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Once again I’d like to thank meanblackjack – he prefers BlackJack – for his help and guidance with translating this story from German into English. It’s actually the first story I ever published at Literotica.

This series consists of three parts, and will not be continued…

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If you are from a family like mine, the idea of intimate encounters between relatives isn’t that far off.

My family is insanely huge — like it was common with old families at the Balkan ever since. Just to start with the fact, my grandmother had 14 siblings, with each of them having at least four children of their own. These children again had at least three descendents which also already have their own kids and by now, some of them also have babies — leaving me and two of my female cousins the only ones in our family to be born as an only child for the last 200 years… And me and one female cousin of mine the only ones without children.

You can really say, my family is big.

Being sort of a family chronicler, it’s up to me, to keep an eye on the family, and to be informed about births, marriages and deaths.

A pretty hard task, considering that my relatives live all over the world.

Having my meshpoke living in all four corners of the world is also the reason for incidental — and sometimes even amatory — encounters every now and then.

The stories, I’ll present you in this line-up, have been told to me by several members of my closer or wider family, and were pretty much authentic — as far as I took the freedom to change minor details in order to protect the involved ones from being discovered.

This is one of these stories:


He’d been looking forward for this vacation for months already, and finally the time had come!

Alexander, Ace for short, couldn’t find any sleep the night before the departure. That’s the reason, he had stood up, went to the balcony in the middle of the night, and lit a joint to calm down. The chilling breeze helped, along with the weed, to relax and come down a little. Fortunately he didn’t have to drive — well at least not the first part of the way — so it wouldn’t be a problem, if he sleeps until Munich or even Graz.

He finally felt calmer and more relaxed after the doobie, and was sure, he would be able to sleep.


The reason for the 21 year old to be nervous, was quite simple: In about 24 hours, he’d see her again; the girl always showing up in his dreams.

Kristina, Tina for short, was the kind of girl or woman, a man could only dream about: Raven haired with piercing blue eyes, almost six foot tall, not too skinny, cup size 34B or 34C — depending on the type of bra — and a happy person, you would never find again. And she was the first girl he had ever slept with.

Her being his cousin, didn’t bother him in this context at all.

Tina and Ace had been inseparable since the earliest childhood, because her cousin Ace, who was two years younger than her, had been one heart and one soul since the boy was born, and if she have could, she would have cut the umbilical cord herself. So she “adopted” him, as soon as she could, and it was hard to convince her to give him back. Also Ace had totally fallen for his “big cousin”.

When they were little, they always pretended to be brother and sister. They were so close, despite the fact that both of them had step siblings of their own..

Even if separated — like, when he was back home in Germany — they actively stayed in touch: first via phone and mail, and later via Skype and e-mail.

As they grew over the years, their parent’s worries also grew because of them. Be it nightly excursions to the neighborhood, spontaneous trips to the baths of Belgrade without parental guidance or later — when puberty kicked in — tours through the nightlife of Belgrade. Whenever they got caught, they covered each others back and nothing ever could come between them…

So what eventually happened was only a logical consequence.


It actually started comparatively innocent, on this summer night four years ago. Tina, Ace and some of the kids from the neighborhood had gathered in a rec room, spinning the bottle, they had emptied before — along with some other bottles.

There was a lot of giggling, kissing, smooching and fondling involved, except for Tina and Ace. When their turns came, they had light dares respecting the impossibility of them making out.

They got a special status, although they weren’t really relatives by blood. Tina’s mother brought her from her first marriage into the marriage with Ace’s uncle, but this didn’t matter at all, because even such an relation wouldn’t have been considered appropriate.

In the course of the game, Ace had to confess being a virgin, and therefore the not-for-much-longer 16 years old had to suffer through a lot of jokes and malice. As the night went on, and the booze had been flowing a lot, Ace heard a very familiar — although now pretty tipsy — voice right at his ear. His beloved cousin’s voice, whispering: “If you’re a virgin next year at this time, I’ll take your cherry myself.”

Her grin made him believe, she’s only joking — he was just about to learn, how wrong he was. The night went on pretty civilized and without serious damages and both of them were still responsive and sane, when they fell into their beds… Right before their parents had returned from their tour to the nightlife of Belgrade.


When Ace arrived the next year, only a few days after his 18th birthday, she pulled him aside and whispered: “Now? Still using this cock of yours only for pissing?”

Her straight and pictographic language had always excited him, and it was Tina, from whom he had learned his first swear words.

When he answered her question with a confused “Yes”, she commented dead pan: “So you know what’s coming up. You won’t leave this town as a virgin anyway… Even if I have to pluck you myself.”

Ace must have looked quite dumbfounded because Tina burst into laughter and hugged him tightly. Then she became stern again and whispered: “I’m not joking.” hugging him some more and pulling him back to the family.

Tina didn’t act unselfish at all, because she knew his body, since he left his mother’s womb, had — like most of the children in the world — played “doctor” with him, and the — admittedly big (24 inches long and over eight pounds heavy) — newborn baby had over the years turned into a handsome and strong young man of over six feet and about 180 pounds; with broad shoulders a strong chest and powerful, lean runner’s legs.

Additionally she had lusted for him, since he had turned 15, and her yearning had become stronger every following year. Every time, she had seen him, her pussy started to tingle, and her juices started to flow. Tina now had the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Making her beloved cousin a real man — and finally be filled with his man-meat.

Because of her being two years older, it always was her “chore” to look after the “little one”, when the parental fraction was downtown. Some time ago Tina had started to intersperse ideas casually, where the parents could go for a couple of hours every now and then, and leaving the young folks on their own — with the possibility of making planes on their own.

Finally the special evening came, and Ace could hardly have known anything about his good luck at hand. He only knew, they will have the later afternoon and the evening for themselves — and most likely half of the night, because their parents trips to downtown Belgrade usually ended around three o’clock in the morning.

The old folks had hardly disappeared down the street, when Tina sent her cousin to the next kiosk to get them some cigarettes. She knew very well, he wouldn’t come back until he got the cigarettes, and the next stand, open at that time, was about twenty minutes away — enough time to shave properly.

She managed to be back dressed up and sitting in the living room, when he returned a little sweaty, triumphantly waving two boxes of cigarettes.

“Sweaty as you are, you should get your skinny ass under the shower, kid!” she said, faking seriousness.

“All right. So I also can shave — you don’t want to help me with that, maybe, do you?” Although they always used to fool around like this, her jaw dropped for an instant in surprise — maybe because his suggestion totally met her deeper thoughts.

‘You little devil! Oh… Just you wait, little smart-ass.’ went through her mind, but she just answered: “I think you’ll be able to do it on your own, don’t you? I don’t have to hold your hand all the time, do I?”

He laughed out in a pretty sassy way, indicating that she might even like it, and closed the bathroom door right the moment, Tina had thrown a pillow at him.

During the time, he occupied the bathroom, she prepared a meal for them and slipped into a beautiful dress — It paid off wearing the same size his mother did.

When he stepped out of the bathroom, he first registered the scent of the meal, and the blink of an eye later the perfume, Tina had put on — and then he saw her. He knew the dress, but his mother never looked that good in it, not like the way, Tina looked.

Tina stood there in a light, off-white cocktail dress, that, due to the back light, seemed transparent — transparent enough to show, she didn’t bother putting neither his mother’s nor her own underwear on — and was completed by a likewise off-white pair of peep-toed high heels.

Her blue eyes sparkled when she saw the towel around his hips definitely rising up front.

“You look at me like I’m some kind of candy you’d like to taste, bad boy.” she teased him.

He just nodded so hard, it almost looked like he wanted to shake his head off, when he continued the game from earlier.

“No way! We’ll behave and enjoy our meal, so you grow big and strong.”

At “big” and “strong” she involuntary grinned, but got herself together and served the dinner.

He sat down and ate his meal with dignity and style — of course exaggerating it to the max — and made her — also exaggerated — compliments. She had to laugh hard because of his silliness. It was one of his features, she loved the most. As long as she could remember, it has been his talent to make her laugh, no matter how dark the clouds ahead were.

She was now laughing too, but beneath the laughter a certain arousal grew, and she slid close to him, putting one hand on his lap. When he tried to turn to her with an puzzled look on the face, she pressed her lips on his and kissed him, purring: “I’ve promised you something, remember?”

He stopped short, and when it finally sunk in, he looked nervously at her, but it was too late: Their lips connected inseparable and she pushed her body against his. She reached down and pulled the towel away, cocky reaching for his dick and fondling it, while her tongue explored his mouth. The idea of doing something forbidden and immoral came to them, but rather boosted their passion. They have known each other all of their lives so this was almost a logic consequence.

Tina straddled his lap, and, due to the fact her pleasant anticipation had made her soaking wet, Ace slid perfectly and without any resistance inside her. She hugged him, kissing him breathlessly, while she moved on his lap and aroused him even more.

Ever faster and harder she rode him and felt, he didn’t had only energy reserves — his dick seemed to be stretching even more. She let him slip out — just for a sec — and looked keenly at his pole. He really grew bigger! Where after showering — and in her memory — “only” six and a half inches were standing, now almost nine inches plowed back into her pussy.

‘And he’s only like 2′ when he’s limp…’ went through her mind, but not for long, because his next stroke was quite hard — and deep.

“Oh my God!!! That’s so hot! You know how to fuck me!”

With a high pitched scream she came, and dragged the heavily moaning and hard panting Ace with her over the edge of the cliff into an overwhelming climax, able to white out every thought.

She collapsed in his embrace, and Ace listened stunned and with racing heart, how her heavy breathing slowed down and calmed under his caressing fingers and gentle touches.

After what seemed a small eternity she lifted her head, whispered: “How do you feel, honey?” and smiled lovingly and with sparkling blue eyes.

Instead of an answer, he just kissed her long and gentle and breathed: “It was incredible. How can I make this up to you?”

Tina smiled warm and tenderly, took his hand and with the other hand opened her dress.

“Help me with the dress please.”

She stepped out of her shoes and stood naked before him. Softly she pushed him on the bed, laid next to him, guiding his hand to her sex.

“Stroke me there gently.”

This hadn’t to be told him twice. He started to softly caress her lips with his fingertips.

After a while he became bolder, fondled her clit and inserted a finger inside, licking his finger clean afterward.

“There is even more, where this came from.” she purred, and after he realized her sly smile, something “clicked” in his mind and he finally got it.

He slid down on her body ’til he reached her thighs, and started licking her pussy first slowly and hesitantly, then swiftly and aptly. Gentle nibbles alternated with swift licks and deep tongue plunging, and he really started liking the taste of her. He also alternated between licking her clit and poking his tongue deep in her folds in an irregular pattern, purposefully driving her crazy.

After a while, literal screams of joy echoed through the apartment and slightly indicated to Ace that he might do something right.

He was obviously doing something right, because with a strong push she had thrown him on his back and was all over him devouring his best parts with untamed desire. She swallowed his dick in one single move, guiding his shaft with her wet and hot tongue, and every now and then flicking the tip of it over his bulbous head.

Ace had got blow jobs before, but her tongue-flicking blew his mind and he was hard as a steel rod in no time. When he felt his climax approaching, he gently pushed her back and almost ashamed, he came on her breasts.

Smiling indulgently at him, she pulled him into the bathroom, where they washed each other before they raided the fridge.

While they enjoyed their snacks, she softly whispered into his ear: “I would have swallowed, if you’d come in my mouth.” She lovingly smiled at him, while he even forgot to swallow his bite.

‘This can’t be real’ he thought, but he was up to learn, this actually was real.

A couple of hours later, after they had again made love twice, they dozed off uncovered, naked as they were, exhausted and cuddled into each others arms.

They were startled from their sleep in the middle of the night, when they heard their respective parents at the apartment’s door.

‘Shit! They’ll catch us.’ went through their minds, but fortunately the elders had met some neighbors downtown and were now heading to their place for a night cap.

Ace and Tina rose quickly, cleaned the place up, taking care of dishes and discarded clothes, and eventually returned to bed, covering up with the sheets.

As they had done so for the last 18 years, no-one would have wondered about them sleeping in the same bed — although them being stark naked beneath the sheets was something that didn’t happen for the last ten years, but no-one ever learned about it.

For the remainder of summer, they were, as usual, inseparable, and when the parental fraction wasn’t around, they behaved like the couple freshly in love they were. When the occasion rose, they even extensively shared their passion.

When his holiday’s end came closer, the two of them made a pact. When they meet, they belong to each other, except one of them is in a serious relationship. A pact, both paid tribute to dearly.


The next year, Ace was even more excited about the holiday than ever. Although his parents didn’t quite understand why, they were happy that a 19 year old still liked spending his holidays with his “boring” family.

Because he still had some work to do, he couldn’t drive with his parents, but that wasn’t a problem at all.

“You can torture yourself for 16 or 18 hours in the car, while I can jump into the plane from Zurich, when I’m done, and I’ll be there in about one hour. You can surely entertain yourself for a while without me, don’t you?”

No sooner said then done. 36 hours after his parents had started, his plane was landing at the airport Surćin in Belgrade.

He was surprised at first to see Tina standing at the gate, waiting for him, instead of his parents, but she explained:

“They had been on the road for more than 24 hours, getting from one jam to the next. They’re done, so I suggested, I could pick you up and they can rest.”

“Tina is such a practical person and so selfless…” he mocked his mother’s voice and burst into laughter, but then looked closer at her.

Adequate to the weather she had dressed light. Summerly strappy sandals with high heels — ‘If she can drive with that, who am I to complain?’ went through his mind, as he took in the sexy sight — a feathery mid-thigh skirt and a light and tight tie-waist shirt — with her nipples poking through like two bullets.

When she finally caught him staring, she posed with a wicked smile, showing off her beautiful long legs.

“Have you seen enough? Can we drive?” she laughed, pulling him with her out of the airport building.

It was just after they had stowed his stuff in the trunk and sat in the car, that she stomped onto the accelerator and he got pushed into his seat like sitting in a starting jet.

“Slow down! You aren’t usually that much into rushing, do you?” he bawled her out smiling. “Or do you have some urgent plans?”

She just smiled at him — definitely a smile to say she was up to no good.

So he wasn’t very surprised, when they left the city’s highway and drove through a park on the edge of the new town of Belgrade.

“You ARE up to something, aren’t you?” he asked.

Again she just smiled — almost grinning.

It drove him insane.

Eventually, she slowed down and turned onto a small, almost hidden, path, where she stopped, opened the windows and reached underneath her seat. He would have expected anything, but not this:

Tina pulled out a small, transparent plastic bag, and without any doubts he recognized the weed inside.

“Ever tried?” she asked, while she expertly rolled a joint.

“Yeah… Sure… Wasn’t bad…” He reluctantly admitted.

“But sure as hell you hadn’t had one like mine.” she answered, pulled her skirt up — of course without wearing anything underneath — and dragged the spliff through her wet folds. She stuck the doobie between his gaping lips and lit it up.

The scent of weed and the odor of her juices reached his nostrils, and he couldn’t have decided, which sensation flashed him more. While he enjoyed smoking his joint, she opened his pants, pulled his cock out and already had inhaled the whole length, before he even realized her hand nestling on his zipper.

She treated him, alternating between soft tongue batting and hungry sucking, while he took toke after toke from the spliff. Her lips and tongue were all over his bell-end, shaft and even balls while she pleased him and at the same time rubbed herself.

“Relax and enjoy the show, kid. It’s only a preview for what’s waiting for you.” she hummed around his dick.

Leaning back, he realized that he had both a good view down her cleavage and at her fingers, feverishly playing with her pussy. He decided to relax and just enjoy what’s happening.

Almost as if it was planed that way, he opulently came in her mouth when he took his last — very shivery toke, and released the smoke with a long, deep moan.

She licked her lips, scooped up a small remainder that had escaped from the corner of her mouth, purred with pleasure when she licked it up, put in a gear and drove off.

“That’s what I call a warm “well-come”.” Ace joked, leaned back and stuffed his semi-hard boner back in his pants.

For the next couple of weeks there were many opportunities for Tina and Ace to spend time together on their own, sometimes smoking weed, but more often having sex when ever an occasion rose.

Their agreement was fully valid, and with both being young and not interested in long term relationships anyway, the regulations of the arrangement weren’t a problem at all. A reason for their single status, that shouldn’t be underestimated, was their immense mutual attraction, so neither of them were actually looking for a partner but rather for some mates to bridge the time between the summer holidays.

The holiday ended about four weeks later and with a heavy heart they had to take a leave from each other, but not without renewing their promise to “come together” the next summer.


The next year, Ace’s physical attributes were requested, but not only in the way, he and Tina wanted and longed for.

Four weeks before the summer holiday, Tina had broke up with her boyfriend — it may not have been the one big love, but she could have imagined it becoming long-term. She could have imagined, but only until he showed his rude and jealous side.

Tina was pretty much the “happy-go-lucky” type of person, and following her lead, Ace also become such a person, more than glad to help his beloved cousin, when she asked for his assistance with her little revenge plot.

On an exceptional hot evening a party was set to take place at “Ada Ciganlija” — an artificial lake at the Sava river — and Tina knew very well, her ex would be there.

That night, Tina and Ace followed the motto “Dress to get laid”, and when they left the house, several approving wolf whistles from the adolescent kids in the neighborhood echoed through the nighty air.

Tina was wearing a breathtaking crimson red silken dress ending right above the knee — accentuated by four inch heeled peep-toe sandals — and, as she wanted to dance in public, a deep red nothing of a g-string. The jewelry was perfectly harmonized with the dress and consisted of a pair of garnet earrings and a two rowed garnet necklace, one row tight around the throat and the second hanging loosely, almost like showing the way down the cleavage, the dress’ neckline revealed. Even her nails followed the theme and were painted likewise crimson red.

Ace’s outfit was elegant, too, but not that spectacular. Jet black linen pants with a slim black leather belt, black leather shoes, a blazing red silken shirt with the first three buttons open, showing off his smooth and defined chest, and finally a jet black linen jacket.

When they entered the party, there were several admiring glares, and when their friends — who knew about the plan, but didn’t know about what went on between the two of them for the last three years — had spotted them, there were some more wolf whistles and cheers.

Immediately, some of them gathered around the young couple, making sure, Tina’s ex wouldn’t miss them.

Though the show wasn’t necessary at all, because the moment, the two entered the dance floor, the ex was there to confront Ace.

Ace and his cousin though ignored him totally, and pulled off a tantalizing show, making their audience’s blood boil. Deep and sensual kisses and sexy touches led to intense fondling and very intimate contacts on the dance floor, making not only few of the other guests yelling and demanding more.

Their friends, not aware of their intimate relationship, were amazed and fascinated by their “acting skills” and jeered the loudest.

Tina’s ex couldn’t hold back any longer, stomped onto the dance floor and with the words: “The bitch is mine, take your hands off her!” tried to yank Ace away from his cousin.

“First of all, she’s no bitch, second, she’s here with me and third and last; take your hands off me, as long as you still have hands.” Ace answered in an absolute calm tone.

Jovan, the ex’s name, was build like a boulder: almost six feet seven and massive; messing with him usually meant risking serious beating. That’s at least what the legend said.

But Ace had been doing Karate since he was nine, and a couple of years ago discovered several martial arts more for himself.

That’s the reason, Jovan only could land one single hit, catching Ace by surprise.

But less than two minutes later two guys had to help Jovan getting up from the floor and searching for the teeth he had lost in the fight.

With his tail tucked in, he sneaked away, and Tina hugged her “savior”, while others applauded and a girl said: “Finally he met his match.”

Unseen by the others, Tina whispered into Ace’s ear: “Talking ’bout a match… You’ve lit my fire, you know. I’ll have to make this up to you.”

Ace just nodded briefly, his wink only visible to Tina, and turned to the others. “Listen, we don’t want this asshole to have ruined our night, do we? He’s gone, we’re still here! Let’s have fun!”

He grabbed Tina and twirled her over the dance floor ’till she pleaded for a break, two hours later.

They took a walk along the beach of Ada, and found a quiet place behind some upturned canoes on freshly spread pea gravel next to a couple of freshly cleaned and dried pads. The young couple sat down on the pads to rest a bit, but resting was quite unlikely, because due to dancing — and each others presence — both were in heat and very much aroused.

“Incredible, how you kicked his ass. You’ve never told me, you’re such a good fighter.” she beamed at him.

“There wasn’t any need ’till now. We always got our ways out without it before, but when he called you a bitch, I had to rearrange his face.”

Tina chuckled. “How protective. One could think, you fell in love with me, kid.” She said, humming tunes resembling pretty much ABBA’s song “Does your mother know”.

“Twenty years ago.” he smiled and cut off her humming and every possible answer by kissing her deep and lovingly. His tongue explored the mouth he loved so much, be it when they kissed or when she discovered his body with her lips or engulfed his hard cock with hot and hungry greed, and caressed her body through the silky fabric of her dress.

Before they had realized doing it, they already had stripped each other’s clothes off and were laying next to each other leaning to the boat.

“Show me, loverboy.” she lewdly whispered in his ear.

Like in a dream, his cock found his way into her snatch on it’s own, the way he knew so well for so long, and every time enjoyed anew. He pulled her closer and onto his lap. She now actually sat on his lap, with his dick buried deep in her pussy.

The harder he thrust into her, the wilder she dug her crimson nails into his back, and her screams of lust rose to the nighty sky together with his groans of passion.

Suddenly, they heard voices nearby, coming closer. Anxiously, they stopped and listened. Soon it became evident that there was another couple up to have some fun and minutes later the air was filled with their sounds of joy.

Tina and Ace looked at each other with shit-eating grins, and it was clear what was on their mind: ‘We can do much better than them!’

Tina now started riding him in earnest, taking his cock deeper with every stroke. His lips were all over her tits and his tongue felt incredible on her nipples.

One of his hands sneaked between their bodies and he began rubbing her clit, boosting her passion and arousal.

After a while, the girls were moaning a duet, while the guys were groaning like belling stags, when they — upped by the sensation of experiencing and hearing it at the same time — opulently came with their respective partners.

Tina collapsed into a heap on Ace, breathing hard and with a radiant grin.

“I’d say, it’s a tie.” she whispered, casting her bright smile at him.

A couple of minutes later a female voice came from behind another boat.

“You don’t happen to have some spare cigarettes? We have left ours with our friends.”

“Sure, come over when you’re presentable again.” he answered, chuckling.

The couple, Sava and Diana, both in their mid-thirties, really came over a couple of minutes later, and they talked shop until Diana suggested them returning to the party before any of the friend groups starts a rescue mission.

As it turned out, while they walked and talked on the way back, Diana and her husband were looking for a young girl or a couple to have fun with, so they chatted about it and much more on their way — only Ace’s and Tina’s secret was still kept.

When Diana mentioned being really into anal, Tina pricked ears, especially since Ace seemed very interested in the topic.

As they returned to the party, their ways parted, but in Tina’s mind, an idea started to grow.

Around dawn the youngsters arrived home. They had left the party around three in the morning, but on their way back they passed an empty park with an inviting swing. An opportunity impossible to miss.

After a brief shower — each on his or her own, as the parents were sleeping next door and could wake up to any sound — they went to bed, sharing a sensuous and loving kiss good night.

The following weeks flew by and when Ace’s holiday was over, he and Tina had quite a lot of new and pleasing memories — and Ace a couple of new scratches and bite marks that won’t vanish until Christmas.

Due to urgent appointments, he had to leave for Germany three days before his parents, that’s why he took the plane and the whole family escorted him to the airport. While they waited for boarding, it accidentally happened that both Ace and Tina had to head to the restrooms within a couple of minutes of each other.

The restroom doors of both men’s and women’s restroom were opposing each other and were obscured by a screen, and the moment Ace approached the men’s room, the ladies’ restroom’s door opened, and Tina’s hand pulled him inside.

“It’s no one in here and I put an “out-of-order-sign” at the door, so we’ll have a couple of minutes.”

She pulled him with her to the sinks — in the ladies’ room connected by a vanity — turned around and bend over the vanity.

“Please one more time, so I won’t miss you so much.” she purred like a kitten in heat, looking at him in the mirror over the sinks.

Ace showed a broad grin, put her skirt up, pulled the string aside and impaled her with a long, strong stroke from behind.

“Yeesss… C’mon… Fuck me like this… That’s so hot!” she moaned. She knew pretty well how her talking like that would make him cum faster. Although she wanted to enjoy this for much longer, she knew well that their time was limited now.

Just when they came, the boarding of his plane was announced.

While she watched his plane disappear in the sky, she felt his cum dripping out of her and into her string.

She looked forward for the next year.


While he had let the gone years past his inner eye, Ace got more and more excited and aroused, and he couldn’t wait for their departure. He stood up and released his lust right there on the balcony — purposely praying his cum all over the roses in the garden.

‘And mom is wondering, why her roses grow so good’ he briefly thought and eventually returned to bed.

Less than two hours later the alarm on his clock went, and he and his parents packed the car.

They had just entered the federal motorway A8 towards Salzburg and left Munich behind, when his mother’s cell phone started ringing. It was Tina, telling them that she currently was job-related in Maribor, and they could meet there and drive to Belgrade together. All of them were game, and Ace was happy to spend some more time with his beloved one.

He forced himself to take a nap, and eventually slept almost through all of Austria, waking up only a couple of kilometers before they passed the Austrian-Slovenian border. Hastily, he straightened up, tried to fix his hair and make himself a little more presentable.

Soon they were in Maribor and easily had found Tina. They decided that Ace should drive with Tina, so in both cars would be two drivers who could take turns driving, if necessary.

Of course both were happy about this decision for many reasons — most of them unbeknownst to his parents. They even amused the two youngsters by remarking: “You’re such a cute couple. Even siblings aren’t as close as you are.”

Tina and Ace were laughing about the remark even after crossing the Slovenian-Croatian border and passing Zagreb. They had lost sight of his parents even before the border, but as all of the four knew the way, they would meet at the coffee table the latest.

Just before the Croatian-Serbian border, Tina took an exit leading to a tiny hotel in the woods. When Ace saw the hotel, he just smiled and said nothing.

They took a room for two hours — that would be the shortest it took to reduce their enjoyment of reunion to a family friendly level — and could hardly stifle a grin, when they saw the condemnatory look the hotel owner shot at them.

Sleeping with her was like coming home. He slid into her and knew every fold, every nook and cranny so well, he instinctively knew how to please her the way she liked it.

When they left the hotel about two hours later, he had to drive because she wasn’t capable of anything but a blissful smile.

Around evening — about one and a half hours after his parents — they arrived in Belgrade, and the reminder of the evening was spent with chatting and tittle-tattle.

Fortunately, Tina had recovered from the “reunion” and could participate in the talking and joking.

Every now and then the two would look at each other, and when the old folks announced they’ll retire, the young folks took their leave and headed downtown Belgrade to celebrate being back together.

“Did you know, our parents won’t be there the whole of next week?” Tina remarked.

“Yeah… Sure… Mom told me something like that. The four of them are flying to Montenegro, because your father wants to buy a house there. Why?” he asked, all innocence.

Tina just looked at him, her glare full of disbelieve about so much ignorance. Then he laughed out loud.

“You should see yourself right now! Of course I know, we’ll have run of the house the whole week.”

She elbowed him in the ribs. “Jackass!”

“I bet you’ve already made plans for that period, haven’t you?”

She indeed had planed something, but, as John Lennon had already stated decades ago, live is, what actually happens, while we are busy making plans.

She had planed for them to visit different tourist features every day and just to chill out, but no matter where they went to, it usually ended with her sucking him off, him eating her in a secluded corner or them just fucking right outside any tourist’s view.

So the time went by, and the parental fraction’s return dawned at the horizon.

Tina decided to turn what she had been thinking about for almost a whole year into action. It matched with her plans well so that Ace one morning announced: “Listen, I’ll need your car for a while today. I have to run some red tape stuff and you surely don’t want to be standing in waiting lines all day. You could make us a delicate and luring bite, couldn’t you?”

Tina called him a macho due to his tone, but basically agreed.

The moment Ace had steered the car out of sight, Tina rang at the neighbor’s door.

“Could I borrow your car, Gordana?” she asked her neighbor. “Ace got mine and I totally forgot to buy groceries.”

Of course the neighbor borrowed her the car as they were friends.

Five minutes later, Tina drove off the yard and really ran some errands for the evening. Less than an hour later she returned, carrying a sports bag.

While Ace struggled with bureaucracy, his sexy cousin treated herself to a day of wellness, shaved thoroughly, took a long hot bath, applied body lotion all over her body, made some snacks, putting them in the fridge, and rolled a couple of joints for her and Ace.

Afterwards she slowly started to get dressed for the night — not completely, but only what could be hidden beneath the comfy kimono, the rest would come later. Then she took a seat and waited for him to return soon, as she had calculated the waiting times he would be faced with.

Around seven in the evening he returned, in a good mood and broadly smiling.

“Greetings from our parents. They’ll be back the day after tomorrow and have some good news.”

“Did they call you?”

“No… They’ve sent a pigeon. Of course they had called… More precisely my dad called.”

“Fine… You’ll go now take a shower, you reek of waiting room!”

He raised his arms with ostentation and sniffed at his armpits, pretending to faint and stated: “Right… I stink. Take your time, I always need my time in the bath room.”

He didn’t hear her murmured comment: “During sex you don’t hurry either…” as he had disappeared into the tiled room already.

Telling by the sounds coming from the bath room, she knew he was going to shave his private parts, giving her plenty of time to get the snacks from the fridge, arrange them and complete her attire.

He came from the bath room about half an hour later, with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his hips, asking if he could help with something.

“You can lay the table.” Tina answered from behind the curtain to the kitchen, leaving ‘And afterwards me’ unsaid.

Minutes later, the meal was served and both grabbed some. Due to the long kimono and the table, Ace couldn’t really see that Tina had chosen some special outfit, but this was about to change soon.

After the dinner, he cleared the table, while she kept seated and just watched him. When he took the last few things to the kitchen, she stood up and slowly loosened the kimono’s belt.

The young man’s jaw dropped to the floor, when he returned from the kitchen and saw Tina:

Beneath the silky robe she wore a silky shining black corsage, black hold-up stockings and black shiny high heels.

“Remember the couple, we met last year on that party?” she asked almost shyly.

“Sure…” and after a pause: “But I’m not gonna share you, you know that.” he said low, but stern.

“You don’t have to.” she smiled and added: “But Diana gave me an idea… I’ve always wanted to have a cock up my ass, but I don’t trust any man to do it right — but you.”

Now she really seemed shy and vulnerable. “Have you ever…?” she asked, lowering her eyes.

“No, I haven’t… But I have quite a good idea how I would do it to you.” he smiled, took her in his arms and kissed her.

She let him lead her to the bed and lay her down, then he kneeled down, pleasing her thighs and pussy. He started with nibbling on her inner thighs and slowly moved closer her damp and hot pussy lips.

“Hmmm… That’s so good! You always had the best tongue in the world.” she moaned, while he made her juices flow.

Bit by bit, he slid a finger inside her and pleasured her sensitive spots arduously and intensely. So intense, that there was literally a puddle of her juices beneath her, pouring from her aroused sex, while her moaning and sighing turned deeper and more demanding.

“I want to feel him now… Please Ace… Fuck me!” she pleaded

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