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Ch 3 Schools in

Fate and her new room mates were awoken by a very loud siren. Two large men dressed in blue tunics entered the room and directed the awoken slaves to follow them to the grooming room. They entered a white tiled, room which had shower heads on either side, and a mirrored wall with a counter that had assorted items including oils, waxes and an electric razor.

The men directed the new slaves to wash and groom themselves within 15 minutes. The neophytes looked at each other before two of the woman started to shower. Fate and the Nubian sat at the grooming station. Fate jerked her head around as a squeal pierced the air.

“God this water is cold” The red head said rather loudly.

“That figures” Said the large black man, under his breath, making

Fate smile.

Fate scanned the room and started to access her new roommates. First, her eyes were drawn to the full figured blonde showering. She seemed to be in her mid twenties. Her breasts were large globes of soft flesh with perky protruding nipples. She had a hour glass shape, with long, thick legs that reminded her of a recently deceased model, Anna Nicole Smith.

The red haired girl was slightly taller than Fate, and had a couple extra pounds on her and she seemed to be about Fate’s age. Her few extra pounds reminded her of the girls that played on the softball team. Her breasts were much flatter then the blonde’s, but her areola were larger, and a light shade of pink. She was chubby, but in a soft way, as if it were still baby fat, but what made Fate look at herself were the butterfly like lips that extended for her vagina.

Fate’s eye then turned to the man next to her, as he started to groom. He took some oil and rubbed it throughout his body. She stared as the man pulled his by the tip, and stroked the oil onto his penis. It seemed to become slick and glossy.

“Honey…. Get to it.” The man whispered.

As though mimicking him, she followed what he did. First the oil, next the razor, and finally she placed a cream in her hair. When she was done, and in the shower, all eyes were on her and she started to feel funny. The Nubian was just several feet away, and he seemed semi aroused. As she washed, she could feel her cunt slit moisten but not by the water but by her inner juices.

With the water showering on to her, she looked down. Her bronze skin glistened under the shower. She had never noticed how smooth her pussy was and that her pussy lips did not come out like the red head’s.

“All Right, Enough you shit birds” Shouted a guard.

They dried and were led naked to a quiet dining hall. They were told to quickly eat and then were led out.

In the villa, the owners were awoken with slaves bearing fruit and coffee. They showered in granite showers, while being sponged by their slave attendants.

Zeus and Hera were given leashes as they entered the large meeting room. Eight nude neophytes were led by four men into the room. As Fate, and the blonde male slave entered the room, they were leashed by the master and led into the room.

After everyone was seated, the instructors enter followed by Hans.

“Why are you doing…” Fate yelled as the meeting started to begin.

“IF YOU SPEAK AGAIN TODAY, I WILL cut out your tongue… Herod show her.” Vulcan bellowed.

One of the large men that guided the group, opened his mouth, to the shock of all, his tongue was severed half way back.

Vulcan spoke as he paced in front of them.

“Welcome young and old, black and white, male and female, as you have read, there are two groups of four. Two of you are honored to have a Master. The rest of you will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Some have come, on their own, others have not. We make no distinction here,… only that you are here. Each day, you will have four – two hour classes, and a demonstration after dinner. At the end of each week you will be asked to perform what you have learned or quizzed on the numerous classes that you have taken. Learn well my children, because only through pain is their change, AND you will change. Accept the pain and the pleasure is at your fingertips. As you saw with your dinner, you are being given two pills with your dinner. One is a vitamin, and the other is birth control. Do not swap pills or accidentally forget to take the pills, because any offspring becomes property of the Academy. I am Vulcan, this is Diana, Cupid, and Bacchus. We will be your instructors.”

Cupid walked through the crowd and pulled out a paint brush and started to paint on each of the trainees. When he was done each trainee had a number painted on their chest and back. Fate and Lars, the blonde slave, each had the first letter of their new name painted on their chest and back. Vulcan called one through three and Fate up to a table, set to the side.

“You will be known as Alpha”

Then he called 4 through 6 and Lars.

“You will be called Zeta”

Each was given a white linen loin cloth that attached at the hip with a thick Velcro. Fate was in awe as she watched #1 (the Negro of her group, and Lars, receive their clothes. There cocks were huge and were barely covered by their new loin clothes. The blonde from her group got #2, and the red head #3. #4 was a tall and thin, bald African American female, who seemed be be in her late twenties. #5 was a young, Hispanic female with short black hair. # 6 was a tiny blonde, with straight blonde hair and no breast to speak of.

“Alpha follow Diana. Zeta follow Cupid. God’s speed my children” Vulcan decreed.

Steve led Fate to a small classroom that had four chairs in a row and one behind the first seat, where he sat her down and took a seat behind. Cupid handed out a syllabus labeled Human Anatomy. When everyone had a packet, he had turned off the light and spoke on the physical aspects of the mouth and its orifice. When he was done, he asked Zeus to come up with Fate.

Cupid commanded Fate to her knees. When Fate had gotten down on her knees, Cupid walked behind her and inserted a wire orringer with a ratchet, and a micro camera that tucked into the corner of Fate’s mouth. Cupid turn on a projector and the class had a instant view of Fate’s oral cavity. As he cranked Fate’s mouth open, he asked Zeus to approach his slave head on. When Steve stood in front of her, Cupid told her manually stimulate him.

Steve could see that Fate was in discomfort when he pulled his tunic to the side. Fate wobbled as she grabbed the flaccid penis with both hands. A minute later Fate was staring at Steve’s erect penis. Cupid told Steve to insert it into Fate’s mouth and he did. The class watched as Fate’s eye grew wide as the cock began to enter her mouth. Cupid began describing what they were seeing on the screen. When he was done as ask Zeus to fuck her mouth and Steve went at it.

Holding her head, he forced he cock into the back of Fate’s mouth. She gagged and she instantly started to drool and couch. Steve stepped back slightly, as Cupid explained the bodies’ nature reaction.

“Again but this time Fate relax your throat and move your tongue forward” Cupid called out.

Steve started again, and again Fate choked and gagged but this time Steve did not relent. Spit and drool poured from Fate’s mouth as Steve drove his hard cock into her mouth. She wrenched and gagged each time Steve’s cock got to the back of her throat. Finally after several minutes, the class watched as Steve’s cock spurted several shots of cum down Fate throat.

When Steve stepped back, Fate was a gasping for air, and was covered in saliva. Cupid inspected the young neophyte, and spoke.

“If you want to kill yourself, that is how you could do it. As you can tell, without relaxing and controlling your oropharynx, you will choke. Trust me, there are cocks that are big enough to reach the tip of your epiglottic tract, thus blocking your trachea. Relax, and prepare, breath through your nose as the man draws out.”

Just then the clock struck 10 o’clock and Cupid undid Fate from the orringer and led Zeus and the others to Diana’s classroom where he took the Zeta group back to his class room.

During the walk, Fate’s mind raced. She was just orally raped. That man had just violated her mouth and shot spunk down her throat. What the fuck was going on.

Diana’s class was an etiquette class. She started off by teaching them several positions including, “Present” command which entailed the slave to spread their legs to shoulder width, interlock their hands and place them behind their heads. Back straight, knees slightly bent with their faces forward. The 1st position which made them sit with their feet flat on the floor, knees spread, and their hands on their knees, palms up, head forward, eyes down. Each tried it and it seemed #2 and Fate would need some leg strength. Steve realized that timing was everything because twice he accidently pulled on the leash too early, toppling Fate to the ground.

When the clock struck noon, the group was led by Diana to the dining room. Fate and Lars were unleashed. The slaves were directed to sit at a table that dissected the master’s table, forming a “T”. After they were seated, an older man served them soup and a sandwich.

Zeus and Hera sat with the instructors. Diana consoled Steve on his technique say it would come with time and told him to watch and learn.

She called the older man over and attached Steve’s leash.

“Position 1, you worthless slut” She called out. Immediately the man assumed the position. With the slight tug, the man propelled himself into a standing position.

“Good boy” She spoke as she stroked his head.

With a light touch, she pulled on the leash.

“Position 1″

He immediately dropped back down.

“See it just takes practice” She said just before she raised her tunic, and walked into the man’s face.

“HMMMM” She said as the man lapped at her pussy.

After a minute or so she stepped back and started to urinate in the man’s face. She laughed as she stopped and started the stream. Each time she projected the stream at different spot on the man’s face.

“Practice makes perfect” She bellowed then stepped toward the man allowing him to clean her with his tongue.

Fate finished her meal and watched the show that Diana was putting on and cringed.

Surely this had to be a bad dream. Any minute her father would appear and start laughing.

He father never came.

As the clock struck one, Bacchus called for Alpha groups to follow him. Steve attached his leash and led Fate down a wide stone staircase which led into the dungeon. The group was in awe as they looked around at all the devices.

“Position #2″ The group collectively spread their legs, eye forward, and their hands behind them. For the next two hours he went through the dungeon and showed then each and every piece of equipment from the stocks, wheels, crosses, spreaders, padded and unpadded saw horses, benches, cages, kennels, racks, and even a large tank of water.

As they reached the final apparatus, Steve looked at Fate and her eyes were as wide as saucers. He was looking forward to learning how to use these devices. Bacchus then led the group back upstairs and into a small gymnasium where he greeted Vulcan. Bacchus then asked the Zeta group to follow him.

Vulcan showed them to their lockers and excused Zeus. Each locker correlated to a specific slave. Each locker had a towel, and either a sports bra or a jock strap. The slaves put on their garments and Vulcan told them about the importance of being physically fit.

He began with stretching and worked them up 50 sit ups and 25 push ups followed by a 30 minute jog. Fate was exhausted as she ran, but she did admire the beauty of the estate. It was similar to her uncle’s estate in Italy.

When they finished everyone was out of breath. #3 bent down on one knee as she attempted to catch her breath. Fate followed the black man by putting her hands on her head. While the group rested, Vulcan stroked his cock while walking up behind #3. When he got to her, he pushed her to the ground and she landed on her hands and knees.

“Did I tell you to kneel” Vulcan bellowed

He moved like a cat pouncing on a rat. In one quick and powerful motion he lifted her cloth, spit on his pink python, and ran his meaty cock between her sweaty ass cheeks. He took her in one mighty thrust.

The group watched as she gasped. It appeared as if Vulcan had literally knocked the wind right out off her. Fate was in shock as she watched the red head’s anus expand to accommodate the thick, 9 inch cock.

Vulcan took up position just above her ass, and steadied himself with his left hand while grabbing her hair with is right. When he found his stroke, each was the same. He would carefully extract his cock, so the head expanded her anus then plow forward moving the woman several inches.

As the brutal ass fuck continued, Fatima felt something stir in her loins.

She watched as the girl regained she breathe, and started to wail.


She watched the thick, meaty cock saw into the woman. Her eyes were drawn to the top of the cock. There was a large vein that seemed to throb as the master extracted his cock.

Under the ruse of rubbing her thigh, she brushed her hand against her pussy. It was wet. She looked around at the rest of the group. The Nubian’s cock had pushed his cloth to the side, and he was rock hard at what look like a full 12 inches.

Fate looked back when the gasps turned to moans and watched as Vulcan pulled his meaty cock out of the girl’s ass, only to thrust it to the base. Finally, he made a grunting sound, and pulled his thick cock and shot several large wads of cum up, her back.

The first one landed in the girl’s hair, the second landed between her shoulders, and the third landed above the small of her back and pooled in the swale. The show was finished when Vulcan got his breath and gave the red head’s chubby ass a good swat.

Fate looked in disbelief, as the young girl anus was bright red, and was opening and closing, as it was in spasm. Just as Vulcan backed away, the anus opened wide and expelled a pocket of air that made a “whooshing” sound. Vulcan chuckled as he explained that can only be done by fully exiting the anus and having enough force to compress air into the descending colon. As Vulcan lead them to the showers, Fate watched as #3 walked just a little different.

After the group showered, they were brought back to their room. They rest their aching muscles until 6 o’clock when a large man escorted them to the dining room. Contrary to the slaves table which was quiet , the master’s table was vocal and gregarious.

After dessert, Hans stood up and asked Zeus to leach his slave and follow him. The masters and slaves followed immediately behind. Hans led Steve to the auditorium where a magnificent four poster bed was on display. The sheets were 1200 count, Chinese white silk, with white matching pillows.

Steve and Fate were at the side when everyone circled around. The masters took Fate’s leash and pulled her across the bed where she started to struggle but was no match for the masters. She was attached to each post, spread eagle. Her cloth was ripped from her side, and Zeus was asked to “full fill her fate”.

Steve removed his tunic and crawled on the bed.

“You FUCKIN..” Fate screamed

Immediately, Cupid extracted a ball gag and inserted into her mouth.

As Fate ranted into the gag, Steve slid between her legs and began to lick at her pussy. He parted her labia, and eyed her swelling clit, which was starting to protrude from its sheath.

The group listened as Fate’s muffled tone changed a notch as Steve started to lap at the olive skinned princess’s womanhood. Her jerking body seemed to change direction as her lament went on. Before her tongue bath she jerked side to side, now she seemed to be shivering top to bottom.

Steve’s tongue began to be well lubricated as his tongue circled her engorged clit.


Was heard coming from the gag, as Steve seem to finish his tongue lashing and rise above her assuming a kneeling position between her legs. A silence came over the room as Steve directed his penis into the awaiting cavern.

“Didn’t you say she was a virgin” Was whispered from one of the masters.

Steve felt Fate labia expand as he started his entry. She was soft, and wet, and Steve was trying to concentrate as he felt the head of his penis come in contact with a soft, flimsy wall. Steve took a deep breath, and stared into his captive’s eyes as he thrust his cock against her maiden hood.

“MMMMFFF” Fate mumbled as she shook her head.

Steve’s thrust sent his cock to the bottom of the young princess. He slowly pull back, and looked down at his cock. A pink fluid covered his cock and seeped out around it. Steve admired his work, and thrust back in. With each thrust, Steve admired the olive skinned beauty. She was soft like a rose petal, and he could feel her cotton like bottom against his hips.

Each time he looked down at his thrusting penis, less and less pink was noticeable, but a frothy white liquid had started to cover his manhood. He could feel he start to contract and expand against his penis as his balls tighten.

Steve’s last thrust sent electric shockwaves up his back. His toes curled as he felt the semen jump from his cock, wave after wave, splattered into the princess’s womb.

The crowd applauded as Steve kissed her forehead, and crawled off the bed. Fate heard the applause as the slick semen oozed between her ass cheeks. That night, Fate cried herself to sleep.

That night Fate cried herself to sleep. Steve was presented a framed swathe of the cum encrusted, bloody sheet.

“I want to become a dog- your dog.”

The words echoed through Marcus’s head as he walked up and down the aisle of his favorite hidden sex shop. It was amazing how many things he had found here in the past. There were so many items he had never bought because he had no chance to use them. There were giant dildos, butt plugs, leather straps, and more. The selection was astounding. Unfortunately, he would only need a few things that he could get from here for the night but the rest of the items he would have to find at the local pet store.

His hands latched onto a few items that he liked and he checked out by simply tossing a few bills at the cashier who looked to be a little questionable. He eyed Marcus in such a way as to assume he was being judged but Marcus paid him no mind. The idea of working at one of the sex shops in town baffled him. As he saw it, it would strip the pleasure of coming in to shop for only the select items at a time. If he worked at one he would have his entire house full and before he knew it he would be out on the streets.

The following hour consisted of him going to the pet store where he ran into the former man who had helped he and Kim out earlier that weekend.

“Hey! How did that new collar and leash work out for your new dog?” the attendant asked with a giant smirk on his face. The thought that Marcus was into a fetish that involved his product obviously didn’t register in his cranium.

“It worked out great actually. The new fleabag is a great pet. She loves the collar; the dang thing wears it with pride all around the house.”

“That’s good that’s good.”

“I’m actually here for some other things for the puppy though. I’m going to be in need of a replica tail for her to play with. She loves chasing after things and I think it’d be a great addition.”

“Oh yes!” the attendant agreed with a little too much enthusiasm. Marcus wondered how the man could possibly get so excited working at the pet store. The only reason his own heart was beating so fast was because it was having difficulties not imaging his Kim on all fours.

The man led him down the other isles in the store until they got to some fake tails that were meant for animal play. Marcus quickly grabbed a golden brown one that seemed about the right size and color to attach to one of the other articles he had picked up at the sex shop.

“This looks like it’ll do the trick.”

“Great, well do you need anything else today?”

“Puppy beds?”

“This way,” the man beckoned him down another aisle until they got to some plushy looking pet beds. They ran in all shapes and sizes and it was easy to pick out a big bed that Kim would fit into. Marcus grabbed at the bed and the store attendant quickly asked him a question.

“That’s a pretty big bed. What kind of dog did you say you had picked up again?”

The sentence irked Marcus. Had the man just implied that Kim was big? He knew that the man had no idea it was for Kim but it kind of radiated within his bones. How could he dare take a stab at the size of his puppy? It was none of his damn business.

“She’s a lab and she’s a perfect size for this bed,” Marcus replied while gritting his teeth.

The man just looked at Marcus and raised an eyebrow, “well I suppose she could always grow into it.”

“That’ll be all.”

Marcus gave the man a death stare and he got the hint.

“Okay, well I’ll just be around here if you need anything else. Thanks for shopping with us!”

The man walked off and left Marcus alone in the aisle clutching onto the pet bed and fake tail. He took that as his queue and headed to the check out and furthermore to the store exit.

Within a few minutes he pulled into the parking lot of his apartment. He stepped out of his car with the bags of things from the passenger seat and trunk and looked up at the bedroom window where Kim looked down at him.

Marcus grinned slyly up at her and reached for his phone. It felt cold in his hands but he punched a quick text to Kim-

“I see you staring down at me. Once I get to the top of these stairs you better be on your best behavior. Tonight you really become my dog.”

He closed up his phone and waited a minute until he saw Kim disappear from the window. That was his queue. The belongings in his hand twisted to readjust in his hold and his feet stepped their way hurriedly up the stairs and into their residence. Kim sat on the couch staring at him- patiently waiting for what was coming.

“Hey sweetheart,” Marcus greeted her. “I’m headed to the room for a little bit to get a few last touches down on these items and then your ass is mine. Enjoy the Television while you have the ability to use your thumbs.”

Kim’s eyes widened and she swallowed hard. The reality of what she had asked for hit her like a ton of bricks. She would be transformed into his dog tonight whether or not she had anything to say about it. Marcus was more than determined to get what was his this time and to simultaneously please Kim’s wish. She had asked for it when she was most vulnerable and he would go off of that statement and not the one of fear and cautious intimidation that now presented itself.

Marcus went into the bedroom down the hall and left Kim in the living room with the television on one of her favorite drama shows. His hands made quick work of putting the finishing touches on the tail and gloves that he had picked up. Within minutes he was finished and he headed into the front room.

Kim looked at him unaware of what to think. The mush that had now taken up the space in her brain was busy attempting to keep up with the happenings in front of her.

Marcus dropped the items he had been working on onto the floor in front of Kim and crawled onto the couch with her. His lips found hers passionately and the fears that plagued her mind suddenly felt expunged.

“I love you, Kim. Don’t be scared of what’s about to happen. I’m going to open you up to your fantasy and bring you to a whole new level of trust. I will not hurt you, nor will I try to put fear into you. I’m doing this for us.” He paused to let what he just said sink in.

“Do you remember your safety word?”

Kim breathed in deep, “hash browns?”

“Good,” Marcus kissed her one last time and stepped away. He closed his eyes and retreated himself to the far depths of his soul. The full extent of his fetish would now be unlocked for her eyes to see.

“Puppy!” he yelled at her and immediately leaped towards the couch. His hands shot to the clothes that she wore. “What the hell are you doing wearing these? These are not yours!”

Marcus tore her tank top in half and threw it to the floor across the room. Next he made quick work of her bra, unhooking it promptly from her back and throwing it to the same place across the room.

“You know better than to get into master’s laundry!”

Kim struggled underneath his power but refused to reject these accusations. Her mouth released whimper after whimper as he grabbed onto the back of her jean shorts.

“How the hell did you even get into these?” Marcus asked himself out loud. He pushed Kim’s face down into the couch cushion and raised her ass up. “Unbelievable, I tell you.”

The jean shorts that she wore were suddenly stripped from her lower region along with the thong she had hoped to surprise him with. They hit the carpet and left Kim with her bare skin. Her voluptuous ass lay there for all to see. She tried to sit up but Marcus forced her back down and his hands ran along her back inch by inch. Her hairs stood up as her spine took in the feelings down it all the way to her asshole where he stopped his fingers.

“You can’t be a dog without a few more articles, you know.” He scolded her evenly and tapped his palm frivolously on her buttocks. In the position she was in Kim was completely exposed. Her slit and asshole were presented to him like a gift. Air lightly lapped against it from the vents that fed circulation to their tiny apartment.

Marcus stood to his feet and grabbed a pair of auburn replica canine ears he had found at the sex shop in the costume section. He fastened them to her hair and ears easily and admired his work before going back to fetch mittens that would prevent her from using her fingers. The mittens slipped on just as easily as the ears had and he slid the straps that held them on into place to complete the job.

“How does that feel, puppy?”

Kim sat back on the couch cushions and put her hands and feet into the air. They had been replaced. Where they once lay were now mittens that simulated paws for her. She flexed them and admired the scene. As constricting as they were, they felt right. A smile crossed her face and she looked at Marcus adoringly. She loved everything so far and she could feel that her hot love canal felt the same. Some of her juices were exiting her and making a last second ditch down to her asshole.

“It’s not over yet, pup.”

Kim raised her eyebrows at him and whimpered. She wasn’t sure what he had in store for her next. The satisfaction that she felt from her new paws and comfortably fitting ears was more than enough. What more could there be?

Marcus grabbed one of her legs and slipped a soft, skin colored kneepad onto it and consequently did the same for the next leg. “You can’t be walking around the apartment on all fours on those weak knees of yours.”

“And lastly you’ll need a tail.”

Kim whimpered thinking about some belt that would have to be looped around her waist to give her a tail. The thought of her old Halloween costume as a kid flooded into her mind. She had been a tiger and she could remember how badly she thought her tail felt as it smacked around her legs and waist without a care in the world. The thought of being attached to another lame device was nowhere near appealing. Her paws went to protect her waist and she let out a giant whimper to set the tone for what she wanted from Marcus.

“Why are you clutching your waist? Tails don’t go on your waist, you silly puppy.” Marcus lectured her and moved her onto all fours.

Tails don’t go on your waist? Kim tried to understand what he meant by the sentence until she felt his now lubed fingers trailing down her butt crack and over her forbidden backdoor. Her butt cheeks clenched ravenously.

“No!” she squealed.

Marcus covered her mouth with his hand and he eyed her fiercely.

Kim flinched and bit her mouth shut. The no talking rule burned in the back of her mind. She wished she could take it back.

“This is your one and only warning. Don’t worry, puppy. This isn’t going to hurt and I promise that you’re going to love it.”

His words reassured her but it still took a few moments for her mind to register that she was about to give her anal virginity up. The muscles in her ass slowly released their tension and Marcus smoothly rubbed the tip of his finger around her hole to try to relax it a little further. As this was her first time, it was also his so he was going to make sure that it all went according to plan and without much pain.

“Breathe…” Marcus whispered to her as his lubricated index finger pressed firmly against her hole until it almost seemed to suck it in. Kim gasped as her once empty pathway felt the new intruder. The slight pain wasn’t as bad as she had expected and in fact felt somewhat pleasurable. Her mouth closed after her gasp and a moan escaped allowing Marcus to know he had not hurt her in doing so.

“Good puppy.”

With that he started to move his finger rhythmically in and out of her asshole. Within seconds it started to accept his presence within it and loosened up to the point where pleasure was the only feeling that coursed through Kim’s veins. The firm pressure that it applied to her insides was almost orgasmic.

Kim’s body began to rock in sync with Marcus’s finger as it made it’s home within her and soon it felt another finger slip it’s way into the mix. She barred her teeth at the painful pleasure that the new stretch caused but continued almost instinctually swinging her body back and forth.

“I knew you’d like this, puppy. I just need to loosen you up a little bit before I can slip your tail in.”

Kim blushed full scarlet. The thought of having a real tail extend from her tight little hole made her so embarrassed. Nothing like this had even come close to happening for her prior to this. The total domination that these acts brought on her left her in such a state of shock and arousal that she feared she would never again feel fulfilled without the same or better sensations.

Whimper after whimper escaped her mouth as she continued to enjoy the sinful gratification in her ass. It felt so full and yet so empty and ready for more that she knew would come her way in such a short while. She raised her ass higher for her mate to get a better entrance and her signal was well received. Marcus grinned as he felt the empowerment of his place in her.

“Okay puppy, here comes your tail…” he trailed off in his sentence and grabbed the moderately sized butt plug that he had attached the pet store puppy tail to the end of. He positioned it right above her ass and slowly removed his fingers from inside of her.

The rubber of the anal plug lightly caressed the crease of her ass up and down occasionally sliding over her slit and clit. He wanted to tease her just a little. This was far more than just a tail. This would complete her transformation into a dog so it was crucial that she like it.

Marcus bent down and his teeth sank into her back lovingly as the plug finally started to bear down against her hole. Marcus’s jaws bit a little harder as the plug pressed further and further inside of her to divert her from the stretching pain in her ass.

Kim’s eyes widened and the air in her lungs left her as she tried to withstand the pressure. “Oh my god!” she cried out as the largest section of the plug finally slipped in and her asshole secured the device in place.

“Good…” Marcus whispered to her as he relaxed his mouth’s hold on her back. “It’s all in sweetheart. It’s all over. Now you’re a real puppy.” He stepped back and watched as Kim ever so cautiously looked back at her backside to see a tail sticking proudly from her asshole at the end of the plug.

Her pussy juices started to over flow. The very sight of her now came full circle as she moved her hands inside of her mittens and gazed at her tail. Every bit of her was as canine as they had been in her dream- or as close to it as could be. She wagged her ass to give her tail a try and to her great amusement it swung just as a real puppy’s tail would.

Marcus moved close to her once more and wrapped his arms around her, “I love you, puppy. I hope this is everything you thought it would be.”

Kim bit her lip and smiled happily. It was everything she wanted it to be. It was clear to her. The reality was that she could not completely change into a dog. Although she could at least meet it as close as she could. She playfully licked Marcus’s neck.

“Aw, thank you, puppy,” Marcus thanked her and pulled back for a moment. “You’re missing your collar!” he blurted out as he realized he had forgotten the most important part. He ran from the room and grabbed her collar from the bathroom countertop where she had left it. In seconds he returned to her and fastened it with ease around her neck.

“Want to have a look?”

Kim nodded and followed Marcus as he led her to the bedroom to their full-length mirror. What Kim saw in the mirror surprised her. The dog-ears that Marcus had adorned her with shown through her hair out the tops of her head and her collar looked perfect around her neck. Everything was simply perfect. Marcus had left no detail overlooked. He was truly a master to be adored.

Marcus moved to the side of the bedroom and looked outside of the window down at his car and then up at the last remains of the sun. It was almost completely dark out. Now could be the perfect time to be risky.

“Puppy, you might want to get ready.”

Kim looked away from herself in the mirror for a moment just to look at Marcus to give him his response. She had no idea what he was implying.

He now held the leash that he had bought the previous day in his hands.

“I think it’s time we take you for a walk.”

Kim’s eyes widened as far as they could and she looked at Marcus in dismay. He didn’t really mean that she had to go outside like this, did he?

Marcus stepped closer to her and latched the leash to her collar. It clicked into place.

“All dogs go for walks, Kim”

Marcus tugged on the leash and Kim reluctantly followed as to not be dragged forcefully. She knew that she needed to trust him. They had been together for a long time and he had never done anything to hurt her before. If Marcus thought that they wouldn’t get caught, she would just have to trust him. That was part of what being his dog meant. He was her master and that was all there was to it.

After Kim swiftly came to terms with her situation she hurried closer to Marcus’s legs as he walked her for a warm up walk around the apartment. Marcus knew he had to wait a few more minutes before the sun went down completely. The last thing he wanted was for him to bring her outside and have her get so scared that she didn’t want to leave the house for fear of being seen.

Naturally this fear needed to be there at least mildly for her to test her limits but Marcus would prefer it being a little tamer on the first attempt.

Kim stopped and looked up at Marcus as he stopped at the door to the exit of their apartment. Marcus looked down at her and ordered her to stay still. He dropped the leash on the floor and went back to their room where he grabbed a long black leather trench coat. The coat would obviously come in handy if they were discovered. He would just need to make sure that he garbed his Kim in time.

Marcus returned momentarily and found his Kim waiting obediently at the door. His hand pet her head and ran down her back to her awaiting ass and tail. He knew the tail would still be a little too tender so he decided not to give it a courtesy tug to get her going. However, he did run his finger down her slit to test to see how she was doing.

It was completely soaked. Marcus bit his lip not wanting to break his resolve now. The wetness of her pussy begged him to slam his cock deep inside of it but he had to take her for a walk first. This was part of her training.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Marcus opened the door and a warm summer breeze came passing through it into their apartment. Kim got the chills and her body froze. She was nude and about to walk outside into the apartment complex that she knew people in. Was she crazy?

Marcus looked out of the doorway carefully and saw that nobody was in the hallway. The coast was clear for now. He tugged commandingly on the leash and Kim was thrust out into the hallway. Her heart started to race faster and she could feel herself shaking from how nervous she was.

“It’s okay, puppy. I won’t let anything happen.”

His words ran through her head and she took a deep breath. She couldn’t worry herself about how others may see her. Right now she was a dog. She had her ears, her collar, and even a tail and paws. The human thoughts that used to plague her had to be completely thrust out of her head. The only thing that mattered now was her master. He would take care of her and guide her.

“Come on.” Marcus assured her and shut the door behind her. Ever so carefully they both started to walk to the stairs and descend them. Three flights of stairs later they found themselves at the ground floor and Kim still remained on all fours. She could feel the pressure of the plug in her ass remind her that it was still there.

“Come on, Kim.”

Kim followed Marcus out the building door and into the parking lot where by their extreme luck nobody was found. It was an oddly deserted night in their small town apartment building parking lot. Ahead of them were the cars of people who lived there, lined in a row and a bunch of parking garages that had a small creek behind them and nothing else.

— Author’s Note: Hi! As the description says, this is a continuation from Chapter 2, so if you haven’t already, I suggest reading that one first. I should let you all know, that other than these two stories, most of my submissions won’t really have anything to do with one another, other than involving Sir and his pet. I apologize if that confused anyone in the last chapter. I decided against changing the titles individually because, well, each one is just another glimpse inside my dirty mind! Hehe. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of their night together. Comments and feedback are always appreciated! —


“My my, you look like quite the slutty little pet like this, you know that, whore?” You pull forward on the leather leash that’s wrapped around your hand, the one attached to the collar you fastened around my neck. I’m jerked towards you, putting my hands against the center console for balance. “Put your knees up on the seat. I want you on all fours.”

I widen my eyes and do as you say, bringing my knees up, the small space forcing me to arch my back so my ass is high in the air. I move forward a bit more, so my hands are now leaning on the passenger seat next to your thigh. I move my gaze from your cock, hard beneath your jeans to your hand, now resting on your thigh still gripping the leash tightly. I then trail my eyes up your stomach, your chest, your neck. I take in the way your chest rises and falls, the way your throat muscles move and twitch as you swallow. I finally reach your eyes, and the look you’re giving me forces the breath I was holding out in a sudden exhale. You look like you want to devour me, a predator eyeing his prey hard with a dangerous intent behind the stare.

The effect you have on me is immediate. I let out another breathy sigh, licking my lips slowly, consciously taking my time to run my tongue over them. You smirk at me. You know this little action is my coy attempt at trying to push you into making you feel as desperate as I do right now. You know even after cumming so hard just moments ago, that my cunt is dripping, and that I want more. Need more.

And you’re so right.

You reach out with your free hand and grab my chin, roughly arching my neck back and lifting my head to meet your gaze. You run your thumb over my wet bottom lip, slowly slipping it between my teeth and into my mouth. “Suck,” you say, your voice stern and low. And I do. I keep my eyes on yours and move my mouth up and down your finger, hollowing my cheeks as I pull back, running my tongue along it from the inside of my mouth. I ever so lightly drag my teeth across your skin, smiling as I do before going back to massaging it with my lips and tongue.

A low rumble escapes from you as you push it further towards the back of my throat. I gag slightly, my mouth pooling with saliva as you work it in and out. “Such a hungry slut you are. I bet you wish this was my cock, don’t you?” I nod in response, my lips still wrapped around your digit. “You want me to fuck this little throat of yours? Thrust my cock deep and keep it there while you gag and drool all over those bimbo tits? I’m sure a filthy glutton for pain like you would even want to be choked, have my hands wrapped tight around your throat while my cock bulges beneath them.” You hold my chin from below with the rest of your hand, while pressing your thumb down hard against my tongue. I gag a bit more, the overflow of saliva slightly spilling down over my lip.

I close my eyes as a shiver runs through me, my moan vibrating around your hand. I love having my throat fucked. I love the feeling of your cock hardening because of my mouth, the taste of the precum that oozes from your head. I crave it, and right now I’m absolutely starving for it. I want nothing more than your dick buried deep, my nose pushed against your abdomen while the tears fall from my eyes.

When I open my eyes back up again, my look is desperate and eager. I beg you, even with your thumb pushed inside my mouth. “Please Sir…”

You laugh, pulling your thumb from my mouth and rubbing it, covered in my spit, over my lips and face. “Please what, Slut? Speak clearly. I know you’re not as stupid of a tramp as you look right now.” You grab my face again hard, leaning down so you’re right in front of me. You whisper, your breath hot against my lips as you admire the dribble you smeared across my skin. “Or maybe that’s exactly what you are.”

I swallow hard, panting, my breath coming out in shaky wisps. Your words unravel me. I can feel the wetness of my cunt through the material of my pants, my nipples hard and taut, goosebumps covering my flesh even though it feels as if I’m in an oven. I blush furiously before answering you, humiliated by yet loving the way you degrade me so. “Please Sir, I want you to use my mouth and throat.”

You pause for a moment, sitting up straight again and looking down at me with a smirk. You let go of my face and reach down, rubbing your cock through your jeans. It’s outlined in the soft light, a bulge protruding from the dark-washed denim. I know you’re doing it to tease me. I drop from your gaze and look down at your hand, biting my lip hard, thinking you’re going to give me what I’m lusting after. It’s then that you yank hard on the leash, causing me to lose balance and fall forward into your leg. “Ah ah ah, skank,” you say as you lightly slap the side of my face with the end of the leash. “You keep your eyes up here.”

I whimper while I fix myself, getting back up on my hands and returning my eyes to yours. You tap the end of my nose. “That’s a good girl.” You lean forward once more, your eyes locked on to mine. You stall before you speak to me, knowing it makes me fidgety to have to hold your stare for so long.

“You know,” you finally blurt out. “I just had the most perfect idea.”

You run the end of the leash along the outline of my jaw, tracing over my chin and up to my parted lips. “The way you pant and gasp like that, on all fours, practically drooling for my cock… heh, you look just like a little puppy.” You pinch my nose, causing me to pull away and shake my head. You’re barely able to hold back your chuckle from the deadpan look I shoot you. “Mmm, I think I’ll walk you upstairs like one. Just like this. If you’re a good girl, maybe then you’ll get the treat you want so bad.” You then bite down on your lip, trying to keep the big grin you have forming at bay, but not hiding the sparks of amusement in your eyes.

Fear seizes my stomach, so much so that my whole body begins to shake. ‘He wants to fucking walk me? Like a dog? Is he crazy?!’ I think of one of my neighbors, walking out and seeing you pull me up the stairs on a leash, on my hands and knees with my tits out. I don’t even realize I’m shaking my head at you until I snap out of it and sit back on my knees. “Sir I cannot do that. Don’t you realize what would happen if someone saw me?” My eyes are wide, my voice is high and whiny. “Please, can’t we just go upstairs already and-”

It’s at that moment you lurch forward and grab onto my ponytail. Your entire presence has changed, going from the boyish playful mood you were in to irritated and forceful. I don’t even have time to react before you pull me hard down onto your lap. You roughly grab the back of my knees and bend them forward, pulling more of me into your lap so my ass is slightly raised in front of you. My head is turned towards the side facing you, uncomfortably pushed up against the car door. You grab both of my arms and tug them behind me, closing my wrists together at the small of my back. You grab the back of my pants and viciously pull them down, the button popping off with an audible rip. You do the same with my panties, then rub your hand over my ass while you spit out your next words.

“I’ve had it with you being such an unruly little bitch tonight!” Before I can answer, your hand comes down hard against my right cheek. “You’re going to start doing as I say, or trust me, sweetheart, even a filthy fucking painslut like yourself won’t enjoy the beating I’ll give you.” With that, you spank me, harder than you ever have before. You’re relentless, over and over, on each cheek, on the tender curve just under my ass, even on my inner thighs. I cry out, scream, wiggle and writhe on top of you but it’s no use. Your grip on my wrists is like a vice, and I’m forced to endure your punishment.

I lose count of just how many times you’ve brought your hand down upon me, but I know I’m at the point where I can take no more. The burn and sting from each slap has become seemingly unbearable and I scream out in a raspy, tear stained voice. “Please Sir, I’m sorry!!”

You stop, your breath falling heavily from your lips, matching my own. You let go of my arms but keep your hand against my reddened ass. You reach over and grab my ponytail, pulling my neck back so I’m looking at you. “Sorry for what, whore?”

Through my sobs I answer. “I’m sorry for disobeying you, Sir. It won’t happen again.”

You scoff at me. “You say that every single time. Why should I believe you now? You’re nothing but an unappreciative little slut!” You drag your nails down the tender skin of my reddened ass, and I jerk underneath you.

“Ah… Please!! I swear, Sir. I won’t disobey you again. Please let me prove to you, I’ll do anything you ask. I want to do anything you ask!”

I can feel your cock rock hard sitting beneath my stomach. You pause for a moment and let out a deep breath before you respond to me. “You can start by thanking me for this. Thank me for beating your ass and putting you in your place.”

I’m breathing hard and heavy and I feel helpless, completely at your mercy. The power you have over me drives me crazy, and even through the searing pain and heat from your spanking, I can feel the air hitting my sopping wet cunt lips, giving away just how turned on I really am. “Thank you Sir. I deserved to be punished for being such a disobedient whore. Thank you for putting me in my place.”

Your eyes burn into mine. You reach back and pull my thong and pants back up, and I whimper as the fabric painfully brushes against my abused skin. You pull me upwards, carefully placing me down in your lap, my legs spread on either side of yours. Once I’m settled against you, you reach and connect my wrists behind my back once more. Your erection is right underneath me, and I can’t help but hold myself plush against you, feeling my tits brush against your chest, feeling your bulge grind ever so slightly between my legs. You wipe some of my tears away before sliding your fingers behind my neck, under my collar into a firm hold. You stare deeply into my eyes. “I’m going to walk you on all fours up to the apartment. Do you understand me?”

The fear I felt before has left me completely. All I want now is to be able to please you, and I’m willing to do anything to do so. I answer you after a small sniffle. “I understand Sir. I’m your pet, my place is on my hands and knees at your side.”

Your hold tightens on my wrists. “Beg me for it. Beg me to humiliate you so.”

I return the severity of your gaze through my lashes. “Please Sir. Please walk me up to my apartment like a puppy? Pull me on your leash, on my hands and knees? I so desperately want to be walked, Sir…please?”

You let go of my neck and wrists at the same time, one hand reaching for the leash while the other rises up and cups my breast hard. I keep my arms together behind me, arching my back and pushing my chest into you while you squeeze me, moving your fingers down and pinching my nipple. I gasp as you do, letting out a small moan as you roll it between your fingers. You do the same with the other, kneading it into the mold of your hand. This time, though, you lean forward and suck my nipple into your mouth, looking up at me while you clamp your teeth around it. You flick your tongue against it through your teeth, causing me to moan and grind myself against you, trying to get whatever friction I can against my aching clit. You bite down hard, just for a moment, just for me to let out a tiny high-pitched scream before you let go, grabbing the cups of my bra and fixing them in place. You leave my shirt unbuttoned, but zip up my jacket. I look down at you with a confused expression, but you say nothing, only wink up at me as you reach over into my bag and grab my keys. You open the passenger door, sliding out from beneath me and standing with my leash in your hand and a sly smile on your face. “Lets go, pet. Out.”

I take one last deep breath, praying no one will see me. I lean forward, leaving the car on my hands, then one by one letting my knees fall to the ground. You close the door behind me, lock it, and begin to move to the main door of the apartment building. I follow behind you, and though it’s cold outside, my body is on fire. My face is flushed, small prickles of sweat forming in the crease of my neck and down my back. We come up to the main door and you slide the key in, looking down at me with a content expression as you do. The door opens and you step inside, pulling the collar for me to follow suit. We walk up to the stairs, and as I begin to stand to follow you, you stop and slap me against my cheek. “Hands and knees, pet,” you say in a firm, disciplining voice. I don’t fight, only return to my position, and we walk up the stairs.

I’ve never been so humiliated. My body trembles at the thought of one of my neighbors opening their door and seeing me like this. At the same time, I’ve never been so turned on. My clit aches, my cunt hole throbbing to be filled by you. I look up at you from behind, watching your form climb the stairs, pulling my leash deftly behind you. I lick my lips, wanting nothing more than for you to use every inch of me for your pleasure, just as you’re doing now.

Finally after what seems like forever, we reach my door, and you rush to turn around just as I reach my place next to you. “Up on your knees,” you demand. To my surprise, you reach down and undo your jeans. You wait for me to get into position before you let your cock spring forward, bobbing tauntingly in front of me. My mouth begins to water immediately. “Suck.”

I look around the hallway before glancing back up at you with wide eyes. I open my mouth to protest when you slap me again. “I said. Suck,” you growl at me. I decide it’s better not to test your patience at this point, and do as you say. I lean forward, running my tongue up the length of your shaft and slide your head into my mouth. I suck, moving my wet mouth back and forth on you while I keep my eyes on yours. A small groan comes from your mouth as I push you farther back, your head just touching the back of my throat before I pull back, sucking hard as I do. We begin to get lost in the moment – you reaching down to grab my hair and thrust harder into me, my muffled moans become louder and more urgent, as if trying to coerce you into using me harder to pleasure your cock.

It’s the sound of an opening door down the hallway that startles us out of our lustful trance. We both jump from the noise, and you suddenly pull your cock from my mouth with a pop as you turn and undo the locks to my door. I lick my lips, wiping some of my spit from my chin with the back of my hand, already craving more of you.

You push open the door and yank on my leash, pulling me inside after you and slamming the door shut. My heart is racing at this point, the adrenaline pumping through me from coming so close to being caught. You turn on the light before grabbing my jacket and yanking it open, once again pulling my tits roughly from my shirt. You grab the sides my face, one hand latching around my pony tail and gripping it hard. You bark down at me. “Open wide and stick out your fucking tongue.”

I do so, and you thrust yourself back inside my mouth. I moan appreciatively around you, looking up at you as you force your cock farther down my throat. I start to gag, my eyes start to water as you push past my gag reflex and block off my airway. My nose is against your stomach, my tongue out and flicking against your balls as I use my throat muscles to squeeze your cock.

A long groan escapes from your lips. “Oh fuck, your throat feels so fucking good,” you cry out through gritted teeth. I dig my nails into your thighs as I start to squirm against you, needing to take a breath. You keep yourself buried in my throat, enjoying watching me struggle around your stiffness. You finally pull out, thick strands of my spit clinging to you, giving me a moment to breathe before shoving yourself back inside. You begin fucking my throat, slamming yourself against my face. I keep my eyes on you, tears streaming down my cheeks, drool dripping down onto my tits.

You pull your cock from my mouth, my deep breaths and loud moan of disappointment following as you do. You wrap your hand around it, jerking it hard before slapping it against the side of my face. I stick my tongue out far and you tap it against me, running your swollen head over and around my tongue ring. I reach forward and grab it, wrapping my lips around it and sucking hard while my other hand reaches below and starts to rub and knead your balls. I’m rewarded with a drawn out groan from you and a fat drop of precum which I swallow immediately. I slide your cock from my mouth, squeezing my fist around the base of your shaft and jerking it hard while I look up at you. “Mmm, please Sir. Please give me more. I want to taste you. I want to feel your cum shoot down my throat.”

“Jesus. What a greedy fucking cum whore you are.” You push my chest hard so I fall back on my hands and off my knees. “Strip. I want you naked and bent over in front of me. Face down on the floor, hands on your ankles. I want those slutty little fuck holes wide open and ready for me.”

I do exactly as you say, ripping my clothes off as fast as I can as I watch you do the same. You finish just as I turn around to get in position. I reach between my legs and rub my fingers from my pussy to my ass, smearing the plentiful wetness all over. I then grab on to my ankles, turning my head towards the side and waiting to be used by you.

You kneel behind me, reaching over and pulling my hair back hard so my neck and back arch. You shove your fingers inside my pussy, curving them inside me and pushing hard against my g-spot, causing the pleasure to ripple through me. I moan loudly, trying my hardest to grind back into you. You quickly remove your fingers, spreading more of my juice over my asshole and across my cheeks. I then feel your hand come down hard against me, the wetness added with the soreness from your spanking before causing an intense sting across my skin. I cry out, a scream that turns into a guttural groan, the lines between pleasure and pain becoming blurred in my hazy, lustful state. “That’s for keeping me waiting, bitch.”

I then feel your finger rim around my ass, pushing slowly inside as you line the head of your cock up with my cunt. You yank back hard on my hair as you thrust your cock inside me, not waiting for me to get used to the way you fill and stretch my tight pussy around you. You drill into me, fucking me hard at a punishing pace while you add another finger to my ass.

I moan, the prickles of an orgasm forming deep within me. I cry out for you, lost in lust and desire, submitting completely and loving being used by you. “Oh yes Sir, please, fuck me harder. Use me like the cum dump I am. Please Sir!”

You groan at the desperate plea in my voice, the way I degrade myself for you. You then slide your cock and fingers from me at the same time, causing me to whimper and beg you not to stop. You ignore me, running your fingers up from my cunt, spreading more of my wetness around my asshole. You spit on me, letting it pool against my puckering hole and drip down into my cunt. It’s then I feel you line your head up against it. “Open your ass for me, whore.” I relax the best I can as I feel you push yourself inside me, slowly but with a force, wanting to use me just as much as I want to be used.

Ted sat in the living room of Malena’s apartment in a daze. He barely touched his drink, a gin concoction that dripped beads of condensation on the coaster. On his left was the master bedroom and bathroom from which he could hear his wife showering with her two friends.

Unsure what to do with himself, he spied Malena’s phone on the coffee table in front of him. If he was ever going to get a look at these pictures, now was the time. The phone was unlocked and the camera was still active. He clicked on the last picture: a shot of his wife Vera, the host, Malena, and their friend, Liz. They were shoulder to shoulder, topless, and smiling at the camera after an outrageous impromptu three girl blowjob.

“Excuse me, sir, just what do you think you are doing?” exclaimed Malena, who stood in the bedroom doorway with a piercing look.

“Oh Shit!” jumped Ted, dropping the phone. He looked up to see Malena, her wet curly brown hair held up by a small white towel. She held a matching towel to her chest, which barely covered her breasts and left her hairless pussy completely exposed.

“Sorry,” Ted replied. “I was just checking on my work. You know, photography is a hobby of mine,” he defended with a smile.

“Ted, of course I know. That’s why I had you take them!” replied Malena, now smiling. “Let’s have a look!” she said as she tossed the breast-covering towel on the couch to the right of Ted. Her naturally large and tan tits bounced as she quickly approached. She sat completely naked, on top of the towel, folding her legs as she sat, and picked up the phone.

“I hope you don’t mind. I’m going to air dry,” she said smiling at Ted, making no attempts to cover her wet naked body.

“No problem at all,” replied Ted politely. He looked away out of courtesy, which made Malena smile. She loved making him uncomfortable and continued to work her magic.

Malena started thumbing through the pictures, which documented the recent events in reverse: topless posing, nipple sucking, messy smiling faces, cum swapping; Ted couldn’t believe that this had just happened only minutes ago. He had lived the porn scene of his dreams and was still trying to process it. Malena made noises of excitement next to him as she scrolled through and pointed out her favorites.


Vera and Liz were showering in the large bathroom that was adjoined to the master bedroom. The bathroom door was open and their naked silhouettes were visible through the glass and steam. From behind, Vera had her arms wrapped around Liz. She pressed her soft breasts against Liz’s back and played with her pointy nipples while the ceiling showerhead gently rained down droplets of water on their naked bodies.

“Liz, your nipples are feeling really hard now.Does this feel good?” asked Vera softly, her lips next to Liz’s ear.

“Yes, this is fun,” replied Liz, turning to face Vera. They both smiled, eyes squinting from the falling water, and reached for each other’s breasts. Liz began playing with Vera’s breasts and rosy nipples. They shared a kiss and moved their tongues around playfully.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get on the bed together and do even more?” said Vera with a smile.

“Oh yes, but, what about the other two?” Liz asked.

“They can watch,” replied Vera. “Then maybe join in?”

They both considered this fantasy and got very excited. Vera put her finger on Liz’s wet pussy. Even with all of the water dripping down, Vera could feel Liz gushing with pleasure.

“We can put on some lingerie, take turns eating each other’s pussies, and maybe play with Ted’s cock again?” suggested Vera.

“Yes, I’d love to help you suck his cock again, if that’s okay?” asked Liz. “I think we make a good team.”

“Yes, Liz, absolutely, anything you want,” replied Vera. “I would love to do that with you again. Maybe we can surprise him another day in the future as well?”

“You’ve got it!” replied Liz. “I never thought I would love giving blowjobs, but it is really fun with you and your husband. If you don’t mind teaching, I’d love to come by some time and learn more of your tricks.”

“Anytime, Liz!” Vera replied, very excited about this possibility. “Ha, I totally forgot we sent Malena out after Ted. That is trouble!”

“Oh yeah, I wonder what they are doing?” replied Liz. “Malena is not to be trusted.”

“Oh, I know, Malena is quite unpredictable, Ted, however, is” replied Vera with a smile causing Liz to laugh.


“This is a good one!” exclaimed Malena to Ted back on the living room couch. She enthusiastically lifted the phone up for Ted, causing her large, natural breasts to bounce.

Ted was feeling a little uncomfortable, but incredibly turned on. Malena’s teasing was relentless and making him hard. Malena held up her favorite picture; one where she was looking right at the camera while cum dripped from her tongue and into his wife Vera’s mouth below her.

“Great job, Ted! Don’t you love this? I can’t believe it—we are real porn stars. Don’t you agree? Did you ever think that you’d see your wife and me sharing your cum, let alone have a the pictures to prove it?!” she asked enthusiastically.

He was speechless and unsure how to handle his current situation. The only thing he could muster was “Are the other two doing ok? How was the shower?”

“Oh, Ted, you are getting turned on aren’t you!” Malena teased. “Now you want the wife to bail you out, huh? Well, I’ll have you know that Vera said I should come out here and invite you back to watch us shower. I was going to bring you back, but then I caught you looking at the pictures.”

“I’m sorry,” Ted apologized to Malena who was looking sternly at him and now had her arms crossed, propping up her breasts.

“Okay, let’s go buddy, you are wanted,” she commanded as she grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him behind her into the bedroom.

“Look who I found!” exclaimed Malena as she pulled open the shower door to reveal the two showering naked women to Ted. Malena was holding Ted by the arm, his button-up shirt still on and un-tucked.

“Hi!” replied Vera and Liz simultaneously. They realized that their hands were resting on each other’s breasts and they felt slightly embarrassed.

“Vera, Liz,—don’t leave us out!” pleaded Malena.

“Malena, we didn’t mean to leave you out. We’d love for you to join us if you’re interested. Ted, you can watch.” offered Vera, hoping that she could encourage more activities.

“Of course, Vera!” replied Malena with a smile. “It’s playtime, ladies! Why don’t you dry off so we can have some fun in the bedroom,” she insisted, pulling some extra towels off of the rack for them. “You’re going to love my sex toy and lingerie collection!” she exclaimed.

“Ted, the shower is all yours,” offered Malena as she exited the bathroom with her naked and excited friends. They began plotting together and left Ted in the bathroom.

Ted admired the large shower where he had just witnessed his wife showering with Liz. Her black stockings were on the floor next to the shower door along with Liz’s shorts. He looked at himself in the mirror and gave himself an encouraging look. Yes, this was really happening.

In the bedroom, while Vera and Liz took turns using the hairdryer, Malena had opened up her closet and began arranging various garments on the bed. In addition, she had revealed that the antique chest near her bed contained an extensive stash of sex paraphernalia.

“I’m sorry to break it to you guys, but I have a sex toy problem,” Malena confessed, holding a small bundle of vibrators in each hand. “I go through vibrators like I go through men. I’m always looking for something different.”

“What the hell is that?” asked Liz with a raised eyebrow. She was pointing at a studded black leather collar, with leash attached. “Wow, Malena, we are all so boring compared to you! Do you even have a day job anymore?” joked Liz.

“Liz, you must be referring to my training collar,” corrected Malena in a serious tone as she pulled the collar out of the chest and held it up for all to see. “Not every guy is well mannered, like Vera’s Ted. If I bring home a new guy, sometimes, I make him wear this. Do whatever I say or go home: that is the deal,” she proclaimed proudly as her friend looked at her with fascination.

“Don’t think of me as a monster ladies, I give these guys exactly what they want. They just have to work for it!” assured Malena.

“Malena, that sounds like a very fair deal,” Liz assured her in a mocking dry tone.

“Liz, if you think that I can’t detect your sarcasm, you are mistaken,” replied Malena. “I think you’re the one that belongs in the collar,” she suggested.

“Does that mean that I have to do everything you say?” asked Liz curiously.

“You bet your sweet, skinny ass.” replied Malena.

“I’m in!” Liz said with excitement. She was a little afraid of Malena and it turned her on.

At this point, Ted had poked his head out of the bathroom door.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I don’t suppose you have any extra shorts or something for me to wear?” he asked Malena.

Malena looked at Vera and started laughing. “Oh my! We could have some fun with this!” she exclaimed as she started digging through her dresser.

Ted’s expression turned fearful.

“This is perfect, don’t you think?” said Malena to Vera as she held up a small pair of pink shorts with the word “SLUT” on the backside.

“Ha! Those are amazing!” replied Vera with a laugh. “I think he can squeeze in to them, but some parts might hang out. That could be fun.”

“Malena, I can’t believe you own shorts like those. Where do you wear them, the mall?” commented Liz.

“No, Liz, I don’t wear them to the mall,” replied Malena. “I’ll have you know that these make excellent gym shorts. The guys love them and the girls hate them. That makes me feel very warm inside. Ted, put these on and grab a seat in the desk chair when you are done.” Malena said, pointing to the desk near her bed. “Ladies, do you think Ted will mind if we try on some lingerie?”

“Good idea!” replied Vera, knowing how much this would turn on her husband. She walked the pink shorts over to him.

“How were the pictures?” Vera asked with a smile as she handed over the shorts.

“Oh, ah, they were pretty good” replied Ted to the unexpected question.

“Ha! Yeah, we thought it would be funny to send Malena in there to look at them with you. So you still got it, huh?”

“What?” asked Ted, a little slow and confused from all of the naked women standing around the room.

“Your photography skills. Honey, do you find this situation distracting?” teased Vera as she moved to grab Liz by the shoulder and pulled her naked body next to herself. Vera and Liz stood in front of him, their exposed bodies a few inches away from the bathroom door, which he was using to hide his own naked body. Ted admired their contrasting pubic hair: red for Vera, black for Liz. Vera turned herself and Liz around, asses facing Ted, as they looked back at him over their shoulders.

“Ted, really likes asses, don’t you honey?” Vera teased her husband as she stroked Liz’s right ass cheek. She bent Liz and herself over slightly and whispered something into Liz’s ear. They both proceeded to reach between her legs and touch themselves.

Ted adjusted his position, his cock growing hard from the performance. Vera and Liz both moaned from their self-pleasuring. They kissed with excessive tongue play while they slid their fingers across their pussies.

“…and you girls think that I’m the evil one?” commented Malena from across the room. She was attaching a lacy blue garter belt around her waist, the straps dangling against her legs. Her exposed breasts and pussy now even more pronounced and seductive from the decoration.

“Okay, Liz, let’s try on some lingerie together,” suggested Vera as she walked over to the bed, hand-in-hand with Liz.

“Sounds good, I don’t think anything will fit me though.” said Liz.

“Liz, I heard that!” shot Malena from the other side of the bed.

“I’m sorry, I meant you have giant tits and you are curvy and I’m shaped like a boy,” defended Liz referring to her skinny figure.

“Oh Liz, good save. Still, let’s put you in the collar,” suggested Malena.

“OK!” exclaimed Liz with excitement. “I mean, okay,” she corrected, this time with a subservient tone and her eyes to the floor. She mentally prepped herself to be under Malena’s power.

“That’s more like it, Liz,” replied Malena. “Now get the hell over here, you skinny whore.”


Back in the bathroom, Ted squeezed into the pink shorts. They rode very high on his thighs and his cock and balls were forced to hang out of the right leg of the shorts.

“Great” he said sarcastically as he looked in the mirror. Ted was in good shape. He had a runner’s body, thin but masculine with broad shoulders. A light patch of brown hair decorated his chest and ran down his stomach. He took a deep breath and exited the bathroom in his “SLUT” shorts.

Seated at the edge of the bed, Vera and Malena pulled sheer stockings up their legs. Vera stood up to reveal that she had put on some vintage back-seamed, nude stockings with a lacey cream-colored garter belt. She attached the garter straps to the tops of her stockings and stepped into some high heels. Her fiery hair, head and crotch, as well as the smooth rosy complexion of her exposed breasts glowed against the lacy decorations. She accessorized with a pearl necklace and earrings. Vera had a thing for matching jewelry and lacy lingerie; like a European pinup girl.

“Vera, that is hot!” encouraged Malena, who stood up to reveal her silky blue stockings and garter belt. Her tan large breasts and bare pussy were still fully exposed.

“Wow!” exclaimed Vera. “You look so great in blue!”

“What do you think, Ted?” asked Malena. Vera and Malena both turned around to reveal their curvy asses, surrounded by the colorful lace and straps of their lingerie. Their backs arched seductively from the heels.

“That is incredible,” encouraged Ted. His cock hardened under the flimsy, tiny shorts and he struggled to tuck it in. Vera and Malena both laughed.

“You look great in those shorts, Theodore,” assured his wife with a smile.

“Ted, you need to control that thing,” commented Malena with a laugh.

He took his seat in the chair near the bed and hoped that the attention would draw away from him and his ridiculous shorts.

Malena and Vera walked hand-in-hand over to Ted so that he could get a closer look. The sound of heels clicking on the hardwood floor added to the excitement. They circled his chair and wheeled it to the middle of the room, pointed towards the bed. At this point he realized that Liz was laying face down on the bed. She was wearing the leather collar/leash combo on her neck and a pair of intricately patterned black thigh-high stockings with black heels to match. She was facing the opposite direction with her tight ass on display.

“Do you like how we dressed her up?” asked Malena. “We put some heels on her. This bitch is nice and civilized now and she is done being a sarcastic smart ass. Now, she is going to walk around for you.”

“That looks pretty serious,” commented Ted.

“You better believe it, buddy,” replied Malena as she and Vera moved closer and began stroking his chest.

“He is a real mountain man,” joked Vera as she proudly slid her fingers through a small patch of chest hair down to his shorts. She pulled his right short leg up to further reveal his cock and balls.

“Oh, I love how we can just pull up these shorts for easy access,” commented Vera.

“Very nice, Ted,” commented Malena as she looked on at his lap and then smiled at Vera.

Malena then slowly approached the bed and grabbed Liz’s leash tightly, pulling her of the bed and onto her feet. Liz was now standing next to Malena on the right side of the bed, totally nude from the thighs up. Ted could now see that she was wearing a blindfold as well.

Malena proceeded to walk Liz around the room, showing off both of their bodies and enjoying her power. The sound of their clicking heels filled the quiet room.

“Vera, what should we do with her now?” asked Malena.

“Can I take her?” asked Vera with a devious smile.

“Of course, she is yours,” responded Malena as she handed over the leash. Liz could not see a thing, but was incredibly turned on as she listened to the others decide her fate.

“Liz, bend over, hold on to your legs, and show Ted your pussy” commanded Vera. Liz complied and stood up from Ted’s lap. She bent forward, putting her hands against the calves of her legs, and stretched her ass high in the air for all to see. As she struggled to hold herself steady, she felt the blood rushing to her head and the throbbing moisture between her legs.

Vera reached over to stroke Liz’s ass in front of her husband while she smiled back at him. She then put her pointer and middle finger on Liz’s pussy lips and applied gentle pressure. “Ted, do you like the view?” taunted Vera.

“Yes,” replied Ted.

“Good. I’m going to watch you lick her in a little bit. You are going to taste all of our pussies and fuck us. If you do a good job, we might reward you and play with your cum again,” offered his wife who was turning herself on with her tantalizing offers.

Vera took Liz by the shoulders slowly pressed her into her Ted’s lap. Liz was very wet and she could feel his swelling cock against her ass and pussy. Vera positioned her husband’s hands on Liz’s erect nipples and gave him an excited look. Liz moaned softly from the stimulation, her nerves much more sensitive on account of the blindfold.

“Malena, she is all yours,” said Liz as she passed off the leash.

“Liz, get up on the bed and bend over on your knees. I want you to lay your head down on the pillow and stick your ass up really high,” instructed Malena as she led Liz on to the bed and bent over her. Liz’s heels hung over the edge of the bed. Her beautiful pussy and ass were exposed under the soft glowing light of the bedroom. She felt embarrassed, exposed, a little frightened, and very horny.

Vera and Malena proceeded to slide their hands up Liz’s thighs and ass slowly in unison. Liz’s moan could be heard faintly from the pillow. The scene was incredible for Ted. Vera and Malena were stunning in their stockings, garter belts, and heels. The side view of their bodies was a visual treat of curvy, feminine silhouettes.

“Look at that tight little pussy. Vera, do you think we should stroke it for her?” asked Malena teasingly.

“Oh no, she isn’t ready for that” replied Vera, who was grabbing Liz by her firm ass with one hand and stroking her inner thigh with the other.

“Oh please do!” pleaded Liz, “Touch me!” she begged.

Malena responded with a tough slap on the ass. She then grabbed the leash from the bed and tightened the slack in order to lift Liz’s head from the pillow.

“Liz, I don’t want to hear a peep, do you understand? If you are good, we will lick your pussy,” Malena offered generously. She lowered Liz’s head to the bed and reached for the sex toy chest near the bed. She pulled out a bottle of tropical orange edible massage oil.

“Very nice, Malena, that will be fun!” commented Vera.

“Yes, it is very tasty. With some help from Ted, later, maybe we can make a creamcicle,” said Malena with smile. Liz was not quite sure what her friends were talking about. She trembled with anticipation and waited eagerly, in the dark, for their next move.

“Vera, lets rub it everywhere except for her pussy” suggested Malena as she began dripping the oil on Liz’s ass. Liz enjoyed the orange smell and the feel of the oil dripping on her skin. Vera and Malena went to work, rubbing the oil all over Liz’s ass and thighs while she moaned.

“OK Liz, I will let you moan. You obviously can’t control yourself, you little slut,” responded Malena as she slowly slid her hand up Liz’s ass and circled around her asshole with her finger.

Vera worked the oil around Liz’s pussy lips, nearly touching them. Malena’s finger got closer and closer to touching Liz’s hole until it finally did. Liz responded with a really loud moan and it made Vera and Malena laugh a little. Malena quickly got back into her serious character and started putting pressure on Liz’s hole.

“I can put the oil anywhere but Liz’s pussy?” Vera asked Malena.

“Yes,” confirmed Malena.

Vera then grabbed the bottle and began dripping some oil on Malena’s tits, causing her to gasp in surprise. Vera smiled as she spread the oil across Malena’s large breasts, making them shiny and slippery.

“Clever girl,” replied Malena with a smile as she removed her hand from Liz and stole back the bottle of oil from Vera. She returned the favor, oiling up Vera’s breasts and rubbing her hands all over them. They both giggled and squirmed with pleasure while Ted looked on from the chair. Vera held Malena’s breasts up with her hands and pressed her own against them, slowly sliding their nipples together. All of the oil play was making them incredibly wet.

So as not to leave out their submissive friend, they began slowly rubbing their oily breasts on her legs and ass cheeks. Liz moaned from the unexpected sensations. Their large oily breasts glided up and down her ass and across her wet pussy causing her to moan with pleasure.

Malena put her index finger on Liz’s asshole and applied pressure while Vera positioned her middle finger at Liz’s dripping opening, sliding slowly down her slit. Liz moaned loudly in ecstasy. Vera’s finger slid all the way down until she began softly pinching Liz’s throbbing clit between her fingers. Liz’s moans got much loader.

“Liz has had enough for now,” declared Malena cruelly. She removed her finger from Liz’s ass and grabbed two large, smooth pink vibrators from her treasure chest.

Vera removed her hand from Liz’s wet pussy and walked over to Ted, putting her fingers in his mouth. He gladly sucked on her fingers, tasting Liz’s pussy and the orange infused oil.

“Vera, lets join Liz on the bed, shall we?” suggested Malena. “She can’t have all the fun. Do you think Ted would be interested in using these?” she asked, handing the vibrators over to Vera.

“Yes, I do” Vera replied with a devious grin. “Let’s climb up on Liz and give him a pussy pile-up!” Vera exclaimed.

“I love it, Vera. Pussy pile-up it is,” Malena replied. “Liz, crouch down, we’re coming aboard.”

Malena pushed Liz down into a tight crouching position and climbed on top of her, giving Liz and Ted a view of the pussy pile-up. Liz felt Malena’s big oily breasts rubbing against her back.

Vera approached Ted with the two vibrators in hand.

“Ted, these are all yours. Two vibrators, one tongue, three pussies, I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” his wife said with a wink.

“I trust that you know what you are doing, Ted” called out Malena from the bed, “Don’t just jam them in” she instructed in her dominating tone.

“You can count on me” replied Ted as he took the vibrators and thumbed the controls.

Vera climbed up and completed the three girl pussy pile-up. The other ladies giggled while Vera struggled to place herself just right, her breasts rubbing against Malena’s back and her wet pussy throbbing against Malena’s curvy ass-cheeks. Ted was now viewing a beautiful pile asses, pussies, lacy stockings, and heels pointed at him. It would have made an amazing picture, he thought.

Ted set the vibrators on the edge of the bed and decided to warm up the ladies even more. He started by dripping oil across their asses and pussies, causing them to squirm and moan with pleasure. He worked his hands across their firm ass curves and labias, making them shiny with oil in his path. He held on firmly to Vera’s garter belt and ran his tongue up and down, stroking it across their pussies, one-after-another and caused them to moan as a group as he tasted the pleasant orange oil on his tongue.

Deciding to enlist the vibrators, he turned both them on and felt a very strong buzz. He gently rested the vibrators on Malena and Liz; the head pointed towards their asses to tease them. With strong vibrations against their asses and pussies, Malena and Liz moaned loudly from their middle and bottom positions. Ted licked Vera’s pussy even more while he teased the other two with the vibrators. He made sure to work his way down; repositioning the vibrators and licking his Malena’s pussy next, followed by Liz.

“I’m going to hop off,” Vera announced, eager to be in a more stable position and slightly worried about Liz, who was buried under her and Malena.

“Vera, why don’t you lay in front of us and we’ll eat your pussy?” Malena suggested.

Vera laid back on the bed, in front of her two friends, with her legs spread. Malena took control of Liz’s head and put her face against Vera’s pussy. Liz began licking slowly and deeply.

“Good girl, eat that pussy” Malena encouraged Liz as Vera moaned from the oral pleasure. Malena held Liz tightly by the hair and coached her while Ted observed from behind.

Ted’s enjoyed the view of Liz and Malena, bent-over and piled-up and both with a hand between their legs, rubbing their clits. He positioned the vibrators for insertion. They both moaned wildly as he gently eased them in. As the vibrators penetrated further, he took turns licking each of their asses.

On the other end of the bed, Malena had joined Liz in eating Vera’s pussy. Their tongues moved up and down the sides of her pussy lips. Liz lowered her tongue to Vera’s opening and circled it slowly. Malena started gently up-stroking her and teasing her clit.

Vera was experiencing intense pleasure. She shot a glance to her husband, who was busy using the vibrators on her friends. He smiled back at her.

“Will you girls help me get Ted ready? I want him to fuck me,” Vera requested.

“We certainly will” responded Malena as she pulled Liz’s head close to her with the leash and kissed her on the cheek. Malena and Liz could taste Vera’s pussy on their lips as they kissed and licked each other.

“Liz, I am going to take off the blindfold and leash now,” said Malena as she unclipped the leash, leaving the collar on Liz’s neck. “We need to work as a team. Are you ready to suck some dick?”

“I’m ready,” replied Liz as Malena pulled off her blindfold.

Vera spun around, laying her head upside down at the edge of the bed. She was in a good position to suck on Ted’s balls, while Liz and Malena were on her left and right, ready to double-team his cock.

“Ted, I will take those vibrators from you and also the shorts” offered Malena. Ted did as she said, handing her the vibrators and then pulling down the tiny pink shorts. His cock was semi-hard and dangling between his legs.

The three ladies smiled back at Ted, very happy that his cock would be coming back into play. Malena put her left hand under his balls and held up his package for the others.

“Ladies, look what I found!” said Malena as she proudly propped up Ted’s cock and balls. She dropped a little of the orange oil and massaged his cock and balls with it while the others reached in to feel. Six oily hands moved around on Ted’s cock and balls, making him harder.

Liz moved forward to put Ted’s cock in her mouth. She could feel it starting to swell even more on her tongue and against the roof of her mouth. Malena held Ted’s balls in one hand and Liz’s hair in the other, gently guiding her head back and forth on Ted’s cock.

Malena could see Vera below, with her head positioned just below his balls. She released Ted’s balls and used her hand to lift up Vera’s head instead. Vera stuck her tongue out while Malena directed her movements. With one head in each hand, Malena became more forceful. She moved Liz’s head up and down Ted’s cock, causing it to become wet with spit.

With her left hand, Malena brought Vera’s lips up to his balls and seated her nose against his taint causing him to moan with pleasure. Malena continued to press, causing Vera’s nose to poke him while she sucked on his balls and made him really hard inside of Liz’s throat.

Malena enjoyed directing the two-girl blowjob. She began forcing Liz’s head up and down on Ted’s cock even more. As she pushed his cock very deep into Liz’s throat Malena could detect that Liz was gagging. She pulled her off and Liz gasped for air. Sticky spit dripped down Ted’s rock-hard cock and onto his balls and his wife’s face below.

“I love making a big mess out of your beautiful faces,” Malena said as she imagined what it would be like to cover their faces with Ted’s cum and rub it around with his cock, like Vera did to her and Liz earlier that evening.

Vera rubbed her clit and moaned from below while her husband’s balls were being worked in and out her open mouth by Malena.

“Liz, you are doing a great job lubricating his cock. Vera, I hope you don’t mind that she is drooling all over your husband,” said Malena. Vera shook her head, indicating that she didn’t mind. Liz’s spit continued to drip down from Ted’s cock and onto her cheek.

While she continued to lick her husband’s balls, Vera reached up from the bed to feel the other ladies between their legs. Her hand worked up the Malena’s silky blue stockings and found her hairless, throbbing wet pussy lips. Her other hand worked up Liz’s black stockings as well and landed on her dripping pussy. She started stroking her friends, causing them to moan.

Meanwhile, Liz and Malena shared Ted’s cock and ran their lips up and down his shaft . Malena took his cock very deeply and quickly into her own throat and pulled it out covered in her spit. She slid his cock from check to check on Liz’s face, getting her very messy. Malena continued in this manner, rubbing and smacking Liz in the face.

Vera could feel both of their pussies gushing with excitement as they did their dirty deeds.

“You are a good sport!” Malena said proudly to Liz. “I would rub your face with his cock all day, but we’ve got other plans. I want you to get on your knees behind Ted,” she commanded.

“Vera, if it is okay with you, Liz is going to lick his balls from behind, while he fucks you,” Malena suggested.

“Great!” replied Vera, eager for to have her husband’s hard cock inside her. She rotated on the bed and put up her legs; ready to be penetrated. Malena put her hands on Vera’s nipples and teased until very hard. Vera returned the favor and eagerly reached up to feel Malena’s large breasts. “Come up here,” Vera suggested to Malena.

Malena straddled Vera’s face in reverse position, her ass facing Vera’s forehead and her big bouncing breasts facing Ted and Liz. She quivered with pleasure as Vera’s soft tongue stroked her wet pussy.

Ted slowly put his hard cock into Vera’s pussy and she moaned loudly. Liz, on her knees behind Ted, struggled to reach his balls with her tongue. She grabbed his ass cheeks firmly and pulled them aside for better access. She moved her tongue back and forth between his taint and ass.

Ted couldn’t help but to grunt loudly; having Liz on his ass, fucking Vera’s tight wet pussy in front of him, and seeing her eat out Malena while she moaned and bounced her large breasts in front of him.

Ted managed to prop his right leg up on the bed, giving Liz a better access and a good view of Vera’s ass. Liz wasted no time and slid in under Ted. She licked Vera’s asshole and caused her to moan. Ted’s balls rubbed across Liz’s tongue and lips as he moved his cock in and out of his wife’s pussy.

“Don’t stop fucking me! I’m going to cum” announced Vera from in between Malena’s legs. Ted’s cock was deep inside her and Liz’s wet tongue was on her ass. Her body tightened intensely and shook with pleasure. Vera’s gripped Malena’s ass firmly until the end of the climax.

“One down, two to go!” announced Malena. She dismounted Vera’s face and gave her a big kiss. Vera sat up to see Liz’s face next to her husband’s wet hard cock.

Malena sat next to Vera and put her arm around her. Their breasts touched. They called Liz over and began plotting together quietly.

Malena laid down on her back, her head on the edge of the bed. Liz mounted her in a 69 position and they both began licking each other’s pussies.

Vera approached her husband and got on her knees. She took his cock all the way into her throat and held it for a few seconds. He got noticeably harder in her mouth. She repeatedly deep-throated him and then licked the split off of his shaft and the pre-cum from the tip of his head.

After admiring how hard she had made her husband, Vera stood up and spoke into his ear: “We want you to fuck Liz and make her cum”. She smiled at him and a raised her eyebrows.

“Okay” he replied. His cock was hard and ready to go. Vera moved him into position, just over Malena’s head at the edge of the bed. Liz was bent over and ready for his cock. Vera rubbed his throbbing head around Liz’s wet pussy lips causing her to beg.

“Will you please make him fuck me?” Liz pleaded

Vera eased her husband’s cock into Liz’s pussy and he felt her warm, wet opening around his shaft. He did not even know how many years it had been since he fucked anyone other than his wife. It was quite a rush to have his wife guiding him into another woman. Vera enjoyed this immensely as well, getting very wet at the site.

“Fuck me hard!” requested Liz. Ted began thrusting hard, his balls feeling the sensation of Malena’s forehead below him while she worked on Liz’s clit.

Vera moved her hands around her husband’s ass and up to his shoulders. She watched with excitement while he continued to thrust his cock into Liz and she stroked his masculine frame and his strong arms.

Liz’s small, firm breasts bounced as Ted fucked her. She could feel Malena, just below Ted, licking her clit relentlessly. Liz climaxed intensely from Malena’s oral tongue strokes and the deep relentless penetration from Ted.

Malena couldn’t wait for her turn. After Liz dismounted, Vera approached and asked “Ted is still going, do you have any requests?”

Malena considered the offer and then picked up the vibrator. “Will you fuck me with this? And have your husband to fuck me in the ass?”

Vera was shocked. She couldn’t believe that her friend was asking for double penetration, but was more than willing to take part. She suspected her husband would not complain.

“Okay!” Vera said with a smile. She kissed Malena on the lips and returned to her husband, armed with a bottle of lube and a vibrator.

“Okay, Ted, we are going to give our host a really great thank you for all of the fun that we’ve had tonight. I am going to suck your cock for a minute to get you extra hard. Then, I want you to fuck Malena in the ass,” his wife explained. He nodded in agreement, surprised at the request.

Vera sat on the bed to the right of Malena’s bent-over ass and grabbed her husband’s cock with one hand and stroked Malena with the other.

“Can I help?” offered Liz to Vera who had begun licking her husband’s shaft.

“Of course!” responded Vera “I’m sorry, Liz. Why don’t you help me suck on Ted’s cock and balls and then I’ll pass him off to you and get Malena ready?”

“I like that plan,” responded Liz shooting a smile in Ted’s direction.

Liz began massaging Ted’s balls with her tongue while Vera took deep dives on his cock. Vera then passed his cock over to Liz, sucked on him with deep fluid motions. Vera opened the lube and massaged it around Malena’s asshole. Malena got wet with anticipation. Vera slowly inserted the vibrator into Malena’s pussy, turning it on and holding it in place.

“Please fuck me in the ass!” begged Malena, who was now throbbing with the vibrations in her pussy and wanting more.

Vera responded by inserting her index finger into Malena’s asshole as Malena moaned loudly. Vera felt the vibrations from inside as Liz worked hard on Ted’s throbbing cock.

“Thank you so much Liz, he is really hard,” complimented Vera. “Let’s fuck her in the ass now.”

Vera positioned her husband and began to point his cock into Malena’s waiting asshole. Ted slowly penetrated her with his head and could feel the vibrations from the other side as he moved further into her tight hole.

Vera looked on in wonder as Malena was now taking Ted’s cock in her ass and the vibrator in her pussy. She held her husband’s balls in her left hand as he struggled to move his cock fully into Malena’s asshole.

“Oh god!” called out Malena. “This is amazing. Don’t stop!”

Ted had propped his leg up on the bed and was slowly thrusting. Vera held the vibrator in place and watched as her husband fucked Malena in the ass.

“Liz, will you take over the vibrator?” asked Vera. I’m going to lick his balls.”

“Absolutely,” replied Liz as she took the vibrator into her hand and held it steady.

Vera began licking Ted’s balls as he thrusted into Malena’s ass. The tight asshole around his cock and the sensations from his wife’s tongue were too much for him. He didn’t know how much longer he could last.

Then, unexpectedly, Malena began squirting uncontrollably as she moaned. Liz felt a wave of liquid across her hand. Vera was splashed on her chin and her chest, but continued to suck on her husband’s balls.

Ted also felt the rush of liquid on his balls and legs. His own rush was rapidly approaching as his cock received an intense clenching from Malena’s asshole. He then pulled out quickly as he could feel himself losing control.

“He’s going to cum!” announced Vera with excitement. Vera and Liz saw him pull out and moved in to watch the action. He stroked his cock and fired thick ropes of cum, dousing Malena’s tan curvy ass cheeks and blue garter belt while the other two ladies watched with excitement. Malena, still breathing heavy from her climax, enjoyed the wet and warm sensations on her ass.

“Good job, honey. You fucked her in the ass and came all over her,” commented Vera. “I can’t let all of that cum go to waste though.”

Vera and Liz began licking the cum off of Malena’s ass. They both smiled as they proudly pulled up strands of cum with their tongues. They kissed each other in front of Ted and tasted the cum in each other’s mouths. Malena made noises of approval on the other end of the bed as she could feel the tongue strokes.

“I know what you’re doing back there. This isn’t fair” called out Malena in her humorously stern accent. Vera and Liz giggled.

“We are just cleaning you up, do you want to join us over here?” replied Vera.

Malena turned around to see her friends sharing cum filled kisses.

“You greedy sluts!” exclaimed Malena with a smile. She moved in to join them. They brought their faces in together and proceeded to kiss and lick each other on the lips and cheeks and smiled in admiration at each other’s messy faces. There were strands of cum dripping from their chins as they looked back at Ted, who watched on with amazement.


It was nearly sunrise at Malena’s condo, as they could tell from the birds chirping outside. After they had collected their clothing and cleaned up, they had all decided to have a glass of sparkling wine from the fridge.

“Thank you so much girls. It was so wonderful to see you” said Vera as Malena poured wine into her glass. “We’ll have to do this again soon!” she said turning to smile at her husband. He nodded in agreement.

“I would love to,” responded Malena. “You are welcome any time!”

“Thank you, Malena,” replied Ted with a smile. “If either of you would like to come see our new place sometime that would be great,” he offered. “We love to cook!”

“I’m in,” replied Liz. “So long as Vera serves the food in some of her sexy lingerie,” she added, putting her arm around Vera.

“Oh, Liz, you don’t even know how happy I would be to do that!” replied Vera, visions of their next experience already stirring in her imagination.

“One for ‘Gangster Squad’,” Martin Wauters told the man at the ticket window in the local movie theater.

After a long work week, he was happy to finally unwind and enjoy a movie on this cold January night. He grabbed his ticket, went past the concession stand and headed for theater five. Once he walked in, he saw a packed theater. Little did he know, he had the final ticket before the room was sold out.

“I guess I’m not the only one excited for this,” he whispered to himself as he walked up the steps, searching for a seat.

He looked around and could not find an open seat. He almost turned around to look again when he saw an empty seat in the upper corner. There were two seats set apart from the others and one was occupied by a woman in a pink hoodie. He figured that she was with but he had no choice but to approach her and find out.

“Is this seat taken?” he asked the woman.

“Nope,” she quietly said. “Take a seat.”

“Thanks,” he said as he sat down.

Martin looked over at the woman and made a double-take. He was unsure at first if he recognized her or not but quickly realized exactly who it was.

“Excuse me…are you Anna Kendrick?” he asked.

The girl looked over at her with a very serious face, making him uncomfortable as she stared at him. She quickly changed from an angry look to a cheerful smile and nodded. She extended her hand and he quickly grasped it for a shake.

“My name’s Martin. What are you doing in Philadelphia?” he whispered.

“Promotional crap, I needed a break,” she whispered back.

They quieted down as the movie began. The opening credits began to roll and the lead actors name popped up…Ryan Gosling. It only took a few seconds before Martin’s mind went to a tweet he had read earlier in the week; a tweet from the beautiful brunette sitting next to him about masturbating during movies starring the actor.

“You going to keep your hands on the armrest the whole time?” he whispered to her.

“I’ll try but I won’t make any promises,” she whispered back, followed by a giggle.

The movie went on for about an hour and Martin would occasionally look over at the actress, not to see if she would keep her promise but just to admire her beauty. Half way through the movie, he looked down and noticed that her arm was no longer on the armrest. He looked at her face and saw her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted with a look of pure joy on her face. Slowly, his eyes wandered down until he saw something that almost caused his heart to stop.

Anna was leaning back on the chair, the belt and zipper of her jeans undone. Her left hand had disappeared under the darkness of her panties. She was doing it; she was masturbating while Martin looked on. Nervously, he tried to keep his head pointed forward while his eyes remained locked on the shocking action happening next to him. He did not want her to notice he was watching in fear that she might stop the show.

Martin’s eyes went back to her face and, with the little bit he could see, he could tell that she was in heaven. He could start to hear her breath heavier although held back to not draw attention to herself while doing her seemingly favorite activity.

Suddenly, Martin saw her hand reappear on the armrest but could still hear her breathing heavy. Thinking she was done, he looked over at her only to find that she was far from done. She had pulled her panties down enough to give him a full on view of her trimmed pussy being attacked by her opposite hand. He looked back at her face and their eyes met as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm. She had to do her best to prevent her body from shaking out of the seat. She grabbed onto Martin’s arm with her soaking wet left hand and squeezed as the feeling began to subside.

After taking a few minutes to relax, Anna quietly dressed herself back up while never looking away from Martin. Once her jeans were fixed up, she smiled before turning her attention back to the movie. For the first few minutes, she would lightly nibble and suck each of her fingers so she could taste the result of her hard work. She was exhausted so she grabbed Martin’s arm again, rested her head on his shoulder and watched the rest of the movie.

Once the movie was over and the theater was mostly empty, the two people in the back of the theater got up and walked out. Anna kept her arm around Martin’s the whole time, trying to keep the fact that she was walking funny from being too obvious. The orgasm she had experienced was massive to the point that her panties were completely soaked and her legs were trembling a bit. By the time they made it to the lobby, she was back to normal but still refused to let go.

“I don’t think I need to ask if you enjoyed the movie or not,” Martin asked.

“Clearly not, it sucked,” she said with a smile.

“I thought that tweet was a joke…clearly I was wrong,” he said as they walked down the sidewalk.

“Honestly I wasn’t going to do that but you brought it up and it was all I could think about. I was wet from the time you sat down until…well, I’m technically still wet,” she said pressing her hand against the back of her jeans and hearing a soft squishing sound.

“The time I sat down? The movie didn’t start for a few minutes after that,” he responded, slightly confused.

“I know,” she said, grabbing at his arm tighter and smiling.

Martin smiled back before realizing that they were about to reach his apartment.

“Well, here’s my place. Are you going to be okay to walk to your hotel?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s right around the block,” she said before hugging her new friend. “Thanks for a fun night.” She started to walk away when she stopped in her tracks and turned back around. “I’m not leaving Philly until tomorrow afternoon; do you want to get breakfast?”

“Sure, sounds like a plan,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll meet you right here at nine?” she asked.

“Of course,” he said before grabbing her by the head and giving her a short kiss on the lips, leaving the girl with a huge smile on her face.

Martin quickly changed into more comfortable clothes and relaxed on the couch, turning the television on. About a half hour later, as he was about to doze off, he heard a soft knock on his front door. He got up and answered it, finding nobody in the hallway. He looked around before closing the door. He was about to sit down when another knock occurred. He ran to the door and again saw nothing.

“Am I going insane?” he asked himself out loud.

“Maybe!” a familiar feminine voice shouted out from seemingly nowhere.

Martin looked around until he saw Anna walk around the corner. He was simultaneously happy and confused to see her again so quickly.

“You look good in sweatpants,” she said as she walked past him and entered his apartment.

“And you look good in a pair of jeans and a pink hoodie…and a backpack. Are you on your way to high school?” he responded with a chuckle.

“Cute,” she said as she took the backpack off and sat on the couch.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were heading home,” he asked as he sat next to her.

“I got home and changed out of those soaked panties, lay down in bed and couldn’t stop thinking about you,” she said as she leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss.

“You’re too cute,” he said, leaning in for another kiss but being stopped.

“Don’t get too romantic on me, I’m not that kind of girl,” she said, pulling her backpack up onto her lap.

“What kind of girl are you then?” he asked.

Anna unzipped the backpack and reached in.

“This kind…close your eyes,” she said in a soft voice. Martin closed his eyes and waited for her to continue. “Open your eyes!”

When Martin opened his eyes, he opened them big at the surprise in front of him. Anna, with a shit-eating grin on her face, held a leather dog leash in one hand and a shiny set of handcuffs in the other.

“What the…?” he said with his jaw hanging open.

“You want to know why I really showed up here. Because I want to be your bitch tonight!” she said before grabbing at the zipper to her hoodie. She started pulling it down but stopped. “Where’s your bathroom?” she asked, throwing him off a bit.

Martin pointed behind him and Anna, still holding the leash and cuffs, happily skipped off to the bathroom. While she was in there, he looked around trying to figure out if this was possibly a dream, maybe even a coma fantasy. There was no way that this could have actually been happening. He pinched himself to check…and it was reality.

“Come here, I want to show you something!” Anna yelled out from behind the door.

Martin got up and went to the door. He opened it up and saw something that almost caused his penis to explode. He looked down and saw Anna, completely naked and on all fours; the leash around her neck and the handcuffs dangling from her mouth. She tried her best to look like a dog, even wiggling her ass and growling as Martin was frozen in shock.

Anna grabbed the end of the leash and handed it to him. He grabbed it and started walking her towards the couch again. She sat down like a dog in front of the couch while he sat down. She smiled and dropped the cuffs on his lap before turning around and putting her hands behind her back. She looked over her shoulder and showed him the cutest smile. He locked her hands together behind her back and patted her on the butt.

The cuffed girl turned around and nudged her head against his crotch repeatedly, feeling his rock hard erection against her cheeks. She bit on the waistband of his sweatpants and slowly pulled them down. She shook her head around as the clothes slid down past his crotch, giving her an up-close look at the massive bulge in his underwear.

Martin kicked his pants completely off while Anna rubbed her nose against his bulge. She opened her mouth and started licking at it while giggling. He grabbed the leash and pulled it up, signaling for her to get on the couch.

“Up and Sit,” he said. “Keep looking at my eyes.”

She happily hopped up and rested on her knees, staring at him as he commanded. They kept their eyes locked together as he slid the underwear down. She wanted so bad to look at the exposed cock just feet away from her but she was fully into the part and obeyed her master.

“Good girl,” he said as he patted her head. “Do what you want now.”

Anna giggled and pretended to bark before looking down and seeing the seven inches of throbbing red man meat. Her eyes and smile both went wide as she gently rested on her stomach, placing her chin on his thigh. She flung her tongue out and tried to reach her new toy but was unable to. She shimmied around and got closer, close enough to catch the side of his cock with her tongue. She readjusted herself again and finally got where she wanted.

Martin kept his eyes on Anna as she started to lick every inch of his cock with her warm tongue. She reached out and wrapped around it like a lizard, slowly moving up and down. She lifted herself up a bit while he positioned it directly under her. The handcuffed girl closed her eyes and lowered her mouth over his member, completely engulfing it within seconds.

Before Anna had the opportunity to choke to death with the position she was in, Martin grabbed hold of the collar at the back of her neck, pulling her up and down while her lips remained tightly wrapped around him. She moaned at each pull, both from the mild pain at the choking and the pleasure of feeling the pulsations of his head against her tongue.

Martin felt like he could explode at any second. A girl he adored, the girl he had just met, was handcuffed and leashed in his lap and giving him the best blowjob of his life. Any man would have exploded already but he knew that this probably would never happen again and tried hard to hold on.

“Oh fuck!” he said as he felt his balls tightening up.

Anna was quick to sense that he was close to cumming. She let his cock fall out of her mouth and proceeded to lick the head, pressing and pointing it away from him. Seconds later, he shot large wads of cum clear across the room. The television, the coffee table, the floor, his feet…all were painted by his thick cream while his bitch happily licked the residue out of his tiny cock hole. He heard her giggle as she finished cleaning him up.

“Look at the mess you made,” he told her while trying to hold back laughter.

He took hold of the leash and walked her over to the television. He grabbed her by the head and rubbed her nose against the large dripping wad of cum running down the screen. She moaned hard as she her nose slid across the slimy residue. Keeping hold of her head, he rubbed her nose and face in every bit of cum that had spurted across the room. By the time he was done, her entire face was glazed in his left over cum.

Anna crawled up onto the couch and lay down; spreading her legs once Martin sat down. Their eyes locked on each other for several seconds until, for the first time in a while, the cum-covered beauty spoke.

“Are you just going to stare at me or get down to business? I licked yours, you should lick mine…it’s only fair.”

Without saying a word, Martin leaned down and buried his face in her red hot crotch. Within seconds, his tongue was inside her. She softly moaned as he slid between her red lips and massaged the inside of her pussy. His nose brushing against her throbbing clit only made her happier. She struggled to remain still as the intense rush of love spread through her whole body. Anna, still handcuffed, twisted around until the leash was finally near her mouth. She bit down on it and moaned, or screamed, as loud as possible once his nose again brushed on her clit.

Gently, Martin slid a finger between his tongue and her slick walls. Slowly he moved it in and out, gradually picking up the pace as Anna’s hips began to thrust forward and back. The pitch of her moans were getting higher; the frequency increasing as well. Her pussy was getting more and more sensitive; increasing in moistness and warmth. She could feel every taste bud on his mouth and every ridge of his fingers sliding against her. Her nerves were stimulated to their breaking point.

Anna closed her eyes and bit down hard on the leather leash, letting out the loudest cry of the night while her pussy bucked wildly against Martin’s face, leaving her mark on it. He closed as eyes and moaned too as each droplet fell upon him. Once her body relaxed, he had a shiny glaze from his forehead to his chin.

He looked up at her and their eyes locked before she let out a growl and shimmied her way over to him. She dropped the leash from her mouth and slowly started licking her juices from her lover’s face. Slowly and sensually, her warm tongue lapped up every last bit of her marking. Once she was finished, she slipped her tongue between his lips to give him one last taste.

“Is the little bitch ready for the best part?” he whispered after she removed her tongue from his mouth.

Anna replied with a cute, happy growl. Martin grabbed the keys to the handcuffs off of the coffee table and freed her hands. Anna stretched her arms out before getting up on all fours. She slowly shuffled her way back towards him as he kneeled behind her. He took hold of his seven inch member and pressed it against her red hot pussy. He rubbed the head against her lips, catching every bit of left over cum that he could to make entry much easier…as he slid his cock up and pressed it against her tight, pink asshole.

“Has my little bitch ever taken it in here?” he asked.

Anna looked over her shoulder and shook her head. He could tell that she was nervous about receiving her first anal assault.

“Do you want to?”

She looked him dead in the eye and smiled before grabbing the leash and handing it to him.

“I’m your bitch, I don’t tell you what you can and can’t do. You tell me what you want and I do it,” she responded.

Martin grabbed onto the leash and tugged on it lightly, causing her to choke a bit.

“Bitches don’t talk,” he said, smiling.

She returned with a smile of her own before closing her eyes and preparing to take her first ass-fucking.

Martin put the leash in his mouth to free both of his hands, allowing him to grasp onto her hips. He slowly inserted his throbbing red member into the virgin ass of Anna Kendrick. She groaned loudly as she felt her asshole stretching farther than ever before. As each inch slid in, the groans grew longer but not louder.

As the last few centimeters slid in and he froze in place, the groans stopped. Anna was staring forward, her jaw almost hitting the ground and eyes bigger than the moon. She felt his cock slide back and she felt slight relief before he slammed it forward, almost knocking her face into the armrest of the couch. She quickly caught herself and kept herself upright as he started thrusting in and out at a rapid pace.

Anna was experiencing what a real-deal ass destruction truly felt like. Martin was not giving his bitch any restraint. To him, he was giving a typical hardcore fucking to the actress’s ass. To her, she was simultaneously experiencing the most painful yet pleasurable moment of her twenty-seven year existence.

For several minutes, Anna’s ass was being torn apart while the initial pain and anguish from her first anal experience on her face had washed over to look of pure ecstasy. Once she had gotten used to the assault, the pain had gone away and was replaced by intense pleasure that was swimming from her ass to her pussy. Her cunt was wetter now than it had been earlier. Sensing this, Martin took the chance to switch things up.

The dominant man tugged hard on the leash, almost lifting Anna to a vertical position, while he took his cock from her ass and slammed into her damp pussy. He viciously fucked her hole while keeping the leash pulled tight. Anna moaned and groaned as she was choked while feeling her second orgasm of the night building. It only took a few more seconds before Anna collapsed forward and erupted in a volcano of lust, twitching and shaking as it washed over her. Martin released the leash and let her fall to the couch, resting the side of her head on the cushion and keeping her eyes closed as she panted in exhaustion.

Martin grasped her hips once again and began alternating between her ass and pussy. One thrust and switch, over and over, without losing a step. There was no nice way to put it; he was abusing his little bitch…and they both loved every second of it. Anna, still with her head against the seat, was moaning and squealing with each thrust. Her hands were grabbing at her breasts, squeezing each nipple hard and getting all she could get out of the moment. She tried to lift herself up but was too weak and fell back down.

“Is my little bitch ready for her treat?” Martin asked.

“Mmm yes,” she softly squeaked.

“You know where a bitch gets her treat?” he asked, causing Anna to look confused. “Right here!”

Martin thrusted himself deep in her ass one more time, dug his fingers into her abdomen and let his cock spray her anal wall with his thick, warm semen. He almost collapsed forward as the force of his orgasm was more intense than ever before. To him, he was having an hour long orgasm despite it only lasting a few seconds.

Anna rested her chin on the cushion and closed her eyes once again, softly moaning and cooing as she felt her bowels filling up by the second. She never thought she would enjoy anal abuse as much as she just did. Once the last shot of semen shot in her ass, she let out a sigh before smiling.

“You know how to treat a bitch,” she softly said as Martin pulled his cock from her ass, leaving a trail of cum from the opening to his cockhead. He rubbed her asshole lightly, causing a thin stream to leak out,

Martin sat down on the couch while Anna slowly made her way next to him. She rested her head on his lap and slowly licked his cock clean while he lightly tugged at the leash. Slowly, her licks came farther apart until the spent bitch finally passed out, her nose nuzzled against his withering cock.

I knocked on her apartment door. I liked coming over to her place. I heard quick footsteps and the door opened.

“Jake!” She exclaimed. She made it seem like she hadn’t seen me in a decade. I had just been over two nights ago.

“How are you Sandra.” I stepped inside.

“Good, I’m good. How are you?” She was excited. I was too, but I was able compose myself. Her excitement was commendable and exposing.

“I’m excellent. It was a nice drive over.”

“Good, I’m glad you had a nice drive.” She Leaned over and gave me a kiss. Her small breasts pressed against my body through her robe.

“Okay,” I said as I pulled away. “You wanna go to your room and get the shit ready? I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Sure Jakey.” She said while bouncing around in her short bathrobe and bare feet. Man she was hot. I threw my sweater onto the couch and kicked off my boots. I gave her a few seconds to get comfortable while I went to the kitchen and grabbed a jar of nutella. I headed to her room.

She laid there facedown, bare beneath her robe. Her tiny bathrobe barely covered her and I could already see moisture collecting between her legs. “Shh,” I began. “Let your mind take you to a comfortable place.” I gently place a hand on her ankle. “Everything should be relaxed. There is no pressure, no anxiety, just the relaxing ambience of the special place you’re now in.”

I massaged the muscles in her legs as I felt her body relax. “Calm. Everything is calm.” I stood a few feet from the bed and dimmed the lights. Sandra had a nice apartment so things looked real sexy. I took my shirt off.

I listened to her breathe for a few minutes. She became more and more relaxed. Her body was ready. Her bathrobe remained where it was, exposing the cusp of her legs. I couldn’t see much detail because of the darkness I created from dimming the light. But I knew that she was wet because of the movements she made while lying on the bed.

I had thought of a good scene we could act out.

“When you awaken you will be in another world,” I began. “A world where your current identity does not exist. In this world you have cheated, lied and stolen from powerful people. They sold you off as a slave to an esteemed psychologist, who is trying to change your behaviors. He wants you to see sexual activity as rewarding. He cares about you and tries to reward you, but sometimes punishment is necessary. To make sure your conditioning is in fact working he rehearses many sexual activities multiple times a day.” I stroked her leg, higher up. I brushed up her bathrobe and saw the wetness that was spawning from her. She enjoyed our fantasies and role play almost more than I did.

“He uses you as a prop for his parties.” I continued. “Originally you felt shameful and humiliated for being used like that for these people’s entertainment. You were hesitant and performed poorly because of your nervousness. But over time you have gotten better and you’re hoping to prove to him that you’re praiseworthy. Tomorrow he is having a big party and he wants to make sure your performance is remembered by all the guests.”

I took off all my clothes except for my dark dress designer jeans. I reached under her bed and took out the neatly arranged storage container of sex toys she had amassed over our years together. I uncovered it and placed it neatly on her glass computer desk.

“Awaken Sandra. We have some work to do.”

She slipped off her bathrobe and climbed off her bed. She looked stunning in the half-lit room. The dim light illuminated her collar bone and made her skinny frame appear more voluptuous than it actually was. She got on her knees and looked me in the eye. She had small streams of moisture which crept down her leg. I saw her wipe herself and pretended not to notice. I really appreciated how enthusiastic she is about our sex. She should write a book about how she does it.

I clamped a leather collar around her neck. “Sandra” I said in a growling voice. “Spread your legs and arms.” She took an eagle formation on the floor without saying a word. I attached a leash to her neck and gave it a small tug to show her that I had the power to do so. I attached a belt around her hips with a leash on it as well. The leather pulled tightly on her flesh. I could see the muscle tone in her abdomen from the tightness of the belt.

I loosened it a notch so as to leave her unscathed. I stood atop of her, straddling her body beneath me. I pulled strongly on the leash around her waist forcing her ass into the air. The rest of her body remained spread out flat. I bent down and fondled her clitoris with two of my fingers. Her vagina was smooth and firm. The amount of moisture coming out of her amazed me. I felt her stir as she let out an erogenous moan. I pulled tightly on her collar’s leash. “You must remain quiet.” I stroked her clit some more. Her body trembled with eroticism. I released her leash and began stroking her uterus. I let my finger glide over her lushly smooth asshole a few times. It was firm and tight.

Sandra was obsessive about removing every hair and she was completely bare. I slowly placed my index finger firmly inside her. I wasn’t working with any lubricants so it didn’t go in as easily as it usually did, but my finger made room in her tight shivering ass. I writhed my finger around gently, feeling the warmth and privacy of her anus.

I released my hand and took a step towards the box of toys. “Come on girl,” I said as I pulled on her leash. She crawled obediently behind me, keeping her eyes fixed on mine. I reached into the box and pulled out a long thin dildo. I handed it to her. Without saying a word she placed it into her mouth with quick strokes of definite depth. “Good job Sandra doll.” I said as I dug my finger deep into the jar of nutella. I reached my finger toward her mouth. She replaced the dildo with my fingers, indulging herself in the delight of the sweet creamy chocolate.

I pulled her towards me with the finger I had in her mouth. Once I brought her close to me I withdrew it and slapped her across her face. “You’re getting my hand dirty you mindless bitch!” I pulled on her waist with my leash and caused her to fall over onto her side.

“I’m sorry” She apologized. I slapped her ass firmly leaving a rosy handprint and stood up.

“Be sorry.” I ordered as I placed the heel of my foot on her hip. I reached into the box and took out a medium sized purple dildo and a smooth purple butt-plug. I put the butt-plug on the desk and bent down beside her with my tool. “Take your dildo to your asshole.” I commanded.

She lay on her side and brought her knees up to her breasts so that he could reach. She began fondling with herself as told, but she wasn’t doing more than smothering her ass with her dildo as she had no lubricant. It amused me as she struggled to insert it. After watching her fail I let out a laugh and bent down behind her. I took my hand and wiped some of her juices toward her asshole. “Her you go doll. Maybe this will work better.”

She immediately gasped with delight as her dildo slipped right into her anus. I crouched behind her and let the tip of the purple dildo I held touch her clitoris. She shuddered. I then pumped my tool firmly into her swelling vagina. He hips rose forward as she struggled to control her moaning. She let inadvertently let a moan slip and cried out in ecstasy. I gave her leash a firm tug to quiet her, but it only invigorated her. By the way she was twisting on the floor I could tell she was well into an orgasm. I decided to let her have it and began pumping her vagina vigorously with my tool. I felt her shove her dildo firmly up her anus as it pressed against her vaginal wall creating more pressure inside of her. She clasped my arm with her hands and began pulling my hand deeper inside of her. “Harder,” She begged, “Oh! Jake! Fuck!” She let out a wail as she slipped into the ecstasy of an orgasm.

I pulled harder on her neck as my worked vigorously on her vagina. My hand was soaking wet with her juices as she laid there twisted and squirming. She writhed and moaned while forcing the dildo which I held my hand further up her vagina.

I’m still not sure exactly how female orgasms work, but I slowed my pace so that I could bring her down a notch. My hand had started to hurt, and I wanted some sensation too.

She released her hold on my hands. I felt them searching for her anal dildo. She shuddered as she slowly removed it. I [immediately placed my fingers inside her anus and massaged her internally. I did so for just a few moments then pulled them out. I removed the dripping dildo from her vagina and laid it down on the floor beside her. A small puddle formed on the wooden floor beneath her groin.

I stood up. She laid there gasping for breath with beads of sweat forming across her forehead. She had a sexy smell of sweat and female juices on her that made her smell like a seduced woman. I pulled out the nutella again and smeared some onto the waiting butt plug.

I pulled on her leash bringing her mouth just where I wanted. She was still trying to catch her breath as I shoved the device into her mouth. She struggled to breathe as her mouth was filled with the thick sweet gooiness of the nutella and the overwhelming mass of silicon. Her eyes widened with delight. I stroked the side of her face and she tilted her neck toward my hand in affection.

I removed the plug from her mouth slowly. It eased out smoothly. “Stand in a Big Toe Pose.” I commanded her. She exercised regularly and was fit enough to complete the pose without much difficulty.

She stood there in that position flexing all the right muscles in her quads and lower back. I stepped behind her and slapped her groin lightly a few times. I saw her hips twitch from the anticipation. She swayed as I slapped her, trying to retain her balance. I traced her ass cheeks with the plug and circled towards her hole. I could smell her woman-juices as there were traces of it all over her lower body. I placed a hand on the apex of her body, which was now her exposed ass. I wriggled the plug into her vagina for just a few moments. Instantly the whole device was covered in a slippery film of fluid. I leaned forward slightly to spit onto her butt hole just for good measure.

I slowly began the insertion, feeling the space the plug took up inside her tight asshole. She exhaled strongly. My steadfast hand supported her ass and prevented her from falling. Once I had the now juicy tip inside her asshole I stood up straight behind her and gave her a great shove with my hips. This forced the rest the device into her ass and knocked her headfirst. She caught herself and resumed a doggy style position. I slapped her ass a few times while moving my fingers in circular motions, gently stirring the butt plug to increase the sensation I was already causing. I fingered her clitoris for just a bit and then inserted my fingers into her vagina. Her anal plug caused pressure inside her vagina and she quivered with erogenous pleasure. I removed my dripping fingers and scooped out a chunk of nutella. I directed my hand towards her face. My hand smeared a little bit onto the side of her cheeks before making its way into her mouth. I could feel her hesitation to indulge as she noticed that she was consuming her own womanly fluids. I tugged harshly on her collar to show that I noticed her reluctance. I removed my fingers from her mouth and smothered them in her female juices again. My fingers made their way back to her mouth where she instantly began cosseting them.

After allowing her to perform orally on my finger I reached for the reins of her waist. I humped her anal plug a few times with my jeans on. I unzipped my pants and humped her brimming pussy with my cloaked penis. I gave her ass a hard slap.

I got up and removed my pants fully exposing my penis. I stood in front of her and let my penis hang in front of her face. Her hands reached for it as she got up into a kneeling position. “Back down doll.” I held her by her hair. I chuckled, “but I won’t punish you for your eagerness. However, you must remain on the floor, just like you will do by the party.”

I took some nutella and smeared it onto her fingers. I watched her lick them clean. “Good girl I said as I held her jawbone. I let my penis touch her face a few times before I took some more nutella onto my hand and slapped her across her face. Fine imprints of chocolate covered her neck and cheeks. I shoved her head downwards back into a doggy style position. Oral sex didn’t excite me, it was too soft.

I crouched behind her and slapped her vagina lightly with my penis. She was on the pill so there was no need for a condom. I took the leash of her belt and passed it behind my back. I took the free side of the leash and connected it tightly to her belt. This pressed the two of us closely together.

She was tied to me.

I pressed my penis against her while pulling lightly on her collar. Her vagina was swollen from the games I had been playing on her. I felt some of her juices dribble out onto our legs as I pressed my penis inside her. She gasped for air and began sliding her body away from me, causing my shaft to fully experience her tantalizing woman hole. We worked this game for a little while, I, shoving inwards, she, sliding outwards. I jiggled her butt plug and felt her pussy swell even more.

“This is it,” I commanded her. “Let’s fucking cum!”

I increased the rate of my movement and dragged her along with me. She was tied to me and she was forced to follow my every move. Only, she was half a second behind me which increased the rate of our movement. I pumped her vigorously feeling her crash into me. My body moved back and forth violently. Her sexy frame followed mine. I pulled on her leash with vigor and heard her gag. I didn’t fuckin’ care.

I felt the euphoria of an orgasm approaching. I stood up dragging her with me. I pulled her upright with a strong tug of her leash and pushed her against the glass-topped desk desk, forcing her face against the glass, leaving a harsh chocolate smudge. I began thrusting my penis vigorously into her woman hole. Her body rocketed against my ferocious thrusting. With one hand I constricted her by the leash and the other slapped the hell out of her hips and I felt the pleasure increasing.

And just then.

I felt the tip of an orgasm reach out to me from her warm and dripping hole.

I fuckin’ followed it.

I gave a massive thrust that slid her face across the desk streaking it with the chocolate goo. I let out a loud moan. “FUCK!” I called out.



My whole body leaned against my pumping as I chased the euphoria. My head was so full with the orgasm that I didn’t notice that I was choking her neck.

I wrapped my forearm around her small waist and began pumping even faster.


Blood pounded my head as I reached further and further into the depth of my orgasm. I felt her juices running from her freely as she began moaning in pleasure. “Harder!” She begged me, “Fuck me harder!” She was well into an orgasm as well. Her body shook and writhed due to her constricted position. She let out a cry and clenched the desk as hard as she could

My body shook and my head was pulled backwards as I climaxed. I held onto the feeling strangling Sandra with her collar until it was completely gone. I allowed my cum to release fully before untying myself from her belt. I then freed her from our intertwined position and took a step back. Her vagina was dripping with semen and womanly juices. I wiped it clean with a paper towel.

“Onto the bed.” I ordered her.

She climbed obediently onto her bed with difficulty as her body was still recovering from her climax. I unclasped her belt and collar. There was a red ring of strained skin around her neck. Once she was lying face down comfortably I began. “When you wake up,” I said in a soft and calming voice, “You will be Alexandra again.” I smoothed my hand of her sweaty back. I liked making our role play seem like hypnosis. It made the submissiveness less personal.

I placed the used equipment onto the lid of the container. I let her lay there for a bit while I cleaned up the two dildos and anal plug. When I was done scrubbing them down I brought her a wet towel. I wiped down her groin and legs to remove the juices that made her smell like a seduced woman. I cleaned up her pretty face and gave her a kiss. I cleaned up the puddle of her juice that remained on the floor and hung up the towel. I then placed her bathrobe over her. I redressed and straightened my hair. “Wake up Sandra.” I said in a voice that hovered just above a whisper.

She got up from the bed and slipped her hands into her bathrobe. She then tied it around her. She stood up from the bed and ran her hands through her hair. She gave me a huge smile, “Thanks Jake.”

“For what?” I exclaimed as I nodded at her with a wink in my eye.

She came up to me and leaned forward, giving me a long kiss. “For showing that you care.”

I held her there not wanting to let go. My heart beat a thousand times a second I buried my face into her shoulder. We stood there embracing for a while before we let go. I then led her by her hand into her kitchen where we would indulge in a post-sex meal of pancakes.

Recently I had a fantastic weekend full of amazing experiences. I asked one of my favourite authors to help tell the story. It is a public thank you to my boyfriend.

Actually, he is my boyfriend but he is also my Boss at work. For that I feel very lucky. He owns a small company and we got together after I started working there. We have been together for almost a year now and it has been the best year of my life. I am in my early twenties and he is six years older than me. We have shared a lot, even more since I started to understand that I am a submissive. Now he is becoming more dominant with me and I like to be as submissive to him as I can be. I want to give myself to him more and more. I hope that one day he will be more than my Boss.

A couple of weeks ago my birthday was coming up and that’s what I want to tell you about. Boss had made special plans. But of course I didn’t ask him about those. I just trusted in him because I knew he would do something wonderful.

That Friday, as with every Friday, I was in his office right after lunch. I was on my knees next to his desk with my shirt open and my bra and my boobs on display. This is part of a private ritual that developed between us after the first few months. I confessed some of my desires and Boss was kind enough to let me explore them. I had been obsessed with the idea of receiving a cum facial from my boss. I really only had to ask once. Since then he has made it a regular event.

So that afternoon I was on my knees and greedily sucking my Boss. His cock is big, hard and I enjoy the way it almost chokes me and the way it feels so hard and alive. He tastes great, too. When his pre-cum leaks from the tip I get so excited at how it tastes and feels on my tongue.

It was just me sucking Boss’ cock. This part of our ritual is all about him. I was getting off on the sounds of his moans and his gentle whispering of my name. He calls me a slut and a cocksucker and I love to be those things for him.

Then it was time for the next part of the ritual. He could not wait any longer and it was obvious to me he was right on the edge of his explosion. I felt his hand on the back of my head and I knew what I had to do. So I released Boss from my mouth and shuffled in so my face was right next to the head of his beautiful cock. He put one hand round his shaft and began to stroke himself. I tried to watch his hand but he was moving very fast. I knew what was coming and I even opened my mouth a little for him. Then it happened.

His cock seemed to grow even harder and with a giant groan he started to shoot his cream onto my face. Boss was cumming on me and coating my face, splattering my skin with his hot jizz. I received blast after blast, loving every single one of them. My cheeks were painted, a little went in my mouth, some in my eye. To experience this from my Boss is the best thing that can happen to me. So I was very I was excited but I stayed right there, making sure my face caught every drop of his hot cream. The taste and the smell were so powerful and I knew I belonged there, on my knees wearing his jizz on my face.

When he finally was finished shooting on me, Boss leaned back and said to me, with a big grin, ‘my little slut, you are so beautiful when you are wearing my cum’. I knew it was true and that made me smile back up at him.

Still I didn’t move. I stayed on my knees, letting his stuff cool and dry on me. A little bit dripped down my chin and fell onto my breasts and my cleavage. I would have to clean my face before I went back to my desk but I knew I would go home that night with his cum dried hard on my breasts.

Then Boss spoke to me. ‘Its your birthday this week and of course we are going to do something very special.’ I trembled with excitement at hearing that. ‘I have arranged for us both to start work late on Monday. So we will have a full weekend at the country house. Make sure you bring enough clothes so you can come straight to the office on Monday morning.’

‘Yes Sir,’ I whispered to him. I guessed the rest of the arrangements would be as normal. I would go home after work and early on Saturday morning he would drive by to pick me up. We would arrive at his country house in time for a late breakfast and then whatever he had planned for me would unfold.

His country place is not big but it is very cozy. I think he inherited it from his parents. Its not way out in the countryside but it does back onto a small wood. We often walk in the wood and we usually never see any of the locals using it. Sometimes Boss has used me out there. Just the thought of it made me get excited all over again and I had to lean down and lick the last of Boss’ cum from the end of his cock.

After that my Boss was back into his ‘boss mode’. With his hand he signalled that our ‘afternoon meeting’ was completed. He had to rearrange his clothes and zip-up his trousers again. I needed to clean my face and button my shirt. I know the other staff gossip about us but I didn’t want them to see Boss’ jizz on me.

I spent that night at home alone. I felt restless all evening, thinking of what Boss had said. Later on I watched some of my favourite porn, trying to imagine what special treats were planned for my birthday. Eventually I had to give in and masturbate long and hard. In my fevered state it was very pleasing and I brought myself off several times. Finally I had a chance to get some proper sleep.

Next morning, Saturday, I was up early and preparing myself. I knew I wouldn’t keep my clothes on long once we arrived at Boss’ place but I always make an effort to look my best for him. I carefully shaved my pussy so it was totally bare for him. I chose my best stockings and a very short skirt. My blouse was almost see-through and I wore one of my lacy bras underneath. Everything was black! Underneath, my skirt was a tiny G-string. This one is so tiny it doesn’t even really hide my pussy lips and I love the way it shows off my ass. I also made sure to take extra time on my make-up, getting my lips looking just as sexy as I could.

Boss parked down the street from my flat. He wanted to force me to walk in public dressed all slutty. It was kind of nice to see his smiling face through the window of the car. I was embarrassed to be seen like that on the street outside my flat. Boss was obviously happy so I’d gotten our weekend off to a good start.

An hour later we were at the country house. Boss carried our bags in and dropped everything inside the front door. That was a signal to me. I was proud of the way I’d dressed so carefully for him. I knew I’d pleased him. But the warmer weather had returned at last. I knew that the rule from now on would be for me to remain naked at all times during the day. Totally naked unless Boss decided I was cold enough to need some kind of cover.

Silently I stripped for him. I removed all my clothes, folding them over the back of a nearby armchair. I used to feel embarrassed at these moments but not any more. I know Boss loves to see me naked and I am proud to let him see my body.

It was still early in the morning though. The warmer weather is not the same as having the Spring season with us. So naturally my nipples went hard straight away. They are very dark and even normally they are nice and long. In the cold air they stuck out even more. I know Boss saw them but he didn’t say anything.

Instead Boss picked up my collar from the small table in the hallway. This is a collar we bought some months ago when he started to get comfortable with the idea of being more Dominant over me. I smiled as he placed it around my neck, the big steel ring facing forward. He hugged me tightly and I smiled a big smile as I hugged him back, feeling my nipples press into his chest and his hands cupping my bottom.

I got a big shock next, however, when Boss opened a bag and held up a leather leash. I got excited when I realised it was the kind of thing someone might buy for a large dog. I guessed what was coming next.

‘Its your birthday,’ Boss said. ‘So its a good time to take things to a new level.’ I know I was shaking and it wasn’t from the cool air.

‘We both enjoy you being submissive to me, being my slut. I bought this leash because I know you want to explore going further.’ He reached out to clip the leash to the ring in my collar. It was hard to contain myself.

‘From now on in this house you will wear this collar unless I take it off. And I will use this leash as an extra reminder that you are my property. I want you to be my pet. Its a test to see if we are both ready for it.’

I could not speak a word. Fortunately I didn’t need to. It is Boss’ habit for us to take a short walk in the woods once we arrive at the country house. It is an ideal way to break away from our city routine. In cold weather of course I go out clothed. This time, in early spring, I had known all along I would be walking beside him fully naked. Boss simply pulled on the lead and I, grinning wildly, followed behind him like an obedient little pet.

We walked somewhat briskly which was good considering the morning chill. My nipples were starting to ache as they stood to attention. I neither complained nor said anything to Boss. I was too chuffed and too excited to be wearing the collar for him outside and to be walking at the end of his new leather leash. You might be wondering and of course it felt a little humiliating to be led around like that. It is not normal for a human to be treated like a pet and tied up like that. I hope you will understand when I say my pussy was leaking fluid as Boss closed the front door and led me across the yard.

After about 15 minutes of walking through the wood we stopped at our usual place. Boss leaned back against a special tree, his favourite tree. He smiled at me and yanked on the leash to pull me close. I thought he wanted to hug me to keep me warm. That wasn’t it. Instead he reached down and started to rub my nipples. They were cold and hard at first but it felt great to be touched by Boss. I moaned as he started to fondle my boobs as well, massaging them with one hand on each side. He pinched my nipples a little as well which hurt me but made me extra horny!

I felt Boss’ cock growing harder as he played with me. Boss has fucked me against this tree so often. A lot of times he has made me suck his cock until he cums. He takes me there to treat me like a common slut. Its the reason I enjoy our walks in the wood so much. With a single word and a tug on my leash I was ordered onto my knees in front of him. The forest litter under my knees was uncomfortable but that was no concern. I was there for a purpose.

Sometimes when sucking Boss’ cock out there I have heard other people walking around in the distance. Usually he just makes me continue while he keeps lookout. Twice Boss allowed me to hide behind the tree when other walkers were coming too close. One time, though, last autumn, he made me stay down on my knees even though someone was very close to us. I was naked on that occasion, totally exposed to any stranger passing by. I kept Boss’ cock in my mouth but I was sure I was being watched. It was horribly embarrassing. But for some reason I just decided I had to comply with Boss’ wishes and continue with the blowjob. I was sure Boss’ cock actually swelled even larger as I sucked him in full view of the stranger.

Later Boss told me it was a middle-aged man who he’d never seen before. He was walking a dog. The man hadn’t noticed until he got really close, only a few trees away from us. Then he stood totally still, maybe in shock at what he saw. Boss told me that the other man stayed and stared for the entire time. I didn’t know that right then, I only concentrated on taking his jizz into my mouth and my belly. Only when it was clear I had swallowed my Boss’ cum did the other man move off with his dog, giving my Boss a little smile.

For a time after that incident I felt ashamed and confused. I’d been seen naked by a stranger who’d watched me performing an intimate sex act like a whore. It was my Boss who had made me do it but I had obeyed readily. Later, though, the memory of that morning in the wood would get me sexually excited. I began to feel proud that I’d performed for my Boss and completed his wishes.

On this Saturday no-one came close to us during our walk. At the tree all I had to worry about was giving my Boss another great headjob. He was big and hard for me as I drew him out of his trousers and I was excited by the way his cock looked in the morning light. As always I wanted it in my mouth straight away, loving the taste of his flesh as I slipped him between my lips. I licked the shaft up and down, making him wet so he would slide easily in and out of my mouth. Then I started moving my head up and down, using my mouth and my tongue as best I could on Boss’ big shaft. My lipstick smeared all over him. A blowjob was the first gift I ever gave my Boss and I am always turned-on by being on my knees while he fills my mouth.

I even pulled his trousers down a little so I could fondle his ball sack. It was all about giving pleasure to him. Of course I did a good job. Boss sometimes tells me I am an expert cocksucker. My reward came when Boss touched my head so I knew it was time to release him from my mouth. Sometimes Boss chooses to shoot into my mouth and I get to swallow him all down. I love the way he pulses in my mouth and his jizz floods over my tongue. But this morning he chose to shoot onto my face and he knows I love that even more – the feeling of being a dirty whore who proudly takes her Boss’ cum as if it were a kind of skin cleanser.

He was stroking hard and I was excited to watch him finish what I had begun. I just stayed there watching him until he erupted over my face, shooting his seed onto my skin. Out there in the open he could really express his delight and he grunted and called out my name as he shot over my face. I waited till he was finished and then I smiled like I always do. I gave him a quiet ‘thank you’ and used a finger to scoop a little bit of his cream from the corner of my lips into my mouth. I noticed how warm his jizz seemed and also how quickly it cooled on my face.

Nothing more was said. I had done my duty. With another yank of the leash Boss had me on my feet and walking back to the house. I followed behind him, content that it felt right for me to be in that position – submissive to my Boss, wearing his cum on my face. Boss often tells me I look beautiful when wearing his cum and I think its true as well! As always, some of his cream dripped down my face and onto my chin and my boobs. I know I looked great covered like that. But the drying jizz did make me feel the cold a little more.

Inside, Boss quickly got the wood stove in the kitchen fired up and he ordered me onto the thick rug in front of it. I just obeyed and got down on hands and knees. Soon breakfast was ready and I felt like I really needed it. Pancakes and hot chocolate – yummy. But something was wrong. Not wrong but different. Boss placed my food into a bowl and put it on the rug next to me. My hot chocolate went into another, shallow bowl. Obviously I was not going to eat at the table.

Boss soon explained everything. He loved me and he loved my submission. He understood how important it was for me to submit to him and give everything I can. His plan for this special weekend was to let me have a new beginning. We would try to take my submission to a new level. It would start to become deeper. He wanted to see if we both could get used to the idea of me being his possession and his pet. As a first step, for the rest of the weekend I would have to eat down on the floor. He also said there would also be ‘other little duties’ I would be required to perform.

That was a wonderful moment for me. Boss and I had talked about submission. I know he found it hard at first to understand what I needed from him. Of course he was thrilled by the kinky sex acts I wanted to try but for him to have control of another person was something entirely new. But on that Saturday I was wearing his collar with a dog leash attached to it. No matter what happened, I knew then he would keep trying to be more Dominant and to continue welcoming my submission and my devotion to him.

Being on hands and knees, collared, naked, my breakfast in bowls on the floor was such a thrill for me. I almost wanted to cry because I had imagined this for so long. At first it felt weird to be eating like that but only because I had been given no warning. But that was a small matter for me. In truth, what made it difficult was the fact that I still had Boss’ dried cum stuck to my cheeks and my lips. It made eating a little uncomfortable at first but at least Boss allowed me to use my hands.

When we’d both done eating Boss took the leash and actually tied me to the leg of the table. I was still on the rug, on my knees. My heart swelled with pride right then because this was such a big step for both my Boss and myself.

Once the dishes were done, Boss undid the leash from the table and gave it another little tug. ‘Bathroom’ was all he said. I climbed to my feet and happily followed my Boss to the downstairs bathroom. The plumbing is a little ancient and to use the shower you have to be standing in the bathtub. Boss removed my collar and ordered me into the tub, again on my knees.

‘I need to pee,’ he said simply. I gasped aloud, a sound of pure joy. Boss was going to give me a golden shower! What a birthday present. Not that this was my first. He had begun experimenting with peeing on me a few weeks earlier after I ‘let’ him see some porn clips. At first he only aimed at my hands and it was dirty and exciting. The next couple of times he aimed at my legs and a little on my tummy. I loved the humiliation, the feeling of being so totally open to being used by my Boss. An on-line friend had asked whether I had ever done it and I suppose that put the seed in my mind. When Boss asked me I was more than ready to try. It was very hard at first though. It is an incredibly intense experience, so submissive and so intimate. You might even think of it as a ‘filthy’ thing but that makes it more worthwhile for me.

I feel so excited to be on the end of a golden shower from my Boss, even more because I see that he has come to enjoy it more and more. The heat and the smell of his pee on my skin is incredibly intense but it reminds me of how much I love to serve and worship him.

So Boss did pee on me that morning. It came hot and hard as usual. He aimed at my legs and I was excited to feel the heat of his pee running down over my skin and into the bottom of the bath. He must have had a lot of piss saved up because he moved up to my tummy and the power of his stream did not decrease at all. Boss moved closer and stood right over me, I could see his golden stream shooting from the hole in the head of his cock. I was fascinated by it. Then Boss moved his cock and suddenly his pee was hitting me right on my breasts. That was a first for us. I don’t know why I did it but I reached up and cupped my breasts. I held them up so he could take a better aim at them. I felt my nipples as hard as little rocks. I wasn’t ashamed to be acting like that. I want to give my Boss everything I can.

Finally he ran out of pee. He kissed me and hugged me. All I could smell was his pee on me and around me. We showered together and we hugged and kissed some more. ‘Happy birthday,’ he said to me and I smiled and hugged him as tight as I could.

After the shower we both dried ourselves and I was ready to get dressed. But I saw Boss was standing there, just looking at me. He wanted something but I didn’t know what it was. Then, at last, I saw him glance down to the floor. Instantly I knew what was required of me. How excited I was! Just a little thing you might say, but to me it felt wonderful to be able to lower myself below my Boss. I knelt before him and bent right down so I could kiss his feet. This used to be something Boss found very hard to allow me. Twice I kissed each foot. What a birthday weekend this was turning out to be.

I was told we were going to the nearby village so I quickly put my clothes back on and re-applied my make-up. I considered my clothes a bit racy for the quiet little village were going to. Still it was my Boss’ choice so I obeyed.

This time Boss stopped me at the front door and simply said ‘shoes’. I just grinned a wild grin and thanked my Boss before I got on hands and knees again, this time to carefully kiss each of his boots.

Boss placed the collar and leash inside the glove compartment and we drove over to the village. At last we had time to talk properly about things, about work and what we had planned for later. Boss is thinking of a business trip abroad and I am hoping madly he will take me with him. The weather was still a little cold and my nipples grew hard again as soon as we got out of the car. I am sure some of the locals stared at me as we moved about, wondering who this woman was. But I stayed close to Boss and glowed with pride that this weekend, more than ever, I belonged to him alone.

When the shopping was done we returned to the car, parked behind the village pub. As soon as I was inside Boss ordered me to undress completely. I was a little shocked and a little unhappy to do this because I was certain that the villagers would see me. I would happily obey my Boss but I also didn’t want there to be any trouble with the locals.

In the end I did was I was asked and once I was naked Boss reached into the glove compartment and quickly fitted the collar and leash to me. We drove home like that and I am sure at least one lorry driver got a good look at me through the car window. For some reason I didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed when I saw that a stranger was watching me naked in Boss’ car. I know that Boss likes to excite other people with glimpses of my body. When I told him about the lorry driver, Boss just laughed and said how great it was. That made me feel proud.

Back at the house I was made to walk naked from the car. I carried the shopping and walked behind Boss as he tugged on my leash. I walked tall, excited and happy.

Inside, at Boss’ signal, I undressed him as well. We were in the upstairs bedroom and without being asked I got onto my knees and kissed my Boss’ bare feet. Wearing the collar and leash helped me remember I was lower than Boss. I was loving that feeling and I wanted Boss to know I was serious about it.

Then Boss took me to the bed and we fucked. How wonderful it was. We fucked good and hard and we fucked for a long time. Of course we started with a long session of oral sex. Boss made me cum so hard with this mouth that I screamed out. I tried to return the favour but Boss didn’t want to cum in my mouth. So instead I asked him to relax and I gave him a long rim job. Its the best thing in the world when I get my little hole licked. I also love to do it to my Boss, tasting and smelling him and knowing how good it feels for him. Boss is the only person I’ve done this for so far and I was nervous the first time. But it was so liberating to discover how good it feels to lick that dark little place underneath Boss’ cock.

That day, for the first time ever, Boss tied my leash to the bed. That got me so excited. I was a pet to be used by her owner! Then he climbed on top of me, his weight pressing on me and his hard cock obviously ready to use me. My favourite place in the whole world. Boss didn’t need to say anything and I opened my legs for him. That day he entered me slowly and it felt so amazing to have his big hard cock inside my body. Of course it was easy for him to shove himself inside me because my pussy was soaking wet. I felt myself stretch around that big thing and I moaned when I felt he was fully inside. I felt delirious when he started to move inside me, using me for his pleasure. He asked me if I was enjoying our fuck and I told him quietly that ‘Sir I always love it when you use my body’. I really meant it too.

We fucked for a long time in a few different positions and Boss made me cum a lot. I couldn’t have been happier with my birthday weekend. Then he turned me over onto hands and knees, doggy style. Actually this is another of my favourite positions but wearing a collar and leash made it still more exciting. I so wanted Boss to use my pussy in any way he chose. He was straight back inside me. This time he fucked me hard, long hard strokes that made me grunt. I have big boobs, C-cup, and Boss’ pumping made them shake underneath me. That is what I am for – to be taken and used by Boss as he wants me. When I felt him pulling hard on the leash attached to my collar I felt even more glorious and beautiful.

I had more orgasms as he took me like an animal. The feeling of him stroking inside me was too much and I cried out, wanting Boss to know how great his cock felt. After more hard fucking Boss finally came hard inside me. It was like another reward just for me for making him feel so good. I felt the way his movements changed and I heard his little grunts as he shoved forward each time. I kind of felt like I could feel the contents of his big balls emptying inside my body. It always makes me proud to have Boss use me as a place to shoot his sperm.

I was left with my collar and leash on as Boss and I cuddled and kissed and hugged. I lay close to him and felt his jizz oozing out of my pussy. After a time, I don’t know how long, I think we both fell asleep. It had been a busy week and a very big day for me. Its so lovely to curl up with Boss after he has fucked me.

The next thing I knew I was being woken by Boss tugging on my leash. That was a little strange on my first time being a pet for my Boss. He took me down to the lounge room where he already had a small fire going. Of course I was not allowed on the seat. I didn’t even bother asking. I just curled up next to Boss’ feet in the warmth of the fire and watched some television as he read the business pages. Boss once had said he couldn’t humiliate me in this way. So it felt special and wonderful to be able to sit like that for him.

We were both hungry and Boss soon brought lunch. It was pasta with a special sauce. Naturally mine went into a bowl on the floor. Boss was taking this almost as seriously as me. I knew eating pasta like that would be messy. But it had been my idea so I was determined to experience it for myself.

First, though, Boss did something wonderful. As I waited for permission to start, Boss took out his cock and smeared some of the pasta sauce on it. Then he ordered me to lick him clean! Maybe this was my special birthday treat. It was so exciting I know I was shaking. I almost gulped his whole cock down as I greedily sucked the yummy sauce from his cock. He was already half hard and I giggled to myself as I thought about pasta sauce with a meat dish.

Then Boss wiped even more sauce over his cock and again I was told to clean him off. I sucked long and hard till he was all clean and so big that he was starting to choke me. I hope Boss will do that to me again another day soon. This weekend was turning out to be so intense and I wondered how Boss would keep things going like this until we had to go back to work.

After a rather messy lunch the rest of that day was uneventful. In the evening we went out for dinner, this time choosing a different village to our morning trip. Boss took complete charge of everything and he never even asked what I wanted to eat or drink. I was amused by that but also flattered. I couldn’t give up making all my own choices. But I was enjoying the fact Boss was making such an effort to be in control.

Later I needed to go to the ladies but Boss stopped me as I tried to get up. He told me I needed to wait. That sounded uncomfortable but I guessed my Boss had a plan.

It was a lovely dinner and I am sure Boss has been to that place before. He didn’t seem to know anyone personally but I sensed he was familiar with the little bar. All through dinner he kept whispering to me that people at certain tables were looking at me. He even tried tell me that a couple of other diners wanted to fuck me. I laughed at the time and I am sure he was just making it up. But it was exciting to think about Boss taking me out so people could enjoy looking at me. I became very horny for him. I imagine that was his real plan.

Boss decided we would skip dessert. He told me since we were leaving now he would let me pee. I was shocked when Boss took me into the carpark and then told me I was going to pee out there in the open. I was scared and I looked around to see who might be watching us. It was cold and I knew I’d have to make a decision quickly. I also knew I didn’t want to disappoint my Boss – not on this wonderful weekend. Of course Boss has seen me pee before but this was more of a display than I’d ever had to do before. He wanted me to give him a show, a spectacle. That familiar feeling of embarrassment and shame was rising in me. It didn’t stop me for more than a few seconds however.

Boss took me behind his car and made me squat down. He even helped by putting his hand on my neck and pushing me. All I could do was sink down to a squatting position. I hiked up my skirt and reached between my legs to pull my G-string to one side. I was exposed and vulnerable. Anyone could have walked past and seen me like that. A small kind of fear struck me. But I felt like I had no choice because I had said I would happily obey my Boss.

No-one did come by, of course. I felt my pee begin to dribble out of my bladder and suddenly I forgot everything except the painful need to empty myself. The stream of pee made a very loud noise as it hit the ground underneath me. Boss was listening but I saw he was also keeping a lookout for us. My bladder is very big, or at least I think so. I had to stay there for ages as I peed at my Boss’ command. When finally I was done I had made a big puddle on the dirt and my shoes were wet. As normal in that kind of moment my face was burning with shame. I cannot answer even to myself when I wonder why I allow these things to happen. I just know I want to let my Boss control me like that. I looked and Boss was grinning and seemed very pleased with everything. Instantly the shame faded away.

Once we were in the car again, I was ready for Boss to order me to go nude once more, the same as after lunch. But Boss explained that this road is often patrolled at night by police looking for drunk drivers and it was too risky. I felt a little disappointed.

At home the collar and leash went on before I could get out of the car. Boss actually made me wait till he came around and opened the door. It wasn’t an act of chivalry though. Boss merely wanted to drag me by my leash and I giggled as I struggled to keep pace in my high heels.

Boss took me straight upstairs without the need for me to go nude. As soon as we were in his bedroom, however, he signalled to me and I undressed as quickly as I could. He watched me the whole time, inspecting me once I was naked for him. He played with my boobs, stroking and feeling their weight and then he grabbed my butt cheeks. I love having Boss look at my body and touch me like that. I know it pleases him and it makes me feel extra sexy and confident.

It was a cold night and he ordered me into bed. I waited, though, as he took his jacket and shirt off. I knelt down before my Boss and I kissed his shoes, twice each. I got the idea in my head to show Boss that I was subjugating myself to him, making myself lower than him. For some reason I just had to do that. After everything we’d done I sensed Boss wanted something special when we had sex that night. I wanted him to know I was ready for anything he wanted to do to me.

We gave each other oral for a long time and I did my best, as always, on Boss’ cock. Of course Boss made me cum with his mouth. Out in the country house there are no neighbours to worry about. I screamed my orgasms for him, using filthy language and really letting him see how much of a slut I can be for him. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and use me and make me cum for him.

Boss must have believed me and after he stopped eating me I was flipped onto hands and knees. My leash was tied to the bed again and my heart swelled with pride. I was panting hard and my pussy was ready for his wonderful cock. I expected a good solid doggy fuck and my cunt was melting at the thought. But Boss started licking my little hole. Then I knew that he had something very special in store for me.

Boss first used my ass a few months ago. It happened after I started to give him a rimjob one time when I was giving him oral. Someone told me I should try it and though it seemed a dirty act I had decided it was proper for me to do that for my Boss. I moved from his cock, over his balls and then I let my tongue press against his asshole. It was better than I expected so I did it some more. That same night Boss returned the favour. We both enjoyed it very much. I know it was soon after that that Boss decided he wanted to try full anal sex.

I knew about anal from the internet of course but had always assumed it wasn’t for me. I always expected that it would be uncomfortable and dirty and even painful. There is so much butt sex in porn films on the internet that I couldn’t help having thoughts about it. I started things with the rimming of Boss’ butthole and deep inside I knew where it would end. The first time was painful and I cried out as he thrust into me. I didn’t ask Boss to stop, however, not ever. If he wanted that hole then I would give it to him no matter what. But it did hurt a lot and Boss had to stop after a little while

The second time Boss, who was also a beginner with anal sex, made his cock a little wetter before he thrust it into me. This time it hurt but less than the first time. I started to think I could manage to have him take my ass whenever he wanted it. Finally we got the right amount of lubrication and I started to learn that anal is quite enjoyable.

Each time it has been better and now I really do want Boss to use me back there. I know how enjoyable it can be now. Also I am pleased to have another hole he can use for his pleasure. Often he wears a condom which can mean he needs more lube. Sometimes he goes without a condom and shoots his jizz straight into my ass. I know Boss loves doing that but I will admit I don’t like the aftermath and the messy stuff that leaks out from my hole.

That Saturday night my Boss licked long and slow on my asshole. I was in ecstasy with the feeling of his strong tongue licking back there and pressing inside me. I moaned and moaned and could hardly wait to feel his cock. Sometimes Boss rims me and fingers my pussy at the same time. I can cum quite violently when he does that.

I heard him pull out a condom. I shivered but it wasn’t the cold. He told me to pull my cheeks apart for him and I did it without a sound. I was helpless and vulnerable, exposed and ready for him to use me. Being made to open myself for him always makes my pussy leak out its juices.

Boss rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy. He even placed the head inside my pussy opening. I know he was making himself extra wet for my little hole. But I almost lost control and begged Boss, please, to just fuck me.

After teasing me like that for ages, at last I felt his cock against the opening to my ass. He was holding my hip with one hand and his cock with the other. I felt his head press against my opening. Boss didn’t wait. He pushed and then I felt the head of his cock as it entered me. It felt good. He was going to use my asshole and I was so excited and happy.

I was breathing hard, nervous and horny at the same time. I could hear Boss spitting on his cock and slowly thrusting back and forth, pushing at my hole. Each time it felt like he got a little more of his shaft inside me. I wanted him in my ass so bad. I willed myself to relax so Boss could push himself right inside me. There was the familiar pain as Boss filled my ass with his hard cock. He was stretching me, enjoying the feeling of that tight hole around his cock. I knew that once he was fully inside me the pain would be replaced by the wonderful sensations of having Boss fuck my ass.

It felt great to be taken like that, used like that by him. The physical pleasures I still find a little odd and difficult to describe. Someone on-line suggested I should rub my clit while Boss fucks my butt. Next time I will try that for sure. That night I just stayed in position as Boss went in slow and deep. My whole body was turned-on and I know I was moaning as he went deeper and harder. It is amazing to find my body responding to his cock in my ass. I didn’t want him to stop. Every thrust of his hard cock in my butt made me moan. My pussy was leaking and my nipples were harder than ever. Its even better when my Boss tells me, as he did that night, how great my ass feels around his cock.

I know he loves fucking me back there. I enjoy the sensations but really I want to concentrate on him and his pleasures. Once he is inside me like that, banging my butt, I just want him to last for ages. That night Boss had only been inside my backside for a few minutes when he called out that he was going to cum in deep in there. I was even more excited.

‘Please Sir,’ I said back to him, ‘use my ass. Please fuck my ass and blow your jizz in there.’

Seconds later he started thrusting harder and faster. I didn’t care any more if he would hurt me. I just wished I could milk him with my ass muscles the way I do with my cunt. He was humping me harder, grinding my face into the bed. I focused on my asshole and it felt so fantastic as his cock thrust harder and deeper inside me. I couldn’t feel Boss cum but I heard him as he exploded. Being assfucked feels good but the best part is being a slut who takes her Boss’ cum inside there. He kept thrusting, fucking my butt until he got too soft and had to pull out. My hole was happy for the rest but my mind still wanted more fucking in there.

I was so horny after Boss finished with my ass. I snuggled in close as he pulled of the condom and discarded it on the floor. I saw the big load he had left in there and I smelled the powerful smells from my back door. I suppose I feel a little embarrassed about the smell after Boss opens my little hole. It doesn’t matter, though, once Boss has had his pleasure in there.

We lay and talked for a long time. It was mostly about sex. There are still a lot of kinky sex acts we both want to try. Also, Boss is thinking about me having sex with other people. Its one part of being my Boss that he gets the most excited about. I only had two boyfriends before Boss so he often talks about giving me more experience. But I suspect his idea is to give me to some of his friends, like I would be a gift. Sometimes that idea frightens me and other times it makes me feel very horny. I don’t really know what I feel about it. Before anything like that happens, Boss and I have been talking about sharing a threesome. That is a thought that gets me aroused and I hope it will happen one day. I don’t know if it will be a man or a woman for my first one. I will let Boss decide what he wants.

Boss also took off my collar, telling me he didn’t want it to ever get uncomfortable on me. I tried to explain that it didn’t matter and I could proudly wear the collar and the leash all night if that’s what he wanted.

Luckily for me Boss eventually got horny again too. I didn’t wait for him this time and started playing with his cock, making it harder and bigger for me. He called me a slut and I grinned at him and tried to get between is legs so I could lick his balls and his ass. But Boss grabbed me and roughly threw me onto my back underneath him. He climbed on top of me and I was very aware that he was about to fuck me hard. ‘I want my cock inside your cunt,’ he growled to me and I moaned at him.

‘Take me Sir. Use my cunt. Please fuck me hard.’

He was rough with me and started shoving his cock into my hole. I spread my legs as wide as I could. I wanted him so badly and wanted to be a whore for him. In a few moments he was buried in me and my pussy was starting to get really wet. That meant Boss could really fuck me hard.

I’d been so horny for hours that almost straight away I was cumming around his cock. Boss climbed above me and started to really hump me. I couldn’t control myself as he went harder and harder. I just came again and again like a slut for my Boss. I tilted my head back and took hold of the bed, letting Boss use me as he without mercy. I loved every bit of it, his cock going so hard and forcing my orgasms out of me. He put my legs onto his shoulders and my pussy was perfectly angled for his thrusting.

Then Boss started to really fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could while my body and my mind went into over-drive. I came all over again and all I could think about was being fucked brutally and how great it felt. The orgasms I got as he roughly fucked my pussy were one of the best parts of the weekend.

Then Boss was cumming inside my pussy. I felt him when his body stiffened and he thrust into me each time his cock spurted his seed. It was so amazing and I almost wanted to cry. I had served my Boss and he had used me so hard. I had received his jizz and that made me feel special and treasured.

He kept me there for a long time afterwards, still thrusting as he felt the last bits of his orgasm. My legs were still on his shoulders so my body was still completely open for him. I know my pussy was filled with his jizz. What a way to finish the night. I waited and panted underneath the weight of Boss’ body until he was ready to release me.

I used my hands to get him onto his back, panting in the aftermath of his own explosion. I took his semi-hard cock into my mouth and carefully cleaned our juices off him. As his submissive and his slut it was all I wanted at that point.

After that we both went to sleep, still with no collar or leash. I didn’t mind so much as I got to sleep on the part of the bed where we had just fucked. The sheets were wet from his cum and I enjoyed the smell and the way it stuck to my skin.

Next morning I woke up and it was light. Then I knew there was something thick in my mouth. I was shocked but quickly I realised it was Boss with his hard cock. What a thrill! As soon as I understood what was happening I tried to suck on him but Boss wanted something else.

I was dragged to the middle of the bed and made to lie straight. Boss climbed over me and sat across me. I thought something was wrong as Boss started to lick me between my boobs. He licked me several times and I started to realise what he wanted. Without a word Boss placed his big hard cock right there between my tits.

Boss wanted to start the day with a titfuck. I could not have been more pleased. This is a rare treat for me. I grabbed my big C-cup boobs and squeezed them around Boss’ cock. He smiled a huge smile at me.

‘Yeah baby. Hold your tits for me and let me fuck you. I want to fuck your tits until I cum all over you.’

There was no time to answer as Boss was already thrusting back and forth between my boobs. Boss had woken up horny and hungry for relief. My role was simply to give it to him, any way he wanted. He was rough but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I was happy to experience his passion and desire.

Like the night before he was rough, going hard and fast. I love, really love, being used like that by him. I just did my best to keep my tits squeezed around him. I am glad I my tits are big enough to be used like that. It feels so sexy to have his hardness between my soft flesh. I wish he would do it more often.

I just lay there as Boss took control of my body. I watched him the whole time, looking for the signs that he was about to cum. Boss looks so beautiful when he shoots his cum on me or in me. I saw the telltale signs and I know I whimpered a little for him. You cannot know how great it feels to receive his cock juices.

When Boss came he started with a big hard shot that blasted onto my chin. I swear I actually heard the next one as it flew through the air. Again and again he shot over me. Some more went onto my chin and soon I was coated in his jizz. My neck and my chest were soaked. It was dripping down the side of my neck and I could feel the sticky warmth as it spread over me. A lot of it went into my cleavage too.

I know a lot of women do not like having a man’s jizz on their skin. Especially not on their face. I guess that makes me weird or kinky or dirty. Oh my goodness, I don’t think I ever want to give up having my Boss, or any man, standing in front of me with his hard cock spurting its jizz all over my face. Its the best way to show that I am a submissive to him but it also just feels so totally hot and sexy. Boss often tells me how beautiful I look and that’s the way I feel too.

I was still holding my tits obediently when Boss withdrew his cock and climbed off me. He smiled again and I grinned up at him. ‘Good morning, Sir. Thanks for such a fabulous start to the day.’

Well it hasn’t quite finished yet,’ he said, still smiling. ‘I still need one more thing from you.’

He took my hands and pulled me to my feet. I felt a little dizzy as I was still half asleep. And once I was standing up his jizz started to run and to drip everywhere. But Boss didn’t wait and I just had to stumble after him as he dragged me into the bathroom. In there I was pushed into the bathtub and I went onto my knees for him. I don’t know why but I just did what seemed natural.

I was groggy but I soon understood what Boss wanted. He was going to pee on me. That was fine by me. It was an incredible way to be woken up for a new day.

Boss told me to close my eyes and to hold my boobs as I’d done the day before. I obeyed immediately. I didn’t make him wait because the first pee of the day sometimes can be an emergency.

The first splash of his hot pee landed my legs and I sucked in a deep breath. The smell was much stronger than I had experienced before. I didn’t like that so much. I guess a morning pee is just stronger than at night. But I was feeling honoured and special to be used this way by my Boss. Besides, the bath was freezing against my skin and his hot pee gave me some relief. I admit I was just enjoying feeling his hot pee on my skin as Boss moved his stream moved up my body. Suddenly, for the second time, I felt his pee hitting on my boobs. I gave him a big grin because I like this much more than him just doing it on my hands. After all, it is called a golden shower for a reason!

Boss sprayed his pee onto my chest, letting go with a big force as his morning pee flooded over me. It splashed so hard on my skin that I even felt some drops land on my chin and my face. I liked that part a lot. It felt like Boss was using his pee to clean his cum from my skin. He was washing me and at the same time using me for his morning pee.

Later that day I asked Boss if he really enjoys pee play and golden showers. He admitted to me that at first he hadn’t really understood why I wanted it. After we tried it, though, he realised he loved the idea of us playing where I am humiliated and degraded for him. Boss also said the other part he enjoyed was that later he could pick me up and kiss me and show me love as a reward for my being so devoted to him.

I assured my Boss it was kind of humiliating but in a very good way. I even mentioned that I hope he will make it a more regular ritual for us. I still didn’t really like the strong smell of his pee first thing in the morning.

Boss left me to shower on my own and I carefully removed his jizz and his pee from my skin. I love when Boss makes me dirty and I love cleaning myself for him afterwards. I made sure to shave my pussy absolutely bare for him and then I did my first lot of make-up for the day. I want to always look good for him. No clothes, however, as the rules don’t allow me to wear anything inside the country house unless Boss gives permission.

That was a good thing because as soon as I was downstairs Boss wanted a walk in the wood. The morning was extra cold so he brought out an old coat of his. He also put my collar and leash back on me. I was so happy. The collar and the coat were the only things I had to wear on our morning walk but the coat was good because it did keep me a little warmer.

On this morning Boss was very talkative on our walk. I tried to stay behind him like a good pet should but he kept tugging on the leash to bring me closer to him.

Finally we reached our tree, the halfway point of our walk. I knew Boss would want something and I was ready to give him anything he asked. Then he reached between my legs and he was touching my pussy. These days Boss sometimes takes my body without asking and I love that. It means I have to be available to him all the time and it means I get some nice surprises. Standing by the tree his fingers were working into my pussy and I was so aroused. I started to melt for him even though it was so cold. I even held the coat open so Boss could see and access my pussy easily.

Despite the cold my pussy began to warm up and Boss only rubbed my lips for a few minutes before he started to push his fingers inside my pussy. With his other hand he started rubbing my clit which was hard and protruding. I needed to hold Boss tight while he started to finger fuck my pussy. After getting his jizz and his pee Boss had made me start the day feeling super horny again. To be taken like that by our favourite tree in the wood was so thrilling.

Soon Boss had his fingers deep inside me and I was struggling to keep standing. The fact he was slowly massaging my clit was not helping me at all either.

So Boss, always clever, ordered me turn around and to lean against the tree. This way I could hug the tree for support. But I had to pull the coat up high and stick my butt out for him. Oh boy did that work! He wasn’t doing me hard with his fingers. Actually he was taking his time, the same as with my clit. I had been horny before he started, though, and the idea of a long finger fuck in the woods made me even more turned-on. The tree was hard against my skin and scratching my soft breasts. That just made me more excited as I took it like a challenge from my Boss.

He was slowly shoving his fingers into my pussy and I could hear my wetness making sounds each time he went in and out. Boss was taking his time and I knew he would not stop until I came for him. Actually, knowing in my mind that he wanted me to cum in the open made it even easier for me to reach my peak.

I don’t know how many fingers he was using but it was enough to make me think of Boss’ lovely cock. When he bent forward and softly bit both my ass cheeks I couldn’t help myself and I came, out there in the wood, hugging a tree and crying out loudly. Boss was enjoying himself and as soon as I started to cum he started thrusting harder into me. That felt so good that I exploded even harder and had to really hug the tree to stay on my feet. The bark scratched my breasts even more but it felt good because it made me focus on my pussy and his fingers.

Boss did not stop until he knew I could no longer stand on my own legs. He let me kneel beside him as I panted and moaned and shook after my wonderful orgasms. I hugged Boss’ leg and felt so proud. You have no idea how proud I felt. He rubbed my head, just as someone would do with a pet, and right then it felt like I would be with Boss forever.

After a few minutes of rest I felt a tug on my leash and I climbed to my feet next to Boss. He inspected my pussy and my clit and I think he was happy with the way I looked. I am quite sure my pussy lips were swollen after all that lust and I was relieved I had remembered to shave them. Boss also looked at the scratches on my boobs. He said he didn’t care about the scratches as they would heal soon. He said he was very impressed with my performance so early in the morning and wondered how many animals I had frightened away with my noise. I turned red with shame but I smiled at Boss because I knew how happy he was.

As we walked home I felt like that old saying about feet not touching the ground. Boss and I still had the whole day together in the country house.

Inside I was ordered to strip and I managed to go down on my knees and kiss his boots several times on each foot. Then I was taken the kitchen where my leash was tied to the leg of the table. I shivered a little until the fire got going. I did the right thing and stayed on the rug while Boss prepared our morning meal. It was French toast and more hot chocolate. Again I had no utensils to eat with but Boss still had not said anything about using my hands. I felt starved and ate as quickly as I could.

When he was done eating Boss cleared the table. Then he undid my leash and I was dragged to my feet at one end. Boss pushed me forward and told me to ‘bend over’. I was a little surprised but there was no argument. His big hands pushed me down hard against the table. It was cold and hard underneath me and my tits were squashed. I felt vulnerable and a little worried about what would happen.

Soon I guessed that a fuck was coming my way. He has fucked me so many times but before that day my Boss had never used me like that. I heard him drop his jeans and I imagined his cock was already hard and menacing. He rubbed my pussy with his fingers and then I felt his big shaft between my butt cheeks. I was a little confused about which hole Boss wanted but feeling him rubbing against me soon had my pussy nice and wet for him.

I remember Boss kicked my feet so I would spread my legs wider for him. Thrown over like that, I had to try standing on my toes to keep my body on top of the table.

There was no warning from Boss. The head of his cock forced inside my hole and I gasped at the shock. It wasn’t a bad shock though. Not at all. Boss shoved a few more times, working his shaft right inside me. He was still really turned-on and he was showing me his power as a man. I was like a kind of sandwich between his power and the hardness of the table.

Boss did not say a word, even when I cried out. He just fucked me. I loved every bit of it. It is so amazing when my Boss uses me to satisfy his sexual needs. He didn’t go hard or rough but still it felt sensational. I moaned and groaned every time he went to his hilt in me. I even felt his ball sack swinging into my pussy lips as he fucked me non-stop. The whole time the table was holding me in place for Boss’ cock.

I wanted it to last because I wanted Boss to have his maximum pleasure from me. And I never want Boss to stop when his hard cock is deep inside my holes. His thrusting soon had the usual effect on me and his big cock made me cum with a wonderful rush. My orgasm was so strong I could feel my juices on my inner thighs. I even swore aloud and I told Boss how good his cock felt in my dirty pussy.

Despite his early morning orgasm it wasn’t long after I had cum for him that Boss was spurting into me. I wanted to give him more, to push back with my hips and swallow all his cock inside my body. But pressed on top of the table all I could do was hold the sides and let Boss use my hole for somewhere to shove his cock. I tried to grip him with my muscles and I am sure I did hear Boss groan as I did that for him. Of course he filled me up with his jizz and that was a thrill for me anyway. I was probably cumming some more myself when he did that. I remember how loud my breathing sounded inside the small kitchen.

Boss thrust inside me a few more times after he was done and then, still without a word, he pulled out and I felt him wiping his cock against my butt cheeks. I loved that he did that! Boss had used me for a fuck and then he used me to clean himself. It was demeaning and it was such a turn-on. I could not have been happier right then unless perhaps Boss had decided to pee on me once more.

He didn’t pee on me however. Boss did want to shower but he took my leash and led me into the loungeroom. There he got a fire going and left me tied to the chair leg while he went and showered himself. I just had to wait for him, his jizz leaking onto my legs and onto the rug. The fire was really nice and because of the cold weather I really needed it. Of course Boss made me stay naked all day again. The fact that Boss was wearing his clothes the whole time kept reminding me of my lower position. I still had my collar on as well so everything felt complete for me.

Later in the morning we watched TV together and then we fucked some more before lunch. Boss was eating my pussy and hurting my nipples and I came so hard and loud for him. I think I did scream a little as the sensations were so amazing. I was still gasping ‘thank you’ to Boss over and over when he started licking my ass. It felt so great to be touched like that, even after Boss had used my backside the night before.

I thought Boss wanted my ass again but instead I was told to sit on his lap. I sat across him with my collar and the leather leash getting all tangled up. Boss was big and hard and I was very excited. Then I had to slowly lift up and lower myself onto Boss, so his cock was swallowed up by my pussy. When I had completed that task Boss was so deep and so hard in my pussy that I felt a kind of ecstasy. He told me to fuck his cock so I started to rock back and forward. Then Boss started to move as well and I could really feel his cock rubbing all sorts of different places inside my pussy.

Boss fucked me slowly but I know at one point my boobs were bouncing up and down in his face. Boss says that’s the reason he likes that position so much. Everything felt so different in that position. His cock felt great inside me and I could really hug him as he played with my boobs and let his cock slide right up inside my body. I didn’t wait for Boss to say anything, I just rode on his cock until I could let me orgasms rush through my body and make my pussy spasm for him.

After letting me cum so many times Boss ordered me off. Then he told me to clean his cock with my mouth. He hadn’t cum that time but I saw how my juices had left a thick white mess at the base of his cock. It showed how horny and how dirty I had been. I guess there was a little embarrassment for me but I just licked him as clean as I could and thought about how nice my juices taste on his skin.

After a while Boss brought lunch. It was soup and toasted bread. I was still forced to eat on the floor so it was very tricky to drink my soup. I found myself wondering if it would have tasted better if my Boss had added some of his jizz to my soup. I really want him to do that for me one day.

During the afternoon I was feeling so happy about the wonderful weekend with my Boss. He pulled my leash tight and made me sit right next to his feet. I made sure I kissed them, twice on each foot. The weekend was so much fun and I wanted my Boss to know how much it all meant to me.

We talked a lot about submission and Boss asked me lots of questions about why I want to be like that with him. I know its about love, giving everything I can to a special man. I also tried to explain to Boss that its about my need, deep down, to give up control of my body to someone who can use their power over me to make us both happy. That would be a man who wants me so much that they want to own me and have me as their personal possession.

I used to think of submission as weird and even a little crazy. Now I know it is the most wonderful thing for me. I also know now that I cannot love a man who cannot dominate me and use me like that.

Boss and I had along talk about what we can do next with my submission. He asked me about rules. I said I would gladly obey any orders he has for me. I was serious about that, too. We talked a little about what kind of rules we might have and some of them sounded very exciting to me. For instance, Boss asked about a rule where he can order me to remove my underwear whenever he wants, including when I am at work.

Over the early summer months we have had a lot of swinging fun with a mix of new and old friends and certainly I have pushed my own barriers. The only trouble was the same issue that has so often interrupted our swinging which was Gary’s job taking him away so much and again he was away working in Germany for around six weeks. Gary has always encouraged me to be adventurous even when he is not around to join in and he knows I am at my most happy when I indulge in my penchant for young fit black men and recently in particular a guy called Jason who we had known for some time.

After the bukkake session at the club during the week Jason had told me he wanted me for the weekend. I knew I wanted to see him again and really fancied the idea of spending the weekend together. He had told him to meet him when he finished work at 7pm at the retail park where he worked in security but I made my mind up go a bit earlier and get in some retail therapy. I bathed, dried myself and painted my finger and toe nails bright red and started to become excited at seeing him again.

I packed a small overnight case with some spare clothes and wash gear then put on a simple blue and white patterned knee length summer dress over a nice matching knickers and bra set and finally some very high strappy stilettos. I had on my favourite slut jewellery, a gold anklet and matching necklace with the word Hotwife and headed off on the 20-minute drive to the retail park, enjoying the drive in my Mercedes that I had got only a couple of months earlier. I pulled into the car park and immediately found a parking place near where I planned to shop, parked and locked the car and walked into Next. The shop was very quiet, clearly the recession affecting peoples spending habits although it was getting late in the afternoon now. I went to the make up counter first and bought some eyeliner and then headed over to the clothes section and began browsing through the dresses. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the security guard and recognised Jason immediately. I saw him gaze, as he looked me up and down before looking me directly in the eye and smiling. I trusted him enough to meet him alone and I felt my pulse quicken as he came near.

“How’s your day been Jason?”

“It’s been ok but much better now you’re here Jayne.”

“It’s nice to see you again too. With Gary working away it’s good to spend time with you.”

“I’m glad you did as I told you Jayne.” He said, as he stood close beside me. “You would look good in that dress Jayne, ideal for a sexy night out at the club maybe?”

“I’m not keen on red though, it clashes with my hair I think. This would be better,” I replied holding up a sparkly little black mini-dress.

“The dress is very sexy, put it on. Size 10 should be right.” He told me, the lustful look in his eyes unmistakable.

I took the dress into the dressing area and watched as Jason followed me and then stood outside. Only half closing the curtain I stripped off and then put the dress on smoothing it over my hips squeezing myself into the dress. It fitted to me like a second skin, very short and the cleavage deep and flattering. I took a glance in the mirror and saw that Jason had seen everything as I had hoped and was unable to look away as I stood straight in front of the full-length mirror. Giving him a big smile I took the dress off, the underwear I had on was a nice set, all in black and lacy. He took in the sight and teasingly licked his upper lip and then smiled a big toothy grin.

I decided to treat myself to the dress and then headed over to pay. As I neared the cash desk he appeared beside me, “Thanks for the show, you gave me a hard-on.” He whispered.

“Thank you, I’m glad I made you hard.”

“Leave the dress with me and let me pay for it Jayne. I finish work at 7pm, wait for me and then we can spend some time together.”

“Thank you for the dress Jason, you are very generous. I wanted to see you Jason it is why I came here today.”

He stared deep into my eyes making me blush. “You came here because you’re a submissive black cock slut aren’t you Jayne?”

“I’m yours,” I whispered into his ear. “You can have me all weekend and I’ll let you do whatever you want, what do you think about that?”

“Whatever I want? So you want me to treat you like a real dirty slut then?”

“I think I have already showed you I’m a bad girl.” I answered swallowing a little nervously as I realised what I had said.

“Park your car around the back of the store and wait for me and we can go back to my place for some fun.”

I nodded and smiled. “Ok see you at seven then.”

I walked across to the other shops and feeling very naughty I texted Gary and told him where I was and that I had met with Jason. Soon after my phone bleeped with my husbands reply.

His text said, “Jason! I know you like him….. enjoy yourself. Be safe, love you xx”

With a couple of hours to spare I bought some hold up stockings and sexy black knickers from Miss Selfridge. I grabbed a bite to eat and just before 7pm went to my car and drove round to the dark deserted service area at the back of the store and sat waiting for Jason. I put on some make up, dark eye shadow, blusher and red lipstick. I thought how horny my husband would be seeing me looking like this.

My phone bleeped again. “Hi. Have fun with Jason it’s ok. It’s a really horny thought for me. Xx”

I sat listening to the radio feeling horny thinking about the times Jason had fucked me before. He knew me well enough to know that sexually I am quite submissive and certainly knew the buttons to press to turn me on! I thought about my husband’s words too and texted him back.

“I’m gonna let him have me tonight. I’m just in the mood for some dominant black cock. I’ll tell you all about it when you come home. Xx”

About ten minutes later I saw Jason hurry out of the store with a carrier bag clutched in his hand. He got into the car and looked me and smiled.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, I knew you would wait for me though,” he said smugly as he kissed me on the cheek and then whispered. “You really do want to fuck don’t you?”

“Yes I do. You are a cheeky Jason but I’m glad I came here and found you.”

He leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. I was pinned against the seat back as he kissed me passionately and let his hands wander over my body and started to massage my pussy. I tried to slow him down but he was too strong and my resistance was low anyway. After a couple of minutes of kissing and fingering me he lowered his mouth to my neck and started kissing me gently, “You said you’ll do whatever I want Jayne, and we are really going to have so much fun this weekend. In fact I could do you right now.”

“No sex in cars for me Jason, I like a bit of comfort nowadays.”

“We just need to drop into my office and pick up my pay cheque, but it’s on the way.”

I started the car and drove out of the service area and accelerated onto the main road. Within just a few minutes Jason directed me to stop outside a row of shops. “That’s my office there.”

“Ok I’ll wait here while you get your pay.”

“No Jayne, I want you to come in and meet my boss Peter he wants to see you after what I have told him about you.”

“Oh yes! What have you told him then?”

“Quite a bit really, all about the club and what we get up to when your husband is away and particularly how much you like this.” He grabbed my hand and pulled it down onto his crutch and rubbed it on his cock. “I want to show you off so come in with me.”

Jason came around to my side of the car and as I got out he held my hand firmly and led me through a plain white door and into a small office suite with a couple of large desks and assorted filing cabinets. Sat in a big office chair was a very large middle-aged blackman who turned to look at me and handed Jason a small envelope.

“This is my boss Peter.” Jason said and then looking me straight in the eyes continued, “This is Jayne the lady I have told you all about.”

“It’s nice to meet you Peter.” I said taking his hand.

“It’s good to see her at last Jason, as you said she is a very sexy lady.” Peter said. He held onto my hand firmly and looked me up and down. “Where did you he find you then Jayne?”

“We met at a club first although we have got together several times since.”

Jason then spoke up, “Usually we meet at the club when she is with her husband and we have some fun but today she drove here for me.”

“She must really need it bad then?”

“I told you she was a horny little thing, I have promised her a fun weekend and I’m gonna make sure she gets fucked senseless. This one has really got the taste for black cock and she’s come to find me because she’s gagging for it.” Jason said.

Peter still held my hand firmly his gaze fixed on me, I tried to move back from Peter but bumped against Jason.

“Your boyfriend, or should I say your fuck-buddy, has go a little extra bonus in his wages, maybe you could thank me in someway Jayne?” Peter said laughing.

I froze to the spot as I felt the back of my dress slowly being raised and Jason whispered in my ear, “Relax Jayne, be friendly to my boss, enjoy yourself.”

I looked down at Peter as he moved his free hand to my breast and as Jason eased my dress higher up my legs Peter ran his hand down and over my knickers feeling my pussy.

“Open your legs.” I did as Peter said and he ran his fingers over me. “You have a nice hot cunt, does that feel good Jayne?”

I closed my eyes as he rubbed his hand over my pussy and Stevie squeezed my bum.

Peter slipped a thick finger inside my knickers. “Fuck she’s a juicy little slut.”

I felt Jason’s breath on my neck and he whispered, “Show him how good you are with your mouth Jayne.”

I hesitated as it sunk in that Jason was telling me give his boss a blowjob who I had only met about two minutes before. “It’s no different to what you did the other day Jayne. Get on your knees.”

I carefully knelt between his legs as Peter pulled my hand down onto his crotch. I looked up at him grinning as I undid his trousers and pulled his flaccid cock out. Leaning forward I took the whole of his cock in my mouth and sucked noisily on it slowly bobbing up and down on it. I felt it getting firmer and much thicker in mouth until I couldn’t keep it all in.

“Fuck you are a good cocksucker. You really love black dick don’t you?”

I let it slide out of my mouth so I could take a deep breath and now fully erect and very wet it pointed at my face. “Christ your cock is thick Peter.”

“Go on Jayne suck him off,” Jason said.

I leaned forward again and licked the soft, black wet tip stroking his cock bobbing my head up and down. His cock was hard and I could just get my fingers around it and when he was deep in my mouth I struggled to breath.

“Oh yes,” Peter moaned pulling me deeper down on his cock.

I heard a door click open and heard Jason laugh, then another voice made me freeze. Peter obviously had no intention of letting me stop despite someone else coming into the office and I could tell from his breathing he was nearly there.

“What the fuck!” A strangers voice said.

“She’s just thanking Peter for my wages,” Jason said. “Get him off Jayne.”

I stroked it faster and sucked him deep in my mouth and then felt his balls tighten.

“Oh fuck here it comes.”

Then he grunted and erupted in my mouth and I sucked and swallowed until I had milked every drop from his and it slowly shrunk in my mouth. I used my fingers to wipe my chin and mouth and then sucked them dry and stood up to see who else had come into the room.

“Hey Jayne, meet my friend and colleague Stevie, he enjoyed seeing that!” Jason said pointing to the young man next to him. “Watching that can be the first part of your birthday present then Stevie!”

Stevie was a very slim tall young black lad and I could see a look of surprise on his face.

“Hi Stevie and happy birthday too. How old are you?”

“I’m 23 tomorrow.” He was massaging his cock as he stared at me obviously hoping for a turn too but I suddenly felt very embarrassed and uncomfortable in the situation and wanted to get out of the office. I stood up and looked to Jason feeling panicky.

“Come on Jason, let’s go now.”

“I’ve never fucked a redhead Jayne and I would really enjoy you.” Peter said.

“Time to go the lady wants fucking.” Jason said as I headed towards the door.

“Jason, keep in touch with me over the weekend.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that they were staring at my bum.

“You’re sexy Jayne and have a gorgeous little bum, I’d love to fuck your little white arse.” Peter said as we walked from the office. I wanted to get away from there so we quickly jumped into my car. I looked in the mirror, tidied my with a tissue and then found a mint in my bag.

“I’d better get rid of the taste of cum in my mouth Jason unless you fancy it?

He pulled face at me and I started my car and pulled away.

“It’s a shame they are working this evening or we could have all had you.”

I laughed, “I was worried how far that was going in the office! I hope you are pleased so far with your slut but I’m not so sure I could cope all three of you and Stevie’s so young. My kids are older than him.”

“He’s man enough though, he was hoping for an early birthday present I think. You’re enjoying yourself so far aren’t you?” Jason said as he stroked my hair.

I nodded and then he started to direct me to his flat as Gary had driven us here before but within just a few minutes I recognised the large block of flats as I drove into the parking area.

“Come on let’s go up to your flat now?”

He tilted my face up to his and he gave me a soft kiss on my lips. Then he pulled back and quickly got out of the car. As I watched him walk towards the flats I was feeling more than a little worried about leaving my nearly new Mercedes here. I followed him inside and we got into the dimly lit lift. My heart thumped as Jason’s hand squeezed my bum as the door shut. I turned to face him and he groped my breast. I leaned against the wall and posed for him.

“That’s a very sexy look Jayne.” Jason said as he pressed the lift button.

The bell sounded as we reached the eighth floor and the door slid open. We made our way along the open corridor Jason with a firm hand on my bum pushed me along.

“This is it.”

As he fumbled with his keys my hand gently fondled his tight backside. The door opened and he pushed me inside into the open plan lounge and kitchen/diner. I went over to the mirror and began repairing my make up while Jason fetched some drinks from the kitchen.

“Smirnoff Ice ok for you? You’re not going anywhere for a good while so you can have a drink now.” he said.

He walked back into the room carrying two bottles. “I want to shower now Jayne, don’t go anywhere will you just get yourself undressed for me.”

“I’ll be ready and waiting,” I answered as he went into the bathroom.

I took a big gulp of my drink as the shower started and wandered into his bedroom. The king-size bed with metal headboard and foot posts, the huge mirror on the wall beside the bed and some tasteful erotic pictures around the room were all familiar. It was all very masculine, with no trace of a woman’s touch anywhere in this flat. Wandering back to the lounge I sipped on my drink and looked around, no doubt this was not a good area and the flat was tiny but he kept it very clean and tidy. I went back into the lounge and undressed and then re-applied my lipstick and sorted my hair. I found the pack of new hold-ups in my bag and then sat down wearing just high heels and black hold-ups feeling pretty sure Jason would approve. I heard the noise of the shower stop and a minute or so later the bathroom door open and then close.

“Look at you Jayne. You look so slutty, just perfect!”

He slowly walked towards me stark naked except for a gold chain around his neck. The expression on his face was one of pure lust as he checked me out.

“You are a very naughty lady Jayne. What about Peter and Stevie, you’d have let them both fuck you too wouldn’t you? You could take all three of us.”

I wasn’t too sure about that but nodded anyway and took a long gulp of my drink. He stood in front of me, his cock was already semi-hard and he started stroking it just inches from my lips. I licked my lips and moved forward to suck it but his hand on my head stopped me.

“I bet you want some of this now don’t you?” He said softly stroking his cock with his hand.

“It’s very horny seeing you do that,” I said looking at him. Jason was slim, tall with an athletic body and I loved his deep brown eyes.

“Talk to me Jayne, tell me what you want.”

“I want your cock,” I answered.

“Tell me you’re my slut Jayne. Tell me you want my black dick.”

“I’m your slut and I want your black dick.”

My heart was racing and my excitement increasing as I watched him masturbate so close to my face. He stopped stroking it and gently eased it against my lips.

“Suck it Jayne.”

My tongue worked on the underside of his lovely smooth black cock as he held my head still and then he slipped it between my lips and began to pump his hips. Sliding his cock in and out of my mouth I felt his cock grow and get really hard in my mouth.

“You are a dirty bitch.”

Looking up at him I could see the look of lust on his face. Sucking hard I moved my head up and down making him moan and reach for my breast squeezing my nipple.

“Fucking hell, you are horny Jayne. Let’s fuck.”

He withdrew it slowly, already wet with salty pre-cum and wiped it over my lips, then sat next to me. He pulled me close and placed his lips on mine, pushing his tongue firmly between my lips. I lay back submissively as he pinned me back into the couch and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. His hand went to my breasts so I relaxed my grip around his neck to give him more access and immediately his other hand began to massage my pussy. After a few more minutes of kissing, fondling and massaging my pussy he pulled back and leant over to the coffee table and picked up a condom. I watched in silence as he opened the packet and rolled it onto his cock before he grabbed my ankles pushing my legs wide apart. I raised my knees upwards and put my arms above my head, and slowly licked my lips totally submitting myself to him. He climbed between my legs and gave me another long passionate kiss I felt his hard cock nudge against my pussy.

“You want it?” He asked needlessly.

I wanted it. I could feel myself opening to his touch pushing back against him. “Fuck me, put it in me.”

“Mm, oh fuck.” Jason moaned as I put my hand down and eased him inside me. With a shove he pushed half of his length inside me taking my breath away and then my pussy began to relax to accommodate him fully.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” I was moaning with every push of his hips and then his pelvis hit mine and he was all the way in.

“You like it like that Jayne?”

“Yes. Go on then fuck me Jason. You know what I want and what I like.”

He hooked his arms around my legs pulling them up to my shoulders and started to give it to me really hard and deep. Jason pounded me relentlessly with deep strokes taking my breath away every time he shoved deep into me.

“Tell me you’re a dirty bitch who loves my black cock,” Jason spat at me.

“I’m a dirty bitch and I love your black cock. And I’m cumming,” I yelled as he pounded me. My whole body twitched as he had me pinned down and unable to move.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” I moaned pinned under him as my orgasm rippled through me. Jason didn’t ease off as I twitched and squirmed underneath him. He pinned my hands above me with his right hand while his left hand squeezed my bum and he continued pounding me with deep powerful strokes. I just lay helpless as he did me.

“I’m gonna cum Jayne.” I just moaned I wanted him to cum. “Tell me where you want me to cum baby.”

“I don’t care, cum wherever you want to, just do it.”

He pulled out of me and straddled my chest all in one motion. I looked at his cock inches from my face as he peeled off the condom then grabbed the back of my head and fed his cock into my mouth.

“In your mouth then, suck me and make me cum Jayne.”

I sucked gently on his knob while stroking his shaft with my left hand. I stayed still as he held of my head and started to fuck my mouth with short hard strokes.

“I’m nearly there, Jayne go on do it, suck me off.”

I could feel he was nearly there, he was grunting and pushing harder into my mouth. I tasted the first drops of cum and readied myself as his hand tightened on my hair.

“Fucking hell. Get ready baby, I’m cumming.”

Then I felt his balls tighten in my hand, he shot a huge stream of his creamy spunk into my mouth. I pulled his cock from my mouth as he shot his hot cum onto my forehead and hair then rubbed it over my face as a thick stream of cum oozed over my chin and ran down my neck. I sucked and kissed his cock until I had milked his gorgeous black cock dry.

“God you cum a lot, I’m covered.”

I’d heard my phone bleep again while we were fucking and knew it would be my husband messaging wanting to know what I was doing. Jason moved to my side and I parted my legs to allow his fingers to stroke my pussy as I read the message.

“Text him to tell him you have been well fucked.” Jason said.

“I have an even better idea!”

I turned my camera phone on myself and took a snap of my face covered in cum and sent the picture to my husband with a caption, “Blackman’s cum on my face nice thort? Xx” I knew Gary would love to read that!

Jason smiled and passed a box of tissues to me. I noticed the clock and saw it was 11pm and my stomach suddenly rumbled noisily.

“Sorry, I’m a bit hungry I think. And I so need a shower Jason, is that ok?”

“Sure, I will fix us something to eat while you shower.”

I went to the bathroom and saw in the mirror I had spunk all over my face and matted in my hair. I stripped off and got under the shower enjoying the warm spray. I then took my time drying my hair and putting on make up before I went back to the Jason wearing just a towel wrapped around me.

“I looked in the fridge and there wasn’t much in it. A cheese sandwich was all I could manage, I hope that’s ok?”

“Yes that’s fine and I’ll have another Smirnoff with that too,” I said.

Jason passed me my sandwich and then looked at me while we ate in silence.

I stared at Jason and then he placed an arm around my shoulders and we melted into a long, deep kiss. I rubbed my hands over his chest admiring his muscular physique and then lowered my hand around his cock. It twitched as I stroked it from the end to his balls and then wrapped my fingers around the head. When we eventually paused he went over to the TV and sorted through some DVDs and then slotted one into the side of the TV before he pointed at me to sit on the settee.

Jason sat down close to me and I was not surprised when a sex film called Interracial Cuckold Party started to play. I was fascinated watching the film a mature brunette getting gang fucked by black men while her husband watched.

“Looks familiar,” I said giggling, “a white wife being fucked by dominant black men.”

“You like it exactly like that don’t you? I know you are submissive Jayne and like me to be dominant and talk dirty.” Jason said smiling.

“I have always liked a man to take charge, but not too rough and you do it just right Jason and you are so nice afterwards. I feel safe with you using me like a slut.” I whispered.

“Well we will have plenty more fun yet this weekend Jayne I plan to make it very special.”

“Jason you are lovely, I am enjoying this weekend and you can use me again and again.”

I yawned and suddenly felt tired.

“Come on babe let’s sleep. We have all of tomorrow to have fun.”

We climbed into bed and lay spooned together and within moments I dozed off exhausted.

It was nearly 11am when I awoke and looked at him sleeping next to me, his arm around the back of my neck and his hand on my shoulder. I gently pushed his arm away and he stirred but stayed asleep. I stared at him as he slept feeling just a little ashamed for indulging myself again with this handsome young blackman while my husband was away. I climbed silently from the bed and went to the bathroom. While I had showered, got dressed in my leggings and sorted my make up Jason had woken and made coffee and toast. We sat chatting easily as we ate and decided we couldn’t be bothered to go out anywhere and we had a really pleasant day lazing around his flat, eating, watching TV and for the first time getting to know each other properly. We spent ages cuddling on the settee and Jason told me about his work and how he loved martial arts as I snuggled in his arms like I was his girlfriend and he gently fondled me. As we relaxed his phone started to continually bleep with a text messages and he smiled as he read them and replied.

“You’re the popular one?” I asked curious about what he was up to.

“It’s Peter and Stevie texting, they want to know how the rest of the night was.”

“I’ll get us a drink while you’re busy texting.” I said.

“They were very impressed by you and both want to fuck you.”

Before I could say anything Jason’s phone bleeped again and he laughed out loud. I thought about what he had just said and went into the kitchen for some more beers where I could hear him talking on the phone but so softly I only made out a few words and occasional laughing before it went quiet. I went back into the lounge and sat with Jason on the settee.

“We’re getting together with them later Jayne, I have told them to come around at 9pm. Put your new dress on, they are coming round for a drink and to get to know you much better!”

“Jason, it’s more suitable for a swingers club, I’ll look like a right slut.”

Jason handed me his phone. “It’s from Peter, have a read of this.” I took his phone and read the text. ‘Get Jayne dressed up nice and slutty for u she can give Stevie a birthday present.’

My heart thumped as I realised what he had set up.

“I want to show you off, do it Jayne, don’t be shy. You said you’re ready for a real adventure Jayne and I bought it for you so put it on. Do as you’re told.” He said his eyes boring into me. “Remember you said you were game for anything and I want my friends to see what a sexy hotwife that I’m fucking. Peter and Stevie both wanted you as soon as they saw you.”

“You’ve already told them they can fuck me haven’t you?”

He nodded and then went over to the TV and slotted a DVD into the side. It was the scene again with the brunette getting used really hard by three black guys and we sat together quietly watching for a moment.

“You know Peter likes to really dominate women and that’s perfect for a submissive slut like you Jayne. He has lots of bondage stuff too he is bringing over.”

I hesitated for a moment before speaking. “I’m not sure about bondage and Peter makes me nervous, I am wary about being tied up and I don’t even know Stevie!”

“It’ll be fun and I’ll look after you, now go and get changed because they will be here soon.”

Jason grabbed me and with one hand fondled my breasts and pinched my nipples while his other hand slipped between my legs. I moaned quietly, closed my eyes and leaned back.

It was a thrill being dominated by my young lover but my heart was thumping at the thought of his friends joining in. I drank my beer and looked at Jason straight in his eyes hoping I looked more confident than I really felt as I went into the bedroom to get ready. I showered again and then sorted my stockings and nice underwear. It was quick and easy to put on the dress and as I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew what I was wearing was outrageous. The dress clung very tightly, perhaps a size too small, with a deep V at the front showing my cleavage and so short it only just covered my stocking tops as I walked, a proper ‘fuck me’ dress. I finished the look with my matching gold ‘Hotwife’ necklace and ankle chain. I checked my makeup in the mirror and took a deep breath and went back in the lounge.

“You look amazing Jayne, very sexy.”

“Thank you Jason, you are very generous and this dress is lovely but I was going to save it for next time at the club.”

I stood and looked out of the window to check my car was ok and Jason stood behind me stroking my bum easing my dress higher. I noticed a Silver Range Rover pull up and I realised it was Peter’s car as Stevie got out of the passenger side and a few moments later Peter got out carrying a large drawstring bag.

“Your friends have arrived Jason.” I whispered.

Jason smiled and nodded, “You’re gonna be a good slut aren’t you? You said you’re mine for the weekend so let’s really push the boundaries and anyway you’ve done three men in one go a few times before.”

“But I don’t know Stevie at all and Peter scares me, he sounds like a right kinky sod.”

“Look Stevie is out with his friends later so won’t stay long and I will look after you. I can see you are a bit uptight too Jayne but I have some pills Jayne, take these.” Jason took two white pills from a small sachet in his pocket. “You know they make you relaxed.”

I looked uncertainly at the two pills in his hand remembering how relaxed just one made me at the bukkake party. He thrust a Smirnoff Ice in my other hand so I popped them into my mouth and swallowed them down. I saw Jason staring at me and I knew he wanted to make sure I took them so I took a long gulp and swallowed. I stood awkwardly just staring out of the window for a few minutes until a bang on the door brought me back to my senses.

“Go and let them in Jayne.”

I went across the room and opened the door to see Peter and Stevie smiling, as they looked me up and down making me feel extremely underdressed.

“You do look very sexy in that dress Jayne.” Peter said.

I smiled at Peter noticing the lustful look he gave me. He was probably in his mid 50′s and a very big guy well over 6′ tall and overweight, a real bear of a man and he towered over me as he walked past me carrying the drawstring bag into the flat. Stevie followed him into the hallway carrying a large pack of beers and then stopped and looked at me.

“You go in first Jayne.”

I felt my face redden knowing the dress was so short my stocking tops were visible as I walked and I knew he wanted to look at my bum. My stiletto heels clicked noisily on the floor as we went into the lounge and I took the beers from Stevie.

“Go and open the bottles for us babe.”

Without a word I went to the kitchen and opened three bottles before returning to the lounge, Peter and Jason were sitting on the settee with Stevie on a chair opposite.

“Jason was telling me about the club and how he met you. So where is your husband Gary tonight Jayne?” Peter asked.

“He’s working in Germany, near Munich but he knows I’m here with Jason.”

I handed them all their drinks but when I went over to Peter he held my hand and pulled me down onto his lap.

“That’s a lovely necklace Jayne, what does it say?” He said putting his hand up to my neck and stroking me there gently as he ran his fingers over my necklace.

“It says Hotwife and it’s a term for women on the swinging scene. It was a present from my husband and I really like it as a piece of jewellery. I usually wear it when we go to the club and I’m wearing a matching ankle chain too.” As I lifted my ankle to show them they ogled my legs.

“A Hotwife has sex with other men with her husband’s approval.” Jason said. “She is something special, an exceptional hotwife and an awesome fuck. Jayne, finish off your drink.” Jason said passing me my vodka.

I was feeling a little light headed but relaxed and gulped down the rest of my drink. The porn DVD was still playing on the TV and as I glanced across to watch it Peter put his hand on my thigh slowly easing under the hem of my dress.

“Keep still Jayne,” he whispered.

Peter smiled at me as his hand slid up and he squeezed the bare flesh above my stocking top. I realised I was feeling a bit groggy and light headed from the effects of the drink and Jason’s pills and I sat quietly as I was touched me up. I leaned back and my dress went higher.

“That’s it Jayne, relax don’t be shy.”

I didn’t protest as Peter stroked my leg the lacy top of my stockings was now on show and I looked and smiled at Stevie who was sitting wide-eyed watching.

“Having fun?” Jason asked me.

“I feel a bit light headed, that drink has really hit me.”

“Well she’s enjoying the attention.” Peter said to Jason. “You are sure about it though?”

“Her husband has shared her many times and she said she’s up for a special weekend.”

“She’s certainly dressed for it, she needs to keep the stockings on when we fuck her and it’s a nice little birthday present for the boy over there.” Peter said.

“She always wears them for me when we fuck.” Jason said.

I realised they were ignoring me as a person but I felt too groggy to protest. Jason opened the bag and fumbled around inside and passed Peter a black leather ringed collar and a leash with a shiny metal chain. .

“I know Jason has told you about my fetish Jayne and we thought we could have some fun with you tonight.” Peter said.

Jason spoke quietly. “You’re going to get fucked by me and both of my friends, I have told them they can have you.

I noticed the collar had ‘whore’ in diamante letters on it. They stared at me waiting for my reaction and I slurred. “Kinky sods.”

“Put this on and be our submissive little slut Jayne.”

So for the second time in a week I pushed my thick red hair up off my neck so I could be collared. I was so out of it from the effect of the drinks and pills they had given me it was like it was happening to someone else and I was just watching. I felt Peter’s breath on my neck as he secured it in place, clicked the chain leash onto the ring at the front before he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and enjoyed the feeling of his strong body as his hands wandered over me before he pulled my head back by the hair.

He held the chain with one hand and groped my tits with the other. “This is nice way to spend a Saturday evening, now get on your knees Jayne.”

I got up off Peter’s lap and stood for a moment feeling unsteady on my legs before I slowly got to my knees in front of him. He gripped the leash again and ran his hand over my hair and face. “You are sexy Jayne and we are going to enjoy you. Now get my cock out.”

I undid his belt and slid his trousers onto the floor, his thick black penis hung down on his thigh and then he put a hand on top of my head. I wrapped my hand around his dick, pulled back the foreskin and took it deep in my mouth. I looked up and saw Peter smile as I took the whole of his flaccid cock in my mouth. I moved back and forth feeling his cock throb until he got semi-hard and I was no longer able to take it all the way in. I stroked and sucked until he was fully hard.

“You are a very talented cocksucker Jayne I bet you fuck just as good.”

“What do you think of this slut then Stevie? She sucked me off yesterday and Jason fucked her all night and she’s still ready for more!” Peter said laughing out loud. Peter yanked on the leash pulling me away from his cock.

“Go over and look after the birthday boy while we get the bedroom ready.”

I walked over to Stevie licking my lips. He stood as I got close and pulled me into his arms and immediately leaned down to suck on my tits. I reached down and managed eventually to free his cock and he was already hard. I wanked him gently and then slid onto my knees and moved my mouth to his cock and began sucking.

“Go on Stevie, fuck her mouth.”

“Oh fuck yes!” Stevie moaned quietly.

I felt his hands running through my hair as he started to gently thrust pushing his cock deeper. Stevie thrust his hips so he was fucking my mouth and I just held on and took it. After a few moments of sucking his cock I noticed Jason and Peter were standing beside me and then I felt hands on grab hold of my hair and push me down further onto Stevie’s cock. I slid my lips as far down as I could and felt it throbbing against my throat making me gag a little and pull back.

“Come on babe you can do it.” Jason said.

His hand pushed me back down again forcing the cock into my throat. My tongue was against his balls as he held me down there for a moment and then he released me and I took a deep breath.

“I saw the outline of your cock in her throat!” Peter said laughing, “Get her going Stevie”

I heard a door creak and I looked over to see Jason and Peter going into the bedroom with the drawstring bag. I continued working on his cock until I thought he was getting close to cumming then I stopped and stood up.

“Don’t cum yet Stevie, you do want to fuck me don’t you?”

I handed him a condom from my bag, grabbed my drink and took another long gulp and watched as he pulled off the remainder of his clothes and rolled the condom over his slender cock. He then got hold of me and swung me round so I was facing the wall and rubbed his cock against my bum.

“Lean forward Jayne you know you want it.”

He grabbed my hips as I pushed my hands against the wall pushed my arse back into his groin. His knees pushed against my legs and he pulled my thong to one side before he pressed his cock against my pussy. He slowly eased inside me opening me up gently.

“Oh fuck, your cunt is tight!”

For a moment Stevie just held me still so I could feel him really deep inside me. Then Jason came back in and grinned as he looked at me pinned against the wall as Stevie started to thrust into me. We were just getting into a rhythm when Peter out called from the bedroom.

“Get her undressed and bring her in the bedroom now, it’s all ready.”

Stevie withdrew and I felt really unsteady so held onto the table for support as I took another swig of my drink. My head was spinning and I was very quiet and stifled a yawn, the drink and pills really hitting me.

Jason looked at me, “Get undressed Jayne but leave the heels and stocking on.”

He turned away and went into the bedroom and silently I slipped my dress from my shoulders, unhooked my bra and slid my knickers off. I took a deep breath as Stevie grabbed the leash again and led me to the darkened bedroom.

I stopped in the doorway so my eyes could adjust to the gloom in the bedroom. I saw an array of leather straps, a spreader bar, paddles, cuffs, a ball-gag and lubricants spread out on the bed. Stevie pulled me inside the room and I leaned against Jason. He held me tight and I stifled a yawn as he gently stroked my body.

Feeling very nervous I whispered. “Look after me Jason………………. please.”

“Don’t be nervous, just do as you are told, relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Jason said you are very compliant Jayne so I hope you’re ready.” Peter said.

I stood looking nervously at the bondage gear then room seemed to get darker and my vision blurred before I closed my eyes and rested my head on Jason’s shoulder.

“She is very relaxed now.” I heard one of them say.

“Well she did take two pills and has had plenty drink so no wonder she’s sleepy.”

I forced my eyes open and looked at Peter. He crooked his finger at me beckoning me, “Come here Jayne you’re mine. I am sure Jason has told you what to expect.”

“Take her she’s yours but don’t hurt her ok?” Jason said handing the lead to Peter.

“Look after me Jason,” I slurred. He just grinned back at me.

“Jason says you like being dominated Jayne.” Peter said.

I stayed in Faith’s bathroom for several minutes gathering my thoughts and trying to build up my courage. It was now or never. She had promised to show me how the group had dealt with my husband and I’m sure she had plans to test my submission to her and the other mistresses as well. My heart was racing. I splashed more cold water on my face. I couldn’t delay any longer. She already had shown herself to enjoy paddling the bottom of a submissive and I didn’t want to give her any excuses to give me a beating. I walked back to the bedroom fully expecting to meet Jim with her.

But I didn’t. In fact, the room was empty, although the TV was now on. There was a picture of an empty bedroom. The quality was quite high. This obviously was not a webcam feed. Faith walked back into the bedroom. Apparently she had gone to her bedroom to change. Her clothes had been changed to a strappy leather ensemble which wrapped around her body but did nothing to shield her from my gaze and admiration. As I had always expected she obviously lifted a lot of weights. She had tight muscles everywhere. She would have no trouble subduing an insolent slave, or most men for that matter. I began to tremble at the thought of submitting to this powerful woman. I could see her pussy was still glistening from my oral favors I’d done about 15 minutes ago and her nipples were pointing straight at me as if to say “suck me.”

Faith didn’t say a word. She walked over to the armoire and opened the door. Inside I could see a collection of bondage gear and toys. Faith turned back around holding a black dildo with a strange mounting harness on the back. The dildo was about 8 inches long, I estimated and an inch and a half thick. I watched as Faith mated the harness to her leather outfit. It seemed to snap in easily. They were obviously designed for each other. I couldn’t help but drool a little as Faith’s cock bounced obscenely in front of her as she walked.

“Here’s what’s going to happen little slave. Hubby was very easy to seduce. Apparently he wasn’t too happy in the bedroom. A pretty smile and a promise of better sex was all it took.”

I felt like she had just kicked me in the gut. Jim never voiced any complaints. Sure we didn’t do it too often because of our work schedules, but I thought I had always been there for him.

“Did you ever let him fuck you in the ass?” Mistress Faith asked.

“No, I’ve only started doing that with the club,” I responded sheepishly.

“He likes that. He also likes a very vocal woman. Do you moan and scream for him?”

I had to be really turned on to be overly vocal. Again it was a trait brought out by the group but not so much by my husband. “No, mam.”

“Well tonight you are going to learn what he likes so you can satisfy him better. I’m going to play the part of Jim. You… Well you are going to play the part of you. On the TV we are looking at Judy’s bedroom. Usually she gives my husband and me a show before bedtime but tonight she’s going to be your teacher. You are going to watch her and Jim fuck. Don’t worry, they are not going to make love. That’s for the two of you. This is just sex. Hot nasty sex to fulfill his manly needs. Whatever Jim does to her, I’m going to do to you and whatever she does to him, you’re going to do to me. Got it?”

I nodded. “Yes mistress.”

We sat down on the edge of the bed watching the TV. We were perverse voyeurs waiting for the show to begin. Soon I saw Jim walk in with Judy. She was wearing a long, thin, transparent robe that looked like silk. Jim was still dressed. Mistress Faith tapped my on the shoulder and stood up. I understood I should stand up too.

Judy managed to position Jim right in the center of the camera view before he took her in his arms and began kissing her passionately. Faith held me in the same position and began kissing me. She would stop every few seconds and have me look at the TV. When Jim began running his arms up and down Judy’s body, Faith did the same to me. When he began squeezing her boobs, she did the same to me. When Jim grabbed the back of Judy’s neck and began kissing it and thendropped his other hand into her panties, Faith did the same to me. Well, not into my panties since I was naked, but she did begin to rub my slit which I’m sure is what Jim was doing.

I could hear Judy moaning through the speakers. It was like we were in the room. I was losing myself in the eroticism of the situation. My knees were beginning to buckle when I heard Mistress Faith question why I wasn’t moaning like Judy. I snapped back into the moment.

“I’m sorry mistress. I’m not feeling it yet.”

“If you want to keep your husband happy, you had better learn to fake some sounds for him. It’s one of his biggest turn-ons.”

I looked back at the screen. Jim was now clearly finger fucking Judy. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and her right leg wrapped around his body. She obviously chose that leg for our benefit as that twisted her body to frame his actions perfectly for the camera. I watched as she threw her head back in ecstasy, her hair flowing backward like in a soft-core movie.

“See that move? I know she’s enjoying herself, but that was for his benefit. Men are simple creatures in the bedroom. She’ll be rewarded with a better performance by him if she gives him a little extra now.”

Mistress Faith and I mimicked their position. It felt weird when I threw my head back like Judy had done and faking the sounds was awkward. But there was no faking what I was feeling in my pussy or the flash floor which was being to leak from me. The sounds of Mistress Faith’s fingers banging my wet slit were real enough as I held on to her for dear life. She continued to fuck me until Judy dismounted from Jim. I was close to cumming and I prayed Judy would have Jim eat her so I could cum on Faith’s tongue.

Instead Faith turned me toward the TV and wrapped her arms around me. She pulled me tightly against her. I could feel her cock poking between my legs. I wiggled my ass against her as much as her tight embrace would allow.

“I might fuck you now or I might not. Let’s see what Judy does.”

I watched the screen as Judy asked Jim what he wanted to do next. I’d never really even asked that of him. We just sort of did things spontaneously without talking about them. I wasn’t surprised when he said he wanted a blowjob. I was a bit surprised when Judy refused. I assumed it was part of their game that I would have to kneel before Faith and suck the strap-on. I heard Judy said only bad girls suck cock. She said it in a little girl teasing kind of voice. I could tell she didn’t mean it. She was probably looking forward to sucking his cock. Maybe this was how she got him to be more aggressive with her.

Jim’s response shocked me as I clearly heard him say, “Only bad girls may suck cock, but good girls get spanked until they become bad girls.”

Another first. Jim had never indicated he’d like to spank me. But clearly Judy was a different case. He sat down on the bed and held out his hand. He didn’t force her. He didn’t need to. She took his hand in hers and he gently pulled her to him. She then meekly lay across his lap arching her butt slightly to meet his hand. They were on the foot of the bed still in perfect camera frame. Was Judy the only one planning that or did Jim know he was performing for me.

I felt Mistress Faith disengage from her death hug of me. I was still watching the TV as Jim began to spank Judy. He wasn’t hitting her very hard. Having been on the receiving end many times with my mistresses I knew Jim was giving her little more than love taps. But to hear Judy, you would think he was beating her to death.

I heard Mistress Faith clear her throat behind me. I turned to find her sitting on the bed and holding out her hand. I remembered how Judy had approached Jim and repeated her actions. Mistress’ strap-on was standing tall as I lay over her lap. My weight pushed it over, but I could tell it was there. No doubt Jim would be hard at this point and Judy would be feeling the same thing. I expected a vigorous spanking, but Mistress Faith hit me with just slightly more force than it looked like Judy was receiving.

“I should be hitting you much harder slave. I know you get turned on when somebody spanks you. But tonight you’re learning about Jim. He’s doing this because Judy likes it, but he doesn’t want to hurt her. Still I want you to sound like it hurts and turns you on at the same time.”

Faking the sounds was easier since Mistress Faith had a good rhythm and since Judy’s sounds were so clear through the remote feed. I was praying Jim would stop spanking Judy long enough to finger her to orgasm so Faith would have to do the same to me. I could tell Jim was indeed fingering her after every few swats and fortunately Faith reciprocated on me. But would it be enough?

If I had been in Judy’s place, I know I would have cum already. But she did not, at least not that we could detect. As Mistress Faith’s finger continued to dance over my clit, I had the troubling thought that either Judy was purposely holding back to allow Faith to keep me on the edge, or maybe she could climax without the camera detecting it. Based on her performance I was sure she would have a loud screaming orgasm at some point. After all, Jim apparently liked that. But what if she could control herself to have undetected mini-cums along the way so I would be left unsatisfied? Again I was lost in thought when a sharp slap hit my ass. I doubted Jim had hit Judy that hard.

I looked back at the TV and Judy was now on her knees and had taken Jim in her mouth. I immediately followed suit. I wasn’t a fan of suck on a dildo unless one of my other holes her already plugged and I could pretend somebody else was filling my mouth. But in this situation it felt natural somehow. As long as Jim didn’t come now, they should be fucking soon. Fortunately that is exactly what happened.

I soon found myself riding Mistress Faith’s cock. She was lying on her back with her head toward the camera end of the bed. Jim was in the exact same position. He was looking up at Judy. Mistress Faith was looking up at me. I was watching the TV as Judy fucked my husband. I had a perfect view of her bouncing up and down on him. Her breasts were bouncing crazily. I’m sure he was enjoying himself. I was trying to match the intensity of her thrusts and pacing. She’d ride him hard for a few seconds then slow down for a few seconds. That must have been driving him crazy. I knew it was driving me crazy. Had it been up to me, I would have just fucked the shit out of myself until I came and came hard. But then it hit me. Judy wasn’t doing this for her own pleasure. I’m sure she was enjoying it, but it was more for Jim and me. She could tease herself because Mistress Faith would undoubted reward her later.

I continued to fuck myself. I was turned on beyond belief. I wanted to cum so bad. Eventually I broke character of mimicking Judy’s sounds and actions to beg Mistress Faith to let me fuck myself hard until I came. I didn’t see the harm. I’d obviously learned my lessons about Jim already. I pleaded with my eyes and I pleaded with my mouth. I even reached down and began rubbing my clit even though Judy was not doing the same.

Mistress Faith slapped my hand. “Only what Judy does.”

I looked back at the screen looking for any sign that she was going to come. Certainly Jim couldn’t last much longer. He never did with me. Maybe after he came he would eat her as a reward. That was a nice thought at least. Finally Judy sat down filling herself as much as Jim could. I did the same on Faith. I knew I was fuller with her than with him. I watched as Judy began to swivel her hips. Was this her technique to make them cum?

She wasn’t moaning any more so I stopped to. I swiveled my hips to match her. It didn’t seem to be doing much for me or Faith, although Jim seemed to be enjoying it. I made a mental note to do it with him. Maybe it only worked on a live dick. I watched as Judy pulled herself off him. I got a clear view of her dripping wet pussy. She was moving forward on the bed and was now kneeling over him. Was she going to drop her pussy on his mouth? I was holding the same position over Mistress Faith praying that was exactly what she was going to do.

But through all my time in the club and my conversations with the other slaves, I had learned that having a Mistress eat your pussy was an extremely rare event. Judy must have known that and knew the game we were playing so after hovering briefly over his head, she got off the bed. I reluctantly did the same. I watched as she walked toward the camera until I couldn’t see Jim any more. Apparently the camera was hidden, or maybe not, on a dresser of some kind. She got right up close and reached out coming back with a glass of water. She looked right in the camera. I had a close-up view of her mouthing the words “I hope you are enjoying this.”

She then turned back toward Jim and walked to the bed still holding the glass. There was no water for me to grab so I just returned to Mistress Faith. Like Jim, she was now resting on the bed on her knees. Like him, her cock glistened with womanly juice. We both looked to the TV for guidance. Judy was asking Jim what position he wanted her in. Please be doggie I thought. We both loved doggie, at least so I thought. But maybe Jim did different things with Judy. Judy drank the water and set the glass down while she waited for his answer. Fortunately he held true to form and soon Judy was on her hands and knees, facing the camera of course. She had made sure of that.

Mistress Faith was matching him stroke for stroke. I got the impression that Judy’s moans were no longer faked. I knew mine were not. Jim was a stallion that night. If he had been that way with me maybe we wouldn’t have found ourselves in the situation we were in. I had a perfect view of Judy as she took his cock over and over. The look on her face was pure pleasure and I’m sure the look on my face matched. Mistress Faith was relentless in her pounding attack and I loved her for it. I couldn’t imagine Jim lasting much longer but I prayed Mistress Faith wouldn’t stop. My breasts were flopping wildly as Mistress Faith jackhammered my pussy. On the screen Judy’s were doing the same. I buried my head into the bed and released a primal scream.

I looked up at the TV again just in time to see and hear Judy begin to cum. I don’t think she was faking but if she was it was a masterful performance. This, of course, triggered my own orgasm. I quaked on the end of Mistress Faith’s cock, but she didn’t relent. She continued to pound me. My pussy was so sensitive right then that her actions became painful, but I wasn’t about to try to stop her.

My gaze had been distracted from the TV as I rode out my orgasm. I’m sure Jim had spurted. There was no way he could have survived her performance without cumming himself. I hoped he hadn’t cum inside her. Surely this was being recorded and I wanted to see him spray on her. It was perverse in a way, but as long as he didn’t cum in her, we still had something we only did with each other.

When I finally came back to my senses and could focus on the TV, I saw Judy kneeling on the floor. Mistress Faith was still pounding me. Apparently our time of matching each other had passed. Judy had her now empty water glass in one hand and Jim’s cock in the other. She only had to give him a few strokes before she aimed his cock into the glass. She neatly collected a good sized load in the bottom of the glass. I had no clue what the point of that was, but since they were clearly done, I felt released to concentrate on my own pleasure. I began to thrust backward onto Mistress’ cock trying to match her intensity. She began to spank me again. This time they were not Jim’s love taps but were inflicting serious pain. It was a serious pain which went straight to my brain and clit and drove my lust higher. I was now screaming in pleasure and Mistress Faith was egging me on.

“That’s right slut. Take my cock. You saw your husband cum. He fucked a slut just like you and got off on it. This is what you want don’t you?”

She punctuated the phrase with an extra hard thrust that rattled me to the core.

“I know you belong to Sharon, but maybe we can work out a trade. You’re so close I’d love to have you at my beck and call.”

I could hear her, but my comprehension was limited by the delirious orgasm that was consuming me.

“Yes, that could work. My other slave Helen has to drive to get here anyway. She could just as easily drive to Sharon’s. I’d still let her use you at the office, but at night you’d be mine. I’d have you and Judy to keep me happy and Jim to keep you in line. Yes, that would be good.”

I still didn’t comprehend what she was saying. I couldn’t grasp anything just then except the pounding in my pussy. I felt her push me off her cock and I fell to the floor in a heap. I lay on the floor looking up as she walked out of the room. I was still trembling from my orgasm as I lay on the floor. I hoped our time together had been taped. I knew I could cum again just from watching it. I gathered my wits enough to look at the TV. The room was empty. They were obviously done. The question was my marriage finished as well?

I slowly regained the strength in my legs and stood up. Once again a mistress had ridden me hard and put me away wet, but I loved the feeling more than anything. Mistress Faith had retreated to her bedroom and the door was shut. I figured Jim would be home very soon and it was time for me to get going. I walked back downstairs to find my clothes. They were still in a heap in the living room. The TV was one which struck me as odd since it wasn’t when we went upstairs.

Sitting in the darkness with a glass of scotch in his hand was Faith’s husband Mike. The TV was showing a video feed of their playroom. He obviously had watched my whole performance. He stood up as I entered the room. His cock was obviously hard in his pants.

“That was a wonderful performance my dear. I knew you had potential from the moment I saw you moving in. I must say I was surprised at Jim’s stamina.”

“You saw them too?” I asked.

Mike pushed a button on the remote and the channel changed to Judy’s bedroom.

“Sometimes we like to watch her from down here instead of upstairs. We use this TV mostly during parties and such.”

Mike didn’t say anything but he looked down at the tent pole in his pants. I understood. I didn’t have to be told. By the time I walked out 5 minutes later I had a belly full of his cum. I’m sure Mistress Faith would have wanted it that way. I could see lights on at our house. Jim must have been home from watching “the big game.” As I was passing Judy’s house, I saw her standing in the doorway. She was still wearing the silk robe. She waved me over.

“I hope you had fun tonight. I know I did,” she said.

“It was interesting. Both Faith and Mike seemed to enjoy themselves too.”

“I’ve got a present for you. I never swallow with other women’s husbands. It’s one of the few rules I have.”

Judy produced the glass containing Jim’s load and held it to my face.

“Bottoms up!”

Judy pressed the edge of the glass to my lower lip. It was a final degradation for the night as I sipped my own husband’s cum from his adulterer’s glass. Had this not been part of the group’s design I would have done violence on her at that point. But like some many of my recent activities it felt customary. I thanked her and walked home unsure of what I was going to find next.

My first submission of erotic literature. More will follow, should reception be positive.

For Claire.

Self Destruction. That’s what I wanted. Release from being wound too tight; like a coiled spring, like a tensed muscle. I just wanted freedom. To let go, to breathe deep and long. I wanted to cry wet thick hot tears. I wanted to scream. I wanted agony. Pain releases us, it purifies us. For those few moments in our lives when we are truly in pain, nothing else in the world matters. For that infinitesimal percentage of our existence, we become animals again. Cro-Magnon Men, Self-centered, inconsiderate, egocentric little creatures. We become a world of one. One creature and their pain, wondering when it will end but secretly hoping it won’t, because for those short intense little moments we are truly alive.

The old saying goes that that our body is a temple. I want mine to be in ruins. Like those Sun-God monuments lost deep in the jungle. A shrine to some lost forgotten deity, worshiped by a long dead tribe. Merely a gap-toothed stone foundation; fallen pillars, green moss-covered, weathered, rounded, cracked misshapen boulders. A fallen headless idol worn nearly unrecognizable, laying across a cobbled floor split by overgrowth and little burrowing animals. If my body’s a temple then I wanted to be reduced to rubble, and wasn’t going to get there sitting in a Starbucks sipping a five dollar latte.

I’m a coward, though it certainly doesn’t seem it at first. I have an important job. I hold the respect of my subordinates, I make hard & fast decisions all day; managing other people’s finances with a calm and straightforward manner, never hesitating, never worrying, never second-guessing. I hate my work, but I go about it like it is my passion. I am in control, and I loathe it. More and more often I catch myself becoming distracted. Looking at internet porn on the job. Reading erotic literature over my bag lunch at the parkbench in front of my office. Staring without shame at every tight-skirt-clad executive assistant who strides past me in her high heels and her perfect makeup and her no-nonsense hairdo. Never do I speak to them, never do they speak to me. Just a blank smile or an impersonal nod.

Walking back to the pay lot where I park my car, a block or so from the office, I don’t remember exactly what motivated me or what crossed my mind, but I decided to leave the car and to keep walking, at least for another block or so. The night was warm, the streets were empty, it was late, I was tired, and I simply couldn’t face the possibility of climbing into my car. That stuffy little glass and steel coffin, lined with leather and plastic and carpet, the recycled filtered air from the A/C, the dull drone of the motor, the blank stare of the dials on the dash. I simply couldn’t face it again, not yet. So I walked past the car, and on into the city.

Eventually my calves hurt and I began to worry about the trip back to the parking lot, so I decided to turn back. I spun on my heel, braced for the journey in the opposite direction, and then a glimmer of amber light caught my eye. Down a short alley, off from the main street, a small sign; “Solaris.” A bar. Or a night club, a dance club. The little yellow sign in the shape of a tribal sun had just the one word. Solaris. I approached. The door was steel, painted dark brown. A deep throbbing bass beat from behind. I pulled the handle, a thick waft of warm air poured out, carrying the scent of a thousand brands of perfume, cigarettes, cloves, hash, sweat, and alcohol. I walked in, found myself submerged in a deep red and orange light, just enough to see the immediate area around me, but darkness and haze hid the walls and ceiling Giving it a sense of infinite space. The whole room seemed ethereal; a whole plane of sensual throbbing music, writhing bodies on the dance floor, small round tables with packs of beautiful women and beautiful men, engaged in conversation- or whatever; lips to ears, lips to lips. Those who weren’t engrossed with one another cast their lusty eyes toward the dance floor, animals overtly scanning for carnal prey. Nobody was pretending that this place was anything less than a hunting ground. There was something refreshing about the honesty in that. Honesty like that can be intimidating, terrifying.

And before I’d even realized, I had been spotted, tracked, separated from the herd, chased, and brought down. She’d spotted me standing there, in my white buttoned-down cotton shirt and silk tie and pleated trousers and alligator shoes. I stood like an idiotic little beacon in that leather, vinyl, and fishnet crowd. I could feel her stare, even in the din and the smoke and the dance club lights, I could sense her eyes on me. I scanned the club for the source of this notion that I was being watched & found myself staring back at the predator. As a rule, I never approach women. I’m a flight animal, not a fight animal. I was ready to leave, I wanted to leave. I had to get out of there. All I needed to do at that moment was to walk right back out that door. She knew it, too. She simply shook her head “no” and then tilted her head to the empty chair at her table. And just like that, walked over and sat down.

We hardly spoke. A few words, shared our names, made pleasantries, mild flirtations. We ordered drinks. Gin Martini, up, with an olive. We stared, her hand on top of mine on the table, her red-red painted nails scratching little patterns into the back of my hand. In the club’s meager light her skin looked like porcelain; flawless, smooth, impossibly white. Thick red hair in loose curls rolling down to bare shoulders, a strapless abyssal-black dress. Glossy candy-red lips, full, firm, perfect.

We drank. Our eyes hardly left one another’s; as if I were afraid to look away, for fear the other would take advantage and attack. No, not as if. I actually was mortified. She wasn’t. She knew she had me. She leaned in to say something to me, right into my ear, the music was loud and this is the only way, besides shouting, that two people could communicate in a place like this. As she leaned in, so close I could feel her breath on me. I expected a thank you; good night, thanks for the drink but I really must get going, work in the morning, you understand, it was nice meeting you. Instead, she asked simply “I know what I need. Do you?” I felt like a cannon ball had been dropped on my chest. How does one reply to a question that? Um. Yes, I think so. “Then let’s go.”

I followed her out of the club and back into the alley. She walked with purpose; long hard strides. Her high-heels making a Tok Tok Tok sound across the pavement. I followed, watching her ass bob left to right in that tight black dress. Her legs long and smooth, the single black stripe of the seam of her nylons perfectly straight. She glanced back over her shoulder. I hurried to catch up beside her. We crossed the street, down another alley to the next block, through a paved park of public art, across another street and into the glass lobby of a high-rise apartment building. Classy.

Into the elevator and the doors closed. I stood at the back, she stood in front of me, watching me in the reflection on the polished aluminum doors. Under the bright lights of the elevator I was finally able to take in the finer details of this magnificent specimen of a woman. A lace-work of pink freckles dappled across her pale shoulders. Her makeup: flawless. Her hair: perfection. Her dress: not a stitch out of place, hugging her curvaceous figure as if sewn specifically for her. I don’t know if was the rise of the elevator or simply nervousness, but I felt a weight in my stomach as if I– and before I could finish my thought, she was on me.

She spun around and slammed her body against mine with enough force to drive me into the back wall. Her lips on mine, her hands on my chest, her hip dug into mine, her knee sliding up my inner thigh. Our lips parted and her tongue darted into my mouth, flicking at mine, and out. My tongue reflexively chased hers back into her mouth, and her teeth clamped down. She yanked her head back, scraping her teeth the length of my tongue until the tip popped out and her jaw snapped shut. She let out just the slightest growl, teeth clenched and bared, I jerked my own head back from her as far as I could, which wasn’t but an inch- being pinned against the wall. I only succeeded in rapping the back of my skull into it. Ow.

She leaned in further, nibbled on my chin, ran her tongue up my jawline and to my ear, wriggled it around the lobe and licked, making smaller ans smaller circles around my fear. Chills shot up my spine, goosebumps popped across my neck. She pressed her body into my right side, wrapped her arm around my shoulders, her hand slid around and over my throat, gripped and pressed. I couldn’t breathe. She whispered: “I get off on pain…” Hot breath across my wet ear. I felt her other hand making its way down toward my hardening cock. Down over my stomach, past my belt, resting on top of the growing bulge in my pants. She squeezed, hard. “…giving it. I get off by hurting men, inflicting… terrible pain. It makes me–” and the elevator chimed. Ding. Our stop. Her floor. She released my neck and manhood, stepped back, turned, and the doors opened. She stepped out. I was frozen in place, gasping for air. She leaned forward and whispered. “If you’re sill sure of what you want, come along.” And she proceeded down the hall.

Risk assessment. What did she mean by terrible pain? Was it worth it to find out? Would I regret if I went? Would I even live to regret it? How often does a chance like this come along; what are the chances that a woman as beautiful would ever invite me into her world again? She’d nearly bit my tongue off, strangled me, and did I even know her name? Claire. Her name was Claire, She told me at the bar. She was walking away. I’m still not moving. Elevator doors closing. Now or never. I stepped into the hall & followed.

I sprinted to catch up, but something in her body language told me to stay back a few paces. She didn’t look back, did she even know if I’d followed? The soft carpet absorbed our footsteps. Dead silent in this hall, All I could hear was my own heart pounding away in my head. My imagination; who can hear their own heartbeat? Was I really that nervous? She slipped a keychain from her purse & stopped at her door. Turned the lock, swung it open. My last chance to bail out. She walked in, left the door open behind her. I followed in, closed the door. She reached past me & turned the deadbolt. That victorious little twist of her wrist spoke volumes. What had I gotten myself into?

“Take off your tie.” It wasn’t exactly an order, not a command. A request, maybe. The way she said it made me want to pull it off, as if doing so would please her, and pleasing her would be good for me. I tugged the knot to loosen it. “Not all the way undone, let me.” she grasped the loosened knot, slid it down, until the loop was wide enough to lift the tie over my head, and removed it. She put it over her own head, lifted her hair through it, let it lay loose around her neck. Her long, elegant, slightly freckled neck. The tie draped over the pale fleshy tops of her breasts and hung down between, against the black dress. Burgundy tie, black dress, alabaster skin, red hair, pink freckles, and she made it look like that tie belonged on her, as if it were the highest fashion; to wear a fifty dollar tie with a who-knows-how-expensive designer dress. She slid open the frosted glass door of the coat closet and dropped her purse inside, then bent over to open a shoebox on the closet floor. Bending like that made her dress ride up, past the tops of her stockings. More porcelain skin. Garters & suspenders, and oh that perfectly round ass.

She found what she was searching for in the shoebox and stood back up. If she knew I was staring (and I assume she did) she didn’t show it. She simply turned to me and held out her hands. A leather strap, long and slender in her left hand. In her right, a black leather collar with a shiny silver ring and buckle. She waited for me to react. Did she want me to put it on? I reached for it. She pulled it away. I took two steps forward, now directly in front of her. She reached for my neck and reflexively I dipped back. A chiding look crossed her face. I took a breath and leaned forward. Around my throat the collar felt cool on my skin. She pulled it just tight enough to feel uncomfortable, but not painful. I could breathe at least. In a moment it was fastened and with a metallic click the leash was attached to the ring. She stood back to admire the fit. I felt awkward.

She hung the leash’s hand-loop over the closet’s doorknob and slid open the drawer of a little table and pulled out a tiny elastic band. with a flick of her wrist, with the grace of a cat, she rolled her gorgeous hair into a tight bun at the back of her head. With her hair pulled back tight like that, her demeanor completely changed. More stern, more authoritative. She lifted the leash with one finger and strode deeper her apartment. I followed (not much choice).

The living room was decorated in the contemporary style; chrome pipe-frame chairs with black leather, broad white-cushioned sofas, glass tables, colorful Pop-Art strategically hung on the stark white walls. The occasional hunk of distressed wood dark-stained and cleverly fashioned into a bar-top or mantle piece. It was tasteful, but cold. It didn’t seem like she actually live here. It felt more like the waiting room for some big corporate executive office. Impersonal. Nonetheless, I noticed the trademarks of habitation; a soft throw blanket cast across the sofa in case she was chilly, a book half read & left on the table, along side a coffee cup and television remote control. It was obvious she spent time here, and if she was as cold and detached as her decor, then I might be in trouble.

She led me by the leash to the chaise and sat. I stood before her, not sure what to do with myself. She tugged the leash, forcing me to stoop over, face to face. Her mouth was on mine again, her fingers dug into my hair, our tongues met and danced, mine cautious for fear she may bite again. Her lips tasted like strawberry and wax- that dark red glossy lipstick melting between our mouthes. Her fingers were beginning to hurt; pulling my hair, digging her nails into my scalp. Both of her hands full of my hair means she must have dropped the leash. Not that I was going anywhere. I place one of my own hands on the bare skin above her dress, upon her left breast. Warm, soft. I slid my fingers downward, under the top of the dress. She froze, jerked my head away, smacked my hand off. Pulled her dress back into place while glaring at me. I’d angered her. I’d crossed a line. Taken too much initiative. It was made clear an that moment: I was meant to follow her lead and not take liberties. I could tell she was turned on though. Her neck and chest were flushed, the freckles blending into the heated reddening skin. She was breathing heavy.

“Strip.” She punctuated it with a dismissive little hand gesture, shooing me away from her, toward the center of the room. “Slowly. Belt first, then shirt, then work your way down.” Pressing a button on a small controller on the table to her side; “To the music.” a slow electronic ambient dance beat began to play. I don’t dance, I’ve never removed my clothes to music. Now here I was, about to perform before this woman, embarrassed, nervous, aloof. She released the leash and it dropped to my chest. I took it up. “Leave it. Don’t touch.” She whispered. I complied. My hands, slightly trembling, went to my belt, Unbuckled, loosened, pulled it off. She held out her hand, made a “give me” gesture. I placed the black leather belt in her palm. She sat back on the lounge, legs crossed, and nodded for me to proceed.

My shirt came off next, one button at a time, as much to the rhythm of the music as I could. I pulled it off my shoulder, folded it lengthwise & looked at her for instruction on where to place it. She pointed at the floor. I dropped it off to one side. Lifted my T-shirt over my head, pulled the leash through the neck-hole, dropped it onto the pile. Bare-chested. I blushed. She raised an eyebrow. I don’t go to the gym often, but I’m no slob. I have some definition, a little, maybe. I continued. Unfastened my trousers, drew down the zipper, slid them down. I realized that I’d forgotten to remove my shoes. I discretely pulled them off and then my slacks followed. Now down to my socks and boxers. She eyed the visible lump in my pants. “Turn.” She sounded fascinated, as if studying a lab specimen, or a gallery piece. I made a sheepish little rotation. She took it in; my ass, my back, my calves, whatever masculine feature that women admire or care to examine. She appeared interested, but seemed to be playing it off as detached amusement or half-boredom. I bent over to pull off my sock. “Ah-ah. Do that facing away from me, please.” I turned, and bent at the waste to pull off the sock again. She watched my ass. Then I removed th other sock, tossed them with the rest of my clothing, stood back straight, faced her. Did she want me to continue? I waited for her to say. She just looked me up & down. Was she waiting on me? Should I ask? Should I drop my shorts? I adjusted the bulge beneath them. Her eyes danced, seemingly amused. “Finish, I’m waiting.” I nodded, tucked my thumbs into the waste band, and pushed them to the floor. Tenderly, with my foot, I placed them on the pile. And stood before her. Naked.

Claire gazed at my half-hard penis as she sat back up at the edge of the chaise, uncrossed her legs, took a deep breath, and held out her hand. “Leash, please” I handed the loop to her. She gave it a tug, I stepped forward. She reached up, dug her long (and surprisingly sharp) fingernails into my chest and drew her hand down, leaving pinkish scrape marks. When her hand came to my cock, she gripped it and tugged. It continued to harden in her hand. Long and thick. “Good.” she stated, released her hold, and ran her hand around to my backside. She cupped an asscheek. Her eyes never left my erection. She drew her hand away, and then smacked it back down onto my ass. My dick jumped. She drew her hand back again. I winced & tried to brace for the impact. Her other hand gave my dick a cruel squeeze and tug, and then smacked again, on the same spot as the first. My ass began to tingle. She released my member and pulled the leash down hard, and I fell to my knees.

“Get on all fours, face that way.” I complied, now on my hands and knees, parallel to the chaise. She picked up my belt from her lap. Folded it in half, held it at one end, and drew her arm back for a strike. When it landed it felt as if I… well, as if I’d been whipped. Quickly another one came, then another. My butt was beginning to sting terribly. She alternated from cheek to cheek with the belt, occasionally hitting both simultaneously. Five more times the belt landed. My ass was beginning to burn. I was aware of nothing but the pain, my eyes were shut tight, my jaw clenched, my elbows locked, my head down. She had a rhythm down, and it seemed like it would never end. Another ten swats, and then it stopped. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. My butt felt like it was on fire, but the sting was already fading. “Turn toward me, please.” I complied, remaining on my knees, kneeling before her. Her legs were parted in a most unladylike pose. She appeared to be short of breath, and her upper chest was now flushed as bright red as her hair. With her knees parted, I could see up her dress. She noticed my stare and lifted her body just slightly, enough to hike her dress up over her ass. Black lace panties, matching garter belt. Her fingers dropped to the front of her underwear and traced a line up & down. I watched, licked my lips. The red fingernails made their way to one edge, pulled the lace aside. “I’m already so wet” she whispered. “Come and taste.”

I crawled forward, my head between her thighs, and licked. Her scent was rich and intoxicating, and I basked in the heat radiating from her sex. I felt her fingers slide into my hair again, pushing me into her. Nose to chin, I was pressed against her wetness. I lapped at her pussy, first slowly, then getting a rhythm I went faster. She tasted salty, sweet, heady. I lifted a hand to dip my fingers into her. She clamped her thighs tight onto my head “no hands yet, darling” I continued just licking. I was making the most obscene slurping sounds, in between my ragged breath between her thighs, and I could hear her let out a sigh and a groan. Without warning the belt hit my ass again. I jumped, but her thighs’ iron grip and tight fistful of my hair kept me in place. The whipping continued as I sucked, slurped, licked faster. My lips wrapped around her clitoris as I flicked my tongue over the sensitive tip. She shuddered. Whipped me harder. I nibbled on her labia, slid my tongue down and circled her opening, then drove it in as deep as I could. My nose was pressing against the hood of her clit, she wriggled. I curled the tip of my tongue up, popped it back out of her hole, pulling a scoop of her wetness with me. It dribbled down my chin. I pressed a series of kisses up the length of her mound, then back down. She landed the belt onto my ass with each kiss. The pain barely registered, I was concentrating at the task at hand. My tongue was beginning to ache though, and I desperately needed a few free long breaths of air, which is difficult to manage with a face-full of hot wet womanhood. Finally her thighs loosened, her hand released, and I drew my head back. Her pussy was practically glowing in deep crimson with arousal, dripping and glistening with saliva and her boiling hot juices. I drew in a lungful of fresh air. Her wetness on my nose and cheeks and lips and chin quickly cooling in the outside air, her musky scent lingering on me. As I rose back up to sit back on my knees, she leaned forward and planted a deep kiss. Our lips parted, and she said in a shaky voice “Let’s get you cleaned up for bed.”

She stood up, me still kneeling directly at her feet, and she pulled & straightened her dress back into position. She lifted my tie off her neck and dropped in onto my pile of clothes. She then tugged at the leash, I stood and was lead into the bathroom. While I walked, I couldn’t help but notice how bad my bottom burned. Would I have welts from this? If walking hurt so bad, how would it feel to sit at my desk all day tomorrow?

Her bathroom was quaint; black & white ceramic tile, French blue walls, wrought-iron fixtures. Claire sat on a small padded bench near the shower, I stood before her. She slipped her foot out of her high heel shoe & raised her leg, toes pointed toward me, and unfastened the suspender clips on her garter. Gingerly, I grasped the top of the stocking & rolled it down her leg, over her svelte calf muscle, over her heel & off her delicious little foot. We did the same with the other leg. She stood & turned, and anticipating her next request I pulled the zipper down the back of her dress. She tugged the dress down off her hips and let it hit the floor. Her garter belt came next whilst I watched; admiring her curves and supple pale skin. Still facing away from me, she hooked her thumbs into the top of her panties and pushed them down over her luscious thighs. They fell to the floor and she stepped out & walked to the shower.

She hadn’t taken my leash so I wasn’t sure if I was meant to follow. I took the chance to admire her then, fully nude; her breasts were large but immaculately shaped, dappled with freckles and peaked with taut, light red nipples. Her tummy was flat and her waste narrow, and then her hips flared out again, forming an exaggerated hourglass shape. She had body fat, but it was in all the right places. Smooth, graceful curves. Perfection. Carved from marble. Between her thighs rose a small neatly-trimmed patch of fire-red pubic hair, and of course below that was the blushing little heaven to which I’d already become quite familiar. It was still reddened and puffy from my oral ministrations. Her snapping fingers brought me back from my stare, and I hastily stepped up to meet her. “Into the shower.” she ordered. I complied.

The water wasn’t running yet, and I stood at the back of the stall to make room for her. She stepped in, pulled the curtain behind her. She unclipped the leash from my collar and tossed it outside the tub. Without warning she smacked my face hard. It was more surprising than painful, and I tried not to flinch when her hand came in for another smack. My eyes were beginning to water, my cheek stung. Two more smacks on the other side, followed by three more increasingly hard onto each cheek. My ears were ringing, my whole face burned, and I was even a little dizzy. “Kneel” and I did. Her lovely little mound was at eye level, and I leaned in to give it a kiss. She caught me by the hair and pulled my head back. She pulled the top of my head backward and down, tilting my face up so that I was looking straight upward, and she stepped in so close I could feel her pubic hair brush against my chin. From this angle, I could see her lovely face staring down at me, up past her belly, and between the undersides of her round breasts. An incredible view. She raised an eyebrow. I felt a warm sensation on my neck, then it flowed down to my chest, spreading as it went. Warm and wet. It took me a moment to realize she was urinating on me. I could smell it now; salty and a bit sour, mingled with the musky scent of her sex, and it continued to flow down my body, my stomach, my thighs, to the base of my dick, around my balls. She swayed gently as she relieved herself onto me, covered my shoulders and it ran down my ams. I was still staring up at her, and she had closed her eyes, her mouth slightly agape, she was becoming aroused from pissing on me, and I hated to realize that I was as well.

Once she had drained herself, she stepped back, turned her back to me, and started the shower. I remained kneeling, her pee dripping from me. I wasn’t sure what to do. The shower’s warm water sprayed down, covered her chest, flowed down her front. Her ass swayed gently left and right as she let the water run over her, and she slowly rotated to wet her back and butt. She was careful to keep her hair tightly bunned from getting wet. Her body blocked the shower from hitting me directly and as desperate as I was to rinse the urine off of me, I didn’t dare move. She handed me a bottle of body soap and a flower-shaped scrub pouffe, and I went to work washing her. It was divine labor, rubbing the soap onto her legs, back, butt, arms, shoulder, and so on, then gently scrubbing & rinsing it off. I had to stand up to reach her top bits, but she didn’t admonish me. Once I’d cleaned her thoroughly, spending a generous amount of time on her breasts, ass, and pussy, she took the pouffe from me, soaped it up and ordered me to get under the shower’s spray.

She carefully washed me, though she was a bit rough with the scrubbing. She seemed especially determined to clean my face, balls, dick (which was still hard and especially sensitive to he touch) and my ass crack. She saved that until last and used a copious amount of soap, running her fingers up and down, then deeper in, even jabbing a soapy finger into my asshole. Her fingernail hurt, and I jerked away. She gave my butt a smack. I turned in the flowing water to rinse, then she reached past me to switched the shower off. I held her hand to provide balance as she stepped out of the tub. She took a towel dried herself; slowly, sensually, blotting every inch of her skin. She handed the towel to me, and I dried myself. Not doing nearly as good a job as her at looking sexy while doing it. Not that it mattered- she wasn’t watching. She had slipped her heels back on & walked out the door. I hung the towel on the rail and followed her into the short hallway. She turned right- away from where we’d come in from the living room.

A woman’s body dressed in nothing but a pair of black high heels is quite an exquisite vision. Especially from behind. Into the bedroom I followed her. She switched on a small bedside lamp, casting long shadows throughout, The room was mostly adorned in dark cherry wood, with gray-striped walls and a dark burgundy duvet spread over a wide, high bed. Amongst the various dressers and tables stood a tall wardrobe-like cabinet, with two heavy wooden doors. It looked out of place; old and thick and heavy and rough, in contrast to the modern smooth lines of th rest of the furniture. It was at this cabinet she waited for me.

I came and stood next to her as she worked the latch & swung open the doors. Bright lights came on from within. “Hold out your hands.” I did. She placed a heavy steel tray on my hands, so big it took up most of my forearms as well. The tray had a mirrored finish, and suddenly I became aware again of our nudity, reflected straight up at us, exaggerated by the lights from inside the wardrobe. My chest, and hers. In the reflection I also noticed several odd and surreal shapes; items hanging in the wardrobe and on its doors. I looked up and immediately realized what they were. I shuddered. Claire was perusing over them, finger on her lip, as if she were trying to decide what to buy for dinner. Except these weren’t groceries. They were sex toys. Torture toys. An entire collection of rather terrifying devices for S&M pleasure. Many of them I didn’t recognize; strange harnesses, different sorts of utensils and tools. All were hanging as neatly and carefully as anexpert craftsman might keep his tools. The cabinet was lined in deep red velvet. Some items sat on glass shelves or little velvet pillows, others hung from silver hooks. The whole spread was intimidating.

She began to pick out the implements presumably she planned to use on me; dildos (of various shapes & sizes), vibrators, a bullwhip, a paddle, a flog (or cat o nine-tails, I think), a polished wooden dowel, some shiny silver clips of some sort, a strange little silver handle culminating in a small wheel of nasty little needle-sharp spikes, a switchblade, a rubber ball, various belts and harness, a coil of rope, some chain, and bottle of lubricant. Having made her selections, she closed the cabinet door. The tray was getting heavy. Looking over its contents, I was becoming nervous. She lifted a small leather and steel harness of sorts from the tray and held it up to the light. It was built around a thick metal ring, with a few strips of studded leather woven around it in sort of a crude basket shape, with another leather loop at the front. Some smaller silver rings were riveted at certain points to the leather. “Stand still.” she commanded, and then knelt before me. Under the tray, I could no longer see her or the strange harness. I felt her hands on my genitals. My cock had softened while she was loading up her tray, and I was a little shy about it. Nevertheless I didn’t move. Her hand grasped my scrotum tightly and pulled down. It hurt. I felt her single out one testicle and feed it through the larger metal ring on the harness, and then my other ball was pulled through. She then took my soft prick and forced it through the same ring, so that when she had finished, the ring rested firmly against my body, balls and dick beyond it. My scrotum was fed into the little leather basket, and the leather loop fitted around the shaft of my penis. Then warmth and wetness enveloped me. Her mouth was on my cock, I could feel her tongue glide down the underside, her lips wrapped around tight. I began to harden instantly. Despite the ache in my arms from her tray, despite the uncomfortable steel and leather contraption on my package, I was becoming aroused. Her mouth glided down and back up to the tip of my dick, then made a naughty little wet pop as she released her suction. The rush of cool air on the head, and then the heat of her mouth on it again. Claire sucked hard, it stiffened more, so hard now it was painful in the stirrup, and she was having difficulty keeping her lips around it. She released it, came back out from under the tray and stood up. A look of satisfaction on her face as she pointed to a table at the foot of the bed and I placed the loaded tray down upon it, careful not to spill its contents.

“Hands” she commanded. Her voice in a sort of sultry, deep whisper. I held my hands out to her again, hoping it wasn’t for another tray. She grasped my wrist and lifted a leather wristband off the tray. She buckled it onto my wrist, tight, then did the other wrist the same. The wristbands each had a metal ring on them, and onto these she attached two ends to a heavy chain. At the middle of this, she attached another length of chain, thus forming a “Y” shape. The bottom of the Y held a hook, which she fastened to the silver ring on the top of the leather dick-harness. This forced me to hold my hand down in front of my stomach, if I tried to lift them or turn them too far to one side, it would pull tighter the straps around my nuts, which hurt like hell. I stood still.

Claire walked a slow circle around me, stopped between myself and her tray of toys. I was facing away from her, didn’t see what she’d picked up next. I soon felt it though. The paddle. It landed flat across my ass at full speed. A deafening pop as it hit me. Searing pain shot through, Instantly my butt felt like fire. She landed another one, then an third. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. Two more, even harder. Every time the paddle hit, my arms would reflexively jerk upward, yanking my harnessed package with it, answering the pain with more pain. I was drowning in agony. All I could think of was the pain. Five more strikes in a row, and I was getting dizzy. I let out a scream. More of a guttural groan, really. I’d lost control of my capacity for speech, I made an inarticulate plea for mercy. The paddling stopped. She returned it to the tray. I let out a deep sigh of relief.

She took me by the chains, unhooked the bottom end from the cock-harness, and led me to the side of her bed. Pushed me forward, and I crawled onto the mattress, none too gracefully. She guided me forward to the head of the bed, looped the center chain around the top metal rung on the headboard and hooked it into place. My face and knees laid flat on the bed and my tingling burning ass raised up in the air. I felt the bed move as she climbed on with me. Back to her tray she reached and then I felt a cold fluid down my ass-crack, her fingers smearing it onto my sphincter. My heart began pounding furiously. Her finger penetrated me. I yelped. She slid the finger back out fed more lube, and then the finger back in. Deeper this time. Then back out. The next penetration wasn’t a finger. Something bigger, firmer, tapered. A butt-plug. Slowly she fed it into my ass. It felt huge, stretching me. “Relax. It will hurt less if you let it in. Just relax.” Her voice was soft, soothing. I did my best to comply. I let out a long ragged breath. It went in deeper. Stretched me wider. Then it reached the zenith and pulled itself into position. I felt full. It felt strange, foreign. Uncomfortable, but not terrible. “Good” she said. “Very nice.” She gave my ass a gentle pat.

Her weight shifted on the bed; She’s reaching for the next fresh hell from her tray. Something tickled my thigh. I felt it again on my lower back. It ran up and down my spine, brushed over my shoulder. The cat o nine-tails. A few dozen little strips of leather, culminating at a heavy woven leather handle. She gently whipped up and down my back. Each strike a little harder, a little lower, closer and closer to my still reddened ass. She built up a fast rhythm as she went; harder, faster, lower. The first hit to contact my ass felt like a thousand needles. Then another hit, and another. She moved down my thighs, my calves. She worked the entire length of my body; down one leg, up the other, always the hardest swings saved for my poor aching ass. She also took time to concentrate on my shoulders; a couple dozen floggings each. It wasn’t as overwhelming a pain as the paddle, but the swift repetition; over & over again in the same spots, the irritation kept building up, until it was unbearable. Then she dropped the flog. Her hands ran up and down my tingling skin.

She grasped me by the arms, guided me to flip over. On my back then, and suddenly aware of the plug still in my ass as my own weight drove it a tad deeper, my face wet with tears, her beautiful silhouette looming over me. My cock was still hard; the ring at the base kept it from softening too quickly, despite my suffering under the flog. I had never experienced a cockring before. It was a bit disconcerting, not having direct control over my state of arousal. She patted my stiff member gingerly. “We’ll get to that soon enough. I have so much more to do yet” She leaned forward and gave me a deep affectionate kiss, then climbed off the bed. I watched her open a nightstand and remove a Zippo lighter. She lit two candles on that stand, then circled the bed and lit two more on the other. I could see her easier in the added light. She could see me easier as well, in my helpless prone position. At the foot of the bed she picked out a handful of items and came back to the bedside. She spread them out beside me.

The little metal clips, that spiked wheel thing, the switchblade, she lined them up in a neat little row. One of the clips came first. With one hand she pinched my nipple, gave it a tug, and her other hand snapped the clip into place. Excruciating. My other nipple received the same cruel treatment. I was writhing in pain. She took the lighter’s flame to the end of the right nipple clip. The steel quickly transferred the heat onto my pinched flesh. I gasped, groaned, cried out. The raw skin on my back rubbed against the duvet. My whole body felt like it was on fire. Claire gave my left nipple a harsh smack, a jolt of agony, and she chided me, “Stop squirming.” I tried not to move. Deep breaths. Clenched fists, curled toes. She nodded, watching my attempts to compose myself and ignore the anguish. “Don’t shut it out, love the pain” No. She’s crazy. “Embrace it. Live for a change, darling. Let it in.” The lighter went away.

Her little wheel of needles skated across my stomach. I jumped. She ran it up my tensed arm, I could feel each little pinprick into my skin. Down the underside on my other arm, across my chest, multiplying the sensation of the clips. Southward the wheel rolled. My waistline, the sensitive skin around my cock, and then my inner thigh. It left an itchy trail behind it as she explored my body; up & down, tracing out muscle groups, meandering from one sensitive spot to another. “Tell me you love it.” I couldn’t respond. My silence appeared to please her. “Then you’re not there yet.” The snap of her switchblade punctuated her sentence.

The cold blade slid across my skin, down the groove between ribs. She didn’t press hard enough to cut, just scrape & scratch. Claire slowly ran the edge of the knife up and down my left side, I didn’t even realize I had contorted my body to the right to avoid it. A few strategic pokes with the knife-point into my right side manipulated me back into position. I was horrified. At any moment she could decide to cut me open; and here I was, tied to her bed, with this dick-harness, and this ass-plug, and these nipple clamps, allowing her full access with that knife. She seemed to be taking great care not to break the skin, It still felt like she did with each jab. I expected t feel drips of blood from whee she’d pricked, but there was none. The point of the blade danced across my body, I flinched with every poke. Down my legs, the bottoms of my feet, then my palms, then the underside of my dick. I bit my lip to stifle a yelp.

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