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She shuddered as the drop of moisture slowly made its way down her inner thigh, the only chill against her flushed skin.

Her knees and sensitive nipples were pressed firmly into the soft mattress, her face buried in the pillow. She arched her back, thrusting her hairless mound and ass higher into the air. The pose was the perfect invitation to take her like the bitch she had become.

She shook involuntarily as another drop escaped her drooling cunt. She could feel the heat emanating from the furnace between her thighs. Her newly pierced cunt throbbed with a painful itch. Every fiber of her toned, tight body screamed her need to be fucked.

Slowly she pulled her arms from beneath her raised form and reached back to pull apart the toned cheeks of her ass. She knew she would be irresistible now — a filthy slut displaying her swollen, dripping lips and both tight holes, ready to be filled.

She felt his body weight shift onto the bed, moving powerfully to position himself between her knees. She bit her lip and waited anxiously as he lined up his thick shaft with his chosen hole, and then held her breath as she felt the head of his thick cock inched its way into her sopping cunt.

She gasped, allowing the air to fill her lungs, and then pushed back against his dick, driving it deeper inside her.


She flexed her cunt, desperately trying to hold on to the cock retreating quickly from her tight sheath.

“Nooo… please,” she begged.

“Jessica… wake up.”

Dr. Huang’s voice ripped her from her dream. She opened her eyes slowly, squinting against the bright fluorescent light that filled the familiar cell.

“Having a good dream were you?” Huang teased.

Jessica rubbed the sleep from her eyes and shifted beneath the soft sheets that were her only comfort in the small room.

Huang gave her an amused grin before reaching down and quickly pulling the sheets off her naked body. She stiffened as the cool air swept over her body. Her nipples, now permanently hard because of her new piercings, throbbed as the fabric brushed over them.

Without thinking, she spread her legs for him, as he had trained her to do. Her hairless cunt was slick from her dream and ached with a dull throbbing — a symptom of her new life as a perpetually aroused toy.

“Good girl,” Huang commented. He leaned in closer to inspect the progress of her clit piercing.

“Does it still hurt?” He turned his attention from her slick folds back to her deep green eyes.

“No,” Jessica hesitated, “It doesn’t hurt anymore, but it won’t stop throbbing.”

“That’s a good sign,” Huang smiled and rose back to his feet. He turned to retrieve his clipboard, which he’d set down on the exercise bench in her room.

“And your nipples?”

“No pain,” she responded quietly.

Huang raised his eyes from the clipboard and gave both nipple piercings a cursory glance.

“Stand up.”

Jessica rose quickly from the bed as instructed and stood before him with her legs spread and arms behind her back — just as she’d been conditioned to do.

Her new posture seemed very natural to her now. She thrust her chest forward to display her enlarged breasts and angled her legs to advertise her hairless mound. She made no attempt to hide her body, which was naked except for the simple black leather collar around her neck.

“I couldn’t be more pleased,” He gave her a friendly smile. “You look as though you’ve probably met your body mass targets, and it looks like your chest has filled in nicely.”

Huang took the opportunity to reach out and lift the breast closest to him with his palm, evaluating the weight and shape. Even his clinical touch sent an electric shock down her spine and into Jessica’s clit. She felt her cunt spasm involuntarily and bit her lip to stifle a moan.

If Huang noticed her reaction he ignored it. He released her sensitive breast and it fell heavily back against her chest.

“Now then, I’m going to take your measurements. ” He removed a tape measure from his coat pocket. “Hold your breath when I tell you to.”

Jessica stood still as Huang fed the measuring tape around her chest, brushing against her nipples. She shuddered.

“Deep breath,” he commanded. He jotted down the measurement on his clipboard.

He worked his way down and measured her waist just above the belly button before sliding the tape down to her hips. He made notes on his clipboard as he went.

“Doctor?” Jessica asked tentatively.

“Yes?” Huang answered without pausing from his work.

“What about Melissa? The girl I saw the other day.”

Huang didn’t answer her but did scowl. She dared not press the question.

Jessica had to struggle to keep still when he measured her thighs, his hand brushed the sensitive flesh between her legs — which were still no doubt a little wet from her dream. Next he beckoned her over to the electronic scale in the corner — she knew he would be pleased – she’d lost 13 lbs since she started on Huang’s aggressive cardio routine.

To her disappointment he jotted down the results without any reaction.

Huang checked his wrist watch, and then turned his attention back to Jessica. She tensed and renewed her efforts to display herself perfectly under his critical gaze.

“Jessica,” the authority flowed through his voice as he addressed her directly. “You’re going to come with me and we’re going to get you cleaned up and a haircut.”

Jessica nodded and Huang turned without offering any other explanation. He opened the door into the white, windowless hall. Jessica followed him, leaving her room for the first time since she had been pierced; it had felt like well over a week, maybe two.

He moved briskly down the hallway and Jessica followed dutifully behind. The twists and turns seemed familiar but impossible to memorize. Huang stopped in front of a now familiar looking pair of double doors and swiped his key to unlock them.

Jiao seemed startled by their entrance and leapt to their feet as Huang quickly entered the spa.

Huang skipped the greeting.

“Give her a haircut, get her cleaned up and dressed for her qualification review,” Huang spoke tersely. Jiao nodded obediently.

“These are her new measurements.” He offered a note to Jiao who reached to take it quickly. “And no delays this time,” he added sharply.

Jiao swallowed uncomfortably and submissively lowered her eyes.

“Yes, Doctor.”

Huang, checked his watch again.

“Two hours,” he offered and then strode quickly out of the spa, the doors closing sharply with a click behind him.

Jessica stood just inside the door, confused and not quite sure what she should do next. She turned and searched for Jiao.

The small Asian girl had moved quickly to the corner and was already busy collecting items from a drawer. She spun abruptly and locked her eyes on Jessica.

“You heard him, stop wasting time and get over here.” Jiao pointed toward a salon chair nearby.

Jessica walked quickly over to the chair and settled into the seat. The smooth leather felt strange but luxurious on her naked frame.

Jiao rolled over a small cart, similar to the one that Lucas had used for his piercing instruments. This time it was covered by a small towel, spray bottle, scissors and a comb.

Without a word Jiao set to work, combing Jessica’s hair and separating it into layers. As she worked, she mumbled to herself in a language Jessica couldn’t understand.

Jessica began to hear the scissors as the Asian woman began cutting. She watched as pieces of coal black hair fell softly onto her naked chest. It was a strange experience. She had always had beautiful auburn hair and never risked dying it. Her old life seemed so distant now.

Jessica made an effort to keep her neck straight, but Jiao still had to roughly push her head back into position a few times. The warm sensation from the soft leather seat on her bare ass and cunt also wasn’t helping her keep still.

Sometime later the sound of the scissors finally stopped. Jessica exhaled with relief, her neck muscles had began to ache several minutes ago as Jiao had pulled and tugged at her hair.

The small Asian girl stepped out from behind the chair and studied her work; she slowly turned the chair, evaluating her performance from every angle. She made a few last minute corrections with the scissors before finally putting them back on the cart with the other items.

“There, that looks great,” she commented smugly to herself. Jessica had to take her word for it; she couldn’t find any mirrors in the room.

“Now hurry and take a shower while I find your outfit,” Jiao commanded gesturing towards the back of the spa.

Jessica rose wordlessly and headed for the shower area.

“Don’t forget this,” Jiao shouted and threw a large fluffy towel toward her. “Be quick,” she added.

Jessica darted into the shower area, being careful not to slip on the smooth tile floor, and turned on the faucet. The temperature warmed up quickly. She stepped under the water and closed her eyes. The warm water felt fantastic on her sore muscles and stiff neck. She allowed the pressure to gently massage her shoulders and create a warm stream flowing over and around the contours of her transformed body.

She allowed her hands to roam, first kneading the stress out of her tense neck muscles and then exploring lower. She cupped her full breasts in her hands and slowly rolled her pierced nipples between her fingers. It felt so good, sharp bursts of pleasure shot down to her loins with every brush of her hand. Her arousal began to grow and her own juices leaked from her slit to join the warm water flowing down her thighs.

“You little cunt!” Jiao barked. Jessica’s eyes flew open to find the Asian woman glaring at her from the shower entrance.

“I told you to wash – not play with yourself like a slut in the shower.”

Jessica stood frozen, wide-eyed and breasts in hand, as Jiao angrily shrugged off her robe revealing her petite naked body. She moved quickly and was under the shower’s warm water before Jessica thought to speak.

The Asian girl wasted no time applying soap to her charges’ back. Jessica regained her senses and made an effort to reach for the shampoo.

“Just stand still,” Jiao ordered her voice full of frustration. “We’re in a hurry, and you’re turning out to be pretty useless.”

Jiao quickly finished soaping her back and shoulders with the wash cloth and began moving south. The soft cloth and warm soapy water felt fantastic on Jessica’s ass. Jiao paused to insert a slick soapy finger roughly into Jessica’s asshole, eliciting a cry from Jessica, before continuing down the her legs.

“Turn around,” Jiao commanded.

Jessica quickly turned to face her in the shower. Jiao’s head bobbed up and down between Jessica’s thighs as Jiao washed Jessica’s feet and up her legs. Jessica held her breath as the cloth traveled up her body and between her thighs. She spread her legs further as the soapy cloth spread her folds and caressed her slit. Jessica bent her knees in attempt to encourage Jiao’s fingers to move deeper inside her.

Jiao pulled away and continued up her body, soaping her abdomen and massaging the suds into each breast. Jessica was shaking with arousal by the time the soapy cloth had brushed her pierced nipples.

“No time for that right now,” Jiao spoke, some sympathy creeping into her voice. “Maybe later if we have you ready before Huang returns… now rinse off this soap and meet me back in the spa.”

Jessica nodded and shifted under the shower head as Jiao withdrew her naked body from the water. Once she was sure the last of the soap had been rinsed away, she shut off the faucet and quickly toweled off. She resisted the urge to touch herself, to push her fingers into the furnace between her thighs, but it wasn’t easy.

Jessica returned to the spa as Jiao was exiting the closet on the other side of the room. She carried in her hands a half a dozen plain white boxes of different shapes and sizes.

“Come here, we need to get your hair dry,” Jiao ordered as she returned to the salon chair in the corner. She placed the boxes on the floor and retrieved a hair dryer from a cabinet on the wall.

Jessica sat in silence as Jiao flicked the handheld dryer on and began coaxing the water out of her hair. It took almost as long to blow dry as it had to cut it. When she was finished she searched through the cabinet until she retrieved a canister of hair spray, clips and a straightening iron. Jiao set to work styling Jessica’s hair.

Several long minutes later, Jiao finally seemed satisfied with her work and turned her attention to the white boxes on the floor. She opened two of the smaller boxes both of which included shoes.

The first pair was made of what appeared to be high quality shiny black leather. They had a sandal-style open toe with a short platform followed by a tall stiletto heel that made it obvious their primary purpose wasn’t for walking comfortably anywhere except a bedroom. The heel ended in a thick black strap that would wrap around the ankle and close with a silver clasp.

The second pair was less subtle than the first, if that was possible. They were a tall gladiator-style heeled shoe made of translucent vinyl or plastic. The tall heel was less steep than the first pair but ended in a long pair of white straps designed to climb up the ankles and tie just beneath the knee. They were the type of shoe probably rarely seen outside a gentleman’s club.

Jessica held her breath as Jiao glanced back and forth between the boxes, carefully considering her decision. She let out a sigh of relief as Jiao placed the lid back on the gaudy stripper heels and settled on the classier fuck-me heels.

Jiao rose from the floor without a word, and padded quickly back into the closet. She emerged a moment later with another small, square-shaped box and a small bottle under her arm.

She dropped the new box and knelt down in front of Jessica as she opened the cap of the bottle.

“First things first,” she started. “Rub this oil over your feet, legs — all the way up to your knees.” Jiao passed Jessica the bottle. “Use lots of it, so they’re nice and slick.”

Jessica nodded and poured some of the thick liquid into the palm of her hand. She started applying the cool mixture to her knees and worked her way down.

Meanwhile Jiao turned her attention back to the newest box. She opened the top and pulled out what appeared to be a black latex or rubber leggings. She began to roll it from the top, preparing it so that it would be easy to step into. Jiao repeated the process with a second sock from the same box as Jessica finished applying the slick liquid to her feet.

“Ok then, we’ll try and make this as easy as possible.” Jiao retrieved the bottle from Jessica’s hands, and placed it next to the boxes. She pushed the end of the rolled up legging over Jessica’s toes, up her foot and ankle. She had to stop several times to smooth out the latex as it was drawn up her leg.

Higher the sock unrolled until it reached just above her knee.

“Stand up,” Jiao commanded.

Jessica rose to her feet. Jiao stood and began to pull and adjust the stockings until the wrinkles in the latex had smoothed out and it had crept up to her mid-thigh. The rubbery material clung like a second skin to her leg.

“Ok, take a seat again; we’ve got one more to go.”

Jessica sat back down again as Jiao wrestled her leg into the other stocking. It was a struggle getting it into place, but when Jiao had finished Jessica looked incredible. Both of Jessica’s legs, from toe to mid-thigh were encased in the pitch black skin. She looked as though she had been dipped feet first into a pool of liquid rubber. The shiny black effect perfectly framed her hairless slit.

Jiao seemed tired from the tugging and wiped the excess oil from her hands onto her robe.

“Ok, now the shoes.” Jiao turned again and retrieved the black leather heels from the box.

Jiao gently guided Jessica’s encased feet into the shoes and closed the clasps tightly around the ankles.

“Okay, stand up, let’s see how you look.” Jiao took a step back as Jessica carefully rose out of the chair and balanced on the shoes.

The stiletto heels were taller than they had looked in the box; they must have been at least five inches. The sole contoured steeply so that Jessica felt as though she were standing on her toes.

Jiao smiled for the first time.

“You look great,” she beamed proudly. “Turn around so that I can see the back.”

Jessica dutifully rotated on the steep shoes, turning so that Jiao could examine her tight, pert ass displayed obscenely by the tall heels. It was impossible for Jessica to keep her balance in the shoes without arching her back and thrusting her ass out invitingly.

“Perfect,” Jiao congratulated herself on her choice. “This look suits you better than the ‘cheap whore’ motif. We’ll keep these for your red-headed friend.”

Jessica swallowed hard.

“Can you tell me about Melissa?”

“Don’t worry about her,” Jiao scowled. “She’ll still be in one piece the next time you see her.”

“When can I see her again?” Jessica pressed anxiously.

“When they want you to see her.,” barked.” Forget about her before you get yourself in real trouble.”

The Asian girl turned her attention to the other boxes on the floor. She opened the largest box and pulled out a simple black leather corset. Jiao fiddled with the strapping for several minutes as Jessica watched quietly.

Soon it became clear that the breast portion of the corset was removable and Jiao was customizing the configurable pieces so that Jessica’s enlarged breasts and pierced nipples would sit uncovered on the leather shelf. Finally Jiao wrestled the surplus leather cups off the frame and tossed them back into the box.

“Raise your arms,” she ordered as she approached with the opened corset.

This particular design closed from the front and used leather straps and clasps instead of laces. Jessica lifted her arms above her head as Jiao pulled the material over her frame and began tightening the straps around her abdomen, working her way up to Jessica’s exposed chest.

“Deep breath,” Jiao grinned mischievously as she pulled the clasps tight.

She used her soft hands to gently push Jessica’s swollen breasts to sit perfectly on the corset’s shelf. Then she walked slowly around the girl to make sure the corset fit snugly in the back.

She stopped in front of Jessica once again and gave her a quick once over.

“Almost done, those stockings went on easier than I thought they would.”

Jiao reached forward and put her arms around Jessica’s neck and began to fumble with the clasps on her simple leather collar. The heels made Jessica tall enough that Jiao had to press herself against her to reach. Jessica moaned as she felt the soft cotton from Jiao’s robe covered-chest press against her sensitive nipples.

“I know baby,” Jiao cooed as she finally managed to open the clasp. “You just can’t help yourself anymore can you?”

Jessica could only grunt in response as she focused on maintaining her balance as her knees turned to jelly.

Her neck felt suddenly empty, and exposed as Jiao retreated away from her with the collar in hand. She’d become so used to the simple leather strap — the only thing she’d been allowed to wear in her room since her arrival — that she felt naked without it, even though ironically she was wearing more clothes now than she had in weeks.

Jiao noticed Jessica’s discomfort and smiled.

“Don’t worry you little slut, we’re not done yet.”

Jiao retrieved one of the smaller boxes and opened it. She pulled a larger collar from inside. This collar was made of similar thin, soft leather but was probably twice as wide — it looked much more like a collar than a simple band. Attached to the front was a heavier chrome ring and letters which Jiao hid from Jessica’s view.

Jiao approached Jessica before pausing in thought.

“This would probably be easier if you knelt down,” she decided and gestured to the floor.

Jessica complied and lowered herself to her knees. She assumed her conditioned pose, legs spread to display her hairless mound, wrists crossed behind her back, back arched pushing her breasts forward.

Jiao gently brushed aside Jessica’s hair and wrapped the collar around her neck, pulling it tight so that it wouldn’t move, but not so tight as to choke her. The heavier weight felt both strange and comforting to Jessica as Jiao made the last of the adjustments to the clasp in the back.

“There we go. That looks fantastic,” Jiao beamed. “Is it too tight? Are you having problems swallowing?”

Jessica swallowed several times.

“No, its fine,” she answered softly.

“Perfect,” Jiao declared. “Now we’ve just got one more important piece to add and you’ll be ready for your review.”

“Review?” Jessica asked apprehensively.

Jiao ignored her and walked quickly to a counter in the corner. She returned with a small makeup case and rooted through it until she’d found a lip stain pencil.

“Pucker your lips like this,” Jiao ordered.

Jiao applied a natural looking pink stain to highlight Jessica’s naturally puffy lips. When she had finished, Jessica braved her question again.

“What review?”

Jiao placed the pencil back in the bag and began hunting through the items she’d brought from the closet.

“It’s just like your appraisal,” Jiao answered while she searched through the boxes. “Just a check-up really, you’ll do fine.”

Jessica swallowed hard as her mind wandered to her last visit with the Appraiser. It had been a terrifying and confusing experience for her. She took deep breaths to calm herself.

“Ah, here it is!” Jiao cried triumphantly. She reached into the small box that had held her collar and retrieved a small silver bell about the size of a ping pong ball.

Jiao pushed her way through the pile of boxes and knelt down beside Jessica, fumbling with the metal ring at the front of her new collar, until the bell snapped into place.

“Oh yeah… Huang’s going to be pleased!” Jiao smiled.


Jessica stared back at the Asian girl confused.

“Bounce. Bounce up and down,” Jiao demanded again.

Jessica bounced on her knees, pushing her ass back and forth in a fucking motion, as the bell on her collar began to ring softly.

“Perfect,” Jiao laughed. “I thought about putting little bells on those sexy new tits of yours, but this is much better.”

“Would you like to see yourself?” Jiao grinned. Jessica stopped rocking and opened her mouth, unsure of what to say.

“Of course you do, come with me pet.” Jiao laughed.

She turned and began to walk towards a small door by the main entrance. Jessica stumbled to her feet and steadied herself on the heels. It took just a few steps before her body found its balance and she was able to walk on them as if she’d been training in the shoes for years.

Jiao pulled the door open and ushered her into a small room filled with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Jessica stood in shock as she dumbly examined her reflection, it had been the first time she’d seen herself since she had fallen asleep on the plane.

“Is that how you’ve been taught to stand?” Jiao scolded from the doorway.

Jessica shook herself from her stupor and adjusted her posture as she’d been trained to do. The transformation was amazing. She’d always been a slim girl, but now every inch of her body appeared firm and taut.

Her long auburn hair had been replaced by pitch black locks that fell down her shoulders, past her collared neck, to her large firm breasts. The corset thrust them forward obscenely. Her abdomen was flat but feminine and flowed down softly to her naked mons.

Her hairless slit glistened with arousal and guided her gaze further down her perfectly formed thighs and long, latex encased legs.

Jessica was overcome with arousal as she stared at her transformed body in the mirror. She felt like a toy, and now she was certain she looked like one as well.

Her eyes were drawn to the collar around her neck. The words “Fuck Toy” were clearly written above the silver bell – a symbol of her subservience to a single purpose, to use her body to provide pleasure. Her implant responded to her internal realization and began pumping endorphins through her body. Her arousal surged and Jessica couldn’t help but vocalize her lust with a low moan.

“Like what you see?” Jiao teased from the doorway.

Jessica fought to focus as the chemical arousal coursed through her veins and set off fireworks in her brain — permanently imprinting her new concepts of her body and purpose deep within her cortex.

“The good news is that we finished sooner than I expected,” Jiao’s voice invaded her thoughts.

Jessica wobbled on her feet as the intense rush of excitement slowly ebbed.

“Come with me,” Jiao spoke softly, and held the door open so that Jessica could exit in front of her. “How do you feel?”

“I’m alright,” Jessica stammered softly as Jiao led her across the room. “Just feeling a little dizzy.”

“Kneel here then, and catch your breath.”

Jessica sunk to her knees and crouched forward so that her forehead touched the hard tile floors. She felt as though she were burning up and the cool ceramic felt comforting.

“Feeling a little better?” Jiao asked after several silent moments.

“Yes,” Jessica spoke softly as the fever retreated from her body replaced with a light chill from the air on her naked flesh.

“Good, let’s not waste our time together then.”

Jessica raised her head slowly, and then opened her eyes to search for the Asian woman. Jiao sat less than three feet away in the salon chair. She’d opened her robe and raised her knees to the seat so that her hairless slit was thrust forward in the chair.

“Come on then, show me what you’ve learned to do with that tongue.”

Jessica made an effort to rise on her wobbly legs.

” Crawl,” Jiao corrected her.

The bell around her neck jingled as Jessica crawled forward until she was just inches from the Asian girl’s bare cunt. The familiar smell of Jiao’s damp mound was intoxicating. She could feel the heat from her furnace on her face as she leaned in closer.

Jiao reached down and wrapped her fingers through Jessica’s hair pulling her closer until her lips made contact and she spread Jiao’s slit open with her tongue. The Asian girl’s cunt was sopping wet as Jessica stroked her tongue up and down the slit, teasing the small clit peeking out from under the hood.

Jiao grunted as Jessica’s tongue worked back and forth over the sensitive nub. The Asian girl struggled to keep her thighs open as Jessica drove her tongue deeper, first pushing gently into her drooling hole before slinking further south over the sensitive skin to bathe her tight rear entrance.

“That’s it… you dirty little slut,” Jiao gasped as Jessica’s tongue pushed against her tightly clenched hole. She began to rock her hips back and forth as she neared her release.

“Lick my cunt, I’m close,” Jiao commanded through clenched teeth. Jessica altered her angle quickly and drove her tongue against her engorged clit. Jiao thrust her hips forward driving her cunt against Jessica’s mouth — then froze as an orgasmic wave ripped through her petite frame. Her fingers tightened this grip on Jessica’s hair as she let out a deep moan.

She was still for only a few seconds before she resumed thrusting her hips.

“Come on, you bitch, again.”

Jessica resumed her attack on the clit and moments later Jiao erupted a second time, this time squirting a sweet-tasting fluid against Jessica’s lips.

“Oh baby, that was good… again,” Jiao spoke softly as she started grinding her mound against Jessica’s soaked face. Jessica dove back in again forcing her tongue up and down the slick folds until Jiao shook for a third time and another burst of juice dribbled out of her cunt.

Jiao’s hips spasmed as she recovered from the third intense orgasm, her breathing slowed but she didn’t release her grip on Jessica’s hair.

Jessica tentatively stuck out her tongue again and began to press softly against Jiao’s throbbing clit.

“No… too sensitive there,” Jiao whispered, her eyes closed as the waves from her orgasm continued to flow through her body. She gently pushed Jessica’s head lower. Jessica took the hint and resumed lapping at the Asian girl’s tight back entrance.

“You’re such a good little slut,” Jiao cooed as she shifted her feet to give Jessica better access. “What are you doing down there?”

Jessica traced her tongue around the rim of Jiao’s asshole and gently tried to force the tip inside.

“I said what are you doing down there?” Jiao sounded inpatient as she repeated the question. “Answer me.”

“I’m licking you,” Jessica spoke softly before renewing her efforts to breach Jiao’s back door with her tongue.

“You’re what?” Jiao asked again sternly.

“I’m licking your ass,” Jessica answered again more enthusiastically.

“That’s better,” Jiao sounded pleased. She relaxed her clenched ass allowing Jessica’s tongue to push deeper into her hole.

“Mmm good little slut,” she moaned again.

The bell around Jessica’s neck jingled as she thrust her tongue deeper between Jiao’s cheeks. Jessica’s implant rewarded her efforts by steadily releasing endorphins as she rimmed the tiny Asian girl. Her own slit was soaked and dripped onto the hard tile floor, but at the moment her mind and body were singularly focused on bringing Jiao pleasure.

The door suddenly opened — Jiao clenched her ass with surprise pushing the tongue out of her ass. Jessica had been so invested in pleasing the petite Asian woman that she was confused why she was being pushed away and moaned softly with frustration.

“Jiao,” Huang spoke tersely. “I thought I made it quite clear that we didn’t have time for this today.”

Jessica spun around surprised.

“I finished early,” Jiao stammered.

“I’ll be sure to give you less time in the future then,” Huang scowled. “Is she ready?”

“Yes,” Jiao responded quietly, she leaned forward and used her robe to wipe her juices from Jessica’s mouth and chin. “All ready to go.”

Huang approached and circled Jessica as she remained on her knees, looking between the two of them, shaking slightly as she caught her breath. He paused in thought behind her. Jessica looked over her shoulder and searched his face for signs of his approval.

“Get a plug, nothing too big,” Huang spoke quietly to Jiao while his eyes remained locked on Jessica’s tight ass.

“Sorry, I didn’t see a plug in your notes,” Jiao apologized and padded quickly to the closet.

“It wasn’t in my notes,” Huang seemed less irritated now. “But I remember it being mentioned during her appraisal.”

Jiao returned a moment later with a small black rubber plug in her hand.

“Is this big enough?” She handed it to the doctor.

“It will do,” Huang answered after rolling it between his fingers.

“Get her ready for it.”

Jiao moved towards the cabinet to retrieve a bottle of lube.

“No. Do it yourself,” Huang commanded, stopping Jiao in her tracks. “From what I can tell, you owe her.”

Jiao gave him a scowl but turned and made her way back to Jessica’s kneeling form.

“Hands and knees,” Jiao spoke softly as she knelt down on the cold hard tile behind Jessica.

Jessica shifted forward obediently. Her pulse quickened with anticipation. She could hear the blood as it pumped through her ears, a soft throbbing that quickly spread down her spine and into her clit. She waited silently for Jiao.

Then she felt it. At first it was just a soft heat blowing against her perineum, and then she felt the soft tongue gently pressing against the sensitive skin between her holes. Jessica shuddered as Jiao dragged her tongue downwards towards her sopping slit.

Jiao expertly pushed her small tongue between Jessica’s lips and lapped at the moisture drooling out of her throbbing cunt. Then she began to move up, across her perineum again until her tongue dragged its way across Jessica’s rear passage. Jiao’s tongue lapped back and forth bathing her hole and pushing gently at the opening.

Then a new sensation, a finger, pushing slowly past Jessica’s drooling lips. Jiao rocked her finger back and forth gently collecting the natural lubricant pouring from between Jessica’s folds. The tongue retreated leaving Jessica’s ass hole feeling chilled as her wet skin reacted with the cool air. The finger withdrew leaving her with an empty feeling, her hips rocked back searching for the missing visitor.

Then pressure, a strong push against her tight asshole as Jiao pushed her dripping finger into Jessica’s ass. At first there was a dull ache, then strange feelings as the tiny Asian girl gently rotated her finger and stretched Jessica’s ass.

Jessica became comfortable with the invasion and relaxed her sphincter muscles allowing Jiao’s finger to creep deeper inside. Jiao alternated between thrusting in and out of the tight hole, and curling her finger. Soon Jessica was responding to the stimulation by rocking her ass back to drive the finger deeper.

“She’s ready,” Jiao spoke softly. Huang passed her the small black plug. Jiao slowly pulled her finger from Jessica’s tight hole. Jessica bore down on the finger, trying to hold it deep inside. She moaned with frustration as it slipped out.

Jiao licked the plug using her her tongue to coat the supple plastic with her spit, stopping once she was sure it was sufficiently wet to breach Jessica’s rear entrance. She spit on the girls ass hole once to prepare her for the trial that was about to come.

Jessica felt the pressure again, this time more intense as Jiao pushed the tip of the plug against her opening. It felt huge, at least twice the size of the Asian girl’s finger. The dull ache became a sharp pain as Jessica’s ass sought to block the intruder’s attempt.

“Relax,” Jiao purred next to her ear. “Just relax and let it slip inside.”

Jessica tried to calm herself, she tried to gulp down deep breaths despite the restricting corset. She willed her sphincter to relax and allow the plug deeper. It slipped further inside, filling her with a pressure she’d never experienced before. Inch by inch the plug slipped past her body’s resistance.

Then a push. Her muscles closed around the narrow handle locking the plug deep inside her ass. She flexed and felt the lip at the end of the plug press against her sensitive entrance. She felt full in a way much different than she’d ever experienced with a cock inside her.

Her mind immediately wandered to how it would feel to have both holes filled, and if her small body could handle the dual intrusion without tearing apart.

Jessica was dragged back to reality by Jiao’s voice.

“All done,” she chimed cheerfully. She gave Jessica a hard slap on her ass, pushing the plug deeper and eliciting a moan.

“Can you stand?” Huang asked.

“I… I don’t know,” Jessica groaned. She struggled to raise her knee and place a stiletto on the floor. The plugs movement inside her sent a wave of arousal up her spine, and her legs wobbled.

“I’ll help you then,” Huang strode forward and placed his hands beneath her arms. In one swift motion he lifted her off the floor, like she was no heavier than a doll, and placed her on her toes. The silver bell on her collar rang softly as she swayed on her feet.

“Balance,” Huang steadied her small frame until she regained control of her legs.

Huang released her slowly and Jessica carefully resumed her conditioned posture — legs spread, back arched, breasts out, wrists crossed behind her back.

“Good enough, it seems,” Huang checked his watch. “Come along then.”

He watched patiently as Jessica maneuvered slowly towards the door. Her normally graceful walk was changed by the plug moving inside her with every step. The small pert cheeks of her ass were spread obscenely by the wide end of the plug.

She followed Huang out the door and into the hall as the door closed behind them. Jessica struggled to keep up with his pace as he navigated the corridors.

“You are going to see the appraiser again, for your qualification review. Do you remember the instructions I gave you last time?” Huang spoke as he walked.

“Yes,” Jessica spoke softly.

Huang ignored her response.

“Do not speak unless spoken to. If you are given an instruction, obey it immediately,” Huang continued. “Remember to stand as I’ve taught you. I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

Finally they stopped in front of yet another nondescript door. He turned to face her and watched calmly as she steadied herself on the heels.

“Just answer every question honestly and obey every command. You’ll be fine,” he grinned. “And don’t embarrass me,” he added sternly.

Jessica nodded her understanding. Huang checked his watch once more and then hurriedly opened the door. She stepped through the door. Huang closed it quickly behind her.

The room was just as she had remembered it, big and brightly lit. The handsome Asian man and his busty assistant were seated in front of the raised platform, seemingly wearing the same tailored suit, as if they hadn’t moved since her last visit.

Jessica made two steps toward the platform before the Appraisers loud voice filled the room.

“Stay,” he commanded authoritatively. “I did not tell you to move yet.”

Jessica froze in place. The room was silent for a moment before the Appraiser and his assistant began speaking to each other, she had interrupted a conversation when she entered. Jessica couldn’t make out the words and could only dumbly watch as the woman nodded her head in understanding after each sentence.

Finally he paused. His assistant finished her note and smoothed her skirt with her hands.

“Come and stand on the platform,” he ordered in a calm voice.

Jessica darted to the platform. She stepped on top and shuddered as she felt the plug in her ass press inside her. She steadied herself and assumed her conditioned pose.

The Appraiser sat and stared at her for several long moments. His face was emotionless. Jessica swallowed nervously.

“Pass me her file,” he spoke confidently, without removing his gaze from Jessica’s transformed body.

He finally looked away as his assistant passed him the small folder. He studied it carefully, occasionally glancing up at her before returning his attention to the documents. Then he passed it back to her — she accepted it wordlessly.

He stood and walked purposely toward her, stopping a foot in front of her to study her form. She stifled a cry as he unexpectedly reached out and grasped her thigh. He shot her a disapproving nod and held his finger to his lips.


She swallowed anxiously, her mind torn between terror from being gripped by this man and the arousal flooding through her body from his touch.

“How do you feel?” He withdrew his hand and his calm voice shattered the silence in the room.

“Good,” Jessica squeaked in response.

“Good?” He smirked. “Just good?”

“I feel warm,” Jessica whispered. “From your touch.”

“Better,” he responded and began to circle the platform, disappearing behind her and out of sight. “Where do you feel warm?”

He pressed his finger against the plug in her ask sending another jolt of arousal through her body.

“Everywhere,” Jessica answered quickly as she fought to keep her knees from buckling.

“Be more specific,” he commanded from behind her. He withdrew his fingers from the plug.

“My thigh, where you touched me,” Jessica spoke softly.

“Where else?” He pressed as he concluded his trip around the platform.

“My chest and…”

“Your what?” He interrupted.

“My chest,” she repeated.

“Remember your training pet,” he commanded authoritatively.

“In my tits,” she tried again.

Our life was really nice.

We met as childhood sweethearts, married in our early twenties, had two great kids who were now almost independent, and money was fine. I ran my own real estate business and my husband, Steve, had a great job doing what he loved, working in football. He travelled a lot during the season, and this year, as the kids had both basically moved out, I found myself feeling slightly lonely for the first time in my life.

As my daughter and her boyfriend left after having dinner with me, I relaxed on the couch but could not find anything interesting to watch.

I looked around the room, and realised that I was in fact, bored!

I spent the next hour or so doing some mindless housework, and then, deciding to take advantage of the peace and quiet, I switched on my pc and started to check emails from work. As I sat there working away, an email popped into my mailbox. It was from John, my husband’s best friend. I normally wouldn’t have even thought of looking at it, as it was meant for Steve, my husband, but the subject of this particular email intrigued me. It said, “Hot XXX”.

My mind was a confusing mix of thoughts. I knew it was from one mate to another, and that I probably shouldn’t open it, but with Steve interstate till the following Monday, six days away, I decided to open it and see what my husband’s best mate was sharing with him.

When I opened the email there was a comment from John.

“Mate, I know your Mrs is not into this stuff, but check it out and see if you don’t get a hard-on watching this chick fuck. I’ve stroked out three orgasms already imagining it was you and me banging this babe! Enjoy……and remember, it’s your turn for our next highlight!”

There was a blue link under the message and it was titled: Mandy serves dinner and more.

I digested the message first. What did he mean by the part about me not being into this stuff? Did Steve want me to do something weird? What on earth did he mean, “…imagining it was you and me banging this babe?” Had my husband and his best mate done something I should know about?

Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link. It popped up a porn site called Redtube, which I had never seen or heard of before, and on the screen was a big “play” icon. The title of the clip was as stated, “Mandy serves dinner and more.”

I sat back as the movie started playing, and my eyes almost popped out of my head as the movie played. Ten minutes later, I discovered my fingers buried between my thighs as I sat at my computer desk, the woman on screen completely naked apart from some amazing high heels, a monstrous penis pushing into her pussy from behind.

I had never, ever seen anything like this movie, and I was shocked. My mind raced about why the boys had shared with each other such a thing. Why were they imagining it was them having sex with this woman? Had they actually done anything like this without me knowing?

As the movie continued, I found my hands getting very hot as they stayed squashed between my thighs. The woman, Mandy, was now on her knees sucking both the large, and I mean LARGE, cocks between her lips, trying to jam them both in her mouth at once. Then, in a scene that I assume was fake, she lay one man down, and climbed on top of him, pushing his huge penis inside her, before the second man moved in behind her, and then, as she kept yelling, “OOoh yes, that’s it, fuck my tight arse,” I suspect he actually pretended to fuck her in the arse. It looked amazingly real, but I know things can be faked very well these days.

The movie ended when the two men suddenly pulled their very large penises from their positions, lay the woman down, and then came all over her face. Yes, I said her face! They actually sprayed her face with cum at the same time, and Mandy amazingly tried to actually lick and swallow some of their white gooey cum.

I quickly switched off my computer, feeling very flustered, and went to the shower. Once under the water, my hands drifted to my breasts, and I found them swollen, my nipples tingling.

I had no idea why such a disgusting scene had affected me this way, and as I drifted off to sleep that night, my mind was a mess of confusion.

The next day was Wednesday and I had no appointments apart from a meeting just before lunch. I decided to go out for lunch and as I sat at the cafe eating my chicken and avocado sandwich, my iphone beeped indicating a text message.

It was John, my husband’s best friend who had sent the movie to Steve.

The message read, “Christine and I wondered if you’d like to have dinner tonight? John said it might be nice to take you out. You free about 7.00? If so, we’ll pick you up. Ok?”

Nothing about the movie.

I have to admit I was feeling a little lonely, so I thought it would be great to catch up with them, even with Steve out of town, so I texted back that I would love to have dinner with them.

A minute later came John’s reply.

“Great. We’ll pick you up at 7.00pm. Our treat.”

I left the office early that afternoon and headed home to get ready. The problem was, that damn movie was still playing on my mind. I wondered if Christine had ever seen it? Or, even worse, had John ever let her do anything like that girl had done in the film? Then, remembering the comments attached to the link about the two men wanting to do it I was again totally confused. I switched the clip on once more, and watched in pure amazement at the woman and the two men fucking. This time though, I tried to figure out if it was actually real or fake. I could not see how it might have been faked, but surely women weren’t able to take two penises inside them at the same time like that?

I showered and dressed, and found myself ready about thirty minutes early. I was wearing a pair of jeans, and a nice new pink angora sweater that was rather tight. I had a pair of heels on that Steve loved, but that I always thought were a little high. I put my blonde wavy hair up in a bun and added just a touch of pink lipstick.

I sat on the couch for a few minutes to wait for Christine and John to arrive, but then found myself walking back to the computer. I clicked on the movie link again, and this time I had a reason. I had decided to find out more about the sex that was depicted in the movie.

On the right hand side of the screen were some other clips that I was able to click on. The first one showed a woman with two men but this time they only put their penises in her pussy and mouth, and then ejaculated all over her breasts as she played with them. I smiled, thinking that the Mandy movie was indeed faked, and sat back relaxing a little as I opened another clip.

My eyes almost exploded from my head!

This clip, way, way more raunchy than the Mandy clip, astonished me.

The girls in this clip was called Belladonna, and she had some tattoos. However, it wasn’t her tattoos that shocked me. It was what she did in the movie that stunned me and left me speechless. I swear with all my heart that in this clip, Belladonna had sex with four men at the same time. I have no idea how she did it, but it was clear that two men had their penises inside her vagina at the same time, before a third man pushed his own penis into her arse, and I have no doubt this was real, as she actually screamed as the head of the penis pushed inside her before the fourth man roughly forced his penis into her mouth. The four men had sex with her until she was covered in sweat and squealing in what I can only assume was pain. Just as she started to have what I assume was an orgasm on the three penises, almost biting off the one in her mouth, the doorbell rang!

I was totally flustered.

I hurriedly switched off the computer, and answered the door. It was John.

I must have looked unsettled, because instead of his usual smiling greeting, he looked concerned, and said, “Hi, Dee. Everything…um……you ok?”

“Yes, yes,” I said, not knowing where to look.

“Come in. Just let me grab my purse and keys.”

Dinner was lovely and we had a lovely time chatting and eating as old friends do. Just after dessert Christine excused herself to go to the bathroom.

“So, Dee. What was going on when I picked you up? You looked like I caught you in the middle of something.”

I didn’t know what to say, but my mind wanted me to find out more about why he had sent the movie to Steve.

Worried that Christine might come back and hear us talking, I whispered quickly.

“I happened to find that movie link you sent Steve in an email yesterday. Where did you find such a thing? How do you know Steve would want to see that?”

He sat back, obviously a little shocked that I had found it in the email.

“Ooh, my god. I’m so sorry. You weren’t meant to see that! It’s just some fun that Steve and I share….you know, blokey stuff. I’m embarrassed now! Sorry you had to see that.”

Just then Christine returned and we dropped the conversation. The evening ended well and as they dropped me off home, John got out to escort me to the door.

Kissing me on the cheek he whispered in my ear, “I’ll ring you tomorrow and explain everything, ok?”

That night I could not resist switching the computer back on and looking at more of the movie clips. I watched all sorts of filthy, nasty sex scenes, and I think by the time I fell asleep in bed at about one o’clock, my mind was shocked by the things I had seen. I awoke at about four a.m., my fingers of my right hand buried in my pussy, and I wondered how and why they were there. I didn’t really get back to sleep and when I arrived at work, I knew I had to get through the day without thinking of the sex that I had uncovered in the last twenty-four hours or so.

It was Thursday night and I was exhausted when I got home. I showered and had some dinner before falling asleep on the couch with the TV on.

I awoke with a jolt as there was someone at the door. Wearing only my dressing gown, I stood up, tightened the belt and went to see who it was.

It was John.

I invited him in and we had a coffee and chatted about the email, the movie clips, and why they shared things like that. John explained that he and Christine had been interested in kinky movies for a long time, but that Steve had recently been asking about porn and so John and Christine had shared some of their favourite sites and movies with him, without me knowing.

I was hurt and confused.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me? Why does he need this stuff? Is something wrong with me? Don’t I give him enough sex?”

I started to cry, more out of confusion and hurt at not being told about all this earlier by my husband or best friends than anything else.

John spoke for a long time.

He explained that he and Christine had watched pron for a couple of years, and they found it enhanced their marriage. He told me Christine had never had sex with any other men, but that she fantasized about what they saw in the movies, and that she had a few sex toys that she liked to use to pretend other men were fucking her when they had sex.

I was shocked.

He went on to say that Steve had asked him about some of the sex and porn when they had been drunk one night, and that the email was the first movie he had sent Steve.

I assumed from that comment that Steve had not actually seen any of the porn then, because I had answered them email and he was interstate still.

John finished by explaining that he was very sorry I had been exposed to all this, and that he hoped it wouldn’t come between our friendship, as that was very important to Christine and he.

I assured him it wouldn’t and we kissed and hugged and he left, before I went to the computer and opened the movie site again, my mind full of different thoughts.

That night I slept well, but I had a wild dream that was very vivid. In it, I was in bed with two men, and I ended up doing lots of nasty things that I had seen on the computer the night before and again this night. I actually fingered myself to orgasm in the middle of the night when I woke up covered in sweat, the images of large “cocks” implanted in my brain.

It was Friday morning and Steve was due back on Monday night.

At work that day I was sitting in my office when my mobile phone beeped. It was a text message from Christine.

“Dee. John told me you found his message for John with the movie link. Soo sorry! I hope you don’t think anything wicked. Free for lunch?”

I was, so I texted back, and we met at the ‘Shepherd’s Pie’ a lovely little bakery near my agency office. Christine worked two blocks away and so we often lunched together.

During lunch we had a fascinating conversation where I learned a lot, no, a LOT more about my best friend and her husband. She was much more willing to share the specific details of their porn habits with me, and by the time we finished lunch, I was flabbergasted! Not only did I learn that they watched porn, but Christine also told me she had once had a threesome with two strangers while John sat back and watched, playing with his “cock” as she described it while the two men made her have orgasm wilder than anything she had ever imagined.

Back in the office that afternoon, I was unable to concentrate at all, and I ended up leaving early and heading home. On the way home though, I pulled into a shop that Christine had told me about. It was called ‘Sexyland’ and was a massive sex toy, movie and lingerie and kinky clothing store. I was terrified walking in alone, but when I entered, it was really bright and open, and the girl behind the counter greeted me like an old friend, so I relaxed a little and felt a bit calmer as I began to look around.

I was wearing my usual office attire, black pencil skirt, heels and a white satin blouse. Underneath was my standard skin coloured bra, and my hair was once again up in my trademark bun, with some small hoop earrings. As I walked to the closest section, I was taken aback by the footwear that was on display. Boots that must have gone up to a woman’s pussy, heels that seems seven inches high, and platform sandals with incredibly spikey heels were everywhere. Every colour, style and size were available. I wondered what Steve would think if he were with me. Would he want me to buy anything? Would he be shocked? Would be encourage me to be a devil?

The next section was toys, and my god I was stunned. There were vibrators, dildoes, funny looking cone shaped things that I didn’t understand at all. I spent almost thirty minutes in that section alone before moving on to the video section, where DVD’s showed every imaginable act being performed. My nipples started to throb in the DVD section as I read some covers and looked at the amazingly graphic images on the front and back of the cases. Finally I went to the kinky clothing section and found myself wondering what my body might look like in several of the sexiest outfits.

By the time I was ready to leave, I was incredibly confused by my feelings. My body was on fire and my head was spinning.

Back home, I showered and freshened up, then jumped on the computer and explored the Redtube site some more. Before I knew it, it was two a.m. and I was totally horny from watching kinky movies of men and women doing things I had never even imagined. I went to bed and fingered myself to an amazing orgasm imagining three men were filling me with their dicks, before splashing that gooey cum all over me.

It was mind-blowing and the next thing I knew my mobile was beeping and the sun was up!

Picking up my phone, there was a text from John.

“So, sexy. Chris tells me you know what a kinky couple we are! Only joking. What u up to today or tonight?”

I texted him back.

“I am in shock. You’re deviates. I’m relaxing. Why?”

“Wondered if you want to come to a party with us? Sexy but fun. No pressure.”

That message set me back a moment. Party? Sexy? Pressure? What was he on about?

I dialled Christine’s number, hoping she would clear it up for me.

No answer.

Reluctantly I dialled John’s number, and when he answered, my nipples pulsed as I asked him what he meant about the party.

John spent a good ten minutes telling me how it was a sexy fancy dress party, where people just danced and had a good time in erotic costumes. He promised me it was nothing more than that, and that Christine had been a couple of times before and really enjoyed herself.

I decided to see for myself, and agreed to go with them. John said I had to wear something sexy or erotic, and he would pick me up at eight.

Hanging up the phone, I wondered what the party would be like. Then, I wondered what on earth I would wear! Steve had always said my jeans were sexy, but I knew this was a whole different ball game based on what John had told me.

I decided to head back to Sexyland and this time do more than window shopping.

The day flew by as I shopped till I dropped.

When I got back home, I emptied my parcels all over the bed and sorted through them. I wondered what Steve would think if he walked in that moment, with well over $1500 of assorted sex toys, lingerie, shoes and DVD’s sprawled out on our bed. His tame, shy wife had splurged and bought herself her first vibrator, a dildo, a jelly dong that had a suction cup on the bottom, which apparently sticks to the table or chair so you can ride it! I also bought a pair of spiked heeled sandals and some thigh-high boots, and a leather outfit that was stunning. It had a tiny, and I mean T-I-N-Y leather skirt, suspenders, stockings, a leather bustier and elbow-length gloves. There was a matching g-string panty made from satin.

The most interesting to me though was the DVD I had bought which featured a series of movies where the husband watched the wife being fucked by one or more men with incredibly large penises. I still struggled with the word, “cock” as described in so many of the movies I had looked at in the shop today.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon watching the DVD and by the time the doorbell rang and John greeted me with a kiss, I was totally aroused but ridiculously nervous and a little scared.

I had worn a black coat over my outfit for warmth, and kissed Christine on the cheek when in the car.

“I’m soooooo glad you’re coming!” she said. “John told me you were coming and I thought he was joking. You’ll have a great time, and trust me, you won’t be lonely, THAT’S for sure!”

A short time later we arrived, and I was surprised to see it was a large house. I guess I was expecting a club or something, but we entered and once inside we took off our coats. John wolf-whistled when I disrobed, and a guy behind me rubbed my bum and smiled at me, which made me jump.

I needed a drink for sure, and so we headed to the bar which was set in this really large room with a billiard table at one end. I stuck really close to Christine and John until we found some bar stools and John went to get the drinks. I took a moment to look around and counted about twenty people in all.

“So, what did he tell you, Dee?” asked Christine.

“He said it was just a fun party where we dance and have a good time, but dressed sexy.”

She laughed, which made me a little more nervous if that was possible.

“Well, he’s right in one sense. We do dance, and we DO have a great time. Just remember, don’t do anything you don’t WANT to do, and say ‘NO’ if you ever need to. That’s a house rule here to keep everyone safe and happy.”

I wondered what she was on about to be honest, but as I looked around and saw the crowd building with amazing looking people wearing all sorts of kinky outfits, I also started to get a little apprehensive.

“So, what have you done in the past and where DID you get that incredible outfit?” I asked Chris.

She was wearing a pink tube dress that was amazingly tight and was strapless, showing off her incredible boobs.

“Well, let’s just say that I’m not quite as innocent as you think I am. I go with the flow, if you know what I mean.”

I had no idea what she meant, but John arrived back with two champagnes and a beer, and the music suddenly lifted to a level that made basic conversation difficult.

When we finished our drinks, Chris took me by the hand and lead me out for a dance, whilst John went to get another round. We were dancing together and trying to talk over the music, when a young man came between us and asked me to dance.

I was a little flustered as I had not danced with another man in years!

“Go on, he won’t bite!” said Christine.

“That’s true” said the guy, “Unless you want me to of course!”

I laughed nervously as he took me by the hand and lead me away a few metres before we started moving to the beat together. He was a good mover, and I enjoyed being a few inches taller than him in my thigh high boots too! Steve is a lot taller than me, so it felt nice to be so tall for a change.

After a couple of songs, I starting to relax when John came over and passed me another champagne.

“We’ll be back near the bar. You o.k. here for a while?” he asked politely.

I was pleased my husband’s best mate was looking after me so well.

“I’m fine. Thanks!” I said, before switching my attention back to the young guy I was dancing with.

I lost track of time a little, until my guy asked me if I wanted another drink. I accepted his offer and he took me by the hand. I jumped a little when he did that, but then figured it was innocent enough as we walked back towards the bar area.

As I was standing behind him as he ordered our drinks, another man came up behind us and I felt him a little too close for my liking. There were about eight people standing near me, and this guy just stayed there, and I wasn’t certain at first, but it felt like his cock was pushing against my thigh above the top of my boots.

Luckily my dancing partner turned around and passed me a champagne, and we moved away, passed my pressing guest behind me back towards the dance area.

I was a little hot and somewhat flustered and so my drink didn’t last long.

I was starting to get a bit lightheaded from the drinks, and so I suggested we get some fresh air.

We walked out to the large outdoor patio area which had a wonderful view over the hills in the distance. Leaning against the rail to steady myself a bit, I glanced past the guy I was with and noticed a woman was being fondled by two guys, right in front of us! She looked me in the eye, smiled and then leaned left and tongue kissed the guy to her right, ad his hand openly reached under her dress!

I was a little shocked.

“Relax, honey. That happens all the time here. Just go with the flow!”

I smirked as I had heard Christine say those exact words minutes earlier!

Anyway, shortly afterwards another girl came out. She was much younger than me and she asked my guy if he wanted to dance. He raised his eyebrows and looked my way, asking if it was ok for him to leave me.

“I’ll be fine!” I said, “I’m a big girl.”

In truth, as he left, I was totally freaked out, scared and more than a little tipsy. In fact, I found myself really leaning on the railing as I watched the woman and the two guys get pretty serious not more than a few metres away!

As I stood watching, the woman was alternating her lips kissing her two men. They both had their hands under her very short dress by now, and were clearly both fingering her. My mind drifted back to the movie I had watched the days before and I wondered if they were both fingering her pussy or if she were letting them be dirty and play with her behind.

My mind was getting foggy with arousal watching the three get it on, and I found myself glued to the spot, my pussy starting to throb, my nipples hard and poking at the front of my bustier.

Before long the woman dropped to her knees, and I watched transfixed as she pulled their cocks from their small shorts and began to suck them both! It was a very sexy sight, and I felt some droplets of pussy juice start to form in my g-string as I watched the amazing woman suck off the men, who continued to play with her boobs they had pulled from inside her dress.

I watched for a few more minutes until I realised what was going to happen, and I think I panicked a little. The woman stood up, and as one guy got in front of her and sucked on her nipples, her hand rubbing his now very hard cock, the other guy moved behind her, pulled his shorts off and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. The woman was going to let this man fuck her! I knew that she was probably also going to let the other guy fuck her, and suddenly my mind snapped and I wondered what the hell I was doing!

What would Steve think? What would my kids think? Why was I standing there watching, my pussy on fire?

I left and walked quickly inside, hoping to find Christine and John, but they were not in the big room, and as I looked at the people dancing, I decided to try to find them and calm down a little.

Finding a hallway leading off the main room, I decided to see if they had gone down there. A few metres down the hallway was a door which was open. I glanced inside and was shocked to see two men kissing! They were both wearing leather pants with nothing on top, and as I recovered from the initial shock of their erotic display, I enjoyed a moment watching as they explored each other’s muscle bodies with strong hands. They had amazing abs and I was surprised just how my body reacted. I was flustered and found my heart racing as I watched them kiss and rub each other. I found myself somehow wanting to join them and explore their wonderful bodies, but then sensibility took over and I moved on down the hall.

The second room had the door closed, and I pressed my ear against it to see if I could hear Christine or John’s voice.

The only thing I heard were muffled groans and moans, and again my nipples went hard as the sexuality of the noises got to me. I knocked quietly, but received no answer, apart from a small yelp from one of the people inside.

I decided to see what was happening in there, and slowly turned the doorknob until it was open and I peeped inside.

I froze.

There, on the bed, on her hands and knees, with John sitting on the bed having his cock sucked, and another very large man fucking her from behind, was Christine!

My eyes must have almost popped out, and my mouth shot open in a huge gasp as I saw them fucking with this stranger.

John saw me first, and he smiled as Christine managed to keep sucking his cock as the man behind her pushed in and out, rocking her body back and forth with each thrust.

I walked a couple of VERY nervous steps inside. I had been friends with these two for years, but had never seen them have sex. Gosh, I don’t even recall ever seeing John naked! I’d showered at the gym with Chris, but that was it.

As I managed to calm myself enough to take in the detail of what was on display in front of me, I noticed John had a large, no, a HUGE dick.

Christine’s mouth was struggling to get around it, let alone suck it all the way down her throat the way my Steve loved me to do to him. The man behind Christine also smiled at me, and in a show of eroticism, he reached forward and cupped Chris’s boobs in his hands and then jammed his dick into her really, really hard and deep. It made her pop John’s dick from her mouth and I was stunned at just how long it was as well as how fat it was. I had never seen a bigger dick in real life, and my pussy immediately twitched.

Christine looked in my direction and she had a look of shock on her face too. I’m not sure if it was from the guy fucking her so hard, or the fact that I was standing there watching her being fucked by two men!

“Hi, Dee. Enjoying the party? I sure am! Why don’t you come and join us? There’s plenty of man to go around!”

Her face was wickedly sexy and I was shocked at how slutty my husband’s best friend’s wife was behaving, but when I saw the size of her husband’s dick again, I almost was tempted to take her up on her offer!

However, Steve’s face flashed before my eyes and I knew I should get out of there and leave them to party without me. I ducked backwards without saying a word, and then closed the door, leaning against the wall for a moment to catch my breath and regain my senses. As I stood there, my heart racing, I heard a loud “smack” and then a squeal as I presume they got back into the rhythm of fucking all together once more.

I waited a few more moments until my brain was clear and I decided suddenly that I needed to go to the toilet. My head was spinning from what I had just seen, but my bladder was also needing some attention. I quickly found the bathroom, and then, locking the door, pulled down my skirt and g-string, and sat down to relieve myself.

A few minutes later, all freshened up and having washed myself clean, surprised by just how wet I was, I dried my face and hands and unlocked the door.

Just as I opened it to leave, the two men I had spotted kissing earlier pushed inside the bathroom and almost bowled me over!

I squeezed past them, their amazing hard bodies rubbing against my nipples, and the electric charge that pulsed through me was stunning. My pussy throbbed again as my nipples shot to hardness before I had the chance to even get out the door.

My mind was full of madness. What was happening to me? Why was I here at this orgy? What would Steve think?

I turned right down the hallway, not wanting to go past the room where Christine was being screwed by John and the other man, and found another door at the end of the hallway. Nervously, I decided to peek inside, and as it was open, I could see everything in the room clearly.

I froze once more, but this time my legs propelled me forward into the room, even though my mind was saying stop.

Against the wall on one side of this room a woman wearing a tiny little dress and high heels was pinned between three men. The men were fondling her breasts openly. They were kissing her, fingering her, and I thought for a moment they were raping her. But then, just as my pussy pulsed and my nipples ached once more that evening, I realised she was LETTING them ravage her. She was WANTING this wanton sex attack.

Suddenly one man ripped her dress completely from her body, and her large breasts shook with the force of the dress being torn off, and she yelped a little as the other two men pinned her and roughly squeezed and bit her nipples.

I was frozen.

The men either side of her pulled her legs apart and began to finger pussy. I watched amazed as two sets of fingers disappeared inside her pussy and then pumped in and out repeatedly until she was totally soaking wet down there and moaning as if she was about to cum. The third man was kissing her, his tongue clearly visible flickering in and out of her mouth as he roughly pashed her and explored her breasts as the two others continued to finger fuck her relentlessly.

As I stood transfixed, my hand dropped to my skirt and subconsciously lifted the front, pulling aside my g-string until my fingers found my clit. It was swollen, and I rubbed it until the wetness from my pussy smothered my fingers as the three men continued their assault on the woman who was obviously enjoying being the centre of attention of these three hunks.

The guy in the middle stopped kissing her long enough to turn and watch me a moment, as his two mates continued to finger fuck the woman. Looking me in the eye, he reached for the woman’s right breast and gave it a firm squeeze, causing her to moan loudly at the touch.

I flicked my clit harder, feeling the heat rising in my pussy as I watched the show. Without warning, the man in the middle let go of her breast, and as the two man fingering her removed their juice covered fingers, one turned her around side-on and lifted her leg to gain access to her pussy. My fingers flickered even faster, my clitoris throbbing now as I watched the guy now behind her push his cock into her pussy, as the other man forced her head down to suck on his extremely hard cock at the same time.

The third man was by my side now, and I shivered as his hand touched my shoulder, the heat of his fingers causing me to gasp as I watched the woman being fucked with long, deep strokes as she tried her best to suck the cock in her mouth. I adored watching her boobs shake and bounce with each thrust of the cock in her pussy, and as the man next to me watched me watching the other three fuck, he suddenly made a move that shocked me and excited me completely at the same time.

Without warning he grabbed the top of my bustier and jerked it down, flipping my boobs free with such force that the nipples flicked over the edge of the leather material, making me gasp once more as the swollen nipples poked outwards inviting touch from the stranger.

But he was not finished yet.

Reaching roughly under my short, tight, black miniskirt where my fingers were playing with my clit, he found my g-string panties, and in one go, ripped the completely from my body.

I was unable to move as his hands found my boobs, my eyes fixed on the fucking in front of us, his hands squeezing and fondling my boobs with force. Suddenly his mouth was on my right breast, and as I felt his teeth start to nibble at my nipple, his fingers forced their way into my soaking wet vagina.

Steve and I met in high school, and no other man and touched me this way since our youth. I was shocked, not only at the way this man was fingering me and sucking my tits having never met me before, but at how my pussy was ridiculously damp, and my legs were parting almost automatically, allowing the stranger to push his fingers further into my pussy as I grabbed his head and jammed my boobs further into his mouth.

Across the room the woman was really being fucked now, and I was completely turned on by what was happening to her, and to me.

My legs were about a foot apart now, and the fingers inside me were making me hotter than I had been in months. The mouth on my nipples was gorgeous, rough, sloppy but magnificent, and when he dropped to his knees and started flicking my clit with his very talented tongue, I knew I was going to climax very quickly.

And so it was, as the woman across the room pushed back and jammed the cock in her pussy deeper in her pussy, I came on the face of a man I had never met. A man who was treating me like a slut, licking my cunt in public in full view of the three lovers in the room with us.

I came, and came, and came, until my legs actually gave way and I dropped to the floor on top of my licking lover, his tongue refusing to be dislodged from my cunt until I rolled off him, the shaking and quivering of my wild orgasm finally ceasing.

There was a rug in the middle of the floor, and as I started to come down from my orgasmic high, I rolled onto the rug and looked up to see what the three lovers were up to. I was astonished because the woman was now on her knees, only two or three metres away, and both men were pointing their cocks at her mouth, stroking them furiously, and she was lapping her tongue at their shafts, begging them to cum in her mouth!

A week ago I had never really watched porno movies. Now, here I was, on my back, having just been licked to orgasm by a complete stranger after he had ripped off my panties and bustier, watching a woman being fed cum by two strangers.

It was intense.

Suddenly the first guy started to spurt cum from his cock held tightly in his fist, and as he pumped the white goo from his cock, she lapped it up and actually swallowed it! Before she had finished gulping down his large load, the second guy spurted onto her chin, tongue and cheeks, and she used his cock like a spoon to scoop all the cum into a pool on her tongue, before making sure she swallowed all his load down too, finally poking out her tongue to show she had been a good girl and swallowed the lot.

My hands were pinching and pulling my own nipples as I watched this amazingly erotic, disgusting scene unfold before me.

The sudden realisation of what I was involved in hit me, and I got up, gathered myself together and left the room, much to the annoyance of the man who had just made me cum. I’m sure he expected a fuck, or at least a return orgasm from me, but I couldn’t stop thinking of Steve, and how I had kind of cheated on him just now. I walked quickly from the room and headed back down the hallway to the main room.

When I got to the bar and ordered myself a drink, I realised John and Christine were probably still in the room back down the hall, where I had seen John’s large cock and Chris being fucked by the stranger.

“Thank goodness I didn’t let that guy fuck me,” was all I could think.

As my drink arrived I sipped from it and headed back towards the hallway. I had decided it was time for me to go home and resume my ‘normal’ life, and wanted to let John and Christine know that I would catch a cab, presuming they were still having a wild time.

I found the room where I had seen them before, but this time only Chris was there. John was nowhere to be seen. Christine, meanwhile, was being royally fucked by a different guy than I had seen fucking her earlier, and instead of sucking John’s large cock like before, her head was now buried between the thighs of a wonderfully dark skinned asian woman, who was leaning back moaning in pleasure as Chris licked her pussy!

I was learning more about my husband’s best friend’s wife all the time at this party!

I was also learning that my own sexuality was a mess.

Once again I started to feel arousal, and my nipples started to pulse as I watched Chris being fucked really hard as she licked the woman’s clit at the same time. My pussy itched and throbbed once more, even though I had orgasmed only a few minutes ago thanks to Mr Stranger.

I was a confused bundle of nervous energy, and I once again found myself unconsciously entering the room to watch my friend being fucked and giving oral sex at the same time.

As I sipped my drink I realised that the scene before me was totally turning me on. Was I wishing it was me? Should I join in and go crazy? What would Steve think? Was I sick?

Before I had a chance to answer my own questions, a hand reached under my skirt from behind and squeezed my ass.

“Fuck I love watching her being fucked!”

It was John, and his hand felt amazingly hot as he pushed lower and reached under me to find my pussy, still wet, and my lips slightly open from my orgasm.

My mind said to stop him.

My legs parted.

My instinct told me to run.

My nipples told me to turn my head and kiss him.

I turned my head and kissed him, a deep, tongue-locking kiss that made our hands reach up and go crazy exploring each other.

My left hand reached low. I was on a mission.

I had to feel that large cock. I wanted to squeeze it, feel it, taste it, fuck it.

My mind said NO!

My hand and pussy overruled, and within seconds I was fondling the biggest cock I had ever felt or seen, as John continued to tongue kiss me, his fingers now pumping up and down in my vagina, my legs wide apart as we both watched his wife sucking a pussy while being fucked on all fours.

I knew I was about to cheat on my husband with his best mate, but at that moment, after spending such a week, and ending up being licked to orgasm by a complete stranger in a room watching a woman being double fucked, I didn’t care.

For the first time in my life my carnal instinct took over.

As I glanced away long enough to see the guy behind Christine pull his cock out and swap places with the guy fucking her face, I positioned John’s wonderful cock in place of his skilful fingers, at the opening of my sopping wet vagina.

Chapter 04

Operation: Ass Weekend!

Friday I was up for early breakfast but did not see Nora. Rhetoric and Composition started out boring but then perked up, as we were assigned to write an erotic short story as realistically as we could manage, preferable something we had lived through. The TA was careful to say she would be the only one to read them and grade them, and she would hand them back without making any copies. This could prove interesting. I spent the rest of the class listening for the TA’s Suzie signals as she talked about our assignment. Kinky!

Then I heard another set of signals; new ones I had never detected before. Then another, and another! The students were all contemplating what they would write about, which seemed to be either their most memorable past sexual exploits or what they most wanted to do but had never done. There was one really stacked brunette girl who had still never sent anything for me before but I was now receiving a pretty clear picture of her wanting the TA to go down on her! I wrote my outline to hit the hot spots of the TA’s signals, and added the brunette’s fantasy plus a little twist of my own, and then moved on to Engineering 101.

Professor Lillehammer treated me with new respect, and I heard some echoes of the signals he was reflecting when he saw Lara yesterday. Certainly he had found her memorable. I wondered what the Professor’s wife, whom he had mentioned several times in class, was like. We finished up project management and moved on to more academic topics in finding local and global maxima and minima of functions. I signed up for the calculus tutoring section, as my high school had not exactly been at the forefront of advanced mathematical education.

I did not see Nora at early lunch, which I kept light and then hurried to run with Suzanne. She looked absolutely incredible, even better than I remembered! I gave her a little kiss and took a little risk. I asked her to get a couple of enema kits before Sunday and use them. She looked shocked, and then smiled, an even more understated smile than Lara’s smile, but I liked it. “I thought you were going to be my slave his Sunday!” she said, but I said maybe later, and she smiled again. We ran six miles and it felt great, like I was improving, and I pinged Suzanne during the run to try to see how far to go with her on Sunday. A wonderful frontier of exploration awaited me!

I took a very fast shower and just made it to my afternoon class, caught up with all the assignments due on Monday, and then started in on writing my erotic story. I made good progress and also used the time to revise and extend my plan for Lara, including ‘shaping’ her to see if I could make her happy without the continuously increasing kinkiness. But it was still likely I would need a female ‘assistant’ to help.

Nora was at early dinner, and told her the story of Lara’s meeting at Professor Lillehammer’s office. She was dying to hear how it turned out, but she looked at me skeptically as I began my account and her expression changed to frank disbelief as I described Lara’s ‘heel’ and leash maneuvers. I swore not only was it true but Lara loved it, and explained why my respect for Lara was growing. I then picked up some unusual signals from Nora that I had never heard before! There weren’t ‘normal’ Suzie signals. They were much weaker but ‘sweet sounding’ in a way I could not really describe. It was as if they had an elusive ‘perfect pitch’ like a great singer, but they were very weak and hard to focus on.

I asked her why she did not believe me and she said Lara just seemed too ‘pure’. Not in the virginal sense, but in terms of being honest with herself about her needs and being unafraid to pursue them. I realized that was what I liked and respected about Lara. I told Nora that, and she said she respected that too, if what I was telling her was true.

I thought a minute and said “There is an opportunity for you to see for yourself, Nora!”

She stopped talking. Little pings of those perfect signals slipped back to my senses again, and then stopped, as if they were strangled! “What are you talking about? I don’t want to be a voyeur!”

I smiled what I hoped was a challenging smile. “Not just as a watcher, but also as a participant! As I ramp up my subs’ submission and humiliation parameters, I need a female to work with.”

“What you mean work with, Project Management Boy?” Her grey eyes were flashing like lightning!

“I mean that when I move toward the upper end of the humiliation scale, it won’t be enough to have her wonder if someone might be watching through the windows. She will have to know for certain that there is a living breathing person watching! And the next step will be making her submit by getting on her knees and pleasing another female.”

“I thought you were trying to shape her to be more ‘normal’, weren’t you? And pray tell what will you be doing while she pleases the female?”

“I am planning for all possibilities, and it’s probably not realistic to keep away from that. And, if I am doing my best for her I will be whipping her buttocks and telling her she is not pleasing you well enough and giving her instruction of how to try harder and do better.”

Nora had an expression on her face I had not seen before, and those little funny bell tone like Suzie signals were tinkling then disappearing like effervescent little bubbles popping. “You are a bloody bounder, aren’t you, Mr. Roberts?” she said with a slight British accent I had not heard before.

“No.” I smiled at her directly. “I am a master that is trying to be dedicated to pleasing my sub, and I think you like that a lot more than you are willing to admit or let show. Like your British accent and speech patterns that just came out for the first time since we met.”

She looked for just an instant like a little girl who just let a secret slip! Her eyes got big and she actually cupped her hand and raised it towards her mouth before she caught herself and regained her composure. “You seem to like bounders!” I said. She looked at me with a confused and wild expression, then jumped up and said he had to get to class!

I went to office hours to thank the TA again, and he wanted to know how I managed to stay in the class. “Lillehammer won’t talk, which is unreal because you usually can’t get him to shut up! What the hell happened?” I explained that the professor had made an incorrect assumption, falling victim to something he had repeatedly warned us about. The TA looked confused. “You mean you really do have a….” he stopped. “Because the only way I can see that Lillehammer would back off was if….” He stopped again. “Holy Shit!” I smiled.

Then I had a question of my own. “Tell me about Lillehammer’s wife.”

He smiled. “The professor got really lucky. She is a psychologist, brilliant, and much better looking than he deserves. He is uptight and inhibited, she is open and uninhibited. I can’t begin to imagine what their sex life is like, not that I want to!”

When I got to Lara’s apartment she had scented candles going, and an incredible new outfit she must have found online. It was red leather, so thin it almost looked like latex, in the form of a tight leotard with little zippered flaps that were open to let her nipples peek out, and a big opening that exposed her ass and pussy then turned into little ‘leggings’ that wrapped and accentuated her legs and highlighted the black high heels she wore. She had her blonde hair up in one of those Texas ‘big hair’ things and she looked eight feet tall! I stood back to look at her and just take it in and she got one of those wonderful little smiles that grew wider and wider as she saw that I was unable to look away! Finally she turned away and walked with an exaggerated sway toward the living room, and I realized two things: she had already generously lubricated her ass with fine coconut oil which was gleaming in the track lights and smelled incredible, and she was already thinking she could get over on me again. Action was required!

I grabbed her and told her to get me some restraints and the whip, and move the kitchen table next to the windows again! I heard her draw a big breath in, and then saw her little smile get tighter, but it was still there! I listened carefully for her signals, and she was sending that she was looking forward to hard and cruel, so that’s what she was going to get!

I had her get up onto the table and face her ass toward the windows. I tied her wrists together and lashed them to the table legs in the front. It was still light outside so I was not sure how many people could see her, but with the help of one of Kevin’s dorm room decorations, I was going to up the ante on her. I took out the battery powered strobe light and put it up on the table and turned it on. The super bright flashes were reflected back onto the windows, and anybody looking anywhere near the windows could not help but notice it. Lara realized that too, and drew in a sobbing breath, looking around frantically, as if she could see through the other building’s windows and tell if people could see her. I let the strobe run for a few minutes, and then turned it off. There had to be some people watching now, and Lara was quivering, just like I wanted to see her.

I caressed her ass with my hand, measuring the distance and adjusting my stance, so she knew exactly what was coming. Her respiration rate was skyrocketing! She was so hot! I yelled at her. “Did you keep to a liquid diet as I directed?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Did you use the enema kits like I directed?”

“Yes, master!”

“Did you lubricate your ass with coconut oil?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Did I direct you to use any lubrication?”

She drew in a huge breath! “No, Master.”

I began to whip her ass and narrated my strokes, one word per strike. “I…..did….not….say….to….use….lubrication!” I paused and let her breathe for a moment, then resumed my strikes. “I…..did….not….say….to….use….lubrication! I…..did….not….say….to….use….lubrication!”

She was now crying and racked with sobs. I resumed my narrated striking. “I….am….not…. going….to….use…lube!” She screamed, she shuddered, she shook, and I laughed!

My research told me that anticipation, surprise, and contrast were the key to pleasing her. I had to make her think she was going to get it rough, then give it to her soft, and vice versa. I had to alternate between cold and hot, soft and hard, and pain and pleasure until she had no idea what was coming and just learned to accept whatever I gave her!

I loudly unzipped my pants and dropped them to the floor, then used my fingers and thumbs and to roughly spread her ass checks as wide as I could, pushing my thumbs into her so hard that they made big red marks. She drew a huge breath and held it. I began to gently kiss and lick her ass, explaining between licks. “I have to examine your ass to make sure it is properly prepared and ready!” I sucked up as much of the oil from her buttocks as I could, taking my time and throwing in an occasional hard bite. “I have to get rid of this unauthorized lube!”

I began to gently lick her anus, just barely penetrating it with my tongue. She shook and shuddered with each touch. “Remember, you may not come until I give you permission! I have to get all of this lube out of your ass, because you deserve to get it rough and dry, you little slut!” I thrust my tongue in as far as I could, and then sucked hard as I pulled it out. She squealed. I sealed my lips to her little rosebud, and sucked even harder. She whimpered.

I stood up. “Now we got rid of the lube, but I want that ass to look really red when I ram all the way into it. I began to alternate spanking each butt check, hard, commenting as I went. “Left, right, getting a little redder, slut! Right, right, left, a little redder! Left, left, right, red, red, red!” She was breathing like she was running a race! “Now that’s looking good! This slut ass is red and ready to get it hard and stiff and deep and painful! Are you ready slut?”

“Y..y…yes, master!” She sniffed and sobbed like a young girl getting a spanking. Her Suzie signal was screaming and bouncing all around the room like I had never heard it before! I lifted her ass a little by grabbing it hard with my hands, and then settled her back down on the table top. It was just getting fully dark outside. I turned on the floor lamp nearby and focused it on her red ass. “Now I can see that red slut ass so I can fuck it just right! Of course everyone looking through the windows can see it get fucked too!” She sobbed and quivered. Her Suzie signal was a living thing, almost blotting out all my other senses. I positioned myself against the table again, and bumped it with my thighs so it shook. She gasped. I spread her ass cheeks apart again with my hands. She quaked. I touched my dick against her anus and pushed gently. She shivered and drew in another huge breath and then held it. “It’s going to be so tight, you little slut! You can do your best to push me out, but nothing can stop me from taking that ass!”

I pushed in a little further, and dared her to try to push me out. I knew that would open her up for full penetration. There was still some of the coconut lube left and her pussy had been dripping juice the whole time, and some of it was inevitably leaking onto my dick. I wasn’t really worried about hurting her, but I wanted to maximize her thrill from that first big thrust.

I felt her bear down and a slight slackening of her sphincter, and I slammed myself into her as far as I could! She screamed again and her Suzie signal was so strong it almost paralyzed me. Not that I really wanted to move! I was all the way in her hot tight ass and it was wonderful! I pulled out about half an inch and then tried to go back even farther into her. I held still and then felt her open up just a little more. I pulled back about an inch and then surged forward again. She relaxed a little more. It was a fun game and I was winning. Soon I could draw almost all the way out and then slowly move all the way in. Her Suzie signal was wailing and throbbing in time to my thrusts!

“OK slut! Now it’s time for some serious ass-fucking!” I began slamming into her full depth and going faster and faster. Her Suzie signal wailed and throbbed and strummed! I began to slap her ass with each thrust, and I loved the red hand print that it left each time. Lara gasped and grunted and panted! I grabbed her hair with my other hand and pulled her head back and made her look at me. God she was beautiful! She was so hot it hurt. “Remember not to come until you have permission!” I shouted. I was so hard and so turned on my dick felt hard as glass and I didn’t even feel like coming. The noises she was making were music to my ears, and I was feeling her Suzie signal right down inside my spine. I never wanted it to stop. But I knew what my plan said I had to do for her.

“OK slut! Do you like getting your dirty slut ass fucked all the way?”

“Yes, master!”

“Yes, Master what?”

“Yes, Master please fuck my ass! I mean fuck your ass! Fuck it hard!

“When I am ready to come, I am going to take my dick out of your dirty ass and come in your dirty mouth! Are you ready for that slut?”

Her Suzie said she was! In fact, she loved the idea. I concentrated on getting myself off, using her ass like she was a rag doll. Soon I was ready. I pulled out of her ass with a wet plop and walked around in front of her, spreading her bound arms and then using one hand to grab her hair and lift up her head. I just plain fucked her mouth for my last few strokes, and when I was ready to come, I grabbed her head with both hands and shoved my cock as far down her throat as I could. She sucked and swallowed as hard and fast as she could. That’s my girl!

“Keep sucking slut! Keep me hard!” She was frantic.

I untied her hands, pulled out of her mouth and got behind her, and spread her ass cheeks again. “Now you may come as much as you can handle, slut!” I began to thrust my tongue in her ass, then her pussy, then to suck on her clit. She came so hard she stopped breathing, and then gasped to get her breath. I licked her all the way from one hole to the other, and then sucked her clit and she came again. And again! She was no longer inhaling between orgasms so I stopped to let her catch her breath. Now it was shaping time!

I picked her up from behind and carried her over to the couch. I lay back on my right side and put her on her right side on the couch in front of me. I was still hard as a rock! I spread her legs and entered her now almost sloppy ass, reaching my left arm under her left knee and holding her leg us so I could penetrate her fully. I reached around with my right arm and put her neck in the crook of my right elbow and choked her neck and pulled her into me. I listened to her Suzie signal and tried to plug myself into her rhythm. I adjusted my strokes into her and rubbed her clit gently with my left hand and choked her a little more with my right elbow. Suddenly I found the rhythm! Her Suzie signal began to spike and spark! I just concentrated on her and soon she was coming. I just kept up the gentle rhythm and she came again. It was working! I got her all fired up with lots of kink and some pain, but now she was coming like a little bunny rabbit with just good old fashioned ass fucking! I wanted her to learn that she could have great orgasms with me either way!

I choked her a little more until I could feel her pulse strongly against my arm. Her Suzie got even more excited from the slight oxygen deprivation. I kissed her neck, licked her ear, and then bit her neck gently. I kept thrusting and she came again. I choked her right to the point of unconsciousness and she came again! I used my arm to point her leg like a ballet dancer and spread her legs even farther apart, trying to get even more penetration. I pressed my lips to her ear. “I am going to come in your ass, Lara (not ‘slut’) and I want you to come when you feel me shooting in you.”

Her Suzie signal took on a new tone, less urgent but more contented. I began stroking as fast as I could, and it felt like her signal was in thunderously loud stereo with my head right in the center of the image. Suddenly I was coming in her and she was coming with me! We shook together like we had the same fever! I stopped choking her neck and she turned her face toward me and kissed me. I felt my second and third and fourth squirts disappearing into her ass! It was fantastic! She sobbed and burst into tears again and I kissed them and did my best to lick them up and swallow them. We were both breathing like racehorses, trying to get big breaths in between kisses.

She snuggled against me and I heard the loudest contentment signal I had ever experienced. She burrowed into me and reached back and put an arm around me and we lay still until our heart rates neared normal. It felt so good! But then I felt her crafty side come up and sing its little ditty, thinking it could take advantage of this tenderness. I shoved her off the couch and onto the floor in a heap!

“Go draw my bath, and make it the perfect temperature!” She paused for a second on all fours, and I could see that wonderful little smile, the downcast eyes, and then I felt another Suzie signal wave of contentment. I had her wash and dry me, and give me a massage, and then I lay on my back on her bed. “Come here, suck my cock and get me hard again!” She worked on me frantically, and with great success. “Now climb aboard! Lower your pussy onto my cock! Soon I was completely inside her. “You do the work. Make me come, and when I come you may come again.”

She straddled me, closed her eyes, and concentrated on her work. Her nipples were big pink bullets, and fine sheen of sweat shone on her perfect shoulders. Her abdominal muscles moved and slithered, and her neck corded and her hair swayed as she rocked her head back and forth like a dancer. It was as if she was listening to my signal, because she concentrated on my cock and what made it harder and got me closer to coming. I was watching her moves and enjoying the show. Her face showed intense concentration, and I felt her pussy gripping me. Soon I found myself involuntarily gasping, and she smiled behind closed eyes as she recognized she had me just beyond the point of no return. I felt my first spurt launch up into her. She opened her eyes and smiled that shy little smile that burned right into my soul. She held my gaze for just an instant then threw her head back and came like a bucking bronco! She gripped my cock with her pussy and rotated her hips like she was rolling a hula hoop., and it felt like I was coming in a hot, wet animal, and I was!

I shook and spurted, completely involuntarily until I was completely spent. Lara leaned down and hugged me, and I hugged her back. Then she lay down next to me and gently kissed my nipples, which made my cock jump again! She giggled. We giggled.

I must have fallen asleep, and I awoke to the smell of steaks cooking in a pan on her vented cook top. She had made a little salad and some asparagus, and the steaks were medium rare and perfect. We ate at the kitchen table and for the first time discussed Professor Lillehammer and the scene in his office. I told her about wondering what the Professor’s wife would be like, and we laughed. Lara said she imagined either a wicked German dominatrix with a whip who played the professor like a fiddle or a little meek church lady who left his fantasies completely unfulfilled.

She told me about her family. Her father was an unusual combination of uptight actuary and high flying entrepreneur who had started ten different insurance companies. Five of them went broke, but five others were huge financial successes and he was approaching billionaire status. He was the classic obsessive compulsive type, always watching her and commenting on her every move as she grew up. He was so concerned with his privacy that he had two accountants and two PR firms whose only job was to keep him out of the spotlight by hiding assets to stay out of the Forbes 400 listing and articles each year. Her mother died of cancer when Lara was ten, and her father had never really been happy since then. She was an only child.

As I looked out the window, I saw a computer monitor pushed up against a window in a building about 3 blocks away. I squinted and just made out big white letters on the black screen “MORE RED LEATHER!” I asked Lara if she had a pair of binoculars, and she had some in her kitchen closet next to her stadium blanket. I pointed out the window to her and she focused in on it and then blushed bright red, but her Suzie said ‘high excitement’. She shivered. “Master?” she said.

“Yes.” I said.

Her eyes were downcast, her face was red, and she was wearing that irresistible little smile. “Would you please take me in my, I mean, your ass again?”

“On the table with the lights on?”

“Yes, master!” That’s my girl! I was very inspired by her spirit, and her Suzie signal spurred me on!

I got back to the dorm after midnight, and gave my sore cock a little extra wash in the shower. I was supposed to meet Janet at 1000 and then we would walk over to the tailgating area near the stadium. I set my alarm for 0930. I hope they had good food at the brunch, because right now I needed sleep a lot more than breakfast.

It seemed like the alarm went off three minutes later. It was already Saturday! I combed my hair down from the pillow’s ravages, dressed, and went downstairs. Janet was resplendent in her ‘hot girl, team colors’ outfit of deeply scooping and very tight white cotton halter top, tight jeans, team colors visor, and a team colors windbreaker tied around her waist in case it got cooler. Her red hair was set off by the white top, as were her freckles, as were her nipples, already perky early in the morning. She made my cock feel better already!

“You look fantastic! Football weather really suits you!” She smiled sweetly. We walked over to the tailgating area near the stadium. I took advantage of the opportunity to ping her Suzie a bit to figure out how far to take things tonight, and she was progressing well along the kinkiness axis! She wouldn’t need it really rough the way that Lara did, but she did not want tonight’s anal action to be tentative either! I decided on an in depth treatment. Don’t worry, be happy! I was just going to relax and enjoy the game, then later tonight go for what I liked, and let her waning Suzie signal warn me if I went too far. But the day would prove to be full of surprises, as I would soon find out.

The big UDP logo cook tents and giant high tech BBQ pits on trailers were easy to find. Most frats just served a breakfast at their house on a home game Saturday, but UDP held to a higher standard. They wanted to be close to the game and convenient for their alums, and wanted their BBQ to be one of the most memorable things about their trip to the game. Ribs, chicken, brisket and turkey had been smoking on the mobile pit for more than a day, complete with wireless remote meat thermometers and HD TV displays of the meat cooking, and pots of pinto beans, green beans, and some other side dishes. It would start being served at 1030, and additional supplies would come off in 30 minute intervals up until game time. Other monitors showed ‘College Game Day’ and the other TV networks forecasts of the game results.

I asked Janet if she wanted to sit down and have me bring her a plate, and she laughed and said “No, silly boy, I have been on a liquid diet since yesterday morning! Just bring me a margarita. Do they have any oysters for you?” She giggled again.

I smiled at her as we merged into the food line with some other folks. “That just proves my theory! Always date the smart girls.”

“What? Is that some kind of altruistic thing?” she asked.

“Not at all! Smart girls are always better in bed!”

“I thought men thought that dumb blondes were the hottest sex partners?”

“Only dumb guys think that. But smart guys know that the higher the IQ, the better she is in bed!”

Janet smiled. “I know that’s true, but exactly how does your theory reach that conclusion?”

“Well, smart girls have more imagination and are more creative, so they give you more surprises and fun. And the really smart girls are also a little neurotic, which means they are also a little kinky, which always leads to some interesting things!”

I poked her in the ribs gently, but before she could reply, a strong alto female voice spoke from behind us in the line. “This seems to be an uncommonly wise young man, my dear. You are fortunate to have him!”

Janet smiled and bowed gracefully. “Yes, ma’am! I am training him to be a good one!”

The women both laughed at my pained expression, and she introduced herself. “My name is Dorothy, Dorothy Lillehammer.” She was tall, with dark brown hair and light brown eyes that twinkled from a very pretty face. She was dressed in a mirror image of Janet’s outfit: tight white pants, and a very tight orange halter top. Her breasts were larger than Janet’s, and so were her nipples. Fall was such a wonderful time of year! It was warm enough for halter tops, but cool enough to make them interesting! And the professor had really done well for himself!

We introduced ourselves, and Dorothy looked at me sharply and with new interest. “Mr. Roberts! I think my husband has mentioned one of your projects in his class!”

I actually blushed, despite steeling myself against it. “Yes Ma’am.” She looked at Janet and must have realized that she was not a six foot blonde. She actually winked at me. “Well it’s very nice to meet you. I hope you two enjoy the game!” I had almost finished making up my plate, and Janet walked over to the line at the Margarita machine to get us a couple.

Dorothy leaned toward me while filling her own plate and whispered, “Your other girlfriend made quite an impression on my husband! Is she really a classic submissive?”

I smiled and thought in for a penny, in for a pound. “Actually she tried to dominate your husband. I think that was what he was responding to.”

Dorothy looked thoughtful. “Really? Hummmm…. Well, he was sure fired up Thursday night!” I wondered if the professor was in for something a little different tonight. As Dorothy walked away with an exaggerated sway of her hips, I thought I detected some ‘leaking’ Suzie signals of sexual curiosity and excitement. It seemed to me that professor had really married well!

I saw my junior high buddy Ralph, a recent ESU UDP pledge, sitting at a table and he motioned us over. We sat with him and he introduced us around. The UDP guys were very interesting, and the conversation ebbed and flowed in fascinating ways. The BBQ was absolutely perfect, and the ribs were the best I ever had, and I thought I was a connoisseur! I went back for some more food and got Janet another Margarita, and before we knew it, it was time to head over to the stadium. As we walked over, Ralph invited me to come to a mixer at their house next Wednesday.

I told him my rule about school work on weeknights, and he laughed. “Given the curriculum at the old high school, I assume you are signed up for calculus tutoring?”

“Yes, and I am going to need every minute of it!” I said tiredly.

“Come to the mixer and I will hook you up with a guy who can teach you more in 30 minutes than 30 hours at the tutoring sessions! Plus we have all the calculus exams used for the last 15 years on file!” he smiled confidently.

“OK, I am going to hold you to that offer!”

The stands were hopping as we made our way to our seats in the student section. This was the last non-conference game against one of the Louisiana ‘directional schools” and it was just one level up from a scrimmage. The visiting team got a big paycheck to let ESU use them as a final ‘tune up’ for conference play. Things went as expected. ESU was up 21-0 at the end of the first quarter and 42-0 at the half. The second half was mostly the 2nd and 3rd team guys jockeying for positions on the depth chart, and ESU won 66-14. Many folks headed for the exits in the 3rd quarter, but we stayed to the very end. Janet was still celebrating loudly each time ESU scored.

“Why don’t you want to leave early?” she asked.

I smiled. “As long as you are jumping up and down in that top, I am going to watch!”

She seemed very pleased, and her Suzie liked it too! “Well, since my roommate Melanie went home for the weekend, maybe we should go to the room so you can see some cheers without the top?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Can do. Copy that! HUA! Roger, Wilco!” I smiled. We held hands and started walking back to the dorm. About halfway there, Janet stopped and said we should sit down on a bench because “we needed to talk”. That is never good! I sat apprehensively and looked at her.

“I want to talk to you about Melanie.”

I immediately got defensive. “I can’t help if she hates me!”

She laughed. “She doesn’t hate you. She doesn’t hate all men. She hates her shithead ex-stepfather!”

I still felt trapped. “I thought you and Lou were helping her!”

She paused. “We are. We have talked to her and about her at length, and we have come up with a plan that we think will work.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

She snorted. “You are our plan!”

“What! What can I do?” Melanie wouldn’t even stay in the same room with me.

“Lou and I both agree you are a very horny guy, but there is nothing mean about you at all. You would never hurt Melanie if you could possibly avoid it, and you wouldn’t ever make her feel bad about herself. We want Melanie to spend the night with you. We want you to take her virginity like you did mine!” That was NOT was I was expecting. “You seemed to know exactly when to slow down and when to move forward with me! It was wonderful! I want it to be that way for Melanie, too.”

“I thought Melanie was gay!” Janet looked at me funny.

“She is actually bisexual in her orientation, but she is also a virgin. She had not been with a man or a woman. She says she is more attracted to guys than girls, but her stepfather really scared her badly. She actually trusts you more than any other male, because Lou and I both trust you.”

“So she is willing to do this?” I was floored.

“Not yet. We wanted to get you on board before we talked to her about it! Will you do it?”

I thought about it. I was afraid there was a good chance Melanie would run screaming from the room and be scarred even worse than she was. “Maybe since Melanie is bi, we should make it a threesome with a woman?”

She sighed. “We talked about that. We don’t want her evil stepfather to drive her to want to be with women only. We want her to have a good one-on-one experience with a guy, with you.”

“Let me think about it. I just don’t want to be accused of rape if it goes wrong.”

“We thought about that too. Melanie is of age. We will make her sign a consent form to protect you.”

“OK, I’ll do my best for her if she wants me to.” I guess I could be better tuned in to her than anybody else I knew, and take it easy and even call things off if she was really freaking out on me. “When do you want to do this? Where?”

“We have some ideas about that. We will plan some more after we talk to Melanie about it. And by the way, save all your ass lust for little ole’ me! Melanie is not ready for that yet!”

I laughed. “What about Lou? I know she likes my roommate. What else did you talk about?”

Janet actually blushed, and her Suzie signal pulsed on some unfamiliar frequencies! She was hiding something, but maybe I could get to it later. Right now I knew exactly what I wanted to get to!

As we finished our walk back to the dorm, I was reminded of what my mother would often talk about as we left high school football games. Although she taught financial and intermediate accounting to junior college students, she was a frustrated philosopher, and one of her favorite theories was that football was the modern, ritualistic substitute for lots of old tribal activities, like war, and raiding another village to steal women! I thought about the mass of people streaming out of the stadium, and the pumped up ESU faithful yelling and strutting away from the stadium. I realize I was a little pumped up too, but not about football!

When we got back to the dorm, we both made use of the bathroom to clean up, and then Janet had me sit on the bed and said she was going to play cheerleader for a while, and then she would be the center and I could play the quarterback reaching for the snatch, or, ah, snap. Smart girls are definitely more fun, and I especially I like the way this woman thinks! She said she needed a few more minutes, and then disappeared back into the bathroom for about 30!

When she returned she looked a bit unhappy, but I sat back to watch and Janet portrayed the ritualistic deflowering of the jungle virgin that has been played out over the ages and still is performed in topless bars and strip clubs every night in America. Janet was much better looking than the average stripper and much closer and smelled better! She didn’t have that much on in the first place, but she made quite a wonderful show of taking it off.

She wriggled out of those fabulous tight jeans and I was hit with a wonderful odiferous wave of perfume, perspiration, and a hint of pussy smell! Wow! She had on a pair of white cotton panties so worn and so tight that she must have had them since she was ten! They were white cotton, but so thin that her bountiful coppery red pubic hair showed through almost perfectly, as did the outline of her perfect pink and now almost red, pussy lips. I had a sudden vision of her wearing just the little visor, and life was good. She turned around and unhooked the halter in the back, but kept it supported with her hands in the front. She was dancing to the punk band that the local alternative rock FM station had on as an alternative to locker room interviews with ESU football players. The music had a driving beat but virtually no melody. Her Suzie signal was keeping time to the driving beat, and it was driving me right up the wall! She let the halter top drop to the floor, and another layer of Suzie signal hit me. She really liked being a stripper! Her nipples were like burning orange red coals on her freckled breasts and I enjoyed another wonderful wave of infrared heat, perfume, and her natural smell as it hit me right in the face!

She made eye contact with me and then executed a 180 degree turn and bent over at the waist, practically slapping me in the face with her ass, barely concealed as it was by those almost threadbare panties! I should have known they would say “Juicy” in red script letters right across the butt. So true! She bent over until she renewed eye contact with me by looking through her legs, and smiled one of those magic smiles that hypnotized me, even upside down. Sometimes you like a woman to be a little cruel, and she was. She dropped the top of those panties about and inch and then did a major league stripper move, alternatively straightening one leg and then the other and making her buns jump and bob in perfect syncopation! Then another inch, then another! Suddenly her ass and pussy was revealed as a blazing red gash of heat and pheromones and sticky sweet smells and just as suddenly I was merely a macaque monkey with a lizard’s brain.

She put her legs close together and skinned those little panties down and stepped out of them. Then she bent all the way down and grabbed her ankles like they teach stretching in dance class, and as she bent so far over that her breasts almost touched her feet, her buttocks parted and I swear I heard angels singing as her little red rosebud and perfect pink pussy were again revealed! Her Suzie signal swelled and filled the room, filled my mind, became my world. I know I was supposed to play quarterback and slip my hands between her legs, but monkeys don’t play quarterback, they rut! I did something that I had never seen any quarterback do. I jumped off the bed and fell to my knees and simply worshipped her perfect ass, putting my arms up between her legs and my hands on top of her thighs, pulling her center to me and running my lips and tongue back and forth like her backside was the perfect ear of corn! Tasty!

She must have approved of my improvisation, because she spread her legs even farther apart and put her right leg up about 12 inches on the horizontal braces of the chair that sat in front of her study desk. I moved directly under her and used my tongue to test and taste every inch of her delightful pink caverns, more excited than the most avid spelunker! She reached back and grabbed my ears and pulled me into her even stronger! Her liquid diet plan had been effective, because I got my tongue all the way up her ass and tasted only sweet wet perfect flesh all the way! I replaced my tongue in her ass with a finger and then tongued her pussy until I was rewarded with some sloppy drips as she came for the first time. Her breathing sounded like Darth Vader’s, and I stood up and slammed my cock into her pussy, which was so wet and sticky that I effortlessly plumbed her depths on the first stroke. She came again almost instantly.

I was beyond thought, and pulled out of her and positioned my cock next to her little rosebud. I was amazed and how hot it looked to see my big (really average) cock next that tight (but wet with my saliva) little rosebud. She growled like a hoarse cat, and her Suzie signal growled like a lioness! I pushed in just a little and she drew in and held her breath. She pushed back against me, and Dr Valsalva, that ever helpful Italian I learned about in my research, helped her relax a little. I plunged in further and she shrieked, and then held her breath again. She relaxed a little more and I moved forward a little more. Her Suzie signal had been on hold, but now it played like a raspy trumpet with the mute taken off. She spoke for the first time, and it made quite an impression on me when she cried “Fuck me you fucking son of a bitch!” I think it was safe to say she was into it, and I lost all inhibition and plunged into her without reservation. She leaned over against the bed with her hands on the bed and her legs on the floor. I grabbed me a heapin’ helpin’ of buttock and fucked her ass deeply with slow strokes. I got even harder and bigger inside her and it felt like she was filled with hot butter inside. My monkey was in his element!

I had read somewhere that most women can’t come from direct anal stimulation, but Janet wasn’t most women! She came on about my tenth full stroke, and again at about number 25. I was in some kind of Zen fuck state, hard as a rock and not even close to coming. I moved her up onto all fours on the bed, put one knee on the bed and left one on the floor, and fucked her ass some more! It was a different angle and a different motion, and soon she came again. Then I lay back on the bed and positioned Janet in front of me, pulled up one leg, and entered her ass again. I hooked her leg with my elbow and spread her legs even farther, accessing a new angle and getting even better penetration, with less strain on my legs and back. I was beginning to think of this as my long term sustainable ass fucking position. I devoted myself to sensing her Suzie signal, put one had under and around her to touch her clit, and snaked my head around under her arm so I could bite the topside nipple nearest me, and then just tuned for maximum Suzie smoke! She was responding, and her Suzie was spiking. She came again, and then she pinched her own nipple, the one opposite the one I had in my mouth, and reached around with her other hand and grabbed my butt cheek. This wasn’t in the Kama Sutra I had seen, but it was working for us.


“Sweetie, wake up.”

What a wonderful way to leave the land of slumber. Emma pressing her gloriously naked body into mine, whispering, as she smothers me with smooches.

“Good morning, lovely,” I say, and move forward to kiss her, but…

My hands are cuffed to headboard of the bed.

“Honey, what…?”

“Shush,” she urges. “Today’s the turn of my fantasy, right?”

I nod warily. “Right.”

“Well, since last night, my fantasies have got a little… wilder.”

“Like what?” I ask, with a mix of trepidation and huge excitement.

“You told me you wouldn’t mind if I fucked anyone I wanted… today, we’re going to test that theory.”


“Seriously. So if you’re having any second thoughts, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

She looks me in the eye — I meet her gaze with a little grin. Silent.

She smiles widely and kisses me, slipping her pierced tongue into my mouth, but ending it all too soon.

She moves, and I now see that Doug is still sleeping on the other side of Emma. She slithers down between his legs and takes his soft cock into her hot, wet mouth.

She gently strokes and slurps on Doug’s dick until it swells in her mouth, stretching her lips; then she licks around the head and down to his balls, sucking on them one by one.

A surprised groan — Doug is finally awake. I don’t know how he managed to stay asleep that long, but now he strokes Emma’s hair behind one ear, and eases her mouth back to his cockhead.

She eagerly takes his pole to the back of her throat until she gags, then fucks herself on it. Doug holds her head, guiding it back and forth, and she mews contentedly.

“I’m getting close,” he warns, and Emma reluctantly pulls away from his dick.

“Not yet, you’ve gotta fuck me first,” she purrs. “Now, go wait in the living room, I’ll be right with you.”

I think Doug’s as confused as I am, but he does as he’s told.

Emma turns to me and smiles her sweetest smile. “You need to get used to not being able to watch, because there are times when I’m gonna want to fuck someone when you aren’t there. Ok?”

“Oh God,” I groan, and she giggles before disappearing out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

I daren’t breathe. Listening intently, I can only hear the odd muffled sound.

Until I hear Emma moan loudly.

Then the rhythmic slapping of skin against skin, rising in volume in sync with her moaning.

I hate this.

I close my eyes, trying to picture my sweet Emma, allowing herself to be defiled by some random perv she picked up from a lapdancing club last night. I imagine her face contorted in pleasure as his cock stretches her…

I notice, and am almost surprised, that my dick is rock hard and pointing straight up in the air.

I love this.

Emma’s little yelps signal how fast he’s pounding into her, and it’s fast. And he’s keeping it going for an impressive length of time.

Finally, a yell of: “Cum inside me!”, followed shortly by a heavy male grunt, and the unmistakeable scream of Emma’s orgasm.

I wait.

I can hear murmurs — they must be talking about something.

Eventually, they come back into the bedroom. Doug grabs his clothes and heads for the bathroom; Emma lies down next to me, resting her head on my pierced nipple.

“Was that good?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she sighs contentedly. “But I think a little better for him than it was for me.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. You’re incredible.”

She smiles at my compliment. “No, I mean… he offered to ‘take me away from this’, so I wouldn’t have to ‘be a whore’ any more.”

My anger flames. “Are you serious?!”

She giggles. “Yeah! He said I deserved better than selling myself, and he would make sure I never had to work again.”

“The fucking arsehole, I’m gonna…”

Emma puts a finger to my lips to stop me, and smiles lovingly. Like magic, my anger dissipates.

“I told him there was nothing he could do to ever make me leave you.”

Wow. That’s the first time she’s said anything about us staying together. I tear up.

“I love you,” I tell her.

“I love you too.” She gives me a quick peck on the lips, then playfully rolls away.


Doug’s gone. Emma’s in the bathroom “putting her slut face on”.

I’m still cuffed to the bed.

Emma left me to ponder who she’s going to pull next. She said she’s got someone particular in mind; that it’s someone I know; and that she’s heard he has a really big dick.

There aren’t many people we both know. She temped in my office for a while between teaching jobs, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be someone from there — she didn’t really like any of them. She met one of my old school friends once, but I wouldn’t have thought he was that well endowed…

Naked, Emma wanders back into the room with bright red lipstick; hooker-heavy shadowed eyes; and her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, with loose strands framing her delicate facial features.

“You’re looking gorgeous,” I tell her.

She flashes a smile. “Thanks sweetie,” and searches in the wardrobe until she pulls out a pair of shiny red stretch-leather thigh-high boots with a pointy-toe and black 5-inch stiletto heels.

“Oh wow,” I mutter.

Emma grins at me, and makes the most of the opportunity to tease. She perches on the edge of the bed and slides a long leg into one of the boots, easing the stretchy material up until it settles at mid-thigh, then ever…so…slowly pulls up the zip. It fits skintight and really highlights her shapely pin.

She repeats the process with her other leg, and runs her fingers up and down; a twinkle in her eye.

She stands, feet together, and tugs the top of the boots up to eliminate any wrinkles.

“Fuck me, you have to let me loose,” I say, battling my bindings.

“Nuh-uh,” she grins, sliding a finger between her already-damp pussy lips. “This is for someone else.”

Her piercings glinting, she totters on the high heels back to the wardrobe; removes a black latex coat, and puts it on.

“Is that all you’re wearing?”

“Well, y’know, just in case he’s a little hesitant, I want to be able to show him what he’d be missing.”

She ignores the coat’s zip and instead ties the belt around her tiny waist. It’s just about long enough to reach the top of her boots but, when she moves, it gapes open to display plenty of bare thigh — and only just covers her cunt.

“I love how big a slut you’re becoming.”

“Hold that thought for when I get back.”

“Why?” I ask. “Who is it?”

“Last chance — are you sure you don’t mind me fucking anyone I choose? You promise not to get angry?”

“Oh God, I promise. Now just tell me who it is!”

Emma leans over to whisper in my ear…

Instead, she gives me a quick peck on the cheek and sashays quickly out of the door, giggling as she goes.

Torture. Sheer torture.


Ninety minutes. My hands are getting sore. Where has she gone? It can’t be taking this long to persuade whoever-it-is, especially not the way she was dressed.

She wouldn’t have played the “it’s for my benefit, you don’t get to see” card again, would she? She wouldn’t be that cruel…

Footsteps! A pair of them… one of them definitely her boots. She’s back!

I hear the front door open, and laughter… I recognise that laugh. Oh no.

The bedroom door swings open.

Turns out she is pretty cruel. The guy she’s gonna fuck is my arsehole boss.

Steve pervs over all the girls in the office; he perved over Emma for the few months she worked there and, rumour has it, he’s fucked at least three of my colleagues. One of them got the promotion that I deserved. And he’s married.

“So this is who you’re doing for your week off,” he leers.

“Him? Really?!” I ask Emma.

“You’ll see why in a second,” she grins, and signals to Steve to sit on the edge of the bed. She kneels between his legs and unzips his fly.

There’s the only reason — his dick is cut and, only semi-erect, is already bigger than mine. Seems those rumours were true too.

“Ooh, that’s lovely,” coos Emma, as she takes it in her hand and strokes sensuously. Her dainty digits don’t reach all the way around its circumference, and it’s still growing. “Shame it’s attached to such an arsehole.”

She smiles sweetly up at Steve, who grins back. “You don’t have to like me, but you’re gonna love my cock.”

I hate his fucking arrogance. Surely she could have found someone else with a big dick…

And then it hits me. She knows I hate him more than anyone else in the world. Hell, she hates him too. That’s why this is the perfect test. If I let her fuck him, then she’ll know I won’t have a problem with her fucking anyone else.

She licks up the length of his pole and takes the head into her mouth, slurping noisily and mewling contentedly. Then she starts bobbing her head, taking him deeper into her throat each time.

“Oh yeah. When did you get your tongue pierced?” Steve asks. “It feels fucking good.”

She pulls back from his dick, smiling. “You like that, you’re in for a real treat in a minute.” Her lips stretch wide as she gags on his rod; it must be eleven inches long, and she’s managed eight of them.

Suddenly, she pulls back.

“Hey, I thought you were gonna deepthroat…”

His protests die as Emma unties her coat and lets it fall to the ground.

Before today, he would have thought Emma was a sweet, cute, girly-girl. And she was. Now, she stands in front of us with her slutty make-up, tattoos, and fetish boots; with rings in her navel and nipples; with a diamond in her clit; and her pussy dripping and open.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Steve asks, flabbergasted.

“Don’t you like?” Emma asks coyly, striking a pose.

“Yeah, but…”

“Good,” Emma interrupts. “Now get undressed.”

As he tears off his clothes, Emma grabs a pen and, in big red letters, writes “SLUT” on her stomach.

Steve stands in front of her and just stares. I doubt he can believe his luck. Or the transformation since the last time he saw his ex-employee.

“Forget what you used to know about me. Ok?” she asks.

“Whatever you say.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” She pushes him back onto the bed and straddles him, pinning his dick between his disappointingly-well-toned stomach and her cooch.

Glancing over to me, she slides back and forth, covering his pole with her juices, bumping the tip against her pierced clit each time; then hovers her groin above his, teasing all three of us.

He points his dick up at her snatch and asks, “You sure you want this? His little prick won’t be enough for you anymore.”

She grins wickedly and lowers herself so just the head of his dick separates her lips. “What do you think?”

He grabs her by the hips and pulls her down; her eyes go wide and she yelps with the sudden, massive intrusion.

“Oh my God, it’s huge!”

And it’s only halfway in.

She lifts herself; then pushes back down, forcing more of his fat dick into her tight hole.

“C’mon, a real slut could take this, no problem,” Steve goads.

Emma glowers at Steve and slams herself down — and still there’s a a bit more than an inch left.

She slowly moves up and down, getting used to new parts of her body being stretched, but quickly speeds up until she’s bouncing rapidly.

“Oh my fucking God, how is it this good?” she asks of no-one in particular. Steve’s familiar shit-eating grin is plastered all over his face; he grabs her pierced tits, squeezing and mauling, and pinching the hard nipples until Emma cries out in pain… but she doesn’t stop him, or stop riding him.

“Did you have these when you worked for me?” he asks, tugging sharply on Emma’s nipple rings.

“Ughh, no.”

“Bet you got them when you broke up with your boyfriend?”

“Who said I broke up with him?” she pants. “We’re engaged.”

Steve laughs. “You’re fucking kidding me! Does he know you’re slutting around on him?”

Emma rubs her pierced clit. “Oh God! What do you think?”

With a growl, Steve lifts Emma off him, causing her to whine in disappointment, and throws her onto her back in his place; then smashes his cock into her, causing her to yell out.

“You’re gonna take all my cock, whore.”

He holds her down and subjects her to a series of short, forceful jabs of his pelvis. She struggles and wriggles beneath him, but oddly doesn’t seem to be trying as hard as she could to stop him.

I strain against my cuffs again, hating Emma’s pained little yelps.

“No, please, it’s too much… aaarrgGGHHHHHHHH!!!” she screams; then cums more powerfully than I have ever seen. Even she seems surprised to be completely overcome; her body convulsing uncontrollably as she squirts high into the air, soaking Steve’s chest and some even landing on me.

“You squirted! You filthy bitch!” Steve exclaims. He repositions her, squashing her hot overknee boots into her flushed tits, and licking one of her stilettos.

He thrusts into her hard and fast, using the full length of his pole, not giving her a chance to recover.

“Ooooh, God, stop, please” she begs, pushing a hand into his chest, but he ploughs into her even harder.

“Aaagghh… stop… ooohh… God, fuck… fuck… aaaggh… don’t stop, DON’T STOP!!”

Her hand drops from his chest to her clit, rubbing vigourously until, incredibly, she squirts again, screaming the place down.

“Oh my fucking GOD!!”

Still he pistons into her, like a machine.

Her orgasm seems to be never-ending.

It wasn’t bad enough that she picked this arsehole to fuck, but now he’s making her cum like I know I never could.

Yet, still, my dick is rock hard, and one stroke away from my own orgasm.

Belatedly, he pulls out of her. She cries out in anguish, and Steve drags her off the bed and makes her kneel in front of him. Without needing to be told, Emma takes his cock into her mouth and bobs her head eagerly.

With both hands, he grabs hold of her beautiful face and fucks his dick into it, violating her pretty mouth and throat. He yanks her into his crotch; Emma gags trying to accomodate his massive tool.

He holds her there, forcing himself deeper into her. She gags again and tries to pull away, but he holds her for another one, two… ten seconds…

“Hey, let her…” I begin and, finally, he lets Emma go.

She battles to cough and breathe at the same time, but still seems disappointed when Steve moves over to his pile of clothes.

I can see lust burning in her eyes.

He swaggers back to her, over-sized dick swinging, and she immediately takes it back in her mouth; she grasps his arse and pulls him down her throat.

She gags again as she repeatedly slams herself into him, until her cute nose is buried in his neatly-trimmed pubes.

“Look up, slut,” Steve says. She does, and he takes a photo on his smartphone. Far from being bothered, I swear she’s smiling — even with her mouth stretched full.

“I’m gonna show all the people you used to work with what a complete skank you’ve turned into.”

She removes herself from his dick. “Yeah? All of them? Show all of them.”

She lunges back for his cock, but he steps backward, then turns around.

“Lick my arsehole,” he smirks.


“What?” Emma says.

“Lick my arsehole,” he repeats.


“No? Don’t you want any more dick?” he grins. “No licking — no fucking.”

She looks over at me. Is she searching for my approval? Is she actually considering it?!

I just stare back at her. I don’t know what to do, so the easiest thing is to do nothing. Let her make her own mind up of where she wants to draw the line.

She shrugs at me and, as way of explanation, says: “I need it.”

And she buries her sweet face between his arse cheeks. She’s not in the slightest bit tentative as she sticks her pierced tongue into his puckered hole.

“Yeah,” Steve mutters. “And you’d better make it good, or no dick.”

Emma goes to town, giving herself over to her lust and her need for cock.

I don’t know where the line is anymore. I don’t know if there even is a line.

“Here,” he says, handing her the phone, “I can’t get a good angle. Video it for me.”

I never thought I’d see her allow herself to be humiliated like this.

Steve casually lights a cigarette as Emma gives his anus a tongue bath, all the while playing up for the camera that she’s pointing at herself.

Emma pokes her tongue past his sphincter, and he jumps forward in surprise. “Fucking hell, you filthy bitch! Here, hold this.” He gives her the cigarette and grabs back the camera.

To my shock, she takes a drag on the cigarette. This is the girl who’s hated them ever since her uncle died of lung cancer, and threatened to leave The Boyfriend after he took one drag at a party one time.

She coughs, not used to the sensation, but has another go.

Steve’s pointing the camera at her. “Well, you can keep that. I know where your mouth has been.”

Emma giggles, making a show of smoking seductively.

“Get on the bed, butt facing me,” he orders.

She stamps out the fag on my wooden floor and enthusiastically does as she’s told — just inches from me, she’s on all fours, bum in the air, waiting…

“Kiss your slave,” Steve grins.

Emma leans over and — with her mouth still dirty from Steve’s arse — she kisses me full on the lips, even slipping her pierced tongue into my mouth. She tastes foul, but it’s still a hot kiss.

I’m so conflicted.

She whispers, “I love you,” then readies herself as Steve lines himself up behind her.

“Come on then,” Emma urges Steve. “Fuck your slut good.”

“Oh, you’re MY slut are you?” he asks, sneering at me.

Emma looks back over her shoulder at him and, it seems to me, with complete sincerity, tells him: “I’m YOUR slut.”

It was no more than a few days ago that she was saying the exact same thing to me.

“What about dickless, here?” he asks, referring to me.

Emma gets up and stands on my chest, her stiletto heels digging into my flesh. She leans forward and props herself against the wall behind me, arching her back and sticking her butt out lewdly.

“Fuck me until I squirt on his face,” she purrs.

Steve grins at that and moves behind Emma, rubbing his pole over Emma’s pussy lips, teasing her. “I love your tattoo. Further proof you’re a dirty little tramp.”

He slaps her, hard, on the butt. She squeals, but doesn’t move.

He does it again, harder.

She moans.

She’s said the one thing she didn’t want to do, because she didn’t like it, was pain. And here she was, seemingly loving having her arse beaten by a guy we both think is an arse himself.

“Harder,” she murmurs.

But maybe she doesn’t think he’s an arse anymore. Maybe she’s beginning to like him?

Steve gives her three quick whacks, then grabs her by the hips and spears into her dripping clam.

“Oooohhh my fucking God!” Emma yells, and steadies herself on me as he starts thrusting into her. Her eyes are closed as she concentrates on the sensations pulsing from her pussy.

“Who does this cunt belong to?” Steve asks, slapping her butt again.

“You, oh God, YOU!”

“Say it.”

“My cunt’s yours!” She moves a hand down to rub her clit piercing.

“When?” he presses.

She opens her grey-blue eyes and stares into mine. “Anytime, anytime you want it. You can do anything you want, anytime, anywhere — just don’t stop fucking me.”

The 5-inch heel of one of her boots seems to be digging straight into my heart. And it still hurts less than her words to my fucking boss.

He slaps her arse again.

“Owww, please don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Steve asks as he spanks her harder.

“That hurts, please don’t…”

Steve stops fucking her. Emma groans in frustration, “I was so close.”

“Ask me to hit you again.”

Emma shakes her head. “Don’t make me.”

“Beg me,” Steve grins.

She closes her eyes again. “Please Steve, please hit me.”


“I’m begging you…”

CRACK! The loudest slap yet, and Emma howls as he pounds into her. The smacks continue to rain down on her perfect derriere.


What a busy day. 4pm and this is the first opportunity for a pause, to gather my breath. And it’s on the way to do something that I’m dreading.

It’s been so busy, in fact, that we didn’t even have time for a morning fool-around. We had lots to get sorted.

After we avoided the police and got home last night, I told Emma that I wanted to marry her as soon as possible — and that I’d worked out a plan. I knew she’d never liked the idea of a big wedding, so I proposed that we fly out somewhere on Friday; get married on Saturday; and return on Sunday.

She loved it.

I’d done the research, and one of the easiest places for a quickie wedding is Gibraltar. So, while she spent the morning shopping for a wedding dress, I booked flights and a hotel, and got us packed.

Then we went to my parents’ place for lunch.

They’d already met Emma briefly once before, and were well aware of my long-held love of her, so they must have suspected something when I told them I was bringing her with me.

When we arrived, there were hugs all round — I’m sure I spied a funny look on my Dad’s face when Emma pressed her body into his, and he could hardly take his eyes off her thereafter.

Not that I could blame him — I was exactly the same. She was dressed simply, with no make-up and her blonde hair in a loose ponytail, but still looked amazing. She wore a tight, long orange t-shirt with a sketch of Tinkerbell on the front; a pair of round-toe pumps with a hidden platform and a 5 inch heel, that matched the colour of her top almost exactly; and sexy wetlook leggings that made her legs looks incredible.

In this setting, Emma was the sweet girly-girl that I first fell in love with. You’d never believe that she’d had 4 different cocks in her yesterday. In a way, it was reassuring to see she was still the same loving, caring, beautiful woman that I’d wanted to marry for years.

My Mum quickly spotted Emma’s engagement ring, so we told them the (edited) version of what was happening. How we were getting married in Gibraltar. How I planned to get a new job as soon as possible, nearer to Emma’s house — and that that would become our house. Emma was confident she could negotiate that with The Boyfriend. I didn’t ask how.

Mum and Dad were a little disappointed they weren’t going to be at the wedding, but we assured them there’d be a celebration when we got home.

Overall, I think they were just happy for us.

So, now we’e on our way back to her place. Tomorrow, I’m to explain to her family how I’ve managed to steal her away from a guy that they all love, and assumed she was going to marry and have children with. But that’s not even the worst of it.

First, Emma has to break it off with The Boyfriend.

Neither of us are looking forward to it. The car is quiet and there’s a sense of unease that won’t lift.

This will not be pleasant.


Their street is busy as usual, so I park a couple of doors down from Emma’s home.

“I’ll be waiting right here,” I tell her, squeezing her hand. “It’ll be ok.”

“It won’t, but it’s what I want. I just need to make him understand that.”

She heaves a deep breath and exits the car. I watch her totter down their driveway and, in spite of myself and the situation, my dick gets chubby.

Emma had decided that the best way to persuade him it was over, was to be completely honest about how she’d turned into a slut. She knew there was no way he could stay with her if she was sleeping around on him. And that knowledge informed the outfit she decided to wear for breaking up with him…

She’s wearing a knee-length black leather coat, but when she takes that off, The Boyfriend will probably have a melt down. Hugging her arse is a tiny, tight black latex mini-skirt that only just hides her pierced pussy. But there’s only a few inches of thigh on show, because she’s wearing the same shiny red stretch-leather thigh-high boots with a pointy-toe and black 5-inch stiletto heels that she wore to fuck Steve yesterday.

On top, she’s wearing a red and black latex corset that makes her normally slim waist even narrower; and it sits just under her tits, lifting them deliciously but leaving them completely exposed. Hence the jacket.

But that’s not all. She’s got a silver chain linking the two pierced nipples on her bare breasts; and she’s got a pretty large metal butt-plug up her arse too. Her pretty face is painted like a cheap whore with bright red lipstick, long fake lashes, and heavy dark eye make-up; and her long blonde hair is teased and tousled in that just-fucked look.

And the diamond ring on her wedding finger is mine, not his.

If it isn’t immediately obvious that the sweet girl he fell in love with has changed somewhat, then I’m calling the men in white coats to take him away.

I settle in for what could be a long wait while they thrash this out.


But I didn’t expect it to take this long. 2 hours. Really?!

As parents do their Halloween duty and lead their kids around the neighbourhood, trick or treating, I feel a little creepy — as though the parents think I’m there to look at their little girl dressed as a Disney princess.

I might have to invite myself into Emma and The Boyfriend’s discussion soon, before someone calls the police.

I’ll put it off a little while longer. I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing The Boyfriend. He’s sure to blame me for corrupting Emma — and it’s difficult to argue against that. But it was her choice. I was careful to never force her into anything she didn’t want to do.

That won’t be any comfort to him.

Finally I get the message I’ve been waiting for, but didn’t want to arrive.

I exit my car, stretching my cramped muscles, and carry/wheel Emma’s suitcases of clothes to the house with all the enthusiasm of a man headed to the electric chair.

The front door opens and all that’s forgotten. Now I know part of the reason why it’s taken so long.

Emma’s changed outfits.

She’s dressed as a too-fucking-hot Goldilocks. Not too cold, not just the right amount, but too fucking hot.

The outfit is a small, strapless, yellow and white dress which flares out into a petticoat that only just covers her crotch. Her tits are pushed together and are nearly falling out of the top. She has a yellow bow in her hair, white overknee socks, and shiny black Mary-Jane-style pumps with a 4.5 inch heel.

“Wow,” I murmur.

“We’re going out.” She does not look happy.

I dump her bags just inside the door.

“What have you done to her, you fucking bastard!” The Boyfriend yells at me.

“I told you!” Emma shouts back, angrier than I’ve ever seen her. “This isn’t about him. This is about what I want, and it isn’t you!”

She slams the door and strides toward my car and, in my attempt to keep up, I can’t help noticing that her dress leaves the lower curves of her pert bottom uncovered, and I can’t see any underwear.

“Are you ok?” I ask.

“He doesn’t believe me. I tried to show him the videos on my phone, but he wouldn’t watch. He put his hands over his ears like a fucking 5 year old! So we’re going to find a couple of guys to fuck me, and prove to him that he doesn’t want me anymore.”

“Wow, ok. So where are we going?”

“There’s a bar nearby that’s got a Halloween party on tonight — it’s pretty rough, but I should be able to pick up a couple of guys there.”

We get into my car.

“You look incredible, by the way. Beautiful, cute and sexy,” I tell her.

In spite of her foul mood, she smiles. “That’s becoming a bit of a catchphrase.”

“I know,” I grin.

“I was going to wear this for you tonight, but… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ll enjoy watching!”

“Oh no, you’re joining in.”


Again, I’m left waiting outside.

At least I know that, dressed like she is, she isn’t going to have trouble picking up guys. I wonder what type of man she’ll go for? As long as…

Oh my fucking God. I didn’t expect that.

Emma’s strutting over to me with three hulking black guys. One’s dressed as a caveman; one’s a mobster; and the last is a Spartan warrior.

And it seems like they already can’t keep their hands off her, with one guy groping a tit through her top, and another with his hand up her dress.

I get out of the car and pull the seat forward so three of them can climb in the back.

“Look sweetie,” Emma purrs, “I found my three bears.”

She’s not wrong. They’re huge.


We make the short journey back to Emma’s place. Emma spent the whole time laying across the laps of two of the guys in the back, the rings in her nipples being sucked on and her pussy being fingered. The Caveman sat up front next to me kept getting in the way by reaching back for a grope.

There’s no way The Boyfriend will still believe she’s all sweetness and light after this.

We bundle through the door and The Boyfriend’s eyes bug out. “What the fuck?!”

“You thought I was joking?” Emma asks, her hand stroking The Mobster’s large bulge through his trousers. “Upstairs. Now. You need to see this.”

He hesitates.

“The lady wasn’t asking,” The Mobster glares at him; and The Boyfriend leads the way.

We all traipse into their bedroom: The Boyfriend stands awkwardly in the far corner; I hang back in the doorway.

“I want to see your cocks,” Emma says. She drops her dress and sinks to her knees. “You too, sweetie,” she purrs to me.

I step forward, unzipping my jeans, and immediately I feel a little inadequate. The Mobster’s dick is the smallest of the three, and his is 10 inches long, and thick. The Caveman’s weapon is 11 inches but slightly thinner, and is remarkably similar to Steve’s. The Spartan, however…

He’s the biggest guy at 6 foot 8, built like a brick shithouse, and has a dick to match. It must be 13, maybe 14 inches long, and thicker than Emma’s forearm.

And Emma seems instantaneously infatuated by it. A little intimidated, but mostly excited. I can see the lust taking over as she licks her lips and grabs the Spartan’s pole.

“Suck it, bitch,” he orders.

I don’t think she needed telling.

She opens her mouth wide, and her lips stretch obscenely as she forces the first few inches into her mouth, and bobs her head eagerly. The contrast of the deep black dick against her pretty white face is startling, and hot.

I sneak a quick look at The Boyfriend, and his jaw has hit the floor.

Emma pulls back. “Oh God, it’s huge. It’s perfect. I’m in love.”

She doesn’t let go, but keeps tugging on it as she opens her mouth for The Mobster’s piece. He grabs her head and makes her take it down her throat, causing her to gag. He fucks her face without any concern for her; then holds his dick all the way in, Emma’s cute nose buried in his pubes.

She tries to pull back but he won’t let her — I’m about to intervene when he pulls out and throws her to the floor, leaving her gasping and spluttering.

He’s clearly the most aggressive of them. I’m going to have to keep an eye on him — although I’m not sure there’s a lot I could do if it came to a fight. I hope Emma knows what she’s got herself in for.

“Whore!” he exclaims, and pulls her back to her knees by her hair. “Open your mouth.”

Emma obeys, sticking out her pierced tongue, and The Mobster spits in it. “Swallow.”

Emma makes a show of gulping his spittle down.

“You fucking skanky bitch.” He throws her to his mate, The Caveman, who shoves his cock down her throat and fucks it like it’s a pussy. Seriously, he has hold of her head and is thrusting in and out of her so hard, I’d be seriously worried — if Emma wasn’t moaning with desire.

The Spartan pulls her back to him, and attacks her mouth with his monster.

“C’mon slut, you can take their’s, you can take mine.”

As he has his hands in her hair, pushing into her; she has her hands on his arse, pulling him in. They’re both giving it all they can, but there are still three inches she can’t take.

Emma removes herself, spitting over the tool. “Let’s try something different.”

She hardly seems to notice I’m there, so I back away again.

She lies on her back on her bed, wearing only her socks, heels, and the ribbon in her hair that seems absurdly cute given the situation. Her head hangs over the edge. “This seems to work better in pornos.”

When did she watch this kind of porn?!

The Spartan lines up and pushes his cock straight down her throat, immediately further than before, leaving only one inch.

“Nearly there, bitch,” he growls, and begins pounding her throat until he has all of himself inside her on each thrust. Emma hands grasp the back of his thighs, trying to encourage him deeper.

It’s incredible.

The other two, meanwhile, haven’t been standing around. The Caveman is stabbing two of his big digits into Emma’s pierced and dripping pussy. The Mobster is torturing her tits — kneading them and twisting her stiff, pierced nipples.

“You need a boob job, slut. How’m I s’posed to fuck these?” he grumbles, slapping them, hard.

Again, I consider stepping in, but again, Emma’s erotically-charged mewling convinces me not to.

“I’m gonna fuck this cunt,” The Caveman proclaims.

The Spartan withdraws from Emma’s mouth. “You wanna watch your first black fucking?”

“Fuck yeah,” Emma says. “Give it to me.”

“Wait — what about a condom?” The Boyfriend speaks up from his corner.

“I told you, I want a baby,” Emma spits.

“You want us to knock you up, slut?” The Spartan asks.

“Yeah! Give me a little black baby.”

“You know the cliche,” The Caveman rumbles, rubbing his dick over her mound. “Once you go black, you won’t go back. You won’t even feel your fiance’s prick after this. You sure you want that?”

Emma’s beautiful grey-blue eyes search me out, and stare deep into mine. “Ruin my cunt,” she purrs.

I quickly fish out my phone and film the moment that The Caveman’s big black dick pierces my beloved Emma’s glistening pussy. Her moan is full of lust.

“Fuck, she’s tight. You can tell she hasn’t had black before,” The Caveman grunts as he eases himself deeper.

I don’t like to tell him that she had a dick almost identical in size to his just yesterday.

“Stop fannying around and fuck me,” Emma says, and yanks The Mobster’s cock into her mouth.

She asked for it. The Mobster fucks her face every bit as hard as The Caveman slams into her pussy. The Spartan chuckles at The Boyfriend, crying in the corner.

“She’s a black cock slut now, needledick.”

The Mobster pulls out of Emma’s mouth and slaps her face with his fat dick; Emma chases, desperately trying to get her lips around it.

“Lick my balls, bitch.”

Emma does, and eagerly, sucking one ball and then the other into her mouth and bathing each with her pierced tongue.

“Flip her over,” The Spartan orders. Emma gets on all fours and wiggles her bum enticingly in the air, and The Caveman resumes his primal fucking of her cunt.

The Spartan reclaims her mouth, despite a glare from The Mobster — who, pissed off, separates his belt from his trousers.

“Ask me to whip your arse, bitch,” he glowers.

Emma looks back at him. “Please, please whip my cute little bum.”

The leather cracks across her flesh and she screams in pain. The Mobster stands there, waiting, with a shit-eating grin on his face. Challenging.

“Again,” Emma asks.

The Mobster doesn’t hold back and lashes her even harder — Emma’s cry becomes a moan.

“Again.” Another thrash.

The Caveman’s fucking her like a machine; I can tell Emma’s getting close.

Already, welts are marking Emma’s sweet bottom.

“Don’t stop,” she pleads.

“I’m gonna cum,” The Caveman warns.

“Yes, cum inside me! Fill me up!” Emma urges as she tugs on The Spartan’s pole and The Mobster flogs her arse repeatedly.

“Here it comes, bitch.” The Caveman slams hard into her and holds deep.

“Pleeeaaaassseeee-aaaagggh!” she begs. One more thwack from the belt and she loses it, her cum spraying out in a powerful jet. Her arms go wobbly and can’t support her weight, and she collapses forward onto her face and chest as her whole body quakes with jolts of pure pleasure.

It’s a very fucking sexy sight, and I’m delighted I’ve got it on video.

“Holy fuck, she’s a squirter!” exclaims The Mobster. “I fucking love squirters.”

He pushes The Caveman out of the way and takes his place, pushing his wide dick into her sloppy pussy, displacing the spunk that oozes out.

“Ow, fuck,” Emma mutters.

The Mobster doesn’t build up slowly — he pumps into her at full pelt — and that’s all it takes…

Emma ejaculates again, adding another load of her cum to the already-drenched sheets below her.

But The Mobster doesn’t let up, and neither does Emma’s orgasm. It goes on, and on, until finally The Mobster stops, and kneads her sore red butt cheeks.

The Caveman lights a post-coital cigarette.

“Please don’t smoke in here,” murmurs The Boyfriend.

“Give it here,” Emma says, and rather than stubbing it out, she begins smoking it, blowing the smoke in his direction. The Boyfriend shakes his head. He’s knows it’s over, but the big black brutes are blocking his escape route.

Emma exhales over The Spartan’s dick, and alternates between licking his cock and sucking on the cigarette.

“I want to ride you,” she tells him.

This is really going to push her limits.

The Spartan lies back on the bed, and The Mobster takes the fag from Emma as she moves into position astride the man mountain.

She grips his dick — her fingers nowhere near encircling his girth — and holds it up against her flat stomach.

“Oh my God, look, it’s huge,” she says. It reaches up past her jewellery-adorned belly button. I can’t see how she’s going to take it all without hurting herself.

She slowly gyrates against it, teasing everyone; and then kneels above the massive pole, pressing the tip gently between her folds.

“Oh God,” she mutters as she pushes down. “I can’t even get the head in.”

The Spartan takes hold of her hips and humps upward.

“Ow, fuuuck!” Emma yells, as the first few inches disappear inside her. “Don’t move, pleeease don’t move.”

She eases herself up, then forces herself down again. She yelps in pain.

“Oh God, it’s splitting me open.”

I step forward. “Emma, honey, don’t hurt yourself.”

“It hurts good,” she tells me, with a strained smile and what’s supposed to be a reassuring nod.

If this is what she wants…

“Help me,” she whispers to The Spartan. Gripping her hard, he pulls her down. Another few inches disappear — past halfway, probably 5 inches to go.

Emma’s weeping now; her mascara’s running, and it only serves to make her look even more like a whore.

“Fuck, how does such a slut stay so tight?”

Emma wriggles on the massive pole, then bounces on it — emitting a little yelp on each downward stroke. The Spartan times his upthrusts to meet her, and bit by bit, reaches further and further into her.

She surprises me by leaning forward and kissing the brute, passionately, their tongues swirling.

“I fucking love you,” she tells him.

I believe her. And it hurts.

“You’re mine now, bitch.”

“Fuck this,” The Mobster grunts, obviously fed up of hanging around. He grabs a bottle of lotion or something from Emma’s dressing table and climbs on the bed behind her. Then he points the bottle at her arsehole and squeezes whatever the liquid is all over her behind.

“Oh God, I can’t take both of you.” Emma seems genuinely worried.

“You can, you will, and you’ll fucking love it.” The Mobster presses his dick against her sphincter and lunges forward, burying himself inside her.

Emma screams, but her mouth is immediately filled by The Caveman, who has appeared in front of her and starts fucking her mouth in pace with The Mobster fucking her arse.

The three bears have to hold her in place as she struggles against them.

“Guys…” I interject.

A story by The Doctor

Illustrations by PeterPD


Peter sat unseen in his Audi, observing his new slave as she stood under the designated streetlight outside Frankfurt Station. She looked breathtaking in her latex ensemble and porn star thigh-high boots. Even from this distance, he could make out many of her tattoos under the latex skin that was soon to be her constant companion. Snapping shots with his digital camera on full zoom, he caught her expressions as they ran through the full spectrum of embarrassment, vulnerability, excitement as the guy in the sports car so obviously perved her from his seat, to the amazing moment when she dropped her suitcase and looked suspiciously like she was trying to control an orgasm. He would take pleasure in sending those to Phil later-he would hardly recognise the latex clad slut as his beloved wife! He smiled inwardly as he caught the nipple shields under her violet tunic. It wasn’t that he was reluctant to display those show-stopping areolae to her new German public, simply that he wanted to be the first to appreciate their magnificence in the flesh before he started work on them. They were the focal point of this project, although Stephanie and Phil were as yet unaware of the fact.

He let her squirm in her vulnerability for a full five minutes before he decided that the sports car voyeur was on the verge of approaching her, at which point he left his vehicle, and strode purposefully up to his charge.

“Guten abend, latexsklavin Stephanie. I hope you had a pleasant journey?” he said forcefully, as she turned to see who had spoken to her.

Peter was older than Stephanie, but was in good shape, and his shaved head gave him an understated aura of power, as well as cutting quite a distinguished look beside his expensively tailored clothes. Impressed with what she saw, she visibly relaxed, and quickly replied ” Oh-hello Sir- yes, the journey was fine thank you. It is good of you to meet me”

Frowning slightly, Peter produced a leash from his pocket, and attached it to the loop above the pubic area of her chastity panties, silently cursing himself for not having included a loop in the collar of her outfit. Staring in amazement at this overt display of ownership so early, she meekly followed on her mega-platform heels as he ushered her towards the Audi.

” Gut sklavin for following your dress instructions to the letter-you look sensational” he said warmly as he led her across the car park ” but you will always address me as LatexMeister, whatever the circumstances” he scolded.

Stephanie was amazed at how his gently spoken admonishment cut through the night air, and she surprised herself by instantly replying ” Ja LatexMeister- I am sorry”, and even more so by the regret she felt at having disappointed him on their first meet.

In the background, the sports car burned rubber as its driver vented his sexual frustration on the tyres and left in search of less challenging opportunities.

As the Audi purred effortlessly through the streets of Frankfurt, Stephanie noticed that her Meister had left the interior light on her side active. As they talked, Frankfurt citizens turned their heads in double takes as they wondered if they really had just seen a half naked tattooed beauty in that car.

Leaving Frankfurt south toward Mannheim, he extinguished the light, and under the neon glow of the dashboard, they got to know each other.

For someone who was clearly heavily dominant, he was remarkably easy to talk to, and they discussed whole lots of nothing until, introducing it seamlessly into the conversation, he asked her how her latex outfit felt. She answered in absolute truth that it was like no other tactile experience she had ever felt, and that the sensations came close to overwhelming her at times. Smiling, Peter thought that she may just be a natural, and looked forward in earnest to the next six months developing that lust into an absolute requirement.

“Did I imagine it, or did you orgasm under the lights, latexsklavin Stephanie?” he asked very naturally, but with just the right amount of gravitas that she knew only the truth was acceptable.

“Ja LatexMeister, I did-it took me completely by surprise. The feel of the latex, the way I was displayed so publicly, the chastity you had so openly placed me in, and the way that guy was staring at me…it just happened. I hope I didn’t do wrong?” she blurted, surprised at the ease with which she discussed such intimacies with this stranger.

” Nein, latexsklavin-you did not do wrong” he chuckled reassuringly “This is all about pleasure, for all of us. You will be doing a great deal of cumming over the next few months, and each orgasm will be welcomed and encouraged. There is only one exception. You are only permitted to orgasm when clad in latex. Any orgasms whilst naked will be punished most severely. There are few rules that apply during your training other than your absolute obedience-but this one is vital. The vast majority of the next few months will see you clad in latex, with the severity of the enclosure gradually increasing, but there will be times when you are naked, such as for bathing, showering, etc. Also you will sleep naked to start with, although that may well change as your training progresses. The other rules will be explained to you as we progress, but that is the one you must hold most dear-is that clear?”

“Ja LatexMeister” she gulped, disturbingly aroused by the way he discussed her presentation over the coming months as though he were dressing a piece of meat.

“Gut Sklavin” he said soothingly, and they drifted back to easy chat as the Audi ate up the miles to Mannheim.

After an hour or so, with the clock showing around 10PM, they turned into a leafy lane on the outskirts of the town, and then through automatic gates into a modern sizable building set in sumptuous grounds, made private by a substantial perimeter wall. Even under the artificial lighting, Stephanie could see that it was an expensive designer building. She noticed video surveillance cameras everywhere, and remembered that this was what her Meister did for a living.

As the Audi swept into the treble garage, whose doors opened as if by magic and closed securely behind them, she felt surprisingly secure given that she had just entered a fortress in a foreign country with a handsome dominant she barely knew. She touched the latex clad curve of her magnificent chest to reassure herself that this wasn’t a dream, and shivered with excitement at the sensation.

It even felt natural to be ushered from the car on a dog leash, and as he led her from the garage and to the front door that gave access to his home (and hers for the next 26 weeks)

As Peter unlocked the door, he told her to stand to attention, hands behind her head as she stood on the threshold. She obeyed instantly, surprising herself again at her compliance as she stood there leashed, vulnerable and on display. Untying the lace that held her latex dress in place, he eased the violet second skin from her shoulders, making her gasp with the tactile sensations as the featherweight garment slid from her body to gather in a small pile on the floor, leaving her clad in just the latex shoulder wrap with collar, nipple shields, chastity panty and thigh boots. Reaching round and releasing the top buckle on each boot, he folded the top few inches of each legging down, so that the upper portion of each thigh was now visible. Satisfied that each of her lovely tattoos was now fully visible, Peter gave the leash a gentle tug and his sklavin crossed the threshold and entered her new home

Peter unclipped her leash, and gestured to her to sit down, whilst he fetched her case from the car.

Bringing it in, he opened a door in the hallway behind which sat an armoured locker, like a gun cupboard, with a combination lock on it. He put the case inside, then reached for her purse, which contained her passport, cards and money, and added that to the storeroom, before closing the door with a meaningful flourish and spinning the lock to scramble the tumblers.

“Unless you use the safe word, or Phil rings my mobile, the next time you see those things will be in six months time. I for one will be most disappointed if I have to open it earlier. Henceforth, every minute aspect of your appearance will be controlled by me- your clothing, jewellery, make up, etc. All your needs will be catered for-all you have to do is obey and enjoy, my latexsklavin” he said comfortingly.

“Starting tomorrow it will be your job to attend to my needs, and those of any guests/friends that may visit. Just for tonight, however, I will attend to you, and will prepare supper for us. After we have eaten, I will show you to your quarters, inspect you, and you will sleep-it has been a long day for you.”

Wondering quite what he meant by ‘inspect’, since more of her was already visible to him than most people other than her husband and her doctor had seen for years, she took the offered chair at the vast kitchen table, savouring her highly exposed, and now aroused, state; but strangely missing the feel of her latex dress caressing her naked buttocks as she sat. Just a few hours into her training, and already she craved the feel of the latex, she reflected, as she watched her handsome, sophisticated Meister open a bottle of wine to breathe whilst he sautéed fillet mignon in butter, mushrooms and onions, before using a liberal splash of the wine to create a jus to accompany the steaks. Potatoes and vegetables were already in the oven on timer, and she watched admiringly as he worked the large, super-modern kitchen like a pro, before presenting them with mouth-watering plates of supper, which they ate enthusiastically, enjoying the surprisingly good red Rhine wine as they feasted, and talking in relaxed tones as if it were the most natural thing in the world to begin ones slave training sat half naked at the meal table.

As they finished an excellent crème brulee dessert, and Peter poured coffee, she felt the stress of this monumental day catch up with her, and had to stifle a yawn.

Noticing this, Peter got up from his seat ” I know it has been a long and traumatic day for you today, latexsklavin Stephanie-that is why I am being so lenient on you this evening. Follow me to your quarters now” came the mood-changingly stern instructions.

Shocked back to reality from the wine fuelled peace that the meal had brought, she collected her discarded latex dress, and hobbled on her impossible platforms behind him, up some glass effect stairs and along a corridor to a door that bore the single word “Sklavin”

Keying in an unseen code to the door entry pad, Peter pushed it open, and Stephanie was greeted with a large airy bedroom, in the middle of which sat a king sized bed-well; bigger that that-it must have been six foot wide! All along one wall sat an avenue of mirror-fronted walk-in closets, but strangely all had keypad locks on them. On the other wall was a door, which clearly led to the en suite facilities, which bore no lock at all.

Most remarkable of all was the bed. At various points around its frame were eyelets that were clearly anchorage points, and the whole assembly shone as the bubblegum pink latex sheets and pillows caught the light. She was to sleep in latex bedding!

Noting her eyes widen at the prospect, Peter added teasingly, “I said you would sleep naked at first-did I forget to mention that your body will still be fed the sublimal need for latex via your bed sheets?”

Stephanie blushed scarlet, and tried to suppress the heat in her groin as she took it all in.

“Danke LatexMeister,” she stammered, unable to think of anything more meaningful to say.

“Gut- now undress, and place all your items of clothing in the hopper over there and push the button-it will be emptied, and your new attire will be laid out each morning for you in the rotating closet on the left-no decision making is required on your part- then go and shower through there. After showering or bathing, you must towel yourself dry, then walk through the drying arch where powerful jets of hot air will dry every part of your body properly. As you will discover, wet skin and latex simply do not mix! When you are done, push the button by the door and I will attend to you after I have cleaned up the supper things.

With that, he exited, and a bemused Stephanie wriggled out of the latex shoulder wrap, unlaced those sensational but uncomfortable boots, and unbuckled the chastity panties that must have been soaked by her arousal. As she pulled the nipple shields off, wincing as the tit tape let go, and dropped them into the hopper, she pushed the button. As a mechanical noise told her the hopper was empty, it occurred to her that she now owned nothing- only her nipple barbells stood between her and total nudity, and she was totally reliant on Latexmeister for everything, without exception. As she went into the shower, and activated the powerful multi-jet array, she felt good in her insecurity-it aroused her damn it, as did the way the many colours etched into her skin glistened in the wet.

After luxuriating in the power shower for a full five minutes, the grime of the journey was finally gone, and she exited and dried herself with one of the huge fluffy towels that filled a large heated rail.

Intrigued, she stood in the drying arch, which reminded her somewhat of an airport security portal, and pressed the button. Powerful jets of air blew at her from all angles-there were even nozzles in the floor, and she parted her legs slightly to allow the warm air to dry her perfectly shaved pussy and ass.

Once done, she inhaled the smell of warm clean skin as she exited the en-suite, and, after pushing the button by the door, stood obediently to attention awaiting her Meister’s return. She glanced across the room at her reflection in the mirrors of the closet doors, and noted than she was in good shape for her years. Her tattoos shone brightly in the light, and her breasts looked especially pert, as she cupped them, weighing each one and remembering how they felt when restrained by that marvellous latex dress. Her massive areolae, somewhat akin to headlights on main beam, dominated her incredible bosom, and almost perfectly matched the pink colour of the bed sheets.

The door opening interrupted her daydreams, as LatexMeister returned.

“Follow me for inspection, latexsklavin” he instructed, and, bare assed and bare foot, she padded behind him back downstairs to the kitchen.

As she reached the warmth of what seemed to be the hub of the home, she stood expectantly, as Peter produced two soft leather wrist cuffs, which he buckled around her arms as she offered them to him meekly. Feeling her sense of arousal rise, she obediently, and without being asked, bowed forward to offer her slender neck for the matching collar that he again buckled efficiently into place, his appreciative eye scanning every inch of his new slave’s body.

“Turn around slowly, latexsklavin Stephanie,” he ordered firmly, and she enjoyed his gaze on her curves as she span the full 360 for her Meister.

The photos Phil had sent him did not do her justice-she was beautiful, thought Peter, as he drank in every detail of her tattooed sexiness. He had known she was a head turner, which was what was needed for an exhibitionist sklavin, but this was better than he had dreamed. Finally his eyes rested on her chest. As a breast fetishist, he had enjoyed many shapes and sizes, but never had he seen breasts as full as these that were so firm-they thrust forward like those of a twenty year old, and those nipples! He had taken Phil’s claims that they measured 80mm across with a pinch of salt, but now he did not doubt that claim at all. Captivated, he reached out and cupped first one breast, then the other; cupping each one in turn to fully enjoy it’s great mass, before letting it go and watching her finely honed chest muscles hold it in the shape nature intended. Sensing that Stephanie was aroused by his touch, he unceremoniously lifted the left breast by the nipple piercing, handling it as if he were a butcher with a choice cut, checking out the tattoo detail that ran underneath the orb. To most girls, being handled so impersonally would have been an instant turn-off, but Stephanie bit her lip and concentrated on not cumming, as the wonderful humiliation of being so callously examined washed over her. As he lifted the other breast by its nipple, he squeezed that bit harder, and was please to see that she bit her lip harder.

Finally satisfied, he released her breast meat.

“Zehr gut, latexsklavin-your photos do not do you justice. You will do nicely. It will be a pleasure showing you off to the German public. Those nipples are especially interesting-we will start work on those tomorrow. These existing barbells, however, are most unsatisfactory-way too small. I will remove them now, and we will fit your first training size of ball-closure ring in the morning when you are dressed properly.”

With that, he expertly unscrewed the ball from the end of each piercing, and deftly removed them from her nipples.

As she pondered what he might mean by “start work on them”, he gestured her toward the table that occupied the whole of the centre of the homely room, and she hopped up on it. As he fetched a digital camera and an anglepoise lamp from the chest opposite, Stephanie noticed the other pieces of apparatus that were sat there, and felt a little uneasy for the first time since she had arrived- there was a small whip there, and some black rubber devices she had never seen the like of before.

“Kneel face down on the table as if I was about to spank you, latexsklavin,” commanded her Meister.

Sensing her tense up, he added, “Don’t worry you have earned no punishment yet- there will be no spanking.”

Obediently draping her naked, tattooed body across the table, she felt him approach her and tenderly trace the outline of her back-sash across her spine, feeling the raised scar tissue and noting that her pain threshold must be quite high.

Returning to the task in hand, he switched on the anglepoise lamp, and directed it at her ass. Stephanie felt the warmth of the lamp, as he slowly and deliberately parted the tattooed cheeks of her lovely ass to expose the rosebud that lay between them. As her anus winked in the light, he ran his finger across her virgin opening, watching it pucker in response to his touch, and feeling her breathing become heavier.

“You have a beautiful anus, Stephanie-or as we call it here, your arschloch. You are German property for the moment, so it will be referred to exclusively as such-do you understand?”

“Ja LatexMeister, es ist meine arschloch,” gasped the slut, as he continued to examine it.

“Zehr gut. It is perfectly shaved-we will keep it that way for a while, before we deal with the hair on a more permanent basis,” he added. “I will shave you myself. The same applies to your pussy, which also feels silky smooth in it’s present state-much more appreciative of the kiss of the latex like that” he enthused, seeing her tight little arschloch twitch at the mention of the material.

Adjusting the lamp so that both her pussy and arschloch were well lit, he parted her labia expertly with one hand, as he took a series of photographs of it with his right.

“Beautiful pussy, latexsklavin, but sadly undecorated-so far!” he teased, before returning to her arschloch and gently teasing it open before again shooting a series of photos.

“Phil tells me you are an anal virgin, latexsklavin?” he enquired

I woke from a restless night horny and wet, just the way I’m sure my new owners designed. Erotic dreams filled my subconscious and the remote butterfly made sure I’d be teased, but not experience the sexual release I craved. Master Peter had told me I would serve him until noon. Looking at the alarm clock I was horrified to realize it was already 9am. But bound to the bed as I was, there was little I could do about it.

Fortunately Mistress Dasha walked into my room shortly after I woke up. She unhooked the cuffs and took off the maddening butterfly. She also rubbed my slit to confirm what she undoubtedly expected. Next was the bathroom. I really had to pee as I was accustomed to getting up much earlier. My Mistress couldn’t help but use my stop in the bathroom to further torment and train me. I sat on the toilet, naked, while she stood in the doorway and stared at me. Her instructions made it clear I was to hold my pee until she gave me permission to use the toilet. She told me to squeeze my Kegel muscles to hold back my urine. She said she would give me exercises to do during the week to strengthen them and that even though my pussy was tight, she would teach me how to use my muscles to milk a cock and make any man shoot. Yeah, any man but Master Peter I thought.

Satisfied that I had held it long enough or that I had been suitably humiliated having her watch me, Mistress gave me permission to satisfy my bodily functions. I really wanted to satisfy a different function but she didn’t have to tell me that was off limits. I already knew that rule. She then told me to shower, “because I smelled like a whorehouse at low tide,” and that she would set out my clothes. I was to meet them in the kitchen when I was done. I had 15 minutes. Fortunately she didn’t stay to watch and I was able to give my clit a few quick rubs in the shower and use the shower head for some pleasurable high pressure spray, but I didn’t dare cum and I didn’t dare waste too much time.

Emerging from the shower and walking back into the bedroom I realized it wouldn’t take long to get “dressed” if that is what you could call it. Of course I expected to be naked while I served them breakfast and in truth I basically would be. Gone was the chainmail halter-top. In its place was a leather dog collar with a nametag that said “princess,” leather wrist and ankle cuffs (no surprise) a thin leather dog leash instead of the metal one from last night and of course a butt plug. This wasn’t like yesterday’s plugs, however. This one had a tail. Flowing from the back of the plug were long strands of real hair. They looked like horsehair to me. I knew Mistress wanted me to be her pet and both of them had treated me like you would treat a dog. I guess now they wanted me to look like one as well.

This plug was a little wider than the second one from last night so it took a good push and some grunting on my part to get it in. But as my ass snapped around it I felt wonderfully full. Looking at myself in the mirror I wiggled my butt to watch my tail flip back and forth. It was deliciously kinky. I wondered what other treats my Mistress and Master had in store for me. I knew they expected me to be dressed by now so I quickly crawled out of the room and toward the living room. I didn’t find them there so I tried the kitchen next. It was empty but I did find a note that told me to serve them coffee on the patio and to be sure to bring a glass of milk. It also said I was allowed to walk as crawling with two cups of coffee would not work out too well.

There were two cups on a tray and a full pot of coffee on the countertop. They didn’t specify whether they used sugar so I quickly searched the cabinets for a pair of small dispensers and filled one with sugar and then poured some milk in the other. I didn’t find cream in the refrigerator so I figured I was good to go. I poured the coffee and then carried the tray out to the patio.

My Master and Mistress were sitting at a table reading the Sunday paper. They were wearing robes, greeted me warmly and did not mention whether I took too long getting ready or not. I stood next to them not sure what was expected of me or what I should do next. My master took a sip of his coffee (he took it black) and then put his hand on my rear caressing it firmly. He then reached between my legs and began rubbing his fingers along the outside folds of my pussy. My Mistress was the first to speak.

“Good morning pet,” she began. We would like scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, toast and fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. There is an apron hanging in the pantry you may wear while you prepare the food but take it off before you return.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied. I then turned and walked back into the house. As the cool air conditioned air hit my body I realized I had just been outside naked again, this time in broad daylight, and it didn’t bother me. Heck I had not even realized it. I hurried back into the kitchen and got all the ingredients out needed to prepare the meal. I didn’t bother putting the apron on as I had begun to enjoy being naked in their house. I had to be careful when the bacon grease began to splatter a little, but I managed. Within 15 minutes I had our breakfast ready and I put everything on another tray and brought it outside.

“Thank you pet,” my Master greeted me. I was glad he seemed pleased with my efforts.

“Yes, thank you, pet,” my Mistress added. “Before you eat however, I need an orgasm and you need your pussy eating practice.”

I watched as my Mistress opened her robe to reveal her perfect body was naked underneath it. She spread her legs and I immediately took a position between them. My Master and Mistress carried on their Sunday breakfast conversation as if there was nothing weird that I was eating her out. She gave me a few instructions, but mostly seemed content to sit there, eat breakfast and read the paper while I pleasured her. Master Peter ignored me. They discussed having the neighbors over later (I wondered if it would be before I left at noon) and also going over to my house to introduce my mom to Mistress Dasha. I tried not to listen and just concentrate on pleasuring my Mistress. After about 10 minutes I estimated, I was rewarded with giving her an orgasm. She made sure I understood how much pleasure and satisfaction I should feel because I made her cum. She then stood up and said she had to get something in the house and I should see to my Master’s needs next. Then I would be allowed to eat.

I turned toward Master Peter. Obviously I was not shocked when he opened his robe and he too was naked underneath. Taking his cock in my mouth certainly was a pleasure. One that I hoped would end in a creamy reward. I diligently did my duty licking and sucking his manhood. I also nibbled the tip while stroking his shaft (taking advantage of having free hands for a change) to try and finally make him cum in my mouth. I heard my Mistress return, but I didn’t stop to look up. Master Peter continued to read the paper almost oblivious to the fact that I was giving him a killer blowjob. Finally I felt his cock swell. I was excited to say the least, although I half expected him to pull out and give me a facial. But he didn’t. He did fill my mouth with sweet, salty cum. And yes, I did feel pleasure as my Mistress had instructed me that I should. I also felt pride at finally getting him off. I licked him clean without being told and then turned to look at my Mistress for further instructions.

“Crawl over here,” she said, “and get your breakfast.”

I crawled around the table. Apparently when she went back into the house she retrieved a dog dish because I know it wasn’t on the table when I first brought the food out. But it was there now and my breakfast, it looked like Special K, was in it. Mistress poured the milk into the bowl, put it on the patio and left me to stick my head down while on my hands and knees and eat.

Wave after wave of humiliation washed through my body. She had told me she wouldn’t make me go to the bathroom in the yard, but after this could that be far behind? She reached down and patted my head as I moved my mouth around trying to eat. If you have never put your head in a bowl like that and tried to eat it is not easy. But I had to admit, with every new method she chose to express her dominance over me, I fell deeper and deeper under her spell. I admit I had never told any of my boyfriends that I loved them, but I was dangerously close to telling Mistress Dasha I loved her.

When I finished eating I looked up at her. She looked down at the bowl. Apparently satisfied she told me to stand up and get into the inspection position. Of course I did without hesitation. Standing next to her with my legs spread it was simple for her to slide a finger into my pussy. We both knew she would find it wet.

“Your face is a mess,” she began. I was disappointed because I interpreted that as a criticism. “But that is to be expected when you eat like an animal. Crawl back to your bathroom and wash up. There are some new accessories for your outfit. We will be having guests soon so hurry up.”

With a wave of her hand she dismissed me. Master Peter, apart from cumming in my mouth, was still reading the paper and didn’t seem interested in what his wife was doing. I truly had become a toy to be used for their kinky pleasure and I loved it. I wondered what I would be doing for their friends and what new accessories Mistress had put out for me.

I hurried into the house and back to my bedroom. I saw an outfit on the bed, but I didn’t take time to stop and admire it, yet. I quickly washed up in the bathroom. I was about to walk back to the bed to grab the outfit when I caught myself and dropped to my knees. Nobody was watching (I think) but I wanted to crawl anyway. When I reached the bed I stood back up and picked up an unusual outfit. Then I recognized it. It looked like the suit I’d seen in the locker downstairs. It was made of a shimmering white material.

“It’s latex,” I heard my Mistress call out from the bedroom door.

I looked up to see her standing in the door. She had lost her robe between the pool and my door. I practically started drooling as I drank in her beauty. I examined the suit. I’d see catsuits before and had even worn one for working out. In a way, other than the material, it wasn’t that different from the tech suit I wore for swim meets. But this one was different. (duh) Along the head were fake ears and by the hands and feet were fury paws. The back also had white fur. When I picked it up I also noticed the knees had a built in gel pad. I looked back at my Mistress.

“You didn’t think I’d just give you a tail plug and that would be the end, did you?” she asked. “I know you saw Susan’s suit in her locker. It is similar to yours, but it is a cat. You two are my pets.”

I nodded that I understood, although I’m not sure I did. Mistress Dasha then walked into the room.

“I’ll help you this time to get dressed,” she said. “It can be tricky if you have never worn latex.”

Mistress removed my collar and cuffs first. The second step was to liberally apply talcum powder over my body to allow the latex to slide a bit on my skin. Without it I think it would have been impossible to get the skintight material to slide up my legs. I’d never worn anything so constricting. My Mistress had me sit on the edge of the bed. The feeling of her hands caressing my legs was so sensual as she tugged and then smoothed the suit that I know my breathing became more shallow and rapid and I’m sure she could smell my appreciation, as her head was right in front of my pussy.

As she continued to work the suit up my body I continued to become more excited. God how I wanted her to bury her mouth in my crotch as she worked the thin, skintight material over my thighs. Her face was perfected positioned. All she had to do was lean forward. I could feel her hot breath over my pussy, but she ignored my needs. As the suit reached the back of my thigh, she had me stand up. My legs were a little wobbly, not from the cat suit but from the heat and ache in my pussy. Mistress was now kneeling in front of me. That was a switch in positions. She obviously knew the effect she was having on me. But unlike me, who would have never been able to resist grabbing her ass and pressing my lips to her wet, smelly pussy, my Mistress seemed unfazed by the aroused woman standing before her. She had me turn around and with little fanfare or care for my need to stretch, pulled my butt plug tail out of my ass.

She then had to tug the suit with force to get it over my swimmer’s muscular ass. I wondered how I’d ever be able to do this by myself in the garage. As she tugged I “accidentally” leaned forward making contact with her face. For just a split second, I felt like my Mistress was eating me. Oh how I wanted her to bury her tongue in my pussy. I continued to sway accidentally on purpose as she tugged the latex over my backside. I’m sure she knew what I was doing, but she seemed amused more than upset and did not give me an order to stop it.

When the suit reached the small of my back she stood up. The suit had a long zipper up the back so it was more flexible now. She told me to bend forward and slid my arms into the sleeves. This was easier, but still a little bit of a challenge. When I stood back up the suit stretched pulling tightly against my crotch. Mistress then told me to exhale had squeeze my core while she zipped up the back. If I thought the suit was tight before it was nothing like it felt as she struggled to get the zipper all the way to my neck. But once it was in place, I had to admit as she had me spin in front of a mirror and look at myself, the suit looked incredibly sexy as it hugged my curves. OK, the fake dog parts were weird, but the painted on look of the latex was amazing and the sensory feel of it becoming a second skin had me tingling.

Mistress rubbed her hands over my chest “checking the fit” and the sensation was immediately transferred to my nipples. Looking again in the mirror I noticed that my small breasts had basically disappeared beneath the tight pressure of the suit, but my nipples were still prominent as she continued to rub her hands over my body. When Mistress slid her hand between my legs I gasped. This must have pleased her because she continued to rub me there with increasing pressure.

“I see my puppy likes her new suit,” she cooed in a condescending tone. I knew she was asking me that rhetorically. There was no way to hide what I was feeling.

“Would doggie like her balls to play with?” she asked. At first I thought she was talking about a real ball she would throw and I would fetch. Then I realized she was talking about my Ben Wa balls. I nodded. This suit was much tighter than my swimsuit and I’d cum from the balls wearing that so wearing them now would be better, I theorized.

I wondered how she could put the balls inside of me after encasing me in my latex skin, but a hidden access flap built into the suit running from my pussy to my asshole easily remedied the problem. I guess I had been too focused on looking at my Mistress kneeling in front of me to notice it. When it was unhooked (I think it was Velcro) the suit lost just a little bit of its tension against my body, but not much. A strong whiff of my arousal reached my nose as she pulled the suit open. Instead of the balls, however, Mistress grabbed the butterfly I had slept with last night.

“I need to go get your balls. This will keep you occupied for a few minutes.”

She put the butterfly on my clit, ran the control wire to the top of the opening, shut the suit and had me lay down on the bed. She must have reprogrammed the control box from sleep mode to tease mode. With me laying on the bed, the butterfly kept turning on and off in a pulse mode. On for 5 seconds, off for 5 second, over and over again. The latex kept the butterfly pressed hard against my clit. Much harder in fact than its straps had done last night. With this setting I felt like I could cum, but Mistress was far to skilled in teasing and controlling a submissive to allow that to happen. Still I could dream for a few seconds before she returned holding my devil balls. The butterfly control was switched off and I whimpered in disappointment. But I knew better than to complain. It wouldn’t get me any nearer the orgasm I was craving.

With little pomp Mistress replaced the butterfly with the balls. My smell was even more overpowering when she opened the crotch access of the suit. By the time she was finally done with me I knew everyone in the house would be able to smell how excited I was from this treatment. Mistress then had me stand up and she put my collar and leash back on. As I was crawling behind her back to the living room I wondered how my ass looked encased in the shimmering latex. It must look great I imagined. Peter looked very pleased with how I looked when we entered the room.

Mistress ordered me to “sit” and I rocked back so my ass was on my feet, but my hands were still on the ground. This tightened the suit and my nipples really appreciated the motion. So did my clit. The act of crawling was so derogatory and humiliating, but the position also caused the balls to dance in my pussy. I would have followed them anywhere at that moment in order to get that stimulation. Master Peter walked around me to check me from all angles.

“Where’s her tail?” he asked my Mistress.

“Oops, I forgot,” she told him.

I never thought for a minute she had really forgotten. I’m sure it was just part of their game. Master Peter had me stand for inspection while Mistress went back to the bedroom to retrieve my tail. He’d already looked at me but I know he enjoyed running his hands over my body as I stood in front of him. He made sure to rub my nipples and then put his leg between mine and allowed me to rub myself against him. Much like when wearing the butterfly I’m sure I could have cum from this stimulation. But also much like when my Mistress was teasing me I knew he was too much in control to allow that to happen. He allowed me to put my arms around his neck for better balance so I could really start to hump his leg. Mistress seemed to be taking a long time retrieving my tail or maybe time was standing still has I humped and grinded myself shamelessly on his leg. I was getting close. I was whimpering and pleading with my eyes for permission to cum like the shameless slut I’d become in just two weeks. But of course they would have none of that.

Master Peter took my wrists in his hands. For a brief moment I thought he was going to drop my hands to his crotch and have me fish out his cock. After all what man could resist such as sexy young girl humping him? Instead he let go and pulled his leg back. Unprepared to support myself I fell to the floor. I was a crumpled mess of aroused slut when Mistress returned. She was holding my tail as I had expected but had also changed to what I would learn to call “full bitch mode” meaning a cat suit of her own (leather instead of latex though) with high heeled boots and holding a riding crop. She ordered me back to my hands and knees and kneeling in front of her. She then told me to hand her my leash, which I did quickly. She then led me to the couch where I stayed on my hands and knees in front of her when she sat down. She put her feet on my back and used me as a footrest.

“Do you know why I treat you this way?” she asked in a simple and direct way. I wasn’t sure what kind of answer she was expecting so I just turned my head and looked at her inquisitively.

“Because I can,” she answered her own question. “You are a needy little slut and I am your physical and emotional superior. You will do whatever I say without question and you will love me for it. The more sick and demented I treat you, the more you will love me and the more you will crave me.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said. I had to agree with her. I knew she was right.

“Peter,” she continued. “Grab the lube and let’s get our whore’s tail back in her before our guests arrive.”

I held my head down in shame as I remembered they had mentioned having guests this morning. My slutty ways were going to be seen by others. My humiliation would increase tenfold. But my stupid pussy didn’t think that was a problem somehow. It was churning with need and I knew my juices were leaking out into the suit, a fact that would soon be discovered to my horror.

There was little ceremony to opening the access flap, greasing up the plug and pushing it back into my rectum. I was getting pretty good at taking that size although I was still worried about increasing it. As I knew she would, Mistress ran her hand forward after skewering with the plug and laughed at how wet I had become.

“We’ve got a live of here, Peter,” she said proudly. “You did good bringing her to me instead of trying to keep her for yourself. This slut would do anything right now if I promised her an orgasm or a big dick. Isn’t that right puppy?”

I didn’t like being called puppy, but I had to admit my Mistress was 100% correct.

“With your tail in I can’t close the access panel so my guest are going to be able to smell that pungent fuck hole you have. I wouldn’t be surprised if they choose to check it for themselves. If they do be sure not to act surprised or try to stop them in any way. Also you may struggle to keep the balls in, but it is good exercise to keep that pussy nice and tight. If you drop the balls though, I will tan that ass of yours before sending you back to the dorm. You’ll feel my wrath for a week every time you sit down. If you’re a good girl, you’ll get a reward, the memory of which will last a lifetime. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

For their amusement, Master Peter had me put my leash into my mouth and crawl around the room. I’m sure they just wanted me to struggle holding in the balls. They were doing their best to make my pussy gush and it was a challenge to hold them tight enough not to fall out. Part of me was assuming they wanted me to fail as an excuse to punish me. Part of me wanted to fail as an excuse to see what they would do. I didn’t like the idea of having my ass hurt so much that I couldn’t sit down for a week, but I also found it exciting that I would be forced to remember what was happening as well. My Master and Mistress were sitting on the couch watching my every move. I could see my Mistress’ hand rubbing over my master’s crotch. I could tell his cock was hard through his pants. He had is right arm around his wife’s shoulder and his left hand was busy cupping her ample left breast. I assumed both were being turned on by watching me, so I added a little wiggle of my tail for their enjoyment. Then the doorbell rang.

“Please open the door slave,” Mistress Dasha commanded. “After our guests enter I want you to be sure to greet them like a doggie would do.”

I tried to think about how a dog would greet someone. Panting and wagging my tail I figured. I crawled toward the front door. The doorbell rang again. Fortunately I got to the door before they rang a third time. I hoped they wouldn’t be upset that I took so long. I reached up and turned the doorknob. Pulling the door open I was greeted with the site of what I could only describe as a 100% normal looking suburban couple with a late teenage son. I’m not certain how I was expecting them to be dressed but they certainly did not look like they belonged inside this kinky house.

“I see Dasha has a new puppy,” the older man who introduced himself as Robert exclaimed as he help out the back of his hand toward my face. I quickly realized he was making the gesture that you would when you meet a new dog so it can get your scent. This must not have been the first time they were introduced to one of Mistress’ pets. As I had been instructed to greet them properly I leaned forward and took a strong whiff of his hand. I didn’t smell anything. I leaned backward again and he patted my head.

Their son, Thomas, was next through the door and the process repeated. When he pat my head I turned slightly to see if his dad was watching but he was disappearing through the foyer as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Oh well. On to the mom, Carol, as she introduced herself. She was wearing a modest skirt and blouse combo. After I sniffed her hand she didn’t pat my head. I looked up and her attention wasn’t on me as she scanned the entryway for what I did not know. I soon found out. Apparently she was looking whether we were alone or not because instead of petting me she grabbed my head with one hand and lifted her skirt with the other. Heck, all she had to do was ask. Force wasn’t necessary. But maybe that was her thing. She wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was already wet with anticipation. She pulled my head firmly against her mound and rubbed her juices on me. Then she pulled me away, dropped her skirt and walked around me leaving me stunned. I watched her disappear to join the group. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and shut the door. I then crawled back to the living room.

The group was conversing as if nothing was strange with having me dressed like a dog and Mistress Dasha dressed, well, like a Mistress. I wasn’t sure what to do when I entered the room so I did the only thing I could think of and knelt down next to my Mistress. She barely acknowledged me for the first minute and then she asked our guests if I had greeted them properly. I was prepared to be praised and I was surprised when they said I had not. Mistress Dasha told Thomas to stand up, which he did without delay.

“Dog Brittney,” my Mistress began. I felt humiliated being referred to that way. I would have much rather she just said Brittney or even Slave Brittney. Heck even slut Brittney would have been fine. “You’ve seen two dogs meet. What does a dog do when it meets another dog?”

I watched as Thomas turned his back to me and bent forward slightly. Now I understood. I crawled over to him and stuck my face against his ass. I then made an exaggerated sniffing sound. I saw Mistress Dasha begin to stand up so I sniffed again.

“No no no, you dumb bitch,” she exclaimed. “Thomas, drop your pants.”

I sat upright on my haunches as he began to unbuckle is pants. I assumed he would want his cock sucked. OK, I know he would want his cock sucked but I hoped that was what Mistress Dasha meant. Instead she grabbed my hair with her right hand and yanked down his underwear with her left. She then pulled my head forward and pushed it hard against his ass.

“Really get in there slut. Stick out your tongue. Rim his hole.”

I stuck out my tongue immediately, but I wasn’t digging what she was doing. Mistress Dasha laughed and asked Thomas if he had to fart. At least I didn’t have to endure that as he said no. Thomas’ mom and dad were laughing at our joint discomfort. When Mistress pulled me back and told Thomas to pull up his pants I noticed that he had started to get a hard on. He had a nice looking cock. I hoped I would get better acquainted to it soon.

Master Peter asked if our guests were hungry. They said they had been running late for church that morning so they skipped breakfast. He then ordered me to cook another breakfast for them. I crawled into the kitchen. I could feel all of their eyes on me. Throughout the trip I was clenching my pussy trying to keep the balls from falling out. As wet as I was it wasn’t easy. I was relieved when I made it to the kitchen because I could stand for a few minutes. I set about making more eggs, bacon and toast. As I was working, Master Peter came into the kitchen.

“We will be in the dining room,” he told me. “I want you to make 4 plates of food. You will serve our guests and your Mistress. At some point I will signal you.” He made a nodding motion. “When you see that you are to crawl under the table and make our guests happy. Start with Carol. You looked so cute crawling around with her slime on your face I’m sure she would appreciate it. Plus since her husband fucked your Mistress last night we owe her one. Then do Robert and if there is time you can do Thomas.”

I looked at the clock to see what time it was. It was already 11:15 and I had already decided that Master Peter was serious about cutting me off at noon. It was just like him for me to pleasure his friend right up until the time I was told our encounter would be over leaving me high and dry. Although he didn’t say it, I knew I had to make his friends cum first if I wanted any pleasure for myself. Even if there was time he would probably say I had to do him and my Mistress again before I’d be allowed any pleasure. Such is the life of a sex slave I mused.

I walked into the dining room carrying two plates of food. Carol and her son were sitting on one side of the table so I served them first. My Master and Mistress were sitting opposite of each other on the ends. I looked at my Mistress for a hint of whether I was doing good or not, but couldn’t get a read on her. Robert was sitting by himself opposite his wife. I brought his plate and the extra plate for Mistress Dasha. I then asked for permission to speak. When that was granted I asked what they would like to drink and hurriedly brought one coffee, one OJ and one Coke. I had forgotten about the balls as I had been focused on everything else until I had hurried to the kitchen. Their motion when I was moving fast hit just the right spot and I gushed a little. I had to cheat and push them back in with a finger as they threatened to fall out. I didn’t get caught so no harm, no foul. I hurried back with the drinks. As I arrived I noticed the plate of food in front of my Mistress was empty already. I knew she couldn’t have eaten that fast, especially since nobody else had eaten anything yet. Simultaneous to that thought I knew what had happened. I looked toward the living room and saw the dog bowl about 15 feet away from the table. My short time standing had come to an end.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the feeling of crawling away from the table. My tail was hanging between my ass checks and my face was burning with shame. I couldn’t see them but I’m sure all eyes were on me. My damn pussy didn’t know that I shouldn’t be enjoying this as it continued to leak juices down my thighs and the balls became harder and harder to hold inside of me. When I got to the bowl and confirmed the bacon and eggs were there I lowered my head. Of course my ass stayed high and on display. I felt wanton at that moment. I wanted any of the guys to step up and fuck me. Hell, I wanted all the guys to step up and fuck me. Carol and Mistress Dasha too. Mistress’ strap-on would be fine. Heck, everyone fuck the slut. Why not? Come on everybody. Gangbang the whore.

While my mind was filled with nasty thoughts as I ate my second breakfast, my heart knew that wasn’t going to happen. At least not yet. Master Peter had made it clear what he expected for me and I knew his friends would have to cum first before I got used. I ate as fast as I could trying to save as many minutes as possible in hopes of still getting myself good and fucked. I crawled back to the table when I was done. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for the signal from Master Peter to crawl under the table. Carol must have been privy to his plans because she had already hiked up her skirt and was sitting slouched down so her pussy was hanging off the chair for easy access. Until that moment I’d only sucked my Mistress’ pussy (I didn’t count Carol just rubbing herself on my face) but I attacked Carol’s with gusto. I wanted to prove myself and show I deserved a reward.

Fortunately Carol must have been equally excited about the prospect of have a girl less than half her age (I estimated based on Robert’s age that she must be in her early 40′s at least.) Her pussy was at least as wet as when she had rubbed it on my face. I knew my Mistress could exercise tremendous control over her orgasm and I hoped that Carol did not have that talent. I sucked her clit veraciously, darted my tongue in and out of her soft folds and licked up and down the length of her pussy. I even dared to go a bit south and rim her bunghole. Whether it was my improving skills, my unrivaled enthusiasm or her general level of horniness I’m not sure, but within a few minutes she had a noisy and juicy orgasm. I felt very proud of myself, but I knew my personal celebration would be short lived.

I quickly spun around and crawled between Robert’s legs. He was already hard, although he had not pulled his cock out of his pants. Maybe he was a little shy. I figured he would have been jacking himself knowing I was eating his wife, but no matter. I fished out an average sized tool. At least average in my admittedly still limited experience. I set to work bringing him off. It was a “normal” blowjob, at least as normal as could be given the circumstances, until I felt Carol’s foot between my legs. I’d forgotten about everyone else at the table in my quest to bring Robert off. But now the tip of her shoe was rubbing against my pussy. It goes without saying she was exciting me more than I had already been exciting myself.

Like his wife he turned out to be a quick shooter. He also didn’t have a very big load. I guess having filled my mistress the night before left him in a slightly empty state. Either way I had two down and one to go. But before I could take care of Thomas, Mistress told me to come out from under the table. She pointed to the clock on the wall. It was five minutes to noon. She instructed me to go back to my room and remove the plug. She also had me turn around and unzipped the cat suit. She told me to strip down and return to us naked.

I was dejected. Not so much because I didn’t get to cum, although I desperately wanted to do so, but because I had failed my task and not finished Thomas. They told me he was a high school senior who had turned 18 in the spring. How many 18 year old do you know who would turn down a blowjob even if the girl was dressed like a dog? No matter. He was a neighbor so I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to suck him off another time.

The butt plug came out easier than I thought it would. I was really starting to become accustomed to having my ass full. Similarly the cat suit came off easier than it went on as I could peel it down. I tried to smooth it back out and I laid it on the bed. I then took a deep breath, dropped back to my hands and knees and crawled back to the dining room. If I was lucky I’d still get to suck off Thomas. Luck was not on my side though as his chair was empty. Master Peter seemed pleased by my return though, although the clock clearly showed it was two minutes past noon. I also looked worse for wear as my body was covered in splotches of talcum powder and I’m sure my hair was a fright.

“Brittney,” my new Master began in an affectionate tone. “You have come a long way in just 17 short hours. I am very proud of you. Usually it takes weeks or months to get a woman to dress in the suit and suck off our neighbors. You are born to be submissive. That is something you should take great pride in being. I know I promised you a reward but I also told you your session would end at noon. If you want to continue in this relationship I will give you 30 more minutes today, but from here on out we own you. We will control every aspect of your life, including, if we deem it necessary for your training, to drop out of school and becoming our full time fuck slut. If you are not ready you can go back to the dorm and your life will go back to normal. At least as normal as it could be having experienced this weekend. You have changed, even if you don’t recognize it yet.”

I didn’t have to think to answer that question. “I would like my reward Master,” I replied.

“Then let us all head out to the patio,” Master Peter exclaimed while clapping his hands once.

Everyone at the table stood up. Mistress Dasha took my leash. She said I could walk. Of course I stayed just behind her and to the right. As we exited the house I noticed Thomas was sitting at the patio table where earlier I’d serviced my Master and Mistress. I guessed it was my time to serve him. He was sitting looking at the pool. He was wearing his shirt but his pants were gone. So far so good I thought. He was slowly stroking his cock. Good, good part two I mused. He was bigger in stature than his dad. Even better for me. Yeah. Then Master Peter set down a tube of lube on the table. Oops. Maybe dad would have been better for this. It was obvious the time of my anal deflowers was at hand.

The situation was surreal. My Master and Mistress along with Thomas’ mother and father watched as I handed him my leash and then began slathering lube on his cock. The way Thomas reacted when Mistress Dasha instructed him to do something led me to wonder if he too was a sub. I would soon learn that was not the case. He just lacked confidence. Also Mistress could make most men do whatever she wanted. In this case, she wanted to control exactly how my anal cherry would be taken, how much teasing I could endure and finally wanted to send me back to the dorm with a very special gift.

Thomas was sitting on a chair facing the adults who had pulled chairs around us in a semi-circle. I was instructed to mount him facing the group as well. My legs were spread wide with the backs of my thighs over the armrests of the chair. It was not comfortable, but I dared not complain. Fortunately Thomas’ cock was long enough to make this position work as all the adults seemed to enjoy seeing me spread so wide. I did my best to relax. His cock wasn’t any wider than the tail plug I had been wearing, although the plug was short. Doing it for real was also a totally different sensation. Our audience was paying close attention to every contorted expression on my face as Thomas filled my bum. I couldn’t see his face, but I’m sure he was enjoying himself. When I was finally bayonetted as far as I could go given our position, I started to hump his cock. I was unlike anything I had ever felt before as lust began to course through my body.

By now it should not have been a surprise that my Master and Mistress would not allow me the simple pleasure of a straight up fuck. Especially when I really needed to just get pounded. Master Peter told me to stop and Mistress Dasha told Thomas to just sit there and not thrust. I could hear his disappointment through an exasperated breath. While my Mistress rarely seemed concerned with my being left sexually hanging, she did take pity him.

“Brittney, I want you to milk him with your ass. Squeeze and release his cock to keep him hard. I know I told you the balls would help you learn how to do that with your slut cunt, you have to know how to do it with your ass as well.”

I tried to relax my legs a bit and slide all the way down his shaft as best I could. I then leaned back so I was resting against his chest. He reached around me and cupped my breasts. I doubt he knew that teasing my nipples make me go wild, or maybe he did, but I think he wanted to make me suffer as much as he was at that moment. What was worse is what Carol and Robert did next.

Robert announced that since he and Thomas had fucked my Mistress last night it was only right that Carol get to sample Peter’s special talents. Thus it came to pass that I had to watch my Master fuck another woman, this time with my ass crammed full of cock. Everyone knew I wanted to fuck Master Peter most of all. Instead I got my nipples squeezed and had a front row seat to watch another woman rut on the patio in front of me as his massive dick penetrated her over and over again. Looking down on her as she lay on the ground I was struck by the expression of pure bliss on her face. Master Peter was taking things slow allowing her to acclimate to his girth. Mistress Dasha was talking to her like this was the most normal thing that could happen. She also fished Richard’s cock out of his pants and started stroking it. It didn’t take him long to get hard. Soon after Mistress Dasha announced “It was time.”

Mart’s mind had been in a quandary as he’d lugged his worldly goods back on the short journey to Ackerman Street; the main reason he’d left his old flat was to get away from Wendy, yet she seemed to have more of a hold on him than ever. He was thankful that he could at least determine when he saw her, and he would try not to, though he was finding sex with her increasingly ‘interesting’. Now back in his more comfortable accommodation, he arranged his things and clicked his laptop on; ‘no signal’. He kicked himself for being so dense, but his nether regions tingled as it gave him the excuse to enquire upon the attractive Melanie for a possible wi-fi password. After descending the first flight of stairs, he noticed a sharply dressed and shapely woman, in a trouser suit opening the door and entering one of the more expensive flats; the dark haired woman with high cheek-bones expressed by a gentle application of rouge noted his presence and smiled warmly at him from pursed red lips, giving him a brief but sultry ‘hello’ before closing the door. Mart’s mind jingled erotic situations, but quickly dispelled them; her sophisticated image would mean she was way out of his league; a woman like that would have a hundred male interests, if she were not attached anyway.

Mart’s cock swelled as he approached Melanie’s door; on doing so, he noticed several picture frames containing fire regulations, basic house rules, and handy information, set discretely on the wall close by. They were arranged amongst pictures so as to preserve the homely feel of the residence; on the ‘Handy’ frame the wi-fi password ‘melas15′ was clearly displayed. Mart paused and then rang the bell; he was determined to have another glimpse of her, and would plead ignorance. Melanie peeped through the spy-hole and adjusted her brunette hair, her nipples swelling as she recognised her new tenant; she had knowledge of him through the local Landlord’s Association that he was unaware of, and a certain other member’s passing remarks had left her more than pleased to have Mart under her roof; she opened the door, and Mart tried to adopt an air of nonchalance as her appearance and soft feminine scent made his cock swell.

“Oh, hi Melanie; I was wondering if you had a wi-fi system here, so that I can access the net.” Melanie first stepped forward a little and glanced to the side where the info was, and then paused with a wry smile.

“Oh please, come in; I shall see if I can find it for you, I’ve been in it that long I can’t remember it myself.” Mart swallowed hard as he followed her in, his eyes drawn to the firm ass in its tight skirt as it wiggled provocatively while the mature woman led him into her lounge for the first time. She sat him down and he watched as she bent over an occasional table, displaying her ass in its full glory in a pretense of looking for something.

“Now where did I put that laptop? Oh, Mart, would you like a coffee now you’re here?” Mart was in no hurry to leave, and confirmed with a response which spoke that it was all too obvious that the caffeine itself was of secondary importance. Melanie’s cunt tingled as she toyed with thoughts about breaking it to Mart that she was not only acquainted with Wendy, but how the two shared interests beyond being landladies; she would allow him to open up to her a little before she revealed that like her caffiene, Mart’s payment of rent was also of secondary importance to her. She came back with two coffees, balanced upon her laptop which was evidently found nowhere near the table she had displayed her ass over. Mart took his coffee, and had to adjust the way he sat to hide his erection, which was not aided by Melanie sitting low in the chair opposite; she crossed her legs and took pride in now displaying her shapely thighs clad in black nylon. She tapped away at her laptop, acting as though the technology was all a little alien to her, but actually checking e-mails as she delayed him as long as she could.

“I’m so glad you moved in here, I can find a few things for a handy person like you to do; what was it that made you leave your last place?” Mart was as honest as he could be, whilst remaining economic with the absolute truth.

“I had a garret flat there, and the roof was a bit leaky; I did what I could to help the landlady by doing my best to plug the leaks from the inside, through what access room there was between my ceiling and the roof, but the place needs re-roofing; I could have lived with it, but it was a bit damp at times. Apart from that it was OK, I just felt like a change.” Melanie crossed her fingers to match her legs, and casually shifted forward slightly to show even more thigh, and then a quick flash of her black lacy panties as she crossed alternate legs; subtly sweetening his mind in preparation for a more probing question.

“So your relationship with your landlady was OK? I mean you didn’t fall out with her… or anything?” Mart’s cock bulged as he thought of those black lacy panties close up, combined with the memory of the scent of Wendy’s cunt, so recently adored by his tongue; if only it could be that way with this gorgeous woman.

“Oh no, I liked her… in fact I’ve promised I’ll look in on her on occasion, to err… to make sure she’s OK.” Melanie’s cunt tingled, to match the tingling of jealousy felt by her ego, she had a good idea how landlady Wendy Denham would be made to feel ‘OK’, the fat bitch! His response did her good though, it made her all the more determined to receive similar attention; she’d also casually ask Wendy about her recent relationships when she saw her again at the other place they had in common.

“I’d love it you did my garden for me; I love to sunbathe in it now the weather has picked up, but it needs tending badly; If you mow the lawn first, I’ll show how I like it done; I take it you won’t mind being supervised by a woman? She gave Mart a certain smile which made his balls tingle; he so hoped her question had a double meaning.

“No, I really don’t mind at all; will tomorrow be alright?” Melanie was more than pleased; the forecast was hot and sunny, she could allow him to see the good shape her body was in, and she could ease closer to a relationship with him; one which she intended being in control of.

“That would be wonderful; you know there is a rear entrance which is open during daylight hours, down a small flight of stairs at the rear, it runs down to the back gate beside my garden? It’s handy to get to the local shops a little quicker and the compost bin is by the gate… I use it regularly as there is a rear entrance to my flat down those stairs too.” She smirked, as she intentionally planted an option in his head.

“I can slip in and out without being seen by anyone; out through the back entrance when it suits me. Irene has a key to the back entrance and gate too, she is a dark horse and often uses it at night, but that’s another story; if you are to be a regular handyman for me, perhaps I can get you keys cut too.” Mart’s cock was now stiff as his mind ran riot; the proximity and possible access to Melanie’s flat unseen, was of great interest, and Melanie knew it would be. Mart was now desperate to go upstairs and masturbate; finishing his coffee and now in a cold sweat, but Melanie was anxious to further his interest even though he would be in her grasp tomorrow. She followed him out, and then led him to the rear of the house and down the five steps, showing him the rear entrance to her flat before opening the door to the rear entrance. They walked around a corner which was not overlooked by any of the windows above, and Mart’s cock pulsed as he viewed the clothes lines which ran down the alley to the rear gate; on one of the lines was several pairs of black lacy panties and stockings. Melanie smiled to herself as she noted his interest while she was showing him the gate in the wall to her garden.

“I shall leave this open tomorrow, please be here nice and early; I’m sure I’ll enjoy supervising you.” Mart’s eyes met with hers as his balls tingled at her remark; she smirked in a way that left him on a high. He then thought of the panties on the line, and suddenly decided he’d try the rear route to the shops; as he went to leave, Melanie smiled triumphantly.

“Oh, I nearly forgot what you came for; I’ve just remembered, the password is ‘melas15′.” Mart thanked her and left through the back gate.

Mart went rapidly to the shops and bought nothing; he needed to know the time it would take and thought of nothing but the panties. On coming back, he looked up and down the street to ensure no one would disturb him as he went back up the alley; on reaching the panties he looked up and checked, he could not see any window he would be viewed from. His cock pulsed as he pulled the line down to face level and sniffed at the gusset of the panties, hoping to gain just the slightest scent of the cunt and arsehole they had graced. He rubbed his cock through his jeans and was tempted to take it out and wank there and then. Above him, eyes watched from a grilled vent in a bathroom wall, which Mart had not given a second thought. Melanie stood naked on an Ottoman in her bathroom and nursed her cunt as she watched him enjoy her panties, she moaned while her clitoris buzzed; she so wanted him to be sniffing the panties which lay on the bathroom floor, and while she was wearing them.

Irene quickly bustled up the stairs to her flat in her shiny raincoat, a package under her arm. As soon as she got through the door, she locked and bolted it; safe in her own little universe. She stripped naked and left her clothes where they fell, and eagerly opened the package; her cunt dribbled as she felt the soft latex outfit and accessories within, and took it with her to the bedroom, tossing it on her bed before having a quick shower. She did not dry herself off, leaving droplets of water dripping from her shapely body. She eased the one-piece suit on to her feet and slipped the luxurious latex up her wet legs, over her slim torso, and excited nipples; as she pulled the zip tight up her back and struggled into the hood, her perfectly outlined cunt bulged and expressed itself in a shiny black camel-toe. The gloves held her fingers tightly and slapped tight on her wrists as she let the elastic material go, she then took some cord and her favourite vibrator and sat excitedly on the bed; her whole body now glowing warm and her flesh squirming deliciously within the tight latex. She bound her ankles and knees with the cord, her cunt bulging with pleasure as the skin tight latex teased its folds and pressed firm against her enlarged clitoris, and her nipples pointed proudly from her secured breasts as she held her arms up and back in buckling the ball gag tight; her cunt now pulsing. She turned the lights down before squeezing her wrists into tightly elasticated cuffs.

Irene now writhed around on her bed, imagining being trussed and enslaved before being purchased by a cruel and dominant master or mistress, her whole body tingling with the superbly erotic feel of the black second skin which squeezed at every erogenous zone; her cunt and nipples buzzing as she dreamed of being whipped and tormented, then put to good use by having every orifice violated. Now at the height of her fantasy, she clutched at the vibrator, stroking her bulging cunt as it gently hummed its song of promised pleasure, teasing her clitoris held tight by the latex; the sweet vibration richly enjoyed through the soft latex. As she squirmed ecstatically in her self-inflicted bondage, flexing her muscles against the bonds which teased her, she moaned in utter ecstasy as her cunt was brought home by the lush stimulation; biting her ball gag hard her whole body was awash with pleasure as she dreamed of being penetrated by the huge cock of her imaginary spiteful owner. She stretched her body out, pointing her toes like a ballerina as she indulged in a satisfying orgasm; the vibrator locked buzzing under her cunt as the latex and her fantasy served her well. She giggled through the gag and clicked her friend off; after a short doze in sweet bondage, she would repeat her pleasure several times.

This story is part of my Office Sluts series, but it’s a standalone story as well. Enjoy!


It was three AM. I woke up to a sudden noise in the bed beside me. I opened my eyes and found Bonnie sitting next to me.

“I can’t sleep,” she said.

“Close your eyes,” I told her. “And count sheep…”

“Please…” she told me. “I had a nightmare.”

I sat up. Having a bad dream can have its effect on your whole day. I recalled all the stuff I read about it on the Internet. I turned on the lava lamp. Bonnie was covered with sweat. I got up, found her a dry T-shirt and brought her a glass of water from the kitchen.

“Thanks,” she said after drinking a little. “It’s better.”

“Was it the movie we watched?” I asked.

“Definitely!” Bonnie said. “I’ve been dreaming about evil clowns!”

“But I told you the Killer Klowns from Outer Space is just a bad horror flick from the ’80s. I thought it would be funny to watch it.”

“Well, it seemed funny last night, but I’ve been dreaming about evil clowns.”

“From the movie?”

“Well, not exactly… They were no aliens but hung black guys dressed as clowns.”

“I’ve never seen a black clown before,” I tried to joke with her.

“There were two in my dreams! And they were wearing the same strange masks with the evil smile as the movie.”

I had to admit, that wouldn’t be something I’d want to dream about.

“Okay,” I sat down beside her, “what have exactly happened in your dream?”

“Well… there were these two clowns. They both were huge, muscular, bald black guys with their faces painted white and a red nose. Oh, and a red hat.”

“Were they sad clowns or happy clowns?”

“I think happy ones. And they had those strange, colorful ragged clothes on. And boots. Black boots.”

“What were you wearing?”

“Well… some kind of latex stuff… And a cap just like the soldiers wear in the old soviet movies!”

“Wow, sounds sexy… And what were these clowns doing?”

“They were chasing me around a haunted town. And they had their cocks out. They were huge, like long black snakes. I was running in my high heeled boots but I couldn’t get away, so I was screaming like hell! I fell on the ground many times but they were chasing me so I had to get up and run for my life… I was running by a big Ferris wheel, then a cemetery with two scarecrows in it, and an empty street with houses with blank windows… And the next thing I know one of the clowns was sitting in a steel chair. I was kneeling in front of him, sucking his big black cock. And it was huge!”

“I thought you liked black cocks.”

“Oh, I do! But this was so strange! I had a collar on my neck, with two thin chains attached to it and the clown controlled my movements with these chains. So he was basically fucking my mouth in his evil way.”

“I wouldn’t think that was evil. I think that was hot!”

“Okay, it feels hot now when I think about it. But in my dream he seemed to be evil! His cock was really big, I could fit only half of it in my mouth. My saliva was pouring around it, I tried everything to make it wetter. He was fucking my mouth like a pussy! Then he pulled my head back by the chains and kissed me!”

“Wow! An evil yet sensitive clown!”

“Of course he was evil! He stood up, reeled some of the silver chain on his cock, then pulled my head back on it! And shoved his cock to my throat! I could feel it throbbing inside my mouth like a big black snake!”

“Now that’s disgusting!”

“Actually it wasn’t… It felt kinda good! It was kinda good kneeling in front of him and letting him fuck my mouth like an obedient slut… Especially when he pulled out, and flapped my face with his huge black dong! I even took his balls in my mouth. They were huge but I managed to take them in both at the same time.”

“You got a double ice-cream from him,” I said, smiling.

“If you say so… And he was jerking his cock while I was blowing his balls! Huge drops of pre-cum dripped onto my face and I could smell his strong scent!”

“What did the other clown do?”

“He was standing beside us and was jerking his huge cock! The head of it touched my cheeks sometimes and it was warm and hard. And at one point he grabbed my hair and pulled me from the other clown’s cock onto his… And he was fucking my mouth just like the other clown did… It felt so good…”

“It wasn’t really a nightmare, was it?”

“Wait for more! The next thing I recall I was on my knees again, and one of the clowns was fucking my ass from behind, the other one was fucking my mouth! The one in my mouth pushed his cock into my throat. It was tasty but he pulled out and pressed his balls into my mouth. I had to lick his sack like a good little kitten. I did it and he was really enjoying it, shouting things in a strange language I didn’t understand. When his sack was dripping from my saliva, he pushed his cock back all the way into my mouth, and started fucking my mouth just the way the other clown was doing me from behind. They were moving like two pistons in me. And when I started to enjoy it, they started to turn me around like a fried chicken on a spit…”

“They were spit roasting you,” I corrected her.

“Whatever! My whole body was hanging on these two cocks and they were rotating me upside down. First slowly, then faster and faster. I even got dizzy about it. And they were fucking me at the same time! Their cocks really stuffed my ass and my mouth! And while they spun me, they fondled my ass cheeks, my tits and my belly… Their big strong hands were everywhere…”

“So all your senses were overwhelmed by them. This is not unusual in a dream.”

“But that wasn’t all! Next, I was DP’d by them! I was on my knees on one of these huge guys, and one of those huge black cocks was fucking the hell out of my pussy, the other one was pounding my ass!”

“Just the way you like it…” I said, smiling.

“Yeah…” she smiled as well. “I like to be DP’d sometimes… But these cocks were really huge and hard ones! I never felt so full in my life! Plus, they were moving in such the same tempo I never felt anything like that in reality. And their rods were so hot! I must have come a few times…”

“Did they come, too?”

“Hell yeah! The last thing I recall before waking up is being on my knees, and jerking their huge cocks with both of my hands! And they’ve been standing at the sides and shooting! Do you guess how did they come?”

I sighed, thinking of the bad jokes on the 9gag website.

“Their cum had the color…”

“Of the rainbow!” finished Bonnie my sentence. “And it wasn’t funny! There were all the colors flying everywhere! They covered my face, my breasts, my hair! And the taste! Can you guess how they tasted?”

“Maybe… like toothpaste?”

“No, it was candy! Their cum tasted like candy in a variety of flavors! Strawberry, pineapple, raspberry, banana…”

I sat there for a moment, wondering if she was still horny from her dream. Hearing her talk about it really made my cock hard. She looked pretty tired though. Her eyes were already closed.

“I think you like all this shit you told me.” I said gently. “Big black cocks, latex, anal, lot of cum…”

“Yeah, I like it… But they were laughing all the while! With their loud, evil laugh! It was terrible!” she murmured with eyes closed. And that was all, she fell fast asleep. I turned down the lights and lay beside her on the bed. I hoped I wouldn’t dream about evil clowns. Or at least, if I will, I hoped I’ll be one of them and will have a chance to fuck Bonnie dressed in latex.

Sophie wandered down the marbled corridor, checking the lights above the doors. She chose a door at random, and walked in. Again, there was a full length mirror on the wall, with which she checked her appearance, but there was no clue as to what might be on the other side of the door. She turned on the red light outside, her heart racing as she opened the second door. On entering, she found herself alone in a luxurious lounge, decorated in a very modern style. The floor was tiled black, with chromed décor around the room. A large red leather sofa was located in the middle of the room. A spiral staircase was situated in the corner, and the walls were covered in erotic art, which Sophie took time to enjoy.

It was very quiet, and Sophie wondered if she would be alone for long. She sat on the red sofa, looking at the paintings, her fingers casually stroking at her pussy. She didn’t have to wait long, hearing footsteps from the staircase behind where she sat. She turned and looked in amazement. Six men, all dressed head to toe in black latex, were slowly making their way down the steps. They were all of athletic build, Sophie could see their rippling muscles through the skin-tight rubber. Their faces were obscured by their latex hoods, which had holes only for their eyes and mouthes. They padded softly down the stairs in silence, their shaved, thick cocks and heavy swinging balls jutting proud from a small opening in the crotch.

“Hello boys!” Sophie gasped.

She lay back on the sofa, lifting her thighs wide apart, exposing her glistening cunt. The men lined up in front of her, identities made unknown by their gleaming rubber costumes. Their cocks bobbed erect as Sophie gave them a display of her pussy, her fingers disappearing into her moist crack. She pulled at her erect nipples, sending jolts of exquisite pain through them.

“Mmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhh,………that hurts so good!” she purred, knowing that she was about to be gang-fucked by the six horny guys.

She turned around, kneeling on the sofa with her ass high in the air and then slipped a finger into her asshole.

“I do hope you’re not going to ignore my tight ass, boys? I love a thick cock in my ass!” she groaned.

The men fell on her, fondling her smooth ass cheeks, her creamy tits that swung beneath, and rubbing their cocks all over her. One man began licking at her wet snatch, pressing his face hard into her crack from behind. His tongue darted and poked wildly from the hole in his latex hood. Sophie was surrounded by hard cock, she reached out grabbing one in each hand. She stroked each erect cock offered to her, squeezing the hard flesh. A man positioned himself in front of her face, offering her mouth his erect cock. A dewdrop of pre-cum leaked from the tip. Sophie quickly gathered it in her mouth, tasting the sweet juice.

“Mmmm…..delicious! I do hope there’s more to come!” she giggled.

The men constantly swapped places, rubbing, licking, and probing their way around Sophie’s body. She suddenly felt a cock pressing at the entrance to her hot pussy lips, and then he was inside her. He slid deep into her slick opening, her strong cunt muscles gripping his shaft. The man began to fuck her, driving his hard cock slowly up to the hilt. The room was filling with the moans of Sophie and the men, as they explored her body. She felt so horny, dressed still in her satin corset, stockings and heels, as she sucked greedily on the next man in turn. She knew that her body was about to be plundered hard by all of them.

Oscar was ready for more, his cock strained at his trousers, aching for release. He walked in the corridor, glancing at the lights above him. Only one was green, maybe it was an omen, he thought to himself. He went inside, eager for more fetish fun and games. Upon entering the anteroom, he was greeted by his friend, Michael.

“This is a surprise, my old friend!” said Oscar.

Michael greeted him with a slap on the shoulders.

“I wanted to show you this room myself”, replied the German, turning the wall switch to red.

Oscar was slightly confused, but desperate to know what lay in store for him. Michael opened the door for him, allowing him to enter. They walked into what looked like a cocktail bar, mirrors were located everywhere, and neon lights lit the room. A barman, wearing a black mask, served drinks from behind a dark granite bar in front of which were some chrome stools. On the stools sat together drinking cocktails, were two 19 year old, Japanese girls, dressed identically in school uniforms. They turned and smiled at Michael, raising their glasses. Michael ushered Oscar to a leather sofa opposite the girls. The petite girls, who could have easily been mistaken for twins, looked horny as hell to Oscar in their tartan skirts and white socks. The budding nipples of their small, pert breasts were clearly visible through their thin white blouses. He felt his cock growing rapidly in his trousers.

He sat down next to Michael on the sofa, not quite knowing what was going to happen next. The girls put down their glasses, and moved a little closer together. They started to kiss, passionately, each reaching for the others breasts. Oscar’s cock was now fully erect and recovered from his previous action, as he watched the girls intently. The girls reached under each other’s skirts, exposing their hairless cunts. The barman carried about his business, seemingly unaware of the show the girls had started. Oscar watched as one girl climbed up onto the bar, kneeling on her hands and knees. She pulled up her short skirt around her waist and said something to the other girl, who climbed up, joining her friend on the bar top.

“What are they going to do?” asked Oscar.

“Wait and see, my friend!” replied Michael.

The first girl spread her soft, young ass cheeks, inviting the other to lick at the pouting lips of her smooth cunt. She took up the invitation, lapping at her friend enthusiastically. She licked and sucked for all she was worth, gradually moving her tongue to the tight puckered entrance of the girl’s asshole. Oscar watched in amazement as the masked barman suddenly produced a large plastic funnel, and a two litre bottle of milk.

“What the……?” Oscar whispered to Michael.

The girl stopped licking momentarily as the barman gently pushed the tip of the funnel into the girl’s ass, which now lubricated by her friend’s saliva. She groaned as the taped tip went deeper into her, stretching her tight anal ring. She rested her head on the bar top, raising her ass high up in the air. She giggled and nodded to the barman. He began slowly pouring the milk into the funnel, and flooding the girl’s bowels. Oscar couldn’t take his eyes from the bizarre show. The barman continued to pour steadily, until the bottle was empty.

“How can she hold so much?” Oscar thought to himself.

The girl groaned loudly every few moments, as waves of gut cramps took over her. The barman went to fetch another bottle and returned to continue filling her ass. Her moans became louder, her stomach seemed swollen with milk, yet she seemed able to take even more inside her. Finally, she had reached her limit, shaking her head violently in submission. Still groaning in extreme discomfort, she carefully swapped positions with her friend. The barman removed the funnel, and a small dribble of milk escaped her milk laden bowels. The barman then repeated the process on the other girl, until they both had their asses pumped full of creamy milk. The girls were now groaning in desperate discomfort, stomach cramps gripping their insides, threatening to expel the milky fluid from their young asses.

Oscar turned to his friend, “This is about to get very messy, Michael!”

Sophie took hold of two men’s cocks, wedging both their glans into her mouth. She loved to suck cock, and having two in her hot mouth at the same time tasted absolutely divine. She caressed each tip with her tongue, feeling the men’s pulses through their rigid shafts. Pre-cum seeped from their piss-slits, which she rubbed over her mouth, making her pouting rouge lips even glossier. The men took turns at her pussy, thrusting wildly so their rubber clad thighs slapped against Sophie ass.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me harder boys, fuck, fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed. “Fuck my dirty cunt, I want your cocks deep inside my dirty cunt, that’s it fuck me, oh yes please!”

She changed position to straddle a man lying beneath her. Her slick pussy slid down his upwards pointing cock until it was fully embedded in her aching pussy. Sophie rode him hard, her ass shaking and wobbling up and down as she ground into his cock. Suddenly she felt another cock, probing at her pussy from behind. Another man was trying to squeeze his cock into her dripping cunt! She felt a burning sensation as the second cock slid in alongside the other, the men groaning as they stretched her pussy wide. It was like having one enormous cock inside her. The men began thrusting in unison, driving Sophie wild with carnal lust.

“Fuck me, fuck my tight cunt, fill me with cock, oh yeah, fuck me, oh Jesus, that feels so fucking wonderful!” Sophie gasped, grinding her pussy onto the men’s cocks. She carried on sucking the two cocks in front of her, and had a cock in each hand, rubbing them furiously. She was now servicing all six of the men at the same time.

“Don’t forget my ass you dirty fuckers! Fuck me in the ass, I want all your cocks to fuck me hard in my filthy whore’s ass!” she obscenely begged to the rubber dressed men.

The man kneeling behind her withdrew his cock from her slippery pussy, and stuck a latex gloved finger into her hot vice-like asshole, finger fucking her while Sophie rode the other man’s cock.

“I’m cumming, aaaaaaah! Fuck yes! I’m cumming!” Sophie’s body went into spasms as her first orgasm ripped through her. Pussy juice leaked from her as she came hard, the finger in her ass triggering her sudden climax. After a minute or two, he felt Sophie’s ass loosen slightly, so he pressed his swollen cock head against her tight rear passage. She felt him enter her, the thick shaft penetrating her hot, dank hole. Her seemingly elastic sphincter stretched around him until he was balls deep in her.

“Fuck me now, both of you! Fuck my perverted ass, and my filthy cunt! Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!” she screamed. The men needed no telling, their cocks pistoning in and out, reaming both her holes.

“Give me a cock to suck, fuck my whorish mouth and make me gag!” she pleaded.

With a man knelt each side of her head, Sophie took turns to suck them alternately. She was going berserk with animal lust. Taking them so deep down her throat, her red lips were able to caress their shaved balls. She gagged violently as they roughly fucked her mouth. Stringy spit oozed from her mouth, slobbering over their cocks, making them glisten.

“Uuuugggghhh!” she gagged, feeling their wet cocks hit the very back of her throat.

The man lying beneath her withdrew his penis, and pushed it hard against her asshole.

“This can’t be happening can it? Surely there can’t be room in my ass for two thick cocks? ” She thought to herself.

She was so hot and turned on now, anything was possible. But sure enough, she felt her ass muscles expanding even further to accommodate the two men. Slowly he forced his way into her gripping, juicy asshole.

“Nnnnnnnooooooooooo……….wait…………uuuuh…..aaaah…..Fuck yes!” Sophie moaned as the two cocks invaded her burning ass.

The men fucked her furiously, plundering her tight asshole, seeking their vile pleasures. Two thick shafts of throbbing male flesh, deeply embedded in Sophie’s stretched ass hole, were driving her crazy. The hooded men frequently changed positions, each of them taking turns at her three fuck-holes, until they approached their orgasms.

“I want you all to cum in my ass hole, I want my slutty ass filled with your hot, slimy cum. Do you think you can do that, you fuckers?” Sophie begged.

The men silently nodded in response. Sophie lay on the floor, against the sofa with her ankles behind her head, so that she was partly upside down spreading her ass cheeks. With her ass hole pointing upwards to the ceiling, the first man pinned her down, straddling her upturned ass. Her once tight asshole was now obscenely gaping wide for all the men to see. The other five men stood in a circle around them, stroking their hard cocks, watching the other man began his anal assault on Sophie. He dipped his cock all the way in and began fucking her to his climax. It wasn’t long before he grunted, and came, spraying his slimy cum into her hot depths.

“Uuuuuh, that’s it, give it to me, fill me up with your sticky seed!” She groaned.

He quickly made way for the next latex covered man, who was going to deposit his load into Sophie. He too, didn’t last long, injecting his creamy mess into Sophie. She could feel her ass filling with hot cum. Each man took his turn, emptying his full balls of cum, until Sophie’s ass was brimming full of sticky white goo. Sophie rubbed furiously at her swollen clit, excited by her ass full of cum, she needed to orgasm so badly.

“Oooooh fuck yes, fucking hell yes, I’m cumming……yes I’m cumming now! Aaaaiiiiieeeeeeee!!!” she cried.

Her body bucked and convulsed, a fountain of girl cum sprayed from her pussy arcing through the air, splashing her upturned face and neck. She completely lost control of her ass muscles, sending a torrent of the men’s combined cum, flowing over her pink pussy lips and down the front of her purple corset, towards her voluptuous tits. Sophie sobbed, crying in ecstasy, she was covered in cum, and her pussy, mouth and ass had all been thoroughly fucked. The men stood paraded in a line, and made their way back to the spiral staircase, leaving Sophie to recover.

Oscar and Michael continued to watch the Japanese girls perform. Both men were feeling incredibly horny now, their cocks aching for relief. One of the girls on the bar began lapping at the others ass, digging her tongue into her cream filled hole, while fingering her own wet pussy. That was enough for the other girl, who was finally unable to contain all the milk trapped in her bloated rectum.

“Uh….. Uh…..Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” she squealed, releasing an explosion of milky mess, straight into the other’s face. The receiving girl came loudly, digging her fingers deep into her cunt, while her face was showered by the endless jet of milk. Milk went everywhere, mostly down the receiving girl’s front, drenching her white blouse. They changed positions, so that the girl with her asshole full of milk could take her turn to relieve her cramped guts. A second deluge of milk sprayed from her ass, which the other girl tried in vain to gulp down.

The two girls found themselves kneeling in a pool of milk on the bar surface, panting and gasping at their sudden relief. They beckoned Michael and Oscar to join them. The men stripped off their clothes, their hard cocks proudly erect. The girls climbed down from the bar, still soaking wet, and leant over the stools, offering up their ripe young asses. They faced each other, and began kissing again. Oscar gripped one of the girl’s hips, and without any hesitation, plunged his cock deep into her slippery ass. Michael did the same, shoving his thick German cock into the other girl’s back door. The girls whimpered and moaned as the men rammed their cocks into their slick, hot assholes over and over again. Oscar gripped tighter still, holding the poor girl in place. He fucked her savagely, drilling into her young ass without mercy, while Michael relentlessly pounded into the other girl, who was now wailing and crying.

“Fuck that ass, fuck that ass, go on my friend, fuck her hard!” encouraged Michael.

The room was filled with lustful groans and gasps, as the girls were fucked into oblivion. The barman, who until now had remained behind the bar, came in front and stood in between the two girls. His hard cock poked out from his black uniform, aiming it at the girls. He stroked his thick shaft until he came, gushing his steamy white cum over the girls angelic faces. The girls shared it between them, licking the oozing cream from their young faces. Oscar could feel his own climax approaching, his balls tightening until he reached the point of no return.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’ve got a big load for you sluts…..oh fuck!…Aaaaargh!” Oscar shouted.

He quickly withdrew from the girl’s ravaged ass, and sent his own cum spewing over the Japanese girls. Jet after jet of Oscar’s sticky cum decorated their faces. Michael did likewise with an explosive climax, sending his creamy jizz splattering over the girls already glazed features. There was cum everywhere, dripping down the girls chins, onto their already soaked blouses.

“Fuck, that was good Oscar, wasn’t it?” asked Michael, recovering.

Oscar grinned back at his friend with satisfaction. They picked up their clothes, leaving the girls exhausted and covered in cum.

Sophie went back to her bedroom, where there was no sign of Oscar. She stripped off her dirty lingerie, and soaked in the bath until her husband returned. She heard him enter the bedroom, and called to him.

“Well, how was that for you, my love?”

Oscar peeked into the bathroom, “Fantastic, dare I ask how your evening went?”

Sophie reminisced on her latest depravity. “Everything I hoped for, and more!” came her reply.

The next day, Oscar and Sophie had lunch with Michael and his wife, Katrina.

“Well guys, we hope your first night was enjoyable, yes?” asked Katrina, keen to hear about their erotic experiences.

The four of them sat in the large dining room reserved for guests at their country house. Oscar and Sophie opened up about their debauched experiences, recalling every sexy detail.

“And towards the end,” said Sophie, “Having both those hard cocks in my ass at the same time felt amazing, those horny guys in latex were insatiable!”

Oscar was similarly enthusiastic, “Having my cock milked like that by the nurse was just incredible! She was an expert at fisting me, I’d never felt anything like it before!”

Michael smiled at his old friend, “Yes indeed, she has very special talents, I’ll let you into a little secret, she isn’t employed by us. She stays here for her own pleasure as a paying guest!”

Sophie raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“You didn’t tell me everything about last night!” she joked with Oscar, “You mean to tell me you weren’t the dominant one for a change?” after Oscar had told his wife about being strapped down in the chair.

“Well,” said Katrina, “From what Michael tells me, Oscar was very dominant with the Japanese girls!” They all laughed, raising a glass of champagne in celebration of their first night. “Here’s to more surprises tonight then!” said Sophie.

Later on that evening, Oscar and Sophie prepared themselves for the fetish entertainment ahead. Sophie lay in the bath, shaving. She massaged the cool shaving gel over her steamy cunt, gently stroking the razor to make sure it was completely bald. Her fingers of one hand slipped inside her crevice, while her other hand reached to her nipples, pulling and pinching at them.

“Mmmmm……aaaah……… Oh God, I love pain…..oh God, that feels good…….I need pain……oh fuck…..Oh Jesus…..I need pain tonight, I need to be spanked, I’m such a naughty girl……Oh fuck……yes…….yes…..I’m cumming now, such a naughty girl……yes, I’m cumming…….Oooooowwwwaaaaaaarrrrgh!!!” she screamed.

She thrashed about wildly in the bath, spilling water over the side as she came hard using just her fingers, and her hot fantasies of punishment. Oscar heard Sophie climaxing in the bathroom, and it made his cock throb hard. He was more than eager to see what the night had in store for them both.

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