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Chapter 2

Matt had completely forgotten he was on call until his pager bleeped.

Quickly apologising to Cece for having to leave, he jumped in his Range Rover and got to the hospital as quickly as possible. Throwing his suit jacket in the back of his car before he got out, he rushed into the A&E.

“Where’s the patient?” Matt said to a nurse standing at the nurse’s station.

“Dr Andrews stabilised and patched her up; she’s gone for an MRI scan and then will be in ICU.”

“Sounds like you’ve got this covered; can I see the patient’s chart?”

Handing Matt the chart, the nurse continued to go about her business.

Matt aimlessly looked through the chart, seeing that the girl had been involved in a hit and run. She had a bad blow to the head with a large laceration, a broken arm, a fractured collarbone, broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone and to top it all off a compact pelvic fracture, this little lady was a fighter to be still alive.

He would have to commend Dr Andrews for stabilising her.

Thinking he should probably go and take the patient from Dr Andrews’s hands as he had other patients to see to as well, he got into to the lift to take him to the intensive care unit.

Looking at the chart again, he froze. He hadn’t looked at the name before, and now an all too familiar name was staring him in the face. Miss Honey Richards. ‘It couldn’t be my Honey, but how many Honey Richards are there?!’ He started to panic, his chest felt tight, his heart was palpitating, it started to get really hot in the elevator. He needed to see her, right now. Pushing the button for the fourth floor again and again, the elevator wasn’t going any faster!

*Ding* “The doors will now open”

Jumping out of the lift and walking as fast as his muscular legs could take him, he hotfooted it to the ICU.

There she was, battered and bruised, looking so small in the hospital bed, so helpless. Machines attached to her, not even breathing on her own.

“Mr De Mont, she has some bleeding to the brain but considering how bad it looks, she’s doing ok.”

“I’ll take it from here, good job.” Matt mindlessly stated, unable to pull his eyes away from Honey.

When Dr Andrews left, Matt sat down next to Honey, took her hand in his and vowed; he would do every and anything in his power to make sure she would make a full recovery. He wouldn’t lose her, he just couldn’t.

In that moment he realised how much Honey meant to him, he had never felt like this about anyone and had given up hope that he ever would.

The day he saw Honey, she was like a little ray of sunshine, brightening the day of everyone she met.

She was stunning, curvy, a perfect height. Long satin hair and intense amber eyes. She was beautiful inside and out.

Subconsciously from the moment he saw her, he knew that she would be his forever. Whether he wanted to admit it to himself or not.

He couldn’t go a day without at least glimpsing her.

He noticed every little expression from across the cafeteria when she sat talking to the other nurses, when she had her head stuck in paperwork and she furrowed her brow in the cute way she did when she concentrated or the bright, beaming smile that came over her face when she was talking to a patient.

He had tried to ignore his feelings for her by brushing them aside but it hadn’t worked, he just got frustrated then, he thought about her constantly.

Seeing her in such a helpless manner, gave him the push he needed to finally admit to himself; he had feelings for her.

Even if he didn’t know her well at all, he just knew they were destining to be together


Over the next few weeks, Matt was with her every day, tending to everything she needed. He also had her moved to the best private room in the hospital at his own expense.

He had met her father, Blake and her sister, Kimmy as they came to see her at least 3 times a week.

Matt didn’t want to meet Blake, he would have preferred to have Honey introduce Blake to him, but ‘sometimes we can’t get what we want’ he thought to himself.

Whilst talking with Blake one day, he discovered what had happened to Honey’s mother Genevieve and that in fact his father had treated her.

Only making Matt more sure they should be together.

Honey was slowly recovering; she was breathing on her own, she no longer had a frame supporting her pelvis and due to the nature of the fracture she hadn’t required any surgery which Matt was over the moon about.

She had her arm in a cast and her shoulder in a sling preventing movement so her collarbone could heal.

Her cheekbone was healing nicely and he had got the best plastic surgeon in the country to come and look at the laceration on her head and find a way to minimise the scarring.

The best news was that Honey was slowly coming out of her coma, she was fighting through.

She was beginning to respond to pain by moving away, she would move slightly from time to time and her eyes would flicker.

Honey was coming back to him.

But there was one major problem, Krystal. He didn’t love her and she slept around, so he should just leave her.

But he knew Krystal wouldn’t let the socialite life go that easily and his mother wouldn’t let Krystal go so easily.

Matt was also conveniently ignoring the other obvious problem; that Honey may not reciprocate his feelings.

Matt often spent nights at the hospital so he could be there at any moment if anything happened to Honey, but tonight he thought it best to go home; he needed some proper sleep after four weeks of tending to Honey constantly and if he didn’t get some sleep he would not be at his best for her.

He just prayed that Krystal wouldn’t be there.

He checked Honey’s vitals one more time, gave her some more morphine to be a hundred percent she was in no pain and some anti-emetics just in case today she decided to come around, he didn’t want her feeling any worse. Then he left.

Matt felt uncomfortable coming out of the hospital and walking up to his Range Rover; not one to be flashy, he had a more appropriate car he drove to work, an Audi A3.

Cars were his love; after work and his trips to Uganda. They were his vice, not to mention distracting him from the ever annoying Krystal.

In total, he had about 35 from Super cars like his Bugatti, which he managed to secure straight from the factory to muscle cars like his Chevrolet Camaro and luxury cars like his Mercedes S-class. He loved them all, even having an underground storage for them under his house, this being about the only part of this house he had a say in.

When Matt finally arrived back home, he retired to his bedroom in the luxurious house. Matt and Krystal had been sleeping in separate rooms for a while, In the beginning this was due to his odd sleeping patterns and not wanting to wake Krystal with his restlessness but now it was because he couldn’t stand to see her.

Seeing that Krystal was home, he really didn’t feel like talking to her. If he was honest, he didn’t even want to see her bony ass after seeing his beautiful Honey today.

To his disgust, Krystal had obviously seen he was home because no sooner had he hopped into his bed, Krystal stumbled into his room.

“Great, this is just what I need a drunk Krystal, chatting her usual shite I just want to sleep!” Matt muttered angrily.

“Mattey baby, why…why are you always so mean to me, I’m your wife!” she slurred.

“Krystal, you’re drunk go to bed.”

“No, I want to talk to you! I haven’t seen you in nearly 3 weeks!”

“You never cared before, why start now? I’m busy, end of conversation. Let me sleep”



When Krystal was drunk, was when Matt felt most sorry for her, actually had some compassion for her. She seemed to be a lot more expressive and talk about her feelings when she was drunk, but as soon as the sun came up Krystal would go back to her normal, bitch of a self. Frankly it was tiring, to the point he felt numb to her emotions.

To start with he would get annoyed when she slept around.

He was determined to make it work and for them to be happily married, eventually falling in love with each other.

But that had not happened; he went from feeling angry that she slept with other men to accepting it to feeling nothing.

He felt nothing for her anymore, the years of her whoring around, dating other men, getting ridiculously drunk and spending his money left, right and centre had taken its toll, he tried to love her but she made it impossible and now he felt devoid of feeling, even when she cried.

His father had always told him; there is one thing worse than hating the person you are supposed to love, and that is feeling nothing for them. No matter whether they beat you up emotional, physically or fall apart in front of you, you still feel something.

But if they’ve made it so bad for you, you feel empty and couldn’t care what happened to them, then they must have really destroyed the relationship and broke you down.

Matt had never thought he could feel that much disdain for someone. But he did.

He never really thought about leaving her, simply because he couldn’t be bothered, it was more effort than she was worth. But for Honey, it was worth it.

Drifting to sleep with the thoughts of Honey. Just as he was about to go into a deep sleep, Matt heard the beep of his pager.

She was awake his Honey was awake.


Honey woke up feeling, disorientated to say the least and kind of high!

Feeling light headed but generally ok, she tried to get up.

A scream of pain was heard throughout the ward, even through the walls of her private room.

Never had Honey felt pain like that in her life, almost to the point of passing out. Night nurses came running to her bedside, helping her back into bed and administering more morphine to her IV.

That’s when Honey remembered what had happened, she must be in hospital. That light must have been a car and that car must have hit her.

She didn’t know how long she had laid there but the Morphine had started to kick in again and she realised in her hazy state how truly alone she was.

She wanted someone to care for her, that loved her. Yes there was Kimmy and her dad but it was not the same. They were her family, no, she wanted someone to be in love with her, to look after her in her times of need and share her life with in times of happiness. She didn’t know whether it was the morphine, the pain or just raw emotion but she started to cry. Not just sob but cry her heart out, she hadn’t cried in with so much feeling since her mother died. This only made her cry harder.

That’s when Matt walked in, with a look of concern etched across his face.

“W-what are you doing here Matt?” she managed to stammer out.


Matt didn’t know what to do, he dreamed of this day; what he would say, what he would do.

In his head he was going to say something mind blowing and sweep her off her feet.

Sadly that didn’t happen.

“I’m the consultant on call.”

Kicking himself, he decided he would have to rectify the situation later. He’d make it up to her, after all he had the rest of their life to do that. He hoped.

“So is there anything I can do for you whilst I’m here Miss Richards? Call anyone? More painkillers? Cup of tea?”

“Umm… just a glass of water please” she replied somewhat croakily.

“There’s some on the stand next to you, would you like me to pour you some?”

“No, no it’s fine… I can manage. It’s fine, you can leave now, I’m sure you have more important things to do round here.”

“Well, it’s pretty quiet, so I can stay as long as you need.”

“Honestly I’m ok, I just want to know how long I have been out for?”

“About four and a half weeks.”

Her response was simply a nod.

As Matt turned to leave, he heard an almost inaudible noise.

Then there it was again.

Sniffling, weeping. She was crying.

He rushed back over to her.

“Are you ok?! Honey?! Where’s it hurting?!”

“I’m not in pain Matt, well at least not physically. I feel bad.”

“What do you feel bad about?” Relief washing over his face, the thought of Honey in pain distressing him.

“I don’t want to bother you I’m just being silly.”

“Go on, I’m all ears.” Matt spoke with a friendly smile on his face.

An endearing expression from Matt that she’d never really seem before. He seemed genuinely concerned for her, She gathered that this was probably how he treated all his patients. The Matt she had heard all about from Rory, many a lunchtime!

“I just feel bad for putting Kimmy and my dad through all this just because I got drunk because I was jealous and upset. It’s ridiculous. I feel so ashamed of myself.” She lowered her head and began to sob again.

”It’s not your fault, accidents happen. They’ll just be happy to see you well Honey.”

Matt couldn’t help but think she had got herself in such a state because she was upset at seeing he was married, It made sense why she had excused herself so abruptly and why she looked so hurt by Krystal’s presence, but then he could just be overthinking the situation, people get drunk all the time, he rationalised.

So instead of pondering it he stepped back and went to call Blake and Kimmy to tell them the good news.


Before too long it was nearly time for Honey to leave her bed at Mercy General.

In the following weeks leading to her leaving, she had many sessions with the physiotherapist so she was able to walk again.

All her bandages and cast where off and the scars were nearly non-existent.

She had worked really hard to get her health back to how it before the accident.

She had seen Matt from time to time but he never stayed very long just to check that she was on course to go home.

Cece had come to see her practically every day bringing her something nice every time and always with a bag of grapes.

Before Honey could go home, there was a problem that needed to be resolved.

Where she was going to stay.

This was a problem that was thoroughly stressing Matt out, more so than Honey who hadn’t even really thought about it.

The issue was that Honey still needed a lot of assistance. She could walk but only for short periods of time, she was still very frail.

From conversing with Blake, he knew that Kimmy was in college most of the time and Blake was in no state to look after himself let alone anyone else, he now had a helper coming round every day to help him around the house and keep him company.

Matt was ready to have Honey come live with him, but as Honey knew nothing of his feelings for her he figured this may be too much.

So he contacted the next best thing; Cece.

“Hey big brother” her voice chimed down the phone.

“Hey Cece, I’ve got a favour to ask of you.”

Cece couldn’t recall any time in her adult life that Matt had asked her for anything, she was all ears.

“Go on.”

“I need you to have Honey stay with you until she’s completely better.”

“Of course Matt, you didn’t even need to ask. We have more than enough room at the flat and if I’m honest it would give me some company, I get so bored when I have no shoots and when I do, I’m sure we can find someone to take my place.”

‘That would be me.’ He thought to himself before speaking.

“Great she’ll be discharged on Friday, can you pick her up?”

“Yes Matt, that’s fine.”

“Alright, thank you Cece, it’s much appreciated. By-”

Cece interrupted is hasty goodbye’s “I know why you’re doing this.”

“What do you mean?!”

“I know how you feel about her, I’ve known since the day I met her. Bye Matt.”

The phone line went dead. ‘How does she know, was is that obvious? No, she just knew him too well.’ That’s what he hoped anyway.


Honey was happy to see Cece for her visit, she hadn’t been to see her since Monday and it was now Thursday.

Honey was getting increasingly agitated about not being able to go anywhere or do anything for herself, not to mention being really, really bored. So seeing one of her best friends was a more than welcome sight.

“Hey Hon, how you feeling?” Cece said, in a chirpy tone.

“Ready to go home.”

“Well that’s really what I came to talk to you about. See Hon, I know you desperately want to go back to your own home, but your dad just can’t give you the care and support you need right now. So I was thinking you could come and stay with me? If that’s all right with you?”

Honey sat for a moment and thought about what Cece had said.

Yes, she really wanted to go home and see her family but Kimmy was rarely there and she didn’t want to put any more pressure on her father.

Plus it would be nice having someone around to help her out.

“If you’re sure it’s ok with you and Jack, that would be so great! Thank You.”

“You are more than welcome Hon, you can stay for as long as you like!”

“Only until I’m better, then I’ll be out of your hair.”

“I’ll come for you about one pm tomorrow.”

“Thanks again Cece”


It was finally time for her to leave, Honey could not believe that she was actually leaving.

She felt like she had been in the hospital for years, like she was never going to get better.

But she had, and she was leaving.

What she really wanted to do was get back to work and just absorb herself in normal life again, but unfortunately she still had a few months before she could go back to work.

There was one thing she was still confused about, Matt.

She thought being in the hospital, around him all the time would at least give her some peace of mind about her feelings for him and maybe even a bit of insight about how he felt for her.

Unfortunately, she had no such luck, in fact she was more confused than before her accident.

Her father and Kimmy had told her about how well he looked after and that he was always checking up on her, but he was an amazing doctor and he probably did that for all his patients.

But she did know, well she hoped that her and Matt could finally be friends. Putting her feelings aside for him, if only for Cece’s sake, friendship would be great.

So, deciding on a plan of action that would be best.

First she would have to talk to Cece and see what she thought of the whole situation.

Then find a way to talk to Matt, which was difficult seeing as something always went wrong!

Cece then popped round the door, interrupting her train of thought.

“Hey Doll, excited to finally leave? I’m so excited we can go shopping, get our nails done, go on little trips! You can be the sister, I never had. Like a giant sleepover!”

Cece, ever the optimist! How she lived to this day without her she didn’t know.

“I’ve packed my stuff up, can we leave? Please, please, please!!”

“Doll, we shall be leaving shortly just got to get any prescriptions you need and then get you discharged.”

“Okay, fine! Just hurry” she replied with a smile.

Cece got it sorted in a matter of few minutes with a quick bat of her eyelids, before Honey knew it they were back at Cece’s and she was helping Honey get settled in her room.

“So…Hon, I was thinking we should have like a ‘Welcome Home Honey!’ party?”

“Umm I really appreciate the thought but is it a bit soon? And umm.. I don’t know that many people Cece.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I have it all sorted, everyone’s coming. I got help from my dear brother.” She winked.

“I didn’t really have time to meet anyone just Rory I guess.”

“I have it all sorted for Sunday.”

I looked down at Amber as she held our daughter.

The gambit of emotions as I gazed upon her, holding Anna, our fragile little daughter in her arms, was almost too much. I wanted to cry I was so happy, weep for all the problems I knew she would face in her life, dance that she was finally here, and go running up and down the halls screaming that I was a dad.

Amber’s red hair was matted to her head, but she was smiling as she looked back up at me. “Can you believe she is finally here?” She asked almost dreamily.

“Well, it took you long enough,” Geo said behind me. I spun around to face my sister, who had been ignoring me for some time now, and was only now showing up. “Relax, John. I’m not here to fight with you. I’m here to show my support.” I still watched her, though, not warily, but maybe with a little regret. For a moment, I pictured Geo laying there in the bed, holding a child we had made together. I shook my head to block out that image. I wasn’t going to go crawling back to her. She had left me in a way, and I figured it was up to her to come back.

“Did I miss it?” Dixie announced her presence, and then pouted for only a moment, before rushing to the bedside and cooing over the new life.

I stepped back to admire these three women, and Dixie noticed me watching. She gave me a smile for a second, and then looked at Geo guiltily, before looking to me with a determined expression. Geo was absorbed with Anna, and didn’t notice at all.

Dixie stood up straight, and walked over to me. “You look tired. When was the last time you ate?” I wasn’t sure what the two notions had to do with each other, but I suddenly realized I hadn’t eaten since the flight early this morning. “Hey, we’re going to go eat. Geo, do you want us to bring you anything?”

My sister just waved us away, and we started looking for the cafeteria. We walked in silence, as I didn’t really have much to say to Dixie. She was in on my sister’s plot, and I wasn’t too happy with her for it.

“I’ve missed you,” Dixie finally said, as we stood in line at the cafeteria.

“I’ve missed you, too,” I told her honestly, but didn’t say any more.

Dixie looked like she was waiting for me to say more, but when I didn’t she spoke up. “I don’t know why Geo wants to get pregnant so badly. Don’t get me wrong, Anna looks beautiful, and Amber looks happy, but I don’t want to get pregnant myself.” She kept her eyes locked on me as she spoke, and I just continued to listen, not sure where she was going with this. “I… I’ve been thinking… It was wrong for us to gang up on you like that.” I just raised one eyebrow, as I continued to look at her. “I’m really sorry, and hope you’ll forgive me.”

I sat down with my food, thinking about what she’d just said. I’d had to fight with Amber to get her to see reason, but Dixie had come to it on her own. Dixie had been the most distant of the three, Geo being the angry one, and Amber trying to show her love, while still supporting Geo. I’d been hurt by how easily Dixie had seemed to be handling things.

Dixie spoke up, as if reading my mind. “I know I have stayed away from you a lot lately, but it was because I knew I couldn’t trust myself to be near you, and not want you. I love you, John, and I truly hope you can forgive me.”

“Do you still plan on staying away from me?” I asked as evenly as I could.

“Not… Not unless you wanted me to,” the brunette said, and I could see that she was starting to tear up. My heart broke at the sight, and I reached forward to cup her cheek in my hand, rubbing away a tear with my thumb as it started to fall.

“That is the last thing I want,” I told her, and happily watched as her face lit up. “But I won’t stand for anymore of this boycott or whatever you want to call it, either. I love you too, Dixie, and I truly mean that. But you need to decide if I am important enough to you to end this farce.”

Dixie nearly leaped out of her chair as she flung her arms around my neck, and kissed me. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but more of a loving one. I felt her hot tears on my cheeks, and pulled her back for a second. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying now?”

“I’m a woman,” she informed me with a grin, “and a woman doesn’t need a reason to cry, she just does.” Her grin turned wicked, “And this woman also has a need that hasn’t been satisfied in far too long. Hurry and eat, I have some apologizing to do.”

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as quickly as I did right then. I have no idea what I even ate, and wouldn’t have been surprised if I had eaten the plastic-ware in my haste. Dixie seemed to derive some immense pleasure from watching me, as she kept giggling, and biting her lower lip. As soon as we were done, and our plates in the trash, Dixie nearly dragged me down the hallway, looking for an empty room.

It took us awhile to find one that was away from any nurse’s stations, and empty, but she nearly threw me in as soon as we found one suitable.

Dixie pressed her body to mine, squeezing me against the wall, and clumsily fumbling with my pants. I pulled her shirt up over her head, and quickly undid her bra, before groping her smallish breasts. Having the medium sized ones of the three (Well, until Amber had gotten pregnant and her’s had grown some), I enjoyed playing with her sensitive nipples. My pants finally hit my ankles, and I spun us around as I stepped out of them, and pressed her to the wall. I leaned forward and lifted one of her nipples to my mouth, smiling as her hand gripped the back of my head, while her other hand busily slid up and down my hard shaft.

“Oh, I have missed this!” She said quietly, not wanting to attract any outside attention to this room.

I reached down to undo her pants, and found that she had already beat me to it, so instead I slid my hand to her wet snatch, and was surprised at just how horny she was. I couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet, but it only served to increase my own ardor. I slipped first one, then two, then three fingers into her in rapid succession, smiling as I looked up at her with her teat in my mouth, as she tried valiantly not to moan loudly.

I pulled my fingers out, and thrust my arm between her legs and behind her, and placed my hand on her back. With my other hand, I pulled her sideways while I lifted with the first, and soon had her in an awkward carry, eliciting a surprised yelp from Dixie. It had worked better in my mind than reality, and so quickly carried the petite brunette over to the bed, laying her down.

Her wonderful nipple had never left my mouth, but now I started kissing my way across her flat stomach. I could easily smell her arousal, and relished the scent as I started to lap up her leaking fluids. I nibbled lightly on her inner lips, until her hands gripped my ears and pulled me up. “I love what you are doing, but if you don’t shove that cock in me now, I’m going to lose it!”

I grinned as I reached down, and started rubbing my head between her sensitive labia, occasionally slapping my cock against her clit. I could see she had been serious about losing it, by the fiery lust that burned in her eyes, and so slid my length into her. She was so wet I was able to make it all the way in, in one stroke. We both moaned loudly as I felt her completely surround me. I felt her legs lock behind my back, and her arms around my neck. Our lips met, as I started to buck my hips. I noticed that the bed rocked slightly on its wheels, with each powerful thrust, but was glad we weren’t near a wall.

I brought my hands down to her small ass, and gripping a cheek in each hand, started moving her in counterpoint to my thrusts. Her moans grew slightly louder, and she sucked my tongue into her mouth forcefully as I felt her start to cum. Her vaginal muscles rippled around my cock, as I did my best to not only stifle her moans, but keep mine down as well.

When she had finally finished, we swapped positions, with me on bottom this time. She squatted over me, and reached down, aiming me for her tight hole, then sat down hard, impaling herself in one swift motion. “Oh, Gawd, I’d forgotten how deep that goes!” She said a little too loudly. She started to rock her hips, and I could feel my tip hitting the deepest parts of her.

I reached down, and used my thumb to rub against her clit, and reached up with my other hand to tweak her hard nipples. She climaxed again, her upper torso collapsing on me as she shook. I threw both arms around her, and started thrusting as hard as I could, trying to make it really last for her.

I knew my own was approaching, and I tried to muffle my moans against her neck, as I shot glob after glob of my seed into her sucking pussy.

“Damn,” she said as we caught our breaths and started getting dressed, “remind me never to go longer than a couple days without you again!” She gave me a quick peck on the lips, and then said, “I think I may be a little sore tomorrow, but it was worth it!”

When we got back to the room that Amber was in, Geo glared at us. “Where have you two been? I went down to the cafeteria and you weren’t there.”

“We decided we didn’t like the food in there, so we went out,” I quickly lied.

“Uh-huh… And is that how Dixie got that hickey?” Geo argued.

Dixie’s hand flew to her neck, but not before I noticed that I had given her a hickey. It must have happened when I was trying to muffle my own moans.

Geo stormed out, and I just let her go. I wasn’t sure if she was jealous, angry, or what, but it was her fault, not mine. “I’d better go with her,” Dixie said and I turned back to Amber, to see how she was doing.

“I take it everything is good between you and Dixie again?”

“Looks like it,” I told her, as I kissed her forehead. “Where is Anna?

“Down to the nursery. You know Geo is going to be angry with more than just you, right?”

“What am I supposed to do? She at least has Jason to fiddle with. Is it so wrong for me to have the women I love?”

Amber frowned, and I wondered what I’d said wrong. “Actually, Jason refused her this weekend while you were gone.”

My eyebrows rose at this news… So Geo had been rejected, huh? I wondered who she was going to try to get her pregnant now.

“Look, I know how you feel, but would it really be so bad to give her what she wants? It would make our home a happy one again. You should have seen her with Anna. She was so cute!”

“I won’t give in to her blackmail. I might consider it otherwise, but she has to apologize for what she did first.” I couldn’t believe I was even considering it, but I had to agree that I wanted us all to be happy again.

I stayed at the hospital for a few more hours, until Amber kicked me out to go home. She told me I stink of sex too much, and needed a shower. I stopped to visit Anna in the nursery on my way out, still surprised that I was a daddy now.

On the way home, an idea started to occur to me, and I called up Joe at the club. He quickly told me everything was fine, and business was booming. I told him what I needed, and he told me he would stop by later to drop it off.

When I arrived home, Dixie met me with a kiss and a hug, but Geo had locked herself in her room.

“She won’t talk to me,” Dixie informed me sadly.

I knocked on her door, but she just yelled at me to go away. From her tone, I knew I was better off following her advice, and so left her to her self-made misery.

* * *

Amber came home with Anna a couple nights later, and I found out why new parent always looked so tired. Luckily there were four of us willing to help out, and I was surprised at how quickly Geo stepped up, and was always there to help with Anna. Geo refused to talk to me, but Dixie told me that my sister had forgiven her, stating that it had been unfair to bring Amber and Dixie into our fight.

As I watched my sister, I caught myself smiling from time to time, and she caught me a few times as well. Every time she caught me, she would stare at me real hard for a couple seconds, then walk away, cooing to my daughter. I would usually walk away shaking my head.

I started to study the subject of incest on the internet, predominantly children borne of such relations, and that put my mind at rest a lot more. First generation incestuous children apparently rarely ever suffered from genetic defects. I decided that I would get my sister pregnant, but only if she apologized for her behavior first. I had an idea of how I might make that happen, but I was going to have to wait a couple weeks first.

The club was doing great, but after my weekend off, and then Anna being born, there was a backlog of work to do. I tried to do as much of it at home as I could, so that I could be around Anna and the girls, but much of it still had to be done at the office. I started implementing what I had learned at the conference, and noticed an immediate up-tick in the girls’ tips. I decided that I needed to go to that conference every year, and if I was lucky enough to run into Angel again, then all the better.

About a week later, I had my head buried in the books, when I heard a knock on my office door. “Come in,” I yelled, slightly frustrated at the interruption in my work, but I tried to maintain an open door policy, and it wouldn’t do to act otherwise.

I smiled at first as Betty and Suzy walked in, but it soon soured as I looked at their faces. Both mad, and I knew I was about to be in the middle of it.

“Betty has been stealing my tips!” Suzy accused as soon as they were both in front of my desk. She looked down at me with her almond shaped eyes in frustrated anger.

“Don’t blame me, if you’re not making enough. I’m no thief.”

“Ladies,” I interrupted, “Mind starting from the beginning?”

“Ever since she started working here, my tips have gone down,” Suzy snapped. I knew this wasn’t exactly true, as every girl had to report their tips at the end of the night, though it was true that her increase hadn’t been as big as some of the other girls, Betty Included. Betty still wasn’t stripping, but she was making good tips behind the bar; enough so that I didn’t have to augment her paycheck in any way.

“John, I earn my tips fair and square. I’m no thief.” The beautiful black woman repeated.

I was at a loss for how to handle this, until something I had heard at the conference struck me. At the time I had thought it a ridiculous thing to do, but now it seemed my only saving grace.

“Suzy, I know your tips haven’t gone down, but if you want, we can settle this in ‘stripper court’ style.” They both looked at me blankly, and I hoped I wasn’t about to make a mistake. “You both agree on a judge and then do a strip for them. Whoever does a better job, wins.”

They looked at each other for a moment, thinking, before Betty turned to me and asked, “But how will we agree on a judge? We will each try to choose one that either favors us, or is against them.”

“I choose you, John,” Suzy told me, and for a fleeting second I felt like a Pokemon.

Betty just stared at the Asian woman before adding, “Yeah, that makes sense. I also choose you. When do we do this?”

I had been most worried about Betty agreeing to this, as she wasn’t yet stripping, but figured I was getting off easy. “I want this done as soon as possible. I don’t need you two fighting out there tonight.” They both nodded their heads. “Good, now go pick your costumes, and return to my office. As soon as you are both here, we will begin.” The two women nearly ran from my office in their haste to get to their costumes.

I quickly checked the schedule, and verified that neither Geo nor Dixie was working today.

Suzy beat Betty back by only seconds, and my jaw nearly hit the desk as they came in. Suzy had put on a school girl outfit, complete with lollypop and pigtails, while Betty had chosen the naughty teacher outfit. I almost laughed at the irony of their choices, but thought better of it.

“Who goes first?” Betty asked, reminding me why they were there.

“Suzy, you are accusing Betty, so you go first. What music do you want?” She told me the songs, and I started it on my computer, before rolling my chair around my desk to watch.

Suzy started by my office door, and did a high stepping walk towards me, sucking on her lollypop seductively. Her hips swayed, and her chest heaved as she walked, but with the hairdo and outfit, it all looked so innocent, that it increased the sexuality of it. Suzy definitely knew how to play that outfit.

There the innocence ended, though, as she started to lick the lolly very suggestively, and turning around, bent over in front of me. Her slender legs stayed straight, and her short plaid skirt rode up, revealing pink panties with the word “SEXY” written across them. Suzy shook her ass, shoved the candy in her mouth, and then placed both hands on her ankle. Looking me seductively in the eyes, she slowly slid her hands up her calf, knee, thigh, hips, and then threw them over her head, just as some loud base played through my office sound system.

She turned back around, and took the two steps to get to me, before placing her hand on my left shoulder, and walking clockwise around, dragging her hand along my chest and the back of my neck. Where her fingers brushed, goose bumps rose. When she was again in front of me, she put her left leg on my armrest and started undulating her body. She let her leg fall, as she sat in my lap, and reached between us, to untie the middle of her shirt. Shrugging it off, she ground her thighs atop mine, our pelvises mere inches apart.

Suzy had on a lacy white bra, but I could easily see her long nipples trying to poke out. She grabbed my head, pulling it to her chest, and plastered her body to mine, still moving her hips. I couldn’t stop myself from nipping at the soft flesh at my lips.

There was no doubt that Suzy was a great dancer, and knew her stuff, but sometimes she seemed stiff, and at other times she seemed to be off from the music playing. Despite these faults, I was still rock hard, when she stood, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground, revealing her pink panties to full view. She bent over in front of me, offering me a great view of her cleavage and ran a single finger from my lips, down my chest, to the bulge in my crotch. She winked at me as she pushed against it for a second, and then spun away. Reaching behind her back, she unsnapped the bra, letting it fall from her shoulders.

When she turned back around, she was covering her breasts with her hands, but had let her long nipples poke out between her fingers. I grinned at the ploy, knowing that she usually got quite a few hoots and hollers when she was on the dance floor.

Almost with the timing of two base beats, she showed first one breast, then the other. A couple beats later, she dropped her panties, finally standing in the nude.

She sat in my lap, facing away from me, and pressed her ass hard against my groin. I barely stifled my moan as she did this. I had to be a judge here, and remain impartial, I tried to tell myself.

She grabbed my hands, and brought them around to her large nipples. I started to twist them between my fingers, and she plopped her head back on my shoulder. “If I win, you’ll get a special treat afterwards,” I barely heard her whisper over the final crescendo of the music ending.

“My turn at defense,” Betty said, and I reluctantly let Suzy go. I didn’t like that she was trying to bribe me, but I wondered how Betty would do.

I played the requested music, and sat back in my chair, while Suzy watched, still naked, from the side of the office on my couch.

Betty had a long pointer in her hand, that she beat against her other hand in time to the music. She did a slower step than Suzy had done being hampered slightly by the longer skirt. When she was in front of me, used the pointer to tap against my arms, chest, thighs, and even groin, again, in time to the music. When she touched the stick lightly to the bulge in my pants, she put on a fake surprised look, and covered her mouth with her free hand.

Many thanks to my editor TinCup6074 for his helpful comments and diligent editing. This story can be enjoyed by itself although it is the conclusion of Nurse Callaway Succumbs so it may be more enjoyable read as such.


It was 3 weeks before Jackie’s plan began to move forward. She had been checking the nursing schedule every week and was acutely aware that she had become obsessed. She didn’t care. She was going to make damned sure that she didn’t miss her opportunity.

Since Jackie had started at Banner Hospital, her name regularly appeared on the list of nurses who were willing to pick up extra shifts around the hospital. Graduating from the from the nursing program at Boise State University the previous May, she wanted to pay off the student loans she had taken out as soon as possible. The scheduling nurse knew that Jackie could be called on to fill most any open shift on the med-surg floor. She had also picked up shifts in the O.R. and E.R. Ob/Gyn was the one place where she refused to work. Jackie wanted nothing to do with women in labor or babies.

Katie Callaway only signed up to cover shifts every so often and as soon as Jackie saw her name on the list her heart leapt. When she studied the list closer she noticed that Katie had volunteered for both day and night shifts. This was certainly good news.

When the new schedule was posted Jackie scanned it hoping to see Katie’s name. She was thrilled to see that Katie was finally assigned to a night shift “No fucking way?!?” Jackie thought. She couldn’t believe her luck.

The following week Katie was assigned to a night shift in the E.R. The second nurse on duty that night was one of Jackie’s friends. Well, “friend” may be too strong of a word. Lee Ann was definitely more than an acquaintance. but she and Jackie didn’t really pal around after work or anything. What it boiled down to was the Lee Ann was someone Jackie could convince to give up the shift. What made it perfect was that Katie was scheduled on a Sunday night, the slowest night in the hospital.

Jackie ran to catch up with Lee Ann, “Hey! Wait up!”

Lee Ann turned around, “Hey Jackie. How’s it going?”

They walked together, talking. Jackie asked about Lee Ann’s kids and Lee Ann asked how work was going. Finally, when they had caught up on recent events Jackie brought up the real reason for the visit.

“The real reason I came down here is to ask you favor.”

Lee Ann elbowed her in the arm, “Oooh. I see how it is. You didn’t just come down to say hi, huh?”

“Come on, you know I love you,” Jackie teased back. “My bed is a piece of shit. I have found a new one that I really like,” she lied easily. She didn’t feel bad or give it a second thought. There was something she wanted and lying would make it easier to get it. End of story. Jackie never pondered things such as morality, but if she did she would have argued that she was free to do as she wished and anyone who didn’t like it could fuck off and die (her most favorite saying).

“I am having RC Wiley deliver it tomorrow, but that means I will have to make a smaller payment on my loans next month and I would rather not do that if I don’t have to.” That part was true at least. “I was kind of hoping you would be willing to take a little vacation? Maybe a couple of days? You would really be helping me out Lee Ann,” she rushed on, making her case. “I saw on the schedule that you are on Sunday and Monday the 12th and 13th. I would be glad to work that Sunday. That would give you a three day weekend. If you wanted I could work Monday too. That would mean four days off! What do you say?”

Jackie was like a hawk. She moved in closer with each sentence. She had learned the art of peer pressure long ago, and now she worked her magic on Lee Ann Prote knowing she could get her to give up the Sunday quite easily. She didn’t really want to work Monday but she thought it made her sound more convincing. She knew that if her plan worked it would be worth it. If the scene unfolded like it had inside her head over the past 3 weeks she would have worked an extra week, hell, maybe even a month. That blonde bitch would be all hers.

“Mm-hm,” she said, waving her head side to side unconsciously.

“Dreaming of what you would do with four days off?” Lee Ann was looking at her with an amused grin.

Jackie chuckled, “You caught me.” She backed up a bit and asked her coworker, “So what do you think? Can I work your Sunday shift?”

“Can I get back to you tomorrow?” Lee Ann asked.

“Oh yeah,” Jackie answered. “That’s fine.”

“I will talk to Richard tonight and find out what he has going on next weekend. If that would make a hole in the budget he might not agree. I’m sure it won’t matter but he does all of the major bills and he knows where we are at financially a lot more than I do. I will talk to him and text you tomorrow to let you know. If he doesn’t have anything going on maybe we will drive up to Idaho and stay the weekend at my mom’s.”

“Thank you! Really, I mean it!” Jackie leaned in and gave Lee Ann a quick hug. At five-foot-nothing Jackie was dwarfed by Lee Ann who was five-foot-ten.

Lee Ann’s tit was not far from Jackie’s face and she suddenly pictured herself tonguing Lee Ann’s nipple. She had never been attracted to Lee Ann who was nearing forty and extremely overweight but having her big titties in her face had sparked her imagination. It wasn’t hard to do.

She must have had a strange expression on her face because Lee Ann asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Jackie had to suppress the urge to tell her the truth. She imagined the shocked look and gasp that Lee Ann would produce if she were to say, “Sucking on those big titties of yours.” She was wearing a big smile by then.

“What?” Lee Ann asked in a confused tone.

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about something that I heard on TV this morning. Did you know that in the 1830′s ketchup was sold as medicine?”

“Jackie, sometimes I wonder about you!” Lee Ann said, shaking her head.

Jackie thought, “If you only knew.” Aloud she said, “Let me know about the weekend as soon as you have an answer. Have a good day.”

“Thanks, lady. You too,” Lee Ann said to Jackie’s back. Jackie was already headed down the hall. She was off of work now and she had a hankering for Thai food.

It was a day and a half before Jackie heard from Lee Ann. She had gnawed her fingernails down to stubs. She kept thinking, “If she says no, I swear to God I am going to go down there to the E.R. and punch her in the face.”

Many of Jackie’s friends had to face this side of her personality sooner or later. It didn’t take them long to find out that she was completely self-absorbed. When she didn’t get her way she could become aggressive; if she felt the least bit of resistance standing in her way she would become obnoxious and eventually violent.

One of Jackie’s favorite past times involved humiliating men in a very specific way. Most Friday nights she could be found at one of four different bars in Boise. She would don one of her sexiest outfits, her favorite being black leather. For Jackie this screamed dark sensual thoughts. She would pull on her skin tight black leather pants, sans underwear. Jackie didn’t need all that frilly shit. In her opinion anything with lace should be tossed in the dumpster. Well, not exactly. If she pulled the pants off a woman to find silky, lacy panties she was apt to cream right there. On a lover it was sexy; in her own wardrobe it was unacceptable.

Over her black leather pants she would wear a belt usually one with large interlooping metal hoops. She had several tops that she wore on those Friday nights. The most recent addition had become her favorite. She had bought it online in the “street lingerie” section of a sexy clothing website.

It was a red, strapless corset with a black Japanese-style print; black branches with slender leaves. There were black smudges down the front where it came together with hook and eye closures and in random spots close to the edges. The back was laced with black ribbons. It had taken her an hour to get it laced up right the first time she wore it. She had no one to cinch her in so she had had to get the back laced just right and then she hooked it around the front. It had been a serious pain in the ass but when she stood in front of the full length mirror in her spare room, where she kept all of her “going out” clothes, she knew the time it had taken had been worth it. She had looked absolute stunning even without makeup.

Jackie knew she was beautiful. She could have gone out without putting on makeup and with her hair in total disarray, as it had been when she had looked in the mirror, and still have picked up most of the singles and half of the not-so-singles. She hardly wore more than eyeliner to work and she was ogled there at least a hundred times a shift. Sometimes it was exhausting. But most the time it made her feel powerful, like all the world was waiting to be used.

On those Friday nights when she made her way down to the bar she would sip Scotch on the rocks and dance until she felt like collapsing. She would generally choose one or two guys out of the vast crowd to draw into her web. The ones with too-gorgeous smiles or those that walked around like their shit didn’t stink. She would begin with a shy smile and a flutter of eyelashes. After a bit she would dance into their line of sight and then remain there making direct eye contact while she moved her body to the sound of the music. She would run her hands over her slight curves and then close her eyes and put her head back keeping time with her hips. After several minutes of this she would turn and dance her way into the crowd. Most times this was all it took. The guy would search her out and invite themselves to rub up against her body. She would play the part all night; dancing dirty, whispering in his ear, hanging on his every word.

As the night grew late she would begin to relish his demise. For Jackie it had become a ritual. She would lean in and kiss the unknowing schmuck. It was always a gentle kiss, the sultry kind that meant sex was in the immediate future. Then she would reach down and grab a handful of cock. No matter what she found there her response was always the same.

She would back up and give him a reproachful look and then she would shout at the top of her lungs, “You call that a dick?!?” With that she would scoff, turn around and stride from the bar leaving the unlucky man and those in close proximity to him to stare after her.

Lee Ann texted her on Tuesday morning as Jackie arrived at the gym, “Sun is urs. Mon 2 if u want it.”

Jackie replied, “Nah keep Mon…I owe you!”

She was ecstatic. She had Katie in her cross hairs. Jackie skipped into the gym, happier than she had been in a very long time.

When Sunday finally rolled around Jackie was a bundle of nerves. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt like this. She wondered if she had ever been this nervous. “Pull yourself together and stop being such a fucking pussy!” she told herself in a stern voice.

She laced up her black bustier, she had never thought she would be wearing this thing to work, and then pulled on a black scrub top. It had a mock wrap look with edges that were trimmed in hot pink. She rummaged in the drawer and finally found the hot pink scrub bottoms that she rarely wore. This was a very special occasion and she was determined to dress for it.

Her little pep talk had worked. She was not a pussy and she was not going to act like one. Jackie didn’t care if she ended up getting caught carrying out her plan—making her mind up to that had taken care of most of the nerves—she wanted this more than she had ever wanted anything. Katie Callaway would never know what hit her.

Her shift crept along at a snail’s pace. Jackie would look up at the clock to see that only 10 minutes had passed when she was sure it had been at least 30. When she was certain she would go crazy waiting for her chance to approach Katie she decided to organize the supply closet. She was trying to avoid her prey as much as possible. She was afraid that Katie would see the hunger in her eyes or feel the power of Jackie’s lust if she spent more than a few minutes in her presence.

Time seemed to speed up considerably when she had gone to work putting things into their proper place and finally 4 a.m. had arrived. The E.R. was as quiet as ever and Jackie watched as Katie typed something into the computer. If she was going to take her break now would be the time. Jackie was pretending to look for something in a supply cabinet when she realized she should probably get the audio ready for her confrontation with Katie.

“Hey Steph, I am going to grab some coffee. I will be back in a bit,” Jackie heard Katie tell the ward clerk.

Jackie watched Katie head toward the break room and followed her.

“I would have never taken you for such a slut Katie,” Jackie said quietly from just inside the doorway.

Katie turned around. “What?” she asked with a look of complete surprise on her face.

Jackie smiled. This was going to be so much fun. “You heard me,” she said, stepping from the shadows.

“What I meant to say was, what are you talking about?” Katie said, narrowing her eyes.

“Oh come on Katie, don’t play dumb. It really doesn’t suit you. You are a slut and we both know it. What I want to know is what you are willing to do to keep this information quiet,” Jackie spoke with a firm tone. She did not want Katie to have any doubt that she meant business.

Jackie may have been a small woman but at that moment she was commanding all of Katie’s attention.

“What in the fuck? What does she know?” Katie’s head spun with all of her most recent sexual encounters before settling on Walt. It had been Jackie that had come into Walt’s room as she had been dressing. “Oh my god! Did she hear us?”

Katie tried to sound confident, “What information? I can’t think of what you would be talking about.”

Jackie smiled, “So that’s how this is going to go, huh? Okay, Katie, we’ll play it your way.” Her tone had become patronizing and she began to look for something on her phone.

Katie’s heart sank, “She has evidence. Oh Jesus, I am going to lose my job.”

Jackie found the sound file quickly but acted like she was still looking for it for a few seconds longer, hoping that it was having the effect on Katie that she wanted it to. Finally she played the file.

There was rustling and inaudible murmuring and then something that could have been moans. Then Katie heard her own voice,

“Dammit, Walt! Fuck me!”

Jackie felt a wave of triumph as all of the color drained out of Katie’s face. Jackie had listened to this recording at least a hundred times and that part never failed to get a rise out of her. This time was no different except standing here looking at Katie it wasn’t lust she felt, it was victory. The file continued to play. There was more muffled rustling and a long silence when Katie’s moans filled the speaker. Jackie turned it up and rewound it a bit.

“This part is good,” she said, looking at Katie and smiling.

“Uh! Ah… Oh, God, that’s good!”

Katie was horrified to feel butterflies tickle her stomach. “Am I honestly getting tuned on at a time like this!? Fuck!” She tried to break the silence as the file played on. “Jackie—” Jackie put up her hand, “Here it comes.”

“Ah. Ah. Ah.” Katie’s moans filled the tiny room.

“She’s actually blushing!” Jackie noticed with glee.

“Shut it off,” Katie said softly. “Please. Just turn it off,” she turned from Jackie and rested her elbows on the counter. She swore under her breath and lowered her head onto her arms. “Why did I let him talk me into that?”

“Aw, come on Katie-girl, it’s not that bad,” Jackie said. Consciously using the words she had heard that old fuck use to try and calm Katie down on the day she was cursing. Katie sunk lower into her arms, “Jackie had been there the whole time.”

“I guess now you believe me, huh?” Jackie asked cheerfully as she stopped the playback and pocketed her phone in the front of her scrubs.

She waited. She knew Katie was probably berating herself for being such a fucking idiot. “Good, she should feel bad. How dumb could she have been?”

Katie kept her head buried as she asked, “What do you want Jackie?”

“It fairly simple really. I want you,” Jackie stated matter-of-factly

Katie stood up. “What are you talking about?” she asked with a growing sense of dread.

“There you go, playing dumb again,” Jackie sighed. “I am sure you know I am a dyke. I like chicks. Everyone in the hospital knows this. I haven’t really tried to hide it and this place is a total fucking rumor mill so I am sure you have heard.” Jackie shifted her weight. “We both know it’s not like I go around wearing a rainbow on my arm or anything so I am not sure where it started. I don’t really mind. I am not ashamed of it. I have fantasized about licking your box since our first or second shift together. Now I can and believe you me I cannot fucking wait!” Jackie moved toward Katie.

Katie shrunk back into the counter

“You can’t be serious! I don’t like girls, Jackie! That should be pretty obvious. There’s got to be something else you want,” Katie was stunned. There was no way she was letting this bitch anywhere near her body. She would fucking quit before that happened.

Jackie moved closer still. Smiling a knowing smile she said, “Look, if you want everybody to know that you fucked a patient during your shift that’s fine-and-dandy with me. I don’t really give a shit. It would be just as fun to email this file to every person working at this hospital and to give a copy directly to the Director of Nurses. As a ‘stellar nurse’ here at Banner I am sure it would be taken in all seriousness. In the interest of the patients and all.” Sarcasm dripped from the end of her last sentence. Katie felt sick.

“It’s up to you Katie. Your choice. Everyone knows what you did or I make your pussy my play thing for an hour or two. You choose,” Jackie was on a roll. There was nothing better than blackmail. She was euphoric. Her prey was caught and it felt fantastic!

“You fucking bitch,” Katie whispered. “You can go fuck yourself!” She moved to leave the break room and Jackie grabbed her arm. She yanked it free. “Get the fuck off me!” her eyes flashed anger, but Jackie knew it for what it was, fear. Katie had been caught and she didn’t like it one bit.

“Listen up girlie. You will meet me in the lounge on the 2nd floor right after our shift is over today. I will be there at 7:30. If you are not there by, say, 7:45 I will send this to every single fucking person that works at this hospital. That’s right, every email. I am talking maids, janitors, even the people that work in the fucking cafeteria are going to hear you begging that old fart to fuck you,” she spoke in a deliberate even tone. “Like I said Katie, you choose.” She turned around and left the break room. She felt like jumping up and down. She wanted to run down the hall whooping and yelling “I did it! I fucking did it!”

Instead she walked calmly to the nurse’s station, logged onto InSync and began to chart her movements for the last couple of hours.

When 6:30 finally rolled around Jackie was strung as high as a kite. She had played out how things had gone with Katie for the first hour and then plotted what she was going to do in the lounge for the last two. She knew how it was going to go—provided Katie showed up—and she was so horny she could hardly keep her hands out of her pants. In the last hour she had talked herself out of going into the bathroom and masturbating twice. She wanted to be frustrated when she got to the lounge. She wanted to take it out on Katie. Jackie was not a patient person and she hoped that Katie didn’t make this harder than it had to be.

The time had finally come. Jackie went into the break room and took her jacket from the extra locker that “floaters” used. She put her phone in the outside pocket of her backpack and then slung the pack across her back. As she headed toward the elevator she saw Katie slip into the break room. She resisted the urge to call after her. It was her choice; she would let her make it.

The lounge on the 2nd floor was rarely used. Jackie wasn’t sure it was ever used. She had been brought here by a female doctor her first week at work. That was what made her so confident she and Katie would never be found here. She had been shocked when Dr. Woodard had asked if she wanted to fuck. She had said it just like that too.

They had been leaving a patient’s room when she had leaned over and whispered, “Hey nurse, wanna fuck?” Jackie had almost fallen over. She had looked up at the doctor with wide eyes and said, “Sure.”

After her shift had ended she had gotten on the elevator still wondering what the doctor had meant. Just then she had appeared out of nowhere and stepped into the elevator. She had reached out and pushed the button for the second floor and said, “Going down?”

Jackie had nodded. And had she ever. That had been one of the best times she had ever had with a woman. Dr. Woodard, which she had made Jackie call her, had brought along a bag of tricks that had wowed Jackie into multiple orgasms.

“Shit! Maybe I should have brought something!” Jackie thought. She shook her head. No, it was better that she hadn’t.

She stepped inside the lounge and shut the door behind her.

To say that Katie was freaking out would be an understatement. She was out of her mind trying to figure out what she was going to do. Twice she had gone to the bathroom thinking she was about to puke. Instead she had sat on the toilet mentally flogging herself for being so damn stupid. She had come to the conclusion that she only had one choice. She wished she had more time, more time to come up with a plan to get that little bitch off her back. “Did she follow me? How could she have known?”

Katie understood it didn’t matter how Jackie knew; what mattered is that she knew and there was no taking it back. Katie grabbed her lunch box off the shelf in the break room and headed out to meet the devil.

When she got to the 2nd floor she realized she had no idea where the lounge was. She panicked. Then she looked at her watch and saw that she still had five minutes and forced herself to calm down. She turned left and walked down the hallway reading aloud the nameplates by each door, “Dr. Anastasia Krump, Dr. Craig Reynolds, Dr. George Amberson, Dr. Kevin Sterling. Come on!” She realized she was most of the way down the hall. “They aren’t going to put a lounge down here,” she thought.

Katie turned around and went back to the elevators. She was starting to sweat. Then she noticed a directory sign. She quickly scanned the list. “There is no lounge!” Her imagination went wild, “She tricked me!”

Jackie stepped out of the lounge and looked down the hallway. She saw Katie standing in front of the floor directory and called to her, “down here.” Jackie wasn’t at all worried about being spotted. That was the good thing about being a nurse, people assumed that no matter where you were in a hospital that you belonged there. She knew they were cutting it close, however, because the nurses and doctors that worked in these suites would be showing up at any time. That thought prompted her to tell Katie to hurry up.

Katie stepped in and Jackie shut the door behind her. There was no lock or she certainly would have engaged it.

“Jackie I can’t do what you want me to do. I am not attracted to women. I just don’t want to,” she rushed on, “I have about $5,000 in savings, it’s yours. Please just don’t make me do this.”

This was not something Jackie had expected. She thought she had played out every possibly scenario, but this? No, she hadn’t thought of this. “A counter bribe! That’s fucking priceless!” Jackie thought.

“Come on. Sit down,” Jackie said as she sat on the couch where she had had her own 2nd floor experience.

“No. I don’t want to sit down. I want you to tell me what you want so I can get the fuck out of here!” Katie crossed her arms and glowered at Jackie.

Jackie spoke softly, as to a child, “I already told you what I want. Katie, I am only going to tell you this once. I am not a patient person. I don’t want your fucking money. I want you to come over here and sit down on this couch.”

Katie closed her eyes. “God, I can’t do this. I can’t!” But she went to the couch nevertheless.

She perched on the opposite end from Jackie and put her head in her hands. Jackie scooted closer. Using the most calming voice she could muster she said, “If I could turn out the lights I would. I am sure that would make it easier on you, but there aren’t any switches. I know, I’ve looked.” She was hoping her soothing voice would work. She didn’t feel sympathy for Katie, not really. Jackie knew that Katie had gotten herself into this mess.

Katie sat staring down at the coffee table in front of her. The room was decorated in the usual nondescript hospital style. There were large framed watercolors on the off white walls and brown Berber carpet covered the floor. The sofa they sat on was mauve with small white dots patterned across it. On one end sat an end table with pamphlets about health conditions ranging from heart disease to AIDS. There were two silk potted plants in the small room and they looked as if they hadn’t been dusted in six months or more.

Jackie got up on her knee and scooted closer to Katie. Katie felt her move and she squeezed her eyes closed. She screamed inside, “I won’t do this! I can’t!”

Jackie put her hand on Katie’s back and felt her cringe. Jackie felt anger rise in her chest and she lashed out with her words, “Listen, I am not going to fucking play this all day! If you won’t give me what I want, get up and leave and let’s be done with it!”

“I don’t know what to do Jackie. I don’t want to do this, but I want to keep my job,” as Katie spoke she could feel herself becoming resigned to the inevitable. It made her sick. She took a deep breath and said, “What do I have to do? If you want me to eat you out we might as well end this now. I am not doing it. I don’t even think I can kiss you.”

Jackie smiled, she knew she had won. “I am not going to make you kiss me. Once you have relaxed I might make you to touch me but for right now I don’t want you to do anything. I will do it all. She reached down and slipped off Katie’s shoes. She set them aside.

Katie sat up slowly. She couldn’t think about what she was about to do. She tried to concentrate on what she was saving by giving in to Jackie’s demands. She could save her pride, she could keep her job. She went down the list one by one hoping this would make her feel better. A positive distraction.

“Stand up,” Jackie said softly. Katie kept her eyes closed tight and did as she was instructed. Jackie stayed seated on the couch and placed her hands on the backs of Katie’s thighs, steering her out in front of where she was sitting. Jackie reached up and untied Katie’s purple scrub pants and pulled them down. Katie didn’t move.

Katie’s long legs ended in purple lace panties. They looked similar to boy shorts. They hugged her hips and Jackie was sure they were from Victoria’s Secret. She had had a girlfriend a couple of years ago that wore nothing but Victoria’s Secret underwear and bras. Those with shiny lace had been her favorite kind of panties. If Jackie remembered correctly they were called “Lacies” and they showed just the right amount of ass.

“Turn around,” she all but whispered.

Katie stood motionless. Jackie grabbed the back of her thigh again and pulled her to the right. “Turn around,” she said more forcefully. Katie turned. Her eyes were still closed and she had her arms pulled tight against her chest. When she was facing the opposite direction Jackie stopped her with a gentle squeeze to her thigh.

Jackie was mesmerized. Katie’s skin was lightly tanned and silky smooth. The bottom of each ass cheek peeked from the bottom of her lacy panties. Jackie reached around Katie and pushed the table out away from the couch a few inches and then leaned around the other side and pushed it out the rest of the way. She took hold of both of Katie’s thighs and gave her a nudge forward.

“Put your palms on the table Katie,” Jackie was full of lust. She had wanted to do this for so long she could hardly believe that she was finally here. When Katie leaned forward her pert little ass stuck out towards the ceiling. Her pussy was positioned above Jackie’s face but her legs were squeezed shut.

“We will have to change that,” Jackie thought as she imagined what lay beneath the purple cloth. She slipped her hand between Katie’s calves.

Jackie turned her hand trying to spread Katie’s legs apart. She didn’t move. “Katie, open your legs. Like you did for Walt,” Jackie said. Katie stepped out with her right leg about six inches. Jackie ran her hand up along the inside of her left thigh and applied pressure, “farther,” she said. Katie stepped out a bit more

“A little bit more,” Jackie coaxed. Jackie could feel her own heart beat between her legs as her pussy became engorged with blood. She reached up between Katie’s legs and rubbed the place where Katie’s clit lay, below the lace. Katie drew a sharp breath. Jackie scooted forward and perched on the edge of the couch. She slipped her finger under the edge of Katie’s lacy panties and squeezed her ass, rubbing gently up and down. “How are you doing?” she asked Katie.

“I’m fine,” Katie responded. “Can’t you hurry up?”

“Nope. Sorry but good things come to those who wait.” She was hoping that by drawing out the inevitable she could get Katie to move from a place of thinking to a place of feeling so that perhaps she could forget Jackie’s gender and instead focus on the pleasure she was giving her.

She wrapped her hand around the crotch of Katie’s panties and moved it up and down. On the second down stroke her knuckles brushed Katie’s outer lips and Katie instinctively widened her stance. “Now we are getting somewhere,” Jackie thought.

Jackie would have loved to keep Katie in this position but she wanted to see her tits. She couldn’t have both. She stood up. Katie was almost knocked off balance when Jackie stood behind her. Jackie did not want to give her time to clam up again so she pulled her underwear off in a quick motion, took her arm and sat her down. Jackie took the bottom of Katie’s pink scrub top in her hand and pulled it up and over her head.

Katie wore a matching purple bra that Jackie wanted her out of immediately. Jackie could feel that her own pussy had become sloppy wet. She didn’t want to touch it because she knew that once she did she wouldn’t be able to stop. She reached out to unclasp Katie’s bra and stopped.

“Take it off,” Jackie said. She hadn’t really made Katie pay for her mistake in the hospital and now that there was no turning back, Jackie wanted her to be a participant of this fantasy.

Katie didn’t even try to protest. Her eyes were open and she was sitting on the edge of the sofa. She reached back, unclasped the bra and let it fall to the floor. She kept her eyes pointed at the floor. Jackie reached out and tweaked her nipple. Katie closed her eyes again.

Jackie pushed her back against the couch. Katie held her body rigid. She lay back against the arm of the couch and kept her arms tight against her sides. Seeing her like this made Jackie wish she had brought a dildo. Katie was used to being fucked and at that moment Jackie would have loved to oblige her. Instead she grabbed Katie’s legs and swung them around onto the couch. She caught a glimpse of Katie’s pussy. It was shaved clean. Jackie felt a lightning bolt in her stomach. She loved pussy more than anything in the entire world and shaved pussy was the blue ribbon of pussy.

Katie kept her legs squeezed together. She knew something bad was coming. She was stark naked, nothing between her and this fucking dyke. She tried to clear her mind of anything but one phrase kept repeating in her mind, “please let this be over, please let this be over…”

Katie’s breasts were perfect. Jackie guessed she probably wore a C-cup and she liked the just-right size of Katie’s nipples. She sat on the edge of the sofa next to Katie and reached out, taking one mound into each hand. She used her thumb to tease each nipple as she caressed the flesh. Katie licked her lips.

“Does that feel good?” Jackie asked.

Katie didn’t respond. “How ’bout this?” Jackie questioned and then leaned over her body and took one nipple into her mouth. She flicked her pierced tongue across the hardened nub several times. Then she sucked it into her mouth. As she moved to the right she rolled the still wet nipple in her left hand and then squeezed it lightly. She put the right nipple into her mouth and drew her teeth across it. She felt Katie move and she opened her eyes. She sat up, continuing to massage her tit and she saw that Katie had made a tight fist with her right hand.

“Uh-huh. I thought you might like that,” Jackie smiled and bent down. She sucked the right nipple and ran her hand across Katie’s flat stomach. Jackie decided it was time to get serious. She kissed her way down the middle of Katie’s abdomen as she hooked her arm under Katie’s right knee. She pulled her leg up until it was bent and then pressed it against the back of the couch. She sat back and admired Katie’s pretty pussy.

Katie’s eyes were shut tightly when Jackie looked up. She watched Katie’s face as she parted her labia and rubbed her finger around inside. Katie’s mouth opened but no sound escaped.

Jackie used her thumb to rub Katie’s clit until she heard the slightest moan. As if she had betrayed herself, Katie bit her lip no sooner than she emitted the noise.

Jackie took that as her signal. She pushed Katie’s left leg off the couch and moved her face in towards Katie crotch. When her mouth was mere centimeters from her sex she pursed her lips and blew lightly on Katie’s lightly parted lips. Katie lifted her ass off the couch a tiny bit. Not so much as pushing her pussy into Jackie’s face as she was offering it up to her.

Jackie bucked her own hips slightly, feeling so horny she thought she might burst. Leaning forward, she dipped her tongue between Katie’s outer lips and found her clit. She pressed her tongue into it and jogged it up and down. Katie gasped. Jackie took her thumb and entered Katie’s hole. It was good and wet and Jackie was once again sorry that she didn’t have something bigger to probe her with. As Katie’s pussy beckoned to her, she removed her thumb and pushed two fingers in slowly. Katie flexed her pussy walls and Jackie jabbed her hard while she continued to assault her clit with her tongue. She sucked on it, bobbing her mouth up and down keeping rhythm with her finger fucking.

Katie moaned. She couldn’t help it. Jackie’s mouth felt so good on her swollen cunt. She would have never imagined that she would be so aroused by a woman. She wanted to lift her hips toward Jackie again but she was afraid. She still didn’t want to do this. Having sex with a woman went against everything Katie knew yet she was powerless to stop it. She was no longer an unwilling participant and that scared the shit out of her.

Just then Jackie added two more fingers and Katie’s fear was no longer enough to stop her. She flexed her butt cheeks up toward Jackie and held her pussy there. She tried to squeeze Jackie’s fingers; she wanted them deeper inside of her.

Katie was confused when she heard Jackie start to make a buzzing sound with her mouth. Suddenly she felt the slightest vibration on her clit and understood. It felt amazing!

Jackie used her left hand to spread Katie’s pussy lips wide open, exposing her clit as she slowed the pace of the fingers she was using to fuck Katie with. She buzzed Katie’s clit several times with her mouth and then sucked on it hard before she removed her fingers from Katie’s dripping hole. Using her right hand Jackie used Katie’s wetness to rub her clit at a quickened pace.

“Ahhhhh!” Katie was no longer worried about whether or not she would have to touch Jackie’s body. She was in the grip of a rolling orgasm. Her leg jerked and she bucked against Jackie’s hand. Jackie bent her mouth back down to Katie’s pussy and covered her clit. She slid both hands under Katie’s ass and held her throbbing sex to her mouth sucking while she jiggled her head side to side.

Katie howled. “Oh, oh, oh, oh no. No don’t!” she reached down and tried to push Jackie’s mouth away but she couldn’t. Her back arched and she came again. This time she could feel her toes curl as she squeezed Jackie’s head between her knees. She was using her legs to push Jackie’s face towards her twat as she moved them up and down grinding Jackie’s face into her.

Jackie was in heaven. She didn’t care that she couldn’t breathe or that her head felt like it would pop from the pressure. She had just given Nurse Callaway, not one but two trembling orgasms. She was actually pulling her in towards her. This was better than anything she had imagined!

Jackie still had Katie’s ass in her hands and she pushed it gently hoping to get Katie to let up a little bit on her head.

“Oh, woops!” Katie said. She released her legs and blushed deeply.

Jackie sat up and leaned back against the sofa breathing heavily. She looked as if she had just eaten a glazed donut. A very messy one.

Katie put her legs together and lay on her side. Her breathing had returned to a semi-normal state but her body was still trembling and her heart pounding. Her mind was blown, she couldn’t move or think.

Jackie looked down and saw that Katie’s juices were leaking out onto the sofa. She smiled and dipped a finger into her spent pussy. Katie whimpered. She couldn’t move. Jackie wiggled her finger around and withdrew it before sticking it in her mouth slowly sucking the wetness from her index finger.

Her own scrubs were probably soaked through. She was still so horny she wasn’t sure she would be able to make it home without rubbing out her own orgasm. Perhaps she could get Katie to help her. It was doubtful. Once the endorphins wore off Katie was apt to go running for the hills.

Jackie stood up. It startled Katie and she looked up. Jackie saw that she had better hurry if she had any chance of getting Katie to reciprocate. The glazed look was already starting to wear off.

She knelt by Katie’s mouth. Katie’s eyes were closed and she barely opened them when Jackie put a hand to her cheek. She rubbed her palm gently against her cheekbone and then lightly trailed a finger down her jawbone to her neck. She leaned in a kissed her. Jackie was surprised that Katie took her tongue willingly. She kissed her back with something like curiosity and smiled when Jackie lightly nibbled her lip.

Jackie slipped her hand down below her waistband and began playing with her pussy. She wanted to come so badly. She closed her eyes and imagined Katie’s mouth on her body. She sat up on her knees and spread her legs.

“Hand me my purse,” Katie whispered.

Jackie was confused, “What? What for?”

“Just hand me my purse. Over there,” she gestured. “It’s on the end…,” she trailed off and pointed.

Jackie withdrew her hand, annoyed and gave Katie her bag. She watched as Katie dug around in the inner recesses and finally she pulled out a lipstick. Jackie looked at her with reproach.

“Honestly? You’re going to put on lipstick?”

Katie smiled and took off the top. But that wasn’t precisely right; the top didn’t come off it just extended. “Come here,” Katie beckoned. She twisted the little tube and Jackie heard it whir into life.

This is the final instalment in the Salt & Vinegar series. It’s also a bit longer, so settle in.

While the other chapters are stand-alone stories, this one ties together many of the threads from the previous three. I suggest reading them first if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks to Warrior_Wolf once again for her valuable editing work.




My mobile rang; Beth again. I was going to have to put a stop to this. I’d let it go too far.

We’d made progress on Saturday night and I should have let it go at that. But, you know me; a sucker for pussy.

I’d seen her again on Monday night. And on Wednesday. I was afraid she was forming an attachment, replacing me for Stacy. Oh, the sex was great. It was just for all the wrong reasons.

I’d been thinking clearly enough when I’d been with her on Saturday night. Jus had helped keep me in check too. But I think I enjoyed the chance to be fully in control again. To have someone submit completely and utterly to me. To enjoy the feeling of power and domination.

It’s funny you know. I’m not like that with Jus. I can be rough and brutal, but it’s never domination. Well, to be more precise, she’s not submissive. She surrenders herself to me but it’s got nothing to do with submission. The stupid bitch is crazy in love with me. God knows why! I think I’ve realised though that for all that she’s selfless and puts up with so much shit from me, Jus is the one that holds the leash. How’s that for irony. And it’s why I’m feeling so fucking guilty over Beth. I sleep around all the time, but this is different. Three days in five is more than a one-night stand. Jus deserves better from me than this and Beth isn’t worth ruining the one good thing that’s happened to me, well, ever.

Scary to say, but in some ways Jus is like the mom I wish I had. Mine died of a drug overdose when I was ten. My memories are mixed, but mostly of mood swings and mania. Jus is calm, confident and strong. Her love is unconditional. Sometimes I feel like a kid in the playground, running round madly, exploring, having fun and doing whatever. And you know it’s OK ’cause Mom’s sitting on the bench over their watching out for you. You fall off the swings; there’s a hug. The play gets a bit rough; Mom steps in for you. You get hungry; Mom has the snacks. Jus is like that. Her quiet strength is my security. Her love my safety net. I play around but there’s always Jus to come home to and, with her, I know everything’s going to be alright.

A year and a half ago I would have instantly said that I’m the stronger one; I’m in charge. Now, it’s the opposite. Her quiet strength can stand against anything. She supports me. And part of me hates that I need it so badly. Really, really hates admitting my own weakness and that, at something I pride myself in – my own strength and independence – Jus is stronger and far more durable than me. And so fucking saintly as well. Damn the bitch.

Which is why, just like a kid, I push the boundaries. Test the limits. Rebel against authority. Do stupid stuff just to show that I can, that I can pretend I’m my own person and can do whatever the hell I want and damn the consequences. Just how much do you love me, Jus? Stupid bloody fool.

I was having coffee with Chrissie on Thursday morning, so I thought I’d ask Beth to join us and give her the bad news after Chrissie left. I also wanted Chrissie’s advice first. Shit, I’m getting soft. What ever happened to fuck-’em-and-leave-’em Lena? Chrissie didn’t hold back when we met either.

“What, you’re still keeping Beth on a string. Shit, girl, does Jus know?”

“No. She’s never minded before though.”

“Yeah, but this might be a little different don’t you think? Jesus, Lena. You’re going to risk Justine over some fucked-up ex of Stacy’s?!”

Which is when Beth arrived. Had she heard? Probably. But she didn’t appear offended. If anything she looked a little smug. Oh, shit, she’s taken it wrong. Now she thinks she seriously has a chance with me.

“Hi Lena, Chrissie.”

“Hey, Beth. Well, who wants a coffee?” I said, slightly too brightly.

“No way Lena, I’m ordering. You always stuff it up. What do you want Beth? I know what Lena has.”

“Skinny cappuccino for me please.”

Chrissie got up and went inside to order. I took a deep breath.

I turned to Beth, placing a hand gently on her knee. This was as good a time as any. Well, maybe not, but I had to make a start. This wasn’t going to get any easier. Unfortunately, Beth misread it again. She glanced down at my hand then looked up with a shy smile before throwing her arms around my neck and giving me a kiss. I was surprised for a moment before I disengaged myself. Chrissie was glaring at me from the counter. Shit. This wasn’t going to plan at all.

“Listen, Beth, we need to talk.”

She looked at me expectantly.

“When Justine and I helped you out on Saturday night, that’s all it was. You looked like you needed a hand in taking an objective look at your relationship with Stacy. What you did with that was up to you.”

“But didn’t you like being with me? Didn’t I do everything right?”


“Yes, but you don’t want to replace Stacy with me.”

“You’re a lot nicer than Stacy. Strong, but nice. You take care of me.”

Double shit. Hurry the fuck up with those damn coffees Chrissie!

“Do you know why Stacy hates me so much, Beth?”

“No. She’s mentioned it, but not why.”

“I trained Stacy, Beth. Stacy is what she is because of me. And I’m twice the bitch that she is. Didn’t know that did you?”

“Um, no.”

Well, Lena, here goes nothing. I put on my ‘evil witch’ face. The one Justine hates. The cold sneer that she says hardens my face and takes all the humanity out of it.

“Well, you don’t know me very well, bitch, do you? You want to be with me? Stacy is like Barbie compared to me. Stacy hurts people; I fucking break them. Then toss ‘em away.”

I picked up one of the coffee stirrers from the caddy on the table and snapped it for emphasis. One half flicked towards Beth and landed in her lap. Hah! Beth’s eyes were wide and her face paled.

“Now you’ve got a choice. You’ve left Stacy and we’ve had a bit of fun. But playtime’s over and it’s time to move on. Find someone who’ll look after you right. That someone is most definitely not me, and it’s not Justine either. Clear?”

“Um, yeah. Very.”

Beth’s eyes had teared up. Bloody hell, Chrissie could you take any fucking longer! I just ditch people ’cause I hate this bit. I wouldn’t be a cold-hearted bitch if I could do this ‘let’s just be friends’ thing well! I handed Beth a napkin from the caddy on the table. Wow, sensitive me.

Chrissie returned and sank back into her chair.

“Bloody trainees. Stuff up the simplest order.”

‘You done?’ she mouthed silently at me. Beth was dabbing at her eyes. What, she’d seen the whole thing and had played it out to give me time? Bitch! She could have helped instead.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Beth gestured vaguely inside and we got the message that she needed some space. The restroom’s such a great excuse for us girls.

“Sure. Hopefully they’ll have brought our coffees by the time you’re back.”

“You did OK, Lena”, said Chrissie after Beth had gone.

“What! You heard what I said?” I was suddenly worried that the whole cafe had witnessed the conversation.

“No, idiot. But I was watching and I figured out what you were doing. You’re timing’s absolutely shit but it seemed as though you handled it OK.”

“Gee, thanks”, I said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome.”

“It’s still easier to fuck ‘em and leave ‘em”, I muttered.

“Yeah I know honey; but you’re growing up. Justine would be proud of you.”

“What are you now, Chrissie? My fucking Mom?”

Chrissie laughed. The waitress gave us a curious look as she delivered our coffees.

Beth returned. She looked slightly brighter – if still a bit red around the eyes – and the next fifteen minutes went pretty smoothly as we chatted and drank coffee. Beth squeezed my hand and said thanks as she left. She’d be alright. Chrissie hugged me and then left too, saying she had a few other friends to meet. I sat back down, just enjoying the feeling that everything was turning out OK. Strange how life goes sometimes. I wondered if Justine’s day was going as well as mine.



It was an odd sort of day. One of those ones which have good bits and bad bits and nothing turns out like you expect.

Overall, the week had been OK, but last week’s effort had taken its toll. Everyone at work was tired and tempers were thin. We’d met a few critical milestones and the client was happy, but winning a battle isn’t the same as winning the war and the project was only half complete. It’s hard to maintain the energy and stay focused for such a long period.

So here I was pounding the pavement to drop some stuff off to the client because the account manager was off sick. I did my best to be polite and personable and was surprised when Sean asked if I was in a rush to get back and could he speak to me privately.

“I’m really glad you dropped this over today, Justine, because I’d been hoping to have a word with you.”

“Sure, how can we help, Sean?”

“No, nothing to do with the project. Well, not really. You know, of course, that we’re really pleased with how it’s shaping up. We also know that it’s largely due to your contribution. Oh, I know it’s a team collaboration and all that, but your coding and structure is what makes it so solid. Ideas are nothing without effective techs to back them up. We’ve been looking for a Programming Director for a while and the word is that you perform consistently like this on every project you’ve worked on, including rescuing a few marginal ones. You also get the best out of your people. That combination’s rare and we could certainly use your talent. So, you interested?”

Wow, that was unexpected.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks. Would you mind if we talked after this project’s complete? I think the change would affect our team dynamic and the outcome may not benefit either you or us.”

“Absolutely. Your loyalty and team ethic are a credit to you and part of the reason we want you with us. Let me know when you’re ready. Here’s my card.”

I left their office feeling elated. And then it started to rain. Typical.

I dashed for a cab and glanced across the street. I saw Lena sitting in one of the cafes and thought about joining her. Then I recognized Chrissie and Beth sitting with her. As I watched, Chrissie got up and walked inside. Lena kissed Beth and they were suddenly all over each other. What the hell?

“Hey lady! You want a ride or what?”

“Yeah, sorry. Downtown thanks.”

So what was that all about? I thought Lena had controlled herself pretty well on Saturday night, but had I been mistaken? Had the experience got to her more than she was letting on? Worse, had she enjoyed the domination so much she couldn’t help herself? I could be wrong, but this looked a bit different from her usual one-night flings. I wasn’t going to like it, but I needed to ask her.

The rest of the day passed slowly. I couldn’t really concentrate on much for thinking about Lena and Beth. And what did Chrissie being there mean? Did she know? Did she sanction it, even? If Chrissie knew, then how many other people knew as well? No secrets with Chrissie.

I left early and drove home through more rain. I paused at the door to our apartment and took a deep breath. Was Lena home? Only one way to find out …



I was flicking idly through one of my photographic journals when I heard the door latch click. Jus walked in and collapsed on the couch.

“How was your day?” she asked, giving me a kiss on the cheek and curling up to next to me.

“Interesting. Yours?”

“Same. I had a job offer from the firm we’re doing this project for. I’m tempted. The money’d be brilliant.”

“Then fucking take it. Glad to see other people recognise my girl’s talent.”

“Thanks. By the way, I saw you with Beth today at the cafe.”

I stiffened and I knew she felt it.

“You and she looked pretty cosy. Everything OK with you?” Jus asked, with a slight frown creasing her brow.

I reacted badly. First Chrissie, now Justine. They were bloody right, of course. It probably wouldn’t have bothered me except, for once, I’d actually done the right thing and I’d felt pretty good about it. Telling Justine how I’d fixed it would also involve admitting that she was right and I had crossed the line. I still felt bad about that. My bloody stupid pride fired up.

“So? I fucked her in front of you on Saturday night. I boned her again on Monday and fucked her again yesterday. What’s your fucking problem, Jus? You know I sleep around.”

She looked at me steadily for a long moment before answering in a carefully moderate voice.

“It’s you I’m worried about, babe. After what you told me about you and Stacy on Saturday night and how you asked me to keep a check on you with Beth, I want to know you’re OK and in control.”

I was in control in relation to Beth. More than she knew if I could only admit it. What I wasn’t in control of, I suddenly realised, was my relationship with Justine. For so long I’d been used to being the dominant partner in my relationships. I held the power, I dictated the terms, I decided how long it lasted and when and how it ended. I’d enjoyed the thing with Beth so much because I’d felt my old self again and I now knew it was because I’d been subconsciously frustrated and afraid of my lack of ‘control’ over Justine. I couldn’t intimidate her. Oh, I treated her like everyone else – in other words, bloody badly – but her love for me somehow neutralized it.

Jus wasn’t naive or anything; my bitchiness just had no effect on her. She knew what I was and loved me anyway. She returned my abuse with selfless care, which made it even worse. If she’d complained or berated me, it probably would have been OK because I knew I deserved it. What I couldn’t handle was her quiet acceptance of my flaws. Her generosity demanded better of me but it was easier to pretend it was actually OK and that I could indulge myself however and whenever I wanted without consequences. At least I’d been considerate enough to keep my casual flings reasonably private, but I’d definitely crossed the line with Beth. It’d been much more than a once-off. And I’d made it public. And now I was rubbing Justine’s face in it. My guilt made me worse.

“What, you don’t think I can handle myself over a piss-weak bitch like Beth? For God’s sake Jus, get over it, I’ve told you I’m fucking finished with her!”

“No, you hadn’t. What I saw today suggests you haven’t either.”

“Well, fuck you! You knew what you were getting when you signed on for this. I’ll fuck whoever I want whenever I want. Doesn’t mean anything. Now get over it, bitch and come to bed so I can fuck some sense back into you!”

Justine’s face went white and her eyes went wide. That she didn’t even raise her voice was a really bad sign. Shit, Lena you’re an absolute bitch.

“I’m not ready for bed yet. I need a bit of air. Think I’ll just take a walk. Don’t wait up.”

She turned and walked back to the door, grabbing an anorak. Was it wet out? Hell, I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I was incandescent with rage, more with myself than Justine, but how could I expect her to see that?

“That’s right, walk away”, I screamed after her as I heard the door open. “You can’t escape shit by running away from it you fucking dumb bitch!”



I held it together until I closed the door, then tears flooded down my face.

“Justine, what the hell … Are you OK?”

I looked up blearily to see John, who has the apartment across the hall, frozen in the act of turning his key. He’d obviously heard Lena and the outcome was pretty obvious. I quickly brushed past him and down the stairway with a non-committal wave which I hoped he interpreted as ‘yeah’. I didn’t trust myself to speak.

I stumbled out onto the sidewalk, shrugging on my anorak. It was still raining. A dull, monotonous drizzle, not enough to be useful but enough to soak anyone caught in it. It felt like the night knew my mood and was crying with me. At least no one could tell the difference between nature’s misery and mine in the wetness on my face. But I knew; my tears were bitter.

I walked blindly, consumed by a broken kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions. I hardly registered, the lights, the sounds and the smells of the city in the early evening. I stumbled along sidewalks, pushed through crowds, crossed streets completely on autopilot. I had no idea where I was going and didn’t care. I just walked. In part, Lena was right. I was running away. That’s what makes her cutting remarks so effective when she’s being a bitch. There’s always an element of truth which hones the edge of her words. Tonight, they cut like a butcher’s cleaver. Solid, sharp and deep.

A part of me knew that her reaction wasn’t rational and that something else was going on. Most of me didn’t care because it was too numb to be that generous. I wallowed in self-pity. Why did I deserve this? I wasn’t the one that slept around. How come I get abused when I’m always faithful? Why do I have to be the one that deals with all her shit? God, why doesn’t she love me as much as I do her? What more can I give her?

I cried myself out and my thoughts turned to ‘what next?’ Realistically, was this going to work? I knew that almost a year and a half was a record – by a very long margin – for any sort of relationship with Lena. But could I keep this up? Could I keep absorbing the emotional damage? Being with Lena was sometimes like dating a supernova. Bloody spectacular until you got incinerated. It didn’t matter that I loved her. I wasn’t sure that I could survive her much longer. Was it better to end it now for her sake as well as mine, while I still had wonderful memories fresh enough in my heart to counteract the acid of our parting?

But I wasn’t sure that I could just walk away. Call me a fool, but I loved the girl too much. I knew what breaking up would mean to her. For all her seeming strength, she was emotionally very vulnerable and I shuddered to think what her wild rebound would look like. Forget train wreck, supernova was probably more accurate there too. There was a strong possibility she’d kill herself in the process, either deliberately or by accident. Apart from me, I didn’t know anyone in our circle of friends who would be able to be an effective brake for her. Could I live with that on my conscience?

A screech of brakes, a loud horn and the smell of rubber suddenly brought me back to the present. I was standing halfway across an intersection with a warm radiator grill a foot away from me. Cars sped past either side. Somehow I staggered back to the sidewalk with the driver’s abuse echoing in my ear.

“Stupid fool girl, don’t you know when to walk!”

I clutched a pole, trembling from shock and breathing heavily. Through the rainy mist I looked up to see the red flashing pedestrian signal on the opposite sidewalk. Didn’t I know when to walk? Didn’t I know when to walk! It was like a sign. Lena was wrong. Facing reality and choosing when to walk is not running away. It’s just plain sensible.

I’d decided what to do. I’d go back to our apartment, sleep on the couch and talk with her in the morning. I’d sign the lease on my apartment over to her with a few months rent paid in advance to help her get back on her feet. That bit of security might be enough. It would have to do. Lena was an adult; she could learn to cope the same as the rest of us. Or not. After all, she had choices too and they were hers to make, not mine. With my savings and the new job, I could find a new place readily enough. New place, new job, new life. Sans Lena. Deep breath, Jus, you know you have to do this.

Now where the hell was I? I looked around and was stunned to see across from me the cafe that I’d seen Lena at this morning. Somehow I’d found my way to where it all started. Was it only half a day ago? It felt like a year. I hailed a cab and deliberately thought of nothing on the way home. No, not home. Lena’s apartment.

The cab dropped me a couple of doors up. I fumbled in my pocket for my keys when I felt a hand grip my shoulder.

“Well, hello bitch.”

I started to turn. All I got was glimpse of a dark hooded face silhouetted against the dim light from a street lamp before my head was slammed into the wall of the building. I felt the rough bricks tear up my face, my nose break and my cheekbone fracture. Blood everywhere. The pain was intense and I screamed.

“Thinks she can just take my girl, huh. Let’s see how she does without her bitch then!”

Sharp pain in my lower back. And again. Dimly I hear shouts and curses, as if from a great distance. Footsteps, running. I slide down the wall as everything goes black.



The door closed after her. I screamed obscenities. I kicked the couch. I punched the cushions. I threw the cushions. One collected a photograph which fell from the wall. The glass shattered. I didn’t care. No wait which one was it? Shit. No, no, no! Not Jus, not that one of Jus! Shit, Lena, what have you done? And I wasn’t thinking about the picture.

I ran out into the hall and flew down the stairs. I stood in the rain looking up and down the street. Couldn’t see her. I walked slowly back upstairs. I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep.

I remember waking in the night to put my arm over Justine. Her side of the bed was cold. She wasn’t there. She was never not there. She was the warmth and comfort no blanket could ever give. Shit, Lena, what have you done? It was two in the morning. I rang her mobile. No answer. I left a message. And again every fifteen minutes after.

I must have fallen asleep again because I woke around five to the sound of the door. I dashed out of the bedroom. But it wasn’t ours. Must’ve been John’s. I sobbed with frustration and desperate worry. My mobile rang and I ran frantically back to the bedroom.

“Jus, honey, where are you? Hello?”

It wasn’t her. Well, it was in a way. Mercy Hospital had rung to say that a young woman had just come out of emergency surgery and was now in a serious condition, recovering in intensive care. She’d had no ID, only a mobile phone on which this number had come up about ten times and did I know who she was?

Oh, Justine. My love, hang on. I’m coming. Please, hang on.

I was running like a maniac around the apartment grabbing stuff to take when there was a knock at the door. At 5 a.m., what the hell! I don’t fucking care, they can piss off and I’ll tell ‘em so on the way out!

Except it was the police.

“Miss Lena Sanchez? We need to ask you a few questions.”

“No, please, I’ve got to get to Mercy. They’ve just phoned to say my partner’s there.”

“Yes, we know. That’s why we need to ask you a few questions.”

“What? What’s happened to Justine!”

“Miss Sanchez, we can do this standing in the hall or …”

Reluctantly, I went back inside. I learnt that Justine had been assaulted and stabbed. Someone had seen the attack and chased her black-haired female assailant before calling 911. A set of keys with a tag for this apartment block had been found on the sidewalk amidst the blood. They’d been working their way up floor by floor when they’d spoken to John across the hall. He’d heard what happened last night. They had an obvious lead. I had no real alibi.

Perhaps my astonishment and genuine worry convinced them. Or at least they were prepared to be open-minded for the present.

“Can you think of anyone who may have had a reason to assault her?”

“No. She’s an angel. I can’t think of anyone who’d want to hurt her. In fact it’s normally her looking out for others. Like last Saturday night, she …”

I went cold. Oh, shit. Stacy.

I gave them what information I could about her and about Beth too. If she’d gone after Justine, it was a fair bet she’d go looking for Beth as well; if it wasn’t too late already. It’s what I would have done. Well, I’d made Stacy. I knew how she thought. Shit, Lena, what an absolute fucking mess you’ve made this time. God, Jus, please forgive me.

All I cared about right now was Justine. The cops ‘kindly’ gave me a ride to Mercy. I suspect they really wanted to keep tabs on me until they’d followed up the other leads. Conversations over the two-way meant that, by the time we arrived, they’d got enough to let me go with the usual warning about not leaving town etc. I ran into the hospital and frantically abused everyone until I found Justine’s room. They almost threw me out until I calmed down enough to be allowed into the ward.

I quietly opened the door. She looked so small in the bed, surrounded by equipment, tubes and other medical shit. Her beautiful eyes were closed and her red hair fanned across the pillow. Her face was white and still. She could have been a marble statue. And then, I crossed the room to the chair on the other side of the bed. On this side, the statue’s hair had been cut away with a clinician’s surgical efficiency. The face was a crazed, swollen mess of pads and sutures. Red-tinted fluids seeped through dressings. The calm hum and beep of the machines monitoring her vital signs was the only sound, the only indication of life. I sank numbly into the chair and gently took her hand, trembling. My poor, poor girl. Shit, what had I done? Tears ran unchecked down my face. They weren’t for me.




I struggled toward consciousness, wondering if it was worth the effort. The blackness was so much nicer. Anything else hurt too much.

I blinked.

Light. White sheets. Tubes. Hospital?

Makes sense if I hurt this much. No idea why.

“Jus, I’m here honey.”

Ah, Lena.




Her eyelids fluttered. I leaned close and whispered to her. I hope she heard. I think she heard. I saw the beginnings of a smile at the corner of her mouth. I did, I’m sure I did. Oh, baby, hang on. Please, I can’t live without you.

Why does it take something like this to make you appreciate what you’ve got; that only when you’re about to lose the most precious thing in your life do you truly understand how much it means to you. And it sounds so incredibly selfish when you say it like that. That it’s all about my loss and my feelings and my life. Never mind the poor girl, lying half-dead in this bed, who’s only there because of your bloody lunacy and fucking pride. I want to tell her what an idiot I am. A stupid fool who loves her to death, but can’t even think about how to beg for forgiveness in the right words and who’s crazy enough to hope that maybe, just maybe, she still loves her too. Maybe? Probably not, and I so deserve that. Oh, Jus, I am so, so sorry.



Pain, but less. That’s good, right?

I slowly open my eyes, getting used to the light. My body feels so heavy. Can I move? Hurts, but yes. That’s good too, I guess.

“Oh, look who’s awake. How you doin’ sugar?”

A nurse smiles warmly at me and begins to check over my charts. I look around slowly. Half watching her and half looking for something else, someone …

My eyes rest on the chair. It’s empty.

“She’s in the ward lounge asleep in one of the chairs. She sat with you for about 18 hours. Wouldn’t leave. I almost had to carry her out. Want me to wake her for you?”

Lena. I smile. Ow, that hurts. Head shake. Hell, that hurts too.

So tired.




I wander to the restroom. I look blearily into the mirror as I’m washing my hands. Wow, what a mess. The walking dead.

I find coffee from a vending machine and wander back to Justine’s room. The smell of caffeine helps. It burns on the way down, but it feels good.

“Oh, you’re up? You just missed her”, says a nurse as she leaves the room. “She woke for a minute or so and I told her you were asleep.”

“Fuck. I mean, thanks. Sorry.”

“No worries, sugar. I understand. Your sister’s getting stronger. Making good progress.”

She touches me on the arm and smiles as she brushes past. The contact is just slightly less than professional, a little longer than necessary. I recognised the look too. OK, I know I look pretty skanky right now, but coming on to me when my girl’s lying there in the bed, what the hell? Oh, hang on. ‘Sister’?

“Justine’s my partner”, I say with a frown.

A quick look of surprise before the professional veneer is restored.

“Ah, that explains it.”

I scowl again and walk back into the room. Jus is looking a little better. Less pallor, more colour.

I carefully lie down next to her on her good side and gently lay my head on her shoulder. Underneath all the smell of ‘hospital’ is the smell of Justine. I can smell her hair, her skin. I can just feel her breath; so faint. My Justine.

So tired. I’ll just stay here for a bit …




I know that smell. Lena.

I open my eyes and there she is; her head on my shoulder. Strands of her raven hair riot across my chest, the sheet, the pillow. Her hair smells wonderful. She’s asleep. I hear her cute little ‘wuffle’ snore. I can feel she’s clasping my hand between us.

“I love you Lena”, I murmur in a broken whisper.

A tear rolls down my cheek to drop into that raven hair. I could look at her forever.

Eyelids so heavy.




It took a week before Justine was conscious for more than a few minutes at a time.

It was another week again before I got her home.

Three weeks without sex. That’s got to be a record dry spell! But strangely, I didn’t mind. I was happily and completely occupied in looking after Jus. I discovered – possibly for the first time – the pleasure of genuinely caring for someone else. Preparing meals, doing laundry, fetching stuff, giving hugs, helping her bathe (not really a chore that one, God she’s beautiful). The light in her gorgeous eyes, her soft smile and the knowledge that she was recovering were all the reward I needed.

I got a giggle out of her when, as a gag, I dressed up in a nurse outfit. Nothing like the uniform at Mercy though. This one would have given elderly male patients heart failure with all that flesh exposed. Jus appreciated it. And just like an old lecher damn if she didn’t pinch my ass!

Four weeks and she was up and about. We spent hours on the couch. We talked more I think during that week than in the six months before. Really talked. Not just the chat of the every day, but the deep stuff. About life, about us, about the future.

I really didn’t know how to start telling her how I felt; how appalled I was at myself and how desperately I needed her forgiveness. I ran through a hundred conversations in my head and none of them worked. In the end it just sort of came out. I don’t even remember what I said. I just bared my soul, the tears running down my cheeks and sobbing ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry’ over and over. The darling girl just took my face in her hands, brushed the tears away and looked at me – into me – just like she had that first day at the gallery.

“I forgive you”, she said. “I always will. I love you, Lena.”

And with those simple words I was absolved. I collapsed into tears again, but this time of relief and love. I gathered her gently into my arms and smothered her with kisses.



Five weeks later I was almost back to normal. I’d healed well. The surgeon and medical staff at Mercy had done a great job. I had some scarring on my face but it didn’t disfigure my features at all. In fact it gave me a slightly rakish appearance.

“You could be a pirate, Jus.”


“What the hell was that? That sounded like a rabid kitten. You’ll have to do better than that, bitch!”

I could easily cover the scars with make up so they hardly showed. But I also discovered I could highlight them, outlining them and transforming my face into a half war mask which looked, frankly, pretty wicked.

I’d lost weight during my recovery and made a decision to keep some of those pounds off and tone up a bit. Trim and fit, I enjoyed my new self. I’d always had a fairly decent figure – not in Lena’s league of course – but now I could easily carry off outfits I really wouldn’t have felt comfortable in before. When Lena and I went clubbing we made a smoking hot couple and Lena had to warn off almost as many interested approaches to me as I did for her. It was a novel experience. Apparently low cut jeans, leather, flaming red hair and my war paint made a striking combination. I confess to a little mental ‘fist pump’ the first time Chrissie saw us out and her jaw dropped.

“Jus? Wow. You look … incredible. Amazing. Lena, you’re in trouble girl. You’ve got some serious competition there.”

“I know. Doesn’t she look fucking awesome?”

Somewhere during my recovery, Lena and I had achieved some sort of transference. I’d become a little bolder, more self confident. Perhaps my ordeal had been like a rite of passage. I wore my scars like a badge of honour and took more pride in myself as a result.

Lena had become a little calmer and a little kinder. More thoughtful and considerate. A touch less brash. She helped out more at home. It wasn’t just habit from those weeks of looking after me either. She wanted to. Don’t get me wrong, she hadn’t transformed into a saint – there was still a hell of a lot of the wild old Lena – but somehow she had ‘found’ herself during my recovery and the quiet self assurance added a depth to her character which made her even more beautiful if that were possible.

I decided to get my first bit of ink. A tattoo which covered the knife scars on my middle and lower back. I’d been really fortunate – a slight shift in angle, a bit more depth and I would have been dead. I decided I needed to celebrate that. I got a full colour piece covering almost half my back. The words ‘Lena aeternum‘ were fully illuminated together with some fine scroll and filigree work which incorporated some of the Japanese peach blossoms which I love from the tattoo on Lena’s thigh. It was both beautiful and striking.



I was stunned when Jus lifted her shirt and turned round to show me. Then I was humbled. Trust Jus to get it in Latin though. I quickly got my camera and spent the next half hour capturing her tattoo from various angles and light settings. Of course we then moved into bolder poses without clothes in which the tattoo was an adjunct feature. And then into stuff without the camera at all.

I held her close as we lay on the couch and I traced the lines with my fingers. Her smooth, white back was marred only by the jagged ridges of the scars, but which the artist had very skilfully disguised by using their texture as part of the overall feel of the work. Goose pimples rose on her flesh as my finger wandered around her back, adding another dimension again to the ink.

I gently kissed each scar and then each part of the tattoo. I worked my way down the curve of her spine to the small of her back, caressing her curves,: softly touching, caressing her with my lips and tongue. I rolled her over and began again at the top. Her gorgeous eyes stated into my soul as I cupped her face with my hands and gently kissed her mouth, her cheeks, her jaw line. I could feel her pulse pounding as I necked her throat. I gently nibbled her ear lobes which set her giggling.

“Stop that, Jus, I’m trying to do some serious work here.”

Her eyes twinkled and she stilled. The giggles gave way to a soft sigh as I worked downward over her shoulders. I traced her collarbone with my tongue. I felt her relax and melt into me. I gently lifted an arm and caressed her all the way down, feeling the tone of her muscles; an outward sign of the new-found, inner strength at the core of my lover’s being. I was so proud of her and so absolutely thankful to be with her.

Somehow I’d lost those jealous, rebellious feelings. I recognised and truly appreciated the rare worth of what I had with Justine. It was something very few people had. I was privileged to have her in my life and to share mine with her.

I stroked her arms gently then took her hands in mine. I kissed her wrist, her palm and the tips of each finger.

She reached up and stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her satin caress. Then with a moan she reached around my neck and pulled me down toward her and kissed me fiercely.

“Please Lena, my love”, she said huskily, “take me.”

Permission granted; I changed gear. My touch was firmer. My kisses harder, then savage. I ravaged her breasts, sucking and pulling at her gorgeous dusky pink nipples, hard with need. She groaned as I explored her navel then licked down toward the delicate auburn down of her mound. She ground her hips upwards, urging me to take the final step. I tantalised her awhile longer as I licked the top of her thighs, working my way slowly inward.

She moaned and spread her legs for me; inviting, needing, craving. Her pussy was exquisite. I stopped for a second or two to admire her perfection. Her delicate folds of perfect symmetry. Wet, glistening evidence of her desire. I lowered my mouth and extended my tongue to gently touch her clitoris. The contact was electric. Fuck balls of string and kittens, Justine’s pussy is my absolute favourite thing. Jus shuddered as I licked her. She grabbed my head with her hands, pushing me down hard against herself.

I devoted myself to her pleasure. My tongue and fingers exploring her wonderful sex. Her scent, her taste, the velvet feel of her, moist and warm. Without breaking contact, I moved off the couch to kneel beside her, changing my angle so I could trace delicately around her anus with my finger as I continued to devour her.

Her hands moved to my waist, pulling urgently.

“C’m'here”, she grunted thickly.

I threw a leg up over her and she grabbed my hips, pulling me backwards onto her face. If giving Jus cunnilingus is bliss, then her doing me at the same time is heaven. I gasped as she began to match what I was doing to her. Touch for touch, stroke for stroke, lick for lick we worked each other towards a frenzy of need and desire. I felt the first tremors of my orgasm begin and with a savage energy I ravaged Jus, licking and sucking, thrusting my fingers deep within her. Her hips began to rock harder and faster and I knew she was as close as I was.

We came almost together. I screamed as my orgasm ripped from me. Jus sucked thirstily as my juices ran over her mouth onto her chest. She came a second or two later and surprised me with the volume which gushed from her. She wrapped her arms around my hips and hugged me tightly as wave after wave of pleasure racked her. Normally, I’d lick her softly down but this time I continued to savagely suck and lick, desperate for as much of her nectar as I could get.

Spent and exhausted, the tension drained from us and we collapsed to lie against each other. For a minute I couldn’t move. Then I slowly raised myself off her and twisted around to lie beside her, my head resting against her cheek. She turned into me, wrapped an arm around me and kissed me long and deep. I could taste myself on her, my saltiness mingling with the sweetness of her lips.

Finally, we broke apart and she snuggled down with her head under my chin, her cheek pillowed on my breast. I felt her deep sigh of contentment. She loves to do this and it’s so adorable. She just lies there, touching as much of me as she can and listening to the beat of my heart, feeling the rise and fall of the breath in my chest. It never fails to wake me in me a soft tenderness which is almost foreign to me. I was never sure whether she did it for herself or me. I realise now it’s both. She does it for us. ‘This is us’, it says. Just us. Together.

This is just a light-hearted bit of amusing smut I wrote for fun, not to be taken seriously! First attempt at writing something original rather than fanfic. I used to work in a hospital so have a vested interest in all-things medical. I must point out that nothing in this fic is based on hospital folks I worked with in real life!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any real persons, living or dead. The author retains full rights to this work.


Chapter 1

In which Nurse Becky starts her new job

“I never reckoned you were serious about becoming a nurse. I guess I was wrong though. Hope it all goes well on your first day!”

“Thanks, Gemma.” My older sister has always been sceptical about me training to be a staff nurse. Come to think of it, so have my parents. I’m determined to prove them all wrong.

“The pay’s lousy though. And the NHS is in crisis. Are you sure you’ll be able to stick it out?”

Gemma is as subtle as a bigot on a diversity awareness course.

“I find it very rewarding helping people. I’m a born people-pleaser.”

Gemma sniffs and shakes her head. “Well you’re braver than me. I’m squeamish. The sight of someone being sick just freaks me out. Watching Holby City is bad enough.”

“It’s people like you that give being healthy a bad name,” I reply.

“Sorry sis. You know we’re all over the moon that you’ve landed that job at Little Rogering.”

Little Rogering General Hospital is a lot smaller than the city hospitals I worked at during my training. It resembles an old Soviet tower block. Brutalist architecture at its finest. As I go through the swing doors two nurses are coming out.

“Stupid little bitch thought your sternum was what you sat on,” says the first.

Just inside the door is a pigeon hole behind which sits a pigeon wearing glasses. She coos softly to herself when I explain that I have an appointment with Sister Brenda O’Connor.

“Rebecca Gibson?” She rises up slightly and leans forward as if she is wishing to confirm that I have brought the lower half of my body with me. Apparently satisfied, she sinks back and gives me totally unmemorable directions of which I can recall no more than that I have to go to the third floor.

I get into the elevator and for some reason that I will never understand, press the button marked four. I immediately press three but the elevator glides contemptuously past my destination and stops on the fourth floor. The doors slide open and I am faced by an old man in a wheelchair and another nurse who is escorting him. He is wearing a dressing gown and seems half-asleep. The nurse has no sooner pushed her patient into the elevator when she slaps her forehead.

“Crap. I’ve gone and left his records in the ward. Hang on here for a moment, will you?”

Before I can say anything, she’s disappeared down the corridor. No sooner has she hurried off, the patient’s eyes open a fraction, rather like a crocodile as it waits to ambush its prey. I am probably being mean here comparing him to a crocodile as he seems like a sweet old man. He is smiling at me now.

“Get your tits out!”

Before I can be certain that I’m hearing right, he’s pressed the button marked B for Basement and the doors are closing.

“Please, we must wait!” I shout.

“We’ll go down to the basement and play a quick game of ‘Naughty Nanas’ in there,” says the sprightly old goat. “You don’t mind a few pink patches on your arse do you?”

“What? But I’m running late and I still haven’t found Sister O’Connor yet!”

“Don’t waste your time. She’s the ugliest woman in the hospital.” He suddenly propels his chair across the elevator and pins me against the wall. “Come here. I want to take handfuls of you.”

He’s a man of his word too. When I come to think about it, he must be the oldest and dirtiest man I’ve ever met.

“Stop doing that!” I squeal thinking that his sense of direction hasn’t faltered over the years. “You can’t go around doing things like that!”

“Up guards and at ‘em! I’m eighty-seven and I could teach you young lasses a thing or two!” He whips open his dressing gown and once again proves his point. Holy crap. Much as it distresses me to look at his cock, I must say it looks more ramrod than shamrod.

The door slides open and I catch a glimpse of an amazed Asian man in scrubs leaning against a trolley. Hurriedly I press the button for the fourth floor.

“You were in the army, were you?” I humour the wizened pervert.

“The RAF actually. That’s where you meet ‘em. Big, wobbling tits slapping against your belly. That’s the stuff to give the pilots, eh?”

“It’s very nice,” I say. “But don’t you think you ought to put it away now?”

“I know where I’d like to put it. You’ve got a firm butt my dear.”

“Thanks. Can I have it back now?” For a senior citizen he sure has strong fingers. I can hardly prise them off my trousers.

The doors slide open on the fourth floor and there’s an astonished nurse blinking at us.

“What happened to you, Mr Norris?”

The old git shrinks into his wheelchair. “She tried to elope with me.”

“He went mad the minute you disappeared,” I say lowering my voice discreetly. “He started mauling me and suggested we do inappropriate things in the boiler room.”

The nurse looks at me in a way that might be described as strange.

“She pressed the button!”

“You wicked old man.” I round on him so fiercely that he sinks even lower into his chair. The nurse is looking at me suspiciously. “Do you work here?”

I gave her the famous Becky Gibson smile. “Yes. Today’s my first day. I’ve come to see Sister O’Connor.”

“What were you doing on the fourth floor?”

“I pressed the wrong button.”

“Don’t leave her here with me,” croaks Mr Norris pathetically.

“Hasn’t he done this before?” I whisper.

I receive another suspicious glance. “On Dunlivin Ward he’s known as Mr Sunshine. All the staff are very fond of him. He’s a model patient.”

Sister O’Connor is a ruddy-cheeked fortysomething woman who could make the likes of Beth Ditto look like a size zero. She smiles and welcomes me onto the ward.

“We’re all really delighted to have you join the team here,” she says to me in a broad Irish accent. “This hospital needs more eager and open-minded young people.”

“I am always eager and willing,” I say…

Chapter 2

In which Sister O’Connor instructs Becky on how male patients are prepared for catheter insertion.

My first task of the day is tending to Josh, an attractive man in his early twenties like myself, who’s been involved in an RTA. He’s come straight up from A&E and at first glance seems to be in a bad way but has stabilized nicely. He’s got a broken right leg, fractured ribs and both hands are tightly bandaged. His leg will require surgery to fit some titanium rods into his shattered femur. As I insert a cannula and IV line, I notice him staring nervously at me.

“Are you comfortable? Is there anything you need?” I smile to him.

“Nurse…I really need to pee,” he exclaims, looking embarrassed.

I was confused as I thought he’d already been catheterized. “Okay, I’ll be right back with a bedpan.”

Josh shakes his head. “Can’t use one when I’m hard,” he groans, moving the bedsheet down with difficulty due to his bandaged hand. “It’s driving me mad.”

“Oh.” I murmur, feeling my cheeks suddenly reddening. He’s pitching quite a tent there in those green scrub pajamas. For all my training, I’ve never encountered a patient with a raging hard-on before. Until now that is. There’s a first time for everything. Sister O’Connor seems to have sensed that there’s a bit of a problem and enters the cubicle.

“Something wrong Nurse Gibson?”

“Well sort of,” I reply. I explain Josh’s dilemma.

Sister O’Connor’s face relaxes into a smile. “Oh is that all? I’ll easily fix that for you,” she adds with a wink. “You’ll find that this sort of thing happens quite a lot with male patients. Especially the younger ones.” She pulls the curtains round the cubicle.

“Fetch one of those will you?” she says, indicating the stack of grey cardboard bowls on the cabinet, normally used for patients to be sick in. Sister O’Connor pulls on a pair of surgical gloves and Josh suddenly looks extremely nervous, fearing she’s about to shove a ruddy great hypodermic into his cock. I wonder what the hell she’s planning to do. To my surprise she then whips out a tube of KY jelly from her tunic pocket. My eyes widen. I assume that’s to help the catheter line slide in more easily.

“Always remember never use the regular hand gel on sensitive areas like the genitals,” Sister O’Connor says. “It contains alcohol and can cause an allergic reaction in some patients.”

I nod. I don’t see any sign of a catheter. “Are you preparing to insert it?”

“We can’t insert anything until his boner’s been sorted out,” she replies, pulling down the bedsheet and unfastening the ties on Josh’s pajama bottoms. “Now don’t you worry sweetheart,” Sister O’Connor grins. “I’ll have your chap under control in no time. No need to feel awkward.”

She pulls down his pants and I find myself gawping at his impressive eight-inch erection. I know it’s unprofessional to stare but damn! Mind you, what Sister O’Connor is doing doesn’t exactly seem professional. She lubes up her gloves with the gel and slips a chubby hand round his cock. Josh lets out a moan. He can’t quite believe this is happening. Neither can I. I’m pretty sure this isn’t part of standard NHS patient care regulations! But Sister O’Connor’s jacking him off as though it’s as routine as taking a patient’s blood pressure. Josh’s member makes my ex-boyfriend Andy seem so small by comparison. I sigh, feeling strangely aroused as I continue to watch. Sister O’Connor is giving Josh one hell of a handjob, her thick arm rising and falling faster than a fiddler’s elbow. I guess that’s why she’s the most experienced member of nursing staff on the ward.

“Oh God,” Josh groans, as his balls are caressed and squeezed.

“He’s nearly there,” Sister O’Connor exclaims as she continues to pump his meat furiously. “Have that bowl ready for when he cums.”

“Yes Sister,” I reply. I feel unbearably hot all of a sudden and the wetness between my thighs is growing.

“Ahhh!” Josh jerks his head back and a white streak of cum shoots from his cock. Most of it lands in the bowl but some splashes on my hand, which I wipe off quickly.

“Better now?” Sister O’Connor whispers and Josh just nods, a huge smile spreading across his face. I’ve never seen a more contented looking patient. She removes her gloves and takes the bowl from me, depositing it in the clinical waste bin. “He’ll be softening in no time so try him with the bottle again and then we’ll fettle him up with a catheter.”

I follow her out of the cubicle. “Do you really do that often?” I say, astonished.

“Here at Little Rogering General, we always ensure that patients’ needs are met and we do things a bit differently to other hospitals. The patient was clearly in distress and needed a hand.” She tapped her nose to indicate that what she’d done was a kind of don’t ask, don’t tell thing.

“I understand.” I wonder if she’s ever had to deal with the geriatric pervert Mr Norris. The thought of giving him a handjob fills me with dread. I return to Josh’s bedside a few minutes later with a bottle to find that his erection has subsided.

“Finally,” he groans. “I’m bursting and can’t hold it much longer!”

“Will you be able to go now?”

“God, I hope so,” he replies and I take hold of his now flaccid cock and aim it at the bottle. Josh moans with relief as he starts to pee. “By the way,” he whispers, “what your superior did just then was amazing. I’ve never had such a great handjob. I would’ve preferred it if it had been you doing it though! No offence to the Sister but you’re way more of a hottie. Maybe next time?”

I doubt there’ll be a next time as he’ll have a catheter inserted and is due to have surgery tomorrow.

“We’ll see!” I say with a wink.

I’m pleased that all of Josh’s needs have been met. I think I’m going to enjoy working here at Little Rogering General Hospital. I wonder what the rest of the week will bring?

Chapter 3

In which Becky has a close encounter with a paramedic.

Working the night shift at Little Rogering is a rather relaxed affair and gives ample opportunity for a quick legover – and many of the medics make their rounds with a twinkle in their eye, not to mention with love bites clearly visible.

They say NHS casualty wards are on the brink of meltdown and everyone’s rushed off their feet like blue-arsed flies. Little Rogering must be in some kind of alternate reality where overcrowded wards don’t exist and all targets are met. There doesn’t seem to be much trouble here in the form of drunks and the mortality rate is the lowest I’ve seen – certainly the patients that sadly do pass away here always go peacefully. One elderly man didn’t make it tonight. I hope Sister O’Connor didn’t wank him to death.

I’m finding it hard to visit the linen closet without interrupting Ryan, one of the male nurses here who’s just met with his latest conquest for a quickie. In tonight’s case it’s one of the porters. I had no idea the linen closet was a cottaging hotspot. I must try to remember that so to avoid future interruptions. I found a buttplug wedged between a stack of pajamas this morning. Ryan swears it wasn’t his. I wonder who it belonged to?

When it comes to sex pests, in this respect, the most persistent character is Jeff Bonehard, a paramedic in his early forties who seems to spend most of his time up here roaming the wards rather than down in the ambulance bay. He always claims to be on a tea break, but perhaps shag break would be more accurate.

Sister O’Connor finds him amusing. “Oh Jeff, bless him, he’s a refugee from the Benny Hill Show. Three divorces under his belt now, too. He’s well-known as the Seducer of the Wards. Hasn’t he given you an ambulance tour yet? He tends to do that with all the newbie female staff.”

“Er, no.” I have a feeling it won’t be long though. Who’s Benny Hill? I’ll have to Google that when I get a moment. I’m more of a Game of Thrones fan, though to be honest I hardly watch any telly at all.

Sure enough, Jeff rolls up again here on Burkenhare Ward and isn’t slow in making his feelings felt – both by hand and mouth.

“Oh Becky,” he grunts. “You’re like a bowl of shiny cherries and I want to suck you down to the stones. I dream about you. I can’t sleep because of you!”

“How can you dream if you can’t sleep?” I say.

“Oh, don’t drown me in semantics. I’m tearing my heart out here and offering it to you. How long can you go on spurning me?”

“I think you ought to get back and respond to some 999 calls. There could be some poor soul lying injured and bleeding, desperately waiting for an ambulance to arrive.”

“What about me? I’m dying. Have you no compassion? I’m not asking much. Just the benediction of your body. Afterwards I’d love to take you out for a meal and stuff.”

Jeff is a guy who does everything in the wrong order – sex first then get to know the girl later. His words would no doubt have feminists baying for him to be castrated. As cringe-worthy as some of the things he says are, I can’t help but fancy him. He is attractive, ruggedly built – he looks good in that green jumpsuit and lifting those stretchers in and out of the ambulance has obviously given him a great physique. His hair is steel-grey – a real silver fox and he has the most piercing blue eyes. He’d make a good Christian Grey…I bet he’d be open to all kinds of role play come to think of it. I was watching a documentary last week called Emergency Bikers – all about paramedics. I confess I had a few fantasies after watching that.

“Becky, you don’t have to beg me…though I would love to see you kneeling in front of me! I have much to offer your eager mouth. I just adore brunettes such as yourself. And those hazel eyes…a man could drown in those.”

“I’m serious about the 999 calls.”

“A lot of people who call 999 are chronic malingerers or time-wasters. They cost the NHS a fortune you know. Come on Becks, I’m dying to introduce you to my Sprinter.”

My eyes widen but then I realize he’s talking about the ambulance.

“How many other women have you introduced?”

Jeff looks a little awkward for the firs time. “Not going to lie, my love-life is like Oklahoma after the tornado. I’m always on the lookout for a future ex-Mrs Bonehard. I keep telling women, look I’m just not long-term marriage material. Sooner or later I will break your heart and cheat. And I do. I suppose that’s nothing to be proud of at all but I always believe in being 100% honest about myself. I am a rogue. I am disgusting.”

“Do you have kids?”

“Oh yes. One from each marriage and two…unplanned ones from flings. I adore them all. I always make sure I seem them all equally.”

I can’t believe I’m hearing this. He could give Clint Eastwood a run for his money. Jeff must be paying out a fortune in child maintenance to his exes. I’m surprised he isn’t bankrupt but insists he’s on good terms with everyone. What a guy. I’m falling under his spell already. He seems to have some indescribable hold over women. Part of me wants to say yes to him, but the other part is screaming ‘don’t go there!’ What to do?

Jeff leans over and plants a kiss on my lips.

“What the…what was that?”

“Just a kiss,” he grins. “Well guess I’ll head back and sit in the ambulance and ponder about things. Be seeing you…”

My heart’s pounding and I feel a bit tingly.

Five minutes later I discreetly make my way down the ambulance bay, trying to act nonchalant.

“I knew you’d come,” Jeff grins and nodding to his work partner Terry to make himself scarce. Terry mumbles something to himself, like he’s fed up of being booted out of the way every time Jeff’s pulled. Poor Terry. He’s short, bald and overweight. I doubt he gets much action.

“Right, well I’ll go and take another fag break then!” he grumbles.

“Come and inspect my ambulance,” Jeff says as I hop inside the back and he quickly checks to make sure no-one’s watching before closing the door.

The interior of an ambulance is nothing new to me of course.

“Nice isn’t she? The old girl’s just been serviced and fitted with some new equipment.”

“Lucky for her,” I reply. I know how men get attached to their vehicles. Shit, what’s happening to me? At this very moment all I want to do is rip off Jeff’s jumpsuit, push him onto the stretcher and straddle the thighs whose muscular shape his uniform cannot disguise.

“Feel free to check my vital signs,” I murmur. Hey if he can say cheesy lines, so can I.

By the time my fingers find the obvious bulge in the front of his jumpsuit, it’s plain to see that Jeff’s raring to go.

I quietly pull down my scrub trousers and panties and remove them and lean against the trolley. Stroking my clit gently, I shudder with the intensity of the pleasure that’s flooding through me. Jeff watches me as he unzips his jumpsuit, smiling at the sight of my fingers moving rapidly between my spread legs.

“Wow. Just wow. You are something else!”

I turn round to face him. “I’m ready for your rapid response!” I think Jeff’s bitten off more than he can chew for a change!

“I’ll ride you through the night like a wild mare fleeing through a forest fire, pink tongues of flame licking your gleaming flanks, the night owl’s shrieks stifling your broken moans!”

Oh God. I can’t help but burst out laughing. How does he come out with such lines? Mind you don’t they say the best way to get a woman into bed, or in my case an ambulance stretcher, is to make her laugh?

Jeff climbs on top of me, pulling open my uniform so he can nuzzle his face into my cleavage. His wet lips suck at my nipples through the fabric of my bra, and I reach down to grab hold of his (very large!) cock and guide it inside me. In the excitement, I’d taken just enough of a look at him to realize he’s the perfect size to fill me up, and I sigh as he thrusts himself home. This was it, everything I had fantasized about; sex with a horny paramedic who was getting just as much dirty pleasure out of this as I was. As Jeff fucks me with swift, powerful strokes, I arch my body up to meet his, urging him to go faster, harder. My excitement peaks swiftly, suddenly, and I come, turning my head to breathe in the scent of him on his uniform. Jeff’s orgasm follows moments later filling me with his seed and he collapses on me, shaking his head as though he can’t quite believe what has just happened.

Jenn’s eyes were focused on the unknown man of her dreams as he placed his cock inside her. The wetness of her most private area allowed him easy access, filling her to the brim.

Slowly, he moved back and forth creating a rush of pleasure with ever move. She couldn’t see his face, but that mattered little compared to the rapture she was feeling as he played her like a precious instrument.

“Oh God, yes,” she moaned as his pace quickened and her body responded. Her face became flush and her body was building to a crescendo that would bring make her body quake and shudder.

Jenn dug her nails in his back and he fucked her. No longer the gentle strokes of a lover, but the pure primal touch of an animal. She moaned in pleasure letting his cock ram her pussy over and over again.

Harder and faster he went, her breathing becoming more labored with each thrust. The muscles in her body began in involuntarily contract as the waves of pleasure crashed into her over and over again. She’s close. Her climax is quickly approaching and she aches for the final release.

“Fuck me harder, make me cum …please,’ Jenn screams half begging and her lover picks up the pace to accommodate her every wish.

She wraps her legs around him as she feels her bodybuilding to its apex. Soon the release will come and drown out the world. She can’t breath and her body is taught awaiting her release.

“Ahhhhh, she screams as her body finally reaches the point of no return.

BEEP….BEEP…BEEP… BEEP … Jenn opened her eyes and no longer saw the face of her dream lover, but the white speckles ceiling of her modest apartment.

She grabbed the offending alarm clock and contemplated throwing it against the wall shattering it into a thousand pieces, but thought better of it.

Her body was on fire. She pulled back the sheets and felt the sticky wetness between her legs. The room smelled of unfinished arousal as she got out of bed and stripped from her wet soaked clothes.

She stood naked in front of the mirror staring at her body. She ran her hands over her pert breasts paying special attentions to her nipples as they hardened in her fingertips.

Her 27-year-old 5’2 frame shuddered at the sudden pleasure. She had been denied her orgasm in her dream and it left her body wanton for pleasure. She wanted a cock inside her bad and felt the slight trickle of juice from her hot and incredibly wet pussy flow down her leg.

Her hands moved from her breasts to her flat stomach. Jenn liked the feeling as her fingers tickled the area around her belly button and the top of her trimmed pubic hair.

She put a finger inside her pussy and was awarded with another sudden rush of pleasure. She probed the folds of her labia and began to gently touch the tip of clitoris. Her knees buckled as she prepared to finally receive that which she had been denied.

She began to rub her clit in little circles slowly building her pleasure again. She gasped in pleasure and the remembrance of the man in her dreams. Her finger was wet, slick. Deep inside her, then out. The air cooled it and she pushed it in again. Her pelvis lifts up and she reached further down, thinking of his hard cock filling her.

Closer and closer she comes, once again reaching the apex as her body begged to push her over the limit. Her breathing came in shorts breaths with a high-pitched moan escaping her lips each time. Harder she pressed against her clit until she was furiously rubbing her pleasure button praying, hoping to find the release her body needed.

Her orgasm came like a tidal wave enveloping her body. It seemed last forever as heat and electricity ripped through her muscles, sending them into spasm.

She cried out as her legs buckled and she fell to the floor still clutching her pussy as the orgasm continued to rack her body. For several minutes she sat in front of the mirror with a wide smile on her face unable to move for fear of breaking the spell of peace and pleasure that had enveloped her.

Jenn finally gets up when she realizes time was not on her side and she had to get to the hospital for her shift. Lazily, she got up still weak in the knees and entered her bathroom.

The warm water from the shower lulled her into another dreamlike state and thought about the man of her dreams. Jenn realized she still was incredibly aroused despite her climax and the need for a cock was all she could think about.

“I have got to get this under control,” she said as the water stimulated her nipples again.

The cold air from the bathroom shocked her to her senses, but it wasn’t enough to quell the fire she had inside. Dressing in her nursing uniform, Jenn decided it was time to get these thoughts out of her head because there were lives that depended on her. Still, she wore the red lacey thong that she had been saving for a particularly hot date just in case.

“You never know what will happen in a day,” she said mischievously.

The hospital’s white walls and sterile smells could not curb her voracious appetite for sex, but Jenn did her best to seem nonchalant as she squirmed in her seat and poured over pharmaceutical reports.

“Jenn, would you mind giving number 14 his sponge bath. It’s been a few days since surgery and he’s getting a little gamey,” Dr. Barstow said.

Barstow was what every woman dreamed of when it came to a successful doctor. It wasn’t a coincidence most of his patients were women. His physique was chiseled thanks to years of healthy living and workouts at the gym.

He looked like the kind of doctor that spends his off hours hunting down rare artifacts in weird little countries all for the sake of science.

“Jenn,” he said breaking her concentration on his strong arms and handsome face. “What about number 14.”

“Sorry about that doctor, I will get right on it.”

He walked about from the nurse’s area and Jenn kept a watchful on his ass sauntering along. She sighed at the thought of him, but knew he was off limits. He was a devout family man with a wife and two kids and many a nurse has tried to get to stray from the righteous path only to be disappointed.

Jenn got up and walked to number 14′s room. John was nice guy in his late 20′s that came in for an emergency appendectomy. The infection was pretty intense so the doctor placed a tube into his abdomen to slowly suck out any of the remaining infection, but that also meant he couldn’t shower.

“Hi, John,” Jenn said as she entered his room and began pouring warm water into a pan. “Are you ready for a sponge bath today.”

John was an attractive man. His wavy blonde hair and tan complexion betrayed his time spent on the beach playing volleyball.

His usual good looks were tarnished by the four days he had spent in the hospital, but he was still attractive.

“I guess, but I don’t know why I can’t just take a shower,” John said.

“Sorry, doctor’s orders. Do you want to do it or do you want me to,” Jenn said.

John stared at the IV’s coming from his hands and decided it would be safer if she did it.

Jenn started on his hands tenderly maneuvering around the plastic tubing and up his muscular arms. She moved on to his chest putting her hand down his gown feeling the hard pectorals and brushing the nipples.

She was leaning over him and could feel the heat coming from his body. Her own pussy already wet from earlier was creating fluids anew beginning to soak the rd thong hidden under pants.

“I’m and going to wash your legs now John, would you please lift the gown for me,” Jenn said more than a little flustered.

He inched the gown up little by little, first showing his muscled calves, past the kneecaps and upper lets until finally the tip of his cock was exposed.

Jenn was mesmerized upon his exposed cock. She began washing his feet, but her eyes were glued to the man meat that was beginning to take notice of her gentle touches.

She watched as the tip became engorged with blood began rising as she moved her way his legs.

Three, four, five inches, six, seven , eight inches the cock stood tall hands reached the top of his legs.

“I’m sorry, It’s a man thing,” John said embarrassed at his obvious show of arousal.

“It’s perfectly normal, Jenn said. “You are not the first of the last man to become aroused during a sponge bath.”

She stared at the eight inches of pure glory before her as she continues to clean around his cock. The sponge brushed his pubic hair causing the smallest of shivers from John.

“Now, John I have to clean your penis now, but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable or anything. I am just a nurse and you are just a patient.”

John nodded, but she could tell he wasn’t totally at ease with the situation.

She drew the sponge against his cock and she could feel her need rising within him. Up and down she brushed and even John realized this was not a normal sponge bath.

Jenn put her bare hand in the soapy water and grabbed the shaft slowly moving her hand up and down. She could see the slightest drip of precum forming at the top.

“Do you want me to stop John,” Jenn said as she placed the other hand on is swollen cock.

John laid his head back in the bed. His mouth open with sighs of pleasure slipping out. His cock was so hard as she stroked him back and forth. She bent over and tasted the saltiness of his cock licking the precum with her tongue.

She placed her lips around his eight inches and swallowed him whole. Stroking and sucking, bringing him ever closer to climax while her own pussy ached with need.

She could feel him getting close as his hips bucked toward her face allowing her to take in even more of him. Suddenly, John exploded inside her mouth as she swallowed every drop. His hot cum flowed down her throat as she continued to milk his cock dry.

Licking the final drip of cum from his shrinking cock, Jenn smiled. “All clean,” she said and left the room leaving number 14 in a haze of pleasure.

“Number 14, is clean as a whistle,” she told the doctor licking her lips as she said it.

“Good, why don’t you take a few minutes for a break. I can handle everything down here,” the good doctor said.

Jenn began walking towards the vending machines when she realized the doctor had forgotten to sign her med reports for the night. She quickly walked back, but the doctor was nowhere to be found.

His clipboard was at the nurse’s station, but he was gone. Jenn surveyed the halls and noticed the door to the pharmaceuticals was open, so she walked over.

She was about to open the door all the way when he stopped and looked into the interior of the room. Barstow was popping vicadins like they were candy.

As she watched the happily married doctor abuse his medical privileges, Jenn got an idea of the forbidden doctor could fill her need for cock.

She quickly ran back and grabbed a coke from the vending machine and walked back to the nurse’s station. Barstow had returned oblivious to the fact that Jenn knew his secret.

“Doctor, your wife is such a lucky lady,” Jenn said sliding a finger under the lapel of his white jacket. “I mean you’re a successful doctor, attractive and she gets to have you every night.”

Barstow was taken aback by the brazenness of the nurse and stepped a few steps back. Jenn traced the line of her breasts with her hands, letting him see exactly what he had been missing.

“You are such a tease, doctor,” Jenn said. “I think it’s about time I got a taste of what your wife has been taking for granted.”

“Now calm down Jenn, it’s not that you aren’t attractive, but I am faithful to my wife,” Barstow said. Sweat began to form on the doctor’s brow. A mix of arousal and the effects of the illicit drugs in his system.

“I know you are. But what would your wife or the hospital administrators say about one of their doctors raising the pharmaceutical area every now and then?”

Barstow’s eyes went wide in terror. He had tried to keep it so quiet, he knew that if anyone found out it would be the end of his career.

Jenn walked up to him staring him dead in the eye like a raptor heading for the kill. Meet me in the doctor’s hospitality room in five minutes and don’t be late,” she said.

The hospitality room was a place where the doctors could crash for a few hours on a long shift. It was a modest room with a small kitchen and a double bed.

Jenn walked inside and found Barstow sitting by the kitchen with his head in his hands. He was a man defeated, a once powerful king brought down by a little pill.

“Come here,” she commanded and Barstow came like a little lap dog. Jenn put a little slow music in the CD players and laid her back against the doctor swaying back and forth to the music.

“Now play with me doctor,” she said in her most seductive voice.

Jenn pushed into him with her ass. He put his arm gently around her waist, and held her, not letting go. He gently worked both hands from around her waste into my top and kneaded her tits. He tweaked her pert nipples while grinding slowly into her from behind.

“That’s it doctor. You seem to be getting that hand of this,” she said.

He slowly moved one hand down her chest and into her pants. He lowered her pants and the lacey red thong and started stroking her trimmed pussy. The grinding had made Jenn wet as he traced her pussy lips penetrating with his index finger with each pass. Jenn could say nothing, I was mesmerized by the feelings being stirred inside her.

Barstow moved her to the bed and undid his to reveal 9 inches of rock hard cock staring at her. He pulled me to the center of the bed lengthwise and positioned my ass at the beds edge. Then he spread my legs wide open, pushing both my knees as far apart as I could take. Positioned perfectly for his pleasure he began teasing my waiting pussy lips, probing up and down my slit, looking for his entry point.

He reached my inner depths and began pounding in and out. I squealed with each penetration.

The man of her dreams suddenly had a face and he fucked her hard and fast.

“You wanted me for so long, then you can have me,” Barstow said as he thrust into her again and again.

“Yes, yes” she screamed as once again her body began to rise to the crescendo of orgasm. Her muscles tensed as the waves of her orgasm ripped through her to the core. Every inch of her body felt alive with electricity as each thrust only enhanced her feelings of intense pleasure.

Barstow grabbed her waist as his thrusts became more intense. He fought back the urge to cum, but he could hold back no longer. Barstow filled Jenn’s pussy with his hot cum bringing her to another mind shattering orgasm.

The two laid in the bed his cock shriveling inside her as the last vestiges of cum dripped from her pussy.

Jenn got up and quickly dressed, giving the doctor kiss on the cheek. She looked at the clock and her shift was nearly over.

“Thanks Doc, I really needed that,” Jenn said. “Next time though, we should try a little foreplay.”

With a smile on her face and glow on her cheeks, Jenn walked out of the hospital ready for a new round of dreams.

A/N: Please keep in mind that this is ONLY a fantasy and is not fact only honest sexual desire… Feed back is appreciated, enjoy!


The room was bright, and painful to the eyes. Shay made to cover them but found her arms bound to her side. What the hell? How’d she get here, the last thing she remembered was the sound of sirens after she had….fallen.

So that’s how she got here, she remembered falling down a flight of stairs after tripping on a stubborn shoe lace. But still, why was her arms bound? She made to sit up and found that her feet were also secured to what looked like a hospital bed. Sure enough a crisp white hospital gown replaced her T-shirt and jeans.

She squinted past the lights that hung over head, she was in a room. A huge white room, sort of like an operating room except bigger, way bigger. Blank white walls surrounded her, light tan chairs were seated around the perimeter of the room. If she didn’t know any better it looked as if it was a place to observe a patient while they were being treated.

She turned her head, a large silver tray filled with various objects that looked extremely medical and important shown back at her. She was confused, but not afraid, more so because of the fact that she had yet to grasp the position that she was in.

She tried to get up again only to be jerked back by her restraints. Wouldn’t be surprised if I was in the crazy ward. She thought lightly, she quickly stopped her quiet musings when a voice filled the air.

“Glad to see you’re awake Miss.” A loud clear female voice rang out from speakers secured high on the walls. “The Doctors will be in to see you shortly.”

Doctors? What the hell was wrong with her? It couldn’t have been that bad of a fall. Could it? The doorknob began to twist. She would find out soon enough.

About twenty men filed in, bright white lab coats glowing in the light. None were her age, she was nineteen, most of the men looked to be in their late forties, some even early fifties. They all took seats around her, watching intently. Then a second later, three stood up, all old men, one looked old enough to be her grandfather.

The grandfather one spoke up, “Hello, my name is Dr. Revender.” He smiled down at her, a glint in his eye had her feeling less than comfortable. “You’re at Coric Hospital,” Funny, I’ve never heard of that hospital before. “We will be doing various tests on you, and if you don’t mind every doctor here will get to have a hand in your treatment…for learning experience of course.” She didn’t like the quick smiles that some men surrounding her gave her.

“What kinds of tests?” She asked, hating the way her voice trembled.

“You shall see, let us just say that they are highly…sensitive.”

Against her will Shay began to feel hot all over, she could blame it on how long it had been since her last time but she would know that it would be a lie.

“Now let’s begin.” He quickly gloved up, the two other doctors followed his move. Reaching under Shay he pulled the strings that were keeping her gown shut and her body shielded from the men’s burning gaze.

Shay tried to push her weight down to stop his hands, the two doctors at her side grabbed under her ribs and pulled her up. She felt a firmiliar heat spike.

“Please, no” she gasped out, picturing all the men in the room getting a look at her full breasts with now pebbled tight nipples. And also her dark pussy, that seemed to be getting damper every second.

The doctor smiled at her, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. “Relax my dear, we’ll all take care of you.” With that he pulled off her gown, she wore nothing underneath, something that wasn’t going unnoticed to anyone.

“Gentlemen, glove up.” Shay prayed that their eagerness was imagined. In seconds the rest of the men were gloved up and huddled around her, eyeing her body with open lust. Shay tried to move, but the restraints had her going no where.

“No don’t do that” Dr. Revender said, “You’ll probably end up enjoying this.”

He tentatively touched one of her nipples. “Cold?” Shay tried to turn her head away so that she wouldn’t have to look. “Look at me and what I am doing to you, I want you to see this.” He squeezed down on her nipple which made her gasp out. “Now.”

She slowly turned her head to watch him grab and squeeze her tit. “Good girl.” He cupped the other one, to his enjoyment and Shay’s shame her chest thrusted up into his hands, pleasure running down her skin. “Do you like the way I touch you?” She shook her head, barely containing the groan that raised when he applied both hands.

“Men, come and touch. She seems to be enjoying herself.” Shay could feel the humiliation and made to move her head. Dr. Revender who had moved to stand behind her head grabbed it as he forced her to watch.

“Watch my dear, look at them grab and touch, you want it don’t you?” She shook her head again. The men had moved in grabbing and squeezing at her full breasts. The old men looked down at her some licked their lips others their fingers before again applying it to her skin.

Hands moved down, lower and lower pausing above the dark curls that ran down into her legs. Dr. Revender moved away from her head to her feet. He put his hands on her hips watching intently. Shay couldn’t take it, she began to scream, screaming and crying.

“Silly girl no one will hear you.” An old man whispered in her ear as he squeezed her tit.

Still she continued until Dr. Revender broke in. “You’ve given me no choice. Jefferson, gag.” A man with black hair came up holding a weird medal and leather contraption. With the help of two other doctors Shay’s mouth had been forced open wide by leather straps that were secured behind her head. She tried to close her mouth but her head remained wide open, saliva dripping down her chin and onto her breast.

“Now, my personal favorite.” he pushed a button some where under the bed thing she was lying on and her legs, still attached, spread wide open, her pussy and anus displayed to the room at large. She tried to cry out pleas from behind her gag but the only thing that happen was more saliva that ran down her face and chest.

Dr. Revender brushed his hands threw her pubic hairs, tugging gently on some until she cried out. Then he moved his hands lower until he brushed her opening. She bucked up, moving to get closer to his hands. He moved back, his glove shining in her fluids.

“See, you do enjoy be touching you. My fingers have yet to be seated in you pussy but they are already dripping.” She shook her head, tears coming down. “You do enjoy it,” he held his sopping wet fingers to her face. “Look at it.” She did, gasping when he shoved his hand into her mouth then wiped his hand across her face. He returned back to her dripping cunt.

“Look gentlemen.” He wrenched her pussy lips open, adjusting the light to shine upon the glistening folds. The men gathered around, Dr. Revender moved his hand back into her wet heat. He quickly found her opening and forced a finger in as far as it would go, he crooked it, making her cry out.

“Come gentlemen, your turns” Shay widened her eyes in horror as the men lined up behind Dr. Revender. One by one the pulled back her lips and sank their fingers inside of her vagina. She gasped each time, some moved around, other shoved their fingers in so deep that they had to be called off.

“You like it,” Dr. Revender said sweetly, grabbing her clitoris and squeezing. Shay tried to close her knees. “No.” He said harshly, he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed hard. “Open” She moved a little, “Wider, a little more.” She moved until her thighs were thrown open her sopping pussy visible to everyone. “Good girl.” he said moving his hands into her folds before stuffing two fingers in.

He began to move, in and out, in and out. Her hips pushed up a bit and he smiled. “Watch men, she’s fucking herself on my fingers! She’s wet for me, for all of us. Tell me do you think she could take us all at once?”

This stilled Shay’s hips but Dr. Revender still slammed his hand in regardless. “That’ll only be possible if you open up more holes.” And old man said from the back of the group, he smiled down at Shay, his yellow rotting teeth showing.

“Right you are.” Dr. Revender replied. He pushed his fingers into her deeper, making her cry when he did a final shove.

He then brought his wet hands to her anus. “I’m going to put my finger up your anal hole. Are you all right with that?” Dr. Revender asked. Shay shook her head. “Good.”

He stroked his fingers over her puckered enterance almost lovingly before thrusting a finger down into her tight tunnel. She screamed against her gag, it felt too dry, too raw. “Need more lubrication?” She nodded truthfully. “Sure.” He pulled his finger out of her and inserted it into her mouth. He pushed his hand down so deep, until she choked on it. Even then he held it there until he watched her limbs relax.

He then reentered her, cramming two fingers in at once. She cried and he laughed while the other men watched over his back, watched her asshole contract around his fingers. In and out he went.

“My, you don’t seem stretched enough.” He picked up a weird metal thing off of the tray and rubbed it against her pussy.

“Lube.” He said easily, he then positioned it to her now empty anus and pushed it into her. It went in smoothly the saliva and pussy juices making her slick.

He moved the object in and out, Shay began to relax, it felt almost good, until. She gasped as the metal thing expanded a bit. “Didn’t see that coming did you?” Dr. Revender asked. “Jackson, take off the gag.” Quickly her jaws were released.

“Beg.” He said simply. She wouldn’t, she had pride. He opened the metal object wider then wider. “Beg” he said again. Still she didn’t and wider her ass was pried open. It hurt, it burned she couldn’t take it.

“Please…” she began, stealing herself to do what was nessisarry.

“Yes.” he asked, the excitement clear in his voice.

“Please open me up and fuck me hard. I want all of your cocks to fill me, I want you to watch me while they fuck me raw, I want to feel you cum inside me, in every hole.” Shay was surprised to hear the conviction in her voice.

“I shall” Dr. Revender whispered in her ear. “Men come, explore.”

Again they made a line, one by one slipping their fingers into her butt hole. One man put in four fingers which made her scream, but instead of calling him off Dr. Revender told him to add another finger.

“Please…” Shay begged.

“You said you wanted me to watch them fuck you raw, I am only following your orders.” Dr. Revender replied a bit smugly. The man listened to him, adding another finger. Shay was now screaming whole heartedly when Dr. Revender added three fingers into her red pussy. “Beg” he said again. She continued to scream. “Fist her.” He instructed the man that was tampering in her anus. He nodded and closed his hand into a fist which he slowly slid back into her. She screamed louder.

“Beg, my sweet or it’ll be two cocks instead of a fist.” Shay knew he wasn’t joking,

“Please, take your dicks out and stroke them while you watch me cum! Look at it, my tight pussy is dripping and waiting for something to fuck it.”

“Men listen to the lady.” With that the old men began clawing off their pants, penis after penis was revealed, hard and ready to impale her.


Shay gasped at the sight around her. Never before had she seen so many proud, hard cocks in one place. She felt her pussy grow even wetter, her juices now flowing freely down the inside of her legs. The men lined up again, ready to fuck her raw.

Doctor Revender held up a hand. “First let us enjoy the sights in front of us.” The men smiled still stroking their hard pricks. “Dr. Johnson please grab the two electric plugs.” Shay had no idea what that meant but the smiles that brightened on the men’s faces wasn’t at all a pleasant sign.

An old man who was presumably Dr. Johnson returned with two dildos that had cords connected to controls. Dr. Revender took them, after quickly lubricating them he sat down between Shay’s open thighs.

He caressed her pussy, long strings of clear liquid attached to his hand. “My, my you must be a cock whore.” he picked up the smaller of the two dildos and shoved it into her vagina, she cried out as her pussy tightened around the rubber toy. He then took the next dildo that was bigger then the last and began to circle her anus. She felt her breathing increase as comprehension donned.

“No, no ple-” her begging words were cut off by a scream as he shoved the whole thing in at once. “Please, no!” She cried as he thrusted, in and out.

“Don’t you trust me?” Dr. Revender asked between thrusts. “I said that you would probably end up enjoying this exam and the pussy juice that is dripping down between your butt cheeks and on to the floor is proof that I was right.” He shoved in harder.

Her body clamped up around the dildo, “No, no, my dear.” Dr. Revender crooned. “Take it, relax and let it go in.” She tried to but she was still to tense. “Let your asshole open to this rubber cock, let it take you.” She found herself listening to him, her body melting into calmness.

“Good just like that.” at that moment Dr. Revender pressed two buttons on each dildo control. At that both dildos exploded into movement, vibrating with such force that she cried out. Tears clouded her vision as her hips shot up as high as her restraints would let her. Fresh sweat rolled down over her painfully hard nipples. She could feel her orgasm coming. The men watched her as her leg mucles tensed. At that Dr. Revender hit the bottoms again, the dildos stopped moving.

“No!” she cried out as her orgasm died.

“No what?” Dr. Revender asked. Her body was taut and on fire, she had to come.

“Turn it back on!” She begged. The old men around her laughed, taking in her smooth youthful body with lust.

“Turn what back on?” Dr. Revender asked, a slight smirk tugging at his lips.

“The dildos!” She gasped out, almost sobbing. “Please! Please I need to cu-” at that Dr. Revender turned the bottoms on again, again Shay found herself close to coming and again Dr. Revender turned the dildos off. This continued over and over again as the crowd watched her try to cum and failing.

“Enough!” Dr. Revender cried, “That was fun but let’s move on.” Shay arched her back as the plugs were removed from her pussy and ass. The dildos were glistening with her pussy juice, a fact not missed by the men.

Dr. Revender took the toys and rubbed them against her breasts. “Sweet, sweet child.” He murmured, grabbing a tit and squeezing. “Open your mouth.” At that Shay shook her head, her lips closed tightly.

Dr. Revender grinned regardless. “Dr. Mottics, use the glass.” A doctor grabbed what looked like a solid glass tear drop that was quite big with a handle at the base. He went down between her splayed open legs and shoved it into her asshole. She cried out,

“It’s going to stay here for the rest of the time.” Dr. Revender said, running a hand down her cheek, “Now unless you’d like it bigger I’d suggest you open your mouth.” Shay did as she was told, what choice did she have?

Dr. Revender slipped two gloved fingers into her mouth feeling around. He grabbed her tounge, grinding it between his fingers. His other hand went around her neck. He pressed his hand all the way into her mouth, they tasted salty from her own liquids. He kept going until she gagged. Instead of removing his hands he pushed it in deeper while his other hand went even tighter around her neck.

“Relax.” He commanded, his hand going so deep into her mouth her lips pushed against his bare wrists. “Good.” He said, then he stepped back, he grabbed a control and pushed a button, the bed thing that Shay was laying on went down a foot until she was slightly below waist level.

Dr. Revender grabbed his cock and without a sound pushed it down her throat. Shay gasped, she tried to move but her head was firmly on the bed thing. Dr. Revender sank his weight down on her, his hot dick filling her up. Her nose was shoved against his hairy balls breathing in his sweat. He held her like this for a while with the occasional thrust.

“Men,” he said between gasps, “use her as you wish.”

At that the men gathered, one cock filled her pussy while another filled her anus, while the men plowed into her others rubbed their dicks across her face or over her breasts. Many called things out to her, things like, “Take it, slut.” “You like it that’s why you’re so wet.” “Open wider, I know you want to.”

Dr. Revender pulled out of her mouth but before she could take a breath, a different man replaced him, he thrusted in and out, his fingers twisted in her hair. “Good girl” he muttered, “Good girl.” Dick after dick filled her, hammering her. Before she could come the men would change, leaving her hot and horny.

After what was about an hour and a half Dr. Revender called them off. “Men, let’s bare our gifts.” The men laughed as one slipped his cock down her throat while another shoved his penis into her dripping vagina and another put his dick into her ass.

At once they all came, she was forced to swallow or die from lack of oxygen, the men took turns each new group of three filling her with even more cum. It seeped out between her lips and dripped out of her anus and pussy.

Finally when no more men remained, Dr. Revender picked up the electric plugs from the counter. He removed the glass plug and replaced it with the two dildos, one for her ass and one for her cunt. He flicked the switch on and left, leaving her strapped down and helpless to do anything more then come and come again.

The End

Here I am, stuck in the hospital with two broken arms. How did it happen you ask? Well, as embarrassing as it is I’ll tell you. I was building a tree house with my son when I was on the ladder. Instead of doing the smart thing and climbing down to move it, I stayed at the top and shuffled it across the branch. And that was my mistake. No, the branch didn’t break, it moved and I went down. I guess I’m lucky not to have broken anything else, but it still sucks.

My wife was quick to call an ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital. Everything is fine, but like I said, my arms are broke and I have to stay for a few days before being released. Now the stay isn’t too bad. My nurse is one hot little number and when she’s here in the room I just can’t, for the life of me, keep my cock from getting hard. I’m not sure if she noticed it, but I sure do.

It is my second day here and my wife and son just left when my nurse comes in. As she takes my vitals we make small talk and as before my cock gets hard. She looks down at the sheets and then back to me and smiles. My face reddens uncontrollably and she says, “Well what do we have here?” She lifts the sheets up. “I’ve noticed this getting hard when I’m around.”

“I…” begin to say, but honestly, I don’t know what to say.

She pulls off her gloves and leans in fast for a searing kiss, ramming her tongue into my mouth before I have a chance to react. Not that I would really fight back. At the same time she has my throbbing cock in her hand, actively stroking it. Moments later I watch as my cock disappears into her hot mouth. She cups my balls as she bobs up and down while maintaining eye contact with me, watching my reactions of pure pleasure as I groan. She begins to stroke me even harder as she sucks harder. I thrust my hips up into her—once, twice and n the third I cum in torrents. My cum gushes into her mouth, slamming into the back of her throat.

Cum drips from her chin and onto her chest in thick globs as she pulls away. She pulls off her bottoms revealing a sexy, black thong beneath. She smiles at me and loses them as well before climbing onto my bed to straddle me. She hovers over me briefly as she opens her top, sliding it down to her waist. She unclasps her bra and drops it off to the side of the bed. She then grabs hold of my cock, she lines it up with her dripping pussy and plops right down on me, piercing her pussy with my cock. My cock drives up all the way until it can’t go anymore.

As she straddles me, she places her hands on my chest as she adjusts to the sudden intrusion. I look over her body as my cock throbs in rhythm with my heart beat inside her fucking hot pussy. Her breasts are large, but firm. Her stomach is tight, showing off her abdominal muscles a bit. My mind drifts back as I feel her juices seeping out and over my balls. Her muscles grip my cock tightly and her heat is intense.

She starts to grind her hips back and forth while placing one of her large breasts up to her mouth where she takes a nipple in and starts sucking on it intensely. Soon her grinding turns into outright pounding me. She moves up and down almost expertly and I start to wonder how many patients she’s done this for. Then suddenly she bucks wildly. Her pussy contracts, squeezing my cock like a powerful vise. That is all it takes for me. I shoot a river of hot cum into her.

She pulls off me and slides down, taking my cock fully into her mouth. When she comes off she sticks out her tongue and starting at the tip, she licks sliding all the way down to the base and all the way back up, collecting every bit of cum off my rock hard cock.

She releases my cock and slides back up to straddle me once more. For a moment I didn’t think I had anymore left in me. I already came hard, pumping a least a week’s worth of cum into her, but the look in her eyes told me she wasn’t quite done yet.

She takes my cock into her hand and rubs it along her asshole to her pussy, covering me in her juices once more. She slides it back to her asshole, aligning my cock with it and then impales herself on me. I almost explode in that instant. She closes her eyes and throws back her head as I bottom out in her ass. She begins to rock, pushing her ass against my balls. She accelerates her movements as she is turned on more and more.

Soon she is rocking like mad, faster and faster, harder and harder. Suddenly she groans loudly, “Oh fuck, yes!”

An orgasm strikes her and I can feel her juices pouring out onto my stomach and down my sides onto the sheets. She continues slamming her ass up and down on my cock and I can feel her squeezing her ass together making it even tighter for me. It works and in no time flat I am cumming again, hard into her ass. She smiles as I blast the inside of her tight ass.

She slowly pulls off my cock, smiling the entire time and just when I think she is done, she turns around to straddle me in the opposite direction. Once again she grips my cock and places it at the entrance to her asshole and plops back down onto me.

She immediately begins grinding me hard. I can feel my cum up inside her, lubricating my cock. I start moving my hips up as her ass comes down and with the speed that she is moving with I know my time is coming fast. I thrust up hard, trying to keep pace with her unsuccessfully. It doesn’t matter though, because within moments I am releasing another burst of cum into her tight ass. I don’t know how much I had left, but I am spent. So is Nurse Kelly as she slumps forward with my cock still in her.

I can feel her still making subtle movements with her ass as she says, “I guess this means I need to change your sheets.”

I would like to thank TinCup6074 for his ever helpful comments and editing prowess. If you enjoy this story please check out my previous work under kgb1979. Thanks for reading!


The nurse stood quietly next to the bed. She rested her hand on the plastic railing and wondered to herself “Am I really considering this?” She had heard this story before and had not once thought about helping the man who was telling it. Why was this guy any different?

Walt was in his fifties but he could have easily passed himself off as a man just entering his forties. He was definitely handsome, she had to admit that, but some of the other guys had been handsome too. That wasn’t what was different about Walt. He was charming and out of all the men who had tried this before he was the first one she believed.

“So?” he asked. “Will you help me?”

Nurse Callaway started. She had drifted away, deep in thought. Sure she had fucked patients before, who hadn’t? Well that wasn’t a fair question. There were plenty of nurses she was sure hadn’t, she was not one of them. What she hadn’t done, however, was fuck a patient in the hospital and certainly not one that was still recovering from surgery.

“Walt, I can’t talk about this anymore tonight. I am off in a couple of hours and I’ve got three more patients to see before shift change. I will make you a deal. If I am assigned to you tomorrow I will consider it.”

“I can deal with that, it’s a start. Please think about what I said. Nurse, I swear I can’t live like this. I’d rather be dead than unable to fuck!”

“Calm down Walt. There are lots of options to deal with ED. It’s not the end of the world. I need to get going. Can I get you anything else?” she asked.

“How bout a kiss?” he grinned mischievously. He knew she wouldn’t kiss him but he loved to see her smile. Plus, it didn’t hurt to try.

“How about you kiss my ass?”

Katie knew before she finished the sentence her choice of words were a mistake.

Walt’s eyes twinkled as he leaned forward and met her gaze. He wanted her to know that he was completely serious when he said in a hushed tone, “Get a little closer and I will kiss more than that. I would love to feel you squirm under my tongue.”

Katie’s stomach caught fire. In her mind’s eye she saw his face between her legs—his dark hair, peppered with grey around his temples, dark eyes that laughed and his smile—she was getting wet. She fought the urge to shut the door and give in to him. Instead she smiled and said “Keep dreaming Walt,” as she walked into the hallway.

The following morning Katie arrived at the hospital at around 6:30. She put her purse in her locker and pulled out the lanyard with her name badge. She slipped it around her neck. She walked down to the nurse’s station, ready to start the day.

“Good morning Walt. How’s your foot doing this morning?”

He hit the mute button on the remote and smiled. “Looks like I am a lucky man.”

“Sure does,” Katie replied. She hoped that she could get through this med pass and wound check without him bringing up his request. She knew it was a long shot, but maybe he had realized he was putting her in a bad spot and would stop asking.

“Lemme see your arm”, she said. She matched his wristband to the numbers on her computer and handed him the little plastic cup with two pills in it. “Are you in any pain?”

“A little”, Walt replied. “Nothing major though, and no, I don’t want any pain meds.”

“Okay, but promise me you will let me know if it gets to be too much. I can give you a high dose ibuprofen which is non-narcotic but will still take the edge off.”

“Thanks Nurse. My foot is fine. What I would rather talk about is whether you have given any more thought to my proposal.”

“So much for that!” If she was being honest with herself she would love to fuck him, but he was a patient and that made the situation much more complicated than it would have been outside the hospital. If she got caught she could lose her license and she would most certainly lose her job; although the hospital was seriously under staffed so they might let her off with a warning.

“Walt, you know I can’t help you. I am really sorry but I could lose my job, my nursing license, everything I have worked so hard for. It’s just not worth it. I wish I could help you, I just can’t.”

“I understand why you’re hesitant, but I have already worked it out. I have been in this bed for over a week. I have the schedule of everyone on this floor memorized and know the perfect time to do it. I am certain no one would be the wiser. Plus I have not been able to get an erection for almost a year so really you probably have nothing to worry about. I mean, we can’t really have sex if I can’t even get it up.”

How could she have been so dumb! She hadn’t thought about that. If she believed his story that he was impotent and had been unsuccessful during his dozens of other attempts there really wasn’t a huge risk. Hmmm, that definitely put a different spin on the situation.

“When is this so called “perfect” time?” she asked raising her eyebrows and using her hands to form the ” ” around perfect. As he explained she pulled over the rolling table with the supplies for changing the dressing on his sutures and began carefully pulling off the tape.

“At 9:30, in about an hour. At that time the physical therapists take at least half the patients on this floor to the gym and the CNA for this section goes on break. Every single day for the last week I have paid close attention to the comings and goings between the time the nurses come on and about 1 p.m.—after that there are way too many people between doctors, nursing staff and housekeeping. Between 9:30 a.m. and 10:15 not one person has passed my door this past week, except once and that was you on Tuesday. If you are already here there is no risk, or very little anyway.”

Katie was now taping on the new dressing. When she finished she used her foot to pull the garbage can closer and began cleaning up her mess.

“We will see. Let me go check in on my other patients and I will think about it. I will be back about 9:45 and I will give you a definite answer then, ok?”

“Ok”, he answered. After a slight pause he said “I swear you have got to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I have come to believe that if you can’t get me hard, no one ever will. I fantasize about those pouty lips wrapped around my shaft, about feeling the slickness of your tongue rubbing at the seam on the underside, about squeezing your tits in my hands. I don’t ever get much farther than that because I get so angry at my body for not responding to those thoughts of you,” he smiled ruefully. “This is my last shot. Please help me.”

The last part was more of a question but Katie didn’t have an answer. She needed to get out of there. The more she listened to Walt the more she wanted to kiss his mouth and feel his hands on her body. Her nipples were rock hard and she resisted the urge to move her hand to her breast. Instead she picked up her scissors and put them in the pocket of her scrub top. “I’ll see you after awhile Walt, try to get some rest. All this worrying about your sexual ability isn’t good for you. Is there anything I can get you?”

“Nah. I will see you at 9:45, Katie. Thanks for the foot,” he smiled and she felt her defenses slip a little further. “This is ludicrous!” she thought.

For the next hour she moved steadily back and forth between a certain yes and a definite no as she tended to her other patients. When 9:45 rolled around she scolded herself. She tried to remember what the last patient had asked her for as she had left her room. She couldn’t quite put her finger on the request. She didn’t think she had heard more than a few words the woman had said. She was so caught up in her own thoughts everything else seemed unimportant. She sighed in exasperation. Walt was really getting to her. She admitted that she was definitely attracted to him. She found herself hoping that she could make him hard, that he would be well endowed and well versed in the ways of love making. “Here goes nothing,” she thought.

It was 10 minutes to 10 o’clock when she pushed back through Walt’s door. She felt a twinge of disappointment when she saw that Walt was sleeping. She thought about making some kind of noise to wake him up but decided she had better just get back to work; it was probably for the best anyway. As she turned to go Walt spoke up, “You made it.”

“Oh!” she said, surprised. “I thought you were asleep.”

“Nope. I was praying. I asked God to help you make up your mind.”

Katie laughed, she couldn’t help it. “Do you think God wants me to violate all kinds of rules so you can get a hard on and a piece of ass? That’s hilarious! I wonder what the hospital Pastor would think about that?”

“My God is a lot less judgmental than the usual God is. He wants me to fuck your brains out, I am sure of it. Mainly because he wants me to be happy and right now there’s nothing in the world that would make me happier. Anyway, have you made up your mind?”

“Yeah. I guess I have,” she pushed the button on the door handle to lock it. She drew the curtain so that the bed would be shielded if someone happened to peep in the window on the upper half of the hospital room door.

“Oh, girl, thank you so much!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to me. Thank you!” Walt continued to gush until Katie came back over to the hospital bed and lowered the railing. Walt began to lower the head of the bed and Katie stopped him. “Leave it up and take off your gown.”

Walt smiled, “Yes ma’am.”

Katie’s long blonde hair was held up in a jaw clip that looked like a wooden flower. She reached up and took it down allowing her hair to fall down her back. She shook her head slightly and ran her fingers through the ends to untangle it. She slipped out of her navy blue Crocs and then pulled her scrub top up over her head. It was white with outlines of big blue and purple hibiscus flowers printed all over it. The bottoms were plain blue. She untied the drawstring and let them fall to the floor before she stepped out of them. She left them there on the floor at the edge of the bed so they were easily accessible if someone were to come looking for her.

Walt’s mouth hung open. This was better than he could have imagined. Katie was smoking hot! She stood in front of him wearing sexy lingerie that finally confirmed what he already suspected, she had a fantastic body. He smiled to see a tiny four-leaf clover tattooed a little to the left and about an inch below her navel. Her bra was cream colored satin with a black lace overlay across the bottom of both cups. Her tits were spilling out the middle and he wanted badly to touch her. She stood motionless as Walt leaned over and kissed her sculpted stomach. He pulled her closer and tucked his hand inside of her bra squeezing her breast. Her panties matched the bra with cream stain crotch and black lace across the top. He could see they were thongs and he reached down and cupped her bare ass. He caressed her smooth skin and he pulled her in toward the bed. She leaned in and kissed him, lightly at first, getting to know the lay of his mouth. She parted her full lips and let his tongue enter her mouth. He withdrew his hand from her bra and reached around and unhooked the clasp. Katie shrugged her shoulders and let it fall. She dropped it onto her scrubs.

Katie sat naked with one knee on the bed, letting her other leg dangle off the side. She ran her fingers through Walt’s hair as she kissed him more passionately. Walt used both hands to play with Katie’s nipples. He grabbed one nipple in each thumb and forefinger and pulled on them. Katie gasped around his mouth. She pulled back and smiled as she reached down and pulled the sheet back a little bit. “Anything yet?” she asked him.

“Not yet.” Walt answered sounding unaffected.

Katie was shocked at what she saw. Walt was hung like a horse! “I could get off on that hard or not!”

Walt chuckled when he saw her widened eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you about that?”

“Um, no! Jesus, Walt, that thing is huge!”

“Yeah…too bad it doesn’t work!” he replied, somewhat dejected.

“We’ll see about that.” Katie climbed the rest of the way onto the bed. She rested on her knees and then sat back on her feet. She leaned in and kissed Walt again and then leaned across him to the other bed rail and pressed the button that lowered the head of the bed.

“I just want you to lay back and relax. Don’t think about anything but the way my mouth feels on your body.” She only wanted to stretch him out a bit. If this worked she wanted him facing her when she eventually climbed on top of him and let that monster invade her body.

“Listen to me.” She grabbed his head and locked her icy blue eyes on his deep brown ones. “I don’t expect anything from you. If this doesn’t work I’m going to spread my legs across your face and make you eat me til I cum anyway. That means no matter what you cannot fail. So get it out of your mind. Got it?”

Walt grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard. He sucked her bottom lip as he massaged her breast, wanting her more than anything. When he let her go she smiled and kissed him again. She then moved down to his chest licking his nipples one at a time and then further down she softly bit his side. He sucked in his breath and she knew they were getting somewhere.

Walt settled back and closed his eyes. This was going to better than he could have imagined. He didn’t feel one iota of guilt for his little white lie. Nurse Callaway wanted this just as much as he did. Besides, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

Katie worked slowly toward the prize kissing and licking and occasionally biting as she traversed Walt’s abdomen. She kissed the flat spot where his groin began and moved down his thigh. Walt moved his leg hoping to rush her but this only prolonged the suffering. Katie picked up his leg and pushed it out away from his body, giving her greater access to his cock and balls. She pushed his knee up towards his body and then off to the side.

“Yow! I am not that flexible!”

Katie just smiled and let him move it down a little bit. She let his left leg remain straight but she moved it over so she could kneel between his legs. She ran her fingers ever so softly down his right thigh. On the up stroke she pressed her hand into the bend of his thigh and used her right hand to gather her hair into a twist so it would stay out of her face. Finally she dipped her head in towards his balls and gave Walt what he had been waiting for.

She sucked his velvety sack into her mouth and then one at a time gently sucked each of his balls singly into her mouth. She rolled them around before moving to the next. “Yes!” she silently proclaimed as she felt his cock begin to fill with blood. Happily, it never occurred to Katie that Walt may have been lying. She truly believed that his desire for her had overcome his physical affliction—which she suspected had started out as a result of too much stress and had eventually been compounded by one or two failed attempts at sex, until the problem had become much bigger than it really was. “Not anymore,” she thought. “I have cured him.”

Katie had been somewhat promiscuous in her late teens and early 20′s so she had seen quite a few dicks in her life. She was pretty sure, however, that Walt’s was the biggest of them all. There was one that may have been about the same size but being face to face with Walt’s gargantuan cock now made it hard to know for sure. She was thankful for a weak gag reflex, otherwise she wasn’t sure she would even be able to get a third of him into her mouth. She closed her eyes and focused on the job at hand. She sat up higher on her knees and opened wide. Slowly she slid her mouth down onto the head and sucked her way back off. She wanted Walt to be rock-fucking-hard before things start moving towards sex and that meant she needed to play with him a bit.

She turned her blue eyes up toward Walt’s face. She was pleased to see the glazed look in his eyes. She rose up and stretched her body out until she was on her hands and knees. She never took her mouth off of Walt’s cock as she moved keeping her eyes focused on him. She parted her long toned legs and pointed her ass toward the air. She surprised herself by wishing there was someone else in the room—that smoldering doctor on the fourth floor would be superb—to play with her pussy from behind. She had never had a threesome but at this moment if another man had pushed into her from behind she would not have protested. “Maybe another time” she thought.

As if he read her mind Walt clenched his butt and tried to push further into her mouth. “You little slut”, he said in a voice thick with desire.

That brought Katie out of her daydream and with a sudden force she jammed her mouth down on his swollen shaft. It was a little over halfway into her mouth and she thought that was probably as far as it was going to get. She pushed harder and tried to swallow a little more. Walt moaned as her throat closed on the head of his dick. It had been a long time since a woman had gotten that much of his cock into her mouth, he was definitely impressed. God she felt good. He wanted to get her ass up by his mouth so he could get her nice and wet.

Katie kept a tight grip on the base of his cock, jacking him off as she bobbed up and down. She had found a rhythm now and was thrilled that she could see veins standing out along the shaft and feel the blood pumping through them. He was definitely erect. She reached down and caressed his sack and then gently massaged the flat spot between his scrotum and anus. Walt groaned and slowly flexed his ass toward her. “Damn that’s good,” he reached down and put a hand on her side. “Turn around here,” she stopped what she was doing, looking confused.

“Huh?” she said. The sound was muffled by the cock in her mouth.

Walt leaned down and put his hand on her flat stomach and tugged her towards him. “Gimme that pussy,” he demanded.

She slid her mouth off his dick and smiled shyly, “Oh.”

She sat up straight and Walt had a sudden and intense urge to fuck her. He was tired of this game. He was going to break her. For a second Katie was scared by what she saw on Walt’s face. It looked like he wanted to kill her. She backed up and the bottom of her feet hit the footboard behind her. Then she saw what Walt meant to do. It wasn’t rage it was pure unadulterated desire on his face. His eyes burned with a frenzied hunger. He meant to take her and she felt excitement shoot through her body.

Walt bent forward and grabbed Katie’s legs. At the same time he rose up on his knees ignoring the pain that shot through his foot as he did so. He pulled Katie toward his body on the little bed. There was little room for movement and more than once he felt that he might fall off as he got turned around.

Walt bent Katie’s knees and pushed them in towards her breasts. He at least had enough wits about him to know that if he went at it all at once he would hurt her. He had been living with the leviathan between his legs long enough to know there were very few women that were loose enough to take him on the first stroke without damage to their jewel box.

He spread Katie’s legs to give himself a better view of her dripping pussy. She was definitely wet and looking down at his pounding cock waiting at the entrance he was hit with that feeling again. It wasn’t as intense as it had been a second ago but he had to work hard to stop himself from ramming his cock into her. Katie had a brief second to wonder if he would fit inside her when his head was there, pushing to get in.

“Do it”, Katie pleaded. She could see what he wanted all across his face. He had pinned her down with her knees and had spread her legs so he could watch the action. She was jealous. “Fuck me Walt. Please, fuck me.”

As I grew up on the High Plains Desert Northeast of Denver, on the Nebraska/Colorado border we didn’t have too much violent weather. There were times, of course, when my folks would send us to the basement when a threatening green and black cloud would come up out of the Southwest and we’d all fear for our lives, but it just wasn’t that often. Every year or two we’d have, a “toad strangler” of a rain storm and some hail, but for the most part, we didn’t have too much violent weather.

In 1949, the year I was born, Northeastern Colorado did experience one of the worst winters on record and had a horrible blizzard in January. That was talked about by the old timers all my years living in that small town. Then, in the spring of the same year, we had a tornado that took our little town off the map. But, the hearty people just got busy and rebuilt. I am 62 years old now.

During many winters we’d get blizzard like conditions, while I was growing up, closing schools and roads and we all loved being snowed in for days at a time. But, we were always warm, well fed and could always go sledding and playing in the snow.

Other than a few rare times, not much really severe weather was part of our lives back then.

It seems that now we are getting more frequent and more severe storms than I can ever remember or than I can recall hearing about. Every year we have several tornado watches, tornado warnings and severe weather warnings. Gosh, some of the photos of tornados that I’ve seen from right here in our county seem so ominous, so bad. And those tornados taking out Greensburg, Kansas, Joplin, Missouri, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and so many towns each year are so alarming. There just really seems to be worse weather every year, more severe, and more of it.

Knowing that the only real safe way to live through a tornado with an F3 or greater wind velocity is underground, and not being able to afford to dig a basement under my house, which sits on a cement slab, I wondered what in the world I’d do if we ever had a direct hit. I guess I’d die.

Most of the folks in my neighborhood don’t have basements and all of us are vulnerable. We live on slabs of concrete with a wood framed house built on it. I looked into “safe rooms” and they are so high priced and impractical. Just out of reach for us lower middle class types.

I had an idea. I’d seen that the local junkyard had an old school bus for sale, for parts, for a couple of years or so. I was able to get him to sell what was left of it, the shell, to me for $200. I didn’t care that the engine and transmission had been robbed off it. It was quite the old bus. All the windows were intact, the doors closed tight and there was room enough for 32 students on it. I towed it to my house. My neighbors complained about this ugly yellow behemoth sitting out back. They thought it to be an eyesore. I never shared my ideas, just decided what I would do and began to gather what I’d need.

So, I live on 3 acre sloped lot. Toward the back end of my lot it steepens quite a lot and so I decided to start digging. I dug a hole in the side of that hill. I dug it by hand and I worked on it after I got off work and into the night. I’d dig on the weekends and on holidays and finally, after 27 weeks of back breaking digging and hauling, I had a hole in the side of that hill that was 9 feet wide and went into the hill 60 feet. In the farthest, deepest place, at the end of this tunnel, or ditch, it was 20 feet from the floor to the ground above. I’d had to pile a lot of that dirt up around the edge of the gash that I was digging, so I was working my butt off trying to dig, haul dirt out with a wheelbarrow, and up the hill and back to digging.

My neighbors howled at me. They thought I’d lost my mind. Sometimes, I wasn’t too sure I hadn’t. But, I had a goal.

Finally, after over 6 months of the neighborhood’s hoots and hollers’, my back breaking labor I felt like I was done with this part of my project. I took my Chevy pickup and put an old tire between it and the back of the bus, locked the steering wheel of the bus into place and began to push that old bus into the side of the hill, into the gash that I had dug. I pushed it all the way to the place where it bumped up against mother earth.

I used a cutting torch and cut 4- 6 inch holes in the top of the bus a few feet apart. I welded 6 inch steel pipe to each hole and it stood up like a smokestack out of each hole. They stood 18 feet at front and tapered down to 13 feet at the back hole. They each had screens across the top end and then a coned chimney welded in place with metal straps, leaving room for the movement of air, but keeping out rainwater and varmints.

Then, I cut a 24inch hole in the center of the top of the passenger compartment of the bus and welded a 24 inch wide steel pipe to it. It stood about 15 feet high. I had put a hinged lid on the top of this pipe before I welded it in place.

Before I began throwing the dirt onto the bus, I put a 24 foot extension ladder, not extended, in the bus through the back door and stocked it with supplies; water, dry food and candles. I also took out all the seats but 4 and put blankets and folded up cots along the sides. I built a table and moved the seats around a square so that people could sit and eat or visit at the table or move to the cot and sleep. It was primitive, but it would keep me safe in a storm. Unfortunately, my neighbors never did cotton much to what I was up to and they all just wrote me off as a loon.

I started refilling the hole by filling the area under the bus first. I wanted to get the weight off the tires and suspension, so I jacked it up and filled that area underneath with dirt and took the jacks off and let the bus rest on the dirt itself. There was no gas tank; somebody had bought it from the junk dealer. I had just the shell and it would work fine.

I started pushing the dirt around the top of the hole into the area around the bus, tamping the dirt down as I went and compacting it as much as I could. Finally had the hill looking kind of like it did before, with some pipes sticking up out of it, which I painted green so they’d blend in to the hillside. I had put the extension ladder up to the top of the 24 inch pipe. I tested it and air was flowing into and out of the bus. I had to trim a couple of the pipes as they were too long, but that was easy enough.

My project had lasted from spring to fall and I planted grass and watered it as the last thing to be done for the year on this part of the effort.

With the new spring the hillside looked pretty much as it had, only with green pipes sticking out of it and some new grass growing. People pretty much forgot about what I had done and life went on. But, I had a storm shelter.

The weather was tolerable for the next 4 years. There were a few threats and some heavy rains and such, but no direct threats of storms. The neighborhood changed a bit, as all do. Some moved out or died and new ones moved in.

2 years after I had built the storm shelter, the most antagonistic of my neighbors, Art Burg, died. He lived 2 lots over and left his 3 acre lot with his house and tons of crap on it to his daughter and her husband. My antagonistic neighbor had been kind of a junk dealer and his lot was pretty well saturated with old piles of scrap lumber and metal that he would sell some of periodically to raise money. He continually added to it or sold off from it.

In the spring of the second year that Art’s daughter and husband were living there, 4 years after I’d built my storm shelter, I was sitting out in the lovely evening and heard my neighbors fighting. I could hear breaking glass and banging like pans being thrown. I heard a woman’s scream, blood curdling. Then, silence.

I watched as the young husband, Ray, ran from the house, looking around seemingly to see if anyone was aware of him, and got in his car and raced off, spraying gravel all over my lawn, fully 200 feet away from him.

I decided I needed to go check on the girl. We hadn’t spoken since they lived there. She was her father’s daughter and he and I never got along, so the feud seemed to jump the generations to her, as well, though she and I never exchanged any words. But, I did hear a terrible scream and he did leave very hastily. I couldn’t help but see if she was ok.

I knocked on her door and there was no answer. I peered inside the window and saw the bottom half of a person, lying still, with the top half of the body inside another room. I could not see her face, but she wasn’t moving.

“Oh, shit!” I said under my breath and I tried the door handle. It was unlocked and I announced myself and went in. She never moved. I did not know her name, so I did not know what to call her, but it didn’t matter, she was out. Blood was pooling rapidly around her and I saw that she had a bad gash on the side of her neck. It was at that moment I realized she was bleeding to death right in front of me. I put pressure on her neck and stopped the bleeding for the moment. With my free hand I reached into my shirt pocket and dialed 911. I gave the operator the address and what I was doing, what had happened and she said, “I have an ambulance on the way, and do not let off pressure on that wound”.

I had never seen her up close and while I waited, I noticed that this young unconscious victim was quite pretty; she had on short-shorts and a t-shirt that came to just above her belly button and with no bra. Her shorts came to just above her pubic area so there was a lot of skin between the shirt and shorts. Her legs were splayed and I could see her yellow and sheer panties and a hint of silky blonde pubic hair jutting out the side where her leg was askew. She had blond hair and eyelashes and was quite trim and attractive, albeit somewhat ashen and messy at the moment. She was breathing and so I just waited. The bleeding had stopped but I knew I dare not take my hand away lest it resume.

Eventually, I heard the wailing of sirens and soon the ambulance people were there and the sheriff was right behind them. The ambulance crew took over and worked on her for a while, the deputy started asking me all sorts of questions, what with all the blood I had on me. I think I was just a breath away from being wrestled to the ground and arrested. But, I managed to convince him I was a neighbor and that I’d heard her and her husband were fighting, what I’d heard and how he’d left in such a hurry after her bloodcurdling scream.

The ambulance loaded her up and off they went screaming and speeding away. I was told to go home and clean up and that my statement would be taken in a little while. They still didn’t know if this was a murder scene or just what they had on their hands as of yet.

When I got out of the shower, two deputies were standing in my living room waiting. This alarmed me, but I realized they were just being cops and didn’t want me to have a chance to produce any weapons or to run and so they opted to “keep me in sight”.

I asked if they had heard how the girl is doing and they said that Brooke was going to make it. She had had a nasty cut on her neck and it tore into carotid artery, but that I’d saved her life, Brooke was in surgery and would probably be ok. As we were talking their walkie-talkie radios crackled and another deputy was screaming into the radio that he was in a high speed chase after a green 1979 El Camino, headed south on Highway 71 at mile marker 65. I said to the 2 deputies with me, “hey, that is what the guy was driving when he left here after Brooke’s screams. An old green El Camino”.

Just then, the radio crackled again and the deputy who was chasing the guy reported that, “He rolled it”. “We are at mile marker 66. Send me an ambulance and backup.” Then, in about 45 seconds, “he is dead; I need a supervisor and the coroner”.

One of the deputies that were with me in my house radioed to someone, “The witness at this crime scene reports that the perp left in an old green el Camino”. They radioed back and forth and I heard their supervisor tell them to bring me in for thorough questioning and for them to have me to make a statement on tape.

The deputies agreed to let me drive in on my own and I said I’d meet them in 20 minutes at their office. I waited for 4 hours. They were still doing a crime scene investigation and finally they showed up. Later I realized they had gone through my house, too.

When the 2 hours of questioning was over, I decided to stop by the hospital and see how my neighbor was doing. I went to the nurse’s desk and asked for Brooke Burg, not knowing her married name. The nurse said she was “in recovery and who are you?” I was the first visitor and nobody knew much about her, no id, nobody around to tell them anything except what the ambulance guys had on their report. I just said I was the neighbor who had reported the incident and stopped the bleeding until the ambulance got there.

“Oh, you are all she has, then. You saved her life. I am sure she’d want you to be here for her, come this way.”

“Man, this is weird” I thought. But, I followed. The nurse ushered me into the ICU room, behind the curtain and there lay this wan little creature tubes and wires and ICU things all around whirring and clicking. Brooke opened her eyes with fright. She was heavily bandaged where they’d repaired her artery and a tube sticking out of that, for drainage, I guess. The nurse did not like that Brooke was alarmed and pushed something on her IV and out Brooke went. I was asked to leave, which I did.

I went on home and wondered what in the world has happened.

After 4 days, still no sign of any activity over there, so I decided to make another trip to the hospital and see if Brooke was doing ok. I went into her room quietly and she was looking out the window. She looked much better and turned her head to see me. When she did see me, she smiled and said she had heard I saved her life. I realized I was going to be welcome so I sat down and told her what had happened from my perspective. She cried and told me that it was just as well that he had died because he was abusing her nearly every day. I visited her every day until she was released. She had nobody else.

Ray had been so jealous of her and she never got to make any friends; and with her dad being dead she was all alone. She indicated, hinted kind of, that there was a little inheritance left from her dad and that she could sell some more of his junk and get by for a couple of years, so she wasn’t in any distress over money for the moment, which I was most pleased to hear because I didn’t have any extra money to be giving or lending.

After 10 days, they released her from the hospital and she asked if I would take her home. I, of course, said “I would be glad to”, but she had nothing to wear and wondered, out loud, if there was some way to get some clothes to wear home. I just did not know how to respond, so I said, “hmmm”.

Brooke said, “Mr. Bill, I know we haven’t really gotten to know one another, but I really don’t have anyone and since you were in my house and saved my life, would you mind going back and bringing me a change of clothes?”

“Brooke”, I said, “I will do whatever I can to help. Of course I will get something for you to wear home.”

So, I went back over to my neighbor’s house and found her bedroom and her dresser and closet. I brought her a nice button down sleeveless, pink blouse, a pair of jeans and ankle socks with tennis shoes. I wrestled for 30 minutes over her panty drawer, trying to decide which pair she would most like. I settled on a rose colored pair with green flowers, sheer, and I found a matching bra. It was also sheer. Damn, I had to stop in the bathroom and shake off the dew. I put it all in a plastic sack and brought it to the hospital. She was delighted and put them all on, while I waited outside her curtain. The doctor came in before she was released and gave me a sheet of instructions which included medications and therapy for her full recovery. I guess I was becoming this 25 year old young woman’s care giver. He discussed her care with me, telling me about diet, exercise, restrictions and when he wanted to follow up with her.

The weather was warm, it was May. We’d had some rain storms and lightning in the past few days and it was typical for this time of year. I could see in the West a line of thunderstorms were building and it looked like it could be stormy tonight. I never did turn the radio on to hear that they were forecasting bad storms for our area tonight. We were under a storm watch, and I never knew it. And, I was the one who was so anal retentive about things like that.

I pulled my pickup in to Brooke’s driveway and helped her to her door. When she opened it, she broke down crying. The mess had not been cleaned up; there was dried and caked blood, her blood, broken dishes and pans on the floor. The house was a mess. She stopped in the door way and I bumped into her, as she bent over and stepped back into my groin, weeping and sobbing.

I touched her back and she turned and put her arms around my neck and sobbed. Slowly I put my hands on her sides and then my arms around her and just held her as she soaked my shirt just above my right breast. We stood there toe to toe and my crotch to her belly button, her breasts grinding into my stomach. Then, she just feinted.

I caught her just as she went down and gently laid her out on the living room floor and shut the door. I was concerned for her neck wound and checked it. It was not bleeding. I found a hand towel in the kitchen and soaked it with cool water and dabbed her face and arms and hands with it. She revived a little and looked at me. “Mr. Bill, I don’t think I can stay here alone tonight. Please, may I stay with you? I won’t be any problem; I just need a day or two to adjust”.

“Sure, Brooke, it’s ok. We’ll get you over to my house and get you settled in.” I offered.

When we got to my house, the clouds were covering the sun and it was a little windy. It smelled like rain and I looked up and noticed some nasty formations brewing in the Southwest. I needed to remember to keep an eye out.

Brooke was hungry, so I fried up a couple of large hamburgers, sliced some celery, green onions, radishes, tomatoes and got a bag of Wavy Lay’s out of the cupboard. I didn’t have hamburger buns, but had some good 12 grain bread and we had a feast of hamburgers and veggies. I poured her a glass of milk and she giggled and drank it leaving a mustache on her upper lip. She was adorable.

Lightening cracked loud, close. We both jumped off our chairs, back into reality. I went to the door and looked out. “This is bad,” I said. “We need to go to the bus.”

“The bus?” What are you talking about Mr. Bill?” Brooke asked.

The wind picked up and the rain started pouring down. I could hear little drops of hail hitting the roof and knew that it would be better to get up to the bus and do it quickly.

“Let’s go!” I said and grabbed her hand and we took off toward the bus. She couldn’t run, because she was so weak and it was uphill. We had just gotten home from the hospital and she was in no shape to be running up hill. She cried in terror at the approaching storm and so I picked her up, and in a fireman’s carry over my shoulders I ran toward that 24 inch pipe that protruded out of the ground, which I had so carefully placed there 4 years earlier. It was a downpour of rain, the wind was thrashing about and things from around the yard were swirling in the air already. I made it to the pipe, realizing that Brooke’s crotch was bouncing up and down on my right shoulder and that her breasts were being raked up and down over the back of my neck and left shoulder. I also realized she was delicate with a fresh surgery and I needed to check it for bleeding, but we needed to get down in the bus, first.

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