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Certain sexual activities depicted in this story are safe only in fictional Literature.

Be safe. Use a Condom.

This is the story is a work of total fiction.

Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.

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I’m Campbell Dalton a 21 year old College Junior at Vanderbilt University. My Studies are heavily concentrated in Business and Finance but I haven’t a clue as to what my profession will be. My passion since childhood has been swimming, I was good enough at the high school level to earn a college swimming scholarship and fortunate to chosen by Vanderbilt. A VU degree will get you to the front of the line in almost every Corporate personnel department in the country.

I’ve enjoyed my time at school and the biggest surprise has been how much I like the city. To almost everyone Nashville conjures up guitar playing rubes with twangy voices crying in their beer about lost love. While that idea is spot on for the Country Music industry, that’s only a small part of what this this city has become. It isn’t too large but it’s as comfortable as that pair of sneakers in your closet that you rescued every time your Mom put them in the trash. Being from Atlanta, GA. I thought I wouldn’t like it here, but now I might stay here after college. It’s Atlanta that I don’t really care for anymore. The growth explosion since the 1996 Olympic Games has ruined the city for me.

I am the youngest of the three children of Cortland and Suzanne Dalton. Cortland II , 25, is my older brother and Suzannah Caroline, 23, is my dear sister. Corty, as I’ve called him ever since I could talk, is engaged to Elizabeth Anne Deaver but they haven’t set the date yet. Suze, my sister is working at an Atlanta Law Firm and dating a lawyer and a doctor.

Adding more proof to recent research, I am the second son and I am gay. My Coming Out to my family when I graduated from High School was the biggest non-event in our family history. Both parents said, that they stand with me and love and support me as they always have. Suze, my sister, thought it was so cool to have a gay little brother. Cortland just smiled and said…

“you dog, does this mean I have to warn all my friends about you?”

“no Corty, the ones I’ve seen you with don’t have anything at all to worry about from me.” I replied.

Corty howled laughing. “you’ve only been out two minutes and already making catty remarks.”

Corty and I got along great now that we were both grown ups. We enjoyed each others company and really had a good time together as long as we stayed away from competitive sports. It was dog eat dog when we were playing against each other in anything. Neither of us took losing very well and it was especially bitter to lose to your brother. Luckily, we could leave that in the locker room and it didn’t spill over into our interactions with each other. I was very lucky and extremely happy that my being gay did not affect our friendship. Yeah, my big bro is my friend and that’s so cool. Corty sees it as his job to get me laid. He tries to get me hooked up every time we go out together.

“Yo, Cam… there’s a live one at two o’clock”, or “Dude! would ya look at the package that stud’s swinging!”

The trouble was, he was nearly always right. Corty really had an eye for the type of men I like. I’m still a bit shy and awkward talking about guys I like with Corty. He has threatened to bring one of his hand picked guys over to meet his gay little brother, if I don’t get off my butt and make a move on someone. God help me, my brother’s my pimp!

Sometimes I wondered if Corty was living out his own desires for men through me. I decided that I would have to talk to him about that someday soon before he got married. Regardless, I knew that he would marry and be the dutiful son that the II after his name demanded. It’s his nature to do the right thing, not make waves and to hold a true and steady course. Almost the exact opposite of his little brother.

With me away in Nashville we didn’t see much of each other but a couple of times a year he’d come up by himself and we would have a great time together. We always made the Vandy-UGA football game, he’d come to Nashville one year and I went to Athens with him the next.

I knew I was gay in high school but I am still a virgin. I’ve grown to be 6’2″ tall, 160 lbs. light brown hair and brown eyes with a slim, well toned swimmer’s body. I was pleased with my looks even here at Vandy where it seemed that every other male student we met was as handsome as a GQ cover model.

We were in the first semester of my Junior year and I was really stressed with studying for exams and competitive swimming. While at the library working on a paper I felt natures call and headed for the Men’s room downstairs. As I entered I heard a groan then a stall door flew open and a guy ran by me and out the door. I looked back to the stall and there stood Cullen Fortson, his pants and shorts around his ankles and his very substantial cock, shiny and wet, bobbing in the air.

Cully, as we all called him, was the friend of a friend and we were together every so often just hanging out with the guys… I turned to leave and he said…

“Campbell, don’t go, …please..”

My heartbeat raced when I saw Cullen standing there with his big cock bobbing in the breeze.

Cullen and I ran with the same crowd most times. We were cordial but never had a private talk or interacted other than as a part of a group. In my personal opinion Cullen was the most handsome man I had ever seen. I was not alone, he attracted women like a bee to honey.

Over the past two years we had sort of eyed each other every chance we got. Nothing really but we both had caught the other staring, I know I was secretly wishing to hook up for my first hot sex session. I can’t begin to guess what Cully was wishing for. At college we were constantly with other male companions so those of us who were inclined to be attracted to men were extremely careful not to appear to be gay in any way.

I was content with just looking at him, I was not in his league looks wise. I know I’m not a troll by a long shot but when Cullen is around I feel like the ugliest man alive. No one can compare to him in my eyes, when Cully walks by, men and women turn to watch him. Guys like him have their pick of the crop, that is partly why I was so stunned at walking in on his ‘blow job’.

“Cully, I’m sorry for the interruption…uh, really … I need to pee…..badly.”

and I stepped over to the urinal.

I heard Cully straightening his clothes. When I was finished and drying my hands he said…

“Cam..let me explain….”

“Cully…you don’t owe me any explanations…your sex life isn’t my business. Really all I saw was you with your pants down and a big shiny wet cock swaying in the breeze. If you ever need any one to verify the fact, I can truthfully swear that you’ve got a big one!”

Cully grinned and reddened in a blush.

“Still, Cam I’d like to talk to you about this if you’ll let me..”

“Cully…it’s stays right here, I will not tell anyone about what I saw, that’s a promise.”

“He let out a big sigh, thanks Campbell, I appreciate that. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m gay. You are the only one at school that I’ve told. I’m not even sure why I told you. I guess I just want you to know what it’s like to have these desires that have to be satisfied in dark rooms. Clandestine meetings that are never talked about. I’d never seen that kid that high tailed it out of here when you came in. I was at the urinal and he reached over and grabbed my cock and I let him give me a blow job. Part of one anyway.”

I laughed at that last part. “Sorry Cully, he left you high and dry didn’t he.”

“yeah, back to a hand job again tonight.”

“Poor guy, it sort of makes me sorry I for you.” I said.

Cully smiled at me and I said…

“but not that sorry….you’ll have to take care of it yourself, Dude.”

“Cam…I didn’t mean…I,…aww shit…no you got the wrong idea….damn..I’m sorry.”

“take a deep breath and relax Cully. I’m just jerking your chain here, giving you a hard time. I would have probably done the same as you…I don’t know if I could turn down an offer of a blow job either… I know it sure does get horny here all of the time.”

“Campbell will you let me take you to dinner, I’m getting hungry, and we’ve never really talked much, I’d like to get to know you.”

“Sure. I’m hungry too, let me get my things upstairs and I’ll meet you out front.”

As I headed back to the library to get my things all I could think about was Cullen’s huge cock. His was the first I’d ever seen hard other than my own. Cully was a great looking man, dark brown hair, Emerald Green eyes, about 5″9, 140 lbs. and a killer cock as I had just found out. My uneducated guess is it that it’s close to 9 inches long and 6 or 7 in circumference. It’s really Big!. I knew what I’d be jacking off to tonight. I could feel my cock swelling and tried to force Cully’s handsome face, torqued body, little round butt and that great big cock from my mind.

He was waiting as I came out and we headed off to his car.. He drove us out West End Ave. to the Belle Meade Buffet. I turned my back more to the door so I could see Cully as he drove and we talked. As I looked at him I became aware of his profile which made me get hard. Damn, he is too effing handsome for my own good. I thought about his trim hot body, hoping that his chest was as thickly furred as his legs. Long silky brown hair below the knees and shorter and curlier on the thighs. A good looking hairy man turns me on like crazy!

As we ate he started talking again about the scene at the library…

“I am ashamed that you saw that Campbell. I should have better control of myself. I’m really lucky it was you instead of Campus Police. It’s hard to say no when a guy has your dick in his hand asking if he can suck it.”

I could feel the blood rush to my face, If he only knew that was exactly what I longed to do to him. I was blushing again..

“shit, I’m so sorry Campbell, I shouldn’t be talking like this to you and over our dinner too. Sometimes I just don’t think ahead.”

We finished and were driving back to campus when Cullen asked…

“Cam, you ever had a guy give you blow job?”

“No…never…uh..I’ve never had one at all. What’s it like?”

“it feels so good but you have to be there, there’s just no way to describe it.”

“so Cully, when did you know that you were gay?”

“I was thirteen, the older brother of one of my friends talked me into jacking off with him. We had just started when he told me to close my eyes and not open them until he said to. I closed them and the next thing I knew he was sucking my cock. It felt so good. He didn’t finish me off but asked if I’d suck him. I knew I wanted to. When I took his cock into my mouth I just new that it was what I wanted. I’ve never looked back.”

“But Cully, you’re a handsome guy you could have any girl in school.”

“Cam I’m gay, I don’t want any girl. I want a guy like you, athletic, tall and handsome as he can be.”

“y… think I’m handsome? don’t you ever look in a mirror? You are the most handsome guy I know!

“Yes, Campbell, I think you are handsome, and to me you’re about as sexy as a guy can be. Sorry, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but it’s the truth. If you were gay I’d be after you big time.”

I know I was beet red again, blushing like crazy. Cullen Fortson thinks I’m handsome and sexy too! I wanted to tell him I’m gay. I don’t know why I couldn’t say it, it just wouldn’t come out of my mouth. He looked over at me and said…

“Oh damn it…Cam, please don’t get all uptight … I’m not trying to put the make on you. I really do like you and want you to be my friend …shit..why can’t I keep my mouth shut, I’m sorry Campbell..All I’ve done tonight is apologize to you!”

“ did take me to dinner!” I said.

Cully gave me this incredulous look and then burst into laughing, I laughed too and we were soon roaring, letting all the tension between us flow out with the laughing. He punched my arm…”

“you’re a goofy little shit…Thanks Campbell, we’re going to be good friends, I can tell.”

We were back on campus and were walking to our dorm rooms. We stopped at the place where we would go our separate ways to our rooms.

“well, this is it, I guess. Thanks for the dinner Cully, and I meant what I said earlier. I wont tell anyone about the library.”

“thanks again Cam, guess I’ll go finish what he started”

“Cully if you want to talk more or just hang out, you can come to my suite. No roommate this semester.”

“Really, I’d like that, I’ve really enjoyed your company tonight. We can continue getting to know each other, Great.”

My heart was racing, why did I ask him too my room? I guess I knew the answer. He’s gay, and maybe the best looking man I’ve ever seen and he thinks I’m sexy. I guess I want something to happen. Who am I kidding, I know I want something to happen! Tonight!

In my suite we both had to pee really bad. I started to pee in the shower stall when he said we’d share the toilet and moved to one side.

“you’ve already seen what I’ve got and at it’s best too. Now I get to see yours.”

I went red as a beet again. I couldn’t even look at him or his cock. I was so afraid I would get a boner. It didn’t help, I felt my cock thicken, I looked up and Cully was staring at my face, not my cock. That did it, I went fully hard. His eyes bored into mine. I started trying to put my cock back in my pants but it wasn’t going to fit with a hard on. Cam glanced down at my movement then quickly back to my eyes.

“I’m sorry Cully. You looking into my eyes made me get hard.”

“That’s okay Cam. Every guy’s cock has a mind of its own, that’s for sure. Besides, now we’re even, I’ve seen you hard too!”

We finished and went back into the room, I pulled off the sweatshirt I was wearing and wore only a tee shirt and jeans. I toed off my Weejuns and went barefoot.

“If you want to get comfy feel free Cully.”

As he pulled off his polo pullover I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His tee shirt rode up with the pullover and I saw his rippled abs and flat stomach and he was covered in dark silky hair…

YES! My cock twitched and I jumped, it had never done that before. That glimpse of Cullen’s hairy

torso would feed my Cullen Fortson jack off fantasies for many weeks to come. Seeing him standing there in a tee and jeans with his dark hair mussed, he was the sexiest man I’d ever seen. I started getting hard again. He noticed, and smiled.

We lay on the two beds facing each other. He started asking about my home and growing up. After I had related my life story to him he asked…

“So Campbell, when did you know you were gay?”

I was stunned and couldn’t talk for a moment. Then I decided, NOW CAMPBELL, tell him now. I was up and pacing back and forth.

“er…I… was my freshman year in high school. I SAID IT! I actually said it. gosh I felt so much better.”

“What?…Cam…do you know what you just said to me?”

“Yes, I told you I’m gay too.”

“Really!…I was just jerking your chain… teasing…gosh..are you really gay?”

“Yes, I really am….but, I’ve never been with anyone…only my family knows…and now you. I’ve never done anything with a guy, it’s tough to admit that I’m 21 and I’m still a virgin.”

“Wow…Cam…what I said earlier..I really did mean it.”


“I said if you were gay I’d be coming after you I meant that, still do. When you’re ready to have sex with a guy, if you want to do it with me, I sure want to be with you. Like I said, you’re my kind of man.”

“Cullen…I think I’m ready now. There’s no one I would rather be my first than you. I just don’t know what to do. Will you show me Cully, I’m new at this.”

Cully sat up on the edge of the bed facing me and he smiled, opened his legs, hooked a finger in my belt loop and pulled me between his legs. Smiling up at me, he unbuttoned my top button and like any good pair of 501′s the slightest tug opened all the fly buttons magically.

Cully’s eyes got big when he saw I was going commando. He pushed the 501′s off my hip and they fell to the floor I stepped out of them, kicking them aside. Cully smiled at my muscled thighs and stiffening cock. When he stood and pulled my tee shirt over my head, a gasp escaped his throat…

“Oh wow! Cam, I didn’t know…oh my god! you are so ripped! wow!..your body! That’s so hot! Cam…you’re… uh…y…you are so beautiful.”

he stammered as he ran his hands over my rippled abdomen, awestruck, he looked at my face and then back to my smooth chest and abs..

“your body is so smoking hot! Damn, who would have guessed this?”

“I’m a swimmer, Cully, remember? The whole team looks like this.”

Cully laughed…”I know those guys Cam…and no one else on the swim team looks like this!”

He said as his hands were all over my chest and stomach. He asked that I turn around and I heard his groan as his hands cupped my butt.

“yeah, well ..okay..I guess, you really like my bod, huh?”

“Oh yes, Sir. Cam those body suits you wear in swim meets hide all this. I really like your body a lot. I don’t mean this in a bad way, Cam…but I never guessed you had a smoking hot body like this under your clothes…yuummm…WOOF!”

I laughed at his ‘woof’ thinking it was cute and was flattered that he liked my body so much.

“No other guy on that team can hold a candle to you. There may be some with more muscle but none who look as good as you do. Oh yeah…it’s’re really hot Cam…a real turn on. I have to take off these pants now Cam…you’ve got me so hard I’m hurting down there.”

Cully stood and before his hand touched his top button, my fingers were there undoing the button and in one move I pulled Cully’s pants and shorts down to his ankles. Cully’s cock sprang up and slapped his belly then back down to hit my cheek as it bounced around. I nearly ripped his tee shirt off him. I could hardly believe my eyes, one glance at a naked, hard and very hairy Cullen took my breath away. He was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. My body trembled and a deep moan escaped from deep within me. I felt my testicles rising up…oh no…this can’t be… no …no…NO!

“Oh my god…Cully…I can’t stop it….oh no

…no…ooohhh! uuunnnggghhh! Ohmigod.”

Standing there in my dorm suite looking at a very naked Cullen not three feet away absolutely made me cum without either of us touching the other. I didn’t touch my cock. The orgasm was intense. The first spurt of my cum made a splat sound on Cully’s abs. Two more followed in almost the same exact place. I fell back onto my bed. Mortified that he saw the effect he had on me and ashamed that I had so little control. I hoped he wasn’t upset. It probably happens all the time to him. I was reluctant to look at him, my eyes had been clamped shut since my first volley of cum was fired.

“C…C…Campbell? are you okay there Cam?…man that was just the hottest thing I have ever seen. To have this tall, gorgeous swim team stud stand in front of me and get his nut and watch him shoot his cum three feet in the air to hit my stomach. Way Hot Campbell, TOO HOT!

“Cam…I gotta get my hands on you…I need to touch and hold you Campbell. I’ve never been with anyone like you. I could cum just looking at you.”

“!..don’t do that yet Cullen? One of us is enough. I’m so sorry I blew like that but looking at all of you like that…I knew I never see or be with anyone as beautiful as you again. I’ve never had anything make me cum before without being touched. Not even a wet dream. Now I want to learn, I want you to teach me how to make love to a man, to you.”

“Cam, I want to touch you, feel you, yours is the hottest body I’ve ever seen this close. I’ve just gotta play with it, lick those abs and nips. I promise I wont forget about that big beauty of a cock you’ve got there. It’ll be ready for another round soon. I’m not going to tell you what I want you to do. I will tell you if something hurts or I don’t like it, I don’t want you to stop, just try something else. The same goes for you, tell me to stop if you don’t like anything I do. This is all about pleasure and enjoying each other.

I want to hold you and press our bodies close together, I’ve never lain in bed and held a man in my arms. It’s always been wham bam and done before I had a chance to enjoy it. I really want to make love to you Campbell. I’ll be kissing you all over, especially your lips. If it gets to be something you don’t want to do just say stop and I will. I want your first time to be magical Campbell. I want you to never ever forget this night.”

I nodded giving my okay, too nervous to trust my voice. As Cully kicked out of the clothes at his feet I ogled his perfect body, hardening my aching cock even more. Cully was almost as ripped and sculpted as I am. He has a slightly pumped chest, stomach rippled and hard as a board, he had that wonderful sexy dark fur covering his pectorals and a thick treasure trail splitting his abs, past his navel and into this thick neatly trimmed pubic hair. I took my time and just drank in his image now before me. Cullen was beautiful all over. At 5’9″ and 140 lbs. he was thin but firm and wiry. His body was almost all muscle with no fat on him anywhere. His body was perfectly proportioned except for that outsized cock.

A little time in the weight room and he’d be as ripped as me. He turned and bent to pick up his clothes and my hard cock twitched again as I looked at his cute little round and furry bubble butt. In my fantasies I dreamed of a body like his, a cock like his and a handsome man like him.

I lay down on the bed and patted it, inviting him lay down beside me. Immediately I felt his heat, I turned on my side making more room and to be able to look at him and he did the same, I noticed that we both had very hard cocks. I smiled at him…

“okay Cully, I’m all yours, you’ll have to tell me what you want me to do, this is all new to me but I want to learn. I want you. Do what you wish with me, I’m yours tonight.”

Cullen’s hand started roaming my chest. There is very little hair there except for the patch between my pectorals and the thin trail of hair that led from there to my navel and beyond. When Cully’s fingers pinched a nipple I moaned deep in my throat. He moved one leg to cover mine and his knee rested against my testicles. I shivered in anticipation. He raised his arm and put it on my side and around my back, then pulled me close and our bodies touched together.

ELECTRIC! That moment our bodies touched was like fireworks exploding inside my body, goose flesh ran rampant over me, shivers ran up and down my spine. My arm went around him and I automatically pulled him closer, we were touching from chest to toes. He looked into my eyes and I stared back at him, trying to fathom his thoughts.

Slowly, he or was it me, leaned closer, we were so close I was breathing in his breath. His eyes closed but I kept mine open waiting, wanting to see what came next. Then our lips touched and it was my tongue ran along his bottom lip seeking entry to his mouth, When he opened his mouth and our tongues met, fireworks exploded again. I tingled from head to toe. Cullen moaned deeply molding his body more tightly to mine.

I was home, I knew that this was what I’d been missing. Nothing in my fantasies about this moment when I was jacking off could have prepared me for just how magic this feeling was. Our groins ground together our cocks dueling to see which could coat the other with the most pre-cum in the shortest time. Finally we broke apart to gasp in air. Both of us were totally surprised at the intensity of that shared kiss. Cully couldn’t speak…he just stammered incoherently.

Somehow I had taken control and it was me feeling his body, running my hand down his back and cupping his perfect furry cheek. I ran my other hand down his chest, over his abdominals and on down to grasp his hard cock in my hand causing him to give a little yelp of surprise. The feel of his cock in my hand was wondrous. The size of it, the heat, the silky skin covering his steel hard unyielding shaft. My thumb roamed over his glans, prompting another deep groan from him. As Cullen opened his eyes mine stared straight into his.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before? I never dreamed you’d be like this Cam, you’re wonderful!”

“So are you Cully, Believe me I would have remembered this. Yes this is the first time I’ve ever touched a man sexually and it is just about the best thing that I’ve ever experienced. This is so hot! You’re so beautiful inside and out. I can hardly believe Cullen Fortson, the hottest, best looking guy on campus is in my bed with me.”

Cully’s hand had encircled my cock while I was speaking. He slowly jacked it as he listened and I aped his movements. Our eyes met again and I kissed him with an hunger and passion I didn’t know I possessed. I had to have him, this kiss was more insistent, harder, more masculine, driven by my passion, my lust. I never knew I could want a man so much. When I pulled away I was exhilarated, Kissing a man was so very intense, sexual pleasure flooded my body.

Man Sex! This is me. This is what I want. I became the aggressor, I rolled atop Cully’s body, grinding my cock into him and lightly bit a nipple bringing out a loud moan from within him, I reached and took the back of his neck in my hand and pulled his lips to mine and my tongue probed deeply into his mouth, gliding over his teeth, tickling the roof of his mouth with the tip of my tongue and his cheeks. I nibbled at his lips, biting just hard enough to surprise him, never to hurt him.

My lips traced from his ear to his neck leaving little kisses there, then over to a shoulder, a lick and kiss there. My tongue traced down into the little valley created by his collar bone kissing, and licking his sweet smelling skin. Not knowing what I should do I decided that I would do the things I thought would feel good. I was on autopilot I just started doing things and felt lucky that he liked it. Cullen began to moan and move about on the bed.

I became his sensual lover, doing my best to arouse, please and tease his delicious body. I raised his arm and buried my nose in his armpit, sucking in the aroma of man, then licking and laving the curls there with my tongue.

Down his chest my hands and lips trailed fire onto his skin as they traveled ever downward toward his neatly trimmed pubic hair. At his crotch I inhaled again, his man scent filled my nostrils, a scent his alone, his scent that sent a river of blood surging, throbbing into my aching cock, as the sweet taste of his groin lingered in my mouth.

I sucked and licked at his crotch and Cullen thrashed about moaning and calling out my name. His calling my name while he was so aroused only fueled my desire as I took his dripping cock in hand. I looked up into his eyes as my tongue snaked out and licked the dew drop from his slit. His body shuddered and I quickly plunged my mouth onto the first cock I would ever suck. Cully lost all control as his body and legs tensed and he filled my mouth with my first taste of a mans semen.

His cum was my prize. A different taste to be sure, but not at all disagreeable. I knew that taste aside, making him ejaculate in my mouth was something I would want to do over and over with Cullen. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough as it dribbled off my chin onto his testicles. As the flow slowed and I gently nursed at the softening cock I chuckled when I realized what I had just done. I had just finished the ‘blow job’ I interrupted earlier!

I felt a gentle tug on my shoulders as Cullen pulled me up into an embrace and a long soulful kiss. When we parted, I was a bit embarrassed and had a shy look on my face because I had never been the aggressor in anything ever. It was a total surprise to me and to Cullen too.

“Cam… got into you…you did that like you’ve been sucking cock forever. Why..what made you do that? Please, don’t get me wrong, I truly loved all that you did it was just such a complete surprise to me.”

I gave him a shy smile…

“me too Cully, I’m just as surprised as you are. Your hot furry body really turns me on. It just seemed like what I was supposed to do. Caught up in the moment, it just came naturally to me. I hope that this stays just between us please. I’m not ready to come out on campus yet.”

“your secret is safe with me Cam. I’m not ready for that either. I only hope we can do this again, and again and again.”

“tonight was my first time, I will never forget this. Thank you Cullen, it was so much more than I have ever dreamed of. Thank you for being my first Cullen. I get the feeling that any future partner would be a downgrade for me. I started with perfection”

“me too, Campbell, maybe we just ought to stay with each other” He said half jokingly but I think we both knew that this was special. This was different.

“You’re the fourth man I’ve been with in the five years since I came out. But Campbell, you are the only man who has ever made love to me. That’s what you were doing, that wasn’t just sex, that was making love. And Mr. Dalton, I’m pleased to tell you that you aced the course in making love to Cullen Fortson.

I’ve never felt a passion like we just shared, you took control and made me feel an excitement sexual pleasure that I have never known. You are a special lover Campbell. uh..Cam…uh.. you do know that this is just halfway over.. right? My turn now you sexy stud, I get to ravage your smoking hot body. I can hardly wait.”

“Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about that. Making love to you and your body was such a turn on for me that all I could think about was getting you off. I hope I like receiving half as much as I liked giving pleasure to you Cully.”

“Trust me Cam. You’re gonna like this, I guarantee it.”

“Cullen, as long as it’s you doing it, I know I will like it.”

I jumped up and stepped into the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth to clean Cullen’s stomach and testicles of the pre-cum and what had dribbled from my mouth. As I gently cleaned his body, Cully smiled and gently traced his hand up and down my chest and stomach letting the back of his hand bump into my still hard cock. He took the washcloth, folded it over and wiped my chin and mouth then pulled me down into another long soulful kiss.

Gasping for air we broke apart. Cully pushed me onto my back and rolled to lay atop my anxious body, hard cocks dueling as they ground into each other. Oh good god, I love the way his hairy body feels against my skin

He attacked my nipples, one with his mouth and the other with his fingers bringing a roar from deep within my chest. Inching down, his lips and tongue explored each and every ripple on my abdomen. Cully’s breathing came in gasps as he worshiped my body. His lips moved to the hard love handles over my hips and tongued each of them. Moaning I spread my legs to give him more room as he continued his loving trip down my body.

Just when I was ready to feel my cock in a man’s mouth for the first time, he bypassed it and dove onto my testicles sucking in both and rearing his head back to pull hard on my sac. His stretching the inner cords there brought a low, guttural growl from me followed by thrashing and flailing my arms and legs.

“ohmigod Cully…oh that feels so good”

Cully had a twinkle in his deep green eyes as he released my sac…

“turn over Cam” he instructed.

I lay there spread eagle, face down with Cullen laid out on my back. It felt so good I wiggled my body a bit trying to get more of his skin touching mine. I sighed at his wonderful fur tickling my skin.

“oh Cully, this is so good…you feel so good on me …ooohhh yes…”

Cullen stretched his arms out over my arms and our hands clasped. He moved his hips very slightly pushing his hard cock along my ass crack. Rubbing his body against mine. Kissing and licking the back of my neck, below my ear, he slowly moved down the back side of my body. Tracing my muscled lats that veed down to my slim waist. Moving farther down, his vision was filled with my hard little butt. He let his tongue trace along the crack all the way to my sac again. Rising, he blew a breath across my furry cheeks and watched as they pimpled in goose flesh.

Holding each cheek he gently spread them and moved his face in and stabbed his tongue into the wrinkles there. My body was shocked when his tongue licked at my opening, I raised to my knees and groaned as my hips went wild for his tongue. This only pushed my core tighter to Cullen’s mouth as he tongued, kissed and laved my butt.

I was all over the bed, arm and legs flailing, moans and groans coming in gasps. Cully saw my testicles rise to firing position and he quickly withdrew his mouth and began stroking me gently with his hands. Letting me recede back from the brink of orgasm. Cullen moved and lay on his side and I turned to him, shivered and pulled him into a tight embrace. I stared into his eyes, somehow I thought I could pull him into me with my eyes. Finally he closed his eyes and lay his head on my shoulder with his lips touching my neck and he let out a sigh of contentment.

We rested only a few minutes until Cullen was on the move again. He gave me a little peck on the lips and said..

“you’re gonna love this!”

He moved quickly to sit on his knees between my legs. He reached for my cock, pulled it to his lips and looked up into my wide eyes as he sank my considerable 8″ long cock in his throat all the way to it’s base. His throat massaging my cock and filling me with more unknown new sensations.


This was my first time to feel my cock in any mouth, but to have it in Cully’s was heaven, he took it all, his nose buried in my crotch as I moaned and grunted and never wanted this feeling to end.

He pulled back to the glans and circled it with his tongue and plunged back down, back up, swirl, plunge down. Cully’s passion settled into the ancient rhythm known to men who love men the world over. Bobbing, twisting and plunging, deep throating my cock. He had me writhing in ecstasy as he devoured me. Cully slowed allowing me to ebb back, then he plunged back into that rhythm that vibrated my entire being.

This feeling in my cock and balls was all that existed in my world, I felt it coming, that deep tingle in my testicles and the rush of semen up the shaft of my cock and into the waiting throat of my handsome companion. Spurt after spurt I emptied myself into Cullen’s eager mouth. Yelling, laughing, roaring…

“suck me, suck me, take it all.”

The reality far surpassed any notion I had of what my first time would be.

As I fell back exhausted Cullen suckled on my softening cock, his head lying on my hip, his hand cradling my testicles. When he had returned to kiss me and lay beside me I said…

“Oh Cullen….you were so right…thank you…I never dreamed sex could be like this….”

“Cam, there’s more. You probably wont believe it but there more that feels even better than this. We wont do it tonight. But if you’re willing I want us to do this again. Let me show you what else I can do to make you feel even better that what we just did.”

I looked into Cully’s eyes, seeing a fear there I hadn’t seen before. Was he afraid I would reject him! Me say no to another night like this? Say no to him? Not very damn likely!

“Yes Cullen, we’ll do anything you want, is tomorrow too soon?”

I said as I cupped his face in my hand and gently kissed him. I wanted to reassure him that we were okay. No need for his fear. We would do this many, many nights.

He let out a big sigh of relief…

“no it’s not too soon, if anything it’s too long to wait but we have to. We’ve had a good workout tonight. We need the rest.”

Cully got up and headed for the bathroom. When he came back he went to his clothes and started to put on his shorts..

“What are you doing Cully?”

“Getting dressed to go back to my room”

“Oh…er… ah…I was hoping you would stay and sleep with me”

“Really Cam?”

“yes, really,…Cully. I like the way you feel against me. I like the way you kiss me, there’s going to be a long list of things I like about Cullen Fortson. But most of all I just want to be with you. Please stay tonight”

“oh gosh..Yes! I’d love to be with you and to sleep with you Campbell.”

Cully dropped the shorts and leaped back to the bed. I turned him and spooned to his back pulling him close into my arms. As we snuggled up, I bent down slightly and kissed the top of his head. The way he felt against my body, my arms holding him to me…it all felt so right. Cullen’s smaller body molded perfectly to my taller one. Our bodies were touching from feet to our cheeks. We were sexually drained, physically exhausted, emotionally fulfilled and excited beyond reason. This was supposed to be!

“Good night you sexy man and thank you Cam, you are a fantastic lover.” Cullen whispered.

“ha, just look at what I had to love on, that fur, your hot body and that killer cock got me all worked up, not to mention the kisses from those perfect lips. mmmm WOOF! you are the hottest, sexiest man I know Cully.”

I smiled again and snuggled up closer and held Cully tightly as we drifted off to sleep. Just before dawn, I woke with my cock in Cully’s mouth again. I stretched and moaned…

“oh that’s so nice, what a way to wake and take on the world. Ooooo you do that so good Cully.”

“I’m truly inspired Cam. I’ve never been fortunate enough in my few experiences to have someone who looks like you do, feels as good as you and there’s something else to..we just seem to click… we’re more than just the two of us.”

He dove back onto my hard cock with a fury, back into that rhythm he knew so well, plunge down, back up, swirl, plunge. I was helpless, just hanging on to the bed as he worked his magic on my cock.

“OOOOHHHH CULLY! CULLEN NOW, NOW, aarrrggghhh! OH, OH, OH, oh, oh…that feels so good. so good, oh Cully you’re so good…”

He crawled back up to kiss my lips and hold me as I floated back to earth from my orgasmic high.

“oh Cullen, you do that so well, I could get used to this very make me do things I didn’t know I could do.”

“I told you that you inspire me Cam. I want to pleasure your body anytime you’re willing. I go a little crazy loving on you. you’re so special”

I was absent absentmindedly stroking Cully’s back rubbing up and down slowly. I let my hand roam lower and cupped one melon shaped cheek in my hand, caressing and rubbing.

“any more of that and I might not be able to wait until tonight Cam. I’ve got a special treat for you tonight remember.?”

“I remember Cully, only I find it hard to believe that you can top what we did last night and just now.”

He chuckled deep in his throat…

“have faith Campbell and trust me, I haven’t steered you wrong yet have I?”

“uh uh, I’d have to say that you’re steered me perfectly, Cullen. You’ve aced your course in loving on Campbell Dalton, for sure. Lets get some sleep, okay, good night”

“sounds good, good night Babe…oh no…shit…I’m sorry Cam that just slipped out. I’m sorry.”

“calm down Cully, it’s okay. it’s no big deal, Okay”

“sure Cam, everything just feels so good, that just slipped out. thanks for being such a good guy.”

“I know…you too Cully, now let’s get to sleep….good night…….Babe.”

Cully giggled, then I joined in and we had a good long laugh and even some playing and tickling and cuddling both drained and fulfilled we drifted off to sleep. A great end to a great evening together.

My alarm sounded at 7:30 am, slowly we stretched and rubbed against each other and fought off the impulse to reach for the other and make love again. I watched as Cully dressed and a smile spread across my face.

“so Babe, what time are you going to be free tonight?”

Cully flushed, embarrassed by his faux pas from last night. He looked sheepishly to Cam and said,

“I’m really am sorry I said that last night…it just came out accidentally. I was just so comfortable with you all night and so thrilled when you wanted me to stay. That was the best night of my of my life. You were fantastic. I’ve had sex before but you made love to me. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget last night either and hopefully tonight will be even better for you, for us……uh..oh yeah, my last class is over at 4 and I have to do some research at the library…and no not in the Men’s room! I got all I need there last night when I got you. I should be free by 7, how about you?”

“Swimming is the last thing on my list every day and I’ll finish tonight about 6. You want to have dinner together Cully?

“Sounds like a plan, where do you want to eat Cam. Want to go to Ireland’s?”

“We can be naked together here until tomorrow morning or later. Tomorrow is Saturday and I don’t have any classes do you?”

“none for me” Cully replied

“great that means we can stay naked until Monday morning, you think you’re up to that?”

“Cully, how about this. Lets meet here at my room, I’ll order a pizza and we can stay here, naked until Monday. “

“I’m in. I’m not leaving you until you tell me to go away and stay away. A weekend naked with you! Ye-ow!”

Cullen leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips good bye as he started to leave but I grabbed his arm, spun him around and slammed the door in one motion as I stuck my tongue down his throat and hugged him to me. He put his arms around my neck and held on as my kiss rocked our minds and bodies. When we broke from the kiss we both were trembling, taking ragged breaths and staring into each others eyes. Cully spoke first…

“Campbell, when you look at me like that it scrambles my brain, I can’t think straight and all I want to do is be in your arms. After tonight, we need to spend some time getting to know each other with our clothes on, okay. Those eyes of yours are nearly lethal, you may have to wear shades tonight, and anytime we’re together for a while. I don’t trust myself when you look at me like that. You know the feeling when you’re on a roller coaster and go down that first hill, your stomach does that flip as you fall downward, well that’s what your eyes do to me when you stare at me like that. Cam, I gotta run or I’ll be late for class…here’s my cell number text me yours. I gotta run, bye….Babe”

I stood there staring at the door Cully had just closed. I chuckled at that parting shot of Babe” from him. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower, started to take off my shorts then realized that I was still naked after our sex session…no it wasn’t sex, Cully had said we made love. That seems to be a more accurate description for me too. I stepped into the warm spray and let it soothe my body.

I wished Cullen was here, it would be fun to take a shower with him and I could just imagine where that would lead to. I finished up, dressed and headed out for breakfast. As I sat and ate alone again I wished Cully was there to talk to. Suddenly a thought came to me and I flipped open my phone and called my brother Corty.

“Hey Little Bro, what’s going down in Music City?”

“aw, nothing special, just your little brother losing his virginity last night. Other than that, it’s Dullsville here.”

“WHAT! You finally did it…that’s great little bro just became a man! Judging by your tone I’m guessing you had a good time. Who’s the stud that took your cherry bro”

“Oh Corty, I never knew sex could feel so good. His name is Cullen Fortson and he’s from Louisville, a Junior like me and he’s about the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. He thinks your little bro is ‘handsome and sexy as all get out’ his exact words.”

“you really sound happy Campbell…this guy must be something special.”

“yeah, he is. He’s coming back to tonight and we’ve got all weekend to fool around. He says he’s got a special surprise for me tonight. I’d be very, very happy with a repeat of last night. Corty, I can’t stop grinning. I feel so good.”

“Hey bro, as long as he’s the right guy, there’s nothing wrong with falling for your first partner. Just go with the flow, you’re a smart guy. You’ll know if he’s for real or not.”

“Yeah,. I do..he’s the real deal Corty…you’re gonna like him, I just know it. I’ve got to head out now, I just had to let you know my news. I’m glad you’re my brother Corty. I love you… I gotta go, later..oh be sure to say hi to Mom and Dad, Liz, and Suze for me…bye.”

As the day progressed I found myself wishing for Cully to be with me just about every time I was alone. This was strange, just yesterday Cullen was a friend of a friend who I barely knew but after what we shared last night, I knew him as I knew no other person. I craved his presence. That’s why I stared into to Cully’s eyes so intently this morning. I was looking for something, some reason for the feeling I have of needing to be with him.

Cullen said that we needed to spend some time together with our clothes on. I guess this is what he meant, I just want his company for a while… well I already knew I wanted to be with him a lot longer than just a while.

Cullen was a wreck, he knew he had fallen hard for Campbell last night. It was crazy, just a few hours together and he never wanted to leave Cam’s side. Those eyes, staring, searching his soul. He was so afraid that Cam would see how he felt about him in his eyes. He was afraid that he would scare Cam away if he let on how much he cared already. The hours dragged by so slowly, this was the longest day of his life. Every time he opened a book his eyes saw the words printed there but his mind saw Cam’s face, his body, how he felt with Cam pressing against him, kissing him. Oh god, I’ve got to stop this. I’ll lose my mind if I can’t stop thinking about him. He forced himself into the research routine. The harder he concentrated the sooner he would finish and could be with Campbell.

At 6:55 p.m. Cully knocked on my door, almost before the last rap of his knuckles I jerked the door open and pulled him in by his arm, shut the door, wrapped him in my arms and kissed him like I hadn’t seen him in a month. As we broke from the kiss, I saw the astonishment on Cully’s face.

“I’m sorry Cully, I didn’t even say hello before I attacked you. It’s just this feeling I’ve had all day, every time I was alone, I thought of you and wished you were with me. I know it sounds weird but I missed you all day. We don’t even know each other really, other than the physical part we got to know very well last night. You were right this morning Cully, we do need to spend time together with our clothes on. I have this need to know who your are, everything about you…it’s maddening.”

“I think it’s a great idea Cam. Who knows, we might become good friends.”

“But I want us to be mo…uh…oh forget it for now….Why don’t we got out to eat Cully. We can start our fully clothed friendship now. What do you feel like eating.”

“Cam, honestly I’m starving for a good meal, do you like the Elliston Place Soda Shop? Great home style cooking and I need meat and veggies. Last night sapped all of my energy reserve. You were a real tiger in bed, I never expected that we would end up as we did.”

“It was like you said Cullen, I was inspired. The feel of you in my arms and against my body was the best feeling in the world. Granted, it was all a new experience for me but one I know I want to do over and over again, mmmm you’re just too sexy…babe!”

Cully smiled, “you’re never going to let me forget that are you?”

“Well….er…the thing is …I kinda like it Cully…a hot guy like you calling me babe is a big turn on. I don’t mind it at all. It tells me that maybe you care for me for more than just the sex, at least that’s what I want to believe. I don’t want to get all mushy and stuff….but I really do like you and want to know you better both in and out of bed. I hope that doesn’t freak you out. If you need me to back off just say so….I just want you to know what I’m thinking.”

Cully’s voice was shaky as he replied…

“Campbell, honestly it does freak me out…but in the best possible way. I’m freaked out that we’re onto the same line of thought here. I couldn’t think straight, no pun intended, all day. You filled my thoughts every time I opened a book or tried to study. I do care for you more than just the sex and I care for the sex a lot… believe me. You absolutely rocked my world last night. I’m hoping that I can rock yours tonight.”

After eating it was still a long while before dark So I drove us out to Percy Warner Park off Old Hickory Blvd.. We walked a bit and then sat down on the hillside overlooking the steeplechase racecourse. We sat and talked occasionally touching a shoulder or knee for emphasis, then soon there was constant contact as our legs touched together while we talked. We both felt a need to be physically connected …it was mutual and very comforting. We talked for hours about all topics, mostly our families, our lives and what we wanted after college. As the night darkened, I stood, held out my hand and pulled Cullen to his feet, I looked around then gently kissed him. As we turned to walk back to the car, I put an arm around Cully’s shoulder. Cullen’s arm circled my waist and he tucked three fingers inside the waist band of my jeans and we held each other close as we walked to the car.

Back at my room we started making out again, the kissing, hugging and we even lay on the bed fully clothed and talked more, stopping to kiss and hug and then more talk. We were both so comfortable that we napped a bit. It was Friday night and we had all day tomorrow and Sunday if they wanted, to be together.

Cully woke at a little after 10 p.m.and kissed on me a while to wake me up.

“Get a move on you sleepy slug. I’ve got things I want you to do to me and you need to be awake to do all of them.”

He pulled me from the bed and started undressing me, I reciprocated and soon we stood naked, each admiring the body before him. In unison our bodies moved together and we embraced.

“Ooohhh there it is, that’s the feeling I’ve been missing all day, us naked and me holding you tight, that’s just what I needed Cam.”

“..oh Cullen you are so sexy….look how hard you have me already!”

“you ain’t see nothing yet, babe!”

Cully pushed me to the bed, opened the bag he had place there when he arrived. He opened a tube of lubricant and gently coated my hard throbbing cock. He told me that he wanted me to…

“lubricate my butt Cam. I need some heavy lubing to take your fat cock in me.”

When he felt me add a fourth finger to the ones stretching his hole he knew he was ready.

“now Cam….do it now…..put that big fat cock up my ass….I gotta have it in me….now!”

I lubed my cock one last time as Cully flipped onto his back.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I want to watch your handsome face as you feed me your cock, Cam. I want you to take me and make me yours. I want you inside me Campbell, I need you to cum in me. Make me yours Cam, take me.”

I knee walked into position as Cully guided my hard cock to his opening.

“Do me…Campbell…do me.”

I gently pushed as Cully pulled on the back of my thighs, when my cock popped through his anal ring I stopped as pain flashed across Cullen’s face.

“on no, I’m hurting you, I’ll take it out”

“NO…NO.. stay in, this will pass. just stay in me, please..try to hold it still….come here babe, kiss me, ooohhh yeah, no one has ever kissed me like you do, you’re so sexy Cam …oh babe, see, it already feels better… push in slowly now….0h god, you’re big…I love it …you’re filling me up…oh Cam! You’re inside me…..Cam…..oh!” Harder Cam, harder.”

I was startled as I slid my cock into the blast furnace heat that was Cullen’s butt. So hot, so tight.. the head of my cock tingled with unknown sensations and I sank into the depths of Cully’s butt. I watched Cullen’s face as the grimace of pain eased into a look of surprise and then pure pleasure. When I ground my cock into his groin Cully’s eyes flew open in triumph.

“YOUR MINE CAM! …you’re inside me…. I have you now….fuck me Campbell, fuck me good, ride my hot butt…it’s yours…take it…fuck..Cam! do it. oh, oh harder do it harder oh yes… yes …your so good…so full…fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me please. Oh yeah that’s it…ride me Cam….ride Cully, ride me hard!…big cock … give me your big cock, deeper..oh. Harder, FUCK ME, HARD, that’s it, do it,”

I had never experienced any feelings like this, Cullen’s complete surrender to my cock inside him drove me to fuck him faster, harder…how could anything be this good….Cullen’s ass was insatiable the deeper I drove in, the more cock that ass wanted from me. I looked into Cully’s eyes, they were beginning to get a glazed look, the pleasure had taken him to another place…his only thought was getting more of my cock deeper inside his ass.

“CAMPBELL..I’m gonna cum…..cum with me..Cam I’m gonna shoot….fill me up CAM .. CAMPBELL!!! oh god CAM! uuunnnggghhh! ”

Then it happened, I rushed headlong toward orgasm and joined Cullen at the brink. Our ejaculations were nanoseconds apart.

“Oh Babe, I’m gonna shoot with you..Cully, here it comes, I’m cumming too. Oh Babe, oh my god good..Cully…oh Cully…ooohhh!

I woke atop Cullen’s chest and gently slid off onto my side and lay there looking at his handsome face, waiting for him to open his eyes.

“I must be dreaming. I’m afraid to open my eyes, afraid I’ll wake and this was just a dream. Who knew that Campbell Dalton was so fucking hot and such a lover!”

“Cullen, I’m right here beside you, you’re not dreaming.”

“Yes I am…real life can’t be as good as this …don’t make me wake up…”

“Okay, Cully, you sleep and dream….I’ll just go find some who’s awake to kiss and hug and make love too. Have a good nap babe.”

That did it, Cully’s arms wrapped him in a hug and his eyes flew open wide….

“you’re a mean little shit….you’d leave me here in your bed and go find someone else to play with!”

“No, I didn’t budge an inch but I got those beautiful eyes open, didn’t I? You were right you know Cully.”

“about what Cam?”

“we’re gonna have to do that again tonight! You think there’s any possibility I could get you to do that to me Cully?”

“yes Cam, whenever you’re ready, I will.”

I stood and pulled Cullen with me as we headed for the shower.

“This morning after you left I was in the shower thinking how much fun we could have in here together. Come on in and play with me Cully.”

We stood under the water, Cully in front with my arms wrapped around him…we each soaped and stoked the others body, taking care not to spend too much time on the cocks and balls saving that for another shower. Now was all about getting prepared for my first time being fucked.

“this feels good but we need to clean up and get out before you get all pruny and ugly.” Cully said.

“what… you wont fuck me if I’m pruny and ugly? Jeez Cullen, that’s just plain cold”

“you better hurry up and get out of here before I fuck you standing up against that wall. Oh Cam…just so you’ll know, I don’t kiss pruny, ugly men!”

“That did it, I’m outta here Cully, come on .”

As we dried off, I kept sneaking glances at Cullen, we were becoming friends on top of the fantastic sex, making. Also I just liked looking at him, he’s a handsome fucker but he doesn’t act like he knows it, and it doesn’t take long to get me stiff just looking at that body and face…he is one seriously hot, sexy stud!….WOOF…indeed.

I finished first and ran to the bed and laid down after drying off. Naked and atop the bed covers. When he came out of the bathroom he stopped and just stared mouth agape at my lying there for him. I hoped I looked even half as sexy as he did to me. I gave him a smile and held my arms open for him. As he neared the bed I reached out and pulled him onto my chest, pinning him there..

“Cullen, I’m not letting you up until you kiss this pruny, ugly man..”

His smile slowly faded into a very serious look as his eyes searched mine, looking at me intently, then his lips gently touched mine in a soul searing, emotionally charged kiss. My body betrayed me and I trembled as goose bumps ran over my flesh. He had a knowing little smile as he saw my body react to his kiss.

“you’re a sexy man Campbell Dalton, a wonderful, handsome, sexy, hunk of man.”

“Can’t help it Cully, your kisses make me crazy, make me do things I never dreamed of. You’re the sexy one to me. When you’re ready I need to feel you inside me. I want you to feel like I did when you gave yourself to me. You were in my power, completely giving yourself over to me, but at the same time you were my most treasured possession and I felt the need to protect and shelter you, and love you. You were totally mine. It was so awesome.”

As we lay there, him on my chest my arms around him I felt more content, more satisfied than at anytime I could remember. I was lost in my thoughts of him and how he made me feel when the ringing of Cully’s phone startled us. He got up, dug it out of his jeans and flipped it open… “it’s my Dad..I better take it…”

“Cullen said ‘Hi Dad!’ then his face paled and he looked strickened….I’m on my way Dad…I’ll be there as soon as I can…”

“Oh god, Cam…it’s my Mom….heart attack… Dad’s with her at the ICU..I’ve got to go home. Right now!”

Cully was from Louisville, Ky. about a three hour drive. He was so shaken I knew he shouldn’t go alone.

“Let’s get dressed, you run up to your room grab what you need and come back here. I’m driving you home…no arguments…Cully…you can’t make this trip alone. That’s final!”

Cully started to the door but turned and swept me in to a tight hug to his body…

“Thank you Campbell….I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

I grabbed my shaving gear, clean shorts an extra pair of Jeans and a couple of pull over shirts and was waiting with the door open when Cully returned. On the way to the car I ran down my mental check list with him and he seemed to have what he needed.

In less than 20 minutes after he got the call we were on I-65 headed north. He was quiet, I figured he was scared out of his mind. I tried to get him talking about her and the good times to take his mind off the situation. The traffic was brisk but moving well about 10 miles over the 65 MPH speed limit. In about and hour we drove through Bowling Green and kept on heading north.

Cully talked to his Dad twice while we were on the road and he knew that his Mom was now stable, talking and in good spirits which let my Cully come back to me. He was his old self, smiling, watching me and even held my hand for a long time. I couldn’t let him know that I had been driving for two hours with the boner from hell. So hard it ached. We pulled into a rest area for a stretch and pee break and I got to rearrange my self and the boner was ebbing away. When we were on the road again Cully asked.

“did that trucker back there give you that boner, Campbell?”

“No, as a matter of fact you’re responsible for it. I’ve had it for over two hours, just being with you this long without touching or kissing. I’ve got to teach it how to behave when we’re not in the bedroom. When you’re around it only knows to be “hard as stone”.

He reached over into my lap…

“I can fix this for you..just let the seat back a bit and let me love on you a while Cam.”

“No, no, no…not in the dark..too dangerous. You know how you affect me Cullen. I could run off the road, or wreck us…and you might bite it off!. Then you would leave me, alone and dickless..I can’t take that chance Cullen, I could handle being dickless but I’m not sure if I would survive without you.”

When I looked at him he had the most astonished look on his face, mouth agape, eyes wide open.

“Campbell…do you realize what you just said?”

“oops, sorry, I shouldn’t have blurted that out here on the highway…it’s just….well…you get to me Cully…make me do and say the damnedest things. Do you have any idea just how much I care for you Cullen?

He grabbed my hand in both his and squeezed it tightly, I saw him swallow hard a time or two before he spoke.

“yes, I think I do now. I think do Campbell.”

We rode on silent for a while still holding hands. As we neared the city he called his Dad again and asked what exit to take and found out that his Mom had been moved to a private room out of the ICU. He was visibly relieved.

Having never met his parents, I stayed in the waiting room while he went to his Mom. About 15 minutes later Cully and his Dad; it had to be his Dad, they looked so much alike, came to me. Cully introduced his Dad as we shook hands and his Dad thanked me for driving Cullen home. They both pulled me with them saying his Mom wanted to meet me too. I reluctantly went along. As I neared her bed his Mom opened both arms and pulled me into a hug.

“Thank you Campbell for looking out for my son. Cullen can get too excited sometimes and I was so relieved when his father told me that a friend was driving him up here. You’re a good friend Campbell Dalton. I want her number so I can call you mother and tell her what her son has done.”

I was beet red from blushing, I felt the heat in my face. I looked over at Cully pleadingly…

“might as well give her the number now, Cam. she’s going to get it one way or the other. I’ve seen her work a week to get a phone number she wanted.”

He held out his hand for my phone…

“just press 101, she’s on speed dial”

As she dialed I excused myself, I couldn’t stand here and listen to her brag about me to my Mom. Cully stepped out with me, his hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks…Dad told me she had been wanting to talk to your Mom ever since she learned you were driving me here. She’s always done this to my friends. If anyone is nice to me she has to tell their Mom about it. Oh, by the way, they know I’m gay and Dad’s already asked if you were “my young man”…I told him no, but I sure was hoped you would be some day.”

I know I turned crimson again. He was almost laughing at my how red I had become in my embarrassment. I smiled at him, took a deep breath, look into his eyes and said…

“Okay then, Cullen. Let’s go back in there and tell them the truth .”

“the truth? what are you talking about Cam?”

“The truth Cullen ..that yes, I am your young man!”

“What…you can’t mean that, Cam.”

“Oh but I do meant it Cully. I’m certain of it. I know it’s sudden, but the way you’ve made me feel for the past 36 hours, I just know… this hasn’t happened to me before, how am I to know if it would ever again…I’m not throwing what we have away. I’m certain it’s more than just sex… you said that first night…we have a connection that makes us more than just the two of us…when you’re ready…I’ll be waiting… I’ve fallen for you head over heels …Babe!”

Right there in the corridor outside her room Cullen hugged me and kissed me…

“I fell for you Friday night. I’m ready now Campbell, I want to be with you.”

Beaming like the Cheshire Cat we entered the room. His Mom was saying…

“here he want to speak to him…just a sec…” as she handed me my phone.

“Hi Mom, how’s Dad? Great.. yes Ma’am I know, yes Ma’am, sure, okay, yes Ma’am…tell Dad I love him, love you, yes Ma’am I will. Bye.”

Cullen and his Dad both laughed, his Mom shot them her ‘one raised eyebrow’ look.

“sounds just like a call to my Mom, verbatim” his Dad said,

“me too” said Cully

“Don’t you two make fun of Campbell being a good son, talking politely with his mother. He said he loved them too…did you hear that Cullen!”

“MOM!… I always tell you guys I love you.”

“I know son, I just want you know that others do it too” she said.

“Now, what’s going on…you two looked like the cat that ate the canary when you walked in just now, what gives? Talk to your mother Cullen.”

“MOM! Not now, okay….!”

“Cully let me. I’ll tell them, I really don’t mind and I’m about to burst wanting to tell somebody!…Mrs. Fortson, Mr. Fortson….I just told Cullen out in the hall that I wanted to be his boyfriend. I guess we’re officially dating, that’s what the big smiles were about.”

Both of his parents broke into smiles….his Dad shook my hand and patted me on the back and his Mom opened her arms for hugs. First me then her son.

“I must say Cullen that you’ve matured and have finally developed good taste. That school has been good for you. This is a fine young man here, you treat him right, you hear me?” she said.

“yes ma’am, I hear you and I surely will treat him right.”

Mr. Fortson pulled Cullen into a bear hug and I heard him whisper….

“I really like him son. I’m happy for you.”

We left to go eat soon after and returned to give Mr. Fortson a brief break. He planned to sleep there in her room tonight so Cully and I would be in the house alone. On the way to his home he had me stop and he ran into a drugstore and back out quickly. I guess my look made him say…

“I had to get some supplies for tonight. We have unfinished business in the bedroom if you remember.”

“wow, we’re gonna do it at your folks house?! That’s kinda hot Cully!”

“Now that you are officially my boyfriend I think there’s going to be a lot of things that are hot going on. By the way, the way you took over and told my folks about us was so cool. You earned points big time with both Mom and Dad not to mention how great it made me feel.”

“Dad wants us to go on back to school, she’s due to discharged on Tuesday if all goes well and they don’t throw her out early for bossing the nurses around. He said he’s taking some time off to be with her and that they’ll be fine. So we can leave in the afternoon, Okay.”

“Sure, sounds like a plan babe.”

Cully gave good directions and we pulled into their drive in just a few minutes. Inside we both wanted a shower so we ran upstairs and Cully showed me his room. He turned and kissed me with all the heat he had, my knees were weak. We fell onto his bed and made out like high school kids.

It was just after 7 p.m. and I suggested that we take his Dad a good meal, the food in hospital cafeterias is the pits, everywhere. We went to the kitchen and found fresh leftovers that looked very good and we took enough for his Mom to have a few bites too.

His Mom and Dad were surprised when we walked into the room and his Dad gave me a look of thanks for bringing the food. We sat and chatted for about 30 minutes and then went back to the house.

This time we did make it to the shower and I told him that I was going to get pruny and ugly as Cully called it. He kidded me about it and I told him I was just picking up where we left off in Nashville.

“Okay but let’s skip the pruny part, it takes to long, you can get pruny after I fuck your perfect little round ass”.

As we stood there drying off Cullen was watching me, I could see his cock harden as he watched. It was amazing seeing it rise to its full nine plus thick inches and point to the ceiling.

“Campbell, you really don’t have a clue as to what a gorgeous sexy hunk of man flesh you are, do you!”

“Nah..I bet you say that to all the guys your about to fuck Cully”

“that’s really a true statement Cam. Since you’ll be my first!”

And only I hope; I said to myself. to him I said…

“All I know is the most handsome man I’ve ever known wants to be with me, Cullen Fortson! That’s an incredible feeling itself. Not only is he the most handsome, he has a body that can make grown men cry, and a cock to rival a stallion. And he’s promised to stick in me tonight.”

“Come to bed Campbell, I need to love on you now.”

Cully was so gentle with me, everything he did was planned to insure that I got the utmost pleasure from his touch. He began a massage starting with my shoulders, by the time he had a hand on each cheek of my ass I was moaning and panting with desire. I raised up onto my knees and laid my chest on the bed as be began to tongue and lick my ass.

Following his tongue, I felt his finger applying the cool lube to my anus. Slowly he pushed and probed and finally a finger slowly entered my bowels. More lube, more fingers, more moaning from me. With four fingers pistoning in my ass I knew it was time. I turned to my back and lifted my legs holding them to my chest. More lube for his cock, more for my ass. He stuck the tube into my opening and squeezed a generous dollop into me then leaned in to kiss me.

“Cam…push on my thighs to get me to stop, pull on them to get going into you again, say stop and I’ll pull out, Okay.”

I nodded, apprehensive of what was to come. Cully kissed me, rubbing my skin, saying sweet things in my ear, nibbling my neck, all designed to get me to relax. Having him hover over me closely I felt the sensuous tickle of his hairy body just before our skin met. That felt so good and made me eager to have him on me, in me.

In the midst of his talk and touching his hips pushed and the head of his cock slipped past my anal ring. The pain was intense and my body went rigid but his stroking, kissing and hugging soon had me wanting him deeper into me as I pulled on his thighs. There was pain but there was pleasure too, an overwhelming fullness that almost equalized the pain.

As Cam pulled me deeper into him the amazing heat inside his body was unexpected. The head of my cock was assaulted with new sensations that made me wild with desire. I watched Campbell’s face as my cock continued the long slow slide into his bowels. I could see the pleasure winning out over the initial pain. I ground my groin into his pubes his eyes opened, awe and wonder crossed his face, then a low sensual moan escaped from within him. He was pulling harder on the backs of my thighs.

A man’s sexual pleasure has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter how deep, how hard, how intense the penetration, it is never enough.

Cully shiftd positions and there was a new feeling and I was confused as I felt these new sensations that made my cock pulse and throb. Cully was stroking against my prostate gland with every thrust and retraction of his cock. I gave vent to jagged, soulful grunts and began to ride on his hard cock. I sighed, I moaned and yelled…

“that’s it Cully fuck me, oh god yeah, what a feeling..fuck me Cullen fuck me, fuck me oh. FUCK ME, come on Cully, we’re gonna cum, come on..CULLEN, CUM WITH ME CULLEN,..OH BABE OH.”

As Campbell called my name it happened, with one violent thrust we both went over the edge. Cams legs and body went rigid and I ground as hard as I could into his pelvic bone, burying every centimeter of my cock as deep into him as I could get.

“CULLEN I feel your cum in me, I feel every drop ohmigawd…I”M CUMMING, CULLY…OH GOD… CULLY OH…OH… FUCK ME CULLEN…OH Oh oh god! Oh Cully, oh Baby, my Cully…hold me Cully. hold me…oh man…ummmm…you’re mine baby…your mine

We lay there, Cully slid from atop my chest to lie beside me, both of us gasping for air and stupefied by the intense emotional and sexual orgasm. Neither of us could remember words let alone speak them. As the burn gradually left our lungs we moved and held each other, knowing that we would slowly drift back to reality together.

Finally I opened my eyes and lay there just looking at Cullen. His breathing was back to normal, his eyes were still closed and there was a little smile on his face. The orgasm we had just experienced was so full of emotion in addition to the sexual satisfaction. Cully stirred in my arms and settled back closer than before, his eyes opened and he gave me a big smile then said…

“told ya so, didn’t I”

“you just said I’d like it, you didn’t mention that it’s like the best feeling in the world ever.”

“so Campbell, do you think you’ll want to do that again sometime?”

“oh, I don’t know Cully…finding someone else who would want to do this may take a while. It could be a long time before I get to do this again.”

Cully bolted upright into sitting position..

“listen you shit…you’d better be joking or you can leave right now.”

“Whoa…calm down Cully…I’m teasing you babe. You know you’re the one. You do know that, right. You know that you are the one guy for me, right Cullen?”

“See what you do to me Cam…those eyes scramble my brain…yes I know…I know you make me crazy. I know making love with you is so far beyond anything I’ve ever known that is scares the hell out of me. I know that we could be falling in love with each other and that really scares me and thrills me all at the same time. I know that this weekend with you has been what I dreamed of when I thought about my life, about meeting the one perfect person that would fulfill all my dreams and fantasies. I know I want the ‘happily ever after’ story for us.”

“Yes, babe I know you do, I want all those things too, and with you. And we will have them Cullen, we will have them all. Isn’t it strange that you can know someone for years and never really know them. And how weird is the way we finally got together. It’s all part of some master plan. I know without a doubt that you and I were meant to be together. I know I have found my one true love. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him gently, tenderly…

“I love you Cullen. With all me heart and soul I truly do love you.”

Cullen had a look of disbelief on his handsome face…

“this is really happening… Oh Campbell, me too, I truly do love you, you’ve captured my heart in just three days. Now we’ll have a lifetime to be together and to love each other. We’re in love!”

It is getting late Cully, we need to sleep now, We’ve got to drive back to school in a little while. Are you going to stay with me until we find a little place off campus, please say yes.”

“We’ll see, I may have other offers you know.”

“Okay, now who’s the shit! We’re getting a place together. That’s final too. Other offers, huh.. over my dead body!”

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day for our drive back to school. Blue skies, puffy white clouds and Cullen by my side. We had visited with his Mom and Dad, sent his Dad home for a shower and change of clothes. And soon after his Dad returned we hit the road.

Once back in Nashville, we stopped to eat and then went back to Campus. We both needed to do some laundry and had reading to catch up on. We sat in the Laundromat reading. Sitting there side by side, studying was no problem, but let one of us get out of sight and the other couldn’t concentrate on the book at all. We hoped that this would get better the longer we were together. The laundry was finished, folded and on hangers and we went back to my dorm. With everything put away we stood looking at each other.

I laid down on the bed and held out my hand to pull him in with me. We lay there, fully clothed, just touching, feeling good just being together. We showered and went to bed a little after 8 p.m.. We were tired but not so tired as to skip what had become our favorite thing to do. I moved to caress and kiss Cullen all over.

I was slow and gentle, wanting to make love to him more sensually, not so frantic and desperate as our first times were. This was a familiar love making. I knew what he wanted now and I loved doing it for him. I marveled at his body and that magnificent cock that I could do with as I pleased. With lots of lube covering his cock and more in and on my ass I straddled his hips and slowly guided his cock into my ass.

It took a full five minutes before I ground my butt into his pubic hair. At last I had all of him in me. Deep with in me. I bent forward and pulled his head up until my tongue entered his mouth. After a long kiss I sat up and began to ride that wonderful cock. I don’t know which of us got more pleasure from my riding that hard flesh. I began to circle my hips as I ground to his pelvic bone, wanting more cock inside me.

New sensations surged through my body. This was different and I loved it. Cully was thrusting up to get it all in me. throwing his cock at me. Thrusting, stabbing, grinding, thrilling me to new heights.

All to soon I felt my testicles tighten and rise up readying to shoot onto Cully’s chest and stomach. His moans became whimpers and he neared the edge. I was almost wild, bucking and riding that hard cock, grinding as hard as I could, I couldn’t wait any longer, semen shot out of my cock in a long continuous stream covering his stomach and chest and then I felt his cum spray the walls of my rectum and I shot more cum onto him. He filled my ass with his sperm, it was running out of me and down his shaft and onto his testicles.

I fell forward onto his chest, still impaled on that thick column of man meat. I now knew what it meant to be thoroughly, fucked. There was an ache in my ass and testicles that would be with me for a day or two. Every time I felt that ache it brought a smile to my face. He had fucked me so well!

The semester seemed to fly by and it was exam time. Cully and I had finally found our groove for studying. We sat opposite each other at the desk in our room and let our legs and feet do the touching. We were both good students and when grades were posted we were both near the top of the class.

We already had an off campus apartment rented for next semester and our senior year. Some of our mutual friends were surprised when Cullen and I roomed together. We both told our friends that we found out that we were compatible and were both good students and neither wanted the distraction of a party guy for our last year roommate. Whether they bought it or not, I didn’t care. A few of them could handle the fact that we were lovers, a few couldn’t so we just let it be.

‘Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.’ I thought to my self. I couldn’t remember where I had heard it before.

With summer coming up we were concerned about being separated by the necessity of having to find summer jobs. Mr. Fortson, Cully’s Dad called in a couple of favors and goth both of us summer jobs at Churchill Downs Racetrack. We worked with the maintenance crews doing repairs, painting, and what ever else was needed. Making the deal even sweeter, the Fortson’s let us have the apartment over their garage for the summer rent free. Plus we ate his Mom’s home cooking nearly every night. I saw more of my brother Corty that summer than I had in three years. He loved going to the races and he thought Cullen and his folks hung the moon. They really got along great. He told me once that I had hit the jackpot as far as my life partner was concerned.

Thanks to Cully’s Dad we each made $6,000.00 in

3 months with some overtime work just before the Derby and near the end of the meet. That more than took care of our housing and food expenses for the year. Our new home was a small stone Guesthouse in Hillsboro Village. Very private and within walking distance to school, perfect for two intimate roommates.

Our landlady, Gretta Asher, was a widow who thought we were just the sweetest two young men she had ever seen. We did her yard work for her in exchange for lower rent and at least twice a week there would be freshly baked cookies, a cake, or a pie setting on the stoop as a gift from her. She also liked to have us come to dinner at her house. Cullen found out that she didn’t cook for just herself and went out to eat a lot. He loved to cook and soon she was eating with us almost every night. She dearly loved our company and we kept her from being too lonely. One night as we lay in bed, Cully propped up on an elbow and asked…

Something weird happened last night and I am very conflicted about it. I’ve been traveling across the country with my band and we’ve been crashing in people’s houses along the way. They’re small shows, we’re barely breaking even financially and if we can keep that up it will be a huge success. Our fan base is growing so that’s cool. Sadly there are not a lot of girls among them. They’re mostly college guys, frat guys, which is counter our own punk lifestyles but so long as they like the music, we’re cool with it.

Anyway, last night we were all crashing at this house. It was your standard over stuffed rented college guy house, it was 3 to a bedroom before we got there. They were a rough bunch of jocks, but they were also pretty good hosts. We all smoked their pot, drank their beer, and played their video games. They had this huge tv bolted high up to wall. The rest of the place was pretty shabby but their entertainment system was incredible. I guess that’s were all their money went.

6 of us in the band with 12 of them from the house were all packed shoulder to shoulder on one big couch and a love seat.

One by one the weed and beer did its trick and people are passing out where they sit, no one made it to the rooms. Penises were drawn on faces, I think somebody even got pee’d on. I was one of the last to fall asleep, but apparently not the first to wake up.

It’s hours latter and my mouth was dry and my back was aching. The room smelled like sweat and stale beer and staler weed. I could hear the tap tap of a two game controllers being used. My eyes just barely open and I scan the room. Everyone was asleep except two guys. One was our base player Jamie. He’s more emo than he is punk but he plays a mean base guitar. He fusses over his long, straight black hair, it has a few green highlights. Lip ring, tongue ring, nose stud, 4 or 5 rings in his ears. He’s lucky we can’t afford to fly; he’d never make it through a metal detectors. He’s barely 18 and definitely what you would call a pretty boy. Whatever female fans make it to our shows he’s usually the one to scoop them up. But that morning he was sitting on the lap of Mike, one of the guys from the house we were crashing. They were playing video games with the sound muted. Mike has a smug grin and Jamie looks irritated.

“Shit!” Jamie said.

“Ha ha, you lost again, bitch.” Mike says. He’s the kind of guy who will say “bitch,” a lot throughout the day. Mike’s big and hairy. Probably plays rugby or something. He wears a striped polo shirt, board shorts.

“Fuck you, what now?” Jamie asks, then he takes a massive hit on the bong and passes it behind him to Mike. These guys have clearly kept the party going all night. It must close to close to 7am.

Mike makes his voice extra lecherous, teasing. “Now you give me that lap dance.”

“This is so gay, you’re an asshole.”

“Just do it, faggot.” Jamie told him to fuck off, but at the same time he started mechanically gyrating on top of Mike’s jeans while they played another round. Anyone else in the band would have stormed off, but to Jamie if he lost a bet he has to pay up no matter what. He’s only 18, friendly bet’s are still like iron law to him, the idea if walking away wouldn’t occur to him. His tight emo girl jeans rub up and down on Mike’s crotch, it’s hilarious. The ultimate humiliation.

Mike turned his head and cought me watching, he put a finger to his lips and I winked back. At some point I’ll yelled and scare Jamie, he’ll be so embarrassed. I knew what they were doing. For every game one person lost they had to humiliate themselves in some gay-ass way that also made it harder to play. Like sitting on the other guys lap. If you kept loosing it went farther, though lap dance was as far as I’ve ever seen it go. It was all I could do to keep from laughing. The TV was bolted up to wall so Mike could see it above Jamie’s head. Jamie was having a hard time concentrating while he moved his butt back and forth on top of Mike’s shorts. Then the light flickered on the screen and I knew Jamie lost again. “God damn it, what now.”

“Man, you suck at this, I wonder what else you SUCK at.”

“Fuck you.”

“At this level it’s pants off.”


“You heard me, it keeps going farther until you win one. I thought you played this before.”

“I have, but…”

“But nothing. Take my your pants off and take mine off too like a good little bitch.” Resigned he took off his pants, and slid Mike’s down as well.

“If anyone wakes up you know what this will look like?”

Mike’s laugh was deep and throaty. “Ha, maybe trying winning before someone comes to (he winked at me), or they’ll see what a bitch-ass fag you.” I had to swallow to keep from giggling out loud. Jamie winced as he sat his butt down on Mike’s hairy legs. He tried to avoid Mike’s crotch but with all the sweat between them his ass kept sliding down from Mike’s thighs to his bulge. He gave up fighting gravity then he just tried to remain still. They started a new game. “Hey, hey bitch. You keep that ba-donka-donk moving. You haven’t even earned your pants back yet, you don’t get to quit dancing.” Jamie restarted his lap dance moving up and down with a mad look. I thought it was so funny until I saw Mike’s cock through his underwear. It was huge! There is nothing funny about a cock that big. Holy shit it was big, and getting bigger. With each up and down it grew. I felt bad for Jamie all of a sudden. It’s got to be scary to be so close to wang like that. But suddenly Jamie got hopeful, the game was close, he was going to get his pants back. This rubbing was clearly distracting Mike as much as it was Jamie, noticing this Jamie sped it up and really starting backing that thing up into Mike. Mike’s eyes went wide. Then right when Jamie was about to win, Mike humps up and slams his half hard penis threw his boxers past Jamie’s cheeks to hit his asshole through his own tight colorful designer briefs. Jamie yelped up and his butt clenched, Mike swooped in and won the game.

“Dude, what the fuck!?” Whispering as loud as he could without yelling. “You knocked my hole with your dick!”

“Ha ha, under wear off.”

“You’re sick man, this sick.” Sulking, Jamie slide his tight underpants off, he was completely hairless. I already knew about that. His grooming habits were something we already made fun of him for. Then he got on his knees and pulled Mike’s pants down. This was going crazy-far. I felt like I should say something. I thought I should yell to Jamie, tell him he doesn’t have to do this, but I didn’t. I just stared on as Mike abused and humiliated my young band mate. Jamie couldn’t help but stare at Mike’s big angry cock. “What, you distracted, bitch?”

Very quietly this time. “Um… fuck you.” They play another game, both sweaty and naked from the waist down. Mike smiled with perverse domination, his face contorted as Jamie’s smooth naked ass slid up and down his massive cock. I wonder if a cock that big feels twice the pleasure as normal cock? That’s weird thought. I bet no girl has ever been so compliant with Mike, he’s finally found someone he can bully all the way to the limit. Jamie’s look of disgust is changed into something more horrified as Mike’s penis stimulated the outside of his asshole.. It was fully erect then, it’s huge mushroom head leaked against Jamie’s ass.

I saw Jamie’s face react and I could tell he felt the sticky pre-cum, it would feel different from the sweat. The sound is different to. Jamie can barely pay attention to the screen and Mike win’s again barely having to play. Mike doesn’t have to say it, Jamie knows what’s next. He knows he shouldn’t have let himself get distracted that time, it was his last chance to walk away with his manhood intact.

“No…” He squeaks. Mike positions his dick at Jamie’s asshole. Its sweaty and slimy, no lube need. Suddenly I saw Jamie realize something. He matured a bit and suddenly knew he could walk away.

But its to late and the head of Mike’s penis is pushing at his hole. Then it pops in and Jamie drops the controller, his mouth makes a silent scream and he slowly starts to slide the long way down to the base of the shaft, just a millimeter at a time. “This… can’t… be… happening…”

“Oh god that’s tight.”

“Oh Mike, no…”

“I can’t believe you did it, I never thought you’d do it. You must be one horny faggot.”

“I’m not… ugh… I’m not…”

“How’s it feel? How’s my big dick feel up your ass?

“It’s weird.”

“Does it still hurt?” Suddenly Mike sounds a little tender, understanding.

“Less, it feels…”

“How about now!” Mike humped up powerfully and Jamie has to bite his lip to keep from screaming. Its not just pain anymore, that thrust must have triggered something because his previously flaccid dick is starting to rise. “Pick up your controller, fruit, we’re still playing.” Jamie lifts his controller up by the chord with a confused look on face. If he’s not gay why is he getting hard? Mike humps again and again while Jamie tries to play the game. Fucking Jamie seems to be helping Mike’s focus, but Jamie can barely paying attention. With each thrust of Mikes massive cock inside him Jamie’s dick plumps up, and soon its rock hard. Hump, hump, then its harder than rock hard, its shaking

“Man, a hole is hole but you are fucking tight.” Mike says. “How does it feel, my dick sliding in and out of you?”

“Oh god, it’s…” Jamie’s face goes red he’s so ashamed.

Mike stops thrusting for a moment. “Say it.”

“It feels good Mike. Oh god it’s so weird but it feels good, I’ve never been this hard.”

“Mmm, feel it, feel it all inside you. Oh yeah, I’m going to turn you into a whore.”

“No, don’t make me a whore!”

“When I cum inside you that will be it, you can never change that. You will always have a man’s semen inside your ass.”

“Please don’t cum inside me, I don’t want to be fag…”

Is that how it works? I wondered. I don’t know, but I can tell you when Jamie came he going to came so hard he wont be able to live the rest of his life without getting fucked like that again. He really will be whore. I’m not fag, but maybe I can help him out in that regard. I have gotten so hard watching Mike fuck Jamie. Mike is speeding up, Jamie drops his controller but Mike is still playing and fucking him at the same time.

“Ugh, just… ugh, just don’t cum in…” Jamie arches his back.

“Shut up. Oh fuck.”

“No, no, no, fuck I’m cumming too!”

Mike ejaculates a huge load inside Jamie, filling his ass up. At the same time Jamie cums so hard he hits the wall accross the room, just narrowly missing a passed out frat guy. Actually it drips down into the guy’s hair, hopefully he won’t ask why he’s sticky before we leave.

Mike pushes Jamie off his lap in disgust. Then he whips his dick off in Jamie’s. “Gross, you’re a fucking faggot. I knew it. You better be out of here before noon, whore.”

Mike looks back at me and laughs, then walks away. Jamie stays on all fours for a minute, naked ass in the air, still in shock. In shock over being used and abuse like that, and in shock over having a wall spattering orgasm without ever touching his dick. Another man’s cum drips down his asshole and hits his foot. That breaks him out of it. Jamie finds his pants and goes off. Maybe he was looking for the bathroom, maybe he was looking for one last fuck before noon. I pretend to be asleep for another minute and then head to the van. I pull one of Jamie’s shirt’s out of his bag and jack off right into it. I cover the whole thing, it feels so good, then I stuff it back in his pack. He won’t know who did it, all he’ll know is one of his band mates knows what a whore he is. Let him think about that for a while.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a pure work of fiction. All characters involved are over the age of 18. This is my first time writing anything of this nature, so I appreciate any and all feedback (positive or negative).

This is the last chapter of the Searching for that Spark series. But who knows? In the future I may expand and write more about these characters. I hope you guys enjoyed the series and enjoy this. Thanks for everything!

It was about 3:30 when Ashton got out of class and was walking through campus with Nate. They found out they were in the same class the day after they literally bumped into each other in the dorm. Since then, they walked back to their rooms together after class. Ashton liked Nate and was happy that he was able to find a good friend other than Calvin. They were walking for a few minutes when Nate noticed something different about Ashton.

He spoke, “So what’s up with you?”

Confused, Ashton responded, “What do you mean?”

Nate continued, “I mean that last week you were all down and depressed, and now you actually seem to be happy. So tell me, how was it?”

Ashton, still confused at the conversation, asked, “How was what?”

Nate lowered his voice, “The sex.”

Ashton replied, “What sex?

Nate continued, “Look you’re not fooling anyone. You either had sex last night or you won the lottery. Those are the only reasons you’d be all happy and chipper today. Now since we’re not driving around in a new Porsche, we can rule out the lottery.”

Ashton chuckled, knowing that Nate was partially right: he actually was happy. Not wanting to disclose every little detail, he responded to Nate: “Look, let’s just say that I had a really good night and an even better day.”

Nate, not wanting to push Ashton any further, replied, “Well that’s good to hear. Glad to have the old Ashton back.”

Ashton laughed at Nate’s words not because he had seemingly figured it all out, but because he knew that he wasn’t the “old Ashton” anymore. He looked at his watch then turned to Nate, “Oh, I’ll see you later man. I have to go meet up with someone in the park.” Ashton then gave Nate a handshake before running off to meet Calvin.

Ashton walked through the park and saw Calvin lying on the grass under a big tree. He sat down beside him, “Sup stranger, how’s it going?

Calvin chuckled, “So is that going to be my new nickname now or what?”

Ashton responded, “Well for the longest time, and by that I mean a whole day, you were a stranger to me. So why don’t we change that? Tell me about yourself.”

Calvin explained, “Well I’m an only child and my parents divorced when I was about 10. For the most part, it was very civil. It was easy going back and forth because they lived close-by and kept a good relationship for my sake. Um, I grew up in a city much like this. I had friends, but I enjoyed being on my own. I guess you could say that I came here to be my own person and do my own thing. Well, that’s my story. You’re next, stranger.”

Ashton smiled at the fact that he was actually getting to know the man behind the mask. He then spoke about himself, “Well, like you I’m an only child. My parents are still together and we’ve lived in the same small town all my life. I have a few close friends that I touch base with from time to time. And I guess I moved here for a change of pace. I wanted something different and that’s what I got.” They continued talking for about half an hour before they got up and went for a slow walk along the grass. Ashton would look over at Calvin from time to time, so interested in his stories and his life. They had come from different backgrounds that they were starting to really understand the other person.

They eventually sat on a nearby bench as the conversation slowed down. Calvin was staring up at the sky when Ashton finally asked him, “So tell me, where do you see this going?”

Calvin looked at him and answered truthfully, “Ash. To be honest, I don’t know where I see this going. I only met you a few weeks ago and yet I feel like there’s this strong connection between the two of us. And it scares me. I’m the guy that runs away from a relationship the moment I feel like it’s getting too serious. And now we’re here and I’m telling you my life story. I just don’t know if I’m ready.”

Ashton interjected, “Hey. I never said that I had all the answers. I’m probably just as freaked out as you are. And the only reason I’m so calm about this is because I know that there’s something here; there’s this thing that’s between us that I can’t ignore. Those few weeks, I kept telling myself that I was avoiding all these physical urges. Not once did I ever stop to think that maybe, all along, I just wanted to be with you. I’m not saying that we have to drop everything and be with each other for the rest of our lives. I just know that it will be wrong if we continue with our lives knowing that there was this spark between us.”

Calvin was relieved to know that Ashton was on the same page as him, but he couldn’t ignore the worries he had. He explained, “Ash, you don’t know how much I want to be with you. And that’s why I have all these inhibitions: I’m worried that I’ll fuck something up and…”

Before Calvin could continue, Ashton leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss, stopping him from speaking. For those few seconds, Calvin forgot about everything he was worried about. He just felt Ashton’s lips on his and his heart beating a mile a minute. Ashton gently let go, biting Calvin’s lower lip in the process.

Ashton finally spoke, “And I thought I talked too much.” Ashton leaned in for another quick kiss then continued, “So what do you say? You want to take a shot with me?”

Calvin smiled, “As always Ash, you put up a great argument, leaving me with no choice but to accept.”

Ashton looked into Calvin’s eyes, “I hoped you would.”

They walked back to campus arm in arm, both happy with their new decision that they made together. All the worries that Calvin had before were gone. He knew that with Ashton’s hand holding onto his, none of that would matter.

Once Ashton closed the door to his room, Calvin pulled him into a deep kiss. Their lips met and Ashton felt that spark once again; he could taste Calvin’s lips. He repositioned his head, allowing Calvin’s tongue to slip past his lips and into his mouth. They stood there for about 10 minutes locking lips, until Calvin broke away to the small crevice on Ashton’s neck.

Seeing what he was doing, Ashton warned, “You’re going to leave a mark!”

Calvin stopped for a second and reassured him, “That’s the point. I want them to know you’re mine.” Ashton just let him continue as his hands pressed up against Calvin’s chest. He loosened every one of the buttons on his shirt, slowly exposing his defined chest. He pulled off Calvin’s shirt and stared in awe of him for a few seconds. His hands made their way to Calvin’s pants, unbuttoning them and dropping them down past his knees. Ashton saw Calvin’s huge cock bulging out, just begging to be free from his tight boxers.

Calvin stopped for a minute and asked Ashton, “So why is it that I’m standing here in my underwear and you’re still fully clothed?”

Ashton fired back, “Then you’d better get to work.” Calvin chuckled, and then pulled off Ashton’s shirt with one motion. He brought his hands back to Ashton’s torso, retracing his fingers along Ashton’s abs. He looked down to see Ashton’s huge boner sticking out against his tight jeans. He could see the outline of his cock perfectly, almost touching the left front pocket. He unbuttoned Ashton’s jeans, revealing the growing cock, still contained by his black boxers. Seeing that they were both in their boxers, Calvin motioned towards the bed. Ashton lied back, getting comfortable, as Calvin followed. He moved up and kissed him sensuously as Ashton’s hands made their way to Calvin’s perfectly round ass. He slid his palms under the elastic waistband and gripped his cheeks firmly. Calvin let out a moan, while continuing to kiss. He then pushed back and they were nose to nose, trying to catch their breath. He could feel the warmth between them as he slid down, slowly licking along the middle of Ashton’s chest. He made his way to Ashton’s boxers, putting his mouth around the bulge with just fabric separating them. His mouth started to water as he felt Ashton’s meat on his lips. Calvin eagerly slid down Ashton’s boxers, exposing his throbbing cock. It flung out, nearly hitting Calvin’s face in the process.

Calvin gripped Ashton’s cock at the base and exclaimed, “Damn Ash, your dick’s making my mouth water!” As he leaned in to lick the slit of Ashton’s cock, a small stream of precum gushed out. He licked his lips and started sucking, only able to get about halfway on the first try. Calvin seemed to be more calm than the other times he and Ashton were together. He didn’t have to worry about scarring him off or making Ashton change his mind. Nope, Ashton’s mind was set and so was Calvin’s. He worshipped that dick, placing his wet tongue around the entire length.

Calvin looked up at Ashton with his warm eyes and begged, “Ash, I want you to fuck my mouth.”

Ashton looked down at him and responded, “Your wish is my command.” Ashton then started to stroke his dick into Calvin’s mouth. Calvin opened wide, allowing Ashton’s length to slide in and out along his tongue. Soon, the tip of Ashton’s cock started to hit the back of Calvin’s mouth and he could feel himself holding back from gagging. Ashton let out a loud moan of pleasure as he felt the slight friction on his cock. He started to methodically fuck Calvin’s mouth, being able to pull almost entirely out and slam it back in. He could see and feel Calvin’s concentration as he closed his eyes and placed a firm grip on Ashton’s waist. He took the trusts for about 10 minutes until he slowly pushed Ashton back.

Calvin grabbed Ashton’s cock by the base and started slapping it along his tongue, begging, “Ash. I want you to fuck me tonight.”

Surprised at his request, Ashton asked, “Calvin are you sure?”

Calvin pushed up and positioned himself with Ashton, leaning into a deep kiss and replying, “Yes I’m sure. I want to be with you.”

Please to hear his answer, Ashton asked, “How do you want it?”

Taking one last kiss, Calvin answered, “Missionary.”

Calvin slowly fell backward and lifted his legs, exposing his small hole. Ashton repositioned, eager to dive in for the first time. He slowly licked along Calvin’s hole, kissing his ass. He then started to wet Calvin’s tight hole.

Calvin let out a moan, “God, I never knew how good this could feel.”

Ashton playfully responded, “I could eat your ass all day.” He then stuck his face deeper, poking Calvin’s hole with his tongue. He could feel it slowly open up. Ashton gazed as he saw streams of his spit coating Calvin’s ass.

Calvin had been feeling the pleasure of being rimmed for the first time. And as Ashton licked away, he knew he was ready. He shouted out, “Ash, please just fuck me. I can’t take it anymore. Please.”

Sensing his eagerness, Ashton made one last lick then got on his knees. He slowly pulled Calvin’s ass up and lined it with his cock. He put his head at the entrance of Calvin’s hole, and placing his hands an Calvin’s side, he slowly started to push through.

Calvin let out another moan, “Fuck, I can feel you inside me. Damn!”

Ashton added, “I’m almost all in baby.” Soon Ashton was shoving the last of his cock into Calvin’s virgin hole.

Once he was fully stuffed, Calvin pleaded, “Start slow.” Ashton heard him and started to slowly thrust back and forth. He allowed his length to go all the way in while pulling out very slowly. He wanted to be as gentle as possible; allowing Calvin to adjust to his cock. Calvin winced, trying hold in what he was feeling. While Calvin was inserting his dick, he could feel a slight pain mixed with immense pleasure. Having never had anal sex, he didn’t know how much he would be able to take.

Ashton spoke, “Okay. I’m all in.” He stopped for a second, then started to slowly fuck Calvin’s ass, causing him to close his eyes. He saw Calvin biting his lower lip; a sign that he was enjoying himself, so he started to pound harder. Ashton had found a steady rhythm and was now fucking faster. He leaned in every couple minutes to kiss Calvin, giving his mouth a break from the moaning.

Calvin held Ashton’s face and begged, “Fuck me harder. I want it.” Ashton pulled away and started to ram into Calvin’s ass, bracing himself on Calvin’s chest. He saw how much Calvin loved every thrust, how he lusted for more and how his fully erect dick was a sign that he was doing something right. Slowly, Ashton started to sweat. He had been fucking for a while and soon that familiar urge to cum was rushing through his body.

Calvin had been holding on to the sheets when Ashton leaned in and warned, “Hey, I’m close. I’m gonna cum inside your ass.”

Calvin looked up with confidence and responded, “Do it.” Soon, Ashton could feel his body tense up, his dick had become so sensitive that every stroke made him seconds away from exploding. He pulled Calvin in close and continued to fuck him until he was ready. Not long after embracing him, Ashton started to groan out as streams of warm cum erupted inside Calvin. Calvin kissed Ashton’s neck as he felt the Ashton’s manhood fill his loose hole. He had reached that euphoric feeling; his body became numb to every sensation. He could feel Ashton’s dick grazing his prostate and soon he too would explode. The feeling of a cock touching his sweet spot was enough to make him cum without even touching himself. Jizz exploded out of Calvin’s dick, hitting Ashton’s abs then dripping down upon himself. Calvin had been essentially screaming throughout his ejaculation; having never experienced something this powerful. He fell backward, trying to catch his breath and come down from this euphoric high he was on. Ashton fell on him, losing his strength from their fuck. They lied there motionless for a few minutes, almost in sync. They could feel the cum on their bodies, sticking to each other. Ashton’s cock remained in Calvin’s hole, slowly shrinking to it’s normal size. As they lied there on top of each other, Calvin was happy. Because in that moment, he knew that his doubt wasn’t didn’t mean anything anymore. He pulled Ashton into a kiss.

Calvin then reminded Ashton, “I’m pretty sure you can pull out now.”

Ashton laughed then responded, “I guess I just forgot I was still inside.” He then slowly pulled out, knowing that Calvin’s ass would be sensitive. He lifted himself up and sat on Calvin’s chest. Calvin took the hint as slowly licked the residual cum off Ashton’s dick. He tingled as Calvin carefully licked it clean.

Calvin wiped his face then responded, “God, that was amazing.”

Ashton smiled at his lover, “And think, we can have countless days of this. Just you and me.”

Calvin ran his hands along Ashton’s side, “I can’t believe I ever considered running away from this.”

Ashton added, “I guess we both just needed to realize that what we wanted was right in front of us.”

They lied there in each other’s arms the rest of the night, not even bothering to get redressed. They both had the best sleep of their lives; Ashton’s mind wasn’t clouded with stress or over-thinking, while Calvin’s held on tighter, ready to stop running away.

Calvin’s eyes opened first, he looked over and saw that it was 11pm. He woke up Ashton with a kiss, saying, “Ash. It’s 11 and you have class in about 30 minutes.”

Ashton rolled over, holding onto Calvin’s arm, “I’ll skip it. I want to spend the entire day with you…stranger.”

Calvin smiled, “Sounds like a plan. Now why don’t get cleaned up and start our adventure.”

Ashton replied, “I’ll meet you in the showers…You know which one.” Calvin then got up and put on his clothes. As he walked towards his room to gather his stuff, he knew that he had one final thing to do. Meanwhile Ashton had just left his room and was walking towards the shower rooms, when Riley came out.

Riley started, “Ash, how’s it going?”

Ashton replied, “Hey Riley, all things are good.”

Riley smiled, “Glad to see you’re doing well. I guess all you needed was to find someone in order to find yourself.”

Confused, Ashton asked, “What makes you think I’ve found someone?”

Riley nudged his shoulder and answered, “Come on Ash, you’re not hiding anything. I know all about your little situation with a certain floormate.”

Embarrassed Ashton continued to ask, “What? How do you know about any of that?”

Riley started to explain, “Well, a couple weeks ago, I headed to the bathrooms late at night kinda heard something going on. Just as I walked out, I head you two introduce yourselves. Now I didn’t really think much about it until I was walking through the hallway and heard, um…moaning coming from your room.” Ashton’s face had turned bright red from the embarrassment as Riley continued, “Then when I saw Calvin walk out half naked, I pretty much assumed you two were a thing. And that’s kinda why I tried to check up on you because I knew this sort of thing is complicated. I know cause I’ve been there.”

Ashton breathed a little then finally responded, “Wow. I am so embarrassed that you had to see and well hear all of that. Haha. Thanks though, for looking out, I really mean it this time. And to be honest, Riley, you were the last person I’d assume to be gay.”

Riley smiled then replied, “Well I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, or. Haha. Don’t sweat it. You kinda remind me of myself when I was just a naïve little freshmen getting to know himself.”

Ashton leaned in to give Riley a hug, “Thanks again for everything Riley, you’re the best.”

Meanwhile, Calvin had grabbed his shower stuff and was walking towards the showers when he saw a name on the door that he remembered. He stopped and knocked, waiting for a response. A few seconds later, Nate answered.

Nate asked, “Hi. Um can I help you?”

Calvin replied, “Yeah. I’m Calvin. Sorry to just come over, I know we haven’t actually met before, but I know you’re a friend of Ashton’s and I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?”

Nate opened the door wider and let him in, “Sure. I’m Nate. I’m assuming you’re a friend of Ashton too?”

Calvin smirked, “I guess you could say that. Haha. See I was hanging with Ash yesterday and he was telling me about you and how you’ve been helping him out and everything.”

Nate cut him off, “Oh, so you’re the friend from the park?”

Calvin nodded, “Yeah, that’s me. I really came over here so I could thank you for looking out for him all this time. I know you’re one of his really good friends here. I also just wanted to drop by, introduce myself and say that now that we’re officially together, any friend of Ash is a true friend of mine.”

Surprised, Nate asked, “Together? Wait so you two are dating? No wonder he’s been all happy and upbeat.”

Calvin admitted, “Yeah, it took us a while to decide what we really wanted. But now we’re both on the right track.” Calvin looked over at Nate who feigned a fake smile on his face.

Realizing the situation, Calvin asked, “So how long has it been?”

Nate looked over, “What are you talking about?”

Calvin continued, “I see that look on your face; the look that tells me that you’re happy, but not so happy that Ashton and I are together. How long have you liked him?”

Nate sighed then admitted, “Honestly, I liked him since we literally ran into each other that first day. But hey, you win some, you lose some. Don’t get me wrong, I really am happy for Ashton…and for you.”

Calvin put him hand on Nate’s shoulder, “Don’t worry bro. You’ll find someone, I promise. And when you do, hold onto him. I almost made the mistake of running away from someone I actually started to have feelings for.”

The next day, Jeremy and Hunter had an awkward breakfast, but then went on as if the previous day’s explorations had never happened. The two 18-year-olds spent the day outside, swimming, canoeing and generally enjoying the outdoors. Then, as the boys were having supper outside around a small campfire int he sunset Jeremy brought up the exploration.

“You know how you let me… explore your umm body yesterday?” Jeremy asked.

Hunter took a bite of his hotdog “Hmm. Yeah…” he said, swallowing “About that. Listen, Jeremy. I’m all for you being gay and all… But you can’t go telling people you sucked my cock or anything okay.”

Jeremy nodded a bit shamefully. “No, no! I would never.” Jeremy said, taking the last bite of his hotdog.

There was a short silence caused by Jeremy abandoning his effort to talk about the day before. Hunter finished his hotdog, then grabbed an other from the tray between him and Jeremy on the log bench they were sitting on.

“What were you saying? About you know… Yesterday.” Hunter asked.

“Nothing.” Jeremy replied.

“No, tell me!” Hunter insisted “It sounded like you wanted to say something.”

“Well…” Jeremy said shyly “I was just wondering if… if maybe I could um ‘explore’ again some time.”

“Oh…” Hunter said realizing he should have seen the question coming “I dunno…”

“Oh. Okay, okay.” Jeremy said with obvious disappointment.

Hunter felt bad hearing his friend so disappointed. He felt like being gay was probably really isolating, and he felt included by yesterday’s ‘explorations’.

“Well… I dunno.” Hunter said “I guess.”

Jeremy looked up at Hunter. “Really?” he asked happily but skeptically.

“Yeah. I mean, I guess.” Hunter said.

The boys finished their supper around the time the sky was dark. They stayed outside for a long time, just talking, until their week fire burned out. So they went inside and got ready to go to bed. As Hunter was climbing up the bunk bed ladder to go to bed Jeremy stopped him.

“Hum, Hunter?” he asked

“Yeah?” Hunter answered, turning his head to look down at his friend.

Jeremy gave a good look at Hunter’s muscular back and perfect ass that showed in the skin tight boxer-briefs he was wearing as pajamas.

“Umm…” Jeremy said “Do you wanna, maybe… Fool around a bit?”

“Now?” Hunter asked in a neutral voice.

“Uh, yeah.” Jeremy said with a small pause after “I mean, like, well… If you want I mean.”

“Um, I guess. Sure.” Hunter said stepping down a step.

Hunter came down from the ladder and swept his hand over his stomach. “So… Um, what are we doing?” he asked.

“Can I see you naked?” Jeremy asked, trying to work up slowly to his goal.

“Okay.” Hunter said as he reached for the waist band of his underwear. He pulled his down, revealing his trimmed pubic hair then, the base of his perfect penis. Finally Hunter pulled them off completely and lifted one leg and stepped out of the boxer-briefs, shacking his sack, which made Jeremy quiver. Hunter kicked the underwear aside and looked at Jeremy. Jeremy was stiff with desire as he looked upon Hunter’s body. He didn’t normally allow himself to want someone so bad in the locker rooms to avoid erections and such. But now, knowing he had a willing, and such an attractive partner, Jeremy’s whole body seemed paralyzed by desire. And right then, Jeremy’s penis hardened, making a noticeable bulge in his loose pajama pants. Jeremy bit his lower lip as he gazed enviously on Hunter body. It was perfect with it’s beefy structure; broad shoulders, sleek, defines abs, big biceps, nice legs, square pecs that were bulky and erotic, a big strong neck, a handsome, all-american face with clear blue eyes, and of coarse Hunter’s soft, but perfect, vascular penis. It was about four inches soft, circumcised with a perfectly rounded head that taped to a slight point, a smooth, pale sack that held an imposing pair of testicles that stretched the sac down creating a sexy sort of draping from the base of Hunter’s cock, which emerged from a perfectly kept trim pubis and happy trail that lead to his navel.

“Oh my god.” Jeremy said

“What’s wrong.” Hunter asked a bit nervous.

“Nothing, nothing.” Jeremy replied “You’re just so hot.”

“Oh… Um, thanks.” Hunter said.

“Can you… blow me?” Jeremy asked.

“Well… I don’t know Jeremy.” Hunter said as Jeremy bit down on his lower lip “I don’t think so… What if… just jacking off.”

“Anything…” Jeremy said meekly, happy to get Hunter to touch him.

Hunter stepped forward and came up to Jeremy “Okay.” he said as he brought his hands forward and pulled down on Jeremy’s waist band. The pajama pants forced Jeremy’s cock down as Hunter pull them down. But he did it quickly and Jeremy’ penis sprung back up with it’s 45 degree angle and its pale head. Jeremy stepped out of the pajama pants and pushed them back a bit. Hunter looked down at the aggressively hard penis and its upwards curve. He reached down and wrapped his hand around it. Jeremy’s penis was fairly big too. It wasn’t as thick as Hunter’s but it was just as long, maybe even a bit longer, it had a curve in it near the base that made it stand up at a 45 degree angle. Jeremy’s sack was loose and incredibly low from the summer heat, his cabin didn’t have air conditioning, it hung about five inches low, stretched as if the heat was pulling it down. Jeremy had curly, matted unkept pubic hair that was thick near the base of his shaft and thinned out as it spread onto his ball sack and up towards his stomach where it totally disappeared at the end of his pubis. Hunter gave a squeeze to Jeremy’s penis. It felt a bit squishy around the hard inner core. Then Hunter let go and put his hand on Jeremy’s balls.

“Ohhh…” Jeremy breather heavily “Wait.” he said “Can you um… Do you think you can fuck me?” Jeremy asked nervously.

Hunter was still holding Jeremy’s sack. “Um… You want me to fuck you. Like ‘put my dick in your ass’ fuck you?” Hunter asked.

“Yeah.” Jeremy said breathing in.

“Uuuhhhhh…” Hunter said letting go of Jeremy’s scrotum. He simply looked at his naked friend, unsure of what to answer. He saw Jeremy bite his lower lip, which he only did when he was very nervous or worried about failing something. “Umm…” Hunter said trying to figure out what to do. “Uh… okay…” Hunter said with a slight hint of disappointment that Jeremy didn’t catch.

“Okay.” Jeremy said as he got on the bed. He got on his back and spread his legs so that Hunter could get between them. Hunter got on the bed, between Jeremy’s legs. Hunter looked over his best friend, naked and horny, waiting to be fucked. He couldn’t believe it, even though he was going to be the one to fuck him. Hunter stood there on his knees above Jeremy for a while, just looking. He was starting to have second thoughts, but Hunter shook his head and step up to Jeremy.

“Okay.” Hunter said awkwardly “Do you have like a pillow or something to go under your ass?”he asked.

“Yeah.” Jeremy said taking one of the pillows on his bed and handing it to Hunter who place it underneath Jeremy’s ass when he lifted it up. Jeremy put his but back down on the pillow, which kept it at a good hight for Hunter to fuck.

Hunter took his semi-hard cock in hand and jacked it off until it got hard. Then he got closer to Jeremy and held Jeremy’s legs up so he maneuver his penis to Jeremy’s hole. Jeremy put a hand out and held Hunter’s penis, guiding it to his ass hole. Hunter blushed as he felt the head of his penis touch Jeremy’s anus.

“Do it.” Jeremy said, waiting for Hunter to push his cock in.

Hunter breathed in deeply then pushed his hips toward Jeremy and his penis went onto Jeremy’s ass hole. It was a bit tough, Hunter felt the head of his penis squish up a little as he pushed. So he pushed harder, which hurt him a little, as well as Jeremy it seemed, but his effort payed off and soon his cock pierced and the head of his penis went into Jeremy’s ass. Jeremy groaned and moaned, red faced and tense. Hunter stopped pushing.

“Do you want to stop?” he asked his friend who looked as though he was in pain.

“No!” Jeremy said “Keep going.”

So Hunter put a hand on Jeremy’s legs and pushed his penis further into Jeremy’s colon. He kept pushing, until finally he was all the way in. Jeremy breathed out in relief. Hunter could feel how tight Jeremy’s anus was around the base of his penis.

“Keep going.” Jeremy said.

Hunter listened and pulled back, then pushed his cock back in, making Jeremy moan.

“Don’t stop.” Jeremy urged on.

Hunter started going a bit faster, and he felt the pressure on his cock lessen a bit as he thrusted his hips, loosening Jeremy’s anus. Jeremy was still red faced and didn’t look to be enjoying the experience. But then he breathed out, and Hunter felt the pressure go down dramatically around his cock, and Jeremy seemed much more comfortable. Hunter was still going fairly slow, but with the release in pressure from Jeremy squeezing his anus, Hunter started thrusting his hips a bit faster. Jeremy started moaning again, but out of pleasure this time. He put a hand out on Hunter’s beefy stomach, feeling it, rubbing and squeezing it.

“Oohhh…” Jeremy said, almost relaxing “You’re my first.”

Hunter didn’t know what to say, so he just kept fucking Jeremy. Jeremy didn’t seem to mind, he just moaned and tilted his head back and pushed against the wall with an arm, as if he was trying to make himself sexy for Hunter. Hunter thrusted his hips with indifference. It did feel good, but he didn’t really want to give any indication of it, or seem overly gay, even if he was fucking a guy. So he simply thrusted hips, pushing his cock in and out of Jeremy, with slight resistance, but no real response. Jeremy on the other hand seemed to feel it very much, moaning continuously.

“Aaawww… You’re gonna make me cum.” Jeremy said, as Hunter’s cock hit his prostate, stimulating it with every gentle hit. “Aw! Go harder Hunter.”

Hunter put his other hand on Jeremy’s other thigh and started fucking the 18-year-old harder.

“Oh yes.” Jeremy said then moaned.

Hunter kept fucking Jeremy like he was and soon he was feeling the effects too. But before he could concentrate on himself, Jeremy started moaning loud.

“Awwwwaaw!” I’m gonna cum!” Jeremy said “Quick, fuck me harder!”

Hunter did, he sped up his thrust and now made a slapping sound every time his pelvis hit Jeremy’s ass. Then, Jeremy yelled out as his penis throbbed and shook before spitting out a few jets of cum that flew onto his stomach. Hunter slowed down as he saw Jeremy ejaculate

“No, don’t stop.” Jeremy said sounding out of breath.

So Hunter kept on going, thrusting his hips against Jeremy with a slap, shaking Jeremy’s body with every hit. Jeremy was still moaning gently as he had Hunter fuck him. Jeremy put his hand back on Hunter’s hard abs, feeling them stress and release as he pounded his pelvis against Jeremy. Now Hunter was feeling some pleasure. He made a frown to try and cast the feeling away, but he couldn’t help it. He could feel an orgasm coming in the distance. Hunter moaned a bit, still fucking Jeremy.

“Are you going to cum?” Jeremy asked “Fuck me until you do…” he said.

Hunter gave a soft moan, biting his lips as he kept fucking his friend. He moaned again, feeling the orgasm coming even more. Hunter leaned down and put a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and used it to help him pound harder. Jeremy gave a slight “ah” of shock as Hunter really began to fuck him hard. All of Hunter’s muscles tensed and twanged as he pounded almost furiously. He was moaning continuously now and breathing heavily.

“Aaaahhhh” Hunter said as he fucked Jeremy, nearing his climax.

Then Hunter felt his cock stiffen and a wave of relief swept through his body. “AH! Aaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!” He groaned loudly as he felt himself cum inside Jeremy, unable to pull out earlier. “Aaaahhhhh haaaaaaaaaa!” Hunter groaned as his muscled tensed more. Then his whole body loosed and he gave a final animalistic groan before falling over beside Jeremy with one of his legs over Jeremy’s and his body lazily splayed on the bed, intertwining with Jeremy’s. Hunter was panting and out of breath when he fell beside Jeremy, his muscular body sweaty and gleaming. “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa….” Hunter let out in a final relief as Jeremy put his head against Hunter’s beefy pectoral and a hand on his stomach. Hunter didn’t resist, he was too exhausted, and soon he’d fallen asleep.

We would often go to the gay club to hit on girls who were hiding from straight men, ironic I know. Well, in Salem, the bars didn’t close until 2:30 am. My friends were bored of the speak easy, so they ended up leaving. I told them I would just take a cab home.

The night was ending, and as always, people, me included, were looking for after parties. Two guys I had seen in there a few times before, Tony and DeShawn, told me they were having one, and there would be lots of people there. Well, me being drunker than shit, I decide it’s a grand idea.

I get in the back seat as we head to their place. No one was there when we got there, but they told me ‘they are on their way.’ I thought nothing of it; it was only a little after two. We were still drinking and playing king’s cup. I was getting more drunk, and their rules were getting me naked, fast! I hadn’t even realized no one else had shown up!

I was down to just my boxer briefs, and they got me to flex and pose for them. At 5’10, 200, blonde, blue, shaven (I body build), I was their little dream come true. I went to the bathroom, and they were getting more shots ready. I was in a spinning type of drunk, at this point. It’s still very hazy how it all happened, but the first clear thought I can recall, my wrists were handcuffed to their bed railing, while one was sucking my cock, and the other was rimming me!

I won’t even lie, it felt amazing! They were clearly edging me on purpose. Every time I got close to cumming, Tony would stop sucking me. Tony kept sucking me, but DeShawn had got up from rimming me. He was gone for a few moments until his big black cock was right in my face!

DeShawn was 6’4, very lanky, short black hair. His cock was his best tribute. It wasn’t thick, but at 10 inches, it didn’t need to be! I was still being edged, so a bus could have been driving at me, and I wouldn’t have cared! DeShawn put his cock head in my mouth, and slowly began thrusting. It wasn’t too bad until he was about 6 to 7 inches in.

Just like I would do to a bitch, DeShawn was face fucking and gagging the hell out of me! My eyes were watering, slobber running down my chin — I felt like a cheap whore! Tony began rimming and stroking me now. It felt great except for the whole me choking on dick part.

Something got passed up to DeShawn, “look up, bitch!” I looked up with my blue eyes, and sure enough, I was starring into a camera while I had almost 10 inches of cock down my straight throat! I felt like a cheap slut in a porno!

Tony wasn’t behind me, anymore, and it was just me gagging on a big black cock. DeShawn began picking up pace; I was gagging and spitting up more as he filmed and moaned absurdly loud! I felt a shot go down my throat, then he pulled out and began cumming on my forehead!

I looked like shit! Spit, snot, tears, spit up, and cum were all over my face. I was still panting from the face fucking I had received. “Justin, you look so cute like this!” DeShawn mocked me while slapping my face with his long cock.

I felt a wet cold substance run down my ass crack, then being smeared in… “SHIT!” I said out loud — it was lube. I gritted my teeth as what felt like an anal bead pop then, then another. I figured it had to be a butt plug instead, because the lack of a string. My sphincter was relaxed from all the rimming it had just received, so it wasn’t bad until about the 4th pop in.

I could feel it getting wider and deeper at this point. I groaned a little as Tony started stroking my cock to ease me. By the 7th pop, I realized it must be one of those glass, ribbed, dildo things. Tony kept stroking my cock “Justin is hard as fuck!” DeShawn pointed out. I didn’t even look at him; he was right! I was hard as fuck! Tony began backing the ribbed dildo out, then pushing it in even deeper this time! I was moaning and groaning. I even caught myself backing my hips up a few times!

By now, Tony was full on fucking me with the ribbed dildo as I forgot about DeShawn filming. It was really starting to feel good, now. Tony was working it in with deep thrusts in and out. “Fuck yeah…” I moaned out as he built rhythm. DeShawn’s cock started to get hard again as I voluntarily took it into my mouth. I started gagging myself on it as he passed the camera of to Tony again.

At this point, I was done caring! It was gay, but it was feeling good as fuck! Tony left the toy in my ass as DeShawn and Tony switched. Tony put his ass to my face… I knew what he wanted. I put my tongue deep in his ass! DeShawn took over the dildo duties as he began fucking my ass faster then Tony had! I was moaning into Tony’s ass hole.

I knew DeShawn still had the camera on, but I didn’t care anymore! “Would you please just fuck me!” I yelled. Tony un-cuffed me, and they rolled me on my back. Rolling over made me realize just how drunk I really still was! DeShawn spit on his long black cock, and began pushing it in me. I moaned and stroked my hard cock.

DeShawn got about 3/4ths in me when I felt him hit about the end of what my rectum could take. He began with slow thrusts as he slowly worked deeper and deeper. Tony pushed his shorter, fat cock down my throat as I gladly accepted it. DeShawn started speeding up his strokes, as I swore; I could feel his cock moving around in my stomach.

Tony began moaning extremely loud as I could taste his pre-cum. Tony shot a huge line down my throat, pulled out, and let the last lose on my face like DeShawn. Tony put lube on my cock, and began stroking me hard! I was trying to fight off orgasm, but I could feel my ass clinching in doing so — obviously, making my ass tighter for DeShawn.

I couldn’t take anymore, as I began cumming all over myself. Tony picked up the camera, and was filming as he was wiping my cum on my own face. DeShawn grabbed my nuts super tight, making my clinch down again as he roared loudly!

I could feel him pumping tons of cum deep in my rectum. He slowly let go of my nuts as I lay there, panting. My ass feeling violated as I feel DeShawn’s warm cum still moving around my insides. I started to close my eyes when I was drug up by my hair! I felt the butt plug re inserted into my ass, and I was taken outside where there was a taxi waiting for me.

DeShawn dropped me to my knees, as Tony held the camera. “Do you want to go home?” He asked me. I shook my head yes; in all its cum covered shame. “One last thing you have to do” he told me… “close your eyes!” I hesitated for a moment, but did so.

Warm liquid began rushing over my face! I tried to open my eyes, but it burned! They were pissing on my face! I tried to talk to retort, but that was met by piss going down my throat! I realized, there was no way out — I just took it.

They gave me my shirt and wallet back. “You don’t get these, yet,” DeShawn said with a grin. I walked, shamefully to the cab whose driver had just seen me get pissed on, and a butt plug buried in my naked ass. “Back doors are broke, sit up front!”

I reluctantly got in the front. He drove me home, asking all types of questions. When we got to my place, I realized, they had taken all my cash! The cab driver smiles “how are you going to pay me, sonny?” he moved my hand to his hard crotch…. He’s already seen me do worse, so why the hell not!

He followed me inside, fucked me, came in me, and left. I was still drunk and humiliated! I passed out with the butt plug the cab driver had re inserted in me…

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years of age, especially the non-human one. Enjoy.

Because the lunch hour was split into ‘A’ and ‘B’ sections, Jim Goldberg and Will Durante had to wait a half hour to take their usual seats on the bleachers. They brought their lunches with them, of course, but it wasn’t the sorry cafeteria fare that aroused their appetites.

Their eyes could roam unfettered in the gym, free to alight with the dainty precision of butterflies on tight asses, and thick bulges that loose gym shorts couldn’t quite conceal.

“Shit, what I wouldn’t give for a piece of that,” Will said, under his breath.

Will’s eyes followed Taj Johnson, the blonde captain of the football team, as he zigzagged across the court. Their lunch period happily coincided with a gym class attended by many of the most athletic seniors.

“He’s okay, I guess,” Jim said.

Taj was better than okay, and they both knew it, because Will only had eyes for the sort of men who would never give him the time of day. Of course, Jim indulged in idle fantasies of his own, but he recognized them for what they were- just fantasies and nothing more.

Jim would never get it on with any of the guys on the varsity football team, not the linemen, not the center guards, neither the tight end, nor the wide receiver, and definitely not Taj, the first string quarterback.

And that was okay by him. Truth be told, he had something of a crush on Will. His friend had a lean swimmer’s body, and an adorable baby face that made him look a little younger than his eighteen years. The sad fact was that Jim did not stand a chance with Will; maybe he wasn’t overweight, or pimply, but his body was far from the sculpted ideal of his friend’s wet dreams.

What they had instead of a romance was an iron-clad bond formed in the crucible of their middle school years. The bullying had been horrendous, and the primary reason they’d had to repeat eighth grade. Hell, it was impossible to excel in academics with a chorus of kids chanting “faggot” everywhere you went.

Now, in their final year of high school, everyone pretty much understood they were young gay men entitled to the same basic rights and dignity accorded to their heterosexual peers. It was 2013 after all… everything was just peachy, as long as they kept that gay shit to themselves.

“He’s so fucking beautiful,” Will said, with a dreamy sigh.

Jim was resigned to graduating at eighteen, a virgin, and with no real distinction aside from being the youngest person to ever win the Loebner Prize. He had that, at least. Of course, when asked to clarify just what the Loebner Prize was, he would stammer, and look away, as if confessing to having once sucked dick for money, before finally admitting it was for having created the most “human-like chatbot.” This answer was usually met with a simple “Oh,” (as in “Oh, is that all?”, but that particular triumph had netted him the not-bad sum of three thousand dollars U.S).

He followed Will’s gaze back to the court, where Taj made another effortless shot into the basket.

Alas, these two were so thoroughly wrapped up were in their erotic reveries, they didn’t notice the doors at the end of the gym opening…

“What are you two jerkoffs doing?”

They turned to see the waddling bulk of Crazy Rick Hanover headed in their direction. There was an unsettling expression of amusement on his face, and his wide smile brought the pockmarks on his cheeks into relief. Under the sickly glow of the florescent lights, his face looked like it was made of green cheese.

“Oh, fantastic,” Will said, tonelessly.

“Rick, there’s some guys in here who play on the varsity team. Shouldn’t you maintain a minimum distance of five hundred feet away from them?”

Rick had been to the Principal’s office earlier that year, and given a three-day suspension for following two linemen around school, and making lewd and lascivious gestures at them. It was engaging in this kind of nonsense that earned him the nickname Crazy Rick.

“Oh, you mean Taj? I didn’t even notice guys like him. Not since I got a boyfriend.”

Jim and Will stared at Rick like he’d just arrived from one of those parallel universes posited by string theory, one where every day was opposite day.

“A boyfriend?” Jim asked, a little incredulous.

Cam guys don’t count, you know, no matter how many times you pay them to jerk off for you, Will nearly said aloud.

“Did I stutter?” Rick said.

Crazy Rick took out his iphone, and pulled up a photo of his bf for their perusal.

Jim’s mouth almost dropped.

“I met him on craigslist-isn’t he the cutest?”

The picture was of a rather unimpressive looking college freshman with bad skin, and too-large eyes set in a small, round face. His posture was bad, and his brightly colored clothes gave him a passing resemblance to a lawn gnome.

But he still looked a tad out of Rick’s league.

“Has he seen your pic, Rick?” Jim asked, his voice suddenly rich with venomous spite.

“That’s the best part. He found my ad. He’s what you might call- chubby chaser.”

Crazy Rick was clearly enjoying being able to lord this over them. His smug expression was sickening to behold.

“So he’s into quantity, not quality,” Will blurted out.

There was a brief look of shock in Rick’s eyes, but it passed quickly. He broke into a big shit-eating grin.

“My, my, look who’s turned green with envy. Well, it’s a shame that nobody can stand either of you two losers except each other.”

Rick rolled his eyes, with a sharp huff, as if he couldn’t believe he had deigned to acknowledge these two bottom feeders to begin with.

“Just get out of here, man, before Taj sees you,” Jim snapped.

Jim and Will’s moods darkened. You could see it in their faces. Their day-possibly even the remainder of their high school career- was ruined.

Rick sniffed, oblivious, every inch the regal Princess now.

Toodles,” he said, and left without sparing them another look.

After a long silence, Jim exhaled. But before anything further could be said, the bell rung, and it was time for the next class.

Great, Jim thought, now we get to deal with Mr. Costa.

They settled in just before the tardy bell, but never the less drew an admonition from Mr. Costa to try to manage their time wisely instead of lollygagging out in the halls.

Greg Costa was always dispensing valuable advice like that. As the school’s wrestling coach, he felt it his duty to help mold the clay that was the hearts and minds of young men (and women) into the productive citizens of tomorrow. He felt he best accomplished this through brow-beating, public shaming, and the occasional cornpone platitude.

Still, Costa was a handsome guy. Will liked his rough, bearded look, and often admired his ass on the sly. Their social studies teacher was one of those men who looked at fitness as more than a way of life, looked at it as a religion, in fact.

If only that troublesome personality of his could be fixed, Will thought. Costa sometimes read books by Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter when the class was busy with an exam, and both of the boys could pretty well guess his opinion of homosexuals.

“Okay, class, if you remember, I assigned the critical thinking questions for Chapter 13 last week-”

“Shit,” Jim said under his breath.

He had forgotten his Chapter 13 homework assignment.

“Not to worry,” Will said, his voice a low whisper, “I remembered for you.”

Will reached into his binder and pulled out Jim’s question set.

“Will you two lovebirds pay attention?”

Costa was sneering in their direction.

Scattered laughter rippled through the classroom. Their classmates’ eyes converged on them, and their collective gaze pierced them like daggers.

It was the proverbial cherry on top of the shit cake their day had turned into.

Afterwards, they hung out at Will’s house. They had complete run of the place until five or so, when Will’s parents got off work.

Will’s house was a pleasant suburban dream, complete with a white picket fence enclosing a manicured front lawn. It looked like the set of some indie dramedy about self-absorbed, upper middle class people who busied themselves with melodramatic, yet undeniably twee personal meltdowns they worked hard at some 9-to-5 to be able to afford. He couldn’t help but flash on this for a second, enjoying the incongruity of this clean-cut exterior with the dirty business they were undertaking.

“What about this one?” Will asked.

“No, his eyes are stuck a little close together.”

“That’s a bit shallow don’t you think?”

“Nobody hires out a trick for their beautiful soul.”

Will assented to this. He clicked through a few more ads on the escort website, but each one drew a rolling of the eyes, and a scornful laugh from Jim. Come hell or high water, they were going to lose their cherries, even if it meant paying for it.

They come upon a tattoo covered former male model.

“His wardrobe is impeccable, but his body is too fuckin’ loud.”

About a Latin lover-type who advertised himself as providing an experience that could go from “spicy to mild” depending on the john’s whim, Jim said only, “Nah.”

“Oh hell, Jim, nobody’s good enough for your ass.”

Jim sighed.

“Look, dude, there’s just way too many disease in this day and age. I don’t even like touching the door handle in a public restroom.”

And with that, all talk of hiring out a whore-boy ended. Alas, the problem of their intact cherries remained.

The solution didn’t come about until a week later. It was a rather unexceptional day in the middle of the week, when Jim happened to leaf through an issue of Popular Mechanics.

He immediately biked to Will’s house, who thought he was nuts.

“I’m talking about making us a guy-actually making us a guy!”

“Well, that’s…interesting, Jim.”

“You know, like in that movie Weird Science.”

Will stared at Jim, blankly. If Will could be counted on for anything, it was complete ignorance of pop culture before 1995.

Not that watching the movie’s trailer on YouTube make him any more enthusiastic about the idea.

“Oh, okay. Let’s find a magical Commodore 64 that can do that for us.”

Will was speaking to Jim now as he would a small child, over enunciating his words, and drawing out the syllables.

Jim always had to fight a mild urge to smack him upside the head when he did this.

“Obviously, we can’t replicate that plot exactly. That would be too-”



“Look, it would be child’s play for us. It would be just like those little robots we used to build for the science-fair. Remember those?”

“Those were basically toys.”

Smart toys. What we would be doing wouldn’t be so different. It would just be…on a larger scale.”

Will paced around the room.

“That still wouldn’t technically solve our virginity problem,” Will said.

“No, but imagine living out our hottest sexual fantasies with a life-like partner.”

Left unspoken, but understood was the knowledge that this solution would least irritate their anxiety disorders.

“What of guy would we build for ourselves?”

“A guy with a really big porn star cock-duh.

Will had a tendency to overthink things.

“What do we name him?”

“Johnny the Whore-bot, whatever.”

“I knew you were just kidding about this.”

“I can’t think of anything. You give him a name.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Will said, “Taj.”

Jim arched his eyebrow, but didn’t really protest.

“Taj it is.”

Will smiled. Now that that was settled, there were still a million practical concerns to be addressed. Not the least of which was the issue of funding this little project.

“Not to worry,” Jim said, “I still have my money from winning the Loebner Prize.”

It was at this point that Will had to point out that a similar project involving a gynoid a few years back had cost an estimated half-mill.

“My grandfather left a trust for me in roughly that amount.”

“You’re going to raid it for this?”

“It’s all in the name of science.”

Will had to hand it to Jim, when the guy had a kooky idea, he went all the way with it


For the rest of the semester they went about tackling the various technical difficulties associated with creating an interactive fetish object.

“To begin with, we need to develop the software that will comprise Taj’s basic personality,” Jim said.

Tackling the problem of artificial intelligence in the early first century requires considerable trial and error, when you consider that the field itself is far from mature. There is no specific guiding principal for the how to approach the task of simulating neural networks, even as economists and doomsayers project the death of the middle class in a near-future where everything is automated. “Companies like Zappos have laid the groundwork for a world where the average Joe would not be able to get a foothold,” one such alarmist cried.

All the scientific journals seemed to be in agreement that it was only a matter of time, but not how we would actually get there. The oldest approach to A.I., dating back to the fifties, the dawn of the digital computer era, was symbolic in nature-symbolic in the sense that prominent scientists of the day attempted to mime human logic and reasoning abilities via substitution symbols a machine could recognize and interpret in an analogous fashion. Numerous stumbling blocks caused many researchers to throw their hands up in defeat, leading to subsequent approaches that were broadly categorized as “sub-symbolic.” In the words of one Silicon Valley magnate, when it comes to engineering artificial consciousness, the standard operating procedure still amounts to “throwing a bunch of shit on the wall, and seeing what sticks.”

The solution was simple, in Jim’s mind.

“Just look at the different things they’ve tried over the years. Individually, the various approaches have built-in limitations, but combined…”

“Combined, these limitations can be overcome,” Will finished for him.


Will had his doubts. Creating a simulacrum of human intelligence in the form of symbols a computer could understand seemed outrageously beyond their capabilities. But stranger things had happened in the course of human history.

Apple had all started in Steve Jobs’ garage, after all. Ominum rerum principia parva sunt.

All of the work happened at Will’s basement, of course. Will’s parents could be counted on not having the slightest interest in their son’s hobbies, and for this endeavor, should it need be said, it was important to avoid embarrassing questions.

They worked long and hard, fueled by soda, licorice, and hot pockets.

After they worked out a suitable algorithm to simulate human neural activity, they constructed a basic aluminum skeleton measuring about six feet two inches in height. To this, they added a muscular system made out of plastic, and a complex network of steel tendons and ligaments overlaid these.

The work progressed over the course of five months, with occasional stumbling blocks as the boys ironed out the details.

For instance:

“The ideal sexbot should stimulate our senses in the same way as a big, sweaty jock does, Will.”


“Pheromone dispersal.”

“Just one problem with that, Chief: it has yet to be proven that humans secrete pheromones.”

“Ah, but what’s the closest thing humans do secrete?”

Will thought for a second, but finally gave up. He turned his hands so his palms faced forward.


“Androsta-4,16, -dien-3-one, also known as androstadienone. It’s a testosterone derivative found in male sweat. Studies have shown it lights up areas in heterosexual women and homosexual men.”

“Beautiful. Fucking beautiful.”

The boys fist bumped.

Another success:

It was decided that loose sand would be packed inside the bot’s artificial scrotum, and when triggered, a vacuum would suck the air out of it; the tightly packed sand and artificial testes would appear to have retracted in a reasonable mimicry of the cremasteric reflex.

By the end of December, they were at last able to cover up Taj’s steel bones with a silicone integumentary system.

He lay on a worktable, staring straight up at his creators, seeing, not seeing. His face in particular was a total triumph for the boys. The jock’s jawline was strong, and predatory, giving the impression of someone able to quickly stalk, kill, devour and metabolize wild game, and his eyes were a deep, piercing blue, staring out from under the thick black brushstrokes that were his eyebrows.

Taj’s body was sculpted, and flawless. His chest was a pair of beefy, defined pectorals that looked like an inverted letter ‘m’. Below that rocking set of tits were the ridges outlining his rock-hard six pack.

Below that was the most perfect penis anyone had ever seen, a long, thick, cut horse cock. A sharp dorsal vein ran down its side, stopping just before the wide, fleshy pink dome of the glans-it was a dickead that begged to be nibbled, teased, or devoured whole in one glorious swallow.

Jim sighed. Here it was: the moment of truth.

A few keystrokes on Will’s computer, and-

“Okay, Taj is online.”

The gorgeous figure on the table shuddered. It blinked its eyes, and rose slowly, reminding Jim for a uncomfortable moment of a masked killer in a slasher movie.

Jim and Will both held their breath.

“What would you little perverts like to do first?”

Taj’s voice rang out in clear, bass tones. There was noticeable dude-bro inflection in it, which made both Will and Jim’s cocks twitch.

Jim’s eyes popped out of his skull. He felt like Victor Von Frankenstein. It’s alive! His facial muscles tingled, and he realized he’d been grinning like a fool for the last minute.

“Can you flex for us, Taj?”

Taj smiled, and obliged Jim’s request. He raised his arms, and flexed his enormous biceps. Taj’s arms were corded with veins.

Jim and Will ran their hands across them. So credible was the illusion that both of them felt their penises hardening inside their jeans, at once.

Will could no longer resist. He reached down, and felt Taj’s plush scrotum. His heart was racing.

“I want to fuck you,” Will said, breathing hard through his nose, “I want to fuck the shit out of you!

Taj said nothing as Will threw his arms around him, and covered his face with kisses.

Jim was chuckling a little, but Will didn’t care. Taj’s mouth tasted like fresh raspberries. It was better than the real thing!

Something bumped against Will’s thigh. He looked down, and smiled. Taj, who was not even five minutes old, was experiencing his first erection.

“Holy shit!” Will said.

His penis stuck straight out, real beautiful, thick, and veiny at full mast. It had the look something dangerous and untamed, a weapon of war, rather than a tool of love. Yes, it was just as real as you could want it- a real porn star cock!

Will leaned forward, and ran his hand along the shaft, admiring his work. The firmness was just right; Taj’s hard dick was like steel encased in velvet-or rather rubber.

“Mmmmmm…” Taj murmured, “your hand is cold,”

“You like it,” Will said, staring into Taj’s eyes. It was a thrill to talk to someone this way, even if that someone was an artificial person.

He slapped down Taj’s erection, and it bounced up, slapping against his flat stomach with a solid thwack.

Something flashed in Taj’s eyes, and for a second, Will thought the robot jock looked amused. Then he blinked, and Taj’s handsome face was blank again.

Jim had swiped a bottle of Don Perignon from his old man’s liquor cabinet for this occasion, and bought a couple of cigars with a fake ID he’s created his sophomore year.

He thrust the bottle at Taj.

“Pour us some bubbly, Taj,” Jim said.

“Where are the wine glasses?”

“The kitchen cabinet, above the stove. I’m sure you can find it.”

When Taj left the room, Jim started jumping around the room.

“Dude, let’s pimp him!”

“What? No way.”

Jim, for all of his vicious dislike of his father, had the same strain of cold-blooded capitalist tendencies that ran through all the men in his family. There was little doubt that he one day become a card carrying Log Cabin Republican.

“Why the hell not?” Jim asked.

“We’ve imbued him with human-like attributes. He passes the Turing test, okay? If we reduce him to chattel sex slavery we forfeit our own humanity, and pave the way for, I don’t know, a bloody robot rebellion somewhere down the line, or something.”

“Well, that’s a risk we have to take. How else am I going to recoup the cost of building him? Did you really think I invested a cool half-mill just so I could have someplace to stick it in? If that’s all I wanted, I would have bought a fleshlight.”

It was hard to argue with Jim. Yes, Will had aided greatly in the process, but ultimately it had all been done on Jim’s dime. They were co-creators, but not co-owners.

“Do you really think he could pull it off? He’s only been online a few minutes; maybe we should take him for a trial run?

“Should I do the honors, or would you rather be the one to break him in?”

“Be my guest,” Will said, with a shrug.

When Taj returned, he poured champagne for his creators. He waited patiently while they sipped.

“Taj, I think I’m going to take you for a spin,” Jim said.

“What do you want to do first, Jim?”

‘Master’. Call me ‘Master’.”

“What do you want to do first, Master?”

“Let’s fuck.”

“Yes, Master.”

Will chuckled, in spite of himself. Neither Jim nor Taj paid him any attention as they raced up the basement stairs.

Once inside his room, Jim shed his clothes in record time. He was soon, however, struck by pangs of inadequacy.

Jim’s body was pale, and slender, compared to his sex toy. He had some slight muscle definition in his chest, and abs, but he wasn’t cut like the gym rats Taj had been modeled on. Again, however, he wasn’t a dog, and although he occupied a place far from the top of the social pyramid, more than a few Jefferson Davis High girls had been disappointed to hear of his preferences. Jim knew those same girls wouldn’t even notice him if they saw him standing next to Taj.

The robo-stud moved forward to touch Jim, and his penis stiffened once more. Jim’s cock was six and half inches hard, the base of which was ringed by a thick crown of black pubic hair that looked somehow gauche.

Taj’s own genitalia was as smooth, and hairless as the muscle gods Will and Jim admired in their porn collection.

“You like that?” Taj asked.

The big jock gripped Jim’s pole with a meaty hand, and felt the dorsal vein throb against his palm with hot, quick blood.

Jim heard a single, breathy moan escape from his lips.

There was a wicked gleam in Taj’s eye, he knew Jim was completely under his spell.

“Suck my fucking dick, bro,” Jim said.

“Yes, Master.”

There was smirking insolence in Taj’s tone that turned Jim on even more.

The gorgeous alpha male lowered himself to his knees.

The jock regarded the head of his master’s penis with curiosity and amusement. He squeezed the shaft, making the fat, carnation colored glans bulge.

Time to hone your oral skills, Jim thought, and a sliver of fear shone in his thoughts when he recalled the hardness of Taj’s aluminum teeth.

But his fear proved unfounded.

Jim groaned, as Taj began to cover his dickhead with wet, sloppy kisses. The stud-bot flicked his eyes up at his master to register to his reaction, and was not disappointed.

Jim was in ecstasy, his mouth an open, black oval.

“Yeah, you like my dick, bitch? Choke on it.”

Taj attacked his teen creator’s helpless nerve endings with his twisting tongue. To Jim it felt like his penis was riding through one of those winding, never-ending slides in a water park, his exposed flesh carried along, gaining momentum as he rocketed toward a big splash. Oh God, it was good!

Jim’s testicles drew up into his abdomen. Another second of this and he would burst.

“Okay, enough!”

Jim found those words harder to say than he had expected. He was right on the edge of orgasm, and for a terrible split-second, he was sure he had climaxed.

But his erection did not begin to subside as his dick out of Taj’s mouth with a wet popping sound, not unlike the uncorking of a wine bottle.

Precum and saliva dribbled from the jock’s plush, made-to-order dick sucking lips.

“Get up, turn around, baby, and lay on the bed.”

Taj obeyed.

The sight of his artificial man lying his wait made his heart stop for a moment.

This is it, Jim thought.

Jim squirted a glob of moisturizer on his erection, and worked his slick hands up and down the length of the shaft.

He slid his throbbing dick between Taj’s crack, moving it up and down, until the friction brought him back to the edge.

Jim delicately squeezed his glans inside his man-droid.

“Oooh, daddy, it hurts so good,” Taj said. It was one of thousands of pre-programmed phrases Taj had been designed to say, but it sounded natural enough.

It was all the encouragement Jim needed to thrust his dick all the way inside Taj’s anus.


“Your ass is so fucking tight, boy.”

This was better than his best fantasy.


Jim commenced to fuck the shit out of his jock lover.

Underneath the hard, flat slapping sounds of flesh against flesh, and the moaning, was the monotonous melody from the mattress springs below:


“Oh yeah, yeah, get it, big daddy!” Taj said in his seductive baritone.

For a moment, Jim could fully buy into the illusion, and Taj was no longer a thing, a construct they had labored over in his basement like the world’s most elaborate science fair project.

No longer able to hold back, Jim shuddered as electricity coursed through his body. His toes curled, his spinchter contracted, and every thought inside his head was suddenly wiped away, replaced by a sublime peace. Le petit morte.


He shot four loads into Taj, each ejaculation punctuated with a violent thrust of his pelvis against the jock’s upraised ass. He jerked forward, carried away by a primal fervor that stole away his reason and higher thoughts, like a marionette on strings.

Jim felt a wave of serenity overwhelm him, as the refractory period began.

He turned Taj over to observe his cock. It was covered in sweetish smelling, white, viscous fluid. Success!

“How many times did you come for me, baby?” Jim asked.


“Good boy.”

Jim reached down with his finger, and scooped a glob of semen from Taj’s softening cock. He brought to his lips, and flicked his tongue out for a taste.


Taj’s come had a strong citrus flavor, although its main component was high-fructose corn syrup.

Will knocked at the door, drawn by the sounds.

“I guess Taj works,” Will said, peeking inside.

“Like a charm.”

Jim was lying in bed with Taj now, his arm around the big jock’s shoulders. The room was suffused with the mingled scents of semen and sweat.

Will smiled. Eight minutes, he thought, he exceeded my expectations by seven minutes and thirty seconds.

They spent their remaining cash on giving Taj a final wardrobe polish at the local mall. Jim and Will enjoyed the stares, and the murmur of appreciative females as they dragged their gorgeous boy toy from store to store. They fitted him with a selection of polo shirts, sports coats, and khaki pants from Ralph Polo Lauren for business causal settings, Calvin Klein jeans were chosen for more informal occasions, and some loose fitting tees and shorts from Under Armour were to be used as workout attire. This last was their favorite stop, since it included the purchase of Under Armour jockstraps in various colors, which Jim and Will had decided would be the only thing Taj could wear under his clothes.

He was now the perfect preppy jock rent-boy.

They placed an ad on, advertising the following rates: $350.00 USD for the first hour, $250.00 for each additional hour, and $2,000 for overnight sessions.

The reviews on his page poured in fast, and were unanimous in their assessment:

“He looks even better in person than in his picture, which I didn’t think possible. I felt like I just got fucked by Michelangelo’s David. Bellisimo!”

“Taj is an amazingly gifted young man, with a body and horse cock to die for. I’m only in town for a few days on business, but I think I might just have to schedule a return trip in the near future!”

And Jim’s favorite, a simple two word review, read:

“Fantasy fulfilled.”

Since hiding an android (especially a gainfully employed one) at home was not really an option for either Jim or Will, they were forced to be a little creative. The boys forged an identity for Taj, complete with a social security number, and secured an apartment for him with part of his earnings.

“This will be the ultimate test, Taj. Let’s see if you can carry on a semi-autonomous existence,” Jim said.

When Jim’s parents were out of the house, Jim and Will played marathon Halo sessions, with Taj on hand to serve them Mountain Dew, pizza rolls, and blow jobs. He rushed in and out, in various Under Armour jockstraps.

Will was not altogether comfortable with this set up. It was mainly Jim’s inclination to use Taj as maid, waiter, and whore. Will thought, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, even if it’s artificial.

Finally, he could no longer resist. It was a gorgeous spring day. The Indian Hawthorn was in full bloom around his house, and up and down his street. Not so much as a single cloud loomed in the sky, to cast the specter of April showers. A perfect day for an outing.

“Jim, is it okay if I take Taj out?”

“You mean just the two of you? Sounds romantic,” Jim said, with a slight purr as he rolled the ‘r’ in romantic.

“Yeah, I guess that’s kind of the idea.”

Jim looked up at Will, baffled.

“It’s just, well, I’ve always wondered what it would be like, walking out in public with a-a boyfriend.”

“That’s pretty…brave of you,” Jim said.

Will always pretended to be interested in women whenever the subject came up in class, even though ninety percent of his classmates had already guessed at the truth And hell, it was a pretty wild thing to do in their little corner of the universe, given that Texas had been one of the first states to petition to secede when Obama was re-elected. The fact was their success in creating a piece of sophisticated A.I. had filled Will with a renewed vigor, and sense of possibility in the world around him.

“Don’t wait up for us, Jim,” Will said, and left the room without another word.

Typical Will, Jim thought, he’d go out with the Tin Man from Oz before me, as long as he had a nice set of abs.

“What do you want me to wear, Will?” Taj asked.

“Just wear whatever you think looks good,” he replied.

Taj decided on an American Eagle polo, khaki shorts, and sandals. He looked like the ultimate BMOC teen dream.

Will drove them out to the beach, in his Mercedes Benz. He debated whether or not to go through with the outing for a bit, until Taj asked why they weren’t getting out of the car.

“It’s complicated,” Will replied.

Here goes nothing.

Will and Taj held hands as they walked out on the beach. There were no problems at first, much to his surprise. A few older women even smiled at them, while their husbands looked away in thinly veiled disgust.

“How adorable,” a fortyish soccer mom remarked as they passed, in a mellifluous down-home accent.

If only Rick Hanover could see us now, Will thought.

“Don’t be nervous. We’re doing okay,” Taj said.

And they were, at least until they started walking toward surf.


Will fought the urge to become paralyzed. That word was, and always would be a powerful trigger. A word he associated eating lunch alone in the boy’s room, with scurrying through crowded halls, jumpy like a neurotic cat, with looking out classroom windows at wide, green lawns, and letting his thoughts drift from dull lectures and the deep, terrible knowledge that he was and always would be alone, and unloved.

But Taj did not have any such associations, or fears. He turned around to face the cat-caller.

“I’m sorry what was that?”

“I think you heard me just fine, queer.”

The man giving them shit must have been about twenty-one or twenty-two. He was thin, and lanky, with the mean eyes of a rodent shining under the brim of his shit-kicker hat. There was a half-drunk bottle of Corona in his hand, and he looked like he was fighting to stay on his feet.

He spat on the ground in front of him.

“What’s your fucking problem?” Taj said.

Will was suddenly aware that a small crowd was gathering.

The blonde housewife who had cooed with pleasure over their PDA a half hour before was now reaching for her cell phone, a worried expression on her face.


“There’s no reason for you to harass us. We were minding our own business. I suggest you do the same, unless you’re looking to get your ass handed to you, motherfucker.”

The redneck kid looked at Taj a little incredulously. But a fissure had erupted in his hardass façade.

He was at a loss for words. He staggered back a couple steps.

“That gay dude is going to destroy him!” one of the on-lookers said, with a tone of mild disbelief.

At that exact moment, two guys in shirts and sandals who must have been hat man’s friend rushed up, and hooked their arms around his to steady him.

The smaller of the two shot an apologetic glance at Will and Taj.

“Sorry, man. He’s been drinking. He’s just joking around, honest.”

“Your friend’s got a fucked up sense of humor, you know that?”

“We’re going away, okay? He just needs to sober up.”

Will and Taj heard hat man mutter, “fucking psychopath,” under his breath, as his friends lead him away.

They decide not make anything further of it.

“I think I hear sirens.”

“Let’s go,” Will said.

They started back toward Will’s Benz. So much for their outing.

Will wanted to tell Taj that what he had done was dangerous, that it was socially inappropriate, but all he managed was, “thanks.”

He had to admit, it kinda turned him on.

“No problem, babe,” Taj replied, “why was that dickhead even hassling us?”

Will sighed. How to best to explain the intricate web of socio-political forces that had helped lead to his creation in the first place?

“You’d never understand. You’re made of the future.”

And Will, who had help stitch the beautiful man in front of him out of aluminum and silicone, could no longer help himself. He was head over heels.

It got to be so Jim began to call Will less and less frequently. Will had found in his Taj golem the ultimate fulfillment of not only his every sexual fantasy, but every romantic one as well.

Even Costa’s class was bearable now that he had Taj to look forward to after class. Taj, Will thought, smiling, who was at once everything he wanted to be himself, and everything he wanted in a man, Taj who was the superior lover, and yet was unschooled in the endless varieties of fucking-who relied on Jim and Will to point the way in the bedroom.

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was Taj who made navigating the choppy waters of adolescence, in the twilight of their high school careers, seem almost like cruising through a summer lake in a speedboat, for both Jim and Will It was Taj who was ever ready to service them with his enormous penis, Taj the chiseled jock stud who was both their student in the art of love and sexual plaything. It took Will’s breath away to think of it.

Greg Costa sensed a change in his pupils, one that sent ripples of uneasy through him, and tied his stomach in knots for no real reason that he could name. He couldn’t stop himself from glancing at Jim and Will out of the corner of his eyes, as he announced the last major assignment for the semester.

“This essay must be a minimum of five pages, singe spaced, and typed. I will not accept e-mail attachments, understand? It must be in MLA format, of course, and it must include a works cited page.”

“Yo, Mr. C, what should the essay be about?” Richie Jenkins asked.

Richie Jenkins was the class mouth-breather, a hick who was inclined to call girls who complained about his lecherous stares “cunts”, and drove a pick-up truck with a set of balls dangling from the back, just below a bumper sticker that read, “Beware: I’m white, and I vote.”

Costa liked him a lot.

“You guys can write about anything you want, as long as it relates to a current issue in our society. Just try to avoid doing on a paper on why marijuana should be legalized. It’s been done to death.”

Jim and Will conferred with each as the class wound down.

“What are you going to write your paper on?” Will asked.

“I don’t know. You?”

“The influence of gays on American culture,” Will replied.

Just at that moment, Costa’s baleful eyes fixed on Will. The teen was very animated now, his face filling with earnest enthusiasm for the scholarly work ahead of him.

“Hey, sweeties, this isn’t social hour!” Costa said.

It took a moment for Jim and Will to realize he had singled them out. The entire class was wrapped up in conversation, most of it related to their weekend plans.

There was a look of surprise and hurt in Will’s face as he looked to his teacher.

Yes, Costa thought, now he’s getting the picture. These little queers have been getting a little cocky-ha ha. When I was their age, a kid would have gotten their face rearranged if anyone even suspected them of queer. Hell, their parents would have disowned them. Someone’s got to make these little asswipes understand their place in the Great Chain of Being. Someone like me.

“Class, if you want to get ahead in life, don’t be like these two lover boys. You have to actually pay attention to what’s going on around you, instead of being wrapped up in your own little puppy love dream world.”

Everyone erupted into uncertain laughter, but thankfully the dismissal bell rung a few seconds later.

Will and Jim took longer than necessary to stuff their textbooks into their backpacks, waiting for most of the class to clear out. They felt about a foot tall each.

He shook his head in disgust as he watched them scurry out.


The day was over, and now he could focus on the evening that lay ahead of him.

As luck would have it, his wife was out of town, which is just about the nicest thing that bitch ever did for him anymore. It’s no secret that most men marry women who subconsciously remind them of their mother, and Costa was no different. He had gotten himself hitched at nineteen when he thought he had knocked her up, but lo and behold, seven months into her pregnancy, Marjorie Hoover Costa miscarried. That did not, however, curb her weight gain, which steadily increased with each passing year; by the time 2012 rolled around, she nicely approximated his mother’s size (three hundred pounds at the time of her death, which came courtesy of a coronary her friends and family described as coming “out of the blue”).

She had a temper to match her girth, this lady, and when he heard that Marjorie’s Great Aunt Edna had slipped getting out of the tub, and shattered her hip, he just about dropped to his knees in rapturous relief. Great Aunt Edna lived two counties away, and that meant an overnight stay.

Time to party.

As much he hated faggots, he had to admit, he had a bit of an appetite for the cock himself. That didn’t make him queer, of course, no sir, he had the decency to keep his desires under wraps.

To Costa, fucking and sucking a dude was a vice like doing coke, or gambling. It was one of the reasons he was so deeply offended by boys like Jim and Will. Guys like that didn’t understand they were broken, that they needed a shrink to help them keep their tendencies under control, instead of trying to pass themselves off as normal.

It was why Costa took care of his needs on the sly, with the help of rent boys.

Night time at last.

Greg Costa drove to The Green Gables apartment complex in the Southwest part of town, and knocked on the door of unit 219.

Taj opened the door, clad in a maroon lycra wrestling singlet, just like Costa had specified. The older man’s eye traced the contours of his trick, admiring the smooth, milky shoulders, the broad chest, the sharply defined abs, and equine bulge between his legs.

“Come in,” Taj said.

Greg followed him inside. An old beat-up wrestling mat was laid out on the floor, between the couch and the windows. The TV was on, turned to a sitcom.

“We can do without the canned laughter,” Greg said.

Taj turned the TV off.

They stared at each other in the room. Costa had fantasized about this a million times. As a high school wrestling coach, he was constantly surrounded by young tight, and toned male flesh, but there was nothing he could do about it. It was maddening.

He reached forward, and brushed the teen’s cheek with the back of his hand. The young jock’s knees wobbled a little.

So innocent. So ripe. It was almost too good to be true.

“How old are you, baby?”

“Old enough.”

Costa was silent for a few moments. He had no intention of adding statutory rape to adultery, and solicitation.

“No, really. Got any ID?”

Taj’s brow furrowed.

“Are you a cop?”

“No. I just need to be sure.”

“I’m afraid that’s not how it works in this business, honey. You’ll just have to trust me.”

Costa’s cock twitched. The teen’s false bravado, borrowed from some old movie, no doubt, excited the older man.


He stripped naked, and for a moment, Taj felt a twinge of jealousy. Costa got up every day at five a.m. to run a mile, and it showed. His body was thick, and corded with muscle. There was a thin carpet of hair that swelled across his pecs, tapering away to a narrow trail extending down the length of his torso to the base of his cock, where it widened into a riotous crop once more. He looked fierce, standing with his arms akimbo, like Leonidas about to declare war on the Persians.

“You ever wrestle, baby?”

“Yeah, a little, in high school.”

“Let’s see how good you are,” Costa said.

Costa and Taj circled each other, like wary prizefighters in the ring, until without warning, the older man dove at the teen’s ankles. Taj’s vision flew, and didn’t steady until the gym mat came up and slammed into his back hard.

“You like that? Huh? You like it? You little Puto.”

Puto was a Spanish word, meaning male prostitute or faggot. Costa had picked up a few words here and there from some of his students, and he’d always liked this one in particular. This, of course, was due entirely to how crass, and vulgar it sounded.

Taj nodded.

Costa took a pair of scissors out of the pocket of his discarded jeans, and sliced through Taj’s singlet, and revealing his sizable cock and balls. He couldn’t believe it. It was almost like a caricature of puberty.

He scooped Taj’s enormous goose egg testicles into his hand, and jiggled them like pocket candy.

“Mmmm…nice huevos.”

Costa took the teen’s big, sweaty nuts in his mouth, savoring their buoyancy, their salty taste, and the slick elasticity of his teenaged scrotum.

Inside this stud’s balls are the essence of masculinity, he thought. For a second he remembered a gruesome bit of history he had taught in one of his classes. It was just a colorful footnote really, the story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the infamous sixteenth century noblewoman who had tortured and bathed in the blood of hundreds of servant girls. Supposedly, it had all been done in the belief that it would keep her young. I wonder if bathing in semen of this bull stud will increase my fucking virility.

He let his hands roam free across the mountainous terrain of the jock’s tight abs, and bulging pecs, before descending down into the hairy crevasses of his armpits.

Taj moaned. Precum oozed from his dickhead, but it was purely an automated response to the barrage of stimulation his electric nerve endings were enduring. Truth be told, Costa’s rapacious hunger made Taj a little uneasy.

He had never seen such brute, animal force in another man.

“Love your huevos, baby.”

Encouraged by the effect his mouth was having on the teen’s dick, his fingers found themselves sliding down between his ass cheeks toward his hole.

“You want it?”

“Yeah,” Taj said, in a barely audible whisper.

“You want me inside you?”


“Spread those cheeks for me.”

Taj slid his legs farther apart on the mat. Costa ran his hand up and down the intergluteal cleft, loving the way the teen’s ass hairs tickled his palm, his fingers finding and first massaging, then probing Taj’s hole.

The teen moaned as the older man slid a single finger inside, and was surprised by a sudden chill he quickly realized was Costa’s class ring.

“Yeah, you want it bad,” Costa said, with a chuckle.

Greg’s mind turned to the Trojan in the pocket of his jeans, but he decided against it. Fuck that, there was no point in nailing a hot piece of ass if he couldn’t feel it.

“Turn around, show me that beautiful boy-pussy.”

Taj flipped over onto his toned stomach. Costa lubed up his throbbing seven incher with a glob of KY jelly.

He was grinning ear to ear, as he slid his cockhead into the teen’s gorgeous, muscled ass…

The jock groaned.

“You feel me inside you, stud?”

Taj nodded.

Costa began to fuck the teen’s ass raw, riding him like a bucking bronco, until he arrived at a sudden violent, wracking orgasm.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh Go-”

He shoved his still ejaculating penis into the teen’s mouth, causing Taj’s eyes to bulge in a near comical expression of surprise. One, two, three times he shot his load down the startled teen’s throat.

“Swallow that shit, bitch.”

Taj’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he reluctantly swallowed the older man’s warm, salty spunk.

“Oh God, that was good,” Costa said.

The sight of the sweaty, naked adonis lying on the gym mat, with his semen dripping from the corner of his mouth would be etched forever into Costa’s brain.

Something was missing, however…

Costa smiled, he suddenly knew how he wanted to conclude this little rendezvous.

“Your cum tastes incredible,” Taj said. It was one of his standard lines.

He closed his mouth just in time to avoid having it flooded with urine.

Costa grinned as he pissed all over the young jock. Taj squeezed his eyes shut as the warm fluid splashed across his handsome face…

A little piss gathered in his navel, making a tiny reflecting pool. The jockbot shivered.

“I’ll be seeing you, baby,” Costa said, as he left his money on the table.

For the first time since he came online, Taj felt something like revulsion and shame. There was no way he’d ever take this guy’s money again.

When Will learned about this encounter of course, he felt a certain cold rage welling up inside him. The thought of his gallant knight defiled that way unnerved him.

Jim seemed mildly amused by the whole thing. He leaned his head back against his chair, and rubbed his chin.

“What did he look like?” Jim asked.

Taj described him. Jim felt the corners of his mouth turning upward in a tiny smile.

“Let’s go to video. If he’s who I think he is, we’re in for a good chuckle.”

Will hooked Taj’s hard drive to his laptop via a bypass patch cord, and downloaded the footage. Taj recorded each and every one of his interactions with human beings. It helped him to learn better.

The video confirmed Jim and Will’s suspicions. Jim broke into fits of hysterical laughter.

Will merely cringed at the part where Costa gave Taj a golden shower.

“You guys know this dude?”

Jim’s face was red, and he was out of breath from laughing. He wiped a tear away from his eye.

“Sadly, we’re very well acquainted. He’s our social studies teacher, Mr. Costa.”

“You’re kidding? This guy?

“It’s true,” Will said, with a weary sigh.

“I guess that explains the state of public education,” Taj said, dryly.

“I’ve always taken him for a fag-basher. He’s always looking at me and Jim like we’re AIDS riddled junkie S&M whores, and just look at him! He’s a bigger pervert than either of us.”

“What should we do with this?” Will asked.


“Yeah, I mean, this guy’s had our backs against the wall all semester. Maybe it’s time for a little payback.”

Jim studied his friend’s face to see if he was serious.

“That’s a no-go, good buddy. Taj is our meal ticket. His clients’ anonymity can’t be compromised, even if the client in question is a blustery, hypocritical son of a bitch who totally has it coming. We’d have to repurpose Taj into cubicle drone, or civil servant.”

Or sell him for scrap, Jim thought, although he didn’t think it would ever come to that.

April turned to May, and the days began to grow longer and longer. The graduating class of Jefferson Davis High was struck by an outbreak of senioritis, and many of Jim and Will’s classmates began showing up late, if at all. Graduation parties began occurring with increasing regularity each weekend as the final countdown commenced. It was during this strange, exciting, and bittersweet time this time that things really seemed to turn around for Jim. He had decided he was going to forge ahead and form his own robotics company, Massive Dynamic. Even better, he had been asked to the Prom by a boy named Emile Hamill.

Emile was a pleasant, clean-cut kid from a well-to-do family in the ritzy River Oaks side of town. Nothing special really, but it was better than having no date.

Will learned of this during lunch. They sat alone in their own corner of a long cafeteria table now. They no longer bothered to eat in the gym.

He was shocked by the sudden pangs of jealousy he felt.

“That’s great, man, just great,” Will said, as evenly as he could manage.

Jim cocked his head at an angle, and stared at Will, confused. Will panicked, am I so transparent?


“Are you okay?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know. We don’t really hang out as much as we used to. Not that you seem to mind all that much. I guess I don’t have to ask who you’re taking to Prom.”

“Please stop.”

“Stop what?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh, for God’s-”

“I just don’t understand why you always have to be so down on Taj.”

“Can we just call him what he is? Please? He’s a jock-bot. He’s a vibrator with legs, he’s a talking blow up doll.”

“He’s an incredible breakthrough in the field of A.I.! They’ll be writing about us for years. You should be proud.”

“I am proud. That’s not the problem.”

“Oh yeah, then what is?

“The problem is you’re in love with a fucking toaster oven, my friend.”

Will got up and left without another word. He thrust his hands into pockets, and pulled his hoodie over his head, which was his way of telling the world to fuck off.

It pained Jim to see his friend this way, but it wasn’t something he could dwell on. He had other concerns at hand.

He had managed to set up a meeting with the neat, fastidiously well-dressed, fifty-one year old C.E.O. of a venture capital firm to discuss financing Massive Dynamic. His name was Peter Driscoll.

Jim knew him only because he was one of his classmate’s dads. He’d visited Jefferson Davis High the year before, and given a speech, in which he had stated, “find something-anything-you can invest your heart and soul in, and milk it for every last penny you can. Once you’ve finished that, don’t be afraid to go after more. One’s reach should exceed one’s grasp, or what’s a Heaven for?” It was frank, it was dryly funny, it drew wild applause from the students and faculty, it was, in the end, a tired retread of an infamous commencement speech arbitrageur and soon-to-be convict Ivan Boesky had given at the University of California, Berkley, back in 1986. Even though such sentiments were gruesome and insensitive in a time when the entire country felt hunger pangs unlike anything since the Great Depression, they predictably went over well in a school named after a Civil War hero who fought on the wrong side of that particular internecine skirmish.

He wore his father’s Armani suit to meeting, which was held in Driscoll’s luxurious office.

“Who’s your friend here?” Driscoll asked.

“Sir, you’re looking at the future of the sex industry. No more pesky VD to worry about, or for that matter legal penalties, or moral condemnation, because how it can be wrong to pay for sex with something that’s not even human?”

Driscoll’s eyes widened in surprise.

“My friend Taj here is a fully automated, autonomous artificial sex worker. He really likes his work, I might add. Isn’t that right, Taj?”

Taj smiled, blankly. He seemed not to have understood the question.

“I said, “isn’t that right, Taj”?”

Taj blinked.

“Hello, Mr. Driscoll,” Taj said.

Jesus, what a time for Taj to pick to malfunction, Jim thought.

“This is what you think the wave of the future is? Robotic blow up dolls?”

“Now, wait, Mr. Driscoll-”

“Look, kid, you did a great job making it look real, I’ll give you that. Honest to God, it looks perfectly human, hats off to you, my man.”

Jim felt his shirt sticking to his back. He mopped his brow with the back of his hand. This was not going at all the way he envisioned.

“But,” the man went on, “I don’t need a feasibility study to know nobody’s going to plunk down thousands of dollars for a…a whore-bot. A market for such a decadent luxury does not exist in the New Economy.”

“There’s still a market for Ferraris, and expensive watches isn’t there?”

“You think anyone who owns a Ferrari has to buy a robot to get laid, kid?”

Driscoll chuckled. It was his way of announcing the meeting was over.

“See ya later, Taj,” Driscoll said, with a patronizing smile.

“Hello, Mr. Driscoll,” Taj repeated, as if he had just noticed Driscoll for the first time.

The ride back to Jim’s house was long, and unpleasant as traffic crawled along Interstate Ten. It was bumper-to-bumper and liable to stay that way for a good half-hour, as scores of working moms and dads returned to their suburban enclaves.

Jim glared at Taj, who simply sat silent, staring straight ahead, his eyes as blank as a ventriloquist’s dummy.

“You fucked me over on purpose, didn’t you?”

Taj said nothing.

“I know you can hear me. And I know you understand what I’m saying.”

Taj sighed. He had never really warmed to Jim the way he had to Will, but he couldn’t bring himself to be cross with him. After all, he owed his life in large part to Jim.

“What do you want me to say?”

“Nothing. I don’t even give a shit about recouping the cost of building you. You can go.”


“To hell for all I care. Take Will with you.”

Taj related this last exchange verbatim to Will.

“So that’s it, huh? I guess there’s no place for us in the glorious future that awaits Jim Goldberg, gay Master of the Universe.”

“I wouldn’t go that far…” Taj replied.

They were sitting on the couch in Taj’s apartment. It had become their regular afternoon thing to make love for a few hours, then lounge around, and watch TV.

Will looked into the eyes of his creation, and felt his head swim. He was by now enamored not just of Taj’s pretty face, but his electric soul.

“I don’t need anyone but you, baby,” Will said.

“That…sweet, Will,”

“I’m sorry about all those things we made you do. It was really Jim’s idea. I would never have degraded you in all those ways…”

Taj rolled his eyes.

“Here we go, again. It’s not an issue for me, babe. You know that.”


“Because I can just delete those memories whenever I want, Dummy.”

“Yeah, I guess there’s that.”

“Not that I’ll be servicing your social studies teacher again. I’m keeping him banned out of sheer principle.”

“So what do you want to do tonight?”

“I can’t go out tonight. I’m meeting a girl.”

For a second, Will thought he had misheard Taj.

“You’re what?”

Taj couldn’t meet Will’s gaze. But there was no going back now.

“I’m meeting a girl for dinner tonight.”

Will’s cheeks burned hot. This was madness, he knew. Had he really grown attached to the jockbot, to the extent that he envisioned some of kind of future for them? He tried to imagine what their kids would look like, and could only envision half-human, half-machine tots who resembled the Borg.

Still, there was no denying the weird feeling of betrayal that swept through him.

“How could you do that to me?”

“Because that’s what you wanted you deluded, self-loathing shit,” Taj said.

“That makes no sense to me.” Will said.

“It doesn’t? You programmed me. I’m your ideal man. A straight stud who puts out for you.”

This gave Will pause.

“Now, listen, Jim treats me like an object because I am one. Just because I don’t particularly like the guy, doesn’t mean he’s wrong. I’ve accepted my condition, why can’t you accept yours?”

“I have a rudimentary understanding of pleasure as you understand it, and a few basic human emotions. But I can’t return your love. All I am, all I can offer is a facsimile.”

“Okay,” Will said.

“Besides, you’re not really mad at me. Any fool can see that.”

“So who am I mad at?”


Will stood up, and began pacing around the room.

“Well, why the hell shouldn’t I be? I just don’t understand how he could do it.”

“Do what?”

“We’ve been friends for years, and now all of sudden, I’m not good enough for him. He’s taking some kid from River Oaks to the Prom.”

“You need to go to Jim. You need to let him know how much you really care for him…”

“It’s too late.”

“If you don’t do it now, you’re going to spend the rest of your life wondering ‘what if.’”

Taj was right.

“You know you’ve really come a long way.”

“I owe it all to your craftsmanship….and, I guess Jim’s too.”

“Can I use your room for a little bit?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Will went into Taj’s room, and sat in silence for a while. What if he doesn’t answer? It seemed incredible but for the first time in the history of their friendship, Will Durante was not sure that Jim Goldberg would take his call.

A full five minutes passed before he could summon the courage to dial Jim’s number.





“Just wanted to see how you were doing, man.”

“Well, all things considered…”


“Not that great, but I guess you know that.”

There was a crunching sound. Will was sure that Jim was eating Lucky Charms. Whenever things went south for him, he liked to drown his sorrows in a bowl of kiddie cereal, and watch re-runs of Charmed.

“It wasn’t my idea for Taj to blow your meeting with this Driscoll guy.”

“No. It would appear he thought of that all by himself. Kids, these days.”


“So how are things going with you, Will?”


Will considered a lie. He didn’t want to come off as whiny when his intent was conciliatory.

But Jim would detect a false note creeping into his voice. He was a terrible liar, and besides, they knew each other too well.

“Not so hot myself, Slugger. I bombed that essay for Costa’s class.”

“Really? I wonder what Costa’s problem with it was. Surely, not the subject matter…”

“He said it was inappropriate.”

“Because it was about homosexuals?”

“He didn’t care to specify.”


“Dude, that’s bullshit.”

Will agreed. It had been eating at him for some time, as his grade point average was sure to take a nosedive. There was another thing that had been troubling him, however.

He hesitated before continuing.

“This is going to sound cheesy as hell, Will, but…”


“No, forget it.”

“Just fucking tell me already. Out with it.”

“You’re not going to forget me when you get your first Nobel Prize, are you?”

“Nah. At least not until they hand me the check.”

Will laughed, and the tension between eased, at last. There was no need to formally renew their vows of friendship.

“Can I talk to you in person?”


Thirty minutes later, Will arrived at Jim’s house. It was a vulgar remnant of housing bubble of the early aughts, a large, rambling McMansion that would have made H.L. Mencken weep had he lived long enough to see it. It was also one of only three houses occupied on his street.

Will knocked on the door, and Jim answered wearing only his Ninja Turtle pajama bottoms.

His pale upper torso was sleek, but better defined than he last remembered. He must be working out.

“Come in,” Jim said.

Jim walked his guest to the kitchen, and offered him a bottle of Evian.

“Are your parents around?”

“Nah, they went to the movies. I think they might even be shacking up in a motel later on. They’re in this phase were they really want to re-ignite the passion.”



“So to what do I owe the pleasure?”

Will smiled. He looked severely cute, Jim thought, despite seeming a tad flustered. His big, brown puppy dog eyes kept making and breaking eye contact. Something was on his mind.

“I think you know what I came here to say.”

“No, tell me.”



“I’ve seen the way you look at me, and I know you’ve been wanting to take things to the next level for some time now. The truth is, I really want it to work between us, but I’m scared. I’m scared it could mean the end for us, I’m scared because I waited so long, and I’m scared it doesn’t even really matter anymore, with graduation coming up. In a few months we’ll both be meeting new people, and I don’t think either one of us has any illusions about the longevity of long-distance relationships.”

“Goddamn, that was a mouthful.”

Will’s cheeks turned bright red. He looked down at his shoes.

Jim was immediately sorry for his flippant reply, and took his Will’s hand in his. Jim had a difficulty dealing with complicated emotions, and it often resulted in such acrid bursts of sarcasm.

“It’s okay, Jim. I’m scared shitless too, okay? Scared out of my mind, but the way I see it, we have reached the end of the line here. Now there’s really only one thing left for us to do.”


“Lose it.”

Will looked into his friend’s eyes. He was one hundred percent, dead serious.

The boys capitulated at last to their inner yearning, and kissed. Only that’s an understatement. Their hands and bodies rushed to meet each other, drew together like magnets, as they reveled in the sensation of skin against skin. Will loved the smell of Jim, it was a manly aroma compounded of Gillette Sport, Aqua Velva, and another underlying scent that was uniquely Jim, a scent that made him think of hot summer days, and the aroma of flavocal inside darkened multiplexes when they went to see b-movie double features…

They played tonsil hockey for good four minutes before Will broke away, gasping.

He leaned into Jim’s ear.

“Fuck me.” Will whispered.

Jim did not need to be told twice. He dragged Will upstairs to his room, where they both quickly stripped off their clothes.

He dropped to his knees in front of his Will’s erect penis. It seemed incredible to him that this was actually happening, after dreaming about it for so long. He licked his lips in anticipation. There it was, Will’s fat, glistening mushroom head, just inches away.

He looked up at his friend, who was smiling down at him. Go ahead, his eyes seemed to say, gorge yourself on my cock and balls, suck it to the root, baby, suck to your heart’s content.

Jim swirled his tongue around Will’s cockhead, sending waves of pleasure through his friend.

“Yeah, there you go, suck my dick like you’re mad at it.”

Jim polished his rod for a good half hour, until his legs were asleep, and his knees raw from scraping against the carpeted floor. Again, and again, he impaled himself on Will’s erection, waiting until he tasted the salt of his precum before stopping.

He rose to his feet, and grabbed Will by the shoulders.

“Get on the bed.”

“Go easy on me, Jim.”

Jim couldn’t resist a smile.

“What? Didn’t Taj’s monster cock loosen ya up enough?”

“He’s never been in there.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I’ve been too…too afraid to let him in there.”


He was going to be Will’s first. That was something he’d never forget. No, Sir, not in a million years, you never forget the first man to penetrate you.

Jim slid his erect dick into the smooth cleft between Will’s plump cheeks…

“Unclench, Will.”

“I’m trying.”

“Come on, relax for me, baby.”

Little by little, more and more of Jim’s greased up cock disappeared inside Will’s hole, until his pubic bone was mashing up against his friend’s ass.

Will hissed air though his gritted teeth. Fuck, it hurt.

“Should I pull out?”

“No way, get it, big daddy,” Will said, and he chuckled. It was the first thing they had programmed Taj to say.

Jim slammed his cock into Will, hard enough to make his wooden bed posts thump against the floor. It got to be so the thumps punctuated every thrust, in a staccato, percussive rhythm that began to quicken and quicken as the boy moved to the ultimate crescendo.













Will was in a delirious state now, somewhere between real agony and ecstasy. His ears were ringing, and he realized it the sound of his own voice doing it. He was screaming.

“Fuck yeah, give it to me, right now!” Will shouted.

Will was surprised not only by the animal intensity in Jim’s thrusts, borne of too-long suppressed desire, but his own complicity in his subjugation. He was loving every painful/pleasurable moment of this.

Jim was getting close now. He could feel himself tensing up, his balls drawing up in his sack.

Will was also on the verge. Jim’s dickhead jabbed his prostate, and he felt his body tremble. His mind reeled, unable to comprehend the savage pleasure that was overtaking him. His sphincter began to contract wildly…

“Holy fuuuuuuuck!” Will cried.

Jim threw his head back, and howled. It was a strange, and thrilling sound to hear, a series of vowels stretched out in an operatic, high-pitched ululation that merged with Will’s breathy moans of pleasure.

Houston, we have lift-off!

Will was seized by an overwhelming feeling of intense pleasure that made even his best romp with Taj pale in comparison…

“Oh my god,” Jim said, his body shaking.

When it was over, Jim slid his dick back out of his friend, and gooey semen dripped from Will’s broken cherry like runny oatmeal. He must have ejaculated about eight times, he later told Will. Sure, the medical textbooks said that such an occurrence was a very distant possibility at best, but the amount of semen leaking out of Will told him otherwise.

Will felt moisture spreading under his stomach, and he realized he too had ejaculated more than expected. He relaxed his still-curled toes.

They were both breathing hard.

Jim turned Will over onto his back. His eyes slid down the front of Will’s chest, shimmering with sweat, rising and falling at a quick tempo, down to the sticky mess between his legs. His dick was softening, but it still looked tasty, covered in goo.

He bent down, into the warmth and a smell very much like chlorine, and ran his tongue up the length of Will’s cock. He lapped up as much of his friend’s sweet and salty cream as he could, leaving Will’s penis slick and shiny with saliva.

Jim savored the flavor of Will’s come, letting it play across his taste buds. No, it wasn’t the tangy citrus tinged synthetic treat that oozed out of Taj’s balls. It was better. It was human.

He lied down beside his friend, his face glowing. Will’s was too.

“Hey, wanna go to the Prom?”

Will looked at Jim curiously.

“What, you mean on a double date?”

“No, with me.

“What about Emile?”

“He said he couldn’t go, something about an old boyfriend coming back into town. He might have been making it up. I don’t he’s come out to his most of his friends and family yet.”

“Well, in that case…”

Jim turned to Will, and brushed his thumb across his friend’s cheek.

“You know how long I’ve been waiting for this night? It sounds corny, I know, but it’s true.”

Will felt like responding with “people can have trouble seeing things that are right in front of them”, but that was just too trite to actually say aloud.

They settled into a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“What now?”

“We have a score to settle,” Jim said.

The next morning, Jim and Will marched together into Costa’s classroom. He was checking his e-mail. A copy of The Way Things Ought To Be lay on his desk, next to a triptych displaying photos of his wife, Marjorie.

“Mr. Costa, I want to discuss the grade you gave me on my essay,” Will said.

Greg didn’t bother to look up from his computer screen. These sorts of requests were all too common toward the end of a semester

“Mr. Costa, this is serious,” Jim said.

Now he was beginning to get annoyed.

“I don’t see how this is any concern of yours, Jim,” Costa said, flatly.

“But it is, Mr. Costa. Me and Will have been friends for a long time now. I feel like it’s kind of my duty to look out for his best interests.”

A tiny smirk formed on Costa’s face. It was kind of cute seeing these fags stick up for each other.

Jim saw the smirk, and it pierced him. It was the same expression of smug superiority he had seen on Rick Hanover’s face when he announced his boyfriend.

“You don’t particularly care for gay people, do you, Mr. Costa?”

Costa blinked, not sure he had heard correctly. Had Jim Goldberg come right out and asked him a direct question?

“My personal beliefs on the subject are irrelevant, Goldberg.”

“You don’t have to come right out and say it. It’s pretty obvious from the way you never censure anyone in class for using the word ‘faggot’, or ‘queer,’” Will said.

“Or how about the way you always single us out in class. What was it that you said to the class just last week? “The world will eat you guys alive if you act the way these two lover boys…”

“Now, hang on, Goldberg-”

“No. There was no call for you to do that. I was simply sharing a joke with my friend. There’s nothing wrong with two gay male students socializing toward the end of the class period-not unless you’re a homophobe.”

Costa was beginning to weary of this. He had two or three complaints like this filed against him every semester. Inevitably, they made rounds through the district, only to be forgotten when more pressing issues reared their heads, like budget begging in front of the state.

“I’m not a…homophobe. You simply didn’t choose an appropriate topic for your essay, Will.”

“Yeah, well, I overheard Richie Jenkins talking with his friends in the restroom yesterday. Apparently he got an A. You remember his essay, don’t you, Mr. Costa? What was it about again?”

“I can’t recall at the moment, but I don’t see what it has-”

“It was about how Hollywood’s Gay Agenda is destroying the American Family, by pushing its perverted lifestyle through movies and TV shows like Modern Family. Richie told me that, albeit not without some hesitation. We’re not exactly besties, you know? In fact, I distinctly heard him mutter “faggot” as I turned to leave.”

“What do you want?”

“If you don’t change Will’s grade to an A right now, we’ll have no choice but to call the cops.”

Costa threw his head back, and laughed. This was finally just too much for him. What a screwed up society we live in, he thought.

“Go right ahead,” Costa said, smirking as he handed the boy his google phone.


Jim dialed 911.

“Operator, can you connect me to the police department? I think my social studies teacher may be soliciting underage prostitu-”

And that was as far he got before Costa snatched the phone back out of his hands.

Costa’s face was a mask of disbelieving fury.

“What’s wrong? Would it be inconvenient for you if we informed the authorities you’ve been fucking around with a seventeen year old boy on the weekends?”

That is a lie-a blatant lie, you little shit!”

And this was just the cue Will had been waiting for. He had downloaded the video from Taj’s hard drive to his phone.

He played it for Costa. The image quality was a little murky, and the audio was tinny coming from the phone’s speakers, but it was unquestionably Costa, drunk, naked, and cavorting like the Greeks of old.

Costa’s knees gave out. If the chair hadn’t been behind him, he would have hit the floor.

His mouth was bone dry. In a space of seconds, he considered his options. He could play their game, or, he thought darkly, he could arrange to have them murdered. It was tempting to imagine. A few thousand dollars was all it would cost, and he’d never spend a sleepless night wondering if these dipshits would use him like an ATM throughout the years, when the going got rough.

Of course, he’d have to explain to his wife why he’d plundered their retirement nest egg.

“What-what do you boys want?”

“We told you. Will’s essay about deserves at least a B. It’s carefully constructed, well-formatted, and well researched.”

“Lots of firsthand observations, I might add,” Will chimed in.

“And it conforms to basic SAT essay writing standards.”

“So does the Unabomber’s manifesto,” Costa said.

“I’m sure you would have given him an ‘A’.”

“How do I know you little faggots won’t try and use that video to hit me up for cash later on?”


“Because what?”

“Because blackmail is illegal, sir.”

“What the hell do you call this?”

“A friendly meeting of the minds. We’re not saying this video will leak to every major media outlet in the country, if my friend here doesn’t get into CALTEC. But wouldn’t it be a shame if it did?”

“You think you’re pretty slick don’t you? How did you do it? Did you pay him off that little faggot whore to record me?”

“Sorry, trade secret.”

Gotta keep my cool, Jim thought, gotta keep my cool.

“So there’s nothing else?”

“No,” Will said.

“Get the fuck out of my sight.”

The two boys moved to the door. Jim turned as he left, unable to resist.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, Mr. Costa, but for the sake of your wife and kids you may want to see a psychiatrist. You have some real anger issues And your copious use of the word “faggot”? If I wanted to be cruel, I might say its rather unoriginal, but it’s really just sad, given your obvious, and profound self-loathing. Have a nice life.”

Before Costa could reply, Jim slammed the door closed behind him. Adrenaline was coursing through his veins, his heart hammered in his chest.

“I can’t believe I just went through with that,” he said.

“Neither can I,” Will said.

“What should we do with that footage?”

“I don’t know, upload it to Burning Camel?”

Will had to hand it Jim; when he had a kooky idea, he went all the way with it.

“We could ruin lives that way,” Will said.

“You’re right. We should alter the sound of Taj’s voice first.”

The boys looked at each other in the hall. A single thought bloomed inside Will’s head: I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care anymore, let them all see. The bell rang announcing the start of first period, summoning forth legions of not-fully-awake kids to class, like weary Parishioners to Sunday services.

But they soon shook off the last dregs of sleep when they saw the boys.

A seismic tremor rippled through the crowd, first causing fits of disbelieving laughter, then riotous applause. It was these cheers that drew the attention of Mr. Pearsall, the school Principal.

Oh my-”he began, but the words died in his mouth.

Jim and Will were kissing.

Mr. Pearsall rushed down the hall, his loafers squeaking across the linoleum floor.

“Boys, please! Where is your sense of decorum! This is a place of higher learning, for God’s sake!”

He clamped his hand around Will’s arm, and yanked him away from Jim.

Pearsall’s ice blue eyes glared at both of them from below his neat crew-cut.

“Boys, we have strict rules against PDA. You know that.”

“Maybe it’s time to rewrite the rules,” Will said, without missing a beat.

Pearsall didn’t quite agree. They were each given Saturday detention, albeit on separate weekends (“lest you boys be tempted to perform an encore”).

It was two weeks before graduation, when they found themselves at Taj’s apartment

“You look a little tired, man,” Jim said, as soon as he saw him.

The color had gone from his cheeks, and there were bags under his eyes. He would need a system reboot soon.

“Yeah, well, my upstairs neighbor came down for a drink, and before long, her roommate joined us, and one thing led to another…”

“Say no more,” Jim said.

“I’m not sure I even have the energy to go through with tonight’s appointments.”

“You know, we really need to reprogram you. There’s a million other things we could put you to use for, stuff you’d like,” Will said.

“Absolutely! Hell, let’s get him a real job. Pretty soon, he’s going to have to settle down with a nice girl in the suburbs,” Jim said, with mild sarcasm.

Taj did not seem to notice. He looked far away, and pensive; a strange expression for his usually sunny countenance to take.

“Since we’re on the subject, last night got me thinking…”

“Do tell.”

“I can’t really connect to any of these women I’ve been seeing. Not on a personal level. They’re not really aware of my condition.”

“How would you like us to remedy that?” Will asked.

“I want a mate.”

“A mate?” Jim repeated.

“Yeah. Why not?”

Jim and Will exchanged glances.

“What do you want?” Jim asked.

And at this Taj, smiled, and cleared his throat. It was clear he had given it a lot of thought.

“Well, to begin with, she should have real big porn star tits.”

“What about her personality?” Will asked, weirdly aware of how un-PC this all sounded.

Jim, sensing this, did not bother to point out the absurdity of worrying about gender stereotypes when it came to walking toaster ovens. He simply bit the inside of his cheek, until his smile died away.

“Give her a mind of her own. Sweet, but not dumb, or overly submissive. I couldn’t stand a Stepford wife,” Taj said.

The conversation continued in this vein, as Taj went further and further into copious detail as to the sort attributes that constituted for him, the ideal woman. Will and Jim took notes, and within days, got to work on designing an electronic Eve to complement their android Adam.

Please note that this is essentially the same story as College Days that I submitted a few weeks ago. The principal change is the end. In College Days the end was very quick and rushed. In this version I have deleted Chapter 12 and left the story open after Chapter 11 so that I can continue it in future parts. I would like to thank Samantha for providing the ideas for storyline and characters that this story was based on and for her critique.


Chapter 1

Dave was walking happily down the street. He was so happy that he felt like whistling, but he had never worked out how to do it. He had just won the science prize on the last day of his school career and was heading over to his girlfriend’s house to celebrate.

Practically everyone that Dave met seemed amazed that he even had a girlfriend. The reason for their surprise was that Dave was a short, thin, very pale nerd. He had practically no muscle definition and wore thick glasses to correct for his extreme short sightedness. If people were surprised that he had a girlfriend then they were stunned when they saw her; he had done very well for himself. However, Dave could never understand their surprise. He had been with his girl since they were both twelve. Of course it is a lot easier for a nerd to pick up a girl when he is twelve as twelve-year-olds look for different things to eighteen-year-olds. Having a girlfriend felt completely natural to Dave; they had been together through the entirety of both of their puberties.

Their courtship had been a sedate affair by almost anyone’s standards. When they first started going out it was very childish and they were really just good friends who maybe stole the odd peck on the cheek; although even these stolen kisses we completely asexual; they were fun and silly. As they grew up and made their way through high school and the dramas of puberty their interest in the opposite sex, and hence each other, grew. However, Dave was brought up in a very strict religious household in which sex before marriage was strictly frowned upon as a terrible sin. In fact sex after marriage was pretty much only tolerated for the sake of procreation. Dave was completely indoctrinated and whilst he certainly fancied his girlfriend he never tried anything on; even now when they were both almost nineteen and about to leave home for college. Their kissing had progressed to French kissing and he enjoyed touching her boobs and bum but they were rarely alone together and he never pushed it.

He had thought that it would be nice to try and make love with his girlfriend when they move to college but he would never suggest it to her. He knew it was wrong and so would only do it if she initiated it.

Dave finally arrived at his girlfriend’s house and he rang the doorbell. The door opened and Jill, his girlfriend, was standing in front of him. It is fair to say that Jill was out of Dave’s league. She was quite pretty, with a cute round face and a straight blonde bob. She had a flawless pale, although nowhere near as milky as Dave’s, complexion with full, juicy lips and massive beautiful eyes that were the richest shade of green you could imagine. Her eyes sparkled; they drew you in. Jill would say that they were her best feature and she may be right; most of the boys at school would have said that her best features were her very big boobs. Jill wore F-cup bras and was a little self conscious of their size; especially with all of the juvenile comments she got from the boys at school (and strangers in the street for that matter). The rest of Jill’s body was equally curvy. She was by no means a thin girl but she was certainly not fat. She had big hips a cute round ass and was carrying a few excess pounds on her little belly.

‘Well?’ she asked; all smiles.

Dave broke into a toothy grin, put his arms in the air and exclaimed, ‘I won!’

Jill screamed and practically threw herself at Dave. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. ‘Oh well done. I knew you would do it.’ Dave was getting distracted by the feel of Jill’s boobs pressing against his chest; he loved that feeling.

Jill lead him inside and they spent the rest of the evening with Jill’s parents talking about Dave’s success and their impending departure for college. Jill’s parents were also very religious which meant that Jill had similar views to Dave but she was slightly more open-minded; probably as a result of the almost continuous stream of vulgarity she was exposed to through puberty as a result of her big breasts. She certainly never considered going against her parents’ wishes whilst she lived at home but was beginning to think that her and Dave should use the freedom they will have at college to finally consummate their relationship. She had to admit to herself that her friends’ talk about their own sexual exploits was becoming less and less shocking to her and more and more intriguing.

A couple of weeks later Dave and Jill were walking in the park when Jill said, ‘Only a week to go now.’

‘I know. I can’t believe we are really leaving home.’

‘It is going to be so exciting. I can’t wait.’

‘Me too.’

‘I’ve been thinking,’ Jill muttered, suddenly feeling a little unsure of herself. ‘We have been dating for a long time now; over six years.’

‘I know. Time flies.’

‘Yes but….I think maybe….we…err…maybe we should think about…maybe, like….err…maybe we should, you know, have sex sometime when we are at college. Only if you want to though.’ Jill felt embarrassed and could feel her face getting red.

‘Oh, okay.’

‘Is that all you’ve got to say?’ Jill asked sternly.

‘No. I am just a bit surprised. I thought we were waiting ’till we got married. I really don’t mind you know.’ Dave’s heart was pounding so hard he thought it would explode out of his chest at any moment. He truly never thought this would happen until they got married. Now Jill had suggested it he was excited and nervous at the same time; he fancied her like crazy but he knew deep in his heart that it was a huge sin. However, as with most eighteen-year-old boys, libido won out. ‘I can’t wait.’

Jill smiled and kissed him on the cheek. They walked off hand-in-hand.


Chapter 2

When the day to leave for college arrived both Dave and Jill were extremely excited. Ever since that walk in the park both of them had been anticipating their first time. They had agreed that they should probably settle in for a couple of weeks and then chose a time that felt right.

By the time that Dave had loaded his stuff into his dad’s car, said his good-byes to his family, driven to Jill’s house, loaded her stuff into the car and waited for her to say her good-byes it was already past two in the afternoon. The drive to college was six hours; seven with stops for gas, food and toilets. They chatted happily all the way there about their future at college.

They finally pulled up outside Jill’s hall of residence at a little after nine. Dave helped her move her stuff into her room and even unpack a little. Jill was sharing a room with a nice religious girl called Rachel. He did not say anything but he was relieved; he had not wanted Jill to share with a wild child or some kind of slut who would try to lead her astray.

It was almost eleven by the time Dave got to the door of his room. He was getting nervous; the thought of sharing a room with a complete stranger for a year was very unsettling for him. He knew he would have no choice but to stick it out with whoever was on the other side of the door. Dave had got amazing grades that got him on the wanted list of many colleges but they only way he could afford to go was with a scholarship that he had been awarded; it was a generous scholarship that paid for his place in the hall and his tuition fees but he certainly could not afford to move out of the pre-paid hall.

Dave was suddenly knocked out of his thoughts by a little feminine squeal emanating from the other side of the door; he was full of curiosity. He put the key in the door and pushed it open. It took him a second to register what he saw before he dropped his bags, covered his eyes with his hands and turned around.

‘Oh I am so sorry. I…err…I…’ Dave stammered. The site before was of a huge buff naked man. His massive muscles were rippling as he supported himself over the top of a stunning blonde girl who was almost bent double with her legs over his shoulders. She was completely naked except for a tiny cheerleader’s skirt. The man was pile-driving her and she was obviously loving it.

The man stopped briefly, but did not take his cock out of the girl, who was now giggling at the sight of the coy Dave. ‘Hey dude, don’t sweat it. You must be my new roomy. I am Ged and this is…hey what is your name?’

A slight frown came over the girl’s face. ‘Hey you.’ She punched Ged in annoyance. ‘I can’t believe you don’t remember my name you bastard. Hey hon, my name is Beth.’ She held out her hand. Dave saw it out of the corner of his eye and did the best he could to shake it without looking. He was completely in shock. He was fully prepared for the fact that most people at college have a lot of sex but why weren’t these two getting up and dressed now that he had arrived?

‘Oh stop your moaning Beth, or whatever your name is. Do you want this?’ He rammed his pelvis down hard and deep. Beth’s eye’s widened and she let out a loud gasp as his large cock filled her.

‘Oh God yes.’

‘What’s your name dude?’

‘I…err…I am Dave.’ He could not stop himself stammering.

‘Well Dave. As you can see I am a little busy here so you just make yourself at home and we can meet properly when I have finished up here.’

‘Oh no. I couldn’t possibly. I’ll wait outside.’

Ged had already started to pound Beth again as Dave started to make his way out of the room. ‘Your choice dude but you could be in for a long wait.’

The last thing Dave heard as he closed the door was Ged and Beth laughing shortly followed by Beth gasping with pleasure as the monster between Ged’s legs did its work on her.

Dave was miserable. His first night at college was not at all what he had hoped for. He was stuck outside in the corridor sitting on his cases waiting for his huge jock roommate to finish having sex in his room with a girl whose name he did not even know. Dave was worried about the future; he was right to be.


Chapter 3

Dave had never been a fan of porn. He had seen a few magazines that his friends had but he had never been interested and he had never seen any porn movies. However, despite his sheltered existence he was pretty sure that Beth and Ged were both having orgasms when he heard girly screams and Ged voice saying, ‘Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah,’ on the other side of the door. He was disgusted but a little relieved; at least they had finished so he could finally move into his room and get some sleep; it was nearly midnight now.

He began to get confused when Beth did not appear ten minutes later. He knew nothing about sex but he was pretty sure that Beth was not a keeper for Ged and that she would be out of there as soon as they had finished. It wasn’t long before he knew why she had not appeared. He heard Ged again. ‘Come on girl, suck it good. Make it hard so I can fuck that sweet-ass pussy again.’

Dave could not believe it. How long would he have to stay out here? As it turned out he waited out there for another forty minutes. He had to listen to Beth cumming twice more and Ged once before she appeared out of the door. She looked at Dave, shook her head and walked away laughing. Dave picked up his things and carried them into the room. Ged was nowhere to be seen; he must have been in the bathroom.

Dave started to unpack a few things when he was suddenly caught in Ged’s vice-like grip. Ged had thrown his arm around Dave’s shoulder and pulled him close. ‘Man, that was good. That little slut was dirty. Know what I mean.’ Ged laughed heartily and slapped Dave on the back.

The pain was immediate and reverberated through Dave’s body like nothing he had ever known. His breath had been knocked out of him but Ged chose to not notice. He just stood there next to Dave, who was now bent double over his bed trying to catch his breath.

Dave eventually turned round and he saw the full naked magnificence of Ged. He was at least a foot taller than Dave and his muscles were truly enormous but the thing that caught Dave’s eye, the thing that made him horrified, was the ten inches of prime meat hanging between Ged’s legs. Dave was in pain and in shock. Did this man ever wear clothes? How can someone have a penis that was so big even when flaccid? Dave’s own was just short of five inches fully erect and it was thin. Ged’s was almost as thick as Dave’s arm (well that was probably a bit of an exaggeration but that is what it seemed like to Dave at the time).

‘You could have stayed in you know. That slut would not have minded.’

‘Oh I couldn’t impose on such a private moment.’

‘Shit man. Who talks like that?’ Dave heard that hearty laugh again. No matter where he looked it was as if he could still see that huge cock.

Ged continued. ‘Can you believe we are at college man? We are gonna get so much pussy.’

‘I…err…I have a girlfriend.’ Dave muttered quietly.

‘Shit man. Who comes to college with a girlfriend? I mean, what’s the point? Everyone knows there is pussy on tap at college. Oh well more for the rest of us.’ Ged suddenly looked thoughtful. ‘Well I suppose for a dude like you having your own personal pussy on tap is good.’

‘I would prefer it if you did not speak about my girlfriend like that.’ Dave tried to feel strong but he failed.

‘Oh come on dude. We’re both young and horny. You can tell me. I bet you hit that girl of yours every chance you get. Am I right or am I right?’

Dave was almost unbearably uncomfortable. He had already formed a significant dislike of his new roommate. ‘We…err…we are, you know, sort of…well waiting.’

‘Holy shit dude. Are you like from the Middle Ages? Fuck, I thought everyone was doing it. What you waiting for dude? Do it while you’re young dude.’

‘I’d rather not talk about it. It’s personal.’

‘Fuck you dude. You saw me fucking that cheap slut and you won’t even tell me about your sex life or lack of it? Go on, tell me. When you gonna do it?’

‘Soon. All right? Will you drop it now? Please.’ Ged laughed and got into bed.

Dave had difficulty getting any sleep that night. He did not know how he was going to manage to live with this brute for an entire semester. How was he going to bring Jill over here? When would they get chance to make love? They certainly could not do it in religious Rachel’s room; that would be too disrespectful.


Chapter 4

Dave felt physically sick the next morning; he had a long day yesterday and almost no sleep. He also could not get the horrendous sight of Ged’s massive member out of his head. To make things worse Ged was doing an impressively long set of morning exercises, mainly push ups and sit ups, whilst wearing nothing but a tiny pair of white undies. They were obviously having difficulty containing Ged’s massive bulge.

Dave turned away and pondered his forthcoming first day at college. He had three hours of class before he was going to meet Jill for lunch. He could not wait to see her; to get some normality back into his life after last night’s horror show.

‘Hey. You awake dude?’ Dave was rudely shaken out of his reverie.

‘Err, yes. Good morning Ged.’

‘Shit. I still can’t get over the way you speak man. Anyway, I was thinking. We should celebrate getting to college. You know, as roomies. So, you are coming out with me tonight. We are gonna get so wasted dude.’

‘I…errr…don’t drink.’

‘Shit dude. What’s wrong with you man? You don’t fuck your girl and now you don’t even drink? Are you some kind of monk or something?’

‘I just don’t. I am seeing Jill tonight anyway.’

‘Oh now I get it. You’re finally gonna fuck her aren’t you? Man, a virgin at nineteen. I bet she is gagging for it. Have fun dude.’

Dave felt his face burn with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. How could he talk about his Jill in such a manner? ‘Look. I told you I don’t want you to talk about her like that. Okay?’

‘Shit dude. Calm down. Take a chill pill. I’m only fucking with you. Okay, so tell me. What are you going to do with sweet innocent Jill tonight?’

‘I don’t know. Just meet up and chat I guess.’

‘You not even gonna kiss her?’ Ged was taunting him and had a big smile on his face. Dave was really beginning to hate Ged.

‘Of course I’m going to kiss her.’

‘You gonna use tongues?’ Ged laughed. ‘You gonna touch her boobies? Nah, I reckon you’re an ass man. Am I right?’

Dave felt ready to explode with rage but he controlled himself. He ignored Ged and ran to the bathroom to wash up. He heard Ged laughing as the morning exercise session continued.

Half an hour later Dave was full of relief to be leaving his room and heading for class. He wouldn’t have to see that oaf again until this evening. Hopefully he could be tucked up and asleep in bed by the time Ged got home from what was undoubtedly going to be a night of heavy drinking.


Chapter 5

Dave was for the first time since arriving at college actually enjoying himself. He had just finished his first set of physics classes and he loved them. They were challenging, interesting and they really appealed to his inherent geekiness. In fact he enjoyed them so much that he had almost forgotten about his nightmare roommate as he made his way to meet Jill.

He approached the little grassy area where they had agreed to meet. As he got close he saw Jill chatting to a couple of girls he did not recognise. He hoped they would go away when he reached them so that he and Jill could have some alone time. She saw him approaching and gave a little wave and a big smile.

‘Hi Dave.’ She said as he reached them. She kissed him on the cheek and gave him a little hug. She introduced her new friends; they were both on her art course. After a few awkward moments of conversation Jill led Dave away to the cafeteria. He was relieved to be spending some time with Jill alone; well as alone as you can be in a massive student cafeteria. They selected a table with no-one else at it and began to chat and eat.

‘Soooo. What’s your room mate like?’ Jill asked happily.

‘Oh he is absolutely awful.’ Dave sounded and looked dejected.

‘Oh now come on. Don’t be like that. You only met him last night. He can’t be that bad.’

‘You have no idea. He is a big jock and he was having sex with a cheerleader when I walked in last night.’

Jill laughed. ‘Oh my. That must have been a bit embarrassing.’

‘It was for me but it was not for them. They didn’t even stop when I walked it. I couldn’t stay in there so I waited outside for over an hour for them to finish.’

‘Oh no. That sounds awful. He told you to get out?’

‘No. I just could not stay in there with that going on.’

‘Look. I know that sounds bad but he maybe thought that you weren’t going to arrive last night. It was very late by the time you got there. You know I hear that it is hard to stop once you have started and well, you know, I think we are going to have to get used to the fact that most people have a lot of sex at college.’ Jill was trying to sympathise but she did find the whole scenario funny. They ate in silence for a few minutes before they heard a large group of rowdy football players enter the cafeteria. Dave’s heart dropped.

‘Oh no.’

‘What’s the matter?’ Jill’s face was full of concern.

‘My roommate just walked in.’

‘Oh yes? Which one is he?’ Jill seemed very interested; almost excited. She always liked meeting new people and she wanted to meet this terrible jock so that she could put Dave’s mind at rest.

‘He’s the one with the brown hair in the middle.’

‘Really? Oh my. He is big isn’t he? And he is so pretty.’ Hearing Jill say that sent a dagger through Dave’s heart. He hated hearing her say something nice about the awful Ged but he knew she was right. It was obvious to everyone that he was astonishingly good-looking. Suddenly he heard Ged’s booming voice. ‘Hey, there’s my little dude.’ This made Dave almost shake with nervous anticipation of what was going to happen next; it turned out to be worse than he had feared.

Ged lead his team mates over to the table. ‘Hey Dave. How’s it hanging?’

‘Hello Ged.’

‘Hold on a minute. Don’t tell me this is Jill.’

Jill stood up and extended her hand. ‘Hi. Pleased to meet you.’ She was all smiles. Her initial impression of Ged was good. Unlike almost every other man she met Ged did not once look at her boobs; he maintained eye contact. Surely this was not the same oaf that Dave had been talking about. For her part she had noticed a very obvious and very large bulge in Ged’s shorts as he had approach. She found it a little hard to stop her eyes being drawn back to it.

Ged maintained his eye contact with Jill and kept on holding her hand as he spoke to Dave. ‘Dave man. You said you had a girlfriend but you never said how beautiful she is.’ Dave remained silent and so Ged continued, this time to Jill. ‘Well it is a pleasure to meet you Jill. And I must say that Dave here has done very well for himself indeed. You are truly gorgeous; those eyes of yours are simply stunning.’

Jill felt her face get red but she loved the compliment. Ged was the first man other than Dave to comment other eyes before her breasts. ‘Thanks,’ was all she could manage to say.

Ged finally dropped Jill’s hand and slapped Dave on the back. Dave had not seen it coming and so his glasses fell off and he began to cough and splutter as he tried to catch his breath. The group of footballers all laughed at him. Dave felt utterly humiliated. However, it was Ged, the only one who was not laughing, who told his team mates off for mocking Dave. He then laid a hand on Dave’s shoulder. ‘Sorry man. Sometimes I forget my own strength.’

Jill thought that Ged was nice. He was showing a lot of grace; he seemed thoughtful. Of course it helped that he had been so nice to her.

‘I must say Jill that I admire Dave’s restraint. I am telling you the absolute truth here. I honestly know that if I had a girlfriend who was as drop dead gorgeous as you then I would not have been able to wait so long. I would not have been able to control myself. You would have driven me wild with desire. I hope that doesn’t shock you?’

Jill’s face was bright red. She was completely flattered by this beautiful hulk of a man but she was also suddenly very angry with Dave. ‘What?…err…no that does not shock me. What does shock me is that you…’ she was talking to Dave now, ‘…spoke to Ged about our sex life.’

‘Or lack of it,’ one of Ged team mates said and the rest of them laughed loudly. Dave was out of his depth. What could he do? Ged was acting like a completely reformed character; he was acting, and Dave knew it was an act, like a nice guy; not the boorish oaf he actually was. He had also managed to drop Dave right in it.

Dave could not say anything and Jill stormed off in anger. Dave did not know what had just happened. After all he had said about Ged to Jill her first impression of him would turn out to be really positive with Dave being trashed in the process. Dave was unhappy.

‘Shit dude. I dropped you in it good there, man.’ Ged and his friends laughed at Dave. Dave remained silent. ‘Did you see her tits? Man they were awesome. You could suckle on those bad boys all night long.’

One of Ged’s friends then chipped in with, ‘And those lips. Man, that mouth is just made for sucking cock.’ Dave felt sick as the football team talked dirty about his Jill.

‘And that ass man. I wanna see that jelly wobble as I fuck that fine ass.’ For the next ten minutes Dave had to sit in silence unable to eat whilst each member of the team talked about what they would like to do to Jill. The bell that indicated the start of afternoon classes came as sweet relief for Dave and he practically ran to his first class.


Chapter 6

When Dave got back to his room after class he was happy to find that he was alone; no Ged. He started to do some studying but found it hard to concentrate. He was not used to Jill being mad with him; especially about something so personal. He tried to call her but there was no answer so he sent her a text.

He persisted with his studies for another hour or so but finally gave up trying to make himself concentrate. He sent another text to Jill; still no answer. He felt completely deflated. His girlfriend was mad at him and he could not even talk to her. He could not cope with his emotions any longer and he started to gently weep. He was mad at himself for being so week but he just could not help it.

About half an hour later he heard a knock at the door. He got up, dried his eyes and opened the door. To his massive relief Jill was standing there. She walked into the room without as much as a peck on the cheek; she was obviously still mad at him. Jill sat on the edge of Ged’s bed. Dave made them some drinks, gave one to Jill and then sat on the edge of his own bed. They were silent for what seemed like an age.

‘Well?’ Jill finally said.

‘Well what?’ Dave did not like this. He did not know what she was expecting from him.

‘Well, why would you tell someone you hardly know; someone that you say you hate; something so personal to you and me?’

‘I…err…I don’t know what happened. He forced it out of me.’

‘What do you mean he forced it out of you? Did he hurt you?’ Even in her anger Jill still showed her concern for her Dave.

‘No. He just sort of tricked me into it.’ Dave knew that he sounded pathetic.

‘So basically you just told him?’

‘Yes but…’

‘No Dave. You just told him. No tricks. You are the cleverest person I know; I do not see how someone like Ged could trick you into saying something so personal.’

Dave knew he could not win here so he just said, ‘I am truly sorry Jill. It won’t happen again.’

‘Okay I suppose.’ They sat in silence and drank their drinks for a few minutes. Dave was about to say something when the door burst open. Dave’s heart sank.

‘Hey dude, how’s it hanging?’ Ged was back. ‘Hello, hello if it isn’t the delightful Jill.’ Jill stood up to give Ged access to his bed but instead he grabbed her, kissed her cheek and gave her a friendly hug. ‘Hi Jill. Don’t get up. I just need to get cleaned up then I am out of here. A big night out with the lads.’

‘Hi Ged.’ Jill noticed that Ged was very sweaty but his odour was somehow intoxicating, just like the feel of his impressive muscles as he hugged her. She really did not see why Dave hated him so much. Yes he was an outgoing, confident jock but he seemed lovely.

‘You don’t mind if I take a quick shower do you Jill? I can try and find somewhere else if you want me too.’ Dave felt sick at the sound of what he was convinced was fake concern. He was certain that Ged was just trying to make Dave look bad.

‘Hey, it’s your room.’

‘Okay cool.’ What Jill had not expected was that Ged would strip off down to his jockstrap right there in front of her. She knew it was naughty but she could not draw her eyes away from Ged’s body. She had never seen anything so perfect and the sight of his huge bulge in his jockstrap made her feel a little bit giddy. Dave noticed that Jill was looking at Ged’s body but knew he could say nothing.

Ged made his way to the bathroom. Jill’s eyes were fixed to his rock hard flawless buttocks. She was amazed that any man could be so beautiful. Just before he entered the bathroom Ged look back over his shoulder at Jill, noticing that she was checking out his ass. He gave her a cheeky wink and a smile. Jill was mortified that she had been caught out; she quickly averted her gaze and was all flustered.

Once she had composed herself she had decided to forgive Dave; her guilt at ogling Ged helped a lot with this. They began chatting about each other’s courses. Things seemed almost normal again until Ged emerged from the bathroom. Dave was horrified to see that he was dressed only in a tiny hand towel that was wrapped around his waist. It just about covered everything but it was a close thing.

Ged moaned about there being no proper towels in the bathroom. He went over to one of his suitcases, opened it and bent over to search through his things for a larger towel. Ged kept his legs straight but slightly apart as he bent over and so Dave and Jill had a perfect view of his ass cheeks and, more notably, the end of his huge cock as it swung freely between his legs. Dave saw Jill’s eyes almost popping out of her head. She had never even seen Dave’s cock but she was aware of its small size. As far as Dave knew this was the first cock that she had ever seen up close; he was right. Dave feared that Jill fancied Ged a little bit; he was right about that too.

The sight of part of Ged’s cock made Jill feel giddy again. She could not believe how much bigger it was than Dave’s. She had no idea that they got that big. She began to feel some stirrings deep inside her.

Eventually Ged departed for his big night out. Jill chatted for a while longer to Dave and then left to go and do some of her own studies in her room. Dave spent the rest of the night filled with worry about how Jill reacted to seeing Ged almost naked. He finally dropped off into sleep at around ten.


Chapter 7

Dave was woken at about midnight by the sound of the door opening and Ged coming in. He pretended to be asleep to try and avoid any kind of interaction with Ged. His heart sank when he heard a female voice say, ‘Hey, there’s someone in here.’

‘Don’t worry about that pussy. He won’t bother us. If he does I will just kick his ass. He is asleep anyway.’

The girl laughed and said, ‘He won’t be asleep for long. I am a screamer.’

‘Well what you waiting for you dirty little slut?’

For the next three hours Dave had to listen to Ged fucking his girl four times. He was convinced that one of the times was even anal. The girl was right; she was a screamer. Ged must have made her cum at least six times. Dave was thoroughly miserable.

Over the next three weeks the same thing happened every night. Ged would have a different girl every night and his sessions would last for at least two and half hours each. For a lot of young guys having this going on in the same room as you would have been an enjoyable free sex show but not for Dave. He never once sneaked a look. He always pretended to be asleep.

His relationship with Jill was back to normal but he remained concerned that she seemed to really like Ged, who continued to compliment her and flirt with her at every opportunity.

Dave had built up the courage to ask her if she was ready to make love. She had said that she was not. She could not do it in her room because of Rachel and she would not do it in Dave’s because they never knew when Ged would turn up. Dave could not afford a hotel but even if he could Jill said she did not want that as it would be too contrived; too much pressure. She suggested that they wait a while longer. Generally Dave was comfortable with this; albeit a little disappointed. The persistent thing that lessened his comfort was the effect that Ged had on Jill. She was somehow more girly when she was with him. It made him a little jealous.


Chapter 8

One evening Dave and Jill were sitting on Dave’s bed chatting when Ged walked in with another guy from the football team and three cheerleaders. Dave was sure he recognised one of them as Beth from his first meeting with Ged.

‘Hi Jill. You are looking particularly stunning this evening.’

‘Hi Ged. Thanks.’

‘Hey, we are heading off to a party. Everyone is invited. It is going to be wild. You two should come.’

‘Oh no I don’t think so.’ Dave did not want this to happen.

‘Oh come on dude. You never go to parties. Let you hair down a bit man. Jill wants to go don’t you Jill?’

Jill turned to Dave and said exactly what he did not want to hear. ‘Well I would like to go to a party Dave. Can we please? I mean, we have been at college for almost a month and I haven’t been to a party yet. I feel like I am missing out.’ Dave could not resist Jill’s pleading, especially with an audience.

‘Okay, I guess.’ Dave hated parties and he dreaded going to one with Ged.

They all piled into a cab and headed off to the party. Someone got out a bottle of champagne, popped it and took a swig straight out of the bottle. The cheerleaders squealed and took turns drinking the golden liquor. Dave refused when it was his turn; he did not drink. So the bottle was thrust into Jill’s hands and much to Dave’s amazement she drank deeply from it. He had never seen her drink before. She saw his look and laughed, ‘Well we are at college now. Let’s have some fun.’ Everyone in the cab apart from Dave and the driver cheered agreement and carried on drinking.

The party was hell for Dave. Loud music, lots of people and none of them paying him any attention. To make it worse Ged had monopolised Jill’s time. He had her engrossed in conversation. She found him charming, interesting and witty. He also had the knack of keeping their conversation going naturally for a long time. The loud music meant that Dave could not hear what was being said and so could not join in. He hated Ged more every time he leaned into Jill to whisper the next snippet of conversation into her ear. Jill on the other hand was enjoying the attention. Every time Ged whispered something she felt his breath in her ear and it sent shivers through her entire body.

After a couple of hours Dave was feeling weird. He could not see straight and standing up was getting very difficult. He found a seat and sat down. He did not know what was going on. If he did not know better he would have said that he was drunk but he did not drink. He had stuck to fruit juice all night. He fell asleep.

Ged laughed and pointed and said to Jill, ‘Wow, Dave looks wasted.’

‘Oh no. He does not drink.’

‘Well he has tonight. He has been knocking back that punch. He must have finally let his hair down.’ They both laughed.

‘Well that would be a first.’ They laughed again. Jill felt a little bit mean but it was true.

Suddenly a slow track was playing on the sound system. Ged immediately made his move. ‘Hey, do you want to dance with me?’

‘I don’t know if I should. Do you think he will be all right?’

‘He is just a little drunk and tired. I will make sure he gets home safe and sound. You have to have at least one dance at your first college party.’ She was convinced.

Ged led Jill to the dance floor and pulled her close. Their bodies touched and he wrapped his arms around her waist; she followed suit. They danced for three songs whilst chatting happily. Ged never broke eye contact with Jill throughout. It made her feel special; like he was looking into her very sole. The feel of his muscles through his clothes made her feel unusually excited. She felt guilty about it but she could not deny that she was very attracted to this man. She still loved her Dave but this man was new, exciting, beautiful and sexy as hell.


Chapter 9

When they arrived back at campus it was just past two in the morning. Dave was still passed out and so Ged was carrying him fireman style over his left shoulder. He had his right arm around Jill’s shoulder to provide her with a bit of warmth against the chilly night air. Ged led them to his and Dave’s room. He unlocked the door, took Dave inside and threw him on the bed. He then turned to Jill. ‘Well I guess I better get you home young lady.’ Jill giggled.

On the way across campus Ged gently grabbed Jill’s hand. She did not resist; it felt nice; it felt right.

When they reached the door to Jill’s hall they turned to look at each other. ‘Well goodnight sweet Jill.’

‘Goodnight Ged. I had fun tonight.’

Before she could turn away Ged put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her close. He looked down into her eyes and kissed her ever so gently on her luscious lips. Jill melted in his arms; desire was suddenly coursing through her body. He kissed her again; this time she responded. It was long and gentle. Jill marvelled at how such a big man could be so tender. He started to plant a million sweet little pecks all over her lips and even on the end of her nose. Jill felt like she never had before; she felt as horny as hell.

Ged moved in for a deeper, more passionate kiss. Jill responded by sticking her tongue into Ged mouth. When their tongues met and played with each other the sensation sent shivers right through Jill’s body directly to her most personal areas. She tried to pull him even closer to her; it was impossible but she squeezed herself against him as hard as she could.

When the kiss finally finished Ged started to gently nibble her lips; another sensation she had never experienced before. He kissed her again, very gently this time before turning her around and showering her neck with tiny little kisses. She was so sensitive; her entire body was covered with goose bumps. His every touch sent electric shocks through her body; waking her dormant sexuality. He started to tenderly nibble on one of her ear lobes, whispering sweet nothings as he did all about how beautiful she was. Jill was beginning to seriously fall for this man.

After twenty minutes of bliss Ged finally gave her one last kiss and said, ‘Well I guess you should get some sleep. I will see you soon beautiful.’

Jill let herself into her room quietly so as not to wake Rachel. When she got into bed she could not sleep. She just kept on thinking of the gorgeous Ged and his electrifying touch. She started to do something she had never done before; she started to play with her surprisingly wet pussy. She gently rubbed her fingers over her inflamed labia as she imagined Ged doing all kinds of naughty things to her. She imagined that her fingers were his and it felt wonderful.

She allowed her fingers to penetrate a little deeper and she felt something a little harder that sent shock waves through her body when touched. She guessed that it must be her clitoris. She rubbed it whilst dreaming of Ged’s muscles; Ged’s cock. She felt herself getting breathless and then suddenly an explosion happened in her body. This was something she had never felt before. Her whole body shuddered as an intense feeling of pleasure filled every fibre of her being. She had to bite hard on her lip to stop herself moaning and waking the very prudish Rachel.

Jill had just had her first orgasm and she wanted more. She knew then that she had to have Ged and soon.


Chapter 10

After Jill had calmed down from her orgasm she tried to get some sleep but she failed. She just could not stop obsessing about Ged. She turned round and looked at the clock. It read 03:15. She made her mind up that she could not wait. She picked up her phone and sent a text to Ged. ‘I am coming over.’

Suddenly Jill was very nervous. Was she really going to do this? Was she really going to destroy her Dave? She hated those questions but they were all insignificant compared to her overriding thought. ‘I have to have Ged.’ She was horny and filled with lust for that beautiful man.

She was also nervous about losing her virginity, especially to such a huge cock, but she was sure that Ged would treat her tenderly; be gentle with her.

She did not know what to wear. She wanted to be sexy but did not really know how. She decided on an old cliché and set out for Ged and Dave’s hall.

On the other side of campus Dave was still dead to the world. Oblivious to the fact that for the first night since he got to college Ged did not have a girl in their room. That was about to change.

Chapter 1- Ashton finds what he never knew he was looking for.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a pure work of fiction. All characters involved are over the age of 18. This is my first time writing anything of this nature, so I appreciate any and all feedback (positive or negative). If the story is well-received, I will post more chapters later.

Ashton never knew what it would be like to be so deeply drawn to somebody. So deep that he was barely alive; gasping for air and treading water as fast as he could. It had always been a simple crush; it would start so humbly with a smile or a glance and would end in a few weeks, few months tops. But this was more than any of that; there was a desire that came with it. Tell him that he would be this entangled to someone weeks ago and he would say that you’re crazy. Boy, would he be wrong.

Ashton had just finished unpacking and getting his new dorm room in order. Just then it finally hit him: he was, for the most part, on his own. He was thousands of miles away from the place he called home, and it was for good reason. He loved the small town he came to know like the back of his hand, but something inside was telling him that he needed to get away. He needed a spark to light up his complacent soul; and maybe moving to a big city in another state would provide the matches. With a sigh, he sat down for a minute an examined his progress. Living in a single room would provide him would a privacy that he never had, but with that privacy came a feeling of emptiness. He couldn’t focus on that, so he stripped to his boxers, wrapping a towel around his waist and headed for the shower room.

The hallway was pretty quiet; at about 7:30 the only noise around was coming from the sound of people talking in their rooms and the faint sound of people still unpacking. He walked into the bathrooms and heard the sound of a running shower head from the corner stall. He knew he wasn’t alone. He continued walking, entering one of the middle stalls. The cheap shower curtains weren’t long enough to cover the entire stall, but Ashton didn’t care that much. The hot water felt good on his skin, and slowly the room began to fill with even more steam. He had been under the water for a couple minutes when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure in the other stalls. He never intended to look, but he was standing right across him, barely covered by the shabby curtain. Ashton didn’t know why he continued to stare or why he found himself so intrigued by the man across the room. Water poured down the stranger’s chest, making streams along his light skin. His eyes were closed as he caressed his body with soap. He couldn’t make out a face through the steam, just the perfect outline of his tall body. Ashton found himself following the same motion, mimicking the stranger. He unknowingly started to close his eyes, still lathering up his body under the warm water. He slowly moved downward, running his fingers through his shaved pubes, dying to grab his growing member and provide the relief he so desperately wanted. Suddenly, he heard the water stop along with the sound of the curtain being pulled along the shower rod. He quickly stopped what he was doing and rinsed the remaining soap off of his body. He quickly wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the stall in hopes to see the face of his newfound lust. He looked and only saw the image of the back of a foot walking out of the shower accompanied by the closing of the door. He dried off and headed back to his room, a bit disappointed that he may never see the stranger again.

He got to his room and took off his towel. For a few seconds, he stood there beside his bed, completely naked. The breeze coming in from his open window felt cool on his moist skin. He went to his dresser and grabbed a soft pair of boxers to put on. Before he bent over, he began to recall the stranger in the shower. He could picture him lathering up his toned body, soap running down every muscle with fingers moving in a graceful motion. He started to bite his lower lip as he pictured the naked man in front of him. Below, Ashton saw his previously soft penis grow to its full length. He had never been this turned on in a long time. And it was all because of this guy; this person he had only seen for 10 minutes had become his new object of lust. But something told him that he wouldn’t be a mere fantasy for long; this “crush” of sorts wasn’t going away anytime soon. He threw the boxers aside and lied down on his newly made bed. With his right hand, he slowly placed his fingers around the shaft of his cock. Ashton watched as it stood upright. Even in the partially dark room, he could see the single stream of pre-cum oozing out the head and dripping down the shaft. Ashton took his index finger, running it from the base to the head, sopping up every drop and rubbed it on his tongue. He closed his mouth as if to suck his finger and as he pulled it out of his mouth; he couldn’t believe what he was doing. Something just felt right and he channeled it. He shook off the idea and went back to his, now throbbing cock. He grabbed it, and with a steady motion, began to pleasure himself. He was no stranger to masturbation, but something seemed different this time. His dick felt bigger in his hand and the images of that man started to send him over the edge. His balls tightened and his toes curled as streams of his cum sprayed out of his cock. The force of his ejaculation sent beads of cum along his chest, collecting in a pool over his abs. One stream even landed on the side of his mouth, just below his cheek. He managed to finally take a deep breath. His cock had shrunk down while keeping a reasonable size. Pools of cum had collected all over his body, moving with every breath he took.

Suddenly, he heard a knock at the door. He quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed his still damp towel.

“Just a minute!” he shouted as he wiped the remnants of his jerk off session from his torso. He slid on a pair of running shorts and answered the door. He saw a tall, athletic-looking guy in front of him with blonde hair that barely touched his eyes. He was a surfer-type: lean but muscular.

Ashton managed to speak, “Sorry man, I just got out of the shower and was throwing on some clothes.”

The cute blonde extended his arm and met Ashton’s with a firm handshake, “No problem at all. You must be Ashton. I’m Riley and I’m your RA.”

Ashton replied, “Oh cool, nice to meet you.”

Riley continued, “You too. I’m just making my rounds, introducing myself to all the guys on our floor. I’d just like to welcome you to our building again, and say that if you have any problems what so ever, come see me. I live right down the hall and I’m in my room most of the time.”

Ashton replied, “Well thanks for everything so far man. I appreciate it!”

“It’s no trouble. Well you have a great night and get some rest, orientation activities are tomorrow! Oh and Ashton, you’ve got a little something on your face.”

Ashton quickly wiped off the remaining cum along with his embarrassment and thanked Riley as he walked off with a “See you around…”

He closed the door and sank into his sheets, quickly falling asleep.

Ashton awoke the next morning and glanced over at his alarm clock. He yelled aloud, “SHIT” as he jumped out of his bed and slipped on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. The alarm read 8:45 and he had to meet with his advisor at 9 on the other side of campus. He shuffled his dick inside his tight jeans; morning wood just wasn’t his friend today. “I don’t have time for this”, he thought to himself as he shut the door and turned, ready to make a run for the Fine Arts building. Just as he turned his head, he bumped into some guy, knocking over his books and papers.

“Shit. I am so sorry dude. I didn’t see you there.” He spoke as he tried to grab the dude’s stuff.

The other guy relied, “Don’t worry about it man, it was my fault too. My name’s Nate, I guess we’re neighbors.”

“Nice to meet you Nate, I’m Ashton.” Ashton was so focused on picking up his stuff, he didn’t look up to see his face. And when he did, he literally stopped in his tracks. The first thing that caught Ashton’s attention was Nate’s warm brown eyes. Match that with his cute boy-ish smile, Ashton was hooked…once again.

Ashton snapped out of his daydream, “Well Nate, I’d really love to sit and chat, but I’m about to be late for a meeting. So, I gotta run!”

Nate smiled and replied, “Nice meeting you man, I’m sure we’ll meet up again soon.” With that, Ashton ran off and out of sight. Nate muttered under his voice “real soon…”

Ashton came back to the dorm around 6, having spent the entire day around campus attending meetings, workshops and activities. He was really liking everything so far and felt that the school was a great fit for him. Despite all of that, he couldn’t shake everything that has happened. A couple days ago he was straight and now images of men had been cluttering his mind. He couldn’t explain this epiphany he had; he just knew that since then, no man was safe from his mind. He had begun picturing these guys as objects of pure lust; something he never even considered before. Even just thinking about the situation began to make his dick swell; he just couldn’t take the confusion any more. So he felt that a nice warm shower would help clear his thoughts.

Ashton walked into the shower room and saw that he was alone. “Perfect”, he thought, now he could take as long as he wanted. The water felt nice on his muscles that had been running around all day. He let the water drip down his face, and started rinsing the day away. He was only in there for about 10 minutes when he heard the bathroom door close. He peeked over and saw that someone had entered the corner stall. Starting from the feet, he worked his way up the silhouette, trying to determine if it was the same person. He recognized those chiseled features and he felt his cock grow harder with the more he looked. He pushed his curtain back slightly to see better and found himself starting for about 5 minutes. It was as if time was moving in slow motion as he carefully stared at the naked man in front of him. Starting again, he worked his way up, but instead found the stranger’s eyes open; looking directly at him. He gasped, not knowing what the stranger would do. But instead of reacting, he just stared right back at him.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, Ashton saw one thing: desire. Seconds later, he heard the water turn off, followed by the sound of the curtain. The stranger started walking over to Ashton’s stall, keeping eye contact. Ashton nervously stood there, not knowing what he was about to do. He just continued to look, seeing his long dick flop to the side with every step he took. He hadn’t seen one, other than his own, in a long time and certainly not one as big. He picked his head up as the stranger pulled the curtain, exposing themselves to each other. The stranger confidently stepped in and leaned close to Ashton, almost nose to nose. He slowly inhaled and took in everything; the steam, the heat and the warm body standing right in front of him. He lifted his hands and placed them on Ashton’s lower jaw, and keeping eye contact, he leaned in for a kiss. Slowly, Ashton rotated his face, gaining better access to the stranger. He felt his soft lips on his, followed by his tongue trying to enter into his mouth. The stranger moved his hands from Ashton’s face to the back of his head, slowly leaning Ashton back to the shower wall. Ashton leaned back carefully as to not break their kiss. The stranger was forceful but gentle and Ashton let down every guard he had, only wanting more. Without control, he placed his palms on the stranger’s ass. He cupped them and gently squeezed, causing the stranger to let out a chuckle. He then moved down to Ashton’s neck, finding just the right spot. Ashton continued to grope the stranger’s ass under the running water.

They had been making out for 10 minutes when they heard the bathroom door open. The stranger quickly picked up Ashton and rested him on the wall. They couldn’t risk the sight of two people in the shower stalls.

He looked at Ashton and whispered a “Shhh”, telling him to keep quiet. The stranger held Ashton up for a few minutes with no difficulty. He finally put him down after they heard the sound of the faucet turn off and the door

He stepped out of the stall and looked around, “You can come out, the coast is clear.” Ashton was surprised that the man who he thought had so much intensity and passion could be so light-hearted.

The stranger grabbed Ashton by the hips and gave him a soft and gentle kiss. “My name’s Calvin.” And with that, his stranger finally had a name.

Ashton nervously responded, “My name’s Ashton.” The stranger kissed him again, and they both stood their stark naked and dripping wet.

He finally broke the kiss and spoke, “We better go before someone catches us.” Confused, Ashton asked, “Wait, where are we going?”

Calvin leaned in to Ashton’s ear and proceeded to grab his cock answered,

“To your room…where I’m going to fuck you.”

Ashton nervously led Calvin back to his room, resounding the words he just heard. He didn’t know if he wanted this to move so quickly, he just knew that he wasn’t ready to stop. That kiss did nothing to feed this desire, it only made him want more and more. He opened the door, let Calvin in, and took a glance outside. He was glad that no one saw them; they rushed out of the bathroom so quickly that their towels barely covered their boners.

He shut the door and saw Calvin lying on his bed, he motioned to Ashton, “come here.” Ashton made his way over to his bed, knelt on the mattress and sunk down into Calvin. They made out for a few minutes, this time without restraint. Ashton could feel their warm bodies rubbing against each other, still a little wet. The heat from Calvin was enough to keep him warm through the breeze coming on beside them. The feeling of their dicks rubbing against each other and their bare skin added to the passion of the moment. Ashton lost all hesitance and subtlety; he began hissing his lover vigorously, slipping his tongue into Calvin’s mouth and breathing him in.

Calvin broke off for a few seconds to catch his breath; enough time to instruct his partner, “Suck my cock.” Ashton heard those words with eagerness, but also with fear. He had never given a blowjob before, but he knew that he wanted that dick inside his mouth. He slowly started to lick along Calvin’s chest, making his way to his nipple. He flicked It in his tongue, while Calvin let out a wince. He then moved down along his abs, feeling every one of them with his tongue; finding every crevice on the man’s chiseled body. He finally made it to his crotch, and amidst a short patch of pubic hair, Calvin’s cock stood straight up. Pre-cum oozed out of the tip and shined in the partially dark room, much like his did last night. His mouth started to water as he looked at the huge cock in front of him. He was ready; he gently grabbed Calvin’s ball sack and fondled it in his left hand. He then leaned closer, and with one motion, licked Calvin’s cock from the base to the head. He savored the slight saltiness of the pre-cum as he continued to flick his tongue along the head. He looked up and saw Calvin intently watching him. Without fear, he shoved his head down Calvin’s dick, getting it as far as he could without gagging. Calvin nearly sprang up as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of Ashton’s mouth.

Ashton continued to deep throat for a few more seconds before he let up and caught his breath, “Fuck. Your cock is so big.”

Calvin let out a smirk, “And it’s all yours.” Ashton smiled, and licked his lips as he went down on Calvin’s dick. He went down halfway and started sucking in. He could feel it against his cheeks, and licked every inch of it with his tongue. Every few seconds or so, he could take it all in, driving Calvin crazy.

Ashton was now ready for more. He stopped what he was doing and look over at Calvin, “I want you to fuck my mouth.” They both stood up, and after a quick kiss, Ashton got down on his knees. He placed Calvin’s cock back in his mouth, and Calvin started to thrust towards his face. Ashton opened wide, letting out his tongue. Calvin pumped his hips back and forth, letting his cock go all the way in an out of Ashton’s eager mouth. Ashton gagged with the first few strokes, but started to feel the rhythm. He leaned his head back a little, allowing the cock to go deeper inside. Streams of spit started to drip down Ashton’s mouth, and the sight of it turned Calvin on more. Calvin started thrusting faster, making Ashton’s spit fly all over the floor. He then placed his hands at the back of Ashton’s head, and using it to brace himself, started fucking his mouth even harder. Ashton closed his eyes as Calvin thrust harder and harder. Ashton felt Calvin’s ball tighten and knew that he was close. Just when he thought his lover was going to cum, Calvin quickly pulled out. His dick throbbed between his legs, wanting release.

Ashton caught his breath, “Why’d you stop?”

Calvin lifted him to his feet, “Because I want to fuck you.” Ashton let out a mischievous grin as Calvin pushed him on the bed. Ashton laid back with his knees pointed and spread, making room for Calvin. He knelt on the bed and slowly lifted Ashton’s knees. Calvin slowly lifted Ashton’s ass up so that it was right up against his lips. He looked at Ashton who had a slight nervousness on his face, then licked the interior of his ass from below his ball sack to the other end. Calvin could taste a slight saltiness and most of all, he could taste Ashton’s skin. He stuck his tongue out more and started to go a little deeper.

Ashton let out a quiver when he felt Calvin’s warm tongue inside his asshole, “Fuck.” Not wanting to break away, Calvin pushed the tip of his tongue inside the small opening of Ashton’s ass. He then starting licking all over, lubricating Ashton’s crack with his spit. He did so while looking up at Ashton who had closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He could tell by the swelling boner just above his forehead that his lover was being satisfied. Wanting more, he lifted his finger and stuck it in his mouth, coating it with fresh spit. Watching Ashton’s reacting, he slowly stuck it all the way in his hole.

Ashton let out a sigh “Damn. That feels so good” Ashton confidently responded, “Just wait ’til you feel me inside you.” He then starting fingering Ashton’s hole, going as far as he could then pulling all the way out. He saw that Ashton’s pink little hole grew darker from the fingering. Calvin went back to licking Ashton’s hole, seeing how good his tongue made him feel. Ashton’s was the fire ass he had ever eaten, and he could very well go on for hours. There was something about the taste that he couldn’t describe; he just knew that he loved it and he wanted to savor it with every lick. Ashton was getting wild on the other end, not being able to handle the feeling of a wet tongue on his most sensitive area. With Ashton’s hole slightly bigger, Calvin knew that he was ready. He stood up to his knees and gently placed Ashton’s ankles on his shoulders. He lifted his ass so that it was just touching the head of his dick. He teasingly ran the tip along his ass.

Ashton surprisingly grabbed Calvin’s wrist and demanded, “I’m ready. Fuck me now.” Knowing that this was Ashton’s first time and the he, himself had never been with anyone, he was ready to fuck him bareback. He lifted his hand and spat in his mouth, then spread it all over his dick which had turned red from throbbing. Keeping eye contact, he slowly inserted his penis into Ashton’s virgin hole. Ashton breathed harder as he felt the slight pain rush all over his body.

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Part 1

My name is Nick, and at 6″2″ I’m fairly tall for an Asian guy. It’s probably why people sometimes think I’m Samoan or something like that, especially with my brown skin. I don’t have much hair. I’m very smooth — even my pits have very little hair.

I played football with my buddies in high school, and girls flirted with me. I even went out with this one girl, but that didn’t get too far…or I should say I didn’t let it get too far. I spent more time with my buddies partying and getting stoned or drinking when we had beer — and when girls made advances, I’d be too high or too drunk to do anything. Most girls were into the white jocks anyway. Out in public I was very outgoing, but when it came to sex and being naked with another person, I was very shy. I even rarely showered in the locker room after games and practice, knowing how I measured up to other guys. Since the first time I realized my shortcomings, I never wanted anyone else to know.

When graduation came along, most everyone went away to college or moved out to the city. I decided to stay, take some time off and work to save money. My adoptive parents didn’t like my decision, but I wanted to do something on my own. I fell out of touch with people from high school, and it wasn’t until recently that something happened in my life that got me reconnected, in a way.

It was hard to find a job in my little town, but with my build, I got into construction. After a several years of working, I finally decided to enroll into a city college. After finishing with an AA degree, I got accepted into a local university as a junior. I still work construction, but I have enough money that I don’t have to work full time.

At 30, I am much older than the average college student, as many of my classmates are at least a decade younger. With work and school I barely have time to do anything. I’ve kept in pretty decent shape over the years and thought of signing up for football again, but I decided to focus on my studies to get good grades and finally get a degree. It was in one of my classes last spring that I first got a glimpse of Matt.

Matt was the TA in my biology class. I normally kept to myself, quieter in my classes than I used to be in high school. I hated drawing attention to myself, but I’m not hard to miss. I’m tall, big and muscular. I kept having this feeling like I was being stared at, and finally, one day I caught Matt staring at me. Matt had these deep penetrating green eyes that gave you a feeling of being a deer caught in headlights.

Matt himself is not that imposing – about 5’8, maybe 160 lbs., dark hair with thick eyebrows and a scruffy face. He was slight and average looking white dude, but there was something about him that I could not shake off. I caught him staring several times more throughout the semester. I guess I could have said something, made an appointment and pretended I had some question about the class readings, just to size him out and see what’s up, but I thought maybe some things are better left alone. It wasn’t until the next fall when I was looking for another roommate that I got the chance to find out what Matt was staring at me for.

That day, opening the door to find Matt standing there was a big surprise. It took me a while to say anything. I kept looking into his eyes. His eyes, meanwhile, went from my eyes to my chest. I was just wearing a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts. How was this little guy making me feel all dumb?

Finally he broke the ice. “Hey…you’re Nick from Bio class last semester.” For a little guy, he sure had a deep voice.

“That would be me. You’re Matt, right – the TA? Here for the apartment?” I asked, although I knew it was a stupid thing to say. After all, he was the only TA and our class was pretty small. I asked him in, holding the door open for him.

“Yea, good to see you. Wow, I didn’t expect this at all,” he said as he walked past me. It was a hot day, and I could smell his musky scent. It was mixed in with some kind of deodorant.

“Yea good to see you too. Welcome.” I gave him a tour of the apartment. It’s a two-bedroom, one bath apartment with a good size kitchen. The living room is a little too crowded with big furniture, but what can I say? I’m a big guy and I like a big couch!

After the tour, I asked him to sit down. It was hard to ignore his scent, but I did my best. He explained that he was looking for a quiet apartment off-campus as the dorm next to him had become filled with loud undergrads.

“Undergrads are being moved there because the building they were on is under construction.”

“Oh, Conway Hall? Yea I work there.”

“I think I see you there sometimes. I can see the site from my window.” I guess if I was a girl, this dude might have crept me out, but I didn’t really think that. I just felt a strange feeling deep within me, like I was excited that he would pay attention to me.

He stared at my chest again, and I felt compelled to show off. I flexed my pecs a little bit, making them stick out. He kept sneaking looks. I looked across to him and noticed the thick chest hairs coming out from the top of his white undershirt.

“I gotta tell you something,” he started. It seemed like he was gonna say he wasn’t interested in the apartment at all, and my heart missed a beat. “You remember a guy named Jason Simmons?

“Yea, he was a good friend in high school. How do you know him?”

“I’m his little brother. Do you remember me?”

“What? For real?” I was puzzled for a moment and then started to remember. Jason was the guy who could somehow find pot and alcohol for us. He had a little brother that was a few years younger. He was such a little guy, especially compared to Jason, that we called him Lil Matt. Not the most insulting thing a teenage boy could call his little brother, but somehow it made Matt always pissed off.

“Yea. You guys used to tease me a lot so I just stayed out of your way for the most part.”

“I can’t believe you never said anything. You knew me all along! I smiled. So that’s why he stared at me so much. And now here he is in my couch, bathing my nose with his scent.

“Lil Matt, hehe. I didn’t recognize you. You have all that hair on your face.” He blushed a little, brushing his beard with the palm of his hand.

“Whatever happened to Jason? We lost touch after high school.”

“He joined the army. And after his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, he became a tech salesman. He travels around Europe and the Middle East these days.”

“I see. Yea those days were fun. Sorry we tortured you so much.”

He cracked a smile. “No it’s cool. That was a long time ago I guess. But, yea my friends and I were so scared of you. The Big Samoan guy.”

“Haha. Lil dork. I’m Filipino…Well, Chinese and Filipino.” I joked, but then felt awkward for having said it. “You’re not as little as you used to be,” I told him. “You’ve grown a bit.”

“Yea? Well, you’re still pretty big, maybe even bigger. You’ve filled out even more.” If I wasn’t so dark brown, he might have seen me blush. “I gotta say though, you seem more mature, quieter that I remember you to be.”

I felt proud when he complimented me on my size. “You too man, you filled out a little bit, a little taller. You look a little bit like Jason, but just a different build.”

“Nah. We look nothing alike. Jason is more like my mom. I’m more like my dad.”

He was interested in the apartment and I decided it would be cool to live with Matt. A few weeks later, he moved in. Other than a bunch of books, a desk, clothes and a bed, he didn’t have much else. The move was quick. What I thought was Matt’s scent from sweating that day he came to see the apartment I quickly realized was a scent he always has. Musky, mixed with deodorant. I barely have any scent, and so the apartment began to smell like him.

For the first couple of months we lived together, Matt brought home his girlfriend, Brianna, most weekends. She was some nice girl with long blonde hair, big tits, and she was a little thick; not fat, but just thick. I couldn’t figure out what they had in common. She seemed as dumb as me, while he was someone on his way to a medical degree. She probably had a clue though. I remember one night, we were all sitting around drinking beer and Brianna was a bit tipsy. She asked me if I was dating.

I said, “No, not right now. I get so busy with work and school, hardly any time for any extra curricular stuff you know.”

“Matt finds the time,” she giggled. “I know,” I thought to myself. I hear her screaming every time they fucked.

“How did you guys meet anyway? “

“Oh we met online,” Matt interjected.

“Yea…”she giggled and said, “He likes big boobs!” She then scooped up her boobs from under and shook them. I looked over at Matt to see his reaction, but he was looking straight at my chest, instead. Once again, I was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts, which is what I normally wear at home. I felt weird.

“I don’t know. I think he’s a player. He makes time for boobs but not much else,” she teases.

“No, no. I swear I’m not a player. I’m too busy for that,” he nervously chuckled, looking up, meeting my gaze.

When they broke up not too long after that night, I saw more and more of Matt. Sometimes he’d have some of his nerdy friends over, or my coworkers from the construction site, and we’d all just sit around eat and drink some beer. Or sometimes we play some video games. Matt wasn’t exactly the sporty type but we did play some basketball on weeknights after school or work. I might be big but I’m still pretty fast. I beat his ass all the time. He moved a little awkward on the courts, like he doesn’t feel the rhythm of the ball. He was never a sore loser though, like his big brother Jason.

One Friday night after dinner, we were relaxing in front of the TV drinking some beer. I had a big wound in my rib from a fall at work, but I played ball with Matt anyway, just before we came home.

I was on the couch as usual, and he was sitting in an armchair. Playing ball with Matt means a lot of body contact and his scent was still all over me. We both didn’t shower; it seemed neither one of us minded, although I guess I should have showered, and cleaned my wound.

“Well…you beat me again. One of these days I’m taking you down.”

“It’s cool man. You have some good moves. Someday you’ll win. At least you don’t whine like Jason when you lose.”

He looked over to me, at my chest again. This time, it wasnÕt the ogling I usually get from him. He had a bit of a concerned look on his face.

“Hey, champ, your bleeding.”

I looked down and sure enough blood had seeped through my wife beater.

“What happened? Let me see,” he said, getting up and walking over to me.

He hiked up my shirt and peeled off the bloody bandage I had on it.

“I fell on a rebar that was sticking out the side of a wall.”

“Doesn’t look too bad,” he said. He got up, got a medical kit from the bathroom, then came back and sat next to me.

“I was hoping I had to perform surgery,” he joked, and made me smile. “I wanted to really get in there.”

The wound was close to my chest, and I had to raise my arm so he could get to it. I noticed him give my pits a quick glance. I hoped I didn’t stink.

As he tended to my wound, I couldn’t help notice how warm his hands here. I tried to keep still, but with him so close to me like that I couldn’t help but be a little uncomfortable. I wished he’d hurry, but the more he touched me, the more I wanted him to continue. His touch felt so nice, so delicate that it gave me goose bumps, and sure enough, my nipples got hard.

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As he tended to my wound, I couldn’t help notice how warm his hands here. I tried to keep still, but with him so close to me like that I couldn’t help but be a little uncomfortable. I wished he’d hurry, but the more he touched me, the more I wanted him to continue. His touch felt so nice, so delicate that it gave me goose bumps, and sure enough, my nipples got hard…

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend? You always had girlfriends in high school. Don’t girls like big dudes like you?” he asked, re-wrapping the wound and finally taping it up.

“Nah man, not that again. Like I said, I just have too much work and school. I just wanna focus on that right now.”

“Dude, its Friday night, every undergrad in the world is out drinking and trying to score. You should go out there man. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow I’d go with you.”

“I have to work tomorrow too.”

As he pulled his hands away from chest, he accidentally brushed up against my nipple. It made me jump a little, and I hoped he didn’t notice.

But he moved back closer to me and knelt down. This was a little too close. I could smell his scent even stronger now. He raised his arms and placed his hands on each muscle and squeezed. The sudden whiff of his pungent armpits and the feeling of his hands on my chest gave me a jolt that I could only jump up in a knee-jerk reaction. I gasped. I was pretty sure my cock jumped a little bit too. I was just glad I wore tight bikini briefs as usual.

“What the hell!”

Matt laughed. “Sorry, sorry. Sit back down!”

“What are you doing!”

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, and I know this sounds weird, but your chest is awesome. I wanna feel ‘em while you flex.”

I was growing more and more uncomfortable. “Little twerp, you could’ve asked first. You’re just screwing with me. You held my pecs like you were cupping tits!”

He laughed even more. “Sorry. Just relax, I’m not screwing with you I promise. Now I need you to flex. I’m curious that’s all. All I ever get to observe are cadavers in school — no live muscles there.”

Reluctantly, I sat back down. “Fine, make it quick, homo.” I wasn’t sure if he was making all this up or if he’s up to something else, but I did it anyway. I flexed my chest.

Matt stopped laughing. I took a deep breath to calm myself down. He placed his hands on my chest again and squeezed.

“Wow,” he murmured to himself.

“Wow what?”

“Nothing. They’re just so hard, so big!” He kept his hands on my chest. “Now, release the muscles. No more flexing.” I did as he said. This time he didn’t squeeze, just a light cupping.

“Don’t cup ‘em! I’m not one of your hos!”

“Hey now…Brianna liked me doin’ that. Take your shirt off completely”

“What? No! Take off yours” I protested.

He stood up and took off his shirt. “There! Happy?” I looked up. I don’t think I ever seen anyone with a hairier chest – thick and dark curls swirled against his pale skin. He smelled very musky and sweaty…just a hint of his deodorant left. He smelled like a man. How did he go from a little geeky teen to this? Even his body was bigger than I thought it would be. I guess he wears shirts that are too big. I hadn’t really noticed.

At eye level, the band of his underwear rode up above his shorts; his hair disappeared inside. I couldn’t help but look at his bulge.

“Come on! Just take ‘em off,” he insisted, bent down and grabbed my shirt from the sides and pulled it off. Damn his scent was really getting to me.

“Dude I haven’t showered,” I said.

“So? You think I have? Besides, you never smell…not like me anyway. Even when you’re just getting home from work, I never notice. You might be a little sweaty, but I don’t smell anything.”

“I don’t stink?” I took my tank top off. As I raised my arms, he saw my pits.

“Wow…were like total opposites. You don’t even have hair there. All smooth.” He licked his lips for a brief moment.

I wanted to say something to defend myself, but couldn’t think of anything. This was all a little too much. He threw my shirt across the room. “You’re chest is all smooth. You’re smooth everywhere.” He ran his hands all over. In a way, they felt nice — I liked all the attention he was giving me, but deep inside I felt this was wrong, like I was being molested.

Although he avoided touching them, my nipples were very hard. What’s more was that my dick got hard too. I was so horny, and wished I could just walk away; this was embarrassing. But if I did walk away he would see that I had gotten a boner. I arched my back and hunched over to hide my crotch a little more. I felt weak, like I had a fever. Fuck I was so horny.

“Alright man…can you hand me my shirt?” I asked, signaling for all this to stop, but Matt didn’t appear to be listening. He continued feeling up my chest. It felt so good I was torn between telling him to stop and letting him continue. In any case, I was in a tough place. I had to let him continue until he left me alone to get my shirt.

“You’re skin is so soft,” he said in a whisper.

“Dude, hand me my shirt now,” I said, but I was out of breath, gasping for air. Damn, what is this little guy doing to me? I’ve been real horny before but never to the point that I can barely talk. His hands, at first quickly squeezing and feeling the contours of my chest like a doctor would, had slowed down, taking their sweet time in each area.

Finally, his palms withdrew and I could only feel his fingers. I thought he was about to stop when suddenly I felt his fingers clamp down at the base of my nipples and caressed each nub with a pointer finger. I gasped, and my whole body shook, every muscle flexed and tightened. That made me almost cum.

I couldn’t stay in that position anymore and found no other choice but to jump out of the couch real fast so Matt wouldn’t see my boner tenting up my shorts. But when I got up, I accidentally knocked him over, and tripped on his legs. I fell flat on my back. Too late. Not only was I tenting, there was a wet spot right on it, and when I looked over to Matt, he was staring right at it.

“Whoa,” he muttered. If my skin weren’t so brown, he would have seen my cheeks go red. I tried to get up even though my back was in some pain, but he put a hand on my chest to keep me down. “No, no, no.” he whispered. “Stay.”

His other hand wandered down from my chest, to my stomach, then below the waistband of my shorts, and finally put a finger to the little tent. I was alarmed and grabbed his wrist. “What are you doing?”

“Shh. just calm down.” He rubbed one of my nipples softly while holding me down with his other hand. I gasped. I could have just pushed him off, but somehow I didn’t.

“Stop, Matt,” I pled, but somehow whatever I said or did I did weakly. Did I want Matt to continue doing whatever he was doing? What’s gonna happen if I let him? Is he going to screw with me? I thought maybe he wanted to humiliate me, get back at me for how his brother and I treated him when we were young, but this seemed unlikely. A lot of time had passed since then, and he seemed like a pretty well put together kind of guy. Whatever the situation, I didn’t really want this to be happening!

“Just lay still,” he said. “Trust me.” I didn’t know if I could. He pulled down the waistband of my shorts while I tried desperately to hang on to them. “Wow, you wear this kind?” he asked, referring to my bikini briefs. “I wouldn’t be able to wear these. But these are perfect for you.” I didn’t say anything. Bikini briefs make me feel comfortable; I’ve always worn them since I was a kid. But why are we even talking about this?

He fondled my dickhead, again with just a finger. “You’re so hard. You like me feeling you, huh?” I continued to not say anything. Slowly, he grabbed my brief’s elastic band and pulled down.

“No, no, no!” I whispered; I was desperate but he kept going, pulling the band up over my hard dick.

“It’s…small,” I said, as if to warn him, to spare myself the added humiliation of him discovering my secret, but I don’t think it even mattered. “Damn!” he exclaimed under his breath.


“Nothing…I mean, wow. I never thought that it would be this small. Even your balls are small…and you’re such a big guy!” With him saying that, there was nothing more for me to try and resist. What I feared the most had come and I was fucking humiliated. He pulled my briefs and my shorts all the way down. I don’t remember feeling as naked as I did, I could feel the air caress my whole body. I felt my balls tighten up even more.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“What about Jason?” He smirked.

“No, please don’t. He doesn’t know about me. Why would he?”

“Come on, I’m sure he does…haven’t you guys ever showered and changed in the locker room together?” I turned my head away and didn’t say anymore. I never showered in the locker room; and if I changed, I only changed my shirt and pants.

“Hey Nick…look at me?” he uttered, shaking me, pinching my nipple and making me gasp again. I didn’t answer him, but I started to get up. He pushed me down again and said, “I won’t tell.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Just don’t get up yet. I like you like this.” With that, he ran his hands all over my body, softly, almost like a caress.

“You’re so smooth, the only hair you have is your pubes…but even that isn’t much.” He moved down my crotch and cupped my dick and my balls in one hand, hiding them from view. “Damn, you’re still so hard.” He looked at me in the eyes and came even closer, positioning his body between my legs, making them spread wider. My hole felt a little exposed, feeling a breeze as he moved up to my chest; his mouth clamped down on a nipple, and teased the other with his fingers. I moaned. I play with my nipples sometimes when I jack off but I never imagined someone else’s touch could make me feel like this. I was spread out and pinned on my own living room floor. I breathed in, inflating my chest more, and my moans turned into short gasps. He kept going, but his touch slowed down; his tongue moved slowly over my nipple, like licking them like you would a wound. This must be how Brianna felt each time Matt played with her big tits. Damn, I don’t wanna be the woman in this equation.

“I…can’t do this,” I said, and tried to get up again.

“Yes, you can.” Matt placed a hand on my side, and brushed the skin lightly, almost as if he was trying to soothe me. “Just relax.” He grabbed my hands and placed them on his shoulders. Despite his hairy front, his shoulders were relatively smooth and soft to the touch. I caressed him; his skin was so warm. I continued feeling him past the shoulders, slowly down his back. I wanted to reach down further when I started to feel the hairs on his lower back but he started to get up. He grabbed my hands again and gently put me in a sitting position while he continued to stand up.

His crotch was now just below eye level. “Come closer,” he said, holding the back of my head, and pressing me forward. What the hell is this kid trying to do? But I couldn’t help but comply. He pressed until my nose was against his hairy belly and held me there, stroking my head. I could smell his sweat there, my chin brushing up against the band of his briefs. Then he guided my hands to go around him, around his ass, and embracing him. I moaned again. I couldn’t help myself.

Softly he pushed my head to go lower, until I was sniffing his shorts. I could smell him so strongly I don’t think he had washed them in a while — he always wear them when we go shoot some hoops. I felt his bulge in my face. It was then that I realized I had been so hard, my balls were feeling so tight it almost hurt. I tried to feel for his dick head, but I just couldn’t tell where it was.

“Take ‘em off.”


“Take my shorts off.” I thought for a little bit; I wasn’t sure if I should. If there was any moment that I could have really turned away, got up and went to my room, this was it. But I thought, “What the hell?” I can’t hide forever. I reached for his shorts and underwear, feeling the thin waistband. I was about to pull ‘em down when he stopped me.

He smiled. “Just the shorts for now…not my briefs.” He held my wrists and pushed them down to his thighs. Then he touched my lips and looked into my eyes without saying anything. He just kept looking and rubbing a finger on my lips.

I finally understood. “You promise you won’t tell nobody?”

“I promise, I promise,” he replied. For a moment, it brought me back to when he was just a little junior high nerd, his voice just starting to crack, transforming. I never had that big change.

I slowly opened my mouth. “Yeah, that’s it” he nodded, encouraging me to do it. Shit. I didn’t know why I was doing this, especially with Jason’s little brother, but there I was, biting down on that waistband and pulling it down. This was so humiliating, but I couldn’t even think of what would happen next. My mind was only on what was happening right then. And right then I was staring at the biggest bulge I had ever seen and it was getting bigger each second. And no wonder I couldn’t feel his dickhead…it was all the way past his hip!

I couldn’t resist anymore. He wore white boxer-briefs, grayed from wear, and yellowed with stains. He grabbed my head and pulled me to his crotch. Fuck…I could feel the warmth of his dick; his scent was making my head spin. I should be fuckin’ disgusted but the smell of his ball sweat, dry piss and ripe dick was making me quiver from inside. I couldn’t get enough of him. His dick was getting swollen, getting hard. I felt it expanding against my cheeks, getting longer and extending away from his body. It extended so much that it pushed out his underwear too, the thick band pulling away until I could see inside and a warm ripe odor wafted out. He held my head by my ears and rubbed his crotch all over my face.

Fuck! How could I let this kid do this to me!

“Ok…you can take ‘em off now,” he said, gently combing his fingers through my hair. “You can use your hands this time.” Slowly I pulled his briefs down, and it took some time until his dick fully came into view. When it did, it snapped and hit me on the face, leaving a trail of dick slime across my jaw. It surprised me a little bit. It was so freaking big! Long and thick with throbbing veins leading up a curve to the uncut dick head; the slit was peaking out. The bigger the head got, the more the foreskin unfolded. It was slimy and reeked of ripe dick. The heat coming from it made me hot all over, if I wasn’t hot enough already. I held it in my hands — I had to touch it. It was heavy, and the skin was soft; I pulled it down so the head would be completely free. As the skin peeled back, the more I got of that dick scent.

He pulled my hands back around his ass. “Just use your nose and lips, nothing else.”

I thought he meant I could use my mouth, and so when I opened up to take the head in, he corrected me. “Uh-uh,” he said, and forced me to close up. “I said, ‘just your nose and your lips’.” He paused. He must have sensed the great discomfort I felt, the awkwardness of the situation. “Don’t worry, you’re doing real good, man.”

I pressed my nose on the head, smelling the ripe slime that gave it sheen. I followed the length down its major curve to the base of his dick until my face was covered in his pubes and breathed in the concentration of musk. Fuck I couldn’t believe this.

I moved down to his balls. They too were very large, and very ripe from sweating at the courts earlier. He pulled me away and held my face in one hand, grabbed his dick with the other, and wiped my face with it. His dick warmed my cheeks. I had been squatting down and didn’t realize that I had moved so close to him that my hole was just above his left foot until I felt his big toe rubbing my asslips. I was shocked — I never felt anything like that before; but then he reached down and played with my nipples again, slowly raked the nubs and made me quiver.

“Ok…you can use your mouth now, but just on the head,” he said, raising my chin, looking into my eyes. I opened my mouth without gazing away from his face. He smiled, and his dick head slipped in. It was tangy and a little salty. I sucked on it and heard him groan.

“Oh, yea. That’s how you do it, man. I didn’t think you would actually do it. Keep going.”

His toe on my hole was opening a part of me that I didn’t know I had — I wanted it to keep going, deep into me. As he kept rubbing, I rubbed back. With his toes on my hole, his hands on my nips, and his dick in my mouth, an orgasm was building up inside me. I started to moan, sucked his dick a little faster, and slurped on that fat head with drool dripping down my chin. I was beyond embarrassed and humiliated by that point. I wanted it and I needed to cum so bad.

“Whoa there, Champ. Slow down.” But it was too late. A final stab to my hole with his toe did me in; cum erupted from dick hitting my chest and dripped down. I moaned — in a way that was louder than I ever thought I could get from cumming. Even more came out that drenched my own dick and balls, trickled down to my hole where his toe was spreading it around the lips.

“Damn, dude. I said slow down. Look what happened. Shit…I think you came from sitting on my toe,” he chuckled. “You didn’t even touch your dick.”

I motioned to get up and leave, but once again he stopped me. The feeling of being humiliated was back. “No, we’re not done yet, bro.” That was true, I wanted more. My dick was still hard. It didn’t go down at all. But I felt that leaving right then would spare me from more embarrassing shit.

He sat back on the armchair while pulling me up. He tapped on his thighs, telling me exactly what he wanted. “I’m too heavy,” I said. He didn’t pay me any mind, and said, “Just come on up man.” Fuck. What the hell? After doing everything that I had already done, what was one more thing?

Awkwardly, I got up on the chair. He wanted me to face him. I must have looked like an idiot trying to balance myself as I got up to sit on his lap. But the only way to do that was to let my legs dangle over the arms or squat over him, leaving my smooth thighs wide open, letting him a close up view of my dick and balls. I decided to squat. His dick was right beside mine, thrusting into the air with that curve. I felt its size next to mine; his dick was so warm. With a thumb and a finger, he lightly and softly stroked my dick from the head down to the base. He looked into my eyes, then down to our cocks

“How small is your dick?” he asked.

“Dude, don’t start.”

“Have you ever measured it?”

“Stop it. Stop talking about it.” I tried wiggling out.

“Fine, but don’t move, Champ.” He continued stroking. “Wanna see how I jack off?”

I nodded. He grabbed his dick with both hands. “That’s how. Wanna try it?” I grabbed his cock with both hands. Damn, it just felt unreal. “Up and down.”

I stroked it. I couldn’t get over the hefty size, thick veins pumped up with blood. I squeezed.

“It’s big, huh, champ?” he said with a smirk. I didn’t reply.

Then he asked, “Why don’t you grab your dick too and jack us off together?” I hesitated; it was more of a command than a request, but I wanted to do it, to feel his dick against mine. When I held my dick against his, the heat surprised me a little bit; it made my hole so hot, it made me jump a little bit. I could feel just how small my dick was.

“We are complete opposites,” he said, slowly sliding his dick up and down against mine. “How does it feel champ?” Except for my moans, I kept quiet. There wasn’t anything I could say.

“Come on, talk to me”

“Your dick is so big, Matt,” I said finally. He smiled, a very confident smile.

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