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Trevor anxious to start the class so he could start pouring over his student’s questionnaires, walked deliberately around the front of the auditorium. The questionnaires always gave him an erection as he discovered this year’s virgin, how often she masturbated, and what sexual fantasies she might have. Finding virgins with intact hymens was especially rare but so far he had managed to find at least one every quarter. He would then borrow medical equipment from the anatomy instructor to give the seminar a clear view of the inside of a woman who had never let another man touch her. He used a colonoscopy scope that lit up and gave a great picture that he projected on the large screen. He was always very careful not to penetrate her to leave everything intact for his favorite part of the series “fucking a virgin”.

The students began filing into class. He watched as they drifted in saying pleasantly, “Please fill the front seats first, we will be watching a film today”.

He would say this every few minutes or so as the rest of the students sauntered in before the class started. Trevor introduced his TA, Eric, to the class. Eric was one of his returning seminar students and a personal favorite. Eric was a PE major with an exceptionally large cock and a very muscular demeanor. The site of him soaked more than one or two panties Trevor was sure. Eric would be running to the computer lab to print Trevor’s seminar extra credit invitations after he read the questionnaires and sorted out the students who would make the cut for the Role Play Erotica seminar over the Understanding & Treasuring your Body ~ a discussion on safe sex and mutual monogamy. He liked to teach the Erotica seminar the weekend before he taught the course on responsible sexuality. It always amused him the adoring looks he got from his mature, responsible, conservative students as he thought of his virgin and teaching in front of her knowing what he did for the remainder of the quarter. Often he would engage in a mutual sexual relationship until she moved out of his class enjoying the taboo indulgence.

Trevor wondered if anyone noticed his erection as he excitedly panned the room and his students with his gaze.

“Please pass your questionnaires to the center aisle so Eric can collect them.”

He busied himself setting up the film with anticipation. He’d leave Eric in charge of the film so he could spend the next hour and a half separating out the papers. When Eric collected from the last row he quickly walked up taking them into his hands as he left to read them privately in his office.

Trevor’s office was around the corner a few doors down from the auditorium. It was a small office without a window but he had it well lit. Sometimes he liked to lock the door when he had students in his office so he could have some privacy. He liked to tell his colleagues that his subject matter was sensitive and when a student had a question he wanted them to feel safe and at ease. He didn’t share that often when girls that attended his seminar came into his office they were looking for more than answers to Human Sexuality topics. He put in a comfortable sofa and had his bottom file filled with adult toys he liked to take out and explore with these girls who, before they attended the seminar, had never heard of or even seen some of the adult products that were designed to vibrate and massage their G spots.

Trevor walked around and set the papers down in front of him then did the initial sort. Some of his favorite questions:

Why are you attending a course on Human Sexuality? What do you hope to learn from taking the class?

What kind of birth control do you currently use? What is your current knowledge of STDs and safe sex practices?

How many sexual partners have you had since you’ve become sexually active?

Describe your sexual experiences and your attitude towards your own sexuality.

How do you feel about masturbation? How often do you masturbate?

Please describe any fantasies and fetishes you would like to explore in more depth with the class.

Have you ever watched a movie that excited you so much you became noticeably aroused? Please describe what the characters in the movie where doing that excited you.

Trevor always did the initial sort on how many sexual partners his students had. He really didn’t care about the question unless the answer was N/A or none. He was happy to see he had several students both male and female that had never had sex with anyone. This year he had 5 students.

Their answers:

Kara Johnson:

I am taking Human Sexuality to understand the historical aspects of human sexuality from a multicultural perspective. I would like to understand my own sexual anatomy better and to explore other sexual lifestyles in a safe environment. I don’t fully understand STDs and the different types of contraceptive choices available.

I’ve been fearful to have sex with anyone because of the social stigmas behind having an STD and I don’t want to catch anything. I’m taking birth control pills currently because my doctor recommended them for some menstruation issues I have.

I haven’t had any sexual experiences yet but I’m hoping after taking this class I will have a better understanding of sex and to feel comfortable exploring my own sexuality and finally getting away from my parents domineering religious crap.

Masturbation has always confused me. I’ve wanted to touch myself many times but when I talked to my mother about masturbation she invited a priest over to talk about the spiritual ramifications of touching yourself before you’re married and I’ve always felt guilty for wanting to touch myself. I haven’t masturbated other than to feel how wet I get when I get excited about something and sometimes it does feel good to rub my clitoris when I know no one is watching.

I have had a fantasy after watching a movie. I was at a friend’s house whose parents watch Showtime and HBO. I liked watching Gladiator with Russell Crowe but Spartacus “Blood and Sand” & “Gods of the Arena” really excited me. One scene had a Patrician come to the Ludas wanting to have sex with a virgin and he put his hands into two naked beautiful girls (slaves) to see which one was tighter and then had a gladiator take her virginity roughly while he watched. Next, he violated her from behind at the same time. I’m not sure why I was so excited by the idea of losing my virginity to a gladiator while some rich perverted man also had sex with me in the ass but it does excite me. It’s probably a good thing I can’t lose my virginity that way because it would probably hurt but seeing it in the movie really turned me on.

Trevor nearly fell out of his chair. He stood up to go lock his office door and sat down to read the paragraph over and over knowing he was going to offer her what she was fantasying about and that he would be the one to drive it home in her ass for the first time if she let him. Eric would be the perfect gladiator he was built like a brick shithouse with a cock that was larger than most and he looked like a gladiator it was perfect. Trevor unzipped his slacks and reached his hands in to gently stroke the head of his penis picturing being next to them while Eric roughly pulled her close and inserted himself into her breaking her hymen violently while he watched. Trevor was stroking more passionately now as he took a break to enjoy the story play out in his head. He’d seen this scene. The gladiator drug her down and roughly inserted himself inside her then the Roman demanded she be on top fucking the gladiator so he could shove her down and violate her from behind. The slave was crying and was devastated. He was surprised this excited Kara. He exploded while he visualized how different being turned on by a movie to actually doing this in front of the other students in full costume would be for her.

He went to the next paper.

Kristy Nelson:

I am attending human sexuality this year to learn more about sex, sexuality, and my body. I would like to explore male/female anatomy and learn more about how a large class explores and interprets this subject together. I would like to hear women that are a larger size talk about how they overcome body issues and how they feel about sex and being naked in front of someone else. I’d like to learn how to be more comfortable with my own body.

I am not sexually active so I don’t need birth control. I don’t know too much about the different kinds of STDs but I think society spends too much time worrying about them. Many of them are treatable and the permanent ones really are prevalent and not that big a deal. Getting aids wouldn’t be an interest. I would like to avoid that.

I haven’t had sex yet. I am a little worried my weight would put someone off and am embarrassed by the idea of a man seeing me naked.

Masturbation embarrasses me. I’ve been excited by movies and books and have felt drawn to play around afterwards but I’ve always thought maybe someone would hear me or walk in or that someone would know I’ve been doing it. I’d rather not do it then have someone judge me for doing it.

I guess my fantasy would be to find a man who loves my size that I feel comfortable getting naked with. I would like to have sex and learn how to feel comfortable. I’d like to hear about how other people masturbate and how they feel about it. I guess I’d like to learn how to relax and enjoy my own sexuality.

I do get turned on by movies. I watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and I loved watching her go from being shy and awkward to being more confident. I also liked “The Mirror has Two Faces”. Movies where women overcome issues around weight and men who enjoy them unconditionally excite me. I watch “Drop Dead Diva” and feel I could be more like her and learn how to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m hoping this class will help me with that.

Shawn Trebar:

I am taking this class to learn more about sex. How to find it, how to get a girl to agree to it, and where one goes to seek it out without paying for it.

I don’t care about STDs but I guess learning about them would maybe make my mother feel good that she’s helping me pay for college. I’ll probably bring that up next time I see her.

I’ve not got laid yet but I’m hoping this class might help me change all that. Maybe a horny student will latch onto me and want to help me get rid of my virginity.

I masturbate all the time and love porn. I read stories online. I like amateur porn that looks unrehearsed without all the dumb music and fake looking porn stars. I like the younger girls with the older guys or the stepdaughter does the stepfather. Taboo topics turn me on.

Trevor enjoyed reading this one. This kid was in for a good time his first time out. He had a feeling he’d being seeing him again as a returning student for other seminars.

Jane Brooks:

I am taking this course to learn more about responsible sex and safe practices. I want to learn more about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. I’d like to see how other people interact and discuss sexuality as a group.

I’ve never had sex because God intended for me to be pure for my husband. I’m saving myself for my husband. He will be the only man to ever touch me.

Masturbation is wrong and this questionnaire is almost inappropriate for a college course.

Trevor quickly dropped this one in the Safe Sex Seminar pile. This student didn’t interest him. She was uptight and he felt sorry for her future husband but knew he’d probably be as uptight as her. Erotica Role-play was not for her.

Jim Baker:

I’m taking this course because I think learning how other people handle sexuality and topics around sex and sexual behavior will help me with my seminary courses and it’s important I learn other peoples thoughts and values so that I can be the best pastor I can be for my congregation when I finish school.

Trevor stopped reading and moved him into the rejected pile. Someone dedicating their life to bringing people closer to God didn’t need a two day hands on practicum in Erotic Role Playing. This guy would enjoy the guest speakers from local religious groups. He set his 3 virgins in the Erotica pile and set aside the other two.

Trevor enjoyed reading and separating the more experienced students. Nikki Johnson was maybe one of his favorites.

Nikki Johnson:

I’m taking this class with an old friend. We wanted to learn more about Human Sexuality together and thought a group class would be an interesting place to talk about sex and our bodies.

I’ve had surgery so I can’t get pregnant. I would like to learn about the different kinds of STDs. I’ve been lucky about not catching anything and would like to continue so I do ask about a man’s history with STDs but I enjoy having sex without any latex or barriers so I am I guess higher risk.

I’ve had sex with around 30 different people give or take a few. Most of those were with people I was dating.

My sexual experiences? I guess I like boring sex the best. I like the man on the top. I like things to be gentle and to feel a man’s weight on me when we are having sex. I like my nipples to be nibbled on and pinched. I like to be kissed and talked to when a man is having sex with me. I really like having sex with my friend who’s taking this class, Edward.

Masturbation is something I do every day if I can’t have sex. I’m a very sexual person. Edward actually bought and mailed me a vibrating rabbit to play with for when he was off on a job or not around. He’s called me and listened while I used it while I listened to him touching himself. He’s introduced me to erotic fiction online after he got me to write him some erotic stories based on a character he developed. Some of my best relationships were with people who weren’t uptight about masturbating in front of me. If one person has an orgasm before the other one sometimes it’s fun to finish off with the other person in the room watching.

Fetishes and fantasies, I like reading rape stories, step parents with their step kids, I have kind of a perverted sister my family adopted and I wouldn’t mind fooling around with her and watching Edward fuck her while I’m fiddling with her clit and pinching her tits. She tried to show me her breasts last time we hung out together then kissed some horny blonde chick right in front of me. I’d really like to have an opportunity to do the wrong thing with her rather than the “Catholic guilt” thing. Fucking my sister would be amazing and watching Edward fuck her in front of me would be a shocking diversion especially if she let me touch and play with her while they fucked in front of me.

I watch Californication, Spartacus, porn, & lots of sexual movies. On Californication I enjoy watching the X-files guy having sex with all these different women while being such a gentleman and a nice guy. His character, although a horn dog, is still likeable and someone I would actually want to fool around with. Spartacus is just straight up violence and porn. I love everything about that show. I liked when he was fucking the blonde bitch whose husband was responsible for putting his wife into slavery and when they took off the masks when they were tricked into fucking each other he went into a murderous rage and started strangling her. I’d have liked it better if they kept fucking while he strangled her to death. I also liked the scenes where the slaves were forced to have sex with people. One in particular was a wife who was honorable and faithful to her husband but she was a slave so was forced to fuck the champion gladiator and she suffered through it then towards the end she got turned on and started enjoying having sex with him.

Trevor poured over each answer from his students especially interested in the Twins, Teva and Deborah, unfortunately Deborah’s answers really did put her in the other seminar but Teva’s interested him enough not to separate the girls.

Teva Baker:

I am taking your class because I have no idea what a Human Sexuality course will be like and am curious about how an instructor approaches the topic.

I am taking birth controls pills. I’ve never had an STD but do practice safe sex with men I’m not planning on having a relationship with.

I’ve been with a few men and women. Probably around 20ish combined.

I think masturbation is wonderful. You’re in complete control of your body and how you manipulate your hands and toys. I often masturbate while reading erotica, watching cable, watching boyfriends on the internet touching themselves. I love it.

My biggest fantasy is to have sex with my sister. I know she’s never been interested in having sex with me because it’s “incestuous” but we are identical twins. I want to kiss her, I want to suck and bite her tits, I want to use toys to excite her. I’d love to put on a strap on with a vibrating dildo and fuck her. I’d love to have sex with her and someone else.

I did watch a movie on Netflix called “Dairy of a Nymphomaniac” which I watched a few times. I liked watching her with the black man in the Jacuzzi tub. When he went in to fuck her with a bottle it shocked me. She wasn’t in the mood but did it anyway because he liked to fuck her with it. I liked watching her in the Jacuzzi tub while she leaned completely back exposing her breasts as he pumped into her.

Her sister’s answers were very different. She’d only been with a few people. Deborah was much more conservative then her sister. She might be a problem in his seminar. He really wanted to keep them together because they were gorgeous and had great figures. He was starting to see them maybe with an older man playing the role of their step father or a black student which seemed to excite Teva.

Trevor sorted the papers into two piles then walked over to his PC to type out the names for Eric. He grabbed the list off the printer and headed back to the auditorium. Eric would need some time to prepare the seminar invitations. Once printed with the student’s names he would call them forward and watch as they walked to the front of the class to grab their extra credit assignments. This gave him the opportunity to look over his innocent student and get to know the other students who would partake in his yearly class orgy. Eric enjoyed this part too as he made the invitations he would check out the girls who he might be able to screw that coming weekend. He was particularly excited about the twins. They had made the Erotica pile. Eric had no idea the Prof. was going to give him a special treat and one of his virgins.

Eric came back in and handed off the invitations to Trevor. His confident walk, athletic frame, and cheerful disposition were intoxicating. Eric stepped out of the way leaning casually against Trevor’s desk with a great view of the students walking to get their invites. The class was almost over.

Trevor began, “I am inviting each of you to attend my extra credit seminar. These seminars can add 20% to your course grade. You are welcome to attend. I have separated you into two different groups based on your answers to my introductory questionnaire. When I call your names please come forward and then you can enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”

“Nikki Johnson and Edward Roberts” Nikki and Edward stood up, they were toward the back. They both looked like they were in their late 30s early 40s. Nikki was overweight but walked with the confidence of a thinner younger lady. Both were dressed well. Edward was muscular and attractive. “I’d like to talk to both of you in my office about this weekend’s seminar. I’d like your help setting up and help with the first demonstration. You can meet me in about 15 minutes down the hall in room 217.”

“Kara Johnson.” Kara came forward she was a few rows back. She had a near perfect figure with full perky breasts. Her hair was dark brown almost black and straight. She looked quite a bit like Natalie Portman. An innocence about her that was intoxicating. He would be watching her walk away fantasizing about Eric fucking her while he pushed her forward violating her virgin ass from behind. He wasn’t disappointed. Her firm heart shaped ass looked incredible in jeans. Eric watched her come down the stairs and when she turned to walk away his breath caught in his throat. He remembered her name being on the good list. Even if he didn’t get the opportunity to fuck her he would enjoy watching as someone else did.

I watched jealously as Amber deftly reached into her shirt, and pulled one swollen breast out, bringing Anna’s face to the already hard nipple. My hungry daughter latched on, sucking the milk from it.

“Good news,” the doctor said, coming back into the waiting room, “Looks like everything with mom has healed properly, and your daughter also seems to be quite healthy.” Amber gripped my hand at this news, and I couldn’t help but smile as well. If Amber were fully healed, then I could put my plan into action soon… I was just glad no one had found the stuff Joe had gotten for me.

The doctor shook both our hands, as I escorted Amber and our feeding daughter out.

“I hope you don’t have plans tonight, John,” Amber told me as I pulled onto the freeway.

“Plans?” I asked, thinking she had somehow read my mind. If she knew what I was planning, everything could be ruined… Or maybe not. I wasn’t sure if she would help or hinder, but I thought it best to play dumb at the moment.

“As soon as Anna goes to sleep, I am ravishing that body of yours!” It took a second for my mind to switch gears, but as soon as it did, I felt a grin nearly split my face. “You have no idea how horny I’ve been these last weeks, hearing you and Dixie go at it and knowing I couldn’t join. Well, tonight you are mine!”

“And what if I have to work?” I teased. I had made sure to have tonight off, just in case the doctor gave the ‘okay’.

“Oh, well if you really don’t want to…”

I smiled, as I let my hand fall upon her knee, and start working slowly up her stockinged legs. She didn’t try to stop me, as my fingers trailed to her inner thighs, pushing back her skirt, revealing her G-string and stocking covered crotch. I felt almost giddy as she sucked in her bottom lip, and closed her eyes, anticipating me touching her most private of spots.

My fingers lightly grazed the inadequate cloth protecting her pussy, and she sighed audibly. If I hadn’t already been hard from just the thought of having this wild redhead in my bed again after so long, that sigh would have made me hard.

The only problem was it also woke Anna up, and she started crying in the back seat.

Amber grabbed my hand and pulled it away, making me sigh for a different reason. She reached back, and started rubbing Anna’s cheek, cooing to her to calm her down. She was still keeping her calm as we pulled into the driveway.

Once inside, Amber took her back to their room, and I saw Dixie lounging on the couch.

“What’d the doc say?” She asked, looking up from the book she was reading.

“She’s all healed up, and Anna’s doing great too.” I said, as I picked up her feet, plopped myself down, and dropped her bare feet back into my lap. I decided to be a nice guy, and started rubbing them for her.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she heaved a large sigh, “I guess I won’t be getting any tonight then? No, no. It’s alright. You need to spend some alone time with Amber anyway. I really think she deserves it!” She went back to reading her book and I thanked my lucky stars that I was living with such understanding women.

That is, until Geo walked into the room, glared at me and Dixie, and then stormed off down the hallway, probably headed towards her own room. I tenderly kissed Dixie’s toes, and then stood up, heading after my sister. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her, but knew that if my plan was going to work, I had to get her to forgive us.

“Geo, can I come in?” I asked, knocking lightly on her door.

The door flew open, and I suddenly found myself facing her fierce green-eyed stare. “That depends,” she said, her tone at odds with the look in her eyes.

“I just want to talk,” I quickly informed her.

“Talking isn’t what I want from you.”

We stared at one another for a moment, and I scrambled to think of what to say next, when something occurred to me.

“Do you love me?”

The shock that registered in her eyes was worth the question, if nothing else, but was quickly followed by anger.

“How can you ask me that? Haven’t I told you I love you? Don’t I WANT to carry your baby? Sometimes I think it is YOU that doesn’t love ME!” Geo’s voice was loud now, and I could hear Anna crying in Amber’s room. Her words hurt, as they sank in, but I stuck to my plan.

“I do love you, but I am curious about something…” I paused to see what she would say, but she only raised an eyebrow, so I hurried on. “How am I supposed to change my mind, and give in, when you practically ignore me, and when you do give me any attention, it is only to glare at me?” I saw the confusion in her eyes as I spoke, and knew she was starting to war with herself. “It is kind of hard for me to get in the mood, when you treat me like that.” I turned and walked away, not giving her the opportunity to respond.

I headed into Amber’s room, to see if she needed any help with Anna, but found them both resting on the bed, and silently tip-toed back out. I was halfway down the hall, when my phone rang. The cops were at my club, and they needed me down there right away.

I nearly flew down the streets to the club, wondering what on Earth the cops were doing there. I followed all the laws, and had all the proper permits.

When I pulled up, there was one police car parked out front, as well as a really nice looking red Ferrari, and Larry’s large pickup. I began wondering if some drunk had started to cause some sort of problem, and that was the reason for my coming down here.

Larry, the club’s other owner, met me just inside the door. He seemed nervous, but didn’t say much as we went back to the office. I was shocked to see someone sitting behind my desk.

She had to be in her late thirties by the wrinkles that were just visible around her eyes, but her body spoke of a woman in her twenties, as did the shine in her eyes. Her chestnut brown hair was loose, and flowed easily down her back. She was stunning to look at for her age, but she only looked back at me with little or no interest.

“John, I presume?” She said as she stood, and offered me her hand. As I took it, I noticed the two police officers flanking her, and wondered once again what was going on. “My name is Carol. Now I hate to ask this, but can I please see some ID?”

“Am I in some kind of trouble?” I asked, as I reached for my wallet. Larry’s nervousness was palpable, but the two police officers seemed to be completely at ease, if not bored.

Carol’s eyes smiled as she took my driver’s license. “Not at all. My, so young to own a strip club, aren’t you?”

“We’ve already discussed that, Carol,” Larry said next to me, a bit angrily, and I turned to look at him. His eyes were darting from Carol, to the police, and back again.

“Ahem, yes. Well, you do appear to be who you say you are, John,” Carol handed me back my license. “Please have a seat.”

I sat in the indicated chair, only slightly disgruntled that I was at the wrong end of MY desk.

“Larry here has made an amazing offer, and I think it best if you take it, John,” Carol continued when all but the police were seated. “Why don’t I let him tell you?”

If looks could kill, Carol would be dead where she sat. Larry again looked to the two cops, before turning to me, and sighing. “John, since I sold you half of this club, the revenues have more than doubled, and I even heard that The Big Apple across town is having to close their doors, because we’ve taken away too much of their business.” This was big news to me, as The Big Apple was our biggest competitors, and up until I had done some remodeling, they had even been a bigger club than us.

Larry’s eyes once again went to Carol and the cops, before he swallowed and continued. “I thought it only fair to reward you, by offering to sell–” Carol cleared her throat, and Larry dropped his gaze to his lap. “–To give you the club completely.”

My heart was thundering in my chest as he said this. I knew I could have had him paid off in a few years, at the rate the club had been performing at, but for him to offer to GIVE it to me, was just too much. Then I truly noticed all of Larry’s behavior, and looked back to the bored cops.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?” I asked, concerned.

Carol cleared her throat again, bringing my attention to her. “I have the contract here. There are a few stipulations in it, of course. You are not allowed to hire Larry as an employee, and he is not allowed to have any contact with you in the future. All deeds, rights, and income will become yours, as soon as you sign a few dotted lines.”

The deal was good, no… It was more than I could have hoped for, but seeing the anguish on Larry’s face gave me pause. He had always done right by me in the past, and had even made me a partner in this club. I didn’t know if I felt right taking this away from him.

I opened my mouth to protest, but Carol cut me off. “Look, John,” I was starting to get annoyed at the way she kept saying my name, “look at it this way: Larry has to enter into protective custody. He can’t keep his portion of the club, and do this, so he is giving it to you. He can’t sell it to you, because from today on, he can have no further contact with you, this club, or even any of his family. If you don’t take it, the club will have to be closed down.”

I thought of Suzy, his niece, and wondered if she knew.

“Take the deal,” Larry hissed at me, and I looked at the form Carol had slid in front of me.

In the end, I signed the papers, with only one change. What else could I do? It was either sign, or lose it all.

The sun was setting as I drove home, and thoughts of Amber helped lift my spirits. I was starting to imagine walking into the house, stripping off my clothes as I walked back to her room, and ravishing her right there, or maybe wherever I found her.

Where I found her was on the couch, Anna busily sucking away on a plump tit. Unfortunately I already had my shirt off.

I called everyone into the family room, and told them the ‘good’ news, about me now being the full owner of the club. Everyone congratulated me, even Geo, giving me a big hug, and a warm smile. Apparently my talk with her had done some good after all.

“I thought we could celebrate tomorrow night,” I told them.

“Why tomorrow and not tonight?” Amber asked, and I gave her a significant look. “Oh! Right.” She actually blushed. It is a rare thing when Amber blushes, and we all laughed.

“Here, let me take Anna,” Geo offered, much to all of our shock. It wasn’t that her taking care of the little girl was surprising, but that she had to know what Amber and I were going to do, if she were freed up. She confirmed that with her next words, “Don’t look so surprised! I know I can’t stop you from doing what you want, and it was wrong of me to even try. Now are you two going to go back there and screw, or do I need to show you how?” I knew it was the closest to an apology I would ever get out of her.

I almost invited her back, but then I remembered my plan, and also considered that Amber really deserved some alone time with me, and started to tickle Amber, chasing her back to her room.

As soon as the door was closed, Amber flung her arms around my neck, and mashed her lips to mine. I held her tight to me, as our lips and tongues told each other what words were inadequate for. Her perfume was intoxicating, and her kisses were making me light headed, till she pulled away, and her clear blue eyes pierced me.

“Thank you for talking with your sister. I don’t understand how you have us all wrapped around your finger, but you’d better never let us go.”

I reached down, and grabbed her small rear, lifting her up into my arms. “Who has who wrapped around their fingers?” I asked, but silenced any comment she might have made, by kissing her again.

I walked us over to the bed, and sat her on the edge, pulling off her shirt. I went back to kissing this beautiful redhead, as I crawled onto the bed, forcing her back to lie down, as she hurriedly undid her pants. As soon as she had them unbuttoned, I nearly tore them off of her. My hand went for her baby blue panty covered crotch, as I kissed along her cheek, sucking for just a second on her earlobe, then nibbling down her jaw, the gentle slope of her neck, across her chest, and then undid the left flap to her maternity bra. Her breast was large and swollen from the milk within, and I looked to her for permission before tasting her.

Her hands on the back of my head, mashing me down gave me my answer, and for the first time, I tasted her nipple, without the nipple rings. At first I only licked around the hard knob of her teat, tasting a small amount of milk that had leaked out. It tasted sweet, and a little weird, but not bad. Nothing like what a cow’s milk tasted like either, the odd thought crossed my mind. Suddenly very thirsty, I tried to suck as much of her breast into my mouth at once, then slowly squeezing it out with my lips, till I was sucking hard on her nipple. Amber moaned loudly, as her fingers dug into my scalp, and my mouth was filled with her milk.

My hand on her pussy hadn’t been idle while I imbibed on her mother’s nectar. I quickly found her clit through the material, and lightly stroked it, teasing her. Her hips tried to rise against my hand, demanding more pressure, but I only pulled back, trying to keep the feathery touch. When she moaned from what my mouth was doing, I pressed my hand down, and started rubbing furiously back and forth.

Her moaning grew louder, and I picked up the pace, knowing that she was getting close to her first orgasm. Sure enough, a couple seconds later, her body went rigid, and then started to shake, and I felt her panties get wetter.

Reluctantly I released her feeding nipple, and pulled her panties down, and off of her. I leaned over, and planted soft kisses along her belly, kissing from side to side, slowly working my way down. I skipped kissing her shaved mound, and instead kissed her inner left thigh, heading up to the juncture of her legs. When I was right next to her pussy, I sucked hard on the tender skin between where her pussy and leg met. She squealed as I did this, making me smile.

“Gawd, it has been so long! I want you in me John!” Amber demanded, but I wasn’t done down here yet.

I licked her outer labia, and once again felt her hands on the back of my head, trying to get me to the good parts. Figuring I had teased her enough, I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go, relishing the satisfied sigh that escaped her pleased body. Her pussy was soaked, and it was all I could do to lap up her juices, occasionally sucking on her clit, renewing the flood. She went through two orgasms like this, before she painfully grabbed my ears, and hauled me up to her face.

“I think play time is over!” She informed me, and the lust and desire I saw burning in her eyes told me to listen well. “Get those pants off now!”

I did as commanded, while she removed her bra.

I looked at her as she lay back down, and I could still see a little where the baby fat still clung to her, but if anything, it only fanned my desire for her. My heart beat almost painfully in my chest, as I admired my daughter’s mother.

“I love you, Amber,” I whispered, knowing she could hear me. “I truly and honestly do.”

The smile that split her face could have thawed Mount Everest; it was so full of love and warmth. “Oh, get down here, you big romantic! I love you too.”

Our lips met again, and I knew she could taste herself on me, as I positioned my hard rod for her soft hole. As soon as we were aligned, I started to press in, surprised at the resistance. It wasn’t that it was hard to get in, she was absolutely wet enough, but I had thought that after giving birth, she would have been a little looser.

“The doctor told me he gave me an extra stitch, when he stitched me back up.” Amber whispered in my ear, as though she had read my mind. I didn’t even know that such a thing was possible, but the way her inner folds were massaging and squeezing me, I had to admit, it felt good.

Amber began to nibble on my earlobe as I worked my fat member into her, finally joining our hips to the sounds of two very satisfied “ahh”s.

I lifted my head up, to look Amber in the eyes, as I slowly began to move my hips, pulling out till just the head was still inside her, then slowly sliding my length back in, relishing every inch of her.

I felt her hands on my buttock, squeezing, and pulling me back to her, with every stroke. I let her hands set our pace, and soon we were both grunting, as I pounded into this sexy mother.

“Oh, Fuck! Yes, right there! Keep… Going… Right… THERE!” Amber screamed, and her cunt gripped my tool as she came once again. Amber shuddered under me, as I kept sawing into her, making her orgasm last longer and longer.

As she relaxed, I pulled out of her, listening to her disappointed moan, until I rolled her onto her right side, and lifted her left leg. Straddling the leg still on her bed, I positioned myself at her sideways hole, and slid back into her.

“Shit, that’s deep,” she cried as her head flopped onto her arm, and her left hand started to play with her leaking nipples. I reached down to where we were joined, and started vigorously rubbing her clit as I moved my hips along her thigh. I knew I was getting close, but so was she.

“Ho…ly… FUUUUCK!” Amber came again, and this time her convulsions forced me out of her, as her left leg pushed me away with her convulsions.

I lay down to watch her, as her body was wracked with paroxysms of pleasure. It took a couple minutes for her to stop shaking. Her eyes met mine, and I couldn’t hide the smile I felt inside, as she got an evil look in her eyes. She jumped on top of me, her hands holding my shoulders down, and grinding her twat along the length of my shaft. “No one has EVER made me cum like that before!” She told me, as she gazed into my eyes, and I knew it for truth. I had never seen her cum for so long, or as powerfully before.

I shifted my hips as she continued to move hers, and soon felt myself slide back inside her, only to have her pull back off of me. “Uh-uh… that hole needs a little rest. I think you are slippery enough,” she said with a wink. Amber reached down, and grasped me at my base, aiming it for her ass. She gently pressed down, and I squinched my eyes shut in pleasure as her sphincter gently slid down my soaked pole, till she was full seated in my lap. “Oh, it has been awhile back there too!” She exclaimed once she was completely impaled.

I leaned up, and pulled her down to me, latching my mouth onto the nipple I had neglected earlier. Sweet mother’s milk once again filled my mouth, as her colon sucked hungrily on my cock. Her hips moved at a furious frenzy, and despite the break I had received from watching her last orgasm, I knew that there was no chance of lasting much longer.

I felt the first churnings, and released the tasty teat long enough to moan, “Oh, Gawd!” and then let loose with a powerful orgasm of my own, that left me weak and shuddering under a moaning and cumming redhead. Her colon massaged my cock, lengthening my own climax, and continuously making me shudder, which in turn lengthening Amber’s climax as well.

Exhausted, but completely satisfied, we both fell asleep knowing that Anna was in good hands.

* * *

The next day dawned bright and wonderful, as thoughts of what I planned ran through my mind. That is, until doubts started to creep in. Would they figure it out? Would any of it work? The more I thought about it, the more transparent the whole idea seemed, until finally in frustration I had to leave the house. Ostensibly I was headed out to do some shopping, and I realized that that was a better excuse than I realized, as I really did need to get food for our party tonight.

My phone rang as I was pulling into the parking lot, and I answered, seeing that it was Geo calling. “I was just wondering if you were planning on inviting anyone over for tonight, or not.”

In the months since Curtis had started his “employment” with Mama and moved into the rambling old Victorian mansion his life had changed considerably. HE had changed considerably… His hair, always full, and still dark thank goodness, had started growing out. The first time Mama had taken him to her salon to get his hair cut and styled was both hideously embarrassing…and in an odd way, wildly stimulating. Mama had dressed him “special” for the outing in a pearl gray satin bustier. The snug satin held him firmly, while at the same time stimulating him with its rich texture. Regulation pantyhose held “him” in place below wool slacks and a sweater. It was the first time he’d ever appeared in public in “dress” clothes.

Mama had chatted quietly with the attendants for several minutes before bending over him as he sat quietly waiting in the chair. Reaching under the capacious black styling cape, she fondled him to quick arousal while murmuring -

“Mama is going shopping now. If you’re a good little slut maybe Mama will bring you a surprise when she comes back,” her fingernails caressed his sack. “In the meantime you behave yourself and mind the girls!”

It had been an…”interesting” day. The girls had stripped him naked, chattering softly among themselves in their native language – he thought it might be Viet Namese or perhaps Thai. They oohed and aahed appreciatively over the size of his cock, enhanced by the some of the multiple rings and bands he was getting used to wearing. The ridged silver ring worn just below the crown increased the size and swelling of the head itself, while the ridging on the ring provided added stimulus to those on the receiving end of his attentions. Additionally he wore one snug latex band at the base of his cock itself, and another, larger band, around both cock and balls. Once banded he was able to stay erect for long periods of time without cumming, but without danger of totally losing circulation to his genitals. For ‘special events’ other rings would be added that would be tighter and some had special protuberances designed to particularly excite and please a partner.

Being stroked and fondled by so many women, although exciting in itself, was merely the start of his adventures that day. He had been pampered, massaged, oiled and loofahed. Manicure and pedicure along with the style and cut of his hair were next. Finally, after intense discussion and some forceful argument among themselves, he had been led into the back of the salon his robe removed again and told quite firmly to “sit” and “don’t move”. At the end of a sharply painful period of time that had brought tears to his eyes more than once, his glowing pink body was as smoothly hairless as Fleur’s.

Admiring himself afterward in the mirrors, seeing his gleaming enameled nails stroking the ridged purple head of his cock and the baby smooth bag between his legs, he nearly cried in thankfulness. The women all smiled and applauded at his obvious pleasure – then gathering once more they began stroking oil into his freshly waxed skin, seeming to pay special attention to the crack of his ass, his scrotum and rod. He knew he wasn’t imagining their focus when the first tongue tip reached out boldly to rim his anus. Another mouth hotly engulfed his balls, sucking first one, then the other into the woman’s mouth as she tongued them wetly throughout.

Thankfully Mama had returned before their little debauch could gather too much momentum and he nearly cried again at how pleased Mama was with his appearance. She had praised him for cooperating with the suggestions of the women, and praised and generously tipped the young women themselves for their work. Stroking and fondling him from shoulder to asshole she had exclaimed over and over again about how silky and flawless his skin was for ‘a mature man’.

As he began to get dressed again Mama had presented him with the first of many ‘surprises’ he was to receive that day and in the many days to come. The double-ring ‘trailer hitch’ style cock ring was beautifully light-weight, wrought in titanium and he was duly flattered that Mama had thought so highly of him that she had spent so much on what was essentially a sex-toy for him. The ring portion was tightly snug and even with a liberal coating of oil on his prick, took a little effort to settle into place. Once that was done, the women had him bend over a chair, ass in the air and several of them ‘helped’ his Mistress to oil and lubricate his anus and the ball hitch before inserting it in its proper location. The ball portion was somewhat larger than he usually took in a butt plug and he felt a little stretched before it finally popped into place, the neck of the hitch being long enough to allow it to nestle against his prostate providing continual stimulation. The feeling was amazing when he stood and moved around again.

That day they had returned to the house in time for one of ‘The Monsignor’s’ periodic visits, allowing him to meet the man. He didn’t know who the man really was, whether he was a priest in fact or only in fantasy. Whenever he appeared at the house he was wearing a clerical collar and cassock, and Mama had first introduced Curtis to him as ‘Monsignor’. He was an older man with short gray hair and if he wasn’t a real priest Curtis never knew it – in his clerical garb the older man looked the part. He certainly played the part well.

As was apparent from the nature of some of the rooms themselves, illusion and role-playing were major drives in the lives of many of the guests who came to ‘The House’. Mama kept out most of the ‘riffraff’ – those whose goals truly revolved more around pain and injury than around pleasure and its prolongation, or perhaps at times withholding overt pleasure as a means of intensifying the end result. Mama ruled everything and everyone who served The House with a velvet fist and there was nothing that any one of them wouldn’t have done for her. Some, like the lovely Fleur, never left The House and its environs, while others like the driver, some of the gardeners and Curtis himself, came and went at Mama’s discretion. He had his own set of keys now and his truck had it’s own reserved space in the barn-like garage.

Curtis had helped solidify many of the plans and designs for rooms of the house, redesigning a bath in one of the ‘harem’ rooms to appear as if it was a small, community pool built of stone. Shower heads and handheld units were artfully concealed in the faux stonework of the walls, along with growing mosses, hanging plants and vines. Several of the gardeners were promoted to handle ‘in-house plants’ and a number of clandestine ‘rewards’ of various types were meted out among various household members. The bath had proved to be quite a challenge, from providing sufficient light and circulation for growing plants through recessed lighting, a glass-block wall and antique Moroccan ceiling fans – to re-bracing floor joists to ensure sufficient support for the weight of the over-sized tub. Eventually it was accomplished by joining rooms on two levels. The added supports and braces in the cellar were used in a number of interesting designs.

Mama was more than pleased with the final result and had hosted a lively weekend party. The first truly “open” house event Curtis had experienced since moving in. He found himself, at one point, overwhelmed by both the sheer number of people in the house, and by the overwhelming eroticism of everything he was seeing and experiencing. In one harem room upstairs a naked ‘sheik’ was surrounded by half a dozen lovely odalesques in all shapes, sizes and colors. In another lounge a tearful slave, shackled to a wall, her backside already showing a crisscross pattern of red welts, begged for ‘mercy’, although her hips were thrust backwards for the teasing touches of her Mistress’ hand-held vibrator.

The community bath held a bevy of exotic beauties lounging in the water or on the plush benches. At one time his Mistress held court in the room and he’d watched, hard as a rock, while two, and then three other women had stroked her with their soft, manicured hands, drizzling warm scented oils over her skin. Mama had stroked and kissed them in return until it became difficult to tell whose flesh was whose and he had longed to join in, to suckle from Mama’s abundant teats and to nestle between her thighs – licking and sucking until she came against his mouth and face.

Through it all, the Monsignor had stalked like a dark-winged bird of ill omen – impossible to tell what he was thinking or feeling, Curtis only knew that the stern, disapproving man made him extremely uncomfortable.

The house reeked of rut and cum despite scented candles and bowls of of pot pourri scattered through the rooms. Maids in abbreviated French-style uniforms moved from room to room with trays of hot scented towels, clean sheets or refreshments, while ‘butlers’ wearing only leather chaps and hoods greeted guests, took coats and maintained the buffet tables, both providing other services as demanded. Curtis didn’t realize until much later that many of these apparent servants were, in fact, guest subs, either brought by their Dom/mes for the event – or known to Mama in some way and seeking their own Master or Mistress to serve.

Curtis was nervous and anxious – not simply because he had no idea who might or might not show up, whether or not it might be someone from his previous life, but also because he was not used to being around so many people. In many ways he felt quite at a loss how to behave, and his cock, as always with a mind of its own, wouldn’t have altered its proud throbbing stance if he COULD have taught it better manners. The simple fact was, he wasn’t sure, under these circumstances, just what DID constitute good manners, although everyone else seemed to feel quite comfortable in their roles. He still hadn’t been a member of the household long enough to meet all the guests and felt vaguely guilty and humiliated in the tobacco brown and gold, satin and lace teddy and tap pants he wore with the lace-top stockings and low heels. He had not yet mastered wearing higher heels, and despite his growing comfort wearing lingerie ‘at home among family’ it was the fact that so many strangers (at least he fervently hoped they were all strangers) were here today that made him so uneasy.

Additionally, he was ‘free’ today, under no constraint from Mama to withhold his orgasm, he might cum when, how and with whomever he pleased. But in some ways it was like sending a starving man to a banquet – EVERYTHING looked delicious and he had no idea what to sample first.

Looking into some of the other rooms he located Fleur, legs up in the stirrups, while a ‘doctor’ examined her closely – apparently testing her ability to orgasm. Seeing Curtis peering in around the door she winked at him solemnly when the man with her bent to insert a speculum into her dripping cunt. Assured that she was fine and enjoying herself, at least as much as their Mistress was, he moved on. Peeking into the ‘classroom’ he enjoyed watching what appeared to be a pubescent school girl (judging solely by the size of her small breasts, and the hairlessness of her snatch…and her pigtails of course), with panties around her ankles and a rosy-red bottom fresh from spanking, as she sucked her ‘teacher’s’ cock.

Feeling much as though there was no place in the crowded house where he belonged or ‘fit in’ he ducked into the library room. There at least it was quiet, and he could work on his plans for the ornate gazebo with its designs for the sex swing, the free swinging ‘bed’ and several heavily framed ‘trellises’ that would serve to not only screen the interior and its occupants, but would also support the heavy brackets and chains he had planned for restraints. Mama’s birthday was coming up in a few months and he’d been working on the plans in secret for weeks.

Bent over the desk and lost in his work he didn’t hear the door opening quietly behind him. He was startled when the cultured, slightly British sounding voice behind him said -

“I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t realize this room would be occupied…”

As Curtis stood upright and turned, the Monsignor’s face altered swiftly from a look of solicitous apology to one of venomous outrage.

“YOU!” he spat. “You filth! Abomination!”

“Monsignor?” he stammered. “What…”

“You disgust me and you disgust God you Man-Whore!”

The priest’s lean, ascetic face was flushed with his rage, his piercing blue eyes taking in everything, from the carefully styled hair and manicured nails to Curtis’ silky smooth hairlessness and still-straining erection, tenting the satin and lace tap pants. His hands appeared to Curtis to tremble slightly as he began to remove his cincture, doubling it in his hands. Shoving Curtis back, face down and sprawled across the top of the desk he began whipping him mercilessly, alternately cursing him and praying over him.

Curtis didn’t know specifically what had set the old priest off, but the braided cord was not the worst thing he had ever been spanked with. Laying face down he was in a good position to stroke himself against the satin of his lingerie, at least until an excess of religious zeal caused the Monsignor to rip the pants down and away, exposing his buttocks and the titanium ‘hitch’ linking the ball inside him to the coils around his cock. The sight seemed to inflame the priest even further and his arm was tireless as it rose and fell. He beat Curtis indiscriminately, blows landing on his thighs, back, and buttocks.

The repeated blows from the cincture began to have an affect. Curtis could feel his ass and thighs becoming more sensitive, increasing his stimulation and arousal. He pressed forward, rubbing against the desktop, barely stifling his lustful moan. The whipping stopped abruptly, and he barely heard the hoarse whisper behind him -

“You slut! You WHORE! You DARE to use this for your pleasure?”

He heard the man fumbling at his clothes and the sonorous whisper of a zipper, then a sharp pain as the large titanium ball in his ass was abruptly removed.

“Is THIS what you want then, cock-whore?”

Curtis felt the massive head and hot steely shaft of the priest’s cock pressing into him mercilessly. Without benefit of any form of lubrication he felt like he was being torn in half and tears sprang to his eyes as he pleaded -

“No, please, Monsignor, not yet….I’m not ready….please….let me…..”

“Let you what?” the older man demanded.

Half turning Curtis reached behind him, grasping the man’s girth firmly. Looking him directly in the eye at first, he then lowered his gaze to the meat in his hand, before looking back up into the piercing blue eyes again, and licking his lips -

“Let me….please?”

The Monsignor didn’t say a word, but he took a half step back, his eyes narrowing. Curtis took that for assent, standing and moving around to the other side of the desk, never removing his hand from the cleric’s prick. The older man followed him, taking a seat in the upholstered leather executive chair when Curtis nodded toward it. His eyes never left Curtis, as though he was a snake about to strike. Curtis parted the man’s knees, thankful for the roominess of the cassock that allowed him to nestle between his thighs. Licking his lips again he looked at the large, uncut cock, straining toward him. Skinning back the foreskin his mouth began to water at the appearance of the swollen, red head. Engulfing the helmet his tongue swirled around and over it, bathing it with his saliva.

From the corner of his eye he could see the priest’s hands tighten on the arms of the chair and he heard a barely muffled groan, tasting the first salty drops of pre-cum against his lips. Straining his mouth and his abilities to their utmost he bobbed on the cock he held, his hand working the loose skin further down. It was, by far, the biggest prick he’d ever had the pleasure of….pleasing, he thought. His goal not to make the older man cum in his mouth, but simply to coat him with sufficient saliva to hopefully ease his access. As his drool began to cover his fist and even drip into the thickly matted pubic hairs exposed around the man’s groin and balls, Curtis hoped it would be sufficient. His own cock was steel hard with excitement now too and freely dripping pre-cum. Wiping his hand across its tip he gathered as much as possible, reaching back to coat his anus with the slippery substance.

Rising again he bent across the desk, spreading his legs wide and reaching back with both hands to spread his ass cheeks as far apart as possible. With a whisper of cloth and a barely contained hiss of renewed fury at the sight the Monsignor pierced him to the core, driving into him in one hard push, only then pausing a bare half second to allow himself to adapt to the sensation. Even with the benefit of saliva and their now mingled pre-cum Curtis felt like he was being split in two, especially when the cleric began to pound against him in earnest.

The older man’s constantly muttered litany of prayers continued as he hammered into Curtis from behind and Curtis could feel the man’s heavy sack, swinging forward to slap against his thighs and his own scrotum with each thrust forward. His own balls were drawn up tight and hard as golf balls with his excitement now and there was a nearly steady stream of pre-cum oozing from his pee-hole. The priest fell forward heavily, propped now with his hands on either side of Curtis rib cage and he had returned to muttered curses and name calling. Curtis could feel the sweat from the man’s face dripping between his shoulder blades, wetting the satin teddy. He rolled slightly, just far enough to ease one arm below him to stroke the rigid length of his own cock, his hips flexing uncontrollably as the Monsignor continued to drive into him.

The older man paused then -

“You ARE a slut – a cock-whore!”

Standing he pulled his cock free, eliciting a moan of disappointment from Curtis. Reaching down he grabbed Curtis hair and pulled him around, pushing him down on his back on the desk, hips and legs dangling over the edge of the desk.

“Pull up your legs you….filth!” he expostulated, eyes once again narrowed and face flushed with apparent rage.

Curtis obeyed eagerly if it was going to mean the Monsignor was going to fuck him some more.

“Now hold your legs open to me slut….and keep your filthy hands off your….prick!”

Curtis obediently pulled his knees up and back, effectively lifting and spreading his ass as the priest leaned forward, thrusting into him again. Now that his anus seemed to have stretched the sensation was much more pleasurable and the length and thickness of the Monsignor’s shaft reached places inside him no living person had ever explored before. He leaned forward again, his blue eyes locked with Curtis’ own as he began to fuck with a skill no celibate should be able to demonstrate. Thrusting and rotating his hips the fat mushroom head of his cock stroked and massaged Curtis’ prostate without mercy, seeming to know exactly what he was doing and exactly what Curtis was feeling.

Finally, biting his lip to keep from shouting out loud with his pleasure, Curtis felt the boiling spasms as his hot spunk shot out over his own, face, chest and belly. Closing his eyes briefly he felt for a moment that he might never stop cumming, and as he did he felt the shaft inside him swelling as the priest gained his own release. It seemed briefly that he could feel gallons of the man’s jism spurting into his bowels, filling him to overflowing.

The gray-haired Monsignor collapsed onto the floor, face in his hands, weeping and Curtis clambered to his feet, feeling the man’s cum draining from his widely gaping asshole.

“Monsignor?” he began.

“Oh what have I done? What have I done? What have I done?”

“Sir, are you alright?”

“Oh, I’ve sinned…..I’ve sinned. I’ve hurt you and I’ve sinned.”

“No, Monsignor, you didn’t….”

“You must punish me!” the man exclaimed frantically, scrabbling on the floor for his cincture cord and thrusting it into Curtis’ hands when he found it.

NO, Monsignor, I can’t….” Curtis protested, appalled.

“You MUST punish me! I have sinned and YOU must punish ME!” the older man begged tearfully.

Stepping away from the priest he watched in disbelief as the other man crawled across the floor toward him, bending to kiss and lick his shoes and feet.

“Please, I have sinned….I MUST be punished.”

It was with enormous relief that he heard Mama’s voice from the doorway.

“Are you insane? What have you done to MY sweet boy?”

Hurrying to Curtis side she asked, “Are you alright child? You’re bleeding, did you know?”

Curtis felt his head swim then, realizing that it was not just the priest’s hot cum he felt continuing to slide down his thighs. That in fact his first impression of feeling split in two was likely more accurate than he had thought. Mama wrapped an arm around him tightly, using her considerable strength to hold him up while moving him to the Executive Chair to sit.

“Still feeling faint? No? Good…if you should start to again put your head down between your knees.”

Going to the door she summoned a passing ‘butler’. “Go to the Medical Room – see if Fleur and Dr. Morrisette are still there and bring them both here immediately.”

Coming back into the room she opened a drawer of the desk, groping in the back for the bottle of bourbon and glasses stashed there. “Tea might be better for you in the long run Curtis, but this may be more restorative.” She poured a healthy two fingers in both glasses handing one to him and draining the other. The old priest continued to grovel on the floor but she had ignored him since her first expostulation.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I had no idea this would happen, that he would react this way, it all happened so fast….”

“Curtis, sweetheart, you have no need to apologize. YOU have done nothing to be ashamed of and you have certainly never abused MY trust or the rules of this house!”

Fleur and the ‘doctor’ entered at this point. Curtis wasn’t sure of the doctor’s actual credentials, any more than he was of the Monsignor’s, but Mama had referred to him as ‘Doctor’ so he would give him the benefit of the doubt. Fleur had dropped to her knees at Mama’s feet on entering the room, but her Mistress had simply petted her briefly and sent her to sit by Curtis. She was now nestled between Curtis knees, watching the proceedings with her green eyes wide with curiosity. Mama murmured briefly to the Doctor who had promptly come to Curtis side, checking his pulse and color. Having him stand and lean over the desk briefly he announced -

“A small fissure only. The bleeding has nearly stopped now and there should be no permanent damage.”

Then speaking more directly to Curtis, “I’d advise a soft diet, high in fiber for the next few days to allow the tear to heal completely. No heavy lifting. I’ll prescribe some stool softeners and whatever you do don’t strain with movements or you’ll break it open again.”

“Thank you Glenn” Mama said. “I trust you’ll keep this…”

“Under my hat, Madam, as always!” Nodding toward the sniveling cleric he asked, “Do you want something to help calm him?”

“Only temporarily, Glenn. He wants punishment…he should be fully conscious during it.”

“I’ll send someone back with something for him then.” Pausing briefly to stroke Fleur’s hair back and away from her face he bent and kissed her lightly on the forehead, “Thank you for your assistance with my research, child. It’s always such a joy to see you and work with you…”

Picking the cincture cord up from where it lay on the floor Mama doubled it thoughtfully in her hands, walking around the desk to an upholstered wing chair in the corner, carefully avoiding the grasping hands of the priest, still weeping and muttering prayers. She was dressed all in burgundy red today a lace up the front corset with built in shelf bra that supported and exposed her coffee brown nipples, burgundy lace, finger-less gloves and dark red lace-topped stockings made to stay up without garters with burgundy mules completed her ensemble. Unlike so many of her staff she had a neatly trimmed and groomed thatch of pubic hair. Her nail and lip color matched the rich burgundy red of her corset today and the cane she carried was topped with a large, dragon head carved of red soapstone.

Settling back in the wing chair she snapped her fingers once -

“Fleur, another bourbon please.”

Curtis reflected that she was always unfailingly polite, saying please and thank you – as though, he thought, any of them would dare to deny her a demand. Wondering momentarily what might happen to anyone foolish enough to do so, remembering with a thrill his first meeting and interview when she had spanked and fucked him so thoroughly and thinking perhaps he needed to risk saying no again at some point. No, he decided – no point risking what he’d found, and it wasn’t, he thought, as though he hadn’t had plenty of rewarding spankings and fuckings since moving in. No, he’d grown to love this job and the people – Mama and Fleur were his family now, in ways his own father never had been.

Fleur had moved from between his feet to the desk, accurately pouring another two fingers into Mama’s glass and taking it to her. Mama, meanwhile had draped one leg over the arm of the chair and was absently fingering herself, staring thoughtfully at the Monsignor’s grovelling form. Fleur slid between her Mistress’ silk and lace clad thighs, her face pressed to the older woman’s crotch. In the quiet of the room, Curtis could hear the wet sounds of her lapping at Mama’s cunt, even over the sound of the priest’s continued tears and prayers.

Watching her curiously, Curtis was surprised to note that his Mistress, still thoughtfully staring into space, seemed as indifferent to Fleur’s attentions as she was to the sniveling priest, crouched abjectly in the middle of the floor. A quiet knock on the door announced a butler carrying a tray, and a rather stern looking woman dressed in a two sizes too small, old fashioned nurses’ uniform with white, button down shirt, skirt and white nursing cap. Her breasts seemed ready to explode from the tightly buttoned top and the skirt barely covered the garter tabs holding her white stockings in place. She seemed, however, to know the basic mechanics, lifting the back of the Monsignor’s cassock and summarily yanking his trousers down. She swabbed his ass with something before sticking him with the needle and depressing the plunger end. That done she handed the syringe back to the butler who left without a word, while she stopped by Curtis side to check his pulse again. Apparently satisfied she patted his shoulder warmly, paused to whisper something in Mama’s ear and left. Fleur never stopped tonguing her Mistress’ pussy.

As the priests’ broken sobbing and prayers dropped to occasional snuffling hiccups and murmurs, Mama patted Fleur on the head -

“Thank you child, that will do for now.”

Looking at Curtis she inquired, “How are you feeling now, son? Better?”

In some distress, feeling that perhaps he had failed in expected courtesy to a guest in some way, Curtis went to the side of Mama’s chair, his eyes filled with tears. Putting her hand under his chin Mama forced his head up so that she could look him in the eye -

“What’s wrong Curtis, my dear?”

Waving in the general direction of the priest, now curled in fetal position on the floor, Curtis said, “I’m so sorry, Mistress. I never meant for THAT to happen. I thought….”

“Yes child, what did you think?”

“I don’t know,” he exhaled gustily, dropping his head against the arm of the chair. “I guess I thought it was a role play, like all the others I’ve seen today. I just….feel responsible somehow.”

Cupping his chin and forcing his head up again, Mama shook her head firmly, the silver lock of hair at her brow catching the light and flashing around her head. “You are NOT to blame for any of this Curtis. For some, RP…role play, is more serious than others – more a part of the framework of their lives. If anyone is to blame, then I am to blame for misunderstanding how deeply the Monsignor’s ‘quirks’ lie within his psyche.”

At that both he and Fleur shook their heads vehemently, their Mistress finally smiling at their disagreement.

Tsk-ing at them both she said, “No arguments now, or Mama will have to spank.”

Seeing the glimmer in Curtis’ eye she stroked his cheek, “Not tonight sweet boy. My sweet sissy has to heal a little before Mama can ‘punish’ him for arguing. But let’s see if we can’t find some other way of enjoying ourselves, shall we? First though, Mama has to take care of that.” She waved expressively toward the priest – usually so coolly immaculate and stern – now tousled and torn, his blood and cum smeared dick still hanging from the front of his robes and his red face liberally smeared with tears and snot.

Rising from the chair she took the cincture cord she still held, loosely knotting it around the Monsignor’s thin wrists. Nudging him with the toe of her shoe she commanded -

“Get up!”

He tried to obey, stumbling once or twice on the hem of his cassock before finally attaining his feet. As he stood there swaying, his fumbling hands reached to stuff himself back into his pants and Mama slapped him so hard it rocked him on his feet, the imprint of her hand bright on the pale skin of his cheek.

“Did I TELL you to cover yourself?”

“N-n-n-no!” he stammered.

She hit him again, back-handing him across the other cheek.

“Did I give you permission to SPEAK?”

He shook his head dumbly this time, a thin line of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth where he’d apparently bitten his cheek or tongue when she hit him.

Glancing at Curtis and Fleur where they stood together holding hands, Mama gave the rope in her hands a sharp tug, “All right then, children, come along…”

She marched out the door, the disheveled cleric stumbling behind her with his dick flopping at every step, Curtis and Fleur bringing up the rear. Curtis was quite self-conscious of his appearance. Pantiless with cum and apparently blood smeared around his backside and possibly down his thighs he felt as though everyone must be pointing and whispering about him. He was unsurprised at one point to look back and discover a small crowd trailing them as they descended the winding staircase into the basement areas of the house. Fleur, naked as always, tossed her hair back over her shoulders and took his hand again. In that moment, her courage covering him like a blanket, Curtis fell quite helplessly in love with the petite red-head. Submissive or not, Curtis realized, in her own way she was as strong, spirited and courageous as Mama and he wondered again if they were really mother and daughter, or like he and his Mistress, no blood relation at all.

Arriving at last in the “grandstand” area of the main cellar, Mama let the cord fall from her hands, a one word command whipping through the air, as people silently filled the bleacher-type seats -


Curtis felt confused for a moment, but Fleur gave him a miniscule shake of her head, following the older woman to the deep sink area, where she already had water running. Following the two women Curtis realized they were preparing an enema bag. Warm water with a heavy concentration of castile soap filled the sink and Mama filled the heavy bag, clamping off the hose end before hoisting it from the sink. Curtis moved to take it from her but she said quietly -

“Not this time, sweet boy. No heavy lifting remember?”

He shook his head and flushed, chagrined, but Mama ran a finger lightly over his lips, then down to his groin to cup and fondle his balls briefly. She muscled the heavy bag onto the wheeled stand and Fleur took it to where the priest was still standing, hands cupped over his genitals. Looking at the priest in some disgust she shook her head.

“Are you deaf now too? I said STRIP! I won’t tell you again…”

He lifted his hands to his mouth to work the knots loose and the braided rope fell at his feet. He began unbuttoning his robe with shaking hands. Mama meanwhile turned her back on him to prepare other aspects of his forthcoming punishment. Opening the cabinet holding the various whips, paddles and crops authorized for use in the house, she fingered several items lightly before finally settling on a light, wicked looking riding crop. She’d used the wider crop on him once and he had to admit it was quite effective – the metal core giving it quite a bit of spring. But while it had stung and reddened his ass, this little thing looked like it could cut and hurt and he wondered if that was her true intent.

Another cabinet held various dildos, vibrators, harnesses, as well as an assortment of cock-cages. Those members of the audience who knew the contents of the various cabinets and dressers in the room sighed in appreciation of the implements she took. The cock-cage was built to hold both cock and balls, tightly compressed, with no allowance for erection, and in fact had some painful spines built into the interior of the cage which would make an erection quite excruciating. Additionally, his Mistress held a harness, built to hold various interchangeable dildos – although he would guess it had never been intended to hold the thing that Mama handed him.

The artificial horse-cock in every way resembled the stallions it was patterned after, as long and big around as his forearm it was made of firm, black silicon. Curtis noticed several women, and a few men watching who were so aroused by the sight that they were playing with themselves or each other. He wasn’t sure what Mama had in mind, but he was glad he wasn’t the one being punished. He knew for a fact the damn thing would have torn his ass apart under the present circumstances.

Spinning the older man around and shoving him toward the wall, Mama gestured to Curtis to handcuff him with the manacles hanging above his head. Fleur appeared, as if by magic, with a spreader bar and the two of them shackled the priest’s ankles into it. Mama, stepped up to face him -

“So priest,” her voice dripped with contempt, “you think you have the right to come into my house and abuse my staff?”

He shook his head, tears starting to fall again.

“Speak. You think you have the right to abuse MY people?”

“N-n-noo!” he wailed.

Gripping his balls and cock in one hand she twisted hard. The priest screamed. A high-pitched scream as much from terror as from pain at this point but his knees went weak and he hung limply from the wrist manacles.

“No WHAT?” Her voice cracked through the room.

“N-n-noo M-m-mistress!”

She nodded thoughtfully, “But you have the right to beat, verbally abuse and RAPE my sweet son?”

The priest’s only answer was to piss himself from fear. Mama nodded sharply to two of the heavily muscled, hooded “butlers” standing by the doorway, and although Curtis didn’t understand how they knew what she wanted from them the two went to a back room, bringing out a well padded pommel horse – just like those seen in any gymnasium in the world. They muscled the heavy piece over the brick and tile rim Curtis had built up around the drain areas. At another nod from his Mistress they loosened the Monsignor’s hands from the manacles, bending him over the end of the ‘horse’ and cuffing his hands round the pommel. The old priest’s lean white ass clenched and flexed with shame and fear but Curtis noticed with some fascination that his cock was starting to grow again. A murmured command from Mama sent Fleur scurrying to lock the cock and ball cage on and the cleric seemed to flinch away, as much from Fleur’s feminine touch, as from the pain of the cage itself.

The snap of latex gloves being pulled on drew Curtis attention back to where Mama stood next to the pole holding the heavy enema bag. Her heels clicking sharply on the cement floor, and the squeak of the wheels as she moved the pole closer to the old man were the only sounds in the room. The horse had been positioned in such a way that the ‘audience’ of party-goers all had a clear view of the proceedings, as Mama bent and pried his ass cheeks apart with one hand. A collective sigh seemed to be exhaled from the on-lookers when his puckered brown anus came into view. Snapping the fingers of her free hand resulted in Fleur placing the nozzle and a generous loop of hose in her hand, the clamp within reach of her fingers.

As casually as if she did it every day Mama slid the nozzle into the older man’s rectum, thumb compressing the clamp to release the flow of warm, soapy liquid into his bowels. Fleur stood by, ready to compress the bag with her hands, forcing the fluid out faster if desired. Mama strolled back to the cabinet, pulling out a large sized anal plug, bulb shaped with a large flange and loop. Walking back to the priest she stuck it in his face commanding -

“Suck this!”

The old man was pale faced and sweating profusely now from the cramping pain of his bowels. He sucked the butt plug like an over large pacifier, but when Mama pulled it from his mouth she sneered disdainfully -

“One way or another, this IS going in your ass – you might want to put a little more saliva on it.”

Curtis wondered if she knew how hard it was to manufacture saliva when you were scared – how true the old saying about being “scared spit-less” was – then realized she most likely did and her torture of the old priest was likely to be as intensely psychological as it was physical. He still thought she was over-reacting though and didn’t understand why. He wasn’t that badly hurt. He’d be fine in a few days, the doctor had said so. He’d even enjoyed it at the last – that old man knew how to fuck, priest or not.

While he stood pondering, Mama had removed the nozzle, still flowing, from the priest’s ass. Soapy water squirted from the tip over his ass and down his legs but nothing leaked from the tight pucker of his anus. Pulling the plug from between his lips again Mama leisurely, but steadily and with some force pushed it into his anus. It was a large plug, bigger than those Curtis normally took and he was somewhat surprised when the tissues parted and the bulb disappeared, leaving only the flange and loop in evidence. The Monsignor was making faces and noises like a fish out of water now, alternately gulping, swallowing and panting heavily, and his skin looked greasy under the overhead lights.

“Now then,” Mama’s strident tones echoed through the cement halls of the old house’s cellars, the tap of the riding crop against her leg, punctuating her sentences.

“We’re going to have a ‘little chat’.” She announced, and the Monsignor groaned, the muscles of his ass working against his discomfort. “Those of you in this room who know me well understand why the rules of this house – MY HOUSE,” and she lashed out with the crop against the back of the Monsignor’s thighs, raising a tight red welt in the tender skin.

“Why these rules are the way the are – why they have been so as long as there has been a ‘Mama’s House’, and why they WILL be enforced!”

Again she lashed out, fast as a striking snake, and a thin bloody line appeared along the crease of the old man’s buttocks. If not for the spreader bar he’d have danced in pain, but he howled loud and long until Mama slapped the riding crop on the leather of the ‘horse’ mere inches from his nose. He went nearly cross-eyed at that but shut his mouth with a sharp click of his teeth. His skin was shuddering now – like a horse in fly-time Curtis thought absently – and you could smell the fear-stink on him.

Part I – Kenzie’s Story

Cursing and crying, I entered the last few digits of the number into my disposable cell phone and hit Send. I hoped she was home. If she wasn’t, I was going to fall apart.

“Hello?” the voice began.

“Danni? It’s me Kenzie,” I said with forced cheerfulness.

Danni had been my best friend in high school. We had been inseparable from the time we met in fifth grade. Fate had thrown us together for “the talk” at school. Her wry sense of humor, and visible disdain for the discomfort of our teachers had made her my idol. We’d been constant companions until I’d moved to Seattle half-way through my senior year. We’d stayed in touch a few months after I moved, but gradually, the calls became less frequent and we’d lost touch with each other.

“Kenzie, how are ya? Long time no hear girl! What’s going on?” she said excitedly.

Good. Maybe this wouldn’t be so hard.

“Danni, listen. I’m in trouble and I need a place to stay. Can I stay with you for a couple of weeks? I wouldn’t ask, but I’m really desperate. Please, can I stay? It’s just for a couple of weeks.”

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“It’s complicated Danni. I just need someplace to lay low for a while. Two weeks, tops.”

“Two weeks? You can stay two months if you want. Works for me. When are you going to be in town?”

“I’m in town now. Can I come over in a few minutes? Please?”

“Sure, sure. I just thought I’d have time to make things nicer for you,” she said flustered.

“It’s OK. Really, I don’t want to be any trouble. Would half an hour be OK?”

“OK, I’ll see you in 30 minutes, here’s the address.” She repeated it back to me. “Kenzie?”

“Yes Danni?” I whispered.

“I’m glad you’re here. See you in a few.”

Looking down at the floor of the car, I contemplated life’s big surprise: my daughter Elise. She was a beautiful, two-week-old, little girl. She was probably the only good thing that her scummy father had ever done. I wondered if a lifetime of cruelty and abusive behavior could be offset by fathering one perfect, beautiful child. I didn’t think so.

I wasn’t sure how Danni was going to react to Elise. I guess that’s why I didn’t mention her. I felt like shit for tricking my best friend, but I really was desperate.

I drove the car to a street about a block from Danni’s apartment. Parking in a secluded place, I started wiping it down. I carefully went over the entire interior, remembering to wipe off the rear-view mirror and the seat belt blades. Getting out, I wiped off the door handles, the door frame, and the top of the trunk. When the police found this baby a thousand miles from home I didn’t want any prints to lead them to me.

Picking up the car seat with Elise in it, I hoisted her diaper bag and my backpack over my shoulder and started casually walking away from the car. As I rounded the corner, and walked into Danni’s apartment complex, I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn’t sure about the next part, but I’d gotten rid of the stolen car, and that was just a huge load off me.

I walked through the maze of buildings until I found the right one. Setting Elise’s car seat down on the ground, I rang the door bell. Seconds later, the door flew open and she was there.

“Hey girl!” she said excitedly. “Look at you! I’m so glad to see you!” she squealed. Stepping forward, she grabbed me in a strong hug and started crushing me.

Danni had changed since school. Her build was better than I’d remembered. She had a long lean torso topped with a pair of pert breasts. Her brown hair was in a short buzz cut that was boyish, but when combined with her face still left her with a feminine appearance. She was a little heavy in the hardware department with a piercing in her eyebrow and a row of studs piercing one ear. For clothes she had on a pair of faded black jeans, and a battered Joan Jett T-shirt.

Stepping back, she started looking me over.

“Whoa girl! Look at that chest! When did those happen?”

“Those happened about 4 months ago,” I grinned. “It’s what pregnancy and nursing do.”

“No Shit? You had a baby?”

Nodding, I stepped to the side and revealed a sleeping Elise.

“Wow,” she said softly. Kneeling down, she took a close look at her.

“She’s beautiful,” she whispered. “Tell me about her.”

“Can we go inside?” I asked. “It’s been a long day, and I’m kind of tired.”

“Oh! Sure! My bad. Let me help you.” Reaching down, she picked up the diaper bag, and my backpack. I picked up Elise and we moved into her living room.

Danni’s apartment was a study in utilitarian minimalism. A small table had two chairs. Open style cabinets revealed a plain stoneware set for four. The living room had a worn couch, and a beat up recliner. On the wall was a vague rainbow poster.

Danni collapsed into the recliner and I sat heavily on the couch. Seeing her again brought back a flood of emotions. I guess she was feeling the same way. We sat looking at each other, I suppose lost in our own thoughts, wondering I suppose what the hell fate was doing bringing us back together.

Finally, she got up. “Would you like something to drink? I’ve got beer and wine.”

“A cup of tea would be nice if you have it. I’m nursing, and I can’t really drink. If you don’t have any tea, some water would be fine.”

“Let me look. My mom gave me some tea as part of a house-warming basket when I moved in here. I’m pretty sure I didn’t drink it all.”

A minute later, she gave a triumphant shout and held up the tin of bags, complete with the original cellophane wrapping intact.

“I see you didn’t drink it all,” I smirked.

“Wise-ass!” she grinned.

Soon, I was holding a steaming cup of tea. As I sipped from the mug, I felt her appraising gaze looking me over. Somehow, I knew she wasn’t looking at my maternally enhanced boobs.

“So, are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

Taking a deep breath, I started in on the whole sad, stupid story.

“After we moved to Seattle, things pretty much sucked. My folks divorced, and my mother went through a string of boyfriends. I was a little freaked out at the way some of them were looking at me I guess. I was seventeen, and these losers were dropping hints and looking me over any time my mom wasn’t around. At the same time, my mom started drinking pretty heavily. While this was going on, I started hanging out with kids that weren’t exactly civic leaders. Considering some of the crap I did, it’s a wonder I was never arrested. I knew I had to get out of there, so I made a plan.”

“As soon as I finished school, I went to beautician school, and started cutting hair. Once I had a steady job, I moved out. I spent the next couple of years cutting hair. Not a lot to tell there. I got up and worked weekdays. Weekends, the other girls from work and I went out to bars looking for men. Almost always, I was too picky to take any of them home. With one exception anyhow.”

Taking a break I took another sip from my cup. It was chamomile. When I’d been a little girl, my mother and I used to drink chamomile tea together on rainy days. I missed my mother. No, that was a lie. I missed the woman my mother used to be. Maybe I missed the little girl I used to be.

“So, I met Kurt. Kurt’s an investment advisor for a bank. When I met him, I was just floored. Here’s this 30 year old guy, who’s just totally handsome and well dressed. I mean he’s wearing Giorgio fucking Armani suits. Not only was he good looking, but he had money. He drove a BMW, and his condo had been professionally decorated by someone with taste.”

“In hindsight, I should have asked myself why this perfect specimen of manhood was trolling bars and picking up hair dressers. I didn’t use my fucking head is the nicest thing I could say,” I said wryly.

Stopping again, I took a deep pull from my tea and plodded onwards and downwards through my life.

“After a couple of dates, I started sleeping with him, and in another couple of months, I moved into his apartment with him. He was just totally amazing. He was so attentive. He was always doing little things that made me feel like a princess. I was in heaven. It was just so wonderful.”

“After I moved in though, things started changing. He wasn’t quite as attentive. Some days, he was a little short with me. At first, I thought it was just normal stuff. I never dated much, but I know that every relationship changes as it develops. It was around this time, that I got pregnant.”

“Kurt was just totally furious. He kept asking how anyone could be so damn dumb. Birth control was my one responsibility in our relationship and I’d fucked it up. That night was the beginning of scary times, and for the first time I slept on the couch in the living room.”

“The next day, he was all apologetic. He bought me flowers, and we went to dinner at an expensive restaurant. During dinner, we started talking about marriage.”

“Over the next couple of weeks, Kurt convinced me to quit my job. After all, as he pointed out, we were getting married and his income was enough for us to live comfortably on. After I quit my job, Kurt started pressuring me to stay home, and stop meeting my girl friends from the salon.”

“Looking back, it’s pretty easy to see that he was isolating me. He was making my life totally revolve around him, and making sure that I had no regular contact with anyone else. I don’t know why I didn’t see it at the time. Right about then is when we got married. We just went down to the courthouse and had a civil ceremony. His parents sent a congratulations card. When I saw the zip code was for the next township over, I asked Kurt.”

“My mother is a god-damned drunk and my father’s a loser who stays with a drunk. You don’t want to know them,” was his response.

“I was floored. I mean shit, my mother’s a drunk, but I don’t feel that way about her,” I said indignantly.

Glancing down at the empty cup, I looked at Danni. Her face had gone stony and I could see a nervous tic in her left eyebrow. When we were kids, I could always beat her at poker. Any time she starts to get stressed her eye starts twitching.

“I’ll take that glass of wine now.” I grinned, holding the empty cup out.

“Geez, sorry. I was wrong. I’m outta wine” she said, her lips pursed together.

“OK, I didn’t really need it. So, where was I. Oh, yeah, isolation.”

“Once he had me isolated, shit got worse. Way worse. Verbal abuse was just openers. When I was about 8 months pregnant, I let my mouth get away from me, and he beat me. Danni, he beat me bad. I had to go to the emergency room. I had a cracked rib, a black eye, and a split lip. I’ve spent the last two months, doing everything I can to make things perfect so he wouldn’t have reason to hit me again. It’s been hard. He’s like a balloon. You can see the pressure building up, and you think he’s going to burst. Then for some reason, the pressure goes down and he’s all right for a few weeks.”

“While I was waiting for Elise to be born, I started getting things ready. We had a safe in our condo. Kurt never told me where the key was, but I figured it out. I had a lot of time on my hands, and besides, it didn’t take a genius to notice that any time he’d been in the safe he smelled like foot powder. I knew we had money in the safe. When I found the key, I made a duplicate, and took inventory. The safe had a fair amount of cash in it. There was also some women’s jewelry, and a couple of driver’s licenses for women I’d never met. I guess they were old girl friends. Anyhow, a couple of days ago, I borrowed a car from a friend, cleaned the cash out of the safe, and drove here.”

By now, Danni’s eyes were wide open. She looked totally freaked. Her eye was twitching insanely.

“Tell me you didn’t use credit cards for gas. Tell me you didn’t use credit cards for anything,” she demanded roughly.

“No, I didn’t want him following. I used the cash for everything.”

“Think carefully. Think very fucking carefully,” she said grimly. “Did you ever mention me to him? Do you think he’ll guess you came here?”

“Danni, you’re scaring me! I don’t think I ever mentioned your name. You don’t think he’ll track me down do you?” I said, sounding scared.

“No, I think you’ve been careful enough. There’s nothing to really worry about,” she muttered. I noticed her posture seemed more relaxed, and she was leaning back in the chair. Her eye was still twitching.

“What about the friend you borrowed the car from. Can you be traced that way?” she growled.

“No, there’s nothing to worry about there. I’ve already set it up so the car will be returned.”

From the floor, where I’d set Elise down, I started to hear some stirring. I knew she was going to be awake soon, and need fed. Danni showed me to the spare bedroom where I’d be staying. It was her office, and the bed was a day bed stuffed against the wall. I didn’t care. After 24 hours of driving, it looked heavenly. In a haze, I fed Elise, and changed her and then showered and collapsed in the bed. The last thing I remember was Danni kissing me good night.

I remember waking up once more during the night, and nursing Elise, but other than that I slept like the dead until the sun was well into the sky.

When I got up, I found a note from Danni.


I’m at work now. I’ve got my cell with me. It’s the same # you called last night. Call me if you need anything. If Kurt shows up, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! CALL 911! I mean it! Don’t open the door no matter what. I should be home around 5:30 PM. Love ya!


While Danni was working, I took the bus downtown, and found a consignment shop. I bought a portable crib, and a stroller. Next, I found the grocery store and got some diapers and things for making dinner. I was hungry for pot roast with potatoes and carrots. During my months of pregnancy and isolation, I’d really gotten into cooking. It gave me something to do, and Kurt had been pleased by it. I’m no chef, but I had built a repertoire of meals that I knew were better than OK.

When Danni got home, I knew she was pleased. I could see the look of delight in her eyes when she walked in and smelled the food cooking.

“Hey Babe! Oooh, that smells delicious. What are you making? Mmmm, pot roast. How was your day?” she said. Walking up to the fridge, she took out a beer and cracked it open. I filled her in on my activities and then she went to shower.

During dinner, we talked about what she had been doing since high school.

“I’ve been working as an EMT and going to school part time for an Associate’s in Criminal Justice. When I get it, I’m going to apply to the city and be a cop,” she said. “I get my degree in January, and then I’ll submit the application. I’ve got some cop buddies I’ve met on runs, and they think I’m a natural. They say I’ll be accepted immediately.”

“Whoa, I’m impressed. I didn’t know you were into that stuff”.

“I know it sounds corny, but I like helping people. There are a lot of bad guys out there, and I want to keep them from doing bad things to good people,” she said embarrassed.

“So, how’s your love life? Dating anyone?” This was a loaded question. I was 99% certain Danni was gay, but I wasn’t sure. Throw it out and see what happens I guess.

“I dated a couple of women since you left, but I guess my heart hasn’t been in it. I’m too career focused at the moment,” she smiled.

“Women?” I queried.

“Yeah kid, women. Girls anyhow. I’m not sure any of them were mature enough to qualify as women. You knew I was gay didn’t you?”

“I suppose I did. I just was never certain.”

“Well, I wasn’t certain myself until after you moved away. It’s not a problem for you to stay here is it?”

“No, no. It’s not a problem. I’m just so grateful to you for letting me stay. I don’t know where I would have gone if you weren’t helping me. Thank you,” I said softly.

“You’re welcome. Thanks for making dinner. It was really good. I don’t know the last time I had a home cooked meal. It’s usually noodle cups, or take out Chinese for me. Here, let me get started on the dishes.”

“Really it’s OK, I’ll do them!” I said.

“No, it’s only fair if you cook, I’ll do dishes. Tell you what, if I cook, you can do the dishes. How’s that?”

“I suppose that’s fair.”

While she cleaned the kitchen, we talked about Elise. She was curious to know what I thought about motherhood.

“Mostly, I feel like a milk cow,” I moaned. “I have to feed her every few hours. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the bonding and the closeness we’re developing. I just wish sometimes I could get a full night’s sleep.”

Almost as if on cue, I heard Elise waking up. After changing her, I sat on the couch and started nursing her. I guess I didn’t think about Danni being present; my nursing coach had been a woman. As Danni moved around the kitchen, I caught her making sideways glances in my direction. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of the feeding that I realized that Danni might be checking me out. Oh well, I thought, she’s been so good to take me in. It won’t hurt to put on a little show. I was also more than a little curious of what her opinion would be. After swelling to what felt like the size of a blimp, I was anxious to know someone thought I was sexy.

When Elise finished my left breast, I left it exposed to air dry while she nursed from the right. Danni’s eye wasn’t twitching, but I could see her struggling to not just stare. Maybe I was being mean, but it was kind of fun to tease her.

While I was feeding Elise, I sang to her. Sometimes I sang children’s songs, and sometimes I just made up silly things or held a one-sided conversation.

Danni came out and sat across from me watching. Eventually, Elise fell asleep again, and we started talking again.

“So, what are your plans?” she asked.

“I’m going to find a divorce attorney next week, and start that process. After I get that going, I suppose I’m going to try to find an apartment and then get a job cutting hair.”

“There’s not going to be a lot left of your paycheck after you pay for an apartment and child care,” she observed.

“I know. I’m hoping I can get some support money from Kurt. I’m just so scared of him that the thought of having anything to do with him terrifies me. If he’s paying child support or alimony he’s going to want something out of it, which means he’d be in my life still. That scares me,” I said softly.

“I think you need to stay here until your situation is totally sorted out,” she began. “I don’t care how long it takes. I think it’s a bad idea for you to be on your own until you’ve got the divorce finalized and can see how he’s going to react. Domestic violence doesn’t quit when a woman moves out, your odds of being hurt actually go up for the next two years. You REALLY should not be alone with him. I’ve got a really bad feeling about this guy. I know I haven’t met him, but from your description it sounds like he’s a lot more dangerous than you realize,” she said grimly. “I’m going to talk to some cop-buddies of mine and see what their opinions are. Always keep the door locked, and if he shows up, call 911. Promise me that you’ll do this Kenzie.”

“I promise Danni. If Kurt shows up, I’ll keep the door locked and call 911.”

That night, before bed, Danni came to say good night.

“Are you OK Kenzie?” she asked softly.

“I think so,” I said. “Thanks again for helping. It means a lot to me!”

“I’m sure you’re scared Kenzie, but things will be OK. I’m going to protect you, and I promise I’m not going to let anything happen to you or Elise.”

I gave her another hug in response and she went to her room.


The next morning, I was bored. Seeing a DVD player, I started opening drawers, looking for movies. Poking around, I hit Danni’s porn stash. The dominant theme seemed to be lesbian sex involving strap-ons. Out of curiosity, I picked the best looking of the bunch and put it in.

To say the movie was an eye-opener is an understatement. The video quality was just great. From reading the credits, I found that the video had been directed by a woman. You could see the chemistry between the women on screen. According to the cover notes, some of the women were couples. You could tell that not only were they attracted to each other, but that they knew and cared for each other. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

During one of the prolonged kissing scenes, I found myself becoming aroused. I love kissing, and I’ve never found a guy that was into it. Their kisses started out slow and exploratory. They were nibbling on lips and ears, drinking in each other’s smells, becoming hotter and hotter until their moans were coming in almost continuous gasps. I had never imagined that making love with another person could be this intimate and personal an experience. While the women kissed, I brought my swollen breasts out of my bra and started caressing them. Since I’d started nursing, they seemed to be in a state of constant sensitivity. Gently, I caressed the nipples, teasing them to erectness. I was getting goose-bumps on my breasts and arms from the excitement, and the feel of cool air. When the darker one entered the brunette with her strap-on, I stuck one hand in my panties and started rubbing my clit while my other hand gently caressed the tender skin of my plump breasts.

I stared at the screen transfixed as the two women on the screen made love. I imagined that it was my pussy getting pounded by the thick strap-on dildo. It glistened as it moved in and out of the brunette’s pussy stretching her wide. Her breath was coming in staccato gasps each time the length her lover’s cock pounded into her. I imagined that I could feel the dark woman’s sharp, erect nipples poking into my soft flesh breasts, and I could imagine her coarse, curly, public hair rubbing against my shaved mound. When the brunette started cumming, I was pushed over the edge. Over and over, my orgasm roared over me, running like a runaway freight train. Unstoppable, powerful, and most of all, loud. Eeek! I hoped none of the neighbors was home.

Stopping the movie, I lay back on the couch, caressing my breasts, and rubbing my mound. Slowly I eased myself down from the orgasmic high I’d just put myself through. As the warm glow subsided, I thought of what I’d just done. I’d had an orgasm while fantasizing that a woman was fucking me with a strap-on. No, that wasn’t totally accurate. I’d had the most earth shaking, mind-rocking orgasm ever while fantasizing that another woman was fucking me with a strap-on. In a way I wasn’t surprised. Before I’d moved away, I’d fantasized about making love with Danni. Even after I’d moved away, she continued to haunt my dreams and fantasies for months. When we’d been in sixth grade, I had told her that I wanted her to be the one to take my virginity. We laughed at the silliness of the idea at the time, but I’d never forgotten it.

As I lay there, I realized that my life had just gotten a hell of a lot more complicated.

I made dinner again that evening, and while Danni did dishes and I nursed Elise, we talked about her day.

“It was kind of a slow day. We got called out to a car accident scene, but nobody was really hurt. We just looked them over and sent them on their way. This afternoon, we had a domestic call. The husband beat up his wife pretty bad. We stabilized her and put her in an ambulance. The whole time we’re working, the guy’s screaming at the cops telling us that it’s nobody’s business how he treats his wife.”

“I’m so sorry for her. I can relate,” I said.

“I did hear a funny one today. When I was on the domestic call, the two patrolmen were laughing about the car they had found. They pulled over a couple of joy-riders in a stolen car. They claimed that the car had just been sitting on the street with the key on the mat. It seems this car had been stolen in Seattle. Found it about a block from here as a matter of fact. What do you think of that?” she asked. I could see her eyes focusing intently on me. I was being interrogated and I knew it.

“I’m sorry I did it Danni. I felt horrible about it, but it was more important to me to get Elise and I away. I was panicked and I didn’t think I had a choice. I know it was wrong”

“This isn’t something you’ll be doing again then,” she pressed sternly.

“No,” I said meekly.

“I need to know something else,” she continued. “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a felony?”

“No, I’ve never been arrested for anything. Why did you ask?”

“I have some guns here, and that would be a problem if you had been.”

The rest of that evening was sort of tense, but by the next night things had smoothed over.

Over the next month, we fell into kind of a routine. During the day, I would take Elise out in the stroller. We would go to the market, or to the library for books. Sometimes I would visit other friends from high school. Danni put me in touch with a woman attorney that had a reputation as a fearless bulldog, and I got started on the divorce process.

At night, I would prepare dinner for us. After dinner, we would often take Elise for a stroll through the nearby park. When we got in Danni’s car to go someplace, she would help me get Elise into her seat, and then hold the door open for me. Danni loved Elise, and loved playing with her. I don’t know exactly when, but after the first couple of weeks I realized that we were molding ourselves into a family.

I’d always loved Danni as a sister when we had been younger. Our time together was giving me a new appreciation for her as an adult. While she cultivated a rough appearance, I was learning that underneath the piercings and tattoos was a woman who genuinely was concerned about me. I could also see from the looks she was giving me that she was aware of our growing closeness. A hand on mine here, brushing my hair away from my face there, a protective hand on my back. We weren’t overtly flirting with each other, but there was a growing sexual tension between us.

One night I asked her what it was like to make love to a woman.

“Well, if you’re looking for how it’s different than sex with guys, I can’t help you. I’ve never been with a guy. I can only tell you how it is for me. First, I love women. I love feminine women. I love the way you guys paint your toenails and do your hair. I love the lace underwear and bras. I think there’s nothing hotter than a woman in a dress. I guess it sounds kind of goofy; I like sun dresses the most. When a woman is in a sun dress and gets back-lit by the sun, it’s like déjà vu all over again. Most of all, I love the way women smell. As far as what it’s like, I don’t have a whole lot of experience. With some people it was OK, and with another it was better; with one person it was amazing. At least I thought it was amazing…” she trailed off.

“Do you want to tell me about her?” I asked.

“Not a whole lot to say I guess. Her name was Jan. When we met, I thought we just totally clicked! I was so into her, it wasn’t even funny.” Letting out a deep sigh, she continued. “I guess I was infatuated with her. She was smart and funny and nice. In appearance, she was a lot like you. Blonde hair and about your height, and I guess she had your eyes. Her eyes weren’t just the same color, but the same shape too.”

“Anyhow, we had a bitchin’ couple of weeks and then I found out she just wasn’t that into me. Nothin’ dramatic. She just quit calling. That was about a year ago. I haven’t dated anyone since then. Probably scared her off I guess,” she smiled ruefully.

“What was it about her that made sex amazing?”

An uncomfortable look flashed across her features. “I don’t know. Maybe I was just at a needy spot, and anything would have been good.”

I knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth, but I didn’t want to press her. Besides, I had pretty good idea what the answer was. The next morning, I lazed around the house and painted my toenails. After that, Elise and I went to a department store and browsed around until I found a sun dress. It had a cute floral pattern, and the cut accentuated my long torso, and the line of it minimized the shape of my hips. Once dinner was ready, I changed into it, put my hair up and put on some lipstick.

Danni was animated during dinner, and I could see the pleasure in her eyes. I’m pretty certain she figured out that I had dressed specifically to please her. After dinner, I nursed Elise. Since the sun dress wasn’t really made for nursing, I slipped it over my shoulders and rolled it down exposing my breasts. When Danni saw me, her jaw just about hit the floor. It was so cute the way she was flustered.

“Um. Danni?”

“Yeah Kenzie?”

“I think you’re going to wear a hole in the table cloth,” I giggled. Turning crimson, she wheeled away and stalked back into the kitchen. Finishing up the feeding, I put Elise into the stroller and grabbed Danni by her elbow. “C’mon! Let’s go for a walk in the park. The sun’s setting, and it’s pretty.”

As we walked around the park, we enjoyed the evening. The temperature was just right and the air was like silk on my skin. The night was clear, and it seemed like all of the normal hustle and bustle had been reduced to a quiet buzz as we went around the lake. Ducks were swimming around, pausing to stick their heads under the water looking for treats. Sometimes, their butts would give a funny little waggle just before they went upright again.

As we quietly walked, there was a lull in our conversation. My mind was kind of free associating and when I looked at Danni, the thought that popped into my head was how comfortable I was with her. I realized that when I was with her, I didn’t have to try to act a certain way, and I didn’t have to change myself to make her happy. It was a good feeling. That night, after I put Elise to bed, I went into Danni’s room to give her a good night hug.

“Thanks for going on the walk with me. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your company. And I’m sorry I teased you earlier. You’re my best friend.” Stepping up, I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a lingering hug. Perhaps too lingering. Yikes! In seconds, my nipples were erect. Stepping away, I smiled at her again. “Anyhow, thanks for a nice evening.” As I turned away, she nervously started.


“Yes Danni?” I responded, turning to face her.

“My mother said she’d be OK watching Elise if you and I wanted to go out some time, and I was thinking we could maybe go out tomorrow night. I got some extra overtime last pay period, and I was hoping we could go out and maybe get some dinner,” she said nervously.

“You mean like a date?” I smiled.

“Only if you’re OK with it,” she said nervously.

“I’d like that,” I said. Reaching forward, I gave her another hug and retreated to my room.

As I lay in the bed, I thought about what I was doing. I really didn’t want to hurt Danni. I knew that she had been terribly hurt by her last girlfriend and I didn’t want to add to that. I knew that given our history, the pain I could inflict would be much worse. At the same time, I was starting to have genuine feelings for her. I treasured our time together, and the way she made me feel. When I threw in the fact that I’d never really gotten past the odd kiss and groping stage with a girl… I was a mess. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought about what it would be like to be her lover. I thought about the extra closeness, and I thought about the pleasure of waking up with her. Eventually, I calmed down and drifted off to sleep.

The next evening, after I fed Elise, we dropped her off at Danni’s mom’s house. From the way she was looking us over, I couldn’t tell if she approved of the situation or not. I’d never asked Danni about her family’s reaction to her coming out. Oh well, add it to the bottom of the list of worries. For the first part of our date, Danni drove us to an indoor pistol range. Once inside, she started giving me a basic class on handguns.

“This is a Walther PPK semi-automatic pistol. It is .380 caliber weapon with a capacity of 7 rounds. Semi-automatic means that each time you pull the trigger, it will fire a round. A fully automatic weapon would fire rounds until you release the trigger. This button is the magazine release. When you press the button, the magazine, which is the part that holds the bullets, will be released. This lever is the safety. If the red dot is visible, then the safety is disengaged and the pistol will fire when you pull the trigger.”

“This pistol is a combination Double-Action/Single-Action. What that means is that the hammer does not have to be cocked to fire. When you pull the trigger, it will pull the hammer back and then release it. After the first round is fired, the hammer will be left in the cocked position. The important thing here is that if you fire in double-action, it’s going to take a lot more pressure on the trigger to fire the weapon. When you fire in single-action mode, it will take a lot less.”

Next, she unloaded the magazine and walked me through putting bullets into the gun. The pistol range was divided into a series of booths, and over each booth was a little trolley hooked up to pulleys, kind of like a garage door opener. There was a switch mounted on the side of the booth that allowed you to move the trolley with the target on it back and forth. Danni fastened a large person outline kind of target to the trolley and ran it out to about 10 feet.

“OK,” she began, “to start out, I just want you to hold the pistol with both hands.” Molding my hands, she showed me the proper grip. “Now, just point the pistol at the target, and squeeze the trigger four times. Remember to keep the pressure on the trigger nice and steady. Just squeeze until it goes off.”

With Danni standing close behind me, I slowly pulled the trigger four times. After each shot, a small hole appeared in the target.

“Super job Kenzie! All four are in the black. Good job!”

Flushing with pleasure at her words, I smiled back at her and nodded.

“OK, now we’re going to talk about the sights. This part,” she said pointing to a little blade thing on the front, “is the front sight post. This part,” she said pointing to the rear of the gun, “is the rear sight.” She took another target and quickly sketched out a diagram on the back. “When you hold the pistol up and look at the sights. It should look like this. The clear tip of the front sight post should be centered from left-right in the rear sight, and the top of the front sight should be aligned with the top edge of the rear sight. When you aim, what you have to do is focus on the front sight post; that’s what the clear tip part means. While you’re focusing on the front sight, put it over the target. Then, adjust the weapon so that the front sight is lined up properly in the rear sight. It’s tough to explain, but give it a try and you’ll see how it works.”

Over the next hour, Danni continued teaching me how to fire the little pistol. Gradually, I started getting better, and in response, Danni kept moving the target further and further out until it was about 25 feet away. After we shot all of the bullets she brought, she pulled out another magazine and put it in the pistol and took it back from me.

Finishing up, she pointed to the target and offered the final lesson. “When you’re shooting at a person, aim at the center of mass, and keep firing until they go down. The real world ain’t like TV. Unless you hit someone in the head or the spine, they can keep coming at you even if you hit them right in the heart.”

When we went out to her car, she asked me for my purse. “Put this in,” she said handing me the pistol. “I want you to carry it everywhere with you. Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit is a misdemeanor in this state. If you are caught with it by the police, it’s like getting a traffic ticket. You pay the fine, and go about your day. Don’t flash it, and don’t take it out unless you need to. If you need to go into the courthouse or the post office, take it out of your purse. Remember don’t point it at somebody unless you’re ready to shoot them.”

“Danni, I’m not sure I could shoot someone,” I wailed. In response, I could see her starting to lose it, and then she calmed down.

“Let me ask you a question Kenzie. Do you love your daughter?” she said sternly.

Quickly I nodded.

“Would you be able to shoot someone who wanted to hurt your daughter?”

“Well, yes.”

“Well, it’s just my opinion, but I think that making your daughter an orphan and forcing her to live with an abusive father would be harming your daughter don’t you think?” she said grimly.

“I see your point,” I muttered. It turned out that my fears about having to shoot someone were unfounded. Sort of.

For dinner, we went to a local tavern. After we had gotten settled in our booth, and the waiter had taken our orders, Danni pulled a gift-wrapped box out of the sack she had carried in. Handing it to me, she said “I wanted to get you a small gift to say how happy I am you’re here.”

Opening the present, I found a cotton sleep shirt. It was grey with pink trim, and the cotton was so soft it was almost like flannel and while it wasn’t overtly sexy, it was comfortable and feminine at the same time.

“I know you’re short a lot of things still from moving, and all.”

“Thank you Danni. It’s a wonderful gift and it’s so thoughtful. I love it.” Reaching over the table, I squeezed her hand.

Over dinner, and a couple of glasses of wine I started to relax and genuinely enjoy myself. The lighting was low, the food was good, and the company was great. I could tell Danni was trying her best to be witty and charming. Truthfully, she wasn’t doing a great job, but then she didn’t need to. It was flattering as hell that she was trying so hard.

During a lull, I brought up her family. “What was your family’s reaction when you told them you were gay?”

“Well,” Danni started, “my brothers were good. They had pretty much figured it out before I had. They thought it was the best thing they’d heard all week. Suggested we could go cruising for chicks together. My mother was pissed, and that hurt. We had a major fight about it, but over a couple of months, she got better with it and apologized to me. I guess my brothers probably jumped all over her. She’s a little uncomfortable about it still. I think once I find someone serious she’ll get better about it. I think another part of the problem is the grandkid thing. Once my brothers have kids I think I’ll be totally off the hook.”

As the dinner progressed, I found myself entranced with her. A nude marching band could have gone and I wouldn’t have noticed it. After dinner, we idly drove around chatting for a while when without warning, she pulled into a secluded spot with a view. With a start, I realized we were in the local lover’s lane.

“I bet you bring all the girls here!” I flirted.

For a moment, she looked uncomfortable, and then I pulled her to me and started kissing. I was relaxed; sated from dinner, and mellowed from the two glasses of good Merlot. At the same time I was horny and intensely attracted to her. We were kissing and groping each other like a couple of horny teen-agers and I was half out of control. Her breath was hot and sweet, and she managed to find a nipple through the bra I was wearing and was using her short nails to trace around it. It felt so comforable to be in her arms. After a few minutes of rising heart rates and heavy breathing, I reluctantly detached from her. Smiling up at her I softly spoke “Not bad Smith! You’re a great kisser!”

“Thanks,” she twinkled. “You’re a pretty damn fine kisser yourself!”

Snuggling up against her I enjoyed a few moments of contact and then I whispered: “We should probably go get Elise from your mother.”

Wordlessly, she started the car. I could see the disappointment in her face, but I thought things were moving fast and I needed to put a brake on them.

When we got home, I fed Elise and then changed into the sleep shirt. Danni was sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. Moving behind her, I pressed my lips into her neck, and behind her ear. At first she stiffened but after a few moments I felt the tension slip out of her. Soon, a contented sigh escaped from her lips.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I had a terrific time.” Squeezing her firmly, I gave her one more lingering kiss on her neck and then went to my room to go to bed.

The next day was a Saturday. I was playing with Elise, and Danni was watching sports on TV. We were just chilling out when all of a sudden there was a booming crash at the door.

“Open the fucking door Kenzie! I know you’re in there! Open the door bitch before I kick it down!” Kurt had found me.

Part II – Danni’s Story

“Kenzie! Take Elise. Go to the bathroom and lock the door! CALL 911! DO IT NOW!” I shouted. My heart was pounding and I could feel the adrenaline pushing through my veins.

Kurt was still pounding on the door. I tore into my room, and got my Glock .40 caliber off the dresser. It felt like everything was moving in slow motion, but I was probably back in the hallway with my pistol in less than 10 seconds. Kenzie was just closing the door on the bathroom. Kurt was still screaming obscenities into the door and from the sound he was making, trying to kick the door down.

Standing well away from the door, I started shouting at the top of my lungs.


When he finally kicked down in the door, he started advancing on me. In his right hand, he had a baseball bat. I could see in his eyes that he was whacked out. I’ve seen enough people on my runs to know when someone’s totally out of control and he was the poster boy. Let’s face it, anyone that would advance on someone holding a .40 Glock on them is just plain nuts.

I shouted a final warning, but he just kept smiling and walking towards me slowly, waving the bat like a baton. Taking a deep breath, I shot him. BOOM! SHIT! I’d never fired the Glock without ear plugs in, and in the small apartment, the sound wave and concussion rattled me to the core. BOOM! BOOM! I fired twice more.

When I fired the first shot, time seemed all of a sudden to compress. Where in the seconds before, everything had seemed to be nightmarishly slow, from the instant I pulled the trigger for the first time, to the final shot, everything seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. One second he was advancing toward me with the bat, and then in the next second, he was face down on the floor.

Slowly, I walked up to him and kicked the bat away. When there wasn’t any sort of motion, I rolled him over. The front of his shirt was a mass of blood, and I could see three neatly spaced holes in the center of his chest. He was dead.

Calmly, I set the gun on the counter. Going into Kenzie’s room, I took the .380 out of her purse and put it in a drawer.


Slowly, she peeked around the door.

“Is he?”

“He’s dead. Come on. We have to get outside. Come with me.”

Slowly, I led her out of the apartment and onto the step. Motioning towards the concrete, I had her sit down. In the distance, I could hear sirens approaching.

“Are you still on the phone with 911?”

Quickly, she nodded.

“Good. Just stay on the phone with them. Tell them we’re sitting outside on the steps and we’re not armed.”

Nodding again, she relayed the information to the 911 operator.

Without warning, I started shaking. The adrenaline rush was over, leaving me feeling weak and strung out. A torrent of feelings rushed over me. I was proud that I’d maintained control and eliminated the threat. At the same time, I was worried about the consequences. I could just imagine the headlines screaming “LESBIAN LOVE TRIANGLE SHOOTOUT!” That wasn’t going to be a real career booster. I was also worried about Kenzie. I’ve seen women attack cops for arresting the man that beat them up. I’d just killed her husband and even a level-headed girl like Kenzie could come unglued from seeing a corpse. From the one-sided conversation I heard, it sounded like the 911 operator was doing a good job of keeping her occupied until the police showed up.

Time seemed to have finally resumed its normal flow and within a couple of minutes the uniforms arrived. Waving weakly, I said hi to the guys. Throwing a thumb over my shoulder, I pointed to the interior of the apartment. “He’s in there.” Three of the uniforms went into the apartment, and one stayed out on the steps with Kenzie and me.

In a minute, two of them came back out. One reached for the microphone on his shoulder.

“Dispatch, notify homicide we’ve got a possible 187.”

Looking up, I saw who it was. Bill Riley. I’d met Bill on a few runs. He was a stand-up guy, with a wife and a family.

“Can you tell me what happened here?” Bill asked.

“I’m sorry he was killed. I’d like to consult with an attorney before making a statement.”

I was following the drill. The cop who’d taught my concealed carry pistol class had made it plain. “Cops want to solve crimes. They’re not your friends. If you’re involved in a shooting, tell them you’re sorry the person was shot, ask for a lawyer, AND THEN SHUT UP!”

Sergeant Riley, gave me a pained smile, and then asked me to stand up. Once I was up, he motioned for me to face away, and then cuffed and searched me.

“Danni Smith, you are under arrest for suspicion of murder. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense. Do you understand these rights?”

Bleakly, I nodded my head yes.

Looking back at Kenzie, I could see the stunned look of disbelief on her face.

“What are you doing? He was coming to kill me! Why are you arresting her?” she sobbed.

“Kenzie, Kenzie! It’s going to be OK. Just tell them what happened. It’s going to be OK. I’ll be back tomorrow probably. Call my mom. Stay with her until I get back.”

Leading me back to the trunk of his car, he opened a box and pulled out a gunshot residue test kit and swabbed my cuffed hands. Then, placing me in the back of his car he took the kit and left it with the other officers. As he drove me down to the station, he looked me over. “Do you have an attorney Smith?” Mutely, I shook my head. “Get Dennis DiSilvio. His dad was a cop, and he takes cop cases for free. He’ll probably take yours for free too, or give you a good discount. You’re not going to need much. No way this is going to trial.”

“Thanks Bill,” I murmured.

We rode the rest of the way downtown in silence. Sergeant Riley took me into the interrogation room in homicide and uncuffed me. “You want anything? Coffee? Water? Something to eat?” he asked.

“Water, and maybe something to eat.”

In a few minutes, he was back with a bottle of water and some birthday cake. “Walter Morris’ birthday,” he grinned. Leave some of the frosting so Walter can see you ate his cake during the interview.” While I ate the cake, Bill Reilly left me locked in the room, and called Dennis DiSilvio. An hour later, DiSilvio walked into the room. The attorney was a dapper, well tanned man about 50 years old. He had that groomed look that said money. His after shave was subtle, but expensive smelling; He was wearing a golf-shirt, funny little beanie hat and a golf glove.

“Well, Annie Oakley, I understand you put three in the X-ring this morning. Want to tell me about it?” he said calmly. Quickly, I told him about Kenzie showing up on my doorstep with her daughter. I told him about the allegations of abuse that she had made. Then, I walked him through the shooting step by step. Under his gentle probing, I remembered the details. He asked me several specific questions about the warnings that I gave. Finally, he looked me over and said, “That’s excellent Ms. Smith. Now, I need to know if you’re involved in a romantic relationship with the victim’s wife.”

Glumly, I nodded.

“Have you ever had any contact with the deceased?”


“Did you do anything in any way to antagonize the deceased or lure him into your apartment?” he continued.

“No, he just showed up and started kicking the door down. He was whacked. I bet when they do an autopsy, they’re going to find he was either drunk or on coke,” I said.

“Did the deceased’s wife have any contact with him or in any way lure him into the situation?”

“Not that I know of. I don’t think she had any direct contact with him after she left him.”

“OK, let’s get Morris in here. There’s nothing here to worry about. Under this state’s deadly force law, you can use deadly force to defend yourself and others from intruders if there’s a threat of violence. Morris is probably going to push a little harder because of your relationship with the deceased’s wife, but there’s nothing there. So, what I want you to do is stay calm. Don’t let Morris rattle you, and just tell him what you’ve told me.”

Standing up, he knocked on the door, and the officer standing outside let him out. In a few minutes, he returned with the homicide detective, Walter Morris. I’d never formally met him, but I’d seen him at a few crime scenes. He’d always struck me as an officious little prick.

“OK,” he began, “let’s start with the shooting. Walk me through it.”

I recounted the story again while he took notes. Like DiSilvio, he focused on the warnings.

“Well, that seems clear enough. Now, I’d like to tell me about how the victim’s wife came to be staying with you.” Right away, I noticed his body language. He moved slightly forward on his chair, and looked up from his notes. He was intently watching my face, searching for any hints of a lie.

Again, I led him through her appearance on my doorstep and told him what I knew of her relationship with her husband and her pending divorce. As predicted, Morris zeroed in on the relationship between Kenzie and me. It wasn’t real comfortable. I’ve never tried to hide my sexuality from my co-workers, but given the circumstances I think anyone would have been sort of freaked. After about an hour of prodding and poking, he looked at me and said: “What would you say if I told you that your girlfriend had confessed to luring her husband so that you would kill him?”

DiSilvio sat up angrily. “This interview is over!” he thundered.

“No, I’ll answer that”, I replied. I could feel the fury building in me. “What I would say is that I know that police are allowed to lie to suspects in an interrogation and that’s what you’re doing now! NOW, I think this interview is over!”

Morris looked embarrassed. “I have something I’d like you to hear,” he said quietly. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a recorder and set it on the table.

Through the tinny little speaker I heard the 911 call Kenzie made. I heard her hysterically telling the operator that her husband was coming to kill her. I heard the booming crunch of Kurt’s foot against the door, and I heard my loud voice shouting warnings over and over. Then, I heard the thundering crash of the door breaking in, my final warning, and the three shots. Reaching over, he turned off the recorder.

“Given the information available to me from the crime scene investigation, the other witness statements, the 911 recordings, and your statements I believe your shooting of the deceased was a justifiable homicide. The District Attorney of course will be making the final decision. We’ll be keeping the pistol you used for a couple of days to complete ballistics tests but it will be returned to you as quickly as possible. Do you have any questions?” he concluded

“No, but you might want to talk to the police in Seattle.” I explained about Kenzie’s description of Kurt’s behavior. I repeated what she had told me about how his demeanor became more and more strained and then was inexplicably relieved. I then told him about the driver’s licenses she had found along with jewelry in the safe and told him my trophy theory. “You might want to check with Seattle and see if there are any unsolved rapes or rape/homicides. I’m guessing Kenzie would be willing to grant the police consent to search the apartment for evidence.”

“Thanks for the information,” he said skeptically. “I’ll contact Seattle and let them know of your suspicions.”

When Detective Morris left, DiSilvio stood up. “I won’t be billing you for this,” he said.

“Thanks. I appreciate that.” I managed a weak smile. “So, it’s over?”

“Almost,” he smiled. “You handled the situation beautifully, and you kept your cool during interrogation. You also picked up on the husband’s behavior and drew some pretty solid conclusions from it. Good job! If you show any hint of post traumatic stress disorder I want you to get a psych consult from the city. Riley tells me you’re going to be a cop. I think you’re going to make a damn fine one and I don’t want this to screw that up for you. OK?”

“Thanks again,” I said blushing. Slowly I made my way out of homicide, and down to the street. I phoned my mother, gave her an update on things and asked for a ride. When mom showed up, she had Kenzie and Elise in the van with her. I could see the concern and worry in Kenzie’s face as she ran up to me.

“It’s OK. Let’s get in the car and I’ll tell you all about it.” On the ride back to mom’s I told them about the interrogation and also about my suspicions of Kurt. Kenzie was dumbfounded.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “Now I know why you freaked out about him. Holy crap!”

“I’ve got some more bad news for you babe. You’re Kurt’s next of kin. Once the autopsy is completed, you’re going to have to make the funeral arrangements. Once you get a death certificate you need to file for Social Security death benefit for Elise. You’re also going to have to go back to Seattle and settle his estate. Make the final payments for any bills, handle any vehicles, all that stuff.”

When we got to my mother’s, I phoned the management company for the apartment to get the door fixed. Told them the carpet was probably a loss. Kenzie phoned a funeral home and got things lined up. We spent the rest of the day, listlessly hanging around my mom’s and not saying much.

On Tuesday, the coroner released Kurt’s body, and on Wednesday Kenzie and Elise flew back to Seattle with his cremated remains. On Friday, Detective Morris showed up at the station while I was working.

“I just got off the phone with Seattle homicide. They searched Kurt’s condo and found the licenses Kenzie told you about. They belonged to rape/homicide victims killed over the last 12 months in Seattle and the surrounding area. They’re running his DNA now to compare it to evidence found at two of the scenes. Seattle was already looking at him. Turns out they got an anonymous tip a month or so ago. Was that you?”

I nodded yes.

“I thought so. Also, the district attorney has formally decided that no charges are going to be brought against you, so it’s officially over,” he said.

“That’s good,” I said guardedly.

“Listen, I know I was rough on you during the interview. It’s my job, and there’s nothing personal. Sergeant Riley has told me you’re going to apply for the force soon. I want you to know that I think you’re going to make a good cop and I would be personally pleased to see you join the force. You handled the shooting superbly and your intuition about Kurt’s other crimes was spot on. I’m absolutely convinced that if you hadn’t been present he would have beaten your friend and her baby to death. You’re probably going to have some hard times over this but I want you to hang on to that fact. OK?” Smiling he reached out and shook my hand, and then turned and left.

Damn. That wasn’t so bad. No charges. No “LESBIAN LOVE TRIANGLE SHOOTING!” headlines. Unfortunately, no Kenzie either. I managed to keep an upbeat attitude for the rest of the day; until I got home anyhow.

Things weren’t the same with Kenzie and Elise gone. I’d grown accustomed to their presence and the absence was like a hole in my heart.

I missed the conversation, and watching the tender way she had cared for her daughter. I also missed the way she’d listen to me talk about my day. I hadn’t realized how much her support had built me up. I could see now that she genuinely admired me and that admiration was changing me. In the month since she’d been back, my usual bitchy self had taken a break, and I’d been smiling a lot more. I was treating patients like people again, and not like injuries.

I hoped her admiration for me would be enough to bring her back but I didn’t think so. I had eliminated the threat in Seattle so it was safe now. Kenzie had left me once already and that had been terrible for me. In our senior year, I thought we were starting to click when she moved away. Maybe I had mis-read things, or maybe I had been trying to push things along too fast. Damn it! Just when things were starting to go well, I had to go and shoot her husband! Shit!

I didn’t tell Kenzie but the reason I totally crushed on Jan was because of the way she reminded me of her. I realized I hadn’t been fair to Jan. The real problem with us had been that I was still into Kenzie and I hadn’t been into Jan. I’d have to find Jan some day and apologize. I was mid-way through my third beer, soaking in my own little pity party when the phone rang. Probably my mother I thought. What the hell, say hello to mommy.


“Hi sweetie it’s me,” she gushed. Man, her voice had become a switch for me. A simple hello and I was lit up and buzzing.

“Hey Kenzie, how’s it going?”

“Well, things are kind of a mess here. The Seattle cops were here, and searched the place. I got the feeling they were trying to be nice, but everything is strewn around. They found the licenses I told you about. Oh, Danni, it’s so awful. He killed those four women. I feel so bad for their families.”

There wasn’t a lot I could say. Pointing out he wouldn’t be doing it again was probably a bad idea, so I tried to make affirming noises. I should take a class. Butch 101: How to be Supportive and Affirming.

“Anyhow, Kurt’s parents came by today. They took his remains to put in the family crypt. They were actually very nice, and they loved Elise,” she continued. “I told them that they could come and visit us any time they wanted.”

“You’re coming back?” I asked.

“Of course I’m coming back. That’s where you are silly! Unless you want to move here?”

“No, no, here is fine,” I said thickly.

“I’m coming back because I love you and I want to be with you. You’re just the coolest person I know. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. You’d see someone wonderful!”

“Well, thanks. I – I don’t know what to say,” I mumbled.

“You’re supposed to tell me that you love me too,” she giggled.

“Oh baby, I love you. I’ve missed you so much since you’ve been gone. I thought I’d lose you again,” I moaned.

“I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with me now,” she whispered.

During the rest of the call, she talked about the things she had to do before returning and told me that she would be back in two weeks.

“And I’ll call every day. If it’s OK,” she trailed off.

“Of course it’s OK. I love talking to you.”

The next two weeks were a dream. Buoyed by the knowledge she was coming back, and the daily calls, they just flew by. The guys at the station started making jokes about dykes in love, but I just smiled and ignored them.

The day Kenzie returned from Seattle, I went out to meet her. I was so glad she was back; I guess I was still surprised by the emotions. When I saw her coming up the escalator, she literally took my breath away. She was wearing designer jeans, with a low-cut peasant blouse that showed off her ample chest. Her feet had a really nice pair of strappy sandals that made her petite frame look taller and even more slender. She had cut her hair. The stylist obviously knew what he was doing and had done a beautiful job of using her jet black hair to frame her heart shaped face. Her fingernails and toenails were painted a deep cherry red and the big toes had gold detail work. She looked good. Real good. I remember looking at her and thinking to myself: “You’ve got it bad Smith…”

When she saw me, she ran up, placed Elise on the floor and gave me a big hug. Her face was shining and when I saw the love in her eyes, it made my heart melt. Damn! Gruff dyke turns into gooey blob. Shit! It was – without question – one of the best moments of my life.

“Hi baby! How are you? I’m so glad to see you,” she said huskily. “Let’s get my bag and get out of here.” Handing me her carry-on bag, she picked up Elise and grabbed my free hand. “Come on, let’s go!”

In a gooey, blobbish kind of daze I let myself be pulled along. While we waited for her bag to appear, we talked about Elise, and how the flight went. Eventually, her bag thudded onto the carousel and I picked it up and we made our way to my car.

Once we had Elise in the car, and the bags in the trunk, Kenzie surprised me again. Pushing me against the car, she leaned up and started kissing me. I mean REALLY kissing me. I could smell the scent of arousal coming up as I soaked my jeans. I was glad the garage was dark.

“Damn I’ve missed you Smith!” she breathed. I was putty in her hands, and I was enjoying the hell out of it. After another kiss, she took the keys out of my hands, got me into the passenger seat and then started the drive back into town. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I sat, enjoying the sound of her voice.

“I’ve already talked to your mother, and she’s agreed to watch Elise again while we go out,” she said.

“Out?” I queried.

“Out, you know, like a couple going out. We’re going out. I thought we could go to the Town Tavern again. Unless there’s someplace else you’d like to go?”

“No, that’s fine,” I said. Smiling dumbly, I looked at her kind of embarrassed and said: “What did you want to do after dinner?”

“A lot more than we did last time. Does that sound OK?” she grinned.

“Sounds like a winning plan to me.” I grinned.

My mom’s earlier coolness towards Kenzie seemed to have thawed, and she smiled when she saw us. After saying hello, we got Elise settled in. At two months old, she was still pretty much in the eat/sleep/excrete stage of life.

On the way out, Kenzie gave my mother a hug. As they pulled apart, I could see Kenzie nodding her head. They seemed to be conspiring about something, but all I could pick up was Kenzie saying: “Don’t worry about that. She’s safe.”

On the way out to the car, I asked Kenzie about the conversation. All I got out of her was “Hmmmm, ask me again in the morning.

At the tavern it seemed to be my turn to loosen up. Kenzie was so animated it was kind of like watching a top spin around. After thinking about it, I decided that she must be nervous. I noticed the waiter was surreptitiously looking down her shirt while he as taking our order. It was kind of annoying and kind of funny at the same time. I decided that if I had been taking the order, I would have been sneaking looks too.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we got our drinks, our dinner orders placed, and the waiter brought our salads and some bread.

As we ate, the conversation drifted around, and eventually we ended up talking about the future.

“Well, my late husband, God I love the sound of that! My late husband was actually fairly well off. Not rich, but I’ve got enough to buy a small house, and pay for college and living expenses while I go to school. Once I get my Bachelor’s degree, I’m going to go to law school,” she said.

“Whoa, that’s a pretty big plan! What kind of law are you going to practice?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I think I want to do something like victim’s rights, or maybe child advocacy. I’ve gotten kind of an appreciation for what it’s like to be in that situation. Anyhow, I’m going to have a lot to do with what’s left of this summer. I’m just so excited. I wanted to go to college after high school, but that didn’t work out. I can’t wait for classes to start,” she gushed.

“Just wait till you’re taking English comp. again. You’ll be wishing you could be anywhere else,” I said sadistically.

“Oh, it won’t be that bad. I’m sure if I’m stuck for a story idea, you can help me out.”

While we ate our entrées, we started talking about the day of the shooting.

“I’m so glad you were there to protect me,” she started. “He really would’ve killed me if you hadn’t been there. You said you would protect me and you did. Thank you.” As she said this she reached over the table and squeezed my hand. Blushing slightly, I continued to work on my steak. “You know, in another half-hour, I would have had your pants off and been in your bed.”

Snorting, I almost choked on a piece of broccoli. Taking a quick sip of water, I looked over at her. A delicate grin was on her face. Not exactly a look of amusement, but more the look someone gives you when you’ve done something intolerably cute.

“I was trying to get Elise to take a nap when everything happened. I’d already figured out that I’d made a mistake the night before… I seem to make mistakes around you. It was a mistake to leave you before. I knew when we were in school that I loved you. I wasn’t sure what it would mean, so I left with my family. I’m so sorry.”

“What’s important is where we are now,” I said softly. Reaching across the table, I delicately caught the tear that was starting to run down her face and I smiled at her.

Grinning weakly, Kenzie nodded her head.

“That’s what I told your mother. She’s afraid I’m going to break your heart again. I told her that wasn’t going to happen.” As she said this, she reached across the table and squeezed my hand. Suddenly, I felt a foot running along the inside of my calf. Her toes delicately caressed my leg, starting at the knee, and moving down deliciously, slowly to my ankle. “You know, I totally adore you. Not just for protecting me and giving me a place to stay, but because of the way you make me feel. You make me feel important and smart, and sexy. You’re so considerate. I wore the nightshirt every night while I was gone,” she sighed.

“That reminds me,” she went on. “I’ve got a present for you. Before I give it to you, I have to warn you. Really, don’t open it all the way; just kind of peek into the box.” She had kind of a wicked grin on her face as she handed me the gift.

The box was held closed with a satin ribbon. Carefully opening it, I peeked inside. I almost fell out of the booth. Inside the box was a strap-on dildo complete with harness.

“I hope you don’t mind it’s slightly used,” she grinned. “After I bought it, I just couldn’t contain myself.”

“You’re killing me here,” I said. “If I use this on you here in the restaurant, they won’t ever let us come back,” I deadpanned.

“Does that mean you don’t want to stay for dessert,” she flirted.

“I think I’ve got something I’d rather eat than pastry.”

“Oh, and I thought you might want to drink your desert,” she said looking down.

Bringer her arms together and holding them out in front of her as though stretching, she compressed her breasts, bringing the already generous globes up, and almost out of the blouse. It was quite a display, and more than a few people in the room noticed.

I’d spent a month watching her nurse Elise, and I had fantasized about drinking her milk. I’ll admit I fingered myself to sleep on more than a few nights thinking about it. When Kenzie had been gone, I had several dreams of her nursing Elise. The thought that I would have those glorious nipples in my mouth that night put goose-bumps down my arms.

The sexual tension had built up in me to the point where I felt like a bomb. Starting with the kiss in the airport, her constant flirting, the flash of cleavage, not to mention the present. I was almost in a state of frenzy.

“Ya know,” I began, “if you get me any hotter, I’m going to spontaneously combust right here.”

“We can’t have that. If there’s any combustion happening, it’s going to be together.”

Flagging down the waiter, she got the bill settled and we stood up.

Grabbing Kenzie’s hand, I led her out to my car. Moving to the passenger side, I opened the door and helped her in. When I got into the car, I noticed that the top three buttons on her blouse were undone.

Looking at her chest, I chuckled and said: “I could have helped you with that!” Her face flushed red momentarily. Then, bending over to her side, I slid one hand into her bra and cupped her breast. Bringing my face down, I started planting warm kisses over her neck, her collar bones, and finally the tops of her breast. Her smell was a familiar one. She was wearing baby powder. God I loved women wearing baby powder. It’s my favorite smell in the world; it just grabs me at some unknowable level and melts my heart. In seconds, both of us were panting heavily. When she couldn’t take it any longer, Kenzie pulled my face to hers and started chewing on my lips. Then, pushing me away she said.

“Take me home and fuck me.”

“Yes Ma’am!” I responded. Starting the car up, I drove back to my apartment.

I grabbed the present and her bag from the trunk and we went inside. Once we were inside, she once again took control and led me into my bed room. Again, we kissed for a few heated minutes.

“Damn Smith! You are just incredible!”

Turning her back on me, she walked into the bathroom and closed the door. In seconds, my clothes were kicked into a pile in the far corner of the bedroom. I opened the gift box containing the strap-on and took it out. It was a beauty, about 8 ½ inches. The head was slightly bulbous and my hand could barely encircle the base. The harness was very nice. It was made out of supple leather that had been dyed red. Trying it on, I adjusted the straps and found that it rode low, with the base of the dildo neatly landing on my clit. This was going to be killer!

Taking the harness off, but leaving it handy, I pulled back the covers and climbed into bed. In a few minutes, the bathroom door opened and Kenzie entered the room. She was gorgeous. She had removed all of her clothes but her panties. Her large breasts were still erect, but very full. They swayed pendulously as she walked across the room. I could see that she had touched up her hair and makeup. I’ve been with a few women, but none matched her for sheer erotic presence. Climbing into the bed, she snuggled up against me and placed my hand on her breast.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” she sighed. Then turning towards me, she started kissing me again. Her need was demanding and insistent. Her tongue dueled against mine as she pressed her full lips into me. The sweetness of her breath was mingled with the earthy overtones from the wine we had at dinner. Her heavy breasts pressed against my chest, and I could feel her twine her legs into mine, pulling me tightly into her. We held this position, for I don’t know how long. While we kissed, I used my free hand to knead her magnificent breasts.

After a few minutes of caressing her wonderful chest, I felt a trickle of moisture run down my hand.

“I’m afraid I really do need you to nurse from me,” she said. “My breasts are full, and I don’t have Elise here, and I don’t have a pump,” she explained.

“God, I’ve wanted to do this since you first came back!” Gently, I laid her back and then brought my lips to her flesh. The nipple was a dusky brown and fully three inches in diameter. I had never seen anything like them. I gave the nipple a tentative lick, earning a stifled gasp in response. Lowering my face, I brought the whole nipple into my mouth and started sucking. I was immediately rewarded with a spurt of her milk. The taste was warm and sweet. Even more amazing was the intimacy of what we were doing. Without thinking of what I was doing, I started caressing her body with my free hand. At the same time, I found myself clenching and unclenching my thighs.

We were in heaven. In the dim light of the room, I could see Kenzie’s head thrown back in pleasure. Small cooing sounds were coming from her lips. As I continued my explorations with my free hand, I slid my fingers into her panties. Immediately, she arched her back and gave a low moan. Then, in a blink she slipped off the panties and threw them down, giving me unfettered access to her womanhood. While I nursed, I teased open the lips of her pussy and gently inserted a finger into her. Slowly, I worked it in and out of her. Her juices glistened on my finger and filled the room with their heady aroma. As I fingered, her hips started slowly bucking in response.

In my concentration, I hadn’t noticed that I wasn’t getting milk from her breast any more. Gently, she grabbed the hair at the nape of my neck, and then moved my face to her other breast. Again I was rewarded with a fresh burst of milk. Now, as I nursed from her, she started speaking to me.

“I love you Danni. I love you so much. Drink my milk. Oh, yeah. That’s it. Ummmmm….” she groaned. As her excitement rose, I brought my finger up and started massaging her clit. In seconds, she was arching her back, her sweet face contorted in pleasure.

“Oh, oh, oh! Yes! Yes. That’s it. Th.. There” she gasped. “Oh Danni! Oh! Oh, I’m cumming.” Her body slid around the sheets, convulsing and writhing in pleasure. Quickly, I moved my head from her breast to her mouth and started kissing her fiercely. My own orgasm was building and soon I was cumming with her.

Reluctantly, I left her breasts, and moved my head between her legs. I took her clit between my lips and started massaging it with my tongue. While I was doing this, I slid first one, then two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. As I felt her orgasm approach, I slowed down my fingers, prolonging her agony, and then after she came, I slowly resumed fingering her while sucking on her clit until she was on the edge again. In no time, she had come three times.

When I lifted my head up to look at her, she was a million miles from reality. She looked like she was trying to reconnect her mind to the rest of her body. Getting up, I put the dildo and harness on and slid back into bed next to her. Bringing my face to hers, I started kissing her throat and face. Surprised, she reached up and pulled my lips to her. This only lasted for a minute before she turned her face away.

“Please baby…” she moaned.

“Please what?”

“Please baby, please fuck me,” she cried.

Moving between her legs I put the dildo at the entrance to her cunt. Slowly, I worked its girth in and out of her until it was totally embedded. Delicately, slowly, I withdrew it, and then inched it back into her. With each tender stroke, her excitement level went up. I could feel her urging me to go faster, but I kept the slow pace, determined to stretch her pleasure out. On each stroke, she made little fuck me sounds of pleasure, and I could feel the dildo pressing against my clit. I savored the slowly building orgasm I was approaching. It felt like everything was in a whirlwind. I could feel Kenzie’s pleasure building. At the same time, I felt my own peak coming. Mixed in with everything was the joy of having her. I had dreamt of this time for so long, and it was unlike any fantasy of her I had ever had. The wonder I felt was greater than anything I had ever imagined possible. My breathing was coming in short rasps. I was feeling electric jolts feeding up from my sex, and it was becoming hard for me to maintain my rhythm.

Without warning, Kenzie’s body started convulsing as her orgasm swept over her. Her eyes were partially rolled back into her head and her body was rigid and quaking. She reached up and grabbed my head by the nape of my neck and commandingly pulled my face down to hers mashing her sweet lips against mine. I’d never felt someone pouring so much of themselves into a kiss before. At the same time, I started fucking her more quickly. My skin was on fire, I felt my hard nipples poking in her soft breasts. Her hands were pressed into my lower back, pulling me into her.

In between the gasps and kisses, she called out my name. “Oh, Danni, I love you,” she wailed. At that moment, I started cumming. I’d never felt anything like it. The intensity stunned me. I felt like I was being turned inside out. I could feel my pussy spasming around nothingness.

Stunned by the pleasure, I stopped moving in and out of her. I held my body over hers, while she wrapped her arms around me, holding me in a tight embrace. I could feel the heat of her skin, and the pleasure of her embrace. Little tremors raced through her body as our breathing returned to normal. I don’t know how long we were there, but I felt a cramp building in my calf. Slowly, I disengaged myself from her. Removing the harness, I slid back next to her. Like a vine, she entwined herself around me and placed her head on my breasts.

After a moment, she broke the silence.

“I can only see one problem with this,” she whispered, “If it were any better, I think you’d kill me.”

“You’ll just have to adapt baby, because I’m sure it’s going to get better.”

Slowly we drifted off to sleep. In the morning I was awakened by her hot breath caressing the curve of my ass. Without any more warning, her tongue was snaking its way deep into my pussy. After a few minutes of delicious agony, my bladder clamored for attention and I stopped her. “Hold that thought, I’ve got to pee.” Quickly, I went to the bathroom and returned. What I saw on my return surprised me. She was stepping into the strap-on harness, and adjusting the straps.

“Sweetie, I don’t think,” I said nervously. I had never had a woman fuck me with a strap-on The reversal in roles was making me uncomfortable, but at the same time I remembered my orgasm from the night before, and how much I had wished at the time that there had been something large thrusting in and out of my cunt.

“Sssh,” she said, “I want you to feel this.”

Gently shoving me back into the bed, she pushed her face between my legs. Starting from the bottom, she moved her tongue up, flicking it up under the hood, and brushing against my clit. After a few minutes, she varied the routine, tonguing my ass vigorously and then stroking upwards. In no time, I could feel my body trembling as an orgasm rocked me. When I recovered enough to look up, I saw a devilish smirk on her face, and she was positioning the dildo at the entrance to my cunt. “Go slow,” I said.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m going to go very slow. I had a great teacher.”

Slowly, excruciatingly, she worked it in and out of me until I could the head of the dildo pressing against my cervix. Gently, she bucked her hips, hardly moving it and out, but delivering a steady, throbbing massage against my clit. I felt like I was being split in two as the thick base of the dildo stretched my cunt open. I opened my eyes, and was transfixed by what I saw.

Our lovemaking the night before had been about emotion and connection. The woman fucking me now was the most raw, sexual creature as I had ever seen. It was like watching a porn movie on steroids. She was the most beautiful, exciting, and sexually excited thing I’d ever seen. Soon, she started thrusting the whole length of her cock in and out of me. It took her a few minutes to develop a rhythm, but pretty soon she was solidly in the groove. I’d never experienced anything like it. My skin was on fire, and I was desperately thrusting my hips upwards to meet her thrusts, trying to get as much of the dildo inside myself as I could.

After two visits to help Kitty surprise her husband with her lactating breasts, Mark is becoming very attached to her. The third visit promises to show results soon.


I’d had ‘Friday on my Mind’ but it was no Easybeat melody. Some of the plain Jane’s I was sucking to get them milking were really into the business arrangement. One stood up the whole time until I was done. Just get on the tit and get out. But knowing I was coming back to see Kitty made the other clients worth bearing.

As Friday morning neared I knew that I was going to see you again and your wonderful tits would be puffy and full. We might even get a drip or two today, you were so advanced. I was quite skipping along the path as I went to the front door. I knocked and waited, wondering how you would be dressed today – the skimpy negligee or the housedress? I waited and then I heard footsteps. The door opened and there was a man standing there, tall, well-built and quite a good looking bloke and I instantly recognised him from the photos inside as the husband.

“Hello, can I help you?” he asked.

Quickly my training came to the fore. I knew you had stated this was a secret surprise for your husband so I improvised, “Yeah is Jamie in?”


“Jamie … Jamie Martin. He was supposed to meet me at the shop.”

“I’m sorry mate but I think you’ve got the wrong address .. there’s no-one here by that name.”

By now you were at his side looking shocked, and in a housedress. One answer I guess.

“Is there a Jamie next door perhaps?”

“No sorry. Just an old lady.”

“Oh sorry buddy – must have written his address down wrong or something. Cheers.”

As I turned to go I saw you mouth, ‘two hours’ to me and I got the message to be back then. I left and went back to my car. A close call but I am sure he’s none the wiser. I got on the phone and called Mrs Jenkins, my 11:30 appointment and she was free because her hubby was interstate for a couple of weeks so I went around to her place for the appointment and sorted out an hour on her floppy boobs.

Two hours later I was back and you answered the door in your sexy negligee and quickly ushered me in.

“I am so sorry Mark. He surprised me by taking the day off but he’s gone to golf now so he won’t be back for hours.”

I barely heard the comment as I studied the generous breasts pushing the negligee away from your taut stomach. “Shall we begin?”

“Well yes but you should know that … um .. well, it’s just that having taken the day off we … um sort of. We had sex and he was sucking my tits.” You started to whine like a little girl, “I know you said I shouldn’t let him but, well – we just got carried away. It won’t do any harm will it?”

I spoke soothingly, “Let me see once we are settled but I don’t think it will be a problem. I did notice they look a little puffy. They are growing aren’t they?”

“Yes, I have to use the outer clips on my bra and I think the DD cups are becoming a little too small.”

“Don’t worry. When the time comes I will measure you for a new bra and we can arrange a visit to our shop. It’s all part of the service. Now how about we get comfortable? Is there anything you need from me before we start?”

Remembering how horny you were on Wednesday and the way you had asked me to finger you during the session I guessed that you might want that again although you had already had sex with your hubby. I was somewhat surprised then when you said,

“Well, actually … there is something. I hope it’s not too much but, well … you know how you did what you did the other day … I mean … um… at my back door? Could you do that again … please … if you don’t mind?”

You had the most gorgeous look of embarrassment on your face and you couldn’t see that you were asking a man to finger you while he sucked your tits – I am the luckiest man in the world. I tried not to make it sound that way, “Oh of course Kitty. Please relax. You can ask me anything. Let’s sit.”

You took your usual place and I leaned over and opened your flimsy negligee. You shrugged it from your shoulders and you were naked on the couch. I could smell the aroma of your sex and wondered what I was about to find. I fondled each breast gently at first and then tested the muscle and sinew and the pliability of the nipple. You eased back into the lounge and closed your eyes and sighed gently as I finished the preliminaries. Soon I was up on the lounge and leaning in to start taking the first nipple into my mouth. I immediately allowed my hand to caress along your thigh towards your moist pussy and as my fingers drew near the outer lips you flinched.

“No, just the back … please.”

I was curious that you didn’t want any other stimulation or preparation but your wish was my command. As I reached under you, you shuffled forward and spread your lovely long legs to grant me easy access to your bum. There was obvious moisture there on your perineum – the aftermath of an orgasm I supposed. Using that fluid as a lubricant I was able to start the massage of your tight rear muscle which gripped at the invading finger but relaxed quickly to allow a little penetration. That first tip moving into your sphincter brought a monumental sigh. You really did love this feeling.

I suckled on your breast and quickly the flesh had stretched into my mouth and the nipple was lodged at the back of my throat. I had a good clean suction and your breast was melding to the shape of my mouth. Again you sighed but I recognised this as the result of the tingling arousal of your nipple, and the cupping and massaging of your breast confirmed my thought that this tit was indeed bigger as I stretched my mouth wider to capture the broad areola that was clearly darker and bigger as a result of the stimulation. I wondered if hubby had noticed as he sucked.

My finger was snaking into your arse hole and was now a couple of knuckles deep and rotating, massaging the inner walls where earlier today your husband’s cock had been only millimetres away inside your other cavity. The tight muscle was stretching and steadily relaxing and allowing the invasion to continue. You were moaning at the feeling and the pressure in your tit.

After a continuous session of sucking you, as I started to move to the other breast, you glanced down at me in that glazed, ecstatic way and simply said, “Do two … please?”

As I moved in on your other nipple and commenced to vacuum it into my stretched mouth, I slipped a second finger into you alongside the first and you gasped and then let out a long moan as you pushed your hips down to encourage the deeper penetration. You easily accepted the second finger and they were soon pushing deeply inside your dark pleasure. Your breast continued to swell with the attention I gave it and your hand was again at the back of my head holding me to you, pulling me into your very core. I had no doubt that your arousal at the breast was at least matched by the tingling sensation that burned through your hips as I delved my fingers into you. Your body shook as you quaked and put a strangle hold on my digits that were now pressed as deep as they could go into you and wriggling to stretch your girth.

“Three!” I heard you whisper hoarsely.

There was ample moisture and the third finger slipped in like it had lived there its whole life and I was soon pumping your bum hard and strong and you were quaking and shivering in your excitement. I was wondering if you weren’t about to explode in an anal orgasm. I’d heard of these and it seemed like you were about to demonstrate. Your tit was nestled deeply in my mouth and you were panting hard and then I felt and heard you,

“Ungh … ohhhh … oh my God! Ahhhhhhhh!” and my fingers were clenched in a grip that I thought might break them and then you descended from that pinnacle and I kept a slow stroking in and out of you.

Our session time was up and you were clearly a sexual wreck and I assumed that I would have to think of some way to deal with the rock hard cock in my pants as your tit popped sloppily from my mouth. I realised I too had been a little carried away with the intensity of my suckling when I saw the two reddened peaks as I sat back. You sighed and opened your eyes and looked at me. There was a strange twinkle in your eye and you looked down into my swollen lap and smiled cheekily.

“I guess I did that didn’t I?”

I laughed, “Ahh, yes, I guess so … but that is alright.” I started to move.

“No Mark, that isn’t fair. But there is something I would like you to do for me that might help.”

I wasn’t going to miss a chance with this stunningly hot lady, “Sure what can I do?”

“Well, it seems, many years ago that … um … to keep a girl a virgin for her wedding, the Greeks would only … erm … ‘take advantage’ of her one way as that wasn’t considered to be ‘having sex’ – that’s why they call it Greek. So I guess our contract would still not be broken if you were to … erm … do me that way. Would you mind helping me try it?”

Was she kidding? Here I am getting a history lesson from this hottie who wants it up the bum after I’ve already loosened the back door! We’d done everything except fucking traditional style and she was worried about the contract? “Sure .. of course I’ll help you!”

I tried to sound relaxed and professional and I am sure I failed 100%!

I was out of my pants in a second and Kitty simply rolled around on the lounge so that her butt was in the air and her face towards the armrest. I moved in behind her. “What about lubricant Kitty?”

She spoke over her shoulder, “Don’t worry I am sure I am still pretty wet down there but use some spit if you need to.”

I moved behind her and there were the glorious glistening holes of this woman’s being, her wondrous labia majora inflamed and wet and above those lovely lips her still open hole where my fingers had been working only minutes before.

My cock was straining straight and hard and I thought briefly, she wants me to take her bare back, still we haven’t used any protection so far. I moved closer between her spread thighs and saw that winking hole. I leaned forward and gently kissed her perfect rounded and firm buttock.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

I poked my tongue out and gently traced the rim of her sphincter and tentatively nudged it into her open hole, “Ooh yesss!” leaked from her buried face.

I slid my tongue around her and across her perineum, that tight wrinkled flesh that holds a million nerve ending, “OOOOOhhhh!!!”

And I thought what the hell and I plunged it between those closed fat wet lips of her cunt and into her. Immediately she yelped, “Noooo!” and clamped her cunt shut on my probing tongue but it was too late as I tasted the salt as her clamping expelled her husband’s remnant cum onto my tongue. The hot tangy mixture of her juices and his cum was a nectar I couldn’t believe could taste so good! I held her hips and buried my face into her to suckle the last drops, slurping them from her now gaping womb as she wailed her protest only to immediately change to moaning approval as I cleaned her completely.

“Oh my God that is so hot! Suck me! Get it all!”

My cock was twitching with insane arousal. I sat up, dribbled some of the silken mixture onto my palm and stroked it along my cock before pointing it to the holy grail before me and pushing into Kitty’s anus. “Ohhhh … YESSSS!”

I slipped straight in with little resistance and I was soon pumping into her fast, slamming my thighs against her bum cheeks and she shifted to lift up onto all fours doggy style and I could feel my balls slapping against her wet cunt as she pushed back against my inward thrusts.

“Oh my God – your balls! More!!”

I moved into the doggy position over her back and buried my cock in her bum, repeatedly slipping it out to its full length and slamming it back in to her appreciative murmurs, moans and groans as they built to a crescendo. I reached around and found her pendulous full tits swinging below her with our motion, each inward pump swung the tits out and back from her face making me wonder if she could, or had, been sucking her own tits. I grasped those full melons in my hands as I pumped harder and I felt the moisture from each tit streaming into my palms. The warm fluid lubricated my massaging hands as I spread and coated Kitty’s big tits and tried to tug on her nipples despite the slippery wetness.

“Oh God! You’re milking Kitty!” I howled as I exploded inside her anal chute, spilling my cum to mix with the potion of her and her husband’s juices we’d used as lubricant. She clamped down hard on my invading manhood to the point that I could barely move it and she slumped forward and screamed into the pillow of the armrest as her anal orgasm rocked her world.

Thank God for the pillow or the neighbours would have invaded fearing a murder. Again an hour of arousal and an explosive orgasm left me depleted and my wilting cock soon slipped from Kitty as she fell away beneath me. I fell into the lounge and she rolled over.

“That is the biggest orgasm I have ever had!”

“Well I think it is safe to say you are a natural at anal sex!”

“What made you suck me clean? That was so hot!”

“It just happened and yes it was hot. I think that last bit of extra arousal is why your tits are leaking a little.”

For the first time she looked down and saw the faint smear of the pale milky fluid that coated her nipples and she gently scraped a finger across her boob and brought it to her mouth to taste the life-giving nectar. “Umm!”

“Don’t over do it but, now the milk is starting to come, we should see quick results. You want to still keep this a secret from Hubby?”

She nodded. Internally I was laughing – the milk or my fucking in the arse?

“Then he can’t touch you for the next couple of days. You will only leak a little, but for a lot of the time. Just add a couple of soft cotton pads to the inside of your bra to soak it up and protect your clothes. I think one more session will see you letdown your milk and then he will be able to keep you going from there, okay?”

“You’re the doctor, Mark,” she giggled.

We got up from the lounge and I dressed.

“I think I might need a shower before he gets home.”

I thought about the semen oozing from her backside that I had just deposited and I agreed, “Probably a good idea. Now what time Sunday?

“Oh God! We have people staying all weekend – that’s why he took the day off.”

“Okay then, Monday? But you will have to keep massaging the girls to keep them from drying up. Can you do that without spoiling the surprise?”

“Yes, I will be careful.”

“Fine Kitty, I will see you on Monday at 10. Bye.”

“Bye Mark … and thanks. You have no idea the world you opened for me today. Thank you!”

She kissed me on the cheek and I was gone – and already pondering what else could happen on Monday!

Everyone knows that even the very best dreams eventually come to an end. It was with this thought in mind that I approached Kitty’s house on the Monday morning. Having been with her three times last week and seeing how quickly she had started to lactate as a special surprise for her husband, I knew that it was likely that after today my services would no longer be needed. She was quite the most effervescent and excitable lady I had ever known in my not too extensive experience. I guess it was as much that she had been my first ever client with Milkers R Us that gave her a special place in my mind and heart. And the fact that we had been fucking like rabbits after every session … in one way or another.

Still the job was ahead of me and I fully expected that she would have let down her milk almost completely over the weekend just with her own stimulation, having leaked heavily on Friday. She would no longer need me as hubby would pick up the reins so to speak. After today I would be concentrating on the other rather thankless clients I had and probably filling the gap in the schedule vacated by Kitty with some new client. The world moves on I guess and we weren’t short of requests for our services at MRU. I’d never have thought it was such a lucrative business.

Driving to her house I knew I had to put aside my misery to make the session as successful as all the others. I pulled up outside and wandered to the door with my bag. Today I would almost certainly need my supplies. As I approached the small raised verandah the door opened. Oh my God! There she was in plain view, her boobs bursting from her too small bra and a pair of lace panties that barely hid the outline of her finely sculpted thighs and loins. Having scanned her form, I looked up into her eyes and saw the pain in her expression.

“Oh Mark! Thank God you’ve arrived!” she blurted out.

I quickly entered the hallway and she closed the door behind me as I enquired, “What’s wrong Kitty?” hearing the concern I my own voice.

“It’s the pain Mark! They hurt so much!” she sobbed. “It’s got steadily worse since yesterday.”

“Come on Kitty, let me see what’s wrong,” I responded what I hoped was tenderly.

She rushed into the bedroom, her now huge tits bouncing with every step despite being gathered loosely in the bra that was ill suited to the task anymore. As she walked she whimpered in pain. I followed her into the familiar room and dropped my bag on the floor as I watched her climb onto the bed. Once ensconced she reached behind her to unfetter the girls and, in this light, I could now see that her bra was soaked through. As the cups fell from her breasts they sagged forward with their added size and weight and, immediately that they were exposed to the air, they started to leak steadily.

“My goodness Kitty, they are full,” I exclaimed, a little relief in my voice as I realised the situation.

She was in no danger, she just didn’t know what to expect in the three days since I was here last. Perhaps the fact that we were too busy having wonderful sex meant that I hadn’t done my job quite well enough in explaining to her what would happen if she kept massaging all weekend without expressing as well. I felt the pangs of guilt but I knew I could redeem the situation quite quickly.

“”Ohhh it hurts! Do something!” her voice dragged me back to the moment.

“Sorry Kitty but it’s alright. It’s good news and bad news. Your milk is producing quickly but your breasts are still developing the shape and strength in their sinews to hold the added weight. You will get used to it quickly but you will also have to regularly get rid of the extra milk by getting hubby involved or by expressing it yourself. You can get a pump to help, but for today I am here. Okay?”

She nodded with a wan smile and her tits jiggled before my eyes. I was fucking her from behind the other day when I felt her leaking. Today I would get my first, and probably last, taste judging by the dilemma I found her in. Easing my way onto the bed beside her I did a cursory visual check. Her distended nipples and enlarged areolae told me her milk was well on its way. The tell-tale veins running across under the surface of her translucent skin said her tits were growing. That was painfully obvious to us both when I considered the DD bra she was trying to use had barely kept the pair in and certainly offered no real support. My quick guess was she was now close to an F cup but we would check that later.

I reached out to gently check for the tenderness I knew would be present. I wasn’t surprised when she jumped at the contact and a little spray of thin fluid leapt from her nipple across my hand.

“Sorry Kitty,” I apologised for the pain I’d caused.

“Oh please just hurry and do something!” she both pleaded and demanded.

I leaned over and as gently as I could I covered her nipple with my mouth and sucked slowly. I was immediately rewarded with a thin flow of the sweet and strong tasting first fluid ever taken from this woman. She gasped a little in the initial contact but it was a mix of pain and release. I sucked a little harder and the stream developed into a steady flow that filled my mouth and my senses, the warm tit flesh at my face and the long fat nipple partly filling my mouth. I gently caressed the side of the breast and fell into a reverie as I joined with her in this intimate connection. In my mind I knew that there was a hormone at work here that made Kitty want this connection – the mothering instinct – while all her other hormones cried out for sexual fulfilment. But first the pain needed to be removed so I slowed down once I could feel the tight flesh ease to a pliable warmth in my hand. I knew she needed the other breast relieved before we could take the feeding further.

Switching to the other side and lying across her lap, she cradled me to her nipple and instantly that I latched on she cooed her release of tension. Barely a minute had gone by on each breast and it was a different woman now holding me as I could hear her sighs and feel her breathing deepen as she cradled me to her. I pulled away momentarily.

“Does that feel better?”

“You have no idea Mark!”

“Good but you mustn’t let them get that full again,” I said looking up into her serene face, “For a while you will find it painful as your breasts accommodate the changes but you will soon find the pain is almost gone. Okay?”

“Sure, I understand,” she smiled, all the anguish now gone from her glowing smile, “but you aren’t finished are you?” she added eagerly.

“No Kitty, I just wanted to ease your pain first. I will empty each one this morning but you must understand that we have tricked your body into believing you have a baby to take care of, so you will keep producing at least as much as it would need and it would feed every few hours normally. You will have to plan your day a bit around this if hubby isn’t here to help you. That’s why I mentioned the pump.

“Fine, I understand but … we can talk about that later can’t we?” her eyes and voice begged.

I smiled and returned to my most pleasurable duty. I leant back down to the mountainous peak before me and sucked in the nipple and proceeded to add pressure to my suction so that the nipple would distend further into my mouth and the flow would increase. It was quickly a steady stream and I could feel her flesh wilting as her ducts emptied their treasure into my stomach. Obviously so early in letting down she wasn’t yet producing her maximum but if this was any indication, she would be making plenty of milk soon, certainly more than her husband would be able to help with once at night.

As her left breast gave its last dregs I could sense rather than see a distinct change in Kitty’s body language. My face was pulled in close to her breast and held firmly to her tit while her legs had splayed across the bed opening access once again to her nether regions. As I pulled away to change sides and see the reddened and swollen nipple and its puffed and dimpled brown surrounding skin slip from my mouth, Kitty sighed deeply, “Finger me … please?” she begged dreamily.

Her wish … my command; what else could a man do? As I latched on to her right nipple, I slid my hand along her thigh and again a sigh as she dragged me into her full bosom, smothering my face with her fleshy boob. My hand quickly found the heat of her thigh increasing until, like a stray straw in a camp fire, I followed its heat into the inferno. She was a molten mess beneath her skimpy panties that I pushed aside to find her open wet pussy coated in her juices. My own enjoyment of this sensation translated to an increase in my sucking and her vocalising her joy, “Oh yessss!”

Her rapture showed as her nipple flooded my mouth which was when I felt her squeezing her breast to increase the flow. My fingers slipped easily into her fleshy folds and I found her swollen clit with my thumb. First contact brought a yelp of joy as she clamped hard on my fingers which only served to increase their effect as her well-lubricated lips didn’t hold them out. My internal massage was making her breathing ragged and her breast was coming to an end of its supply. I could now feel the looseness in the skin that told me the mammary glands were temporarily empty. She knew as she slowly eased the pressure to hold me to her.

“That felt so good! Will you help me again Mark?” she said softly as she looked distractedly down into my eyes. Right now I was hers; there was nothing I wouldn’t do. I think she knew that was the case as she didn’t wait for an answer but simply said, “Lie flat on the bed beside me please?”

She shuffled away slightly as I rolled from her breasts and lay flat, facing the ceiling. She moved quickly and decisively, throwing her leg across my chest and turning to sit up. Within seconds her open smooth cunt lips were in my view as she straddled my head and began to lower herself to my face. She was upright holding the headboard and facing the wall. Kitty’s wetness dripped a trail on my neck and chin as she got closer to my reaching tongue and then we were one as she pushed down and I plunged in, my probing appendage spearing into her open hole, roaming around and sampling the delectable flavours of womanhood.

“Oh yes please!! More … deeper!” she growled above me as she increased the pressure sitting on my face by rotating her hips. The bed squeaked and, with her rhythmic movements and her gyrations, she pushed me into the mattress in an ecstatic prison between her thighs.

“I love these huge tits! Tongue me more Mark!”

I could only imagine the view of those gorgeous rounded globes bouncing in time to her movements above me while all I could do, pinned beneath her, was reach up behind her and try to steer her hips so that the occasional gap allowed me to suck in some air. The flood of her juices continued as she now focused her movement to grinding her clit against my nose while I probed her inner walls. It was hard to breathe but I couldn’t care less if this was how I was to die, wrapped entirely in this woman. Everything about her being told me her orgasm was imminent – her flow of juice, her voice and breathing and the way she ground hard into my face. And then she froze! I couldn’t see anything but I could paint this picture. My mind’s eye told me from experience all I needed to know.

Her long slim body was frozen in pleasure, her tits still bouncing and rising with her short sharp breaths as her face was aglow in a dream with her mouth agape screaming a silent prayer of thanks to the universe. I continued to probe and lap at her inner folds only now she winced as I came near her button of pleasure, so sensitive immediately after her orgasm. And then she released all the tension in her body and a guttural sigh of joy emanated from her telling me she was in heaven.

Shortly she lifted from me to release me from my trap. I kissed her thigh as it swung away and she fell to the bed beside me.

“I don’t believe how hot that sucking makes me! I’ve done it to you again haven’t I?” she giggled a little nervously. She was again referring to the tent in my pants that told her this whole thing was sexy as Hell.

“Do all your clients react like me? You must be exhausted!”

I had to laugh and muttered, “Client confidentiality Kitty. I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Hmm I think I knew that when I first saw you.”

She leaned over and kissed me gently, quickly breaking off, “Gee I taste sweet! She exclaimed with a chuckle.

“Yes you do, at both ends. Your body chemistry is definitely changing,” I remarked.

“So how can I help you now?” she asked, looking knowingly at my erection.

“I believe a gentleman allows the lady to …”

“Oh I’m no lady – you know that. Let’s face it I’m a bitch in heat when you suck my tits and you have had me in every hole. Do my arse for me again … please kind sir?” she mocked and she was upon my pants zip in a second.

Quickly we were both naked and Kitty was stroking my chest, feeling my nipples. They stood up to her attention.

“Wow they’re sensitive aren’t they? Jim’s just sit there but yours are begging to be sucked,” and she leaned over to draw one into her mouth and soon she was returning the favour I had done her a short while before. My nips have always been tender and that’s probably why I had such an affinity for the job. They ached as she played with one, rolling and tweaking it, and suckled the other. Running her tongue around and feeling the tightness of my areola on her lips, she got carried away and I arched up off the bed to meet the heavy suction she provided, my cock straining and leaking seminal fluid.

“Oh my!” she gasped as she released my nipple. I looked into her glazed eyes again and could tell she was aroused. She was flustered but turned and reached into the bedside table and brought out a tube of lube. Soon she was stroking my hardness with the cool greasy fluid, her petite hand sliding up and down with her fingers encircling my girth and dragging the meaty foreskin back to expose the mushroomed, sensitive head. She watched her actions intently for a while feeling the tension growing in my tool until she looked into my eyes and simply said, “Please?”

She released me and turned to arrange herself on all fours on the bed. I sat up and moved into position behind her. I started to caress her hips as I moved closer and then took some of her juices to insert in her backdoor to make access easier. I started to massage and coat the tiny bud in the centre of her firm bum cheeks.

“No!” she said, “Just do me. I don’t mind if it hurts.”

I took her at her word and I took her.

Pushing my firm swollen knob to her cheeks I found the tight puckered opening; lifting up I was able to aim my shaft at her centre and pushed in past the resisting muscle.

“Ahhh!” she winced at the burning pain of my insertion but she simultaneously pushed back into me to get my whole cock as deep as she could on that first thrust. That action in itself was so incredibly erotic that I just leaned my body weight into her, the hard girth penetrating her, stretching her tight grip on me until I had bottomed out. Sliding in like that she had been clamping and releasing me with her over-worked muscles the whole time, the searing pain wracking her body as she cried, “Aaah! Ungh! Ugh!”

I nestled deep inside Kitty’s rear sheath until I was ready to move and then I withdrew and plunged back in again. Pounding her sphincter that clutched at my cock, it took only a few strokes to find her brown eye wide open and watching me invade her. Normally one to take time and care, I had never experienced this primal instinct to just take her. It was invigorating; I tingled from the contact and I was quickly losing control.

Soon I was pumping hard and fast into Kitty and she was again burying her face in the pillows as she screamed her arousal, shoving back in response to every powerful shafting I delivered. The heat of the moment and her internal flame threw me into her with abandon, our thighs slapping together in animal lust. As I maintained the long strokes in and out of her shit chute, I leaned in to capture her swinging melons and squeezed and pulled those wonderful nipples that flooded my hands with the renewing nectar … and quickly I flooded her. It was the most intense orgasm she had given me, every nerve ending of my being wrenched me into ecstasy as I grunted and roared my release into her backside as each paroxysm of pleasure fired my load of cum into her hot, tight hole. My stomach muscles clenched and cramped in the spasming exhaustion. The taboo of anal sex … with a client … when I was her first, and not her husband, just endeared her to me more. I wanted her – I’d just had her and I would soon be leaving. That thought more than anything made me wilt quickly after coming. I slipped from her behind and fell to the bed, spent. She was quickly nestled beside me.

“I love that so much! You have no idea what you have done for me in this last week or so. Thank you,” and she kissed me softly and sensuously. This was not a passionate, out of control kiss; was she feeling the same way? It was a line I could not cross no matter what my feelings, not if I wanted to keep this job.

We lay there comfortably in each other’s arms casually and naturally stroking and caressing each other. I realised that time was escaping me as I had another client in about an hour. I started to move to get up and Kitty moaned dreamily in that pleasant after sex atmosphere. I had a job to do so it was me who had to take the initiative.

“Kitty,” I whispered, “I need to go soon but there are some things I’d like to show you. Can you sit up please?

She moaned her assent and shifted to sit upright. I quickly got up and jumped back into my clothes constantly conscious of the close attention she paid my every movement. As I looked back I saw that she sat leaning on one hand, the full expanse of her bust proudly on display to me. God I wish I could take that photo!! She read my mind, “Got a camera on your phone Mark? Seems only fitting that you take a trophy for your … our suck-cess!” she giggled, deliberately emphasizing the separate syllables of her last word.

“Are you sure Kitty? You don’t mind?”

“I trust you Mark. I’m sure it won’t appear on the net until I put it there when you send me a copy. In fact, after I have told Jim, I might even let you use it in your advertising as a success story!” she laughed.

I found my bag and quickly rummaged around until I found my cell phone. I snapped a few shots and showed them to her for approval and she arranged herself in a couple of poses until she found a shot she liked. “There, done!” she said matter-of-factly, “Now what is it you wanted to show me?” she queried.

Sitting on the side of the bed I opened the bag and pulled out a few items. “Here you go Kitty, a couple of little gifts to help you out. These are nursing pads to stop the milk ruining your clothes. Slip them inside your bra. This is a sample pack of six but we sell bulk packs at cheaper than retail rates from our office.”

“Thanks!” she exclaimed with a chuckle, “I can throw away that stupid paper towel I was using!”

I had to laugh with her. “These are catching-cups that you can use during the day while at home. Here’s how they work.” I leaned forward to demonstrate, not really expecting success. “You wear these inside your bra while you are home; see how the cap has a little drainage hole in the side? Always keep that pointed up.”

I placed the domed cup over her nipple and its hole almost covered her expanding areola, “Ooh!” she murmured at the contact. Instantly she released a small spray of that sweet nectar which, under pressure, I could hear hiss as it splashed against the inside of the cup before it dribbled down the clear plastic to be captured in the round reservoir at the bottom.

I wandered in to work on Tuesday morning pondering what surprises the day might hold in store for me. I was still disappointed at the thought that I would probably no longer see Kitty after last night, my first and favourite client and greatest success when it came to getting her to produce milk. After only four sessions she was producing a steady stream that I knew would only increase with more stimulation, but her husband walking in on us just as I’d finished measuring her for a new bra to accommodate the dramatically bigger boobs she’d developed, certainly seemed to be the end of a beautiful friendship. Well not so much friendship but definitely a relationship. Kitty got extremely horny every time I visited and one thing had always led to another. But that was gone and I would have to take solace in looking after my three other clients and seeing to their needs.

“Hi Sue, any messages?” I asked our receptionist as I entered the offices of Milkers R Us.

“Hi Mark,” she replied brightly, “a couple for you.” Sue, a pretty, rather busty 25 year old was a good advert for our business as the front line to meet customers. She busied herself sifting through the notes to find my messages, “Here you go, have a nice day!” she smiled.

“Thanks Sue. You too.”

I read the messages – great a cancelation from Mrs Monotony … oops, Nowotny. She was the boring vinegar tits who made me stand up while I performed my services. God knows why she wants to milk as she doesn’t seem to enjoy getting her tits sucked. The other brightened my whole day! Kitty was coming in at 10 o’clock to have the bra fitting I’d recommended. Out with Monotony and in with Mammaries! I was excited just at the thought of seeing her again – at least I’d find out what her husband’s reaction had been. I had an hour to fill before she arrived so I went into the fitting room and started to browse the collection to decide what I thought she would like – some for daily wear and some for a bit of sexy fun and perhaps a couple of maternity ones just in case she needs the easy access to express her spare milk. Her husband, Jim, wouldn’t be there during the day and I still wasn’t sure if Kitty realised how much milk she was likely to produce.

It wasn’t long before a call came through to say that she was in the reception. I went to meet her and the butterflies were back in my stomach just like the first day I met her. Silly I know after all we had done together in the last week and a half but there it was! I suppose I was really nervous about what had come in the aftermath of my lucky escape yesterday after her husband had walked in on us – fortunately ‘relatively innocent’ just having finished a session. I entered reception and there she sat in a rather figure hugging dress that only further accentuated the huge bust line she now had. Seated side on to me, I could clearly see she was in desperate need of support and, it also appeared, emptying, as her tits strained within their confines. She turned and looked at me and again that pained expression I saw in her face yesterday was back. She got up as I approached and she walked and bounced towards me.

“Hi Mark. Is there somewhere we can talk please?”

“Sure, of course. Come this way,” and I turned and led her through to the office area where no doubt she would have had her initial meeting with one of the sales people to arrange her contract with us. I found an empty consultation room and we went in. Once seated I asked, “What’s the problem?”

“I think you know the answer Mark. I’m too full again and … well .. you see, Jim tried but he …uhm … he just couldn’t get it the way you do. He got a little and he thought it was fantastic so the surprise worked great but he just didn’t take enough.”

She winced in pain as she explained, that little embarrassed lilt in her voice.

“When was that Kitty?”

“Yesterday, after you left … and again last night … ha ha, and again this morning,” the nervous giggle betrayed her pain in favour of how much fun she was having with her surprise for Jim.

“Did you try to express the excess yourself?”

“Yes but it doesn’t seem to flow; just a couple of sprays and then a dribble, so not much came out and then it was just too tender to try any more.”

“I see. You will find that by the end of the week you will have completely letdown and it will flow harder. Lots of mums find they start feeding slowly but it builds up and I can promise you, you will have plenty of milk to give.”

“Can you help me today Mark please?” the soulful puppy eyes did their job but weren’t really necessary; I’d jump at any chance to suck these lovely melons of their nectar.

“Of course I can. Come down the hall with me to the Lactation Room and I will show you the pumps I was telling you about and I will arrange a demonstration for you straight away. How’s that?”

“Oh that would be fabulous,” she said as she rose and came around the desk to the door. I opened it and led the way. Just as I entered the hallway I heard Penny, one of the technicians ask, “Oh Mark, if you are going into The Dairy could you count the number of spare bottles for me please?”

Sternly I glared at her as I continued walking and Kitty appeared behind me, “Sure Penny, I’m just going to the Lactation Room now,” I emphasised, “I will let you know.”

Penny looked embarrassed as she looked at Kitty and then back to me, “Thanks,” she muttered and then mouthed ‘sorry!’ when Kitty wasn’t looking, and then she was gone.

“Hmmm ‘The Dairy’ … is that what you call it here?” Kitty asked with laughter in her voice.

It was my turn to be embarrassed, “Well … yes, it is the casual term we use but normally we try to avoid any clients hearing it. Not very professional of her was it?”

“I suppose not but at least it is honest. No use trying to hide what you do is there? I suppose if this is The Dairy, that makes me … umm … one of the cows???” She laughed out loud. “I think you know me well enough to know I don’t have too sensitive a set of sensibilities Mark! But I do need your help right now!”

“Sure. Come this way,” and we proceeded down the hall a few yards until we got to the door marked ‘Lactation’ and I opened the door and we walked in. No-one was there so we had the room to ourselves for a while at least. “Here, take a seat,” I said as I led Kitty to one of the armchairs at the side of the room and then I wheeled a milk pumping trolley over beside her. She was scanning the room, seeing its hospital style décor – all white and sterile – and she was clearly full of questions.

“Why four chairs?”

“We often have a few ladies at a time who come in for a session on the pump as they donate their excess milk.”

“What do you do with the excess, throw it out?”

“Goodness no. We donate it to the local maternity hospital. There are quite a few mothers who can’t produce enough milk for their babies, particularly when there are twins, triplets, etc. but also, sadly some mums just don’t produce milk at all and the baby needs milk. We freeze it and deliver it to the hospital – that’s why there were all those health questions on the initial interview.”

“Wow, I didn’t think of this as a community service,” she giggled again, “but it makes good sense really. Okay, so what do I do now?”

“If you open your dress I will get this ready.”

Kitty started to undo the string of buttons on the front of her dress and her bust proceeded to explode from the garment. I set up the pump and put clean bottles into the flow capture and plugged it in to the power. Looking back at Kitty, her breasts were bulging over her bra cups as she leaned forward to shrug off her dress so she could undo the bra. Soon she was topless and her enormous mammaries were leaking before my eyes. I spotted the pads in her bra and thought it was nice to see she had appreciated the little gift. I offered her a small sheet to cover herself up in case someone came in.

Rather boldly she stated, “No, don’t worry about that, I want to see what happens.”

Switching on the pumping machine, it hummed into life as I took the two funnel-like cups and made sure the hoses weren’t tangled before I gently massaged her left nipple to increase the moisture and then I spread that milk around her nipple so that, when I placed a sucking cap over the engorged point, a good connection would result.

“Ohh My God!!” Kitty exclaimed as the suction swallowed her nipple into the neck of the funnel and latched onto her firm, full breast covering her browned and dimpled flesh. It was firmly latched on and already the thin milky fluid was flowing down the tube in the rhythm to the soft popping sound of the pump. Her other nipple was spontaneously spraying in reaction to the ‘feeding’ until I had the chance to repeat the procedure with her right nipple and again she reacted.

“OOHH Sweet Jesus!!! That feels wonderful,” she gasped.

Quickly the machine was taking her milk as she sat back in a dream. “Mark this feels amazing having both sucked at the same time. OHHHH!!” she quivered.

“You might notice that the two connections are actually sucking alternately so that each breast is sucked separately. It isn’t really good to have them both sucked at the same time, at least not early on.”

“You speak for yourself sweetie!” Then, gasping, “I think I will need some of those nursing pads for my panties!” and then she laughed a wicked laugh.

“Can you adjust the suction Mark?” She looked down to see through the translucent plastic that her engorged and stretched nipple was being sucked into the spout of the funnel and, with every flip of the little diaphragm, another stream of milk was pulled from her hot body into the funnel, down the tube and into the catching bottle.

“Yes Kitty but, being your first time, I think it is best that we keep it on a lower setting to begin with. We don’t want to do damage to your nipple or flow by straining anything. A bit later you will be able to adjust to pressure, okay?”

She nodded dreamily. “What’s through there?” she asked conversationally, more I think to distract her from the rising feelings she was experiencing – and I knew where they usually led.

She had indicated the adjacent room. “Just another milking room only with a massage table instead of chairs.”


“Well some ladies prefer to sit upright as you are now while others prefer to lie down as they are milked.”

“How does that work?” she asked quizzically.

“I will show you later when we finish. We can arrange pretty much anything that you want. We have a couple of our ladies who come in and use the massage table next door as they have special needs.”

“Really? I’m intrigued,” she glowed back at me. The tell-tale signs of her horniness clearly showed but there was little chance of doing anything about it here at work. The bottles were getting up to about a quarter full and the flow from Kitty’s breasts was slowing. Soon it was down to a bare dribble and time to disconnect. As I busied myself removing the cups and placing them in the steriliser and labelling the bottle before placing it in the freezer, Kitty started, “I’ve got to tell you something Mark.”

I stopped as I was disconnecting the pump, knowing a tech would come in to sterilise and clean it and turned to her, noticing she had made no attempt to put her dress or bra back on, “What is it Kitty?”

She looked at me with that same glazed look and dreamy eyes that told me at least some parts of her weren’t really here on Earth. “I think you can guess … at least some of it Mark. That machine’s sucking isn’t as nice as yours but it still has the same effect on me. My tits are so tingly, I’m soaking my panties! But there is something else … you!”

I was standing rooted to the spot as these words pierced my brain. What was she saying?

“On that first day you came to my place, I had promised myself that I would be faithful to Jim and that I would stick by the contract. But you were so lovely and patient and polite that, when I saw the lump in yours pants, I almost came then and there. I could tell you had a lovely thick cock and it looked like a nice size too and I couldn’t wait to see it – that’s why I sucked you that first day. I just loved your big fat cock!”

I was amused but aroused and clearly she had the advantage of me as she looked down to see him stirring in my pants. Her description I thought was rather generous. I’d been in enough football, basketball and school change rooms to know that my thickish six inches is pretty average and guys I’d seen like one mate nicknamed ‘Drainpipe’ clearly had more to brag about. Either she was not that experienced or she was spinning me a line. Either way I was hard and worried someone would walk in any second.

“After sucking you I knew you had a lot more than Jim has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, he is a dedicated lover but he’s just not as … um … fulfilling shall we say?”

Her talk was having her desired effect but this was my workplace! Could I risk it? Should I?

“Let me show you the other room Kitty,” I interrupted as I started toward the other door, my decision made. She seemed put off but I think she would like what I was going to show her.

“Oh, okay …” and she followed. I opened the door and she entered and stopped just inside. I closed the door behind us and quietly flicked the lock. She stood there looking at the table in the middle of the small room, she then quickly turned and moved into my arms and reached up and kissed me deeply. She mashed her bosom into my chest while her thighs did a rumba on my projecting dick. She broke away and said, “Show me how it works.”

We moved next to the cushioned table. I showed her how it was basically a normal massage table except for a few features including one that had a section we could remove so that her breasts would hang down below the table and the pump was mounted beneath on a shelf.

“Let me see!” she cooed.

I lifted out the large figure-eight shaped insert and there was the pair-of-mammaries sized hole near one end of the table. “Oh my! I have to try it!” she said. She pushed past me to walk to the end of the table and shrugged her dress off. It fell in a pool at her feet and she then simply leaned over the end of the table and allowed her sagging empty tits to slip through the hole until she was lying with her torso flat.

“Oh my God … Mark, this is why you call it The Dairy! You can milk my udders like a cow in the dairy! That is so hot. Please … you have to fuck me! Right now!!”

I was mesmerised as I saw her hanging tits sway gently below the table and my cock was pulsing in my pants. I stepped behind her and undid my pants zip. What was I doing? All of the technicians had a key; any one could walk in at any time? Stuff them! Let them enjoy the show! From behind Kitty I could smell her juices as her own special aroma filled my senses and the room. Unleashing my throbbing member I looked at her hips and saw her wet panties, soaked at the crotch. Suddenly it dawned on me – where did she want it? I’d fucked her arse but never her obviously wanting pussy. She again read my mind and answered my thought.

“Forget the contract; fuck my pussy now … please!” she begged.

Her need was in her voice and my need was in my hand and very soon it steered to her waiting moisture as I slipped aside her flimsy material to see her open wet lips pouting at me. My ‘big dick’ as she said was sliding its gently curved shaft into her wanting hole and she clamped down on it to increase the feel. Its rigid girth stretched her tight walls against her minimal resistance as she let out a guttural moan, “Oh my God that is so thick! I can feel your veins sliding against my insides. Please pump me!”

I was already building a steady stroking rhythm as I pushed deeply into her and withdrew so that her outer lips were clawing at my foreskin to chew it back into her. Just for once in our encounters I was not in any urgent need to rush or finish except for the chance of getting caught. I had already dismissed that thought as I stroked into her hot wet walls on my first stroke. Kitty reached back and spread her cheeks gasping, “Harder! Deeper! Oh God Jim’s dick never feels that big inside me!”

As she said that I felt her whole body shimmy on my impaled meat as she had her first orgasm and her juices sluiced from her womb to flow down our legs as they slapped together on each forceful drive I threw into her. I was grateful the table was bolted to the floor given the way we made it rock back and forth. The scintillating sensations as she clamped on me again in her spasm of joy was exquisite as I drove into her continually making her tits sway beneath the table and she shuddered immediately to a second cum.

“My God I am so full! Flood me Mark please! Cum in me and fill me more. I want to feel you throb harder as you cum in me … Oh! …. Ohhh! … AAhhhhhhh!!!” and I joined her crescendo with a gut wrenching spasm that had me bent over her backside and having to hold the table as my own spasms pulsed and my cum spewed inside her waiting cunt. She clamped down again on me and we could feel each other’s pulse through our interlocked connection. My knees were wobbly as I held on to the table and I stayed hard inside her for some while as we just lay in that vertical joining until I started to wilt. As I started to slip from her, she also started to move but I decided in for a penny in for a pound as they say.

I dropped to my knees behind her, holding her thighs, and moved in closely to her still gaping hole and I could plainly see our mixed juices starting to flow out of her. I’d had Jim’s cream pie last week, why not my own hot, fresh pie! I leaned in and engulfed her whole outer lips with my mouth and my tongue took immediate action to probe the open folds of her lips to lap up any escaping warm fluids. It was intense as she gasped and then grunted and spread her legs wide to give me deeper probing room. I sucked her inner walls to my tongue and probed her thickened clit while I swirled the juice and cream mix in my mouth. I kept as much as I could safely stored in my cheek so that I could then stand and deliver it to her. She stood and I saw the fire in her eyes that told me she was mine for the taking. I leaned down and closed over her mouth to share the evidence of our encounter and she probed her tongue deeply into my mouth to gather every last drop. Finally we parted from the passion of our embrace.

“There you go Ma’am, some fresh cream from the Dairy!” She broke into fits of giggles. “Kitty, we really need to get out of here. I am sure there are clients due to come in soon.”

Redressing herself she paused and laughed, “I hope they have as good a time as I did!”

Soon we were clothed and heading back out into the main hallway and I directed her toward the store we use for purchasing where I had earlier set aside the bras she would need. She kept grabbing at my butt as I led the way. No amount of discouragement would sway her from her playfulness until I stopped and reminded her I would be sacked if they thought the contract had been broken. She behaved, at least until we were alone again in the store.

I showed her into the changing room where I had left a few samples and suggested she could try these first. I turned to leave and she laughed, “You’re not going to leave me to try these on and adjust them myself are you? I might have to complain to the manager about the service you’re giving me … but not about the servicing you just gave me!” Her dirty laugh announced that she was in a fun mood.

“Here show me how good a tit fitter your are!” and she handed me one of the bras.

Okay, I thought, I will play your game. I slung the enormous cups over my shoulder as I faced her and proceeded to undo the buttons of her dress. I concentrated on what I was doing but Kitty stood still with a delighted smirk as my hands moved over her crests to reveal the not so hidden treasure. Undoing it to the waist, I ran my hands up across her hills to her shoulders and removed the dress so again it hung at her waist. “There Ma’am. Now your bra…” and she turned around to show me the expanse of soft skin of her back while I caressed her until I reached the back clasps. The bra was under serious strain and digging into her flesh with the additional weight it was supporting and her straps had creased her shoulders. Undoing the clasps allowed the whole lot drop forward and I reached around under her arms to caress the two sizeable mounds that were now released as I took off her bra. She sighed deeply at the contact but also the relief.

“Now Ma’am, to put the new bra on correctly I’d like you to …”

“You are not going to teach me how to wear a bra? I’ve had these big girls since I was sixteen. I think I …”

It was my turn to interrupt, and in a mock serious tone I added, “Thank you Ma’am, but you should know that as a trained fitter I learned that over 80% of women don’t wear the right sized bra or have it adjusted badly. Simply put even with growing breasts you shouldn’t be getting these big red marks around your ribs and I now see that this is a size 30″ you are wearing when I measured you as a 32″ yesterday.”

She was stunned into silence. “So if you would just lean forward for me as I slip this on…” She complied, “See how the cups fill first before you do the back up? Now we do the clasps to the outside clips so as it stretches you move inward. And lastly now that you can stand upright, the straps are adjusted so you can firmly but comfortably fit two fingers under the strap. These are all nice wide straps that won’t dig in. So how does that feel?”

“Oh my! You are right,” she whispered in an embarrassed tone, “that’s so comfortable. Thank you.”

In a short while she had tried on five or six of those I’d suggested and sent me for a couple of other colours and styles. The highlight was a spectacular black lace number that scooped her full bosom into its see-through confines and allowed her nipples to really stand out against the dainty thin material. Whatever Jim does for a crust, he was clearly cleaning up because she didn’t hesitate about buying half a dozen of the nicest, best-fitting and most expensive bras for what we had decided finally were her size F tits. She playfully stood there looking in the mirror as she undid the clips on the maternity bra she was wearing to allow the material to slip down and expose her firm, now well supported, boobs. “What do you think, a good look? What do you think Jim will say?”

Staring at her beautiful breasts peeking out of the two holes yet fully supported by the elasticated material so they stood firm and straight in front of her, I was half desperate to dive in again. “I think he’d be crazy not to say you are the most beautiful woman in the world and you have the best tits.”

She laughed at my directness and then went a little quiet as she started to cover up again. “I’m going to need to come in here to use the pumps, aren’t I? I mean Jim won’t be able to get all my milk every day.”

“That’s true,” I pointed out, “but you could hire or even buy a pump for home if you wanted. We could arrange that.” I’d already made a sizable commission from the half dozen bras she’d decided to buy but that was not really my main interest. “Or we could book you in.”

“Yes, I think I would like to come in to your Dairy … and help out that hospital,” she said but the guile in her smile said she had ulterior motives. “But there is something that I think you could still help me with – if you are prepared to do it. I will fully understand if you say no. It will be okay.”

“Look Kitty, after all we have been through in the last little while, I think you know you can ask me anything. If I can help you I will.”

I smiled down at her as she seemed to hesitate a little and then she whispered, “Jim just doesn’t suck right. I tried showing him how you do it but he just doesn’t get it. Would you mind coming around to show him?”

I was stunned! The shock must have clearly shown in my face, probably the open jaw was a give away. “It’s okay Mark, I understand. I shouldn’t have asked,” she said pitifully, a little tear in her eye.

Oh my God! She was doing it to me now! She was a minx and could get what she wanted. Look up the dictionary for ‘womanly wiles’ and it would have her picture! Unfortunately I could also picture the image of Jim in the doorway of their bedroom with bone-crunching fists ready to knock me into next week!

“Kitty,” I started, and she immediately looked up hopefully! “Are you sure that Jim would be okay with this … I mean, yesterday he was ready to kill me.”

“Oh no Mark, he’s really a pussy cat. He wouldn’t have hurt you!”

My mind had a picture of a lion ripping me limb from limb rather than a cute kitten rubbing against my leg. “Well … are you sure he won’t mind?”

Eagerly she spilled the beans, “Yes, I’m certain. He and I had a long chat while he tried the first time after you left the other day. I told him all about finding Milkers R Us and you coming around and being so professional and that … erm …”

The long pause had me worried!!!

“… well that I had got so horny … annnnd, you had … um … helped me out.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Kitty! He will kill me on sight and I wouldn’t blame him!”

“No you don’t understand. He knows what I get like when I’m horny and he lets me have a little bit of freedom but I promised him we hadn’t fucked.”

“You mean like we did half an hour ago?”

Coyly she tilted her head to one side, “Well, yes … but that was after I’d promised him so I was telling the truth at the time.”

“So what does he think we did?”

“I told him you had licked me out and that I had sucked your cock.”

“No mention of the anal play we’d had.”

“No but that won’t matter because I’ve tried to get him interested for ages and he just isn’t into that.”

This had to be the most bizarre conversation I had ever had in my life. I was about to consider walking directly into the Lion’s den and saying, ‘Lunch is served!’ But there was still something so enticing about this woman that I was actually contemplating it. What’s the worst that could happen? I suppose I could get the beating that I escaped the other day – easy to argue got one and got away with one – one all draw! Besides it meant seeing Kitty again. Um … that was the real selling point.

“Okay Kitty,” I responded hesitantly, “if you are really sure this is okay?”

“Absolutely! I told him this morning I would try to get some help.”

Oh great – he will have had all day to build up to the moment.

“Can you come around tonight say about 7:30?”

“Sure … okay .. if you are really sure about this?” I displayed my nervousness.

“It will be fine, I promise!”

“Okay, 7:30 it is then.” I gathered her purchases and the tags of the one she was wearing and allowed her to dress while I went through to the store to ring up the items. She was soon there and passed me Jim’s credit card and I handed it back with the MRU shopping bag. She leaned forward to give me a peck on the cheek but my alarmed look was enough to stop her.

“Oops, sorry – see you later,” she whispered and she left.

“She really has the hots for you Mark!” came Sue’s voice from behind me. I’d sensed she was hanging around before but hadn’t seen her.

“What makes you think that?” I remarked innocently.

“Oh call it women’s intuition if you like … or good hearing as I was checking the bottles in The Dairy for Penny and you were in the back room.”

“I don’t know what you mean!” I responded but could feel myself turning red.

“Don’t worry Mark. It’s a stupid part of the contract. I couldn’t imagine getting a guy to suck my tits and not getting very hot and bothered. And watching her, she’s a cat on a hot tin roof! If you haven’t done something yet, I bet it won’t be long!” She tossed her red hair back, laughing wickedly as she left to return to reception.

She had no idea how true her words were and I was sure that tonight I was going to find out what was in store for me in the slightly longer term. I also pondered momentarily about the nice plump C cups that Sue has as she talked about getting her tits sucked. Hmmm, I wonder?

It was still quite early and I had my other appointments to got to. Funnily enough the other two ladies I was assisting seemed to be coming along nicely too and were more responsive than they had ever been before. Perhaps it was my manner or the fact that I was a little pre-occupied; I guess I hadn’t really given them the same attention I’d given Kitty and ‘a tit is a tit is a tit’ is the company’s unofficial motto. Nothing would change Vinegar Tits Monotony but the other two were nice ladies who were starting to leak a little; they too would soon be graduating like Kitty. As days of work go, most of the males on the planet would swap places in a heartbeat.

It seemed quite soon that I was back at the office and packing to go home. It was a naughty smile on Sue’s face as she said, “Had a good day?” looking down at my milk stained shirt.

I chuckled, “Yep. Getting results all over the place and ran out of clean shirts after the last appointment.”

“Occupational hazard! Better get home and do your laundry. Milk stains you know!” She was being sassy and pushing her boobs out at me. Another time I thought; I already have an evening appointment to take care of but perhaps Susie, I might help you with that ‘hot and bothered’ problem you mentioned.

“See you tomorrow Sue!” and I was out the door and heading for home. Got to shower and change. Must eat something although the breast milk diet was very filling but it wasn’t the same as a good steak. I was soon home and in the door and my mind’s eye kept flashing back to Kitty’s wonderful backside over the end of the table as I pumped into her hot wetness. I had to keep reminding myself, I was going there to help Jim learn how to suckle properly. I was in effect doing myself out of a job! What an idiot!!

As I left my flat and headed for the car I felt those nervous butterflies back again. Crazy – what could possibly go wrong? HAAA!!!! As I approached the house I could see lights in what I now knew was the bedroom. I got out and slowly walked down the path – was this Death Row? I approached the door, nerves spiking and noticing every slight noise or movement around me.

I had a pretty good idea what I was going to find but I suppose the expectation of actually tasting Kitty’s milk while her husband watched was an even bigger conscious and subconscious factor than I cared to admit. I couldn’t afford to show that I had fallen for her as a client. I know she is devoted to her hubby and this is all for him. I just have to be happy to have facilitated that, get him doing what she wants and move on once my role for Milkers R Us is fulfilled. It was easy to say that in my head as I approached the front door but I kept envisioning those beautiful, now pendulous breasts with their red engorged nipples and that taut body, that gorgeous perfect bald pussy and, by no means least, her incredibly sensitive backdoor that we had explored. How can a man be expected to ‘cum and go’ so to speak without some emotional attachment? Even if it isn’t reciprocated? Still I have a job to do and I don’t want to spoil it.

The door opened and she purred, “Evening Mark, come in.”

I was rooted to the spot looking at her naked body standing in the doorway, those breasts clearly displaying their fullness with the signs of her veins showing through the translucent skin, that deserved to be in a Reubenesque portrait, telling me they were full again since this morning’s session at the office. Her nipples already puffed up and her areolae hard and dimpled in the cool air. In my mind I was yelling, ‘My God you are gorgeous!’

“I’m glad you like what you see Mark but the neighbours might notice … and it is a bit chilly,” she chuckled.

I awoke to her words, “Sorry Kitty but you surprised me a bit there,” I commented as I stepped inside and she pushed the door closed behind me. Suddenly her arms were wrapped around my waist and her firm full boobs were pushing into my back and immediately I felt the warm flow of milk through my shirt against both sides of my ribs. Standing erect in the hallway, frozen to the spot, I said, “It seems things have been going well since this morning?”

“Oh you have no idea Mark!” she responded excitedly, releasing me from the embrace and steering me forwards. We were heading into the bedroom. “I’ve been pouring everywhere! And,” with another little giggle, “at both ends!”

We headed to the right, her hands pushing me while massaging the two wet patches on my shirt. She turned me through a doorway – it was the master bedroom. Stylishly furnished, with a large mirrored dressing table and a big old wooden bed dominating the quite familiar room except as we entered, there sat Jim on the edge of the bed where I had left him the day before.

Only this time… he was naked.

He looked up at me and there was doubt in his eyes and some malevolence but no real anger that I could perceive. This was strange. He just sat there as I stood in front of him. Clearly taller than me and physically fitter yet it seemed that there was no will to fight. What was going on?

“Now Jim! You’re not still sulking are you? Mark didn’t know you hadn’t cum yet!”

WHAT??? Looking down I now saw that his crossed legs partly hid what looked to be the remnants of his erection. These two had been at it as I came up the path. No wonder he was pissed! “Look I can come back …”

“Don’t be silly Mark.” She sounded like a chastising mother, “You are here now and you have given up your time to help Jim. He should be being more grateful. Jim!! You apologise to Mark this instant!”

Knock me over with a feather if he didn’t do just that!

“Sorry Mark,” he said as he stood up and offered a hand, “thanks for coming.”

What alternative universe had I just slipped into? I politely shook his rather wet huge paw and immediately wondered how it got wet like that – I think I knew.

“Now that’s better Jim – good.” He seemed cowed and beaten. “Now Mark, it’s obvious we started without you but I’d feel much better if you joined us by being naked. Is that okay with you?”

Again the maternal matter-of-fact manner – how could you argue? She was a prize manipulator. I couldn’t refuse, yet I knew that what she really wanted was to show my cock off to Jim. Thank God old Drainpipe wasn’t here!!

“Uhm … sure,” I replied.

It was a request but not really a request. Kitty pecked me softly on the cheek, “Good let me help you,” and proceeded to undo the buttons of my shirt. I stood as her mannequin while she disrobed me. Jim stood there beside us as she removed my shirt and gave it to him, “Here Jim, put that on the chair neatly please?”

Like a good little boy he meekly completed his task. By the time he returned from across the room, my shoes were off and my pants were loose. When she was kneeling to pull my pants and boxers down, my semi-hardened penis sprang from its confines. Kitty gently stroked it against her cheek, across the warm soft flesh, caressing the engorged head and I felt a wet smear of my instant arousal paint her.

Fairly quickly I was naked and Jim had ferried my clothes to a tidy folded pile on the chair and Kitty had risen from the floor to be standing closely between the two men in the room. The trio of us standing naked resulted in more stirrings of inner desires overcoming my outer terror and nerves.

“Thanks again for helping Mark. We really appreciate you going out of your way like this.” It sounded like I was dropping off and extra delivery of a newspaper, not standing naked about to show this guy how to suck tits – something quite frankly I thought was a natural skill built in at childhood and then practised for fun afterwards!

Where do you want us?” Standing close I could smell her essence and her manner was clearly wanting action.

“I think we’d best use the bed so if you, Kitty, can sit up in the middle, I can show Jim how to approach you, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course Mark.” She turned and hopped up on the bed flashing me her puffy wet nether regions as she crawled away, telling me they had been busy for a while before I got there. She was soon ensconced in the middle of the bed with her back against the bed head, the queen of all she surveyed, Queen Kitty! I certainly felt that was her intention as she manipulated the two men currently in her presence to follow her majesty’s expectations. I wasn’t in the mood for any treason so if the queen wanted it, tonight I’d do my best to give it to her!

“Your comfort is the only thing that matters here; are you comfy?”

“Yes Mark, you may begin,” came the royal decree as she sat back, her arms spread across the head board to keep them out of our way.

“Jim would you mind sitting on Kitty’s other side please?”

He didn’t speak but simply turned and moved and I noticed how his rather small appendage waved in the air as he moved. As I’d said, I’d been in locker rooms and rule one is ‘Don’t stare and compare’. As he walked, even in my own mind I thought it must be hard … and then corrected, it must be difficult to write a love letter if you’ve only got barely four inches worth of pencil.

He sat beside her and I followed suit on the near side of the bed – closest to the door although the feelings of any real threat had almost entirely disappeared.

I suddenly found myself sounding like one of my high school Phys Ed teachers, “Okay Jim, tonight I am going to demonstrate the best method of … ” sounded like a basketball free-throw lesson!

In my mind it was, ‘First get the grip right, a gentle hand on the side and lift it up to your face…’ – concentrate Mark!

“Okay Jim, start by just gently feeling the breast flesh, feel how firm it is – that will tell you how full Kitty’s breast is. See the skin, how it is tight and you can see those lovely blue veins straining and you can clearly see her pulse there on her upper breast. That tells you how much she is enjoying your attention. Now follow my steps as I show you. Cup the lower half of her boob and bring it up a little. Feel the milk-filled weight it has. I can tell you that Kitty is very full and wants you to enjoy drinking the milk she has created for you.”

For the first time there was a reaction as Jim smiled briefly at this thought. “See how just lifting her breast has made a little milk leak out – she wants this for you. Now use your other hand to slowly feel around her nipple and watch as it grows and the areola becomes dimpled like gooseflesh.”

I could feel my own arousal developing and I could smell Kitty’s. I couldn’t see Jim’s but the faraway look in his eyes suggested he was on the same un-Earthly plane with us.

“Now use a little milk to smear her breast so that all around the nipple and areola is wet, this makes it easier to latch on.” I’d nonchalantly done each step as I said it. “Now, when you are ready, bring your mouth down and cover the whole nipple and areola so that you can get your lips nice and wide around her teat and then, when you have contact with your whole mouth, no gaps!, you can suck her into your mouth. Watch and then you try.”

I leaned in and gently raised the prepared teat to my hungry mouth and immediately latched on and drew the nipple into my mouth which was instantly rewarded with a spray of warm motherly nectar. I couldn’t help matching wanton moans with Kitty. I was in rapture but tried to remember the supposed purpose of the visit and looked across to see Jim staring at me as his wife’s nipple disappeared into my inner being. I pulled away. The deeply reddened button had expanded already to a cone shape to fit my mouth.

I coaxed him with, “You try Jim.”

He stared at the swollen tit I’d so briefly sucked, before he hesitantly followed the steps I’d advised and finally reached in to Kitty’s other nipple but pursed his lips like he was kissing his aunt, barely covering the nipple.

“Jim,” I interrupted him as Kitty’s eyes rolled back in frustration, “you know the old saying ‘more than a mouthful is a waste’?” He nodded.

“I’m here to tell you that it just ain’t so pal! More than a mouthful is a challenge! You want to suck that tit so hard it reaches back into your throat. Like Kitty said, think about the baby your sister feeds…” I’d said enough as the twinkle in his eyes showed me a penny had just dropped. He launched himself back into Kitty and half her huge boob disappeared into his mouth and he drank deeply.

“My God Jim it was your sister’s tits you were watching!” came the accusation from Kitty’s mouth as she realised the connection between my comment and his steep learning curve. The accusation was soon replaced by her own deep seated groan of pleasure as he searched her soul for more milk. She glanced over at me and smiled and nodded toward her other teat that gently sprayed milk over us. Soon she was being syphoned even more efficiently than the pumps at work this morning. As the tension in her wondrous globes was released her hand started to patrol my body and soon found my nipple and played. My stiffening organ stretched up for attention but was beaten into second place by my hard nipple and firm brown puckered surrounds. The last of her milk was dripping away as I released her and found Jim beside me, his head in her lap as she played with his nipples too.

“My you boys do like titty play don’t you. But a girl needs more than that to fulfil her needs. Now Jim I think it’s fair that you had a turn before and it should be guests first so I want you to watch for a little while, alright?”

Jim went pale but sat up on the bed and simply didn’t move. “Mark, Jim was sticking my pussy with his dick when you arrived. Would you mind finishing the job please? Just lie down and I will climb on you okay?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening but silently, mindlessly I rolled over onto my back. “Oh my Jim, look at his big thick cock. Isn’t it so much longer and thicker than yours?”

Jim was turning various colours of the rainbow but wasn’t moving except to stare down at my loins. It was good for the ego and that had an impact on my manhood emotionally and physically as I tightened muscles to make him jump. Kitty’s ‘ooh!’ of joy told me the action had been noticed. I had pumped into her long and hard this morning but she was driving the bus this time and I was along for a glorious ride!

“I was thinking that you have been here, what four times and on each occasion we have ended up … well .. um .. doing ‘something’ and you have been the perfect gentleman despite being as horny as some teenager watching a porn movie. I’d like tonight to be different. Do you trust me?” was your rather puzzling comment.

Thinking, ‘Seems an odd question seeing as I am about to be fucked by you while your husband sits and watches us,’ but, okay. “Yes, of course I do.”

“Good, but you let me know if there is something you don’t want to do, okay?”

Again I was puzzled but nodded agreement.

As I nodded she started to climb up and crawl across the big bed. Kitty crawled around toward my feet with her ample boobs swaying beneath her, cat-like, as she surveyed her prey until she turned and paused beside me. Then she knelt up and, with, “I thought this might be more comfortable for both of us,” she threw her long slender leg across my stomach and straddled me. It was almost too much for me as her breasts presented perfectly to my eye level while her hot nether regions had my hard cock nudging at her back door. Briefly I thought I knew what she had in mind – I was wrong! She rocked backward so my shaft could graze up between her cheeks in her crack and then she nestled down and pushed back, bending him against his will so that I could feel the scorching heat and wetness of Kitty’s pussy along the top of my shaft. She grazed back and forth until my length and thickness was engulfed in her slit, her open lips spread across my shaft so that she could ride the ribbed muscle and stroke her clit against my man meat; there was no chance of entry at this angle with this downward pressure making my cock ache against its desire to point upwards or, in fact, to spring up hard against my stomach in its fully aroused state. Kitty took obvious pleasure in controlling this action and was savouring the feel of my wide cock getting the juices from her molten centre spread all over it. She slipped forward along the top of my cock forcing its length back between her cheeks and then back again. Her slightest movement had her hot pussy lips wrapped around the top half of my length, stroking along my cock. No entry was offered as I was pushed down by the slight body with minimal weight but right now I didn’t care.

She leaned forward dragging her full firm boobs across my chest, swaying in circles and managing to maintain contact the whole time, leaving a faint trail of her milk on my body. My now hard cock nestled against her hot and obviously wet loins as she smiled into my eyes. “Now isn’t that better?” I just nodded my agreement.

“I have to tell you Mark, this thing has had me horny as Hell. I’ve had milk going everywhere all day – dribble, dribble, dribble! Thank God you got Jim to suck me so well even if he was thinking about sucking on his sister’s tits when he did it.”

Jim cringed at the accusation but didn’t deny it or, in fact, move or say a word. “But if tonight goes as planned, I may forgive him.”

I was in a trance as she nestled onto me, gyrating her full hips that I could feel were on fire again. Staring at Kitty from below, I could see the fine features of her neck and shoulders that I just wanted to caress and massage as I focused on her bosom swaying across me, her nipples tickling against mine. I was an automaton just following her commands mutely.

“Is your big fat stiff cock stretching against my hot wet cunt lips? How does that feel Mark? “

“Amazing!” was the only word that came to mind and she giggled. All of this was for Jim’s benefit more than mine.

Again the slight gyration of her hips, “Shall we?”

She hefted her mountainous left breast up to my mouth and offered me the empty nipple. I went into my reverie as I took it and was surprised immediately as the succulent flavour of her milk invaded my senses, “Hmmm!” as I realised that for all his effort, Jim still hadn’t emptied her.

“Oh God that feels good Mark! Almost as good as it tastes!” She had been trying it then – not surprising knowing how aroused the whole idea made her.

I sucked gently at first and a slow flow started to fill my mouth and I drank it down. I nestled in to suckle fully and to draw this nectar from her body and into mine. Kitty’s nipple expanded and extended into my mouth and soon I had a suctioning rhythm working at her tit. The molten wetness in my mouth was easily matched by the wetness in my groin as her juices flowed over my cock and down around my tight balls. She was meeting the rhythm with her cunt lips stroking the length of my cock riding along its length as it nestled against her bum cheeks. My hands had initially been resting by my sides until I used one to assist in getting her tit into the right position to suck it in deeply and then allowed it to maintain a contact lightly caressing and massaging her breast as I sucked. But I soon realised that my other hand had moved to her hip and it was steering her movement slightly, subconsciously so that the pressure on my hardened dick was rotated over the length and breadth of my shaft. I was wanking with her body and didn’t even know it.

Kitty’s milk flowed in little streams from the various pores of her nipple, each of those little ducts opening to release her heavenly fluid. My tongue was engulfed in the sweet taste of the thin liquid. I was in a different world. Her consistent cooing mixed with moans of pleasure had me mesmerised. I awoke to the fact that I had emptied her breast. I became cognisant of the warm wetness on my chest that had been dribbling over me during the first part of this encounter – she really was producing quickly. I eased back and the fat red teat slipped from my mouth as she groaned in disappointment at the breaking of contact but she was already steering the other to me and I quickly understood that I was so wet because she hadn’t stopped massaging that firm breast all the while I was sucking her. The knowledge made my cock twitch and a brief, “Ooh” escaped her lips.

I leaned in and immediately had a full and growing nipple in my mouth. My hand on its side told me that she had expressed what little was in her tit but I was soon sucking anyway. I was soon back in my reverie and my hand was full of the warm flesh at the side of her empty boob. Although the flesh had softened, it was her arousal that kept a firm and womanly peak available to be enjoyed, its faint veins straining in the exercise of replenishing the wonderful milk supply.

My hand had now found a parking spot on her hip but was absent-mindedly starting to explore its surroundings. The soft smooth skin of her buttock and over the hip bone to the gently moving torso that massaged my manhood, and across the sensual texture of her back barely feeling the ribs as they swelled with her breathing. It was a deep, contented breathing, not the frenetic panting of our lust this morning. Reminding myself of being buried deep inside her pussy and the amazing orgasm she achieved from that contact only served to arouse me even more, if that were possible, as I again became aware of her moist shaven cunt lips straddling the girth of my cock.

She reached behind my neck to pull my head into her to increase the pressure. Suckling firmly her nipple had elongated to meet my passionate suction and the increased gyration of her hips told me her arousal was also peaking. She was moving faster and becoming louder. I had become almost oblivious to her moans of joy as I realised I was almost drowning them out with my own mewling groans of ecstasy into her breast.

She was resisting my suction, pulling back on her breast but I wasn’t prepared to let it go just yet, leaning forward to prevent losing the hot flesh in my mouth. Suddenly the world changed and I realised that she wasn’t pulling back but up and she plummeted into my groin only now my cock had risen in her movement caressing along her crack and across the rough skin and into the soaking folds of Kitty’s core and then she dropped herself onto the length of my shaft impaling herself on my hardness and sending lightning bolts through my brain. The heat was intense but the silken tight smoothness of those inner walls caressing my cock was pure heaven.

She commenced a much faster rhythm of lifting and dropping into my lap, “Move down the bed,” I heard Kitty rasp, the intensity in her voice making obedience essential. I slumped down from near the headboard and pillows as she steered me without losing our contact on her nipple and she pushed down further with her cunt grasping my meat between her thighs, hungrily eating it into her depths. Now slightly angled across and flat on the bed, this position allowed Kitty to draw up and down the full length of my shaft and also meant her other breast was hanging free beside my face as she held herself up above me. Drawing up and down, she had clearly found a better contact for her clit as she ground her pubic bone into me with the added benefit of the strong contact with the G spot in the hidden upper part of her vulva which gave her maximum pleasure.

I raised my hands to her breasts and, gathering them together I sucked both nipples into my mouth. “Oh My God!!! Harder! Bite them!!”

She allowed me to savage her tits but her thighs became still. She pulled up on me as I drew in her tits. She shifted her weight and drew her legs up on either side of me allowing her thighs to open more and spread her cunt open wide. Instantly the warmth of her fluids drained over my shaft and down through my crack. Suddenly I felt an invasion as her finger joined my cock in her wet and stretched vagina. It slipped in with the ample lubrication and caressed along the underside of my shaft. I halted and she froze as the digit impaled and withdrew. On its third of fourth invasion it occurred to me that Kitty was holding her body weight up allowing me to tear at her teats with an arm stretched either side of my shoulders. On the next inward thrust I felt the warmth of a hairy rough skin caress my balls.

Dawning of realisation! That ‘finger’ was Jim’s cock that he had slipped into Kitty with me. We were both fucking his wife and, as hard as he must be, it felt like something no bigger than an index finger. No wonder she wanted my cock. His balls were firmly slapping against mine and the heat of her cunt was building as she started to rise and fall in time to his thrusts as I remained the stationary centre of this threesome. The extra pitiful cock still increased the tension in Kitty’s cunt and the crowding made the rippling velvet inner folds caress my mushroom head deep inside her. My orgasm was building and Kitty was yelping as I bit into her tits, knowing I would be leaving some bruises as souvenirs of the evening. And then she clamped hard on me as the warmth infused us. Jim had come inside her, and on me, and I could feel his warm sample flooding the already filled space as his pulse pounded against my cock. Kitty clearly had been waiting for this as she yelped, “Cum with me Mark … AHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Her spasms wracked her body and, as Jim slipped away, he left my cock gripped in her velvet glove that played up and down my shaft like a pianist and then her flooding warmth was joined by a hot wet tongue probing our juncture as I exploded knowing that it was Jim’s turn to suck my cum from her soaked folds. He lapped away as Kitty rose up and down a number of times more to ensure that she had managed to mix the two doses of cum with her own juices. I was empty but the warm tongue cleaning my scrotum and gently sucking on my balls kept my shaft at attention as Kitty lazily rode it a little longer.

Gradually I subsided and slipped from her insides as she stretched her legs down along my body to lie atop me. Her gentle gyrations kept me warm and sensuously alive. Jim had disappeared it seemed. I didn’t really care anymore now that the lay of the land was a lot clearer to me. Kitty had whomever she wanted and he just did as he was told. I can’t imagine the telling off he got after I left the other night!

“That was wonderful Mark!” she cooed as she slipped to lie beside me. “I’ve never been so full … and so filled!” she laughed.

“I must say it was a bit of a surprise, but not an unpleasant one,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

“Oh good! I am glad you feel that way. There are a few things I’d like to try if you are willing … and you are such a good teacher!!”

“What sort of things have you got in mind?” I queried.

“Well … in a little while, when you are – erm – up to it, I’d like you to show Jim how you fuck my backdoor so hard,” she explained in so matter-of-fact a manner I hardly noticed her hand gently caressing my thigh and heading towards my soon to be interested cock. Her gently gripping fingers slowly slipped along my oily length, our combined fluids still remnant from our recent fuck. It took a while before I was revitalised into a tumescent tool ready to finish a long delayed job.

Kitty sat up, “Come here Jim. I’ve been trying to get your to spike me with your pitiful little cock in my arsehole but you’ve always known it couldn’t do the job properly. Well Mark has kindly offered to show you how his big fat cock that you just stroked off against fits so tightly inside my other hole. Now find a good spot to watch; stand by the bed. Mark teach him how to do it to me … please.”

I got the pretence of manners to place me ahead of Jim in the pecking order but I was obviously just a tool in his humiliation. Strangely, as I’d never experienced it before, it worked for me feeling that I was sexually superior to a guy who physically could probably break me like a twig if he wanted to except he’d rather be told what to do.

My six inches were hard and straining. I knelt up on the bed, “Kitty, on your knees please and spread wide.” She followed my instruction and was soon arranged in much the same way she was on the first time we did this on the lounge. I felt like I could play the teacher role that Kitty wanted and a quick glance saw she was watching Jim’s face intently.

“Well Jim,” I began firmly, kneeling behind Kitty with my cock swaying gently as its curved length strained to plug her anus, “last time we did this, I just fucked her hard and fast.”

He winced at the words ‘last time’ realising that his wife had lied to him. I felt my power and courage grow with the straining veins on my cock. “But before that, I used a lube so get it out of the bedside drawer and spread a little on my knob and her ring.”

Again it was like a slap to the face, knowing I knew where the lube was kept told him more about his wife’s deception and infidelity, but he complied and opened the tube and squeezed a liberal amount along the top of my shaft and another glob above Kitty’s ring so it dribbled into her crack. I was loving this! “Stroke it around my cock unless you want me to hurt her as I split her in half with this fat shaft!”

I could see her cunt drooling – she was quaking with this scene happening before her. Jim stepped over and tentatively reached forward and, mesmerised as he touched the much bigger example of manhood, slipped his hand around my much broader shaft and wanked it a couple of times slowly to massage the lube across my length. I could see his pitiful pencil was poking at the air, waving desperately for some attention. “That will do. Now watch.”

Using my two hands I spread her cheeks wide to expand the view of her sphincter muscle and using my thumbs I massaged the lube in ever-shrinking circles until I was focused on the lens of her bum. Her tiny muscles clenching at every sensation as I blew gently across the cool lube to make her quake and then, knowing she liked the pleasure/pain I thrust my thumb deep through her backdoor and roughly shoved it to its full depth inside her. “OH MY GOD!!” she yelled as she instantly pushed back.

“See how she pushed back Jim. You can’t be rough enough in this hole – she loves it.” I proceeded to pump into her with that digit and Kitty just oohed and aahed and pushed back, getting louder and louder as Jim watched on.

“Now Jim I am going to stick my fat shaft into her until my balls that you licked clean slap into her wet cunt lips.”

I withdrew my thumb and briefly her muscle showed a little tunnel into her centre. I aimed my cock at her backdoor and plunged in. Again the slippery lube made access easy and yet the burning tightness made her scream into the pillows but once buried in her butt, she started to thrust back and forth to create the friction she desperately wanted.

“See Jim. I could just kneel here and let her wank her back door on my cock until she comes. (Another slap to his ego) And she does come Jim. Screamed the house down last week (Slap again!) Kitty is anally orgasmic if she can feel the cock pumping into her (Slap one more time!).”

I built up a rapid rhythm until I could feel my balls slapping against her open cunt lips and feeling the warmth as they were soaked in her oozing juices. “Oh my God – your balls!!! I love feeling them slap my cunt! Harder please Mark! HARDER!”

I was happy to keep shafting her hard and fast to hear her pleasure as I was enjoying his humiliation but how to make it worse?

“Want to see her cum Jim?”

He meekly nodded – the barest movement of his head. Kitty was pushing hard back into me as I hammered her tight ring. A sharp slap to her arse cheek stopped her movement and it glowed red under the imprint of my hand on her pale bum flesh. “Turn around Kitty but don’t release me. On your back!”

I felt her internal muscles squeeze, clamping my cock deeply inside her as she slowly rotated her hips and slipped one leg across under us and then swinging the other in a wide arc as I leaned down into her. She was now on her back and her legs were raised and spread to open her bum cheeks wider so that I could burrow my shaft deeply into her. I slowly rocked back and forth allowing most of my shaft to escape her insides until the rim of my cock head barely felt the open air just so I could slam it back in and could feel that delightful grip as the helmet’s ridge was grabbed by the elastic band of her ring on re-entry, each time I thrust firmly back into her. Each time as I bottomed out she groaned loudly as I watched her open womanhood seeking stimulation while her jiggling tits roamed across her chest. I started to pump faster avoiding any contact with her clit even though it was stretching out of her vulva begging for attention. I knew she didn’t need it as the burning tightness of her anus was enough to drive her over the top.

“Huh? . . . No, it’s great, Kate” I lied. Actually, the dry crap in my mouth that passed for turkey tasted more like Poodle shit that had been dried in the sun for a few days. After weeks of excuses and runarounds, I had finally been roped into going to Jim’s house for the obligatory, annual Christmas get-together. Unlike everyone else, I wasn’t a permanent employee. I was doing some consulting for the office and consequently spent much time there. I had heard too many horror stories about horribly boring conversations, devil-children, and the infamous ‘Shitty’ turkey to be looking forward to this gathering, and as expected, I would have had a much better time at home.

After two grueling hours, I had filled up on eggnog and was looking for a way out. Not wanting to be the first to leave, I devised a plan: Leave ten minutes after the second person or group leaves. Sounded good enough. After the meal, I lolled around for a bit, sipping my Nog and feeling quite relaxed. I took pleasure in jumping from one conversational circle to another. I have a special way of bullshitting my way through pseudo-conversations and getting quite a thrill out of making fun of everyone else. That’s my specialty.

Creative visualization is also my specialty. For the previous four months, the only pussy I’d gotten was Rosey Palmer and her five sisters, and that was often, very often. Sometimes I’d whack off five times per day just to keep the hard-on down. If I went a few days without snapping my carrots, my pork sword would be in a permanent state of stiffness and my balls would swell to the size of ripe California Plums and hurt like hell. Soon, I became a master at mental masturbation. When I was relaxed enough, I could blow a hefty load without even touching myself! This kept my dick from being raw all of the fucking time and stopped the hair from growing on my palms.

As the eggnog began to affect everyone, the conversation turned from work-blah-blah-blah, to shit that I actually LIKED to talk about: Computers, Music, Travel and other junk. I sat on the sofa and mentally fucked my female co-workers and my male co-workers’ wives. I even porked Jim’s wife from behind. I sighed heavily as I dreamed of dumping a wad of goo in her 45 year old snatch.

Needless to say, by the time my co-worker Virginia and her dorkmeiser husband left, I was a huge ball of horniness. All of my fantasies had been rudely invaded by reality. Now, all I had to do is wait for the next person to leave and in ten more minutes, I could jump in my car and pull my dork all the way home. ( I was a master at that as well. I can pull it in city traffic, or going Mach 1 on the highway. Sometimes my cum makes the steering wheel kinda slippery, but it’s well worth it.)

I watched Virginia walk out the door. Her attributes, or lack of, intrigued me. You see, Virginia is skinny. Very skinny. In fact, sometimes I’d watch her at the office and would compare her to a walking bag of bones. Her breasts were non-existent, and her body was, for lack of a better description, a straight line. No hips, no discernible waistline, and I’m still puzzled by the lack of breasts. When I fantasized about fucking her, I put her knees to her chest and pounded her hard until her back snapped like a twig.

1 Down, 1 Plus 10 minutes to go. I was putting odds on who would leave next. Obviously, it would be Beth. She was hanging all over her ‘roommate’ Keith. For as long as I could remember, she’s been telling everyone that her and Keith share a plutonic relationship and are just friends. I knew she was bullshitting from day one. As far as I know, neither of them have had a date since he moved in, so obviously, he’s getting his heat from somewhere. Beth isn’t that bad looking. If you looked at her from a distance, you could say that she’s beautiful. But once you approach, the lines in her face betray her age, which I guess to be around 35. Still, she has an OK set of hips and handfuls of flesh on her chest that pass as boobs. For some reason, when I thought of fucking her, she was always leaning over, typing something. The squishing sounds of my dong being drowned out by her clanging 90wpm on the computer. Pretty strange, huh?

Gone, I watched her hang on to Keith as they both left. I looked at my watch, rotated the bezel, and waited for the ten minutes to pass.

“What’s the matter . . . time to go?” asked Linda. With me mentally fucking every female in sight, I didn’t even take notice of her sitting in the chair directly in front of me.

“Yeah” I muttered “if I can only remember how to get out of here”. I was expressing a genuine concern. Jim’s neighborhood was, of course, a model of modern suburbia: Every house is identical, the streets are all generically named after trees, Maple, Oak, Pine, etc.

“The trick is to remember the Christmas decorations as you come in.” she replied. For most of the night, or most of the previous months, I had completely ignored Linda. We were complete opposites and when we conflicted in the office, all hell broke loose. She was my major obstacle when it came to ordering a computer system that I thought the office needed and I resented her for it. It would have been genuinely good for the office and the consulting fees to me would have kept me in pizza and porno videos for a good long time. We were both stubborn and pigheaded, but I was rational when it came to arguments and silent in my revenge, so it always appeared as if she was a raving lunatic. She always hated me for being able to argue without raising my voice or getting hysterical. “I don’t know how I’m getting home. I guess I’ll walk.”

“Walk?” I said, not really knowing where she lived. “It’s pretty cold out there. How’d you get here?”

“Beth and Keith, but I guess they wanted to be alone”. Jeesh, I was actually beginning to feel sorry for Linda. As she blabbed on about Christmas this or that, I really began to think about it. Of all of the people in the world, she’s quite possibly the only one that I genuinely do not like. Don’t get me wrong, we’d be civil to each other when necessary, but when we conflicted, run for fucking cover. Which made me wonder why we seemed to be making small talk now. What I said next shocked me:

“Where do you live? I could give you a ride”. I wished that I could pull the words back in my gullet but it was too late. The offer was made. Then there was the awkward silence that seemed to last for hours. I stared her right in the eye and didn’t show any signs of the absolute horror that I felt. Surely the moment she got in my car we would begin to argue. Why couldn’t she call her husband? She WAS married. With three kids in fact. What an asshole I am!

She leaned forward and whispered. “Sure . . . if we can leave right now.” I was looking to detect something in her eyes. Maybe an ulterior motive or some kind of revenge plan, but I saw genuine sincerity, so I quickly gulped down the rest of my Nog and stumbled to get off of the sofa. I wasn’t drunk, but I was a bit ‘affected’. I did my absolute best not to show it. Getting cocked at a client’s house is not exactly a good career move.

As we both said our final good-byes, needless to say, people were more than a bit shocked to see us leaving together and acting quite civil towards each other. Jim, couldn’t pick up his jaw from the floor. I was feeling more than a bit loose, so I wished Merry Christmas and Joyeaux Noel all around and left with Linda. I was right. It was cold, but at least it wasn’t snowing. I love snow to fuck around in, but hate to drive in it. As I fumbled through my pockets for my keys, I looked around and marveled at the Christmas lights and decorations.

“Yeah, they do know how to overdo it, don’t they?” Linda said. For a brief moment, I’d forgotten she was there. “Look at this one over here”. She walked out ahead of me and was admiring a decoration scene, while I was admiring her. She had on an oversized sweater and a pair of simple black jeans, but incredibly, she didn’t have a jacket. She always wore oversized tops. You couldn’t really get a good gander at what her boobs were shaped like because she always wore something big and floppy and pulled at it constantly. The jeans, however, were a complete contrast. They hugged her ass like a second skin, an ass that can only be described as bulbous. Linda wasn’t fat, but I suppose 3 kids would make even Ms. Olympia a bit on the chunky, Rubenesque side. Her last child was born less than a year before. I couldn’t really recall when. I started the consulting job while she was on maternity leave and I guess the process of getting such a big project done with her not there made her a little irritated.

As the Triple X-rated movie reels in my head began to turn, I stopped myself. What was I doing? I hadn’t fantasized about Linda since I really got to know what a bitch she is! It’s not that she wasn’t attractive to me. On the contrary, she had attributes that get my balls churning instantly: She’s a true redhead, she’s got a set of hips that you can hold on to, and she had just had a child. (Pregnant women and new mothers are very sexy. I secretly wished that I could watch her breast-feed her child).

I stepped up beside her finally finding my keys and looked at the house that she was admiring. It was a gaudy masterpiece mixture of the classic nativity scene and the modern Santa Claus theme. There were thousands of lights on the house itself and lining the driveway and walkways as well.

“A bit overdone for my taste.” I said, getting into my car. Being the absolute gentleman that I am, I got in first and cranked it up while she waited. Then I unlocked her door from the inside (What a guy!) “Where to?” I sighed, trying not to sound as lit as I really was.

“The first left then first right will get you onto Pleasant street. I live at 37 Stuart.” ‘Maybe this wont be so bad’ I thought to myself. Stuart is only a few minutes away. Surely we couldn’t come to blows in a short few minutes. As I winded my way towards Pleasant, the silence was absolutely deafening. I wanted to say something, or turn on the radio or something, but most of all, I wanted this long, strange trip to end.

Finally, I turned onto Stuart and spied her house. It looked kind of empty, which made me wonder where her husband and kids where. I stopped the car and didn’t even bother to take it out of gear, then I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. Silence. She wouldn’t say anything, she wouldn’t get out, as far as I knew, she was dead because I couldn’t hear her breathing. Then I turned to look at her. SHE WAS ASLEEP! She was kind of slumped over, her head against the window, a mass of red hair covering her face. I leaned forward to try to obtain some sort of outline of her breasts, but to no avail. It was too dark, and even if it wasn’t, the sweater was too thick and oversized.

I put the Olds in park and shut it off. The sudden engine silence along with the eerie feeling that someone was looking at her woke her from her light slumber. She looked around confused, then opened the door abruptly and got out without saying a word. With that, I started the car, turned on the radio and fished around my glove compartment for some proper tunage. After finding Zeppelin IV and popping it in, I was ready to head out, but Linda wasn’t even to her walkway yet, so I decided to be at least halfway decent and wait to see her through her door safely. As she reached her steps, she dropped her purse, giving me a few more fleeting glimpses of her ass and wide hips as she bent to retrieve it. Instead of walking up her steps, she pivoted and turned around, returning towards me. I looked in the passenger seat as if checking to see if she had left something behind. Nothing. She walked right up to the window on my side and leaned over to speak. I slid the window down to that electronic humming sound that I love so much.

“Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?” She asked feebly. ‘Oh jeesh, what in the world could have entered her mind from the time she got out of my car to the time she dropped her purse?’ I shut the car off in silent reply. I spied the neighborhood and decided that it was safe enough to leave my keys in the ignition and the door unlocked. After all, it was quite dark, quite cold, and quite late. I followed Linda up the walkway wondering if this was a wise decision. We had managed to be civil to each other all night. Why was I pushing my luck? Her house showed no signs of life inside, which surprised me more than a little. The house itself was nothing impressive: Single level, semi-modern petite style. Adequate distance between neighboring dwellings. Good use of landscaping and shrubbery. I calculated it to be worth about $ 90,000 in the current depressed market. As she unlocked her door and went in ahead of me, I tried to recall anything and everything that I’d heard her say, compiling months of conversations, gossip, and innuendo into a nice background file on her: Linda Taylor-31, Husband, Randy-31, Assembly-line worker. Kids – Jessica-10, Jodi-2, and Bobby was less than a year old. Education – Trade school for secretarial skills, no formal post-secondary education. I was prepared for anything she threw at me, or was I?

The house was dark. I was surprised at the pleasant odor emanating from it. For some reason, I assumed that her house smelled like chicken soup or something. She turned on the lights and told me to have a seat. The living room was clean and brightly decorated with bric-a-brac and several figurines here and there. It wasn’t overly impressive, but it did add a spice of decorative class. I admired her for that. She was in the kitchen area, which sounded to be a great distance away from the main living room. Within a few minutes, she returned with a platter containing two huge cups of joe, a bowl of sugar and a container full of what I correctly assumed to be cream.

“Thank you.” I said, as she handed me my coffee. “Randy? Is he here?” I inquired. “I wouldn’t want to wake him up or anything.”

“He’s at work. He’s on the third shift this month.” she said matter of factly. I looked around, thinking of where her kids might be, surely she didn’t leave them here alone while she was out. “They’re at my mothers’” she blurted out, reading my mind. “I didn’t know how late I’d be at Jim’s so I told them to stay the night. They’re OK. She baby-sits them everyday.” Well, that solved a great mystery. She seemed comfortable with it, but I needed a little more reassurance. “It’s OK, I don’t bite” she laughed. “I know we haven’t had the best working relationship, but that’s because we’re both stubborn and we like to get our own way and when that happens, you’re going to have conflicts.”

She made a great deal of sense and from that moment on, I felt much more comfortable. I even took my jacket off as we made fun of people at the office and gossiped endlessly about this ones sex life and that ones husband. We even found that we shared the same taste in music. She popped in a Pink Floyd CD and we jammed out for a while, sipping our java and chatting like old friends. I wasn’t surprised at how close we had gotten on the sofa. We’d inch forward and whisper little gossip tidbits to each other as if others could be listening, until our thighs were rubbing.


The coffee was long gone, and the CD was on its fourth go round, so I decided to head home.

“Can’t believe it’s so late.” I said without looking at my watch. I slid forward on the sofa to maximize the contact between our thighs, hoping to further fuel the fires of my masturbatory fantasies. I placed my hand on the back of the sofa for leverage. Quickly, she placed her hand on my thigh and held it firmly.

“You don’t really have to leave now . . . do you? We were just getting to know one another.” Wild shit started running through my head. Her touch was burning me. My prick went from flaccid and floppy to purple and promising within the span of 1.5 seconds. In response, I slowly slid my hand from the sofa to her face. I caressed her flesh very gently as we both leaned forward blindly. Our lips found each other, slowly and gently at first, then with a passionate yearning.

Our tongues intertwined in the age-old French dance of foreplay. The heat generated by our bodies was almost overwhelming. I found it difficult to breath, but we remained joined, breaking only to kiss her cheek and nose and neck. Her cream colored neck was flawless and without a single wrinkle. As my nose nuzzled the base of her throat, I detected a hot, musky odor: The smell of lust reeking from her every pore. For the first time, I saw this person with whom I had a working relationship, whom before tonight I didn’t like or respect, vulnerable and ready for the pleasures of a deep-plunging cock. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks and almost swooned with the feeling that rode through my entire body.

Wordlessly, I reached out and began to fondle one rounded knee, letting my hand revel in the feel of the tight denim covering the flesh just under the surface. Then I ran my hand up the trembling flesh of her inner thigh, hesitating at the apex of her jeans to diddle my fingers at the crossroads of her seams. Linda shuddered at my touch. She was so soft, so incredibly soft.

We moaned in unison, our tongues vibrating against one another. She offered no resistance as I slid my hand from her crotch slowly up the bulging flesh of her belly and on to her right breast. I waited for an objection, but there was none. ‘Surely I latched onto the wrong thing’ I immediately thought to myself. The object that I held in my hand could not have possible been Linda’s boob. It was huge and jug-like, and very soft to the touch. It was very hard to tell through the thickness of her sweater. Again, she read my mind. She pulled back and we momentarily broke from our embrace. Her face was flushed and the sweat had beaded on her forehead as I’m sure it had done on mine. Without saying a word she pulled the sweater over her head. I had my first view of her bra and tits. The bra was pale blue and silky in texture. It barely held the twin masses of white flesh that sprung from her chest. Her belly was a joyous collection of fleshy rolls that longed to be tongued. It was so smooth, so white, so silky that it was almost unbelievable.

I reached out to embrace her, reached upward, behind her back, and undid the catch of her brassiere and pulled it away, passing the loops along her arms and out over her hands. Her tits were incredible. As she wavered on the sofa, it seemed that they had lives of their own and did not belong to the rest of her body. Widely separated, they hung from her chest in sloping, curving flesh that reached a crescendo in two huge reddish nipples, each surrounded by big pink coronas. They were perfectly formed bitch udders, made for seeing, handling, and sucking. My mouth watered just from looking at them.

She reached forward and pulled my shirt and T-shirt over my head, her fingers lingering on my hairless chest, tentatively at first, then more boldly. Her fingers caressing my shoulders, then my nipples. Her touch was electrifying. I grabbed her gently by the arm and leaned back, pulling her towards me, on top of me. I hugged her tightly, seeking her lips with my own. Her body was completely on top of mine. Her chest pressed into me, the moistness forming between us. She silently slid her hand between us and cupped my cock and balls through my slacks. I whimpered slightly at her touch, her hand outlining my dong, squeezing it, measuring it. I felt the puddles of sweat that had quickly formed between us. I reached to fondle her breast and was more surprised at the amount of sweat that she had on her. I broke our embrace to look down between us. What the?!?!? It wasn’t sweat at all: It was MILK, BREAST MILK!

“I’m so sorry . . . ” Linda said apologetically. “I breast-feed Bobby pretty regularly.” My cock nearly exploded with the revelation. I couldn’t believe it. I squeezed her boob and watched in awe as the pearly white substance squirted from around her nipple and splashed upon my chest. One of my lifelong fantasies was about to come true. I grabbed her by her wide hips and slid her upwards so that her breasts were directly above my face. I slid one hot nipple into my mouth and then the other, alternating breasts. My dick strained unbelievably against my trousers, but he would definitely have to wait. I wrapped both hands around her right boob and opened my mouth to await the fountains of mother’s milk that were sure to come. I squeezed, gently at first, then harder and more forcefully. The milk squirted into my mouth and slid down my throat in an ecstasy of sweet tasting nectar that was absolutely indescribable. I sucked and suckled like a little baby, taking my time to enjoy the sweetness. I was so wrapped up in my own milky desires, that I was completely unaware that Linda was quaking and shuddering her way through her first orgasm. She let out a small shriek and collapsed on top of me, my mouth maintaining its’ gentle suction.

After drinking my fill from both of her generous jugs, I made a decision. On this night, I will give this woman THE BEST fuck session that she has ever had or will ever have in her entire lifetime. This would be in repayment for offering me her sweet treats.

Without hesitating, I reached between us and unsnapped her jeans. I felt her gutflesh give way and overflow, breaking free from their tight, denim prison. I tried to peel them down over her hips and ass, but to no avail. I was going to need help with this one. She got to her feet and unzipped the jeans completely. As she bent over to pull them down, her breasts hung from her chest like to twin beehives swinging in the warm summer breeze. I reached out to touch them for a brief moment. They felt smooth under my fingers. When Linda stood upright, I could see . . . HEAVEN! Her crotch was a mass of red cunt hair! Long, stringy strands of pubes escaped her panties and poked freely into the air. Her panties were a match set to her bra and were soaked through. This added to the wonderful view I was getting of her fiery forest. She pulled down her panties and stepped out of them in one motion and stood completely naked before me. What glorious flesh! Unmarred, and creamy looking.

“How do I look?” she asked meekly.

“Good enough to eat.” I replied. To prove it, I grabbed her leg and swung it over my head so that her right leg was on the floor and her left was on the side of my head. I slowly kissed her inner thigh and was intrigued at the suspended smooth flesh. She leaned forward, hanging her breasts over the edge of the sofa. At first, it was difficult to breathe, but I inched down on the sofa and found a sweet spot. I darted my tongue out and licked at her entire dense red bush. The smell was incredible: A mixture of breast milk, sweat, cunt juice, and lust, lots and lots of lust.

I traced my tongue along her thick cuntlips, occasionally stopping at her protruding clitoris and sucking it like a nipple. This slow tease made Linda mad with humplust. She began to grind her pussy into my face in search of release. I eased my middle finger into her pussy up to the first knuckle, no more than an inch, and began to slide it up and down. Linda wanted it in her. She slid back in hopes of impaling herself on my finger but I didn’t allow her. I was going to make this one last and make it count.

Just when she was on the verge of begging for an orgasmic release, I pushed her over the edge. I shoved two fingers into her sopping wet cunny and simultaneously munched on her swollen clit until she screamed in a double clitoral/vaginal orgasm that shook the entire sofa, and maybe the entire house. Her juices shot out of her quim, sprayed my hand and splashed upon my chin and throat. I sucked as much of the honeysweet liquor as I could, lapping her entire crotch like a dog.

We were both motionless for the next two or three minutes. Catching our breath and returning to the realities of the normal world. I lovingly caressed her asscheeks and her hips. I couldn’t get enough of her smooth flesh and her gentle bulges.

She got off of me and stood up in one fluid motion, taking my hand and standing me up. She pulled me close and grasped my asscheeks as our lips met. Linda was as tall as I was, so our alignment was no problem. I grabbed her fleshy cheeks and ground her mound into my crotch. She breathed heavily into my shoulder as she hungrily humped the lump in my pants, rubbing her clit across the raised seam. Her actions became more frantic as she balanced herself on one leg and hooked the other around my ass to increase the friction on her pussy. I held on to her as she squirmed, twisted and turned her way through another quivering orgasm. She muffled her squeaks in my chest and nearly collapsed in my arms.

She held her head against my shoulder and caressed my arms as we stood and embraced like lovers. She gently took my hand and led me away from the sofa, and down a long hallway. As she trotted ahead of me, I could really get an excellent look at her body. A flawless picture of creamy white flesh that looks as if it were made to be tongued by me and me alone. We walked past what I believed to be the kitchen and then a bathroom and some closed doors that I assumed were her kids rooms. At the end of the hall, she opened the door and beckoned me in.

When the door closed behind us and we were enveloped by the warm semi-darkness of her bedroom, we remained silent. She stood before me, her hands exploring my chest and shoulders. I was breathing hard and fast. She unsnapped my pants, and slid them down to my ankles. As I stepped out of them, she cooed at the sight of my dong poking through my boxer shorts. Swaying rigidly like an untiring soldier. She pulled down my boxers and lightly gripped my rod, pulling me gently towards the medium sized bed.

She turned on a small lamp beside the bed and sat down, pulling me closer. As I stood in front of her, she looked like I had never seen her before: Vulnerable and in need of affection. I ran my fingers through her long red hair and softly touched her cheek. She leaned forward and nuzzled my pubic hairs with her nose, my cock rubbing her cheek and poking her hair. She flicked her tongue and licked the base of my cock. I trembled at the immense pleasure she was giving me. Then, in one motion, she slid my entire cock in her mouth and started a combination of sucking and humming that was driving me absolutely insane. She repeatedly slid my thick cock into her gasping mouth, sliding it between the compressing, soft lips. Her cheeks filled and emptied like bellows, and her entire upper body swayed in unison with her sucking movements. With every stroke her big tits swayed and bobbed like fleshy pendulums, the taut pink nipples sticking out like fingertips. I could feel my cockhead lodge into the back of her throat. After a few minutes of this intense pleasure, I could feel the dam begin to weaken as my balls began to churn. Linda reached up and began to twist my nipple with one hand and massage my nuts with the other. I couldn’t hold off any longer. The dam broke and I came with an animal groan, filling Linda’s mouth with gobs of hot spunk. As the cum surged out of me, Linda’s mouth sucked harder. I could hear her gulp and swallow squirts of my hot, sticky cream.

For the next 20 seconds I continued to cum in her mouth, as if I has stored up semen for months. She never gave up sucking for an instant; She was intent on getting every last drop of sticky moisture out of my dork. Sperm began to dribble from the side of her mouth and run in a slow stream down her chin, several large drops settling onto her boobs. She let my dick vacate her moist mouth and lifted her heavy hanging boob and licked the jizm off of it.

Exhausted, I crawled in bed behind her and completely stretched out. The cool bedspreads against my back and ass felt wonderful. Linda maneuvered herself at the foot of the bed and slowly worked her way upward, licking and nibbling at my knees, thighs and around my crotch. My cock immediately stood at attention, the meat quickly lengthening itself and unintentionally poking Linda in the eye. She very lovingly took it in her hand and studied it carefully. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feeling she was sending through me. She squeezed it, licked it, slapped it against her cheek. She fondled the balls through their sac and then kissed them. She took one nut into her mouth and hummed loudly, sending electric shocks through my entire body. She inched upwards, kissing my stomach, chest and then lingered as our lips met briefly. She raised up and positioned herself over my stiff prick, her juicy snatch perfectly aligned. She lowered herself slowly and carefully, feeling me fill her every nook and cranny. The slick silky feeling of her cunt walls was incredible. They seemed to be milking me without her moving at all. She was still for a moment, getting used to me being inside her. Then she raised up and eased back down with a gasp, then again, then again.

Within minutes she was rhythmically riding me like a jockey, bouncing up and down furiously, occasionally stopping to grind her clit into my crotch. I was doing my best to hold back, thinking about sports, current political events, checking off my Christmas list, anything but the wonderfully smooth cunt that was beckoning me or the incredible woman that was giving me such immense pleasure. As her riding became more violent, she placed her hands on my chest for leverage, her jugs bouncing up and down, begging to be held. I reached out with both hands and grabbed them, kneading them like big mounds of dough. Milk sprayed out and misted over my chest and face. I held my mouth open and licked openly like a thirsty man in the rain. I pulled her breasts down to me and began to suck, drinking in more mother’s milk. Linda’s gasps turned into yelps, sounding more like a small puppy barking. Her sounds nearly drowning out the squelching sounds that my dick made in her sloppy pussy.

“Oh god!” she screamed, slamming down on me in one big movement, her body wracked my a huge orgasm that shook the bed. Her fluids seeped out around my dick and down over my balls and onto the bedspread beneath me. She came down on top of me, her moist nipples pushing into my stomach. Her body still quivering and shaking uncontrollably.

I held onto her and slowly rolled over on top of her, keeping us joined. I slowly started rotating my hips and working my dick in, around and out of her hole. She began to respond immediately. Her breathing quickened and she held on to me for dear life. I placed my hands behind her legs and pushed her knees to her chest. I was surprised at how flexible she was: She was able to place her knees on the outside of each of her shoulders. The result was an expanse of exposed thigh and crotchflesh that was made to hold me. I held my weight on my hands and began to take long strokes into her hot box, making sure to grind as I bottomed out inside her. Then I started slamming myself into her, thumping into the back of her cunt, our bodies making rude slapping sounds as they collided together. Linda started panting and digging her fingers into my arms.

“Ohhhhh Yesssssss!” She hissed, her cunt opening and closing around my cock. The tears from her closed eyes streaked down her face. She was frantically gasping for air as another orgasm overcame her. Her titties wobbled and shook like a ‘cream Jello’ mold, and her snatch clamped shut on my dick. I held onto her as she trembled and silently cried.

I wiped her tears away and withdrew my stiff dick from her, turning her over for some more action. She was ready for anything and I was willing to give it. She was on her hands and knees and I was kneeling behind her, my staff pointed at her red bush. I pushed into her and without hesitation, began to hump her like a dog. My ass muscles flexed and pumped like a finely oiled piece of machinery. After a few minutes of this, I grabbed two handfuls of flesh at Linda’s hips and began to pull her back onto me, her fleshy hips and ass jiggling and wiggling at each thrust.

Not knowing how she’d react, I slowly and cautiously slipped a thumb into her hairy asshole and began to twist it. She bucked like a wild stallion and was overcome by the feelings of double penetration that swept through her. Then I slid the other thumb in, twisting both simultaneously. I continued to thump into her pussy and flapped my rotating hands like the wings of a butterfly. Her asshole was tight, too tight, I thought, for what I had in mind, but I was determined to give it a try anyway.

I slowly slid out her cooz and lined my cock up to her asshole. I replaced my thumbs with my slippery dickhead and slowly began to push inward. Linda froze, I assumed that this was her introduction to backdoor lovin’ so I decided to make it as pleasant for her as possible. After I had worked my way up to my base in her ass, I reached under and began to tickle her clit. Linda began to respond by rhythmically sliding herself onto and off of my impaled cock. After several minutes of slow, calculated movements, Linda’s ass was accustomed to the intruder within it. I began to ride my roller coaster to the top of the hill as I slid in and out of that incredibly tight, virgin asshole. I pushed Linda flat onto the bed and continued to ream her from above, forcing her blubbery cheeks apart with my dong. The feeling was fucking incredible. The smell that had developed was a mixture of humplust, pussy, and shit that only heightened the pleasure that I was giving and getting.

Linda was whimpering into to bedspread as I repeatedly came crashing down on top of her, my pubes scratching her asscheeks and our bodies making slurping suction and slapping noises. I looked between us and saw my shit-covered cock in the dim light. The brown liquid seeped out of Linda’s ass and down her pussy lips. My roller coaster was very close to the top as I slammed down onto her, violently shaking the bed, my dick being squeezed by her shitty ass. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I bit hard into Linda’s shoulder as my cockjuice spurted from me into her willing ass. It was without a doubt, one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had in my entire life. Linda came as well, her musky juice spraying out of her and across my ballsac. Her ass convulsively nipping at the base of my spent prick.

I remained on top of her, licking the sore spot were I had bitten her, regaining my strength for possibly another go round. Linda had different ideas. She rolled from beneath me and stepped into an adjacent bathroom. She began to clean herself, wiping the cum from her face, cleaning the shit from her pussy and ass. Then I looked at my own area. I needed a good cleaning as well. My semi-erect cock was covered with shit and cum. I got off of the bed and went into the bathroom. The slime on my cock dripped as it swayed at half-mast. The bathroom was a pink and baby blue paradise, complete with a bidet, and a very wide freestanding tub/shower. This is where I went. I blasted the warm water across my entire body and was really impressed at the size of the tub. It rivaled the size of the bed! I lay down in the tub, the water rained downed upon me as I enjoyed the feeling. Linda walked over to me with a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

“What’s wrong baby?” I said, taking her hand.

“I have to go to the bathroom” She replied, glancing over at the toilet. I laughed out loud and pulled her to me. She stepped into the tub as I reached and shut the water off with my toes. Her feet were on either side of me, her moist, red bush directly over my stomach. Smiling at her, I reached and began to caress her puffy cuntlips, sliding one then two then three fingers into her sweet honeypot. She shivered at my touch. Then my pinky slid in. I began to handfuck her, shoving my entire hand up to the knuckles in her sopping wet pussy, using my thumb to massage her thick swollen clit. Then I began to rotate my hand, causing a strained expression to appear on Linda’s face.

“Please . . . oooohhhhh . . . I have to peeeeeee” she pleaded. Come to think of it, I had to let go myself.

“Go ahead.” I commanded. “Piss on meeeeeee” . I halted my fist action and waited. The expression on her face remain strained as she eased her insides and relaxed herself enough to release. Then her expression changed to one of extreme pleasure. The sticky liquid began to seep out of her, slowly at first, then in a steady stream. The warm piss squirted around my inserted hand and ran down my arm as I started to pump in and out of her with my fist. Her cunt gripped my hand as I pumped and wriggled my fingers inside her. She was quickly close to cumming again and I knew it. I pushed my entire hand into her dripping pussy, her cuntlips gripping my wrist as I opened and closed my hand like a flower. Linda shuddered and came, squirting a mix of cum and pee around my wrist. As she rotated her hips in unison with my thrusts, she let out a small fart that left her asshole, and wormed its way out of her chubby buttcheeks. In response, I squeezed one off myself. A big, noisy, smelly concoction of tuna fish, and fruit salad. Kind of surprised, she squeezed out another one, this one larger and smellier than mine. It had kind of a ham n’ egg whiff with a touch of onions and green peppers.

During our fartfest, a surprised look came over Linda’s face. She looked down at me.

“I really have to go to the BATHROOM this time.” She said, holding up two fingers. I pulled my fist out of her twitching snatch with an audible plop, the juice and pee covering my hand like slime. I walked my fingers between her thighs and quickly slid my middle up her ass, feeling the creamy damn that had built up behind her sphincter. I massaged the wall of shit with my finger, poking it and prodding it. Without any warning at all, she started shitting in my hand, the creamy substance oozing out around my finger. Mortified, I tried to catch the poop in my hands, but once I smelled the odor that filled the bathroom, my cock began to rise and I didn’t care. Linda squatted and began to eagerly shit and fart on my stomach. The shit laid on me in a heap of light creamy brown goo with bits of peanuts and corn mixed in generously. I rubbed the shit into my chest and smeared it all over me and her, rolling the peanuts against her thighs. I pushed Linda back, easing her shit-filled hole over my now fully erect dick. I hunched upwards, shoving my cock through the creamy barrier. Just thinking about the sinful, filthy pleasures was enough to put me on the edge.

Linda rocked swiftly back and forth, rubbing her shit into her stomach and breasts, occasionally squeezing them and staring at the milk that dribbled out. Her wobbly buttcheeks slapping against my haunches, shit and puddles of breast milk slapping and squishing between us. The smell and the sight were much too much for me to handle. My balls began a slow bubble, that intensified with each stroke into that hot, shitty ass. With one final lurch upward and a loud throaty scream, my balls emptied, spraying the insides of her anal cavity with sticky wads of sperm-infested goo. Linda continued rubbing the shit and milk into her breasts, trembling as the warm cum splattered against her insides.

We remained silent for a moment, not moving. My cock slowly shrinking in her still throbbing ass. As my cock got smaller, I could feel the floodgates opening in my bladder. Uncontrollably, my own hot piss began to flow, gushing against Linda’s insides. Linda throbbed once she realized what was happening. I pulled my dork out of her ass and watched my twitching dong sway back and forth, the yellow stream of piss cascading upwards, arching, and then splashing down onto both of us like some magnificent Roman water fountain. It was glorious, a perfect ending to a night of naughty, adulterous games.

We were both very exhausted, and very filthy. As Linda squeezed the remainder of the piss/shit/cum mixture out of her ass, I caressed her hair with one of my big toes and slyly flipped the water with the other. The warm water against us felt incredibly good, washing away all of the filth and sweat. We stood up and washed each other lovingly, occasionally stopping to kiss or fondle one another, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies. I took good care in cleaning Linda’s asshole and snatch, stopping only to insert a finger or two to keep her honest. We also cleaned each others fingernails, making sure that no shit remained.

She dried me off as I walked back down the hallway, picking up my clothes along the way. The house no longer smelled like flowers, it reeked of sex. We stepped into the living room, pausing, listening. The CD was still playing! We giggled and she went to turn it off. I stood up straight, fully dressed and looked around, making sure that there was no sign of me there. I silently pointed to my coffee cup that was on the table. She quickly picked up both cups and headed back for the kitchen, her ass jiggling as she jogged. She returned quickly. I was in the doorway, checking outside. I turned and held my arms out to her, embracing her, letting our tongues dance and strain against one another. My hands gripping her fleshy ass and pulling her to me. We broke away reluctantly, looking at each other as lovers, and not as enemies or adversaries. We stayed silent and smiled as I turned and walked towards my car.

Interracial, lesbian, oral, anal, pregnancy, lactation, and lots of love. Oh, and a cheating white wife.

Did I mention sex, gratuitous sex not needed for plot development or anything else but just to write about fucking. I have a non sex version of this but hell this is a porn site so you get the sex one.


He’ll do. I think so too.

I had just come home from work to the welcoming arms of my loving wife, Rickie. She was hot and I felt almost honored to have married her. She was blond and five foot seven, double D tits, a small waist, a tight nice big, but not too big, ass and string for a bikini when she wore one. Lucky me!

We had been married all of three months. We had met at a party I was invited to and there she was. I was in love from that first moment. Every guy wanted her but she left with me. We spent three days in bed, a few hours on a plane, and presto we were married by Elvis in Vegas, just like she wanted. Another five days in bed and home we came. She fucked me raw and I wanted more.

I know it is crazy but she was my first. I was sort of shy around women but she wasn’t shy at all. Still I was not shy around anyone else, just women I did not know and those that I did know I was ok around them, just not very interested. Hell I was almost twenty three and a virgin so that has to tell you something.

I had served in the Army but not in a combat unit, but that was about all. I got a degree in the military and when my time was up I just moved on. I had military in the family so going in young was the right thing to do.

It’s not that I did not want a woman but I had these ideas about true love and my one and only and well, I should have fucked everything with a pussy that would let me but I didn’t; but eventually I did get fucked, good and fucked.

Now I had a great job as an engineer working on computer to hardware interfaces. It was fun and best of all I could do a lot of it by telecommuting if I had to, but I usually went into the office daily. I was working hard and was up for a partnership. Not more money but a partnership, a percentage of the business.

When people think telecommuting they think you get to always be home but what it really means is that you are always at work. You know what they say about the DOD, they don’t sleep so you can.

I loved to interface with the manufacturing egg heads in our other locations. It was not unusual that we would Skype and discuss a number of ideas to solve a number of design and manufacturing problems. We had offices in France, Italy, and China. I was lucky because I spoke French, and Italian and the Chinese spoke English and French. Sadly I did not also speak Chinese. It also made for some crazy hours and even crazier discussions when we bounced ideas back and forth. I usually saved them for later review as the rest of them did. We did not want to end up like NASA on that Mars space mission when people were talking numbers and some meant metric and others meant feet and inches. That was a big failure and kept us conscious of what we said and the need for review. I bet you can guess where this is going? Ok, you get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Most of the work was done at the office where we could work on the hardware itself but not everything. We usually had the hardware sent to us to work on it. The “us” I was talking about could mean any of us anywhere in the world. One location would get the hardware and the rest of us would work on it too.

You heard that shit about it takes a village? Well it takes a hell of a lot more than that; it takes a fucking satellite in a geosynchronous orbit with dedicated access and one hell of a protected communications protocol. You think countries have a lot invested in spying? You have not seen shit until you deal with multi national corporations involved in spying. And the poorer the country the more aggressive they are. The corporations of foreign nations consider themselves extension of those nations and win at any costs, including theft, is acceptable to them.

I had invested quite a bit of money in computer systems that I put into the house just so I could work when I wanted. The time zones were different for us all so at times we needed to interface with those far away and this is how we did it. You did not drive into the office for these meetings, you did them from a secure location that you set up and paid for yourself. That was why some worked only in the office and others, like me, invested the bucks and were on their way to a partnership.

We did the interface work as contractors for different companies and we all worked together from all over the world.

My wife and I had not decided where to buy yet, but we were looking. My wife wanted children and so did I. I just could not wait to see that little body of hers full of life that I put there. Anyway Rickie did not work and at twenty five I wanted her close by so that we could work on that baby. She was about two years older than me and she said her biological clock was ticking.

After one of the many early morning Skype sessions I left the recording system on that I used to interface with other geeks and it recorded everything just as it would have if I was there walking around the house and talking about designs and ideas with other engineers and geeks. The system heard and made a video of everything.

Rickie was trying to get pregnant, and she was trying real hard. The problem is that she was trying with five or six guys at a time and I was not one of them. I had come home and found everything was normal until I watched the video. I did not know what to do so I did nothing; I just kept recording and listening. Except now it was left on intentionally and I even added a few more cameras and audio input devices.

The sex had not fallen off those three months, nothing had changed at all. I was just floored by what she was doing. I faked a number of illnesses and injuries. At first she appeared to be concerned with the lack of sex from me but then she did not even mention it, she was getting enough, if there was ever enough for her.

In thirty days, thirty days that I went without sex after finally having gotten used to it and loving it, she did more than just the same six guys, she had a fucking stable. I went to work and she called them and they came over. She was gangbanged from twenty minutes after I left until thirty minutes before I got home. There were never less than three guys with her and usually three in waiting for their shift to start.

A good number of the men were neighbors so they saw me leave and “filled the void” as soon as possible.

She wore them out and then got more to come in. She was the local gangbang queen. I did not have a fucking clue. She was always hot for me, or so I thought.

While my work day was usually nine or ten hours when I went to the office, I made them at least twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Some days I stayed at work for forty-eight hours straight; anything to stay away from her. I always made sure she knew that I was going to have a long day so she had lots of time to get fucked.

I have no idea how many cream pies or sloppy – - what is the term for being the seventh – - hell I have no idea but she usually did them in groups of six, I had but it stopped when I found out what she was doing. A few times she did more than two different groups. If I was out of town, which I made sure I was as much as possible, she had them fucking her twenty-four seven. I don’t even know if she knew their names. I knew them because I made it my mission to find out. I kept a list.

She talked about what a wimp I was and how bad in the sack I was and how she never got off with me. She told them I had a small cock, I don’t, and that I did not know shit about how to use what little I had. She humiliated me to them and they responded in kind. I was devastated. She intended to get pregnant and have me raise some stranger’s kid and be a real cuckold.

No, I did not know how to fuck, she was my first, but I was more than willing to learn. It looked like she could teach tricks to a whore. She married me for my job, my money and my future. I was her meal ticket. If she could keep me happy for five years she would be set for life.

She really loved me. She loved that I worked hard; she loved that she did not have to work; she loved that she would be able to fuck anyone anytime; she loved that I would raise and support her bastards. She was careful about one thing, she did not do blacks. Oh she would suck them off and let them have her ass but never her pussy. She said she could not afford a black baby – - yet.

She was nothing but a whore. I even saw her get money from some of them; others got the ride for free. If they were five foot ten and white with brown hair and brown eyes, she did not care. Since I looked that way she wanted one of them to knock her up so I would not catch on. On the thirty first day following my discovery, after thirty days of video, I filed for divorce.

I moved out; there was nothing much that we had together. I cancelled the lease, at least as far as I was concerned, and even paid it up until the end of the term. I just left. That same day, because she was out ‘with friends” I got all my things out and had my process server waiting inside when she got home. I had two process servers there, both women. They served her with a divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

I closed every credit card and the bank accounts because it was all my money anyway. I took her off the life insurance but left her on the health insurance, because the attorney told me to do that in case I got stuck with medical bills.

She fought the divorce and claimed she was pregnant; I already knew that she was. I had it on video where she told a group that one of them was going to be a daddy, so all six of them fucked her for hours and had six more show up because she wore the first six out. She really loved gangbangs.

She was going to tell me that we had sex late at night and that it was mine. I had not had sex with her at all so it was not my kid. It slowed down the divorce because she was pregnant.

I knew it was not mine because I had video and audio in the bedroom and I never had sex with her anywhere in the house, much less in the bedroom in the middle of the night. I never used any of the video. I never even told her I had it.

She went nuts when I served her and I never told her why.

“It’s over!” is all I said.

She got a court order and I had to pay support until the baby was born but the DNA showed I was not daddy. I could have used the video but the court would still have made me pay since I was married to her and I “could” have been the father. After the DNA came back I changed the grounds to adultery and on that note I officially ended my happy life as a married man.

I still had thirty days of video of her fucking for more than eight hours a day, but I never used them. The bitch never quit fucking or sucking. Every hole she had was filled as often as possible. Shit, who can fuck that much? Is it even possible not to injure yourself to have that much slick cock inside of you? Other than the first time I looked to make sure I had them working I never looked at them again. I was going to use the one about wanting to get pregnant and then the gangbang when she found out she was pregnant but I never did. I honestly don’t know why I kept them but I kept them hidden away gathering dust on a hard drive and also on a digital memory device. Maybe one day I would need them so I put power through them once a month, just to keep the operational.

I still have no idea what the fuck was going on in her head, no clue at all.

There were so many nasty things I could have done but I did none of them. I must be a wimp because I did not do shit but get out. And I got out cheap. There was no half of this or that and no alimony and no child support either.

Later she would become a world renowned philanthropist but that was way down the road. Right now she was just someone I did not want to know.

So when it was over, I just left town. I was now just short of twenty-four, making good money and divorced and in deep shit when it came to women.

I found this great place to live; it was in a pool house. I know what you are thinking but you would be wrong. This pool house was on a hill overlooking a large estate, which it was, at one time, a part thereof. It had three bedrooms, a gym and sauna, Jacuzzi, and yes an Olympic size pool. It also had rooms for an office, which I made great use of. It was the biggest pool house I have ever seen although I think the one at Hurst Castle is bigger.

I was still working for the same company, I just moved to California with them. Their offices were now in Nevada but California was perfect for me as I had a view of the ocean and everything. Damn I love telecommuting, especially when I loved alone. For two days a week I went to Nevada but I did not have to, I just did it to be nice and to show the state of California that I worked in Nevada.

Very rich people have wonderful toys and this pool house was a very rich man’s toy. He was a dot com multi gazillionaire but went to shit when the market took a dump. Many of his properties were broken up and sold off. This estate was one of the last to go and it was in bankruptcy for over a decade. Evidently they let high-ranking government officials stay at the place and no one wanted to let it go but eventually they had to. Sort of like the “Chicken Ranch” a whorehouse in Nevada, which the U.S. Government owned and ran via a bankruptcy proceeding and receivership.

I don’t have a lot of land but I do have a pool and all of the great amenities and my neighbors can’t see me up the hill to look into my home. Me, I can still watch the sunset over the blue Pacific and any of the shit my few neighbors get into. I have to tell you that government officials playing with the public funds sure do get into a lot of shit.

My life has not changed much except I don’t have any sex or a woman. I stayed away from them until the divorce was final and just never got started again. I work and that is all I ever do.

I was one fucking horny dude, geek, what ever you want to call me. I swam twice a day, 100 laps each time in an Olympic size pool, which is a little over three miles and the water was always perfect. Then I walked at least thirteen thousand steps at 30 inches a step, which is a little over six miles. Lastly I went for a jog for an hour or so which gave me another five or so miles.

I had to do something will all that energy that I was not fucking my way through. Actually, it was the way I thought about problems too; and that is what I did, I solved problems.

I talked on the phone when I walked and discussed ideas with the other geeks and engineers. It worked for me, well partially.

I had been there for three years without anyone around to disturb when and then I got new neighbors. It was two men, two very large men and two twins, female twins. Actually two twins would be four but you know what I mean; a set of twins.

They came up the hill to introduce themselves to me. The biggest man must have been six foot eight and close to three hundred pounds and as black as you can get and not be a lump of coal. He was huge. He was sort of a Shaquille O’Neal size man. He shook my hand and told me,

“My name is Ronald, Ronald Franklin.”

His hand looked like a black Virginia ham it was that huge. When he closed his hand it looked like he ate mine; all you could see was my forearm and the rest disappeared into that black ham.

I had to laugh. “My name is Delano, Delano Franklin.” I told them.

Just then the two women spoke up. They were both black, thin, and had small bubble butts and maybe “A” cup breasts at the right time of the month. They looked like Grace Jones the model from Conan and James Bond fame, but shorter by more than a half a foot. They were wearing white shorts that hugged them tight and I was noticing how great those long black legs looked and I was damn happy that they could not see me get hard looking at them. They were also wearing matching ribbed coral tank tops and I was sure there was not a bra under them. You could see the outline of their black nipples that just puffed out from that ribbed top. They were very fit and athletic looking.

They were five foot two and with a full head of the most delicious long black curly hair that just cascaded down their backs and sort of over their breasts too. They had full lips and those exotic eyes that reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. They had beautiful smiles that graced slightly oval faces that I noticed as they reached out to shake my hand.

I never had a thing for black women but I did now, that is for sure. They lit a fire in me that was just going to burn hotter and hotter.

Their fingers were long and delicate with nails that were not too long but long enough to leave marks on your back, if you were lucky.

When we touched it was like an electric shock you get when you walk across a wool rug and touch someone. Well there was no rug but there sure as hell was a shock. I don’t know if they felt it but I sure as hell did.

“My name is Deanna Franklin,” Deanna said. “Everybody calls me De.”

“My name is Dianna,” Dianna said.

“Let me guess, they call you Di?” I said.

“Not even close. When people think of Di they think of that Princess so no, no one calls me Di. They call me DD.” Dianna said.

The other man, damn near as big as Ronald said, “I’m Mike.”

“Can I get you something to drink?” I asked.

“Sure dog; I can live large on your action.” Mike said.

Now this is pretty funny as Mike is big and as white as they come. The man is almost an albino and he is trying to rap black for us.

“Could we please have some ice tea, if you have it?” Dianna or Deanna asked. I was not sure which.

“I don’t have any but I can make some for you, fresh too.” I said. “I have one of those brewing machines that will pump it out in just a few minutes and then this trick cooling device. I can even make it passion fruit ice tea or just about anything. Got some beer for you guys or maybe a Margarita if you want it?”

“Yo dog, hit us with that Mexican number” Mike said.

“Slushy or crushed ice with some salt on the rim?” I asked.

“Dog, hit that slushy thang and lay down a deuce of Patron on the side by.” Mike told me.

I just shook my head and started laughing and realized that Mike was just a character. I mean the man did not even have the slang down right and he spoke with an accent, a Northern European accent.

I went into the house with Deanna and Dianna and showed them where everything was. As I was showing them either Dianna or Deanna touched my arm and asked:

“Can we have this one, pointing to Darjeeling tea?”

I wanted to die. That shock went right through my body. I sure as hell had to know which of these two was married because I could not tell Deanna from Dianna and I think it was Deanna that had the same name as Ronald. Shit I was confused. I assumed that one of them was. I sure hope that one of them was unattached because I got an instant erection when they touched me.

“Of course you can. Which one are you and how do I tell you apart?” I asked getting the tea down and loading the machine.

“Thank you and you will eventually learn. If not it, well it is not all that important,” one of them said.

“It is damn important to me. I had a cheating wife and I sure as hell don’t want to say the wrong thing to another man’s woman. So, yes it is important.” I said with maybe too much anger.

“She hurt you bad didn’t she baby?” one of the women said with honest concern.

“More than anyone can know. I have learned never to mess with another man’s woman not for the obvious reasons but also because what it can do to the man when he finds out. When I am lucky enough to find that special woman then I have to be all she wants and no one else.” I finished.

“Now that my little self whining speech is over and the Margarita’s are done, if one of you can take them out I will get a few more things together. Oh, and don’t forget the ‘deuce of Patron on the side by’” I said with a laugh as I added two shot glasses of Patron for each Margarita on the tray. I sure hoped they did not pour my sipping tequila into a damn Margarita when I had 1800 for that.

The entire time I was around them they kept touching my arm just to get my attention about something. Each touch put thousands of volts right through my body.

Now I was a cheater and I admit it. I like a Margarita on occasion and to that end I keep a few things around. I like 1800 for mixing so I keep a few bottles in the freezer. It pours thick and cold but alcohol never freezes in a home freezer, so it is cool.

I also like premixed Margarita’s so to that end I keep some frozen. Hell I drink it without the damn booze too; I just like the taste. So for drill I keep four bottles frozen in their original container. They wanted it slushy and I could do that.

I took a bottle, cut it open, the frozen mix came out, and I added salt to the side of the glass and added in the frozen but still slushy mix and tossed in four ounces of the juice of life. You have a slushy Margarita.

Then you add frozen 1800 tequila and it pours like thick water and you have the perfect frozen Margarita. You get to do shit like that when you are when you single.

So I made the drinks for the guys and added a fresh bit of mix to the freezer. I loved the taste so I always kept some frozen.

One of the beauties did just that with a sweet laugh, leaving me alone with the other. I showed her how to fast chill the tea and we cut some limes and lemons and I did a quick guacamole dip, got some chips and pulled some shrimp out of the refrigerator that I had ready for a week of eating. I was planning to eat my way through ten pounds of peeled and deveined shrimp over the next week but this would be ok too. When you live alone and you are a man you can do that. A woman would never allow that, they would complain it was old or something.

Anyway it was sitting in different marinades so there was a variety to eat. I just decided to have a shrimp fest and I don’t mean those little things, I mean six inch shrimp, not those little bait shrimp they sell in the store. I got mine fresh from a fishing boat.

We sat around talking and they were admiring the view as I was skewering the shrimp for a fast barbeque action.

“White boy, you sure treat your guest’s right.” Mike said.

“Mike, we just met and I don’t want to put too fine a point on it but we have to get something straight right now. You are the whitest white man I have ever seen. You are so white you are nearly translucent. Your hair is white and straight as straw. You could be frosty the fucking snowman but he had black eyes and yours are so pale that they have no color at all. You are probably from Sweden or Finland you are so damn light. So don’t call me white boy.” I told him.

Everything was quiet for a while until Ronald started laughing and then it eased up. He patted me on the back as he laughed. It felt like I was being hit with a basketball.

“So how do you all know each other?” I asked, trying to break the silence.

“Well, Ronald and I have been best friends since we were about ten. We went to elementary, middle school, high school, and college together. We are partners. We own a business that sells farm equipment made by the Chinese government. Somehow Ronald got them to sign on the dotted line and he and I travel all over the country, and some other parts of the world, selling the stuff.” Mike said and for the first time talking like an educated man.

“Yes, it is a pretty hard job and we are on the road a lot. We bought this house together and Dianna and Deanna live with us down there.” Ronald added.

“Are you married?” I asked.

“Damn right I am.” Ronald immediately said. He was standing next to Deanna when he said it.

“Oh, I see.” I said looking at Deanna. I just wanted to verify what I already thought was the facts. “You are married to Ronald.” I said to Deanna.

Turning to the other sister, who I thought was Dianna I asked, “So what is your last name Dianna?”

“My last name is Franklin, just like my sister Deanna. I am not married to Ronald. Franklin is a common enough name, but I am not married to him. If I was married to him it would make him a bigamist,” Dianna said with a chuckle.

Thinking out loud I just said the obvious. “I get it. Deanna is married to Ronald but everyone had the same last name to begin with. That is pretty funny.” Then all of us laughed.

“I’m not married to either of these girls,” Mike said and again there were a lot of laughs.

Now I understood. Ronald was married to Deanna and Mike was shacking up with Dianna. That was a “probably,” not a definite on that one, I thought to myself. Either way I would have to play it pretty up front and stay away from both of them until I learned what was actually going on.

We ended up cooking the shrimp and I even got some rib-eye steaks out for a little turf to go with the surf. More Margaritas were blended, slushy, until Mike had a brain freeze headache and I handed him some warm tea to hold in his mouth until the blood got a little warmer.

The girls had known both men all of their lives and that is how they all got together. They lived in the same place all their lives so they had history.

“Dog we can trot up this little hill here and have some great parties. Look at this view. We are going to love partying up here.” Mike said.

“No you won’t. You see there will be no trotting up here for a party unless I am having it and I specifically invite you. Now if you want to come up yourselves that is fine. You can even use the pool and enjoy yourselves, but no one else. And I can see your place from here and you have a pool, but I don’t want to be unfriendly. I do have a better view.” I told them.

After the rules were set things went pretty well for the next three or so months. I did my daily runs and swims. At times I would actually hit ten miles in a sixty-minute run. It is not great but ten, six-minute miles, back to back is ok for an amateur runner.

I was spending more and more time working out because the twins were punishing the hell out of me for being a man. At times they would even run with me and swim with me. Running with a chubby is difficult, running with wood is too damn obvious but who cares.

They always seemed to find a reason to touch me too. They would run their hands over my shoulders or arms or my chest and back. There was always a good reason for it but it still upset me.

“Oh look at that muscle. Make a muscle for us.” One of them would say touching my bicep.

Of course I was not a guy with big muscles nor was I particularly cut, but I did not have a lot of fat on me and I was no fool, it was just an excuse for them to tease me.

Or they would run their hands over a few of my scars and ask how I got them. “Car accident, no big deal.” I would tell them and then I would jump into the pool to hide my woody that would always happen when they were around, especially if they touched me.

It was always a touch hat would just turn the electricity on and I got hard. I thought I would get used to it but I never did.

The girls apparently did not work and the guys were around quite a bit until they had to travel and they would come back in a week or so; usually with a big contract. They must have made pretty good money because they now owned the entire estate except the pool house, which I owned.

We ended up doing a lot of things together, with me as the fifth wheel, or odd man out. We did a lot of eating at each other’s home and they made frequent use of the pool and view. The girls got so familiar with my place that it was not unusual that I would find them inside of the house making dinner or something like that.

“You don’t mind that we are here getting things ready are you baby?” they would ask me.

I really did not mind, they were always cool about it and left certain rooms alone. I sort of liked not being alone. But I sure was surprised that my new name appeared to be “baby” even if Mike and Ronald were around. “Baby” seemed to be interchangeable with “Del” as far as I knew.

I went to their house too but never without a specific invitation and it goes without saying that I was never in their house when they were not there, like the girls were with mine.

It used to be that I would frequently eat alone but not anymore. There was always someone there to eat with, and it might be the guys but frequently just the girls, especially if the guys were gone on a trip. It got to the point that I would not go to Nevada unless I knew the men were going to be home to watch the girls.

A few times Ronald asked me if I was getting action in Nevada, with the hookers and everything. I had to tell him it was all work and no play. I did not want to hit the hookers and I mentioned my ex-wife and what she did and I was gun shy, even about using a pro. I knew I would find the right person some day and then I would have my entire life.

Ronald told me I was a chump for not getting any. I had to agree with him but I also told him I was who I was and that was all I could be.

All of us even went out to dinner and I got to dance with these beautiful two women. They dressed so enticingly too. Short tight fitting skirts and dresses was their norm. Nothing sluttish or anything like that but more than four inches above the knee, showing off those dark firm strong legs and those high tight asses. They were after all beautiful young women. The tops were form fitting and unlike some women who were ashamed of their small size they had no embarrassment about it at all. I never saw them wear padded bras or anything that made them look different than they were. Despite my prior preference for white blonds with huge tits I had found myself attracted to these two from our first time together. Shit I had to sit at the table and rearrange myself more than once. Dancing means touching and as usual I got aroused. From the way some of the men looked at them I was sure that it was happening at more than my table.

Everyone was pretty cool about us being together too. They would dance with Mike, Ronald and I, but no strangers. They always said no to everyone. I remember once a guy was just a touch to insistent and for some reason Mike and Ronald were gone for a moment, so I got in his face about it. I felt protective of them, and they were almost like family and were exactly like friends. I knew there was going to be some trouble but I stayed in his face until he just left. I was feeling pretty bold. It was then that I turned and saw Ronald and Mike behind me. That was close to six hundred pounds of back up for me. Well so much for me taking care of business; hell I tried.

“You did good white boy.” Mike said.

I was going to lay into him but I let it pass.

We went to plays and museums and concerts together. At times it was five of us and at others it was just four of us and at other times I ended up escorting the ladies. I was always polite and understood that they were taken so I backed off. I do have to admit that the more I was around them the more I learned about them and the hotter I was getting for them. They were intelligent, educated, articulate, and funny to be with. I did mention that they were just so fucking hot already.

I was the person Ronald and Mike asked to watch the girls when they had to travel, which was once or twice a month, for as long as a week at a time.

The girls managed to work out with me too, well sometimes. They had less energy. I figured that is was because they were getting laid and I wasn’t.

We all became friends and did what friends did when it came to sitting around and talking and getting a little drunk. We discussed religion; we were all Catholic. We even went to Mass together once in a while. The girls took Communion but the guys took a pass.

We discussed politics, Man Made Global Warming, Al Gore inventing the internet. That last one we all laughed about. Art was a big one with us and we saw a lot of art programs on TV and out of the house. If it was art they all loved it. They had this thing for Chinese art too, but that was understandable. We even discussed politics and there was some agreement there too.

The girls spoke passable French but not the guys. As a matter of courtesy I did not speak French unless everyone did and the girls ignored that and talked about the guys “behind their backs” so to speak. Nothing bad, just funny stuff and they always told the guys when they were done. Everyone seemed to be OK with everything.

We discussed more risqué things too. Like did Lott commit incest by being drunk when his daughters had sex with him? Did the daughters do him at the same time and maybe get a little from their sister? Did the naked cherubs on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel constitute child pornography?

We discussed my favorite, cheating. As far as I was concerned it was not even a discussion. My views were set in stone. Two people were a couple and no third person would be allowed to be thrust into it. No other man was ever going to join my woman and me, and it was never going to be allowed to happen. And I was never going to cheat on my woman. She would be able to depend on me.

Evidently they had gone to school in Michigan and I told them that I went to a number of schools. For college I went to Cambridge, Caltech and even did a stint at MIT. I moved around quite a bit.

When you drink too much you talk about everything and we did. We actually ended up being best friends. For all their talk I don’t ever remember them having a party of any kind. After a while it was just the five of us.

Then there was my pool. At first the girls would swim with modest suits. Now don’t get me wrong, they were high cut on the thigh and a bit skimpy in the rear. They were sort of like the one piece suits seen on female lifeguards, like Bay Watch, but not red. The twins wore a lot of earth colors that just set their black skin off to its best advantage. I found them sexy as hell but still I backed off anything overt. I did get a little heavy when they were around.

As time when on they wore less and less to swim in the pool. It went from a modest one piece to a modest two piece with a sort of halter top and almost boy shorts bathing bottoms, then to a standard bikini.

The guys were there most of the time too and never said anything about it. Well they did comment that they were beautiful and of course I agreed, immediately. Ronald smiled, Mike didn’t.

Each time it was the girls applying the tanning oil all over them and on the other sister too; the parts they could not reach themselves. They glowed with the oil which brought out their dark color and their long legs and taught butts were the things of fantasy. Well they were the things of my fantasy anyway. The oil ritual did more than just make me heavy, I got a definite chubby, which made me leave to preserve my dignity.

Then the bathing suit bottoms became anal floss bottoms and that ultimately morphed into three tiny patches with string holding them in place, but not very well. When the oil went on the patches seemed to move around a little. Ronald did not seem to care that his wife’s nipple was showing and Mike did not voice any objections or even pass a questioning look as I lusted after them, in my heart anyway. Maybe that is what comes from living together all those years; the guys did not seem to care at all.

Soon there were fat black nipples popping out everywhere. The strange part was that it happened the first time when Ronald and Mike were there. They did not even blink when it happened. The girls just moved them back around to cover their nipples. After a week or so of this happening they just took their tops off completely. The oiling ritual continued unabated. Neither Ronald nor Mike said a thing about it. Strange that they did not even mention it or look askance at my staring. They sure did get a complete tan. Yes black girls can have tan lines, but the twins didn’t.

“Beautiful, aren’t they?” Ronald asked me.

“Oh God yes.” I replied without even thinking. Their tits were almost all nipple and about the size of a lemon. I had always been a nipple man, big fat puffy nipples, not pebbles.

“Oh shit Ronald, I am sorry man. That is your wife and her sister. Shit, man I did not mean it that way. I would never move in on you like that. Hell I am really sorry.” I just kept apologizing when he stopped me.

“It’s cool man. I understand. They are gorgeous women. I can see it from here; you have yourself a little jungle fever going on. I can tell you admire them and we are all friends. It is a complement that you think that way about them; that you find them beautiful and desirable as women. And anyway you are not the one I am worried about.” He said as he moved his eyes over to his best friend and partner, Mike. I understood but did not move or even turn my head. “But dude, you gotta take a swim, if you know what I mean.” Ronald said, quickly going back into his jovial mood.

Hell I knew exactly what he meant about a swim and jungle fever. I had a full blown woody and I hit the pool on a run and dive. I stayed in the water for a while. I completely forgot about his jibe at Mike but it would come roaring back to me full force in a very unexpected fashion. Right at this particular moment all the blood was being directed to a different head which had no brain at all.

But the girls did not show me any mercy at all and continued their assault on my senses. They would oil their breasts and I was looking at two very hard bodies with slim waists, tight “A” cups that were not more than just hot fantastic big puffy black nipples. I love big puffy nipples.

In the pool was worse than outside, if that is possible. In the pool there is the security of no one seeing what you do. As if everyone cannot see what happens in a few feet of very clear water.

The girls would swim into me. Grab me. Brush their bodies against mine and I mean brush as in grab me and lock their legs around my waist and hump my cock. But that was not the end of it, just the beginning.

A few times I saw the girls even give their nipples a pull as they would look at me and smile like only a woman can. I was rock hard and had to stay in the pool pretending to swim until no one was looking and then I grabbed a towel and put it around me so I could go into the house and put on some clothes that would hide my hard on. Ok sometimes that did not always work and I not only spanked that monkey I beat the shit out of him until I was able to walk around outside without embarrassing myself.

Then the girls would start showing up one at a time. I had to ask which one was which, as I did not want to hit on Ronald’s wife. I was not too sure of the relationship between Mike and Dianna, DD, but it was not one that appeared to be more than comfortable friends, maybe with benefits but little else.

We were now six months into our friendship and the girls were now obviously teasing the hell out of me. They would ask me to put the lotion on their backs and of course I did. The first time it happened we were all together and again the guys did not even blink. Then, much later, they would tell me just to keep going and put it on their butts too, which I did. Touching those small round black tight bubble butts of theirs was so fucking hot. At times they would just move themselves around when I did it and I had these visions of watching them do that as I fucked them from the back doggy style.

A few times DD would look back at me with that “go ahead and fuck me, you know you want to and can whenever you want” look; but I stayed back.

Swimming with them was harder in more ways that one. With Mike and Ronald sitting right there they would make a white meat sandwich out of me, rubbing their almost completely naked oiled bodies against me.

This went on with DD acting the aggressor and I was confused as hell. It was like a lioness falling down in front of the male lion and batting at him, or pushing her ass in his face. Maybe her relationship, whatever it was, with Mike was cooling or over. I am not all that sure.

Then there was another change. Again it started with all of us there. The girls just dumped the bottoms too. Now they were completely naked. They talked like they always did and we had a fine talk about the world and things and no one acted like anything was out of the ordinary, not even Ronald or Mike. I already knew they were shaved bald but now I saw this fine black smooth pussy as they would sit and talk. I never got out of the pool that day it first happened. I just kept swimming around and never on my back. That night I punished the monkey something fierce.

The swims were now even worse as they were naked and the only thing that prevented me from needing to beat the shit out of that monkey was a slip of cloth that I was wearing. Shit, shit, shit.

Still I kept back. Ronald and Mike left once and Ronald mouthed “jungle fever” to me as he and Mike walked down to their place laughing. I was getting strange vibes from the guys. Now both of these two beautiful women were there naked and I was doing my best not to violate my own rules. The problem with your own rules is that you can’t pretend you forgot them or they are different than they really are.

I watched them oil themselves until they glistened black like onyx in the warm sun. They had no shame when it came to where they put the oil when I was watching. They took great care to oil every bit of uncovered skin, and there was not a cover around. Oiling their slick black pussies with the coral interior beginning to show was just too much for me to ignore.

They were sultry in how they walked and how they moved. Their movements were intentionally designed to go beyond enticing. And they way they would look back at me to make sure I was looking at them when they were doing something, well that told me volumes.

It was a disgusting sexual display just to tease me. And, to make it even worse they still had me oiling their backs. I fought it as hard as I could. I was so repulsed when I oiled their butts that I felt horrible as my hand spread the oil evenly over those wonderful round orbs. They would open their legs and tell me to do all the way down and I did. When the oil ran between those tight little black butts I chased it down like a hound dog on the hunt. I made sure to carefully get ever drop that went down between their legs, careful to oil every part of those puffy black nether lips too. Tanning oil is expensive and not to be wasted.

For their part they seemed always to push up at my hand and a few times I know that a finger “accidentally” slid between those lips and hit a large black little girl standing up looking for attention. I made sure she was oiled well too. Those moments were always electric. Still I resisted the best I could, but it was damn difficult. And then there was the fact that I kept trying to remember which one was Ronald’s wife and to say away from her.

The poor monkey was damn near dead. So just to be fair I choked that chicken until it damn near died too.

So now no matter what we were doing together I kept seeing them naked by the pool, glisten black, erect nipples and their pussies showing the evidence of passions possession. It was getting very difficult to go out with them and now most of the time the guys were not even around.

Shopping, going to a show, having a drink, they drew attention to themselves without even trying. Long legs and short skirts and only I knew that at times there was nothing under those skirts, they showed me. They would ask if I could see a panty line and if I said yes they just took them off and handed them to me, pulling that tight mini skirt down over a bald black pussy. They would always do it at the same time, and smiling.

When we went out they always rubbed up against me, letting me know their nipples were hardening at my touch. They would rub their asses against my cock, waking it up from a troubled sleep when they were around.

Then they upped the ante on this game I did not even know I was playing. They put their feet into the pool, “just to cool off,” they said. It sounds pretty benign doesn’t it? Well it sure as hell wasn’t.

The problem is that they are glistening with oil, raising a leg to put oil on it, opening their slits up so that the wet pink insides are showing and putting oil on their legs. Yes they were very wet inside and those lips were definitely puffy. Their nipples even got bigger, much to my joy. Looking was not a violation of my own rules. And those eyes and smiles they gave me.

Then they would sit with their legs apart and their feet resting on the first step of the pool as they sat on the edge. There was no place to hide. When I had to get out of the pool, I would have to slide past them and they would see my excitement. Each of these lovelies seemed to get a charge out of teasing me.

I even mentioned it to Ronald and Mike and I was told to just “man up” and deal with it.

I was not too sure what “man up” actually means in this context but there was no doubt in my mind that the little man was definitely up and wanted to deal with it, probably more than once. The chicken was choked to death, the monkey followed with a similar fate being spanked to death. It was getting close to the time I was going to “man up!”

I am a law abiding man and I did not want to end up as public enemy number 1 on the PETA website. No more possible lawsuits from PETA for what I was doing to the chicken or the monkey. Hell I spanked more than ten troops of monkeys to death and Colonel Sanders could have run for a year on all the chickens I choked.

After two weeks of this latest assault on my senses by them I had enough. DD was sitting with her feet on the steps, about three feet apart, and looking like a glistening onyx statute of the most beautiful woman in the world. It was early in the morning and I was finishing my morning swim. She had just finished her oiling ritual, giving her hard firm body that look of pure sexuality and smiling at me as she did it. I mean that smile that the girls used was more than just a smile, it was a smirk too. It was a dare, a challenge. She had just put oil on her pussy, showing me how she really felt as far as I was concerned.

I swam up to her and as I got out of the pool by walking up the steps I simply lifted both of her legs by sliding my arms from inside of her legs right at the back of her knee. She had a surprised look in her eyes.

Before I would walk around her, but not this time I didn’t. This time I walked between her legs, my motions opening her glistening coral interior to my view. As she was about to say something I slid about four inches of my fat rock hard white cock into her wet coral interior with the black ring. I had taken my suit off and I was naked with a hard on that I no longer intended to punish by hand. Both the monkey and the chicken had been punished enough.

I had taken up the challenge.

I watched as my hard white cock just slid gently into her creamy pink interior and those smooth black pussy lips expanded as far as they could and gripped my shaft. Her black legs were resting on my white arms and her nipples got even bigger.

[DD: What the fuck? I had been teasing him for weeks, months actually and now I was stuck, literally stuck. I knew he was big but I had no idea. It was like a white telephone pole going into me. God it felt good.]

No, I did not give a rat’s ass that she might be with Mike. I told him and he shined it on. I told Ronald and he said to “man up” and the man was definitely up and in too.

At first she sort of moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. Then she said:

“You White Bastard. What the fuck do you think you are doing?” DD demanded.

“This!” is what I said as I backed out until only the head was at her entrance and gave her the original four again and added four more to it. Not hard, and not violently, but with enough force she knew she had my white cock embedded eight inches into her dripping black love tunnel. Now I had her skewered. She looked as the white shaft completely entered her body. Her mouth was open, she did not fight except for breath and her eyes while still on fire were glassy and fixed; like she could not believe what she saw happening, what she felt happening.

[DD: I had to say something so I demanded to know what the hell was going on. I knew what was going on and going in. I had teased him and me too. I was dripping wet which was a good thing. I had no idea he was that damn big. I was more than ready. When he pulled out I wanted to tell him "NO!" but he only did it to get more juices flowing as if I needed that. When he continued to walk and I felt that monster stretch me wide and go in deep I wanted to die of pleasure. I grabbed him around his neck; I never intended to let him go. I had a hard time breathing and by the time he was all the way inside of me the only thing I could say were indistinguishable sounds.]

I walked further up the steps and she had a choice to either lay there and end up having her head on the ground as I walked, or putting her arms around me as my walking up the steps lifted her onto my cock and in my arms. She is a smart woman and chose to hold on. She opened her mouth and made an “Oh” sound that made me want her even more as we fully engaged. Then she started babbling. I had seen that in porno movies but I never realized it happened in real life. It had to be an act and then I tried to say something and all I could do was grunt. At least they were manly grunts.

Now I was out of the pool, holding her beautiful smooth black body up by the back of her knees and my cock buried deep inside of her and my hands holding her black little tight ass, kneading it like a cat with a pillow. I wanted her, and I wanted her more than I have ever wanted any woman in my life. I was in love with her.

We had been friends and we had shared moments of simple pleasure as well as moments of intellectual friendship and now it would be more, eight inches more.

She was only my second woman. I wanted her and I finally got up the nerve to take her. I doubted I could last very long. A hand is one thing but a tight pussy with a woman you loved wrapped around your cock is something else altogether.

As I walked holding her I could feel her proud little black girl rubbing against my cock hair. The girl was standing tall and kept bouncing against my body and each bounce or slide caused her eyes to open even fuller and surprised sounds come from her mouth. Her nipples got even larger. She moved to put her legs around my waist.

I could not prevent it; I bent down and finally was able to suck one of those fat black nipples into my mouth.

[DD: Shit, I can't quit moving. My clit has never been this hard, my nipples never puffed out like this. To watch those white man's lips suck my nips is exhilarating. I have to keep moving to just get used to that monster because I love the feel of it sliding up and down inside of me. He is so thick that he stretches everything and even moves my clit and I get to rub my little clit against his cock hair. I want to cum so bad and I just know he wants me to.]

Finally she said, “You white bastard.”

“You cock teasing black slut.” I responded.

“You better not cum in me.”

DD said as she moved closer to me and I watched her black lips engulf my lips as her head turned to the side and with that she forced her tongue into my mouth and now completely wrapping her dark strong legs around my white body, almost crushing me as her arms now around my neck as her lips moved back and forth with mine. Not much force involved. I kissed her back. I opened my eyes and she was looking at me. I have never seen brown eyes with such fire, such a golden glow. She kept moving to stimulate us both.

“Fuck you” DD said.

I lifted her up and dropped her back down on my cock a few times.

“How is that bitch?” I said.

[DD: We kissed, it was our first kiss. I wanted him to know I was his if he wanted me because I sure wanted him. I wanted him to cum deep inside of me but he had to know why. I cursed him and he fucked deeper into me after I said "fuck you". Then he asked me how that was. If I had not been in so much pleasure I would have told him it was glorious.]

I could not help it now. There was nothing short of death to stop this from continuing. There would be death, the little death, and that would soon come upon both of us.

“I mean it. If you cum in me I can get pregnant. This is my time of the month and I am ovulating.” She said as she broke her kiss but still held me around the neck as she talked to me and then kissed me tenderly as I moved my face back to hers in an attempt to regain the lips that now meant so much to me.

We fought and bit at each other. Our kisses never stopped. She clawed at my back, drawing blood. At no time did she attempt to push me away. Like two pit bulls we bit the other’s lips to hold them. Not hard mind you but just to show possession and pleasure. I lifted her up by her ass and then set her back down again and again, further stimulating her black pussy tube. If I was going to shoot off inside of her I was going to have her good and ready to have my baby.

“Then that is why you are so horny now. So that is good because it is time you had yourself a white baby, my white baby.” I told her.

“If you are man enough to do it you better be able to do it for a very long time. All my children are going to have the same father. Are you really man enough to breed me? And when I ask I don’t mean a fuck here and there, I mean breed me for life. I mean every day if I want it, if you want it.” She said in that staccato breath a runner uses at the end of a race.

[DD: Now he knew. Now I told him. It sure took him long enough to catch on and he sure is long enough too and wide enough if I was any judge of size, and white enough too. Hell a Tampax feels filling but this white cock of his has smoothed every part of me.]

“So if you are going to fuck a white baby into my black belly you better expect to do it over and over for years.” DD told him.

“I’m in love with you.” I told her as my cock started to expand and I could feel my balls contracting. Ok, I was in lust too but I knew it was love.

I raised her up a little and then down again a few more times and her pussy started contracting around my pulsing cock and this time I kissed her as I began spurting cum into a quivering pussy.

“I am going to fuck so many white babies into that hot black body of yours you are going to think you are a milk maid. You might even turn white. I may just have to keep you pregnant until you can’t have any more.” I told her.

“Oh God, you better mean it.” DD said as she kissed me back and I could feel her shudder.

She bounced into me as best she could and I did everything possible in that position to make it cum deep inside of her.

I had not even thought of children until she said something but now I told her. When she said she could get pregnant that is what I wanted; I wanted to breed her, make her my woman, my black baby mommy, to fill her belly with my white baby and not just one, but many of them. She lit a fire in me that I did not even know there was fuel for.

There was no way I could walk and cum at the same time so I quit walking.

I felt her pussy quiver and then clench my cock about the same time I lifted her and set her down, pushing my eight inches of gushing white cock as far into her as it would go. I could again feel her bald black pussy against the root of my now spurting cock. If I had my way I was going to fertilize every damn egg she had with this one fuck. God did I want her pregnant.

The minute we were done cuming I moved with her still impaled on my white cock.

[DD: Well he said it. He is committed and I should be committed. What the hell am I doing? A divorced white man that can't figure out that I want him after months of being naked and dripping pussy juice all over him and now he is going to father my children. What the hell? Damn his cock feels good and it looked so hot watching that white tube split my almost virgin black pussy. It sure feels better than a finger.]

“Door” I said as we reached the house and she opened it by tossing it open until it hit the wall and I walked through with me still in her. It has been a long time and I was ready for more.

I walked right into the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. She wiggled away and rolled over, just like a lioness, wiggling her black ass in my face. She turned and gave me that look I had seen so many times before. This time I not only wanted to, I intended to fuck her. In my haste my cock slid up and between those tight hot black ass cheeks.

She reached back and grabbed my cock and fed it into the coral opening. “Baby in belly first, and then you can have any hole you want when ever you want. But right now, it is baby first then bottom.” DD told me with a giggle that meant more than laughter.

She looked under herself and I looked from the top as inch after white inch was lovingly eaten by the Black Panther.

It was definitely jungle fever. I was on her like a lion but for a lot longer. They may go up to fifty times a day but it takes less than a minute to get it in and get his nut. I went for fewer times but longer than a minute.

I went hard and gently, fast and slow. I looked for and found her G spot. I bit her neck and pulled on those nipples, finding them to now be almost the size of a peach. The woman was all nipples. I squeezed her little girl too and did everything I knew how to do.

And let me tell you I knew how to do one hell of a lot of things. After my whore of an ex-wife spent all that time saying I did not know shit I made sure to learn everything. This was, admittedly my first time using all this new knowledge with someone, but I intended to be better than the failure I apparently was with the Ex. I am still not sure with a cock my size why she did not just teach me how she wanted to be fucked. There was a lot about that woman I don’t understand but now I don’t give a rat’s ass to know. Apparently she was not a size queen, she was a numbers queen, they all had to be different and one right after another.

DD was definitely experiencing multiple orgasms and it did not take forever for me to hit a second time when I was just pounding into her with her pushing back as hard if not harder than I was.

This time I was finished. She fell forward and my wilting cock slid out.

“You are not done yet.” She said as she turned and for the first time in my life I saw full black lips that sucked my white cock hard in a matter of moments. She looked at me with lust in her eyes as she did it and I am sure mine glowed with fire like hers did.

This time it was missionary as she rolled onto her back and beckoned me with looks of love and passion and this time we made gentle love. She wrapped her black legs around my white body and I held her in a protective white cocoon of my making. We kissed and nibbled at the other. We enjoyed the color variation, looking and becoming even more passionate because of the difference. I never stopped running my hands over her body and she did the same with me. It was slow and deep but not rough. We both were breathing deeply; we needed the oxygen for all the energy we were burning.

“I wasn’t kidding. I am really fertile now. You should stop if you don’t want to be a father.” She said.

I did not stop at all but I did slow down, I wanted this feeling to last forever. I sat up to look at my cock entering her and she looked too. We froze in time at the pure pleasure of seeing it happen. Then I fell forward fully but gently impaling her.

“You know what they say don’t you?” I asked DD.

I kissed and licked her breasts/nipples. I suckled on them and nipped at them. They were my first black nipples, my first black breasts. If I had my way they would be my last breasts and nipples ever. I never quit rocking inside of her and she never quit telling me how much she loved me as I told her the same. But I was at a disadvantage as I was talking with my mouth full of black nipple but she did not appear to mind the social faux pas.

“Yes, once you go black you never go back.” DD said.

“No, once you go white, just give up the fight.” I told her.

And that is exactly what she did. She became mine and quit fighting. It would take a few years until I realized it was me that was fighting because she had been ready to go from the first day.

But all the best things end eventually and with a mighty push and my ass clenching like crazy and her heals in my back pulling herself tightly into me we finished our first breeding/lovemaking session.

I stayed inside of her as we rolled on our sides looking at the other. I could not quit smiling at her.

“Stay all day.” I told her.

“No. We will never get out of bed and that is wrong. I will be back around six, in about nine hours. Then you get three more times. That will allow you to fully recharge and you get three more shots to make a baby and then a good nights sleep and we start again in the morning. I am serious when I say I want to get pregnant. This is for a baby. If you don’t want that then tell me now and we will stop.” She said.

She was lying next to me. Her dark skin entwined with mine, her leg over my lighter body. We were kissing and talking. It was the most erotic thing I ever felt.

We were both smiling so much our faces hurt.

“I want more than that DD. I want to marry you. I want our children to have my name. I want to be with you forever. I can’t imagine my life without you, ever.” I said.

“When the time is right you can ask me again about marriage. You know our children will have your name. [She giggled here, as I had obviously forgotten that we had the same name already.] You can and will have me forever if that is what you want.” She said.

I went from heavy to full on hard again and just rolled her onto her back and slid it all the way in. We both watch at the blending of our two races, two colors, and one inside the other with the outcome being the miracle of birth with both of us as one forever. We kissed hotly and her legs went back around me. I gave her two more orgasms and then we stopped.

“See I did not cum that time so I am still recharging.” I told her.

She put a pillow under her ass and told me what was going on as I caressed and kissed her even more. We saw the contract between our skins as I ran my hand over her black body glisten with the evidence of our spent passions.

“Deanna intends to get pregnant this cycle, and we are on the same one. I want to be pregnant when she is, we have always done everything together, and I want you to be my baby’s father. I love you. I love everything about you and I am honest with you when I say I want to carry your child.” She said.

“We have to tell Mike. This is not fair to him. I am not sure of your relationship but he has to know.” I said.

“Trust me and let me handle this. I will take care of it. Just don’t worry. I will not sleep with Mike. We have not slept together in a very long time. You are my man and the baby will be yours.” She said.

She lay there next to me and I kissed and caressed her, continuously running my white hand over the smooth contours of her black body. Her breasts were intriguing. They were still full and puffy from passion but there was no breast as such, just all nipples. I leaned forward and kissed and sucked them gently. I put my hands over them and spread my fingers letting the succulent black nipples push through my white hands. I went from one erotic first to a second and a third and it went on and on. I was on fire.

DD moved her hand through my hair and I looked into her loving eyes. Those eyes were luxuriously dark but glowing with the fire of our passion.

We smiled and I moved up to kiss her lips, softly, this time like her lover and her mate. I loved the feel of her hand on the back of my head holding me in place for our kiss.

We kissed we smiled and we laughed.

“Marry me.” I said.

“Now is not the time. Believe in me, trust me. I know you have been hurt before but trust me now, I will not hurt you. I will never hurt you. I am your woman and I am only yours. I have always been yours and only yours.” She responded.

I don’t know why but I decided to believe her.

Soon it was time for her to go. “Six o’clock my love, be ready.” She said as she departed. She did not even shower; she just put on her robe and walked down the hill to her house. As she walked out I gave her instructions.

“Come and knock on the front door. I will come and let you in. Be ready for me as I will be ready for you.” I told her.

She smiled at me and continued her way home. There is just something so delicious in the way a woman who has just been well fucked walks. She is obviously content.

At six o’clock she arrived and knocked on the door. She was wearing tennis shorts and one of those ribbed tank tops cut off right under the breasts, leaving her beautiful dark contoured stomach for me to see.

I opened the door and taking her hand I guided her into the house. I was rested and more than ready. I let my short silk robe fall open, I was hard for her. I lifted her up and held her against the wall and then let her open legs encircle my waist. She was hot and wet and she did not bother with panties.

“Tell me if it hurts” I said.

“Just go slow.” was her response.

I entered her slowly, knowing that she might have some trouble. I had actually given the wedding tackle a bit of an ice bath, just to cool him down, like a race horse that just ran the big race and won. She kissed me and wiggled her body enough so her weight let her slowly take me in. Her arms went around me.

I wanted us to feel the same thing as earlier, and that was important to me. As she did earlier when she was impaled on me and I felt her cum as we walked. It did not take too long. I felt her begin to shiver, and her kisses and mine became more insistent. She was tightening around my invading cock and I felt her orgasm over and over as we walked. She bit and held me with her teeth. She was primal in her lust.

I carried her into the bedroom and let her glide gently to our bed. Her tennis skirt was pulled off and I opened her legs and kissed my way down one leg and at their point of pleasure moved to the other leg, working my way back up. She was moaning and looking at me with that same fire.

“Now baby, take me now. I am ready, more than ready.” She told me.

This morning it was the fire of unbridled passion, but now it would be the fire that does not consume but burns hotter and hotter.

“First dessert, then babies” I told her.

I reached the epicenter of her passion and gave her black slit, still open from my insertion, a long and languid lick. Her black lips received nips and little sucks combined with kissed and even more licks. One side tasted and then I moved to the other. In the center I moved my face into her pink center letting her juices cover me and wet my face with her sensuous dew. I moved up and sucked ever so tenderly on her clit, her little black girlfriend. We were becoming good friends I thought, the little girl and I.

“My first chocolate, and it is everything I thought it would be, even better.” I told her as I looked up at her previously lust filled face, which now beamed at me with love and understanding. She was my first meal of sweet chocolate.

I pulled her knees up and with each hand I surrounded and full black nipple.

“I watched his hands and his face. My body responded but not as much as my mind did. This was paradise. He was perfect. I loved the white flesh against my black flesh. The changes in color between us fed my mind with thoughts of the deepest passion. His white face molded to my black pussy, his tender at times and then hard at times ministrations to my black orchard, had me cuming over and over. I was the first black pussy he ever tasted, ‘I was his first.’ I love him and I was going to be his for as long as he wanted.” She thought.

All the time she held me by my head and moved her hands through my hair. Her sounds of passion filled the air and my heart.

“I love you, I love you, and I will love you forever. I am yours forever. I am only yours and no one else’s.” She told me as she thrust her hips at my mouth which was now sucking as much of her black lips and clit into my own mouth as possible.

Her orgasms flooded my mouth with her essence. Her head fell back and I moved up onto her and let my cock head rest at the entrance to her pussy.

We rested as I waited for her to calm before I entered her again. I was not idle though. I kissed her neck and face, her ears and eyes. I licked her now expanded nipples that looked almost like a balloon someone had put too much air in. She was about to explode with lust.

Our flesh burned with passion. It was not just the color but the heat we produced.

“What do I smell?” she asked as this was the first time she became aware of her surroundings.

“Scented candles; candles scented with chocolate.” I told her. I must have had fifty candles burning all over the house and most of them in the bedroom.

I pushed forward, letting the head enter her and I reached behind her as we kissed again. My hand reappeared and breaking the kiss in put a raspberry filled chocolate into her black panting lips. She looked with fire at me and I inserted more of myself into her. She gasped for breath and I again kissed her.

I repeated the ritual. I reached for the chocolate cream filled Bordeaux and entered her further as she ate of it and this time took part of it from her mouth and fed it to me with a passionate smile. I took it into my mouth and inserted myself further into her. We looked at the place of our joining.

It was exciting to see my light colored cock slowly disappear into her dark black pussy. To watch her lips stretch around her new toy as I inserted it back into her, as both my cock and her pussy glistened with our combined juices.

Another candy and this time we both ate it at the same time during our kiss, joined now hip to hip and mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue.

We looked again to see my white cock not yet fully imbedded in her black flower, stretching the lips and dripping wet from my entry and then removal, was driving us both insane with passion.

“Marry me, have my babies, be mine forever.” I told her.

Her thrusts became more demanding. “I am yours forever. I will have as many babies as you will give me. When the time is right I will marry you.” She answered.

She moved her hands to my ass, pushed her pelvis up and forced the rest of my cock into her.

Passion moved us on until once again I filled her fertile black womb with my white cum.

We smiled at the other. We finally broke our embrace. I had many fruits and good things to drink, but no alcohol. We had passion fruit juice; it seemed fitting as well as guava and mango.

I was not hard yet but I had all the time in the world. We took a bath together and I hardened and entered her as we bathed together in the large claw foot tub. We rocked back and forth until mutual arousal again overtook us and we tried a second time that night to make a baby.

I did not want the night to end. I washed her black body with my white hands and she did the same to mine with her black hands. I rinsed her black body off, marveling at how black she was, how sexy she was, how she got even darker as she became aroused and I handed her a short silk robe after I dried her now shining body. I put on a short man’s silk robe and took her into the kitchen. We wanted more right then but denial is part of passion too.

“There has to be more to us than sex. There has to be trust, and love and devotion and respect. If we are to be together forever we need more than sex or love making. We must be best friends. Nothing must ever come between us. This is the time of exploration for both of us.” I told her with a kiss on her lips.

“We will be best friends forever. Nothing will ever come between us. No person will ever have what is yours.” She said.

We made a light dinner together as there would be plenty to do later on. We kissed and hugged and yes I got hard but I held off. More than once she touched my cock, her dark fingers circling it, slowly jacking it up and down.

There were times when she wrapped her dark lips around my pink flesh phallus and times when I would suck in a black nipple or even suck the black little girl that unsuccessfully tried to hide between her black pussy lips.

We watched the late setting of the sun and spoke of love and life.

Then I carried her back into the bedroom and laying her on the bed again kissed and licked her black pussy as she turned and sucked my cock, using our mutual pleasure to make sure we could both do our duty in making a baby and having pleasure in the task.

This time she was on top, riding me hard. Her nipples were standing out as big as they could get as my thumb assisted her vaginal pleasure by strumming her black little girl. She went from one catatonic state to another as her orgasms overtook her one by one, with little time in between. I would like to think it was me and all me but it was love that caused it; my love for her and her love for me.

The third and final coupling was complete and I had a pillow for her to rest her sexy black bottom on as she held her legs apart and open, like a doctors table. I admired my handy work as I leaked out of her. I went between her legs and licked up some of our combined juices and offered them to her in a kiss.

She took me so quickly that I was shocked. Before I knew it we were lip to lip and she was invading my mouth with hers, taking all of what was us at our joining then sharing it again with me, until it was all gone.

As she lay there I again sucked her nipples and did everything I could think of to stimulate them. It must have worked as she dropped one leg and pulled me onto and then into her again. It was wonderful.

I sucked first one and then the other and gave hand attention to the one not so used. Deep inside her black womanhood she again gave me proof of her passion. As promised, I did not cum.

If we were close we were touching. If we were closer we were kissing.

Before she left she told me I was dirty and she proceeded to suck my clean. Again I kept my promise, but only barely, I did not cum.

She left after nine and this time I drove her back in the little golf carts we had around the place. I would not allow her to go home alone in the dark. We held hands as I drove and I kissed her when we arrived. I only left when I was sure that she was safely inside.

At home I lay on the bed, at the place of our joining for creation, smelling our combined scents, and happily and contentedly fell asleep.

As usual I woke at five and put on new sheets and aired the room out, as much as it irked me to eliminate the smell of our passions.

When she came again at seven all would be ready and clean. We continued our mating ritual and our promises of love. Three times and then she was gone. It took three hours. Between mating there were words of love, caresses and smiles. We walked the pool area, looked at the ocean and held each other. This time when we finished she said she would come back in nine hours and spend the night.

At four she was back, earlier than she said which I was glad of.

It was our first night together. We waited as many hours as possible before we started to make love again. Eventually we made love three times, but I was tired, even at that young age you get tired. We slept like two snakes, black and white, in a mating ball of two. In the middle of the night we mated again and slept. At six it was again and then we bathed and ate and made love again. Again I drove her home in the golf cart.

Now it was four o’clock and again she returned, again she spent the night. We did not jump right into bed but talked about our future. This was the time that we actually discussed what she and her sister did for a living. They worked for the same company that Ronald and Mike owned. They did all the paperwork, if you can call it that. One mostly did the importation documents and the other mostly did the accounting, but they both usually did everything that needed to be done. That was a summary of what they did. They both had degrees and were well educated and wanted our children to be well educated. Well we had an agreement there.

I told her I did not care about how much she worked and she did not have to as I made more than enough for both of us and how ever many children we had.

“What about a pre-nuptial agreement for when we marry?” she asked.

“Have it drawn up and I will sign it.” I told her.

“I mean to protect you, not me.” She said back.

“I don’t need any protection from you.” I answered with a finality that ended the discussion. Ok I was being a fool but this woman could have bull shitted me about so many things and she didn’t. She was going to have my baby, she loved the idea and wanted more and it was she that came up with the idea of a pre-nuptial agreement.

We cooked together. We discussed education for the children. We talked about growing old together and as the lasagna was cooking I did my best to put a baby into her belly as she lay with her ass up over the back of the couch. This time she kept her clothes on, it was exciting. She sucked me clean after and I licked her clean in return and then we kissed the other and like two lions licked the other’s face clean.

After we got clean we had dinner, for me it tasted like my woman.

I made chocolate soufflé for desert and we also had double-double chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips inside of it. I was on a chocolate binge and I intended to spend the rest of my life eating chocolate, in one form or another.

We spent the night and mated four more times. We ate and sucked each other and I feasted on those huge black nipples. She would stroke my head as I did it and make almost growling sounds. If was not still hard I would stay inside of her and she would hold me with her strong black legs, just enjoying the feeling of me being inside of her and my sucking like our children would do on her breasts.

She left at six in the morning, taking the cart with her; I was beat. I managed to watch her get home, she left the bed so quietly but I immediately realized she was leaving and I stood watching as she drove home. I knew that I would never be able to sleep alone again.

She looked back over her shoulder and I am sure she could see me standing there with the light on behind me. I could bet I saw her smile and she waved and I waived back. Half asleep or not I was going to watch out for her even if she did not think she needed it or expected it.

At nine am she was back and I was still groggy but getting the house ready. No way in hell I was going to be able to have sex. I took a bath and got cleaned up and she was standing there smiling at me. She had a basket and we took a ride to the beach for a little morning picnic.

“Don’t worry because I know you need time to recharge. You have been doing a great job, a man’s job, and I am just crazy in love with you. Tonight we will make a baby again and again until you can’t go any more and I can’t get you to go anymore and then we will sleep and do it all over again when you can. You do realize it might take more than a few years to make enough babies? You did promise to do it all.” She said with a laugh.

We walked on the beach holding hands and kissing. Despite my lack of staying power she got me hard again but I was told to let it sleep and wait for later. Personally I think junior was all show and no go. He may have been standing semi tall but he would have bent with any pressure. I am sure that DD realized it too.

It was a good thing that I had taken a two week vacation or I would have been in big trouble. I would need at least one week to recover.

We actually went out to one of those flea markets but we did not go alone, Deanna went with us. She and her sister were doing the twin giggle most of the day and Deanna was saying how she thought she was pregnant or about to be and she was sorry that DD could not be pregnant with her.

“So Ronald is getting the job done?” I asked.

“You bet he is. That monster of his is always ready and he never misses an opportunity to use it. I am surprised you can’t hear his bellowing up at your place.” Deanna said with a sly smile.

The girls and I had a pleasant day and DD stayed with me for the rest of the day and the night. We decided to christen all of the furniture and now we joyfully made love every place we could, every place that would hold us. We even kept a list of places so that we would not forget.

At the end of the week DD said, “I am not fertile anymore.”

I am not sure what that was supposed to mean to me but I got a funny feeling. “Does this mean we quit making love?”

“We never quit making love, NEVER!” She yelled the last word at me and with definite fire in her eyes.

She stripped naked and walked out the door to the pool and I was naked and right with her. I know it is disgusting but it is our pool to clean so we made love in the pool and in the Jacuzzi.

In the pool she looked out at the ocean as I came up from behind and made love to her. She turned that beautiful black face to me and we kissed as I played with her breasts.

“They are not very big, are they?” DD said.

“They are just perfect. I want them this way forever, until they are full of milk for our children and then I will think they are perfect and want them that way forever. And when you finish feeding our babies and they change again, they will be perfect and I will want them that way forever. As you are is what my view of perfection will be. As you change is how my view of perfection will change.” I told her.

“But in case you think I am lying I want you to know I have never seen nipples as sexy as yours, never. I know that I have not had a lot of personal experience but if I could imagine perfect breasts, and perfect nipples, yours are what they would look like. They are perfection as you are perfection.” I added.

We kissed again and exchanging words of love left the comfort of the water to find a more supporting place to create life.

“Have you ever wanted a black woman before?” DD asked.

“I have never even considered having sex with the black women that I knew.” I honestly told her. “You are the first.”

She smiled at me when I said that.

We lay on the couch naked, we did put a sheet down, and wrapped in the other we kissed and talked about the rest of our lives. We talked about our children and growing old together.

We went to bed hand in hand. White and black fingers interlaced as if we never intended to let the other go. She was an African Goddess moving like a cat with her black lithe body moving to some unheard music as old as time. Each step was deliberate and at the same time casual as if deliberateness was part of her casual being.

She moved like a cat onto the, our, bed and beckoned me with her movements and stretches. I joined her and we locked in the mating combat of love. There was not a part of her body that I did not lick, kiss or suck and the same went for my black lover.

As much as I caressed her black body with my white hands she caressed my white body with her black hands. I could only surmise that she was as excited by the contrasts and I was.

I pulled her onto me and then lifter her until she sat on my face and I ate her to multiple orgasms. I kept telling her to look at me as she started to grind herself, her back pussy into my white face, her black legs tight around my white head, and she fed me her elixir of passion.

I watched those big black nipples getting bigger and I made her look at how my white hands took possession of her black body. I wanted her to see her power over me and mine over her. I wanted her to see my white hands gripping her hips and pulling her into me. I wanted her to see my hands gliding up her body and possessing every inch of it.

Suddenly she turned and once again my white cock stretched her lips and she sucked my cock as I ate her pussy.

Then I lifted her and impaled her on my cock.

“When your dark belly is swollen with my white baby you will not be able to see me eat your dark chocolate pussy. I want you to remember it so you will know the joy in my face and the extreme love in my eyes even though you will not see them.” I told her.

She began rocking back and forth and then fell forward enough to allow me to feel on her milk-less nipples. She rose up and down my shaft, and looked down to see my golden lance enter her ebony center. She cried in passion and screamed my name as I did the same with her.

She fell asleep on top of me. That night I woke again and took her from behind as she curled up against me. I bit her again and again on her neck, her shoulders, and even on her back. My hands took possession of everything I could touch. She was mine. As we grew closer to completion she put her black hand with those beautiful fingers on my ass, taking possession of it, and pulled me even deeper into her.

We stayed joined. There were plenty of wet spots and there would be even more after breakfast.

She woke and wanted to go home to show the flag, so to speak. I was not sure how she was explaining her absence but apparently it was not a problem.

Things seemed to return to normal and there were communal dinners at my place with all five of us there. If there was a problem no one mentioned it. Actually everyone was pretty happy. Even Mike seemed happier than usual.

When I say normal I mean the new normal. DD and I were together every day and we made love every day. We sat on the couch together and held hands and kissed and smiled. We smiled a lot. Of course we could not do this when the others were around.

And the teasing, it went on as before. Glistening black female forms being caressed by white hands for the ostensible purpose of putting lotion on them but actually exciting us both and inflaming our passions. Then there was the fact I was looking at identical twins who did not tell me who they were so as I could have been oiling the wrong one; that thought was exciting too. They both seemed to be in heat all the time. They continued to sun bathe naked and glistening, they were still “cooling off” by putting their feet on the step in the pool. They both would still hump back at me when I oiled those perfect black butts and they both were aroused when I did it. At least once or twice a day my cock was deep inside of DD.

How much should a man have to take at the sight of two aroused pussies, lips swollen and glistening with desire and showing a readiness to accept a hard cock? Well how ever much it was I had met and exceeded that amount. DD was hard fucked every day. Even she was turned on by the sexual tension the exposure and conduct caused to all of us.

It was about a month later that things took one hell of a turn. Deanna made the announcement. “I’m pregnant.” She told all of us during a dinner at their house.

Ronald put his arm over her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead; it was very sweet.

“You are going to make a wonderful mother and a beautiful woman carrying life within you.” He said it with real honesty and emotion in his voice.

“Man you have to be shitting me. Fuck that shit. Who the hell wants some fat chick waddling around with a big belly hanging out and fat droopy tits and stretch marks. You have to be fucking kidding me. That is just disgusting dude.” Mike surprised us all by saying.

I was shocked. “Mike the most beautiful thing in the entire universe is your woman carrying your child. Every mark that it causes on her body was received because she loves you. She wants to make life with you. It is her visible evidence of her love. Anyone who sees her will know of her love for the man who she gave herself too. She deserves everything you can do for her when she is pregnant.” I told him, all of them.

“Well if you feel that way Mike you are going to hate that I am pregnant too.” DD said.

“Fuck you! I can’t do anything about Deanna but I can do something about you. I don’t want some extra pregnant bitch wallowing around like a beached whale, so find someplace else to hang. Work when I am not here but when I am I don’t want to see your face or your ever growing fat ass or bulging belly. And when I say move I mean now, tonight! Hell maybe the white boy wants your fat pregnant ass at his place.” Mike said.

I thought DD was going to break down and cry, until she turned slightly and looked at me. Then I knew.

“Yes, come with me. I will see you through the pregnancy. As far as I am concerned it will be my greatest pleasure.” I said.

DD and Deanna went to some room in the house and came back with a few bags of clothes. She would not be able to wear them very long. We left amid words of apology from Ronald and hard looks from Mike. Ronald even held DD and kissed her on the forehead and said that she too would be a perfect and beautiful mother.

DD walked slowly, like a woman on the road to the gallows. When we were far enough away she looked at me, sort of like that Princess Di thing she did, and said:

“I told you it would be OK daddy.” Then DD gave me the most beautiful smile. Only a month pregnant and she already had the glow!

I had her naked by the time we were three inches inside of the front door. Long luxurious sessions of making love became our norm.

Never being apart when I was home and she was not working. She went to work daily and then came back immediately. It did not matter because she was my woman and carrying my baby. I would always be with her.

I had scented candles everywhere and I let DD become the woman of the house, my woman of our house. I put vitamin E all over her belly and thighs and breasts. I bought the finest oils. I made lists of what she liked to eat and what she liked to do. I put the oils on at least twice a day. One time because she needed it and one time because I needed it.

Her sister visited her daily. They were twins and had that twin thing going on.

There was just something wonderful about her getting larger, at least in my mind.

“You know that Ronald once told me I had jungle fever. He is right, I sure do.” I told her.

DD got up wordlessly and walked into the other room. In less than five minutes she was back. She was topless, and she had on what can only be called a loincloth that was full in the front but almost nonexistent on the sides and in the back.

She was deep black and topless. Her ever fat nipples were even bigger and the slight swell of her belly made by my baby made her irresistible. Long strong legs and a high small but and the changing hips made me want her even more. But that was not all.

“Is this jungle enough for you white man?” she said with a sexy smile to match her sensuous walk.

I was rock hard. She pulled my bathing suit off and looking me in the eyes she lowered herself onto my white phallus. She moved the cloth enough to see it disappear into her.

“Is this jungle enough for you white man? Is this your fantasy, to have a black woman, topless and bulging with your child in her stomach, wearing only a loincloth and always open to you? Is that what you want white man?” she said.

I could not talk; I could hardly breathe. I kissed her and moved down to the black nipples now the size of a peach and sucked one it.

“Oh God, yes!” I finally said

“Then this is what you shall have.” She smiled and said in reply.

Let me tell you that chasing a laughing pregnant woman around the house when all she had on was a loincloth resulted in some fun times when she slowed down enough to let me catch her, which was all the time. I could move that cloth and bend her over and lick sweet chocolate all the time; and I did.

We were a family, husband and wife but without benefit of clergy, at least for now because she still refused to marry me “yet!”

We decided on natural childbirth with me as a coach. That is the royal “we” and in “she.”

We had to cool it when Deanna was there but we acted like a loving couple even if she was around, just not in a loincloth and being eaten by the great white hunter.

But they both still did the naked sun bathing and I was still running my hands over them. They both smiled at my obvious pleasure of it all. I expected DD to say something but she continued to smile at me. Once or twice when one was asleep I would oil DD and surreptitiously let my cock out of the bottom of my suit and slide it into her. I could not help myself. She always looked back at me and smiled and wiggled a little. She would bite her lip and then have a small orgasm. At these times I never did, I just wanted to feel her being close. I did not want her sister to see my cum running out of her black open pussy and there would be no way to hide it. As it was I really spread her out and that too was visible, but you cannot deny everything.

They were together all the time and we did things together too. My work schedule allowed me a lot of flexibility and I used it to entertain them. Ronald and Mike did travel a lot getting buyers and making sure that everything operated correctly.

Evidently they not only knew how to sell the big things, they knew how to operate them and even do some fine tuning on them for the customer. I would not find out until later that they also had a series of places where they fixed the monsters, or sent people out to fix them. Some of these things cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and with an investment like that you wanted them running 24/7 if you could do it and if you couldn’t you wanted to rent them out. That was another part of the business, the rental business. During some harvesting times they ran 24 hours a day, put the damn thing on a truck and moved it to another farm and ran it until the job was done, and did it again. When it was something like that Ronald and Mike also supplied drivers who worked in shifts. They worked their asses off but it one big ass business.

Ronald was with DD and I, along with Deanna and we were talking about natural child birth. DD and I even had a DVD showing a birth. It freaked me out the first time I saw it. I am not sure if it would have freaked me out the second time because I refused to look at it again, I kept my eyes closed when the girls would look at it or I left the room. I did not think it was such a good idea to show Ronald but the girls wanted Ronald to see it so he would know what he had to do during natural child birth.

I was right; it was a crappy idea. Ronald went through the roof. He had to run into the bathroom and throw up and then have a stiff drink. He was sweating and shaking. He could not handle it. I kept my eyes closed when it was on this time too. That is when the next change took place.

“Listen bro, you are doing a great job with DD but I need your help. First, ain’t no way I am going to be in any room when that shit happens. Deanna wants it she gets it, but not with me. She has to do it with you. You are already going to do it with DD so one more should not be a problem. So you be there when the baby is born and you go to all of those classes and just take Deanna with you. You gotta help with all that other stuff too. I am just too damn big and I am afraid I will hurt Deanna so you have to do all that oil stuff and foot massages. You know what I am talking about; you do it with DD. I am afraid I will hurt her I am so damn big and at times I don’t realize my own strength.” Ronald surprised all of us by saying. “And it really freaks Mike out when she is around too, so help us out here.”

“Ronald, Deanna is your woman, your wife, and all of this is very intimate. This is stuff only the father should be doing, not me. You should do this man. It will help you connect with your baby. If I do it your baby might bond with me. Babies pick up on things through emotions of the mother and they can feel other people around. And all that oil and massage means that I am going to be touching her body in very intimate places. Even more intimate than when they are here sunbathing and you have seen that. You have to rethink this.” I told him.

“Are you saying you will not help my sister? Is that what you are telling Ronald?” DD said to me.

I hung my head in real and not mock shame. I was broken; she won with one darn question.

“No, [I sighed] I guess not. If he wants me to do it then I will do it but he has to think about what he is asking. That is all I was talking about. Ronald you have to take some time and think about this.” I told them.

“Well I am glad that is settled. You are right about everything you said. Deanna will be here daily. Oh, she already is. You will do whatever you do for DD for Deanna. What do you do?” He asked.

Somehow telling this black giant that I made her dress like a national geographic African pinup, topless and wearing only a loincloth and that I eat her black silk pussy and fuck her silly was not the appropriate answer. Self preservation allowed me to leave that part out of my disclosure.

“We go for walks and swim. Swimming takes the strain off the back too. I give her massages; you know, hands, feet, legs and back. I rub her head too. We read to the baby and play soft music to her. I rub her stomach with oils and sometimes I just touch the baby. We talk about how to raise a baby and how to treat her. Sometimes I bend over and kiss her stomach and whisper words of love to the baby. I want the baby to start being part of our lives right now, not in some future time. Sometimes I got really hot and slip her eight inches of fat white cock until she screams in constant orgasm. Ok, I did not tell him that one but I sure thought about it. When our baby is born she will know me from the beginning. We have an entire routine that we do that Deanna is not around to see.” I said. Somehow my possessive attitude intruded and I had begun talking about our baby and our loves. I just hope Ronald missed it and Deanna too.

“Perfect! That is just perfect. Just do that for Deanna too. I think that you are the only man I could actually trust around Deanna.” Ronald said. “Sometimes you think you can trust someone, and even if you have known then for decades – - , well enough of that. You just keep Deanna healthy and happy and handle that birth thing.”

The girls were happy. Ronald was happy. I was not happy. We were forty-five days into the pregnancy and my jungle fever was still running hot but someone had tossed a big bucket of water on me. No way was I going to be able to make love to DD hours on end and just eat her until she cums over and over, with her sister here, which would get back to Mike in a big hurry. Damn I should have just told Mike up front but DD said to leave it to her. Ok I left it to her and then this shit happens.

Even if Deanna was here daily she was not here all the time daily and now she would be, if I was reading Ronald right.

Strangely enough both girls started going topless and wearing identical loincloths from that first day. Not that I actually minded. For some reason those loin cloths made them even sexier than they were when they were completely naked at the pool.

When I asked they said:

“Before all this started we were here completely naked and no one even thought about it. This is pretty cool. I mean we are comfortable and there is some modesty. I mean I don’t want you looking at my pussy all the time.” Deanna said with a naughty smile on her face.

Nobody thought about it? Shit I thought about nothing else until I could not stop myself and I literally popped my cock and took DD and doing everything I could to fuck a baby into her from about the very first minute I could get my cock into her. Hell I fucked her three times every eight hours until I was sure she was pregnant and I kept right on fucking her. Is Deanna nuts? All I want to do is look at their pussies and fuck DD.

Yes I would be looking at their pussies all the time. A loincloth is open at both sides and any movement at all opens it up.

Between the oils and belly kissing I was rubbing both sets of black nipples all of the time. Breasts get larger and they can get stretch marks so I oiled them too. Every time I did they would puff way out. What about that loincloth? When you are putting oil and vitamin E on a woman to prevent the stretch marks you put it everywhere. I spend more time running my white hands over their black aroused pussy lips that I ever imagined. Yes their pussy showed their arousal, just like their nipples and I sure as hell could tell. You can tell when those wet black pussy lips are engorged and damp, literally dripping with sexual excitement, and it opens like a pink hyacinth floweret showing its delicate interior. I was doing this twice or more times a day to two beautiful women in the full bloom or pregnancy.

When Deanna went home in the evening, I drove her myself in the golf cart, and then DD and I went at each other like crazy people. It was like an entire day of teasing. It was even worse than when I first just took DD because now I was touching every intimate part of her, make that of them, and doing it many times a day. And I could do nothing about it other than teasing myself and them too. I had to wait until Deanna left before we could have a good long loving session.

I can’t even begin to count the times I wanted to just slide my fat cock into that wet open black pussy and I did not care which pussy it was. I just wanted to stretch it around my cock.

And there was the loving part too. I was bonding with Deanna’s baby just like I was with ours. I talked to the little baby and kissed Deanna’s belly. That was a difficult part because as I was rubbing the baby and kissing it Deanna showed no hesitation in opening her legs so I would not “put too much pressure on her legs or knees” and I ended up laying between her sprayed legs with only a loincloth separating my mouth from her slick ebony pussy as I moved to kiss the baby. She was so wet I could smell her. She would drip lubrication.

Then she had me put oil on her and pulled the cloth aside so I could do her lower stomach just above her slit and then she was looking at me with my white face between her strong black legs as I applied the slick lotion to her already dripping and open pink pussy. I kept expecting her to wrap those legs around me and demand that I eat her. I know I should not have been thinking that because I was in love with DD but damn if I did not love Deanna too. To love one was to love both and yes I did have a touch of a fantasy about doing just that. And yes I wanted to have an excuse, to have her hold me and make me eat her chocolate pussy with the coral filling, burry my tongue into her soft center, drink her sweet juices, but she didn’t do that; she did something else.

Deanna “got comfortable” a few times by lifting her bottom, such a lovely black bottom it is too, off the ground, which moved her open pussy right to my mouth. At other times I would be down there and she would have be put my hands under her and rub her back, forcing her pussy close to my mouth. This was followed by another favorite of hers which was after I had done her lower back she had me slide my hands under her ass and kneed it a little, just to relieve stress, which would cause her to rise slightly, again moving her pussy to my mouth.

I think she did all of those things on purpose and was getting off on it and even DD would tell me it made her hot to watch when she did it. She told me that now she knew what I looked like with her and I did that. I thought DD would have gotten mad about it, at least at me if not her sister, as I did not try to pull away very fast, but I was wrong. I tried to pull away but I know for a fact that more than once there was some contact, my lips touched her soft black pedals, spreading her nectar on me so I could taste her. She tasted just like DD did. Of course I would be lying down on my stomach when this happened and I was close to pounding a hole in the couch, or what ever we were lying on.

A few times at night DD would ask me to relive those moments. She said they made her so hot to see it. Pushing my head between her legs she would tell me to call her Deanna and not pull away but lick her pussy for her.

“This is how you looked baby. I could see you white face down there, her legs bent at the knees and open. I could see it baby. I could see how you wanted her. I could see how she wants you. I bet you want her to just wrap those black legs around your head and hold you down as you suck all that wet juice out of her. I bet she wants that too baby.”

DD would tell me and then she would put her gets around my head, and my hands in my hair, and talk about her white man eating her black pussy and had me call her Deanna.

“Eat Deanna’s pussy white man” she would tell me. “Eat her pussy and then kiss me and burry that white cock in your black woman’s pussy. Give your black woman a white baby.”

Damn we did that in one form or another just about every night. I would eat her, and then fuck her hard until I came in buckets. Then she would suck me hard and say that Deanna was sucking my cock and we went again. Jungle fever is what I had. At times it was Deanna and at times I was calling out DD, the names depending on what she wanted that night.

She also began telling me that I should eat Deanna once when she teased me. As she told me she moved her pussy to my face and I licked her and she told me to lick her like she was Deanna. There was nothing new about this, but that changed too.

Then she asked me if I tasted Deanna and I told her that there was contact and yes I tasted her.

“Does she taste like me baby?” DD asked.

“Yes” I said as I moved up and slid into a wet pussy. We kissed.

“Is this is what I would taste if you ate her and we kissed baby?” DD asked.

“Yes.” I was barely able to whisper just thinking about that thought. I was moving in deeper and deeper, not having reached the bottom yes.

“I taste good baby. Maybe I should taste her myself along with you. Both of us would taste my twin, maybe I would still taste her when you are inside of her. I would like that baby? Would like that?” DD teasingly asked.

“Oh God” was all I could say as I erupted inside of her. If she had not already been pregnant she would have been today.

The rest of the night was DD playing out one scenario after another with me right along with her.

During the day when we were not alone DD and I developed the twenty minute quickie out of necessity. There were just times we would be too hot to wait until the evening. I would have Deanna in the pool or someplace and I would tell DD would go to get something and she would get out of the pool to get it. Then I would call to ask for something and when she did not answer I would tell Deanna I was going to get it myself. That gave DD and I some good quality time, as short as it was. I would eat her to a screaming orgasm and it would make me so hot, I was burning with the jungle fever anyway, that I would cum in five minutes of real hard fucking. At those times I did not care if DD’s now gaping pussy was leaking or not. We needed each other. At night it was much longer but for a quick one it sort of took the edge off for DD and I.

And then there were times after I gave Deanna her — oiling that I had to pull DD aside someplace private and just eat her pussy until she could hardly stand. Yes she was standing, against the closest wall, with one black leg over my white shoulder and my white face looking up at her black one and those sexy titties in between our looks, as I eat her to multiple orgasms and drank every bit of juice she had as I watched her eyes literally flame on. “Eat Deanna’s pussy baby” she would tell me and I did.

At other times even with Deanna there I would just slip a hard cock into her and give her a few strokes, enough to get her to vibrate and feel her nipples harden. Deanna would not see but it was fast. I wanted DD always hot for me. She let me know by reaching back and squeezing my cock.

But it was not all sex. We sat on the couch together and talked or went for walks. I developed the habit of not always being between them. At times I was on one side with DD in the middle or Deanna in the middle. I did not want to be the person who kept them apart so we switched off who was in the middle.

We still went out together but usually it was just the mothers and me. We were bonding as much as possible. Mike and Ronald were on frequent trips. Deanna and Dianna and I bonded more than I thought we would.

We did nail parties. They would sit on the couch and I would do their nails, toes and fingers. Of course they had to sit with their legs open and my hands on their feet. My cock was always hard and both of their pussies were always wet.

Things went well; make that acceptable, until the tenth week. Up until then I had to have sex with DD when Deanna was not there but at the same time get hot as hell as Deanna teased me as DD watched.

Then DD started lactating. It was at night during that tenth week and she woke me up to tell me. Her breasts had been swelling which made them sore and her nipples kept puffing out but now they were full of milk and with hope in my heart I began to ease the pressure. She was dripping milk. I was hoping for chocolate milk but no such luck. Still it was even better than regular milk. I spend most of the night with a white cock inside a black pussy and my white mouth sucking milk out of a black nipple. It drove both of us crazy.

I would eat her and pull on her black tits and watch them drip and then impale her on my cock and lick the milk up. She kept her hands moving over me and growled all the time.

Shit we fucked like crazy in every possible position as long as I could suck her nipple at the same time and we were both ecstatic about it. When I pulled off one tit she forced my head back on or moved it to the other. I even had her ass as she was lying on her back with her legs around me and me sucking milk from her black nipple with my light colored lips. I was careful not to injure her though by being too rough.

“Drink it baby” she would moan whenever I stopped and then she would hump into my cock and hold my head in place.

I would start sucking on one of those milk filled nipples, she would moan, I would drink, and then I would get hard and we fucked again. I was sucking her dry but we still pretended she was full and needed it.

By the time the sun rose we were both exhausted. I must have spent hours sucking on her nipples and every time I did it I got hard and we fucked. Well she did not have a problem with being sore from being full, but I am sure her nipples hurt like hell. Neither of us cared. We fucked so much even my cock was sore. We fell asleep right after DD called Deanna and told her we had a bad night and needed some day time sleep. We finally woke up late in the day and we went out by the pool and just fell asleep again until we heard a commotion in the yard.

There was a black mountain moving through my yard with a black woman attached to it. It was scary.

“Dude, you gotta help us out here. I got a problem and Deanna has to stay with you. I mean it. You have to let her stay here. She can sleep with her sister DD so no problem.” Ronald said.

“Yea sure Ronald. How long do you need us to watch her?” I asked.

“Man you have to keep her until after the baby is born and she quits doing that thing she is doing. I mean I can’t have her with me like this. It is freaking me out man.” He said.

If it was not so serious I would have laughed at how afraid this huge man was.

“What is the problem Ronald?” I asked him.

He leaned in and said in a whisper:

“She is leaking man, you know, from her tits. I mean the bed was all wet last night.”

“Ronald, don’t worry about it. It is just lactation. Some women start early, that is all. She is just preparing to feed you child. It is cool man.” I told him.

He laid that Virginia ham size black hand on my shoulder forcing it lower than the other even though he did not mean to and said with real earnest.

“Del, she is fucking leaking man. She gets the bed wet. I can’t have it. I can’t take it. She leaks through her blouses. Look at her man, she is leaking. And I keep seeing that movie thing about birth in my head all the time and in dreams too and now she is leaking man. You gotta help me out here.”

She was standing there looking down with two big wet spots on her top. The moisture made the top transparent. Her black nipples were puffing out like lemons on their way to being peaches in size and even if her blouse was not wet I would have seen those black fat nipples anyway. For a woman with almost no tit and being all nipple both twins apparently made more than enough milk. I wanted to tell him to just latch onto a nipple and suck and fuck, but I didn’t think he would appreciate it or even do it.

Well there goes any sex at all I thought. With Deanna here all the time it is never going too happed.

“Ok Ronald, we will take care of her.” I told him.

He gave all of us a great big smile.

“Great. You have to promise to do two more things. First, if she needs it she gets it. Second, if she wants it she gets it. No hesitation, no debates, and no word ‘NO’ and I mean that. What ever the price is I will pay, but if she needs it she gets it; if she wants it she gets it and you never tell her NO.”

“Now she can sleep with DD and that should not be a problem you have the room.” Ronald added again. “As a matter of fact I want them to sleep together so they have someone with them at all times. Will you do that for me? Do you promise to do that for me?”

“You know Ronald I will do it for you but what if she asks for something I should not be giving her? I mean I am – - [and that is as far as I got.]“

Putting that huge hand on my shoulder and giving just a bit of a squeeze got my attention. He did not mean to hurt me but he was right, as big as he is, he is just a huge black bull who has a hard time controlling his power, especially if he is a little excited, and he was more than a little excited.

“Pay attention Del. If she needs it she gets it. If she wants it she gets it. YOU NEVER TELL HER NO! If you do what I say then we are cool, we are forever cool.” Ronald said with conclusiveness.

“Ok Ronald I promise.” I said.

“You promise what? I want to hear you say it.” He retorted.

“If she needs it she gets it. If she wants it she gets it. I never tell her NO. She sleeps with DD.”

Now he gave me that big tooth filled smile of his. That was the end of the conversation.

Deanna had two suitcases with her and she could always go down the hill to get more. I carried them into the room where DD was supposed to stay but never did. Shit that was really going to fuck things up.

Well I was still going to have two beautiful sexy women with me and we would be together all the time and they were damn fun to be with. I would just have to wait for the sex. What the hell, sex is not that important, the girls and the babies, now that is important. I kept telling myself that shit over and over and hoped that I would start believing it.

As he left Ronald told us that he and Mike would be gone for a month. With that he was gone.

The girls were happy as clams. They immediately put on their jungle fever outfits and I could see that Deanna was dripping just a little. She probable was going to be sore and it looked like she had sort of milked herself, as she did not drip much during the day.

There was a lot of giggling and happy talk. The girls made dinner and I gave them massages before bed, after a long bath in my sunken tub. They told me that we should use my bed because it was bigger so I put down a towel and oiled them up for the night on my bed. I spent far too long on their breasts and they spent far too much time “getting the kinks out” by raising their butts as I applied oil below their waists. For some reason I had taken the task on as I lay between their legs, it just seemed easier that way. For sure! I put the oil on them and did the foot, neck, hands and back rotation. Now both of them were naked and I was doing all of this. There was no way they could miss my excitement and they did not pretend to not see it; but neither of them said anything.

More than a few times they would move and just managed to bump or touch my cock.

There is no doubt that we all spent far too much time admiring how my white hands looked gliding over their black flesh, just beginning to swell with life. The glow from the oil could not compete with the glow of motherhood.

We all talked to all of the babies and touched their stomachs for closeness. I gave each belly a kiss and a little “I love you” to each baby and they went off to sleep together. It was tough being with two very beautiful naked women, touching their bodies, for over an hour and not getting any sex. One thing I can say though is that I got a lot of love, just no sex.

I knew that I was going to spend a very long time punishing that damn monkey and he did nothing wrong, it was just his fate. The poor chicken was in for some deep shit too. I got into bed naked with the intent to take the days frustrations in hand when the door opened and DD and Deanna walked in. They got into bed on each side of me.

“DD, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Ronald said Deanna had to sleep with me and I am sleeping with the father of my baby, so we are both here. We are just doing what Ronald said.” DD responded.

They were both wearing white transparent teddy’s that did nothing but sit on the shelf of their little round butts, showing nothing but glisten open black orchids ready to be pollinated. Their nipples, fat with milk and desire pushed the teddy away from their body.

“DD, he did not mean this. Hell I am naked.” I responded.

“We understand” Deanna said. Five seconds later they were slowing lifting their teddy and showing themselves in all of their naked glory.

Speaking of glory I was hard and standing tall, albeit under the sheet.

They both moved right next to me and they put my arms around each of them. I now had two beautiful black bodies lying against each side, molded to me.

“You must have a fantasy in you someplace where this happens?” DD asked. “Two black twins, pregnant with your baby, lactating, and naked with you in your bed.”

I did not answer. I could not answer. I would have to lie my ass off to say No and they would pick up on that. A fantasy; how about year’s worth of fantasies? How about every thing you can imagine with two women and twins at that? How about finally eating Deanna’s chocolate pussy while DD was there sucking my cock or something like that?

DD kissed me good night, with those lovely large black lips, and shot me some tongue too. That is when it hit me.

“DD did you tell Deanna that I was the father of your baby?” I asked.

“Of course I did silly; she is my twin sister and I keep nothing from her.” DD said.

Stunned and frustrated I tried to find sleep. We were snuggling together and despite my excitement I was almost asleep when I was woken by both women.

“Baby, my breasts really hurt. I am just dripping. You have to do something to help me.” DD said. Then I felt her lips on mine. Sweet as honey those lips are. Then it dawned on me that the voice and the kiss were from the wrong side of the bed. I turned and DD was looking at me.

“It’s ok baby. She is my twin sister and I want you to help her, I really do. And remember what Ronald said; ‘If she wants it she gets it; if she needs it she gets it; never tell her NO!’ Remember I love you and I want this for her and you and yes, me too.”

Deanna moved toward me and soon her breast was close to my mouth. She gave it a little squeeze to relive the pressure and some milk came out and dripped on my lips. I licked the elixir of life and it tasted just like DD.

“It is ok baby.” I heard DD say again as she kissed me and tasted some of that elixir but not her own, but her twins. “Look at that beautiful black nipple, you love mine and Deanna’s are just like mine, just give it a little lick or a small suck, with those white lips, it is ok. It will be hot for you and for us too. We want our white man to suck our tits. For me baby, she hurts and really needs your help, suck her tits for me too.”

I let my tongue snake out and lick the tip of the huge nipple and before I even thought about it I was nursing and squeezing that lovely black breast.

“That is so good baby” DD told me. “I want you to do it, just like you did it with me, remember?” Then she kissed me, her lips brushing the black nipple of her sister when she did it.

Did she ask me if I remembered? That was all I had been thinking about. Sucking her tits and copulating like crazy.

“That is so good baby” DD said. Then she kissed me, moving the breast away and kissing me deeply. Then she moved that heavy nipple back to my mouth.

DD went back and forth, moving her lips to my face, gently telling me with pressure from her lips that it was her turn and I let the nipple go so that DD could kiss me. Then other lips from the other side and Deanna’s lips brushed DD’s aside and found mine.

We went back and forth from lips to breasts, sucking out her milk.

Despite the closeness DD never actually kissed Deanna nor did she suck her breawsts, but she got close enough that they did touch.

She stopped and kissed me again. Then DD said:

“Now me baby, now do mine.”

She presented her nipple and I sucked it in drinking her milk. Then Deanna bent down and with her lips moved DD’s nipple away from my mouth and kissed me.

“Yes baby, kiss her with your mouth full of my milk. She will love it.” DD said.

That was the first time it was more than just a glance, now it was truly deepening between the three of us. I was now kissing both and sharing their milk with the other.

Soon I was exchanging kisses with both women at the same time, their lips kissing back at mine and at the same time the other too. Then I was sucking both big black nipples at the same time, using my hands to hold them together.

We all admired the look as those fat puffy nipples poked through my open white fingers and one nipple in one side of my mouth and the other nipple in the other side.

While this was alternating I got an idea. Actually I had an idea all along. Kissing both of them I moved my mouth away and as I moved back to the twin black nipples I was feeding on I just said:

“If you want you can just kiss each other.” Del said.

The moaning that came from them as they kissed as long practiced lovers and I looked up as I suckled on their breasts.

“Now this one baby” Deanna said as she moved on top of my body to allow me to have access to her other breast. “I like the way it looks when you suck my nipple. DD likes it too, I can see. It gets me hot to see those white man lips on my aroused black nipple. Yes baby I am aroused.”

As we did before, I sucked her breast and then DD moved that black nipple away with her mouth as she kissed me. Then I sucked again.

DD and Deanna continued to kiss each other when my lips were busy. DD even moved so that I would suckle at her other breast as she and Deanna continued to kiss passionately.

By now my hands were running over both of them, touching the burning flesh with hands equally hot with passion.

As I relieved her pressure I realized Deanna was resting her pelvis on my cock, which was swollen and ready. Resting is not actually what she was doing, as she was rocking her clit back and forth on my white shaft.

“DD, my cock,” I said between sucks to her, “Move my cock.”

It was just like with DD. I was sucking their nipples and kissing them and I got even harder than I was when they came in. Actually I think I woke up hard, I had been doing that a lot lately.

She took the opportunity to kiss me and told me she would move it and I went back to relieving the pressure that Deanna was feeling.

She did move it. She moved it up and down her sister’s wet black slit. I could just imagine what it looked like as the pink head opened her black lips and kissed the coral interior. Soon my pink helmet was lodged at the opening, blocking all escape, like a plug.

“DD, what are you doing?” I said between sucks. Truthfully I wanted to raise my pelvis and impale Deanna.

“I am rubbing your cock against her pussy slit Del, what does it feel like I am doing? Deanna and I have always shared almost everything. We are sharing you, unless you forbid it. You will be the first man we have shared, not just the first white man. We both have deep feeling for you and know that you will not hurt us and that you have deep feelings for both of us and our babies. And this is just so hot for us. Do you forbid it?” DD asked.

I must have taken too long to answer because Deanna moved back and pushed the head past her pussy ring and then stopped with about two inches into her. There was no going back. I tried to tell Ronald something like this might happen but he did not want to hear. Then Deanna said the magic words.

“I want this.”

I started to lift my hips and slid a few more inches into her but I was stopped by DD. She still had her hand around my cock.

“Why are you doing this Del?” DD asked.

“Ronald said that – - ” I started but DD stopped me by squeezing my cock. She did not hurt me, hell squeezing an iron rod does not hurt the iron, she got my attention though. She kissed me and said:

“This is not about Ronald. Why do you want to do this?” Deanna joined in.

“Deanna said the magic word – - -” I started to say but I was stopped again with pressure of the hand around my cock and a kiss from Deanna, one full of passion.

“Why Del, tell us why?” DD asked.

“I want it because I am in love with Deanna and because I am in love with you.” I finally told DD.

The kisses began to rain down on me. The hand of DD was gone and Deanna began her long decent down my hard cock. I lifted her away from me after a parting kiss and sat her down on my cock, now fully seated to the root. Deanna started rotating and lifting herself.

DD kissed me, licking the milk off my lips. Deanna was still lactating and I saw that DD was too.

“I love you so much” DD said to me. “Thank you Del.”

“I love you too” Deanna said as she was rotating on my cock and biting her own lower lip.

With Deanna rotating on my cock I would reach up and suck a nipple then kiss DD. Soon I had DD’s nipple in my mouth and watch the girls kiss. I moved DD away from Deanna’s mouth, while still holding DD’s nipple in mine. I moved DD’s face so that it was close to her sisters dripping breast and moved her forward.

“Are you sure baby, are you really sure?” DD said before she latched onto the offered nipple.

My hands continued to roam as my twins began to expand their oral handy work on the other. Once DD felt my hand touch hers as she caressed Deanna and she pulled it away. I found her hand and holding it in mine, my hand over hers, and fingers interlaced like a ten finger hand, I moved it so that we caressed Deanna at the same time.

They both realized that this was now US and not me and Deanna, or me and DD, or even DD and Deanna, it was US.

We moved our mouths from one to the other, uncaring as to who, only that we made sure that each know of our love for the other two.

I caressed DD and she pulled off my mouth. “I am so horny baby, can you do me now too?” she plead.

I nodded my assent and helped as she straddled my head giving me a taste of her female perfume as she faced away from her sister and so I could look up and see her face.

“You know your sister is going to see you riding my face as I eat your pussy and she fucks my cock. [DD and Deanna both moaned when I said it loud enough for both to hear.] You can still help each other out if the pressure is too much.” I said and then I went back to licking her slick ebony kitty as I watched the reaction of my twins.

“Oh we love you so much” they said almost in that twin kind of unison and DD leaned back as Deanna moved around and looking me in my eyes as my lips were sucking on her twin’s pussy and clit, first licked and then sucked her sisters nipple into her black lips. DD moaned as did Deanna and then DD turned slightly and did the same to Deanna.

They were both ten weeks and at the beginning of their pregnancy and were beginning to show with a delicious sexy swelling.

So now we were sharing. Deanna was impaled on me, and moving back and forth, and up and down. I was making oral love to DD’s black hole and both women were nursing from the other.

It was so hot that we all had one huge cum together. DD came in my mouth and all over my face and I lapped it up. Deanna grabbed my cock hard with her pussy as she had an orgasm and I just shot a rope of cum into her in response.

“Did he cum in you?” DD asked Deanna.

“Yes he did. Wow it was burning hot too.” Deanna said.

“That is supposed to be mine baby.” DD said looking down as me still eating her pussy between her legs.

I knew exactly what she wanted and what she meant. Now this was a new test for me, for us all. What she wanted was permission.

“Well if it is yours you better claim it.” I said, giving her and Deanna the permission they needed to make US, all three of US, real lovers.

DD gave me a big beautiful smile and lifted off of me and moved to give me a kiss, one full of even more promise. Then Deanna moved and kissed me, and licking some of her sister off my lips sat back up again.

Then DD turned and looking at me to make sure I could see she moved her lips to her sister’s pussy and having her lift slightly and then fall backward on to her back, covered her opening with her own mouth and began to claim that which was hers. Seeing one twin sucking my cum from the other was beyond just hot.

I moved to allow them room and Deanna grabbed my arm and pulled me to her for a kiss, obviously enjoying the tasting by her sister and not for the first time either, they had done it before that night, I was sure of that. Then breaking the kiss she looked at her sister and asked:

“Can I have this?” holding my cock.

Needless to say when DD nodded her assent it rubbed Deanna’s clit and she went over the edge again pulling DD into her pussy and then lifting her head sucked my pink worm into her mouth.

Her tongue work was wonderful, as good as her sister’s work. I went from worm to anaconda in less than two minutes.

I pulled away to move but was entranced by the sight in front of me. I bent down and joined DD in feasting on her sisters female wonders. This time the little girl was my target as she had been left alone for a moment or two by DD. I quickly kissed her hello and moved my tongue over her and Deanna cried out in one more orgasm as I then sucked her into my mouth.

Then I moved behind DD and running my cock over her pussy made sure it was nice and wet and inserted myself into her. No wild fucking here. She was making love with her sister and I was slowly making love to her. By this time I know what works and what doesn’t and it all worked.

Deanna was beginning to feel left out, only having her sister eat her so she wiggled around until she was under DD and began to minister to her sister’s now very full pussy. She licked my cock with each stroke. There were times when I pulled out and licked DD’s pussy, with me joining Deanna in that wonderful task, before going back to more manly pursuits with the tools nature provided, but only after Deanna sucked it clean of her sister’s juices.

I thought back. Did I have a fantasy, yes I did and it was being fulfilled now.

When I finally came, after watching the sisters give the other so much pleasure, Deanna covered DD’s now full pussy and began to drink from it. I went around and kissed DD, deeply and lovingly and even assisted in the difficult job of orally cleaning Deanna.

Soon we were all clean. It was definitely time for a talk. Might as well talk, we were exhausted after our new found sexual freedom as an US.

“We have been having sex with each other since we knew about sex. It was just one of the things we did. When we heard about you and cheating we did not have any sex with each other until you just now permitted it. When we were together I did not have sex with anyone but you. I have not cheated on you, not even with my sister.” DD said.

“Well I sure as hell have. Ronald is my friend and Deanna is his wife and is carrying his baby and we just had sex!” I said.

“Look, Ronald is not an idiot. He gave me to you until the baby is born, and I quit lactating, don’t you get it? What do you think he meant by ‘What ever I want’?” Deanna said. “Until the baby is born I am your woman, your wife, and that is what I want to be. You let me love my sister again. You let us be pregnant together. You treat both babies as if they are yours, not one yours and another by a different man. We love you and not until the babies are born and healthy are you anything but our man, our lover, our husband. If you don’t believe me attempt to talk to Ronald about it and watch him cut you off.” Deanna said.

“From this time on, we are your wives and you are our husband and we are carrying your children. If you don’t want that then tell us now and we will go back to the way it was before Deanna arrived or even before we first made love and made our baby.” DD said.

“I think we need to sleep on this.” I said. I laid back and brought both women with me. I did not put my arms around them I put my arms and hands at my sides, so that I could rest a hand on each of my babies, and gently and slowly caressed them with my hand, feeling where they would grow and hoping that they would feel my love for them flowing through my hands and into their yet unborn bodies.

“Yes, tomorrow it will be better. Good night wife.” I said to each woman with me, kissing them both. Nothing passionate but very loving. They snuggled into me, put their arms around me, rested their heads on my shoulders and we all had a very contented sigh in unison.

“You are wrong husband.” DD said.

“It will never be better than this. This is perfect.” Deanna finished for her.

They were both wrong and I was right.

And then we were man and wives.

For the next week we became one at every opportunity. Do you remember tinker toys that you just joined together whenever and how ever they could fit; well that was us.

Me on the bottom Deanna on the bottom, DD on the bottom; and every place you could lick or kiss or suck or fuck, got exactly that. We even played the three in one game.

The “three in one” game was started by DD and I and we had played it together maybe a dozen times before Deanna got with us. It went like this. We made love until I had a good cum. It was a foregone conclusion that DD had a few before then.

The clock started when I started cuming and I never knew when the game was going to be played, so I always had to be ready. Then DD would suck me off as I ate her and then suck me hard and I would do some anal and had to cum three times, once in each hole, in less than an hour. Yes by this time we did try some anal. DD told me that everything some other woman could give me was what I was going to get from her and that she expected me to give her everything she could get from another man. It seemed fair to me.

So DD introduced Deanna to the game one night. By this time Deanna had gotten into anal from me and she appeared to enjoy it as much as DD did and told me that I was the first one. Then she found out about the game and we planed it once. Yes, three times in one hour.

Then it got kinky, if you can actually get more kinky than dumping your cum into all three holes of your wife in one hour; but it can.

Deanna told me the game was on after I finished inside of her and she turned to suck me hard. That is when DD got into the action.

“Oh baby, look at how hot Deanna looks with those big sexy black lips of hers cleaning your white cock. Oh and I love the way your cock is getting hard too. Look at her cheeks suck in as she works that white hard cock. Maybe I will just suck some of your cum out of her pussy baby, will that be ok?” Then she lifted her sister’s leg and looking at me began to lick my cum from around her pussy hone and then sucked more out of Deanna. “You taste so good baby, mixed with Deanna.” She followed with.

Well that did it for me and Deanna ended up with a mouth full of my cum, which she showed to her sister and I and got a kiss from me as a reward. Then she went back to sucking me hard accompanied with a “blow by blow” from DD about how sexy it looked to watch her pregnant ebony sister sucking my white cock as she ate my cum from her pussy. It did not take long to get me hard again.

“Ass baby, fuck her tight black ass and I will have her suck my pussy.” DD said.

Well they did exactly that and soon I had just dumped a third load and fell off to the side, like a lion in the zoo that just finished a few good bellows. Twenty-two minutes was my time that time.

“Enjoy it while you can because this is a young man’s game.” I told them both with a smile. The first week was a killer but I managed to muddle through.

After all I was twenty-eight then and you needed to be eighteen to really play that game. My wives were twenty-five. They were hitting their sexual peak and were horny as hell being pregnant. Add to that the fact that they had a bit of an inferiority complex going on because they were pregnant and gaining weight, they needed me to reassure them all the time, and I did.

Most of the time I made love to them; but there were times when they needed a good hard fucking and I did that too, if I was able. I did eat a lot of pussy and thank God they helped me help them, if you get my meaning.

Evidently they liked that game and with variations that they made up I actually got down to seventeen minutes; a personal best. They told me months later that being pregnant they were a little insecure and if they could turn me on and have me do three in one they knew I still found them attractive. I already figured that one out all by myself, but this was months later that they finally told me. I told them it was stupid and that I loved them both and had since the first moment I saw them and would always find them attractive.

It was newlywed sex for the next, well a very long time.

It was not all sex but it was all love. I did find that three of us could almost simultaneously relieve that breast pressure. But we kept looking for the right formula. We had to do it often if we were going to go out at all. We just kept experimenting.

More important than anything else was the requirement that we learn how to make a couple be three people. How to be loving to one and loving to the other at the same time. To not leave one out at the expense of the other. It is damn difficult to not get carried away with one person and forget the other. That was one reason we learned to hold hands as we caressed the other.

That month we went out quite a bit. I knew the girls would get tired easy in the future so we did what we could now. There was a lot of shopping for clothes. I got a lot of looks but not as many as my wives got, they just drew attention by their beauty and bearing.

I had to make sure to suck them dry before we went everywhere because they leaked a bit and they did wear a small bra at times but not often. We all helped with the sucking, and once in a while my aim was bad and I ended up between to very fine black legs, sucking the little girl until she vibrated. And if I did one then I had to do the other, it was only fair. They were always the hottest women around.

We had to talk all the time too. We discussed everything we could find to talk about. Sex was easy, we are programmed to make little people. We are not programmed to listed to our lovers and really understand how they feel and what they think. At times it was difficult not beating up on one at the expense of the other. Two against one is had to prevent when there are three of you. But in the end we managed to work out a compromise, much like husbands everywhere. My wives beat up on me, out voted me at every opportunity, and I accepted it, with a smile on my face. It is wonderful being that important to someone that they think that much of you. It is a husband and wife and wife thing. But when it came to the really important things one no vote was enough for it to be no. They always felt bad when they out voted me and in the end I learned to be against something so they would feel bad by out voting me and then I got a present, two presents actually. Life is a learning experience.

They still wore short skirts but no heals and no crop tops but those legs and those butts were definitely to die for, especially after they started to spread just a little. I saw a lot of men looking at them, but they were mine. They dressed for me and ignored the obvious looks of lust from other men and I ignored any women but mine.

We went to four plays and three dance performances, and lots of dinners out but without alcohol. I told them if they could not drink then neither could I. We went dancing but we only danced with each other.

I took them to parks and outdoor performances of all types. A picnic was always a welcome diversion and they could get comfortable and lie down. I showed them affection and never once ogled any other women. I know they looked more than once to see if I noticed some big titted white blond. Well of course I noticed but not because she was better, I am a man after all. But not once did my eyes travel with her as she walked. Not once did I sigh or give any indication that what was there was better or even close to what was with me right now. I loved my black twins with all my heart and I loved our babies just as much.

That list of things I had for DD now added those things just for Deanna but there was not more than one or two things added. When they say identical twins they mean it.

I bought things they may want to eat and fixed them as many ways as I could. I paid attention to what they watched on TV and comments they made about something looking good, or tasty. Then I made it my mission to find it, fix it, or buy it.

We went up to Santa Barbara and Solvang. We spent nights at Big Sur and Monterey Bay. We always made the trip slow and enjoyable. As long as there was an internet connection we could all get some work done. We had to live and to do that we had to work. But work, while important, never took away from US.

There was plenty of naked exercising at the homestead and damn if that loincloth thing did not look better and better. Even pregnant it looked sexy as hell for them to be topless with my baby showing as they sauntered around the house. And yes, they did it on purpose just to make sure I paid attention.

They made sure to get lots of sun, but with sunscreen.

Seeing them just waiting for me to look at them was an aphrodisiac and it made me hot as hell and them too. They might be pregnant but I was rock hard all the time. I made love to them all the time and in every room. I could not stand not to be touching them and they felt the same. If we sat on a couch we were all touching. I even had a special chair made for the three of us, like a recliner but big and contoured. At dinner we sat next to each other not across from each other. Our legs and arms touched when we ate and we fed each other.

We continued to hold hands as we caressed each other so that so that the act of touch did not leave anyone out.

I started buying things for them related to being pregnant. One day I brought home these wraps for the girls to wear around their stomachs to allow them a little rest time from holding their stomachs in. They thought it was sweet for me to even consider it.

I was always buying clothes for them too but I learned early that I had to buy two of everything in the same color as they always dressed exactly like the other. They were true twins.

We made a point of reading to each other and the babies. We played soft classical music and I learned something new, my girls spoke Chinese. It just never came up before. Not only did they speak it they read and wrote it. That is how they did all the paperwork on the farm equipment movements from China and they read the damn contracts too in the original Chinese. Written into the contract was the understanding that any ambiguity would be resolved in the Chinese language and not an English translation. They handled the importation documents and just about everything other than the sales. I was impressed before but now it knew no bounds. When it was a topic they dealt with they were scary smart.

About that time I told them I was now a part owner of the company I worked for. Not a big part but it was over ten percent. We began to plan a future together and then Ronald and Mike came home.

I went behind the girl’s backs for the first time. I went to Ronald.

“Ronald, we have to talk. It is about Deanna. I want to tell you how much I love her and there are a few things you should know, things you have to know.” I started.

He smiled at me and put that damn Virginia ham on my shoulder, the weight causing that side of my body to slump, and said:

“First, I already know that you love her. There are only two things I need to know. Did Deanna get everything she needed and everything she wanted? Did you ever tell her NO?” He asked.

“She got everything and I never told her NO. There is more to this than those two questions.” I said.

He smiled at me and said, “No there isn’t.”

“Look, there are things going on that I can’t explain now. Mike is my partner and I need to keep him happy and you having the girls keeps him happy and that means we make money. Right now the girls are happy and that makes me happy. So unless you are unhappy, you keep on doing what you are doing and everybody is happy.” Ronald ended.

That was the end of the conversation. So began a new and even stranger relationship for us all, all five of us.

I invited them, Mike and Ronald, to dinner at my house and the girls were happy that they were going to be there with us. I admitted to them that I tried to talk to Ronald, that I felt bad about going behind his back and when I told them what happened they laughed at me. Now they took to speaking Chinese in front of me, like when they spoke French in front of Ronald and Mike to make fun of them.

Up to this point in time I took their word for it about knowing Chinese but then I knew they were really on top of their game when they heard me talking in one of my four way conversations and they properly translated the Chinese and clarified something for all of us and a major problem was averted.

When I was asked who they were I introduced these two black pregnant beauties, who now proved to be smarter than I was, as my wives. When I was asked if that was illegal I told them the crime was worth the penalty.

For almost a month the girls and Ronald and even Mike were together quite a bit at our house going over contracts and working out shipment rates and dates as well as importations costs and arrival dates. Even Mike’s aversion to pregnant women seems to have abated but there was never any hint of rapprochement between Mike and DD. Instead there were work issues as in transportation from the port to some holding area and then shipment to final destinations but never anything more.

I made sure my wives got lots of breaks and attention. No jungle fever outfits when others were about, even if one was her husband and she was carrying his baby.

There were many sessions of massages and oils and of course every time I got hard I had a wife that knew exactly where to put it. Massaging a pregnant wife and having to bend over to help relieve some breast pressure always seemed to end up with my cock sliding into her. I did not always cum, I had two wives and when I was finished with one I had to massage and oil the other. The wives helped by assisting in the oiling, kissing and general loving. We were all learning to give and share; gives of ourselves and share the ones we loved.

We continued to live as man and wives and Ronald did not seem to mind and never asked for conjugal rights. He was sweet to the girls but nothing more. You could tell he loved her but it was like a brother instead of a husband. When I asked Deanna she just said until I gave her back I was her husband and she was my wife. When I asked if Ronald had a woman on the side she denied even the possibility.

As days, weeks, and months passed we three grew deeper in love and more committed to the others. I don’t think the girls could have become more committed to each other but I became devoted to them and the babies. I have to admit that during some nights I feared the end of this. I lived every moment with them as if it was my last. It was strange that the joy of birth could signal the doom of all that I now loved.

There was no more running for them but walking was ok. After a while that was out too. I got tread mills for them and there was a lot of swimming and yoga. Damn I hated yoga but they loved it so they did it and I did it with them. Damn I really hated yoga.

When I had to go to Nevada I took them and we stayed a few extra days. Everyone at work was surprised but no one said anything. I was an owner and my personal life was my personal life.

We got one of those Winnebago’s so the girls would be comfortable when we drove there. It was always a slow journey, I was in no hurry. I even got us into a Residence Inn for our time. It was more like a hotel where there was a maid that came in and changed the sheets and things. We had a kitchen we could use and we did take some side trips in the beast so that the girls would always be comfortable. Later I would buy us a small house there for our time so that we had everything we needed but we still drove in the beast so that there was plenty of room for our expanding family.

When I expressed my fears again about us being together I was told:

“Trust me baby, it will be ok. Everything will be just the way it should be.” DD or was it Deanna said. They never did tell me who was doing the talking.

I did something stupid, I decided to trust them. If they said it I believed it. It did not mean anything to me except trusting. That was the foundation of our relationship, it was trust and belief that each would do not that was best for themselves but for the other two. Stupid or not I believed it and I lived it. I still do.

It was six months into our time and one night I woke up and found myself nursing on a breast. I could also feel someone sucking my cock.

“Oh good, you are awake” I heard one say.

“I didn’t mean to wake you but since you are awake” my hot little cocksucker said, as she moved and impaled herself on my cock that she so diligently worked to get hard.

I knew what the other wanted and I pulled her up and onto my face. These two loved me to eat one while the other rode me. It was a favorite position of theirs. Then they would change places when they wanted, or moved into a new position.

“Didn’t mean to wake me?” I thought with a private laugh. One has her nipple in my mouth and the other is sucking my cock and she thinks I will stay asleep. I knew right away it was a symptom of their insecurity. Hell, I loved midnight sex, better for me.

We set up a baby room and got cribs and painted it. I did a double of everything. It was not necessary really, but when Deanna went to the other house I wanted her to have something from us to her.

Lamaze was interesting and people thought it was crazy for me to have two pregnant women, much less two pregnant hot black women. DD and Deanna told the women I was the perfect husband and father. I was proud of that. Some others there thought I was crazy. One told me that the punishment for bigamy should be to allow bigamy.

I still got to wake up and turn on my side and slide my cock into one twin and slow fuck until she had a nice cum or two and then turned and did the other and joined her cuming. I always had to plan on waiting through one sister and finishing with the other. Well we all have our little problems that life gives us. Either one could have burned me down by themselves but two of them, well it was just damn lucky they loved each other too, that gave me some help more than once. I never forgot that I always had a tongue and I made sure to always keep my nails very short, and that included my toe nails.

I had done a lot of reading and found out that the twins should have been getting yeast infections but they weren’t having them. I guess we were destined to be together.

We continued our day to day routines and soon the day of birth arrived.

The first to give birth was DD and as expected it was a beautiful baby girl, with just enough white in her to let everyone know I was the father. I was the first to hold her without gloves on, and after cleaning her off I kissed her and pressed her to DD’s breast where my competition for breast milk started. It was a race I did not mind losing. I was in love, no other way to say it. Now I had three women to love.

Now being there when she gave birth was an eye opener for me. I was looking at her as she was in labor and when the birth started I saw her eyes sort of glass over and I knew that look, I was the cause of it many times.

Deanna was in the same delivery room and was on the other side and the gurneys were next to the other. It was a crazy setup but we planned it that way.

The doctor stroked DD leg and said:

“It is ok, just let it go, it is ok.” Then she looked at me and smiled.

“It happens all the time.” She said looking at me. Well she was the doctor so I believed her, sort of.

The orgasm ripped through DD as she was in labor. Actually a few did. I later learned that it was not all that unusual.

Just about the time DD finished Deanna started and a few hours later I was holding the most beautiful biracial baby, half white and half black, just like her precious cousin. I did the exact same thing and put her on her mother’s breast. Now I had four women I loved with all my heart.

Yes Deanna has a few orgasms during labor too. The doctor looked at me and smiled.

“Those two must really be used to something big in there.” She said with a smile and looking at my crotch.

“Nothing even close to that big.” I said as I looked at our daughters.

Finally we were in the same room when Ronald and Mike came into the room. That is where the fight started. It passed me by but suddenly Ronald accused Mike of impregnating Deanna. How the hell else did the baby end up obviously white. I made them go outside.

“Listen you assholes don’t upset the babies or the mothers. Want to argue, do it outside but not here.” I told them.

Mike denied being the father and Ronald demanded a DNA test. Ronald accused Mike of wanting Deanna from the first and that he was jealous of Ronald and her.

“Hey make the white boy take the damn test, he probably did it.” Mike said.

I had no problem with it. I knew DD’s baby was mine but that was not the issue so I gave my swab too.

Mike and Ronald left to have a fight in the parking lot and I went back in to take care of the babies and mothers.

Mike and Ronald came back and verified that we all gave the DNA and then again left. Arguments aside, they had a business to run and a very profitable one and they were not going to destroy it fighting, at least not this night.

I took my wives and our babies to my house, it was already set up. We waited and waited but Ronald or Mike did not come back. We did get e-mails but nothing personal. They were out selling and would take care of the “issue” when they got back. That is what they called it, the “issue.”

Well my daughters were not “issues” they were precious little bundles as far as I was concerned.

The twins went from being my princesses to my queens and our precious little bundles now became princesses. I treated them as the royalty they were.

In the meantime we had strange sleeping arrangements. DD slept with me as did Deanna. One slept on one side and the other slept on my other side, both hugging me with one black arm each over my white chest. In between them with me, were two of the sweetest little girls God ever allowed to be created resting or sleeping on my chest. During the night one little girl would just take one filled nipple and the other took the other side. I don’t think the babies paid attention to who they were feeding from, just that they were. The mommies did not appear to care either. It was like they were both their daughters.

“See, it did get better” I told my wives.

They beamed when I said it. Their smiles were like a solar flair.

“Yes, you are right, it did get better.” They said. Then they added “Daddy.”

I got changing duties in the middle of the night but I did not mind at all. It was always two of everything, just like with the mothers. But DD and Deanna cheated. Sometimes one would feed both and let the other sleep. I did not have a twin to help, I had no one. I did not even have a parent to help. I had grown up in foster care and my foster mothers did it all but they were not around.

So I was alone, but I had my babies and the twins, my queens and our princesses and so I was happy. As far as I was concerned I had a full life and a full family and I did not care if Ronald or Mike ever came back, but I knew that they would.

You know that it is strange that we think of babies as helpless but they are not really that way. They can move around, sort of like undulating earth worms, you know what I mean. They can smell milk or their mothers and will sort of slowly wiggle their way to a tit. Not a straight line but jerky movements to get to the food.

The first thing they smelled when they were born was me and my breath blowing on them. By the third night they had found the smell again. After latching onto a tit and filling up they started moving and it took a while but finally I had two baby girls sort of wrapped around my neck, like two kittens.

It did not matter if I changed them or they were just fed but if they could they managed to get as close to my face as possible and settle in for a nap, usually close to my neck. That is the most you can get out of a baby, a nap. They are always awake for one thing or another. I was in love.

From that first week I was bathing the Deanna and Dianna. I was making it as good as I could. The rules said no bubble baths or scented bath salts so it was just warm water and then a hand wash but it worked and relaxed them. Ok maybe a nipple suck or two just to relive the pressure. Then a shower to rinse off and a dry and I moved onto wife number two, or is she number one and I just did number two? Who cares which one came first, they both did as far as I was concerned.

Well, first one then the other got the bath and after she would sit in these big chairs and I could give her the two angels and she would hold them after I got a cuddle or two with them and then I would do Deanna or Dianna, who ever I had not already done.

Later I would use scented oils and give them lots of massages and nice things to eat and drink. I could not use the oils on their breasts because the babies might not want to nurse then and nature had not given me the equipment needed to feed them.

My queens had given me heirs to the throne, and they deserved the best I could offer, for the rest of their lives. They lacked for nothing if that was a way I could provide it.

And then there was kissing, it never stopped. I could not help myself. When I could I kissed my queens any place I could. And the princesses, well they were little bundles and they got kisses and a tummy blow, it is never too early to make your child laugh and smile.

After two weeks they asked why I had not tried to have sex with them or asked for a blow job. I told them I would wait until we could all have sex. That day Deanna took me into one of the rooms and forced me to fuck her ass. I mean it was horrible but I managed to get through it. I think I got through it twice that time. I realized that she had carefully prepared herself for me. And ;lter I did find out that if I was very careful I could eat her little black pussy and give her a bit of a cum, but she was still sore.

The next day it was DD that went in with me. And again I was able to put my revulsion aside and do it twice and get a good way into a third. Pretty soon they each wanted it every day. I think it was their way of verifying that they were still sexy women to me. It was my way of making love to them. I made sure to eat them all the time. There was not a part of their bodies that was not perfection. I made sure my queens knew that.

But I changed the way we made love, because that is what it was. These were not just bitches to fuck and leave; they were the mothers of my children. So yes we did do it my way. First I made sure to orally stimulate them, and that means kissing and caressing everything, including those beautiful tummies that had held our precious babies. And then there was that wonderful black orchid, which I was very careful with, at first. Then we made love, face to face and yes it was anal but it was with me looking lovingly at my women, my wives, the mothers of our children.

Yes later we would fuck and do it nasty and hard and wild, because we all needed that thrill but it was always with love even if it was strange. After all, my women needed to be lusted after and I sure did that. That electric shock never left us.

We had to be careful though so that we cleaned up well so that the princesses never got a smell or taste of what mommy and daddy did. And we never had sex when they were with us in bed because that was their time to bond with us on a different level.

My queens were still entitled to massages which I gladly gave. Ok I did some nasty bits too.

We talked about their weight, they put on some major weight but I told them that it was ok; they needed that to feed our girls. I made them feel loved and beautiful and made sure to take them out and I only had eyes for my Royal Girls.

It took a month but Ronald and Mike finally got back and called for a family meeting down at the big house.

We sat in the den and I have DD on one side and Deanna on the other. I am sitting in the middle with two cute babies in my arms. I just so hate to put them down. The babies hate for me to put them down. When I do put them down they cry. The twins are on either side of me looking like the cat that just ate the canary, and they are pretty darn proud of themselves. Looking at the babies I can see why they should be.

“Del, we have the DNA results and want to go over them with you, if we can.” Ronald says with some seriousness in his voice.

“Sure no problem.” I respond.

“Here is the results of the DNA for Deanna’s baby and Del, you are the father.” Ronald says.

“But I can’t be, I did not sleep with Deanna, I would never do that to your wife.” I said.

“Apparently you did sleep with Deanna.” Ronald says.

“Oups, sorry Del, wrong test. That was the one for Dianna not Deanna. It looks like you are the father of the baby that Dianna had.” Ronald says.

Now I know I am busted.

“But you said you were only going to check for Deanna, not Dianna.” I said.

Then I heard a noise and looking out the house and I saw men walking out of my house with my belongings, all of our belongings.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“Del, you are moving.” Ronald says.

The twins still have not said anything. My heart is beating like I have just run a marathon but the babies appear calm and asleep. I can’t help but smile looking at them. The twins smile at my smiling. They are calm and the babies are calm.

“Oh, by the way, here is the DNA on Deanna. It looks like you are the father of her baby too.” Ronald says.

Now both men, Ronald and Mike are moving toward me. I am not sure what they are going to do but it may not be all that good.

What the hell am I going to do? I can probably run away from both of them but damn, I can’t run away from my babies. I can’t leave Deanna and Dianna here to take the brunt of this if they turn violent.

Well damn. I start to rise and open my arms and the mommies each take a baby and I head toward Mike. Shit he is huge, almost as big as Ronald, and maybe I can slow him down enough for the women to get away with the kids.

I yell for the twins to run. Dianna and Deanna have each grabbed a baby as I head out in a futile attempt to attack Mike. He is huge and I am lifted off the ground and end up dangling in the air. He is a big man. He puts his arms around me and I just know I will have the air forced out of me in a huge bear hug.

Well the hug happens but I can still breathe. Then he kisses me on the cheek and literally tosses me to Ronald who is standing next to us both and he does the same.

Dianna and Deanna are smiling and as my feet touch terra firma and a baby is thrust back into each arm.

“Del you are moving into this house. Mike and I are moving into your house. You will need to have the extra room and we like your view better. It will be better for everyone involved.” Ronald tells me.

“What the fuck?” I say.

“Don’t cuss in front of the babies” Deanna tells me.

Ronald continues: “Dianna and Deanna are my younger twin sisters and I have had to watch over them since our parents died. When I said I was married I meant that I was married to Mike, he is my husband. You just got it wrong and we never told you different. It was sort of fun.

“Mike and I will take over your house and we will be Uncle Mike and Uncle Ronald. Now he and I can travel like we always wanted and we don’t have to worry about my baby sisters. I never did expect they would fall in love with one person and definitely not a white man, but all things considered, it turned out for the best.

“And no, I never slept with my sisters and neither did Mike. Well actually that is not entirely true. When the girls were small we would have a sleep over and they would crawl into the bed with us but they were only two or three years old. They just wanted to be with their big brother and felt left out. I had to take them everyplace, so Mike and I got into the habit of taking care of them. But we never had sex with them. We have never had sex with any women.

“I know they talked about me having sex and getting the job done and all of that but the only person I have slept with in my life is Mike. We have been friends since we were ten and lovers since we could be.

“Del, you slept with both of them and you three have to deal with how you are going to handle that but from the look on your faces I am sure it will all work out.” Ronald finished.

It took all day to move the furniture around. Apparently every gay man in the area was there to help because it looked like ants moving in a line there was that many of them. I expected to see them break out in chorus line of YMCA at any moment as they were sure dressed for it. Freddie Mercury would have felt right at home with them.

“We are sorry Del, but we both fell in love with you. We kept changing who you were with from day to day and just did not tell you. DD is not any of our names. That was what my mother called us when she was talking about both of us. So when you said DD you actually were talking to us both. When you said ‘I love you DD, you were saying you loved us both.” Dianna said. “You could have been with Dianna or Deanna and called us DD.”

“I suspected as much.” I told them. “I was not sure until I saw the babies and then I knew for sure they were mine. I had my name put on the birth certificates as the father for both of them anyway.” I told them.

“But Del, we have to talk about the prenuptial agreement. We need you to prepare one.” Dianna said.

“Sorry, I can’t do that now. I no longer have any property or anything else. I am sort of working for free.” I told them.

“Baby, what happened?” Deanna asked.

“The day the babies were born I funded the trust I had drawn up when we were all living together. I funded the trust with my house and the stock and everything I own.” I said.

They just looked at me like I was crazy.

“The trust is irrevocable. You and the babies are the beneficiaries. For the rest of my life I will be working for you. Sort of like a white surf, working for the queens and princesses. But I was already your slave so that is the way it works. I just hope you want me because if not I am in deep shit.” I finished.

The girls left with me holding the babies. Then they came back with Ronald and Mike. They asked for copies of the trust and I gave them copies of the trust, now that my furniture was all down here. I also had a copy in my computer,

“Well you picked right, and that is for sure baby sisters.” Ronald said after he read the documents. Old Ronald turned out to be an attorney and a member of the United States Court of International Trade. They handle all matters of trade coming into or leaving the United States.

“We did not say anything but we don’t just work for my brother, we each own 25% of the company. We have 10 times the money you do. We are going to see our lawyers next week and add it all into that trust.” Deanna said.

I already knew they were owners, it is that internet thing again but I kept it to myself. Why screw things up. I had a few secrets of my own and they would learn of them in the fullness of time and not before. I could play games too.

“White boy I have to say you are dumb as a log. I mean these two beauties did everything but rape you and you left them alone.” Mike said.

I let the “white boy” comment from the albino slide.

“I know you saw them and I know they affected you. Hell you were hard most of the time. And you do have a pretty nice package down there.” Ronald said.

This was met by a punch from Mike on Ronald’s arm. If these two went into a tussle it would be like 600 pounds of muscle fighting by the girls and our babies.

“Ease up Mike; you are the only white man I want. You know what Del said. ‘Once you go white, give up the fight.’ Well I give up, Mike.” Ronald finished.

I thought, “Please don’t kiss; please don’t kiss.” I know I am a hypocrite but damn these two huge dudes kissing will just be too much for me. Thank god I did not see it, or anything else, happen.

Funny that they were so busy playing me that they never saw me play them. I was not going to touch the girls until I had one hell of a lot more information, and I finally got it and I never intended to let them go.

“I mean three times and then eight or nine hours off and then doing it again. For three or four days that is one hell of a schedule and you got both of them pregnant. You do know that they were changing up on you every time. They both wanted you to get them pregnant. You sure as hell did.” Mike finished.

“We really didn’t mean to trick you but you just would not make a move. We knew you wanted us and we wanted you but you misunderstood our relationship with Ronald and Mike and then we did not know how you were going to deal with Deanna and I being, you know.” Dianna said.

“Then we had to make up that fight with Mike to get you to take Dianna with you. But Dianna would be with you one night and I would be with you the next night and then we started lactating. It was perfect so Ronald came up with that ‘leaking’ argument. After all you had fallen for the argument about taking care of both of us. So then we got that promise and our first night we sort of worked things out.” Deanna said with a little smile.

“And you took such good care of us and our daughters when we were pregnant. We had to find a way to tell you so when they were born we sort of came up with the fight about one of the babies being Mike’s so we could get the DNA information and prove they were your daughters. Then we set up this little confrontation today to see what you would do and you did perfect.” Dianna said.

“I really hope you are not mad at us. We really do love you like crazy. We never really lied to you, and we just did not tell you everything at the same time and maybe just once or twice we – - you know.” Deanna said.

[Del: I was giving it all some very serious thought when little Ronnie and Michelle started moving around. Ok I named them after their uncles. I knew they were mine when I first saw them, even before then, and I had my name put on the birth certificate and I could actually see a family resemblance between the twins and Mike. Ok that was a bad joke, I mean Ronald. Well except they were not three hundred pounds and six foot eight and did not have hairy legs or a cock but they did sort of look like them. Ok the babies were sort of bald with a light dark down on their heads.

[Del: I could not believe they were buying this shit. As I said, I looked the company up on the internet and there were a number of stories about it and the four owners of the company? I knew that Ronald and Mike were married in San Francisco and that was all I really needed to know about them. Hey, I'm not some big time fool you know. I may not have looked them up until after they started playing me but I knew exactly what was going on, but there is no need for them to know that. I was concerned about what the girls had going on with their brother and Mike, but that one was easier to figure out if you just paid attention and I did. It was easy to learn they had nothing going on but still I was concerned that maybe my information was not complete so I was a little concerned about how they would react to the DNA evidence but once that was out of the way, there would be no problems at all. I wanted my wives to be happy and I wanted to be happy, so I paid attention and took my time. It was one hell of a fun game and they got to play theirs and I got to play mine. They just did not know that I knew the game was on. But it is not over yet, not by any means. I also was not sure of the relationship between the four of them until now, so there was some angst about what could happen. Love makes fools of each of us.]

Anyway, little Michelle and Ronnie needed some nap time, having been sleeping most of the day, which is very tiring for a baby. They were also in real need of a double dose of milk so that they could go into that baby milk stupor we all know so well. And let me tell you that a change was in order.

And the babies needed a change too. I mean I knew what was up but I did not know the guys well enough to read exactly what was going to happen. They could just as easily come unglued with the DNA results; I did not think so but it was possible. I had to be ready for anything. But I also remembered that my wives said it would all be as it should be and I trusted them.

So we decided to think on it and let the guys go and we got on with our new lives in the new house.

They got even more attention than before, my Queens and Princesses. I never looked at another woman again. We went out and did what married couples, or is that triples do. Mike and Ronald were good uncles and baby sitters.

Yes we still went to Nevada in the beast and then there was a major change.

“Girls, I have to go to Europe,” I said one day.

“How long will you be gone?” they asked.

“Not long, only a few years.” I said.

“What the hell are you talking about? You are not heading off to Europe for a few fucking years?” was the response.

“Why are you all upset? We have months to get ready. We are going to be in the Nancy area of France. We will be close to Germany as well as Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. Seventy five miles to Luxembourg, and close to everything else. I will get us a great place and Ronald and Mike can visit any time they want.” I told them.

Once they understood that I was not leaving them but taking them, well we all got along so well that the babies went to bed early and so did my wives and I.

So we went to Europe to live. I was now just shy of thirty and we were almost back into the jungle fever game. The girls wanted to get pregnant again and I wanted them pregnant again.

It was a beautiful place we had with a great view of everything. Again I asked them to marry me and this time they agreed. When they asked which one I was going to marry I just smiled and said “both.”

The wedding day was getting close, only a few months away, so Mike and Ronald showed up; there was plenty of room.

One day we are sitting on the couch and playing with the kids and watching them play search and destroy, children know that game without being told. There is a knock at the door.

“Mike can you get that?” I yell out.

“Del there is a General Franklin at the door and she says she is your mother, but I think she is lying.” Mike says.

Following close behind is Brigadier General Franklin. Generals, no matter how many stars they have, don’t like to be kept waiting or standing at a door.

“Mother! I was waiting for you. I am so glad you will make it to the wedding.” I say as I give her a kiss on the cheek.

Only Dianna is there with me as she enters. Well the kids are there and I am holding little Michelle.

“Mother, I would like you to meet my wife Dianna. We are not actually married yet but she is still my wife. And this is your granddaughter Michelle.” I say as I show her a now almost two year old Michelle.

Michelle does not have a chance to do anything except giggle as she ends up in the arms of General Franklin. She takes to her immediately.

Mother leans over and gives Dianna a kiss on the cheek, as women do all over the world.

“Would you like something to drink?” I ask.

“Please. Something soft.” She says.

“I will be right back. Will ice tea be ok?” Dianna asks as she rushes out not waiting for an answer.

We sit and Ronnie now joins Michelle in grandmother’s lap.

“I did not put any sugar in it. Del takes his without.” She says.

Mother looks askance at her but takes it. As she takes a sip there is another knock at the door. This time Ronald goes to see who is there. He is mumbling to himself as he comes back in.

“There is a General Franklin at the door and she says she is your mother. I don’t think she is really your mother.” A confused Ronald says to a room of very confused people.

As was the case the last time the general did not wait at the door.

“Mother, how wonderful that you are here.” I say as I hug and kiss her cheek.

Now both children are crawling from each lap to the other.

“These are my beautiful children and this is . .” I start to say when interrupted.

“This is not Dianna, who I met first a moment ago. This must be Deanna. I think they are playing games with us.” The first mother says with a bit of a smile.

“No you are right, this is Deanna.” I say to a shocked Deanna. “Would you please ask Dianna to come out.” I added.

Deanna leaves and then comes back and says that she is Dianna and she is pleased to meet the “mothers.”

“Deanna, you are not Dianna, we need both of you in here,” I tell her.

Now Ronald, Mike and Deanna are shocked. Dianna enters the room.

“Dianna and Deanna, these are my mothers, Donna and Dorothy Franklin.”

Everyone in the room is attempting to set a trap for flies, why else would they have their mouths open.

It could not possibly have anything to do with the two almost sixty year olds standing before them that I call mother. They are five foot three, thin, and are as identical as twins can be.

“But how can you be his mothers? He was an orphan and in foster care, that is what he told us.” Deanna said. “And how come he can tell us apart now?”

“He was in foster care, until he was fifteen and then he became an emancipated youth. We raised him from the time he was two. We were in the Army and he went all around the world with us. Did he tell you he went to school in Cambridge? Well now you know why he can speak all those languages.

“Anyway, when he turned fifteen he became emancipated and was able to make his own decisions. So at that time he wanted to be adopted and we did an adult adoption.

“There is no prohibition about two people adopting and we found a sympathetic judge who granted the petition.” Dorothy said.

“And I was always able to tell you and Dianna apart.” I said looking at Deanna and then to my moms.

“That means when we thought we were trading places with you, you actually knew we were different people?” Dianna asked.

“Of course I did. By then I had checked you out and knew about you being Ronald’s sisters. I was not completely sure about it but I was sure I was in love with both of you from the first moment we met and you had so much fun playing your game that I just went along with it. When you grow up with twins you get used to being able to identify them as individuals and not see the common things but the differences.” I said with a smile.

“So when mom’s agreed to adopt me I took their name, Franklin.” I added.

“But, but, you are white.” Ronald said.

“It would appear so” I told him.

“But, but” Ronald attempted to continue.

There before my black twin wives stood my black twin mothers. And there was even more for them to learn.

“But we are black and you think that is a problem? Well it was never a problem to Del and he called us both mother from the day he first same into the house and he is our son.” Donna said.

I smiled.

“But your first wife was white.” Dianna said.

“Yes she was and was that a fucking nightmare.” I answered back.

“Watch you mouth in front of the babies” for women said in unison.

“Yes we were disappointed in that choice and that is for sure. But we were away and could not help him. He had just gotten his discharge and was still screwed up but we did not realize how bad it was. He was perfect for his job but still was suffering and we should have been with him but there was just no way.

“He was always smart and had multiple degrees early on, but he was not emotionally able to handle what happened to him. He had been able to depend on us all of his life and now he was on his own for the first time in his life. But he was a man and had to make his own mistakes but we did not think it would be one that damn big. Did you at least follow our rule about sex?” Dorothy said.

“Yes mother. I was a virgin when I got married. Damn, do we have to talk about that now?” I responded, once again being a child with his mothers.

“And now, how about now Delano? Donna asked.

“Three mother, only three.” I told her.

“So that means six different women! We are disappointed in you Delano.” My mother’s said. I was always Delano when they were upset.

“No mother, three total. All three are my wives. No one else mother, just like you told me. Join with your wife and no one else. I did not think there would be two at once though but I am not complaining.” I told everyone.

My wives were beaming when I said that.

“And you girls, our son’s wives, what about you?” Donna continued.

This was something we never talked about between ourselves.

They each answered two.

“I had one experience in college.” Deanna said. “It was not very good for me.”

“Me too; I had one experience in college and I did not like it much. There was no love involved and I thought I was just a piece of meat to him. I was just a virgin to add to his count.” Dianna added.

“It was never that way with Del. He is our second and our last lover. He was our friend first and our lover second. And then he let us be us and never tried to stop us. We held off at first with each other until he said it was ok. We did not want him to think we would cheat, even with each other. But he really loves us both and our children and we are all lovers.” Deanna said.

Changing the embarrassing topic of discussion, no woman wants to spend too much time talking about having sex to their mother in laws’ son, so turning to me Deanna asked:

“But they are Generals in the Army. Why aren’t you in the Army?”

“You better tell her son. If you are going to marry them you better tell them.” Dorothy said.

“Well I sort of, maybe still, work for the Army but I am not in the Army, anymore. That scar is when I got shot and they promoted me and kicked my ass out. That is why I screwed up and married that whore.

“You see I was on an operation with some foreign commandos. I went through Ranger training but I am not a Ranger, I am a computer intelligence officer. It was their job to take the geek into an area and let me do my thing with a computer system. In this case it was to infiltrate an enemy base and download a virus into their computer system. Nothing crazy, it was just a little program that made some very minor alterations to mathematical equations so that some very detailed calculations would be off by just a bit. Not enough to draw attention to them but enough to alter the results.

“When the bad guys work hard trying to make a nuke from scratch and have to depend on others for all the parts then a few minor errors here and there, which will never be repeated in the same area twice, well it becomes impossible to make a functioning bomb. Inasmuch as all the systems are in communication with each other through their command and control systems, well it spreads. It changes the registers and just tweaks the system here and there, and that is that. My program is smart enough to not affect normal stuff so if you use the calculator and add numbers it will give you the correct answer. If you run checks on the equations within the program it will give you the correct answer, just as if it were operating correctly. But if you start running the calculations for making a bomb the program recognizes it and creates a variance. It is even smart enough to repeat the same wrong answer time after time so that it will not appear to be in error, but in a different part of the equation. It is like having a computer tell you that one and one is three.

“So we were in a place where we should not be in but we had to be there. We were spotted after I dropped the virus into the system and we were on the way out and there was one hell of a fight. They shot at us, we shot back, I was wounded, and the real commandos got my geek ass back to America. If they had found me then they would have known it was their computer we were after instead of a few pieces of equipment that we destroyed out in the open.

“I was a captain in intelligence and after I was shot I was deemed disabled and promoted and kicked out. They gave me a medal or two and now I am a retired Major but I still work for the Department of Defense. I have a private contract with my company to identify and combat industrial spying, if it can affect national security. That is what my company does, we stop industrial spying. Everyone I work with is prior Military Intelligence, even the foreign workers you hear me talk to. Everyone in the company is like me, or I am like them. We work for the American government as private contractors with the Department of Defense. The ‘interface between hardware and software is all bugged so we can see who is attempting to steal the software and monitor systems. We design little bombs that ferret out the mainframe of the theft computer and then instead of destroying it we simply distort the information it steals.” I sort of shrugged as I said it. “It even sends us reports.”

“You mean my farm equipment is bugged?” Mike asked.

“Mike, the United States of America does not give a rat’s ass about you farm implements. By the way, Chinese metallurgy sucks, and I would pay attention to that. What we care about is the computer software that it uses because it monitors and relays information to other computers. It has WI/FI capability, ostensibly for monitoring itself and reporting to your service facilities, but in reality it also keep track of positioning when you work the equipment and it talks to other systems even if you don’t know it. The system monitors everything including speed, direction, if the equipment is working or you are just moving it. It even monitors moisture and soil content. Everything a farmer needs to know and everything our enemies would like to know. They are tracking our farming capabilities through your and other equipment. Yes they could get the same information in other ways but this gives them the information in real time. They do the same thing with other products, as do many other countries.

“But before it ever gets to you we alter the computer systems. Those places you have set up install and to fix the systems, some of them are our guys, not my company but a different one and they are making sure the interface is not talking to the wrong people with correct information. We make sure that it does not use the wireless system to accurately report on crop size and locations as well as water systems and highways.

“We are not after you, we want the Chicoms to think it works, so when we send them false information and they think it is real. Of course if you tell anyone we have to kill you.” I told them with a smile. “We do the same thing with a lot of products that can be a problem. That is why we have special DOD computers and why you can’t just plug any flash drive into a DOD computer anymore.”

“Gonna kill us too?” Dianna asked with a hint of something.

“Already started my dear. You and your sister are in the beginning of a deadly battle where I will be fucking one or both of you to death.” I said.

“At ease Major! Your mother and I don’t need to hear that crap. And watch your mouth in front of the babies! Just give us the grandchildren and a place to stay and we will all be happy.” Donna said. “How you make them is private as far as we are concerned.”

“And your mothers, what do they do in the Army and why are they Generals?” Ronald asked.

“Ronald, my mothers are right here in front of you, don’t ask me, ask them.” I told him looking at my mothers.

“We are spooks” Dorothy answered.

“I can see that Dorothy,” Ronald said.

Donna got up and walked up to Ronald. As big as he is she had no problem reaching over and grabbed his package, giving it a disabling squeeze. He was actually sweating and knew better than to try to move.

“You may have a lot of muscle down here. Actually I can tell you do have a lot of muscle down here. But try thinking with you head country boy. We are spooks as in spies. For years we flew intelligence missions and used everything from fixed wing craft to Blackhawk’s. We flew penetrators, like the MH-60L’s and the Apache Longbow with intelligence gathering capabilities. We are intelligence officers. Spooks to some and spies to others.” Donna said.

“You have all been vetted by the good old U.S.A. and are cleared to hear all of this because there is no way we can hide it from you anymore. It is just too difficult. You are getting married, we are going to live with you and Del and trying to keep it from you will get harder as time goes on. A man can’t keep secrets from his wives and not appear to be a cheating piece of shit.

“So now you know all about us. Here is something else to know. Donna and I are retiring. We are leaving the Army, or as much as we can as Generals. We are moving in with you and are going to take care of our grandchildren and our son; and his two beautiful wives, if they will have us. We don’t need much room. Just one bedroom and one bed is enough. So don’t give us any crap boy and you just might be able to use that weapon you are packing in the future. Do we have your complete attention now?” Donna finished, finally letting Ronald go.

My mothers were some bad ass women and I sure as hell never argued with them and now Ronald and Mike, despite their size, understood it too. This was one time their size did not help them, good old mom’s could just reach out and grab them where it would hurt the most.

Dianna and Deanna looked at each other.

“But I saw the military allows for, women to marry each other. I saw it in the Air Force Times.” Deanna said.

“She really is sweet baby. You are going to have a wonderful life with her and her sister. She is right of course. The Armed Forces now allow for same sex marriages. But as of yet they don’t allow for incest and Donna and I can’t get married.” Dorothy said.

“We have been able to get away with it by not hanging out with others, and living by ourselves. It can be lonely but we have loved each other all of our lives and we are serving our country but it is lonely, especially now that our boy is gone. Sisters living together was a perfect cover. No one ever questioned us. But now we want to be grandmothers too and after all those years with Del, we want to be part of his life again, if you will allow it. This is your home and he is your husband but we really want to be part of your lives.” Donna added.

“So despite our son telling us about you how did you actually get together?” Donna asked.

“Jungle fever. The boy had a bad case of jungle fever.” Ronald piped up and said.

Dorothy who was sitting close to Ronald reached over and put her hand on his upper calf. Ronald froze like a doe in the brush knowing a predator was close.

“I don’t think I like that term. As a matter of fact I know I don’t like that term.” Dorothy said.

I have never seen a black man turn white but every bit of color left him. It was like the pigments in his skin just disappeared. The man was actually shaking.

“Yes mum.” He replied. When he said it you knew he was trying to break the tension but it did not exactly work.

I reached over and took mother by the hand and lifted it from Ronald.

“That is what it was mother, jungle fever and I still have it, I have it bad.” I told her.

“The first day we met we both knew he was for us. When we touched hands there was electricity in the air and in our touch. When he told us about his first marriage Dianna and I knew we had to stop. He was for us and we were for him, and if that meant us not having our special love, well so be it, as long as we had his.” Deanna said.

“From that first day we did everything we could to interest him. Finally we were naked and he still would not move on us. We had him put oil on us, we rubbed against him, it went on for months.” Dianna said.

My mothers smiled at me.

“Finally he just could not take it and took Dianna. He skewered her good. She told him she was ovulating and could get pregnant and he said that was going to be his job permanently. He was carrying her and before they went ten steps he had fertilized every egg he could. They did it two more times and she left.” Deanna said.

“I came back nine hours later pretending to be Dianna, but he was ready for me. This time the house was prepared and it was not a hurried event but he did the same thing to me. It was the first time a man ever kissed me, down there.” Deanna followed.

“Too much information dear.” Donna said.

“Every nine hours or so and he made love and at the end of the week we were both pregnant. We pretended Mike was upset about me being pregnant so I could move in with Del. But Dianna and I still changed every day. We constantly made love and we both loved him. When we started lactating Ronald was able to get Del to have both of us live with Del.

“That was the first night we all made love and he gave us permission to love each of us and not be cheating on him or each other.” Dianna said.

“Now I knew they were switching on me and I knew they were in love with each other. It was not exactly the first time I saw two sisters in love with each other. I believed them when they said they had not been with each other just to be able to tell me they were not cheating. I could not let them do that. Both were willing to be my lovers and my wives, it seems absurd not to let them be the other’s lover too.

“I allowed them to play their game, knowing they were switching on me. During one of the many tests I had a chance to have fluids drawn and a DNA done, but I didn’t. Trust, I had to trust. I trusted both of them.

“And I have a bad case of jungle fever and I never intend to be cured of it. So please don’t hurt my brother-in-law to be mother.” I said with a bit of a chuckle.

She moved her hand from his thigh and his color came back. For a minute there I thought we were going to have two albino uncles in the family.

The plan for the weddings was perfect. My mothers helped arrange everything. We got marriage licenses in France and in Switzerland.

The mothers were escorted by Mike and Ronald. They were in uniform and even close to sixty, I am not sure of their exact age and I never intend to ask, they were stunning.

Deanna and Dianna both wore white gowns, matching as they always did. I was told to wear my uniform and so I got a new one and put it on. It was the only time I would ever wear one and I did it for my wives. When they asked about the red white and blue ribbon and the star hanging from it, I told them it was for polishing my shoes all the time. I was in a Dress Mess uniform with all the medals in miniature, not just ribbons. Dorothy told her it was a Silver Star for bravery and later she would show both wives the citation, I never looked at it. For me I never did anything to earn it, I was just there and trying to stay alive and helping those around me. I was proud of the Purple Heart though.

Our lives went on and became ever fuller. Two more little princesses graced our Court, and we named them Donna and Dorothy. My mothers were ecstatic.

Now we were back in California and all living together, or close anyway. The Generals got their own little house a few feet from ours. They also did consulting for my company, they were more than qualified. Ronald and Mike still had my old home, which was now too in the trust.

The trust got even bigger when Ronald and Mike put their one half interest in their business into it. Who the hell were they going to give it to? There was only the two of them and their sisters.

We were working on our third set of children.

We were into my case of jungle fever. It had now become a custom that when we started to play we did a lot of jungle fever. I never got over the passions of seeing my wives in those loin cloths that hardly covered their shining black skin. I still oiled them daily, it was what we did.

By now they had a bunch of loin cloths but always two of the sake kind. Now we played lots of games. My wives got to be ladies and sluts, as the mood struck them and I was always game. I was their loving husband, their Master, even their slave. What the hell, it was only us and we kept it happy for everyone.

Gaia reveals something that shakes Lyden to the core. She also sends him on his next mission: to get talismans from each Pillar; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness. Impossible tasks followed by an impossible request await the generator.

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Chapter 31

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What Must Come