already turned and Karen looked at Mark. Mark was sipping his drink and watching Gina depart.

A few moments of silence passed until Mark spoke up.

“So do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend even?” He asked with a smile.

“None of the above right now.” Karen asked.

“I really don’t want this to freak you out, but I think it is better if it gets out in the open.” Mark started ominously.

Karen looked at him intently. “Go ahead.” She said. Fearing the worst. She couldn’t define what the worst was, but hoped it was nothing bad.

“I think Gina has a crush on you.” Mark said openly.

Karen stared at him in shock. She turned, but she saw the bathroom door closed and heard the shower running.

“She what?” Karen asked.

“I think she has a crush on you.” Mark said. “I know her pretty well, and the way she has been acting, I think that is what it is.” He finished.

“She’s bisexual?” Karen asked.

“Yes.” Mark said.

“What, do you guys have an open relationship or something?” Karen asked, startled.

“Sometimes. We discuss everything in great detail. We are always honest with each other.” Mark said.

Karen digested this new information. Well. It wasn’t as bad as she thought. That wasn’t so bad. Hell, Gina was gorgeous. Her suspicions flared and she looked at Mark.

“Do you have a crush on me?” Karen asked.

“I find you very attractive. I think it’s mostly a physical thing though.” Mark said honestly.

Karen sat dumbfounded.

“I know this probably has made you uncomfortable. I wanted to get it out in the open though, so that if it ever came out later, you wouldn’t be blindsided.” Mark said. “I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve made things worse.”

Karen barely heard Mark. She kept thinking about Gina, acting slightly bashful, but always fun, and full of energy. She was attracted to both Gina and Mark. She looked up at Mark and found him looking worriedly at her.

“Don’t worry.” She said and grinned at him. “It’s ok. How open of a relationship is this?” She asked.

“That all depends. What do you mean?” Mark asked hesitantly.

“I mean….I don’t know what I mean.” Karen said, but she grinned mischievously. “I don’t want to go home anytime soon.” She said and looked at Mark for reassurance.

“We are here for you as long as you want to stay, but don’t feel pressured to stay.” Mark said. “As I said, just be honest with what you want, we will respect your every decision.”

Karen nodded at him and then turned around. She heard the shower go off in the bathroom and a moment later Gina emerged with a towel around her head. She was wearing more comfortable clothes as well and she looked at them both with embarrassment.

“I know you said you were fine, but I have sweat pants if you want to throw them on, I know from experience your outfit isn’t the most comfortable.” Gina said quickly.

Karen looked down; she was wearing her tight black pants and a tight, low cut red shirt that exposed a large portion of her breasts. Karen looked back up at Gina.

“Well, the bra is annoying at least.” Karen admitted. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. Gina was sitting down on the couch with her back to Karen and Karen held her finger to her lips and Mark nodded softly.

Karen closed the bathroom door and pulled off her top. She unhooked her bra and re-donned her top. In the brief moment that her chest and nipples were exposed she felt them stiffen. She looked down at her shirt, now bra-less, and could see both her nipples faintly against the shirt. She grinned to herself in the mirror, slightly adjusted her hair, and then went back out to the living room.

Mark and Gina were talking about school. Karen walked around and sat next to Gina on the couch. The couple smiled at her again, and she returned their smiles. She bent down and grabbed her drink. She was aware of the cleavage she just presented Mark, and it she had to fight back her grin. She sipped her drink and set it back on the ground. She then picked up her ice cream and took a bite.

“So Karen, what do you think I should take my first semester?” Gina asked.

Karen pondered the question. She took another bite of ice cream. An idea flashed through her head, and again, she had to fight back the grin that wanted to betray her to the other two. She remembered the question and turned innocently to Gina.

“Just general credits.” She said. She kept eye contact with Gina, and took another bite of ice cream.

Gina reached down and got her ice cream and started eating it as well. Karen scooted closer to Gina. Gina looked a little startled, and looked at Mark, who remained impassive, watching.

Karen took a spoonful of ice cream on her spoon.

“Would you like another bite?” Karen asked. Her felt lightheaded, and couldn’t believe what she was about to do. But she knew she would, and that she wanted to, but that didn’t stop her from being scared of herself.

“Sure.” Gina smiled and leaned forward, expecting the spoon to be offered.

Karen moved the spoon towards herself though. She stared hard into Gina’s eyes, and in one swift motion, dropped the ice cream against her own chest. The cold ice cream made her nipples instantly hard. The ice cream was very cold, and kind of melted. It dripped down on her breast. Karen raised her eyebrow at Gina, as if daring her.

Gina broke the eye contact and Karen watched her eyes lower. Karen felt a flush of excitement run through her body as Gina stared at the ice cream, and at her chest.

Gina swallowed and looked back up at Karen.

“Karen…” She began.

“Do you want it?” Karen said sharply.

Gina didn’t say anything else. She moved forward slowly, as if in disbelief. Karen closed her eyes. Karen felt Gina’s soft lips make contact with her skin and it was like fire. Gina’s lips gently kissed where the ice cream was. Karen moved her hand to the back of Gina’s head. Karen held the other woman’s head against her chest. Gina’s lips never stopped. They kissed, and gently sucked, from the collar bone down to the top of Karen’s shirt. Karen kept her eyes closed and held Gina’s head against her chest.

Gina kissed and let her tongue softly lick the upper portion of Karen’s breasts. Karen’s nipples were poking through her shirt, and Karen obliged them. She used her free hand to gently pull down the fabric covering her left nipple. Her hand on Gina’s head gently pushed the short blonde haired woman towards her nipple. Gina let herself be guided and her lips brushed the hard nipple. Karen’s eyes were closed and she let a soft moan of pleasure escape her lips.

Gina gently sucked and flicked her tongue against Karen’s nipple. Karen murmured encouragingly.

“Good. Keep going Gina. Good.” Karen whispered.

The day dragged on and on. Claire watched as the last few minutes ticked away. She had already organized her affairs and was now just waiting until she could go. It was Friday, so the traffic would be horrible, but at least she had a few days off. She longed to be home in her quiet apartment. Eventually, the clock struck five. She walked briskly down to the parking garage and started her car. She hurried and managed to get five minutes down the freeway when she ran into grid locked traffic. She sighed and turned up the music.

Claire was a thirty one year old accountant. She was happy, financially stable, and utterly single. She had just paid all her school loans off, as she had only graduated two years ago. She was 5’9, just over a hundred forty pounds. She worked out four times a week at a gym.

Claire got home at exactly six. She checked her mail before heading up to her two bedroom apartment, where she lived alone. She walked in and dropped the mail on her kitchen counter. She quickly changed into jeans and a sweater. Her office clothes got deposited in the hamper. She slipped on her sandals and went to watch the news.

At six thirty she heard a knock on the door. She frowned and went to answer it. She opened the door and looked at the person. She immediately recognized her neighbor. She lived next door to a single mother and her 18 year old daughter. The person who had knocked was the daughter.

“Hey Claire.” The cheerful young woman greeted her.

“Hi Bree.” Claire answered. “Come on in.” Claire opened the door and motioned for Bree to enter. Bree did so quickly and Claire closed the door behind her. Bree and Claire had formed an unlikely friendship several months back, and now were good friends. The high school senior looked up to Claire as a mentor and role model and Claire looked to Bree as almost a niece.

Bree’s mother had to go out of town a lot, and it was acceptable for her to stay with Claire as supervision. Bree wasn’t able to stay home alone any longer because her mother caught her smoking pot during one of her mother’s trips.

Claire didn’t mind the teen age girl staying with her. Bree was kind and cheerful all the time. It was a welcome break from Claire’s normal routine. Claire and Bree sat down on Claire’s couch and the girl let out a sigh.

“What’s up Bree?” Claire asked.

“My mom is coming over pretty soon.” Bree informed her. “Something came up and she has to leave for the weekend. She’s upset though because she doesn’t want to ask you because its like, the last minute or something, and my grandparents don’t want me.” Bree finished.

“Oh its no problem, you can stay here for a few days. You aren’t an inconvenience at all.” Claire reassured her.

“Are you sure?” Bree asked. “I really don’t want to trouble you.”

“Its no trouble, I don’t have any big weekend plans.” Claire smiled.

“No hot dates?” Bree asked with a grin. Then her grin slid away replaced by a look of anxious worry. “I would feel so bad if you wanted to have company or something. You have to tell me if something comes up.” Bree finished earnestly.

Claire laughed. “No I have no plans to have any guys over if that’s what you were trying to say.”

Bree blushed. “Promise you would tell me, I can make myself scarce.”

“I will tell you, I promise.” Claire said.

They exchanged a brief hug and Bree left. Bree’s mother Harriet came over shortly and Claire invited her in.

“Was Bree just here?” Harriet asked.

“Yes, she told me something came up. It’s no problem that she stays here for a few days.” Claire assured her.

“I feel horrible, I hate putting you in this position.” Harriet said worriedly.

“Don’t feel bad, if it is ever a problem I will let you know. I had no plans this weekend.” Claire said.

“Thank you so much. She can be over at our place until eleven I told her.” Harriet said.

“Ok.” Claire said.

“She has money if anything comes up, and she has food at our place.” Harriet said.

“It’s not a problem, she always brings stuff over, and she isn’t any trouble.” Claire reassured Harriet. “She’s a good girl.”

“I know. She feels a lot better staying here. She doesn’t like sleeping in our apartment with no one else.”

“I understand, that’s why I don’t mind her staying here.” Claire said.

Harriet thanked her again, and left the number of the hotel where she would be staying. Claire dutifully took it down and put it on the fridge.

“Well, I have to leave, my flight is in about two hours.” Harriet grimaced.

“Have a good time.” Claire said, and Harriet excused herself.

Claire closed the door behind her and went back to watching the news.

Two hours later, she heard a knock on the door again. She got up to answer it and invited Bree in. Bree was carrying a duffle bag with some clothes and her pillow.

“I feel silly, I just live next door.” Bree said.

“Don’t feel silly, it makes your mom happy, to know that you will be supervised or something.” Claire grinned at her.

“I know.” Bree agreed.

They lived in a nice apartment complex and when Bree stayed, she had her own room. It was normally Claire’s computer room, but she had a futon that folded out into a queen sized bed. Bree dumped her stuff and rejoined Claire in the living room.

“So, what are your plans?” Claire asked Bree.

“I was going to go to a movie with Danny.” Bree said.

“What time?” Claire asked.

“At like 9 or so I think.” Bree said.

“Ok, are you going to have dinner here?” Claire asked.

“Yeah, if that’s ok.” Bree said.

“It’s not a problem.” Claire said for what seemed the like the hundredth time.

“I need to go to the store. Do you want to come with me?” Claire asked.

“Sure.” Bree agreed cheerfully.

The two left shortly after, Claire driving and Bree chatting away in the passenger seat. They arrived at the store shortly after and entered. “So what do you feel like?” Claire asked Bree. They were wandering down the isles at the supermarket. “I don’t know.” Bree said. “Something light… something heavy?” Claire asked. After a few minutes of negotiating they settled on chicken and rice. Claire looked at Bree. “I don’t have anything to drink really. What do you want?” Claire asked. “What types of drinks?” Bree asked with a grin. “Depends on what you want.” Claire raised her eyebrows. “We should get tons of alcohol and get smashed!” Bree said wickedly. “Oh really…” Claire murmured. “I’m just kidding.” Bree said. “No you aren’t.” Claire laughed. “I would if you would.” Bree said challengingly. Claire eyed Bree shrewdly but did in the end break down and buy a bottle of tequila and another of margarita mix. They headed back to Claire’s apartment. Claire made dinner with Bree’s help and they laughed and enjoyed a comfortable meal. Bree closed herself in the bathroom and emerged a short while later with freshly applied make up and in different clothes. Claire checked her watch. “What time will you be back?” Claire asked. “Probably around midnight I think.” Bree said tentatively. “Does your mom know you are going out with Danny?” Claire asked. “Yeah, but I was supposed to be home by eleven.” Bree confessed. “Ok, that’s all right.” Bree packed a small purse and Danny came by shortly after. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Danny and Bree left for the evening. Claire had given Bree a key to her apartment for when she stayed, so Claire locked the door behind them. Claire changed out of her jeans and put on some loose sweat pants. She took off her bra and put on a loose t-shirt and grabbed a blanket. She sat on the couch and flipped through the channels. Finding a made for television movie that seemed interesting enough she started watching it. About an hour later, her phone rang. She leaned over to grab it and muted the television. She answered it and Bree’s cheerful voice greeted her. “Hi Bree, what’s up?” Claire asked. “Claire, I was kinda wondering something.” Bree said hesitantly. “Yes?” Claire asked. “I totally understand if you say no… but I was wondering if Danny could come over tonight.” Bree asked. Claire frowned and remained quiet for a minute. “That would be all right, for a while. What happened to the movie?” Claire asked. “Nothing looked good; we just drove around for a while.” Bree said. “But Claire, there is more, I was wondering if Danny could drink with us.” Claire frowned again and spoke softly into the phone. “So are you asking if he can stay over? You know I would never let someone underage drink and drive.” Claire said. “Yeah. I was kind of asking if he could stay over. He can sleep on the couch and he will leave early in the morning.” Bree said quickly. “What would your mother say?” Claire asked. “She would flip.” Bree said honestly. “I’m not sure.” Claire said. “Why don’t you guys come over and we can talk about it in person? You both can hang out here regardless.” “Ok, thank you Claire.” They both hung up and Claire sat worrying. She didn’t always enforce rules with Bree, but having a guy sleep over was a big one. She considered for half an hour until Bree and Danny arrived. They both looked like a pair of guilty teen-agers. Claire joked with them to ease their embarrassment and they were soon at ease. Claire liked Danny; he was a senior along with Bree. She had only met him twice before, but he was polite and seemed to treat Bree right. Bree had told her they had been dating for about two months now. The three of them sat on the couch and Claire turned off the television. She looked at them both seriously and they looked back worriedly. “I’m thirty one years old. I know that may seem old to you 18 year olds, but I remember very well what you are going through right now.” Claire started. “I decided that it’s ok for you to stay here Danny, provided its ok with your parents.” “It is.” Danny put in. Claire nodded. “Also, we can all drink together, but you both are staying here if we do.” Claire said. “Of course.” Bree said. Danny nodded as well. Claire smiled and got up. Bree and Danny grinned at each other and held hands. Claire went to the kitchen and Bree and Danny followed after a minute. Claire emptied an ice tray into her blender. Bree and Danny sat on stools at the counter and watched Claire move about the kitchen. She tried making small talk. “So how’s swimming going Danny?” Claire asked. “Good. We have out last meet next week.” He said. “Are you sad you will be done?” Claire asked. “Not really, but it was fun while I did it.” Danny replied. “What about you Bree? How’s school going?” Claire asked as she poured the margarita mix into the blender. “Ok. I think I might fail French.” Bree confided. “What?” Claire asked. “Well, not really. But probably like a C.” Bree said in a depressed voice. “You should study more.” Claire said. “Probably. How’s work Claire?” Bree said, not very deftly changing the subject. Claire grinned. “It’s fine. Thank you.” Claire said. They talked for a little while longer, and then the margaritas were done. Claire poured three tall glasses and handed them out. “Remember, after the first sip you are stuck here.” She warned. Bree and Danny looked at each other and smiled. They both took a sip together. Claire smiled at the pair and sipped her own margarita. She had made them strong. The three of them decided to watch a movie. Bree ran over to her apartment and grabbed one of her mother’s. It was just a romantic comedy, but it was one of the better ones. Claire got up twice to make more batches of margaritas. She excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned she saw Bree and Danny kissing. She cleared her throat and sat down in the recliner she had been using. Bree and Danny stopped immediately and grinned at her. She chuckled and they all continued watching the movie. When it was finished Claire looked at her watch. It was half past midnight, and she was kind of tired. The margaritas hadn’t helped, and she rose. “I think I am going to bed kids.” Claire said. Bree looked up at her sadly, and Danny looked at his watch. “I didn’t realize it was so late.” Danny said. “Its not that late, but I worked today.” Claire said. “Help yourselves to the margarita stuff, don’t do straight shots, I don’t want anyone sick. And don’t do anything you don’t think I would approve of.” She finished. “Ok. Thank you Claire.” Bree got up quickly and gave Claire a big hug. Claire returned the hug and wished Danny a goodnight. He echoed it and she walked back to her bedroom. She came out a little while later, to get a glass of water. She saw Bree and Danny watching television, so she went to bed content. Once in bed, Claire had a hard time falling asleep. Just as she was dozing off, she heard Bree giggle. It woke her up and she looked at the clock. It was a little after one in the morning. Claire turned on a small night lamp and reached for the book she had been reading. She read until the clock said two. She had to use the restroom and she wanted to see if the Bree and Danny were still up. She softly exited her room and made her way to the bathroom. She heard something from the living room and walked softly towards the entrance. She saw that the television was still on. She looked at the couch and saw Danny. She looked around in confusion for Bree and didn’t see her. She was about to speak when she heard Danny moan. Claire’s eyes widened. She took a step back. She moved as far to the right as she could, and sure enough, she saw Bree’s head bobbing in Danny’s lap. Claire’s hand flew to her mouth. She silently stepped backwards and retreated to her room. She had just witnessed Bree giving Danny a blowjob. In her own living room. Claire closed the door to her room as softly as she could. She sat numbly on the bed. She wondered how far Bree and Danny were sexually. She had to go the bathroom but there was no way she was going back out there. Claire sat on her bed wondering what she should do, or if she was supposed to even do anything. It wasn’t any of her business she told herself firmly. She tried to read again but she couldn’t stop thinking about what she had seen. About fifteen minutes later she heard the guest bedroom door close. She felt pressure in her bladder. She stood slowly up. She walked silently to her door. She listened but didn’t hear anything. Hoping the coast was clear, she loudly opened her door. She walked straight to the bathroom and closed the door. She sat on the toilet and relieved herself. When she was finished washing her hands she splashed some water on her face. She wiped her hands off and prepared to go back out. She opened the door loudly, and walked into the living room. She didn’t take anyone by surprise. She didn’t see anyone period. She looked at the couch where bedding was laid down presumably for Danny. It was empty though, and Claire whirled around. She looked at the guest door closed and sighed. Claire walked softly into the kitchen and made finished off the last of the margarita mix in the blender. She took her full cup back with her to her room. She set the cup on the nightstand after taking another sip. The alcohol had her feeling good, but she couldn’t stop thinking about what she saw. Bree going down on Danny. She wondered what they were doing in their room. As soon as she thought this, she heard something. It sounded like a distant cry. Claire sat up slowly. She stood up and walked to her door. She opened it and peered out into the dark hall. There was a light coming from under the guest room door. She stepped close to it and froze. She heard Bree. She heard Danny. She heard a rhythmic sound. She stepped closer to the door, and almost put her ear against it. It couldn’t be anything else. They were fucking on her futon. Claire stood transfixed. She stood listening for a fully minute. She was just about to move away when she heard something clearly through the door. “Harder!” Bree’s muffled voice carried through the door. Claire could not believe it. Her mind screamed at her to leave, but she couldn’t. Her body had a mind of its own. She stood listening at the door intently. The rhythmic sounds coming from the room continued and she heard Bree moan loudly. Claire raised a hand to her chest. Her right hand started gently brushing her left nipple through her t-shirt. Claire closed her eyes and then they snapped open. She felt her pulse quicken. What the hell was she doing? She had started to fondle herself, while listening to her teen-age neighbor have sex. Her mind again insisted that she return to her room. She listened this time. She closed the door as softly as she could and went back to sit on her bed. She realized that she was turned on. She felt her hard nipples and looked down between her legs. Claire felt like another person. She lay down on the bed. She slid her right hand under her shirt. She stroked her left nipple for a few minutes thinking about the sounds. Thinking about the actions coming from the next room. She stopped caring and she slid her left hand down her sweat pants. Claire’s hand moved along her hips and past her pubic hair. She tenderly touched the top of her slit. She closed her eyes in pleasure. She was only teasing herself, gently running her index finger and middle finger along her lips. She felt herself growing more and more aroused. She gently parted her lips and her middle finger found her clit. She shuddered and rubbed it softly. After a few minutes she was rubbing it harder. She slowed and stopped. She hastily stood up and pulled off her t-shirt and stripped out of her pants. She moved to her closet. She bent down and grabbed a much used shoe box. She opened it and looked through the contents. She owned two dildos and a vibrator. She selected the smaller dildo, and put the rest back. She was going to lie back down on the bed until she had an idea. She went back to the closet. Sure enough, through the thin material the sounds of lovemaking were louder. She carefully moved shoes and boxes out of the way. Silently, she lay down in her closet. She scooted her head next to the wall and pressed her ear against it. The guest bed was on the other side of her thin closet wall. She could hear the creaking of the bed and the occasional moan escaping through the wall. Claire used her right hand to tweak her nipples. They were rock hard now and she used her fingernails to tease them. She ran her middle finger softly over each tip and then circled out. She did this repeatedly and felt herself grow more aroused. In her left hand she held the small dildo. She moved it down to her crotch. She held on to the base and let the tip brush against her slit. She used the tip lightly, and teased her clit a few times. She slid the dildo down against her opening and paused. She drew a deep breath and plunged the dildo inside of herself. She gasped. She slowly drew it back and then plunged it again in. She rubbed the dildo back and forth against her g-spot. Her right hand moved down from her nipples and started rubbing her clit. She shuddered with pleasure. She continued massaging her clit with her right hand and fucking herself with the dildo in her left hand. She started writhing, all the while, listening intently to the action on the other side of the thin wall. She could hear the two teenagers going at it. She pictured them in her mind. In her mind, she pictured Danny taking Bree from behind. Entering her wet hole and holding onto Bree’s hair. She imagined Bree crying out from pleasure. She imagined herself masturbating on the futon after Bree was gone. It sent her over the edge. She felt the orgasm rushing through her body. Her pussy clenched, and she pumped the dildo harder. Her right hand furiously worked her clit and she cried out. It was soft, but it was also a reality check. Her breathing slowed and she slowly stopped entering herself. She rubbed her clit as she pulled the dildo out and set it aside next to her. She rubbed up and down her wet lips and then stopped that as well. She lay breathing hard on the closet floor. After a few minutes she noticed something. She didn’t hear the sounds of lovemaking from the next room. She wondered when they had finished. She got up slowly. She felt silly walking out of her closet, but ignored it. She downed her melted margarita and wondered what to do. She was no longer tired and she felt strangely alive. Her whole body felt alive, and she still felt aroused. She grabbed a silk bathrobe she only wore when she was along and wrapped it around her naked body. She looked down and saw her nipples poking through the thin material. She figured the teen-agers would be asleep, so she felt fine leaving her bedroom. She stepped slowly out of her room and noticed that the bathroom was occupied. She briefly considered retreating back to her room, but dismissed the notion. She made her way to the kitchen and then jumped when she almost ran into Bree. It was dark and both the women were startled by the other. “Just getting something to drink.” Bree said. “Me too.” Claire said. Claire flipped the main light on since they were both there and Bree blushed at her. Bree was in a t-shirt. Only a small tight t-shirt. Claire was startled and stared down at Bree. Bree didn’t move away, but her face turned beet red. Claire stared at the bald mound in fascination and then tore her gaze up. It was now Claire’s turn to blush. “I’m sorry I just…” Claire began. “No, I’m sorry. I didn’t, uh, I didn’t know you’d be up.” Bree said. Claire moved around to the kitchen counter and sat down on a stool. Bree made no move to hide herself or grab some more clothes. Claire giggled nervously. “So you shave I take it?” She asked lightly. Bree looked down at her bare pubic mound. “Yeah.” Bree answered simply. “Is it… better?” Claire asked, embarrassed. “I think so.” Bree answered. “It’s only because Danny shaves too.” “What?” Claire was startled. “He’s a swimmer, so he shaves his legs, but he shaved everything else too.” Bree giggled. “He has no pubic hair?” Claire asked. “None. Sometimes I help him shave it.” Bree said. “Oh my…” Claire started but just looked down shaking her head. “I didn’t mean to pry.” “No! It’s ok. I don’t mind talking about stuff with you, I’ve wanted to before actually.” Bree said quickly. “You can talk to me about anything, I just feel like I am being nosy.” Claire said. Bree just smiled at her. She was about to speak when Danny came walking around the corner. He stared in startled surprise at Claire, who blushed again. Danny was wearing only a pair of boxers. He looked embarrassed and quickly went to cover himself up. Bree stopped him though. “Look. I’m naked below the waist and Claire is dressed really sexy too, so you can just stand there in your boxers.” Bree said firmly. Claire looked down at her robe and realized her hard nipples were very visible. She refused to let herself be embarrassed, so she smiled at Danny. “Yeah. Don’t worry about it Danny.” She told him. Danny grinned sheepishly at the two women. He made no further move to cover himself up. Claire looked at Bree. “How’s that drink coming?” Claire said. “I could use another one too.” Bree giggled nervously. She turned around and started pouring the mixes again. Claire was startled and found herself staring at Bree’s naked butt. Bree didn’t play sports herself, but she had a tight body, and Claire stared at the cute behind. She closed her eyes and when she opened them she saw Danny staring at her breasts. She blushed and looked down at the counter. “I’m sorry.” Danny mumbled. It was now his turn to blush. “Oh its all right.” Claire told him. “What?” Bree asked, still not turning around. “He was checking me out.” Claire giggled. “He what?” Bree turned around and glared at Danny. “I’m sorry.” Danny said again. “I said it was fine.” Claire realized he was now apologizing to Bree. “Stupid me, here and I thought someone might look at me.” Bree said in a pouting voice. “We both did.” Danny said. “It’s a nice view.”

Claire looked at Danny who was now grinning. Despite her embarrassment she seconded this.

“That’s why it was ok that Danny looked at my boobs. I was just checking out your butt so fair’s fair.” Claire said.

“So who do I get to check out now?” Bree asked and turned around. She held three glasses in her hands. Danny reached over and grabbed one and Bree handed the other to Claire, who took it gratefully.

“Check out whoever you want.” Danny said to her. “I certainly don’t mind.”

“And you Claire?” Bree asked.

“I guess I agree with Danny.” Claire said nervously. She wondered how this conversation had started.

“Ok.” Bree said with a grin.

The three quietly sipped their drinks. Bree looked back and froth between Danny and Claire.

“Well, since we are all up, I say we play drinking games.” Bree suggested cheerfully.

“Bree…” Claire started. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I want to see you smashed!” Bree smiled and looked at Claire.

“Exactly, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Claire countered.

“At least take a shot. We all will.” Bree said.

“One shot.” Claire said. Bree giggled and poured three shots of tequila. Danny downed his instantly. Bree waited for Claire. The two women looked at each other. They raised the glasses simultaneously and did the shot. When Bree finished she jumped up and down and made a disgusted face. Claire did her shot with more poise and merely grimaced.

“One more.” Bree said.

“Bree…” Claire started warningly.

“One more.” Bree said firmly.

“I am not doing any more then, after this one.” Claire said.

“Fair enough.” Bree giggled at her.

After the next shot Bree dragooned them into moving to the couch. Claire stood up carefully, her head feeling light. They had been drinking all night, not heavily, but it was starting to catch up to each of them.

Claire made sure the robe was secure around her and noticed that her nipples were still hard. She sighed and made her was to her chair. The two teenagers sat on the couch again, Bree still naked from the waist down and Danny in his boxers.

They all stretched out. Bree shamelessly say with her legs spread apart, providing an extremely revealing view for both Danny and Claire. She seemed aware of this, and smiled towards the ceiling. Danny crossed his legs and Claire’s eyes widened when she though she saw a bulge in his boxers.

Claire followed Bree’s lead, by leaning back and looking up at the ceiling. She closed her eyes. She heard a giggle. She opened her eyes and looked at Bree. Bree was looking at Danny who was shaking his head. Claire raised her eyebrow.

Danny looked at her and blushed. He looked angry and looked down at the floor.

Bree was smiling wide and looked at Claire.

“Danny has a boner and wants to go put pants on and I told him no.” Bree explained.

“Bree…” Danny started in an angry voice.

“Listen up you two, I love both of you, you are my favorite people in the world.” Bree said and both Danny and Claire looked at her.

“I feel completely safe and open with both of you. So if I say something about how Danny has a boner, or that Claire has great tits, just accept it ok?” Bree demanded.

Claire looked at Danny who was looking at Bree.

“She is letting me stay here, and I think you are embarrassing her.” Danny said to Bree. “I don’t think that’s cool.”

“Claire, are you embarrassed? Do you want me to stop acting like this?” Bree asked her plaintively.

“Yes, I am embarrassed, but no, I don’t want you to stop acting like this. I’m actually having a lot of fun.” Claire admitted.

“Are you sure?” Danny asked.

“Yes. Thank you for trying to protect my feelings Danny, I do appreciate it.” Claire told him.

“So is that all settled?” Bree asked.

“Yes.” Danny said.

“Yes.” Claire echoed.

Bree giggled and stood up. She pulled off her t-shirt. Claire stared at her and so did Danny. Claire raised an eyebrow.

“The bottom half is more embarrassing than the top half.” Bree said to them both. Bree sat back down on the couch naked. Claire tried not to stare at the lithe body. Bree had small breasts, topped with small dark nipples. Her green eyes danced. Claire shook her gaze away from the young woman and tried to clear her head.

“Uncross your legs Danny.” Bree said and looked at him. He stared at her with an unreadable expression. Claire was expecting some outburst but Danny didn’t say a thing.

He uncrossed his legs, and moved his hands to behind his head and he leaned back. Bree giggled and Claire stared. Her eyes were wide and locked onto Danny’s crotch. A large erection was tenting the boxer’s obscenely. Claire closed her mouth and muttered to herself.

“Oh my god.” Claire whispered.

“Ha!” Bree laughed. “I didn’t think you would do it!”

“And let you top me?” Danny asked. He looked at Claire briefly and then stared back at Bree.

“I told her you shaved too.” Bree told Danny.

Danny looked embarrassed again and his erection wavered. It caused Claire to giggle. He looked down and grinned. It rose again and remained at attention.

“Why did you tell her that?” Danny asked.

“She asked about your package.” Bree started. Claire was too startled to protest yet. “She wanted to know what it was like. She asked me to describe it.”

“No I didn’t!” Claire protested.

“It’s ok Claire.” Bree said.

“I didn’t say that Danny.” Claire said to Danny. He grinned and nodded and then rolled his eyes in Bree’s direction.

“I’ve never been with a guy who shaved down there.” Claire said and then blushed. She couldn’t believe she had just said that.

Bree grinned. “Danny is only my second guy. And he is WAY better than the other, so I don’t know if it is or was because of him shaving. The other guy didn’t and he was totally hairy. I didn’t like going down on him.” Bree finished.

Claire raised her eyebrows.

“Hear what she said?” Danny said.

“What do you mean?” Claire asked him.

“Danny!” Bree started warningly.

“I may be the second guy but ask her about girls!” Danny said but was soon tackled. Bree had leapt up and dived at him. They wrestled for a twenty seconds while Claire laughed at their silliness.

Bree stood up and turned coldly away from Danny. Danny and Claire just giggled.

“Claire, please tell Danny I am no longer speaking to him.” Bree said to Claire.

“Bree, don’t be mad just because he joked about you.” Claire said.

Bree and Danny exchanged a glance. Bree looked at Claire.

“He wasn’t joking though.” Bree said seriously.

Claire opened her mouth in surprise. She closed it again and her eyebrows rose.

“Oh.” Was all Claire could say.

Bree looked embarrassed and Danny tried to hide a grin.

Claire recovered herself. “So you’ve been with two guys… how many girls?” Claire asked in surprise.

“Three.” Bree said and looked down at her knees. “Do you know my friend Erin?”

Claire was fascinated, and nodded.

“Her and her older sister for two, and then another girl at school.” Bree said.

Claire shook her head.

“The things we don’t know about people.” Claire said.

“Have you ever been with another woman?” Danny asked Claire.

Claire felt her face blush. She couldn’t lie though.

“Yes.” Claire said, her face flushed.

Bree grinned wide. “Tell me about her, or them.” She said longingly.

“One was when I was twenty four, and the other was… about six months ago.” Claire said.

“Did you guys date… or was it just sex?” Bree asked, again that longing in her voice which confused Claire.

“I dated the first one, and the second was just a one night thing. Two actually.” Claire said in embarrassment.

“Two?” Bree asked, confused.

“Well, it was two nights. Like, in a row, I stayed at her house.” Claire said.

“I bet that was wild!” Bree exclaimed.

Claire frantically sought for a way to change the conversation.

“So I guess us girls are bi then, what about you Danny? Ever been with another guy?” Claire asked.

“No.” Danny said.

“But he’s thought about it!” Bree exclaimed.

Danny looked horrified.

“It’s ok Danny.” Claire reassured him. She felt glad that she was out of the spotlight.

“First you tell her I shave, then you tell her that!” Danny said angrily. “I don’t think I’m putting out to you anymore!”

“That’s ok; I’ll just use one of Claire’s dildos!” Bree said with a laugh.

Claire paled.

She put her face in her hands.

Bree cursed herself. She looked at Claire with a scared face.

“That just slipped out… I’m sorry, I found them once.” Bree said apologetically.

Claire sat perfectly still in her chair with her hands covering her face.

“Claire! Please don’t hate me, I’m sorry I said that, please!” Bree said frantically.

When Claire raised her face she wore a huge grin.

“I’ve just realized I have nothing to be embarrassed about compared to what you both have already shared and are sharing. Don’t worry Bree. It’s ok. It may be the alcohol but right now I don’t even care.” Claire said. “Yes. I own two dildos and a vibrator; I masturbate when I get lonely. Hell, I masturbated tonight while you two were screwing like rabbits!” Claire said.

Bree and Danny looked at her in shock. Claire just laughed.

“It gets better, the first time I came out I watched you,” She pointed at Bree, “Suck him,” She pointed at Danny, “And it turned me on.”

“While we are sharing things, I think I can honestly say that both of us were thinking about you while we were doing it tonight.” Bree said.

“You were?” Claire asked in a confused voice. “Why?”

“Because you were in the next room. And you are beautiful.” Danny said.

“You are Claire. I think about you a lot like that.” Bree said.

“Well. I thought about you two tonight.” Claire said. The sensible part of her brain had died of shame earlier tonight, now her lust filled brain just sat back and laughed.

The three of them smiled at each other. Claire giggled. Bree and Danny looked at her.

“I can’t help but noticing that Danny is still pretty excited.” Claire said.

Bree laughed as well. She leaned over closer to Danny.

“How are you doing?” She asked him.

“We,” He pointed to his chest, and then to his crotch, “Are doing well.”

“We can see he’s doing well.” Bree said and brushed her hand against Danny’s erection.

“Hey now. No teasing in front of company.” Danny said in mock seriousness.

“Oh I don’t mind.” Claire laughed.

“Truly?” Bree said and looked seriously at Claire.

“Not at all.” Claire said with a wink, continuing the joke.

“Not even… if I did this?” Bree said and put her hand on Danny’s erection. She moved it subtly and the hard dick popped through the fly and stood out in the open air. Claire stared at it and watched as Bree’s hand grabbed the shaft.

“I still don’t mind.” Claire said.

Bree started moving her hand up and down. Danny stared at Bree and Claire. Bree never took her eyes from Claire’s face. She slowly jacked Danny off, and watched Claire’s reaction. After thirty seconds of this, Bree raised her eyebrows.

“I still don’t mind.” Claire heard her voice say.

“What if I did this?” Bree asked, and dropped off the couch. She positioned herself between Danny’s legs and placed her mouth around the head of his dick. She leaned forward and took the dick halfway into her mouth. She slowly brought her mouth off of it, she lowered it again and again. She stopped after half a minute and looked at Claire.

“I still don’t mind. But I think he does. You aren’t following through.” Claire said and pointed to Danny who’s face showed anticipation and pleasure.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I followed through entirely?” Bree asked softly.

“I wouldn’t mind.” Claire answered.

That was all Bree needed. She moved her head back to Danny’s crotch and gently kissed the head of his penis. It was rock hard and she opened her mouth to accommodate it. She used her tongue to gently suck the underside of the head. Danny gasped in pleasure. She moved her mouth farther down onto his shaft, rolling her tongue back and forth.

Danny felt his dick being massaged in Bree’s mouth. He had been staring at her while she did this but he tore his gaze to Claire for a split second. It almost made him cum right then. Claire was watching with a glazed over expression and her large breasts were slightly heaving.

Bree continued to suck on Danny’s shaft. She moved one hand to her right nipple and starting tweaking it. She sucked the long shaft and closed her mouth. She lowered her mouth until the head was towards the base of her throat. She loosened her throat muscles and Danny groaned again. He always enjoyed being deep-throated and she loved doing it. She continued bobbing and then pulled up a little. Her mouth concentrated on the head and she wondered if he would cum soon.

Claire watched Bree suck on Danny. She stared, unable to move. She fought the urge to masturbate right there. She was so aroused by the sight before her, who these people were, and what they were doing. The tequila she had drunk had made her light headed. Her mouth was parted slightly, and she stared in awe at them. Her hand moved of its own accord and reached up to caress her left nipple. She caressed her hard nipple through the thin fabric. She stared at both of them while she did this. Danny had glanced in her direction and then continued to look down at Bree. Bree had her hands full, or more appropriately, her mouth, so she couldn’t look over.

Claire pulled her robe out of the way. Now her left nipple was exposed. She pinched it softly and rubbed the hard areola. She stopped only to bring her finger to her mouth, wet it, and bring it back down to massage the swollen nipple. She was sure she would make a mess on the chair, she felt she was that wet. She pinched her rock hard nipple and let out a gasp as Danny cried out.

“I’m going to cum.” He cried out. “Now.” He shuddered.

Claire gazed on longingly at Bree, who remained locked on his shaft. Danny’s body gave a spasm. Bree never unlocked her mouth from his shaft. After a moment Danny’s head leaned back against the couch and he breathed quickly. His chest heaved and he looked down at Bree. Bree continued sucking on his dick, even though she had already swallowed his load. After a little while she stopped. She moved up and kissed Danny on the cheek. She smiled at him and then turned to Claire.

Claire hadn’t stopped massaging her left breast, although she did so now. She decided not to pull her robe back over her breast, since both the teen-agers eyes were now locked on her erect nipple. She smiled at them.

“That was quite a show.” Claire said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Bree said, but didn’t take her eyes off of Claire’s nipple.

“I feel like I owe you both something.” Claire said.

Without anyone saying another word, Claire leaned forward. She shrugged the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. She left her large breasts stay exposed. She sat up straight and made sure the robe covered her pubic region. She smiled at them and spoke softly.

“Do you like?” Claire asked.

“Totally.” A breathless Danny replied.

“Very much Claire, I’ve wanted to see that for the last four months.” Bree said huskily, staring at her chest.

Claire just smiled.

“What would you young people like to do now?” Claire asked.

“You don’t want to know.” Bree answered.

“I think I do.” Claire replied.

“No I don’t know if you do.” Danny added.

“Try me.” Claire responded.

“I want to suck. I want to lick and suck your chest.” Bree answered.

“I second that.” Danny said.

Claire simply nodded. She cupped her breasts as if offering them to the teen-agers.

Bree was the first to move forward. She slid off the couch and walked shakily forward. She knelt down and placed her mouth on Claire’s left breast. Claire felt the stimulation run straight up into her brain, and straight down, into her clit. She closed her eyes and leaned back. A second later she felt Danny’s mouth attach to her right nipple. She moaned in pleasure.

Claire wrapped her arms around the two young people’s heads and pulled them hard into her chest. Bree was the first to respond and she did so with her teeth. Claire cried out as Bree bit her nipple, not to hard, but just hard enough. She felt her clit burning with desire and she let go of Danny’s head to reach down and relieve the tension. Before she got to her target though, her hand was intercepted by Bree’s hand. Bree stopped her attention on Claire’s nipple only long enough to say a few words.

“No. Let us take care of that. Don’t touch yourself.” And with that, Bree went back to lapping at Claire’s nipple. Danny was doing well too, both her nipples felt incredible. Claire needed to cum. She murmured softly.

“Move down Bree… move down.”

Bree did not comply. But she did utilize her hands. Bree’s mouth never left Claire’s nipple but her hand did reach down to Claire’s wet slit. Her gentle fingers parted Claire. Claire felt a wave of electricity stemming from her slit shoot throughout her entire body. Bree gently slid her middle finger inside of Claire’s wet opening. Her thumbed stretched forward and found Claire’s swollen clit. Claire felt the orgasm shake her body. As soon as Bree massaged her clit, it pushed her over the edge. Danny was dutifully concentrating on her nipple and Bree never let up either.

After a few mind numbing minutes Claire cried out.

“Stop. Right now.” She uttered. The two who were pleasuring her stopped and looked up at her. Claire stood up quickly and ran to her room. She returned with a dildo and a bottle of lubrication. She asked Bree to lie down.

Bree complied and lay on the ground. Claire handed her the dildo and told her it was for her to use. Bree giggled and kissed the dildo. She then slid it down to her wet opening and began pulsing it inside of herself. Cylia handed the bottle of lubrication to Danny. He looked at her questioningly.

“I want you to fuck my asshole.” Claire said sharply. She had lost any inhibitions she had ever entertained. All she could think of was that she needed a mind shattering orgasm or she would explode. Bree’s eyes widened with this proclamation and she stared at Claire longingly as she toyed herself.

Bree made a move as if to get up but then Claire was on top of her. Claire straddled Bree’s face, and lowered her burning pussy onto Bree’s cool lips. Claire felt Bree’s tongue slide up and flick her clit and she fell forward onto her elbows. She felt two hands grab her hips. She felt the head of Danny’s penis probe her asshole. She was glad she was already leaning on her elbows or she was afraid she would have fallen. Danny’s penis pushed forward and Claire almost screamed. She felt her asshole expand and it took the penis inside. Danny had used plenty of lubrication and it was better than she had expected. She felt the walls of her rectum expanding and her body shuddered. She felt completely filled. The penis kept penetrating and she tried hard not to scream.

“Stop Danny!” She cried. “Go slower. Suck me Bree. I need it! I need it!” She cried down at Bree. Bree responded with a mind shattered bite, on her outer lips, pushing sensation through and into her clit. Claire almost cried, she couldn’t ever remember experiencing so much pleasure at once. Danny had been slowly pushing. She felt him start to buck back and forth.

Claire felt overwhelmed. She could not string a coherent sentence at that instant to save her life. She remained on her elbows and knees. She kept her ass high in the air to allow easy access to Danny. She looked down and saw Bree on her back, propped up on her elbows licking along Claire’s slick slit.

Claire felt the orgasm start. Her entire body experienced one long orgasm. She felt her head swimming as Danny started thrusting faster than she believed possible. She was dimly aware of Bree moaning as well.

It’s Saturday night and I am getting ready to DJ another one of those 30 something birthday parties. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy spinning music and interacting with people. I just am getting tired of the yuppie crowd who seem to want to hire me lately.

I show up a half hour before the party starts like I always do and start dragging in the speakers, CD suitcase, amplifier, music, and the various lights I brought along for the evenings festivities. Between the warm spring air temperature and the flight of stairs I have to carry everything up I start to get a slight glow of sweat on my face. As I am running the wires underneath the table to the speakers I see a pair of black heels standing by my table. I cannot help myself and I gaze from the heels up the legs of this person standing before me. As I do I accidentally begin to look up the skirt of this voluptuous red head standing before me. Her gaze catches mine and I blush with guilty embarrassment. I stand up and introduce myself to her. She tells me her name is Ann and she is the woman that hired me for her sister’s birthday party. She looks around at the equipment and says she likes what she sees. She asks if the speakers can handle a lot of bass and how deep can the bass get. I reassure her that the speakers can handle anything she wants. In fact I guarantee the bass will be driving hard and deep. I also tell her I am glad she likes what she sees. She smiles in approval and I thought I saw something lustful in her smile. Her green eyes begin to sparkle. Oh what a beautiful sight.

Everyone begins showing up just as I am testing the sound system. Everything sounds great as always. The crowd is pretty much what I expected to see. Mostly 30 something professional types, dressed in their khaki’s and sweaters. Gonna be a long night of 80′s rock, 70′s disco, and a little Ton Loc I am sure. I must say I don’t know if it’s the fact that I haven’t been intimate with a woman for a few months or what but some of these ladies are looking smokin’ hot.

I put on addicted to love by Robert Palmer and introduce myself and tell everyone that if there is anything they want to hear or anything I can do for them feel free to come up and talk to me. The first hour goes by pretty uneventful except for a few requests for Bee Gee’s style disco and a little classic rock, not to mention me watching these lovely ladies dancing and grinding on their boyfriends and husbands. I can’t stop from thinking that I could give any of these ladies a ride they wouldn’t soon forget. For some reason I find I cannot take my eyes off that of that set of legs I was caught looking up at earlier. Ann is just moving so sexily and I am getting so turned on. Usually I walk around and mingle with the crowd but I fear that may be a bit embarrassing for me right now in my condition. So I continue to watch and admire.

The next 2 hours start to get hot. The strobe lights and the flashing beat lights are really getting people in the mood. When I put on Hott In Here by Nelly the ladies started going wild. Clothes start coming off and next thing I know the women are hanging their bras over a beam that runs across the middle of the ceiling. I am starting to like this. I start getting into the music and start doing a hip grind as I am preparing the next song. Once again it was my turn to be embarrassed. Ann comes up to my table and says I love your gyrations. I blush 5 shades of red and thank her for the compliment.

She then asks if it gets difficult to stand up here and DJ while everyone else is drinking and dancing and having a good time. I remind her that I am being paid well and it didn’t matter. I also tell her that honestly I was fighting off the urge to join in on the fun on the dance floor. Ann says I thought so and said that such a cute DJ shouldn’t have to be stuck behind the table all night. I smile and thank her when I notice that look in her face again. The same look I saw when she caught me looking up her skirt earlier. It is such a sexy smile and her green eyes just sparkle like emeralds. Not to mention that smile shows just a hint of animalistic lust that has to be the sexiest look I have ever seen.

Before I can say a word she leans toward me and kisses me. I am surprised but respond by sliding my tongue into her mouth. When she finally breaks the kiss she says that she loves my tongue and says that she loves using her tongue as well. That is when I first notice her tongue stud. MMMMMMMM I feel my cock jump in my pants thinking of Ann using that tongue stud down below. My cock must have been harder than I thought because I noticed Ann’s gaze travel down to my crotch and that grin gets even bigger. She reaches out her hand and gives my cock a playful squeeze and says I take it you like my tongue stud. All I can do is smile and nod yes.

Before I know it Ann is whispering in my ear to just continue playing music and to just sit behind the table and enjoy whatever happens. I nod agreement and then I sit down in my chair behind my equipment and choose the next song to play.

I choose Tone Loc Wild Thing. Before I know it Ann is under the table in front of me and unfastening my pants. My pulse quickens and my breathing is in quick pants as her hand reaches my hard cock and she pulls it out and starts running her fingers up and down the length. I lean back and enjoy the sensation almost forgetting to change songs. The next disc I play is a mix of various dance music and I am letting it play for a while without having to change the CD so I can enjoy Ann’s expert manipulations of my hardness.

I feel her warm breath on my thighs as she begins to run her tongue along the swollen head. Teasing it with her stud. My breathing is getting faster as I feel myself Turing red again. Ann starts licking the entire length of my cock before parting her lips and sliding my cock head into her mouth. She just keeps the head in her mouth teasing it with her tongue. Then she slides her lips down the length and I almost gasp as she takes the entire length into her mouth. Back and forth her head bobs on my rock hard cock. Instinctively my hands seek out her head and I slide my hands into her beautiful auburn hair. As I look down I see those beautiful green sparkling eyes looking up at me. She takes my cock out of her mouth long enough to tell me to fuck her mouth and let her taste my hot cum.

I grab her head and ease it back onto my cock and I begin to fuck that lovely mouth. Before I know it I feel my body shake as I fill her mouth with what seems like a gallon of my hot sticky love cream. Just as my cock begins to soften I look up to see two men looking at me with very devilish grins on their faces. Between smirks they ask me to play some AC/DC. Flushed I ask them if they have a particular song in mind and they said no. So I played two back to back, “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Givin’ The Dog A Bone”. As I am talking to these two, Ann moans and drains me of the last few drops of cum.

When she slides her mouth off of my spent member she shows me her mouth full of my cum before she swallows it. I smile my approval and she licks her lips and tells me how much she loves the taste of my cum. Before I know it Ann is up from under the table and gone. I spend the last hour of the night playing requests and looking around trying to find my green eyed vixen with no luck.

Everyone begins to leave as I pack up the lights and the sound system. Just as I get the last speaker loaded into the van Ann comes over to me and pays me for DJ’ing. I tell her she already paid me far more than she had to. She insists I take the check so I do and tell her she needs to let me return the favor then. She agrees and we retire to her boudoir for an evening of lust. I have never experienced a woman so wild and passionate in my life. All the different positions we were in during our lovemaking made my head spin with delight. She taught me how to get the edge of an orgasm and not let it go. Holding and waiting on the verge of sweet release. What an incredible feeling. Then when the release finally arrived my toes curled, my hips came a foot off the bed, and I screamed in ecstasy. From there I knew I was addicted and had to have this woman always.

Needless to say we didn’t sleep that night as I spent most of the night with my face buried in her beautiful wetness. I have never tasted anything so sweet and I couldn’t get enough. She must have needed this as much as I did since she seemed to have orgasm after orgasm. By the time I finally came up for air my face was dripping wet and there was a huge wet spot in the middle of the bed. The lovemaking that followed was so hot and passionate that when we were finally spent we just had to hold each other for what seemed like an eternity. The only sounds in the room are our deep breathing and the beating of our heart. The room is filled with the aroma of our sweet sexual encounter. My eyes filled with the visions of this beautiful red headed creature with the most captivating green eyes I have ever seen. I suppose it’s obvious that we have spent the last couple of years together. Every day we have passionate sex at least twice a day, sometimes lasting all night and sometimes that “quickie” that we both need to get through the day. Each day is more exciting than the previous one.

I was driving down this desolated mountain road just after midnight. I was on my way home from an office party and honestly I could say I wasn’t feeling any pain, but I was very hot and very horny. There wasn’t anyone waiting for me at home, only my videos, magazines and a few toys. The party was fun, plus I did more than my share of drinking. My head began to pound as rain started to fall onto my windshield. The rain fell harder as the road was getting slick. There was only one person that was on my mind all the while I was driving and that was Heather, this sexy blonde with a body that would not quit and legs that went on forever.

While driving the weather really started to get worse and the road was getting slick. My tires started to slip and slide, I began to swerve when suddenly my tire blew out and I hit a rock. My car was dead and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t turn over. I was broken down out in the middle of no where. My cock hard with throbbing veins popping out, still I am not sure why I am so horny? It has never been like this before being so hard and hot without even having a sexy woman around me teasing me. There were so many sexy ladies at the party, but Heather is the one I can’t get out of my head. The rain was coming down in sheets as I was sitting in my car stroking my throbbing cock. This was not the time or place to masturbate, but I didn’t fucking care. Oh yes! My cock was hard as a rock with the veins bulging, my heat is rising, the windows fog up and I couldn’t see anything. Mmm Getting hotter, harder I needed to cum so bad. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Then suddenly I heard a car drive up and saw headlights through the fog of my windshield. Damn! I was so close to exploding my hot thick cum. My cock went instantly soft and I quickly zipped up my pants. There was a knock on my window, I wiped the fog away to see Heather standing there with an umbrella. I was so excited to see her and fumbled for the door so she could get out of the rain. She smiled as I stumbled for words, she is so beautiful and she was here. This was something I never would have expected, only been able to hope for. Ever since the first day I saw her at the office, she is all I could think about.

I remember the first day I saw her in the office, she wore this black lacy number with sequins that glittered in the office light. She had on 2″ spiked heals, her hair was up in a bun with a few wisps hanging over her deep blue eyes. She was the most Beautiful woman I have ever seen and I think I would ever see. I didn’t think she even noticed me. Instantly My cock stood at attention for those first few moments causing me to walk funny for a few minutes. She asked me if I was ok I was so embarrassed, but I survived. The night went on and the time had come to go home. That’s when I got into my car after saying my good bye’s to everyone. Which puts me where I am now staring at this gorgeous creature I couldn’t get out of mind.

“What are you doing here Heather? The weather is so bad it is dangerous. You shouldn’t be out on a night like this what were you thinking?” I asked her while wanting to kiss those glistening lips.

“I was following you home because I really like you. I saw you were in trouble so I stopped to help, I was worried. I saw the way you were walking when we first met, I recognized the walk. Seems I have made many a man walk that way.” She said with a smug smile.

As we sat in the car my cock started to grow harder, longer and thicker. The bulge in my pants was quite noticeable. She looked down with a smile on her face and began licking those luscious lips. Fuck she was so beautiful I still could not be believe she was actually sitting there with me. The top of her dress was open slightly showing her sexy cleavage and her silky bra. My cock needed to be touched, to be loved, and needed just to explode. She started rubbing her hand in my crotch feeling my bulging cock pressing hard into my pants. She was making it more unbearable and I loved every minute of it.

She pulled her top open exposing her luscious breasts pulling her bra down and letting me see her rock hard nipples. The water dripping down her lovely chest looked so lovely, so sexy. I bent over cupping her breasts into my hands. Gently massaging licking and nibbling pinching the bright pink nipples. She unzips my pants grabbing my cock releasing it from its prison. That felt so good when she finally grabbed hold and started stroking it pulling and squeezing. She bends down and puts her lips to the head lightly kissing it. There is already some pre cum she had me so excited. She places her lips over my cock as she strokes it taking me further in her mouth with every stroke. Her mouth feels so good as she takes me deeper, the heat of her mouth drives me crazy.

The sounds of the rain hitting the roof of the car and the feelings she was giving me with her mouth were more than I could take. I grab her and bring her up and rip off the rest of her clothes so all she has on are her thong panties. The seat in my car reclines fully back so I lay down and have her climb on top of me with her hot pussy and tight sweet ass in my face.

The scent of her snatch as she moves along my body. Lightly dragging her clit over my face as she moves in place to take hold of my cock which is by now rock hard veins bulging. The scent of her snatch and her cum dripping down her thigh towards me. I run my tongue along her thigh tasting her cum.

“Oh baby you taste so good” I tell her as I start to lightly run my fingers along her thigh.

Running my finger through her cum and touching my lips and tongue. I never felt this way before and never thought I would ever be with a woman this beautiful this sexy. She was wanting as much as I was to cum. Her pussy was throbbing and dripping her juices flowing across my face. I grasp her ass checks firmly with my fingers because we both were ready to explode our juices into the other’s mouth.

“Oh Heather! Heather! I am fucking cumming Heather!” I yelled as loud as I could.

When I opened my eyes I was on a stretcher being placed in an ambulance. A beautiful dark haired woman smiled at me as she looked down to see my limp cock still in my hand with my cum all over it and my stomach. I smiled, wishing I had a shell to climb into. Before we stopped at the emergency room she slipped her phone number into my pocket and whispered softly into my ear.

“Call me.”

I could not stop smiling as they carried me into the hospital.

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