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The dark continuation of my first story…


After the forceful climax, my heart felt as though it were beating from my chest. My breath was labored and my skin tingled with excitement. Christian’s eyes met mine and I noticed he too was breathing hard. He kissed me hard as though he were breathing life back into my limp body. His weight was still pinning me to the bed and I felt helpless and weak underneath his muscular frame. He removed himself from between my quivering legs and put on his robe. I used all my strength to pull myself up into a sitting position when I noticed it. Between my legs I felt a warm liquid flowing on to the burgundy sheets and I saw the bright red of my virginity stain them. The drugs were starting to wear off as the shock set in. Christian quickly covered me in my robe and lifted me from the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug my head into his warm chest. He smelled of salt and a faint wood scent I couldn’t identify. My golden curls were now dry and bounced as he carried me from the bedroom to a couch in the main cabin of the yacht. He gently lay me down on the soft couch and walked away. I could smell the crisp ocean air coming from the open hatch to the deck. I considered making a run for it again but knew I wouldn’t get far as we were probably miles into the ocean by now.

The rocking motion of the cabin was relaxing as I lay on the couch staring up at the open hatch. Christian soon returned to me with wash cloth in hand. He opened my robe and gently part my legs with his large hands. I was scared of what he might do next and tensed before he ran the cloth over my once virgin sex. He leaned in to kiss me but all I could see were his piercing blue eyes that were once stone now seemed less threatening. His lips met mine with a soft kiss and he covered me with a throw from the couch. My eyelids became heavy and the pain between my thighs dulled as everything slowly faded.


I watched my princess fall asleep before returning to bedroom. I pulled the burgundy silk sheets from the bed and threw them in a trash bin. After dressing, I returned to the top deck, pulled the anchor, and continued on my route as Amelie slept peacefully below. I recapped the kidnap in my head as I sailed onward. My timing was so perfect and I executed it flawlessly. No one would suspect Amelie was a missing person until it was too late. I hadn’t expected her to put up as much of a fight when I grabbed her in the ally, chloroformed her, and lay her in my van. Her tiny figure didn’t stand a chance though and I never once thought she would break free from my grasp. Still, it was impressive how she struggled and it only made me want her more. I was also surprised how the drugs made her so willing to let me inside of her.

My cock grew hard as I thought of how tight she was when I entered her virgin pussy and pierced her. The look of ecstasy on her face was priceless as she gripped my cock so tight with her pussy on climax. It was better than anything I had imagined all those months preparing. I knew she’d love the surprise I was about to present her. I was going to make her my wife, mother of my children, and most of all, my sex slave and there would be no one around to stop me. We’d have our own little piece of heaven far from civilization and she’d be mine forever.


When I awoke, the boat was stationary and I could hear the sound of seagulls outside the hatch door. I looked around nervously to see if Christian was still watching me. He wasn’t… I slowly crept from the couch to the ladder that lead to the deck. I held my breath with each step and my heart raced thinking he’d hear me and stop me at any moment. After several strategically planned steps, I climbed my way to the deck and peeked out to see if he was still up there. He wasn’t. I took a moment to adjust my eyes to what I assumed was the morning sun beating down on me before I hoisted myself silently on to the deck.

We were definitely docked on the shore somewhere but not home. I walked silently across the deck and my heart swelled when I saw a beautiful plantation house about 100 yards from shore covered by the dark woods. I knew if I ran fast enough, I might be able to get away from Christian and alert the inhabitants of the mansion to help me and I’d be free. I climbed down from the yacht and sprinted as fast as I could to the front door of the house. I turned to see if Christian was chasing me and he wasn’t but I continued on as though my life depended on it. My legs felt heavy and the house felt so far away. I thought the drugs had warn off but who knew what Christian did to me while I was sleeping. I felt dizzy but realized this was my fear and heavy breathing not drugs. I was 10 yards away now and ran barefoot up the sandy trail to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked so I screamed for help and pounded on the door with my fists. No answer. I thought maybe the inhabitants were out back so I ran around the large mansion to the back yard. Through the fountain and hibiscus. I could see no one sitting on the patio furniture of the enormous backyard. It seemed unreal… Maybe they were out but surely they had maids or someone else attending their home.

I briefly considered giving up and returning to the yacht when I noticed the french doors were just barely agape. I quickly opened them and locked them behind me before running into the home screaming for help. I ran up the large staircase and through the wide hall ways but no answer. It was then that I heard the front door open and I peered over the banister to see Christian walk through the front door. I panicked and ran into the master bedroom. I thought if I could hide in the walk in closet he wouldn’t see me in the clothes so I ran and hid. To my horror, when I turned on the light, there were my clothes hanging in the closet again. How was this possible? I must be still asleep and having a nightmare. I felt sick and backed away in disbelief before my footsteps were halted. I turned around to Christian’s angered expression and screamed before he pressed his hand tightly over my mouth. I smelt the same medicinal sweetness come from the rag as I had in the ally and my body went limp.


I felt betrayed. I thought she was softening up to me and falling in love but I knew this was all in my head. I should have stayed with her until she awoke so I could be the first to show her the mansion, our new home. I was just bringing the rest of her things in and didn’t think she’d attempt to run away so quickly. She needed to be taught a lesson in obedience. I couldn’t have her trying to run away all the time now could I? Even if we were the only ones on my private island, she had to know her place. She had to know who her Master was.

By now, I was beginning to perfect the dosage of drugs I needed to sedate her. She gave in so quickly that my work was simple. Lifting her over my shoulder, I lay her on to the four post king bed I had prepared for her. Her curls lay scattered on the pillow above her head and I ran my hands through them. She was so insanely beautiful that it hurt to do this… but it was for her own good. I pulled the robe from her limp body and kissed her soft neck before laying her on her stomach. I pulled the rope from the side table and quickly worked to tie her hands and legs spread tautly and fastened them to the posts. I stood at the end of the bed admiring my craftsmanship and the beauty of her pink juicy pussy spread wide open. It wasn’t her tight pussy I wanted though. No, to teach her a lesson, I’d have to stretch her tight virgin ass wide open instead.

My cock grew hard thinking of taking her in the ass with immense force and pressure. I’d make her bleed if I had to prove a point. I walked into the master bath and looked for the lube in the medicine cabinet. I grabbed a towel too and placed it under her abdomen and pussy to keep from making a mess. Her plump little ass spread perfectly as I exposed her pink sphincter. The tight little ring was reluctant to allow my finger entrance to apply lube but after massaging a little, it loosened enough for the tip of index finger to enter. I felt her tight ring pulse as I slowly pushed forward applying lube to the inner walls of her rectum. Her warm tight hole would be stretched to its max when I stick my huge cock inside it. My dick was so hard from just fingering her and it was time for the lesson to begin.


SMACK! I awoke abruptly to a hot burn on my ass and ropes cutting in to my wrists and ankles. I started to whimper and cry as I felt the contrasting coolness of something wet on my exposed anus. The tears rolled down my cheeks as fear came over me. I shouldn’t have tried to run away, I should have waited for Christian to come back, what was I thinking? I kept imagining the cold angry eyes that I saw right before he sedated me again. He was angry and I knew there would be a price to pay. I muffled my cries when I felt him hop on the bed next to me. He ran his hands through my hair and then pulled my head up to see his face.

“Why did you run away when we were having so much fun Amelie? I thought you trusted me but now I can see you’re a disobedient bitch that needs taught a lesson.”

The tears were uncontrollable now and I was terrified of what was going to happen next. He leaned in and licked the tears from my cheek before whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry love, this will all be over soon. Just remember, you brought this on yourself.”

Christian then moved behind me, in between my legs. I felt his huge member as he stroked it between my ass cheeks. It was slippery and eager for insertion. I trembled and cried, “No please, I’ll be good, I’m sorry!” but it was no use. He took a fist of my hair and jerked my head back to whisper, “The more you cry, the harder I’m going to fuck you so keep on love.”

With that, he positioned the tip of his large cock at my tiny sphincter and began to push the head in. I felt like he was going to rip my rectum open but the lubricant helped him ease the huge head in. I felt my ass stretch to adjust to the girth of his dick and prayed he’d stop but he didn’t. Slowly, he eased his fat cock deep into my tight rectum. I screamed and felt him push harder. I thought it was over but he was only half way in and had far to go.

“Please, Christian, I love you, don’t hurt me, I’ll be a good girl.” I pleaded.

“You should have thought of that before you tried to run away princess.” and quickly, without warning, he put all he weight on my ass and thrust the last half of his thick member in to my reulctant asshole. I screamed and almost passed out from the pain it was unbearable. I could swear he was up to my abdomen he was so deep inside me. He held his cock there for a few minutes and with each passing second, I felt my body relax and adjust to his girth. He reached around with one hand to rub my swollen clit and used his other hand to run my nipple through his finger tips gently. The combination made me relax as the pain became ecstasy.

I heard a vibration noise as Christian flicked the switch of a bullet massager and inserted it into my now moist pussy. I almost came as the waves of vibration and the pressure of his dick were too much to bear. My sphincter had now loosened enough that he could pull out and thrust back in. The pound of his dick deep in my rectum triggered a semi-orgasmic feeling . He knew I was beginning to enjoy it so he continued to pump me first gently and then slowly gain momentum adding more and more pressure. Anal sex felt more stimulating than anything I had experienced before, even better than when Christian took my virginity. How could this be punishment when it felt so good?


I was surprised Amelie’s virgin asshole adjusted to the girth of my huge dick so quickly. I could tell my “punishment” had backfired but I was enjoying her tight rectum too much to care. For added discipline, I spanked her ass with every thrust deeper into her ass. I thought I might explode she felt so good. Her tight little sphincter pulsed around my dick keeping me inside her. I thought she might pinch my dick off she was so tight. Her soft breasts were the perfect grips as I rubbed her nipples. My bullet in her cunt was doing its magic as her juices overflowed from her pussy on to the towel and her clit swelled into a large pink button for me to push for an extra spasm of her ass.

I rode her relentlessly thrusting harder and harder until she cried for me to release her. My balls hit her pussy I was so deep inside her with every penetration. I wanted to release my hot load deep in her ass but she’d have to come first and squeeze that sphincter around my cock. The pressure was building and I spanked her harder. I made her tell me she was my obedient slut and would never pull that shit again. She cried out , “Yes master!” and I turned the vibrating bullet up to full speed and felt her orgasm roll from her center , down her rectum, through my long shaft, and right the sweet spot. Her sphincter squeezed my dick so hard I exploded. Her orgasm set off a chain reaction that emptied the contents of my balls deep inside her as I grasped her hair and arched her back. I felt the last few spasms of release and collapsed on top of her, squeezing her close to my chest.


Once again, his weight pinned me to the bed but I didn’t mind, I was in heaven from the powerful orgasm that had just erupted from me. Christian reached to the nightstand again and returned with a large black butt plug and knife. He pressed the cold blade against my back and I lay as still as possible. He leaned in to my ear and said softly, “You’re mine, and no matter how hard you cry, no one will hear you Amelie.” Just then he moved the knife to the ropes on my wrist and cut them free. He then lifted me back in to his arms and kissed my sore wrists gently. He reached for the butt plug and slowly pulled his penis from my anus and replaced it with the plug. “I want you to keep a piece of me inside you Amelie.” Then he massaged my tender breasts and removed the bullet from my pussy.

Pulling out the bullet, a rush of juices followed and collected on the towel below me. I was delirious and shaking in his arms like when we had showered last night. He cut my ankles free and once again lifted me into his strong arms, walking me to the bathroom. There he removed the plug and lay me in a large tub. The hot water felt good on my wrists, ankles, and abused ass. He took a sponge out of the basket next to the tub and washed me gently. The same stone cold eyes had now become the soft blue seas I once recognized. I reached my hand to his tousled chestnut hair and ran my fingers through it. He closed his eyes and leaned in to my hand then kissed my wrist. “I didn’t want to hurt you Amelie, I just wanted to teach you a lesson. You mean the world to me and I can’t lose you.”

I sat up and looked into his blue eyes, embracing the moment, before I kissed him. “I love you Christian, I promise I’ll be obedient from now on.” He moved his large hands to the back of my head and pushed my lips harder in to his. We embraced one another until the water became cold and he lifted me from the bath and lay me in the large king bed where we slept naked in each others arms.

To be continued…

This is the second of my 12 Days of Christmas Improv audios. They don’t have anything to do with Christmas but I set a goal of doing an audio a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Failed miserably but since many really good improvs came out of the attempt I am calling it a win :)

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This is the eighth of my 12 Days of Christmas Improv audios. They don’t have anything to do with Christmas but I set a goal of doing an audio a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Failed miserably but since many really good improvs came out of the attempt I am calling it a win :)

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To say I was scared would be highly inaccurate. My heart was in my mouth and that familiar pain from a strained gulp had me rendered speechless. I sat there with my mouth half-open, just staring at him as he stood leaning against the door-frame. He showed no sign of either anger or shock. His was a look of intense interest and he seemed distant, not making eye contact but rather staring at Ravi’s crotch. As I slowly started to come to my senses, I realized that I still had my hand on Ravi’s dick, pinching the head and I was still too shocked to let go of it.

Ravi, lying down and staring at the ceiling and still coming to terms with his good luck, was oblivious to Jithin’s presence in the room. As I’d stopped, he heaved his groin up to get my hand back to work again. Jithin slowly approached the bed at stopped at the edge, next to my chair. Without a word, he reached for Ravi’s balls and squeezed them. ‘Fuck!!’ Ravi screamed, sitting up. The moment he saw Jithin, his eyes went blank and stared into what he might have thought was a certain death. For a moment, he forgot the intense pain in his groin as Jithin held a semi-firm grip on his nuts.

Letting go, Jithin caught him by the neck and held him there. He turned to look at me and just stared right into my eyes, gauging the fear. ‘Strip and get on your back!’ he said, not raising his voice but stern enough to make me obey without a thought. I stood up and pulled my top off, followed by my jeans and underwear. I don’t usually wear a bra as I love the looks I get from men when I walk or bend over to get something. I stood there, completely naked as Jithin looked me up and down. His eyes stopped at my shaven crotch. Just then I looked at Ravi, who’s throat was still firmly within Jithin’s grip. He too was surveying my body and I noticed that his little pecker was hard again.

I got onto the bed next to Ravi and lay down on my back, my legs slightly spread. ‘Stay where you are!’ he snapped at me as he pulled Ravi up by the neck, prompting him to get off the bed and on his feet. He looked down and noticed Ravi’s hard-on and pushed him into the chair. He then swiveled the chair to face me and said ‘you take your eyes off her and I’ll cut your balls off!’ I was starting to get wet again, knowing that I was naked in front of two guys and spread my legs further when Jithin ordered me to. There I was, lying completely exposed to them.

Jithin undid his zipper and belt buckle and pulled his fat cock out as he walked towards the bed. Evidently, this had turned him on as well as his cock was the hardest I’d seen it in a long time. The head covered more than half the palm of my hand as I reached out to it, wanting to suck on it. Slapping my hand away, he got between my legs and rubbed the head along my crack, wetting it in my juices. My hips buckled gyrated in anticipation, wanting him to put it in me already. His own urges were too strong to control and he placed the head at the opening, pushing it in just a little more than an inch.

‘Well that’s how much you’d get if you fucked this prick!’ he stated, turning round to check if Ravi was still following his orders. Ravi’s eyes were glued to Jithin’s thick pole dangling between his legs. But as intimidated as he might have been, his little cock was erect as ever. Unable to bear the teasing, I raised my hips, trying to get in as much of Jithin’s cock as I could. That want to be filled was over powering me and I reached for his hips, pulling him all the way into me. I could feel his cock hitting my cervix, stretching me to my most pleasurable maximums. The ridge of the head scraping against my inner walls, and the tickle of his balls as they slapped against my ass and touched my asshole was all too much to handle. I could feel my orgasm building rapidly and before long wave after wave of pleasure enveloped me, making my toes curl and my head to shoot back. My pussy milked his cock as it continued to plow into me.

Jithin pulled out of me and got up, walking out of the room. He returned minutes later with a bottle of cold water. His huge cock bounced with each step he took towards the bed. Handing it over to me he went up to Ravi who sat still, staring at my breasts. ‘I’ve got some work for you’, Jithin said to him, smiling. As I was drinking, he snatched the bottle away from me and got onto the bed, lying down next to me, his cock lying flat on his belly. Without a word, I got up and sat on his crotch, placing the head of his cock at the opening before settling down. I leaned forward and started to rock my hips, grinding them into his crotch. He held my ass cheeks in both and spread them, making sure Ravi got a good view.

‘Come over here and lick her here! Jithin said as I heard Ravi shifting in his chair to get up. A few seconds later, I could feel a wet tongue trace the line of my ass crack. Although he spent a lot of time licking that area, he hesitated to let his tongue touch my asshole. I could feel another orgasm building up and started to pump harder on Jithin’s cock as he lay there, his hands still spreading and kneading my ass cheeks. Jus before it hit, I raised my ass slightly, enough for my puckered asshole to make contact with Ravi’s warm and wet tongue and moments later I was seeing stars. As my orgasm gripped me, I fell onto Jithin’s chest, my ass now even higher, grinding against Ravi’s tongue. I continued lying there long after it had subsided.

Ravi was still kneeling behind my ass, probably still staring at my twitching asshole. Jithin’s hard cock was still in me when he looked at Ravi and ordered him to go get some lube. I wasn’t sure what Jithin had in mind but it sure was getting me into the mood all over again. ‘Vaseline is all I have’, Ravi said as he came back into the room. ‘Take a large scoop and spread it on her asshole’, he said and I squirmed in both anticipation and fear as I knew what was coming next. Jithin and I had never successfully had anal sex all thanks to the size of his engorged member. Not that I’m complaining but since Jithin had been my first and last, I was still technically an anal virgin.

The feeling of warm Vaseline being spread liberally all over my ass crack was quite pleasing. Jithin turned my head and kissed me as Ravi continued to lube my ass, taking the opportunity to snake a finger into my ass. It felt great! We continued to kiss as I felt the small hard tip of Ravi’s cock poke into my puckered asshole. Relaxing it, I could feel it slowly making its way into me until I could feel the weight of his body on my back. I’ve never felt this filled up before but the feeling was exquisite. As Ravi started to pump into me, I ground my groin onto Jithin’s cock, syncing both the penetrations perfectly. Within seconds, I could feel Ravi tense up and soon after, his cock twitched in me. He pulled out and rolled over and I could feel a small amount of semen trickle out of my asshole.

Jithin pulled my up towards him and flipped me over. Getting between my legs, he drove into me violently, pushing me up towards the head board with each thrust. He dug his head into the side of my neck and grunted, before pumping warm loads of cum deep into me. The moment he was done, he got up and off the bed and stared at my bald pussy as I lay there spent with my legs spread wide. Thick loads on his cum oozed out of my pussy, mingling with Ravi’s. I felt cheap and used and I really liked it. He then looked at Ravi, still lying on his back and recovering. He walked over to the other side of the bed and gripping him by the back of his neck, pushed him towards me and between my legs. Pushing my knees further apart, he shoved his head into my messy crotch. ‘Lick her clean and don’t miss a drop!’ he snapped, shoving Ravi’s head into me even though he tried desperately to pull back, obviously repulsed at having to lick someone else’s semen.

Soon I could feel a compliant tongue lap at my folds, into my pussy and around my asshole. The sloppiness of his tongue got me fired up again and I reached for his head, pulling it into me as I ground my crotch up and down his face. I closed my eyes and continued until the final orgasm hit me, and breaking my silence, I screamed as I was overpowered by the intense waves of heat that flowed through me. Opening my eyes to look at Jithin, I noticed he was gone.

To be continued…

This message contains feedback for: Married But Curious


Your story was fucking hot. Sitting in my room thinking of you sucking my 10 inch cock. Im 21, 6 foot 3, hawaiian and black and scottish and filipino — all local kine mixed plate. Id love to feel your tongue lick all over my cock. Feel you rub my balls in your hand. Let me fuck your eager mouth, you loving the feeling. Email me back please. ;)


I’d love to have you sit on your bed (or maybe your couch) and put your hands on my shoulders and make me sink to my knees between your legs, then put your hand on the back of my neck and push my head towards your stiffening ten inch cock, and talk dirty to me while I wrap my lips around your cockhead and rub my tongue along the underside of your prick and down the shaft while you slowly push deeper inside my mouth, fucking my face while one hand strokes and caresses your hard shaft and the other gently squeezes and kneads your balls, my hands warm on your nutsack and my mouth hot and wet and taking your dick deeper, getting facefucked and loving it …


Text as soon as possible, please.


Not a good time. GF is being a bit hard to take tonight, talking about breaking up with me.


Dang im sorry. Can you at least tell me on this???


She put a bug on my computer shortly after we met two years ago to read any incoming emails from Craigslist I got. Fucking acting like she’s with the gotdamn NSA. Anyhow, horny as fuck — haven’t gotten any sex in over a week.


Damn. Hmm. Tell me the last encounter you had with a man? ;)


I wrote about that in my story “Fucked By A Stranger”.

The time before that encounter, which I’ve been mulling over whether to write about, I responded to a CL ad to meet up with a guy who had arranged for someone to be a cocksucker for a bunch of men, and was asking guys to join in on that. That sounded good to me, so I showed up. But, the guy who had said he was gonna do the cocksucking never showed, and the other guys who showed up left when they thought it wasn’t happening.

So we went up to his apartment to wait and see if the guy who had agreed to suck all those cocks would finally show, and he started talking dirty to me, whispering in my ear and touching my face and rubbing his finger across my lips and then sticking the tip of his finger inside my mouth, and his breath was all hot and steamy in my ear as he coaxed me with this sexy deep voice to get on my knees and suck his dick. So I did that, but then he seemed kind of tense and awkward, like he’d had this fantasy but didn’t think it would actually happen, like he really preferred women and was trying to pretend like it wasn’t a guy taking his dick, like it was really a chick because that would be straight and totally OK to brag to his buds about after, instead of having to feel kind of ashamed and dirty.

So anyway, I tried this trick I’d seen watching porn, where I rubbed his cockhead against the inside of my cheek and tapped on it from the outside with my hand, and he groaned and kinda growled and said that was amazingly hot,

and he had to shoot his load now, and almost immediately he spurted cum in my mouth.

I asked him to reciprocate, but he said fuck no, he was straight and didn’t do that, and so I left and went home and jacked off thinking of how it felt to turn on a guy so much.


Damn thats so hot. Tell me how ud deepthroat my cock and let me fuck that tight throat


We’d be standing up by your bed, fully clothed, with you standing behind me and squeezing my ass and kissing the back of my neck, sending shivers up my spine. Then you’d grab the back of my neck and turn me around and push down, forcing me to my knees, while you sat on the bed and opened your thighs. I’d kneel between your legs, and then you’d apply pressure to my head, forcing it down towards your cock, softly murmuring for me to part my lips for your cockhead. Your dick would start to slide between my lips while you called me your dirty slut and tugged on my hair,

starting to ease your shaft inside my lips while my tongue licked the underside of your cockhead.

What would you do then?


Id moan in great pleasure…id say” take it slow for now..” as I thrust my big cock in and out your mouth…then I grab your hair and say” look

at me while I fuck this slutty mouth” ;) as I thrust deep in your throat making you gag. Your eyes tear up but I can tell this is where my cock belongs, in your whore mouth. I say “stroke my cock and tell me how much you love cock, slut.”


Your cock is so big, bucking deeper and deeper into my throat, as I gag and think I can’t take it, can’t take the cockhead jamming at the back entrance of my throat, and I look up pleading at you to slow down but I can’t say anything because of your shaft shoving harder and harder with each thrust, filling my mouth with your rubbery meat, feeling helpless and defenseless but also thrilled at you grabbing my longish brown hair and thrusting and groaning and using my mouth for your selfish pleasure, and I see your eyes filled with lust. You finally get your cock all the way inside my relaxed throat, your balls slapping against my chin and your musky pubic hair tickling and scratching my nose. I push back a bit against the front of your thighs, easing your shaft out until just the dick head is between my lips, then I grasp your long cock at the base with one hand and cup and gently knead your balls with the other and rapidly bob my head so just your cockhead is slithering between my lips and then pulling out so just the tip is resting on my tongue on the backstroke, my lips and tongue playing and licking and sucking on the sensitive skin on the underside and the rim of the head, and I can tell you’re close to cumming, to filling my mouth with hot spurts, but maybe you have something else in mind, and you know you can use me however you please …


Mmmm and how would you want me to use you? ;)


Reach behind as you thrust into my mouth and start fingering my hole, rubbing it with lube …


Sorry took so long to get back to you, my phone broke had to get a new one.

and mmm such a good slut huh? You want me to fuck that tight ass dont you?

as I start to thrust into your mouth super hard and fast as u continue to finger that tight hole and you looking into my eyes as you tear up from my fat cock punishing your throat ;)


You feel like talking on the phone? My GF took off for Los Angeles and might not be coming back, and I feel like venting a bit with someone who would lend a sympathetic ear. If you’re up for it, give me your cell phone number and your time zone and tell me what would be a good time frame to call you.

Or if you’d rather just do dirty chat, we can continue carrying on this … conversation … over email. ;D

I’m a bit afraid of letting you fuck my virgin ass — I’ve never had anything in there, and that would be crossing this line where I couldn’t possibly deny any more that I was acting like some sort of faggot cum slut, taking a dick inside my tight hole on a first * date *. And your cock is so thick and long I’m afraid it’ll hurt real bad.

But it feels so good to hear you talking dirty to me while I’m kneeling at the foot of your bed between your outspread legs, one hand gripping the base of your cock shaft while you shove your dick head between my lips and deeper and deeper down my throat, the other hand kneading your balls, all heavy and full of cum, and you’re grunting and moaning as you fuck my face, tears running down my cheeks from the punishment I’m taking and from feeling a bit humiliated and dirty and slutty and wrong, but wrong in a good way, looking up into your lustful eyes and taking your shaft, letting you use my mouth to arouse your lust …

You’re reaching behind me, and you tell me to be a good little bitch and spread my legs open a bit wider, and I reluctantly give in to your order, and aaaaaahhh your lube coated finger is touching and circling my hole and my god it feels good. I wiggle my ass in encouragement, feeling like a total whore.

You order me to stand up. I do so, and you step behind me and I look over my shoulder. You’re rubbing lube all over your long brown cock, stroking your hard shaft, then you growl, “Bend over, bitch!” I hesitate, not sure if I want to obey, but you grab my long hair and roughly shove me forward, forcing me to sprawl bent over the bed. You thrust down with the palm of your hand between my shoulder blades, pinning me to the bed, and pry my thighs wider apart with your knees, and I feel so helpless and vulnerable.

I try to squirm away and stand up, but you shove down harder and slap my face hard with your spare hand and say, “Your ass is mine, bitch. Quit struggling or I’ll fuck you rough and have to hurt. Do you want me to be gentle instead?” Then you slap my ass cheek even harder, muttering, “Take it. Take it, slut.” Your hand is now pushing between my ass cheeks, roughly invading me …

I look over my shoulder again, tears running down my cheek, afraid and humiliated, feeling a bit like I’m being violated and even raped, but my body betrays me, my skin feeling hot and flushed, my heart pounding, my nerves tingling, my puckered tight hole clenching with pleasure as your slick coated finger rubs and pushes more gently and then slides up and down my asscrack, and try as I do to stop it, a moan of pleasure escapes my lips.

I give up. It’s gonna happen. I WANT it to happen, even though a little part of me is still saying no.

I nod my head in submission, locking my eyes on yours. “Be gentle. Please. Your cock is so big, please be gentle, don’t hurt me.”

You grin and reach for your bottle of lube, and squirt more between my butt cheeks while your hand rubs and slithers around, your fingers rubbing my crack and my slutty boypussy hole and one of them is pushing for entry, and it feels so good that I arch my back in pleasure, and you grab my hair and pull hard, yanking my head back while your finger shoves forward trying to break through my tight hole …


God your such a good little cum slut arent you? Idc if your not gonna like it at first. Im gonna fuck you so hard your gonna beg me everyday for some of my thick cock! Its gonna hurt at first , but then your gonna crave for the feeling of cock in this tight little asshole! I shove two fingers inside your ass then slap it hard and pull your hair back making you arc your neck. I shove my huge cock inside of you.”god damn bitch your so tight!” I slide all 10 inches in your ass making you scream and tear up. I cover your mouth and say , “talk dirty to me bitch. Tell me how much you love it, crave it, and describe how it feels. Call me daddy, master, everything you can think of.”

oh, and text me. Im in oregon at (number redacted)


(switches to text messaging)

Hey daddy, it’s your cum slut from Literotica ;D


Mmm. Good. Continue the scene. Your turn. Here’s a pic of my cock that will be fucking you.


Your rough hand over my mouth muffles my grunts of pain as you grab my shoulders and your cock bucks and thrusts and breaks through my assring, and you keep sliding and jamming your shaft until you’re buried balls deep in me and i’m crying from the pain and the betrayal, you said you’d be gentle, you fucking lied goddammit, and i try to say please stop but your hand muffles my protest, and i’m helpless, pinned face down on the bed while you slowly slide almost out of my burning hole then push and thrust and grunt as you fuck my tight ass with a second thrust all the way back in, deep dicking me with all hard ten inches and i feel like i’m gonna split open moaning into your hand to please stop daddy no i can’t take it


“Shut up bitch! You love my cock admit it! now be a good slut and lube my cock with your mouth and deepthroat it balls deep so i can fuck your ass good”


You take your hand off my mouth and slap my ass. I gasp for breath. “No, master, that’s too dirty. Please no. Don’t do that. You can lube me up and fuck me like the whore I am, and I’ll be a good little slut and wiggle my ass for you and make it feel sooo good. Just fuck me hard, shove that dick in and out, and I’ll take it deep daddy.”

Your dickhead is poised just inside my throbbing hole, and in desperation i reach behind me and grab your hard buttocks and try to shove you back inside, anything but taking your dirty nasty cock in my mouth … “Please fuck my little tight pussy, daddy. Please.”


“Mmm for now. But after you love this cock in your ass your gonna taste it. Whether you like it or not, slut! Your gonna be my little dirty slut and service your master with whatever he wants!”

I begin to thrust all of me in and out your ass. I spread your ass cheeks and look at my super thick cock stretching your tight ass hole. “Mmm, fuck, what a good little whore.”


I reach forward and grab the head of the bed and start squirming and crawling forward, taking you by surprise as your dick pops out of my ass. I feel a cool rush of air on my suddenly exposed hole. I lay almost flat on my belly, propped up a bit on my elbows, and spread my legs wide apart and you a smouldering look over my shoulder as i reach back with one hand, slowly pulling a open to expose my throbbing burning hole even more.

“Now, daddy. I’m ready. Fuck me as hard as you want. Pull my hair, shove your cock all the way inside. Give me your cum, daddy. Shoot your load deep in my ass.”

I grab the head of the bed to brace myself for your thrusts, still watching your hard gleaming dark eyes as you crawl between my legs and grab my hair and yank it and slide your cock between my cheeks and then the rubbery tip is at hole and the pressure starts building as you lean your weight into it. I bend my legs at my knees, putting my feet in the air for easier access and lifting my hips up, fucking myself with your thrusting cock as it pops inside and you let go of my hip and grab one of my proferred feet in the air and use it for leverage as you start to fuck the hell out of me, slamming your dick inside my hole as I clench and release the ring for your pleasure and thrust my hips up to meet your cock ramming down inside me, your hips slapping against my ass and the slick shaft making that “fck fck fck” sound as it wetly pistons back and forth into my bucking, receptive ass…

Chapter 3 — Slippery Slope.

I didn’t spend my entire college career waking up with strange women, still drunk from the night before and covered in bodily fluids. OK, so I did a lot of that, but I did hold down a steady relationship for two years with a pretty little thing named Gina. It will be a long time before I run out of stories about this girl.

Gina was dark and sexy with a full body of luscious delights. She had this strange ability to be cute as a button no matter what she was doing. Her smile was a weapon; you couldn’t resist it. Her teeth were big and perfect and her lips seemed like they could no longer contain them as she beamed her giant smile at you. She was dark of eye and hair, the latter semi long and flowing, the scent of tea roses never absent. Her figure was on the verge of voluptuous, a term she hated but that fits her perfectly. Perhaps she was an inch or two wide at the hips, but with a thin, high waist and full young breasts her figure was a lovely hourglass.

She was a good girl when I got my hands on her, but she was looking for the flimsiest of excuses to get out of that business. A girl who proclaims she is saving her virginity for marriage while she is rubbing the head of your cock against her clit is lying, my friends. She had a lot of fun being horrified at the things I asked her to do, but she put very little effort into resisting them.

After a while our sexual relationship became a little stale as we reached a point where we were a bit timid in really asking for what we wanted. We decided to try something we called “being in charge,” which was a date where one of us was to follow the other’s requests without fear of hurt feelings or unfulfilled desires. I don’t think it was really a dominance and submission thing, just a more one-way affair where one person got to be the center of attention for the night.

I went first to get the ball rolling, and that night was fairly successful. We didn’t do anything shocking or revolutionary but it gave us both a certain comfort level to be a little bit selfish and really express what we wanted. Gina’s first night involved a set of instructions on cards and contained a not-so-secret message for her final command.

My second night in charge was almost a failure. I think in the end it turned out well, but I sure wouldn’t have predicted it that way. I had some ideas and plans but an unfortunate series of events including tests, forgotten homework, detailed labs, a group project and an emergency trip home (a two hour drive each way on a Tuesday night) to say good bye to my 15 year old dog Lucky pretty well torpedoed my creativity and libido. By Thursday evening, our normal play time, I was a burned out shell of a man. Gina arrived at my door glowing with anticipation and eager to get to it, but I just didn’t have it in me.

She knew many of my reasons for being so wrung out but I hadn’t shared the loss of the family pet. I’m a big tough guy, you know? I was a walk-on to the football team for a season (well, the practice squad anyway) until my knees gave out. I’m a powerful slab of man meat, damn it! I’m not supposed to cry when my dog gets put down, right? Well, I went and lost it.

Crying in my girlfriend’s arms isn’t sexy, I know. Sorry. I’ll skip past half an hour of touchy feely crap, but I will mention that in terms of non-sexual intimacy it was a pretty powerful moment that served to bring us closer together. Eventually she brought the conversation back to our original intent for the evening.

“So what can I do for you? I’ll understand if you just want to walk me home. It’s your night so you get what you want.” Gina had an uncanny ability to shine at nearly anything. She could be the cutest of cute, the raunchiest of raunchy, the coyest of coy — you name it. As I lay in her arms and she looked down at me with her deep brown eyes I felt positively covered in love.

“Oh no, I need you here.” I ran my fingers through the dangling threads of her soft brown hair.

“Then you need to come up with some orders, sir.”

“All right. Tell you what; I want a massage. Full body, slow and relaxing, gentle and calm. Is that OK?”

“Baby it’s your night! Of course that’s OK. Can it be naked?” That twinkle in her eye was irrepressible.

“You better believe it.”

In a flash we were both naked and I went belly down on my enormous throw pillow on the floor. The thing was four feet to an edge and more of a piece of furniture than a pillow. And it was perfect for all kinds of shenanigans. Gina fished the big bottle of massage oil out of my desk and popped it open as she settled down to sit on my butt. She poured a bunch of it out on my back and went to work.

It was nice. I can’t tell you how much that helped my state of mind. Her slippery hands roamed my back, pressing the knots out and shooing the stress away. I was in heaven as she worked my back slow and gentle. And she did a very nice job; she took her time and she was very thorough, rubbing my legs, calves, feet, arms, hands, etc. I was actually enjoying it so much I started to drift away into glorious sleep.

She didn’t take kindly to that.

Had I been a few minutes further on I might not have noticed that she wasn’t using her hands anymore. I perked up when I recognized her heavy breasts sliding over my back. That didn’t last long and in moments she was lying on me and sloshing around, pressing her fun bags into me and whispering into my ear.

“Time for the other side.” Oh hell yes! I flipped over and punched up the pillow to prop me up a little, then settled down for the show.

Gina got back down on top of me, straddling me across my thighs. She dumped another load of slippery oil on my chest and belly and then got to work. That lasted a far shorter time than the backrub, since we weren’t alone for long. Big Jim quickly rose to the occasion, since every time she bent over to reach my upper chest she rubbed into him. That and the view of her lovely, heavy tits dangling over me were quite enough to produce a rigid boner right quick.

I groaned when her slippery hands wrapped around my shaft. This was going to be a good one. I’ve never been a fan of hand jobs but I had a feeling this one would go above and beyond.

She scooted up a bit until her bush was just at the base of my cock so it almost looked like it was hers and she was jacking herself off. I hate to say it but it was pretty hot.

“So this is what I would look like with a penis.” She stroked it absently, examining more than exercising it.

“I don’t think I could date you if you had one of your own.”

“No? You wouldn’t suck my cock, baby?” The lurid sneer on her face was just plain nasty. “I bet you would. If I had a big dick like this you’d beg me to suck it.”

“No way, baby. I love that pussy too much.”

“Well what if I had both? What if I had a big dick and my tight little pussy and they were both yours?”

“Then I guess we’d be having very, very weird sex right now.”

“I think I’d like watching you suck me.” Remember this conversation for later, in case you read further installments of the In Charge series.

She let the hermaphrodite musings behind and got back to work. She started rocking her hips and grinding her clit against the base of my cock in time with her jacking hand. That was nice and sexy. What had started as a slow, relaxing massage had quickly turned much more active. I was glad I hadn’t drifted off.

I grabbed for the bottle of oil and handed it to her.

“Get those big titties all lubed up and jack me off with them. I want to see my dick slide between your tits.”

“Yes, master!” She said it with breathless enthusiasm like she always did, like a lusty Jeannie from that old TV show. Damn, I should have gotten her to wear an outfit like that for Halloween. Ah, well…hindsight is 20/20.

Gina squirted the slippery stuff all over her D-cups and smeared them around in a hell of a show. Her breasts are full and plump, not so big as to be cumbersome or distracting, but damn near perfect for whatever you want. She’s got enough to smother me in an avalanche of boob, enough to keep my hands busy without heavy lifting, and the perfect amount of space in between for some slip and slide. Her areolas are smallish and her nipples dark and hard most of the time. She loves gentle stimulation and languid tongue strokes on them almost as much as she likes a bit of teeth or a hard pinch.

Regrettably, the pillow was the wrong place for a titty fuck. She bent over and tried to obey my commands but the position was troublesome. She got down on her front and sort of mauled my cock a bit, pushing it around with her breasts but not really getting the job done.

“That’s not working. Lets try the chair.” She got off me and I rose, then dropped into the comfy chair. That was much better, though I almost slid right out of it due to all the oil. She sat down on the floor in front of me and lifted her luscious tits to my lap, then wrapped my big dick in soft, slippery flesh.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the only thing better than the feel of that girl is the sight of her. She pushed her plump, heavy breasts together and engulfed me, then started moving them up and down, caressing my dick and sending me to heaven. The whole time her lovely, angelic face smiled up at me. She could always find that perfect balance between cherubic glee and naughty leer.

I will take a moment at this point for a public service announcement: always use edible massage oil. I didn’t have the stuff back then and I wish I did because that tit job would have been even better if she would have used her mouth. Alas, the stuff I had was fairly nasty on the tongue if not downright poisonous. Don’t make my mistake.

Now…Oh yeah, the slippery boob job. She made an event out of it. She would let my cock languish in a delicate, relaxing press of her warm flesh for a while, then change pace for an energetic bouncy titty fuck for a bit, then slip back into the slow and low. It was glorious. After maybe twenty minutes she dropped her breasts and recoated my cock with oil, then gave me a very strong double hand job that brought me right to the edge. There she paused.

“Are you ready to cum for me baby? I need some orders.”

“Get up and turn around. I need that pussy right now.” I was always amazed that her wide, lovely smile could go wider. She hopped up and turned around, pushing her full, soft derriere at me. I took her by the hips and guided her down while she reached between her legs and pointed me straight up. I slid in without a hint of resistance. She was pretty slippery herself, but with all that oil on me I was seriously lubricated.

“Go as fast as you can, baby. I can’t hold back.”

She rocked forward and back, grinding her pussy on me and wrenching my cock around by the base in just the way she knew would get me off fast. I can hold back an orgasm pretty easily with a straight in-and-out or if I am on top, but when I was buried all the way inside her and she started grinding…I was a gonner.

In moments I gripped her hips and held her down, my cum flowing out of me as I convulsed. She had to hold on the chair arms to keep from toppling as my orgasm roared through me. I didn’t think that pussy could get any sloppier, but as I filled it up I discovered it could. I was deliriously happy and I deflated into the chair as the last of it left me. You couldn’t get that smile off my face with a crowbar.

Gina didn’t stop gyrating, though. In fact she sped up, putting a bit more hip into her motions.

“I want another,” she said, throwing a lecherous glance over her shoulder. I desperately wanted to see her hop off me and slurp up the mess she made but the oil wouldn’t allow that. Still, I was happy with another round. My second orgasm is usually tougher to conjure than the first but I was down for the challenge and Gina was a wizard with my cock.

“Then you go get it, baby.” I had very little work to do. I just sat back and watched her work. My body always seems to go slack after I cum and it took a few minutes before it came back online, but before long I was in the groove. I entertained myself with handfuls of her slippery tits while she worked.

After a while I started to tense up with a sequel. She had been paying close attention to my body and she recognized the signs.

“Did you make another one for me?” she asked.

“Special delivery in about one minute,” I announced.

“I’ve got a special place for this one.” Holy shit, I loved that girl.

She pushed herself up off my dick and moved it back just a bit, then slick as a whistle she dropped herself on my cock again. I was balls deep in her back door in a flash, no preamble, no gradual insertion — nothing. Boom! Dick in ass. Gina grunted a little as she landed, then went right back into her gyrations as if nothing had changed.

I moaned like a beached whale as another lightning bolt flew out of me, splattering her insides again. She rode me like she had before, her ass clenched tight around the base of my cock, milking it hard. My eyes rolled back up in my head and I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. My body was twitching and jerking in ecstasy, even after the last drops were out of me.

When again I collapsed, she still didn’t stop. Instead of the grinding she switched to long strokes, letting me slip almost all the way out before dropping back down to engulf me again. She did it several times, slow and gentle on the upstroke and fast and hard on the down. After a few minutes she had to stop because my well-used erection was giving way. She finally let me slither out of her back door when she stood up and turned around. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at me with a glow of triumph and superiority, almost gloatingly pleased with herself. She was naked, gorgeous, shimmering with oil, gleaming with happiness, and dripping semen from both holes.

“I am the best girlfriend ever.”

“You were that half an hour ago. Now you are…legendary.”

“Are you going to write epic poems and stories about me?”

“You know, I just might.”

Jeremy leaned in towards me slowly now, his large masculine hand on the back of my head just edging me closer. I was anxious, flustered just knowing what was about to happen. Closer and closer we came until I could take it no more and threw my lips towards his, they collided. His delicate lips coupled with that furry moustache now tickling my upper lip. We held that pose for what felt like a lifetime, until his lips spread apart and his tongue emerged, it pressed itself against my lips soaking them with his saliva. I parted mine to allow access, just enough space for it to wiggle through, only to block it with my own. Our tongues were dancing round each other, like there was a rhythm to it. They held up close then parted then hugged in close again, all happening inside my mouth.

I started leaning back onto the bed, lifting dear Jeremy on with me. He was on top of me now, firmly pressed against my body, his hands were on the move feeling down me while mine were still firmly grasped around his back. I moaned when he slipped his hands under my shirt and I felt him smile, his lips firmly pressed to mine. He sat up to lift off his shirt, and I did the same. In a moment of pure passion I took Jeremy and rolled him onto the bed, pressing against his body with my rippling muscles. I put my hand on his cheek and he looked me right in the eye as he spoke “Oh Klaus, it’s not like you to take control like this.” I blushed as he told me this, it’s true I thought but this just seemed right and I started to run my hand up Jeremy’s leg.

Jeremy soon followed suit moving his hands to his belt to take it off. I slid down his body stopping on the way to feel his rock hard nipple against my face, I approached his crotch as he was down to his boxers, and I could see some bulge, pulsing through his pants. I teased it through his boxers and saw it move and respond to my touch. I slid down his boxers to reveal the mass of cock that lay underneath, as soon as they were lowered it shot up in front of me, just inches from my face now. I put my hand around it, it was warm to my touch. I blew against his balls, taking it all in, as I slowly stroked the magnificent beast. I looked up and over to see Jeremy looking down on me, my eyes were fixed on him as I hovered over with my mouth open. His balls were firmly in my hand now, his penis wriggling at the excitement of what I was about to do. I gently licked up the tip to then wrap my mouth around his dick. It was Jeremy’s turn to moan now, with every stroke, every suck I did, his breath became heavier and heavier. I was pumping up and down in gentle rhythm with my hand and mouth together. I could feel something coming, as Jeremy was getting more and more excited. I moved my face away and began pumping furiously now. “MY LORD KLAUS!!” he yelled as I licked up the side to finish. As he moaned cum came shooting past my ear, and more of it was gushing out and down my hand. I wasn’t ready to sample it quite yet.

I rose from my crouched position and crawled over him like a tiger. Jeremy was catching his breath now when he looked at my face he realised “oh yes it’s your turn now isn’t it?” My Penis had been rock hard since we started, it somehow got even harder knowing he was about to start on me. I whipped my trousers off and crawled up to meet him face to face. My cock fitted nicely and rubbed up against his. I wanted to do more than suck him off, I wanted to fuck him. As if reading my mind Jeremy smiled at me and instructed “get ze oil Klaus”.

I went straight for the bedside cabinet where I knew it would be, I took the bottle in my hand and saw Jeremy on his knees, pointing his perfectly rounded ass right at me. He fingered his tight butthole to show me what to do. I oiled up my hands and moved up close to him. I reached out and grabbed his magnificent cheeks for a squeeze. He was so firm. I rubbed his asshole lightly, just pasting the oil on him. I then stuck just one finger in, it tightened immediately around my finger, I had to poke and prod at it to fit anything else in. Little by little I fit more fingers in, more of my hand, until I had all five fingers in there. At this point I knew it was ready.

I rose up to my knees and slowly moved towards his crack. The second my penis touched that beautiful hole I couldn’t contain my excitement. I slid it in, just a little, enough to feel the inside. It tightened around me, it was the greatest thing I ever felt, I wanted more. I thrust it inside, deeper and deeper each time, until I was pounding my thighs against his buttocks. Jeremy was flinching each time but he was rubbing his own balls to, even after finishing he was still incredibly aroused by this. I put my hands on his legs for a better hold, so I could thrust faster and faster. YES the pressure was building I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I came, I came inside his ass, I squealed as more kept flooding out of me, there was more than enough lubrication to slide out. I was breathing so heavily now, It was the most relaxed sensation, all I wanted to do was lay in Jeremy’s arms and rest. Jeremy was just as exhausted, I don’t think he could’ve taken any more. So I rolled up in front of him and held him in my masculine arms. I moved up to his ear and whispered “thank you”. What else was there to say?

Why hadn’t she paid more attention?

Her father was right; she was irresponsible. She could never admit it to him; not now, and she certainly couldn’t go to him with this. Not this time.

Was she really a bad driver? How else to explain the second accident? It had been her fault. And after the first one her father had screamed at her for her lack of attention, her crappy driving skills, her irresponsibility. He had threatened to take the car away if it happened again. And then it had. She had been so scared, so terrified of losing the car and her freedom that she had panicked. Rick had come to her rescue, got the car fixed, helped her hide the damage and put up the money. She couldn’t go to her parents now.

No, she had made her deal, begged for his help, and he had delivered. And so she reached behind herself at his command, and spread her cheeks and held her breath, feeling the cold lube on his finger, feeling the pressure at the entry, felt herself opening. She gritted her teeth against the anticipated pain that didn’t arrive as his finger slipped into her ass. Her muscles reacted, her legs and back and especially her anal muscle, tightening and resisting. She took several deep breaths, forcing herself to relax, and failing. Her knot gripped his finger as he spread the lube inside her.

“Try and relax,” he coaxed, “or it will hurt. And it’s going to be a long night.” She breathed again, concentrating on the digit inside her ass, relaxing, feeling her muscle ease against the invading digit. Not painful. Uncomfortable, unusual, but it didn’t hurt. It began to move, slipping out and in, slowly, then came completely out. She sighed with relief, but it lasted only a moment. The finger returned, wetting the opening, the lube initially cold, then warming. The finger toyed at her ring, teasing the rubbery flesh, devoid of hair at his request.

Why didn’t she pay attention when she was driving?

She inhaled sharply as it re-entered her, wet and firm, and she felt a tingle in her pussy; against her will she felt the tiny pearl begin to stiffen and swell. She could do this; she had promised, foolishly. Anything, she’d said, anything if you help me. She’d never thought of what that might include. Her breathing eased, and she accepted her plight.

She was on her knees, naked and exposed, her pubic and anal hair removed, face and shoulders pressed into his bed helplessly, her hands shamefully pulling her cheeks apart. She knew his eyes were on the valley exposed lewdly between them, staring at her private hole as his finger slipped in and out. She heard his occasional groan as he admired her, and her body reacted to his admiration even as her mind resisted. He had rescued her from what she had thought would be an unacceptable outcome of her minor collision, and now he was holding her to her promise. Anything, she had told him. Anything, she had promised. Anything, she had begged.

The sensation changed then, tighter. She felt her loosened muscle clench reflexively against the entry; wider, full. A second finger, more lube. She breathed deeply, feeling the sheets against her warm face, head turned to the side. She tried to angle her vision, but couldn’t see him; then her eye caught the mirror over the dresser. An incomplete view, but she could see his upper body and head, and her raised ass, her hands holding herself open. A wave of humiliation swept her as she watched his face in profile in the mirror, his attention trained intently on her exposed butt as he pushed two fingers into her virgin asshole. Her face reddened and she groaned.

“Yes,” she heard him whisper, then more loudly, “it’s beautiful, and it feels so good, so hot. So tight.” One of his hands caressed hers, still holding her cheeks apart. “You feel it, too, don’t you. You feel my fingers in you.” He was whispering again, and his voice held a seduction that travelled from her ears to her anus, willing the muscle to relax, to accept. To embrace. Oh, no, she couldn’t. She couldn’t WANT this, couldn’t enjoy it. A drip of excess lube trailed wetly down her crack, joining the wetness seeping from her, and she felt herself move, shifting back against him. “Yes, that’s it, take it. Oh, your ass is so sweet, so hungry for me.”

She closed her eyes, concentrating on NOT wanting this, feeling her body escape her control, accepting the penetration and asking for more, for deeper. Her lewd and exposed position was humiliating enough; she felt her face heat up as it reddened more, horrified by her body’s desire. His two fingers spread her tight exit open; she felt the muscle strain and burn, and she gasped as she took it, accepted it. He pressed deeper, spread her more, gently but firmly, and a tremble took her. She pressed back, and sighed. Did he hear her?

“Here it comes, baby,” she heard him say, and her ass felt suddenly empty and yearning, missing the fullness, the stretched and filled feeling, and she winced as her ass opened for him, against her will, determining her will, swaying her and breaking her resistance. Bulbous and spongy, she felt it then, the lubed head of his cock, pressing against her tiny virgin asshole. Her mind said no, but her knot defied her and relaxed, inviting and willing. Wanting.

“Yes,” she heard again, but this time it was her own voice, not his. She felt the pressure, the push, the resistance and urgent need, and her world collapsed into that circle. It was all she knew, all she could feel as her virgin opening welcomed the invader against its ability. Her universe became the muscle and skin of her tight ass, stretching and burning, allowing the entrance, and she emitted a sharp cry over his groan as the head popped inside her outer ring.

“Yes,” he moaned, and she answered with a hiss.

“Yes,” she heard from herself, feeling her anal muscles twitch and spasm around the thick head and shaft. He held still, allowing her to adjust, to feel, to accept and welcome him. Her legs tightened, and again she shifted, wanting to pull away, but feeling her buttocks move towards him as the penetration filled her opening. “Yes,” she repeated. Not knowing why she was enjoying this, hating the humiliation and submission while fighting the urge to feel him deep, hiding her anus’ desire to have all of him, to be filled, to have his whole cock inside. In her ass. Oh, he was putting his cock into her ass and she wanted it, despite her thoughts she wanted it, her body wanted it, wanted to feel it, to have him in her, to clutch and grasp at his thick shaft with tight muscles.

She pushed again; she felt him sliding further inside, filling her more. The stretch eased as her muscles adjusted, the burn and strain of muscle and flesh just a memory now, a vestigial hint. He was filling her ass with cock, and she was taking it, pulsing back against him, taking more, wanting more. She felt an inner resistance, a sharp reflex of muscle as the fat head pressed against her inner ring. There was a little pain; no, a discomfort really, as the pressure mounted, increasing, and then a gasp escaped her as it opened and allowed him inside.

He groaned loudly, and she matched his again, feeling his shaft defeat her body’s last resistance, and he slid easily into her. Her ass was open and hot, feeling the overfull sensation of hard cock inside her anal passage, the first time, her first ass fuck, and then his legs against the back of her thighs, his pubic hair against her. He was fully inside.

She had never felt anything like it, so full, so tight. So wrong, and yet…wonderful. Delicious. Freed by her unwilling commitment, her promise, she submitted, and her body embraced the violation of her intimate channel. She was taken, and filled, and she didn’t want to be; her brain formed words, struggling to beg, to plead, to convince him to stop.

“Fuck my ass,” she squeaked instead, and closed her eyes at her body’s betrayal and surrender. She felt him pulse, then slide out, slowly, oh, the feeling of his cock slipping back, only partway out of her, her lack of control as her bowels lost him, wanting him, and then he pushed back in and she groaned with the filling. Her body trembled despite her will, and he began repetitive strokes. She opened her eyes to the mirror and watched him as he watched his cock sliding in and out her uncharted territory, and a thrill rushed her; the look on his face, the rapture and fascination as her gift opened for him, accepted him, submitted to his flesh, and she felt an unwitting pride in her stretched asshole for the effect it had.

“So good,” he uttered, stroking her back, touching her fingers as he pressed in, slid out, pressed again. She felt the sensations; emptying and filling, stretching and accepting, wanting and resisting, and saw the appreciation and delight on his face as he felt them in her. “So tight, so wonderful.” His words were genuine, unfettered.

“Fuck me,” she begged quietly, then repeated it, louder, shame flushing her face at hearing her own voice. She had never asked that, never done this, and the words flowed out unwitting, like the juices from her pussy, flowing of their own accord. “Fuck my ass, fuck me. Fuck me with your cock. Fuck your hard cock in my ass!” They exploded from her with an urgency that embarrassed her, and she pushed back as he pushed forward, feeling his cock deep in her rectum.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, your ass looks so good taking my cock, so tight,” he said, straining himself deep, then pulling almost all the way out, past her inner ring, leaving just the head inside her, then pressed back. Her inner ring submitted more easily, accustomed to the forced entry, and she groaned as his strokes lengthened, longer full strokes, in and out of her, pushing past the resistance until it held open inside her, easing the passage of his thick, hard flesh.

“And this is just the beginning,” he said, his fingers gripping her cheeks, spreading her wider. She dropped her hands to the bed and pushed back as he teased her. Anything, she had said. A full day, he had told her. Yes, she had reluctantly agreed. Anything, all day. She had never imagined this. His words followed his strokes as waves crested inside her, so different, warmer and more urgent than regular fucking. “Wait… until you see… what’s next…”

And she came.

She walked into the house and signed at the sight of the kids toys left on the stairs and their coats strewn across the hall floor. She could hear the TV blaring in the living room and the radio playing to itself in the kitchen. Taking off her jacket, she reached down and picked up the other coats, hanging them on the coat stand behind the door.

She looked at herself in the mirror on the hallway wall; she looked tired, her hair a bit fuzzy around the edges from waiting at the bus stop and her eyes slightly reddened from staring at her computer screen for 8 hours. She took a deep breath, lifted her chin and turned to walk down to the kitchen.

The sight of the dishes in the kitchen sink, crumbs on the side, beans slopped on the table and pans left unwashed on the stove made her boil. She picked up the pans, threw them into the sink and ran the water until the steam rose into her already red face… Taking a cloth she plunged it into the water, burning her hand. She wiped down the side, working the cloth heavily into the drips and marks on the granite before eventually turning off the water and left the pots to soak.

She wiped her hands on the tea towel and walked into the living room to find him. He was laid on the sofa, one leg up, one down looking at the TV mag with one hand in the top of his jeans and the other holding territorially to the TV remote. ‘I’m just gonna watch the footy love, I’ve been up to my eyes all day.’ He didn’t even turn his head….

Looking around the devastation that had been her living room this morning; the wallpaper was half off one wall, the carpet covered in bits of ripped anaglypta and paint dust, the other side filled with the kids school books and bags and him. Laid there like a lump despite promising faithfully that the room would be stripped and ready for a weekend of D.I.Y. whilst the kids went to her mum’s.

She walked straight out not saying a word and stomped up the stairs. ‘Promises,’ there were always promises. He’d take time off to do the decorating, they’d spend more time together, and he’d make an effort with the kids and the house when she was at work.

“OH YEAH! Who’s the Man!” she heard him exult from downstairs, obviously his team had done something right for a change.

She stepped over the action men, ‘my lil ponies’ and rainbow of crayons on the landing, opened the bedroom door and scanned the room. The bed not made, last night’s boxers in the middle of the floor and her lungs filled with the musty air that was dappled with floating dust exposed by the shaft of light venturing through the half opened curtains.

Flopping onto the edge of the bed she stared at her reflection in her wardrobe doors. From downstairs she heard him “Woohoo! Yes yes!”

“I’ll give him ‘who’s the man!” she thought to herself. She stood up and smoothed the fabric of her dress over her hips and thighs, she’d show him who really was ‘The Man’!

She went to the closet and pulled a dark pink wicker box from the back. She sat on the edge of the bed again with the box on her knee. She smiled a wickedly contented smile and lifted the lid placing it next to her on the bed.

This was her secret box of tricks.

Downstairs she heard the fridge door open, the tinkle of his Stella bottles and her ever-loving husband stomp his way back to the living room before collapsing with a thud onto the sofa again.

Putting the item she was looking for on to the bed, she stood up, unzipped her dress and stepped out of it as it fell to the floor. Walking over to her set of drawers she reached into the uppermost and pulled from it a small tissue wrapped parcel. She dropped the tissue on top of the dresser she held up her latest purchase between the fingers of both hands and smiled.

It was a purchase she had made some time ago, when feeling that their sex life had needed a bit of spice but hadn’t had the inclination or the nerve to wear it, but it was the perfect outfit for today. Today she wanted to feel powerful, she eased herself into the shiny PVC, took her time with the fastenings. There was something exciting and empowering about the feel of the tightness enclosing her body as she added a pair of black silk knickers and, taking her ‘secret’ from the bed, stepped into it adjusting position and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled…

She opened the curtains allowing the moonlight to flood the room and enjoyed the thought that somewhere on the street outside, someone had caught a glimpse of her. She lit two candles on either side of the bed and rummaged further in her wicker box, taking out a couple of choice items that would come in useful later. Finally she was ready.

“Are you coming to bed or what?” she yelled down checking her reflection in the mirror and admiring the way the candlelight reflected off her pvc-clad body… Downstairs she heard him groan and him shift position on the sofa.

“er..just coming ” he said and she heard various thumps as he padded around the living room turning off the lights Hhe knew she was pissed and he’d probably come upstairs thinking that she would just be giving him the cold shoulder or maybe another ‘we have to talk’ conversation. Not this time.

She stood at the end of the bed. Framed by the window behind and listened to his heavy footsteps climb the stairs. Annoyingly he went straight to the bathroom and kept her waiting for another 5 minutes. “He’ll pay for that too” she thought to herself.

Finally his footsteps shambled along the landing and the bedroom door opened. He stood in the doorway for a second. As his vision adjusted to the combination of moon and candlelight he had to look twice to take in his wife’s appearance. He couldn’t believe what he saw “What the fuck?” he half gasped, half laughed.

“Get in here. NOW and shut your mouth” she snapped and pointed to the floor in front of her.

“Look, what is?” he stuttered but took another step into the room.

“Here, NOW” she repeated, she wasn’t shouting but her voice was calm and strong, like a primary school teacher reprimanding a naughty child.

Still in disbelief, he walked slowly towards her. “Get on your knees” she said, her face just a few inches away, her eyes never leaving his.

“Look I’m all for a bit of fun” he sniggered nervously, “But” He didn’t get another word out as she put her hand roughly over his mouth

“Get on your KNEES” she repeated. He looked at her and saw something in her eyes.

“Alright I’ll play along, but if she thinks” he thought to himself and awkwardly got to his knees in front of his, suddenly different and a little bit scary, wife.

She leaned over him, and putting her mouth next to his ear, whispered “You’ve told me lies and you have broken promises and because of that you are going to have to take the consequences.” She stood up and smiled. “Now, do you see what I have?”

How could he miss it? It was right in his face, a fat rubber cock. Just what the hell was going on?

“You know what you are going to do now don’t you?” She said, her head leaning to one side as she stroked his hair with her right hand. Taking the firm rubber dildo in her hand, she said calmly “You’re going to suck my cock. You’re going to take it all and you are going to suck it hard.”

He couldn’t believe this, had he fallen asleep on the sofa watching football and somehow conjured this up out of his subconscious, this couldn’t be happening. Not his quiet wife behaving like some kind of dominatrix?

“What?” He shook his head trying to understanding the words, “What?”

“I said. You are going to suck my cock, because you are my bitch and you deserve to take it whatever way I want to give it” She lifted his face with her fingers. “Now stop talking. suck it!”

He didn’t know what to say, he was totally taken aback by this new woman in front of him. His wife was a quiet woman, worked hard, got on with what had to be done and usually just ‘stopped talking’ when pissed off. But suddenly here she was, dressed in a tight pvc corset that hugged her figure into a perfect hour-glass, her large breasts only just covered by its ample cups. She looked amazing, like he’d never seen her before, but this?

The sight of his wife with a huge strap-on dildo was something he’d never dreamed of seeing, ever. He was almost afraid to admit it, there was something erotic about this new side to her, but he was ‘the man’ after all and was there something wrong with admitting that?

“Look, I don’t mind playing and you look, well you look hot but there is no way,” he attempted to say.

She grabbed his hair and yanked his head to one side, ” You are going to do exactly as you are told because I told you to, now open wide” she said calmly.

Before he knew it she had pushed the firm tip of the pale pink rubber into his mouth, he was so shocked he didn’t move. She leaned over again and said “Suck me.” Her hand tightening around his hair.

He was confused, aroused but almost ashamed to be. Here was his normally mousy wife stood in front of him taking control of him and he didn’t know what to do other than obey.

She stood there smiling, enjoying, watching her normally macho ‘man’s man’ husband wrestle with his internal demons. She knew he wanted to give in but she also knew he liked to think of himself as unshakable. But she knew she had shocked him to the very core and she was loving feeling so in control of the situation and him being ‘all at sea’ for a change.

She watched in fascinated delight as his lips moved up and down the shaft of her new cock and was happy to discover the added bonus of the base of the shaft and the strap grinding deliciously against her clit “now this was more like it” she thought and smiled as she saw her husband glance up at her face, his eyes a mixture of desire and confusion only increased her desire.

“There’s a good boy, take me right into your mouth. Suck down, how does that feel? Bet you always wanted to know how it felt when a cock is being rammed into your throat.”

She arched her back and felt his gag as the hard firm dildo pushed into the back of his mouth. Her bewildered husband was now tasting the rubber of the strap-on mixed with the lube his wife had so kindly slicked over its surface, the combination of the sight of his wife so dominant, so in control and clearly loving watching his embarrassment was far more of a turn on than he would ever have thought and even the humiliation of being on his knees with her strap-on sliding back and forth and inching deeper into his throat was becoming strangely erotic and he couldn’t help but feel his own cock hardening.

She’d noticed that his attention to her cock was becoming more enthusiastic, “Ahh” she thought, ” He’s getting too comfortable”. She grabbed his hair pulling back his head and put her face in front of his.

“Tut tut, you’re not getting turned on are you? Are you starting to love it? Well then. Stand up”, she watched him with the same look a scientist might give an interested specimen under a microscope. Putting her hands on her hips, her legs wide she looked him up and down “Is your cock hard?”

He blushed! He couldn’t believe he was blushing in front of the woman he’d been married to for 6yrs. He instinctively looked down and she laughed at him as she saw him fight the urge to place his hands over the tenting in his jogger bottoms.

He went to pull her to him in an attempt to regain some control of the situation but she pushed him away and turned, walking around the bed. For the first time he saw the items that she had placed there. He shook his head then stopped when she looked at him, what was she thinking???

“Get undressed!” she ordered, her voice deep and so very different from her normal light sing-song voice “and bend over the bed, legs apart.”

Her husband’s face was a picture. His mouth kept opening and closing but the words wouldn’t come out. She smiled at him again but it was a smile of power and intent. She walked over to him, grabbed the front of his stained t-shirt and pulled him over to the bed.

“I said, get undressed! Now! You’ve fucked with me once too often, now it’s my turn. Get undressed!” she repeated.

As he stood there pulling at his clothes, trying to figure out how he had got into this and whether he should be trying to get out of it. He couldn’t deny that he was intrigued and, more to the point, turned on by his new confident and intense wife. She’d never been this interested in doing anything other than just roll on and roll off sex as far as he could remember. Being on his knees in front of her, clad in this pvc corset, being told what to do was new, exciting and a little scary. But what did it mean for him if he ‘let’ her do this to him??

As he kicked his feet free from the bottoms of his joggers, standing there embarrassed as his wife looked at his not so ‘six-pack’ stomach and hard cock that threatened to touch it, he knew that it was obvious that she had the situation completely in her control.

She walked around him slowly, looking him up and down, tracing her fingernails over the skin of his chest, shoulders and back. She placed her mouth next to his ear and whispered “Put your hands on the bed.”

He hesitated and she pushed him. “Put your hands on the bed!” she repeated.

He did as he was told. Feeling so vulnerable wasn’t something he’d experienced before. He didn’t know if the pounding in his chest was because he was excited or scared or what? He kept his eyes on the black fabric of the duvet cover, trying to sense what his wife was doing now, was she really going to do what he thought she was?

As she stood behind her husband his lily white ass stood embarrassingly open in the air, he was completely at her mercy and she felt exhilarated. She picked up one of her little toys from the box. Her suede flogger was another thing she’d bought when with her girlfriends, playing along at those parties. She’d bought it when she’d had a couple of glasses of wine and thought she’d have the nerve to use it, but it had sat at the back of the wardrobe with everything else, but not now.

She placed the suede straps on the spine of her husband and pulled it gently down his body, she saw her husband tense up as he tried to figure out what she was doing. She played with the flogger across the skin of his back for a while and let it fall between the cheeks of his ass. Again, she saw him tense and then relax.

She was feeling so different, so much stronger. He was here for her pleasure tonight and that was all there was to it. She flicked the flogger across his bare cheeks, left and right, left and right, soft and then harder until the skin reddened. She tilted her head and enjoyed the sound of the suede gently hitting his flesh.

She was going to fuck him, for all the times he’d fucked her over, broken his promises and generally just pissed her off. She was going to get hers and he was definitely going to get his! Reaching over to the second item she had plucked from her box, she poured slick oily lube over her rubber cock, sliding her fingers up and down her shaft and made a point of pressing the base hard against her clit. She was so turned on she shocked herself.

Her fingers still slick from the lube, she ran her hands over his ass, hearing him gasp a little, he must have known what was coming but refrained from moving. Did he just want to see if she’d chicken out? A game of chicken with a strap-on dildo. She laughed out loud.

“You’ve been a bad boy, do you know that? You’ve not done what you said you would, you’ve played the big man for long enough. Tonight you are going to get fucked like the little woman and you’re gonna take it like a man!” She said without a hint of disbelief in her voice.

To her genuinely surprise, he didn’t move except for lifting his head slightly and saying quietly “Yes Miss.”

She laughed slyly to herself

She took her middle finger and played with lube across his anus and rubbed softly and slowly. Then with the tip of her hard cock she rubbed up against him, applying pressure and then releasing, all the time her hands massaged his buttocks and back. Finally she applied enough pressure so the tip slipped inside him and she saw him tense up and gasp. “Put your face on the bed” she ordered, he did as he was told without question.

She gently moved forward and backwards and with her right hand dripped some more cold lube down the crack of his ass. He moaned, he’d actually moaned. Was it pleasure? Was it pain? Perhaps it was a hint of both??

She pushed the veined dildo further into the tightness of her husband’s ass and began a slowly pulsing movement, she was fucking him. She was fucking him and he was taking it. She was thrilled, exhilarated and so fucking horny. She shifted position slightly so that her grinding against the dildo and his ass made the straps rub deliciously against her. This was new, complete control and the pleasure was hers to take.

“Now take your hand and rub your cock you bastard” she said. Her voice breathy with effort “and you can only cum when I say you can, if you cum before I’m going to stop and ram this thing down your throat! Do you understand me?”

He nodded into the bed cover, “Yes” he said, his voice muffled. She leaned back so she could watch his hand wrap around his hard cock and the rhythm he beat out of it match her own rhythm as she fucked his ass.

She could feel the heat building in her body, her clit throbbing so hard. She heard his breath, rasping, he was getting close to cumming. She recognised the sound that normally was in her ear with him thrashing around on top of her, but this time she was in charge. She was ramming her cock into his ass and she was going to cum!

“I’m going to fuck your ass until I cum” she said grabbing his ass and ramming her full length into him, he gasped again and pumped harder on his own shaft. Finally she knew the throbbing in her clit was about to explode.

“Cum, you cum right now!” she yelled. She threw back her head and felt the rivers of pleasure burst from her. For a second it was all too much and she thought she must surely pass out. The waves slowed and the throbbed ebbed and she saw her husband convulse as his own cum exploded from him.

For a few seconds they stood breathing hard and unable to move. Then she slowly pulled the length from his body and pushed him to the bed. There he lay panting until she knelt on the bed next to him. He rolled over and looked at her, he was spent. But there was one last thing.

She took her finger and wiped it over the end of his now flaccid cock… on it was the shiny residue of her husband’s own orgasm. He watched her with tired but wary eyes, she lifted it to his lips and rubbed it across them.

“Now lick it off and remember next time you fuck your wife off, she’s going to get hers!”

My favourite thing to do to my boyfriend on a lazy morning. Usually follows a really good fuck the night before, but it doesn’t have to. I just want him to feel exactly how loved he is. I wanted to give that impression through this story, a combination of love him to bits and can’t keep my hands off him. Have fun, feedback appreciated. :)


The sun is coming through the curtains, golden and cheery. It doesn’t stir Jacob — he can sleep through anything. I’m itching to go and look outside — the sunlight hints at a beautiful day. I slip out of bed, naked, and pad across the room, one arm wrapped around my boobs. It is indeed glorious outside, all crisp golden sun on magical, crackly overnight frost. I look back at him. The giant is still asleep, despite the chink of sunlight falling across his face. He isn’t really a giant, but tiny as I am it can feel that way sometimes. I pull the curtains to, and crawl carefully back into bed. Regardless of how pretty it is outside, it’s much warmer in here. And I have a giant to wake up.

You’re curled up with the duvet pulled right up to your face, the smooth line of your back exposed. I wriggle across to be directly behind you, my boobs against you, and the line of my body following yours – except for my feet. Mine are about a foot higher up the bed than yours.

You smell gorgeous, something about sleep smells really good. Anyway, you haven’t yet stirred. Moving slowly, I let my hand creep over your waist and slide up your chest. I run it back down to the waistband of your pajamas. The reaction is almost immediate: a soft, not quite conscious moan, at the same time pushing your hips forward. As always, I find it hard to believe you weren’t awake already, but I’m not going to complain, because it’s very sexy. I tug gently on your hip, so you roll over to face me. You’re very obliging in the mornings. I watch your eyes, still shut, as I reach down for you. You’re rock hard. I wrap my hand around your cock, giving it a squeeze and enjoying the jump I get in return. Or just generally enjoying it.

Half asleep or not, you’re horny, so I follow your lead. No slow and steady this morning. I rub you through your pajamas with my whole hand, slow firm strokes that go from the tip to just before your balls. I can see you’ve sort of got your eyes half open, I imagine the world looks pretty blurry to you right now. Your mouth finds mine, in a fumbling, hungry way. This is one of my favourite sorts of kisses, although I’d happily take any you offer. You make some attempts at getting to my boobs, I put your hands elsewhere and so these stop. Doing what she wants is clearly the most sensible option when your girlfriend wants to touch you, stroke you and lick you.

“Good morning,” I whisper against your lips, at the same time dipping my hand inside your pajamas to hold your balls, playing with them gently.

The only answer I get is a low moan. I break the kiss and pull away from you. Slowly, you focus on me, seeing that I am smiling. You look crumpled and sleepy, but also lustful.

“I meant hello,”

“Of course you did. I didn’t hear anything otherwise,” I reply. You know I’m silently laughing at you a little, but it’s too early in your day to make any accusations. Instead you pull a hurt, scowling face.

“Aw, it’s not that bad is it?” I said, disappearing down the bed. I eagerly pull your pajamas out the way enough to get to your cock. For a few seconds I stop and stare: it is one of my favourite things about you. It’s long and thick, more than enough to fill me up, but not the sort of monster cock that scares girls. I’m quite proud of it.

It’s perfect, I think, pulling the soft skin back and giving it a good long lick, from lightly haired base to salty tip with the flat of my tongue. I lick all over the head, swirl my tongue around it. Then I let my lips enfold it, making it feel suddenly much hotter to you. I kiss it and lick it, letting my lips slide over it, to just under the ridge and back again, sucking ever so slightly. I pop it out of my mouth and let it rest on my lips, glistening. The hand holding the wide base of your cock squeezes, and I smile as it twitches slightly on my moist lips. My hand makes a slow, firm stroke up your shaft. Precum beads. I lap it up and once again take it in my mouth. I caress the broad head, trying to show you how much I love it with my movements.

Bit by teasing bit, I slowly let my lips slip further and further down your cock. The all over toying with the head of your cock eventually becomes a steady rhythm as I suck more of your cock each time. By this time, you’re soaking wet until about halfway down. I can’t take any more of it in this position, but before I move I let it rest against my lips again. You’ve curled around to look down at me. I’m surrounded by duvet, pressed close to your legs, your hardness resting on my lips.

I paw at your hip. You roll over. I let go of your cock, just so I can marvel at the way it stands proudly up and away from your body. It curves gently, and as I position myself between your legs I can’t help but notice it smells good too. Why does all of you smell so good? It makes me giddy, that smell of salt and sex and sleep, utterly familiar to me.

Kneeling between your legs, I push your cock down so the tip touches your smooth flat belly and lower my mouth to your balls. I take them in my mouth one at a time, fondling them with my tongue. With two fingers I rub behind them at the same time, slow firm circles that intensify the feeling of my hot mouth. I only stop when I feel you nudging your hips upwards ever so slightly. You’re getting all worked up, which is why I’m doing this.

I return my attention to your cock. Once again I make it about halfway down your cock, bobbing my head up and down. This time instead of stopping, I keep taking more of it. I swallow it down hungrily, opening my mouth wide as it forces my tongue down out the way. There’s about an inch left. I take a deep breath — as do you, anticipating what I will do — and ease all of you into my mouth. I can’t breathe now, and the way you fill my throat makes me gag slightly, squeezing you. This is one of my favourite things in the world to do to you. I hold still as you sigh contentedly.

I slowly come up to breathe. Take a few deep breaths, and then I’m down again. I swallow all of you, feeling you stretch my throat. Your hair is tickling my nose. A few more times I do this. I can tell you’re awake now — even though your eyes are shut and you’re spread out on the bed, completely relaxed, I recognise that you’re breathing faster and shallower than normal.

I step it up, bobbing my head up and down your cock. I work hard, steadily getting faster, winding you up until you’re thrusting into my mouth. It makes it harder to keep my rhythm going, but I think it’s sexy. Your breathing shudders ever so slightly, and I know it’s time to change tactics, now you’re all fired up.

Reluctantly, I let you go. Your eyes open, and you look a little disappointed. But I know that you will like what is coming next even more… I crawl up your body and sit on your cock, trapping it against the moist lips of my pussy. I gently touch my lips to yours. I can’t help but smile as you immediately begin to rub yourself along my slit.

“Hold on a second you,” I laugh. I go in the drawer next to the bed — at the same time, my boobs sway over your face. You lick my nipples playfully. To try and get to things without separating our sexes is a game, and it has put us into many funny/enjoyable positions over the years.

“Nuh-uh, you can do that later. I want to do something else,” I say, holding up a bottle of lube for you to see.

I squeeze a little bit into my palm and rub them together to warm it up. I don’t want to put anything cold on you. That would be mean, and I am only mean in the evenings. In the mornings there is only love. I thoroughly cover your cock with it, enjoying the little gasps that go with the sudden intense touch. Once you’re all lubed, I start something that resembles a massage. I let my hands glide down your shaft, holding firmly except for at the tip. Not too much just yet.

I give you a few minutes to adjust, continually stroking downwards slow and steady. I notice you’ve gone very pink in the face. Next I link my fingers and thumbs together and holding the damp spongy head between my palms. I smother it in my hands, covering you in flesh. Rotate them and nudge them up and down, again very slowly but firmly. The feel of you in my hands is making me wet.

I go back to stroking downwards, smiling as I watch you bite your lip a little. You’re beginning to pump upwards into my hands, looking for more. I oblige and change to stroking up and down, hard and fast. My hands slide all over you easily, feeling the smooth hot head, the ridge below that and the muscle at the base. I see your hands gripping the edge of the mattress and the duvet, knuckles pale. Your breathing shudders. I want to do more; I want to make you out of control. I know that by this point, you’ll let me do anything, even something cruelly intense. You will shudder and writhe, but you won’t object. You know that I wouldn’t listen even if you did — I love the effect it has on you far too much.

My hands are still working. I switch to focusing just on the head of your cock again. You arch your back, gasping. I know it’s too intense, the quick fast motion on the most sensitive part of you. You give a high pitched whimper, the one you only do when you’re really out of control. I know that you won’t cum when I do this — it’s just too intense- but it leaves you in a hazy, horny state that I love. It makes you pliable and willing to do anything.

“Please…” you murmur. I love that too. You beg, I think because you want to cum, but you can’t normally string words together that much.

You’re lucky that I’m feeling nice today — some days, I’ll stretch it out, toying with you mercilessly. Today I want you to cum. I want to tease you and make you really hot, and then I’d like you to cum, hard. That’s what I mean by a nice wake up.

“Please what?” I say softly.

“I want to cum please…” you whisper. I already know that, I just wanted you to say it.

“Get on all fours then. If you’re gonna cum then I want you to do it all over me,”

You don’t reply, just scramble into position above me. Once again I’m tempted to toy with you. Your cock hangs beneath you, pointing to your chest. Your balls are all tight, and as I take hold of you I can feel you throbbing.

“You wanna cum now?” I say softly against your neck, beginning to stroke you.

You whimper again in return.

“Go on then, cum for me,” I say, encouraging you.

You move your knees wider and begin pumping into my hand. The motion is just as mesmerising whether you’re fucking my hand or my pussy. I think it’s to do with the shape of your body, the way you spread your legs apart and make long, low thrusts. It’s almost animal like. I squeeze your cock a little, gazing at it as it pops in and out of the circle of my fingers. Your hands wrap around the back of my head, holding me to you. I move my spare hand so that every time you thrust the sensitive head rubs against my hand. You’re breathing hard and your fingers are wound up in my hair, tugging on it. You’re getting faster and faster, closer and closer, focused on nothing but what you’re feeling. That is fine by me; I am in the perfect position to let my eyes roam over you. I might be small and soft, but your body is much more interesting. It’s sleeker than mine and I like watching it work. You have angles and bits where your bones are much clearer than mine. Where I am soft, you are often hard, your forearms, your shoulders, your back…

I disappear off into these thoughts, enjoying you.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum,” you tell me, with some difficulty. You’re panting and slightly damp all over.

“Come on then, cum all over me, I want you to cover me in it!” This is true. If you won’t cum in me, then on me is just as good.

You don’t really need telling. As you cum you hold me tighter, spraying me with the warm liquid. It hits most of me, streams of it over my boobs to nearly my shoulders, down my stomach and some over my mound. Eventually, you stop moving. You just go still where you are, head down next to mine, cock still pulsing gently in my hands. You’re breathing hard and your eyes are tight shut. I wriggle down and squeeze your tired cock. I lap the last few drops off the end of it. I like how it tastes. Slightly slutty, but I don’t really care.

“Morning,” I say cheerfully, still playing with your cock. I’m tempted to start sucking it again but I know you’re too sensitive.

“I love you,” you say quietly, falling sideways back on to the bed. You watch me as I rub the cum around with my fingers, putting it on my nipples and watching them stiffen. I lick some from my fingers. I notice you watching and do it again, slow and deliberate.

“I love you too. You want to share? You’re very welcome to you know,” I grin, knowing you don’t really get why I like it so much.

“No thanks.”

You lay there, covers thrown back, chest rising and falling fast. You’re still all pink in the face. I grab something to clean myself up with, your pajama bottoms I think, and make a bit of a show of it. Spend rather longer getting it off my boobs than I need, just to do more rubbing them around. You seem to like it. I get up and open the curtains, honey gold sunlight streams in, falling over the bed.

Then we lie opposite one another. I look over you, you look over me. We’re awake now, but no one is in a hurry to get up. The sunlight bathes us in a bright light. We have the entire day to do whatever we like with.

October 2018
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