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The DJ announced her name as “Eden,” and she took the stage in a whirl of energy, moving her body effortlessly in time to the thumping beat from the sound system, shimmying and shaking and smiling the whole time, as if she was made for this very moment.

Eden’s top came off quickly, as she slid her shoulder straps off and pulled the thin fabric down the length of her body, exposing her breasts. She had mocha skin with dark chocolate nipples, erect in the cool air of the club. Her black hair was straightened and long, past her shoulders. She had some thickness through her hips, soft natural breasts, some softness to her belly, and a round, full ass.

I shifted in my seat and reached for my wallet. I could tell immediately that this girl was going to be getting a lot of my money tonight. I glanced over at my wife, who nodded in approval, a lustful gleam in her eye. It’s wonderful to be married to a bisexual woman, especially one who shares my taste in women.

Earlier this year, my wife and I started going to strip clubs together, in part to help her explore her bisexuality, and in part, after 10 years of marriage, as a way to spice up our sex life.

It worked.

We quickly discovered that going to a strip club as a married couple is like jet-fueled foreplay. It’s a headfirst dive into a sensual array of glorious nudity, sensations, touches and scents, a journey to a hidden world of writhing, gyrating naked women, dancing for our pleasure, enticing us with their bodies, rubbing themselves against us, showing us everything.

We’re not quite strip club “regulars,” but every month or two we try to make the trip to one of our favorite clubs. It’s become one of the Date Night experiences that I most look forward to. Why bother going out to dinner and a movie, when you can watch and interact with real-life sexy naked women?

One of my hesitations before we started going to strip clubs was that I was afraid it would feel “wrong,” somehow. I was afraid I would feel guilty about being there, like I was exploiting the women or taking advantage of them. And I didn’t expect that the women at the club would be my type. My wife and I are clean-cut professionals, even rather geeky, and I wasn’t sure if we would feel comfortable at a strip club. I had heard a lot of stereotypes about strippers and I was afraid that the strippers would be weird, drugged out, emotionally damaged, or somehow not enjoyable to be around.

But my worries were unfounded. If anything, the opposite proved to be true. I quickly found that I loved talking with the strippers, flirting with them, touching and being touched by them. I loved watching them caress and tease my wife. I loved giving them my money.

Spending money on strippers was some of the best money I’d ever spent, because I always got to go home in a better mood than when I went in. My wife and I would fall into bed together, ablaze with the crackling energy of sex and seduction, still smelling like strippers’ body lotion and perfume.

I loved to see them sweat, I loved to see their bodies move under the strobe lights, and I loved feeling their exertions as they rubbed and grinded against me.

In a strange way, I felt like strip clubs were places where I truly belonged. “These are my people,” I thought to myself. “This is my community, this is my subculture.” I had never been a religious person, but I wondered if the way I felt at a strip club was the way religious people feel when they’re in church.

I loved the whole experience of the strip club: the uninhibited sexuality, the female attention, the unique energy in the room — the focused worshipful appreciation of the female form, combined with an alluring and welcoming vision of femininity.

Some people might think strip clubs were sleazy and morally wrong, but I didn’t care. I found the strip clubs to be liberating and honest, more honest in a way than everyday life. A strip club was one of the rare places in the world where I could meet certain emotional needs that were all too often repressed or unfulfilled. You paid the dancers for their time and talents, and it wasn’t cheap, but it was a very good value.

My wife and I saw all kinds of strippers during our evenings at the clubs: dancers ranging in age from 19 to mid-30s, and even one 38-year-old dancer who said she had teenage daughters of her own (but you would never guess it from her petite, toned body). We saw blonde white girls, brunettes, redheads, Black girls, Latina girls, Asian girls. Girls with piercings and tattoos, girls with fake breasts, girls who were all natural. Skinny girls, curvy girls, slightly chubby girls — I loved them all.

I loved the smoothness of their bodies, the effort they made to entertain us, and the way they did their hair and makeup to look pretty for us. I admired the dancers’ athletic abilities, their physical strength, and their emotional courage to do this type of demanding work. I found something to appreciate in almost every stripper I saw, but Eden was by far the best I’d ever seen. And I knew it instantly.

Eden had a casual, friendly, emotionally generous spirit about her. She was one of the rare strippers who were not afraid to let some part of her real personality show through. With some strippers, they seem uptight, or their stage routine feels like an act, or they won’t let you touch them very much, or it seems like they’re just going through the motions.

Eden was different. She was enjoying being there. She seemed authentically interested in the attention of the audience, smiling and talking easily with the men and women sitting by the stage.

I placed two dollar bills on the edge of the stage and waited for Eden to come give us her attention. She crawled over to us and knelt in front of us.

“Good evening, guys,” she said. “Come give me a hug!”

I stood up and leaned forward as Eden embraced me, and then placed my hands on her breasts, letting me feel her stiff nipples. I was smitten. Completely. Already.

“You’re amazing,” I said, already feeling totally uninhibited in my fascination with her. “God, can I give you another hug?”

Eden laughed. “Of course!” We embraced again, our foreheads touching. “Wow, you’re really into me,” she said.

Eden moved on to my wife, pressing her breasts against my wife’s face in a warm, lingering hug. “We’re going to have some fun tonight,” said Eden.

The next song started and Eden teasingly stepped out of her G-string, and was now fully nude on stage. I placed two more dollars on tip rail, and Eden sat in front of us and spread her legs, rubbing her clitoris with her fingertips, spreading the folds of her labia to show us how wet she was. I was almost close enough to taste her.

She moved over to my wife.

“Stand up,” Eden said. “Customers aren’t the only ones who get to have some fun!”

She pulled off my wife’s shirt and unfastened her bra in a single deft motion, leaving my wife’s breasts exposed to the room full of strangers.

“You have beautiful breasts,” Eden said. “Can I kiss them?” My wife was a bit shy, but nodded her head, “Yes.”

Eden moved closer and took my wife’s nipples in her mouth, sucking and licking them, one at a time. My wife moaned with delight. After Eden finished, she sat down again, with a glazed expression and flushed cheeks.

Usually the dancers were only on stage for 3 songs at a time, and customers are expected to tip the girls $1 per song — but I found myself pulling out a stack of dollar bills and beckoning Eden over to us again and again.

“We can’t get enough of you,” I said to her. She laughed. “I’m the best you’ve ever had, huh? Here, sit down and lean forward — sit still.”

Fully nude, Eden inched herself forward to the edge of the stage and straddled me, then extended her legs forward and squeezed my face between her thighs. She had me pressed so close against her that I could smell the scent of her sex, sweet and inviting. I let my fingertips trace slowly up the backs of her legs, all the way back to her naked ass, cupping her buttocks in both hands as she swayed back and forth.

She finished with me and moved back to my wife. My wife was feeling bolder now.

“Can I kiss you here?” My wife asked, reaching out to touch Eden’s nipples.

“Sure, baby,” Eden said. “Damn, you’re so sexy.”

My wife closed her eyes tightly as she took Eden’s breasts in her mouth, caressing each one with her tongue, drawing out the pleasure, leaving Eden’s nipples aroused and glistening under the lights. Eden was short of breath. “Damn girl,” she said. “This is your wife? You’re a lucky man.”

Eden finished her set and exited the stage. I caught her eye and waved to her, inviting her to come sit with us. “I’ve got to run to the dressing room for a few minutes,” said Eden. “But then I’ll come hang out with you.” She left, taking the stack of cash she’d earned during her stage set.

I watched her leave, appreciating the view from behind.

“I like this one,” I said to my wife.

“I know,” my wife said.

“No really, I like her a LOT.”

“Hmmmm,” my wife said. “Maybe we’ve found our unicorn?”

I chuckled. “Do you think it would be possible?” I asked.

“It never hurts to try,” she said. “Anything is possible.”

I looked back toward the dressing room door.

My wife and I had fantasized for a long time about having a threesome with another woman. We had placed ads on adult dating sites, but nothing had come of it — there were too many married couples chasing too few single bisexual women.

“I REALLY like this girl,” I said to my wife. “Let’s go for it. What the hell. We’ve got nothing to lose but a little bit of pride.”

And I knew that trying to date a stripper was almost always a fool’s errand, even for single guys, let alone 35-year-old married couples. But still, there seemed to be something very special about Eden. I was deeply transfixed by her. I kept glancing toward the dressing room door, hoping to see her emerge.

Finally she did. Eden came over to our table and gave us each a warm hug.

“I loved your set,” I said to her.

“Thank you,” she said.

“No really, your stage work is fantastic,” I said. “You really are one of the best dancers I’ve seen.”

“Aw, you’re sweet,” she said. “It’s fun to see nice-looking couples like you two. What are you doing here tonight? Do you come here a lot?”

“We come here as often as we can afford to,” I said. “Let’s just say…my wife and I share an interest in women.”

Eden smiled. “Damn, you really are a lucky man,” she said.

“What about you?” my wife asked Eden. “This is the first time we’ve seen you at this club, are you new here?”

“I’ve been dancing for awhile, but this is my first night working here,” she said. “I’m just visiting this city for the weekend. In fact, I just bought these shoes tonight because I left my dancing heels at home — I’ve been tripping over these heels all night! I drove over here with one of my dancer friends from my regular club — she’s Honey, the blonde on the second stage. Business has been slow there lately, so we thought we’d check out some clubs here instead.”

We gazed over at Eden’s friend Honey, who was fully nude and inverted, sliding slowly down the pole headfirst.

An idea started to develop in my mind: Eden was visiting from out of town. That meant she wasn’t beholden to this club for her full-time income and wouldn’t be bound by any rules against contacting customers outside the club. She drove here from out of town with her dancer friend, so that meant she didn’t have a boyfriend waiting to pick her up after work. That meant she was probably staying at a hotel.

“Don’t get your hopes up,” I thought to myself. “And don’t try too hard.”

We talked further with Eden and learned that she was 21 years old and was a single mom with a 2-year-old daughter. The girl’s father was no longer in the picture, and her latest boyfriend had recently broken up with her after he moved to California, where he worked as a professional football player.

“He’s a pro athlete, and all the girls in California are Barbie dolls,” Eden said with a shrug, as if she could never compete with those other women.

“Well, if your old boyfriend didn’t appreciate you enough, he’s short-sighted, because you’re gorgeous,” I said.

“You are too sweet,” she said, laughing. “I like you. You really have a way with words.”

“What I lack in muscles, I make up for with sweetness and enthusiasm,” I said. Eden laughed again.

“I like you too,” I said to her. “You’re just so…nice. You’re open. A lot of girls at the club, they have a front they put up. I feel like you’re being real. You’re just out here, being you. And I think it’s the girls who are most emotionally generous, who really share something of themselves, that make the most money.”

“Thanks,” Eden said. “Yeah, I see it all the time, some girls come out with this pouty face, some girls look sullen, some girls have a bad day and they bring it on stage with them. I just try to have a good time, and let everybody else have a good time too.”

While we talked, I let my hand rest on Eden’s leg, caressing her thigh. I enjoyed being in the company of this woman, along with my wife. My wife was watching the other dancer on stage, but now and then she glanced over at Eden and me with a sly look, smiling. She raised her eyebrow at me, as if to say, “Making progress?”

I gave my wife a quick thumbs-up sign. Eden noticed. “What’s going on?” she asked, slightly coy. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Just enjoying the show,” I said, flirtatiously.

“So what do you do?” Eden asked.

“I’m an engineer,” I said. “I’m really kind of a nerd. Does that, uh…do you go for nerdy guys? Especially nerdy white guys, right?”

Eden smiled and laughed again. “I like all kinds of guys,” she said. “It depends on what the guys are looking for and what kind of experience they can offer me.”

I had decided from the beginning of this conversation that I was going to be honest with Eden — I didn’t know how else to be. I had never picked up a stripper before, but all of my other success with women had been based on being myself and being honest.

I had always been kind of a nerdy, shy guy during my younger years, and back when I was Eden’s age I never would have taken a chance on talking to a woman like her. But now that I was in my mid-30s I felt like I was finally coming into my own. I had matured into a good-looking man.

I still had a full head of hair, with just a few flecks of grey. I made a good living, I dressed well, and I carried myself with a level of confidence and sophistication that I didn’t have back when I was in my early 20s. Now that I was a grown man, I knew what I had to offer to a woman and I wasn’t afraid to state my case.

The music in the club was getting louder, so Eden and I pushed our chairs closer together and leaned forward to continue the conversation, our heads almost touching. I rested my hand against Eden’s lower back, caressing her there, my fingers touching her soft skin through the thin fabric of her outfit.

“I want to get a dance with you,” I said. “A private dance. Can my wife come with me?”

“I’m sorry, the club doesn’t allow couples’ dances — you’d both have to pay the fee,” said Eden.

I checked my wallet. I only had enough cash for one $25 dance. But I needed to get Eden alone. I asked my wife, “Can I go do a dance with Eden, all by myself?”

My wife said, “Sure. You seem to need the attention more than I do right now.”

“Okay,” I said to Eden. “Are you ready?”

“Let’s do it,” she said, and stood up, suddenly tripping and falling forward. “Whoah!” she said. I caught her, steadying her and helping her to her feet. “These damn heels,” she said. “These shoes are going to kill me.”

We were both laughing. I held her hand and stroked her back, drawing her closer to me, cuddling her a bit. “I don’t want to lose you yet,” I said. “We haven’t even had our dance.”

It was really a very sweet moment. Strange as it sounds, this time spent with Eden felt almost like a first date.

We made our way to the Private Dance room, where Eden would give me an up close and personal experience for the duration of a single song. I felt a rush of anticipation. I wanted to get even closer to her than I had gotten at the stage. I wanted to experience so much more of her — not just her body, but her spirit, her personality, I wanted to learn more about the type of woman she was and what moved her sexually.

We got to the Private Dance area. Eden gestured toward a couch. “Sit here,” she said, her voice quieter now. We were alone in this darkened room. Eden peeled off her top and bottoms, wearing only a G-string. She straddled my lap and ran her hands over my shoulders and chest. I let my hands explore the fronts of her legs, her belly, her breasts, everywhere but that tiny triangle of fabric between her legs. The song started and she began to sway her hips back and forth to the rhythm, squeezing me with her muscular thighs.

“Can I kiss you here?” I asked, touching her nipples. She exhaled excitedly, and nodded, “Yes.” I took her nipple in my mouth, gently sucking and licking her, feeling her nipple getting harder against my tongue.

“Damn, you’re married huh?” she said. She started grinding harder against my lap, feeling my erection pressing against her G-string. “You’ve got a nice-sized cock, too.”

“My wife says it’s as big around as her wrist,” I said. Eden moaned a bit when I said this — closing her eyes and pressing more intently against my manhood. Either she was a really good actress, or I seemed to be getting through to her.

Dancing is hard work, and Eden was sweating, her skin a bit slick with perspiration. With each bucking sway of her hips, Eden’s breasts brushed against my face, as her belly touched my chest.

Suddenly, breathily, Eden whispered to me, “I’d fuck the shit out of you.”

“You can,” I said. I looked her in the eyes, and we pressed our foreheads together again. “My wife and I have a non-traditional marriage. And we’ve been looking for a woman like you.”

Eden closed her eyes tight, smiling, as if she was thinking hard about what I just said. I leaned in closer and whispered in her ear. “Can I kiss you? Not on the mouth, not yet…just…here?” And I touched her ear, tracing my finger delicately along her cheek and neck.

Again, Eden nodded “Yes.” She stopped moving, and was sitting still on my lap, pressing against my hard cock.

I leaned forward and gently nibbled on her earlobe and then delivered a series of soft kisses along her face, sliding down to the nape of her neck. I tasted her skin. I could taste the salt of her sweat, smelling the fragrance of her perfume, feeling the dark curtain of her hair against my face, luxuriating in the softness of her, and breathing her in.

“You want to know my favorite way to experience a woman?” I whispered to Eden.

“What?” she said.

“Going down on her,” I said, and Eden moaned as if this was the most exciting thing she’d heard in a long time. “God, I want to lick you,” I said. “I want to taste you, all of you.”

It was true. Unlike many men, I seemed to have never lost my enthusiasm for cunnilingus. My favorite way to be with a woman, almost more than intercourse, was to have my face between her legs.

I loved the intimacy of it. I loved tasting her, feeling her texture with my lips and tongue, hearing her sigh and moan, feeling her writhe and lean into me as the intensity of her pleasure builds. Even after 10 years of marriage, I still got aroused from going down on my wife, and now I was imagining a new level of arousal from being with Eden as well.

Eden let out a little sigh, again, writhing on me even harder now. “Show me your tongue,” she said. “I want to see what your tongue can do.”

September 2009

I should have known how things were going to end the moment Adam took his wallet out. We’d been dating for over a year and had gotten comfy with one another’s mannerisms and foibles to the extent we were very couply so anything out of the ordinary meant trouble. In a good way. It was our scheduled regular night in: food and wine in front of a DVD. Except it appeared he had other ideas.

We’d been drinking a little during dinner and I was what one of my colleagues often referred to as ‘socially relaxed’. Adam stood up in front of me in his typically nerdy attire — as if to quell any doubt, his T-shirt sported the large phonetic spelling of ‘geek’. With boyish charm wrapped in a lanky frame, balanced by an off-the-wall sense of humour, I adored my geek.

He counted twenty out of his wallet and handed it down to me. I looked up at him, puzzled. “Since when do I get housekeeping? What’s the catch?”

A sly grin broke out on his face. “Go upstairs and change. You can wear anything you choose, but twenty says I have some say in your outfit.”


He counted the rules on his fingers. “One: short skirt or dress; Two: hold-ups; Three: heels.”

“Is that it?”

“Yep. Everything else — your choice of top and underwear — is entirely up to you. Show me your sexy side.”

“Which side would that be?”

“All of them.”

“What are we going to do? So I can dress appropriately.”

“You’ll find out.”

“Not even a clue?”

He shook his head and proffered the cash. I had to trust him. The glint in his eye said it would be worth it.

“Deal,” I said, snatching the notes from his hand. I stood and kissed him quickly then ran upstairs.

He called up after me, “Bring the money back down.”

On the way up I was smiling to myself at how easy it was going to be, but by the time I reached the bedroom I’d altered my outlook. The trouble is that when someone says you can wear anything at all, suddenly it becomes difficult to make a decision.

Standing in front of the wardrobe, I pondered. Heels and hold-ups went well with my very short black skirt because the band at the top of the hosiery would just be visible beneath the hem. It was an attractive proposition that was sure to make his blood boil, but it wasn’t very subtle. That could be a last resort in case nothing else presented itself. I had a couple of evening gowns from various functions and balls I had attended over the years, but what if they were too theatrical or too fussy for whatever he had planned?

I thumbed the hangers. There were plenty of regular dresses for different seasons but there was always something wrong with each one: too long, too elaborate, too flimsy, too everything. Decisions, decisions. Eventually I whittled it down to a handful of choices but it took a few attempts at holding each garment against me to decide that my black floral print dress with the integral belt would be the one. It made me feel glamorous and less like a trophy date than the alternatives.

Stripping to my underwear I admired myself in the full-length mirror. The gym sessions had started to pay off at last, and as I flexed my tummy muscles felt satisfaction at the results. Trim but not thin; lithe yet curvy in the places men paid most attention, and now — thanks to my regular encounters with the rowing machine — with stamina to match my burgeoning sexual appetite. Adam had really started to bring out the animal in me recently and the extra energy meant I found it easier to keep up with his physical demands.

I unhooked and discarded my bra in a corner of the room and cupped my ample boobs with petite hands. The pale pink nipples pointed straight out and topped large, toffee-coloured areolas perched on my soft, fleshy mounds. Was there a hint of sag about them now, or was it my imagination? I wasn’t getting any younger, but hoped the latter held true.

Sifting through my bra collection I contemplated the options. Underwired: definitely. Balcony: why not accentuate? Lace: without a doubt. That left me Hobson’s choice, which suited me just fine. At least one decision was easy.

Fastening the clasp, the burgundy bra felt snug against my breasts, taking up their weight as it performed the lift and separate task. I studied the effect in the mirror and made some adjustments to let the alabaster upper surface spill a little. Perfect, I smiled. Up and out, just as men like them. Now for the panties.

I rummaged the drawer looking for some that would deliver the right message: if I was going to dress up I was determined to do it properly. I adored dressing up, even just for a dinner date at a cheap local restaurant with Adam, so to be paid for doing something I loved was my kind of heaven. The unsettling feeling that there had to be a catch somewhere along the line tugged at my subconscious, but I trusted Adam so did my best to push such thoughts aside and concentrate on making the most of my assets for him.

My underwear choices were my dark grey boy-shorts with a blackberry trim, the damson cotton panties with a cutesy bow at the front, a deep purple piece of fabric that tied at the sides and left little to the imagination, a burgundy thong, or something completely wacky like Spongebob Squarepants knickers.

Eeny meeny miny moe. Although the colour wasn’t quite the same match as the bra, I was drawn to the piece of flimsy material and nodded to myself. I’d been wearing a thong all day so something a little out of the ordinary would be a welcome change. And these were sexy as hell and didn’t often leave the drawer.

Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my thong I watched myself slide the garment slowly down, feeling it snap out from between my tight buttocks, rolling it onto my thighs then down the remainder of my long legs to pool at my feet. I stood there momentarily, observing the way the burgundy bra enhanced the rise and fall of my breasts with my breathing. Passing a critical eye over my stomach and curvaceous hips I turned left then right, pouting a little, sucking in my belly. I still had some work to do, but Adam didn’t seem to notice. He’d notice even less once those tiny panties were on. Or off.

My gaze fell lower. Nestled between my legs was the object of Adam’s desire: my virtually hairless pussy. A small two-inch-wide tuft of fur covered the area above my clit which Adam enjoyed nuzzling against as he went down on me. I’d begun shaving at his request on my 30th birthday, not long after we’d met. The act made us both so hot that we spent the afternoon in bed and, to make it fair, I shaved him too, enjoying the feel of his hair-free balls resting in my mouth as I swirled my tongue over their wrinkled surface. I shuddered in warm remembrance and stepped fully out of my thong.

After I had positioned the purple scrap of material over my smooth nether lips and gingerly tied the straps I stepped back to admire myself, front and back. I liked what I saw and was sure Adam would too: the panties barely covered the important bits. I sat on the edge of the bed and chose some opaque hold-ups, then guided them over my small feet and shapely calves to their resting place, snapping each of the cool black bands against my slender thighs. They made my legs look sleek and lean and I felt powerful, making a mental note to wear them more often.

Time for the shoes. There was no contest here: my most recent acquisition was a pair of Louboutin heels that added around four inches to my height. After slipping them on, I stood. That made quite a difference to the overall effect. My bottom jutted out provocatively and the angle of the instep ensured my breasts were thrust even further forward and skyward. Was he in for a surprise!

Eager now to show off I quickly pulled the dress over my head and zipped it, tying the belt behind me. Twirling to let the dress spin and float back to caress my sheer thighs I decided I needed some final touches. Lipstick: red of course. A delicate Tiffany chain around my neck to direct his gaze if the bra and low-cut dress were too subtle. A pair of silver stud earrings and some dabs of perfume behind my knees and between my breasts. I squirted a little for my neck too, then combed my dark hair so it half covered my face and danced over my shoulders, finishing midway down my back.

I grabbed the cash from the bed and a final check in the mirror confirmed what I already knew: Adam wouldn’t stand a chance to get through whatever he had planned. I was far too irresistible.

That was where I had underestimated him.

As I descended the stairs carefully in my black heels and entered the living room I found him sat on one of our straight-backed kitchen chairs in the centre of the room. The air smelled faintly of struck matches, the only light now the soft glow from the lamp on the sideboard, and the mantelpiece lined with flickering candles. It was still warm for September so there was no need for the heating or the fire.

From the state of things it looked as if the evening had been a while in the planning. His T-shirt and jeans were gone and he’d changed his entire apparel. He was now wearing a black dinner jacket, crisp white shirt and a chequered tie. I stopped in my tracks and he looked up at me in the doorway. A hungry smile spread across his lips and he uttered one word:


I grinned and approached. “Not too shabby yourself. Are we going out?”

As I stepped into his space ready for some heavy petting he commanded me to stop. “Where’s the money?”

I handed the rolled up currency over to him, which he unfurled, smoothed a little and folded in two. He then reached for me, slid the hem of my dress ever so slowly up my thigh at one side until the top of the hold-up was visible against the backdrop of my creamy thigh and slid the money behind the band. It felt cold next to my leg.

“That’s yours to keep. You’ve earned it already,” he breathed. “You look stunning.”

I shivered at the compliment and beamed, glad to have pleased him. Part of my psyche yearned approval and it was deeply satisfying to receive it, even if he was biased. There was no time for further reflection, though. Adam reached into his trouser pocket, retrieved his wallet and counted out another twenty. He folded it just like the other one, pushed the hem of my dress up the other leg and tucked the cash behind the band of the opposite hold-up.

“Twenty says you’re to go to the stereo and choose some pieces of music; two minimum. Turn it up then come back here.” He paused and looked up at me. “I want a lap dance.”

My eyes widened and I started to protest. “What?! I don’t even know what a lap dance is! How can I do something I’ve nev…”

Adam held up his hand to silence me. “I don’t want to hear it. I’ve never had a lap dance before either so I have no idea what to expect. You have carte blanche to create your own version and tease me with it. I told you I wanted to see your sexy side and I meant it. I’ve paid and expect a good return on my investment.”

I stood there open-mouthed. So this was his game. To treat me like a paid-for service. The idea caught in my mind as I imagined him using me later for his pleasure, hot bodies sliding against one another, him panting heavily in my ear, biting the lobe gently as we prepared to make love. Before I had time to take the scene further in my head, Adam continued.

“If you really are stuck, I’ve printed some tips I found on a web site. They’re in front of the stereo.”

I exhaled heavily despite not realising I’d been holding my breath. I stared at him for a few seconds longer hoping he was going to break into a grin and say he was kidding.

No such luck. His hazel eyes were unwavering, watching me consider the proposal. He knew I could call it off and he’d simply back down; that was the nature of our relationship: open and honest, nothing forced. But his expectation would be for me to accept the challenge and see it through. Part of me was surprised he’d asked. I knew it was a fantasy of his but for some reason never thought he’d deem me the type of girl to deliver it. I didn’t dance as a rule, and hadn’t enough alcohol in me to even consider it a dare. But I felt inexplicably flushed; I guessed partly from the anticipation of what Adam had requested and partly excitement from dressing up for him.

I looked across at my wine glass on the mantelpiece, the crystal sparkling in the candlelight, wondering if Dutch courage was the missing ingredient. For a moment I considered the situation he had created; him resembling a well-dressed movie star and me his date, with money stuffed into my hold-ups like some cheap hooker. Was I ready for this; to be his harlot for the night? A voice inside me — probably fuelled by the earlier wine — said yes and made me strut decisively across the room to the fireplace, directly past his field of vision. The candlelight cast soft distorted shadows of me on the far wall and his gaze took in the sight as I reached out to lift the wine glass he had refilled, bringing it to my deep ruby lips. I sipped and felt the tartness of the tannin in my cheeks and long warmth of the red as it slid down my throat. It was difficult to beat the Australian Shiraz.

Over the rim of the glass I looked at him sat in the chair, waiting patiently for me. Would I live up to his expectations or make a fool of myself? There was only one way to find out. With steely determination to do it right I replaced the glass and heel-toe, heel-toed my way past him to the stereo with as much grace as I could muster in the shoes; the thin spikes echoing off the laminate floor in the room. Normally so familiar, tonight the shoes felt borrowed.

In front of the stereo, as Adam had claimed, was a piece of paper which I skim-read. It listed seven lap dancing tips that didn’t sound as difficult as I’d feared, truth be told. I went through each in my head, imagining trying them out, picturing the positions I’d have to put myself in to make them happen. Perhaps this wasn’t so daunting after all.

I put the paper to one side and browsed our music collection by track, clicking and scrolling, discarding songs as I went: too fast, too slow, wrong mood, wrong lyrics. I hadn’t even reached the ‘C’ section when two records stood out, both close to one another. The titles both began with ‘B’ and the artists both an ‘A’. Belle and Adam. Was it a sign? I envisioned them playing; me dancing in time to the beats as he sat there desperate to touch me but unable to do so. A slow smile grew across my lips. Yes. They were the ones. I cued both tracks up and rotated the volume dial. The neighbours were going to have to just deal with it.

My heart fluttered as I thought of what I was about to do for the next ten minutes. If a lap dance was what he wanted, a lap dance was what he’d get. With a coolness I didn’t know existed in me I slowly paraded back to the centre of the room and stood a couple of feet away from Adam, facing him. Our eyes locked. Tip number one had said I should always maintain eye contact as much as possible. Tip two I was about to try for the first time in my life.

I lifted my arm and pointed it straight over his head at the stereo. I fingered the play button on the remote control for a few seconds letting him wonder what was going through my mind, then pressed and threw the remote behind me into the armchair. I caught the rhythm of the 8 count-in by gently nodding my head and then began to fling my hair from side to side as AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’ spewed from the speakers. I raised my arm and pointed at him, dropping my chin to give my best “I want you” face, and started to gyrate my hips in time to the music. Slightly awkward and self-conscious at first, after a few bars and seeing the look of amazement and adulation on Adam’s face I loosened up. By the time the lyrics kicked in I was well and truly into the swing of things.

My confidence grew and my gyrations became more overt; it seemed no action was too sensational. I slowly rotated to show him my backside, watching him watch me the whole time. It was such a rush to see his eyes widen as I momentarily stopped wiggling and leaned forward, sliding my hands down my lithe legs. The hem of my dress rode above the band of the hold-ups just revealing enough thigh to tease. I broke eye contact and straightened one leg while bending the other then switched, rocking from side to side in time to Brian Johnson’s raspy vocals. I knew the sight of the very tops of my hold-ups and maybe the tiniest hint of velvety flesh above as my short dress billowed would make Adam hot.

As the chorus began I stopped moving, held onto my left leg with both hands and gradually stood, sliding my hands and smoothing my hold-up with delicate fingers. With my back arched I looked over my shoulder at Adam who was grinning widely. Time for tip number 3. Twisting my upper body in his direction I raised my arm again to point at him and then swatted my backside. He arched his brows, eyes sparkling at his once shy girlfriend. Was there a visible bulge forming in his trousers? I liked to imagine so. Perhaps I should make sure.

I picked up the beat again and completed my full circle of gyrations to end up standing and facing Adam. I strutted forward right to him so our knees were almost touching and bent forward, showing him my ample cleavage. The Tiffany chain hung between us and I placed one hand on each of his knees, spreading them wide. Using his legs to support my weight I leaned forward further, sliding my breasts up his neatly buttoned shirt and into his face. My nipples were straining through the fabric of both my bra and dress as they grazed his face and I backed off, keeping my hands resting on his knees. He had the scent and I’d teased him as tip number four had suggested. It seemed to have the desired effect: he looked up from deep within my cleavage and we gazed into each other’s eyes.

The passion was welling up inside me and I had to fight the urge to kiss him. To take the heat off — at least off me — I released his knees and began to do the gyrating and slow turn combo right there between his legs, just inches from hands that I knew were aching to grab me. I wiggled my curvy bottom towards him and replaced my hands on his knees to take my weight. Looking over my shoulder down at him I caught him gazing at my rear and began to swish my way lower in time to the relentless beat, the lyrics of which were no longer registering in my mind. It was just me, the beat, and Adam.

Dropping to within an inch of his lap I ground further; left, right, left, right until I was brushing the top of his trousers with my dress. A little further pressure confirmed he was indeed sporting a hard on: I felt it pushing up towards me, desperate for freedom, desperate for my soft, warm, velvety home, but being denied by the clothes we both wore. His obvious arousal drove me onwards as I made slow, rhythmic circles in his lap.

I began to rise until I could support my weight fully on my feet, continuing to sway to the music. Over my shoulder I made sure he was looking up at me and gave him another smouldering gaze then ran my hands down my sides, tracing the shape of my body from hips to thighs. I caught the hem of my dress and raised it over my gyrating backside causing him to tear his eyes from mine and cast his roving gaze southward. The expression on his face confirmed he’d noticed the tiny scrap of material that barely covered my tight buttocks. I saw his hands flinch but, to his credit, he kept them by his side as I let the dress slip back down to cover me. It was exhilarating to hold this much command over him, and the butterflies fluttered their wings in approval.

Adam looked up with imploring eyes. He wanted more. My eyes promised more; just not yet. I was becoming horny on this power trip and felt my pussy moistening. I’d never imagined it could be so alluring to make somebody want me so badly. I spent all day in the office subtly using my womanly charms to get what I wanted in the male-dominated IT world, but never had it occurred to me that the things I did naturally in the workplace could be transferred, magnified and used as a tool to drive my man wild. Yet here was the proof.

Gradually, using small sexy circles, I turned to face him, stepped back a little and closed his knees. I slid my hands very slowly up his thighs, feeling the muscles clenching beneath the thin material. As my hands neared his hips I stepped forward and straddled him, grinding myself into his lap as the final chorus played out. I swished my hair in his face, letting him breathe my strategically placed scent, then drew my fingers gingerly up his sides, over his shoulders and cupped his face.

Rocking in his lap to the beat I could see in his eyes that he longed to touch me; to run his hands up my body, grab my breasts and knead the soft flesh. I felt so powerful; so damn womanly. There was no stopping me now: I wanted to make him squirm. To tease him further I guided his face to my cleavage and eased myself forward so I could feel his hot breath on my skin then arched my back and stood, pushing away from him and stepping out of his personal space.

Adam’s disappointment was plain but short-lived. I did one further sensual 360, keeping my eyes locked on his as long as possible. I tugged at the belt of the dress and it came free. As the outro began to fade I dropped my hands to my sides, grabbed the hem of my dress again and slowly lifted.

Inch by inch I raised my dress, uncovering first the tops of my hold-ups, then my impossibly small panties tied in neat bows at my sides. My belly was next, gyrating sexily to the dying music, then I revealed my encased 36Cs to his waiting stare. By the time the track had ended I had my arms above my head and was dressed only in lingerie. I threw the dress at him and it landed in his lap. He felt its warmth for a second then tossed it aside, not knowing what to expect next. I of course knew what was coming: one of my favourite songs of all time. Slower than AC/DC, more sensual somehow. And sung by a woman.

The unmistakable chugging of ‘Black Velvet’ by Alannah Myles filled the room and I quickly found the rhythm, beginning the gyrations that were already becoming second nature. As I swayed I turned, circling my bottom alluringly in his direction, maintaining as much eye contact as I could. Without the dress it was easier to move and I’m sure looked a hell of a sight sexier judging by the tent effect in Adam’s crotch. I moistened some more and was sure I’d soon be leaving a damp spot on the material between my shapely legs. I hoped he would notice.

Once I was facing Adam again I heel-toed my way over and bent in front of him, the top half of my breasts spilling out of the bra into his face. Spreading his knees with my hands I moved in closer and brought my arms up and beyond him to rest on the back of the chair. With my back arched I leant forward and again pressed my breasts to his face. He breathed in deeply, devouring my scent and I rocked from side to side, swinging my soft flesh against his nose. He moaned in appreciation. Tip number five was a hit!

Raising one leg and rubbing the sheer material against his thigh I brought my knee forward and pressed it into his groin. I felt him twitch beneath me and he shifted in the seat to try and increase the pressure against his raging manhood. Before he had time to get comfortable I removed my knee and slowly began to descend, dragging my breasts over his shirt and tie. All the while I trailed my fingernails down his body, he was staring into my eyes with a fire I’d never seen. Maintaining this intense eye contact I came to rest kneeling on the floor facing his straining prick. As I demurely shot him another fiery come-on I thought he was going to rip his clothes off, fling me to the ground and sink his cock into me, taking me with abandon there on the rug. Part of me wished he would.

Getting hold of my thoughts before they ran away with me, I put my hands on his knees, brought my bottom up and ever so slowly stood, making sure he caught an eyeful of cleavage. As Alannah brought the first chorus to a close I flicked my hair up into his face and stood back.

If I hadn’t been so turned on I might have laughed at the expression on his face. His mouth was agape and he was staring doe-eyed at my show, not quite knowing what to look at next. I decided to direct his attention for the second verse.

I purposefully strode to the mantelpiece where my glass of red wine rested and took a swig without swallowing. Swaying and gyrating back towards him I faced away and took delight in bending low, running my hands up and down my silky legs before repeating the bottom spank move from earlier. This time my hand made a reassuring crack that fuelled his imagination. While he was thinking about that I slowly righted myself and turned to face him, trying as best I could to keep to the rhythm. I felt the wet spot form for definite.

As verse two began to ramp towards the chorus I swished my hair about in time to the riff and stepped towards him. I came to stand once again between his parted thighs, right up against the chair, bent and lifted his chin with my index finger. I brought my mouth to his and crushed our lips together in a sensual kiss. His mouth opened but he wasn’t expecting the wine. It spilled between us, dribbling down our chins. He caught some of it in his mouth as I forced my tongue against his. Wine flowed between us, running down his smoothly shaven features and dripping red onto the surface of my creamy breasts, trickling between them to soak into the bra.

Against every fibre of will in my body I abruptly broke the kiss and took a half step back. I trailed my finger up to his mouth and let him suck the wine from it as I picked up the gyrations, culminating in me rotating so my bottom was towards him. I moved it in slow circles under his mesmerised stare. Lowering myself once again fully into his lap and using his knees for support I ground my backside into his groin. He was so hard and I was wet; a perfect combination. I longed to abandon the dance, unbuckle his trousers, guide his prick past my tiny panties and ride him to within an inch of coming, then take him in my mouth, feeling his steely length against the back of my throat as I swirled my tongue around him, sucking until he bucked his hips into my face and his hot load fired into me.

Keeping his stare for any length of time was impossible as he kept looking down to watch the way my tiny panties alternately covered then revealed the valley between my firm cheeks. He was only male after all. To counter this I sprawled back against him, rubbing myself against his shirt and draping my arm up to stroke the back of his head. I rested my head on his shoulder and brought my mouth to his ear, whispering hoarsely, “I want you inside me.”

I felt his cock twitch beneath me and decided to push further with my words. “Take me, Adam. Here. Now. Fill me with your hot come.”

I trailed my other arm up around his neck as I continued to grind. “Thrust your hard cock into my pussy, over and over. I’m so wet for you.” It wasn’t a lie. My arousal was steadily increasing and I could feel myself becoming wetter by the minute. “Look what you’ve created: I’m your plaything tonight. You can do anything you want to me. Anything at all.”

Slithering down from him, I sat on the floor, turned and used his knees to haul myself up. I placed my mouth a few millimetres above the fabric of his trousers and poked my tongue out, pressing against the tip of his hidden manhood. I swirled my tongue a little then stood fully and backed away from him as the song faded.

Adam just grinned and applauded. “Oh wow, B. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He seemed to be gathering his thoughts. Or stopping himself from ejaculating in his underwear. “Come closer.”

I shuffled towards him coyly, expecting him to grab me and make love to me where he sat, bouncing me up and down on his rock hard cock as we wrapped our arms around each other. Yet again I was proved wrong. He fished into his pocket and withdrew his wallet retrieving yet another twenty. Folding it meticulously he slid it behind the band of my left hold-up along with the other note.

“Twenty says you are to sit in the armchair and masturbate for me. I want to watch you come. Keep your clothes on.”

I didn’t have a reason to argue: this was his show. Truthfully I was already pretty well aroused from the lap dance and could do with the release. Turning on my heels I stepped purposefully towards the armchair opposite him. Instead of sitting straight down as he probably expected, I climbed on it, kneeling on the large cushion, legs together, resting my arms on the upright back. I wiggled my backside at him from across the room and looked over my shoulder to see him smiling, pleased with my newfound performance traits. I never imagined it would be so arousing to act this way; although reasonably comfortable with my body — save for the odd place where I could lose a few pounds — I wasn’t used to flaunting it so overtly. The biggest turn-on was that Adam didn’t seem to notice any of the flaws I felt in myself. He was focused solely on me and my display; and it made me feel like a Goddess.

Reaching behind me I ran my fingers from my thighs up over the flesh of my rear. The panties didn’t conceal much, making it easy to spank my bottom and watch him move his hands to his lap, rubbing his prick through his trousers as the echoes of my slaps bounced around the room. The light from the candles transmitted my actions partly to the far wall and partly onto the surface of the long bay window curtains. Anyone walking by would be treated to quite a shadow dance.

I parted my knees and moved my hand between my legs to cover my minuscule underwear. I felt wetness against my palm and gently slapped my pussy for his pleasure before sliding my hand beneath the flimsy material. I jumped a little at the touch. Lips slick with my juices I slithered my palm against the bare skin and sighed as my hand pressed my sensitive clitoris.

Losing myself in the moment I ground my palm hard beneath the underwear, panting a little, still watching Adam over my shoulder through half-closed eyes. The power I had over my man was incredibly arousing, especially given that he hadn’t seen anything of me yet. What would he do when he saw how wet I was? Most days the answer would be obvious — he would lick me to a shattering orgasm then pound his rock hard cock inside me until he came. Tonight, however, all bets were off.

That didn’t stop me imagining him stepping up behind me, pulling my underwear aside and sliding his hard prick into my wet box. I could almost feel his hands on my hips as he pistoned in and out, slowly at first and becoming faster with each stroke. As I moved my palm in circles over my clit I allowed a finger to slide inside myself at every opportunity. Despite yearning to insert more I restricted myself to only pushing in as far as the first knuckle to keep the show going for longer. Being so out of character — essentially a tease — felt amazing; restraining myself, knowing what it would do to Adam.

The heat was building inside me as I brought myself closer to orgasm for him. I wasn’t an exhibitionist — or at least didn’t think so until tonight. Perhaps it had always been in me and I’d been repressing it, needing the right atmosphere and a nudge to launch the real me: Belle 2.0! I became aware of my heavy breathing and decided to step it up a gear for Adam.

I pulled my slick hand from my panties and turned over, perching myself on the edge of the armchair cushion, spreading my legs wide apart as far as I could stretch them. My heels and sheer, nylon-encased legs sparkled in the light from the dim lamp. I stretched out my hand towards Adam, palm facing him so the flickering candlelight could catch the wetness, offering a glimpse of what he was currently missing — or would soon have. I then brought my hand back towards my face, took a theatrical sniff, closed my eyes and ran my tongue very slowly up my palm. The taste of my arousal was intoxicating; the familiar mixture of sweet and musk on my hands reminding me of nights alone, nights with Adam, and nights without him; often spent listening intently to other couples making love in adjacent hotel bedrooms. As I opened my eyes I noticed my brazen act had been received loud and clear by my watcher. He was openly rubbing his crotch through his trousers and I probably couldn’t even imagine what was going through his mind at that moment.

Returning my hand to my panties I massaged the whole area slowly, sensuously and then slid my fingers beneath the sheer material that separated me from his fantasy. Once again I slid a finger inside myself; deeper this time. I gasped as it probed my depths and then vacated, allowing my lips momentary respite until my digit once again sought sanctuary inside. Over and over I probed and withdrew; each time eliciting a breathy gasp from my mouth; ruby red lips apart and eyes almost shut.

I could hear the material of Adam’s trousers shuffling as he stroked his entire cock. The thought of his self-imposed restraint, dying to unzip his trousers and fill me as I sat spread-eagled for his pleasure, drove me onwards. I fell back against the rear cushion of the armchair so I had better access to my pussy and sawed my finger in and out of my glistening tunnel.

With my other hand I reached up for my chest and began to massage one of my ample breasts. It would be impossible for Adam to ignore the upturned nipple beneath the lace fabric, jutting from me as I grabbed handfuls of my flesh and tweaked my tip. A semi-circle of areola protruded above the C cup as my ministrations became more extreme but I kept my end of the bargain and remained clothed throughout. I switched to the other breast and it responded like its twin sister; pink nub hardening and poking out of the confines of the bra.

All the while, I continued to rub my mound and thrust my finger into my body. Soon one wasn’t enough and I added a second digit, bucking hard against my hand. Every so often I would yank my fingers from my core and trail them up my belly to leave a wet line of juice, then walk them up my chin to my mouth and lewdly suck my secretions from them. I tasted so good and knew Adam longed to sample me too. My hand would then slide down over my breast, glide over my soft, curvaceous hips and delve beneath my panties to resume dipping inside my hairless snatch.

Across the room I could hear Adam enjoying my show, which spurred me on. He’d turned me into such a hussy! Dressing like a whore, lap dancing, showing myself off like this purely for his sexual entertainment. I should be disgusted with my behaviour but I was so turned on, any rational thoughts were sidelined as my mind raced and the twisted fantasies of what he would do to me later took over. My breathing was becoming ragged and in the distance I was aware of someone moaning in pleasure in time to my actions — perhaps it was me; I didn’t care any more. All that existed were the glimpses of Adam I caught on the occasion I opened my eyes, and my hands roaming and probing my erogenous zones. As I shut my eyes tightly I imagined the hands groping me belonged to other people and the rhythmic filling and emptying of my pussy was a man’s hard cock driving into me. The faces of the men around me were indiscernible as they used my body as their private theme park; sucking, twisting, licking, biting and thrusting with tongues, fingers and cocks. They were stuffing money into my hold-ups, paying for the privilege of my youthful body and I was their willing slut.

Slut. The word whirled in my mind. I was such a slut — a slattern as they’d have called me in Victorian times — for having these thoughts and behaving this way. What would my parents think of their little girl dreaming of being ravaged by a group of men, used and abused for their pleasure? A tangle of bodies, hot, horny, and panting, with me the centrepiece. I was convinced normal people didn’t think about such things. Only sluts did. So tonight I was a dirty slut.

And I loved it.

I imagined the men building up towards release, slamming inside me, fucking my mouth and aching pussy hard, biting and squeezing my fleshy tits, making me cry out for more. Then as the sensations of using my taut body for their sexual indulgence overpowered the men, they started to come all over and inside me, shooting their sticky loads and groaning with lurid satisfaction. And I felt the fire in my belly begin to spread. My fingers ploughed into my soaking pussy and my other hand yanked my tits and pulled on each distended nipple through the fabric of my bra as I felt my orgasm crash through me. I bucked off the armchair and stayed rigid in that position, gasping loudly and repeatedly until the first wave of spasms began to die down. My skin was alight with the familiar yet distant glow of sexual release. My toes curled and uncurled inside my black shoes, the muscles in my calves and thighs tightening and releasing in sympathy. I was powerless in the grip of the orgasmic current flooding my limbs.

There was something magical about bringing myself over the edge like this. While it was equally wonderful to have Adam treat me to a tongue bath, it tended to be on his timetable and his terms. This way I had control of my thoughts and the result usually went beyond physical stimulation, entering the metaphysical plane where my mind and body united, resonating with one another towards the common goal of heightened arousal and all-consuming release. If there was a greater feeling anywhere in the universe I had yet to find it.

As I gradually lowered myself to the chair again, the fluttering sensations of the aftercome rippled through me. I could feel my pussy lips gently gripping and releasing my fingers, the frequency slowing as the fantasy abated and the silence of the room returned.

I wasn’t sure how long I stayed like that, fingers still buried inside me, feeling the warmth ebbing and the glow fading. When I opened my eyes, the first thing that came into focus was Adam smiling down at me. He looked angelic. And contented. I judged I had done well and smiled weakly, unable to speak.

“That was incredible, B,” he confirmed. “You like that?”

I found my voice. “Probably better than you,” I breathed. “Look what you’ve turned me into!”

“I’m not finished yet,” he said impishly.

He bent to his knees between my parted thighs and gradually lowered his head to my groin. I instinctively pulled my fingers from inside me and he grabbed my wrist, directing the sticky digits to his mouth. He paused and smelled them deeply before running his tongue over their length and gently suckling them, cleaning the juices. Then he bent further and placed a wet kiss on my sodden excuse for panties and sat back, satisfied.

Reaching into his pocket he retrieved his wallet once more. I waited patiently for the next instruction, accustomed to my role in his world. For now I was spent, so I would let him have his fun with me. He unfurled yet another twenty and meticulously folded it, sliding it next to the others in the band of my hold-ups, snapping it against my thigh.

“Twenty says you will now sit on my face. You can do anything you want to me; use my face, mouth, tongue, other objects, anything for your own pleasure. The only rule is you are not to dismount until you have come on my face at least once. I want to taste you directly.”

I thought about this latest mission for a few seconds. It sounded so dirty, yet somehow deeply alluring. But I had doubts I could do it.

“How can I possibly come again after that?”

“You’ll find a way. You always do.”

It was true to an extent. Although once was enough, he knew I could come again in a relatively short space of time if he pushed the right buttons. Clearly he was playing to my strengths to fulfil his own desires. I considered the proposal a little longer. “Can I take my clothes off?”

“If you wish, yes. But the hold-ups and heels stay on.”

“OK. I’ll do my best.”

He smiled warmly. “I know.”

I beamed back at him and watched as he prepared. The chair was shifted out of the way and the sheepskin rug moved to the centre of the room. Adam then lay flat on his back and I assumed it was my turn to perform once more.

Hauling myself from the armchair with as much grace as I could muster, I took a shaky step towards him then straddled his legs and continued walking slowly until he was staring straight up my long legs. Towering in lingerie above my boyfriend with him ogling my panties from a few feet below was more erotic than I had initially thought. I figured it might be something that only he’d get pleasure from, but there was something about being the dominatrix and him the submissive that caused the breath to catch in my throat. Did Adam know me better than I knew myself or was I merely becoming caught up in the fantasy? It was hard to tell. I swayed gently from side to side, rocking from one leg to the other, and looked down at him, prone below me, waiting eagerly for his now slutty girlfriend to ride his face. Perhaps he’d enjoy a little role reversal while he was down there.

“You want this?” I asked as nastily as I could, sliding my hand over my glistening panties.

He nodded, fast.

“You want this pussy in your face? Want me to smother you with my panties? Force you to lick me until I come all over you?”

Adam nodded again, the excitement obvious. I milked the situation by swooping my hips low — as if dancing The Twist — within inches of his face and then stood again.

“You sure you want me? I could find some other slave to eat my pussy if you’re not up to the job. You think you’re man enough to make me come on your tongue? Think you have what it takes to please me? To bring me off?”

He nodded enthusiastically a third time.

“Are you mute? Address me properly!”

“Sorry Mistress Belle,” he blurted. “I am up to the job of licking you. I shall assure your orgasm if you give me the opportunity.”

I smiled. Mistress Belle had a nice ring to it.

“That’s better. Then I shall give you a chance to prove your worth. Let’s see what you’re made of.”

I sank to my knees and hovered above him, teasing him by swishing my wet mound close and then backing away. To be fair it wasn’t just him I was teasing. The anticipation was sending shivers down my spine as I thought about the dirty act upon which we were about to embark. I stopped moving, poised motionless; waiting. Then, without warning, dropped onto his face and ground my pussy against his mouth. His nose pressed against my clit and I rotated my hips to ensure the contact I desired, shoving forward, rocking back and forth on his mouth and nose, feeling his hot breath on my wet sex through the thin material. My lower legs pinned his arms to the floor so he had no choice but to please me with his face.

It seemed so wicked to be using someone in this degrading manner for my own gratification. Initially I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t just me I was pleasing. But once the tingling and warmth began to take hold in my body I really started revelling in the role and didn’t give it any further analysis; just enjoyed the ride.

Adam was masterful at using his tongue, and seemed to enjoy it most when I completely smothered his face to the point he could hardly breathe. With my panty-covered lips pressed tightly against his mouth and my clit buried into his nose, if I rocked forward it cut off his air supply momentarily and he fought hard against me. At that instant his tongue would work magic; the combination of that and the stimulation to my yearning clitoris sent shockwaves between my thighs. And then I’d back off to give him a few seconds to recover before attacking again.

With the heat welling up in me I craved more contact and that meant losing my underwear. I slid from his face and straddled his chest so he could see me. I considered just sliding the material to one side, then thought better of it. Perhaps my boyfriend slave would prefer a personal touch; after all he was paying for me.

I slid my hands down the side of my body and brought them to rest on my full hips. Tantalisingly slowly I pulled the left drawstring and let the cords dangle from my thigh, resting on his shirt. I repeated the action with the right string. The flap of fabric fell to his chest at the front revealing my shaved slit to his hungry gaze. The tiny runway of hair above my clit was damp from perspiration and a little of my come, guiding the way to my slick lips. I grabbed the panty cords and pulled forward, sliding the material from between us, then folded the garment neatly into a square with the crotch facing out. I pressed them to his nose and he inhaled deeply, eyes fluttering in ecstasy. When I deemed he’d had enough, I took the panties away sharply and tucked them into the band of my hold-ups.

“You can keep these later. Now I want you to make me come.”

With that I slid forward again and smothered him with my shaved pussy. The touch of his tongue and nose against my naked cunt was electric. I bucked against him as he slid his tongue deep inside my wanton snatch for the first time of the evening. If I tasted even half as good as my juicy slit looked in the soft light I knew that Adam would be having the time of his life underneath me. Who was I kidding; I knew how I tasted. Creamy, tangy, with a hint of musk wrapped up in a sweet nectar. A heady mixture of lust, desire and promise. And I was having the time of my life too.

I squeezed my thighs together, trapping his tongue in my folds and crushed myself forward into his nose. My clitoris sent sparks back and forth along the length of my slit. I had to be touched more.

“Squeeze my tits,” I commanded, releasing his arms from beneath my shins.

Adam did as he was told while I rode his face. His big hands caressed and rolled the pale flesh of my breasts through the bra as I struggled behind me with the clasp. Eventually the harness fell from my shoulders and dropped to the floor behind Adam’s head as he momentarily let go and then returned to my bare chest. He pinched and rolled my nipples exactly as he knew I adored, alternating his grip on each breast and listening to my wails of pleasure. My flesh spilled from his hands and he kneaded it in time to my rocking on his face, his tongue thrusting insistently up into my soaking pussy.

I leaned forward and curled my fingers around the edges of the fluffy rug beneath us. My breasts hung above Adam’s head and his hands followed my lead, continuing to squeeze, pinch and tweak my erect nipples and exposed flesh. The combination of tonguing and breast stroke was taking its toll on my insides. That familiar feeling of an impending orgasm started to rumble in my groin, warning the rest of my body to baton down the hatches and prepare for the waves to hit shore. God he was good.

To maximise my pleasure I wanted Adam’s tongue on my clit. Needed it. I bucked south, feeling momentarily empty as his tongue slithered from my sopping channel. Rolling my hips forward, his long, talented tongue struck home and I groaned loudly. He flicked circles around my sensitive nub, and ran his tongue up and down the wet flesh either side of the hood, which was pulled back exposing the pink treasure beneath.

His expert lapping at and around my centre built the tension to an almost unbearable height. I craved release and begged him to lick harder, and to pull my nipples. If his mouth hadn’t been occupied I’d have asked him to bite my nipples too; it drives me wild to have teeth grazing the tips of my jutting mounds. I usually plead him to do that while I ride his lap, his cock driving wildly up inside my spasming cunt.

The pressure on my clit increased as Adam worked his tongue feverishly against me. Stroke after deliciously lewd stroke set fireworks off between my thighs and I crushed myself into his face, stopping suddenly amid a wail of satisfaction. The heat coursed my body and I could only shake as it spread. Every nerve ending tingled and I batted his hands away from my breasts. Sitting upright on his face I bounced slowly yet forcefully against him as I tipped my head back, moaning and panting heavily into the room, breasts heaving, neck flushed.

My pussy walls fluttered rhythmically to the beat of my body’s release, leaking juice onto Adam’s chin. And then it became too much to have him there so I rose sharply from him, leaving my sex dangling an inch from his mouth, saliva and thin strings of my sap still joining us.

From my very centre I could feel wetness surging into my pussy and drizzling down the inside of my pulsing tunnel, out onto my bare lips. It was impossible to trace the source. That was one of the mysteries of my womanhood; come just seemed to appear from somewhere deep inside me during orgasm. Time and again I had sought its origin so I might capture the precise mechanism and understand what drove me. But, as always, no sooner had the thought formed, the analytical part of my brain that tried to focus on the source was swamped by the emotional side of my being, as chemistry, physics, biology and spirituality fused. The alliance took me on a whirlwind journey into myself and out the other side; synapses forming connections that rocketed me past myriad images. Shapes, colours and sounds that should have been impossible to comprehend were rendered with vivid clarity in each split second before giving way to the next. And everything made sense, filling me with a profound fervour and sense of connectedness.

It was then I realised I was smiling, breaking into soft, panting laughter as the waves began to lessen while the intense high continued. I was so fortunate to have such a man willing to service me. So far he had taken nothing and given everything. Maybe he saw it as taking everything. I was sure the balance had to shift at some point, but I really didn’t know what to expect next, if anything. The continual surprises of the evening had blown the doors off any preconceptions I may have had. For all I knew he might have already come in his underwear; I’d witnessed how excited he became when licking me out on other nights.

If I was being truthful I was tired and more than content to curl up in bed with him right then; I doubt I could manage another orgasm like the ones I’d experienced so far. Having said that, in the past Adam had demonstrated a knack for what I considered the sexually impossible, revving me up time after time when I thought there could be no more energy inside me, let alone an orgasm.

While my thoughts freewheeled to times gone by and my nerve endings began to return to normal I became aware of Adam wriggling beneath me. I rose off him further and he brought his wallet out once more. Trepidation was mixed with amazement as I wondered what he could possibly have planned next. It had to be sex. If he hadn’t already come, he would need to shoot his load inside me. And despite my tiredness I had to admit the idea of a lazy screw to round things off appealed; he couldn’t last long after all the stimulation of the evening anyway.

He deliberately counted out another twenty, folded it and placed it with the other notes and my panties in the top of my hold-up.

“I need to fuck you,” he said simply.

My mind cart wheeled. At last!

Then another note slid into the band on the other leg.

“In your arse.”

I looked down at him, shocked. “No way!”

He put another twenty in my hold-ups.

“Yes way.”

“No. Wait. You’re kidding, right?”

He put another twenty in. “Twenty says not. The money’s yours to keep.”

I stared at him. He was serious. While I enjoyed anal play during sex and adored having my bottom licked and stroked, we’d never tried anal sex. We’d talked about it but frankly the idea scared me a little. For every account I’d read about or heard from friends of it being amazing I’d heard two or three that said it was painful. I was into pleasure not pain.

“I… I don’t know. I’ve heard it hurts and I think…”

Adam held up his hand to silence me again. He took out the remaining notes from his wallet and folded them into my hold-ups, slowly and with purpose. “I’m not paying you 200 to think. I’m paying 200 to fuck you in the arse. I’ve given you all you wanted and you’ve shown me how much of a whore you are all evening, so continue to prove it. Get on all fours. Now.”

I still couldn’t believe it. But he had a point. If he’d said at the start of the evening that I’d have turned from my usual self into a lap-dancing, domineering exhibitionist I’d have laughed and told him to dream on. Now he was proposing to add one final accolade to that list: anal bitch. What could I do? How could I say I wouldn’t enjoy it without trying it? I had to give him what he wanted or I’d be nothing more than a hypocrite.

Fixing him with a hard stare, I sighed slowly. “OK, but promise you’ll go easy.”

“I promise.”

I swung my leg over him and stood a little unsteadily. Figuring a little wine would help with what was to come, I chugged the remainder of the red as Adam climbed up from the rug, still dressed in his slightly crumpled dinner jacket, his chin shiny with my tasty secretions.

Replacing the wine glass on the mantelpiece I stared at him, imploring him to call off this final act. He just pointed to the floor and I knew negotiation was useless. I was bought and paid for.

With trepidation I made my way to the rug, faced away from him, dropped to my knees and bent at the waist, resting my head on my forearms. My naked upturned bottom nestled atop sheer hold-ups stuffed with money must have looked a perfect target to Adam’s ravenous stare. I was so nervous crouched there waiting for the inevitable cock in my rear. I tried to recall what my NLP tutor had said about fear and nerves being chemically the same release of adrenaline as excitement; it was merely the mental attachment associated with the act that determined whether we feared or revelled in it. I tried to suppress any negative thoughts I had about sodomy and focus on the prior times we’d enjoyed fooling around with my rear.

A touch to the ring of muscle jolted me from my reverie. I looked back. Adam had his face there: he was such a filthy animal. He licked again and the fear melted a little. It did feel so good to be licked between my cheeks. Over and over he swabbed his tongue across the entrance to my puckered passage, teasing the nerve endings and sending shivers up my spine. I moaned appreciatively.

Adam spoke and I could tell by the cracks in his voice that he was in heaven. “You have such a beautiful bottom.”

“I know.” The wine was helping, and it wouldn’t be long before the slug I had just consumed helped further.

The unrelenting attack of his tongue on and around my anus and upturned cheeks served to relax me further. Occasionally he’d let his tongue slip south and drive inside my wet pussy, slathering my juices over the entire area, then return to licking my derriere. This back and forth between my pussy and arse was incredibly arousing as he prepared my virgin backside for his cock. Although I didn’t believe it possible I began to feel the stirrings of excitement once more inside me. I truly was a slut; an anal slut at that.

When he pushed his tongue inside my rear and began to repeatedly probe my back passage I experienced further wetness forming in my pussy. It felt so dirty to be used; to be licked in such a taboo part of my body. But equally it felt right and aroused me. Perhaps part of the thrill was the fact it was forbidden, naughty, and nasty. Or maybe I was wired wrong inside; nothing like the other girls, my driving force being base instinct and raw desire which I’d masked for so long. Either way I could feel my anal passage opening up as I relaxed further. Adam knew exactly what he was doing back there, spreading my hot cheeks with his palms and driving his tongue inside me. It was making me so fucking horny. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

He stopped for a second. “Wow, B. the taste of your come and your arse is such a delicious mixture.”

I just moaned in appreciation as his huge tongue returned to probing me, widening and priming my rear. I wondered if we’d need any additional lubrication or if his saliva, my pussy juice and raw passion alone would be enough. I pushed the thought from my mind: since Adam had planned the whole evening in meticulous detail, there was every chance he’d have some lube nearby if he thought it necessary.

His tongue slithered expertly in, out and around my nether hole, occasionally seeking refuge in the familiar wetness of my smooth pussy while his nose pressed firmly against my shaved rosebud. He always inhaled deeply at this point: it was so depraved for him to be aroused by the smell of my bottom but it didn’t bother me like it did at the beginning of our relationship. When I accepted it I actually found it to be an incredible turn on and our bond had grown stronger and our sex more diverse with this shared pleasure. I suspected our sex life was about to take another turn tonight.

Abruptly, the probing ceased. The emptiness in my rear passage felt suddenly unnatural. Perhaps that was Adam’s point; to make me want something back there so badly that I practically craved it. In which case he’d succeeded. Despite every misgiving I had about the act, at that moment I desperately wanted him to fill my backside with his fat cock. I suddenly yearned to know what it would feel like; to continue where his tongue had left off; to have my bottom ripped apart as he sank his length into me; and to be used for his dirty gratification.

Behind me I heard him unzip his trousers and I prepared for my anal virginity to be taken, tensing yet trying to relax to ease the inevitable pain. Instead he slammed into my sopping pussy in one stroke. I gasped loudly and wailed in unexpected pleasure. He grabbed my hips and sawed his rock hard dick savagely, completely exiting my distended lips on every stroke and driving his six inches fully home again and again. He had never fucked me this hard all the time we’d been together. It was as if he’d been coiled up in a box with someone gradually winding the key, and they’d just flipped the release catch.

I screamed over and over in pleasure as thrust after thrust threatened to split me in two. My sodden pussy was a more than willing conduit to the hormones he was triggering inside me as his unrelenting cock scorched my soaked tunnel. Between shrieks I managed to squeeze some words out: “I thought… you… wanted my… arse?”

“Surprise! That’s what I wanted you to think.”

Part of me was relieved to be off the hook, but another part — the bit that was disappointed when he withdrew his tongue — had actually geared up for sodomy and was now crying out for the act. Was I really that disgusting that I was prepared to beg for anal, when less than ten minutes earlier I’d dismissed it? As if to answer my unvoiced question, I heard some deep, dark corner of my consciousness ask out loud:

“Actually, I… quite want you to… uuhhhh.. fuck me… back there.”

He gradually slowed to a stop, his cock buried to the hilt in my wet slit. “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously.” I looked back at him, meeting his gaze. “Fuck me, Adam. Take my anal virginity. Slide your cock in my tight arse and fuck me until I can’t take any more. I promised you could do anything to me and you’ve paid for it, so take what’s yours.”

He looked stunned but wasn’t about to question my request: raw lust had taken over. He withdrew his hard tool from my sopping cunt and pressed the head of his blunt instrument to my backside. I felt the pressure building at the entrance to my anus. The rest of the world fell away as he gradually applied more force and my ring began to widen to accommodate his girth. I focused intently on the sensations his cock produced. Ingress felt so much stranger than egress. The muscle that was so used to being opened from the inside was being widened from the other direction and the signals in my brain told me it was all wrong. But the fire spreading in my bottom told me it was right. Matter over mind.

Naked Camilla took Mr. Patterson into a private room for lap-dances. They sat down, facing each other and waiting for the next song to begin.

“So I taught you back when you were in grade two?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said with a giggle. “I’m Camilla Mennon. Remember that name?”

“Camilla Mennon,” he said, looking up and trying to remember her when she was about six or seven years old. Suddenly, an image of her, sweet, skinny, and innocent, in a pink dress with her hair in pigtails, came to mind. “Oh, now I remember: you were cute little Camilla!”

She squealed and giggled with delight, fidgeting in her chair. She said, “Oh, sir, I had such a crush on you back then. I remember one time after class, I tried to unbutton your shirt…”

“…And I quickly stopped you,” he said emphatically. “You naughty girl. What if a teacher had walked in our class and seen that? I would have been in big trouble.”

“Well,” she said with a sexy pout, “I was curious.” She leaned closer to him as the next song began. “I still am,” she purred. She sat on his lap, facing him, and loosened his necktie so she could unbutton his shirt. “What does it look like in there?”

“I feel a little uneasy,” he said, “having sexual thoughts about a former child student of mine.”

“Why?” she asked, unbuttoning his shirt and putting her hand inside to touch his hairy chest and tickle his nipples. “I’m 18 years old now, of the age of consent.”

“Well, I guess that makes it okay,” he panted.

She took her hand out of his shirt, grabbed his hands, and put them on her ass. Then she said, “Feel me up. You can touch everything…even deep inside.”

“Really?” he asked. “No anatomy is off-limits?”

“Nope, I’m not shy at all,” she moaned from his squeezing of her buttocks. Giggling and looking lewdly in his eyes, she knew his fantasy, and acted her part accordingly. She played the slutty persona of ‘Candy’, the bad girl she’d acted like in front of Hanson, Pierce (when they were in the shower area of gym class), Williams, and Johnson. Her left hand pinched his right nipple while her right hand gently squeezed the erection that bulged in his pants. He fingered her anus, rotating his index finger around the puckered orifice. She pressed her forehead and nose against his, looking in his eyes lasciviously to encourage his lecherous fingers to explore further…and deeper. He gently and slowly pushed his finger inside her anus. Breathing heavily, she looked straight in his eyes with a salacious look that told him how good his finger felt in her ass. She got up and brushed her breasts against his face, her nipples tickling his lips. Then she turned around. He pulled his finger out of her asshole, and she sat on his pointy lap. As she rubbed her buttocks against his phallus, she accurately guessed his erection at about 6 1/2 inches; it was undoubtedly as thick as Grisham’s. Feeling its tip rub against her wet vulva, she knew sex with Patterson would make her tingle all over with pleasure. How am I so lucky, always getting such well-endowed men? she thought.

He cupped his hands around her breasts and gently squeezed them. Sighing from his sensitive touch, she then got up, spread her legs wide open, and bent over to give him a peek. She looked back at him upside-down from between her legs, grinning as she saw his eyes happily study each delicious wrinkle and fold on her pretty purple vulva and bronze anus, both of which were clearly and deliberately displayed, for his lip-smacking viewing pleasure. She giggled at his lustful eyes and tickled him under the chin with her finger.

Then motioning to him with her finger to bring his face closer to her two mouthwatering holes, she, always grinning, asked, “Would you like to have a taste?”

“You’ll let me?” he asked in delighted surprise.

“Sure,” she said. “I love getting head.”

His tongue dove inside her vagina, ravenously licking the orifice while his nose rested contentedly against her anal opening. She sighed and squealed as she fondled his erection with one hand and fingered her clit with her other. He pulled his tongue out of her cunt and licked her asshole with even greater energy. It was perfectly clean, and he opened it wide so he could slide his tongue inside. She was getting wetter and wetter, squealing at steadily ascending pitches. He put his fingers in her vagina; they explored everywhere in there, rubbing against all of her vaginal walls and stimulating her G-spot.


Rick and Don, the bouncers at Luvlee’s, were enjoying the free pornographic video Camilla and Patterson were providing on the monitor screens, which were supposed to be used to make sure no customers were going too far in the private rooms. The bouncers were too hypnotized by what they saw to have much concern with excessive public indecency.

“This is so hot!” Rick said. “I love my job!”

“Camilla had better hope Mrs. Chen doesn’t find out what she’s letting those guys do in there,” Don said. “Or else she’ll get fired.”

“Who cares?” Rick said. “I won’t tell if you don’t. Just enjoy the show.”


Now Patterson had his finger sliding deep inside Camilla’s rectum while he licked her pussy. He couldn’t believe this girl, who was once skinny, shy, sweet, and quick to cry when the other kids made fun of her. Now she was curvaceous, brazen, wickedly sexy, and eager to fuck when a cock was near. How quickly the girls grow up! he thought as he sucked on her clitoris. She was now screaming really high, and approaching the whistle register. With a brief buzzing on her clitoris, he made her screams reach that uncannily high pitch, and she splashed her come all over his face.

“I don’t believe it,” he said as he wiped the come off his mouth and nose. “My former student, once an innocent little girl in pigtails, just gave me a facial.”

Giggling and sighing her satisfaction, she asked, “Wanna take me home and fuck me, sir?”

“Who in his right mind wouldn’t want to?” he asked. “Let’s go.”


She wore her light green dress and high heels to his apartment, but got naked in the outside hall before he even got his door unlocked. Her pussy was hungry for his cock.

As soon as he got the door open, she rushed inside. “Which way to your bedroom, sir?” she asked.

“Go straight,” he said as he closed the door. “It’s the last door down the hall, in the middle.” He locked the door, took off his shoes, and rushed after her.

When he got in the bedroom, she was on the bed, on all fours with her legs spread wide open and her ass pushed out so her vagina and anus were showing. Her tube of anal lube lay beside her. She looked back at him with her mouth open, licking her lips. “Which hole do you want, sir?” she asked. “My mouth, my pussy, or my butt?”

He got naked and got on the bed. In doggy-style position, he slid his already fully-erect cock into her dripping-wet pussy. She screamed several times in rising pitches as he slowly pushed his cock in deeper. When it went all the way in, the tip reached and pushed against her A-spot: she squealed in whistle register and came.

“Already?” he panted as he continued thrusting. You are one highly-sexed girl, he thought.

He kept fucking and she kept coming; she let out a staccato, whistle-register squeal with each poke of his phallus against her A-spot. He pushed his finger deep inside her asshole and rubbed it against the anal wall that her vaginal wall shared. His bedsheets were soaked with her jizz. Not wanting any more of a deluge of come on his bed, he pulled his cock out of her cunt. She turned around and took his phallus in her mouth.

He lay on his back as she sucked him off. She looked lewdly in his eyes as she went up and down on his manhood. She played with his balls, tapping them with her fingers and making them dance. She wrapped her tongue around his protruding corpus spongiosum, and she deep-throated him intermittently. As he grunted and looked down at her, he was in awe of her technique, to say nothing of her masterful control of her gag reflex. “Oh…God! I’m gonna blow my load!” he moaned. She pulled his cock out, pointed it at her face, and jerked him off briefly. His come splashed on her nose, her left cheek, her lips, and in her right eye. Grinning and giggling the whole time, she screamed in delighted surprise with every squirt on her face. After the last spouting of his come, she gently brushed the tip of his cock against her cheeks, not wanting even one drop of his come not to be on her face. They sat back and slowly regained their breath. “That…was incredible,” he panted. “What…a metamorphosis you…had. The last…time I…saw you, you were…a sweet, innocent child. Now, you’re a…sex goddess.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said with another giggle. Her grinning never stopped. “You want me to leave your come on my face?”

“Yes,” he said. “You look…so pretty…that way.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she said as she wiped the come out of her eye. “I like being sexy for my teacher. I gotta go pee-pee. A lot o’ guys like to watch me do that: you wanna?”

“Sure,” he said. “I gotta pee too.” He took her to the bathroom, her going in before him. “Ladies first.”

“Thank you,” she said as she sat on the toilet. She kept her legs wide open and leaned back so he could see. As the golden liquid poured out of her urethra and tinkled against the toilet bowl water, she looked up at him with eyes and mouth agape, as if she were an innocent child who knew nothing of the taboo of being seen peeing. He alternated between looking in her sexy eyes and looking down at the yellow line between her legs; he smiled, and she giggled. When the last of her urine came out, she squirted it out in short little spurts, and let out a little high-pitched staccato squeal with each squirt. With the last squirt and squeal, she giggled once more. “OK, I’m done.” She wiped her vulva with some toilet paper and got up.

“OK, my turn,” he said. “I don’t want to flush the toilet just yet; your pee looks so pretty. I want my pee to mix with it: is that OK?”

“Of course,” she said. “But can I hold your thing while you pee? I’d like to know what it’s like to aim one of them at a toilet bowl.”

“Sure, of course,” he said as she took his penis in her hand. She aimed it down at the bowl, but the first spurt of urine splashed against the side, and some of his piss sprayed outside. “Aim carefully, sweetie.”

“Sorry, sir,” she said with an embarrassed giggle. Then she aimed his now hardening cock better, and all of his piss went in the toilet water. He finished peeing, then he flushed the toilet. “Since we smell of pee-pee, maybe we should wash ourselves off in the shower–what do you say?”

“Sure,” he said, and they went into the shower stall. They rinsed each other off with the water after soaping up each other’s genitals. She also cleaned his come off her face. They got out of the shower stall and dried each other off. Patterson’s cock was hard again, and Camilla went back into the bedroom for Round Two.

He followed her into the bedroom and found her on the bed, on all fours again, pushing out her behind so he could see her asshole. He got on the bed, and she handed him her anal lube. “Wanna fuck my ass, sir?” she asked.

“You’re insatiable, sweetie,” he said, his eyes agape at her boundless nymphomania. Nonetheless, he was thrilled at the delightful prospect of shoving his phallus inside her pretty brown asshole.

He lubed her rectum and his cock, then he gently pushed it against her anus, teasing those lovely chocolate lips open. He pushed the knob inside, careful not to hurt her. She looked back in his eyes, her mouth widening as she enjoyed feeling his cock go in. She groaned with pleasure as he slowly slid it in deeper, always only a few millimetres at a time. Oh, the delightful tightness of her anal orifice! How those puckered anal lips sealed themselves tightly against his rock-hard member! How the width and length of his cock stimulated her rectal walls, and indirectly thus, her neighbouring vaginal wall! He pushed in, deeper and deeper: her eyes squinted, and her jaw dropped all the way down as she felt her rectum being widened. When he pushed his cock all the way in, she squealed a high pitch, very close to whistle register. He grunted and moaned as he continued pushing in and pulling out. This girl was born to give men pleasure! he thought. To think, she used this beautiful chute for crapping! Now it was all his…

As he kept pumping inside her, she used her right hand to balance herself while her left hand fingered her hard clitoris. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. She put her finger inside her pussy and massaged her G-spot: her squeals reached the whistle register and she came another puddle on his bed. He was approaching orgasm himself, but he didn’t want to flood her rectum, so he pulled his cock out. She reached back and masturbated him briefly while he admired the wide-open hole he’d made of her anus, a hole that before seemed to blow kisses at him whenever she so generously showed it to him; now it was a hole that seemed to say, “Wow,” to his amazing cock. He blew his load, sprinkling his come all over her back and buttocks. When he was finished coming, we gently wiped the tip of his sensitive, spent member against her ass, along her anal cleft and gluteal sulcus. This way, she had every drop of his jizz on her body.

They got off the bed, and he removed the soaking bed-sheets. She helped him take them to his laundry area; he enjoyed seeing his come run down her back and off her buttocks. Though drops of it got on his floor, he didn’t care: it was the prettiest filth he’d ever seen.

My eternal thanks to Annanova for editing this chapter. Your friendship means the world to me. I love how you inspire me to be better at this whole writing thing. Enjoy everyone.

© 2012, All rights reserved – mimaster


Leaning against the doorjamb, I stared into the empty room. Well, it was almost empty. The big, ornate trunk was there, sitting where I thought it would eventually end up, at the foot of a bed that had yet to be purchased. The sight of that trunk and the knowledge of the erotic treasure it hid underneath its locked lid brought a smile to my face. Yet it was a melancholy smile, one wrought with disappointment as I thought about how I wished things could be.

Feeling a hand touch me from behind, snaking around my waist, the hug I knew was coming made me sigh as I turned my head. The bright smile practically blinded me, my eyes blinking as I refocused on the angelic face looking up at me.

“You okay?” Carol asked, her sweet southern voice soothing in its tone and cadence.

“Yeah, why?” I responded not so convincingly.

“No you’re not. What’s wrong?”

“I…I’m just…” my voice lowered with my eyes, the sentence too much of a burden to continue.

Carol’s fingers lifted my chin and her eyes caught mine, their brilliance captivating me. Pulling me into the bedroom by my hand, she sat on the floor, folding her legs underneath her as she patted the carpet to tell me to join her.

“You’re supposed to be happy, Neil. Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Carol…you need to get to work. I’m fine,” I replied, all the while moving to the floor to join her.

“I’ve got time. Andy knows I’m helping you move a couple of things.”


Actually, I needed Carol to help me move just one thing…the trunk. Ann had somehow gotten it into the back of her Honda Civic when she brought it out from Indiana. But the angle on the hatchback of my Nissan was different, not opening wide enough to get the big chest inside. Carol offered to bring it from the hotel to the house in the back of her pickup.

It was strange bringing it down on the luggage cart. It was stranger still that that was the last item left in my hotel room. I’d packed up my car with the rest of my things, so as we wheeled the chest through the lobby, I stopped by the front desk to drop off what had been my house keys for the last two months. Oddly, it was a much more emotional moment than I’d anticipated.

Of course, most of that emotion came from Heather, who had insisted on coming in during her off-hours to be the one to check me out. Tears were streaming down her face as she handed me the bill to sign. I wasn’t actually paying it – my company was – but I had to autograph the paperwork.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving,” she said as she put the forms in a big folder marked ‘Armada’.

“I’m not leaving, Heather. I’m just moving. I’m still going to be around.”

“Not like you have been. I won’t see you again after this,” she sniffed, staring at the countertop, unable to look me in the eyes.

“Sure you will. Why wouldn’t you?” I laughed.

“Because…you’ll be married. And in your new house.”

Carol stepped up to the counter and patted Heather on the arm. “I know you only met Ann briefly, Heather, but you’ve talked to her dozens of times. Has she ever given you the impression that that’s the kind of person she is? Or Neil for that matter?”

A tiny smile appeared on her face as she slowly shook her head. “No.”

“Good. Because if you think they’re going to forget you, you’re crazy. That’s not how Ann thinks. That’s not how either of them think.”

Leaning down a little, I glanced into her face to make eye contact. “She’s right, Heather. You’re our friend and that has nothing to do with where we live. It’s all about how we feel about you. Where we live doesn’t factor into the equation at all.”

“That’s good to know,” she sighed. “Still, I’m going to miss seeing you every day. Well, almost every day.”

“Me too. But that doesn’t mean we won’t ever see each other again. And it doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget you.”

“I won’t forget you either.”

Carol cackled, “How could you? He fucked your ass right where you’re standing. I bet you’ll think about that every day you work for the rest of your life!”


Carol helped me take the trunk into the house. She even stuck around and helped me unload my car, bringing clothes inside so I could put them away in the closet. She’d commented on how much she loved the house, as well as the couch and loveseat that were in the living room. Those were the first official pieces of furniture Ann and I had bought together, with the notable exception of the trunk full of sex toys now strategically placed in the master bedroom.

As I leaned my back against the trunk, Carol looked into my eyes, trying to get a read on my sudden mood change.

“Are you going to tell me?” she asked.

“It’s just…I wish I wasn’t bringing my bride back here and making her sleep on a hide-a-bed, that’s all.”


“We couldn’t afford to buy a bed yet. We needed to get a washer and dryer, and Ann didn’t want to have the living room empty. I just wish I could have bought us a bed. We’ll end up spending our first night in our new house sleeping on a bed inside a couch.”

“Sleeping…you mean fucking, right?” she laughed.

“Ha…well, both I suppose,” I replied, trying to laugh at her comment, but still feeling sorry for myself, and for Ann.

“But she knows that though, right? I mean, you must have bought the couch with that in mind.”

“Yeah, we had to make choices. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Neil, I don’t understand. If you talked about it, I’m sure she’s okay with it. Besides, you’re bringing a bed when you move out, right?”

“Yeah, but it won’t be here until the day after we come back. Maybe two days…the movers weren’t sure. They may have another stop or two on the way because we don’t have enough stuff to fill out the entire trailer.”

“Okay, so what’s the big deal? So you have to spend a night or two on the hide-a-bed. I’m sure you’ll make the best of it,” she winked.

“Of course we will, Carol. You just don’t understand,” I barked, my anger rising.

Her hand returned to my arm, trying to calm me even though she didn’t know why I was upset. “Neil, this isn’t like you. What’s really bothering you?”

Taking a deep breath, I let it all out; the angst and the built up frustration coming to a boil. “Ann deserves a bed, Carol. And I can’t buy her one yet, because we don’t have the money. We had to shell out a lot for the stuff we did buy, we had to put a deposit down on the house, and it just hurts that I had to tell her we couldn’t do it right now.”

“You have one in mind, don’t you?” Carol said, her intuition kicking in.

“Yeah. We picked one out at the store where we bought the couches,” I nodded as I stared at the carpet. “Two, actually. There was an amazing king-sized one that we both fell in love with. But we know it’s too expensive. Actually, so is the queen-sized one we picked out, but at least we’ll be able to afford that a lot sooner.”

“Didn’t you go all the way to Virginia to buy the couches?” she asked, recalling a casual conversation we’d had earlier in the day.

Giving her more detail, I replied, “Yeah, Ann wanted to go visit where I grew up. It’s about sixty miles south of here. We toured the town and ended up walking by the furniture store on Main Street. She thought it was, well, she called it quaint. She liked the idea of buying our furniture there since I used to live in that town, and they were willing to deliver.”

“Wow, that’s so neat.”

“Yeah, but I had to make her choose. First between the couch and loveseat or a bed, and then between the beds…when we actually get around to getting one. I know she loves the bigger bed. Hell, so do I…but we’re years from being able to afford that. So, she gracefully said she likes the queen because she knows we can get it sooner. It just hurts.”

“Okay, but she understands, right?”

Looking up into Carol’s eyes, she saw the tear running down my cheek and it caught her off-guard. “Yes she does. I’m not so sure I would if I were her.”

“Neil…what in the world –”

“It’s my ex-wife, Carol. For the first time, having an ex is biting me in the ass, and Ann is the one who has to suffer because of it!”


“She has an eating disorder.”


“God no. My ex. She had it when we started dating.”

“I don’t understand.”

“When things got serious, I told her she needed to get help. In fact, I insisted on it. I told her I couldn’t be with someone that wouldn’t do what they could to make sure they were around for a future to begin with. So, she checked into the hospital. It cost twenty grand because her insurance wouldn’t cover it. And I got custody of that bill when we divorced.”

“But you weren’t married when she went in.”

“No, but I signed for it. I felt I had to, because I pushed her to get help.”

“Well that was silly. She should have never stuck you with that.”

“As opposed to sticking me with the depression that came from her screwing around on me?”

“I’m not saying that, Neil. It’s just that she owned the eating disorder, not you.”

“Uh, she still owns it, just like she owns spreading her legs for any guy that smiles at her. That doesn’t change the fact that I have to pay for it. And now, so does Ann.”

“Wait, she STILL owns it? You mean she’s still doing it?”

“I never said it cured her. That’s part of her entire problem. She’s a gorgeous woman, but what she sees in the mirror isn’t what everyone else sees. Of course, the problem is really on the inside. That’s where she’s ugly. She gets that from her mother.”

Carol laughed and said, “Yeah, it’s always about the mother.”

“I’m serious, Carol. Her mother is a bitch. She used to ride her as a kid because of how much she ate. Hell, she did it as an adult too, even when she was in the hospital trying to get better. That emotional abuse is what led to the eating disorder.”

“Is that why she slept around on you?”

“That was her reasoning, but that’s a load of crap. I can accept that her mother drove her to become bulimic, because I’ve seen how she’s been treated. I can only imagine what that was like as a teenager growing up. But that’s no excuse for what she did to me. Just because a guy tells you you’re pretty, that doesn’t mean you rip off your clothes and spread your legs for him.”

“You’re right. But it doesn’t surprise me that she used that as an excuse.”

“Yeah, well, that’s all behind me now, except for the payments. It just hurts that I had to tell Ann that she has to wait for the bed. I mean, we could have gone without the washer and dryer, but she said she didn’t want to deal with a Laundromat. I can understand why she wouldn’t want to, so we had to make a choice.”

“She must have been okay with it, Neil. I can’t see her as the type to get angry or upset over it.”

“Oh no, she’d never do that. She knew about the divorce settlement. I told her, but I didn’t think my past would come up so soon. I was hoping we could pull it off, we just need too many things. Hell, our dining room table is going to be an old card table for a while. We’ll manage. It’s just that she’s going to be a bride… she deserves the bedroom of her dreams.”

“I’m sure if you asked her, she’d tell you that whatever baggage you bring into the marriage caused by your ex, she’ll gladly deal with it.”

“I suppose,” I sighed, my spirits actually lifted up a little. “Thanks Carol.”

Leaning over, she kissed me on the cheek. “You’re more than welcome, sweetie. It’s going to be fine. Ann’s going to love coming home to this house, no matter where she sleeps, because she gets to sleep with you. She’s not just getting the bedroom of her dreams, or the house of her dreams, Neil… she’s getting the husband of her dreams.”


It was a little hard for me to believe that I was already there. Yet as I passed the decorative sign announcing the little town I used to call home, I checked the clock on the dashboard of my car. Indeed, I’d made the trip in well under the normal nine plus hours it usually took. In fact, it was closer to eight.

Yes, I’d driven a little faster than I usually did for part of the trip. Still, I couldn’t help feeling I was getting a little payback for having to endure the same trip in the other direction just four days before. Somehow I’d managed to cut almost six hours off that nightmarish journey.

Instead of dealing with thousands of holiday travelers returning home late on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the return trip was during the day and during the week. Traffic was light to say the least. I’d also missed rush hour around every major metropolis along the route, most notably Columbus, where I knew I needed to watch my speed a lot more carefully. The end result was that I found myself sitting at one of the two stoplights in town a little after four in the afternoon.

“I think I’ll go surprise Ann,” I said as my hand rested on the gearshift, my foot revving the engine as I waited for the light to turn green so I could let out the clutch.

It would be a surprise because I’d never told her that Andy, the company VP, had given me Wednesday and Thursday off. It wasn’t like I went out of my way to keep it a secret. It was more that I was rushing around trying to get things done, and with the daunting task of moving out of the hotel, it kind of slipped my mind. And Ann had been busy too. We were down to the final few days before the wedding and I knew she was going over her list of items that still needed to be done, checking them off one by one.

I smiled as I turned the corner and saw her parents’ house, the little blue Honda parked out front along the street. I pulled into the driveway, letting the engine idle as I coasted to a stop. My heart was pounding with excitement as I quietly got out of the car. I couldn’t wait to see her face. I couldn’t wait to have her in my arms once again.

Ringing the doorbell, I felt like a teenager showing up for a date. I was anxious. I was nervous. I was…horny.

I was surprised. The door swung open, the shriek filling the air as I soon found myself enveloped in a death squeeze. “Oh my GOODNESS! NEIL!”

“Hi Jean,” I groaned as I held onto Ann’s mom, feeling the air in my lungs being hugged out of me.

“What are you doing here?” she said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m marrying your daughter. I figured it would be a good idea if I came back for that.”

She started cackling, a small tear running down her cheek as she stared at my goofy grin. “That’s a great idea. I’m just amazed to see you so soon.

“I was hoping to surprise Ann, but I’m sure she heard you.”

“Surprise her?”

“Uh…yeah,” I answered bashfully.

Jean looked in my eyes, hers rolling. “Men!”


“You aren’t looking to surprise her, Neil. You were looking for something else.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” shaking my head, playing dumb.

She arched her eyebrow and cracked, “You’re going to have to settle for me instead.”

“Excuse me?” My eyes bugged out, which had her laughing even harder as we stood on the front stoop.

“See, I knew you were looking for something a little more…intimate. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until you’re married.”

“Wow, you’ve become strict since the last time I saw you.”

“Oh, it’s not like I could stop you if I wanted to. I’m sure if she was here, she’d be all over you. Probably right here on the porch,” she cackled.

“She’s not here?”

“No. Tina picked her up in a limo a half hour ago. They’re on their way to Fort Wayne.”


“Bachelorette Party. Remember?”

“But it’s only four-thirty.”

“I think they were going to Tina’s to get ready first. But they’re gone. I’m afraid you won’t get to see her until tomorrow at the rehearsal.”


“I’m sorry, sweetie. I know you’re disappointed.”

“I guess I hurried home for nothing.”

“I wouldn’t say that. Aren’t you going out with Matt tonight?”

“I guess so, but that hardly makes up for not getting to see Ann.”

“Aw…it’s sweet of you to say that,” she grinned, patting my cheek lovingly. “Don’t be disappointed. Just remember, you’re less than two days from never having to worry about that again.”


That was a heady thought. The wedding actually was less than forty-eight hours away. As I let the hot water run over me in my parents’ shower, I wished I could fast-forward time. It seemed like I’d been waiting for Ann forever in some way, shape or form. I was tired of waiting. I was ready to be married; ready to be with her for the rest of my life.

What I wasn’t ready for was my bachelor party. The only reason I was getting ready at all was because of Matt. Ann had insinuated that he had gone to a lot of trouble to plan something for me. Washing my hair, I was resigned to going through with it. What I was struggling with was working up any enthusiasm. I’d been so excited about seeing Ann that when she wasn’t there, the letdown was intense.

“Knock it off, Thomas!” I scolded myself. “She’s out having a good time with her friends. She wants you to have fun too. So stop moping and enjoy the night!”

I didn’t talk in the third person often, but when I did, it was usually because I was angry with myself. In this case, I needed a good talking to…and I was the only one there to do it. Matt was an incredible friend. He’d saved me in so many ways during those lonely months when the depression from my divorce was threatening to swallow my soul.

Time and again he pulled me out of my parents’ house, often when I was in no mood to face the world. Yet I always ended up happy; thankful that he put up with my initial crap and refusing to take no for an answer. To give him the impression now that I didn’t want to go when things were great in my life wasn’t fair. Besides, Ann had said it before about her own party. The night wasn’t just about me…it was about my friends too.

Once I finished lecturing myself, I actually felt good. Having gotten home early, I was able to take a little nap, although it was a short restless one. Jean had been right. I’d been excited to see Ann, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t an ulterior motive. I was hoping we’d be able to fuck, or at the very least have some kind of oral sex. While I was horny, it wasn’t like I needed to cum so bad that I couldn’t stand it. I just longed to be close to her, to feel her body against mine…to feel her loving touch and sweet, tender kisses.

My new outlook improved my mood. Being with Matt was going to be fun, no matter what he had in store. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly that was. Based on the little hints I’d been given, I knew it was likely to be something sexual in nature, and that whatever happened, Ann had pre-approved it. With that in mind, I decided to go with the flow and just enjoy the night.

I’d called Matt to let him know that I’d gotten home a lot earlier than I’d expected. He was ecstatic, going on and on about how he could now give me the Complete Bachelor Party Experience he’d been planning all along. He said he’d pick me up a little after 6PM, and hung up to make some calls. While it was sooner than I’d expected the night to start, it also allowed me a chance to rest and get ready, something I’d needed more than I thought. When the limo pulled up in front of the house right on time, I was actually excited and ready to go.

The driver opened the door and I climbed into the back to see Matt beaming, as were three of my other friends that he’d obviously invited along for the evening. Two of them, Ben and Adam, were guys I’d met through Matt; guys we played a lot of sports with over the last year and a half or so. The other was Ted, my closest friend from my old job. They were more excited than I was, but just seeing them, I knew we were going to have a blast.

“Hi Neil!” Matt said as he shook my hand.

“Hey Matt. Hey guys,” I nodded as I sat down. “I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble, Matt.”

“Only what you deserve, bud. I’m still a little amazed you asked me to be your best man. The last thing I want to do is give you the impression that you picked the wrong guy.”

“Do you honestly think that I’d think that?”

“No…but I’m still not going to give you a reason to. The night’s on us…so just relax and have fun. I’m so happy you got home sooner. I was worried you’d be too tired.”

“I was too. I got a huge break. My boss’s boss gave me a couple of extra days off and I actually feel pretty good. So, what’s the plan? Where are we going?”

“You don’t need to know that. You just need to smile and have a good time. We’ve got one more stop to make and then we’ll be on our way.”

I had to figure that we were heading to Fort Wayne. There really wasn’t any place else to go. In fact, given that Matt was a college kid, I could almost predict where we were heading. Not that I minded. All of the guys in the limo were single, so it was pretty easy to guess where the evening was headed. That said, I decided I’d just go along with whatever Matt had set up and act surprised.

Ted looked out the dark tinted window as we drove through town and said, “I can’t remember the last time I rode in a limo.”

“Senior Prom,” Matt said with a laugh. “What about you, Neil.”

I sat back into the deep cushions of the plush seat, a beer already in my hand. Smiling wistfully, I shook my head. “I’m with Ted…can’t remember.”

As I told that white lie, I thought of Molly, the limo driver in Iowa that Ann and I’d ridden with on our way to and from the dinner theater we’d attended in Omaha. Actually, I’d ridden Molly in more ways than one, and Ann as well. But it wasn’t something I was going to bring up in front of the other guys. It was a memory I’d rather hold onto for myself and my future wife to share.

Still, it was the thought of fucking Molly’s luscious body with Ann urging me on that had me daydreaming while the limousine made its way through the streets of town. I’d lost track of where we were going, nursing a beer as I thought of that incredible night. So it surprised me when the car stopped and the door to the back opened, but not as much as who stepped inside moments later.

“Hey Neil!” my friend Mark called out as he sat down next to me. Mark was my former customer from Ann Arbor and he was another reason I’d made it through my divorce. In fact, along with Matt, he was a major reason I was getting married in the first place. Mark had invited me up for a long weekend, introducing me to my lover, Dawn. And it was Dawn who had healed my heart, making it possible for me to fall in love with Ann under the most improbable of circumstances.

“My God…MARK! How the hell are you?” I said, giving him a big hug.

“I’m great…and excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a bachelor party,” he laughed.

“Man, I can’t believe it. What are you doing here?”

“I was invited,” he chuckled.

Mark and I spent the next half-hour catching up, talking about work mostly, totally boring the others in the car along the way. They didn’t complain though. They let us have our little chat, knowing we were on our way to something much more exciting than the ins and outs of production manufacturing.

When I heard one of the other guys groan over what we were talking about, I realized not only was I being rude, but I was also talking about work. While they understood, it wasn’t in the spirit of the night.

“Sorry guys, I got a little carried away,” I laughed.

“I’ll say. I thought I was about to apply for a job,” Matt joked.

“Give him a break, guys. You all live in town…he had to be surprised to see me tonight,” Mark replied.

“Yeah. I’d hoped you’d make it to the wedding, but I never dreamed you’d come two days early just for a bachelor party,” I nodded.

“When Matt called me, it was hard to say no. Besides, I got Jill’s blessing.”

“So she’s still in Michigan?” I asked.

“No…she came down with me.”

“Where is she? You didn’t leave her alone, did you?”

“Fuck no. She’s with Ann!”


The huge pane in front of me shook with a violent force, the sound of the collision resonating throughout the cavernous enclosure, quickly followed by a raucous roar. A combination of water and sweat covered the clear surface, surrounding the imprint of the face and chest that was being pressed against it.

Matt stood up and screamed at the top of his lungs, his fists pounding the glass. “YOU SUCK!”

An angry smile appeared in front of the six of us, if you could call it a smile. Most of the front upper teeth were missing, as well as two of the lower ones. Still, it was a shock when that mouth fired back at Matt, yelling, “FUCK YOU!” before turning to rejoin the action.

“OH MY GOD!” Mark yelled. “That was AWESOME!”

Turning to Matt, I shook my head in disbelief. “I can’t believe we’re here. I never would have guessed this is where we’d end up.”

“Oh, there’s a lot more to come tonight. This is just the start. I’m just glad we got to come here at all. I bought the tickets on the off chance you’d actually make it home in time to go.”

“Well what would you have done if I hadn’t?” I laughed as my eyes returned to the battle going on in front of us.

“I would have just wasted a lot of money,” Matt shrugged.

We were both laughing when the crowd suddenly roared with the staccato blaring of the foghorn. My arms flew up in celebration of the slap shot of the Fort Wayne defenseman that had been rifled from the left point past the sprawling Kalamazoo goalie into the back of the net, giving the home team a 4-3 lead.

Matt had gotten us tickets to a minor league hockey game. And not just any tickets. We were front row ice level, right next to the home team’s bench, the dasher boards just two feet from our seats. We had no right to be there. It was a total fluke that I’d gotten home when I did. I’d told Ann all along that I wouldn’t be leaving for Indiana until I got off work, which meant I shouldn’t have arrived until sometime around midnight, if I was lucky.

Yet Matt held out hope, ignoring her timeline and taking a chance that somehow I’d catch a break and I’d arrive at a reasonable hour. With that optimistic outlook, he’d gambled and we’d all won. There we were, watching the two IHL rivals battle it out on the ice. It was an incredibly physical game, with tons of scoring, lots of big hits, several penalties and even a fight. We’d witnessed an improbable comeback, Fort Wayne having been down 3-0 to start the last period, taking their first lead with just three minutes to go.

The waning moments were filled with intense drama as a Fort Wayne forward was called for a high sticking penalty with a minute and a half to go. Desperate to tie, Kalamazoo pulled their goalie, using the extra attacker to put the pressure on the penalty kill unit. Time and again, the Fort Wayne players foiled passing attempts and blocked shots, sacrificing their bodies in an attempt to clear the puck out of their zone. The goalie made several incredible saves, including one in his catcher’s glove off a rebound as he lay flat on his back on the ice.

The crowd, my cohorts and I included, counted down the final ten seconds of the game.

The deafening roar as time expired combined again with the horn, the home team celebrating wildly on the ice as if they’d just won the Stanley Cup. We didn’t act much different, the six of us high fiving and jumping up and down like little kids.

I felt a little odd as we piled into the limo parked by the main entrance on the way out of the Coliseum. I was just getting married…I wasn’t some celebrity or high roller. Still, it was kind of cool that Matt had somehow found a way for us to have privileged parking, and I wondered what else he had in store for the night.

So did the other guys. Ben flopped into the seat, the emotion of the event still etched on his face. “That was unbelievable! How are we ever going to top THAT?”

“Uh… strippers?” Adam answered.

“Nope,” Matt replied, keeping his plans close to the vest. “Next up is dinner!”


“So, what do you think?” Matt asked, the beaming smile on his face showing he knew what the answers were going to be before he asked the question.

“It’s awesome, Matt,” I replied. “I don’t know how you found out about this place, but it’s incredible!”

He had a right to gloat. Climbing out of the limo an hour before, the rest of us had been skeptical. After all, the place was almost nonexistent, hidden among several other storefronts in an antiquated strip mall off any beaten path I’d ever been on in Fort Wayne. And I’d been down all of them, having spent a lot of time there ever since I got my driver’s license and a car of my own. It was the only place close to home to have a good time. Exploring that small city had become an unofficial hobby of mine.

Yet I’d never been to this tiny dive. I suppose it fit the description of a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ kind of place, except it was hard to find the hole. The design of the strip mall was rather odd, the entrance hidden amongst the other businesses, making it hard to spot. If it weren’t for the big sign out front announcing there was a steak house there, you’d never know it.

It was there, however…and it was everything Matt had said it would be. Grilled-to-order, prime-cut steaks of any size and style you could imagine. The smallest burger started at a half pound, and the prime rib looked like they’d been slow roasting it for a week and a half. There was no fish on the menu; no chicken to speak of. It was strictly a meat and potatoes environment, with the meat meaning beef; one of those places that finds their niche and they bust their ass to be the best at it.

I had a sixteen-ounce ribeye on my plate, next to a baked potato the size of a softball. With the complimentary Texas-style toast being all you could eat, I decided to skip the salad when I saw the portions on the plates of the other diners when we’d first sat down. It was a smart decision, one we all made, knowing we still had a lot of night left and not wanting to feel too stuffed.

In fact, I decided to stop drinking at that point. I’d had a beer on the way to the game, and another after we’d gotten there. That was enough for me. I wasn’t that big of a drinker anyway, and I wanted no part of getting so hammered that I couldn’t remember what I was doing. Or that I wouldn’t be able to do anything in the first place.

When I ordered water with my meal, I took the usual good -natured ribbing from the younger guys that I usually got whenever I cut myself off. I fired back a few shots of my own, telling them they’d wish they had the same self-control later in the night, as well later in life, when their beer guts would be showing when they got to my age.

Mark and Ted were closer to me anyway, with Mark actually being a little older. He chimed in and said, “This is my last one,” as he held up his frosty mug of Budweiser fresh from the tap.

“Me too,” Ted added.

Ben waved his hand in mock disgust. “Pussies!”

“Exactly,” Mark nodded as he took a bite of his sirloin.

Adam started laughing hysterically. “You’re admitting you’re a pussy?”

“No. I’m admitting I’m thinking about them,” he replied calmly. “I fully intend to get laid tonight. The more you drink, the harder it is to get hard. It’s basic biology, man.”

“Or chemistry,” I laughed.

He shrugged and said, “Either way, its science. That’s what they should be putting on the public service announcements. ‘Don’t drink and drive’ doesn’t work. If they said ‘If you drink, you can’t fuck’, I guarantee men would listen. They’d just be buying women drinks so they’ll fuck.”

“Well, I’m not going to have to worry about either or those scenarios tonight,” Ted chuckled as he finished the last of his last drink for the night. “I could get used to being driven around in a limo all the time.”

“No…you just have to worry about how you’re going to get laid. Mark brought his girlfriend down with him. What are you going to do?” Matt shot back.

“You’re right. I’ll probably just get to go home hard,” he laughed. “But at least I’ll get hard. There’s a naked woman out there somewhere that’s going to make that happen tonight!”


Ted was sort of right. We’d seen a lot of women; dozens and dozens and dozens of them. All fully capable of giving each of the six of us an erection any time that they wanted to, even if we’d had too much to drink.

Most of them had, either getting us stiff or keeping us that way. But while they were literally shaking their bodies for our enjoyment, doing erotic gymnastics at seemingly every turn of our head, something wasn’t right in Mark’s eyes. Something was missing. Actually, it was more that something was still there.

“I can’t believe the strip clubs here aren’t totally nude,” he complained, all the while enjoying the hot brunette in the micro g-string, gyrating her barely covered cunt less than a foot from his face while we sat along the edge of the stage. Slipping another dollar bill underneath the little thread that was holding the garment snugly in place, he whined, “I figured at least one of the clubs we’d hit would show us some pussy.”

I pointed to the thin baby blue sliver of material, wet with the dancer’s perspiration and likely some moisture from the stimulation she’d been giving herself. It looked like she’d entered a wet g-string contest; every detail of her crotch was clearly visible.

“Yeah, I can see why you’d bitch about that,” I replied sarcastically.

“You know what I mean, Neil. It’s the principle of it. Strippers should strip!”

Looking as the woman who called herself Tiffany writhed on the floor in front of us, she lifted her ass, using just her upper back and spread feet to support her as she moved her crotch up and down in front of us, pulling at the erect nipples on her firm, natural breasts for further effect.

“I’m sure if it were allowed, she’d be happy to oblige you, Mark. Unfortunately it’s against the law here.”

“Well it’s a stupid law!”

I could see his point in a way. It was kind of silly that the women could do pretty much anything they wanted, yet they had to keep whatever bottom they had on covering their pussies. Most of them wore the skimpiest thongs and g-strings they could, trying to get away with as much nudity in that area as was allowed. But it was the local law, so complaining about it wasn’t going to do any good.

Instead, I grabbed Mark by the back of the head and forced him forward, his body already leaning in that direction to get a better look at Tiffany. His face came within mere inches of her wet cunt, and she instinctively snapped her thighs shut, trapping him in place with his nose practically touching her clit.

She let out a giggle and told him to get a good sniff before letting him go and moving on to another admirer waving his dollar bill to get her attention.

“Still feeling cheated,” I laughed.

“Hell no!”

“Good, because I seriously doubt she would have let you get that close if she wasn’t wearing that little excuse for a thong.”

“That is one horny woman, Neil. I could literally feel the heat from her pussy against my face,” he laughed, rubbing his cheeks like he was putting on after shave.

“Yes she is,” I nodded, as I watched her move along the edge of the stage.

When she finally made her way back to me toward the end of the song, the look in her eyes was smoldering. Crawling toward me like a tigress in heat, she leaned down over the edge of the stage, her magnificent bare breasts swaying along with her long brunette tresses.

Her mouth made its way to my ear, her whispers grabbing my attention over the throbbing beat of the music.

“Are you going to let me play with you again, Neil?” she hissed.

I smiled as Matt leaned over from my left. He’d seen the look in my eyes as well. “Is she the one?” he asked.

“Most definitely,” I nodded.

“Am I the one…what?” she asked innocently.

Smiling at her once again, I simply said, “I’ll explain later,” even though I didn’t know what Matt really meant. “I’d love to have you dance for me again.”

“Great! Let me put something new on for you. I’ll be out in a few minutes,” she said, much more excitedly than I’d anticipated.

Matt patted me on the back and grinned, “Have a great time, buddy.” There was a look in his eyes that I couldn’t figure out, but I shook it off. I was too busy thinking about Tiffany.

I was about to have yet another private couch dance, one of dozens the guys had paid for on my behalf, each averaging ten dollars a pop. They dances were stretched out over three hours and four different strip clubs, each with a different girl. Matt told me when we started that they were going to provide all the entertainment. I’d anticipated that we’d be hitting a strip club before the night was over, so I had plenty of singles on me, but he insisted that they pay for anything else beyond the action next to the stage.

When the first girl at the first club asked if I wanted a private dance, Matt told her I did and he handed her the money. The rest of the guys followed that lead, taking turns buying me dances whenever a new girl would come by and ask if I’d like a private dance. It didn’t matter if I wanted to or if I found them attractive or not. I found myself being whisked away time and again, going through several dancers before we’d move to another club.

All along, Matt told me that when I found a stripper that I really found exciting, in whatever way that was, to let him know. I wasn’t really sure what that meant until Tiffany first walked up to where we were sitting, leaning against the rail with a natural, unassuming smile on her angelic face. Mark had been right, Tiffany was horny. I could somehow tell the moment we locked eyes.

“Hello…I’m Tiffany. Would any of you gentleman like a dance?” she asked, never taking her eyes off of me.

“Neil would,” Ben said as he handed her a ten.

Tiffany looked at me with an arched eyebrow. “It’s my bachelor party,” I offered bashfully.

She smiled as she took my hand, leading me toward a darkened doorway to the private dance area where I’d already been thrice before. “You’re in for a treat, Neil. I’m feeling really good tonight,” she whispered as she leaned closer to me.


“Well, let’s just say that there are nights were I really love my job,” she grinned.

She was good at it too…very good as it turned out. She had more energy and natural sexual grace than any of the girls I’d been with to that point. Hell, you could have combined several of them and not come up with the talent she had for her chosen vocation. But it was more than that. She didn’t go through the motions, no matter how well she swayed her hips or rolled her flat, toned abdomen. She was engaging; talking to me, telling me how much loved what she was doing, making the experience personal.

Sure, it was part of her job. Anyone that believes anything a stripper tells you when she’s trying to get you to part with your hard-earned cash needs to have their northern head examined. But it was different with Tiffany. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, mainly because I had my hands tucked underneath my thighs knowing I’d need help abiding the ‘don’t touch the dancers’ rule.

I could tell she was worked up. That warm wet feeling she was leaving behind on my pant leg as she ran her crotch over my upper thigh wasn’t imaginary. Neither was the look in her eyes as she ran her hand along my inner thigh, feeling my hard shaft cramped in the tightened space of my pant leg. Between the look in her half-closed eyes as she ran her breasts across my face and the way her nostrils flared as she brushed her crotch across mine, it was hard to believe she was pretending. And that was something I couldn’t get out of my mind.

When Matt asked me later if she was the one, I still wasn’t sure what he meant. But I knew whatever he meant, she was it. She was different from all the other dancers I’d been with. While the rest were good, taking off their clothes for men was a means to an end. It was their job. With Tiffany, I got the distinct impression that it was more than a vocation; there was a labor of love feel. She got off on it, making it feel like she’d do it for free.

She eventually came out from the door next to the stage wearing a flowing white cover up that covered up nothing. It was see-thru, showing off the tiny baby blue bikini she wore beneath, the top matching the g-string she had just worn on stage. She had put on a black choker around her neck and a pair of black high heels, strutting toward me with an air of confidence that made the other guys in my party take notice.

“Careful, Neil. She looks like she might eat you when she’s done with you,” Adam cracked.

Turing on the little stool to face her, I nodded. “I’ll take that chance.”

She approached, pushing my legs together so she could straddle my thighs. Putting her hands behind my neck, she leaned back and stared into my eyes. “So, you’re up for another dance,” she hissed.

“I never went down,” I teased. “You saw to that on stage. I love how you used the pole, by the way. You’re very graceful.”

She started beaming. “THANK you! No one ever compliments me on my dancing.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“Oh, they compliment me on parts of it… the parts that show off what they want to see. But I’ve never had anyone say it like you did and mean it like I know you do,” she grinned as she stood up, pulling me with her.

Matt stood up with us, reaching into his pocket. Pulling out five new twenties, he handed them to her. “Take him to the VIP area, Tiffany,” he said calmly. He followed that up by collected twenty more dollars from each of the other four guys, handing that over to her as well.

“What’s this for? It’s only a hundred for an hour,” she said, confused why she suddenly had $180 in her hand.

“This is Neil’s last dance before he gets married, Tiffany. That’s to make it a memorable one.”

“Aw, thanks,” she said as she stuffed the money into her little clutch. “Just so you know, I was already going to do that for free…but this helps.”

She led me away with another giggle, taking me to the back of the place and up a flight of stairs. At the top, there was a velvet rope guarded by a guy that looked like a lineman for a pro football team. He stood up as he heard us reach the landing, waiting for us to make it to the top. Tiffany had me stand next to her as she took her clutch and opened it.

“Is anyone up here, Eddie?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah…Raven has a guy in room two with her,” he answered in a gruff voice.

“So room five is open?” she asked, rather bashfully.

“Of course it is, Tiff. You know very well it’s open.”

Biting the corner of her lip, she kind of swayed back and forth like a teenager. “Can I…use it again?”

“You know better. I…I already let you use it once tonight! That’s it for favors this week. I’m not taking that chance again.”

“Eddie, this is Neil. He’s getting married on Saturday. This is his last time coming here. Say hi, Neil.”

“Uh…Hi?” I said, not knowing what was going on and unsure if I really wanted to know.

Eddie put his hands on his hips, his massive biceps bulging inside the arms of his ridiculously tight t-shirt. “Hello, Neil. Congratulations,” he said gruffly. “Tiffany, if I had a dollar for every time I heard one of you tell me it’s a special occasion, I’d…”

“How about sixty?” she asked, pulling out three of the twenties she’d just been given by Matt downstairs.


“No questions, no hassles, no interruptions. Sixty dollars for sixty minutes…what do you say?” she asked, batting her big, beautiful blue eyes at him.

“I say you’re trying to get me fired,” he groaned.

“C’mon, Eddie. It’s going to be fine. Neil’s not going to do anything stupid.”

“And how do you know that?”

“You have my word,” I offered, unsure of why that would make any difference to him. His job was to protect her in case some jerk got out of line; he only had her best interest at heart. Unlike the dancers, he didn’t look at me as a prospective customer. He saw me as a potential threat to their safety. He had to.

Still, she pleaded, “Please, Eddie.”

Finally caving, he took the bills from her hand and grabbed the hook on the rope, pulling it to the side to let us through. Handing the key to the room to her, he shook his head. “I hope I don’t end up regretting this.”

Standing on her toes, she kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks a million! You won’t regret it. I promise I’ll make it up to you,” she said excitedly as she strutted down the dark hallway with me in tow. Slipping the key inside the lock, she opened the door.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before,” he chuckled.

“I will!” she called back before closing the door behind us as she flipped on the dim light.

The room was rather small, the corner floor lamp giving off a soft orange glow. It was more dark than light, but I knew that would change as my eyes adjusted. Even with that, I could tell there were almost no furnishings in the room. A big, soft brown overstuffed love seat was against the far wall along with a matching chair to the side. Other than a couple of small end tables, that was it.

She put her clutch on the table next to the chair and motioned for me to have a seat on the loveseat. She walked over to a panel next to the door, flipping a switch that turned on the speakers.

“The only bad thing about these rooms is I can’t have my own music,” she said as she made sure the door was locked. “We’ll have to listen to whatever they’re playing in the club, but we’ll make the best of it, right Neil?”

“Uh…sure,” I said as I settled into the couch, suddenly uncomfortable. “What was that all about with Eddie?”

“What do you mean?” she asked as she opened the front of her cover up, taking it off quickly and throwing it onto the chair.

“Why didn’t he want you to use this room? Why would he get fired?”

“The security camera is broken. This room is supposed to be off limits because he can’t check in on us to make sure I’m okay.”

“Well why would you want…”

Sitting next to me on the couch, her finger pressed against my lips to quiet me. “We only have an hour, Neil. I can’t change that part.”

“I don’t want you getting in trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to get in trouble. And I’m not going to have sex with you. Well, actually, I don’t know that yet,” she giggled. “But I’m not going to fuck you, so relax.”

“Ha…what are you talking about?”

“I’m just an exotic dancer, Neil. And in case you’re wondering, no…I’ve never done this before. But I promised your friend I’d make this memorable and that’s what I intend to do…for both of us.”

Laying back into the cushions, I watched as she got up, standing in front of me with her legs spread wide. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her top, quickly discarding it to the side.

“Dispensing with the stripping?” I smiled.

“I just stripped for you less than an hour ago, not to mention my show on stage. There’s not much of a mystery left. Besides, I figured you wouldn’t mind if we just cut to the chase so we can enjoy our time together.”

“You make a good point.”

“I thought you’d see it my way. Here are my rules. I lead, and you can follow. If I say no, I mean it. If you don’t hear me say no, keep going,” she winked.

“What’s that mean?”

She walked over to me, bending at the waist as she slowly unbuttoned the front of my shirt, pulling the tail out from inside my pants. Running her hands along my bare chest, she got down on her knees between my legs, letting her heavy breasts drag along my thighs.

“It means that since this is going to be a little more personal, I’d rather you call me Sarah.”

Raising my eyebrow, I felt my heart quicken. “Sarah?”

“That’s who I am,” she smiled as she moved up, licking along my skin of my abdomen on her way to my navel. Digging her tongue inside for a moment, she giggled as I slipped my hands back under my thighs to keep from doing anything with them, the ‘don’t touch the stripper’ rule firmly engrained in my head. “You don’t have to do that,” she said softly.

“Do what?”

“Sit on your hands. I just told you, I’m not ‘Tiffany’ right now,” she said, pulling my hands out from under my legs by my wrists and resting them on her shoulders. Continuing toward my left nipple, she first licked around it before sucking on it. I gripped her shoulders tightly, my head falling back from the erotic sensations. “That’s better,” she cooed as she felt my fingers digging into her skin slightly.

Sarah took her time, even though we didn’t have that much. Of course, I really didn’t know what she had in mind, other than her saying this was going to be personal and memorable. She kissed along my chest, going back and forth between my nipples as her hands roamed all over my thighs. She pressed her huge tits into my stomach, dragging them hard against my body.

Licking and kissing my neck and ears, she straddled me, slowly grinding her crotch against mine as if she were fucking me, her nipples moving across my body as if they were searching for mine. My hands moved from her shoulders to her ribs, her moans of approval making me feel bolder. When they drifted down to her ass, squeezing her taut skin, she squealed in delight.

My fingers played with the thin material of her g-string, pulling it tighter. “Oh GOD,” she groaned as she felt the material tug at her pussy. At least, I assumed it did. She’d gotten up higher onto her knees, moving her breasts back and forth across my face, letting her nipples find my mouth so I could suck on them.

Letting my hands move inward, I gripped her ass tighter, pulling at her cheeks while still holding onto the microscopic thread of her little garment. One of my fingers brushed against her tight puckered hole and she arched her back, pulling her nipple from my mouth as she gasped.

My first instinct was to recoil; pulling my hand away thinking I’d accidentally gone too far. She reached back and grabbed my hands, putting them back where they’d been. “I told you, Neil, I’ll tell you ‘no’ if I want you to stop. You just surprised me…that’s all.”

I batted my eyes bashfully. “Okay. But I…I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Hmm…that’s too bad,” she cooed. “I love having my ass played with!”

Feeling my finger slide further inside her crack at her urging, she sighed out loud, her voice shaking as she felt my hands knead her fleshy bottom. Moving her body, she put her tits back in harm’s way, letting my mouth ravage her nipples, pulling and nibbling at them. Clamping down on her left areola, I sucked hard, flicking my tongue back and forth across her hardening bud.

When I’d done the same thing to her other nipple, she mumbled something about not being able to stand it any longer. She got off her knees, placing her stilettos firmly into the back of the cushions next to my hips as she stood. Using the wall for balance she started swaying her crotch in front of me in a hypnotic little figure eight. Each passing move brought her pelvis closer and closer to my nose, until she was finally brushing against it.

Her left hand crept down the wall, grabbing the back of my head to hold it in place. “I hope you don’t mind, but I heard you telling your friend about how wet my g-string was when we were downstairs. I didn’t have the heart to put on a new one.”

Inhaling, I was almost knocked over by the aroma of her pussy, her arousal filling my nostrils. My hands rose up her calves, moving along the back of her legs toward her thighs. As they reached the bottom of her ass, she let go of my head and peered down between her heaving breasts, her brilliant blue eyes flashing wildly.

Reading her body language, my left hand moved around her body, lightly touching her skin as I reached for her pubic mound. She was biting the corner of her lip like she had downstairs, her eyes fixed as she breathed deeply. I slipped my middle finger underneath the fabric of her g-string near her left hip, running it down toward her mound, pulling it out slightly as I went. I glanced up, waiting for her to say no…to say anything.

Instead she sucked in her breath, holding it; begging me with her stare to do what I was threatening to do. Slowly stretching the material downward, I got my first glimpse of the soft, dark curls of her pubic mound, neatly trimmed into a diamond shape. The fabric stuck in her pussy from my yanking it hard from the other side of her body, but it finally let go with a little snap that made her moan.

Tugging the g-string to the side, I exposed her bare pussy, neatly shaved and dripping wet. Her outer labia were already splayed open, her hard clit popping into view. I never bothered to look at her eyes, unable to take mine off the prize in front of me. Instead, I inched closer, moving slow and deliberate as I raised my chin. Extending my tongue, I licked from the bottom of her wet slit to the top, slicing through her pussy in one quick motion.

She growled, her knees buckling a little as they pressed into the back of the couch. Teasing, I stopped to ask, “Is this what you had in mind, Sarah?”

“Oh…yes! PLEASE!” she nodded, her cute face showing signs of desperation.

Dipping my free middle finger into her pussy quickly, she gasped again, thinking I was about to fuck her with it. But when I pulled out and placed it against her ass, her blue eyes flashed again. “And this?” I asked.

“FUCK…YES,” she barked as I slid the digit deep inside her ass in one fluid motion.

“I thought so,” I laughed, before leaning in again to taste her sweet pussy.

It was hard to believe she was that turned on by just me. I suppose it had mostly to do with what she did for a living, and the kind of person she was sexually. She loved being a stripper. She…well, yes, she really got off on it. Having men drool over her body gave her a certain power. But it also made her juices flow in ways that most women wouldn’t understand. The idea of showing her body and getting men hard was an aphrodisiac of sorts for her, unlike most of the women I’d ever watched in that trade. As much as men desired her, she longed to have the attention I was suddenly giving her. At least, that was my impression as I ate her pussy.

It didn’t take that long, really. I didn’t even have to work that hard, although I was trying to give Sarah her money’s worth. Or Matt’s money’s worth, since he had actually paid her. Of course that was supposed to be for an extended lap dance for me. Instead, I found myself lapping her, which was fine by me. She tasted marvelous and it was an experience I was going to find memorable, which was what Matt had intended all along.

She was ready to explode the moment I pulled her sexy garment to the side so I could see her pussy. Reaming her ass as I twisted my finger had her dripping into my waiting mouth as I began to eat her. While I was giving her my best effort, I could have pretty much done anything and she would have started cumming. Still, it was nice that what I was doing to her body had her convulsing in just a couple of minutes.

“Oh God, Neil…I’m CUMMING!” she screamed out, her upper body leaning against the wall as she reached down to hold my head to her pussy.

I swallowed hard, but that didn’t stop her juices from flowing down my chin and neck. The warm liquid felt incredible as it trickled down my skin. The whole experience seemed wrong in a way. The entire building was designed for dancing around the edges of raw sex, yet there I was, actually bringing a woman I’d just met to a thunderous orgasm, with a second one fast approaching. Sure, I’d met her under the premise that we’d both be sexual in a way. But we’d just performed an actual sexual act. A wicked sensation ran though my body, causing my cock to pulse against my thigh inside my pants.

After her second climax she collapsed, falling down onto my lap like a damp bath towel. She was perspiring, her breathing heavy and ragged as she gazed wide-eyed off into the distance. She started to recover a couple of minutes later, acting almost as if she were waking up from a deep sleep.

“God…I needed that,” she said breathlessly as she roused herself, turning to look at me. “It’s been way too long.”

“Too long for what?” I asked, thinking I couldn’t be hearing her right.

“Since a man did that to me,” she smiled.

“Yeah, right,” I laughed.

Sarah tilted her head, looking at the edge of the couch, unable to look me in the face. “I wish I were joking,” she sighed.

“You’re not?”

“My job kind of makes it hard to keep a boyfriend, Neil. I don’t date guys that I dance for on principle. Anyone that I do date, I’m up front with from day one. I tell them exactly what I do for a living and that I love my job. Most back off at that point. The ones that say they can handle it never can. They always end up getting jealous and asking me to quit, which is silly, since they aren’t supporting me. So, I end up going long periods of time without sex.”

“That’s a little hard to believe, Sarah,” I said as I looked at her beautiful naked body.

“Not if you think about it objectively. Guys like the idea that I’m a stripper, because they think it’s sexy. But when they date me, they get possessive and want me all to themselves. So I don’t date much, which creates the problem where I get all turned on dancing and I have no outlet other than to take care of myself, which can get old. You were amazing…I haven’t had a man eat me like that in a long, long time.”

“You’re more than welcome,” I grinned as I ran my hand over my face, feeling the wetness she’d left behind.

“Time for me to thank you,” she whispered, moving down off my lap, forcing my knees apart.

Settling between my legs, she looked up, batting her eyes seductively. She placed her mouth over the hard shaft trapped against my thigh and exhaled, her hot breath flowing through the thin material of my pants. I groaned as she repeated that move on each of my balls before slowly working back up my shaft. Yet she quickly became frustrated with how my cock was wedged in what she felt was the wrong direction.

Reaching for my belt buckle, she looked up to check my reaction. I smiled, thinking of how ridiculous it would have seemed if I’d told her not to. I had no doubt that while Ann had no reason to anticipate what Sarah was considering, she would have approved. After all, she approved whatever Matt had planned and this apparently was part of those plans. Okay, it was a stretch to think Matt planned for Sarah to open my belt and then the front of my pants. But I knew in my heart Ann would have not only blessed it, she probably would have set it up herself if she could have.

“I wonder if she did,” I thought to myself as Sarah motioned for me to lift my hips so she could lower my pants down my legs. I knew that was a ridiculous notion, but at the same time, it was Ann. If I’d learned nothing else over the last several months, it was that anything was possible when it came to her. When Sarah moved my pants down to my ankles, trapping my feet together, I realized it didn’t matter. It only mattered if she would think what Sarah was doing was okay or not.

In that brief moment, as Sarah reached her hands underneath my balls to grab the base of my cock, I thought about what Ann might be doing at that exact moment. I didn’t know if we’d share the tales of our respective evenings, but I knew for sure that with Tina involved, she would no doubt have numerous orgasms during the night. Knowing that she was in the middle of harmless sexual fun and content in the thought that if she were sitting beside me instead, she would still have a smile on her face, likely encouraging Sarah to ‘make it memorable’, I found myself relaxing.

It all started when I accepted an invitation to go over to my friend Dave’s house. Dave was a wealthy guy who lived in a large, almost like a mansion, type of house. I had grown up with Dave but I didn’t consider him one of my closest friends or anything. He could be kind of spoiled and arrogant but because he was wealthy, he always had the best toys, parties, etc. The summer had started to kick in and it was pretty hot outside so when I received an invitation to come swim in Dave’s pool, I eagerly accepted it.

Dave greeted me at his front door wearing only a pair of baggy red swimming trunks. Dave was a bigger guy than me. You could tell from his chest that he worked out but he it wasn’t like he was completely ripped or anything. “Finally got here Benny,” Dave said to me. “There is beer in the fridge and the pool is in the back.” Dave looked me over. “Where is your swimsuit?”

“Swimsuit?” I asked. “Oh yeah,” I muttered. I lifted up the bag I had carried in from my car and began to go through it. I found my towel, my sunglasses, a tube of sun tan lotion, but no swim trunks. “Crap,” I stated. “I must have left them on my bed. I am going to have to go back.”

Dave rolled his eyes at me. “Relax,” he said. “I have another suit that you can use in my room.” Dave walked over to his fridge and opened up the door. He reached inside and grabbed a beer. “It’s the only thing in the bottom drawer in the dresser near the window.” Dave opened the beer and took a sip from the can. “I’ll see you outside at the pool when you’ve got your suit on.” Dave opened up the sliding glass door leading to his backyard and walked out.

I walked down the hall to Dave’s bedroom. Sure enough, I saw a dresser sitting right below a window. I walked over to it and opened the bottom drawer. There was just one swimsuit in there which I picked up. I immediately noticed that it was not like the trunks that Dave was wearing. It was made of a yellow latex material and looked like a speedo. “Are you serious?” I muttered to myself. I opened up the other drawers to try to find a different suit but there weren’t any other options. I didn’t like the idea of wearing such a revealing swimsuit but I didn’t really feel like going back to my house so I ended up undressing and putting on the yellow swimsuit that was in the drawer. It felt tight on me, especially on my backside.

I walked down the hall and opened up the sliding glass door. As I stepped outside, I could feel the hot summer air hit me. It was a hot day outside; perfect weather for being out at the pool. “Hey Dave,” I said as I walked over to where he was laying on an inflated raft. I turned my back to him and bent over to set down the bag with my towel and other items.

Dave was laying on his backside on the raft which had a cushion at the end which propped up Dave’s head. As soon as Dave saw me walk out, his eyes became focused on my ass. When I bent over to put my stuff down, Dave lifted up the pair of sunglasses he was wearing. “Shit,” he said under his breath.

I turned around and noticed Dave staring at me with a weird look on his face. “Is something wrong?” I asked. I bent over again with my ass facing out towards Dave to grab the sun screen out of my bag.

“Holy shit man,” Dave said. “You’ve got a hot girl’s ass. I never noticed it before but in that swimsuit; damn.”

“What?” I said awkwardly. I shifted my waist and looked at my reflection in the pool water. I immediately noticed my face was blushing red and when I looked down I could see what had gotten Dave’s attention. I had always had tight, curvy ass and the tight spandex material of the swim suit really hugged the curves of my ass. If someone were just to see just my butt, they probably would have guessed it belonged to a woman.

“That’s crazy,” Dave said as he stared me down. “Shake your ass for me, I want to see what it looks like.”

I felt uncomfortable with Dave staring me in such a weird, sexual way. “Umm,” I stuttered. “No thanks, I am going to go swimming.”

Dave slid off of the raft and swam over the edge of the swimming pool near me. He grabbed the side of the pool and lifted himself up. “The water does feel great.” He said. “But you should definitely put some sun screen on. Why don’t you lean over that chair right there and I can do your back.” Before I could say anything, Dave grabbed the sunscreen out of my hand.

“I guess,” I said reluctantly. I turned my back to Dave and stepped over to a nearby chair. I crouched over the chair, lifting my ass in the air and leaving my back open and exposed for purposes of sunscreen.

Dave walked up to my slowly. His eyes were completely focused on the edges of my curvy ass which were peeking out the sides of the skimpy suit I was wearing. He squeezed some white creamy sun screen into his hands and bent over me. His hands rubbed the suntan lotion around my back while he stared at my ass.

I felt Dave’s hands rubbing back and forth across my back. I then felt something hard press up against the back of my butt. “What the hell?” I asked. I turned around and saw Dave standing there with an enormous tent in his swimtrunks. “Oh my god,” I gasped. From the bulge I saw in his swimsuit, Dave must have a huge cock.

“Shit,” Dave said. “I am sorry man. Looking at that ass of yours reminded me of a girl I slept with.” Dave lowered the sun screen bottle to his waste so it was parallel to his bulging cock. The sun screen bottle looked smaller by comparison. “Here, you rub the rest in.” Dave squeezed the bottle and shot a few streams of sun screen towards me. The creamy globs hit me in the face.

I rubbed the sun screen on to my face and chest. “That’s gross man,” I said staring at the tent in his pants. “You need to get rid of that thing.”

“You’re right,” he said. “Maybe the water will cool me down.” Dave walked over to the water, his bulge swinging back and forth with every step. Finally, Dave reached the edge and slid into the pool feet first. Dave paddled around a bit but kept looking at me. “But just do me one favor,” Dave asked. “Shake your ass for me. I keep thinking about it so if you do it, I can think about something else.

“I don’t know Dave,” I debated. “I don’t like the way you keep looking at me. I’m your friend and I am straight, I am not some slutty girl you banged.” I cleared my throat. “If it’ll get you to leave me alone though, I guess I will do it.” I turned my ass in his direction and shook my hips back and forth. As a result, my shapely ass cheeks jiggled around. “How’s that?” I asked as a stuck my ass out further and shook it around at him.

Dave whistled while he swam excitedly around in the pool. “That’s hot,” he said. “Chicks pay thousands of dollars for asses like that.”

“Ok,” I said. “I did it for you so let’s just drop this whole thing,” I said. I finished rubbing the sun screen on my body and went ahead and jumped into the pool.

Dave paddled over next to me. As he floated in the water, he spoke to me, “I have a crazy idea.” Dave continued, “You should sit on my lap. Your ass looks like a girl’s but does it feel like one? It can be an experiment.”

“That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me,” I replied. “That sounds really gay… and gross. I saw that huge tent in your pants. I don’t want that thing anywhere near my ass.”

“Come on,” Dave argued. “It’s not gay; I am just curious. It has nothing to do with sex or anything like that. We should totally do it though.”

“Dave, I really don’t want to sit on your lap,” I explained. “Please, stop trying to pressure me to do something like that.”

Dave swam over to the edge of the pool with steps leading up. He lowered himself down so that he was sitting on one of the steps. “Come on bro, sit on my lap,” he commanded. “We both have suits on. It will just be a few seconds of sitting.”

“No,” I replied sternly. “I am not sitting on it.”

“You’re a tease,” Dave complained. “You were blessed with that ass. You should be showing it off and sharing it with other people.”

I look suspiciously at Dave. “I am not gay,” I explained. “I don’t share my ass with dudes. Seriously, you are grossing me out with all this obsessing over my ass.”

“Are you kidding me?” Dave asked indignantly. “I was just joking around. You don’t have to get all weird and pissed off about it. It was a joke.” Dave swam away from me. “Sheesh, you must be gay if you are so insecure about a joke.”

At that point we both swam around the pool quietly for a while. I did not know what else to say so I just let Dave have the last word. The whole situation had gotten kind of awkward. I tried to focus on the pool. The cool water felt very nice. It definitely was an escape from the hot sun. As I swam, I kept thinking about Dave. Maybe he was right and I was just overreacting. Still, the thought of sitting on Dave’s lap gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

After swimming for a while in Dave’s pool, I decided it was time to go. I swam over to the edge of the pool and placed my hands on the tiles surrounding the edges of the pool. Gently, I pushed down and lifted my torso up and over the edge of the pool. Finally I was able to lift my ass out of the water and I sat down on the edge of the tile. I was able to stand up and began walking towards Dave’s house. I turned my head and spotted Dave once again staring at my ass. I blushed and yelled out to him, “Thanks for the swim, Dave. I have to go now. Do you want me to just leave the suit in the room?” I grabbed the towel out of my bag and began drying myself off.

Dave swam over to the edge of the pool. He shook his head at me and spoke, “No, why don’t you keep it,” Dave said. “You can wear it whenever you come hang out over here.”

I couldn’t imagine myself ever wearing this suit around Dave again but out of politeness, I responded back to him, “Thanks.” When I finished drying myself I walked toward the house. “I will talk to you later,” I said to Dave as I opened the sliding glass door.

After getting changed back into regular clothes, I left Dave’s house. Over the next week I found myself increasingly bored. My thoughts kept drifting to Dave and whether I did the right thing by refusing to sit on his lap. I kept worrying that I had made things too awkward. Maybe it would have been better if I had just done it. I have known Dave for a while now and he has always expressed interest in girls and only girls.

The next weekened it was especially hot outside. The air conditioning in my apartment could not keep up with this level of heat and I found myself sweating just sitting on the couch and watching the television. I walked over to my fridge and grabbed a cold soda. Instead of opening it, I held it up to my forehead to try and cool off my head. If there was ever a day where I wanted to go swimming, this day was it. I lowered my arm down and put the soda on the end table next to my couch. I grabbed my cell phone from my pocket and sent Dave a text message asking him if I could come over.

I waited for a half hour and received no response. I started thinking he still felt awkward about what happened last time that I was at his house. I tried to think of someway to address it through a text message but every message I could think of to send him that might help alleviate the awkwardness also had the potential to make things worse. Finally, a thought occurred to me. Maybe if I sent him a photograph of myself in Dave’s suit, it would let him know things were cool and I was not threatened by him joking around.

I changed into the tight fitting, ass cheek revealing, yellow bathing suit that I had received from Dave. I walked over to a full length mirror I had hanging on the wall of my apartment. Looking at my reflection, I could definitely see why Dave would say that the suit made me look like I had a woman’s ass. No wonder he wanted me to sit on his lap, I thought. I stuck my ass out and struck a gratuitous pose. I put a sly smile on my face and lifted up my phone and snapped a photo. I quickly sent the picture I had taken to Dave as an attachment to a text message.

Dave responded to my message very quickly. My phone vibrated and when I opened the text messages, I saw Dave had texted me, “Nice pic. Change of heart?”

I quickly wrote up a text response to Dave. The message read, “Just showing off, like you said that I should.”

Dave responded back through a text, “There you go. Embrace it.”

A drop of sweat came tumbling off of my eyebrow and landed on the screen of my cell phone. I grabbed my shirt off the floor and used it to wipe off the screen. I figured I better get to the point; I texted back to Dave, “So, can I come over to swim?”

Dave replied to me, “Sure, I will be in the pool in the back.”

I quickly slapped some sunscreen on and made my way towards my car. I couldn’t wait to be out of my apartment and in Dave’s pool. Traffic was light and it did not take me very long to drive to Dave’s large house. When I got there, I didn’t bother knocking on the door. I went through the unlocked gate to the side of the house and entered the backyard. I noticed Dave, shirtless, sitting on the steps leading into the pool.

“Hey there Benny,” Dave shouted to me with a grin on his face. “Get over here and show me that lovely lady ass of yours.”

Dave’s comment caused me to blush. I walked over toward where he was sitting. I turned around so my butt was facing Dave. I turned my head back so I could see Dave staring at it. I wiggled my waist which caused butt cheeks jiggled around in the suit. The whole time I was beat red from blushing. “It is like a girls, huh?” I asked with a hint of embarrassment coming through in my voice. I could tell Dave was mesmerized by the movement of my ass.

“Yeah, I kept trying to tell you before.” Dave commented. “Now come over here and sit on my lap. We never finished last time. I was going to see if it felt like a girl’s ass before you got all weird and gay about everything.”

“You promise you aren’t going to do anything weird if I sit on it?” I asked. “And do you promise you’re not going to rub a boner up against my ass or anything gay like that?”

“Fuck no, I am not going to do that” Dave responded. “Look, I am straight, you’re straight. We both like women. You sitting on my lap, it’s not a sexual thing, just more of a scientific thing.”

“Well,” I said hesitantly. “I guess, maybe for a little bit then…”

“Hell yeah!” Dave explained “That’s the spirit, come sit on Daddy’s lap.” Dave spread his legs underneath the water and patted the top of the water above his crotch. Dave’s lower half was submerged in a sitting position on some steps in the pool but his crotch was only barely below the water.

I slid my body into the pool water. The coolness of the water was a welcome relief from the beating hot sun. Reluctantly I swam over towards Dave and ended up sitting down on the same step he was sitting on. I looked at him intently. I was hoping he would call it off at the last second and call me a faggot but when I looked at his face, I could tell he was eager for this to actually happen and I wouldn’t get out of it that easily. I swallowed hard and stood up from the step. I positioned myself in front of Dave with my backside facing him. All I had to do was squat down and I would be sitting on top of his lap. My ass cheeks hung out right in front of Dave’s face.

Dave playfully slapped my ass, causing it to jiggle. Dave laughed and then grabbed the sides of the cheeks of my ass and began rubbing them.

“Ugh,” I grunted. “What the hell?” I asked. “Get your hands off my ass, Dave.” I felt Dave let go of my ass. “Ok, let’s get this over with.” I lowered myself down until I felt my butt hit the water of the pool. Moving just a little bit further down, I ended up resting my ass up against Dave’s crotch.

“Oh wow,” Dave commented. “That feels… fantastic.” I just had Samantha sitting up on here a few days ago, and I must say, you feel just like her up on my lap like that.”

“Samantha?” I asked shocked. Samantha was a classmate of Dave and I when we had been in school. I always had a crush on her. In fact, I remember telling Dave that I liked her when we were in school together. But Samantha always seemed like a classy girl to me. I couldn’t imagine her sitting on Dave’s lap like some bimbo. “Samantha sat on your lap?”

“Oh yeah,” Dave explained. “Your ass feels just like hers. The only difference is, we had been skinny dipping and when she sat on my lap, it was skin against skin.”

“No way,” I said. “Samantha sat on your lap with her bare ass?”

“Oh yeah,” Dave spoke. “Well, there was not much she wouldn’t do when she saw what I was packing underneath my suit. Dave shifted his hips a little bit and began rubbing his crotch up against my ass. “Unhm,” he grunted as he did so.

I didn’t do anything at first. I just figured that Dave was trying to get comfortable. But then I felt something hard and pointy poking into my asscheek. “Dave!” I yelled. “What are you doing!?”

“Take it easy man,” Dave said. He grabbed my sides with his strong hands and began moving my body back and forth across his lap. “Oh yeah.”

“Ohh, gross man,” I complained. “Dave, ugh, you promised you wouldn’t rub your cock up against me.”

Dave did not stop moving me against his lap. “No,” Dave said defiantly. “What I said was I wasn’t going to promise anything. You misunderstood me.” Dave began grunting and moving his hips along with the way he was moving my body. “I am just getting a feel for this ass. Unh. Nothing… Unh… to worry about.”

“I never should have sat on your lap.” I complained. I debated trying to fight my way off of him but I decided to just wait and see what ended up happening. Dave’s cock felt so hard and big as it rubbed up against my ass.

“Hold on,” Dave muttered. “This isn’t right.” Dave stopped the rubbing and let me rest on top of his lap, in turn causing me to sigh in relief. Dave took his right hand off of me and reached it underneath the water. “Just relax.” Dave fiddled with something underneath the water. Suddenly he pulled a red swimsuit out from underneath the water and tossed it aside. “That’s better.”

“Wait a minute,” I gasped as I saw what appeared to be Dave’s suit being tossed aside. “Please tell me that wasn’t what I thought it was.” I started to panic and I tried to pull away from Dave.

Dave quickly grabbed me again with his other hand and held me in place. “I was just thinking about Samantha and,” Dave began as he rubbed his bare crotch up against my ass. “Unh,” Dave moaned. “I wanted a closer comparison.”

I felt Dave’s hard erection poke into the side of my ass. It was separated only by the thin material of the swimsuit I was wearing. I felt the hard steel pole slide across my ass. “Oh my god,” I gasped.

“Check it out,” Dave spoke to me. He lifted me up an above his lap. When he did so, he revealed to me his enormous pulsating cock. It was far bigger than I had ever imagined. The fat mushroom shaped cock head on the end pointed straight up at my ass.

“Holy shit,” I commented. “It’s huge. No wonder Samantha sat on your lap.”

Dave smirked at me. He shook his hips which caused his enormous, rock hard cock to flop around below me. “She did a lot more than sit on my lap,” Dave explained. Dave pulled me back up on to the next step behind him so that his lap was no longer submerged beneath the water. As Dave did so, he swung his huge cock back and forth nearby my ass.

I found myself memorized by Dave’s cock. His steel rod swung like a pendulum and I was completely hypnotized. I couldn’t deny that seeing Dave’s big cock swinging around nearby my tight, shapely ass was a hot sight to behold. If the situation wasn’t embarrassing enough, I soon realized I was pitching a substantial tent of my own in the front of my suit.

“I can tell that you like what you see,” Dave said chuckling. “You should take off your suit and rub your ass up against it. Maybe you can give me a lapdance like Samantha did. It will be really hot.” Dave lowered me down so that I was now sitting on his thick cock. “Just think about how hot that would be.”

Authors Note; First off I would like to thank all of you who voted and commented on my last story “At the feet of my Mother.” The story did amazingly well and even had the number one spot for a few days. Now to start I received many answers to my question about erotica in SWB and it seems people would be fine with a little less. This chapter is one of the ones in question as, comparative to its length, there is not a lot of erotica, and honestly, if I did my job right the erotica is not even all that erotic. I mentioned a few chapters ago that there was a benchmark chapter coming up and This is that chapter. This begins the final countdown starting here there are 10 chapters left so 40 is the magic number! Now about this chapter. the best way to put this is that this is my chapter; an indulgence to myself, and the most fun to write since Samhain. I mentioned before that Lex Talionis was written a while ago and not necessarily meant for an erotic site. The same can be said for this one. I was originally only going to use half of this but my wife, the same person who pushed me to post Lex ,said that it was my favorite and to just let it fly. So who am I to argue? SWB is a very dark series and a bit of a wild ride. I will tell you right now that to date this chapter will be the wildest so far. So without further stalling; longtime readers, new fans, I present to you one of the darkest nights in the lives of Mark and Megan. Welcome to the complete “uncut” version of “The Wolves Den”

Spain’s restaurant was packed, and despite the fact that I’d called ahead, dad and I found ourselves sitting in the bar area while we awaited our table. Dad had been sweet; asking me first if I was okay sitting at the bar and then after I said I was fine asking if it would bother me if he had a beer. I told him of course not, but I really appreciated him asking. I left out that I hated beer and it was hard liquor that even now once in a great while would call out to me. Between the crowd and the TV over the bar blasting the Sox game conversation was difficult so dad ended up watching the game leaving me to my thoughts. I have to say that although I was in no danger of succumbing to the siren call of my addiction I did have the passing thought of what I wouldn’t give for a Captain and Coke.

Instead, I thought back on how things had been left off with Mark. My brother had not only played me but had made me think I was the one playing him. Mark had let me have exactly what I wanted .Then, before I left he had pulled a three sixty and denied me to prove a point; that I may very well have to learn how to live without him as my ‘fallback’ as he had referred to it. What was most upsetting is that Mark was absolutely right; it would not be fair to him to spend the rest of his life waiting on me.

Sad fact was that although on the surface, Mark looked like the colder of the two of us, in reality I was the one who had let people fall in love with me when I knew I was not in love with them. Years ago my brother had been in love with Krissy. There had also been a time after the Max incident that he and Cynthia had grown quite close. Had Cynthia not taken a dream job on the west coast, when she finished school who knew what would have happened. Then of course there was Samantha who had fallen head over heels for my brother. All this led me to the sad realization that if I did not accept Mark’s heart that he would find someone that would.

Mark had left Samantha because, his feelings for her made him realize that I had been his love all along. In that light had I not found my soul mate because he had been in front of me my entire life? Reading the journal had reminded me that twenty years ago I had been in love with Mark but had wanted to save him from me. Mark had shocked me by bringing up that night at his apartment. All along I had thought that he didn’t know I was in love with him and had convinced him he had been wrong about us. Once again Mark had proved to know better than I but had assumed that I had not wanted him.

Mark had even thrown out my longtime excuse of running from us. With six years sober and a very successful career I no longer had to worry about ‘bringing him down’. Hell, if the Walsh deal worked out I would be making more money than Mark within a year! On that note I shook my head; what the hell was I going to do with Walsh? My brother was far more important than money but still, Royce’s point of being able to take care of mom and dad had hit home. With a sigh I picked up my glass and sipped at the coke I had ordered.

Putting the glass down, I pushed past that and thought back to when I had left Mark’s. After his little buy the cow crack he had kissed me as I had stood there in shock and headed off to the shower ending any further conversation. Feeling like an idiot I had gone into the parlor, and after picking up my clothes got dressed and waited to say goodbye to my brother. Mark had emerged from the shower dressed in only a towel and I found myself getting pissed off as I knew he was teasing me. Nonetheless, when he put his arms out to me, I had gladly stepped into his embrace and rested my head on his shoulder as he held me. As I enjoyed the feel of his still damp skin and the smell of his clean wet hair I again imagined having this every day.

Right on the heels of that thought was how long would it last? As Mark gently lifted my face from his neck to kiss me goodbye it hit me that that last thought was the problem. I had thought I had been in love several times and had been, but only for a short period of time. Then I would grow cool and distant and break the heart of the person who was still in love with me. I was afraid it would happen with Mark as well. What if I was not as capable of it as he was? What if at the end of the day I really was the more broken of the two of us? To me it was beginning to come down to break my brother’s heart now or six months from now when it would be worse? Mark interrupted those thoughts by pressing his soft lips to mine and giving me a long lingering kiss that would have made my legs weak had I not thought that this was another tease.

When he had broken the kiss however he looked a little upset himself, and I found myself thinking; good! He had gotten himself with his own little game. Mark told me that he would see me tomorrow and that he would be free by six so let him know what time we would be going out. I nodded and told him I would, leaving out the fact that I was supposed to be on a private plane heading back to Chicago by that time. I then asked Mark if he wanted to tell me about him and dad and he rolled his eyes. I told him I was going to confront dad and he said to go ahead; that if dad cared about me as much as he claimed, then I wouldn’t get an answer from him either.

I didn’t like the sound of that but decided to let it go and unlike yesterday leave on a decent note. When I arrived back at my parents house Dad hadn’t gotten home yet so I took another shower. When mom had asked why I was showering again I had told her that Mark had talked me into the gym and I’d had quite a workout. As I told lie number ten thousand and counting to my mother about my brother and I, the sick thought that my brother certainly had gotten me nice and sticky went through my mind.

After the shower I changed into a yellow sundress which I wore a matching blouse over to cover the tattoo that I knew dad hated. I also didn’t bother with makeup and pulled my long black hair into a simple ponytail. As I looked in the mirror I thought ‘daddy’s little girl’ and laughed as I thought of the outfit I had shown up at the airport a couple of days ago. By then dad had gotten home from golfing but needed to clean up as well so I sat with mom and had a cup of tea. Mom noted I looked exhausted and upset and asked if I’d had a fight with Mark.

Knowing I couldn’t get away with saying nothing was wrong, I told her that I had found out that Mark was leaving Rhode Island. Mom then got upset and I felt bad, but she would need to know, and at this point could not count on my brother to tell her. After that I went right back to the lies telling her that Mark’s decision was based partly on money but mostly the fact that the Winthrop trial had left him a moving target. Mom shocked me by snorting disgustedly and saying;

“Megan, I may be a little naïve but I’m far from stupid. Your brother has never run from a fight in his life, he loves knowing people hate him and gets a kick out of being the scourge of the courthouse.” Mom had then shaken her head and said sadly;

“I’m sure part of this is over him and your father Megan, he doesn’t come around me because he knows Doug doesn’t want him too.”

I had looked at my mother shocked and replied;

“Dad would never keep Mark from you, mom, even if he’s mad at him.”

“He would never tell him but he would…” Mom trailed off and sighed; “I love Mark dearly but he thrives on being the tragic tale. He thinks he lost me along with your father even though I’ve tried to keep in touch with him, so he has nothing left here. I…” She waved her and said;

” Ah, it doesn’t matter Megan, Mark will do whatever he wants, and that’s fine, but don’t tell me it’s because he’s got it rough here.” She sighed. “Things won’t be that different. I can chase your brother down once a month on the phone in Chicago as much as I can here.”

“Why do you say Chicago?” I asked.

I had simply told mom that Mark was taking offers and leaving RI as soon as he made up his mind I hadn’t said where. Mom looked at me for a minute as if she were thinking, and then shrugged;

“Well where else would he go?” She smiled. “Mark’s missed you Megan I know he has. I suppose when you said he was leaving I should have seen it coming She grunted. “He’s using that case and your father to justify it.” She then grinned at me;

“So am I right? Is he heading your way?”

“It’s Chicago or LA.” I told her. “He’s trying to figure it out.”

Mom laughed;

“No hon, he knows where he wants to go, he is just waiting to be asked.”

I glanced down so mom wouldn’t see me flinch at that last comment.

“What do you mean?”

“He wants his sister too tell him that she misses him and wants him down there.” Mom said as if I were dense. “He probably feels that you might think he’s intruding on your life and wants you to tell him its okay.”

“You think?”

“I know Megan,” Mom said then continued in a softer voice. “Mark really has been different since that trial. Even more withdrawn and he seems sad, well last I saw him anyway.” She reached out and put her hand over mine.

“He needs you Megan, before that case he was really starting to get out of control, the partying, the girls, he was putting on a show like he was trying to prove something or,” Mom paused “As if he were trying to forget something. He was like that before Samantha then even worse after her until they ran him through the mud and he lost Alex, and then had whatever the fight was with your father, now he seems like a shell of himself.”

Mom paused for a moment to sip at her tea. I did the same as I thought about what she was saying. I, of course knew exactly why Mark had been quiet lately he had been waiting for his chance to make his play for his sister’s heart. Still, what the hell happened with dad?

“Thing is Megan, your brother is having it tough and he wants to be closer to you.”

Closer than you think, I thought dryly as mom went on.

“You know Megan your entire lives you and your brother have been there for each other. The two of you are both strong when the other is weak and you’re at your best when you are close. I think Mark knows that and he’s waiting for you to give him the invitation.”

“Yeah, well it’s a little more complicated than that.” I said awkwardly.

“Well for what it’s worth Megan I think you should tell him to come down there with you.”

“Mark’s a big boy mom, if he wants to come to Chicago he doesn’t need my permission.”

“No, but I think he wants his big sister to say she would love to have him.” Mom took another sip of tea and said; “Mark wants you to want him around Megan, make him happy.”

I stared at mom with no idea how to answer. She was talking about being happy in a different way than what Mark wanted, but it was not helping my already spinning mind. Dad then came in, saving me from having to reply. Dad had asked what we were talking about and before I could say just girl talk mom piped up that we were discussing Mark leaving. Dad had simply grunted and said that he felt bad for all the husbands and fathers in whatever city he was heading for. Mom looked like she was going to respond to that, but I tapped her foot under the table, and when she looked at me, I shook my head. One way or another I was going to get to the bottom of this.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the obnoxious sound of the beeper the hostess had given us going off. Dad and I walked back into the lobby and followed the waitress over to our seats. As we sat and started to flip through the menu I noticed that dad seemed a bit nervous and figured he was waiting for me to bring up my brother. That was my intention; however I also only got to see my parents once every few months and wanted to enjoy my time with dad. Figuring that we could take our time over a nice lunch I would talk about anything and everything but Mark until maybe when we were down to coffee. Then hopefully I could find a way to segue into why my father had referred to Mark as a fucking animal last night.

Dad noted that I looked tired and I followed my familiar pattern of lying. I brought up that I was still a bit upset over Laura. Dad nodded and apologized for not seeming like he was concerned last night, but that I knew how he felt about me being with a woman. I nodded, but he continued, saying that he should only care about if whoever I was with made me happy. Funny you should say that I thought to myself thinking of my brother. I was touched however, as that was a big deal for my old fashioned father to say. I told him that I appreciated it, and suddenly reaching out and putting his hand over mine, dad told me that he was very proud of me.

Before I could respond dad added that, despite looking a little tired, I had never looked better. I gave him a huge smile and told him that meant a lot to me. Dad then thanked me for the money that I had given mom yesterday, and that he would pay it back. I rolled my eyes and told him not to be ridiculous that I was happy to help. Dad tried to argue, but the waitress came, and we ordered. When she had left I told dad about Walsh wanting to see me earlier and I wasn’t sure what to do. Dad told me to go, that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I needed to take it. On that note I brought up how Royce and Mark had mentioned that Walsh would just be the beginning; how all of his followers would be buying as well.

Dad’s mouth had twitched a little at my brother’s name, but he did nod and say that he agreed; that rich people were all about keeping up with the other rich people, and I could make a fortune off of them. I then told dad that I was tired of seeing him and mom struggle; that I knew that they were having it rough to the point that a year ago Mark had made a mortgage payment for them. Admittedly I had tossed this out on purpose, wanting dad to remember that no matter what was going on between them Mark had been there for them in the past. Dad rolled his eyes, but let me continue talking. I told him that once Walsh gave me the down payment I was sending them five thousand dollars and not taking no for an answer. As Dad started to protest, I added that I was going to send them money each month as well. In the beginning at least five hundred but once I got the paintings finished I wanted to pay their mortgage each month.

Dad shook his head and told me that I needed to take care of myself. I told him I had plenty to pay and except for getting away with clothes sometimes did not live expensively. I point blank told him that they had taken care of me for years and this was the least I could do. I also brought up that Dad had cashed in a couple of CD’s to help pay for the private clinic that Mark had gotten me into that had helped keep me sober for good. The clinic had been so expensive that Mark couldn’t afford the entire thing and was going to borrow from Alex. Dad had stepped in saying that I was his daughter, and he would be the one to help. I mentioned how if he still had them now they would have matured, and he wouldn’t be struggling as much.

As dad still tried to say no, I finally resorted to putting on the pout, looking up at him through my eyelashes, and using the little girl voice I said;

“Oh please daddy? Please let me help.” As Dad started to laugh despite himself I continued with; “Oh your little girl will be oh so happy if you let her help!”

Dad shook his head and told me I wasn’t playing fair, that I knew I could get anything I wanted from him with that look. As I laughed I thought that it never failed with my brother either. Except of course in Mark’s case I was usually looking up at him from my knees. Finally dad said that he would let me send some money, but we would talk more about it when the time came. Dad also said he wanted me to go and talk to someone about some investments; to not just toss money in the bank. I agreed, and once again slipping the needle, mentioned that Mark had done well with his so I would see who he dealt with. Dad didn’t take the bait, instead he shrugged and said I could do what I wanted, but make sure I did something with the money.

The food came and I was feeling pretty good. I had been a little afraid lunch would be awkward but so far it was going very well. As we ate dad started telling me about his golf tournament, which he had been knocked out of today. After he explained how he had double bogied –whatever the hell that meant- he started talking about golf in general. I sat there eating and enjoying listening to him talk. I had little to no interest in golf, but was grateful to be here in a nice restaurant, spending time with a man whom I had spent years putting through hell.

At that thought, I could feel the pull of those melancholy memories. This time however, instead of succumbing to them I decided to let my mind drift back further to a better time in my life. Back when I had first come to live with my parents. Even then I was a lot of work for my father but it had been different and in the end more than worth it for both of us.

Back then I was fine with women, but because of Frank, was terrified of men. A sudden loud male voice could cause me to curl up into a corner and cry, and all hell would break loose if one touched me. This problem had already had cost me a couple of chances to get placed. So when mom had first taken an interest in me Mary, my social worker, and a woman whose heart I all but broke every Friday, when I would beg her to take me home with her, had suggested that mom see me alone the first few times.

Mary could see how taken Denise was with me, and her idea was to get me attached to her so that when I met dad I wouldn’t be as afraid because I trusted her. After a month of twice a week visits, Denise told me that next time she wanted to bring her husband Doug. I said that I didn’t want to meet him because all men were mean. Denise said that wasn’t true, Doug loved her very much, and was very excited to meet me. I put my head down and pouted. When I looked up mom was doing the same thing, and with a sad look on her face said that it would hurt her feelings if I didn’t want to meet Doug after all weren’t we friends?

Mary prodded me as well saying that Denise had been very nice to me so shouldn’t I be nice as well? Finally I said okay, but I didn’t want to be touched. I met Doug the next day and was scared. Doug was a big guy with a very deep voice and I immediately hid behind Mary when he said hi to me. Doug only stayed a little while, long enough for Mary to coax me into saying hi and telling him my name, and then it was just me and Denise again. Denise had given me a big hug and thanked me for meeting Doug and now that I met him would I like to come to her house? Denise hugged me every time she saw me and it was the best feeling in the world. I hugged her back and figured that if this made her happy then I would do it again.

For the next few weeks I started spending first afternoon’s then entire weekends with them and although I hardly spoke to Doug and wouldn’t let him touch me Mary decided to give me living with them a try. I was thrilled to be living with Denise, in a nice house with my own room and they had bought me plenty of toys including my favorite, a really nice stuffed Scooby doo that I slept with every night. That was when I slept. I had a lot of nightmares back then and many nights would wake up crying and Denise would sleep with me. Doug would come in with her sometimes, but I would end up getting more upset and he would have to leave.

As time went on I did get a little more comfortable. Doug could hug me, but only if I was either on mom’s lap or sitting right next to her. I would also let him help tuck me in, but once again only if Denise was there. Dad would always read to me while Denise would sit on the bed and I started to like the sound of his voice. I also noticed that I was feeling less scared when he touched me. I still would never go to him however, he always had to approach me ,and still always with Denise very close by.

One Sunday after I had been living there for a couple of months I came into the kitchen and saw mom, I had asked if I could call her that, was making a cake. I asked her what it was for and mom had said that it was Doug’s birthday. I told her that I felt bad because I didn’t know and didn’t have a birthday present for him. Mom had smiled and asked if I really wanted to give him something. I said yes, but I didn’t have any money. Mom then leaned down and whispered in my ear what she said would be a perfect gift. I looked at her nervously and asked if he would really like it and she said of course he would.

I nodded and went into the parlor where Doug was sitting in his old recliner watching a baseball game. Doug had looked a little surprised that I had come in by myself, but smiled and asked what I was up to. I walked up to the chair and told him I had something for him. Doug said that he couldn’t wait to see what it was, and quickly, before I got scared, I crawled up onto his lap and putting my arms around his neck gave him a big hug and told him happy birthday. Before Doug could react I added a kiss on the cheek.

Dad put his arms gently around me, and seemed to hesitate. I told him that I would like it if he hugged me. Doug hugged me tight and told me that this was the best present he had ever gotten. I stayed there letting him hold me and realized that, not only wasn’t I scared, but that I felt safe. I took my arms from around his neck but stayed sitting in his lap. Dad put his arm around me and started telling me about the baseball game. I didn’t care, but it felt great being there with him. A few minutes later mom brought out the cake and I ate mine still sitting on Doug’s lap.

I stayed there all day watching baseball, and when the game was over Doug put on cartoons and when I started to fall asleep he carried me into my room and tucked me in without mom. After Doug read me a quick story, and gave me a kiss good night I asked him if I could call him daddy. A week later mom and dad started the adoption process and within six months I was officially their daughter. I could feel myself start to smile at the memory of the day my adoption was official. Mom had…

“And that’s when I decided to tell your mother that I’d been having an affair and wanted a divorce.” Dad said cutting through my fog.

“Huh?” I asked, wondering if I had just heard right. “What did you just…”

Dad cut me off with a laugh and a wave of his hand.

“Nothing Megan, just trying to bring you back from whatever fog you were in.” He sighed. “I know I’m not very exciting but once every few months you could pretend to listen.”

“Sorry daddy!” I batted my eyes at him. “But the golf thing gets to me after a few minutes.”

I paused as the waitress came back over, and as she cleared our plates we ordered coffee. When she walked away, I grinned and asked if he wanted to know what I was thinking about. Dad said okay as long as it wasn’t some twisted idea for a new painting like a zombie father daughter out to lunch called better late than never. I snapped my fingers and said that I would have to write that down. Dad rolled his eyes and after I told him I was only kidding proceeded to tell him what I had been thinking about. As I told the story Dad listened intently and I could see by the end that my tough guy father was getting a little misty. This time I reached out, taking his hand and asking if it was still his favorite memory. Dad nodded then said;

“I think it always will be, but I have to say being there to give you your one year Medallion was really special.” He sighed. “I guess one of those tough, because of what it meant you went through, but very proud of you. I think it was the first day I let myself think you were going to be okay for good this time.”

We stopped again as the coffee came, and as we each started adding sugar and cream, Dad continued;

“I really was thrilled,” He gave me a wry smile. “Even though I wasn’t your first choice I…” Dad stopped realizing where he was going with that, and elated at seeing my chance, I dove right in.

“Well not alone anyway,” I began. “I was going to have Mark do it, but didn’t want to leave you out and was going to have you both. Then Mark told me that you and I were just really starting to get close again and he wanted you to have that moment with me.”

Dad didn’t say anything. At first he just sat there staring at me, most likely pissed at himself for giving me that opening. I kept looking at him expectantly, and finally Dad took a deep breath, and as he exhaled, said;

“Yeah Megan I know. He told me that when I wanted to know why he wasn’t doing it with me.” He looked away.

“If you want me to say that it was a nice thing to do it was.” Dad grunted and added; “Guilt will make you do things like that.”

With no further beating around the bush I asked;

“Dad what the hell happened between you and Mark?”

“Don’t worry about it Megan.” Dad said simply. “It doesn’t concern you.”

“My father hates my brother,” I told him evenly. “The two most important men in my life aren’t speaking and it doesn’t concern me? Never mind how much it’s upsetting Mom.”

“Not as much as knowing the truth would.” Dad said simply. “Your mother thinks the world of her son” He sneered the word. “She would be heartbroken if she knew what that animal did.”

“What the hell did he do Dad?” I asked in exasperation.

“Forget it Megan.”

“No Dad, it’s not that easy.” I told him. “This is the second time since last night you called Mark an animal. I want to know what he did.”

Dad sat there idly stirring his coffee and shook his head. When he looked up I was staring at him, and after a moment, he said softly.

“You know damn well what he did Megan because he did it to you.”

“To me?” I asked wondering if I’d heard right. “What the hell did Mark do to me?”

“I’m not going to say it Megan. I… can’t.” Dad exhaled slowly, and I saw his hands were shaking. “Just thinking about it makes me wish I’d put my foot down with your mother and never told you about him.”

“Are you kidding?” I blurted out. “Dad….”

“He was bad news Megan, disturbed, and I knew it. I could see it in those crazy eyes of his. Maybe it was what he went through; maybe it runs in the family, but Mark was dangerous like that dog I told you about years ago.” Dad snorted.

“I almost had him Megan, was going to throw him out after that mess at the hotel. He was going to fight me there Megan I saw it.”

“He was trying to defend me.” I said as calmly as possible.

“So he could ruin you himself.” Dad said disgustedly. “He should have went to jail for what he did to Max. Whether Max deserved it or not what Mark did was inhuman, they should have kept him in Butler.” He shook his head. “But you cried to Alex to help him, just like you cried to me to let him stay.”

Leaning back Dad continued;

“You always protected him Megan. Always. Makes what he did even worse.”

“My brother did more than his share of protecting me Dad.” I told him feeling myself getting upset. “You don’t know the things Mark did for me. My brother had half the dealers in the state afraid to sell to me.” Dad started to talk but I kept going.

“Never mind the end Dad. Mark saved my life, literally.” I tapped the table. “Hell we wouldn’t be sitting here if he hadn’t gotten to me. If it wasn’t for Mark you’d be seeing me in a cemetery and leaving flowers.” I fought back tears and added;

“I remember that day; you were in tears Dad, in tears, thanking Mark for bringing your daughter back to you.” I snorted disgustedly. “What have you done for me lately is that it?”

“You…” Dad seemed to be picking his words carefully. “You don’t know the whole story Megan.”

“Well if you would friggin tell me than maybe I would!” I snapped. “Christ dad, I’m not mom okay? I can handle shitty things, case you haven’t noticed a good part of my life has been full of them!”

“I didn’t know then okay Megan?” Dad snapped back raising his voice. “I… I didn’t know what he had done to you.”

“What did he…”

“He hurt you Megan!!” This time I noticed the people at the next table look over.

“Dad shhh!” I said putting my hand over his.

“Well this is why we don’t need to get into this!”

“Dad,” I began, now making sure I stayed calm so he would. “When do you think Mark hurt me?” I put my hands out. “I mean Dad, a few months ago I came up here with Laura and we all went out and you and Mark were fine. Six months later he’s an animal. I mean when could he have hurt me?”

“Oh for Christ’s sake Megan,” Dad said. “It wasn’t recent. He hurt you a long time ago and I just found out about it.” He grunted. “Little bastard finally ran into someone dirtier than him and I got to see what that piece of shit is really like what he’ really capable of.”

“Dad, listen to me. My brother never hurt me, ever.” Even as I said it my mind started to form an image of Mark in my face, snarling at me, that crazed look in his eye and blood running down his face. “It’s time you learned your place whore…” he had hissed.

I shoved that image from my mind. I would not go there just as I told Mark not to yesterday. That had been terrible for both of us, but my father couldn’t have known about that, no one did except the two of us. As Dad rolled his eyes I pressed on;

“Dad, I know Mark has done some extreme things and I know he’s earned a pretty bad reputation but,” I took a deep breath to stop myself from choking up and whispered;

“My brother loves me Dad, when he came to live with us we promised each other that we would never let anyone hurt us again, that we would protect each other!”

“Yeah well he lied,” Dad said, “Or maybe he figured he would just hurt you himself.”

“Dad, please tell me.” I said softly. I could feel the tears starting to build and didn’t fight them. “Tell me when you think Mark hurt me because he never did Dad, never. I swear, I mean if anything I hurt him just like I hurt you. I’m the one who deserves to be…”

“You didn’t deserve what he did to you!!” Dad said slapping the table hard and making me jump. “Don’t ever say that! That sick fuck gave you….” Dad stopped and stared at me as the tears began flowing down my cheeks. After a minute he said quietly;

“My god you don’t know.” He shook his head. “You know I wondered if you would remember.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked as I wiped at my eyes with a napkin.

Dad paused to take a sip of coffee and I saw his hand shaking again. He put the mug down and once more taking my hand across the table said;

“When we went to those sessions while you were in the rehab the therapist had said that there were probably a lot of things that you may not recall. That as much of those terrible times you remembered there would be a lot that your mind would block out.”

I nodded; both because I recalled the conversation with the therapist and that I knew there were things my mind was hazy on. I would get little glimpses sometimes but they would always fade before I could fully grasp them. Like that brief image of my brother over me, lowering himself gently down to me a look of love in his eyes. Dad’s voice brought me back from that fleeting vision.

“I wondered when we started if you knew and were sticking up for him like you always do,” He shook his head. “But you don’t, I can see it in your eyes.” He sighed. “You’re better off then.”

“Then tell me Dad,” I pleaded. Was it possible? Had Mark done something that I couldn’t remember and he wouldn’t bring up? “Please?”

“Absolutely not Megan,” Dad said. “Its better this way trust me.”

“But Dad, you can’t do this to me!” I continued. “I mean you can’t imagine what this is doing to…”

“Doing to you?”

As he spoke Dad leaned forward and when he began speaking his voice was trembling with the effort to keep it down.

“What do you think this does to me? I know what that animal did to you Megan, what he did to my daughter. I told him if I ever saw him in my house again I’d blow his fucking head off.”

“D-dad…?” I trailed off stunned. Dad continued as if I had not spoken.

“Think this hurts you? Your mother thinks she’s upset?” Dad pointed at himself as he spoke. “You have no idea how hard it is for me to hear your mother talk about her wonderful son, how hard it is to listen to tell me how much your brother cares about you.”

“It kills me to hear you say his name, kills me that whenever you come up here you spend more time with him than us, that you always see him first. That he just goes through life like there is nothing wrong.”

Dad let out a long shuddering breath and as he did I saw how red his neck was and his temple was throbbing. I had never seen him this angry. Oh, my brother, what the hell did you do I thought as Dad went on.

“But as much as it hurts me Megan it would hurt me more to see your mother upset. Trust me if she knew Megan…” he paused and took another breath as if he were trying to control himself. “And it would hurt even more to see you get upset over it.” He sat back and laughed disgustedly.

“Of course that’s your brother through and through. Doing what he wants and leaving nothing but pain behind him. Smug bastard knows I’ll never tell. Hell, I’m sure he’s figured out that you blocked it out.” With a sigh he said. “I’m sorry Megan but I won’t tell you. You can try your brother and if he has one shred of decency somewhere in that cesspool he calls a heart he won’t tell you either.”

“Dad you have it wrong,” I tried again. “Whoever this was that you said you found out from they’re lying. I mean why would you believe what someone who had it in for Mark would tell you?”

Looking into my eyes Dad said;

“Because Megan, I heard it straight from the source.”

“What do you…”

“Your brother,” Dad answered softly. “Mark told me himself what he did.”

Looking down at the table dad continued to speak;

“I…found out and I confronted him.”

When dad looked back up there were tears in his eyes but not tears of sadness, more like frustration.

“Not only did he not deny it Megan, he fucking bragged about it! Sat across from me at my own table with that fucking smirk and told me what he did.”

Dad let out a long shuddering breath and continued;

“I swear to Christ Megan, if I’d have had my shotgun next to me I’d have killed him. Instead I told him to get the fuck out and I had better never see him again. That he was dead to me.”

I started to try to speak but dad waved me off;

“So your mother can think what she wants and so can you. And I suppose if you’re happy that should count for something. But I saw the real Mark, Megan and he is a soulless, heartless beast.”

He sat back in his chair and picking up his coffee said;

“There’s a special place in hell for your brother Megan. It’s right next to his father.” He sipped his coffee then smiling grimly said;

“All that I ask is that I live long enough to see him get what he deserves.”


We finished our coffee in silence and when the check came I took it from the waitress as Dad tried to reach for it, and after paying, asked if he were ready to go. We both stood and I walked out without speaking. When we got to Dad’s old Volvo wagon he opened the door for me. As I started to get in he stopped me with his hand on my arm, and putting his arms around me, hugged me close to him. As he held me there he whispered in my ear that he was sorry he upset me that he should not have said some of those things about Mark to me, but he couldn’t help it.

As Dad stepped back from me he started to say something, but I told him to let it go. I had precious little time to spend with him and mom these days and didn’t want to fight, especially not over the past. Dad said okay and I got into the car thinking that enough was enough. I would get the answer from my brother. Mark may be the consummate game player, but at the end of the day I was his weakness. Dominate him, seduce him, plead or find something to threaten him with, my brother would give me what I needed to know.

As Dad got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot I started wondering if this would be a case of be careful of what I wished for. What if Mark had done something to me that I had blocked out? In my heart I doubted that he had. Dad had to be wrong or, I felt my stomach twist at the thought, what if Mark had been playing games with his meds and dad had caught him at just the right time. Mark’s ‘other half’, as he would refer to it as, was absolutely vicious and would say whatever the hell it wanted to whether it was the truth or not. Obviously my parents did not know about Mark’s condition, although mom had once remarked that she swore he was bipolar. If that were true would my brother even remember? Only one way to find out and I was done running from the past. I was no longer a weak, needy emotional basket case. I could handle whatever it was and then I would fix it. Mom, Dad, and Mark were my family and it would be only fitting that the one who had done so much to tear us apart over the years would be the one to make it right.

“Oh Christ, would you look at this!” Dad exclaimed.

Looking up from my thoughts I saw that we had just gotten onto the highway and were in dead stop traffic.

“Yeah I got stuck on the way to Mark’s earlier.” I said quietly.

“Ridiculous.” Dad muttered.

I leaned back in the seat, and turning my head to the right, found myself staring down at several buildings just off the highway. As my eyes idly scanned the houses they seemed to look a bit familiar. My gaze stopped wandering as I focused on a large square two story building. The building had been burned out and all the windows and doors boarded up. There was a sign over the main entrance that if you stared hard enough you could still faintly make out the name;

The Wolves Den.

Underneath were the words “Hottest girls in town.”

Most of those letters were missing but I knew them by heart. After all for about a month I had been one of RI’s hottest girls. The sign of course left out that The Wolves Den had also been a hot spot for cocaine and prostitution. Sadly I had participated in both. Part of my mind told me to look away, as I had earlier when driving through the city. This time however I found myself sliding back to not just that terrible time, but one of the most horrifying events in my life. Even as my mind continued to sound the warning bells I could see the club in its heyday; the stage the smoke, the drugs. I became aware of Dad turning the radio up, and leaning back in the seat I closed my eyes, and let the sins of the past wash over me.

Providence 1996

I pulled into the parking lot of the Wolves Den, and finding a spot left the car running. Sitting there with my hands on the wheel I stared at the club; I didn’t want to go in there. All that was in there for me was humiliation. Dancing on the stage and lap dancing was the least of it. I rubbed at my burning eyes thinking sadly that six years ago at twenty one and before I had let myself get this far I had been a talented beautiful girl who’d only had five lovers. I was still pretty, but hadn’t painted anything in months and now had as many as five men on a good night.

A good night. I put my head down on the steering wheel and could feel tears coming to my eyes. Not that these guys could be considered lovers, I was not there to be their girlfriend, I was just a quick dirty fuck. Most times it was as simple as just bending over the small couch and letting them take me. Most lasted little more than a few minutes, then it was back on stage as if I had been out on a cigarette break. Speaking of, I fumbled in my purse, and removing a pack, took one out and lit it with trembling fingers. Christ I needed a fix. That was where the debate came in; there were several dealers in the club and I could get it all night long. Not for free of course but after every trip to the back I could pay for more.

I knew it was a vicious circle. I was dancing and whoring to get the coke then using the coke to keep myself flying high enough to continue to do what I was doing. I also needed money. The rent was due this weekend and I had nothing. Two nights ago I had made six hundred dollars and come home with a hundred; the rest going up my nose and at the bar after my shift. Home, I thought shaking my head. Where I lived wasn’t a home it was a place. I’d had a nice home once, with parents who loved me, but that was a lifetime ago. I was no longer that pretty little girl with the bright future. Now home was whatever spare room someone had to offer.

Right now I was sharing a dirty three room apartment with another dancer, whose real name I didn’t know, but went by ‘Sadie’. Sadie hadn’t paid rent in two months and if we didn’t have two months by the first we were going to be tossed. We were supposed to be tossed last month but Sadie had fucked the landlord to let us ride. Apparently his wife thought something was funny because it was her we were dealing with now and she wanted the cash. Sadie had worked last night and had brought home half now it was up to me to get the rest.

It didn’t have to be this way. A month ago I had been staying with Tommy and it’s not like he had thrown me out, Tommy would never do that to me. But Tommy was straight now and had been for well over a year. During that time I had flitted in and out of his life but he always took me back. Tommy loved me, why I don’t know. All I had done was treat him poorly. Once when I asked him why he always took me back he said that he was waiting for the real Megan to come back and she was worth the wait.

The real Megan. Who was that? Was she the sweet girl next door type with the big crooked smile and cute little girl laugh that always made other people smile and laugh with her? Or was the real Megan “Raven”; the coked up gothic slut that shook her tits on the stage and bent over for anyone who wanted to pay for it? Seemed more and more as if it were the latter. Last month in one those dreadful times where lack of money had forced me to be straight for more than a couple of days I had looked at Tommy sleeping next to me and had decided I had to leave him. Tommy was doing well and having me around him was dangerous. More than once I had brought coke into the house and once even tried to get him to do it with me. I was messed up at the time and very grateful that he had said no. I had caused enough pain to people who loved me I didn’t need that guilt as well. So I packed up when he went to work and left him a note saying how sorry I was.

I had gotten a job dancing at the Foxy Lady where the clientele was upper class, the money phenomenal, and all you had to do was dance. I had lost that job within a week for showing up wasted and after I got a second chance got caught doing lines in the bathroom. One of the girls that worked there sent me to The Wolves Den where I fit right in. Everyone from the bouncers. to the dancers. to the crowd that hung there were users. I put the cigarette out and looked at the dashboard clock. I was due on stage in twenty minutes. If I didn’t work tonight I would not have a place to live. I also would have to deal with being straight.

Then again, there was always Mark. I could go stay with him for a little while and get myself together as I had many other times. I let out a small sob as I thought of my brother, who I hadn’t seen in well over a month. Not for lack of trying on his part. Mark had called Tommy several times looking for me and had even stopped at some of the places that I would hang around in. As much as it pained me to do so I was avoiding him. Not that Mark had not seen me messed up before because God knew he had seen me in pretty rough shape, but to find out I was working in a place like this would kill him. Bad enough he had posted bail for me three months ago when I had been arrested for soliciting a police officer in a bar.

The last time I had seen Mark we had spent the weekend together and I had made sure I had been clean a few days before I saw him. Although it was no secret about my habits I always did the best I could to look okay when I was with him. The weekend had been nice until the end when, while lying in bed, Mark brought up me going into an inpatient treatment center. That turned into an argument and I had ended up telling Mark that I was none of his fucking business and to leave me alone. I had stormed out of his apartment and had not seen him since. I did call him a couple of days later in tears and apologized to him. He had said to forget it and wanted to see me, but I needed to keep my distance until I felt as if I could handle it.

Unlike me, Mark was doing just fine for himself. Now in his last year at Suffolk, Mark already had an internship with a good firm in Providence that most likely would make him an offer when he graduated. Mark was still bartending, but at a high end country club that Alex had gotten him into. The tips were phenomenal and Mark had told me that he had met several wealthy married women that slipped him their number and who paid him to pretty much fuck the shit out of them while their husbands were away. Ironic that Mark was also selling himself but in a very different way; somehow my brother had even managed to make prostitution look good.

Mark currently had a nice two bedroom apartment in North Providence that he kept telling me I was more than welcome to share with him. I could either go into the club and get fucked up again or go to my brother and let him take care of me. I looked at my trembling hands, and quickly before I changed my mind, shut the car off and dropping the keys in my purse got out of the car. I slammed the door of Sadie’s beat to hell old nova so it would stay shut and walked across the parking lot towards the rear of the building.

“Hey honey what’s your hurry?”

I turned to see three college kids leaning against the corner of the club smoking. I was wearing a short denim mini skirt with a tight white t-shirt and black heels. Jack Wolf, the owner of the club as well, as the head of the notorious Devil’s own biker gang, wanted us to look sexy on the way in to get the guys wanting to see more.

“C’mon over hear sweetie!” Another guy called.

I was ready to walk away when a slight breeze carried the sweet smell of marijuana over to me. Turning, I sauntered over to them, and stopping next to the one with the joint said;

“Hey sexy, don’t suppose you wanna share?”

This had come out in the soft, sultry and slightly raspy voice I used when I was in the club. Sad to say however, the rasp was not intentional, but was the product of several years of chain smoking.

“Sure, honey.” The kid answered as he passed me the joint.

I took a hit from it, and closing my eyes, held the smoke in my lungs as long as I could before letting it out. I went to hand it back but the kid waved me off.

“Go ahead baby take a couple.”

I took another and passing it back to him thanked him.

“How about you thank me behind the building sweetie?” The kid asked with a wink.

“We got more in the car and a bottle of southern how about you party with us?”

“Oh yeah?” I asked. “With all of you?”

“Sure,” One of the other kids laughed. “We can go one at a time or you can give us the group discount what do you figure?”

I stared hard at him, and resisting the urge to smack him, forced a sexy smile and leaning forward said in the kid with the joint’s ear.

“Tell you what baby, you come on in and spend some money on me and my friends and I’ll see about getting you some fun.”

“Aww come on hon we don’t have that kind of money.” He grinned. “How about a student discount?”

“See you inside boys.” I said, and turning, walked away from them towards the back entrance.

“Cock tease!!” One of them yelled.

I entered through the back way nodding to the bouncer who watched that door and made my way upstairs. The club itself was on the first floor and consisted of several stages spread out in four rooms and one large room that consisted of the bar and the main stage. The smaller stages in the other rooms were reserved for private parties and some of the bigger spenders. The parties were big money if you were willing to fuck the guest of honor in front of the rest of the room. I had thought in the beginning that I could have never, but two hundred dollars was a lot of money. I shuddered as I pictured myself bent over a chair being fucked by a guy due to get married in a week while his friends clapped and cheered.

I needed a fix; reaching the landing of the second floor which was a large open area with a second smaller bar, and a dozen small rooms along the corridor which were our dressing rooms. The rooms were also referred to “The fantasy rooms” and were where we would bring the guys who paid for private dances. Not that there was any dancing involved, it was for sex and sex only. As I made my way across the room, I stopped at the bar where Rick, one of the bouncers was leaning smoking a cigarette.

“Hey baby.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. “How’s my favorite guy in the club doing tonight?”

“I’m good Megan.” He answered grinning. “Hard at work.”

Rick was a big guy, over six feet and well over two hundred pounds, but was surprisingly soft spoken and a genuinely nice guy. All the girls liked him, as most of the bouncers were arrogant jerks. I had hooked up with Rick after a party my first week there and had fooled around with him a couple of times since. Like every bouncer there Rick also had cocaine on him, which they sold to the girls and other employees. Any coke that went to customers was sold by members of the Devil’s own when they were there or the two bartenders, both of which were street dealers who didn’t even get paid for their bartending work.

“Really?” I asked smiling. “Let’s see.”

With that I reached down and squeezed his cock through his jeans. Rick laughed but then stopped as I continued to rub back and forth. I was standing in front of him and I doubted anyone could see. Not that it would matter in this place. Last week, after hours Sadie had a fucked the bartender right on the bar while people called out bets on how quick he would get off.

“Don’t tease Megan,” Rick said as I felt his sizable cock growing hard under my touch. “It’s going to be a long night.”

“But you’ll have me to look forward to.” I told him.

Still rubbing with my hand I leaned into his ear and whispered;

“Hey honey how about some in advance for your favorite girl.”

“I can’t Megan.” Rick said, and grabbing my wrist, gently pushed my hand away.

“C’mon Rick you know I’ll pay you!” I winked “One way or another.”

“Listen Megan, a couple of us came up a little light last week. You stiffed me a hundred and I had to put it in myself. Jack reamed our asses and told us no fronting.”

“Rick the night’s just started you know I’ll get at least one, and as soon as they…”

“Megan I can’t.” Rick said simply. “If we keep giving in to you girls Jack’s going to have all his devil’s in here. And for the record they’ll be sampling you girls all night and you know it.”

I sighed and let it go. I didn’t want Rick to get in trouble.

“Come see me after work and we can party some if you want.” Rick said. “But I won’t have my own until then.”

“Okay honey.” I told him forcing a smile.

I went down the hallway, and entering my room, turned on the light wishing to hell I’d been able to get something so I didn’t have to be in here in my right mind. The room was small with a makeup table and chair against one wall and that god awful sweat-and worse-stained couch against the other. Walking over to the locker in the corner, I manipulated the combination lock and opened the door. Reaching up under my hair I immediately removed the locket that mom gave me years ago. There was no way I could wear that in here. Stripping down to my black thong, I reached into the locker and removed one of the outfits that were hung up in there.

I pulled on an extremely short, tight, black skirt. Then put on a shirt that was really more of a vest that was held together with lengths of chain that snapped off with the flick of a finger. Underneath the vest my small but perky tits were bare. Well bare except for the barbell piercings I had gotten a few weeks ago. One of the bouncers worked in a tattoo and piercing shop and did all the girls from the club for free. Reaching into the locker once more, I pulled out a long sheer black cape, and fastened it around my neck. I grabbed the black studded dog collar from the top shelf and after putting that on, picked up the boots from the bottom and sat down in front of the table.

After pulling on the knee high black stiletto boots I faced the mirror and began to put on my makeup. I did my eyes in heavy black eye shadow and my lips in blood red; both colors standing out against my ivory complexion. I had to use my left hand to steady my right as I applied the thick black eyeliner to prevent myself from poking my eye. Finishing, I looked sadly at myself in the mirror. My once beautiful ice blue eyes were dim and tinged with red, and my skin seemed more pasty than fair. That’s okay; I thought disgustedly, it wasn’t my face they were watching.

Reaching back I removed my long raven black hair from its pony tail and let it cascade down my back. I was ready to get up, then looking down at a small jewelry box on the table, sighed and reached into it. Removing a condom from it, I slipped it into the top of my left boot. Looking once again in the mirror I whispered;

“You’re a whore Megan.”

I closed my eyes and fought back the tears that would ruin my makeup, and after taking a deep breath stood up, and left the room. I walked past a couple of bouncers and went by one of the girls, a short petite redhead who was leading a bald, overweight guy by the hand. I winced as I went by. Technically we could say no; lie, and say we were already spoken for, and just lose out on the money. We were also told that if we were caught saying no too often we would get canned. So far I had been fortunate and had only ducked one or two. There had been a guy similar to the one I had just seen last week, but by then I’d sniffed the equivalent on an eight ball, and barely remembered letting him take me.

I had just reached the bottom of the stairs, and was going to work the floor for a few minutes before my name was called, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Goddamn girl I love that look!”

I stopped, feeling that familiar twist in my stomach, however by the time I turned around I had a huge practiced smile on my face.

“Yeah baby?” I asked softly before I had even gotten a good look at the guy. “You like bad girls?”

“Damn straight!” The guy said looking me up and down as I approached him.

It could be worse I suppose. The guy, who looked to be in his forties, was tall and thin with graying hair and rather dull brown eyes. He was dressed in a pair of decent jeans and a polo shirt. I had learned early on that the high rollers did not come in here because of the crowd and the college kids were lucky to be able to afford a few dollars around the stage. It was this type of guy, a blue collar to middle class type who had saved up some money and was looking to have a little fun.

“Yeah well that’s just great baby.” I whispered as I stood directly in front of him, and reaching out, ran a long red fingernail gently down his cheek. “Because this girl loves to be bad.”

“I’ll bet.” The guy said, as holding up a five dollar bill, looked deliberately down at my barely concealed tits.

“You want a peek honey?”

Reaching up, I unsnapped the first chain, and pulling the vest open with both hands, exposed my tits to him.

“Oh look at those.” The guy said softly, his voice trembling with excitement.

As he started to hand me the five, I smiled at him, and taking his hand in my right, pushed it down to where I pulled the elastic band of the skirt over so he could see the string of my thong.

“Right there honey.” I told him.

I noticed that not only was his hand shaking but there was a silver wedding band on his finger. First timer no doubt about it, desperate for some fun, but afraid to get caught. In that case the club was perfect; as close to anonymous sex as you could get. He slipped the five into my thong as he stared longingly at my tits.

“Like them baby?”

“I-I love them.” He said. “I like those piercings, you are a bad girl aren’t you…”

“Raven baby,” I said in my smoky voice. “You can call me Raven.”

“Raven.” He repeated in a whisper as I put my fingers on the barbells, and twisted them lightly back and forth.

“Yeah baby, and Raven loves to be a bad girl.” I leaned forward, and putting my lips to his ear, gave him a playful nip on the ear lobe that made him gasp and whispered; “And I can be your bad girl baby. You and I can go right upstairs to the fantasy room and you can let this bad girl be oh so good to you.”

“I..” he hesitated nervously. “We can do that?”

“Hmmm-mmm” I told him as I leaned forward and rubbed my bare tits across his chest.”You go over to that bar and buy a twenty five dollar ticket then we go up and you decide how bad I’m going to be.”

“Ummm… I… ohhh.” He moaned, as dropping my hand down, I grabbed his cock.

“Fifty for my pretty red lips, and a hundred for my even prettier lips.”

I stepped back from him and gave him a little twirl, flipping the cape and skirt up to give him a good look at my ass. When I came back to face him I asked;

“So you want to be bad with me baby?”

“Okay.” He all but gasped out.

Taking his hand, I pulled his arm around my waist and took him over to the bar to get his ticket. The price of the ticket went to the club, and whatever I got upstairs was mine. Once he paid I took his hand and led him upstairs towards my room. As I passed Rick I looked longingly at him, hoping that if he saw me with someone he would call me over and give me a bag. He was busy watching another girl giving a lap dance and I let out a sigh of resignation, oh how I hated to do this without something to calm my nerves.

As we entered my room I flipped the switch that lit the bulb over the door so the bouncers knew I had someone in there. When I closed the door I glanced at the chain next to it to make sure it hadn’t gotten stuck in the door. Turning to face the guy I smiled at him;

“So baby, how bad you gonna let me be?”

“I… well I only have fifty.”

“Okay honey then my pretty red lips it is.”

He stood there looking nervously around, and I put my hand out.

“Oh yeah sure.”

Reaching into his pocket he counted out five tens and started to hand them to me. Just before I closed my hand on the money he seemed to hesitate.

“Aww c’mon baby.” I said softly as I licked my tongue slowly across my upper lip. “Let me make it all better.

He handed me the money, and after I put it on the table behind me, I removed the cape and pointed towards the couch. He walked over to it and looked around.

“Do I sit or stand?”

“Whatever you want honey.” I answered as I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I could feel my own hands starting to tremble and felt sick to my stomach. How was I not used to this?

“I want to stand it’s nastier that way.” He said grinning like a teenager.

I walked over in front of him, and putting my hands on his shoulders, once again rubbed my tits across his shirt and shimmied my way down to my knees. Reaching out I unzipped his and pulled them and his underwear down over his hips. His cock was only semi hard and I could hear him breathing fast. He was nervous and I found myself looking at his wedding band idly wondering where his wife was.

“Its okay honey just relax.” I whispered.

Taking his cock in my hand I started pumping it, quickly bringing him to a full erection. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes, and in my mind envisioned my forest; the trees, the animals and most importantly the peace that it brought me. Leaning forward I opened my mouth and taking in just the head swirled my tongue around a couple of times before taking him all the way into my mouth. He groaned and his hips twitched. I held his cock in my mouth for a minute then, keeping my tongue pressed to his shaft, began bobbing my head, slowly at first, but then picking up speed.

The entire time I was sucking I tried to stay focused on the green trees and sanctuary of my childhood refuge. My hands were on his hips and I could already feel them starting to rock back and forth. Suddenly he pulled his cock from my mouth. I looked up at him.

“What is it baby?”

“I… it’s just quick ummm can you slow up a little?”

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes I nodded, and once more taking him in my mouth, went slowly down the length of his cock. I felt his hands on my shoulders and after a few seconds they started to drift down a little before stopping.

“Can I?”

Taking his hands, I pulled them down into my vest, and onto my tits. I could feel his hands shaking as he squeezed them once then started pulling on the barbells.

“Easy baby.” I whispered as I took his cock from my mouth.

I went back to sucking his cock, going slower than I had been. After all I had only been at it for a minute if that. As I continued to blow him he toyed with my nipples and I barely felt it. Normally my nipples were extremely sensitive but back here I was all but numb. I started sucking faster and could hear his breathing become heavier. I sped up a little more and he gasped;

“Oh slow down a little I…ohhh”

As he spoke I had reached up, and grabbing his balls, began to massage them. With a sudden groan that sounded like a whimper his cock went off and I let out a very soft whimper of my own as his cum flooded my mouth and went down my throat. As he came I lost the forest in my mind and simply kept my eyes closed not wanting to look at him as he came. I sucked a couple of more times until there was nothing left, and with a grimace swallowed the last of it. I quickly stood up, and grabbing a box of tissues, tried to hand them to him.

“Here honey, don’t want wifey seeing that lipstick now do you?”

“That’s it?” he asked.

That’s probably what his wife says I thought but simply smiled and said;

“Sorry hon,” I then added against my will. “Unless you want to pay me to….”

“That wasn’t even five minutes!”

He had pulled his jeans up and suddenly seemed angry. Taking a couple of causal steps backwards I put myself within arm’s length of the door.

“Well I’m sorry baby.” I said simply. “I guess you liked my lips.”

“For fifty fucking dollars you could have at least teased me you little slut!”

“Hey I’m not your wife hon.” I told him getting angry myself. I knew damn well I was a slut and didn’t need any reminders from a two timing rat. “You want foreplay try staying home.”

“Well I want some of my money back I…”

Before he could finish I reached out and pulled the chain. A bell rang, and within seconds the door flew open and Keith the head bouncer came in.

“Hey, you alright Megan?”

I nodded feeling a surge of mixed emotions go through me. I was glad to have someone come in but Keith of all people. Keith was the older brother of Carson, the drug dealer who several years ago along with two of his thugs was going to rape me over money I owed them. Mark had not only beaten all three of them but knocked Carson’s teeth out with the handle of a knife and sent them to Keith. Keith had decided to let it go back then rather than test my brother but since then had spent the last few years talking about how much he hated Mark. Since I had been working there he busted my balls constantly. But at the moment he was here to protect me.

“You have a problem with my girl?” he demanded.

The guy stood there nervously trying to find his voice and I didn’t blame him. Keith was around six feet and although not huge was heavily muscled and, much like my brother back in the day, had an aura of pure mayhem about him. Keith had electric blue eyes which at the moment were shining brightly and I had no doubt he had already been sampling his own merchandise.

“I asked you a question.” Keith repeated.

Keith was wearing a tank top exposing the huge tattoos that covered his powerful biceps. One was a huge red dragon and the other the crest of the USMC. Keith was an accomplished martial artist who, like my brother, had once competed nationally only to be disqualified for drug use.

“I don’t think I got my money’s worth.” The guy finally got out.

“Megan did you take care of him?” Keith asked his eyes never leaving the man’s face.

“I did, he seems to think it’s my fault he’s quick.” I replied.

“Oh? Well first off friend I don’t blame you. Raven here does have the hottest mouth in the club.” At that he turned and gave me a nasty wink. “But it’s not her fault you’re a two pump chump, next time jerk off first.” He nodded towards the door. “Now get the fuck out of here. I don’t need anyone giving my girls shit.”

“Umm yes sir.” The guy stammered nervously.

“And I don’t mean this room I mean out of the damn club. I see your dumb ass around here again I’ll break your arms got it?”

The guy nodded and all but ran from the room. Keith watched him, then laughing, turned to face me. Keith did remind me very much of my brother, same build, same attitude and also damn good looking. Keith had blonde hair to go along with those deep blue eyes that most girls swooned for. Never mind his body, and throw in the fact that he could get his hands on as much blow as possible, Keith never had a problem scoring.

“You cool Megan?” he asked.

“I’m fine Keith thank you.” I said quietly.

“Hey that’s what I’m here for.” He said grinning. “Gotta take care of my girls no?”

With that Keith reached out and gave my right tit a quick squeeze. I slapped at his hand, but he was too fast, pulling it back before I could hit him.

“So when you gonna take care of me?”.

“When hell freezes over.” I told him as I closed my vest back up.

“Oh for Christ’s sakes Megan, I’m like the only guy here you haven’t fucked.”

“That’s not true.” I said although there had been a few.

“Well hey let’s break the ice,” He smirked. “I’ll hook you up Megan; you can keep your money and fly high all night. All you gotta do is give me a shot at that pretty little body of yours.”

I stared at him for a minute and found thinking about it. An entire night of coke and I could have all my money! I could…

“No.” I said disgusted that I had even been considering it.

Keith laughed.

“That’s okay, I really only want to fuck you because your Mark’s sister.” He shrugged. “Tell you what Megan you make my day every time I see you here. Bad ass Mark Phillips Mr. law school and here’s his big sis sucking cock in my club. Love it.”

“Your club?” I asked, forcing myself not to look weak in front of him. “You buy it from Jack? He know you say it’s your club?”

“Watch your mouth Megan.” Keith said seriously. “Or I’ll be watching it in the back and you won’t have a choice.”

“My brother would kill you.” I said staring him in the eye. “And you know it.”

“Your brother’s been a broke dick since that fucking trial. Shot his wad after he almost killed that guy. He’s an Ivy league pussy now, hangs around with the snobs.” Keith snorted. “Doesn’t matter, I don’t want your skanky ass anyways.”

Keith walked out of the room, and started to close the door, but Julie, another dancer popped her head in and said;

“You’re up in five Megan.”

I nodded and when she closed the door I grabbed a bottle of mouth wash from the table and after swishing some around spit it out disgustedly into the trash basket. I put the cape back on and leaving the room went over to the bar where Rick was still sitting.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I will be soon.” I told him as I handed him the fifty.

Rick reached into his pocket and handed me a gram bag. I quickly went back into my room and removing a compact put it on the table. Pouring the coke out I took a small razor blade from off the table and with my hands shaking slowly cut it into lines. Taking a five from my purse I rolled it up tightly and without hesitation sniffed up the first line. I closed my eyes as my nose burned but my body began to react to that oh so sweet tingle. I quickly did a second line.

When I had first started a line would have me flying for a long time now however a bag was one hit for me. I looked at the remaining two lines and told myself to scrape it back into the bag. I would need more tonight and I needed to go home with money. Oh the hell with it I thought. The night was young and I would make plenty of money! Matter of fact I could already feel a hell of a show coming on. I smiled and did the last two lines in rapid succession.

“Oh goddamn!!” I exclaimed as I threw my head back and reveled in the sensation of the coke racing through my veins.

Picking up the mirror I licked my finger and wiping up the last of the coke put it in my mouth and greedily sucked on it. I tossed the mirror down and looking at myself in the mirror said;

“Showtime Raven!” Laughing, I spun in a quick circle and as I came around threw my arms in the air and let out another loud laugh.

Leaving the room, I all but skipped down the hallway, and by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs I felt as if I were going to explode. As I was passing the DJ he yelled over to me.

“They have a birthday boy out there honey they’re going to put him up for a dance.” He winked and said; “If they offer go for it!”

“Oh they’ll offer!” I called out.

I approached the back of the stage and saw Simone, a tall black girl wearing just a red thong walking off the stage.

“Hey stick around if you want to make a few extra dollars.” I called out to her.

Simone looked over at me and smiling sat down at the back of the stage. I got to the bottom of the stairs that led up to the stage and awaited my cue. A moment later I heard the DJ call out that The Wolves Den was proud to present their newest and hottest dancer; the dark and beautiful Raven! Right after my name was called Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls began blasting through the speakers. I stepped up onto the stage and after taking a quick strut around and eyeing the crowd turned towards the center of the stage, and taking a couple of running steps, threw myself onto the pole. Grabbing it, I spun myself easily around, kicking my legs up in the air and letting my head drop so that after one spin I was upside down.

Letting my legs hit the floor I stood up, and holding the pole with one hand, let myself lazily spin around it a couple of times. Spinning away from the pole I gyrated over to the side of the stage where a couple of kids were waving dollars at me. Putting my back to them I bent over backwards, putting my head in one of their laps, and allowing them to shove a couple of dollars down into my vest. Sitting up, I playfully shook my hair in their faces, before prancing away. Hitting the middle of the stage again I went into a wild spin throwing my head back and letting both my cape and my long hair fly about.

Reaching up I flipped the clasp of the cape so that it sailed off me and landed on one of the guys over to the right of me.

“Over hear baby!”

Looking over I saw two guys waving bills. I spun myself over that way, and putting my back, to them reached around and unzipped my skirt part way. Leaning back I shook my ass, and getting my meaning, one of the guys reached out, and grabbing the edges of the skirt, pulled it down as I shimmied back and forth helping him work it off my hips.

I stepped out of it and dropping to my knees slowly ground my hips in a circular motion in his face.

“Damn that’s a hot ass!” The guy exclaimed as he slid a couple of dollars into my thong.

Rolling over into a sitting position I smiled, and stretching my leg out, put it on his friends shoulder. The guy laughed and started to put a dollar into my thong. As he did I grabbed my thong at the crotch and held it. The guy looked at me then grinning dropped the one and pulled out a five. As he slipped it into the string at my hip I pulled my thong to the side showing him my smooth pink pussy.

“Oh damn.” He whispered.

I pushed myself up on my elbows, shoving my pussy right up to his face, and pumped my hips a couple of times. I rolled over onto my hands and knees and very slowly crawled over to three college kids whose eyes were all but bugging out of their heads as I came over to them on all fours. When I reached the edge of the stage I rolled over onto my back on the ledge and stretched so that I was laid out in front of all three of them. I put my hands up over my head and started slowly thrusting my hips up and down. One of the kids leaned over and slid a dollar into my shirt. Before he could move away, I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down into a quick kiss.

He pulled his head back and turned beet red as his friends laughed at him. I stood up on the ledge in front of the other two, and once again grabbed at my thong. They each came up with a five and I pulled the thong to the side and stood there letting them take in my pussy at face level. Grabbing them each by their hair I took turns quickly shoving their faces between my legs. I spun away from them laughing at the looks on their faces. I felt absolutely electric! I could do this all night and who cared what these assholes thought? They were the ones pathetic enough to pay for it!

“Whoa!” The Dj yelled over the mic “Raven we have a birthday boy here who needs some attention.

I turned around to see one of the bouncers putting a chair up on the stage. Two guys hopped up all but dragging a third, who could have barely been twenty up onto the stage. As I slowly approached, swinging my hips, and swaying to the music, which had turned into Ted Nugents Stranglehold, one of the guys held out a couple of twenties. From a standing position I put my foot up onto his shoulder getting a cheer from the crowd. I grabbed his hand, and put it up on my bare upper thigh. He caressed my thigh then slowly slid his hand down the length of my leg and slipped the twenties into the edge of my boot. The two hopped off the stage and leaning over the to the young guy in the chair I whispered;

“No worries baby just have fun.”

Stepping back I spun, bringing my left leg up and around over his head. I immediately stepped forward so I was straddling his legs and sat in his lap. After wiggling around for a minute I let myself bend backwards until my hands touched the floor. I then swung my legs up so that they were up on his shoulders and my pussy inches from his face. Moving quickly I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled his face into my crotch as I started to wildly buck my hips. As I was in that position I saw Simone watching and called her name. Still dressed in just her red thong and heels, her large tits with their perfect chocolate colored nipples swaying, Simone slowly sauntered over to us.

Leaning over me Simone, reached out, and slipping my thong to the side, slipped her fingers into my pussy inches from the guys face.

“Holy shit!” Someone called out and several bills landed around us.

With Simone still holding my thong to the side I shoved my pussy into the kids face and to the cheers of the guys ground it into his face. Before he could react Simone grabbed the back of his head and held it in place while the guys all laughed. I let out a startled yelp as I felt the guys tongue thrust into my pussy and there was another cheer. I stayed like that for a minute letting him get in a few licks that now that I was feeling better, admittedly felt pretty damn good.

‘Ohhh and I thought it was your birthday!” I called out to get them going

I dropped my legs to the floor, and reached up to Simone, who grabbing my hand, pulled me back into a sitting position on his lap.

As the music continued to blare, and I started grinding my hips in a circular motion, I could feel his cock pressing into me through his jeans. I s raised my arms over my head and stepping behind me Simone slowly, one at a time, began to undo the chains that held my vest together. When she got to the last one she hesitated and when more bills hit the stage she whipped the vest off of me. The guys cheered as I leaned forward and shoved my right tit into the guy’s mouth. The cheers grew louder, as coming around to the side, Simone fastened her lips to my other nipple. I let out a moan and as I watched Simone’s dark lips around my ivory tit felt myself getting wet.

I started grinding faster onto the guys lap and he began moaning around my nipple. I started bucking even harder and he began gasping. Simone stepped behind me, and taking my cue I leaned all the way back, holding myself up by holding onto his arms. Simone instantly swung one of her long dark legs over my head and stood there straddling my face. The guys instantly tossed money onto the stage, and a loud cheer went up as Simone pulled her thong to the side with one hand while spreading her pussy open. I immediately plunged my tongue into her hot pink pussy and after a couple of thrusts slid it up to swirl around her clit.

Simone moaned loudly and so did I as I took in the sweet taste and musky scent. The guy was grinding his hips into mine and I could hear him moaning. Someone in the audience started calling for me to get him off and several others began to clap. Sitting up quickly I glanced over at the DJ who looked over at Bill who ran the floor. Bill looked around the room then held up all the fingers of both hands.

“A hundred!” the dj called out.

A rain of bills hit the stage and I looked down to see several tens, and nodding at Simone, I stood up. Quickly reaching down, Simone, with a practiced ease, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I reached into the edge of my boot, and removing a condom, passed it to Simone. Slipping it out of the wrapper, Simone popped it in her mouth, and sticking her head between my legs slipped it over the guys cock. As Simone bobbed her head several times I shoved my tit into the guys mouth and as she continued to suck I saw his eyes roll back into his head. He was already almost there. Easy money.

Simone pulled her head away and held his cock up for me. I hesitated for a moment then after wiggling my hips teasingly, dropped down impaling myself on his cock. I let out a loud exaggerated moan and the guys all cheered wildly. I pulled my legs up so that I was kneeling on his legs and began bouncing up and down as hard as I could. The guy was gasping and moaning and I could already feel him getting close. Simone reached around and started playing with my nipples. I slowed up a little to let the guy enjoy his money a little bit more and admittedly to allow Simone’s long red fingernails more time to tease my now very sensitive nipples. Simone gave them a light pinch and I let out a yelp that got another loud reaction from the crowd. I lifted myself all the way off of his cock and lowering myself stopped about halfway down.

Taking her cue Simone reached down and grabbing his cock started to jerk him off with one hand while rubbing his balls. He let out a loud gasp and after Simone removed her hand I started slamming myself up and down on him as hard as I could. With a loud cry, that got a huge laugh from some of the guys, I felt the guy start to cum. I continued to fuck him as he gasped and moaned, and then began gently grinding back and forth on his lap until after on last gasp he asked me to stop.

Leaning forward I gave him a kiss.

“Happy birthday baby.” I whispered in his ear.

I eased myself off of him, and after taking a bow, Simone and I picked up all of the money and left the stage to a standing ovation.

“Damn” Simone said laughing. “What did that take one we started five minutes?”

“Longer than the creep I was with earlier.” I said as I started to count the money already noticing that I had enough for another visit to Rick. I turned as I heard Billy behind us.

“Twenty five from each of you for the house.”

I rolled my eyes and handed him fifty dollars. Simone took fifty which left me with a close to a hundred and fifty. Before she walked away Simone smiled and asked if I wanted to come by her place later and play. I told her sure why not? The club had been turning me off to men in general and I had been enjoying the company of women quite often these days. I went back onto the stage to grab my clothes, then after getting dressed immediately went to find Rick and get another gram. All that dancing had burned off a lot of my rush and it was going to be such a good night I wouldn’t have to worry about the money.

Three hours later the night wasn’t so good. There was a decent crowd but no one was spending. I’d spent the hundred and fifty with Rick and now only had about twenty five on me. Worse than that was I had already crashed again making me wonder how good the stuff Jack was selling these days really was. There was only three hours left to my shift and I needed to get the damn rent money. I heard my name called to go up on one of the small stages in the other room and I quickly went over there hoping that maybe I could get enough money to get through the night.

There were only a few people around the stage and they seemed barely interested as I slowly stripped to an old slow dance mix. I worked one side of the stage which was all college kids and got a few dollars. I strutted over to the other side where there were three guys in suits and felt my hopes rise. They looked like they were the type to pay for some fun. I sat down in front of one who was holding out a ten and after putting my legs on his shoulders showed him my pussy.

“Very nice.” He said smiling.

“Yeah baby?” I asked.” You like my pretty little pussy.”

“I do.” He nodded.

“Yeah well this pretty little pussy could be all yours baby.” I told him.

“Oh yeah?”

“That’s right baby, just me and you upstairs you can have this pussy all to yourself.”

“And everything that the guys before me had too I’ll bet.” The guy said smirking. “Sorry hon I’m not one for sloppy seconds.”

As he and his friends laughed I turned away so they couldn’t see me blush and walked off the stage. I picked up my clothes, and after slipping them back on in the bathroom, sat in the stall and cried. Not just over that remark but I couldn’t believe I had fucked a guy on stage like that. Everything just seemed so right when I was feeling good. Afterwards though… I stood up and after wiping at my eyes, went back out onto the floor. I was getting ready to go work one of the rooms when Janice, another dancer who was the acting hostess tonight, came over to me.

“Hey Megan. I have one for you!”

“Where?” I asked looking around.

“He’s up in your room.”

“My room?”

“Yeah he asked for you by name and bought his ticket. Said you looked hot and he couldn’t wait.”

“Well that’s great Janice but I like to at least see them.” Even as I said that I thought; who are you kidding you slut you’re desperate.

“Trust me Megan, I have no idea why this guy is here because I doubt he’d ever have to pay for it.”


“Shit Megan, if I wasn’t working the damn door I’d have hopped him myself. He looks like women should pay him.”

“Okay.” I said and started to head upstairs.

I was already playing the game of; I could get one more hit then try to get the rent money when I heard a commotion near the front. I turned and felt my stomach twist. Jack Wolf had come in and had at least eight of the Devils own with him. None of the girls liked to see them coming. More often than not they would fuck the girls and leave without paying. Jack would usually make good for them but not all the time. The worse thing was that they were at times extremely rough and a couple of times more than one of them would fuck the same girl pushing them into threesomes and once made a girl run a train.

The bouncers were afraid of them and did nothing. Most of the bouncers were like Rick, just big guys who could throw some weight around but these guys were dangerous, most of them ex cons and the type to fight at the drop of a hat. I let out a long shuddering breath and started to head upstairs. Normally they were only here on the weekends, which was why I only did weeknights the money was better on the weekends but I would not chance these guys. I obviously had gotten over a lot of my sex hang-ups but I was either stoned or in control. The thought of being taken by one of those animals made me shake. I would take care of the guy waiting for me and maybe lay low. Screw the rent I was not about to get gang banged.

I had just made the stairs when I heard my name called. I turned and froze like a dear in headlights as I saw Jack Wolf coming over to me with one of his guys. I stood there as they approached hoping I didn’t look nervous.

“Hey Hawk,” Wolf was saying to the other guy. “This is Raven, the girl I told you about.”

Wolf was in his sixties but still a big ruggedly built guy with studs in both ears and a long grey pony tail. Wolf had been in gangs since he was a teenager and was one of the most feared dealers in the state. Mark had once told me that Wolf and Mitch had ridden together years ago and that Wolf was a crazy bastard even by biker standards. Several years ago Wolf had approached Mark about being his head bouncer and my brother had declined because of the drugs. Wolf had hired Keith instead. Wolf made a fortune at the club because he himself did no drugs of any kind and didn’t even sleep with any of the girls the club was pure business to him. His cronies on the other hand…

The man with Wolf was shorter and looked to be in his forties. He was broad shouldered and dirty looking. That last thought was confirmed, when I could smell him before he reached me.

“Shit Jack she is hot!” Hawk smiled at me and I saw he was missing a couple of teeth. “Hey honey Jack said you and me are going to have some fun!”

“Ummm… well yeah sure.” I said already feeling my legs start to tremble.

“There you go Raven!” Wolf said. “That’s what I want to hear.” He smiled. “Now you guys go and…”

“Um I have somebody waiting.” I said quickly.

“Well screw that!” Hawk snapped. “She’s mine.”

Oh god I thought, but Wolf answered;

“Calm down, business is business if she has someone then she’ll take care of that first.” He put his hand on Hawk’s shoulder. “Besides those guys get fucking quickies Raven is going to really take good care of you aren’t you baby?”


As I started to speak Wolf reached out and held a white packet in front of me. Shit, that had to be at least three grams!

“Gonna show Hawk why you’re my best girl right Raven?”

“Of course. Mr. Wolf.” I said taking the packet with trembling fingers.

Damn there was enough here to make me completely numb. Still what if it turned into more than just Hawk? The girl they ran a train on had been given a hundred dollars and an eight ball but six guys had fucked her so hard she didn’t come back to work for a week. Maybe I could slip out the back. Take the coke and screw stay with Mark. No they would find me and even my brother couldn’t handle these guys.

“Well go take care of your customer and hurry back.” Wolf said.

I nodded and started to turn, but catching me by the arm Wolf said.

“Hey Raven turn around.”

I nervously did as he said. Wolf moved my cape to the side and I felt his finger touch the Baphomet tattoo I had on the small of my back.

“See why I like her Hawk?”

“There you go she’s one of us!” Hawk laughed as he tapped the emblem stitched into his vest. The emblem was a small Baphomet with Devils Own over it. “Hey Wolf does that mean we can initiate her?”

Wolf laughed then sent a chill down my spine as he said;

“I don’t think so Hawk I need her to be able to use her pussy, can’t get her all stretched out now can we?”

I turned and hurriedly walked away from them. I went upstairs wondering what the hell I could do. There was no way out of the second floor. Wolf had nailed the windows shut and removed the fire escape so no one could slip out with drugs or money. I entered the bathroom and going back into the stall opened the packet and pouring a little out snorted it right off the edge of my hand. As I sat there letting the drug take hold I figured I would take care of whoever was waiting then maybe try to slip out unnoticed. Looking down I poured a little more into my hand and snorted. I gasped as I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I sat there on the toilet taking deep breaths while my heart slowed down, and finally sealing the bag, and slipping it into the top of my boot, left the bathroom and went down to my room which had the bulb lit over it.

Taking a deep breath, I walked in to find the small light on the table turned towards the wall leaving half the room in darkness. Standing in front of the couch, his back to me stood a well dressed man wearing a wine colored dress shirt and black slacks,. High end for this place I thought. The figure was standing in the shadows and had not turned around yet. Closing the door behind me I said softly;

“Hey baby I’m Raven. I heard you were looking for me.”

“Oh I’ve been looking for you alright!” An all too familiar voice said.

“Mark.” I said softly.

“In the flesh.” My brother said turning around to face me and stepping out of the shadows. “Why hello there Raven!” he exclaimed.

As Mark stepped up to me I couldn’t help but notice the difference between us. My brother had never looked better. Mark’s thick black hair was gelled and brushed back and he was deeply tanned. Mark was clean shaven which he was most of the time these days showing off his smooth flawless features. The shirt he was wearing was an Armani and had probably cost him close to a hundred dollars and I had no doubt that the black slacks he was wearing were just as expensive. When Mark stopped just in front of me he raised his hands in a here I am gesture and I noticed he was wearing the black Movado watch Alex had given him for his PC graduation.

More than his looks and dress however, was the aura of confidence that emanated from him. Standing in front of me, my brother screamed success, and here I was strung out in the back room of the sleaziest strip club in town. Mark reached out, and taking my chin in his hand, tilted my face up to look into his.

“What no kiss hello for your little brother?” he smirked. “Or do I have to pay for that?”

As Mark spoke I caught the smell of Jack Daniels and looking into his beautiful golden green eyes saw that they were glazed over. My brother was drunk.

“What the hell are you doing here Mark?” I asked.

I tried to back away but the room was small and I felt my ass hit the makeup table.

“Me?” Mark asked his eyes widening. “I think the question is what the fuck are you doing here?”

“You’re drunk Mark.” I said as calmly as possible.

If it hadn’t been for the coke, Mark catching me here would have had me in tears immediately, as it was I felt totally humiliated but couldn’t let him stay here. Keith was out there somewhere. I let out a surprised yelp as reaching out quickly Mark grabbed my chin again and held it as he stared into my eyes.

“And you’re fucking high.” He snorted disgustedly and roughly shoved my face away from his.

Turning away from me, Mark looked around, and shaking his head began to speak;

“What am I doing here? Know why I’m here? Because a little birdie told me my sister was whoring herself at a strip club!”

“Mark you have…”

“Shut up Megan!” Mark snapped.

As he spoke Mark turned to look at me and I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I saw that his eyes had grown noticeably darker.

“Guess who that birdie was sis?”

Before I could answer Mark laughed harshly and started speaking again;

“It was fucking Alex! A few nights ago a couple of his high rollers said they wanted some fun, but wanted to go slumming.” Mark extended his hands “Can’t get skankier than Wolves Den right?”

“Well Alex brings them here and they’re watching some girl and Alex gets up to get drinks and lo and behold who does he see dancing on the next stage?”

Mark shook his head disgustedly.

“Not just dancing but down to the thong and grinding on some guy old enough to be your fucking father! So Alex has the decency to be embarrassed for you and goes and gets his guys to leave so that you wouldn’t see him and get freaked out.”

Mark stopped and with a sigh rubbed at his eyes.

“More than that he got them out of there before you got to the stage because one of the guys was waiting to see if there were any goth girls in the club.”

“Mark I…I’m sorry it’s…”

“Sorry. Do you have any idea how fucking humiliating that was Megan? For Alex of all people to see you here?”

“Oh poor you!” I snapped angrily. “Oh God forbid your stuck up friend finds out about your big sister. God forbid he finds out about your dirty little secret! So sorry you’re ashamed of me!”

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Mark snapped back. “What the fuck is wrong with you Megan? Why are you here?”

“Because I need to live Mark I need to pay rent and …”

“Oh bullshit! You need fucking drugs is what you need! Tommy going straight was the worst thing that could happen to you, no more free rides.” Mark tossed his hands up in the air. “Now you charge for rides to get your fix!”

“I mean Megan you’re not just fucking stripping your fucking…” he stopped and the anger seemed to leave his face and I saw pain in his eyes. “You’re selling yourself Megan, your… hooking.”

I put my head down and despite my prior rush could feel the tears building.

“You think I like it Mark?” I asked softly. “Think I like being with these guys? I just I need what I need.”

“You need help Megan,” Mark said quietly.

Stepping forward he put his hands on my shoulders.

“All you need to do is stop sis. Tommy was letting you live there with him. You didn’t need money. I’ve told you to come stay with me. Hell sis there’s a really good clinic at Miriam! Alex knows someone on the board you can get in for free I…”

“It’s not that easy Mark!” I said pulling away from him. “They can help with the coke they can help with the booze but if I don’t have those I… I feel…” I closed my eyes and said;

“They can’t take away the pain, all the pain I’ve caused, all the things I’ve been though the nightmares they can’t stop it Mark!” I looked up at him. “But when I’m high it’s all okay and …”

“And when you’re not?”

“That’s why I need to have it Mark. I can’t stop I…”

“Bullshit!!” Mark snarled at me suddenly. “You can stop Megan you can! You have people who will help! You just don’t fucking want to!” He gestured at the room. “You like this sis? Is that it? Maybe you get off on being a sleazy fucking whore that’s what it seems like. So is that it Megan? You like people calling you easy bake?”

“Don’t call me that!” I snapped and without realizing I was going to do it I swung at his face.

Mark caught my hand in his and pushed it away.

“Then don’t fucking act like it! Christ Megan you know the shit I hear about you? You know what that does to me?”

“Back to poor you.” I hissed angrily at him. “Poor hotshot Mark has a skeleton in his closet. His slutty cokehead sister is a royal fuck up just to make him look bad in front of his rich friends.”

“I am not…”

“Not what Mark?” I asked pointing my finger into his chest. “Not a snob? Look in the mirror little brother, Christ you even dress like Alex. And as for hooking, how much do those snotty bitches slip you after you fuck them Mark?”


“Different Mark? Why because it’s in a nice hotel room instead of a nasty couch? Got news for you Mark, know why they fuck you?” I smirked at him. “Because they like to go slumming little brother, those high class bitches want to tell their friends they fucked a dirty little street rat!”

“I am not a…”

“No Mark?” I asked. “To them you are. So do you dress pretty for them Mark? Or do they like you in jeans and a tank top so all your bad boy tats are showing? Bet they love you fucking them from behind don’t they, love getting it real good from some young punk who thinks they actually want him because he’s smart and knows how to dress. You’re as big a whore as I am.”

Mark looked away from me as I pressed on;

“Know what your problem is Mark? Standing here in your expensive shirt and that fucking fancy watch? You think you’re better than me Mark. You and I used to share the same pain and said we would always be there for each other, but your too good for me now aren’t you?” I made a disgusted sound.

“You’d rather pretend life never happened.” I shook my head. You little brother, have forgotten where you came from.”

“Fuck you Megan!!” Mark yelled, and getting right up to my face began to talk in a low voice.

“I forgot where I came from? No Megan that’s you! Know what Megan, did you go through hell with Frank? Of course you did and I feel for you sis! It breaks my heart you were hurt like that but how long was it sis? Two years?”

Stepping back pointed his finger in my face.

“By eleven you were in a nice house in a nice bed with clothes and toys and two people who tucked you in and said they loved you! You had a mom and dad!” Mark shook his head and as he continued his voice started to break with emotion;

“Know what I was getting at eleven? Beaten every day. At twelve? Same thing! Five fucking years Megan! Know what I had for clothes? Whatever Max’s wife could get from the Salvation Army, know what I had for toys? Whatever the kids next door threw away! Know what I ate? Half the time nothing!”

“And that’s why I dress like this, because I can! That’s why I have nice things! Because I can and I will never go back to that again! I’m not better than you but I am proud of what I have because it’s mine!”

Mark stopped speaking and stood there with his chest heaving. I stepped towards him and went to put my hands on his shoulders to calm him down. I was upset I had gotten him upset but also needed him to stay quiet I couldn’t have anyone coming in here. As I approached him Mark looked up at me and I gave him a small smile and said softly;

“It’s okay Mark I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”

I stopped in mid sentence as Mark’s expression hardened and his eyes went black. As I watched, my stomach twisting I saw Mark cock his head slightly to the side.

“Oh my god Mark,” I said. “You’re not taking your pills are you?”

“What do you fucking care?” Mark snapped. “You’re the one who forgot about me sis. You’re the one that doesn’t call me and hides from me. You’re the one who doesn’t let me in! So don’t act like you give a fuck about anything but your next hit!”

“Mark please calm down. Where are your pills? You need…”

“You’re fucking weak Megan!” Mark snapped. “Doug and Denise saved you gave you everything and you can’t handle it! Think you are the only tragic fucking tale out there? No you’re not but you’re the only one I know that uses it as an excuse to be a drugged up, burnt out fucking whore!”

“Mark please stop yelling! If the bouncers come in they…”

“They’ll nothing!” Mark snapped. “They’re scared shitless of me!”

Mark suddenly took a deep breath, and after letting it out, gave me that nasty smirk that several years ago I had learned was not entirely his.

“Well you know the old expression, if it walks, talks and quacks like a duck it must be a fucking duck right?”

Drunk and off his medication. How the hell was I going to get him out of here? Mark was a fight waiting to happen in this state, and in this club he could get in a lot of trouble. I suddenly remembered Hawk down there waiting for me. As my mind spun I stalled asking;

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Why you of course.” Mark said smiling pleasantly as if he were suddenly happy about something.

“Umm, yeah okay Mark. Listen you’re right and I need to get my shit together. Why don’t you go and I’ll call you when I get off in a couple of hours and we’ll go back to your place and talk about me getting help and you talking your pills okay?”

“Nope,” Mark said shaking his head. “I’m not going anywhere until I get what I paid for.”

As he said that Mark began to unbutton his shirt.

“What are you…” I asked.

“I paid twenty five dollars to come up here and get laid by Raven, the hottest little slut in the club!”

“No Mark, no.” I said putting my hands up.

“Hey look Raven I know how it works.” Mark finished unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off tossed it onto the chair next to me. “I know I have to pay you.”

Reaching into his pocket Mark removed a wad of cash.

“So what is it, like a hundred?”

“Mark, we are not having sex here.” I said trying to sound strong.

Mark frowned;

“Jeez what’s the matter Raven am I not your type? The snotty rich women like what they see.”

Mark spread his arms wide and I stared at his well muscled chest and chiseled stomach. As Mark brought his arms down he gave them a playful flex causing his biceps to bulge underneath his enormous tattoos.

“Mark you have to go.”

“Not until I get what I paid for.” Mark said stepping towards me.

I took a step back and Mark smiled coldly.

“Going to ring the bell sis? Go ahead; don’t think I know who works here?” He reached out past me and touched the chain. “Maybe I’ll ring it.”

“Little brother…”

“I’ll ring it and tell the bouncer that Raven is not doing her job.”

“Mark please.”

“Do your fucking job whore!”

Reaching out Mark grabbed the sides of my vest and with a savage yank tore it open sending the chains flying. I stepped away from him and tried to put my hands over my tits. I cried out as Mark swung his hands down and out, slapping my arms away.

“Oh what? You can show all those assholes your pretty little tits but your brother can’t see them?”

I took a quick step to the side to put a little room between us. I was only dressed in the thong and boots and with a feeling of sadness realized that, for the first time, I was ashamed to be naked in front of my brother. I felt my knees hit the back of the couch and in an instant a series of images flooded my mind; visions of me on that couch, bent over, on my back, or on top of different men fucking them, sucking them. Feeling my eyes fill up with tears I put my hands up to Mark who had just undone his belt and slipped it out of his pants.

“Please Mark not here. Please.”

“Oh? Would you rather fuck me on stage?” Mark grinned and snapped his fingers. “Hey how much would they pay to see a live incest show?”

Faster than I could react to, Mark’s hands flew out and grabbing the barbells in my nipples gave them a hard twist. I cried out and Mark smiled;

“Damn I love these things!”

Letting go of the barbells Mark started to fondle my tits.

“Hmm tell you what Raven most of the girls out there are bigger but yours really are perfect.”

I felt tears begin to flow down my cheeks and whispered;

“Oh Mark please don’t make me do this here. Not with you, please.”

Mark continued to play with my tits going back to the barbells but twisting them gently this time. I stood there with my hands by my side and turned my head so I couldn’t see myself in the mirror.

“So do I get to suck on them Raven? I forget how this works I usually don’t go with whores.”

“Oh baby please no…” This time I sobbed and Mark looked up at my face,

Leaning forward he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me into his chest.

“It’s okay sis.” Mark said softly. “See I understand how it is. You have to do this. You need money so no worries I’m not looking for a family discount, I’ll just pay like everybody else.”

I sobbed into Mark’s ear and pulling away from me he continued speaking;

“But that means I get to treat you like everyone else does.”

With a sudden shove Mark pushed me down onto the couch, before I could move his hand blurred past my face and caught a handful of my hair. Holding it so tightly it hurt Mark unzipped his pants with his other hand and pulled out his cock. Mark was rock hard and stepping forward he whipped his cock across my face hard enough to make a slapping sound.

“Let’s go Raven, it’s time to do what you do best!”

“No!” I pleaded and trying to push against his stomach.

“What’s the matter Raven your mouth tired? You suck too many tonight? Hey, always room for one more right?”

Mark slapped my hand away and grabbing my nipple twisted the barbell hard enough to make me cry out. As soon as my mouth opened Mark thrust his hips and shoved his cock into my mouth. I tried to pull back but Mark was still holding my hair and shoved me forward forcing me to take more of his huge cock down my throat. I held Mark’s cock there unmoving tears of humiliation streaming down my cheeks.

“See I wasn’t going to let you blow me, but I saw the mouthwash so I figured you were a clean little whore so why not?”

I sobbed around Mark’s cock and looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

“Oh for Christ’s sake it’s not that bad just treat me like any other John and suck me off.”

I remained still and Mark gave my nipple another savage twist.

“I said do your fucking job! Do what you said you have to do slut!”

Stifling another sob I started bobbing my head up and down my brother’s huge dick. Closing my eyes, I tried to see my forest but couldn’t envision anything other than sitting on the sweat soaked cum stained couch while I blew my brother who was treating me like the whore that I was. I started taking Mark deeper into my mouth but was still sucking slowly hoping that maybe if he saw how upset I was that maybe he would snap out of it.

“Oh for Christ’s sake!” Mark snapped. “Show some pride in your work.”

Grabbing my head with both hands Mark started slamming his cock in and out of my mouth. I gasped and opened wide trying not to gag as my throat was force fed over ten inches of hard dripping cock. Reaching down I grabbed his balls and started rubbing them hoping that maybe in his excited state I could get him off quick and calm him down.

“There you go Raven!” Mark whispered. “You show me why your Jack’s best girl!”

I opened wider and tilted my head back slightly so that Mark couldn’t go as deeply.

“Not very nice Raven.”

Stepping back, Mark let go of my hair and reaching down, grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs out. I yelped in pain as I fell off the couch and landed hard on my ass. Mark immediately forced his cock into my mouth again and started fucking my face even harder than before. At this point I gave in, and putting my hands on his hips, started moving my head back and forth in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Ohhh there you go,” Mark moaned softly. “That guy out there was right; you do have the hottest mouth in the club!”

Ignoring him as best I could I started sucking even harder and once again grabbed and massaged his balls. As Mark fucked my mouth I thought of what was waiting for me after this. Hawk, he might be even rougher than this and what if he wanted to fuck me in… I desperately pushed that terrifying thought out of my mind and focused on sucking my brother’s throbbing cock. Mark was breathing harder and I hoped to hell he would cum soon. Once he came he was always better. Suddenly Mark stepped back his cock popping out of my mouth with a wet slurping sound.

“As good as that felt I know I only get to cum once and I can’t leave without getting a piece of that hot little pussy that you’ve been flashing out there now can I?”

Looking up at him with tears and make up running down my face I forced myself too say;

“W…whatever you want b…baby.”

“That’s what I want to hear!” Mark exclaimed.

Reaching down, he grabbed my arms and hauled me up to my feet. Still holding my arms he dipped his head and started sucking on my left nipple. I wrapped my arm around his neck holding his face to it and let out a moan that I hoped sounded real. I made the mistake of looking up and seeing our reflection and quickly closed my eyes again. Mark took his hands from my shoulders. His left found my other nipple and his right slid down my stomach and into my thong where he pushed two fingers into my pussy.

“Hmm still tight.” Mark muttered around my nipple. “I’m surprised with all the use it’s been getting.”

I held back another sob and concentrated on Mark’s tongue and fingers; trying to will it to feel good. I reached down, and grabbing Mark’s thick cock started to pump it. Mark moaned around my nipple and I sped my hand up. Mark’s thumb found my clit and the soft moan that escaped me was a real one. Mark rotated his thumb in slow circles and I started to rock my hips into his hand. It was just my brother, I told myself it didn’t matter where we were I could be okay with him I…

Mark removed his fingers and standing up, grabbed me by my shoulders spinning me around to face the couch. Giving me a shove in the back Mark forced me to bend over. I found myself facing down and quickly turned my head from the large stain that was right in front of me. Mark pulled my thong to the side and put the tip of his cock against my pussy.

“Sorry I’m not taking my pants off but I wanted to be like everyone else.” He paused as he rubbed the head of his cock through the wet lips of my pussy.

“But if it’s okay with you I am not going to wear a rubber, after all being your brother should get me some special treatment.”

I yelped as Mark slammed his cock deep into my pussy, and with no hesitation, started fucking the shit out of me. I winced as Mark’s huge dick tore into my pussy. I had been with more men than I wished to count at this point but had never had another cock as big as my brothers. I cried out as Mark reared back, removing his cock completely from my pussy, then slamming it back in, using all the power in his hips. My head almost hit the wall as I rocked forward and grabbing the couch I dug my fingers in and bit down on my lip so I wouldn’t cry out as loudly as my brother continued to assault my pussy.

“Tell you what Raven.” Mark gasped out as he thrust in and out of me. “This is the good thing about having a big dick; even a used up whore like you feels tight!”

“Oh, Please Mark” I moaned, “I…”

“Course you’ll have to apologize to the next guy for me for stretching you out!”

Mark reached around my waist, and finding my clit with his thumb, started playing with it as he slammed the shit out of me. I groaned as he pinched my swollen clit between his fingers and began twisting it back and forth.

“Yeah I figure the guys never do anything for you so I thought maybe I’d let you cum.”

I let out sound of mixed pain and pleasure as his fingers felt great on my clit but his cock was hurting me.

“Yeah like that Raven?” Mark asked. “You going to cum, you little slut?”

“Y…Yes I oh!” I yipped as Mark pinched my clit harder.

“That’s right you are going to cum. You are going to cum for your brother right here in the club that you sell yourself at!”

I started to try to say something but Mark’s hand grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into the dirty couch. This pushed my ass up higher and I yelped into the disgusting couch as Mark’s cock plunged in even deeper. I gasped for breath as Mark held my head and continued pounding into my sore pussy. Mark’s fingers however had also sped up and I found myself trying to wiggle my hips into his hand.

“Yeah you love it don’t you? Going to cum nice and hard on that couch where you’ve had all those fucking John’s, where you sucked their fucking cocks and let them fuck you. You don’t have to do this whore; you do it because you love it!”

I let out a cross between a sob and a moan as despite the tears Mark’s words were causing his talented fingers were perfectly playing my clit. Mark wanted me to cum while he humiliated and the pathetic fact was I couldn’t fight it if I wanted too. Even as my face was being ground into a large dried sweat stain and my brother was verbally abusing me I could feel my thighs starting to tremble. I let out another scream into the couch as Mark gave my ass a hard slap and pinched my clit even harder.

“Oh you love that don’t you pig?” Mark sneered. “Well I want to hear you love it!”

I held back a scream, as grabbing my hair; Mark pulled me up off the bed so that I was in a leaning position. Mark let go of my hair, and placing his hand over my left tit, held me up as he fucked me.

“Oh god!!” I yelped as he leaned back and started driving himself in even deeper as he plowed into me.

“Go ahead and say it!” Mark hissed in my ear. “Tell me what a fucking whore you are!”

“N…no” I gasped.

“Fine.” Mark said and started to remove his fingers from my clit.

“No please!” I gasped, grabbing his wrist and trying to make him move his fingers; I was so close.

“Then fucking say it!” Mark snarled.

“I…I’m a fucking whore!” I moaned out. “I’m a dirty little whore! I…I let them pay me! I… Ohhhh!”

Mark’s fingers had gone back to my clit and as they rubbed in hard fast circles he grabbed the barbell and twisted it roughly. I lifted my head and let out a long shuddering moan as I felt the orgasm beginning to flow through me. At that moment Mark shoved me forward into the couch again. Mark’s fingers stayed on my clit pushing me over the edge as he resumed his tearing into my convulsing pussy.

“Oh yeah Raven you scream right into that nasty fucking stain! You remember who it’s from whore? Was it a blow, a fuck?”

I let out a long wail of pleasure that ended in a sob as both my body and my emotions fought against each other.

“First time you came though isn’t it?” Mark breathed out. “Poor Raven getting all sticky and never getting off. Less of course you play with yourself after you’re done!”

I cried out again as Mark gave my clit one more twist and my hips ground wildly as if of their own will against his plunging cock. As the last of the forced orgasm flowed through me my moans turned to whimpers as the tears took over. I let myself go and just let Mark fuck me. I had another image of the pounding that awaited me downstairs and sobbed again. As bad as I felt a part of my mind was already thinking about the packet in my boot it would be enough to maybe…my thoughts were cut off by Mark somehow managing to fuck me even harder. I wailed into the couch, and then sobbed again, but this time in relief as I heard Mark let out that tell tale whimper, that any other time I found adorable, that told me he was going to finally cum.

After two more brutal pumps Mark yanked his cock from my pussy, and grabbing my hair, yanked me down onto the floor. I had expected this and turning my head, opened my mouth to receive my brother’s cum. Instead, as he held my hair tightly in his fist, Mark pumped his cock with his left hand and came onto the couch. I watched as Mark released several huge spurts of cum, and as he pumped his fist one more time, it dawned on me what he was going to do.

“No please! I… ugh!” I gurgled as Mark shoved my face into the couch, and using my hair as a handle, smeared it into his hot sticky cum.

“There you go. That’s a good little pig.”

Mark held my face into the couch for a few more seconds until I stopped struggling and just let him rub my face into it.

“Just like a dog’s nose in shit.” Mark said, finally releasing my head.

I slumped down into a sitting position on the floor and started crying. Through my tears I saw Mark casually pull up his pants and zip them. Looking down at me he said;

“Oh knock it off were done. Oh wait a minute!” Mark snapped his fingers. “I forgot, let’s make it official!”

Mark reached into his pocket, and taking out a hundred dollar bill, crumpled it up and threw it at me. The bill hit me in face and fell onto the floor.

“Thanks for the ride baby.” Mark said in an eerily perfect imitation of my exaggerated smoky voice. “I’ll be sure to tell all the guys you’re the best.”

I put my head into my hands and began to sob. When I looked up a minute later Mark already had his shirt and belt back on and was looking down at me. Shaking his head disgustedly he whispered;

“You could have had it all Megan, now look at you, sitting on the floor of a whorehouse, balling with cum all over your face.” He snorted. “Pathetic.”

“Mark…” I whimpered extending my hand out to him.

“Call me if you ever get your shit together.” Mark said coldly. “Meantime go see the bartender for some blow it’ll make it all better.”

Turning, Mark headed for the door. I let out a noise that could only be described as a whine and as Mark reached for the door knob cried out;

“Oh Mark he’s going to hurt me!!”

Mark stopped with his hand on the door, and as he paused I began sobbing uncontrollably, and trying to speak through it.

“Mark, he.. he’s … going to be rough with me and t-there might be more, and oh god Mark they hurt the other girls and they want me!!!”

I couldn’t stop crying and I let out a pain wracked wail as I saw Mark put his hand on the door knob. At the sound of my cry I saw Mark’s shoulders slump and he leaned his head against the wall. As I brought my sobs under control somewhat I heard him say softly;

“Leave her alone.”

Mark straightened up and it looked as if he were going to turn the knob then dropping his hand he whispered;

“She’s my sister.”

Mark rubbed at his temple then taking a step towards me asked;

“Who’s going to hurt you Megan? There’s bouncers here, Wolf won’t let his girls get hurt they make him money.”

“It’s one of his guys Mark!” I whimpered. “W…Wolf told him he could have me! Oh Mark they do whatever they want! The bouncers won’t stop them.” I lost the battle and started sobbing again; “Mark they gangbanged a girl last week! Made her take all of them! Oh little brother! You know I… oh they’re going to rape me!”

I began balling again and after a moment of hesitation Mark got down on the floor and grabbed me by the shoulders.

“Meg, no one is going to hurt you.”


“Listen to me. I worked in places like this. What we are going to do is you are going to get dressed and we are going to walk out of here. Any one says anything you say you quit. You no longer work here and if that guy sees you and tries to do anything it would be assault.”

“T..they… don’t care!”

Reaching up to the table Mark grabbed the box of tissues and taking a couple began to gently dab at my face.

“But Wolf does sis. He’s a business man. All that is here is prostitution and drugs. He is not going to risk the cops over his guy needing to get laid they will find another girl.”

“He has people at the station he gets tipped off.”

Mark frowned at me then simply said.

“Megan clean up and get dressed I will walk you out of here plain and simple. Just say you quit and we go from there. I know Rick and Bob from babyhead they’ll let us walk.”

I paused and dropping the tissues picked up my cape and used it to wipe off my face as best I could.

“What about Keith?” I asked as I started to stand up.

Mark helped me to my feet and shrugged;

“I can handle Keith if I have to, just get moving Megan and when we are out there you walk and don’t stop until were out the damn door. I nodded dumbly and going over to the locker quickly tossed on my skirt and tank top. I reached down and started to unzip the boots.

“Just leave them on Megan I…” Mark stopped and looked down.

My eyes followed his and I saw the packet of coke on the floor. I stared at it and bit my lip. Oh how I wanted to pick it up.

“Leave it Megan.” Mark said as he bent over and picked up the hundred dollar bill. “Or I’ll leave you here with it.”

“Okay.” I said tearing my eyes away from the packet.

I looked at the open locker and remembering mom’s locket started to reach for it. I then stopped and looked back down at the coke. Turning away from the locker, I started to walk by Mark towards the door. Mark stopped me, and putting his arms around me, hugged me.

“I’m sorry sis,” He whispered. “I’m not… I haven’t been taking the pills. I don’t like how they make me feel and I miss you Megan. I need you to try for me sis please.”

I hugged him back and nodded into his neck.

“Okay we’ll go back to your place and we’ll try to help each other.”

Mark let me go and opening the door walked out in front of me. I took a deep breath and followed him out. A door opened to our left and a tall black man came out followed by Simone. She looked at me then stopped and stared at Mark.

“Hey sexy” She whispered.

“Hey yourself sweetie.” Mark said, and rolling my eyes I pushed him in the back.

“You know honey, Raven may have just rocked you but I bet you could use some chocolate for dessert.”

“Simone this is my brother.” I said quickly. “He came to pick me up.”

“Wow your parents made some pretty kids.” Simone said smiling and angling her large tits towards Mark.

“That they did.” Mark said. “And I have been known to have a sweet tooth.”

“Let’s go Romeo, I’ll give her your number.” I said shoving him again.

Mark gave Simone a long look up and down which she returned and then started walking. I could feel my stomach tying into knots. When Mark was off his meds, and hearing things, his behavior was erratic at best and he was hard to control. The corridor was deserted except for Simone and as we entered the main room, there were a few people milling around. I sighed with relief as the only bouncer I saw was Rick. We started to walk past when Rick looked over at us.


Mark turned and gave a quick wave and made to keep walking.

“Hey man you don’t say hi?” Rick asked walking towards us.

“I’m leaving Rick I have to go.” I told him.

“Oh.” Rick said. “You tell Billy?”

“She’s quitting.” Mark said simply. “Meaning she tells no one she is leaving. Problem Rick?”

“Umm hell no.” Rick said. After quickly looking around he said softly. “One of those goons is looking for you Megan better screw quick.”

“Then stop talking.” Mark said and pulled me away from him.

We had taken a couple of steps and putting my hand to my bare throat I said;

“Mark, I have to go back I left the charm mom gave me back there.”

Mark rolled his eyes.

“Meg, were clear screw it. Or get Rick to get it later.”

“I can’t leave it here Mark!” I started towards the room when Mark stopped me.

“Nice try sis. Get the locket and grab the coke.” He shook his head and grabbing my wrist pulled me over to Rick.

“Watch her.”

Without another word Mark strode back done the corridor.

“Your brother has some balls coming here Megan.” Rick said. “Keith fucking hates him.” He paused and asked; “What the hell is he doing here?”

“Saving my pathetic ass.” I said softly, and outsmarting me as usual I added to myself.

“There you are!”

“Oh shit.” Rick said.

Feeling as if my blood was beginning to freeze in my veins I turned to see Hawk coming over.

“Damn that guy must have been a fucking porn star or you were hiding from me!” he gave me that gap toothed smile. “You wouldn’t do that would you?”

“Well no.” I said. “But umm thing is.”

“Tell me in the back sexy.” He laughed. “Well no don’t, I ain’t here to listen to you talk. I got better plans for that mouth.” Turning to Rick he said;

“Hey go downstairs and find a guy named Butch. Tell him to give me about fifteen then come up to her room.” He smiled at me. “Three’s company right baby?”

“Oh god.” I said softly.

“God?” he shook his head and pointed at his patch. “God’s afraid of us baby. Now let’s get going.”

Hawk went to grab my hand and I quickly pulled away from him.

“Whoa there girl!” he snapped. “You don’t play with me or I’ll make things real hard on you got that?”

“Listen there Hawk.” Rick said softly. “Raven here is leaving she ummm quit.”

“What?” Hawk laughed. “Well maybe she’ll have to retire after me and Butch get done but she ain’t goin’ nowhere but down!” he laughed as if he had said something hilarious and grabbed my arm.

“Let her go Hawk.” Rick said grabbing his shoulder ” She… owww!” Rick staggered back as with no warning Hawk had let me go, and turning, punched him in the face.

“You mind your place boy!” he snapped.

As Hawk faced Rick who was holding his bleeding nose a look of shock on his face I stepped backwards. I let out a yelp as I bumped into someone.

“Let’s go sis.” Mark said softly.

I turned, and Mark quickly slipped the locket around my neck clasping it. His hands were steady despite the fact that trouble was coming and quickly.

“Whoa girl, your johns always give you shiny things?”

“I’m not her john.” Mark said simply as he took my hand in his.

“Oh who the fuck are you?”

“Someone you don’t want to know.” Mark said calmly as he started to lead me past Hawk.

“Oh really? Well whoever the fuck you are that’s my bitch. Now don’t make me mess up your pretty shirt.”

“This bitch,” Mark began. “Is my sister and she just quit this oh so fine establishment.”

“I don’t…”

“Meaning,” Mark continued in that unnaturally calm tone that made me more nervous than if he seemed angry. “That if you put your hands on her you are assaulting her.”

“Yeah so?” Hawk asked grinning.

“So then the bouncers will have to show you the door.”

Hawk stared at Mark and started laughing.

“Oh I got it! This is a joke! Old Wolf’s fucking with me! So who are you pretty boy one of his runners?”

“Let’s go Megan.” Mark said as he started to pull me away again.

“I said she stays!” Hawk yelled suddenly causing everyone in the room to turn and watch.

As he shouted Hawk went to grab me, and moving quickly Mark stepped in front of me simultaneously shoving me behind him, and putting his hand up in front of Hawk.

“And I said she is done here. Right Megan?”

“I quit Hawk.” I said simply.

“See? Now you touch her and…”

“The bouncers work for me asshole.” Hawk said simply. “I’m one of Wolf’s boys and they don’t fuck with me.”

“Well then you’ll be dealing with the cops.” Mark smirked. “Judging by those bootleg tat’s on your neck you probably got some time over your head and don’t need any trouble so just go find another girl to pretend she likes you.”

“Oh fuck!” Someone said behind me. “You hear that shit?”

“Boy,” Hawk said softly “You don’t know who you’re talking too.”

“And you don’t know what you’re fucking with.”

“Oh man! That’s guy’s nuts!” Someone yelled.

“Damn straight he’s nuts!” Another voice called out. “That’s Mark Phillips!”

“Holy Christ that’s mad dog?”

“You don’t get it do you?” Hawk asked stepping towards Mark who pushing me back further from him turned to face Hawk directly. “Do you know what this means?”

Hawk reached up and tugged on the emblem on his jacket. “I’m one of the devils own man one of his servants.”

“Really?” Mark asked. “Good help must be hard to find these days.”

Someone laughed and Hawk looked around the room quickly as if looking for who it was.

“Punk, we are the real deal we…”

“Are fucking posers.” Mark said.

Hawk shook his head in disbelief.

“You stoned boy? Hell I used to fuck guys that looked like you.”

“Wow.” Mark said in that monotone voice. “Ugly, stupid, and a faggot, no wonder you need Wolf to find you pussy.” He shook his head. “You know Gerardo’s has a lot of queers maybe you should go there.”

Hawk swung at Mark who with a backhanded slap contemptuously knocked the blow to the side.

“Hey you swung at me there Pigeon.”

“It’s Hawk bitch!” Hawk swung again and this time Mark simply slipped his head to the side and watch the blow go by him.

“Twenty dollars he never touches him!” Someone yelled.

“Hawk, Pigeon, Turkey whatever.” Mark pointed at him and said softly;

“That’s twice bitch.”

“Bitch?” Know what you little prick? When I beat you I’m going to have my guys hold you down and make you watch me fuck your pretty little sister!”

Hawk went to swing but suddenly staggered back, clutching his neck and gagging from Mark’s hitting him in the neck with the edge of his hand.

“Hey what’s going on?”

I turned to see two other bouncers rushing over both around Rick’s size. Mark turned and frowned. Then turning back towards Hawk said;

“This asshole tried to hit me! You guys need to get him out of here.”

“Bullshit man, you got a problem with Hawk then you’re the problem.”

“That’s right pretty boy you just made a big fucking mistake!”

“Oh god Mark,” I whispered; “I…I’ll go with him I’ll…” I paused as Mark looked quickly at me. “Oh shit.”

Mark’s eyes had gone black and his lip had curled up in a snarl.

“So be it.” he said softly

Turning back to Hawk he said;

“Let’s go bitch you get to be the first one to hit the floor!”

Hawk swung again and there was sharp slapping sound as Mark caught his fist in his left hand stopping it cold. Mark swung his right arm out hitting Hawk with a back hand slap. Letting Hawk’s fist go he spun in a circle and slammed his elbow into the side of Hawks face sending him down to the floor. Mark was now facing the two bouncers who after glancing at each other charged forwards.

Mark let the first one get close enough to start to swing before dropping to one knee and spinning around. Mark’s left leg cut the guys legs out from under him, sending him sprawling across the floor where he crashed into a table. Mark continued the spin and coming up to a standing position whipped his left leg around and with a loud crack the heel of his snakeskin boot caught the second bouncer in the side of the face spinning him around where he landed face down on the floor.

“Holy fuck!” Someone yelled.

“Fight!! One of the girls who had just come out of the room screamed. She immediately turned and started yanking on the bell on the inside of the door.

“Oh for Christ’s sakes!” Mark snapped

I thought he was referring to the bell but turning back I saw Hawk, blood streaming from the side of his face coming at my brother. Hawk swung wildly, and stepping into it so that the punch sailed over his shoulder, Mark brought his knee up into Hawk’s stomach. As he doubled over Mark raised his right arm and slammed his elbow down into Hawks back driving him to his knees. Mark glanced up as Chuck, another bouncer who was two fifty if he were a pound, coming at him. Mark casually stepped up onto Hawks back and crouching down shot himself straight up into the air.

Mark drew his left leg all the way up to his hip, and at the height of his leap, which was just when Chuck was reaching for him lashed straight out with his leg. The kick caught Chuck in the chest and sent him flying backwards to slam into the bar where he slumped to the floor, his hands over his chest, gasping for breath. Mark landed next to Hawk who was trying to get up. Stepping back Mark raised his leg and threw a quick kick into the side of Hawk’s face.

“Megan let’s go!”

Mark called out. Snapping out of my trance I ran across the few feet between us and getting right behind him followed Mark towards the staircase. Mark stopped short and I felt like crying as I looked past him..

“Holy shit! Look who we have here boys!”

“Oh man it’s on now!!” Someone yelled behind us.

Keith was coming up the stairs followed by two other bouncers and another member of the Devil’s own. Mark turned and said quietly;

“Just stay back behind me.”

“Well, well well.” Keith said smiling ear to ear as he approached.

“If it isn’t Mad Dog Mark.” he laughed. “What you doing here pretty boy you slumming?”

“I came to get my sister.” Mark said quietly.

As Keith approached the other guys stopped behind him.

“Well that’s nice Mark but well, your sister’s sweet ass belongs to Wolf.”

“She decided to quit.”

As he spoke Keith had walked up to him, stopping about four feet away.

“Well that just won’t cut it Mark, and even if it did you just assaulted three of my guys and I don’t think Wolf will be too happy about Hawk.”

“Hawk swung first and they went after me.” Mark said.

“Yeah well I think you swung first and I’m sure the fine people here will back that up.” Keith looked around and then cracking his neck smiled at Mark. “Pretty good with the amateurs Mark you ready for a real fight?”

Mark slowly spread his hands out palms up as if surrendering.

“I don’t want to fight Keith.” He said. “My sister is done here and I am taking her home. She’s not worth this much trouble to Wolf and you know it.”

“Oh I’m sure you busting up some of his guys will make you worth it Mark. Besides, Megan owes us money.”

“I do not!” I snapped

Keith laughed;

“Wolf don’t know that.” He smirked at Mark. “So you gonna fight Mark? Or you just want to leave sis here to pay off the debt?”

“She can start on me!” The other biker, a large guy with a long red beard called out.

“My sister is leaving with me.” Mark said. “Now get the hell out of my way. The cops will be here soon or do you want them nosing around?”

“No one called the cops Mark I know because the cops haven’t called me to warn me yet. Your stupid ass is on your own. So you going to actually fight me, or just chicken out, and watch us use your sister up?”

“You first.” Mark said softy as he began flexing his fingers. “Let’s see how fast you are.”

Keith hesitated.

“Let’s just kick his ass Keith!” The biker yelled.

“No! He’s mine!” Keith snapped.

“Oh how Hollywood.” Mark said simply.

I jumped as someone touched my shoulder I turned to see Rick behind me.

“What are they waiting for?” I whispered.

“The first move tells a lot, neither one wants to swing first.” Rick whispered. “Mark’s good Megan but Keith’s ex Special Forces, that’s why no one’s going to get in the middle it’s going to be a show. When this starts I’ll try to get you out okay?”

“I can’t leave my brother…” I started but then Keith began speaking.

“I don’t know what the big deal is Mark. I mean why you need to take Megan out now? You think a couple of more cocks in her mouth will make a difference?”

As he spoke I saw Mark’s hands start to shake.

“I mean Christ man she’s fucked just about everyone here already what’s a few more?”

“Shut up and swing you bitch.” Mark whispered.

“Swing? Like how big sis over there swings from the pole.” Keith laughed again. “Not to mention all those poles she swings from in the back!”

“Hell Mark that little pig ran a train at the last party we had didn’t she guys?”

A couple of guys laughed and I blurted out;

“That’s a lie! I…”

“Shut up cunt.” Keith snapped at me. “Only noise I want to hear from you is begging.”

“Like your brother begged for his life?” Mark asked

“Glad you brought that up Mark! I wonder how Megan will look when I knock all of her teeth out? I mean the crack would make them fall out eventually anyway.” He shrugged. “Wonder if guys will pay for a toothless blowjob?”

Mark’s hands were now shaking violently and as silence fell over the room I saw him take a deep breath.

“Well Mark are you going too…”

Mark cocked his head to the side and I felt my legs begin to tremble as he took a step towards Keith. Stopping Mark reached into his pocket and everyone, including Keith, jumped back, but all Mark removed was a pack of cigarettes.

“What’s that you’re last fucking request?”

Apparently knowing Keith was not going to swing first; Mark calmly lit the cigarette and blew a smoke ring towards him.

“Last chance.” Mark said. “Move or be moved.”

“Move me.” Keith said bringing his hands up in front of his chest palms out fingers curled in.

“Okay,” Mark said, and putting his left hand out, took the cigarette and went to grind it out in his palm.

“Oh that stupid trick again! I… hey!!” Keith exclaimed as Mark flicked the still lit cigarette at his face.

As soon as Keith’s hands went up to his face Mark dropped to his knees and drove the heel of his palm into Keith’s stomach. As he started to double over Mark rolled onto his back and kicked straight up catching him in the face and knocking him onto his back. Mark completed the roll and came back up to his feet just in time to see the red headed biker coming for him already throwing a punch.. Mark stepped into the swing, and after giving him a short uppercut, grabbed his long beard and yanked down. The guy cried out and let his face go down so his beard wouldn’t be ripped off. His face was met by Mark’s knee and he hit the floor hard on his back.

“I said he’s mine!” Keith screamed jumping to his feet.

Keith came forward his hands weaving in front of his face and Mark stepped up to meet him. There was a series of sharp cracks as the two each threw several blows that were all blocked by the other. Keith stepped back and threw a spin kick. Mark went down under it, spinning himself, and kicking at Keith’s legs. Keith hopped over the kick, and as my brother came up, caught him in the face with a right hook. Mark staggered back and Keith hit him again. Mark swung wildly, and stepping in, Keith slammed his fist into Mark’s stomach, then grabbing his arm, turned underneath of him. With a grunt of effort Keith threw Mark over his shoulder where he landed directly onto one of the small tables which shattered beneath him.

Keith went to go down on top of him, but Mark lashed up and out with his foot catching Keith in the chest, staggering him backwards. Drawing his knees to his chest, Mark kicked out and launched himself to his feet. Keith came on again, his hands moving so fast they were a blur and went into a series of lighting fast combinations. Standing his ground, my brother blocked blow after blow, and began throwing his own. All around us people were cheering calling out bets like this was a boxing match. I looked over at Rick who was looking around nervously. I knew what he was thinking; even if Mark beat Keith we were fucked. Rick leaned over to me and whispered;

“I’m going to try to slip down into the office at the end of the hallway there’s a phone there.”

Without another word, Rick started walking backwards until he had gotten behind the ring of people watching and then quickly headed down the hallway. I swallowed hard as I hoped to god that Mark could somehow hold out until the cops came. Right now the other bouncers were just watching but I was afraid that they would jump in if Mark started winning. A cheer went up and I spun back around to watch the fight.

Keith had gone into a series of kicks, high and low, spinning right then left, driving Mark backwards. As he gave ground, Mark ducked, leaped, and spun blocking every kick. Mark blocked the last kick with his leg then snapped a quick kick of his own. Keith jumped back and now it was Mark’s turn, driving Keith back with a series of similar kicks. Keith suddenly threw himself down and rolled, coming up behind Mark. Grabbing him, Keith yanked backwards, tripping him and then going down on top of him. Mark landed on his back and was instantly struck by a right to the face. Rather than try to block, he snapped his left hand up, the side of his hand catching Keith in the neck. As Keith rolled off , I could hear him gagging as they got to their feet. At this point both Keith and my brother were panting and were bleeding from their mouths, and noses. Mark’s shirt was soaked through with sweat and half the buttons had been torn off.

“Stop fucking around Keith and take the fucker!!” I looked over to see Hawk was back on his feet wiping his bloody face off with a towel from the bar. Oh god let Rick have gotten to a cop that Wolf didn’t know!

With a snarl, Mark stepped forward, and as Keith had done earlier went into a frenzy of punches. Keith’s hands exploded outwards to meet Mark’s attack. Standing toe to toe both Keith and my brother not only were throwing punch after punch, but were somehow still managing to block the other’s blows. The two of them then both spun away from each other before turning the fight into a another series of kicks. The crowd watched in awe as Keith and my brother danced in and out, back and forth, the two of them performing a dual that appeared choreographed in its intricacy.

“Goddamn is someone taping this shit?” a voice yelled from behind me.

Sacrificing speed for power Keith started throwing roundhouses instead of jabs and when Mark blocked there was so much power behind them, he was being driven from side to side from the impact. Mark was also being forced backwards and was only a couple of steps away from the wall where he would be trapped. Mark stepped back once more then, as Keith lunged forward, threw himself backwards. When his back hit the wall he slammed his hands back against it palms in, and drawing his legs up, kicked out catching Keith in the chest and sending him sprawling backwards.

“Shit this is better than the movies!”

Mark let himself come forward, and hitting the ground, rolled forwards coming back to his feet directly in front of Keith, who appeared dazed. Still using his momentum Mark caught Keith with a vicious left roundhouse then threw a right. Mark had swung too wide this time however, as Keith stepped into it, and grabbing Marks arm threw him over his shoulder again. Mark hit the floor hard on his back and I saw his head bounce off the floor. Keith leaned over to grab him when Mark swung his legs up, and wrapping them around Keith’s head, and letting out a grunt of effort snapped his legs down throwing Keith down onto the floor.

“Goddamn this is nuts.” Rick said softly behind me.

Both Mark and Keith came back to their feet and I winced as I saw Mark stagger as he did. Fortunately Keith was busy shaking his head trying to clear the blood from his face.

“What’s the matter Keith you tired?” Mark panted out, and as Keith stared at him, waved him on with his bleeding hands.

“Just getting started you piece of shit.” Keith sneered.

Keith came forward and the two circled each other slowly. Despite the beating they had both taken both my brother and Keith’s eyes were bright and they had identical smirks on their face. This fight had been five years in the making, and the two of them were thoroughly enjoying their chance. Keith had been doing coke all night and his blue eyes were electric from the drug. My brother’s eyes had turned as black as I’d have ever seen them but seemed as if they were lit from within. Except in Mark’s case it was not a drug but sheer insanity that had his eyes as bright as Keith’s.

“Enough!” Hawk snapped and pointing at the two bouncers who had followed Keith up said; “Get that asshole!”

“No!” Keith snapped. “Stay out of my fight! This motherfucker almost killed my brother!”

Taking two quick steps forward Keith threw a jumping spin kick. Mark ducked, and turned to see Keith drop to the ground, spinning and trying to sweep his legs out. Mark jumped the kick and when Keith came up his back was now to the wall. Keith had come around swinging his arm in some type of spinning punch. Mark must have known it was coming as he was already flowing forward. Mark ducked under the blow and when Keith’s momentum took him around to face him. Mark kneed him in the stomach and getting his right arm over Keith’s head held him there while he delivered a series of punches into Keith’s midsection.

Several people began yelling that it was over and for others to pay up. Meanwhile there was a loud crack as Mark dealt Keith a vicious uppercut that snapped his head up. Mark let go of his neck, and grabbing him by his tank top punched him in the face with a short left, then another and another. Blood was flying from Keith’s face and his legs were beginning to buckle.

“Holy Christ he’s going to kill him!!” A woman’s voice cried out.

Mark pulled back his arm for another punch, but before he could throw it one of the bouncers came charging up from behind him grabbing him around the neck and pulling him backwards. Mark immediately threw his elbow back into his attacker’s stomach, but he still held on. Before Mark could move again the other bouncer had lunged forward punching Mark hard in the side of the face. I screamed as I saw blood fly from my brother’s face. The guy swung again hitting Mark in the stomach. He went to swing again, but staggered back as Mark brought his legs up and kicked him in the stomach. Mark let his legs, go causing the guy holding him, to trip and they both went to their knees.

I was aware of movement behind me, and I turned to see Rick move quickly past me, and grab the guy who had Mark around his neck. The guy spun around and right into the right hook Rick had thrown. The guy hit the floor followed quickly by Rick as Hawk had come up behind him and hit him in the back of the head with a forearm.

“You new here asshole?” Hawk demanded looking down at Rick. You work for us!”

“Hey Pigeon!” Mark yelled.

As he had called out Mark had stepped forward and thrown a spin kick. Hawk turned just in time to catch the heel of Mark’s boot in his face and go crashing to the floor. Mark immediately spun back around to the face the bouncer he had kicked. The bouncer swung wildly, and ducking under the blow, Mark spun around so that they were back to back and slammed his elbow into the back of the guys head. The bouncer fell into three guys who were watching and sent them all to the floor in a heap.

Unfortunately for Mark, as he had spun around, he was greeted by a wicked right hook from Keith, who was somehow on his feet again. Keith hit Mark three times in rapid succession driving him down to one knee. With no hesitation Keith slammed his knee into the side of Mark’s head knocking him down onto his side. As soon as Mark hit the floor Keith was down on top of him throwing short brutal punches. Several people began to cheer as Mark wrapped his arms around his head trying to protect himself. I started moving forwards unsure of what the hell I could do.

Just then, Rick, who had staggered to his feet, lunged for Keith. Seeing him coming Keith leaned back on one knee and kicked out, catching Rick in the hip and knocking him back down. Underneath him, Mark twisted his hips violently sending Keith rolling off of him. Mark tried to rise but Keith had landed on his knees and got Mark into a headlock. Sliding his arm down until his forearm was pressing into Mark’s throat Keith yanked back causing Mark to gasp as his Keith began choking him.

“Holy shit! Someone needs to stop this!”

Several voices murmured in agreement but no one moved. Where the fuck were the cops?

On the floor Mark, had gotten his hand under Keith’s arm and, muscles straining was trying to force Keith’s arm from his neck. Keith was smiling like a maniac and I could see his eyes blazing even through his blood soaked face. Keith got up to his knees and leaned over Mark forcing my brother to bend beneath him. Mark’s face was turning red and Keith’s arm was slowly forcing its way tighter around his throat.

“Yeah who’s bad now Mark?” Keith asked, his face inches from Mark’s ear. “Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you, how could you watch us fuck your sister if you were dead. We’ll just make you wish you were. Her too.”

Letting go of Keith’s arm, Mark whipped his arm up and hit Keith in the side of the head. The punch was awkward however, and Keith laughed as he squeezed harder. Mark got a handful of his hair and pulled causing Keith to cry out but he held on.

“Beg, Mark!” He hissed. “Beg and I’ll….”

Keith’s words turned into a loud scream, as Mark grabbed hold of his ear and twisted savagely. Keith tried to pull his head away but Mark held on and wrenched his ear the other way. Keith screamed again and loosened his arm. Mark immediately threw his head to the side cracking it against Keith’s face. Spinning underneath, Mark got to his knees, and letting Keith’s ear go backhanded him hard in the face knocking him onto his back. Mark stayed on his knees panting and waiting. Keith had immediately started up to his feet and as he did Mark, with a loud scream of rage launched himself up from his knees swinging his left forearm.

The blow caught Keith in the side of the head sending him crashing into the wall. As Keith started to stagger forwards Mark grabbed him by both ears and drove the top of his head into Keith’s face. Still holding him by the ears Mark slammed Keith’s head back into the wall. A couple of feet too their right was a long mirror that reflected the bar and the small tables around it. I saw Mark look at it then; dropping his hands to Keith’s shirt, lifted him off of his feet and with an incredible display of strength spun around in a circle and smashed Keith’s head and shoulders into the mirror.

There was a loud crack and the mirror spider webbed. Mark jumped away from Keith, who with his eyes glazed and half shut, started to fall forward. Mark threw a spin kick that caught Keith square in his face and snapped his head back into the mirror. There was huge crash as the glass shattered, first around Keith’s head, and then as the cracks spread, the entire mirror began to fall.

Several of the girls screamed as Keith fell limply face down on the floor.

“Holy fucking shit!” A guy cried out.

“Mark!” I yelled seeing him staring down at Keith.

My paralysis broke and I ran over to Mark as much to make sure he didn’t go after Keith more as to make sure he was okay. Mark looked up at me and I stopped in front of him.

“Oh. Mark.”

Mark’s face was covered with blood and his left eye was all but shut. His shirt was has half torn off and he was gasping for breath. As I watched he slowly went down to one knee next to Keith. The bartender ran past me and getting down on the other side of Keith rolled him over onto his back. I felt a sigh of relief as I could see he was breathing. The bartender looked at Mark.

“You crazy bastard! You…”

He never finished as Mark lashed out hitting him in the side of the head with the edge of his hand. Leaping to his feet so quickly, I jumped back from him, Mark yelled:

“Anyone else want to fuck with me?”

I looked around at the three bouncers lying on the floor along with Keith and the red headed member of the Devil’s own. The bartender was sitting up rubbing his head and I noticed that no one said a word. I jumped as someone grabbed my arm and turned to see Rick, his face pale and blood trickling from his nose.

“We have to go.” He said. “Now, I don’t know where Hawk went.”

Rushing over to Mark I grabbed his arm.

“Mark are you okay? We have to…”

“Go.” Mark said quietly. “I know.”

Without another word Mark headed for the stairs. Rick pushed me in front of him and followed me. It hit me that, at this point, Rick was in almost as much trouble as we would be if we didn’t get out of here. I watched my brother in front of me amazed that he was even still walking never mind moving quickly and confidently past the several people who were between us and the stairs. As soon as my brother got close everyone immediately stepped to the side wanting nothing to do with him. When we reached the stairs Mark suddenly broke into a run and I followed as fast as my boots allowed me too. I could hear Rick pounding down the stairs behind me, and felt better knowing no one could come up behind us.

There were a bunch of people at the bottom of the stairs including two bouncers who had been holding the crowd back. Mark flew down the stairs and when there were only a few left leaped down them. Just before he landed, he lashed out kicking one of the bouncers in the face and knocking him into several bystanders. Landing, Mark went down to his knees and as the other bouncer came at him kicked out hitting him square in the balls. The guy’s eyes rolled back in his head and with a sound that was cross between a moan and a whimper fell over onto his side clutching his crotch.

Mark sprang to his feet and a tall college age kid reached for him

“Hey man you okay you…?”

He was cut off as Mark punched him in the mouth knocking him down.

“Mark no!” I cried out.

It was too late; Mark spun and bringing his leg up caught another guy who had just been standing there in the head. Someone went to grab him from behind and Mark drove his elbow back into his face. I was close enough to hear the sickening crunch of teeth breaking and cried out my brother’s name again. Mark spun towards the people who were in our way and screamed;

“Fucking move!!!”

Had we not been in the spot we were in it would have been comical the way several people literally jumped away from us, one guy even falling over and taking someone else down with him. Mark strode quickly through the crowd with me and Rick close behind. I was looking around wildly for Hawk or the rest of the gang but only saw some of the dancers and the customers. We had passed the main stage and were on our way into the main bar area where the pool tables and better yet the two main entrances were when something struck me as odd; The girls and the crowd were all watching us but quietly as if they were expecting something.

That thought had no sooner passed through my mind then after taking a few steps into the room. I heard the door to the room swing shut behind us. I started to turn but then Mark stopped so suddenly I ran into his back.

“Oh fuck me.” Mark said softly.

Standing between us and the main entrance were the Devil’s own. As I took a step backwards into Rick I quickly counted eight of them. They were spread out in a semi circle one guy at each end of the pool tables and the rest in a line in front of the door. I looked around and saw that there were only a couple of bouncers standing near the other entrance, and one of them was Rick’s friend Bobby. That entrance was much further away however, and I realized with a sinking feeling in my stomach we would never make it before they caught us. Reaching up I put my trembling hands around the locket that mom had given to me, and squeezed it tightly.

“Where you think you’re going pretty boy?” Hawk called out as he walked out from behind two enormous bikers.

“Where are the damn police?” I whispered to Rick.

“I…I called Cranston and Johnston and told them to call Providence because of where we were.” He paused and I could hear fear in his voice. “Megan t…try to stay close I’ll do what I can.”

“Cat got your tongue boy?” Hawk asked as he leaned against the pool table. “Hope not, because I want to cut it out myself.”

“Lot of mouth with your friends behind you.” Mark said softly, and to my horror took a step towards the bikers. “Why don’t you come over here alone and talk your shit.”

“Hey your too good for me boy, I’ll give you that. Hell I ain’t never seen Keith lose a fight.”

“Then show some class and let us go.” Mark told him.

“Can’t do that pretty boy. ” Hawk said shaking his head. “See us Devil’s have rules and one of them is you take one of our women away from one us you pay a price. Never mind no one hurts one of us without getting it back tenfold.”

“She is not your woman.” Mark said simply.

“Tell you what boy,” hawk said smirking. “I’ll show you some honor. You put on a good show. You can go but Raven stays here until we’re done.” he laughed. “Until we’re all done.”

“And ain’t no one interrupting. Got a couple of boys sitting outside sending everyone around to the other side this is our own private show.”

“Don’t worry we won’t kill her she’ll just be walking bow legged and have a sore mouth for a while.” He pushed himself away from the table. “So walk, and wait for us to be done or take a beating, and then watch what we do to her. Choice is yours.”

“Very honorable.” Mark said. “But see the choice is yours Pigeon. Either we walk out of here or you get carried out of here.”

“Me?” Hawk asked.

“All of you.” Mark said taking another step forward. Turning his head he said in Latin;

“You need to run when they take me.”

Take me. Mark had said it so simply. I felt as if I were going to throw up. Had I not pretended to forget the damn locket we might have made it. Hell if I wasn’t here in the first place. I felt my entire body shaking as I knew I wouldn’t make it. They were going to hurt my brother and rape me. I looked at the men standing there all big, heavily tattooed and smiling in anticipation. The only thing between me and them was my brother who was already hurt and exhausted. I cried out as I was suddenly grabbed from behind; a thick forearm wrapping around my neck.

“Play along.” Rick whispered in my ear.

“Where you going bitch?” Rick demanded loudly and harshly.

Mark spun towards us and I said quietly in Latin.

“It’s a trick.”

Mark stared hard at Rick.

“Let her go or I’ll fucking snap your neck.”

Rick pulled me back a couple of steps and laughed.

“Sorry asshole your sister’s got herself a ringside seat while they make you beg. Then you can hear her beg.”

“Yeah you hold her there kid, bout time you knew who you worked for.” Hawk said nodding approvingly.

“Bobby will let us go.” Rick whispered.

I made a show of trying to pull away and as Rick grabbed my hair and I let my head go back I whispered;

“But Mark…”

“Will have to follow us, he can, we just need to get a start.”

“I’ll deal with you Judas trust me.” Mark said harshly.

“Let’s go pretty boy!” Hawk called out. “Come see how a devil gets his due.”

With that Hawk turned around to show the large Baphomet emblem stitched onto the back of his vest.

“That’s our mark you little bastard. It’s going to be the last thing you see!”

“Where’s Wolf?” I asked suddenly.

Wolf was a cold hearted dealer but was not a maniac he had stopped trouble here before he wouldn’t let them do this.

“He left.” Rick said into my ear while dragging me back another step. “Deal in South Providence.”

Mark turned around and looking at me said softly;

“I’ll never let anyone hurt you Megan.”

“Mark no!!” I sobbed out as he turned and walked slowly into the center of the room.

“When walking in open territory, bother no one.” Mark began speaking loudly.

I noticed his voice seemed deeper and stronger; he had given himself over to the Voice.

“If someone bothers you, ask them to stop.” Mark continued as started to remove his shirt.

“What the fuck is he saying?” One of the bikers asked.

“If they do not stop,” Mark said as he slid his shirt from his shoulders. “Destroy them!”

With a flourish, Mark whipped his shirt off, and turning put his back to the gang so they could see his enormous Baphomet tattoo.

“Do you see what’s on my back?” Mark yelled.

Spinning back around he pointed at them.

“So come and find out that one true servant of the Black flame is more than a match for a pack of Jackals like you.”

“Your fucking crazy aren’t you pretty boy?” Hawk said although as Mark had come forward I noticed he had stepped back.

“The time for talk is over posers!” Mark snarled. “Now will you fight, or cringe like dogs at the feet of your master?”

“Boys, shut this prick up.” Hawk said snapping his fingers.

Immediately all of the bikers began walking towards my brother. Rick pulled me back another step and I found myself fighting him for real I couldn’t leave my brother. As they approached Mark turned his head to the side and let out a shrill whistle and called out:

“Here doggie doggie!”

As the bikers closed in Mark threw his hands up over his head crossing them at the wrists. Lifting his head my brother let out an ear splitting howl that raised the hair on the back of my neck. The bikers froze in their tracks as Mark continued to emit that ungodly noise. While howling he began to bring his arms down slowly every muscle in his arms shoulders and back standing out. At the end of the howl Mark’s hands blurred in an intricate series of punches then stopping, he put his arms out; hands open as if waiting to embrace a lover.

“Oh my god.” Rick said in my ear.

“Get that crazy fuck!!” Hawk yelled.

With a loud yell two of the bikers charged forwards.

“Megan go!!” Mark screamed out in Latin.

Running forward, he threw himself to the floor, and rolling, caused the two men to trip over him. Mark came up and whipping himself around caught one of the guys in the face with a kick. Mark was immediately grabbed from behind by one of them and before he could react another stepped in and hit him in the stomach then the face.

“Oh God no!” I started trying to pull away from Rick, but he was holding me tightly telling me to stop fighting him, that Mark wanted us to go.

Mark drew his legs up and kicked the biker in front of him in the chest with both feet. The impact caused the man holding him to stagger, and lowering his head Mark snapped it up slamming the back of his head into his jaw. He staggered back letting Mark go as he did. Mark threw himself to the side to avoid a huge round house thrown by another biker. The blow struck the other man in chest knocking him over. Mark kicked out taking the guys legs from under him, and jumping to his feet, threw another spin kick. This time the guy coming up on him ducked underneath the kick and throwing himself forward caught Mark around the waist.

Mark slammed his elbow down into his back but with a loud cry the man lifted Mark off his feet and taking several steps threw him and Mark forward. My brother cried out as his back was slammed into the rail of one of the pool tables. Mark sank to the floor his blood soaked face twisted into a grimace of pain. The guy was still holding on, and as I watched Mark put his hands on the side of his face, and reaching behind his ears, drove his thumbs into the pressure point that he had taught me was back there.

The biker, screamed and letting Mark go tried to get up and back away. From the floor Mark kicked straight up catching him in the jaw. There was a loud crack and the biker screamed clutching his face before hitting the floor. Another one was coming from the side. Pivoting on his knee, Mark kicked straight out catching the biker in mid step. The man let out a shriek of pain as his knee snapped backwards. He fell to the floor grabbing at his knee and screaming.

“Holy shit he might do it.” Rick said.

“Help him!” I yelled at him.

“Shhh!” Rick said and pulled me back further. “Megan we need to go, please I can’t stay here they’ll kill me for this.”

Mark had come to his feet just in time to block a punch thrown by another one. The man’s second punch caught him in the side of the head and I realized that Mark was slowing down. Mark ducked and then stood straight up driving the top of his head into the man’s jaw and staggering him. Mark flowed forward throwing several lightning quick punches into the huge bikers face, before stepping in and throwing a left forearm into his head and knocking him down. As Mark looked around wildly Hawk yelled something and four of them swarmed him coming from all sides.

Mark howled defiantly and leaping into the air whipped his leg around backing a couple of them off. As Mark landed they converged on him. The bikers were all big, powerful men who were not only experienced fighters but most of them were also flying high on coke. My brother, was relying on twelve years of martial arts training, fueled by the desperate need to protect his sister, and backed by a lifetime of rage. The Devil’s own were animals. My brother was a force of nature.

Somehow, trapped in a circle by four men who were all swinging and grabbing at him my brother was not only still on his feet but the bikers were unable to get their hands on him. As I watched, Mark ducked, spun, jumped, and weaved side to side, never staying still, his arms and legs always swinging and kicking. He was catching the biker’s with short quick punches and kicks knocking them back. Every time he would try to move forward however, another one would attack. Hawk, who was staying clear of the fight screamed;

“Get him on the fucking ground!!”

One of the bikers, a huge blond man who made Rick look small, dropped to his knees, crawled forward, and grabbed Mark around the knees. With a loud yell and an amazing display of strength the man threw himself to his feet lifting Mark with him. As the other bikers closed in Mark spread his arms and swinging them inward, his hands open, slammed his palms into the sides of the biker’s head boxing his ears. The man let out a howl of agony and dropped Mark. The second Mark landed on his feet one of the other bikers slammed into him. The guy wasn’t even swinging they were just trying to get him onto the floor. Mark staggered backwards but ended up banging into the pool table behind him.

Without hesitation, Mark rolled backwards onto the pool table and coming up to his feet kicked the guy in the face. There were three of the Devil’s down for good at this point but as Mark stood on the table the rest of them all rushed towards him coming from different sides. Crouching Mark picked up the cue ball and without hesitation reared back and threw it at the huge blond biker who had staggered to his feet and was coming straight for the table. Mark had been an all state ball player in high school, and the cue struck him in the mouth. The biker cried out and fell to his knees blood pouring from his ruined mouth. On the table, Mark had jumped to his feet with a pool cue in his hand, which he whipped around to strike one of the others in the face.

The bikers backed off, as standing in the middle of the table, Mark began to whirl the pool stick around as if it were staff. The stick blurred through the air and Mark himself was turning rapidly back and forth trying to watch all sides of the table. Someone went to grab his leg and cried out as the tip of the stick caught him in the face. As he staggered, Mark dropped to his knee and kicked out hitting him in the head. Mark jumped back to his feet and looking to his right I saw his eyes widen. Stepping to the edge of the table, he jumped the four feet across to the next one. The bikers followed, and to my horror I saw the front door open and two more come in. After looking around, they immediately headed for Mark, who had now jumped to the third table.

‘Megan!” Rick hissed in my ear. “Let’s go he’s going to make it look!”

Rick pointed past my face and I saw what he meant. There was one more pool table then the entrance was maybe only twenty feet away. Mark could jump off and make it out ahead of the slower bikers. Even if there was one or two out there he would be catching them off guard. I had no idea where Mark’s car was but I knew Rick’s would be right near the door we were going to head for. Rick tugged me back and I let him. We took a couple of more steps, and Rick let me go. I started walking backwards, and at this point had no worries about Rick and I, all the action was around my brother.

Mark was still on the next to last table spinning in circles, twirling the cue stick, and throwing kicks, desperately trying to keep the bikers from grabbing him. As he spun I noticed he was making his way towards the edge of the table. One of the bikers pulled himself up onto the other end of the table, and Mark stepped forward and swung down with the stick. The cue shattered over his head and after throwing the remaining piece of the stick at another biker Mark took a step backwards towards the other table. Rick pulled at my wrist and I started backing up faster. Taking a quick look behind me, I saw Bobby and the door only about a dozen feet away, we were going to make it. I was getting ready to turn around, when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone run into the room. I turned back and screamed.

Keith, his entire face and shirt covered with blood, had come in, and seeing Mark on the table began running towards him at full speed. Mark had his back to that direction and I screamed his name. Mark had just reached the edge and was beginning to turn when one of the guys grabbed his ankle. Maintaining his balance, Mark raised his other leg and stomped his foot onto the guys head. I called his name again and started heading back towards the room. Rick grabbed me and yelled for me to go then looking up said;

“Jesus fucking Christ!”

Keith, still at a full run, jumped up onto the pool table next to Mark and taking two long steps let out an animal like howl of rage as he threw himself off the table. Mark turned just in time for Keith to slam into him. Keith’s arms wrapped around Mark’s waist and his momentum took him off of his feet. The two of them sailed off the table and several feet through the air before landing on a table that exploded beneath them.

They had landed on their sides and Keith was already hammering away at my brother. Mark caught Keith’s hand and with a triumphant shriek twisted it savagely. Keith screamed in agony as his hand bent backwards and his wrist snapped. Mark swung over on top of Keith and started hitting him repeatedly in the face.

“Oh no oh no!!” I cried out as I saw the bikers all running towards him.

Mark wasn’t looking; he was lost in trying to kill Keith. Mark now had Keith by the hair and was slamming his head into the floor. Keith’s body was limp and Mark was screaming in his face. One of the biker’s dropped down and got Mark in a headlock Mark tried to push up but as he did one of the guys had come around and kicked him in the face. Mark’s head slammed back into the other guys face from the impact of the kick and they both fell backwards.

“Megan please!” Rick yelled at me. “We can’t help him!”

Mark had somehow rolled over and got to his feet. As soon as he did he staggered to the side one of the bikers lunged forward and hit him hard in the right side of his face Mark spun and was hit by another one. The guy stepped forward and Mark somehow managed to swing and hit him in the neck. Mark turned and seeing me. Shook his head and screamed;


Mark was grabbed from behind but this time the huge biker grabbing him had pinned his arms to his side.

“That’s it hold him!” Hawk, called, out as he stepped up and punched Mark in the face.

“You like that you bitch?” he yelled and punched Mark again.

‘Fuck you!!” Mark screamed through the blood in his mouth. “Fucking coward!!”

Hawk swung and hit Mark again and again. Mark’s legs went out from under him and the guy started to let go. With another of those frightening howls Mark surged back to his feet and caught Hawk in the face with a wicked left hook that sent him flying. Mark spun and kicked the guy behind him then turned to see two of the bikers coming at him. He started to go the other way but there were two more. They hesitated trying to see which direction he was going in and my heart froze as I saw Mark starting to sway on his feet.

“Jump him he’s fucking through!!” Hawk yelled as he got up from the floor.

All of the bikers through themselves forward. Mark looked up, and letting out a scream of rage started swinging wildly. One of the guys went down but the one next to him jumped forward catching Mark with his body. Mark twisted and threw the guy off of him but he turned right into the biggest of the bikers who, grabbing him whipped him around like a rag doll, and slammed him into the floor. Mark landed hard and the guy immediately dropped down and started swinging at him. The other two came forward and started kicking, hitting Mark in the side and legs. As I screamed in horror I saw Mark curl into a ball and cover his head as they swarmed around him kicking and punching.

“Megan!!” Rick called. I turned numbly to see Rick and Bobby by the door.

“Rick please!!” I called out. “They’re going to kill him!!”

Rick looked at Bobby, then me, and shaking his head sadly turned, and ran out the door. I stared after them. I could make it. Call the cops try to get help. No, it was too late. I turned to see that the other guys had stopped kicking, but they had Mark flat on his back his arms pinned. Hawk yelled something and kicked Mark in the ribs. Mark’s body jerked but he didn’t make a sound. I took a deep breath as I felt something burning in my chest. It wasn’t fear it was…rage. They were hurting my brother who had tried to stop them from hurting me.

Without knowing I was going to do I ran across the room, and grabbing a beer bottle off the bar as I passed it, came up behind one of the bikers and swung it with all my strength. The bottle shattered against his head and he staggered to the side.

‘No one hurts my brother!!” I shrieked at him and swinging the remaining piece of the bottle slashed it across his face.

The guy screamed as blood flowed from his face and went down to his knees. As my brother had taught me I stepped up and swung my knee into the side of his head putting him down.

“What the fuck?”

Another of the bikers turned towards me and I hit him in the face, his head rocked back, and grabbing his cheek, I raked my long nails down his face. He cried out and as he staggered I drove the long heel of my boot into his foot and pushed hard. He banged into one of the other guys and losing his balance fell into Hawk. One of the other’s tried to grab my arm but I pulled away. I heard a high pitched screaming in my ears and realized it was my own voice. As Hawk pushed the guy away I stepped up and kicked him. I was aiming for his face but instead caught his arm. Hawk fell backwards clutching his shoulder where the heel of the boot had no doubt stabbed into his flesh.

I saw Mark start to move on the floor and tried to stand over him to protect him. I screamed in pain as my hair was pulled savagely from behind. I screamed again as I was yanked backwards and spun around.

“Crazy fucking bitch!”

As soon as I came around the biker that had pulled my hair backhanded me across the face knocking me to the floor. I lay their gasping my face and scalp burning. I kicked and caught him in the side, but he grabbed my hair and hauled me to my feet by it. He reared back and slapped me again in my mouth. A flash went off behind my eyes and I tasted blood. I would have fallen, but I was grabbed from behind around my neck and pulled back into someone. Reaching down they caught my right wrist and I cried out as he bent it up behind my back.

“Go ahead, make me break your arm cunt.” A voice breathed in my ear.

“Christ she’s as nuts as he is.”

“Fucking skank.” Hawk yelled and hit me in the stomach.

I doubled over moaning and gasping for breath. As I lifted my head I saw two of the bikers pulling Mark up to his feet. Mark’s eyes were both just about swollen shut and there was not a part of his face that was not covered in blood. Hawk turned away from me, and looking at Mark, slapped him in the face.

“You awake pretty boy?”

Mark’s eyes opened slightly, and grabbing his hair, Hawk turned his head so he could see me.

“Showtime pretty boy.”

Turning he told the guy holding me.

“I never did get my piece, so get this bitch up on that table!”

“Noo!!” I screamed and started trying to pull away. A searing pain went through my shoulder and Hawk laughed.

“Oh you don’t know what pain yet is you cunt!”

“Leave her alone!!” Mark screamed and somehow, managing to wrench his left arm free slammed his elbow into the guy holding him.

Mark turned sideways and struck the other guy in the neck. Hawk stepped forward and dealt Mark a back hand slap and before Mark could catch his balance one of the other bikers, who had grabbed a bottle from the bar, smashed it into the side of Mark’s head. Mark went down and Hawk kicked him in the ribs.

“Get that piece of shit up and hold him this time!”

I screamed again as I felt myself being dragged to the table. Letting my arm go the guy spun me around and grabbing me around the waist, picked me up, and started to put me on the table. I kicked and flailed, but he grabbed my neck and shoved me down.

“No!” Hawk yelled. “Over the table. I want that bitch bent over!” he laughed. “That way pretty boy over here can see the look on her face when I shove it in her ass!”

I let out a long wail of panic, and started fighting like a wild cat. Getting tired of trying to catch my hands the guy gave me another backhanded slap causing my head to hit the table hard. The room was spinning and I made no effort to fight as, grabbing my hips, The guy rolled me over. I felt his hands on my ankles as he pulled my legs down until my feet were on the floor and I was bent over the table.

“Now get him over there.” Hawk yelled pointing.

The two bikers dragged Mark over to the other side of the table and bending him over pressed his face into the table not two feet from mine.

“Mark!” I gasped out.

Mark’s eyes opened slightly but didn’t appear to see me.

Hawk walked past the table until he was behind me. I felt my skirt being lifted and tried to stand up. I yelped as I was hit in the back of the head, and I felt two pairs of hands pinning me down to the table.

“Oh yeah baby,” Hawk whispered. “You are going to love this.”

I moaned as I he yanked my thong down.

“Nooo!” Mark gasped his eyes opening. “Please!”

“Are you begging pretty boy?” Hawk asked behind me.

“Please don’t hurt my sister.” Mark whispered through his swollen lips. “Let her go, do whatever to me.”

“Oh we’ll get to you pretty boy but I want you to see this.”

I felt Hawks hands on my hips and closed my eyes telling myself that I wouldn’t scream.

“You ready skank?” I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down.

“Don’t worry boys you’ll all get your turns but I’m the first in this ass.”

I let out a whimper as I felt Hawk’s cock slap against the cheek of my ass.

“Oh yeah baby you are going to squeal nice and loud for me.”

“What the fuck are you doing?!?”

I turned my head on the table to see Jack Wolf striding through the door with two other members of the Devil’s own with him.

“What the fuck Hawk? Are you fucking crazy?”

“Jack,” Hawk began. “This fucking skank tried to duck me, and this fucking nut bag took out half the fucking bar.

“You think I don’t know that?” Wolf asked walking towards the table.

“Julie fucking called me in the middle of it. You should have fucking handled it!” Wolf shook his head.

“I pay a lot of money for the fucking cops to look the other way with the girls and drugs, but they come in here and see a fucking gang rape, were all going up!”

“Wolf I…” Hawk started stammering.

“Shut the fuck up and get this skank, and her maniac brother the fuck out of here. We got five minutes before the cops get here.”

The hands were removed from me and I felt my skirt being pulled back down. I was grabbed by my shoulders and pulled to my feet by one of the bikers. On the other side of the table the two guys who were holding my brother stood him up between them. Hawk came around and started to say something and I winced as Wolf hauled off and hit him in the mouth.

“Fucking idiot! You let one fucking guy and a coked out slut almost tear the whole fucking place apart. You don’t think the people in the other rooms tried to call the cops? My boys stalled for almost a half hour!” Wolf looked around and snorted disgustedly.

“Now toss them out and take that disgrace” Wolf pointed at Keith who was still unconscious. “To the fucking hospital and when he wakes up tell him his pathetic ass is fired. Fucking pussy.”

A couple of months ago my brother and I went to Houston on business. We are both in security and try to travel together whenever we can as we are also very good friends. It gives us a chance to get away from the day to day grind of our jobs and him a chance to get away from his wife and kids. He loves them to death, but everyone needs a break from time to time.

Consequently when we travel, we tend to cut loose a bit. We eat too much and we drink too much and one way or another, we always seem to find ourselves a strip club.

This night was no exception.

We had dinner at a nice steak restaurant. We went back to the hotel and cleaned up. Specifically I had been wearing a suit all day at that point and I wanted to change into something lighter weight and more comfortable. A pair of dark kakis, a button down short sleeve shirt and an old, comfortable pair of brown shoes. Sure, this was casual, but who cares. It’s a strip club. The whole point is that the women have to be nice to you no matter how you are dressed.

Now there are a few nice perks to working the type of security I do. The first is that you get to meet a lot of interesting people that you wouldn’t ordinarily meet. You generally get a very intimate picture of their lives or business, certainly more in-depth than an average onlooker would see. Threat assessment and management tends to bring all the skeletons out of the closet. The final one is money.

My job pays well for a reasonably small amount of risk. I live below my means and it all adds up to having a lot of disposable income to blow on a new toy when I want one or a trip to a strip club.

The place we went to was called Heartbreakers. Yes, it’s a real club, south of Houston. You can look it up. Garry and I have been there once or twice before and every time was a good time. I came prepared with lots of cash and a few cigars for me and my brother.

The cover was $15 to get in to the door and by the time we found a seat between the main stage and the second (of course with our backs to the wall. Security people will understand.) a nice looking waitress was there to take our drink order. We both ordered Jack Daniels, as it is really about the only booze worth drinking, and sat down.

The girl on the main stage was attractive, but in a fairly hard kind of way. She was a bottle blonde with pale white skin and large fake breasts. Probably a large C cup if I had to guess. She was doing the traditional school girl routine and had already discarded her jumper, blouse and top, and was down to her thong. She hadn’t shaved quite recently enough and there was a little stubble sticking out of the sides of her panties. Speaking of which, she was a very active dancer and under the lights she had worked up quite a sweat. The panties had slipped down and to the side a bit, weather on purpose or by accident and there was a bit of the side of her lips showing. I felt the beginnings of a stir in my pants when I saw that at the same time I saw some sweat roll down from her stomach to her leg.

To my left was the second stage and the girl was much more my type. She had natural red hair past her shoulders and a lot of her routine seemed to revolve around her whipping it back and fourth to “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. She had the peaches and cream completion of a true Irish lass, and medium but very perky breasts that came to a soft point at two light pink nipples. She was thin, but looked soft and warm and danced around in a bit of a haze. She was already down to her white, lace panties which were boy shorts, and covered much more than most girls at a club like this would cover.

The longer I watched her the more I began to think that she was new to this. She seemed to be mildly uncomfortable or unsure of herself on stage and her movements were small and hesitant. Of course the thought of her being new to this made me all that more interested in her. My slight stir continued, but was not more than that.

The drinks came and went and another round or two and I started to really get into the atmosphere of the evening. I started getting a little tipsy and was a bit surprised to feel someone sit down hard in my lap when I was looking in the other direction. I turned around and looked at a very pretty Malaysian girl. She had large dark eyes, long black hair and a fair complexion. She was very skinny, but she had perky breast and her ass settled down right on my semi hard erection. She immediately started squirming a little bit and said “You’re having a good time tonight, I see.”

“Yes I am. You surprised me when you sat down. What’s your name?”

“I’m Mai”, she said with a little giggle.

She continued her squirming and what started out as a semi quickly got a lot harder, sandwiched under her writhing ass.

“That’s a pretty name” I somewhat slurred. I didn’t mean it. I mean, I guess it could be a pretty name, but she was a stripper and the chances of that being her real name were slim and my mind was else where.

We were in a fairly dark corner and I took her rubbing my cock with her ass to be a fairly good sign. She started to lightly rub my left nipple through my shirt with her index finger and I decided that this girl was at least open to some exploration. I had my right arm around her and on her hip, so I slowly slid the palm of my hand up her belly and to just the point where her bikini top met the bottom of her tit. I paused for a moment and looked at her as if for confirmation and she leaned in like she was going to whisper something into my ear. Instead of saying anything she just breathed hard and then tongued my earlobe into her mouth. While she softly sucked she continued to breathe heavily. That was all the prompting I needed. I finished sliding my hand under her top and cupped her tit in earnest.

Oh, it was warm and soft and smooth, just like a good breast should be. Her nipple was rock hard, and I could feel it against my palm. After massaging it wholly for a moment or two, I proceeded to play directly with the nipple. As I did she increased the rhythm of her breathing in my ear and the speed of the motion of her ass.

“What do you like more”, she asked. “My boob in your hand or my ass on your dick?”

“I like them both.”

Since she definitely seemed to be cool with what I was already doing, I decided to see what else I could get away with. I let my hand leave her breast and travel down her stomach to her bikini line. This time I did not hesitate. I simply plunged my hand all the way down her front and my middle finger immediately found her slit.

She seemed genuinely startled by this and said “Fuck” really loudly. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out of her panties and then looked around to see who had seen. No one had, of course. Garry was busy with his own girl. He likes to talk to them rather than grope them like I do. He’s a good looking guy, and the girl he was with was the blonde from when we walked in. They seemed very interested in their conversation. Everyone else in the club was watching the stages or the waitresses, and no one was really paying attention to our dark little corner against the wall.

“Baby, you can’t do that out here. I could get busted. If that’s what you want we have to go to the back where we can have some privacy.”

“Okay, how much is it to go to the back.”

“It’s thirty a song”, she said not at all embarrassed by the transaction she was making.

Without hesitating I reached into my pocket and handed her $200.

“Let’s start here and see where this takes us. There is always more where that came from.”

“Thank you, baby.” She said and kissed me on the cheek. She then proceed to straighten her skimpy little top and panties. When I had been so flagrantly groping her, both of them had been knocked astray.

She led the way to the back room. This was a large open room guarded by two bouncers and it had it’s own bar. It was done in dark paneling and leather furniture. There were several stuffed animal heads on the walls and all in all, the place looked just like the room we had just come from only not as crowded.

At several alcoves across the well lit area there were dancers performing in various stages of undress for their clients. Although I saw a couple of decent, grinding, naughty lap dances, none of them seemed to be doing what I wanted. So I turned back to Mai and asked:

“I thought you said this would be more private. This doesn’t really look that private to me. Is there somewhere else we can go?”

“Well, there are the booths upstairs, but they are more expensive. They’re $50 per song.”

“And they’re private?”

“Completely. They each have their own door. No one comes in to check on you there.”

“Sounds good to me. Lead on.”

She gave me a smile and took my hand. There was a small, dark stair well on the side of the bar and she led me up. When we got there she handed the $200 to the guy watching the door and said that we would probably be there for more than four songs. He glowered at me and told her to call if she needed anything.

Past the doorway that he was guarding was a small room with 6 doors. She told me that these were the booths that the girls had an option to use, but they had to be careful. Since they were so private, they had to make sure they only took safe guys upstairs. Either that or be prepared to do more than you had planned on. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I didn’t say anything at all.

She chose the booth all the way to the left and we went in. The room was small. No, that’s not right, the room was TINY. The whole room wasn’t even 5′x5′, and one whole wall was taken up with a bench. There was a dim fluorescent light in the ceiling over everything, but the room was dark and there was not a lot of space. She closed the door behind us and pointed to the bench and told me to sit. I did. She put her hands on her hips, looked down at me and said “So where do you want to start”

“I want to start with what the rules are”, I said. I have no problem stretching the rules, or even breaking them from time to time, but I at least like to know where they are.

“I can touch you, and you can touch me”, she said. “I don’t fuck guys, no matter how much money you offer, and I don’t like anything rough. Don’t stick your finger in my ass. That’s about it. So, where do you want to start?”

“I want you to start by taking off your clothes.”

She grinned and said “Okay.” She reached behind her and grabbed the string to her top and pulled it over her head. I got the first actual view of her nipples. They were dark purple in the dim light against the soft white of her skin. She reached down and grabbed my hands and put them on her small breasts.

“Do you like this?”

“Yes, I like this.” I let my hands drop back down to my thighs. “But I said all of your clothes.”

“Oh yeah, baby.”

She looped her thumbs into her panties and wiggled out of them. Frankly it was a lot more wiggling than I thought she needed to do to get them off. They seemed pretty loose to begin with, but I wasn’t complaining. She bent over in the cramped room. There really was almost no where for her to go, so bending over she basically shoved her tits into my face. When her panties got to around her knees she let them drop the rest of the way to her feet and stepped out of them.

She stood up and I got my first real view of her pussy. She was completely shaved; there was not a hint of hair or stubble anywhere. Standing there skinny and hairless she looked much younger than she really was. Reaching out I grabbed her ass and pulled her a step closer to me. She swept her raven hair behind her ears and leaned over to put her tits in my face again. Slowly she lifted herself up to kneel on my thiges and get even closer. I took her left nipple into my mouth and gently began to tongue it. I left my left hand on her ass, and reached my right hand to her right thigh and slowly began tracing it up to her crotch. Her mouth found my ear again, and she started her warm heavy breathing routine.

My hand found the fleshy slit between her legs and I began to rub her. Now it would probably make for a better story if she was dripping wet and my finger slid right in, but that shit isn’t the truth. She was dry and clenched so tight I would have had to force my finger into her. I wasn’t up for that, at least not yet. I figure this was her way of setting a boundary so I left it at that. I just kept rubbing up and down the length of her cunt and sucking her nipple while she breathed heavily in my ear. I was also squeezing her tiny little ass with my other hand.

To say I was hard would be the under statement of the year. I was ROCK hard. My erection was tenting my kaki pants and I was aching for some relief. I made a few last passes directly over clit and then whispered in her ear “Turn around.”

She climbed down off of me and turned around. She bent way over and looked back at me. I had the perfect view of her ass and her pussy below it. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled the cheeks apart. Here anus was a dark little star surrounded by otherwise pale skin and there was a little hair around it. Apparently she was not as clean shaven as I had initially though. The act of pulling her cheeks apart also opened the bottom of her pussy lips and I watched for a moment as the two flaps of skin slowly separated from one another, revealing a small cleft at the opening of her tunnel.

I pressed the pad of my left thumb directly where she was opening to me. The muscles were still straining to keep me out, but for the first time I felt the beginnings of moisture there, as if she had just begun to sweat. My index finger located her clit, and found it much harder than the last time I had touched it. Maybe she was getting into this after all.

After rubbing her cunt a few times with my thumb, I grasped her hips and pulled her ass down onto my lap, and the cock that was straining to get out of my pants.

“Grind on me,” I told her.

She placed her hands on her knees and began moving her ass back and forth over my trapped erection. It felt wonderful. I let her grind for a while, pushing my crotch into her ass every time she would move back to me. After a while I started missing her breasts and wanted to play with them again. I looped my hands under her arms and pulled her back against me. My hands found her rock hard nipples and I began to squeeze and play with them. She leaned her head all the way back to tongue my ear again. This seemed to be one of her favorite things to do.

My right hand reached way down to her pussy and this time I found it moist. As I began to rub I felt the muscles that had been holding her closed begin to relax and my finger slipped into her. First one, then two. I rubbed her sweet wetness around her pussy and heard the breathing in my ear become more and more rapid.

I turned to her and said “I want to come.”

“You can take it out and play with it, if you want,” was her reply.

“No. I could do that myself. I want to fuck you.”

“I told you I don’t do that. I’m not a whore.”

“Well, what will you do”, I asked. My erection was straining against her tight ass and my fingers were pumping into her most sacred of places. I could smell the musty scent of her arousal filling the room.

“Well I could give you a hand job.”

“No, I want more”, When I said it I jammed my fingers deeper into her and lifted. She yelped a bit, caught off guard, then settled back down on my lap.

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“Either suck me off or fuck me. But I want to cum inside of you.” I heard her breath catch and I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers. She was close to her own orgasm and I knew I had her. I knew I could have whatever I wanted, and if she couldn’t give it to me willingly, I could persuade her.

“For $200 I’ll suck you off and let you cum in my mouth.” She was practically gasping now, her mouth hanging slack. She was on the verge of cumming.

“Done! Now get to it.”

I pushed her back up to a standing position and she turned around. Now that she was standing again I could see the flush in her skin. It started just above her beautiful small breasts and cascaded up her face. Her shaved pussy was wet with her moisture as well as her thighs. She was breathing hard and her face had the slacked look of a woman in the midst of passion.

She knelt down in front of me and I leaned as far back in the bench as I could. She gave me one last look, like she couldn’t believe what she was about to do, or maybe like she didn’t really recognize who I was, and she reached to unzip my pants. As soon as she did, my cock sprang out. It had been trapped to long and it was thirsty to be free, to touch her skin. I wasn’t wearing underwear.

She hesitated for a moment, and I thought I was going to have to encourage her by one means or another, but before I could decide what to do she lurched forward like a predator going for its prey and took my whole length into her mouth. When I felt the head of my cock begin to slide down the back of her throat she let out a moan, and the combinations of the feelings nearly made me loose it right there. I realized that while one of her hands was firmly grasping the base of my shaft, the other was between her legs. She was masturbating herself while she was sucking my dick.

Almost before I realized it I felt my breathing become shallower and my muscles tighten. I knew my orgasm was imminent and I wanted to make sure that she lived up to her word. At the last moment I could hold it in, I grabbed her head and pulled it all the way down onto my shaft. Her teeth were in my hair, and my dick was in the back of her throat when I started to cum. I pumped load after load into her, and I felt her start to gag and I felt her try to push away with her hands on my thighs, and it only made the whole thing better.

When I was empty I let her up and she fell backwards gagging and sputtering, her body either trying to swallow the sticky substance or get it back up. She fell sprawled onto the floor with her legs spread and backed up to the far wall. She looked a little scared, but when the choking stopped, she began to smile a little bit.

For my part I just leaned against the wall with the bench and tried to slow my breathing.

“Mai,” I said. “You are one hell of a fuck.”

“Thanks. I’ve never done that with a customer before.”

“There is a first time for everything,” I told her. I stuffed my rapidly softening cock into my pants and zipped it up. I reached into my pocket and gave her one of my cards. I wrapped it around four $100 bills and handed it to her. “Send me your contact information. I’m going to be in town for another couple of days, and maybe we can arrange something outside of work.”

“Like a date,” she asked. I was probably deluding myself, but it sounded somewhat hopeful to me. Maybe I just liked the idea of her enjoying herself as much as I did.

“Call it what you like. Just make sure you call.”

After that, I waited and made polite conversation while she got dressed. She had a problem. Her pussy was so wet that she said it would soak through her panties if she just put them back on. She said that that could get her in trouble and if nothing else, call too much attention to her when she went back downstairs to the club.

The only solution that I could think of was to take off my sock and hand it to her. She looked at it for a moment trying to decide if it was really worth it. Finally she relented and took it. She wiped her sodden cunt with my sock thoroughly and then tried to hand it back to me. I didn’t really want to, but at this point I figured it would be impolite not to take it back.

“Thanks,” she said a little sheepishly.

“My pleasure,” I lied. I slipped the sock in my pocket with the intention of discarding it at the first chance I got.

“Ding,” the doorbell rang, and Miranda stopped breathing for a moment. “Ding, ding,” the doorbell rang, and she grabbed her glass, knocking it back before realizing it was empty. She grabbed the bottle, and it was empty, too. Getting up from the table, she swayed slightly and went to the kitchen sink, getting a glass from the cupboard and filling it from the tap. “Ding, ding,” the doorbell called again as she drank quickly. Head slightly cleared, she walked to the front door, anxiously walking quickly, suddenly worried if she didn’t get the door fast enough, the stripper might leave.

On her way to the door, Miranda shook her head, trying to clear the fog from her mind. I should have had another drink, Miranda thought, or stuck to coffee. A fist pounded on the door as she approached, and she could hear muffled shouting. “One-second,” she called, finally nearing the door. “I was in the kitchen,” Miranda said, opening the door and swaying slightly.

“You should get one of those intercom things,” a sultry voice said, as Miranda blinked, the sun was shining through the clouds and she teared up a little, unable to make out the woman clearly. “I got an order for Candy,” the sultry voice continued, warm and syrupy, “Is this the right house for the party?” Blinking, Miranda finally made out the woman’s face, pretty, less makeup than the website, but with a harder jawline than she would have guessed. Candy stood there, hips cocked to the side, clad in a loose fitting blue blouse and jeans that looked almost like Miranda’s own. Through the blouse, her breasts looked a bit larger than Miranda’s, possibly a c-cup, though it was hard to tell through the blouse. Long blonde hair, with some darkened highlighted streaks, hung bound in a loose pony tail down her back and over her shoulder, framing her long, elegant neck.

“Come in,” Miranda said, drawing a deep breath, “Please.”

Strutting inside, Candy held a small stereo loosely in her left hand, looking around the den with her eyes wide, “Nice place,” she admired, “so, where is the party?” Miranda stared at her jean clad bottom for a moment, the rips in her jeans looked too symmetrical to be natural wear and tear. Through the thin, horizontal rips, Miranda could see toned, creamy calf and thigh. Licking her lips, she felt her pulse quicken as she contemplated the woman’s backside. “Hello? My face is up here,” Candy demanded, her voice firm, “Where’s the party, Miranda?”

Almost jumping, the dark haired woman had a surprised look on her face, before she smiled, her cheeks blushing. “Ah, I’m the party,” she said, “It’s ah, just me.”

“Really?” The blonde replied, her manicured eyebrows rising in slight surprise. She wore a light pink colored lipstick, which glistened slightly. Miranda stared at her lips for a moment, swaying as she stood, still slightly drunk from her morning’s indulgence.

Blushing, Miranda replied as calmly as she could, “I was too embarrassed to say it was for me on the phone,” she sighed, “if it’s a problem, I understand.”

Chuckling richly, the stripper shook her head, “just tell me where to setup, boss.”

Miranda paused, debating about simply using the den, or the home theater, or her bedroom. Or the patio, she thought, then dismissed the idea, as unlikely as it was, somebody could walk by eventually and see. “Follow me,” she said, “Ah, Candy,” she gulped, “can I get you anything before you begin?”

“I’m fine,” Candy replied, following the dark haired woman down the hall, past the kitchen into the other wing of the manse. “This is some place you have,” she said, “divorced?”

“No,” Miranda said, walking swiftly down the hall, holding up her right hand, showing off her ring. She led them down the stairs to the sub level, where the home theater was located. “My husband is wonderful. He’s at work right now, though.” She flicked on some lights as she went, as the basement stayed dark during the day. “Is this okay?” She asked, walking into the large room after the lights flicked on. She turned on the back-row and dimmed them, giving the theater a lit but ambient glow.

Candy nodded, staring at the four rows of recliners, “This works for me. Nice setup.” Miranda smiled, watching as Candy walked to the front of the room, near the projector screen built into the wall. “Sit here,” Candy said, patting the recliner in the middle of the front row, “I can get started whenever you’re ready.”

Seated, Miranda stared at the woman, wondering briefly if she was her age or slightly younger. “Rules first,” Candy said, setting the small stereo down on the floor. “I can touch you,” Candy smiled broadly, showing straight, white teeth, “You can’t touch me, if you do, show’s over. I’d prefer you don’t touch yourself, either, even though you probably wouldn’t make a mess like a guy would.” With a lewd grin, Candy arched her back, hands on her hips as she stretched, “If the rules are okay with you, I’ll start. If not,” Candy paused, reaching back to remove the tie from her hair, shaking it free. “Then thank you very much for the payment, and I’ll show myself out.”

Looking a bit disappointed at the rules, Miranda nodded, watching Candy shake her hair loose. Despite the restrictions, she could feel herself grow excited, breathing in short bursts as she watched the woman reach over to hit play on the stereo. Settled into the chair, feeling slightly tipsy still, Miranda watched aptly as the woman started to sway to a hip-hop song. The beat was heavy, thumping with bass and the woman’s voice singing made a sensuous counterpart to the stripper as she started to slowly peel off her blouse. Mesmerized, the raven haired woman started to get more aroused, her nipples straining against her shirt. As Candy peeled her top off, she turned around and started to sway her bottom back and forth. The rips in her jeans gave Miranda an excellent view of her toned, fit thighs and hips. She could make out no underwear or tan lines, as the top came off and she saw Candy’s lacy bra strap.

“What do you think?” Candy said huskily, her voice sensual. “I’ve never stripped for a woman before, at least, not one by herself.” Turning around, Candy grinned impishly, bucking her hips and sliding her hands up her thighs. Miranda stared at the blonde’s stomach, surprised to see a small belly ring pierced her navel. As Candy swayed her hips, her hands slid up her stomach, finally cupping her breasts as she moved to the rhythm. “How do I look?” She asked, voice husky, sensual.

Gulping, Miranda took a deep, steadying breath, feeling her thighs heat up, “Amazing,” she whispered, her voice exceptionally high at the last syllable. “You have a very pretty stomach.”

“Thanks,” Candy said, her legs coming together as she started to drop lower, still working her hips and thighs, “If I wasn’t getting paid for this,” Candy said, rubbing her breasts, “I’d do this for free, for you.” Circling her nipples through the lacy, pink bra, Candy started to tilt her head back, face flushed. Surprised at her words, Miranda knew the woman was getting excited and she licked her lips, enjoying the show.

After a moment, Candy slid her hands back down, standing straight up and slowly unbuttoned her jeans. Almost holding her breath, Miranda caught the first sight of her shaved mound, the pink g-string covering only a small triangle of smooth, pale flesh. “Hmm,” Candy said, sliding her pants down lower, “This is fun,” she said, wiggling her bottom as the jeans were to tight to pull off right away, “You look excited.” Nodding, Miranda didn’t trust herself to say anything, crossing her legs and kicking lightly as she watched, determined to enjoy herself as much as she could.

Pants freed, Candy started dancing again, bending forwards to show more cleavage and holding one hand beneath her breasts. Her long, muscular legs were completely free of blemish, and her mid section was covered by the skimpiest of g-strings, a matching pink to the bra. With one arm, she reached back, and then held out her pink bra, dangling it to the side.

“Catch,” she said, smiling as she threw the bra to the seated woman. Unable to help herself, Miranda smelled the lacy bra, enjoying the heady, female scent of perfume and Candy. Grinning, Candy slowly unwound her arm, exposing her bare breasts. “What do you think?” Candy said, shaking her breasts by moving her shoulders back and forth, “Do you like my tits?”

Face flushed, Miranda set the bra down and held the arms of the chair, kicking her leg still as she saw Candy’s pink nipples. The blonde teasingly touched herself, first plucking one and then the other, causing her pink nipples to stiffen lightly. Miranda felt as if she was holding her breath, staring for the first time at a sexy, naked woman’s breasts. The curves were spectacular, and the pink, rosebud nipples were perky, looking as if they were begging for a kiss. She swallowed hard, wishing nothing more than to suck them at that moment.

Dance stopped for a moment, Candy stood, bringing one nipple to her mouth and extending her tongue, blue eyes staring into Miranda’s dark ones. As she made eye contact, she licked her nipple and then closed her eyes, groaning in what sounded like pure ecstasy. Breathing shallowly, Miranda felt her own nipples stiffen in response, wishing she could pluck them as she watched the show. Candy started dancing again, her nipple glistening with her saliva, which nearly drove Miranda insane. She had never felt so turned on by watching somebody, anybody, as much as she felt at that moment. Candy’s movements became more and more lewd, dropping to the floor and crawling on her hands and knees, bucking her hips, sticking her firm, toned buttocks into the air. “Smack,” she said, as she reached back and slapped her own ass. The handprint left on her buttock was a pink outline, and she teasingly ran a finger under the line of her g-string next. Panting, Miranda thought for a moment the stripper would go one step further, and Candy paused, grinning wickedly. Withdrawing her hand, she stood, dancing slightly once more.

“Are you ready?” The stripper asked, walking seductively towards her. Miranda had no idea what she meant, only that, staring at the g-string clad woman, her sexy belly ring, her gorgeous pink nipples, Miranda was as ready as she could be without exploding.

“Yes,” Miranda said, nodding as she did. The blonde approached and then straddled the chair, dangling her breasts close to her mouth.

“Remember the rules. You can’t touch me,” she said, wiggling her hips, pushing her own warm center into Miranda’s pubic area, “But I can touch you. Okay?” Miranda, staring at the woman’s chest, desperately wanting to taste her nipple, nodded glumly and forced her hands to stay still. “Good,” Candy said, “some people forget that, and then I have to stop at this stage.” Candy reached out and grabbed Miranda’s hair, pushing her face into her chest, between her breasts. “But I don’t think you want me to stop, right?” A muffled no was all she got in response, as Miranda didn’t trust herself to move.

“Now let’s get you comfortable,” Candy said, leaning back and grabbing Miranda’s shirt. With a smooth, long pull, she freed the raven haired woman from her top, freeing her perky, dark nippled chest. “You’re excited,” Candy said, pressing her hands on Miranda’s chest, cupping her swollen nipples slightly. “We’re only just getting started,” she whispered, leaning forward and pushing her chest into Miranda’s bra clad breasts. The feeling of Candy’s tits pressed into her bare skin was amazing and she desperately wanted to reach up and stroke the g-string clad woman’s buttocks, to feel her tight, curvy bottom with her hands. Grinding down, the blonde started to push her center, thighs spread wide, into Miranda’s jean clad pubic region. As she did, Candy reached up and started to caress her chest, leaning back and riding her lap like she was about to make love. “Oh, yes,” Candy moaned, her nipples swelling, “This feels nice.”

About to explode, Miranda shifted in her seat, her legs spread to support the stripper grinding on her lap. She wished she could press her thighs together, to squeeze herself at least, and get even a little more stimulation going. Flushed and frustrated, she felt the stripper grow warmer against her jeans, the g-string panty covering her pubic mound just enough to hide the pink nether lips from her view. “Yes,” Candy groaned, leaning forward and riding up higher, pressing her tits into Miranda’s face. “Keep your tongue in your mouth,” she admonished, “or I’m done.”

“Okay,” Miranda whispered, tempted despite the firm tone to open her mouth and lick the inside of Candy’s luscious breasts. The blonde stripper continued the pelvic grinding into Miranda’s core for another minute, moving her hips in a figure eight, before slowing. As she stopped, she leaned forward and blew into the raven haired woman’s ear, teasingly. Shivering, Miranda felt her nipples start to ache, painfully, with Candy’s chest pressed into hers. Despite the satin cloth of her bra, she was feeling seriously constricted and ached to remove the confining material.

Leaning back, Candy saw the tortured, aroused look on Miranda’s face and grinned impishly. “I’ve never stripped for a woman before,” the stripper muttered, “you said you’re married, right? Are you bi or something?’

Flushed, Miranda could barely reply, her voice cracking, “I’ve been curious for a while,” Miranda said. “This is the closest I’ve ever been to doing anything with a woman.”

“Interesting,” Candy replied, her voice husky, twitching her hips slightly, grinding her g-string clad bottom into Miranda’s leg once more. She could feel the stripper’s core growing hotter, despite the woman’s insistence she was straight. “Let’s take off your bra,” Candy said, “I can tell it’s frustrating you.” Her heart pounded in her chest as Candy reached around, unclasping the bra. Once freed, Miranda’s head was spinning from the delicious contact with the stripper’s chest. Her nipples felt on fire as Candy leaned into her, the small brown nubs firmly erect. “Is that better?”

“Yes,” Miranda whispered, feeling her pussy start to leak a bit. The stimulation was overwhelming to her, unable to touch herself, and keeping in mind the strict admonishment to not touch Candy, she was feeling like she might explode. The stripper leaned back again and resumed the grinding, dangling her breasts near Miranda’s face, reaching up to cup them as she did.

“I can see how excited you are,” Candy cooed, moving her hips in a figure eight as she moved her fingers around her pink nipples. They were soft still, getting harder as Candy worked them with her thumb and forefinger. “It’s pretty rare that stripping for somebody turns me on.” After a moment, Candy’s nipples were sticking out, the pink aureola puckered and the tip nearly a half inch long. The blonde started moving faster again, her hips undulating in a sensuous motion against the raven haired woman’s thighs, while she continued fondling her breasts. While the stripper continued to grind on her, Miranda thought she could feel her heated mound grow a bit damp through her pants. Surprised, she looked up at the blonde’s eyes, which were half closed as she continued to caress her breasts and rub herself against Miranda’s leg.

“Would it be okay if you removed my pants?” Miranda asked, her voice almost steady, despite the pounding in her chest. The stripper got up and looked down at her, blue eyes half closed. Candy stopped touching her breasts and grinned, her pink lips spread in a half smile that looked naughty.

“Sure,” Candy said, voice husky, “But remember the rules.” She nodded and the stripper reached down, grabbing Miranda’s hands in her own and pulling her out of the chair to stand next to her. She started to sway to the music once more, swishing her hips back and forth as she reached out and grabbed Miranda around the waist. Teasingly, she started to unbutton the pants, pressing her tits against Miranda’s thighs as she slowly opened her jeans. When Candy started to pull them down, Miranda could smell her own sex, the musky aroma heavy in her nostrils. Groaning, Miranda almost grabbed the woman’s head and pressed it against her thighs, restraining herself only barely. Laughing softly, Candy tugged her pants down, pulling hard to get them off her hips, the jeans were so tight. “I’m glad you’re excited,” Candy said with a chuckle. Finally pulling them all the way down, Miranda unsteadily stepped out of them with one leg as the blonde tugged them off of her foot, one at a time.

“Thank you,” Miranda said, feeling her pussy aching, almost dripping through her black satin panties.

“Have a seat,” Candy replied, still grinning. “You’ll love this.” The blonde could barely believe how such a hot, sexy woman was getting so heated over a lap dance. Despite her lack of attraction, she felt herself growing hotter and hotter as the the other woman grew wet. Clad in her g-string, Candy knelt down next to the chair, looking up at Miranda with a smoldering gaze. Teasingly, she caressed Miranda’s legs with her hands, smiling inwardly when the seated woman squirmed. She moved her head over Miranda’s lap, unable to resist inhaling the heady scent of her arousal. Slowly at first, she rocked her head back and forth, draping her long blonde hair over Miranda’s lap. She knew that the motion would tickle and tease the other woman, and she was delighted to see the seated woman squirm even more while she whipped her hair back and forth. With the smell of Miranda’s sex overwhelming her nostrils, Candy was having a harder and harder time resisting the idea of experimenting, just once. Her strong hands slid up to Miranda’s knees and gripped them, hard, while she whipped her hair once more over the seated woman’s stomach.

Breathing heavily, Candy felt her own thighs begin to ache with need. She pushed herself up off the floor, looking deep into Miranda’s eyes once more, her dark pupils fully dilated. “Miranda,” Candy purred, her sensual voice throaty. “Do you like Candy?” The pun came easily to the blonde, having used the stage name just for that pun. She stood towering over the seated woman, her own desire threatening to break down her personal barriers.

Nodding, the raven haired woman could feel her pussy leaking, her panties soaked when she met Candy’s eyes. Her heart pounded in her chest and her nipples felt like they were on fire. Never before had she been so turned on, so desperate to get just a bit more stimulation to bring herself over the edge. “Keep going,” Miranda begged finally, wanting, needing more. “You’re incredible.” Looking up at the blonde, she could see that Candy’s pink nipples were now fully erect, and the stain on the front of Candy’s g-string was no accident. Mouth dry, Miranda realized the stripper was getting almost as excited as she was, despite her insistence of being completely straight.

With a wry grin, Candy slowly turned around and started to move her hips once more to the rhythm. Miranda could not resist grabbing her aching breasts, feeling electric sparks shoot from her chest down to her toes. Aching with need, she stared at Candy’s tight, perfectly sculpted ass while the stripper started to bend down, her butt spread wide. The thin, pink g-string hid almost nothing and Miranda’s breath caught in her throat when she glimpsed the other woman’s wet pussy lips, visible underneath the fabric. Paranoid Candy would look back at her, she stopped clutching her chest and squirmed in the chair, heart pounding, licking her lips and feeling her thighs grow wetter by the second.

A moment later, Candy reached back and gripped her buttocks, spreading them wider still, showing off her entire crack to Miranda by tugging the g-string to the side. Barely breathing, Miranda’s own pussy grew even wetter on seeing the delicious pink folds of the blonde’s nether lips. Seeing another woman’s privates for the first time, in person, she knew without a doubt she had to try something.

“Candy,” Miranda gasped, her voice almost hoarse. “You’re incredible,” Miranda croaked, clearing her throat slightly before continuing. “I can’t take this anymore.” The stripper stood straight slowly, slapping her ass playfully before turning around. The blonde’s eyes were dilated, the blue pupils shrunk to a tiny band around. Nostrils flaring, Candy could almost taste their arousal in the air. Looking down, her breath caught as she stared at Miranda’s chest. The marks of her fingers were visible, Miranda unable to resist squeezing her nipples almost too hard, desperate to distract herself from the aching, fiery desire down below.

“I’m horny,” Candy said huskily, her face flushed a bit. “And this is the most fun I’ve ever had with a client,” Candy moaned suggestively, her nipples perking up, her hands gripping her tits provocatively once more. “How about you lay down on the carpet?”

“What are you going to do?” Miranda asked, excited and scared.

“Give you an even better lap dance,” Candy replied, licking her lips. “Unless you want the show to stop?”

Shaking her head, “No,” Miranda got up and lay down, staring at Candy’s chest the whole time. The blonde stripper was playing with her nipples, her thumbs and forefingers on each hand plucking and strumming the pink tips. Face flushed, Miranda squeezed her thighs together for a moment, her skin hot, the pressure only increasing her screaming desire for sexual relief. The carpet tickled her back slightly, with only her black satin panties on, she stared up at Candy. Miranda was torn between plunging her fingers into her pussy finger herself with abandon and the burning desire to allow Candy to continue driving her wild.

Candy stopped playing with her nipples, the pink nubs staying fully erect, when Miranda squeezed her thighs together. “Am I torturing you?” She asked, grinning slightly. Miranda simply nodded, rubbing her thighs together a little, the scissoring motion stimulating her closer to the climax she craved. “Let’s see how you like this,” the blonde muttered, kneeling down next to Miranda. At first, Miranda thought Candy would simply straddle her hips, however, Candy instead laid down opposite her instead. “Spread your legs.”

Shocked, Miranda spread her thighs wide, feeling her juices dripping down her thighs, the satin panties already as wet as they could be. The blonde then spread her thighs wide, moving in a mirror image of Miranda. Scooting closer, Candy then twisted her right leg, placing it over Miranda’s thigh. “Lift up your leg,” Candy whispered, grabbing Miranda’s left leg and helping to adjust her position. Still stunned, Miranda did as the blonde asked, her flesh hot where Candy’s thighs entwined with her own. Thus intertwined, Candy scooted closer to her still, pressing her heated center against Miranda’s own.

Pushing herself up onto her elbows, Candy grabbed hold of Miranda’s leg, bringing her knee to her chest. In her head, Candy told herself it was just a continuation of the lap dance, despite how incredible it felt. Her pussy was aching with need, the contact with Miranda’s own dripping, satin covered mound was satisfying, at least for the moment. Bucking her hips, the blonde started to move her buttocks around in a circular motion, grinding her g-string clad center into Miranda’s satin covered cunt.

In a daze, Miranda arched her back, moaning. “Oh, yes!” Feeling the strippers pussy grinding against her was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Arching her back, Miranda started to move her hips up and down, grinding her dripping pussy into Candy in response to the strippers sensuous movement. Despite the satin cloth still covering her dripping core, she felt like she could cum in minutes. Her eyes rolled back in her head, lost in ecstasy, and she grabbed her nipples, squeezing them in time with Candy’s lustful motion. “Oh, Candy, yes, YES!” Miranda screamed, cumming finally. Never before had she experienced such a fast orgasm, with so little clitoral stimulation. She kept moving, wanting the pleasure rolling through her body to keep going, squeezing her brown nipples rhythmically.

“Wow,” Candy breathed, still driving her pussy into Miranda’s own. She saw the satisfied look on the dark haired woman’s face and felt the sudden burst of wetness flow through the black panties. She started to move faster, harder, loving the wet sensation of their cunt rubbing against each other. However, her g-string started to bother her and after enjoying the movement, Candy finally stopped grinding and backed away.

“What are you doing? Don’t stop,” Miranda begged, “I want to keep going.”

Grinning, Candy folded her legs back and disengaged herself, then quickly slipped her pink g-string off and tossed it onto the chair where Miranda had sat for the lap dance. “Who said I was stopping?” Miranda finally looked up, her cheeks flushed, and saw Candy’s dripping pussy, her inner thighs smeared with their fluids. The sight turned her on and she felt her pussy contract, the after glow of her orgasm still rolling through her. Squeezing her nipples, she watched as Candy reached up her thighs, grabbing her panties. Lifting her hips off the floor, Miranda enjoyed the lust-filled blue eyed gaze of the stripper as she freed her, finally, of her last stitch of clothes. Candy watched as Miranda’s dilated, dark pupils stared at her a moment before going south, to her now bare pink nether lips.

The air felt hot against her pussy. The slick, warm fluids of Miranda’s orgasm still dripped slowly down her thighs, between her buttocks and created a tiny wet spot on the carpet. Breathing heavily, Miranda knew that her dreams of experimenting with a woman were finally coming true, and watching as Candy laid back down and folded her legs around her thighs, Miranda realized she would do anything with Candy. Heart pounding, as Candy started to grind her pussy into hers once again, she mirrored the other woman’s movement, pushing herself up off the floor onto her elbows. Her dark eyes connected with the stripper’s heavy lidded, blue eyed stare and Miranda felt the other woman grow wetter as they humped, pussy on pussy. Desperate to make the other woman cum, Miranda grabbed Candy’s thigh, sliding her cunt more deliberately against Candy’s wet clit.

Breathing hard from the constant exertion, the blonde was growing tired, despite the incredible sensation of Miranda’s wet pussy grinding into her aching cunt. Never before had Candy broken her own rules about going further with a client, but that afternoon, the stripper wanted to see how far the ravishing Miranda would go. Despite the heady sensation of Miranda’s core grinding into her, Candy knew she wouldn’t be able to cum without going at least one step further. Candy shifted her hips, balancing on her right hand for support as she lifted her right hand off the floor. Moving her hips slower against Miranda’s pulsating thighs, Candy slid her fingers in between their gyrating mounds.

“Oh, yes,” Candy whispered, her fingertips reaching her clit, “Yes, yes,” she continued, her middle finger and index finger splayed on either side of her clit. She bucked her hips, fingertips sliding up and down her labia, also rubbing against Miranda’s clit as the raven haired woman continued her movements. Candy was feeling out of control, bucking her hips faster and stroking her clit with abandon.

Miranda, feeling the blonde’s fingertips brushing into her own clit, felt as if she would have a second orgasm from their dry humping alone. After her initial orgasm, she could tell that Candy was craving her own release. Encouraged by the deepening flush in the other woman’s cheeks, Miranda started grinding harder into Candy’s fingers and soaking pussy lips. Candy’s face grew more heated as Miranda felt her pussy leaking more juices, coating Candy’s fingers and soaking the back of her hand completely with the multiple passes of her hips. Never before had she felt so satisfied yet craving more, she mounted Candy’s fingers and dripping pussy as fast as she could. Imitating the movements the seductive blonde had used earlier, Miranda felt her pussy starting to leak more and more as Candy started to pant louder against her wet clit.

Eyes wide, Candy lifted her hips off the ground, pushing harder with her left hand as she leaned forward. “Yes!” Candy screamed, moving her right hand to grip around Miranda’s fast twirling ass cheek. Candy had a screaming orgasm, loving the feeling of Miranda’s smooth, tight buttock in her hand, her clit rubbing wetly against her own. Never before had she felt so good only rubbing against somebody, man or woman. Shuddering, Candy whimpered for a few moments, her body convulsing as she held Miranda’s ass rapt, tightly pressed into her center.

The orgasm ripping through her, Candy lost track of time for a moment, simply grinding her way through the waves that passed through her mind, drowning her vision. Her eyes came into focus, her body spasmed once more when she finally remember where she was, what she was doing. The dark haired, mysterious beauty that hired her stared into her eyes, dark pupils dilated in mind blowing desire. Wanting to feel more passion with the raven haired woman, Candy leaned into her as her orgasm finished and tilted her head to the side, mouth open.

Eagerly, Miranda opened her mouth and started to rub her lips and tongue in response to the blonde’s probing lips and mouth, lost in the moment as she kissed another woman for the fist time. She noticed how soft, how feminine Candy’s mouth felt, the taste her her tongue slightly minty. In heaven, she bucked her hips a final time against the blonde, loving how wet she felt, after the blonde’s torrid orgasm and twitching pussy soaked her inner thighs. She thrust her breasts forward in response, loving the feeling of Candy’s tight, pink nipples against her smaller breasts. Gasping in ecstasy, Miranda felt as if the kiss, their chests meeting together, she might cum at any moment. Smelling their combined sexes in the air, Miranda’s nostrils flared as she slid her tongue deeper into the blondes voracious mouth, her pink lips gliding against hers in a succulent rhythm. She could hardly wait to do more with the athletic, big breasted blonde.

Lost in the sensation of Miranda’s delicious mouth, still tasting of wine, Candy ground her hips further into Miranda in a circular motion, feeling like she could cum again in a few short minutes. The after-glow and small ripples of ecstasy rolled through her as her tongue slid all over Miranda’s mouth. Her right hand gripped the dark haired woman and she squeezed harder, her nails digging lightly into the other woman’s flesh.

“Ah!” Gasped Miranda, arching her back in surprise and a hint of pain, her pussy nearly on fire as the sensation of Candy’s nails digging just a bit too much into her skin made her arch her back. Candy took advantage of the moment and leaned forward, sucking a delicious, dark nub into her mouth. Nipple on fire, Miranda yelled, “oh, yes, yes,” as Candy sucked on her erect dark colored nipple. Candy’s hand seemed to have buried an imprint into her butt cheek and Miranda lost herself in the moment, hoping that Candy would simply start to kiss her where it hurt. Or throbbed, in this case.

Sucking feverishly, Candy felt Miranda go crazy, reaching up with her free hand and stroking her hair one moment, then gripping her head the next. With her hair firmly entwined in Miranda’s fingers, Candy reached her hand around and slid it between Miranda’s humping mound and her dripping clit. Biting softly, she touched Miranda’s slick nether lips for the first time. Sucking as she did, Candy slid a finger between Miranda’s thighs, soaking her digit on the outer rim of Miranda’s labia all the way down to her base.

Breathing heavily, Miranda pulled the blonde on top of her, arching her back so far she set her head down. Her hips stopped writhing and she grabbed the stripper’s head still. Pulling Candy’s hair, the blonde locks wrapped tight around her fingers, Miranda attempted to guide the stripper where she desperately needed her attention. Nipples on fire, she felt the other woman slide her index finger on the other side of her lips, still not slipping the digit in between her folds.

“Fuck me,” Miranda begged, arching her back. Candy slid her tongue down the other woman’s pubic mound, inhaling deeply as she did. Index finger moving slowly across Miranda’s outer lips, Candy could tell exactly how frustrated the other woman was getting. Finally, she repositioned her face near Miranda’s dark skinned pussy, her lips swollen with desire. Tongue extended, Candy wasted no time in tasting other woman’s folds. “Oh,” Miranda gasped, pulling Candy’s face in closer, “yes.”

Closer still, Candy closed her mouth around Miranda’s swollen clit for a moment, before taking the erect nub into her mouth. She sucked on it briefly, hearing Miranda’s excited groan in return, before releasing her sensitive flesh. Sighing softly, Candy extended her long, pink tongue and slid it down the length of Miranda’s cunt, loving the taste as the other woman gasped, her fingers slack in her hair. “Slid it in all the way,” Miranda begged, “I want you to stick your tongue all the way inside.” Encouraged, the blonde stripped slid her tongue all the way into the base of Miranda’s now steadily oozing pussy. Her thick fluids dripped down her chin as her upper lip met with the middle of the dark lipped woman. Sliding her tongue all the way in, Candy reached down to Miranda’s ass and gently lifted helped the other woman point her hips skyward.

Thus repositioned, Candy lifted herself up so she could more easily bob her head up and down, tongue fucking the other woman. Panting non stop, Miranda released Candy’s hair after a brief tug and used her hands to grab her thighs. Lifting her hips with her thighs, Miranda curled up slightly into a half ball. Candy then slid her tongue all the way up to Miranda’s swollen, slick clit, and started to run her tongue all around. With her right hand, she swiftly jammed two fingers into the dark lipped woman’s slick love tunnel.

“Yes!” Miranda screamed, feeling her pussy contract in a massive orgasm as Candy started to pound her pussy with two fingers. She could feel her insides contracting more than she could ever remember, and screamed incoherently as Candy kept fucking her furiously with her fingers. Just as the blonde stripped started to suck her clit into her mouth, Miranda felt her pussy squirt for the first time. The fluid sprayed down the blonde’s chin and chest, soaking her and the floor both. Sucking harder still, Candy took the other woman’s clit and upper labia deeper into her mouth, continuing to finger fuck the other woman like a jackhammer. Her fingers pumped in and out of Miranda’s wet, tight pussy while her chin got sprayed while the mind blowing orgasm wracked the other woman.

Feeling as if her orgasm was continuing on forever, and feeling an afterglow like never before, her squirting orgasm set her mind on fire. She reached down again to steady Candy’s head into her pussy as the woman kept sucking and licking her clit, rubbing it around on the inside of her mouth. Pussy pulsating, Miranda felt her orgasm seem to begin all over again as she twirled Candy’s hair around her fingers. Several minutes later, clenched in the same position, Miranda’s orgasmic fury finally started to wind down, and she set her legs down. Resting each on the sides of Candy’s head, she groaned, feeling drained, and satisfied like never before.

Sucking softly, Candy felt her head ache with the force of Miranda’s near death grip through her massive series of back to back orgasms. The blonde stripper had never before experienced such an intense burst from any woman, and she felt as if her own pussy had squirted right along with the dark haired woman. Still, after only one orgasm, that from her own fingers, Candy was not about to stop there. Withdrawing her fingers, Candy slid her tongue down the length of Miranda’s pussy, slurping slightly while moving her head. She licked up what she could, smearing her saliva with the aftermath of the raven haired woman’s explosion. Biting softly, she felt Miranda stiffen up briefly, then relax, laying her thighs draped over her shoulders.

Convinced the other woman was finished, the blonde stripper gave one final suck at Miranda’s clit, causing her to gasp, her stomach muscles clenching prettily. The stripper gently removed MIranda’s thighs, looking down at the black haired woman, her tanned cheeks glowing with a pretty rose highlight. Flushed herself, Candy knew her face must be almost glowing with the other woman’s fluids.

“You’re incredible,” Miranda whispered, her voice thick, sleepy. “You have an amazing tongue.”

“Thanks,” Candy replied, her voice thick with her own lust. “Next, you should taste candy.” The blonde gave a knowing, hinting smile as she shared the cliche.

Sitting up slowly, Miranda took a deep breath, staring at the stripper’s body with mounting lust. Despite her satisfying series of orgasms, she still felt an overwhelming urge to touch the woman all over. However, she also had no idea what she should do first, so she simply stared at Candy for a moment, licking her hips while she thought.

“Tell me,” Miranda finally said, “what to do.”

Leaning forward, Candy pressed her chest into Miranda’s, loving the sensation of the tight nipples pressing into her soft mounds. “Whatever you want,” Candy whispered, biting her earlobe softly. She licked Miranda’s ear again, causing the dark haired woman to shiver, before giggling. Candy arched her back, moving slowly to the ground, finally resting on the floor, her blonde locks framing her face.

Licking her lips, Miranda looked down to Candy’s toned, creamy thighs, paler than her own. Candy playfully spread them apart, bending her legs at the knees for a moment before bringing them back together. Smiling, she pulled her knees to her chest, showing off her wet slit and darker rear entrance to Miranda’s gaze, then set her feet back down to the floor. She slid her feet down, extending her legs, and then spread them wide like she was making a snow angel.

“This was your idea, Miranda,” Candy said huskily, sliding her hands to her chest, cupping her gravity defying breasts. She squeezed the pink nipples, licking her lips as she did. “How do you want me?”

Unable to come up with anything clever, Miranda could no longer resist the temptation to dive straight between Candy’s spread legs. She knelt between them, grabbing Candy’s thighs, lifting her legs to bend her muscular legs. Smiling, Miranda stroked her thighs for a moment longer, luxuriating in the soft, firm feel of her skin. Caressing her inner thigh, Miranda could feel the sticky aftermath of their lovemaking earlier, the fluids from her massive orgasm and Candy’s following explosion sticky to the touch. Kneeling down, Miranda inhaled deeply, loving the thick, musky scent of the blonde’s sex in the air. Finally, Miranda steadied herself as she lay her head down, positioning her mouth over the smooth, waxed mound of Candy’s pubis. Pursing her lips, she kissed the other woman’s skin, marveling at the smooth, silky feeling against her lips. Sweat mixed with their orgasmic fluids to give the blonde’s flesh a slightly sweet and musky taste, a tad salty.

Not sure what to expect, Miranda traced her tongue down the inside of Candy’s thigh, while the other woman moaned softly. At the juncture of her groin, the dark haired woman could taste the stripper’s juices, stronger, thicker. She licked and sucked at her thigh for a moment, enjoying the slow, teasing progression of sensations she knew Candy was feeling. She bit softly, planting her teeth on Candy’s thigh, pressing her left cheek into the stripper’s wet pussy. Groaning, the stripper reached down and grabbed her hair, running her hands down to the tops of her shoulders.

I had made two round trips where the guys had enjoyed seeing my bound, teased and aroused body while I delivered beer and snacks and then returned to service Rebecca’s pussy. I was horny as hell and prayed she would take mercy on me and make me cum, but keeping me on the edge apparently was more fun for everyone involved except for me. Although I hated the feeling of the ball gag in my mouth I loved the taste of Rebecca’s pussy coating it. This only served to increase my lust as her pussy became the focus of my world.

On my third trip to the game I felt a hand sliding up under the micro-mini skirt I was wearing and a squeeze on my butt cheek. Surprisingly it wasn’t Jim or Steve who became so bold but one of the other men I had not been introduced to yet. His fingers were certainly courageous however as he drifted from my ass to my labia and along my slit finding how wet I had been for the past hour or so. But before I could get any real satisfaction, he withdrew his hand. I moved on to my next delivery, another man I didn’t know. He was even bolder with his fingers in that he didn’t try to hide what he was doing under my skirt. He simply reached behind my apron and squeezed my left breast taking time to fondle my erect nipple as well. That brought a deep breath through my nose and a moan through my gag which was noticed by everyone at the table. After that every man took his turn fondling my body as I delivered their drinks. Nipple pinching, ass squeezing and finger fucking was on tap for the rest of the first round of their game. Of course as soon as my tray was empty a buzzing in my ass signaled my need to return to Rebecca and her seemingly never satisfied pussy.

The first round of the game went on for about an hour before the first player lost all his money. They were playing Texas Hold-Em’ and each guy started with $2,000 in chips. They explained that each round lasted about 2 hours as they kept upping the minimum bet to keep the game flowing. Once the first player was out, the short stacks would begin to fall quickly. Steve was the first one out. I expected him to go take care of his wife but instead he waved at me and brought me over to one of the couches on the other side of the game room. He unhooked my tray and unclipped my wrist cuffs. He left the cuffs on but at least I could pull my arms forward in front of me relieving the pressure on my shoulders. He then turned on some music, sat down and told me to give him a lap dance. I wasn’t thrilled with that prospect and a buzz in my ass gave me the excuse to return to the kitchen. Rebecca was surprised I didn’t have my tray anymore and my hands were loose.

“So was my husband the first one out again?” she asked me.

I nodded.

“He probably does that on purpose, although usually I’m the one dancing for him. Let’s go.”

She took me by the hand and led me back to the game room. Steve was still sitting on the couch although another one of the unknown men had now joined him. Rebecca sat down next to her husband and then looked at me.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Dance for us or you will not be cumming tonight.”

I watched as she held up the remote and turned both my vibrators on. My hips began to move on their own at first, but I quickly gave way to their lustful desires and began swaying in concert with the music.

“Come closer slut,” Rebecca ordered and I obeyed.

Steve sat in the middle and I stood in front of him trying to put on as seductive a show as I could. I felt Rebecca’s hand grab my wrist and spin me around so my ass was in his face. I then felt two hands (I assume they were Steve’s) grab my hips and pull me down onto his lap. I felt his cock begin to harden as I did a slow bump and grind on his crotch. The unknown man had busied his hand under my apron tweaking my nipples and Rebecca had her fingers busy in my pussy while the butterfly and plug worked their magic. Finally I had the stimulation I was going to need to get off.

I could feel my arousal building and there was no way my three partners could miss what I was feeling. I was about to cum and cum hard when I felt the gag being removed. I then felt Rebecca’s hot breath on my ear as she whispered to me, “Cum now baby girl. Cum hard and cum loud.”

Her permission was all I needed as hours of sexual tension drained from my body in a matter of seconds. With a scream of pleasure, my orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Steve grabbed my hips and held me tight against his pants covered hard cock as I shook and bounced against him. The man to my left pinched my nipple hard and a bolt of pain rocked through my body, but that only served to extend my orgasm. Rebecca continued to finger fuck me although I wished I was getting attention from something larger and longer than her fingers. All three of them seemed to enjoy my show almost as much as I enjoyed the shattering climax that tore through me. I didn’t notice as I was looking the other way, but I assumed the game stopped for the duration of my show as well.

After I calmed down I was repositioned off of Steve’s lap onto the lap of the other guy. Apparently the rules of the first round were when you get knocked out of the game you get a free lap dance. I did my best to give him a good grind on his groin, although now that my lust had been temporarily sated, I didn’t do quite as good a job as I had on Steve. Speaking of Steve, Rebecca seemed concerned that his hard cock from my dance was causing him discomfort because he had unzipped his pants and was giving him a hand job as they both watched me. I wondered if that was part of the usual events or whether that was something special due to my “great dancing skills” but either way watching her slow deliberate stroking of his cock inspired me to give my new partner a bit extra. I could feel his cock beneath me and I wondered if I could get him to cum in his pants.

A third guy was now out of the game and he took up residence on the love seat apparently waiting his turn. I didn’t know how long I was supposed to grind on player number two so I just kept rubbing against his crotch until I was told to switch. I figured Rebecca would let me know when it was time. Before I switched a fourth guy joined number three on the loveseat. I could see that Steve was close to cumming with all the attention his wife was giving him. I guessed that would be my signal to move on and I was right. However, before I did Rebecca told me to get on my knees in front of him. I immediately dropped to the floor and opened my mouth assuming she wanted me to suck him off or at least drink his load. But that wasn’t her plan. With her free hand she raised my apron exposing my pretty titties. She then aimed his cock at my chest and told him to “let the slut have it.” And have it I did. Steve’s cock exploded a torrent of cum leaving a high speed splatter trail across my chest. I was coated in his juice. Rebecca then stood up and removed the apron to prevent it from soaking up his cum and told me to continue dancing pointing at guys three and four.

I walked over to the love seat and both men seemed happy to share my dance passing me back and forth. I’m sure some of Steve’s cum dripped off my tits onto their pants but neither seemed to care. With the blinds in the game reaching a peak, the rest of the players started to drop out quickly and I was passed around between them. They seemed to enjoy having me sit reverse cowgirl on them so they could grab my tits while I dry humped their legs. I was quickly ready for them to do much more, but they all seemed to know the schedule of events and were happy to just feel me up. I expected to be forced to my knees and made to suck them off, but apart from some fondling, they all seemed satisfied to have me just dance for them and hump their crotches.

Finally there were only two players were remaining, Jim and Tony. I wondered if there was anything special I got to do for the winning player. As it turns out Tony won. All of the other guys left the room and Jim told me to dance for Tony and then to give him his victory hand job. I expected to give him a victory blowjob, but he didn’t seem concerned that I was only going to tug him until like Steve he hosed down my boobs. I never did dance for Jim, although after I was done with Tony he told me to follow him to the bathroom to clean up. And by clean up it meant he would lick all the cum off my chest. He then removed the butterfly and told me to sit up on the bathroom counter while he ate me to orgasm number two. He told me I was doing great and that I would enjoy round two even more. Since round one had given me two orgasms and had taught me a new appreciation for eating Rebecca’s pussy, I could only imagine what was yet to happen.

The guys were sitting at the table again by the time we returned. Each had a new stack of chips before them and the timer had been reset to the low starting limits. Rebecca brought me back to the kitchen. I expected she would order me to service her again but she didn’t. She just wanted to explain my new duties.

“During round two you are going to crawl under the table. You will notice the guys have all removed their pants. Whoever wins a hand will wave at you indicating you should suck their cock but don’t let them cum. The winner gets to finish as his reward, but the losers only get teased. How does that sound?”

“It doesn’t sound fair. What if I want them to finish?” I replied with a devilish smile.

“Don’t worry, they will eventually. This is an incentive to try to win. In round one some of the guys want to lose early to get the lap dance,” she said smiling.

I nodded my agreement and walked back to the game room. Steve, sitting at the head of the table, stood up, moved his chair and let me climb underneath the table. He was pretty flaccid after cumming earlier, but several of the guys were already hard. The game began and about 30 seconds later I got the first taste of cock in my mouth. I had to admit I hated to tease the guys and not try to get them off. At first there were not too many quick repeat customers so most of the guys would lose their erections before I would get back to them unless they won several hands in quick succession. My knees and jaws were getting sore as I spend the first hour crawling back and forth serving all the guys. Whenever Jim, Steve or Tony won a hand I didn’t take it easy on them. The mischievous side of me wanted to make them cum before they were supposed to. I imagined the look on their faces as all the other guys watched them blast off before the agenda allowed. But unfortunately the quick movement to another guy and all three guy’s staying power denied me the thrill of making them spurt. Finally players started to drop out.

As a result, the remaining players more frequently won two or three hands in a row. Steve, Jim and Tony all dropped out early so I wasn’t sure whose cocks I was sucking. This didn’t really matter, although I would have liked Jim to stay in until the end again. In the end only two guys remained. They were sitting on opposite sides of the table. The hands were moving so quickly that I struggled to switch cocks in time. Jim stuck his head under the table and just told me to stroke them both. I was happy to get a break and sat between them and gave them both long slow hand jobs. I expected them both to explode on me, but apparently one of the players got beat on a cooler and the game was over.

Both men pushed my hands away from their cocks and stood up. I figured I should crawl out from under the table so I did. Jim told me the winner’s prize was a blowjob to completion from me. This was fine by me. After all the sucking I did it was time for me to get some man juice. The winner, Ralph I later found out, sat down on the loveseat and I knelt between his legs. I don’t know if I had sucked him most of all during the tournament, but I recognized his nice thick cock as I slid it past my lips until he hit the back of my throat. Then I began sucking like my life depended on it. Since he was the victor I wanted to be sure he got his reward. And my reward for being such a good little slut.

Ralph was content to sit back and enjoy himself and the other guys seemed to be enjoying watching. I don’t know if that made Ralph try to hold back or if he was just a little nervous about having 9 other guys plus Rebecca watching him get blown, but he certainly had staying power. I was tired of being on my knees and wanted him to cum quickly so I began stroking his cock along with my oral service. I made sure I was giving him a sloppy, spit covered blowjob allowing my hand to easily slide up and down his shaft. Based on his breathing I knew he was enjoying the change in style. His friends also took notice and began cheering him on. Hell, I was the one doing all the work. They should have been cheering me on, but I guess the call to “blow a load down her throat” would have to do as my inspiration.

I redoubled my efforts to get him to shoot and eventually he did. It wasn’t a huge load filling my mouth, but his jizz was nice and creamy. I popped my mouth off his deflating dick to the applause of the assembled throng. I looked up at Jim wondering if he was going to escort me to the bathroom so we could French kiss Ralph’s essence but he didn’t. After seeing Jim wasn’t making a move toward me I looked to Rebecca who was sitting on the couch with a couple of other guys. She was in the middle and had a hard cock in each hand. She paused long enough to point to the center of the room indicating I should take a new position. As I did I noticed the other guys unzipping their pants and Rebecca beginning to stand up.

She bent back over and grabbed both of the cocks and gave them a couple more strokes before both guys began to stand up. She then led them over to me and knelt in front of me. Rebecca spit on her hand and grabbed the first guy and began stroking him again. It didn’t take him long to swell in her hand leading her to exclaim “here it comes” before she aimed his cock at my face. I put up my hand to block the stream of cum shooting at me, but I felt somebody grab my wrists from behind. Cum was dripping off my face down to my chest as I felt my wrists being clipped together behind me again. Rebecca then repeated the process with the second guy. This time I didn’t have a way to defend myself and he unleashed a torrent of jizz all over my face. When I finally felt the cum dripping enough off my eyes to feel I was safe to open them, I saw the other guys standing around me in a semi-circle all jerking their cocks furiously.

Rebecca seemed to relish helping the guys finish and especially seemed to enjoy helping them aim at me. The third guy hit my face as well but numbers four and five chose just to paint my tits. Numbers six through nine took a mixed approach starting on my face (I learned to open my mouth for a tasty treat) before finishing on my breasts. In the end I had one load in my belly, a little splatter also in my mouth and a whole lot of cum dripping of my face and chest. And we still had one round of cards to go.

It was late so a couple of the guys left after round two’s bukkake. I was not allowed to wash off but Rebecca did disappear while the guys setup the chips and took bathroom breaks. By the time they were ready to begin, Rebecca had returned sporting a thick strap-on around her waist. It looked funny around her formal gown, but then I realized the progression taking place and knew the winner of this round was going to fuck me. My pussy gushed in anticipation. The boys sat back down and Rebecca sat on the couch. I was still standing in the between the couches waiting to be told what to do. Rebecca waved me to her. “Mount up cowgirl,” she said. “Face the guys and let them watch those cum covered tits bounce.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I needed to get fucked, even if it was by her dildo. I straddled her lap just like I had done to the guys after round one but in the process impaled myself on her fake cock. I looked down at her as she filled me stretching my pussy. It felt great and I was ready for more.

“Grind me like you did the guys when you did their lap dances baby girl,” she hissed at me. And grind her I did. The remaining cum from the guys began to fly from my chest dripping down on our erotic hostess. She didn’t seem to mind. My tits were bouncing wildly and the guys seemed more intent on watching me instead of playing their game.

“Ride it baby, ride it,” Rebecca cheered me on. I heard one guy call “all in” on about the fourth hand and Jim called him. Jim won the hand, but the loser didn’t seem to care. He jumped up and sprinted toward the couch. His cock was hard already and flopping wildly side to side as he ran. I started to slow down on Rebecca in anticipation of dismounting, but she grabbed my hips and held me tight. I had not noticed before but she had a jar to lube sitting next to her. The “loser” grabbed the lube and began to slather it over his cock. I looked down to Rebecca who smiled a dirty smile and said “well you didn’t think that plug was just so I could signal you, did you?”

I was still impaled on her as the guy pulled the plug out none to gently. Then with a single thrust he buried his cock up my ass. At least he was small of stature I thought as he and Rebecca began to work on getting a rhythm to my double penetration. The guy was grunting as he relished getting first crack at my ass. The game stopped to watch the carnal show as I was split roasted between them. My tight ass must have appealed to him as he quickly stopped thrusting and then shot a tiny load into my butt. He had shot one of the larger loads onto me just 15 minutes before so I guess he didn’t have much left in his balls. I didn’t care. I felt him pull out and then he unceremonially pushed the plug back in my ass. As I had learned to do I looked down to Rebecca for clarification.

“The guys don’t have much left so they are taking up a collection,” she instructed me.

The game continued in a frenzy with chips flying around and guys dropping out at a furious pace ready to take my ass and leave their own contribution to the cum soup collecting in my ass. Jim won the round and added his spray last to my now very stretched backdoor. Rebecca had stayed under me the entire time (about 40 minutes) letting me rut on her femcock. I came three more times when Tony, Steve and Jim took their turns. By the time Jim finished I was spent. I had no to energy to resist when Steve produced a much larger plug which he pushed into me after Jim pulled out “to make sure I didn’t lose any of their gift to me” on the way home. Tony and the other guys had all left by this time. Steve started clearing the poker table and putting the chips away. Rebecca escorted Jim and I back toward the front door. I had lost the micro-mini by this point so other than the stockings, heels and the butt plug I was naked. I didn’t get the impression Jim cared much that he was going to take me home that way and in truth, I didn’t care either. Used as I had been I really didn’t worry if Steve’s neighbors saw me in that condition.

“I hope you will loan this little vixen to us for a weekend sometime?” Rebecca asked Jim.

“I think arrangements can be made as long as Steve gives me you sometime,” he replied.

Rebecca blushed. “I’d like that,” she said. “I’d really like her to make me cum one more time right now as well.”

“That’s not a problem. All you had to do was ask. Isn’t that right Wendy?”

I was totally worn out after blowing and fucking the ten guys not to mention having serviced Rebecca several times already and riding her cock, but I couldn’t resist either of them. I nodded and Rebecca took my hand. She led me back upstairs to the guest room where my lust filled decent began several hours earlier. She stripped off her gown and I finally got a good look at her beautiful body. She was magnificent. She lay down on the bed with her legs draped over the edge and spread wide. She spread her labia with two fingers and told me to “come and get it.”