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She waits in the whirlpool while I undress. She is dark-skinned and nude, leaning back, anticipating. Bubbles swirl around her, and she runs her hands through the jolts of water. I watch her in the mirror. Her body is below the water, and her breasts and nipples rise above the surface.

I turn around, naked, and she looks at me. Without hiding her gaze, she looks at my body from my legs to my hips to my breasts to my face then back down, settling on my waist then my cunt. Watching her watch me makes my pussy moist and my lips swell.

I step up over the side of the tub, and her eyes remain fixed on me. I am wetter now, to my outer lips and to the tops of my thighs. There is a warm tightness in my chest, an aching.

She reaches her hand to mine, and my skin is fair next to hers. I sit with my back to one strong jet. Her hand strokes up my arm to my shoulder, then to the back of my neck, and through my hair, which she pulls back in a sweet fist. I let my head relax back and reach my foot forward to feel another jet hit my foot and shoot water up my leg.

She comes closer and kisses me, hot and wet, our tongues soft, the kiss hungry. We both breathe heavily, and our kiss becomes stronger. Heat rushes through me to my nipples, to my wet pussy. I pull her to me and our hard nipples press into one another’s. She moans. I slide my hand up her wet body and press her nipple between my fingers.

“Harder,” she says.

I squeeze her nipple harder, and she gasps. “Yes,” she says.

I squeeze a bit harder and pull her nipple outward. “Oh fuck,” she says, then gasps a few times in a row. I reach for her other breast and pinch both nipples at once. Her body shakes. She bites my lower lip and breathes in short gasps.

She gets on top of me and straddles me in the water, slightly shaking, while I feel her tits, put one nipple in my mouth and bite softly. She arches back and presses her cunt into mine. Her legs are spread and she starts to ride me.

I put my hands on her ass and pull her firmly onto me. I push her downward so her wet cunt is on top of my clit, and I press up into her. I move her back and forth, so she is riding me with her hot lips surrounding my swollen clit. Heat fills my pussy; I am dripping wet, moving and fucking her to feel our pussies sliding back and forth and pressing hard against each other. I am sweating. I feel an orgasm building, and I hold her hips in place so I can ride against her from below.

She is on top of me, the water all around us, and my pussy is hot and intense and I am breathing and I want this moment – right before I come – to last and last, but I can’t control it; I keep pushing myself harder and faster against her, riding myself back and forth and now in jerking movements, and the inside of my pussy is starting to spasm and the heat is rising in me and she puts her breasts in my face – hard – and her skin is slippery and wet, and she’s moaning too and riding me, and I pump my hips uncontrollably up, down, up and down, and I am coming so hard and strong and the heat is intense, the water a crazy display of waves and bubbles, and I take her shoulders and pull her down onto me hard so I can feel her wet cunt spread open against me.

She shivers and falls forward into me, riding me back and forth, then makes deep guttural sounds, “Oh baby, yes, yes,” she says, and she bucks and humps and jerks and loses control, “Oh god, baby, yes, oh fuck, I’m coming ” then one long intense moan and I feel heat and wet from her cunt to mine. She grinds into me, grinds in circles, “Oh, god, again, I’m coming again, oh god,” her hard clit grinding in circles on me.

“Oh fuck,” she says, “I can’t believe I came so hard.”

She’s hot in every way, and wet, and her last hard crazy orgasm has me still feeling insane. I want to feel the hard water of the Jacuzzi jet on my clit. One jet shoots into my back and others into my legs. She slides down lower onto my lap then off of me and sits next to me, rubbing her hand up and down my still-aching body, my hard nipples, my wet pussy.

I get up onto my knees and turn around. Instantly the jet rushes hard water onto my cunt. I place my clit over the water and the effect is instant. I try to hold back, but it’s so hard and hot and intense. I grab the side of the tub and force myself to keep my hips in place, the jet straight on my clit. My thigh muscles shake and buckle and my breath is heaving and I am coming so fucking hard. She gets behind me, her breasts to my back, her cunt to my ass, her hands on my hips, and she presses into me. I am moaning then let myself scream loud and hard. My back arches and she grabs my tits in her hands, squeezes them, and another orgasm takes over me before the last one stopped. I am pumping back and forth and up and down against the water, and it is so intense it is nearly too intense but it feels so fucking hot and hard and wet, and there is a rush of wet from my pussy and the walls spasm, my hips spasm, my ass presses back into her, and I am moaning a higher pitched sound than hers was. I’m gasping, and my pussy is hot and spent and still it feels intensely, deeply good.

She rocks herself against my ass slowly, holding me tightly, her breasts pressed into my back, and once more I feel her shiver against me, and I hear her uneven breath, and she bites the back of my shoulder.

She sits back down in the tub and I collapse back onto her, on her lap, my back to her. Her hands slide over my body as we still breathe heavily but more regularly. When her hand gets to my pussy she slides two fingers inside me, and I can’t believe it but it feels so good, so good, and I put my hand over hers to keep her there, and one last slow time, I come on her, my pussy tightening around her fingers in rhythmic bursts. It’s a slow orgasm, a finished, spent, happy orgasm, that sends me into a state of euphoria and afterglow, surrounded by the whirling water.

With trepidation, Kristen stared at her cell phone. The caller ID indicated the call was from her husband, Jason, who was out of town on business. He would return tomorrow.

Kristen’s concern about answering the call had nothing to do with her love for Jason and everything to do with the fact that she was, at the moment, standing naked in Rachel’s bathroom. That, in and of itself, wouldn’t have mattered if Rachel hadn’t been standing naked right next to her, still recovering from an intense orgasm brought about by Kristen’s fingers buried deep in her pussy and ass.

The two women had discovered a passion that neither had realized during a night in which they engaged in their first Sapphic experience, and while they were both exhilarated by their coupling, Kristen wasn’t sure how or if she was going to break the news to her husband.

“Hello?” Kristen answered.

“Hey, gorgeous! How’s it going? Jason asked.

“Great, baby.” Kristen said. “Where are you?”

“Good news! I’m at the airport. I’m coming home a day early because we finished up on site, and I was able to get a standby seat. I’ll be home at 2 p.m.”

“Great.” Kristen said again, but her voice lacked its usual enthusiasm.

“Are you OK, honey?” Jason asked.

Rachel came up behind Kristen and slipped her arms around her friend for support.

“Sure, baby, I’m just a little … distracted this morning,” she said, feeling Rachel’s hand travel down her stomach to slip between her legs. “I can’t wait to see you,” she managed to say without moaning.

“Me too,” Jason said. “Will you pick me up from the airport?”

“No, I thought I’d make you walk home,” she joked.

“Man, I guess the romance is gone. You can sure tell we’ve been married a long time,” he pouted.

Kristen laughed. “Oh, quit whining you big baby. You know I’ll be there with bells on.”

“That’s a little more than I was hoping you’d be wearing,” Jason replied.

“What’s a matter baby? Did you miss me?” Kristen asked playfully. “Do you neeeed me?”

“Let’s just say it’s been hard without you,” Jason teased.

“Well, I’ll see if I can’t soften you up when you get home,” she said.

“OK, I’ll see you at 2. I love you, Kristen.”

“I love you too.”

Kristen disconnected from the call and leaned back into Rachel, who still had her arms around her.

“It’s going to be OK,” Rachel promised.

“I hope you’re right,” Kristen said distantly.


Kristen put on a colorful sundress that came halfway to her knees and checked her look one more time in the mirror. She had to hurry; she didn’t want to be late getting to the airport. She hated it when Jason had to wait for her when he arrived home.

She and Marley, their golden retriever, bounded out to her Camry and hopped in.

Marley, named after legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, was almost as excited as Kristen to see Jason.

She lowered the window in the back so Marley could hang his head out the window, tuned into Radio Margaritaville on her Sirius satellite radio and backed out of the driveway.

Jimmy Buffett was singing about his “bank of bad habits,” which reminded her of Rachel’s steamy recounting of the sex she and Mark, her banker boyfriend, had had a couple of days ago. Rachel had mentioned that Mark had left a large “deposit” in her bank of bad habits. It didn’t take any imagination at all to know what she was talking about.

“Ummm” Kristen thought. “I am glad Jason’s coming home.”

Her sexual encounter with Rachel, as satisfying as it had been, couldn’t replace the feeling of a big hard cock between her legs.

Marley’s ears flapped in the wind, and his tongue hung out the side of his mouth. His nose sniffed a mile a minute. Kristen laughed at the sight. She never understood why dogs loved to ride with their faces out the window.

“Hang on, boy,” she said. “We’re going to pick up your daddy right now.”

Kristen pulled into the airport arrival area and parked the car next to the curb. Fortunately, they lived in a town where the airport was fairly small, so you could get away with parking at the curb despite heightened security.

She waited in the car for Jason, not wanting to leave Marley by himself and knowing that she’d never pass the rambunctious golden retriever off as a Seeing-Eye Dog in the airport.

She watched as a group of people started filtering down to the baggage claim area and spotted Jason toting his computer bag. At 6’3, he was taller than most of those around him, so he was easy to spot.

He moved gracefully through the crowd, his fit body attesting to his regular exercise regimen and the fact he tried to play tennis three or four times a week. At 45, Jason no longer had the sculpted physique of young men half his age, but Kristen had no complaints.

She got out of the car, leaving Marley to hang his head dejectedly out the window. He whimpered as she left him behind.

“Don’t worry, boy. I’ll be right back.”

Jason saw his beautiful wife approaching and grinned.

“Want some candy, little girl?” he winked.

“No, but I’d like to fuck you, old man,” Kristen responded, taking her husband in her arms. She leaned in to kiss him quickly, but that wasn’t good enough for Jason. He pulled her back and kissed her deeply. Kristen resisted, uncomfortable with the public display of affection.

“Jason!” she said, chastising him for his lack of decorum.

“Hey, can I help it if I missed you?”

“Well, you can wait until we get home,” she said.

They picked up his bag and headed for the car. As soon as Marley saw his best friend, his powerful tail wagged back and forth whacking the front and back seats.

“Marley! Hi Buddy, did you miss me?”

Marley licked his master’s face.

“Good boy! I missed you too,” Jason said. “See, he’s not afraid to kiss me in public,” he said to Kristen.

“Yea?” Kristen said, “Well, he licks his own balls, too.”

“That’s because he can,” Jason said laughing, and Kristen joined in.

As they drove home, catching up on the week, Jason rested his hand on his wife’s well-toned thigh, letting his fingers dance on the inside of her leg.

Once home, Jason took Kristen in his arms again. “Now can I kiss you?” he asked.

“You’d better!” she said, wrapping her hands around his head and pulling him to her lips. Marley kept sticking his snout between the two, trying to break them up, wanting all of the attention for himself.

“Marley! Stop it!” Kristen nudged him out of the way with her knee and went back to kissing Jason as his hands moved down her back to her ass. He lifted the hem of her short dress, caressing her panty-clad buttocks.

Jason lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed. She watched as he removed his shirt and climbed on the bed between her legs.

Marley collapsed at the foot of the bed with loud sigh, and both humans laughed at his pathetic display.

“Don’t worry boy, Daddy just needs a little quality time with mommy. We’ll go for a walk later.”

He turned back to his prone wife and locked his gaze on his prize.

Kristen knew what was coming — and it was going to be her. If there was one thing Jason loved to do, it was eat her. His hands moved up her legs, parting them and pushing back to open her up, and she laid her head back to await the pleasure she knew would come.

Jason’s hands caught on the edge of her dress as they continued upward, revealing the lacy panties that Kristen had chosen especially for this purpose. Jason groaned at the sight of her spread open, offering herself to him.

She could feel the heat of his breath on her pussy, even through her panties, and it made her even hotter. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and traced the outline of her lips through the soft silk. She flinched at the touch and then sighed.

His hands gripped her thighs, pushing them even wider, as his tongue ran up along the edge of her panties, slipping under the band and back out again. Unable to bear his teasing any longer, Kristen grasped the panties and pushed them down, pulling her legs up in the air so that she could remove them. If she had been open before, this new position, with her legs in the air, gave Jason a new level of access to her most private areas.

He placed his hands on the back of her thighs, pushing her legs toward her chest and granting himself unfettered freedom to explore her cunt.

She was wet, as his tongue quickly confirmed, and he used it to part her lips and find the hard little nub at the top of her slit. He teased it and nipped at it before moving back down toward her vagina, playfully fucking her with his tongue.

Kristen grabbed her legs behind her knees to hold herself open for her amazing lover, and he used his free hand to circle her opening with his finger as he circled her clit with his tongue. She rocked back and forth against his face.

“Put your finger in me!” she demanded, and like a good husband, he did what he was told. He slowly inserted his middle finger into her sopping cunt, her juices making the entry easy. He added a second finger, and she grunted at his manipulation of her tender passage.

“Please fuck me, baby! Give it to me now. I’ve needed it so badly all week!”

Jason gave her a final lick and reared up to remove his pants. She could tell from the bulge in his underwear that he was hard, and the visible wet spot on the front of his shorts told her that he was primed and ready.

He slipped between her legs and she reached down to grasp his cock, reveling in how hard it was. He groaned at her touch and again as she rubbed the head up and down her wet slit, coating the intruder with her juice and preparing it to pummel her.

She teased herself with her boy toy and then set the big head at the entrance to her cunt. Jason eased forward slightly, the head popping into her, eliciting a moan from both of them. Kristen reached around to grasp his ass and pull him into her.

Inch by inch he slid into her until he was buried as deep as he could get, and his balls were nestled against her anus. Her dress was bunched up around her hips, and Jason kissed down the V of her dress between her breasts. Kristen responded by pulling the straps of the dress over her shoulders and off her arms to bare her big titties with their hard nipples.

Jason latched onto her left nipple as he began pistoning in and out of her. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last. He’d been away from this juicy slut for too long.

Kristen wrapped her long legs around his back and used them to leverage herself against her rutting husband. They both grunted and groaned with effort as they drove each other to climax.

Kristen reached hers first, and she bucked up and down on the hard shaft inside her, flooding it with new lubrication. Seeing his wife in the throws of orgasm was too much for Jason, and he filled her with a week’s worth of his milky cum, pumping it into her wide-open hole in powerful spurts.

He collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath, their hearts pounding as aftershocks caused him to make a few small final thrusts into her wet orifice.

He pulled out of her, leaving her feeling very open, and collapsed beside her. His hot breath tickled her neck. They fell asleep intertwined with her ravaged pussy leaking his hot cum and soaking the sheets.


They awoke an hour or so later, and Jason reached over to caress her breast and kiss her ear. Kristen reached down between his legs and took his cock into her hands, moving up and down the shaft gently, enjoying the feeling of it growing.

“Jason …?” she said with trepidation as she continued to arouse him.

“There’s something I have to tell you.”

To be continued…

At The Villa Ch 25 Lydia.

Sam’s Athens Christmas Visit.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”

The harvest was bounty and Sam had to employ a young guy to help him harvest the olives. He found a guy of about twenty three years old whose name was Antonis. Officially he had a full time job in one of the island’s hotels, but off season he had a lot of spare time. Most of the hotels on the Greek islands usually close down during the winter months. Naturally the workers work the same number of hours as if they had worked during a year of twelve months. Therefore they enjoy a four to five months holidays, which on many occasions they use it diligently.

Antonis was a very good handy man as that was how he was employed in the hotel where he worked. Sam was happy to have him at least for the five months or so during the low season as he can do a lot of repairs. He liked gardening and so he gave a hand to Sam to keep the garden in order. Living on an island surrounded by the sea was another of his fascinations. With the sea kicking on the rocks and the fish jumping, Antonis loved to go fishing in his off season spare time. Unfortunately he could not afford to buy a small boat but Sam had one; therefore it was a very good combination.

Antonis was not only good at a lot of things but also managed to hook a beautiful young lady, who was about two years younger. Adriana barley knew per parents as they had died in a car accident when she was about five yeas old. Fortunately on that dreadful evening the young lady was left at home with her unmarried auntie, who ended to assume the role of a mother after the loss her sister.

She looked after her as if it was her own daughter and even sacrificed everything to make sure, that her niece would grow up healthy and educated. She managed to achieve all that as she dedicated her life to her and Adriana appreciated all the sacrifices her auntie, whom she always called mum, did for her.

The worries for her auntie started as soon as she reached and passed the teenage years. At least she was pleased that Adriana did not start going out with boys earlier. She was over twenty years old when she started dating Antonis, behind her auntie’s knowledge.

At first her auntie started to get worried and just watched from a distance, but then she had to take some action. Living on a small island, scandals are blown up beyond anybody’s imagination. She confronted Adriana and made sure that she knew all she had to know; and importantly about what may and what may not happen. She also put in some rules and she also gave Antonis a few rules by which he had to abide; when they can meet, where to go and at what time she had to be, back home. Naturally Antonis was not so happy about the new restrictions, but he loved Adriana for her personal qualities, which in his opinion, he was lucky in meeting her.

The olive harvest was ready and Sam and Antonis spent a couple of days at sea. They were very lucky because the catch was more than enough for a month. It was an enjoyable experience for Sam as there was not only the satisfaction of the catch but he also got to know Antonis better.

Middle of the first week of November, Prodromos, his next door neighbour arrived at Sam’s villa, unexpectedly. He was in his mid sixty’s, but looked rather fragile for his rather young age. They rarely met, but Sam had always invited him and his daughter Athina to spend Christmas day with him.

His wife had passed away when his daughter was only twelve years old. She never married and dedicated her life to look after her father, whom she knew he was sick; even though he tried to keep the actual cause concealed from her.

Athina never asked about her father’s health problems as she knew that he would be hurt. She knew it was something which had to do with his heart. Her only worry was her cousin Kristos, whom she was sure on her father’s demise she will loose the Garden the house, not to mention the animals and anything else.

Originally Prodromos owned the whole garden before one of his nephew decided that Prodromos had too much property which he did not need. Kristos was the nephew’s name. He was arrogant and was known as the black sheep of the family. One way or the other what he decides; most times, had to be accepted by the rest of the family, who were big as property dealers. They were involved in property businesses in most of Greece and the islands. Where they smell money one finds them there.

Sam welcomed Prodromos and invited him in the dinning room where they shared some drinks. ‘So, first of all how do you feel?’ Sam asked.

‘Sam, I need some help and it will be rather urgent.’ He put his hand inside his shirt and from there he pulled out a document. ‘This is the ‘Will’; the merciless ‘Will’ which states that when I die; my property can only be inherited by the first born male. I don’t have a son, Sam, I have a daughter. You see; when I die my daughter will have nothing.’ He described his situation nearly crying, while he handed the document over to Sam.

‘Have you tried to get a public notary?’ Sam asked. ‘Ohh! By the way, how is Athina?’

‘She’s ok. But I know she’s worried about my health, although we are both scarred to discuss the issue.’

‘What’s the problem? I believe that she should know how you feel.’ Sam tried to get Prodromos feelings.

‘I don’t like to hurt her; we are too close and I think both of us avoid talking about the problem. The big problem is, how to change that ‘Will’ so my daughter could inherit what is ours, by right. This is my main problem Sam.’

Prodrome, relaxed drinking the water he asked for, gave Sam the time to read it without interrupting him. ‘Prodrome, I will read it again and we will meet again tomorrow. I have friends and I may fix something; but I don’t promise anything. Who wrote this document seems to be looking just at the money.’

Sam and Prodromos chatted for a few more minutes before he left. He really wanted to say something more to Sam, but he decided maybe next time. There was one thing he felt; some relief. He believed in Sam and he was sure Sam will find something that can change the ‘Will’.

Sam went through the four page document in a few minutes. He read it about three times while he analyzed every word. He also wrote some notes down on a piece of paper. At the end of the whole exercise he looked satisfied. By early afternoon he had made four different versions of the ‘Will’. In a way it was very straight forward, except for reasons unknown, there were too many contradictory clauses. Sam managed to bypass some, while he found those which gave him the opportunity to write a new and decent ‘Will’. In the end the ‘Will’ will recognise Athina, as the main heir of the property; and all that is within the boundary, with all rights that she can do what she liked with it.

On Sam’s insistence, his lawyer and one of his associate and the public notary were invited over to Sam’s villa to discuss the matter of that controversial ‘Will’. They all came over and after a short chat, Sam presented the original ‘Will’. The newcomers immediately jumped as they saw the first pages of the ‘Will’.

‘Sam for reasons unknown, this document should not be changed in any way.’ The notary immediately intervened.

‘Let’s cut the shit. There is hidden or rather a couple of words which oppose all what you are saying. I made four different versions, and when you read them, you can tell me who is right or who is wrong?’ Sam wanted a right answer as he passed the new versions, both to his lawyer and the notary.

Minutes passed and the two guests had gone through the four documents. When they were ready, first they looked at each other, and then at Sam. It seemed that they had no answer. If they did, they knew that their company will loose the handsome monthly retainer Sam paid them, for their services.

‘Sam; it could be, that both of us are wondering, if you had studied law?’ The Lawyer very politely asked.

‘If you want a sincere answer; it is no.’ Sam answered. ‘Why?’

‘Because we had another query regarding this ‘Will’ but we could not arrive at what you had uncovered yourself. I’m sorry Sam, for a few legal corrections here and there; you had done a fantastic job. So what do you want now?’ The notary asked.

‘Tomorrow morning I will come to your offices and there we will sign the revised version of this ‘Will’. This should be kept as discreet as it could be. Then I want you to be very discreet when you register it here on the island; in Athens and in Thessaloniki, again I insist very discreetly.’ Sam described precisely what he wanted done.

‘That may cost quit a bit of money Sam; you know what I mean.’ The notary said.

‘That should not be a problem; as the discretion is more important than the money. Make sure that you keep the details of the guys who register them. Do we have a deal, gentleman? If you do it right, you will also get a bonus.’ Sam tried to make sure that they really understood precisely, what he had in mind.

‘Who is going to forge the money?’ The lawyer asked.

‘Does it matter who? You just present the bill and you will be paid; partly in cash. Please don’t ask any more questions.’

‘So it’s agreed.’ The notary said.

‘Be here tomorrow morning with the new write up of the ‘Will’ by nine. Make sure there will be no fucking around.’ Sam again insisted that they will leave no tails.

After they finished their main business, they settled round the dinning table where they just enjoyed a pleasant tasty meal with some eastern taste’s by Padme. They also drank some good wine from Sam’s cellar and some ouzo with the coffee. They talked mostly about the Greek problems, which seems, that instead of being solved they never stopped mounting.

The following morning the new ‘Will’ was signed and a few days later Sam received the confirmation that the whole process was executed to the letter. Prodromos was in the heavens and thanked Sam for everything he had done for him. They nearly had a fight because Sam did not want to accept any money as payment, but he invited Prodromos and his daughter Athena for Christmas as he had done during the previous years.

The end of November arrived and Sam received the expected telephone call from Brigitte, who asked Sam if her planned trip to his villa was still possible. Her plan was that she would arrive on Saturday afternoon and she liked to stay until the following Sunday; quite an interesting sexy holiday Sam thought.

It was on the late afternoon flight of the last Saturday of November when Sam was waiting for Brigitte at the airport, that French beauty who gave him her virginity. As the plane landed on time, he did not wait long. He stayed outside close to his parked SUV as they had agreed during their last communication.

With Sam’s automatic drive Brigitte moved as close as she could, until she was close enough that their bodies were touching. Sam did not object and she even pressed her thigh enough so she could to feel the flowing heat. Her left hand, she put around his back holding him tight, while with the left, she started to feel his already hard as steel manhood; slowly, slowly lowering the zipper.

Sam enjoyed the cuddling but he kept his eyes on the road, making sure they arrive safe and sound at his villa. ‘So it seems you are very hot; no boyfriend back home?’ Sam asked

‘No, not after that incredible fucking adventure with you… it was not easy to find an equivalent.’ Brigitte answered.

‘Why not? I’m sure there are many guys who can queue to pleasure such a beautiful lady like you?’

‘Remember Sam, we are always on the road going from one place to another. Emilie wanted to come too, but she was too busy. She only had a few free days which she is reserving for the Christmas period. Well, she sent her love and she asked me to tell you that she missed you. We both missed you Sam. We just comforted each other. We are sharing a one bedroom flat; you know what I mean.’

‘I think I understand very well what you mean.’ Sam answered as he focused his eyes on the road ahead as he passed a very sexy smile.

They were both hot and the more she hugged him and played with his cock the hotter she became. She had many wet dreams during the last week or while both ladies talked and remembered those hot days at his villa. During the hours they spent dreaming, they used precious time sucking on each other’s hot spots; not to mention fucking each other. They had an array of different toys which Emilie kept hidden in one of her drawers, and which they use when they become too excited.

As they arrived at his villa, Padme was waiting. It was something which on most times she always done, especially when they had fresh arriving guests. She liked guests and during Brigitte’s previous visit, they had become well acquainted.

‘Sam, what time do you like to dine?’ Padme asked after she had welcomed Brigitte with kisses, including lingering on one, as their lips were stuck together.

He looked into Brigitte’s eyes and answered. ‘In an hour’s time, it should be right.’ With that answer Sam and Brigitte walked towards his bedroom. By the time they arrived, most of their clothes were off and what was left was the underwear which they took time to discard. Her intimates covered very little but they were increasing the tension between them.

Brigitte jumped on the bed and Sam followed. She ended on her back and Sam moved next to her with part of his body pressed against her’s. His hard member was pressing against her thigh, pulsating and ready for action. His face was looking down on her’s, with his tongue moving between her lips, licking and playing around in her mouth, sometimes they change.

The heat was growing fast and the more it escalated the more Sam covered her leaking pussy with his right hand. Brigitte moaned and cried even though their mouths were still partially locked. Her legs opened wider and wider making sure Sam will have total access to her hot leaking pussy. A couple of fingers found themselves within her vagina. Pressure on her G-spot from within, sent her into her first strong orgasm of the evening.

‘Fuck me Sam; fuck me… fuck me.’ Brigitte cried as her body trembled on the bed.

Within seconds Sam discarded his briefs, moved around until he was in a sixty-nine position. Brigitte immediately grabbed his hard cock and put most of it in her mouth, while she felt Sam’s help in getting rid of her French knickers. Separating those hot lips and looking deep between the folds, he slowly lowered his mouth and started to lick and suck between the wet folds as more love juice was flowing out and cascading downwards over her shining rosebud.

A couple of fingers entered inside her vagina. Brigitte’s body jumped on the bed as she moaned; but she did not loose his cock out of her mouth. She kept sucking. She wanted to moan and cry. Sam was sending her crazy with those fingers fucking her vagina while with his tongue she was giving a performance she had never enjoyed the like of. His fingers never stopped massaging those hot spots within her vagina. His tongue never retired back, even though every now and then she tried to close her legs. During some moments the orgasms were too strong. She could not contain them; she exploded again into another dramatic orgasm.

At last Sam pulled his mouth and fingers away, while he turned around. He grabbed her legs from beneath her knees, pushing them forward while they opened out like two wings, until they nearly touching her shoulder. The big hard cock he had ready pointing outwards was still covered with a mixture of her saliva and his pre-come. It was ready and waiting to penetrate the incredibly hot Brigitte, who returned back to the island only to be fucked. She wanted to enjoy the pleasures Sam can initiate within her hot sexy body and rekindle the pleasure her body benefited from, during her first visit. With the right techniques Sam really sent her so many times into the heavens.

In the position she was in, Sam managed to grab a cushion and pushed it under her nicely shaped bum. With her lifted vagina he settled on his knees with the head of his manhood set at the entrance of her leaking pussy.

‘Fuck me Sam, fuck me; fuck me pleeeesssssee… Fuck me?’ she shouted while her body was still trembling from a previous orgasm. Sam’s body was not even touching her, except that his thick, rather big cock was already half way within her desirable vaginal tube.

Sam pulled back until it was at the very end of her entrance to her hot furnace. It was on fire. A few short trusts through the opening and her body went wild. She cried and shouted as her body became totally lost in a huge orgasm. She continued to cry and shout while Sam continued to fuck her, lightly at the very opening, where the most sensitive spots of her vagina were situated.

Even though lost into an incredible orgasm, she continued to beg for harder fucking. Sam plunged his dick all the way in, to the hilt. He pressed the head hard against her womb; he held it there stuck in, while her pulsating vagina never stopped.

Another explosion and her vaginal muscles tightened around his hard like steel cock. He tried to pull, but Brigitte held Sam’s cock captive; both of them becoming one body. They both pressed hard against each other until long minutes later, she let her muscles go. Sam pulled his hard cock out and slammed it back again in to the hilt.

Brigitte was too lost into her own lust. Her body was shaking, but no words were flowing out from between her lips. Looking towards her face he could see those lips with that smile of satisfaction as her body continued to wriggle on the bed as his cock continued to move in and out of her vagina.

Sam had stopped counting how any orgasms she been trough, so he decided to enjoy his. He let off the control of his PC muscle whilst he continued to fuck her lightly. It was nothing hard; not until that special moment was approaching. As the first shot of sperm came out of his manhood, it was too close to her womb. He cried a cry of relief. A second shot continued to fill her vagina, not to mention her thirst for hot sex. Before he pulled his cock out of her vagina he gave her a few short shots and then dropped himself on the bed, next to her body. She was still lost in her erotic adventures; maybe she was still in the seventh heaven.

It took her more than some minutes before she started to come out of that last orgasm. At last she opened her eyes and closed them again until her body acquired that special relaxed momentum. Then she moved; turned on her side towards Sam and lifted her head to have a look at Sam’s face as he was relaxing on his back.

‘Fuck Sam; where the hell did you sent me. It was fantastic. It was heavenly. I think this was the best orgasm I ever enjoyed. Did you cum?’ she finally asked.

‘If I didn’t, I could still be fucking you.’ Sam answered.

‘Better not. I feel my pussy already sore.’ She said.

‘So, when it gets big again, I have to fuck your ass!’ He exclaimed.

No fucking way Sam, not today; maybe tomorrow.’ She answered.

‘Why not?’

‘One sore hole is enough.’

‘Does that mean, no more fucking tonight?’

‘Who told you so? You know I still want to fuck again; but maybe not so aggressively.’

Sam said nothing more. They spent the next half hour or more kissing and hugging and sucking on each other’s lips. The temperature had reached high degrees and before they were ready to go and enjoy the dinner which Padme had prepared for the welcome occasion, their sexual hunger had returned.

Brigitte pushed Sam on his back and rode him in a sixty nine position. She got on her knees and within seconds she lowered her pussy over his mouth. Sam, with those hungry eyes open, he was watching as if it was the first time he viewed Brigitte female anatomy. He watched that spectacular and fantastic piece of nature’s architecture, being lowered until some of her running leaking juices dropped straight into his mouth. It was followed by the first scrape of tastier liquids as his tongue passed between those inflamed lips and gathered most of what was stuck there.

He wanted to comment, but his mouth became instantly locked as Brigitte pressed the whole of her pussy against it. Sam complied with her wishes and started to use his tongue. It moved backwards and forwards along her drenched slit, slowly sending shivers of pleasure, while increasing the dose as the seconds passed.

Watching that view, Sam wetted his finger as he inserted it for a moment in her vagina. With it he rubbed her rose bud, before he started to push it into her ass. Brigitte was too lost into her own world of carnal pleasures, to notice where his finger ended. Her mouth was full with Sam’s manhood, again as hard as steel, not to mention the way Sam was licking and sucking between her pouty lips.

Sam knew, that she had noticed what had happened. When she felt his finger crawling inside her ass, her body trembled. She did not react and continued to enjoy, while she tried to satisfy Sam’s hunger for the female pussy.

There were no cries except for the odd moan from Brigitte’s. The action continued until she passed through her first orgasm. She pressed her pouty lips harder, down against Sam’s mouth. She let him suck it while her body continued to erupt. She moaned while still sucking on his cock, but only until she knew that a stronger one was on its way.

She lifted her body of Sam’s giving him another view of her most beautiful pussy. She lowered it back; gave him a few seconds to collect more of her tasty and intoxicating juices before she lifted her body again. Within seconds she turned around and taking Sam’s manhood in her hand and she directed the purple bulbous head against her wet hot slit.

Brigitte’s pussy descended slowly, stretching her insides as slowly as she could. Then she started to feel her vaginal tube being filled. She felt that beautiful truncheon filled with red hot blood against the entrance to her womb. It hardened more as it was fully embedded within the walls of her portal of procreation.

Then Brigitte relaxed her body while she put all her weight on his groin. Her breasts with those hard elongated nipples were pressed against Sam’s chest. Her eyes where shinning as she was watching Sam face, waiting to please her hot body. Waves of fire she felt as he continued to focus his eyes on hers.

No words were uttered except the moving hot blood within their own bodies and the pulsating hard cock. Sam had it all the way deeply within the drenched walls of her vagina. Brigitte started to lift herself as she started to fuck herself slowly or better making love to herself. The way the head of his hard cock moved between the very entrance of her portal of love and into the very depth within, was sending her wild.

But even though the pleasures of the flesh continued to multiply, she continued doing what she was really enjoying. The wilder Brigitte continued to fuck herself the wilder her body’s reactions were. There was stopping from her end, not at least until she started to cry and shout as she hugged him to her and kissed any part of his body wherever her lips where. Sam was stunned at how hot she became. He lifted his legs and crossed them across her well shaped bums whilst he pressed her body against his. His hard meat was totally caught as deep as it could, within the confines of her pulsating vagina.

They stayed like that without any reaction, except for Brigitte’s light movements which she could not control. She was locked with Sam’s legs pressing her body hard against his. She could not move. Sam was holding her captive, both with his hands around her upper back while his cock wanted to explode again.

She was still shacking under the influence of her latest orgasm but slowly she may be back. At last her body started to relax but as soon as she came back she was asleep. Sam could not feel any movements, except her breath and the heavy weight of her body on top of his. He did not do anything to bring her back, just he relaxed a little bit the pressure his legs were forcing on her lower body. He waited while trying to bear the weight.

About ten minutes later she woke with a bang: ‘Where am I? Where have I been?’ More questions were asked until Sam undid his hands and his legs and let her fall on her side.

Sam was quick to lift himself up, and as soon as she was about to open her mouth he pressed his against hers’. He kissed her lightly and pulled away watching her shinning eyes with tears crawling down.

‘What happened, Sam?’ she asked.

‘Just relax. You had done amazingly well. Maybe it’s time we go and enjoy the dinner that Padme had prepared.’ She smiled and without saying or asking anything they walked towards the dinning room both dressed in housecoats.

They took time dinning and talking about Brigitte’s travels and experiences. They enjoyed a few laughs and they did not stay awake for long, as all were too tired.

During the rest of the days she planned to spend at his villa she enjoyed nothing more than hot sex which she had purposely came for.

The rest of Brigitte’s stay was a happy one. She had a great character, loved the outdoor life and most of all, she enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh. The rest of the days passed quickly, even though they did not go anywhere, except for a trip round the perimeter of the island. Being an inland girl she very rarely enjoyed the beauty of the sea, especially if there were strong winds blowing and huge waves breaking against the rocks.

They made love once or twice a day. On the second day during a midday nap, Sam fucked her up her ass and it repeated itself the night before she was going to fly back home; when she begged him, to fuck her again there. She loved his big cock stretching the interior of her tight back hole.

It was Sunday morning when Sam drove her to the airport on the way back home. With tears in her eyes, knowing that she will not be back to the villa, she hugged him and thanked him for that fantastic relaxing week, which she had spent as Sam’s guest. Padme had taught her many new things about the pleasures of the flesh and she had collected a lot of experience and ideas on what to teach a future boyfriend, unless he will be someone who he thinks he knows how to stick his hard meat in and out a few times and……….?

At the beginning of the second week of December Sam flew to Athens. It was Sunday. Olympia and Diana were waiting for him and as soon as he arrived he was welcomed by the two insatiable women. Both took him to bed, took off his clothes and after giving him a quick massage they rode him.

Diana lowered her pussy over his mouth whilst Olympia filled her pussy with his hard cock. While they were enjoying themselves, fucking, Olympia recounted parts of the story how she seduced him on the boat.

(Go to Sam’s Story “On the Boat part 1″).

They made love, naturally enjoying the pleasures while satisfying their flesh. After they enjoyed a good fucking, Sam wanted to know something about their recent sexual adventures.

Olympia explained about the recent activities since they returned back to university studies. They were treating about half a dozen or so persons, mostly males to a massage every week. One night a week they go out on the town, meet the guys they made an appointment with. They entertained just one each and which left them with enough income every week, or rather more than what the average worker earns.

‘So you are happy with the present situation?’ Sam asked.

‘Let’s say we are very happy. Whenever a week comes by and we do one less we feel even happier.’ Diana explained and continued. ‘You remember, I once mentioned a certain George.’

‘Yes, I thing I remember. Does he still; come over?’ Sam asked.

‘Very rarely; but I believe I had told you that he is from a big business family with big money.’ Diana explained.

‘Yes I believe you did.’ Sam answered.

‘Well the family seem to own one of those huge villas away in the hills, and about once a month they organise a family and friends meetings. Members of the family start arriving Friday night and stay there until late Sunday night.’

‘Yes I believe I had heard something about such activities, but I never was, or better, my family never was part of those families. We weren’t rich enough.’ Sam answered.

‘One Friday afternoon George called us and told us that his driver was going to pick us up the next morning and take us for a ride to the country side were we will spend the day and the following day before returning back Sunday. The following day we were picked up about seven in the morning. We arrived sometime after nine and been back late at night on Sunday, with a number of sealed envelopes.’

‘It must had been a very adventurous weekend. Well I had heard about those organisations, which organise orgies; were anything goes, including incest between members of the families. How much did the envelopes contain when you counted everything?’ Sam finally asked.

‘There were enough thousands.’ Diana said.

‘So you had been fucked quite a few times?’ Sam asked.

‘Yes and no Sam. We enjoyed it but I think we can say that most people loved the body massages especially the women. I was even fucked by an eighty you old grandfather. So we had enjoyed some different experiences.’ Diana lightly mentioned some of their experiences.

‘How many times a month, do you attend such gatherings?’ Sam curiously asked.

‘Once a month we can say. We only attended twice in September. Since then it was just once a month. For us it’s perfect.’ Olympia answered.

After that they talked about finances, investments etc. Sam was happy with their performances and he spent the rest of the week together with the ladies when he was not attending the organised Christmas drinks and other once a year obligations.

The ladies were happy with Sam around, although with his busy schedule and their university obligations they did not see much of each other, although as soon as they heard him coming, they crawled into his bedroom to enjoy some of what Sam naturally had to offer.

Saturday morning Sam said his goodbyes followed by Christmas greeting and a more successful new year. Watched by Diana and Olympia, he rode in the waiting taxi on to his next destination, Kifisja. There, on arrival he went straight to visit the new apartment which he had chosen in exchange of the one in Glyfada. With the change of the airport site Kifisja was more convenient for Sam to stay at.

When he arrived he took a look at the site where the whole of seventy two luxurious and spacious apartments were built on six floors. They were situated on the east end on a huge plot of land with another seventy two on the western end. Not so far from Kifisja centre, they looked incredibly adorable. Sam took a second look at the finishing of the first seventy two and then walked towards the west; were the others were built.

Between the two blocks there was a big empty space which was utilized for the use of entertaining and relaxing facilities such as a swimming pool for summer; Tennis court and around them a well groomed garden. Underneath part of the garden area, there was a complete indoor gymnasium, heated swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, not to mention that under the two blocks there was more than enough parking spaces for at least two cars per apartment.

Most of the apartments had been sold before the actual building had even started and he was informed that except for the two apartments he had booked for himself, of which one for a dear heart.

Sam’s chosen apartment was on the sixth floor of the Western Block and on the southern side, with fantastic views. The one for a dear friend was again on the sixth floor of the Eastern Block but on the front, overlooking at the centre of Kifisja.

Sam was very happy with the new apartment, which he can use from that day onwards when he will be in Athens. Stay in Kifisja rather than in Glyfada, made him more relaxed. At least he got rid of Dimitra and her hassling to fuck her. He had sent her the payment that he owed her and also a bonus so that she will keep away from him. Workers from his company under Alexia’s attention took what she thought Sam needed from the old apartment before they changed the locks and that was the final for the Glyfada apartment.

As he walked towards his apartment Sam was mesmerised with the beauty and the fresh feelings of Kifisja. He walked towards the Western Block until he found the main door, looking to the west. It was in the middle with three apartments to the right and three to the left. The key he was given opened the main door and came into a small hall where the elevator was waiting with the doors open.

Most of the apartments were still being furnished, although the plastering and the painting had been finished months earlier. Within seconds Sam was walking through the corridor of the sixth floor towards the southern end where at last he ended infront of the last door on the right. At the end of the corridor there was also a window from which light entered.

As he opened the door of his new apartment; there it was, ready with everything. Within seconds he made a tour of the apartment, leaving the bedrooms to the last. When he entered the main bedroom he marvelled with that huge queen bed ready to be used; but stretched on her back on the middle of the mattress, there was none other than the naked Alexia waiting and ready to be fucked.

‘Welcome Sam. Do you like what you see?’ She asked as she pulled her legs towards her body while opening them wide open, giving Sam that welcome feeling.

‘Better not ask. I am rather in a hurry, but I like a taste before I leave. I hope that you had not been waiting for so long, as I assume. At what time did you arrive? He asked.

She never answered; she just tried to be more seductive. She knew Sam well and she was sure he was not going to disappoint. Their eyes were locked as Sam started to open the button on his trousers. She had been waiting for that moment from days ahead. She was well informed about his movements and when he had arrived in Athens. She kept her secret contacts active until she was informed that he had left Kollonaki for Kifisia.

Sam just tore his clothes off, and within seconds his mouth tasted the juices which had been flowing from the inside of Alexia’s hot wet pussy. Since that morning from the moment she woke up she never stopped dreaming about when Sam will arrive. It was after lunch when she was informed about Sam’s movements. She did not had to wait so long until she heard the key turning and the door open. His mammoth hard cock with blood flowing through the exposed veins was ready to penetrate anything, not to mention Alexia’s tight pussy.

Sam crawled on top of Alexia body resting his knees on the bed between her wide open legs. He lowered himself until he was in a position to connect his lips with hers while pointing the head of his hard cock at her waiting vaginal opening. Natural lubricating liquids were flowing as he pushed the head of his hard cock slowly all the way from the moment it found the entrance up to her portal of love. He held it for a few seconds before he pulled it all the way out, but not enough. The head he pushed it in slowly until only the bulbous head was in. He gave her a few short strokes, just moving the head in and out through the opening. Her body trembled, her eyes closed and the first orgasm had hit her hard. She had already enjoyed a couple of orgasms earlier on as she had masturbated herself, while waiting for Sam to arrive.

‘Fuck me slowly Sam. Slowly Sam: Yessss ; yessss.’ She cried and moaned while Sam continued to fuck her slowly. She was so wet and hot; Sam wondered how many times she had rubbed her clitoris, while anxiously waiting for him.

With her body trembling underneath Sam’s, she was lost into another strong orgasm. Sam banged his hard cock as deep as he could, push it until he slammed it against her womb. Alexia cried and shouted while she tried to lift her ass off the mattress to help Sam’s cock go deeper and deeper. ‘Yyessss Sam fuck me … fuck meeeee. Haaarrderr Sammm… Fuck me harder… harder… haaardeerrr.’

Sam continued to fuck her while increasing the speed as she continued to ask for more. At last she exploded. She came and came as Sam continued to pump his cock in and out in the very depths of her portal of love. Juices continued to flow as Sam continued to make love to her. He did not stop, not until she begged him to do so. She was exhausted. She wanted more, but she could not take it. Her last orgasm was at the very high level she could endure.

Long minutes passed. Sam’s cock was still jammed inside her body, still pulsating. He wanted to pull his hard meat out of her vagina but it was still held a prisoner as her tight vaginal muscles did not relax. Sam; then pressed deeper but she did nothing to relieve his cock. She presses harder as her orgasms continued to dominate her hungry body. At last a cry came out and she stretched herself on the bed, eyes still closed; but totally relaxed. Her legs were still wide open, her vagina still filled with Sam’s masterpiece; love juice was stuck along her inner thighs. Sam pulled his cock out of her vagina with more love juice which trickled out of her pussy and on to the mattress.

‘Thanks Sam; that was fantastic.’ Alexia smiled as she whispered the words of thanks. She was still partly lost under the influence of that marathon fuck, lost and tired.

Sam looked between her legs. The hot mixture of cum and love juice was still leaking. His face crawled closer towards her vaginal slit, mesmerised with the beauty of those pulsating swollen lips. Her heart was still pounding while Sam scraped his tongue between the lips collecting some of the tasty cocktail.

Alexia, as she felt his tongue passing between the folds she jumped on the bed, pushing her ass upwards. There was a shocking earthquake within her body as the tongue moved forward and backward, getting deeper until it settled at the very entrance.

As he enjoyed the taste, he teased her a few times more, enjoying the scene and the way her body was reacting. She was hot and she was one of the last virgins Sam had deflowered.

‘Did you enjoy it?’ Sam asked.

‘You know I did, and sure you knew I even had been masturbating while waiting for your arrival.’

‘Did you do what; you naughty lady!’ Sam exclaimed.

‘Every time I hear your name I always get wet. You were the only one who thought me so much. Anyway Sam; have you seen the other apartment?’ She asked.

‘Not yet; but after I have a look at this one, I will certainly go and visit.’ Sam answered. At that moment he kissed her while again he sent his dick back between the folds. He was relaxed, so he gave her a quick hard fuck, which as quick she was back into the heavens.

‘Sam stoop. Stop.’ She cried but Sam did not comply. He continued to fuck her hard, harder until she tried to push him away. Another orgasm took over her body. She lifted her legs and tightened them around his bums while she pressed him deeper and deeper inside his body, holding his cock a prisoner inside her own pulsating vagina.

She cried and cried as Sam continued to fuck her. She seemed to want more and more as Sam’s hard truncheon was moving back and fort within her totally drenched interior, of her portal of love. She kept her interior muscles tight while he continued to bang her. Moans and cries dominated the bedroom as Sam put her through to another heavenly atmosphere.

His cock stayed jammed against her womb until she started to come back. ‘Thannkkss.’ She moaned while she was still under the influence of that last orgasm. It took her more minutes before she wondered where she had been.

At last she looked relaxed. She started to get off the bed and looked around the room. She still felt lousy although satisfied. Slowly she stood up and walked towards the bathroom where she washed her face. She really wanted a shower, but decided against. As she walked back towards the bedroom she noticed that there was love juice dribbling against her inner thighs. As she lay back on the bed she looked at Sam with a smile. He immediately got back kneeling between her legs.

‘I never enjoyed such aggressive orgasms, not even during that first time when you fucked my cherry.’ She declared.

‘So you moved a bit around since I took your cherry?’ Sam asked.

‘Ohhh! I did not tell you, that I have a boyfriend.’

‘Congratulations.’ Sam answered. ‘Now you need to train him.’

‘That’s not a bad idea, But…’

‘But… you can take him to Diana or Olympia. They know the way on how to train him so he will not to cum so quickly.’ Sam answered.

‘I hope the young lady would love the decor.’ Alexia cut him off. ‘All the furnishings I had put in, not to mention the kitchen with all the utensils and whatever she may need, I think that this young lady, must be a very dear one.’ Alexia explained trying to vie the subject away, even though she had already started to think.

Sam was still resting his body on his hands and knees with the head of his manhood still nicely resting between the folds of her vaginal lips. A slight push forward and the head ended again deeply hidden inside her portal of love.

Sam fucked her again, that probably being the last time he was going to fuck her. He fucked wildly, crazy, until she begged him to stop. From one orgasm into another her body was totally on fire. While enjoying the pleasures which Sam had awakened within her flowing blood, she cried and begged him to stop. Sam continued to fuck her, until he knew that the whole of her body was writhing on the bed. Her eyes were closed while her cries never stopped. Not only that, but she asked for more.

Watching her totally lost in her sexual needs, Sam pulled away from between her legs and walked into one of the bathrooms to relieve himself. Then he went back to the bedroom where she was stretched on her back still lost in the aftermath. He did not want to smell nothing more than a just fucked whore. So as silent as he could be, he shocked her as she felt his tongue moving along her swollen vaginal lips. She trembled. She lifted her ass upwards, pressing her pussy harder against his lips. Another orgasm and he pulled his lips away.

‘Do you want to join me in the shower?’ he asked as he walked towards the bathroom.

‘You must be meeting somebody special Sam?’ Alexia asked as she joined him in the shower.

‘Well how about you? Have you been satisfied; I mean sexually?’

‘Thanks Sam; that was wonderful. As a matter of fact, better than I expected.’ Alexia answered.

Alexia knew that Sam was not going to give her any information. She had already tried, and it seemed that the future owner of the other flat was a well kept secret. Only Sam knew who was going to be the lucky lady. “Maybe one day I may find out.” She pryingly thought.

As soon as Alexia was away, Sam took a good another look at all the rooms, analyzing the materials used and as much as, the quality of the furnishings. He was enthralled with the way the apartment was decorated, especially the bedrooms. He went round all the rooms for a couple of times, and then he lay back on the bed and rested for about half an hour.

When he woke up he called Lydia. ‘Hi dad, how are you?’ Lydia watched her father’s number on the monitor of her mobile.

‘Great, where are you?’

‘I was about to go out. What about you?’ Lydia asked.

‘I’m in Kifisia. Where is mum?’ Sam asked.

‘I don’t really know. She went off for the day. I think she is visiting friends as she also took my little sister.’ Lydia answered.

‘Are you alone?’ Sam asked.

‘Yes, as at this moment I am. My brother is away with his friends.’

‘That’s great. Lydia, do you know where those new apartments are?’ Sam asked.

‘You mean those two huge blocks to the north of Kifisia?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes exactly those. Come over… I will be waiting for you near the eastern block.’

It did not take Lydia long, before she arrived. A taxi just stopped by and she alighted she passed the payment to the driver plus leaving the change as a tip. She turned around looking until by the time the taxi was away, she noticed that Sam, her biological dad was waiting close to the boundary.

She put her hands around his neck after she had checked, for whom he was waiting. She kissed him hard on his lips, before she asked him how long he had been in Kifisia. Sam gave her no answer except that he asked her to go along with him. They walked silently towards the main door and in no time they were in the corridor of the sixth floor.

Lydia did not stop looking around, speechless at the way everything was decorated. She had not yet seen the inside of the apartment. She was wondering and curiously she asked. ‘What are we doing here, dad? Are we going to fuck?’

‘You have always been naughty… hemmm.’

‘Like father, like daughter!’ She exclaimed.

Sam, with the key in his hand, he was ready to open, but made no comments to counter her last statement; maybe she was right. He gave her no satisfaction, except that he unlocked the last apartment on the eastern side. Lydia was pressing her hot sexy body against him. She continued to press him against the door. ‘Are the owners of this apartment living here, dad?’ She asked.

‘I don’t think there are any yet, but sure, soon there will be.’ Sam answered. Lydia pressed her body harder against his as her blood started to boil. One of her hands crawled down and there she found his hard manhood, which it did not seem he could control. From the moment he watched Lydia alighting from the back seat of the taxi, his manhood jumped as she opened her legs, giving Sam a quick view. Sam watched her and from a few meters away he saw her skirt flying with her legs open as she deliberately lifted the skirt.

‘Is this little boy waiting for me, dad?’ She asked as she heard the lock of the door move.

Sam was first in. He switched on the main switch and then started to light the area beyond the entrance. Lydia jumped in. She was looking around trying to evaluate what was around her. She flew from one room to another, jumping and crying words of astonishment. She did not stop but she continued to devour the beauty of the whole set up.

She was fascinated, captivated. There were no words to describe her feelings; at least not until at last they met in the rather spacious kitchen which was close to the dinning room. It was at the back of the apartment; in that case it was in the right position as the sun rises straight into the dining room. Beyond the kitchen and the dining room there was a rather large space which was not roofed and would serve for many different possibilities, including nude sun bathing.

‘This apartment must cost a lot of money dad, how much?’ She asked.

‘Two much sweetie; you will never afford it.’ Sam immediately broke her heart.

‘Dad… I’m too hot; I want you to make love to me… or fuck me if you like.’

‘Are you sure you’re in the fucking mood?’ Sam asked, even though he was as hot and ready to fuck her as much she was ready to be fucked.

‘I know you don’t want to check me out. The state of your hard cock is enough evidence, that it really needs my pussy.’ Lydia was not in the mood to take no for an answer. She pulled dad behind her towards the main bedroom and started to take her clothes off. As she got naked, she pulled the bedcovers towards the back. The bed was ready to lay down on it with legs wide open, waiting for Sam to come and stick his cock inside her red hot wet pussy.

‘Dad I don’t care to whom this bed belongs. Just fuck me.’ She cried.

Dad followed suit and in no time they were entwined together eating each other as the heated blood was flowing through their veins. From that moment they were introduced, he always loved to fuck Lydia. That first moment when he saw her coming off the gangway on the boat, his heart clicked. He liked her and he wanted her. (Check “On the Boat” Episode 1-3) A day or so later he found out whom she was and so she found out that Sam was really the man she was searching for; that runaway uncle whom she heard so much and never met.

Entwined together on the bed, totally lost in their carnal desires, her body became so hot that it was like a wild fire, especially when he stuck his hard cock deep inside the depths of her vagina. She moaned and cried as she felt that truncheon stretching her inside as it continued to be pushed inside as she continued to lower her body. While she was on top she fucked herself, riding on his hard cock as it piston in and out. A few times she lost it and she grabbed it back and inserted it back again into her portal of love.

There seemed to be no stopping. They turned around with sometimes dad on top banging his hard cock into the depth of his daughter’s vagina. Orgasms within Lydia’s body never seemed to stop. They changed positions until they were so lost, that in the end Sam ended on his back with Lydia’s pussy stuck to his mouth. Love juice never stopped flowing out of her vagina, while Sam’s cock was deep inside her throat ready to explode.

Only a few seconds more were needed before the first salvo hit the real inside of her throat. It was followed by a second and a third. Lydia drank the whole lot while she wondered what was happening as her body was still under the influence of her latest orgasm.

At last she turned on her back and rested. Her body was still trembling. Love juice was still flowing, and there was a small puddle between her legs on the bed covers. Sam moved next to her and with his eyes focused on hers, he devoured her beauty. He waited; he never turned his eyes away from her’s. They were watching that beauty which that young woman was adorned with. She was full of life and sexual desires. The last half an hour was not a dream, but none other than bodily pleasures at their best. One orgasm after another had engulfed their bodies which finally had satisfied some of their sexual hunger for each other; even though Sam was not so happy about such sexual encounters; fucking his own flesh and blood. It was enough that he had to run away from his sister.

‘Sam, where are we now. I’m hungry.’

Definitely there was nothing there to eat. The place was cleaned and put in order in the last days before Sam was about to visit Athens. At least he found what he had planned in the back of his brain.

‘I think we should wash out our sexy smells and go out and get some food.’ Lydia insisted what they should do. It was already late afternoon and Sam was not due to fly back home until the next day; Sunday. Therefore he suggested they will go out and eat something.

Lydia liked the idea and soon she picked her mobile and called her mum. Sam was shocked when he heard Lydia talking to her mother and more, when he heard her telling her mum; that she was sleeping at at friend’s house.

Both of them naked they entered the shower and even though the water was not so hot they soaped each other before they opened the water to let off all the smell of sex from their bodies.

‘The water was rather cold, so it could be better if you switch on the geyser. We may need more hot water later on.’ Lydia said as she was already dreaming about what was going to happen when they return back. She was far from satisfied.

They went out and walked towards a good tavern on the outskirts of the centre. Most of the tables were situated under a canopy of evergreen trees with coloured lights hanging from the branches. Lydia chose a side table even though it was early. The restaurant was mostly empty with only three or four other tables occupied.

They ordered a variety of small fish dishes together with a bottle of Italian white wine. As the food arrived they stopped their rather gossip talking. They talked about university, family and some more about Sam’s adventures during his university days.

Lydia was always curious about her father’s sexual adventures, especially during his younger days, but she had started to wonder if she can convince her father to give her a key to that posh apartment. It would be ideal, she thought by using it as an escape; it would be a great place where she can fuck or get fucked. Every time she was about to ask, she backed off. She knew that her mum would not be happy if she will go and live on her own. She was her most beloved, although she was crazy about her other two teenaged kids.

‘I hope you don’t mind, me spending the night with you?’ Lydia whispered as she bent her head towards, where Sam’s ear was. The clients were increasing and more tables had been occupied, since the food started coming.

‘Why should I? I know you always enjoyed the action provided by the two of us; but I think it would a very wise decision if you find your own man.’

‘But what if you get jealous?’ She teasingly asked.

‘I never do such a thing; you know that. We are family sweetie; and I will be proud of you, if you have your own man.’ Dad insisted.

‘I will try. Up to now I did not find the right man; but I never tried hard enough. Probably I was relying too much on our sexual adventures. The atmosphere at home is not right with two teenagers roaming around, trying to find out what I do… you know what I mean.’

‘Remember mum loves you a lot.’ Sam said.

‘I know dad and you know why. So don’t ask such questions; again.’ Sam gave her a fatherly loving look. Then the dessert arrived… nothing special, but a rather big plate of fresh fruit with an ice-cream in the middle.

Lydia never stopped looking into her father’s eyes. He knew she was hot and he knew as much, that as soon as they get back into the apartment, she was going to devour him. Between her legs the leaking juices never stopped. She knew that they were going to continue to leak once Sam was close by. She knew she was going to be totally wet, so before they left the apartment, when she went to the bathroom to relief herself, she found a small towel or rather a facecloth, and stuck it between her legs, against her leaking pussy.

Before they were back at the apartment they stopped to buy some necessities for the next morning’s breakfast. As Sam opened the apartment’s door Lydia fully excited, made another tour and went from one room into another. She examined every item and every corner. The decor and the way the whole apartment was furnished, Lydia thought it could fit a rather young queen and not a male.

She made no comments. She was so hot that immediately she ended her tour to every room and every corner more than three times. She devoured its beauty and it’s the comfort. She felt like she wanted to press her pussy against her dad’s mouth and enjoy some awesome orgasms. She even became jealous, dreaming about who may be the lucky one, who will own that apartment. She wondered many times over and over who was going to live in it; in such luxury.

Lost in her dreams she walked towards the bedroom, thinking, if she would have another possibility to be fucked again on that bed. She looked again as she made a three hundred and sixty degrees turn, examining every detail there was in that bedroom. Between her legs the heat never gave up. Smelly, the intoxicating smelly love juices continued to collect between her legs. She even wondered if Sam will be still active enough to cleanse her up, by sucking all of that, collected cocktail; and send her back into heavenly bliss.

Before she started to take her clothes off as seductively as she could, she took another look at the still crumbled bedcovers wondering how satisfying the hot sex was. Sam was there in the doorway watching her. At last she started to make a total turn, exposing her beautiful breasts to Sam’s delight before she stopped infront of him. Then she continued to turn, while she continued to remove the last piece, which were her panties. She did it in a very seductive way with her back towards her dad. Seductively she bent forward, her fingers already inside the waist band of her briefs. The more she bent, the more she exposed her ass to Sam’s adorable eyes, until her panties were down around her ankles. Her pussy barely exposed.

She took her time. Sam noticed the white facecloth was falling slowly as she lifted one leg to clear her panties; purposely she continued to lift it further and higher. As the little towel fell to the floor her pouty lips slightly separated. She gave Sam another very seductive picture of his naughty daughter’s hot waiting pussy.

“Fucking bitch! She’s more than a fucking bitch.” Sam thought as he wondered if she was the same breed like her mother.

Changing legs and lifting the other one, gave Sam another flash of her pouty lips. Naturally, she was totally desirable as much as her mother always were. She was also as seductive. Sam was wondering what she will be after; after she got rid of her panties.

‘I like to have a respectful woman and not a fucking whore. Sex is for the pleasure and relaxation of the flesh; so don’t dishonour your body.’ Sam gave her a little lesson which at that particular moment she was not expecting it.

Lydia did not answer, but she lay down on the bed, resting on her side, with her pussy hidden between her legs. He gave her a look with a sweet smile; then he took all his clothes off and laid himself next to her on the bed, not forgetting to collect her briefs and the facecloth from the floor. He sniffed them as he squeezed the sex juices out of them. They were both drenched.

‘Do you like my pussy smell dad; or you prefer the taste?’ She seductively asked.

‘Do you want to make love again, sweetie?’ Sam asked.

‘I love to, if you still like to pleasure me. You know I will never reject you.’ She answered. ‘Sorry dad if I done something you did not like; maybe I haven’t learnt some of the most important things, yet.’

The evening was young even though the day had been long. Lydia wanted that place so much; so much that many times she was about to ask. She thought it will be an ideal hideaway. She knew she could not fuck at home. She hated to fuck on the back seat of a car; but she could not dare ask. She became worried as she could not think of an alternative.

As the hours passed, she became rather tense. Her uncle if his decision will be in the negative; she knew he will never change his mind.

No more words were said. Sam moved between her legs and she settled on her back and opened them wide open. On the first touch of his tongue the heat started to increase while his tongue again hit her clit. Lydia jumped on the first touch. As the heat increased she lifted her arse off the pillow and with her hands pressed his mouth hard against her pussy. She moaned and cried as her body exploded especially when Sam started to suck on her clitoris. Her dream of obtaining the key of such a property made her hotter and hotter. She could not believe how lucky she will be if Sam will give her a key.

Sam did not stop. He stuck a couple of fingers into her vagina, massaging her G-spot. Then he attacked her clitories massaging both hot spots simultaneously. The orgasms exploded together one after the other. Lydia was wriggling on the bed while moans of pleasure never stopped flowing from between her lips.

She continued to press her pussy harder against his mouth while on many occasions she closed her legs tight, even lifting a leg and turn it around the back on his neck. Sam tried to escape but the more the stronger the intensity of her orgasms increased, the wilder she became.

Sam was about to explode, too. He became worried as he did not want to make a mess on the fresh new bed covers. He wanted out. Lydia was shouting; ‘fuck me dad; fucccckkkk mmmeeee. Fuck me dad fuuuccccccmmmeee.’ She never topped shouting. Sam continued fighting to get away and put his hard cock to better use; deep inside any of her desirable waiting holes.

At last he managed to push his head forward until his hard member was a few centimetres away from her vaginal entrance. He took it in his hand and slowly guided his ready to explode manhood towards the entrance of her portal of love. He moved forward enough until the head settled against the opening. It was then that he pulled his PC muscle just enough to hold his cock from exploding. Saving himself from blowing his load, he pushed it all the way inside, until the little oval slit pressed against her womb.

Lydia pushed her pussy harder against Sam’s pelvic area while she continued to moan and cry. ‘Fuck me dad; fuck me; fuck me harder; harder dad… harder.’

Most of times, Lydia was in the heavens. The way her father fucked her was always the best. She liked the way he banged his cock deep within her vaginal tube. She started to think about what her dad had said. How is she going to find a better guy to give her the same type of pleasures?

She relaxed and took the last opportunity to enjoy herself. She again immersed herself into the next orgasm and forgot all about the future. “Now was the future.”

Sam fucked her rather slowly. His hard cock was moving forwards and backwards inside her hot volcano while he continued to fuck her. Just making slow love to her; it was something which she was really enjoying. She was in the heavens going through from one orgasm after another. Sam did not stop. He rather gone a bit faster, sometimes he was too slow. It did not make any difference to Lydia, the importance was once her body was totally over taken; nothing can stop it.

Being too long on her back; she made a quick unexpected move. She pushed Sam until he was on his back and without any ceremonies, she straddled him. There they were lying down on the bed. She took a good sexy look at his face before she took his hard cock and with it she filled her empty hungry pussy, again. They fucked a few more times making each other crazy. It was a great time and they stayed at it; changing positions every now and then, until they could not do it anymore. That was the moment when she turned round, sucked him until he emptied his balls one shot after another down her throat. Lydia loved every drop and although she was too tired; just the same before she lay down to sleep, she licked him clean.

They were too tired to do anything more. Lydia lay down close to her dad where they hugged each other as they kissed each other, good night, expecting happy dreams.

They slept in each other’s arms enjoying the freshness and the comfort of that queen bed. They dreamed and relaxed, not waking up until after nine the next morning. They made love one more time after they had relieved their bladders, and later prepared breakfast.

They took their time enjoying their home made breakfast which Sam had prepared. They talked about many things, especially how she was going to find a great man whom she hoped she will love and who will love her back.

‘At what time will you be leaving dad?’ Lydia asked.

‘Probably, it will be sometime after two in the afternoon.’ Sam answered.

‘Dad, I’m going to seriously miss you… honestly. There is going to be a void in my life.’

‘Lydia my dear; you are not a girl anymore, you are a woman with lots of talent. You learned a lot… use it?’

She shook her head and looked into his eyes. A couple of tears escaped from her eyes. She was lost. She was not expecting to loose her father’s/uncle’s love or better, that so fond intimacy which was built between them. She became so sad that she was about to start crying.

‘Relax sweetie. Your future looks much brighter than you think. Before we make love for the last time…’ Sam teased. ‘There is something we have to do; but not to forget. This is the last time we do such things…’ Lydia was ready to say something and complain: but she thought better if she keeps her mouth shut. Her words were already on her lips… but she was disappointed. There was anger in her eyes. She could not control her emotions.

‘Don’t be disappointed sweetie; it’s time you start searching for your own man, someone who is ready to love you and you love him, too. Please don’t follow in your dad’s way of living. You are a woman, and most times women have different agendas. Men are different. For them hooking a woman is a challenge. In the long run, you may be disappointed.’

Sam waited for her reaction while he watched her get off the chair and walk behind him. Sam waited until she stood up rather decently and together they walked to one of the smaller rooms into which she did not enter earlier as it was still locked. When Sam opened the room, Lydia followed, but she could not make out the way it was furnished; nothing more than a study for a young lady. It was a fantastic place where one would spend hours working for the future. There was a spacious desk; some cupboards and more hanging against the wall, were books can be stored but easily accessible.

There were two chairs. Sam sat on one with a document waiting in front of him on the desk ready for some more signatures. Lydia did not speak. Her eyes were shinning while studying every detail of this small study. She wondered who was going to be the lucky one who will be using it. Jealousy started to make its toll as her dad sat quietly, playing with papers of the mentioned document until he asked her to sit next to him.

As she sat down, Sam turned towards her while he opened the last page of the first set of papers clipped together, hiding most of the text.

‘Please don’t ask any questions just do as you are asked. Take the pen and sign your full signature on the line were you name is written.’ He was her dad and she trusted him; so she done, with closed eyes what she was asked to do. Signatures were needed on at the bottom of all the previous pages where other signatures were already there. The same was repeated on another four authentic copies of the same document.

When she finished she looked at her dad and with a smile he said. ‘Do you know what you have signed for?’

‘Whatever it was I don’t care, dad. I trust you.’ She said as she gave him a hug and a daughter’s kiss.

‘Thanks sweetie. What you signed must be kept a secret, especially from your mum… your dad and everybody else. Nobody should know…’

‘But dad!’ She nearly cried. ‘How should I tell something I know nothing about, except that I just put my signature on a few papers? I believe I have to trust my dad. You always treated me… with respect.’ She answered.

‘If we agreed on those conditions I just mentioned, then I will tell you the good news.’ Lydia opened her eyes and her ears. She knew that her dad brought her something, maybe a Christmas present; something which she may never thought of.

‘Don’t cry… do you understand; don’t cry… This apartment is yours.’ He said.

‘Whatttt.’ She fell in his arms and hugged him while she cried and cried with such happy feelings. She could not utter a word. Minutes passed and there, her hands were still around him, hugging him and crying with satisfaction.

At last she started to accept the fantastic news. ‘Sorry dad… I have no words to thank you. What I’m going to tell mum.’

‘Nothing; just not a word that it’s yours, not to anyone except on the day before you marry, tell your future husband, that the apartment is yours. Tell your mother that your uncle has rented this apartment to you, and you have to pay only forty Euros a month. Don’t tell her it’s yours, because sure she will kill me.’

‘She will never do that, dad. She will never forget the days when she used to beg you, so you will fuck her. She loves you so much… too much, remember that dad.’

‘Three of these documents I have to take with me. The fourth one is for you to keep. After I leave you may read it. When you finish, you lock it in the safe which is hidden in one of the rooms. I will show where and how to set the code.’ Sam explained.

‘Can I show this apartment to my mum?’ Lydia asked.

‘No problem. You can bring friends, a boyfriend whoever you want, your mum, dad. Do you have a boyfriend?’

‘Well, no not yet. I tried a couple, but you know they are too pretentious. They expected they are, you know, Greek gods.’

‘Did you fuck?’

‘No way dad; I’m not going to let them fuck me before I get to know them well. I would never allow myself to be called a whore. First I want to know the guy; somewhat.’

‘You may be right.’ Sam answered not forgetting his days at Thessaloniki.

‘Ohh dad… ooohhh dad. I wish I can thank you hundreds of times. You know I love you dad. I always wanted to get to know you better. Many times Mum had talked about you. She missed you a lot. Don’t tell mum; once she told me about some of the stories there were roaming around the university; nothing more than a naughty bother. She tried to hide the details but then after I insisted, she told me a few of what was roaming around. Then I really wanted to find you, find out whom you really are and if you, was still a naughty man. Olympia’s help and the research she under took was crucial, so at last I had you in my arms. I still could not accept that you were the one who took my cherry.’

Lydia continued; ‘I’m sure that you remember when you came up to the canteen when we were “ON THE BOAT”. After Olympia came up with the news, which she whisperly shared with us; she told us that she was fucked my Sam. Everybody was shocked, but the worst happened; when you chose Diana to accompany you to your cabin. That shocked everybody. We knew that Diana was a still a virgin; especially when Olympia told us, how big you were; you know what.’

(Chapter 1-2 ON THE BOAT)

‘Naughty girls!’ Sam exclaimed.

‘Do you want to make love, Dad?’ Lydia asked as she stood up, followed by Sam. Together they left the studio with Lydia leading; purposely swinging her ass from left to right and vice versa as she walked towards the main bedroom, knowing that her father was enjoying the view.

‘What do you like to do dad, fuck me or make love?’ Lydia provokingly asked.

Sam did not answer. He closed on her as he increased the steps. Then he put one hand below her bums and the other at the upper back and lifted her up on his arms. He gave her a kiss on her lips before he laid her on the middle of the bed. Lydia stretched herself, even opened her legs as wide as she could; letting dad enjoy a good view of her waiting shaved wet pussy. In the light of the chandelier the flowing pussy juices were glistening like jewels.

‘My pussy is still hot and wet, dad. I don’t know how I’m going to cure that itch. Can you do something please?’ She incitingly asked, still excited about the Christmas present, her dad had given her.

Sam said nothing except he kept watching her with his hard cock hanging infront of him. She was so beautiful, he thought. She looked more than desirable, especially as she started to pull her legs back against her body; parting them wider and wider, until she was truly wide open. She was ready for anything to satisfy that sexual hunger which was roaming inside her blood veins. To further trigger more heat in the room, she pulled a pillow and stuck it under her arse, so she could expose further the crack she had between those beautiful swollen lips. The desires increased dramatically.

Sam always loved the teasing, especially coming from a woman. It always increased the tension which increased the heat and the desires. He crawled next to her, hugged her while he focused his eyes on her face.

‘You are too beautiful my Lydia; no male can stop desiring you my little sweet. They dream about you and build dirty stories in their brains. While they masturbate as they dream about watching you throwing your clothes off and showed them what they want to see; which at most times will be your pussy. They dream about smelling it; lick it; to suck it, taste the juices and then they expect; that you give them that opportunity to fuck you.

‘You are a hot sexy sweet nymphomaniac. You need a man who can understand what a woman like you, really needs. You not only need a man to fuck you, but you need a man who together you will feel genuine love for each other. You want a man who can give you that something which both of you would enjoy. A man you have to train not to cum quickly. You need a man who can send you into the heavens. A man with whom and together, you would enjoy countless hours of hot sex; with the finale be that you both will be in the heavens while enjoying the best orgasms many times over.’

‘How am I going to find and train such a person, dad?’ Lydia asked.

‘First of all you have to find the right one; then when you are sure just let me know and I will recommend somebody, maybe like Olympia. As a start you already know enough. Padme had thought you many things. You can work your way along those lines, first it will be better to do it yourself; just remember Padme.’

‘Thanks Dad; you are a jewel.’

No more words were said. Sam moved between her legs and started to increase the heat as his tongue hit her clit. Lydia jumped on the first touch. As the heat increased she arched her arse off the pillow and with her hands pressed his mouth harder against her pussy. She moaned and cried as her body exploded, especially when Sam started to suck on her clitoris. The acquisition of such a property made her hotter and hotter. She could not believe how lucky she was.

Sam did not stop. He stuck a couple of fingers into her vagina, massaging her G-spot. Then he attacked her clitories; massaging both hot spots simultaneously. The orgasms within the two bodies exploded together one after the other. Lydia was wriggling on the bed while moans of pleasure never stopped flowing from between her lips. ‘Fuck me dad; fuck me; fuck me.’

She continued to press her pussy harder against his mouth while on many occasions she closed her legs tight, even lifting a leg and turn it around the back on his neck. Sam tried to escape but the more he tried the stronger she held him and the more the intensity of her orgasms increased. The wilder she became.

Sam was about to explode too and make a mess on the fresh new bed covers. He wanted out. Lydia was shouting; ‘fuck me dad; fucccckkkk mmmeeee. Fuck me dad fuuuccccccmmmeee.’ She never topped shouting. Sam continued fighting to get away and put his hard cock to better use; deep inside any of her desirable waiting holes.

At last he managed to push his head forward until his hard member was a few centimetres away from her vaginal entrance. He took it in his hand and slowly guided his ready to explode manhood towards the entrance of her portal of love. He moved forward enough that the head settled against the opening. Then he pulled his PC muscle just enough to hold his cock from exploding, before he pushed it all the way inside, until the little oval slit pressed against her womb.

Lydia pushed her pussy harder against Sam’s pelvic area while she continued to moan and cry. ‘Fuck me dad; fuck me; fuck me harder; harder dad… harder.’

Most of times, Lydia was in the heavens. The way her father fucked her, it was always the best. She liked the way he banged his cock as deep as it could go deep inside her vagina. She started to think about what her dad had said. How is she going to find a better guy to give her the same type of pleasure?

She relaxed and took the last opportunity to enjoy herself. She again immersed herself into the next orgasm and forgot all about the future. “Now was the future.”

Sam fucked her rather slowly. His hard cock was moving forwards and backwards within her hot volcano. Just making slow love to her; something which she tremendously loved. She was in the heavens going through one orgasm after another. Sam did not stop. He rather had gone a bit faster, sometimes he was too slow. It did not make any difference to Lydia once her body was totally over taken to another world, a wonderland where everything was so relaxed and beautiful.

She wanted to jump and turn. Being in such a wonderful she made a quick and unexpected move. She pushed Sam over until he was on his back and without any ceremonies she straddled him. There they were lying down on the bed. She took a look at his face before she took his hard cock in her hand and with it she refilled her empty hungry pussy. They continued to make smooth love, with Sam’s wand of light moving in and out while Lydia her portal of love was burning with that special heat she had for her dad.

It was a great time for them both. They both knew that; but that illicit love had to stop. They continued to live those heavenly moments where fresh orgasms kept coming one after the other. They changed positions every now and then, until they could not do it anymore. That was the moment when she turned round, sucked him as aggressively as she could, while she was still under the influence of her latest orgasm. It was time when Sam could not take more until it came that moment when he emptied all what he had in his balls; one shot after another down her throat. Lydia loved the taste of her dad’s seamen as it flowed into her mouth and especially when it went straight down her throat. When there was no more to come and even being so tired, she licked him clean.

Time was flying. Sam showed Lydia around the whole place where he explained everything about the place, security etc. After that, there was some time left before Sam was due to leave to the airport. They made sure that they use it wisely, nothing more than they continue enjoying what came naturally; making love. There was enough time to enjoy a good fuck before they enjoyed a shower together.

‘Do you have somebody on the list, I mean that you like to go out with?’ Uncle Sam asked.

‘No, not really dad… but there is a student who is handsome, quite and very shy. When I go to the library and he is there, she stares at me. I never saw him with any girl, but he keeps that quick stare every now and then. He never made a move.’

‘Do you know what he is studying?’ Sam asked.

‘Law! His family is a world of lawyers and judges. Money seems to be no problem, maybe he’s too shy to connect.’

‘Why don’t you try him, see how things develop?’ Sam asked.

‘Dad, after a weekend living in a different world of bliss and incredible pleasures, it should last me a few weeks. I hope I will have a lot of time to enjoy my cosy apartment. If I have some news I will let you know. Thanks again dad. Just fuck me in my ass?’ She spontaneously asked while she rested herself on the bed with her open legs secured on the floor; those beautiful bums popping outwards and her pussy and rosebud fully exposed.

Sam found the lubricant in his toiletries bag and finger lubricated her anal entrance. ‘Why do you want to be fucked, in the ass sweetie?’

‘I will get an extra two days of pleasure dreaming about you. That little recurring burning itch from the anal fuck, it should last me more than a couple of days.’

Sam did not wait, neither commented. If that is what she wants, then that is what she will get; a very good anal fuck. With her anal tube well lubricated he put the tip of his hard cock at the entrance and slowly started to push. ‘Tell me when it hurts.’

‘Aaauuchch. It already started dad, but don’t stop. Aaauuchch….aaaahhhh. yes dad, slower but don’t stop.’ Lydia moaned in pain.

Sam pushed slowly. He knew that hot beauty he had there enjoying the initial pain of anal penetration was his own flesh. He cared for her, but he did not want to hurt her, too much. Slowly at last he was all the way in. He rested himself waiting for the signal when he will start fucking her tight ass.

Jessica and her sister Katie were in the den talking, and drinking wine while Dave enjoyed his beer while watching the game on TV. Their talking didn’t bother him because he liked Katie, and it wasn’t unusual for her to drop by unannounced to talk to her sister. Katie was younger than Jessica at around twenty five.

She was attractive, with shoulder length blonde hair, and pretty blue eyes where Jessica was a little taller, with shorter chestnut brown hair, and brown eyes. Both women were fun to be around, outgoing, and gregarious. Normally Katie was happy, and full of fun, but today she wasn’t her usual self. After they had polished off a couple bottles of wine Jessica asked Katie,

“Alright Katie, what’s the problem?”

“Problem…what problem?”

“Come on Katie…you can’t B.S. me…I’m your sister. I know when something is up with you just from the way you act. Now what gives?”

“Well, it’s about sex.”

Dave perked up saying,

“Sounds like I better leave you two alone.”

Jessica turned to Dave saying,

“Why? We’re family after all. Maybe you could help, but if you’d rather not feel free to go.”

Dave was smart enough to know that meant stay if he knew what was good for him. He sat back down saying,

“No problem ladies…carry on.”

Jessica turned her attention back to her sister.

“OK Katie…what gives?”

“Well. I can’t seem to get off. You know cum! No matter what I do nothing seems to work.”

“What about when you and Tommy have sex? What happens then?”

“The same. I just can’t seem to get off. He gets so frustrated with me. I guess that’s why we broke up.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Hon. Have you tried masturbating to get you going before hand?”

“Yes, and that doesn’t seem to work either. No matter how I try, or how long I do it I just can’t seem to get myself off. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or there’s something wrong with me.”

There was a pause as Jessica thought about her sister’s predicament when Katie asked,

Jess…do you get off when you masturbate, or do you even do it anymore being married and all?”

“Sure I do. And yes I have no problem getting off. In fact sometimes Dave and I have masturbation sessions together, just watching one another masturbate. Dave really enjoys watching me get off…don’t you Dave.”


Katie sat there wide eyed trying to digest what she’d just heard. Then she shyly asked,

“Jess. Do you think you could show me how….to masturbate, and do it right?”

Jessica sat there for a minute thinking about what her sister had just asked her to do. Then she put her glass down and said,

“Sure, why not.”

Dave couldn’t believe his ears as he hoped Jessica wouldn’t ask him to leave the room. Fortunately for him Jessica stood up, and slid off her slacks, and sat back down with only her top, and panties on. She looked at Katie who again was wide eyed, and watching her sister waiting to see what she was going to do. Jessica said,

“Alright. Now pay attention Katie. I’m showing you this because I love you, and I want you to be happy. So pay attention.”

That having been said, Jessica started moving her fingers over the front of her panties as Katie and Dave looked on. She lightly traced her fingers over the thin material, moving them back and forth, then making circular motions with her fingers. They could see Jessica was becoming more, and more aroused the more she got into it.

She closed her eyes, and continued pressing her fingers against her panties a little harder. As she continued pleasuring herself Dave, and Katie saw a definite wet spot forming on her panties. As they continued to watch, the wet spot was becoming larger and larger when Jessica said,

“OK. As you can probably see I’m starting to really get turned on. Now it’s time for the next step.”

Jessica raised up, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and slid them off exposing her pussy to Dave and Katie. Her pussy lips were really thick, and you could see the moistness on her labia.

Her clit was swollen, and distended as she moved her fingers down, and parted her swollen lips baring her pinkness. Jessica placed her middle finger between her lips, and then started moving it back, and forth as she tilted her head back, and closed her eyes once again.

With her free hand she started unbuttoning her blouse, and pushed it open revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were rock hard as she cupped her breast in her hand, and started rolling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger while raising her left leg onto the soda.

Her pussy looked so beautiful as she eased her middle finger deep into her pussy, followed shortly there after by a second finger. Soon she was working both fingers around in her pussy as she started moaning and cooing softly.

She was totally into her masturbation when Dave looked over, and saw that Katie had her hands between her legs, and was rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Dave’s cock was rock hard, and filled his jeans to the point that he was really uncomfortable. Jessica opened her eyes, and looked over at Dave seeing the huge bulge in his crotch saying,

“Take your cock out Dave. I want to see you stroke it for me!”

Not even waiting to see if Katie had any objections, Dave took his jeans off followed by his shorts, and started slowly stroking his cock as Jessica and Katie watched. Katie’s eyes were still glued to her sister’s masturbation as Jessica was really starting to moan.

It wasn’t long before she squealed, and rose up off the sofa, and started cumming, her whole body shaking from a powerful orgasm. Once she was finished, and had come back down she looked over at Katie saying,

“See how easy that was. No you try it.”

“Oh I don’t know Jessica, you seem so good at it.”

Katie…we have a deal…remember?”


Katie slipped off her jeans, and sat back down on the sofa when Jessica said,

“Take off your top too Katie, and you bra. You might as well be able to get to anything you want.”

Katie took off her top, and bra tossing them aside. Taking a deep breath Katie started mimicking what she had seen her sister do. She had nice full breasts, and she had a pretty blonde tuft of pussy fur that was neatly trimmed. She had a nice full pussy lips as well, along with a beautiful thick clit.

It seemed a little curious as to why she was having issues getting off. She continued pleasuring herself, sliding her middle finger between her moistening lips, and working it back and forth just as her sister had done. Dave in the meantime started stroking his hard cock again, as he watched his sister-in-law sliding her middle finger into her pussy followed by another.

She worked her fingers around in her pussy, but instead of becoming more and more aroused she seemed to be getting more and more frustrated. After about fifteen minutes she tossed her hands on the air saying,

“See! No matter what I do I can’t get myself off. I’m just a fucking failure!”

Jessica sat down next to her sister placing her arm around her, and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Dave got up, and went into the kitchen coming back with another bottle of wine pouring them each a glass. As they sat trying to figure it out, and polishing off the bottle Jessica asked,

“Have you tried using sex toys?”


“Well that’s our next step. Oh, and what about someone licking your pussy? Does that get you off?”

“I don’t know. Tommy would never do it. He thought it was gross. Would you do it Sis…I mean go down on me?”

Jessica was taken aback; even for her that was a little over the top.

“I want to help you Katie, but that’s a little much even for me.”

Then Dave piped up,

“Jess. You and I have talked before about doing a threesome with another woman right?”


“Well, you’ve always held back because you were leery about doing it with a stranger, or someone from work for fear that it could become common knowledge if someone told people about it. This sounds to me like the perfect scenario. She’s someone you can trust, and she’s someone that you love, and who loves you. Looks pretty inviting it me.”

“Ya but she’s my sister Dave.”

“Ya so? Hey it was just a suggestion was all. You can’t tell me watching her masturbating didn’t turn you on. You’re wet pussy gives you away.”

“Come on Sis…it’s not like were Lesbian’s or anything.”

“Oh shit…what the hell. I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later Jessica returned with their last bottle of wine and a dildo. Katie looked at it asking,

“What’s that?”

“You’ll see,” Jessica replied and downed another glass of wine. Katie sat next to Jessica spreading her legs wide as Jessica moved her hand between her sister’s legs, and started moving her fingers over her pussy. Katie looked up saying,

“Thanks Sis…I love you.”

She leaned over and kissed Jessica on the lips, the kiss lingering for a moment or two. She broke their kiss saying,

“Your lips taste so sweet, I like kissing you. Can I do it again?”

Before Jessica could reply, Katie was kissing her older sister again, and this time with more passion. After a minute or two the kisses became more passionate with Jessica kissing her sister back now, and rubbing her pussy a little harder.

It wasn’t long before the kisses had become even more passionate as their tongues explored each others mouth, caressing and swirling about as Jessica parted her sister’s folds. It was obvious now that she was becoming aroused as Jessica slid her finger into Katie’s pussy. Katie was cooing now, and caressing Jessica’s breasts as Jessica added another finger inside her sister’s pussy.

Dave in the meantime was stroking his cock, but not to the point to make him cum. He had a sneaking feeling that he was going to get to fuck one or both of them before it was all said and done. Jessica lowered her head, and started licking, and sucking Katie’s nipples as Katie moaned and gasp saying,

“Oh fuck Jessica….Oh that feels so fucking food. I never knew it could feel like this!”

As hard as Jessica tried she was becoming more and more aroused as her sister squealed and moaned. She sucked Katie’s nipples while Katie ran her hand up and down Jessica’s back. Jessica started working Katie’s pussy with her thumb while she worked her pussy with her fingers listening to Katie squeal.

Suddenly Katie stiffened, and called out as she started cumming. Her slender body was shaking uncontrollable as one orgasm after another shot through her. Jessica removed her fingers from Katie’s pussy, and licked Katie’s juices from them. She then reached for the dildo, telling her to lie back.

With her legs spread wide Jessica started running the dildo between her pussy lips to lubricate it, and then slid it inside Katie’s pussy while Dave looked on, amazed at the sight before him. Jessica worked the dildo in and out of her sister’s pussy as she moaned begging Jessica to fuck her. The harder she fucked Katie with the dildo the more aroused she became. Then out of the blue Katie squealed,

“Suck my pussy Jess…please…suck my pussy. I want to see what it feels like…please!”

“How about I get Dave to do it?”

“No you…you first…please…you know you want to…PLEASE!”

Katie was right. Jessica did want to taste her sister’s pussy. She looked over at Dave who smiled, and gave her a thumbs up. Jessica lowered her head, and tasted another woman, and her sister’s pussy for the first time.

To her amazement she loved the scent, and the taste of another woman even if it was her younger sister. Jessica pulled her sister to edge of the sofa spreading her legs as far apart as she could. She began running her tongue up, and down Katie’s pussy, taking in every drop of her juices as Katie squealed, and squeezed her breasts, and tugged at her nipples.

Dave moved closer, and positioned himself so he could have a birds eye view of the action as Jessica eased a couple of fingers back in her sister’s pussy while licking her way up to Katie’s clit. Jessica took Katie’s clit into her mouth, and started sucking, and flicking her clit with her tongue while penetrating Katie’s ass with her little finger.

As Jessica sucked Katie’s clit, and fingered her pussy and ass, Katie started to scream as her body stiffened one more time as she was rocked by an even stronger orgasm. Jessica licked up every drop of cum that oozed from Katie’s pussy, and then moved up as the two of them began kissing with Katie licking her juices from Jessica’s face. After a few minutes to relax Katie looked at Jessica asking,

“Can I lick your pussy Jess…I want to so bad.”

Jessica was so aroused she said,

Alright…on one condition.”

“What Jess…just tell me?”

“After you suck my pussy, I want you to sit on Dave’s cock, and let him fuck you until he cums. Then I want to suck his cum from your pussy. Agreed?”

“Yes…now let me taste you Sis.”

Jessica moved over to the sofa taking a seat in the middle with Katie between her legs, and Dave sitting next to her so he could see the whole thing. Katie started kissing Jessica as they had done earlier, working her way down to her sister’s breast where she took her time licking and sucking Jessica’s nipples.

Jessica was amazed at how much she loved having her nipples sucked by another woman. Katie sucked Jessica’s nipples until Jessica shuddered with a small orgasm. Katie then kissed her way down her sister’s stomach pausing briefly when she reached her mound.

Katie placed her cheek against Jessica’s mound, and began lovingly moving it back and forth. Her pussy felt so good against her cheek, it was as if Jessica’s pussy lips were kissing her cheek. Katie could feel the dampness of her sister’s pussy on her cheek as she moved down further kissing Jessica’s inner thighs.

Katie kissed her way around Jessica’s pussy lips almost touching them but not quite. It was almost as if she were teasing her just to make her all the more aroused and it was working. Finally Jessica moved her sister’s head so her lips would be right on her pussy. Katie got the message to stop playing around, and began sucking Jessica’s pussy.

Katie started out running her tongue over Jessica’s thick lips, and then parting them allowing her juices to flow down onto her tongue. Jessica looked over at Dave, and grabbed his swollen cock, squeezing it as Katie started running her tongue up, and down her slit, and sliding her tongue into her pussy.

Katie started tongue fucking her while working her little finger between Jessica’s cheeks, and penetrating her ass just as Jessica had done to her. The more Jessica squealed the more she loved it. Katie removed her tongue from her sister’s pussy replacing it with her fingers, and working them in and out while taking Jessica’s clit between her lips.

Jessica was amazed at her sister’s prowess, and her ability to pleasure another woman. Either she was a natural which might mean Katie was a Lesbian after all, or at the very least Katie as bi. Of course as much as Jessica had enjoyed making love to her sister it petty much meant she was bi as well.

Either way her thoughts were interrupted when Katie took her clit into her mouth, and started sucking it. Jessica never felt anything so good in her life. Dave was very good at oral sex, but there was something about the way a woman did it that was special.

Before long Jessica was squealing and cumming all over Katie’s face. Faithful to her promise Katie moved away from her sister reluctantly, and placed her knees on either side of Dave. Holding his nice thick cock steady Katie lowered her pussy down onto his cock. She smiled and gasped as Dave’s cock filled her tight pussy.

Once he was all the way in Katie started humping Dave’s cock, and moaning saying now good it felt. Dave held onto her cheeks as she humped his cock, and watched Jessica as she fingered her own pussy watching her husband fucking her sister. After several minutes Katie turned so that her back was to Dave, and then lowered her pussy one more time down onto his rigid cock and leaned back into him.

Dave grabbed her breasts, and started gently squeezing them, and tugging at her nipples while Jessica watched as Dave’s cock appear, and then disappear into Katie’s pussy. Jessica moved from the couch sliding between her husbands legs where she waited for Dave’s cock to appear again.

As his cock appeared from deep within Katie’s pussy glistening with her juices, Jessica leaned forward, and held her tongue in place allowing the shaft of his cock to slide up, and down her tongue. Dave reacted my groaning as Jessica moved down, and began licking the juices that had accumulated on his balls, and then moved up running her tongue over Katie’s clit.

Jessica repeated this process, holding her tongue on her husbands cock as it slid in and out of her sister’s pussy, and teasing her clit in the process. Jessica repeated this until Dave moaned loudly saying,

“I’m gonna fucking cum!”

He suddenly raised his hips up a few inches taking Katie with him as he started cumming, and ramming his cock deep into Katie’s pussy. Afterward Dave’s cock popped free, and Jessica was on it immediately sucking the remainder of his cum along with Katie’s cum causing Dave to shudder again.

Once she was finished with Dave, Jessica as promised moved between her sister’s open legs, and started sucking the cum from her pussy causing Katie to cum yet again. Afterward Katie was spent from cumming so often in one afternoon. As for Jessica she had Dave sucked her pussy one more time until she came again before taking a break.

That afternoon Katie, and Jessica learned something about themselves that they would never had know had they not tried what they did. Katie insisted that she had never been with a woman before, but agreed that she is most likely bi, and maybe even a Lesbian.

Only time will tell, but it turned out to be a very informative afternoon. As to what happens in the future only time will tell, but the relationship between sister’s has been altered forever. They both agree that it was for the good.

Brain walked out onto his patio with the newspaper, and his morning coffee for a little relaxation before he went inside and got to work. One of the luxuries of his job was that he could work from home, therefore giving him the ability to set his own schedule.

As he sat reading the paper, and sipping his coffee he heard voices coming from next door. Terri and her husband Brad had moved in a few weeks ago, and Brain had talked to them a few times.

He had no use for the husband Brad, he was loud, offensive, and just an overall jerk. Terri on the other hand was a really sweet woman, with a really nice figure, and personality plus.

What she was doing married to an asshole like Brad was beyond Brian’s understanding. He could hear Brad running his mouth as usual, bitching about something as he walked out of the house to his car. Then he heard Terri respond with,

“Go to Hell you fat Bastard!”

Brad slammed the car door, and screeched out of the drive way and sped off. Terri glanced over seeing Brian sitting on his patio saying,

“Sorry you had to hear that Brian.”

“No problem Terri. Hey…come on over for some coffee. You look like you could use a cup.”

Terri paused for a moment then said,

“Sure…why not. I’ll be over in a couple of minutes.”

She went back in the house as Brian got another cup, and poured her some coffee and took it outside. Just as he set the coffee down, Terri came over and stood at the table. She picked up the coffee, and took a sip saying,

“Thanks Brain.”

She looked really hot in her tight knit top, and short skirt making Brain’s cock start to tingle just looking at her. He was single, and hadn’t been in a relationship for a while now, so he was in need of some sexual healing. Of course he wasn’t expecting Terri to be a part of that, but he couldn’t help responding to her great looks. He smiled saying,

“Have a seat gorgeous, you look like you could use a friend right about now.”

“Thanks for the compliment. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that. All I ever get from my husband is insults and put downs. I’m so sick of it.”

“Well if you don’t mind my saying so, the man is a complete ass for treating you the way he does. I don’t know why you put up with it.”

Terri walked over, and put her arm around Brain, hugging him and saying,

“I don’t know why I do either. He didn’t used to be like that, but he’s changed so much. Now he’s a mean, hateful, cheating S.O.B. that doesn’t care what he says or does. The argument this morning was about his going on a business trip for a week, with that whore I know he’s screwing from the office. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be telling you this, it’s not your problem.”

“Terri, I don’t mind your telling me. You have to tell someone, why not tell someone whose going to look at it objectively, and give you an objective opinion, if you want it that is. Or I can just listen and you can get all this anger and anxiety off your chest. Either way, anything you tell me is between us and no one else. So go ahead and vent, I have lots of coffee, and even more time since I work at home, and I make my own hours.”

Terri thanked Brain again, and just started talking and sharing all her issues with him. It was perfect, because Brain was someone she could say anything to without repercussions. She talked for over an hour when she finally finished, thanking Brian for listening to her.

They paused for a moment just looking at one another, but not saying a word. It was as if they didn’t have to, like there was some sort of understanding or connection of some sort. It was hard to explain, but they both felt it. Brian made the first move placing his hand of Terri’s.

The moment he touched her hand he felt the energy. There was definitely an attraction, a sexual attraction, bolstered by the fact that Terri made no effort to pull away. Instead she just looked into Brian’s eyes as if she were lost. Finally Brian broke their silence saying,

“I want you to know that you’re always welcome here, anytime, for whatever reason, even if it’s just to get away from him, or you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.”

Terri felt a passion in her heart, and a sensation she hadn’t felt for sometime now. She felt an undeniable attraction to Brain, and for whatever reason she didn’t feel ashamed.

They were both about to take it a step further when Terri’s cell phone rang, it was her husband asking why she wasn’t answering their home phone. Her eyes narrowed and her anger was more than obvious. She snapped at him,

“I didn’t answer the phone because I was outside! Now what do you want, I thought you were going to the airport.”

As she listened it was as if her anger changed to disappointment as she said,

“Coming back, what do you mean? So your flight’s been delayed? What do you mean I have to drive you back to the airport, I thought you were using the….fine…whatever. Yes I’ll be here, where else would I be Brad?”

Terri hung up disgusted saying,

“Sorry Brain. It seems his flight was delayed, and now I have to not only go pick him up, but I have to drive him BACK to the airport later this evening.”

“No problem Terri. Remember what I said, I meant every word of it.”

“I know you did Brain, and thank you, it means more than you know.”

As she went to leave Terri turned and ask,

“See you tomorrow morning for coffee, about this same time?”

“Absolutely,” Brian replied.

Terri smiled as she walked back to her house, as Brian watched her sexy ass sway from side to side, his cock growing harder by the second. Once she had entered her house Brain went inside, and jacked off daring to fantasize about Terri, and what might happen.

The next morning Brian was up, and put the coffee on to brew while he showered and got dressed. It was going to be warm again, and Terri would be coming over as well. He slipped on a shirt, and was about to put on his underwear when he paused thinking maybe he should just forgo the underwear.

Instead he slipped on his shorts, and went out to the kitchen where he fixed himself a quick breakfast, and then poured himself a cup of coffee, and went out onto the patio to wait for Terri.

As he sat there going through the paper, and sipping his coffee to pass the time while he waited for Terri, he would look at his watch hoping she would show up soon. His patience was rewarded when he heard Terri’s voice say,

“Good morning….I hope I didn’t keep you waiting to long?”

Brain looked up as Terri walked through the gate, and onto the patio where she stood next to him. Damn she looked hot, wearing a short tennis skirt, and a top that molded to her beautiful breasts.

He could see that her nipples were hard, and pushing against the fabric of her top, indicating that maybe she too had been thinking about what might be, if they allowed themselves the freedom to explore their feelings.

Brain ran his eyes up and down Terri’s shapely legs, all the way up to the hem of her short skirt wishing he could see, no touch what was underneath. Then he moved his eyes up her torso, pausing for a brief moment as he focused on her nipples that were pushing against her top.

As he stared he swore they were getting even harder. As he sat there he could feel his cock starting to swell in his shorts, happy that he had decided not to wear the confining underwear as his gaze continued moving up to her smiling face.

Damn she was so fucking gorgeous, how could any man be anything, but nice to a woman that looked as good as Terri. Finally Terri ask with a sultriness in her voice that made Brian’s cock tingle,

“Is everything alright? I can almost feel your eyes as they move over by body, I hope I don’t disappoint.”

“Oh no, on the contrary. I just couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful you look, and wondering how anyone could treat you the way your husband does. I apologized for letting my eyes wander like that.”

“Apologize? If anything maybe it should be your hands wandering rather than just your eyes. As for my husband….who cares. Obviously he doesn’t, and I’d much rather be with someone who does.”

Not saying a word Brian reached over placing his hand on Terri’s bare calf. As he looked for a reaction Terri closed her eyes, and cooed softly as she moved closer to him. Brain moved his hand slowly up her leg, making his way onto her thigh as he watched her breathing become deeper, and her arousal began to grow.

It was obvious that Terri wanted to be touched as much as Brian wanted to touch her. As he moved his hand under her skirt he discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties, as he had moved over her bare cheeks. Terri mewed softly, and then whispered,

“Yes….oh yes…touch me….oh it feels so good Brain.”

She then leaned over placing her lips to his as he gently squeezed and caressed her sexy ass. Their kisses become more and more passionate when Brain felt Terri’s warm hand on his leg, slowly making it’s way toward his crotch.

Now it was his turn to moan as she moved her hand between his legs, and slipped her tongue into his mouth. With their tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, Brian felt Terri’s finger tugging at his zipper, slowly pulling it down, and then opening the button at the top of his shorts that were so wide open.

That was followed with the feel of her fingers moving down into his shorts, and fishing for his cock, freeing it as she pulled it from his shorts where she took his cock in her hand, and began stroking it.

Brain moved his hand from Terri’s ass, and unzipped her tennis skirt allowing it to fall away, down around her feet where she kicked it aside. He looked at her neatly trimmed bush that framed her full, thick labia that was wet with her juices.

Next Brain pulled Terri’s top over her head, giving it a toss over to where her skirt lay on the ground. Her breasts were even better than than he had imagined. Her nipples were rock hard, and her aureole’s were so pink, and puffy as he started caressing her breasts.

After a couple of minutes Brain stopped caressing Terri’s breasts long enough for her to pull his shirt off, along with his shorts.

Then Terri swung her leg over Brain’s lap, straddling him as she sat down in his lap, his cock pressed against her hot mound.

Terri put her arms around his neck, and the two of them kissed passionately as Brian ran his hand up and down her soft back, and Terri started rolling his hips forward, with Terri grinding her pussy against his cock.

Soon his cock was tightly wedged between her thick pussy lips, and his stomach as Terri continued to grind her pussy against his cock. Her passion and arousal was becoming more and more apparent as squeals of passion surged from within.

Brian too was pulling Terri closer to him, hugging her as she thrust her pelvis against his now throbbing cock. Brain had never been with a woman that was so passionate, so aroused, and so into animal lust.

Terri leaned back, as she continued grinding her hips against Brian’s cock, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. Brian reached up, grabbing her breasts as he began squeezing them, and alternating between sucking then, and taking them between his teeth, and pulling them.

Terri responded with more guttural groans, and squeals of pure lust, all while Brain’s cock felt like it was about to explode. The harder Terri ground her pelvis against his cock, the closer Brain was to cumming.

In the meantime, Brain continued sucking Terri’s nipples as she gasped, and in a barely audible voice said she was about to explode. No sooner had she uttered those words, than Brain’s cock suddenly began to spasm, and shooting his load of hot cum onto Terri’s stomach.

As his cock continued to throb, and pulse, Terri was caught up in an amazing orgasm of her own. Brian could actually feel her pussy, throbbing and contracting against his cock that was still wedged between her hot, most lips.

As her orgasm started to slow, Brain grabbed her by the hips, and lifted her onto the patio table where she lay back, her legs spread wide, and her beautiful, pink pussy was oozing with her juices as they flowed from her hot sex.

Brain paused for a brief moment taking in the aroused, aroma of her scent before lowering his head, and running his tongue along the length of her gaping sex. He loved the taste of her pussy, and the erotic taste of his cum combined with her juices, all while listening to Terri squeal and moan.

Brain explored every inch of Terri’s pussy, licking, probing, tasting as he parted her folds, and eased his tongue deep into her pussy. It was there that he began tongue fucking her as if his tongue were an extension of his cock, taking her to yet another orgasm.

Not waiting for her to stop cumming, Brian moved up, taking her clit into his mouth, sucking and flicking her clit with his tongue while Terri squeezed her breasts, and rolled her nipples between her fingers.

Terri was again beside herself with lust as she placed her hands on Brain’s head, as he sucked her clit taking her to a third strong orgasm. It was as if she were insatiable as Brian pulled her up, and then with a wild look of lust in her eyes she whispered,

“Fuck me Brain…fuck me…I want your cock in my pussy so bad I can’t stand it.”

With Terri laying on the table, her legs spread wide, Brian reached down, and took his still hard cock in his hand, and started running the head up and down Terri’s pussy. She squealed and grabbed her breasts squeezing them as she continued running his the of his cock between her lips, moving it up and down her hot slit, as she begged him to fuck her.

“Oh Brian…stop teasing me, and stick that cock in my pussy!”

Finally Brian eased the head of his cock into her pussy, and then grabbed her hips, as he slammed his full length deep into Terri’s pussy. All she could do was gasp, as he drove his cock hard into her pussy, slamming his cock into her over and over as she writhed there on the table.

The harder he fucked her the more she loved it. She could hear, and feel his balls slapping against her ass cheeks as she pummeled her pussy as she twisted her nipples and tugged at them.

After a few minutes Brain pulled her up, and lifted her off the patio table, her pussy still impaled on his cock as he walked the short distance into the house. Once inside he pulled his cock from her pussy long enough to have her lay over the arm of a nearby sofa.

Once she was laying over the sofa Brain knelt down, Brain slid his cock between her ass cheeks, and started sliding his cock up and down her ass. He waited for her to stop him, but instead of asking him to stop, Terri reached back, and pulled her cheeks apart for him.

Brain started teasing her asshole with the head of his cock, pushing gently as it slowly slid into her ass. Pausing for a moment to allow her to get used to having his cock in her ass, Brain then began to slowly inch his was in.

Once his cock was tightly packed into Terri’s ass he started slowly pumping his cock. To his surprise Terri seemed to enjoy having her ass filled as she wiggled and gyrated her hips as he picked up the pace. As if to reassure him Terri whispered,

“Fuck my ass Brain…do it….fuck my ass….fuck it good!”

That was all Brain needed to hear as he started pumping her ass, and slapping it with the palm of his hand, something else he had wanted to try, but had never had the opportunity until now.

Terri responded by squealing, and telling him how good it felt.

Brain could feel Terri flexing her ass cheeks, as they gripped his cock as he continued ass fucking her. Terri in the meantime reached back, and stuffed as many fingers into her pussy as she could while he fucked her tight ass.

Over and over Brain drove his cock into her ass until he felt himself getting ready to explode. It was uncanny the way Terri could sense his impending orgasm telling him,

“Cum in my ass Brain…fill it with your hot load!”

After a few more strokes Brian’s cock started to spasm again as he filled Terri’s ass with his cum. Once he had finished cumming the two of them showered before Terri left to do some grocery shopping and then go to work.

It seems she worked part time at the local bookstore. She hadn’t mentioned it before, but she took the job so she would have something to do, and not have to listen to her husband bitching at her about spending “his” hard earned money.

The more Brian found out about the man the more he loathed him. All Brain knew was, somehow he was going to have to get Terri out of the situation she found herself in. It was a couple of days later, after that hot, sexy day of passionate sex when Terri called Brain asking him over for coffee.

He quickly accepted and put on a pair of shorts, and a tee shirt before going over. Brian knocked on the back door, and went inside when he heard Terri saying,

“Come on in Brain, the doors open.”

Brian stepped inside, his eyes nearly popping out of his head when he saw Terri. She was by the sink wearing a short see through robe, that barely covered her ass. When she turned holding a cup of coffee in her hand Brain could see her breasts through the very thin fabric, her nipples clearly visible along with a very revealing thong. She smiled asking,

“Is everything alright?”

“Oh hell ya,” Brian replied as he stepped forward and took the coffee from Terri. He took a seat at the kitchen table with Terri, laughing and talking as they sipped their coffee. By now Brain’s cock was raging, the head protruding from the leg opening of his shorts.

As Terri got up to get him some more coffee, he turned so he’d be more comfortable. As Terri poured his coffee, Brain reached up, and pulled the tie holding her robe closed allowing it to fall open baring her charms. She set the pot down on the table, as she leaned over, her breasts falling into Brain’s face as he kissed and sucked her nipples.

Terri cooed softly as Brain caressed and kissed her nipples, running his tongue over them as they stiffed to his touch. While he teased her nipple’s Terri reached down, and began squeezing his cock through his shorts.

In the meantime Brain had pushed her robe off her shoulders leaving her clad in just her thong. After several minutes of caressing and kissing, Brain moved his hand between Terri’s legs, sliding his finger beneath her thong where he began running his finger over her increasingly wet pussy.

As he moved his finger up and down her creamy slit, Terri parted her legs giving him complete access. Soon Brain’s hand was inside her thong, caressing her ass, and sliding his finger between her cheeks as he worked his thumb into her pussy, while teasing her sensitive asshole with his fingers.

Terri put her arms around Brain’s neck, kissing his ear as she moaned from Brain’s erotic caresses. He could feel her pussy grasping his thumb as he slowly eased the tip of his finger into her ass.

Brain could sense that Terri was about to cum when her body started to shudder, and quiver as her orgasm took over. Once she was finished cumming she pulled his shorts down exposing his cock.

Terri knelt down taking Brian’s cock in her hand, and then started running her tongue up and down his shaft as Brain titled his head back and moaned. He couldn’t believe that a woman like Terri had to put up with an asshole like her husband.

It was at that moment that he decided he was going to take her away from that Bastard if it was the last thing he did, but for now feeling her hot mouth envelop his cock was the most important thing.

Terri began deep throating Brain as she tugged at his balls, while bobbing her head up and down as she sucked his throbbing cock. She took him to the edge before he stopped her. Confused she asked,

“Am I doing something wrong?”

“Not at all, I just want to suck that sweet pussy of yours. You take care of me all the time, now I want to take care of you.”

Bing’s voice crooned across the room from the radio in the corner — but just like I knew we wouldn’t have a white Christmas here in Alabama, I knew Bobby wouldn’t be home to celebrate it with me. It had been almost two years since I had felt his rough hands glide up my thighs, and I missed their touch more and more each day.

Sitting at the dressing table, I slowly took out my pin curls and watched my auburn ringlets fall around my face. The light glowing behind me created a copper-gold halo with my hair. I ran my fingers through the curls wishing I could run them through Bobby’s silky black hair instead. He always looked so striking with his midnight mane and eyes like sapphire ice. I sighed, dreaming of the last time we were together. His naked body stretched out on my little bed. His legs wrapped around mine. We shared a cigarette, and my eyes fell to his duffle bag sitting in the bedside chair. “Are you leaving so soon?” I asked, my eyes indicated the pack.

“Not too long.” he answered, his expression apologetic. “I won’t be in the Pacific too long. I promise.”

Two years is much too long to be without a man, and my pussy ached to have his dick inside me again; I bit my lip to fight the arousal. I longed to feel him penetrate me; it was the only Christmas present I wanted this year. I leaned over to reach for the hair brush, and my nipples pressed against my camisole, growing hard as they rubbed against the rough cotton. I thought of those big hands cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples red and hard as they protested with delight.

Warmth spread through me at the thought, and I shifted uncomfortably in the seat, my pussy rubbing against my panties and the firm chair. With a sigh, I put down the brush and walked to the window. I know I should have stayed away from the window–with my room’s light glowing against the inking darkness, I was a beacon of desire. Anyone at Fort McCellan could easily see the silhouette of my curves, and I welcomed their eyes and begged for their sex. I opened the window, inviting in the cold bite of the December. The cold only increased my arousal. I felt my juices trickle into my panties and down my thigh. I tried to catch my breath. My thoughts raced. I felt such desire penetrating every inch of my body. My clit swollen and throbbing, echoing my longing for Bobby’s cock — or any cock, at this point.

With a sense of daring, I crept through the window onto the roof of the porch below. I pulled off my camisole and set my large, firm breasts free from the cotton shell. My nipples became hardened into peaks when the night breeze brushed against the liberated flesh. I sat down carefully on the rough shingled roof; I splayed my legs, wantonly reveling in the scratch and tease of the texture against my bare skin. I slid my hand into my panties, and dipping my fingers between the wet lips of my pussy, I closed my eyes and thought of Bobby.

My mind flooded with images of his naked body, so strong and hard, the head of his thick cock, glistening and engorged. I found myself lightly stroking my clit with the image. Within moments, a shudder rippled through me like an electrical pulse shooting through my body; then it sparked through me again and again. I closed my lips tight to hold in the moan of delight building inside me. The waves of pleasure were so intense, I could hardly control myself. When they finally subsided, I lay in the cold darkness, my ragged breath clouding the air around me like an after-sex smoked cigarette. My heart beat rapidly, rejoicing in my self-satisfaction.

As I lay there spent, but alone, I listened to the sounds of the crisp holiday night. The distant carolers, the families celebrating, and here I sat wanting the only present of ’43, I’d never get.. I pulled my legs up to my chest, pressing my breasts firmly as I wrapped my arms around my knees. I sat there with my chin resting on my goose-fleshed arms for what seemed an eternity.

I must have drifted off, because I didn’t hear the door to my room open or the footsteps across the floorboards. All I knew was that suddenly felt the rough graze of a hand on the small of my back gently stroke me and then pull me up against a woolen uniform. He went to speak, his lips brushing against my ear, but he hesitated. Chin on my shoulder, he silently cupped a breast and held me tight.

He turned me around and smiled. He brushed my soft auburn hair away from my face, his touch felt so tender and warm. Where he stroked me, my skin tingled.

“I have so missed your beautiful face.”

“Are you really here, or am I dreaming?”

Bobby kissed my forehead. I felt the warm, hard lump protruding through his uniform. I felt my pussy engorge with blood.

He smiled and stroked my breast with his weathered fingers. His touch filled me with desire.

“Thank you, Bobby!” I stood on my toes and kissed his lips. As we embraced, I started stroking his crotch, but he grabbed my hand.

“Shouldn’t we go inside? I have missed your body in that soft bed over there.” He lifted me up and held me firmly against him, wrapping me in his arms. He released me only long enough for us to slide back into the warm bedroom.

Once inside we crushed into each other’s arms. We kissed, and our mouths passionately drank in the desire we both felt. I fumbled with his buttons. Our lips parted only long enough for me to gasp, “Too many buttons.” He smiled wickedly as he quickly undressed and then pulled me back into his arms.

“Oh how I have missed my beautiful little girl.”

Bobby’s strong fingers explored my body, running over my breasts and down to my quivering belly. My skin buzzed and tingled with pleasure. His lips urgently kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine. His large hands stroked my swelling clit, and I could feel his cock growing harder in my hands.

I felt him breathing heavily against my neck and it made me tingle with delight. It had been so long since either of us had been that close to anyone. It was electric, and I buried myself in his warm, musky chest, giving myself fully to him.

“Take me now,” my voice begged, ragged with desire. Bobby leaned over me and kissed my naked breasts. My nipples were rock hard between his lips.

“I have thought about you every moment for the last two years,” he mumbled as he pressed his cheek against my large, soft breasts. He groaned with pleasure and bit my nipple.

I writhed with delight. The look of lust and passion in his eyes swallowed me with desire. I caressed his throbbing dick. I loved the feeling of his wide, veiny cock in my hand. He held me tight, thrusting slightly into my hand.

“How much have you missed the rest of me?” I looked up innocently at his face. Oh how I loved seeing his beautiful face looking back down at me. He smiled and nodded.

“Please take me…I want you so much,” I whispered, kissing his ear lobe and caressing his cock with my free hand.

I stroked his erection between my eager fingers, and felt pre-cum leak out the head of his cock. I ran my fingers through it and wiped it on my lips. It was a beautiful lightly salted flavor; the silky texture was even more wonderful. I had missed it so much. I licked my lips and savored the taste.

It seemed to drive him wild. He pulled me onto the bed and forced my legs apart roughly and brought his hips close to mine. I felt his big, hard cock pressing against the moist lips of my cunt. Bobby ran the swollen head of his cock over my clit. I moaned loudly as pleasure pulsed through my body.

He pushed the head of his cock against my aching pussy. It had been so long, my hips thrust up, forcing the head inside. Even just having the engorged head of his cock inside me sent waves of electricity from my pussy through by body. His breathing was deep and intense. He pushed harder, forcing his cock deeper inside me. I moaned like a wild animal in response.

“Don’t stop! Never stop!” I begged, and tears filled my eyes. I pushed my hips harder against his, wrapping my legs around him.

“It’s all right, baby, I’ll fill up your tight little pussy.” His voice was drenched in lust as he slid further inside me, stretching me. The ache I had felt for so long washed away in waves of ecstasy. Bobby began thrusting slowly in and out of my moist pussy. My clit was tingling, and I knew I was going to cum. His thrusts grew faster and more powerful, pushing me quickly toward an orgasm.

“Oh, Bobby… I’m going to cum,” I moaned breathlessly.

“Oh, yes — cum for me, baby.” His voice was a low growl, and his groaning told me he was close to exploding, too. I wanted to wait, but my orgasm was already bursting through me. I dug my fingers into his back as the waves of pleasure crested. He lowered his body closer to mine and fucked me deeper.

“Oohhhh, Bobby!” I cried uncontrollably.

“Tell me you’ve missed me!” He growled in my ear, thrusting harder.

“I’ve missed you!” I screamed with pleasure. My body shook in his arms as I writhed beneath him in intense ecstasy. “Oh, God, how I’ve missed you!” I wailed. Just then, his body wracked above me, shaking with his own orgasm, filling me with two years of cum and pleasure. He leaned over me, resting his cheek against mine.

I smiled — I’d never felt so good, so warm or satisfied. Bobby kissed my lips and smiled lovingly.

“Merry Christmas,” he whispered. Then wrapping his arms around me, he kissed me again. I felt warm and safe in his arms.

“Merry Christmas, indeed, my love. I certainly got my Christmas wish.”

She glanced at her bedside clock: 11:11 PM. She took a ragged breath and then with a start realized that she wasn’t alone. The arm that was wrapped around her waist tightened. She tried to recall last nights events, but all she remembered now was the full feeling she got when the man beside her pushed himself fully into her hot, tight depths.

Karen squirmed in this man’s arms, feeling a wave of tingling arousal shoot straight to her groin, making her wet. Quietly she rolled over in his embrace and kissed his cheeks. He lay peacefully asleep beside her and she wondered if he’d have looked that peaceful every night or was it just because of the wild night of sex she was beginning to remember.

Slowly Karen kissed down his neck to his naked shoulder and chest. She kissed softly to his chest; circling his nipple with her tongue and feeling her own nipples grow tight. She sucked his nipple into her mouth and heard his intake of breath. Not sure if he was awake or not, Karen moved to the other nipple and performed the same task.

A muffled groan sounded and she cast her eyes up to meet her lover’s hot stare. She smiled mischievously and continued a path with her tongue down to his waist.

Feeling his fingers tangle in her hair she took him in her mouth, tentatively licking the head and down the shaft slowly. She slowly, teasingly repeated the motion until she felt his fingers tightening and pushing her head down.

Then Karen took him fully in and down her throat in a short time, her hand wrapped around him, stroking up and down in time with her mouth. She lifted her mouth off of him and looked up at his face as he watched her poke her tongue out and flick it against the head of his cock.

He groaned and one of his hands left her head and trailed down her back. His touch was spreading the fire that was raging out of control inside her. Resting his hand on her ass she spread her legs and he raised his hand before spanking her.

The action made her moan around his dick and he spanked her again. Karen wiggled in his grasp. Her mouth made a “pop” sound when she lifted her mouth from him and moved to straddle his lap. Settling herself down on the tops of his thighs, she felt his cock just brushing her pussy as she bent forward and kissed his lips. Poking her tongue in between them and sucking on his tongue when he opened his mouth enough. Brushing her pussy against him, she moaned and finally rising above him, she paused and his hand came around her waist and he pushed the tip of his finger against her ass and she moaned out seconds before sliding down his length.

Growling, he flipped her to her back and held her legs together by the ankles, pushing her legs up to her chest, ordering her to hold onto them and pounded her pussy relentlessly. In the position she could feel every move he made as he slid in and out of her and she was loving every minute of the hot rough sex. Mmmmm’s and Ooh’s escaped her lips as she squeezed her cunt muscles around the big cock inside her.

Finally she lost all control and her body tensed and released in wave after wave of explosive orgasmic pleasure. Her lover groaned and tugged at her arms, freeing her legs and Karen let them down before pulling out and jerking his cock twice before spilling his seed all over her tits topped with hard nipples, down her stomach and just reaching her shaved pubic mound. She moaned again and lifted her hands to rub his cum into her skin.

He fell to the mattress beside her and kissed her long and hard, his fingers between her legs feeling the stickiness there. While there he fingered her, pushing two and then three fingers into her still dripping wet pussy, rubbing her clit with his thumb and putting his mouth and tongue to her nipples, he rocked her closer to the edge again before pushing her over, her climax squeezing her inner walls around his fingers.

He moved his hand up and broke the kiss, putting his fingers to her lips she sucked her cum off and lay still after, and closing her eyes. He too fell asleep again.

Her first time without me there

When my wife, Maggie gets in the mood to play out a fantasy scene we always do it together. Part of the thrill is the sharing and because I am a voyeur and she is an exhibitionist, it always works out well. I also love to eat and fuck her freshly fucked and hot, steamy pussy.

In this particular situation I had to make an extended business trip to Europe and Maggie asked me if it would be okay for her to get together with her newest lover, Clay (reference the story……Our most recent threesome). Maggie was kind of embarrassed and a bit sheepish when she approached me about getting together with Clay because she knows how much I love watching her experiencing pure passion and pleasure.

Only one day before I was about to depart on my ten day trip Maggie brought up the possibility of getting together with Clay. I smiled broadly when she told me what she had in mind. She was relieved that I was supportive of her desires. Of course I knew that she had already made up her mind to do this so I really had no choice although I thought it was a neat idea since we had never done anything like this before. I had already begun thinking about how I could call her and at least listen in while she fucked Clay. Being in Europe with the time difference would make that difficult.

Thinking of Maggie getting fucked while I was away made me hard as a rock and Maggie and I fucked twice before I departed. One of the benefits of her recent fucking by Clay was that she had become more vocal prior to and during our fuck sessions. As we made love for the last time before I left for the airport she kept telling me how much she wanted Clay’s big cock inside her and she promised to tell me every detail of their fuck session once I returned. I kept pressing her for details about what she had planned but she told me nothing. She did confess that she and Clay had been communicating by email since their recent coupling at the St Regis. I knew Maggie had something in mind and she delighted in tantalizing me by not telling me what she was thinking.

When my flight left the ground heading towards Europe I had a raging hardon thinking about when Maggie and Clay might be getting together. It continued for most of the trip and I felt like one of the guys in the erectile dysfunction commercials about calling a Doctor if you had an erection lasting more than 4 days…………how about 10 days??

I spoke with Maggie a few times and knew that she and Clay were getting together on the Saturday before I arrived back home on Sunday. My slutty Maggie knows how much I like her freshly fucked pussy and she even tried to schedule Clay for Sunday so she would be truly freshly fucked. However, he was not available on Sunday so they settled on Saturday.

I called Maggie from the airport and told her I wanted her to dress in something very sexy and be ready to tell me every detail about her encounter with Clay. She had already confirmed that they had a splendid time on Saturday and she was eager to tell me all about it. This is the story she told me when I arrived at the house. In order to help you visualize the situation you should know that when I arrived home my sweet, slutty Maggie was wearing a black negligee and had a glass of scotch waiting for me while she sipped a glass of Pinot Grigio. Her 5 ft, 4 inch petite frame makes her 39 D breasts look huge, especially in the negligee. Her slender but shapely legs looked even sexier with a pair of black high heeled shoes on her feet.

Here is the story she told me as my already bursting cock waited not so patiently for us to connect so I could finally get some relief.

Maggie decided that she was uncomfortable meeting Clay in a hotel without me present. After all, she had only been with him once and while he was a great fuck, she really did not know him very well. She surprised me by telling me that she invited him to our house.

Clay arrived in the early afternoon on Saturday. He was wearing jeans, loafers and Ralph Lauren dress shirt when he arrived. He brought flowers (roses of course) and a bottle of Pinot Grigio for Maggie. She greeted him at the door wearing a tight fitting silk blouse and a skirt which she knew would provide easy access for her lover. She topped it off with the same sexy black heels she had on while telling me the story. She rarely wears a bra and did not on that day. She did, however, wear a black thong undergarment that was no larger than a Pirate’s eye patch.

Clay came in to the house and looked around asking Maggie if she was certain I was still out of the country. She assured them they were alone and she asked him to pour her some wine. They went into the kitchen where he opened the wine and then asked her if she would provide him with a glass of my scotch. She did.

They went into the living room and talked for a few minutes and soon began recalling their intimate and sexy scene at the hotel some weeks before. That led to Clay telling Maggie how much he enjoyed kissing her and he asked if he could do again. She willingly permitted his advance and they kissed deeply on the sofa. It did not take long before his hands found her braless breasts and once he started caressing those nipples Maggie was quickly over the edge.

As they began tearing at each other’s clothes, Clay stopped and told Maggie he had an idea and he wanted her to know what he was thinking. He told Maggie he wanted to fuck her in every room of the house so that no matter what room she went into, she would remember what they did in that location. She thought that was a fine idea and so did I. Guess Clay is a pervert like me and I thought his idea was actually quite clever.

Once they stripped each other of their clothes and Maggie was standing totally naked pressed up against Clay’s muscular chest, he gently laid her on the sofa placing one leg on the back of the sofa and spreading the other one to put her foot on the floor.

This put Maggie in a totally open position with her legs wide apart and provided an ideal place for Clay to put his head between her legs. He went straight for her clitoris and soon had Maggie cumming over and over. She can climax an amazing number of times when we are making love but when she gets hot and horny for sport fucking, she climaxes even more frequently and seems never to tire.

After Clay had eaten her to a number of climaxes she told him she was ready to be fucked. He said, “Let’s go in to your office.”

Once they moved in to her office he bent her over the desk and entered her from behind. Apparently that is their favorite position together and allows his impressive and thick 9.5 inches to reach deep into Maggie’s wet womb. She told me that she was so wet that he had little trouble going deep in just a few strokes (unlike their first get together which took some time for her to adjust to his incredible girth). Clay is about 6 ft, 2 inches tall, lean and fit and his cock is the thickest I have ever seen.

They fucked in this position for some time and then Clay told her that he wanted to eat her pussy in the kitchen. So they moved to the kitchen and he sat her naked body on the large cooking island in the kitchen. Once he laid her down and spread her legs, he pulled a kitchen stool over, sat down on it and began eating her again. She never gets tired of that and she told me she came at least another 5 or 6 times as he lapped at her love tunnel and clitoris.

She told Clay she thought it was time to go to the bedroom so they marched nakedly up the stairs to the master bedroom where they collapsed on the bed while embraced in a deep French kiss. She told me he could not keep his hands off her lovely breasts and I knew just what she meant as that was hard for me to do as well.

One thing she mentioned is that she had discovered that Clay has very sensitive nipples like me and she loves to tease and tantalize by flicking her lover’s nipples. In Clay’s case he told her it made his cock as hard as steel so she made sure to flick his nipples every time she had the chance. Her lips or fingers on those sensitive nipples always makes me hard as a rock and it had the same impact on Clay.

Once on the bed they assumed the missionary position and Maggie quickly spread her legs as wide as possible. Clay responded by pulling her legs up in the air and placing them on his shoulders. He penetrated her slowly at first before he began plowing into her with vigor. She pleaded with him not to hold back on climaxing. With plenty of time to fuck and recover, she wanted to make him cum as often as possible.

Soon Clay told her that he was close and she told him to do it. “Come on and cum in me………….cum in my pussy…………..come on………”

Soon Clay exploded within her and she felt his cock swell and twitch with each blast of white hot sperm that he unloaded. He let her legs down but stayed on top of her for a few moments before he rolled off and tried to recover. They pulled the sheet up and rested for a few moments. Clay eventually got up and padded down the stairs to get the wine and scotch. He came back up to our bedroom and they drank their adult beverages and talked about me. Imagine that. It made my cock hard as a rock to think about them talking about me after they had just fucked each other’s brains out on our marital bed. Maggie told Clay that she wished I could be there to watch them.

Soon Clay was fondling her breasts again and Maggie responded by finding his cock under the sheets. Soon he was growing into a full erection again and he told her it was time to change locations. He took her by the hand and they went into the bathroom where he bent her over the lavatory and asked her to spread her legs as wide as possible. She told me she looked at herself in the mirror and watched as Clay inserted his massive prick deep inside her. She watched the two of them as Clay pushed deeper and deeper into her. Finally he had all of his cock inside her and he started slowly at first but was soon fucking her at a furious pace. She told me she tried to watch in the mirror but soon had to close her eyes and simply enjoy the moment. She told me she came 4 or 5 times in that position and soon Clay slowed down and eventually stopped without climaxing.

He stood Maggie up and they kissed again as his cock pressed into her stomach. She responded by grabbing his cock and stealing a glance at the two of them in the mirror. She said it was so hot that she wanted his cock in her again and she told him so. He smiled and said it was time to change venues.

They headed for the guest bathroom where he sat down on the toilet. He guided her towards him and had Maggie sit on his cock facing him so he could play with her breasts. He took one in each hand as she guided his cock into her love tunnel. She slid slowly down until she had completely impaled herself on his massive cock. She told me she watched it disappear and could hardly believe she could take that much cock inside her. Once impaled she started a slow rhythm of moving up and down as he pushed into her with his hips as best he could while seated.

After several minutes of fucking in that somewhat awkward position he asked Maggie to trade places with him. She sat down and he straddled her placing his giant cock on her lips. She responded by opening wide and taking it as deep as she could. She loves the taste of her own pussy especially on a huge cock that has just been deep inside her.

She has an amazing ability to deep throat and while his cock was hard to manage, she took as much as she could deep into her throat. She was determined to make him cum like this and really wanted to feel his cock pulse in her mouth. Clay skull fucked her for several minutes before announcing that he was about to cum. Maggie responded by cupping his balls and taking him as deep as she could while stroking his now engorged cock with her other hand. She was soon rewarded as Clay bellowed out and came deep into Maggie’s mouth and throat. She swallowed furiously as Clay spurted into her 6 or 7 times and she and was able to capture most of the hot, steamy liquid. She told me that some of it dripped out the corner of her mouth and onto her breast. She wiped it with her finger and then rubbed it into Clay’s butt as he remained in her mouth and began to soften. Even limp his cock was more than a mouthful as Maggie cleaned his cock with her talented tongue. They decided it was time for a shower and returned to the master bathroom. Once the water was warm they stepped into the shower thinking about the last time they did this at the hotel.

Maggie admitted that she found his massive cock absolutely fascinating and it did not take long before her soapy hands focused on his cock. Clay of course was focused on Maggie’s large and lovely breasts so in a few minutes they were both aroused again. Maggie found herself stroking the giant cock back to its full glory while the hot water made the scene feel even more sensual.

Clay kissed Maggie and then bent his legs so he could insert his cock into her while they were both standing. Once inside her he picked her up while she was impaled on his cock and he moved her to the shower wall with her back up against the granite blocks with Maggie literally impaled and hanging on his cock. Just as she had done in the hotel in a similar position, she reached down and started playing with her clitoris bringing herself to another gushing climax.

As the hot water began to cool they realized they had expended all the hot water in the tank and soon moved out of the shower. They toweled each other dry and moved back to the bed where the adult beverages were sitting unconsumed.

As they sat naked on the bed Clay smiled and asked Maggie which room was next. She told me she thought they should go outside to the deck overlooking the lake. Since it was still daylight the thought of being seen by a neighbor made my slutty wife wet just thinking about it. After finishing their drinks they headed downstairs still naked as the day they were born.

Although our house is fairly secluded Maggie checked outside to see if anyone might be able to see her with her lover. Seeing no humans around Maggie motioned Clay to come outside to the deck. Once outside in the late day sunshine they embraced and kissed deeply on the deck overlooking the lake. As Maggie stroked Clay’s cock back to “performing status” he tickled her clit and played with her breasts and soon had Maggie in a frenzy and ready for action.

Clay turned Maggie towards the lake and she grabbed on to the railing while bending at the waist. She spread her legs knowing exactly what they both wanted. Clay moved in behind her and guided his cock into her while she played with herself so she would be nice and wet for his entry. He slid his cock in an inch at a time and in spite of their afternoon fuckfest it still took time for his massive cock to make its way to the bottom of her womb.

They fucked in this position for several minutes and after several climaxes Maggie looked over her shoulder at Clay. He asked if there was something wrong. Maggie said no but I think it is time we try something different.

Clay asked if she wanted to go back inside. My wonderful slut wife smiled and said, No, I think I am ready to try anal again with you.” Clay smiled and understood. He asked if she had any personal lubricants on the deck and after a good laugh Maggie went inside and came back with a small jar of olive oil. “If it is good for cooking it must be good enough for sex.”

She assumed her position again while Clay applied the oil to her anus and to his cock. He positioned his cock at her anus and pushed slowly. Soon the head popped in and the olive oil made the journey easier as he slowly penetrated the depth of her anal cavity. Slowly in and slowly out he was gentle and effective helped along by Maggie playing with her clitoris as he pushed his way to the bottom.

At some point Maggie’s wicked sense of humor overtook the moment and she turned her head towards Clay and said, “Kind of ironic that you are using extra virgin olive oil on this not so virgin ass.” They got quite a chuckle out of that comment.

After a few minutes, Clay was fucking Maggie’s ass furiously and she was in world class slut mode talking dirty to Clay and begging him to fuck her ass harder and faster. She knew her trashy talk would make him cum and she was ready. She told me she came at least 4 times while he was fucking her ass.

Soon Clay told her he was ready and he moaned loudly and came deep in her ass. I must admit I was somewhat jealous that he could cum that much in one afternoon. He remained in her ass for a few moments before pulling out. As he did the white hot liquid dripped out of her ass an on to the wood deck below. Maggie thought momentarily that it might leave a stain but then remembered I would probably like that so she made a mental note of exactly where the puddle had landed on the deck.

As they made their way into the house darkness was beginning to fall. Clay asked Maggie what she was going to do about dinner and she told him that she thought about fixing a fruit and cheese platter and eating it in bed with him. And that is what they did.

Maggie and Clay fucked again after eating in bed and again the next morning before he left for a business trip that day. Maggie laid in bed thinking about all that they had done and she wanted to remember everything so she could tell me every detail.

By the time she was finished with her story my cock was about to explode. I took her by the hand and led her to the master bedroom. I striped her of her negligee as she stepped out of her heels.

As we fell on to the bed I noticed that she had shaved all the hair on her pussy. I looked at her and smiled and asked if she had told me every detail about her escapades with Clay. She looked down at her hairless pussy and grinned ear to ear.

“Oh, yea, I guess I did leave out one major detail. After Clay and I showered he asked if he could shave my pussy. When we got out of the shower he sat me on the lavatory and shaved my pussy before he ate me to another 5 or 6 climaxes. He told me it would make oral sex so much more sensitive and stimulating. And he was right. It was so hot and sexy and I came really hard after he shaved me. I hope you like it Honey.”

Although I like her normally hairy pussy I smiled and put my arms around her. How could I get mad at my world class slut wife after the wonderful story of her pleasure session with Clay? Somehow I feel like there will be more fuck sessions with Clay and as long as she shares them with me, I have to admit that I do benefit greatly from the adventures.

The sex with Maggie was great and we fucked twice more before going to bed that night. My only regret is that I was not there to take pictures. I did find that I liked her new hairless pussy and it did seem to heighten her sensitivity and pleasure. I guess her first time without me turned out okay. Stay tuned…………….we’ll see what happens next.

Peter came home after a long day at work when his wife Sara told him she had something she wanted to talk him about after dinner. This usually meant that she had spent way to much money, and they were going to be short for the month or she had dented the car. After dinner he found her in the living room looking sexy as hell so he knew it was something big. He sat down next to her looking into her baby blue eyes saying,

“Alright…what is it?”

“It’s not what you think Peter. My sister Marci is going through some really tough times. I mentioned to you in the past that she was going through a rough patch in her life, and she was really down. Our parents don’t want anything to do with her, and she’s lost the lease on her apartment. I was wondering if you would be cool with her coming to stay with us for a while; at least until she gets back on her feet. We’ve always been really close and I want to help her.”

Peter had never met Marci, and in a way was looking forward to meeting his wife’s sister. He nodded saying,

“Sure, I don’t have a problem with it as long as she contributes like cooking or doing some housework to help out.”

“Absolutely, she won’t have a problem with doing any of that. In fact we’ve already discussed it.”

“So when does she arrive Sara?”


“I thought so. Well at least you went through the motions of asking me. So are you going to fill me in on what she looks like or is it a surprise?”

“Well she looks a lot like me except that she has brown hair, brown eyes, and a really great figure. You’ll like her because she’s really out going, and happy most of the time. She’s easy to get along with, and you’ll like the fact that she has really big tits, and they are nice and firm not to mention she’s a big flirt.”

“Oh great. I get to walk around with a perpetual hard on all the time with a woman that’s going to flirt with me and tease me all day. Not to mention she has great tits that I can maybe look at but as long as I don’t touch.”

Sara laughed. “Pretty much. Relax Peter….you’re going to love her.”

“Fine….we’ll see.”

Marci arrived the following Saturday right on time, and she was everything Sara said she would be physically, but it was pretty obvious that Marci was depressed after all she’d been through.

She was very polite to Peter introducing herself, and thanking him for allowing her to stay in his home. He even felt sorry for her telling her she was welcome to anything they had, and not to hesitate to let them know if she needed anything.

The first few days were pretty quite and nothing much happened. Peter had a few days off so he was around the house working some on the computer, and catching up on some household chores he’d been putting off for too long. He was finding it hard to keep his eyes off Marci, because Sara hadn’t been kidding about how great she looked.

She did have massive tits, and they were so damn firm it was unbelievable. Peter’s cock was hard most of the time even though he tried not to look at her. It was hard not to notice with her following him around and talking to him all day. Finally she asked Peter,

“Peter…do you have a problem with me? You seem to be avoiding me as if I’ve done something wrong.”

“No Marci, you haven’t done anything wrong unless having a great body, and look absolutely gorgeous is wrong. I’ve just been trying not to make a fool of myself around you is all.”

Marci smiled. “I have noticed you trying not to look, and I’ve noticed that you seem to have a hard on most of the time. If I’m that much of a distraction I can leave.”

“No, Marci, it’s not you, it’s just me being a guy. I just can’t seem to help it, nor do I don’t want you to go anywhere.”

“You’re so sweet, Peter. I wish I had a man in my life as nice as you. My sister is lucky to have you.”

“Hey make sure you tell her that okay….she needs to hear it.”

Marci laughed giving Peter a hug thanking him for making her laugh. As she hugged Peter they both felt his cock pressing against her thigh. Neither of them wanted to break their hug, as Peter struggled not to let his lust get the better of him.

He was doing just fine until he felt Marci slip her hands under his shirt, and started running her hands over his chest. He soon lost the battle of self control taking her in his arms as the two of them kissed passionately.

Peter could feel Marci’s arousal growing, along with all the pent up sexual frustration she’d had bottled up inside her for so long. Peter couldn’t hold back any longer as he reached down, and pulled Marci’s top up over her head exposing her magnificent breasts.

Her aureoles were about the size of a silver dollar, and they were covered with goose bumps not to mention her nipples were rock hard. He took them in his hands, and started caressing them as Marci pushed his shorts down over his hips and took his cock in her hand. She looked up at Peter saying,

“No wonder Sara’s so happy….you have a really great cock. I can’t wait to have that fill my pussy.”

Peter lowered his head taking Marci’s nipples into his mouth, and began flicking them and sucking them as she moaned while squeezing his cock. After several minutes of Peter pleasuring her nipples Marci knelt down, and started running her tongue over Peter’s cock.

He closed his eyes tilting his head back, and moaned telling her how good it felt. Marci ran her tongue from the top of his cock down to his balls before deep throating him, and taking his cock as far down her throat as she could. Marci took him to the edge before stopping just at the right time.

Peter pulled Marci to her feet taking her to the sofa where he pulled her shorts off followed by her thong. He marveled at how much her pussy resembled Sara’s. Like Marci, Sara had beautiful thick lips, and a huge clit not to mention that she too was clean shaven.

Peter moved between Marci’s legs where he began running his tongue over her pussy, and lapping up her juices as she squealed and squeezed her breasts. The more he sucked her pussy the more Marci squealed, and moaned as she thrust her pussy into his face. He took her clit into his mouth, while stuffing as many fingers as he could into her pussy as she gasp,

“Oh ya Peter….Oh fuck yes. Suck it…suck my clit ….oh fuck yes….make me cum!”

No sooner had she said that than her body started to quake, and shudder as one orgasm after another shot through her body. Once she was finished cumming she traded places with Peter on the sofa. She was about to lower herself onto his cock when Peter stopped her. He looked at her saying,

“I’m sorry Marci….I just can’t go through with having sex with you….I just couldn’t do that behind Sara’s back….I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, Peter….you’re a good man. Thank you for making me cum, and I promise not to tempt you anymore.”

Peter didn’t know what to do with himself for the rest of the day. He was riddled with guilt, and when Sara got home that evening she knew something was up. Neither her sister nor Peter could look her in the eye.

She knew something had happened, and it was most likely that they had given into temptation and had sex. She should have been mad, but she loved them both too much to put either of them through the ringer.

Besides, she had thought about asking Peter to have sex with her sister anyway. The two of them had already talked, and she knew just how sexually frustrated her sister was, but she didn’t think to tell her it was alright for her to have sex with Peter. That night when they went to bed Sara put on her sexiest negligee and got in bed next to Peter. She looked at him asking,

“So what’s the matter? You look guilty as hell. What did you do?”


“Ya right. I bet you and Marci were together and one thing led to another, and the two of you ended up fucking your brains out.”

Peter stared at Sara with that, “How did you know?” look on his face.

“Come on Peter you have that look all over your face Hon.”

Then Sara grabbed Peter’s cock saying,

“It’s okay Peter. In fact I know how uptight and horny my sister is, and I know how horny you probably got just looking at her. It’s Alright!”

Peter sighed saying,

“We didn’t fuck….I stopped it before it got that far, but we did go down on one another.”

“You didn’t fuck her?”


“Wow….why on earth didn’t you fuck her? You did that much together you might as well have finished the job.”

“I couldn’t Babe….I just couldn’t.”

“Aww …I love you Hon, but I’m cool with it. I know you’re not going to leave me, and I know how much you love me, and I love you too as well as my sister. That’s why I hate seeing her hurt like this. So next time go ahead and fuck her. What she needs more than anything is a good hard fuck. Now speaking of good hard fucks get over here and fuck me!”

Peter and Sara started kissing and caressing one another as Peter removed Sara’s negligee. As she and Peter caressed on another she ask,

“So Peter…did you like my Sister’s breasts?”

“Ya, they were really nice.”

“So show me what you did to them.”

Peter smiled as he lowered his head, and began running his tongue over Sara’s aureole’s while listening to her coo as he started flicking her nipples with his tongue. As Sara became more and more aroused Peter took her nipples into his mouth, and began sucking them as he moved his hand down between her legs where he began palming her pussy. Sara breathed deeply,

“Oh ya Peter…suck my nipples baby….oh fuck ya. Wha t else did you do?”

Not saying a word Peter moved down between his wife’s legs where he started running his tongue over her pussy as she raised her hips, pushing her pussy against his hot tongue. Peter was overcome with lust showing his wife what he had down to her sister, and loving her reaction to it as he showed her what he did.

Peter worked his tongue between her folds, sliding it deep into her pussy as Sara grabbed she sheets as she writhed on the bed.Then after several minutes he moved up taking her clit into his mouth, and started sucking her clit, and adding his fingers to her pussy replacing his tongue.

Soon Sara was beside herself as she thrust her pussy into Peter’s face before exploding in a powerful orgasm. As she came down she looked at Peter smiling saying,

“Oh fuck Peter….I know she loved it.”

“I think so, at least she came pretty hard.”

“Mmmmm, and what did she do for you?” “Nothing. I started feeling so guilty for having given into my lust that I couldn’t go any farther.”

“Oh Peter…I love you Honey, but next time go for it. Since you didn’t let her suck your beautiful cock I guess it’s just up to me to finish the job. “

Sara took Peter’s cock in hand, and began running her tongue up and down his shaft as he lay there and moaned telling her how good it felt. Before long Sara was deep throating Peter taking him to the edge, but not before she mounted his cock with the two of them fucking until they both exploded with a major orgasm.

Before going to sleep Sara told Peter that if the opportunity presented itself again he should go ahead and fuck her since that was alright with her. The next morning Peter was up early as he had to be at work for an early morning meeting.

Sara was up a little while later making coffee, and was about to make breakfast when she decided to see if Marci wanted anything before leaving for work herself. She walked into Marci’s room finding her sleeping naked with the sheets down around her knees.

She paused for a moment looking at her sister thinking how beautiful she looked laying there naked. She remembered how as teenagers they would get into one anothers bed at night, and practice kissing and caressing one another so they’d know what to do when the right boy came along. She was about to turn and leave when she heard Marci’s voice ask,

“Where you going Sis? You can come lay next to me if you’d like.”

Sara walked over, and laid down next to Marci saying,

“So what were you thinking about?”

“Oh I was remembering when we were teenagers how we used to sneak into one anothers rooms at night after Mom and Dad were asleep and get into bed with one another. I remember how we used to practice kissing one another, and touching one another pretending we were practicing for boys. Of coursed if the truth be known I think we just enjoyed experimenting with each other.”

Marci giggled, “I remember that,” as she put her hand on Sara’s leg. Then she looked at Sara saying,

“Please don’t hate me, but I did something wrong yesterday.”

“Oh you mean making out with Peter. Why didn’t you just fuck him and get it over with. You know he would have loved it.”

“He told you?”

“Ya….he looked so guilty. I was afraid the poor man was going to cry if I didn’t let him off the hook.”

Sara and Marci laughed hysterically after which Sara told her,

“Next time just fuck him senseless….I don’t care. I know how hard it is for you now so go ahead and fuck him.”

“Wow Sis….I love you so much!”

“I know Marci…I love you too. Now would you like some breakfast.”

“This may sound silly and even a little kinky, but what I would like is for us to do what we did on those nights in our bedrooms. Those were such fun times.”

Sara didn’t answer, instead she leaned forward placing her lips to Marci’s kissing her softly. The kiss lingered for a moment when Sara raised her hand placing it on Marci’s breast. Her nipples hardened immediately as Marci responded to her sisters touch, and soon the soft little kisses turned into a passionate, soulful kiss as Sara kissed her way down Marci’s neck to her breasts.

Marci gasp as Sara started flicking her nipples with her tongue alternating between flicking her nipples, and sucking them as her hand moved down Marci’s stomach to her sisters pussy. She could feel her growing dampness as Marci responded by spreading her legs whispering,

“Sara…I love you so much!”

Sara replied by moving down between her legs, and kissing Marci’s inner thighs as Marci writhed on the bed, wadding the sheets up in her hands as Sara slowly moved her tongue along her sisters inner thighs. The more Sara teased her sister the more aroused she became, reaching down in an attempt to place Sara’s head in just the right pot.

Her pussy tingled with anticipation as Sara ran her tongue along the edges of her wet, swollen lips while still managing to tease her pussy. Marci lifted her hips from the bed in an effort to shove her aroused pussy into Sara’s face. Sara finally gave in to her sister’s passions by parting her folds, and running her tongue up and down her creamy slit. Marci gasp,

“Yes….yes….oh fuck yes….oh that’s it…..oh fuck yes!”

Sara loved hearing her sisters moans of passion as she gasp telling her how much she enjoyed what she was doing. The aroma of Marci’s arousal, and the juices pouring from her pussy onto her tongue only made Sara all the more determined to make her sister cum.

She began exploring her pussy, and shoving her tongue as deep into her depths as she could while Marci squealed. She was soon squeezing her breasts and tugging at her nipples as she neared her orgasm. Sara took Marci’s clit between her lips, alternating between flicking it with her tongue, and sucking it while Marci thrust her pussy into Sara’s face.

Marci was beside herself as Sara continued licking and sucking her clit while working her fingers furiously in her sisters pussy. It was a good thing the windows were closed as Marci was practically screaming as Sara brought her to a crushing orgasm. After her orgasms subsided enough for her to catch her breath Marci rolled Sara onto her back and moved between her legs.

This time there was no loving caresses, playful teasing or anything even resembling foreplay. Marci’s face was between Sara’s legs, and she was devouring her sister’s pussy. Now it was Sara’s turn to writhe on the bed, and wad up the bed sheets in her hand as Marci tongue fucked her pussy as she reached up and started squeezing Sara’s breasts.

Sara was soon thrusting her pussy into Marci’s face as she gasp, and squealed as Marci went from tongue fucking her to sucking her clit. She moved her hands back down, and stuffed as many fingers as she could in Sara’s pussy, plus one between her cheeks as she started fingering Sara’s ass making her squeal louder.

The harder she sucked Sara’s pussy the louder she squealed. It wasn’t long before her body stiffened, and Sara was cumming over and over. With Sara’s juices covering her face, Marci and Sara got into a hot 69 with the two women between one anothers legs, licking groping and eventually cumming again. Afterward Sara and Marci hugged and cuddled with Sara commenting,

Oh Sis….that was amazing. I haven’t cum that hard in so long. Peter is good….don’t get me wrong, but there’s just something about having a woman between your legs that really is special. I love you so much Sweetie, and I’m so glad we got together and did this.”

“Me too Sara, and I have no feelings of guilt what so ever. Thank you for loving me so much.”

“You know Marci….wouldn’t it be cool if you, me and Peter could have a threesome together?”

“Hell ya, but will he go for it?”

“Oh I think I could persuade him. I was planning a barbecue Saturday after I get back from a meeting I have to go to. That would be the perfect time. You up for it?”


“Good. In the meantime if you get a chance to fuck him do it. I think you’ll find Peter’s cock in amazing, and you already know how well he eats pussy.”

“Oh ya.”

“Good, now I’ve got to get to work….see you tonight.”

To be continued…

After Sara and Marci finished making love Marci stroked Sara’s cheek saying,

“Oh Sis, that was so fucking amazing. I haven’t cum that hard in so long. Peter was really good and please don’t take this wrong, but there is just something so special about having a woman between your legs doing things to you that only a woman knows how to do.”

“I agree Sis, and I love you too. I’m so glad we got together and did this.”

“Me too Sara, and I have no feelings of guilt what so ever either. Thank you for loving me so much. You know Sara, I’ve been thinking about something as we’re laying here. I can’t help but think that it would be so fucking hot if you, me and Peter could have a threesome together?”

Sara smiled saying,

“Would you get out of my head! I’ve been thinking the same thing!”

“Yes, but would Peter ever go for something like that or would it be to over the top for him to handle?”

“Oh I think I could persuade him, and I think I have the perfect scenario too. I was planning a barbecue Saturday after I get back from a meeting I have to go to at work. That would be the perfect time for us to make it happen. Are you up for it Sis?”


“Good, in the meantime if you get a chance to fuck him go ahead and do it. I think you’ll find Peter’s cock is amazing, and you already know how well he eats pussy.”

“Oh yes!”

“Good, now I’ve got to get to work. I’ll see you tonight.”

Marci got up and took a shower after Sara had left for work. While she was in the shower Peter pulled up in the driveway and went into the house. It seems that Peter had gotten a day off with pay for a job well done, so rather than go play golf or something like that, he went home thinking he could get some chores done around the house that Sara had been asking him to take care of.

He went in and changed into a tee shirt and shorts, and then went back into the kitchen for some coffee before he got started. He poured himself a cup as he looked out the kitchen window wondering where to start first. Marci in the meantime had finished her shower and dressed as she went into the kitchen for coffee.

She saw Peter standing there, and staring out the kitchen window as she walked up behind him. He jumped when he felt a pair of hands move around his waist, and a pair of soft breasts pressing into his back.

“So what are you doing home this time of day Peter?”

“Well, it seems I’ve been doing a good job at work, and they have this policy that the boss can give you a paid day off for good job performance. It’s sort of an incentive for others to want the same benefit so they’ll work harder. It seems to be paying off.”

“Sounds like a good company to work for. I’m glad you’re home though I could use some company. It gets lonely around here when you’re the only one in the house.”

As they stood there talking Marci moved her hands slowly down Peter’s stomach to the front of his shorts where she began gently squeezing his crotch. She could feel his cock start to react to her touch almost immediately as she began squeezing his crotch just a little harder.

Peter groaned saying, “You don’t waste much time do you Marci?”

“Not when you’re as hot and horny as I am. I can stop if you want, but judging from the way your cock is reacting to my touch I’d say you’re more than ‘UP’ for it. Am I right?”

Thinking back to Sara telling him she didn’t care if he fucked Marci Peter told her,

“Well now that you mention it I suppose I am.”

That was all Marci needed to hear as she slipped her hands down the front of Peter’s shorts finding a cock that was becoming more and more aroused. She began fondling Peter’s cock as it continued to harden in her hands while she began to slowly stroke his ever hardening cock.

Once he was rock hard Marci moved around in front of Peter, and with his cock still in her grasp she stood up on her tip toes and began kissing him. Their kisses soon turned to deep soulful kisses as she squeezed his cock with one hand, while toying with his balls with her other hand.

Any lasting intimidation Peter may have felt melted away as he gave into his lust. Marci broke their kiss long enough to pull Peter’s shorts down allowing his cock to spring free. Peter in the meantime pulled his tee shirt over his head, and gave it a toss across the kitchen.

Peter then took a smiling Marci into his arms and began kissing her again as he ran his hands up and down her back. He broke their kiss momentarily as he pulled Marci’s top over her head revealing her gorgeous tits, giving her top a toss in the general area of his tee shirt. Marci had such amazing tits, just like her sister Sara.

They were so nice and full with hard nipples that seemed to call to Peter to suck them. He kissed his way down Marci’s neck where he cupped her breasts in his hands, caressing them as she cooed softly. After a few minutes of caressing, and watching her nipples respond to his touch Peter lowered his head, and started flicking her nipples with his tongue while Marci moaned softly.

It was a lot more fun without the feelings of guilt that had been coursing through him the other day at their first encounter. Peter had purged those thoughts from his mind as he took her right nipple into his mouth, and began sucking it as Marci responded by running her fingers through his hair.

After several minutes of sucking one nipple and then the other, Peter lifted Marci onto the counter top where he spread her legs as he moved between them. Marci held onto the cupboard as Peter pulled her shorts off revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

There was just her beautiful, bare pussy staring him in the face making his mouth water just thinking about going down on her. Peter gave into his lustful thoughts as he knelt down and took in her feminine aroma. Her pussy lips looked as if they were alive, and pulsing in anticipation of what was to come.

Her lips were wet and swollen from arousal as Peter began teasing her by running his tongue along the edges of her labia but not quite touching it. Instead he continued teasing her as she began to squeal and ask him to please lick her pussy. The more he teased her the more anxious she became, practically begging him to suck her pussy.

Finally Peter gave into her pleas as he began to explore her pussy sliding his tongue up and down her thick, swollen lips as she gasp and pulled his hair. After a couple of minutes Peter moved his tongue between her folds as he savored the taste of her passion.

Marci began moaning and squealing as Peter slid his tongue into her depths as far as he could where he began tongue fucking her. Marci reached down, and held his head tight against her crotch as Peter began to stab her pussy over and over with his tongue as if it were a small cock.

He could hardly breath she was holding his head so tightly against her pussy. She began undulating her hips, grinding her pussy against his face as Peter wiggled his tongue deep inside her pussy as Marci squealed even louder. Marci was beside herself as Peter’s tongue grew tired, and he replaced his tongue with his fingers in her pussy.

Marci responded by groaning even louder as Peter eased his little finger between her ass cheeks. He teased her asshole with his finger tip, and then inserted his little finger into her asshole causing her to squeal all the more.

While he fingered her pussy as well as her ass, Peter took Marci’s clit between his lips where he began sucking her clit while alternating between that and flicking it with his tongue. The combination of sucking her clit, and working her asshole with his finger pushed Marci over the edge as her body shook with a hard orgasm.

Once she had calmed down enough from her orgasm Peter helped her from the counter top, and led her over to the kitchen table and took a seat in the chair. With his legs spread wide and his cock sticking straight up Marci moved between Peter legs, and began running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

As Peter moaned Marci started swirling her tongue around the head of his cock while gently chewing on it. Marci continued swirling her tongue over his cock, and chewing the head as Peter groaned begging her to deep throat him.

After several minutes of this amazing torture Marci decided to do as he requested tasking his cock as far as she could down her throat. Once she had Peter’s cock as far down her throat as possible she started deep throating him as he rested his hands on her head.

The woman was just amazing, Peter thought as he watched her bob her head up and down, and watching his cock disappear down her throat. He closed his eyes for a moment listening to the slurping sounds of her sucking his cock as he sat there smiling.

Marci had soon taken Peter to the point where he was going to explode any minute. Sensing he was about to cum Marci pinch his orgasm off, and stood up long enough to straddle Peter, and began to slowly lower herself down onto his cock.

Marci gasp as his meaty cock slipped past her lips, and started to enter her pussy inch by sexy inch until he was all the way in. Then with her hands around Peter’s neck Marci started humping his cock right there at the kitchen table while Peter gently squeezed her breasts and tugged at her nipples.

Marci was squealing and humping Peter hard cock loving every inch of it as her ass cheeks slapped his thighs. Peter told Marci to get up for a moment, because he wanted to try something else. Reluctantly Marci moved off his cock as Peter told her to lean across the table.

Marci had such a beautiful ass, rivaling Sara’s for sexiness as he knelt down and started running his tongue over her cheeks. Sara always liked it when Peter rimmed her ass, so he figured Marci was probably of like mind. He found out that he was right as she started wiggling her ass in his face and begging him to eat her ass.

Peter ran his tongue along her crack, up to the cleft at the top of her ass where he started teasing her. She was squealing and shoving her ass into his face when he parted her cheeks, and started running his tongue along her ass from top to bottom.

Peter paused long enough to flick his tongue over Marci’s asshole causing her loudest squeals yet. As he started putting pressure on her ass with his tongue, Marci pushed back against his tongue until his tongue penetrated her ass. Marci gaps saying,

“Oh fuck Peter…oh that feels so fucking good. Eat my ass baby…fucking eat it. Oh fuck me that feels good!”

Peter watched as Marci moved her hand between her legs, and started fingering her pussy as he ate her ass taking her to another orgasm. After a few more minutes Peter stood up, and began running his cock up and down her ass before sliding his cock into her pussy.

He was surprised that Marci’s pussy felt almost identical to Sara’s. He started humping her pussy as Marci pushed back against his cock driving it in even deeper. Harder and harder Peter slammed Marci’s pussy as she gasp and squealed telling him how cock it was.

“Oh ya Peter…fuck me baby…fuck me good. Your cock feels so good in my pussy..fuck it Peter…just fucking fuck it!”

Peter was slamming Marci’s pussy as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks as he continued pummeling her. Finally he felt his balls start to burn, and then tighten when he felt his cock start to throb as he spewed his hot seed into Marci’s tight pussy. Over and over the both of them came, squealing and grunting until they both finally wilted into one another arms.

Afterward the two of them relaxed on the couch in the den, hugging and cuddling until it was time to move on. Peter got his chores done while Marci cleaned house and then figured out what to make for dinner. That evening when Sara got home she was greeted by two very happy people. After dinner Sara pulled Marci aside and took her into the den.

Peter could hear them laughing and giggling so he knew she and Marci were recounting their morning exploits. After a few minutes he didn’t hear them laughing anymore. He figured they found something else to garner their attention and decided to look at the paper.

After about a half hour Peter started to wonder where Sara and Marci were. Usually one of them is around watching TV or something, but now he didn’t hear or see anyone. He got up and went into the den, and looked to see if they were still there but the room was empty.

He walked around the house but didn’t see either of them, so he decided to check up stairs. As he reached the top of the stairs he walked down the hall where he heard giggling that seemed to becoming from the master bedroom, only it didn’t sound like playing giggling it sounded more erotic than that.

As he looked into the bedroom door his eyes nearly popped out of his head. There was his wife Sara naked except for a thong, and her sister Marci was lip locked on one of her nipples. She too was naked except for a thong. As he stood there he could feel his cock starting to fill his shorts when Sara looked up saying,

“Well, it’s about time you got here. We were about to come down and get you. What’s the matter Peter, cat got your tongue?”

“No, but you – your sister…naked and making out? What the fuck?”

“Oh come on Peter get over it. Besides you got to fuck her today, and from what I hear it was a pretty damn good fuck…right Marci?”

Marci lifted her head from Sara’s breast,

“Absolutely it was Sis, just like you said it would be. Now like your wife said…are you going to stand there, and gawk or are you going to get over and join us.”

Still a little dumbfounded Peter quickly got out of his shorts and walked over to the bed. Sara told him, “Hold your horses Peter. Marci and I were here first. Why don’t you have a seat and watch two hot woman make love? That is a fantasy of yours right?”

“Ya, but I never imagined it would be you and Marci.”

“If that’s a problem Peter you can leave you know.”

“No…carry on Babe….I’m cool with it.”

Sara smiled as the two women started kissing passionately, their tongues caressing as they fondled and squeezed one another breasts. Peter soon had his cock in hand as he watched Marci break her kiss with her sister, and start kissing her way down her neck to her breasts were she continued caressing them as she took Sara’s nipples into her mouth.

In the meantime Peter slowly stroked his cock watching this incredible sight unfolding before him. While Marci continued sucking Sara’s nipples, Sara ran her hand down Marci’s back to her ass where she started caressing and squeezing her sexy ass. After a couple of minutes Sara moved her hand between her sisters legs and started exploring Marci’s pussy.

Peter watched as his wife slid her fingers into her sisters pussy, working them around as Marci started making muffled squeals still having Sara’s nipples in her mouth. It was about all Peter could take as he watched Marci move down between Sara’s legs, and started running her tongue over Sara’s pussy.

It was an amazing sight to see his wife’s sister licking his wife’s pussy, and sticking as many fingers as she could into her pussy. He was interrupted when Sara told him to come up onto the bed.

Peter moved onto the bed straddling Sara’s face, and lowering himself so Sara could take his cock and balls in her hand.

She pulled him down taking his cock into her mouth where she began sucking him. Peter almost got a neck spasm trying to look behind his shoulder to see what Marci was doing to Sara’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Sara started cumming from Marci licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

Peter moved off Sara as she and her sister traded places on the bed. With Marci now on her back Sara kissed her passionately, and then moved down to Marci’s breasts where she started licking and sucking her nipples.

Once she moved down between Marci’s legs Sara started licking her pussy, and sucking her clit as Peter watched. At Marci’s urging Peter moved closer to her so she could suck his cock, and this time he was in a position where he could watch his wife licking her sisters pussy.

It was such an amazing sight, because never would Peter have ever dreamed he would see his wife sucking pussy let alone it being her sisters pussy. Yet there she was, licking, finger, and sucking her sisters pussy until she exploded in a powerful orgasm. Now it was Peter’s turn as he lay on this back with his cock sticking up in the air waiting for one of the women to sit on.

Sara told Marci to go first as Marci straddled Peter’s cock, and lowered herself down into his waiting cock. Once she had Peter deep inside her, Sara watched as Peter’s cock slid in and out of Marci’s tight pussy. She looked at Peter with a wide smile on her face saying,

“I’ve always wondered what your cock looked like sliding in and out of my pussy and now I know. Damn it looks so fucking hot, how does it feel Marci?”

“Oh Sis, it feels so fucking good, but then you know that since you get to fuck him anytime you want. You’re so fucking lucky!”

“Don’t I know it. So Peter, how does my Sister’s pussy feel? There’s no wrong answer just so you know.”

“It feels nice and tight. She’s very similar to you, but then she’s different too. I can’t explain it, but you both have amazing pussies.”

Then Sara maneuvered around lowering her pussy onto Peter’s face as she shoved his tongue deep inside her. Sara rode his face like his tongue was a little cock deep in her pussy. As she tongued her, Sara rubbed her clit feverishly taking herself to another orgasm. No sooner had she finished than Marci started cumming.

Now it was Sara’s turn to ride Peter’s cock as she maneuvered around again, and lowering herself onto his cock. Once he was inside Sara’s pussy, Marci maneuvered around and lowered her pussy onto Peter’s face. Marci was facing Sara while Sara rode Peter’s cock and Marci riding his face.

Eventually Sara started cumming after which Sara suggested that while she and Marci laid next to one another and fingered each other, Peter should jack off and cum on their tits. Peter eagerly agreed as he watched Sara and Marci get into position, and began fingering one another while Peter jacked off watching them.

The women were squealing and giggling as they watched Peter continued jacking off, his hand a blur and his balls slapping against his thighs. Finally he grunted and aimed his cock at Marci as a huge load of cum spurted from his cock onto her tits, and then another load squirted onto Sara’s. Once he was finished Sara and Marci licked each others tits clean of cum. After they were finished Marci looked at Sara saying,

“We never made it to Saturday did we?”

Sara laughed,

“No we sure didn’t, but then we can always do it then too.”

Peter looked at them asking,

“Saturday….what’s so special about Saturday?”

Sara and Marci looked at one another and began laughing saying,

“Well you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you.”

Then Marci kissed Peter and Sara good night as Marci went to her room, and Peter and Sara showered and went to bed. Peter couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive knowing that his wife and her sister surely had something up their sleeve. Peter knew one thing, whatever it was it would be worth waiting for as he dozed off to sleep with a smile on his face.

To Be Cont…

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