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The worst thing about being away from home on her own for work, Dee decided, was being away from home, alone and staying in a hotel that was being used for a private function where everyone else seemed to know each other and were obviously enjoying themselves. She sipped her drink and cast a look around the bar.

As she scanned the room, she noticed two men near the bar who were deep in conversation. Every now and then they would look in her direction. Dee pretended not to notice but she felt a thrill run through her each time she felt their eyes upon her.

Their looks became more frequent, more lingering. Every now and then Dee would allow her eye to be caught, and she would give her admirers a quick smile. Having made that initial ‘contact’, their stares became more blatant; they were now clearly and very obviously eyeing her up. Their scrutiny became a statement of intent and Dee felt herself responding; the intensity of their stares fuelled a longing inside her and she knew she wanted both of them. A shiver of anticipation ran through her as she held their gaze.

The silent flirting continued as Dee slowly sipped her wine. By the time she placed her empty glass on the table, she knew she could have either one of them. What she really wanted though was to have them both, together, taking her roughly, using her for their pleasure. The thought of being satisfied by both of them at once made her imagination race. Dee felt a warm flush spread across her cheeks and she realised, almost incidentally, that the anticipation had already made her pussy very wet.

Fixing them with her gaze, Dee slowly stood up and, very deliberately, walked towards them. They were following her with a look of hunger in their eyes that was so obvious Dee felt electric bolts of anticipation surge through her. She smiled coyly then without a word to either of them, she began walking towards the door that led from the bar towards the bedrooms. She stopped at the threshold and winked suggestively at them. They both smiled then made to follow her.

As she walked along the corridor towards her room, Dee felt the anticipation increase with every step. Her mind filled with images of the things she hoped the men would soon be doing to her. Her pussy was uncomfortably wet as she fumbled the key-card in the lock of her door.

She had barely made it into her room when the first of the pair grabbed Dee and pinned her to him. She was kissed roughly on the mouth, his tongue forcing its way into hers. As she responded she felt the fire spread through her as she pressed herself against his firm body. Her hands sought out the bulge in the front of his trousers and she was pleased to discover he was already hard and that what he was going to give her felt reassuringly large.

A second pair of hands reached round from behind her. Dee felt his lips against her neck as his hands began stroking her through the flimsy material of her dress. Her nipples stiffened as his fingers brushed over him. Pushing her hips back, Dee ground her bum against his crotch and was again rewarded with the feeling of a hard cock that was clearly straining to be released

Revelling in the sensations as two pairs of hands explored her body while two pairs of lips kissed her, Dee wondered if she could possibly be more aroused it. “Mmmmmm, that feels so good,” she breathed as the man behind her gently nibbled on her neck.

Hands began to unbutton Dee’s blouse. As she let it be removed, she felt her bra being pushed down, revealing her firm, tanned breasts. “Yessssss!” she gasped as she felt a pair of lips fasten on one nipple. The man sucked it roughly into her mouth and flicked it with his tongue before moving to do the same with the other.

As one of the men feasted on her breasts, Dee sensed rather than felt her skirt being removed. Her knickers were uncomfortably wet, and it was almost with a sense of relief that she felt them being dragged down over her hips to fall to her ankles.

Fingers brushed against Dee’s moist lower lips. She wriggled and squirmed, spreading her feet slightly. She felt a finger slide inside her pussy. “Oh fuck! Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhh, mmmmmm!” Dee cried as, from nowhere her body responded to the attentions of her two unknown lovers. Spasms gripped her pussy, contracting her womb. Her heart pounded as she came hard.

Shaking, her hand went to the zip of the first man’s trousers. She quickly found the object of her search and, as she released it from its confinement, she dropped to her knees. Her pussy was still being vigorously finger-fucked as she wrapped her lips around the large, meaty cock that stood erect before her and drew it into her mouth. She eagerly took as much of it into her mouth and began to suck, her lips sliding effortlessly up and down its length.

Powerful tremors still shook Dee’s body as she sucked hungrily on the cock in her mouth, applying herself diligently to the task. As she sucked, the man gripped her head and began to thrust, slowly but firmly, driving the head of his cock deep into the back of Dee’s throat, making her eyes water.

Dee was so engrossed in enjoying having her mouth fucked that it was a few moments before she realised that the other man was no longer fucking her pussy with his fingers. She looked round and saw him now standing beside his friend, sporting a cock that looked every bit as satisfying as the one that she currently had in her mouth. Almost reluctantly, Dee disengaged her mouth from the first then turned to devour this second cock that was now being offered to her.

“She’s one hell of a cock-sucker, isn’t she?” she heard one of the men ask as sucked hungrily on the cock in her mouth.

“Oh f… fuck yeah! Sh… she most definitely is!” the other replied. By his strained tones, Dee identified the voice as belonging to the owner of the cock she was currently enjoying.

“Bet she fucks as good as she sucks,” The first said.

“I… I’m sure she does…” the other replied.

Feeling increasingly aroused by the compliments they were paying her, Dee began alternating her attention between the two satisfyingly large cocks that were being enthusiastically offered to her. Sucking one then licking the other, moving back and forth, enjoying their moans of pleasure almost as much as the feeling of their cocks between her lips. As she feasted Dee was surprised by the fact that she could feel her pussy getting wetter as anticipation of what would come next continued to mount.

Dee came to a decision. She turned her attention back to the first of the two cocks and began to suck on it in earnest. As her lips travelled up and down the object of her desire she felt a pair of hands slide up her thighs. She sensed, rather than felt the second man take position behind her. Her anticipation climbed still higher, adding to the sensations she was felt as she continued to suck and lick at the cock before her.

With her lips wrapped tightly around the cock in her mouth, Dee braced herself for what was about to come. The seconds ticked by with almost agonising slowness as she waited, a desperate longing to taken hard growing in her with every heartbeat, every breath, every twitch and throb of the cock she was sucking on.

Suddenly she felt the second man’s cock push against the lips of her soaking pussy. The cock slid into her without resistance and she found herself filled at both ends.

“Oh fuck, her pussy is good,” he moaned as he pressed into her, quickly finding his rhythm, “Just wait until you’ve got your cock in here”

He increased his pace and soon Dee could feel his cock slamming into her with all its force. Each thrust of his cock forced her to take the one in her mouth even more deeply into her throat. Savouring the sensations, Dee moved her hips to match his rhythm in such a way as to maximise the sensations at both ends of her body. Back, and her pussy was filled to the brim, stretching to accommodate the cock that was deep inside her. Forward, and the first cock filled her mouth once more

Both men continued to fuck her. Dee could feel her pussy trembling around the thick cock that filled it. She reached back to stroke her clit and it throbbed beneath her fingers.

Once again, she felt her orgasm explode within her. Dee’s pussy gripped the cock inside it tightly; she sucked even harder on the cock that was filling her mouth. She wanted to cry out, to give voice to her pleasure but she couldn’t force any sound out from around the thick cock between her lips.

With some unspoken agreement both men decided to change places. Dee let herself be lifted from the floor, on to her bed as the first man, who had until moments ago been fucking her face lay down next to her. “Climb on top of me,” he commanded. Still trembling from the intensity of her climax, Dee slowly lowered herself onto his lap. Then using one hand to hold his erect member in position, she deftly guided it into her. The feeling of his cock filling her sent her over the edge again.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” her lover asked as she impaled herself on his cock.

“Oh fuck yes!!” Dee moaned, “I’m loving every fucking second!”

He raised his hands to her breasts, squeezing them and teasing her nipples as Dee began to move up and down, clenching the walls of her pussy around him.

As he fucked her from below, he began to suck on her nipples again. The feeling of his lips and tongue against them sent feelings like electric shocks coursing through her body.

The second guy presented his cock and Dee greedily began to suck on it. The taste of her juices coating his thick cock combined with the sensations in her clit and her pussy sent her over the edge and she came again with a giant shudder. So intense were her feelings that she would have screamed were it not, once again for the fat, juicy cock between her lips.

Dee allowed herself to come down and slowly found her rhythm again. She was being lifted and lowered onto the cock below her with such force that her pussy was beginning to feel raw.

Dee’s pussy and mouth were allowed a brief moment of respite as she found herself being positioned on all fours. The men changed position again. The cock which, moments before, she had been impaling herself on was now being thrust between her lips. Dee savoured the taste of her juices on its length as it was forced roughly into her mouth. She felt strong hands gripping her hips, the head of the other cock pressing against her enflamed lower lips. Dee pushed her hips back to receive it, taking it deep inside her. With both her pussy and mouth stuffed full once more, she gave herself over to them, surrendering herself to their wants.

As one cock hammered her increasingly tender pussy, Dee sucked and licked the cock that was in front of her with increasing abandon. Every deep thrust of the cock in her pussy forced more of the other thick cock into her mouth.

The pounding of her pussy continued; her jaw was beginning to ache. Dee didn’t mind; every nerve in her body was on fire as she endured the merciless assault of the two cocks.

Suddenly the man pulled out and for a moment she felt a great sense of emptiness inside her where his cock had been. Moments later she felt the head of his cock being pressed firmly against her other entrance. Dee let the other cock slip from her mouth. “Ohhhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, mmmmmm…” she moaned as her arsehole yielded to the pressure

Slowly, inch by delicious inch she felt the first cock invade her arse. Dee slid her hips back to meet his thrust and soon he was moving his cock inside her again. After a few stokes he pulled out again. The other man lay on his back on the bed and motioned Dee to climb on to him. She did so, and wasted no time guiding his cock into her pussy. She could hardly suppress the thrill of knowing what was about to happen as she slid down his length and then began to ride his thick cock.

Once again, Dee felt the other cock press against her arsehole. She paused briefly, allowing him to enter her. When it was in Dee delighted at the sensations of having both holes filled at once. As she accustomed herself to the new sensations, her only regret was that there wasn’t a third cock for her to suck as her two lovers thrust deeply inside her.

With their cocks now buried deep in her pussy and back passage, Dee was final free to give voice to her pleasure. “Oh fuck that’s sooooo good,” she moaned, “Fuck my pussy! Fuck my arse! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Feeling herself sandwiched between them she felt the pressure in her clit rise again. They were both thrusting into her as hard as they could and she was enjoying every second. Savouring the double intrusion, Dee, moaned her encouragement, letting both men know how much she was enjoying their attentions.

From their breathing she knew that soon they wouldn’t last much longer. She ground her hips down and pushed back at the same time, drawing the two cocks as deep into her pussy and her arse as she could. She came again. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ooooh yesssss! Yessssss! Mmmmmm YESSSSSSSSSS!!” she cried, this time being able to give vent to the screaming release that had been denied her on the previous occasions.

As if her screaming was the signal the men had been waiting for, the delicious abuse of her holes suddenly stopped. The first man slowly pulled his cock from her back passage. Still shaking, Dee felt herself being lifted off the other cock. Still gripped in the throes of her climax, she was allowed to lie back on the bed as the two men took up positions on either side, pointed their cocks at her and began to wank them furiously.

Dee couldn’t tell which of her lovers came first, but she didn’t care. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” she purred contentedly as the first cock erupted, sending spurts of hot, sticky cum over her face and neck. It was still spewing its load over her when she, heard a low moan from her left then felt the second load hit her, covering her breasts with its warm stickiness.

Dee lay there for a moment then began to rub the cum into her skin. As her sticky fingers made contact with her nipples the dirtiness of the situation overwhelmed her and she allowed herself a final small climax.

With small but intense tremors gripping her body, she continued to massage her breasts, relishing the feeling as she spread the sticky load all over them. She licked her fingers clean then turned to the two cocks that were now diminishing. She gently licked each one clean, savouring the mixed taste of cum and her own juices. Once that task had been completed, she greedily licked her lips, wiped her face and licked the last traces of cum from her fingers.

Lying there, tired, tender but extremely satisfied on her bed, Dee was scarcely aware of the men as they quickly dressed and left her room. She wondered if she could be bothered with the effort of getting herself cleaned up and going back downstairs to the bar again. Feeling warm and surprisingly comfortable despite her various aches, she decided not to bother.

Later, having finally summoned up the last reserves of energy to shower and get ready for bed, Dee’s last thought as she turned off the light was the realisation that she hadn’t found out her lovers’ names.

She stood shifting from one foot to the other, her slinky silky dark blue dress rising mid thigh. She twirled her long dark brown hair round a couple of fingers on her right hand as she shivered, waiting outside the restaurant, her other hand holding her tiny clutch bag with her essentials in it.

Rachel glanced at the clock inside, he was 5 minutes late and she hated to enter somewhere alone, so she continued to wait. Chewing her lip nervously she began to wonder if perhaps Nate wouldn’t show.

They had met some months previously on a chat site, nothing sinister, nothing sexual…at first…but as time went on they discovered how much they had in common. Their interests didn’t just include reading and similar taste in music, both of them were in loveless, tired relationships and longed for company, for a connection, for total intimacy.

Rachel knew her relationship would be over soon, her short fling with Steve was pretty empty and just suited them both for a short time, it was Nate’s situation she found much more concerning.

Nate had drawn her in, his charming American humour, his gorgeous brown eyes in his photos, his willingness to share, before he’d dropped a bombshell. He’d waited until she had opened herself up to connecting with him, agreed to meet in the flesh, before he mentioned his wife…

He had just dropped it in as if mentioning he liked milk in his coffee or milk chocolate instead of white chocolate, Rachel had sat open mouthed at her computer screen when she read, ‘eh yeah I meant to mention I have a wife’.

Thing was though, she couldn’t stop contacting him, she was fascinated by him.

And there he was…walking towards her, grinning like a kid in a candy store, smart in a grey shirt and black trousers. His top buttons undone, exposing dark curly brown hairs. Rachel flushed as soon as she saw him, nervously she dared, ‘Nate?’

He nodded, ‘Hey honey’,he curled an arm round her waist and kissed her cheek, ‘mm you smell delicious’.

They talked over dinner, Rachel sharing about growing up in London and how she was finding it in New York. Nate was enthralled by her and the lilt of her voice. He touched her hand lightly over the table, his other hand brushing her knee. She tried to keep talking but his touch, his cute American accent, the lack of wedding ring on his marked finger made her dizzy with anticipation.

Nate invited her back to his hotel room and Rachel politely accepted. As she stood by the lift Nate picked his key up from reception, Rachel studied the receptionist helping him. Her eyes fixated on the blonde’s plump breasts. Rachel suddenly realised the receptionist and Nate were looking at her, embarrassed she looked away.

In the lift together the air was heavy with anticipation, with nerves, with excitement. Rachel was accutely aware of Nate’s stocky figure beside her, for a man a good twenty years her senior he was muscular and clearly a regular gym user. Nate kept glancing at her, fascinated by her luscious curves, her low cut dress, her smooth skin, her pert 25 year old body.

Before they reached their floor Nate stepped closer to her, his groin against her bum, his hands sliding onto her hips and he leant in close to whisper in her ear, ‘Rach,are you sure you want to act out what we discussed online? You can change your mind’.

Rachel’s heart pounded like crazy in that moment, this handsome American, his wife unsuspecting at home, coming on to her, arousing her so quickly, making her dizzy with anticipation. Without turning round Rachel whispered back, ‘I’ve never been more sure of anything’,with that the lift doors opened and Rachel followed Nate to the room, his fingers curling round hers, leading her to a night of extreme passion.

He encouraged her to sit on the edge of the couch as he fetched her a drink. She perched nervously and once he passed her a glass of white wine she settled back a little further. They made small talk and Nate nursed a small glass of whiskey.

When he set his glass down Rachel knew…she knew there was no more waiting. Wordlessly he reached round the small of her back and pulled her close to him. He kissed her neck and firmly held her still. She groaned very softly and pushed her glass away, her soft hands reaching up along his bare arms, his sleeves rolled up.

He groaned as he kissed her and she massaged his arms, he moaned and whispered, ‘God I want you’.

She replied,’Have me…’.

He lifted her into his arms immediately, his manhood stiffening at her response to him. He would not miss an opportunity to have this young woman, to take her in the way they had talked of online..

Rachel lay on her front, Nate pulled her ass in the air and he knelt on all fours. He pulled at her dress and lifted it up, but didn’t remove it, they had talked of this and he acted it out just as they’d said.

Nate pushed Rachels bra up so he could grope her full breasts, greedily squeezing them hard as he became more aroused. Rachel groaned, she could feel Nate’s body close to her now, pressed up against her. At some point he had slid his trousers and briefs down because she could feel his bare cock pressing on her ass.

Rachel groaned and cried out for him, begging to be fucked. Nate laughed then, pleased at her desperation for him, he knew her fingers were inside, working her clit, preparing for him. He slid a couple of fingers into her, both of them groaning with the pleasure.

She rocked back on his fingers as he roughly fingered her. Suddenly his fingers were out of her pussy and into her asshole. Shocked at the change she cried out in pain. He reassured her he would slow down and just worked at her ass with one finger at first. Rachel had never had her ass worked, she groaned as it hurt but moaned with delight too.

She was enjoying it and her pleasure made him stiffen more, he began to throb for her. She reached back as he continued to finger her ass and she began to work his shaft, making him harder and ready for her…

At first she didn’t realise the change, she thought it must be two fingers in her hole now, but as his hands came to grope her tits again she realised his cock was going up her ass.

She cried out in pain, with pleasure, with disbelief at the size of him, his girth and how wet she had become. He only pushed a part of himself in her ass, careful not to hurt her too much, enough to tease her, to cause her to cry out for him.

Then he pulled out and pushed her up to the beds head, she clung onto it and he rammed into her pussy. She screamed and he told her to tell him what she wanted.

‘More,more’, she cried, ‘more cock Nate,more Nate’.

His cock swelled when she used his name, he worked up a steady pace, in and almost fully out, in and out, in and out. Then he pumped her, he just went for it. She was crying out obscene words, names, she was worked up and he loved it. He couldn’t hold back any further and shot his load up her.

Rachel shuddered as she climaxed because of the sudden rush of warm fluid inside her. She screamed out as he kept fucking her, he would not relent as she shook on him.

When they were spent she collapsed on her front and he lay on top of her, his weight holding her down. His cum trickling down her legs, their sweaty bodies as one.

‘Where does your wife think you are?’ She asked him.

He smiled and nibbled her shoulder playfully, ‘she knows’.

Rachel was shocked at his answer and glanced back at him, ‘Huh?’

Nate smiled, ‘She encourages me ‘cos I need more sex than her so she tells me to get it elsewhere, so this can be regular if you like?’

Rachel smiled and reached up to his thigh, stroking, wanting to arouse him again…

Chapter 02: The Hot Tub

My second noteworthy sexual escapade began just as benignly as the first. A semester and two more lesbian orgies after being tricked into Naomi’s sorority house and losing my virginity I received an e-mail regarding an internship with an engineering and company. As a jobless double-E major this was the exact thing I had been hoping to find. I eagerly opened the email and read through it. The company’s owner, Nichole was personally inviting me to an interview and tour of her company. The email did not specify what exactly they designed, but it did highlight a need for an electrical engineer to design and implement small systems for them. The company was just on the other side of the state line, about two hours away. Given the morning interview, they even offered me a hotel room nearby. It was a perfect opportunity. I readily agreed to arrive in four days’ time.

The night before my interview I arrived at the four start hotel around 8pm. I had been provided a small but comfortable suite and even had a ticket for a free breakfast. This deal was getting better all the time! The one downside was that I was sore from my drive, and belatedly realized I neglected to bring my swimsuit to use the hotel’s outdoor hot tubs.

Soon, however a plan entered my mind. My room had a small balcony for use as a fire escape, and a large pipe attacked by bars to the hotel’s outer wall at regular intervals. I could easily wait until the pool area closed, and use the pipe as a ladder to climb down. Then, with no one around, I could slip into one of the several hot tubs in only my boxers, or even naked. The pool deck closed at 10pm, but I waited until around eleven thirty to be sure that no cleaning staff would find me.

Quietly, I slipped out onto the balcony and climbed easily down the pipe’s supports. I cautiously made my way across the dark pool area to the third and farthest tub, situated in a small circle of pine trees on the hotel’s green. Reaching the tub, I stopped dead. The tub was already running, and there was already someone in it. Without the hotel’s outdoor lights turned on, I couldn’t see them clearly, but I was sure that they had already noticed me, and were now shifting in the water to face me.

“Uhm, sorry.” I stammered, “I know the pool deck is closed. I just didn’t bring a suit you see, so…” I trailed off sheepishly. “I’ll just head back to my room.” I turned to go.

“No, it’s alright.” The person in the pool said. It was a woman’s voice. “I don’t work for the hotel, and actually wouldn’t mind the company.”

“Uhh, well,” I started again after a pause, “As I mentioned, I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“Neither do I.” The woman in the tub reached over and hit a switch on the water’s edge. The soft underwater lights clicked on, and my eyes widened. The woman was in her late twenties, a few years older than me with long dark hair, and was almost completely NAKED. She wore only a pair of small black panties, leaving the rest of her curvy, tanned body bare beneath the surface of the water. Even with the distortion from the moving water, her large, D sized breasts were very visible. My cock instantly hardened.

I glanced away automatically, and the woman laughed. “Don’t you want to join me?”

“I uhh,” I began, lost for words, “I’ve already got a girl and…”

“That doesn’t matter.” The girl said, “She wants you to have fun doesn’t she? And I never said I wanted to anything sexual with you.” She smiled up at me, swimming over to my side of the pool, “But now that you mention it, you ARE kind of cute.”

I forced a grin. This girl was right, after all. Though Naomi was my girlfriend, and I slept with her often, she did take me to orgies and watch me have sex with a large number of other girls, and was completely fine with it. After a moment’s contemplation, I shrugged, and pulled off my shirt and pants, leaving me standing there in just my boxers. I was relieved I was currently wearing Naomi’s thong she had given me at our first orgy. I still wore it often and actually had it in my suitcase.

“Good!” the woman said, pushing off the wall to leave me room to climb in. “Come on in!”

I complied, the warm water relaxing my muscles tensed by the long drive. I closed my eyes and sighed audibly, enjoying the moment. I opened my eyes when I felt something brush against my legs. The woman in the tub had come over to me, and was beginning to straddle my legs. DAMN this woman was fast. She threw her arms around my neck and leaned in close, smiling, her massive breasts an inch from my chest.

“So, sexy,” she said with a quieter, lust tone, “Want to have some fun?” Her panties touched down over the lump in my boxers, and i twitched against her cunt. She giggled. “I’ll take THAT as a yes.”

I knew this woman wouldn’t take no for an answer. I grinned, deciding to go with it. This day couldn’t have been much better. “Alright. You’ve got me. But just this once, mind you. I DO have a girl back home that I’m committed to.”

“Of course.” She said, brushing off the comment. “First things first. Let’s gets get out of this uncomfortable swimwear.” She let go of my neck, turned around, and bent over. Her tight ass framed her little black thong as it rose in front of my face. “Can you help me?” she cooed in an innocent voice.

I reached forward and gripped her smooth, sexy ass, rubbing it around with one hand on each cheek. Sliding one hand under each of the thong’s straps, I slid it down her ass, kissing to top of her crack as I did so. The woman groaned quietly, enjoying my touch. “That’s it baby. Touch me!”

I slid the thong down her legs and she stepped out of it before pulling it from the water and throwing it outside of the tub. I played with her round, perfect ass for a moment longer, then gave her a gentle shove forward and turned around myself, leaning on the edge of the tub. Her hand’s gripped the edge of my boxers, and gently pulled down. Once they were off my legs, she ran a finger down my crack, pausing to massage my anus before reaching forward to cup my balls in the palm of her hand.

“You have an exquisite body.” She whispered, feeling up every inch of my groin and ass. “Your girl is incredibly lucky to have a man this sexy.”

I laughed softly, muttering thanks. With her hands, she gently rolled me over, and straddles me again. This time my penis throbbed against her bare pussy. We grinned at each other.

“Shall we?” She asked after a pause. Placing a hand behind me head she kissed me full on the lips, her breasts pressing into my chest. I kissed her back, out tongues dancing. She rubbed the lips of her pussy up and down my cock’s shaft, her clit tracing a sensual line along me, as water slashed against the side of the tub. After what had to have been several minutes of hard kissing she pulled away, gasping for breath.

“How’s your endurance?” she asked bluntly.

“Well,” I said, blushing, “Longer than average, but I’m no pornstar.”

“Good enough!” She crooned, lifting herself off me. Without further discussion, she used her right hand to position my hard cock, and rammed herself down upon it. Her cunt swallowed me whole. I groaned along with her, the ecstasy of intercourse washing over us. She bounced on me now, the waves of her humping crashing loudly over the edge of the tub. The lips of her vagina were so soft and her pussy so tight that if not for the uncomfortableness of sex underwater, I would have cum quickly. She rocked on me for minutes, groaning so loudly that I was afraid we draw the attention of hotel security.

As I approached climax, I leaned forward and touched her shoulder. “I’m at my limit, baby.”

The woman stopped her brutal fucking, relaxing down onto my cock and putting her arms back around my neck. “How was that?” She asked with a grin.

“Exquisite.” I said honestly, smiling back.

“Excelent. You’re not a bad partner. Say, how do you stand on anal sex?”

I though back to Naomi’s orgies and the many times I had given and received that particular taboo. “I’m completely alright with it. I said with a lustful grin.”

“Good” the woman replied “I wasn’t going to give you the option anyway.” She pulled off of my, and re adjusted her position, leaning over the edge of the tub, her breasts and hair dripping water. “But it is much more fun when I don’t have to force it.”

I nodded, grinning, and positioned myself behind her ass that was just below the surface of the water as she kneeled on the tub’s seat.

“Fuck me baby!” she demanded. I complied, and placed my cock against her anus and pressed. She relaxed with practiced ease, and I slid deep into her ass. I moaned as the tight hole and soft walls caressed my dick. I pulled backwards and thrust in again, slowly at first, then building speed. Water once more slapped the side of the tub. We both moaned and groaned with pleasure.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass baby! OOOOH, YES! OHH, GOD!”

I placed my hands on her hips as I ravaged her ass, savoring every thrust. I was approaching climax again.

“Cum inside my ass baby! Fill me ass with your hot juices!”

“I’m cumming baby!” I cried aloud as I could no longer control the pleasure in my loins. In a long series of spasms my orgasm deposited my cum deep into her ass. I relaxed my body forward across her back, running my hand along her side.

“Thank you.” I whispered in her ear, “that was excellent.” I pulled out of her ass, a puff of white cum and her anal juices dispersing in the clear water.

She rolled over and stared up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Reaching up to touch my cheek she said “No, thank you, sexy. That was exactly what I wanted tonight.” She slowly climbed out of the tub, her naked body dripping water onto the ground. “See you around!” she said with finality in her voice. I nodded in response, knowing I’d probably never see this particular woman again, much less have sex again with her.

She turned and picked up my boxers from where they lay, slipped them up her legs and over her rump, and walked off, leaving me in the tub swirling with the combined juices of our pleasure, and with another pair of panties to keep along with the memory. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain this one to Naomi, but I expected shed find the story funny.

Jenny stared dejectedly at her phone, hoping that it wouldn’t ring again but knowing that it would, and very soon.

She had too much to drink at the club and let her soon-to-be sisters at Sigma Lambda Tau talk her into writing her number on the bathroom stalls. Alexis, the chapter president, had told her that it was a harmless prank and if she went along she would be a shoo-in for membership and could come back tomorrow and remove the graffiti.

Now she was stuck in a hotel room far from campus and neither Alexis, Kim, nor Shawna would let her anywhere near the door and things had already progressed way too far.

When the first call came in Jenny was reluctant to answer it but Alexis was not going to let her plan go unfulfilled.

“Pick it up, bitch! No one likes a tease.”

“H – Hello?”

“Jenny? I’d love to see you tonight.”

“Well, I don’t…”

“Give me that!” Alexis growled as she snatched the phone away. “Of course she wants you to come over.”

So she gave him the details and while he was on his way the girls explained what they were going to do. Kim jerked her arm back and forth and told Jenny that she was going to give this guy a handjob, and things would proceed from there.

Jenny had her heart set on joining this particular sorority since her junior year of high school, and she thought the girls may still be putting her on, so she agreed.

Alexis walked over to Jenny and whispered “You’re dressed much too conservatively for someone who’s willing to fuck guys walking in off the street.” as she pulled down her shirt, exposing her breasts. Jenny’s small pink nipples were rock hard and the girls noticed this right away.

“Look at how excited she is, the slut!”

Jenny tried to stammer out a protest that it was cold in the room, but she was drowned out by the chant of “Slut! Slut! Slut!”, which stopped only when there was a knock on the door.

There was little chitchat and it was obvious that he was a stranger to them, but a promise was a promise. At least Jenny was thankful that they had done this at a nightclub instead of an all-night diner or the bus station. She went into the bathroom and got some lotion and a washcloth. While she beat him off she heard her phone ring again and Shawna answered. It was going to be a long night.

While they were arranging her next encounter the guy finished into the washrag. Kim noticed and started yelling that he was supposed to come on her, then threw him out into the hallway, followed by his clothes.

During the break in the action Alexis grabbed a strip of condoms from her purse and threw them at Jenny. “Here, you’re going to need these. We look out for our little sisters, we don’t want you to get sick.”

The next guy was one that Jenny had her eye on at the club. She thought his name might be Tony but she couldn’t find out for sure because her mouth was too full to ask. The head of his cock was abnormally large, and Jenny sucked on it like it a lollipop. She must have been enjoying herself since she had her hand between her legs, until Shawna pulled it away and told her to pay full attention to what she was doing. This time, the girls made sure that his load didn’t go to waste and he came on her tits. Afterwards, Jenny tried to get his number but she was ordered to keep quiet. Hopefully he would back at the club next week, if she could get out of this room by then.

There were at least three calls during the blowjob and Jenny started to get scared, so after cleaning up she threatened to tell someone at the school. The girls laughed and said that they had recorded her masturbating during the blowjob on their cell phones, so it would just look like she was a little whore, and they would post it all over the Internet if she tried to get them in trouble.

Resigned to her fate, Jenny waited for the next guy to show up. Mike would have the pleasure of fucking Jenny’s hairless pussy. Jenny was aroused but none of the guys had shown any interest in her. They all just got their rocks off and went on their way. Like the others, Mike’s clothes were off in a matter of seconds and got right to business. Nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned, man-on-top sex. When it was time, he pulled out and removed the condom, coming in almost a continuous stream that flowed up her belly like a flash flood, then up over her right breast. Jenny snapped her head back to avoid being hit in the face, taking it on the chin instead.

Jenny must have know what was coming next. She had never had anal before. During truth or dare at the sorority house she confessed that she had never even had sex doggy style, either. She said that it was because her front side was so gorgeous no one ever thought about flipping her over, and the girls believed her.

Jenny never even saw the guy. As Alexis had made her face away from the door with her ass in the air when he entered the room. She screamed as it went in, the girls had forgotten to lube her up. It felt like a monster but she couldn’t be sure because she was so tight back there. Shawna jammed Jenny’s bra into her mouth as a gag, before someone called security. With his hands on Jenny’s hips, he fucked her roughly for several minutes before ejaculating on her back.

After he left, Jenny picked her panties off the floor and started putting them on. Shawna caught her and threw her to the bed.

“What are you doing, you’re not done yet!”

“But I already did everything.”

“Everything?” Alexis asked. “You’re so naive, Jenny.”

“Have you given a rimjob yet?” Kim interjected. “Well, no.” “Been fisted?” “Tried watersports?” “Had an enema?” “Done a midget?” “Uh, none of those.”

“Well, I’d hardly say you’ve done everything yet.” Alexis giggled. “I have to take a piss, don’t go anywhere”, she said, picking up her bag.

Jenny could hear a crowd gathering in the hallway. Shawna ducked outside to quiet the commotion. With Shawna gone and Alexis in the bathroom, Jenny considered trying to escape, but Kim was between her and the door. Unfortunately, Kim was on the swim team and could easily overpower her, or at least slow her down long enough for the others to assist.

Then came the sound that Jenny had came to despise – her ringtone.

“Answer it, slut.”

“Make me.”

It took Kim just two steps towards Jenny with her fist cocked for her to get the message.

“Jenny speaking.”

“I’m so horny baby, I’ve been thinking about fucking you all night.”

The voice on the other end sounded familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it, until Alexis opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom, phone in hand, wearing nothing except a purple strap-on. She reached into her bag and tossed matching equipment in pink and turquoise to Kim and Shawna, who had just returned.

“There’s something else you haven’t done yet… us!” Alexis said, still on the phone, then hanging up and putting it on the nightstand.

“And unlike the boys, we refuse to wear rubbers” Shawna snickered.

“But first, let’s get to know you a little better.”

Alexis guided Jenny to the bed and laid her down with her legs hanging over the edge, spreading them apart with her hands.

“What do you call it?” “Little Jenny” “Well, hello there Little Jenny,” Alexis cooed, then she swirled her tongue around Jenny’s entrance. “My… my clit.” “Excuse me?” lifting her head. “Little Jenny is my clit, n… not my cunt.”

Alexis apologized and got back to work, this time paying plenty of attention to Little Jenny, while also probing two fingers inside her. Jenny started to moan and closed her eyes, which was probably a bad idea because it wasn’t more than fifteen seconds later that Kim rudely interrupted her daydream by slapping her rubber cock across her face. “You forget why you’re here. Suck it, bitch.” Jenny was so aroused that she lost all inhibitions, grabbed the strap on, and noisily started slurping on it.

Not wanting to be left out, Shawna smeared some lube between Jenny’s breasts, then straddled her and began fucking those perfect titties, which at a C cup were just big enough to get the job done.

Jenny liked to suck her partner’s balls when she was giving head, but when she tried she realized too late the strap-on was a dildo only, and her tongue landed squarely on Kim’s pussy instead.

“Ooh, Jenny – I never realized you were into girls.”

“I don’t know what I’m into anymore, my head is spinning.”

Jenny had never been with another woman before, but she knew what she liked and liked what Alexis was doing to her, so she used her pussy like a remote control for her tongue. A little bit of left and right, a lot of up and down, and the occasional push.

Kim ratted her out “Alexis, she’s copying your technique.” Jenny immediately stopped what she was doing, fearful that she would be punished. “Don’t worry baby,” Alexis reassured her “all the new girls do it. You’ll develop your own style eventually.”

Jenny got back into her rhythm and could feel her climax approaching. As it arrived, Kim came as well, collapsing on Jenny’s face and driving her nose into her cunt. Finally, Kim rolled off of Jenny and let her get some air.

Even though Alexis was the head of the chapter, Kim was obviously the dominant one in bed. “Girl, you made me so hard, I’m going to fuck you now. Does she need lubed up?”

“Are you kidding? She’s good to go,” Alexis confirmed.

Kim moved to the foot of the bed and turned Jenny into position, kneeling upright while Jenny lay on her back. Then Kim parted her lips with one hand while inserting the strap-on with the other. Even though Jenny was dripping wet it was still a tight fit. Kim started slowly, then sped up her thrusting as Jenny’s juices reduced the friction.

With Kim’s muscular body and huge strap-on, Jenny pretended that it was a guy fucking her, since she was still a little uncomfortable with the thought of being a lesbian or bisexual. Then again maybe she was just kidding herself, since she knew that Kim was definitely all woman.

As Kim penetrated Jenny, Alexis and Shawna each took a breast, licking and sucking her sensitive nipples. Jenny returned the favor by rubbing their swollen clits with her thumbs while fingering their dripping pussies.

“We’ll probably have to pay for these sheets,” Shawna joked.

Unlike Mike, Kim made sure to slam it home with every stroke, which put pressure on Jenny’s clit, and she had a second orgasm.

Kim felt Jenny’s legs tighten around her as she came. “Why are you letting her have all the fun? She is supposed to be pleasing us. Let’s fill her up.”

Kim slid out of Jenny and lay down beside her. “Climb on top of me,” she ordered. Jenny faced Kim and swung her leg over her torso. “No, the other way,” Kim corrected her, and moved her into reverse cowgirl position. Alexis grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed a good amount on the head of the strap-on and Jenny’s bottom.

As Kim lifted her up and down, fucking Jenny’s ass for only the second time ever, Alexis climbed on top, while Shawna stood above Jenny and fed her her strap-on.

Shawna leaned into Alexis and they began kissing passionately. This excited Jenny terribly and she began to feel another climax building. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her nipple, which sent her over the edge as she screamed with pain and pleasure.

She looked down and saw something shiny hanging off her left breast. She had been pinned! “Welcome, sister Jenny,” Alexis said after she pried her lips away from Shawna’s.

When this night began, Jenny thought it would never end. Now, she hoped it never would.

I am scared to death. Tonight I meet the man who has been living in my dreams for most of my life. My hands shake as I apply the final touches to my make-up. I want to look perfect for Him. I am wearing a short, tight dress of red silk. It has a plunging neckline, which clings to every curve, and shows my firm, full breasts to their best advantage. I chose red because that is the color of whores, sluts and cunts. I will be all of those to Him, and more.

The meeting is to take place in the hotel around the corner from my house. At 8pm sharp, my phone rings. I pick it up and hear, “482″. It is Him. The One who’s voice can simultaneously, thrill me, terrify me, hypnotize me, and cause me to obey His every command.

I make my way over to the hotel. Walking as He has commanded, so that anyone driving by will see the thing I have become for Him. I get many offers of money along the route. But tonight I will perform any and every act requested of me, not for money, but for the thing which feeds my soul.

As the elevator takes me to the 4th floor, my knees are so weak that I must hang onto the rail to keep from melting to the floor. I have never been so scared in my life. Or more happy. Tonight we will find out if each of us has found our One.

I stop outside the door to room 482 and fidget for several minutes, fixing my hair, my dress, stalling the inevitable. Then I hesitantly reach out to knock lightly upon His door. I wait a full minute, not wanting to appear too forward, then I knock again. Still no answer. Perhaps He is in the shower? I wait. When 15 minutes has passed, I knock once more, still to no avail. My heart begins to turn to stone as I sink down to sit on the hallway floor outside His door. An hour passes with no sign of Him. I resign myself to the fact that He has changed His mind about me. I want so badly to cry, but hold it in as I make my way slowly back downstairs.

I am nearly to the lobby doors when an announcement comes over the speakers, “Taylor. Please report to the hotel bar.” I freeze in my tracks. Did I really just hear that? It’s Him! He’s the only one who knows I’m here! I hurriedly make my way to the lounge and scan the crowd. My eyes are drawn to Him immediately, even though we’ve never met. The photograph He uses as his avatar is imprinted on my brain. I wind my way through the crowd, feeling His eyes upon me the entire way, until I stand, trembling, before Him.

He looks me up and down, then signals with one finger for me to turn around. I do as instructed, and must have met His approval because He nods to the chair next to Him. I sit. He takes my hand in His and kisses it lightly. Then looks into my eyes and formally introduces Himself. Suddenly, His grasp on my hand tightens, and He quietly says, “Reach under the table with both hands, remove your panties, and give them to me.” I doubt I can do it without anyone noticing, but I couldn’t care less. I have been commanded. I surreptitiously slip my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and shimmy out of them. I pass them to Him under the table, and there is a twinkle in His eye as he says, “Good slut”. I lower my eyes demurely, whispering, “Thank you, Sir” as my heart melts a little more for Him.

He orders a drink for me, and we spend the next few minutes studying one another, committing every detail of the other to memory. I am in mid-sentence when He interrupts, “Go to my room and take off your clothes. The stockings and heels may remain, for now. But that is all. Kneel on the floor in the middle of the room, hands behind your back. And wait quietly. The key is already in your purse.” I leap from my chair and fly from the room to comply with His wishes.

I strip quickly, not wanting to be caught in violation of His orders, should He be on his way to the room right now. I kneel as instructed. But before placing my hands behind my back, I use them to fan my long blonde hair around my shoulders, and pinch my nipples to make them nice and hard for Him. I’m desperate for Him to find me desirable. I lock my fingers together behind my back, lower my chin to my chest, and wait. Minutes tick by, then an hour. My arms ache, my legs are going numb, and I am trembling all over. I know this is a test. One of many I will endure at His hands. And I will not fail. Another hour passes before I hear the key in the lock.

He closes the door and turns on every light in the room, the better to inspect His prize. He walks slowly around me, stopping every now and then to touch my hair, rub His thumb across my lips, cup my breast in His hand to test the weight of it. He pulls my panties from His pocket and steps quickly behind me, using them to bind my hands together. The passion and excitement this ignites within me is so intense that it makes me dizzy. I have never been so wet in my life! Never wanted anyone, or anything, as much as I want this man and the life only He can give me.

He steps in front of me, places His hand under my chin, and gently lifts my face until we stare directly into each other’s eyes. He looks deeply into mine for just a moment, before nodding. He has seen what He’s been looking for. I cannot tear my eyes from His as he begins to speak, “From this time forward you belong to me. I OWN you. You will devote yourself to my pleasure, and obey my every command. In return, you will be cherished as My most prized possession. You will be taken to heights you never dreamt possible, and will receive pleasure untold. I am the missing piece of your soul. And you are mine. Do you agree?”

I nod mutely, eyes still locked with His. He continues, “You will no longer address me as ‘Sir’, but as your ‘Master’. Understood?” I whisper, “Yes Master”, and watch transfixed as He begins to unzip His pants. “Open your mouth, cunt. Show your Master what a good little cocksucker he owns.” He is fully engorged and pre cum is leaking steadily from His fat, shiny cock head. I open my mouth, and as He pushes himself into it, I moan at my first taste of Him. I am in Heaven.

Even as He begins to slowly fuck my mouth, I run my soft, wet tongue up and down the length of His shaft, and over, under and around His glorious cock head whenever He pulls back far enough. My lips wrapped firmly around my Master’s swollen cock, I start to suck, feel His response as it twitches, taste it as more pre cum oozes from the tip. I am wild with lust, yet know my satisfaction is up to Him from now on. I must please Him to earn my pleasure in return.

I move my head up and down in perfect rhythm to His thrusting hips, taking Him deeper with every stroke. I dare to look up, and our eyes meet. My heart hammers in my chest at what I see there. He wants this as much as I do. Needs ME, as I need HIM. The realization rocks me to my core. I’ve never wanted anything in my life more than I want to please this man.

Without warning, I force my head down hard, choking myself on His cock but not stopping. Letting my throat muscles relax to take Him in, I hear Him whisper, “Sweet Jesus!” as He wraps his fingers into my hair and pushes His prick all the way down my throat. I panic as my breathing is stopped by the obstruction. Then relax, allowing Him to fuck my mouth like a pussy, and taking a short breath every time He withdraws enough to allow it. He begins to moan, and tightens His grip on my hair. His thrusting becomes faster, frenzied. He swells and begins to throb rhythmically, as I suck Him harder than He’s ever known. His breath catches. He buries his cock in my mouth, it begins to jerk violently, and He proceeds to shoot a seemingly endless stream of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted down the back of my throat.

I swallow furiously, but cannot keep up with the flow from Him, and a trickle runs out the corner of my mouth and down my chin. I continue to suck and swallow as His thrusting slows, then stops. And I coax the last few drops from Him with my lips. He pulls Himself from my mouth, looks at me, then uses His thumb to wipe the cum from my chin and put it back in my mouth. As I suck it off, He smiles and says, “Good job, slut.” And my heart soars!

He helps me to my feet, but my legs are too numb to support me. He scoops me up and carries me to the bed, then unties my hands. I rub them, shake them, trying to get some feeling back into them. But before that can happen, He grabs them and pulls them over my head, expertly using a short piece of silk rope to attach them to the headboard. He circles the bed and begins to undress. I watch, mesmerized, as His body is revealed to me in its entirety. I am aching inside with a need I have never known as He slips into bed beside me. But instead of turning to me, He lies back and closes His eyes. He sighs contentedly and murmurs, “Get some sleep. You have a long weekend ahead of you.”

He falls asleep almost immediately. I, on the other hand, cannot. My heart is pounding, and the adrenaline coursing through my veins insures I will be wide awake for quite some time. I wiggle over onto my side, and in the faint light from the window, I watch my Master sleep. Until I too drift off with a smile upon my face.

I am awake before the sun comes up, and pick up where I left off, watching my Master sleep. When at last He opens his eyes and sees me, the corners of His mouth lift in the faintest of smiles. He Says, “Good morning, my sweet little slut. Did you sleep well?” I smile and nod, “Yes Master. Very well, thank you.” He smiles back and gently unties me from the bed. “Good girl. Get dressed.” I do as instructed, and we head downstairs for breakfast. Our conversation flows so easily it’s as if we have known each other for years. Perhaps we have in another life. And it is that other life that we both now seek.

We pass the day getting to know even more about one another, and as the sun sets, we head back upstairs. Master reaches into His suitcase and pulls out a paper bag. Tossing it to me He says, “Go take a shower. You know how I want you shaved, so don’t miss a spot. Wear only what is in the bag, put your hair in one long braid, and make sure it’s well secured. Understand, my little cum whore?” I am already on my way into the bathroom as I say, over my shoulder, “Yes Master!”

As soon as I get the door closed, I look into the bag. It contains a pair of long black gloves with silver rings at the wrists and elbows, and the sluttiest pair of heels I have ever seen, nothing else. I rush to complete the tasks required of me, yet when I’m done, I hesitate before opening the door. I take a deep breath and compose myself, trying to slow down the jackhammer which is my heartbeat. Then I open the door to present myself to my Owner.

He walks around me, naked, erect, nodding admiringly, then He lifts my braid and inspects it closely. Suddenly He wraps his fist around it and uses it to pull me to the bed. He pushes me roughly to the mattress and growls, “Hold still, Bitch!” In a flash He is atop me, straddling my hips and attaching a clip to the gloves to hold my elbows together. He reaches behind me and pulls out a length of rope that He has already tied to the headboard. He weaves it in and out of my braid and finishes it with a knot at the end. Then he sits back and smiles at me. “Ready for round two, My Pet?” I begin to tremble, and moan softly. It is the answer He seeks. He smiles and laughs.

He slides forward onto my chest, and leans in to test the knots on my braid, making sure I am secured to the headboard. As his cock brushes my face, I reach my tongue out to taste it. At my touch, He grabs his dick and starts slapping me in the face with it. “Did I tell you to open your mouth? I’ve been in THAT hole. It passed the test, by the way. But, much like golf, a different hole is played in round two.” He jumps off the bed, reaches underneath, and pulls out a long coil of rope. He uses it to bind my legs, spread eagle, to the lower corners of the bed.

Once done, He drops the full weight of his body onto mine, uses the head of His cock to part my pussy lips, and enters me in one hard thrust. I cry out, as He slams against my cervix, and strain against my bonds as He begins fucking me in earnest. Within a few strokes, my cunt begins to quiver, then contract around His glorious cock as I cum all over Him for the very first time. When He feels the gush of fluid drench His prick, He laughs and speeds up His thrusting, knowing now how I will respond. I do not disappoint Him, reaching one orgasm after another, thrashing and moaning beneath Him as I beg for more.

He suddenly pulls His cock from me, moves back up to sit on my tits, and orders me to lick his cock and balls clean. I do so with abandon, causing Him to leak huge drops of pre cum for my hot, hungry tongue to savor. “I have a much better use for that!” he tells me, rising from my chest and untying my legs. He flips me onto my belly, pulling me down until my braid is stretched taut. He forces my legs apart, and a moment later, I feel His pre cum dripping down the crack of my ass. “Round three”, He says.

As I realize what’s about to happen, I begin to tremble, and when I feel His swollen cock head rubbing against my asshole, the begging starts. “Please Sir. PLEASE! I’ve never done that!” He stops. In a low voice He says, “Do you wish to be owned by me, or not?” Terrified, I whisper, “Yes Sir.” “Then I will have ALL of you!” He growls as He begins push against my virgin ass. I try so hard to be silent, and He is as gentle as He can be, but I can’t help but whimper as He stretches me open with His rock-hard cock.

I force myself to relax for Him, and He moans as the head slips all the way in. He pauses, allowing me to become used to the sensation, then slowly, inch by inch, He pushes himself in until I feel His balls touch my clit. He pauses once more, leans down, and whispers, “Good girl”. He begins to fuck my tight little ass with slow, short strokes, until my whimpers turn to moans of pleasure. But when I begin to thrust my ass back onto his cock, He laughs and pulls out.

Grabbing my hips, He pulls me up onto my knees, positions His cock against my asshole again, and grunts as He shoves it back in and starts fucking me hard and fast. I match every stroke. And wanting nothing more than to pleasure Him, I tighten my ass as hard as I can. He begins to moan loudly, and His cock swells, stretching my ass even more tightly around Him.

When I feel it start to twitch, I reach between my legs and begin to massage His swollen balls. “YES BITCH!” He grunts, slamming His prick deep inside me as it starts to contract. I grind myself down onto it as hard as I can, and use the muscles in my ass to milk Him, reveling in the animal-like noises He makes as He spews stream after stream of hot, sticky sperm into me.

After He is fully spent, He eases Himself from my once-virgin ass, and sprawls out next to me with a satisfied smile. He lovingly unties my braid from the headboard, and unclips the gloves, so that I can strip them off. Then He pulls me to Him, and we lie in each other’s arms, content in the knowledge that our search is finally over. We have each found our One.

It was a pretty normal wedding. My older cousin Jack finally married his girlfriend Venus after about 5 years together, and most of our family showed up. Venus looked nice in her dress that showed off her hips and cleavage. I kept thinking to myself that Jack was a lucky guy to end up with a woman like that.

The reception was really nice. It was in the dining hall of the hotel most of us were staying at. Of course, because I was single and didn’t bring a date, a bunch of my cousins and aunts wanted to dance with me. It wasn’t too bad, but I wished that their would have been some friends of theirs I could have danced with too.

Towards the end of the night, I was sitting at the table sipping on some wine when my aunt Caitlin came and sat next to me. She was wearing a yellow and white flowery tank dress that came down to her knees, and white open-toed heels. Her light-red hair fell down to her shoulders. Her hazel eyes were barely open, so I knew she was either tired, or had a little too much to drink.

“Hey Nicky, how you doin’ tonight?” she asked me. I smiled at her, knowing that she was the only one that called me Nicky instead of Nick, and only when she was drunk.

“I’m fine, Aunt C. Just enjoying the night.”

“Yeah, I saw you dancing out there. You’re such a nice boy for dancing with your aunts like that, especially me. You know I have two left feet.”

I laughed, thinking to myself that I haven’t been a boy in a long time. “It’s no problem, Aunt C. You weren’t too bad out there yourself.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m your aunt.” Her head swayed a little as she said this.

“Aunt C, I’m a little tired, and you look like you are too. Can you walk me upstairs to my room?” I knew that if I just said she was tipsy, that would most likely cause an argument.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ve had enough dancing for one night.”

I stood up and held out my hand. She took it used my arm for support as we began walking. The only person who even noticed us was my mom, and I just told her I was helping Aunt C upstairs. She just nodded in understanding and went back to dancing with my father.

As we took the elevator up to her floor, Caitlin leaned into me more. I could still smell her perfume, with it’s floral scent. She just kept rambling on about how I was such a good nephew, unlike some of my cousins who didn’t bother with her. I just kept silent and made sure she didn’t fall. The elevator arrived and we stepped out and walked down the hall to her room. She reached into her purse, pulled out the card key, and opened the door. We stepped in and I gently kicked the door closed behind us.

I walked Caitlin over to the bed and sat her down. She leaned back against the pillows and kicked her shoes off, causing them to fall to the carpet. I turned to get her a bottle of water from the mini fridge across the room. When I turned back around, Caitlin’s dress was down to her waist, showing her strapless white lace bra which was holding up her still-ample cleavage. As I watched in stunned silence, she stood up and slid the dress off to the floor. I was shocked to see my aunt wearing a matching white lace thong. I felt a twitch in my pants at the sight before I came to my senses and walked over to her to give her the bottle of water.

She sat on the bed and took a sip of the water. “”Thanks, Nicky. You’ve always been such a good nephew.”

“No problem, Aunt C.” I replied. As she looked up at me, I couldn’t help but notice the faint outline of her nipples through her bra. I felt another twitch in my pants.

“You wanna stay for a minute and keep your auntie company?” she asked me. It may have been my imagination, but I thought I saw her glance directly at my crotch after she said this.

“Um, sure, I can stay for a little, make sure you’re okay.” I sat down on the bed next to her. She took another long sip of the water and then placed her head on my shoulder. My heart started beating a little faster.

“Wasn’t that such a beautiful wedding?”

“Yeah, Aunt Caitlin, it was real nice.”

“I remember how it was to be so young and in love,” she said, her hand falling onto my leg. “Now I feel good if I see a guy even looking at me and my old self.”

“You aren’t that old, Aunt C, and you still look good,” I heard myself say.

“There you go trying to cheer an old woman up again,” she said. Her hand slid a little higher up my leg.

“Um, I’m not trying to cheer you up. Just trying to be honest.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said before kissing me on my cheek. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, feeling action happening in my pants. I wanted to jump up and leave the room, but my legs just wouldn’t work. I silently prayed that my aunt wouldn’t notice the bulge forming close to her hand.

We sat there in silence for a few moments. “Help me up, Nicky,” Caitlin said. She began to stand up and I held her arm. As she stood, her hand slid up the rest of my thigh and rubbed against my crotch. I watched in shock as Caitlin just stood there for a moment. I hoped she didn’t notice anything.

“And what was that?” she asked, her eyes moving down to my bulge. I sat on the bed, trying to stammer out a reply. “Was that for me?” There was so much I wanted to say at that moment, but no words escaped my mouth. Before I realized what was happening, Aunt Caitlin was on her knees in front of me, her hands on my zipper.

“I guess this old woman can still attract someone,” she said, her hazel eyes meeting mine. She began to unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock.

“Um, Aunt C-c-c-caitlin, I don’t think we should be doing this.”

“It’s okay, babe, I’ve seen enough cocks in my day.”

“B-b-b-but,” I started, but her lips wrapped around my shaft, stopping my argument right there on my tongue. My head started spinning. This is my AUNT! I’ve known her since I was a baby! Hell, she changed my diapers! None of that mattered, however, when I felt how good her warm mouth felt on my dick, Caitlin’s tongue flicking around my head. I moaned and instinctively reached out to stroke her hair. Caitlin’s head bobbed up and down, her lips working my shaft. She reached up with a hand and started stroking it, her soft hands feeling good on my dick. As I leaned back, enjoying the feeling, Caitlin slowed down her movements. Caitlin slid my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat. This sent me over the edge. I let out a loud moan as I felt the pressure build up in my cock and then release. My hot semen shot out of my cock, aided by Caitlin’s stroking hand. Caitlin kept her lips firmly on my dick, swallowing my entire load.

I was breathing deeply and my head was spinning. Caitlin looked up at me and smiled. She casually wiped the corner of her mouth with a finger and moaned in pleasure. “That was good. I haven’t done that in a while,” she said, a grin on her face. I was still trying to catch my breath and couldn’t respond. Caitlin then stood up in front of me. Looking directly into my eyes, she reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra. Her full, round breasts spilled out as the bra fell to the floor. Caitlin took a step towards me and, putting my hands on her waist, I pulled her closer. I could smell her sweat and perfume on her as I buried my face in her tits. I began licking and kissing on them, filling my mouth with her nipples. I let my tongue move around them in circles, her hard nipples firm against my tongue. Caitlin pulled my face in closer to her chest. I could feel her heart racing.

I slid my hands down Caitlin’s waist and grabbed onto her full hips. I slowly pulled down her thong, the scent of her wet pussy filling my nose. I stared for a moment at the trim red-haired bush that was right in front of me. I stood up and pushed Caitlin onto the bed, telling her to get on her hands and knees. She did and I knelt behind her. I leaned down and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips from behind. I stuck out my tongue and started licking her pussy, moving from her inner walls to her clit. Caitlin began moaning loudly and wiggling her hips. Her pubic hair provided an contrasting texture to her smooth pussy walls. Caitlin’s cunt was hot and wet, tasting slightly tangy. Her juices started coating my lips and tongue. Caitlin started moaning my name and grinding her pussy into my face. I gripped her hips and moved my tongue faster, furiously attacking her pussy. I sucked on her clit and pussy, making my aunt squeal in pleasure. I could feel her pussy clenching and getting tighter. I roughly shoved two fingers in her cunt and started fucking her hole. They slid in and out easily, her juices lubricating my fingers. Caitlin’s pussy tightened around my fingers and she let out a long moan. I pulled my face back and watched her cum ooze around my fingers and drip onto her thighs and my wrist.

I sat up and pulled off my shirt and then took my pants and underwear off. Caitlin looked back at me with a smile, seeing my cock hard and ready for more. I started placing the head of my rod at the opening to her pussy when she told me to stop.

“I want that cock in my ass,” she said, smiling. She told me to go into her bag and get the lube. I walked over and started searching in her bag. I found a plastic bag with a big pink dildo and a bottle of KY. I grabbed the bottle and went back over to the bed. I rubbed some of the lube on my hard cock, and put some on her ass hole. I grabbed my aunts hips as she spread her cheeks open. I placed the head to the hole and slowly pushed. I watched her hole expand as I slid my cock in little by little. Caitlin kept moaning and I bit my lower lip at the tightness of her ass.

I slowly started fucking my aunt’s ass, my hands holding on tight to her slightly pale ass cheeks. Caitlin kept talking to me, telling me hoe good my dick felt in her ass and how she liked it fucked slowly. As I fucked her, my cock slid in more and more until most of it was fitting in her ass. Caitlin clenched her ass, making it tighter. I reached up with my left hand and wrapped some of her hair around it. I gave her hair a tug, making my aunt yell. My thrusts started getting harder and more forceful. Caitlin and I started breathing in rhythm, her squeals coming every time I pushed in.

“Nicky, Nicky,” she moaned.

“Oh, Aunt Caitlin,” I responded, my pressure rising. I felt my cock getting extra hard. “I’m about to cum, Caitlin,” I managed to grunt. She reached down and started stroking my balls. The feel of her fingers softly playing with my sac was the last straw. I let out a loud groan as my cum exploded out into her ass. I started trembling all over as my dick pulsed, hot loads shooting out in a rhythm. I kept my cock in her ass until it was empty.

I slowly pulled my dick out of Caitlin’s ass. A couple of seconds later, my cum slowly dripped out of her gaping hole. Caitlin collapsed onto the bed, sweating and panting from the exertion. I lay down next to her and she wrapped an arm around my chest.

“Thanks, Nick, I needed that a lot,” she said, placing a kiss on my cheek. I turned my head and kissed Caitlin’s lips, the taste of alcohol and cum lingering in her mouth. We then both laid back and I dozed off, my aunt’s body pressed against mine.

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Note: If you have not read them yet, there are five previous chapters to this story. Six if you count Cornhusker Granny, which you should read even if you don’t count it.

When we’d been in Nebraska in November for the annual pheasant hunting trip, my father-in-law had said that we’d probably need to come back up when the weather was warmer to do some work on one of the properties that he still owned there. I wasn’t counting on it actually happening because I figured it would probably end up being him and his brothers and a few other people who lived up there taking care of it instead. A few months later, when he started talking about actually going up to take care of it, I was surprised. Since the property wasn’t down near where his brother who we typically stayed with lived, we were going to be staying at the Holiday Inn in Scottsbluff. Because the Holiday Inn was owned by a friend of his, we even ended up getting our own rooms for less than the full price of a single room, which I appreciated because I knew my father-in-law snored like a chainsaw.

We arrived on Friday evening and scoped out the work to be done during the course of Saturday so that we could leave by noon on Sunday. When we were sure we knew what needed to be done and what equipment and tools we’d need to do it, we headed to the Steel Grill, near the hotel, to grab some dinner and drinks with my father-in-law’s brother. Arnold had clearly been there before because the manager started giving him crap right away but, once we’d been seated, she stopped by to check up on us pretty frequently.

“Who does Lisa remind you of?” I finally asked my father-in-law after one of her stops.

“She does look familiar,” he replied, “but I’m not sure why.”

“I think she looks like she could be Patti’s sister,” I pointed out, meaning the wife of my friend Dave.

“You’re right,” he said, his eyes lighting up.

I’d had a crush on Patti for as long as I’d known her so, seeing someone who looked so similar and who also had a kick-ass physique, I was not as jazzed as one might expect. I realized that it was another woman I was really attracted to who I’d never get my hands on or see naked. Maybe this was a bad attitude given how much action I’d been getting in Nebraska since I’d been coming up each year with my father-in-law but, if she hadn’t looked like somebody I was already smitten with, I’d probably have felt quite a bit differently. I definitely eyeballed her a lot as she made her rounds of the restaurant but I hoped that I wasn’t too obvious about it. She was wearing what I assumed were tights that showed off her fantastic ass and, when she was nearby, I could catch a bit of cleavage, though she really didn’t have her boobs right out there on display.

“What is that you’re drinking?” she asked me at one point, indicating the Colorado-brewed IPA in front of me. I showed her the label and told her a little bit about it though, as manager, she should have known about what she was serving.

“You want to try it?” I asked, figuring that she would then know even more about it.

“No, that wouldn’t be appropriate for me to drink a customer’s beer,” she replied.

“It’s because you’re afraid of getting cooties, isn’t it,” I said with mock seriousness.

“No, I’m not afraid of cooties,” she replied, her voice dropping to a level that only I could hear, “but there are a lot more fun ways of catching them.”

“So would getting cooties from a customer be inappropriate, too?” I asked.

“Probably,” she replied, “but if no one knew about it there would be nothing to worry about. Why don’t you excuse yourself to use the restroom and meet me outside in a couple of minutes?”

She ran her hand along my leg before turning and walking away. I watched her ass, which seemed to have a bit more swing in it, as I tried to process what had just happened. Instead of trying to figure out what it might mean, I excused myself to the restroom and, after a quick detour inside to use it, came out and walked out the front door. I spotted her down by the corner of the building and headed that way. Around the corner, we were out of sight and not likely to be interrupted.

“You’re not local, are you?” she asked.

“Nope. I’m in town for weekend, staying at Holiday Inn,” I replied

“I’m married; I see that you are too,” she said, indicating my ring, “Your wife isn’t with you?”

“No, but I am with my father in law,” I told her.

“I see the same people day in and day out, including my husband,” she explained, “I think we could have some fun if we can keep it between the two of us.”

“You want to come by the Holiday Inn after closing?” I asked.

“It wouldn’t be the first time I stayed there instead of going home that late,” she admitted, “though it would be the first time I would be doing it with an ulterior motive.”

We wrote down each other’s cell numbers and I gave her my room number and we agreed that it would be a good idea to keep it as casual as possible for remainder of night. Before heading back inside separately, we leaned in toward each other and made out briefly. My head was spinning after that as I headed back to our table, but no one seemed to notice or think I had been gone for an unusually long time. I was still checking Lisa out any time she was nearby but now I was thinking that I’d be getting my hands on that tight body after all, as well as very likely getting a good look at it naked. The fact that she resembled Patti was actually secondary to the fact that she was interested in spending the night in my hotel room with me.

Knowing that it would be very late before she made it over to the hotel, I changed into lounge pants and a t-shirt and dozed in front of the TV for a bit before she called. It wouldn’t take long for her to get there, so I quickly brushed my teeth and was waiting when she got to my door so she wouldn’t have to knock that late at night. She looked tired but her eyes were very alive and she had a big smile as I let her in. We started making out once I’d locked the door, then I picked her up and carried her to the bed. We lay down together and continued making out, my hands going down to caress and squeeze her ass. About the time I reached for her tits, she reached down and found my throbbing tool.

“I’ve been thinking about sucking your cock all night,” she said as she extracted it and started to caress it in her petite hand. She crawled down the bed while rolling me onto my back then slipped my lounge pants down, my rigid cock standing straight up. As she positioned herself between my legs on her knees, I stripped off my t-shirt and propped myself up on the pillows. She pumped my cock a couple of times before wrapping her lips around it and sliding them down. I couldn’t help but moan softly as my cock was engulfed in her hot mouth. She started to slowly slide her mouth up and down while gently pumping the base and caressing my balls. I was completely fired up, partly from the anticipation and partly from what was actually going on, so I knew I wouldn’t be good for very long. I also knew, however, that it would not take much to recover with the opportunity to see Lisa naked and eat her pussy still to come.

I savored not only her skillful cocksucking, but also the visual of her pretty, Patti-like face engulfing my tool over and over. When she’d occasionally slip my cock from her mouth, she’d still pump it as she ran her tongue over my balls or around the head. The way she was moaning, it sounded as though she was savoring the blowjob as much as I was. If she’d truly been thinking about it all night and was enjoying it as much as it sounded like, I knew her pussy would be dripping wet and a treat to devour as well as fuck. Knowing that getting her naked, eating her pussy and fucking her was still ahead of me, I wasn’t trying to hold out and savor her cocksucking. I was trying to just relax and enjoy the building pleasure that her mouth was providing.

She managed to draw out the pleasure for longer than I had expected to be able to last, though I was not certain whether this was for my benefit or for her own. When my cock began to swell even more as I approached my orgasm, I think this only fired her up even more and she became even more voracious in sucking me off. With a soft grunt, I finally started spewing into her mouth and she continued to blow me as she swallowed my bountiful load. She milked every drop out of me and, even then, seemed reluctant to be finished. She let my cock fall from her mouth once it began to soften and raised her head to smile at me.

“Yummy,” she said, then straightened up, “I feel a bit overdressed.”

She slipped out of her sweater and pulled her blouse over her head, revealing a decent set of tits encased in a black, lacy bra and dusted with freckles. She reached back, still on her knees, and slipped off her shoes, then stood on the bed. Her tights went next, revealing black panties while I got a good view of her swinging titties as she leaned forward. I had her turn and show me her sweet ass once she’d straightened up again, then she reached for her bra, unfastening it before turning to face me again. She let the bra slide down her arms, exposing her freckled tits topped with dark pink areolas and hard nipples that cried out for sucking. After that, she slowly slid her panties down to reveal a nicely trim, dark brown bush that reminded me of the porn stars of the 80′s that I remembered growing up.

As she was kicking her panties aside, I was sitting up so that I could get a closer look at that trim bush. It was a work of art and obviously something that she was pretty meticulous about. I grabbed her ass in both hands and ran my tongue up her slit, tasting the copious juices that were accumulating.

“Sit down and get comfortable,” I finally said, “I’m going to be doing this for a while.”

She took the place I had been occupying, propped up on pillows against the headboard, and spread her legs for me. On my hands and knees, I first brought my lips to hers and kissed her briefly before moving down to lick and suck her hard nipples. I continued down until I was lying between her spread legs with her pussy right in front of me. I ran my tongue up it repeatedly for a little while, eliciting passionate moans and writhing, before slipping a couple of fingers into her. As I pumped them slowly in and out, I started licking and sucking her clit and she gasped as she grabbed my head. I glanced up as I was eating her to see that her arms were squeezing her tits together and outward. My cock was already at half-staff again.

The look on her face was pure passion and I was pleased to be able to make her feel as good as she had made me feel. As I continued eating her pussy, I felt it getting even hotter and wetter, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. She was humping toward my face and moaning softly while continuing to hold my head in place. I would have been content to have my face buried between her smooth thighs for a few hours, or at least as long as my tongue would hold out, but there was no question that she was as worked up as I had been and on her way to a quick orgasm. I wasn’t surprised, then, when she started to gradually tense up a bit. It wasn’t disappointing that she was nearing an orgasm because I knew she was experiencing high levels of pleasure and I knew that, if I really wanted to, she probably wouldn’t complain if I just kept eating her through a few orgasms.

I could tell that she was trying very hard to stifle any noises that potentially slip out and assumed that she must be concerned with thin walls in the hotel. When she did start cumming, she let a sort of squeak slip out as her entire body started to shake. I could feel her pussy flooding with even more juices and continued to pump my fingers in and out while remaining intent on licking her clit as long as she was cumming. Her orgasm seemed to be pretty intense and it definitely went on for a bit. When she finally went limp, let out a sigh and let go of my head, my cock was already hard again, so I decided against continuing to eat her pussy. I slipped my fingers out of her and sucked her juices off of them before getting up onto my knees.

I took a moment to appreciate her physique before grabbing her legs and dragging her down the bed so that she was flat on her back. I leaned over her to lick and suck her hard nipples again then lowered myself over her while guiding my cock into her hot, wet pussy. We both moaned softly as my cock slid easily into her then began to make out passionately as I started to slowly slide it in and out. She was immediately raising her hips to accept my full length each time I thrust into her. Fucking her, feeling her petite body below me and her tongue in my mouth were all absolutely incredible so I held the slow pace to savor it.

As good as it felt to be fucking her, I also wanted to get my hands on her tits and ass, so we eventually repositioned so that she was on top. As she started to ride my cock, I started caressing her freckled tits, running my hands over the soft, smooth flesh as well as her hard nipples. The look on her face told me that she was enjoying herself, as did the occasional soft moan that she couldn’t seem to contain. My gaze dropped down to her trim pussy and my hands found their way around to her sweet ass, though neither remained there. I was pushing up into her each time she came down, sometime with my hands on her ass, pulling her down, and sometimes with my hands on her tits. As I felt her pussy getting hotter and wetter once again, she leaned forward, supporting herself with a hand planted on either side of my head.

With her tits right in my face, I was licking and sucking her hard nipples while my hands remained on her ass. As I was pushing up into her as deeply as I could, I was also pulling her down so that my cock achieved maximum penetration. With an ass cheek in each hand, my fingertips were close to the crack of her ass and I ended up running one fingertip along the length of it, from her pussy to her tailbone. As my fingertip passed over her asshole, I sensed a reaction in her that indicated it was pleasurable to her. After confirming this with subsequent passes of my finger, I collected some of her overflowing juices from around her pussy on my fingertip and started to apply pressure to her asshole. I was still getting positive feedback so I went ahead and eased my finger inside, causing Lisa to immediately start cumming.

Her orgasm was long and intense and I just held my finger there inside her, easing it out only once she was done cumming. She smiled at me then kissed me passionately while still just sitting on my throbbing cock. Once she’d recovered and had expressed how much she’d enjoyed that orgasm, she pulled her mouth from mine.

“How about sticking your cock in my ass now?” she asked.

Of course I was game so, when she moved off next to me still on her hands and knees, I got up and knelt behind her. I ran my hands over ass before starting to slather the juices flowing from her pussy over and into her asshole with my fingers. She was writhing and softly moaning even though I hadn’t even slipped my cock into her yet. I finally straightened up and slipped my cock into her pussy first, getting it nice and slippery, then eased it into her ass. Despite having her face buried in a pillow, I could still hear the deep, throaty moan she let out as I entered her. Holding her hips, I started to slowly ease my cock in and out of her and was pleasantly surprised when she started to cum almost immediately. I’d felt my own orgasm beginning to build up as soon as I’d entered her tight ass, as well, and was planning on just releasing my load into her once I reached that point. In the meantime, I was savoring the pleasure of her tight opening along the length of my shaft.

I reached forward as I slowly fucked her and cupped her swinging tits, massaging her hard nipples with my palms. She was pushing back against my incoming thrusts so that it didn’t matter that I was no longer holding onto her hips. The longer we went at it, the harder she was pushing back and, as I felt my orgasm getting closer, I did straighten up and take her by the hips again. I know she came at least once more as I felt my cock swelling even more in anticipation of cumming, but it is possible that she had more orgasms that I wasn’t as aware of. I was fucking her a little bit harder and faster as I got close to cumming before I finally exploded deep into her ass.

I continued fucking her ass for as long as I was cumming, then pulled out and flopped onto the bed beside her. She started kissing me again and dropped from her hands and knees to her stomach, her bare flesh against mine. She eventually got up to do some pre-sleep ablutions in the bathroom and I think I was actually asleep when she came back out. I woke up a couple of times in the wee hours of the morning with her in my arms and, when I finally had to get up so that I’d be ready to meet my father-in-law, I left her sleeping.

“Stay as long as you want,” I whispered as I was about to leave, hoping she was awake enough to get the message.

When I got back to the hotel late that afternoon, there was a nice note in which she thanked me, told me how much she’d enjoyed our time together, especially my cock in her ass, and asked if I would mind if she came by again that night. I immediately shot her a text to let her know that she was absolutely welcome.

David waited anxiously at the arrivals lounge.

He’d waited a long time for this day and he was getting nervous, when Heather walked through the crowds of people. He recognised her straight away; she looked exactly like she did on her web cam, mid thirties, around five foot five inches, curly shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes.

She was a larger lady, which is one of the things that David liked. He had never fucked a BBW, and the thought of it really turned him on.

Heather had recognised him straight away as well, and they both smiled and hugged each other tightly.

They looked at each other, still in their embrace, and David leant forward and kissed Heather softly on the lips. She responded by sliding her tongue down his throat and David let his hands slide down Heather’s body so they rested on her large arse as he pulled her toward him, letting her feel the bulge growing in his trousers.

She felt it and whispered to him, “The hotel is a twenty minute tax drive away, can you wait?”

“No.” David said bluntly, before nibbling on Heather’s ear.

“Let’s find a place where we can fuck. I need you now.” Heather moaned softly.

They both snuck into the men’s restroom and went into the last stall in the line. Once inside, they took each other’s shirts off, and then Heather’s bra. David played with her large tits as they kissed, enjoying the feel of each other’s tongues. David reached down and lifted Heather’s skirt around her waist, she wasn’t wearing any panties, he slid a finger into her slit and was amazed at how wet she was.

“Fuck me David. I can’t wait any longer.” She said with a moan.

David pulled his trousers down and grabbed his cock. He rubbed the head of it along Heather’s wet slit before ramming it violently inside her from behind, making her scream out in pleasure. David fucked her hard and fast, not caring whether she enjoyed it or not.

He needn’t have worried. Heather loved his cock in her cunt and was already well on her way to an orgasm. She held the toilet lid tightly as she bucked her hips against David’s, moaning deeply as his large tool stretched her cunt wide.

It wasn’t long before David increased his thrusting to a dizzying speed. He grabbed Heather’s large arse cheeks and shot a big load deep inside her. He slid his cock out of the dripping slit and pulled her dress down for her as he kissed her neck.

“That was just what I needed.” David said satisfied.

“Oh. So can I go home now?” Heather said, jokingly.

“Don’t even think about it. Let’s get a taxi.”

They both straightened themselves out and found a taxi rank. David gave the driver the address and got in the back with Heather. They had barely driven to the end off the road before they were all over each other again. Mouths open wide as they played with each others tongues.

David had slipped a hand down Heather’s top and was cupping her breast. He pulled it out. He lent down to take it into his mouth and Heather sighed, prompting the driver to adjust his mirror so he could have a proper look at what was going on.

David had now pulled up Heather’s skirt and was finger fucking her while he continued to suck on her nipple. She was in bliss, and opened her eyes to see the driver, driving very slowly as he was getting a good show, and stroking his erect cock!

It turned Heather on even more to know she was turning this stranger on, and she tugged on her top and pulled out her other breast so the driver could get a good look. David’s fingers were working her clit and cunt and brought her to orgasm, and she was sad when they pulled up at the hotel.

She fixed herself up and winked at the driver as she entered the hotel lobby. The two lovers checked in and hurriedly found their room.

They had barely got in the room and put their bags down before they had their hands all over each other again. This time they could take all their clothes off and they fell on the bed together, David lying underneath Heather, just loving the feeling of her larger body trapping him under her.

As she leant down to smother him with her large breasts, he knew there was nowhere he’d rather be right now.

He covered the tits in his face with sloppy kisses as his stiff cock flopped against Heather’s arse. Without warning she quickly lifted her hips and slipped straight down David’s cock, making the young man yell. This soon turned to the moans of pleasure as Heather soon built a steady rhythm and fucked her younger stud for all he was worth.

She sat up and rode him and her breasts bounced on her chest as she rode him through several orgasms. She felt a big one coming. She held her hands on David’s arm, pinning him to the bed and began to really fuck him, bouncing and grinding her hips against his, making deep moaning noises.

David watched her intently as her big orgasm ran through her body and she shook violently above him.

She then flopped on top of him and mumbled something about how good it was, before nuzzling her face in David’s neck. But he wasn’t done yet. He rolled Heather over and lifted her legs over his shoulder before slamming his cock deep inside Heather’s dripping cunt. The extra penetration made both lovers moan in unison and they both looked each other in the eyes as David continued fucking Heather as hard as he could.

He remembered the first time he had seen Heather; she had just brought herself a web cam and was nervous about turning it on for the first time.

Waiting, David was erect with anticipation and turned his web cam on to show Heather how much he wanted her. The sight of his big young cock made her pussy wet and she turned it on. David was so turned on by Heather and her voluptuous body that he started masturbating furiously. This only made Heather more horny and she stripped for David, before slipping her hand to her crotch so she could finger fuck herself to an orgasm. The sight of her naked body cumming made David jerk his cock even faster and he shot a big load of cum across the room while Heather watched in amazement.

David was approaching the point of no return now and Heather was watching him as his body tightened and he came inside her with a satisfied, loud, grunt. He lay on top of her, his penis still deep inside, and rested his head on her chest.

They lay together for a while as David’s cock fell limp.

“I need to take a shower,” Heather said. “I won’t be long.”

She got up and walked to the bathroom. David enjoyed watching her walk away and when she had gone, he closed his eyes and thought about the incredible sex he had had in the last few hours. He was shocked to feel his cock get hard again already, but he wanted to fuck. He walked carefully to the bathroom and opened the door. Heather heard him come in and pulled back the shower curtain.

“Come in, the water’s nice and warm,” she said with a smile.

David didn’t hesitate and jumped straight in. He played with Heather’s big breasts and kissed her, letting his hands slide between her legs so he could play with her clit. He rubbed it and in no time Heather was clinging onto him tightly begging him not to stop as he brought her to orgasm.

Once she had cum, he took the shower head off the hook and placed it between her legs. Her clit was already sensitive and the sensation of the water on her pussy was too much as she came again. Hard.

She nearly fell over as her legs began to shake.

David knew he could do what he wanted now and told Heather to turn around, which she did. She thought he was going to fuck her dripping cunt from behind as he spread her large arse cheeks with his hands and was shocked when she felt his stiff member poke her tight arsehole before sliding slowly in.

Heather closed her eyes and bit her lip as David pushed his cock all the way in, moaning as he got as far in as he could. He stood still for a short time to allow Heather’s tight arse to adjust to his cock. Once he was sure she could take him without too much pain, he slid out and then slammed his cock straight back in, making the older lady shudder and cry out in pain.

“Do you want me to stop?” David asked, as the water from the shower trickled down their bodies.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” Heather replied with some urgency.

She was obviously enjoying having her arse fucked more than David had thought. He began fucking it again, slowly at first, and then building up speed. He used one hand to reach down to Heather’s crotch and fingered her clit, making her tremble as he pulled her closer to him. With the fingers in her pussy, the water running down her breasts and the big cock in her arse, she began to shake as she had another orgasm. It felt so strong and powerful as it ran through her body and David had to practically hold her up as she quivered in his arms.

“Th…thank you, thank you so much. I…I came so hard…never had an orgasm like that.”

David was about to laugh and tell Heather she was welcome when he felt an orgasm of his own approaching. He grabbed both arse cheeks in front of him and rammed Heather from behind.

He was finding it difficult to cum as he’d shot so much already today but he didn’t stop pounding at Heather’s arse. Heather was in post-orgasmic bliss and was feeling delirious as the he tried to cum. He was now fucking Heather so hard she was pushed up against the wall of the shower. He felt his balls tighten and groaned as he shot his seed deep inside her arse.

His head felt dizzy and barely remembered lying in bed, but as he drifted off he knew that this would be an amazing few days…

When we got back to the hotel we headed upstairs. I wasn’t sure about you, after all you had come at least five times already, but I knew that I was still horny. I wanted your body again; I couldn’t get enough of it. I was always a horny and sexual guy, but with you I was even more so.

‘You wanna have a bath together and clean up a bit??’ I suggested with a naughty grin.

‘Are you still horny Ben?’ you asked with a knowing smile, as you reached forwards to brush your hand against my cock.

I nodded. ‘If you’re all sexed out for tonight that’s ok babes, we still have another couple of nights here.’ I said.

‘Well let’s run a bath and see, alright? I am a bit tired at the moment but a bath might perk me up slightly.’ You replied.

You wandered off to start running the bath while I went to find where the hotel towels were. When I walked back into the bathroom, my mouth dropped open in shock. You were bent over the bath testing the temperature of the water, while your tight dress rode high up your legs, giving me nice view of your exposed pussy. Your arse looked absolutely fantastic…I was speechless.

You turned around as I dropped the towels on the floor and gave me a naughty grin. You knew exactly how to tease me…well two could play at that game. I casually dropped my pants, exposing my hardening cock to your eyes. I saw your eyes widen slightly and a look of lust passed through them.

I moved closer to you.

‘How’s the water baby?’ I asked as I came up behind you and brushed my cock against your wet pussy. Your only response was a moan as my cock softly stroked up your pussy lips. I could tell you wanted me to slide inside you, but I knew I was gonna tease you for it and make you beg me for it. You were mine now.

‘Ash? Are you ok? You’re not saying anything.’ I said as I slid just the head of my cock inside your pussy, and slowly teased you with just the head. Fuck you were absolutely soaked already. I could tell you were majorly turned on. You managed to gasp out that you were fine. I grinned again. I knew that you were trying to act normal but I knew that if I pulled my cock head out of you then you would practically be begging for a fucking. I began to slowly slide my cock out of you. You pressed your pussy back against me as you tried not to let me leave it. As my cock head slid out, you let out a small moan and your legs trembled slightly.

‘Fuck Ben. I’m so fucking horny again!! God I want you.’

With that I turned the water off, span you around and kissed you deeply. As I pulled you tight up against me, I reached up your skirt and rubbed my finger around your clit before sliding two fingers inside your dripping pussy.

‘Ohhhhhh Ben!!!’ you moaned as my two fingers entered your soaked pussy. I pulled them out and lifted them up to my mouth to suck your wonderful pussy juices off them. God you tasted so fucking sexy.

‘Lets get this dress off you babe.’ I said.

‘Wait! Let me do it baby. You sit there and watch.’ You said as you pushed me back and sat me down on the edge of the bath. I stripped off my top, so I was sitting naked on the edge of the bath. You started moving and swaying your body so sexily, while staring at me with your horny eyes.

You pulled the top of your dress down to expose the bra that held your wonderful tits in place. You reached around behind you and unclipped your bra, then pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. God your tits were fantastic!! I just wanted to kiss and suck every inch of them. You rubbed your hand over your breasts and rolled a nipple between your finger and thumb, making it so hard. Your other hand was rubbing your clit as you were moaning.

‘Ohh god Ben. Fuck that feels so fucking good!! I’m imagining your soft tongue licking my clit right now. God I’m so turned on!! God Ben I’m really fucking close already!! I wanna come so hard!!’ you moaned as you fingered your clit.

I was as hard as a rock at this show you were putting on for me. My hard cock was sticking straight out from me. I wanted desperately to stroke it and shoot my load all over you, but I knew that I would get to fuck you soon.

‘Come here then babe and I’ll make you come.’ I said.

You wiggled out of your dress and came over to me. You placed one leg up on the side of the bath, which fully exposed your wet pussy, with your clit just peeking out.

‘Fucking lick my pussy Ben and make me come!!’ you said.

I didn’t need to be asked twice!!! As I leaned forward to lick you, you grabbed my head and forcefully shoved my face against your pussy. I licked you right up the full length of your pussy. You weren’t wrong about being turned on, I was tasting a lot of juices flowing from your pussy!! You were so turned on that it only took me a few licks of your pussy to bring you to orgasm.

‘Oh fuck Ben that’s it baby!!! Oh my god!!! Fuck baby I’m coming already!! Oh shit!! FUCK!!! OHH FUCK!!! BEN I’M COMING!!! FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!! OHHHH GOD!!!’

You ground your pussy into my face as I could feel your hot juices flowing onto my face as you came so hard. I was still licking your clit as you humped my face, you legs were trembling and I had my hands on your arse supporting you so that you didn’t collapse. You stopped coming, and then suddenly dropped to your knees, startling me.

‘Ash are you……’ I didn’t get to finish my statement as you grabbed hold of my cock and slid your soft lips around it!! I almost came from the first lick.

‘Fuck you know how to give an amazing blowjob baby.’ I moaned.

‘I want your come baby!! I’ve been a naughty girl and you should come all over me!!’ you moaned as you stroked my cock, before resuming your sucking.

God you looked so sexy as you looked up at me while you gave me an amazing cock sucking. I reluctantly stopped her before I could come.

‘Don’t worry baby, you will get my come but I wanna fuck you first.’ I said.

With that I pulled you upwards and bent you over the side of the bath and you held tightly onto the side. I stood behind you and slid my cock as deep into you as I could until I could feel my balls touching your wet clit.

‘Ohhhh fuck Ben!! Your cock feels so fucking AMAZING!!’ you moaned.

‘Mmmmm fuck baby your pussy is so tight babes, it feels so hot and wet on my cock!!’ I moaned back, ‘Now I’m gonna punish you for being such a naughty girl.’

I drew my hips back and began to fuck your pussy hard and deep. You were so wet and I slid in and out so easily. As I fucked you, you began to moan my name louder. I spanked your arse.

‘Ohhhhh fuck Ben!!’

I spanked you again, as my cock penetrated deep into you.

‘Fuuuuckkkk!!! Shit!!!!’

I spanked you again, a bit harder this time.


I spanked your arse again.

You screamed and came on my cock. Your legs trembled as you came and your juices soaked my cock as the combination of the hard fucking and the spanking made you come like crazy. ‘That’s right my filthy girl!! Take my cock you naughty bitch!!’ I moaned while I fucked you.

I pulled you up against me so I was fucking you from behind while we were standing. I pulled your head around so that I could kiss you. I continued to slide my cock in and out of your pussy as we kissed in that position, while you moaned into my mouth. Then I bent you back over and began to fuck you harder again. I reached around with one hand so that I could fondle your nipple, while my other hand continued to spank your sexy arse.

I could tell that you were getting close as you were screaming my name and your pussy was getting so tight on my cock.

‘OHHH BABE I’M GONNA COME AGAIN!!! OHHH FUCK!! HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!! FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!! I’M COMING!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH BEN!!!!’ you were screaming my name as I fucked you so hard and deep.

‘Ohh fuck Ash your pussy feels so good on my cock!! Fuck your coming hard Ash!!! O shit baby I’m getting close!!!’

You stopped coming, and turned to look at me and practically yelled, ‘Fuck I’m so horny!! Fuck my arse Ben!!! I need your cock in me right now!!! Put it in my arse and make me come!!!’

I knew that you loved to get fucked in your arse when you got really horny and so I knew that I wanted to fuck you hard and make us both come again.

I slipped my hard cock out of your wet pussy and placed it at the entrance of your arse.

‘Oh god Ben!! Please fuck me!! I want your cock in my arse now babe!! Fuck me!!’

I slowly slid my cock head into your tight arse. It felt so fucking tight around my cock. You moaned loudly as my cock head entered you. Once the head was in, I slowly slid my length deeper into you. I was rock hard. As I filled your arse with my cock, you were already moaning.

‘Oh fuck Ben that feels so good! I love your hard cock in my arse!!! Fuck me baby!! Make me come with your cock in my arse!!’

I began to fuck you in earnest, sliding my cock hard and deep into your arse. God you were so tight, I knew that I wouldn’t last long, after your amazing blowjob and fucking from before. I wanted to make you come again before I did, so I reached down to your pussy and began to rub your clit softly in circles. Your clit was so hard, and coated in your pussy juices.

‘Holy shit Ben!! Fuck baby!!! FUCK!! I’m getting close again!!! O FUCK!! Fuck baby spank me like the filthy bitch I am!!! OHH MY GOD!!!’ you screamed.

I spanked your arse with my free hand. ‘Fuck Ash you are so fucking sexy!! You’re my filthy bitch baby!! I’m fucking your arse and spanking you, you fucking naughty girl!! Fuck baby, my cock is gonna explode!!’


I could feel my come rising in my cock and I knew that I was gonna explode.


‘Ben shoot it on my face and tits!! I’m your filthy slut and I want you to come all over me!!’ you moaned as you turned around and knelt in front of my hard cock.

It only took a couple of strokes and I could feel my come about to explode out of my cock. I held my cock and pointed it down at you, where you knelt with your mouth open and tits pressed up ready to take my come. Then the hardest orgasm of my life took over and I began to shoot a massive load of come all over you.


As the last few squirts fell onto your breasts, I had to sit down as my legs were about to collapse with the intense orgasm I had just had. I looked at you, and you were my filthy slut. My come all over your face and in your mouth. Some running down your chin and onto your tits. Fuck you looked sexy!! You looked at me and smiled.

‘So am I a good girl now?’ you asked.

I nodded. Still breathless form the intense sex session.

‘How about that bath now?’ You asked me.

‘Sounds like a good idea.’ I replied.

‘God Ben that was an amazing night. I’ve never come so many times, or so hard!! It was so intense when you fucked my arse.’

‘Ashley thank you for everything tonight. It was fucking amazing for me too!’

We jumped in the bath then to clean up and relax for a bit. We were both exhausted from all of the sex and orgasms from the night.

I thought to myself…what are the next two nights on holiday going to be like…

The next day, watching the match with my mates and girlfriend, I couldn’t help smiling to myself when I saw Andy Mills scoring the winning goal – taking my team through to the FA cup final.

As everyone in the pub was cheering and celebrating, my mind flashed back to the night before and Andy’s hot cock pumping spunk all over my mouth and face.

I felt happy. Partly because I’d played a small part in my team going through, but mostly because I knew Andy would be back in London for the final in just over a month. I couldn’t help hoping he’d come back to the hotel.

That night the horniness I’d felt while servicing Andy’s cock was finally unleashed with my girlfriend.

I asked her to wear the football shirt I’d bought her last Christmas while she gave me a celebratory blow job and then I bent her over and fucked her good and hard.

As we lay there afterwards she said she didn’t know what had gotten into me, but she liked it…if that was winning the semi-finals she couldn’t wait to celebrate winning the final!

I tried not to think about the “gay” aspect of what I’d done with Andy – in the end we were just two horny guys, helping each other out (or at least I’d helped him)… and it’s nothing different than what happens in boys public schools and prisons. Didn’t make either of us gay, just horny.

A month later, I had deliberately arranged to be running the night shift prior to the cup final, using the excuse that I wanted the next day off to watch the match.

Secretly hoping Andy would stay in the hotel and I’d run into him again. Not knowing really what I expected to happen but knowing I wanted to see him again.

I missed Andy checking in since he arrived before my shift started, but as soon as I got chance I checked the computer system – he had checked in alone and ordered food for one to his room. His wife must be away, maybe he planned this? I noticed on his bill he had already accessed the gym and WiFi, pre-ordered a wake-up call, breakfast , newspaper and had made a blanked out purchase on the TV system – usually that means porn, but could be something else.

I was a little disappointed, hoping to see him before the big game, waiting for an excuse to go up to his room. I couldn’t help thinking he didn’t want a repeat performance and was making do with some porn, I wondered if I had done something to offend him last time. At the same time I wondered why I was so bothered about this – it’s not like I had a crush on him.

Then at around 10pm, a call was put through to me from the front desk:

“Duty manager speaking, how can I help?” I answered

“Hi, this is Andy Mills in room 412, I think we met last time I was here”

“Yes, we did, how can I help sir”

“This is a bit sensitive, I need your absolute discretion”

My heart started to race as Andy continued:

“I’m not supposed to drink before a big match, but I’m having trouble relaxing, could you bring me a couple of bottles of lager up without anyone knowing about it?”

“Certainly, sir, you can rely on my absolute discretion, any particular brand of lager?”

With that, I headed towards the hotel bar, personally prepared a tray of two bottles of lager, glasses and headed up to room 412.

My heart was beating fast and my cock already stirring as I knocked on the door. I heard the answer to come in, and took a deep breath as I used my access key to open the door.

Room 412 is one of our best – a corner suite, King size bed with study, sitting area, bath and shower. Andy Mills was sitting up on the bed, naked with a towel wrapped around his waist. I looked up at the TV screen to see he was watching a blonde slut with big tits sucking on a big black cock. Wouldn’t have been my choice of skin-flick but I guess the woman was pretty hot and actually reminded me a bit of Andy’s wife.

Andy was smirking at me like a Cheshire cat. I put the beer down by the side of the bed and opened one, he picked up the bottle, took a sip. With the other hand I could see he was slowly massaging his cock, manipulating it in such a way that the towel slowly parted and I could see his length growing in his hand.

“I’m glad you’re working tonight. Somehow I knew you would be. After last time it seems like you might be my new lucky charm, so, what are you waiting for…you know what service I really want.” With that he gestured to his stiff 8 inches and looked up at me, sipping his beer.

I don’t know why, but there was something magnetic about him and his cock, I didn’t need to be asked twice. I positioned myself on the bed, took his thick cock in my hands and licked the bell-end, slowly kissing his knob and sliding my tongue around the shaft.

He breathed heavily, then I felt the weight of his hand on my head, pushing me onto his meaty cock. I closed my eyes and sucked him the best way I knew how. I could hear the slurping and groaning of the porno playing in the background, as well as Andy’s heavy breathing in-between him sipping his lager.

I looked up at him, I was pleased to see his focus was on me, and the performance I was giving bobbing up and down on his cock.

“You’re good at this, even better than I remembered” he said, I was strangely proud of my cock-sucking prowess.

He suddenly moved off the bed and stood up, I moved my head, trying not to let his cock be away from my lips for any longer than could be helped. Eventually I was kneeling below him, sucking on his cock from my position on the floor, I moved my head down and began licking on his balls, sucking and teasing – knowing how sensitive they were.

“Good boy” he whispered “do you want some beer? I think you’re earning it”

I looked up and nodded, expecting him to pass me the second bottle, instead he smiled and moved his own bottle down to the tip of his dick. Gently and slowly he tilted the bottle and began pouring lager onto his cock, letting it spill down his shaft onto my face and mouth as I looked up at him.

I licked and sucked eagerly at his beer-soaked cock, trying to catch as much as possible. My tongue went into overdrive, lapping at his groin like a thirsty dog. The taste of cock and beer was somehow manly and dirty at the same time, I loved it.

After this, I set to work trying to deep throat his eight inches again, it was easier this time, I controlled my breathing and forced myself deeper, not worrying about my eyes watering. Suddenly after about 3 minutes of intensive sucking Andy pulled his cock out of my mouth and started slapping my face with it. My hot cheeks were red and moist with saliva, tears and sweat, I wanted to get that cock back into my mouth and I also wished I could release my own cock and get some attention myself.

Looking over at the TV screen I noticed the big black cock was now fucking the blonde, at first all I could see was two black butt-cheeks pounding away at a bundle of white flesh and blond hair, as the camera repositioned I realised the guttural moaning of the slut was not just because of the mammoth cock she was taking, but that he was giving it to her in her asshole.

“There is something else” Andy started, I hoped at last he was going to offer some reciprocation.

“Last year before the European cup final, the missus knew how important it was so she let me brake the gaffer’s sex ban rules…in fact it was so important to me she let me fuck her tight little ass. I felt like the king of the world the next morning, scored a hat-trick that match!”

I continued sucking on his cock as he told me this hot story about his wife, I couldn’t believe she let him fuck her ass, but then I remembered that match, probably one of the happiest days of my life as a football supported when we won the European cup, Andy had been on the best form I’d ever seen.

“So, how about it?”

He said it so nonchalantly I didn’t quite connect what he was asking. As he lent over and started rubbing my ass through my work trousers I suddenly understood the full force of what he was asking.

“I’ve noticed through your uniform, your ass is pert just like hers, I bet it’s pretty tight too…the missus said once she got used to the sensation it wasn’t so bad”

“No fucking way, mate” I spat the words out: “Giving you a blowjob was a favour to help you out before the match, but I’m not gay and nothing goes near my ass, not even my girlfriends fingers”

“I was worried you might say that” Andy seemed un-phased pulling his cock out of my mouth, I watched him walk over to the study area, grab his laptop and bring it back to the bed, his big cock and low balls bobbing around as he did.

He use the remote to mute the TV and opened a file on his laptop:

“You might like to see a different movie I was watching earlier, I made it myself last time with the camera on my phone”

I watched in horror as I saw my own face bobbing up and down on his thrusting cock, my eyes were closed, I had no idea he was filming our last session – the camera must have been hidden on the bedside. He skipped the film forward and I saw my face covered in his hot spunk.

“What the fuck….Jesus, I had no idea…” I could barely form a sentence as my mind raced…what the hell is he going to do with this film.

“You can’t really tell who’s cock it is, but it’s pretty clear it’s your eager mouth…your face looks pretty sexy covered in my cum…I got off a few times editing this together.” He smilled and yanked his cock, keeping it hard.

“Come on, it’s obvious you love my cock…and you couldn’t get up here fast enough tonight. So how about you let me have a go at your ass? Secretly I think you want it, and I need this to be on my best form tomorrow. That way no one else needs to see this little home movie of ours.”

I thought about it carefully, my family, my girlfriend, my mates, my job…the damage to my life would be unimaginable if he were to put this onto the internet or send it to someone. I was hungry for his cock in my mouth and I’d even imaginged him sucking me off, but having him fuck my arse… the only thing worse would be that film getting out.

I looked back at him, he was smiling at me, his rugged face and curly black hair made him look like a mischievous schoolboy asking for a second helping of dessert, rather than a horny footballer blackmailing me into submitting my anal-virginity to him.

“Okay” I whispered.

He leaned forward, so his face was next to mine and whispered:

“I can’t hear you, tell me what you want to do?”

“I said, okay, you can fuck my arsehole” I spat the words out and closed my eyes in shame

“Don’t worry, I appreciate you helping me out, I’ll start off nice and gentle.”

He pushed his cock into my face, saying

“Why don’t you keep this hard, while you get your trousers off”.

I tried to get back into the rhythm of sucking him as I unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down to my knees. Despite everything running through my mind, my cock was still pretty hard. As Andy lifted me up by my arms and lent me over the bed I could feel my hard on pressing at my chest.

He grabbed a condom from his side-table and I heard him put it on, I looked over at the porn on the TV screen, the big black cock was pumping streams of white cum over the blonde’s face and tits. I watched it running again in slow motion and tried not to think about the image in this room. Andy’s naked muscular body and 8 inch cock, lining up behind me, bent over the edge of the bed with my trousers around my knees and my shirt held half way up my back. Waiting for him to fuck me.

I looked forward and saw his face and my own reflected in a big mirror, he smiled at me and licked his lips. He spat in his hand and rubbed his saliva between my ass cheeks, fingering my tight ring, moistening it up. He repeated the action, and then also spat onto the end of his rubbered up cock.

He grabbed a small bottle from the bedside and leant forward:

“Take a sniff of this – it’ll help open you up”

With that he wrapped his arms around my head, without warning he placed the bottle beneath my face. The smell of poppers I recognised from when someone brought them into school years ago…suddenly it filled my nose and went instantly to my head and I felt my cock soften slightly as I relaxed.

He slowly pushed his cock between my pert white ass cheeks, and positioned the head at my rim, he smiled again as I felt him lift his weight up and put his hold body behind that first initial thrust. I honestly never felt anything like this pain, the fullness in my arse was blowing my mind, the stretching of my ring was like all hell. I winced in pain, my eyes watering. I let out a guttural moan just like the blonde slut in the porno movie.

Andy kept on sliding himself forward and back into my hole, nice and slow as I got used to the feeling. His hands on the middle of my back, almost massaging me to take my mind off it. After about two minutes of this he leant foward and I could feel the weight of his body on me and whispered into my ear:

“See, not too bad…you’re a lot tighter than my missus too. I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

I have to admit the pain had begun to subside at that point, and in fact, his cock seemed to be causing a reaction within me that only seemed to make my own dick harder than it ever was before, stimulating it without even needing to touch it.

Now though the massaging of my back and the slow gentle strokes stopped, I watched him in the mirror as he grabbed my hips and started bucking faster into me, I could hear his groin slapping on my butt cheeks in an accelerating rhythm, the sharper thrusts were making his low hanging balls slap against my own as he forced my body down and my ass up into the air.

It didn’t hurt anymore and in fact I was getting turned on, my competitive streak felt challenged and I found myself trying to push back against his rhythm and take him deeper with each stroke to see if I could take all 8 inches of his monster cock.

Suddenly I watched in the mirror as his hand rose up and slapped down across my ass cheeks, the type of spanking motion you see guys making in rap videos or porn:

“Take it you dirty bitch, you love that cock in your naughty little ass”

He spanked me again and then lent forward, wrapping his arms around my body to squeeze my nipples. The sensation was amazing, I hoped he would go further and grope my 7 inch hard on, but he just kept playing with my nipples as he ground his length inside my ass.

Next he slipped his cock out of my hole and took a few deep breaths of recovery:

“I want to watch you bounce your ass on my cock” he announced as he sat on the bed and drank from the second bottle of beer.

I was already kicking off my shoes, trousers and boxers (which were now around my ankles. I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor, jumped onto the bed and straddled him, facing away from him toward the TV (where a new porn scene was now rolling with a brunette getting double teamed by two hairy muscle dudes – both with massive cocks).

Andy lent forward and spat out a spray of lager onto my asshole to help lube me up, I could also hear him tipping a little onto his hands and using it to re-lube the johnny that was still encasing his mammoth cock. He held his it up straight as I crouched over it and slowly lowered myself onto it. Not even thinking about how quickly I’d adapted to the role of anal-slut.

Looking to my side I could see him in the mirror sipping beer and watching my arse swallowing his manhood. I could see myself too, crouching, bouncing my ass up and down with longer and deeper strokes as I grew in confidence. He put down the bottle and grabbed my hips, controlling my rhythm and using me almost like a blow-up doll on his dick.

Without comment, he repositioned himself slightly and started going at my ass doggy style, he seemed to like this position and began fucking me fast and furious. I let one of my hands cup my cock and balls quickly and desperately wanted to bring myself off, but had to stop to balance myself against the force of Andy’s ass-fucking.

“Fuck yes, I’m so fucking close, we need to slow down, I don’t want to cum yet.”

He pulled out of me – I could see him in the mirror – stood on the bed, towering over me, finishing his beer. After the last 20 minutes of ass pounding suddenly I felt empty, kneeling with my ass in the air, desperate for more hard fucking punishment. I felt his fingers pushing into me, keeping me open, then I heard him laugh to himself and say:

“I think your going to like this old son, just relax”

As I felt something cold and hard against my ass cheeks. In the mirror I saw him, grinning broadly and playing with his cock with one hand as the other pushed the beer bottle into my arse.

My eyes widened in fear, but before I could do or say anything I could feel the glass inside me, filling the space left by his boner a minute ago, it was cold and hard and he had to be a lot gentler as he slid it into me but I was surprised at how easily I could take it.

Once it was in, he just left it there, I held it in me with my ass cheeks. Removing his condom he moved round to offer his cock to my mouth, leaning over to dildo my ass with the bottle. I took his cock in my lips and for the first time felt full from both ends as I sucked his meat. It was incredible, so dirty and weird but the hardness of my own cock told me it was the horniest position I’d ever been in.

Andy’s pace increased as he fucked my face and ass simultaneously, I was sucking him so hard I thought his dick would fall off. Slowly he pulled the bottle out of my ass and dropped it on the bed, as he did he pulled his groin away from my face

“I’m gonna cum all over your pert ass cheeks” he pushed me down and sat on back, beating his cock over my arse.”

“Oh my fucking god” he groaned and in the mirror I saw his whole body tighten and I felt the hot strings of spunk spraying over my buttcheeks.

He rubbed his cock around, smearing my fleshy cheeks with his cum, then he leant back and fed his cock into my mouth so I could taste him one last time. Since my first taste of cum I’d waited for this moment, and generously sucked and licked his softening cock clean. Looking up to his face, as he smiled and closed his eyes.

He lay back onto the bed, I used the bathroom to wash myself off (I didn’t have time for a full shower, and wanted to keep the smell of sex and him on me for the rest of my shift). I quickly pulled my uniform back on and left – he had already fallen asleep.

As the high of the sex and the poppers subsided I spent the rest of my shift with a semi-hard cock, and having to avoid sitting down due to the pain in my arsehole – thinking of how after all this I was definitely going to make Andy take my load next time!

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