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The characters in this story are based on real people but their names have been change. ALTHOUGH they are based on real people NONE OF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! EVER!!!


“What do you mean us?!” Dylan shouts.

“Come on. I’ll explain on the way down” Sam says blushing. Dylan walks towards the lower field with Sam explaining how they were volunteered by Rachel. Dylan’s mind races as he thinks of kissing Sam, the boy he has had sexual fantasies about.

-Dylan’s thoughts: what if I can control myself? What if he thinks I’m a total freak after?-

~Sam’s thoughts: oh my god! I’m going to kiss Dylan! I wonder if he thinks this is weird or gross~

they walk down the bleachers to the track mat that’s been left out for the season with everyone lying on the mat.

“Our boys are here, since all the other males are to pussy to do it!” Rachel hollers using air quotes around males. She gets off the mat, her hair full of static, and walks over to Dylan and Sam. “Ok boys here’s the rules: it has to be a real kiss not a peck. You can go for as long as you want but you have to go at least 15 seconds. You can go as far as you want, don’t mind us.”

“Why were we volunteered, Rachel??” Dylan shouts at her as he towers over her 5 foot 6 inch frame.

“I’ll answer that when you finish, dear Dylan.” She says knowingly as she takes Dylan’s wrist and turns him to Sam. “Now you two can stand up and kiss or lay down in the middle of the mat. Your choice.” She lets go of Dylan and he looks to Sam to decide.

“Come on boys!” Adrie shouts at them, recording with her phone.

Sam looks into Dylan’s deep hazel eyes and knows how badly he wants to kiss the naturally tanned boy.

~he’s so cute! And I get to kiss him! ~

-what the hell is she thinking?! I don’t know if I can hold back-

Dylan walks over to Sam and puts his hands on Sam’s pale cheeks that began to flush into a cute pink color at the touch. Dylan leans in and touches his lips to Sam’s lips softly but it was electric to them. Both their dicks start to harden as their bodies draw closer together. Dylan starts to make out more passionately with Sam. He pulls Sam closer to him making a lot of girls squeal in joy and guys retch. As Sam opens his mouth to let Dylan slip his tongue into his mouth, one of the guys start calling out “15 seconds are up faggots”

“They are more confident in their manhood’s than you pussies!” Rachel yells at the guys, “They can go as long as they want to!”

-damn it! I don’t want to stop-

~no I want to keep kissing him~

Dylan, reluctant to let go of the moment, pulls back and lets go of Sam. Dylan then whips around and glares at Rachel.

“Now you owe me an explanation.”

“Alright follow me.” Rachael says calmly and starts walking to the end of the track. Dylan follows her glaring at her back.

“Ok explain why you volunteered us to kiss?”

“‘Cause I know you like him.”

“What!? I do not like Sam! He’s a guy!”

“So? You still like him. I’ve seen the way you look at him.” She says licking her lips. “I’ve seen the way he looks back at you.”

“H-he looks at me?” Dylan asks hopefully.

“Like a school girl with a crush on her teacher. He likes you a lot but doesn’t think you like him.”

“But I love him….”

“Don’t tell me that. Tell him.”

She starts walking back to the mat and Dylan slowly follows behind her. When they reach the mat she starts conducting the game of truth or dare and Dylan sits down cross from Sam. Dylan stares at the pale skinny boy who is still slightly flushed.


Sam is sitting in an empty class room waiting for Dylan after early morning classes ended. Sam’s brown hair falling into his pale face as Dylan walks in.

“I’m sorry I’m late baby,” Dylan walks over to Sam and hugs him, kissing him deeply.

“It’s ok sexy. I just got here a little bit ago.”

“Why did you want to talk?” Dylan asks worried.

“Not so much talk as do,” Sam whispers to Dylan, sending chills up and down Dylan’s spine. Dylan wraps his arms around Sam’s waist.

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to take me right here right now.”

Dylan looks deeply into Sam’s icy blue eyes looking for any hint of a joke, upon finding none he kisses his lover and runs his hands all over Sam’s body, squeezing his firm round ass.

“What do you want to do?” Dylan asks undoing Sam’s jeans. Sam pulls himself up to Dylan’s ear and nibbles on the lobe making Dylan shiver. Sam’s hands make their way to Dylan’s jeans and pull them off. Dylan lifts Sam onto a desk after taking his pants off.

“Take me so I can have your baby” Sam says as he kisses Dylan, taking Dylan’s thick rod into his hands and starts to jack him. Dylan pulls away Sam’s hands and gets on his knees. Dylan slings his loves pale legs over his shoulder exposing the little pink bud.

Dylan runs his hands under Sam’s round ass lifting his tight hole up to his waiting wet mouth. Dylan’s eager tongue worked around the sensitive hole making Sam moan and run his slim hands through Dylan’s shaggy brown hair. Dylan works his tongue into Sam and works it in and out fucking his love with his tongue. Once Sam’s hole is loosened up and gets down on the floor and takes Dylan’s dick into his hand. He guides the large head into his mouth and runs his hands down to the low slung balls. Dylan moans as Sam bobs his head up and down onto the thick dick of his lover.

“You’re so sexy,” Dylan moans as Sam starts to deep throat the long thick dick. Dylan thrusts up to meet Sam half way. Once Dylan’s dick is covered in his saliva, Sam gets up and leans over the desk showing his well licked hole.

“Dylan, take me nice and deep”

Dylan walks up and grabs Sam’s hips and puts his steel hard rod to the nice tight hole and pushes so it spreads around his head.

“God you’re so tight!”

Dylan starts to push in and pull out making Sam moan and clutch the desk. As Dylan pushes his cock all the way into Sam’s warm asshole he moves his hands up to Sam’s chest playing with his stiff nipples. Sam starts to moves his hips to make Dylan fuck his tight ass.

“Dylan, your dick feels so wonderful in my ass!” Sam moans as his ass is fucked by another boy. Dylan starts to pound into Sam harder and faster.

“Dylan, I’m gonna cum!” Sam shouts as he feels his balls tighten. At this Dylan goes wild and fucks Sam trying to get the tall slender boy to cum.

“I’m c-c-c-cumming!” Sam stutters out as his white sticky load lands on the desk below him. When he comes down from his high he feels a warm sensation in his well fucked hole as he realizes his love had planted his seed in him. As Dylan pulls out Sam reaches into his bag and pulls out a pair of frilly girl panties in a light purple color and pulls them up over his ass and dick.

“You’re going to wear those panties for me?”

“How else am I going to keep your seed with me longer?” Sam says blushing as he feels the warmth already starting to leak out into the panties. Dylan hugs the boy putting his chin on the top of his head.

“You can have it whenever you want, baby,” Dylan says as he runs his hands over Sam’s ass. Sam blushes as he feels the wet spot form in the panties. The boys get dressed and leave for first hour with a kiss.


Dylan watches as Sam motor boats one of the girls then realizes he is sporting a nice boner. When most everyone leaves, just Dylan and Sam sit on the mat.

“I liked kissing you,” Sam says looking away blushing.

1 – Surprising an old friend

It only started out about a year ago. Actually, really, it was much longer ago. But two years ago things REALLY got going. It was when Mike, my brother-in-law, asked me to have a look at his computer, the CDR wasn’t doing what it should. So one evening when his wife, my wife’s very best friend and business partner, was visiting my wife – it all gets just a bit complicated HERE, anyway, I went over to see what I could do.

After about an hour I thought I had it sorted, it was a software rather than a hardware problem. I shouted down to Mike to show him what I’d done but when I called he wasn’t there. Probably gone over the road to see his wife, or mine maybe. I said it was complicated.

Mike and I had been mates for donkey’s years, ever since school sixth form. Done everything together, even dated best friends, Marianne and Carol. And yes, even married them. OK, we’d all split up to go to college, the girls both got into Cambridge, I went to Exeter, Mike went to Oxford so we were some distance apart but we still met up in holidays and for weekends and so on. Mike stayed on to do his Master’s, I left and got a job and married Carol about 6 months later, we reckoned we could afford it by them, both working and so on. Mike and Mari got hitched another 6 months after that just after he started work.

And we all lived near Brum, we liked the area, felt accepted there, on different sides of the city to start with but later we ended up in two nice houses on opposite sides of the road, and only about 100 yards apart. The girls were delighted, living so near to each other, they ended up setting up their own small business together, and Mike and I still got on really famously.

Anyway, back to THE day. The first day. The very first day that I realised my mate of long-standing had an interest I hadn’t known about. When I realised Mike wasn’t around I decided to have a bit of a play, to see just what Mike’s so-called ‘super-computer’ was about. It wasn’t really super, just quite a bit newer than mine. From the Desktop I clicked on ‘Documents’ and saw – to my surprise – a filename which surprised me. It surprised me a lot.


I recognised the name. I’d seen it before. I’d downloaded it. I clicked to be sure and – yes. I was right. Mike had been careless, he shouldn’t have left the shortcut there, he should have deleted it but he hadn’t. I looked. At an attractive woman on a street probably in London, chatting to a street vendor of some sort. An attractive woman, I have to say, but then like I said I’d seen it before. And other pictures of Jenny in different places and in different poses. Including pictures of her in very smart and attractive dresses, or in exotic skimpy lingerie, or even in school uniforms. And others where, proudly protruding from under her skirt you could see her cock. Jenny was a transvestite, probably still is. I’d never met one, never even seen one in real life except maybe one day in Centenary Square in Brum but I wasn’t really sure about that one. If I hadn’t had Carol with me at the time I might well have followed her. Him. Or her, followed her to try to find out.

But on the Web, that’s different. I’d seen lots. Absolutely loads. I loved to look at the ultra-feminine figures and faces and legs and hair of men dressed as women. But Mike – that surprised me. I’d known him for years, never suspected …

“Well Ben. You too?”

Mike had surprised my day-dreaming, I hadn’t heard him come into the study – the small bedroom really. And what he had said and the tone of his voice had surprised me too. How long had I known Mike? Years, obviously. Yet I had never realised, and neither had he, that we shared a common interest, a common fascination, with TVs. Trannies. Transvestites. Men who liked to dress up in women’s clothes. I smiled, rather weakly, at him.

“Well, I think the CDR is fixed, mate. PC up and fully running.”

Mike didn’t say anything. He just reached up to the CD rack beside the PC and took a disc from it, one hand-labelled ‘footy pics’. He leaned over my shoulder to put it into the machine, then took the mouse and clicked through the directories. He double-clicked a file, I didn’t see which, and on-screen appeared a picture of a woman. Except I knew, I KNEW, it wasn’t a woman. This was a tranny, sitting in a café somewhere smiling as ‘she’ reached for her coffee cup. You could see people all around the edges of the picture, obviously this was a tranny who was ‘out’, or at least one who went out dressed up.

And dressed? Well! The image was outstanding. A ‘woman’ with longish red hair, gorgeous makeup, tasteful but good-looking jewellery, and a wonderfully sexy outfit – white blouse deep cut at the front to show some cleavage, short tight black skirt, stockings and high heeled shoes. I’m sure they were stockings. I looked at the picture. Then I looked at Mike. He smiled at me.

“That’s Rebecca, somewhere in the States, Ohio I think, my favourite tranny. She just looks so gorgeous. If she wasn’t a man I could fuck her, really. What do you think?”

I had to agree with him, and countered his efforts by going online and finding ‘Kathleen’ – an English TV he’d not encountered before. Some of her pictures are not that brilliant but when I showed him the series with him/her in a purple latex dress, a gorgeous redhead in black stockings and very high heels his only comment was – Mike always was much cruder than me – “Christ I’d love my cock up that cunt!”

At which point I heard a noise from downstairs – the girls were back. Mike quickly took charge of the mouse and logged off quickly, ending up on a financial services site in case one of them popped a head into the study. As I left a few minutes later Mike returned to the topic of transvestism.

“You ever dressed yourself, Ben? I bet you have. I did a bit when I was younger, in my mother’s stuff. Just a bit you understand. Couldn’t do it now though.”

Indeed he couldn’t. Just before college, having been medium height for all his teen years Mike had shot up. And since then he’d broadened out, to about 6 foot 3 and nearly 14 stone. Not a ‘womanly’ figure at all. And that’s not saying anything about his hairiness, in some ways I’d been jealous of his manly very hairy chest.

I had to admit it – he’d been honest with me.

“Yes, same as you Mike I think, in mother’s stuff. And after we got married I did think about dressing in Carol’s clothes but really she’s way too small.”

Carol was not exactly petite but heading that way, certainly more than a whole size less than me in girly clothing terms. His last comment surprised me.

“I bet you could in Mari’s clothes, Ben. About size 12, some of them are 14 I know. They’d be about your size I reckon.”

I looked at him, somewhat amazed.

“I reckon you should give it a go, mate. Could be fun.”

I thought about what Mike had said as I walked home. The idea did appeal, though I was still very surprised he’d mentioned it. And over the next few days, it kept coming into my mind again. Mike didn’t say anything, I could tell he hadn’t forgotten, but he was waiting for me to say something first. And when, on the Friday afternoon when I got home, my wife said she and Marianne wanted to go shopping in Brum the next day, and would it be OK if they went in my car, the thought of ‘dressing’ popped into my mind again.

The next day, just after they’d driven off I went over the road and round to Mike’s back door. I don’t know why really, just seemed the ‘safer’ thing to do in some way.

“OK Mike, we’ve got about five hours I reckon. What about this dressing up lark then?”

I wasn’t really surprised – he’d thought of it too, he was just about to give me a ring and suggest it. We didn’t take all the five hours, it took Mike about half an hour to clear up the stuff he was doing and another half to pick out some things he though suitable. So a couple of hours after going round to his house I was parading round the living room wearing one of Marianne’s dresses and a pair of her tights, over a bra and panties and tights. The shoes had been difficult, my feet were over a size too big but I’d found a pair with about 1 1/2 inch heels where I could loosen the ankle strap and slide my feet in. I was worried I might stretch them too much, but Mike said his wife rarely wore that particular pair anyway.

“So – how do I look?” I asked him eventually, sitting on the edge of his sofa and ‘provocatively’ crossing one nylon-clad leg over the other.

“Actually Ben, not too bad. You surprise me, OK you’ve not had the chance to choose very carefully or to buy special stuff like lingerie or makeup or a wig. But your figure is not bad, I think the shape of the dress helps.”

I looked in the big mirror in the hall. In some ways not bad but in others – well – I was a guy in a frock, and a silly-looking guy at that. I decided to change back, well before the ladies were due to return. We had plenty of time to straighten things out and get them exactly where they had come from and still had an hour to spare.

And that could have been that, been there done that, got the T-shirt etc. In fact over the next couple of weeks, though Mike and I chatted a bit about what we’d done and what we thought about it a few times, when we were on our own, neither of us mentioned a repeat session. Until Carol told me she and Mari had another conference lined up, on a Friday again it was, and said they wouldn’t be back until after 10. Which gave us loads of time after work to do just that, have another session though this time Mike had come up with a skirt-and-sweater combination he thought I should try.

And we did it again, and again, three or four times over the next couple of months, trying different outfits of Mari’s each time, going just a little further on every occasion. Mike bought some stockings and a suspender belt for ‘Bethany’ to wear, I got some clip-on earrings and the next time a cheap ladies’ watch, and so on.

Then, as the run-in to Christmas began, Mari and Carol were busier and busier in their business, most of the time while Mike and I were both at work but just sometimes at a weekend. At the beginning of December Carol mentioned that the ‘girls’ would be off in Newcastle the next Saturday, and she hoped we wouldn’t mind, or maybe we’d like to come along too, make a weekend of it. I umm-ed and aah-ed at the suggestion, by that time I was really getting into the dressing up lark and I’d had a couple of thoughts, a full day at it would be wonderful. As it was Mike had to say no in the end, he had a client who was staying in Brum Friday night, needed ‘client-sitting’, looking after the evening before.

And I was a bit busy that Friday evening too, I didn’t see Mike at all until I went round to see how he was getting on at about 9 on the Saturday morning.

“OK Ben. Time for Bethany, do we think? I’ve got a surprise for you, went shopping on Wednesday, something I’d like to see you in. How about it?”

If Mike hadn’t suggested it I’d have done so myself. I had a couple of surprises for him too. Shoes, I’d managed to find a pair to fit. OK my feet aren’t massive but in Ladies’ terms they are big. In a factory shop I passed on my way back from work every day, while looking for a pair of ordinary men’s shoes for me I had looked over the women’s section briefly and come up with 3 pairs which I had thought would fit. They hadn’t been particularly expensive and I’d bought the lot as well as the pair of ordinary black shoes I’d gone in for.

I hadn’t had time to be embarrassed, in fact the sales assistant hadn’t even looked in the boxes, she just scanned their codes and asked me to sign the card receipt. When I got home I’d tried them, with a pair of Carol’s tights over my feet to get the right thickness. Perfect. I felt very pleased with myself. I could have tried on the stockings I’d bought too, in the supermarket, but didn’t want to go too far, not at home, not with Carol due soon.

“OK Ben, how about this?” asked Mike, holding up one or Mari’s dresses.

It was a simple black number, quite similar to one of Carol’s which I’d always thought she looked good in. Your actual basic LBD. The dress looked good, but the size didn’t. It was bigger than Carol’s LBD but I had doubts about getting into it and said so.

“OK then how about – voila!”

Mike held up something. I couldn’t see what at first, then I realised. Any self-respecting tranny admirer should have recognised it at once but I just wasn’t expecting it, and the light caught the clear plastic packaging rather oddly at first. But I got it as soon as Mike moved it. It was a basque. A black lace-up basque, one of the ‘figure enhancers’ I’d seen in tranny magazines and on so many TV pictures online. Black, shiny, and tight. I gasped a little.

“I reckon with that on, Ben, you can get into the dress, and what about this as well?”

It was obvious Mike was feeding some fetish of his. Like many men, me included, long willowy blondes feature high up on our list of desirable females. Indeed Mike had married one. Well, long, blonde, and not too far from willowy at least.

“So I’m to be Marianne, am I?” I suggested. “Just because you couldn’t get her into a black basque.”

“No, Ben. No, definitely not. It’s just when I went into the sex shop, you know, the new one in the City centre, near that PC shop you almost live in sometimes, they had this on special offer. Less than half price. And a wig might make such a difference. I think so anyway. So, how about it? Want to give it a go?”

At which point Mike’s mobile beeped, he’d changed the ringtone. I’d told him ‘The Sting’ was a naff tune and he’d put on something else which that first time I didn’t recognise. I did later!

He answered it, muttered a bit, mainly listening, then said “OK, about twenty minutes?” and rang off.

“The Rugby Club. The treasurer’s not there so I have to go down, I’m the only one they can find with the keys to the safe. Well, want to do it while I’m gone? No wives until late tonight. OK?”

I thought. Didn’t take me long, the thought of the basque, and the wig, and the shoes I’d brought, together they sent a bit of a tingle down my spine. And elsewhere.

“OK then Mike. I’ll give it a go.”

2 – Dressed to surprise

He really did have to dash off, I knew he’d get to the club in about a quarter of an hour the way he drove, it would have taken me about twice the time. But he had the sort of car you just have to drive fast – to justify buying it really. I set to, looking out the black panties I’d brought, they would go well with the basque, well, the bustier really, it was a combined job, bra and ‘cincher’, that’s the name, just couldn’t think of it for a moment. Not a word you come across in everyday language.

I stripped and showered first, pulling the panties on tight. Then the basque, that was a bit of a nightmare. It really was rather tight, very elasticated but I could feel it doing its job. And when I pulled on the lacings, well. It was some piece of engineering, let me tell you. As I pulled tighter and looked in the mirror I could see my waist shrinking, but also the small amount of ‘spare flesh’ I had round my waist, that seemed to be pushed upwards and to mould itself into the cups of the bra section. That, together with the slight padding under the bra cups, combined to give me something approaching the ‘hourglass’ figure beloved of all trannies worldwide. I realised now how some of the guys – the trannies that is – I’d seen on the web did it. With that basque or an even better quality version, a femme figure really was achievable.

Quite what Mike expected to find when he came back I didn’t know but I wanted to do as good a job as I could, not for him, for me. I was heading down the road to full-blooded tranny-ism, and I liked it!

The stockings came next. Yes, stockings. Black and quite sheer, not seamed though, I’d thought that would be going too far. I slid them up my thighs, enjoying that classic TV feeling, and clipped them to the straps at the bottom of the basque-cum-bustier. It felt good. Very good. I slid my toes into the black high heels I’d bought, the ones with about a 4 inch heel, and stood up. For the first time in shoes properly my size, and for the first time in such high heels. I walked steadily round the room, loving the feeling of my nylon-clad thighs rubbing together as I walked, and enjoying the high-heel experience for the first time really. It was fun, it felt so good, and I was thrilled I coped so well with the heels. When I looked in the mirror again – really I was a little disappointed. A man in a frock, well, no, in a basque actually, but a man definitely, and a rather silly-looking one at that.

But I had to get on. I hadn’t finished yet. My other slight surprise for Mike and for myself was a gift-pack of make-up items, good quality, I’d splashed out on at the Selfridges in the town centre. I’d read comments online from trannies, one thing several had said was that you should always use good quality make-up, that cheap stuff may seem as good but it wasn’t. So I’d looked for a gift pack, one with all the bits in, and found one by Dior, yet again at a reduced price, just like the wig Mike had bought.

And in the previous week, on two occasions when Carol had been out in the evenings, I’d had time to practice a bit, to look at some of the hints and tips in a couple of her magazines. I laid out the items, the blusher, the eye-shadow, the eye-liner and so on beside Mari’s own stuff on her dressing table in the bedroom, looking carefully where I put things and at her stuff so I would be able to leave everything just as I’d found it. I set to, carefully and methodically, a little foundation first, then covering the whole face but not too thickly. Blusher, mascara, eye-shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, all meticulously applied as I’d practiced and as I’d seen in the magazines.

I loved the experience, the artistic efforts needed, as I progressed I began to feel more and more feminine, to actually feel like a woman ‘putting on her face’ before going out or something. The lipstick came last, very steadily and slowly outlining my own lips with what I thought was a cute ‘cupid’s bow’ in the middle of the top lip. I used a thin lip-liner to finish, then a slight covering of lip-gloss.

Finally, the wig. It wasn’t quite as long as I’d first thought, nor yet quite as blonde, I didn’t know quite how wigs were sized and I don’t think Mike did either, But it did fit smoothly and snugly over my head, covering up absolutely all of my own thinning and slightly darker hair. I clipped the two tiny clips into place behind the ears and gave the whole wig a bit of a brushing, feeling it pull down on the clips, it felt tight. But secure. Then I looked at the whole facial effect.

And this time – I felt good. Very good, The man in a frock, or whatever, had gone. Nowhere to be seen. And in ‘his’ place was a woman. An attractively made-up blonde woman, maybe a little younger than me but – I did think I might have been misleading myself at the time but I genuinely did believe it – female. Most definitely female. I loved it!

And I’d nearly finished. The stick-on nails, a bright-ish red to match my lips I hoped, were in fact easier to put on than I’d feared. The fake gold hoop earrings looked good too, clipped to the lobes of my ears, showing clearly under my longish blonde locks. I had a quick look in Mari’s little jewellery box and found what I wanted, something I’d seen her wearing before, a black velvet ‘choker’ with a single gold oval-shaped embellishment at its centre. I tied it on and then slid onto my fingers about five of the cheap costume ring’s I’d bought, basically fitting them onto whichever fingers they fitted. The ladies’ watch came last, then I stood and turned to reach for Marianne’s little black dress.

My own excitement was mounting but the tight black panties were doing their job, preventing anything from showing, as I stepped into the dress and pulled it up round my shoulders. Right then I could have done with Mike to help zip me up but I managed despite not being used to the longish fingernails. I picked up the handbag I’d got out on Marianne’s wardrobe earlier and walked down the stairs. She has a longish mirror in the bedroom but a full-length one in the hall. I stood about two metres from it. I looked.

I trembled with excitement, it was an almost-orgasmic experience seeing for the first time, in almost my full glory – Bethany. The woman I’d often imagined being. Well, now, courtesy of Mike and indeed Marianne, I was looking at her. Her. Definitely her, or at least that’s what I wanted to think. I realised I was wearing things I’d bought myself, some Mike had bought, some of Marianne’s but nothing of Carol’s. Somehow that seemed right.

I busied myself for a few minutes, then the phone rang. Maybe it was Mike, maybe it was Marianne, even Carol, or indeed someone else. I realised it wouldn’t be strange if I answered it, whoever it was, Carol or I were often round here and sometimes on our own. It was Mike.

“Sorry, Ben, more problems here than I thought but it’s all sorted out now. Be back in fifteen I hope. All right that end?”

“Sure Mike. I’ll still be here?”

Mike’s voice became much quieter.

“Did you try the dress on? I wish I’d seen it. Was it OK?”

“Yes, sure Mike. See you soon.”

And I hung up.

I turned and crossed into the kitchen, opening the fridge. Mike wasn’t much of a cook, Marianne always had to leave him meals prepared, she was sure he’d either not eat or just get junk food of some sort if she didn’t leave him anything. I was right, there were a few pieces of a pie and a winter salad. That would do. Very quickly, again the long nails got in the way a little but I coped, I got the things out and onto the table in the dining room, cutlery and crockery and so on, and a bottle of white wine from Mike’s wine rack with a couple of glasses.

I left them there and went into the lounge as I heard the car draw up. I breathed in, deeply, trying to prepare myself. I heard the front door open, then the lounge. I looked up and smiled.

“Hello Mike. Ready for lunch? Would you open the wine please, I’ll serve.”

I looked at him again, and couldn’t keep a straight face. I just grinned.

He grinned too. “Christ Ben, I never expected …. You look great.”

“Bethany” I said.

We had discussed tranny names, what the femme version of me should be called.

“Err – yes. Bethany. I mean – I’m very impressed. Really. You look very good. Way better than I imagined. That dress suits you, it really does. Look, Bethany, I’d date you. Really I would. I’ve dated far less attractive women, well, before Mari or course. But you, well, I thought you’d make a good-looking tranny but, with the makeup and the wig and dress and all, streuth, you really do look totally female. I mean it!”

And after that we settled a bit. Mike poured us both a glass, then had a second himself, and a third, while I served the meal. As we ate, as the wine got to him a little, he kept on saying nice things, paying me compliments, I was just loving it. What tranny wouldn’t?

Then, as we began clearing away, his phone rang. Again. I got the tune this time. Lola! The Kinks, how appropriate. It was Mari this time. Again Mike mainly listened, muttering responses, he was trying to speak clearly but it was a bit difficult, he’d had most of the bottle of wine, I’d just had the one glass.

“Tomorrow” he said, slightly surprised, into the phone. “No, that’s OK. What? …..Oh yes, I know, don’t worry, I’ll get some…….. No, this afternoon………… Sure…………… Right then, bye love.”

He put the phone down. “Shit!”

“What’s wrong Mike?”

Surprisingly, even though the TV session was really finished I kept up the voice, still trying to sound feminine.

“Mari’s parents. They rang her, they’re coming here.”

“What? When?” I asked, obviously alarmed.

“It’s OK – Bethany.” Mike grinned, again. “Tomorrow, late morning. But I have to get some beer in, Mari’s Dad is very particular. Boddingtons Special Export, it has to be, and I had the last can the other day. Mari just wanted me to get some.”

“Oh that’s OK then” I replied. “You can go out later. Anyway, shall I change now?”

I looked across at Mike, smiling. I’d had fun. The dressing up and making up had gone so much better than I’d expected.

“Thanks for the things you bought, Mike, I really had a good time. I never thought I’d have the chance, well, you know, after seeing trannies on the web and on TV, to do this sort of thing myself. It really has given me a buzz.”

I started to move towards the door in the hall, to head upstairs and to become Ben again.

“Whoa, hang on Bethany. How about we both go get the beer now? You come with me? OK?”

I looked across at him again. True he was a bit tipsy but he wasn’t that far gone, Mike always could hold his drink better than me. Bigger guy, really, more bulk, I suppose that diluted the effect to an extent.

“Surely you don’t …”

He interrupted me. “Ben, or rather Bethany. You look great, believe me. Nobody will ever realise. And we don’t have to go far, just to the shops. We could go to the arcade the other side of the ring road, you know, by the Stratford roundabout, nobody we know goes there I don’t think. You can do it, come on.”

It was my turn not to speak. I was amazed he had suggested it. One the one hand it did seem a totally daft idea, yet on the other hand ….

“Bethany, that’s who you look like, and sound like as well, you may never get another chance. Listen, you remember that .jpg I showed you last week, that tranny Georgina standing outside the Black Bull in Halesowen, remember, we’ve both been in that pub. I’d never have believed it myself, she obviously enjoyed herself going out and being seen and having the picture done, well you could do the same sort of thing. Anyway Bethany, I can’t drive, not after that wine. We can go in my car but you’ll have to drive.”

3 – Supermarket Surprise

That did it. I’d only driven Mike’s car a few times, he was very possessive. The chance to drive it myself, even just for three or four miles, I had to take it. But – dressed like that?

“OK Bethany, decision time. You can slip Mari’s leather jacket over your dress, it’ll go quite well. You’ll look really good. How about it?”

I smiled at Mike and cooed.

“Very well, honey” I replied, smiling to myself as I said ‘honey’. “I’ll drive you there. But you have to do all the talking. OK?”

Mike got me the jacket, with it on and Mari’s black bag slung on its long gold chain over my shoulder I followed him nervously out to the car. He got into the passenger side, again nervously I slid into the driver’s seat and started up.

“Bethany, calm down. Look, sorry, is this really a good idea? I could go later …”

I reversed carefully out onto the road, pausing very briefly both to relax myself and to look across at my passenger. “Mike, I wasn’t sure but, like you said, I may never get another chance.”

I slowly drove off, revelling in the twin experiences of looking down at my legs, in the short skirt, exposing lots of thigh, and of actually driving a car in high heels, something I had wondered about bit had obviously never done. It was easier than I thought, after about a mile I began to enjoy myself. Until I had to pull up at the lights just before library and looked across to see a police car stopped in the other lane.

I shook, Mike must have noticed. He put a hand on my knee.

“Just calm down, take it easy Bethany. Pull away gently in a moment, no speeding, you’ll be all right.”

“Take your fucking hand off my knee Mike, this is hard enough without them thinking you’re groping me. Please.” I had hissed quietly to him, he got the message.

I looked across. The officer in the passenger side saw me – and smiled. I smiled back.

The police car pulled away first, I glided Mike’s car easily in behind it, luckily it turned next left. I didn’t want to have to cope with that at the shopping arcade. I managed to slide into the car park next to Tesco’s. Mike got out.

“OK now. Want to come in with me? Or wait here?”

Again decision time, and again, I did really want to. I didn’t allow myself time to think, just opened the door and got out as delicately as I could manage in that short dress. I followed Mike into the store and just stood beside him while he got the cans he wanted, then walked back with him to put them in the boot.

“Right Bethany. Last thing. How about a coffee? We could go into the Tesco café, I really could do with something like that, black preferably, we never did after that wine at lunch. Last thing, I promise, then home. You up for it?”

“What the hell?” I said, moving across as he closed the car door. “In for a penny ….”

There were not many people around, surprisingly for a Saturday lunchtime, maybe because the Blues were playing Liverpool at home, perhaps lots of people had gone to the match. I decided to make the most of it, I was settling much more, I took Mike’s hand and we walked purposefully towards the supermarket.

I looked around. Two young boys were leaving the store, obviously ahead of parents who were probably still packing the shopping. They didn’t give me a second glance. Another couple walked past, didn’t notice me, maybe too engrossed in each other or in what they were heading to do. A middle-aged man was walking out of the store, concentrating on balancing about three items he’d bought, obviously without a bag. He saw me. And he nearly dropped them!

I squeezed Mike’s hand for reassurance, and managed to get into the café part of the store without mishap, I settled at a table while he went off to get two coffees. I needed black coffee too, not that I was affected by the one glass of wine I’d had, it was just that I needed the calm time to settle down. I’d passed about ten people on the way in, and I’d ‘passed’, excuse the pun. Nobody thought I was any different from what I seemed, a woman, early middle age, out shopping with her husband. Actually, no, no ring on my finger. With her boyfriend then.

Mike brought the coffees and settled opposite me.

“How you doing, Bethany?” he asked quietly. “Did you see that guy nearly drop his shopping, he was looking at your legs, you know. Mind you I don’t blame him. They look fantastic in those stockings. They are stockings aren’t they?”

I looked across at Mike. Maybe the wine did have a slight effect.

“Would you like to see?”

And I crossed my legs, yet again allowing my hem to slide up to reveal just a hint of stocking top.

“Streuth, Bethany, watch it. You never know….”

We both tried hard not to grin, to keep things calm. We finished our drinks and headed back to the car, again holding hands, again with no noticeable comments from any of the other shoppers in the car park.

“I’ll drive now, Bethany, thanks. I’ll take it steady, I’m OK now.”

So he did. I just sat and reflected, on an extremely satisfactory day so far. A day I’d never thought I’d see, me, Bethany, all woman, out and about. I just wished, somehow, we’d managed to take a camera, get some pictures. But no, never thought of that.

When we got back to Mike’s house I deliberately didn’t grab his hand as we went it, just in case of nosy neighbours. In the dining room I noticed the remains of our meal, never properly cleared away.

“Better see to those, darling, there’s two of everything – and lipstick on my glass. Wouldn’t do for that to be found, would it?”

Then before heading upstairs, I did lean over and plant one big kiss on his cheek!

“There you are, Mike, my darling. With love, from Bethany. Thanks!”

I giggled at the look of surprise on Mike’s face, then tripped upstairs and stripped, cleaned up with the make-up remover I’d brought with me, showered and dressed while Mike started putting clothes back where they had come from. I followed him round and checked, making sure as best I could that Mari wouldn’t notice anything.

As I walked back down and across the road to my own house I wondered just what the people I’d seen had thought. The policeman, the guy juggling the shopping, maybe some of the people in the café. Had they thought ‘I think that’s a man dressed up’, or maybe even ‘she looks nice’. Nice thought, that one. I hid away in the loft the things I’d used, the items and the make-up and so on, also some things Mike had given me, for me to hide in my secure loft hidey-hole rather than risk them any longer in his house. The basque, the wig, and so on.

I came down the loft ladder, shut it away, and sighed. What a day!

And that was really the end of it. I didn’t feel the urge in quite the same way to keep on trying Marianne’s clothes, Mike did mention once to me at the end of the following week that we might like to try it again but he really didn’t seem so keen. And I wasn’t either, it seemed we had both cooled off somewhat after the hiatus of that day.

Until the night of the dinner party, that is. We always joined them for an evening usually just before Christmas, about the 10th or 11th of December, sometimes with another couple, Mari was a very good hostess. A few nights before, as we were chatting about it, Carol told me that apparently Mike had gone with Mari to a rather exotic ’boutique’ in town, you, an old fashioned name I know but it did call itself a boutique. And that he’d bought her a rather risqué dress for the party. I wondered why Carol had told me, then I realised.

“OK, so do you want a new dress too? We’d better be quick though, only a couple of days.”

I knew Carol had got something when, the next evening after shopping she dashed straight upstairs when she came in. I knew better than to go looking, we both liked surprises. When I saw the dress, as we were changing for the evening, I was thrilled. Carol has always had a fine figure though obviously her everyday casual clothes don’t always show it. And when she and Mari went off together for a show or a conference too often they wore their ‘baggies’ – loose tops and jeans maybe. Fine for everyday but not really the right thing to satisfy a tranny. Not that she realised of course.

“WHERE did you get that?” I exclaimed when I saw the dress.

“Well, I was going to go to the same boutique as Mari but on my way I passed that exotic clothing shop near the town centre, you know, in the new precinct. I just went in there to look – they’ve lots of really kinky stuff in there but – well – I thought you might like this.”

“LIKE it? I love it. Tell you what Carol, let’s miss on the party, just stop in and fuck all night. I will if you will!”

The dress WAS true tranny fodder. Bright black pvc, and oh so tight, my cock reacted immediately. Carol didn’t look like a tranny, she never could, all woman my Carol. But she was most definitely dressed like one, plunging skimpy black pvc dress, very short skirt, black stockings, I knew they were stockings, and black high heels too. The accessories were gold and black, matching, almost as if she knew that was exactly what any TV would like to wear, certainly I’d have loved to. Just for a moment I had my doubts – surely she couldn’t know?

“BEN! Wash your mouth out. Now come on, let’s go, here, let me help you with your bow tie. You men are useless, can’t even get dressed yourself!”

Surely she couldn’t know.

The party was a huge success. Mari’s friend Gabrielle was there too, with her husband Keith, all six of us were in a way dressed to the nines, in true seasonal fashion. And Mari’s own dress was gorgeous too, a deep raspberry red, again low cut to show her very impressive breasts, with an even higher hem than Carol’s, the two of them looked so sexy, as did Gabrielle I must admit. Basically all 3 of us men, in black dinner suits and bow ties, though very smart we must have looked drab by comparison with the girls.

But it was late in the evening, just before midnight as we were all getting our coats to leave, when I realised. Mike had got me my coat and handed it to me, it was pretty cold late in the evening that night. Mari gave Carol hers, and I caught Mike’s eye. He looked at his wife. Then at me. Then at Marianne again, more at her dress than at Mari herself. Then he smiled at me. And I knew. I realised! OK, so he’d helped Mari choose the dress for the party, but he’d had an ulterior motive. I could see, just by the look in his eyes. He wanted me to wear it!

I’d really have preferred to wear Carol’s but I knew there was absolutely no way that would fit me. Then, slightly shocked, I realised I was to an extent back in TV mode. Thinking again about wearing women’s clothes, for a week or two it hadn’t occurred to me. Actually, that’s not true. I’d thought about my experiences, specially about going out, Mike and I had chatted a bit about what had happened. But neither of us had mentioned doing it again. The look on Mike’s face, and my own reaction, both surprised me.

Anyway, Christmas got in the way. And apart from that the girls had put their business stuff to one side for a few weeks, just keeping it ticking over, no special meetings or anything. And no nights away or evening meetings. So no chances to ‘dress’.

Christmas day was ordinary, as much as any Christmas day is. Mike and Mari had her parents to stay for Christmas eve and for lunch, then went over to his later. Carol and I were on our own most of the day but went out for a walk after lunch. Carol was a bit quiet, thinking about something. She didn’t say anything when I asked her, I just assumed it was some sort of business worry maybe. We all got each other a variety of presents but Mike’s present for Mari did surprise us all a little. Except me, maybe.

He’d bought her jewellery before, I remembered a pearl drop necklace maybe six years ago, but this was different. He’d bought her a diamante choker, several strands of encrusted silver with really big matching pendant earrings.

It was just after he’d given them, when we were briefly on our own, he muttered quietly to me.

“Very clever Ben, I got some little attachments, so they can be clipped on.”

I understood exactly what he meant but didn’t have the chance to argue.

“But Mike, look, I mean, that time a few…. “

“OK boys, what are you up to?” Carol had interrupted us in the kitchen, I never got the chance to make my point.

And I was getting confused, I had begun to think about dressing up again but I wasn’t at all sure if and when I’d get the chance with earrings like that.

Carol and I stopped up a bit on that Christmas evening, for once there was a decent film on TV. On Boxing day I woke at about 9. Carol was up already. Then I heard a car go down the road, revving up rather fast. I knew it was Mari, she always had a bit of difficulty coping with the revs on the slight incline up the road even after several years of it. I got up and dressed, and called out to Carol as I came down the stairs. There was no reply. In the kitchen the coffee-maker was ready, I poured a cup and was about to go hunting for my wife, when I saw the note on the kitchen table. I sat down and read it. Twice. Three times.

4 The BIG surprise

‘Dearest Ben. I’m so sorry to do this to you at this time but we’ve decided it is for the best. Mari and I are taking a couple of weeks away together, to sort out our feelings for each other. This was really decided when we were up in Newcastle a few weeks ago and ended up in bed together. I know this must be something of a shock ….”

Shit, what an understatement. The note went on to tell me not to try to find them, they may be in touch by phone, they really did want two or three weeks together to decide where they wanted to go, in personal terms rather than just business. I did think, even at that moment, of a couple of times I’d interrupted Mari and Carol together over the previous week or two, when I’d had a feeling something had been going on. I’d assumed it was related to the business or maybe they were discussing Christmas, secret presents or something. But this? Never thought of it. Not Marianne and Carol, not some sort of lesbian relationship, it just hadn’t occurred to me.

Mike burst in. He looked – annoyed, surprised, puzzled. Well, so did I, not really unexpected in the circumstances. Mari hadn’t said anything, just gone out to the car and drove off, obviously Carol had been waiting for her. Mike had a piece of paper in his hand, I read it in silence while he read mine. They both said pretty much the same thing really. Hell of a thing to find the day after Christmas.

We sat at the kitchen table, both had a scotch but we both realised drink wasn’t really the answer here, that wouldn’t solve anything. We just tried to analyse a bit what had happened, we’d both seen odd-ish behaviour in the past few weeks from our wives but again we had both put it down to maybe pressure of work, or Christmas, or something like that.

After Mike went home I had a quick look through some things in the bedroom and round the house. Carol had taken some of her clothes and personal items and a few other things. Including the lingerie Mari had bought her for Christmas, in retrospect that did seem a bit odd but if they really had ‘slept together’, OK if they’d had sex together maybe it wasn’t totally surprising.

After a very difficult day we did decide to go down to the local pub in the evening but as soon as we went in almost, half-way through the first pint, a mutual friend Kathy and her husband came in and looked over towards us. She muttered to her husband, I couldn’t remember his name, but it was obvious. Somebody, Carol or Marianne, had said something – they knew. We drank up and left, both feeling very sorry for ourselves.

Luckily, in a way, we both had to go back to work the next day, neither of us had any sort of extended Christmas-into-New-Year break then as sometimes happens. At least that occupied our minds, we were both glad of that at least. But again we were not feeling great. We needed something to shake us up. The next evening Mike did come round again, and we did hit the bottle a bit, cleared me out of scotch. I knew we couldn’t go on like this.

“At least we don’t have to worry about that party at the ‘Bell’ on New Year’s Eve, Ben. Nearly everyone will know, I couldn’t face that, could you?”

“Pity really, mate, I’d have liked to have gone. But yes, you’re right.”

I didn’t want all the sympathy and sideways glances we’d get.

‘Poor Ben, wife has left him, you know. And for another woman! Wonder what that really means’ and so on.

But the next day before setting off to work, trying to pull myself together, I had an idea. A daft idea but…. I called in at Mike’s house on my way, just stopped the car briefly outside, he’d left already. Just went up to the bedroom and looked round in there myself. A bit of an imposition really, yet I felt it maybe could be justified. Yes. It could work but I only had a couple of days.

That evening I called in, on my way home, at my opticians. With a slightly strange request but one he would be able to fulfil, in a couple of days. Then I went to visit a shop I’d been in once before, a few weeks earlier when I’d been looking for shoes which would fit, before I’d found out about the factory shop that is. ‘Transform’ does what it says, transforms. Men into women, it’s a TV shop, for transvestites, for dressing up and selling clothes and accessories and so on. I knew what I wanted from there, OK so they weren’t cheap, not cheap at all. But I was able to find what I wanted. I resisted the temptation to try them on, to practice that evening.

And the next night, again after work, I visited the shop Carol had told me about in the new town centre. There had been some local opposition to its’ opening but the shop’s success bore witness to the need for something like that. OK, Carol had bought her amazingly sexy dress there, it was still in the wardrobe at home. I’d started to try it on but given up, I had no chance there. But the shop didn’t just do dresses, at the back of the store were all sorts of sex objects, dildos, toys, sex aids, all things like that. But exotic clothing too, some of it designed for men. TVs, that is. I was just a bit nervous about going in there but I really was determined. I had to make the whole thing work, all or nothing. I knew that the next 24 hours or so would decide.

“Can I help you, sir?”

It was a youngish woman, and not what I wanted. In that situation the best I could expect was an older, matronly woman, one who had some experience and would understand.

“Shoes. I was just looking for shoes.”

“Err – are they for you, sir?”

I was a little perplexed, she had ‘spotted’ me straight away. Young and inexperienced she may have been but she certainly knew what she was about.

“ER – yes.”

There. Admitted it. I’d actually told another person, a young girl indeed, that I wanted a pair of women’s shoes, for me. She took it in her stride, asked me about sizes, colour, styles.

“High heels, court shoes, red.”

She was good, led my quickly to an area round a corner at the back of the shop.

“Sometimes men are a little nervous about this sort of thing. Now, how about these?”

She showed me two or three pairs, all red but all a bright red, scarlet really, I suppose they would do but I wasn’t sure. The assistant realised this.

“Well we do have a few others, more dressy if you see what I mean, quite a bit more expensive though.”

She did pull out another couple of boxes, and the second pair looked to be just what I wanted, OK they were red but more matt rather than very glossy. And indeed dressy, very high heels, must have been nearly 6 inch heels with very thin chrome spike heels. Really a very glamorous pair of shoes as such things go.

“They are lovely, sir. But, sir, they are not cheap. £129,99, sir.”

I gulped. But I knew, I had to have them.

“Will there be anything else, sir?”

Indeed there would, I had a mental list of several things, but when I mentioned some of the other items I wanted the assistant looked a little concerned.

“I think, sir, excuse me a moment.” She went back round the corner, re-appearing a few moments later with an alder assistant in tow. “This is Monica, sir, she may be able to help you better, sir. More experience of these things you know.”

That second assistant did indeed know her job, I ended up leaving the shop quite a time later with several items. I’m not really sure why that first young lady, Georgina it had said on her name badge, why she had baulked at continuing to serve me. There really wasn’t anything naughty in what I wanted. The only problem I had with Monica was an argument over stockings. She seemed to think I should have quite thick ones but I wanted sheer seamed stockings. I was determined about that.

“But sir, I think you’ll find these OK, they’ll hide and leg hair, very good at that sir.”

But the sheer stockings I did get. £12.99 just for stockings but well worth it. I did have one brief practice that night, then a long hot soak in the bath, and after that slept really well for the first time in about a week. The next day – a Friday – I rang Mike at lunchtime.

“How you doing mate?”

“Not too bad, apart from one or two comments and so on. You?”

“OK really Mike. Same sort of thing. But I’ve come up with an idea. How about we go to that party tonight anyway? At the ‘Bell’, it is. I could meet you there, at nine, how about it?”

“You can’t be serious, Ben. I’d like to go in some ways but, really, well, you know…. “

“I know. But if I said it would be OK, would you then? Trust me, Mike. We’re gonna blow their minds, all the pseudo-sympathetic hypocrites from the Rugby Club, it’s them you’re worried about isn’t it? Give them something to really think about. I promise. Do you trust me really, Mike?”

“Sure I do Ben. If you say so? What you got in mind? Bring along a couple of really classy tarts? That would do it, is that what you’ve done?”

We had discussed finding a couple of ‘girlfriends’ to distract attention from our situation a few days earlier. That’s what gave me the idea. Not that we’d been serious about it.

“OK Mike. Be there at nine. On the dot. Really smart, DJ and all. Let’s do it. Got to go now, see you there.”

I had to ring off, not to get back to work but because I’d arranged to have the afternoon off. I had things to prepare. I called in at Mike’s house on the way to leave one item and to collect a few things.

The previous night I’d done something I’d not tried before, a complete ‘depilation’ of my body, except my head of course and between my legs. But chest, legs, arms, I’d used a heavy duty depilation cream, it had worked really well. Nobody at work had noticed that Friday morning, I wouldn’t have cared if they did. It felt cold, not having that layer of hairy insulation under my suit, but work was heated anyway, I managed well enough.

That Friday lunchtime, well, it was about half past three by the time I had everything sorted on the bed and ready. Another shower, this time with a slightly flower-scented shower gel. Facial shave. Twice. Then I pulled on and up tight the ‘thong’ I’d got at the TV shop in town, one of those specially made for TVs, cut a little larger at the front to accommodate – what it had to accommodate. Red, of course. Then – everything else.

I’d bought the breast-forms at the TV shop too, they were expensive too, well over the cost of the shoes but good quality. Silicones, they were called, a very realistic textured surface, weighted just right I thought and a colour very close to that of my own skin. I lay on the bed for several minutes while the spray glue set, then stood up and felt for the first time something like what it would be like to have boobs. I needed the basque, the weight felt forward but the cups of the bra did exactly as needed, pushing the ‘boobs’ up and together. I saw the cleavage in the mirror. Wow!

It felt really gorgeous sliding on the sheer black seamed stockings, I checked on the clock as I sat at the dressing table doing my makeup, the practice earlier in the week paid off. I transformed myself, from guy, to woman – to slut. Sexy slut, that was what I was aiming for. To annoy the bitchy women who would have made comments about Caro and Mari being lesbians, with the implications that Mike and I weren’t really man enough and couldn’t perform. And just to make the guys jealous, of the sexy long-legged and provocative tart Mike had landed himself.

Really everything went smoothly – until the very end when I had to put on the wig. I’d bought another one, yet more expense, but this one was something else. Blonde again, yes, but much more luxurious than the other one I’d worn. Not BIG hair, but biggish, curly and slightly more than shoulder length, I had difficulty with the tiny clips which held it in place just behind my ears, similar to those on the other wig so I should have been used to them. Unfortunately I’d already stuck on the long raspberry-red finger nails, with superglue!

I managed the wig. Then I stepped into the dress. The glistening red dress Mari had worn, the one Mike had bought with ‘Bethany’ in mind. Sliding it up, easing first my arms into place, then my boobs. Lastly the lipstick and shoes, both matching the dress or at least nearly. I stood up in my first pair of 6″ stiletto shoes. I breathed in for a few minutes as I inspected myself in the mirror. The dress looked gorgeous, very figure-hugging, a very arousing plunge neckline between my bulging ‘boobs, very dark and deep, I know Mari had worn it well but I had done a good job on ‘Bethany’. I was sure I could cause at least some arousal if I dared go ahead with what I’d planned. Decision time yet again. Could I go through with this? Hell, yes. Of course I could. There were butterflies in my stomach, my hands were shaking a little, my mouth was dry, I needed to settle.

I carefully made my way into the kitchen, pulling the curtains in there before switching the light on. Right now was NOT a time for visitors, I just hoped no-one would be taking pity on me being on my own that evening. I could do without that at that moment. I poured myself a small gin-and-tonic and sat in the lounge. I was grateful for the advice of the woman in the TV shop, the tight thong kept things under control. I looked in the mirror again. Twenty minutes left, it had taken me over five hours to prepare myself for this.

I poured another gin, another small one and checked through the contents of my handbag. Mari’s actually, the same glittery red colour as the dress with silver-coloured clasp and chain, again to ‘go with’ the silver on the thick diamante choker and my long pendant earrings, and my rings, five of them in total, all silver-coloured with various clear and reddish stones. Diamonds and sapphires, at least that was what they looked like. I stood up and slipped on Marianne’s mock fur coat, white, almost knee length. Ready!

The doorbell rang. I went down the hall in trepidation and paused by the front door.

“Hello?” I called, not too loudly.

I didn’t want to lose the feminine tone of voice. I’d been practicing that too, evenings, for several days.


Thank goodness. I opened the door and stepped out. The coat hid the excessive aspects of my attire, although from the tarty makeup and the ultra-high heels it was obvious I was in some way party-bound. I followed the driver down the drive. I really didn’t care if any of the neighbours saw me. They might wonder exactly what was going on but in no way would I be recognised, not dressed as I was.

I had been worried about getting to the pub too early but we had a bit of a hold-up at the same Stratford roundabout I’d passed a few weeks earlier, on my previous ‘Bethany-outing’. We pulled up outside the Bell at about two minutes to nine. I handed a note to the driver which included a tip slightly more than he might have expected, and asked him to wait for just a minute or two. I saw a couple of other cars pull in, then Mike’s. Peering out of the taxi window I watched him as he moved out of the shadow into the brighter light near the pub side entrance, the one for the private rooms, where the party was being held.

He paused a moment there, looking round. When he didn’t see ‘Ben’ or anyone else he recognised he opened the door and went in. I smiled a thank-you at the taxi driver, and walked quickly across to the same door. Or as quickly as I could, in such high heels and with such a tight dress on. I opened it, breathed deeply once more, and walked into the lobby.

5 Surprise party

Mike was with a couple he obviously knew, most of the people there were going to be from his work or from the Rugby club. They were all three passing their coats to the girl from the pub who had obviously been deputed to deal with them. The guy had an arm on Mike’s. It seemed so obvious. Even at that stage of the evening he was oozing regret and pity, maybe muttering to Mike that ‘I’ve heard about Marianne, I’m SO sorry ….’ Exactly why we had intended NOT to be there.

I strolled, steadily and surprisingly confidently, across the lobby. All three began to turn. I noticed Mike was wearing the new ‘dress’ shirt I’d bought for him, the one I’d left on the bed, rather frilly and not the sort of thing to wear if you didn’t want to bring attention to yourself. Like my dress, really.

“Hello, darling, sorry I’m a bit late”

I kissed Mike on the cheek and moved my left hand round his waist, sliding in over his bum so that the other couple, whoever they were, couldn’t help but notice. This was the REAL start to the campaign, to Mike and I having SUCH fun that absolutely nobody could feel sorry, not for a guy with a glitzy big-breasted blonde hanging onto his arm.

All credit to him, this wasn’t what Mike had expected, he reacted very well. The initial puzzled look hardly lasted half a second, it turned into a smile, then he properly reacted.

“Hi Bethany.”

Good man!

I moved back a little as four or five other people, two couples I think and one guy on his own, came into the lobby. Great, an audience. I slipped off the coat and handed it to Mike, revealing all my glory. The reactions were wonderful, which is exactly how I felt at that moment. Most of the others there looked in my direction, I could feel the eyes on my bulging breasts and on my legs, on the shoes, on the rather exotic makeup, I was making exactly the impression I’d hoped for. I positively glowed.

Mike, on the other hand, was a little taken aback. He hesitated and began to mutter, I spoke up.

“Shall we go in, darling? I need a drink.”

We went in, me holding firmly onto Mike’s arm. For both reasons, we were the obvious centre of attention. Because they hadn’t been expecting Mike at all, and because of who he was with. Not Marianne, obviously, but if she’d only been gone a few days where had he found this leggy blonde?

Mike got us drinks and pulled me to one side.

“Christ Ben, I never expected …….” he muttered quietly in my ear.

“Hush, darling.” I put one red-taloned finger onto Mike’s lips, then kissed him lightly on the cheek. “I’m NOT Ben tonight. OK? DON’T call me anything else except Bethany or maybe darling or honey until after we’ve got home. Work with me, Mike my love, this WILL work.”

And I kissed him, not on the cheek this time but on the lips. Briefly, just a half-second contact, then I pulled away and smiled widely at him, again sliding a hand round and this time blatantly grasping his arse.

“So tell me, I’m a very vain girl, what do you think?”

Mike looked. He had to smile too, really he had to.

“Bethany. You look fucking gorgeous. I knew you’d look good in that dress but I never thought you would be such a babe. Nice hair, I like it, but those tits, and the shoes, Christ Bethany, you’re just sex on legs. Damn near every cock in the room has reacted since you came in. Look, I wish you’d told me, maybe you’ve gone too far”

“Too far? No way my darling. We are going to have fun tonight. Big fun. Don’t worry, my love. Certainly I’m going to enjoy myself, this is SO great, Mike. I LOVE it. Getting ready was a mindboggling experience but this is even better. OK, follow me.”

I led my ‘boyfriend’ by the hand towards the bar and lifted myself onto a bar stool, crossing my legs and just feeling so hot, hot in THAT sense that it. I knew there were lots of people in there, men and probably women, looking at my long stocking-clad legs, at my ultra-high heels, it was such an experience. I finished my gin-and-tonic quickly, handing the glass to Mike.

“Yes please, Mike darling. Another. I’m gonna drink too much tonight and flirt with you damn near all the time. By the time I’ve finished absolutely nobody will be feeling sorry for you, certainly not the guys, they’ll all be jealous as hell. They’ll all want to be in your place tonight, fucking your gorgeous tart.”

“Hi there Mike, are you going to introduce us?”

We both looked round, it was a man and his wife who I learnt were John and Janet, both friends from the Rugby club. We chatted for a few minutes, nearly all the time I held Mike’s hand in mine, just occasionally releasing it to caress his bum. Then John led Mike off to meet someone about the accounts, I was left with Janet for a moment.

“You must come down to the club one day, Bethany, we have a meeting of wives and girlfriends every Thursday evening, lots of fun.”

I was a bit nonplussed, I hadn’t really been expecting an invitation to the WI or Ladies Circle or anything like that. I just smiled and said it sounded like a good idea and left it at that. As Janet left two other guys, both workmates of Mike’s it turned out, both shot in to sit next to me. I let one of them get me another gin and just enjoyed their attentions. Despite the fact that I’d come with Mike and made my feelings pretty obvious, I think they were both trying to chat me up.

Mike came back and rescued me, and we circulated for an hour or so, spending quite some time sitting together alone, chatting quietly. If only the others had known what we were talking about! I urged Mike to caress my thigh, and kept touching him, and on the one occasion we got up to dance to a very slow number the groping began to get somewhere close to indecent.


I got in from taking Carol to the airport at just after 8, it was beginning to get dark. Late September, winter would be here soon. But I had a weekend on my own while she accompanied an ageing aunt to her own sister’s funeral in Glasgow. Carol had volunteered, she liked the aunt and did not insist on my going with her.

So I was on my own. What to do this weekend? My main interest was very regrettably ruled out, I needed a substitute. Well maybe not, I could see what was happening on my favourite chat-line, maybe have a decent conversation or two. I switched on the PC and made a coffee while it loaded, then logged onto the Internet and started the program. When it connected me to the server I accessed the channel and looked down the list of the ‘girls’ chatting.

‘Girls’? Yes, like me. I am a transvestite, a man who like to dress up sometimes. In women’s clothes that is, sometimes the lot, bra and panties, high heels, make up, everything. OK, some people may think it weird but I don’t, in fact many of us don’t. We are basically ordinary people, don’t do anyone else any harm, just like our ‘hobby’.

I say ‘our’ hobby but I am not a social TV (that’s short for transvestite). Strictly solo, me. I looked down the list, several names, mainly girls’ names though I knew they were all really men, like me. I’m Ben actually, but I use the name ‘Bethany’ online.

I tried a brief chat with in the chat-room but she had to go soon after, then started up a chat. But I soon realised ‘she’ was not really serious about dressing, probably just a gay guy pretending, looking for some sex.


Hi there Bethany

Sara! Now that was a name I knew, and knew well. He was a guy called Richard and we had some great fun chatting and emailing to each other.

Hello there Sara. How are you?

We even swapped stories, tales about TVs which we had written, and indeed collaborated on some, writing alternate chapters to try to excite each other.

I am fine. You? What are you up to?

It was the same boring start to chats, but polite I suppose. I typed back.

Fine here but on my own, Carol is away all weekend so I thought I would chat to someone. Are you dressed?

Which, to a TV, means are you dressed in your ‘hobby’ clothes, bra and panties, high heels etc. Actually, I say hobby – which it was to me – though to some guys it’s more of a lifestyle, some going for a more substantial transition or a sex change.

Yes, dressed tonight and really feeling good.

In what, please tell.

We always like to hear what other TVs are wearing.

White blouse, see-through, black skirt, black undies, stockings and heels, also have done my makeup and wig.

Wow, sounds great, is Jemma not in then or does she approve of this now?

Jemma is Richard’s wife, she sort-of accepted his dressing to an extent but was not too happy with maybe more extreme expressions of femininity.

Jemma is away with family for the weekend, that’s why I am able to dress fully, go all the way, I feel gorgeous.

I am sure you look it too my darling

Wish you could see me.

Me too. I am on my own too, Carol is away in Scotland until Sunday night.

Are you dressed?


Why not? A perfect time to have some fun.

Problems. No wig. I tried spraying it clean last week, and a fair part of it dissolved! It was synthetic, be careful if you try cleaning yours

Was it expensive?

Quite but not very. I should maybe get a decent one, maybe longer and a bit more blonde.

Richard was a nice TV, not like some of the nasties you sometimes come across. An idea was beginning to form in my mind, suddenly it rushed to the front. I started typing furiously

Is Jemma away all night? all weekend?

Gets back Monday lunchtime

Sounds nice. Any commitments, any plans for the weekend?


Blast. Sometimes that happens, random glitch in the power supply or something, it just switches off. I rapidly switched my modem off and on and set up the reconnect, then logged on again. I checked the list of girls, Richard was still there.

Sorry about that, very, something switched me off. Back on again Ok. You still there?


Anything planned for the weekend?

Not really, shopping, some DIY etc. I may get another chance to dress.

We could meet.

There was a pause. I expected that. One of the nasty things about chat-rooms is that you can fool people, especially if they can’t see you (clever geeks nowadays have digital cameras too, but not me or Richard). So people often say or arrange something they have no intention of doing just to see the reaction.

Are you serious?

Yes. Both wives away, is this too good an ‘OPPORTUNITY’?

I had used that word and put in the capitals and inverted commas deliberately, Richard would know what I mean. I had told him on an earlier occasion of my first ‘opportunity’, similar to this, a young TV whose parents were away for the night, I was sitting there dressed as Bethany chatting when ‘he’ suggested a meet. I had been tempted but had chickened out and regretted it ever since. But could it happen now?

Sounds possible. How?

Let me think.

I had been thinking hard ever since I suggested it, coming up with a feasible plan. Like many TVs we had not swapped names or addresses etc, just ‘met’ online and chatted. But I knew he was in Yorkshire and I was in Warwick. Far but not too far, not Portsmouth and Inverness.

Could you drive out now? Dressed? We could meet somewhere between us, say at Trowell service station on the M1? Remember?

Again, I had commented to Richard before. Carol and I had stopped at Trowell Services, on the M1, one evening, it had struck me then it was a perfect meeting place, a bit public and a bit private. And meeting in cars, in the dark, well, if either of us didn’t like it we could just drive off.

Are you REALLY serious?

Capitals on the IRC is shouting! Maybe Richard did want to.


There was another pause.

OK then. When and how?

Tonight. I can be there by 11 o’clock. Can you?

There was yet another pause. Had I scared him (or her) off? (Gender is sometimes difficult to address between TVs!)

Yes. How will we meet?

I had to think quickly again, chances like this were few and far between, I was getting excited by the prospect and was determined not to waste it.

North or Southbound.


OK. Not by the main entrance, too many people there maybe, though there won’t be too many at this time on a Friday night. Just by the entrance into the actual car park. OK?


We both stop there, at about 11, it will be fully dark by then.

I typed in the letter and first three numbers, and the colour and make of my car. I KNEW Richard was serious when he replied in kind. This was the first time we had exchanged any real personal data. I was interested, his car was the same year as mine and the same colour. Not the same make but very much an equivalent, it confirmed what I had thought, we really were so similar. I was really beginning to get excited by the thought of this. I had always been a totally ‘solo’ cross-dresser, not into clubs or anything, the thought of meeting someone with the same interest….

Will you tell Carol about this?

Probably not

Actually, certainly not. I think she would be appalled

The trouble sometimes with the chat system is when both people type together, it often confuses the flow. On this occasion I had just pressed the RETURN key to send that comment when, immediately, Richard’s reply appeared on my screen.

I will certainly not be able to tell Jemma, she would be appalled.

I had to smile, indeed Richard and I were SO similar.

What will you wear?

Let’s not discuss that now, I may change my mind if I think about it. I am going to sign off now – and go and get in my car. I may change just a little and refresh my makeup. If I don’t act at once I may back out. Let’s go for it.



Transvestites in chat rooms almost always do that, send ‘virtual kisses’ at the end of the chat. I know it sounds silly but, well, again it’s harmless. I sat for a moment to think. Did I realise what I had just let myself in for? YES, definitely. I logged off the channel and switched my machine off, then sat quietly for another moment.

Though I had considered before this sort of thing, I had really never thought it would actually happen. But now I had to. Richard was going to be there, it would be cruel not to rendezvous. After all, he was taking the risk, coming dressed. Not me. I grabbed my jacket from the peg in the hall, checked there was something in my wallet, for emergencies. Locked the back door, and out of the front. My car was still on the drive, I backed out and was off.

I took me longer than I had thought to get there, I drove very carefully, no point in having an accident or getting stopped on an occasion such as this. It was two minutes past when I pulled off the M1 and into the service station. I could see several cars down at the far end of the car park by the actual services. And just one car near the entrance. I swung round and faced it across the access road.

I looked, peered at the number plate. Yes. I switched my lights off. The lights on the other car went on, then off. I hoped he had recognised my number. We both waited, maybe for about fifteen seconds. Then I decided, I opened my door and got out. And as I did so, the door of the other car opened, and – a woman got out. Even in that light I could tell. I could just see the reflection from nylon-clad legs, and from longish smooth hair.

‘She’ paused, hesitating. I decided I should make the move, so shut my own door and walked across.

“Hello Sara”.

“Hi Ben”.

We both just stood for a few seconds.

“Shall we go over and sit in my car” I offered.

Richard didn’t speak, just started to move. We crossed to my car, I held the door open for ‘Sara’ to get in, then went round.

“How was the journey?” I asked – silly start to such a conversation. “I mean, did you get out of the house OK at home. Any problems?”

“No, it was fine” he said. “It was dark already by the time I set off. I got out and away and just kept on going, didn’t have to stop, even at lights, all the way here.”

I knew what he meant, being uncertain how convincing you look and having to stop at traffic lights, specially with a car next to you. I turned to have a proper look, Richard knew he was being ‘inspected’.

“Well then go on, tell me, how do I look?”

It really was difficult in that light, I asked if he would mind if I turned on the interior light, briefly, there were no other cars parked near us. In the better light I gave him a close inspection. The hair, or rather wig, was nice and the makeup was impeccable, GORGEOUS lips and very good eye makeup. Almost no beard line visible. Gold earrings, a white blouse and black skirt to just above the knee. And what seemed to be gorgeous legs, in black stockings or tights with court shoes, about 2″ heels I guessed. And just how good did he look?

“Sara, I am impressed, you gave me the impression you were much bigger than you look, no, really, impressive.”

“And could I pass? Go on. Be honest, I know the answer really.”

I had to think, to give an honest answer without causing too much distress. I looked carefully at the figure beside me. There were so many female characteristics, a few of them ‘original’, many artificial, it really was difficult to give a truly honest answer. I put the internal light on again for a few seconds and looked.

“OK, Sara, what I really see here is a transvestite, but a good one. In these conditions it would be very difficult to make a proper comment. But maybe from a slight distance, not in daylight, maybe you could – pass.”

“Thanks anyway, Ben” came a rather resigned reply.

“Hey, Sara, don’t let it get you down. In so many ways you look really good. And you maybe haven’t prepared fully, this was sprung on you. Wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah”

“No, really Sara. Tell you what. Let us go for a walk. That always gives me a buzz. Just being in one sense out in the open. Just down the car park and back. I guarantee nobody will ‘spot’ you. And what if they do? Anyway, Sara, I have to admit, I want to see those legs!”

I could tell, Richard was rather taken with the idea. He looked round, then at me.

“OK, Ben, I am game if you are!”

We both got out, I went round the car rapidly to ‘help’ him exit, we stood together. I took his hand, which rather surprised him. We set off walking towards the café area, he was a bit nervous naturally and was gripping my hand tight.

“OK Sara?” I asked, remembering my own first such outing. “Don’t worry, no-one will notice”

A car came up behind and passed us. Then another but for some reason this one didn’t go right up to the café, it stopped just in front of us to one side.

“Just keep walking” I whispered.

We walked together, just like any other couple we both hoped, past it. A very tall guy, maybe as much as 6-3, trotted past us, on his way towards the phones. He smiled politely as he passed, looking at me and at my companion. There was absolutely no sign he saw anything wrong, just me and my girlfriend or wife walking towards the café area.

“Evening” I said, and looked at Richard.

He was having a good time, I could tell.

“How are you coping with the shoes?” I asked.

I knew that even low stilettos can cause problems.

“I am coping fine, look Ben, you have done this sort of thing before, I haven’t. Can we go back now? That area in front is pretty bright.”

He was right of course. I led us towards the phones to one side of the main café area, then turned to face Richard so his back was towards the light.

“Just wait there for a moment. OK, now, I’ll come round the other side, we can head back.”

Which is what we did, walking steadily, holding hands, with no problem at all. We went to Richard’s car. We got in and carried on talking for a while, both agreed that our respective wives should NOT be told about this. We just gossiped for maybe a quarter of an hour, about what clothes we have, what we like to wear, where we got them and so on.

“Look, Ben, thanks for turning out like this. It IS my first time you know, and I have to drive back, I think I had better be going.”

“Right Sara. But. I was thinking on my way here, hoping we would get on as well as wondering what you would look like. I hope you enjoyed the outing.”

“Oh yes, well, we didn’t do much did we but, first time, you know.”

“Right. Anyway, as I said, I was thinking. Do you want to meet again tomorrow evening? Another ‘opportunity’ if you see what I mean. Give you time to prepare this time. Do your nails maybe.”

Even in that light I could see Richard was tempted – but unsure.

“Meet here again?”

“Well, I thought – how about coming to our place. It’s quite a drive but maybe not TOO far. I could do a meal, we could be more leisurely, take our time a bit more easily.”

“Sounds like a good idea Ben, but I am not sure.”

“OK, I understand. Maybe you could have a look at my clothes, I have a few more than you, I think, I know some of them will fit.”

That convinced him! He smiled at the thought.

“OK, Sara, let’s leave it at this. You email me early tomorrow morning, by 10? Saying yes or no. I will send details of where and when and how, I have a map on disc we used for a party last year. When you get it, email again to confirm, yes or no. How about that?”

I had given him a way out if needed.


He was going to get in his car, then turned to me.


I turned, he leaned forward and, very gently, gave me a very brief kiss on the lips!

“Thanks”. He got in his car, started up and was off. I stood for a few seconds thinking, then turned and drove home myself. I definitely would not tell Carol about that.


In the morning, after a slightly restless night’s sleep, I got up later than usual. Normally I’m about before 8 even on a Saturday but that day I surfaced at 9. I don’t know why but I switched on the PC straight away, even before dressing. There was a Hotmail from Sara! Already!

Subject: Tonight

Dear Ben


Love, Sara XXXXX

That “Love, Sara” may seem odd but it is the way women write to each other, in that case not an unusual form of address. Richard and I had been corresponding, writing stories etc for each other for several months via Hotmail. We had asked questions about TV experiences of each other, both real and our own fantasies and had always, again as is customary in female circles, addressed each other by our ‘femme’ names, Sara and Bethany. But that was the first time he had addressed me as ‘Ben’, I think. Damn that wig, if I hadn’t tried to clean it we could have been dressing together and both offering comments about our ‘look’. But this was different, I was to be the guy hosting a sort-of ‘date’ with a TV friend. I thought it would be best, make Richard more at ease, if in our role-play I were to treat ‘Sara’ almost entirely as a woman.

So how would I prepare for dinner with a woman friend? A close friend, in a way, we had anonymously shared some intimacies about ourselves. I had a couple of ideas, but first I had to reply, to confirm, to show Richard it was all on. I set to writing my e-mail reply and attaching the map I had showing how to get to the house. He had the real job to do that evening, driving all the way from South Yorkshire, probably ‘dressed’. He would want to come in the dark again, I guessed.

From: Sara

To: Bethany

Subject: Tonight

Dear Sara

Great! Map attached shows how to get here. Directions are easy, off the motorway junction it is first left, first left again then first right and you are on our road.

We are 200 yds down on the right, the house number is there, a large number on the gatepost, can’t miss it even in the dark. Pull into the drive immediately after the gatepost. The garage door will be open, my car will be at the side on the left. Drive straight into the garage and turn off. I will close the door behind you and go round to open the back door of the garage, you can get through there and into the back of the house totally unseen (front door is overlooked, I NEVER use it when ‘dressed’.) Arrive by 9.00? That should mean you can set off in the dark. I will have a bit of a meal available, I am VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing you in more comfortable surroundings, though last night WAS fun, I thought so anyway. I will be watching out at 9.

Love, Ben XXXXX

Attachment: “map1.jpg”

I logged on again and sent it, then switched off. It might be a little while before Richard got it and replied, and I had things to do! I was going to prepare as for any other ‘date’ but I was a bit out of practice. The house was tidy, and clean, well it was ‘lived in’ but more than acceptable. I had a big clear up in the kitchen, Carol had left me with a fair bit to do in there and I had been doing other things the previous evening. Then I got the car out for a quick trip to Sainsbury’s.

It took me longer than I thought to shop, I didn’t usually do it on a Saturday morning but I did get everything I wanted. I filled in a little time over lunch cleaning the mower, some other ordinary house things to keep my mind off other things, and to stop myself being in a permanent state of arousal! Then I checked my emails again.

From: Sara

To: Bethany

Subject: Tonight part 2

Dear Ben

Got your details, everything looks OK, very efficient. Please have garage door open at 8.45 in case I am early. If not there by 9.30 there has been a problem, check Hotmail. See you at 9-ish I hope

Lots of love, Sara XXXXX

I started to get ready for the evening at about 5. Prepared the whole meal, OK I was cheating, it was a Sainsbury’s ‘Ready Meal’, just pop in the microwave. But it was one Carol and I had tried before, a quality item, not cheap stuff. I prepared a small Melon Cocktail for starters, melon and cherries and grapes and a clear sauce, and my own speciality, Strawberry Vodka Mousse for dessert. I KNEW that would go down well, it always did with just a little whipped cream.

When I pulled back the door to go in the dining room I realised I had more to do than I thought. Carol had left all our tax papers on the table there, rather mixed up, we had been sorting them on Thursday evening. I was supposed to finish the job. I carefully packed them together so I could spread them again and get on with that task later, the whole pile was soon out of sight in the desk.

Then I laid the table. With the lot, ‘best’ dinner service, side plates, the silver cutlery, place mats, serviettes, candles in the middle, the flowers I had bought, I went all the way in that respect. Then I headed up stairs to get myself ready, once again regretting that I would not be able to greet my guest as ‘Bethany’. But I was still determined the evening would be a success.

I stripped, showered, shaved and dressed and was ready by 8. Then I checked the back room, the spare room where Richard would be able to dress, do his makeup, have a look at the clothes I had in the wardrobe and the dresser there and so on. I sat downstairs for a few minutes, then at 8.30 went out and opened the garage door and checked the side door was unbolted. I was nervous of course, I forced myself to sit and read the paper. One slight alarm when I realised that the wine was not in the fridge. I did that and got the paper again. I couldn’t settle, got up and went to check my e-mails just in case but no messages.

I was JUST beginning to wonder when, at ten past nine, I saw the lights of a car as it pulled into the drive. I dashed out of the front door, and closed the garage behind it, then through the side door, bolted it, and went into the garage. I had left the light on in there, the car WAS Richard’s, he was there!

Despite all that happened that weekend that image will stay in my mind for a long time. As I moved round and the driver’s door opened, I looked down and saw a VERY long and very female leg emerge. I think he had forgotten just for a moment how to get out of a car in a skirt. I saw a lovely glimpse of a black nylon-clad leg, shiny black stiletto maybe 3″ heel, maybe even 4″, the FULL length of leg as the side split in his skirt opened to reveal just a hint of stocking top, then the other leg, and a beautifully manicured hand, with three rings, with longish deep pink nails, appeared. I held it to help Richard stand, he did so, helping himself up by grabbing the car door with the other hand, he was carrying a very nice black soft leather handbag.

I wouldn’t say my heart fluttered, but something did and I have to admit, there was just a little movement between my legs! I was impressed by that first view of ‘Sara’ in full light. Well, in the light in the garage, much brighter than the previous occasion we had met. Richard reached into the back of the car and got his small suitcase, I had expected that, I just KNEW it contained at least one change of clothing he wanted to show me. In true gentlemanly fashion I took the case from him, we got out of the garage and into the kitchen door.

“Go on, straight ahead” I said, we went through into the lounge and I got my first full look at ‘Sara’.

And now – well – I was VERY impressed. He was obviously still nervous, looking round, I looked at what I could see, carefully. The hair was longish, almost to shoulder length, he was wearing big gold earrings, large discs maybe an inch across clipped in place. And the makeup was good. He had really put some time in, I thought, and some care too. The eyebrows were not too bold, the eye makeup was bluish merging to pink under the eyebrows, the mascara was fantastic, very carefully done, with very thin eyeliner on the lower lid. The facial makeup looked smooth and not thick at all, a little blusher, and a gorgeous cupids-bow lips, in a deepish pink which matched the nails very well. I wanted to say something then but didn’t, just kept looking down.

Richard had chosen a ‘business suit’, a style we both liked and had chatted about a lot. A deep grey jacket with quite a wide off-white stripe, over a white shirt/blouse which had the top three buttons undone. The skirt of course went with it, the same material, probably a wool mix I thought, a straight line quite tight over the bum, down to about 5″ above his knees. There was a slit on the right going up about another 5″, I had seen his stockings in the car. They were black, not quite opaque and slightly shiny, he had very shapely legs, and those ankles and shoes, they were very nice, set the outfit off well.

“Well, go on, tell me Ben. Honestly please”

He was being very careful with his voice, keeping the tone gentle, it sounded just a little deep, really a very sexy voice indeed, could EASILY be a woman. I stood back a little, retraced my gaze up his body and looked in his eyes. I remembered that kiss last night and just couldn’t help myself. I held my hand out to take his and admired the nails and rings again, then opened my mouth to speak. He was trembling just a little, heck so was I, we were both still new to this.

This was SO close to convincing. I moved away and turned the dimmer on the main light down just a little and then looked back. I looked straight at Richard. Hell, no, I looked at Sara. I saw a woman! But I didn’t speak, I leaned over and very gently, for about a second, kissed his gorgeous lips. We both shuddered again.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist that. Right now, Richard, I see a woman. You look fantastic. The figure, the makeup, those legs! Really, honestly, with the light down just a little I cannot tell. ”

He smiled, I knew exactly what he was feeling, I had been through this. But not so quickly and effectively, he had done a superb job.

“Last night Richard, if you had asked me, marks out of ten I would have said five, maybe six. But this is more, eight or nine! I know I am biased but you really do look totally female in this light. Sorry, I said ‘Richard’, just for a moment I was thinking of you as a transvestite but as far as I am concerned, for this evening, you are Sara. OK?”

He, or rather she, smiled again. I moved closer.

“May I take your coat, my dear?” I nearly said ‘Miss’ but stopped myself, maybe that would be going too far. As it slid off into my hands I smiled, in fact I chuckled.

“Oh yes, Sara, I love it, the thin white blouse over the black bra. Classic, it looks great!”

We both laughed, it was the TV obsession with showing underwear in a sexy pose, and from the front the bra and the breasts, they really did look real.

“Please, sit down. Can I get you a drink?”

Sara did sit down, sliding ‘her’ right leg over the left so the skirt rode up to reveal very attractive long thigh, again a classic TV pose.

“Thanks. What are you having?”

“And the voice, Sara, you are being careful I can tell. Very effective, it sounds just plain sexy! Oh, sorry, how about some white wine? It’s a good one. Yes?”

When she said yes I slipped into the kitchen and got it from the fridge and opened it, pouring two glasses. Then took it through and handed one over. She took it from me, sipped a little, I watched her long pink nails lift the glass to her cute lips, sipping the wine in a very ladylike fashion. She shifted her bum on the chair a little, I saw her thighs move and heard the rustle of nylon, it was gorgeous. We talked for a short while, about dressing in general, going over some of the things we had chatted about online. I asked about driving while dressed which was obviously new to her, I repeated the comment I had made before about driving in high heels.

“It really wasn’t that difficult, I enjoyed it, specially looking down at my legs!”

“I must say Sara, I also like looking at them!”

Her makeup was not too thick, I could see a slight blush.

“Sara, are you hungry?” I asked as we finished the wine.

“Yes, nervous, excited and ravenous.”

“Then shall we dine?” I asked, standing and offering my hand to help her rise.

“Oh yes. But – where is the blue case, I would like to dress for dinner. I thought it might be more appropriate.”

I hadn’t expected that but it seemed a very good idea.

“OK, I’ll show you to ‘your room’, at least where you can change.”

We went together up the stairs, I went in front which was a shame, I would have loved to look up that skirt from below. I lead her into the back bedroom, where I always dress. The curtains were closed, ready. I showed her the wardrobe and the dresser drawer in there where I’d put my ‘Bethany’ clothes, she spent a few minutes looking through them. We chatted about which I liked best and which she might care to try on.

“Please, Sara, try anything, really”.

I had seen her eyeing the tight black TV basque, leather look with strong strips built into the material to really shape a body, take the waist right down and gave a TV push-up boobs. And the 6″ stilettos.

“Thanks very much but right now I want to stick to what I know, show off in some of my clothes”.

“OK then. The bathroom is just next door, here, call me when you are ready. I am looking forward to what you have in store for me.”

“Well, OK, it’s for me too, but I hope you will like it.”

As I left a thought occurred to me. I stepped into the front bedroom and rapidly stripped, emerging maybe five minutes later, ‘dressed’ for dinner myself. Not in a dress as I might have liked, but in my dinner suit, velvet collar, white shirt, bow tie, looking very respectable and freshly shaven and after-shaved.

In the kitchen I got everything ready, the melon cocktail on the table, the main course in the oven and on low after a few minutes in the microwave, the dessert chilling still in the fridge, the filter machine on. Then in the lounge and dining room I put the lights out and lit the candles ready, and switched on the stereo, with an ‘Easy listening’ CD very quiet in the background. Richard was taking his time, just like a woman. Then I heard footsteps, heels, on the floor in the hall and turned, to see ‘Sara’ slowly coming forward.

“Well, candlelight, and music, how romantic, at least in this light I have a chance of ‘passing’.”

That combination, the light and music and the sexy voice, and the way she looked, again, and stronger than before, I became just a little aroused. I just couldn’t help it. And when she came towards me! Obviously she wanted to impress me, she certainly did that. She was wearing what almost any woman likes to think she looks good in, a ‘little black dress’. But it’s usually the way it is worn that matters, and Sara was making an exceptional job of doing so.

The dress was a silk-like material, maybe polyester, nicely cut over the shoulders, long tight sleeves with three gold buttons at each cuff. The neckline itself was loose with large lapels, down the middle below the neck were three more ‘mock’ buttons ending just above the ‘breasts’. The waist and the skirt were very tight, they showed a very attractive figure, and the skirt finished about 12″ above the knee. She was wearing the same shoes, the black high heels complemented the tan stockings she had chosen. These were maybe a little thick though I am sure that was to cover leg-hairs, and were slightly glossy. With the PVC black bag, the total effect was stunning. And in no uncertain terms I said so.

“Now that, Sara, you look really gorgeous!”

“Why thank you kind sir, might I say you look mighty handsome too” she joked.

“Sara, I am serious, you really look good. Have you seen yourself?”

“Well Ben, I crept into the front room upstairs and posed for a while.”

“And what do YOU think?” I asked.

“I must admit, Ben, I am VERY pleased. I have had the chance to go MUCH further than before, it is great fun. And now I know, I DO have good legs.”

“You have GREAT legs” I commented.

She smiled again as I got up to slide open the door to our dining room, I did the gentlemanly thing, pulled her chair back so that she could sit down.

“This looks good” she continued as I poured wine for both of us. “I am VERY impressed and I am rather hungry.”

“Well Sara, if you like, we could forget all this, I could take you out for a meal.”

Just for a second I had her fooled, I noticed a sudden very worried look on her face, then she realised it was my turn to joke.

“Oh, sure Ben. Then we could go dancing and I could meet this guy, and he would be so attracted by me he would kidnap me and sell me to the slave trade….”

We both laughed, recognising the sort of plot line we had come across in a TV story. Some were good, some were diabolical. We sat and ate and laughed, telling each other of the more ridiculous stories we had come across. As I was serving the dessert I remembered my favourite stupid TV story.

“And then there was the guy who went to bed with his girlfriend and they got mysteriously zapped in the night and swapped bodies, and he woke up in her body and his body was dead next to her or him. And he found out he was pregnant with his own child, and became reconciled to being a girl when he, or she, found out the pleasures of breast-feeding!!”

We were both merry by then, a combination of the relaxed fun and the wine, and the vodka mousse. I was just going to suggest we get up and have coffee in the conservatory when I noticed Sara had gone quiet. She was smiling rather wickedly – and very attractively. I felt something under the table, she had slipped her shoe off and was playing ‘footsy’ with me. She continued, her stocking-clad toe reached the top of my sock and started stroking my bare leg.

“Stop it Sara, I am having a hard enough time controlling my urges as it is! I think we both need some coffee.”

I got up and pulled her chair out, she was definitely just a little merry, we went into the kitchen where it was just ready. I got the cups and saucers (yes, all the best for my guest!) and poured it and turned. She was sat on a stool at the breakfast bar, legs crossed, showing thigh. I grinned.

“STOP it, you tease, or I will not be able to answer for my action.”

She just looked up coquettishly and moved her hand down, sliding her hem up with her manicured and varnished fingers to reveal stocking tops and bare thigh, and just a hint of her panties!

“Now tell me, kind Sir, exactly what is that doing to your libido?”

“NO!” I shouted in mock rage, and took the coffees through and put them on the small table in the conservatory.

Sara followed and sat, quietly, on the small sofa in there and had her coffee. We talked quietly for a few minutes and sobered up a little, I had done the coffee strong, I reassured her that the conservatory and whole of the top half of the garden were totally private.

“Trust me, I know” I said, and she knew how I knew.

As she finished her coffee she crossed her legs again, I was quickly in a state of some discomfort once more. I shuffled a little, she looked down and slid her skirt up yet again, mischievously grinning at me as she did so. The skirt itself was very short, I could see almost all the way up to her panties. This was too much.

I put my own cup down and turned, put my arms round her and gently kissed her neck, pulling at the collar of the dress, I stroked her bare neck down to the bra strap. She tensed at the attention but I continued. Then I pulled away a little and looked her straight in the eyes, she was very slowly sliding her tongue very sexily over her gorgeous red lips. I put my hand on her knee and moved it up her thigh, she tensed again and began to breathe deeply. I kissed her neck once more, she looked so inviting. I knew what I had to say next.

“Sara, please. Can you stay the night?”

I know now she had been hoping for this, or at least had come prepared. She stared straight into my eyes.

“Does this mean you want to sleep with me?”

“Sara, I am DESPERATE to sleep with you, surely you know that, you have been tempting me for the past half hour. “

“And just what does that mean?” she asked in all seriousness.

I had to think, an honest answer was the best.

“Really, I don’t know. I don’t. Something may happen – maybe – if we both want it to.”

She reached out for me and gave me a much longer, seriously romantic kiss, teasing my lips with hers, exploring my mouth with her tongue, the taste and texture of her lips, I was over the moon, she tasted and smelled so nice, so feminine, so desirable.

“That’s to say thank you” she said “For all you have done, I have enjoyed this enormously. You went to a lot of trouble. The dinner, the flowers, sorting out the map, all those things, I have had a gorgeous evening. And for saying that, it is so kind, I would love to stay the night, AND to sleep with you my darling.”

I did appreciate what Sara was saying but I was not paying serious attention really. I have to admit, I was overawed, and I was feeling extremely randy. This very attractive woman, sitting beside me, being so feminine, I really could no longer control myself. I turned and slid one hand behind her waist to pull her towards me to kiss her, to return the compliment, to try to give her the pleasure she had given me.

My other hand slid from her knee, over her stocking tops, over the bare flesh of her thigh, to meet her panties, she felt very warm and damp. We kissed long and hard, our tongues mingling, our bodies close. I felt her hands exploring me, finding a way into my shirt and round my back and then – I felt her pull at my trouser zip, I felt her long red-tipped fingers slide in and past my pants and cup my balls. I gasped in delight, I released my grip a little but my passion was growing.

I felt her hand sliding over my aroused cock, I looked her in the eyes, they were wide open and smiling. I looked down and saw those gorgeously manicured fingers moving along my shaft, my heart beat even faster. I had been aroused all evening but my cock was now straining, erect, shaking as a result of her attentions. She was going to speak but I kissed her again as she fondled me, I was ravenous, my lips were eating hers, it wasn’t love but it was passion, it was lust!

We parted once more, both somewhat breathless and shifted our positions to make ourselves more comfortable. Then she leaned over and kissed the swelling, purple knob, it reacted by bulging even more.

“Sara” I managed to croak.

“Darling, let me, please, I want to, I want to see you satisfied” she replied in a husky, sexy female voice, and leant to caress my swollen member once more.

Then she sat up and reached for her handbag and took out a foil-wrapped condom. Still in disbelief, I watched fascinatedly as her pink nails pulled open the pack, I groaned in sheer delight as I felt her roll it all the way up my shaft. And I almost screamed with pleasure when she leant over me again and slid her luscious lips right down the shaft, taking the knob deep in her throat.

She started to apply pressure with those gorgeous lips, her tongue, her throat. I exploded, spurting my cum hard into the tip of the condom, feeling her working on my throbbing cock as it pulsed. I finished shooting my load all too soon and relaxed with a very deep contented sigh. She sat up with a satisfied look on her face, I imagine mine must have been even more ecstatic.

She didn’t say a word. She just carefully slid the condom off me, I was still pretty erect. She lowered her head and slid those gorgeous lips up and down several times, cleaning me of the juices still coating my erection. Then she sat up and swallowed.

“Time for bed” she said, stood up and walked off towards the stairs.

I dressed again, with some difficulty, I was still physically aroused, overcome to some extent by the totally erotic experience I had just had. I locked up, put the lights out and followed her. As I went towards the bedroom door she was coming out of the bathroom.

“Darling, please, I will join you in a couple of minutes. Please, for me – I want to see you naked” she said in an even more sexy voice than before.

I stripped, washed, did my teeth and went back into the bedroom. She was there already, standing, waiting. She had turned the lights down and I realised why. Without the clothes, the makeup, the jewellery, even in sexy night-clothes, the TOTAL image of a woman was not there. This was a transvestite, though it was a VERY good one. Richard was still wearing the wig but had removed most of his makeup and was maybe feeling not quite so feminine, but was wearing a long transparent black night-dress, split down one side to show his legs.

I had to say it, and I had to be honest.

“Richard, you still look very sexy indeed.”

Which he did. I went over towards him, my cock once again standing out proud, slid my arms round him and kissed him hard. It didn’t feel wrong.

We got into bed and cuddled for a short while, and slept.


As I said I almost ALWAYS wake at 7.30 at the weekend, it was obviously the excitement which had tired me out. When I eventually stirred I peered at the clock by the bed. It showed just before 9 again, and there was a coffee mug on the bedside table.

“Oh, I thought I heard some stirring, good morning my love.”

I felt a light kiss on the cheek and opened my eyes fully.

“I have been up some time, thought a coffee might be needed. OK?”

I stirred for a moment, then sat up and looked across the room. I could see ‘Sara’ sitting at the dressing table there, doing her lipstick! A very domestic scene, I thought, man getting up late, his wife dressed and making herself look nice. Then I peered more closely. The curtains were still drawn, I had mentioned possible problems about being seen at the front of the house, though there was some sunlight coming through. My guest was sitting at the dresser and was indeed dressed. At least partly, she was wearing Carol’s white shortie silk robe .

“OK Ben. You still smell of sex. Go and shower and make yourself presentable, I’ve put some clothes out for you.”

She walked out of the room – as she left I got a glimpse, of black fishnets and of enormous black high heels! I tumbled out of bed and dashed to the bathroom to relieve myself. I showered and shaved as quickly as I could, then found the jeans and the white shirt she had left out for me. I rushed down to the kitchen, Sara was sitting on the high stool in there with a coffee in her hand, with the robe promiscuously open at the front, long legs covered by fishnets stockings attached to the black basque, and wearing the 6″ black patent stilettos. As I went in she stood, the robe fell open – showing her ‘boobs’ pushing out from the cups of the basque. She had in, I thought, Carol’s ‘breast-enhancers’ slipped into the bottom of the bra cups, they did lift the flesh and produce two nice-looking tits.

“Well” she said, walking provocatively towards me and kissing my cheek. “Do you like what you see? Ah, I can tell you do. I thought the loose jeans may be a good idea.”

She had reached down between my legs, she stroked my thigh gently and could feel my excitement.

“I can tell you do!” Then she turned. “OK, get breakfast, I’ve had mine, just some cereal. I’m going to finish dressing.”

And she left me alone and excited and aroused and thinking, what next? She had looked very different, more confident – and even in full daylight – female!!

When she came down again a few minutes later I looked carefully, despite the erotic attire, I was sure. She had put on a white silk blouse, tucked into a very short tight black skirt. The blouse had an elasticated neckline, it was pulled across to reveal her shoulders and to show off her ‘boobs’. I could only admire. I had tried the basque myself like that, strapless, but was not confident in it, Sara looked great, her gorgeous legs were unbelievable!

I stared carefully at the figure in front of me, the legs, the figure, the face. The makeup was different, in some way, more suitable for daytime, but she had changed her nail varnish for a darker red, and her lips too of course. I grabbed her hand. I was desperate to try to see just exactly what had made such a difference, the hair, the makeup?

“Come with me” I said, pulling her towards the back door and out into the garden.

She was reluctant. I was still staring.

“Look, it’s OK, the whole of the top of the garden area is TOTALLY private. Believe me.”

She did, again she knew why I was so sure.

“So what’s wrong, why are you staring?”

And I was STILL staring, inspecting Richard very carefully indeed.

“Richard, do me a favour please. Go back upstairs and put on some ordinary black stockings, or tights. Please. And those shoes you had when you arrived. Go on, trust me. I KNOW your legs look totally gorgeous in fishnets, especially with those heels, they really do but – well, trust me. Please.”

She was a little reluctant but said “OK” and went up. I got a mid-blue jacket from the hall, one of Carol’s, it is a bit big for her but she likes it that way. Sara came down, I pulled the elasticated shoulders of her blouse back up and slid the coat on her, then took her hand as we went out into the light again.

“Well, what is it?” she asked.

“Richard, you remember when we met on Friday, in the dark, I said six out of ten or something. Yesterday in dim light inside you were an eight. No, don’t get upset. Right now Richard, I am definite, TEN!”

He looked puzzled. He realised I was talking to ‘Richard’, and he realised what I was saying.

“Right now, I don’t know what is radically different, the combination of the makeup and the tight-waisted figure, the light maybe, I don’t know, but I see in front of me – a woman. Totally. I would defy anybody to tell me otherwise, you look great – and female. Not gorgeous, not beautiful, no. But attractive yes. definitely. So I have to call you Sara, don’t I?”

She still looked puzzled, unconvinced.

“I did do the makeup lighter, and I do admit I think the figure in this basque looks good, thanks very much for the compliment, Ben, it means a lot to me, it really does, but…..”

“Sara, no ‘buts’. I mean it. Tell you what. let’s go out, for a walk?”

That did it. Sara was at the same time delighted and very tempted.

“You mean you and me, go along the road?”

“No way, Sara, this is real life, not a TV story. I am NOT taking you down to the pub. If Carol finds out I was out with another woman, well! No, we can drive for a mile or so. I know. There’s a supermarket car park a mile away. We never use that branch but I’ve been there dressed once, in the evening. There’s a canal next to it and a small park area. It’s ideal.”

“This evening you mean?”

“No, now. Yes, now, you look great, we can just walk for a bit. And before you say it, Sara, I don’t care if anyone sees us, it will be just another couple out in the sunshine Sunday morning. It’s still early, the store doesn’t open ’til ten. Yes? I would be proud to take you. ”

Sara thought for a moment, for several moments, then spoke.


She got her handbag, I opened the car, within five minutes I had backed out and we were heading along the road quite quickly. As soon as we passed the bend and the house was out of sight I relaxed. I really didn’t want to be seen with another woman! I looked across, Sara was nervous, I told her to relax, and put a hand on her thigh.

“Please Ben, don’t. I am shaking enough already”

We pulled into the car park, I could see across to the little grassy area and the canal, there were a few people about but not many. I went round and opened the door for Sara, this time she swung her legs out together, very ladylike.

We held hands and walked, the first fifty yards we didn’t see anyone, Sara became more confident, eased her grip – and me too, I eased mine, I was sure but I was nervous too. Then as we turned to walk along by the canal, a guy came jogging up the towpath.

“Morning” he said.

“Morning” I replied, and smiled.

I looked at Sara, she smiled too. A few seconds later we passed an older couple going the other way with their dog, no comment was made, but he DID give Sara a good look.

“Don’t worry, my love. He was only looking at your legs!” I reassured her.

We walked on for several minutes, passing about six more people. I could tell Sara was loving it, there were absolutely no ‘negative’ reactions. As we walked round and back towards a car park Sara noticed a young couple under a tree, necking fairly furiously. As we approached they separated and moved off. She pulled me over towards the tree and leant against it, then put her arms round my neck.

“OK Ben, I never thought I would ever get the chance to do this especially in public in broad daylight, come here!”

She began kissing tenderly, we did an awful lot of kissing that weekend! But then she began to revel in it, extrovert petting and fondling, made even more exciting by the fact that as we explored each other’s mouths, as my hand slid further up inside her skirt, her hand slid unseen inside the zip of my trousers, her breathing became heavier, her ‘bosoms’ heaved more and more as we became even more passionate, people were passing! They couldn’t help but notice we were ‘hot’ for each other, I was only vaguely aware of their presence from the sound of footfalls and occasional mutterings.

The last I remember, as we eventually parted, both really horny from the public lust we had been displaying, was from a couple of older women, probably over sixty, I heard the words ‘…. such a short skirt….. disgraceful!’ as they passed.

Sara heard it too, she showed her delight. We calmed down and walked on, holding hands still, came to the edge of the car park. I turned to her.

“Right Sara, when was the battle of Hastings?”

She looked extremely puzzled. “1066″.

“Right, now do those numbers backwards.”

“You mean 6601?”

I took out my wallet and handed her my credit card.

“The ATM is that way, I am going back to the car. Can you go get me £30 for the weekend, I’ll see you there in about five minutes?”

I strode off purposefully back to the car. I think she recognised the scenario, I had told ‘Richard’ in one of my emails. This was the site of my very first outing as Bethany, when I had done that very thing, walking across the car park alone in the dark to the cash machine. I turned to watch.

She could have chickened out, hurried after me, but no. She was almost striding, much more confidently now, towards the machine. I watched as she put the card in, pressed as needed, and got the cash out. She turned, opened her handbag, and slid it into a small purse I think – I was too far away to see properly. But she didn’t turn towards the car, maybe she had lost her bearings? But no again, the store had opened a few minutes earlier, she was going in!

I thought about following her, but decided to wait. Less than two minutes later she emerged, now very confident indeed. I thought then ‘She’s been in the Ladies’, and indeed she had. She was carrying the jacket over her arm and had slid her top down her arms a little, exposing her shoulders, and more of her boobs, to the bright morning sun. She looked round and began to step purposefully in my direction.

But she didn’t get far, that was when she was accosted! Not surprising really, she really did look provocative at that moment. Not tall like when she was wearing the 6″ stilettos but tallish, well built, a thin waist and long long legs, it was really to be expected she might get approached. And she was.

It was the ‘AA’ man, he had just set up his little recruitment box outside the supermarket, trying to recruit the mums and dads as they did their shopping Sunday morning. As Sara started to walk towards me I could see him approach her and start talking. And I could see her talking back, showing an interest in the leaflet he was holding. They chatted for quite some time, then he took her arm and led her towards his stand. I could see two seats there, she sat down, he sat next to her and she crossed her legs! I wish I had been closer, to see properly the look on his face when she revealed that gorgeous expanse of thigh, he must have been wondering where his luck had come from, recruiting such a lovely leggy lady maybe.

I never did ask her, what with the events afterwards, but I am sure I saw him put a hand on her thigh as they talked. Eventually they stood up, she had a leaflet in her hand, she looked towards him and then turned away and came towards me, every inch a woman who had just been enjoying herself, a woman who knew she looked good, who knew her sexuality and was proud to show it. Her hair was bouncing, her earrings were glinting, her breasts were moving with every step of her lovely legs. She passed about four men on her way back, every one turned to look. I leaned over to let her in the car.

“God, Ben that was INCREDIBLE!” she almost shouted. “What a buzz, I just LOVED it, did you see the way he was looking at my legs?”

“Sara my dear, did you see the way he was looking at your tits?”

“God I feel great. Drive, Ben, drive!”

And I did, I drove home, Sara was sat beside me all the way, breathing deeply. It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road, her cleavage, with her top pulled down like that, boobs bulging and heaving, looked really impressive. At the house we got out of the car and through the side gate, into the living room with no problem, no neighbours around at all. She was still on a high.

“What an outing, Ben, I felt fucking great if you will excuse the unladylike language!”

She wiggled her hips suggestively, loving the attention. I was transfixed. She was sex on legs!

“And you were – and are – fucking sensational” I exclaimed.

I thought she was going to kiss me on the lips, I was feeling horny as hell. Instead she began to undo my shirt and leaned over, planting a huge kiss above my right nipple.

“I can’t give you a love bite, I hope that will do.”

I looked down. She had left a red lip-shaped mark on me. Then she started on my trousers. I was going to protest but she was insistent.

“Ben, take them off. OFF. And the shorts and shoes and socks, take them ALL OFF” she almost shouted.

I did as I was told! My cock was 100% at attention, I was so aroused by this gorgeous tart in front of me, she started to caress my balls, then moved back a little. She lifted her skirt up to her waist and sat perched on the edge of the kitchen table and almost tore off her knickers!

“Now my darling, please, I want your cock up me, you have to, FUCK ME. NOW. On Carol’s kitchen table. NOW!”

Her cock was exposed and erect. Yes, HER cock. I was being propositioned by a gorgeous woman with a ripe erect cock between her legs. As she moved back she lifted her legs to plant those long heels on the table and reveal the full glory of her long legs and her inviting arsehole to me. It was glinting in the sun, she had obviously prepared for this. As I hesitated just a little she reached down between her tits and pulled out a condom.

“Put this on me, please, to stop the mess and keep Carol’s table clean!”

I did, enjoying my fingers sliding down towards her balls, thinking that I never imagined the weekend would include this.

“What about me?” I asked.

“No Ben, none for you. Please. I want to feel your cum shooting up me, like you want to make me pregnant. I just don’t care, I want you to make love to me.”

She steered my bulging cock towards her hole, I let her, I wanted her too. When it touched a shiver went through me, all of me. I began to push, I climbed onto the table on top of her and pushed, I watched the head of my cock begin to enter, I paused. I looked at her face. Yes, HER face, I could see a real desirable woman. I pushed again, she winced a little, I pushed again, she made a slight strangled cry.

I really didn’t want to hurt her in any way but I could tell that, with over half of the head inside her hole, it was a bit painful. I looked again, questioning.

“Go on, go on.”

I pushed again, her cries got louder and more strained, I really was not at all sure. Her stocking-clad legs were pushing against my chest, she grabbed me and pulled gently, digging her nails in, I slid further. And then. I went in. Right in. As the shiny purple bulb of my cock slipped into her, the shaft followed oh-so smoothly, I cried out myself.

“Aaaah Sara, ooh God, that is gorgeous, that is out of this world”

I looked at her, the face had changed, this wasn’t hurting now, this was erotic, this was sensational, this was the start of a damn good fuck! I pushed, then slid out, then in again and we both screamed with delight, it was really something, I kept on and on for several seconds, sliding just a little further each time. We had our rhythm going, she was clenching her arse muscles round me, squeezing me into ecstasy, breathing deeply, her breasts were heaving.

“Christ Ben. Oooooooooh!” she said after maybe two minutes. “You can go on like this all afternoon, that is a sensational feeling, deep inside me, OOOOOOh.”

I was going on steadily, it was a sensation, being aroused to such an extent, every thrust maintained the height of my arousal. I just carried on for maybe a minute more, pushing and relaxing, I looked down at my cock sliding into her arse, at her own condom-clad member standing proud, it was swelling more, her juices were beginning to cum. And she did, violently, her arse shuddered and shook, her muscles tightened but I kept on thrusting, I saw the jet of cum through the thin condom, shoot out and swell the teat.

She shook, she cried out, she was having sex with me and loving it! And so was I, that set me off, I speeded up just a little and reached my own climax, pulsing hard and deep into her.

“Oh yes, Ben, fuck me, fuck me, oh my lover!!”

We were both at a crescendo, we bucked and shook together as I emptied my cock into her, I could feel the hot juices spurting deep. We were in heaven together, I shot my load, I just kept on cumming up her, filling her up with my hot sperm!

And it finished. We collapsed, I fell on top of her, kissed her neck, her ears, her hair, her lips. I was just incredibly grateful. At which point we realised how uncomfortable we were, me lying on top of her on that kitchen table. I withdrew carefully and stood up. She reached for her black silky panties and pulled them on, then stood.

“I want to keep your sperm inside me a little longer, Ben. I’ll clean up in the downstairs loo, you go up and clean too, I’ll make some coffee.”

I came down about five minutes later, in jeans and T-shirt, she was sat in the sun in the garden on the swing-seat, with two coffees beside her, I joined her, we kissed. Strangely for the first time in the weekend I felt just a little guilty. The last time I had sat there had been about two weeks earlier, with Carol, after we had a very successful shagging session.

We had our coffee, it was really a very sweet time, a couple sat there in post-coital bliss cuddling and caressing, enjoying the moment. Sara squirmed in her seat.

“Ooooh, Ben, I can still feel it, I can feel your sperm shifting round inside me”

(This story interlocks with each chapter so if you come into this story other than the beginning, then you may well scratch your head at some of the comments within this chapter. I’ve tried to make this a glimpse into the lives and lifestyle of three people. They chose to keep there lives private, isn’t it strange how life never lets that happen.)


“Hello … M … Jack,” said Samantha in a strained voice.

“Hi Samantha, how have you been?”

“Fine …”

She broke down and started sobbing. I could hear her repeating, “I’m sorry, master,” over and over again. My heart broke listening to her but I stayed quiet on the line to give her time to pull herself together before continuing.

“It’s time you came home. Why don’t you come to my office tomorrow morning?”

Samantha arrived at the lobby in the morning and signed in for our meeting. Tony escorted her to my office, taking care that she was properly accompanied. She saw me leaning at the entrance to my office as she rounded the corner. She let out a squeal and rushed to me. Poor Tony didn’t know what to do. Her rush up the corridor had caught him unprepared. I waved to Tony, around the sobbing woman in my arms letting him know it was okay. He sighed in relief as he returned to his desk.

“She’s badly hurt. You tried to tell me and I didn’t listen. All the times I should have been talking to my sisters. Those are wasted times now and no matter what I do or say I can’t get them back, can I?”

I shook my head silently and held her tighter.

“My sister warned me of the inner chaos that would follow and I ignored her. I thought I knew it all. I thought I had it all, but now when I think about it I had nothing. I’ve wasted so much time.”

Finally, she pulled away from me so she could look at me.

“I have no right to ask this. Hell, I’m lower than pond scum for the way I have treated you all. Please, can you take me home? I know the owner of the company. I’ve even slept with him a couple of times. I’m sure I can get him to let you go early.”

I laughed. For the first time in what feels like forever, I actually laughed. Even Mrs. Gillins leaned out of her now open door to take a look before she smiled and went back into her office. Samantha didn’t even want to drive and asked if she could leave her car and come home with me. She stared out of the window not saying a word as she hung onto my arm the entire journey. She was lost in thought until my hand touched her arm. It caught her by surprise and breaking into her musings, she jumped in her seat and let out a little gasp. She looked at me as if seeing me for the first time.

“This is going to hurt isn’t it?”

There was a look of resignation in her eyes. I could see she knew what was coming and resigning herself to it as penance for her behavior, these last few months.

“Yes. I could take you back to your car if you wish. We can both call this a learning experience and get on with our lives but, Samantha, the moment you enter that cabin you are mine and I will hurt you for the hurt you have caused our family. There is no Frankie inside to protect you and, other than your safe word, you have nothing. Do you trust me to know your limit?”

She stared ahead vacantly fighting her inner demons. She broke out of her thoughts with a shake and exited the car. Samantha stripped out of her clothes as she approached the cabin and knelt on the porch in front of the door, much like the first time she was here. I came up behind her, collecting her clothes and knelt beside her. I could see the tears streaming down her face and her lips trembling in fear. She started rubbing the arm Arnold broke reflexively in her stress.

I quietly asked her, “What is your safe word?”

Her mouth opened but nothing came out. She started shaking all the while her eyes locked on the door in front of her.

I touched her shoulder and asked her again, “What is your safe word?”

“I … can’t.”

Samantha started sobbing harder and shaking. She gripped her arm tightly to herself digging her nails into her side. She flinched and pulled away from me when I tried putting my arms around her.

I sighed as I watched her struggle. I stood up and extended my hand, “Come on, I can’t let you go back home in the state you are in.”

Samantha gulped and slowly took my hand and I lifted her to her feet. I escorted her to her seat in the kitchen. I pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge for her, left her to change into my jeans and t-shirt and picked up a set of Frankie’s clothes for Samantha. I saw her trying to drink but her hand shook so badly she couldn’t get it to her mouth.

She put down the bottle when she saw me. I placed the clothes in front of her telling her she needs to get dressed.

“But… I don’t understand. You’ve seen me naked before, hell we have even had sex, why the need for clothes?”

What I said next stung her so much she was close to tears again.

“Because I owned you then, but I don’t own you now. You are a guest in my house.”

I almost didn’t catch what she said next, as her head lowered to look at the tabletop.


I waited in silence.

“My safe word is ‘Rosebud’. Please, I can do this.”

“Sadly Samantha, I don’t know if you can. You are fighting so hard against yourself I’m afraid you will break again and this time; I won’t be able to put you together again. The slave within you either isn’t strong enough or you have exhausted her to the point that she can’t break free.”

She raised her head and looked into my eyes. I saw the fire in her that I saw at the lakeside when she was with her mother and me. It began to flicker to life again. Her doubts and fears were being pushed back, by her desire to return to us.

“My safe word is ‘Rosebud” I can do this,” She said again through gritted teeth.

Her eyes narrowed slightly and she refused to look away.

“I carry your mark. You branded my soul that day at the lake. I am yours. I am your slave.”

“You may be now and you may even be in a day or two from here, but, once you’re at home with your folks, Samantha, you will do everything in your power suppress the slave in you. I once had a conversation with your folks and it went something like this, ‘At the moment the slave is holding onto Samantha, who in turn is holding onto Frankie.’ But right now all I see is you, holding the slave by the throat and you have no intention of letting go.”

She blanched. She held herself rigid before speaking.

“Slave is stronger than me, she scares me.”

I just shook my head and got up to make us both something to eat. We continued our conversation as we prepared lunch.

“I have every intention of sending you home after lunch and telling you to come back when you’re not talking so much crap. Slave reached out to you and all you did was pay her lip service. Can’t you see you’re allowing that animal that broke your arm to continue victimizing you? You’re allowing him to dictate how you should live your life. You came here, hoping that I would go easy on you and let you wear my collar again and give you the status without the commitment we both require.”

“You know if I compromise and let you control the relationship, you will grow to resent all of us. You know deep inside you need me to take control for you to be content but you’re too stubborn and too frightened to really let go. You are trying to control a situation that you can’t control, out of fear. You need to ask yourself, ‘Will I let my fear control me or will I trust the one man who will take care of me, control me?’ You cannot be the slave you need to be and, therefore, the CEO you have to be, until you answer that question.”

“You make it sound like I’m a complete basket case.”

I smiled and shrugged.

“All I’m doing is simplifying what is going on in your head. I know what happened still haunts you. I understand you don’t want to get hurt again, but slave needs the pain to center her and make her whole. It is a horrible place to be in. Have you spoken to Frankie about this? You should, if you haven’t.”

We sat and ate in silence. I cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen leaving Samantha to think through everything we discussed. It was clear to see she was still in deep turmoil.

“We have talked about you being a slave. We have even touched on Frankie as being a slave. Do you know what Red is?”

She looked at me as if as I asked her if the Earth was round. The only thing missing was the ‘duh’.

“She’s a slave, like us.”

“Well, actually, no. I’ve never been one to put people into socially accepted cubbyholes. It’s you girls that are comfortable with being called slave and it is your need to call me Master. Again, I understand that, even though I’m not exactly a card-carrying member of the BDSM society. I have, in fact, never set foot in a club and I have no desire to find a sub for an evening. Red isn’t a slave. She’s a switch. She is my submissive, but she is a dominant with Frankie, Shannon, and, possibly, you.”

I sat back and watched the wheels go around in her head. I would have enjoyed watching her piece together what I had just said and why I had said it in the first place if it weren’t for the seriousness of the situation.

“You think I’m a switch?”

I shrugged my shoulders and continued to look at her. Samantha was completely befuddled not knowing how, what I had just said fit into the situation. I thought it best to put her out of her misery now.

“In another lifetime perhaps, but this conversation is moot to be honest.”

She placed her elbows on the table as she leaned forward, her eyes tried to hold my stare. There was clearly a war going on in her head and one I believed, I no longer had a stake in.

“Put your clothes on.”

“No. Explain what you mean.”

Samantha clearly winced, when she watched me lean toward her letting my anger show.

“Heed these words with great care young lady. So far, you have fucked with my life. You have caused me, Frankie and Red an immense amount of grief. You have not given me one reason why I need to deal with you any longer. Therefore, I strongly suggest you do as you’re told or get a fucking cab back to your car and get the hell out of my life. I will send your clothes back to you, when they are cleaned.”

We stared at each other across the table, neither willing to give in. This went on for what seemed to be hours before she broke our stare and slowly started dressing. I left the table taking my drink with me and went to the living room.

Samantha followed me once she was dressed. She knelt on the floor beside my seat. She set her gaze on the floor and held her pose waiting for me. She must have heard me sigh but she refused to look at me. It was clear; she was not leaving without every option explored. I was still wondering to whom I was having this conversation with.

“The slave within you reached out to you, when you found out about Frankie and me. You did all you could to ignore her, because of the scumbag that broke your arm. This is truth time Samantha. You have chosen him over your own wellbeing. You took the freedom that college afforded you to explore your slave self, while away from your parents, when you felt they would never understand. You trusted your boyfriend in this exploration but when he broke your arm, you turned on slave and blamed her for everything. You made her a scapegoat and when you returned to college, you did everyone who propositioned you to hide your shame and your pain.”

She winced as I recounted even this much. I’m sure her father didn’t know any of this and neither did I, until Rebecca had told Frankie. I had struck home with what I’d said.

“Frankie’s life is compartmentalized. She can switch from Francine to Frankie so quickly and with so much ease that she cannot see those differences any longer. The reason is she trusts herself and her own judgment. She trusts me. You, on the other hand, trust no one, especially yourself. You fear your own judgment. You know slave trusts me but you can’t trust your slave.”

Her head quickly rose and she stared at me. Her eyes misted up, shoulders slumped slightly and she lowered her head again before she nodded her head in acknowledgment of my statement.

I let go of a breath, I didn’t know I was holding. I may be breaking through her last barriers and I couldn’t let up. “If you think I will relent and punish you and accept you back into our family you are mistaken. We still have a long ways to go. Shannon, Red and Frankie all have something in common that you don’t.”

“All three of them have bared their souls to me. They have allowed themselves to be vulnerable to me trusting me, to safeguard their hearts for them. Much of what I have found out about you did not come from you. You came here demanding Red’s status without working for it. You believe you just needed to show just enough to get everything from us. It doesn’t work that way. You cannot be the slave you need to be if you don’t trust your master enough to be fully open and vulnerable to him.”

“This may sound like a paradox but the more you open up to me and become vulnerable to me, the more I will treasure you and guard you.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she thought about what I had just said.

“You, Samantha, have trust issues with men and quite frankly, I can’t say I blame you. Perhaps you just heaped too much on yourself, too soon. I will be here and I will safeguard your collar for you, when you’re ready. Maybe you do need to go home and decide whether you trust yourself and whether you trust me.”

Once again, Samantha looked up at me, her shoulders were straight and her chest automatically pushed itself out as air filled her lungs.

“Please, my Master …”

I put my hand up to stop her, “I know you regret what has happened over the last few months. You want to prove to me that you want to be a slave with persuasive arguments. Ask yourself honestly, what do you have to say that you haven’t said already? There is only one way to prove to me that you are ready for this and you know what that is.”

I looked at the clock in the kitchen. We had been talking well into the evening and, to be honest, I really didn’t feel anything, had been accomplished.

“Samantha, I’m starting to feel like I’ve filled your head with too much and you haven’t had the time to absorb and work through everything that’s been said here. It’s getting late. You will sleep in the guest room tonight. My room is off limits to you. You need time and space to think. We will talk again in the morning. I will not violate your privacy as my guest. It’s a hard rule. Go to bed.”

As I rose to take the cups into the kitchen, I heard her say something I had only ever heard Frankie say.

“I will obey.”

She was gone when I had finished in the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water before heading out to the hot tub to relax. I heard both Red and Frankie’s voices arguing for and against Samantha. I played over all the warnings and debates over accepting her. I had to chuckle when I remember Red clearly admonishing me for ‘collecting waifs and strays’. She was right. I had laid everything on the line for Samantha.

It may have been too much, but she needed every scrap of information so she could make the right choice for herself. It was up to her now and no one else could choose for her. I hoped she would make the right choice and would not allow that bastard to dictate the rest of her life for her. I know I would miss her terribly if she chose to leave.

Her legs appeared next to me before I realized she was even there. She had slid into the hot tub before I could even stop her, not that I was going to try. She wanted to talk so why would I deny her?

“Before you say anything, I’m wearing a bathing suit. I heard the hot tub turning on. I’m no rocket scientist, but it doesn’t take one to figure out you’re not going to bed yet and since I’m under orders not to sneak into our room to be with you, I can be with you here, albeit with this thing on.”

Ok, I smiled. What else could I do? What she did next caught me unprepared.

Samantha climbed onto my lap and placed her arms around me, and then said, “I promised I would think about all that we have talked about and that’s the truth but for now I need to be this close to you. I hope I get SOME indication that you still care for me. If it should ever arise, I will be satisfied but I will deny ever having … um … felt your care.”

This Goddamned woman always has a way of making me smile. I shook my head and drew her close to me, just not TOO close.

“Tell me about the early days.”

Pulling my head back to look at her, uncertain of what she was asking of me.

“The original gang of three, what was it like in the early days?”

Once Samantha recognized the look of understanding, she settled her head on my shoulder as I reminisced about my past with Shannon and Red. She only interrupted when she suggested we move back into the cabin before we both turned into prunes. Even as we both got out of the tub, there was no respite. Samantha quickly dashed into my room returning with t-shirt and shorts and then dashed into hers to get the same.

Samantha would ask a question here or there, as we both stripped down. I’m not sure if it was habit, but she dried me off and then went over to the couch to dry herself. The questions continued as we both dressed and she once again resumed her place on my lap, as my past with both girls was laid bare to her.

Before either of us realized it, the sun had climbed over the ridge and was peaking into the day room and by then I was thinking about Shannon’s funeral, Samantha pretty much knew the rest.

“Go to bed and sleep in. I fully intend to, once I’ve left a message with work that I won’t be in today.”

“That is one order I will gladly obey. Sleep well, my Master.”

She had already turned and headed for her room, I swear that girl swung those hips of hers just a bit more than she had earlier.

I’m not even sure what woke me, just one of those feelings perhaps. Many years ago, Frankie was with Shannon and I, while my brother and Marci took a cruise. Frankie wasn’t well. One of those twenty-four hour bugs that float around from time to time. Even though Shannon and I are sound sleepers, both of us woke instantly when we sensed that something wasn’t right and just made it to her room in time to watch her be sick on the floor.

I cleaned up while Shannon calmed a six-year-old Frankie after she had freaked out, not knowing what was happening to her. It was one of those moments. I woke sensing something was different in the cabin, it was then I heard crying. Samantha was knelt at the end of my bed, the tears streamed down her face. Even as my body moved to reach out to her, Samantha held up her hand to stop me.

“Please, my Master. Last night I heard from your lips such a tale of love and I envied each of you. I have thought long and hard and this is my choice.”

Even as she said that, her arms extended so they took in the whole cabin, she blushed as her eyes once again settled on me, her words were calm and even, as though rehearsed.

“I know I have to be punished for my actions over these last months. But this I give as my word, although I cannot equal my sisters, in my own way, my heart tells me I can aspire to be as good as them both someday.”

Again, her eyes rose to meet mine, not in defiance. Samantha wanted to make a point.

“Your choice of a safe word for me is Rosebud. If I can ask but one thing from you, can you punish me after we have made love? I’ve missed your touch so much, and I need that to carry me over the pain I will endure for treating the status you gave me so shabbily.”

Even now, I still felt the urge to make sure she knew precisely what she was letting herself in for.

“Take these words and keep them close to your heart. You are on probation; this is your last chance Samantha. You fuck this up and there is no second chance out there for you to grab hold of. All three girls came into our version of this lifestyle with their eyes wide open, they knew what was required of them and all accepted that. There is no compromise, you won’t be earning, Samantha. You came here and pissed over all the chances you will ever have. You’re running on empty young lady and for some time to come, it’s going to be all uphill.”

Although the tears had stopped, it was still plain to see, she was still close to it. For such a long time, Samantha watched me waiting for me to add to my last comment. I didn’t need to; the ball was in her court now. She watched as I leaned over to the bedside cabinet and pulled the drawer open. Seconds later her necklace arced its way towards her, she caught it mid-air with both hands and instinctively held it close to herself.

“For a start, you don’t get to ask shit from me. If you put that on it means you have heard and accept what I’ve said; we will draw this one line under all this and get on with this life and that includes me taking you into the playroom, before I make love to you. Remember, you have no rights in this, from now and for some time to come.”

Her chest rose as she slowly sucked in air. Samantha’s eyes were glued to the necklace in her hands. She placed it on the bed and then stood. Her hands went to her t-shirt and pulled it off before pulling her shorts to the floor. The concentration on her face remained the same, even as she placed her necklace once again around her neck and knelt on the bed staring at my chest.

“I will obey, and thank you for once again, reminding me of my place.”

There was something about her now, the way she held herself ready perhaps. Last night Samantha had actually thought about what was going to happen to her, about the way she had treated us all so badly over these last few months. She knew that her behavior had caused all of this. Today was her day of reckoning and she knelt expectantly, waiting for the punishment she felt and now understood she was due. I’m sure what caused her surprise was the way my arm came up and my hand opened up to her.

Samantha looked at it, and then at me. Although the tears welled up within her, the thousand-watt smile kept them at bay. She clasped my hand ever so tightly as she crawled over the bed and between the covers. Our bodies melted into each other as the last vestige of restraint vanished, her tears burst forth and for some time, all I did was hold her tight to me as agonizing sobs poured forth. It was clear she was trying to say something and although the crying kept getting in the way, Samantha felt the need to say whatever it was.

“I… I love…”

The pent up emotions once again took her as she cried into my shoulder for a few moments. Again, she pulled air into her lungs, willing herself to stop crying as she pulled herself away to look at me, her hand came up and held my cheek and a small smile grew on her lips.

“You were right, all along you were right. I am Samantha the businesswoman, and no one but you and my sisters will ever see the slave within. That is my gift to her and all of you. Should any of you ring me, I will answer, regardless of what I’m doing, should you need me, I will be but a plane ride away. Last night I heard a tale of such love between three people that my heart burst with shame, that I had come so close to walking away from this and pride, that the slave that I am will share in it. I came to my senses last night, my Master. Please find it within yourself, to forgive this idiot.”

Her other hand came up and now both held my face, her eyes bored deep into my soul. Samantha took but a moment to finish what she wanted to say.

“I love you. I love my sisters and I will make you all proud of me, as you test me. Should this slave ever waver, I know I have you all at the end of a phone and here in this special place. This slave had it all and came so close to losing it all, you gave me this last chance and that is all I need to prove to you that you have this slave for life. I love you my Master.”

She stopped talking. The feeling that a ‘but’ was hanging in the air was there also. The pause grew, in both time and unease. Finally, Samantha spoke once again.

“My soul is laid bare to you, there is but one thing I have left to give you. It grew in me because of the answer you would give me… No. It grew because of the answer I feared you would give me. Who is the woman under you right now? Are you fucking Mitchell Harper’s daughter?”

Now I understood why she held my head so tightly. Her eyes gave her away; the emotions within her were finally at peace. She was slave and she wished me to see her. To know that special person within her, that for now, she was in control and this was the first time she had admitted it to anyone. Reinforcing that statement, by telling me of her love and her one doubt, fed upon itself to the point of almost destroying her own happiness.

“Know this. Seal it in your heart, you are Samantha Harper. That will never change, when you are here, on the phone to us and I do include Red and Frankie in the ‘us’ part, you are slave. We both have a business to run but we cannot sacrifice the ‘us’, to do it. You are slave when you are expected to be and when you need to be. It is also, why you are never called anything more than Samantha. Mitchell Harper’s daughter isn’t here, Samantha is.”

Her eyes welled up again, as something else happened as well. As that thousand-watt smile burst through the worry in her eyes, she also seemed to glow. She mouthed a thank you and we sealed our conversation with a kiss. Even her kiss was submissive, she sought nothing other than accede to me, to let me know that I had access to her mouth. Samantha’s tongue guided when asked and kept me company when I went exploring. Even as our kiss ended and I pulled away slightly to look at her, her eyes almost glowed and the thousand-watt smile that quickly followed.

“This body, mind and soul are yours, my Master. I wear your brand with honor, how may I please you?”

I’m sure she noticed the small smile I tried to hide; it would have been unfair to let her think anything, other than what had just struck me.

“Have you noticed that you are already talking like the girls do?”

The smile grew, in both her eyes and lips; she nodded and then said, “It is the way. I am slave and nothing will ever change that.”

Samantha then winked.

“Plus my sister gave me tips on how she does it. It gets easier I know, that girl doesn’t even have to think about it anymore, with me I have to think a second ahead of myself but it’s getting easier.”

“When did you speak to Frankie?”

Samantha blushed. “An hour, before I came and sat on our bed. I needed to speak to her, to apologize. I got the poor girl out of bed to talk and I felt so guilty for doing it.”

The temptation to ask more was almost overwhelming, but the girls needed their own line of communication so I left it at that, for now.

The covers were kicked onto the floor and, as I adjusted my position on the bed, Samantha opened her legs. I still had my morning wood and intended to take full advantage of it. I had seen Samantha’s body in all sorts of angles but it still held me in wonder. Her own body heat seemed to rise and she blushed as she found me looking at her. Samantha’s hand came down the side of my body, paused at my hip and then held my hardness.


I paused, even that one word held a need within it.

“I know you are going to be tender. You have that look in your eyes that tells me this, even though my behavior recently says I don’t deserve it. When the time comes and you wish to enter this body, can I be the one to hold you as it goes in?”

For some reason only known to her, she actually thought I was going to refuse. I kissed her forehead, her head moved up to catch a kiss as my lips touched the tip of her nose, and then, once again her lips before I nodded my head and smiled. The squeal and then the hug made me pause as I desperately tried to get my hearing back. My journey down her body made me stop to snack on her breasts. Even on her back, they still stood proud, her nipples tight and fully erect. The color of her chest now matched her neck.

Samantha moaned as my mouth sank onto her breasts swirling my tongue as I did, she moved upwards trying to force yet more of herself into me. My cock slipped between her pussy lips and lust made her wriggle in an attempt to force me inside her. I had made a promise, so I eased back slightly turning my attention once again on her delicate flesh. Again, she moaned. A hand moved up my back, ending with her finger tips barely touching my skin by the time it had traveled to my neck and my body involuntarily shuddered.

She winked and smiled, her own delicate way of telling me that she could torture me just as much as I could her. My teeth scraped along that delicate flesh as I moved my head away from her, stopping at her nipple to envelope my mouth around it so I could suck on it. The glistening saliva that I left there was added to, when my tongue followed down her breast to the ridge between both, her skin leaving a trail of goose bumps as I did. Again, she gasped.

My mouth repeated what I had done to her other breast, Samantha’s breathing was becoming ragged, her hips tried to once again envelope my cock within her. The tip pushed at the warm folds of her lips and she groaned again, trying once again, she would move her hips up and down as she tried to force her hips down. The head of my cock slipped easily between her pussy lips and she sighed at her small victory. Her sigh quickly turned to a moan of frustration when I once again pulled back, leaving but the head of my cock parting her pussy lips once again.

Even as my head came up, our eyes met and we both smiled, we could continue this game for sometime and we both knew who would be the winner. The resigned look in her eyes made me move back slightly, allowing her hands to grasp my cock, that thousand-watt smile took her once again as she adjusted my position. I acceded to her own impatience, this one time. I had been in her many times, yet today she was soaking the sheets with the cum seeping out of her.

The low moan told me a great deal. The way she lifted her hips slightly at the last moment and the sigh that soon followed, only added to the sensations of my cock traveling into a liquid furnace of a pussy. Even as our loins fully met and Samantha clamped her pussy muscles to hold me there, we paused to once again and kiss. Her thighs came into contact with my hips before something in her head made her stop and ease her thighs apart before placing her feet between my legs, her knees still wide, this woman wanted me to know she would always be open to me.

“Thank you for letting me do that. I understand, I won’t get to do it all that often but I will relish those times you allow it.”

I suppose this was one of those moments where the lines between Master and slave blur slightly. Samantha still had to be taught, what she had done to us all was wrong, but this woman lying beneath me had understood now, that her own doubts had been groundless. Communication was everything in this lifestyle. She had never got that with her last Master, a broken arm yes, but real knowledge of all this had to come to her both from within and help from us all.

Ground rules were everything and Samantha had to be taught those, so she could understand and never repeat what had happened. It was time to show her love, a glimpse perhaps of what she has here and had a chance to keep hold of as long as she worked at it and held on to it with both hands.

Once again, we kissed and once again, I was left in wonder at this woman, Samantha could learn if you took time to teach her. She was slave beneath me, just as she was a willing woman. We explored and fed our own hunger for each other, every time I felt my cock twitch inside her, she would respond with gently clamping the walls of her pussy around my hardness, to remind us both that we had time.

The final peck to her lips brought a smile; her eyes once again gave her away. The fact that I was slowly pulling my cock out of her, sure gave me away. Now only the bulbous head of my cock remained in her and Samantha adjusted her legs, her knees closed in and as I pushed forward, she lifted herself slightly so I pushed deep within her. We were slow, comfortable with each other and although my strokes were a constant, she would adjust herself every now and then.

A soft moan or a gentle grunt would escape her as she took pleasure from our lovemaking, and it was love making. Our bodies matched in every way right there on that bed, we were one, joined in more places that our loins and enjoying every second of it. Soon my thrusts into her became more vigorous, she would again adjust her body but it was easy to see that her own orgasm was closing in on her. Samantha panicked when she realized that blurred line between us came with no rules. Was she supposed to ask for her orgasm, could she seek to move on top?

The tightening of her stomach and the hard clamping down on my cock gave her away again. Her eyes screamed her confusion and as she opened her mouth to ask, her own body had betrayed her. Her hips thrust upwards one final time and she came, the long slow groan that heralded that slow burn of her pussy, the juices that coated my cock once again and the heat her body generated pushed her head long towards her orgasm and nothing this side of hell was going to stop her from having it.

That orgasm was hard on her, she pushed it back and then seemed to accepted it when it swept over her, wept when it arrived and looked up at me with tears in her eyes, fearing that she had failed me, Samantha sobbed, she buried her head into my shoulder and cried, heart breaking sobs of despair. Every time she tried to speak, her own emotions engulfed her and nothing but a sob escaped her mouth.

Even shifting my position so we were now on our sides facing each other, didn’t deflect from the fact that she wouldn’t look at me, her own body still betrayed her, her pussy would still twitch around me occasionally. Samantha couldn’t look at me and since she couldn’t do that, she didn’t see the smile I had on my face. Perhaps it was time to once again, put her at her ease, twisting once again so she was now on top her face was now open to me.

Her tears once again burst forth as she looked down at me. It was clear to see that I allowed her too much to soon. That would have to change.

“You have cum, I have not. Make up for this lapse and all will be forgiven.”

She smiled and nodded, before her hands came to rest on my chest and she fucked me hard, barely out of her own orgasm. What she was doing now, was plunging herself head long into another. Her teeth came together in grim determination that would not happen. Finally, she felt my cock twitch and a small smile once again came to her lips, yet her task once again felt like an impossible one, the more she drove down on my cock the more sensations she sent to her body.

Each task came with a price, yet Samantha was as determined now as I have ever seen her. My hands rose to her tits, my fingers played with her nipples and she smiled. Her nails dug deep into my chest in anticipation of what came next. My fingers bit deep into her fully erect nipples and my hand twisted, she screamed and clamped down hard on my cock one more time sending ropes of cum deep into her womb.

Samantha’s body glowed, the sweat over her body reflected so much light off her and she came so very hard. My fingers let go of her and she slumped forward onto my chest, her breathing sounded like a woman of eighty and judging by the look in her eyes and smile on her face, a very happy woman of eighty at that. Samantha refused to move, even when I slid out of her and our combined cum now rested across my groin and between us.

“Do you want it or do you want a shower now?”

Slowly her head rose from my chest.

“Mine please.”

She inched down my body and I held still as she licked our juices off me. Not an easy thing to do being still, with a tongue like hers doing what it was doing either. Once clean, she again turned her attention to making me hard. I had to remind her that I had to use the bathroom and we both got up. Samantha got the shower ready while I finally emptied my bladder.


Between us, we filled the icebox with drinks and snacks for our day at the lake. Samantha knew her punishment was to be this evening. The thought of making love to someone and then dragging them into the playroom moments later never really made sense to me. I got my favorite task of placing lotion on her and then she lay beside me on the other lounger.

Samantha would sleep for a few minutes and then wake with a start. I smiled and politely ignored her. It was clear to me she had indeed been awake all night thinking on her future here and I didn’t even want to think about the battle she must have had with the slave within her. As the sun continued to rise, I added more lotion to the both of us; this was to be a relaxation day, nothing more.

“Please my Master, may I be allowed out onto the float.”

I was still reading up on one of the projects that Marlon had in his lab so I didn’t look up.

“Yes of course, although you don’t have to ask.”

“I am slave, yes I do.”

Now that did make me stop reading and look at her, even placing the report down on top of the icebox.

“Samantha, you are slave. You are also a special person, don’t shut out Samantha, she is you and you are her. Learn to live in harmony, I’m not Arnold Hamilton.”

She clearly winced when I mentioned the name of the man who broke her arm in college but I had to, just to drive home my point.

“You are allowed freedoms here, admittedly, yours are on a slightly shorter leash for now. But none of them extend to having to ask for everything, just take this with you.”

That thousand-watt smile returned, when my hand came up holding a bottle of sun tan lotion within it. Samantha climbed off her lounger and straddled mine before she lowered herself onto me, her pussy resting over the top of my cock. Placing her hands on my shoulders, we both leaned forward for a kiss. Neither one of us wanted to come up for air but the blood rushing to my cock meant she had to adjust her position before I became uncomfortable, and that’s when slave moved one of her hands so she could guide me into her.

“I was kinda hoping you were going to say something like that in return. I’ve wanted to slide this back into me for about an hour now, but I wasn’t sure the loving I got this morning filled my allowance.”

She knew I was going to do something, just by the look in my eyes and it was plain to see she feared the worst. This young lady was still guilty of assumption and as her Master; I still had to keep her off balance. My hands went under her ass and lifted her off me. Samantha leaned forward to reestablish her balance and her hands instinctively went to my shoulders. Pulling her body forward slightly and then lowered her down, the tip of my cock made contact with her ass.

Samantha’s legs took her weight once again as my hands pulled her ass cheeks further apart and she winced when my fingers entered her ass but she remained still. One hand moved back to her pussy and moved some of her juices back to her hole. I gave a slight nod and with a mischievous smile, her ass slowly enveloped my cock. She sighed on the way down, sometimes she would pause, move back up slightly, pause, then lower herself once again and then gasped when she hit bottom.

“Oh fuck, I haven’t done this in a while. I thought you were going to dump my ass on the ground for a moment there. Can I please ask you to go slow to begin with? You fit nicely in me and the pain is teasingly pleasant, but I just have to get used to the feeling that your cock feels like its making friends with my backbone.”

We both chuckled, I was still average Joe in size and we both knew I wasn’t big enough to go that far up a woman’s body, but I could imagine her ass was telling her otherwise. It must have been a full minute before she moved again, Samantha looked down at me, her eyes had dilated so much that I couldn’t see her real color.

She briefly nodded her head before saying. “Thank you for your patience my Master, this slave is ready now.”

I could feel legs move back to the lounger, her body sank further onto me and another grunt escaped her lips. For several minutes I did nothing other then run a finger over her clit, the few occasions when she would try to move up and down or wriggle I would immediately stop, until she did as well. Once she realized that although she was on top I was the one in control, Samantha relaxed, leaned down and we kissed. I also took the opportunity to give her ass a swipe as well.

“I know I deserved that. Sorry.”

My thumb pressed in on her clit and she groaned. Samantha had placed her hands once again on my shoulders, not to hold me down but to watch my eyes. Her stomach would involuntarily spasm as I continued to play with her clit, the flush of her cheeks showing her continued arousal. Again, she tried to move her ass and I stopped, she bit down on her lip and gave a slow sigh.

“This is one of those torture things isn’t it? Just let me say thank you in advance because I know once you’re done with this body, I’m not going to have the energy to do much else than curl up into a ball and tingle.”

Samantha once again rested her ass back onto me and waited. I slapped her ass once again and she winced, a slight shrug of her shoulder giving us both one of those ‘you can’t blame a girl for trying’ moments. Still our eyes never wavered from each other. Oh, we blinked, even winked at each other as well, before my thumb once again went back to her clit. For a full two minutes, my rhythm was a constant. Her stomach once again started to spasm and then her eyes seemed to flutter before they closed and a gentle sigh escaped her lips.

My groin gave away the fact that she had a small orgasm; it was now a dual assault on her body. My thumb once again played gentle patterns over her clit only this time I started to move up and down in her ass, her eyes shot open and that thousand-watt smile radiated outwards. I knew what I wanted to do, just as I understood I’m only a male of the species. It was also time to even that one little hick-up out of the system.

The movement of my legs gave me away. Samantha looked behind her. My hand moved from her clit, she then looked down as my hand once again went to her ass. She knew something was going to happen, but it didn’t stop her from having one of those ‘someone has taken my favorite toy away’ looks. As my balance adjusted, my hands went to her ass and I stood, Samantha wrapped her legs around me and locked them, her arms now around my neck. I bounced her on my cock all the way to the waters edge; she came once and screamed in my ear, the echo bounced around the lakeside.

Once we were waist deep in the lake, I had adjusted my position, and Samantha had recovered, we kissed and I began to move her ass up and down in slow easy thrusts. Her arms came away from my neck and her body floated on the water, her legs still locked around me. My hands were on her hips using them to drive myself into her, Samantha relaxed her legs just enough to allow more movement and I took full advantage of it. My cock became visible every time I pulled myself almost all the way out only to thrust back into her.

It was once again a test of endurance. The giveaway lay right in front of me, every time Samantha was close to orgasm her stomach would tighten. My own rhythm would instantly change and she would breathe again, her own need slowly inched itself to the point she wouldn’t be able to stave off the inevitable. It was also time to hurry her along, my arm swept under her giving me a free hand to once again play with her clit.

I had no need to worry about keeping her clit lubricated now it sat just inches below the water. My own orgasm was close, the constant that having sex in the lake meant that you genuinely stood little chance increasing the pace that got traveled and both participants were along for the ride. I could cheat of course, the work on Samantha’s clit brought one more screaming orgasm from her before her whole body went rigid and I had to lift her out of the water before she drowned.

Her arms wrapped themselves around me, her head buried itself into my neck and she bit down on my shoulder as another orgasm threatened to engulf her. I backed up a few paces to the waters edge and sank to my knees, that last upward thrust as my cock buried itself into her ass one final time, sent both a scream into my ear and cum deep into her ass. Her body went rigid one more time and then went limp, her legs dangled on either side of me.

The panting sweat soaked body clinging to me just sort of flopped. My cock did the same and left her ass followed by a slow moan as it did.

“Fuck, my ass feels like it’s on fire. I bit you, I’m sorry. I realize I’m going to pay for that later, but I had to do something short of blowing your eardrum out with my screaming.”

She felt my body shake and pulled away from me to look closely. I was laughing at her predicament. My hands let go of her and she slid off my legs landing on her ass at the waters edge. I stood over her, Samantha tried to get up and failed, so I bent down and lifted her into my arms and lay her on the lounger, covering her with a couple of towels. It was time to laugh again as she curled into a fetal position and just lay there, letting the sun dry the towels and Samantha.


We had no sooner got back from the lake and were headed for the shower when the phone rang. Out of habit, I put it on speaker when I answered it.

“Good afternoon my master, this slave is bored out of her skull and is in desperate need of a good spanking. Failing that, is there any chance of a soda and a pizza?”

Samantha roared with laughter and had to sit down. Red had obviously heard her.

“Oh goodie, my sister is home, does that mean I get visitors today? In which case make my pizza an extra pepperoni please.”

Even I had to suppress a laugh, poor Samantha had to get up and leave for the bathroom. She would of course have to come back and clean the wet stain from the couch later since she had now wet herself laughing so much.

We arrived at the clinic two hours later. The nurse watched me walk in with pizza boxes, smiled and shook her head before going back to the paperwork on her desk. Red was sitting up in bed, her tits in plain view to all that came into her room.

“You’re without a gown again.”

“Yup, can I have my pizza now?”

“That depends, are you drinking plenty of liquids?”

Red sighed, she knew we were going to go through this and the longer we took, the colder her pizza was going to get. She told me she had woke at eight, had seen Doc Kellerman by nine and he had checked the progress of the skin grafts, she was in the tank ten minutes later. Red even pointed to the new strips over each shoulder and down each side of her rib cage that held some sort of gauze to her back to protect the new skin grafts and allow as much air as possible.

“I’m being a good girl; can I please have my pizza now?”

She even clasped her hands together in a begging motion, I still couldn’t resist though.

“Then why are you showing your tits to the world?”

Even as I said it, I just knew I was going to regret it; the look of mischief in her eyes was a dead giveaway.


Red placed both hands on the bed sheets and lifted then a couple of inches before winking at us both.

“We both know that all this is going to need as much air as the gauze will allow and the gown is worse than useless since it does up at the back and they can’t do that because the ties will bite into the gauze, my chart says female staff only and without a gown I can play with this.”

This time she tilted her head towards the space between her legs. Samantha had already started to laugh, how I kept a straight face I’m not to sure, but my jaw sure ached with trying.

“I have to sit on a towel because I’m soaking the bed too often and the nurses are fed up with changing the sheets. My pussy is already soaked and has been ever since you came through the door.”

The cover rose at knee level and I knew what she was going to do next, her hand disappeared under the cover, her eyes closed and she quietly moaned to herself a moment before her hand emerged once again, palm upwards and soaked with pussy juice. I tried to put her behavior down to the drugs, still being administered to her via the intravenous tubing, but then again, this was Red. Her hand still glistened and the smile on her face told me even more. I also thought I should call her bluff and looked towards Samantha whose eyes were transfixed on the scene going on in front of her.

Silence broke the spell between Samantha and the rest of us; she looked directly at me and blushed. I smiled and told her to clean her up; Samantha hesitated for a second, her face now torn between lust and confusion. Red moved her hand towards her sister.

“Wanna lick it? If you do, you can share my pizza.”

It was interesting to watch both their eyes lock on one another. I’m not even sure either of them blinked when Samantha stood and walked over to the bed, and sat on it. The pause was momentary, before she clasped Red’s hand and licked it clean. I was just thankful no one came in as Samantha leaned in and kissed Red as a thank you, before moving to a seat closer to the bed.

“Wow that was hot, can I keep my sister here for a few days? Just to take the edge off, you understand.”

The thousand-watt smile from Samantha fought hard with the flush her cheeks had and eventually won out. I placed her pizza box on the bed between them and both tucked in while I went and sat on the couch. After the first slice they started to feed each other, it was interesting to watch, yet something about Red was wrong. Again, I put it down to the drugs in her body lowering her caution levels, but then again, as I have already said, this is Red.

“Have you got your head out of your ass yet or are you still planning on fucking with Jack?”

Samantha paused, unsure where that comment came from or even what to say. I’m not even sure Red was willing to wait for Samantha to answer.

“You keep forgetting Samantha; I was you some years ago. I warned you this would happen, every time we talked I warned you. I even gave you a way of holding it together, but you knew best didn’t you?”

The way these two stared at each other, I’m not even sure they remembered I was in the room.

“I’m on my last chance; our master will not tolerate my disrespecting us again.”

“Did you think I was lying to you, when I said that our sister has the easy path? She gets to fuck him every night and we seem to think our status makes us more than what we really are. Two things hurt us the most Samantha, being apart from this family unit and the celibacy.”

Samantha shrugged her shoulders and a piece of pepperoni fell off her slice of pizza and back onto the box, she picked it up and placed it on her tongue and then moved in to kiss Red. I had a strong idea who now had the pepperoni.

“I can handle the celibacy, almost every man I come into contact with is afraid of me anyway and those that think it’s a power trip to get into the my pants, all end up with their ego’s bruised and bleeding in front of their friends. I was finally brave enough myself to ask the one question I was afraid to ask and it’s the one question I should have asked from the very beginning instead of waiting until I was on the verge of being tossed out of our family.”

Red decided to return the favor and dabbed her slice of pizza over her own nipple, the sauce covered her entire areola. Her nipple slowly hardened in anticipation as she watched Samantha place her pizza slice back on the box, lean in and suck Red’s nipple. The closed eyes and soft sigh simply complimented the look Red had on her face. Samantha took her time and when she was done, the nipple was rock hard and saliva had replaced the sauce.

It took a moment for the flush to fade around her neck. The smile she gave Samantha was the best thank you she could have ever verbally given.

“So what was the question?”

The pause was momentary, it was that same pause I saw at the seminar when Frankie asked her, what had happened to Charles Winston; the day Samantha formally introduced herself to the both of us, the day after Charles set out to seduce Frankie.

“Who was under him at that moment, Mitchell Harper’s daughter or Samantha?”

Time just stopped for both of them, Red’s slice of pizza half way between the box and her mouth. I think her appetite had taken a hit, since the smile fell from her face. Samantha winced, she knew what was coming.

“You idiot, you risked your chance in this family for a petty insecurity that could have been dealt with within seconds. What the fuck were you thinking?” Red didn’t even give her time to answer, she just ranted onwards.

“I told you to phone us, US, Samantha, Frankie or me if you ever get stupid thoughts like that. Are you insane woman? That man over there is us, and we are him, we are interlocking parts of a puzzle and when we are all at the cabin harmony reigns. When we are apart, as an example of the status, we both have the communication between us that our master allows. This is the glue that keeps us together and gets us through each day so we can look forward to our return, to the valley.”

Her eyes blazed with so much pent up anger as she stared directly at Samantha. I’m almost sure it was will power from Red, that neither of them blinked when she said,

“And you nearly fucked that up because some animal in college fucked with your head and tainted your look on our master. From now on Samantha, you had damn well better pick up, if I or Frankie phone or we are both coming to hunt you down. Communication between us is the glue. Without it, insecurities move in and all this happens.”

For such a long time Samantha remained silent, the noises of what was going on in the corridor outside took the place of any conversation in here. Finally, Samantha placed the palm of her hand on Red’s cheek and both girls smiled at each other.

“Thank you, I needed that. I love you and I will tell Francine when I see her next.”

Red gave an exasperated look; she even rolled her eyes for a second before she produced her cell from nowhere.

“Were you not listening, my sister? Tell her now.”

Both giggled, Samantha nodded and took her hand away from Red, taking her cell on the way. She stood and joined me on the couch; the conversation with Frankie almost mirrored that of Samantha and Red.

We talked about the studio. I related to her how Mathew Bowden basically had them by the nuts and wanted to know how hard she wanted him to squeeze. Although even she admitted it was too early to even consider the details, as long as the studio agreed to continue to foot the medical bills for now and to stop turning the accident into anything that would promote the film in any way, then she would agree to hold off for now.

I relayed her wishes on my cell to Mathew; even he agreed it was the wisest of moves. He also stated that some of the film people wanted to visit. That was met with a vigorous shake of her head. Mathew promised to keep us up to date and I ended the call, my gaze still on Red.

“I have a select few I’m happy to show my tits off too, the film crew aren’t on that list.”

Even before I asked, I knew the answer but I had to bring this conversation up.

“Caroline Atkins has phoned you many times, yet you have refused her calls, why?”

Her body stiffened, it was clear to see she didn’t ever want this conversation, but I had initiated it so she had no choice.

“For now, I am focused on getting well enough to leave here and return to the valley. At the moment, I’m focused on you and my sisters. Caroline Atkins must wait. I understand she was acting on orders from the studio to be at that press conference, but part of me feels like she hung me out to dry and I can’t see or talk to her at the moment without that resentment seeping into any conversation we may have together.”

We stared at each other, both in our own thoughts. I let the matter rest for now since the priority had to be Red getting better. The knock on the door and a nurse putting her head in made us all turn to look.

“Your sister is here Red, sorry but we do have a limit on visitors.”

She was polite, but we both knew what she meant. Samantha and I kissed her and I told her, I would visit her in a couple of days. At first, she was confused but waved us both goodbye. Meeting Niamh again was strange for me. She looked so much like her sister that I almost called her Red at one stage of our conversation. She gave Samantha one of those up and down looks that women do to each other when they are sizing each other up. Samantha pretended not to notice.

It was on the journey back to the valley that I told Samantha I had things to do tonight so she should pack and I would take her to the airport. Samantha remained silent for the rest of the journey although I did catch her giving me sideways glances. As we entered the cabin I reminded her that if she wanted to start keeping stuff here she was more than welcome as long as it wasn’t half the clothes I found in her walk in wardrobe. She shuffled from one foot to the other before she looked directly at me.

“My Master, I have to be punished for my disgraceful behavior.”

She was right of course, I had told her I was going to punish her and she would feel the true pain of what all three of us had felt over the way our lifestyle had been placed on a shelf and only taken down when it suited her. But that was before and I needed her to leave, my own sanity would soon be tested and I couldn’t let her see that. Not when she herself was still so vulnerable.

It was clear she wanted to stay until Frankie got back tomorrow and any other time I would have allowed that. We hugged and kissed at the airport, her flight was due in two hours and she said she would check in and chill out with some magazines.


The cabin hadn’t been this quiet in months, yet even as I sat in my chair, Shannon’s smiling face looked towards me from the picture on my desk. Even now, I could hear her laugh, that infectious giggle that made the most ardent miserable person in the room smile. Her screams from the playroom would mix with splashing sounds from the hot tub. My Shannon was in every nook and cranny of this cabin.

My hand held her picture my thumb gently rubbing the glass and a great sadness enveloped me, clawing at my throat, desperately trying to make sure I never uttered the words that screamed in my mind. I swallowed and tried again drawing a breath deep into my lungs trying so hard to force the sadness from my voice as I said the words that meant such great happiness to us both when she was alive.

“Happy Anniversary, Shannon.”

Most days, I felt like the luckiest man alive. I had Red, Frankie and Samantha in my life. As individuals, they were truly unique, put all three in the same room and they were all firecrackers, yet at times like this…

I heard a saying, even though I gave it no credence at the time, my mind must have absorbed it. The words came tumbling back to me as my thumb once again gently rubbed a section of Shannon’s picture that held her cheek. In a room full of people, a man can still be alone.

I loved my girls, each one held a place in my heart and my priority in life was to see them smile, laugh and of course to hug them everyday they are with me. But today, as much as I love them all so dearly, I needed just a few hours to be with the one love in my life that no longer shared my life. When Shannon died, Red filled the void of sadness and emptiness my wife left behind. It was made easier because Red and I had spent so much time with Shannon both at college and in the years that followed.

We grieved together and step by step we put my beloved wife and her best friend to rest, not only in the ground but in our minds and hearts. I couldn’t find it in me to remind Red of today’s date, hell things had been so hectic these last few weeks I only discovered it myself by accident. Red was still on that perilous road to recovery, her mind and body still needed so much healing to do and reminding her of this day may hinder that progress.

Again, Shannon’s scream came from the playroom, every board, screw or nail in this cabin held a secret about Shannon and it was times like these, that they shared those secrets. Her bare feet padded across the day room, I knew it would be a waste of time looking out the door of my den. The memories would stop if I did.

Today was our wedding anniversary and those were the memories that fed on me. Shannon was her happiest on days like these. It was hard to deny her anything on those special days. Her laugh echoed through the cabin and my heart swelled to the breaking point. Yet, try as I might, even though this was her special day, I just couldn’t stop the feeling of so much pain when that one burning question took root on my thoughts.

Why wasn’t I allowed to say goodbye? Both precious gifts were taken from me so suddenly that I rapidly became a bystander as the hospital staff quickly turned professional when Shannon suddenly went limp and the baby’s heart monitor continued for a few seconds more before our child followed her.


I’m not even sure how long I walked. My mind didn’t have a direction or even a destination. Just walk, think and hope that my Shannon and our child were happy and both looked down on me and accepted that what we were doing wasn’t hurting them.

I finally found myself sitting on the cot in the barn, my arms tucked tightly across my chest and I cried for the first time since I buried Shannon. To me, I had committed the ultimate sin, I had almost forgotten today was our wedding anniversary. For so many years, she was the anchor in this family of ours, the reason I woke in the mornings. I breathed because she was next to me doing the same and now, even with so much going on in this family’s life, I almost forgot our anniversary.

I’m not even sure when my eyes grew heavy enough to force me to sleep, yet I found myself spooned into Frankie’s naked form on the cot when I woke.

“How long have you been here?”

Frankie tried to push even more of herself into me before she spoke.

“I am slave, by right and choice. I came to you openly and gave myself to you. That will never change, unless you send me away. Where you go, then I’m but a pace behind you. I pulled up as you came out of the cabin, your thoughts were elsewhere and never even saw me there, so I followed you and stayed with you while your anger fed on you. It was left to me to pick up the pieces and to hold you in my arms while you cried and finally slept.”

Even as I smiled at the back of her head, I still couldn’t resist what I was about to say,

“And now that I am awake?”

With the speed of youth, she turned on the cot, pushing my shoulder as she did and forced me onto my back. Her leg came over me and she was now straddled across my waist. The smile was there, just as the dark circles around her eyes, Frankie had not slept at all. Finally, she lowered herself onto me her whole body now pressed against mine.

“I am slave; it is my duty to look after you as it is yours to look after me. Red phoned me in a panic. It wasn’t until one of the nurses casually mentioned the date that she realized why you left the way you did. One call to Samantha told us both the rest, you sent her home. I’m sorry my master, but you will never be alone at times like this. We are family and every time you look out for us, it reinforces our need to look out for you.”

My hands went to Frankie’s rib cage and gently lifted her, pulling her over my head slightly and lowered her again so I could kiss each of her nipples and then back to kiss her lips. The slow moan as we tried to devour each other turned to frustration as she tried to wrap her arms around me and I stopped her. Once our lips parted Frankie went to speak again, my gently placing her back onto me so my own arms could wrapped themselves around her made her think twice.

“You are slave and I love you, so very much. Nevertheless, you were not due home until later today. Let me guess, your Mom was taking you to the golf club on your last night.”

Frankie giggled and tried once again to place as much of her onto me.

“I heard her talking to daddy yesterday. The dinner was a parting gift and it’s the dinner date that I would have been introduced to when we got there, that made me decide I would decline.”

I swatted her ass and she moved so we could both get up. Samantha was wrapped in a blanket and seated on the porch, watching a barn that never seemed to move, yet we take it upon ourselves to watch it from time to time. Her smile grew as we walked toward her. Finally, she pulled the blanket aside and rushed toward me, launching off the porch and into my arms.

“As you can tell my Master, we were all concerned when you left me at the airport. My sister phoned in a panic and asked where you were. Once I told her you had dropped me off, she knew what you were planning to do. I cancelled my flight and hired a car to get back here, but you had already left our home to wander in the night.”

Her legs wrapped themselves around me, reinforcing the telling that she didn’t want to let go any time soon. She even held my head in her hands to emphasize her next statement.

“From this day forward, all of us sisters have yesterdays date in our diaries and our hearts. You will never be alone on one of our sister’s birthdays or anniversaries, ever again.”

I carried her into the cabin still clinging to me and placed her in the kitchen. Both got the hint real quick and got busy with their chores and making us all breakfast.


“Please, my Master. Two slaves and a Master require sunshine because we are all starting to look rather pale. Plus of course, getting you out of this office and having your eyes constantly fixed on two hot women will do both of us and you a world of good.”

How could I not smile at her comment? Less than an hour later, all three of us were at the lake, the task of placing lotion on both girls fell to me. It was a task I did with true professionalism, spending far too long on most parts of their bodies. After all, you can never be too careful. Something else I noticed as the afternoon wore on, both girls seemed to be taking turns to lie out on the float, while the other one came and lay with me on my lounger.

We had been out by the lake for nearly three hours before the sound of an approaching car made us sit up. Frankie was out on the float and heard it, quickly diving into the lake and swimming to shore as Niamh’s car came around the hill and into full view. She seemed to sit watching the activities in front of her for a moment before she got out of her car and walked over to us. Frankie emerged from the water and hugged her, like a long lost sister. The contrast of a naked Frankie and a clothed Niamh as they hugged made me smile.

I offered her a bottle of water as she sat on the lounger next to me. She downed over half of it before she looked at me.

“Can you put something on? I don’t wish to see you all naked.”

That comment alone raised my blood pressure.


It took a moment but I decided to add to it.

“Why are you here Niamh?”

“If you answered your phone I wouldn’t have to be.”

By now, both the girls were knelt next to me, watching everything and not understanding anything.

“It’s the weekend Niamh. That makes it our time off, we have no need for phones out here and reception by the lake is worse than useless, so it’s pointless having one here. You’re stalling Niamh, you came here for a reason, what do you want?”

She fidgeted on the sun lounger for a moment longer, her gaze traveled to both the girls before she once again looked at me.

“I want Red to come home with us, when she is released from the clinic.”

Both Frankie and Samantha started to fidget.

“Have you asked Red about this?”

Niamh quickly shook her head before replying.

“There isn’t any point. She is yours; she’ll do what ever you want.”

Even as I went to speak, she held up her hand to stop me.

“Look, don’t think for a minute that it’s easy for me to come here. Hell, I’ve not seen this much naked flesh since communal showers after gym classes at school. I know you look at me and see my sister, but I’m not her. All this freaks me out, ok.”

The agitation and the downright panic she was getting herself into, stopped me from acting on instinct and I turned to both girls and told them to dress. They quickly nodded and grabbed towels and wrapped them around themselves.

“Samantha go with Niamh back to the cabin, make drinks for us all. Frankie and I will be a few minutes behind you. Once at the cabin, T-shirts and shorts are to be used.”

I turned to see a relieved Niamh nod and smile, before Samantha headed towards her car.

“Niamh, you’re staying for dinner. We’ll talk about this.”

I waited until Frankie and I had cleared up around the shoreline and headed back to the cabin before I said anything. “We both know your instincts around people have grown sharper over the months. When asked in front of Mitch Harper, you spoke so eloquently that you have a fan or two in that family. Niamh is staying for dinner, she may stay the night. You have a job to do, watch her.”

She nodded her head, yet stayed silent. Frankie left the car and quickly changed before helping Samantha with the drinks and getting a head start on dinner. Niamh was sitting on one of the loungers on the porch, her purse next to her. As I passed her, I told her I would only be a minute and went into my den. It took all of ten minutes to do what needed to be done. Niamh had ambushed me by coming to the cabin unannounced, and it was time to return the favor.

Once on the porch, I moved one of the loungers and sat on it. She tried a couple of times to initiate a conversation as we sat on the porch. I simply held up my hand to stop her. The girls came out of the cabin and placed our drinks between us before they took theirs and knelt against the support rails of the porch watching and saying nothing.

“Do we have to do this in front of these two?”

“We are a family, what one knows we all know. I assume you’re already aware that your visit here will have reached Red before you see her tomorrow?”

Niamh nodded her head before she looked down at her iced tea. Once again she looked at the girls, there faces neutral although I didn’t doubt for one moment that there wasn’t a battle going on in their heads.

“I’m prepared for that, but if I don’t do this, then no one will. My folks are relieved she is alive and feel beholding to you for protecting her from the studio that they won’t speak out. Nevertheless, we want her back. Give me my sister back, please Jack.”

“We both know Niamh, that Red won’t be fit enough to leave the clinic for at least another six weeks and that’s only if her present medical condition stays as promising as it is. The reason it’s that promising, is that she knows she will come here to convalesce.”

For the first time, real anger surfaced within her eyes, Samantha went to move but Frankie placed a hand on her thigh to stop her.

As Niamh glared at me, and between gritted teeth said, “Then you bring her here and beat the crap out of her for something that instinct made her do. She saved a life, but let’s face it Jack, to you she’s damaged goods now.”

She nodded her head towards Frankie and Samantha before continuing.

“You have two spares you don’t need my sister anymore. Give me back my sister.”

Niamh was being a bitch, she had stuck her nose into my life and assumed a great deal about me. I wasn’t in a charitable mood and I wanted her to work for what she wanted from me.

“Please Jack, turn her loose and I promise, I won’t interfere with your life ever again.”

The urge to laugh was close. She had practically run an express train through my life this afternoon, with what she was telling me. Yet, when it was all said and done, she was Red’s sister and I couldn’t turn her away.

“You have to know this Niamh. You are a guest, an un-invited one, but a guest and so far you have disrespected just about everyone present and I figure we can also toss your sister into this conversation as well. You know nothing of our life or that of Red’s while she is here. It’s clear she has either not shared anything about it or you have chosen to ignore it when she has spoken about it. Go to Red and ask her, I will abide by whatever your sister wishes me to do.”

Niamh once again shook her head.

“We both know she follows you around like a puppy and has done since college. She won’t use the bathroom without calling you for permission.”

Samantha once again went to move, Frankie’s hand on her thigh tightened. The smell of our dinner wafted out of the cabin and I nodded to both girls, they got up and left but not without Samantha and Niamh turning it into a glaring competition as they passed each other. Niamh picked up her iced tea again and sipped from the glass.

“For many years Niamh, your sister has been open to all her family about her life. Why do you think I would harm her for saving Caroline Atkins life? What she did placed her in harms way herself, Red acted on instinct in protecting someone who needed help. The scars she will now carry as the price for doing that, can only be worn with pride.”

Niamh was quick to answer, her eyes now the hardest I’ve ever seen them in all the time I have known her.

“Yet you beat her every time she is here and don’t you dare tell me you don’t. She has known and lived with you for years, you cannot tell me she deserves to be beaten every time she is here. I lived with her for a while at her apartment in Hollywood and have seen the condition you leave her in to travel back there. The bruises on her make me want to cry sometimes, yet she puts a brave face on for me and makes excuses for you.”

There was something about her statement that made me pause and think. I couldn’t help but parallel some of what she had said to what Frankie had seen on Shannon that sent her on her own path.

“You are two parts of a coin Jack, I’ve watched you from the moment my sister sat us down and told us what she wanted out of life and that was you and your late wife. To my family and I’m sure to others out there you show the face of a caring and gentle man. But behind closed doors you’re nothing but a bully and a woman beater who takes pleasure in leaving those stupid enough to be with you black and blue.”

The purse that had never been further than arms reach in all the time Niamh had been here, now appeared on her lap, her hand went inside and quickly came out again holding a gun.

“I’m not a poor defenseless woman Jack. I even have a license to carry this. Do you want to try and beat me to a pulp too?”

The voice that came next echoed through the cabin walls.

“Niamh, you get your sorry ass over to this clinic this instant or so help me I’m pulling tubes out and coming over there myself.”

Niamh’s head spun looking for the source, there was no one source. As soon as I had got back, I phoned Red and un-coded the cabin security system so she could watch and listen to everything that was going on through her laptop. The girls came out and smiled at the voice echoing through the cabin and out into the valley, we heard a chuckle through the speakers.

“Sisters get your damn clothes off this is our home and getting naked for our man in our valley is what we do.”

The smiles grew on both girls as they looked towards me, I nodded and both hit the thousand-watt smile once again as their clothes hit the cabin floor before going back to finish dinner. Red’s attention once again turned back to her own sister.

“Why are you still sitting there, put the damn gun away before you blow your foot off, we have some real talking to do. Something we perhaps should have done some time ago. Jack can you make the necessary arrangements please?”

We both heard the click over the speakers. Niamh was crimson with anger and embarrassment of the emotions fighting within her. At least she had the foresight to put the safety back on the gun before it went back into her purse. That old saying of ‘if looks could kill’ reigned supreme at that moment. My face remained neutral because I simply didn’t care. I did warn Niamh that her sister would know of this visit by morning. She didn’t seem to take any notice when I said it.

All three of us watched her leave and all three of us felt sorry for her.


The news from the clinic was that Niamh stayed for three days with Red in her room. The people there kindly wheeled another bed in for her, we all stayed away. Samantha left to return to Salt Lake City to be with her folks for a few days before Mitch would no doubt find a fire for her to put out. Frankie and I went back to work, and as the go-to girl took care of the office, I went and annoyed Marlon. We all knew Rebecca Montrose would be coming shortly for her usual update on the projects we had in partnership with each other. Frankie had already booked her hotel and checked with the airport, her plane would be landing in two hours.

I sent Frankie to meet her. Most of the time, she came straight to the office but Frankie phoned from the airport to tell me they had to go via the Mall first and would be an hour. I think she heard me laugh as I put the phone down. Honestly, the words Shopping Mall and only an hour in the same sentence from a woman never did fit well together.

That hour turned into two. It seems the airlines had lost her luggage, well actually, the tale I got from them both was that they didn’t actually lose it; after all, they knew exactly where it was, just not with Rebecca, more likely on the way to Dallas. The airline promised faithfully she would get it back on the first available flight, just not today.

We broke for lunch before we even got started. Rebecca brought us up to date on what was going on and we did the same. Mrs. Gillins met us as we came back and Rebecca handed her a letter from her Father. That’s the first time I had seen her blush and make a quick exit. In the back of my mind, I was wondering if I might be losing the best head of personnel and friend I ever had, sometime soon.

Marlon joined us in the conference room and Rebecca took copious notes of everything even though she knew she would have reports from the research department in the morning. The phone in the conference room rang and since I was the closest, I answered it. Security had Niamh O’Connell down stairs and although she didn’t have an appointment, she had said that it was urgent.

Excusing myself and heading for my office, Niamh got there seconds after I did. She sure looked like she had taken one heck of a verbal beating from her sister. I pulled a chair over and joined her. Sitting across a desk from her just didn’t seem right to me. By the time Rebecca and Frankie got back, I was holding onto a crying Niamh, good manners said I had to introduce her to Rebecca.

“The name O’Connell rings a bell, and sorry, but why do you look familiar to me since I know we haven’t met before?”

I looked at Frankie who seemed to be waiting for me to do that, she shook her head, ever so slightly and unless I was looking for something from her, I wouldn’t have even noticed it myself.

Niamh mentioned that Rebecca had probably seen pictures of her sister. It wasn’t until she mentioned her sister by name that the lights seem to go on in Rebecca’s head. Frankie and I were reduced to bystanders after that, as both talked about the accident at the studio and how her sister was recovering in a clinic close by. We both watched open mouthed as Rebecca continued talking and held out her hand. Niamh held it before both walked out of my office and minutes later, out of the building. It was a few minutes later before either of us said a word.

Kelly put on her pyjamas and emerged from the bathroom. She looked around the clothes covered room and marvelled that David had actually found enough floor to sleep on. He was smiling up at her as she moved over to the light and turned it off. She stood there a second letting her eyes adjust to the total darkness then made her way carefully towards Cherie’s bed. David stroked her bare calf as she passed him and sought the corner of the bed. The sheets were cool under her fingers and she felt her way up them until she reached the warmer patch were Cherie had moved aside for her. Feeling the soft pillow, Kelly fell face first into it and sighed as she relaxed into the inviting bed.

“Tired, darling?” came David’s voice from just beside and below her.

“Just a little,” she murmured into the pillow. She rolled over and stared up into the darkness. The car trip had been gruelling but what had worn her out most was…she paused and smiled at the memory. What had worn her out second most was waiting up so late for a place to sleep. While Cherie had offered her queen sized bed to Kelly and David, Kelly refused to kick her out and it was eventually decided that the two girls would share the bed while David slept on the floor.

“Poor darling,” whispered David’s voice from beside her ear and she felt his warm lips brush her neck then move up to her cheek. “Good night.”

“Good night,” she smiled.

“Good night,” came Cherie’s voice from somewhere right next to her other ear.

Kelly hadn’t realized they were so close. “Good night,” she replied, “and thank you. This is great.”

“Sorry I couldn’t do better,” said Cherie, not sounding sorry at all.

“We’ll try and give you more notice next time,” said Kelly patting to her left and finding some soft part of Cherie. Cherie’s nightie was silky under her fingers and they seemed to slide along it of their own accord until they found bare skin. Kelly let her hand fall back onto the bed.

“Anytime,” said Cherie and Kelly could almost hear her smiling. Then she felt a small hand rest on her own. As tired as Kelly was, she couldn’t help the prickling sensation that was starting between her legs. Her fantasy and intense orgasm in the car that afternoon had been about this very situation and Cherie’s hand felt very sensual resting lightly against her own. She gently squeezed Cherie’s hand and felt light pressure as Cherie returned her squeeze.

Then Cherie’s fingers were ever so slightly stroking the palm of her hand. Kelly felt her palms beginning to sweat and a warmth between her legs. The night air was still cool around her, but here in Cherie’s room, in Cherie’s bed, the cool seemed not to touch her but to stop just beside her skin. Cherie’s fingers were a little bolder now, lightly flowing along Kelly’s smooth wrists, parting the small hairs on her forearm like the Red Sea.

Kelly let out a quiet “Mmm” and a second later felt something brush her forehead. There was a second hand stroking her hair while the first continued up the inside of her elbow. The second hand flowed over her hair and about her right ear. A finger traced along her jaw line and down to her neck. The first hand was stroking her bicep and Kelly could feel the warmth from it so close to her aching breast. She willed the hand even closer and felt it slightly brush the side of her breast as it frustratingly went past.

The second hand slid over her shoulder and began to work its way lower down her other arm. The first hand brushed the side of her breast a second time and a third. Kelly moaned again and the pressure between her legs became more demanding. In response to her moan, the two hands moved onto her breasts. Kelly sighed and Cherie’s small hand squeezed her nipple through the fabric of her pyjama top. David’s larger hand cupped her other breast firmly.

Kelly realized how loudly she’d been breathing into the silence then she noticed the breath at her left ear. She turned her head and felt a warm cheek against her own. She pressed her lips against it and it moved to be replaced with a soft pair of lips that almost seemed to burn her as they touched. Hungrily, Kelly parted Cherie’s lips with her tongue and moaned into her mouth. Her efforts were rewarded as Cherie’s tongue stroked her own and demandingly sought out her lips and teeth. Cherie whimpered quietly and Kelly wondered what her other hand was doing.

David’s hand left her breast and Kelly felt the top button of her top being released from its buttonhole. Cool night air flowed down her cleavage. She took Cherie’s tongue into her mouth and felt Cherie’s fingers stroking in circles around her nipple. As another button worked its way loose, Cherie’s fingers began to pull across the fabric. When the third button was free there was enough slack for Cherie’s hand to slide inside Kelly’s top and Kelly gently bit Cherie’s tongue in response as she felt the fingers against her bare nipple.

Kelly felt her ear being engulfed by something warm and wet and figured it was David’s mouth, since she was keeping Cherie’s mouth occupied with her own. She reached out her left hand and found the soft bare skin of Cherie’s leg. She squeezed it but couldn’t get her arm any higher without breaking her kiss with Cherie. She could feel Cherie’s arm moving somewhere between their hips.

The warm mouth on her ear worked its way down her neck and over her bare shoulder. The fabric of her top was pulled aside as the last button was undone, exposing her naked breasts, and the warm mouth covered her aching nipple. There was a wet smacking sound and David’s quiet moan. Cherie’s mouth broke from her own and Kelly thought she tasted cinnamon. She pushed her tongue into the darkness wanting more until she felt the small mouth on her neck, and then it started kissing its way towards her other breast.

As David hungrily devoured one breast, Cherie gently licked in circles around the other, spiralling inwards towards Kelly’s erect nipple. As Cherie shifted position, Kelly was able to slide her hand up Cherie’s thigh, which seemed burning hot to the touch. There was a slick warm wetness at the top of Cherie’s thigh and Kelly could feel lace panties with something hard and moving underneath. She placed her hand under the area, and Cherie’s hand slid out of her panties and stroked juices up Kelly’s arm. Kelly placed her hand against Cherie’s soaked panties, then slid up to Cherie’s soft stomach and down under her panties. Immediately her hand was soaked in Cherie’s juices. Kelly felt her way through Cherie’s thin thatch of hair to the deep valley of her cunt. She traced her fingers from Cherie’s hole, forwards along her slit until she found Cherie’s hard little nub and began to stroke it. The slickness made it impossible to get a firm grip so Kelly added a second finger and stroked in circles over and around Cherie’s clit.

She felt David’s mouth leave her breast and a wet hand touched her forehead. A heady, musky smell assaulted her nostrils as the hand moved down her face and stopped on her lips. Kelly opened her lips and eagerly took the small fingers into her mouth. They were smaller and more delicate than David’s and the sweet but sour taste on them was so like and yet so very different from the tastes David had given her of her own cunt. As she sucked Cherie’s juices from Cherie’s own fingers, Kelly felt Cherie’s small mouth take her nipple in between her teeth and roll it with her tongue. It felt so good and Kelly realized that this was almost certainly not the first time Cherie had done this.

Meanwhile, David had worked Kelly’s pyjama pants off and was kissing his way up the insides of her soaking thighs. Cherie shifted position and Kelly’s mouth was empty and cold air flowed around Kelly’s neglected breasts, making them ache with need. Her hand was taken out of Cherie’s panties and the whole bed rocked. She could barely make out the curve of Cherie above her against the moonless night, and then her hand was picked up and replaced back on Cherie’s drenched cunt, now without panties. Obediently, Kelly started fingering her again, and then she felt warm yielding flesh against her lips. She opened her mouth and felt the orb of flesh being pushed between her lips, with a hard nub that pressed against her tongue. It took Kelly a moment to realize that she now had Cherie’s breast in her mouth, but when she did, she started sucking hungrily upon it. David’s mouth was on her cunt now, his tongue lapping up her juices and filling her hole. He glided circles in and over her clit and licked the length of her slit over and over and over again.

Kelly used her tongue to circle Cherie’s nipple and then felt Cherie’s mouth on her own breast. She felt David’s hand slide up to her left breast, squeeze it, then move to play with something nearby. Suddenly she realized David was fondling Cherie’s other breast. She wondered if he’d tasted Cherie yet, and withdrew her cum soaked fingers from Cherie’s cunt. David was still lapping his tongue between Kelly’s thighs and Kelly thrust her fingers under his nose. He immediately paused then licked Cherie’s juices from Kelly’s fingers, then redoubled his oral assault on Kelly’s cunt. She felt her excitement rising to fever pitch as David’s tongue lapped from her asshole into her cunt, then around her fevered clit and back to her asshole again.

She started biting Cherie’s nipple, listening to the sound of her moans in the darkness mixed with David’s slurping and smacking. Cherie responded in kind and Kelly felt an exquisite tang of pain as Cherie pinched Kelly’s nipple between her teeth. Kelly started humping David’s face as her climax approached. She stabbed two fingers back into Cherie’s cunt and was rewarded as Cherie grunted and bit Kelly’s nipple again. Kelly thrust a third finger into Cherie, stretching her friend’s cunt as they feverishly pleasured each other’s bodies. Kelly started moaning in time with David’s mouth on her cunt, needing to cum, needing to be released. She hammered her fingers into Cherie’s cunt and was surprised as Cherie came, crying out against Kelly’s breast and fiercely biting her nipple.

This drove Kelly over the edge. Her left hand was flooded with Cherie’s cum as Cherie drove herself back against Kelly’s fingers. Kelly’s other hand pulled David’s face into her cunt and she gripped him between her thighs. She bit down on Cherie’s tit still in her mouth, squeezed her eyes tightly shut and felt the blissful wave of heat pulse over her. She moaned into Cherie’s breast as David’s lapping at her clit slowed down, then Kelly let out a sigh as she came down from the glorious orgasm.

Cherie’s breast was removed from her mouth and replaced by Cherie’s lips, gently nibbling and licking around Kelly’s mouth. Kelly placed her cum covered hand between their faces and the two girls sucked and licked at the fingers and each other, enjoying Cherie’s fresh cum.

Kelly caught the strong smell of her own come a second before David kissed her, then she and Cherie turned and licked Kelly’s juices from his face, their tongues caressing his lips and chin, and each other. David’s own tongue emerged and slid across Kelly’s tongue into Cherie’s mouth, and then the two of them were kissing intently, savouring the new feel of each other. Kelly contented herself with kissing along Cherie’s cheek to under her ear, then planting small kisses down her neck to where it met her shoulder. Cherie’s fine hair tickled Kelly’s nose as she feasted on Cherie’s neck, then Kelly sank her teeth into the tender flesh. As she suspected, Cherie moaned into David’s mouth and Kelly smiled to herself. She felt Cherie’s hand on the back of her hair, stroking her and keeping her at Cherie’s throat. Kelly reached her hands up and cupped both of Cherie’s breasts. They felt small compared to her own but they still more than filled her hands and Kelly found the nipples and tweaked them roughly.

Kelly felt David’s naked body shift across her and could hear him kissing down to the opposite side of Cherie’s neck and Cherie giggled and grunted as he bit her with a slightly comical chomping sound. Kelly started kissing and licking her way down to Cherie’s breast and could hear David doing the same on Cherie’s other side. She reached her hand between Cherie’s legs to find David’s hand already there, sliding between the slits of her engorged cunt. Kelly took Cherie’s tit in her mouth and began to suck. She reached across to David, found his thigh and worked her way up to his balls. She could feel them jiggling as Cherie worked his cock with her hand. That would never do, and she shifted her position and leaned over Cherie until she felt Cherie’s fist brush her cheek. Cherie obviously got the idea as Kelly felt the softest skin brush her lips while Cherie positioned David’s cock in her mouth. He sighed against Cherie, and Kelly felt David’s large hand and Cherie’s small hand both stroking the back of her head and gently pushing her further onto David’s cock. She enjoyed the warm, thick skin filling her mouth and the slightly salty taste as his cock bumped the back of her mouth.

David moaned, but said quietly, “You enjoy that, don’t you?”

Kelly with her mouth full of his cock whimpered, “Mm hmmm.” Someone was fondling her large tits.

“She’s a bit of a cock sucker?” asked Cherie pushing Kelly’s head even further onto David’s cock.

“She’s a glorious cock sucker,” said David, “when she’s in the mood.”

Kelly couldn’t believe how much their talk was turning her on. She loved listening to them talk about her as if she wasn’t there, as if she was just some thing set aside for their pleasure. She could feel her juices flowing down her thighs

“When she’s in the mood she’s quite the little whore.”

“Really?” asked Cherie inserting some fingers into Kelly’s slick hole. “She certainly feels like she’s in the mood.”

“She loves being treated like a total slut,” said David starting to thrust his cock in and out of Kelly’s face.

“I can tell,” said Cherie, pumping her fingers into Kelly. Cherie’s fingers were slimmer than David’s and felt more like Kelly’s own fingers inside her, but from a delightful new angle. Kelly felt her excitement rising and pushed herself back onto Cherie’s fingers.

“She’ll do anything now, won’t you, you fucking bitch?” David forced his cock against the back of her throat.

“Mm hmm,” whimpered Kelly, wishing Cherie would finger her harder.

“Anything?” asked Cherie, removing her fingers and circling Kelly’s clit teasingly.

“Mmm,” Kelly whimpered around David’s cock, wanting Cherie’s fingers back inside her.

Cherie commanded, “Eat me, cunt!”

Kelly slurped at David’s cock as he pulled her off of it by her hair, and then shoved her face between Cherie’s legs. Cherie shifted slightly beneath her and Kelly felt the knees spread wide to accommodate her. Then Kelly put her head down and deeply breathed the perfume of Cherie’s sweet cunt. Kelly licked over the soft hairs and ran her tongue down the length of Cherie’s soaking slit towards her ample ass.

“That’s it. Good girl,” cooed Cherie and rewarded Kelly by squeezing what felt like four fingers into her, making her wince in pleasure. Kelly inserted her tongue as far as she could into Cherie’s fuck hole, scooping up the heady flavour and swallowing greedily. Cherie’s wet cunt hairs tickled Kylie’s nose and filled her nostrils with the smell of Cherie. Her saliva mixed with Cherie’s juices and covered her chin with Cherie’s slickness. Kelly’s tongue explored the smooth valley walls of Cherie’s cunt up to the soft hairs framing either side, and then along to the hard nub at the end, which Kelly circled slowly. Cherie moaned in ecstasy through what sounded like a full mouth and Kelly guessed that David was having a good time too.

Kelly lapped at Cherie’s cunt, keeping pace with Cherie’s fingers pumping into and out of her. Kelly circled her hands around under Cherie’s ass and squeezed the cheeks then pulled them apart so Cherie’s juices oozed down the crack of her arse, and Kelly followed them with her tongue. Kelly was beyond need now. She was a bitch in heat and had to get off. The rising feeling inside her was growing stronger and she rubbed her face in Cherie’s juices enjoying the stickiness on her nose and cheeks. Suddenly, there was an emptiness in Kelly’s cunt as she felt Cherie withdraw her fingers again. She moaned pitifully and then cried out as a small finger, slick with her own juices slid into her arse. She returned the favour, dipping two fingers inside Cherie’s cunt to lubricate them. Then she feasted on Cherie’s clit while she fingered Cherie’s cunt with one finger and Cherie’s asshole with another.

A small pair of lips kissed Kelly’s own cunt and she felt Cherie separate her cunt lips with a probing tongue. Kelly’s cunt began to spasm and she pushed herself hard against Cherie’s face, humping her nose in desperation, while attempting to lick up every drop of Cherie’s fluids. Cherie obliged by tonguing Kelly’s gushing hole while hammering a finger into her asshole and Kelly cried out into Cherie’s muff. Kelly’s body stiffened, her thighs gripped Cherie’s head between them and her tongue stretched deep into Cherie’s cunt. She let out a strangled half scream, half moan and then collapsed on top of Cherie, enjoying the feel of the orgasm washing over her and the warm soft curves beneath her own.

She felt Cherie’s fingers slide out of her and smear themselves along her rump. Cherie was still lapping gently at her clit and Kelly basked in the feel of the warm tongue stroking and caressing her suddenly sensitive clit. Kelly let out a weak moan, that could have been a thank you, but instead of stopping, Cherie’s licking began to increase in pace again. Absent-mindedly, Kelly resumed sliding her fingers into Cherie’s two holes. She ached in a good way, and while tired she figured she may have enough energy to repay Cherie somewhat.

Instead, she felt the bed lurch and felt something slide along her cunt. Cherie was sucking and tonguing her clit, but the hard flesh poking at Kelly’s entrance was too big to be a finger, especially Cherie’s. Then she felt David’s hand pushing her shoulder into Cherie’s hip and realised he was about to fuck her.

She wanted to protest. It was too soon after her previous orgasm and she was so tired now, but as David’s cock thrust into her cunt, opening the folds wide like a blooming flower, Kelly gasped at the painful sensation buried somewhere under a new wave of pleasure. She started licking more feverishly at Cherie’s clit, and she felt Cherie’s expert tongue working her own clit, while David’s cock almost withdrew and then started pumping into her with gusto.

The three of them soon worked out a rhythm, Cherie’s tongue sliding up her clit towards her ass as David withdrew his cock, then sliding back down again to her clit as David thrust his cock feverishly inside her. His thrust would push her face down into Cherie’s cunt, and Cherie would match the thrust with her own, grinding her cunt against her friend’s mouth and tongue. Then in no time, David was hammering into Kelly’s cunt. She could only imagine his balls slapping Cherie’s chin as Cherie awkwardly continued to bath her cunt with her tongue, like a giant pussycat.

The image excited Kelly and she could feel how close David was by the way he gripped her shoulder, his nails digging into her flesh. His other hand wrapped clumsily around her groping for her tits. The wet smacking sound of his thighs driving into her filled the room and excited her even more. Instead of having to work her own clit, Kelly’s hands were pushed forward, bracing her, while Cherie’s delicate lips toyed gently with her clit, a sharp contrast to David’s enthusiastic pounding. Usually at this point David slowed or rested, delaying their pleasure and teasing each other. But Kelly sensed with his iron grip that he had well and truly lost control by now and she was deliciously at his mercy as he pounded her cunt with only one thing on his mind.

Blaine clutched his books to his chest and looked around the hallway, new school and it was the middle of the semester, he looked down at the class schedule in his hand sighed. Mathematics room 148 floor two, so far he was on floor one trying to find the staircase, the hallway was empty except for the few students rushing to class. He walked down the hall and turned left, not seeing anything but doors and lockers he did the only thing that came to mind, he knocked on a classroom door.

A short, chubby female teacher came to the door and looked Blaine over. “Yes, how can I help you?” she asked with a slight lisp.

“I- um- I’m lost, I’m new here.” he stuttered out.

The teacher turned around briefly and addressed someone named Chad, a boy came strolling up to the door in a jersey and faded jeans, with a fake smile he asked “How can I help you, Mrs Shepman?”

“This young boy is lost and needs someone to escort him to his classroom” Mrs Shepman said politely, Chad heaved and sigh and walked out the door and down the hallway with a muttered “Follow me.”

Blaine followed the boy and tried not to sigh out loud, the boy was the hottest guy he had laid eyes on since Dean, his ex boyfriend, Chad had blonde hair with lighter streaks in it from the sun, incredibly dark blue eyes and had an obvious jock build. Blaine’s gaze travelled down Chad’s back to his ass, Blaine had a hard time holding in his moan. Chad’s ass was very firm, unlike Blaine’s, which according to Dean was a bubble butt.

Chad turned suddenly and Blaine forced his eyes up to Chad’s, Blaine knew that Chad had seen his looking at his ass and he squirmed were he was standing, Dammit why was I so stupid, don’t get involved with another jock, they will only break your heart then beat you up in that order, he thought to himself. Blaine lifted his hand and ran it through his hair messing up the dark strands.

“Like what you see?” Chad whispered leaning close.

“I- um- I’m Sorry?” Blaine murmured uncertainly.

Chad took a step forward and Blaine took a step backwards, they kept this up until Blaine was backed up into a locker, Chad put his hands on either side of Blaine’s head, affectively caging him in. He leant in close, hip lips inches from Blaine’s, Chad licked his lips and smiled when Blaine’s eyes tracked the movement.

“I said like what you see?” Chad asked again.

Blaine nodded quickly and looked into Chad’s eyes, Chad’s beautiful eyes. Blaine closed his eyes and whimpered quietly when he felt his cock start to harden in his jeans, Blaine looked down and groaned quietly, his trousers had an obvious bulge in them and all because this one boy looked at him. Chad looked down too and gasped quietly, the bulge in front of the boys trousers was very impressive.

Chad took one more glance at the bulge and then lunged in for a kiss, the boy gasped again and Chad took the chance to push his tongue inside the boys mouth, Chad pushed closer and the boy squirmed and moaned quietly into his mouth, Chad swept his tongue inside the interior of the young boys mouth and pulled back slightly to run his tongue around his lips. Chad pushed away from the wall and grinned at the boy. He had his eyes closed and his cheeks were flushed, the bulge in the boys trousers, if possible, had gotten bigger.

His eyes opened and he looked at Chad and smiled slightly. The haze broke around the boys when the bell rung, the boy pushed up and grabbed his bag what had fell to the floor, during the passionate embrace. Students started rushing out of doors and Chad helped the boy sort his books out and handed the books back to him.

“Where are you next?” Chad asked.

“Um” the boy looked at his sheet briefly “Health class in the gym.”

“Well that is were I am, I’ll walk you there.” Chad smiled at the bewildered look on the boys face.

They started walking towards the gym when Chad stopped and looked at the boy before sprinting off towards the school again, Blaine shook his head and continued walking the way Chad was taking him, the jock had kissed him he had actually kissed him. Five minutes later Chad came running back towards the boy.

“Sorry about that I forgot my backpack.” he panted.

Blaine nodded but kept quiet, they were almost to the gym when Chad game him a funny look and asked “What’s your name?, I kissed you but I don’t even know your name.”

Blaine laughed quietly and whispered “Blaine, Blaine Rosewood.”

“Huh I didn’t think you were a Blaine I thought your were more of a Tim, My name is Chad Thurston.” Blaine nodded again but didn’t say anything.

“Don’t talk much do you?” At Blaine’s shaken head he continued “Why is that, is it because your new? Are you shy?”

Blaine smiled slightly and nodded but added one word to it “British.”

Chad laughed and slapped his forehead, “Of course you would feel insecure, but just because your in America don’t mean you should hide it, I think it’s cute.”

Blaine giggled and walked into the gym with Chad, Chad sat on the bench seat and patted it next to him. Blaine looked around before hesitantly taking his seat, he didn’t understand why Chad had kissed him, he didn’t know anything about Blaine. Blaine snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a strong warm hand on his thigh. He looked up to see Chad’s grinning from ear to ear.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Blaine whispered quietly.

“You look so nervous, I think you look so adorable.” Chad whispered back.

Chad looked over at Blaine and sighed quietly, Blaine was the most sexiest man Chad had ever laid eyes on and that was saying something as he had seen his fair share of boys and men. Blaine had dark green eyes and silky black hair what curled around his ears. Chad couldn’t stop himself when he reached out and ran his fingers through Blaine’s hair, he chuckled silently when Blaine’s head whipped around and those gorgeous green eyes focused on Chad.

“How long have you been in town then?” Chad asked quietly, while running his fingers through the Blaine’s curls.

“Um…Nearly two weeks, I live on 32nd street, my mother got promoted and we had to move from Britain.”

Chad smiled and kissed Blaine’s cheek, he loved being one of the very few outed gay teens in this school, means he could do anything he wanted to Blaine, in the right terms of course. Blaine shivered when Chad’s lips moved to suck on his earlobe, Chad lightly bit the flesh and was rewarded when Blaine let out a stuttered moan. Seems Chad had found one of Blaine’s sensitive spots.

“Mr Thurston, I see you have already made your acquaintance with our new student, but I must tell you it’s rude to make a move on the first day of school.” Mr Garrison’s voice pulled Chad’s head away from Blaine’s ear with a grin.

“Sorry Sir, but Blaine looks and tastes so good.” Chad replied with a wicked grin.

Blaine flushed deep red and buried his head in his books with a deep groan. The class around him laughed and he flushed even deeper when Chad placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, Blaine batted Chad away with a muttered “Stop it.”, Chad pulled away with a sigh and leant back against the girls legs behind him.

“You think he’s cute don’t you Elle?” Chad asked the girl he was leaning on.

“Oh honey you know I think he is adorable, but if I say anything out of line I will get spanked by Mike.” Elle replied with a grin, running her fingers through Chad’s honey blonde hair.

“Elle, you love being spanked so don’t even try the innocent act on me.” Chad said with a grin.

Elle sighed before saying “You know I do, honey.”

“All right kids settle down I think we have established that Mr Thurston has decided to take the new student under his wing.”

“That’s not all I plan to take him under.” Chad shouted. The class erupted in laughter while Blaine elbowed Chad in the ribs.

“Today’s lesson is all about sex obviously.” Mr Garrison yelled and turned around to write on the blackboard in big capital letters SEX AND THE RISKS.

The class laughed and some groaned Blaine included. It didn’t help that Blaine was a virgin, he never let Dean touch him or he never touched Dean. Blaine kept looking towards the front of the class, he knew everything about sex he just yet to experience it, Dean had tried to get him into bed, but after the third time he had ripped Blaine’s shirt, Blaine had ended it. Which didn’t end well, he got his heart broken as well as his ribs, his nose and his arm. Blaine felt the familiar sting of tears and blinked rapidly, but it failed and one fat drop landed on his books and another landed on Chad’s had what was still on his thigh.

Chad looked down at his hand with a frown then looked up at Blaine. Blaine’s eyes were shimmering with tears that haven’t fell. Chad wrapped his arm around Blaine’s shoulders and pulled him closely into him, he murmured incoherent words in Blaine’s ear and felt Elle put her hand on Blaine’s shoulder too, eventually Blaine calmed enough that the tears stopped. Chad was confused but didn’t ask anything, if Blaine wanted to tell him then he would.

“Mr Thurston and Mr Rosewood would you like a room or would like to answer the questions?”

“I would prefer a room but I suppose we’ll take the questions.” Chad replied with a slight smile.

“The average sperm count is 40 million in a healthy male and it also depends on the diet of the male.” Blaine said quietly.

“You are correct Mr Rosewood, did you learn this in Britain?” Mr Garrison said.

“I have completed my sex education course in Britain and passed.” Blaine replied with a smile.

“I can see your a very smart boy, Mr Rosewood, just don’t let Mr Thurston pull you into the dark side.” he said with a grin.

“Yes, I am going to suck your blood and turn you into one of the dammed.” Chad said in a bad Dracula accent and bent in to bite Blaine’s neck, he bit just a bit too hard and broke the skin, Blaine’s had went to his neck but found Chad licking at the wound.

“What are you doing?” He hissed.

“Cleaning your neck, I am a vampire after all.” Chad sucked at his neck hard and when he pulled away Blaine had a huge Hickey on the side of his neck.

“Chad!” Blaine said and prodded the skin, “My parents are going to kill me.”

“Aww poor baby want me to kiss it better?” Chad leaned in and swept his tongue over the hickey before kissing it.

Blaine pushed his head away and looked towards the front of the class, Mr Garrison was droning on about STD’s so Blaine got his notepad out and started drawing, by the time class was over Blaine looked down at his pad again and sighed, he had drawn Chad, a pencil sketch of him and the only thing coloured in was his eyes. The bell rung and kids filed out of the gym, while Blaine held back until the crowd had gone watching Chad go with them.

“Mr Rosewood? Is there anything else you wanted?” Mr Garrison asked.

“Could you tell me where room 115 is I have art next and I don’t know where I’m going.” Blaine replied, turning around.

“I thought Chad was showing you where to go.”

“Um…he went with the rest of the class, I don’t know where he is heading. Anyway I don’t want to bother someone like Chad.”

“What do you mean someone like Chad?”

“You know the jocks, I went out with a jock in Britain and I ended up with a broken nose, four broken ribs and a broken arm, all because I won’t put out for him, that’s not how I want my life in America to go.”

Mr Garrison laughed and watched Blaine “Chad’s not a jock, Blaine.”

“What about the jersey?”

“It was my father’s jersey this time twenty years ago he won the all state football league, and I wear his jersey every year it just happens today was that day.”

The voice came from the doorway and Blaine turned around to see Chad standing in the doorway, he had tears in his eyes what made Blaine think how much Chad had heard, his next words confirmed his suspicions.

“I’m not one of those jocks, Blaine, hell I’m not even a jock, I’m not going to beat you up because you won’t put out.”

As Chad said this he got closer to Blaine, when he was finished talking Chad was standing in front of him.

“I’m going to ask you a question I want you to answer me honestly Okay?”

Blaine nodded and Chad asked “Do you like me?, Not my face or my body?”

Blaine smiled and answered “I like you Chad I did the first time I set eyes on you, your face and body are just a bonus, except I haven’t seen your body.”

Chad chuckled and grabbed Blaine’s hand, tugging him towards the door and down the stairs towards the art class, when he knocked on the door and pushed Blaine in with a “I’ll meet you after class.” Chad then rushed towards English.

*** It was almost six weeks later when Blaine was putting the finishing touches to his art project issued in his first art class, he was making a clay figure of a male angel, he had his wings wrapped around his body in a protective embrace, on the clay slab he was standing on, it had the words “The strong must protect the sweet.”

Blaine finished painting the wings and the only thing left were the eyes, he mixed a blue and black, resulting in the most beautiful colour blue he could imagine, he painted the angel’s eyes and stood back to admire his art work. The angel looked exactly like Chad, his guardian angel.

“It’s amazing.” Miss Belle said. Miss Belle was one of the very few teachers he liked, she was in her late twenties and had dark brown eyes and bright red hair.

“Thank you.”

“Where did you get the words?”

“My grandfather used to say them to me, when I was a little boy.”

“They are amazing words, and for such a young boy like you to make something this beautiful is astonishing.”

“I’m 19, hardly a young boy.” Blaine said with a smile.

“Yes, of course, do you mind if I use this in my exhibition?”

“Sure, I guess but could I have it back by the weekend I want to give it to my grandfather for his birthday.”

“Yes, I believe there is a young boy waiting outside for you.” She said with a smile.

“Oh, Chad and I are having our first date tonight.” He said nervously

“You finally said yes to him then?” Miss Belle asked with a gleam in her eyes.

“Does everyone know how long he has been after me?”

“Pretty much sweetie, he has never tried this hard, and I have been his art teacher all the years he’s been at this college.”

Blaine watched Miss Belle leave then started cleaning the art room, the first time Chad had asked Blaine out was on his first day here, Blaine had said no because he didn’t want to rush into anything, Chad had asked again a week later, again Blaine said no, that time because he was nervous, Chad continued to ask him out in some of the most insane ways, he’s personal favourite was the time he said yes.

Chad had bribed the English teacher to have the blackboard have written on it “Blaine, you can’t keep saying No, I won’t give up, go on a date with me, Chad” Blaine was always the last person in class so the whole class had seen it before he did. Chad came bouncing in seconds later. This time Blaine said yes.

Blaine finished tidying up and placed the angel in the locker at the back of the room and pulled his apron off. Blaine grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. He took a deep breath and opened the art room door and gasped, Chad was in a blue dress shirt and dress trousers, Blaine laughed when he noticed the trainers, Chad never was one for dress shoes.

In Chad’s right had was a single red rose. Blaine stepped forward and kissed Chad on the cheek, Chad wrapped his arms around Blaine and tried to pull him into a deeper kiss but Blaine bounced out of reach.

They had only ever had one real kiss and that was on his first day here, Chad kept trying but Blaine kept dodging his attempts.

“Are you ready Mr Rosewood, for our date?” Chad asked and bowed like a butler. Blaine couldn’t help giggling.

“Why yes I am Mr Thurston.” He replied, while laughing.

Chad took Blaine’s hand and they walked out of the school hand in hand.

“Ow damn it!” Tyler shouted at the top of his lungs, looking down at his wrist. Ew. His wrist was floppy and swollen.

“Hey, Ty, what you shouting about?” Matt asked coming into his room.

“Get the hell out Matt, I’m naked.” Tyler shouted again.

“Dude, were best friends I’ve seen you naked plenty of times.” Matt finally noticed his wrist. “Ew, what the hell happened.”

“I was jacking off too hard, what the fuck do you think happened?” Tyler shouted again, he was really losing his patience and his wrist hurt like a bitch.

“Yeah yeah, stupid question.”

Matt was standing in front of him with a pair of boxers in his hands. He wrapped his hand around Tyler’s underarm and tugged him up. Tyler watched Matt kneel in front of him and gulped quietly. He willed his cock not to get hard, luckily the pain in his wrist was enough to distract him from his best friend in a tasty position.

Matt tugged the boxers over Tyler’s hips doing his best not to look at the flaccid cock in front of his nose. Tyler’s straight you idiot keep that in mind, he kept thinking it over and over in his head. Next he grabbed jeans sweat pants and pulled them up and over Tyler. He stood up and sighed, Tyler was clutching his wrist to his chest.

“How the hell did you fall out of bed and break your wrist?” He blurted out, Tyler just glared at him.

Matt grabbed a shirt and held it up, “Sorry, mate this is going to hurt like hell.”

Tyler closed his eyes and groaned when Matt tugged his arm through the shirt sleeve. It was over in a matter of minutes. Matt helped Tyler into the car and buckled him in.



“I think I’m going to pass out.” Tyler said seconds before he did.


When Tyler woke up he was at home in his own bed. Matt was sitting at his laptop when he shifted enough for him to notice.

“Hey, sleepyhead, how you doing?”

Tyler lifted his wrist up and grunted when he felt the weight of the cast on it. He looked towards it and chuckled. It was bright orange and written in black over it was ‘ No more tennis for a while, hope it heals well, Love Matt.’ Tyler smiled at the ‘Love’ his friend always had a thing for showing his affections.

“I am tired and this is heavy.” He finally replied.

“Dude, they dosed you up on pain killers.” Matt said turning back to the computer and closing down pages.

“Hey, what you looking at over there?”

“Huh, oh nothing.” Matt whispered. He so was not going to tell Tyler that he was ordering sex toys off the web. He heard shuffling before a bare-chested Tyler was standing next to him. He held his wrist to his chest and was looking curiously at the screen.

Matt slammed the laptop screen down and put it in his backpack. Matt slung his backpack over his shoulder and walked into his bedroom dropping the bag onto his bed before going into the kitchen to get an ice cold beer.

“You know you don’t have to get touchy, I only asked what you were looking at.” Tyler said from the doorway of his bedroom.

“Sorry, I don’t want to know.” Matt said loud enough so Tyler could hear before chugging back the bottle of beer.

“Dude! You were looking at porn!” Tyler shouted.

Matt choked on the beer, spewing it out of his mouth and down his shirt.

“I was not looking at porn.” Matt growled. He tugged his shirt off and stuffed it into the washing machine. Tyler sat down in the kitchen chair and sighed loudly.

“Tell me please?” Tyler gave his best puppy eyes.

Matt swallowed hard and shook his head. He turned away and started washing the dishes from last nights dinner. Tyler came up next to him and started clumsily drying the dishes. Matt knew better than to tell Tyler to stop, he was hard headed. Matt finished and cleared the bubbles away.

“I’m going to bed.” He mumbled, rushing towards his room and locked the door. He had been best friends since they were toddlers. Just friends were just friend’s, he thought to himself glumly. How he wished could be more then friends.

Matt paced around his room, pulled his laptop out of his backpack, put it on the bed, paced more. He lifted the edge of his mattress and sighed, he hid his magazines under here, not the normal kind, the muscle men kind, Matt had always had a thing for dark haired, green eyes, muscle men, just like Tyler.

Tyler would never like him, Matt thought to himself. Tyler always fucked girls with big boobs, blonde hair and couldn’t tell left from right. Three things wrong with that sentence, one he was a guy and two he didn’t have boobs and thirdly he wasn’t stupid, far from it. He had the blonde hair and blue eyes, the typical Californian looks.

Matt stripped and climbed into bed lying on his back. His hand wondered down towards his cock and he gripped it in a firm grasp. He thought about his constant jerk off fantasy, Tyler fucking him, hard. Matt opened his bedside drawer and looked at the contents, a huge bottle of lube, condoms and a dildo.

Matt grabbed the dildo, slicked it up and shoved it in his ass, he relished in the slight burn, moaning he slammed the dildo in and out of his ass with force, Matt never was one for gentle fucking, he reached up and twisted one of his nipples painfully and groaned loudly. He gripped his cock harder and swept his hand over the head to catch the pre come, twisting the dildo he pegged his prostate just as his cock swelled in his hand and then erupted almost painfully. Hot gets of come landed on his stomach, his hand and some on his chest.

“Tyler!” he shouted when he came.

Matt pulled the dildo out with a gasp and a moan then chucked it carelessly on the floor, he’d sort it tomorrow.


Tyler woke up to moaning, he went to bed when Matt went to bed. He’d been asleep all of five minutes before the sounds woke him up, he climbed out of bed and followed the noises, they were coming from Matt’s room.

Tyler knelt in front of Matt’s door and peered through the keyhole, he barely held back a gasp. Matt was slamming a dildo in and out of his ass. Tyler’s cock started to harden so he reached down to grab it, but his rotten luck caused him to have broken his jerk off hand.

“Damn it.” He whispered to himself.

Tyler reached down with his other hand and started to clumsily jerk off with it. He groaned in frustration when he couldn’t grip it hard enough. Tyler looked around and spotted Matt’s shirt he was wearing a few days ago, he grabbed it, balled it up and started thrusting his hips into the soft cotton and sighing blissfully.

Tyler’s cock erupted and he stifled a moan, he always closes his eyes when he comes but not this time, this time he wanted to see Matt come. Half a dozen strokes later Matt came, hard by the looks of it, Tyler gasped when he heard the word being shouted. He quickly stood up and ran into his bedroom, he lied down on the bed with a sigh.

Soon, Tyler thought to himself, I’m going to fuck him. Hard.


Matt slammed the door closed and looked at the box in his hands with a grin. He sat on the sofa and placed the box on the table. Matt got up and grabbed a beer from the fridge and a knife. He sat back down on the sofa, opened his beer, then sliced the knife through the tape. He grinned and grabbed the black vibrator out of the box. Matt took a swig of his beer before switching it on.

The black vibrator buzzed loudly and Matt felt the vibrations moving his arm. He grinned and turned it off, he could not wait to put that in his ass. So why should I?, he thought, Tyler was out with some other friends and he had no where to be. He had more toys to look at but his cock was already rock hard.

With a chuckle he grabbed the big bottle of lube he purchased out of the box, stripped and sat back on the sofa. Matt spread his legs wide on the sofa and lubed his ass up and the vibrator. To be honest with himself he was kind of scared, this vibrator was a lot bigger than his dildo and thicker too. Matt grabbed the vibrator and placed it against his stretched hole.

Matt shrugged to himself and turned the vibrator on, he moaned quietly and pushed it in slowly. Matt whimpered quietly, he thought cocks must be bigger than this, he knew for certain that Tyler’s was. Matt was a virgin and there was only one person he wanted to take his cherry.

With a groan Matt pushed the vibrator in and turned it on full. He closed his eyes and moaned loudly, the vibrations going through his body where intense. Matt held his cock tightly and sighed when the vibrator started to move. Wait a minute, move!, Matt’s eyes popped open and he gasped and started struggling to get away.

“Matt, sweetheart, calm down, enjoy it.”

“T…Tyler…What are you doing?” Matt ended the question with a loud moan when Tyler pegged his prostate.

“Making you feel good, Mattie, always making you feel good.” Tyler whispered seconds before his lips descended on Matt’s. Matt kissed back shyly and groaned quietly when Tyler pulled away.

“Why?” Matt asked around a groan.

“I love you, Mattie, I have always loved you, I realised I wanted to be more than friends a few weeks ago, when I saw you with a dildo up you ass.”

Matt gasped and turned a delicate shade of red. Tyler chuckled, then stripped his clothes of quickly as he could with one broken wrist. Tyler knelt in front of him again and with a wicked grin grabbed the vibrator and pulled it out of him and just as quickly slammed it into him again.

“Fuck Tyler!” Matt moaned loudly and shifted around on the sofa.

Tyler swooped down and swallowed Matt’s cock whole, he sucked hard and scraped his cast along Matt’s balls gently, Tyler chuckled when Matt’s cock twitched in his mouth. Tyler licked the vein running up Matt’s cock and sucked the head inside his mouth, twirling his tongue around the slit and inside, all the while moving the vibrator.

“Going to come,Ty.” Matt gasped out.

Tyler swallowed his cock whole again and moaned along with Matt when he felt hot, salty come coat his tongue. He pulled off and licked his lips, then pulled the vibrator slowly out, turning it off. Tyler then pulled Matt’s legs down gently and kissed him, sharing his flavour with him. Matt moaned and swept his tongue inside Tyler’s mouth. The boys kissed for what felt like an eternity to Tyler. Eventually they pulled away from each other with smiles.

“I love you too, Ty, I always will and I always have.” Matt whispered against his lips.

“Good, don’t forget it either.” Tyler grinned and kissed him hard quickly.

“Will…we…you know?” Matt whispered.

“Will we what Mattie?” Tyler asked with a nasty grin.

“Don’t make me say it, Ty” From his hairline to his stomach was a deep red.

“Then I don’t know what your talking about.”

“Are we going to fuck?” He said quickly.

“What I didn’t catch that?” Tyler chuckled.

“Are we going to fuck?” Matt asked slower.

“No.” Tyler said.

“Oh…okay.” Matt said, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice, he stood up and grabbed his jeans, but Tyler grabbed his arms.

“Were not going to fuck Matt, because were going to make love.” Tyler said sincerely. “You could never be a fuck to me Matt, I love you too much to just fuck you.”

“Oh…Okay.” Matt said with a grin.

“So what else is in this box of yours?” Tyler asked and grabbed the box.

“Tyler don’t, leave it alone!” Matt tried to make a grab for the box, but Tyler was too fast.

“You said you loved me, we share everything if were lovers, Mattie.” Tyler said, then tipped the box upside down, two more dildo’s fell out, anal beads, more lube, a cock ring and a catalogue. Tyler giggled and picked up the anal beads. Matt blushed again and turned away.

“You were going to use all of these on yourself, baby?” Tyler asked, Matt just nodded quickly.

“Kneel on the sofa and bend over.” Tyler said.

“W..Why?” Matt stuttered.

“I’m going to put these beads inside you ass, baby.” Tyler said seriously, “You let me play with you, then you can do anything you want to me.”

“Anything?” Matt whispered.

“Anything.” Tyler said and kissed Matt’s cheek.

“O..Okay then.” Matt knelt on the sofa and bent over the back, putting his hole on display, his cock already hardening. Tyler kissed the back just above his ass, then kissed each ass cheek, Matt shifted then waited for the beads to start pushing in, Matt squeaked when he felt a hot, wet tongue lick the his tiny rosette, Tyler kept licking at his ass, finally the muscle started to loosen and then Tyler pushed his tongue inside his hole.

Matt moaned and pushed back towards Tyler’s mouth, Tyler speared his tongue in and out of the tiny, tight hole, eventually Tyler pulled his tongue out and with one last kiss to his ass, Tyler stood up.

“W…Where are you going?” Matt moaned.

“To get a condom, I want inside that tight ass, baby.” Tyler said.

“Ty..Tyler…Can…Can we wait a little while first…please?” Matt whispered his head buried in his arms.

“If your not ready, babe, we will wait, you know I won’t hurt you right? You trust me, don’t you?”

“Y..Yeah, I do, Ty, but I’m a…a virgin.” He whispered the last bit.

“All those dates you went on?”

“Never touched them, they all knew I had feelings…for you.”

“Oh.” Tyler kissed his back and sat on the sofa next to him. “Hug me?”

Matt snuggled into Tyler’s embrace and sighed deeply. Tyler kissed his head and smiled. “I love you baby.”

“Do you still want me?” Matt whispered against his chest.

“Of course I do, Mattie, I’ve been dreaming about sleeping with you for a long long while.”

“Have you ever slept with a guy?” Matt’s blue eyes looked up at him.

“A couple, when I started dreaming about you, I thought it was just a phase, you know?, so I fucked and I fucked but I never got the satisfaction, so I thought what the hell, you either shoot me down or I get a chance with you. Then I saw you today and I couldn’t help myself.”


Tyler laughed, “I tell you all that and you say ‘Oh’, unbelievable.” Matt laughed along with him. “Lets go to bed, Mattie.”

“It’s only 2.30, Ty.”

“Who said anything about sleeping?” Tyler winked.

“Your bad.” Matt chuckled.

“Only with you, baby, only with you.”

“Love you.”

“I love you too, forever.”

Matt walked into the Tyler’s bedroom and lied on the bed, waiting for Tyler to come back, he came back with his arms full of toys and the catalogue, he dumped them all on the bed and climbed in with Matt. Matt sat up on his elbows and looked at all the toys, half of them where not his. There were dildo’s, a cock pump, vibrators and leather cuffs. Matt eyed Tyler when he sat with him.

“What?” Tyler asked innocently.

“Handcuffs, seriously?”

“What you never wanted to be cuffed up?”


“Liar.” Tyler whispered against his lips.

“Once or twice.” he mumbled. Tyler kissed him hard, teeth clacking together, tongues duelling for dominance, of course Tyler won. Kisses never were a good thing for Matt but when he kissed Tyler he was in heaven. Cuffs snapped around his wrists and then to the headboard.

“Er…Tyler?…What are you doing?”

“You said you thought about this.” Tyler murmured.

“Yeah…but…I want to touch.”

“I don’t want to let you touch me yet or I will blow.” Tyler licked his nipples. Matt shifted away.

“Sensitive.” he whispered. Tyler grinned and licked them again.

“I bet I could make you come from just licking and tugging your nipples.” Tyler whispered.

“No…Tyler…Please don’t.”

Tyler chuckled evilly and suckled one nipple while twisting and tugging the other nipple. Matt moaned and arched, Tyler laughed and swapped nipples, watching Matt’s cock twitch. Tyler bit down hard and laughed when Matt moaned loudly.

“Ty…Tyler stop…You proved me wrong…stop!” Matt babbled.


Matt groaned and bowed his back, Tyler bit his nipple again and grinned when Matt’s cock shot stream after stream of pearly white come. Tyler kept licking and biting until Matt started to whimper. Tyler sat up and grinned.

“I told you, I could.”

“Let me go, I want to make you come.” Matt whispered, his voice hoarse.

“No, I’m going to put the beads in your ass, then a dildo, then I’m going to put my cock up there if you let me.”

“Tyler.” Matt moaned.

“You’ll love it, babe I promise.” Tyler said before he gave Matt a rough kiss.

“I love you, Ty.”

“I know, sweetheart.”

Tyler pushed his legs up and pushed them wide, Tyler licked his hole once and grabbed the beads, sliding the smallest one in first. Matt moaned quietly and pushed back. Tyler kept popping the beads inside Matt’s ass gently and smiled when he got to the biggest one.

“Take a deep breath, babe, this one might sting a little big.”

Matt took a deep breath and just as he was about to exhale Tyler pushed the ball inside. Matt cried out and jerked his hips.

“How do you feel?”

“Um…full and stretched.”

“I’m going to start pulling them out, babe.” Tyler slowly pulled the string attached to the beads and pulled gently, the biggest bead came out with a pop. Matt giggled then moaned when Tyler tugged the beads out quickly. Tyler watched Matt’s hole clench and unclench. He ducked down and swiped his tongue over Matt’s cock, to his surprise come splattered his cheek, forehead and lips.

“Oh, God, I am so sorry Tyler.” Matt babbled to him again.

“Babe, it is okay, I promise.” He licked the come of his lips and wiped his cheek and forehead then cleaning his fingers off the come.

“Please, let me go, I want to make you come.” Matt gave Tyler the puppy eyes.

“Oh, babe you know I can’t resist those eyes.” Tyler said as he undone the cuffs and rubbing his wrists.

“My wrist is hurting like a bitch.” Tyler groaned and flopped onto the bed.

“I can make you forget, baby.” Matt whispered.

“Yeah, really?, what you going to do to me?”

“I’m going to fuck myself on your cock.” Matt grinned and chuckled.

“Oh fuck, Yes!” Tyler shouted and grabbed Matt’s waist, trying to flip them.

“No..No..I’m on top, Please?”

“Okay, then, not like I could fuck you anyway.”

Matt grabbed one of the condoms and rolled it on Tyler’s cock then burst out laughing.

“What you laughing…” Tyler’s voice trailed off when he looked at his cock, it was covered in green, blue and pink stripes. Tyler chuckled and grabbed Matt around the waist.

“Where did these come from?”

“The box, I got them free.” Matt stopped laughing enough to answer him. Matt stopped laughing when Tyler’s fingers started prodding at his hole. Matt moaned and grabbed his latex covered cock, putting it against his entrance. Ever so slowly he started inching down his cock.

Matt slammed down and sat moaning quietly then whimpering. It hurt, it burns, Tyler rubbed his back in circles.

“Take your time, sweetheart.” He said in a strangled voice.

Matt slid up slowly then dropped back down, moaning loudly. The burn turned into a magnificent pleasure and Matt started fucking himself on Tyler’s cock fast. They fucked like this what felt like hours, in Matt’s mind, but eventually his cock started to swell, Tyler grabbed it and jerked him off hard and fast. Matt’s cock erupted for the fourth time that night.

Tyler watched as Matt came again and finally gave himself over to the pleasure rippling around him. Matt flopped onto his chest and there sweat slicked chests stuck together. Slowly Matt pulled climbed off his cock and shifted a little.


“Yeah, babe?”

“I have come dripping out of me.”

“We used a condom though.” Tyler eventually looked at his cock and gasped, there was a huge tear on the condom.

“I’m clean, babe, I swear I would never endanger you.”

“I know I’m clean too, it just feels weird.”

Tyler pulled the condom off and chucked it on the floor, then pulled Matt into his arms.

If you haven’t read The Day It All Changed and Always Forever and a Day please read them first. Thank you feedback appreciated.


Tyler groaned and sighed, stretching as he woke up, he stomach cramped and he was soaked with his own sweat.

“How are you, Tiger?” Matt murmured next to his ear. Tyler had came down with a bad case of the flu and Matt had been looking after him again.

“My tummy hurts, Mattie.” Tyler moaned and buried his face in Matt’s stomach.

“It’s going to be okay, sweetheart.” Matt whispered.

“Matt get out you have school and Tyler you need to drink.” Bella, aka Mrs Harrison, stood in the doorway.

“I don’t want to go to school.”

“Matthew if you don’t get your butt out that door I’m going to take Tyler home with me.”

“Your mean…” Matt said as he stood up, unwrapping Tyler’s arms from his waist. Tyler started protesting and Matt bent down and placed a kiss on Tyler’s lips.

“Shut up and listen to you Mother.”

“Matt, I’m practically your Mother, you have lived with us for nearly 12 years.”

Matt’s mother and father died when Matt was only 8, ever since he had started living with Tyler and his parents, it was in his father’s will to live with them if anything ever happened to them. “I know.” Matt kissed Bella’s cheek and pulled clothes on. “I’ll be back for an hour at 12 then I’ll be back again at 4.00pm.”

“Just go or your going to be late.” Matt laughed and ran out the door towards school.

“Mum, I’m tired.”

“I know, darling, your going to be okay, just try and sleep it off.” Bella stroked her son’s hair and smiled when he drifted off to sleep. Bella started pottering around the house tidying up, there were pizza boxes, beer bottles, dirty clothes and the sink was full with dirty dishes. When Bella had finished the kitchen and the living room she began the bathroom, then the bedroom. Picking up folded socks she opened the night stand drawer and gasped.

“Mum!, what are you doing?!” Tyler yelled.

“I was tidying up, you two are so messy.”

“Just leave the bedroom, we’ll get around to it.”

“I’m sorry, Tyler, I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“I know, Mama, where Dad?”

“You know, working, I hate the hospital, he’s the best surgeon there, he’s doing a heart transplant today you know.”

“Awesome, I’m hungry.” Tyler said.

Bella chuckled and went to the kitchen to grab the chicken soup she had made earlier bringing it back and resting it on Tyler’s lap.

“Thanks, Mama.”

“Your welcome.”

The bedroom came banging open and a stony-faced Matt was standing in the doorway.

“Bella can you give us time alone please.” Matt said without taking his eyes off Tyler.

“Er..sure.” Bella said and rushed off.

“Hey, babe.”

“Don’t you, Hey babe me.”

“What’s wrong?”

“This!” Matt chucked an envelope at Tyler and he sighed. Inside here was Tyler’s acceptance letter to a school in east Australia.

“I wasn’t going to go, they just have a great mechanics program, Mattie.”

“You didn’t tell me.” Matt whispered, hurt shining in his eyes.

“I posted it nearly six months ago, we were not even together then.”

“We were still best friends Tyler, or did you forget that now that were together. I’m still your best friend Tyler.”

“I know, babe, I didn’t want to tell you just in case I didn’t get in, I didn’t want you to be disappointed in me.”

“I could never be disappointed in you, Ty, I love you remember, always, forever and a day.”

“Always, forever and a day.” Tyler said his eyes luminous with tears.

Matt crawled onto the bed and wrapped Tyler in his arms, they sat like this for a while before Matt whispered : “You can go if you want.”

“No, I couldn’t leave you.”

“Long distance does work sometimes.”

“I can’t Mattie, I can’t leave you I just found you.”

“Actually you found me about 14 years ago.” Matt whispered chuckling.

“I’m not going.”

“OK, I love you.”

“I know.”

Bella knocked on the door and poked her head inside and grinned. “You need to get going back to school, Matt.”


“I wanted to make you scream.” Matt whispered in Tyler’s ear, Tyler had been ill for nearly two weeks also that meant two weeks celibate. Which was hard since Matt had been taking it up the ass for nearly every day for six months.

“You can when you come home.” Tyler mumbled and kissed Matt hard on the lips, his tongue slipping inside for a taste, Matt moaned quietly and pushed Tyler back onto the bed.

“Matthew!” Bella shouted.

Matt and Tyler pulled away slowly, licking at each others lips, Tyler giggled and kissed his cheek then slapped his ass. Matt flushed and groaned ever so quietly.

“Better go babe, don’t want you staying any longer than necessary.”

“Yeah, your right.” Matt whispered and climbed off the bed and legged it out the door.

“Sorry, Mum.”

“I give up, me and your father are going back home tonight, Matt can finish looking after you.”

“Why?, what have I done to offend you?”

“Nothing, let me just say you two boys can get loud at night and I need my beauty sleep.”

“We haven’t done anything these past few weeks.”

“I know I know, but Matt gets loud.”

Tyler grinned and closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.

When Tyler woke up next it was to a set of lips wrapped around his cock.

“Mmm, hello too you too baby.”

“They have gone home, Tiger.” Matt released his cock to speak.

Tyler buried his hand in Matt’s hair and pushed him towards his cock, Matt went with a chuckle. Matt lapped at Tyler’s cock and sucked at the vein there. Tyler slowly thrust his hips up and felt his cock touch Matt’s palate. Matt swallowed and then his nose was buried in Tyler’s bare crotch.

“Suck me baby, make me come.”

Matt pulled off with a wicked grin, “I’m not sure I want to.”

“Don’t be a bastard now Matt.”

“I think I might just be.”

Tyler groaned and flopped back onto the bed, Matt’s mouth travelled down towards his balls and then further down towards his ass, Tyler grabbed his legs and pulled them up towards his chest.

“Please, Mattie, lick my hole.”

Matt giggled and his tongue snaked out to lick at Tyler’s hole. Tyler whimpered and arched into the touch, Matt licked and nibbled at Tyler’s hole until the tiny pucker opened up. Matt shoved his tongue inside and wiggled it around, Tyler was babbling and moaning. Matt pulled away with one last kiss to Tyler’s hole.

“Fuck me Ty, make me feel great, make me scream.” Matt mumbled at Tyler’s lips. Tyler took his mouth in a rough kiss and thrust his tongue inside in a imitation of what was to come in a few moments. Tyler grabbed his hips and tugged him towards him.

“How are you feeling, Tiger?”

“Good enough to fuck you.”

Matt’s chuckle turned to a moan as Tyler pushed one then two fingers inside him easily.

“Been going solo Mattie?” Tyler whispered.

“You were ill, didn’t want to hurt you….I”

Tyler stopped Matt’s talking by shoving another finger inside, he grabbed the lube and squirted it on his fingers then on his cock. Matt moaned and arched up slightly.

“Fuck me!”


Tyler spread Matt’s legs and knelt in between them.

“Do you want to do it like this?”

“Yeah, I want to see your face.” Matt murmured and cupped Tyler’s cheek in his hand.

Tyler smiled and lined his cock up with Matt’s hole, slowly pushing in, Matt groaned and lifted up, Tyler pulled back slightly and then pushed forward slowly his cock going in deeper with each thrust.

“Tyler, make love to me later I need you to fuck me.”

Tyler nodded and started snapping his hips, Matt moaned and sighed quietly. Tyler hooked his arms under Matt’s knees and spread his legs wider, angling his hips Tyler thrust hard, pegging his prostate. Tyler kept up the thrusts and kept pegging Matt’s prostate and he sighed in relief when Matt’s hole clamped down around his cock and then Matt’s cock spurted creamy white come over him and his own chest. Tyler thrust a couple more times and and emptied himself inside Matt.

“I love you so much, Tiger.” Matt whispered.

“I love you too, Mouse.”

Matt rested his head on Tyler’s chest a sighed.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Nothing…it’s just…”


“Do you think all we do is fuck, eat, sleep and go to school?”

“What? No of course not.”

“We’ve never even been out on a date.”

“Yeah we have.”


“Remember Alice’s party?”

“There were a billion other people there Tyler, that’s not a date.” Matt pushed away from Tyler and sat on the edge of the bed.

Matt baby, don’t be like that, I just never thought we needed a date you know…”

“No I don’t that’s the thing Tyler, you were always going out on dates before we were together, then you would break the girls heart then they would come crying to me asking me why you broke up with them.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realise you had to do that, sweetheart.”

“It’s okay, I told them your preference was guys.”

“That’s how that rumour started, I was so scared when that started going around I thought you found out how I felt about you.”

“I don’t give a fuck about this Tyler I want to go out on a proper date, I want dinner then a movie then a kiss on the cheek, not a greasy pizza and then a fuck.”

“You prefer a kiss over a cock up your ass.”

“I love kissing Tyler, we never hardly kiss, if we do it’s when were about to fuck, we’ve never just kissed.”

“Fine.” Tyler crawled off the bed and pulled boxers on. He walked around the bed and knelt on the floor in front of Matt.

“Matt, baby, will you please go out on a date with me?”


“Why? Come on Mattie, say yes.”

“What will we do on this date?” Tyler said with a giggle.

“I’ll take you to a movie and then I will take you to dinner and after I’ll bring you home and we can have a marathon make out session, no fucking I promise, I’ll be a good boy.”

“Your never a good boy.”

“I will be for one whole night.” Tyler said with a grin.


“How does Thursday sound? Say seven o’clock?”

“That’s sound great thank you Tiger.”

“Anything for you babe, anything at all.” Tyler whispered. ***** Thursday couldn’t come soon enough for Matt, this was his first date with Tyler and hopefully not the last one. With his eyes drawn towards Tyler’s muscular body working out, his pen down spiralled spoiling his essay.

“Dammit, Tyler.” Matt muttered under his breath. Yanking the page out of his notepad Matt scrunched the paper up and through it at Tyler’s head. Tyler looked over at him with a grin.

“How many more pieces of paper are you going to throw at me Mattie?” Tyler said around a chuckled.

“Can’t you work out in another room…please?” Matt asked hopefully.

“Now why would I do that?, I love that I can get you turned on so fast, I love that your hand strays towards your cock rubbing it through them jeans. And last but no least I love that every time I work out we always fuck like rabbits after.” Tyler said with an evil grin, sauntering towards him.

“Come on Ty, not today I have a paper due tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah? So what happens if I do this.” Tyler gave a wicked grin and pushed his shorts down, his cock springing free and slapping his stomach.

“Tyler…” Matt whimpered, licking his lips.

“Come on Mattie, you know you want me.” Tyler said running his hands over his muscular chest and tweaking his nipples.

“No.” Matt watched Tyler’s cock twitch.

“What do you mean no?”

“I want to wait.”

“For what?”


“Matt, that’s two days away, why do you want to wait anyway?”

“I want it to mean more after our date.”

Tyler groaned a flopped down onto the armchair, his right hand straying towards his cock and squeezing.

“Does that mean you won’t give me a blow job?”

“That’s exactly what that means.” Matt said his eyes glued to Tyler’s hand.

“Fine.” Tyler stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

“Where you going?”

“To jack off, like before we were together.” Tyler yelled through.

Matt gulped and looked back towards his paper, his hand trembling he started to write and didn’t stop until Tyler tugged him towards the bedroom.

“I did it Tyler, I finally finished my paper.” Matt said around a yawn.

“I know, baby.” Tyler whispered undressing Matt and urging him into bed. Tyler curled himself around Matt and kissed the back of his neck.

“I love you, Tiger.” Matt whispered and closed his eyes.

“I love you too, Mattie.”

The boys fell asleep in each others arms.

****** Matt woke up with a hand wrapped around his cock, Matt moaned and arched up slightly.

“See, baby, I knew you couldn’t stop having sex.”

Matt’s eyes fluttered open and he pushed Tyler’s hand away.

“Stop it, Tyler, I want to wait.” Matt cried as he shoved away from Tyler.

“Matt, it’s only a fucking date.”

“Only a date?” Matt whispered, hurt lacing his voice.

Tyler scrambled up and knelt in front of Matt, cupping his face he peppered kisses over his face.

“Don’t bother, Tyler, the damage is done.”

“So you won’t go out on a date with me?” Tyler whispered against his cheek.

“Yeah, I’ll go out on a date with you, if your nice to me and buy me a lot of presents.” Matt said with a pout.

Tyler grinned and kissed him on the lips.

“I love you Matt, I always have and I always will.”

Tyler never knew of the plan forming in Matt’s head.

******* Tyler stood outside his and Matt’s apartment and knocked on the door. Tyler was wearing a plain black suit, in his left hand was a bunch of red roses and in his right was a watch with Tyler and Matt always, forever and a day engraved on the back.

The door opened and Tyler swallowed hard, Matt stood in the doorway, in a black suit, similar to Tyler’s, but Matt wore it so much better than he did.

“Hi, Ty.” Matt whispered.

“These are for you.” Tyler thrust the flowers and watch towards Matt.

Matt buried his face in the flowers and inhaled. Opening the watch he smiled and put it on his wrist.

“Thank you.” Matt whispered.

“Shall we go then.” Tyler asked in a strangled voice. His cock was hard enough to pound nails.

“Are you Okay?” Matt asked walking towards the restaurant.

“Yeah, clothes are a bit tight.”

Matt giggled and glanced down towards his trousers.

“Your not getting anything from me tonight.”

“Don’t I know it.” Tyler mumbled under his breath.

The boys arrived at the restaurant and the hostess walked them onto the patio, where one single table sat.

Tyler held out Matt’s chair and smiled when Matt giggled. Tyler sat in his chair and looked over the menu. The boys ordered and waited with a smile.

“I am so sorry, Mattie.”

“Why?” Matt whispered drinking his beer.

“I wish we went on a date before.”

“It don’t matter, I’m going to punish you now though.” Matt said with a grin.

“What? Why?”

“‘It’s only a fucking date, Matt.’”

“Oh shit.”

“Oh shit indeed.”

The food arrived and they ate in silence, Tyler paid and they walked along the beach with there shoes off.

“What is my punishment?” Tyler asked eventually.

“No sex.” Matt said casually.

“Come on Matt I said I was sorry. I brought you presents.”

“I want to know if your in this for sex, Tyler.”

“Matt, were married, of course I’m this for you, not just the sex.”

Matt just nodded and walked across the shore. Tyler walked behind Matt staring at his ass. Matt grabbed Tyler’s hand and kissed it.

“How long do I have to go without?” Tyler whispered, kissing Matt’s neck.

“Until I decide.”

Tyler went to bed with no signs of sex.

******* Two weeks later Matt was sitting next to Becky on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate.

“Two weeks!” Becky shouted.

“I was celibate for 18 years, Beck, I don’t understand why I am so fucking horny.”

“I was like that until I met Derrick. He went on a business trip for three weeks, I was so horny and desperate to see him so I took the first flight out.”

“I bet he loved that.”

“Oh yeah…” Becky whispered, grinning.

Matt groaned and shifted around, he had had a permanent hard on since the last time Tyler and he fucked.

“Go fuck him, Matt.” Becky said with a grin.

“I can’t it’s punishment.”

“For what?”

Matt told the story about the date and Tyler. By the time he was finished Becky was laughing.

“I can see why, Tyler can be an ass sometimes, Matt.”

Matt grinned and kissed Becky’s cheek, “Do you mind leaving me and my man need to make up.”

“Sure thing sweetie.” Becky grabbed her coat and wandered off down the street.

Matt raced to the bathroom and grabbed his bright green butt plug and lubed it up before dropping his jeans. With a moan he popped the plug inside his ass. Tugging his jeans back on he moaned again when the plug brushed against his prostate.

Matt almost ran down the street towards there friend’s house. Tyler was watching the football game with a few friends. Matt banged on the door and shuffled from foot to foot.

“Hey, Matt, how you doing?” Benny yelled.

“H…Hey…Benny, is Tyler here?” Matt mumbled.

“Yeah yeah, come in.” Benny said holding open the door.

Matt walked into the living room and stood in front of the TV.

“Hey, babe, what you doing here?”

“Your coming home to fuck me.” Matt stated bluntly.

Tyler choked on the beer he was drinking and Matt grinned to himself.

“Ooooh, Tyler, your going to get some tonight!” Richard shouted.

“Not just some, a lot, until I can’t walk.”

“I take it your bottom boy in the relationship then?” Frank asked, he was the only other gay guy in there group.

“Oh yeah.” Matt whispered with a grin.

“Mattie…are you sure?”

“Let’s go home, I want to fuck until were too tired to.”

Tyler grinned and grabbed Matt’s hand, dragging him towards the door, with shouted goodbyes. Tugging Matt into the elevator Tyler pinned him against the wall and kissed him while pushing the ground floor button.

“Tyler. I can’t wait.” Matt whined.

Tyler reached over and press the stop button on the panel and tugged down Matt’s trousers. Tyler gasped and pulled at the plug embedded inside his lovers ass, pulling the base he gently tugged and let it pop back into place. Matt moaned and arched up.

“Want me to fuck you?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah.” Matt gasped pushing back towards him.

Tyler pushed his trousers down and grabbed his cock, pulling the plug out he chuckled when Matt whimpered. Replacing his cock with the plug as quickly as he could, he started thrusting into Matt.

“You like this big fat cock inside your ass?” Tyler said roughly. Grabbing Matt’s hair he tugged it to bare his neck. Matt moaned and nodded.

“Want me to fuck you until you can’t walk.” The elevator was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and flesh slapping flesh. Matt moaned and reached down to grab his cock but Tyler smacked his hand away with a growl.

“Mine.” Tyler growled and started pounding into Matt that he had no choice to hold onto the railings. Tyler angled his cock to rub over his sweet spot. Matt whimpered as his cock started to swell and twitch.

Tyler’s hand came down hard on his ass and that was all what was needed to bring Matt to his orgasm. Matt moaned and watched as his cock shot rope after rope of creamy white come over the floor.

“Fuck yes, take my load.” Tyler shouted as come filled Matt’s asshole. Tyler’s teeth were in Matt’s shoulder and with a moan Tyler pulled his cock away from Matt’s ass.

“I hate that part.”

“Me too, baby me too.” Tyler smacked Matt on the ass one more time and his his neck. Tyler’s teeth had grabbed him there too.

Matt groaned and rubbed his neck. “Damn you, I’m going to have so many hickeys Tyler!” Matt groaned.

“Mhmm.” Tyler pushed the release button and the elevator started moving again.

“I love you, Tyler.” Matt said around a yawn.

I wanted to tell you how I feel, although I doubt you will ever see this. I know you probably don’t even care about me. I really miss you and I wish I could see you again. I would be happy if I could even be friends with you. But I don’t think you even want that. I don’t know why I feel this way. I think you are the sweetest guy when you want to be. And at the same time, kind of a jerk; the biggest heartbreaker I’ve ever met.

I have never been so attracted to anyone in my life. I can’t even describe how much I enjoyed being with you, kissing you, being in your arms. You made me feel so good. Like I never wanted to leave that spot in your arms. I remember the first night we got together. I couldn’t even catch my breath we were kissing so much. I remember that morning when I drove home, I felt out of breath from kissing you. I could still feel your kisses on my lips.

The next time was just as intense. I wanted you even more. I’ve never spent so long kissing someone and so intensely. I enjoyed feeling you rubbing against me, driving me crazy, making me want you so bad. We may as well have had sex that night it was so intense. I hated leaving your arms in the morning. It felt so good the way you held me. I could lay in your arms forever and still feel like it wasn’t long enough.

Then there was the night she was there. I loved the look in her eyes when she walked by and we were kissing. She had that death look in her eyes. I was disappointed that you gave her so much time to talk and not be with me. I was even more disappointed when you said you were sick when I went to kiss you again in bed. Made me feel bad. So I turned away from you, then you just put your arms around me.. Why do you do this to me.. It’s so confusing.

Some weeks later I asked if you wanted to be “friends with benefits” and you said you didn’t really want me. I sure thought you would have. So I avoided you at work, I couldn’t to talk to someone who didn’t want me. But then one day I starting talking to you again, as if nothing happened. I’ll never forget the day I came in before work at Vix and you told me I looked “pleasant”.. It was the first time you’d said anything nice to me in months. I was surprised. And I actually felt like you meant it, since alcohol wasn’t involved, u didn’t seem after anything; it seemed sincere.

Then we got together again over Christmas. I really didn’t think anything would happen. As I told you I really thought we’d just hang out and maybe be friends. But it didn’t happen that way. I remember sitting with you and watching that porn movie. I thought it would be weird, but I really felt comfortable after a while. You just put your arm around me and everything felt right again.

I was so afraid to kiss you that night. Even though you’d been pretty sweet to me, I was afraid you didn’t want me. But then I did and it was soo good to kiss you again. The rest of that night was fun, felt just like it had before, only now I’d known you longer. I loved it when I was on top of you kissing you and you pulled up my shirt so I could feel your skin against mine…mmm that felt so good.. And then I slid my hand onto you for the first time.. you were so hard… mmm…

The last time we were together, I will never forget it. You made me feel so good and drove me so crazy, I loved it. Your touches your kisses, the way you spent so long licking, sucking, and fingering my pussy. Then it happened. A little awkward at first, but that’s me not being experienced. .. It felt so good to have you in me. I couldn’t get enough of you. I didn’t want that night to end. I know you thought you disappointed me, but you truly did nothing of the sort. I enjoyed all of being with you more than anything. .. Later on.. I had to repay you for how crazy you did me. I’d never done that, but I wanted to for you, you deserved it. I just hope you enjoyed it… But.. as we went to sleep, I felt it was gonna be over for us. I could tell. Even if you did like me, it wasn’t gonna matter now. I felt like I had disappointed you. That maybe I could of done things differently for you.

I know I embarrassed you with my joke, but I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything by it.. I really thought you’d get a laugh too. Anyway. I hope you aren’t holding that silly thing against me. Because I would never do anything to hurt your feelings, if that did, I’m sorry.

I was hurt when I found out you had a new girlfriend. And I wondered if you were trying to make me jealous, trying to rub it in that I wasn’t the one with you. You asked me if I was disappointed. I didn’t want to tell you how much I really was. I figured you just wanted me to be jealous, so why give you the satisfaction. But I was really hurt. Then you acted like you wanted to see me.. But maybe that was another game.. Why do you make things so confusing? ..Did you know about her calling me from your phone that night I called you.? Do you know how rude she was to me? She told me you were having sex and hung up. I hope you had nothing to do with that. That was rude and totally uncalled for.

I don’t know how to explain how I feel for you. When I saw you last bartending, I was hoping you’d have ended with her. I guess I didn’t think it would last long.. Then months later, I found out you are still with her. I cried after I left.

So where does that leave me?? You are with her, and of course I’m not with you. I wonder if you ever think of me, or if I am just a memory that’s fading fast. Do you think you could ever have feelings for me again? I hope you would. I really liked you, I fell hard. But how can that be..? We weren’t truly together, I dunno, I must be stupid or something. But I do know no one has ever made me feel how you did!! .. And I know no one else will ever come close! ….And despite everything that happened between us, whether it was all a game or not, I want you to know that I still think you are a good guy, a sweetie, and whoever has you is lucky!

I miss you…

I took a new job as an analyst with a large firm. That was almost two years ago now. It was one of the most exciting things that had happened to my wife and me in quite sometime. It meant a substantial raise, better benefits and professional status. This company had places to go for those innovative hard workers willing to put in the effort.

I hoped that this change would stick. My marriage to Kimberly had become the daily motions. We loved each other but our lives together had become stale and continued to stay that way. When I won this job (rumor was, over 400 people applied for it), Kim looked at me with different eyes. I was a successful man that she wanted to be with, anytime, especially in the bedroom. Sex had once again become fun, she was playful and sexy and wanted to intrigue me. She wanted me to want her badly so that I desired nothing else in life but to take her right then. I gladly did.

Slowly things began to change. The job was everything we thought it would be but in the end it is just another job, not a cure all, fix all magic potion but a means to provide an income that a family can live on. It did not seem too long before my wife was once again disenchanted. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoyed the money and on occasion enjoyed the feeling she got when telling people who her husband was employed by, but in the end we seemed to co-exist.

I felt like my life looked much like a beautiful house located in the middle of a massive parking lot. It just felt like a void. Where was that feeling? The one that makes the bullshit of work worth it. The feeling that makes you get up in the morning ready for another day, ready for the office, ready to make your mortgage payment, car payment and boat payment so that when there is a slice of time that is yours and yours alone… you can set that feeling free and know that this is what it is all about. Having your wife by your side and forgetting for a moment that anything else exists in the world. I just didn’t have that.

I think somehow that sex is inexplicably linked with the tone of a marriage. When times become dark in the house, looming around it like a ghostly cloud, the sex is not there. My wife takes great pains to dress nicely when going out. When I am at work and she is running errands, that is. When we go out together, she throws something on and looks like some guy’s wife. It’s like she’s afraid to look attractive and be around me at the same time. Bedtime, forget it. I lie back in bed reading a novel or whatever has my attention at the time my wife comes out of the bathroom ready for bed.

She seems to have put on some secret cream that guarantees to keep husbands at bay. Her once beautiful hair that was painfully prepared to ‘run errands’ is now frizzed and pinned back away from her face. Her face looks bleached out and shiny from the skin cream she spent more time applying than she did talking to me this evening. The cherry on top of this ensemble is her ‘nightgown’. This oversized t-shirt that brandishes some stupid redneck slogan that’s supposed to be cute. ‘I’m The Princess Kiss Me.’ I don’t think I’m alone in saying that these night shirts are about as sexy as a plumbers hairy ass under my sink.

My wife leans to me stiffly and kisses my cheek, the aroma of her face cream fills my lungs and then… she’s gone. Buried somewhere under Irish linen sheets and expensive comforters. My wife is pretending to have fallen asleep in a matter of four seconds flat. A little of my hope vanishes with her by the time I turn off my light and drift off to sleep. I’ll wake up tomorrow and wonder why it is I do this every day. The thought will cross my mind that I’m really not much different than a carnival monkey, holding my brass cup out for amused spectators to toss their coins into. The money in that cup is the only reason his owner keeps him.

Six months into my job, the job was still great. I was being put in charge of increasingly larger and higher profile projects and completing them with such success that there was talk of an executive promotion at the end of my one year anniversary. Bonuses were the best. Those who performed reaped rewards. Bonus checks were printed in the office and given out by the man himself. When he gave a bonus his attitude was that he wished he could do more, that you deserved more. That he REALLY appreciates the fact that you work for him and he considers you as an asset. That is a good feeling.

I take my check home and my wife jumps and giggles when she sees how much it is. She asks passively what I want to do with it and then begins making suggestions of her own. Her plans don’t include me. Like the loyal carnival monkey, I hand over my change and go off to make more. That particular night she’ll come to bed looking stunning. No face cream but light powdery skin and hair hanging in ringlets around her face. The trailer trash t-shirt is replaced by one of many silk gowns that I have bought for her. The panties are even different. The normal white bloomer shorts with the stained crotch are replaced with sheer fabric and lace that invite to be touched. Six months on the job and another bonus check I find myself being the object of my wife’s attention.

“Mmm baby.” She whispers to me. “Feeling frisky?”

I lower my book and look at her. “Really? I can’t remember the last time you were feeling frisky.” I lifted by book back up as if to read and then lowered it again. “Yes I do, I remember now. It was when I got my last bonus check.”

Kim seemed a little perplexed but that didn’t distract her from her mission. “Well I’m here and ready for you if you want me.”

“You know Kim, I’m here and ready almost every night but you take every effort to keep me at bay. You for some reason warm up when I bring home bonus checks. It is not necessary for you to seduce me to spend that check. You have permission, go spend it and save yourself the agony of having to sleep with me to feel good about it. I’ll sign it over for deposit and you can go spend it with people you give a shit about.” With that I turned off my light and rolled over. She tried to justify her actions but in the end I went to sleep and a little more of her left my heart.

If you are wondering, no I’m not some fat guy with sweaty armpits and excessive body hair. I’m 35 years old, a high-school athlete back in the day that learned of the benefits of eating healthy and working out. I can still lie back and press 220 on the bench. My last employer requested permission to use my picture in a trade magazine. They thought that I represented the successful American male, at least what most people think that person looks like. Would those people imagine that I have a wife that only sleeps with me when I give her extra money like a whore? I imagine not.

What does Kimberly look like? If I’m Ken, she’s Barbie. Just imagine your perfect woman. Mine has long smooth legs, hourglass figure, ample breasts, a long smooth neck and feminine shoulders. Her face is the epitome of everything soft and beautiful. Piercing blue eyes, full sensual lips and blinding white teeth that sparkle when she smiles. Her long golden hair flows from her head in a way that is elegant yet sexy. She is my angel. Used to be at least. An empty shell loses its appeal after so long. Eventually it empties the marriage and that dark cloud looms over the house. She thinks that she contributes more than required to this family. There’s no point in arguing. Let the monkey get to work.

I work in a high rise office building. Thirty stories anyway. The designers made a courtyard with trees and fountains and a walk way that meanders around it. It feels like a campus. We usually take lunch in the office. One of the assistants orders food from a local restaurant so we don’t have the expense or time of having to leave the office for lunch. If we’re doing well, which we usually are, the boss foots the tab. Another way he let’s us know that he sincerely appreciates the work that we do. After being at this firm for a few weeks, I discovered the courtyard. If the weather was nice I would sit at one of the tables and eat outside or, after finishing my lunch over a meeting, I would go to the courtyard and sit or stroll around the pathway looking at the birds and rabbits that would scurry across the path and carefully watch me as I passed. I would sometimes save a piece of bread and toss it to them as I did. This was just time that I used to clear my head and get a second wind to finish my day. Fresh air does wonders.

This is where I met Christine. I first noticed her in the halls and elevators of the office. I say ‘noticed’ her. There are probably people that I’ve seen a hundred times passing through the halls that I still don’t notice. So I should clarify. I first admired Christine as we passed in the halls and elevators of the office building. A man notices a beautiful woman. Christine was beautiful. I have to leave it at that right now.

As time passed, I was graced with Christine’s appearance in the courtyard, with increasing frequency. Christine and I didn’t work together, hell we didn’t work for the same company. We just happened to have employers that shared the same office building. She never approached me, and I never approached her. I just admired her from a distance. I didn’t want to ruin it with that sexual tension bullshit. She was a little like the rabbit in the bush. I could admire it from a distance, but if I approached it, it fled. I was happy admiring it. I would notice her looking at me sometimes and she would offer me a smile when I did. I gently returned it and would go about my business.

One day as I stood by the fountain lost in some deep thought, she approached me.

“Hey there.” Came this silky voice that startled me from my trance. I think I actually jumped. She held her hand out and smiled sweetly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m sorry, I’ll go.”

My heart leapt out of my chest. “No, no that’s okay. No I was just wondering how I was gong to meet another impossible schedule.” I smiled and laughed awkwardly. “I didn’t see you come up. I’m Mike by the way.” I offered her my hand.

“I’m Christine.” She said somewhat demurely and took my hand gently. “I’ve seen you out here quite a bit…” She said still holding my hand. “I just had to meet this mysterious guy that feeds the rabbits.”

She released my hand and we both laughed. “I grew up in the country…” I said with a boyish grin. “…I just can’t walk by the critters without tossing them a snack.”

“That’s so sweet. I’m sure they appreciate it.”

She said it as she pulled her hair back from her face. “After I saw you doing it, I tried it myself. They just come right up to you and let you watch them eat.”

“So what do you do here Christine?”

“I’m a paralegal for Harper, up on 24.”

“Oh yea, I see those people all the time. By the looks of it you must be pretty busy.”

“Why do you say that?”

Another boyish smile. “We have offices on 24, 25 and 26, our legal department is on 32…”

“Ahh, you must work for Dellato then.” She said with a brightened face. “What do you do?”

“A lot of research. I’m a market analyst… sort of. I have a degree in math and economics so…” I had said too much so I paused. “Dellato keeps me busy but I enjoy it.”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, I know how you feel. I received my business degree from Notre Dame with a minor in history. I’m working on my law degree right now. So are you done with school?”

“Probably. I double majored in math and economics and mastered in business. I like school but it doesn’t pay too well. I had to work. So here I am.”

“I see there’s a Mrs. Mike. She must be proud to have such a man.” I felt awkward all of a sudden. I looked down and rolled the ring on my finger. “I come out here almost every day and wonder about that.” I gave Christine an apologetic smile.

“How long have you been married?” She asked as though the awkwardness did not exist.

“Almost 12 years. Is there a Mr. Christine?”

She smiled. “Nope, no Mr. Christine. School and work take up all of my time.”

Before I seemed to even think I had asked her. “I can’t imagine a beautiful woman like you not even dating the possible future Mr. Christine?”

“I haven’t dated or done anything that could be called a date in…” She thought for a moment. “…Probably since your tenth anniversary.”

“Really?!” I admonished her. “All work and no play…”

“Make Christine a dull girl.” She finished. “I know.” Her face brightened. “We seem to be out here alone every day. We should have a sociable lunch together instead of eating alone. If Mrs. Mike wouldn’t mind?”

My heart skipped a beat. “Mrs. Preston? No she wouldn’t’ mind.”

“So you’re Mike Preston. I’m Christine Gray. You can call me Christie.

So Mrs. Preston wouldn’t mind?” She asked again for confirmation or maybe searching for something else.

“Na.” I tried to be sincere. Christine gently stepped into my space. “Wouldn’t mind Mike? Or doesn’t seem to care?” It was a bold move but the look on my face told her everything. One unintentional expression told her the status of my life.

She perked up and looked up at my downcast face. “I think you spend too much time out here with the critters Mike Preston. I’m taking you to lunch. Okay?”

I felt good about it. A beautiful woman just asked me to join her for lunch. Christie pulled out a piece of paper and wrote on it. ‘C. Gray. 11:00 3rd level parking garage. Don’t forget!’

She folded it and put it into my hand. “If anything happens call me. The switchboard will patch you through.”

She was standing so close I could smell her perfume and powder. It was intoxicating. It smelled nothing like cold cream I later thought.

“I’ll be there Christie.”

“Promise?” She said with a knowing smile.

“I promise.”

She turned and walked away. I couldn’t wait to get back to work. Today was a new day.

I passed on the office lunch that day. I went to the elevator at 10:50 and found myself in the parking garage at 10:58. I felt awkward stepping into the garage not knowing where to go. Before my thoughts went much further, a Lexus with tinted windows pulled around the corner and stopped in front of me. The passenger window lowered and there was Christie, all smiles. “Ready?”

I opened the door and got in. Christie raised the window and we drove off.

“So where are we going?” I asked to kill the silence.

“We are going to a park. I made a lunch for us to eat outside so we could visit without all of the commotion of a restaurant. It’ll be relaxing.”

We visited and laughed along the way. I pushed back the feelings that threatened to ruin it. I wasn’t cheating I told myself. Big deal. Kim didn’t want to talk or… anything, so I’m talking to someone who wants to talk to me. Besides, she’s had lunch with guys and goes and does as she chooses. Just spend and go, go and spend. Whatever suits her. We pulled onto a gravel drive and drove down and alley of weeping willows to a grass field that had tables scattered widely apart. Christie pulled her car onto the grass near one of the tables.

I couldn’t help but ask. “How did you find this place?”

“Well… It’s a park that was built after a friend of my grandfathers’ died. This was where his first home was way back in the early century. He put it in his will to have it built so that family and friends could enjoy the land as much as he did. No one ever come out here except for the family events.”

“This is great.”

We both got out of the car and unloaded the baskets from the trunk. I noticed that Christie was dressed very casually. “Your firm let’s you dress casual don’t they?”

Christie smiled. “No. I’m actually off today, so this is my dress code.”

“What are you doing up at work if your off, you should get to enjoy your day off.”

“I didn’t go into work today. I’m enjoying my day off having lunch with a friend.”

Christine and I talked and laughed. We joked about work and life in general. We ate her wonderful lunch. I told her she should give up law and be a chef. The food was wonderful.

When she talked she would place her hand on my arm. When she laughed she would put it on my shoulder. I didn’t reciprocate but I did like it.

As the humor wound down and we finished our lunch in thoughtful silence, she asked a simple question. “What are you thinking Mike?”

There was that damn boyish grin again. “Me?” Duh. “Nothing.”

“Come on Mike, your thinking something. I want to know what it is.”

I shook my head slowly and bit at my lip. “Na. It’s nothing. I’m sorry. So how do you…” She cut me off.


I tried another joke. “Hey, a man’s mind is nowhere for a lady to be, believe me.”

“Please Mike. What were you thinking just now? The truth.”

I silently stood and began clearing the table and packing the containers. Christie stood and stepped in front of me. She raised her hands and took hold of the front of my shirt so that there was little space between us. “Mike, you can say anything to me, even that you never want to see me again and I won’t be upset. I know your married and I don’t want do anything to harm that, whatever it is just tell me. It’s between you and I.”

I took a deep breath and sighed and then looked into her eyes. “I find you very attractive Christie. I really do. That’s what I was thinking.”

“I know that’s not all. What else?”

“Than that you’re beautiful? It was just a fleeting thought.”

“And I want to know it. I’ll tell you what I was thinking if you tell me.”

“Are you going to sue me for harassment?” I said with a chuckle.

“Hardly. You and I are out here in the middle of nowhere Mike. What is said here will stay here.”

“I’ll tell you exactly what I was thinking Christie.”

I took another breath. “I was thinking about how much fun I’m having with you here today and how beautiful you are and…” I paused. “I’m just really enjoying this.”

Christie smirked. That look on her face that said ‘I detect bullshit’.

My bullshit detector-detector tried to compensate. “What?!” I said with an ‘I’m busted’ smile on my face.

“I see it in your eyes Mike, I want to hear it.”

“Christie, a married man shouldn’t answer questions like that. I know, you know, And I’m married, I don’t need to say it.”

“Something was wrong long before we ever met Mike. I don’t need to know anything about that. You don’t have to be afraid Mike, I’m not your wife or whoever it is that has your insides in knots. I am saying to speak your mind because it is your mind and I want to hear it from you.”

“I really like you. You’re so sweet and so beautiful and I could never say something that would hurt your feelings.”

“Mike! Goddamnit!” Christie raised her voice. “Quit talking to your wife! I am not your wife!” Her voice softened a little. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe you thought kindly of me. We respect each other, we’re attracted to each other and we like each other. That’s out of the way, now tell me something you really want to tell me and haven’t. And try doing it in your own words!”

“I want to fuck you!” I blurted out. “How’s that for the real Mike? I want to rip your clothes off and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you.” I could feel my reddened face and was actually breathing heavier. Was I angry or humiliated at my outburst.

Christie smiled and pulled me closer to her. Was that so hard? I would like that very much Mike. I’m glad you said it that way too because it expresses how you truly feel.”

My vision seemed to cloud over and my head was swimming.

“I would like to spend that time with you Mike. You are serious aren’t you?”

I only nodded my head as I looked deep into her eyes.

“I haven’t been with a man in… a very long time Mike. You can fuck me, no strings attached, just a nice time together.”

I tried to joke. “Did you just say fuck?”

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