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“In search of something kinky, open for everything. Make me an offer. Love H”

That was the message she published on the kinky personals website. Besides some teenagers and perverts nobody took it serious.

Until she got an email from him. He asked her if she wanted to talk about the ad and if she’d like to hear what he had to offer. He sent her a link to a private chatbox and told her where to be. He would arrive between 9 and 10. She couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

They talked and immediately he asked all sorts of questions. “Do you mind bondage, spanking, hair pulling, anal, oral, swallowing, cumshots?” Many questions where asked and answered. Boundaries where also discussed as to what was allowed and what wasn’t. He told her he was OK with her demands and told her he was going to arrange some things and mail her a date and place. He guaranteed her she would have a good time and also told her that if she decided to back out he was OK with it. They decide a safeword: “steep”

She didn’t here from him for over a week and was surprised to see mail from him on Friday. It contained a date, place, time and specific instructions.

The place was large parking lot in an industrial area that was usually empty on Saturday. It was about a ten minute drive from her home. She had to be there at 2:00 pm the next day. There where other instructions enclosed in the mail. Be clean. Be there. Be on time. Bring a blindfold. Park your car close to the fence. Put on the blindfold. Exit your car. Lock it. Wait.

It was 2:00 pm on Saturday. I watched as she parked her car as instructed.She exited her car, waiting with a blindfold around her eyes waiting.

I pulled up next to her and said “Are you in search of something kinky? If you say yes, get in the car. Don’t take off the blindfold until I say so. If you don’t like my instructions, get back in your car and leave.” My voice was low and firm. I watched as she got into the car.

Her orgasm was very intense her legs still tied to the chair. She trembled from excitement and moaning “please stop!”

“I’m just getting started.” He laughed and walked out of sight.

What could he possibly have in store after the pleasurable torture she just endured. She thought about the stop word for a second but she also longed for cock.

He walked behind her, grabbing the chair and pulling it into the dark shadows. A yellow box dangled from the ceiling, she looked up and saw a big hook was hanging from the ceiling, the metal flickering in the sun. He cut one arm loose and she immediately covered her large boobs with her forearm. He cut the second arm loose but held on to it. He got in front of her, firmly pulling both her arms together and tying them with a soft rope. He grabbed the yellow box and with a zooming sound the hook descended from the ceiling. He hooked it through the loop he made on the end of the rope. The zooming sound continued as the hook pulled her arms above her head. As the hook continued to pull, the chair lifted away from the floor dangling an inch from the ground. He stopped the hook to cut away the straps from her feet, tossing the chair aside. He went back to controlling the hook until she was just standing on her feet.

She heard noises coming from the shadows behind her. As he started back towards her, mechanic pops where heard coming from the darkness in front of her. All of a sudden she could see a little red light and the vague reflection of a camera. It was still on and recording.

He walked back to her holding a bucket. With one swift move he splashed ice cold water right onto her hanging body, knocking her off her feet. Only the rope held her in place. When her balance returned he was right in front of her.

Her nipples were rock hard and she had goosebumps all over her body. He pulled her towards him using her nipples as handles.

He pulled a shiny object out of his pocket and touched the tip of her nipple with it. She shivered as the chrome vibrator started to vibrate. He brushed her body with it. He didn’t hesitate and moved in between her legs fast. The cold object parted her lips and touched her clit. She shook like she was hit by a bullet and lost control of her legs. Dangling on the hook like a fish struggling it’s captor she underwent the direct and intense teases of the vibrator. He continued teasing her.

She moaned hard and screamed but that only seemed to please him more. She wasn’t going to hold out much longer as she longed to cum. He pulled her closer using her hard and swollen nipple with one hand and as the other tortured her clit and pussy entrance with the vibrator. Not wanting her to cum just yet, he stopped. “No!” she screamed

He disappeared into the shadows. Everything was silent.

All of a sudden she felt more water splash onto her back. It came as a complete surprise. She screamed.

“Sorry, but I needed to cool you down!” He yelled a wild grin peeping out from under his mask.

Her nipples where again hard and erect. He clipped them with wooden clothespins. This was new to her, the sensation hurt but the pressure made her hot.

He sat down on the chair behind her and started working her ass with the chrome vibe. While the tip of the chrome vibe pushed against her wet asshole he fingered her pussy with his right hand. She trembled all over.

He felt her pushing her ass backwards. She let herself hang from the rope to reach for more. He pushed the yellow box, slowly lowering her onto the vibrator. She moaned and purred.

It touched her anus and she pushed back with all her might. After a few thrusts onto it, he pulled the vibe from her ass.

Still looking for the vibe she trusted down again. Instead of the vibe, she felt his dick penetrating her asshole. She gasped as he grabbed her ass and pushed his dick all the way into her.

She started to move up and down riding on his dick while still restrained by the rope. He reached in front of her and twisted the clothespins. She screamed feeling the pain of the pins on her nipples.

Preoccupied with that,she didn’t notice the cold vibrating metal alongside her thigh. It was the vibe moving slowly towards her pussy.

She rode his cock with her ass as if she was trying to outrun the metallic cylinder that was coming for her. But it was no use. Inch after inch it closed in on her and when it finally reached her pussy lips she was ready to cum again. He pushed the vibe against her lips as she trusted down on him. It entered her dripping pussy completely and she felt his dick tighten inside her.

The vibration in her pussy made him cum in her ass. As she felt the hot fluids squirting inside her she came to her top and screamed it out.

She pushed a few more times and then she let go there was no strength left in her body.

He pulled her to her feet with the hook but she wasn’t able to stand. She hung by her wrists, the ropes still attached. Cum was dripping from her ass down her legs. He removed the pins that where now really hurting her boobs. He lowered her to the ground and allowed her five minutes of rest…

End of part two

Mary, slowly and surely pushed the ball into the crevice between Amelia’s ass cheeks. The cold metal would have made her jump, if she could have jumped. Her confinement didn’t offer that possibility. If she tried to move a foot, she was sure that the foot would leave the floor and her weight would be supported by the other foot and her hair. She didn’t want her weight on her neck, but the hair afforded her the ability to “balance” herself since she couldn’t move her feet easily.

All the same, the ball’s cold touch forced her to cringe. (Later that night, Dave would joke that he actually heard her asshole clench tighter to repel the coming invasion.) But Mary was experienced at this, so she ran the cold metal up and down the space between the two fleshy globes of Amelia’s butt. It warmed in that tight space quickly. A new sensation was felt and Amelia realized that her asshole was being lubed. She worked to relax; she didn’t know when the insertion was coming but knew that it would take all of her skill to keep from panicking and clenching, and possibly making the insertion difficult or worse, painful.

Mary’s soft finger rubbed the lube in a circle around the tight, light pink bud and Amelia calmed her breathing and enjoyed the sensation. He had certainly trained her ass to accept his tongue, his fingers, some toys that they’d purchased, and even his cock, but this was going to be different. She called on everything she’d learned, every experience at being anally penetrated.

So when the woman behind her applied pressure to her most taboo spot, she continued to breathe normally, relaxed, and enjoyed the sensation as her sphincter was stretched, slowly penetrated, and tested for its ability to accept the gleaming ball on the hook. She closed her eyes and her inner voice howled at the intrusion, but her inner sub began to glow. She concentrated on the sensation, on the service she was offering, how it would please him if she could “perform” in front of all these people, how he would tell her how proud he was of her after this was over. She reveled in that thought, got lost in it, and could feel herself luminescing in the dim room. Center of attention, bound more to help her deal with what was happening than to keep her in place (for she would willingly do whatever he asked), and bent over to allow for easier performance of a task, she was floating.

Mary was incredible to her; gentle yet forceful, slow but insistent, and careful not to go too fast or too far. She watched Amelia’s body for reactions or signs of stress. The girl was a champ. Mary thought to herself that “this one is well trained.” Finally, the hook was past the tight opening and Amelia’s crinkled skin squeezed down around the narrower shank of the hook.

“OK, Amelia?” This would be Mary’s only verbal concern for Amelia, giving her the chance to say yes or no. And when she received the affirmative nod of Amelia’s head (or what passed for it since Amelia could barely move any part of her head), the ball began the slow passage further into Amelia’s body. Amelia clenched her eyes and felt the presence of Dave behind her. She knew he was watching and more than anyone else in the room, would protect her against all dangers if he sensed anything that threatened her. But she also knew that of anyone there, he was the one who would take her, ravage her, and roughly fuck her at a time of his choosing, wherever he wanted. She was his so completely that she was comforted by the fact that not only was she deeply craved, but that she was also deeply cherished.

Once completely embedded in Amelia, the hook was attached to the second rope and she felt the slack being taken up. She could feel the minutely slow crawl of the cotton rope across her back as it was raised by someone who was a master at making his subject feel every sensation. Finally, it was taut. Or…she thought it was. The feeling in her hind quarters turned to a pressure. Slowly the pressure turned to a tug. And the tug turned to a pain, a delicious, slow, “filling her ass to a point that she wasn’t sure she could take” pain.

The upward movement stopped right before she almost winced. She was relieved that it had stopped, but now, she was truly immobile other than the little bit that she could move her head.

She felt so full.

And then the fun began.

Amelia saw movement out of the the corner of her eye. She couldn’t move much, the spreader bar at her feet, the rope braided into her long hair, and the anal hook kept her in a position that was unnatural, but surprisingly not uncomfortable. There in the center of the circle of subs, she was forced to stand and wait for the next “activity” from the others.

The first woman in the circle was approached by her partner. He moved around in front of her and to her credit, she kept her head down and remained in her submissive, kneeling pose. The thin, silver chain that ran up and over her neck and down to hook into two nipple rings was simply too tight and distended her breasts, stretching the skin of her nipples up and back toward her neck.

The man calmly reached for her chin and tilted her head up to look at him. They locked eyes and he smiled down at her. The hand left her chin and reached for the chain behind her neck. Once there, he pulled on the chain lightly until the flesh began to turn red. Her eyelids sagged as if she was going to pass out from the pain, but she never let her eyes leave his. His free hand caressed her cheek while his other pulled harder at the chain. Tears welled in her eyes, but still she would not look away or cry out. He wiggled his finger and the heavy weight of her breasts jiggled at the end of the chain. Suddenly, he pulled harder and the soft flesh became misshapen and odd looking. The nipple rings looked like they were actually going to pull out of her flesh, so stretched were they.

Still, she did not lean backward to lessen the effect. She did not cry out. She did not wince, gasp, or look away. He was clearly pleased and turned to smile at the others in attendance. His face betrayed a silent boast of, “Look. Look what I have trained her to do. She is mine.” Everyone watched in silence, some expressing satisfied smiles to those around them and impressed nods. The whole thing lasted no more than ten minutes, and her partner turned to face her, and then spoke for the first time.

“Thank you, Beatrice.” With no other word, he moved back to his place behind her and stood quietly.

In the center of the circle, Amelia found that she was turned on by what little she had been able to witness but could do nothing about it. Mary moved around her and to her surprise, attached nipple clamps to Amelia’s perky nubs. She turned the small knob slowly, tightening the device on one then the other nipple of the bound woman. She smiled as if to say, “Lucky Girl…” Before moving away from Amelia’s chest, she attached a weight to each nipple clamp and Amelia gasped.

The mood in the room noticeably changed. Dave’s voice from beside her ear seethed, “Amelia, keep quiet. This is your only warning.”

He didn’t wait for an answer since he knew she would remain silent. Before he moved away from her, he placed a hand on each hip and slowly turned her a few degrees to her right so that she could see what was next. Before anything else happened, she felt the tug in her bottom increase, almost imperceptibly.

The next woman, the tall redhead, still held her position even though her bound breasts were now so purple that they had to be painful. Her partner, a tall man in his forties with salt and pepper hair, moved around in front of her and reached down to lift her face to his. He leaned down towards her and kissed her full on her pouty, pale lips. Her mouth lingered and seemed to reach for more as he began to pull away from the kiss. Her eyes slowly came open and it was as if the sun was rising, so bright were her orbs.

What happened next shocked Amelia. Without warning, he slapped her left breast, hard. The noise was deafening in the room. Her breast bounced towards its twin and rebounded to its original position in time to receive another blow. The leather tightened around her breast never moved, nor did it allow the blood trapped near the nipple to return to her body. The pressure had to be incredible to the girl but she remained quiet. She fought to maintain her gaze into his eyes as he struck her breasts again and again. Three strikes to the left breast, three strikes to the right. She took it all and actually at one point smiled up at him. Amelia couldn’t see this; her position allowed her a cursory idea of what was happening.

But the rest of the attendees could see what was happening and many pressed forward to see her receive her treatment. He alternated his technique. He reached down and cupped a breast in one hand while making a fist with the other. He proceeded to strike the top of her breast lightly with the edge of his fist, rapidly and with enough pressure that the entire tit jiggled and forced even more pressure into the nipple end of the tightly bound breast. Her back arched, her face betrayed her, and she was clearly feeling incredible pressure in her chest…but still, not a word from her.

After performing this act on both breasts, he stopped and took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. He blew a kiss at her and as she pursed her lips to return the gesture, he tightened his fingers and twisted, hard. She clenched her teeth and took in a breath as quietly as she could. But still not a word from her mouth of protest.

The man effected a sharp, short bow to her when he finished and said, “Thank you, Sheri.” He then returned to his position behind her and grinned the grin of a sadist who has been allowed to practice his craft.

At the center of the circle, Mary moved around next to Amelia again and began, with a long segment of leather stripping, to bind Amelia’s breasts. Around and around, tighter and tighter, until each breast was elongated and turning a brilliant shade of red. Each nipple with its clamp and weight seemed to actually become longer with the new torture. And when she was done, the rope pulling at her anal hook became a tiny bit shorter, pulling the hook further into her. She wondered if she could stand it much longer, but for him, she would bear the pain.

And Dave held both of her hips and turned her a slight bit to the right. Before he moved away, he whispered very softly, “I’m so proud of you…”

The stout man behind the petite blond moved out from behind her and stood in front of her kneeling form. He reached down and lifted her face to look up at him. A look passed between them and then he took a fistful of hair in his hand and roughly pulled her forward. Her hands moved to catch her fall and she ended up on all fours, her belt with the flogger hanging straight down and her black heels pointing out behind her.

He moved back behind her, reached for the flogger, and removed it from the small hook hanging from the belt. The man looked around the room, making eye contact with many of the attendees and lingering on more than one woman if his eye caught that “spark” of interest in what everyone in the room knew was going to happen. The flogger came down on her ass and she showed no emotion. It struck her tiny behind again and still, not a movement could be perceived. He raised his hand again and brought the leather down in a blow that made many in the room wince with the perceived pain. The noise was deafening.

She did not move. She did not make a sound. She didn’t even cry.

So the strikes continued and her bottom turned pink. He stopped to examine it and drag his nails across the tender flesh. Then he continued. A few minutes later, her bottom was so red that it seemed to glow. He stopped and rubbed it, seeming to soothe it, or to feel the heat he had created there. Some in the crowd knew that sensation, either having been on the receiving end of similar play…or having administered it. When he was finished, he moved back towards her head and grabbed her hair again and pulled her back to her kneeling position. He ran a finger along her delicate jawline and up her cheek to end near her ear. He looked into her big eyes and saw what everyone else in the room could see; gratitude.

He said, “Thank you, Julie,” and moved back to his position behind her, satisfied that he’d impressed the party goers with his sub’s performance.

Heels clicked on the parquet floor as Mary moved towards Julie and her partner. He held out his arm and handed her the two items, before she turned and walked back behind Amelia.

Amelia braced herself. She had guessed correctly; the same punishment was administered to her. Mary came back and roughly placed the ball gag–still wet with Julie’s spit–into her mouth. It was adjusted behind her head and pulled tight. From now on, Amelia could only breathe through the wet holes in the ball holding her mouth open and silencing her voice.

And then, Mary moved out of her sight and behind her. Her ass felt the sharp sting of the same flogger that had beaten Julies’ ass red. The flogger came down again and again on her ass, accentuating the pressure of the polished steel hook embedded in her bottom. She could feel the heat building up in her backside and the sharp pains continued. Over and over she was struck and trying to emulate Julie, she remained quiet and still. Her butt felt like it was on fire but she fought to hold still and remain quiet. Movement would only upset her delicate balance that was tested with each stroke of the tool as it hit her bottom. And still the flogger came down on her ass. Mary was thorough, Amelia was near tears and fighting it before she stopped. When she finished, Mary click-clicked back over to where the man behind Julie took the flogger back and turned to caress the beautiful blond’s ass one last time with the leather before hanging it again at her belt.

And the device in Amelia’s ass was pulled a little tighter before strong hands held her hips as Dave turned Amelia a little further this time so that two women were in her sight; the twins.

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