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I had eaten a weekend’s worth of the wrong food — chips, popcorn, bread, cake, you name it, if it was really bad for me I ate it. As a result of this bottom feeder behaviour I was ill, out of sorts and felt completely blocked up. By Tuesday I was still rough, so when Hubby came home I asked him to give me an enema.

He agreed, even though he was in sort of a rush to go to the gym. I prepared a litre of warm, soapy water and took it upstairs to our room. He asked me to undress and put a towel on the bed. I did this, but also put our big bolster on the bed as well. It’s a black vinyl bolster, two feet long and eighteen inches in diameter and is very comfy.

I knelt over the bolster with my head down and bottom up, legs spread. He began by putting on a latex glove and spreading a small amount of lubricant around my anus before slipping his finger in. Of course, he can’t resist a few minutes of anal fingering before deciding that I’ve been lubricated enough. Remember, he wants to go to the gym so he’s in a bit of a hurry.

He filled the syringe and inserted the tip into my bottom. Gently he pushed the plunger down and I felt the warm water trickle into my rectum. He repeated this four or five times, then began hand stroking my pussy from behind. He is such a bad hubby! He took off his gym shorts and pants, slipped his stiff cock into my pussy and had a little fuck. He is very good at this, and as I am already wet I quite enjoy it, even though he’s thrusting very hard and I’m starting to get cramps in my belly. He stopped and finished giving me the rest of the enema, then resumed screwing me, but this time he fingered my anus as well. It is simply a matter of time before he moves his cock from my pussy to my lubricated ass, the very one he just filled with warm, soapy water. Hubby loves giving me a good ass pounding, and proceeded to do so until I told him I was ready to ditch the enema.

He let me go and I wrapped up in a robe and departed for the loo. When I returned, he was laying on the bed, with a fresh glove on and nothing else. He asked me to take the robe off, step up to the bed and turn my back to him, then bend over and spread my cheeks and hold them apart. I did this, and felt his finger slip in and out of my bottom. It felt warm and stingy, and I realised that he had just rubbed Tiger Balm all around and up my anus. Tiger Balm enhances the feeling of any stimulus to the skin, we have found.

Hubby asked me to get the riding crop out of the closet and come back to the bed. When I brought him the riding crop, he told me to lace my fingers and put them behind my head. He gave me several hard strokes across my buttocks, until I just couldn’t stand still anymore. Then he had me lay face down on the bed and whipped my bottom until I was squealing and just about to start crying. I’m not much of a screamer, but the riding crop hurts.

He told me to stand up, bend over and spread my cheeks again. I obeyed, feeling the raised welts on my hot, stinging buttocks. He stood up behind me, and gave my anus ten hard strokes of the riding crop. This hurt even worse than the whipping. My anus was already sensitive from the Tiger Balm and tender from his attentions, and the riding crop has a stiff leather tip which he is very accurate at aiming. He pushed me back onto the bed, kneeling over the bolster, and then I felt his cock pressing up against my asshole. Slowly he worked it in, and at first it felt nice and warm. Compared to that riding crop sodomy is soothing. This feeling did not last as once he was properly in he thrust his very stiff cock deeply into my rectum and reamed me hard for a time, then pulled out with a pop and again applied the riding crop to my buttocks. Another nice thing about the bolster is that it muffles all but the loudest screams.

He bade me to stand up, staying bent over, and spread my cheeks. He gave me another ten sharp, hard blows on my sore, throbbing anus. He enjoys doing this as I pucker up after each stroke, in an attempt to relieve some of the sting. I can’t help it. Of course, he sees this as an invitation to whip my anus more, and harder. Having to maintain my balance and keep myself spread for him, plus not moving to evade the riding crop is all very difficult and makes the punishment much harder to bear than when I’m tied down and unable to move, I’ve noticed. More obedience, discipline and attention to detail is required to stand and present for punishment; we both know I need development in this area.

After my ten he fucked my ass some more, with long, slow, deep thrusts. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting excited and tightened up to encourage him to cum. He pulled out before that could happen, and one final time applied the riding crop vigorously to my already well-marked bottom.

“I’m going to the gym,” he said.

“Please, I need another enema,” I asked. He replied, “You are running out of time, you better go get more water and a fresh towel.” He gave me one more enema, this time without any other business. While I was in the loo (sitting very gingerly on the toilet) he called good-bye through the closed door and headed to the gym at last. Hubby likes taking the time to help me.

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Gusts of rain flattened the field of wild sage, and beyond it, the dark woods leading to the lake hissed and groaned in a very uninviting way. Staring out the cabin window, Mia told us of her urge to run into the dense maze of wood wearing nothing but sandals. I laughed, believing she wouldn’t last five minutes in the mountain cold. She took it as a challenge, and I suddenly found myself seated on a pine-post railing, rain beating against the metal porch roof, and my girlfriend leaning naked on the railing next to me, describing how much she loved a good storm. Her bare tits rested in her folded arms and her bent over twenty-three-year-old ass looked round, tight and delicious. I reached out and caressed the top of her bad-ass bubble-butt. Top-fucking-shelf! I still had trouble believing I’d landed such a top-shelf piece of ass.

When we returned to Paul’s warm cabin ten minutes later, she glided straight to the fire, breaking stride only to snatch the knitted blanket from the leather sofa back. She wrapped herself inside and flopped down on a buffalo skin rug a few feet from the fireplace screen. My vegetarian girlfriend never set foot on that rug before, but the temptation of the blazing pine logs finally proved stronger than her disgust. Soon Emily took a seat next to her, and together they watched the flames flicker and spit, while Paul and I heated up mulled wine in the cramped kitchen. We took a cupful to the girls and then he broke out a bottle of brandy, pouring a fair amount in two large brandy snifters.

It wasn’t long before the wine hit the girl’s and their conversation grew louder, bolder and full of laughter. They must have exchanged stories about every guy they’d ever known, as Mia shifted behind Emily and braided her long brown hair. She’d wrapped the knitted blanket just below her armpits, leaving her shoulders totally exposed and her arms free. The loose knit blanket let her skin peek through the holes, and my eyes kept finding the pink of her nipples. Paul carried a hot ladle across the room, topped off their wine cups, and then sat next to me at the small dining table. He angled himself towards the girls, as did I.

“I could watch that all night.”

“No shit.”

“So Mia sure does love nature, rain or shine.”

That summer Mia had lead the four of us skinny dipping in the lake, but it had been hot, sunny and a totally summer thing to do, but stripping down at this time of year rang just plain insane.

When Mia completed Emily’s braid, Emily removed her sweater, leaving her in a wife-beater and sweatpants. She has splendid tits, and seeing them braless in a wife-beater, the nipples poking at the fabric and the outside curvature of her boob visible from the side opening, warmed me in a way the brandy couldn’t.

But it was more than her partially exposed boob––something about Emily told me I could have her if I wanted. Something about her thick lipstick, thick eyeliner, and her sparse tattoos, seemed… I don’t know… slutty? But then Paul’s girls have always struck me that way. He may have displayed a taste for refined luxuries, rolling about in a Mercedes and showing off his pricy wine rack, but he gauged his woman by their performance in the sack, and that’s about it.

Mia turned her back to the fire and loosened the knitted blanket. She clutched it to her bosom but allowed it to fall from her back, leaving her bare skin sparkling in the firelight. Mia may have lived in a way that made minced-meat out of social norms, but she seemed oblivious to the affect it had on people, and never came off slutty. Weirdly enough, however, watching her get friendly with a girl like Emily blurred that distinction for me, and I couldn’t keep my mind off fucking her super sleazy like. Maybe that’s why Paul preferred the easy chicks––their willingness to do it all set fire to the imagination.

Mia caught me gawking, her sharp green eyes trapping me like a spotlight. She’d do that often––her eyes would bound wildly about the world and then lock onto me with a sudden razor sharp intensity. And while her cocky smile let me know she could damn well read my mind, her green peepers revealed the pure heat living in the depths of her soul. I literally found myself salivating, like a hot buttered carrot rested on my tongue, and I proceeded to swallow awkwardly.

Paul sipped his Brandy to hide his own shit eating grin, then whispered, “Dude, you’re girlfriend’s amazingly hot.”

“Yeah she is. But so’s yours, man.”

“Isn’t she though?”

I checked to make absolutely sure Mia wasn’t listening, and then turned again to Paul. “Don’t say anything to Emily, but I’m getting a ring for Mia in a couple of weeks.”

“Holy shit! Seriously, Devon?”

I just smiled proudly and nodded my head.

“Fucking congratulations, man!” He looked back at Mia, naked under the blanket, and snorted a laugh.

“What? You wouldn’t marry that?”

“No dude, that’s not it at all.”

“Then what?”

“Well I’m just glad you told me before I said anymore.”

“Oh yeah, such as what?”

He punched my arm instead of answering.

“This is an excellent Brady, but I’m breaking out the choice Cognac for this.”

He went to the liquor cabinet and brought back a brown bottle littered in calligraphy.

He then explained how he’d met a French electronics genius who bragged about a family making a Cognac to rival Hennessey’s finest, and charged about one-sixth the price. So Paul spent a hundred dollars in long distance calls tracking this family down and then bought six bottles at two hundred a pop, which is nothing compared to the price of supreme quality Cognacs. .

“It was such a legit operation the bottles arrived on my doorstep in an actual wooden crate. How insane is that? But here it is, and now you can honestly say that you’ve tasted the best fucking Cognac in the world.”

I took a sip and let it hover in my mouth before swallowing.

“Liquid silk, right?”


“So alive, yet so tranquil––wakes up the throat, then leaves it cool and happy.”

His dark eyes, which I’ve heard woman describe as seductive, ignited with devilish excitement. With his next sip he completely lost his customary cool composure and drifted away in an almost heroine like daze. Nobody appreciated life’s finest more than Paul.

“So fuckin’ smooth, smooth, smooth.”

He then produced two cigars from his flannel shirt pocket. “Let’s go finish it on the porch with these. You know your cigars?”

“Not really.”

“Well this cigar is about on par with the Cognac, that’s all you need to know.”

Outside he passed a clipped and lit cigar as I zipped up my winter coat. The icy drops fell in sheets just beyond the eves and I asked if we might see any snow. Being a databank of worldly wisdom, Paul assured snow wouldn’t show for at least another week.

“I’m back up here with a snowboard on the third, how about it?”

“I wish. We’re pretty booked until the New Year.” I took a drag off the cigar and felt myself turn green. I had to take Paul’s word it was ‘primo’, because all cigars tasted like ass to me. Still, I was sipping the world’s finest Cognac and smoking an equally fine cigar, and felt very Fortune 500 doing it. As I took another drag I wondered if that was most likely their universal appeal––the awesome taste of power.

I directed my thumb towards the cabin door. “So back in there, what was so funny about marrying Mia?”

He dodged the question by asking about our friend Mitch. “You think Mia is going to allow him at the wedding? I mean, when’s the last time you’ve even seen him?”

“Months! There’s no way he’s not coming to the wedding, though.”

“Hahaha! That girl holds a grudge worse than I do. Doesn’t she get Mitch is just a scatterbrained surfer?”

“I think so.”

“Doesn’t she know all of us passed around a girl at one point or another? And shit, it worked out for her, didn’t it? His loss, her gain, right?”

“Man, I haven’t even asked her to marry me yet, I can’t worry about all this now. Anyhow, it makes choosing my Best Man a whole lot easier.”

“Well shit, Devin, thanks!” He took a drag off his cigar and exhaled with an I’m-up-to-something smile. “Well now I’m really glad I silenced myself back inside.”

“Come on fucker, out with it!”

“If you really gotta know, I was going to suggest we swap score-cards for the night.” He immediately broke into laughter.

“Swap score-cards?”


“Ah, got it!”

“I was just bullshitting, you know.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“We were both bullshitting about our girls, right?”

I laughed a cloud of smoke. Every guy Mia met had a crush on her, and hearing Paul repeatedly stress he was only bullshitting lead me to believe he was at least horny for her.

Mia’s a beauty. Her red hair hangs straight for a few inches and then turns into big looping curls that circle her head like the brim of a hat. She almost always hooks them behind her ears or ties them up into a springy ponytail, which I prefer because it showcases her elfish cheekbones and roundish forehead. She also has twinkling green eyes set into very shallow eye sockets, granting her a look I lovingly refer to as “Irish Exotic”. At five-seven she isn’t really short, but Mia has a long svelte neck, lowering her shoulder line and granting her a more petite body. Thankfully her slender ribcage and narrow tummy help maintain an elegant length to her proportions and make her smaller tits look substantial. They also help launch the gorgeous curves bowing around her hips and ass before they dramatically taper down her long shapely legs. Mia avoids make-up and sexier clothing, going for a natural sunnier look and allowing her God-given beauty to stand on its own.

But what really stole my heart was her spirited attitude. Her mission in life appeared to be waking mankind from a state of depression, with an arsenal of fun, fearlessness, and a total love of adventure. A few have referred to Mia as an attention whore, but time with her always amounted to one memorable moment after the next, and its a criticism made by bores and fueled with envy.

Paul, on the contrary, came off as an incredibly tactile guy, a trait typically at odds with Mia’s spontaneity. Just that afternoon he’d led us twenty miles on mountain-bikes to a place called The Gorge, and about three miles out, Mia diverted us towards the remains of a burned out house. She searched the aged debris strewn over the old slab foundation, determined to find a lost belonging to reveal the lives of those who lived there. We were free to leave when I discovered an old picture frame in the bushes, which she held like some mystic channeling the past. By then no one seemed too interested in reaching The Gorge, and I could tell Paul was a bit annoyed his day had been derailed.

I also suspected he despised women he couldn’t control, which is why it really surprised me to discover he’d go for Mia. And as Paul and I smoked down our cigars, I felt surging pride knowing that this man, who probably carried more debt than the government in his pursuit of the finest pleasures in life, desired my girlfriend. In fact, he desired her so bad he’d have me fuck his girl in trade.

I needed to hear more, my buzzed ego demanded it, and I baited him by suggesting he let me have one final night as a free man, and stuff Emily’s cannoli full of some sausage.

He tapped the ashes from his cigar. “You couldn’t handle Emily, my friend. She’s one hell of a nasty girl.”

“I don’t know about that, I think Mia’s prepared me for anything.”

“Yeah, I can only imagine she’s a pretty wild lay. But if you let me snake her plumbing I’ll make an experienced woman out of her. I’ll give you back a pretty girlfriend who knows more positions than a Rubik’s Cube.”

We split a gut laughing, and kept on ‘bullshitting’, until suddenly we weren’t bullshitting anymore. He suggested we get the girls drunk and really swap, and if I’d been sober I would’ve flat out said no, but instead I used Mia as my excuse, saying she wouldn’t go for it.

“I have a pretty good idea how Mia’s wired.” He tapped more ashes over the porch railing. “She’ll go along with it just to spite us. She’s a feisty one, man, she’d turn it around just to knock us down a peg. Am I right?”

It amazed me he thought he knew her so well. “That’s a stretch, man.”

“Come on,” he persisted, “You complained she’s always putting herself at the mercy of strangers for the sake of adventure, so put her at the mercy of a friend instead.”

“I said she’s too trusting of strangers.”

“How’s that any different? Listen, Emily does these exercises called Kegals. Let me tell you, you haven’t ever felt anything like a Kegal tightened pussy. It’s almost as good as this.” He then displayed his glass before his face


“Hey, this is really good Cognac!”

The thought of Emily’s tight pussy made his proposition very enticing, and after returning inside, Paul saw to it their mugs of mulled wine never went dry.

Eventually the girls were ready to call it a night and we headed off to bed. Mia had reached her giggly level of drunkenness. She’d agree to almost anything in that state, and as I shut the pine slated door to our bedroom, I searched for a way to broach the subject. Before I could, however, we climbed into bed and immediately began to fool around, and then it seemed impossible. I kissed her gently and let my hands roam up to her tits and my tongue wind down her neck. She has lovely youthful tits, just big enough to feel some heft as I held one, and to swell outwards as I squeezed. Her nipples are tiny, and because of this I tend to treat them delicately. I don’t know why, other than they just seem so perfectly perched on top of her boob and I hate disturbing them. I rolled one gently between my lips, sucking no harder than I would hot soup.

Because she has a voice like Fiona Apple and a presence bigger than a house, I tend to forget her smaller size until I actually touch her, and then it just amazes me a one-twenty-pound creature can drive a six-foot one-eighty guy utterly helpless with desire.

She began to hum, and so I spread her legs, deciding I’d really give her something to hum about. My mouth found her exposed and wet. My thumb rubbed the little patch of bush above it. She didn’t grow much pubic hair to begin with, and waxed those fine hairs into a narrow landing strip. As I tongued her with increasing intensely, her humming progressed into soft moans. The sound she made was so utterly cute and sexy I almost forgot I’d soon need to abandon her. But some ‘strange’ waited in the other bedroom, and Paul would soon be here between Mia’s legs.

Weirdly enough, I wanted Paul to have her––I wanted him to know what a great fuck she could be. I wanted him to be there at my wedding, envying me for landing such a juicy hot fuck.

I lifted my mouth from Mia’s drenched labia, and asked how badly she wanted it.

“Very!” she moaned.

I slipped two fingers inside her and began to frig her little bunny hole.

As feisty as she was, she let me direct all her wild energy during sex, so I took her hand and replaced mine with hers. She took over pleasuring herself as I kissed her delicate nipples. I couldn’t see in the darkness, but the sounds of wet smacking flesh painted a vivid picture of her digging in two-knuckles-deep.

“Could you ever see yourself fucking Paul?”

The sound of her wet smacking pussy ceased. “Fucking Paul?”

“Yeah, Paul.”

In an effort to ease any suspicions I might have, she laughed. “Paul’s a little too into himself. That doesn’t really do it for me.”

“Yeah, but Mitch was never your type.”

True, he wasn’t.”

She spoke carefully now, trying to piece together where I might be headed with this. It may have been a mistake mentioning Mitch’s name, but before growing fed up with chasing down the flighty, flakey, surfer dude, they’d had a hot and heavy couple of weeks dating.

“So I’m just wondering if you think Paul’s looks are anywhere near Mitch’s. You know, attractive enough to take to bed?”

I found her fingers, licked them clean and returned them to her wet pussy. She compliantly resumed business, and the room again filled with sounds of her wet pussy being pleasured.

“I suppose he’s handsome. If I found him in my bed, I probably wouldn’t kick him out.”

Her sudden change of heart led me to believe she’d figured out the entirety of our plan, and did exactly what Paul said she’d do––acted into it just to spite me!

“So if he walked through the door while I was gone…”

Her fingers quickened and she moaned. “I’d keep him very warm.”


“And I suppose you plan to keep Emily very warm?”

I suddenly found myself having to choose words carefully. “That’s the plan. This is one hell of an adventure, babe. It’s a real chance to wander into the dark woods, naked and free.”

“Into the woods where a big bad wolf is waiting for me!”

The sound in the room grew louder, wetter, and faster than before. God she was fucking hot. I muttered that I loved her, and then rushed out the door while I still could.

I met Paul in the dark living room and we flashed each other our square flat condom packages. He quietly boasted what serious balls we had, and we softly hi-fived before continuing on our separate ways.

As soon as I stepped inside, Emily spoke, telling me to hurry up and get into bed. The sound of her voice was strange and startling. She slurred her words and her throat crackled seductively. Not knowing what to say, I charged the bed and dove onto the bottom half, then quickly cuddled up next to her and unleashed my hands over her body. I trembled nervously, but once my mouth found a nipple to suck on, my fear transformed into need. I recalled the sight of those beauties earlier, the sides visible from the loose tank top, and now those globes of squishy fun were in my hands as I sucked back and forth between nipples. Unbelievable!

She seemed as cool as a marble statue about the arrangement, yet her body burned at the touch of my hands. It helped me grow bolder and hornier by the second, and I descended onto her pussy with a hungry mouth. My tongue made its way into her wishing well and instantly became a conduit between more than just flesh. Her pussy exploded with heat and secreted fluid like a sponge in vice grips. I tasted her, much like Paul’s pricey Cognac, and that little slurp of her soul would remain in my catalogue of worldly pleasures forever.

Minutes later we fucked. I could tell she was tired, but I had to come inside her. We spooned as I slowly pushed my cockhead in, and she moaned a guttural, “uh!” Wasting no time, I soon pounded her in that position. My dick wasn’t just inside her, it fucked her tight little cooch righteously. I lifted her leg up and placed my hand alongside the action. Using my palm, I tugged the skin away, opening her wider.

She moaned in her crackly drunken voice as I pumped that stretched open pussy hard for several minutes. Even stretched open, her pussy gripped me as tight as Paul claimed it would, and I concentrated on that fact to help bring myself off. After a crescendo of fuck-me’s, she began to quiet down, and I realized she might be passing out, so I hastened my pace and headed towards climax like a dog on a fox hunt.

It was a short fuck, but it left me remarkably satisfied. I mean, when you’re with someone for the first time, there’s a tendency to hold back and keep to the basics, since you never quite know what she’ll consider obscene, and while technically you might have fucked the girl, you can’t really say you’ve had her––I mean, you’ve barely backed the car out of the garage and broke first gear, right?. Well I at least got Emily out for a perfect lap, during which time she was well and proper fucked. I’d had her, and felt very great about it in my afterglow.

She went out fast without so much as a word, and I skedaddled into the living room. Moonlight streamed in from the large front windows and the fireplace glowed with a few persistent embers, radiating just enough light to reveal the room was empty. The rain had ceased, and I heard them from the other bedroom––a haunting wail that chilled my bones. And then I couldn’t not hear them, as their activities must’ve escalated to a point requiring grunts and yelps.

I sat on the couch and pulled the knitted blanket over me, wondering how long I’d be there. Mia’s husky coo grew louder and more frantic

Paul kept quiet, but his presence was revealed by a loud slap cutting through the house and making Mia chirp. More followed, and then two distinct slapping sounds, the second popping off rapidly and producing a meaty thud, and surely do to his hips slamming her ass with brazen authority.

The tempo quickly picked up. Thud, thud, thud, slap!

I sat listening to them for quite some time, maybe ten minutes, feeling proud, then jealous, and finally horny enough to whip out my dick and masturbate along with Mia’s moaning and Pual’s ass tenderizing rebuttal.

Eventually they settled down, and as Paul came through the door, I could see him smiling in the moonlight.

“Sorry Devon, your girlfriend was apparently very in the mood.”

I laughed, and said he was right about Emily, her puss was fucking-ay-tight. Then he wavered on his previous opinion, and acknowledged Mia’s little cooch had to be on par with Emily’s. “Man, don’t ever let a pussy like that slip away from you. As long as you can put up with her feisty-girl shit, she’s gonna serve up her wifely duties spicy-hot.”

He gave me a hand getting up from the couch, and then Paul, who I’d always considered an amazingly particular human being, confided his envy over my choice for a bride.

When I finally slipped in next to Mia for the night, she stared out the cabin window, where stars pricked pinholes into the smooth ultramarine sky and the forest beneath stood tall and black.

“Did you two have fun?”

“Fun enough. I won’t bother asking you, because I heard your fun.”

“Ha! Well it was fun, except for the part where he kept trying to stick it somewhere I wasn’t ready for.”

I laughed. “Where?”

Where do you think? I finally told him he was too big and I didn’t do that on first dates. Your friend has a really big dick––just in case you were wondering.”

“Oh, is that so! Well, rumor has it––Emily had some rather large cock tonight herself.”

“Oh, is that so!”

“You’re not jealous, are you?”

“No, I’m not jealous, but you’re telling me you aren’t?”

“No, actually, I’m not.”


“I see guys check you out all the time, eating up how hot you are, and I feel pretty proud about it. What just happened––I think I sort of feel the same way!”

Proud, huh?

“That’s right!”

“You’re weird!”

I hit her with my pillow, and then we snuggled up laughing and fell asleep.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about things when I awoke sober in the morning. Peering up at the blue sky through the rippled glass window, buried under a heavy blanket, since Mia had me turn off the heater in the middle of the night to prevent her skin from drying out, I thought back to my late teens and early twenties, when this type of thing was practically common place.

Paul was something else back then. He, Mitch and I were good looking enough, I suppose, and we were these cool semi-stoners and fulltime surfers. At school we wandered the edges, looking a little rougher than we probably were, but were well known at parties and on the cool patch of sand next to the Santa Monica pier. Paul had mediocre surfing skills, but he was our charmer. He could reason with anyone, college kids, cops, gangsters. He’d get us into parties, out of jail, and he’d charm the pants off a girl like nobody I’d ever met. He had class and was for real, and I haven’t met anyone like him since.

Mitch was a blonde six-one surfer built of lean tan muscle. He spent the day in swim trunks and the night in a Mexican poncho. His energy was endless and love of the beach unreal. Even now he works in scuba gear under docked boats at the Marina, grinding barnacles from their hull. He always got us into trouble, yet did it with a no-bullshit innocence that made it hard to blame the guy. In fact, the girl’s typically coerced him into doing the nasty. Diana, this black chick, once pushed him into his van and said she was going to undress him like a doll. Beyond that, however, no chick could seriously pin him down. He’d rant about blowing out of town. He’d throw up his hands when asked what time he could be expected. He was always high.

I fell somewhere in the middle. I was definitely shy like Mitch, but I was also too sharp to balance out my irresponsibility with innocence and made a lousy boy-toy. Thankfully I had a pretty good smile to fall back on. I also claimed to understand the ‘poetry of a woman’s mind’ like some teenage guru, and young chicks love nothing more than to hear about themselves.

Paul always invited too many girls to join us at the beach, which is what made it possible for us to mix it up. I had very few serious relationships until I hit my twenties, and the girls frequently rotated between our beach towels. Eventually Paul openly set us up with his recent lays so we could experience something like a blow-job by Nikki Malone’s pieced tongue. It would’ve seemed a dickish thing to do, except that Paul didn’t just share women, he wanted us to partake in everything he had, shoes, boards, pants, you name it. His weed was king of all chronic and he passed it around freely at parties. And he cherished these women, they were all special to him, and he lived for reaching new pinnacles of pleasure. Hell, he probably appreciated what they had to offer more than any boyfriend since. So I don’t know––it all seemed like young harmless fun at the time.

After her night with Paul at the cabin, Mia had been officially passed between the three of us, and I had to decide if it still felt as harmless. But as the day progressed, I couldn’t keep my eyes off either one of the girls, and I realized everything was fine, I had no regrets, in fact quite the opposite. When I asked Mia, she confirmed she pretty much felt the same, and I jokingly called her weird.


That Fall Mia and I married on the terrace of Casa Romantica. The reception took place inside the nearby Flynn Ballroom, where Mia flowed across a marble floor in her long white dress, as I ushered her from table to table. Relatives and friends congratulated us with big toothy smiles, and cameras flashed if we did anything nearing cute.

After dinner, cake, a garter toss, and lots and lots of alcohol, the twenties and thirties crowd migrated towards the DJ and his dance floor. Mia and I were drunk and everyone had to dance with the bride and groom. Then I saw Paul nudging Mitch towards the DJ’s mic and found myself extremely anxious to know why.

“Hi everyone, I’m Mitch. But most of you know me as Mia’s favorite friend.”

A few people laughed and he became a little more at ease. He scratched the back of his neck. “Did you guys know Mia kidnapped Devin on their first date?”

People laughed again, but I felt Mia’s fingernails digging into my hand. She’d agreed Mitch could attend our wedding, which I took as a sign she’d forgiven and forgotten, but her message was clear––get the dick off the stage or else. I let go of Mia and moved towards the mic, wondering how to politely flip it off before Mitch ruined any chance of us being friends again. Mia had kidnapped me, he wasn’t lying, but she was dating Mitch at the time, and that’s where it got complicated––more complicated than our wedding night could tolerate.

Less than two years before we married, Mitch had stumbled upon Mia working the counter in the Ford Service Department, and as he sat there observing her twenty-one-year-old manic mannerisms and punchy sense of humor, he decided to follow her back to her place for a feisty night in the sack.

They lasted three weeks together, and then Mia turned up in Tom’s Tavern on Barrington, where Mitch, Paul and I were pre-celebrating Paul’s twenty-ninth birthday. Mitch saw her looking around and told me to go intercept. He expected me to say he’d lost her number, but nobody loses a number after three weeks. Before I could argue it with him, however, he slipped out the side door and into the parking lot. Mia quickly found me and immediately barked, “Where’s Dufus?”

Next thing I know, she’s pulling on my arm and leading me to her car for a private conversation. Then she’s pulling out of the parking lot and flipping open her phone. She left a message for ‘Dufus’, saying she’d kidnapped his friend, and if he ever wanted to see me again, he’d better call. Then she entered the 405 Freeway and started to let loose.

“What is wrong with Mitch? I mean, the guy throws around the word ‘love’, and then doesn’t show up at my birthday party, and then I don’t even hear from him for two days. And then I find out it’s because he drove up the coast and got a flat trying to drive his van up a deer trail in the canyons. And then, he walks to a friend’s house in Malibu and stays a day. Never once did it occur to him to call. And he missed a job, Devin. And when I told him he can’t possibly ‘love me’ and treat me like that, he starts saying he totally loves me––and he loves dolphins, and he loves the wind, and kids, and carrots.”

As she continued, I privately read a text Mitch had sent. It read, “You’re up!” He knew I had a crush on Mia. Partially because I stood up for her if he ever complained, but mostly because I constantly stared at her like a love sick puppy.

“What’s wrong with him, Devin? Does he even know what he’s saying half the time? And if he doesn’t want me, he needs to tell me so, not pull a disappearing act! I deserve that much. I’m not even getting anything out of this. I’m always the one going out of my way. He’s getting sex with a cute girl, help with his life, and I even cleaned his apartment. I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t wake up with sand on me one more time, so I did. If all he was interested in was sex, then he needs to come here and say it! He needs to tell me that’s all I was to him, a great fuck!”

We’d parked on a windy road above Sherman Oaks, and I hesitantly let her in on Mitch’s text, which caused her to flip-out all over again.

“I’ve never let a guy use me before, and I totally can’t believe I fell for it. And with Mitch! I mean, what’s his IQ? How stupid am I that I let man-boy take advantage of me?”

I brushed a tear from her cheek. “Will it make you feel any better to have a guy with an IQ of one-twenty-eight take of advantage of you?”

She laughed, unable to believe what I’d just said.

She then grew a very proud-of-herself smile and wiped her eyes dry. “Actually, it probably would make me feel better. I think I might be intelligence starved.”

Of course Mitch wasn’t going to show, we both knew it, but she held me hostage under the stars for two more hours, anyway. Mia was the most vibrant woman I’d ever known, and as we stood on the hillside next to her Corolla, sweaty and naked, overlooking the billion lights blanketing the valley floor, I confessed, “I like dolphins and wind and all that, but none of it compares to you.”

Mia and I blossomed as lovers, but it didn’t excuse Mitch for the way he’d treated her. For nearly two years she held onto a grudge, and certainly wasn’t ready for a trek down memory lane during our wedding reception. So, as he spoke on stage, I quickly eased my way towards the DJ area, trying not to look concerned about the collapse of my wedding.

“I was supposed to bring the ransom the night she kidnapped him. I’m not going to say what the ransom was, because it’s probably inappropriate.”

A couple people read into it and laughed. Mitch then realized how it sounded and smiled. “No, no. What’s wrong with you people, we’re at a wedding? Like I didn’t bring the not-what-your-thinking ransom, because I knew being kidnapped made Devin happy.”

I slowed my pace a little, becoming curious where this headed.

“Devin was like totally Mia crushin’. And like, I’d get them out with me and then bolt, because they were so Bonnie and Clyde together. Paul knows what I’m talking about. Anyhow, I know you hate me, Mia, but if you’d given me a second chance back then––well, I still would’ve stepped aside at let the better man win.”

I’d reached him at that point, and as people applauded, I grabbed his arm and dragged him from the mic. I took him straight to Mia, and then grabbed her wrist and led them both to the dance floor.

The magic at our wedding was incredible, and as the three of us stood there, I said, “Mitch, I love you, man. And Mia, it would mean a lot to me if you could get over it and dance one song with Mitch. For me, guys!”

Mia was nervous, I’d really put her on the spot, but there just wasn’t a place for any anger in our hearts that night, and so she took Mitch’s hand and they danced to No Doubt’s, Don’t Speak.

Almost immediately they laughed and talked, not appearing forced into the situation at all. At one point, Mia hugged him tight and came away with tears in her eyes. I later learned she’d confessed to forbidding him as Best Man, and then apologized profusely, crying into his shoulder.

Most of our friends knew the score, and so their dance garnered more than a few interested stares. Paul actually stopped dancing with his new girlfriend, Presley, and applauded them. Mia laughed cutely, and then gave Paul a huge hug, with Mitch’s hand still at her waist. For an instant, I was reminded both these guys had fucked her, but I wasn’t about to entertain that thought at my wedding, and I shook it straight out of my head. And proud––proud is how I really felt. They were the only other two guys in the room who knew the entirety of what I had to be so proud of.

Then I noticed Presley, Paul’s new girlfriend, gritting her teeth and refusing to look at them. What the fuck? She appeared jealous, but over what–our one time swap at the cabin? I studied her face again. Not jealousy––judgment! She was actually looking down upon my bride as she stood between two ex-lovers. My suspicions were absolutely unfounded, other than Presley just reeked of the sort who’d latch onto dirty gossip as a means of taking down the competition. I stopped myself from thinking about it further. Presley didn’t matter, I was now married to a beautiful woman and it looked like I had my friend back, and nothing could surmount the wall of love encasing me that night.

Our wedding wound down shortly after their dance, and during that time Mia remained cordial towards Mitch. I can’t really explain my happiness over it. I had two genuine life-long friends, and the most beautiful bride in the world, and a man couldn’t ask for more than that.


Six months after the wedding, Mia and I met up with Paul and Presley for dinner in Downtown LA. It’s not easy getting Downtown, but Paul insisted we try ‘the best sushi house in So-Cal’. We hadn’t talked much, partly because I’d been enjoying the life of a newly wed, but mainly due to all the hours I’d spent relocating my landscaping business to a larger lot in Torrance. It hadn’t been entirely my fault, however, because Paul had cut his teeth on cases, and was well on his way to being one of the law firm’s hardest working and hardest hitting lawyers.

After eating, the four of us took a short walk to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, where we sat beside the fountain arrangement in the courtyard. A light beamed up through each jet of water, creating rows of golden glass feathers. It was beautiful, but made me urn for the rhythmic roar of the Pacific, something I rarely heard anymore.

At dinner Presley flaunted her engagement ring, and now sat beside Mia to pick her brains on wedding details. Paul pulled me aside and explained he was leaning towards Mitch as a Best Man. He’d decided the only fair thing to do was rotate, and I’d be Mitch’s Best Man in the unlikely event Mitch ever settled down. It made sense, but I was only half listening. Mostly I eavesdropped on the girl’s conversation, because I had the horrible feeling they’d turn on each other at any moment.

Presley asked Mia what she’d thought of Emily, Paul’s ex-girlfriend, but never gave Mia a chance to answer. “I’ll be honest, he had a picture of Emily he’d labeled ‘Virginia Slim’.” Her eyes rolled upwards in disgust. “When I saw her and then he explained what Virginia Slim meant, I swear I made him get tested for STDs.”

Virginia Slim?” Mia burst out laughing, “Paul, what the hell is a Virginia Slim?”

“Mia don’t!” Presley yelped, “And don’t you dare answer, Paul!”

I couldn’t help laughing myself, mainly at Paul being put on the spot. I fielded the question for him. “Every woman falls into a category. If she has an exceptionally tight pussy, she’s a Virginia Slim.” I turned to Paul. “Sound about right?”

“Pretty much.” His monotone voice highlighted his concern over Presley’s discomfort.

Mia’s excitement wasn’t so much outrage as fascination. “That’s the most machismo, womanizing thing I’ve ever heard!”

“Well,” Paul exhaled, “It is what it is.”

Presley straightened her dress, seeming totally uncomfortable.

Mia’s green eyes then shot open wide. “So, like when you all get together and sit around drinking beers during your man outings, do you all say,” she acquired a deep mocking voice, “That Mia’s a real Virgina Slim.”

Paul stood up and stepped towards Presley, being the first of us to understand she’d legitimately grown upset by this conversation. This was obviously a sore spot in their relationship, and he appeared thoroughly annoyed by Mia’s persistence. “You no doubt are deserving of the title, but no, we don’t.” His voice was flat, yet there was no missing the irritated undertones.


“But it’s only because Mitch initially informed us of an even finer quality to your being. He declared you as the most Killer Kind Bud he’s ever scored. And since I know you’re wondering what that is, let me explain––it means fucking your asshole is up there with driving a Lamborghini Diablo on the Col de Torini.”

“Enough, Paul!” I shouted, but he was too irritated to listen. Clearly he blamed Mia for upsetting Presley, and he wasn’t quite finished with her yet.

“But while I can vouch for the fact that your Virginia Slim flows plentiful and can take an tremendously tough tapping with all the prowess of an Olympic gymnast, you’re rosy little backdoor never opened, even when I politely knocked.” He then winked at her, which proved more debasing than anything he’d said.

“Oh my god, you are such a…” She could hardly speak, her spotlight glare on Paul turned deadly, and I grabbed her arm and pulled her quickly away.

Paul helped Presley up and into his arms. Her face glowed red. “You promised, Paul!”

“You brought it up, and she asked, so…”

I rushed Mia out of there. Paul could go fuck himself. Where’d he get off talking vulgar about Mia like she was some pricy Cognac, and acting like she’d performed a disservice by not letting him sample her asshole? He was way out of line with that. No, that wasn’t entirely true. Because prior to that night I would have felt proud to hear her charms considered praise worthy by Paul, but that’s only because extraordinary sex dignified woman in his eyes, and inspired him. But he’d changed. He was going to marry Presley and all the standards she came with. His past couldn’t coexist with her. So where did that leave Mia and me? I’m pretty sure I’d seen the answer in his eyes before he walked away. And that’s really why Paul could go fuck himself.


On a particularly warm fall afternoon, nearly half a year since I’d last spoken to Paul, I pleasured my wife cowgirl style on our avocado living room sofa, when suddenly a knock shook our front door, startling us enough to gasp in unison. It sounded again, and Mia rose off me, threw on her long tee shirt, and cracked the door just enough to greet our badly timed visitor. A few days earlier, Mia surprised me by dying her hair bright pink, and I heard Mitch’s voice comment from the other side of the door, “Whoa! What’s up with your hair? You’ve gone full-on Anime!” I hurriedly dressed, as Mia closed the door on him and snapped her fingers for her panties. They’d been discarded on the floor, so I tossed them with my toe while pulling on my own shirt. Her long tee hid her panties, providing enough modesty for Mitch, and so she let him in.

He sat on the couch, where only a minute earlier I’d ruthlessly banged Mia. I took a seat in the chair opposite him, while Mia grabbed a hair tie and pulled her pink curls into a high ponytail. With her arms raised, the bottom half of her yellow panties came into view. There wasn’t a chance Mitch missed it, and it didn’t take an Einstein to figure out what we were up to before he arrived.

Mia flopped on the couch beside him, dropping her legs over his lap.

He’d already apologized for the surprise visit, and as he shook his hair around in a troubling way, I asked him what was up.

“Nothing major. But I think you might be right about Paul.”

“About what?”

“He’s kind of an asshole.”

“Uh-oh!” Mia tried to pinch his knee with her toes. “What are you boys fighting about now?”

I tossed a little cushion I’d held over my lap, and it bounced off her head. Her cheeks were flush, an indicator her arousal hadn’t completely cooled, and a reminder my dick just moments ago rammed her little precious asshole. I probably looked much the same, and found it hard to concentrate as Mitch explained his situation with Paul.

Over beers, Paul tried to coax Mitch into a five year plan for expanding his hull cleaning business and hiring some help. Apparently Paul’s recent rise at the firm meant dealing with clients wealthy enough to own yachts, and he felt he could line up a huge customer base. But Mitch dreaded being a boss or spending time behind a desk, and wasn’t interested in planning anything past his next trip to Baja. Then Paul exploded. He reminded Mitch how he’d helped set up the business, which is true, and that he could legally claim a percentage of it, and thus turn it around whether Mitch liked it or not.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. “He’s not interested in your business, Mitch. He’s not taking it. Seriously, don’t worry about Paul.”

“I never thought he’d actually take it. I just wanna know why he suddenly started tripping so hard.”

“The guy’s obviously not as happy with his success as he hoped, and wants to drag you down with him. Like I keep saying, Paul can go fuck himself.”

Mia shifted her butt, coming to rest on her side with her head propped on her arm. “You need to not keep saying that. He needs you two right now, but he’s too proud to admit it, so he just gets mad.”

She’d adopted a boys-will-be-boys attitude regarding the extremely sexist remark Paul made the last time we saw him, and had recently asked several times if I’d planned on staying mad at Paul forever, as if I was being childishly stubborn about it. It surprised me she could forgive Paul so quickly, especially considering how long she’d held a grudge against Mitch. But I think the fact I’d become so intensely angry made it easier for her to back away from it. And she was right––Paul’s only means of letting people know something’s wrong, is to act like a dick until they figure it out on their own. That’s partly why Mia’s directness bothered him.

Mitch tickled her foot. “What would Paul need from me? The dude has everything.” He tickled her foot again, as if it might help jog her brain for an answer.

Mia’s extremely ticklish, and slid off the couch. She then got up and walked towards the kitchen. “You guys are his friends, and you are his friends, so you need to figure it out.”

When she slid off the couch, it lifted up her shirt and it became slightly tucked into the waist of her underwear, allowing us to glimpse her panty covered ass. Across the seat of her panties, written in bold Letterman print, arched the word “Porsche.” We’d come to laugh about Paul comparing Mia’s ass with a Lamborghini, and I found the underwear as joke.

Mitch turned to me, grinning. “Better buckle up, Andretti!”

I laughed, and then called him an asshole.

“Bro, you totally owe me for introducing you to that.”

“I owe you a knock on the jaw for being such an asshole.”

“So, is senorita Porsche giving us the Dr. Phil on Paul or what? Does our boy need us?”

“Paul probably just needs to get laid. I guarantee that bitch he’s about to marry is straight up vanilla.”

“Purty Presley’s totally given sweet muffins, bro.”

“Sweet, but not spicy.”

“You gonna toss him the keys to your Porsche then?”

“Fuck are you ever a big, hairy, sandy asshole.”


Two weeks later we drove Mitch’s van to Paul’s cabin, just two guys and a case of Dogfish Head beer. We’d eaten dinner at a roadhouse and planned on a trip for groceries in the morning. We arrived before Paul, and an hour later, we wondered if it would only be the two of us. Then he pulled up in his Land Rover, with barely so much as a word. He was in his same funk, but he came, and that alone meant something. He hurled his suitcase through his bedroom doorway, and then went straight for the liquor cabinet. He didn’t fuck around, and poured a snifter of Cognac––the good stuff––the unknown French family’s humble but priceless heirloom. Paul knocked it back so fast I doubt it touched his tongue, and then he joined us around the sitting area for a beer.

I’d climbed into the van that afternoon committed to the notion Paul would need to make the first move, but I couldn’t take staring at his miserable face and finally asked if he and Presley set a date for their wedding.

“We did. It’s never!”

That I hadn’t expected, and all I could think to say, was sorry.

“Presley’s the perfect lawyer’s wife, but… Well, you ever been around someone who makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Fuck it!”

He stood, gave Mitch and me a foggy glance, and strode to his room, beer in tow.

Mitch sat in the recliner and leaned forward towards me, and then quietly asked if Mia knew Paul and Presley had gone kaput. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

Mia had planned the entire weekend for us. She got Paul on the phone and convinced him to go. She did it without my knowledge or consent, and later that week, she told me over dinner to not make plans for the weekend and take Monday off. I didn’t have the slightest clue what was going on. That Saturday, she packed a bag for me and then Mitch showed up in his van around noon, just as she said he would. If she had known about Paul and Presley’s break up, I really wished she would’ve told me before I climbed in the van.

While her intentions were good, I realized by morning the trip was a mistake. Around eight I phoned her on the landline in my bedroom, since cell signals were non existent that far into the woods. Turned out she had known about Presley. I then explained how it feels when a guy has all his ducks in a row, as Paul did, and then loses his girl and all the plans they’d made. The last people he wants to see are the one’s who called him out for acting so high and mighty. That’s just a recipe for getting mad, mad, and madder. She reminded me Paul hadn’t been forced to come, and I had to give her that. She still apologized for not telling me, and in return I acted a bit like a dick and grumpy over being stuck there. That’s when she volunteered to drive up and fetch me, and I could treat her to a bed and breakfast in the wine country. It sounded unbelievably great, and just knowing she was coming boosted my spirits.

Paul napped most of the afternoon, while Mitch and I ran through the woods howling like animals. That part was actually fun! I ended up telling Mitch Mia was arriving later. He wasn’t real happy about being left with the gloomy bastard, but admitted he’d do the same. We returned to find Paul on the porch and he wondered why the fuck he’d heard elephants and monkeys in the woods. A moment later he blurted out, “If I could just treat a whore like a whore, I might be able to keep a wife who isn’t one.”

“The more you talk, Paul, the more it sounds like Presley just didn’t do it for you. You’re never going to fit in a country-club life style, not the Paul I know.”

“Maybe! But I’d love to fuck her one last time. I’d teach her the ways, man. I’d show no mercy. I’d love to punish that pretentious snatch.”

That had to be the darkest thing I’d ever heard Paul say. The gap between his worlds had unleashed a demon in him, and I had no idea how to respond.

Mitch did, however. “Yeah, I know how that is.” He grinned at me stupid as he spoke, and I knew a joke was coming at my expense. “I wanted to give Mia one of those after we went splitzky.” He then smacked his forehead with the heel of his hand. “Wait a minute! What am I saying? I did nothing but punish that chick’s snatch.”

He bolted back into the woods with me after him, and Paul laughed hysterically from the porch.

About an hour later, Mia rolled up in our Lexus RX-10. She jumped out, her face hidden by big red sunglasses, and body barely hidden by a pink and chocolate, rib-high tank top and a very short, navy-blue skirt. She was glad to be out of the car and totally hyper. Mitch was asked to grab the ice-chest from the back, and I carried in her bag. Forgetting how cold mountain evenings could be, she put on the flannel shirt Mitch left hanging over the porch railing. It fit her like a raincoat, and she rolled the big sleeves high up over her tiny elbows.

I finally cornered Mia while she brushed her teeth, and asked if she’d be ready to head out soon. But after seven straight hours in the car, she’d figured on spending a little time cooking a small dinner for everyone and leave shortly after that. She’d already picked up some fish, vegetables and a few other things in Sacramento, and proceeded to take over the kitchen for the next hour. Only a few times a year will my vegetarian wife allow herself to eat fish, so I knew it would be an extra special meal. It smelled fucking great, especially considering I’d eaten nothing but Cheerios and a plain baloney sandwich.

Her twenty-four-year-old energy permeated the cabin, and electrified Mitch and I into walking along the porch railings from one side to the other without holding onto the top roof beam. With the fish in the oven, Mia took a break and attempted it with us. The setting sun behind the tall pines turned her pink hair bright red, and she looked gorgeous standing up there. Being several inches shorter than us gave her an advantage, she didn’t have to tilt her head to keep from bumping the roof beam, and she actually balanced across the entire stretch, which made Mitch and I more determined than ever to succeed.

Her fish came out perfect, and we ate at the table like a family. Paul had become pleasant, and blathered on about a fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas. We just needed a pretty face to wake us up, and there could be no prettier face than Mia’s. She and I discussed staying at the cabin, since eight-o-clock had crept up on us and we wouldn’t reach the wine country for another several hours, making the trip rather pointless. Once we’d agreed to stay, she produced a bottle of Cuervo and insisted we all toast to a lifelong friendship.

It had dipped into the low forties, so Mitch carried in a few logs and built us a nice tall fire. Soon we had ourselves a toasty cabin, and that enticed Mia to remove the huge flannel shirt, leaving her in the skimpy outfit she’d arrived in. Between her low-riding, short skirt and a half-length tank-top was a long, snaking hourglass of tone flesh. She looked way too fucking hot not to stare. Her skirt teetered awesomely with her hips, and the skimpy tank top did nothing to prevent the slight jiggle of her titties. Paul clammed up at the sight of her, not the reaction I’d expected at all.

She finally sat on the couch-back with her legs over my shoulders, rubbing my neck and head as I methodically squeezed her little tootsies in my lap. She registered a little drunk, and leaned her head against mine to whisper. “I have a naughty confession to make. I made a bad promise. Don’t be mad, but in order to get Paul out here, I had to agree to something.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

“Sex! Or actually a very specific kind of sex.”

“You did not tell him he could partake in the Kind Bud, did you.”

She sucked air through her teeth while giving me a guilty smile. I couldn’t help but laugh, and she hit my shoulder. “You’re not helping. I don’t think he was serious, but what do I say if he mentions it?”

Jealousy surprised me like a broken guitar string, and for a moment I saw myself driving away with her before anything else was said––but then the feeling passed as quickly as it came. We’d swung once in the past, so I never gave any reason to believe I’d be upset by this kind of play. I asked her to pour me some tequila, and she did. By the time the gold liquid reached my belly, I’d favored the idea. I preferred her slutty at times, and obviously she did too.

“I hate to say it, babe, but you made your bed, now you gotta fuck in it.”

“I’m being serious, Devin.”

“So just do it, then. You slept with the guy once before, you didn’t exactly complain about it afterwards, and it certainly didn’t hurt our sex-life any.”

“I can’t. We’re married now. What would he think?”

“Look, you’ve slept with every guy in this room––I guarantee they aren’t going to judge your virtue. Although your performance might be up for review.”

She punched me in the shoulder again.

“So you’re telling me you’re cool with some guy doing your wife?”

“No, not some guy––Paul, the guy I’ve shared everything with my entire life.”

“You’re weird.”

This time I punched her gently in the shoulder.

Over the next hour she flirted, but made no progress in seducing Paul towards his bedroom. I even discreetly let Paul know that no matter what happened I was totally cool with it. He gave me a shit eating grin like never before. It was all up to Mia. She was drunk and ready, I could see it in her face, yet she kept hesitating. I’m pretty sure it was me. She’d never be able to step into his bedroom while I was there to see it happen.

Finally she accused Paul of being seriously tense, and had him lay on the buffalo-skin rug in front of the fire. She then sat on his butt and dug her fingers into his bare skin. There was no way not to see it as a mildly erotic act, but she looked too incredibly hot arching over him in the firelight for me to feel anything but excitement. And as her fingers spread across his tone back, she gave Paul a sense of peace Mitch and I could never provide.

Mitch teased he’d been feeling pretty tense lately, and Mia said he’d never been tense in his life.

“What you need is skin-cream. You’re in the sun all the time, and in all that salt water. It’s going to turn you into a sixty-year-old man.”

“Damn, girl! Now I really am tense!”

Paul asked about her pink hair, and she explained, “I guess I just needed to convince myself I could still get away with it. Being a wife can make you feel old sometimes.”

He laughed, “You’re not even twenty-five, silly child.”

“No shit,” I agreed. “But I like my little punker-girl, so don’t change it back just yet.”

As much as I wanted to see this through, I knew I had to leave in order for her to feel comfortable taking the next step. I walked over to her, kissed her sweet lips, and told everyone I was going to pass out. She said she’d be right in, and sounded as if she meant it, but I suspected she’d change her mind once I’d vacated the room.


After lying in bed for fifteen minutes without any sign of Mia, I knew something was going down. I heard Paul pour them a tequila from his cabinet, informing them how Mia’s Cuervo might get the job done, but his evokes passion. Shortly after, Paul blurted out to Mitch,, “Five dollars says Mia’s new hair matches the color of her nipples.” Shocked laughter erupted from both Mia and Mitch. But Mia wasn’t the kind of girl to let unsolicited audacity go unanswered, and when I heard the guys howl and crack up, I was certain she’d flashed them her scrumptious titties. I know Paul, and he knew she’d pull something like that in retaliation.

I was hard as a rock, and began stroking my cock to the sound of them. And then I quickly dressed into warm clothes and climbed quietly out the window. I stepped onto the porch, and stood off to the side of the wide front window. I had the perfect view of the living room. I wouldn’t be able to catch the real action in Paul’s bedroom, but I could at least watch the frisky business leading up to it.

Paul escorted her by the hand and sat her on his lap. She then lifted her tiny tank top as he trickled tequila over both her nipples. Christ, was he actually going to do a nipple shot right in front of Mitch? Was she going to let him? To my amazement, he freely sucked her cute, little, tequilla-covered button into his mouth.

Mitch’s head suddenly appeared along side Paul’s, and he proceeded to clean her right breast. The two of them were being extremely thorough in lapping up the tequila. Extremely thorough! In fact, what should have taken a second had stretched into several minutes, with both of them practically engulfing her small pert tits.

Mia let them have at her, until finally she ran her hands through Paul’s straight black hair, and breathlessly said, “No fair guys. You’re getting me way too horny.” She pulled Paul up for a kiss, and Mitch retreated back to the Lazy-Boy. As their tongues explored each other’s mouths, Paul squeezed her right tit, which still featured a wet sheen from Mitch’s tonguing.

From where he sat in the Lazy-Boy, Mitch called out, “Yo Mia, one more!”

As she pulled her skimpy top completely off, she also looked over towards Mitch, only to find him holding his dick in his palm as he dribbled tequila along the head. Mitch’s cock had to be eight inches, and it wasn’t even hard. He’d boasted in the past, but I’d never believed it.

“God, Mitch, you’re such a jack-ass!” She grew a wicked look in her eye while sizing up Mitch and his exposed cock, and then, as if solely to torture Mitch for his behavior, she dropped off Paul’s lap, and went for the zipper on his pants. A minute later she bobbed on his cock like a fiend.

His fingers were laced through her hair, encouraging her to swallow more with each downward plunge. “Come on Mia. Do it for me, baby.” With nearly seven-and-half inches lodged into her svelte throat, she noisily struggled to gorge herself on the last damn inch.

Always the funny man, Mitch called out. “Wow Mia, the veggie cops aren’t going to like you putting away all that meat.”

Paul then lifted her head off his cock, and dribbled some tequila down his shaft. He let go of her hair then, and down she went, swallowing a good seven of his eight-and-half inches.

“So I pour tequila on my dick and I’m a jack-ass, but Paul does it and you totally lollypop him.”

She pulled off with a glazed chin, “Sorry Charlie, but nobody asked to see your sad fella.” She then went back to slobbering on Paul’s bad-boy, and motioned with her eyes towards his bedroom. It looked like the show was ending for me, since Paul’s room would be too dark to peek inside.

Mitch stood up and slowly and quietly stepped behind her. He then lifted her skirt, and gave her a hard spank. Mia promptly got up, turned to face him, and pushed him backwards. She pushed him again, and didn’t stop until he was on the buffalo skin rug. She then sat him down and circled him like a predator. Mia can stand up for herself, and knows how to tell a guy off when he’s being too pushy. But without a word, she grabbed his broad shoulders and pulled the big guy onto his back. He didn’t resist, and then she threw her leg over his body, straddling his chest and arms. It appeared she had him pinned, but it also appeared like mighty Mitch could just sit up and affectively toss her off.

“What is it about you that’s so cute?” She poked his cheek. “It’s gotta be those dimples.” She then began to tickle him in little bursts.

“Don’t do it.”

“You don’t have a choice, do you?”

He did, and up he went and off she flew. He then pinned her arms and sat on her naked chest.

“Shit! No Mitch don’t! I’m totally ticklish! You’ll totally make me scream!”

He magically produced a condom from his pants pocket. “Don’t worry, this ain’t gonna tickle. Here, hold it for a sec.” He slipped the package between her teeth. He then stood up and dropped his shorts, while she got up on her elbows and took the condom from her mouth. Mitch towered over her supine body, his cock free and pointing towards her sex like a divining-rod. He dropped to his knees and pulled her short navy-blue skirt down as she lifted her ass. Her undies quickly followed. They were both completely naked as he slowly lay down on top of her, kissing impulsively the instant their lips met. Her arms draped around his neck and he caressed her thigh. After a few minutes of making out, he rolled onto his left side, semi-privately put on the condom, and rolled back. He then raised her legs slightly and moved forward, slipping into Mia.

They quickly gained a steady rhythm, with the firelight tracing their dancing forms. His hand climbed up to her knee, pushing it forwards, towards her chest. Moving his pelvis forward with her knee and his torso upright, he spread her wider, and quickened his thrusts. “You missed my cock, didn’t you?”

“I won’t lie, but it’s the only thing I missed.”

“Always gotta be the stone cold queen, huh?”

They inched their way towards animalistic with pleasure laced groans. I hadn’t expected Mitch to be a part of this, and I probably would’ve been upset about it, except I’d grown unbelievably hard watching them. They were lovers in the past, and I knew she had been genuinely hot for the guy, and no doubt enjoyed herself now. I had to take a step back when I saw my breath beginning to fog the window.

She arched her back and rolled her head, her hips gyrating with increased desperation. Mitch followed their lead, answering her relentless hips with firm bursts of formidable strength. Orgasmic power rocked Mia and ravaged her face and posture.

She then pushed him off and climbed on top. The fire perfectly lit her face, tits and her entire front side, and fell into shadow where their pubic areas met. It artistically revealed her body and face like a model in a fashion mag. Sweat beaded up on her forehead and chest, twinkling in unison with the flickering flames. The moment was so artistically perfect, I could almost imagine words scrolling up beside them, listing the songs included on the Acoustic Guitar for Lovers compilation.

She rode Mitch harder, until the magic moment quickly crept up on him. And as Mia’s big play toy prepared to pop off inside her, she too came like wild animal.

After the fireworks settled down, she leaned forward to cuddle with him, but allowed his whopping cock to slowly soften inside her––keeping it all to herself for as long as she possibly could.

When her eyes opened, Paul stood over her, naked and holding out his hand. She took it, and was led to the Lazy-Boy, where he sat down and pulled her onto his lap. Full on penetration was almost instant, and they wasted no time rocking the Lazy-Boy. As their love making continued, all the subtle noises climbed up in intensity––the mussing of hair, skin brushing against leather, wet skin on wet skin, and Mia’s faint sweet moans. Her speaking voice is seductively low and breathy, like someone has cranked up the volume on a whisper––and her moaning the exact opposite, like she’s singing at whisper level, a soft and pleasant sound that travels deep into my bones.

She leaned all the way back as Paul continued to rock his hips powerfully. She now faced the window where I hid, and arched backwards off his lap with her head upside-down and on the floor, I was reminded of a cowboy on a bucking bronco, who’d snapped so far back his head smacked the horse’s ass. And while practically staring right at me, demur excitement tugged at her brows, her lower lip quivered, and her pink hair mopped about the floor.

When she pulled herself back up, the big looping curls tumbled in front of her face and into Paul’s. He did the honors of pushing them back behind her ears.

Soon she began to raise her hips up and down and grind them forwards and back. Paul was feeling like a champ. He grunted once and then didn’t breathe, placing a hand on Mia’s ass and slowing her down. She stopped completely, and they hugged.

He whispered something into her ear, and then forced her knees onto the arm rest, spreading her legs wider and plumping out her ass, full and taut. He then stripped off the condom, and poked a saliva covered finger into her butt. “I’m totally clean, and I gotta do this au naturel, is that OK?” She smiled, and then reached behind herself to gingerly guide his cock towards the Killer Kind Bud. Her eyelids grew heavy, leaving just a stroke of green under the closing lid, and she crackled, “Don’t move! I gotta get used to you.”

“Take all the time you need.”

She didn’t need much, and soon Paul had exactly what he’d wanted, he was ass-fucking Mia. With her knees on the Lazy-Boy armrests, he gripped her creamy ass cheeks so tight they glowed red, and drove her bottom up and down on his rock hard pole. “Oh jeeze, Mia. Mitch didn’t lie, you got some ass on you.”

Her tone ass landed with a solid thud on his thighs, over and over again, as his huge engorged cock disappeared inside it each and every time. Part of me was disappointed to see Paul finally driving anal on Mia. Only because he had the bullshit notion he was entitled to it, and I secretly enjoyed lording it over him. But every thud of her ass announced the spoiled brat was at last indulging in my prized treasure, and Mia was just giving it away, taking his big cock deep and dutifully.

He let go of one cheek to squeeze her perfect, teacup bosom, and then mouthed it with urgent fervor––like it contained the elixir of life and he meant to drink Mia’s tit dry. He spanked her hard and lifted her off, his cock popping out and revealing the tunnel it made inside her. Taking a moment to position her in front of the Lazy-Boy, with her head resting on the seat, he kneeled behind her, and spit several times into her tunnel. His cock then took a quick plunge into her pussy, for more of the au naturel lube, and only then submerged into her asshole again. He fucked like that for several minutes, as she rolled her head across the leather seat and girlishly murmured how wonderful it felt.

His attention sharply focused only on the penetration, truly fascinated by his dick busting in and out of her snug buttery burrow. He brought his feet forward, squatting over her, and angled her down, with her head against the floor and her ass sticking upwards. Being folded at the waist gave her a big stout ass, which she needed, because Paul wasn’t just thrusting into her anymore––from this position his dick had a downwards path, and that meant the weight of his body was being dropped onto Mia’s bum, forcing her cheeks to bulge outwards upon impact with an incredibly loud smack, and to hammer all eight-and-half, fat inches completely inside. Mia grunted each time he landed on her, which only inflamed his malicious assault.

“Oh god, Paul, you’re really giving me one.”

Veins had appeared at his temples, and he could barely speak. “Ooo fuck, I really am.” He moved a little to the left, and began spanking her ass cheeks hard. “Shit, I’d love to give Presley’s some of this.” I could see his legs straining to keep up the bombardment, and then he palmed her ass cheeks and began pushing off her with the assistance of his hairy arms. Sweat poured down his face, turning him into a glistening lunatic. “I so need to fuck Presley like a whore, just one time.”

Was that what he was doing right in front of Mitch, and with me watching from outside, fucking Mia like a whore?

Swatting Mia’s side, he rolled her forwards and lifted by her waist. Her shoulders settled on the ground with her back against the chair, and her knees swung back alongside her head. Now he had her ass in the air, where he could work it without squatting. He spit several times on his finger, and dug them into her butt. Then he was in, standing over her and banging straight down into her chastised chasm. There was no question about this new position––Paul was absolutely banging her like a whore, which left me crushed but also jacking-off like mad.

I’d forgotten about Mitch until he spoke up. “Whoa man, Devin’s way tripping if he wakes up to you totally spelunking in his Kind Bud like that.” Neither Paul nor Mia had it in them to laugh at the moment––in fact, I doubt they even heard him.

Paul squeezed the base of his shaft, pushed deep inside her and then shook it around. “This is how I’d like punish Presley’s pretentious asshole––right here, like this.” Instead of cherishing my priceless Lamborghini as I do, Paul performed a rigmarole of grueling tests, like one would a cheap rental car. Business law had created an even bigger self-centered monster, for him to blatantly bang my wife so voraciously.

“Know what I’d really like to do? Dick dive on her!” He pulled out, leaving her wide open, and then punched his cock back in. He repeated the move several times, with Mia gulping every time his cock hit bottom and his knuckle struck her perineum. “Oh yeah, right like this, dick diving in a whore’s ass.” Preasly had left a serious dark demon inside him, but Mia, finding herself in the blitzkrieg of this marauding, ass-hungry oppressor, only materialized stronger, and certainly showed no signs of needing help. He added spit to the mix as his cock came out, and soon his cock slipped in with such ease it enabled him to increase the speed. Mia’s body recoiled so badly that he had to hold her steady with his free hand. “Oh fuck. Look at that asshole. Look how hollowed out I got it.” Then he stopped for a moment, his dick lodged in to the maximum, and slowly pulled out. “Oh shit, Mitch, you hear that?” Of course Mitch heard, because I heard from clear outside. As his au naturel lubed up dick slid in and out, it made a surprisingly, lurid, wet sound. “That’s her ass talking, man, and it’s telling me how much she likes my dick. Mmmm, oh yeah, that’s a whore’s ass alright––just begging for dick.”

“Dude, what you’re doing now would totally kill Presley.”

Paul then looked down at Mia’s face, her chin pressed against her chest and her sweaty pink curls splashed about her forehead and over her left eye. She breathed heavy through clenched teeth, but her right eye stared intensely back up at him. His mission to crush some ass slipped from the forefront of his mind, as their engaged eyes spoke in a way words could not. Her feistiness pit against his domineering arrogance was always the cause of some tension. As good of friends as we’d been, I knew if the two of them spent a week in the cabin alone they’d end up killing each other. But now they were face to face and fucking, and their firecracker chemistry exploded between them.

“I almost forgot about you down there, Mia.”

She rolled her eyes and halfway smiled.

“Wow, I think I became someone else for a minute there. You OK?”

Her rosy cheeks lifted into a smug smile. “I’ve had Mitch. You’re small potatoes compared to him.”

She meant to push his button and she did. “Is that right?” He put a finger into her snatch and pulled it out dripping wet. “Look at that. You like this, don’t you? You like having your ass punished! I can’t give you enough, can I?” He sucked her juice from his finger and then poked it in again. Both of her holes were then fucked in unison, as she squealed delightfully from below and gasped for air. He leaned over and reached down to feed her the juice off his fingers. “Taste that? My cock is making you so wet, little Mia. And you can’t stand it, can you? You can’t stand that a male chauvinist prick like me gets you so sopping wet.”

As the fucking resumed, their eyes remained locked, like two boxers in a ring. He spanked her ass, spread her legs like a wishbone, and gave her everything he had. And although her body squirmed and her breathing stuttered through an orgasm, she continued to defiantly stare him down. When it came to sex, Mia was into a little humiliation, I knew that, but it was near heart stopping to see it that roughly dished-out by another man.

“You have a serious slut side, Mia. I’m owning your asshole like a whore’s, and the harder I fuck, the harder you seem to come.” He pulled his dripping fingers out of her snatch and wiped them on her thigh. It was no longer about playing Connoisseur to the Killer Kind Bud or a Presley grudge fuck fantasy, Paul now put the feisty little Mia in her place with an extremely hard, balls-to-wall bang session––something I’m sure he’d longed to do from the very first day the outspoken hottie stepped into his life. He then knelt behind her, pried open her loose butthole with his fingers, and spat several times into her rectum. He’d been working over her ass for almost thirty minutes, and appeared to be preparing for another half-hour. I have to admit, I was incredibly impressed by both their stamina.

Barely audible, Mia incited, “I want you to come in my mouth.”

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me.”

“Say it again.”

In a pseudo porn-star’s voice, she repeated it louder, “I want you to fucking come in my mouth.”

He stood up. “Let me get in two last dick dives, and then it’s all yours, baby.” He then punched his eight-and-half inches into her freshly lubed butt, and yanked it right back out. He maintained eye contact and practically bounced her off the floor by shoving it in so hard. His ‘two last dick dives’ turned out to be more like two-hundred––he just couldn’t stop butt bludgeoning her. I watched in disbelief as he smacked into her over and over like some hydraulic powered machine. She finally had to beg him to come in her mouth before he’d stop.

Paul ended up melting into the Lazy-Boy with Mia’s face buried in his lap, sucking him off. Both of them were sweaty and exhausted.

Mitch saw an opportunity and came over to lift Mia’s ass, leaving her on her hands and knees. He broke out a condom and lube, and as he fingered the lube into her butt, he declared, “I’m so fucking this.” Her back quivered into an arch, the mere thought of his words involuntarily exciting her. He then eased his way in, penetrating her ass much gentler than Paul had. He had to go easy––my boy Mitch was damn near eleven inches.

“Oh the memories!” He poked it in a little deeper as Paul chuckled. “Man, when we were going out, Mia so made me wait an eternity to split some ass.” Then he slapped the heel of his palm to his forehead and shook his tangled hair. “What am I saying, she totally took a trunk full of meat on the first date.” Paul laughed out loud this time, and Mia, while still sucking his cock, swung an arm backwards, nailing Mitch in his thigh.

Paul then mouthed words in complete silence. “Seriously, on the first date?”

Mitch triumphantly brought a fist down in front of his own face, and shouted, “Boom!”

Paul broke into laughter and Mia lifted her head. “Am I doing all this for nothing?” Paul didn’t answer, instead he grabbed the back of her head, put her mouth to the light-house, and with a renewed interest, began pumping her throat. Similarly, Mitch began to drive his monster in with force, spanking her sweaty rear as he did.

Mia was getting totally rocked, cocks busting into her from both sides, and mine sprang up hard enough to bat one out of the ballpark. Paul stood up, locked eyes again and gave her Irish-exotic face a throat-bruising bone. She spit and drooled, her mascara bled, she whimpered faintly, but her green eyes gleamed with more radiance than ever. Behind her, Mitch used her sphincter to mark off ten-inches on his cock, while reaching around to frig her little puss towards a wet smacking crescendo. Both guys were grunting loud, and their wet bodies clapped against hers. They were being extremely noisy, making me grateful for the solitude. With his fist, Paul made a ponytail out of Mia’s pink hair and used it to jack her mouth on his cock. His balls smashed against her chin and the sound from her throat was louder than anything yet, like Vin Deisel plunging a clogged drain. Not to be out done, Mitch slammed his dick completely into her ass, all eleven inches, the meaty impact echoing through the house, and then followed it with the lighter sound of his balls whapping against pussy.

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever anticipate seeing my little Mia impaled between my two big friends, a cock going in one end and another in the other. They amusingly appeared to be connected, like Paul and Mitch were lumber-jacks pulling a dick shaped saw through her.

In the back Mitch kept on squeezing his monster in with full force, and the son-of-bitch was in great shape and capable of ramming her harder than Paul or I ever could. It surprised me, too, because Mitch was so laid back about everything, yet here he was, teeth clenched, muscles rippling, and absolutely destroying Mia’s ass with his iron giant. He was competitive, that was the thing, and I’m sure I was witnessing a one-ups-man-ship on Paul. Then he slowed down, almost to a stop, and grabbed Mia’s ass cheeks.

“You hear that, Paul?”

Paul was still feeding cock to Mia and on the verge of unloading. “You mean the sound of my dick poking her tonsils?”

“No, dude! Her ass––it’s taking to me.” Using his hands he flapped her thick butt cheeks back-n-forth, making her crack appear like a talking mouth, while speaking for it in a girl’s voice. “Oh Mitch, I just love your huge dong in my soft hole.” He started fucking her deep again, still flapping her butt cheeks and now garbling his words. “Oh god, it’s hard to talk with so much meat in me. You’re so much bigger and better than Paul. On god I love your dick so much, Mitch. Fuck me harder!” He did. “No even harder!” He did. “No even harder than that!”

By now he was jam-packing her wobbling booty at blistering speeds. I had never seen anything like it––a man pretending to have a conversation with an ass whilst fucking the hell out of it. Only Mitch could pull off something as asinine as that. “Oh god, stud, your gonna make me come. Oh god, oh god, oh god, I’m so coming.”

Then the oddest thing happened, Mia actually came. Her back humped up, her toes curled over, and she moaned sweetly over Paul’s dick. That was enough to set Paul off, and he pushed her face into his abdomen and broke into a fucking war cry. Their eyes remained engaged throughout, and her cheeks fluttered, letting me know a hot load was splashing against the back of her mouth as she struggled not to gag. He pulled her head slightly away, grabbed his cock, and then squeezed the last of his come directly on her tongue. “Oh fuck you, little slutty Mia, you get all my come.” She licked his shaft, catching a final drip, and then swallowed, glaring seductively up at him the entire time. Paul was left speechless, and then he walked over to the couch and sat down. And this is where I came, shooting a load onto the doorframe of Paul’s cabin.

The rest of the story of “Good Girl Gone Better”. I’m not a professional writer and have no ambition to be so please be gentle. Sorry for any grammar errors. Just smile and keep reading.

If you don’t like wife seduction stories or dominance. Feel free to move on.

She did it! Or more accurately we did it. My wife reluctantly went down the road of no return. She is now a total slut! I encouraged her to be the slut she is today because of my own personal needs of perverse pleasure I derived from seeing people fuck in front of me. I figured my wife would be the best to watch since I lusted after her the most. Kim is a petite woman that married the only man she allowed to penetrate her young innocent body, me. She wanted her body penetrated so badly but wished to stay a virgin until her wedding night, so she presented her fine ass to me during a date one evening when parked in seclusion. Getting to fuck a girl and cum in her virgin ass is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Kim’s pussy stayed devoid of cock until only a few months before we married. That was then, now she admits to being a sex toy and fuck slut to nearly anyone who desires her succulent charms. I have allowed and helped many men seduced Kim over the years. I brought them home to fuck her and she’s had many, many loads of cum pumped deep into her orifices while moaning and begging for more. She just can’t help it. Her personality just wouldn’t allow her to cause a scene or hurt anyones feelings by rejecting them. Even if the price was getting sperm pumped between her legs.

Read the true account of Kim being seduced for the first time by me and friends in “Good Girl Gone Better” for the whole torrid seduction and remember to vote high.

Don’t get me wrong I love my wife more now than ever and she loves me unconditionally. That said, my fantasy for years has always been to watch her having sex with others while I watch. She has let strangers have their way with her young looking petite body using her for their own lustful desires. My wife has succumbed to men’s lust of using her as a fuck toy and she loves it when it happens. Kim has always been a submissive woman who deep inside yearns to be taken sexually. Rememer this when you think she is being an unwilling participant. She has her own kinks as well. It’s something inside of her that succumbs to a man’s touch even though she knows it’s wrong for a wife and mother to do so. She always says no in the beginning and begs never again afterwords but during the torrid act she turns into a wanton slut rolling her eyes into the back of her head while climaxing in orgasm after orgasm while cocks, fingers and tongues eat, lick, suck, penetrate and pound her sweet not so innocent body.

She’s been with guys 10 years younger and men 10 years older. She’s been fucked in the throat until made to swallow the full load of cum right after he pulls out of her snatch, tasting her own juices mingling with his. She’s been fucked in her pussy and ass and triple penetrated with a cock in her mouth, ass and cunt while getting filled with loads of cum at the same time and always begging for more during the affair.

To her a cock is a cock and she loves them all. To her size does matter. The small ones for her ass, the big ones for her pussy. It takes her a whole month to finally realize what she did was morally wrong while her hormones return to normal. All the while I’m reaping the benefits of her insatiable lust for another six months or so. She has learned to relax enough now that she can squirt when stimulated correctly. Just keep a lot of towels around.

I always loved watching sex in movies and porn but always knew that the actresses if you want to call them that had other things on their minds other than getting impaled again and again by a big cock that barely fits into their holes. If you look closely the cocks are not even wet from the sluts pussy, thats because she’s not even turned on. Are they hot looking? Of course. Thats their job.

I love to watch the true excitement and lust of real people going at it in real life like it should be with no pauses to take pictures or to wipe her privates with a baby wipe.

I finally did get my way when I watched Kim get seduced and fucked hard by friends and strangers. (read the other story)

The only thing that Kim had not done was taste another woman. Although she did end up sucking cock of another guy that had just come home from having sex with his girlfriend. A lover was allowed to take Kim to his place after a session of hot sex between the two so he could continue to have his way with her. His stunned room mate brother came home to find her naked in their kitchen. He had his girls pussy taste on his dick when big brother told her to suck his cock so he could join in. She did say years earlier in the heat of the moment that she would let a woman go down on her if the chance arose but would never eat a pussy. So having a taste was key to our success.

But of course thats not all I wanted to see. I wanted Kim to submit to a girl. Letting her eat her pussy for as long as it took to make her orgasm. To lick her cunt deep and long until she came and came so hard that she would do ANYTHING to get touched by anybody anywhere on her hot tender body. I wanted her eyes to roll into the top of her head while pulling another females face deeper into her wet pussy not releasing her until she was good and finished with her very wet orgasms.

In came Katie, the new wife of Danny, one of the men that actually fucked Kim in the first story. The man I am referring to is a former co-worker that I brought over so he could sample Kim’s incredible oral skills. She was having cyber sex with a total stranger while playing with herself when we arrived. She knew he was coming over and agreed ONLY to giving a blowjob. At the time Kim’s kink was rubbing cum into her nipples with cock. She agreed to letting him cum on her tits so she could rub his sperm into her succulent breasts and tender nipples. I was told that she would agree only to taking her shirt and bra off so he could cum on her chest but her pants had to stay on! But within a short period of time, Danny was between her spread legs penetrating her vagina with his freshly sucked cock fucking away at her open and naked body. She got laid by him several times after that encounter and she enjoyed many loads of his cum deposited straight into her mouth, onto her tongue and down her throat along with many creampies mostly in her ass but also inside her pussy. He had a smaller dick with large balls that spewed huge loads of jizz that turned her on to the point of being eager to swallow. I don’t recall her ever rubbing his cum into her nipples. I doubt it ever escaped her sucking mouth.

Everyone else around us all thought she was the perfect wife and mother. So innocent and pure that the even the thought of her having sexual thoughts would never have even been conceived. She would go to church Sunday morning having just been gangbanged the night before.

The fact was that most of the time when Kim was being fucking by Danny. His girlfriend at the time was usually waiting for him somewhere not knowing that her boyfriend was dipping into a married woman’s tunnel. A few times she was just 20 feet away in the house while Kim was milking his cock with her incredible mouth literally drinking from the manhood of another. Kim loved the idea that he shaved his balls so she could take them into her mouth and soak them with her hot tongue. She loved that he was the size that she could deepthroat or bend over and present her ass which she often did.

Girlfriend Katie was another petite girl with small tits and a small compact muscular ass. She was good in the sack but being only 19 lacked Kim’s experience.

After fucking my wife. Danny eventually had the nerve to actually tell his girlfriend that he was having sex with a married woman and that it was only for the sex and experience of it. He liked the idea of my sharing Kim with others and was wanting to bring up the subject of swapping and his fetish for group sex.

Katie was pissed at first. She went a bit overboard to get back at him, letting her male cousin and female cousin have a 3-way with her without him being present. She went out and got herself fucked and eaten just to spite Danny. Cousin or not, I’m sure the guy was just happy to get some pussy much less two at the same time.

Danny informed me that he told Katie about us but was not willing to give up a good thing. As long as I was okay with him having sex with my wife he wasn’t going to stop. He continued to come back more and more for my girls mouth and body until Kim put a stop to it, telling him that it was about time he got serious with his relationship with his own girl. But of course she waited to tell him until after he pumped her full of his cum in all three holes in one night. Oh to be that young again.

Katie eventually found out that the pussy taste on his cock was of my sweet wife’s. She knew of at least two separate occasions that she had licked the mixture of Kim’s juices and his cum off his dick without her realizing. Kim never new that Katie had found this out until…

Several years later after Kim and I decided to settle down, Danny called. He wanted to meet to get caught up on current events. We met at his place where he told me the whole story about him and Katie and what had transpired the previous few years. Danny told me how he had also succeeded in convincing his wife to take other lovers as long as he was the one who controlled the situation. (sidenote: do we really believe the girls are seduced by us or are they just happy to be sexually free?) Unlike me and Kim he shared in the fruits of other women separately while at the same time setting up dates for Katie to spread her legs for other men. One night about six months ago two guys were tag teaming her and having her suck her own juices off their wet cocks. She mentioned to Danny that she was curious about the taste of a woman first hand. Unlike Kim, Katie was a willing participant in the affairs. She was suggesting to him that he set up a lesbian encounter for her so she could go down on a beautiful woman and feel her lips touch and taste another girls pussy. After her cousin encounter she never engaged in any sex directly with another woman but the more she tasted different pussy off of Danny’s cock the more she was willing to try the real thing. He would come home after fucking some woman only to have Katie waiting to suck the sluts juice off his dick. I say the women were sluts because most of them were also married and the husbands usually didn’t know what Danny was doing with their wife. Katie herself was usually the one introducing the women to him. Danny got a liking for married women after Kim and couldn’t get enough. Married women are much more open and willing to do things that they wouldn’t usually do even with their own husbands.

Danny told me that he wanted Katie to lick some pussy and since Kim’s flavor was her first, he wanted to know if I was game to making it happen. I of course told him to set it up.

Danny finally asked Katie if she remembered her first pussy she tasted from his dick. He asked if she would be willing to let a married woman be her second lesbian encounter and asked if Kim could be that person. Katie had seen Kim and of course new that it was her that was screwing around with her then boyfriend but Kim had never met Katie. She smiled and said yes, admitting that it turned her on knowing that Kim did not know who Katie was.

The problem was again getting Kim to open up to the idea of her having sex with yet another. We decided on the more direct approach. Since we figured she was an easy lay anyway we set it up. We figured once a slut always a slut.

When the time was right and Kim was turned on by me being buried inside her snatch. I mentioned that Danny had called and wanted to get together with both of us so he could show off his wife. I asked her if she remembered when she was getting fucked by Danny that he had a girlfriend? I informed Kim that he had married the girl. While thrusting into her from behind I reminded her that Danny back then was having Katie suck Kim’s juice off his dick after they fucked.

I could tell that Kim was remembering the times when Danny had finished fucking her, he would go to his girlfriend right after and have sex with her.

Kim did know that she was helping him cheat on his girlfriend with her body just so he could get more pussy on the side. Kim also has real skills in the oral department and he didn’t want to give her mouth up.

Katie was no slacker either. A sexy blonde with just fuck me eyes and a strong sexual appetite. She was as hot as they come with lips to lust after.

Kim was by no means innocent either. She enjoyed every thrusting, gulping minute of his affair. But even at the time, Kim was tormented by the idea that she could be the cause of a break up.

Every time Danny would come over or she would see him, her common sense mind would close down and her sensual submissive side would open wide. Eventually her legs would follow.

One time when Danny and Katie had a date, Danny had the nerve to tell her that he needed to pick something up at my house. He asked her to stay in the car so he could run up to get it. He came into the house saying that he only had five minutes and wanted to last longer that night with Katie. I knew he was coming and told her to help him out. Kim fell to the her knees by a window and proceeded to suck his cock until he shot another sticky load down her throat. He thanked her, zipped up and ran out the door.

After telling Kim about Danny’s call. She was very unsure of my objective. I lied telling her that Katie did not know anything about their sexual escapades therefore did not know it was her pussy she had tasted.

I had told Kim years ago that Danny had been sharing their mixture of sexual juices with his girlfriend after they fucked. She also knew about Katie’s lesbian affair with her cousin.

My goal telling this was more to get sex on her mind and making her sexually nervous. The date was set for Saturday night.

She was a basket case for the next few days and I’m sure her affair with Danny never left her mind. Kim was scared that her slutty side would come out again if she saw him so she told me that this had better not be a trick to let someone get into her pants because she was done with that lifestyle.

The night before they came over I had two fingers inside Kim when I flat out told her that Danny had fantasized about Katie being with another woman again so he could watch her taste another pussy while he got behind her and fucked her pussy pushing her face into that girls box.

I looked into Kim’s eyes and told her that it would be so hot watching Katie go down on her while we watched.

Kim looked shocked and asked what I meant. The conversation didn’t go very far since I was about to give her a very wet squirting orgasm. For some reason she didn’t bring the subject up afterwords and neither did I.

When they arrived Saturday you could cut the tension with a knife. Danny walked up to Kim giving her a full body hug while kissing her on the cheek. Katie shook her hand and told her that Danny had talked about her so much when they were dating which made Kim all of a sudden look white as a sheet. She probably wondered if Katie knew that Kim was Danny’s fuck toy a few years back.

The conversation was pretty normal up until an hour later while we were showing the two around the outside property. Kim had relaxed and went inside to get a drink. Danny followed saying that he was thirsty also.

Once inside Danny told her that it was good to see her again and missed their time together. He asked if she missed it also. If Kim was nervous before, this certainly didn’t help. She was still hoping this was all a prank. Her mind was all mixed up and didn’t answer so he walked up giving her a kiss on her lips slipping his tongue inside her mouth making Kim’s knees buckle. She didn’t know what to do but came to her senses in time pushing her hand on his chest telling him that they were both married so there was no way anything like that was going to happen.

Danny let her go saying that he missed the feel of her lips and just wanted to experience them again. He told her that it would be a shame not to feel them wrapped around his cock again after so much time. He said that Katie developed into quite a cock sucker herself but there was no replacing having a woman that is married to another man in front of you on her knees willingly sucking your cock. Kim didn’t say a word but was shocked and wet at the same time. The drink in her hand was now shaking.

Outside Katie had ideas of her own. She told me that I had a hot wife and that she would love to get with her later.

She said that Danny told her everything about our relationship saying that she always wanted to meet the woman that Danny had been sleeping with back then. I told her that they did very little sleeping when they were together. Katie laughed asking if I thought Kim would be interested in visiting her wild side tonight with Danny and her? I certainly hoped so.

She asked me why I had not been with other women while my wife was whoring around fucking other girls men. So, Katie thought my wife was a whore after all. She sounded a little bitter but I couldn’t exactly defend the statement. My wife had been with so many other men sexually since she married. A couple men had, after all, paid for her services. I told her that I was a voyeur and my wish was to watch Kim in the heat of passion and that I was satisfied with our relationship.

Katie said that I was sweet but it was a shame that I didn’t get some pussy of my own. Now it was me who was shocked.

She took my hand walking around the corner of the house so we couldn’t be seen by the other two. She looked into my eyes while undoing her shirt to her waist asking if I saw anything I wanted. I didn’t say a word but knew what needed to happen. With her shirt open I could see her sexy tan line on her silky tits just above her lacy bra. She told me that we only had 5 minutes so we’d better hurry.

Remembering the time that Danny only had “five minutes” I told her that “I guess he really did tell you everything”. She proceeded to drop to her knees and take down my pants. stroking my now hard cock while telling me what I already knew. That I had a pretty well built sex toy and that she intended to use it just like Danny had used my wife.

I asked her if her skills were as good as Kim’s. She just smiled and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking like a starving woman. I was in heaven as this good looking fox knelt in front of me and sucked my cock, obviously wanting to work it to the finish. I reached into her bra rubbing her fine breasts and gently pinching her hard nipples while she brought me to the brink of no return. Five minutes wasn’t going to be a problem.

At that moment I understood why Danny loved blow jobs from Kim so much. It feels different when someone else’s wife has her lips wrapped around your cock. She just kept sucking and stroking until I told her I was going to cum. She pulled out and told me that it would only be fair if she swallowed my load since Kim was getting a drink of her own. With that she stuffed as much cock as she could down her throat while my cum blasted into her mouth forcing her to swallow every spurt. She licked up the last drop and I told her we had better get into the open. She informed me that we shouldn’t rush since Kim was likely doing the same thing if she is the slut that Danny portrayed.

I guess I should’ve known that Danny was trying to seduce Kim while inside the house. I guess Kim really was getting a drink.

Kim turned away from Danny and started walking outside when he grabbed her shoulders from the back. He gently pulled her closer to his chest, gently running his finger tips down her arms up her waist to her shoulders and down the nape of her neck until his finger tips were stroking her cleavage. Kim turned slightly and leaned forward loosing her balance as her emotions rushed through her body. Her head dropping towards the floor.

He told her not to worry, that Katie would keep her husband busy for a few minutes not realizing that he was telling her that Katie was probably sucking my cock by now.

Danny ran his hands around to her back giving her a slight massage on her sexually tense muscles. He walked into her making sure his now engorged prick touched between her ass cheeks. Danny pulled her shoulders back pushing his loins into the crack of her ass gently at first then grinding the two lovers together. His hands went down her back and towards the front under her blouse against her skin until his hands gripped her small but firm breasts and massaged them as if they were precious fruits.

He started kissing Kim’s neck and ears while telling her to touch his cock. She kept shaking her head no but did nothing to stop the assault on her betrothed body. He kept asking her questions like “do you remember when the first time you sucked my cock”. “Did you like it when I shoved my dick up your ass”. “Remember the time when my girlfriend almost caught us in the bathroom at your husbands work?” “You just kept sucking me until she left”

She would nod her head yes to each question and realized she was loosing the battle of what she had left of her virtue. He pushed her towards the floor to her knees and told her to open his zipper and take out his cock. When she refused he took it out himself and rubbed it against her cheeks. She had her eyes closed when she felt his hands on her head guiding her until his cock slid between her open lips. He was fucking Kim’s mouth with his wife right outside knowing that Katie at the moment must be getting ready to swallow a load herself.

He saw a shadow come from around the corner near a window. Looking out he saw his wife come into view. Danny and Katie looked at each other while she mouthed “where is Kim?”. He pointed down at his crotch while moving back and forth in a fucking motion. Katie smiled and brushed off her knees telling Danny that everything was going to plan so far.

Seconds later Kim felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. Every naughty thing that she had done in her past came back to her. Her eyes went into the back of her head as she grabbed his spurting cock, stroking out every last drop of the familiar flavor of a past lovers cum and swallowed it all down her throat sending it into her stomach. In her mind she was yelling at herself telling her what a slut she was and asking why could she not stop being an easy target.

When she was finished sucking him dry, she started crying saying that they should not have done this. Danny picked her up and told her that it was our little secret. He grabbed her firm ass with one hand and with the other aggressively cupped her pussy. He looked into her teared up eyes and told her that he wanted to fuck her later and said that he was glad that she was still a slut. He released her and walked out into the backyard smiling at his wife. He then came to me to ask how I was being treated by Katie.

I told him that she also had skills and thanked him for the present. Danny said I was going to get more than I anticipated for the rest of the night as long as Kim cooperated. Asking how it went with Kim, he suggested I don’t kiss her lips unless I wanted a taste of what she got.

Kim finally got herself together and came outside but looked and acted confused and turned on at the same time. I asked her if she got her drink. She looked at Danny then to the floor telling me yes she did. She had no idea that Katie had the same drink moments ago.

After some more small talk we all decided to watch a movie. Kim suggested we watch one from the DVR since we didn’t have any sexual movies recorded that she could be seduced to. I instead hit play on the blu-ray. Kim was embarrassed again when two girls started making out right in front of her on the screen. Katie asked her if she ever kissed another girl like they were doing for the camera. She just looked away and didn’t answer. Katie told her that it looks like the most sensual act a woman can do.

Kim, trying to escape the situation developing, suggested we play cards at the table. She thought anything would be better than this so we all went into the other room and played some games not turning off the movie that we had set to repeat. We could all clearly hear the sounds of sex in the other room. After a short time, Danny got up and said he wanted to see what was happening on the t.v screen. He grabbed Katie and took her to the other room with him. A minute later I took Kim’s hand leading her to the room with her slightly trying to pull away. Right in front of us, Katie and Danny were making out like teenagers, giving each other open mouth wet kisses. Kim just stood there in disbelief watching the site before her. We sat down across from them and I watched the act before us while Kim tried to look away but every direction she looked a couple was either making out on her couch or fucking on the t.v. and of course she couldn’t get away from the sounds of hardcore sex coming from the movie before her. When Danny started fondling Katie’s tits Kim couldn’t take anymore. She got up to go into a bedroom and would not come out.

I personally had only watched Kim have sex with others. Watching another attractive petite woman get played with was a huge treat and so was the bulge in my pants.

The scene on the couch was heating up more and more as he got under her skirt into her panties and fingered her sex for awhile until she was almost cumming giving her courage for the next step. I could literally smell the sex in the air and hear her wet pussy sloshing with his fingers.

Katie got up telling us to stay put. She was going to talk to Kim and would call us when the time was right. She knocked on the bedroom door asking if she could come inside. Since Kim didn’t think Katie knew anything, she let her in so she could spill the beans to her.

About 20 minutes later Dan and I started wondering what was taking so long and got up to check on them. After all, two guys watching a porno together was not the best situation to be in. We couldn’t hear anything coming from the room so we tried to enter. They had locked it!! How dare they. We knocked but got no response so we went outside to the window and could barely make them out.

Katie was standing behind Kim who was sitting in a chair. We couldn’t see everything but it looked as if Katie was rubbing Kim’s shoulders while giving little kisses behind her ear. Katie then took Kim’s hand and kissed down her arm until she was sucking into her mouth the wedding ring that I gave her. They stood up and walked the four feet to the bed and I noticed her top two buttons were undone. They were facing sideways to us now so we had a good view of the seduction that was obviously taking place.

Katie got behind Kim again and started rubbing her shoulders trying to relax her so she could take advantage of this slut that had fucked her boyfriend a few years earlier without any regard to her. Katie had tasted the mixture of Kim’s juices and her boyfriends cum before and now wanted the real thing. She wondered to herself if Kim had ever tasted the juices of another woman before and wondered what it would be like to have Kim between her open thighs licking at her vagina spreading her lips and feeling her tongue slide between her moistening slit. Kim looked so innocent but Katie knew better.

Katie reached around and down Kim’s blouse while kissing her neck and shoulders whispering words of seduction while undoing the rest of the buttons down to her waist pulling her shirt out of her tight pants that guarded the prize.

Kim let her head fall back, closing her eyes and letting her mouth fall open while Katie reached for and caressed her tender breasts through her bra, feeling them and checking the size and firmness to compare with her own. They were about the same size breasts so she wondered if Danny thought about Kim when they made love in their own bed.

Katie saw that Kim’s mouth had fallen open and took the opportunity to slide her wet tongue inside of the woman. Kim felt her lips being licked and was shaken out of her hypnosis slightly but soon realized that she was powerless to stop this perversion. Kim closed her eyes again and let this girl 9 years younger kiss her deeply. They started slow and became more aggressive as the kissing heated up. Eventually Katie encouraged Kim to lay down on the bed as they were kissing like girls in heat. Not just regular kissing and not pornstar kissing. They were kissing slow and passionately. Kim would lay there with her eyes closed trying to block out the passion that was taking place between her legs all the while wanting to be kissed more and more. The two lovers became hotter and more passionate as they continued. Shoving each others tongues as far down each others throat as they could sucking them like tiny wet cocks. Kim had her arms around Katie and was not realizing how much she was enjoying the sexual touching Katie was giving her, caressing her tits and ass as they kissed. Katie undid Kim’s shirt completely and now had her hands under her bra against her soft supple skin.

Danny and I must have looked like the biggest dorks alive. Both our mouths hanging open, eyes as big as saucers peeking inside a bedroom window while our girls were inside making love with their kisses. We finally came out of our own hypnosis and went inside to see if we could join in.

We knocked on the door and Katie came out saying that she had to talk to us. She told us that she could get Kim to do whatever we wanted but she wanted to be in charge. She told us that she wanted to see how Danny used to fuck his whore and wanted to eat Kim’s pussy before and after he shot his load inside of her.

Katie went into the bedroom bringing Kim out with her. Her eyes had glazed over and had the look of lust in her eyes. Everyone was still fully dressed at this point except for Kim’s open shirt and now missing bra.

Katie said she wanted to see Danny and Kim dance together. I put some soft music on so they could dance to a slow song but instead Katie grabbed her own husband and started to dance with him telling me to dance with Kim for a while.

Kim just put her head onto my shoulder and whispered that she was so turned on that no matter what I said, there was no way for her to stop what we had started and told me that whatever happened I should enjoy myself without guilt. I told her that I had no intention of stopping and started rubbing her bare chest pinching her hard nipples that always lead to a moist pussy.

Kim was moaning to my touch as she was then guided into Danny’s arms. Danny proceeded to pull Kim into his body as if she was his, knowing that soon she would be.

Neither Danny nor I could understand how this turned around to Katie being in charge but we were willing to go with it. After all, Katie was the one who got cheated on by this woman and she wanted her tasty revenge.

Katie was now pressed up into my body dancing and grinding her hips into mine while she watched the other two dance closely. She started giving direction by telling Danny to kiss Kim on the neck and up to her ear and telling Kim to do the same.

“Roam over her hips, kiss the nape of her neck, touch her ass.” “Does she still have a nice ass Danny?” “suck her tits”. Finally she told him to shove his entire tongue down Kim’s throat and “kiss her like the whore she was.” If Kim resented those words she didn’t show it. After all, she had only a little while ago sucked her husbands cock and swallowed his cum supposedly without her knowledge. She was also dancing intimately with Katie’s husband with her shirt being dropped to the floor. Anyone who didn’t know Kim would certainly call her a whore if they saw her.

Danny looked over at me with my arms around his wife and noticed Katie had her hand on my very stiff package rubbing my cock. His wife was feeling me up right in front of him. To catch up to the lovers I removed Katie’s shirt and sexy bra while the sound of sex was still coming from the television keeping Kim’s ears tuned to the sound of hardcore fucking and off her moral standards.

Katie broke off our embrace and walked over to Kim getting behind her with her bare chest against Kim’s back. She slid her hard supple nipples across my loves super soft skin while reaching around to cup her breasts for her husband. She egged him on telling him to lick them, suck them, make sure to give both equal attention. Kim loved her nipples sucked hard and was lost to the attention she was receiving.

Katie turned her around and aggressively started kissing her and feeling her up like she was a man fresh out of prison not caring who it was or how she got satisfaction. While Kim had been in several sexual situations with other people, she had never been so turned on.

Danny, while behind her, unclasped Kim’s pants pulling them down without any resistance along with her wet panties. Now she stood their naked to the world. I stripped Katie down so both girls were nude completely. Two feminine body’s touching and sliding over each other, mouths kissing and sucking, diamond hard nipples almost cutting into each others flesh. Kim was in a different world by now. I doubt if she even knew what was really happening.

Katie broke off and took Kim’s hand leading her to the bedroom. We all followed as they both fell into each other arms on the bed rolling around like long lost lovers. Kim not caring that she was with another woman with others watching. She just wanted it. Whatever “it” was.

Katie by now had two fingers sloshing around inside her preys velvety soft pussy and was licking, kissing and biting her way down Kim’s tits and stomach until she reached the pot of gold between her legs. She asked Kim if she remembered fucking her boyfriend and leaving him with her cum on his cock for Katie to clean off. Kim through half closed eyes nodded yes admitting to her affair with Danny. Katie asked her if she was ready to complete her transformation to a total slut by being tasted and eaten by another woman. Kim just looked in her eyes nodding slightly while Katie told her that this time “I’m going to get the real thing. Not just a taste off my husbands recently fucked cock”. Katie was not gentle as she dove for Kim’s pussy, tasting her flowing juices with the flat of her tongue fully for the first time. This time it was Katie rolling her eyes back as she was totally in the heat of the moment. Katie had also never been so turned on. She grabbed Kim’s hips pulling her into her mouth so she could devour this woman that had succumbed to the passion presented to her. Kim grabbed Katie’s hair and pulled her into her willing pussy until she burst with a toe curling orgasm moaning “eat my pussy” “don’t stop”. We thought she would bring in the neighbors with her screaming.

Danny and I were again zombies, watching in awe at what was happening before us. We had never seen so much passion between two women before and it was real. Then again we had never seen two women have lesbian sex in person before either. Katie got up onto the bed and had Kim straddle her head so she could feast on Kim’s pussy while she sucked Danny’s dick. Although the real reason was so Kim would be facing Katie’s womanhood for the next stage of her debauchery.

Katie ordered me between her legs telling Kim that I was going to eat her pussy since I had never indulged myself while Kim was out acting like a slut to the world fucking anybody that I presented to her. She asked Kim what she was.

“What do you mean”

“What is a woman called who fucks other women’s men”? She demanded.

“A slut”

“What are you”?

“I’m a slut, I’m a slut. Yes, I’m a slut. I want it.

“What do you want”?

“All of it”!

Since Kim had Katie’s husbands cock inside of her mouth she couldn’t have denied it anyway.

Kim looked at me and told me to eat Katie’s pussy. I didn’t argue and indulged in her aroma and flavor. Kim, while sucking Danny put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to Katie’s pussy, encouraging her own husband to taste another woman’s juices while she ground her own cunt down onto her first woman’s mouth.

I went down on Katie’s throbbing cunt and ate for all I was worth. She tasted like she had eaten strawberries before she came over and both Danny and I were was going to supply the cream later on. Her pussy tasted great. Katie was so wet that I could see beads of pussy cum running down her ass out of her pussy. Katie told me to rub my face into her cunt so I could get nice and wet.

After a few minutes of this great dish and an intense orgasm by Katie. She pushed Kim forward so Kim was close to my pussy wet face. I reached for her and started kissing Kim hard shoving my tongue into her mouth giving her the first taste of a woman besides her own.

After Kim’s orgasm subsided she realized what was happening and pulled back away not sure if she wanted this or not. She was not a lesbian and had no urge to taste another pussy but neither was Katie a true lesbian. She hesitated for only a moment to take in the flavor of her first taste. She then kissed me back hard. She sucked my tongue and even licked my face, cleaning me of Katie’s juices. There was no turning back now. Moments ago she said she wanted it all and now she was going to get it.

I moved out of the way while the two women stayed in a 69 position with Kim on top and Katie still fingering and licking Kim’s pussy from below until Katie rolled them both over so Katie was now on top with her tight ass in the air telling her husband to fuck her.

Danny got on his knees behind his wife with Katie’s wet pussy only inches from Kim’s mouth and slid his hard cock into his wife’s freshly eaten pussy. Danny fucked his wife slowly so he wouldn’t cum for a few minutes then pretended to slip out and hit Kim in the face with his pussy soaked cock. Kim tried to escape the wetness but it landed against her mouth forcing her to taste even more of Katie’s pussy. Danny shoved it back inside Katie only for her to tell Kim to open her mouth so she could suck her cum off his cock like she did so many times after she fucked Danny.

Kim either didn’t know what was coming or didn’t care. Danny pulled out a very wet shaft and shoved it into Kim’s mouth. She didn’t miss a beat as she sucked him down without hesitation not caring what the flavor.

Kim suddenly shocked me and told me to fuck Katie so she could suck her off my dick. I wasn’t going to argue as I looked for approval from Danny. He told me to go for it and I sank a much bigger cock into his insatiable wife’s cunt.

Katie’s language was something else. She kept telling Kim what a slut she was and how much of a whore she must be to let this happen. Kim simply told Danny to fuck her and told us to do whatever we wanted to her.

Now both of us had the others wife’s pussy wrapped around our cocks milking us with their incredibly tight pussy muscles while the girls were eating each others well fucked pussy and sucking our wet pussy coated cocks between lunges.

Kim gave in completely and put her whole mouth on Katie’s cunt while grabbing her ass and hips while stroking my cock. She ate her pussy as if possessed. She sank her tongue into her and fingered her until Katie had an orgasm by Kim’s mouth then guiding my cock back into her pussy with her own hand.

This is a story about my first time to ever be with a black man and I wanted to write it without any help from my husband Rob. I got the courage and confidence to try to write a story on my own in English from reading the stories that Geilemeid writes on Literotica. Thank you Geilemeid for your wonderful stories! Like her, my first language is not English and I found out that it is really hard to write a story, it was especially hard to find the words that I wanted to use to describe my feelings and thoughts but I tried. It would be good to read Chapter 1 so that you can get the background for my story. Annie


When Ferguson walked into the restaurant and I saw him for the first time, I couldn’t say anything. He was the most beautiful man I think I have ever seen besides my husband. He was so tall and so strong looking and handsome too. I was embarrassed by my lack of words and I think that he thought that I was a little strange because I was just staring at him…. Thankfully my husband Rob filled in the conversation while I gathered my senses and started to think again….

I had never met a black man before socially and he took my breath away. We Japanese women have a fascination with black guys… At least some of us do and it is because we find black guys to be so different and exotic and I never thought that I would get to meet such a handsome black man.

While Rob was talking with Ferguson, I was standing back and just watching them but also began to think about a few funny things that my husband had done and said on that day. Especially when I was getting dressed before we went to the dinner and he asked me to change into something hotter and said it was because Ferguson might be a special client… Well he knows that is what I call some of my work clients who I like to flirt with and show off to and even fuck sometimes… Well then I started to wonder if something was going on…. But I didn’t say anything.

Finally I got my senses back and started to enjoy the conversation then I took Ferguson to meet the rest of the staff at the dinner. When he would meet them and talk a little bit, I just stood watching him talk.. He was really a confident man and a very good guy like Rob said, I could tell that by watching how he treated the other people at the dinner with respect and kindness. When I touched his arm and took him to the next table I suddenly began to feel my pussy getting wet…I couldn’t help it and I smiled to myself. When I get sexually aroused, my pussy gets very wet and my juices flow like warm spring rain water…

When we sat down and started our dinner, the conversation was very good and I began to feel more confident of myself and was really enjoying our talking. All the time I could feel my pussy getting wetter too. Then I made a really big mistake when I asked about his wife… I could kill Rob for not telling me about the accident and I could tell that Ferguson was a little surprised that I asked him about her.. I could also tell by how he reacted that he must have really loved his wife….. Somehow it made me feel better about him that he must have loved his wife so much… I cried though because I made him so sad… I felt awkward…

After we had dinner and started the deserts our conversations began again and we relaxed into a fun conversation then when we finished and were about to leave, I was surprised when Rob asked Ferguson to join us for a drink and some dancing. We weren’t planning to do that and when Rob asked him, I really thought that something must be going on and Rob wanted me to be with Ferguson…. Of course that made my pussy even wetter and I was hoping that maybe something really would happen that night…

Then before we left the restaurant when Ferguson went to the bathroom I was going to ask Rob but before I did, he told me again that Ferguson could be a special client and then I knew it was OK and I knew what my husband wanted for me… So I kissed my wonderful husband and felt his cock and it was getting big but then Ferguson came back to the table and caught us… I was a little embarrassed but not too much and when I got up to walk out, I made sure to sway my hips a little more than normal…. I was feeling sexy!!

When we got to the bar, I was beginning to think how I could flirt with Ferguson. I don’t usually have any troubles getting a man’s attention or anything but I was a little nervous this time. I don’t know why but I was. When we were getting ready to sit down in our booth, Ferguson first started to sit next to Rob but I took his hand and asked him to sit next to me then I pulled his hand to my leg above my knee. When I was doing that I was looking into his eyes and he was looking at my leg and I could tell he was happy because he was smiling a big smile… He didn’t move his hand after we sat down either and then I shifted and ‘accidently’ let my short skirt move up so that I know he could see my panties… He looked between my legs and I opened them a little so he could see my pussy thru my wet panties… I know he did too because he moved his hand up on my leg and I was hoping that he would touch me there but he didn’t…. Anyway, I was getting very excited and very wet too….I was feeling so slutty! We talked and had a drink then he asked Rob if he could dance with me. Of course Rob said yes and I was really excited! When we started to get up from the booth, I moved my hand under the table and ‘accidently’ let it touch his privates and smiled at Ferguson when we got up….. I really wanted him and wanted him to know it….

When we got to the dance floor, Ferguson pulled me close to him and held me tight and I could feel his hard body. It felt so good! Then we started to dance and move to the music and I could feel his body rubbing up to me and I could feel his cock rubbing against my tummy as we danced… It felt so good and I could tell that it was big too! Then he said something to me that made me feel sexy… He told me that he really liked my ankle bracelet and that it was very sexy looking… When he said that, I just told him that it was a present that Rob had given me a couple of months before, then I moved so my pussy was rubbing against his leg as we danced and he felt my ass and I almost had an orgasm when he did that… I was ready for him to fuck me then! But then the music stopped and he took me back to our table….

When we sat down, Ferguson said that he had to go because he had to catch an early flight to New York and I was so disappointed… Then Rob asked him if he wanted to come over to our house on Monday night to watch football and he said yes…. I didn’t know what to do but when he left, I just gave him a kiss and thanked him for a wonderful evening and told him that I couldn’t wait till Monday and kissed him again on the lips before he left…. Then I sat down next to Rob and kissed him and asked him to take me home……I was wondering what was going on and wanted to ask Rob and I needed to be fucked really bad too….

As soon as we left the bar and got into our car, I leaned over and kissed Rob again and grabbed his cock thru his pants, it was already getting hard and big… Then I asked him if he and Ferguson had something going on… Rob just said “What?”, and then I told him what I thought and Rob just laughed… He said, “Well we will see huh.”, and then he asked what I thought about Ferguson… So I told him that I thought that he was very nice and handsome and that I liked him a lot…. Rob just smiled at me and kissed me before we started to drive home….

After we got home I almost ripped Rob’s pants off to suck his cock then we went to bed and fucked… Rob kept teasing me when he was fucking me asking me if I wanted to fuck Ferguson… And well, I told him I wanted to… Rob was fucking me real deep and nice and slow and he had his finger in my asshole which I really love, when he asked me if I thought Ferguson’s cock would be bigger than his… I didn’t know but I told him that I hoped he was bigger because I like to fuck big cocks…I felt so slutty!! Honestly though, I have only fucked one cock up to that time that was bigger than my husband’s and it was just a little longer but not as thick as Rob’s wonderful cock.. But I wanted to tease him and when I said that, I told him that I would really like to be fucked by Ferguson’s huge black cock…

Then Rob stopped and turned me over and started to fuck my ass. I love to be fucked in my ass, it feels so different and makes me feel so full and wonderful and I cum so much when I get fucked in my tight little asshole…. Rob asked me if I’d let Ferguson fuck my ass too and I told him yes but not before he had fucked my pussy and filled me up with his cum… I can be such a nasty little slut sometimes and Rob loves it… He started fucking me hard and after a little while he shot a big load of cum into my tight ass…. I came too when he did and afterwards we just lay in bed and he kissed me… Before we went to sleep, Rob kissed me tenderly and told me that he would really like to watch me fuck Ferguson Monday night then he kissed me again and fell asleep… As I went to sleep, I was thinking about Monday night and Ferguson and how much I love my wonderful husband….

All day Monday at the office, I couldn’t concentrate. All I was thinking about that day was fucking Ferguson… After I got home from work, I changed into my workout clothes like I always do after getting home from the office.. That day, I was wearing a loose fitting sleeveless tee shirt, no bra, and boy shorts that are really short so that my butt hangs out some… Then I fixed a quick little dinner for us that we finished a little after 7:00 but before I could go change and freshen up, Ferguson rang the doorbell. He was early… Well, Rob just smiled at me and asked me to get the door while he got a couple of beers for them so I opened the door and Ferguson just smiled his big smile at me and said hello as he walked into our home… I leaned up and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. He hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek too and then hugged me and patted my butt and said that I really looked sexy…. I just said thank you and that I was embarrassed that I was still in my workout clothes… He said it was OK and that I really did look hot… I looked into his eyes and told him thank you again then said that I needed to freshen up and change for the game and gave him a wet kiss on the lips before I turned and walked away to change. I smiled at Rob before I left the room and he smiled back and blew me a kiss…

After I got to my bedroom, I stripped off all my clothes and panties which were already getting pretty wet then decided that I would take a quick shower before getting dressed. After drying off I came out of the bathroom and opened up my closet and started to think about what to wear to watch the football game… After a minute I couldn’t decide on anything so I just slipped on my Bears jersey, they weren’t playing that night though, and no bra. I decided not to wear any panties either…. Of course I was wearing my little gold anklet…I felt so slutty! Before I went downstairs, I sprayed a little perfume on my neck then on my tits and pussy before I put on a white micro mini skirt and some black three inch heels… I must say I looked pretty good in the mirror too… My mini skirt came down to barely cover my bottom when I stood up straight and if I bent over even just a little my ass would show which is what I wanted! Then I went downstairs to our basement where we have our home theater and game room… We have a nice home theater/game room… There are a couple of love seats, large sofa, and a king sized bed down there and there is a wet bar and pool table too… We use our game room a lot!

When I walked into the game room both Rob and Ferguson, who were sitting on the sofa, stopped talking and just looked at me and smiled…. Rob said, “Oh God Annie, you look fucking hot!”… I looked at him then Ferguson and was a little embarrassed about what Rob said but Ferguson just looked at me and smiled again… Rob then asked me to turn around for them so that they could see all of me… So I turned around real slow and raised my arms over my head so that my mini skirt could ride up and give them a little peek at my ass.. I felt so slutty and sexy!! Rob and Ferguson both smiled at me when I finished my turn around and Ferguson smiled and looked to Rob and said, “You’re right, she is fucking hot……” I smiled at Ferguson and stuck my tongue out at him a little bit then I sat down on one of the two love seats and just listened to them talk for a while… Ferguson looked so good to me and he and I kept glancing and smiling at each other….I could feel my pussy getting wet again too…

The game had already started but the guys weren’t really watching it as they just talked and joked with each other. After a minute or two, I got up to get Rob and Ferguson another beer before I went back upstairs to fix a snack tray for us. When I bent over to get the beers from the fridge my skirt rode up again and I made sure to wiggle my ass so that Ferguson could see my wet pussy and little brown asshole from behind… Then after I got their beers for them I went back upstairs to fix the snack tray…When I was walking up the stairs, I looked back over my shoulder to see that Ferguson was watching me. I know he was watching my ass so I stopped on the stairs and bent over a little so he could see my cunt and asshole before I smiled back at him and licked my lips… Then I went on up the stairs smiling to myself….

After a few minutes, I brought the snack tray back down and put it on the low table in front of the sofa and then I sat down in the love seat on the side of the table facing Rob and Ferguson…. They were still drinking their beer and talking and I just leaned back in the love seat and let my skirt ride up to the top of my thighs. I know they could see my pussy when I did that….and I opened my legs a little bit too… I felt like a fucking slut when I did that too…

Ferguson looked over to me and smiled then he stopped talking with Rob and told me that he really like my sexy ankle bracelet and asked me if it meant anything… Rob looked at me and smiled and said, “Annie, tell Ferguson what your ankle bracelet stands for.”…. Right then, I knew that Rob wanted me to fuck Ferguson and God I wanted it too….

I looked at Rob and then Ferguson and smiled and said, “Well, it means that I’m a hot wife.”….

Ferguson just smiled and said, “And???”….

“And well, I’m a hot wife who likes to fuck other guys and my husband is OK with it,” I softly said as I opened my legs a little more to show Ferguson my pink dripping cunt…

Ferguson just smiled a big smile and said, “Hmmm, I always thought that when a beautiful woman like you wore an ankle bracelet it meant that she likes black cock…”

I leaned back on the love seat and put my feet up and spread my legs wider and told Ferguson, “I never fucked a black cock before, but I would like to now…”, then I looked into Ferguson’s dark eyes and smiled and said, “Ohh God, please just fuck me….” I glanced over to Rob and he was smiling at me and was taking his clothes off…

Ferguson smiled at me and moved over to me on the love seat and slipped his hand up my leg to touch my very wet pussy… Then he slipped a finger into my dripping cunt… I pushed up to meet his finger and moaned as he leaned over to kiss me… I kissed him back hard and reached down to feel his big cock under his pants as he finger fucked my pussy… He pulled back then and stood up to let me unbuckle his pants and pull them down along with his boxers… When I saw his beautiful cock for the first time I was amazed… Even though I had been with more than twenty different guys before then I had never seen a cock that was as big as his… I pulled back just to look at his cock… It was almost as long as Rob’s 9-1/2 inch cock and it was thicker too even when it was soft and the smooth head was as big as a pear… I looked up into Ferguson’s eyes then leaned over to lick his cock as I held it in my hands. It felt so heavy!! Then I licked the head of his cock and flicked my tongue into his little pee-hole as I held it in my hand and looked up and smiled at him… I cupped my hands under his thick heavy balls and gently rolled them in my hands as I licked up and down the shaft of his beautiful cock… He was getting hard by then and his cock was getting huge, two or three inches longer than Rob’s and when I wrapped my hand around it, I couldn’t get my fingers around it! I opened my mouth as wide as I could and just was barely able to take his cock head into my mouth… I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and started to taste him… I was working my hand up and down on his thick cock as I sucked the tip of his dick. Ferguson’s pre-cum tasted so sweet! Most of the times I have sucked different guy’s cocks their pre-cum tasted a little salty… but Ferguson’s tasted so good and sweet! Then Ferguson pinched my nipple thru my Bear’s jersey really hard and it made me cum! But then he pulled away and backed up. When I looked up from his cock I saw that he was taking off his shirt… So I stood up and pulled my Bear’s jersey off and unbuttoned my mini skirt and let if fall to the floor and stood in front of him so he could see all of me as I smiled at him…

Ferguson took off his shoes and then slipped his pants and boxers off before he stood up and looked at me and smiled as he looked me up and down. I spread my legs wide so he could see my swollen cunt. Then he wrapped his big arms around me and pulled me in next to his body before he picked me up and then kissed me… His tongue was in my mouth and my tongue battled his as he held me and I wrapped my legs around his body trying to get his cock to my pussy… I wanted him so bad! He held me up and walked me over to the bed and then laid me down. I just laid back and spread my legs as wide as I could to open my pussy up for him and looked up and just asked him to fuck me….

Ferguson bent down and licked my pussy with his tongue before he carefully moved up over me… I was so wet I could feel my pussy juices running down the crack of my ass over my asshole… Then I felt the head of his cock touch my slit… He rubbed his cock up and down my slit then slowly began to push the head of his huge cock into my dripping cunt… I started to cum again when I felt is cock push inside my tight pussy then I pushed up to take him inside me…

“Oh God Annie, you are so fucking tight,” Ferguson moaned as he slowly worked his cock into me… He moved very slowly and gently as his cock pushed inside me all the way to my cervix and he still wasn’t all the way inside me! We just laid there for a minute with his cock against my cervix then I started to slowly move some more as he gently fucked me… I have never felt so full with so much cock in my pussy… We fucked for a long time very gently and slowly with long deep strokes and then I began to feel his cock push against my cervix and looked down to see the last couple of inches of his big black cock slide inside my pussy…. When he was all the way inside me, I felt the most incredible feeling…. I felt his cock inside my womb deeper than any other man had ever been inside me before and I started to cum again. This time, it was like no other time I have ever cum… My orgasm started deep inside my body and moved outwards and seemed to take over my entire body. I was trembling and my pussy was contracting around Ferguson’s cock as he continued to slowly fuck me and wave after wave of pleasure washed over me for a long time… I never have felt so good! I fucked Ferguson back as he fucked me and looked over to my husband to see him stroking his cock and smiling at me.

As the train pulled into Earls Court I counted the stops and calculated that we were far enough away from home and uni and everyone we knew to risk a kiss. Clearly Steve was thinking a similar thing, because as I moved in to kiss him he said,

“I know I’ve said this already but… you really do look beautiful.” I blushed. I kissed him softly and he kissed me back. We sprung apart guiltily but nobody in the carriage was taking any notice of us. This might have been a big day for us, our wedding day, but it was just an average Tuesday on the District Line to the commuters, nutters, students and post-Christmas tourists that surrounded us. He put his mouth near my ear and whispered, “I can’t wait to see what’s underneath that dress either.”

We were travelling east towards Tower Hill where we were then due to get off the tube and walk to an inconspicuous and unremarkable touristy hotel that Steve had booked us into for a one-night honeymoon. We were students, we had married in secret and we had no money, but I couldn’t have been more excited or more happy if he had been taking me to Mauritius.

Despite having no money, I had blown a foolish amount of student loan on what I was currently wearing. It was fortunate, or unfortunate, depending on your point of view, that January was the month that the loan came in. I had brought a 50s style halter-neck cream dress, which served as a wedding dress and wore bright red stilettos on my feet. What had really blown the budget was the underwear that the clothes were concealing. Underneath the dress I was wearing a cream halter-tie corset from a specialist corset maker in Spitlefields. It was cream with a lace overlay, and tying myself into it that morning I had admired how the boning and lacing pulled in my waist and pushed up my large, full breasts. The sweetheart neckline of the corset meant that the swell of my breasts rose above the neckline, creating a hint of cleavage which was classy but sexy. Around my waist I had fastened a lacy cream suspender belt and to the suspenders had attached the nude stockings that clad my long, pale legs. The lace tops of the stockings were especially sexy, framing my neatly trimmed pussy, which I hoped Steve would shave bald for me later. I had considered not wearing any knickers at all, but the thong I had brought was so pretty that I couldn’t resist wearing it. It was a matching cream number, lace across the front and with a bow at the back, which nestled in the crack of my arse. Looking at my lace-covered mound in the mirror I had reflected on how plump and full it looked, almost straining at the fabric, seemingly wanting to escape and be caressed by Steve’s invading fingers, even at that early hour of the day. My lily-white skin looked almost transparent against the cream of the underwear, and my red hair, teased into curls that cascaded over my shoulders, created a dramatic finish that it seemed a shame to spoil by putting a dress over the top. Combined with my bright, scarlet lipstick and matching heels, I looked ready to be fucked there and then.

We got to Tower Hill and giggling, half ran, half walked through the tourists and school children, meandering towards The Tower of London. Clip clopping down the steps into the subway in my heels, I hung on to Steve’s hand, my right hand in his newly married left. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, he dropped my hand and pushed my shoulders, firmly and quite harshly, against the wall of the underground walkway. Before I could speak he kissed me, hard and urgently, all of the desire he felt in his mouth. People continued to walk past us, no one taking any notice.

“I love you, my wife.” He growled in my ear, breaking off the kiss. And I took the back of his head in my hands and kissed him harder than before.

“I love you, my husband.”

Walking up to The Tower of London Hotel, fifteen minutes later we both looked up at the high, Georgian town house that had been converted our slightly careworn looking home for the night.

“Looks nice.” I said. Steve nodded.

“It wasn’t cheap.” He replied. I laughed, I knew it wasn’t the Ritz. But walking inside I was pleasantly surprised. And when Steve booked us in as Mr. and Mrs. Phillips I squeezed his hand and was excited for the night ahead. The manager took us to the top of the house, where were shown to the attic room: a large, light bedroom with a king-sized bed covered in white sheets, which lead to a big bathroom with attic windows and a huge tub. The rooms were sparsely decorated, white and bright, but was clean and airy and warm on that cold January day. There were fresh flowers on the chest of drawers next to the bed and a bottle of actual champagne. I was very impressed.

No sooner had the manager closed the door and dropped our two small bags down before he left, and Steve and I were on the bed, snogging like teenagers, my hair cascading behind me as Steve pinned me down, his hand snaking up my thigh.

“I can’t believe,” he breathed hotly, “that I have such a beautiful wife.” He continued kissing me and his hand found my pussy amidst the lace. We hadn’t managed to have sex in two weeks now, being in the house with Louise and the rest of the housemates, and he was keen. “Oooh,” he said, “it’s got it’s winter coat on.” He giggled and I reciprocated.

“I want you to shave it for me.” I replied, breathlessly. He groaned deeply, his erection rubbing at my hip.

“You have no idea how much that turns me on.” He said. We resumed our kissing. “Take your dress off.” I pulled the dress off and laid on my back. He inspected my underwear and kissed a trail of hot kisses along the swell of my breasts. “You look amazing.” I smiled. His fingers pulled aside my thong and probed inside me. I moaned. He fumbled with the trousers of his suit and released his already very hard penis. “If I put this anywhere near you I will cum in two minutes.” He said. I guided his hand back to my dripping cunt and mashed myself against his thick fingers for a moment. I didn’t care how long it lasted, I just needed to feel my husband inside me. Taking control of the situation, I sat up and manoeuvred so he was on his back. I straddled his hips, my thong and shoes still on, his trousers just pulled down his thighs. I pulled the fabric of my underwear aside and kissed his face, which was now a mess of my red lipstick. I eased him gently inside of me and we both moaned with pleasure as my warm, wet insides yielded to his hot hardness. I smiled, a huge grin.

“We’ve got to make it legal.” Steve closed his eyes and grinned back, not answering, just groaning as I began to move my hips back and forth. Helpless on his back he reached out for my swaddled hips and breasts and then held my shoulders in place, forcing my further down on to him.

“You beautiful little nympho.” He moaned. I reached forward to kiss him, and he felt behind me, groping my bum, a cheek in each hand, pulling me apart. Before I knew it, he was tickling my arsehole with his index finger and I cried out as he pushed it inside, creating pressure in my arse and my pussy that he knew would make me cum. I rode him harder and faster as he did this, sparks in my clit and convulsions in my cunt that meant a crimson flush appeared on my chest and breasts and an orgasm hit me right between the eyes. My pussy began to pulse as I came and I felt his balls beneath me swell and his cockhead grow. He pulled at the corset and freed my tits, squeezing them hard in his hands as his orgasm began. His face screwed up and his filled me with our first matrimonial cum. We broke away, breathless and coming down from the ecstasy of our fuck. Struggling to breathe, he gripped my wedding-ringed hand and said, “it’s official now.” I laughed.

An hour later, merry on real champagne, and hot from the bath, I laid on the soft bathroom floor, on a fluffy towel, with two pillows underneath my head and a towel underneath my hips. My breasts and hips were free from the corset and Steve sat, naked beside me, one nipple in his mouth and the other being squeezed in between his thumb and forefinger. He was preparing to shave my scrubbed clean little snatch, but had become distracted from the task in hand. Releasing my nipple from his mouth we went through how to do it again.

“So I put the aloe vera gel on?” he asked. I nodded. “And then shave her?” I nodded.

“It’s not rocket science.” I said. “It’s not even BA English and Music.” He laughed.

“You have no proof I’m not going to graduate BA English and Music with a third.” I smiled. I had always been the more studious of the two of us, but nevertheless, he was much brighter than he made out. He picked up the aloe vera gel from where he had lined it up with the shaving foam and the razor. He squeezed some out and covered the soft, downy hair with it. “So what do I do while it’s working it’s magic?” he asked. I stretched my toes and sighed a relaxed sigh.

“Just wait.” I said. He took my hand in his and guided it to his cock. It was hard again. I laughed. “Why on earth are you hard again?” I asked. Since fucking an hour ago, he had already spunked again all over my face as I sat at waist level in the bath.

“It’s what you do to me.” He sighed. He moved away and got between my legs, which were spread wide for shaving. “I love that I have a legal obligation to fuck this pretty little pussy, now.” He said, gazing at it. My eyes were closed but I laughed regardless.

“Conjugal rights.” I said. He placed his index finger on my clit and sparks shot up my pelvis. “You can shave it now.” I said. He removed his finger and foamed up my mound, delicious sensations filling me as he evenly spread the foam. He picked up the razor and began his task. Slowly and laboriously he rinsed the blade every two or three strokes and as he moved from place to place I felt the cool air on my genitals for the first time in weeks and waves of sexual longing passed through my limbs. When he had done he helped me get up and stood me back in the bath, taking the shower head and gently rinsed the foam, revealing a bald, sensitive flesh. I moaned.

“Open your legs.” He ordered. I moved my feet, standing now with legs further apart. He twisted the head on the shower and aimed the jet of water at my clit. I moaned. He moved the head in a circular action and my clit grew harder and bigger as I became more aroused. Suddenly he turned off the shower and pulled me down onto the edge of the bath, my back against the wall. My knees still far apart, he positioned himself in a sitting position and using his mouth and tongue and chin began sucking and licking and rubbing my sex. I held the back of his head and cried out with pleasure. I looked down and saw his throbbing erection above the waterline and felt his skilled tongue manipulating my pussy. Cumming in one sudden, huge groan, I gushed juice from my bare, beautiful honey pot into my husbands greedy, hungry mouth.

After that I wasted no time in pulling him from the bath and laying him on his back, on the bathroom floor. Facing away from him, I frenziedly lowered myself onto his cock, my back to him as I look him all the way down my already slick and ready hole. He gripped my hips as I took control of the situation. Bare, bald pussy made contact with his hard, cum-filled balls and my erect clitoris rubbed against them as I began to bounce. The mirrored wall in front of us showed our hot, horny bodies in their glory and I marvelled at my own, huge tits as they moved sexily before me. Steve was clearly enjoying the view too, as behind me I could see that his eyes were glued to the mirror. I leaned forward to increase the stimulation of my clit on his ballsack and as I did so, he lathed two fingers in his mouth and slid them into my arse. I screamed out and mercilessly he sawed the fingers in and out of my empty hole as I rode him and rode him.

“You like that you little whore?” He asked and I groaned in agreement. “I’m going to fuck that arse when you’ve made your slutty little cunt cum around my cock.” I growled dirtily at the filthy talk, which Steve knew helped me cum. I leaned ever further forward until the top half of my body was virtually horizontal. My vaginal muscles sucked at his penis and he continued fucking my arse with his fingers as I continued to grind my clit on his big, bulging testes.

“I want your fucking spunk in my arsehole.” I growled in a voice that was thick with desire. “I want you to fucking destroy my dirty little anus like you’re destroying my cunt.” All the while my sensitive nub was making contact with his balls and it felt out of this world.

“Cum round my dick, slut,” he bellowed. “cum round it so I can shove you against that wall and spray my jizz in your arse.” As if on cue I began to orgasm, screaming in ecstacy as my vagina and my clitoris came together. Juice gushed over Steve’s balls and pulled my hips down on him. I came for minutes, crying and screaming and moaning as the biggest orgasm of the day so far ripped through my limbs and brain and I gripped my own tits as I did so, Steve leering behind me in the mirror.

As soon as I stopped cumming he roughly pushed me off of him and stood, pulling me up as he did so. He pushed me against the mirrored wall and my breasts mashed against the cold glass. He smacked my arse and bit my neck, his desire now intense and unstoppable. He picked up the aloe vera gel and squirted some onto the purple, urgent head of his hard and quite remarkably huge penis. I had never seen it so big. In normal circumstances I would have dropped to my knees and taken that large, firm tool between my lips, but I knew where he wanted it and knew he wanted it now. He wanked the gel up and down his rod and pulled my bottom forwards, gripping at my hips. He lined the head up with my ring and in one, motion pushed his whole length into me. There was pain, but it was sharp and brief and was gone by the time his balls hit my cheeks.

“My arse.” He grunted, fucking his cock in and out of the already destroyed hole. “I was the first man in your slutty little arse.” He loved this fact and loved saying it as he fucked it.

“You’re the only man who’s ever made me cum in my arse.” I gasped. This spurred him on and his pace increased. One hand steadied himself against the wall and the other reached underneath us and found my cunt. He rammed three fingers deep into me and I screamed.

“I’m the only fucking man who knows how to do you how you want.” He groaned, in rhythm with his thrusts. In and out his cock sawed my arse and in and out his fingers manipulated my pussy, just as they had the first time we met. Taking his hand from the wall he grabbed a clump of my red, curly hair and pulled my head towards him. “Tell me about the dirtiest thing you ever did.” He demanded, his fingers in my cunt now pushing me further and further towards another fabulous cum.

“In the park.” I breathed. “With you and Ben and Diane and the stranger.” He groaned at the memory. “Ben’s huge cock in my cunt and the stranger in my arse as you tit fucked Diane.” He reached out for one of my own breasts.

“Fabulous fucking tits but not as good as yours.” I moaned. “I was so jealous of that guy with his cock buried in your beautiful arse,” he carried on, “Every second I was between Di’s big, fucking whore tits I couldn’t take my eyes off you, lost in your own world, those dicks in your holes.” He drove his penis further into me and his fingers moved from inside my dripping pussy to my clit. It had never been so hard or so ready to explode. “What else have you done?” He murmured. He knew all of these stories, but he obviously wanted to hear about them again now.

“In my bedroom with my brother and his friend,” I gasped. His hand quickened on my clit, “I needed cock so bad I didn’t care that it was my own baby brother in my cunt.” I knew he loved it when I used the word ‘cunt’. He moaned as I said it. “And his friend lost his load all over my face as my baby brother filled me with jizz.” With that I came and screamed as I did so, the glorious sensations of cock in my arsehole and fingers on my clit combining with the horny memories of my years of sexual abandon. I screamed and I screamed and my arse convulsed as the rest of my body convulsed. Steve pulled his cock out abruptly and pushed me onto the floor. He scrambled to straddle by chest and forced his cock into my mouth before I could agree or object. I groaned around it and tasted my own bum on his pole.

“You,” he gasped, breathlessly fucking my mouth, “are a grade A whore and I cannot wait to fuck every one of your whore-holes every day for the rest of my life.” He hit the back of my throat with the bulbous head of his prick. “From the first time I was in you, bent over the kitchen table in halls,” he went on, “you were the finest little hoe I’d ever had the privilege to fuck.” I moaned at his dirty words. He pulled his cock from my mouth and instantly began to cum, shooting ribbons of white, delicious spunk onto my face. “Fucking take this on your face, my slutty little wife.”

Less than five hours into our marriage, it was clear that Steve and I were on course for plenty more adventures, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

Mike went to pick up the post. It was his day off, while his wife was still at work. 7 or 8 letters — marketing rubbish mainly, along with a brown envelope. But then a white envelope, with his name on. No stamp — someone must have slipped it into his letterbox by hand. Mike felt around the envelope — it felt like there was a CD or something in the envelope.

Mike sat down, took a sip of the coffee he had just made, then ripped open the envelope. Sure enough there was a CD in a plastic envelope. A CD write. Someone had written on it — “For Mike to Watch.”

Mike was puzzled. He took the CD through to his office, put it in his computer, and watched as his DVD player came up on the screen, then watched as the DVD started automatically.

At first Mike couldn’t make out the film — it was filmed rather amateurishly. The film zoomed out , the sound became clearer. Suddenly Mike realised — it was a porn film. He wondered who would send him a porn film. Mike watched further. There was a man having sex with a woman, a woman who appeared to be enjoying it, if the sounds and obscenities coming from her were to be believed. The camera zoomed out even further, for Mike to see there were several other men sitting around, naked, looking like they were waiting for a turn. Mike was becoming aroused, wondering what it would be like to be part of something like this…

Mike watched as the man’s body rose faster and faster, the woman responding, suddenly both crying out together, him clearly pumping his cum into her, her being tipped over the edge to orgasm. The other men sat around were cheering, urging the man — called Rick, Mike understood from the shouting — to get off, so they could carry on.

At last Rick had slumped forward, then rolled off the woman. Mike watched as Rick crawled forward, pointing his cock at the woman’s mouth, ordering the woman to clean him off. She turned her head, smiled as the camera zoomed then eagerly began to lick his cock, as it was clear another of the men was mounting her. It was as she smiled that Mike’s blood froze.

Mike’s blood froze, as he watched his wife Donna smile on the DVD, then begin to lick the stranger’s cock.

Mike wanted at first to turn the video off, but continued to watch, transfixed. He watched for the next hour, as his wife was gang-banged, willingly, having sex with 8 different men — sucking some of them off, taking others in her pussy, doing anal with one, clearly enjoying and relishing what was happening. Once he saw her being fucked and sucking at the same time. By the end of the video he reckoned they had probably all come in her a couple of times, that she had cum about 6 or 7 times…

As the video was coming to an end, he saw her stand up, helped to her feet by a couple of the men, smiling but tired. They helped her get dressed, then there was chatter, something about loving the monthly staff training days, and looking forward to the next one, that this had been the best one yet…

Mike stopped the video, sent it back to the start, then began to watch again. Half out of horror. Half out of fantasy. But his erection had not abated… As he did his mind was racing. Donna, he knew, worked for a company of accountants as receptionist. He knew they had the monthly training days, although Donna had said very little about what happened. He remembered that she would come home saying how exhausting they were, that she could only sleep afterwards. But what to do? He loved his wife. But as he watched he felt jealous of her…

At 39, Mike thought, she was beautiful, stunning, standing slim, nearly 5 foot 8 inches, looking as good as she ever did with her shoulder length dark hair. They had been married early — truth be told Donna was 18 and pregnant when they were married — he hadn’t taken precautions when he took her virginity — and had been in love ever since. Mike had thought neither of them had strayed, and had seemed to be hoping for more time together now their son and daughter were both away at college. And then this. Donna had been working at the company for 6 years — how long had the gang-bangs been going on for? How did they start? Who had video’d it? Who had given him the DVD? Worse — what should he do now?

Mike watched the video twice more through the day as he tried to make sense of it, tried to work out what he should do. Watched with mixed churning feelings. Perhaps it was blackmail. Or rape. Mike wasn’t stupid — he knew the woman — his wife — was enjoying it, was taking part whole-heartedly in what was happening. Yes, he and Donna had a good sex life, but Mike never thought of his wife as a slut, the sort of person who would stray, let alone get involved in a gang-bang. He was sure she had never strayed in the time they were married. He knew for sure he had never strayed. They had seemed to adore each other, be made for each other, but there on the video was the evidence…

Mike missed lunch, he was so caught up in what he had seen, in what he should do next.

That evening Donna arrived home from work as normal, unaware of what had happened. They had eaten, and it was later that Mike said to Donna there was something he needed to talk about. They settled with their coffees in the lounge. “What is it you want to say?” Donna asked sympathetically.

Mike responded in a tentative way. “What would you say if I told you I had a lover, or had sex with someone else?”

Donna leapt at his words, immediately assuming the worse. “You’ve had it off with another woman? How dare you? We’re married, you’ve defiled our marriage, you’ve got to leave. How dare you? Who was the slut? What whore have you been shagging?”

Donna’s tirade would have gone one for minutes, if Mike had not barked for her to be quiet. Donna was stunned, Mike was never this assertive. She found herself listening to him. He said “I thought you would say that. So what do you make of this?” He pushed the buttons on the remote control. The television came on. The DVD started to play. For moments Donna watched the screen, not realising what she was watching. Then as she watched she knew it was some sort of porno film. She turned to Mike: “Turn it off, you know I don’t like this sort of stuff.”

Mike raised his hand, allowed the video to continue. Suddenly Donna gasped. She recognised Rick’s name. And his face — her boss. Then as her own face appeared, she screamed “NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…”, leaping to her feet. She scrabbled for the remote control, trying to turn the telly off, but Mike grabbed her, pulled her back onto her seat, and ordered her to watch. Donna was soon sobbing, watching herself enjoying, relishing the “Monthly Staff Training Day.”

After watching for 15 minutes, watching herself being fucked by three men, sucking cocks, Mike turned the video off. Donna had run out of tears and was curled in a ball gently sobbing into her arms.

Donna uncurled herself when she realised the video had stopped. Mike waited until she was ready to hear.

At last he spoke. “Donna, What happened?”

Donna sobbed. “I’m sorry, Mike, I’m really sorry.”

Mike stopped her. “I don’t want your apologies. I want to know what happened. What happened? You had better be honest, you had better answer quick.”

“Mike, I didn’t know anyone was videoing it…”

“So what you were doing was okay as long as no-one videoed it?” Mike spoke to her sharply. “How did it start? How long has it been going on? Are you in trouble?”

There was a long pause before Donna began to stutter. “Mike, it’s been going on about 9 months. It’s what we do every month. At staff training day.”

“So how did it start?”

“Mike, I’m so sorry. You know I work for all men. They joke, they flirt, but nothing had ever happened. Then we had a day when the trainer didn’t arrive. We started chatting. The conversation got more and more crude amongst the men. Then one of the men said: I don’t know how women think. Never know what they want. So someone else said — let’s ask Donna. I didn’t realise how personal the questions would get when I said they could. They started asking me all sorts of things. If I’d done it with another woman. Did I suck cock? How I liked a man to kiss my clit? What did I like a man to do when he put his finger in my pussy? Did I enjoy playing with a vibrator? Lots of things…”

Mike was angry. “But you told me I was the only man you have made love to. So what did you tell them? That I was a terrible lover? All those people now know how I make love. They all know what you won’t let me do, but you let them do? So I stay loyal while you fuck them all and do whatever they want, and everyone you work with knows how I fuck you, all know how bad I am at it. What you won’t let me do? I bet I am the laughing stock in your office.”

“Mike, I didn’t put it together. Not thought of it like that. I struggled to answer, but they kept asking — for a couple of hours they asked. Mike — I found it exciting. All these men asking me questions about sex. I was wearing jeans that time. Suddenly one of them said — look she’s got a damp patch between her legs. Her pussy is all wet. She’s hot for it… I tried to hide myself, but they had seen. Suddenly they were around me. Their hands all over me. My breasts, legs. I couldn’t even remember losing my clothes. Mike, I have to be honest — I wanted it. I so wanted it. Mike — it just went from there — one was in me, there was another at my mouth. I just took them all in. They all took it in turns, and I wanted them to. For two hours they took me.

“Mike — it was so good. When someone suggested we ought to do this every training day I just agreed. I didn’t even think of you — it was separate, different. I love you, I’m fulfilled by you trying to please me. This was just raw lust, and it was so good knowing I could take on the men and exhaust them. And get satisfied. We never do it any other time, just those days.”

There was a long long pause. Mike was crying, Mike was angry. “But surely those men are married? Have wives? Are professionals? You did anal — you never let me do that. You sucked their cocks clean — you never did that to me. You don’t even like sucking my cock. You never swallow. I bet their wives never do that for them. You say you want to fulfil me, yet never let me do those things. When I mention straying, or introducing someone else to our bed, you scream at me. All those times I walk into your office, pick you up, office parties, I bet they are killing themselves laughing. What’s my nickname — clueless Mike? Stupid sap? Mike the cuck? There’s the man, they say, who thinks we all like him, and we are gang-banging his wife behind his back. And I can see the smirk, as they think — and she wants it. The sap who can’t satisfy his wife. Is that it? Is that what they say?” Mike was shouting, stood on his feet. There was a long pause before Mike slumped back on his chair.

Suddenly Donna spoke into Mike’s silence. “Mike, you could have Anal, and oral, and anything you wanted but you never took it.” Donna paused. “Mike, the only reason you didn’t get any of those is that you are too much of a wimp, too much of sissy, too much of a sub to get any. I let those men do it because they are real men. Real men who took me as a real man should.”

Mike was stunned — what was Donna saying. He had always tried to be kind to her, do what she wanted, make her happy…

Donna was suddenly in control. “You were such a wuss — you thought you were giving me everything I wanted, and all you were being was a doormat. You never gave me what I really wanted! Some domination. That is what they gave me, and I loved submitting to them.”

“But Donna…” Mike was stuttering. “I’ve tried to give you everything. I’ve adored you…”

“Everything?” Mike could hear the smirk in her voice. “You couldn’t even give me a load in my mouth, or up my ass.”

Mike was shocked at the crudity of what his wife had said, but she wasn’t stopping, she was turning his world upside down. “Do you know why we put the video in the letter box this morning?”

“You put it there…?”

“We put it there so you could see what a wimp you are. And everyone at the office knows you are a wimp, because I’ve told them. And no — your nickname isn’t Clueless Mike, it’s missus Mike. But they decided. They decided they would like a sissy to fuck at the next training day, and you are going to be it. That’s why we put the video there.”

Mike sat, his mouth moving but making no sound.

“So on Wednesday — tomorrow – at the next training day you are going to be there, and as well as fucking me they are going to be fucking you.”

Mike’s mouth had given up the attempt to say anything.

The next morning Mike was horrified, surprised, to find himself driving Donna into the grounds of a country hotel. After Donna had made it clear, they have sort of drifted off to bed. Donna had dropped off to sleep instantly, Mike had tossed and turned, and he couldn’t admit — he was excited, although his cock gave him away. He wasn’t gay, he kept telling himself. Just a bit submissive.

Mike parked the car, and walked with Donna to the hotel reception, then to the room they had been allocated, his mouth dry with fear and anticipation. As they entered their suite, a tall guy — Rick, whom he knew from office parties and the video, came over to greet them, shaking hands with Mike, kissing Donna on the cheek. Mike was so nervous he couldn’t even speak. Mike guessed that they were the last to arrive, as they were given cups of coffee, perhaps ten other men milling around and chatting.

Rick chatted to Donna and Mike as they drank their coffee, then turned to Mike. “Better get ready, mate. I’m going to be first. Clothes off, hands and knees…” as he lightly said it he clapped his hands to get the attention of the other men in the room. Rick spoke to them. “Lads, Mike is here. I’m going to have his ass first, then anyone else who wants him in any way — well, you’ll all get your chance with him, and with Donna…”

Mike stood, unable to move. Donna hissed at him. “Get your clothes off. Hurry up.”

Mike was like a zombie, but did what he was told. He slowly undid his tie, his shirt, removed his trousers, his eyes firmly fixed on the floor. He removed his underpants, hiding himself with his hands in his embarrassment. He had only ever been naked in front of his Doctor and Donna.

As he stood nervously, Rick came over to him, put his arm around Mike’s shoulder and led him to the centre of the room. Rick quickly removed his shirt and trousers and boxers, then stood naked hiding nothing, his cock 7 inches, standing erect. Mike couldn’t help gulping when he saw the size. Rick spoke firmly to him. “Hands and knees!” Mike fell to his knees and was pushed forward onto all fours. He felt a finger playing with him for a moment, pushing some sort of gel around his asshole. Mike tensed — no-one had ever touched him there before. He daren’t admit to himself it felt good…

Then the man was kneeling behind him. He felt the cock pushing to his asshole. Mike screamed out loud as he felt the cock pushed hard and deep into his ass. He had never felt anything as bad, but he felt Rick holding on to him, letting him get used to it.

Slowly Mike felt things changing — the pain was going away, and the psychology was so good — he found it so hot to be owned and taken, and yes, his cock felt harder than it had ever been before. He felt — for the first time ever, a man reaching around and gripping his cock, squeezing it, playing with it.

Then the moment — he felt Rick pull his cock out, push it back in — he was being fucked. By a man. Watched by 7 or 8 others who were going to fuck him as well. Watched by his wife who had set him up.

As Mike concentrated on the cock in his ass, he was suddenly surprised by a hand wrapped in his hair, pulling his head up. At first he was confused, but opened his eyes, noted a man kneeling in front of him, pushing his cock towards Mike’s mouth. Mike opened his mouth, the cock was in his mouth. He was sucking…

Mike felt the two men getting faster and faster, Rick sliding his cock in and out of Mike’s ass, the other guy sliding his cock in and out of his mouth. Suddenly the guy fucking his mouth gripped Mike’s head, and Mike felt, or was it tasted his cum spurting into his mouth. Mike hadn’t thought of this as he was enjoying the two men owning him. He tried to pull away, but his head was held firm. He had to swallow. It was strange, but he did it. It tasted… it tasted okay. Suddenly he heard Rick grunt, thrust hard into him, and he knew Rick was spurting his cum into his ass, into his guts. His ass was sore, but squeezing, milking the cock in him.

After a few moments or several seconds, or three hours — Mike didn’t know — he felt cocks pushed into him, cocks pulled out of him. He felt his ass taken and his mouth taken. Twice he had to suck softer cocks, sticky with cum and juice, and knew he was sucking the cocks of men who had just fucked his wife. At last he just toppled onto his side, exhausted. Rick whispered. “We’ll give you a rest, then someone else is going to take you…

Mike and Donna arrived home later afternoon. Both were tired. Both were sore — particularly Mike, who found sitting down painful. In the end he had had 7 cocks in his ass. He had sucked off three. His wife had been fucked, and tied to some sort of machine which had her screaming for more. He had been wanked off, or been made to wank, three times. Mike felt strange. Used, abused. Betrayed by his wife to these men. Yet both were fulfilled. They had held hands, they had cuddled long and hard when they arrived home. They had sat together most of the evening, they had showered together. It had been hard, but he knew that after a month he would gladly submit again…

I was sitting at home alone, as usual. The kids are in bed, the husband is away at a ‘friends’ house, watching the football game, yeah right, what football games are on at 11 o’clock on a Friday night. Anyways, I don’t mind being by myself, see I have a little addiction. I love to surf the web late at night, reading erotic stories, entering discussion and blog forums, anonymously of course, but the excitement is very palpable for me.

Let me tell you a little about myself before I continue, see I think of myself as decent looking, I mean I work out, not obsessively but enough that my stomach is flat, thank god, no rolls here. I have measured myself for bras and such and I run at a 36 D, not overly large, and even though I breast fed two kids, my titties still look pretty good, my nipples are the pretty part of them, bright pink, and the areolas are the size of a coke cans bottom, and the nipples stand up when erect about an inch long. I love the way I catch guys looking at them on a cold day.

My waist measures in at 25 inches around, but my hips, they drive me crazy, I measured them at 48 inches around, and they are huge! I can never find pants that fit me properly; instead it forces me to wear skirts all the time. But men are always complimenting me on my ass, one time at the grocery store this big black guy followed me around for the entire time I was there, he kept whistling and smacking me on the butt. I was so turned on, but the hubby was at home with the kids so I had to rush. For the next week I played with myself non stop thinking about him, wondering if he had a big dick, if he would do all the dirty things my husband couldn’t accept. I mean hey, can a girl help if it she wants it in the ass all the time, my husband is always complaining like “come on honey, just let me cum in your pussy and go to sleep, I have to wake up in the morning.” It’s boring.

So back to that evening, I was home alone as usual, surfing the web, looking at pictures of thongs wondering if I should do my usual Friday night, and play with myself then go to sleep, when I heard a knock on the door. I had just gotten out of a nice long hot shower, that’s one benefit of waiting to shower until after the kids go to sleep, I can really enjoy my time, getting to do all the things that are hard for me during the week, like washing my hair and shaving my legs. I was fairly decently dressed, I had on a pair of cute orange boy shorts, a white muscle shirt, but still I threw on a robe before I answered the door, for decencies sake. Didn’t want to give the neighbors too much of a show.

I cracked open the door, peering into the darkness, it was 3 of my husbands best friends, the same ones he was supposed to be hanging with at that very moment. Instantly worried something had happened I pulled open the door wide.

“Derrick, guys what happened, please tell me John didn’t get arrested again?” My husband had already had two arrests that year; one was for a DUI the other for a drunk in public.

Derrick stepped forward, grabbing me by the bicep. “No Missy, nothing like that, we just stopped by, and well we have to talk to you.”

“Okay, come on in, do you want a drink, the kids are down for the night already.”

I lead them into the kitchen, pouring iced tea into my nicer cups, waiting for them to start talking. Everyone glanced at each other, trying to decide who would go first. That’s when Bruce stepped up.

“Look Missy, we all love you, you are great, a good wife, and damn, sexy as hell…” I felt myself blush, Bruce was very attractive, tall, and lean, and he boxed so his nose always looked slightly off centre from being broken so many times. “Missy, John is cheating on you, he has been for the past year, maybe longer, at first we didn’t want to say anything guy code and all, but…”

Tears started to form, “But what?”

Frankie stepped up, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, “But he is using us, and we don’t like it, we love you, all of us guys do, more then we even like John. We don’t want him hurting you any longer.”

I sniffled, leaning into Frankie, he wasn’t as big as Derrick and Bruce, only a couple of inches taller then me, but he was heavily muscled, my husband owned a gym, we all had free memberships. I had seen the guys there almost everyday since I married my husband five years ago.

I walked around the counter sitting on one of my barstools ungracefully, the robe split up the middle, but I didn’t even notice, I was deep in thought, thanking of my future, the kids, the house, I couldn’t loose everything just because my husband couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, but I couldn’t sit idly by while he ran around on me. Suddenly Derrick was in front of me kneeling, parting my legs. Bruce was behind me rubbing my shoulders. I gasped looking at both of them wildly.

“Guys what are you doing?”

“We are trying to make you feel better, Missy we can’t stand to see you hurting.”

I looked into Derricks eyes, heat was spreading through me, I loved these guys too, more then I did my husband, each one of them had been apart of my fantasies for a very long time. I slid my legs open further, sighing at the heat of Derricks hands on my thighs. I suddenly knew what I wanted more then anything.

“Alright, lets get a few things settled guys, 1. We don’t tell John, 2. This doesn’t go any further then the four of us, and 3.remember my kids are upstairs, be quiet respect my house.”

Each man agreed in unison, I off the barstool, stripping the robe off, loving the way their greedy eyes ate at me. I tried to be sexy as I strolled into the living room. Frankie was there first, he kissed me deeply, pulling at my shirt; I pulled back long enough to get the t over my head. Bruce’s hands snaked in between us, weighing my breasts, rubbing my nipples. I gasped when from behind Derrick stripped me of my panties, suddenly I was standing stark naked in front of three men.

“Alright boys, now it’s your turn.”

The men began stripping I was starting to feel drunk from the power I held over them, and the sensuality I was holding. I had never felt sexier. They all finally stripped down and I gasped in delighted surprise. Frankie’s cock was long, probably ten inches, and curved sharply to the left. Derricks cock was shorter, but had to be as fat as an eggplant, and almost as dark. But Bruce’s was by far the greatest, had to be a foot long, as thick as his fist, I started to drool thinking about how it would feel in my mouth, pussy, and ass.

I sank down to my knees holding my hands out, they all approached me, cocks already straining, I took two in my hands, and one in my mouth instantly loving the feeling. A hand roughly pulled my head down, making me choke, drool spilling over my chin.

“Yeah bitch take that dick, damn boys she sucks dick like a pro.”

“Give us a turn then boy, move.”

They switched, and I laughed in delight as another dick entered my mouth, this one tasted sweet, smelled like sweat and man. I sucked hard, and then suddenly I was pushed down on all fours. Someone sank down in front of me and I immediately gobbled his dick deep down my throat, I felt someone else slowly sink deep into my pussy. I groaned, the feeling of being seesawed between two dicks is indescribable, I was so wet cum was streaming down my legs.

“Bruce you just going to stand there and watch or you going to come get a piece of this luscious ass.”

I saw Bruce smile wickedly, “That’s exactly what I want, who’s going to get bottom?”

“I will!”

The cock disappeared from my mouth, and I was lifted up like I weighed nothing. I found myself looking down at Derrick as I impaled myself on his thick cock, Frankie pulled my head up sharply, dipping his cock deep into my throat, then I felt a massive head at my most tender entrance. I pulled back with a gasp.

“Bruce go easy, you are so big, and I’m not real experienced at this.”

“Shh girl, I got this, keep sucking that dick like a good girl.”

I did as he asked, sucking Frankie greedily. Bruce pushed himself in slowly the burn of my asshole spreading was intense, I cried out on Frankie’s dick and he laughed.

“Bruce man do that again, she’s humming on my dick.”

Bruce laughed, as he shoved himself deep inside my ass. I screamed, feeling like I was being ripped in half, everyone was still for a moment, then without another thought, all three men began pounding me hard, Frankie grabbed my hair, shoving his cock down my throat making me choke, Bruce held me up while he rammed my ass, allowing Derrick to swing his hips us and fuck my pussy hard. I screamed as I orgasm again and again.

Still reeling from the feeling of being stuffed so tight, I barely noticed as the three switched, this time Frankie was digging his skinny dick in my ass hole, Bruce was under me, shoving his super fat cock deep in my pussy, and Derrick was holding me by the jaw, fucking my mouth with fast deep strokes. Every couple of minutes the guys would switch, when suddenly and idea came to me. I had always wanted to try a DP but never had the guts to ask John, he would have said no anyways. I pulled away from the current dick in my mouth, looking up at Bruce.

“I want to try something, want to be naughty with me?”

“More naughty then this, hell yeah, damn girl you are something else.”

“Good, now I want 2 dicks in my ass at the same time.”

Bruce leaned back looking at me curiously, I felt my cheeks heating with embarrassment, then he grinned, “Boys you heard the woman, got to give the lady what she wants, but we are going to need to do some rearranging here.” Bruce laid down, motioning for me to come over to him, I crawled over to him, quickly impaling myself down on to his thick cock, then I felt a dick pushing into my entrance, I was stretched but I knew I could get more in me.

Frankie come up to my face, grinning widely, “Put some spit on it baby, get it real wet.”

I did as he asked, swallowing him deep, making sure I drooled all over him, till he was dripping wet, he pulled out of my mouth and approached me from the back, for a moment I could only feel the cock in my ass shifting a little then I began to feel another entering. My eyes went wide with the sensation, it hurt but also felt so good, I couldn’t think as another orgasm quickly came upon me. Bruce held my head down to his shoulder as I spasm, crying out at the fullness of the three dicks inside me at once. I knew I was changed forever at that point my husbands boring six inches would never satisfy me again.

Finally the guys announced they were going to cum, I begged to taste them all, each taking a turn at pumping my mouth full of their cum. Bruce was the most brutal forcing my head way back, and practically stabbing me deep in the esophagus with his overly large dick, I drank what felt like gallons of his cum.

Everyone stood around for a moment, breathing hard, all the guys were looking at me, I realized for direction. I began to slowly pull my robe around my sore and sweaty body.

“Okay, so that was fun.”

We all giggled nervously.

“Just remember guys, I am your best friends wife, and the mother of his two children, please let this stay between us.”

Bruce stepped forward hugging me to him, “Of course, but….could we do it again sometime.”

I threw my head back laughing hard, “How about next weekend?”

I was charmed by their quick yeses. It was close to 2 in the morning by the time everyone left, I was sore, but also felt a little devious; I knew my husband would be home soon. I didn’t drink or eat anything even though I was famished from the workout the guys had given me. I sat in the kitchen waiting for John to return home. Finally he stumbled in the door, drunk as usual, but I didn’t care. I rushed to him, pulling him into a deep embrace, kissing him hard on the mouth. He pulled away licking his lips, grimacing at the taste.

I grinned slyly, “So how where the boys tonight?”

He drunkenly mumbled something about Bruce picking up a chick at the bar, and all I could do was giggle and lead my very intoxicated husband to bed.

Nicka took one of my Ambiens in order to get a good night’s sleep. Work has been stressing her out. She began getting into a pattern of waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep.

Nicka is gorgeous. She is 110 pounds, dark black hair with cords of curls that drop to the middle of her skinny tanned torso. She has gravity defying tits with cinnamon colored nipples that stand thick and erect. Her rounded ass curves beautifully. Her pussy is waxed and completely bald with small lips that hide in her folds. Her stomach defined by six-pack abs. She has beautiful full lips the color of moist cherries that look amazing around my swollen cock.

Nicka is a lightweight. Usually, if she has three glasses of wine she will pass out. When she does it’s easy to slip my fingers down her panties and molest her bald pussy. But if I get into it too much, she’ll wake up. Tonight, she’s had two glasses of wine and an Ambien. After an hour I know she is in a very deep sleep.

Lately I’ve been fantasizing about taking her in her sleep. To be more exact, I’ve been fantasizing about her going into a deep sound sleep and having one of my friends take her and have his way while Nicka is completely unaware that she is being raped.

Tonight she isn’t waking up. I shake her and call her name but my beautiful shy wife doesn’t respond. She is wearing her white robe and boy short panties. She is on her side with her knees pulled up to her breasts. I position myself behind her. I begin pulling her panties down and I’m surprised to find absolutely no resistance. Boldly, I pull her panties down completely exposing her lovely ass. She still doesn’t wake up. I pull her panties all the way down her legs and over her feet. I then remove her robe leaving her completely naked on our bed.

My heart is pounding. I wonder if she’ll wake up. I wet my fingers and begin caressing her pussy and ass hole. My saliva makes a slick trail. I push two fingers inside her pussy. The combination of saliva and the penetration actually begins to get her pussy wet. I finger fuck her for a few minutes and her pussy feels as wet as it does when we’re having relations. I get on my hands and knees above her. My cock is rock hard and I begin to rub the head around her moist pussy. I rock slowly and thrust little by little and feel my cock head begin to get into her tight little snatch. I look down at her sleeping face and there is no sign that anything that I am doing is registering. Her face looks angelic and calm. Her breathing is deep and restful. I kiss her sleeping lips, darting my tongue inside her mouth with no response from her. My mind is racing.

Nicka is the woman all of my friends have a crush on. My older brother constantly flirts with her. Everyone has a thing for her not only because she is incredibly beautiful but because she doesn’t have a bitchy bone in her body. As I am taking her and feeling the pressure build in my balls I begin to formulate a plan on how someone will be able to come across her sleeping beautiful body and have the opportunity to have their way with her.

I feel the orgasm build but before I lose control, I pull out. Her ass looks lovely. We have only had anal twice. Once when we were first dating. During those magical days in the beginning when a guy has more chances of getting away with the impossible.

The second time was when she kept a promise made in jest. A few weeks after we had anal for the first time, I attempted again and she said, ” no way.”

Nicka said, “You are the only guy that I have had anal with but I can’t do it again. It hurts too much.”

I persisted and we made a light-hearted deal. If and when I propose to her, she’ll let me take her ass. A year later, I knew that she was the most amazing woman I would ever meet and I proposed. She said yes to my proposal and a couple of months later she followed through even though I didn’t really expect her too.

Tonight, I want to see how deeply asleep she is. I take a finger and push it inside her ass. She still doesn’t move. I push two in and work it in and out of her. I feel like cumming all over her lovely ass. I remove my fingers and push the head of my dick into her tight asshole. It’s slick and my fingers loosened her just enough for my cock head to push inside. I thrust little by little and am shocked that I am sliding in. Again I kiss her and continue to thrust in and out of her while imagining that some day soon a friend will be fucking her just like I am now.

I can’t last. The excitement of what I’m doing and what I’m planning on having done to her is too much. I thrust in and out of Nicka hard and my cock feels electric when suddenly and violently ropes of cum burst out of my penis deeply into her hot ass. I pump until my cock spurts the last drops of cum. I pull my dick out of her slick asshole and my fresh jizz globs out and runs down the crack of her buttocks. My heart is going through my chest. I clean my lovely wife and put her panties back on.

The next morning, I believe I’m busted. But to my surprise, Nicka wakes up smiling and kisses me. She goes to the bathroom and does her business. When she comes out she complains that she is having stomach issues. I ask her how she slept and she smiles sincerely with the brightest and most innocent eyes.

Nicka says, “I slept great. I really needed a good night’s sleep.”

I’m in the clear. I can’t believe my evil luck. But I’m afraid that this has created a perverse desire to have her be taken often without her awareness.

My older brother is planning on staying with us in a couple of weeks. His stay may be my opportunity to see how harmless his flirtation with Nicka really is.

Please stay tuned.

Miles and Dawn were your typical upper-middle class couple. Living in the suburbs, dealing with the usual stress of work, kids, and bills, they often took separate trips for an hour long massage. She was an older masseuse and trusted by Dawn to give nothing more than a real massage with no “happy endings”.

Their relationship was strong and sex life was great. They were both on their mid-thirties, strict about diet and exercise and considered very good looking by friends. They loved each others’ bodies and chose to stay as attractive as possible for each other. She was petite at 5’2 and 110 pounds. She was blessed with perky, round 34 D breasts and was somewhat muscular from her daily workouts. She had dark brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair. He was 6’2 and a muscular 190 pounds.

They were close enough to discuss sexual fantasies and occasionally indulge each other. Dawn liked her vibrators, anal beads and oral sex. Miles liked to see her squirt, finger her ass and film their escapades for playback during later sexual encounters. They both had fantasies about a third person joining them, but never intended to act on it.

Miles loved the way that she was such a proper lady in everyday interactions, appearing quite conservative and never talked about their private, intimate matters to anyone but him. In the bedroom, she became her true, sexually uninhibited self.

This summer, they were fortunate enough to have a week’s vacation on a Caribbean island without the kids. They had located a private villa sitting directly above a secluded beach. Miles had scoured the internet to find just such a place. It was equipped with a hillside infinity pool that they easily used for nude sunbathing and a quick fuck on the nearby chaise lounge. It was about thirty feet above the beach, looking out over the light blue-green waters and white sands. It was high enough that they could only be seen by people below if they came near the edge of the pool. The couple spent most of the day reclined on the chaise lounge chairs under a large umbrella drinking beer and margaritas. The owner had also set up a couple’s massage for the second afternoon of their stay at Dawn’s request.

The male masseur arrived on time to set up his table at the poolside with oils and towels. Miles went first as Dawn wanted to finish her margarita before taking her turn. It was a bit unusual for Miles to have another man touching him, but he soon relaxed and fell asleep. He woke at the end, dressed and swapped places with Dawn. Miles watched as his darkly tanned wife intensely enjoyed this treatment. Her smile and quiet moans told him she was feeling good. The masseur was about twenty- two, tall, tan and muscular. He could surely be a model if he chose that route. Her turn was over far too soon and Miles walked him to his car, payed the young man with an appointment set for his return the next day with an added surprise for his wife. Dawn excitedly forced Miles onto the chair after his return and began to pull off his swim trunks.

She had gotten too turned on from her treatment and had to have a real release at once. She licked Miles’ soft cock, rubbing her lips up and down the shaft until it was sprang to attention. She took it into her mouth, moving it slowly in and out as she wiggled her tongue on the underside. She knew this was what he liked and would get him to erupt into her mouth if she kept at it too long. He moaned and allowed her to take his cock as deeply into her mouth as she could, slowly fucking him with her mouth. In and out his cock slid, over and over. Slowly and deeply, sucking and licking, deep-throating like his personal porn star until he felt the oncoming climax. She knew his reactions well enough to sense what was coming and stopped just in time. She asked him to lie on his back on the chaise lounge before turning around and placing her knees by his head, straddling his face in a sixty-nine position.

“MY turn!”, she exclaimed. At this point, he was ready to please her in any way she needed. She hovered her pussy over his willing mouth and said,”I NEED you to lick my pussy. Right NOW!” She slowly lowered her completely shaved and already wet pussy to his lips and eager tongue. “That’s it. Lick my pussy. OHHH yeahhh!” she moaned as he gently licked her clit. He knew her preferences well too. She started to grind her pussy onto his licking tongue. He licked her from above her clit down her pussy and back again, over and over. She moaned repeatedly and her juices began to flow. His entire mouth was covered with her sweet wetness. She rocked back and forth doing most of the work for him. She used her hips to place his lips and tongue back and forth in the spots she needed attention.

She paused with his tongue on her pussy and began to push herself down onto his wiggling tongue. He knew what this meant. She needed a tongue fucking and she wanted it now from his willing and long tongue. She was grinding her wet pussy onto his probing tongue. In and out he slowly fucked her wet hole with his tongue. He mashed his whole mouth against her and spread her hole wide open with his free hands. This allowed him to lick her deeper and deeper, just how she loved it. She rocked her hips forwards and backwards directing his licking from clit, down her pussy and into her hole again and again.

“Ohhh that feels soooo good.” She purred. She was smiling and had her eyes closed as she thoroughly enjoyed it all. “That’s it baby. Lick my pussy, up and down, fuck me with our tongue. YES, lick it just like that! Oooooooh stick it into my pussy as deep as you can. Ohhh yeah baby, that’s exactly what this bad girl needs.! She tilted her pelvis forward a bit and pressed her ass down on him now. “Lick my ass baby!” He started to make small, gentle licks around the edges of her little shaved asshole. She froze in place so as not to disrupt the intense pleasure she was feeling. She rubbed her nipples and pinched them between her fingers.

She could finally stand it no longer and turned around to straddle his cock and let it slip easily into her. She was so wet and ready that he penetrated her pussy to his cock’s base. She gasped and moaned, riding him slowly with her hot wetness gripping his long cock. He rubbed and pinched her nipples eliciting more moans. She move up and down on his pulsing member, sliding easily as the tip rubbed her G-spot upon each entry. They were so turned on that she came quickly with small jerks and jolts throughout her entire body. He spurted his cum deep inside of her still quivering pussy and they both collapsed together.

The following day, the masseur returned with his equipment and set up under the umbrella near the pool. Miles and Dawn exchanged guilty smiles as they silently recalled the previous day’s private activities.

“I’m first today”, she said as she removed her bikini, handed Miles the empty glass of her fourth margarita and climbed under the sheet. Miles was surprised that she allowed the masseur to glimpse her naked rear as she did so. He smiled and sat back with amusement as his wife was gently rubbed with oils. The masseur started by rubbing her feet, arms and hands as she lay on her stomach. He then folded down the sheet, exposing her tanned back and proceeded to massage from her neck down to her lower back. After a few minutes of this, it was apparent that she was completely relaxed and happy. He moved on to her calves adding oil as needed to keep her skin nicely lubricated. He moved up to the backside of her thighs.

Miles had set up his video camera on a tripod earlier that morning to get some good footage of the beautiful view they’d admired each day from the hillside pool. He now turned it on the scene of his wife being rubbed by another and pressed record. He had tipped the young man well the previous day and enlisted his help in a plan to pleasure his wife in a new way during the next encounter.

The masseur moved back up in front of dawn’s head as Miles took his place massaging her legs. “What are you doing?”, she asked in a still relaxed, but confused tone.

“I just thought that two pair of hands would be more enjoyable than one”, Miles replied as he oiled her more and slowly massaged higher on her thigh.

“Ummm, you are so right. It does feel good to be touched by all of these strong hands”, she moaned as she relaxed again. Miles gradually rubbed oil on each thigh, sliding his hands up slightly higher with each pass. He had his hands under the sheet working her outer hips as he noticed her slightly grind her pelvis into the table underneath. It was barely noticeable, but her knew she was getting horny again and trying to satisfy herself in an unnoticed manner while the masseur was present.

Miles oiled his hands again and gently slid them under the sheet to rub the lowest parts of her back. He slowly moved his hands in large circles getting lower onto the top of her firm and petite little ass. She did not resist as the masseur continued to work on her shoulders and neck. Miles began to rub a little more forcefully spreading her ass cheeks slightly apart with each pass. He knew that she liked this type of attention to this erogenous zone and continued working closer and closer in until he was grazing her asshole with each thumb. He shifted to stand on her right side. This allowed him to rub her outer thigh and hip with one hand and her upper, inner thigh with the other. He again moved gradually up and in towards the outer edges of her pussy.

His hands were still hidden by the small sheet over her ass. Miles and the masseur exchanged guilty smiles as they both continued to deliver the best massage Dawn had ever experienced. Miles began to finally rub the outer side areas around her pussy with oiled fingers. She stiffened for a second then relaxed, knowing that the hands were hidden from view. She began to grind her clit into the table beneath her now, getting a little more obvious but not seeming to care. Miles teased her over and over with his fingers on each side now of her pussy, refusing to ever touch her where she wanted it the most.

He slipped a finger into her moist, willing pussy at last. He slid it in and out of her hot wetness as his thumb grazed her little asshole with each pass. His digits, wet with oil and her juices, worked easily over her tight ass and into her inflamed pussy. She surprised both men when she lazily said,”I’m rolling over now so you can finish my front side.” She did just as she said leaving the folded sheet covering only her pussy. Miles gave his new friend a nod and proceeded to oil and massage the front of his wife’s thighs. The masseur oiled his hands as well and started on her upper chest and working his way around each breast to gently rub her stomach. “Higher”, she told him. He returned to her upper chest and slowly oiled around each areola, still avoiding her erect nipples.

With another nod from Miles, he started on each breast with both of his hands. Now he rubbed fingers over her nipple, back and forth letting each hands’ fingers slip gently over the perky breast. “Ummmmm, that feels so good,” she moaned. She was either so lost in pleasure that she forgot another man was touching her or was just going with it. Miles began working up each leg until both hands were massaging the very top, inner areas of each thigh. Her knees both fell to the side, spreading open for his curious hands. He lifted the sheet up higher to expose her pussy completely. She was obviously past the point of modesty now, but it was still unclear where this was going. They had never talked about truly allowing another into their intimate domain before. Any discussions had always been playfully minimized as mere fantasy and seemed out of the question.

Yet, here they were. Both engaging in just that and loving it. Her pussy had been teased to the point of opening up like a flower. Her juices glistened on the inner lips and she was slowly writhing with sexual pleasures being delivered to all areas. She still had her eyes closed and Miles fucked her with one and then two fingers and her breasts were cupped, nipples pinched and flicked by the other’s fingers. Miles turned his palm to face up and began to put upwards, gentle pressure on her inflamed G-spot. He made a “come here” motion with the first two fingers inside of her. After a few moments, the area he was stimulating began to engorge and became very sensitive. She really got into her “special massage” now.

As she squirmed and moaned in ecstasy, she reached above her head and took hold of the man’s pants. She quickly untied the drawstring and let his pants fall exposing a long, hard cock that was aching for some attention. She gently stroked it with both hands as he continued to excite her nipples. Miles withdrew his fingers and climbed onto the massage table with his wife. He eased his engorged cock into her slippery pussy. He began to pump himself into her missionary style with a slow, steady rhythm. He angled himself up a bit sliding his cock in and out with more pressure between the top of it and her G-spot. He could tell she was excited as the spot started to make a slight squishing sound.

Dawn’s favorite position had always been doggie style. It allowed her to control the angle of her man’s cock and she could enjoy and a finger or toy rubbing on her ass. She said,”I want you to get behind me” to Miles and she got off of the massage table and onto her hands and knees on the chaise lounge. He filled her from behind now, rubbing his wet thumb on the outside of her willing asshole. She bucked back and forth, relaxing a bit more as the went. Her ass started to relax as well and his thumb started to slip in and out of her. It was just an inch at first. He eased it gently in and out as she pushed back onto his thumb with each thrust until it was slipping entirely in.

Miles motioned for the masseur to come around to her side and and pulled his wife up so that he could slip underneath her. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and allowed the masseur to take his place in her pussy. He was a bit surprised with himself. He’d always been a bit of the jealous type and now he was watching his wife riding another man, cowgirl style. She seemed to have just naturally gone along with it all and he was so turned by seeing her this passionate and uninhibited.

He stayed behind her on one knee and began to rub the tip of his cock on her ass. It was much bigger than his thumb so he knew to go slowly and let her ready herself. She rocked back and forth, sliding the masseur’s cock in and out of her fiery pussy as Miles continued to rub the end of his cock on her lubed rear. It started to slip in just a tiny bit as she seemed to relax herself there. She slid to and fro now with one cock pumping in and out of her pussy and the other getting about halfway into her willing ass. She moaned loudly,” OHHHHH, YES, YES, YES! That’s it. FILL me up. Oh, I want you to fuck me in BOTH holes at once! OHHHH that feels so good in my ass.”

“I want to be fucked like the BAD GIRL that I am!! Don’t stop, keep your dick deep in my ass. That’s it, right there.” Miles was now pumping his cock to the hilt into her ass and knew that the masseur was doing the same into her pussy. She reached her hand down to her pussy and began to slide it up and down on the shaft of his cock on each withdrawal. She rubbed her own clit and started to ride both men with more force. She then reached back around to feel her husbands cock slipping in and out of her asshole. She seemed to want to take in all aspects of where the pleasure came from. She gripped his cock sliding it threw her wet fingers, up and down as she could with each stroke.

They went on fucking her like machines that were ready to explode for quite a while, as no one wanted this moment to end. Each cock slid in and out of her holes, over and over as the masseur reached up and pinched her nipples. He gently squeezed them between his fingers and thumbs. She started tom make sounds of pleasure that Miles had never heard from her before. She alternated between moans, squeals and grunts. She sounded like a porn star getting ready to cum. Her pussy was so excited that she started leaking her juices out onto the masseur’s cock, running down his balls and thoroughly soaking him beneath her. He didn’t notice as he was caught up in his own pleasure.

Her legs began to mildly shake and quiver. Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back up and down. She kept riding them both with wild abandon, but went quiet as they felt the muscles of her ass and pussy start to contract and release repeatedly on their cocks, signaling the start of her orgasms. She didn’t stop. The waves of contractions seemed to ebb and flow over the next few minutes. The combination of tightening, releasing flesh on his cock, pumping in and out and sounds of his woman in ecstasy were finally too much for Miles. He released a huge stream of cum into her ass over what seemed like the longest and strongest orgasm he’d ever experienced. The masseur filled her pussy with the same as he jerked and moaned in his own climax. They withdrew from her. She let out a gush of cum, squirt and her own other juices from her pussy onto the towel beneath them and jumped into the pool to clean up.

Everyone could hardly move as they’d given each other quite the workout. The men finally dressed and Miles walked the masseur out, tipping him generously. He returned to the pool to see his wife lying naked and smiling at him from her float in the pool. He stopped the video camera and thought about how they’d soon relive the day’s escapades on their home theater system once this vacation was over.

Chapter Four

Thursday – CJ meets CEO

CJ woke when she felt the bed move and smiled as Jamal cuddled against her. She softly moaned as she felt Jamal’s cock pressed against her ass. He kissed her neck and asked, “good morning, did you miss me last night?”

She softly moaned as Jamal kissed her shoulder, his hand slid up her torso and he took her breast in his large hand and gently caressed it. CJ softly moaned as she told him, “Of course I missed you, but I had a nice dinner and drinks with Dr, Dulcet and Dr. Ward.” She felt his cock as it started to stir as she pressed her ass against it. “And I saw you with Shirley in the bar when I got back last night and figured you were not going to be lonely either, but I see you didn’t get satisfied last night.”

She turned to Jamal and their lips met in soft kiss, she wrapped her tiny fingers around his cock and slowly stroked it as it thickened in her hand. She softly moaned as she felt his fingers slide between her legs and she whispered, “Oh yes baby” as his thick finger slipped inside her. She softly whispered, “She may still be a bit messy from last night.” Her hips slowly rocked as Jamal finger gradually started to move in and out as he finger fucked her.

Jamal rolled her onto her back and her legs opened as he rolled on top of CJ and she guided Jamal’s black cock to her pussy and softly whimpered as her lips, still sensitive from the previous night, opened and she rocked her hips and softly groaned as her tender pussy opened and accepted the thick head of his hard black cock.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she whispered in his ear, “I’ve missed you…” She whimpered as she pushed her hips up and took more of his cock, “And your big cock too…” she moaned as Jamal slowly rocked his hips as he worked his cock deeper.

He slowly started to fuck her, his cock slipping deeper with each gentle push. Finally his balls pressed against her and she knew she had taken all of his black cock. Her arms and legs tightened around him and she started to thrust her hips harder against him as she took his cock deep as she whispered, “Fuck me… fuck me hard.”

He hooked her legs over his arms and pulled her hips up as he thrust his thick cock in her and asked, “Did you enjoy your dinner with Dr. Dulcet and Dr. Ward?”

She whimpered as his hard cock slipped back deep inside her as she held him, “Oh yes,” she moaned as he thrust hard making her groan. He lay over her, pushing her legs against her chest and started to thrust faster. She felt his large balls as they slapped against her ass. She grunted as his cock pushed deep, “Oh yes… fuck me.” She smiled as she enjoyed his cock as he pushed it even deeper.

“Did you fuck them?” he asked as he continued thrusting his cock deep.

She looked in to his eyes wondering why he asked and shook her head as she moaned, “Only Dr. Dulcet.”

“Oh… you didn’t want to fuck Dr. Ward?” he asked.

“Oh yea… he has a nice cock…” she whispered between moans.

“When did you see his cock?” he asked

“Last night… in Dr. Dulcet’s room…” she whimpered as Jamal drove his cock hard into her.

“Did you suck his cock?” he asked.

She moaned as she nodded, as she sensually whispered in his ear, “Oh yes.” Her hips rose and she took his cock deeper as she recalled her evening with the doctors.

He moaned as his hips moved faster as he drove his cock deep, “Did you let him cum in your mouth?”

She smiled as she remembered how Dr. Ward filled her mouth and chuckled as she told him, “well… I didn’t let him… he held my head… and made me take his cum in my mouth.” She felt Jamal’s cock start to swell as she told him how Dr. Ward held her head and how his cock slid in and out of her mouth as he filled her mouth with his cum.

Jamal started to thrust his cock deep. CJ could feel her orgasm was close and thrust her hips up. Just as she was ready to cum he pulled his cock out and stroked it until he groaned loud and his cum shot out, covering her quivering pussy as his hand slowly moved up and down his black cock. He smiled as he asked, “You want to cum don’t you.”

She held his cock and rubbed it against her very aroused pussy, “Don’t stop now, I am so close…”

He slapped his heavy cock against her aroused pussy as he laughed, “You will have to wait till later, I want to keep you nice and horny all day.” He stood and started to dress as he told her, “I will pick you up for lunch and we can go to the convention center for a bit.”

About a half an hour after Jamal left, she heard a light tapping on the door. She hurried to put on her short pink satin robe. She opened the door a few inches and peeked through the small opening to find the bellman Jermaine holding a tray with a carafe of coffee and a croissant.

He smiled knowingly as he told her, “Jamal said you would need some coffee and a bite to eat.” He set the tray on the counter and poured a cup, “Would you like cream or sugar?”

“Just a little cream would be perfect, thank you” she said as she took the cup from him and took the first sip and closed her eyes and moaned as she savored the taste. She set the cup down as she turned to get a tip for Jermaine. Her short robe slide up as she bent to get a tip from her purse revealing bottom of her pale white ass; her tender lips peeking between her legs, still wet and swollen, and aroused from Jamal’s cock.

After Jermaine left, CJ refreshed her coffee and gingerly walked to the shower, cursing Jamal. The hot water felt good as she gently washed herself. Her soapy fingers slid between her legs and she gingerly caressed herself to a small orgasm. She turned off the water and dried herself with a large soft towel. She walked naked with her coffee and sat in front of the large window and enjoyed her view as she wondered about her meeting with Thomas.

As she was looking at the clothes she had brought along, trying to decide what to wear for her meeting with Thomas, her cell phone rang and she did not recognize the caller’s number. She answered and Thomas introduced himself. She was surprised that he had called instead of Jamal.

He asked if she was pleased with her accommodations and she told him the room and hotel were gorgeous with a fantastic view of the strip. She thanked him for the wonderful bottle of wine he had selected and sent to her room.

He apologized for not picking her up at the airport as he was eager to meet her after Jamal had told him how she had assisted him in his sale of office equipment to Dr. Dulcet. She wondered how much Jamal had told him. Thomas told her that he was anxious to meet her and wanted to introduce her to his staff and business associates at a small gathering at their hospitality suite that evening.

Thomas told her he had arranged a massage for her at her hotel. He told her to spend some time in the casino and relax the rest of the afternoon and he will send the limo to pick her up at 5:30 and bring her to their hospitality suite.

The massage was very relaxing and as CJ entered her room she thought she should start to prepare for meeting Thomas. She stood in front of the large mirror and undressed as she thought about what to wear for her first meeting with Thomas and she started to lay out her clothes for the evening. She decided on the ivory lace lingerie that Jamal and Dr. Dulcet had given her.

CJ stepped into the shower, the warm water felt nice against her skin as she gently caressed herself with her soapy hands. Her nipples quickly grew hard as she rubbed her slick soapy hands over her aroused breasts, and she softly moaned as her fingers slid between her legs as she her fingers slide through the lathered short hair covering her pussy.

She massaged her clit with her fingertip and her finger gently caressed her clit and then slowly slid between her lips, and she silently cursed Jamal for leaving her unfulfilled earlier in the day. She softly whimpered as she fingered herself to another small orgasm as she remembered Jamal’s black cock as he fucked her earlier that the morning. The small orgasm only succeeded in leaving her more aroused as she wondered about Thomas.

She set on the dressing chair and slowly pulled the ivory colored hose up her legs. She stood to look in the mirror to smooth the hose and straighten the seam in the back. She was pleased how they made her legs look slimmer. The lace band at the top held the hose nicely high on her thighs and left just a bit of bare thigh. She thought about not wearing the garter belt.

CJ smiled as she held up the garter belt, she knew the effect they had on men and she decided to wear it. She turned it looking to make sure it was positioned properly before fastening it around her waist, bending she attached each strap to the lace top. She stood in front of the mirror and smiled at herself as she adjusted the garter.

She stepped into the tiny lace ivory panties and carefully pulled them up over her hips. The soft fabric felt nice against her skin. Her fingers felt good as she slid them again between her legs as she smoothed the panties. She could faintly see the outline of her lips as the lacey material stretch over her pussy. She was glad she had decided to trim her pubic fur before leaving for the conference, she had thought about shaving herself but her husband preferred the shorter hair.

She smiled as she picked up the ivory lace pushup brassier, and then slipped her arms through the straps, reaching behind to snap it. She slipped her hand inside a cup and felt her nipple quickly respond as she pulled her breast up making sure the cup fit just right, and then did the same to the other, then as she looked into the mirror she cupped her lace covered breast and fine-tuned the fit. The small cups pushed her breasts high, as the pale skin of her breast peeked through the sheer lace.

CJ stood in front of the mirror and adjusted each piece; her short blonde hair accented her outfit. She was pleased as to how well they fit. She smiled, delighted at how good she looked in her new lingerie, she wondered if Thomas would get the opportunity to see the intimate garments; would he approve?

CJ stepped into her dark grey mid length pencil skirt with pleats in the lower back; she reached behind her and pulled the zipper up, pulling the materials tight around her hips. The skirt stretched tight across her ass and though not a mini skirt it ended well above her knees, the bottom pleats allowed the skirt to flair out allowing for easy movement of her legs as she walked.

She slipped on a collared tight fitting ivory colored sleeveless blouse with buttons that run up the front ending between her breasts, it pulled tightly around her accenting her thin waist. The thin top stretched tight across her small firm breasts and she could clearly see the ivory lace brassier through the translucent material. She left the top button undone; the tight fitting blouse pulled open only a little to reveal a nice cleavage and, if she moved just right, just a hint of her lace covered breasts.

She stood in front of the mirror and turned as she appraised herself. She thought the sheer blouse may be to revealing for the meeting with Thomas and his associates. She turned and looked over her shoulder; the skirt stretched tightly, revealing her tiny ass and showed no hint of panties.

She decided to wear her two tone gray jacket with the wide collar. She fastened the top of the two buttons. The jacket was open only enough to reveal her sheer blouse and the tops of her breast. She could still see the valley between her breast and a hint of the ivory lace brassier as it peeked through the blouse. The jacket came low enough to cover the top of her ass. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror and decided to leave to button undone revealing the thin blouse and lace brassier.

She looked through her jewelry and decided upon the Larimar necklace her husband had purchased for her on their last Caribbean Cruise. The long pendent hung low between her breast and the aqua blue stone would draw the quick glances of admiring men, and women.

Jermaine called from the concierge desk to inform CJ there was a limo waiting, she thanked him. She smiled as she took one last look at herself in the mirror and hope Thomas were be impressed. The five inch black heels made her legs look slim and defined.

Jermaine met her as she strolled through the large glass doors. He smiled as he took her hand and commented on how nice she looked as he guided her to the limo. He opened the door and his eyes drifted to her legs as they parted as she entered the limo. Their eyes met and she smiled as he paused and winked. He gently nodded appreciatively as he closed the door.

The limo arrived at Caesar’s Palace and she smiled as several men watched as she got out of the limo. As she entered the crowded hospitality suite, she saw Jamal talking with several men and she walked up to him and put her hand on his back.

He smiled as he turned and become aware of her, he gave her a professional hug. One of the men in group extended his hand and said, “You must be CJ? Jamal has described you perfectly. I’m Thomas.”

She took his hand as she studied him. He skin was a much lighter than Jamal’s, a beautiful light brown hue that reminded her of milk chocolate. His long braided hair was pulled back in a pony tail and hung well past his shoulders. He had a manner of confidence to him almost to the point of arrogance. She looked into his dark eyes as she told him, “I am glad to finally meet you. Jamal has only told me so little about you and I have been a bit curious.”

Thomas placed his hand on CJs back as he led her away from the small group to the bar and ordered a glass of champagne for CJ. She took the thin stem in her fingers and gently swirled the champagne, watching the bubbles rise before taking a small sip. She smiled at Thomas as she slightly tilted her head and nodded at Thomas as she softly moaned her approval.

For the next 30 minutes Thomas took CJ around the room introducing her to his staff, clients, and vendors. She recognized Dr. Dulcet and Dr. Ward as well as several doctors from her area in the group and spoke with them briefly. Thomas made sure that she had a fresh glass of champagne in her hand. She lightly snacked on hors d’oeuvre as they walked around talking to the group.

Thomas took out his cell phone out and told his chauffeur that he was ready to leave for dinner. Thomas smiled at CJ and said, “Jamal will be busy with clients until later, why don’t you join me for dinner.” Thomas had taken the liberty to make reservations at the Alize in the Palm Hotel. CJ had heard of the restaurant but had never been there and was excited to be invited to such an elegant restaurant.

The Alize was located on the top floor of the Palm Resort. As they got off the elevator, CJ took his arm as they walked into the restaurant. She jokingly asked, “Are you sure you can afford this place?”

Thomas chuckled as the hostess approached and greeted him by name and told him his table was ready. She led them to a table next to the windows overlooking the lights of the strip.

He turned to CJ and said, “Let me help you with your jacket.” He slid her jacket off her shoulders and gently hung it over the back of one of the unused chairs. He pulled a chair out and CJ sit he slid the chair back in.

The hostess handed a menu to Thomas. CJ smiled as she noticed the hostess’ lingering glance admiring her breasts, their eyes met and they exchanged a knowing smile.

CJ looked out over the lights of Las Vegas and commented on the gorgeous view. She heard Thomas moan as he agreed, and as CJ looked back at him, she blushed as she realized he was admiring her breast. The waiter approached and CJ was surprised, as well as curious, as Thomas ordered for each of them.

As they were enjoying their wine and talking, CJ told Thomas she needed to go freshen up before their food arrived. As she stood in front of the mirror she decided that since Thomas was so admiring of her cleavage, she would undo one more button. She turned back and forth to make sure he would be able to see the sides of her pale breasts.

As she looked into the mirror she said, ” Oh well… what the hell.”, and lifted her skirt and slid her panties down her legs and tucked them in her purse, then reapplied her lipstick and turned to walk back to their table.

The waiter was at their table and smiled approvingly as he watched her approach. She leaned forward as the waiter pulled her chair out, she watched Thomas to see if he would notice her new look. She smiled as she watched Thomas nod and smile as he gazed at her revealing cleavage.

Throughout Dinner, CJ would lean forward to talk with Thomas and to let him admire her open blouse exposing the white breast as they push out the top of the lace brassier. As she was leaning forward, the waiter brought their check to their table and paused to thank us for coming to their restaurant. She smiled at him as he paused and she caught him glance down her blouse.

The limo driver opened the door for CJ and he watched as her legs opened as she got into the back of the black limo, Thomas and the driver smiled at each other. CJ heard Thomas as he told the drive to take the scenic tour back to the hotel. Thomas poured two glasses of champagne and they tipped glasses and sipped.

Thomas told her, “I think our driver enjoyed your little show.”

CJ smiled and whispered to him, “It was intended for you, but he was standing there so I didn’t have a choice but to give him a little look too. So… did you enjoy it?”

The driver started down the strip, crowded with cars and lots of people out walking between the casinos. The traffic moved slowly and seemed to stop at every traffic light. The casino lights were barely visible through the dark tinted windows.

Thomas chuckled, “So you were just teasing me when you showed me that pretty white pussy?”

CJ smiled as she took a sip of the champagne, she chuckled as she told him, “Oh… are you accusing me of teasing you. I guess Jamal didn’t tell you everything about me.”

He secured his glass in the holder and, took her head in his hand and pulled her to him, their lips met as he kissed her. The kiss was long and passionate; she parted her lips as his thick tongue slipped into her mouth. CJ sucked on his tongue and caressed it with hers, their lips pressed hard together.

As their lips parted, Thomas moaned, and asked, “Well Jamal did tell me you are a good cock sucker. Have you ever given anyone a blow job in a limo driving down the Las Vegas strip?”

CJ, chuckled at his boldness, moaned softly and said, “Umm… not yet.” She unbuckled his belt as she looked him in the eyes and asked, “You ever had a blow job in a limo driving down the Las Vegas Strip?”

Thomas thought for a moment, and then smiled as he told her, “Not in this limo.” They both laugh at his comment.

CJ laid her hand between his legs and slowly slid her hand over his cock, and then slid off the seat and crawled between his legs and unzipped his slacks and finished opening them. She slipped her hand inside and wrapped her hand around his cock, and moaned as she looked him in the eyes as her eyes widened, “Umm… Oh my…” She pulled his cock out and admired his long cock, her hand slowly slid up and down as she felt it growing.

She looked up into his dark eyes as she lightly licked the dark crown, rolling her tongue around it. She held it as she slowly ran her tongue along the bottom to the top and gently kissed it. She took the large dark crown in her mouth, she moaned as she softly sucked and caressed it with her tongue. Her lips slowly moved down, as she worked his cock deeper in her mouth.

She could see the lights of the casinos as they slowly made their way along the strip, stopping at the traffic lights. She saw a tiny red light come on and wondered if the driver was watching. She let the black cock slip from her mouth and told Thomas, “I think the driver is watching us on the camera.”

Thomas gently pushed her head down and she took his cock in her mouth again and chuckled as he told her, “Good, I won’t have to tip him as much.” She moaned as he told her, “maybe I’ll even let him keep a copy.”

Her lips slid up and down as she sucked, slowly stroking the hard cock wrapped in her hand. She felt his cock grow longer as she sucked on it. She took a break and let his cock slip from her mouth as she stroked it, her hand slowly slid up and down. She wet her lips and softly moaned as she admired his long brown cock.

She looked to the side as they stopped at yet another traffic light and saw people in the SUV next to them trying to look in the dark windows and wondered if they could see her on her knees, stroking his long hard black cock.

Thomas noticed her looking, and asked, “Would it make you hot if they knew you were sucking my cock?”

CJ moaned, “oh yea”, and she took his cock back in her mouth again. She whimpered when she heard the hum of the window as it lowered and she knew they would soon be able to see her. He rested his hand on her head as she started to bob her head faster as she sucked his cock deeper. She paused as his cock touched the back of her mouth, and then she slowly swallowed his cock. She heard the cheers from the SUV next to them. They both had to laugh as someone yelled out, “Is that you mom?”

She took his cock back in her mouth and felt it start to swell and she wondered if it had excited him as much as her, being watched as she gave a blow job to a black man in the back of a limo as they cruised the Las Vegas strip. They started to move again and she heard the window closing. He cupped her head and pushed as her lips slide faster up and down his cock. He asked, “Did you like being watched by those young men?”

CJ moaned as she paused then nodded. He smiled as he watched her head bobbing up and down and told her, “I think we are going to have fun tonight.”

Thomas told the driver it was time to head towards Bellagio. He pushed her head down and forced his cock deep in her mouth. His cock-head grew hard and CJ knew he was going to cum. His moans grew louder, and he tensed as a thick stream of cum exploded into her mouth. He held her head down as she continued to suck as she stroked his cock. She swallowed a mouthful of cum, and he tensed, and again grunted loudly as more cum flowed from his cock, filling her mouth.

Thomas grunted as he held her head down and thrust his cock deep as he finished cumming. CJ continued to softly suck on the head, caressing the head with her tongue as she slowly stroked his black cock, squeezing the last bits of cum into her mouth. Her lips slowly slid off his cock and she gently stroked his cock as she licked the remnants of cum as it slowly ran down the sides of his cock. She kissed the soft crown and then looked up at him and smiled as she asked, “So… how was your first blow job… in this limo?” They both laughed.

The limo turned into the Bellagio and Thomas ask CJ if she would like come up to his room for an after dinner drink, but told her the limo was also available to take her to her hotel if she wanted.

CJ smiled and said, “I was hoping you would invite me to see your room, I have always wondered what the rooms are like here.” She did not want her evening with Thomas to come to an end just yet.

The limo stopped in front and the driver came around to open the door for CJ. He was obvious as he watched her open her legs as she stepped out of the limo, her pussy clearly visible. Thomas handed him a tip and told him he would not need him the rest of the night, and he would arrange a limo for CJ when she was ready to return to her hotel.

CJ held his arm as they walked up the steps and entered the casino. They chatted as they casually walked arm in arm through the casino. They paused at the roulette table and Thomas gave her a hundred dollar chip and told her to play it.

She smiled and chuckled as she told him, “I think I will play the black nine and see if I can get lucky.” They laughed as the wheel spun, the ball clicked as it tumbled about in the wheel. The ball finally came to rest on the red 10. CJ again took Thomas’s arm and smiled as she told him, “Well… I hope my luck improves tonight.”

Thomas laughed and told her, “Oh well… I think you can do better than a black nine… let’s go see if we can change your luck.” He put his hand on her back and led her towards the elevator. The elevator door opened and several others got on with them. Thomas pulled her to him and kissed her lightly as they rode the elevator to the fifteenth floor.

He opened the door and CJ smiled at him as she walked into his large suite. She laid her small bag on a table just inside the door looked around at the lavish room as she walked to the window to take in the view of the strip, lit up with all the lights from all the casino marquees.

The suite was large and one wall had floor to ceiling windows that over looked the sculptured lake in front of the casino. She chuckled as she told him, “Your room is much bigger than mine.”

He smiled as he laughed and said, “Well… the boss does have his privileges.”

Thomas came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and they stood and looked out the window. She laid her head back against his chest and Thomas started to lightly nibble on her ear. She lightly whimpered when he lightly bite her ear lobe.

He unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off her shoulders as he told her, “I have been admiring your breasts all night.” Thomas folded her jacket and laid it neatly over the bar stool.

Thomas dropped several ice cubes into glasses and opened a bottle of Whyte & Mackay and filled the glasses half full. As she turned to him she watched as he opened a prescription bottle and tapped two blue pills in his palm and popped them in his mouth, then took a sip of his scotch to wash them down.

Thomas handed CJ her scotch and followed her as she walked back to the window, sipping her drink. He walked up behind CJ as she gazed out at the lights on the strip; he set his drink on the desk next to the window. He held her waist as he bent to kiss her neck. She moaned as she leaned back into him just as a water ballet suddenly shot high into the air from the lake below.

He cupped her breasts in his large hands, and she gasped as he roughly squeezed them. Thomas slowly unbuttoned her blouse as he continued to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear, then slid his hand slide inside her blouse and he caressed her lace covered breast. He opened her blouse exposing her breasts; her tiny pink nipples peeked through the ivory lace as she stood in front of the window. He took her drink and set it down and then slipped her blouse off her shoulders and tossed it on the sofa.

She turned and they kissed, his lips pressing hard against hers, she moaned as his tongue slipped inside her mouth and she lightly caressed it as she gently sucked on it. She tingled as she felt his hand slowly slide up her bare back, and he skillfully unhooked her brassier. He pulled the brassier from her shoulders as he stepped back and slide the brassier from her arms and tossed it next to her blouse.

He moaned as he looked at her, “Umm… such lovely breast.”

CJ smiled, pleased that he liked her small breast. She took a sip of her scotch as she turned to watch the water ballet.

CJ stood in front of the window, her arms hiding her breast. They looked out from the fifteenth floor window admiring the water display with all the lights of Las Vegas strip behind it. Thomas pulled her back against him. CJ shivered as she felt his hand slide up her bare back, his fingers slipped into her hair and she whimpered as his fingers tighten.

Thomas pulled her head back and kissed her, his lips pressed hard against hers as his thick tongue slipped into her mouth. He took her nipple between his fingers and gently pulled as he twisted the hard sensitive nipple. He lightly kissed her face, and asked, “Do you like me playing with your nipples?” He squeezed her nipple hard and she whimpered.

“Oh… Please be gentle.” She pleaded as she put her hands over his to tried to pull his fingers away.

As he turned her facing the windows, he took her hands and placed them high on the window exposing her breasts to the crowd watching the water display. He took her breasts in his hands again, roughly caressing them. He asked, “Does it excite you knowing that all those people could be watching you?”

CJ looked down at all the people gathered and wondered if they could see her as she stood topless in the window, she moaned as she nodded. She whimpered as he twisted her nipples, and she reached down again as she tried to pull his fingers off her nipples.

Thomas grabbed her wrists and firmly placed her hands back on the window and sternly told her, “Leave your hands where I put them.”

He pressed his hard cock against her and rocked his hips slowly rubbing it against her. He roughly cupped her breasts and asked, “Can you feel how you are exciting me”

CJ softly moaned and nodded, “Oh yea… I can feel you getting hard again.”

Thomas’ hands slowly slid down her belly and he held her hips as he rubbed his hard cock against her. He unfastened her skirt, and pushed it down over her hips and let it slide down her legs. He kicked it aside as CJ step out of it.

Thomas cupped her ass in his hands and playfully slapped one cheek, and smiled as it reddened. He moaned as he told her, “Jamal said you had a nice ass, but damn… that is a gorgeous ass.”

CJ stood in only her heels and light skin toned hose held up by the wide lace band around her waist, her hands high on the window. She looked down at the people gathered to watch the water display. She though she caught sight of several pointing in her direction, not knowing if they were pointing at her or the water ballet as it shot high in the air. She could feel her pussy growing wetter as she imagined them looking at her as she stood nearly naked in the window, being caressed by a black man.

She watched Thomas’s reflection in the window as he undressed. He slipped his shirt off his shoulders and lay it across the back of the sofa, and proceeded to unfasten his slacks and bent as he slipped them off, laying them neatly next to his shirt. He stood and she moaned as she saw his hard black cock standing proud, it swayed side to side as he walked to her.

CJ moaned softly as she felt his bare cock push against her. His hands slip up her body and he cupped her breasts again and lightly kissed her necked as he whispered, “Are you ready to get fucked?” CJ softly moaned as she nodded and she felt his bare cock as it pressed against her.

He bent and kissed her neck, his finger slid into her hair and she whimpered as he pulled her head back. He turned her to him as he kissed her hard as he roughly caressed her breast.

He kissed down her chest and bit her nipple as he sucked it between his lips. She put her hand on the back of his head and held his mouth to her nipple as he caressed it with his tongue. He lightly kissed her breast; she whimpered as she felt him bite the top of her breast and suck as he marked her.

He turned her and gently leaned her over the desk. She rested on her hands as he kissed her neck and he slowly kissed down her back as he knelt behind her. He gently kissed her ass as he squeezed it.

She stood up as she felt him buckling something on her ankle. She saw the worn leather cuff as he fasten it to the desk leg. She tried to pull away and Thomas slapped her ass hard and told her, “Lean back over.”

CJ cried out as she felt the pain from his slap, and leaned over as she pleaded, “Please don’t do this.” Her legs spread as he tightened the straps to the legs of the desk. He stood and reached around her and buckled matching leather cuffs on her wrists. She wondered how many women had worn the cuffs before.

As he pulled her hands behind her and clipped the cuffs together, she pleaded, “Please, you don’t have to do this, I will give you want you what you want.”

Thomas chuckled, “You don’t understand… this is what I want.” He caressed the red handprint on her ass and asked, “Does that feel good.”

CJ moaned and nodded, it felt good as her gently rubbed her ass still stinging from his slap. She cried out as she felt pain as he slapped the other cheek. She again pleaded, “Please stop… please don’t hurt me anymore.”

Thomas stood behind her and pressed his hard cock against her. He reached around her and told her, “I think you are going to need this, just one more toy and we’re ready, now open your mouth.”

CJ saw the small black ball and pleaded, “Please don’t make me wear that.” She closed her mouth tight and moaned as she shook her head. She shivered as she felt his hand slide up her body and cupped her breast. She whimpered as his fingers tighten as he squeezed her nipple.

His fingers gradually tightened as he pinched her nipple, twisting it as he pulled. He whispered in her ear, “Come on, open up… it will just going to hurt more if you don’t.”

CJ softly moaned as she surrendered and opened her mouth and Thomas slipped the ball in her mouth and she heard the Velcro grip as he fastened the gag behind her head. He cupped her breast again and pinched her nipples between his fingers and squeezed hard as he pulled them out and twisted them and whispered in her ear, “Next time… you will obey me when I tell you to do something.”

He quietly whispered in her ear, “Now we are ready to play. Now all you got to do it bend over and enjoy.” He caressed he ass as she lay flat on the desk. His hand slid between her spread legs and she moaned as he started to work his finger into her pussy and his long thin finger started to slide easier as it slid deeper, arousing her pussy.

Thomas moaned, “I think you are enjoying this, can you feel how wet that pussy is?” He slid another finger in her, “I think you’re ready for some black cock. Does it make you hot knowing you are about to get a big black cock thrust deep in your white cunt?” CJ quietly nodded and moaned as his fingers slowly slid deeper as he finger fucked her.

He laid his cock between her cheeks and slowly rocked his hips, sliding his cock along her ass. He moaned as he told her, “That it such a nice ass. Jamal tells me it is still virgin. Is it still cherry?”

CJ paused, knowing she would not be able stop him. She hoped he would not take her virgin ass as she slowly nodded.

He chuckled as he told her, “He wanted to fuck your ass so bad, but I told him he couldn’t until I fucked it, and if I like it he may not get any of your pretty white ass until I am done with it. I may decide to keep it for myself for a while.” He rubbed the hard cock head against her virgin opening.

Shackled and gagged she could only moan as she felt his fingers slip from her wet pussy. She swayed her ass as she felt his hard cock as he rubbed the thick head against her wet pussy, hoping he would finally slide it in her.

He teased her with his cock, rubbing it along her pussy and he asked, “You ready for some black cock? You want me to shove my black cock in your white cunt?”

CJ whimpered as she nodded, and moaned loud as he suddenly slid his cock into her wet pussy. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he thrust his cock again, pushing deeper. His cock moved easier as it got slick from her wet pussy. He started to fuck her harder, thrusting his cock deeper each time. CJ could only grunt as he forced his cock deeper.

Thomas grunted loudly each time he thrust in her. He moaned as he told her, “Damn that is nice pussy; I love married white pussy, especially when it is so tight and it’s always tight.” He laughed at his comment as he continued to fuck her hard, slamming his cock all the way in her pussy.

CJ was relieved when he finally let go of her hair and she laid her head on the desk and enjoyed the thick cock as he continued to thrust it deep. He held her hips and quickly thrust in and out of her. He held her wrist cuffs and jerked her back on his cock as he fucked her hard.

She knew he would last longer since she had sucked him off earlier in the limo. He slowed but continued to thrust hard. His cock started to feel good as it pushed deeper. She cried out as her body shook as she came hard on his cock. He felt her orgasm and started to fuck her harder, she pushed back against him as he fucked her. He slowed as she relaxed after her orgasm. Her body, covered in a light coat of sweat, shimmered from the lights shinning through the window. She tried to catch her breath after such an explosive orgasm.

He moaned and asked, “You liked that didn’t you?” His cock slid in and out of her wet pussy as he slowly fucked her. CJ moaned as she nodded. He held her hips as she started to fuck her hard again. She wondered how much longer he could last.

She softly whimpered as she felt Thomas’ cock slip from her and she relaxed as she lay over the desk. She watch his reflection in the window as he drizzled lubricant from a bottle along his hard cock and then he slowly stroked his cock as he twisted his hand, getting the lube all over his cock.

She felt his cock as he started to push it back in her and she groaned loud as he thrust deep and started a slow rhythm. His slick cock felt good as it moved in and out, she felt his balls as they pressed against her each time he forced it deep in her. She tensed as she felt his thumb, slick with the lube, as he started to caress the opening of her virgin ass. She whimpered as she felt the gentle pressure as his thumb moved in circles around her ass hole. She whimpered as she felt the pressure grow and then she started to loudly moan and shake her head as she felt his thumb as it slipped inside her ass.

He slowly fucked her ass with his thumb as his hard cock slowly slid in and out of her pussy. His cock slipped from her pussy and he continued to slowly fuck her ass with his thumb. She watched his reflection in the window as he held the lube bottle high and she felt the warm lube as it started to run down her ass, coating his thumb as it slowly moved in and out.

His thumb slipped from her ass and he gently rubbed the lube around her ass with his finger and then his slick finger slowly disappeared into her ass. He slowly finger fucked her ass and he asked her, “Does that feel good?”

CJ could only whimper as she shook her head, her breaths were long as she watched his reflection as he pulled his finger from her ass and squeezed more lube on his fingers. She moaned as she felt him pulled her ass cheek and grunted as he slide two fingers back in her ass.

He gently finger fucked her ass as he told her, “Damn, that ass is tight.” He chuckled as he told her, “This might hurt a bit.” His finger started to gradually move faster in and out as he twisted his fingers. He smiled as he told her, “I think that ass is ready for some black cock.”

He poured more lube on the head of his cock and slowly stoked the head in his hand as he stepped up behind her and rubbed the head around her virgin opening, gently applying pressure. He groaned as he told her, “I love fucking a nice tight ass. Relax and just let it happen.”

CJ groaned as she felt her ass being forced open and she moaned loud as the thick head little by little slipped into her ass. She cried out as she felt the thick cock slide out and then quickly pushed back in, pushing a bit deeper and he paused for a moment before he start to slowly fuck her. Gradually his cock worked deeper as he talked to her, “ohhh… that feels so good… so tight…” He grabbed her hips and started to fuck her faster as he forced his hard cock deep.

CJ relaxed as the burning started to ease and she pushed her ass back against Thomas as he pushed his cock deeper. She cried out as he thrust hard into her, her head shaking to let him know he was too deep. She whimpered softly as he eased out and continued to fuck her and then she groaned loud as he thrust hard in her again and held his hard cock deep in her virgin ass, she could feel his balls as they pressed against her.

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