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2: The Next Day

NOTE: A special thanks goes to estragon for his copy edit. His time and suggestions are invaluable.

RECAP: I highly suggest you read part one if you want to know how I seduced my sweet prim and proper Mother. If you don’t want to or already have and can’t remember the plot, here is a brief recap:

I am a college student who is addicted to MILF’s. When I came home for the summer, I spied my Mother fucking some slob who was blackmailing her and decided to save her. After saving her, I decided I had to make Mommy mine.

This story takes place the following day, after I had fucked my Mother, Elaine, for the first time.



I woke up after a long sleep alone. I lay in bed for a few minutes as I replayed last night’s events in my head. I had fucked my Mother. It was amazing, the ultimate conquest for any man. As I rubbed my eyes, I remembered falling asleep together and noticed she was no longer in bed.

I looked at the clock it was 12:30 in the afternoon. I wondered how she would react the day after. I assumed she would say it was a big mistake and s forth, but I was determined to make sure this new relationship continued in full force. I got up, still naked, walked to my room, grabbed a robe and went downstairs.

When I reached the kitchen, I was surprised to see my Mom at the kitchen table visiting with Hannah. Hannah, Mom’s best friend, and the sexy MILF who I was fucking in the ass just two days ago, in the livingroom when my Mom walked in catching us. I was slightly worried I had ended a lifelong friendship. Apparently, I needed not to worry. My Mom greeted, “Good afternoon sweetie.” She got up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

I looked slightly confused as she explained, “I invited Hannah over to apologize. I overreacted and did not want to lose one of my dearest friends.”

Hannah, who I instantly noticed was wearing black stockings and a sundress, said, “Yes, we have kissed and made up.”

The innuendo didn’t go unnoticed as my Mom added, “I need to go to the washroom, you guys can visit or whatever.”

She left and I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down still trying to figure out what the Hell was going on. Hannah stated matter-of-factly, “So you fucked your mother last night?”

Coffee sprayed out of my mouth and I began choking. Hannah got up and patted me on the back like I was a baby. I asked in a state of shock, “Mom told you about last night?”

Hannah began to massage my shoulders as she said softly, “Do you know how long I have wanted to fuck your Mom?”

Her hands slid down my chest as I processed this stunning revelation; my cock already as hard as a rock. She moved around and dropped to her knees in front of me. I sat memorized a mixture of eager anticipation and slight bewilderment. As she opened my robe, she saw my bulging erection contained in my underwear and teased, “My, my, my, what do we have here?” She unleashed my stiff erection and it instantly stood at attention in front of this beautiful MILF, and my mother’s best friend. As she grabbed it with her left hand, she asked mischievously, “Is this erection because of me on my knees ready to swallow you whole or because of the thought of your prim and proper Mommy between my legs?”

I looked at her and before I could respond she deep throated my firm cock. I instantly let out a moan as this hot MILF slut devoured my dick. She continued the fast paced assault with impressive consistency and within only a couple minutes I could feel my cum beginning to bubble. I grunted, “I’m coming, slut.” Hannah continued bobbing up and down seemingly desperate to swallow my load, which followed. Like a good MILF cocksucker, she kept up the pace making sure to swallow every last drop of my cum.

Once done, she got off her knees, smiled at and said, “So can I use your Mother as my little lez slut?”

I answered, surprised by the question, “I doubt she would be into that.”

Hannah smiled, ” Oh, I don’ t know about that. She just fucked her son.”

“Touché,” I responded, trying to figure out a way to make this hot, but unrealistic, request to happen.

“So do you want to watch your Mom become my little duke?” my sexy MILF slut purred naughtily.

My cock already beginning to rise again, I supported, honestly and curiously, “I would love to see that.”

Hannah stood up, “Well then watch this. Your Mother is as submissive as they come and trust me she won’t say no.” She kissed me hard, shoving her tongue in my mouth. As she stroked my cock again, she broke the kissed and called, “Elaine get down here.”

A few seconds later, my Mother came downstairs and returned to the kitchen. “Did you two have time to talk?”

Hannah shrugged, her words dripping with innuendo, “Not really, but I did get a mouthful.”

My Mom blushed but said nothing.

Hannah grabbed my Mom’s hand gently, “You really hurt me the other day.”

My Mom quickly replied apologetically, “I know, I told you I was sorry. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

Hannah, in a firm and dominant voice I had never heard from her, explained, “You need to be punished for what you did.”

“What?” my Mom said clearly confused and unaware where this was leading.

“Come with me,” Hannah instructed, pulling my Mother into the living room.

Mom blindly followed still completely oblivious to what was about to transpire.

Hannah sat on the couch, pulled up her dress, opened her legs and ordered, “Elaine, starting right now our relationship is going to change. I have wanted to fuck you for years but thought you were way to prim and proper for such sexual deviance. But now that I know you are willing to fuck your son like a whore, well you obviously aren’t as goody-goody as you portray yourself to be.”

“Hannah,” my Mother began to say, I assume with some sort of defensive explanation, before being cut off by her best friend.

“Shut up, slut!” Hannah roared. “Don’t you ever interrupt your Mistress again!”

“Mistress?” my Mom repeated, in stunned confusion.

“Yes, Mistress!” Hannah confirmed, her voice losing the anger, but not the dominant, don’t fuck with me attitude. She continued, me watching in fascinated awe, my cock already fully at mass, “I own you. You will do what I say, when I say, with who I say. Is that understood?”

My Mother, tears running down her cheeks, tried to be logical with her best friend. “Hannah, be reasonable. I am not a lesbian.”

“Yesterday you weren’t a son-fucker either,” Hannah replied obscenely.

“Hannah!” my Mom said mortified.

“Son-fucker!” Hannah sarcastically mocked.

My Mom began to turn around to leave when Hannah said, “Stop right there, my slut.”

To my surprise my Mother stopped and with pleading eyes and tone, begged, “Hannah, please stop. You are my best friend.”

“Yes Elaine, you are my best friend too. And now we will be even better friends, friends with benefits. Plus you will also be my little lez slave,” Hannah explained. Hannah stared at my Mom, as after years of equality between the two, the balance of power shifted right in front of my eyes.

I watched amused as I began to believe my Mom would break, just as Hannah predicted, just as she had with me the night before. It was obvious that deep down my Mother was submissive and it was unlikely she would stand-up to Hannah when Hannah gave the sexual order that was soon to come. The staring match and the long silence that came with it were finally broken when Hannah went for the sexual kill. “Elaine, crawl between my legs and beg to lick your new Mistress’s pussy.”

Mom looked at me, seemingly begging for support; instead she got the opposite. I added to the humiliation as I agreed, “Mom you allowed some fat fuck to dominate you forever and you gave only a lame-ass resistance to submitting to me. I think Hannah is right. You are a submissive little,” I paused, unsure if I could call my Mom such a demeaning and derogatory word. Finally after a bit of thought, I went for the juggler, “slut.”

I could see my Mom’s facial expression change from pleading to shock at my harsh words. She looked away from me and back to Hannah. She seemed to really be considering her options. I would have loved to be able to get inside her head and see what she was thinking and feeling.

Hannah, clearly confident she was going to win, explained, “Elaine don’t pretend you don’t want to submit. You know you do. I know you do. Even Jeremy knows you do.”

Tears dripped down my Mom’s cheeks as she whispered, her tone portraying her defeat, “Please, Hannah….”

Hannah showing no signs of mercy ordered, “Hurry up Elaine, I don’t have all day. Plus I really want to see Jeremy fuck his Mother.”

My Mom quickly looked back at me. I gave her a knowing smirk and a subtle head nod, which suggested she should do as she was told. She just as quickly looked away and much to my, and Hannah’s glee, fell to her knees and head down, avoiding eye contact, crawled to her best friend. Once between Hannah’s legs, she froze unsure what to do next. It was entertaining to watch my Mother in such forbidden and uncharted territory.

Hannah looked at me triumphantly first before looking down at my Mother. She asked absurdly politely, “Do you want to eat my pussy, Elaine?”

My mother did not look up and said something so quietly I could not make it out.

Hannah ordered, “I can’t hear you, my slut. Speak louder.”

In a slightly louder squeak, through tears of humiliation, she answered, “Yes.”

“Yes what,” Hannah tested.

My Mother looked up for the first time, a look of utter confusion displayed on her face. She sputtered in a question like tone, “Um, yes please?”

Hannah looked at me and said dismissively, “Jeremy, your Mother seems a little slow on the uptake. Care to help her out?”

I walked over and sat down on the couch beside Hannah and very close to my obedient Mother as I explained, “The correct answer Mommy Dearest is yes, Mistress.”

My Mom glanced at me with a look that showed a mixture of fear, embarrassment, shyness and lust before finally returning her gaze to Hannah and repeated my words, “Yes, Mistress.”

Hannah playing the game extremely well teased her soon to be sub. “Yes, Mistress, what?”

I could tell my Mom’s anger was burning inside her as she had always hated to be corrected even in the slightest. But although I knew she was furious, her words that came out of her mouth were gentle and submissive. “Yes, Mistress, can I please you?”

“And how do you suggest to do that?” Hannah asked, pushing every button my Mother possibly had.

My Mom’s cheeks went dark red as she said, surprising me even, and clearly frustrated by the game her best friend was playing, “Any fucking thing you want.”

Not even remotely surprised by my Mom’s declaration, Hannah approved, “That’s much better, Elaine. I think you are going to make a very good sub.”

Hannah attempting to control and humiliate my Mom even more, lifted up her right foot and moved it to her best friend’s mouth. She ordered, “Suck my toes through my stockings, Elaine.”

I watched as my Mother obeyed the order and began taking her friend’s toes into her mouth. My cock was eager to get involved, but I resisted as I watched the submission of my Mother. Like last night, once my Mother submitted and allowed herself to have the sexual joy she desperately wanted and needed, she really got into the submission. She seemed to saviour each toe individually, treating each one like a tiny cock. The scene was incredibly hot and lasted over five minutes as my Mom individually pleased all ten toes.

Once done, Hannah now flushed and horny asked, “Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

My Mom shook her head no.

Hannah smiled, “Well this really is a weekend of firsts then.” After a slight pause to let that verbal shot simmer, she asked, “Do you want to eat my pussy, Elaine.”

My mom was clearly mortified by the humiliation, but I could tell from yesterday also horny, as she responded, almost in a whisper, “Yes.” Just as Hannah opened her mouth to correct her, Mom corrected herself, “Yes, Mistress, I want to eat your pussy.”

“Good girl,” Hannah purred, reached forward, and pulled my Mother into further sin.

I watched in voyeuristic fascination. Even after seducing her last night, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this.

I pulled my cock out and Hannah reached for it and began to give me a gentle hand job. She also began to moan from my Mother’s tongue. Hannah then began to get animated. “That’s it Elaine, you are a natural little cunt- licker,” and “Keep licking slut,” and “Faster lez, faster.” After a few minutes of this naughty scene, Hannah asked, “Slut, are you horny?”

My Mom, face shiny, looked up and saw Hannah still stroking my cock. “Yes, Mistress, I am really fucking horny.”

Hannah asked, “So you want to get fucked?”

“Yes, Mistress, desperately.”

“By your son?”

“Yes, Mistress. I want my son to fuck me.”

“You understand that I own you for now on?”

“Yes, Mistress,” my Mother reluctantly accepted.

“Jeremy, do you want to fuck your Mommy while she eats my pussy?”

“What do you think?” I asked.

Hannah instructed, “Get naked, slut.”

My Mom, horny enough that her inhibitions were gone, stood up and unbuckled her belt and pulled off her jeans. She hastily tossed off her t-shirt, bra and underwear and stood before Hannah and me naked.

“Get on all fours, my slave,” Hannah ordered.

My Mother obeyed like a good slut and without further instructions began licking Hannah’s pussy again. When I didn’t immediately fuck my Mom, Hannah suggested, “Jeremy, your Mommy desperately needa a good hard fucking. Now get behind her and fuck our slut.”

I stood up; my nine iron ready for t-off. I got behind my Mom, slapped her ass and asked, “Mommy, ready to be fucked by your son again?”

I expected at least a little resistance or reluctance, but instead got full compliance. “Yes, Jeremy, fuck your Mommy. Fuck her hard.”

Not one to disobey, I slid my cock easily into my Mom’s wet, but still tight, pussy. She instantly moaned and began to say something, but her words were muffled by Hannah’s pussy, Hannah having pulled her best friend deep between her legs. Hannah smiled at me as she rubbed her pussy all over my Mom’s face. I pounded my Mom hard and deep, pushing my Mother’s face deeper into my other MILF slut’s cunt. I never slowed down as I drilled into my Mother’s cunt hard and fast. My Mother quit licking her best friend and bellowed, “Oh fuck, Jeremy, I’m coming, harder Jeremy, make Mommy come, make her come, yes, yes, yes….”

The scene was so erotically sinful, so morally disgusting, that I knew I would not last long. Hannah pulled my Mother back into her cunt and Mom began to lick feverously as I continued fucking my Mother like the whore she was. Within a couple more minutes of hardcore licking by my Mother I heard Hannah scream, “I’m coming.” My Mom squeezed my dick with her cunt muscles in a way no woman ever has smiling my cock so smoothly that I exploded my cum in her a few seconds after Hannah came on my Mom’s face. I kept pumping until every last drop filled her before pulling out.

My Mom, finally got up off her knees and apparently having come to her senses after her orgasm, apologized profusely, “I’m sorry, Jeremy. This shouldn’t have happened.”

Hannah laughed and said, “Oh Elaine, this is just the beginning. Go and get Jeremy hard again. I am not leaving here until I get his cock in me.”

My Mom looked like she was about to say something but instead fell back to her knees and took my slightly limp cock in my mouth. Unlike most cocksuckers, she took her time. Using her tongue with teasing expertise, she had me stiff in a couple of minutes.

Hannah broke the incestuous debauchery as she ordered, “Elaine get on the ground and on your back.”

My Mother took my cock out of her mouth gave me a look I could not even begin to read. Was she mad? Sorry? Horny? As I attempted to read her thoughts, she let go off my hard cock and obeyed the instructions.

Hannah got out of the rest of her clothes and straddled my Mother’s face. I watched my Mom awkwardly eat her best friend’s pussy for a couple of minutes until Hannah stood back up and returned to the couch. She spread her legs wide and said, “Jeremy, come fuck me.”

Not one to ever refuse pussy, I walked over my Mother and between the legs of the sexy MILF. Ignoring any sort of foreplay, I thrust my cock into her. Having already come twice, I knew this would be a lengthy fuck session. I started slow, but soon picked up my rhythm as Hannah begged to be fucked harder.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, Hannah ordered, “Slut, get over here and lick my clit as your son fucks me.”

My Mom who had still been on the ground the whole time, seemingly watching, crawled up on the couch and began licking Hannah’s clit as I continued fucking the sexy MILF. Having my Mother’s face so close and doing such naughty things had my mind spinning and I decided to take control. I pulled out of Hannah’s warm cunt and shoved my cock into my Mom’s mouth. I fucked her face for a few strokes before burying my cock back into Hannah. I repeated fucking Hannah and then my Mother’s face for the next few minutes, keeping both myself and Hannah on the brink of complete sexual bliss, but never over it.

I no longer saw my Mother as a Mother, but rather as just one more hot MILF to please me. With such a philosophy in my head, a naughty thought popped in my mind, one final way to humiliate and dominate my Mom. I pulled my cock out and face fucked my Mom for a good minute, holding her head as I pumped in and out. I pulled out and ordered, “Mommy, lick Hannah’s asshole for me, get it ready for my big cock.”

My Mom looked at me with a look of disgust. I sternly explained, “Mommy, Hannah thinks she owns you now and she is welcome to use you as she sees fit. But when I am home, I am the man of the house for you, Hannah and every other slut I decide to bring home. Is that understood?”

My Mom, tears welling in her eyes, whispered, “Jeremy, I…”

“Do you ever want this cock again?” I asked, slapping her face with my stiff dick.

“Yes,” she whispered, clearly humiliated by her wanton desires.

“Good, then don’t ever hesitate when I give you an order, understood?”

“Yes,” she repeated.

“Now, pull Hannah’s ass cheeks apart and lick it.”

My Mom reluctantly obeyed as she repositioned herself between her best friend. Hannah looked back making eye contact with me. Her smile said it all. My Mother awkwardly licked Hannah’s ass cheeks for a couple of minutes while I stood back and enjoyed the show. Deciding it was time to make it more extreme, I went behind my Mom and without any warning, slid my cock into her wet pussy. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust as deep as I could into her, shoving her face deeper into her best friend’s ass. Her whimpers of pleasure were muffled by Hannah’s ass cheeks. The scene was fucking hot and I had to slow down to not shoot another wad up my Mom’s cunt.

I pulled out of my Mom who whimpered, “No, Jeremy, put it back in.”

I slapped her ass hard and said, “I am the one who gives the orders around here. Move your ass, I am going to fuck Hannah’s ass now. While I do, you may sit on the floor like a good girl and watch.”

My Mom obeyed, clearly horny, humiliated and disappointed. I went behind Hannah and rubbed my cock up and down her ass crack. Hannah, used to my cock in her tight ass, pushed back trying to get my cock in her. I continued teasing her until she begged, “Fuck Jeremy, please just fuck my ass.”

“You can do better than that, my slut.”

Hannah, clearly horny, quickly got on her knees and gobbled my cock. She bobbed on my cock with such desperate desire I had to stop her before I came too early. She got back on the couch and begged, “Now fuck my ass. Hammer me with that big hard cock. Show your Mommy who your first love really was.”

I love my wife very much. I would do anything for her (short of permanently hurting or killing someone but everything else is fair game). My wife loves to make me do things that put me outside of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to sex and sexually provocative situations.

One day we were driving north on I75 through central KY on our way home from visiting some family. It was a very nice day in early summer and my wife had me drive nude as she loves to do as often as she can. She loves seeing me try to hide myself when we go past vehicles that sit higher than ours and the other drivers can see me naked. This was back when we had an F150 so it was usually the big trucks that I was worried about (now we have a crossover that sits lower so it’s even more embarrassing). She would always tell me to slow down, or speed up, so the big rig would be along side of us for a while in the hope that the driver would look over. When they did she would make sure to point to me and let them know I am naked. It’s certainly a bit exciting but very humiliating when they see me. But I love my wife.

As we were driving just north of Lexington my wife spotted a couple of bikers on the side of the road on the south-bound side. They were pretty good-sized black guys and were riding nice highway cruiser-type bikes. My wife said “they might need help. Turn around and let’s go see if they need anything.” Being the good samaritan that I am (and because my wife told me to), I said, “ok, I’ll turn around at the next interchange”, which was about a mile up the road.

As we pulled off and turned left to go get on the south-bound side I told my wife I was going to pull over and put some clothes on. She said, “no, I want you to stay naked and see what the bikers have to say about a old naked white guy driving down the freeway.” My wife loves to put me in compromising situations, especially out in public, so I knew I was not going to be able to talk her out of it.

So we headed southbound and about a mile and a half later came to where the bikers where parked on the shoulder of the freeway. I pulled up about 50 feet or so behind them and put the truck in park. My wife opened the passenger door and stood just outside of the truck and yelled up, “do you guys need any help?” They both walked up to the truck on the passenger side to talk with us. My level of humiliation skyrocketed as they got closer.

They started talking with my wife as they got closer and told her they had just called a friend to come with a trailer to pick them up. When they got to the passenger door they both looked in and saw that I was sitting there, naked as a jaybird and did a double-take. The bigger of the two said, “are you two having fun driving down the freeway with your man naked?” My wife said, “yes, we are. He’s my husband and does what I tell him. Unfortunately for him I like to embarrass and humiliate him.”

The bigger of the two said to my wife, “well, our friend is about 30 minutes away. How about you have your man suck our cocks while we’re waiting?” I looked at my wife and saw that shit-eating grin she gets when I’m going to be on the receiving end of some kind of sex so I knew I wasn’t going to get out this. She said, “sure, he’d love to, wouldn’t you honey?” I just looked at her, then the two bikers, then back to her and nodded sheepishly.

The F150 was a Super Cab and has these back doors that open like the old suicide doors so my wife told me to crawl out the passenger side of the truck. Then she opened the back passenger door which then blocked the view at the passenger seat from the vehicles coming down the freeway. The bigger guy sat in the passenger seat and pulled his cock out for me to suck. It was freakin’ huge! It was at least 8 inches long and 6 inches around and it was soft! He reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down to his lap and told me to suck him nice and hard.

The other guy pulled his cock out and started stroking it to get it hard while I was sucking his buddy off. The guy whose cock was in my mouth said to his friend, “why don’t you fuck him in the ass and stretch him for me. I think I want some white man pussy while I’m at it.” I started to pull up off his cock to protest but he just held my head down and told me to keep sucking, “like the little cocksucker you know you are.” He started saying things like, “you like sucking big black dick, don’t you?”, and all I could do was mumble “yes” with his cock in my mouth.

While I was struggling with his cock growing in my mouth I felt his buddy step up behind me and heard him spit on his cock. Then he pushed the head of his dick against my asshole and told me to “open up that pussy for me you little fuck.” His cock wasn’t as big around as the one in my mouth but it was big enough and was hurting as he pushed it past my sphincter muscle. Once he got past that I started to relax and felt him fill my ass with his cock.

So, there I was, naked, on the side of south-bound I75 in central KY between the doors of my truck with a big black cock in my mouth and another one in my ass. My wife was taking video of the whole thing and was telling the bikers to “fuck his mouth good. Fill his ass with your hot cum. Fuck him like the little cum bucket he is (her pet name for me).” My wife love to take pictures and video of me when I’m in these situations and then play them when we’re at home. She won’t admit but I think she’s sharing them with our friends to humiliate me. It makes for some embarrassing visits, me wondering which of our friends have seen me sucking cocks and getting fucked in the ass.

After a bit the guy in my mouth was getting pretty hard and I couldn’t keep the whole thing in. So I took as much of his cock in my mouth that I could and started jacking him off while sucking on the head of his dick. The guy in my ass started moving faster and faster in and out of my ass and I knew has was getting ready to empty his load. I guess I was doing a good job sucking the first guy because he pulled my head off his cock and told me he wanted to cum in my ass, not my mouth. Just then the guy in my ass tensed up and I felt him squirt his hot load into my ass. It was a nice warm feeling that immediately lubed my ass up and made it easier for him to slide in and out.

Which was good because the first guy pushed me back to get out of the truck and said “my turn you little cocksucker.” He pushed me face down into the seat and put his big hard cock right against my asshole and pushed it in without any regard to whether it was going to be easy on me or not. Fortunately some of the guy’s cum in my ass was leaking out and lubed up my asshole, making it easier for him to slide in. But he was freakin’ huge! Even though the first guy in my ass had lubed me up and stretched me, this guy’s cock was so big it felt like the first time I’d ever been fucked in the ass! It hurt and I was yelling for him to stop. He just kept my head pushed down into the seat and started pounding his cock in and out of my ass. I knew I was going to have to relax my asshole if I was going to survive so I focused on how good his cock felt sliding in and out and relaxed my sphincter muscle. After a few moments it was getting easier and I just laid there, on the side of I75 in central KY, getting my ass pounded by a black biker with the biggest cock I’ve ever had. And of course my wife was videoing the whole thing.

Shortly I felt the biker start to tense up as his thrusts got faster and deeper. Soon I felt that rush of hot cum filling my bowels as he grabbed me by my hips and drove his cock as deep as he could into my ass. He was thrusting and grunting for what seemed like 2-3 minutes as he emptied his load into me. When he was done he pulled out and stepped back. I was exhausted and just lay there on the seat catching my breath, thinking about what had just happened. We were really lucky the state patrol didn’t pull over while all of this was going on.

The two bikers put their cocks back in their pants, zipped up and walked back toward their bikes just as their buddy was pulling over with the trailer. I started looking for something to wipe the cum off my ass but my wife said, “no, I want you to drive home with their cum all over you. When we get home you can clean the truck and then clean yourself up.”

So, I crawled into the drivers seat, my ass covered in cum and, after my wife got back in the truck, drove home, naked with black biker cum leaking out of my ass and all over the driver’s seat. Good thing they were leather seats so they would be easier to clean. And there was a lot of cum to clean up.

Again, my wife won’t admit it but I just know she’s shown that video to our friends. After all, that was the biggest cock I’ve ever taken so I’m sure she is proud of me. At least I hope she is. It’s so humiliating and embarrassing. But I love my wife.

So, here’s the background story with Noah and me. We met in some D/s related online chat. We both had strong tendencies in that direction, but weren’t sure where we wanted to go with things. We’re both married, and while I thought I understood my reasons for cheating (I was on some sort of revenge fuck-a-thon after my husband did me wrong). I could never understand his. You love your wife but you just have other needs? The concept bewildered me at the time.

We chatted for weeks. We shared fantasies and desires and hopes to fulfill them all for each other. We had set up a few other dates (I had backed out of each one at the last minute) before the day we finally met. I couldn’t wait to see him again.

I had two classes the day we (finally) met again. The night before we were chatting online and he told me in no uncertain terms to ensure that my anus was properly stretched and ready to receive him. Actually, what he said was more like “I love fucking your shit pipe.”

“What?!” I replied, “why would you call it that?”

“Because, it’s an awesome word and I never get to use it,” he replied. “But, my point is that I don’t want to take the time to stretch it every time I use it. So, you need to do it before hand. Use a butt plug. Don’t get crazy though you little butt slut, I don’t want it too stretched out.”

“OK, got it… but you don’t want what to get too stretched out?” I asked.

“Your shit pipe ;) gotta go, see you tomorrow, slut,” and with that, he was gone. That’s what I liked so much about Noah, he was fucking hilarious and normal and could fuck like a freak and not be a weird-o about it. Now I had to find the time to buy a butt plug before class. Luckily, on my way to school there was a magazine/sex store that I went to a few times before with my husband to buy porn.

I, like always, was running late. I ran into the store and found a small butt plug, even though he wanted me stretched one of the things I love about anal sex is the fact that I need to relax and allow myself to open in order for it to feel good, so this was my compromise. And well, he did say he didn’t want me too stretched. I had never worn a butt plug before and I was a little nervous. I figure it needs to be in for a while to actually do anything so after I paid, and picked up a small bottle of lube at the register, I asked if they had a bathroom. I wouldn’t have enough time to stop at a bathroom on campus and put it in. The clerk, a much older super pervy guy grinned and pointed me in the right direction. I felt my face flush as I turned and headed into the bathroom. I went into a stall and inserted the plug rather quickly. It went in fairly easy, it was just a small plug after all, and with just a little adjustment I was ready to go. I threw the packaging away, slipped the bottle of lube in my purse and was on my way. On my way out, feeling a renewed sense of sluttiness, I winked at the pervy old clerk.

So, sitting through my classes was interesting being all plugged up as I was. The sensation was new and exciting. Enough stimulation to keep my cunt wet and leaking through both classes. Enough stimulation to give me the guts to tease my nipples throughout my second class.

I was wearing a white beater style tank top (showcased my very hard nipples and my bra-less little tits) and a lavender cotton skirt. It hit at my knees and was kind of poofy. Just enough to flow with the breeze and make me feel super pretty. My candy apple bob was super straight as were my ultra short bangs that hit about half way down my forehead. I took the time this morning to put on enough mascara for my lashes to be ultra thick and black giving my eyes a smoky frame. I slathered on the pink lip gloss and spritzed with cotton candy body spray (there’s something really great about smelling like candy on a sticky hot summer day).

By the time my last class was over I was in desperate need of attention. My nipples were hard and protruding through my tank top. I walked out of class with an extra bounce in my step, I loved the way my tits jiggled around freely. I stopped in the bathroom to freshen up and headed over to Noah’s. As much as I anticipated seeing him I always felt a rush of anxiety just before. I’m not sure exactly why, but I could feel my heart beating out my chest and my hands got all clammy. This is why I stood him up so many times. It’s so much easier to make up an excuse than to pull into his driveway. I wiggled my ass into the seat of my car and felt the plug inside me move, causing more sticky sweet fluid to flow from my cunt. Who was I kidding, I needed this.

I pulled into his driveway and was at his door in an instant. He let me in and directed me to his office. He ran his photography business from home so it’s not unusual for him to have visitors during the day. That also meant that when you walked into his house his living room was decorated like an office waiting room, complete with super sized versions of his best work. Directly to the right is his office (which should probably be a dining room) and his kitchen. In his office, he led me to his desk (glass and steel with a mac and not much else on top) and instructed me to place my hands, palm down, on the desk top. I could feel him standing directly behind me, not touching but I knew he was there.

I felt his hands moving up my body and not touching me until he reached my face. He took my face in his hands and turned it to the left. He pushed my face, cheek down, onto the glass of his desk. I’m tall enough that this forced me to bend over at slightly more than a 45 degree angle. He ran his hands down the length of my body until he reached my skirt and pushed it up. He took a step back, leaving me face down with my ass in the air wondering what was going to happen. My cunt was leaking, I could feel the butt plug pressing against my anus. I wondered if he could see it past the black lace thong I was wearing.

“Do you have anything to tell me?” he asked. He knew the answer. He had given me a script to remember.

“My name is s-slut,” I stammered. “I am a dirty cunt whore. I am going to rub my wet cunt into my panties,” I paused to do exactly that, feeling my nectar soak through my panties and make my fingers slick. The humiliation of those words burning through me. “…and take them off so you can smell my cunt.” I reached down, leaving my face pressed against the table and using it to hold me up, and took them off. Holding them in my outstretched hand, I offered them to him. I could feel the humiliation burning in my cheeks, as well as my nipples and clit, as he took them from me and deeply inhaled my scent. “My body is yours to use as you please,” I breathed those last words. Anticipation…

“Very good slut. You’re a good li’l slut aren’t you?” He said much in the same way one would speak to a puppy. “I see you followed my instructions and wore the plug, slut.” He put his thumb on the plug in my ass and let his fingers play in my wetness.

“Yessir, of course I did…” I replied as I tried to wriggle my hips enough to get a little more contact from his fingers.

He withdrew his fingers from me entirely and began rubbing my ass cheek. He smacked where he was rubbing and then smacked the other ass cheek. “Let’s SMACK not SMACK get SMACK ahead SMACK of SMACK ourselves SMACK slut.” He continued spanking my ass until my cunt was dripping down my thighs. Then, he took off his belt.

I sighed, arched my back higher as a meager offering. He ran the cool leather of his belt across my burning ass. It was smooth and the coolness soothed the burning heat. I turned my head and looked at him just as I felt the first blow land. “Keep SMACK your SMACK cheek SMACK on SMACK the SMACK desk.”

Immediately I returned my cheek to the desk, “Yessir.”

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more he stopped his assault on my ass. The pain was intense, but my cunt was dripping.

He gently ran his fingers over the welts on my ass, placed a kiss on one ass cheek, and then the other. He pushed up my tank top and ran his tongue from the very bottom of my back, up my spine, to my neck, where he kissed me. He licked and kissed and sucked on my neck as he reached around to feel my tits. He squeezed and pulled my tits. Twisting my nipples.

“Yes, yes, yes. Oh gawd fucking yes.” I moaned as I pressed myself back against him.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. And back. And back until I was on my knees then falling onto my back. He pushed my legs apart and entered me in one quick stroke. With the plug still in my ass this was my first double penetration. The feeling was amazing. The pressure from the plug was pushing him harder onto my g-spot. He started pounding into me at a fast pace. Taking long, deep, hard strokes. I could feel his pubic bone smashing against my clit. I was frenzied. Just as I was about to cum he pulled out and flipped me over onto my hands and knees.

He was back inside and plowing through my cunt before I knew it. When he reached up and yanked my head back I screamed out my first orgasm. As I reached the peak of this orgasm he pulled out, ripped the plug from my anus, and replaced it with his cock in one motion. The pain from having the plug ripped from me, his deep thrusts causing him to slam into my welted, tender ass, the merciless hammering of my shitpipe was all too much. My mind fogged, my feet tingled, he reached around and grabbed my tits, pinching the nipples and pulling them violently.

I heard him groan first, then felt him grow then spurt into my anus. The sensation of his hot cum hitting my bowels, his savage hands pulling at my tits, was too much and I came again. The spasms working through my anus to nurse the last of his orgasm from him.

He shrank, only slightly, and withdrew himself from me. I felt his fingers enter my anus and swirl around inside me. I was gaping open. He scooped out some cum and fed it to me, then he fed me his cock. I ran my tongue all over it, sucking it and licking it clean. When the job was done he pushed me away and I collapsed onto his floor. He pushed my hair out of my face, looked at me in a way I’ve never been looked at before, stroked my head and said “Good girl.”

I was proud in a way that I wasn’t familiar with.

He patted my head, then got up and walked away. I heard his shower turn on and knew I’d been dismissed. I put my panties back on and left. I drove him feeling intoxicated. Pondering our next visit, the meaning of this new pride I felt.


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My wife Tina and I have been happily married for almost seven years now. We met while in university together and have been inseparable ever since. Upon graduating, we were quickly married and began our respective careers.

If I had to describe my wife, I’d say she is a petite woman measuring only 5’3″ tall, but has a very curvaceous body. Her breasts are a C cup in size with nipples that stand out almost half an inch when erect and her ass can only be described as perfect, with curves in all the right places. She has the darkest blue eyes and her hair is a dirty blond color with pubic hair to match. For myself, my name is Carl and I stand just over 6′ tall and have an athletic build from years of playing basketball and football. I’ve tried to keep myself in shape and, like my wife, am also blond haired and blue eyed. The vast difference in our height and the fact we are both blond haired and blue eyed, have often made us a striking couple.

Soon after graduation our careers began to take off. We each worked in management for different companies, but always somehow managed to coordinate the two careers whenever issues of promotions or transfers came up. As the two companies we worked for had offices in most of the major cities, this was never an issue. If one were to get a promotion that required the movement to another city, the other was able to get a transfer through their own company so that we were able to stay together.

We were happy together and our sex life was good. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary though. I had hinted to my wife off and on throughout the years of the games of control I’d like to play, but I think she was always frightened of the prospect of losing control. From the first day I met her, she impressed me as being a very independent and strong willed woman capable of surviving on her own. The idea of relinquishing control to someone else, even just for a ‘game’, was terrifying for her. For this reason, I never pushed, but instead chose to write sex stories as my outlet for my deviant thoughts. These stories always focused on issues of control and dominance and submission of one person over another. My wife knew of these stories I wrote, but never commented on them.

It was only recently that things had begun to change for us. We had just settled in to our new place after a recent move, as a result of a promotion I had accepted. Quite unexpectedly, my wife, soon after starting her new job, was also offered a promotion, but to yet another city. Here is where we ran into our first snag. Where I had just accepted a promotion with my work, they were not willing to entertain a transfer so soon after. They indicated that they would reconsider the matter in a year’s time. My wife, however, desperately wanted to take the job, as it was a higher management position, something she had aspired after ever since graduating from university.

We weighed the pros and cons of the offer, and after securing an agreement from my work that they will transfer me after one year in my current position, we decided to accept the offer. Things happened quickly from that point on. We found a basement apartment for my wife. It was an older bungalow home that had been divided into two apartments. The main floor was being rented out by a couple of young fellas while the basement was being rented by my wife. It was difficult at first to be away from each other, as we had been practically joined at the hip since meeting eight years ago. We agreed that every second weekend, my wife would fly home, which meant we only had two weekends a month to spend with each other.

In the beginning, each time Tina came home we would have fevered sex the first night and into the next day, but it was always the normal stuff. Then Sunday would roll around and with tears in her eyes, she would board her plane and head back for another 2 weeks of work. The evenings in between would be spent on the phone recapping the day for each of us and planning what we were going to do the next time we were together.

It was after doing this for several months that things began to change for my wife. I don’t know if it was the stress of her new job, as she was now supervising a large group of people, or just simply the separation, but I could tell something was off the moment she stepped off the plane. Where usually she’s quite excited about seeing me and is talking non-stop about the flight or her work, this time she was quiet and reserved – almost contemplative. And this is where our real story begins.

“Is something bothering you Tina?” I asked, evident that she was ‘off’ tonight.

She mumbled a quick response, “no, everything’s fine. I’m just thinking about things.”

I didn’t press her for more information for the rest of the drive home as I figured she would tell me what’s on her mind when she was ready.

Once we were home, instead of falling into bed and having passionate sex like we normally do, she instead asked, “look Carl, I’m not feeling well tonight, do you mind if we watch a movie instead?”

While I was disappointed we weren’t going to be having sex right away, I figured there was no harm in waiting for a bit. “No problem hon. What movie do you want to watch?” I asked.

After deciding on a movie, and popping some popcorn, we settled in to watch a chick flick for the night. We didn’t have sex that evening and instead went to bed after having only exchanged a quick kiss.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I awoke mid-morning the next day and found my wife kneeling naked on the bed looking at me.

As I cleared the sleep from my eyes I took the opportunity to admire her body as it was still firm and curvaceous in all the right places and could bring me to instant erection every time. It was with considerable shock that I saw what Tina had done to her pussy. She had always kept her pubic hair trimmed, but had resisted my efforts, till now, to shave it entirely.

It was with my mouth hanging open, gawking at her newly shaved pussy, that my wife finally broke the silence and asked, “do you like what I’ve done to my pussy for you?” She then spread her knees further apart, opening her pussy further for me.

“Mmm…I like what I see very much.” My cock was now hard as a rock and I began to absently rub it underneath the sheet.

Seeing the movement, Tina reached forward and began slowing pulling down the sheet until my hard-on was fully exposed. “It looks like your cock is enjoying the view too,” she purred.

I was now fully awake and quickly realizing that something was very different with my wife today. Like I said, we had a good sex life, but it was just the run-of-the-mill stuff, and Tina has never been one to talk dirty before. Now all of a sudden she was talking about my cock and her pussy like she was a sex kitten.

Suddenly her expression changed and she almost looked frightened or nervous. Her eyes couldn’t meet mine anymore and she began to fidget. “Carl…could you…ummm…sit up please?” she asked meekly.

Deciding it was best to play along and see where this was going, I sat up in bed with my back against the wall. After only a slight pause, Tina surprised me once again by practically throwing herself across my lap.

“Please spank me Carl. I’ve been a bad girl and deserve to be punished. I didn’t please you last night like I should have.” When she saw I wasn’t moving, she continued, “spank me Carl! Spank my ass! Turn it red. Teach me a lesson for not being a good wife.” She was practically pleading with me and I was almost convinced that it wasn’t an act.

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to play along. “Very well Tina. You’ve been a naughty girl and are going to be punished now.” And with that, I brought my right hand down on her right ass cheek with a resounding SMACK. I marveled at how the flesh moved under my hand and how quickly the skin began to redden. Tina has always had very fair skin, so it’s never taken very much for it to change color. After only a slight pause I then repeated the process to her left cheek. I wasn’t going very hard as I wasn’t sure how serious Tina was about all of this.

When she didn’t protest, I began a steady rhythm covering every inch of her ass. As it darkened under my blows I began to put a little more force into them. Feeling this, she began to push back against my hand and grunted, “yes, that’s it. Spank my ass hard. I’ve been bad and you need to teach me a lesson.”

Needing no further encouragement, I laid into her ass as hard and as quickly as I could. She was thrusting back into my blows, screaming and yelling like a bitch in heat. By the time her ass was a deep dark red, she was both panting and moaning and began to beg for mercy.

Craning her head around to look up at me she begged, “mercy Sir. Please no more. Let me show you I’ve learned my lesson and let me please you.” By this point, I was too far gone to care whether this was just an act or if she was serious. She sure seemed serious to me.

Seeing that I had stopped spanking her ass, she quickly scrambled off my lap and my very hard cock and knelt on all fours on the bed with her ass facing me, knees spread wide. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Her asshole peeked out at me and her bare pussy lips glistened with moisture. I realized with a shock, that she was wet and turned on simply from me spanking her.

“Fuck me hard Sir. Ram your cock in my pussy. Show me no mercy,” she begged while looking at me over her shoulder.

I certainly didn’t need any further encouragement and, scrambling to my knees, I drove my cock into her, burying it to the hilt in one thrust. Now, I’m not huge in that department like you see some guys in the movies, but I do alright. I’m roughly 8″ long and about 2 inches wide. Usually it takes a bit of sawing back and forth before my wife is loosened up enough to take my entire length, but not this morning.

Her head shot back with the force of my thrust, her mouth in the shape of an O as a low moan escaped her lips. Like a man on a mission, I began pounding my cock in her with every ounce of strength I had. I knew she was going to be sore for days after this fucking, but I was too far gone to care.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Tina asked between grunts, “grab my hair Sir. Use my hair to pound your cock into me.”

Grabbing a handful of her long hair in my right hand, I then wrenched her head back and began pulling on her hair to coincide with each thrust into her. Her head was now bent back in a painful position as I sawed away at her ass but I was so far gone I was like a rabid animal. I didn’t care anymore.

I began hollering “you’re going to learn to be a good wife and to look after my needs from now on, aren’t you my little slut? If you don’t, you’re going to be punished, aren’t you slut? You like being punished, don’t you?”

To each fevered question, Tina would scream “yes!”

And just like that, a dam broke for Tina. She began to scream and yell as she thrashed beneath me, in the throes of one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever seen from her. Just as she was coming down from hers I felt mine building and I announced it to her with a bellow. “You’re going to make me cum slut!”

Hearing that, she quickly spun around in my grip and when she was facing my cock she begged, “please cum in my face Sir. I deserve to have your cum all over my face.” Now, my wife has never asked me to do this for her before. In fact, she’s never even tasted my cum and yet, here she was begging me to blow my load all over face.

Needing no further encouragement, I stroked my cock several more times and then began shooting strand after strand of sticky cum all over her pretty face. I hadn’t cum that much ever, as the cum seemed to spurt out of me in a never ending torrent. When at last I was done and had wiped the last drop off on her lips, I sat back to marvel at my handiwork. Her face from hair to chin was covered in white gooey strands of cum. I don’t think there was a spot left untouched.

Shocking me further, my wife replied, “thank you Sir,” and began to wipe off the strands of cum with her index finger and lick it clean. When she had eaten all of my cum, she laid her head in my lap and suddenly got shy on me again.

“Did you mind that Carl?” she asked quietly.

“Mind it? I was completely blown away!” I exclaimed, as I gently stroked her hair. “That was the most intense sex we have ever had. Dare I ask what prompted all of that?” I was a little frightened to ask, for fear that she would decide that it was a one-time only sort of thing.

She took a few minutes to gather her thoughts before answering me.

“I’ve read your stories Carl, so I know what things excite or turn you on. And it isn’t that those things don’t excite or intrigue me either, because they do. But to be honest I’ve always been too afraid to relinquish control to someone else. The thought of not being in control of myself terrifies me.” She swallowed hard as she thought about what she was going to say next. “But with my new job, I’m finding the pressure is sometimes too much for me. I’m expected to be on top of everything all of the time. I’m expected to always have all of the right answers and to know how to do anything.” She paused again to lick her lips. “Now, don’t get me wrong or anything Carl. I do enjoy my job and certainly don’t regret taking it, but the pressure is sometimes overwhelming for me.”

She paused again as she considered what she was going to say next. I didn’t want to interrupt her as I knew this had to be difficult for her, so I just continued to stroke her hair soothingly and waited patiently until she was ready to continue.

“After reading your stories again, I decided I wanted to know what it felt like to not be in control of myself. To relinquish control to someone else, someone I trusted.” Looking up at me for the first time since she began explaining things to me, she continued, “and though I was terrified this morning, I have to say the experience was amazing for me. I have never felt so free in all of my life. Free from stress; free from anxiety; free from the pressures of work; and free from always having to make all of the decisions and to always be right all of the time.” The last statement seemed to come out in rush. She paused to catch her breath before continuing. “I can honestly say that I have never had an orgasm as intense as that before.” She looked away in embarrassment after admitting that.

I cupped her chin with my right hand and gently lifted her face up until I was looking into her eyes again. “I can also say that it was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced as well.”

Smiling at my words of encouragement, she continued. “If you’re willing, I would like to continue to explore this further. I think I am ready to try not being in control all of the time and to let someone else take the reins, as it were,” she said with a wry smile. “Having someone else call the shots was an amazing feeling and I want to experience that again. I need to experience that again,” she elaborated.

“What exactly are you saying Tina?” I asked, wanting to be absolutely clear on what it is she was implying.

Nervously she replied, “I’m ready to give you control over me. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. And you can do whatever you want to me.” The last was almost a whisper.

This was like music to my ears. I had long dreamt of this moment and, until now, it had only been fanciful imaginings which I had lovingly scrawled into several sex stories. But now here was my very sexy wife offering to be my sex slave. I didn’t know what to say at first and had to take a moment to compose my thoughts. Finally I managed to blurt out, “I accept. And we can go as slowly as you wish. I’m very excited about this and I don’t want to frighten you off Tina. If at any time I ask you to do something you don’t want to do, then know that you are free to say no.”

“I know Carl. But I trust you and I don’t want to say no. I want to know what it feels like to be truly NOT in control of myself. The only way I can experience that is to give myself completely to you.” “Well, alright Tina. If that’s what you truly want, then I am willing to try this. Together we will see what your limits are and we will explore many different experiences together.” Taking a handful of hair, I twisted her head until she was looking up at me from my lap. “First thing’s first though. It’s time that you learned to suck my cock like a proper slut,” I ordered. My wife had never had much interest in oral sex and had only done it on several occasions when I made a point of asking her for it. Usually it involved her stroking it with her hands and sucking on the head and 1 or 2 inches of my cock at any one time. She would only do this for several minutes before stopping and wanting to proceed with sex.

This time we were going to do things differently. “On your knees slut.” She promptly scrambled to her hands and knees in front of me and looked up at me for further directions. “From now on, when you suck cock, you will not use your hands – only your mouth. Your goal will be to try and get my entire cock in your mouth on every stroke. I will want to fuck your mouth just like I would your pussy or ass.” I could see the fear in her eyes with my last statement. We had talked about having anal sex before, but she was always too scared to do it because she thought it would hurt too much and thought the act was too dirty.

“Now get your mouth on my cock and start sucking like a good little slut,” I ordered. At that, she bent her head down and tentatively took my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock and once it was completely lathered with her saliva, she began to move her head up and down, slowly taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. I could tell she was nervous, and I had to bite my tongue several times as I felt her teeth occasionally grate along the side of my cock. She was new to this and I thought it best to let her get her bearings at first before I started forcing things.

Soon she had worked 3/4 of it into her mouth and I could feel the head of my cock bumping against the back of her throat. I began to murmur words of encouragement to her as she continued slurping loudly on my cock. “Mmmm, that’s it my little cock slut. You’re doing great sucking that cock. Yeh, just like that. Now start working more of that cock into your mouth.” I placed a hand on the top of her head and began to gently push down each time the head of my cock bumped against the back of her throat. Now along with the slurping noises, Tina was beginning to make gagging sounds around my cock. She didn’t resist though and allowed me to push a little harder with each downstroke, until eventually it popped past the barrier at the back of her throat and slid in several inches.

She immediately began gagging hard around my cock and pulled back quickly, sucking in deep, ragged breaths around my shaft as the head popped free from her throat. She coughed and spluttered for a few seconds as she fought the panic and attempted to regain her composure.

“That was perfect my little slut. I want you to try it again now. You can do it,” I encouraged.

With that she gave me a weak smile and then bent her head down and once again took the head of my cock into her mouth. She quickly sunk the length of it in until the head was once again bumping against the back of her throat. “You are going to need to learn to control your gag reflex when you’re sucking cock. You will learn to take it in your throat so that I may fuck your mouth just as I would your pussy.” Putting my hand back on top of her head, I continued, “now relax your throat, slut, and work that head into your throat.” I could feel her take a deep breath and then hold it as she once again began pushing down on my cock . This time it was with much more force and it soon slipped into her throat. She immediately began gagging again around my cock, but this time, to her credit, she fought her panic and continued pushing down on the cock until she had the entire length buried in her mouth and throat.

“Oh my god, that’s amazing!” I exclaimed, as I marveled at the sensations pulsing through my cock. The feeling of my cock, tightly lodged in her throat as she continued to gag around it, was unbelievable. Each time she gagged it felt like her throat muscles were pumping or milking my cock. She only lasted a few seconds before she had to pull off again, with great gasps of breath and more coughing and spluttering. Her confidence now renewed, as she realized that she could do it, she began attacking my cock hungrily. At times she would force it all the way in and hold it there while she gagged, while at other times she would force it in and out real quick like I was fucking her pussy.

“That’s it. What a little cock whore you are. Take that cock in your throat. Show me how much you love cock in your throat, slut,” I continued to encourage. “Play with your pussy slut. Make yourself cum while I fuck your throat,” I ordered. Needing no encouragement, she reached between her legs and began frigging her clit furiously. Her moans of impending orgasm could soon be heard as I began to jackhammer my cock into her throat. As she got more comfortable and relaxed, her gagging began to lessen slightly only to be replaced with moans of ecstasy.

My own orgasm was building quickly and I wanted to time it to coincide with Tina’s orgasm. When I could tell she was close I hollered, “cum for me slut. Let me feel you cum as I fuck your throat like the cock slut you are.” My words seemed to push her over the edge and she began screaming around my cock as her body shook with the force of her orgasm. This was all I needed and with one last shove of my cock I buried the entire length in her throat, cutting short her scream of pleasure. With her nose nestled in my pubic hair, and her body still thrashing from her orgasm, I began spurting jet after jet of cum down her throat directly into her stomach. I held her head in place as she tried to scream and gag around my cock in her throat. Only when I felt the last spurt shoot into her stomach did I let her pull off my cock, and catch her breath. It took her fully a minute before she was able to breath normally again.

When she had regained her composure, she bent her head down and took my cock lovingly in her mouth again and began washing it clean of my cum. When it was sparkling clean, she flopped over and once again put her head in my lap, allowing me to stroke her hair gently as we lay there catching our breath.

After a bit she looked up at me and asked, “did I do good?”

With a big smile on my face I nodded and replied, “that was simply amazing!” A big smile of satisfaction spread across her face at hearing those words.


We spent the rest of the day naked in bed exploring and re-discovering each other’s bodies. Occasionally we would stop to grab something to eat or to clean up, but we always stayed naked and would eventually find ourselves back in bed making passionate love to each other. We were like two people who had just been awakened from a very long dream and were only now discovering each other for the first time. Tina often remarked throughout the weekend how alive and happy she was feeling and that it felt like she didn’t have a care in the world. She often used the word “free” when describing how she felt.

It was with a sad heart that she boarded the plane the next evening to head back to work for two more weeks.

The next day, after leaving work, I stopped in at the local Adult Store and purchased some supplies in anticipation for our next reunion. I didn’t tell Tina what I had done as I wanted it to be a surprise when next she was home.


We continued to speak each evening and, as the days passed and we got closer to her next flight home, the more excited we became. When at last it was the night before her flight, I called her up and, after conversing on our respective days, instructed her to wear a short skirt and blouse for the flight. I offered no further explanation, preferring instead to let her imagination dwell on the matter.

True to her word, when she stepped through airport security, the first thing I noted was that she was dressed as I had instructed. She had a short black skirt on that came to about mid-thigh and a white sheer blouse. Her excitement and nervousness were evident on her face. After retrieving her luggage, we hopped in the car for the ride home.

No sooner had I put the car in motion, did I issue my first command. “Lift your skirt up to your waist and remove your panties, slut.”

With hands shaking, she hesitantly reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and, raising herself off the seat, hefted it up until it was bunched around her waist. Her black lace panties were now clearly visible. Lifting up once more, she hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and slowly peeled them off.

When she had stepped out of them, I ordered her to, “put them up on the dash.” Her face turning a crimson red, she did as she was told and then awaited my next instructions. “Now undo your blouse and then remove your bra.”

By this time we had turned onto the busy highway and were slowly making our way home. Looking nervously around, Tina hesitatingly reached up and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. When at last she had the final one undone, she again looked around nervously before leaning forward in order to reach the clasp behind her back. In doing so this caused her blouse to part open, fully exposing her bra and shapely breasts. When the clasp was finally undone, Tina sat back against the seat and slowly pulled the bra away from her breasts. I instructed her to also place her bra on the dash.

I then let her sit like that for several minutes, watching her look around continuously, worrying that a passing motorist would look over and notice her nakedness. The blouse had fallen forward enough to cover the sides of her breasts, but her now very erect nipples were still clearly visible, were anyone to take a moment to look. Tina continued to fidget nervously for several more minutes, unsure of what to do with her hands. She fought the urge to cover herself up and instead sat there quietly with her hands at her side.

“Reach up and pinch your nipples slut,” I instructed. When she had each nipple between thumb and index finger and began to pinch, I ordered, “harder slut. Pinch your nipples until they hurt.” Obeying, she continued to squeeze her nipples harder until her face was a grimace of pain.

“Very good slut. You can stop now.” A gasp escaped her lips as soon as she had released her sore nipples. Her movement had caused the blouse to open further, exposing the sides of her breasts as well to passing motorists. “Close your eyes and keep them closed. Now open your legs wide and begin playing with your pussy.”

Once her legs were spread wide, she reached down with her right hand and began to finger her bare pussy. “I am happy that you have kept your pussy shaved clean for me. From now on, you will always keep it in that state, is that clear slut?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered as she continued frigging her exposed pussy. Soon her pace had picked up and she began moaning out loud. As she neared orgasm, all thought about anyone seeing her nakedness was long forgotten.

“Do not cum until I tell you to,” I cautioned her.

“Oh god, yes Sir….I need to cum Sir…can I please cum Sir,” she began begging me, as the pace of her hand picked up even further. Her eyes were scrunched tightly shut as she focused on not cumming.

Traffic was slow enough that I was able to find a van being driven by a young man and pulled up alongside of him keeping pace with his speed. When the other driver noticed that I was not passing him, he casually looked over to see what was the reason. The look on his face was priceless as he did a double take when he saw what my wife was doing. It took all of his control to keep his van between the lines as he ogled my wife’s exposed breasts and bare pussy on display.

When I saw that I had his attention, I ordered Tina to “cum now, slut.” On hearing those magical words, Tina exploded in an orgasm causing her back to arch, further jutting her breasts out for everyone to see. Her head thrashed side to side as she moaned and groaned in pleasure. After nearly a minute of this, I instructed, “you may open your eyes now.”

As soon as they were open, she immediately looked around and with a gasp saw the young man beside her with a shit eating grin on his face waving happily at her. If it was possible, she turned an even darker shade of red. I waved my thanks to the young man and then sped off ahead of his vehicle as we were nearing our exit.

When we pulled in the driveway I instructed my wife to fasten only the bottom button of her blouse and to pull her skirt down. I then had her pick up her underwear and stand at the side of the car and wait for me to grab her luggage from the trunk. While we live in a quiet suburb type neighborhood, with trees lining either side of our house from prying eyes, were anyone to walk by and glance up at us they would see my wife standing there with bra and panties in hand and a shirt that was hanging open exposing nearly all of her breasts. As it were, if she stood absolutely still, her nipples would just barely be covered, but as soon as she started walking, they would pop right out for everyone to see.

As soon as the front door was closed, I ordered Tina to “take off your clothes.” she looked behind her nervously at the glass window which runs the length of the door, before doing as instructed. Once naked I handed her the first of my purchased toys and instructed her to put it on.

It was a sleek black leather collar about an inch wide with felt lining the inside and silver studs ringing the outside. Interspersed around the collar were several silver rings for attaching things to it. Once she had it on, I ordered, “kneel slut and take my cock out.” I made sure she knelt in front of the window by the door in order to add to her embarrassment, as the blush on her face now extended down to her shoulders and the tops of her breasts.

My cock was already hard as a rock and, remembering my instructions from last time, she immediately dropped her hands to her side once she had my cock out of my pants. Despite her nervousness, Tina was like a woman on a mission. She attacked my cock with a hunger I’d never seen before. Soon loud slurping noises could be heard as she worked more and more of my cock into her mouth. In no time, she had the head of my cock bumping against the back of her throat causing her to gag each time.

This time I wasn’t prepared to let her go at her own pace, so I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and growled, “open that throat up slut, because my cock is going in one way or another.” I then began to push on the back of her head, forcing my cock slowly into her throat. She was gagging hard around my cock as she fought to keep control of her panic and to breathe at the same time. I was persistent this time and continued to shove more and more of my cock into her mouth until I had the entire length buried in her. I paused for a second to enjoy the sensations of her gagging throat, before quickly pulling out and allowing her to breathe again.

I repeated the process several more times before picking up the pace and slipping into a steady rhythm of fucking her throat. Tina seemed to adjust more quickly this time and was able to accommodate me much more easily. “Play with your cunt, slut,” I instructed as I again picked up the pace even further. Each time my pace picked up, so too did hers, so that by the time I was jackhammering her throat, her hand was a blur on her already sensitive pussy. When I could feel my orgasm was near I ordered, “cum for me slut.” Again it only took moments before my wife was spasming at my feet as her orgasm rocketed throughout her body. Pulling out quickly, I began shooting spurt after spurt of cum all over her beautiful face, covering it in long strands of white sticky goo.

When at last we had both caught our breath, she bent forward and noisily cleaned my cock with her tongue and mouth. When she was finished, I instructed “clean your face now slut.” At that, she reached up with both hands and began scooping the strands of cum off of her face and into her waiting mouth.

“Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get some ground rules established, shall we?” I asked. Still kneeling at my feet, my wife simply nodded her head and continued looking up at me. “When you enter this house, you will immediately strip naked and put your new collar on. If I am home already, then you will run over and kneel at my feet to await further instructions. If I arrive sometime after you, you will come to the front door as I enter and kneel at my feet there. Unless I say otherwise, you will always be naked in this house.” Pausing I ask asked, “questions thus far?”

“But what if you are with someone when I come home?” she meekly asked.

“Unless I give you other instructions, then you will do just as I’ve said” I replied. “As well, if I address you as anything other than Tina such as ‘slut’ or ‘whore’, then you will immediately slip into your submissive role and refer to me as Sir. While in this role, you will also refer to anyone else that addresses you as Ma’am or Sir. Questions?”

“No Sir,” was the quick reply.

“Good, then go make us some supper.” At that Tina jumped up off the floor and scampered off into the kitchen to begin preparing supper naked for the first time. Once supper was complete, we spent the rest of the evening exploring each other’s bodies in various rooms of the house until we finally collapsed exhausted into bed.


I awoke earlier than I normally do the next day, as I wanted to put the next phase of my plan into action before my wife had woken up. Sneaking into the closet I grabbed the paddle and wrist straps I had purchased from the Adult Store and stashed them at the foot of the bed. Taking a moment to watch my wife sleep, I marveled at how peaceful and content she appeared to be. Even asleep, she had a slight smile on her lips. She was still naked under the sheets and was also still wearing her new collar. She was laying half on her stomach and half on her side, with her left knee tucked up beside her.

With a grin, I grabbed the bottom of the sheet covering my sleeping wife and yanked it off of her in one quick motion. The quick movement startled my wife awake as she groggily began looking around for the source of the disturbance. Not giving her a chance to respond, I grabbed hold of her right ankle and yanked hard, sliding her entire body down the length of the bed until her lower half was hanging over the bed. Letting go of her ankle, gravity took over and her feet fell firmly on the floor with her upper body still bent over the foot of the bed. As she began to raise up, I placed a hand on the small of her back and pushed her back into the bed.

“Stay down slut and put your hands behind your head,” I ordered.

Still a little out of it, she began to mumble “what’s wrong Carl…”

SLAP. A shocked gasp from my wife.

Smacking her ass hard I growled, “that’s Sir to you. For that, you will have to be punished,” I admonished for not remembering her role. “Now put your hands behind your head,” I again ordered.

By now she was wide awake and quickly complied. “I’m sorry Sir. I didn’t mean any offense,” she blurted as she hastily put her hands behind her head.

Grabbing the wrist straps from the floor, I fitted each one to her wrists and then clipped them together to a silver ring in the back of her collar, thereby preventing her from being able to use her hands. Once she was suitably secured, I continued, “from now on, you will awaken early enough each morning, when you are home with me, to ensure your morning routine is completed and breakfast, which will consist of 2 eggs, bacon and toast, will be ready for me when I wake at 9am. Deviation from this will result in a severe punishment.” Looking at the bedside alarm clock I continued, “and seeing as how it is now past 9am and you do not have my breakfast ready for me, I think it is appropriate for me to punish you at this time.”

“But Sir….I didn’t know….I’m sorry….” she began to stammer as she looked for a way out of her current predicament.

“Stop! Do I need to gag you as well?” I asked, “or are you going to take your punishment like a good little slut?”

“No Sir, please don’t gag me. I’ll take my punishment,” she quickly replied.

“Very well then. You are going to become intimately familiar with the feel of the paddle this morning. This hopefully will serve as a reminder to you of what will happen should you disobey or displease me in any way,” I sternly added. I was unsure of what her limits were going to be, so I was a bit nervous as I proceeded.

Wanting to ensure this moment stayed forever etched in her memory, I decided on impulse to grab the digital video camera from the dresser and, along with a discarded shoe box, positioned the camera on the box at the head of the bed facing my wife’s upturned face. Now, this was a bit of a risk for me as my wife had never wanted to film ourselves having sex before, despite my repeated requests. This time, though, she offered no complaint.

Once the camera was recording and focused on my wife’s face, I walked around to the end of the bed and grabbed the paddle from the floor. “Now slut, I want you to look at that camera. You will continue to look at that camera throughout your punishment. Under no circumstances are you to look away. Is that clear slut?” I asked.

Meekly, she quickly replied, “yes Sir.”

“Now look into camera and explain to all of our viewers what you are and why you are shackled in this position.”

Swallowing hard, she stared into the camera and whispered, “I’m a slut and I’m being punished for being disobedient.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t think anyone heard that. Louder please,” I ordered.

This time louder. “I’m a slut and I’m being punished for being disobedient.”

“Very good. Now after each stroke of the paddle you will look at the camera and count the stroke and then thank me,” I instructed, as I took up position on her right side allowing me to use my dominant left hand to wield the paddle.

SMACK. I brought the paddle down hard against her left ass cheek. A shriek erupted from Tina as her upper body began to lift up off the bed. Having anticipated this movement, I had my right hand hovering over her back and quickly shoved her back into the bed. When she didn’t say anything after a few seconds I added, “I guess that stroke didn’t count. And let me make this clear slut. If you do not stay in position as I’ve ordered you to do, then I will tie you down to this bed and I will double the amount of strokes. Is that clear?” I asked menacingly.

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir. I’ll do better next time,” she quickly replied.

“Very well, let’s start again.” SMACK. This one on her right ass cheek. Another shriek from Tina, but this time she stayed in position, and looking at the camera said “one. Thank you Sir.”


“Two. Thank you Sir.”


“Three. Thank you Sir.” With each blow, I was alternating between ass cheeks, trying to turn every inch of exposed flesh red. After ten strokes to each cheek, and each being carefully counted by my wife who by the end of it was a blubbering mess, I stopped and put the paddle down.

Reaching out, I began to soothingly rub her raw and red bottom. This elicited a murmur of pleasure from my wife who was still looking into the lens of the recording video camera. “Now I have one more surprise for you this morning,” I stated as I reached down to the floor and retrieved the final item I had placed there earlier. It was a small pink butt plug which measured 5″ long and 1 ½” across at its widest point. Holding it up for the camera to see, I explained to my wife, “I bought a butt plug for you. You already know that I intend on using your ass as I would your pussy or mouth, so I thought it best if we start to stretch it out, so you will be better able to accommodate me.”

Reaching down with my left hand I drove two fingers knuckles deep in her moist, wet pussy. “Wow, I bet our viewers would be interested in knowing that your pussy is soaking wet from the spanking. It appears our little slut here gets off on the punishment and being made to humiliate herself for the camera. Isn’t that right slut?” I ask

“Yes Sir,” was the whispered reply.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think the viewers heard that.”

Louder this time and looking into the camera. “Yes Sir.”

Continuing to work my fingers in and out of her pussy, Tina was practically purring by the time I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with the butt plug. The plug slipped easily into my wife’s pussy and was quickly coated in her juices. Removing the plug I placed the tip of it against her virgin rosebud and advised, “you had best start relaxing your asshole because this plug is going in one way or the other.” I then began putting a slight pressure on the plug and marveled as the tip slowly entered her ass and began to stretch her sphincter. I moved the plug slowly in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust, watching her sphincter stretch further and further as it got closer to the fattest part of the plug. Soon my wife was grunting with pleasure and was pushing back against the plug on each thrust.

“Tell the camera what’s happening to you slut,” I ordered.

Between grunts and with clenched teeth, she looked into the camera and said, “you’re forcing a butt plug into my virgin ass.”

“And be honest, are you enjoying having your asshole spread wide for me?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” was the response between more grunts. Her face turned a darker shade of red at being made to humiliate herself for the camera. By then I had almost gotten the fattest part to her sphincter.

Sweat had broken out on my wife’s forehead from the exertion and concentration required to take this thing up her ass. Her breathing had quickened as well and small rivulets of juice began to trickle down her inner thigh. None of this escaped my notice, as with one final shove, I buried the fattest part of the plug into her asshole. A loud moan escaped my wife’s lips as she felt her sphincter muscle quickly close up around the small shaft at the base of the plug.

“There you go slut, you’ve taken the entire plug into your ass.” Rubbing her ass, I asked, “would you like me to fuck you slut, now that your ass is filled with a plug?”

“Oh, yes Sir,” she quickly replied, still looking into the camera.

Needing no further encouragement, I took my already hardened cock and buried it to the hilt in her soaking wet pussy. A loud moan came from Tina at the second intrusion. Again, no effort was needed to bury the entire length of my shaft in her tight pussy. Grabbing a handful of hair at the back of her head I again pulled hard on her head each time I hammered home. This also served to keep her facing the camera throughout her ordeal. Each time I bottomed out, my abdomen pushed against the plastic base of the plug in her ass, so that to her, it felt like two cocks were fucking her at the same time.

She was soon moaning and squirming beneath me as our orgasms built together. When she was near, she began to plead, “please Sir can I cum? I need to cum so badly.”

Needing no further encouragement, as I felt my own orgasm ready to explode, I bellowed, “cum for me slut. Let the viewers watch you cum from having two cocks in you at the same time.”

At that, I began to hammer her ass like a man on a mission. The sound of my body slapping against hers was like the staccato of a machine gun. Soon she erupted in a blood curdling scream, as her orgasm overtook her, and she began to thrash in ecstasy. Feeling mine was imminent, I yanked out of her and scrambled up on the bed to begin shooting an immense load all over her face, which was still contorted in pleasure from her own orgasm. And to top it all off, the camera had caught the whole thing, including the beautiful facial Tina had just received.

Once we had both settled down, and I had unfastened her wrists, I asked, “and what are you supposed to do with my cum, slut?”

“Eat it Sir,” she replied shyly and began scooping it off her face and into her mouth in front of the camera. Once her face was sufficiently clean, I turned the camera off and offered her my cock to clean as well.

Once done she slowly stood up on shaky legs and, with her eyes downcast, murmured, “thank you Sir for teaching me a lesson. Can I go and make you your breakfast now?”

“Yes you may,” I replied with a smile on my face as I watched her scamper off out of the room with a small pink plastic object protruding from between her very red ass cheeks.


We spent the remainder of the weekend enjoying each other’s bodies, taking breaks only to eat or wash up, or to catch some much needed rest. I introduced the butt plug at various times throughout the weekend, trying to extend the amount of time that she kept it in. When it was finally time to take her back to the airport, I had her place the butt plug and collar in her purse, explaining that she might need it over the next two weeks.

Not elaborating any further on my cryptic remark, I kissed her goodbye at the security gates and headed for home.


The next day, once I had my office door closed and was assured some privacy for a bit, I called her at work, around 10am her time. She was surprised to hear from me as I usually don’t call during her work day, but rather wait until the evening to speak with her. Needless to say she was startled when I asked “happy to hear from me slut?”

Remembering the rules she quietly replied, “yes Sir.”

“I want you to grab your bluetooth headset and put it on,” I ordered. Several months before we had bought these headsets so that we would be able to communicate hands-free while driving. This time around I had other ideas for its use.

“I have it on now Sir,” she replied, after several moments pause.

“Very well, I will call you right back and I want you to answer it with the headset this time,” I instructed. Hanging up, I waited several moments before dialing her number again. When she, answered her voice had a slight echo to it, now that she was using the headset. “I want you to head to the large public washrooms in front of your office.”

When she began to ask why, I cut her off with “no questions…just do as you’re told.”

“Yes sir.” I could hear her exit her office and then walk through the busy bullpen as the noise of various voices were picked up by the headset. When I heard a door open and then close, and the noise of voices disappeared, I knew she has entered the public washroom. Against one wall is a bank of sinks and large mirrors, while the other wall is occupied with 8 bathroom stalls.

“Take a stall in the middle,” I instructed. Once she had indicated that she was in a stall in the middle I ordered, “now take all of your clothes off except your heels, and hang them on the hook on the back of the door.”

Trying to keep her voice down, she began to plead, “please Sir…don’t…”

Cutting her off, I quickly added, “if you don’t do as I say this instant slut, the punishment will be even worse for you.”

Hearing the edge to my voice, Tina didn’t push the matter further and, with a sigh, began to remove her blouse and skirt. Once they were off, she nervously stepped out of her panties and unclasped her bra, adding them to the clothes hanging from the door.

Waiting patiently on the other end, I finally heard a quiet, “it’s done Sir.”

“Very good slut. Now sit down on the toilet. Spread your legs wide and keep them open.” Giving her a few seconds to get in position I continued, “now grab each nipple with both hands and squeeze them hard. Don’t stop until I tell you to.” After a few seconds I urged, “harder.” When I heard her begin to mewl in pain, I finally told her to stop. “Now with your right hand, do the same to your clit.” This time her breathing began to become more shallow and I could hear her grimace with pain as she complied with my demand. After a few seconds, I ordered her to stop.

“Alright, now listen to me carefully slut. You are going to start masturbating and you will not stop until you’ve had an orgasm. Even if someone comes into the bathroom, you will continue, is that clear?” I asked.

A very quiet “yes Sir” was heard and then nothing more as she bent to her task. After a minute has passed I could start to hear her breathing quicken, as she continued to become more and more aroused. Soon the sound of her fingers frigging her pussy could be faintly heard over the headset.

Suddenly, my wife gasped as she heard someone enter the bathroom.

“Do not stop rubbing yourself slut. If you do, it will simply make it worse for you,” I threatened.

The possible humiliation of being discovered, combined with the pleasure emanating from her aroused pussy, was making it very difficult for Tina to not cum while the stranger was in the bathroom with her. I could hear the frustration in her breathing as she fought for control and to hold off the orgasm until she was alone again.

After hearing the toilet flush, followed by the sink running water, and then finally the sound of the air hand dryer ending, my wife was beside herself with pleasure. I knew it was taking every ounce of her control to not cum, and I wasn’t helping things either. While she continued to masturbate with the stranger in the room, I began a running monologue berating her. “Aren’t you a little slut? Sitting there naked in the public washroom fingering your cunt while some stranger is in the cubicle next to you. I bet you’d like it if the person opened the door to your stall and began laughing at you and taking pictures to show everyone else in the office what a big slut you are. Maybe they’d make you masturbate in front of everyone. Then they’d all take turns using you like the whore you are.”

My words were having an effect on her, and her breathing was extremely ragged by the time I heard the bathroom door close. The moment it clicked shut, my wife whispered “oh God, I’m cumming Sir,” and began moaning softly into the headset, as she fought to contain her orgasm as best she could.


I didn’t talk to her again until that evening. She admitted then that it had been an incredible orgasm and that the prospect of possible public humiliation heightened it even more. I had suspected as much, but wanted to hear it from her own mouth, not only for my benefit, but also for hers.

I didn’t call her the next day at work as I wanted to keep her off balance – never knowing what I was going to have her do next. When I did call the following day around the same time, I could hear the nervous anticipation in her voice. When I began the conversation with, “how are we doing today slut?” She knew something was going to happen.

“Fine Sir,” she quietly replied.

“Is your office door closed?” I asked.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Take your panties and bra off and place them in your garbage can. Make sure they are on top. Don’t go burying them on me,” I ordered.

“What? Here?” she asked.

“Would you rather I have you open the door to your office first?” I ask pointedly.

“No Sir, it’s just…” she began.

“Are you arguing with me slut? Shall I make the punishment worse?” I asked.

“No Sir. I’m sorry Sir. I’ll do it,” she hastily replied.

Putting the handset down on the desk, I could hear her begin to shuffle with her clothing as she pulled her panties down from under very short skirt, which I had told her last night to wear today. She then pulled her bra off from under her white blouse and placed both on top of her wastebasket, knowing the janitor would get quite the surprise that night when he emptied the trash cans.

Finally she picked the handset back up again and said, “it’s done Sir.”

“Very good slut. From now on, you will not be wearing underwear to work. You will also only wear skirts that are not longer or baggier than the one you are wearing today. As well, you will only wear blouses for tops. Nothing else,” I emphasized.

“Yes Sir,” she replied meekly, but I could also hear the note of excitement in her voice as she said it.


When I spoke to her again that evening, she once again admitted that it turned her on to be walking around her office with no panties on, knowing that when she spoke to people they had no idea her pussy was bare and soaking wet underneath her skirt. She admitted that she was now getting a few stares from some of the younger men who were now noticing her more prominent nipples poking through her blouse. While embarrassed by this, she was also getting turned on as well.

I informed her that evening, that starting the next day, her daily ritual would be to head into the bathroom at coffee break both in the morning and the afternoon, and to strip down and masturbate as she had done that first day with me on the phone. She would then call me once it was done to let me know. I wanted her to be having several orgasms a day to keep her sexually heightened and on edge. As well, I knew that it also provided her with an outlet for the stress she was feeling around the office.

The next day, just prior to lunch, I called my wife and asked, “hello slut. Did you bring a lunch to work today?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Put your headset on,” I instructed. When it was I done I continued, “Take your purse with you to the bathroom.”

When I once again heard the bathroom door close, she immediately took the center stall, and sat down, waiting for further instructions.

“Now slut, I want you to undress again for me.” This time there was no argument from her as she quickly got naked. I’m sure she was probably thinking that I wanted her to masturbate again, even though she had just done that two hours ago.

My next command surprised her though. “Now reach into your purse, slut, and take out your butt plug.”

I could hear her gasp as it dawned on her what it was I wanted her to do. With a nervous, “yes Sir,” I could hear her shuffling through her purse. When she finally indicated that she had it, I then told her to, “shove that in your ass, now slut.” Though she had worn it off and on for small periods of time over the weekend, it had been four days since she tried to accommodate that thing in her ass.

At first Tina didn’t know where to start. She wasn’t sure what the best method would be for inserting the plug into her ass. She tried reaching between her legs as she sat on the toilet, but found with the odd angle that she wasn’t able to get enough force to shove it in. Shifting positions, she then tried standing in the stall and bending forward with her head nearly touching the stall door, as she reached behind her with the plug. Tina found she was able to get the most force from this position, so began working the plug into her ass. I could hear her grunting with exertion as she worked the plug deeper into her ass. An almost audible sigh was heard when the fattest part finally slipped past her sphincter and slid the rest of the way home.

“It’s done Sir.”

“Very good. Now get dressed slut.” After waiting for the word that she was done I continued with my instructions. “You will now make a point of visiting with each person in your office over the lunch period. When you speak with each of them, you will seat yourself in a chair or on the edge of a desk so that you are reminded, as you talk to them, that you have a cock in your ass. You will not take that plug out of your ass until after lunch at 1pm. You will head to your office and once inside, will take it out and place it back in your purse. Once done, you will call me to let me know how it went. Now get to it slut,” I ordered before hanging up.

When she called me back after lunch, I could hear the excitement in her voice as she described the events of the past hour. She indicated that she had a difficult time at first walking about normally, and not like someone who has something shoved up her ass. She found it humiliating feeling her ass being invaded by the cock each time she sat down in front of her employees and found it difficult to hide her embarrassment. She did admit though that she was immensely turned on and couldn’t wait until the afternoon coffee break came so that she could go and masturbate in the washroom.


The next day I called my wife again just prior to lunch. “Hello slut, how are we doing today?”

“Well Sir,” was the quiet reply.

“Put your headset on slut. We’re going out for lunch today,” I informed her.

When she had done as instructed, I had her make her way down to the food court in the mall across the street from her work. The food court is a busy place as it services both the employees from the neighboring office buildings but also the students from the high school 2 blocks over. After she had retrieved her meal, I instructed her to find a seat on one of the high stools located along one wall of the seating area. These stools are aligned along a high counter for eating but they also swivel 360 degrees around.

“Swivel yourself around in your seat until your back is against the counter,” I order. “Now discreetly work the hem of your skirt up until it is just covering the tops of your thighs.” Once she had indicated that it was done, I continued. “Describe for me the occupants of the tables in front of you.” Picturing the layout of the food court in my mind from my last visit there, I remembered that there is roughly 10 feet of space between the stools and the first row of tables.

“To my left there are several groups of male office workers in their 30′s and 40′s eating lunch. Directly in front of me is an elderly couple and to my right is a group of 5 high school kids. 2 are girls and the other 3 are boys,” she finished.

“Good. Now take out your cell phone and pretend you are sending and receiving text messages. Now turn toward the group of teenagers.” Once she was in position, I continued. “Slowly open your legs.”

“What? Here? Please…” she squeaked, panic rising in her voice.

“Don’t argue with me slut, or I’ll make it worse for you,” I replied menacingly.

With an audible sigh, she began to open her legs, which caused the hem of her skirt to ride up even higher. Once she had her legs spread wide enough that her bare pussy was on display for anyone who cared to look, I ordered her to hold that position.

“You will keep your legs spread for a full minute, slut, and will only close them when I tell you to. Now appear distracted by your phone as if it’s an important message you are writing.” After several seconds had passed I asked, “keep your head down, but I want you to discreetly look to see if the teenagers have noticed your bare pussy.”

“Yes Sir, the boys have noticed and are now pointing it out to the two girls,” she replied in a whisper. “The girls are now laughing and I can hear them calling me a slut. Please Sir, can I close my legs now?” she pleaded in embarrassment.

“Not yet slut. Let these young men and women see what a proper little whore you are. I bet your cunt is getting wet right now, isn’t it?” I asked. “Maybe you’d like it if I had you walk over and offer yourself to them to be their little plaything. Hmm? Would you like that whore?” I asked. I knew my running monologue was having an effect on her as I could hear her breathing quickening.

After a minute had finally passed, I informed Tina that she could close her legs and turn around to eat her lunch. By then all of the teenagers were laughing quite loudly, and words like ‘slut’ and ‘skank’ could be heard over the din of the food court.


In the weeks that followed, her work days were filled with similar events. She was still masturbating twice a day in the public washroom and had now graduated to wearing the butt plug every day from 10am until her second orgasm at 2pm. I’d also throw in the occasional flashing at the food court, varying the recipients of her charms from male office workers much older than she was to gaggles of giggling female students and everything in between. On the weekends that she came home, Tina was kept naked and collared for most of it. It was on one of these weekends that I finally broke Tina’s anal cherry. For this occasion I used the video camera and again positioned it so that she was staring into the lens as I invaded her anal cavity. I made her describe to the camera in detail what I was doing and how it was making her feel. When we finally both came, the camera captured her most powerful orgasm yet. That same weekend, I took back Tina’s butt plug and gave her a new one, which measured 2″ across at the fattest part.

Some days after this, Tina admitted to me one evening, during one of our routine phone calls, that her new lifestyle was helping her cope with the pressures and stress of her new job. She found herself looking forward to each day as she was never sure what I would have in store for her.

It was during one of these evening phone calls that Tina informed me of news she had received that day at work. She had received word that a manager from one of the district sub-offices was off on sick leave indeterminately, and that head office wanted Tina to fill in as manager of that office as well. This meant she would be required to fly into this community twice a month to take care of business there for several days at a time. Though she accepted the extra work without complaint, I could tell the prospect of the added stress was not sitting well with her.

It was on her first trip there that she had an unexpected meeting one day at the local mall. She ran into an old friend of hers, Debbie, who we had met years ago while studying at the same university. They had been best friends back then, but after graduation, and several transfers later, they had lost touch with each other. Now reunited, they talked like old hens for hours each evening, catching each other up on their lives.

Debbie is very similar to my wife in that she is also a very strong willed and independent woman. She is several inches taller than Tina and has long curly dark brown hair with dark hazel eyes to match. Her figure is shapely with breasts slightly smaller than Tina’s, and an ass that can turn heads. My wife revealed later to me, that her friend Debbie had bought a house there several years ago after securing an administrative position with the local hospital. She indicated that Debbie had offered to let Tina stay at the house each time she went down for business, rather than staying in a hotel.

Having an old friend there to stay with each time helped Tina with the transition and the extra work. In no time at all, the two of them were best of friends again, and they would occasionally get drunk on several bottles of wine some evenings. It was during one of these drunken times, my wife later confided, that the conversation eventually turned to sex. As is always the case; lips get loosened whenever alcohol is applied. Debbie ended up confiding to Tina, that she hadn’t had sex in over a year. As they commiserated over that for a bit and more wine was drunk, my wife inadvertently let slip during the conversation that I had written several sex stories a while ago.

By this point the girls were so drunk that they were practically falling down and giggling at everything. When Debbie expressed curiosity to read the stories, it never even occurred to Tina to say no. She promptly stumbled over to her laptop and quickly navigated to the site where the stories had been uploaded. Pulling up the first one entitled “My Pet Teacher”, Tina passed the laptop to Debbie.

As Debbie read through the story, she’d occasionally mutter an “oh my God” or a “holy shit”, but never stopped reading until she was finished. When she finally looked up from the computer, after several more glasses of wine, she asked Tina if there were any more. Tina then pulled up the next two stories “The Humiliation of my Wife” and “Owning my Best Friend’s Mom” and once again passed the computer back to Debbie. Once Debbie had finished reading the last story “The Making of an Office Slut”, the conversation remained firmly rooted around sex. Debbie admitted to my wife that she found herself turned on by the contents of the stories. Later, the two of them also admitted to each other that neither of them had been with another woman but that they wouldn’t be opposed to trying it. The conversation continued to go downhill from there until late in the evening, the decision was made to finally call it a night and head to bed.


I’m sure both of them just chalked the conversation up to the drunken ramblings of two best friends, but upon hearing the story several days later, I began to have other ideas. Not wanting to let my wife in on my thoughts, for fear she might say no, I kept things to myself, and never discussed the matter with her again, as I began to plan on how to bring my ideas to fruition.

My plan finally came together when I convinced Debbie to join my wife and I at our place for one of the weekends she was scheduled to come home for. I made sure to keep my tone light and jovial so that Tina wouldn’t become suspicious of my motives. Once the ladies had arrived and dinner had been eaten, we settled down in the living room, opened several bottles of wine and began to catch each other on our respective days and lives. Since the girls knew practically everything about each other at this point, I spend much of the time talking about my life and work. I also ensured that I only had a few glasses of wine, while I kept their glasses overflowing with bubbly.

Soon the two of them were plastered drunk and were giggling at everything I said. It was at this point that I decided to put my plan into action.

As lightly and nonchalantly as I could I began, “So Debbie. Tina was telling me the other day that you read my stories. What did you think of them?”

“What? Oh, they were really good. I can’t believe your imagination!” Debbie exclaimed.

“What parts of the stories did you like?” I asked, pretending indifferent curiosity.

“Mmm….I guess the issues of control, and the stuff they were made to do. It was all so very surreal, yet sexy,” she replied.

“Well, I’m really glad you enjoyed them.” Again staying as light and indifferent as I could, I added “did Tina tell you that she also enjoyed those stories?”

“Umm….no I don’t think so,” was the slurred response.

“Oh she did. In fact she enjoyed them so much that she volunteered to become my slave,” I said, watching Debbie’s reaction closely as I dropped the bomb.

Her head snapped up from her wine glass upon hearing that. “She what?” she asked incredulously. I could see Tina turning a few shades of red as she listened to our conversation.

“She wanted to know what it felt like to be those women in the stories, so she agreed to give control to me in our sex lives. I believe she finds it very liberating, don’t you slut?” I asked, turning my head slightly towards my wife.

Clearing her throat loudly she quietly responded, “yes Sir.”

“What? You’re fucking pulling my leg, aren’t you Carl?” Debbie asked between hiccups. Her half-full glass of wine temporarily forgotten as she tried to determine if I was kidding around with her or not.

“No, I’m quite serious.” Turning to my wife I ordered, “open your shirt and let Debbie see your breasts.”

Not trusting her voice any more, after only a slight pause, Tina reached up with shaking hands and unfastened the buttons on her blouse, and slowly pulled the material aside, exposing her bare breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks and stuck out at least half an inch as if begging for attention.

Debbie just gaped at them for several seconds, disbelieving what she was seeing. “Tina told me that you were turned on by the content of my stories. Would you also like to know what it feels like to be those women in the stories?” I asked with bated breath.

This was the moment of truth. Either Debbie would take the bait and things would unfold as I had hoped, or she would be disgusted by the thought and my weekend plans cut short. Several seconds of silence passed as Tina continued to hold her blouse open while her best friend openly ogled her bare breasts.

When she finally answered a much muted “yes”, I could barely contain my excitement.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that Debbie. What did you say?” I asked again, just to be certain.

“Yes, I would,” was her reply.

“Are you prepared to give complete control to me? To do whatever I tell you to do, just like the women in those stories?” I asked, wanting to make sure the ground rules were agreed upon beforehand.


“Are you prepared to accept the consequences should you not obey me in all things?”


“Even if that means taking you over my knee and spanking your ass?”

“Yes.” By now it was as if she was in a trance, answering yes to all of my questions.

“Very well. Stand up Debbie,” I ordered.

Hesitant at first, and with obviously shaking knees, Debbie finally rose to her feet to stand before us. Tina was transfixed by the sight before her and was oblivious to the fact that she was still holding her shirt open.

“Take off your shirt Debbie.”

Her eyes fixed on Tina’s breasts, she grasped the sides of her t-shirt and lifted it off over her head, dropping it to the floor beside her.

“Now the bra.”

Reaching behind her, she unhooked the clasp on her bra and allowed the material to fall away from her breasts, before it landed on the floor next to her t-shirt. Debbie’s breasts are still firm, like Tina’s, but have much darker areolas and fatter nipples. These too were standing at attention.

“Now the jeans Debbie.”

Like she was on auto-pilot, eyes still glued to Tina’s exposed breasts, Debbie unbuttoned the front of her jeans, slid the zipper down and shimmied out of her pants until they were in a bunch on the floor with the rest of her clothes.

“And finally the panties,” I added, admiring the skimpy black lace barely covering her pubic mound.

Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, she slowly rolled them down her legs until she finally stood before us completely naked. I could see that Debbie had taken care to keep the hair shaved around her pussy lips with just a small tuft of dark hair at the top of her slit.

“Very nice Debbie. You have a beautiful body,” I complemented her as I shifted in my seat, to relieve the uncomfortable pressure building in the front of my pants, as my hard-on strained to break free of its bonds.

“I want you to kneel in front of Tina. Spread your knees wider apart. Now clasp your hands behind your back.” Once she had complied, “Very good. Tina, go get your collar,” I ordered, turning my attention to my wife.

Without a word, she hopped up from the couch and ran to the front door to grab her collar from the hook upon where it’s kept. Racing back, she stood in front of me, holding the collar out.

“No slut, I want you to put the collar on her for me.” As she began to fasten the collar around the neck of her friend, I explained to Debbie, “this collar symbolizes your agreement with me to obey me in all things. You will hasten to obey my every order instantly for to do otherwise, will result in a severe punishment for you. Is this clear?” I asked.

Nodding her head, and with a frightened look in her eyes, she quietly replied, “yes.”

Taking a small digital camera out of my shirt pocket, I began to snap several pictures of her naked form. I could see Debbie was surprised at my actions, but she resisted saying anything.

“From now on Tina you will be referred to as ‘slut’ and you Debbie will be referred to as ‘whore’. Now whore, I want you to look up at the slut and ask to eat her pussy,” I ordered.

Eyes wide with fear, and a tinge of excitement, Debbie looked up into the face of her best friend and very quietly asked, “May I lick your pussy please?”

Clearing her throat, Tina quickly replied “yes” as she grabbed the hem of her skirt and yanked it up to her waist. Once her knees were spread open, Debbie cautiously inched forward on her knees until she was staring straight into my wife’s cleanly shaven pussy. Hesitant and unsure of how to proceed, Debbie finally leaned forward and, with her tongue stuck out, began to lap slowly at Tina’s moist opening.

Tina’s eyes were glued to Debbie’s face as she began to lick her pussy with more confidence. The more Debbie got into it, the more excited Tina became. After a few minutes, Debbie was eating pussy with wild abandon. She was driving several fingers into Tina’s pussy while simultaneously licking and nibbling on her engorged clit. At this point, Tina’s head was laid back against the cushions of the couch and her eyes were closed as she moaned and cried out in pleasure, “that’s it whore, lick my cunt.”

Leaning over, I ordered Debbie to look up at me while she ate Tina’s soaking wet pussy. I then snapped a few more pictures of her with her face covered in pussy juice and her tongue buried in her best friend’s cunt. Her face turned a deep shade of red as her continued humiliation was captured on film.

“Slut! Raise your knees up to your chest,” I ordered Tina. “Now, tongue her ass, whore,” I directed Debbie once Tina was in position. Without hesitation, Debbie began tonguing Tina’s asshole, trying to drive her tongue past the sphincter, like it was a cock fucking her ass. This added sensation pushed my wife over the edge, and grabbing a handful of Debbie’s hair and driving her face into her ass and pussy, she began cumming and shrieking like a banshee. Her body shook and convulsed causing her pussy juices to be smeared all over Debbie’s face and hair.

When at last Tina released her hold on her friend’s hair, Debbie sat back on her heels with a flushed face, slick with pussy juices, and looked up at me expectantly. Her breathing was ragged and her nipples were hard as rocks, and I could tell she was turned on by what had just happened.

Did you enjoy eating your best friend’s cunt whore?” I asked.

“Yes Sir,” was the quick response.

“Would you like to cum too whore?”

“Oh, yes Sir.”

“Very well. Stand up and walk over to the living room window,” I ordered. Our living room has a large bay window overlooking our front lawn and the quiet street beyond. Currently there are only white sheers covering the windows. “Pull back the curtains on both sides.” It is now was dark outside and, without the curtains, were anyone to bother looking up at our house, they would be able to clearly see inside as we had all of the lights on in the living room. Once Debbie had both curtains pulled back, I continued. “Now stand with your back to the window in the middle.” As she turned to comply, I could see her face was a deep crimson red which was now spreading down her neck to her shoulders. “Spread your feet wide apart and bend over at the waist. Let’s give my neighbours a real good look at a whore’s asshole and cunt.” When she was in position, I continued. “You wanted to cum, so go ahead and finger your pussy now. Show my neighbours what a dirty little whore you are. Perhaps I’ll invite them over later and let them take turns using you?” As she dug her fingers into her already wet pussy, and began to frig as quickly as she could I asked, “you’d probably like that wouldn’t you whore?”

“Mmm…” was the only reply as her eyes closed and the pace of her fingers picked up even further. I could tell she was close to cumming. The added humiliation was having an impact on Debbie and, in very little time, she was ready to cum. Grabbing the camera I took several more shots for added embarrassment.

Opening her eyes and looking up at me, she asked “may I cum Sir?” Sweat was beginning to bead on her forehead as she fought to contain her excitement.

“Yes, cum for my wife and I. Show us and our neighbours how you like to cum while everyone watches.”

With a loud moan, Debbie’s orgasm overtook her as she stood bent over in front of my picture window. Her legs soon became like jello and she involuntarily dropped to her knees as the waves of pleasure washed over her body.

When at last Debbie came around and managed to get her breathing under control, I ordered Tina, “finish undressing slut and then get on your hands and knees with your ass facing your friend.” When she was in position I then ordered Debbie, “crawl over and lick her asshole. I want it nicely lubricated for my cock.”

Without any hesitation, Debbie crawled over and dipped her head once more into her friend’s ass. As she was busily licking and working her tongue into my wife’s ass, I had to sit back and admire what was unfolding before me. I had both women naked on their hands and knees in the middle of my living room with one tonguing the ass of the other! It was something right out of my fantasies. I could hardly believe my luck that it was actually coming true. It was becoming quite apparent that Debbie was a true submissive and not just someone seeking a release for her stress.

While Debbie lubricated Tina’s ass, I took the opportunity to shed my clothes. Once naked I ordered, “whore, get on your back.” When she was in position, I then had Tina straddle her face in the classic 69 position. “Now eat her pussy whore, while I fuck her ass.”

And with that I knelt behind my wife, took aim at her puckered asshole and began working the head of my cock in. There was very little resistance this time as Debbie had done a good job of loosening it up with her tongue. As I worked my cock into Tina’s tight ass, I could hear slurping sounds from below me as Debbie began eating Tina’s pussy for the second time tonight. Once I had the entire length buried in her ass, I began fucking her in long hard strokes, bottoming out with each thrust. A grin broke out on my face as I realized that with each thrust, my balls were smacking Debbie on the forehead.

“Whore, spread your legs,” I ordered. Reaching down, I grabbed a discarded flip flop and passed it to Tina. “Slut, I want you to beat her pussy with the shoe. Don’t stop until I tell you to.” I was curious to see how Debbie would react to the pain stimuli and, to be honest, it was turning me on to see my wife dominating another woman.

With no hesitation at all, Tina began laying in to her friend’s exposed and opened pussy with the flip flop. At first the smacks were tentative and light, but when Debbie did not protest, and the pleasure of the fucking and licking began to overtake her senses, Tina began beating the pussy in front of her in earnest. She began to time the smacks to coincide with each thrust in her ass. Each time I bottomed out, a resounding SMACK could be heard as the shoe hit Debbie’s wet and exposed pussy lips. The beating was beginning to have an effect on Debbie as I could hear her beginning to mewl and cry out with each smack. To my surprise, Debbie kept her legs open the entire time and even began lifting her pussy up to meet each blow. It was evident that Debbie was getting turned on by the pain.

“That’s it slut. Beat that whore’s cunt,” I cried out as I felt my orgasm building. I could tell my wife was close as well, as her breathing had become ragged and she was pushing back against each of my thrusts. “Now lick her pussy slut. Make the whore cum,” I ordered Tina.

Discarding the flip flop, my wife bent her head down and began licking her first pussy. The entire area was so sensitive from the beating, that it only took moments before Debbie began screaming and thrashing beneath Tina as her orgasm smashed throughout her body. Like a chain reaction, this also set off Tina’s orgasm, as she began bucking and thrashing on the cock still buried in her ass. As the waves of pleasure rolled throughout her body, her muscles would simultaneously clench and unclench. It felt like a hand was inside her asshole gripping my cock tight and trying to milk it like a cow. The sensation was unbelievable and unlike any I had ever experienced before. That was all it took to push me over the edge, so with one last thrust, I quickly pulled out and took aim at Debbie’s face and began shooting spurt after spurt onto her upturned face. Soon her entire face was covered in long white strands of cum and which were beginning to run down into her hair.

“Slut, feed the whore my cum,” I ordered Tina. Spinning around she began scooping the cum off of Debbie’s face and placing it into her mouth. Once Tina had fed all of my cum to her, I ordered Debbie, “Now clean my cock whore.” Scrambling to her hands and knees, she bent her head down and began licking and sucking on my cock which had just been buried in my wife’s ass. Once it was sufficiently clean I ordered Tina to take Debbie upstairs to the bathroom and to get her cleaned up and to shave her pussy bare like her own.

Once the girls were gone I took the opportunity to grab the package I had hid in the closet and began setting up for the next scenario I had planned. Earlier that day, prior to picking them up at the airport, I had stopped in at the sex shop and purchased a few more supplies. By the time the girls returned, I had everything set up and ready for them. Just thinking about what was to come had me getting hard again.

As the girls entered the room I could see them eying with curiosity the equipment I had laid out. I took a moment to admire Debbie’s newly shaven pussy before I proceeded with the plan. Pointing to the coffee table I ordered, “whore get over the table.” The coffee table was low enough and narrow enough that Debbie’s knees touched the ground on one side and her hands touched the ground on the other side with just her upper body laid across the table. Once she was in position, I ordered Tina, “now tie her feet and hands to each leg of the table.”

Tina quickly bent to the task. While she still craved submitting herself to me, it was also evident that my wife was enjoying dominating her friend. Once Debbie was appropriately secured, I handed the paddle to Tina and instructed her to begin paddling Debbie’s ass. Again, Tina started off lightly, but with a little encouragement from me, was soon putting her weight behind each strike. Sitting in front of Debbie I was able to watch the anguished expression on her face each time the paddle made contact with her ass. Soon Debbie was crying out in pain with each blow as her ass became redder and redder.

“Whore, I want you to answer the following questions truthfully. If I feel you’re telling me the whole truth, then I’ll have Tina stop your paddling. If I think you’re lying to me or holding something back, then I’ll take the paddle and continue your punishment. Deal?”


“Ahh…yes Sir” was her hurried reply.

“Have you ever been with another woman sexually prior to tonight?”

“No Sir.”

“Did you enjoy eating Tina’s pussy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And how about her ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Have you sucked cock before?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“It was OK Sir.”

“Have you ever eaten a man’s cum before?”

“No Sir.”

“Why not?”

“I always felt it was disgusting.”

“And did it turn you on being forced to eat my cum?”

Debbie hesitated before answering. Turning a darker shade of red she finally replied, “yes Sir.”

“Have you been fucked in the ass before?”

A sheepish, “yes Sir.”

“How many times?”

“A dozen times maybe?” was her hesitant reply.

“So you like taking cock in your ass?”

“Yes Sir.”

By now, Debbie’s face was a mask of pain as the paddle continued its barrage on her sore and bruised ass. “Now remember, I want you to be completely honest with me. What turned you on most tonight?”

Again she paused before answering, giving her time to compose her thoughts. Hanging her head in shame she finally replied, “being made to do things against my will, like eating your cum. And also being made to humiliate myself like when you had me masturbate in front of the window.”

That was a startling admission. It was the humiliation that turned her on the most. I think Tina and I could have a lot of fun with that in the days to come.

“Alright, that’s enough slut,” signaling to Tina to stop with the punishment. Once she had put the paddle down she stood back and admired her handiwork. Both ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs were a dark mottled red. A bit of moisture had also formed on her brow as a result of her exertion with the paddle. “I have a gift for you slut,” pointing to the item on the cushion beside me. On it was a black leather harness with a large lifelike black dildo in it. A smile cracked the corners of her lips when she took in what I had bought for her.

Stepping up, she tentatively took the item in hand and began examining it intently. Once she had figured out where the straps went, she hastily stepped into it and fastened it in place. As she stared down at the black cock now protruding from her body, she began stroking it as if it was her own cock. What a pretty sight that presented for me. Grabbing the camera from my discarded shirt I snapped a few more photos of my wife as she stared at and stroked her new cock.

Breaking her out of her reverie I ordered, “slut I want you to teach this whore how I like to have my cock sucked. I’ll be trying out her ass now that you’ve warmed it up for me.” Dropping to my knees behind Debbie’s ass, I took a moment to admire my wife’s handiwork, both in shaving the pussy but also in punishing her ass. After admiring the marks and noting how wet Debbie was, I placed the tip of my cock against Debbie’s pussy and thrust deeply, burying it on the first go. A deep sigh was heard from Debbie as I began fucking her tight pussy. Reaching down, I began to work a finger into her puckered little asshole. Once it was knuckle deep, I then worked a second finger followed by a third. Soon I had three fingers buried deep in her ass as I continued to thrust away in her pussy. Meanwhile Tina had taken up a position standing in front of Debbie. Grabbing a handful of hair at the back of Debbie’s head she ordered, “open up whore. You’re going to have to learn how to properly suck a cock.” And with that she placed the tip of her black cock against Debbie’s lips and began thrusting into her mouth.

As Tina worked her dildo deeper and deeper in Debbie’s mouth, I withdrew my now slick cock and placed the tip of it against her now loosened ass. As I began pressing against her bud, I could feel her relaxing her muscles allowing the head to slip quickly into her. Grabbing her hips, I began short hard thrusts, burying more and more of my cock each time, until I was hitting bottom with each one. At that point I began a rhythm of slow hard thrusts, almost withdrawing completely each time before burying it in to her with a resounding slap against her sore ass.

Meanwhile, my wife had begun having some fun with Debbie’s throat. Remembering her first time with my cock in her throat, she began to torture Debbie in much the same way. While I beat a steady rhythm in Debbie’s ass, Tina began to force her own cock into Debbie’s throat, causing her to gag painfully around it. Tina would alternate the amount of time she spent in Debbie’s throat keeping her off balance and never knowing how long she would have to go without air. Tina’s cock and Debbie’s face were soon covered in saliva as she continued to gag around the cock being forced down her throat.

With her hand still wrapped around Debbie’s hair at the back of her head, Tina began to time her thrusts to coincide with my thrusts into Debbie’s ass. Like one unit we were both bottoming out in Debbie’s throat and ass at the same time. The sounds filling the room were positively musical. As my body slapped against Debbie’s ass, Tina would bury her cock in Debbie’s throat eliciting powerful gagging sounds, followed by deep gasping breaths as she withdrew for the next thrusts.

It was then that the most powerful orgasm I had ever witnessed occurred. Debbie’s eyes practically rolled into the back of her head as she began wailing and keening, with her entire body shaking violently below us. Since she was tied down, the entire table began to heave and move with her. It took everything I had to hold on and keep myself buried in her ass. Tina had stepped back by this point and was staring open mouthed at the intensity of the orgasm which was taking place before her. This violent display lasted about 30 seconds before she began to settle down.

The intensity of the muscle spasms was so great, that the sensation quickly passed from one of trying to milk my cock to that of someone trying to rip it off my body. Witnessing this intense orgasm had my own orgasm ready to explode. Pulling out quickly, I ran around to the other side of the table and began blowing my second load of the night into Debbie’s face. When Debbie had begun to regain her senses, I ordered Tina to help her clean Debbie’s face.

Getting down on her knees, Tina began licking off my strands of cum and then shoving her cum-covered tongue into Debbie’s mouth forcing her to suck it clean. She repeated this process until she had licked Debbie’s face clean. They ended with a long kiss, tongues intertwining as they enjoyed each other’s company.

Once they finally came up for air, I began unfastening Debbie from the table allowing her to rise and stretch her cramped limbs.

Settling down onto the couch, Tina and Debbie cuddled up on either side of me as we took a moment to catch our respective breaths. Their hands began to explore my body, gently massaging my tired muscles. After several minutes of this, Tina bent over and began licking and sucking on my semi-flaccid cock, willingly cleaning it even after it had been in Debbie’s ass. Just then my stomach rumbled with hunger. Giggling, Tina sat up and asked, “are you hungry Sir?”

“I think I have worked up a bit of an appetite,” I replied with a grin.

Turning, she reached for the phone on the end table and quickly dialed the local pizza shop and ordered up a pizza for delivery. Once she had placed her order, she hung up the phone and bolted upstairs without a word. I could tell by the look in her eye that she was up to something, but I figured there was no harm in letting her go with it.

Several minutes later she returned to us with an armload of stuff. Debbie had meanwhile picked up where Tina had left off, and was gently licking and sucking on my cock. Apparently, she didn’t mind sucking cock, so long as she was being “forced” to do it.

Looking up at my wife, I raised my eyebrow in question. With a big grin she asked, “may I Sir?”

Smiling back, I shrugged my shoulders and replied “sure.”

Tina then handed me a robe and put a second one on herself. Once she was dressed in the robe, she turned to Debbie and barked, “on your knees in front of me whore.” Debbie scrambled off the couch and quickly knelt before her. Once in place, Tina fastened the blindfold around Debbie’s eyes. She then stooped down and clipped the leash onto her collar. It was then that I started to get an idea as to what my wife might be up to. Walking over to her purse, she removed a twenty dollar bill, and slipped it into the pocket of her robe. Leaning over, she gave me a quick kiss and asked, “Sir, would you mind answering the door when the pizza comes?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

As the nervousness in the room became almost palpable, we were suddenly shocked out of our reveries by the sound of the doorbell.

I got up and walked into the other room to answer the front door. Opening the door I saw that the delivery guy was a young fellow likely in his late teens, around the age of 19 or 20. Inviting him in, I closed the door behind him and called out to my wife. “Hon, the pizza guy is here. Can you bring out the money?”

The sound of a chain rattling, followed by a terse “heel” could be heard coming from the other room. Several moments later, my wife entered the foyer wearing her robe, leading a very naked and blindfolded Debbie who was crawling on her hands and knees with a twenty dollar bill stuck in her mouth. I glanced over at the pizza guy to gage his reaction, and nearly burst out laughing at the expression plastered across his face. His jaw hung open with his eyes wide in shock. Clearly he had never seen a sight such as this before. But I also noted that he had quite a tent forming in his pants as well.

When my wife stood beside us, she looked down at Debbie and ordered, “sit.” She had obviously been coached by Tina in the other room, because when she sat back on her heels, she ensured her knees were spread wide apart and her hands were clasped behind her back giving our delivery guy an unimpeded view of her breasts and newly shaved pussy.

Looking up at the delivery boy, my wife said, “here’s your money Sir,” gesturing towards the twenty in Debbie’s mouth. With obviously shaking hands, he reached down and tentatively took the money, perhaps fearing she might bite or something. After stuffing the money in his pocket, my wife asked him, “our dog Debbie here is very well trained. Would you like to pet her?”

Looking at my wife for the first time, he blinked and then asked, “are you sure she doesn’t mind?”

Shaking her head and smiling, “nah, she loves the attention, don’t you little doggy?” she asked turning towards Debbie. Debbie simply nodded her head yes, not trusting her voice at this point.

“Uh, sure. Ok.” He put the pizza bag down at his side and stooped down to Debbie’s level. Reaching out he hesitantly touched her left breast and then her right. When no one complained, he became a bit bolder and began to fondle both breasts, focusing on the very erect nipples.

After a bit my wife added, “go ahead and pet her everywhere. She loves it.” Tina wasn’t lying either. I could see the blush extending down Debbie’s shoulders, but I could also see and smell the excitement in her pussy. All hesitation lost now, he quickly dipped one hand down to her shaven pussy and began to play with her clit and pussy lips. The more he twisted and turned her nipple, and the more he drove his fingers into her soaking wet pussy, the more excited Debbie became. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her head was thrown back in pleasure.

“You know, you’ve been so nice to our doggy, I think she would like to repay your kindness,” my wife informed the delivery guy. Looking up from where he was squatting he asked, “umm…like what?”

“Well, why don’t you stand up and take your penis out so our doggy can thank you properly,” she informed him. Jumping up, he fumbled with his belt for several seconds, before finally dropping his pants and drawers. Out popped a very hard cock, a little shorter and thinner than mine. I could tell it wouldn’t be long for this fellow to cum.

Feeling a tug on her leash, Debbie scooted forward until she felt the tip of the cock bump against her face. Opening her mouth, she took the head of his cock in and began bathing it in spit.

Patting Debbie on the head I remind her, “now remember how you were trained to suck cock. Impress me with how much you learned.”

Heeding my words, Debbie attacked the stranger’s cock in front of her, nearly knocking him over in the process. She began bobbing her head back and forth on the cock, going deeper and deeper with each push. When at last it began to bump against the back of her throat, she paused before giving one last push, forcing the cock head past the barrier in her throat. As it slid home in her throat with her nose nestled in his pubic hair, the delivery guy let out a deep moan of pleasure as Debbie held herself there for several seconds despite her intense gagging. When she could tolerate it no more, she quickly withdrew, took several gasping breaths before once again impaling herself on his cock. After holding it for several seconds again, Debbie released the cock once more and then began a steady rhythm of fucking her own throat with his cock. The delivery guy’s orgasm was quickly building and he was soon matching her head bobs with hard thrusts of his own.

When it was evident he could hold out no longer my wife asked, “I want you to shoot your cum all over my doggie’s face.” With a gargled scream, he yanked his cock out of her mouth and began cumming in what seemed like one continuous stream of cum all over her red face and into her gasping mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cum as much as that young fellow did. Debbie’s face and hair were drenched in white sticky cum.

When the last drop had finally been squeezed out onto Debbie’s nose, the pizza guy hastily did up his pants and with mumbled thanks, ran out the door. I’m not sure if his haste was from embarrassment or because he knew he was going to be late for his other deliveries.

Grabbing the camera I ran back into the foyer and snapped some great shots of Debbie’s cum stained face and hair. Turning to my wife I ordered, “clean her up slut.” She immediately knelt in front of Debbie and once again began cleaning her face with her tongue, sharing the cum with Debbie after each lick. Once she was suitably clean, and they had enjoyed each others’ mouths, I took the blindfold off of Debbie and led her by the leash over to the coffee table once more. This time I had her lay on her back lengthwise on the table and ordered her to hold her knees up beside her chest with her legs spread wide. I then had Tina lay face down on top of her with her own knees brought up high on either side of Debbie. Pushing her bottom down, it placed her pussy in contact with Debbie’s pussy below. This also served to open up both girls’ holes for easy access by my very hard cock.

Needing no prompting from me, the girls began kissing again, twining their tongues together. Taking aim, I hammered my cock home in my wife’s pussy, coating it with her juices before moving on to Debbie’s asshole. After sawing back and forth there for a bit, I then switched to Tina’s ass. I then alternated between the four holes giving each woman one more orgasm before finally pulling out and cumming in both of their faces.

As they began cleaning each other off again with their tongues, I sat back with a contented sigh on the couch and shook my head with disbelief. I had imagined some pretty wild stuff in the stories I had written, but I had never imagined that any of it would come true for me. Least of all with my wife and her best friend.

When at last they were finished cleaning each other, they disengaged themselves and once again cuddled up on either side of me on the couch. Nothing was said for a while as we simply enjoyed the afterglow from a very active evening.

It was Debbie though who finally broke the silence. Keeping her eyes downcast she began in a quiet voice. “I just want the two of you to know that tonight has been the most erotic and exciting night of my life. I have harbored some very deep secrets for a very long time. Desires that I could hardly admit even to myself for the shame of it. If you guys are willing, I would like to serve both of you in whatever capacity you see fit. I’ll do anything either one of you tells me to without question. And you can do whatever you want to me.” Pausing to compose her thoughts, I could hear the tremor in her voice as she continued to bare her soul to us. “If you’ll have me, I promise to always try and please you.”

Looking at my wife for direction, she nodded her head in agreement.

“Very well whore. Tina and I will agree to take you on as our slave, but let’s get some ground rules set first. In all things, I have the final say. Both you and Tina will obey me without question. However, you will also answer to Tina. You will obey her as if it was I giving you the command. There is a definite pecking order here and you slave are at the bottom of it. Clear?”

“Yes Sir.” A hint of a smile played at the corner of her lips.

“Right then. Let’s have some pizza first and then go get cleaned up and head to bed. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be another eventful day.”


The next day I was awakened by a tentative tapping on my shoulder. Opening my eyes I was presented with the beautiful view of my wife’s naked body hovering over me. “Your breakfast is ready Sir.” Reaching up, I grabbed her right nipple between thumb and forefinger and began pinching and twisting it as I pulled her down to me for a kiss. She willingly fell into my embrace and enjoyed some heavy kissing and petting before I finally pushed her away and climbed out of bed.

Telling her I’d be down in a minute, I headed off into the washroom to take care of some morning rituals. When I emerged with my robe on, I headed downstairs to the kitchen to find my wife and her best friend kneeling naked beside the kitchen table where my plate of food had been set for me. As I ate my food in silence I began to formulate a plan on how we could spend the day today. I didn’t let them in on my ideas though until after I had finished eating.

“It’s such a nice day today I was thinking we could head down to the public pool after lunch and go for a swim and do some sunbathing. What do you ladies think of that idea?” I asked.

Both of them nodded their heads in agreement. My wife answered, “That’s a good idea Sir. We haven’t gone swimming in ages. But Debbie doesn’t have a bathing suit,” she added.

“That’s alright,” I replied. “I thought we could stop by the mall first and pick out a suit for her.”

“Oh, that’s perfect Sir,” my wife replied as she began to catch on to what I was implying.

“But first thing’s first. Whore, get on your back,” I ordered pointing to the floor at my feet. “Now straddle the whore’s face, slut.” Opening my robe, I showed my wife my already hardened cock. “Eat that pussy whore, and I want you to finger yourself as well. But you are not to cum until you’ve satisfied your mistress first. Is that clear?”

A muffled “yes Sir” as she began tonguing Tina’s pussy. Needing no further direction from me, Tina leaned forward and began sucking on my cock. For a while, all that could be heard was the sound of Tina gagging on my cock while she enjoyed the tongue buried in her snatch. Looking down, I saw Debbie’s right hand practically flying over her own pussy, as she brought herself close to orgasm.

With my cock still in her mouth, as she gasped for breath, Tina asked, “may I cum Sir?”

“You may,” was my only reply. As soon as Tina’s orgasm hit, Debbie’s exploded as well and the two of them began thrashing about at my feet. Seeing their intense pleasure was enough to push me over the edge as well. Grabbing the back of Tina’s head, I held the tip of my cock in her mouth and ordered, “do not swallow slut,” and began shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my wife’s mouth. When it was nearly overflowing, I pulled out and ordered, “now feed the whore your cum.” Scooting back she bent down, opened her mouth and allowed my seed to pour into Debbie’s open mouth. They again finished with a fierce kiss as I got up and headed back upstairs to shower.

When I came out of the bathroom to get dressed I found both Tina and Debbie dressed in tight blouses with equally tight short skirts and, of course, no underwear on. Obviously Tina had informed Debbie of the new dress code. As I dressed, I couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I had two beautiful women (one being my life partner) who were willing to serve me in whatever perverse capacity I saw fit.

On the way to the mall I made a quick detour by the adult store where I had purchased all of the sex toys over the last few weeks and, while the girls waited in the car, ran in and picked up another collar for Tina to replace the one given to Debbie last night. Once back in the car, we then made our way to the large mall on the other side of town. By the time we arrived at around 11 o’clock, the parking lot was already near capacity. Being a Saturday in the middle of summer, it was a sure bet that the mall would be packed.

After several minutes of circling, I was finally able to find a spot and we were on our way in. I can’t begin to describe how incredibly turned on I was walking with two gorgeous women wearing very revealing clothing through a packed mall. Both women received plenty of stares from the men as they passed by and a few glares from some of their wives.

Spying a jewelry store, I steered the ladies in and began browsing their necklaces and pendants. By now my wife was beside herself with curiosity as she knew how much I hated jewelry stores.

“Sir? What are we looking for?” my wife asked quietly.

“I’m looking for something for the two of you,” I replied.

“Oh,” a big smile played across her face. “May I ask what?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” When at last I had found what I was looking for, I signaled the young sales lady over. “I would like two of those,” pointing to a small gold heart-shaped pendant with a small diamond in the base of the heart. “Do you do engraving as well?” I asked.

As the woman retrieved two boxes from below the counter she replied, “of course sir. What would you like them to say?”

“They’re for the two ladies with me. I want you to engrave one of them with the word ‘Slut’ and the other ‘Whore’.”

The look of shock on her face was priceless. “Are you sure?” she asked looking at the two women as if she expected them to protest my request.

“I am.” After sneaking one last look at Tina and Debbie, the lady finally went over to the other counter and began the engraving process. Nothing further was said, but the look of disapproval she gave the girls as she handed me the bag with my new purchases was quite entertaining.

As we continued our walk through the mall, I handed the bag to Tina and said, “these are for your collars slut. This way you’ll know which one belongs to which.”

A slight blush colored her cheeks as she took the bag. “Thank you Sir.”

At the end of the next hallway we found ourselves at the entrance to one of the large department stores. Heading in, we made our way over to the swim suit section. I was pleased to see that it was quite busy in this area of the store as we began browsing the swimsuit racks.

Turning to my wife I asked, “I want you to pick out some styles of bikinis for Debbie that you think I will enjoy seeing her in. I want them to leave very little to the imagination,” I added as she began to turn away.

After several minutes of rifling through the racks, my wife began to hold up potential suits to me. After selecting several promising ones, I asked Tina, “are these suits her size?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I want you to find those suits in a size smaller then.”

After exchanging the suits for smaller sizes, we made our way over to the changing rooms so that Debbie could try them on for me. I purposely selected the changing room closest to the entrance, ensuring that the maximum amount of traffic would pass by her curtain as well as the fact that it was also in view of the main area of the swimsuit section. Once Debbie was inside of the cubicle, I handed her the first suit and directed her to put it on. As I closed the curtain behind her, I purposely left it open a small gap so that anyone passing by would be provided an unhindered look at her.

The first few people to pass by took no notice of the gap, but one fellow, who was obviously here with his wife as she tried on some suits, walked slowly by and casually glanced over at the curtain as he did so. He was several steps past the curtain when his brain finally registered what he had seen and he stopped dead in his tracks. He then took several paces back until he was once again standing in front of her curtain and had an unencumbered view of Debbie’s nakedness. She was just in the act of stepping into the bottom portion of the bathing suit when she caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and glanced up in shock at the stranger watching her dress. Turning a deep shade of red she hastily finished pulling on the bottoms and quickly reached for the too-small bikini top. When she had finally fastened the top, she opened the curtain the rest of the way and stepped out of her cubicle.

Rising from the chairs my wife and I had been sitting in, I motioned for her to follow me out into the main area. The voyeur followed close behind – all thoughts of his wife left behind in the dressing room with her. “Stand in front of those mirrors. I want to see how it looks from all angles,” I directed. Really I just wanted to give everyone else in the department a chance to see her near-nakedness. As she stood in front of the mirror I instructed her to place her hands on top of her head and then to begin turning around slowly. It was obvious that the suit was ill-fitting as there was insufficient material on top to cover the bottoms of her breasts. There was just barely enough material to cover her very erect nipples. Any sudden movement would likely cause her breasts to come tumbling out. The bottoms weren’t much better. The material was so tight, that it was beginning to creep up into her slit causing that oh-so-familiar look of cameltoe. As she turned around, the gathering onlookers were presented with a beautiful shot of her ass which was only covered by a very thin piece of material.

Turning to the voyeur from earlier I asked, “what do you think? Do you think the suit covers up too much of her ass?”

Without taking his eyes off of her, he hesitantly replied, “uh…yeh…it covers up too much.”

Turning to another gentleman who had walked over I asked ,”what do you think about the top? Does it show enough nipple or should we look for a smaller one?” His reply was similar to the first fellow.

“Alright, lets head back into the dressing room and try on another one then,” I announced to no one in particular. When Debbie was back in her cubicle, I handed her another suit, and then closed the curtain half-way this time, giving an even better view to anyone who cared to look.

The first voyeur had returned, as well as two other men who all took up posts outside of her curtain and unabashedly enjoyed the view as Debbie stripped out of the first bikini and stepped into the second. When she stepped out for the second time, her face was again a deep blush of red, but her nipples remained hard as rocks and I could begin to see the slightest bit of dampness in the crotch of her bikini bottom. Motioning again to the mirrors, I had Debbie repeat the process from earlier. With her hands on top of her head, she rotated slowly around giving the gathering crowd a great view. By now several more men had joined our group and even several high school girls as well. The top of this suit again barely covered her nipples and looked like they might fall out at any moment. Her bottoms were not much better. The material was again creeping into her slit which was now becoming more noticeably damp as she turned about and saw the gathering crowd.

When I announced that there was one more suit to try on, I could see the excitement in the eyes of those gathered around. I again only bothered to close the curtain half-way allowing the few men gathered around a good look at Debbie as she stripped naked and then squeezed into the final suit. I had purposely saved this one for last as the material on top was not much larger than a postage stamp and the bottoms were literally as big as dental floss.

As Debbie once again stood in front of the mirrors, I could see the nervousness in her eyes. “Place your hands on top of your head and then turn around slowly.” As she reached up to place her hands on top of her head, the material stretched tight across her nipples straining to hold their package in, and for several seconds it appeared as if they were going to hold, but then gravity won out and both boobs suddenly popped out into view. The men immediately broke into grins while the girls began to giggle and snicker under their breath.

When Debbie looked like she was about to reach down to cover herself I barked, “keep your hands on your head and continue turning around slowly.” Blushing a deeper shade of red which had worked its way down to her shoulders, she did as ordered. I could see my wife licking her lips with a grin on her face as she enjoyed Debbie’s humiliation. I began to invite comments from the crowd as Debbie continued to slowly turn about with her breasts hanging out for all to see. The men became bolder and began to comment on her hard nipples and beautiful ass and how she appeared to have a nice clean shaven pussy.

One of the giggling girls piped up and said, “make her bend over and touch her toes.”

“Good idea,” I replied with a grin on my face. When Debbie had her back to us I instructed, “bend over and touch your toes.”

As she did, whatever hope she had of keeping her pussy covered was completely lost now. The further she went the more the material worked its way into her crack until by the time she was touching her toes, the material had worked its way completely into her slit and her pussy lips were now hanging out on either side of the material. I made her hold that humiliating position for several seconds as the crowd commented on her pussy lips and several of the girls began taunting her by calling her “skank”, “whore” and “slut”.

When I finally allowed her to stand up, her face was a deep shade of red and her breathing had quickened a little. I did not allow her to cover herself up, but instead had her place her hands back on top of her head. This way her breasts and pussy lips were now clearly on display for everyone gathered around. “So what do you guys think?” I asked the crowd. “Which bathing suit did you like best?” They all agreed they liked this one the best.

As we began to make our way back to the dressing room, Tina spoke up for the first time and remarked loudly, “you know, this crowd has been so helpful to Debbie, I think it would be really nice if she did something for them.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked with a shit eating grin on my face.

“Well, since Debbie loves putting on a show, why don’t we have her put one on for this wonderful crowd?”

“Sounds like a great idea. Go ahead.”

Tina then stepped up and took charge of the situation. Once Debbie was back in the cubicle, Tina ensured the curtain was left wide open and then instructed Debbie to take the bikini off. When Debbie stood naked in front of everyone, Tina continued “now play with yourself. Show everyone here how much you enjoyed their help.” A few shocked gasps followed by giggles could be heard in the crowd from several of the high school girls.

As Debbie began to close her eyes Tina barked, “no, keep your eyes open. I want you to watch them as they watch you pleasure yourself.” Doing as she was bid, Debbie kept her eyes open and began to scan the crowd as she slipped her right hand down to her now moist pussy and began to rub her clit. The pace of her hand soon quickened as it was readily apparent that Debbie was extremely turned on by the humiliating situation. Her other hand seemed to be acting of its own volition, and it began to caress and pinch her already hard nipples.

As her breathing quickened, Tina began to taunt Debbie. “That’s it. Cum for everyone here. Let them see what a little whore you are.” Several of the men were sporting obvious tents in their pants and were openly rubbing them as they stared at the spectacle unfolding before them.

The girls in the crowd were also beginning to get excited and were throwing their own taunts in as well. “Yeh, that’s it you fucking slut. Play with yourself. What a skank you are.”

It didn’t take long until Debbie came with a low deep moan of pleasure. Her orgasm began washing over her in waves of pleasure, rocking her body until she could stand up no more and was forced to sit back onto the small seat behind her.

“Alright, that’s enough of a show whore, get dressed,” I ordered pulling the curtain shut. When the crowd saw the curtain close, they knew the show was over and they began dispersing, heading back to whatever it was they were doing before this had all started. Turning to Tina I asked, “can you grab that last suit in a size larger? I don’t want her falling out of her suit with every movement at the pool. We’ll be kicked out for sure then.” I silently gave thanks that no store employees or perturbed customers had intervened in our little fun.

Once Debbie had dressed and collected herself somewhat, she hesitantly stepped out of the cubicle holding the three suits in hand. “Put those down, Tina has grabbed a different one for you.” Doing as she was told, she placed them on the table beside her and we then made our way to the front of the store to pay for our purchase and leave. It was already after lunch and I was anxious to get to the pool to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the company of two bikini clad women.

By the time we arrived at the public pool, the sun was high in the sky and the hot weather had enticed a large crowd of pool-goers. All demographics were represented here – from the young kids and their parents frolicking in the pool, to the high school aged kids tanning themselves to the senior citizens sitting quietly off in the corners under the trees reading their books.

Finding an open space was difficult, but after several minutes of walking, we managed to find an area large enough to set our 3 towels on the ground, that was also removed a bit from the young kids and their parents. Stripping off my shirt, I settled comfortably down on my towel and smiled up at the ladies as they gathered their swim suits and headed off to the changing room to get changed.

When the ladies returned from the bathroom wearing their bikinis, I noticed many of the men, and even some of the women, give them appreciative looks as they passed by. After they had settled down onto their towels, they began the process of applying sunscreen onto their bodies. Without any prompting from me, they took turns applying the lotion to each other, taking their time rubbing the lotion into the other’s body. I know I wasn’t the only person enjoying the show. When they were finally done with each other, they flanked either side of me and began lathering my body up with lotion. It took all of my self-control to not pop a hard-on as the women massaged the lotion into my body.

Once done we all settled down onto our towels and enjoyed the heat of the sun on our bodies. I was a little surprised when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught my wife fidgeting around. Usually she can lay in the sun for hours without moving. After studying her for several seconds, I realized that she wasn’t fidgeting, but was really trying to get a look at all of the people around us.

After scanning the crowd for several more seconds, Tina finally turned to me and whispered, “Sir, do you mind if I set up a little fun for us with Debbie?”

“Sure,” was my quick reply. I had to be honest with myself. Seeing my very submissive wife dominating another woman was an immense turn-on for me.

At that my wife quickly stood up and walked a distance away until she was standing in front of 3 young men. From their builds it was obvious that they were athletic and they looked to be anywhere in age from 16 to 20. They were likely seniors in high school or freshmen at the local college. When she had their attention, she bent down and conversed quietly with them for several minutes periodically pointing in our direction.

When she finally stood back up and began walking toward us, I saw the boys get up and head towards the bathrooms/change rooms. Tina quickly knelt beside me and whispered, “did you bring the video camera?” When I nodded my head in the affirmative she replied, “good, bring it with you then.” She then turned to Debbie who had been dozing quietly beside us, oblivious to what had just transpired and ordered, “get up whore. I have a job for you.” And with that, Tina stood and began walking towards the change rooms. Debbie scrambled to her feet and began following Tina through the crowd. With a grin, I grabbed the video camera and proceeded to follow the two ladies. When they reached the change rooms they didn’t head inside but instead walked around behind it. There was a small fence in the way which was clearly marked with a sign ‘No Trespassing’. After stepping over the fence we found ourselves behind the change rooms in a small paved alcove with a round metal garbage can mounted to the cement and a large dumpster in the corner. It was obvious this was where the garbage truck would come, once the large gated fence behind it was opened up in order to empty the dumpster. The alcove was deserted save for the 3 of us and the 3 young men Tina had been speaking with earlier.

As nervous glances were passed between the guys, Tina quickly took charge. “Thanks guys for meeting us here. As I was telling you earlier, we have a whore here who is in need of some punishment and I wanted you guys to help me out with that punishment. You guys still OK with that?” she asked.

Glancing between the two scantily clad women in bikinis, they all quickly nodded their heads yes.

“Great.” Motioning to Debbie she ordered, “go stand on front of these fine young gentlemen.” When Debbie stood before them, eyes downcast in embarrassment, face quickly reddening, Tina continued. “Whore, take your tits out of your bikini so these boys can have a good look at them.” With shaking hands, Debbie reached up and pulled back the small amount of fabric covering each breast and tucked the material under them. When she removed her hands and let them fall to her sides, her now bare breasts were on display for the 3 strangers standing before her.

Turning to look at me, Tina nudged me gently with her elbow, and motioned toward the video camera I was holding in one of my hands. I had become so enthralled in the scene unfolding before me that I had completely forgotten that I was even holding the camera. With a sheepish grin, I quickly turned on the camera and began filming Debbie’s humiliation.

Turning to the boys Tina asked, “would you like to touch them boys?” They all quickly nodded their heads in unison. “Well then go ahead. Grab those things.” As they reached out and began fondling her breasts, Tina added, “Oh, I’m going to let you in on a little secret here boys. This whore here likes it rough, so don’t worry about being gentle with them. You can pinch and twist those nipples as much as you’d like.” At that, the boys began attacking her breasts with gusto. They took turns pinching and twisting her nipples while watching her face screw up in pain.

“Don’t feel like you have to restrict yourselves to just her tits boys, go ahead and touch her everywhere.” When they looked at her in confusion Tina ordered, “whore, take off your bikini bottoms and spread your legs nice and wide so that these gentlemen here can start sticking their fingers up your cunt and ass.” Hearing my wife use such vulgar language and dominating another woman in front of these strangers was turning me on immensely. I wasn’t the only sporting a hard-on in their bathing suits.

With a face as red as I’ve ever seen it, Debbie grasped the sides of her bikini bottom and with obviously shaking hands began to roll the material down her legs until she was able to step out of it. Once she was clear of the material she let her hands fall to her sides again and slowly spread her legs wide apart as she had been instructed, giving the three strangers an unobstructed view of her cleanly shaven pussy lips. Needing no further encouragement the boys dove back in and continued their mauling of her breasts and began taking turns shoving fingers into her pussy and asshole. After several minutes Debbie’s eyes began to flutter closed and her breathing began to get ragged. It was obvious she was enjoying the humiliation as wet squishy sounds could be heard coming from her pussy as the men drove their fingers in and out of her.

Not wanting Debbie to cum yet, Tina asked the boys to stop. “As a thank you for helping us out here, this whore here would like to give each of you a blowjob.” This time they needed no further encouragement from Tina and quickly shed their trunks to stand proudly before Debbie with raging hard-ons.

“On your knees whore,” Tina ordered. When she was in place in front of the first boy, Tina walked over, and grabbing a handful of Debbie’s hair, wrenched her head up to look at her as she spoke. “Now remember whore how you’ve been taught to suck cocks. No hands and your nose had better be touching pubic hair on each thrust.” Letting go of her hair, Tina turned to the three boys and instructed, “boys, she likes it rough. So when you have your cock in her mouth I want you grab a handful of her hair and force her head down on your shafts until you’ve got the entire length buried in her mouth. I want you boys to fuck her mouth like you would a pussy. You OK with that?” she asked each of them.

When they simply nodded their heads yes, she motioned for them to begin. The boy standing in front of Debbie took a step forward and placed the tip of his cock into her waiting mouth. Remembering what he had been told to do, he grabbed a handful of hair at the back of Debbie’s head and began pumping his cock into her mouth. After several thrusts he quickly found himself bumping against the back of her throat.

“Now don’t be shy. Force your cock past that barrier. While he’s enjoying that, why don’t you guys,” motioning to the 2 other boys, “get on either side of your friend so the whore can stroke your cocks for you?” They quickly moved into position and then placed their cocks into her waiting hands. As Debbie began stroking the other cocks, the first boy took a firm grip on her hair and pushing as hard as he could, buried the entire length into her throat with one violent thrust. Debbie began gagging immediately, but didn’t pull away as her air was cut off while the boy left his cock lodged in her throat. He was obviously enjoying the gagging sensations as her throat massaged his shaft. Finally pulling out, he began pounding a steady rhythm into her mouth, bottoming out on each thrust as he had been instructed. All the while Debbie continued stroking the other 2 cocks while attempting to accommodate the monster attacking her throat.

Kneeling down beside Debbie and pinching her nipples hard, Tina informed the guys, “you see boys, this little whore here has a dirty little secret she doesn’t want you to know. She gets turned on by being humiliated, used and abused like this. Her nipples are hard as rocks and her cunt is soaking wet.” Tina’s dirty talk was having an effect on the boy with his cock lodged in Debbie’s throat, as his motions had quickened along with his breathing. “I have only one request boys. When you cum, I want you to cum all over her face.” At that, the first boy quickly pulled out and began shooting his cum all over Debbie’s face. When he had wiped the last drop of cum off on her nose, the next boy stepped in and picked up where his friend had just left off.

It didn’t take long for the second boy to achieve orgasm and he quickly added his load of cum to his friend’s ensuring every square inch of Debbie’s face was covered with the sticky stuff. The third boy practically shoved his friend out of the way in his eagerness to get his cock into her mouth. By this point, Debbie’s throat had loosened up enough that there was very little gagging anymore and he pounded away at her mouth. It still didn’t take long though until the third boy was adding his load to the first two.

Debbie’s face and hair was now covered in white cum as she continued to kneel naked before her three young attackers. Thinking it was all over, I reached up to turn off the camera, when my wife spoke up. “Tell you what guys. Since you’ve been such good sports in helping me punish this whore, I’m going to let one of you fuck her in the ass.” Turning to the second boy she said, “you have the largest cock so I think it would only be fitting if you had the honor of stretching her asshole.”

Motioning to Debbie she ordered, “stand up whore, bend over that garbage can.” When Debbie was in place the garbage can was just wide enough and tall enough to support her upper body. Her breasts hung over the edge and swung back and forth as she waited for the next order. “Now reach back whore and pull your ass cheeks apart. Now hold your ass open and beg this young gentleman to stick his cock up your ass and fuck you like the whore you are.”

Reddening further, Debbie held the cheeks of her ass open and looking over her shoulder began to beg, “please Sir, stick your cock in my ass. Fuck me like the whore I am. Hurt my ass with your cock. Please punish my ass.”

Needing no further prompting, the second boy stepped up behind Debbie and placing his now hard cock at the entrance to her ass, began to thrust in as hard as he could. From the earlier fondling, Debbie’s ass was already sufficiently loosened that it only took several thrusts before the boy was bottoming out in her asshole.

“Now grab hold of her hair and pull back hard as you pound that shithole,” Tina ordered. As the boy yanked back hard on Debbie’s hair and continued his pounding of her ass, Tina walked around in front of Debbie and continued her monologue. “Aren’t you the little whore? Look at you. You’re naked, bent over a garbage can, holding your ass open so some stranger can ram his cock up your ass. And this is all after you’ve finished gobbling their cocks like a little whore and having them plaster your face and hair with their cum.”

“Now I think you should be honest with these boys. You’re turned on being treated like this, aren’t you?” Tina asked.

Through gasps, Debbie muttered a weak “yes.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t think they heard you. Tell these boys what turns you on.”

Blushing furiously, Debbie spoke louder. “Yes. I get turned on by being humiliated and treated like a piece of trash. The rougher you treat me, and the more humiliating the situation, the more turned on I become.” Her dark confession came out of her in rush almost as if she had been dying to say it, but needed to first be coerced to admit it out loud.

As soon as she said it, Debbie began panting like a dog in heat. “Please Ma’am. May I cum?” Debbie begged as her orgasm threatened to explode.

“You may, whore,” Tina replied.

With that, Debbie let out a gasp and began thrashing around in ecstasy, as her orgasm sent powerful shocks throughout her body. To her credit, she managed to stay bent over the garbage can and continued to hold her ass cheeks apart for the boy who was still pounding away in her ass.

Turning to the other two boys, Tina saw that they were hard again and instructed, “why don’t you boys rub those cocks of yours and cum all over her body. Make sure you cover every inch of her with your cum.”

While the boys took up positions on either side of Debbie and began masturbating, I grabbed hold of Tina with my free hand (the other one was still taping Debbie’s humiliation) and pulling aside her bottoms, bent her over in front of me, and drove my throbbing erection into her soaking wet pussy with one hard thrust. A gasp and then a soft moan quickly followed that as I pounded several times into her to get my cock nice and wet. When it was sufficiently lubricated, I ordered Tina, “now slut, I want you to hold your ass open for me so that I can fuck you in the ass just like the little whore over there.” With the two of them facing each other, I buried my cock in one hard thrust into Tina’s asshole. Grabbing hold of her hair and pulling back hard, just as the other boy was doing to Debbie, I began to pound into my wife’s ass matching his rhythm and thrusts.

It wasn’t long after that the three boys were ready to cum again. The boy pounding away at her ass thrust once more in and then quickly pulled out and began shooting his second load of cum all over Debbie’s back and ass. The other two boys seemed to take their cue from that and they also began to spurt their second loads onto Debbie’s back and hair. That was all it took for me, so after one last thrust into Tina’s ass, I jerked my cock out and, running over to Debbie, added my load to her hair and back. After wiping the last strand of cum on Debbie’s breast, I finally turned the camera off and stepped back to put my trunks back on. Taking their cue from me, the boys did the same and, with mumbled thanks, quickly dashed out of there.

This left us with Debbie still bent over the garbage can holding her ass open, completely covered in cum. After Tina had fixed her own bathing suit, I ordered, “slut, take this whore into the bathroom and get her cleaned up. I think we’ve had enough fun for today at the pool.” As she helped Debbie get her bikini back on I smiled to myself, knowing that the final humiliation for Debbie was going to be her walking into the public change rooms which were sure to be packed with other women, covered in 7 loads of cum. Ah, life was good.


At the end of the month my wife gave up her lease on her apartment and moved into Debbie’s place. Now, instead of having the two of them fly down to see me every couple of weekends, I began flying up there for the weekends. While there it gave us a chance to continue exploring our new relationships and discovering just how far I could push each of their boundaries. It also allowed us to begin the house hunting process as my work had recently offered me the transfer I had been requesting.

Throughout this time, Debbie continued to affirm to us that she wanted to live with us as our complete and abject slave. Neither the wife or I had any problem with this as we were all enjoying our new situation immensely. After several weeks of looking the three of us finally settled on a house on a large treed lot in a quiet suburb. 2 weeks after Tina and I took possession of our house, Debbie’s house sale was finalized and she quickly moved her belongings in with ours.

Though we had enough combined furniture for several bedrooms, we found ourselves each evening comfortably sleeping together in the master bedroom with the king size bed. As the months progressed and we settled into our new lives together, we had the opportunity to meet some of our neighbors. Most were much older than ourselves or were focused on raising a multitude of children and didn’t really share our interests. However, we did meet one set of neighbors who were only a couple of years older than we were and did not have any children. Rob was a middle management employee in a textile company and looked like he played football when he was younger. He was still quite broad in the shoulders and stood just over 6 feet tall and looked like he still stayed in shape. Amy was a striking brunette who stood almost 5 feet 10 inches tall and had a slender build with breasts that were likely a B cup in size. Her hair was long and straight, reaching well beyond her shoulder blades.

When we socialized with Rob and Amy, we were careful not to expose our unique relationship to them as we first wanted to get to know what type of people they were before we dropped that kind of bomb on them. After several barbecues together and a few Sunday afternoon football games, we were comfortable enough with them that we finally made plans with Rob and Amy to go to a local nightclub the following Friday.

Once Friday evening had arrived, the ladies began to prepare themselves for the night out on the town. While Debbie was in the shower, I walked over to my wife, who was sitting naked in front of the vanity mirror fixing her makeup, and cupped her breasts in appreciation. Rolling her already hardening nipples between my thumb and forefinger, I slowly increased the pressure upon them until her eyelids fluttered closed and a slight gasp of breath was heard.

“I want you to dress sexily tonight. I want you looking good for the crowd.” Tina had rolled her head back onto my shoulder by this point as she continued to enjoy my ministrations.

She answered with a slight shake of her head and a quiet “mmmhhhmmm.”

“I also want you to dress our little whore up tonight. Make her outfit super slutty.” I suggested.

Looking at me in the mirror, she could see the smile playing across my face and knew that I was planning something. With a smile of her own she quickly replied, “yes Sir.”

Leaving the girls to their own devices I finished dressing and headed downstairs to watch some TV while I waited for them to be ready.

About 20 minutes later, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I quickly swiveled in my chair to see their arrival. My wife was the first one down and she was wearing a stunning red dress that was tight in all the right places accentuating her beautiful curves. A very sexy look that was not at all slutty. Moments later Debbie came down the stairs wearing a too-tight leather miniskirt which only came down several inches below her asscheeks and a white sheer blouse that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. In just the right light Debbie’s dark areolas could be clearly seen through her nearly transparent top. Debbie was already several shades of red as she fully realized just how much of herself was going to be on display tonight for anyone who cared to look.

Giving my wife an appreciative smile I remarked, “looking very nice tonight ladies. Are we ready to go?”

When both nodded yes, I grabbed my car keys and led the way to the garage where my vehicle was parked. As much as I wanted to have a little fun before we went out, it was now 8:45pm and we had agreed to meet Rob and Amy at 9pm at the club. Fortunately it was only a 10 minute drive, so we arrived with several minutes to spare.

Despite the club being only about half full upon our arrival, the dance floor was already in full swing with intoxicated groups of people dancing to the loud music. After walking around for several minutes we were able to finally secure a table in the back corner away from some of the crowd and where conversation would be a little easier.

While waiting for our drinks, Rob and Amy arrived and, after spotting us, made their way over to our table. When they were close enough to see us clearly I watched Rob and Amy’s reaction to how Debbie was dressed. Rob’s face immediately lit up in a shit-eating-grin as he took in her beautiful figure, while Amy’s face almost took on a look of disgust.

It was exactly the type of reaction I had been hoping to get. After several weekends spent socializing with them, I was left with the impression that Amy could be a bit too controlling for Rob’s taste, and that she didn’t approve of him looking at other women. A few times I had caught her giving Rob a dirty look when his gaze would linger too long on Tina’s or Debbie’s figure. While Amy was a good looking woman herself and had nothing to be worried about, she certainly didn’t appreciate the attention Debbie was drawing from the men around us and, in particular, her own husband.

As the evening wore on, I ensured there was a steady supply of drinks for all 3 of the women. I wanted to make sure all of their inhibitions would be as low as possible for later tonight. Rob and I danced sporadically throughout the evening, preferring to let the ladies do most of the dancing while we sat and watched the show. Near the end of the night, I pulled Debbie aside, and in her ear asked, “are you having fun tonight my little whore?”

With glassy eyes she looked up at me with a big smile and nodded her head yes.

“Good. When the next song comes on, I want you to grab Rob and drag him to the dance floor with you. You will then dance very sluttishly for him. At the end of the dance you will grab the bottom of your shirt and very quickly flash him your tits. You will then just keep dancing with Tina until I tell you otherwise. Is that clear?” I asked.

A very low “yes Sir” was her response.

When the next song came on, Debbie grabbed Tina’s wrist with one hand and Rob’s with the other and dragged them onto the dance floor. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Amy had just gotten up moments before to head to the bar to get some drinks and was unaware of what was happening. When she returned and noticed the table empty save for myself, she raised her eyebrows questioningly at me. I motioned with a nod of my head towards the dance floor. When she turned around to look, her mouth practically fell open in shock. There was Debbie gyrating sluttishly against Rob, grabbing her own breasts and completely oblivious to those around her. The song was just coming to a close then and, remembering my instructions to her, Debbie grabbed the bottom of her blouse and quickly flashed Rob her naked breasts.

This of course did not go unnoticed by Amy. The look of pure malevolence on her face was priceless. If looks could kill, Debbie would have been dead on the dance floor.

Sitting next to Amy I leaned over and asked, “did you just see what Debbie did?” As if I was shocked by her behavior as well. Briefly glancing at me she nodded her head yes before returning to glare at Debbie. Leaning over I continued, “wait here for a second.”

I then got up and walked towards the dance floor until I was able to get Debbie’s attention. With one hand I gestured for her to come to me. Not waiting for Debbie, I then turned around and walked back to the table sitting down next to Amy. Thankfully Rob and Tina stayed out on the dance floor and continued to dance to the next song.

When Debbie was close enough I gestured for her to stand in front of Amy and I. Knowing that something was wrong, Debbie kept her eyes downcast and waited for me to speak.

“It’s obvious that you’ve had too much to drink,” I said condescendingly. “Apparently that means you don’t know how to act appropriately around others,” I continued to scold. Her cheeks began to redden as I continued. “So you think it’s alright to show your breasts to other married men?” I asked, my voice rising in volume. “You like acting like a whore do you?”

The use of the word whore brought Amy’s head around to stare at me for a moment, not believing what she had just heard and not understanding why Debbie wasn’t responding to such a derogatory word. It wasn’t enough to mute Amy’s anger though and she quickly went back to glaring at Debbie.

We were standing in the far corner of the bar and there weren’t any other patrons around us to see what was happening so I pressed on in my most angry and disgusted voice. “You like showing your tits whore? You think its OK? Well then, why don’t you just lift up your shirt again so we can all see them?”

Debbie knew it was not a request and with only the slightest hesitation she grasped the bottom of her blouse and once again lifted it up over her naked breasts and held it there. Her face was a dark shade of red as she stood semi naked in front of our neighbor. Leaning over to a shocked Amy I advised, “I have to tell you, sometimes Debbie acts out inappropriately and needs to be punished. Don’t you whore?”

Still holding her shirt up over her breasts she meekly responded, “yes Sir.”

“Since you have offended Amy, would you like her to punish you for your behavior?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Come closer then,” I ordered. She moved forward until her legs were touching our knees. This was where my carefully laid plan could come crashing down around me. I was hoping that Amy would be both disgusted with Debbie’s submissive behavior and that she had perhaps a bit of a mean streak in her.

With a deep breath, I pushed on. “Amy, I think it would be an appropriate punishment for flashing her tits at your husband if you were to grab her nipples and give them a hard squeeze.”

“What?!” Amy exclaimed.

Before she could continue to protest I pushed on. “You see Amy, this whore doesn’t really want you to know her dark little secret. The truth is this whore gets turned on by being humiliated, used and abused. So much so, that she has given herself to Tina and I to do with as we see fit.”

Stunned silence followed as the wheels began to spin wildly in Amy’s head. “You can do anything you want to her and she won’t protest?”

With a small shake of my head, “anything.”

Turning to Debbie I ordered, “whore, ask this nice lady to punish your nipples for you.”

“P…P…Please Ma’am, will you punish my tits? Please squeeze my nipples hard. Please teach me a lesson for being bad,” she stammered quietly.

Hesitating for a few seconds I could see the gears turning in Amy’s head. Finally reaching some inner decision she tentatively reached up with both hands and grasped Debbie’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger. At first she was barely squeezing them, unsure of how much pressure was too much.

“Oh, much harder than that Amy. This whore craves the abuse. The harder you squeeze them and the more pain you cause, the more turned on this whore becomes. Isn’t that right whore?” I asked.

“Yes Sir.”

At that, Amy began to tighten her grip on Debbie’s nubs watching her face closely for the response. When no protestations came, Amy began squeezing them even harder.

Seeing that she still wasn’t sure about how much Debbie could take and was still hesitating, I urged her on. “Much harder than that Amy. Go as hard as you can. And start twisting and pulling on them as well.”

Seeming to give in to some inner argument, Amy followed my advice and began painfully twisting and pulling on Debbie’s nipples as she increased the pressure even more. Looking at Amy’s face I could see a sneer plastered across it as she looked down at the submissive whore standing in front of her. She was definitely enjoying this.

When at last Debbie cried out in pain, when the pain became too much, Amy reluctantly let go of her nipples and sat back in her chair.

“Alright. You can put your shirt down now whore.” I ordered. Turning again to Amy, “you see? The whore needs to be treated like that. She enjoyed it.” Turning back to Debbie I asked, “did you enjoy that punishment whore?”

With a small nod of her head, “yes Sir.”

“Is your pussy soaking wet from the humiliation and abuse?”

Stammering a reply, “y…y…yes Sir.”

Turning to Amy once again, “go ahead and check Amy if you want. She’s not wearing underwear. I bet you’ll find the juices running down her legs, she’s that turned on.”

With only a slight hesitation now, Amy reached forward and stuck her hand under Debbie’s short miniskirt. After several seconds of poking around, Amy withdrew her hand and stared in amazement at how wet it was. Her hand positively glistened with Debbie’s pussy juice.

Turning to Debbie I dismissed her with a wave. “Go get yourself cleaned up in the bathroom, whore.”

After she had left, I turned to Amy and said, “I really do feel bad about her behavior tonight and I would like to make this up to you. I am enjoying our friendship with you and Rob and do not want to risk losing that.” When she began to say that it wasn’t necessary, I cut her off and continued. “No, it is necessary. It’s a point of honor for me. Please let me do this for you.”

When she finally nodded her head yes, I continued, “as a sign of our friendship I’d like to give Debbie to you for the rest of this evening. We are about to head home now anyways and if you’d like I could send Debbie over once we’re home.”

Slowly coming around to the idea, she nodded her head yes. “And what can we do with her?”

With a grin, I replied, “whatever your heart desires Amy. If you want to tie her down and beat her ass and tits black and blue with a hairbrush, you can. If you’d rather let your husband abuse her throat and ass with his cock, you can. If you want to use her to lick your ass clean after having a shit, you can.” I could see the last statement shocked her. “Basically whatever you can imagine, you can do. The only condition is that there be no permanent marks on her body when you’re done. Anything else goes. Like I said before, the more you humiliate, use and abuse her, the more turned on she becomes.” After a pause I asked, “still interested?”

With no hesitation this time, she quickly responded, “hell yeah!”

With a grin, I motioned for Tina and Rob to join us as we all gathered up our belongings and headed for the door. Nothing more was said about the arrangement as we headed to our individual cars. With last goodbyes, Rob and Amy piled into their car and left for home. Turning to the girls, I noted that both Tina and Debbie were pretty drunk as they attempted to climb into the backseat of the car for our ride home.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I looked in my rear view mirror, and order Tina, “slut, get that whore out of her clothes. Leave nothing on her but her shoes.” Tina quickly complied, stripping Debbie of all her clothes until she sat completely naked in the backseat of the car. “Now slut, lift that dress up until its around your waist. Once she was naked from the waist down I continued with my instructions. “Put your back to the door slut and get your knees up and apart.” In this position she would be facing Debbie with her pussy spread wide open. “Now whore, get up on the seat on your hands and knees facing the slut’s cunt.” I again waited until she was in position before continuing. “Now head down and lick that slut’s cunt and ass. Make sure you keep your ass nice and high in the air while you eat that cunt.” In Debbie’s position, her ass was spread wide open and was almost pressed up against the passenger side window. Anyone driving by now would be afforded a beautiful view of Debbie’s nicely shaved pussy and puckered asshole.

I made sure to take the long way home, stopping at as many traffic lights as I could so that I could maximize Debbie’s humiliation. Each time a vehicle pulled up beside us, I would let Debbie know what was happening in the other car. “Oh look whore, here comes another car. And this one is filled with some teenagers. The boys are liking what they see.” And at that moment shouts and hollering could be heard coming from the car beside us. “Oh, and in the backseat are a couple of teenage girls. They’re pointing at your ass and laughing. It’s obvious they know what a dirty little whore you are.” By now the girls were also getting in on the hollering and were yelling things like ‘skank’ and ‘whore’ out the window.

As we pulled away, I joked, “maybe I should pull over and throw you out of the car. Let the kids have you. I’m sure they could think up some interesting things to do with you.” My words were having a tremendous impact on both Tina and Debbie. Both of them were panting like dogs in heat and Tina was working toward her second orgasm.

When we finally arrived home, I pulled into the driveway and stopped when I reached the garage door. Looking back I ordered, “whore, get out of the car and open the garage door.” A frightened look flitted across Debbie’s face as she realized that she was being ordered to get out of the car completely naked and stand beside the garage door while it slowly opened. If anyone were to look out their windows or happen to be walking by, they would be given an unobstructed view of Debbie in all of her naked splendor. She knew I had the remote garage door opener in the glove box, but was instead choosing to have her do it to increase her humiliation.

Hesitantly opening the door, she nervously glanced around before stepping out and hurrying over to the garage door keypad. She continued to search for prying eyes as she silently begged the garage door to open quicker. When it was finally high enough, I pulled the vehicle in and pressed the close button on the remote. Seeing the garage door start its descent, Debbie quickly stepped over the threshold, and with an audible sigh, allowed herself to relax now that she was finally away from any prying eyes.

As we stepped into the house, I turned to Tina and ordered, “slut, go get the wrist and ankle cuffs and bring them back here please.” Once she had scurried off to the bedroom to fetch the cuffs, I turned to Debbie and ordered, “put your collar on whore and then get dressed again.” I could see the look of confusion on her face as she fastened her collar in place. She knew that she was supposed to remain naked while in the house and had assumed that I was going to have some fun with her and Tina before heading to bed. If only she knew what fun I had planned for her!

When Tina returned with the cuffs, she was surprised to see Debbie standing there fully clothed. She had probably expected to find her on her knees with my cock buried in her throat, or bent over getting fucked in the ass. Instead I directed Tina, “put the cuffs on the whore, and then get undressed and get your collar on.”

When Tina was finished, I turned to Debbie and said, “whore, as payment for the offense you caused Amy, I have agreed to give you to her and Rob for the remainder of the evening.” Her eyes grew wide upon hearing that. “You will obey them as you would any order given by myself or Tina.” With menace in my voice I added, “if I find out you hesitated or did not do as you were told, then rest assured that your punishment will be harsh and extreme. Do not disappoint me here, understand?”

With a nervous nod of her head, Debbie replied, “yes Sir.”

“They should be home by now so you’d best get going.” At that, Debbie turned about and headed for the front door.

Later that evening when she returned, I ordered Debbie to tell me everything in detail about what had happened and this is what I was told occurred.

Once Debbie was outside, she once again glanced about nervously, hoping no one was out for a late night walk. Though she was now dressed, her collar and wrist and ankle cuffs were very conspicuous and certainly left little to the imagination as to their purpose. To her relief, Debbie managed to make to it to Rob and Amy’s front door without notice. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, Debbie tried to calm her rising nervousness. Reaching up, she tentatively knocked on their door. A few seconds later, the door opened and she was greeted by a grinning Amy.

With a sneer, Amy said, “well look at what we have here. If it isn’t the big slut who likes to flash her titties at my husband. I was starting to worry that you weren’t coming. And I see you came dressed for the occasion.” Noticing the pendant on the collar, Amy reached up and flipped it over so that she could read the inscription on it. With another sneer, “oh, isn’t that sweet. You even have your name on it. Whore. I like that. Is that what we should call you tonight?” she asked.

Eyes downcast, Debbie mumbled a quick, “yes Ma’am”.

“Well then, please come in whore,” Amy replied as she stepped aside to let Debbie in. “Rob doesn’t know about our little arrangement here, and since it’s his birthday this week, I thought we’d surprise him.” Turning about, Amy began walking down the hallway towards her bedroom, leaving Debbie to scurry after her filled with uncertainty and with butterflies roiling in her stomach.

“Honey, I have an early birthday present for you,” Amy called out as she entered the bedroom. With a flourish she gestured towards the doorway as Debbie hesitantly stepped into the room.

A shocked look spread across Rob’s face as he noticed who was standing in the doorway and what she was wearing. “Hon? What’s going on? Why is Debbie here and why is she dressed like that?”

Looking at her husband she replied with a mischievous smile, “honey, I want you trust me OK? Just go with it and I promise you won’t be disappointed.” Seeing him reluctantly nod his head yes, Amy continued. “It’s your birthday this week and I wanted to give you something special this year. And so my gift to you is her,” pointing to Debbie. Reaching up and grabbing the tag on Debbie’s collar, she continued, “it says her name is ‘whore’ and I have it on good authority that she wants to be treated like one.”

“What?” was Rob’s shocked response.

“Tell my husband what you are,” Amy commanded.

Eyes fixed on the floor Debbie meekly replied, “I’m a whore Sir.”

Before Rob could protest further, Amy pushed on. “You know how you’re always asking me to do things in bed that I’m not comfortable with like sucking on your cock or having anal sex? Well, with her you’ll be able to do those things. In fact, you’ll be able to do anything you want with her.”

“What do you mean?” Rob asked.

“Well, you see, Debbie was so full of remorse for flirting with you tonight at the bar and flashing her tits at you, that she has willingly given herself to us as compensation for her wrongdoing. In fact, she even confided in me that she serves Carl and Tina in much the same way.”

“She serves them?” he asked.

“Yep. In fact I think she said she was their ‘fuck toy’. Isn’t that right whore?”

“Yes Ma’am,” was her mumbled response.

“So, this means we can do whatever we want with her.” Pausing for effect, she then asked, “are you OK with this honey?”

“Well, I guess if you are, then I’m all right with it as well,” was Rob’s response.

“So, on that note,” she turned towards Debbie, “since you so enjoyed showing Rob your tits earlier this evening, why don’t you take off your shirt so he can see them in a better light?”

With shaking hands, Debbie reached up and undid the buttons on the front of her blouse before allowing it to slide from her shoulders and to the floor. Fighting the urge to cover herself, she kept her arms at her side while she allowed Rob and Tina to look at her naked breasts.

“And now the skirt whore,” Amy ordered. The manner in which she was speaking to Debbie was not lost on Rob, nor was Debbie’s willingness to follow orders. As Debbie rolled the skirt down her hips and let it drop onto the floor with her blouse, Rob was pleased to see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. A smile spread across his face as he noticed her nicely shaven pussy.

Seeing his smile Amy asked, “you like what you see? You like that the dirty little whore here never wears underwear and that she likes to shave her pussy, hmm? I bet we’re going to find that she likes a whole lot of things by the time we’re done with her,” she proclaimed. “Just think. This whore was out there dancing in that crowded little nightclub tonight without a bra or panties on.”

“Don’t just stand there whore, turn around slowly so that my husband can see the rest of you,” Amy said disgustedly. As Debbie slowly turned around revealing her shapely, yet firm ass to Rob, his smile broadened, as his mind began to turn over the possibilities. While his wife had always been great in bed, she was a bit of a prude when it came to trying new things. She never wanted to try oral or anal sex, protesting each time that he asked that it was disgusting or would hurt too much.

While Debbie continued to turn around, Amy opened her nightstand and grabbed the digital camera. “I think we should get some pictures for posterity sake.” And then she began to take photos of Debbie’s naked body, save for the collar, cuffs and heels, ensuring that she captured Debbie’s humiliated expression. “Now stop there,” she ordered when Debbie had her back to them. “Now bend over and put your elbows on your knees. Spread your feet apart. Wider. More.” She didn’t stop until Debbie’s feet were spread as far apart as she could go and still maintain her balance. In this position her pussy and ass were spread wide open, leaving nothing to the imagination. Taking more photos she continued, “Now look back at us over your shoulder whore, so we can see in the pictures whose ass and pussy they belong to.” And when she did, she snapped a few more photos capturing her further reddening cheeks.

Rob remained silent throughout this, content to let his wife control the situation. He absently began to stroke his already hard cock through his jeans.

“Alright, that’s enough. Stand up and turn around to face us,” Amy ordered. “Since you are so fond of showing everyone your tits, I think it’s only appropriate we start with those, don’t you?” she asked Debbie. Walking over to her dresser, Amy grabbed her wooden hairbrush and walked back over to stand in front of Debbie. “Hands behind your back. Now ask me to punish your tits,” Amy ordered.

“P..please punish my tits Ma’am,” she meekly replied with her hands clasped behind her back.

“well, alright. If you insist.” And with that she brought the brush down hard against Debbie’s left breast with a resounding SMACK. Debbie cried out in pain, but did not move from her position. Amy watched with pleasure as the area began to redden quickly and took the shape of the brush. Taking aim she did the same to the other breast. SMACK. Another cry of pain from Debbie.

Looking over at her husband she was pleased to see that he was completely engrossed in watching his neighbor’s breasts turn a dark red from the his wife’s sadistic punishment. So much so, that he was openly rubbing his erection through his jeans and never even noticed his wife watching him. Turning back to Debbie, Amy began bringing the brush down in a steady staccato on each breast, reveling in the power she had over this other woman. Each smack elicited a cry of pain from Debbie but, to her credit, she never pulled away or even attempted to cover herself up.

When the tops of Debbie’s breasts were a dark mottled red, Amy grabbed the nipple of Debbie’s right breast and, pinching hard, lifted up on it to expose the sensitive underside. Taking aim, she began swinging the brush in an upward stroke to ensure she covered every inch of Debbie’s breast with angry red welts.

When Amy finally finished punishing Debbie’s breasts, she stepped back to admire her handiwork. Debbie was breathing hard and her face was flushed red from the exertion. Her breasts though were a beautiful shade of red and purple with nipples as hard as rock. Looking down, Amy was pleased to see small rivulets of pussy juice on the insides of Debbie’s thighs.

“Well look at this honey. Despite the painful punishment she has just endured, her pussy is soaking wet. You can see it running down her legs,” Amy laughed. “Open your legs whore, so my husband can see.” With her arms still clasped behind her back, Debbie shuffled her feet apart so Rob could get a better look at her wet pussy. Grabbing her camera, Amy took several more photos to add to her growing collection.

“So before we go any further, I think it’s only fair that we let Rob in on your dirty little secret. Don’t you?” she asked Debbie. “Go ahead and tell him what you told me at the bar.” When Debbie looked at Amy with a confused expression she expanded, “you know. When you told me what turns you on.”

Reddening further with understanding Debbie mumbled, “I get turned on by being humiliated, used and abused.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t think Rob was able to hear you.”

A little louder this time. “I get turned on by being humiliated, used and abused.” Her blush had spread now to the tops of her shoulders.

“Hmm… So you found being made to strip in front of us pretty humiliating?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“And though having me paddle the shit out of your tits hurt like hell, you’re turned on by the abuse?”

Unable to make eye contact Debbie mumbled again, “yes Ma’am.”

“Well honey. What say you? Are you ready to explore this situation a little more?” Amy asked her husband, knowing full well what his response was going to be.

“Hell yeah!”

“Well alright then. Let’s get this whore settled in for the next round.” Grabbing hold of Debbie’s left nipple, Amy then dragged her over to the foot of the bed. Amy’s bed was a large king size four poster bed whose footboard consisted of two brass poles connecting the bottom two bed posts. The bottom pole was approximately waist height for Debbie while the upper pole was roughly a foot and half above the bottom one. Pulling down on the nipple, Amy forced Debbie between the two brass poles until she found herself standing at the foot of the bed, bent over at the waist, and jammed between the two brass poles of the footboard.

“Stay,” Amy ordered. She then walked into the bathroom and came out several seconds later with a spool of string and a pair of scissors. Measuring off and then cutting several lengths of the string, Amy stooped down and, grabbing hold of Debbie’s left ankle cuff, dragged it over towards the bed post. Once she was satisfied with its positioning, she tied the string to the loop on the cuff and then tied it off to the bed post. Walking over to the other corner, Amy did the same with Debbie’s right foot. Stepping back she studied her handiwork and liked how her splayed legs opened up Debbie’s ass and pussy.

Climbing up onto the bed, Amy grabbed hold of Debbie’s wrists and, bringing them behind her back, fastened them together and then pulled up on them until they could be fastened to the ring on the back of her collar. With Debbie’s hands and feet now secured, Amy set about her final task in preparing Debbie for what was to come. Measuring and cutting another length of string, Amy climbed back up on the bed and began to gather Debbie’s hair up into a ponytail at the back of her head. Taking the string she tied one end around the newly made ponytail and brought the other end to the upper rail of the footboard. Pulling hard on the string, she forced Debbie’s head back until her upper body was suspended above the mattress with her bruised breasts swinging freely below her. It was an awkward and painful position which forced Debbie to hold her upper body off the mattress or the full weight of it would begin pulling at the hair at the back of her head.

Grinning at her handiwork Amy grabbed the camera and snapped a few more photos of Debbie in her new humiliating position. Amy couldn’t believe how good it felt to dominate another woman. And judging by the shit-eating grin on her husband’s face, he wasn’t minding either.

“Honey, why don’t you get out of your clothes,” Amy asked. As Rob began to quickly undress, Amy did as well until they were both naked. “Now honey, you know how you’re always asking me to suck your cock? Well, here’s your chance. This whore here loves to suck cock. And I bet she also loves swallowing cum too, don’t you, you dirty little whore?” As she said this Amy reached down and grabbed one of Debbie’s nipples and gave it a hard pinch and twist.

“Ahhh….yes Ma’am,” was the gargled reply.

Gesturing to the space in front of Debbie’s head Amy directed “climb up on the bed and let’s put this whore through her paces.”

Rob climbed up on the bed and found that when he was kneeling in front of Debbie, her mouth was at the perfect height for his penis. He could see her beginning to shake from the exertion of holding her upper body up off the bed in an attempt to relieve the pressure on her hair. Taking his hard on in hand he guided it into her open mouth and began thrusting into it in short hard strokes. Reaching under with both hands he grabbed each of Debbie’s nipples and began to roll and twist them between his thumb and forefinger.

Watching her husband fucking Debbie’s mouth was turning her on immensely and she began to egg him on further. “Come on Hon. Fuck that mouth. Force your cock down her throat. You know this whore likes it rough, so you know she wants you to choke her with your cock.”

Needing no further encouragement, Rob began to force more and more of his cock into her mouth until he felt his cock bumping against the back of her throat. His thrusts were also becoming harder which forced Debbie to arch her back even more to absorb the force of each thrust. But each time he pulled back, the weight of her body would pull her forward once again pulling painfully upon her hair. It was like a see-saw of pain for Debbie where there was no relief no matter what direction Rob was thrusting.

Relaxing her throat as she’d been taught, she allowed Rob’s cock to slip past the barrier and enter her throat. The gagging began almost immediately and was made all the harder by the awkward and painful position she was in. Amy grabbed the camera and began taking photos of Debbie’s face as she gagged and coughed around the cock invading her throat. “That’s it Hon. Get that cock in the whore’s throat. See if you can bury it. That’s it. Get her lips right up to your pubic hair.” When he had the entire length buried in her throat Amy asked, “now hold it there. ” Debbie was trying to gag and breathe around the monster lodged in her throat with little success. “Look up at the camera whore. I want a good shot to show my friends what a deep-throating whore you are.”

After taking a few more humiliating photos of Debbie before allowing her husband to withdraw his cock and let her breathe again, she set the camera down, grabbed the discarded hairbrush and walked around the bed until she was standing behind Debbie. Amy could see that Debbie’s pussy was even wetter than it had been after the breasts punishment. She was amazed at how much the whore was getting off on the humiliation and abuse and how much it also excited herself dominating and punishing another woman.

Grinning to her husband who was in seventh heaven fucking Debbie’s throat, she raised the hairbrush and brought it down hard upon Debbie’s right asscheek.


Debbie’s eyes went wide and she let out what would have been a blood curdling scream if it hadn’t been for the cock lodged in her throat. Her muffled scream sent shockwaves of pleasure through Rob’s cock and he almost lost control right then and there.

“Oh my God Hon. That was fucking amazing. The sensation on my cock when she screams is unbelievable. Do it again,” he quickly asked.

“My pleasure,” was her response as she began beating a steady rhythm on both asscheeks with the hairbrush. It became a pleasurable game for Rob as he began trying different positions with his cock to see which gave him the greatest sensations. He tried putting just the tip of his cock in her mouth when the next blow landed to see what effect it would have. While her scream was certainly louder the shockwaves were greatly reduced. He began to bury more and more of his length into her mouth noting that the deeper he got, the more amazing it would feel. When he expressed this sentiment to his wife, she quickly replied, “well then let’s see what we can do to make this even better for you.”

By this point, Debbie’s ass and upper thighs were a deep shade of red with hints of blue and purple. Amy was enjoying how it looked. She also noticed that Debbie was breathing harder and her pussy was pouring juices which had thoroughly soaked the insides of her thighs. While she continued her staccato of blows on Debbie’s ass, Amy had an idea and instructed her husband, “bury your cock in her throat and hold it. I think you’re going to like this.” When he had done as instructed and the gagging commenced once more, Amy took careful aim and with an upward stroke brought the brush up hard against Debbie’s soaking pussy several times in rapid succession.

Debbie’s body went wild after that. She screamed and screamed around the cock lodged in her throat as a powerful orgasm rocked her body causing her to thrash about in pain/pleasure. Her screams were enough to push Rob over the edge as well and he kept his cock buried in her throat as he let loose torrent after torrent of cum directly into her stomach. With a final shudder, he finally released his hold on her head and withdrew his still erect cock from her mouth. With deep gasping breaths Debbie attempted to regain some of her composure.

“Man, this whore is really something else isn’t she?” Amy exclaimed to her husband. “With nothing but pain stimulus, she is still able to have an orgasm.” Rob had sat back on the bed and was attempting to catch his breath in the aftermath of his own orgasm. “I want you to stay hard Hon, because I have one more thing I want you to do,” Amy asked.

When he looked up at her with surprise she said ,”I want you to fuck this whore in the ass. Would you like to do that?”

Without any hesitation, he quickly replied, “hell yes!”

“It’s time for some pleasure for me too.” After putting the hairbrush down Amy grabbed the camera and took several more photos of Debbie’s reddened ass and pussy before moving back up onto the bed. Reaching up she untied the string from the footboard allowing Debbie’s head to finally fall forward and to rest her weight on the bed, though she still had to maintain the awkward position of her wrists attached to the back of her neck.

Opening her legs she scooted forward until her pussy was inches away from Debbie’s head. “Eat my pussy whore,” she ordered. When Debbie had begun tonguing Amy’s pussy, she directed Rob to, “now grease up that cock with her pussy juices and then shove it up her ass. And don’t be gentle about it either. You know this whore wants it rough.”

Needing no further encouragement, he drove his cock balls deep into her pussy, and after several hard strokes, pulled out and placed the tip against her puckered asshole. With a look of pure joy on his face, Rob began to work the tip of his cock into Debbie’s ass. With a grimace on her face Debbie tried to focus on pleasuring the pussy in front of her, but Rob’s cock was so big and he was pushing so hard, that she was having difficulty staying on task.


A hard slap to her face brought her back in focus, as she quickly renewed her efforts on Amy’s pussy. By this point, Rob had worked half of his length into Debbie’s ass and was grunting with the exertion required to get the rest of it in. Seeing this Amy directed, “grab the hairbrush hon. Use it on her ass to encourage her to open her asshole up for you.”

Rob grabbed the discarded brush and began smacking Debbie’s ass each time he thrust in. With this new encouragement to her already bruised and sore ass, Rob finally managed to bury the entire length of his cock into Debbie’s tight asshole. Taking a moment to savor the feeling of having his cock buried in another woman’s ass, Rob stopped beating Debbie’s ass and stood motionless for several seconds, with a look of pure bliss on his face. He had fantasized about this moment for so many years, and had actually given up hope of ever knowing what it would feel like, since his wife had repeatedly refused his requests over the years. But now, he had not only cum in another woman’s mouth but was fucking one in the ass too. It was the best birthday gift he could have ever received.

Looking up at her husband and seeing the dreamy far-off expression on his face, Amy knew she had made the right decision in accepting Carl’s gift of Debbie. She had no idea what the future would hold with that couple, but she certainly hoped it would include the continued sharing of Debbie. When her husband finally refocused on his surroundings, he noticed with a start his wife staring at him intently. With a grin he mouthed the words ‘thank you’, to which Amy mouthed back ‘I love you’.

“Now honey, I want you to fuck that ass as hard as you can. I want you to fuck it so hard, that this stupid whore won’t be able to sit down for a week. Teach her what a dirty little slut she is,” she directed.

Needing no further encouragement from her, Rob dropped the hairbrush and, grabbing Debbie’s hips, began pounding Debbie’s asshole with everything he had. Each stroke he withdrew as far as he could before hammering it home until his nutsack smacked against Debbie’s abused pussy and his cock was completely buried to the hilt. His thrusts were so powerful that the entire bed shook each time he hit home and the headboard began smacking against the wall. Debbie was mewling and crying out with pain as Rob began to increase the tempo of his thrusts. He was concentrating and working so hard that a sheen of sweat began to coat his hard body.

The sounds and sensations were beginning to have a strong impact on Amy. She had never had her pussy eaten by another woman and had certainly never been in the situation she found herself in now. Sensing her husband was building towards his second orgasm of the night, Amy refocused on Debbie and began to encourage her further. “That’s it whore. Take that big cock up your ass. You know that’s your purpose in life. You were put on this earth to serve others and to have as many cocks rammed down your throat and up your ass as possible.” Pulling her knees up to her chest Amy ordered, “now tongue my ass. Work your tongue into my asshole and fuck it. Oh God, that’s it whore. Lick my cunt and ass.” Despite her cries of pain, Debbie’s breathing had become labored and it was soon evident that she was going to have another orgasm from her rough treatment. “You see that honey? The whore likes the pain so much, that she’s going to have another orgasm,” Amy remarked. This just seemed to drive her husband even wilder and his pounding thrusts quickened until his hips were practically a blur. Debbie’s tongue was also having the desired effect on Amy and she found herself rapidly approaching an orgasm. “Don’t cum in her ass hon,” Amy directed to her husband before it was too late. “I want you to shoot your load all over this whore’s face. I think that would be a nice parting gift for this dirty slut.” With a roar, Rob picked the pace up even more. Sweat was now pouring down all over his body, as his muscles strained from the exertion.

These last words seemed to also have an effect on Debbie because with a strangled cry she began to buck and writhe on the bed as another powerful orgasm ripped through her battered and bruised body. Grabbing a handful of hair, Amy drove her pussy hard into Debbie’s face and let loose with her own orgasm covering Debbie’s face with her own cum and pussy juices.

Seeing and hearing the two women in front of him having orgasms was all Rob needed to push him over the edge as well. With another roar, Rob grabbed his cock and rushing around to the other side of the footboard, scrambled up onto the bed and, grabbing a handful of Debbie’s hair, roughly turned it until she was facing his throbbing erection. He then let loose the largest and most powerful orgasm of his life. Spurt after spurt of sticky white cum began to shoot out of his cock and cover every single inch of Debbie’s flushed face. When he had completely covered the whore’s face with cum, he began shooting streams of cum into her hair as well. After what seemed to him like hours of cumming, Rob finally shot the last load into Debbie’s hair before releasing his hold on her head and sitting back on the bed in exhaustion.

Grabbing the camera, Amy took multiple photos of Debbie’s cum covered face before climbing off the bed and walking behind Debbie to photograph her stretched and abused asshole. All in all, she felt she had a pretty good collection of photos for her and husband to remember this evening by. Bending down, she untied Debbie’s ankles from the posts of the footboard, and then instructed, “get up whore. I don’t want your filthiness dirtying my bed.”

With her arms still fastened to the back of her neck, Debbie found it extremely difficult to pull herself out from between the rails of the footboard. When she had finally managed to extricate herself and turned toward her tormentor, Amy reached up and grabbed Debbie’s nipple between thumb and forefinger and began leading her through the house towards the front door. When they stood before the front door, Amy released her hold on Debbie’s nipple, opened the door and instructed, “go home whore. Show your owners what a dirty little slut you’ve been.” With a shocked look on her face, Debbie realized that Amy wanted her to run home when she was completely naked. And not only was she naked and completely covered in cum, but her hands were still fastened behind her head causing her breasts to jut out obscenely. Seeing that Amy was not going to relent she reluctantly turned toward the open door and stepped across the threshold into the cool evening. Debbie knew it was late and was probably approaching dawn, but couldn’t be absolutely sure as she hadn’t thought to check a clock as she was being led around the house by her tender nipples.

Rest assured no Diva’s were harmed in the making of this audio – Quite the contrary ;)

This was written by SplendidSpunk as a representation of my audiodiva persona. People may respond strongly to the content as it includes blackmail and non-consent. If you dislike that type of content please do not listen, as it is not our desire to offend anyone.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (12 min/mp3)

* * * * *

“My name is Dina and this is my confession. Before I tell you who I am, that is an important part of this confession, I must tell you where I am. I am in my Master’s home and secured naked to His punishment couch. He had required me to make this aural confession and is here as I do it, He will assure that I do not stray and do not lie. I have no choice but to tell you the complete truth about me, to confess. I’ve read other stories here about sluts writing their stories at their Master’s command, but this is live audio, and so I can’t be sure how easy this will be for you to follow. Master has told me that he will use me during this recording and I may lose my place.”

I am thirty-five years old and in some ways happily married to a wonderful man. I am also a slut who finds submitting herself to Her Master an addiction I cannot and will not abandon. I used to submit to a variety of older men, yes, I find older dominant men very attractive. I did this quietly, or so I thought, never allowing this side of me to be seen in what I call my everyday life. That woman, the professional I am, is very straight laced, very prim and proper. She is always dressed conservatively in either her work clothes or when running errands or visiting friends. She or I stand five foot nine inches tall, sport a D cup chest, have brown eyes and hair. If you met me at work or a party you’d think I was aloof at first, but after getting to know me you’d find out how non-judgemental I am and start opening up to me with things you might find hard to say to others. I’ve been told that I’m good at finding answers for others but as I lay here naked under my Master’s control I realize that I’ve no answers for myself. Only the truth, I am a submissive slut and crave having my body used to serve and pleasure others.

My current and now only Master, learned of my inner slut by watching me when I thought no one was. He saw me being forced into sleezy motel rooms by older men and then listened to me beg and scream as they used and abused me for their pleasure. Master was no fool and he worked hard at trailing me, using a digital video camera to record what he could; assembling a montage of images that left no doubt about the real me. When he’d asked if this was something my husband would enjoy, or perhaps my boss, I fell to my knees and hung my head. Master is like my others but so much more. He’s older maybe the oldest man I’ve attached myself to and He is smart, smart enough to make me drop all the other men and focus all my free time on serving His needs. He’s shown me levels of my own debauchery that I myself didn’t see inside me.

(Oh my god, please Master no, no please not my ass — aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn it Sir its too bigggggggg oooooooohhhhhhhh pplllleeeaaaaseeeeeeeee)

I…. I mean….OH god my ass is full, its so hard to concentrate Master. Nooooo please

(Slap Slap Slap)

Yessss Master I can control myself, I will explain, please I’ll finish. I am trying to recall where I was, I don’t have the aaaaahhhh ability to go back and read as this is all audio and Master will not edit or replay for me. I neeeeddd tooo telll you that He has forced a large plug into my assss. Oh it feels so good but so fucking big. Sorry Master I will continue my confession. Yes Sir I’ll tell them. The slaps you hear are Master spanking me when I lose my place, as I did when he forced that plug into my ass. He says that I must learn control and that as I relate to you my confession, He will spank me, play with my tits, my pussy my ass, everything but my mouth. I am to take all this and continue, my confession and if I lose control he will punish me again. The plug in my ass vibrates and shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt itttttttt now onnnnnn damn (Slap slap slap slap ) Owwwwww

Yes Master, yes, sorry Sir.

Master uncovered my secrets and with the videos and photos he’d assembled allowed me to sever my ties to the other men and to devote myself to Him. My inner slut has developed under His training, my submissive desires have grown. Now He demands this confession while He is using me, while I am naked and exposed to His every wish, only my mouth remains free to continue to confess.

Master insisted I tell all the other men I was now devoting myself to Him and to suck each of their cocks, swallowing their cum as a final gesture of my submissive life to them. Master filmed every one of those episodes and uses that along with everything else as my chains to Him.

OHHHHHHHHH (slap slap ) Sorry Master, yes I’ll explain. Master has removed the plug from my ass and intends a larger one but promises if I cannnnn talk wwwiiiithhhhouuuutt interrruppptiioooon thattttt hhhheee”ll usssse llluuuubbbee


UGHHH, UGHHHHHH so fucking full, damn my ass is so fucking fullll. I can’t adjust to it, OH Master its so fucking wide (Slap slap slap slap ) Master this slut is so sorry, please Master have mercy on my ass. (Slap Slap Slap Slap) I’llll trrrryyyyy Siiiirrrrrr

Masterrrr haasss uused hiisss laarggeest plluugg iinn mmyy asssssss. I nneeddd jjjstttt sssomme ttiimmee to accepptttt iittt. He’s spanking meeee toooo (Slap Slap, Slap) trying…ttooo…get….mee….to … focus..on…my con….fesssion. (Slap Slap Slap) I….am…Master…

My first day…with…my true Master was one I can not forget. When I arrived at His home, He took all of my clothes on the step, exposing my naked body to whoever might be looking, then gabbing my by my hair he pulled me into his house. He took me to the kitchen and attached a serving tray to me, using a leather strap with clamps on it to secure the tray to my nipples, then after loading the tray with drinks and food he made me lift the tray with my nipples stretching them severely and led me to a room full of His friends. I was made to serve all of them, and if I used my hands to fend off a hand feeling up my cunt, the weight of the tray pulled harder on my tits. So I was helpless to defend my body and all the men grabbed and penetrated me as I served the food and drink. Later I was made to service their cocks, in my mouth, my cunt and my ass. Many of them came on me, spraying their hot cum all over me, coating my body and filling my three holes. One by one they left when their cocks were spent and left alone with my new Master, I took his cock in all of my well used and cum filled holes.

That day he let me go naked, forced me to hurry to dress on the front porch as he closed the door saying only.

“You will come to me when I call slut.”

My clothes stuck to the drying cum that coated me and my pussy and ass leaked cum as I walked back to my car. I cried in my shower realizing that my life, once so controlled and secret was now in the hands of this Master. I would go t him often after that and each time he peeled away another layer of my public persona. Today as I tell you of all of this, I admit that I will never hesitate to serve Him, to serve His friends, to serve without hesitation without question.

He made me come to him one morning after I admitted having fucked my husband the night before and extracted my husbands cum from my cunt and had my husbands DNA identified then told me he would do the same to any cum he found in me, and if it did not belong to my husband he would expose me for who I am to my parents, my bosses, my husband. In this way he controls my cunt, my ass and my life in every way and only he can allow a cock other then my husbands to fill me.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Slap Slap Slap ) Ohhhhhh yessssssss Master….I….will…..explain……..

Master…has..decided to fuck me now and His hard cock is pumping in my cunt now….I…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (slap slap slap) Yes Sir. I…am…sorry… yes oh god please Sir…;(slap Slap slap) Yes…..Master’s cock is filling me as I speak and.. I aamm trying,, to finish this story. (slap slap slap) Master, yes I am telling my confession not a story, yes Sir I, will not make that error again Sir.

I’ve been with my true Master now for two years and he has used me in everyway, he has taught me to service his friends both male and female and I’ve taken men in me and women who strap on a cock have also used my holes for their pleasure.

(Slap Slap Slap ) Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes Sir I’ll explain. Master is slapping my tits now and not my ass. The plug is still deep inside my ass as His cock fucks my pussy, I can feel my juices running down my legs and I can not cum, no I am forbidden to cum without his permission and He will not give me that until my confession is complete.

(Slap Slap Slap ) Yes Sir, I was just getting to that Sir. Master’s cock is not fat but it is very long and when he takes me from behind like He is now His hard cock pounds against my cervix, I’ve come to love that discomfort as I’ve come to need and love serving Him. When he uses my mouth He fills my throat and He has taught me to ignore the gagging reflex that I feel. Yes Sir, I am almost finished Sir.

I now spend all my time when not working or home with my husband here with Master. He only uses a whip on me when my husband is gone for days so the welts have time to dissipate before he comes home. I love the times when Master can use his whip on me and the exquisite pain that I endure for Him. When Master allows me to cum, that pain makes my orgasm so intense, so wonderful I kiss the whip and thank Master for His generosity. Yes, the prim housewife you see, the professional who cares for you, the woman who entertains you with her husband is in reality nothing more then a slut, a submissive cum slut. Dina exists somewhere inside me but a much larger part of me is Dora the submissive cum slut who never says No to her Master and whose cunt and ass have taken cock after cock at Her Master’s whim.

I confess to all of this and to the fact that I am happy to be this slut.

Yes Sir, thank you Sir. I am now allowed to tell you what Master is doing to me. He is fucking me vigorously and working the plug in my ass — oh shit it feel so fucking good, His hard cock is plowing my pussy, yessssssssssssssssssssssss I love it yesssssssssssssssssssohhhhhhh Master fuck your slut, yes Master fuck this useless slut, fill her with your cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh thank you Sir thank you, yes this slut will cum for you — ohhhhhhhhhhhhhyesssssssssssssssssssssssssss, yes yes yes oh god yes I’m cuming Sir ohhhhhhhhht thank you sirrrrrrrrrrr, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Diva Exposed was written by SplendidSpunk specifically for Audiodiva to record and I thank him kindly for it.

For first time readers of this story, BE WARNED, it’s nasty. If you can’t handle a sick twisted woman in heat, then find something more vanilla.


As they walked out the back door of the restaurant, Cathy asked Harry, “Where are we off to now?”

He guided Cathy to her car, by placing his hand on her ass and answered her, “Oh I think I’ll let it be a surprise, cunt.”

She knew that she looked like hell, so she said, “I look terrible, Harry. If you don’t want me to embarrass you, then we better stop somewhere so I can clean up a bit.”

As he shoved her into the car, he told her, “No need for that, bitch. You’re going to fit right in. Now shut up and trust me, we don’t have far to go.”

When he put the car in gear, he asked Cathy, “How many times have you cum today?”

She hadn’t had time to give it any thought, but it was several times, that was for sure. “I think maybe six or seven, certainly more than I’ve ever had before. Now that I think about it, it’s amazing. I never would have believed that any woman could have that many orgasms, and certainly not me.”

Harry smiled and, in a matter of fact tone, said, “Only a true slut could do that. Before the night is over, you’ll more than double that number.”

At first she thought he was joking, yet he had spoken it so believably that she began to fear what it would take for her to go that far. Then she worried about what kind of condition she would be in, after experiencing so many climaxes.

Cathy had been so deep in thought she didn’t realize that Harry had pulled into the back of another business. He told her to get out, and she asked, “What’s this place?”

He chuckled and told her, “Just show a little patience and you’ll see for yourself.”

They entered through a back door, which evidently was Harry’s mode of egress to several establishments in this area. As she walked down a long, dimly lit hall, she became even more fearful. At the end, he pushed through a curtain and she found herself standing in an adult toy store. Actually, that was too kind of a term for the sleazy, smelly store.

There was a smuttiness about it that turned her stomach. As she looked around, she saw all sorts of sex toys, from handcuffs to full-sized inflated dolls, with open mouths and pussys, just waiting for those who couldn’t afford a cheap hooker to use for their sexual release. Some of the shelves hadn’t been dusted since Clinton was president, and the floor was filthy. This was definitely Harry’s kind of place.

Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her to the front of the store saying, “There’s somebody you gotta meet.”

As they approached the front counter, she was aware of a few men in the store, looking over adult books, all of which had a kinky picture on the cover. Two guys were checking out the nipple clamps and whips, but they all stopped and stared at Cathy, as she was reluctantly dragged up front and presented to the clerk.

Harry started out, “Hey Jimmie, I want you to meet Cathy. She’s one of my cunts,” he said no more.

The middle aged man was short and skinny, somewhat like Harry’s two buddies, Tom and Nick. He was completely bald, his face looked like it had been stabbed a few hundred times, with an ice pick, he was missing a few teeth and part of one ear was gone. This was not the man one brought home to meet mother.

Jimmie looked her over, before saying, “Damn Harry, she looks like she’s been fucking all night. This ain’t some hooker you picked up is it?”

Harry seemed insulted by the man’s comment. “Hell no, she ain’t no prostitute. She’s just a whore who needs a lot of action. I saw your safe sign, so I thought I’d bring her by and see what kind of thrills we could dig up for the cunt.”

Jimmie looked back at Cathy and asked, “What’s that huge stain on her blouse?”

She was being talked about, as though she wasn’t there, as though she was just a thing, not a human being. She was mortified at his question, as the truth of it was even more humiliating.

Harry gazed at the front of her blouse and said, “I ain’t sure what that is, but she did spend some time alone with Wanda.” To Cathy he commanded, “OK cunt, tell us what the hell happened to your shirt.”

She was desperate to avoid revealing the vulgar fact of her performance on her knees between the oafish woman’s fat thighs. Yet she knew that Harry wasn’t about to pass up a chance for her to debase herself. She took a breath and gave the short brief version. “I was performing oral sex on her and she squirted this on me.”

Harry cast her a disgusted look. “Come on cunt, you can do better than that. Give us some details, cunt.”

Cathy looked down at the floor, and then began the explanation of everything, just as it happened. “Wanda stripped naked and sat on the toilet. After she pissed and shit, she had me crawl to her and lick beneath her hairy armpits. They were all stinky and covered with sweat. She had me clean under her saggy old tits, which had their own special flavor.” Cathy was becoming aroused, as she related the vile scene she participated in, with depraved woman.

“Then she shoved my face into her filthy crotch and told me to lick her asshole. I did and I loved it.” She was really getting worked up now. “I could taste the fresh crap on her ass, but I cleaned it up really good. She moved my head to her crotch and said for me to eat some pussy. Wanda’s cunt was as nasty as the rest of her. I licked and sucked, stuck my tongue way up into her pussy, and when she was close to cumming, I sucked on her fat clit. That’s when she unloaded a huge blast of cunt juice all over my blouse, and it was strong and musky flavored. Then I couldn’t help myself, I came too.”

By then, Jimmie had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. It seems that her more detailed story had brought forth his need for satisfaction. Harry looked at her, as though asking a question, but he didn’t say a word; he just looked back at Jimmie. She understood Harry’s intent for her.

Cathy walked around the counter and went to her knees, and then asked Jimmie, “Rather than whacking off, wouldn’t you prefer to ram that cock down my throat and fuck my face?”

He grunted and placed a hand behind her head, guiding her lips to his throbbing prick. She accepted his shaft, as it slid over her tongue and she closed her warm mouth around its girth. Jimmie moaned and began pushing in and out, as she sucked and massaged his cock with her lips. “Suck it hard, you fucking slut. This ain’t gonna take long.”

The ruthless abuse of her face was intoxicating to her and Cathy felt her pussy rapidly moisten. But before she could really get into it, Jimmie blew his fuse early, filling her mouth with a small load of cum, which she easily swallowed. He groaned and laughed at the same time, as pulled her mouth down to his balls one last thrust.

Harry yawned, as though bored and said, “Be sure to let everyone know where she’ll be.” Now what the hell did that mean, she wondered.

As Jimmie tucked his limp prick back into his trousers, he said, “OK Harry, take her to the rear and be sure to get her into booth thirteen.” She had no idea what he was talking about, but didn’t object, as Harry pulled her along toward the back of the store.

They passed through a dirty old curtain and she found herself going down a row of doors, each one numbered. As Cathy walked with Harry, she heard the sounds of porn movies and realized that this was one of those seedy places where men went to view short scenes of dirty films. Although she had never told anyone, she had been curious for a long time about these places. Well, she thought, here’s my chance.

At door number thirteen, they stopped and Harry took a key out of his pocket. That made her notice the other doors didn’t have locks on them, only this one. As he turned the key, he looked at her and said, “You’re going to love this. It’s just the right kind of new fun for you to expand your horizons.” His vulgar laugh sent a shudder down her spine, yet it also sent a tingle to her loins.

Once inside, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the dim red light in the low ceiling. As her vision improved, she saw a large screen TV, behind a Plexiglas shield. It had stains on the bottom portion and Cathy knew that men had masturbated here and left their seed flowing down the screen cover. It was the most sleazy, nasty little room she had ever seen, and she knew that she was going to get off on whatever happened to her in this wretched environment.

There was a built in bench to sit on across from the TV. He sat down and told her, “Get your clothes off, cunt. It’s show time.”

Quickly removing her filthy blouse and skirt and handing them to Harry, she stood before him nude save for her high heels. Harry began smiling, while starring at her. She had no idea what he was waiting for and was rather hoping that he would start a sex tape, so that she could see a few nasty scenes before he used her.

Harry never said a word. After two minutes, he smiled and pointed to the wall on her left. For a brief moment, she didn’t know what she was supposed to see, but then her eyes found the object of his aim. There, protruding through a hole in the wall was an erect penis. Harry stood, folded her clothes and placed them on the dirty floor in front of the hole.

“There you go, cunt. You’ve got a nice soft pad for your knees and a nice hard cock to suck.”

Cathy was aware of such places. There were called glory holes, but she had thought that they were for gays. It was a reminder of her abysmal ignorance regarding these matters, as she sunk to her knees and got her first close up of a wall with a cock growing out of it.

The owner of the deflating prick was apparently white and of average size. Through the wall he said, “Come on bitch, suck it. Quit fucking around, you damned whore.”

She extended her fingers to his shaft and massaged it back to its full length. She told him, “Just you hang on buddy, I’m going to suck every bit of cum from your balls and swallow every damn drop of it.” His vulgar, demanding command had triggered her own vile need to debase herself.

Cathy teased the head of his manhood, with her tongue, and then licked the underside of his helmet, eliciting a deep moan from the other side of the wall. He drew his prick back a little and tried to drive it into her mouth, banging the wall with his torso, as he did. She placed her lips around the head of his cock and slowly glided down the length of it, until her nose touched the wall. She swallowed a few times, which further stroked the underside of his pulsing cock.

It took only three minutes for the man to begin cursing and groaning, as he dumped a rather substantial load into her mouth. “Drink it, you dirty old whore.”

She swallowed every bit of it and after she let his limp prick slide from her lips she told him, “I’m a dirty whore, but I’m not old.”

Harry loudly said, “NEXT!” He pointed to the opposite wall, where another male shaft came through a larger hole, allowing his cock and balls to be available for her services.

This guy’s dick was a bit larger and much thicker. She quickly shifted to that wall, taking her folded clothes with her and placing them on the dirty tile floor. They didn’t provide much comfort, but were just soft enough to kneel on; and that’s all she needed to let her focus on the nasty pleasure of strange cocks shooting off in her mouth.

She started out by licking his balls and was pleasantly rewarded with the taste of musky sweat. The guy wasn’t a talker, which disappointed her. She enjoyed the derisive insults that were hurled at her, as she gave her mouth to dirty men. Cathy realized that she was submitting her lips, tongue and throat, not to him, but to her own vulgar lust. In a way, she was using him just as much as he was using her.

When the man’s scrotum was pristine, she moved to the base of his shaft and began the cleansing process, slowly working her way up to the top of his long prick. Once she reached the head, she saw the tell tale signs of his pre-cum and hungrily licked it off, and then drove her mouth down the length of his cock, The man’s loud moan, wasn’t as good as him calling her a whore, but it was acceptable praise for her rapidly growing talent at sucking cock.

His moans came more quickly, as she slid her sucking lips up and down his hard prick. She knew he was close, so she fondled his sensitive testicles and gave them a little squeeze when he began to cum. She was rewarded with a rather large burst of slimy goo, some of which she could not contain, as it ran down her chin and onto her breasts.

The vile scene from this play, in which Cathy acted the filthy slut on her knees, was a powerful image in her mind. So, it was with a slight brush of her fingers upon her throbbing clit that she exploded through another mind bending orgasm. As her climax concluded, she used her other hand to smear the remains of the man’s cum around on her face. She felt so completely vile and dirty. She reveled in the sheer depravity of her act.

When she looked at Harry, he merely pointed back to the other wall and said, “Suck.” Another erect penis was looking at her, with the one big eye already leaking man juice from the tip of its angry head.

She didn’t think to bring her clothes to pad her knees this time. She crawled on all fours, like a bitch in heat, anxious to give her services to the next dog with a stiff cock.

With her fist wrapped around this one, she began to slobber all around the head of it, taking pleasure in the loud, lewd sounds she made in the process. “Oh you hot fucking slut. Don’t tease me, you nasty bitch, just suck and swallow.”

She was glad to accommodate him, driving her mouth down the length of his cock, until she hit the wall, and then gagging herself, as his manhood stroked her tonsils. She did this several times and she knew from his filthy epithets that he was close. The man loosed a loud cry and delivered forth a deluge of filthy cum. She pulled away, after the first burst of jizz filled her sucking maw, allowing the rest of his seed to expend itself on her face. Cathy had risen to a level of lustful decadence which she had never experienced. She luxuriated in the beautiful vileness of her act and shuddered with renewed pleasure, as the stranger’s cum dripped from her face and decorated her breasts.

She looked at Harry and he softly told her, “Now my sweet little piece of shit, you’re really beginning to understand the power of your own sick lust. Enjoy yourself for a while. I have to have a chat with Jimmie.”

As he left, she heard him lock the door. That frightened her, but only for a brief moment. Cathy realized that she was safer with it securely locked. She turned to the opposite wall and saw another hard penis waiting for her. This one was very large and very black. Her stomach knotted and growled with the knowledge that her first black cock was about to invade her mouth and gag her with its enormous length. She attacked it with gusto. She came hard way before he did, but he didn’t care, as long as she got him off.

Cathy lost all track of time and space. She went back and forth, from one wall to the other, sucking and endless supply of cocks. She had no idea how many men had used her mouth. Just that phrase, in her mind, caused her pussy to quiver. She also didn’t know how many times she had cum tonight. If she counted her house, the restaurant and here, it must be near a dozen. She wondered if that was some kind of world record.

It took her a few minutes to realize that there were no more wonderful cocks for her to suck. The walls were empty and she felt disappointment at the thought that she could actually have enjoyed a few extra blasts of protein rich liquid from nasty, horny men.

The key in the door lock drew her attention. Harry walked in and told her, “Pick up your clothes and follow me, but don’t wipe off your face or tits.”

Cathy hadn’t even thought of what she must look like, with perhaps dozens of men’s creamy fluid drenching her body, she had to look like a real sicko slut. She closed her eyes and tried to envision what others might see and was sorely tempted to diddle her clit one more time, as her mind responded to the mental image with another surge of passion. But she managed to keep her hands off of her pussy, as Harry seemed to be in a hurry. So she grabbed her filthy clothes and followed him out of her new favorite room.

They went to the end of the dark passageway and through an unmarked door. Cathy found herself standing before eight men in various stages of undress. Some had their pants down to their ankles, some had removed their pants and a few just had their dicks poking out through their zippers. All of them were fondling their cocks.

Harry smacked her hard on the ass and ordered her to, “Get on your knees, slut. It’s still feeding time at the zoo.”

Cathy knew what was expected of her. Indeed, she thrilled at the prospect of seeing the whole body of the man she was sucking. And performing before a group of men who were waiting to plunge their cocks past her sore lips raised her lust back to the high level it had been just a short time ago. She hoped that she would be fucked as well; preferably at the same time she was giving a blow job. It had been a secret desire of hers for a long time.

Cathy didn’t disappoint them and neither was she disappointed. The nearest man grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his crotch saying, “Come on, you fucking whore, eat cock.” He didn’t wait for a response from her; he slapped her hard, causing her to yelp. When she did, he thrust his stiff prick into her mouth and didn’t stop pushing it into her mouth, until it hit the back of her throat.

It was a bit more brutal than she was ready for, but she knew that in a few brief moments she would love it. To her delight, another guy knelt behind her and began smacking her ass. She knew then that he intended to plow her sopping wet pussy and she wiggled her butt, as best she could, to entice him to use her hungry hole. Without warning, he plunged his cock into her. He marveled at the fact that his prick went completely in, telling the others, “Hey fellas, this bitch is so fucking turned on that my dick didn’t feel no resistance at all. What a nasty slut.”

Cathy wanted to thank him for the compliment, but with a stiff cock plundering her sucking maw it was out of the question. The man in her pussy wouldn’t cum for a minute or so, but she had no control of her body now. She came hard as she reveled in the totally obscene picture she must have made for the others. Over and over, she thought to herself, ‘I’m a slut, I’m a slut, I’m a slut.’

The men used her aching throat and pussy, dumping load upon load into her mouth and cunt. She was vaguely aware that some men, having used her once already, were jerking off and shooting their reduced loads on her back and in her hair, although much of it landed on the filthy floor.

Cathy came…oh yes, she came…several more times. She had a fleeting wonder if she could qualify for the Guinness Book of Records. Her depravity had reached such a level that it washed all decency from her being. She knew that she could never go back to being the insipid little wall flower that she had been for her entire life. A new Cathy was born in this room and she was a filthy cock loving piece of shit whore. Furthermore, she didn’t want to go back; not after the extreme pleasures she had discovered this evening.

The endless line of cocks had reached an end; yet Cathy, on all fours, swayed back and forth in a trance like state, expecting more penises to ravage her mouth and cunt. Finally Harry’s voice brought her back. “You stupid fucking whore, you wasted some of the guys jizz. Now put your face down to the floor and lick it all up, while I fuck your ass.”

“Please, Flora,” implored the handsome young man. “Just one little kiss.”

“Really, James, you should try and control yourself.”

“I’m only asking for a kiss.”

Flora’s eyes twinkled. “On the cheek?”

“Well……” The hapless young man suddenly frowned. “Dammit, Flora, I do believe you’re laughing at me.”

“Why not? When you look at me like that you remind me of a hungry puppy begging for his dinner.”

James Metcalfe drew himself up to his full height of five foot seven. “If you will excuse me, Miss Phipps, I believe it is time for me to take my leave.”

He gave a quick, short bow and strode out of the room, followed by the sound of Flora’s laughter. It would be some time before the anger generated by his humiliation would abate; some time before he could compose himself sufficiently to smile at another pretty girl – an hour, at least.

As for Miss Flora Phipps, she was feeling very pleased with herself for obtaining another conquest. A little under medium height with gold brown hair, violet blue eyes, rose cheeks and lips, her teeth were as white as pearls and her figure trim and well-proportioned. She was lively and full of confidence, envisioning her future as an endless waltz with the most handsome and charming man in the world. She hadn’t met him yet – James Metcalfe falling well below on both counts – but she was certain the day would come. The heroines in the novels that she read so avidly always found their ideal partner and Flora had no doubt that she would share their fate.

At the moment she was located, with her parents, in a suite of rooms at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, the biggest and best in New York. They were visiting for a couple of months from their Chicago home. Mr Phipps was a self-made man. He had arrived in America in 1845 with only a smattering of learning, no money, but a sharp sense. He obtained a post as a porter in a provision store and worked his way up from clerk to head clerk, to partner to boss.

The Civil War brought death to thousands and fortunes to a few. Cornelius Phipps was one of the few. His firm secured a government contract, for which they paid dearly, and for which they made the government pay even more. The army of the North was provided with pork which was bought for a song and sold at an average profit of 300 per cent.

The result was a life of ease and luxury for Mr and Mrs Phipps and their daughter, Flora. All three were thoroughly enjoying their holiday in the great city, taking every opportunity to see the sights, visit museums and attend the theatre. A particular highlight was an excursion on a boat taking them along the entire length of the East River front, with Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Long Island on the opposite shore. It also passed the islands of Blackwell, Randall and Ward. The view of New York and Brooklyn from the water was magnificent.

On this bright, sunny spring afternoon she was full of joy and confidence, in the knowledge that she was mistress of her destiny. She burst into her mother’s bedroom.

“Mama, isn’t it an absolutely wonderful, splendid, marvellous day!”

There was a low groan from the bed where Mrs Phipps was laid out, a black mask covering her eyes; this, despite the fact that heavy curtains were drawn across the windows.

“Please, Flora, don’t shout. It’s unladylike.”

“The carriage will be here in ten minutes, Mama.”

“Ooooooh!” A long sigh emanated from that good lady. “I don’t feel like going out today, Flora. I’m absolutely exhausted with all the gallivanting around.”

“But Mama, it’s a beautiful day,” Flora protested. “I want to go for a drive in the park.” She pouted her lips like a spoiled little girl, for indeed, that’s what she was in many ways.

With another long sigh, Mrs Phipps slowly pulled herself up into a sitting position and removed the black shade from her eyes. She was now revealed as being barely twice as old as her daughter and showed no signs of losing her good looks. Like Flora, Mrs Phipps had been considered by all the eligible men – and some not so eligible too – as a very good catch.

She looked into a mirror and pulled a face. “Ugh! I look as bad as I feel.”

“The fresh air will do you good,” said Flora brightly. “Come on.”

“Give me time to make myself presentable.”

“Five minutes, that’s all.” Flora headed for the door.

“Five minutes!” exclaimed her mother. “It can’t be done.”

“Mama – ” the young girl poked her head back into the room. ” – you can do it.”

With that, she was gone.

“Oh, why couldn’t I have had a sympathetic son who’d leave me in peace?” With a sigh, Mrs Phipps rose from the bed and began to dress herself.

The daily parade of fashionable carriages through Central Park was in full swing by the time Flora and her mother arrived. Everybody knew everybody else, so there were constant acknowledgements and, sometimes, a pair of carriages would be stopped whilst their occupants exchanged gossip and information. However, their carriage proceeded serenely along, totally unhindered; they were strangers to the city and its fashionable society.

“There’s dear Charles,” said Mrs Phipps, a slight turn of her head being the only indication that she was drawing her daughter’s attention to a smartly dressed man sitting astride a horse.

“Goodness, Mama, don’t smile at him. He’ll come across to us.”

“Why shouldn’t he? I find him most pleasant.”

Flora pulled a face. “Pleasant! He’s dull and pompous.”

Charles Dunne was fifteen years older than Flora, but behaved as if he had the addition of another twenty. His father was something in Wall Street – exactly what was never made quite clear – and Charles had followed him into the business. They were the only people in New York known to Mr and Mrs Phipps, Charles’ sister having married a friend in Chicago.

“He’s a very good catch,” Mrs Phipps continued. “Wealthy, quite handsome and polite.”

“Polite!” Flora exploded. “Do you mean he doesn’t curse all the time?”

“Of course not. I mean he knows how to treat a lady. I think he has quite a fancy for you, my dear. You should encourage him. Your father would consider that a very good match.”

“In that case, Papa can marry him.”

Flora sat back in a sulk, trying to make herself invisible as Charles Dunne rode alongside the carriage.

“Good afternoon, ladies.” He tipped his hat. “A beautiful day.”

“A blinding day,” said Mrs Phipps, wearily. “The sun is too bright.”

Charles smiled. “Having a holiday can be rather exhausting. But I trust you’re enjoying your visit to New York.”


“Perhaps I can increase that enjoyment. There is a ball at the Stewart house tomorrow and I am at liberty to issue an invitation to you all.”

“A ball!” Flora excitedly raised herself from her slumped position.

“Perhaps I might have the pleasure of a dance with you?”

“Well, Mr Dunne, I will have to see if I can find room on my card.” Flora smiled sweetly.

“I see.” Charles looked more than a little offended.

“That’s extremely rude, Flora,” Mrs Phipps reprimanded her daughter. “You will apologise at once.”

“I’m sorry,” Flora ungraciously mumbled.

“Accepted. Maybe you’re expecting to be surrounded by eligible young men. No doubt you will be. Perhaps, Mrs Phipps, you would do me the honor?”

“Why, of course,” replied the mother in some surprise.

“I look forward to it. I shall bring a carriage for you at eight o’clock tomorrow night. Good day, Mrs Phipps — Miss Phipps.”

Charles raised his hat and rode away.

“How could you, Flora? I thought I’d brought you up to be more polite than that. You’re a grave disappointment.”

“Oh Mama!” Flora flung herself into her mother’s arms. “I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. It just came out. I find Charles so pompous. He never seems to smile. But I’ll be good. I’ll dance with him — at least once.”

Further along Fifth Avenue from the hotel there was a large house designed and decorated exclusively for the use of persons giving balls, suppers or receptions. It was so large that several events could be held at the same time without any inconvenience to the different parties. Everything was provided by the proprietor down to the most minute detail, and though the service was very expensive, most of fashionable New York thought the outlay well worthwhile.

Naturally, both the female members of the Phipps family required to buy new ball gowns for the occasion and a new string of pearls also became a necessity. With each bill presented to him, Papa went a little more red in the face, but not a word of protest did he utter.

Mr Phipps was well aware that to be fashionable took a lot of money and he had that in abundance. He regretted not one cent spent on maintaining his position; after all, had he not come up from nothing? Did he not have a beautiful wife and daughter who needed and deserved to be shown off to their best advantage? Was it not his duty to make them happy?

The answer to all those questions, in the mind of Mr Phipps, was an unequivocal ‘yes’; therefore, he was only too pleased to pay their bills.

The large room was filled with the sound of chatter and the music of an orchestra playing in a far corner. Mr and Mrs Phipps, with their daughter, arrived at the top of a grand staircase leading up from the entrance hall to the ballroom. They were greeted with a smile and a few words of welcome from a haughty couple who, according to Charles, were giving this little ball for their son’s birthday.

“Little!” Mr Phipps exclaimed. “There are hundreds of people here.”

Charles nodded. “I believe fifteen hundred is the figure.”

“Good heavens! It must cost a fortune.”

“Ten to twelve thousand dollars.”

Mr Phipps gasped. He considered himself to be a wealthy man, but he most certainly couldn’t afford to spend that amount on an evening’s entertainment.

“My goodness.” Mrs Phipps looked around at the glitter of the room and finery adorning the women. “I feel quite shabby.”

“Nonsense, my dear,” her husband assured her. “You’re absolutely splendid.”

“I agree,” said Charles. “Both you and Miss Phipps look enchanting and the equal of any woman here. Shall we proceed?”

There were chairs ranged along the walls, allowing plenty of space for the dancing. They were tied together in pairs, denoting that ‘The German’ was to be danced later in the evening. There was very little dancing, however, before midnight. The members of New York society mingled and chatted, their voices almost drowning the orchestra.

Charles introduced his guests to several people who barely acknowledged them. They were not New Yorkers, but came from the sticks; hardly worth bothering about.

“I find everybody rather snooty,” Mr Phipps complained.

Flora was disappointed. After the initial excitement of arriving, no one did anything but stand around and talk. As she knew nobody and was totally ignored, the image of a fish out of water came to mind. It was most unfair. Wasn’t she their equal? Wasn’t she beautifully dressed? Didn’t she have charm and grace? She almost wished they hadn’t come.

Then, suddenly, he was there. A tall, fair-haired, slim young man of perhaps twenty-six or seven, stood before them.

“Good evening, Mr Dunne.”

“Oh — yes, good evening. Erm….may I present my guests. Mr Ambrose Phipps from Chicago, his wife, Matilda and their daughter Flora.” There was a noticeable chill in his voice.

The young man bowed. “Count Henry Dunois.”

“Count?” gasped Mrs Phipps.

“Oui, madame.” He gracefully picked up her hand and kissed it. “From Paris.”

“Oh. Pleased to meet you.” She did her best to suppress the little school-girl giggle in her voice.

“Mam’selle.” He kissed Flora’s hand, lingeringly, almost caressing it with his lips, whilst his eyes gazed into hers. “I shall have the honor of a dance — oui? Perhaps the fourth.”

“Of course,” said Flora, thinking he could have every other dance as well.

It was only one dance, but from that moment Flora was smitten.

Charles Dunne disliked the French count. He also distrusted him and was very sceptical about his claim to a distinguished background and being heir to a fortune. After the ball, where he was completely ignored by Flora, he was also filled with resentment and jealousy.

Charles viewed the young woman as an ideal wife who would look good on his arm and give him two or three children. He was not overly fond of children, but the line had to be continued and, anyway, between his wife and a nanny, he would have little contact with them. He had it all planned out. He had even patiently waited for Flora to become old enough. But now…, his plans were in tatters.

Hiring a little ferret of a man who proclaimed himself to be a detective – ‘ALL ENQUIRIES DILIGENTLY PURSUED. TRACING AND RECOVERING STOLEN PROPERTY A SPECIALITY’ – was a demeaning experience for a pillar of society, but Charles was determined to unmask the count as a fraud.

“Find out everything you can,” he instructed the detective.

“Do you want him followed?”


“It’ll cost you.”


“Ten dollars a day, plus expenses.”

“I’m not going to quibble about the money, man. Just get the job done.”

And so it was that every movement of the noble French count was noted in a little black notebook, whilst at the same time his noble pedigree was being investigated. Thick tomes in the New York public library detailing the French nobility proved to be particularly useful.

“He’s a fraud,” declared the detective a week after beginning his surveillance. The details are in my report.” He handed over an envelope. “Do you want me to continue watching him?”


“He’s seeing a lot of a young lady,” he referred to his notes. “Miss Flora Phipps. Staying at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Carriage rides in the park, dinners, balls, lunch at Delmonico’s, that sort of thing. But always in the company of one or both of her parents. He’s also a frequent visitor to a house of assignation.”

Charles’ lips curved in a half-smile. “Is he indeed; interesting.”

“I’ve made some discreet enquiries and the lady in question seems to be married to a legal man.”

“Good. Thank you.”

After the detective had gone Charles opened the envelope and began to study the contents of the report. It confirmed everything he had suspected. Give the impostor a little more rope to hang himself and then Charles would take great delight in exposing him.

It was rumoured that the count was heir to a property worth millions of francs and he was considered to be a good catch. It was also rumoured that he was a dab hand at borrowing, and that he was remarkably unlucky at cards and at the races.

Flora and her parents however, were ignorant of such gossip. From the moment she saw him she knew what it was to be in love. All her waking thoughts were centred on the count, and many of her dreams too. There was no other man in the world. The Frenchman seemed to be similarly struck, much to the satisfaction of Mr and Mrs Phipps. Hardly three weeks had passed when the subject of marriage was mentioned.

“A most suitable match,” said Mr Phipps.

“Do you think they’ll live in France?” asked his wife.

“I believe that’s Henri’s intention. He has a large estate not far from Paris. We’ll be able to visit once a year.”

“At least once a year,” said Mrs Phipps firmly.

It was a beautiful spring evening, with only one cloud on the horizon; in two days, Flora and her parents were returning to Chicago. She tried not to dwell upon the end of her holiday and think only of the future. Henri had proposed and been accepted by all three members of the Phipps family.

On this pleasant evening, they were all taking a stroll on the Ramble, a labyrinth of wooded walks with small bridges over brooks, wild flowers and vines. Everything was so simply and naturally arranged it was hard to believe it wasn’t the work of nature. Henri and Flora were walking a little distance ahead of her parents.

“It is a bore,” said Henri, sufficiently loud for Flora to hear, but low enough to defeat eavesdroppers.

“Walking with me?” she queried, a little pout appearing on her mouth.

“No. Always being observed. Your mama and papa are always watching.”

“Yes, you’re right. It is a bore.”

“What can we do about it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Sneak out after everyone is in bed.”

“I can’t. There’s a man guarding every door.”

“That can be no difficulty. A little sum of money changes hands and – voila!”


Henri smiled. “The guard looks the other way.”

“Oo, yes!” Flora felt a flutter in her breast at the very thought of an adventure. “Where would we go?”

“Leave that to me. You will see New York at night. The excitement, the crowds, the noise. You should see Broadway.”

“But I’ve seen it.”

“But not at night, I wager. You have not strolled the streets at night. Daytime is different. At night Broadway really comes alive. I shall take you.”

“When?” Flora eagerly asked as the music was coming to an end.

“Tomorrow. Your last night in New York. Eleven o’clock.”

“Eleven!” gasped Flora, scarcely able to believe that she would leave the hotel at that time by herself. No, not by herself. Henri would be there to escort her. She would be perfectly safe. “Yes, yes! They’ll want to have an early night because we’re travelling the next morning.”

“Then it is arranged.”


Later, in the hotel, when bidding goodnight to them all, Henri first kissed the hand of Mama, and then Flora. “Tomorrow,” he murmured.

The detective had placed himself in a position to watch, unobserved, as his quarry approached a private entrance on Broadway of the Fifth Avenue Hotel. He witnessed the surreptitious handing over of money to the guardian of the door and then, a few moments later, the emergence of a cloaked female figure on the arm of the count. The ferret made a note of the time in his book; two minutes past eleven.

Broadway was always constantly thronged with a dense and rapidly moving mass of pedestrians, carriages, wagons, carts and omnibuses. As the day wore on, so did the pace ease a little. The promenaders were out to gaze at the rich, beautiful and tempting displays in the windows of the Broadway stores. The side-walks were always crowded, even in the summer. The bustle and uproar were so great it was generally impossible to converse in an ordinary tone. From early morn till after midnight the throng poured on.

At night the scene was different. Only carriages and omnibuses were on the street; strains of music and bursts of applause were to be heard coming from the places of amusement. Restaurants and cafes were ablaze with light. As Flora and Henri walked along, the theatre audiences were beginning to swell the crowd. She tightly clutched her escort’s arm, hardly able to believe she was in the midst of all these wonders with a young man and not her parents.

“Thank you, Henri.”

He looked at Flora. “For what, ma cherie?”

“Bringing me here. It’s so thrilling.”

“It is my delight. But I would like to do so much more.”


“I feel so….how you say? Frustrated.”

“Frustrated?” Flora queried.

“I am annoyed because I cannot show you how much is my love for you. Frustrated. That is the right word – yes?

“Yes, but you do show me how much you love me.”

Henri shook his head. “No, no, no! I make play and push away my real desires. Always with people. Your mama and papa are like hawks circling and watching. In Paris this would not happen.”


“In Paris I would be able to take you anywhere – to the theatre, to the park, or a restaurant or on a boat. Wherever we wish to go. By ourselves. No one to shake a head or tut-tut because I whisper in your ear or put my arm around and hold you close. We could even kiss.”

“In the street?”

“If we wished. But here…..everybody is so tight, so….so forbidding.”

Flora laughed. “I’ve never thought of my parents as forbidding.”

“You are desirable, ma cherie. I want to kiss those cherry lips.”

“Oh yes,” Flora sighed, trying to imagine what it would be like. Her very first kiss – well – that kind of kiss.

“I want to show you the depths of my love. This I could do in Paris. But here…..” he shrugged.

“Oh, I wish you could. How nice it would be if we were in Paris.”

“One day I shall take you there.”

“I can’t wait.”

“But I am afraid you will have to. We have to be married before I can carry you away to begin our life together. But here – now – we can take the first step.”

“First step?”

“I want to make you feel my love for you. This I cannot do on the street or beneath the gaze of other people. I want you alone. In my arms. With my lips on yours.”

“That would be nice.”

“Then take that first step. We are to be married. We make love tonight…..”

“Tonight?” Flora was wide-eyed.

“….or next week or next month after the wedding vows. What difference? If you truly love me, you would not keep me in this hell.”

“I do love you!” cried Flora.

They were approaching a street corner and he gently propelled her off Broadway onto a narrower and quieter street. There were a few small shops which were soon replaced by houses on both sides.

“Where are we going?” Flora enquired.

“To a house belonging to a friend. She will not spy on us and keep us from each other.”


“Mrs Petrie. I became acquainted with her soon after coming to New York. You have no need to fear. She is perfectly respectable, but knows when to be discreet.”

Flora stopped walking. “I….I don’t know, Henri. I don’t think we should be alone.”

“There are other people in the house. Good people. They would not let harm come to you. And I will be with you.”

He carefully pulled the hood of her cloak down, tipped back her head and kissed her. It was a long kiss. An elderly couple walking on the other side of the street looked at the lovers with disapproval. Also on the other side of the street was the ferret, who made a note in his book.

After the kiss, which she had never before experienced, Flora felt weak-kneed. She clung to Henri as he resumed their walk. They passed a few more houses, then he took her up a short flight of steps to a front door. He rang the bell. It was opened after only a few moments and a tubby, pleasant-faced woman of middling years greeted them.

“Good evening.”

Henri nodded. “Mrs Petrie.”

“Nice to see you again.” She looked at Flora and smiled. “Good evening, miss.”

“Hello,” Flora nervously replied.

There were butterflies in her stomach. It wasn’t too late. She could turn and go. Henri would understand. On the other hand, she desperately wanted to feel him loving her. Of course, nobody had ever explained what happened when a man made love to a woman, but she had read books. She clearly remembered the words of Mr Rochester to Jane Eyre.

“Come to me – come to me entirely now,” said he; and added, in his deepest tone, speaking in my ear as his cheek was laid on mine, “Make my happiness – I will make yours.”

Yes, yes. She would go to Henri entirely and make his happiness.

“The room is ready,” Mrs Petrie murmured.

“Merci. Come, my love.”

“Come to me – come to me entirely now.”

The words went round in Flora’s head as she followed him to an upstairs room. It was pleasantly furnished in light colours. The most prominent feature was a double-bed with the covers turned down. She shivered in apprehension. The door closed behind them and they were alone.

Henri gathered Flora into his arms, holding her in a firm embrace. She felt his lips lightly brush her ear, followed by her left cheek, her forehead, right ear, right cheek and finally her lips, where the kiss was more forceful and prolonged. She gasped as he released her and felt her body flushed with heat.

“You know how a man makes love to a woman – yes?”

Flora shook her head. “No,” she whispered.

“Mon dieu! Your mama and papa have not told you?”


“Have you seen a man without clothes?”

Flora was shocked. “Of course not.”

“A picture perhaps? Or a statue?”

“I’ve never really noticed.”

“All right.” Henri took off his coat and began to unfasten his trousers. “I will show you.”

Flora stood open-eyed as her future husband – she kept reminding herself that she was in this highly compromising situation with her future husband – took off his trousers. He then removed his underwear.


Protruding from his lower region was a long stick-like thing and Flora gazed in fascination as he slowly ran his fingers along its length.

“It is hard. That shows how great is my love for you. You do not have this.” Flora shook her head unable to find a voice to speak. “But what you have is made to take this inside. I will show you if you want.”

Did she want? Flora was uncertain and not a little afraid. What did he mean by ‘taking that stick’ inside her? How? He would show her; if she wanted.

“Yes.” It was hardly more than a whisper.

“You will have to remove your clothes.”

“All…..all of them?”

“It is best. I too will disrobe. Our two naked bodies together will make a love such as you cannot imagine. Come. We start.”

He began shedding his remaining clothes. Flora slowly and hesitantly followed suit. “Come to me. Come entirely to me now.”

Rochester’s words went round and round in her mind. She envisioned Jane Eyre standing in front of him revealing herself to the man she loved, just as Flora was doing now. It took a while, but eventually she was naked, eyes downcast and feeling the need to cover herself with her hands. But where? There were more parts to conceal than hands to do it. She settled for lightly clasping her hands in front of her lower private parts with her arms across her breasts.

He came to her, bent down, eased her arms away, and began to kiss her breasts. Her little buds hardened as his tongue caressed them. She was aware of the stick pressing against her stomach and could feel its hardness. By now her limbs were trembling, but she had no idea whether it was with excitement or fear. One thing was certain; her legs would no longer support her. She collapsed onto the bed.

Henri pulled her legs apart and applied his attentions to the delicate heated area between them. Flora began to squirm and softly moan. Waves of pleasure washed through her as he licked and kissed her. Suddenly he got up.

“Lie fully on the bed. With your legs open.”

He went over to a washstand as she complied and picked up a towel, which he brought across. “I will place this beneath you.”


“This is your first time. Sometimes there is bleeding on the first time.”

Flora sat up, fright etched on her face. “Bleeding?”

“It is not to worry you. There is nothing bad or unusual about it. Perfectly normal. After this it will not happen. Lie back.”

Filled with apprehension she did as he said. She was aware of his finger lightly rubbing her most secret part. It was a delightful sensation. She wondered if Henri was deriving as much pleasure, or was he doing this just for her sake. Oooooh, she felt…….

Her eyes opened wide and she gasped as the stick went into her. There was a momentary stab of pain which made her wince, but then it was gone and the only sensation she had was excitement. He moved in and out in a steady rhythm.

“Aaaah!” Flora writhed. “Ooooooh!”

The heat was growing where she was being penetrated and she could feel the stick hardening even more and stretching into her. Suddenly there was a burst of heat and a loud gasp from Henri. For a moment he was still and rigid. She felt something flood into her and then he relaxed, slowly sinking down on top of her.

They lay still for a minute or two, breathing heavily. He once more kissed her nipples and circled his tongue round her breasts. She was overwhelmed with a feeling of contentment.

“I didn’t know it was possible to be as happy as I am now,” Flora crooned. “You must teach me all you know about making love. I want it to be perfect for us both every time.”

“I imagine we will have to wait until after we are married, ma cherie. Tonight we could succeed in our little deception, but after this, we cannot run the risk of being discovered. Your reputation would be in pieces and I would be branded as a cad and rogue. We must not allow this to happen.”

“Oh, I want to kiss and pet you all day long and never be parted. We’ll be so happy, happy together in our own little house.”

“Perhaps it will not be so little.”

She clutched him to her breast and was aware that he was hardening again. She giggled. “Henri, I do believe you want to love me again.”

“My darling, I do believe you are right.”

And he did.

“Time to go, cherie.” Henri got out of bed and began to dress. Flora made to follow. “No, no. You stay as you are a few more moments. The perfect picture. A naked Venus.”

Flora blushed. “You make me embarrassed.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You were a wonderful fuck. Enjoy your new life.”

“What do you mean?”

He opened the door and three men were standing outside. Flora squealed and pulled the covers up.

“I am really sorry, ma cherie. Believe me. This was not what I intended. You see, I am not a real count. I am — er — how you say? – impostor. That is right, yes? Penniless. I came to America with hardly two cents in my pocket, but I made friends.” He indicated the three men. “Friends such as this. I planned for a rich marriage to a charming young woman. You were exactly right. Everything was going according to plan, but then your Mr Charles Dunne interfered. He had me investigated and followed by a rather clumsy detective. He is outside now with his little notebook. He saw us come in. He will see us go out and then we disappear — pouf! Robert Houdin could not do it better.”

Henri picked up Flora’s cloak.

“Henri!” She was frightened and so demented that his words hardly made sense. New life? What new life? “Don’t leave me!”

“But I must. You are my passage back to Europe. You fetched a good price. I was most gratified. Au revoir.”

“Henri!” Flora screamed as the door closed behind him and she was left alone with the three men.

“Come on, my lovely,” growled one man, pulling back the covers. He whistled. “Henri wasn’t lying. Very tasty. He fucked you, so you have an idea what it’s all about, but this is where your education really begins.”

The others had already stripped off their clothes. They stood on either side of the bed and Flora instinctively closed her legs tightly together. To no avail. She was roughly seized and a knee pressed against her crotch. She reacted to the pain by spreading her legs and her assailant grunted in satisfaction.

He was already hard, the sight of the nubile young body being sufficient, and his cock drove into Flora’s cunt. It was dry and unwilling to receive the solid piece of flesh invading her most intimate part. She squealed in pain. With Henri she had been relaxed, at least after the initial penetration, and her juices flowing. Her vagina had welcomed him. But this……this….

She screamed but a hand was firmly clapped over her mouth, cutting it short.

“Don’t want to wake the neighbours, do we?” He laughed. “Not that the people in this house are all that bothered.”

He continued brutally thrusting in and out whilst Flora, unable to stop him, was wide-eyed with pain and horror.

“I know a better way of keeping her quiet,” said the second man.

He kneeled on the bed at her head, facing towards her feet.


He nodded and the hand was removed. He quickly put his cock at her mouth.


She did and he pushed his hard cock inside, choking her.

“Suck,” he commanded. “And don’t you bloody well bite or I’ll knock your teeth through the back of your head.”

Gasping and choking she did as instructed, whilst the man knead her breasts. Meanwhile the first man was reaching a climax and he pulled out of her just before ejaculating. His sperm gushed out over her stomach.

“You want her to clean you up?” enquired the man being sucked.


They swiftly changed places and Flora was invaded by a second cock inside both orifices. The one in her mouth tasted salty. She was unable to feel anything but pain and despair. When she had entered this room only a couple of hours earlier, she had been a virgin who had never known the intimacy of lying next to a man. She had not experienced a man’s touch, especially on her most secret parts. With Henri it had been wonderful, but the brutality of this rape was mind-numbing.

The second man’s semen spurted out, spreading across her breasts and stomach. No sooner had he finished than he took up position at her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. This one tasted slightly different; more bitter than salty. Unpleasant. She wondered how she could even begin to register the tastes as a third cock penetrated her vagina. It’s rough edge scraped along the lips.

Flora was taken twice more by each man and then she was turned over. A finger began to work its way into her anal passage.

“No!” she cried.

“Shut it!”

A resounding slap on her ass accompanied the words.

“Aa! It was a loud gasp.

The finger continued pushing and prodding. The pain was worse than when she had been penetrated in the vagina. She closed her eyes tightly, a deep frown furrowing her forehead as she endured the anal intrusion. Her face was tear-stained.

“Kneel up.”

She slowly rose up into a kneeling position. Very gradually the opening began to widen and more of his finger was inserted. A little more and two fingers were inside.

The other two men were standing by the side of the bed stroking their cocks, which were standing to attention, waiting for action. All three of them prided themselves on being able to get a hard-on three or four times a night. They were good at their job, for this was a job. They were paid to break in new fillies for the whorehouses of New York.

There was a constant demand for attractive young women to fill the better class of houses of prostitution. Fresh ones were always required to replace those who had grown less fresh and faded.

There was a regularly-organized system designed to trap vulnerable, naive or extravagant young women. Men were employed the year round to seduce and introduce new subjects to their establishments. These men were almost invariably handsome, with a fine appearance, easy manners, and hearts as hard as any stone. They were often men of some culture and breeding, with agreeable manners, brilliant conversation and man-of-the-world ways which were well calculated to charm any ordinary young woman.

Such a one was Henri Dubois. Though not actually a professional seducer he was, nevertheless, good at seduction. He had won the heart of Flora Phipps and enticed her into bed. It was an extremely pleasing encounter; unfortunately, he had been forced to abandon her. He allowed himself a few moments of regret as he stood on the deck of a departing ship, but then threw his cigar into the water and proceeded towards the saloon. With luck, he would soon meet a delectable young woman who would quickly be charmed by Count Henri Dubois.

At that moment, his previous conquest was enduring the agony of a hardened cock skewering up her backside. As was to be expected, passage was being resisted, causing an excruciating pain.

“Oh….oh…..oh!” Flora squealed. “Stop! Please stop!”

Her plea was ignored. The man derived no sexual pleasure from doing it, but he certainly derived a sadistic satisfaction from tearing open the virgin ass. He enjoyed his work and gave no thought to his young victims, caring nothing for them or their ultimate fate.

After a great deal of pushing, his cock was finally in up the hilt and he began to work it around, in and out. Flora was moaning, her eyes fast shut, as pain washed through her in waves. The man picked up speed and grunted as he felt himself coming. This time he ejaculated into her ass. He pulled out and was replaced. Flora was barely aware of a second cock being pushed into her. She was close to fainting clean away.

After the third man had finished inside her they all left, and the object of their abuse lay sprawled across the bed with dried semen spread over her body, so shattered by the experience even the tears refused to come. She was like a broken doll.

At some time, sleep must have come to her rescue. She was suddenly aware of being shaken awake by a blonde and buxom woman a few years older than herself.

“Feeling better after your rest?”

“Better?” Flora murmured. No, I don’t, she wanted to cry. How can you expect me to feel better after what happened? I’m bruised all over, inside and out. But she stayed silent.

“I know.” There was some sympathy in the tone. “Well….no, I don’t know. It didn’t happen to me. Not necessary. I was willing enough ’cause I needed the dough. But I’ve seen other girls and talked to them, so I’ve got a bit of an idea. Virgin, were you?”

Flora didn’t reply. Strictly speaking, she lost her virginity in a most pleasant and loving way; at least, some of her virginity. What was done to her afterwards stripped everything else away.

“Yeh, it comes hard. But that’s the worst over. You won’t be faced with brutes like that again. You’ll soon find you get used to it. Might even enjoy it sometimes. My name’s Hattie, by the way.”

“Used to what?” Flora asked.

“Satisfying men in bed — and out.”

“I want to go home.”

“Home? You are home. At least, you will be when you’re moved out of here. This isn’t where you’ll work. It’s only a stepping stone.”

“Work?” Flora was still in a half-daze and finding it difficult to take in the words; or at least, their meaning.

“Never worked before, have you? Born into wealth and luxury, I bet. Well, you can kiss that goodbye, though your customers will be toffs. You’re going to a first-class house.”

“I….I don’t understand.”

“You’re a fallen woman. Fucked in every way. Bought and sold to make money for your owner. On your back or on your knees. Sucking cocks; taking them into your cunt or up your fanny; being beaten — some guys get a real kick of smacking a girl or using a whip. It gets them off, then you take it down the throat. Sometimes you get two or three at a time; at the same time.”

If that account of Flora’s expected future life was meant to reassure her, it failed miserably. She huddled into a tight ball on the bed and began to cry.

“Come on, pull yourself together. I’ve got to get you ready for leaving and we’ll both be in trouble if you aren’t ready.” Hattie dragged the naked figure off the bed. “Looks like you’ve been in the wars a bit. Never mind, the bruises will soon go. Be good as new in no time.”

Flora stood still, offering no help as Hattie dressed her.

“Got a nice pair of tits,” commented Hattie. She bent down, ran her tongue across the teats and then gently pulled them with her lips. Surprisingly, they began to harden. “I see you’ve still got a bit of life in you,” Hattie giggled. “But I can’t spend too long enjoying myself. Maybe later. What do you say?”

“Um.” Flora nodded vaguely, only half aware of what was happening.

Hattie continued dressing her and then led her downstairs when she was ready. Mrs Petrie was there.

“Hurry up. We’ve got to get her out of here.”

“Don’t worry. We’re going.”

“The carriage is at the back door.”


The shattered girl was led out of the house and into a carriage with the blinds down. It pulled away, down an alley and out into the main street. Soon it was lost in the early morning traffic.

Half an hour later, after Mr and Mrs Phipps had risen from a deep sleep, they discovered that their daughter’s bed had not been slept in. The hotel was searched from top to bottom. As soon as it was ascertained that she was nowhere inside the police were informed. They began to make enquiries amongst the staff, but everybody denied any knowledge of the missing girl, including the door-keeper who had seen her go. True, he hadn’t seen her face, but adding two and two was hardly high maths.

He kept quiet because he had been well paid to turn a blind eye and felt duty bound to honor his word. Besides, he had no desire to become part of a police investigation, having had a less than squeaky-clean past. What’s more, he was filled with envy of those people who could afford to stay in a classy hotel such as the one which employed him. It gave him pleasure to bring a little grief into their lives.

Thus, the police remained in ignorance of Flora’s departure on the arm of Henri Dubois. At least, they would have done if it hadn’t been for the report of the ferret detective, now in the possession of Charles Dunne. He gave it to the official investigators. A burly police detective questioned the ferret.

“You saw Miss Phipps come out with Count Henri Dubois?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’re certain it was her.”

“Not at the time she emerged. Wrapped in a cloak, you see. With a hood. I followed the couple as they walked along Broadway and somewhere along the way, he took her hood down. That’s when I clearly saw her face.”

“You recognised her?”

“Oh yes. Very pretty girl she is. Saw her quite a bit whilst I was following Dubois. Always in company with a parent.”

“Except last night.”

“Yes. No parent then. Just Dubois.”

“Where did they go?”

The ferret handed over his notebook. “That’s the address. House of assignation, it is.”

The police detective nodded. “We know it. Did you see them leave?”

“Yes. About two hours later. Wrapped in her cloak she was.”

“Where did they go?”

The ferret shook his head. “Sorry. They came out, jumped into a waiting cab and drove away. I was on foot.”

“Ah. Pity.”

“But I did hear what he said to the driver.”


“Headed for the docks they were.”

The police detective frowned. “The docks? Now, why would they go there?”

The door-keeper at the hotel was questioned again, but insisted he saw nothing and no-one. He was at his post all the time except…..ah yes, of course….he did go away for just a few moments. The call of nature. About eleven o’clock, he thought.

The police detective’s next port of call was the house of assignation. Mrs Petrie opened the door.

“Hello, Inspector.”

“Can I come in?”

“Got a daytime assignation, have you?”, the housekeeper cheekily asked.

“Happily married, Mrs Petrie.”

She laughed. “Plenty of them come here, I can tell you. Both sexes.”

“Yes, I’m sure they do. I’m pursuing enquiries. Last night. A young girl — eighteen years old — came here with Henri Dubois.”

“Yes, that’s right. Sweet looking girl. Innocent looking. I didn’t like to see her with that Dubois man.”


“He’s visited before with other women. They looked as if they knew what they were doing, but this one….” Mrs Petrie shook her head. “She isn’t the first young girl to be fooled and she won’t be the last. Older women too. Should be older and wiser, but they’re not. My visitors come from all classes in society. Married women meet their lovers here and young girls like her come when their parents think they’re somewhere else. I see it all. Human lust. Provides a handsome income for me, I can tell you.”

“I’m sure it does,” the detective drily responded. “Did she stay the night?”

“This isn’t a hotel or boarding house. Nor is it a brothel. I run a respectable house. I’m in the business of letting rooms for people to meet each other. I’m not to know what they get up to, am I?”

“Of course not. Did you see Dubois and the girl leave?”

“Yes. After a couple of hours or so.”

“Any idea where they went?”

“I assume he took her back home, wherever that is.”

“Um All right. Thank you. I’ll probably want you to make a signed statement.”

“Anything to help the police. By the way. Why are you looking for her?”

“She’s disappeared, Mrs Petrie. Left your house and vanished into thin air.”

“Well, would you credit it.”

Enquiries were made at the docks and the police discovered that a ship had departed the previous night bound for Europe. The timing was exactly right and an entry in the passenger list revealed that a double cabin – second class – had been booked by Count Henri Dubois.

“So that’s it, I’m afraid,” the police detective informed the grieving parents. “Seems the young couple have eloped.”

“But why?” Mrs Phipps tearfully asked. “There was no need to elope. We heartily approved of the marriage.”

“I’ll tell you why,” said Charles Dunne grimly. “It’s all here in the report. My private detective has been making enquiries. He found that Dubois was nothing but a scoundrel and a fraud. There’s no estate, no fortune, no family name. He’s a nothing and a nobody who scraped up a one way passage to New York. We’ve been taken for fools.”

Mr Phipps looked puzzled. “I still don’t understand why Dubois didn’t stay and marry Flora. Once he’d done that we wouldn’t have been able to do anything. The disgrace would have been intolerable.”

“Obviously that’s what he was banking on, but he had to alter his plans. He received a letter from France; probably tipping him off about our investigation.”

“My poor little girl,” cried Mrs Phipps. “Tricked into marriage by a charlatan.”

“He’s an expert in seducing women,” said Charles grimly. “No doubt you’ll receive a letter eventually, demanding money to support them. If you refuse to pay, God knows what will happen to poor Flora in France.”

Mr Phipps looked shattered, whilst his wife collapsed onto the sofa in a flurry of wailing and crying.

Flora had been taken to a house not far from the hotel; a house much like any other fashionable residence for a well-to-do family. She was given a room, a surprisingly pleasant room, with good furnishings and a welcoming feel. It was where she would work and sleep. She was also provided with a wardrobe of dresses which were pretty and had one thing in common; they showed off her figure to its best advantage. There was not much in the way of undergarments.

The girls were not allowed out for the first month, she was informed, though they could sit in the garden at the rear of the house on a good day. After the month, they could walk out to the shops or park, but always in the company of another girl. There was also an ever-watchful male minder trailing behind.

This was a parlor-house, run by Mrs Greene, and there were ten ‘lady boarders’ as they were euphemistically called. It was a three-story brownstone house, furnished throughout with the most costly and newest improvements. There were French mirrors, English and Brussels carpets, rosewood furniture and rich wallpaper, creating an emporium of love and beauty.

“I receive the patronage of only the best,” Mrs Greene told the new arrival. “Many of them are distinguished foreign gentlemen. I apologise for the way you have been snatched away from your life and your parents. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but my gentlemen only want the very best girls. The second and third class houses can find enough willing girls for their purpose, but first class houses have a problem of supply. Beautiful, graceful, charming and educated girls like yourself are rarely prepared to enter a parlor-house of their own free will. How do you feel after your ordeal?”

“Sore,” Flora murmured, eyes downcast.

“I’m sure you will be for a few days. You will not start work until you’ve recovered. Meanwhile, you’ll be taught everything you need to know about pleasing a man.”

Mrs Greene was as good as her word. Flora was shown how to masturbate a male penis, as well as suck it, her previous ‘training’ not being sufficient. She was also introduced to the ‘French Male Safe’, a perfect shield against disease or conception. A clay model of an erect penis was brought to her room and she was shown how to roll the ‘safe’ onto the distended member.

“Some men don’t want to wear one,” said Mrs Greene. “It is important they should do so, for their sake, as well as yours. You must insist. No penetration without protection. Is that clear?”


Flora was blushing at using the model and couldn’t imagine how she would feel with the real thing. It seemed like a bad dream, from which she would soon wake. Perhaps, after making love with Henri, she had fallen asleep and guilt had given her a nightmare. For after all, she was unchaste; she had given herself to a man before marriage. But they were going to be married; surely that would lessen her crime.

“A doctor is coming to examine you this afternoon.” The voice of Mrs Greene cut into her thoughts. “To make sure everything is all right. I believe you’ll be ready for your first gentleman tomorrow.”

The door closed after Mrs Greene and Flora sank onto the bed. It was a large comfortable bed with beautiful covers, worthy enough to grace the Fifth Avenue Hotel. She thought of her parents. Only a few days ago she had been with them, loved and loving. Now, she had lost them and they had lost her. What did they imagine had happened to her? Where did they think she had gone? She began to cry; for herself, but even more, for them.

The parlor was an elegant room with a glass chandelier, thick carpet, sofas and chairs. After a late breakfast, the ‘lady boarders’ assembled, ready to begin their day’s work. Flora wore an elegant dress with a low cut bodice that perfectly showed off her trim figure.

The first gentleman arrived a little after midday, to be warmly welcomed by Mrs Greene, and charmingly greeted by the girls, who introduced themselves. Wine was produced and poured by a servant, who was always in attendance. Everybody sat around and chatted, the visitor, who was not known to the company, informing them that he was in New York on business.

“Banking. I’m from Boston.”

“Is this your first visit to our great city?” enquired one of the girls.

“Not at all. I come two or three times a year. Always take the opportunity for a little relaxation with pleasant female company.”

There were little coy giggles from some of the girls. Flora remained quiet, trying to imagine what it would be like to have him in her bed. And to put on the male safe. She shuddered at the thought, feeling herself tremble with nervousness.

Eventually — there was never any hurry about this process — the man stood up and offered his hand to a young blonde girl who had been several months in the house. They left the parlor together. There was no negotiation of price, as it was fixed by the house and applied to everyone.

As the afternoon wore on more gentlemen entered and departed with the girl of their choice. It was after five o’clock when a foreign man chose Flora.

“I am from Deutschland,” he had proclaimed.

“Where’s that?” a girl called Susie had asked.

“Germany,” Flora murmured.

“Ah yes!” boomed the man. “As you call it — Germany.”

From that moment on he lavished all his attention on Flora and it was soon obvious that he would choose her. She began trembling even more. She would soon sell her body to this stranger. He would pay money to insert his….his….phallus into her. He was far from handsome and there were rolls of fat around his middle.

Suddenly he was on his feet, hand outstretched towards her. She tried to smile as she took hold of it, but felt it probably came out as more of a grimace. They went upstairs to her room.

Trying to remember what she was taught, Flora put her arms round him and held him close.

“You’re a big man. Is everything big?”

“Ja. Maybe too big for die Scheide.” He laughed.

“Die Scheide?” Flora queried.

He pointed down at her lower region. “What you say? Pussy.”

“Oh.” Flora attempted a laugh. “No, I don’t think so.”

“We will find out. Ja?”

“Yes. Take your coat off and I’ll hang it up. Vest as well.”

He did as he was told.

“Your turn.”


Flora carefully hung up the coat and vest before turning towards him. She slowly began to unfasten the dress, slipped it off and was left standing in a chemise.

“Shirt and tie.”

“Ja, ja.”

The German eagerly complied, also removing his undervest. She was right about the rolls of fat. Gritting her teeth, she knelt down undid the buttons on his trousers and pulled them down around his ankles. Roaring with laughter he jumped around trying to extricate himself from the trousers, falling onto the bed in the process. After removing his shoes and much tugging and pulling, he finally succeeded. He was down to his long-johns.

“Stand up,” Flora ordered.

“Jawohl, mein liebchen.”

She pulled down his drawers and his cock sprang to attention. Gathering up her courage she took it in her hand and slowly masturbated it, running her hand up and down, gently squeezing and pulling. It grew even harder beneath her touch. She then ran her tongue over it and, after a moment’s hesitancy, took it into her mouth.

A slight moan escaped his lips as she sucked and licked the distended penis. Trying to judge just the right moment — not too soon and not too late — she stopped her action, reached over to a bedside drawer and took out the male safe. Before he realised what was happening she was rolling the protector on. He grunted disapproval, but Flora shook her head.

“This way or not at all.”

“Ja…ja, this way.”

Flora took off her chemise and lay on the bed, her legs spread. She closed her eyes as he quickly pulled his long-johns off his ankles. He climbed on top of her, the mattress sinking slightly beneath his weight. She felt the penis searching for her opening; she guided it into her. He pushed all the way and then began to pump.

He had paid money for this, she thought. He had bought me like a whore. But why not? I am a whore. Oh, Henri, how could you do this to me? Didn’t you love me one little bit? Maybe I could run away and return to my home in Chicago. Surely it was possible.

The German was pumping faster and faster, his gasps growing with the energy expended. He was also reaching his climax. He kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples.


He grinned, offering no apology, and continued grinding.

No. It was impossible. She had no money and was too ashamed. How could she face any of her friends or acquaintances now? This was her life now and she would just have to……


She felt the German disgorge his semen; luckily, not into her vagina. She was a prostitute now, bought and paid for; no mistake about that.

She had one more gentleman that night and three the following day. And so it went on. There was never a long queue waiting for her services — or for any of the girls. This was a first-class house. Nothing was rushed. She didn’t have to cope with fifteen or twenty men one after the other, mauling her and thrusting their cock into her, though she heard stories about some of the low-class places where such practices were common. When she stopped to think about it, that would eventually be her fate. Most prostitutes went down-hill, some faster than others. As they grew older, less attractive and more worn, they would leave for a second-class house then a third and then…….

But she preferred not to think about it.

Time passed. Her twentieth birthday had come and gone. When she first started she kept a count of all the men who had possessed her body in return for money, but she had long ago given up that fruitless exercise. She still looked remarkably fresh and pretty and was a popular ‘lady boarder’. On one occasion she encountered a man of her acquaintance in the house. It took him a little while, but then it dawned on him who she was.

“Are you in New York for business or pleasure?” Flora politely enquired.

“Business earlier, pleasure now.” He grinned laciviously.

Of course, he chose her.

“Have you seen my parents?” she asked him in the bedroom.

“Not often. Since you — er — disappeared, they’ve withdrawn from society. The story was that you eloped with a damned Frenchman.”

“Damned indeed. He seduced me and then left me to the mercy of three thugs who brutalised and raped me before bringing me here. I was turned into a whore and whore I am. What do you want? In my cunt, in my ass or in my mouth.”

“Yes, please.” He grinned. “You’ve no idea how I fantasised about getting you naked and sticking my cock up you. A lot of my friends did. I can’t believe that I’m actually going to do it.”

“You didn’t have a chance then, but now, if you pay me, I’m all yours.”

He had her on her back, on her knees and astride him.

Whilst they were recovering their breath from an insertion, Flora asked him if he was married.

“Er — yes,” he reluctantly admitted.

“Anyone I knew?”

“Jane Sommers.”

“Oh yes, I remember. Quite plain, if I recall. Or am I being bitchy?”

“No, you’re right. She’s not exactly a looker, but there’s pots of money in the family.”

“And that’s important, isn’t it?”

“My parents seem to think that.”

“So you were sold off for marriage, whilst I was sold off for sex. Not much difference between us, is there?”

He shrugged.

“What would your wife say if she knew you were in a parlor-house with me?”

“There’d be hell to pay. For God’s sake, don’t tell her.”

“I’m not likely to, am I? Likewise, I’d prefer it if you didn’t speak about me.”

“Of course.”

“Should I hear any word of this coming from Chicago, your wife will be told exactly how you found out. Believe me, I can do it. I have friends.”

She sounded convincingly threatening, though not really sure how she could do anything about it.

“I promise, I promise.” He was thoroughly frightened.

She reached for his cock. “I think this requires a little work.”

She began her ministrations and he began his moans. In a very short space of time he was hard enough for the male safe, which Flora expertly rolled on.

“Come on, I want all of it in my cunt.” She had learned how to talk dirty as well. “Push in as far as you can and really make me feel it. Just imagine it’s two years ago and we’re at a party. We’ve sneaked into a bedroom and I’m a virgin who’s about to lose it all to you. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes,” he gasped.

“You didn’t think you would ever have me. I wasn’t a girl like that, but now you’ve found out that I have thoughts like that too and I want you to split me wide and fill me with your cock and your seed. And you do. I’m gasping, shrieking and writhing in my ecstasy. I’ve never experienced anything like it. You’re so good. I can feel you all the way in pumping and……”

“Oooh, God!”

They lay still and Flora was aware of his cock deflating inside her.

“Withdraw before your seed escapes from the protector,” she quietly said.

“What? Oh, yes….yes, of course.”

He pulled out and she took the male safe off, dropping it into a chamber pot.

“That was….that was…..”


“Earth shattering.”

She laughed. “Thank you, kind sir.”

She didn’t see him again.

Six months later there was another even more familar face in the parlor.

“Well, well, well, if it’s not the upright pillar of society,” Flora greeted him. “What are you doing in a parlor-house, Charles?”

“My God!” He looked astounded. “I might ask you the same question. I thought — everyone thought…..”

“That I’d eloped with Henri Dubois.” She shook her head. “I’m afraid his intention was to sell me for as much as he could get. I don’t know how much that was. He neglected to tell me.”

“I can’t believe it. You’re only here. Why didn’t you go home?”

“I couldn’t have faced it. Disgraced and deflowered. No, here I was and here I’ve stayed. But what about you. No wife yet or are you here to forget her for a while?”

“She prefers that I obtain sexual gratification in someone else’s bed.”

“Ah.” Flora nodded in understanding.

She looked around the parlor at the other girls who were sitting open-mouthed.

“An old friend. May I introduce Mr Charles Dunne.”

“Good evening, ladies.”

“You sit here in the parlor for a while,” Flora explained. “Have some wine and a chat and when you’ve decided which of us you want, go upstairs.”

Part 3: Romancing Kourtney

So now we were getting somewhere. Kourtney was coming into the mix. As ravenous for her as I’ve always been, I couldn’t tip my hand. It would scare both Kim and Kourtney away and I’d be left with just a bra and panties and some tapes of a horny girl sucking and getting fucked. I wanted much more.

Two days later Kim phoned me to say that Kourtney had agreed to have lunch with us. Could I meet them at a certain upscale Beverly Hills bistro at 1:00 PM tomorrow? I accommodated.

When I showed up about ten minutes late at the restaurant, the K sisters were already there. Kourtney was wearing a bright yellow summer dress that showed off her perfect bosom. I couldn’t help but wedge myself between the two sisters. I tried to look at Kim once in a while, but it was almost impossible. I extended my hand out to Kourtney.

“Hello, I’m Robert Kelly, Miss Kardashian. I’ve always enjoyed watching you whenever I could. You’re an exceptional woman.”

Kourtney melted me with her smile. “Thank you, Mr. Kelly. Kim has told me you’re an ingenious inventor and that I should be anxious to see your latest creation.”

“Well, I know Kim certainly likes it. Maybe you would, too. Who knows?”

The three of us all ordered salad. Kim had the Greek, I had the Nicoise and Kourtney had the Caesar. As we sat there chomping on lettuce, Kim moved the conversation along. “Mr. Kelly has agreed to let you see the machine in action, if you want, Kourt. I think you should. You’re never going to see anything like this again. It’s a dream come true.”

“Maybe for you, Honey,” Kourtney offered. “But some of us are a little more particular.”

“Please just take a look at it. You don’t have to use it or anything. But I want you to see how great it is for me and for other women. Mr. Kelly has worked so hard on perfecting it and making it work for me. It certainly does. I remember not too long ago when you were complaining about your lack of ‘O’s’. This is the answer. Believe me.”

I stepped in. “Miss Kardashian, I don’t want to foist anything upon you. Your sister is in love with my machine. She needs someone she can share her experience with and you’re the only one in the family she thinks will understand. If she were my sister, I’d take that as a compliment and try to understand what it is that is so special to her.

Obviously you don’t need to use the machine yourself, but Kim seems to need it in her life. I’m rather proud of it and would love to show you it’s capabilities. Just to brag a little. Please forgive my vanity.”

I could tell that speaking to Kourtney as an adult and an intelligent person had a good effect on her. She was flattered and responded accordingly.

“Well, I guess I shouldn’t be critical of something I’ve never seen and can’t possibly understand. Sure, I’ll take a look at it. It will be fun.”

I smiled a big smile at her, looking deeply into her gorgeous eyes and said, “Thank you.” I thought we connected a little. Maybe I was only hallucinating. I was dying to connect with her on any level. I was so smitten it had to be obvious. Kim could tell.

She put her arm around my neck and pulled me closer to her and away from Kourtney. She kissed my cheek and said to Kourtney, “He’s my hero.” I sort of liked being the territory a gorgeous girl marked. But I knew I’d get everything I wanted if I was just patient.

I didn’t bother blindfolding either girl for the trip to the warehouse. I was pleased that both sat in the front seat with me and Kourtney was next to me. She smelled amazing. I could never get enough of her. Kim was obviously nervous and worried about something.

When we arrived at the warehouse, I uncovered the machine so Kourtney could inspect it. Kim embellished the description of the devices by saying things like, “This is where I put my feet. This is the tongue that licks me. This is the cock that goes up my ass. This is the one I suck and control the others with.”

Kourtney seemed interested, but not in a way that would lead anyone to believe that she wanted to try it for herself. She was more interested in how Kim used it and what it did to her. Eventually Kourtney and I went into the booth and Kim mounted the sex machine to take a ride. She had prefaced this by saying to both of us, “I’m a little afraid to let go in front of my sister. It’s embarrassing. I didn’t mind in front of a total stranger. But this is very personal.”

I said, “You want her to know how good it is for you, don’t you? You want her to realize that this has become an important part of your life. If you don’t show her how good it makes you feel, she won’t understand. Just relax, Have fun. Let go. Show us both what you and the machine can accomplish together.”

That seemed to calm her a little. She stripped and mounted the machine. Kourt and I went into the booth. It was close quarters. She sat very close to me and gazed out the window at her sister.

“I have a secret to tell you. It’s one I hope you won’t tell Kim,” I confided.

“Sure, what is it?” Kourtney asked me.

“Well, I told her that she can control the two cocks and the tongues that lick her by doing different things with the cock in her mouth. Sucking it would make the cocks go in and out, licking it would make the tongues lick her, and so forth. The truth is that I’m controlling everything from in here. I watch what she does with the oral cock, then make the bottom cocks and tongues do corresponding things. I didn’t see the harm in it. I thought it would make it more enjoyable for her if she thought she had some influence over what the machine did.”

Kourtney giggled. “That’s very clever of you,” she smiled and said. “So we can actually make the machine do anything to her that we want, is that it?” she asked.

“Yes, that’s it. Would you like to control the action for a while?” I quizzed.

“Yes, very much so. Thank you. Just tell me when and what to do,” Kourtney said. She moved her chair closer to mine and looked at me in a way that I’ve been dreaming of for years. I was getting closer.

In the meantime Kim had gotten herself positioned to take in one of the cocks between her legs. She was holding onto the rails with her hands and pushing herself toward the main cock. I showed Kourtney how to thrust the cock forward to touch Kim whenever Kim started sucking hard on the oral cock. It was like watching a kid learn how to play a video game. She loved it. But she wanted to thrust quick and deep into Kim. I told her to go slowly — to make the cock burrow into Kim’s cunt, not pound away at it. Kourtney looked at me quizzically and attempted to slow down the action. But I could tell she was interested in delivering the meat to Kim as quickly and with as much gusto as possible.

Kimmie writhed with her legs until the cock was inside her. They she pushed and pulled as if she was one with the cock. I could only imagine how many times she had done this before. Of course, she was sucking the oral cock hard, trying to get the pussy cock to push and pull in and out of her. Kourtney had learned how to operate the joy stick (appropriately named) and was smiling and laughing as she fucked her sister. “Shit, this is wonderful!” said my Goddess. “The bitch is so into it. I always knew she would be a slave to cock someday. I didn’t know I’d be the one fucking her.” She laughed again.

I detected a little too much delight in Kourt’s voice and face. She really was loving fucking her sis. And not in a romantic way. She was mean about it. The thrusts were not loving — they were brutal. Kourtney had an agenda. It made me realize she was stronger than even I had thought. It made me love her more.

As Kim approached orgasm I explained to Kourtney about the cum the cock would shoot into Kim’s mouth. “Oh, my. I can’t wait to see that,” remarked the sister.

In addition, I had loaded the vaginal cock with cum so that Kim would feel that “gush” that girls love so much. Kim didn’t expect it, but it was coming to her, like it or not. Kim’s pace quickened and I could see Kourtney was mesmerized. Her hands were firmly on the controls and she was pushing and pulling in and out of Kimmie to beat the band.

Soon we heard loud animal sounds coming from Kim and some “Oh, God!” and “Fuck me, just fuck the shit out of me, please!”. At last Kim exploded and the cum spilled into her mouth and into her vagina. She was surprised to feel the sticky stuff down South, but happy to lick it up off the cock she had been sucking. I zoomed the camera in that was on her face so Kourtney could get a great look at her expression and the white semen on her tongue and upper lip. Kim was drenched with sweat and happiness.

“Geezus!” exclaimed Kourtney. “I can’t believe how it affects her. She’s absolutely fucked out of her mind, isn’t she?”

I proudly smiled and said, “Yes. The effect of the machine on Kim has been more pronounced than on other subjects I’ve tested. She has really bonded with it and accepted it as her lover. She really can’t get enough of it. She’s desperate for it.”

As soon as I spoke those last words I regretted it. The look on Kourtney’s face scared me. The thought of Kim being desperate for the machine lit a bulb in Kourt’s head — I could see that by the expression on her face. She smiled a very wicked smile, as if she had found a key to a magic box. And, in a way, she had.

For no apparent reason, Kourtney moved her face closer to mine, smiled and pressed her lips onto mine. Soon she thrust her tongue between my teeth and searched for my tongue to mingle with hers. I accepted her advances and immediately became erect. When I kissed her back she didn’t begin to pull away. She moved closer into me and got into the French kissing deeper and wetter. It was a dream come true — a wet one.

When she had to pull away to take a breath she slowly said to me, “You are so very attractive to me. I hope we can get closer and closer.”

I told her I knew she had a steady boyfriend and that she seemed to be monogamous. “Don’t believe everything you hear on TV,” she said. “Maybe I am and maybe I’m not. But I’m not going to stay away from you, unless you want me to. You’re too good to be true.” And she laughed just enough.

Kim had dismounted the machine and towled off a bit before putting her clothes back on and walking toward the booth. Kourtney and I rose to meet her.

“So,” Kim asked, “Did you see what that fucking thing can do?”

Kourtney replied, “It is amazing. You were right. But I think the girl in the stirrups had something to do with it’s success. You’re a natural at this and it’s as if the machine was made for you and just you.”

“I don’t think so,” Kim replied. “What do you think, Mr. Kelly?”

I knew I had to choose my words carefully. “You are an exceptional woman, Kim. You can get your mind past the fact that it’s not human — it’s a machine. Yet you make love to it as if it’s your long-lost boyfriend. For a few special women like you I think it’s terrific. But I’m not sure the rank-and-file woman will appreciate it like you do.”

“Appreciate it?” Kim asked. “I am fucking totally in love with the mother-fucker. It’s my reason for living.”

Kourtney smiled a big smile. She said nothing, but I could tell she was pleased. I had yet to realize just how pleased she was.


Chapter 02: New Reality Revelations

RECAP: I highly recommend you read the beginning of this series Training Teacher: The Seduction to find out how Julia became the submissive of one of her student’s parents. Part 2 takes places the very next morning, when she wakes up…still at her new Mistress’s home…at the foot of the bed.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to the adorable, sweet, sexy Julia.

Credit: A special thanks go to Steve B for his suggestions and Estragon for his copy edit.



I woke up in the morning from an amazingly surreal dream. A dream so vividly real I felt it had really happened. A dream that awoke in me a side I didn’t know existed. A dream where my greatest pain in the ass parent, someone I truly loathed, seduced me and turned me into her personal lesbian sub. It seemed so real, I could almost taste her on my lips.

I opened my eyes.

I sat up.

I was not in my bed.

I was at the foot of Constance’s bed, the parent that just yesterday was my biggest problem.

In one startling moment of clarity, I came to the frank realization that it was not a dream, but a harsh disturbing reality.

The events of the previous evening came flooding back to me. The aggressive seduction, her powerful orders, my need to obey and the earth shattering orgasms that followed. I closed my eyes and replayed last night in my head. Sure she had seduced me and sure she was incredibly aggressive and domineering, but I submitted to her willingly. I was not forced. I could have said no. But, the overwhelming feeling of freedom when I allowed Constance to make my decisions for me was liberating. The pressure, the stress, the loneliness of being a single mother, all vanished when I brainlessly followed the orders of the powerful Constance.

Part of me was mortified as I realized my current predicament, while another part of me was excited as I nervously waited for Constance to wake up. I desperately attempted to suppress the burning desire flaming in my loins as I tried to figure out how I was going to: one- deal with Constance; two- get home and dressed for work; three- get to work and explain why my vehicle was still at school; and four, most importantly, resist the growing temptation to submit to Constance again.

As I pretended to be asleep, my inner turmoil like a cresting wave coming crashing into the beach, I felt the bed move. I lay still like a statue. Anticipation resonated through my pores.

I was suddenly startled when I felt the bed shake briefly as someone seemed to get in. I was freaking out, realizing someone must have seen me in all my degrading servitude. I slyly attempted to peek and see who had joined us: who knew of my sexual debauchery? Sadly, I was right; someone was in bed with us. Unfortunately, all I could see from my awkward position was black heels and a woman’s ankle in black pantyhose.

My nervous curiosity didn’t last long. I heard the polite voice of Maeko Chung, Constance’s Japanese born, Chinese raised, maid and the mother of my best grade four student: “Good morning, Mistress.”

I felt some shuffling on the bed and Constance groggily respond, “Good morning, Maeko.” A lengthy silence followed before I began hearing soft moans and realized what Maeko was doing. I was shocked at the thought of the sweet, shy woman, doing what she was apparently doing. Yet my pussy was betraying me again, getting tingly while I quietly listened, like a voyeur, to the lesbian scene going on right beside me like I wasn’t there.


I briefly reminisced about the first time I was a silent bystander to a sexual performance. It was the summer after I graduated high school, and I was on a girls’-only camping trip. I was sharing a tent with Sierra, one of my three closest friends. We had partied pretty hard with a bunch of college boys and I, quite drunk and worried I might do something I would regret, called it a night. An hour later, I was woken up by a male voice. “What about your friend?”

“Don’t worry about Hannah, she is passed out. An earthquake wouldn’t wake her. Now let me take a look at what you got for me.”

Still being half asleep, I didn’t instantly realize what was happening a foot away. But the realization was made abundantly clear when the male voice mumbled, “That’s it baby, suck my cock.”

The loud slurping sound confirmed Sierra’s exhibitionist extra-curricular activity. A couple of minutes later, I felt a leg bump mine, some shuffling into Sierra’s sleeping bag, followed soon after by Sierra’s unmistakable high-pitched voice. “Yes harder, fuck me harder. Fuck me like a slut.”

I listened stunned, not remotely able to believe Sierra, the vigilant feminist of our close knit group, calling herself a slut or having some summer fling. It was her idea to make it a girls’-only trip, so the irony was obvious.

Still drunk myself, I unconsciously found myself touching myself. As the fucking continued inches away from me, I got wetter and wetter.

The guy taking Sierra’s own name-calling as an invitation to treat her like a slut began to verbally assault my good friend. “That’s it you fucking slut, take my big dick. Beg for me to fuck your tight cunt.”

I cringed at the word cunt. Sierra, being the extreme feminist she was, despised the derogatory term and ripped apart anyone, boy or girl alike, who had the audacity to say it in her presence. I waited for Sierra’s usual lambasting and feminist rant, but instead heard her say the word I never, in a million years, thought would ever be uttered from her lips, particularly used in the way she used it. “Yes, fuck my cunt. Pound me. Fill my cunt with that big hard cock of yours.”

I let out a little gasp of shock from hearing her use the forbidden ‘C’ word. My hand, having a mind of its own, began rubbing my clit faster and with more pressure. The verbal degradation of one of my best friends should have angered me, but instead only increased my desire to come.

I listened to the naughty act of sin like a perverted boy watching his first porn. Each time the guy called Sierra a cunt, slut, or whore, I put more pressure on my own cunt, imagining I was the slut whose cunt he was ravishing.

As Sierra screamed, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m coming,” I simultaneously had the most intense orgasm of my young life so far. I muffled my pleasure, terrified of being caught in such an intimate act; terrified that they might catch on to the fact that I had masturbated to their fucking. Suddenly mortified by my actions, I quickly moved my hand away from my liberated vagina and tried to make sense of what just happened.


I was brought back to my present reality when I heard Constance scream, “Yes Maeko, get Mommy off, yes, yes, yesssssss.”

Another silence lingered as I nervously waited for the inevitable.

“Maeko, excellent as always.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Maeko, could you please wake up my guest with your special wake up call?”

“As you wish, Mistress.”

I held my breath, exciting trepidation overwhelming me. I felt hands pull the thin blanket off me. Warm hands opened my legs apart. I felt Maeko move between my legs. “Good morning, Ms. Hawkins.”

I opened my eyes, feigning surprise, but my very wet pussy gave away any pretence of innocence. “Good morning, Mrs. Chung.”

“Ahhh, my pet is awake. How are you this morning?”

“Goooood,” I moaned, Maeko’s tongue making contact just as I attempted to answer.

“Goooood,” Constance replicated mockingly, her condescending tone returning. Maeko licked my pussy with quick sharp licks, the teasing sensation driving me nuts. I wanted to shove her head into my cunt, to use her tongue as a small cock to fuck me.

Constance, recognizing my deliriously horny state from the teasing, said, “She’s fucking amazing isn’t she? I don’t know how she does it, but those teasing slaps she does with her tongue are one of a kind. Are you close to orgasm, my pet?”

Finding it hard to concentrate on Constance’s words, I mumbled through heavy breathing, “So close, Mistress.”

“Just tell the slut what you want. She always obeys completely. She was born to please.”

Desperate to come, I, out of character, ordered, “Finger me Maeko. Fuck my cunt.”

Obeying in record speed, she slipped not one, but two of her thin fingers inside my oasis of juice. As her fingers slid in and out of my pussy, Maeko took my clit into her mouth and sucked on it as she somehow simultaneously used her tongue to lick my clit. The dual pleasure was too much and I bellowed loud enough to wake the dead, “Oh my fucking God, fuck me, fuck me, yesssssssss.”

My body quaked and quaked, a seemingly never-ending flow of convulsions. Maeko quit fingering me and let go of my clit, but continued pleasing me gently by licking the juice from my pussy lips. My pussy lips, tender from the excessive attention of the last twelve hours, began to feel numb. I pushed Maeko away. “No more.”

It was like I had slapped her in the face. “I’m sorry if I didn’t please you, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh my God, no Maeko. You pleased me completely. So much in fact, my vagina is a bit tender now.”

“It’s called a cunt, my pet. Little children have vaginas,” Mistress Constance corrected.

“Sorry, Mistress. My cunt is sore from all the attention. It was been relatively neglected for quite some time, so all this sudden attention is a bit overwhelming.”

“Well, that won’t be a concern anymore,” Mistress guaranteed. She got off the bed and grabbed a robe. “Maeko will take you to the guest shower.”

“Thank you,” I absurdly replied. Constance ignored my words as she disappeared into her private washroom.

Maeko handed me a robe and I silently followed her to another bathroom. She offered, with a subservient smile, “If there is anything you need Ms. Hawkins, please ask.”

My face still flushed, I responded, “Thank you, I think I should be ok.”

Maeko walked away and I went into the washroom and turned on the shower. As the hot water washed away my sin, I realized I still had no solution to my problems. I bounced around different scenarios, but none seemed to get me back to normality. As I lathered my body, I thought back to how just yesterday afternoon I spent twenty minutes with Mrs. Chung, discussing her daughter’s unbelievable academic success. There was not even the slightest inkling of what was to happen. I was eternally grateful that I would not have another interview with her or Constance this year. I finished my shower and grabbed the robe just as there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and Maeko handed me my bra and a blue dress. The dress was very cute and, thankfully, school-appropriate. I went to close the door, but Mrs. Chung stopped me. “I am supposed to help you with the dress and stockings, Ms. Hawkins.”

“Oh,” I responded, slightly dazed.

I put on my bra and my dress and stood shyly, odd after what she had just done to me, while she zipped my dress up for me. Once my dress was zipped, she asked me politely to sit on the toilet seat and proceeded to slowly put the thigh high stockings on my leg. The dark mocha colour really gave my legs a sexy look to them and my pussy began to tingle again as I felt Maeko’s gentle hands slide the silk up my legs. Her expert tongue so close to my cunt had me almost salivating as I relived in my head the pleasure she recently gave me. Once both stockings were on, Maeko stood up, “Is there anything else I can do for you Ms. Hawkins?”

“My panties?”

Maeko’s face flushed, “Mistress doesn’t like any of her pets to wear underwear.”

“Oh,” I replied, slightly stunned by this newest piece of information.

She went to the door. “Follow me to the kitchen.”

I reached for her hand, dying to know the answer, “How did you become her, um, her….”

Maeko smiled genuinely at me as she finished my question. “How did I end up a full-service maid?”

“Yes, please tell me,” I exclaimed, thankful she understood my blabbering question and curious to know how Constance seduced her.


She retold the story, not once making eye contact with me. Her tone was not one of shame, but rather shyness. “I applied for the job as her maid two years ago. Mistress recognized me from some school function and the fact we had children in the same grade. She explained that she was a very demanding boss and expected perfection and total obedience from her help. I explained I was born in Japan, but grew up in China and lived in a home with a very domineering father and a mother with very high expectations. This seemed to please her and I was hired. For two months there was nothing obviously unique about the job; I even saw the Master of the house a few times. In retrospect, there were many small subtle things, but nothing that gave me any reason to be prepared for what would eventually be expected of me. For example, she often touched me gently whenever she spoke to me, she often complimented me on my appearance and she continually made alterations to my work outfit. What started as a simple maid outfit slowly changed into something much more provocative. The skirt got shorter and the blouse a little tighter. One day she informed me she expected her servants to always wear three-inch pumps. Although incredibly inconvenient for my job, I, of course, obeyed. Then two weeks ago I found a gift bag for me. In it were a dozen pairs of silk thigh high stockings with a note explaining she expected her servants to dress in classy stockings and not no-name pantyhose. I had never worn stockings before, nor did I even know such undergarments existed. It was clear she liked to demonstrate her power and our different social status. But once I put them on, I was surprised how sexual I felt and how good the silk felt on my legs.

Then the final deciding moment occurred. I came to work at my usual 6:30 time and found a note on the kitchen table to please come upstairs the moment I arrived. I followed the instruction and walked in on Mistress naked with a woman between her legs. I was stunned. I had never seen two women together. Mistress ordered me to the bed and once I reached her she explained that she was considering a major change in my duties. She explained that she wanted me to be a full-service maid. I didn’t respond, unclear of her intent. Mistress made it crystal clear as she ordered me to get on the bed and replace the girl who was currently serving her. I stood mystified by the request. She repeated her order, her tone domineering and clearly daring me to disobey. Without a word, I moved onto the bed and a very pretty woman, who I would later learn was the Mayor’s wife moved from between Mistress’s legs. I moved between them and waited further instructions. Mistress explained that while most people liked to wake up with an alarm and coffee, she liked to be woken up by having her cunt licked. She further explained that if I was to stay on as her maid, her
full service maid, this would be one of my duties. She also added that the full service maid comes with many perks including a substantial raise, a vehicle, and a clothing allowance. I would like to say I resisted, that I was forced into this role, but I, like you I am guessing, obeyed on my own free will. Oh sure she was dominant and very intimidating, but I accepted my role all on my own. I leaned in and licked her cunt. I had no idea what I was doing, having never done it before, nor had I ever had it done to me before either, my husband seeing it as something only sluts did. I licked and nibbled until she began moaning and telling me not to stop. Once she orgasmed on my face, I felt a strange tingle flow throughout my body. I felt a thrill having pleased her in such a way. I also felt a strange feeling of power in being able to bring someone such joy. Mistress, once she recovered from her orgasm, asked if I accepted my new terms. I shook my head in acceptance and watched as a triumphant smile spread across her face. She went on to tell me that it was time to get my first bonus. She instructed the other woman to please me. I attempted to object; explaining I was married and had never had that done to me before. I was first scolded for questioning her and then comforted when she came to grips that I had never, ever, been pleasured by a tongue, even my husband’s. She explained she too was married and that Pamela Washington, the Mayor’s wife, was obviously also married. She went on to explain that no man can please a woman like another woman and it was time for me to learn the forbidden fruit of lesbian lust. Mistress instructed the stranger to show me exactly how good sex with a woman could be. The pretty woman aggressively flipped me onto my back and gave me pleasure I didn’t know was possible. I came in less than two minutes. That night I went online and read articles on how to please a woman. Over the next week I also watched online videos. I was determined to be excellent at it, like I strive to be excellent in everything else I do.”


“Wow,” was all I could muster. I hid the fact that her story of submission had made me horny yet again.

Oblivious to my horniness and awe, she suggested, “We better go. Mistress will be wondering. Patience is not one of her strong points.” For the first time in ten minutes, she allowed our eyes to meet. She let a smile break her usual mask of obedience.

I followed her to the kitchen and saw Mistress at a large table eating. I went to sit down at one of the seven empty chairs but was stopped. “Your spot is over here, my pet.”

She pointed beside her. Once I reached her, I again attempted to take a seat and was rebuffed a second time.

“No, no, no, my pet. Pets don’t eat at the table, they eat on the floor.”

My cheeks went red with humiliation. I glanced down and saw a plate with sausage, eggs and toast on the ground. A glass of orange juice and cutlery was beside it.

When I didn’t move, Constance asked, “Is there a problem, my pet?”

Mortified, insulted and enraged, I wanted to scream yes there is a fucking problem, a big fucking problem, but instead responded like a good pet, “No problem, Mistress.” I sat down on the hardwood floor.

“Good,” she purred. “I didn’t think I would have discipline issues with you.”

We ate in silence, shame burning through my entire being. Here I was a mother of one, a respected teacher in the community, being treated like a household pet. Would the humiliation ever end?

Once breakfast was done, Mistress Constance announced, “Well we better get you to work, my pet.”

I stood up and followed her outside to her vehicle. We drove in silence for a couple of minutes until Constance informed, “My pet, just so you know, anyone you see wearing the collar you have on is a sub of mine. Understand that as soon as they see you wearing the collar today, they will know you are mine too. Also, as the newest addition to my growing list of subs, you are on the bottom of the totem pole. In other words, you are to obey any command any other sub of mine requests, as long as it does not impact your family or job. Is that understood?”

I had no response. I did understand, but this was getting way out of control. I attempted to reason with her. “Mistress I do understand, but is there any way to keep this between you and me?”

“Are you ashamed to be my pet?”

I thought briefly about the question. I was ashamed, but not because I was her pet, but because I was so weak. I was ashamed that I enjoyed my submission so much and that even now in this non-threatening situation I was already looking forward to the next time. That said, I didn’t want the whole world, or anyone else for that matter, knowing what kind of sexual deviant I was. I tried to explain my feelings to her. “No, Mistress, I am not ashamed of you. I am ashamed by my weakness and afraid for others to know the truth.”

Her tone was sweet and caring, a surprising shift from her usual up front and blunt tone. “Oh, is that it? The only ones who will know have already submitted to me, my pet. They know exactly what you are feeling. They have been exactly where you are right now. They will actually help you come to grips with your new reality.”

“New reality,” I murmured.

She smiled, “Yes. Your life will never be the same. Everything you thought you knew about yourself has vanished and been replaced by a new reality. In this reality you need to accept your role as my submissive, my sub. A reality where you accept you have no control over certain parts of your life. The sooner you do, the easier your training from lonely divorcee to eager submissive will be. You were not a happy woman when I met you. You were lost and lonely and searching for that missing piece. You just didn’t know what that missing piece was. You were searching for something that only someone like me could give you. You needed me. It is obvious, you desperately need to be told what to do, more so than any of my other subs, quite frankly. Your personality is submissive. Accept it.”

I tried to process this lengthy assessment of my character. As much as I would like to deny such an extreme assessment of who I am, I couldn’t. Everything she said was true. As I was about to respond, we arrived in the staff parking lot. Anxiety washed over me as I worried who might see me get out of her car.

Seeing my nervousness she chuckled, “No one is going to see you leaving a person’s vehicle and know that you are a cunt-licking sub who needs to have a Mistress, my pet.”

Of course she was right, although her vivid language had me red again. The best way to hide the truth was to act normal.

Her hand went under my dress. “You are pretty wet, my pet.”

I blushed, knowing she was indeed right.

Her finger slipped easily in my cunt and she finger-fucked me slowly. Smiling, she teased, “Aren’t you the least bit curious who else has submitted to me?”

I moaned, “Yes, Mistress, I am both curious and scared.”

Her fingers left my cunt and she licked off my juices. “I have to admit, my pet, you are fucking delicious.”

I couldn’t believe how happy I felt hearing such an absurd compliment. “Thank you, Mistress.”

Breaking the brief moment of intimate sweetness, she abruptly asked me to leave. “Now get out of here, I have an appointment in twenty minutes.”

I obeyed, getting out of the vehicle. She drove away and I walked towards the school, no one else knowing of my inner turmoil or my sexual descent.

I kept my head down as best I could and made it to my classroom without seeing a colleague. I prepared for my day and jumped like a guilty criminal when Alice came into my room. I noticed she did not have a collar on her neck and gave a silent sigh of relief. She asked how my Pederson interview went and I replied not as I expected, which was the understatement of the millennium. We chatted briefly about trivial work crap and she left.

Until recess, the morning came and went without any drama. I was on supervision this week and could no longer avoid all the potential colleagues who may soon learn of my, what did Mistress call it, new reality.

I did supervision was again grateful that both other supervisors were men. I made it back to my class and led my students to the library for their weekly book reading. I had my students sit on the floor in the reader’s corner like I usually did and sat down at the back so I could watch all my students. They seldom misbehaved, but every once in a while….

I was chatting with one of my students when Mrs. Hamilton began to read. I didn’t look up right away. She greeted the class. “Good morning, grade fours.”

The class replied in attempted unison, “Good morning, Mrs. Hamilton.”

I still hadn’t really paid much attention, distracted by a couple of students who had not yet settled down. “Today’s story is about secrets.”

Her deliberate hinting tone startled me. I looked up to our late 40s librarian, and recognized the collar on her neck. I gazed into her eyes and she gave me an all too knowing smile. I quickly broke eye contact and began to hyper-ventilate. I attempted desperately to control my breathing while Mrs. Hamilton read the story.

I zoned out as she read, trying to wrap my head around the realization that our married, mother of six, librarian, was one of Constance Pederson’s subs. If Mary Hamilton, the jolly, outgoing, rather chubby British librarian was a sub, then anyone on our staff was a possibility. Every female staff member flashed in my head, each now a real possibility to be a lesbian submissive.

I was brought back to the present when Mary’s tone changed for certain words in the story. I began to listen as it became clear she was attempting to give me a message, tease me or test me; possibly all. As she continued to read the story, she continued to stress certain words like: obey, secret, bad, surprised, ecstatic and soon. I took the coded message as a clear indication that Mary was thrilled I had joined this exclusive secret club and that she planned to do something to me soon.

As soon as the story was done, I ordered my students back to class, hoping to get out of the library without having to have a conversation with Mary. Alas, Mary made sure that didn’t happen. She instructed our students to sit down as our librarian assistant read a second story to them.

Mary invited me to her office and I reluctantly and nervously followed. She closed the door and immediately spoke. “I can’t believe it was you. Mistress said she planned to add one more sub to her group from this school, but I never considered you as an option.”

Much to my surprise, I got defensive, feeling insulted that she didn’t think I was good enough for Constance. “And why wasn’t I an option?” I cattily asked.

The librarian smiled and laughed genuinely. “Oh don’t take it personally, Hannah. I just thought you were too strong to be broken by her. But I guess if she can have Betty crawling on the floor licking all the cum after an eight person gangbang, no one is impossible.”

“Eight person gangbang? Principal Pierce?” I mumbled in complete disbelief.

“Oh yes. Betty questioned Constance in front of a couple other subs and was punished by being gangbanged by the college football team. She wore a mask so the boys didn’t know who they were coming on and in. After all eight shot their loads, our dear Principal was ordered to clean the floor with her mouth.”

I didn’t say a word. If my mouth could drop to the floor like in those Roger Rabbit cartoons, mine would have. Finally I asked the question I was dreading, “How many others are there?”

“Here or total?”


“At this school you are number five; in our school division at least another five; if you add others in the community at least twenty-five or thirty.”

The numbers hit through me like a tornado touching the surface after spinning for days. “Twenty-five or thirty,” I muttered.

“Yep. But I am thrilled she chose you.”

“You are?”

“Yes, I have had a crush on you for a long time,”

“You have?” I questioned, in a haze of flattered confusion.

“Oh yes, but now is not the time to get into that conversation. You should get back to your students, but we are not done here, my dear.”

I nodded in acknowledgement and returned to the library. Once back in my class, I cursed that I didn’t ask who the other two were. I made it to lunch, barely, my nerves near the brink of a complete Lindsay Lohan type of collapse.

I went to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. I checked slyly for any other collars, now wanting to know. None of the cafeteria ladies were wearing the symbol of submission. I grabbed my lunch and returned to my room without any further incident. As I ate my lunch, I couldn’t decide what was more stressful: actually finding out who the other subs were or waiting to find out.

Just as I finished my lunch, I was paged to the office. I tossed my plate in the trash and headed to the office. I wasn’t overly worried about seeing a collar in the office. Our secretary was 55 and a sweet grandma who often baked cookies for the staff. Our Vice-principal was a male so he was safe. Lastly, although I now knew that Principal Pierce was a sub, she was always on supervision patrol at lunch, so it was very unlikely she would be in the office. That said, my nerves began to shake as I approached the office.

I reached the office and let out a gasp. Our sweet-as-cotton-candy secretary was wearing the same declaration of obedience I was. I couldn’t even begin to fathom a situation where she would submit sexually to Mrs. Peterson could transpire. It was completely unfathomable. She greeted, in her usual sweet voice, “I heard you had joined our group.”

“You?” I asked, unbelievably.

She shrugged, “I really had no choice. None of us do.”

Still in a state of shock, “How?”

“All in good time, my dear, all in good time,” the collared secretary said. “Ms. Pierce will see you now.”

I took a deep breath and walked into our ice queen of a principal’s office and closed the door.

“I suggest you lock the door, Hannah,” Ms. Pierce recommended.

Expecting the worst, I did as suggested and locked the door.

I turned around. Ms. Pierce was at her desk, a devious smile on her face, “Well hi there, Hannah. How was last night?”

As expected, the collar was on her neck. I looked down, avoiding eye contact, but instead got another surprise. A pair of heels was protruding out from under Ms. Pierce’s desk. I returned my confused, stunned, nervous and uncomfortable gaze back to Ms. Pierce. Then suddenly anger filled me when it occurred to me that she played a prominent part of yesterday’s seduction. “You knew about this,” I accused.

She shrugged, like it was no big deal, “Yes, I did, Hannah. It wasn’t my idea, but when Mistress explained her plan to seduce you I assisted as requested.”


“Oh don’t play victim on me. You desperately needed this.”

“How could you possibly know this?” I asked, my anger bubbling to the surface.

“Am I wrong?”

“That’s not the point,” I replied angrily.

Ms. Pierce’s tone shifted from conversational to authoritative, “Look Hannah, it no longer matters, does it? You, like me, Donna, Mary and the dyke between my legs, are subs to Mistress Constance. How it happened doesn’t matter. We are the chosen few.”

I glared at her, curiosity of who was under the desk beginning to nag at me. “You had no right.”

“Hannah, this is getting old. I want to ask you a simple question. Would you go back in time eighteen hours if you could and do anything different?”

My rage began to simmer. I considered the question and had mixed emotions. On the one hand, today had been the most stressful day in my life and I was an emotional mess…and it was only lunch. If I could go back to when life made sense, life would be so much easier. Yet, on the other hand, I had never felt so liberated and never felt so free as I had last night. Giving myself mind and body to someone was the freest I had ever felt, and I definitely wanted to have that feeling again. Not to mention I had never felt such sexual pleasure as I did last night and this morning.

Her moans were also distracting and I couldn’t help but have a growing part of me want to be the girl under the desk. I tried to erase the image from my head, but it kept remerging. I hated this bitch.

“I’ll take your long silence as a no you wouldn’t change yesterday. Am I right?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, defeated.

“Come here,” she ordered.

I tentatively obeyed.

“Now just so you know, we don’t usually have sex at school, but today is a special day. It isn’t every day we get an addition into our special group.”

I held my breath, oddly hoping to be told what to do.

“On your knees, Hannah.”

Remembering Mistress’s instructions to obey every command from a collared woman, I obeyed, my pussy already beginning to leak.

“You want to please me, don’t you?”

Although my mind wanted to yell ‘no, I don’t, you fucking bitch,’ my body was in control and I heard myself almost beg, “Yes, Ms. Pierce.”

“Yes what, Hannah?” she asked, definitely attempting to exert her power over me.

Frustrated, horny and surprisingly eager to please and obey my bitch of a principal, “Yes, I want to please you.”


Fuck she really wanted to put me in my place. Frustrated and wanting to show a bit of a spine, I decided to answer boldly, “I want to crawl under your desk and replace the slut currently pleasing you.”

Mrs. Pierce smiled, obviously happy with my naughty and submissive answer. Wanting confirmation and using my own words, “You are offering to replace the slut between my legs.”


Ms. Pierce rolled her chair back and allowed the slut, as I called her, to crawl out from underneath her desk.

Who I saw, face glistening in cunt juice, was one last shocking surprise. I was face to face with my best friend for the past three years, my neighbour, Amy. Her facial expression, like mine I am sure, was one of complete embarrassment. Her eyes seemed to be pleading an apology. I couldn’t believe it. Amy the married mother of two, a four year old and an 18 month old, was also a sub. It seemed so improbable, I still didn’t believe it even though I was currently witnessing it.

Ms. Pierce, clearly amused by the last revelation and my reaction to it, asked, “Are you going to get under there or what? Class begins in fifteen minutes.”

I gave one last look back at Amy, whose expression was unreadable, before I disappeared under my Principal’s desk. She rolled her chair back and her pussy was instantly in front of me. Much to my surprise, it was quite hairy, although I couldn’t see that well under the desk. I leaned forward and began to please my principal, the person who, before yesterday, was number three on my most hated list, behind only my bastard of an ex-husband and Constance. Due to the abundance of hair surrounding her cunt, the pleasing was substantially more challenging than my first time yesterday licking Mistress Constance’s shaved pussy. Oddly, her aroma was intoxicating, seemingly held in by her pubic hair. Concerned about time, I used my finger to fuck her as I attempted to lick her. Luckily, Amy already had her very wet and the double pleasure I gave her had her moaning rather quickly and I knew when she squeezed her legs tight against my head she was close. I hooked my finger inside her cunt, searching for her G-spot. Although slightly elusive, once I found it, her legs pulled me in and she came all over my mouth. I continued to lap at her juices until the chair rolled away. I quickly crawled from underneath the desk and stood up, desperate to end this humiliation. I perused the room, but Amy was gone.

“Wow, for a rookie, you have great potential.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I replied, not sure whether that was necessarily a good thing.

“You better go clean up before you return to class.”

She pointed to the bathroom in her office. I washed up and was thankful that I was not much of a make-up person. I returned to Ms. Pierce’s office.

“One last thing, Hannah.”

I feared what else there could possibly be. “Yes,” I replied, my tone going for annoyed.

“When we are alone, you may call me Betty.”

“Ok, Betty,” I responded, the name sounding odd and slightly bitter on my lips.

I left her office and returned to class. Knowing all four of Mistress’s other subs lifted a major burden. The anxiety I was feeling had dissipated and was replaced by dread and I pondered my next conversation with Amy. When had she submitted? Why didn’t I know? She taught Devon last year after returning from maternity and complained about him as well. Then suddenly it stopped. That must have been when she submitted, over a year ago.

Amy had become my best friend since we started teaching together three years ago. Last year, she moved across the street from me and we bonded even more. I was still married then, but when my marriage ended she was the one there for me. She listened, she supported, and she even played a little tough love to help get me back on my feet. She knew everything about me, until my life-altering change last night. I thought I knew everything about her, but apparently I didn’t.

The day ended finally. I had just finished packing up for the night when Amy came to visit. She closed the door and sat on top of one of the student’s desks. I noticed, for the first time, that the skirt she was wearing, while school appropriate, had a generous slit that when sitting like she was, revealed she was wearing thigh highs. A small smirk crossed my face, realizing she and I were now in the same predicament.

Amy broke the awkward silence, “Hannah, I am so sorry I never told you before.”

I whispered, as if people could hear our perverse conversation beyond these four walls, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have told me? Plus, how does one tell their best friend such a humiliating reality? It is not something that comes up in everyday conversation. Hi, how was your day? Good I bought a new outfit, tried a new recipe and, oh yeah, I became Constance Pederson’s submissive slave.”

I laughed. What else was there to do? She was right. Our situation was absurd and it is extremely unlikely, 99.9999 percent that I would have told Amy my situation if it hadn’t come out the way it did. “I’m sorry, Amy, I am not mad at you, I am mad at myself.”

Amy hopped off the desk to comfort me, wrapping her arms around me. Yesterday this would have been a simple friendly hug between two women, but today it could mean so many other things. She spoke gently, “Hannah, it is ok. I have accepted my role as her sub and for the most part it is not much different than before it occurred. She doesn’t expect a lot of my time, but she does expect total obedience.”

Tears ran down my cheeks like a rapid flowing river. “I couldn’t resist, Amy. I tried, but I couldn’t. Then to make matters worse, I really enjoyed it.”

“It’s ok, Hannah,” Amy comforted, “It’s ok.”

“No, it’s worse,” I blurted, “I crave it. I can’t get it out of my mind.”

“Trust me, Hannah, I understand. I was in the same situation you were, just a year ago.”

“How did it happen to you?” I blubbered through a wave of tears.

She rubbed my back, “The same as you I think. It was parent-teacher interviews and one minute I am defending the critical comments on Devon’s report card and next thing I know she was fingering me at my desk. Half an hour later, I was at her house and the rest is still a blur.”

“How do we end it?”

Amy asked sincerely, “Do you really want to end it? I know your next month will be intense as she tests you to make sure you will be loyal. But after that, things settle down.”

“Yes…no…I don’t know,” I blabbered, an incoherent mess, as I backed up a bit.

“It’s ok, Hannah. It will take some time to come to grips with what has happened. I know it is very overwhelming.”

“That is an understatement,” I joked, attempting to lighten the tense mood.

“But seriously, Hannah, I am always here for you. If you need to talk about this, I am here to listen.”

“I know, Amy, it’s just I don’t even know where to begin. I feel angry, confused, ashamed, lost, embarrassed, and mortified. Yet, I also feel excited, needed, and important. If that makes any sense,” I attempted to explain, not remotely understanding myself.

“I completely understand Hannah. I have been through every emotion you are feeling as well. I have only recently accepted the reality of who I am.” Amy paused, her eyes swimming directly into mine. She took a deep breath and nervously announced, “Hannah, I have to tell you something, I have wanted to tell you for quite some time.”

I wiped my tears away from my eyes, before looking directly into hers. “Amy, you can tell me anything. Apparently, you know everything about me.”

“I am a lesbian, Hannah. I have known this for a long time, but I had never completely come to grips with it. So when Constance seduced me, I didn’t even attempt to fight it. I wanted it. I needed it. She saw that in me and she seemed to have seen it in you too. Now I don’t mean I am bi or just a submissive for Mistress Constance. I mean I am in love with a woman. A beautiful, sexy, smart, sweet woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

I was shocked by this admission; she seemed to be happily married. I could only recall a handful of times she had complained about Eric. Being a good friend, “It’s Ok, Amy, I love you for who you are, the same way I know you love me and accept me. You mean the world to me Amy and I will be there for whatever you need.” As soon as I acknowledged this, I knew it was true. Amy was my lifeline, the one who was there whenever I needed it, selflessly helping me through my divorce, my job and even looking after my daughter Elaine.

It was Amy’s turn to break down. Tears flowed down her cheeks like wine. Suddenly I wanted to taste them. I took my finger and caught a tear and placed it to my lips. The sweetness warmed me. Amy was about to say something, but fearing it would break this intimate moment and a thirst I was desperate to quench, I was impulsive for one of the first times in memory. I leaned in and kissed her. I didn’t think first, I just let my instincts take over. She had been my best friend for a long time and this seemed so natural after a long day of very unnatural things. She returned the kiss and soon we were having our first kiss. We kissed for maybe a minute and just as I could feel the tingle in my spine flow up my back and my pussy began to feel that special warmth, Amy broke the kiss.

She looked directly into my eyes, “Hannah, I don’t want to take advantage of you during such a vulnerable time.”

“I kissed you,” I pointed out, tapping her nose with my finger.

“Are y-y-you s-sure?” Amy stuttered, her nervousness clearly prevalent.

“One hundred percent,” I responded, being sure about something for the first time in the last twenty-hour strange hours.

“Hannah,” Amy’s tears began to flow again, “It’s you!”

“Yes it is,” I responded, kiddingly, unclear of her intent.

“No, Hannah. I love you.”

“I love you too, Amy.”

“No, Hannah. I love you, love you. I love you in the I want-to-divorce-my-husband-move-in-with-you-and-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you kind of love you.”

Suddenly the world stopped. In this brief moment of clarity, a moment that only happens a couple times in one’s lifetime, I saw her, my life and the world for what it was. She was the one. And if it took the complete humiliation of submitting to Constance to realize what was right in front of my eyes, well so be it. Fate had a funny way of playing, but I wasn’t going to let this chance of happiness slip through my hands. “I love you too,” I proclaimed, my whole body warming inside, telling my heart the words I returned were true.

The smile on her face and the glow in her cheeks radiated from her as she hugged me again. An embrace so sweet, so tender, that I was putty in her arms. In her embrace, I felt at home for the first time since before my marriage collapsed. I felt love.

It’s funny though, the awkward silence that follows a declaration of love. She looked at me words on the tip of her tongue and I returned the gaze with words on the tip of mine.

Finally, Amy broke the silence, “Well now what?”

“Well, bastard who shall remain nameless has Elaine until 8 o’clock tonight. So let’s go to my place and talk in private. My mind is already thinking of a trillion questions to ask you and another part of me is thinking of a trillion things to do to you.”

“Oh my, Hannah,” Amy exclaimed, “If I had only known sooner.”

“I myself didn’t know, so how could you know?” I shrugged, reaching for my bag. “Meet you at my place?”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Amy guaranteed and followed me out of my class and to the parking lot.

During the drive home, away from Amy, I had time to think rationally. Did I really love her or was it just the heat of the moment? After a pros and cons list like I always do in my head, I concluded that yes, I loved her. Not just a friend love, but indeed a ‘I-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you’ kind of love. Was I ready for such love? I realized whether I was ready or not, it was here, and my heart was speaking for me. The excitement of being in love and in a relationship with my best friend was countered by the fact that I had a six-year-old daughter and she had two young children. My daughter, obviously, knew Amy really well and called her Auntie. How would I explain this to my daughter? Or would I? Was I ready for the complications that came with a relationship, especially a same-sex relationship? I arrived at my house with all these questions swirling in my head and not an answer in sight. My horniness was long gone and replaced by excessive anxiety. I began to place roadblock after roadblock on my relationship before it started.

Luckily for my over-reactive brain, Amy pulled up into her driveway and I had to suppress the million nagging thoughts pecking at my brain.

Once inside, I grabbed a bottle of wine, filled both our glasses and brought the bottle with me to the living room. Amy was sitting down on the couch and I handed her a glass of wine and sat down beside her like I always had. We looked at each other and as soon as I saw the twinkle in the green of her eyes and the resonating warmth of her smile, my worries disappeared. She sipped her wine and asked concerned, as she put her hand on my stocking-covered knee, “Are you sure, Hannah?”

The warmth of her hand had me instantly distracted and instantly feeling the heat down below. And although I was not remotely sure what the future held, or if there was really a chance for us to be a real couple, I answered with all my heart, “I have never been surer of anything in my life, Amy.”

Her smile grew wider and she took my wine glass and put both on the table. Returning to me, she put both hands on my cheeks and, without a word, leaned in for a kiss. I could feel fireworks explode in my head as our lips touched and her tongue slipped inside my mouth. The kiss began soft and tender, but slowly grew in heat and passion. We were making out like two teenagers on a first date, our tongues exploring every crevice of each other’s mouths. My breathing got heavier and I became desperate to do more. My hands began to explore Amy’s body. She did the same. Her hands caressing my arms and legs had me weak at the knees and I was thankful to be sitting. As if hearing my inner thoughts, Amy broke the kiss and pulled me up. She fumbled with my zipper as she fervently attempted to get my dress off. Once off, she gently pushed me back onto the couch and onto my back. I lay on the couch like prey, and as my predator looked me over, I could sense her need to devour me. Her smile of lust was like an aphrodisiac and I was desperate to be the main course. Much to my surprise, and at first disappointment, she didn’t devour me whole. Instead I became a full course meal. She took off my heels and took my pinkie toe in her mouth. She sucked on it, in essence making love to my toe. She continued this erotic teasing, taking each of my toes into her mouth and repeating the sensual tease. My moans continued with each toe. She followed the slow seduction, by repeating the process with my other foot. Time stood still as she savoured each of my toes through the sheer nylon. Once the last toe had been individually pleased, she lifted my foot up straight and licked the sole of my foot. It tickled slightly, but the sensation was unbelievable. She didn’t seem to miss an inch of my foot. Again, she repeated the process on my other stocking-clad foot, making me a bowl of jelly and she hadn’t even touched any of my special spots.

Speaking for the first time in fifteen minutes, “How are you doing, Hannah?”

“Exquisite,” I replied, being a bit coy.

“Oh, I haven’t even gotten started, my pet.”

‘My pet’. A chill went up my spine at Amy using the same pet name that Mistress Constance had just yesterday used in her seduction of me. I wondered if that meant she was my Mistress too, or was it just word play? I left the question unanswered. I was again distracted by the touch of Amy’s lips, which were ever so gently kissing my ankle and slowly, like a turtle walking, moved up my leg. As Amy’s head moved closer to my vagina, I thought I might explode. Her erotic teasing had me where I had never been before. Her head finally reached my pussy. She paused and deliberately made eye contact with me. She smiled and extended her tongue. Her tongue lightly brushed my pussy lips, yet another tease. After less than fifteen seconds of attention to my desperate pussy, she moved away and down my other leg. I thought I would explode, my body reacting to the incredible tease. She continued down my leg, kissing and nibbling my entire body. Once she reached my foot, she paused, bit my toe gently and slid her tongue up my entire leg. Again she reached my pussy and again she gave nothing more than a tease, rolling over it as she progressed up my body. She kissed my belly, tongued my belly button and moved up to my breasts.

Speaking for the first time in minutes, she ordered, although gently, “Take your bra off, Hannah.”

I moved up a bit and obeyed the command, allowing my small breasts to come free.

Amy purred, “Your nipples are hard, baby. Is that because of me?”

“Yes,” I moaned back, slightly embarrassed at how excited she had made me. “You are driving me crazy.”

Amy winked, “I am going to make love to you Hannah. Every part of you needs to be worshipped.”

I blushed even more, I imagine. Amy pushed me back onto my back and began kissing my breasts. At first she kissed and licked my breasts, occasionally allowing her tongue or lips to lightly touch my nipple. The teasing was both exhilarating and frustrating. I was not used to having my body worshipped. I was used to my body being used for the pleasure of others, by my ex-husband, the few boys I dated back in the day and most recently last night by Mistress Constance. I wanted to be fucked, to be used and was not sure how to deal with this gentleness. As if she heard my inner thoughts, she began to bite my breasts and once on each breast she sucked my nipple into her mouth. I let out a loud moan, her warm mouth on my nipples allowing a chill to flow up my spine. Amy continued up my body to my neck, another weak spot, and finally my ear, my ultimate wet spot. As her hot breath and tongue bathed my ear, she repositioned her knee so it was directly against my pussy. I let out more of a scream than a moan, while Amy whispered, “You like that, baby?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, my body completely at her every whim.

She bit my ear, harder than expected, before our lips met again. I attempted to hint to her my eagerness to come as I kissed her with reckless passion. Desperate to come, I attempted to rub my pussy on Amy’s leg in an attempt to get off. Amy broke the kiss, “No, no, baby. All in good time, baby. Just let Amy treat you like you need to be treated.”

I began, “Please Amy, I need….”

But she put her finger to my lips, “Shhhh, baby, just let Amy take care of you. I promise you it will be worth the wait.”

She moved back down my body, her tongue again meandering haphazardly on my skin. Once she reached my now wet pussy, she ordered, “Turn around, baby.”

I obeyed and was on my knees, my arms resting on the couch. I couldn’t see her well, but could feel her tongue and lips on my ass. She worshipped my ass like she had the rest of my body: with kisses, licks, nibbles and bites. I was a horny mess by this time. She pushed my ass slightly forward and pulled my ass cheeks apart. Much to my surprise, I felt her tongue on my rosebud. I couldn’t believe it. My best friend, who had been with me through thick and thin, was now tonguing my asshole. It was really incomprehensible. Even more shocking was how good her tongue felt in my taboo area. I let out another moan, the teasing and random pleasing driving me mad. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a finger slip inside my pussy.

“Aaaaahh,” I bellowed, shocked by the sudden penetration and just as equally thrilled by it.

Amy pumped her fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy for a brief time and just as suddenly pulled them out, leaving my pussy an abandoned mess.

“Please Amy, put them back in,” I begged, pushing my ass back, blindly attempting to find her fingers.

Amy spanked my ass, not hard, but not playful either. “Patience, baby, patience,” she instructed in a tone that hinted at dominance. I wanted to yell at her to quit teasing me and just fuck me, but I didn’t. A second slap on my ass followed, slightly harder, and she commanded, “Baby, turn back around.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I accidently replied. I attempted to correct myself, “I-I-I ….”

“Mistress,” Amy mused, her finger slowly caressing my inner thigh. Her tone shifting to serious, “Do you want me to be your Mistress, Hannah?”

Her eyes bored into me, her smile not giving away whether she was serious or not. Unsure what to say, I finally stammered, “I-I-I-um.”

“You do want me to be your Mistress, don’t you baby?” Before I could respond and admit my true desire to be her loyal, willing, unconditional sub, she, thankfully, went between my legs and began licking. After all the gentleness of the past hour, I was expecting a similar tenderness when she finally began licking me. Instead, I got an all out assault on my pussy. She went directly to my clit and sucked on it, attempting to swallow it whole. I let out an earth shattering scream the moment my best friend’s mouth made contact. I orgasmed in only a few seconds. As the orgasm quaked through my entire being, Amy let my clit slip out of her mouth, but kept licking. The continued licking of my cunt with constant pressure from Amy, kept my juices flowing and as the first orgasm began to dissipate, a second orgasm was already building. Amy kept licking, moving her whole head up and down, almost like she was bobbing on a cock. I watched closely, mesmerized by the sight of my beautiful, sweet, compassionate best friend, pleasuring me in a way I couldn’t even have begun to imagine twenty-four hours ago. Her eyes met mine and I blushed, feeling like I had just been caught stealing from the cookie jar. Yet, unlike shy and insecure me, I didn’t break eye contact. Instead I continued to gaze into the eyes of my best friend. She seemed to smile, although it was hard to tell with her mouth full of my pussy. She began to hum on my pussy lips, and a new sensation hit me. Almost instantly, a second orgasm flowed through me even greater than the first. I screamed, “Oh my God Amy, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Amy obliged, continuing to lick my soaking wet cunt. My juices flooded out of me like a tidal wave. My best friend licked and licked, continuing to please me as I almost hyperventilated from the pure pleasure. She slowed down while I slowly attempted to regain my breath. Just when I thought I was done, Amy surprised me again. She suddenly slid two fingers into my cunt. The suddenness made me scream in delicious joy and while she finger-fucked me hard and fast, she took my clit back in her mouth. Again unaware of my words, I screamed, “Yes Mistress, make your slut cum. Fuck her hard.” The intense double pleasure was too much and a third powerful orgasm hit me with full force. I realized my words only after they escaped my mouth. Amy didn’t say anything while she continued pleasing me. Long past propriety, I continued my vocal babble, “Fuck, Amy, I have never felt so good. Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk.”

The intense pressure was too much, my pussy raw from the constant coming and I had to push Amy’s expert mouth away. “Stop, stop, oh my God, I can’t take anymore.”

Amy’s smile was one of pure satisfaction. She stood up and said, her tone a bit more powerful than I had ever heard from her, “Ok, pet. Calling me Mistress once could be seen as a slip of the tongue, but twice, well that is curious.” She took off her shirt. Once off, she discarded it on the floor. While she unzipped her skirt, she explained, “Baby, you are completely submissive aren’t you?”

“I think so,” I whispered, somewhat ashamed.

Her skirt fell to the floor, displaying a beautiful shaved pussy, with a nice patch of hair above her clit. Her eyes never left mine. “So baby, are you ready to please me?”

I wanted nothing more. This time I knew exactly what I was saying when I responded, “Yes, Mistress Amy.”

Amy directed me to come to her using only her finger. I surprised her, I think, when I got on the floor and crawled the few feet to her. Suddenly anxiety filled me. I so desperately wanted to please her, I was worried I would be a disappointment, especially after what she had just done do me. She asked, “You want to taste your Mistress’s pussy, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress Amy,” I responded, “but I am worried I won’t please you the way you just pleased me.”

“Oh baby, just do what is natural,” she comforted.

Following her instructions, I sat up on my knees and began to lick Amy’s pussy while she stood. As soon as my tongue made contact with her pussy, she moaned, “That’s it baby, lick my pussy.”

Although difficult to get comfortable, I continued licking her pussy lips, her heavenly scent and taste were an amazing assault on my senses. Deciding to attempt to tease her and at the same time show her I wanted to be her submissive, I moved away from her delicious nectar and kissed her thigh. I slowly, like she had done to me, moved down her leg, kissing gently her stocking-clad leg. When I reached her foot, I bent down and kissed her perfectly manicured toes, like a servant waiting further instruction.

“Baby, you really are the most submissive woman I have ever met. You get wet being told what to do, don’t you baby?”

“Yes,” I answered, no longer even ashamed by the reality of who I really was.

“Kiss my feet, baby, suck my toes like a good little sub,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress Amy,” I eagerly responded, happy to be told exactly what to do. No longer surprisingly, my pussy began to get a special tingling again.

I sucked each of her toes one at a time, as she had mine. I took my time, attempting to suck each toe in my mouth like a small cock. Pleasing her feet so thoroughly was exciting, although a bit difficult because of the sheer nylons on her feet. Once done, I moved to her other foot and repeated the gentle pleasure.

Once I was finished, her breathing now heavier, she asked, “Do you have any toys?”

“Just a vibrator.”

“Well we will have to work on adding to your collection, baby,” she advised. Sitting on the couch, she ordered, “Go get it, baby.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed and began to get up.

“No, no, baby. I like you on all fours like a good sub, a good pet. I want to watch you crawl and get it. Bring it back to me in your mouth like you are carrying a bone.”

I fell back on all fours, “Yes, Mistress, your wish is my command.” I crawled away, feeling her eyes bearing down on me. Such an order should have humiliated me, yet it actually made me hornier. The feeling of complete submission, of unconditional obedience, was liberating. And, unlike with Mistress Constance, where I never felt safe and was always nervous and scared, with Amy I felt completely at home and safe, completely comfortable and eager to make her happy. The stairs were a bit awkward at first and somewhat humiliating, but I fulfilled the instructions, retrieving my fuck-toy and returning on all fours with the toy in my mouth. If going up the stairs was awkward, going down was an adventure in balance. I went slowly, scared to stumble down the stairs, but also determined to not disobey a direct order.

Stacy was a very successful rep of Metropolitan Agency. She quickly made a name for herself thanks to being a tall attractive blonde, and due to her aggressive outgoing can do attitude. She took pride in looking great for a 32-year-old woman. She had a sexy body maintained by working out religiously. She had light blonde shoulder length hair, great curves, a fuzzy well-trimmed blonde pussy, and supple C cup breasts. Stacy had thick nipples as wide as dimes centered in plum sized areolas, which always drove her husband and her past boyfriends wild. Despite Stacy’s working out frequently, she still had a little bit of a beer belly which she hated, but hid it as best she could with the form fitting clothing she liked to wear.

Stacy wasn’t without her share of enemies at Metropolitan Agency. She stepped on many toes on her way to success, and in many cases she could be a total bitch on wheels. There wasn’t one person in the office where she worked that didn’t want to put Stacy in her place. Despite being extremely successful in her job, Stacy was a notorious gossiper and back stabber. This was about to catch up with her and change her life forever.

Ryan (Stacy’s office manager) came in early Monday morning as usual to get on top of his agency’s business for the week. He was surprised to find a large sealed manila colored package on his desk. Not entirely sure what it was and having a number of things to attend to, Ryan set the package aside and got started on getting his to-do’s in order. About two hours after everyone got into the office Ryan got around to the mysterious package and opened it up. At first he was unimpressed as he saw simply a stack of papers upon opening the package. Once he pulled them out he saw that they were printed out copies of emails and instant message conversations. Upon reading some of them he noticed that they were all written by Stacy and her friends, and were scathing emails about Ryan, Stacy’s co-workers, their clients, and personal secrets about Ryan and the rest of his team.

Ryan was so upset that he was trembling at his desk. He thought “Oh my God! How could she do this to us!”

It took Ryan an additional hour to cool off enough and think about what he was going to do before stepping out of his office and addressing his employees.

Ryan walked to the center of the office and greeted his staff all at once. “Everyone, I think we have been growing apart over the past year as a group and we need to take a day to have a team building exercise. I’ll schedule a meeting this afternoon so we can plan a fun day for all of us tomorrow.”

Stacy remembered she had an appointment this afternoon. “Ryan, Could you schedule the meeting before 3 pm today? I have a doctor’s appointment today and I need to leave at 3 today to get there on time.”

Ryan retorted, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll work it out.” With that Ryan returned to his office. He decided that he would schedule the fake meeting at 2 pm and then secretly schedule the real meeting shortly after 3 and invite everyone but Stacy to attend. Ryan was feeling blood flush into his cock as he thought about setting up a big surprise for that backstabbing bitch Stacy.

Right on time as the fake meeting was coming to a close, Stacy got up abruptly, grabbed her purse and effects and headed for the door. To every man’s fortune on her team, her breasts jiggled and bounced wildly as she quickly made her way to the door. “See you all tomorrow guys and gals!” She was genuinely excited about the fun day tomorrow.

After she left, Ryan quickly shifted gears and brought out copies of the gossip and back biting emails Stacy had written about him, all her co-workers, and their clients. Janie, Randy, Steve, Chet, Matt, John, and Alison were blown away. Janie exclaimed, “She’s always so mean to us, how could she do this! Augh!” Everyone was getting upset. Ryan quickly began talking to them about what they were going to do to make this right. It was critical that they all work together on this or it was going to fail and blow up in their face in a very bad way…

That next morning Ryan quickly got set up in the conference room so that he was seated facing the room’s doorway at the far side of the table. As his staff trickled in he waited for Stacy to arrive and quickly called her into the conference room. “Stacy, can you join me in the conference room please?”

Stacy just got in and really needed to pee following her commute in to the office. “Ryan I need to use the restroom and I’ll be right with you.”

“Stacy, this will just take a second. Get in here, I need to run something by you, and then you can go visit the girl’s room.” Ryan replied.

“Uhhhhh. Alright Ryan. What’s up?” Stacy said as she came in, closed the door and took a seat across from Ryan.

Ryan couldn’t believe his luck. Stacy was wearing a cute kaki skirt that ended a few inches above her knees, and a low cut cream-colored top that accentuated her very interesting cleavage.

“I need to you quickly look at these and tell me what you think.” Ryan said as he handed over some of the printed emails Stacy had written.

At that point Alison walked by the conference room window and with an evil grin, waved to Ryan and gave him a thumbs up indicating that Stacy had left her car keys and her cell phone on her desk and were now well out of Stacy’s reach.

Stacy excitedly looked at the documents thinking that Ryan was trying to get some professional advice from her. When she saw what the printed documents were she froze with her face looking down on the table. “Ahhh. I don’t know. How did you get…”

Ryan was out of patience and BAM! Slammed his hands down on the table yelling, “How could you do this to us Stacy?! HUH?! You treat everyone here like shit half the time, and then you have to go and stab us in the back and betray our confidence and the confidence of our clients?!

Stacy lost control of her bladder for an instant and peed herself briefly before she composed herself and stopped the flow of urine into her panties and skirt. She hoped that her piss didn’t soak through the back of her skirt. Her face was turning many shades of red and she didn’t know what to say. “I. I. I. I’m sorry Ryan. Ahh.” She couldn’t look him in the eye being so embarrassed that she got caught in her backstabbing and she now realized that she had peed herself more than she thought.

Stacy finally shakily brought her head up and looked at Ryan. She noticed that his pupils suddenly dilated and his tone changed. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We are having the team building fun day, and you are going to be our team building Fuck Slut project for the day today.” Ryan said with a smile as he rose to his feet.

Stacy could see that Ryan’s cock was already erect and restrained within his pants.

She shot up from her seat, barely murmuring “I’m out of here.” Turned and made her way to the closed door.

Ryan noticed a dark wet spot about the size of a softball on the back of her skirt. “Oh my God I made her piss herself!” Ryan thought with glee.

Stacy quickly noticed that the entire staff was crowded around the conference room as she tried to scurry out of the room.

“What the Hell are you all doing out here!” She yelled at them as she began pushing her way through them to get to her desk and escape.

“Grab her!” Ryan exclaimed as he came out of the conference room.

Randy and Alison quickly grabbed Stacy on each side by her arms and pulled her back around to face the center of the crowded circle her co-workers had formed around her.

Janie walked up to Stacy so close that Janie’s breasts pushed into Stacy’s. She slowly exhaled a hot breath into Stacy’s face, looked down at their touching pairs of breasts and looked back up into Stacy’s eyes. “We are going to use your whole body to make us feel good Stacy.”

Janie grabbed Stacy by the hair on the back of her head and kissed Stacy full and on the lips for what seemed like forever, and then ran her wet saliva covered tongue in a big long swipe across the left side of Stacy’s face from her chin to her eyeball.

Stacy began to sob uncontrollably and exclaimed, “You. You can’t do this!”

“We are doing this.” Ryan retorted. “We have to work together here people. Let’s get Stacy out of those clothes. Randy, Alison, hold her. The rest of you start on getting her out of that piss stained skirt” Ryan laughed out loud after he said that.

Stacy began struggle to get free. Janie quickly slapped Stacy as hard as she could across the face as Steve and John each promptly grabbed one of Stacy’s ankles immobilizing her legs.

Ryan pulled out an orange ball gag and tried to get it into Stacy’s mouth. “No way! Mmm mmmm!” Stacy closed her mouth tight not letting Ryan insert the ball gag. Matt stepped forward and gave Stacy a quick jab into her stomach.

“Huhhhhhnnn!” Stacy exclaimed and Ryan popped the ball gag into her mouth quickly buckling it tight behind the base of Stacy’s head. “Ahhhnnnnnnnn!” Stacy moaned around the ball gag now intrusively stuck in her mouth.

“That’ll shut her up for now.” Ryan and Matt said almost simultaneously. ” Now, strip her.” Ryan commanded.

Matt and Janie began to undo the buttons and zipper of Stacy’s skirt and jointly pulled the garment down over Stacy’s curvy tan hips down to her ankles. Steve and John switched up their grip of Stacy’s legs and pulled her skirt completely off leaving Stacy’s with only her lacy light yellow thong panties covering her pussy. They then stood up and began to work Stacy’s top up over her supple C cup boobs.

Randy and Alison forcibly lifted Stacy’s arms up and allowed Janie and Matt to slip Stacy’s top over her head and off of her body.

Stacy now stood, gagged, held by four of her coworkers wearing only her lacey light yellow bra and thong panties, her jewelry, and her high-heeled shoes. With that Randy and Alison thrusted Stacy forward with a shove causing her to crumple immediately to the floor. Steve and John, still holding Stacy’s ankles, now swiftly took off Stacy’s high heeled shoes and released her letting Stacy get up on all fours.

Stacy was mortified, she felt totally vulnerable, and still had to pee something terrible. “Nnnnnnaaaaaaahhhh.” She murmured around her ball gag as a stream of her saliva began pouring out over her lower lip and hung nearly all the way to the floor.

“Stacy, I know how you think this office is a boys club.” Ryan chimed in, “Well, Alison and Janie are now honorary guys in the ‘Boys Club’. They are going to use you today just like any of us men will. What do you think about that bitch?”

Alison stepped over Stacy’s back with Stacy still on all fours on the floor and undid Stacy’s bra, letting it fall to the floor around Stacy’s hands. Stacy quickly grabbed the bra, got up onto her knees and tried to bring the bra back up over her tits to cover herself. The saliva streaming out of her mouth swung back and splatted against her chest and tummy. Steve in a flash reached in between Stacy’s hands cupping her concealed breasts and pulled the bra away from her. In a token effort Stacy tried to reach out to get some of her last clothing back, but to no avail.

“Look at the thick nipples on that bitch you guys!” Steve said. “They gotta be as wide as pennies and a half inch tall! Shit that is hot!

Stacy being on her knees now looked around and saw that her co-workers were either nude or in some state of undress. Every penis she saw was fully erect and bobbing to the blood pumping into the shaft. Janie and Alison were now nude as well and both had one of their hands parting their fleshy vulvas and rubbing their clits as they gazed back at Stacy who was now wearing only her panties.

Stacy tried to stand up but was shoved forward again, this time by Chet. “Where are you goin’ Fuck Slut? We haven’t even started with you yet.”

Stacy was back on all fours again, and Chet wasted no time. SMACK! He slapped her right butt cheek as hard as he could and Stacy toppled to the floor. Chet, Janie, and Randy grabbed for Stacy’s panties so quickly that the panties tore apart in two places as they were pulled off of her limp body revealing her trimmed fuzzy blonde hair covered pussy.

The shock of being slapped so hard and the force of her panties being torn off of her body were too much for Stacy and she began to pee on the floor right were she lay almost motionless naked on the carpeting.

“Oh my! You dirty little slut! Look at you. You pissed yourself right there on the floor. Ahha ha ha ha!” Ryan exclaimed and he and the rest of the team laughed at Stacy now crumpled, naked and gagged laying before them on the floor. Ryan crouched down next to Stacy and reached in between Stacy’s legs at the base of her ass cheeks and ran his fingers up and down her bare pussy lips. Stacy let out muffled whimpers as Ryan’s hand explored Stacy’s meaty labia. Stacy was horrified that her pussy was responding to this humiliation by becoming drenched with her slippery juices. Ryan readily discovered that Stacy was very wet as his fingers quickly slipped in-between Stacy’s labia and easily into her vagina. “Holy shit gang, looks like our little whore is ready for some action! She’s wet! You love being a dominated fuck slut don’t you?”

With everyone now naked, Ryan looked over at his staff, “Steve, John, pick our Fuck Slut here up, take her over to her desk and lay her over the top. I want us to be able to fuck her both ends at the same time. Know what I mean?” He finished with a wink. “Hold on guys.” Ryan said as John and Steve were walking and dragging Stacy over to her own desk by holding by her arms and armpits. Ryan came around to face Stacy grabbed her by the chin and lifted her face up so that she was looking him in the eye. “Do you know what you are? You’re our Fuck Slut today.”

He continued to hold her face looking at her, “What are you?”

“Mmmmmmmmnnnn” was all Stacy could muster through her drool covered ball gag.

SMACK! Ryan slapped Stacy across the face. “What are you?”

SMACK! He slapped her again. “What are you!?”

Ryan with both his hands grabbed both of Stacy’s nipples and gave her a double titty twister. “WHAT ARE YOU!?”

“Aaaaaahhoooooooooooowwww! IMmmmm mour muck mut!” Stacy screamed through her ball gag causing an exceptionally large amount of her spit to ooze out onto her chin and onto her chest and tits.

“You’re going to do everything we tell you too aren’t you Fuck Slut.” Ryan added as he twisted Stacy’s big nipples again. “Understand?”

Stacy nodded and whimpered “Nnnnessssshhh!”

Ryan released the buckle holding Stacy’s ball gag tight in her mouth and pulled the gag out of her mouth. Without looking he handed it off to Janie who brought Stacy’s ball gag to her mouth and gave it a lick while Stacy was watching her.

“Now, what are you?” Ryan said looking at Stacy’s trembling eyes.

“I’m your fuck slut.” Stacy whimpered.

“What was that?” Ryan retorted.

“I’m your FUCK SLUT!” Stacy cried.

“You’re going to do everything we tell you to aren’t you Fuck Slut?” Ryan said with an evil grin.

“Yes.” Stacy murmured.

“You heard it here folks! Alright Steve, John get her over on that desk on her back so that her legs and ass cheeks hang over one side, and her head hangs over the other. We’re going to plow our little office fuck slut from both ends. When your not fuckin’ or getting sucked off by our little fuck slut here make sure you are taking lots of pictures. We’ll need some collateral to keep this bitch under control.”

Steve and John flopped Stacy down over her own desk mere feet away from her cell phone and car keys. “Ryan, you’re the one! Go ahead and be the first one to split that slut pussy.” Steve said as he positioned himself over Stacy’s face opposite of Ryan. “Suck me bitch!” Steve said and he guided his cock in between Stacy’s reluctant spit covered lips.

Not wanting to get roughed up further, Stacy gave in and began to suck Steve’s hard cock. She felt Ryan’s penis push in between the cheeks of her fuzzy vulva. Her wet pussy lips suddenly parted and Ryan’s cock slid into her wet pink love hole. Ryan paused mid thrust, put his hands behind Stacy’s knees, lifted up her legs, drew his cock back and slammed it in Stacy’s pussy all the way to the hilt. “Yeah! Oh my God this feels good. Oh my God! Damn!” Ryan yelled out.

It wasn’t long before Stacy saw Steve’s balls suddenly contract up toward his body. “He’s going to shoot his cum in my mouth!” She thought.

“Ahhhh! Yeah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!” Steve exploded a huge load into Stacy’s mouth. With each thrust of his cock into her mouth cum pushed out around his cock and ran down her face into her nostrils and toward her eyes, ears, and hair.

Stacy couldn’t believe it; she never had such a large amount of cum blasted into her mouth. She thought Steve shot almost ten big long streaks of cum into her mouth.

Ryan roared out loud in triumph as he literally filled Stacy’s pussy with his cum. As he withdrew a huge slug of cum sloppily fell out followed by more of Ryan’s cum pouring out of her pussy and over her asshole before dripping to the floor.

Randy quickly replaced Steve in Stacy’s mouth causing Stacy to gag on his cock and pushing more jizz and spit from Stacy’s mouth out onto her face into her nose, eyes, and hair. Matt moved in replacing Ryan and quickly slid his cock a few times into Stacy’s pussy. He then lifted up Stacy’s legs but flopped them both over his right shoulder holding them both with one arm, and guiding his cock with his free hand.

“I’m going to blow this fuck slut’s asshole out. Watch this Stacy, you fucking bitch!” He then withdrew from her pussy and began to press his pussy juice covered dickhead against Stacy’s tight semen covered asshole. With both her asshole and Matt’s dick being so slippery, Matt pushed his hard cock right in there. “Oh man this slut’s asshole is tight! Ahhh! Fuck!”

Stacy exclaimed in pain “Gluck Gluck Ooooowww Gluck Gluck!” and tried to squirm away from Matt invading her ass with his hard cock. Janie and Alison crowded over Stacy and began to slap her tits as they were flopping around and around as Randy and Matt raped her mouth and asshole.

“You’re not going anywhere Fuck Slut!” Alison chimed in as she abused Stacy’s tits with Janie. Janie and I are going to get a piece of you today too you whore!”

Before long Randy let out yell and shot his load of cum into Stacy’s mouth. Again Stacy was shocked to have such a large amount of cum blasted into her mouth. Randy pulled his cock from Stacy’s mouth and grabbed her by the chin and the back of her head. “Swallow my cum Fuck Slut.”

Janie reached out and pinched Stacy’s nose shut. “Do it you cum covered slut!”

Stacy had no choice. She swallowed every bit of Randy’s and Steve’s cum that was in her mouth, and opened her mouth and drew a breath. As she was breathing through her mouth Randy spit into her mouth and Janie spit onto her cum and spit covered face.

Janie came around and stood over Stacy’s face. “It’s my turn now to use that mouth, slut!” She lowered her pussy onto Stacy’s mouth. Lick my pussy you whore!”

Stacy was never with a woman before, in fact she was definitely not interested in having a sexual experience with another woman. Now, here she was being forced to eat the pussy of one of her office colleagues. Janie put her hands down under Stacy’s neck and pulled Stacy’s face up into her pussy. Stacy reluctantly stuck her tongue out and began to lick Janie’s pussy. Stacy worked on Janie’s clit for a bit and then went down to Janie’s vagina and used her tongue to move Janie’s juices up toward her clit. Stacy was surprised at how Janie’s pussy was making her tongue tingle, and how she was making Janie respond well to her tongue movements.

Matt couldn’t keep from cumming any longer in Stacy’s asshole. In one final stroke he drew back and then pushed is cock back into Stacy’s ass all the way to his balls and shot his load of cum deep into her ass. “Good God Man! Oooooh!” Matt exclaimed and withdrew leaving Stacy’s ass gaping open. Matt stepped back and let Stacy’s legs flop down tilting her ass back to the floor. With her ass tilted down, in seconds Matt’s huge load of cum was leaking out of Stacy’s stretched out asshole onto the floor.