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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This was written as a joke in response to being woken up by my lover who was, well, in midst of — uhm — the deed … all unbeknownst to me. I woke up all kind of confused and I slapped him (kinda hard). He was all indignant, then got all spooked and apologized (ahem, after we’d finished), stating he thought it would be cute to wake me up like that. Entitlement is a funny thing at 4:30am though.


It’s okay if they don’t fight back, he recited to himself feeling the limp body over his shoulder and his growing erection straining against his acid washed, Guess jean waist. He hefted her weight over his shoulder and she flopped down on the table groaning incoherently. She mumbled something about the metal lamps overhead being shiny as he stretched her left leg over the stirrup and strapped it in, only to do a half turn and repeating with the other leg in relevant silence. She was naked already except for a blanket that he had wrapped around her but it now failed to protect her exposed sex. As any good boyfriend would have done, he had wrapped her to protect her modesty but now was no time for modesty. The breeding was to begin.

Tyler — at least what he’d decided to call himself here — really did love her but knew, deep down, that their mutual love for each other was dangerous. When he began to mistake their love making for a real human relationship it was time to impregnate, imprison and move on. She had no free will under the power of his race. Sure, he was hominid but his race was long dying and their time tables had shifted to a matter of priorities verses sensibility. Offspring were important to the tribal leaders than love or emotion, just as were the female vessels they needed to conceive their young and no woman had been born to his people since the Great Tainting. It was earth’s women that held the key to their survival. They were the queens of tomorrow; willing or not.

Adele was the prime of that type, a young black haired and blue eyed beauty with great lineage, prime in her health, well-educated and perfect in all the many ways he needed her to be. Her figure was chiseled and yet accented with fine curves that in the fleshy-tan of her body, soaked only in the bright Hawaii sun, she was a marvel to behold. And, yet, her fated quality was that she was alone. Having left her comfortable nest, two thousand miles away from home, and working long hours to live in paradise, it had taken him months to even land a date with her, months to court her, and now he was going to reap his wild reward.

Her birth control he’d sabotaged with sugar pills and he’d been cooking dinner for weeks, priming her with enough hormones to stimulate the ovulation he needed. At night he’d prick her very gently for a drop of blood off from her finger while she slept under his hypnotic gaze and tonight he knew she was ovulating.

Tonight she’d get no choice, and he grieved for that fact, that she was another missing person poster amongst a mass of nobodies. But her reality would change. It was a price the best had to pay and he was no longer capable of empathy when the ends truly justified his means.

He shifted around her, opening the blanket and exposing her breasts in his ship’s operations room. Very coldly he conducted his prep business, as he made his logs and adjusted her. Then he undressed.

Cold hard muscle crawled out of his layers of clothes, linking each frame of his body in smooth transition to the next. By the time he’d stripped to his boxers his erection was shifting up out of the elastic waist band like a big purple flare, the second head, which fell just above his testes was smaller, but it was meant to stimulate the anus as well. He was not small; but she’d taken him before — although he’d never exposed his dual genitalia to her.

He stepped forwards and took a side instrument, a long and slender colon cleaner, and he used a lube bottle’s contents to prepare it liberally. He took some excess and he found her anus with his finger, very gently applying pressure and lubricating the opening. When pleased with that he took the soft but firm head of the contraption and very easily slipped it into her.

She gasped and her head lurched up, blue eyes rolling with a, “Please…” But her protest was cut short by a long stare and a bead of sweat formulated on his forehead.

Adele was as strong willed woman, but not strong enough as the head if the chrome-shimmering machine popped past her sphincter and was announced with a pleasurable groan out of Adele. Using a hand pressurizer he expanded the side bulbs in the contraption to lock it in place as she wriggled in her restraints. Then he clicked on the water.

It took a few moments before the pain hit her, as her bowels flooded with a soapy water mixture. As quick as it hit, it fell away with the pleasure of being able to pass the water while he drained her bowels.

For fifteen minutes he proceeded to repeat the procedure, until he was satisfied to her cleanliness and the state of arousal at the enema process compelled. Finally he released the pressure knot inside, withdrew the instrument, and set it back to its compartment. His own fluids, now dribbling out the head of his penis, coated his shafts and balls. He wanted to take her and the pheromones produced let him know she was ripe and ready at such a response.

First he slipped in two of his fingers into the folds of her labia, working them slowly upwards to feel the glands respond.

She shot up, “NO!” Her eyes dilating rapidly as she screamed and thrashed. He withdrew his fingers suddenly and felt her buck under him. He gritted his teeth realizing she was aware of his assault.

Guilt and shame shot through his being and his lips quivered. His hesitation was enough of a tell but his pride and his mission were of more potent strength. This could not fail.

“I am so sorry, Adele. I love you — I do. But to be together is impossible. You have to bear the burden of being chosen; I’ve tainted you. No man, no other man can give you a family. I’ve had you Adele, I’ve made your body change in great ways,” he held her thrashing frame down at the waist and his arms coiled around her then, up her ribs and cradled her neck. “I’m not here of this world, love.”

He shot a look at her that put her back down hard in the physical paralyzed state again but her eyes still shifted and watered as she focused on him.

“Listen,” he growled, guilt and frustration trembled in his intonation, but moreover he was inwardly amazed at her resilience. “I found you. You are mine for the sake of my peoples. Don’t forget that I love you but my burdens are your burdens now.”

Tyler gave no time for her to respond as she started shifting again. He first positioned his main shaft and slammed it into her causing her to gasp. He was big and knew how to use it against any woman. She clamped down over him like a vice grip and he shifted his arm under her as he withdrew slightly. This time her asshole, resolved to the previous assault, opened just enough to wedge the head in and then he bucked his hips forward causing Adele to scream. There was no patience or slowness this time. He began assaulting both holes without mercy and with great physical enjoyment.

The mental anguish he experienced was more than he really could stand though. Her eyes plead with him for a general explanation and her body, yet, betrayed the fact she was in love with him still. The passion and fire shot through her only to be soured in confusion and a frustrating inability as his mind and a bunch of straps kept her locked to the procedural table.

She cringed and her eyes flickered at him, but she truly felt the pang of sex run deep up her spine warping her mind to how deep he always went, how big he was and how fantastic sex had always felt with him. Even now he betrayed her and it still felt the same awesome pleasure. It raced across her inner thighs and her nipples rippled in hardening shock. Although the emotional violation sent her reeling and rage kept her ability to break through to him, she still loved this strange man in his confusing and mad antics.

Adele’s own hips bucked back against him spontaneously — but not trying to rhythmically merge their thrusts. No, she was trying to escape the metal table, the leg stirrups and the mind hold he had over her.

She offered herself to him – offered her love to him, her life, her feelings, her emotions. Was it a mistake?, she wondered. Each thrust confused her more just as his own mind-control over her slipped away in the throes of his love making — or was it still a breeding? — he shuddered and she shuddered against him. Their conjoined orgasm was building to a powerful crescendo. The tempo increased as she felt the sliding of his massive dual organ press home into her. When he thrust the final time she cried out while his concentration snapped away from him.

They writhed together an she grabbed for his face, her lips latching onto his for a split second and she felt her belly contract as his seed bed down into her womb with immeasurable force and a different type of physical bliss. For a few moments the orgasms kept coming — harder and faster than anything she’d ever felt in her life. It was spontaneous, wonderful and a beautiful in a bizarre way.

When she looked at his face, a spinning whirl of emotional distress, she ran her hand across his cheek to mop up the tears he bled.

She loved him. She really did. That was why forgiveness bled out of her being for even this type of action — a seemingly great big betrayal. Granted, he deserved a punishment for all of it… So she picked her hand off his wet cheek and swatted him across his face. The clap it made echoed in the big star ship walls and then a glow of red instantly charred his pale features.

He looked shocked and then his face furrowed as her grinning face glared up at him. With a sigh she simply said, “You could’ve just ASKED.”

Author’s note: This story is a sequel to Leave Me. Spoilers for season 2.


Nikita had won. Hadn’t she? Percy was dead. Sergei Semak was dead. Amanda was, well, on the run, but certainly less of a threat to her now. And yet Division still stood. She was standing in it. In the heart of the beast, Operations, where she had access to everything Division was doing, all their little secrets, where each and every single surviving member was. The people who had been hunting her for years, all convicted criminals, most of whom had taken countless lives, and now she was technically their boss. It really was funny how things worked out.

Of course Percy was the one responsible for Daniel’s death, and countless others, so technically her vendetta had been against him. Division was his weapon, something Nikita had always believed she would need to take apart piece by piece to destroy him. As it turned out she hadn’t, and as much as part of her wanted to burn this place to the ground Nikita recognise that most people working for Percy had been just as much his victims as people he killed. He had talked about giving them a second chance, a chance to serve their country, but he had turned them all into his own personal army of monsters. Nikita had given herself a second chance, perhaps even a third. These people deserved to have the same.

Despite being willing to kill them all only a matter of hours ago Nikita would do her best to keep them alive and safe, something she wouldn’t have to do alone. There was Michael, who had been vital in securing the black boxes, something which had taken a few months but was worth it to remove Percy’s contingency plan. Berkoff had actually ended up helping too, and was now sitting a few feet away from her ready and willing to obey her command. On the other side of her was the head of Division Ryan Fletcher who not only arranged the raid on Division but had successfully struck a deal with the president to give the people working at Division a second chance. Nikita didn’t like the idea of having a boss again, but she didn’t want to officially run Division and if she had to have a boss she was glad it was him. Then of course there was her partner. Her lover. Her everything.

Suddenly a voice awoke her from her thoughts, “You should go to him.”

Nikita turned to Berkoff and frowned, “What?”

“Michael.” He said, “You’ve been staring at him for the last hour.”

Nikita smiled, “I haven’t been staring at him.”

It was true, although she tried to take in everything going on all the screens in front of her, and her surroundings in case anyone loyal to Percy tried to sneak up on her, Nikita’s eyes had continuously wandered to medical. Specifically to her two closest allies, both of whom had been injured during the assault on Division which Nikita felt totally responsible for. Which of course was ridiculous as they had both had every right to take their final revenge against Percy as she had done, both of them making it very clear they were in this with her to the end. That didn’t stop her feeling guilty though.

Feeling a little confused Berkoff began blathering, “But you guys are, you know… together, right? Because Mikey’s never really been much of a conversationalist but he’s obviously crazy about you and-”

He said a whole lot more but Nikita couldn’t register it or anything else because her lover was on the move. The doctors and Michael were trying to talk her out of it but it was no use, when Alexandra Udinov made up her mind to do something nothing could stop her. That was one of the many things they have in common, Nikita briefly smiling at the thought as her heart pounded in her chest with increasing force the closer her lover got to ops.

When finally she appeared, dishevelled and bandaged, Alex spotted her immediately and choked out, “Nikita.”

“Alex.” Nikita said breathlessly, tears running down her cheeks at the sight of her baby girl.

Alex wasn’t sure what she was expecting. Most likely ordered back to medical, she supposed. Perhaps with Nikita coldly dismissing her or perhaps getting angry like she would have done not that long ago. It didn’t really matter, regardless of the action and how aching her body was Alex needed to see Nikita. To see with her own eyes the older woman was ok. That they were ok. That everything was ok. Because as she had told her lover before the raid on Division any outcome where Nikita wasn’t ok was nothing short of a devastating failure for her. So seeing Nikita alive and well was all she needed. After this, if it was what Nikita wanted, she would happily slink away into the shadows to lick her wounds.

Instead Nikita rushed over to her and pulled Alex into her arms, both women clinging onto each other for dear life. Again that would have been enough for Alex but when Nikita eventually pulled back she paused, cupped the younger girl’s tearstained cheek and then after another pause kissed her right there in front of everybody.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds but it was passionate and loving while still being incredibly gentle, a simple press of lips to lips which meant so much to both women. For Alex the most important thing about it was Nikita wasn’t ashamed of her. That she wasn’t going to have to hide in the shadows, the mighty Nikita’s dirty little secret, but now finally people would know she was with this goddess. Know that this goddess was hers, and be jealous of her for it. Be in awe of her, kind of like a certain geek very close by who was the first one to utter a sound after Nikita pulled back and exchanged a soft smile with Alex.

“Ohhhh.” Berkoff muttered silently to himself in realisation, “Cool.”

“Shut up nerd.” Nikita said dryly once she had turned to look at the hacker, the smile leaving her face.

“Hey, I’m happy for you, really.” Berkoff quickly assured the assassin, “I, I just didn’t see this coming.”

Turning back to her girlfriend Nikita smiled, “Me neither.”

Again Alex returned the smile and the two spies shared another moment before being interrupted by a fake coughing sound.

“Nikita…” Ryan began, knowing he had to choose his words carefully, “I appreciate you staying here to help with the transition, but you clearly need a break, and Alex shouldn’t have left sickbay, so why don’t you both try and find somewhere to sleep. Trust me, there will still be plenty to do tomorrow. You staying here any longer won’t do anything to change that. So… stand down and get some rest. That’s an order.”

Those last words were clearly given in the half serious tone, although Nikita suspected that was to appease her. Ryan knew she didn’t like taking orders, and as much as she didn’t like the idea of running Division she hated the idea of taking orders almost just as much. Of course his tone aside he was right, she was exhausted and the chances of Alex leaving her side now was slim and none, at least without a fight and Nikita couldn’t afford to be seen as not on the same page with her allies.

So after staring at Ryan for a few seconds Nikita said, “You’re right. I’ll take Alex back to the infirmary and get some rest. But if you need me, don’t hesitate to call.”

Ryan smiled, “I won’t.”

With that Nikita turned back to Alex and studied her girlfriend’s injuries. She’d been doing that for some time, watching as doctor’s removed bullets from Alex’s shoulder, watched them bandaged and stitch up her baby girl’s wounds, waited by her bedside for her to wake up for as long as she could, but now they were truly face to face for the first time before invading Division. And Nikita had to admit, for a girl who had gone through hell and back Alex looked good, both of them getting away with some minor bumps and bruises, minus Alex damaged shoulder.

“Are you ok to walk back?” Nikita asked as she put a protective arm around Alex and guided her towards the door.

“I’ll be ok.” Alex insisted, “You?”

Nikita smiled, “As long as you’re ok, I’m ok.”

Alex nodded and then once they were out the door mumbled, “Follow me, I wanna show you something.”

Part of Nikita inwardly huffed that this was another person giving her orders, only worse as it was the girl almost half her age who had been her little minion for almost a year and a half. However this was Alex, the girl she would do anything for, so Nikita ‘obeyed’ without hesitation. After all Alex hadn’t hesitated in following her to hell, or even wandering into it all by herself what was almost a year ago now, so this was the least Nikita could do.

Of course as weird as it had been to be back in Ops it was nothing compared to walking the halls of Division again, something Nikita would have thought she would only have to do again as part of an assault or her nightmares. To do so now was kind of jarring, but luckily Nikita had plenty to tell Alex which helped keep her mind off it.

Alex didn’t like the sound of keeping Division going, even if it was only temporary to clean up Percy’s mess. It sounded like a slippery slope and while Nikita’s intentions were noble Alex could think of at least a dozen ways it could all go south. But debate on their future could wait. All that mattered to Alex right now was the fact that they had a future, that she and Nikita were both alive, together and happy.

There were so many ways Alex would have liked to have celebrated that fact, but there was one in particular which was overwhelming and now might be the only time they could get away with it. The future was so uncertain, but right now Alex had never felt safer to be in Division. There were armed US Marines wandering the halls and an army of them waiting outside so even if there were any Percy sympathisers left Alex severely doubted they would risk making a move now. Then again it was hard to imagine anyone would risk their life by taking on the mighty Nikita just to avenge Percy. After all the man was not well liked and by all accounts they had taken care of his contingency schemes.

So Alex guided her mentor to the maze which was Division’s corridors until they reached a room the Russian heiress would never forget. The place she had lived in for months but had never felt like home, the entire time Alex knowing she had a true home, a warm bed and a goddess of a woman waiting for her when she escaped this vile place.

Alex never thought she would return here and yet here she was opening the door to her former ‘cell’ while murmuring, “This… this was my room.”

Nikita smiled softly as she followed Alex into the room, “Mine too.”

“I know.” Alex smiled as she locked the door, adding once she noticed the look Nikita was giving her, “Michael told me. Some nights it was the only thing that allowed me to sleep. Knowing you had been here too, in this exact room, sleeping in the same bed, I… God, it’s kind of pathetic but I used to smell the sheets in the hope I would get the smallest trace of your scent.”

Clearly embarrassed Alex lowered her head, prompting Nikita to stroll over to her, lift up her chin and whisper, “I couldn’t sleep either. Not without you in my arms. I, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep without you by my side.”

Alex smiled gratefully, “Me neither. I only survived here because I could imagine you here with me. Holding me. Touching me. Fucking me.”

Seeing the longing in Alex’s eyes Nikita murmured in a warning tone, “Alex, your shoulder-”

“Is fine. I’m fine, I swear.” Alex promised, “But, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want too. It’s kind of been a big day for both of us. I just want to be able to sleep with you, here, in this room, just once. Please? I wanna know what it’s like to lay in your arms in this room.”

Nikita bit her lip, thinking about it for a long few moments. She obsessively weighed the pros and cons, although mostly cons, but still ultimately couldn’t resist cupping Alex’s cheek and softly telling the younger girl, “Wait here. I’ll be right back, I promise. I just have to do something first.”

“What?” Alex whined, not wanting to wait another second to have Nikita’s arms wrapped around her.

Briefly kissing Alex’s forehead Nikita smiled softly and whispered, “Trust me.”

With that Nikita moved away from Alex and swiftly left the room. Then despite her aches and pains she marched with unstoppable determination back to sickbay where she grabbed the rucksack she had brought with her on the raid. It was still half full with loaded weaponry, among other vital things, quickly slipping the most important one of them into her pocket before marching back to her waiting lover.

A few of the doctors tried to check up on her but a quick look from her told them to back off. It was the same for the military officers she passed, the deadly spy smirking as it became crystal clear that everyone around her feared her. Nikita knew it was unhealthy to enjoy the feeling, but in a place like this it could only help keep her and her lover safe. And if being feared was the price of keeping herself and more importantly Alex safe Nikita would do whatever it took to maintain the stone cold killer facade all these people saw her as. Not that it was a complete facade, she thought sadly, before putting such things out of her mind as she entered her old Division quarters to find Alex waiting for her on her bed. Their bed.

After allowing herself a brief moment to enjoy that sight Nikita close the door behind her and locked it. She then briefly thought how flimsy that lock was. How almost anyone with even a bit of security clearance could simply override the lock and walk in here making her gesture all but meaningless. That they certainly weren’t safe from discovery, or even 100% safe from someone trying to take them down for what they had done, but then again they never would be. This would never be truly over, but at the moment it was over as it was ever going to be, and because of that… there was something Nikita desperately wanted to do. Almost needed to do, as crazy as it maybe.

“Niki…” Alex whispered, getting up from the bed as Nikita turn to look at her and then walked towards her until she was standing in front of her.

“I was going to wait until our first real date, but it’s looking more and more like that’s never going to happen.” Nikita said sadly, letting out a laugh which sounded more like a cry, “It was a childish dream anyway. Such a risk just to feel like a normal couple for a few hours. But we’re not normal Alex. We’ll never be normal. Not together, or apart. We’re both screwed up, and weird, but as long as we’re together… I feel like that could be ok. So, this will have to do. This… this room is so… significant to us both, this is probably more meaningful anyway. And honestly, I can’t wait any more.”

Alex’s mouth fell open in overwhelming shock and joy as Nikita slowly got down on one knee in front of her, the gesture unmistakable.

After searching for the right words for a few seconds Nikita continued, “Alex… we’ve only really known each other for two years. We spent half that time having sex, and the rest barely talking about anything that matters. I’ve lied to you and held back information for your own good, and for the good of our mission, but mostly because I didn’t want to grow attached to you. I wanted to keep my distance so I’d be able to think rationally, but mostly it was because I thought caring about someone would make me weak. And you do Alex, you make me weak because I can’t bear the thought of life without you. I can’t think clearly or subjectively because you fill my every waking thought. And while you make me weak by dulling those skills you make me ten times as dangerous, because I would burn the entire world to the ground if I could have just one more night with you in my arms.”

“Nikita-” Alex began.

“I love you, Alex.” Nikita interrupted huskily, taking the younger girl’s hand in her own, “I love you more than anyone or anything I’ve ever known. I… I don’t understand it, I don’t know when it happened, if there was ever anything I could have done to stop it, or even if I ever truly wanted to stop it. All I know is I’m in love with you, and I want you to have a symbol of how I truly feel about you. So, if I’m honest, now people can know about us I want there to be no confusion. I want people to look at you and know you’re mine. That you belong to me, and if they even think about touching you I’ll break every bone in their body. And I know that’s wrong, but I don’t care. And I know we’ve only been officially together for two weeks but that’s like twenty years for the likes of us. And two years, or even one, are like a lifetime. And things are so intense right now I don’t know how long we have left, but whether it’s two years or two seconds I want to spend them knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you’re mine.”

Tears of overwhelming joy filled Alex’s eyes during Nikita’s speech and then they started running down her cheek when Nikita pulled a little black box from her pocket. Then there was a little pause, Nikita looking at Alex for any sign of objection, something which Alex found absurd.

Cupping Nikita’s face Alex whispered, “I’ve always been yours.”

“Yes. Yes you have.” Nikita agreed, “But I want you to wear a symbol of that. Something which tells the world Alexandra Udinov belongs to me. That she’s mine. That someday she will be my wife. Not that we have to rush into that part, not if you don’t want too. We can call this a promise ring, if you like. And you can tell me when you’re ready to call it something else. Until then… Alex… someday, will you be my wife?”

During the pause in that last sentence Nikita opened the little box and presented Alex with the most beautiful diamond ring she’d ever seen, the Russian girl taking a couple of long seconds to admire its beauty before she said, “Yes! Yes, I’ll be your wife, I’ll marry you right now if you want!”

Alex barely got those words out she was crying so hard, the salty tears ruining her make up. Normally she wouldn’t worry about such trivial things, but this was such a pivotal moment of her life, something she will remember forever, and the fact was she far from her best. Her body was covered in cuts, bruises and dirt, her hair and make-up were messed up, she was probably ugly crying more than anything resembling ladylike sobbing, and her voice seemed so whiny and high-pitched she almost asked for a do over. Yet somehow Nikita was looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing on earth, that look in turn making Alex feel pretty, if not the most beautiful thing on earth.

Before Alex could give any more thought to her looks Nikita kissed her, softly and tenderly, their lips just lightly brushing together. Then Nikita was taking the ring out of the box and sliding it onto Alex’s ring finger, the two women staring at each other nearly the entire time. Then they shared a soft laugh, then they were kissing, gently at first and then not, Nikita lowering Alex down onto the bed as slowly and gently as possible, the younger girl slightly wincing as her injured shoulder came to rest against the bed sheets.

They lay there for quite a while, the two assassins passionately making out with Nikita lying half on top of Alex, half curled up against the younger girl’s side so she could avoid putting any weight on Alex’s shoulder. Of course Alex had all but forgotten about her injuries or anything else because she had Nikita in her bed. The bed which she had spent countless nights dreaming of Nikita in, romantic and sex dreams all blurring together until she wasn’t sure which one she wanted. Then the kiss started getting her all worked up and Alex decided since she’d had one she now wanted the other.

Nikita seemed uncharacteristically reluctant to the idea, shutting down Alex half a dozen times when she tried to intensify the kiss and slapping her hands away when they tried to wander anywhere fun. It reminded Alex of how Nikita had been before they started having sex, the young Russian almost shuddering at the memory. Resistance was very characteristic of that old Nikita, although Alex didn’t think she’d ever seen that Nikita smile. Not once. Of course Alex was very aware of why Nikita was hesitant, and since subtly asking for what she wanted wasn’t going to cut it Alex decided to take the direct approach.

That involves breaking the kiss, looking Nikita directly in the eye and whispering, “Fuck me.”

For a moment Nikita almost looked shocked, then a tiny smile briefly crossed her face before she softly asked, “Are you sure you’re up for it?”

“Yes.” Alex insisted, moving a little closer and huskily adding, “I want this. I need this. Please Nikita, fuck me. I, I want my future wife to ravage me.”

Hearing those words drove Nikita wild. Not just the mild dirty talk and Alex pleading for Nikita to fuck her, that always drove the deadly spy crazy, but hearing Alex refer to her as her future wife, God, Nikita could barely resist tearing the other girl’s clothes to ribbons and brutally fucking her new fiancé senseless. Thankfully Nikita had mastered restraint a long time ago, although she needed everything she had to simply gently kiss her baby girl and slowly, gently strip her and herself of their clothes.

Even once they were naked Nikita insisted on just kissing Alex for several minutes, keeping the younger girl in line with soft but firm discouraging pushes or simply removing the young Russian’s hands from certain places before she decided they were ready for that. Of course when they moved on Nikita was the one touching Alex. She was the top in their relationship after all, and Alex was injured, so the other girl would just have to lie back and let Nikita have her wicked way with her.

To be fair Alex didn’t seem to be complaining. Far from it, the younger spy moaning into Nikita’s mouth as she slid her hands all over Alex’s body. Well, she avoided touching the younger girl in between her legs, or more accurately saved that for later, but compensated by first paying extra attention to Alex’s butt and then to her breasts. The butt groping was still more of a tease for later of course, but cupping and massaging those round little hills of flesh, and particularly tweaking those little nipples, had Alex writhing underneath her, Nikita grinning in triumph as she enjoyed every little moan and whimper from her precious protégé.

Nikita was treated to even more moans, whimpers and various other sounds when she finally broke the kiss and moved to Alex’s neck, the older assassin spending more time biting down on that soft flesh than she did kissing, licking and sucking on it so there would be another sign of her ownership of Alex on the younger girl’s body. Then she briefly moved down to licking and sucking on Alex’s nipples, Nikita cupping each breast in turn into her mouth while continuing to press the other with her fingers. Then she became distracted from this task when she finally slid one hand in between Alex’s legs.

“Oooooooh, my baby girl is so wet for me.” Nikita chuckled, unable to resist looking at her student while she rubbed her very wet pussy.

“I’m, ohhhhhhh, I’m always wet for you sensei.” Alex moaned, lifting her hips ever so slightly in response to Nikita’s touch.

“And why is that my young padawan?” Nikita teased, slipping her thumb over the other girl’s clit.

“Oooooohhhhhh Gooooodddddd, Nikita, mmmmmm, please don’t tease me.” Alex begged.

“Answer the question, my fiancé.” Nikita demanded, pressing her index finger against Alex’s entrance.

“Because you turn me on! Because you’re a goddess! Ohhhhhh God, because I’m your lesbian slut who craves to lick every inch of your perfect body.” Alex whimpered, desperately searching for the words which would make her master give her what she wanted. Then it came to her, Alex almost laughing as she momentarily felt so stupid given how obvious it was. However she was far too desperate to do anything but immediately proclaim, “Because I’m yours! Because I’m your property, ready and willing to be used by you whenever you want!”

Alex was going to say more, a lot more. Whatever it took to get Nikita to fuck her. Of course she believed every word of it, the mighty Nikita being nothing less than a goddess to Alexandra Udinov who considered herself to be this higher being’s pussy licker. This true Alpha female’s lesbian slut. This perfect creature’s property. Nikita’s property.

Unfortunately before Alex could list the other things she was to her own personal goddess Nikita began to slowly push her index finger inside of her, Alex’s words becoming gibberish as she let out a long, drawn out moan. It was followed by yet more moans once Nikita’s finger was all the way inside her pussy, the older spy barely wasting a second before beginning to pump in and out, Nikita officially beginning to finger fuck her fiancé.

Honestly Alex wasn’t sure which part of that last thought made her happier, the fact that Nikita was finger fucking her or that she was Nikita’s fiancé. Not that she was given much time to analyse it as shortly after sliding her index finger inside her Nikita kissed her again, Alex soon battling the older spy’s tongue for dominance inside their mouths.

As usual Nikita was not above playing dirty, in this case meaning after a while she pushed her middle finger into Alex’s pussy and then immediately capitalised on the other girl’s loss of concentration by bullying her tongue into submission. She then kept Alex’s tongue under control by rubbing the young Russian’s clit, this being another thing Alex didn’t mind, not at all, the younger assassin happily ‘letting’ Nikita have her way with her. And by ‘letting’ she meant allowing the natural order of things, Alex feeling… knowing she had no chance against the superior woman, the new head of Zetrov submitting to her master. Her mistress. Her everything.

Nikita smirked in triumph as once again she felt Alex submitting to her, the younger girl going limp underneath her in surrender. Just the way Nikita liked it, this submission fuelling the already raging fire inside her to fuck Alex and make her cum. For Nikita that was never a difficult task and Alex’s pussy seemed as welcoming to her fingers as ever, maybe even more so. Which gave her an idea.

Slowing down her rhythm momentarily Nikita very slowly and carefully inserted a third finger. Then she very slowly added a fourth after breaking the kiss with Alex so she could study her lover’s face for any discomfort or hesitation. Thankfully although Alex looked a little taken aback at first she stayed relaxed and continued allowing Nikita the access she needed, the younger girl even moaning loudly in pleasure as the older woman slid that fourth finger inside of her, stretching her like never before.

They had talked about doing this recently, and while it was something they had never done before and Alex had never experienced, Alex had agreed to try it. Nikita had promised she would save it for a special occasion and this seemed appropriate. She had also promised that she would make it as easy on Alex as possible, and given the young spy’s reactions Nikita was doing a good job. Still she remained cautious, fucking Alex slowly and steadily, only building up the pace again when Alex had been moaning in pure pleasure for quite a while.

Once Nikita started building up the rhythm Alex started humping upwards to meet the older assassin’s thrusts while whimpering, “Nожалуйста, пожалуйста, please Nikita, harder! Fuck me harder! Oooooohhhhhh Gooooddddd make me cum! Aaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, you feel so good, mmmmmmm, your fingers feel so good inside me, ohhhhhhhh please, пожалуйста fuck me hard and make me cum! Mmmmmm, I feel so full, mmmmmmm, so… stretched, by you, I, oooooooohhhhhhh God Nikita fuck me! Nikita! Oooooohhhhhh Gooooddddddd!”

Even though Nikita was trying to treat Alex right nowadays she still like to keep her baby girl on the edge of climax, partly to make her eventual orgasm that much stronger and partly for the sadistic joy of torturing her protégé. Although, if Nikita was honest with herself, it was mostly to savour the sense of power she had over the younger/less experienced assassin, this young woman who was powerful in her own right squirming underneath her and desperately begging for her release. Of course Nikita inevitably gave it to her and by their standards Alex wasn’t waiting that long until Nikita increased the pace of her thrusts ever so slightly and curled her fingers upwards to attack the other girl’s G-spot.

Alex came pretty much instantly, Nikita slowing down while both women savoured the sensation of the younger girl’s pussy clamping down behind the older woman’s fingers. Of course Alex got the added benefit of a wonderful wave of ecstasy running through her body, but Nikita seemed pretty intent with just staring at her face as she came, her mentor having already confessed to loving the look on her face when she came. Alex completely understood, she felt the same way about watching Nikita cum, something which would be hopefully happening again very soon.

After bringing her down from her high Nikita slowly pulled her fingers out of her cunt, Alex letting out a sharp cry at the bizarre feeling of pain and pleasure that caused her. Or more accurately soreness and pleasure, whatever discomfort she felt barely noticeable and quickly forgotten when Nikita brought her fingers up to her face and then slowly took them one by one into her mouth.

Alex watched intently as Nikita ate her cum this way, moaning most of the time that she was sucking on those fingers until she reached the last digit, which just so happened to be her index finger a.k.a. the finger which had spent most time in Alex’s pussy. Nikita then smiled and offered it to her protégé, Alex not hesitating for a second to wrap her lips around Nikita’s finger and suck her own juices from them, nearly the whole time staring lustfully at Nikita. Nikita stared intently back as she gave Alex a chance to finish cleaning that finger before she pulled it away from her and started moving down Alex’s body.

Before Nikita could get very far Alex softly whispered, “Wait, surely it’s your turn?”

“I don’t think so.” Nikita said dismissively, before being surprised by Alex grabbing her by the hair and stopping her just before she could attack her destination with her mouth.

“How about we make it both our turns?” Alex suggested, trying to make her voice not sound too forceful.

For a moment Alex thought she had overstepped and Nikita would get angry, either giving her a long lecture about who was in charge or bending Alex over and giving her a spanking, both options honestly turning the younger girl on even more. Instead Nikita just smiled at her and shifted her body around so that her womanhood was hovering over Alex’s face, the young Russian having to stop herself from immediately reaching out, grabbing Nikita’s butt and shoving her downwards the second that wet treasure was close to her forever Nikita’s pussy hungry mouth.

Deliberately teasing her protégé/fiancé Nikita slowed her movements once she was hovering over Alex, even stopping altogether when her cunt was about an inch away from the younger spy’s face. Then when she heard Alex take a gentle breath in a tiny sign that she was about to beg to eat her pussy Nikita swiftly pressed herself all the way down until she was literally smothering the other girl with her cunt. Which was of course what Alex wanted, minus maybe the trouble breathing part, Nikita lifting herself up slightly so her student could properly breathe again and more importantly lick her needy hole.

Perhaps to punish Nikita for the teasing/smothering Alex didn’t dive into that needy hole right away, choosing instead to give the length of the older woman’s pussy lips slow but steady strokes with her tongue. It was also possible Alex wasn’t sure what speed/force Nikita wanted her to go at, or guessed by the teasing/smothering her sensei was in the teasing mood. The last option was correct, and Nikita suspected it was the reason for Alex’s actions which made her happy/proud. Not that it really mattered right now whether Alex correctly anticipated Nikita’s mood, the fact was one way or another her minion/fiancé was doing exactly what she wanted her too so she deserved a reward.

Nikita was only too happy to reward Alex. Eventually. But it was just too tempting to lean back so the focus was on her sitting on that young, pretty face, Alex licking away at her pussy lips like a kitten with the saucer of milk, without the slightest bit of hesitation in those licks despite the fact Nikita was taking her sweet time following through on what they agreed. Although to be fair Alex trusted Nikita to do it eventually, and the young Russian seemed eager to return the earlier favour. Plus as had been thoroughly proven by now Alex loved licking Nikita’s pussy, perhaps even more than Nikita loved having Alex lick her.

After enjoying that fact for a few moments Nikita decided to reward Alex and prove she liked licking her protégé’s pussy just as much, the older woman leaning down until she was in a classic 69 position with the younger girl. Then Nikita took a brief moment to savour the sweet smell of the other assassin’s private area before closing her eyes, sticking out her tongue and slowly sliding it over Alex’s sex.

For a moment Alex paused to moan as Nikita’s tongue caressed her pussy lips, that wet muscle travelling all the way from the bottom where her love hole was to the very top so it teased her clit. Then Alex refocused on licking her teacher’s cunt, knowing from previous experience it was likely Nikita would punish her in some way if she got ‘lazy’ and stop doing what she was supposed to do just because of the older woman’s talented tongue. And the most likely punishment was being denied that talented tongue, something Alex certainly didn’t want to happen.

Despite being already given a handful of orgasms the taste of Nikita’s pussy on her tongue could quickly revitalised Alex. Plus spending a year of near non-stop training with Nikita, or more accurately a year of almost non-stop training/non-stop training and fucking the last six months of it, Alex’s stamina was nearly inhuman. And honestly while Nikita’s tongue was more than a little distracting in its own way it also motivated her to continue her work, especially as it was basically returning the favour for Alex’s latest round of multiple orgasms.

Of course because of those orgasms, and the sheer joy of licking the superior woman’s pussy, it wasn’t long before Nikita’s talented tongue had Alex on the edge of yet another climax. That in turn pushed Alex to work even harder to get her mentor/fiancé off, the younger spy frantically jerking her head up and down so she was bashing the older assassin’s clit with her nose/upper lip with every thrust of her tongue. She also curled that tongue inside her boss, hitting Nikita’s G-spot with practised ease, Alex only pausing this technique briefly so she could swallow her lover’s heavenly girl cream.

After a little more teasing Nikita began basically using the same technique, the dominant brunette making sure that both she and her minion came at the same time, that minion never more grateful as she couldn’t think of a happier time in her life than when she and Nikita came together. Well, there were a few times which were just as good like the last time they had sex, Alex briefly taking a moment to become lost in the memory before she concentrated on swallowing Nikita’s cum and then roughly tongue fucking the other woman to another climax.

Nikita did the same thing, the two women becoming lost in making each other cum for what felt like an eternity. Then, as was almost always the case with these things, Nikita decided enough was enough and she pulled herself away from Alex, turned round and collapsed on her protégé’s body. She then briefly wondered if it was Alex’s youth at gave her stamina to go on forever, or whether she just wanted to please her master, even now that it was so much more than teacher/student. Nikita expected this latter, that thought making her smile softly into Alex’s neck before she gently began to kiss it, lingering there for a while before making her way to the younger girl’s lips.

Unsurprisingly Alex welcomed her lips, and later her tongue, the little Russian jackrabbit kissing Nikita back with impressive enthusiasm even for her. And Nikita enjoyed those lips and eventually Alex’s tongue against her own, the always in control brunette indulging a long make out session with her young protégé/fiancé. Then Nikita broke what had been mostly a gentle kiss, pulled back and just stared down at the girl who had stolen her heart, at some point gently cupping Alex’s face and smiling softly.

“How would you like to make this a really special night?” Nikita asked eventually.

Alex thought it was already a pretty eventful night, one she would no doubt remember for the rest of her life, but that didn’t stop her from replying, “What did you have in mind?”

Nikita hesitated for a moment and then softly replied, “I was thinking you could top me.”

Feeling a little confused Alex half smiled, half frowned, “Ok, but I’ve done that before.”

Nikita shook her head, “No, I mean really top me.”

Alex thought for a minute, and then she realised what the other woman might be implying, “You mean-”

“Fuck my ass.” Nikita interrupted, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Trying and failing not to seem nervous Alex asked, “Have you ever done that before?”

Nikita shook her head, “No. I’ve never done that. I… I never wanted too.”

As Nikita trailed off, seemingly in deep thought, Alex said, “You don’t have too.”

Snapping out of her thoughts Nikita refocused on her lover and said, “I want too! I’m going too! I mean… you’re different. With… with other women, I was always dominant. Sometimes I let them think they were in control, but it was an illusion. And it was the same thing with men, I always had them right where I wanted them. Even the men I loved I needed to control, because I never truly trusted them. Never really let them in. But you Alex, you’re different. I want you to have every part of me. The most private part of me, the part I never let anyone have, and truly submit to someone for the first time in my life. If you’re up for it.”

The fact that the last part of that sentence was challenging did not go unnoticed by Alex, who tried to smile bravely while replying, “Oh, I’m up for it.”

Nikita smiled softly and then kissed her lover, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

Feeling her strength renewed Nikita lifted herself up and was about to crawl off of Alex and get off the bed when her protégé/fiancé flipped her onto her back, pressed up against her and literally growled, “No, you wait here. I’ll be right back.”

While Nikita was sure Alex was going for dominant she instead came off as cute. Adorable even, Nikita knowing she could effortlessly flipped their positions again and put this girl in her place. Of course that was part of the thrill of submitting to Alex, knowing she was allowing this weaker girl to top her. It also allowed Nikita to let go of her precious control, knowing she could regain it if she really wanted too. Although she was sure there would be no need for that as Alex was one person in the whole world she could trust with anything, including her mental and physical well-being.

As she calmed herself with that fact Nikita watched Alex giddily skipped towards the bag she’d left next to the sink, pull out a strap-on and quickly began attaching it. Then Nikita raised an eyebrow as Alex reached back into the bag to retrieve some anal lubricant, the older spy calling out, “Don’t you want me to suck it?”

“After.” Alex said dismissively, looking at Nikita mischievously as she squeezed some of the lube into her hand before began to approach the bed while rubbing the liquid into the shaft, “All I want you to do right now is bend over.”

Smiling wickedly Nikita turned over, lifted herself onto all fours and then asked teasingly, “Are you finally going to have your revenge Alexandra Udinov?”

Author’s note:

This story is a sequel to Hate Me.


As usual Alex was filled with a mixture of emotions as she approached Nikita’s HQ, but most notably fear and excitement. Fear that she would find the woman she loved dead or worse that she would lead their enemies to them and live just long enough to see Nikita die. But Alex was constantly haunted by those thoughts and while they got stronger whenever she was about to see Nikita again they were overwhelmed by her feelings of joy at once again seeing the older woman who was her everything.

Her heart pounded ever faster in her chest the closer she got and then it skipped a beat upon seeing Nikita alive and well. However no sooner had a relieved smile crossed Alex’s face her training kicked in forcing her to analyse her surroundings. It was then that Alex noticed the totalled computer. Other things seemed in disarray but on further inspection of the room, and Nikita, it was only the computer screen and hard drive which was riddled with bullets.

“What happened to the computer?” Alex asked.

“Michael. He and I had a heated discussion.” Nikita said, a tiny smirk briefly crossing her face as she approached the younger girl, “It ended with a trip to Russia to help him settle an old score. That’s where I’ve been the last couple of days.”

“With him?” Alex found herself blurting out, hating how blatantly jealous she sounded.

“Yes.” Nikita said softly, not missing Alex’s tone, “And in case you’re wondering, nothing happened. He has feelings for me, he always has, and maybe in another life I might have explored that, but I made it clear to him there was someone else.”

“Oh.” Alex mumbled, happiness overwhelming her for a second before she asked, “Is that going to be a problem?”

“I doubt it.” Nikita said dryly, “We found out that Percy was the one that arranged to have his family killed so he’s agreed to help us take the bastard down.”

“That’s great.” Alex said, before quickly clarifying, “Not about what Percy did, that’s horrible, but if this means there’ll be two of us on the inside-”

“No!” Nikita almost yelled before calming herself, “Michael has almost unlimited access to Division. With him on our side there is no reason for you to go back.”

Alex just stared at Nikita for a moment and then asked, “So what do you want me to do?”

Nikita moved so she was standing right in front of Alex, “First we need to remove your tracker. Like I said, I know a guy who can do it, and give you a new identity-”

“I don’t want a new identity.” Alex snapped angrily, “I don’t want to run. I won’t. I won’t leave you!”

“I don’t want you to leave!” Nikita snapped back, somewhat softening her tone as she added, “I want you to stay. I want you to stay here with me, and I want to make this place nuclear bomb proof and lock it down so tight no one could ever get to you. But the truth is as long as Division is around it doesn’t matter what I do your life will be in danger. So me and Michael are going to finish this. Finish them once and for all. And I want you by my side for that, but I need you to understand… if you stay I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“I don’t care.” Alex snapped again, albeit without a hint of anger this time, “I’m staying.”

Nikita half smiled, “I hoped you’d say that.”

Alex cautiously stepped forward, “Were you really expecting me to say anything else?”

Again Nikita softly smiled, “You should know by now I always expect the worst, but-”

“Prepare for every potential outcome, I know.” Alex said, stepping into Nikita’s personal space, “I just don’t see how you could ever think me leaving you was a possible outcome.”

“It should be. You should leave me. You should hate me. You should-” Nikita snapped, and then when her lover gave her a look she sighed, took Alex into her arms and said, “And I know, I know you don’t care how I think you should feel, but honestly Alex I don’t deserve you. And for all my careful planning I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t see falling in love with you as a possible outcome and now I can’t sleep, I can’t eat… I can barely function because I’m worried they’ll take you away from me the way they took Daniel. And I loved him, but not as much as I love you. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. So please Alex, leave Division. Please leave Division so I can keep you safe. Please… stay with me.”

What was possibly the most genuinely happy smile she’d ever had crossed Alex’s face as she replied, “With you, is the only place I’ve ever wanted to be.”

Smiling with the same obvious happiness as her protégé Nikita stroked Alex’s hair and whispered, “That’s good. So good. But we still need to remove your tracker. After you called I contacted my guy but he can’t do it until tonight. In the meantime… I’m open to suggestions…”

Alex was a little taken aback by that last comment, particularly the tone of it. Back before they were sharing a bed Nikita had been strictly business with her for the most part, and when they had become lovers Nikita had grown cold as ice. It had been worse during sex, Nikita treating Alex like trash in a misguided attempt to stop the younger girl from falling in love with her. So it was kind of jarring for Nikita to be playfully flirting with her, albeit a little cautiously, the deadly assassin looking a little worried as Alex hesitated to reply.

Refocusing on what was important Alex softly smiled and said, “I could think of a few things.”

Then she lent in to kiss Nikita which led to another pleasant surprise for Alex. Namely Nikita leaning in at the same time and with the same slow pace resulting in a kiss which was more reminiscent of strangers than long time lovers. Once their lips met there was still the passion of two people who had thoroughly explored each other’s bodies but there was still a cautiousness more associated with a first time kiss and a gentleness Alex had never received before. It was breath-taking. Not that kissing Nikita wasn’t always breath-taking because it was, this was just… different. Wonderfully different.

It was different because Nikita wasn’t kissing Alex like she was her lover, but like she was in love with her. Of course Nikita had been in love with Alex for a while but she was now embracing those feelings instead of fighting them. Embracing her passion for the young girl, Nikita trying to tell Alex she loved her through the kiss. Which admittedly she had done right after finally telling Alex how she felt, but a hello kiss is different to one given in the middle of sex. Or right after it. Or a reluctant goodbye.

For the most part Nikita enjoyed gently kissing Alex. It brought back a few bittersweet memories of former lovers but fortunately it was difficult to concentrate on anything that wasn’t this girl in her arms. The only other thing that was really on Nikita’s mind was guiding the younger spy to the bed and stripping them both of their clothes, something she took a great deal of time and care in doing. Nikita used that same amount of care to lower Alex on the bed before gently pushing her into the centre of it and then getting on top of her.

After that Nikita just concentrated on kissing her young lover, just enjoying what felt like a perfect moment for who knows how long until eventually she broke away from her protégé, looked into her eyes and whispered, “Alex… the way I’ve treated you, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok.” Alex whispered breathlessly, “We’ve been through this. You don’t have to be sorry about that, I loved every minute of it.”

“I know, but…” Nikita hesitated briefly, then added, “But I wish our first time had been different. By then I was in love with you, I should have acted like it. I should have accepted it and told you how I felt. I should have shown you how I felt. I should have made love to you. I was just so scared. Of loving you, of admitting the truth… and I somehow deluded myself into believing as long as I kept telling you and myself you were nothing to me then if I ever lost you it wouldn’t completely destroy me and leave me a useless wreck. I, I was a coward, and for that, I’m sorry. But I’m going to make it up to you. I promise. And I’m going to start by giving you the first time you deserve.”

With that Nikita pressed her lips to Alex’s again, this time pushing her tongue into her mouth right from the get go and using a tiny bit more force than before as an attempt to make her forget about the last thing she had said. It was something Nikita had considered bringing up more directly before chickening out, that being because she trusted the wrong people Alex’s first time was a nightmare. Of all the many, many mistakes Nikita wishes she could go back and change that somehow, or at least change her own unforgivable behaviour, but alas she couldn’t. All she could do right now was make love to this girl who she could no longer live without, Nikita determined to keep her promise of making it up to her protégé.

Breaking the kiss again Nikita whispered, “I love you.”

Alex smiled softly, “I love you too.”

Nikita returned the smile and briefly kissed Alex again before moving from her lips to her neck, the more experienced spy leaving a trail of gentle pecks in her wake before stopping a while to lick, suck and nibble at her lover’s soft flesh. She repeated this process when she moved from Alex’s neck to her tits, Nikita first kissing her way down the other woman’s body until she could take one of Alex’s nipples into her mouth and suck on it. And lick it, Nikita moving back and forth between those nipples and using a varied amount of force to worship each one. The biting was less frequent and less rough than usual, Nikita only using her teeth because she knew how much Alex loved it.

While Alex did love it she wasn’t so much a fan of this gentle teasing. Of course Nikita had teased her in other ways before, and the older woman had trained her to withstand much harsher tortured than this so Alex kept her mouth shut and just tried to enjoy what was happening to her. Which in some ways was easy, given everything Nikita was doing felt good and it was blissful to have the goddess she loved gently making love to her. However even when Nikita moved lower she deliberately ignored the place Alex most wanted her, the deadly assassin instead concentrating on gently kissing her stomach, thighs and even all the way down her legs. Seemingly everywhere except Alex’s needy pussy.

So by the time Nikita finally pressed her tongue against the bottom of her cunt Alex was nearly delirious with need, the young spy letting out a guttural cry of relief which quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as the wicked tongue travelled all the way up to her clit. Nikita kept her tongue on Alex’s clit just long enough to make the brown haired girl’s eyes roll back in her head before starting a steady rhythm, Alex whimpering as her mentor deliberately avoided her clit but more than made up for it with her skilled licking.

Again this was so different to what Alex was used too. Normally Nikita would go down on Alex until she had made the younger girl cum at least once, the older spy wrapping her upstairs lips around Alex’s downstairs lips so she could suck the cum from her before tongue fucking her. When Nikita was stressed out and in need of an orgasm right from the get go she would shove Alex to her knees so the Russian girl could eat her pussy, after which Nikita had often return the favour using the same suck and fuck technique. She had only started by tongue fucking Alex a couple of times, most recently when Nikita had her pinned down underneath her on the training mats and the far more deadly assassin hadn’t been able to resist turning it into an 69. However this, this was new.

Alex wasn’t sure what to think of this new treatment at first. She was so used to instant gratification, or at least instant incredible pleasure, that all the gentle foreplay had been a little jarring. In some ways it was the same with the gentle pussy licking she was now receiving. It also felt increasingly frustrating not to get the overwhelming ecstasy she knew Nikita could so easily give her. However there was a new intensity Alex adored and when it was combined with the sensation of the soft cunt lapping it was more than enough to make the young brunette writhe joyfully on the bed.

Nikita was feeling a little lost so Alex’s writhing and moaning was more than welcome. It always had been as Nikita got a primal thrill out of pleasing her lovers regardless of what they meant to her, or what she pretended they meant to her. However this was particularly welcome because while Nikita had fucked many, many women she had never made love to one before. Her attempt at the end of their last sex session didn’t really count and Alex had needed to rush off in the morning so this was the first time Nikita had a chance to truly make love to this girl and she desperately wanted to do it right.

Luckily Nikita had a chance to do some research before Michael destroyed her computer, and she had occasionally ordered Alex to give her pussy a gentle licking, so she did have some idea of what she was doing. There was also definitely something to be said for instincts. However Nikita had never been this anxious and nervous to please a lover before and combine that with using an unfamiliar technique it was such a relief to receive positive, if unintelligible, feedback.

It also helped that Nikita was really, really enjoying herself. Licking Alex’s pussy like this was so wonderfully intense and Nikita felt more connected to her young lover than ever, which was really saying something considering the past year or so. Best of all Nikita was really getting to savour the heavenly taste which was pure Alexandra Udinov. Sure, Nikita had known from the first time she buried her face in between Alex’s legs that her protégé had a delicious little cunt, but she had always devoured it so ferociously she had somehow not truly appreciated how amazing it was.

Nikita was unsure how long she spent savouring that flavour. It could have easily been hours, Nikita not wanting to check but knowing she had to, and sadly not just because her plan demanded that at some point she replace her tongue with her fingers. So eventually Nikita did just that, for once taking the time to watch as she rubbed her index finger along Alex’s pussy lips before slowly pushing it inside her younger lover and began fucking her with it. To have such a close-up view of her finger pumping Alex’s pussy was enough to make Nikita want to stay in between the other brunette’s thighs forever, yet the more mature spy forced herself to lift her head up and look at the clock.

Seeing she still had plenty of time Nikita slowly moved up Alex’s body until they were face to face, the whole time finger fucking the younger woman at a slow and gentle pace. She then stared into her beautiful blue eyes for a while before whispering, “Alex…”

“What?” Alex gasped after a little while, hoping Nikita wasn’t going to ask her to leave her again.

Nikita wasn’t, but she was struggling to find the right words to say what she wanted to say, “I can’t give you everything you deserve. I can’t take you out to the movies or to dinner, but I can spoil you in other ways. I can buy you pretty things, or steal them, and I’ll cook whatever you want… do whatever I can to make you happy. So… if this is what you really want… if I’m what you really want… I’m ok with labelling this now. I’m ok with labelling us.”

Alex was stunned, and not just by Nikita nervous for once but because of what her older lover seemed to be saying, “You mean like… labelling us the G word.”

“Yes.” Nikita smiled softly, “We could die at any moment, and… and I’m done holding back because of it. So, if it’s really what you want, I’m all in.”

Almost literally crying with joy Alex cupped Nikita’s face and softly whispered, “You’re the only thing I’ve ever truly wanted. The only thing. So, yeah… I’m all in too.”

The two women exchanged a soft and extremely brief smile. Then a wicked grin crossed Nikita’s beautiful face and Alex trembled in anticipation. Sure enough the young Division agent was soon trembling in pleasure as her beloved sensei picked up the pace of the finger fucking. At first it was only a little bit but it was more than enough to make Alex gasp joyfully. Then Nikita worked her way up until she was truly displaying the rhythm she was capable of, although this time while it was hard it was not quite rough, the experienced assassin once again showing off that she was a master of sex.

As Alex enjoyed the benefit of that she briefly took a moment to appreciate how unusual it was to talk about commitment during sex. Or at least she imagined it was. At least a meaningful conversation which pushed the relationship forward. Then again Alex’s understanding of ‘normal’ was limited as it was something she could only study and never be. Nor was it something she truly wanted because what she had with Nikita was anything but normal and Alex loved it. So if anything it seemed appropriate to have an unconventional conversation about commitment, especially during sex which had defined their relationship for so long, and yet helped it change into what Alex had always wanted it to be.

Of course Alex thought this was it. All Nikita could manage for now. But she was wrong.

“Alexandra Udinov.” Nikita huskily whispered, the older woman using a Russian accent which somehow made Alex’s body tremble just as much as Nikita deliberately pausing to curl her fingers inside her, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Those earlier tears of joy which had threatened to fill her eyes were now streaming down Alex’s face, the Russian girl literally weeping, “да! да да да! Yes! Oh God yes!”

“Then cum for me.” Nikita demanded, as she began to slam her fingers in and out of Alex’s cunt as fast as she could while staring into her lover’s eyes, “Cum for me my girlfriend.”

Hearing Nikita call her that, something she had wanted for so long, immediately sent Alex over the edge. Her body trembled, her pussy clenched down on those skilled fingers and she let out a sharp cry as she came, the whole time Nikita staring deep into her soul with a breath-taking intensity. Nikita kept her fingers still, allowing Alex to coat them with her cream. Then she smiled softly down at her protégé and began fucking her again, at first switching back to the gentle technique before gradually building Alex up to the point she was ready to cum again.

It was strange, Nikita had spent so long hating the way Alex looked at her because she didn’t deserve it. Because it was wrong. Because it was a lie, Nikita truly believing that when Alex learned the truth about her involvement in her father’s death the other girl would hate her. Yet here they were almost a week after Nikita had finally revealed the truth and Alex was looking at her with those big puppy dog eyes, wordlessly telling the deadly assassin she loved her in spite of everything.

Now that she had truly accepted Alex’s love Nikita adored those big puppy dog eyes. Adored the way they showed total devotion to her, told her that Alex would never leave her, that she would always be hers. And they of course told Nikita of the tremendous pleasure Alex was now receiving from her touch, other parts of the younger spy’s body telling Nikita the same thing. Specifically in the way Alex’s face was awash with bliss and the way the other girl desperately clung to her as she rode out her orgasms.

Even when Nikita hadn’t enjoyed the love she saw in Alex’s eyes she had still stared into them when Alex came because it was perhaps the most intoxicating sight Nikita had ever seen. As she liked giving her lover’s pleasure it was only natural she enjoyed staring into their eyes when they came, however there was something special about Alex. Perhaps it was because Alex had always been special to her, but there was just something about the way the Russian girl’s eyes lit up when she came which drove Nikita wild.

As much as she was addicted to that sight Nikita had another addiction and she was aching to get her fix. No, not the drugs that once ruined her life, but the sweet taste of Alex’s cum, Nikita kissing her way down her girl’s slender body before switching her fingers for her tongue. After a few thorough licks Nikita wrapped her mouth around Alex’s pussy lips and sucked the remainder of the other girl’s cum out of her sweet little love hole. Which in turn caused Alex to cum again, this time in Nikita’s mouth, the more experienced assassin eagerly swallowing every drop before tongue fucking her beloved protégé to another orgasm.

For a while Nikita switch back and forth between her tongue and fingers, giving Alex so many orgasms in the process she thought she would pass out. Then Nikita slowly brought her down from her high, kissed her way up to her body until they were face to face again and stared lovingly into Alex’s eyes.

She became lost in those eyes for a few seconds, then after a brief kiss Nikita whispered, “Wait here.”

Obeying Nikita was like breathing for Alex, something so natural to her she did it without question. Trusting Nikita was just as natural to her, Alex understanding although her sensei had kept things from her and even lied to her she was trying to do what was best for both of them. Then there was getting excited at Nikita’s actions, one of the most frequent triggers to this natural reaction being Nikita retrieving a strap-on dildo. Alex was a little disappointed it wasn’t the biggest model, but she had plenty of fond memories of Nikita using that 10 inches of rubber to make her feel oh so good.

What was unnatural was Nikita gently lifting her feet and slipping the harness over them after murmuring, “I thought tonight we could try something different.”

Alex was stunned. Sure she had fantasised about using the strap-on cock to fuck her beloved mentor, or even just a regular dildo, but Alex hadn’t been sure Nikita would ever allow her to use one on her. Of course it was a nice surprise, and even as Alex was busy being stunned her body was only too happy to move itself accordingly to make it easier for Nikita to slide the harness up her thighs and tighten it around her waist.

By the time she had come to her senses Nikita looked about ready to take the fake cock into her mouth, prompting Alex to softly ask, “Have you ever done this before?”

Looking up at her student Nikita softly smiled, “Not for a woman.”

Then Nikita swallowed the head of the cock and began bobbing her head up and down on it, her right hand stroking the base in what was probably something done out of habit but really worked for Alex who was having the end of the dildo bashing against her clit. Surprisingly soon after that Nikita began lowering her mouth even further down on the dick, taking inch after inch down her throat until she was bobbing on the entire length of the cock.

Obviously Nikita had done this before, and while Alex found it incredibly mentally thrilling and surprisingly physically pleasurable to be on the receiving end of a blow job for once she couldn’t help feel jealous. It was a childish feeling as the older woman had made no secret of her sexual tension with Michael or her previous engagement to Daniel, so it was hardly new information that Nikita had experience with men. That she had loved others. That Alex was simply the latest to fall head over heels for this exotic beauty, and she should try and focus on the honour of being the first woman to experience this from Nikita than any petty jealousy.

For her part Nikita was extremely nervous by this whole situation, so she finished the blow job as quickly as she could then took the toy out of her mouth, crawled up Alex’s body and lined the head of the dildo up with the entrance to her core. Then with a calming breath she lowered herself downwards, her pussy welcoming the fake cock inside it pretty easily. There was a slight stretching sensation which could have easily been avoided if Nikita had just picked a smaller dildo but she wanted this to hurt a little. In fact she was somewhat disappointed it didn’t hurt more.

Nikita had inflicted big toys on Alex almost right from the get go, the smallest strap-on being 8 inches long and she used that only once. More recently she started using the 12 incher but after careful debate had chosen the 10 inch model for this little experiment. Of course Nikita had been with plenty of ‘well-equipped’ men, particularly Daniel and Michael had been above average, however she had never had something quite this big inside her, Nikita getting quite a thrill out of her protégé stretching her out like never before. Alex stretching her out like never before.

Of course Nikita had considered using a toy this size when she was alone, but honestly she preferred using her own fingers when masturbating. If she wanted something hard inside her she could normally get it just by walking into a bar and picking up the best they had to offer, although admittedly that was something she hadn’t done since she found Alex. At first because caring for the girl had taken priority over her sex drive and then later in her weaker moments Nikita had become fixated on just touching herself while imagining the beautiful Russian girl. Then she had allowed Alex to succeed at seducing her and since then Nikita had no need for masturbation.

Briefly Nikita smiled as she thought about how much more effective Alex’s mouth was than her own fingers at getting her off, especially after she had added sex-ed to her student’s education. Soon afterwards Nikita thought she was going to have a lot of fun guiding Alex through the advanced sex-ed lessons, although her mind was briefly occupied with the fact that she had finished lowering herself on the full length of the strap-on. Nikita was now sitting on Alex’s lap with every inch of that dick inside her. Nikita had every inch of Alex’s dick inside her.

Alex was also dwelling on that overwhelming thought. She had become so used to it being the other way around, and she loved it, loved having Nikita’s dick inside her, but this was a whole new level of thrilling. Not necessarily better than having Nikita inside her, just different. A very good different, which was quickly becoming the theme of the night.

While Alex didn’t exactly get over being inside Nikita in this way her thoughts were interrupted by the amazing sight of her exotic goddess slowly lifting herself up so that a few inches of dildo left her pussy and then pushed herself back down and in doing so pushing those inches back inside herself. Nikita then repeated this process, establishing a slow, steady rhythm. Only she wasn’t fucking Alex, she was fucking herself. Nikita was fucking herself on Alex’s cock and Alex didn’t know what to think or where to look.

At first Alex couldn’t help but focus on Nikita’s cunt, the younger spy mesmerised by the sight of that pretty little pussy taking that big dildo with ease. The thought of her sensei bouncing on her cock was beyond thrilling, and it looked amazing, but Alex couldn’t help thinking the reason Nikita was taking it with ease was because of her former lovers, because of Daniel and Michael, and she should have been mature and understanding about that but she just couldn’t help feel jealous. In many ways Alex was still a child and she could easily become petty and jealous at the idea of Nikita with someone else, the thought of it now threatening to ruin the amazing time she was having.

To keep herself happy Alex forced her eyes to travel upwards to Nikita’s breasts bouncing ever so slightly by the force of her thrusts, the young assassin quickly becoming happy again at both the sight and the image in her head of sucking those well-proportioned globes of flesh. Best of all it wasn’t just her imagination, it was many memories of Nikita allowing Alex the privilege of sucking her tits, and of course the sweet memory of the last time she’d really had some time to worship that area.

Once she had enjoyed that image for a while Alex’s eyes traveled upwards to Nikita’s beautiful face which was a mask of pleasure, the two deadly women locking eyes and staring at each other for a few blissful seconds. Then without any warning Nikita leaned down so she was pressing her body flat against Alex and kissed her girlfriend right on the lips.

The kiss seemed to last forever and yet only for a few seconds, the next thing Alex truly knowing being Nikita pulling away from her and whispering, “Fuck me Alex. Please fuck me.”

It took a couple of seconds for Alex to fully comprehend what Nikita meant by that. When she figured it out she scolded herself for her stupidity and then quickly got to work pleasing the only person who meant anything to her anymore. That included grabbing Nikita’s hips firmly with both hands and then thrusting upwards and into her sensei. Immediately her own personal goddess let out a loud cry of pleasure which had Alex repeating the process, awkwardly thrusting away at Nikita’s cunt as the older woman lifted herself up and began thrusting in time with Alex’s movements.

Nikita also began playing with her tits, gently at first but with increasing roughness to go along with the harder thrusts initiated by the more experienced spy. Alex was of course ever the obedient student and happy to follow her teacher’s lead, the eager to please Russian pounding up into the older woman’s love box as Nikita pounded downwards. Working together like that the sex soon became harder and rough, at first Nikita just moaning happily before beginning to make more verbal encouragement.

“Fuck me Alex, please fuck me.” Nikita practically whimpered in a desperate tone Alex had never quite heard before, “Oh God fuck me with your cock! Fuck me with your girl cock. Yes, mmmmmmm, oh Alex, fuck me Alex. Fuck me my girlfriend. Fuck, ooooooohhhhh fuck me Alex!”

That simple encouragement had Alex more desperate than ever to please the love of her life. However for once Alex felt compelled to go against Nikita’s unspoken wishes and shake things up a bit. If it turned out to be a mistake she would simply say she was trying to show initiative and then take whatever punishment Nikita saw fit. If not, well, Nikita wasn’t the only one who would benefit.

It wasn’t often Nikita was taken by surprise but normally Alex was so submissive during sex. In fact Alex was subservient in general to Nikita, and while a big part of that was their teacher/student dynamic the older spy had suspected her protégé of being naturally submissive before she bedded her. Nearly every sexual encounter that had only seen to confirm Nikita’s original hypothesis, the fact that Alex was a bottom only making it harder for Nikita to resist the young temptress.

So even though Nikita had ordered Alex to fuck her and begged for more she was taken completely offguard when her protégé flipped her onto her back and mounted her without the dildo being removed from her needy hole. Unfortunately that stopped the momentum of the fuck, a few seconds ticking by as Alex stared down at her nervously. Then with a clearly forced look of determination on her face Alex started fucking Nikita again, this time the young assassin being the one to choose the pace of the thrusting. She chose hard and fast, Alex using a few warning thrusts to get Nikita’s pussy used to the sensation of being fucked this way before quickly working things up to the point she was using all her strength to pound into the far more experienced and deadly assassin.

If she had been in her right mind Nikita might have considered scolding Alex for doing something without her permission. As it was she was far too busy moaning in pleasure and trying not to cum to quickly from being fucked this way. The way she hadn’t been fucked in so long. With her on the bottom and someone else pounding into her. Only this time it wasn’t some musclebound man but her petite protégé. A girl almost half her age who had submitted to her so completely was now pounding her pussy hard and deep, making the dangerous spy come apart underneath her beloved Alex.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Alex said, her soft tone sounding deafening in the now more or less quiet room, “I want to feel your legs, and arms, wrapped around me while you cum.”

Nikita was speechless. She wanted to say yes, to beg Alex to fuck her and make her cum, and that she loved her. Instead Nikita did as she was told, which was kind of big deal for her as she had always hated taking orders. Now however she didn’t mind, especially as she was soon fucked to a powerful climax. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Nikita stared up lovingly into Alex’s eyes and then tried to verbally give Alex her approval. Even though she couldn’t form a coherent word let alone a sentence Alex got the message, the younger girl clearly cumming herself as a result of the stimulator on her clit and the joy of fucking Nikita, both women enjoying this act perhaps just as much as the other.

After what felt like a blissful eternity Alex collapsed into her lovers arms, Nikita holding her sweat soaked body to her own in a sticky but much-needed warm embrace. They rested like that for a while, Alex’s cock completely engulfed in Nikita’s cunt, the younger spy trying to get over what she had just done to this goddess who had treated her like a submissive little fuck toy since their first night together. Which again Alex loved, but to have fucked Nikita in this way and made her cum whimpering her name was beyond intoxicating.

Of course they say all good things must come to an end and from the look in Nikita’s eyes when she rolled them over told Alex that her time on top was well and truly done.

That thought was momentarily in doubt when Nikita rolled off of her, got down between her legs and gave her another long blow job, this time cleaning her own cum and pussy juices from the shaft. Then it became a little unclear when Nikita removed the harness and began lapping away at Alex’s cunt, the experienced older woman effortlessly cleaning her young lover’s pussy of all her leftover cum before beginning to drink down her regular cream. It was enough to make Alex want to beg Nikita to get into a 69 with her so she can return the favour, before she could Nikita moved away and it all became clear.

Quickly strapping the dildo around her waist Nikita ordered, “Bend over.”

Alex obeyed without a moment’s hesitation, the young spy eager to see which hole her sensei would choose to fuck. Her mouth, pussy and ass were at Nikita’s disposal 24/7 as far as Alex was concerned. Even during the deadliest missions Alex was confident Nikita could find the time to take her if she wanted too, and Division HQ was just another place which couldn’t keep Nikita out if she wanted to be there. Of course now was not the time to dwell on such things. Instead it was the time to wiggle her ass invitingly and hope the mighty Nikita would take her, and take her hard.

For a few seconds Nikita just stared at her lustfully, Alex practically quivering in anticipation of what was about to happen to her. Then Nikita moved so she was directly behind Alex, the younger girl letting out a excited moan as she felt her sensei’s fingers sliding over her pussy lips. Nikita cruelly teased her girlfriend for a full minute, sliding those fingers up and down, up and down, up and down before finally pushing them slowly inside her, Alex moaning loudly as her older lover began finger fucking her.

Nikita had proven she could easily make a girl cum by just using her fingers but Alex was no fool, she knew exactly what her boss wanted and she was only too happy to give it to her, “Please fuck me Niki, mmmmmm fuck me hard! Oh God, fuck me with your big cock. Mmmmmm, I want to feel your big cock inside me. I want to feel you inside me. Ooooooh Niki, please give it to me. Fuck me like only you can. Please? Please fuck me Nikita. I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Ohhhhhh, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, fuck whichever hole you want, they’re both yours. All my holes are yours. My mouth, pussy and ass are your personal fuck holes. Please fuck one of them oooooooohhhhhhh Nikitaaaaaaaa!”

Hearing the words she had been waiting for Nikita quickly pulled her fingers out of Alex’s pussy and replace them with the strap-on cock, the older spy slowly but surely pushing the full-length of the dildo into her protégé. Once Alex was full of her cock Nikita took a few seconds to savour the moment. Then she slowly began pumping her girl’s pussy, Alex’s joyful moans the sweetest music to Nikita’s ears.

It had always been a wonderful sound Nikita had been too busy hating herself to truly enjoy before. Now she was in heaven, not just from the sound of Alex’s enjoyment from the feeling of her hips gently thrusting against the other girl’s butt and perhaps more importantly the sight of Alex’s love hole stretching around her strap-on. Her lover’s womanhood taking her false manhood inside her. Alex taking Nikita inside her, stretching for her, taking everything she had to offer. Every long, thick, hard inch of that fake prick pumping in and out of Alex’s core, Nikita fucking her girlfriend with her strap-on cock. Fucking her with her cock.

For a while Nikita kind of got stuck on that idea. She always did when fucking Alex like this as there was something about wearing a strap-on which really got Nikita off. It was why as tempting and as easy it would have been to just make Alex cum on her fingers Nikita had pushed her dick into her protégé the second the girl had begged her for it and confirmed her holes belong to her.

Of course thoughts such as these had Nikita literally aching to fuck Alex hard and make her cum. That was something Alex wanted too given the way she was moaning and her wet pussy was welcoming Nikita’s cock. However after so many nights of treating Alex like a cheap whore Nikita desperately wanted to give her lover the type of treatment she truly deserved while at the same time giving her a gentle reminder who was in charge. Fortunately, and as usual, Nikita had a plan.

Alex was so lost in the heaven which was being fucked by Nikita she was completely taken by surprise when she found herself slowly being moved backwards. For the briefest of moments she almost panicked. Then she relaxed, safe in the knowledge that nothing could hurt her as long as she was in Nikita’s arms. It was perhaps a childish/unrealistic thought but it was one which felt so vividly real to Alex given she knew full well what this goddess was capable of, the fact that Nikita moved her like she weighed nothing further proving there was something to that thought.

Before Alex could dwell on it much more she felt the dildo start moving in and out of her pussy again. It had stopped only briefly but in her current horny stated it felt long enough to the young assassin, Alex just enjoying the sensation for a few seconds before analysing this new position she now found herself in.

It was sort of the reverse cowgirl, only instead of laying on her back Nikita was sort of kneeling. Or perhaps more accurately sitting on her legs. Either way she was bouncing Alex on her lap, the younger girl more or less moving up and down on the fake prick which was still deep inside her, Nikita still effortlessly moving her body as if she weighed nothing.

Which clearly wasn’t the idea, “Come on, Alex bounce for me. Bounce on my cock. Bounce like a good girl.”

Not needing to be told twice Alex started riding Nikita’s cock, the younger spy working in time with her mentor’s movements so that the dildo went as deep as possible with each thrust. It wasn’t as hard as it could possibly be because Alex chose to keep time with Nikita’s pace which were slow and steady, the Russian of course ready for a harder pace but not daring to push it without Nikita’s permission.

In the past she had tried a few times and Nikita had been furious, yelling at Alex that she had to do what she said at all times. That if she couldn’t trust her to do as she was told when they were alone together how could she trust she wouldn’t be a liability out in the field. It was the same thing Nikita said when Alex made a mistake during training and had always meant the same thing, that being Nikita liked having Alex under her thumb. Alex wasn’t sure how much Nikita was aware of it as she had been hesitant to ask her but there was no denying Nikita craved control. In general but most of all over Alex. And for all of her own long-standing desires for freedom Alex loved being under Nikita’s control.

Fucking Nikita with the strap-on was everything Alex had dreamed it would be and more. It had given her the feeling of power and dominance which had been incredible rush, and she had got to be intimate with Nikita in a way she had never known before. It had just been so intense, in a way which had been so different to anything else. Even the little display of dominance they’d both enjoyed the last time they were together. However deep down Alex knew she was a bottom, or possibly Nikita was such a top that she just gravitated towards the submissive role.

That was why as fun as it had been to play the role of dominant top it felt heavenly to be back in the role of submissive bottom. The role that felt like she was born to play, Alex truly believing she had found her place in life right here, bouncing on Nikita’s cock. Yes, her purpose in life was to sexually please the goddess known as Nikita. To fulfil every one of this goddess’s desires by any means necessary, her own pleasure nothing but a trivial after thought next to the enjoyment of Nikita. That was why Alex continued to ride that dildo even as her own desire caught up with her and her body began to ache for the type of powerful orgasms only Nikita could give her.

Luckily for Alex she was soon given the chance to earn those orgasms, Nikita leaning forward to nibble on her earlobe before whispering in her ear, “You wanna cum baby girl?”

“да!” Alex whimpered, “да! да да да! Ohhhhhh my God yes, mmmmmm, oh Niki please, I need it!”

Grinning wickedly Nikita practically purred, “Maybe I will… if you beg for it like a good girl.”

Wasting no time Alex quickly begged, “Please, please, please let me cum Niki, make me cum, ooooooohhhhhh Gooodddddd! Please? Please? I want to cum for you so bad моя любовь. I wanna cum for you my love, mmmmmmm, only you. I’m yours Niki, I’m your baby girl. I’m your good girl. Mmmmm I’ll beg for you, oooooooh, I’ll do anything for you, ahhhhhh, oh God, Я люблю тебя, Я люблю тебя, oh God Nikita I love you, please, please, please make me cum I’m begging for you to let me cum. Пожалуйста, пожалуйста, пожалуйста, пожалуйста, пожалуйста Nikita сделать мне диплом! Пожалуйста сделать мне диплом! Пожалуйста сделать мне диплом!”

Alex continued to beg as Nikita lowered her down until she was on all fours again and slowly began increasing the pace of the fucking. Although Nikita built up pace slowly it felt like only seconds passed in between gentle pumping and hard pounding, Alex losing the ability to speak coherently as she felt herself crashing towards the edge of powerful climax. When she went over that edge she lost herself altogether, Alex surrendering her entire being to Nikita, safe in the knowledge that her sensei would protect her while she was overcome by ecstasy.

It was difficult, as always, but Nikita remained vigilant of their surroundings even as she became mostly lost in fucking Alex. That there were motion sensors and nonlethal traps surrounding her inner sanctum helped, and as always there were several weapons nearby if Nikita should need them. However it was only a matter of time before Nikita was truly overcome by pleasure, and even if they were interrupted at this stage Nikita wasn’t so sure she could tear herself away from Alex even under the threat of death. Which would almost be worth it as at least she and her lover would go blissfully happy.

Pushing that thought out of her head Nikita concentrated on the girl bent over in front of her slamming herself into each thrust. Nikita smiled, remembering a time when she had tried to teach Alex not to do that without her permission. It had ultimately proven fruitless as no matter how hard she tried Alex couldn’t seem to stop herself from doing this and Nikita had to admit there was something so endearing about watching her protégé thrust back against her. Besides, Nikita had enjoyed having the excuse to spank Alex’s cute little butt.

Just how violently she use to punish the younger girl briefly made Nikita feel guilty, but she quickly replaced it by the thought of something else she like to do to Alex’s cute little butt. As always Nikita wanted to do that thing again, however for once she considered using the energy she had left to just keep fucking Alex’s pussy. After all she was seconds away from a climax herself and it would be so easy just to speed up even more and slam Alex’s cunt until they both collapsed with exhaustion.

Instead Nikita kept her composure as she pounded her protégé’s pussy through two nicely satisfying if not overwhelming orgasms, treating Alex to several far more than satisfying climaxes in the process. Then Nikita suddenly pulled her strap-on out of Alex’s sex, lean down and buried her face in her young lover’s cunt, the older spy hungrily lapping up all the sweet girl cum she could find before allowing her tongue to travel north.

Alex had loved those gentle licks to her pussy as they had been a blissful way to comedown from her high. It was something Nikita had done many times before and while the older woman had told Alex she only did it because she liked the taste of girl cum the young Russian new better. After all, why would Nikita lick her so thoroughly if she didn’t care? Of course Nikita was no longer pretending not too, which only made everything more blissful for Alex, the younger spy welcoming her saviour’s tongue on her twat and then on her ass hole.

While the little pussy licking was nice the ass licking was even better because it promised further pleasure to come, Alex moaning joyfully when she felt Nikita’s skilled tongue slid across her butt hole for the first time in ages.

Receiving a rim job from Nikita was a rare treat for Alex. Normally Nikita made the young girl lick her ass as a not so subtle reminder who was in charge, Alex of course absolutely loving being made to bury her face in between her sensei’s butt cheeks, especially after being ‘forced’ to eat Nikita’s pussy. She also loved it when Nikita sat on her face and literally smothered her with her ass, or better yet her cunt, making it easy for the whole world to fall away leaving only the sight, smell and taste of Nikita.

Those memories brought a blissful smile to Alex’s face as Nikita’s tongue continued lapping away at her butt hole, the younger assassin’s mind moving eventually from the past to her immediate future. The thought of it caused adrenaline to pump through Alex’s veins, so that while she didn’t regain her full strength it kind of felt like it, Alex knowing she would need whatever she could get for taking the type of ass fuckings Nikita love to dish out.

As her protégé’s mind went back and forth between her past and future Nikita chose to concentrate on the present. Well, mostly. She did briefly think it was a shame she hadn’t spent much time licking this little treasure in between Alex’s cheeks, but in her defence that was because she was normally busy fucking it. Or fucking and licking Alex’s front hole, two things which had consumed Nikita’s life even as she protested that she felt nothing for the other girl.

That had her once again thinking of the far worse things she had done to Alex, then Nikita refocused on the task at hand so she didn’t become lost in them again. That involved spitting onto Alex’s ass hole and rubbing in the saliva with her tongue, closing her lips around the puckered rosebud so she could suck on it and even push into her protégé’s tight anal ring. The last thing was difficult but not impossible. Not that Nikita got very far, at least not with her tongue alone. Luckily she had another trick up her sleeve, although she put it off for quite a while as she was enjoying rimming her new girlfriend.

Eventually Nikita did pull her mouth and tongue away from Alex’s ass hole, pressed her index finger against the tight entrance and pushed slowly but forcefully forwards. Both girls moaned as Nikita penetrated Alex’s butt hole and pushed her finger as deep as it would go into the younger spy’s rectum, Nikita marvelling at the exquisite tightness for a few moments before gently beginning to butt fuck her protégé with her finger.

After a few minutes of this Nikita replaced her finger with her tongue, that soft wet muscle briefly being able to travel further into Alex’s butt thanks to the fingering. Then after a minute or two of thoroughly tonguing Alex’s ass hole Nikita switched back to using her finger, this time adding a second one into the mix to further stretch out the young girl’s butt, preparing it for the strap-on which was still glistening with Alex’s cum and pussy juices.

Through it all Alex whimpered and moaned in pleasure, and about halfway through she began begging, “Ohhhhhh God fuck me. Please Nikita, fuck me. Fuck my ass. Oooooooh fuck yes, lick me back there. Get my ass hole nice and wet so you can fuck it with your big dick. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss finger me, finger my ass, yesssssss mmmmmmm, just like that, finger fuck my ass hole, mmmmmm, fuck me Niki, use every single one of my holes for your pleasure. Mmmmmm, I’m yours Niki, my whole body is yours, mmmmmmm, you can fuck me in whichever hole you want, ooooooohhhhhhh, just fuck me! Fuck me Nikita, please-”

“Alex!” Nikita interrupted, waiting a few seconds to make sure she had her girlfriend’s attention before continuing, “Spread your cheeks.”

Ever eager to please her saviour Alex immediately became silent the second Nikita spoke her name. She was just as quick when it came to pressing her face to the bed sheets and reaching back to grab onto her ass cheeks. However, knowing what Nikita liked, Alex made sure to slowly spread her cheeks apart, slowly revealing the forbidden hole she was going to allow this goddess to use for her pleasure. The tiny hole, like every other hole on her body, which belonged to this goddess and was hers to use. Her ass hole which her girlfriend was about to use for her pleasure.

Some combination of those words echoed in Alex’s head as she became lost in the joy of exposing herself in this intimate way for the mighty warrior named Nikita. Then she felt Nikita slowly remove her fingers from that tight, forbidden hole and replace them with the strap-on, Alex practically quivering with anticipation as the older woman slowly increased the pressure until her anal ring began to stretch.

It hurt, especially when her ass hole stretched wide enough to take the head of the dildo inside it, however this was the type of pain Alex had grown to crave. Partly because it made her think of the pleasure to come, but mostly because she liked the feeling of being forced open for Nikita’s pleasure, her most private of holes being stretched in a sign of submission to this clearly superior woman. So Alex actually let out a cry of pleasure as she was anally penetrated by the woman she craved to please, Alex spreading her butt cheeks as wide as possible to make it easier for Nikita to see her cock sliding into her bottom.

After all the times they had done this Alex didn’t need to see Nikita’s face to know that her new girlfriend was captivated by seeing her strap-on sliding into her ass hole, the older woman’s gaze remaining locked on that poor hole as it was forced to slowly take the entire length of the dildo. However with her face pressed against the bed sheets at an angle she could just about see behind herself, and Alex did so enjoy the captivated look on Nikita’s face because it told her she was pleasing this dominant woman, which of course was the most important thing in the world to her.

Nikita did indeed love watching her cock slowly sliding into Alex’s ass hole. She also loved watching her cock slowly sliding in and out of the younger brunette’s butt hole, Nikita only taking a couple of seconds to enjoy having fully penetrated Alex’s ass before she began officially sodomising her protégé with slow but steady thrusts.

Of course Nikita had always enjoyed watching herself fucking Alex, even when she had hated herself for it, but there was just something special about anal sex. It was just so taboo and wrong, two things which Nikita had always thought described her sexual relationship with Alex, therefore this act seeming to be the most taboo and wrong thing she could do. But more than doing something unspeakably wicked to a girl she was so determined to help, it was the control Nikita craved, the dominance.

As much as Nikita always wanted to protect Alex she loved having the younger girl under her thumb. It was something she craved, needed even, Nikita almost not comfortable having Alex in her presence unless she was completely subservient and obedient to her. And nothing seemed to make Alex subservient and obedient then fucking her in the ass, the act of sodomy never failing to turn Alexandra Udinov into the perfect lesbian pet. In turn it made Nikita feel like a total Alpha female dominating her submissive mate, the far more dangerous assassin fucking the less experienced assassin up the butt and making, no, reminding her she was her bitch.

It was wrong to think of Alex in that way, especially considering her past, but Nikita just couldn’t help herself, especially in this position. Because as overwhelmingly dominant as butt fucking Alex normally made Nikita feel, seeing nearly the entire length of the strap-on dildo pumping in and out, in and out, in and out of Alex’s ass hole, the young Russian beauty bent over in front of her and spreading her ass cheeks in total submission to her, her protégé so accepting that her back door was Nikita’s personal fuck hole, it was almost too much.

Eventually it took so much out of her to control her body Nikita couldn’t help but lose control of her mouth, the deadly assassin growling, “Take it Alex! Take it like a good little bitch! Mmmmmm fuck, you are my bitch Alex! I own you! I own every little part of your body! Ohhhhhhh fuck, even the most private part of your body is a fuck hole for my pleasure. Mmmmmm yes, your tight little ass is mine Alex, your entire body is mine! Your mind, your soul, every little part of you belongs to me. You’re my property Alex, ooooooohhhhhhh mmmmmmm, and I’m going to protect what’s mine. No one else is going to touch you my sweet baby girl because no one touches my things! Nobody touches my bitch. My sweet little bitch. My hot little slut. My beautiful baby girl. Ohhhhhhhh Goooooddddddd Alex, I love you so much.”

“Я тоже тебя люблю, моя любовь! I love you more than anything!” Alex practically wept with pleasure, loving everything Nikita was saying to her, “Пожалуйста, трахнуть mеня, fuck me hard! Please pound my ass and make me cum! Ohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, butt fuck me Niki, butt fuck me hard! I wanna cum for you Niki! I wanna cum for my owner! I wanna cum for the woman who owns me! Ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I’m your little anal slut Nikita, mmmmmm, I’m your bitch! I’m anything you want me to be because I’m yours and I love you and please, pleaseeeeeeeee, oooooohhhhhhh, пожалуйста, сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом!”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Nikita increased the pace of the butt fucking to something which wasn’t a fraction of the roughness she used to use however was enough to have Alex rushing towards climax. When she reached the edge Nikita slowed down just enough so Alex wouldn’t cum, the experienced butt pounder riding her anal slut through near orgasm after near orgasm without a hint of allowing her to go over the edge.

The latter thing Nikita had done many times and Alex was grateful for it. She didn’t want to cum so soon, not when she was experiencing the heaven that was Nikita fucking her in the ass. However Alex was a little disappointed that Nikita was holding back, her lover still clearly feeling guilty for the way she had used her over the last year. On the bright side Alex was confident that Nikita would eventually get there, and the ass fucking was hard enough that Alex could feel the far more dominant woman’s hips crashing against her ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle slightly and the sound of flesh meeting flesh to echo throughout the room.

Another advantage Alex had was she was used to being denied an orgasm while being fucked by Nikita so when the urge to cum became almost unbearable she could go to her happy place. A place in her mind she could concentrate on to distract herself from torture, or at least that’s why Nikita had taught it to her. Of course that happy place involved being with Nikita in some way, Alex either imagining being in the arms of the woman she loved or imagining that goddess fucking her. Maybe somewhat ironically when Nikita was fucking her like this she would deal with it by imagining Nikita fucking her, only harder and with more of an emphasis on Nikita’s ownership of her.

For better or for worse Nikita knew of these unhealthy desires and was not above using them to make her lover cum, “Alex, your owner commands you to cum! Cum for your owner! Mmmmmm, cum for me Alex, the woman who owns your every breath. You only breathe because I allow it, do you understand me! Ahhhhhh fuck, you exist for my entertainment. You’re purpose in life is to please me, oooooooh, fulfil your purpose by cumming for me now! Cum for me you little bitch! Ahhhhhh God, you’re mine Alex, you’re my bitch, my slut, my girlfriend, my everything, oh God I love you baby girl!”

With those words Alex came so hard that she saw stars. Her cum squirting out of her cunt and she literally shook with joy, Alex thrusting herself back rapidly against Nikita’s thrusts, impaling her own ass hole on that mighty weapon of ass destruction until eventually she collapsed with exhaustion. Of course the expert butt fucker kept a tight hold of her hips so her lower half remained in the air, Nikita relentlessly ramming Alex’s butt for both their benefit, although Alex pretended Nikita was just using her butt hole for her own selfish pleasure.

Nikita had used Alex’s ass hole for her own selfish pleasure. She had used every hole on Alex’s body. Countless times. In every position she knew, and even some she didn’t, Nikita throwing Alex around like a rag doll and using her however she wanted. She had fucked her baby girl so brutally she had wanted her to break, especially when slamming her ass with a strap-on, Nikita literally trying to make sure that Alex wouldn’t sit properly thanks to the assault on her ass.

It had all been a desperate attempt to make the younger girl hate her. Leave her. Maybe even kill her. Anything but love her, Nikita knowing in the very core of her being that she didn’t deserve Alex’s love. She didn’t deserve anyone’s love, but especially not Alex’s. Not after what she had done to her father, not after failing to protect her from this world’s monsters. In doing so Nikita had only made it worse. She had not only failed to drive Alex away but she had repeatedly hurt the person she had grown to love above all others, Nikita now fully accepting if there was such a thing as true love Alex was it for her. Alex was the one, her soul mate, and somehow Nikita would make it up to her.

Perhaps if they had a normal relationship that would mean Nikita would only make gentle love to Alex for the rest of their days, but they were far from normal and Nikita knew what her lover wanted. What she needed. What she craved. So when Alex was desperate for it Nikita pounded her lover’s ass hard and deep, keeping her hips up in the air for as long as she was able so she could force the less experienced assassin to endure the hard butt fucking she had been begging for.

Author’s note:

This is a story based on Nikita and takes place during Season 1. Spoilers for that season. Both the actresses and the characters are over 18.


Never again. That’s what Nikita had promised herself. Never again would she allow herself to fall in love.

It had been an easy promised to make. The pain of Daniel’s loss was indescribable. No words could do it justice, but in her most cold and detached moments Nikita admitted to herself under different circumstances she could have moved on. If she was normal. If she hadn’t been turned into something ugly, something broken, something not entirely human anymore. If she didn’t have bosses watching her every move, taking everything from her until there was nothing left but a killing machine. But she wasn’t normal, so Nikita had committed her life to revenge and become lost in it. Lost in hate and anger until she couldn’t feel the pain of her loss anymore.

Of course she had been a fool to believe someone like her could love. That she could have an emotionally healthy relationship which lasted more than a night. Besides, Daniel had only loved her because he hadn’t really known her. If he had ever seen her, the real Nikita, he would still be alive because he would have run from her as fast as his legs could have carried him, and she would have let him go like she should have done when she had the chance.

So, never again. That’s what Nikita had promised herself. Promised herself over and over again. Pushed even the hint of love away at every turn. But no matter how hard she pushed it found her. First Michael, then…

“Alex!” Nikita murmured softly.

Few could get close to her without her knowledge. Alex was one of them, although part of Nikita hoped it was someone else as an assassin wasn’t anywhere near as scary to her right now as her young protégé. Another part of her, a very small part, hoped that her reply was a bullet straight to her heart, which again would be in some ways preferable. Alas it was not to be.

Slowly stepping out from the shadows Alexandria Udinov, better known as simply Alex, smiled rebelliously in a way which seemed to lighten up the dull lit room.

“I came as soon as I could…” Alex said, her eyes drifting to the candlelit table for two in the centre of the room, “Is that… for me?”

She had wanted to say ‘for us’ but Nikita didn’t like Alex saying such things so she resisted. She also resisted the urge to embrace Nikita, even though Alex really, really wanted to feel the older woman’s arms wrapped around her. But as usual Nikita was all business, so Alex took the small victory of the tiny display of affection and wordlessly followed her mentor to the table and took her seat. Nikita joined on the opposite side and they ate in silence. Or at least Alex ate. Nikita just sat there either staring at her or her food, which was more than a little troubling. Nikita wasn’t the best conversationalist but normally she would be talking to Alex about Division, her latest assignment, the next assignment, etc. And she would be eating.

As things became increasingly tense Alex nervously mumbled, “Thank you. You know, for saving me. Again. I know Michael helped, but I’m pretty sure he would never have reached me in time if it wasn’t for you. It’s… it’s nice to know you always have my back. That, that someone’s always there. It’s why I… you know…”

Alex trailed off when Nikita looked up, their eyes locking for what felt like an eternity, and then the feared assassin softly but clearly said, “I killed your father.”

The room had been pretty silent before but now it felt deafening. And Alex couldn’t feel anything. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t even think for a few long seconds.

Her first thought was it was a joke. Nikita trying to lighten the mood with a horribly miscalculated joke. But Nikita’s eyes told Alex she was deadly serious. Because of course she was. Because nothing in Alex’s life could just be pure and good. No, it had to be ugly and tainted.

Alex took a deep breath, her first in what felt like forever, and she felt the tears beginning to fall from her eyes as she was almost consumed by the urge to lash out. To scream at Nikita. To attack her. To kill her. But the rational part of her mind stopped her. Forced her to at least get the whole story first.

Taking another deep breath Alex softly said, “You were on the team which attacked the mansion. You… you found him before you found me… and… and you killed him. If you didn’t he would have probably killed you. It would have been impossible to get us both out. And, and even if you could have got us both out Division would have hunted us down and killed us both.”

“Alex…” Nikita began.

“You did what you had to do!” Alex interrupted, tears falling from her eyes, “I get that. I really do. You had to confirm the kill. But what I don’t get is, why you didn’t tell me this before letting me into your bed?”

There was a long silence and then Nikita said, “Because I needed you. I needed your help to take down Division. We may still fail, but the odds of us succeeding were far greater together than not, and you had just as much reason as me too wipe them off the face of the earth.”

“So what’s changed?” Alex asked coldly.

“Nothing.” Nikita lied.

Alex frowned, “Then why tell me now?”

“I thought you could handle it.” Nikita lied.

There was a pause and then Alex said, “Bull-shit. We’ve been one step ahead of Division for months, and we may actually be getting close to taking them down, and you tell me this now? No, you wouldn’t risk losing me unless you had a pretty good fucking reason, so what is it? TELL ME!”

On those last two words Alex stood up, tossing her chair angrily away. In response Nikita slowly got up and moved around so she was almost but not quite in Alex’s personal space, her eyes never leaving Alex’s the entire time.

Only then did Nikita reply, “Because I want you to hate me.”

Frowning in confusion Alex murmured, “What?”

“You heard.” Nikita said, clearly becoming angry.

“Why?” Alex asked.

“Because I’m sick of you staring at me like a little puppy dog. Because I can’t stand you hanging on my every word. Because I just can’t handle you telling me you love me when…” Nikita spat, trying to keep her emotions under control but for once in her life her training failed her and she became lost in despair, tears falling from her eyes as she continued, “I killed your father. I killed him. Me.”

“You had no choice. I understand.” Alex said, stepping forward.

“You understand nothing you stupid little girl!” Nikita screamed, stepping back, “Stop it! Stop looking at me like that. I don’t deserve it. I can’t handle it. I can’t handle this. I can’t… Alex, when I thought I’d lost you, I… oh God.”

Rushing forward Alex grabbed a firm hold of Nikita. She could tell the older woman almost pushed her away or knocked her down. Hell, Nikita could have killed her if she’d wanted too. But instead she just allowed Alex to hold her, Nikita staring at the ground as she and the younger girl softly wept.

“Look at me. Look at me!” Alex said, waiting until Nikita was looking at her again, “It’s not your fault. I understand that. And I understand why you lied.”

“It’s not just that.” Nikita whispered, having to force the next words out, “I… I know who was behind your father’s death. I’ve known all along. He is protected by Division, and you wouldn’t have stood a chance before, but now… now you could get to him if you were careful. But I wanted you to help me first. I manipulated you into helping me. I used you. I lied to you. I killed your father. And… and I don’t love you. You’re just a fuck toy to me. I use your body then laugh at you when you fall asleep in my arms.”

The words made Alex feel like she was being constantly stabbed in the heart, and though it was of little comfort she knew what she said next was partly true, “You’re lying.”

“Not about the parts that really matter.” Nikita said, a half smile crossing her face briefly before she continued, “And I’m not lying now… the man who ordered your father’s assassination was Sergei Semak. He was your father’s right-hand man and he took over your father’s company once he was gone. You can find all the evidence you’ll need on my desk. If you remember everything I taught you then you should be able to kill him and disappear. Please Alex, disappear. Forget about Division and live your life.”

Alex frowned, “What about you?”

Nikita smiled, “Me? I put my quest for revenge before you and everything else. I lied to you, manipulated you and used you. I killed your father and denied you your revenge. Now… take it!”

Moving quick as a flash Nikita put a gun in Alex’s hand and guided it underneath her chin.

“I ruined your life Alex. I deserve this.” Nikita said tearfully, “I deserve this for so many reasons, but… but mostly for trying to turn you into me. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than that. But it’s not too late. You can have your revenge and be done with it. Have a good, decent life. Please be good Alex. Don’t become me. Please don’t become just another killer. Please remember there’s good inside you. And please… please kill me. I deserve it. Kill me.”

Alex closed her eyes, pain and sorrow still filling her body, but there was nothing to consider, “No.”

“Please… please kill me.” Nikita wept, “Kill me!”

“Never.” Alex whispered before tossing the gun aside and pressing her lips against Nikita’s.

It was just like the first time. Nikita tensing at first, then momentarily melting into the gentle touch only to silently push Alex away before she could add her tongue into the mix. Back then Alex had been going through a hellacious detox which hadn’t hurt as much as this new information yet both times kissing Nikita gave her total clarity.

Nikita was the only thing in Alex’s life which made sense. The only thing which made her happy. The only thing in her whole adult life which had ever really been hers, and Alex couldn’t and wouldn’t give it up.

“I forgive you.” Alex sobbed, “I forgive you for everything. Because I would be dead without you. And because you’re the only one I’ve ever truly been able to rely on. And because I love you. I love you so fucking much. Let… let me show you.”

With that Alex kissed Nikita again, this time not allowing the older woman to push her away. Nikita tried. Not extremely hard, but she tried. However Alex would not be denied this time. This time Nikita wouldn’t win. She wouldn’t have her way. Alex would have hers.

Of course had Nikita really tried she could have pushed Alex away. Or more accurately if she had the emotional strength she would have pushed Alex away, would have always pushed her away if she was stronger, better, the woman who Alex pretended she was. Hell, if there was an ounce of goodness inside her Nikita would never have let Alex seduce her in the first place. It shouldn’t have mattered how relentless Alex was in her (ultimately successful) attempts at seduction, or how insistent she was being now, Nikita should have resisted/should now resist. But she didn’t. Instead Nikita allowed herself to be kissed, stripped and guided to the bed, the whole sordid thing feeling like it lasted forever and yet only took a few seconds all at the same time.

Once she was lying on the bed with Alex on top of her Nikita truly became lost to the kiss, her tongue wrestling the younger girl ferociously and easily winning. She also tried flipping them over, Nikita ready to tear off this uppity little girl’s clothes and ravage her like she always did, brutally fucking Alex into submission in an attempt to finally make her protégé stop loving her. While the latter part had never worked the former had a perfect success rate, until now, Nikita taken by surprise as Alex countered the move and broke the kiss.

“This time I’m on top!” Alex said forcefully, not like those few times she had giggled it before being swiftly put in her place, but not so forcefully Nikita would immediately flip them like she so effortlessly could. Clearly taken aback by this Nikita did nothing, although Alex was aware that would change if she didn’t follow up correctly, the less experienced spy taking a deep breath before cupping her lover’s face and whispering, “I’m showing you, remember? I’m showing you I forgive you. That I love you. That you’re my whole fucking world. So just relax and let me love you. Please?”

No. Nikita should have said no. She wanted too. She wanted to be strong enough to finally do the right thing. But then Alex lent down and gently kissed her again and Nikita melted.

The kiss didn’t even last that long this time, Alex first moving down to her neck and then her breasts, the whole time Nikita trying to say something, anything, but words failed her. In fairness it was hard for anyone to think coherently when their lover’s mouth was gently worshipping their body, and Alex’s mouth had become so very good at driving Nikita wild. Especially when it came to her breasts, Alex moving back and forth between them for what felt like an eternity, the younger girl licking and sucking Nikita’s nipples with a type of loving tenderness which invoked tainted memories for the haunted spy. Then that mouth moved lower and Nikita became an empty shell, completely unable to think for a few long minutes.

Alex knew this wasn’t normal. It probably wasn’t healthy, psychologically speaking. And it was almost definitely wrong. People just didn’t go down on their father’s killer, especially after just finding out. Regardless of the circumstances Nikita would always be the one who pulled the trigger and while time might somewhat heal that gaping wound in her heart her love for Nikita would always be tainted. And yes, maybe it would be better if they gave each other some space, or she just spend the night in Nikita’s arms and whispering that she loves her and forgives her over and over again, but right now Alex felt she physically needed to show she could get past this. That nothing Nikita could say or do would ever stop Alex from loving her.

If that was wrong, and she was pretty sure it was, Alex never wanted to be right. And maybe she never had been right. Maybe Alexandria Udinov, the innocent little girl, had died with her family and all that was left was a broken shell which would never be whole again. But then in Nikita she had found a true companion. Someone as broken as she was, yet with a determination to get their revenge and protect the one thing they had left, each other. Yes, Alex thought as she finally reached her destination, in this woman she had found the perfect mate. Nothing else truly mattered. Her revenge was just something to make her leave Nikita’s bed. Nikita was her reason for breathing.

With that thought echoing through her mind Alex finally focused on the delicacy she had been staring at for several long seconds, that time allowing her to soak up the heavenly scent which was pure Nikita until it consumed her. Suddenly ravenously hungry Alex leaned down, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and slid it over familiar flesh, the taste of Nikita setting fire to her taste buds from the very first touch. Again and again Alex slid her tongue along the full length of her mentor’s pussy lips, teasing her entrance at the beginning of every lick while avoiding her clit.

Normally Alex would escalate things from there soon after, however this time was different. This time she was deliberately trying not to give Nikita what she wanted and do what she wanted for a change. Only despite her experience, especially when it came to being in between Nikita’s thighs, Alex had no idea what she was doing. Well, technically she had some idea, at least when it came to the physical stuff, but she was sure there were subtle differences she was missing. After all, Alex had never made love to someone before so it was impossible for her to know how well she was doing.

Of course Nikita recognised what Alex was doing. She had known since Alex had started kissing her way down her body, each and every touch excruciatingly gentle and loving, almost to the point where it broke Nikita from the spell her younger lover had cast over her. Even the kissing had been uncomfortably soft on Alex’s part, and as much as Nikita had managed to escalate things each time when Alex moved away from her mouth she was helpless to do anything about it. Or more accurately she felt helpless, an unusual feeling Nikita hated.

In reality Nikita could have pushed Alex away from her without much physical effort, but she knew she was far beyond the point of being able to do that. Still, she could have flip them over and taken control. Fucked this girl until their earlier conversation was nothing but a dream and they would both be mindless animals lost in their physical desires for each other. It had happened countless times before, and Nikita hadn’t promised Alex she wouldn’t do it again, but Nikita couldn’t seem to summon the willpower to do it. Almost like Alex had some psychological power over her, the young girl forcing her to remain where she was with the power of her mind. Which was of course ridiculous but Nikita couldn’t really come up with a better explanation of why she just lay back and let Alex deliver one infuriatingly slow lick to her cunt after another.

It was unlike anything Nikita had ever felt from a woman. Sure, she’d had plenty of them in between her thighs but none of them had licked her pussy with such care, love and devotion. Not even the men who had told her they loved her had done anything which had felt close to this, especially when Alex looked at her with those infuriating puppy dog eyes, Nikita finding herself lost in those beautiful blues for several long seconds before she closed her eyes and pretended things were different.

Pretending she was with someone else was a waste of time she’d given up long ago but Nikita often imagined a different life. A normal life. A life where she and Alex were the same age and Division was nothing but a bad dream. Nikita imagined that all the time but especially when she fucked Alex. Or when the younger girl was in her arms. Now she found herself actually imagining things were normal between them. Their normal. The normal which involved her slamming her tongue, fingers or strap-on cock into Alex until her protégé was screaming her name. Of course these images only made Nikita more desperate to cum until the former Division agent was willing to say or do almost anything to get what she wanted. And hey, she had already crossed so many lines in the last hour, what was another.

“Alex… please… fuck me… please fuck me…” Nikita whispered, her voice sounding deafening in the large room, “Fuck me Alex… fuck me you whore…”

The first few words only caused Alex to smile against Nikita’s pussy, the young spy feeling proud of herself for making the mighty Nikita beg. Then came the final word which made Alex stop in her tracks, the Russian girl looking up at her mentor in disbelief.

Nikita had called her all sorts of things during sex and Alex loved every minute of it but the other spy had deliberately avoided any version of that word. Because of the people Nikita left her with? Because of what happened to her? Because of Nikita’s guilty conscience? Probably, and Alex was grateful for it, but for Nikita to say that word she must have had a good reason. The real question was did Nikita still want Alex to kill her or did she just want her to fuck her? Or wasn’t Nikita sure? Either way Alex felt this needed to be addressed so while keeping her eyes locked with Nikita’s she slowly crawled up the older woman’s body until they were face to face.

“Deliberate cruelty doesn’t suit you моя любовь.” Alex said softly after a couple of seconds of silence, “Tell me Niki, why the candlelit dinner? Seems like an odd choice, if you truly wanted me to kill you.”

Nikita just looked away and remained silent.

“Will you at least tell me what you want now?” Alex asked.

More silence in then Nikita said, “I already told you.”

“Say it again.” Alex demanded softly.

Nikita turned her head to look at Alex again, the two spies staring at each other for a long moment before Nikita repeated, “Fuck me you whore.”

More silence, and then Alex roughly pushed two fingers into Nikita’s cunt and started thrusting them in and out. Like when the roles were reversed her fingers were dry so it hurt a little going in but Nikita’s pussy was plenty wet so not only did those fingers slide in easily but the cry the older woman let out was more or less of pure pleasure. Again that was similar to when the roles were reversed, and from the tone of Nikita’s cry Alex wondered if her mentor also enjoyed a little pain with her pleasure. Well, Alex knew Nikita could dish it out, but could she take it.

Taking a risk Alex decided to find out, her first couple of thrusts swiftly moving from a steady pace to a hard fucking before slowing things right down. As a result Nikita cried out loudly in mostly pleasure, and while there was an undertone of pain Alex was almost 100% sure the older woman liked it. Either way Nikita took it without any real complaint, not that that was really a surprise. After all Nikita was the toughest person Alex had ever met. Not that it didn’t make it fun to push her limits, even if the look in Nikita’s eyes told Alex she would pay for it later. Hoping to make it much later Alex curled her fingers inside the other woman, forcing a moan from Nikita, which was like sweet music to the Russian girl’s ears.

As Alex smirked down at her Nikita frowned. This was new for her and she wasn’t sure she liked it. Not being finger fucked, all but a couple of drunk one night stands had at some point done that, however there were few she had allowed to fuck her like this. Like they were in a position of power. Power over her. Nikita had certainly never allowed Alex anything like this. No, the younger girl was always between her thighs and lapping away at her clit whenever she had fingered her before, not hovering above Nikita with a infuriating smirk on her face. Then again at least it wasn’t the infuriating puppy dog eyes.

Just as Nikita thought that she caught a glimpse of those eyes, Alex’s expression changing into what she was sure was a deliberately wicked smirk before the younger girl leaned in to whisper into her ear, “Do you remember our first time? You took me just like this right over there, on the floor, your fingers slamming in and out of me as you stared into my soul. Did you see it then Niki? When you were staring into my eyes could you tell that I loved you? You’ve always been able to see right through me, so I’m guessing you did. That you knew I loved you before I started whimpering it, and then screaming it as I came all over your fingers. I bet you even knew before you took me and made me your little fuck toy. Didn’t you моя любовь?”

Nikita didn’t answer. She didn’t need too as they’d already pretty much had this conversation after the first time. Back then Alex had been constantly trying to seduce her without a hint of subtlety, Nikita telling the girl she was confusing feelings of gratitude for something stronger, that the teen didn’t really want the older woman, that she had to stop using her body to get what she wanted/reward people who showed her kindness. Truthfully Nikita hadn’t truly believed those excuses, not when she saw the increasing devotion in Alex’s eyes. Then one day during a training session Nikita had her protégé pinned to the floor and Alex had kissed her again while rubbing her sweaty, barely covered young body against her and Nikita just hadn’t been able to resist. She had slammed her fingers inside of Alex and fucked her right there on the floor, then up against the wall, then on the bed before finally shoving the girl’s head between her legs.

It had been intense, passionate and wonderful, Nikita barely trying to convince Alex afterwards that she hadn’t meant what she said. She certainly hadn’t been convincing that they could never do this again, especially as they had sex again more or less straight after the conversation.

“Now I am the one topping you. Now I’m the one with my fingers inside you… pumping in and out of you… fucking you… making you mine.” Alex whispered, awaking Nikita from her thoughts before the younger girl moved so she was looking her in the eye again, “And you are mine Nikita. You can try and deny it all you want, but I remember our first time. I remember looking at you and trembling. You looked like a lioness about to devour her helpless prey and it scared me almost as much as it made me cream all over your fingers. But as dominating and powerful as you looked, as much as your eyes told me you loved having your way with me they also betrayed you because I saw love in them. It was tiny but it was there, and it’s there now and it scares you. Even more than how you’re loving this. Loving me topping you. The mighty Nikita on the bottom, being the bottom for a change. I can see it in your eyes, and I can feel it in the way your pussy grips onto me and soaks my fingers. It tells me how badly you want to cum. How badly you want to cum for me. Do it моя любовь. Cum for me. Cum for me my love.”

Nikita wanted to deny it. She wanted to deny she was in love with Alex, again tell the girl she didn’t feel that way and the Russian was just seeing what she wanted to see. But she couldn’t. She was too busy doing what she was told and cumming hard on Alex’s fingers, Nikita feeling herself squeezing down on those digits and covering them with her cream. The pleasure was wonderful, mind-numbing even, but Nikita found herself unable to break her gaze from Alex’s which meant she had to see the love the younger girl had for her. Luckily it didn’t last, Alex stealing a move out of Nikita’s playbook and suddenly moving down her body to replace her thumb on the older woman’s clit with her tongue.

The change in stimulation had Nikita quickly cumming again on Alex’s fingers, and then for a third time in Alex’s mouth, the Russian girl replacing her fingers from Nikita’s cunt with her tongue and wrapping her upstairs lips around the other woman’s downstairs lips. Like that Alex made Nikita cum a couple more times, the younger girl greedily gulping down as much of the precious liquid as she could while some escaped to cover her face.

Alex was going to make Nikita cum even more, but then she felt her mentor’s hand on top of her head and began gently stroking her. Normally these small signs of affection were like water to a man in the middle of the desert for Alex, but this was one which usually led to Nikita shoving her face deeper into her cunt or the older woman grinding into her face. This was something of course Alex loved almost as much as the stroking of her hair, however that would be giving up her control and Alex wasn’t quite ready for that.

So reluctantly Alex pulled away, having a feeling that she only succeeded because Nikita wasn’t expecting it. A single look from Nikita seem to confirm this but she didn’t complain, nor did she say anything, the two spies becoming lost in another staring match for a little while. Then Alex very slowly walked over to the chest by the bed filled with Nikita’s most essential items and retrieved perhaps the most essential of them all, her boss’s strap-on dildo.

Nikita gave a raised eyebrow as she returned, Alex having a pretty good idea what she was thinking. The thought had certainly crossed Alex’s mind more than once and she definitely wanted to try strapping on a dildo one day but Alex knew if she suggested it under the current tense atmosphere Nikita would shoot that idea down and she would definitely lose control over the situation. So instead Alex positioned the harness at Nikita’s feet, the older assassin lifting first her legs then her ass so the Division agent could get the device into the correct place and then strap it onto her. It was something Alex had done many times now and she finished attaching the strap-on quickly and efficiently.

Once the harness was securely around Nikita’s waist Alex grabbed the dildo by the base, brought her lips within millimetres of the toy and then looked up at her mentor and softly but firmly said, “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Nikita had never liked taking orders but to be given one by her student, a girl about 10 years her junior, was infuriating. However Nikita quickly forgot her anger when Alex closed her eyes and took the head of the dildo into her mouth.

Ever since she’d first strapped on a cock Nikita had enjoyed receiving a blow job. It was something she could have never imagined herself enjoying, and Amanda had given her one hell of a lecture on how phallic objects made her feel, but Nikita tried not to dwell on that. It was easier not to when there was a pretty girl with her lips wrapped around her ‘cock’, and regardless of how very wrong this was Nikita couldn’t deny that Alex was a very, very pretty girl. A very, very pretty girl who looked indecently good sucking Nikita’s strap-on dick, Alex bobbing her head on over half the dildo soon after the blow job began.

Despite herself Nikita couldn’t help let out a little moan at watching that sexy little sight. The fact that the base of the toy was bashing her clit also had something to do with it but regardless of the reason it triggered Alex to look up at her with those big blue eyes of hers. At first it was fairly enjoyable, the two women staring at each other while one sucked the other’s strap-on. Then Alex made the mistake of smiling around the cock, Nikita interpreting that as some kind of sign of triumph. It infuriated Nikita and reminded her of the fact that she should be trying to make Alex hate her.

With that in mind Nikita softly murmured, “You always did look good with a cock in your mouth.”

Nikita pause to let that sink in before she said anything more hurtful, but before she could Alex removed her mouth and said, “As long as it’s your cock.”

Then Alex quickly swallowed the fake cock, this time slowly lowering her mouth down the full length of the shaft, stuffing the upper part of it down her throat with practised ease. The whole time she did this Alex kept her eyes locked with Nikita’s, daring the deadly assassin to say anything. Nikita still wanted too but she couldn’t find the words, Nikita just watching as her protégé deep throated the entire length of the cock, Alex pausing for a few seconds once she had her lips wrapped around the base, the younger girl fully coating it in saliva.

After all that was the practical reason for all this, and while Alex enjoyed sucking Nikita’s cock there was currently somewhere else she wanted that long, hard poll. So Alex held back on the urge to gag for as long as she could then came up gasping and coughing, nightmares of her past briefly returning to her before she concentrated on her lover lying before her. More specifically Alex concentrated on what she wanted to do with her lover, the younger girl quickly getting on top of Nikita, grabbing the dildo and lined it up with the entrance to her pussy.

The initial penetration had Alex crying out in pleasure. Sure, particularly the head of the cock was wide and stretched Alex’s downstairs lips kind of painfully every time, but the uncomfortable stretching was barely noticeable next to the pleasure she felt. It was the same for taking the rest of the strap-on, Alex slowly but steadily lowering herself down until she was sitting on Nikita’s lap with every inch of her mentor’s cock inside her, Alex moaning softly the entire way down and letting out an extra loud joyful moan when she had completed the journey.

Closing her eyes Alex took a moment to savour having every inch of Nikita’s cock inside her. Of having Nikita inside her. It didn’t matter to Alex that the cock wasn’t made of flesh in her mind once it was strapped around Nikita’s waist it became part of her mentor. It was part of Nikita. It was Nikita. Nikita was deep inside of her, touching places inside her no one but this goddess had touched her before, her teacher filling Alex up with a big wonderful dick which would never go soft.

Then with her eyes still closed Alex slowly lifted herself up a few inches and then lowered herself down, repeating the process over and over again, the young Russian beginning to ride Nikita’s strap-on with a slow but steady rhythm. The pleasure was intense, partly because keeping her eyes closed focused her senses on what she was doing and partly because for once Alex was in control. Sure Alex had been in this position countless times, and regardless of the position taking Nikita’s cock inside her was always pleasurably intense, but all those other times Nikita had been in control and this, this was different. Not necessarily better, just… different.

Nikita wasn’t so sure she liked different. It had rarely been a good thing in the past and now… now she wasn’t sure what to think. She absolutely hated the not being in control part, and she hated herself being so compliant which was doing nothing to convince Alex that she didn’t love her. But… Nikita had to admit, there was something relaxing about laying back and letting the other person do all the work, something she couldn’t ever remember doing with anyone before, at least not for this lifetime. Most of all Alex looked breath-taking like this, Nikita unable to take her eyes off the younger girl riding her cock.

Of course Nikita had fucked Alex in every position she could think of, the older spy even finding some new ones as she threw the younger woman around like a rag doll and ravaged her body. Except whenever they had been in this position before Nikita had been sitting up and mostly yelling abuse at Alex. And using her mouth to roughly kiss the other girl, and to attack her soft breasts, and even biting into Alex’s flesh either gently enough not to leave a lasting mark or placing it somewhere it would not be easily seen. Nikita also caressed every inch of Alex’s body whenever her hands weren’t on her breasts, or her butt, or roughly grabbing Alex’s waist so she could jackhammer the other spy up and down on her dildo.

All the above Nikita was missing terribly, and itching to do right now, the ex-Division agent knowing how easy it would be for her to just sit up and have her way with Alex. Or better yet flip the girl over onto her back and pound her with all her strength, or place her on all fours and fuck her like the bitch Nikita had treated her as for well over a year now. And Nikita wanted too. She wanted too so badly it almost hurt. But she also wanted to just lie back and watch, the latter desire winning out for now as Nikita tried to enjoy this unfamiliar fuck.

The thing Nikita mostly concentrated on was how beautiful Alex looked. How her young perky little tits bounced with every thrust, how her body looked glistening with the light sheen of sweat, and how that cute little pussy took Nikita’s big cock inside of it. Most of all Nikita watched the look of blissful pleasure on Alex’s face. How happy she looked. How content. And she couldn’t find it within herself to change these things.

Then Alex opened her eyes and looked at Nikita, the two women staring at each other for a brief moment before the younger one asked, “Do you really think you can say anything that could make me hate you? Anything you could do which could change the way I feel? You can hate yourself or you want Nikita, but I could never hate you. No matter what you do, no matter what you say I will always love you. You can piss me off, make me cry and scream at you, but it won’t change the fact that I’m in love with you.”

“It should. You should hate me Alex.” Nikita said softly.

“But I don’t. I can’t. Not really.” Alex said, her eyes getting teary again, “And maybe that’s fucked up, but we’re fucked up Niki! We’re both broken, and lost, and alone. That’s why we’re perfect for each other. Why we belonged together. Because with you I’m not broken anymore. I’m complete. I’m safe. And mountains of baggage doesn’t seem to matter anymore, or at least it doesn’t feel as heavy. And I think it’s the same for you моя любовь. Why else would you prepare a candlelit dinner? Why else would you hold me after we have sex? Why would you jeopardise yourself and your precious mission just to save me time and time again? Why else would you take on the Russian mob all by yourself just to save a fuck toy? And do you really think I’m the only one around here with puppy dog eyes? Niki, you’ve been looking at me like that since before I finished getting clean. Whenever you think I’m not looking, and sometimes even when you know I am, you give me this look like I’m the one that could save your soul, if only one of us could think of the right thing to say-”

Fuming with rage Nikita easily sat up and pushed Alex down, the older spy then grabbing the younger spy’s legs and placing them onto her shoulders so that when she leant forward she was bending the other girl in half. It was one of Nikita’s favourite positions, maybe her favourite, because it was such a position of dominance and she could stare into her lover’s eyes while they revelled in the submissive pleasure she was giving them.

Right now she didn’t enjoy it as much because Alex looked like a frightened rabbit caught in a trap staring at a farmer about to put a bullet in it’s head. The sight was enough to make Nikita’s heart break but the experienced assassin reminded herself she had to remain strong. She just had too. Because Alex’s words were getting to her and she just couldn’t let that happen. She couldn’t let this girl think there could be anything between them but sex, and even that had been a mistake. Not that Nikita could possibly stop right now, not when she craved this girl so much, but she just had to make Alex understand that she couldn’t love her. She had to make Alex hate her.

So Nikita angrily growled, “I don’t love you. I don’t even like you. You’re just a fuck hole to me. Nothing more, nothing less. I saved you the first time because I didn’t want to kill an innocent little kid and I was sick of following Divisions orders. After that I was manipulating you into being my own personal lackey, but it turns out the only thing you’re really good for is being a fucking whore!”

Alex opened her mouth to say something but Nikita just started hammering the strap-on in and out of her. As Alex had been slowly bouncing on the dildo for quite a while, even during her little speech about how much they belonged together, the Russian girl’s pussy was plenty relaxed and ready for a hard fucking so Alex cried out in pure pleasure as result of this assault. This angered the part of Nikita that wanted Alex to hate her, but at the same time she was mostly glad she wasn’t hurting her. No matter what Nikita didn’t want to hurt Alex, at least not any more than she had too.

Unfortunately Nikita’s words had failed again as through her cries of pleasure Alex whimpered, “I love you.”

This made Nikita fuck Alex harder, the older woman screaming, “HATE ME DAMN YOU!”

Nikita screamed other things. Hurtful things. Everything she could think of just spewing out of her mouth, angry and violent, Nikita doing everything she could to make Alex hate her while fucking her to orgasm. It was worse than it had ever been before because in her determination to win Nikita lost track of everything she was saying. And even though she was trying to do this for Alex’s own good Nikita could tell she was hurting this girl so much, and she wasn’t even succeeding as through it all Alex just looked at her with those infuriating puppy dog eyes.

Finally Nikita realised what should have been obvious, that Alex had been telling the truth, that there was nothing she could do or say which would change the way the Russian girl felt about her and it just destroyed her.

“This has to be the last time. This is crazy. It’s wrong. It’s against the rules. We shouldn’t be doing this. We can’t keep doing this Darcy.” Jane mumbled in between kisses.

Darcy had been hearing a variation of the above speech for the past few weeks. If it had been any other girl she would have probably lost it, either yelling at the girl or telling her she should learn a new tune, however this was Jane Foster, the one person Darcy wanted above all others. Besides with Jane it was somehow still cute, especially when the older girl made the first move. True, Darcy normally manipulated Jane into doing it by shamelessly flirting with her, but that didn’t make it any less funny.

At least Jane had given up on claiming to be straight after the third or fourth time they had sex, a claim Darcy had found ridiculous given the eagerness Jane had shown the first time she got to play with her big tits, not to mention how ravenous she had been at eating Darcy out. Sure Jane could be bi like Darcy but straight as an arrow Jane Foster was dead and gone. Or at least that perception was as the case maybe, Darcy proving this point as she moved her hands down to Jane’s perky little tits and found that her nipples were already as hard as rocks.

Grinning widely against Jane’s lips Darcy spent a few moments playing with those hard little buds, making her boss moan repeatedly into her mouth in the process. Then she broke away to lay a few kisses on Jane’s neck before descending further to those perky little treats, Darcy flicking one with her tongue before taking it into her mouth. After sucking on that for a few moments Darcy switch to the other one, going back and forth as Jane writhed in pleasure beneath her.

It took a little manoeuvring but Darcy had managed to talk her way into the tiny hole in the wall Jane called her apartment, and then into the scientist’s disorganised bed. Talking Jane into coming back to her place was even tougher but Darcy had just about managed it. Both were preferable to fucking in the desert because even in Jane’s cheap, uncomfortable bed they were somewhat shielded from the sun which was always a drag to wake up too. However most nights they were out really late and Darcy would prefer to fuck in the Winnebago than to not fuck Jane at all. She’d even take outside of it, the upside being that Jane’s precious stars had a way of calming her, making it easier for Darcy to fuck her. And given how Darcy planned to fuck Jane tonight she concluded she would need the stars, so she had laid out a nice soft blanket near the Winnebago, the metal monstrosity hopefully providing them with at least some shade from the sun come morning.

While it was true the sight of the stars had a calming effect on Jane they were little comfort now that she was naked in the middle of the desert and moments away from being fucked by her dildo wearing assistant.

Upon first seeing the strap-on dildo Jane had told Darcy there was no way she was using that on her. Unfortunately her tone had been about as convincing as Jane’s declarations that this had to be the last time they had sex etc and Jane couldn’t even convince herself she believe that anymore. Sex with Darcy was just so addictive Jane just couldn’t say no. Or more accurately she couldn’t say no and mean it, after the first few times Jane giving up on no altogether in favour of the equally unbelievable this had to be the last time.

Of course part of Jane wanted to mean it just like there was part of her which was genuinely appalled at the idea of using a strap-on. Or should that be intimidated. Yes, intimidated seemed like a better fit given how Jane felt. But she also felt a little intrigued, and by the time that Darcy was slipping a finger into her pussy Jane was dripping wet. To be fair all the foreplay had a lot to do with that, but the idea of getting fucked by a dildo wearing Darcy had become increasingly intriguing, especially because Jane had no doubt that unlike most of her previous lovers Darcy would know what she was doing.

Again proving her competence in the art of lesbian sex, if not as an assistant, Darcy slowly pumped Jane’s pussy for several long minutes, proving herself more skilled with one little finger than some men were with their cock. Although to be fair Darcy was cheating, her mouth still running back and forth between Jane’s nipples at first, then kissing down the older brunette’s stomach to her thighs, making the astrophysicist quiver with anticipation. This was unfortunately the one thing Darcy had proven to have plenty of patience for, the younger girl once again torturing her boss for what felt like an eternity until finally Jane let out a long, loud cry of joy as she felt what could only be Darcy’s tongue touching her twat and then sliding up the full length of her downstairs lips.

With most girls Darcy wouldn’t bother with this much foreplay. Hell, there had been plenty of nights when she was drunk and horny and she had told whoever she was with not to bother with any foreplay, instead just fuck her until they both passed out, which sadly didn’t usually last very long but sometimes it was sort of satisfying. However Darcy never rush things with Jane. Well, not at first. The brilliant astrophysicist always needed a little coaxing to let out the pussy loving slut within, but more than any other time before Darcy wanted to skip right to the hard fucking.

Since that wasn’t an option Darcy had forced herself to take the same gentle tactics as every other time before and now it was finally paying off. Not that Darcy hadn’t loved kissing Jane, sucking her little nipples and sliding her tongue all over her body because she had. She really, really had. But now Darcy’s tongue was sliding gently along Jane’s pussy lips in a slow but steady licking motion, the assistant’s eyelids fluttering as she lapped up her boss’s sweet cream in a way which had them both moaning in pleasure.

Granted Darcy’s moans weren’t as loud as Jane’s, but they did cause vibrations in her tongue which made Jane moan even louder and the older brunette’s juices flow even more rapidly out of her cunt. That in turn made it even more tempting for Darcy to pick up the pace of the pussy licking. And again, if it had been anyone else she probably would have. After all Jane was very much relaxed by now, and Darcy could definitely keep her relaxed by fucking her to multiple orgasms. However, with Jane Foster it was better to be safe than sorry. Besides, while with anyone else she would be desperate by now to get to the hard fucking Darcy liked gently making love to Jane.

Before she had bedded her cutest boss ever Darcy had never really made love before. She’d had soft and gentle sex, but this was different because she never cared about anyone or anything the way she cared about Jane Foster. That somehow made everything mean more from the swipes of her tongue to the way Jane’s pussy tasted. Then again with the latter it could be just that Jane had an exceptional tasting cunt, Darcy pondering this debate not for the first time as she became lost in licking Jane’s pussy.

Of course Jane had always been terrible at guessing what other people wanted. For her equations and stars were far easier than people. But as clueless as she was when it came to these things she now suspected Darcy loved her. Partly because Darcy had more or less said as much, but mostly because she treated Jane like she was precious. Special. Not just some annoying girl to be ignored during sex, but the centre of her world. And the way she looked at her, touched her, it was enough to make Jane’s body quiver.

Then again Darcy’s tongue had a lot to do with why Jane was quivering right now, the brainy brunette once again trying to work up the courage to tell the younger girl to fuck her hard. Jane knew if she could only ask Darcy would give it to her. Partly because it was rare for the younger brunette to ever deny her something, especially during sex, but mostly because by the time she worked up the courage to actually say it Darcy had been going to give it to her anyway. Or was waiting for Jane to ask.

In case this was one of the latter moments Jane continued to push herself until finally she managed to stammer, “Darcy, please…”

Sometimes that was enough. Sadly this was not one of those times, Darcy not even looking up at her despite Jane managing to mumble those two words over and over again. Clearly she would need to say more, and as difficult as it was for her Jane did eventually manage it.

“Fuck me… fuck me Darcy, ooooooohhhhhhhh Goddddddd, Darcy! Darcy, Darcy, Darcy!” Jane cried out as her assistant pushed her tongue into her aching core and started fucking her with it.

Even though Darcy’s tongue in her cunt was exactly what Jane had been waiting for finally getting it after all that build up rendered her a quivering wreck. With what little was left of her mind Jane thought it was surprising she hadn’t cum. Then again Darcy seemed to have such power over her body Jane wouldn’t be surprised if she could no longer cum and less Darcy wanted it. Which was a foolish notion, because of course no such power existed, but Darcy’s skilled touch was enough to make even a woman of science like Jane consider the possibility of magic.

Making Jane cum was Darcy’s favourite thing to do in the world, and of course she wanted to do it now, but this wasn’t about just getting someone’s rocks off so that they would return the favour. No, this was about making love to the girl she loved, and perhaps just as importantly get Jane relaxed as possible for what she had planned next. Because as long as Jane was properly relaxed it was something they were both going to enjoy very, very much. In the meantime while Darcy wanted to make Jane cum fucking her was almost as good.

From the way Jane was joyfully moaning her name over and over again, in a way which might have been annoying if it was anyone else, Darcy suspected her boss felt the same way. Plus Jane’s pussy juices were steadily flowing into Darcy’s mouth, the busty brunette wrapping her upstairs lips around her employer’s downstairs lips to create a seal so that none of the yummy liquid would escape. Of course that meant Darcy had to pause the tongue fucking every so often when her mouth was threatening to overflow with girl cream however with all her rug munching experience she was pretty much a professional pussy pleaser. That meant she could pause just before her mouth overflowed and gulped down enough of the heavenly liquid so she would be able to give as many tongue thrusts as possible before she had to pause again.

Of course she couldn’t take all the credit. A great deal of Jane’s girl juice was flowing directly from the source into her mouth and down her throat with no swallowing necessary. Also while her awesome skills at foreplay and pussy eating had a lot to do with it Jane had a naturally receptive cunt. Or at least it was receptive to her.

Briefly Darcy pondered if this meant that Jane was gay or not. It was a thought that constantly occur to her as while she normally wasn’t the jealous type things were different with Jane. With Jane Darcy worried that the uptight little prude would get freaked out one day just from having another girl go down on her for the millionth time and then run out and screw someone else. Someone smarter than Darcy, as in like super book smart, but also with a grip on reality, making them a better fit for Jane. Or maybe she would just find a musclebound stud and fall for him. Or maybe just someone who wasn’t her assistant. Whatever, it didn’t matter right now. What did matter was relaxing Jane, something Darcy quickly refocused on.

Jane felt Darcy briefly slowing the pace of the tongue fucking, however before she could muster up the courage to complain it started up again even harder than before. Although perhaps complain would have been the wrong word given the amazing pleasure that she had been receiving from even the gentle tongue fucking. That said this was so, so much better.

For what felt like an eternity Darcy had been pushing Jane close to the edge of an orgasm, sometimes pushing her right to the brink but never allowing her to go over it. Now Darcy seem to be struggling with keeping her from going over that edge, Jane swearing that she would a couple of times only for Darcy to pause the tongue fucking ever so slightly or take a few seconds to gulped down some juices, either way just stopping long enough to stop Jane from cumming.

Of course the whole time Jane was whimpering, “Please Darcy, mmmmmmm please, oh please Darcy please, make me cum. Fuck me and make me cum! Fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum, ooooooohhhhhh God Darcy, Darcy! Fuck me with your tongue and make me cum! Please? Please! Pleaseeeeeeee ohhhhhhhh Goooooddddd!”

Finally Darcy started sucking on Jane’s pussy lips, the additional stimulation just hard enough to make the brilliant astrophysicist lose her ability to speak. Her ability to think wasn’t far behind, but not before she could ponder whether or not her orgasm was an accident or not. Given the way Darcy swallowed pretty much all of her cum without missing a drop Jane guessed it was intentional, as was the climaxes that followed, the brainy brunette cumming over and over again in the other girl’s mouth.

After a while Jane was only barely aware of what was happening to her. She felt like her mind, and/or perhaps her spirit if such a thing truly existed, floating above her body and watching as Darcy swapped her tongue for her fingers, first one and then two being inserted into the older brunette’s cunt so that the intern could suck on her boss’s clit. Then send Jane into an extra hard climax, her mind floating ever higher into the clouds. Unfortunately it couldn’t last forever.

Jane whimpered softly as Darcy brought her down from her high. She then let out a much louder whimper when she felt Darcy removing her fingers and replacing them with that big toy.

That caused her nervousness to quickly return and Jane opened her mouth to yet again ask Darcy if she was sure it would fit. However, Darcy didn’t give her a chance to get the words out, the wicked assistant pushing forward and forcing almost a third of the strap-on into Jane’s pussy with that first hard thrust. Naturally this had Jane crying out, although the astrophysicist was surprised that it was mostly a cry of joy, followed by a cry of pure pleasure.

A slight blush filled Jane’s cheeks, although it was probably unnoticeable given how flushed the brainy brunette was after her orgasms. Of course it was those orgasms and the attention which preceded them which had made Darcy’s dildo not only easily enter Jane’s cunt but allowed the astrophysicist to easily relax, whatever pain there was quickly being overwhelmed by the pleasure and thus making it easier for Jane to take the strap-on inside her. This proved Darcy right, that fact causing Jane to blush slightly. Not that Darcy noticed. No, the busty brunette was far too preoccupied with staring at her boss’s pussy lips wrapped around her cock, this thought making Jane blush even more.

Looking down in between their bodies wasn’t much better for Jane when it came to the whole blushing thing. In fact given her insecurities looking at her body in general was far from her idea of fun, and this time round it was extra difficult for her to convince herself to look. And when she did, when she looked down and saw Darcy’s strap-on inside her, oh Jane definitely blushed hard enough for it to be seen. She also let out a moan which finally got Darcy’s attention, the intern giving her a scandalous grin which made Jane feel like she was about to cum again.

Then with that grin barely leaving her face Darcy said, “Relaxed boss lady, that’s the hard part over with. Now just give me a couple more seconds and the real fun can start. Then I’ll have you begging for more.”

Darcy knew that may sound cocky to someone who didn’t know her but she like to think she and Jane had really bonded lately. Certainly Jane should know Darcy had mad skills when it came to girl fucking, given she had hands-on experience and all. So there was no way Jane should have given her a look which silently scolded her for being cocky. But she did, which Darcy couldn’t help feeling was insulting. Luckily she had an easy way to punish her friend/employer. If fucking her very willing pussy could be called punishment, the moan Jane let out proof that punishment definitely wasn’t the right word for this.

Of course it would be easy for Darcy to hurt Jane if she had wanted too, but then why on earth would she want too? She had the perfect woman spreading her legs for her and the last thing Darcy wanted to do right now was hurt her. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t punish her. Hell, Darcy couldn’t really avoid it, the pleasure she was giving Jane obviously making the prudish brunette feeling a little overwhelmed and embarrassed by the feeling of that big dick pumping in and out of her pussy. Naturally Jane got over that embarrassment pretty quickly, more or less. She closed her eyes so as not to see the grin on Darcy’s face, but the pleasure probably had something to do with it.

Whatever the reason for it Darcy found it so cute. Which was always her favourite word to describe Jane because while other words like beautiful and gorgeous could technically be accurate for her looks they didn’t quite as accurately describe her actions. Or her facial expressions. Or the way she acted so excited over nerdy things which Darcy couldn’t begin to pretend to care about. So yes, this reaction was really cute, and Darcy loved watching Jane’s face as the other brunette kept her eyes closed, a blush filled her cheeks and her mouth open in a little ‘o’ as Darcy slowly pumped her pussy.

It was hard for Darcy to tear her eyes away from that cute little face, but there were just so many other wonderful things to see. Like Jane’s ‘little’ titties bouncing in time with each thrust, and her boss’s entire naked body stretched out before her, the older woman spreading her legs so Darcy could have access to her core. A beautiful little gift Jane was giving Darcy, the intern becoming lost once again in staring at it as she continued her gentle thrusts until Jane was literally begging for more.

Naturally it took a long time for Jane to work up the courage to ask for what she wanted, and this time round it took longer because the scientist felt a little insulted by Darcy’s claim that ‘she’d have her begging for more’. That history taught Jane this was 100% correct was irrelevant, as was the fact that Jane knew better than most those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Of course in her current state Jane couldn’t really recall that lesson reinforced into her by a thousand failed experiments. Her precious intelligence was also failing her as Jane became lost in the pleasure she was feeling.

The only thing she could focus on right now other than that pleasure was the infuriating notion that Darcy had been right. That the dildo Jane had been so worried would be too big was now stretching her pussy so wonderfully wide and deep, the man-made cock reaching places inside her which had never been touched before. Which she could have never imagined being touched, let alone imagined it would feel this good. And Darcy had also been right Jane wanted more. She wanted it harder, faster and deeper and she wanted it from her assistant Darcy Lewis.

Jane wanted Darcy to fuck her harder, faster and deeper, and eventually she was willing to say anything to get that, “Harder! Ohhhhhh God harder! Please Darcy, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh fuck, ooooooh yes, please, oh Darcy, fuck me as hard as you can! Mmmmm, harder! Yesssss, that’s it, ohhhhhh Darcy!”

Luckily that was all it took, Darcy taking mercy on her by almost immediately giving her what she wanted. Sure, Jane had to endure a wicked grin from the girl about ten years her junior as that same girl began to fuck her harder, faster and deeper but it was so worth it because Jane’s pleasure seem to double almost instantly. Then it seemed to double again, and again, and then despite how good she was at equations Jane could no longer do the maths, especially when she came.

All her Darcy induced orgasms had proven to be very powerful indeed, but this one seemed to have an extra kick to it. As did the ones that followed it, overwhelming climax after overwhelming climax crashing through Jane’s little body, leaving the astrophysicist a nervous wreck. She was far too overcome by the exquisite sensations to truly analyse what she was going through, Jane’s brilliant mind shutting off in favour of enjoying the sensations wrecking through her body.

Darcy was all too aware of the difference, especially on her end of things. For her boss Darcy knew that even a petite and most likely gay girl like Jane Foster would enjoy getting her pussy penetrated. And as Darcy had correctly guessed the bigger the better in Jane’s case. And her own. And pretty much every girl she’d ever fucked with a dildo. And maybe Jane was shaking ever so slightly more and screaming just a little louder than usual, but thanks to Darcy’s skilled fingers and awesome tongue it was barely noticeable.

What was noticeable was how much easier holding Jane down was. All Darcy had to do was lean forward and rest her weight on top of the older woman’s body and bam, Jane’s body was pinned under the intern’s big titties. Also as much as Darcy loved swallowing girl cum, especially Jane’s mouth-wateringly sweet cream, there was definitely something to be said for being able to stare into the other brunette’s pretty face as she was lost in pleasure. It was also nice to look into her eyes and see them glazed over, although Jane was unintentionally rolling them or shooting her head back now and again so Darcy couldn’t always enjoy those pretty eyes, but the bliss on Jane’s face remained very much visible throughout this late stage of the fucking.

Unfortunately because this was the late stage of the fucking it began to take a toll on the busty brunette. Her body ached something fierce from all the pumping of Jane’s pussy. Especially her back, Darcy swearing she would need some ice or something later. In fact she could go for a big tub of it right now given how much her body was sweating. Jane’s body was sweating too, making the contact between them a little slippery. Perhaps most of all, it wasn’t like Darcy was a God. No, she had her limits, and her stamina was definitely wearing thin.

Fortunately she was able to cum before the end. More than once in fact, thanks to not just the stimulator on her clit but because of the sheer joy of fucking another woman this way. Of fucking Jane this way. Oh yes, Darcy loved fucking women with her strap-on, but like everything else it was special with Jane, because Jane was special and because this was something Darcy had wanted since she first laid eyes on the petite brunette. She had wanted to fuck Jane every way she knew how, which definitely included stuffing the other girl’s little love box full of strap on dick and pumping her until she covered her cock with her cream.

Of course there were other things Darcy had imagined, and when the intern finally collapsed down onto her boss for a much needed rest her mind couldn’t help wonder about some of those things. Things which Jane would probably never agree to normally, but now that she was in an obviously vulnerable state… maybe, just maybe she would let her.

Jane had no idea what wicked things Darcy was thinking. She was too busy enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms, which was wonderfully relaxing except for the pleasant after-shocks which led to her sensitive pussy squeezing the now very welcome big toy inside it, although even that was mostly pleasant. Jane also liked the feeling of Darcy’s much fuller body pressed against her own, especially those massive tits against her small ones. Overall Jane thought she was going to drift off to sleep she was so content, but she quickly learned that Darcy had other ideas.

It started with Darcy gently kissing her neck, then cheek, then lips, Jane surprising herself as she began to kiss back with surprising eagerness, her adrenaline reigniting as she massaged Darcy’s tongue with her own. Perhaps this shouldn’t have been so much of a surprise, after all having amazing lesbian sex with her assistant had increased Jane’s stamina tenfold, but given the pussy stretching and skilled fucking she had just received Jane thought she was down for the count. Apparently not, the scientist’s adrenaline almost tricking her into thinking she was back to full strength when Darcy gave her pussy a few quick thrusts and then pulled out to replace that monster dildo with her mouth.

Moaning happily Jane grabbed a handful of Darcy’s hair so she could push her friend’s face as deep as it would go into her cunt, however instead of giving her another orgasm Darcy just spent a few minutes drinking the older brunette’s cum and pussy juice before lifting her head and ordering, “Turn over… I wanna fuck you from behind.”

If a male lover had asked her to do that Jane wouldn’t have hesitated to say no as if she was going to have sex she wanted to lie back and let the man do all the work. Besides there was something animalistic about being on all fours Jane didn’t really enjoy. But with Darcy she blushed only slightly and then quickly got into position, partly because she was once again eager to be fucked and partly because Jane found it difficult to deny Darcy anything.

Grinning widely Darcy grabbed her boss’s butt cheeks and began fondling those well-toned globes, “Wow Jane, cute butt.”

Blushing way more than before Jane stammered, “Tha, thank you.”

“I bet no one ever told you that before.” Darcy said knowingly.

“I, I think you have.” Jane pointed out.

“Not enough. I mean just look at this thing.” Darcy said as she slowly pulled apart those cheeks, “It’s so round and firm, with the cutest little butt hole I’ve ever seen.”

Realising where this was going Jane was almost paralysed by fear, the brilliant astrophysicist only able to add something when she felt Darcy’s right index finger beginning to rub her ass hole, “Darcy, no.”

“No what?” Darcy couldn’t help grinning, “What are you saying no to Jane?”

“I, I… I… there’s no way that thing would fit.” Jane whined.

“That’s what you said about it going in your pussy.” Darcy pointed out, “In fact, you’ve been hesitant about everything we’ve done at first but you’ve ended up loving it. What makes you think this will be any different?”

Jane was lost for words for a little while, then she mumbled, “It’s just… so wrong and gross.”

“No it’s not. It’s hot and amazing, and it’ll make you cum like nothing else.” Darcy promised, then after a long pause added, “Tell you what, let’s try a little experiment. If you don’t like it, I promise I’ll never mentioned this again, ok?”

Before Jane could offer a response she felt something long and slippery sliding against her ass hole, her brilliant brain quickly telling her that Darcy was licking her back there. That her assistant was licking her ass hole. That her intern Darcy Lewis was giving her a rim job, some variation of that sentence echoing in Jane’s head for a few moments and by the time she got her wits about her she couldn’t deny it felt good. There was certainly no way she could tell Darcy any different given the way she was mindlessly moaning with every swipe of the younger woman’s tongue against her forbidden hole, Darcy first using slow and then quick licks to drive Jane crazy.

Given the way Jane couldn’t stop herself from moaning Darcy could have pulled away from the astrophysicist’s butt hole a lot sooner than she did, but apparently she was pretty content rimming her for a little while. Especially when she added spitting onto Jane’s ass hole into the mix, Darcy grinning wickedly as she rubbed that saliva in with her tongue. When she did finally pull away she softly said, “See Jane, nothing to worry about.”

“I… I… I don’t know Darcy.” Jane said softly after a short pause.

Losing her patience somewhat Darcy huffed, “If you don’t want to I’ll happily fuck your pussy, but now I know you like having your ass licked there’s no way I won’t be trying to get a dick up this hot ass 24/7. And given our track record how long do you think it’s going to be before I succeed? I’m betting not long, and like with fucking your pussy with my strap-on you’ll be worrying about it and shit till it happens, building it up in that pretty little head of yours only to find it isn’t that bad. So just trust me, ok? Please Jane? It’s not like I’ve ever done anything you haven’t loved, so please, give me your ass.”

While Darcy sounded pretty cocky there she was right. She hadn’t done anything to Jane that the scientist hadn’t loved and Darcy did always get her way. Jane still wasn’t sure how this could be pleasurable but to save herself some grief she lowered her head in submission and whimpered, “Ok.”

“Awesome-source.” Darcy beamed happily, and then knowing she was pushing her luck added, “Jane… if you reach back and spread your cheeks it will make it easier for your butt hole to relax.”

As far as Darcy knew that wasn’t actually true but while biology wasn’t her area of expertise it wasn’t Jane’s either. Plus her boss could often be hopelessly gullible and was mostly clueless about any form of sex which wasn’t the vanilla kind, so Darcy was confident there was a good chance that this would work. That didn’t stop her from being dumb struck by the sight of Jane Foster nervously reaching back and grabbing her butt cheeks so she could pull them apart, giving Darcy perhaps her favourite ever visual.

Darcy had seen some wondrous sights while interning for Jane. Wonders of the universe which had captivated mankind through its entire known history. Of course while that included the stars they were now under Darcy had always been far more interested in what Jane hadn’t known she was treating her intern too, that being the beauty of a petite, young female form. And as stunning as Jane was fully clothed Darcy didn’t think she’d ever seen a sight more beautiful than her sexually repressed employer displaying herself so lewdly. She was treated to a sight just as stunning if not more so when she finally pressed her strap-on against Jane’s virgin ass hole and pushed forwards, Darcy so excited that she popped her boss’s anal cherry in one quick thrust.

“OH MY GOD!” Jane loudly gasped, letting go of her ass cheeks and grabbing hold of the chair as she was anally violated, “Darcy, oh my God, I don’t think, ohhhhh fuck!”

“Shhhh, trust me Jane, you’re going to love this.” Darcy said insistently, fully prepared to talk Jane into this again.

However instead of that long debate Darcy had been expecting Jane didn’t say another word. Instead she just stayed very tense for a few moments then Jane’s body went limp and she lowered her head in surrender. Surrender to Darcy, the thought of it making the intern grin widely. After all here was this older and smarter woman surrendering her most private of holes to Darcy, super brainy Jane Foster allowing her assistant to use her virgin butt hole as a fuck hole. Man, that gave Darcy an incredible rush of power.

Darcy continued feeling that rush of power as she spent the next couple of minutes pushing about half of her dildo up her boss’s butt, making sure to give Jane plenty of time to relax in between each additional inch or two so that the anal stretching wouldn’t be too bad. Then with enough of the toy firmly embedded within Jane’s backside Darcy let go of the base of the strap-on and the older woman’s hip to grab her tight little ass cheeks with both hands.

Jane blushed furiously when she felt Darcy grabbing her ass. It was nothing she hadn’t done before during sex, but normally it was when they were kissing or Darcy’s tongue was buried in Jane’s cunt or something like that so the scientist was barely aware it was happening. Now Jane’s entire world revolved around her ass, and while most of that focus was on the huge dildo obscenely stretching her back hole she couldn’t help notice Darcy’s hands, especially when they began squeezing and cupping her cheeks. Then Darcy spread them wide apart and Jane thought she was going to die of embarrassment.

Was it not enough she was having to cope with a big dildo in her butt? Did Darcy really have to further humiliate her like this? Did she really have to expose her most private hole like this when it was being violated? The obvious answer was no, but Jane supposed Darcy could have been telling the truth about the spreading of the cheeks making it easier for her to take something in her butt. However Jane had originally doubted this, and had only spread her own cheeks because she had wanted to get this over with, and all Jane had to do was look back to know for sure this was for Darcy’s benefit, not her own.

The wicked grin of glee on Darcy’s face as she stared at her dildo slowly disappearing into Jane’s butt hole told her that, the scientist whimpering softly at the sight and burying her face in her hands rather than telling her assistant to cut this out. Jane wasn’t sure she could be demanding enough right now to stop Darcy doing anything so she might as well let the intern have her way with her. Then Jane would firmly tell Darcy she didn’t enjoy it when things were back to normal. And if Darcy didn’t respect her wishes then… Jane would still probably end up taking it in the ass for her assistant.

No sooner had Jane told herself she had to learn to say no to Darcy the younger girl grabbed the scientist’s hips with both hands and began pumping her strap-on in and out of the older brunette’s butt hole and thus officially beginning Jane’s first ass fucking.

It was a stimulation the likes of which Jane had never felt before, and could have never imagined, and while initially she cried out it only took a few thrusts to make her moan in pleasure. Which was the most horrifying moment of her life, Jane briefly trying to tell herself it wasn’t true before she ended up moaning again. She couldn’t believe how quickly her body betrayed her, pain and discomfort swiftly giving way to pleasure. It still felt weird to have a large fake cock stretching her ass hole, but the pumping sensation felt so good. So very, very good. And poor Jane couldn’t stop herself from loving it.

Darcy certainly loved her reactions, “See Jane, I told you you’d love it. Mmmmm yeah, it feels good, doesn’t it? Well, it’s only going to get better, all you have to do is relax and you’ll be an anal slut in no time.”

Jane blushed but remained silent and continue to allow Darcy to have her way with her ass hole. That included pumping her back door slowly and steadily until Jane felt something pressing into her ass cheeks, the brainy brunette blushing when she realised it was Darcy’s thighs. Somehow she had been so preoccupied with the pleasure she hadn’t noticed Darcy slowly pushing the rest of her dildo into her rectum, those thighs beginning to smack against Jane’s butt cheeks as she continued to be butt fucked by her assistant.

As Darcy settled into giving her a slow but steady ass fucking Jane made peace with the fact that she was now essentially her assistant’s anal slut. After all if the past few weeks, and today in particular, had proven anything it was that Jane couldn’t say no to Darcy and unless she learnt quickly she was going to end up bending over a lot for the younger girl in the days, weeks and months that followed. For many, many reasons Jane should make sure that didn’t happen… but… it just felt so good. It felt so good to submit to Darcy. To do whatever she wanted. To take it up the butt for her intern.

Through it all the loudmouth assistant continued talking dirty, for once during sex with her prudish boss Darcy completely failing to control her mouth, “You like that Jane? Huh? You like it up the butt? You like taking it up the butt like a little anal slut? Huh? Mmmmmm, yeah you do! You’re an anal slut! Mmmmm, my boss is an anal slut, with a tight, fuck-able little dyke ass which should be getting fucked every single day! Fuckkkkk yeahhhhhh Jane, mmmmmm, boss lady, someone should be bending you over every single day and fucking this sweet lesbo butt of yours, pound it hard and deep, make you cum like the anal slut you are!”


With that Darcy began slowly increasing the pace until her thighs were smacking loudly against Jane’s butt cheeks and the astrophysicist’s brilliant brain slowly dissolved inside her head. Then she experienced a supernova of an orgasm which rendered her truly mindless, Jane’s last conscious thought for a while being if this was what she had to look forward to as Darcy’s anal slut she was going to enjoy it.

Darcy was also having problems thinking coherently. That was normal during sex, or at least sex with Jane, as was the fact that one of Darcy’s few distractions from whatever act she was treating the other woman to was her fantasising about doing this again and again and again. She thought about doing it in different positions, different places, and sometimes trying different techniques so she could make Jane cum even harder than she was right now. However, there was another less pleasurable thought circling in her head, that being had she finally gone too far.

Her life with Jane had never been smooth sailing per se but lately it was like walking a tightrope. Or guiding someone afraid of heights across a tightrope, Darcy constantly watching her mouth and introducing Jane to the wonders of lesbian sex in the most patient and gentle way possible, for the most part, but sometimes she just couldn’t help herself. After all, the idea of innocent little Jane Foster being her anal slut was almost too wonderful for words.

As her stamina waned, signalling the rough anal sex was reaching it’s end, Darcy became consumed by that wonderful idea. She pictured herself getting horny watching Jane writing up her notes, only instead of suffering in silence like usual Darcy would just tell her boss to bend over and she would have to do it because she was Darcy’s anal slut. Yes, Jane would have to bend over for her whenever and wherever Darcy wanted, the older woman’s ass hole constantly gaping and aching from the abuse the younger girl was going to give it, the assistant practically owning her boss’s butt hole. No, she would own it. She did. She did own it. Jane had promised to be her anal slut and that meant from now on Darcy owned her boss’s butt hole and was going to use it for her pleasure whenever she wanted.

That admittedly really twisted thought made Darcy cum harder than ever before. Well, having the end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the overwhelming mental and physical pleasure of ass fucking another woman had a lot to do with it, but it was the idea of owning Jane’s tightest hole that was definitely what sent her over the edge of an orgasm so strong it finally shut off Darcy’s brain. All that was left was an animal mindlessly slamming the tight hole in front of it, Darcy using the last of her strength to hammer Jane’s ass through climax after climax until she collapsed exhaustively on top of the other girl.

Darcy had passed out like this many times before. Sure there wasn’t a dildo involved but she and Jane often fucked each other into unconsciousness. This time round though Darcy had something motivating her not to immediately pass out. Well, two things, the first of which she got to enjoy when she managed to find the energy to pull away from Jane, her strap-on being swiftly pulled out of her boss’s butt hole with an audible pop and leaving behind the cutest little gaping crater.

Tony opened his eyes and starred straight up at the bedroom ceiling. He could hear the sound of the shower water running in the bathroom. He looked over and saw the empty bed next to him thinking about last night.

Cindy was hot last night. It felt so good to be able to make love to her again. He quickly got out of bed almost jumping with joy. He had to pee but noticed the dress was gone and so was the thong Cindy tossed on the floor last night. He checked out the hamper which they kept in the closet. There was a stack of clothes in there but no dress or thong. He dug through the clothes and finally found them hidden below some other garments. He picked up the thong putting it to his nose like he had done last night. He could still smell that masculine smell on them.

Picking up the dress he took a quick sniff of it as well. He took in the aroma smelling the male cologne mixed with Cindy’s perfume. This guy must have been all over her last night. He tucked them back where Cindy had hidden them and walked toward the bathroom.

He poked his head inside the bathroom first before entering and saw Cindy wrapped in a towel near the tub. He opened the door and walked inside.

“Good morning.”

Cindy turned around smiling as he stood in front of the toilet relieving himself. Tony finished than washed his hands. Cindy was still padding herself with a second towel. Tony realized Cindy was trying to hide the hickey’s from him.

“Did you have a nice time last night?” Tony asked.

Cindy smiled. “Yes. How about you?”

“Had a couple drinks down at the bar and came home. Nothing to really talk about.”

Cindy had somehow wrapped that second towel around her neck as she stood in front of the mirror combing her long blonde hair out.

“So, where did you and Dan go last night?”

Cindy stopped combing her hair and looked rather stunned at Tony. “How did you know his name?”

Tony gulped. She must not remember telling him his name last night. Than he started wondering if she remembered anything about what they did last night since she was hiding those hickey’s on her neck.

Tony replied. “Oh…Uh…You sort of mentioned his name when you came home last night.”

Cindy didn’t say anything else about Dan or last night for that matter. Cindy offered to make Tony breakfast so he quickly jumped into the shower than got dressed. The smell of pancakes started to fill the house.

Tony was just finishing getting dressed when he spotted Cindy’s cell phone sitting on the dresser next to her purse. He thought he’d nose around a little and picked it up and pushed the saved pictures. First picture was of Cindy in the red dress she wore last night. The next shot of her posing naked on a bed with a big smile on her face. Tony figured this Dan guy must have talked her into that one.

The next shot was another shot of Cindy laying on her belly. Her nice little round ass clearly the center of the photographers focus. The next photo was yet another naked picture of Cindy holding a wine glass in her hand while sitting on a bed.

The next shot stunned Tony as he couldn’t believe what he saw. It was a picture of Cindy sucking on a thick black cock. Her fingers wrapped around it’s thick base with just the head inside her mouth. Tony couldn’t believe this! Dan was a black man! He studied the photo looking toward the bedroom door hoping not to get caught by Cindy.

He pressed the picture button again and there was another shot of Cindy sucking that huge black cock. It looked like this Dan guy was laying on the bed taking photos of Cindy sucking his cock. Tony’s heart was pounding from the excitement as he pushed the button again.

It was Cindy holding her legs up and spread. A thick white gob of cum was leaking out of her pussy. This guy got Cindy to pose for him after they fucked! The next shot was a closer look at the thick white cum that was just deposited in Cindy’s pussy.

Tony was so excited his hands were shaking. He thought about that white fertile cum that had been pumped deep inside his wife’s womb.

Tony pressed the button again and this picture was totally different. It appeared to be them standing in front of a restaurant. Cindy was wearing the red dress so it must have been taken last night. Dan dwarfed Cindy in height . She was only 5’1″ so Dan looked big! Tony clicked the button again and it was a picture of Dan himself standing next to his white car.

Tony pressed the picture button again and got another surprise. It was Dan posing naked in a sort of weight lifters pose flexing his muscles. His huge cock and ball sack was clearly visible and boy where they ever!

Tony clicked the button again only to find the next picture was of a new dress Cindy had bought a couple weeks ago. Cindy called out a second or two later.

“Breakfast is ready.”

Tony put the phone back where he found it and made his way out to the kitchen. Cindy was wearing a turtle neck sweater. She was covering up the hickeys’ Tony wanted to say something like he’d already seen them but figured he’d better not and sat down to breakfast with Cindy.

Tony found out he’d be spending the day with Cindy when he learned that Dan had to fly out of town on business that morning. Tony did his best to make the day a good day. He tried to avoid what went on the night before until after he took Cindy out to dinner and bought her a couple drinks afterward.

As always, Cindy started to loosen up after she started to sip on her forth martini. Tony finally brought up the subject of last night.

“I had a really good time last night when you came to bed last night baby.”

Cindy smiled and replied. “I can’t hardily remember anything from last night. You telling me we had sex or something. “She laughed

Tony shook his head up and down as he took a swallow of his martini. “Yeah. Actually we did. We had sex on the bathroom counter last night than I made you cum twice when you came to bed.”

Cindy laughed. “I kind of remember us talking but it’s a complete blank to me whatever we did.”

It wasn’t until Tony ordered another round did he think about going further in their conversation about her boyfriend Dan.

“Do you remember telling me about Dan?”

Cindy shook her head back and forth as she sipped on her fifth drink of the evening. Dan got up and sat down on the sofa next to his wife. He put her martini glass down on the coffee table and took her hand as he leaned in for a kiss. Cindy responded back but cut Tony short when he tried to cup one of her breasts.

“Honey. I don’t want to get you all worked up for nothing. “Cindy told him.

Words were exchanged back and forth for the next twenty minutes until Tony finally wanted to know where he stood in their relationship.

Cindy said. “If I recall, you were the one that wanted us to have an open relationship. Now your jealous because I’m seeing someone?”

Tony had enough beating around the bush. “You mean fucking someone don’t you?”

“Tony! That’s enough.”

Tony let everything go next telling her about the hickey’s on her neck she was hiding plus the bit marks on her nipples. He even got so made to tell her how loose and sloppy her pussy felt last night to him. That’s when she slapped him in the face and started to cry.

“Cindy. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Tony tried to say but it was too late for that as she stormed off to their bedroom and locked the door. It wasn’t until midnight when Cindy finally came out of the bedroom.

Tony was asleep on the sofa and she woke him up by slapping him on the ass. He turned over and straightened up. Cindy was wearing her pajama’s and sat on the chair with her arms folded starring at him.

Tony looked at her and said. “What now?’

(I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far. It’s complete. 16 chapters long)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written in, had a few amazing encounters since my first stories, and maybe I’ll write about those soon. I’ll write this one now because it happened 3 days ago and I’m still smiling as a result of it.

Here’s a little background on me. I’m a married woman, 43 years old, and my name is Jayde. I’m very tall, long legs, and slender firm build. I have long brown hair, deep sexy brown eyes, thick full kissable lips, and a nice round ass. I am very sensual, love touching, teasing, and maybe even a little torture with my tongue and fingertips. I am openly bisexual, and my husband supports that side and encourages me to find female lovers to play with, he loves hearing the details after. This time he still hasn’t heard about my encounter, he wants to read about it here.

I searched a famous dating site that allows risque ads and found a woman named Shelley that was part of a dating couple, very close to my age, very similar body type, although she was 3 inches shorter. She has gorgeous brown eyes, beautiful firm natural C cups, and a beautiful tummy from hours of biking and climbing, a truly sexy woman with a tough side, just what I’ve been looking for.

After many messages back and forth on the website, exchange of pictures, a few texts back and forth, and a phone chat, we agreed to meet at a local restaurant on the patio to have a few drinks and chat. We’re in the middle of a heatwave here, and it was so hot on the patio that she decided it was time to move our visit to her air conditioned home, we hadn’t even finished our first glass of wine. I was already comfortable with her, so I agreed. She lived nearby, so I followed her in her car back to her place.

Her home was tastefully decorated, in a nice neighborhood, and very nice furniture. We sat down and had a glass of wine and chatted about our jobs, our lives, listened to a little music and just really enjoyed each other’s company. Just as we finished our glass of wine, without any awkward moment or wondering who would make the move, she leaned in and kissed my lips softly. I melted, I’ve wanted a woman to take me like that for so long and it was so precious. We touched each other’s faces and played with each other’s hair as we kissed passionately, not worrying about time or agenda.

Shelley asked if I wanted to move this upstairs, I stood up, grabbed her hand and she passed me a bottled water and we headed upstairs to her bedroom. The room was beautiful, she has a great sense of interior decorating.

Shelley sat on the bed and I sat right next to her and touched her cheek and leaned in and resumed our soft kiss. Her lips were so soft, and she was whimpering from my tender kisses and commented on my thick juicy lips. Our kiss was prolonged, intimate, and her tongue felt so incredible against mine as we teased each other.

The teasing led to soft fingertips all over each other’s arms. I slowly kissed down her neck and removed her top, a plunging V-neck tank top that looked stunning on her. She turned to me and slowly removed my top. I kissed Shelley deeper, sucking her tongue gently into my mouth.

My hands coasted over her skirt and I touched her soft skin on her calves and traced down to her feet, touching them softly. She smiled and kissed me softly. We took our time, savoring each others’ bodies, and enjoying each others’ touch. She unbuttoned my skirt, a knee length dark skirt with a slit on the side, and slid it off my hips and dropped it on her floor. I was left with a black silk bra and thong on.

I pulled her hair back and kissed her exposed neck while I unbuttoned her skirt with my other hand. She moaned out, “Oh God, Jayde”, and rolled me onto my back. Shelley mounted me and ground her pelvis into mine through her skirt and my panties. The tension in the room was so electric. I rolled her back over and playfully took control. I lowered the zipper on her skirt and pulled the skirt up her thighs as I sensually licked her toes. She gazed into my eyes with a look of ecstasy, smiled, and she cupped her breasts through her bra. She looked so beautiful, I just had to have those breasts.

I looked into her eyes with a hunger, a desire I had not felt in a while. I reached around her back, popped the clasp on her bra, and pulled it over her shoulder with my teeth. She was loving the attention and reached around my back and released my bra clasps as well. We threw our bras to the floor and I lay on top of her, resuming our passionate kiss while cupping her beautiful full breast, years of yoga had paid off for her firm body. Her nipples were hardening and were about the size of a raspberry, very thick and red. I couldn’t wait to suck on them softly, starting on her left one, sucking it with my lips as I flicked my tongue quickly over it. Shelley was moaning in pleasure, touching my hair softly and calling my name. I switched to the other nipple and gave it equal attention, her body was lifting off the bed as her temperature rose.

A bead of sweat formed on her forehead, I moved up to kiss and lick it off. We shared another very long passionate kiss, touching each other’s breasts and just loving the time we had sharing our bodies with each other.

Shelley cupped my ass in her hands and told me how beautiful my body was, making me feel so connected to her. I reached under and cupped her firm ass as well, loving her sexy panties, I teased her through the material. Shelley took her turn sucking on my nipples gently, making them long and hard, although nowhere near the thickness of her beautiful nipples. i played with hers while she sucked mine, rolling them between my thumb and fingertip. She winced and let out a pleasured moan as I moaned while she sucked on my hard nipples.

I pulled Shelley’s panties to the side and began to trace her sweet pussy with my fingertips. She threw her head back and moaned out my name again. I loved teasing her, and was in no hurry to finish her anytime soon. I lay her back down and slowly removed her panties. I returned my fingertips to her full pussy lips that were throbbing under my touch. Her clit had a long, beautiful dark hood and I could see lots of moisture on her sweet lips. I traced them softly with my fingertips, she was thrashing from side to side, loving the teasing and the torture. I kneeled down and got close with my mouth and blew warm air softly on her clit while I continued to softly touch her lips. She said “this is why I love women!” Shelley cried out as my tongue made its first contact with her engorged lips. I flicked my tongue over one lip as I slowly and softly sucked it into my mouth. She let out a scream and begged me not to stop what I was doing. I had no intentions of it, and looked up at her with an evil grin, and went back to torturing her lips. A stream of her juices ran down her thigh and got the sheets wet. She cried out, “Oh my, look what you made me do” and I switched to the other lip and softly sucked and flicked my tongue across it. Her toes were curling and I knew I had her on the way to the slow buildup orgasm that I had desired to give her. I teased her sweet lips for what I would guess was 20 minutes, although time wasn’t exactly on my mind, listening to her whimpers, moans, screams, and even a few words that she said she rarely uses! :)

I had her where I wanted her, in a state of euphoria. I dove down and sucked firmly on her lips now and tongued her hole skillfully. Her ass lifted tenderly off the bed and I held her tight ass as I ate her so firmly, her moans turning to screams. She lowered her ass back down to the bed as I slowed down and resumed the torture, this time flicking my tongue over her hardened clit. It was protruding nicely from under the hood now, and she had a beautiful clit ring for me to tease and surround with my tongue. I made sure to use that ring against her, and licked around it, sucking it into my mouth softly. She was crying out my name again and moving her hips slowly. I took her to the verge of a very intense orgasm and then held her there by slowing down, torturing her even more. She called me mean and pushed her hips up into my face. After what had been a long time, I finally took her over that threshold and she exploded on my face, bucking as I dug my fingernails into her hips and sucked her sweet juices up from all over her pussy. I looked up into her eyes and she had tears running down her cheeks. She told me I was an amazing teacher and she had so much to learn from me. I told her class was in session. I knew from her sensual kisses earlier that she would be just fine.

Shelley lay me on my back, slid my thong over my ass and down my legs, kissing the bottom of my feet softly as she pulled them off. She traced her long fingernails up my calves and tickled behind my knees a little, a moan escaped from me as I lost myself in the moment. She traced her fingernails down my thighs and said “Payback is a bitch!” Shelley started to lick between my thigh and pussy, tracing her tongue up above my pubic bone and back down to the other side. She did this for a period of time, again lost in the moment, I had no idea. I was delirious, still hypnotized by her scent, and not wanting this night to end. Finally she traced my pussy lips, telling me how beautiful my smooth shaved pussy was. I told her how incredible she felt and curled my toes, pulling her hair and grinding my pussy into her face. I didn’t want to cum yet, wanted the slow buildup I gave her, so I released her head and fell back to the bed, letting her return to her sensual licking.

Shelley’s intensity increased by the minute, until finally she was just beneath my clit and licking me with a hunger and speed I had never felt before. The sensation was too much and all my senses exploded, my ass lifted off the bed and just as I was about to cum, she thrust a finger into me and curled it into my gspot. The feeling of her fingernail on me caused a massive explosion and I squirted onto her face, her chin, and her breasts. She burst out laughing and asked where that came from, I told her to shutup and keep licking, and she dove in again, forcing me to ride the wave of my orgasm. My mind was blown, and I no longer saw her as someone who needed to learn, but rather someone I need to share more with.

We lay looking at each other for a while, sharing long, sensual kisses, tasting each other, and loving the sensations. We touched, teased, and talked more about life, laying naked sweating on her bed. Shelley invited me to her shower to rinse off, and I won the race there, smiling as I turned on a nice warm shower to rinse the sweat off. I loved as she scrubbed my back with her loofah, and we kissed lots while enjoying each other’s bodies. I returned the favor and scrubbed her back lightly as well. After a few minutes, we turned the shower off, returned to the room and got dressed. We sat and talked over another glass of wine, I looked at the time, realizing 5 hours had passed since we met, and not knowing where time had gone, I was so happy that I had met someone so special. We shared one more very tender kiss, a long kiss good night, and parted ways with the promise of another visit in the very near future. I don’t feel that I found a lover, I feel like I found a great friend, a combination I have been yearning for far too long.



Chapter 1

The story begins…

Today was the day. Friday. It had taken a month for it to arrive –practically forever, yet it had passed in the blink of an eye. What was she doing??… She’d had a difficult time concentrating on anything else except this for the last month, since the planning had started. She was nervous, excited, yet scared and dreading it all at the same time.

At 10:00am sharp – per plan, she went upstairs to her bedroom, reached into the very back of the top drawer of her dresser, and underneath her panties grabbed the small lipstick sized, bullet shaped item that had arrived in the mail last week. She’d hidden it there within minutes after its arrival. Her breathing was quick and shallow, her cheeks flushed, and hands slightly shaking as she gently pulled it out of the drawer and sat it on top of the dresser. Beside the item she placed one of the brand new pair of recently purchased panties. Slowly she undressed. Next – per plan – she went to her closet and pulled out the outfit she’d chosen to wear for this occasion. She had changed her mind and reselected it about a dozen times in the last week. She wanted to look good, really good – yet sexy as well. She wanted an outfit that showed off her assets without making her look like she was on the prowl.

She pulled out a packed bag from the back of the closet. In it was one change of clothing and an overnight toiletry kit. As she laid it on the bed, it became real to her that this was truly going to happen.

Slipping on the new panties – she hesitantly slid the small bullet shaped item into the crotch just as she snuggled them in place. She reached down and slightly readjusted it so that it fit in the crevice between her lips and slightly nudged her clitoris. With a deep breath she started dressing, putting on her black lacy low cut bra and then the soft silken purple button down shirt over top it – leaving the top three buttons undone to show off her cleavage. She stumbled over several of the buttons as she didn’t seem to have full control of her fingers. Her chosen dress for this occasion was charcoal grey and pleated, stopping slightly above her knee. It had a slit on the right side about eight inches long, showing a modest amount of her black nylon covered thigh. Her shoes – per plan – were black three inch heals with an open toe and thin strap around the back. She felt long legged and tall in them, sexy and good as they showed off her well toned legs. She kept in shape due to extensive dancing classes and was proud of them.

She looked at herself in the mirror, twisting sideways for a profile view – and automatically reached for the top shirt buttons to cover herself more modestly– only to stop and put her hands down. With a deep breath she turned, grabbed her overnight bag, and walked to the door.

Chapter 2

Promptly at 10:20am – per plan – she backed out of her driveway and started driving towards the hardware store about 20 minutes from her house. As soon as she left her driveway heading west, she became hyper aware of her surroundings, scanning the cars on the streets , both right and left, her head felt like it was on a swivel. Was that him? Right there – right behind her. Was he following her? Or was it just an accident that the same car had followed her for the last 2 blocks. No, she could tell that it probably wasn’t him as it was a beat up car, not at all what she expected a rental to look like. Somebody coming in town for a short stay would have a nice rental from a major company like Avis, right? Humm, of course this wasn’t a normal guy. Come to think of it, nothing about this situation or him was normal. Nothing. At all. What the heck was she thinking? Jeez, she should just pull in the driveway over there, turn around and go back home before she ended up on the evening news. She could see it now, “Local lady found bound and gagged in Wal-Mart recycle bin”. “Crap, screw this” she thought.

She hit the blinker and started to pull into the driveway. Like an electric shock the silver device in her panties suddenly blipped for a moment– freezing her at the unexpectedness of it. “OH HELL” she almost screamed aloud, frantically looking around to see where he was. Nobody. Nobody was around. “How far away does this thing work?” blazed through her mind as her breathing accelerated and she started to panic. Her heart was in her throat when she pulled into the driveway, whipped the car in reverse, backed out and accelerated hard down the road. At that moment her cell phone rang – “JESUS H! He is here and is FOLLOWING ME!…..Oh Christ – what the hell was I thinking…” by now she was breathing hard through her mouth wondering if she was going faint. Grabbing her phone, she paused at the flashing caller name “Lorraine”. A quick hysterical laugh escaped, she then threw the phone down and started to slow the car down. “If this continues” she thought, “I’m going to have a fucking heart attack”.

Chapter 3

She pulled into her own driveway and parked, not pulling into her garage or turning her car off. She just put her head on the steering wheel and sat staring at the speedometer. About a million thoughts ran through her mind. Focusing on a single one was impossible.

Finally, after her heart rate had slowed to a manageable stutter she looked up – took a deep breath – and backed out of the driveway again. Two quick buzz’s let her know that he was still there, and she thought grateful at her decision to continue.

Chapter 4

He had her stop at Wal-Mart first, to pick up a shower exfoliating ball – per plan. As she got out of her car, she continued looking around, wondering if he was there yet, was watching her. Her answer was almost immediate, buzzing her long enough that her walk slowed to a stumble. It was almost as if he’d been reading her mind and wanted her to know that she was being watched and there was nothing she could do about it. How far away did this exquisite torture device work?

There were so many people around her. She just knew that they could see right through her mask, that she was being driven crazy by the bullet in her panties. They had to, her face was flushed red and her breathing was too fast.

In the store she went, and quickly found the ball and purchased it. She was so intent on looking around and seeing him that she didn’t hear the checkout lady ask her how she was going to pay. The lady behind the counter finally reached over and touched her sleeve to get her attention. She jumped, grabbed her credit card from her purse, swiped it and hastily left with the receipt.

As she settled into her car again, the silver bullet was pushed deeper into her, pushing her lips further aside and moving against her clitoris. She was acutely aware of it, waiting for it to remind her again that he was around, yet she was also somewhat hoping that it wouldn’t happen, that he would stop and disappear; leaving her to return to a modest life. Guiltless, risk free… unfulfilled… She could tell her husband that the night out with her girlfriend from college had been cancelled due to a flight delay.

Buzzzzzzz, shit, he wasn’t gone. He must have been reading her thoughts. She didn’t know if she was happy or sad, she just knew that she was going to continue this for right now, just to see what happened. She could always quit, right? However, she also knew that she was being inexorably pulled into this, that she was losing herself to the fantasy they had both shared.

Chapter 5

It was the most erotic, yet scary, thing that she’d ever done. She led an acknowledged quiet life, taking care of the home front for a husband that was gone much of the time. She had never really pushed the boundaries before – well, except for the month when she had first met her lover when she was still single, and let herself be seduced. The carefree times they had experienced were wonderful; the wild sex could never be forgotten. Not till the day she died. One time she even went so far as to straddle the car gearshift he was driving down the interstate, stuck her head out of the sunroof letting her hair whip in the wind while she received the vibrator ride of her life! She’d never done that before, or since. She flushed just thinking about it. She was once again going to push her boundaries though, do something that she’d never thought of actually doing, and spend one more night with the man that she still frequently thought about after twenty years of not seeing him.

Chapter 6

Next, she drove to the mall – per plan. She got out and walked into the mall, again swiveling her head all around, trying to catch a glimpse of a guy looking at her – or acting like he wasn’t looking at her. Her pace gradually picking up until she was practically running. She dodged through the front doors and suddenly stopped, turning around, checking out everybody entering, looking for him.

Nobody looked familiar. Nobody looked guiltily away. Fine, she told herself that she would see him at some point, she was convinced of it.

She walked through the mall, taking her time window shopping – per plan. Trying to act like she wasn’t doing it, she continued to look for him, glancing out of the corner of her eyes continuously, even looking in the store glass reflections. Nothing. She sat down on a bench, just enjoying looking around now at all the shoppers bustling around her.

A conversation suddenly came back to her that they’d had many years ago. It was about his job in the military. She seemed to remember that he had been an observer in the intelligence side of special operations and was trained to blend into the environment. He was a trained special operations soldier. She suddenly realized that she probably wasn’t going to see him, but that he probably had her under observation the whole time, watching every movement she made.

The potential of being in a dangerous situation hadn’t really entered her mind until that point in time, but just as quickly it flitted away. Twenty years. She knew him, knew that he was still the same guy. He would be a little older, a little more genteel in his manor, but she also knew that he still kept in shape, ran, that he pushed himself. She trusted him though. Hell, she had feelings for him.

Her clitoris suddenly woke and she jerked with the shock of the reminder of his presence somewhere near. She suddenly became conscious that she was sitting on a wooden bench and that the bullet was making a slight vibrating sound against it. She quickly stood and moved away, just as it stopped.

She turned and moved further into the mall. The plan said that she was supposed to go to the “Adam & Eve” store in the mall and purchase a bottle of “His & Hers” personal lubricant. She wasn’t quite sure what was so special about it, but he had insisted and the name had really piqued her interest. Following the purchase of the lubricant, she was supposed to stop at the Sears store and buy a 25 foot length of rope. This item concerned her, she could think of too many ways that it could be used, and all of them bad for her. The DANGER signal was there, but she tried to keep it tamped down.

Chapter 7

When she got to the Sears store, she couldn’t help it – she stopped and didn’t enter. This bothered her. It reeeeally bothered her. The buzz hit her, but she didn’t move. It stopped. She reluctantly stood there as her legs started shaking and it hit her again causing her to take an involuntary step forward. It stopped. She took another step and stopped and the buzzer hit her hard this time, not stopping till she started moving again, dragging herself into the store against her better judgment.

She hunted around the store looking for where the rope would be, a myriad of ideas coming to her head on the intended use of it. She finally found the aisle where it was stocked. Small packages in twenty-five foot lengths. A sales person asked her if she needed help, she blushed furiously and said no. Her face was so red that it felt on fire. She picked up one package, per plan.

After purchasing the rope, she ducked out of the store clutching the sack with the package to her side trying to hide it, not wanting anybody to know about it. She had always thought that being tied up and “taken advantage of” sounded erotic, but now that it was actually looking like it may happen, she wasn’t so sure.

She left the store and moved back towards her car in the parking lot. He was going to buzz her again, she just knew it. He didn’t. It was quiet. She didn’t quite know how she felt about this, almost disappointed. As she exited the mall parking lot and started towards the Marriot hotel, the final step of the plan, she was starting to get nervous again and caught herself multiple times hunched forward, inches from the steering wheel, anxiously trying to force her way through traffic, looking for the turnoff.

Just as she was starting her turn into the Marriot parking lot, it hit her full blast. The bullet had slid further into her folds and the tip was pushed hard against her clitoris. It didn’t let go, an insistent reminder her that he was there, watching her, in command of the situation and she couldn’t stop him from pleasing her. She squirmed, uncomfortable about it, enjoying it, but wanting it to stop. It didn’t. He didn’t. She parked, leaned back in the seat to enjoy the sensation and it stopped. “Damn. This is driving me nuts!” She thought. She got out of the car with all her packages and went into the hotel.

Chapter 8

She slowed down as she approached the room, her steps become more and more hesitant. She stopped in front of room 42. She spun in a circle to make sure nobody was watching, and double-rapped three times on the door with a short pause between each set – per plan. The door opened six inches and a hand appeared with a velvety soft black strip of cashmere cloth in it – the voice she recognized within the room quietly told her to put the blindfold on. She knew this was going to happen – it was per plan – but it still freaked her out a little. If she couldn’t see, she had no control of the situation. Of course, she reasoned to herself, she had been out of control of the situation for the past hour. What was the rope for?? As she stood there with the blindfold in her hand hesitating, the silver bullet buzzed her again, insistent.”Oh God” she thought, “what am I doing?” She put the blindfold on.

Chapter 9

The hand reached out and gently pulled her into the room. She was carefully guided a short distance, turned slightly, and moved to a position with her back against the wall. “What the hell?” she thought. The plan stopped at the point of putting the blindfold on. What was going to happen next?

She was starting to hyperventilate slightly, her hands were shaking and the muscles in her stomach and thighs were quivering. She could faintly smell his cologne; it was smooth with a slight bite to it. She was out of control now and totally in his. It scared her somewhat, but also excited her. She went to say something to him but he put a finger on her lips, hushing her.

Nothing happened then. It was so very quiet in the room. She heard a slight rustle of cloth, a soft footstep, and somebody close at hand take a shallow breath. The voice that she had heard only over the phone for the last 20 years whispered in her ear, “Hi lover… I’ve been waiting for you”. Christ, she almost came right there at the unexpectedness of it. She was soaking wet. The buzzer nipped at her again.

Lips suddenly touched the base of her throat and she gasped, instinctively pulling away slightly only to have him follow her. She started to reach for him, to put her arms around him but he whispered for her to stop and put her hands down. He touched her arms and nudged them down and back to the wall. “Stay right there” he whispered again in her ear, “I’ve got you right where I want you.”

The lips again started at the base of her neck, working up to the bottom of her jaw, then blazed back down to the vee of her shirt leaving a damp trail between her breasts. He alternated between tasting her with his tongue and scraping his teeth on her skin.

She could feel his fingers on the buttons at the front of her shirt, carefully unbuttoning them one by one. When he reached the bottom one, he gently tugged and pulled her shirt out and slid it off her letting it drop to the floor. Next he knelt down and pulled her heals off, helping balance her so that she didn’t fall.

He then stood and pulled her slightly forward and reached behind her popping the clasp on her bra. She shivered a little, then let her shoulders slump slightly forward allowing the bra straps to slide down her arms and her breasts to swing free as it fell off her. The hands gently pushed at her shoulders, setting her back against the wall again, causing her breasts to thrust out.

The lips attacked her again, right in her bellybutton. The tongue probed into her, then started a slow trail up. Her stomach muscles were quivering so hard that he had to put both his hands on her stomach to calm them.

She was hoping that he would hurry this up, she wanted him to take her nipple in his mouth and suck on it, wrap his tongue around it, and hold both her breasts with his hands. She wanted to grab is head with both hands and pull it hard to her, but she resisted the impulse.

He ran his tongue up between her breasts and started moving over to her right one, getting to her areola, and circling her nipple – never touching the painfully hard brown sensitive nub. She just groaned at the torture, the waiting, remembering that she wanted this- had actually asked for it.

She felt his hands at the hem of her dress, the heat of them moving up the inside of it until they reached the point where it snugged down against her waist. He quickly grabbed her nylons and panties, gave a quick jerk and had then down to her knees before she knew it – the silver bullet fell to the carpet and bounced against her foot, rolling away against the wall. Next, he reached up inside her skirt and put his hand between her legs, simultaneously latching onto her breast and nipple with his mouth, sucking her nipple hard. Her hips thrust forward and her head banged back against the wall while she grabbed his head with her hand and pulled him into her. His hand moved up to her wetness, spread it, and a finger slicked its way into her as they both groaned in unison.

He pulled back causing her to tighten her grip around his head, and he relented, continuing licking, kissing and scraping her nipple. He suddenly and unexpectedly pulled away and crushed his lips against hers, practically pulling her into him in a deep breathless kiss.

She couldn’t stand to not see him and moved to take the blindfold off when he pulled away slightly, whispered for her to calm down. She relaxed against him. He pushed her back against the wall, and asked her to stay there. He reached down and pulled her panties and nylons all the way off and tossed them away.

He moved back further and slightly to the side, then knelt down and lifted her skirt, and she about collapsed when she felt his hands push her hips apart and his lips brush against hers – then his tongue start to lightly touch and move around her, flicking into and around her clitoris. She felt the initial spasms of an orgasm deep in her start.

He continued his exploration, lifting her leg over his shoulder and pushing her skirt up around her waist. He pushed his tongue further into her, slowing pumping his finger in and out of her. He latched onto her clitoris with his lips and slightly sucked on her, causing her to moan.

He continued, building up the intensity slowly, causing her to quietly groan and grind her pelvis into him. She focused in on the feeling deep inside her, knowing that she was less than a minute away from collapsing and coming all over him.

(This is my first attempt at a Literotica story. Please take note that this is a true story, but like movies and similar stories some events are exaggerated for added effect.)

A quick background on Alanna and I, we met while playing a game over the internet. Quickly we found huge interest in each other, and within a week of flirting, we were off to dating.

Alanna lived in Tennessee, and I lived in California. From city to city, we lived approximately two thousand miles away from each other. But, we were undeterred.

Fast forward a year and a half into our relationship, it was early June and I was embarking on my second trip to go visit the love of my life.

“I’m getting on the plane, I love you so much baby,” I texted her before I got on the plane.

“I love you too Devy.”

Ten hours of layovers, flight times, and traversing huge airports, I finally arrived at my destination.

The smell of clean air entered my nose, how nice it is to not breathe in the smoggy, filthy air of my birthplace. After disembarking from the plane, I headed to go see the one that I called baby.

There she was, the most beautiful thing I had ever set my eyes on. At a height of 4’9″, a weight of 110 and curves to die for, she was a sight like no other. Moving toward her as swiftly as possible without making my steps seem awkward, I embraced her lovingly.

“I’ve missed you so much,” I said.

“I’ve missed you so much more,Devy.”

I could smell the conditioner she used in her hair, it was a beautiful fragrance that mixed perfectly with the perfume she was wearing. The sight of her was almost too much to bear, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Really Devon?” She asked smiling.

“Sorry, I can’t help it!” I replied.

She giggled, and we walked hand-in-hand to go pick up my luggage.

We drove to her house, where she lives with her family. As we were exiting the car, I could not help but stare at her perfectly round ass as it swayed in front of my awe-stricken eyes. I had to avert my eyes from this delicious eye candy before I embarrassed myself in front of her family.

She led me to her brothers’ room, where I would be sleeping for the duration of my stay.

I set my luggage near the door, and followed her into her bedroom. It was clean, except for her desk where she spends most of her time playing online games with me. Soon after settling in, we got right to work. I sat on the bed, and we began almost immediately making out.

“It’s been so long,” she moaned sexily into my mouth.

“I know baby, this time, you can have it all.”

This statement acted like a catalyst and our kissing became more intense. She detached from our making out, and sat on my lap cowgirl style and bounced up and down on my clothed, erect cock.

God damn, she’s such a tease, I thought.

“I’ve only been here for five minutes and you’re already all over me,” I said laughingly, “don’t you think we should wait a little before we get down to business?”

“Hell no! I’ve waited a year to have this. I’m not going to waste my time.”

After a couple more minutes of being the stereotypical horndog teenagers we were, we had to stop before some of her family entered the room.

I couldn’t wait to have it. A virgin, short, hot girl, all to myself.

Alanna is a very small girl, her hair color varies almost monthly, but at the time it was a beautiful dark purple-ish brown. Her hair is long, and soft. It’s the kind of hair that actresses and celebrities spend thousands of dollars on yearly just to have a fake version of. She has a lean frame, with sexy curves. She has perky breasts at about 34B in size. You might not think that’s big, but put that on a girl who is 4’9″ in height and it’s more than enough. Her legs are to die for, her sexy thighs, well-toned from her countless hours of jogging and exercise. And leading from her sexy legs is her most appealing physical trait, her perfectly-sized, round ass. It’s the kind of ass that makes you turn your head 90 degrees just to get a good look at it’s perfection. It didn’t just look good in pants, either. She has the most beautiful pair of green eyes I have ever seen, and occasionally yellow rings will be circling her pupils.

A little about myself, I am not in her league whatsoever. I was a peasant to a queen. I am a bit overweight, but not obese. I have long, blonde hair that goes down past the collar of my shirt. I have a mediocre face, but no acne or blemishes thanks to good hygiene and good genes. I would like to think of myself as well-endowed, with a little over 6.5 inches in length and five inches in girth. Enough to please the sexy little girl that yearned for it.

As night began to descend, and every one started heading for bed, we made our move. We entered her brothers’ room quietly. We began as usual by making out, kissing passionately and swirling each others’ tongues in one anothers’ mouth. I sat on the edge of the bed, my rock hard cock straining against the fabric of my pants.

“Daddy want his dick sucked?” She asked with a sexy grin.

God damn, I love it when she calls me that.

“Please… ” I moaned in reply.

She began unbuttoning my pants, until they were completely off. My erect cock sticking straight out of the hole in my boxers. She wasted no time getting to work.

“Mmm, I love daddy’s big cock,” she said as she placed one of her little hands on the base of my dick.

She began stroking my dick slowly, making sure her daddy was completely hard before she used her hot, wet mouth on my thick cock.

She opened her mouth and put the head in her mouth.

The sensation was unimaginable, it had been too long since I’ve had this sexy girl sucking my fully erect cock. She began to suck deeper into her mouth, and swirl her tongue around the head of my dick all the while.

“Mmm, god damn, baby, you are too good,” I quietly said, making sure no one heard.

She giggled while my cock was still in her hot mouth, it sent shivers down my spine.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, I am not an easy person to get off. But that is no problem for me, with her, the orgasm isn’t all that matters. The journey is equal to the pleasure of the climax.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said, switching positions with her.

There I was, between the sexy legs of the love of my life, unzipping her pants and undressing her from the waist down. After her pants were off, all that was blocking me from her delicious pink pussy was a cute pair of panties. I slid her panties down her legs, and marveled at the sight before me. A small, hot pink, virgin pussy, just for me, right before my eyes.

I started off with slow, flat licks on her clitoris. Making sure not to go too fast. After a couple minutes of warming her up, I began to sharpen my tongue, and eat her out faster and faster. Her taste is astonishing, her being my only girl friend, I had no idea it was going to be so delicious. I began licking furiously, enjoying every drop of pussy juice that was offered to my wanting tongue. I spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers, and shoved my tongue as deep as I could inside her opening. The taste of her nectar washed over my tongue, I began to feel intoxicated by her scent.

“Ohhh goddd Devon, it feels so good!” She exclaimed.

I know her every spot. I know just how to get her going. Her climax was approaching fast, and I wanted nothing more to bring her the greatest orgasm she had yet to experience. I could see her hands clenching the sheets, almost in preparation for the coming orgasm.

“Ohhh goddd, Devonnn!” She almost screamed.

She began bucking her hips wildly, but that only acted as an aphrodisiac to me, and I licked and sucked relentless at her clitoris, until it was too much for her, and she ordered me to stop. She laid there, breathing heavily, whimpering, shaking from her earth shattering orgasm.

I bent over her and kissed her passionately, letting her enjoy the pussy juice that was still on my tongue, her tongue swirled around mine and she enjoyed it just as much as I did. Both satisfied with our encounter, we said our good nights and departed, only ten feet away from each other in separate rooms.

The next night I was offered sex by my young, virgin lover. But not the sex that you would think.

You see, her mother is very over-protective, and we are not allowed to make love. Alanna was not on birth control, nor did we have condoms that we could use with out making it completely obvious to her mother that I had defiled her daughter in her own home.

Her offer was unexpected, but welcome. Instead of risking pregnancy, she offered me anal sex.

How could I refuse? It was always something of my fantasies, albeit a bit odd that I was going to experience anal sex before vaginal. However, I didn’t care. All I knew was it was going to feel amazing.

Later that night, Alanna snuck into my room with some make-shift lubricant, vaseline.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want to hurt you, Alanna,” I said softly.

“Yes, Devon, I want this,” she said in reply.

We started off as usual, making out intensely, feeling each others body’s through our clothes.

However, we decided to skip oral sex just to make sure no one would suspect Alanna was missing from her bedroom.

I was shaking in anticipation, fear, anxiety, love, and so many other emotions.

“What’s wrong , Devy? Are you sure you want to do this? You don’t have to,” she said with a worried tone.

“I want this, Alanna, I want it so bad,” I said through chattering teeth.

I manned up, and I bent her over the bed. I pulled down her pajamas, along with her cute panties and was delighted to see her beautifully-shaped ass awaiting my entry. The room was dimly lit with christmas lights that her brother had put up in his room.

I started by putting a dab of lubricant on my index fingering and inserting it into her tight, virgin ass.

“Ohhh,” she moaned pleasantly.

Being inexperienced, that’s all I did before I started lubing up my fully erect cock. I put the head of my cock at the entrance of ass and pushed very slowly. I could feel the head begin to enter her extremely tight ass. I heard her take in a deep breath of air, and slowed my pace. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt my little angel. I waited for her ass to stretch to accommodate my thick cock, and began to push further into her ass. Inch by inch, my cock began disappearing into her ass. Eventually, I had bottomed out inside her, and I was literally balls-deep into my baby girl’s sweet ass.

“Mmm,” she moaned as I began to slowly thrust in and out of her ass.

The feeling of her tight, virgin ass around my thick cock was unbelievable. Thankfully, her ass was well-lubricated and ready for a pounding from her daddy. After ten minutes of letting her get used to the rhythm of my cock sliding in and out of her ass, I began to pick up the pace.

“Fuck me harder,” she said unexpectedly.

It turned me on dramatically to hear my sexy girl tell me dirty things like that. I began to thrust harder, and deeper into her ass. Her hips acted as a perfect handle for me to hold on to, and I plowed into her relentlessly.

I couldn’t believe it, she was actually enjoying taking a cock in her ass. God damn, I am the luckiest guy on Earth, I thought.

I felt my climax soon approaching, I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Can I cum inside you?” I asked, panting, all the while not losing my rhythm.

“Yes, cum in your baby girl’s ass, daddy.”

The feeling of her ass around my cock, mixed with her dirty talk pushed me over the edge.

“I’m cummingggg,” I moaned loudly.

“Hold me, daddy, hold me while you cum!” she said to me.

I bent over her tiny body and held her. I could feel every rope of cum spurting inside of her, I never came so hard in my entire life. I filled her up with my hot, sticky cum fast. After my mind-boggling orgasm, I slowly slid my still-erect cock out of her ass. The moment I took my dick out of her ass, streams of cum were dripping from her gaping asshole.

“Oh, god, we’re going to make a mess!” She exclaimed frantically.

Did I care? Not really, I just had experienced anal sex for the first time, and I was still mind blown from my orgasm.

She ran out of the room to the bathroom, still naked, just down the hall.

A couple minutes later of cleaning up, and letting the cum ooze from her freshly-fucked asshole, she came back in the room.

“That was amazing,” she said, walking up to me.

She placed her hands on my cheeks and kissed me deeply.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too baby girl.”

To maximize your enjoyment of this sorted tale please read chapters 1 and 2 first. The events depicted herein pick up directly from the conclusion of chapter 2.

I also wanted to thank folks for all the positive comments thus far; I hope you enjoy the third segment.

My eyes shot open and in that same instant the events of the night before came crashing back to me. I could tell from the light illuminating from the shades that it was mid morning. I spun around in the sheets to see my girlfriend lying there, for a moment I thought maybe the whole episode from the night before had been a dream. However as my senses came back to me I could feel Marks cum still oozing out of my ass. I thought about going to take a shower but I knew the running water would wake Michelle up; I instead elected to drift back to sleep.

When I woke several hours later I remember feeling a sense of shame and guild as I attempted to clean Mike’s sperm from my ass. After thoroughly rinsing I headed downstairs and it became evident to me Michelle was out.

My head was still throbbing from the night before and I decided my best course of action was to go back to sleep even though it was already 3 pm by this point. As I lay there playing the events from the night before in my mind I realized I was getting hard. I followed standard protocol and started to rub my cock. In an unusual twist though I also proceeded to stick two fingers up my very raw asshole. After I finished masturbating I drifted back into a well-deserved sleep.

Around 8pm that night I woke to Michelle’s voice, “rise and shine sleepy head”. I realized she was in bed with me so I shifted around to face her.

“Hey baby, what have you been up too?” I said.

“Well if you must know babe since I didn’t get any loving last night and you were a dead to the world when I got up I went to Mark’s place for a few hours” she said with a smirk on her face.

“Did you have fun?” I asked

She look at me for a moment as if considering something then with a huge smile blurted out, “he told me all about last night hon”

Completely on raw instinct I immediately said, “Nothing happened”

“Sweetie” she said in an overly sensitive tone “I have never been so turned on in my entire life, my straight boyfriend taking it up the ass for my lover, honestly I think it just might be the hottest thing I’ve ever imagined”.

At this point I realized I had no option but to be totally honest with Michelle. I told her the entire sorted tale while she began to rub her clit. When I told her that Mark’s cum was still leaking out of me she let out a loud moan and the next thing I knew my cock was slipping inside her well-used pussy. As usual our loving making was amazing.

Later that night we ordered some take-out, while we ate we discussed the events of the previous 24 hours. Michelle wanted to know if I would be open to being with a man again. I told her that even though I really have no attraction to men being submissive and getting taken like a woman was an incredible turn.

Unfortunately when Michelle broached the subject with Mark a few days later he decided he wanted to keep things just between them.

A couple of days later we bought a strap on dildo and over the next few months the strap on was in me as much as I was in Michelle. She loved to take me missionary and tell me things like what a good slut I was going to be for a real man, this would drive me crazy.

Finally after one fateful day Michelle called me at work and told me she had amazing news best discussed when I got home.

That night I got home a bit late and Michelle was watching TV on the couch. I sat beside her and kissed her hello. She held me close and we started a passionate make-out session. Being the consummate horny bastard I am I started to remove her spandex pants; to my surprise she gently stopped me, “hon this is one of the things I need to talk to you about”.

She paused and her expression became somewhat serious, “last night when I was at Marks he ask me if I would consider being with him exclusively.” All of a sudden I felt a lump in my throat the size of a baseball, fighting back my emotions I asked, “you want to break up with me?”

Michelle immediately wrapped herself around me, “no sweetie not at all, in fact I told Mark I love you and would never leave you.”

This set my mind as ease and Michelle could sense the tension flow out of my body. She continued “Mark is getting transferred to his head office in London in 3 months, I guess what he wants is the next 3 months to be exclusively him and me.”

Feeling unsure of myself again I asked, “So what did you say?”

“Well I told him I couldn’t do it unless, she paused, unless I new you were getting attention from someone too. Once we solved that issue I told him I was all his for the next 3 months”.

At this point my mind was spinning, I recall that I opened my mouth to speak but Michelle continued before I could get a word in, “Honey, do you remember meeting Gerald one of Marks work friends at Tyrst several months ago”? Without pausing she went on, “Well you may not remember him but he remembers you. He is gay and apparently has been telling Mark for months he has a crush on you. Mark called him last night and he has agreed to umm… keep you company or the next few months.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “Michelle you can’t be serious, I told you I was turned on with Mark and I like when you use the strap on but I’m not gay and I certainly have no interest in anything outside of maybe being used like a woman once in a while.”

Michelle interjected, “Honey that’s the best part I spoke with Gerald and he is strictly a top in fact it turns him on to treat his partners like women.”

She grinned, “Did I mention Gerald is 6’4 and black”.

We continued to talk and she told me both Mike and Gerald had their leases expiring at the end of the month and she had taken the liberty of arranging for them to move in with us for the next 3 months. Mark was going to move into the master bedroom with Michelle and I would be in the spare bedroom with Gerald.

While the idea of being a “woman” for another man turned me on I was worried this was going to far. In the end though I nervously and somewhat reluctantly agreed to Michelle’s plan.

The next few days Michelle and I moved my cloths and other personal items into the spare bedroom.

On Thursday night we moved the last of my things. Michelle and I made dinner together and afterwards she asked me if I was nervous. I told her how the fantasy versus the reality was causing some conflict but I was ready to give it a shot.

The next day at work I was nervous, I was so nervous my stomach felt like it was in a constant state of vertigo. When 4 o’clock rolled around I headed home. Michelle was still at work so I did all my last minute preparations for Gerald; I shaved the little hair I had on my ass and gave myself a thorough enema.

An hour later Michelle came home, she gave me a deep kiss and told me how proud she was of me. Seconds later we heard the rumbling of a moving van pull into our driveway.

“Lets go introduce you to your new lover” she said.

To be continued

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