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I remember the first time I tried it. Some of the black guys had been with had wanted to but I’d never wanted to before. Of course, that was what was great about Ben. He’d brought out a whole new side to my sexuality. He’d made me realise I was born to be a white man’s fuck-toy. I’m a 25 year old British black girl of Jamaican descent. My boyfriend, 30 year old Ben, is white British.

Ben was waiting in bed for me as I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. “Honey,” he called out from the bedroom “could you bring me a glass of water please?”

“Yeah, OK!” I shouted back. When I’d finished I crept downstairs to the kitchen, poured him a glass of water and made my way back upstairs. As I stepped into the bedroom, barefoot and wearing nothing but a short, silky pink negligee, I tripped up and spilled some of the water. Ben sat bolt upright in bed.

“I think, young lady, that you’d better get that mopped up immediately!” he snapped.

“Of course.” I answered. and headed to the bathroom for a cloth. I went slowly, my heart racing, knowing that this was the start of some kinky fun. I had no idea, though, just what was going to happen!

When I arrived back, Ben was standing by the bed, naked and with a huge erection. I began to shake in anticipation knowing that he was about to do something fun! I knelt down and began wiping the spilt water up with the cloth. When I had finished, Ben gave a fake cough.

“Now,” he said, sternly “bend over the bed!” I did as i was told and walked over to the bed, leaning forward over it and spreading my legs apart. That way, I was giving him easy access to my pussy, offering it to him on a plate.

I felt Ben walk up behind me. Everything went still and silent for a moment, then there was a searing crack as Ben slapped my arse. It took a second or two for the feeling to sink in, and when it did I gave a little cry of surprise and delight.

“What do you think I should do with you now then?” he asked. I struggled to answer through my heavy breathing. My heart was pounding!

“Please fuck me!” I gasped. Ben chuckled.

“You’d like that, would you?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me please!”

“I dunno, I might just have to not fuck you as punishment!”

“No, please fuck me!” I cried in desperation “I want to feel that white cock of yours inside me!”

Ben grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me towards him, standing me up. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear;

“Take this silly little negligee off then and get on your back!” Again, I did as I was told. I turned to face him, and slipped one shoulder out of my negligee, then the other, and let it simply fall to the floor. I then climbed onto the bed and lay on my back, with my legs apart. Ben climbed on after me and lay over me, between my legs, and began kissing my lips and neck. I began to feel my pussy moisten, and as Ben ran his hands all over my body, tweaking my nipples and caressing my thighs, the juices were actually dripping from my pussy and down my arse.

Ben began to rub his dick along the length of my pussy, and I began to breathe heavily, anticipating his thick, white cock sliding into my tight black hole and stretching it……….

With a single powerful thrust, Ben buried his cock balls deep into my arse! I yelped in a mixture of pain and surprise and almost jumped up! I looked at Ben’s face to check if he knew what he’d done, but he just smiled and winked! “You said you wanted my cock inside you,” he laughed “well now it is!”

I lay there in a slight state of shock as he slid his heavenly member in and out of my hole, and as the initial pain subsided, an overwhelming sense of pleasure overtook me. Here was Ben, I thought, penetrating me in such a way as to dominate me even more than ever before! My pussy was well and truly gushing now, lubricating Ben’s cock as it stretched my arsehole.

Because of the position we were in, we could make eye contact. Ben never looked away from me, enjoying every second of watching my face as he sodomised me. He kept it nice and slow, with a rhythm that only slightly sped up as he approached orgasm. He’d pull his cock almost all the way out of me before plunging it back in again.As I saw in Ben’s face that he was close to the edge, I felt my own orgasm drawing near. Ben winked at me again and placed his thumb on my clit, rubbing frantically to encourage me to cum.

As the feeling of euphoria tore through me, Ben plunged his dick deep into my arsehole with a last almighty thrust, and shouted “Oh, shit, I’m going to cum inside your arse!” He let out a satisfied grunt. I could feel his cock twitching as it spilled its seed deep into my bowels. We both lay there, in the throes of orgasm, and as they subsided, Ben gave a little shake to spray the last few drops of sperm into me. He pulled his cock out of me and came up to give me a kiss. I could feel his warm, sticky sperm dribble out of my well used butt as I turned to kiss and cuddle him.

“I love you.” I said, breathlessly. “And I could definitely do that again!” Ben grinned.

“I plan to!” he said.

“I don’t know what the fuck the problem is with you two,” Chief Hiller exclaimed.

“Chief…” Alex started

“I’m not done talking Lundz,” he shot back, “you two were the only ones who failed the gun qualifications. And guess what the two of you are in my duty section. And I don’t care if you have six months or six years left in the Navy I’m not going to let that happen. We’re short on qualified people. Do you understand?”

“Yes Chief,” Alex replied.

“Yes Chief,” Airman Furlong replied.

“Now tomorrow at zero eight hundred you and dingleberry are going with G-4 to re-qualify. And god help you if you fail! Is that understood?”

“Yes chief,” they both replied in unison.

“Which one of us is dingleberry,” Furlong asked in a snide tone.

“I’ll let the two of you figure that out. Now get out!”

They both looked at each other and walked out of the office. They didn’t say anything to each other until they left the shop and walked onto the mess decks.

“What an ass,” Furlong let out.

“Seems that way,” Alex replied.

“I don’t like him,” Furlong said.

“Neither do I,” Alex laughed.

They quickly parted ways and Alex walked down to her berthing. She felt like an idiot not being able to get qualified on the M-16. Chief Hiller even made a reference to her short time left in the Navy. She thought she could skate by the last few months she had left. Yet the Navy made it difficult for her to do that. But then again she had issues getting respirator qualified. It took her three times to do that. She’d been hunting a few times and didn’t have a problem handling a rifle in her younger years, but she couldn’t figure out why she did as poorly as she did. She made it to her rack and exhaled. She still smelled like the gun range. She quickly stripped off her uniform and wandered to the head and took a shower. She rinsed off quickly and returned to her rack. She changed into a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a Ke$ha shirt. She wandered back to the mess decks and ate. She dumped her tray and was about to walk back to her berthing when she saw Jamie sitting with a female third class petty officer.

“Alex,” Jamie let out.

“Hey,” Alex replied as she sat down next to the other woman.

The woman gave Alex a skeptical look.

“How have you been,” Alex asked.

“Good,” Jamie replied.

Alex and Jamie hadn’t said much since their hotel encounter. Jamie did break up with her fiancé, but she grew distant from Alex. Alex wanted to be with her more but it never materialized. Jamie was no longer in weapons department; she’d been promptly transferred to AIMD shortly after their encounter. Aside from seeing each other in the berthing they didn’t see each other that often.

“Oh,” Jamie let out, “this is Megan Eady.”

Alex smiled at her and looked her over. She had blonde hair in a similar bob cut that she had. But she looked very plain. She wasn’t wearing make-up and her top lip was kind of strange looking.

“Nice to meet you,” Alex let out.

“Same here,” Megan replied in a snide tone.

Alex wanted to punch her.

“I have to get back to work,” Megan said as she stood up.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Jamie let out.

“Yeah,” Megan smiled as she walked away.

“The girl can eat pussy,” Jamie said quietly with a smile on her face.

“I’m sure,” Alex replied, “I can’t believe you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’ve barely talked to me,” Alex replied, “I thought we you know….”

“I don’t know,” Jamie replied, “I just don’t think we mesh well.”

“Mesh,” Alex laughed.

“Sorry,” Jamie shot back.

Alex reached out for Jamie’s hand on the table but she retracted it.

“What’s your friend’s rate?”

“Aviation Boatswain’s Mate,” Jamie replied, “she’s in air department. We met a few weeks ago, at the base pizza parlor. I was playing an arcade game and she walked up to me. And you know….”

“I better get going,” Alex said.

“I need your help,” Jamie admitted.

“With what,” Alex asked.

Alex was ready to leave; she was tired of Cindy’s rambling about how much she was in love with ABH3 Megan Eady. Alex was the one who helped her become a lesbian and realize what she was and for her to discard her and take up with that stupid dyke wasn’t very kind.

“I talked to Cindy,” Jamie said as Alex began to stand up.

Suddenly Alex leaned forward and her eyes opened wider.

“What did she say,” Alex asked excitedly.

“She wants to see you again,” Cindy replied.

“Are you serious,” Alex replied.

“One hundred percent,” Cindy smiled, “she said she felt awful leaving you in that hotel room in San Francisco.”

Alex had to risk it. She hadn’t told Cindy about that incident. She must be telling the truth.

“Where is she,” Alex asked.

“Still on the east coast,” Cindy shot back, “we talked last week. I mentioned I met you and she told me about what all you did. If you help me I’ll give you her phone number. She said you could call anytime. She’s not going out to sea for a while.”

Alex pondered the deal quickly. She had to take the risk. She wanted to be with Cindy again, even if only for one night.

“Okay,” Alex replied, “you have a deal.”

“Thank you so much,” Jamie replied.

They both got up from the table and walked back to their berthing. Cindy went over her crazy plan. It involved Alex waiting in Emmitt’s hotel room until he got back. He would be drunk and Alex would have sex with him. And at the right time Jamie would barge in and find them together. It was a pretty stupid plan. Even Alex, with her below average intelligence could see that it was a pretty dumb to begin with. But Cindy wanted Alex to dress very provocatively, something that would get his heart racing. Alex agreed and thought up a good idea for what she should wear.

The next day Alex went with G-4 in the duty van and went to the gun range. It was a Thursday. All she could think about was Saturday night and what she was going to do with Cindy’s fiancé. For a few brief moments she was able to push it to the back of her mind. She listened to the safety brief. She all ready knew how the gun worked. So it wouldn’t be that difficult. She was one of the first people to shoot that day. She was happy to get it over quickly. And as quickly as it began, it was over. She looked over her target and realized she had passed the qualification. She handed it over to one of the people working the range. He was impressed with her shooting. The Chief running the gun shoot was impressed as well. Alex was back at the ship around 1400. She ended up back in the shop. She and Furlong were greeted by Chief Hiller as they made their way into the shop.

“Congratulations dingleberries,” he laughed.

“How did you know,” Furlong asked.

“Chief Cruz sent me a text,” he replied, “so be ready for Saturday. I’ll probably have you guys stand a late watch.”

“Yes Chief,” Furlong replied.

“Now go back to your magazines,” he laughed.

They followed his orders and found their way back to their respective magazines. Alex slept most of the afternoon. She was happy when muster was over.

Alex took the trolley downtown and found her way to Hustler of Hollywood. She hadn’t been there in a while, she couldn’t remember if she went back after the incident with Tyler. The odds of seeing him there would probably be very slim. She wandered around the store with a bit more confidence. She didn’t feel strange about trying to sneak something onto the ship. She looked around and tried on a pair of patent leather boots. The heel was flat and not pointed and when she put them on with her pants on they were barely noticeable. She decided to buy the boots but let the staff let her wear them around. She found a black choker and tried it on. She liked it. She paid for the boots and choker and left the store. She found her way to the mall and bought a pink bra from Macy’s. She liked her outfit and figured it would get him going. She disposed of the boot box and put her shoes in the Macy’s bag. She got back to the ship around seven.

It was early Friday afternoon when Jamie gave Alex the key to her fiancé’s room. She gave her further instructions. Alex told her what she had in mind for him. Jamie seemed pleased.

Alex was happy that the hotel was so close to base. She got there around six. She found the room quickly. She looked around and realized it was pretty small. She looked around the room and found Emmitt’s bag on the floor. She unzipped it and looked through it. Nothing that interested her was in the bag. She looked around some more and found a robe. She threw it on the bed and threw her bag next to it. She opened the curtains and looked out. She quickly stripped her clothes off while looking at the setting sun on San Diego. She looked through her bag and found the pink bra and slipped it on. She slid the boots on next. She shut the curtains and put the robe on. She finally put the choker on and sat on the bed. She turned the TV on and watched whatever was on. She was sitting on the bed for nearly 3 hours before she got a text from Jamie. She said they were on their way back. She turned the TV off.

“Shit,” Alex said to herself before taking the robe off.

She looked herself over in the mirror quickly. She smiled and jumped on the bed.

“I’m fucking ready,” she said quietly.

Emmitt walked back into the room and quickly looked himself over in the mirror. He felt the night went well, he sensed that Jamie would want to get back together again. He quickly washed his hands and picked up his cell phone. Alex heard part of a conversation. She couldn’t tell what he was talking about. She only made out a few words. As quickly as it had begun he hung up. He put his cell phone away and walked into the bedroom.

“Fuck,” he let out as he looked at the bed.

All he could see were a pair of legs in a pair of patent leather knee high boots. Alex was on her back her legs were crossed at the knee. He couldn’t see her face. He walked cautiously towards the bed. Suddenly Alex sat up and looked at him. She was only wearing a pink bra and the boots. She remained seated and couldn’t tell if she had on anything else.

“Hey,” she smiled.

“Who the fuck are you,” he said in an angered tone.

“A friend,” Alex replied.

“How did you get in here,” he asked.

“I have my ways,” she replied.

“What do you want,” he asked.

“What the fuck do you think,” she laughed.

She sat up some more and quickly spread her legs. He realized all she was wearing was the bra, boots, and a black choker around her neck. He looked down at her pussy. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t fuck her.

“You have to leave,” he said in a stern tone.

“I don’t think so,” Alex laughed as she finally got off the bed.

She walked up to him in an awkward fashion. He could tell that she hadn’t worn them for long. He took a step back towards the wall, but she kept pursuing him. He eventually hit the wall as Alex walked up to him. She kissed him quickly.

“You know you want me,” she smiled as she pulled away.

He couldn’t resist her much longer. She walked away and turned around. She bent over and spread her ass a bit.

“You want my white pussy,” she laughed while looking back at him.

He looked her over and bit his bottom lip. She stood upright and turned around. She slowly walked back to the bed and sat back down. She slid up the bed and spread he legs apart. Her pussy was in full view now. She motioned him to come closer with her right index finger.

“Wanna see my tits,” she asked.

He stood there motionless. Alex let out a smile and quickly reached into her bra and pulled out her breasts. They flopped out quickly. She quickly tweaked her nipples. They were erect; she quickly grabbed her breasts and let go.

“Come on,” she said, “fuck me with that big black dick!”

“I can’t,” he replied.

Alex realized he wasn’t drunk like Cindy said he would be. Maybe they didn’t drink at dinner. Alex realized this was going to be a bit harder than she thought. She had to do it somehow. Alex knew her body was sexy and people liked it. She walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Pretty please,” she begged in a childish voice as she pulled closer to him.

“No,” he exhaled, “I’m in love….”

“With me,” she asked as she inched her face closer to his.

“I’m not,” he replied.

“With who then,” she asked.

She slid closer to his face and kissed him on the lips. She slowly pushed her tongue into his mouth. He met her with resistance but gave up quickly.

“I can’t resist white pussy,” he laughed.

Alex slinked down the length of his body and squatted down by his crotch. She looked at his hip-hop clothing pants and smiled. She thought in her mind he was a typical black guy.

“I haven’t been with a black guy in a while,” Alex laughed as she undid Emmitt’s zipper.

“Careful,” Emmitt said as she gripped his flaccid penis.

“Quit being so fucking uptight,” she snapped back as she began to stroke the limp monster.

She spit in her hand and began to stroke it harder and harder. It took him a while to get to a full erection. He finally reached a full erection after nearly five minutes of stroking him. She looked it over and realized he was at least eleven inches! Alex looked up at him and noticed the strange look he had on his face. He did like it but didn’t want to show that he was enjoying it. She quickly put her mouth on the tip. She gingerly dug her teeth into the tip of it.

“Shit,” he let out.

“Did I hurt you,” asked as she pulled away from him.

“No,” he replied, “keep going.”

She complied and put her mouth on his large penis. She worked a few inches into her mouth, but couldn’t get more than three or four inches into her. Emmitt finally let go and undid his belt and let his pants hit the ground. She sucked on him for nearly ten minutes. He got light headed and pulled his penis out of her.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered.

“Yes,” she replied.

She quickly pulled of her bra and jumped on the bed. She spread her legs and smiled. He slowly inched his large penis into her vagina.

“Holy shit,” Alex laughed as his penis made it into her.

“You like that,” he asked.

“Fuck yeah,” she replied, “I love big black cock!”

He slid the length of his penis into her pussy. She looked up at him and kissed him. He pulled out of her slowly and slammed into her hard. He did this several times. Alex gripped his firm ass as he jammed his penis into her.

“What do the tattoos above your pussy mean,” he asked nearly out of breath.

“Slave,” Alex laughed.

“Really,” he replied.

“Yeah,” she smirked as he slammed back into her.

He fucked her harder and harder. He kissed her a few times. Alex went limp for a few seconds and let her head hang off the bed. She looked herself over in the mirror and smiled again.

“I want that,” Alex started.

“Want what,” he asked as he thrust into her.

“I want it in my ass!!”

“What,” he asked in perplexed tone.

“Fuck my ass,” she said as she gritted her teeth.

Alex pushed him off of her and stood up. She reached under the bed and pulled her bag out and routed through it furiously.

“What are you looking for,” he asked while standing up.

“Lube,” she laughed pulling out a bottle of it.

“You sure about this,” he asked.

“Fuck yeah,” she replied sternly.

She placed the lube on the nightstand. She jumped on the bed and got on all fours. Emmitt grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some of it on his penis. He worked it in good. He began to pour it on Alex’s asshole. But it dripped on her left buttcheek a little.

“Don’t,” Alex said as she looked back at him.

“It may hurt,” he replied in a cautious tone.

“Just go slow,” she laughed, “I’ve done anal before.”

“Okay,” he replied.

He guided his penis towards her asshole. He looked it over he placed his left hand on the small of her back. Alex shuddered as his penis grazed her ass. He slowly slid the tip in. Alex looked at herself in the mirror and bit her lower lip. She felt the familiar burning sensation of something entering her ass. She liked the feeling and knew it would get better with him entering her. Emmit kept a close eye on how he was doing.

“Uh,” Alex grunted as he slowly worked inside of her.

“You okay,” he asked.

“Keep going,” she replied as her hands clenched the comforter.

He complied and worked deeper into her. He never felt anything like this before. Her ass was tight and she was doing good handling his large penis. He noticed her head looking down on the bed. She quivered each time he reached deeper into her.

“Keep going,” she exhaled.

He complied. He reached forward with his right hand and grabbed the choker. He pulled it ever so slightly, leaving a little room for her to breath. He slowly inched into her as he pulled on the choker. Alex’s breathing became difficult and she attempted to swat his leg to signal him to stop. He complied and let go. He worked his hand back down her body. He looked down at her ass and realized her was nearly halfway in her.

“How big are you,” Alex grunted as he pushed into her.

“About eleven,” he exhaled, “I measured myself once.”

“OH,” she let out as he slid deeper into her.

“You okay,” he asked.

“Yeah,” she exhaled, “jam it in there.”

“You sure,” he asked.

“Yeah,” she laughed, “force it into my tight fuckhole!”

He gripped either side of her hips. She jutted her ass up a bit. He slid into her a bit more before finally thrusting the full length of his penis into her.

“FUCK,” she yelled out.

Emmitt was caught off guard. He pulled out a bit.

“Keep going,” she demanded.

He slowly pushed back into her. She twitched and quivered as he thrust into her.

“Oh fuck,” she let out.

He kept up and thrust in and out of her several times. He was worried he was hurting her but she seemed to enjoy it. He poured some more lube onto his penis and slid into her again.

“Wait,” Alex let out.


Alex slid off of his penis and flipped over on the bed. She gripped it and slid her mouth on it. She tasted herself on him. She looked up at him and smiled. She got off the bed and walked behind him and lay down on the bed. She spread her legs and he turned around. He looked down at her asshole. It looked nearly perfect again. He slid his huge penis back into her.

“YES,” she yelled out as he worked the length of his penis back into her.

She looked up at him as he continued to fuck her. She reached up and kissed him quickly. He leaned in and sucked on her right nipple. He kept furiously fucking her in the ass. Soon it felt natural and normal. He liked the feeling of her tight ass around his dick. She kissed him again. He looked down at her and smiled. She felt beads of sweat falling on her. She gripped his ass and pushed him deeper into her. She loved it when his hips collided with her ass. He quickly fingered her vagina. She kissed him again and noticed he didn’t look too good. His face contorted several times.

“I don’t feel too hot,” he let out.

“Gonna cum for me baby,” she asked in a babyish voice.

“Yeah,” he labored.

“In my mouth,” she smiled.

He pulled out and she sat up. She wrapped her mouth around his large penis. She got the tip in her mouth and stroked it two or three times. His seed surged out of his penis. It gagged her for a second but kept it in. He tasted very sour but wanted to swallow it. He pulled it out of her mouth for a second.

“Nice,” she said with a mouthful of semen

He looked down at her as she swallowed his entire load. She leaned forward and wrapped her mouth on it again. She dug her teeth in gently.

“Careful,” he exhaled.

“Got another one in you,” she asked in a babyish voice.

“I don’t think so,” he replied.

“Awwww,” she said in the same voice before she put her mouth on his penis.

Suddenly a flash of light illuminated the room.

“The fuck,” Emmitt let out as Alex continued to work his limp penis with her mouth.

At the direction of the host, each of us white males made his way to kneel in front of the woman he had brought to the party facing away from her naked form. As I walked down the line of stark-naked, splayed and open white women, I made sure to leer, at least quickly, at their opened thighs and to appreciate the beauty we had brought to sacrifice at the altar of black sexual superiority. The women seemed to anticipate all that was about to happen to them and the resultant erect nipples and obviously lubricated gashes that stared back at me made me aware of just how much these women wanted to experience both the humiliation of their current positions but also the magnificent black cocks that surely awaited each of them in the next brief spate of time. They knew no more than I about the rules of the games that the host had just called to order but it was easy to anticipate that their opened legs and gaping pussies were about to experience that which the party was ultimately assembled to accomplish.

At the commencement of the games, each male guest lined up in front of one of us white men and the same numbered woman behind us and ordered that man to be sure that his whore’s cunt was wet and ready for the black’s imminent entry.

Understanding that to be an instruction for us to orally stimulate our woman in order to facilitate easy accommodation, each of us turned and orally ministered to his lady’s open vulva until each pussy was sufficiently wet, lubricated and ready. I licked around Annie’s outer lips, ran my tongue in a circular motion over and over from the opening at the bottom of her slit to the protruding button that I knew was the seat of her sexual pleasure, continuing until I was visibly assured of the slippery wetness of her distended vaginal opening that glistened with its own lubrication and moisture in a manner I had never seen between Annie’s legs prior to this moment. When I was convinced that Annie was ready to accommodate the black cock behind me, I reversed my stance and indicated by nodding that I felt Annie was properly prepared.

As that task was completed for each of the white innocents, each similarly numbered white boy returned to his kneeling position facing the black man in front of him.

The man in front of me, using words to this effect, ordered, “Take my cock into your mouth and throat; massage it until it is rock hard and ready to pleasure your woman; do it right so that she can have the most pleasure possible from a cock so dramatically superior to your own! You do want her to have the best fuck ever, don’t you?”

He continued, “When you’re done sucking, boy, take my cock and put it right next to your whore’s cunt opening so I don’t have to work too hard to get it inside her.”

I sucked the magnificent cock before me to perfect rigidity, marveling at the swollen thickness of the shaft and thinking that he had one vein in that blackness that looked, but surely wasn’t, bigger than my white penis. As I watched in my periphery the height of the device on which my Annie sat (as the reader’s barber might adjust your height before a haircut) was adjusted upward so that the height of her vaginal opening perfectly met the height of the cock about to test her tightness, all of which was done for the comfort of the black man and none of it to accommodate my Annie. As some of the black men were taller than others, the height of each chair was likewise adjusted by use of the electric foot pedal located at its base so that the elevation of each white pussy was perfect for the entry of each black cock. Thus adjusted, each of the invaders was able to stand comfortably erect so that his well-muscled legs were not overtaxed by his coming efforts and each would have maximum thrusting power to use our women in what I anticipated would be the most violent manner.

While we readied the black cocks for our women and the seats were being adjusted, their ebony female counterparts were acting like cheerleaders for their men, encouraging each of their randy escorts to bang away at the gaping white pussies spread before them with impunity.

Calls such as “Fuck her good, baby!” and “Show the white bitches and their half-dicked boys why they’re here!” were common.

There was so much going on that it was hard to concentrate on each individually shouted message but most were of the same or similar ilk.

As I patiently awaited the imminent invasion, I was able to glance briefly back at my lovely wife. I was astonished by the look of serene excitement and obvious anticipation on Annie’s countenance. She did not seem embarrassed by the fact that her legs were secured apart at an angle closely approximating one hundred forty degrees, or that she was immodestly exposed to the black women and easily accessible to the black men. It was evident that all of the guests, the entertainment and hosts were enjoying the sights and sounds of these preparations enormously.

I took the beautiful ebony organ on which I had been sucking and placed it against the opening to my Annie’s vagina. The immediately noticeable contrasts of the skin coloring between my pale-skinned wife’s most private area and that of the blackness of the cock about to enter her were fascinating to me and oh-so beautiful in their own way. I could understand why, along with the “forbidden fruit” aspect of interracial sex, created much to our ultimate dismay by generations past of my white male predecessors, so many Caucasian women appeared ready to experience the joinder of their sexual parts to those of the black male population.

And so it would now be with my Annie and this unknown black aggressor, who pushed the swollen head of his sexual weapon slowly inside her waiting and eager opening with a patience that belied the encouragement of the ebony women behind him. As I watched, rapt, his glans disappeared inside my wife and then was brought back to my view, coated with a white film and slippery wetness that told me Annie was ready for whatever was to come from this beautiful example of African masculinity. He pushed himself into her again and more of him disappeared within her warmth and then he slowly withdrew, repeating this pistoning motion a few times and entering a bit more of his sex with each stroke. The tightness of Annie’s opening was clear as the labia minora tightly squeezed and clung to the swollen cock-shaft on each out-stroke; on many of the in-strokes, his renewed pressure was often accompanied by a gasp or shudder of my wife’s obvious acceptance until I noted with pride that his balls rested firmly against Annie’s alabaster bottom. The genius of the apparatus supporting Annie’s legs was now patently apparent as all of the witnesses and I were able to observe the entire assault clearly despite the fact that the black man was firmly ensconced between my wife’s legs and tightly against her womanly parts.

To my surprise, after only a minute or so of fucking Annie and the other whites, the Lady host asked the black men to withdraw from the woman inside whom they were now positioned, to make their cocks available to be cleaned by the man whose woman had just been sampled and then to move on to the next whore.

I bent to the task of again sucking and licking the massive black organ clean and was acutely aware of the combination of his and my Annie’s juices on his cock, yet no one had yet reached an orgasm to my knowledge. The abruptness of the withdrawal astonished me and I wondered the reason for such a brief liaison. I thought that I had understood the game in its simplicity but I was apparently wrong. I confirmed that Annie had not received a load of sperm as I bent to my task of also licking her pussy clean. I knew instinctively that I would have tasted the salty semen had her black Lover injected a load of cum inside her; he had not.

After a brief but thorough cleaning, each of the black men, seemingly gladly, moved to the next station with the apparent objective of invading another white mouth and another tight white slit. As the game continued, each white man was reminded to clean his significant other’s vaginal area after each encounter. Each of us willingly gave his best effort to the renewed oral task. I noticed that Annie’s clit was now obscenely swollen and that her distended pussy lips remained parted after her second black lover of the day’s cock was removed. Her lips reminded me of a beautiful flower after a cleansing and refreshing rain, swollen and open yet also elegantly beautiful in its own right as it enjoyed its exposure to the light of the room and the gaze of all who would look. Her first antagonist had had a pretty big cock and she was soaking wet from the experience, yet looked none the worse for wear as I inspected her exposed private parts. They were reddened and distended but looked ready for more of this wondrous exercise. The men moved from pussy to pussy and as each encounter was completed, each chair was again adjusted upward or downward for the height of the next black fucker, each pussy and cock was lapped clean and another brief but intense sexual entry was made and completed.

Too soon, the next black snake was before my face ready to be sucked to life. It was long and fat, both longer and fatter even than the last, although it occurred to me that none I had yet seen was as large as that of the taxi driver who had started Annie’s abuse earlier that day. I opened my mouth wide and took the giant cock into my maw. I was determined that Annie would receive only rock hard assaults from the first moment forward until the very last incursion if there was anything I could do about it. When the cock was hard and ready, I took it firmly in my right hand, moved to the side, and placed it next to the opening of Annie’s still soaking pussy.

With one firm push it went in about two thirds of the way and Annie gasped from the enormous pressure of its head. It took four or five strokes, in all, before the entire cock was buried to the balls and I was amazed at Annie’s capacity to accommodate all of it. Again, after a very short period of the old in/out, the big black cock was withdrawn and I was ordered to clean it and the area between Annie’s thighs.

On the next round, Annie was spared the invasion of another Black Stud and I was ordered to run to the kitchen for drinks and food as requested from the female audience. Two of the women wanted their drinks freshened and one requested a plate of brie and grapes be brought to her. I accomplished these orders quickly and raced to resume my kneeling position between Annie’s well splayed thighs just in time to suck my third black cock to erection.

This cock was fatter still than the last, but neither as long nor as dark. A blood vessel in the middle and on the very top of this shaft looked, as noted once before, about the size of my penis. I concluded that some things in life simply aren’t fair. I stretched my mouth to capacity just to accommodate the head of the unfairly sized organ and there was an accumulation of a copious liquid at the urethral opening in its head. I had my first taste of black pre-cum, then, and found that I liked the way it burned and frothed in my mouth and on my tongue as I drew him to full erection. I was forced to lick the remainder of the shaft in order to be sure it was clean from the last white girl’s pussy juices and his pre-cum before it was to be inserted into my Annie.

When I had completed my cleaning and sucking chore, I again placed the head of this dick next to the opening between Annie’s legs and guided the head into her now gaping hole. A single thrust buried the monster to its hilt.

I heard a black female voice, quite certainly that of the lady with which he had come to the party, address Mr. Three and command, “Lick the underside my man’s balls while he ‘pleasures’ your whore, boy. He likes that”.

I crawled between his closely spread legs and complied, to the best of my ability, with this demand: flicking my tongue and licking the underside of his black, hairy scrotum until it glistened with the wetness of my saliva. Thankfully, the fucking shifts seemed to be getting a little shorter and this man pulled out after only about a minute of probing the walls of Annie’s cunt.

Our host was next to use Annie. I was already familiar with his cock, as the reader might remember, and he stretched to maximum hardness almost immediately as my mouth surrounded the silkyfeeling, foreskin covered head of his flaccid penis. His cock was an even lighter hue than the last but just as fat and longer when it stiffened. It also fairly dripped of pre-cum, which I didn’t recall from my previous encounter with its rigidity, so I carefully lapped up each droplet as it escaped the small slit in his glans.

After I had cleaned the shaft of his now hard penis, I carefully placed it at the opening of Annie’s swollen cunt lips. The host was unlike the last man and took his time in entering Annie. He was making the most of this opportunity and enjoying it to the utmost, staring intently into Annie’s eyes as his cock slowly occupied her now well-stretched and honeyed walls and probed to find the roof of her vagina.

I knew Annie so well that I could tell by the sound of her breathing that she was very close to reaching an orgasm of monumental proportions due to the size of the cock inside her and the repeated attentions of this and the previous black men. A few more strokes by the host and she did, in fact, experience a shuddering, leg-shaking release though she maintained her silence to the most part, taking a few gasping breaths as she reached her peak.

When our host withdrew his massive hard-on, I was amazed to see how flooded with her own juices Annie’s cunt had become. I lapped and licked and made sure that she was ready for the fifth and last of the black men by the time that he stood in front of me with a cock longer than any I had ever seen in my life. I thought quietly that if he ever had a proper erection, he might pass out from lack of blood to the other brain. Surely she would not, could not accommodate the full length of such a monster.

This last cock was not less than a foot long though not quite as thick as some of the others. I realized with not a little self-deprecation that I was becoming an unintended expert in the nuances of African-American cocks. After a moment’s thought, I concluded that there was no way, I was sure, that Annie’s tight little pussy could ever accommodate such an invasion. I was in even more awe of the huge cock as I attempted to engulf its head with my mouth. Again, I was forced to lick up and down the length of the distended penis in order to clean what appeared to be a bit of residue from the last white pussy. I did my best to be sure of its purity and the black cock responded by becoming engorged with so much blood that I feared my earlier premonition might actually come true and that its owner would pass out.

There was little reality to such a concern but it seemed only fair to speculate. He didn’t seem to be as worried as I was about that outcome and, when I had succeeded in making him hard, he pushed me away and took aim with the giant cock-head at Annie’s opening without my assistance. I was amazed to watch the head of the thing slide slowly into Annie.

She gasped as it hit bottom and the man said softly to her, “Stay with me now and we’ll get through this together. You’ll feel pressure at the top of your pussy, but I’ll be sure not to hurt you. Just relax and let me take the lead.”

Annie’s rigidity seemed to ease at his urging although I wished that she couldn’t see how long this cock was as it entered deeper into her private parts. I watched her stare as his length disappeared into her and noted the apparent pride with which she stared at the joinder of her private parts and those of the man now so deeply inside her. I was certain that she must have feared being torn in two by its entry but her eyes related another story and she appeared to actually smile at the challenge. I noticed a bead or two of sweat on her forehead for the first time. She continued to suck in air as the unrelenting, anaconda-like dick continued to push further into her womb and, just as it seemed as if the pressure against her cervix or perhaps on the back of her vagina might be too much for her to bear, she yelled, to my utter astonishment, that she was coming.

Again and again Annie screamed out that she couldn’t stop her orgasms and it was evident that she had come two or three times in succession while the long, black cock was just being pushed further into her. Her yelling stopped only when the giant cock was withdrawn. I bent to my cleaning task quietly, humbled by her reaction to the monstrous pole that had just stretched her to capacity with so much obvious pleasure.

How would I ever please my Annie after this day? Perhaps I should have contemplated that quandary before encouraging Annie to attend this party with me.

Abruptly, the five black assailants were ushered out of the room for what appeared to be a brief meeting of some kind. In their absence one of the black women grabbed Mr. Two by the hair and dragged him to his feet.

She informed him, “The white women said you could really take it in the ass; I’m going to see if they know what they were doing when they tried your ass out.”

This thick ebony lady continued, “I intend to find out if you are as capable of taking a big black cock in your ass as these white whores, waving her hand and indicating the still-displayed Caucasian women, have said.”

He was made to grab his ankles after a huge black dildo was produced and strapped onto the waiting harness of the black domme. A gob of k.y. jelly or Vaseline was applied sloppily to his anal cleft. The black woman stroked another gob of the gel onto the head and shaft of the plastic penis, mimicking the action that every man is familiar with from years of self-abuse and the lady, smiling from ear to ear, stepped eagerly behind him. I knew the trouble that I had had accepting what must have been an infinitely smaller apparatus but this man didn’t seem to be too intimidated by the entry of the dildo a moment later.

The other black ladies were appropriately appreciative of both the man’s apparent capacity and the invader’s pinioning movements, showing their pleasure by clapping, whistling and catcalls. As the unnatural events continued, the white victim’s rock-hard cock let everyone know that he, too, was enjoying the rough treatment. The invader was not gentle in her approach or application.

I, for one, was very happy that I had let the white women know how little capacity I had for this activity and that I could take so little of it as I was sweating just from being in the same room and watching his abasement. In time, the dildo was removed and the man was ordered to wash it and return to his place between his waiting lady’s legs. He hurriedly complied and returned in just a minute or two, seeming none the worse for wear.

Shortly after the invasion of Mr. Two’s backside had been concluded, the black men returned to the room from their conference and the host announced to all of us assembled that each of the men had made an independent selection regarding into which of the white whores each man wanted to deposit his semen. While they had openly discussed their likes and dislikes about the trial fuck of each of the white women, the men had kept their chosen cum-dump secret from the others so that there would be no influence on the others’ selections. They had voted by secret ballot and each man had chosen just one white whore with whom to copulate to completion. Our host acted as Master of Ceremonies and announced each man’s selection.

At this announcement, the reason for the initial, brief round of fucking became crystal clear. It had been a trial run of sorts, giving the black studs an idea of which pussy was most liked by each of them and where each would like to spend more time and deposit his load. When the results of the ballots were made known, Ms. One was the choice to receive the further attentions of two of the men and my Annie was the designated depository for three, including our host and the overstretched man who had gone last in the earlier exercises. The other four white women were freed from their bonds and ordered to sit or kneel naked with their significant others by the black females where they could watch the ultimate activities, while making the black women comfortable with drink and food per order.


After breakfast we took a tour of a rum distillery, then lunch and a suck-and-fuck. After a nap, I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach.

“The CO beach?”


“Uh, I guess so. But I’m not getting naked!” I was disappointed, but said that whatever she felt comfortable with was fine. I noticed, though, that she put on a two-piece suit.

At the beach she picked out an empty spot. I offered to oil her up and she lay on her belly while I did her back and legs. After a while we went swimming. The water cooled us off then the sun warmed us. As we were warming up — and making out a little -,the Couple and the Big Black Guy (BBG) (as I called them in my mind) walked by, saw us and set up about 10 yards away. We returned their greetings and watched them, laying on our bellies.

The husband removed his clothes, then his Wife’s towel, revealing her lush, nude body. Then he removed the BBG’s wife-beater and dropped to his knees to remove his shorts. As he did so, BBG Big Black Cock flopped out into his face. (Jaye gasped) He paused a moment and reached for it but BBG said something and he scuttled on his knees to his Wife.

She stood facing us with her legs spread while her husband oiled her ankles, then calves, finally spending a long time massaging her thick thighs.

As he started toward her crotch, BBG again spoke. The husband scuttled off and the Wife dropped to her knees, keeping them widespread and putting her hands behind her head.

BBG walked over to her, his Black sausage almost touching her face. The Wife leaned slightly forward and kissed it.

Jaye let out another gasp.

BBG knelt down and started oiling the Wife’s back. Slowly. Sensually.

Jaye let out a low “Oh Hell! Oil my back, B!” It wasn’t a request. “And take off your suit!”


“You want me naked – why shouldn’t you be, too? You’re not embarrassed are you? You shouldn’t be, my stud!” she teased.

While I stripped off my suit she removed her top. I started to oil her shoulders, working down to her butt.

“Just my shoulders and back.”

I realized she wanted me to mirror BBG and concentrated on where I thought his hands were on the Wife.

The Wife was watching us and said something to BBG, who looked at us and grinned.

He continued on down her back to her buttocks, his Big Black Cock bumping against her thigh. Now and then he would deliberately rub it against her thigh, and it would twitch and seem to grow, causing Jaye to gasp each time, as if it were her being caressed.

Working on her back, I periodically leaned forward and did the same with my cock. Jaye would give me an “Mmmm” but her eyes stayed glued on the Black man and white woman in front of us.

I couldn’t see his hand on the Wife’s butt but suddenly there were Black fingers emerging between her legs. Then back under, then out again, as he was obviously massaging her pussy. She moaned and wobbled and he grabbed a large pillowed breast to steady her. Jaye let out a moan as well.

I tried to do her butt by slipping my hand under her bikini bottom, but it wasn’t working.

“Do you want to take your bottom off?”


Now BBG shifted to oiling the Wife’s shoulders and down her chest. He stopped and looked at us then started rubbing the oil into her lush breasts, then stopped again and looked at us expectantly.

Jaye let out another “Aw Hell!” and pushed herself up facing them, placing her hands behind her head, spreading her knees, and pushing out her chest to mirror the Wife.

“Go ahead, B!”

With an internal mental cheer, I started on her shoulders and then her breasts. BBG and I were in control now, rubbing our ladies tit flesh. He would jiggle one at me, I would respond, then I would grasp one of Jaye’s long nipples, which were rock hard now, and give it a pull and twist, and he would copy me.

The Wife’s eyes were closed and she was breathing through her mouth. Jaye was also breathing through her mouth, her chest getting red and mottled, but her eyes were fixed on them.

As his hand reached the Wife’s pussy again, he grabbed her by her crotch and rubbed his Black cock against her thigh. She let out a moan.

I did the same to Jay, grabbing her bikini-covered crotch and rubbing myself. I was hard instantly, although not near the size of BBG.

Now BBG started to directly massage and finger the Wife. I tried to copy but the suit was again in my way.

“Don’t you want to take it off?”

“No! Slide your hand in!”

I knew why she didn’t want to take her bottom off: as I stroked her crotch I could feel her engorged clit sticking out like a small cock, tenting her swimsuit bottom.

Evilly, I nodded my head to them to indicate they should look down and stroked her mound with my fingers spread so that the bulge showed even larger and squeezed it with my other hand. She moaned “Please don’t!”

Then I slid my hand inside her bottom, stroked her pussy lips to separate them and plunged a finger into her pussy.

Jaye let out a wail and snapped her knees shut. Gasping for breath she grabbed a towel and started back to the resort, still topless with her long nipples pointing at the sun

“Let’s go!”

I tried to catch up to her but she was moving out, leaving me to worry if I had gone too far.

Back at the cabana I found her leaning over the dresser, shuddering and sobbing. I took her in my arms and held her.

“I’m sorry if I pushed you too far, baby.” More tears.

“You didn’t push me too far, B. I wanted to — I wanted to go even further! But I was –am — too scared! What if they laugh at me and call me a freak?”

“They won’t, Jaye. You are beautiful! And here, on that beach, with those folks, I am positive is the last place in the world anyone would call you a freak. Relax, go with it — or not. Whatever you are comfortable with. Just don’t stress out over it.”

She had regained some control now. She sniffled and looked up at me.

“Gawd it was erotic, wasn’t it?”

“Wow! I’ve never experienced anything like it!”

“You’re sure they won’t laugh at me?”

I knew from the question that she had already decided to go back.

“I’m positive!”

“Then make love to me B, I’m so horny I’ll explode!”

I pushed her onto the bed. She immediately pulled her legs up to her chest to give me access to her gushing pussy, and I began lapping her juices and swirling my tongue around and sucking her swollen dicklet.

The Big Bang that followed was, as she said, one for the record books. I hopped on and sank my rock hard cock into her. She was so wet there was very little friction, so I rammed into her harder and harder. She grunted and moaned with the pounding but kept urging me on. In a few minutes I was cumming so hard I was afraid I’d have a heart attack. We were both wiped out and slept until dinner

We looked for Paul and Sheila again at dinner and asked if the invitation to go to the Z’Club was still open. They said yes and we talked for a bit, finding out that they had been here twice before, had arrived this trip the same day we had, and had seen us around.

At 9:45 we met them at the poolside bar. They were in their mid 30s, blond, tanned and fit, from California. He was wearing the male uniform for the resort – a Hawaian shirt, shorts and sandals. She was wearing a brief bikini top which showed off her gorgeous breasts (“Fake!” according to my wife) and very short skirt which showed off her toned legs.

Jaye was wearing her usual lightly padded bra under a knit beach cover up outfit consisting of a boat neck top with ¾ sleeves and an ankle length skirt. I was wearing the same as Paul.

Wednesday Night – The Zebra Club, 1st night

The club was a 10 minute walk along the beach in the moonlight, on the edge of a small village and well off the beaten tourist lanes, down an unpaved track nestled in the palms.

It was mostly a large three sided shack with a bar and some tables. Out the open back was a beaten down dance floor flanked on two sides by more tables and barely illuminated with a string of Christmas light bulbs. There was a steel band and a boom box for music.

The place was pretty full, and it had an interesting mix: mostly Black Jamaicans, but with several tables of white tourists. We sat at one populated by folks I had seen around the resort. Paul and Sheila were well known to them. And then there was a third group: white women in scanty outfits with Black men and a few with Black and white men, – the latter mostly middle-aged, although there were a couple of young guys – who seemed to be buying drinks for the Blacks. There was no interplay between this group of whites and the other tourists.

Whatever the dynamic, the beer was cold, the drinks strong, and the music great. The Calypso dancing here was very different from what the resort put on — sort of a “Dirty Dancing, Caribbean Style”. Lots of grinding of crotches and grabbing of various body parts by both sexes.

We ordered drinks and watched the show on the dance floor. The Black girls generally wore tube tops, halter tops, or bikini tops with mini-skirts or shorts and were shoeless or in sandals. The Black Men wore wife beaters or T-shirts and pajama bottoms or shorts. Their dancing together was sinuous, sensuous, and with an animal energy, crotches grinding and hands sliding over each other.

The whites generally stayed with what they learned at the resort and looked a little silly, but some of the whites — usually women — tried to copy the natives.

Paul and Sheila were in the latter group and doing it well — particularly after 2 or 3 drinks.

In any event, Jaye was having a ball. We danced several numbers together, trying to copy the locals — much to their amusement. Eventually I had to quit and sat down to watch.

Jaye is a natural dancer with a super sense of rhythm and the music and rum drinks were really loosening her up. Several young men stopped by to flatter her and offer to teach her “Jamaican style,” but she turned them down even though I could tell she wanted to continue dancing. Sheila teased her, telling her to lighten up — this was just dancing. Jaye answered that it was obvious they thought — or were hoping — every white woman was there for sex. Sheila giggled and shrugged, “Of course! Some are just kids trying to get laid, but most of the men here make their living that way! They are called “Renti!” But their interest is real — and real hard — even if it’s not for your brains! Go with it or not, but have fun! You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!” And with that she grabbed the arm of an athletic young Black man and headed for the dance floor. As soon as they got to the middle, Sheila melted into his arms and started grinding her tits into his chest and her crotch into his groin. The action was so hot that one of her grapefruit-sized boobs popped out. She let him put it back into the bikini top in the middle of the dance floor and continued with her dry humping.

Jaye sat there surprised for a minute, but Paul and I were cracking up, both at Sheila’s comments and the look on Jaye’s face. It was kind of like watching Samantha and Charlotte in “Sex and the City.”

Finally, a young man with a lythe, well-cut physique, dread locks and a goatee shooed off the floaters, introduced himself as Samuel, and, looking Jaye firmly in the eye, told her that HE would teach her to dance. She looked at him for a minute then at me. I told her to go, it was just dancing, and she might as well learn it right and besides, the booze was getting to me.

Internally, after watching the mixed couples all week, the shenanigans on the beach, and Jaye’s question at dinner the previous night, I wanted to see my wife with one of these Black men — what it would look like and how I would feel.

They danced the first dance side by side with him showing her the moves, not even touching. The second dance they assumed a “normal” dance position with about a half-arm’s distance between them, again going through the motions but not touching. The third dance, the band picked up the beat some and he pulled her close to him and put both hands on her ass, telling her to do the same to him. Her head only came to his muscled shoulder so his crotch was pressed into her belly. They started to grind, she hesitant at first, he with natural authority. As the song went on, Jaye’s natural rhythm picked up the beat, but she was a little clumsy.

At the end of the set, they returned to the table. Jaye was flushed and out of breath. I ordered fresh drinks while we got to know each other and Samuel complimented her on her dancing. “Thank you Samuel, that was great but I feel so clutzy. It’s like I can’t move out there.”

“It ya clothes, pretty lady. Ja got on too much. Ya legs can’t move. Why don ja tuck up ja hem into ja waist so ja legs can move?”

Jaye did so, the tucking revealing her entire leg and thigh to her waist.

Just then the band started again. She grabbed Samuel’s hand and they were off to the dance floor. More grabbing of asses and now her breasts through the fabric, and occasionally I could see Samuel’s Black hand on my wife’s bare thigh and disappearing under her skirt.

This time she was better, but they returned after two dances.

“I’m still too hot and confined!”

Samuel called a waitress over “Girl, take da pretty lady to de back and help she wid she costume!”

Jaye looked at me for a minute, unsure, and then thanked him and said the outfit was new and that it was time we should be going.

Back in our cabana, I stripped her naked, pushed her on the bed and started eating her.

“Did you have a good time tonight?”

‘Mmmm, yes! Better than I thought I would.”

“I did, too”

As she climaxed, I slid into her wet pussy and caressed her hair as I stroked in and out,

“I thought you looked sexy out there tonight dancing with Samuel. The contrast of his Black skin on yours was really hot. I thought you looked beautiful and I was very proud of the way you moved. You are a hot sexy Momma!”

“Thank you! You weren’t jealous?”

“Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then why should I be jealous? I’m the one having sex with you, not him!”

My orgasm built as I replayed the evening in my mind, especially Samuel’s Black hand sliding under my wife’s skirt to grab her panty-clad crotch. When I was done, Jaye licked and sucked me clean.

As we drifted off to sleep thoughts kept running through my head: Had he felt her clit? Was it hard when he touched it? She hadn’t reacted when he did it or mentioned it later. Why not? What would they look like naked together?

2010 Memoir 1st Meet with Robert

i have been chronicling the history of how my wife and i went from Mid-West Vanilla couple to willing Black Cock slaves since an anniversary vacation to Jamaica in 2004.

Our Bull and Master is Robert — 32 when we met Him in 2006, about 6’2″ tall, 270 lbs, with broad shoulders tapering to narrow hips, powerful arms and chest, a rounded belly and small man-boobs, and a 9″ uncut very thick Black Cock backed by a massive set of balls. More important, He has a very Dominant personality and an innate understanding of how to manipulate submissive personalities. Several readers have asked for details about our first meeting with Him and this is it, with His permission:

We had posted an ad advertising my wife’s availability on a site that specialized in hooking up white married women and Black men. Robert responded and, unlike many of the others, was low key, friendly, and respectful. We answered back and a running conversation developed. In a month, we were e-mailing almost daily, with us telling Him all the details of Jamaica, how we felt about it, and even sending Him a copy of the DVD Samuel had sent us. After another few weeks we decided we wanted to meet Him.

At the time we had been “Adventuring” for about 2 years, and had developed a process for meeting new playmates. We set things up in Robert’s home city and met Him for dinner at an upscale hotel restaurant on the Friday night.

Jaye (my wife — then 44 — for those of you who are new to our saga) was wearing a light cardigan over a linen camisole, her above-the-knee black skirt, garter belt and stockings, hoop earrings, Queen of Spades pendant, and 3″ high heels. Of course, no bra or panties — which is why she had the cardigan: to distract from her long nipples tenting the cami.

Robert showed up dressed in a classic blue blazer over a black silk T shirt which (as soon as He removed the blazer) showed off His large biceps and chest, expensive slacks and Italian shoes (Jaye’s observation. i neither know nor care about men’s shoes). He was impressive and as He moved through the restaurant He drew the attention of many of the patrons.

He came up to our booth and greeted us as old friends. i rose to shake His hand and we did a guy-style-semi hug. Then He sat down next to Jaye and kissed her on the cheek. She glowed. i sat down across from them.

We chatted until the food came, then gave Him a rundown on the plans for Saturday night — there would be two other Black men, we would provide the food, beverages, lube and condoms. The festivities would end when either the Black men were sated or Jaye was exhausted, whichever came first. He nodded and presented us with a recent blood test showing Him free of STD and HIV negative, but agreed when we insisted condoms only.

Then we told Him how glad we were that He could come, how impressed we were with His first response to us and how we enjoyed our subsequent conversations with Him.

He responded that He was intrigued by us as well –not just about what we had done and wanted to do, but how we thought and felt about it, in particular Jaye’s admission of her need to be submissive to strong Black men and my willingness to give her to them. This was interesting because our ad was for “adventurous” partners and had never mentioned submission, and we had also avoided the term in our e-mails to Him. He had obviously read between the lines and connected the dots.

“Is that right, Jaye?” Jaye looked at me quickly. This was different — our chosen partners were high on the macho scale, but generally were focused on the sex. Robert was probing and playing much more of a head game. i nodded and she turned to Him.

“I guess so — sort of.” She said lightly.

“Don’t guess, Jaye. Yes or no?” She looked at me again then down at her hands.

“Yes” A little girl admitting that she had broken a lamp.

“Good girl!”

Then He commented that Jaye was prettier in person than her pictures. Was it true that she wasn’t wearing a bra? Although we had been at this for several years, Jaye blushed and nodded. “Take off your sweater.”" Jaye moistened her lips and did so. The tension in the air was electric — this wasn’t a Black club but a hotel dining room. Her long nipples were very visibly swelling against the material.

“You look thirsty. Have some water.”

She started to reach for her glass.

“No, mine. And reach for it with your far hand.”

The motion caused her to lean across Him and twist her body so that He could look down the camisole at her tits. He had seen her naked on-line, but was testing her, and we all knew it.

Was she wearing panties? Again, no.

“Show me.”

The tone was conversational but His hard eyes left no doubt that it was an order. Jaye looked a little panicked — in a Black club she would have stood up and lifted her skirt for anyone to see, but did He expect that here? It seemed He was pushing things for a first meeting.

“Take my hand and show me.”

Shaking a little, she took His hand and moved it under the table.

“And what do you like strange hands to do when they touch you here?”

She started a movement that i interpreted as stroking her clit and cunt lips with His hand.

He turned to me and started talking about college football and our favorite teams’ chances for the next season. Jaye stopped stroking.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.” A hint of menace.

She started stroking herself with his hand again, and almost immediately gasped as He pushed two of His thick fingers into her now wet cunt, then slid down a little to give Him better access.

Our football conversation continued until the waitress came by to ask if we wanted desert. Jaye tried to sit up but Robert told her to continue and ordered for them. The waitress looked at Jaye, slumped in her seat, panting, eyes closed, her arm moving as if she was masturbating, then at Robert sitting next to her with His arm under the table, then at me, and smirked.

When desert arrived — vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie sticks,

“That’s enough. Sit up. Don’t eat all your desert.”

We finished, i paid, and suggested we adjourn to our room for drinks and to get better acquainted. As we were starting to get up, Robert stopped us.

“Jaye, swirl the cookie sticks in the melted ice cream, then slide them into your cunt.”

She looked around nervously, then sat back down and pretended to be searching for something in her purse as she did it, gasping as the cold ice cream hit her warm cunt. I was impressed with Robert’s control over my wife and her willing compliance.

“In and out!”

When she had done it a few times He told her to give them to me.

“Have a snack, B!” He said with a grin.

i licked, then ate them. The taste of her cunt on the chocolate was delicious.

Having now established that He was in total control of my wife, we walked out of the restaurant, Jaye a little shaky and holding on to Him while i walked behind. In the elevator, Robert said that He had pushed things, (He never apologizes) to see if His assessment of her was accurate. She had done very well and pleased Him very much. He complimented me as well for having a sexy wife and making her available to be appreciated.

In the room, they sat on the sofa with His arm around her making light conversation while i got drinks.

After a sip, He set down His drink, and took hers away.

“B, you don’t mind if I kiss your wife!” (It was a statement, not a question. Now He was testing me.)

And with that He gathered her to Him and kissed her. The kiss started soft and gentle, then became more passionate with tongue action and lots of lip sucking, then His hand came up and grabbed her by the hair, jerking her head back as His tongue forced its way into her mouth.

Jaye responded, giving as good as she got and a little moan as her hair was pulled.

Then He let go of her hair and started to massage her tit through the cami. He started the kiss again, soft and gentle then getting progressively harder — but now His hand was copying the kiss: softly stroking, then massaging, then mauling, then pulling and twisting the nipple as He bit her on the neck, leaving a hickey (“Marking her.” i thought). As before, my wife responded, pushing her chest into his hand and stroking His head while she sucked His big lips.

As the nipple twisting became more violent, she moaned through the kiss and reached down to pull up His T shirt. He stopped to let her remove it, then told her to remove the cami, and started in on her tits and nipples again. She ran her hands over His torso and did some nipple-pulling on Him as well.

Robert said,

“B, why don’t you have another snack?”

i got on my knees and reached to remove her skirt but He stopped me, so i flipped it over my head and brought my lips to her chocolate-smelling crotch. Above me i could feel and hear my wife move in the embrace of this large Black man, moaning as He deliberately tried to hurt her to see what and how much she would take.

I heard a zipper and then “Omigawd!” I pulled out from under the skirt and saw my wife holding Robert’s Big Black Cock in her hand. She had already rolled back the foreskin to reveal a large mushroom head which was actually dwarfed by a thick shaft which expanded even more at the base. It wasn’t fully hard and yet she could just barely get her hand around it.

“You like it, Jaye?”

“Oh yesss!”

“You can suck it if you want.” An offer, but also a command.

In response she shifted her body, gave me a big grin, and plunged her head down on it. He had her get on her knees on the couch so that He had access to her cunt while she sucked and licked Him.

“Get undressed, B, while I get to know your wife.”

He stroked her cunt lips lightly. She was already wet and a little puffy from my licking, and moaned softly as His long thick fingers caressed her hanging labia and clit.

Jaye’s cock sucking picked up speed and so did His fingers, parting her labia and dipping into her juices to lube her clit. In minutes her clit was sticking out like a mini cock and two, then three, of His fingers were going in and out of her cunt. i could tell from her moans that He was massaging her g-spot.

She was working His cock and big balls energetically, and He was sliding down a bit to give her better access. Even so, she could only get about a third of His Big Black Cock into her mouth and had to grip the thick Black shaft in both hands.

i started to move behind her but He waved me away. He wanted to be the one who made her cum and wanted her to know it.

Then He pulled her head slowly down deeper on His Black sausage. She would gag, He’d let her up for air then pull her down again deeper, all the while ramming the three fingers into her cunt. With about half of it in, it was obvious that it was firmly lodged past her throat and her eyes rolled up. Suddenly she started to moan and shake and then with a wail her body jerked hard. She tried to come up off His thick Black Cock, but He held her head on it as her climax rolled through her several times.

Finally He let her roll off and collapse onto the floor as she slowly recovered.

“That was very good, Jaye. You pleased me. Now take off your skirt and get on the bed. B, I think she’s primed. Let’s have some fun! Head or tail?”

i moved up to her head. She grabbed my cock and started sucking energetically. Robert moved between her legs and rubbed His mushroom head along her engorged labiaand clit, then pressed the tip into her cunt opening. She moaned around my cock.

Slowly He eased His way in, an inch or so at a time. At the halfway point she had quit sucking me and was moaning about how big and hard He was. He paused, but she wrapped her legs around His thighs and pulled Him in deeper. He pulled out again, and when she pulled Him back He sank all the way in, hitting bottom with some to spare.

“Omigawd!” she screamed.

In a moment or two she resumed sucking me while He gently slid in and out. We went on like this for a while, then He told me to switch.

She got up on her knees and lowered her head onto the Big Black cock, wiggling her hips at me. i mounted her doggie style, but my cock just slid into her stretched cunt and seemed to wave around. It was warm and wet but little friction. That was OK by me because i didn’t want to cum too soon.

After some time we changed again, keeping her on her knees. After a few minutes of His Big black Cock in her, she wasn’t really sucking me so i had to face fuck her, holding her by the hair and pulling her onto my cock.

Her moans were coming louder and she was pushing her ass back onto His thick Black pole.

After a few more minutes, i dumped my load in her mouth and pulled her head off my cock. Her face had “The Look.”

“You can finish her off any time,” I told Him.

He pulled out and had her mount Him in a reverse cowgirl, then started pulling her down onto Him by her hips. She was working with Him, bouncing up and down and crying out as He hit bottom.

i knelt there watching that thick Black cock stretching her hole and listening to her, marveling once again at the eroticism of Black going into White and the sheer beauty of seeing my wife getting fucked and enjoying it so much.

Suddenly she yelled “Omigawd, he’s going to make me squirt!”

i moved my head in close. He speeded up and pounded her from below even harder. She began to babble incoherently and then, as her Big Bang hit, she let go a spurt into my face. Then another and another.

Finally, she fell forward as the waves continued to roll through her.

Robert gave her a minute, then pulled out and mounted her missionary style and proceeded to fuck her to His climax, starting slowly and softly at first, then speeding up and banging her hard, which brought out more moans. Finally, He came with a groan and collapsed on top of her.

When He had recovered a little, he pulled out, pulled off the condom — which He handed to me as if it was understood that i was his servant — and pulled her head over to clean Him.

We all rested for a while, Jaye almost purring, her head on His groin, softly licking his Big Black Cock. He asked if she wanted a second round. She chuckled and said “Yes, but if we do I won’t be in any shape for the gang bang tomorrow,” so we agreed to call it a night and He left.

When He had gone i started to stroke her in preparation for another go at her stretched cunt, but she said she was satisfied.

“But you know I’ll never say “no” to you, B. If you want some you can have my ass.”

After i cleaned my cum from her hole and she cleaned my cock, she stroked my head.

“Gawd he’s hung! And he knows how to use it too!

(More seriously) “….And how to use me! If you weren’t such a good cunt licker you’d be in trouble! Tomorrow is going to be wonderful!”

We kissed deeply and fell asleep with our arms around each other.

Sat evening Gang Bang —

At about 9pm, the three Black men arrived. Jaye, naked except for hoops, Queen of Spades medallion, wedding rings, the garter belt, stockings and 6″ heels, met each at the door with a big kiss, grinding her mound into their crotches.

We had music on a player and Jaye started to dance for her audience, moving from one to the other and rubbing her tits, cunt or ass against them. Sometimes she would get on her knees and bury her face in their crotches, wiggling her ass, sometimes she would sway sensually while she jacked her clit or pushed her fingers into her cunt while she pulled and twisted her nipples. Eventually she dropped to her knees, freed one black cock and started sucking it. The others took that as their cue to strip.

She guided one Black man behind her to start the fucking as she jerked off me and the third Black man – a Queen Bee directing the action.

We had partied with the other two Black men before and they were fine with me joining to make it four on one, but after a while (and getting my rocks off) i just watched the beautiful ballet.

There seem to be two general male approaches to gang-bangs: fuck the birthday girl until they climax and then take advantage of the longer staying ability for later fucks, usually used by younger guys who can get it up often; and fuck until they get close, then tag out to the next guy, which gives less down time, and holding off dumping their load until later in the evening, which is usually used by older guys. Both techniques were in use that night.

Slowly, as the action got really hot, Robert took over as Emcee, telling Jaye what position to assume and later who should do what to her. By the time they had each cum in her mouth, cunt and ass, she was a limp, obedient fuck puppet.

As they started to leave, Jaye whispered to me to invite Robert back for a get together in the morning (We liked to spend time post-gang bang just re-connecting as husband and wife so we didn’t normally invite bangers to stay the night and as we were not leaving until Monday, Sunday was open.)

Sun AM final fuck —

Robert called at about 9 AM to inform us He had ordered breakfast sent to our room and that He would be by in a few minutes. And that we shouldn’t get dressed.

He arrived shortly after — with flowers for Jaye! Over eggs, bacon and coffee, Him dressed, us naked, He told us again how much He had enjoyed the last two nights, complimenting Jaye on her loveliness and passion for cock. She glowed.

When the second cup of coffee was done, without asking permission, He removed His clothes and sat on the sofa with His legs spread, telling me to get the lube and lay down on my back in front of Him. Then He told Jaye to straddle my head and suck Him hard while i prepped her cunt and ass with my mouth and the lube.

After gag-fucking her and twisting her nipples for a while He moved us to the bed where He pushed her into a doggie position and had me guide His thick Black cock into her. Then He took her fast and hard, pulling back on her hair to arch her back, and bringing on an orgasm. He had me face fuck her while he continued to pound her to another climax, then flipped her over for some slow, gentle missionary fucking.

For the next hour He kept changing pace and position, talking to her all the time, telling her tenderly how pretty she was, how good her body and tits felt, what a good fuck and what a good whore she was.

Periodically He would pull out and have her suck Him or spank her engorged clit with His hand or Big Black Cock.

Finally, after bringing her to a screaming climax that stretched out for at least 5 minutes and left her limp, He told her to beg Him to fuck her some more, which she did weakly.

He rolled her onto her belly, had me shove a pillow under her hips, then straddled her and again had me insert his Big Black Cock into her swollen cunt. He started then in earnest, pounding her and rabbit fucking while she mewed and cried until He came with a roar.

After catching His breath, He had me remove the condom and had us both clean Him off and thank Him.

With a shower, a lingering tongue kiss and a niple twist for Jaye, a handshake for me, and a “Til next time!” he was gone.

Jaye was exhausted, and deep in afterglow, but she hadn’t cum during the final pounding. i asked if she wanted me to lick her to orgasm. Stretching like a cat, her eyes closed, she said no, she really was too sore, and she just wanted to bask in the feeling of being totally fucked and used.

Was i still horny? If so i could have her ass if I was gentle — it was sore from the night before. But she had just had the best fucking – mentally as well as physically — since Jamal and she just wanted to focus on the feelings in her cunt and clit.

I admitted I had jerked off twice watching them and my offer was to make sure she was satisfied. She said that if I wanted to please her, she would like to watch me jerk off on her mound and lick it off. She stroked my head as I did.

The deed is done

December, 2010

This Thanksgiving things changed. Well, actually before Thanksgiving.

We have been partying with Robert almost every month for most of the year. He is our preferred play partner for her, and we have modified our Adventuring schedule to coincide with his availability — in fact, we have dropped contact with most of our “collection.” Jaye e-mails him nightly, and talks to him on the phone several times a week — sometimes both of us on speaker, sometimes she takes the phone into our bedroom. An hour later she calls me in. There on the bed or stuffed into her cunt or ass is the big Black dildo. Her face and chest is flushed, her eyelids drooping, nipples and clit swollen. We have some great fuck sessions after his phone calls. And, I was talking to him at least once a week. He and I had an easy going friendship but it was obvious that He was lead dog.

One evening as we lay in bed and she stroked my cock, Jaye pointed out that Robert always made a point of taking health precautions for our Adventures, always showed up with a recent blood test to prove he was STD free, and he never complained about our rule to use condoms like some of the others. I pointed out that with two other white couples in his “stable” he had a real incentive to be safe.

Jaye agreed and then surprised me by suggesting that we could probably allow him to bareback her. I looked at her. She said she knew the rules and would not break them if I said no, but Robert seemed safe and she loved feeling a man cum in her – the simultaneous feeling of submission and power.

Then, as she continued to stroke me, she pointed out that I liked to clean her and hadn’t had a chance for years except my own because of the condom rule.

Her hand speeded up on my now-hard cock.

“I’ve seen how you look at Robert’s and James’ Black cocks. They’re as thick as Jamal’s. You’re thinking about having one in your mouth, aren’t you? And don’t lie — your cock is giving you away! Maybe you want it someplace else, too! (giggle)”

With that I pushed her off and rolled her into a doggie position, sliding my rock hard cock into her fast and hard. She came almost immediately. When I had come, she rolled over on her back and I cleaned her, bringing her to her Big Bang.

After we were done we talked. I asked her if she was serious about bare-backing Robert and she said yes.

What about James? She wasn’t sure. She knew Robert was faithful in his way to his women and careful but James was younger and she wasn’t sure how safe he was.

D’arnell? No. He was too young and she was sure he fucked around too much.

What about other guys? No. She was sure. Just Robert.

I wasn’t sure even about Robert. There was an intimacy in bare-backing that we had steered away from in addition to the health and safety aspects.

A few nights later, she brought it up again. I reminded her that we had promised to look out after each other, knowing our weaknesses for certain personality types. Plus, she had remarked several times about Robert’s effect on he and how she needed protection. Ever since I had forgiven them about the Vegas trip, she had me present, at least watching, whenever they were together.

“I don’t think I want to be protected from Robert anymore. I like being submissive to him. I feel safe. He knows how far to take me and when to pull me back. And you would still be there as my ultimate safety. Besides, after what we have been through with him in the last couple of years, there isn’t much to save me from.”

She flipped the ring in her clit hood to emphasize the point. But the ring also reminded me that I hadn’t always been there as her ultimate safety with Robert — at her urging.

A week later, she brought it up again, and as we talked, she was stroking and sucking me again, bringing on an erection, playing softly with my balls. She would bring me close to cumming and ask me if it was all right to let Robert bareback her. I would say no and she would back off, then bring me closer and ask again if she could have Robert cum in her.

After a while I wasn’t sure of anything much except that I wanted to cum.

Again and again to the brink, telling me how much she would enjoy it and how much I enjoyed seeing her enjoy.

“No…” again – but weaker.

She speeded up and kept talking about how I would love eating the tons of cum he shoots, and how I would clean his cum-coated Black cock.

“You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Sucking his thick Black cock and tasting his cum and mine, feeling the thickness and weight of his Big Black Cock in your mouth?”

“Yes!” I shouted and she increased her jerking on my cock, then shoved her finger up my ass hard.

I exploded.

“So, it’s settled then!” She said as she scooped up my cum from my belly and fed it to me.

Barebacking wasn’t what I had agreed to, but… Actually, I had had similar thoughts for a while, but had been scared by the implications.

She e-mailed him that night and told/asked him. He called her back on the phone and was delighted, then made her put me on and tell him it was OK with me.

When I said yes, he told me to shave my cock and balls as part of getting ready for our Thanksgiving meet.

We arrived at the airport, Jaye glowing from being fucked by a bootblack during our two-hour Chicago stop-over. She hadn’t cum and the fuck just made her hornier.

After landing, she headed straight for the Ladies while I looked for Robert and James. Robert had told me to come with only the clothes on my back and shaving gear. Jaye had been told to bring a few more things but it all fit into one large purse.

My wife came out of Ladies, dressed in a button-down-the-front blouse, mini-skirt that ended just below her crotch, the usual hoop earrings, Queen of Spades necklace, 6″ high spike heels, heavy mascara, eye liner and lipstick.

She ran over to Robert and gave him a huge sloppy wet kiss while she rubbed her crotch into his. Then she did the same to James. Each time, the skirt rolled up, revealing her bare ass to everyone at the airport baggage area.

We went out front to the car, which D’arnell was driving. Robert and James sat in back on either side of Jaye, me in front looking back.

Their hands were all over her, and they had her skirt flipped up and blouse unbuttoned before we even left the airport — a great view for the guy in the toll booth.

I asked where we were staying and Robert said we were going to his house. This was different. Usually we stayed in a hotel and gave them keys.

On the ride over, Jaye came twice from them fingering her cunt and ass. She sucked both men but not to completion, and tried to slide her crotch onto both cocks but there wasn’t enough room in the car.

Jaye arrived flushed and horny. We walked in and were greeted by his wife, Maggie. Jaye was a little awkward: the anticipation of getting Black banged again – and bare-backed by Robert — and the foreplay on the way over had caused her to forget that if we were at Robert’s house for Thanksgiving, his wife would be there too. Now here my wife was, hair messed up, whore make-up smeared, her blouse open and revealing a bare tit decorated with a gold ring in a very long, very aroused nipple!

Maggie, a well-upholstered (large breasts and hips), late 40s-something, tall – 5’10″ – beautiful Black woman made light of it, welcoming her into her home and giving her a big hug.

Sensing Jaye’s awkwardness, she laughed,

“Lawd honey, don’t feel strange. I know all about ya and my man!”

“And you are all right with this?”

“Sure, honey! I saw a long time ago that Robert was too much man for any one woman! His first two baby mamas didn’t understand though, and that’s how I got him! He pays the bills and takes care of me, if you know what I mean, and I don’t care where the extra goes!”

She winked,

“Sometimes I get a little attention from the men sniffing around for his bitches.”

“I gotta say though, you are the first he has brought home! Let’s have a look at ya!”

And with that she pulled open Jayes’ blouse and hefted her tits.

“Small, but nice, particularly for her age Robert.”

Then she rolled the long nipples in her fingers and pulled on the rings as Jaye moaned.

Maggie looked at James.

“This the one you gave her?” “No, mine is in her cunt!”

“Spread ya legs honey!”

With that Maggie pulled up Jaye’s skirt, stroked her cunt lips and tugged on her rings. Jaye bit her lip, let out a moan and her knees sagged. Wetness glistened down her inner thighs.

“Well she sure is hot to trot! You guys must have worked her over real good on the way home!”

Finally, Maggie hooked her finger into the clit ring. “And this is yours, Robert?” “Yep!”

She pulled it gently but firmly, drawing a weak wail from Jaye and causing her to step forward, led by the ring. Then she pulled up on it causing Jaye to rise up on her toes and wail louder.

Maggie grabbed Jaye by the hair with her free hand and tilted her head up while still pulling on the clit ring.

“Two things to remember, white bitch: First, Robert is mine and nobody tries to take him away; second, we are partners – everything he owns, I own, too! Got that?”

My wife whimpered “Yes, Ma’am!”

(If all this sounds reminiscent of Jamal in Jamaica, it should. As I said, Robert had heard the full story and how we had reacted to it. He told me later that he had arranged the scene with Maggie. But I think there was as much real as there was play-acting on her part.)

With that, Maggie let go and took Jaye in Her arms for a big hug.

“She’s wonderful, Robert! Welcome to our home, Honey! D’arnell! Bring out those snacks! Honey, it’s almost midnight and I have a million things to do tomorrow so I’m going to bed. You came here for some hot dickin so I’ll let y’all get on with it!

(She looked at me for the first time)

“I hear you like to watch and do what you’re told?”

“Yes Ma’am! — and play.”

“Well, I imagine you’ll get your fill of all three this weekend! Don’t play with yourself too much, though….you might need your strength!”

And with that she gave us both hugs (and squeezed Jaye’s tit) and kisses and headed off to bed, telling us where the bathroom was and which towels were ours.

The room fell silent. And then my wife said

“Gaawd I need some cock!”

With that James and D’arnell pulled her over to the couch and bent her over, exposing their Black cocks, longer than mine even though still soft. D’arnell plopped onto the couch and pulled Jaye’s head forcefully to his Black cock.

“I want some of what you were given out in the car, bitch!”

She opened her mouth wide and plunged her head down onto it, then up, then back down, wetting it and taking it deeper each time, putting to good use the practice she had been doing with the 12″ Black dildo.

At the same time, James had flipped up her skirt and positioned that sausage of a Black cock at her cunt. He rubbed it for a moment, then paused to put on a condom, and pushed in hard.

“Oh Gawd! I’ve been dreaming of this all week! Give me that big cock, James! Pound me! Hurt me!”

And he did.

“Yes! Yes! Ugh! Yes! AhhowwYes! Yes! Yes!” she yelled as she came.

D’arnell then grabbed her head and pushed his long, skinny Black cock slowly as far down her throat as he could. He held her like that for a moment while James stroked hard and deep into her cunt until she started to choke and convulse, whether from orgasm or asphyxia. I had seen her do this many times, and knew she loved it, but the sight always blows me away.

Between the two of them they fucked her hard and fast, not even taking her clothes off. When James came, he changed places with D’arnell, who began to pound her cunt. James removed his condom and poured his cum all over his cock for Jaye to feast on and clean up. Her moans were punctuated at times with “Oww!”s as D’arnell in his excitement would occasionally push his long Black cock too far and bang her cervix. However, when he would pause she would urge him on again.

Somewhere in the course of her spit-roasting, she had a Big Bang, and collapsed to her knees, but they only paused a moment and then continued until they were sated.

When Jaye had sucked them both clean they gave her a swat on the ass, handed me their used condoms and left, telling her they would see her tomorrow for a serious fuck session.

After they left, Robert led her into the bedroom, and I followed. It had a queen bed, a cot, and a bench type arrangement that would allow Jaye to kneel at its side, presenting her ass, cunt and mouth in doggie position, or be mounted on its padded top either belly down or belly up. Robert called it a breeding bench. Additionally, there were several camera tripods and movie lights positioned around the bed. The bed had a rubber sheet and there were plastic tarps all over the floor: Robert was apparently expecting a lot of squirting.

He turned on the lights and cameras then stood there silently. Jaye’s demeanor became quieter. She embraced him, and he took her into his arms for a long kiss. Finally he stepped back.

“Get naked, B! Then undress her!!”

I obeyed, a little embarrassed about my shaved cock and balls, then removed her blouse and skirt. I knelt at the end of the bed.

Jaye melted into his arms and kissed him again, long and wet.

After returning the kiss, he had her remove his clothes and kneel next to me.

Looking up at him, even I had to admit he was gorgeous in a primal way: Over 6 feet tall, broad shoulders tapering down to narrow hips, huge biceps – one with a barbed wire tattoo encircling it, the other with his college fraternity brand burned into the flesh — ending in large hands with long delicate fingers (this was added by Jaye – fingers don’t do it for me), a rounded belly, small man boobs, tight round buns, and solid, highly muscled thighs. Between them hung His Black Cock — not the largest — 9″ or so when erect – but very thick, and wider at the base, topped by a rounded, un-circumsized mushroom head and backed by a huge set of balls. He was the human version of a Silverback Gorilla — power emanating from him.

“Hands behind your backs!”

He stood in front of Jaye and started stroking his Black cock in front of her.

“What do you want, Jaye?”

“I want to be fucked!”

“By whom?”

“By you!”

“How?” Jaye was starting to understand that the tone had changed from lusty gangbang to submission session.

“Any way you want, Sir”

“Any way?”

“Yes Sir, any way! And bareback, please. I want to feel your cum shoot into me!”

“So, you want to be my bitch?”

“Sir! I AM your bitch!”

“If you’re my bitch, I must be your Master, right?”

“Yes, sir! You are my Master!”

(What? This was going way past, “You don’t need to use condoms!”)

He grabbed her hair and pushed his Black cock into her mouth.

“I don’t give a crap about what you want! You knew before you came here with your cunt shaved and ass flushed out that you were here to serve me for the next 4 days. The only thing a bitch wants is to please her Master!”

She reached for his Black cock.

“Keep your hands behind your back, bitch! You don’t touch your Master’s Cock unless he tells you to! And even then you have to earn it!

She complied instantly. He pulled his Black cock out of her mouth and stood there, slowly stroking himself inches from her face, getting harder, letting the situation sink in on us.

“Now if you want me to bareback you don’t you think you ought to tell your husband that’s what you want?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Tell him!”

She turned her face to me.

“B, I want Robert to fuck me bareback and use me all weekend!”

Of course, we had been over all this on the phone and in e-mails, but Robert was playing it out for full effect — and the realization that we were entering into a very different relationship was sinking in on both of us. And being recorded.

(Again, he paused. His Black cock was hard now.)

He turned to me, his thick Black cock almost touching my lips, and started stroking it faster.

“You all right with that B?”

“Yes, Sir!” (I was a little surprised how easily I was falling into the submissive role and how right it felt. It had been years since the maintenance man in Jamaica, and although Robert had always been the lead dog, it had never been a Master/slave thing.)

“You want me to dump my cum into her?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You know I’m gonna use this slut’s cunt, ass and mouth all weekend?”

“Yes, Sir!”

He moved his thick, hard Black cock closer, softly stroking my face with it, sliding down to graze my lips, then moving on. My jaw fell open at the silky caress.

He pulled back away from my face, still stroking his Black cock. My eyes focused on it like a mouse mesmerized by a snake — it was all I could see. All I wanted.

“I’m gonna loan her out, too. Maybe even sell her mouth and ass as well as her cunt! You all right with that, too?”

“Y.Y.Yes Sir!”

A drop of pre-cum emerged from his cock slit. I licked my lips, and leaned toward it. He pulled back.

“You want me to whore her out, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”

He moved close again and touched my lips with the tip, wiping the pre-cum onto them. (A reward?) Then he moved away.

“And you want to lick up my cum from her holes, don’t you?”

“Ohhhh! Yes, Sir.”

He continued stroking that magnificent Black cock – moving it toward my lips and then pulling away.

More pre-cum emerged. He squeezed it out onto my cheek and used the tip to rub it into my face. Another groan. (Where was Jaye? Why isn’t she doing something to save me? She knows my weakness. We are supposed to protect each other from ourselves. Gawd! I want this Dominant Black Man to control me. I want His Big Black Cock in my mouth and ass!)

“And you know it’s gonna be that way between us from now on. Not just this weekend. Up until now you two have been swingers and kinky sex freaks. From now on, I own her. Whenever we get together, no more of your rules, no more threesomes with you, no more you fucking her before or after me. You only touch her when I say so and you don’t fuck her cunt at all when I am around!”

“Y,y,yes Sir.”

“And you want it that way, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir!”

Another drop of pre-cum. This time He let it drop off the tip, making a long, thick ribbon that fell on my waiting tongue. Then He rubbed the leaking tip over my lips. Definitely a reward.

“If that’s what you want, shouldn’t you ask me?”

“Please, Sir fuck my….”

“NO Fool! BEG ME!”

Suddenly something in my brain flipped! In a pleading voice I said

“Please Master, please fuck my wife bareback! Shoot Your cum into her! Please use her — use both of us – any way You want! She’s yours! We both are!”

Next to me, Jaye gasped.

i had never thought i would ever do something like this! i was not only handing over control of my wife but of myself too. This wasn’t adventure role playing in Jamaica. It was real life.

“Open your mouth!”

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me on and off His Black Cock several times.

“Too late, boi! Like you heard, she’s already my bitch! Has been for 2 years! But now you are, too!”

Leaving me alone in my shame, He pulled out and dragged her to her feet by her hair, held her in His big arms and gave her a long wet kiss which she returned, grinding her naked body into His.

Suddenly the mood changed again – from D/s to romance.

She melted her body into His and they kissed again, their hands were all over each other. Softly, lovingly. She dropped to her knees in front of Him.

“What do you want?” (Spoken gently)

“Please let me suck your cock, Master!”

“What will you do to earn it? Eat my ass?”

(Snap! Back to D/s – Jaye’s eyelids were starting to droop and she was obviously breathing through her mouth)

“B, beg me to let her eat my ass!”

“Please Sir, let her stick her tongue up Your ass hole and lick it!”

“What about you, bitch?”

“Yes Sir, please let me eat your ass out!” (Jaye had done the act for the first time in Jamaica, and a time or two since, but it was rare)

He lay on the bed and raised his legs. My wife moved her head between His ass cheeks and started to lick and suck.

“Make your tongue hard and push in!”


“B, push her head in right!”

i placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed my wife’s face into His Black ass, released and did it again until she got the rhythm.

After a while He told her to move up to His huge balls — she happily gave them a tongue bath, licking and sucking them individually into her mouth. Finally, He gave her permission to suck His semi-erect cock. But no hands.

After several minutes, He pulled her up to Him and they kissed deeply (back to romance mode).

Gently, He rolled her onto her back. She automatically splayed her knees as wide and high as she could, giving Him full access to her juicing cunt. He got up on His knees in preparation for mounting her and called me over.

“B, stick My cock into your wife’s cunt!”

Master’s Big Black Cock was hard now and heavy, with veins bulging. My fingers barely encircled it.

With one hand i spread Jaye’s cunt lips and with the other i grasped Him at the base, which left 5 to 6″ of thick sausage sticking out, and rubbed the mushroom against my wife’s cunt lips, gently separating them and easing past the cunt and clit rings emplaced as trophies by Her Black masters.

“By the way, it’s not your wife’s cunt anymore! She’s not your wife, she’s my bitch and I own her cunt!”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you want it that way, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” (The submissive side of me had taken over completely. The Dominant side seemed to be locked in a closet where it could see what was happening, but was powerless to control anything.)

i pressed the thick Black rod between her cunt lips about half the depth of the mushroom, then out, spreading the juices around her cunt mouth. Then in deeper, then out, then in deeper.

When i had Him inserted up to my hand, Master (as i now thought of Him) told me to move away, and started a slow, gentle rhythm. Her eyes were closed now, her arms around His thick body, moaning softly about how wonderful He felt.

Primed by the boys and with her head in full submissive slut mode, she was soon moaning louder, eyes closed, mouth slack, her white body softly undulating under His rounded Black belly, her legs wrapped around His massive thighs, arms around His neck, pulling Him deeper into her.

The light glinted off her wedding and engagement rings. The force of His thrusts made her small tits jiggle and the nipple rings bounce. i don’t think i had ever seen her more beautiful.

Then He flipped her onto her belly and started pounding into her. The sight of His massive Black body enveloping her, and her white skin contrasting with His Blackness, moaning and urging Him on, was so beautiful, i was in awe for a moment, then started jerking my cock in time with His thrusts.

Finally He pulled her to her knees and told me to get underneath her in a 69. In this position i had a view of His thick Black Cock sliding into her cunt only inches from my face. She grabbed my cock and started to suck but He told her not to and as soon as He started His rhythm, she just held on and moaned about how good He felt.

His tempo increased and so did her moans urging Him on, to fuck her, to cum in her. Suddenly He growled and stiffened and she let out a yell.

“Oh gawd! I can feel him shoot into me! So hard! And it’s so hot!”

He slapped her ass and told her to talk only to Him, her Master.

Underneath them i could see His cock and balls pulse time and again and felt Master’s bitch squirt onto my face.

After a short pause, He started to bang away at her again. Faster and faster. Then i saw it — His cum mixed with her juices whipped to a froth and pushed out of her cunt along His Black shaft.

Her Big Bang approached and she begged for permission to cum. After it hit, Master rode it out, pulling more orgasms from her, then stopped and withdrew.

As He did, His now-softening 9″ of very thick Black cock covered in white foam flopped onto my face. i quickly opened my mouth and sucked on what i could reach.

She was hit by another spasm, and then another, which resulted in gobs of cum being pushed out to fall into my open mouth. Again i swallowed and started to clean, but she was too weak to stay on her knees. She flopped on her back and i gently continued to bathe her cunt with my tongue while she licked and sucked our Master clean.

After one or two more spasms from my tongue while they cuddled, Jaye said she was too sensitive and needed to rest to be ready for tomorrow.

Master grinned and wished us a good night, turned off the cameras and lights, and left for His bedroom and Maggie. On the way out, He told me to sleep on the cot.

Jaye rolled over and hugged me.

“Thank you so much for this, B. But you haven’t had any yet! You can’t have my cunt, but I’ll jerk you off if you want!”

So i took her up on a slow, gentle hand job. When i came she directed my cum over her tits and cradled my head, cooing like a mother to a baby, as I licked it off.

“What was that about you giving both of us to him? What happened to my man being my man? And protecting me?”

“I thought you didn’t want to be protected from him.”

“Not from him, but there are other aspects. You can’t look after me if you are his slave! What’s going on in your head?”

“I don’t know. The feelings and words just flowed out. You didn’t stop me. But, it’s just for the weekend, right?”

She lifted my head off her tits and looked at me for a long moment then hugged me to her breast again.

“We’ll see.”

We cuddled a little more, then she told me to go to the cot, where i ran my mental video of the evening over and over until i fell asleep.

Thanksgiving Day:

i woke up to piss about 6AM. Master’s bitch was gone.

On my way back i passed by Master’s and Maggie’s bedroom. The door was half open and i could see Master, doing Maggie doggie style, Her ass cheeks rippling with the thrusts and Her large boobs swinging wildly.

But the startling thing was that Master’s bitch was underneath Maggie in a 69 as i had been last night (i couldn’t see her face because of Maggie’s heavy thighs, but her wedding rings were visible as she gripped Maggie’s hips.)!

As i watched, Maggie came, moaning. He looked up and told me to come in.

“Clean up your Mistress!”

He ordered as He rolled off. Master’s bitch moved out from under Mistress and commenced to lick His deflating cock.

i approached the bed and lowered myself between Mistress’s wide spread thighs and thick bush. There was cum all over.

“Get to work boi! I got a dinner to get ready!”

So i commenced to lick and suck Master’s cum from Her hairy snatch through a massive orgasm while Master’s bitch cleaned her Bull. (This became our morning routine: Master would service Mistress with his cock and Jaye and i would service Them with our mouths)

While i was working on Mistress, Master and His bitch left the room. When i was done and She was coming down, i started to head back to our room, passing by Their master bath on my way out.

Through the partially open door i could see Master at the john, His bitch kneeling next to him and holding His Big Black Cock while He pissed. When He was done He shoved it into Her mouth to lick off and swallow the last drops. i was shocked — but she wasn’t hesitating. Quietly, i headed back to our bedroom.

After breakfast, Master and i set up the cameras and computers in our bedroom while Mistress and Master’s bitch made dinner, calling bitch in from time to time to strip down to check focuses, lighting balances and angles.

Dinner was just the 4 of us — D’arnell was at his Mother’s, James was with his baby momma and kid. Mistress and Jaye then laid out a spread for evening sandwiches, while Master and i set up the keg and hard liquor.

James and D’arnell showed up about 2 and Mistress left to spend the rest of the day and evening with Her Mother and sisters.

As soon as She left, Master told His bitch and i to strip, and after feeling her up until she was squirming, the boys took her into the bedroom. i followed, turned on the cameras, and buried my face in her cunt and ass, licking her until she was sopping wet and ready for them, while she sucked them in turn and they played with her tits and nipple rings.

Then they started to fuck. i checked the cameras again to make sure everything was running, then went out to Master. The scene in the bedroom, besides being recorded, was being piped into the big screen TV in the den.

i watched. As usual, it was beautiful and stirred something in my psyche, but I was thinking of other things. i asked Master about last night — had it been role playing or real?

“Does it matter? Either way the result is the same for the rest of the weekend. But, you and Jaye are a special couple. If I tried to enforce total control on you two, you would leave. Then we all lose – I lose her as a submissive slut to dominate, she loses a source of safe Black cock and the threatening situations she gets off on, and you lose the ability watch her get fucked and to suck my cum out of her – and periodically to suck my cock. All could be replaced in time, but we have a great thing going right now. I’m satisfied with total control while we are together.

So again — it doesn’t matter if it was for real or role playing — the result for all three of us this weekend is the same. Jaye is up for playing it out 100%. How about you?”

“i guess so”

He fished His Black Cock out of His sweatpants and started to jack it off.

“Come over here.”

i got on my knees and shuffled over to His spread legs, my eyes once again fastened on His sausage. He peeled back the foreskin and kept stroking until He saw me lick my lips.

“Don’t guess. Be sure.”

i was sure. i had thought about it for hours last night as i lay on the cot. This was not role playing for a weekend. Jaye had made her decision. This was to be her life. And although part of me tried to fight it, i knew what my decision had to be. i could only hope Jaye would accept me in a submissive role to Master. An emerging drop of pre-cum from Master’s Black Cock sealed the deal.

“Yes, Master, i’m sure. 100%”

“Good, then prove it by sucking on my Big Black Cock, pussy boi, so I can fuck my bitch with it!”

Pulling down His sweat pants, i freed His thick Black cock and hefted it, then lowered my head onto it, pushing my tongue into His pee-slit to capture the pre-cum. The rubbery head felt so good in my mouth.

Although i had fluffed or cleaned a couple of cocks during our Adventuring over the last 5 years, the situations had always required that i hold back control for our safety. Between Master’s legs, i felt totally safe and just let go as i had in Jamaica.

i swirled my tongue around it and then gently closed my lips and started sucking. Copying my wife, i lowered my head further on each stroke, making sure to keep my lips soft and wet. Wet was no problem: after a few strokes my saliva was running freely down His Big Black Cock.

As He began to harden and lengthen, and my mouth stretched to engulf it, i slipped even deeper into sub-space. The Big Black Cock in my mouth was the only thing in my world. So much so that i was not aware that the scene in the bedroom had ended and Master’s bitch and the boys were standing there watching us.

“I thought so!” His bitch exclaimed.

“You didn’t waste any time, cock sucker!”

i started to lift up but Master pushed my head back down on His meat.

“Remember, he gave both of you to serve me any way I wanted if I would bareback you. Not a bad deal — for me. Right now he’s getting me ready to give you another load. Did you loosen her up boys?”

They said they had, all three holes, and Master’s bitch confirmed that she was primed.

The three of us headed for the bedroom. Jaye finished stripping Master and once again melted into His arms, kissing Him like it was their wedding night, their hands all over each other. He lowered her onto the bed, spread her legs, and told me to check if her cunt and ass were ready.

Eagerly, i pushed my tongue into both holes. There was no resistance.

Again, He had me guide His Big Black Cock into her cunt a little at a time. She wanted it harder and kept arching her back trying to impale herself. He told me not to let her, so i held her down with one hand while i pushed His Black sausage into her. She groaned at the teasing. Finally He was in and told me to kneel at the side of the bed, hands behind my back.

He started to stroke into her slowly, building up speed and a rhythm. She was undulating her body underneath Him, receiving his thickness deep into her, covering it with her juices.

Suddenly, He stopped and withdrew. She cried out and wrapped her legs around His hips to pull Him back in.

He held her legs back and told me to push His cock into her ass. Once again i grasped that thick club but this time rubbed it around her anus. It was stretched from her earlier session with the boys and His Big Black Cock was wet from her cunt so the head went in on the first push. Then out, then i pushed it in harder.

“Yessss! Oh yesssss!” Hissed the slut underneath Him.

i jammed His Black Cock deeper in several more times. She whimpered a little and I took perverse delight in her discomfort. At about half way, He waved me away.

He started a rhythm — slow, pause to let her process, then a little faster. i could tell from her moans and encouragement that she was truly primed and He could have gone faster and harder, but He was making a point: He was in control.

She reached her hands down to play with her clit and he slapped her face. Another proof He was now in control — He had never hit her in the 4 years we had been playing together.

Long strokes all the way in (“AAGH!”) and back out, finally all the way out, then back into her gaping ass until He could go in and out totally without stopping.

His bitch was urging Him on, telling Him how good it felt and how she wanted to feel His hot cum in her ass.

On one outstroke, He shifted and pushed His Black cock into her mouth. She gagged. He stroked a few times then withdrew and went back into her ass in one hard stroke.

Now He was alternating: ass, mouth, ass, mouth. His bitch was grunting and moaning, her head snapping back and forth, her nails raking Master’s back. It occurred to me that James and D’arnell were getting a real show on the TV.

He speeded up, but still kept up His alternation between her holes. Finally, He came with a series of grunts which triggered another orgasm in her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! It feels like a stream of hot water up my ass!”

He lay on top of her awhile while He stroked her hair and played with her nipples. She was cooing and stroking His chest. i could tell she hadn’t cum but she obviously didn’t mind. After a few minutes, He rolled off her, and told me to clean the goo that was starting to ooze out of Her stretched asshole.

She was sucking His Big Black Cock clean of her cunt and ass juices and His cum, but guided my Head to her cunt first, an unspoken order to bring her off. i alternated between holes until she was clean and had Her Big Bang.

As she came down, Master took her hand and led her to the bathroom, shutting the door behind them. In a couple of minutes, i heard the shower running and figured He wanted some private time, so i made sure the cameras were ready for the next events.

Shortly after, Master’s brother and nephew arrived. They were the other two of the five who took Jaye to Vegas.

He introduced us by our new names — bitch and pussy boi — and had me serve them drinks on my knees and then suck His brother and the boys hard while they took their turns fucking His new bitch.

Over the rest of the afternoon and evening 8-10 guys wandered in and out to see Master’s new bitch. In between being taken into the bedroom by the “family,” bitch proudly paraded around naked, being groped and pushed to the floor for cock sucking and ball and ass licking to the laughter and jeers of whoever was there.

During the bowl games, the TV was shifted to them. Bets were made on each quarter and bitch had to perform whatever act the winners wanted. i was kept busy serving drinks and licking balls and assholes, and again taken into the bedroom to suck Master hard so that He could shoot into His bitch.

Mistress came home around 10 and the remaining guys left. Master took His bitch and i into the bedroom where we both sucked Him hard and then He fucked her on the soaked tarp. She had been fucked 12 times, six of them in her cunt, and it was getting raw. This last one i could tell wasn’t pleasurable for her but He wanted it so she did it. i cleaned up and He left us.

About an hour later, Master called us to His bedroom.

“Your Mistress wants some. bitch, you get Her ready and pussy boi, you get Me hard!”

In a few minutes, both Master and Mistress were ready and Master administered a long, masterful fucking which brought Mistress off twice, while bitch licked Her clit and i knelt at the side of the bed. When They were done i cleaned Mistress and bitch cleaned Master, then we were dismissed for the night. Back in our room, Master’s bitch reminded me that my place was on the cot. She didn’t offer to get me off.

Friday and Saturday were more of the same: both of us servicing Master and Mistress in the morning, Master cumming in bitch 3 to 4 times a day, and bitch taking any Black visitors in between.

My duties were mostly to clean His cum from her cunt and ass, firmly fixing my slave name as pussy boi, although one time Mistress grabbed me by the cock and dragged me into Her room while Master and James were busy with bitch. As i licked Her hairy snatch, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up on top of Her.

“Never had a white cock before! Show me what you got!”

It was the only time I got to sink my cock into a woman all weekend.

Friday was light, but Saturday, with more bowl games, was almost as busy as Thanksgiving. Additionally, Friday and Saturday nights we all went to some Black clubs.

Master’s bitch was dressed in her short skirt, see through blouse, hoop ear rings, high heeled shoes, and whore makeup. Master let it be known that she was available and she was passed from partner to partner who openly felt her up.

Mistress flirted with the Black men who were waiting a turn, finally latching onto one short, skinny guy.

Most of bitch’s partners wanted more than dancing. Master had her give several hand jobs, making sure she let them cum on her blouse, then get under the table and give blow jobs, making sure they came on her face. Several wanted to take her out back and fuck her, but Master said no until, on Saturday evening, one large Black man peeled off $100. bitch was sitting by Master’s side and looked at Him. Looking straight into her eyes, Master said,

“OK, go fuck her. But it’ll only cost $50 — she’s a cheap whore!”

Without hesitation, bitch took the stranger by the hand, looked around the table and asked,

“Anybody want to come watch a cheap whore get fucked?”

We all headed for the parking lot, except Mistress – she was on the dance floor with her “mouse”, pulling his head deep into her lush cleavage.

At his car, the john pulled open bitch’s blouse and proceeded to maul her tits and finger her cunt for the small crowd. Then he pushed her into the back seat and stood there while she sucked him hard. Finally, he pushed her back onto the seat, put on a condom, shoved his Black cock into her and started to fuck her hard.

Lissette looked at the business card stuck to her mirror. She had been staring at it everyday for a month. Every time she looked at the card she saw his eyes, a set of piercing blues that gave you shivers and heated you all at once. His eyes were not the only thing that haunted her. She constantly thought about the feel of his hands, the stroke of his tongue, and best of all the fit of his cock. Every carnal part of her wanted to dial his number. She let out a puff of air and pressed the digits. Really what is the worst that can happen? He doesn’t remember you? He doesn’t want to see you? You won’t die. Well maybe of shame.

The phone rang once. The phone rang twice. Lissette decided she would hang up after the third ring. At least she called so she is not a punk. In the middle of the third ring he picked up.


“Hello, uhhh, uhhh,” Lissette stuttered, she realized she had no idea whom to ask for. “Um I would like to speak to Mr. Mercedes.” Perhaps that would trigger his memory.

“Speaking. I am glad you called.” He smiled remembering the name she called him the day they met.

“Okay.” Of course you are.

“Would you like to meet somewhere?”

Wow, that was easy. “Hmm okay. How about Panera Bread in West Orange? Let’s say tomorrow around one.”

“No, I want to see you today. Six is good for me? How about you?” He was not about to give her a chance to sleep on it.

He sure is eager. Lissette was surprised at his insistence. “I can do six. See you then.”

After hanging up Lissette threw herself face down on her bed and screamed into her pillow. What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing? I must be insane. She gathered herself and put an outfit together. She wanted to look sexy, but not like she was trying to hard.


Lissette arrived at Panera Bread at five. She wanted to get there early to give herself some time to relax. As she walked in the door she spotted him sitting in the far corner looking over some papers. Damn there goes my advantage. Freak he looks good. She approached him with a smile on her face.

“Ahem.” Lissette faked coughed to get his attention

“You’re early.” He rose to greet her.

His eyes travelled up her body, and rested at her cleavage. The maxi dress she wore did a poor job of obscuring the object of his desire. Lissette caught Brent staring at her breasts. He seemed to forget they were in public. For a man that looked so polished and had an air of breeding he was quite crass sometimes. Their eyes met registering the mutual attraction was still there. He leaned into to kiss her on her cheek. They inhaled each other like dogs in heat. He was wearing her favourite scent for men, Polo Sport. To him, her scent was crisp and intoxicating. He pulled out her chair for her to take a seat. It gave him the opportunity to caress her back. Her nipples hardened at his touch.

She lifted her eyes to his as his hand lingered on her back. “And so are you.”

“Great minds.” He offered her toothy grin soaked in charm. “Can I get you something?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

Brent smiled. “Yes you are.”

Lissette blushed. He was getting to her again, and she did not want to go there. At least not until some understanding about what was going on between them was reached. She was in mega lust, and if this was just going to be all about the sex she was open to it. She just had to know up-front. If he wanted more, that would take some consideration and serious caution.

“I have some questions.” Lissette started.

“I am not surprised. Let’s get down to business, because I have some questions for you too.” He placed the papers he was looking over into his briefcase.

Lissette laughed nervously, everything now had an air of formality to it. She licked and pursed her lips, before beginning. “First thing, what is your name?”

“I like Mr. Mercedes, but other people call me Brent. Now it’s my turn.”

“Okay,” Lissette replied slowly. She had not anticipated having to answer any questions about herself.

“Why did you let me fuck you?” Saying the words and watching her face as she contemplated the answer caused a heat to rise in his neck.

“Hmm.” She gave him at sly smile. “I was horny. It was hot. And you were available.”

Brent laughed. He was not expecting that answer at all.

“Okay Brent, why me?”

“Why you what?”

Lissette looked at him trying to see if he seriously did not follow the implication in her question. “Why did you choose to hit on me, then follow me into the library and fuck me?”

Brent face lost all humour as he formulated the answer to Lissette’s question. He knew that possibly the truth would make her run screaming.

“I told you when we first met; you were made for sex. And I should know. I own one of the largest pleasure service companies in the state. When I saw you in April I knew you would be perfect addition to my stable. The bumping into you was staged. After talking to you the next step was to fuck you…to test you out.”

His words drenched Lissette like ice-water. Her face registered the horror she felt inside. “Did I just hear you correctly? Oh…my…God, you’re a pimp. This is insane. I knew this was too good to be true.” Lissette got up in a rush, ready to bolt out of the restaurant.

Brent quickly grabbed her wrist commanding her to sit down. He did not want her walking out angry, or disappointed in herself or him. Since their time together his mind had been in turmoil. He was conflicted about her calling, because he knew he would have to tell her the truth. Now he was concerned about what she thought of him. What the fuck is that about?

Lissette wrenched her hand away but sat back down. She was on the verge of tears, but didn’t want him to see her cry. “What the fuck did I get into? And what the hell you mean since April?”

“I’ve been collecting data on you since April.”

“If you’ve been watching me since April then you will know that my dad is chief of police. Is that was this is about, compromising a cop’s daughter? What for? Leverage? You are a fuckwad.” She folded her hands under her breasts, throwing icy daggers at him.

Brent recoiled inwardly at Lissette’s anger, but was determined to play it cool. “You have not gotten into anything. We’re just two adults who had a nice time. A very very nice time. Of course I know your dad is a cop, but that is irrelevant. I have no interest in leverage, or whatever seedy motive you think I might have. I want you.” He said it with such confidence and determination.

Lissette looked in his face searching for any sign of deception. There was none. He really fucking wants me…as one of his whores.

Brent saw Lissette’s face was impassive so he launched into the story of when he first laid eyes on her. “I saw you in April on Main Street. You were battling an umbrella in a downpour. As you were struggling to fix it the wind blew up your bright yellow strapless dress. The vision of your ass clad in that lacy black boy shorts is seared in my brain. Your thick sexy thighs…” Brent’s voice got low and trailed off as he seemed to get lost in the memory. His cock hardened as the image of her that day flooded his brain and combined with how he took her in the library. “I thought a girl like you should be naked all the time. And when you turned around and those beautiful DD’s pointed at me, I knew you were perfect.”

Lissette listened to Brent go on about the day he saw her. She tried not to focus on his words which were having rousing effect. She was getting so inside herself trying to fight him the last thing she heard was “three years.” “Huh?”

“Why did you stop having sex three years ago?”


“Before that day in the library with me you had not had sex in three years. Why?”

“That is none of your business,” Lissette snapped. “And how the hell do you know that?”

Brent reached into his briefcase, and handed Lissette the file he was looking over. Here he was again breaking rules and crossing boundaries, just for her. She thumbed through it. She did not know if to be flattered or freaked. The file was comprehensive to the point of having her medical records. That is how he knew she had not had sex in three years. This is so crazy. I am really lost for words. He has really covered his bases. Should I be scared? I should be scared, but I am not. What is wrong with me?

Brent broke her train of thought. He had to bring the conversation back on track. “Why did you call? I was beginning to think that you weren’t going to.”

“So did I, but I was curious about you. Now I kinda wished I wasn’t. But answer me this. I’m sure your business would be more profitable with girls that look like Halle Berry. Why me?”

“We have some of those, but I believe in providing variety. Men have all sorts of appetites.” He looked at her and licked his lips. “You are beautiful. And I’m not just saying that so I can hire you. You are. Also, you have a certain, je n’ai sais quois. And I understand that what I just told you came as a shock, but the choice is yours all the way.” Brett said that almost believing it himself. But after months of watching her pictures and thinking about her he knew he was drawn to her more that he could openly admit.

Lissette bit the inside of her lips trying to decide if she should just walk out now. As difficult as it was to digest what Brent just told her, she was fascinated. Anybody who can approach a cop’s daughter, and offer her a job as a prostitute surely had a pair of big bass ones.

Brent saw her eyes relax and used that as his opening. “Are you interested?”

“Let’s just say curious.” Lissette smiled. Don’t forget genius, curiosity killed the cat.

Brent laughed. He was curious now. What is going on in that pretty little head of yours, Lissette? “You get paid a flat fee of $500 per week, but then you earn 40% of whatever you earn. All the companions live on the property. You set your own schedule, but you must put in a minimum of thirty hours per week. No family or social calls at the property. Any personal drama that impacts the company, you’re out. If you decide to stop working I require two weeks notice. We provide healthcare and benefits. How does that sound?”

“Like a good set-up. Perhaps too good.” Lissette could not believe that she was actually considering this.

Brent saw the cogs in Lissette’s brain working, and wanted to make it easy for her to say yes. “How about we do a trial week, and if you don’t like it no hard feelings.”

“Can I think about it?”


“Thanks.” Lissette stood up to leave, and put her hand out offering to shake his. Brent stood up, looked at her hand and smiled. He took it as if to shake it, but he gripped it hard and pulled her toward him. He was not going to let her leave without having her lips again. Lissette was caught by surprise, but did not hesitate to return the kiss. Their tongues danced fervently, stoking the flame they had been suppressing since they sat down.

He held her tight against him with one hand. The other sat at the nape of her neck as they kissed without any desire to stop. He slid his hand down to her ass and pinched it. She moaned in his mouth. They were forced to part when they heard a chair drag on the floor by them. Apparently the person was trying to get their attention to stop the PDA. They disengaged with broad grins on their faces. Brent took Lissette’s hand and pulled her out the restaurant. She had no idea where he was taking her, but wherever it was she wanted to go.


“I guess I can’t call you Mr. Mercedes anymore,” Lissette remarked as Brent let her into the passenger seat of a Yukon XL Denali.

“You can call me anything you like,” Brent replied slipping his hand underneath her dress. He was delighted to discover she was pantiless and wet. “You are a horny girl.”

“Well I figured if you were going to be as eager as the last time, I might as well come prepared.”

“Damn,” was all he could muster in reply as she gladly accepted three fingers into her already dripping cunt.

Brent heard her whimper as he pumped his fingers in and out. She begged for him to stop, but he kept going. Lissette thought she was going to die from pleasure. Her body responded to his manipulations leaving her senseless. He withdrew and licked his fingers just as she was about to cum.

“Hold that thought.”

Lissette grunted in frustration, as Brent readjusted her clothing. He wanted her teetering on the brink of ecstasy when he got her to the hotel.

“Why did you start if you weren’t going to finish?” She was exasperated with him.

“You do realize we were in the middle of a parking lot and the sun is still up?”


Brent looked up surprised. The Lissette he had first encountered was timid, now she did not mind getting finger boned in broad daylight. “What has come over you?”

“Nothing. Nothing. Nevermind.” Lissette looked out the window pouting.

“Oh don’t be like that I am going to fuck you silly. I promise.” Brent spoke as if he was promising to take her for ice-cream.

Lissette laughed. “I am holding you to that.”


Brent poured himself a drink from the bar. Lissette had gone to the bathroom. The energy around him felt blah. He realized he hated not being in her presence. Their ride to the hotel was animated and fun. She appeared to be open, but he sensed the alertness about her. He relaxed in a way that he had not done in years. He forgot she was just for business until Carla called about some issue. He looked over at Lissette’s smiling face and pushed the internal warnings down. He knew that this would have to be their last time together. If Carla found out she would hit the roof, since it was against their rules for him to have sex with any of the girls after the initial test.

The whiskey sour slid down his throat and thoughts of Lissette swirled in his brain each having their own effect. Brent was brought back to reality with the sound of the shower. He took his clothes off and went to join her. Lissette’s normally pinned up hair was down and had kinked tightly. Brent adored the sight of water cascading over her plump ass. He stepped in behind her. He gripped her hair and twisted her face towards his for a kiss. Lissette leaned into him and he palmed her breast. Brent squeezed and pinched her nipples causing Lissette to hiss and grind back on him. He slipped his finger into her hot sex ready to finish what he started earlier.

“Brace yourself on the wall Lissette.”

Lissette bent over put her hands out against the tile. Brent wasted no time and entered her. He pounded her without a break, holding onto her breast all the while. Lissette was a pleasure bomb waiting to go off. She did not hold back telling Brent how magnificently he filled her. The harder Brent went at her pussy the higher her pitch rose. She could feel the familiar shocks going off, tightening on Brent’s masterful cock.

“Fuck meeee!” Lissette screamed. “Harder Brent! Harder! Sweet Mother!”

Brent loved watching her shatter by his exertion. Knowing that it was because of him she was twisting and bucking made his balls contract. He unleashed jet after jet of cum inside of her. When he was done he reluctantly pulled out of her. Lissette dropped to her knees. Her orgasms had weakened her.

“Are you okay?” Brent asked rubbing her hair.

“I’m good. Help me up.”

Brent gave her his hand, and she stood up. Her smile made his stomach flutter. He was suddenly annoyed. Lissette was ruining him. He stepped out of the shower and toweled off. She stepped out and stared at him. She sensed the change in his mood, but did not want to pry just yet. She wanted to rest first.

When she was dry Lissette went to the bedroom and found Brent redressing.

“Where are you going?” Lissette inquired.

“Something came up. I have to go. But you can stay if you want to. The room has been paid for.”

“You don’t have to lie Brent. I felt your attitude change in the bathroom. I don’t need to know what it is, but you don’t have to lie to me.” Lissette’s voice was calm and without judgment, but she needed to let him know she saw through him.

Brent turned around to speak, but was vocally disarmed by a naked Lissette. She was just standing there in all her glorious nakedness as if it was the most natural thing. Her bountiful breasts with its dark peaks stood proudly. His eyes lowered settling on her sparsely covered cunt. He quickly looked away willing himself to be strong. His cock had other ideas. It rose and begged for a release. The kind of release that only Lissette could give him now.

She saw him look away. She walked over to him, grabbed him by the jaw and tilted his head down to hers. “If you are going to lie to me at least have the decency to do it to my face.”

“Cover yourself first. I can’t argue with you when you’re naked.”

“Then get undressed, even the playing field.”

“Lissette you are pissing me off.” Brent was angry at himself for being so confused over her.

“Me? Why?” She did not take any of Brent’s lashing out personally, but she was not going to let him leave without pleasuring her again.

“Get out of my face.”

“No.” With that Lissette pushed him hard onto the bed. She straddled him and peered into his eyes. “What is your fucking problem?”

“Watch your language.” Her strength surprised him.

“No. I will speak as I like unless you give me a reason not to.”

He grabbed her neck and flipped her onto her back. Lissette smiled. She knew she had him now.

Brent trailed kisses all over her naked body. He placed chaste kisses on her pussy. Lissette hips shot up. Brent kissed and licked it. Damn this girl is delicious. He pushed away and rolled onto his back.

“Sit on my face.

“Yes sir.” Brent cock twitched, at being called sir.

She squatted over his face and lowered herself to his face. Brent’s tongue slipped easily into her seeping center. Lissette moved slowly against his face while his hands kneaded her butt. His nose provided great friction to her clit, driving her mad.

“Ahhh! Ahhh!” She arched her back being stimulated something wicked. Her body felt tingly all over.

Brent lapped at the juices flowing over his face. It was like a faucet was turned on. She tasted mildly sweet and salty with a hint of fruit. He could not get enough. He’d been craving a taste of her pussy since the library. He loved the way she rode his face then, but this time was more erotic. For a moment he allowed himself to forget the cloudiness in his head as he felt the increasing pressure of her grinding on his face.

Lissette shook violently as she came on Brent. Her pussy kept firing shock after shock after shock. She tried to get away from him, but he held onto her swallowing every drop he could get.

His tongue grazed over her sensitive walls, and Lissette felt the contractions again. She shouted, “Brent! Brent! Please stop. I’m I’m I’m…” Lissette body snapped back stiffly and she remained jerking on Brent’s face.

Brent got concerned after a few seconds when he could no longer hear her voice. He gently leaned her to the side so he could get up. Her body was still twitching, her breath was laboured, and she was moaning. He tried to touch her but she grunted as if she was in pain. He got off the bed and looked down at her, wondering what to do. He had never set a female off like that. It turned him on. His cock wanting to participate, but he knew he could not touch her. Her eyes were shut tightly.

Lissette could not get a clear thought through. All her senses were focused on the fire storm in her body. As the feelings began to lessen shame overtook her as she realized how uninhibited she became in front of Brent. Her eyes fluttered open and she could see him staring. The leer on his face told her all. He was proud of his handiwork. His ego was stroked and from what she saw pointing at her something else needed to be stroked.

Chapter 5

A few weeks went by, and my time with Andre was fabulous. He was sweet, gentle…perfect. We still had not fucked, but I was content with the oral pleasures. I knew that at some point he would let me feel his cock, I was content to wait. I had not worn the necklace since meeting Jen and I was starting to feel the need to be dominated. I think Andre sensed my uneasiness and restless spirit because one night at dinner he began asking me questions about my sexual fantasies. The restaurant was crowded so our conversation blended away and I was sure no one could over hear. After a few glasses of wine I was relaxed enough to let my inhibitions melt away.

“Have you ever been with more than one man at the same time?” Andre asked.

“No.” I replied as visions of the possibility filled my head.

“Would you like to?” he asked.

I knew Andre well enough to know this was not a trick question, I knew he was sincerely interested in what I wanted and desired.

“Yes. I think I would.” I replied.

“What do you think it would be like?”

I told him I was not sure, but that I would love the feeling of all the men cumming on me. By this point in our relationship Andre had figured out that I was a cum whore…I love cum.

“I know you would love that. I would love to see it.”

With that Andre signaled the waiter for the ticket and we left shortly there after.

On the way home, Andre took a new route and I found myself sitting in the car with him staring up at the neon signs of an adult book store.

“Come with me.”

I followed him in the store. Andre moved directly to the back of the store, to the videos. He reviewed the shelves until he found the section featuring videos of gang bangs. He selected a video and handed the box to me. As I looked at the video snippets on the cover and back of the box, Andre moved to my side and whispered in my ear.

“See that woman, see how she is taking three guys at once? One in her pussy, one in her mouth, and one in her ass? Have you ever had your ass fucked?”

I felt his hand sliding up my arm as he waited for his answer.

“No. I haven’t. Is it fun?”

Andre smiled, “Yes, my love, it is fun. The feeling of an orgasm while ass fucking is beyond anything you can get from your pussy. You want to learn?”

Learn? I thought to myself that this was an odd statement, I mean it was pretty obvious that the cock is stuck in the ass…not much to learn. I asked Andre about this.

“Your ass is so tight that it can hurt you if it’s done wrong. I can help train and get your ass ready for a good fucking. Would you like to try?”


I was game, and trusted Andre implicitly.

Andre got the movie to purchase, ensuring the men were all gorgeous black men with enormous cocks. He knows what I like. He then moved through the store, grabbing various items I was sure I would find out about later. When he was just about done, I asked if he would get a cock ring to wear for me.

“Of course baby. You sure you can handle that? It will make my cock swell even more, and you can barely fit it in your mouth as it is.”

I told him that it would also make him last longer and shoot harder — enough said, he knew that seeing his cum spray even harder from his dick was a huge turn on for me. We took our purchases to the counter. Soon we were in the car, my pussy wet from looking at all the tantalizing things in the store. One last stop at the drug store, Andre was in and out in minutes while I waited in the car.

“Once we get home I want you to go straight up stairs and put on the necklace.”

That was all he said…I didn’t need any other instructions.

I did as expected and sat on the edge of the bed with the necklace on. Andre handed me a box, it was an enema kit.

“Go in the bathroom and clean yourself out.”

I took the box and, after reading the instructions, did as expected. When I was finished my ass was squeaky clean — and I was a little aroused from the stimulation. I stepped out of the bathroom to find Andre sitting on the bed watching the new video. The woman on the screen was getting handled and fucked by at least a dozen men. She was moaning, they were grunting. I was frozen — I wanted to be that woman.

“Get your fucking ass over here. Get on your knees in front of me, watch this woman get fucked.”

I did as instructed, I was on my knees with Andre behind me while I was glued to the television screen. This woman was being passed around like a toy.

“You like that?” Andre asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“You want to be a little slutty whore like that? You want to get pounded in all your holes by twenty different black cocks? You want your white holes stuffed? You want to eat the spunk from all those dicks?”

As Andre said these things to me he grabbed my hair and pulled. He pulled harder until I was leaned back looking up at him when he finished his questions.

“Yes, sir. Very much so, sir.” Was my reply.

“Get on the bed, on all fours. Face the television so you can keep watching this slut.” I did as told.

Once on the bed, Andre moved behind me. He took the bag of goodies from the bookstore with him. He told me he was going to use a cream to numb me a bit, so that I could take what he had to offer. I glanced over my shoulder and saw an array of various sized butt plugs. The largest was thicker than Andre’s cock and it scared me. But, with the necklace on, I had to submit. I felt Andre’s finger slide a cool gel over my asshole, his finger pushed forward slightly forcing some of the goo into me. Next, he told me he was going to lube the smallest plug first. I felt the tip of the toy on my hole, Andre pressed forward and with very little resistance the plug slid into my hole. It was an odd sensation, and as Andre gently moved the plug around I found it very enjoyable.

“Rub your clit, but don’t come. You won’t get to cum until you take the last of these plugs.”

I was so disappointed, I didn’t think I could take the largest. I continued to rub my clit while Andre worked plug after plug into my ass. Each one was a little more difficult, but as my pussy got wetter, and the video got nastier, my ass relaxed. Finally, Andre announced he was using the final plug. I couldn’t believe it. With some effort and a little pain, Andre slid a butt plug the thickness of my wrist up my ass. I felt my muscles contract and spasm as they got use to the stretch.

“Now you little slut, I am going to let you experience the ultimate orgasm. But first…”

With these words Andre moved of the bed, undressed and presented my mouth with his cock. I sucked the velvety head into my mouth, I teased the precum onto my tongue. He stroked his shaft while my tongue worked his head. I felt so nasty with my ass in the air filled with the toy while my mouth was being fucked by Andre’s cock. I rubbed my pussy harder. Andre stepped aside and told me to watch the movie, I was just in time to see the woman laid out on the floor, each man taking a turn blowing their load on her face. They would walk up and shoot on her – then walk away. I wanted to feel that. I was so transfixed that I had not noticed Andre grabbing the strap on that Jen had used on me before. In one motion he moved behind me and impaled me with it. I gasped and cried out.

“Oh my God”

I was full, the dildo in my cunt and the plug in my ass was too much. Andre moved around again and told me to suck his cock more. I saw the cock ring and knew that it would take a little more this time. I sucked in earnest, rubbing my clit and humping the air with my holes pried open with various items. I needed to cum but Andre would not let me.

Finally, I felt his cock twitch.

“Okay you are ready.”

He took his cock from my mouth and moved behind me.

“Now, you fucking slut I am going to fuck your pussy with this cock. I am going to put pressure on the ass plug too. When I start doing that, I want you to make yourself cum. But, you better fucking tell me right before you do. Understand?”

“Yes, yes” I cried out, I needed to cum.

I felt the toys in my body start to move and I nearly crawled out of my skin from the sensation. I loved it. I needed it.

“I’m going to cum.” I shouted.

Just as the words were coming out of my lips, I felt Andre slam the cock to the hilt in my cunt. I started to spasm, but it was not like any orgasm I had experienced. As my pussy contracted around the cock, my ass was spasming around the plug. It was amazing, it was like the resistance to the ass spasms made it more intense. Suddenly, mid spasm, Andre pulled the plug from my ass. That was it, I started bucking wild, the orgasm would not stop.

“Don’t move.” Andre ordered me still and I complied.

I looked over my shoulder to see him jerking his cock wildly. My orgasm started to ease, but my body was still twitching.

“Rub your fucking cunt. I want you to cum when you feel this.”

I had no idea what he was talking about but I frantically rubbed my clit. Soon I announced my orgasm. Just as I felt the first wave rock my body, I felt something warm hit in my asshole. Then I felt it again, as my orgasm overpowered me. Suddenly it dawned on me. When Andre pulled the ass plug, my hole was still gaping, and he jerked his cock until he shot his spunk straight into my ass hole. Just the thought of his hot seed in my hole made the last few waves of orgasm more thrilling.

Then Andre moved in front of me and had me clean his cock with my mouth, I sucked the last drops of come from him. He reached behind me and pulled the rubber cock from my pussy. I collapsed on the bed. I felt his hand move through my hair and unfasten the necklace. He returned it to the place of honor on the dresser. Andre returned to the bed and I fell into his arms. It was so wonderful being held by this man as I felt his cum begin to seep out of my ass. I dozed off, when I awoke Andre had put all the toys away and was sleeping by my side. At first I considered getting up to shower, but decided to enjoy a few more hours of his seed in me.

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