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As the train pulled into Earls Court I counted the stops and calculated that we were far enough away from home and uni and everyone we knew to risk a kiss. Clearly Steve was thinking a similar thing, because as I moved in to kiss him he said,

“I know I’ve said this already but… you really do look beautiful.” I blushed. I kissed him softly and he kissed me back. We sprung apart guiltily but nobody in the carriage was taking any notice of us. This might have been a big day for us, our wedding day, but it was just an average Tuesday on the District Line to the commuters, nutters, students and post-Christmas tourists that surrounded us. He put his mouth near my ear and whispered, “I can’t wait to see what’s underneath that dress either.”

We were travelling east towards Tower Hill where we were then due to get off the tube and walk to an inconspicuous and unremarkable touristy hotel that Steve had booked us into for a one-night honeymoon. We were students, we had married in secret and we had no money, but I couldn’t have been more excited or more happy if he had been taking me to Mauritius.

Despite having no money, I had blown a foolish amount of student loan on what I was currently wearing. It was fortunate, or unfortunate, depending on your point of view, that January was the month that the loan came in. I had brought a 50s style halter-neck cream dress, which served as a wedding dress and wore bright red stilettos on my feet. What had really blown the budget was the underwear that the clothes were concealing. Underneath the dress I was wearing a cream halter-tie corset from a specialist corset maker in Spitlefields. It was cream with a lace overlay, and tying myself into it that morning I had admired how the boning and lacing pulled in my waist and pushed up my large, full breasts. The sweetheart neckline of the corset meant that the swell of my breasts rose above the neckline, creating a hint of cleavage which was classy but sexy. Around my waist I had fastened a lacy cream suspender belt and to the suspenders had attached the nude stockings that clad my long, pale legs. The lace tops of the stockings were especially sexy, framing my neatly trimmed pussy, which I hoped Steve would shave bald for me later. I had considered not wearing any knickers at all, but the thong I had brought was so pretty that I couldn’t resist wearing it. It was a matching cream number, lace across the front and with a bow at the back, which nestled in the crack of my arse. Looking at my lace-covered mound in the mirror I had reflected on how plump and full it looked, almost straining at the fabric, seemingly wanting to escape and be caressed by Steve’s invading fingers, even at that early hour of the day. My lily-white skin looked almost transparent against the cream of the underwear, and my red hair, teased into curls that cascaded over my shoulders, created a dramatic finish that it seemed a shame to spoil by putting a dress over the top. Combined with my bright, scarlet lipstick and matching heels, I looked ready to be fucked there and then.

We got to Tower Hill and giggling, half ran, half walked through the tourists and school children, meandering towards The Tower of London. Clip clopping down the steps into the subway in my heels, I hung on to Steve’s hand, my right hand in his newly married left. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, he dropped my hand and pushed my shoulders, firmly and quite harshly, against the wall of the underground walkway. Before I could speak he kissed me, hard and urgently, all of the desire he felt in his mouth. People continued to walk past us, no one taking any notice.

“I love you, my wife.” He growled in my ear, breaking off the kiss. And I took the back of his head in my hands and kissed him harder than before.

“I love you, my husband.”

Walking up to The Tower of London Hotel, fifteen minutes later we both looked up at the high, Georgian town house that had been converted our slightly careworn looking home for the night.

“Looks nice.” I said. Steve nodded.

“It wasn’t cheap.” He replied. I laughed, I knew it wasn’t the Ritz. But walking inside I was pleasantly surprised. And when Steve booked us in as Mr. and Mrs. Phillips I squeezed his hand and was excited for the night ahead. The manager took us to the top of the house, where were shown to the attic room: a large, light bedroom with a king-sized bed covered in white sheets, which lead to a big bathroom with attic windows and a huge tub. The rooms were sparsely decorated, white and bright, but was clean and airy and warm on that cold January day. There were fresh flowers on the chest of drawers next to the bed and a bottle of actual champagne. I was very impressed.

No sooner had the manager closed the door and dropped our two small bags down before he left, and Steve and I were on the bed, snogging like teenagers, my hair cascading behind me as Steve pinned me down, his hand snaking up my thigh.

“I can’t believe,” he breathed hotly, “that I have such a beautiful wife.” He continued kissing me and his hand found my pussy amidst the lace. We hadn’t managed to have sex in two weeks now, being in the house with Louise and the rest of the housemates, and he was keen. “Oooh,” he said, “it’s got it’s winter coat on.” He giggled and I reciprocated.

“I want you to shave it for me.” I replied, breathlessly. He groaned deeply, his erection rubbing at my hip.

“You have no idea how much that turns me on.” He said. We resumed our kissing. “Take your dress off.” I pulled the dress off and laid on my back. He inspected my underwear and kissed a trail of hot kisses along the swell of my breasts. “You look amazing.” I smiled. His fingers pulled aside my thong and probed inside me. I moaned. He fumbled with the trousers of his suit and released his already very hard penis. “If I put this anywhere near you I will cum in two minutes.” He said. I guided his hand back to my dripping cunt and mashed myself against his thick fingers for a moment. I didn’t care how long it lasted, I just needed to feel my husband inside me. Taking control of the situation, I sat up and manoeuvred so he was on his back. I straddled his hips, my thong and shoes still on, his trousers just pulled down his thighs. I pulled the fabric of my underwear aside and kissed his face, which was now a mess of my red lipstick. I eased him gently inside of me and we both moaned with pleasure as my warm, wet insides yielded to his hot hardness. I smiled, a huge grin.

“We’ve got to make it legal.” Steve closed his eyes and grinned back, not answering, just groaning as I began to move my hips back and forth. Helpless on his back he reached out for my swaddled hips and breasts and then held my shoulders in place, forcing my further down on to him.

“You beautiful little nympho.” He moaned. I reached forward to kiss him, and he felt behind me, groping my bum, a cheek in each hand, pulling me apart. Before I knew it, he was tickling my arsehole with his index finger and I cried out as he pushed it inside, creating pressure in my arse and my pussy that he knew would make me cum. I rode him harder and faster as he did this, sparks in my clit and convulsions in my cunt that meant a crimson flush appeared on my chest and breasts and an orgasm hit me right between the eyes. My pussy began to pulse as I came and I felt his balls beneath me swell and his cockhead grow. He pulled at the corset and freed my tits, squeezing them hard in his hands as his orgasm began. His face screwed up and his filled me with our first matrimonial cum. We broke away, breathless and coming down from the ecstasy of our fuck. Struggling to breathe, he gripped my wedding-ringed hand and said, “it’s official now.” I laughed.

An hour later, merry on real champagne, and hot from the bath, I laid on the soft bathroom floor, on a fluffy towel, with two pillows underneath my head and a towel underneath my hips. My breasts and hips were free from the corset and Steve sat, naked beside me, one nipple in his mouth and the other being squeezed in between his thumb and forefinger. He was preparing to shave my scrubbed clean little snatch, but had become distracted from the task in hand. Releasing my nipple from his mouth we went through how to do it again.

“So I put the aloe vera gel on?” he asked. I nodded. “And then shave her?” I nodded.

“It’s not rocket science.” I said. “It’s not even BA English and Music.” He laughed.

“You have no proof I’m not going to graduate BA English and Music with a third.” I smiled. I had always been the more studious of the two of us, but nevertheless, he was much brighter than he made out. He picked up the aloe vera gel from where he had lined it up with the shaving foam and the razor. He squeezed some out and covered the soft, downy hair with it. “So what do I do while it’s working it’s magic?” he asked. I stretched my toes and sighed a relaxed sigh.

“Just wait.” I said. He took my hand in his and guided it to his cock. It was hard again. I laughed. “Why on earth are you hard again?” I asked. Since fucking an hour ago, he had already spunked again all over my face as I sat at waist level in the bath.

“It’s what you do to me.” He sighed. He moved away and got between my legs, which were spread wide for shaving. “I love that I have a legal obligation to fuck this pretty little pussy, now.” He said, gazing at it. My eyes were closed but I laughed regardless.

“Conjugal rights.” I said. He placed his index finger on my clit and sparks shot up my pelvis. “You can shave it now.” I said. He removed his finger and foamed up my mound, delicious sensations filling me as he evenly spread the foam. He picked up the razor and began his task. Slowly and laboriously he rinsed the blade every two or three strokes and as he moved from place to place I felt the cool air on my genitals for the first time in weeks and waves of sexual longing passed through my limbs. When he had done he helped me get up and stood me back in the bath, taking the shower head and gently rinsed the foam, revealing a bald, sensitive flesh. I moaned.

“Open your legs.” He ordered. I moved my feet, standing now with legs further apart. He twisted the head on the shower and aimed the jet of water at my clit. I moaned. He moved the head in a circular action and my clit grew harder and bigger as I became more aroused. Suddenly he turned off the shower and pulled me down onto the edge of the bath, my back against the wall. My knees still far apart, he positioned himself in a sitting position and using his mouth and tongue and chin began sucking and licking and rubbing my sex. I held the back of his head and cried out with pleasure. I looked down and saw his throbbing erection above the waterline and felt his skilled tongue manipulating my pussy. Cumming in one sudden, huge groan, I gushed juice from my bare, beautiful honey pot into my husbands greedy, hungry mouth.

After that I wasted no time in pulling him from the bath and laying him on his back, on the bathroom floor. Facing away from him, I frenziedly lowered myself onto his cock, my back to him as I look him all the way down my already slick and ready hole. He gripped my hips as I took control of the situation. Bare, bald pussy made contact with his hard, cum-filled balls and my erect clitoris rubbed against them as I began to bounce. The mirrored wall in front of us showed our hot, horny bodies in their glory and I marvelled at my own, huge tits as they moved sexily before me. Steve was clearly enjoying the view too, as behind me I could see that his eyes were glued to the mirror. I leaned forward to increase the stimulation of my clit on his ballsack and as I did so, he lathed two fingers in his mouth and slid them into my arse. I screamed out and mercilessly he sawed the fingers in and out of my empty hole as I rode him and rode him.

“You like that you little whore?” He asked and I groaned in agreement. “I’m going to fuck that arse when you’ve made your slutty little cunt cum around my cock.” I growled dirtily at the filthy talk, which Steve knew helped me cum. I leaned ever further forward until the top half of my body was virtually horizontal. My vaginal muscles sucked at his penis and he continued fucking my arse with his fingers as I continued to grind my clit on his big, bulging testes.

“I want your fucking spunk in my arsehole.” I growled in a voice that was thick with desire. “I want you to fucking destroy my dirty little anus like you’re destroying my cunt.” All the while my sensitive nub was making contact with his balls and it felt out of this world.

“Cum round my dick, slut,” he bellowed. “cum round it so I can shove you against that wall and spray my jizz in your arse.” As if on cue I began to orgasm, screaming in ecstacy as my vagina and my clitoris came together. Juice gushed over Steve’s balls and pulled my hips down on him. I came for minutes, crying and screaming and moaning as the biggest orgasm of the day so far ripped through my limbs and brain and I gripped my own tits as I did so, Steve leering behind me in the mirror.

As soon as I stopped cumming he roughly pushed me off of him and stood, pulling me up as he did so. He pushed me against the mirrored wall and my breasts mashed against the cold glass. He smacked my arse and bit my neck, his desire now intense and unstoppable. He picked up the aloe vera gel and squirted some onto the purple, urgent head of his hard and quite remarkably huge penis. I had never seen it so big. In normal circumstances I would have dropped to my knees and taken that large, firm tool between my lips, but I knew where he wanted it and knew he wanted it now. He wanked the gel up and down his rod and pulled my bottom forwards, gripping at my hips. He lined the head up with my ring and in one, motion pushed his whole length into me. There was pain, but it was sharp and brief and was gone by the time his balls hit my cheeks.

“My arse.” He grunted, fucking his cock in and out of the already destroyed hole. “I was the first man in your slutty little arse.” He loved this fact and loved saying it as he fucked it.

“You’re the only man who’s ever made me cum in my arse.” I gasped. This spurred him on and his pace increased. One hand steadied himself against the wall and the other reached underneath us and found my cunt. He rammed three fingers deep into me and I screamed.

“I’m the only fucking man who knows how to do you how you want.” He groaned, in rhythm with his thrusts. In and out his cock sawed my arse and in and out his fingers manipulated my pussy, just as they had the first time we met. Taking his hand from the wall he grabbed a clump of my red, curly hair and pulled my head towards him. “Tell me about the dirtiest thing you ever did.” He demanded, his fingers in my cunt now pushing me further and further towards another fabulous cum.

“In the park.” I breathed. “With you and Ben and Diane and the stranger.” He groaned at the memory. “Ben’s huge cock in my cunt and the stranger in my arse as you tit fucked Diane.” He reached out for one of my own breasts.

“Fabulous fucking tits but not as good as yours.” I moaned. “I was so jealous of that guy with his cock buried in your beautiful arse,” he carried on, “Every second I was between Di’s big, fucking whore tits I couldn’t take my eyes off you, lost in your own world, those dicks in your holes.” He drove his penis further into me and his fingers moved from inside my dripping pussy to my clit. It had never been so hard or so ready to explode. “What else have you done?” He murmured. He knew all of these stories, but he obviously wanted to hear about them again now.

“In my bedroom with my brother and his friend,” I gasped. His hand quickened on my clit, “I needed cock so bad I didn’t care that it was my own baby brother in my cunt.” I knew he loved it when I used the word ‘cunt’. He moaned as I said it. “And his friend lost his load all over my face as my baby brother filled me with jizz.” With that I came and screamed as I did so, the glorious sensations of cock in my arsehole and fingers on my clit combining with the horny memories of my years of sexual abandon. I screamed and I screamed and my arse convulsed as the rest of my body convulsed. Steve pulled his cock out abruptly and pushed me onto the floor. He scrambled to straddle by chest and forced his cock into my mouth before I could agree or object. I groaned around it and tasted my own bum on his pole.

“You,” he gasped, breathlessly fucking my mouth, “are a grade A whore and I cannot wait to fuck every one of your whore-holes every day for the rest of my life.” He hit the back of my throat with the bulbous head of his prick. “From the first time I was in you, bent over the kitchen table in halls,” he went on, “you were the finest little hoe I’d ever had the privilege to fuck.” I moaned at his dirty words. He pulled his cock from my mouth and instantly began to cum, shooting ribbons of white, delicious spunk onto my face. “Fucking take this on your face, my slutty little wife.”

Less than five hours into our marriage, it was clear that Steve and I were on course for plenty more adventures, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

Colleen and Nathan had eloped the Monday after their prom weekend. Now they had to break the news to their families; to Nathan’s parents, Bob and Betty Baker and his sister Susan, and Colleen’s mother and father, Mark and Mary Quinn, and her siblings Rob and Kathleen.

Betty thought that, at eighteen, they were much too young, but she wished them well anyway. Mary was disappointed that she was never going to be the mother of the bride; Colleen had eloped, and Kathleen and Rob lived together in a committed incestuous relationship. Mark was elated that he didn’t have to pay for a wedding.

Bob gave them an all-expenses paid week at Club Orient, on the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies, for their honeymoon. He and Betty had been there many times and really enjoyed it. He had a broad grin on his face when he gave them the tickets, like there was some secret he wasn’t going to reveal.

As their plane circled the island they could look down and see crystal clear blue water and miles of pure white sandy beach. When the shuttle from the airport dropped them off, they discovered their accommodations were a beachfront chalet with the sand right outside their door.

Inside they found a comfortable living area, a mini-kitchen and a plush king-sized bed. “Hey, let’s try out the bed,” Nathan grinned as they set their bags inside the door.

“Let’s do the beach first. We can spend all night in bed.”

Colleen stepped out in a rather modest bikini. She really wanted to wear her new thong, but she wasn’t sure of the decorum, and didn’t want to offend anybody. Nathan wore long boxer-like trunks. They grabbed a pair of the oversized beach towels the resort provided, hit the sand, and headed for the water.

A middle-aged couple cut across their path. “Oh my God, Nathan, they’re naked!” Then she saw the sign: “Clothing Optional.” Her lips curved into big smile. “Wow, a nude beach.” She quickly shucked off her bikini. “Come on, dude, get yourself naked.”

“Well, I, uh, um….”


“No, well, I just don’t want to, uh, embarrass myself.”

“You mean you’re afraid you might get a hard-on looking at all the naked women?”

“Jesus, I get hard every time I look at YOU.” She could see he already had a bulge in his trunks.

“Well, leave them on until we get on the towels, then you can roll over and nobody will see it.”

Colleen did a pirouette in the sand, her long blonde hair fanning out as she twirled. Nathan was enchanted. He was besotted. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen; waist-length blonde hair, blue eyes, long dancer’s legs, perfect rounded ass, full firm breasts with puffy areolas and pink nipples sticking out of them. She shaved off her pubic hair, because she knew he liked it that way.

“Oh, Nathan, this is wonderful. I feel so free. Your mom and dad knew about this place, didn’t they?”

“Yeah, they’ve been coming here for years, but they didn’t mention anything about this. I think they set us up.”

He wasn’t the only person watching her. The men who were clothed were staring, their wives glowering at them. One man was busy texting on his iPhone, and she could tell he was taking pictures of her, so she paused and posed provocatively. Even the hardcore naturalists, who took nudity for granted, stopped at stared at this young vision of loveliness.

She skipped across the sand, and watching her breasts bounce, made his hard cock throb. When she turned a cartwheel, he though he was going to explode right there.

Colleen found a spot near the water and spread out their towels. He watched as she slathered the sun block over her front. She lingered over her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples, which hardened under her fingers. He loved to watch her touch herself. She rolled over on her stomach and handed Nathan the bottle to do her backside.

He pulled her long hair out of the way, and started with her shoulders, digging deep into her muscles with his fingers. He loved touching and massaging her body, anywhere. He made his way down her back, digging deep as he went. She cooed at his touch.

He lingered over her rounded buttocks; God, he loved her perfect ass. He kneaded and rolled each cheek, digging his fingers into that sensitive crease where it joined her legs.

Starting at her ankles, he moved up her legs, over the calves, and up her thighs. From the inside of her thigh, he slipped his hand under her, fondling her outer lips. She sighed with pleasure and spread her legs a bit, giving him better access to her pussy.

Slipping two fingers into her already wet vagina, he used his thumb to stroke her clit. Her hips began to undulate, her ass rose and fell and his hand continued to plunder her. As she approached her peak, she fisted the towel beneath her, and went over in a shuddering climax.

“Jesus, Nathan, I love what your hands do to me. Now slip out of those trunks and turn toward me.” She took the sun block and squirted some all over his erection. Linking her fingers together, she used both hands, swirling round and round his swollen head. His hips began to buck as he fucked her hands. He came in bucket loads.

“Now that we’ve taken care of your little problem, let’s go in the water.” They had just waded in when an American cruise ship slid into view, steaming at barely headway speed. Orient Beach was a regular feature on that cruise line, so the passengers on board could ogle the naked people on the beach.

The tourists flocked to the rail of the ship, armed with cameras and binoculars. Colleen again struck a provocative pose and waved at the crowd. What ever happened to his shy, demure little Colleen, Nathan wondered. Not that he minded, of course.

They put on the swim masks that the resort provided and swam out into the clear blue water. Neither one of them had been skinny-dipping before, and were delighted with the freedom. He loved the feeling of the water moving over his genitals. She loved the water swirling over her breasts and between her legs.

Nathan dove down to the bottom and lay on his back, watching her body as she swam over his head, her breasts cutting through the water, moving with each stroke.

They caught a wave and body-surfed all the way to the beach. They lay side-by-side in that place where the water meets the sand, as the foam swirled around them. The incoming waves caressed their bodies, washing in and then back out again.

Wrapping their arms around each other, they kissed, stroked, and caressed each other, replicating a love scene from “From Here to Eternity,” an old black and white movie that had been scandalous in its day.

When they got back to their cabin, they noticed that it had an outdoor shower. It was right out in the open with no privacy curtain. They stood under the spray, washing the sand off themselves. Colleen unhooked the showerhead and directed the spray between her legs. “I think I’ve even got sand in my pussy. Ooo, that feels really good.”

They took turns soaping each other up. Very intimately, in fact. Nathan’s cock was standing at full attention.

Just then, a middle-aged woman sauntered by. She was overweight and had sagging breasts. She paused, and looked, and looked, particularly at Nathan in his full glory. “Newlyweds, eh? Sure wish my Roger could get it up like that. Have fun, kids.” She gave them a big smile and a wink. They were beginning to discover that, except for families with children, they were the only young people there.

Colleen giggled, then grabbed Nathan’s hand and dragged him inside. “Now we’ll try out the bed. I am soo horny.” She sat on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. He knelt on the floor, put her legs over his shoulders, and buried his face in her pussy.

His tongue found her vagina, his hands found her breasts. His lips had barely fastened on her clit when she fisted her hands in his hair, arched her back, then her whole body shuddered as she came, flooding his face with her sweet, musky juice.

“Fuck me, Nathan. Fuck me hard.” He took her legs off his shoulders, stood up, and wrapped them around his waist. With his feet planted firmly on the floor, he slammed into her. Hard. Fast. His fingers dug into her hips, with each thrust he pulled her into him. She grasped his buttocks and hung on for dear life. He ravished her, destroyed her. That’s exactly what she wanted.

He took her over one peak. Then another. And another. Reaching his own, he screamed out her name and emptied himself deep in her womb, then collapsed on top of her, gasping for air. She rained kisses all over his face.

“My Tarzan.”

“My Jane.”

“Nathan, I want to talk to you about something. For some reason, I find I really get off on being naked in front of other people. Does it bother you if other men look at me?”

“Not if all they do is look. It kind of turns me on, watching them watching you. Actually, I really got turned on when that woman came by and checked out my boner while we were in the shower.”

“I’ll get you a trench coat for your birthday and you can become a flasher.”

They soon discovered that it just wasn’t the beach, but the whole resort was clothing optional. “So let’s check out the bar. Do you think you can keep that bad boy down?”

“After what we just did, I couldn’t get it up with a skyhook.”

Every head in the place turned toward them when they walked in to the open-air bar. The men, clothed or not, literally drooled in their laps when this golden haired angel sauntered by. The women checked out Nathan pretty thoroughly, too, as he was quite a hunk.

They pulled up a stool. She leaned forward, resting on her elbows, her breasts lying invitingly on top of the polished bar. “We’d like a couple of those fancy drinks in a cocoanut shell, please, and don’t forget the little umbrellas.”

The bartender, when he could think about something other than the stupendous tits that were gracing his bar top, poured their drinks. There was no minimum drinking age in St. Martin, but he judged these two had little, if any experience in the states, and those cocoanut shells held four ounces of rum apiece, cleverly hidden under lots of fruit and sugar.

As they sat sipping away, the woman who had passed them in the shower pulled up a stool next to them. ” ‘Ello, loves,” she said with a British accent, “sorry I didn’t introduce myself before, but you looked like you were a little preoccupied. My name’s Miriam.”

Colleen and Nathan both blushed, as they held out their hands to shake hers. “Sorry about that, I know I’m not supposed to have an, uh, um… or get a, uh….”

“A hard on?” She laughed. “I loved the view; best looking cock I’ve seen since I was a young thing and had a good looking body. Not as good as yours, dearie, you’re what my Roger would call a knockout. I never had boobies quite that nice.”

“People aren’t offended then?”

“It’s perfectly natural, especially when you’re young and in love. Most of the old farts around here wish they could still get it up like that. We’ve been coming here for over thirty years. In the old days, there used to be orgies around the bonfires on the beach at night. These days, public sex isn’t encouraged, but it happens and nobody really cares.”

“So, where are you from, loves?” They told her the name of the small town in Illinois where they lived.

“What a coincidence,” Muriel said. “Do you, by chance, know Bob and Betty Baker? They’re in the swinging crowd.”

“They’re my parents.” Holy shit, Nathan and Colleen thought simultaneously. Nathan’s parents are swingers! They would certainly view them in a different light now. Holy shit!

They finished their drinks and the moment they set the shells down, the bartender handed them two fresh ones. “It’s on Roger,” he said nodding in the direction of a balding man with a paunch.

Colleen, full of the spirits of the potent first round, hopped off her stool and bounced, oh God how she bounced, over to Roger and gave him a kiss on the cheek, her luscious breasts only inches from his face. She looked down at his lap and saw his penis start to swell.

Miriam got off her stool, grabbed Roger by the arm and led him toward the door. “Gotta get him home before he gets out of the mood. Thanks, dearie.”

They turned back to the bar and picked up their fresh drinks. A man, dressed in Bermuda shorts and a flowered shirt with a thick gold chain around his neck, settled on the stool next to Colleen. She could feel his eyes studying her intently. “I think this guy wants to get into my pants,” she whispered to Nathan.

“You’re not wearing any pants.”

“Oh yeah, there’s that too,” she giggled in response.

The band took up the stage and started out with a hot reggae number. “Come on, Nathan, let’s dance.” She was a total reggae freak, and adored both Bob and Ziggy Marley. She loved the freedom of reggae dancing, and thought it would be awesome to do it naked.

The band had a guitar, bass, keyboard, saxophone, steel drum, and a myriad of other drums and percussion instruments, and as many people to play them. Musicians would wander in and out of the group; some lured by the sound would show up with their own instrument and sit in.

Reggae’s origins are in traditional African and Caribbean music, American rhythm and blues, and in Jamaican ska and rocksteady.

Reggae dancing has a variety of different movements. It is not usually done with one partner, but like Texas line dancing, any number of people can participate. Several people took to the dance floor and just shuffled around, trying to keep time with the beat.

Colleen started out with the Bogel Dance, a Jamaican-born dance move which involves the moving of the body in a longitudinal, ocean-wave motion while at the same time raising the arms up and down, aiding the wave motion.

She was a picture of grace, thrusting her pelvis forward and her shoulders back, then reversing the motion. She was loose, supple, her body completely in tune with the music. Most of the eyes in the crowd followed the flowing motion of her breasts as they rose and fell with the wave action. When she arched her back to go with the flow, her nipples pointed up to the sky. All the other dancers left the floor and watched her perform.

A tall dreadlocked black man with a gold hoop in his ear sang the lyrics to the Bogel Dance:

“Bend your back and lift your head up

Turn side way lift your leg up

Bend your face and twist it up

And turn true side like you know you fed up Who

Turn roun like you know rose duck

Spin aroun cause you know how fi wuk

Lift it up back then you breast it up

Back it up cock it up my girl dutty wuk”

When he finished the song, he dropped the baggy shorts he was wearing, and took a position opposite Colleen on the dance floor, grinning at her with his milk-white teeth. Her eyes bugged out when she looked at the biggest penis she had ever seen. It hung almost down to his knees.

It was also the first uncircumcised penis she had ever seen. His foreskin hung down at least an inch from the end of his cock, with a small opening at the tip. She wondered how he could get what must be an enormous head, through that little hole. She also wondered how big it would be if he got a hard-on?

Nathan, at this juncture, sat at one of the tables, and joined the ranks of spectator. Colleen spotted a man in the clothed section with a video camera. She smiled and decided to play right into his lens.

She switched from the Bogle Dance to the Dutty Whine. The dancer moves her legs in a butterfly motion, much like doing the Charleston without the hands on the knees, while swinging the neck when the beat drops.

When Colleen leaned forward and swung her head around, her golden hair whirled like a fan, rising in the air, then touching the floor on the downbeat. Her jiggling breasts displayed themselves with a stroboscopic effect.

She didn’t know her now partner’s name, so she dubbed him “Rosta Mon.” As he matched her moves on the floor, his huge penis swung back and forth like a metronome, at times swinging in a circle.

She thought she saw his foreskin filling up a bit and, fueled by both titillation and rum, wondered if she could coax him into an erection. She giggled at the thought. “I was a teen-aged cock tease,” she mused.

Her legs began the butterfly moves. When she spread her knees apart, her shaved pussy lips opened, flashing a glimpse of pink, then closed when she brought her legs together again. She had definitely captured Rosta Mon’s attention. His cock began to swell a bit. He poured out the lyrics to this portion of the dance:

“Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I’m feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I’m feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love

I’m feeling like you letting go

Dutty, dutty, dutty love love”

The Kumina drummers began their frantic beat, and she began the Batty Moves, which involves gyrating the rear end. Shaking your booty, in Americanese. With her back to the crowd, she started to wiggle and shake in tune with the throbbing beat, her shapely, round cheeks bouncing.

With her legs spread apart, she leaned forward and put her hands on the floor. While she continued to shake her ass, her pussy was on full display, now wet and glistening with her excitement.

That was more than Rosta Mon could take. She watched as his foreskin widened and the giant, bulbous head of his cock broke through. His penis stood straight out like a battering ram.

She finished her dance by doing the splits, then bounced up and down in the split position. As her now completely engorged clit slid across the floor, her whole body shivered and shook and a cry emerged from her throat. It didn’t come from the dance, it came from the huge orgasm she had just experienced. She left a big wet spot on the floor.

As she stood up on her shaking legs, the crowd erupted in applause. Rosta Mon, his cock still at full attention, slipped off the dance floor, his arm wrapped around a bare breasted, chocolate skinned woman with a sarong around her waist. They had matching smiles.

When the band played a slow tune, Colleen grabbed Nathan’s hand and lead him back onto the dance floor. She wrapped both arms around his neck and pressed her sweaty body tightly against his. She slipped and slid against him, her hard nipples digging into his chest. His leg slid between hers and she buried it in her groin.

“No way am I going to keep it down when you do that,” he rasped.

“Who cares?”

When they broke apart to hurry back to their room, he sported a massive erection. The spectators applauded again.

“I need to take a quick shower to get this sweat off of me, then I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

“No shower, I want to taste you just the way you are.” His mouth touched every part of her body, licking, nibbling, savoring her sweat. When he reached the place between her legs, his taste buds adored the salty tang with the sweet musk.

She pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. True to her word, she fucked his brains out.

The next evening, at the bar, Murial again took a stool next to them. When they were well into their drinks, margaritas this time, she leaned over and asked, “a group of us are wondering if we could get you two to give us a show?”

“What kind of a show?”

“We’d like you to make love with each other while we watch you do it. You’re both so lovely, it would give us a real thrill. Talk it over with each other and let me know what you decide.”

“God, Nathan, I never realized I am such an exhibitionist; it makes me tingle just to think about it. What do you think?”

“Turns me on, too,” he said, pointing to his lap. “I’m game if you are.”

“Okay,” she said to Murial, “we’ll do it.” They made an appointment to join Murial and Roger in their chalet in an hour, then accepted another margarita from an anonymous benefactor. Then one more for courage.

Well I did like a good little hubby does, and did what I was told. Pulled out what I was going to wear for our Dance Party Jamaican style. I also unpacked a little polishing off my drink in the process. So, I poured out another since she was still in the bathroom, and decided to step out onto the patio. I missed the little beach we had when we were here last time I thought to myself. This was nice though, a patio through the back door with a table and two chairs. It also had a nice size bench that was covered with cushions, it was the size of a regular couch really. Of course I made myself comfortable on the couch, looked to put my drink down for a second. There was an end table at the corner of the couch, but the bush that was so overgrown it was almost a tree was pretty much hiding it.

That’s when I heard my wife come out of the bathroom, I could hear her saying where are you and still giggling like a happy camper. Seems the windows were open slightly, and I could hear her now very clearly.

“Hey!! Where are you??” she said playfully. “I’m ready for some fun!”

Well I could see though the overgrown bush in front of the window she was wrapping her hair in a towel, otherwise completely naked.

“Ohhh honey!! I have something to show you.”

She turned towards the window, and I saw what she was about to tease me about. Her clean shaven pussy. No more neatly trimmed bush, smooth as a babies bottom, and just as bald. I watched for a second as she stood with her legs parted slightly rubbing her bald mound, then sliding a finger past her lips deep into her pussy.

“Oh fuck. I am so wet still” she moaned out. “I better get fucked real soon I need it bad.”

She slipped a second finger in, grabbed her very hard nipple with the free hand, then tossed her head back enjoying them inside her.

“Oh please. I need something bigger then a finger.” “Much much bigger then a couple fingers.” she groaned.

As I watched her plunge the fingers in and out of that sweet pussy, I could hear how wet she was. Very sexy that squishing sound is, gets my cock hard as stone every time I hear it to this day.

I was ready to have some fun as I opened the door from the patio. She grabbed her towel fast, and went to wrap it around her torso.

“Didn’t you hear me calling you.” she frowned over at me.

“I was wondering the same thing, cause I called you out to come check out the patio.” as I headed over to get more to drink.

“Oh let me go see.”as she went to walk by me to the door.

As she did I grabbed her, pulled her to me and kissed her. My lips met hers, driving my tongue into her mouth. It found no resistance as her tongue reached out for mine. I reached around grabbing her ass, and pulling her her up to meet my cock that’s was rock hard.

She pushed me back, “Go get in the shower, there’s plenty of time for that later.”

She walked over to the back door fixing her towel that had come unwrapped before she opened it, and walked outside. The door closed behind her, and I tore off my clothes headed for the shower.

When I came out she was finishing her make up, and looked great. She was wearing a black short halter dress I would call it, with her sexy black flats that I love. I came up behind her sliding my hands up her sides, then reaching around to cup those beautiful breasts. I pressed my now re-growing hard on against her ass, as I gave her nipples a tweek. She was looking at us in the mirror as I bent over slightly to kiss her neck. She pushed back her ass on my hardening cock as I nibbled on her earlobe. She tossed her head back on my shoulder as I worked those hard nipples, purring in my ear as her ass grinded into me.

“Hey! Get dressed I wanna go out already!” as she pushed me back with her ass so hard I was moved back to the bed. I saw her pouting back at me in the mirror as she pulled up her hair running her fingers though those dark long curls.

“Alright. I’ll be just a second you sexy bitch.” as I smiled at her looking down at my hard cock through the mirror.

“That’s right, your sexy bitch.” as she squeezed those tits together. “You get to fuck these puppies later baby.” she laughed and picked up her drink pounding down the rest of it.

I finished my drink, and we were off. Walking to the club she looked to be stumbling a little, very drunk already from the plane and room drinks. All you needed was ears to find this place, the music was blasting.

“Time to party!!” she yelled out as we went right in.

I saw a table close to the dance floor which was filled already. It was a high bar table, with those tall backed stools. The great thing about Sandal’s is it all inclusive. I told her I was going for drinks, and she nodded to me obviously yelling out a yes that I could not even hear.

I got some fast service, the bartender was pretty friendly. Checked out the dance floor which was filled with obviously Jamaican men, some were dancing with the white ladies there husbands off to the side somewhere. There was few white guys dancing with ladies, and I smiled because it felt like the old days of clubbing. I was at usually the one out on the dance floor, with the “Rail Boys” watching from the outer rim.

I brought back the drinks, and I just knew she was squirming in her seat looking over all those black men dancing. She took a healthy gulp of her drink, looked over to me and said something. I had no idea what she said and leaned over to her with my hand cupped around my ear. She leaned over to tell me, and I noticed she had no bra on. Now I could have sworn she had one on when I was feeling her nipples before I got dressed, but then again I was really drunk too.

“Let’s go!! I’m ready to shake my ass.” as she ponted to the dance floor.

The music was good, but it was crowded as hell. We came off in about 15 minutes and hung at the table for a few minutes finishing off our drinks. She was shaking that ass the whole time, but her eyes never left the dance floor. I was getting tired of getting bounced around the dance floor, especially by one dude that was obviously trying to get a better look at my wife.

“I’m going for another drink.” I leaned into her and said. “You need one, or are you good for now?”

“I’m good all the time honey.” she laughed back at me. “Not yet I’m so wasted I won’t be able to control myself.”

“I’m actually there already baby.” and she leaned in then reached over to my crotch and gave it a squeeze.

She looked back quickly, and realized she just ass bumped that same guy I had noticed was trying to get a good look at her.

“Sorry.” she said looking up at him. He was at least a foot taller then her.

Sounded like he said, “That’s alright miss, I enjoyed it.”

Which was probably what he said since she was giggling her ass off now. I leaned back in and told her I’m headed for the bar, she nodded and kept dancing turning towards the tall black guy.

I got my drink and looked back over to the floor. They were dancing together now, and he was waving his hand by his face fanning himself. She was laughing real hard, and turned away from him. She was wiggling that ass at him, while she pulled her hair up pushing those sweet tits out. He looked down at her as he pulled off his shirt showing his chest and six pac abs off. She danced back around facing him, her eyes went wide but she wasn’t looking at his chest she was looking lower. Without the long shirt on now you could see, very easily also, the tent of a bulge in his draw string pants. She then leaned up to him on her tip toes resting her hand on his chest to steady herself. Whatever she said on the way back down she clearly brushed up against his cock with her hand.

Grabbing his hand she guided him into the sea of dancing bodies, and they disappeared. I moved around to the patio area that was attached to the club, I hoped to get a look at what was up and makes sure everything was OK. They were dancing at the other side of the dance floor, and had obviously wanted to have a more private dance with him away from my eyes.

She was really into it, and I could see she was teasing his ass off. Doing all she could to turn him on it seemed, pulling up her hair wildly, licking her lips suggestively, and even shaking her tits at him. I’m sure he was loving it all, since he was trying to cope feels all over her body. She would smack his hands away, but then grind her ass into his crotch. Laughing as she wiggled into his cock, she knew exactly what she was doing.

He look to have enough teasing, then bent over to tell her something. He headed into the crowd, weaving his way though probably looking for his shirt. She was all hot, sweaty, and out of breath as she saw me and came over to the table I was at standing at outside.

“You found me.” she grinned still shaking her body to the music.

“Yeah. Look I’m pretty beat, and hungry.” I said. “I gonna hit the burger stand for some eats so maybe it will give me some energy then I’ll be right back.”

“OK, but I’m pretty tired too, so I’m going to head back to the room now then.” reaching to pull her hair up smiling at me.

I could see her nipples were sticking out hard as rocks then. She was hot,sweaty, and very horny. I probably should have just walked her back to the room, when her dance partner came back with two full red solo cups. He introduced himself as Troy, and reached out to shake my hand putting the cups on the table first.

“Thank you for the dancing pretty lady.” he smiled over at my wife. “I thought after all that you could use one of these.” then he handed her a cup.

“I would have got you one too Man.” he looked over at me saying.

“No worries man, everything Irie.” and I smiled.

“Ooh Man .. you understand good.” he smiled and laughed.

“Yeah, we’ve been here before, we love this place.” I said.

“Well my husband is going for something to eat, and I’m going back to our room now.” she looked up at Troy and told him.

“Gonna hit the Burger Shack, gotta love a fresh made burger at 3am.” I laughed and headed off.

“I’ll walk you back Missy.” he said. “Make sure you get back alright.”

Then I saw them head off the other way, the sidewalk that was along the beach it led around to the back patio. I decided I better keep an eye out following them along at a distance, watching them walk from the other side of the courtyard. She was sipping from that cup all the way, shaking her head a few times with any bigger swig she took. Whatever it was, it was a strong drink I’m sure. As they walked I saw he reached down to caress her ass a few time, but after a split second feel she would push his hand away.

When they got to the patio she was obviously trying to figure out how to get rid of him, or how to fuck his brains out one or the other. She must have decided cause she opened the back door then went inside with there cups. He sat down on the couch, and the first thing he did was adjust his cock in his pants. Even from a distance the bulge look huge. She turned the light out and came back out with fresh drinks for them. She sat on the other end of the couch slipping her drink. I decided to head around quick to go through the front door, and when I did I could hear them talking.

The window was still open, and I sat on the chair right by the window. I could see both of them clearly through the bush, and hear there every word. The patio overhead light was on, but it was dark in the room so they couldn’t see I was there.

“Stop!! Your not funny you know.” as she pouted her sexy look at him.

“Well at least I’m just verbally teasing you Missy.” he said leaning back. “You were rubbing that fine ass of yours all over me on the dance floor.”

“You looked like you could handle it.” she laughed and sat up and propped herself up back against the arm of the couch. She had her legs up on the couch with one curled under her, the other one bent at the knee was swinging back and forth. She was giving him quick glimpses of her panties. It was a black shiny silky material, I knew which thong she had put on. My favorite.

“Handle it. Sure I can handle it.” Troy said then her pulled out his cock. “With you teasing me with that pussy of yours, I’d rather you handle this.”

Her eyes went wide, and I watched as she bit down to chew on her lower lip. His cock was very impressive, and hard as a lead pipe already. Just as long too, it had to 10″ at least, with a very large cock head. He stroked it as she watched silently.

“Yeah Baby, is that what you wanted to see all night?” he stroked slowly.

“You kept rubbing that fine ass all over my black cock like you had to have right there on the floor.”

“See what that fine ass of yours does to a black man’s cock.” as he squeezed a drop of pre-cum out of the head. He smeared it all over the large purplish head wetting it and making it all shiny for her.

She was in a daze, and couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. She gulped down the rest of her drink, tossing the cup up to the table then it bounced off to the floor. She could care less about the cup, because it was now empty.

“Come on Baby, you know you want to stroke it.” and he reached over grabbing her right hand which was up on the top of the couch. She had been leaning with her arm draped across the back since she tossed the cup. He put her hand on his cock, as she leaned over from his pulling her over.

“Or do you wanna do more then handle that.”

“No. I’m married Troy.” but still she stroked it, staring at it so intently I’m sure she didn’t even realize she was doing it.

“That feels good Baby. I can tell you know how to work that big black cock.”

“Play with those balls too Baby you got two hand to work with all that.”

She never looked away from his cock as I watched her cup his ball massaging them softly. Her right hand stroked faster and some pre-cum came out the tip. She licked her lips instinctively when she saw the drop come out.

“Ohh .. I saw that tongue Baby. I bet you sucked some big black cock before haven’t you.”

She nodded at him silently, and breathed an obvious sigh of relief that she admitted it to him. She shifted to her knees on the couch leaning her face over his cock now as she stroked him.

“Yeah well the way you talk you wouldn’t last five minutes the way your all worked up.” she looked him in the eyes and told him as she started stroking his big cock faster.

“Well that sounds like a dare to me Missy.” he laughed. “Cause I don’t think you could make that big black cock in your hands cum in only five minutes.”

“No sounds like a bet to me. I bet I can get you to come in five minutes or less.” she pumped his cock faster. “If you can hold out you can have anything you want.” and she wiggled her ass in the air after saying that.

“Alright then, but it’s gonna be anything I want to to do for a day then.” Troy explained. He swatted her on her upturned ass, “Then this fine ass be mine on Sunday.”

“Don’t you wanna know what I want if I win.” she took both hands to pump his cock.

“Don’t matter none, that ain’t gonna happen Baby.” then Troy laughed.

“OK then Missy, your time starts now.” as he pulled a nice looking pocket watch from his pants pocket.

“Well when I win, your gonna show us around the island, score us some ganja, and stop teasing me with this big cock of yours.” she smiled up at him with her hands sliding up and down on that monster cock.

“Don’t you mean big black cock there Missy.” he grinned at her. “Go on say it you like stroking my big black cock.” and he slid his hand over her ass.

“Yes, I love stroking that big black cock of yours.” she whimpered getting into it deeper now.

“Now I would have done that anyways, you are good people.” and he pulled up the bottom of her dress exposing her thong between the cheeks of her ass. “Just to maybe get a chance at sticking my big black cock in that fine white married pussy of yours.”

“So I’m sure you get lots of white women with a cock like this.” she said tugging at his huge balls with one hand now, stroking fast with the other.

“That’s one minute already Baby.” he looked at his watch. “You mean white married pussy all over my big black cock, don’t you Missy.”

“So go on now say it, tell me that about the white married ladies looking for big black cock.” he said while hid hand pulled her thong to the side of her ass cheek exposing her pussy.

“Oh yes, I know white married ladies are gonna love this big black cock.” she groaned staring at that cock and licking her lips.

“Yes Baby, I know you love to suck big black cock.” as he caressed up her back running his fingers through her hair. “Tell me petty lady, I wanna hear how you want to suck my big black cock.”

“Ohh god yes, I love to suck big black cock.” as she squeezed up a big drop of pre-cum from his cock.

“I wanna suck your big black cock so bad.” she leaned over and licked up the drop off the cock head savoring it’s taste. “I need it in my mouth.” she still contained herself though she was very into it.

“Getting close to two minutes Missy.” he laughed. “Gonna have to do better then this is if you wanna see me come.”

“Oh .. I can do a lot better.” she bent over and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked so hard her cheeks were caving in some, spit was covering that huge hard cock making it all shiny.

“That’s it Baby. I know you can work that big black cock into that pretty little mouth.” he groaned out obviously liking her oral skills. “I bet that’s why you wanna see that big black cock come so bad, you love that black seed don’t you.”

“You can’t wait to taste it.” he bucked his hips up at her mouth that was bobbing on his dark meat. “Come on Missy, tell the truth now.” as he caressed his way back to her ass.

“Yes .. oh god yes I wanna taste your black seed. I love black come so much, I always have.” she broke her awesome cock sucking just long enough to blurt that out. Then sucked that big black cock back into her mouth, spit dripping down all over it her hand stroking the lower half.

He was sawing his fingers in and out of her pussy now, I could tell since her ass was grinding on his hand. “Damn Missy, your white pussy is soaked.” and her brought his dripping fingers up to his mouth. “I knew that white married pussy would taste sweet.”

Her eyes went wider then when she first saw that big cock, and she jumped up onto his lap facing him. “Not to much time, I better pull out the big guns.” she grinned while laughing she said as she slid her pussy all over his cock.

I knew what she was doing, she was trying to rub him off since she had that satiny thing on. She grinded into him as she pulled down the straps to her dress letting those nice tits free. Her nipples were so hard, as she squeezed those puppies together.

“One minute and thirty seconds.” looking at his watch again.

“I think you talk to much.” she giggled offering her nipple to his mouth. “Time for you to suck on something.” her ass was a blur as she rubbed that wet satin covered pussy all over his big hard cock.

“They are as beautiful as I thought they would be.” as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. I could see he was bucking up at her probably hoped his big cock would slip right in since she was so wet. “They both taste so good.” after he sucked hard on the other one.

“Oh fuck .. I’m gonna come. This is so hot, and your cock is so hard.” she moaned after leaning over and putting her arms around his neck.

Her ass moved like a piston, he skirt way up over her hips you could see that thong was wedged tight between those wet pussy lips. She was grinding that big black cock into her clit.

“Yeah .. ohh yeah .. fuck yeah here I come.” I watched as my wife’s pussy gushed out a flood of hot pussy juice all over his big black cock. She was trying to catch her breath, as her orgasm wound down.

“Looks like somebody came, just wasn’t me.” he laughed teasing her. He picked her up and took her off him almost tossing her back against the arm of the couch were she was before. His cock was soaked, she squirted all over it.

Carly and I slogged our luggage through local Jamaican customs, schlepped out of the terminal and found our rental car. In the space of the last week, we’d graduated from State and gotten married. And here we were, less than 24 hours after the wedding, ready to chill out and have fun on our honeymoon.

“I’ll load the luggage if you go in search of directions to the bungalow in Negril,” I said. Off she went.

We hadn’t packed all that much other than shorts, shirts, bathing suits, and sunscreen, having agreed that hauling a lot of clothes to Negril didn’t make much sense.

“Who wears all that much in Jamaica?” I’d asked. “Besides, I’m kind of figuring that as newlyweds on our honeymoon we aren’t likely to be wearing any clothes at all much of the time. At least, I hope so.” She’d punched me, hard, in the arm for that crack.

I’d finished loading the luggage and was lost in thought when I heard my name.

“Earth to Scott!” Carly yelled, with a laugh. I looked up and there she was, waving a map and pointing at the car.

“Smart ass!” I retorted, opening the driver’s side door and sliding behind the wheel.

“Yup,” she said, “smart as hell and I know you love my ass.” Carly leaned toward me and kissed me on the lips.

She was dead right on both counts. I’d always been the smartest person I knew until I’d taken English Lit. I wasn’t shy about class participation, but for the first time I’d found another student who was at least as well-prepared in class as I was. In fact, Carly was always just a little bit better prepared, which left me just a little bit annoyed. I’d started hitting the books harder, but she just seemed to have a broader grasp of the subject matter. A couple of weeks into the semester, the Professor had asked us both to stay after class.

“You two are natural leaders,” she’d said. “I’d like to ask you to run a study section for the students who are struggling. Say, twice a week for extra credit. Not that either of you need it.”

We’d both agreed to take on the challenge, and had worked out some ground rules between us, deciding that one of us would take the lead in alternate classes, while the other would chime in and offer supplemental comments. It was a good arrangement, ensuring that neither of us would be overly burdened with the extra work.

Carly had taken the first class, and I’d had the opportunity to watch her closely and listen to her comments. I’d quickly realized how smart she was. And for the first time, I saw how truly pretty she was. She was 5 feet 2 inches, – perhaps 115 pounds, with a slender, very fit little body and, I guessed, A-cup boobs. Her hair was dark black and straight. She kept it cropped short so it didn’t get in her face when she worked out. Her eyes are piercing and grey. When she looked at me, I felt like she was seeing right into my soul. I found that I liked what I saw, and I saw a lot because I couldn’t stop looking. Within a month, we were fast friends. By the end of the semester we were dating. And by the end of the year, we realized we were in love. I’d proposed when we were juniors, and we’d set a date for a week after graduation. The wedding had been perfect, and so we’d set off for Jamaica, rented our car, headed west toward Negril. And proceeded to get hopelessly lost. Carly was having none of my usual stubborn male reluctance to stop and ask for help.

“There’s a local store. Pull over!” she said. I saluted and pulled the car off the road next to the run-down building she’d pointed towards. I started to get out of the car, but Carly stopped me. “You got us lost in the first place, so I’m getting help,” she insisted, opening her passenger door before I could object, and disappearing through the open doorway, above which had been painted “BIG Daddy’s” in now-faded maroon paint.

I’d sat for maybe ten minutes when Carly came out of the store, followed by a tall, muscular black man. Carly opened the passenger door and climbed back in the car. To my surprise, her companion did the same.

“Scott, this is Big Daddy,” Carly said, making the introduction. “He owns the store and offered to show us the way, isn’t that nice of him?”

I turned in the seat. Big Daddy lived up to his name, and had to scrunch down to fit his tall frame into the back seat.

“Pleased to meet you,” I said.

“Likewise, my friend,” he replied in a soft voice. “You’re not far from your bungalow, but it’s hard to find, so I thought I’d better show you directly.”

I thanked him for his kindness.

“Think nothing of it,” he said. “Always glad to help out a young honeymooning couple such as you and Miss Carly, there. Besides, it’s not far at all.” He was right, it turned out. Following his directions, we pulled up in front of a secluded little cottage overlooking the beach and the ocean. The view was gorgeous.

Before I could stop him, Big Daddy had grabbed our luggage under one arm and carried it into the bungalow. Now embarrassed by his kindness, I thanked him again.

“Can I drive you back to your store?” I asked, but he smiled and shook his head.

“You’d just get lost again and besides, a walk will do me good.”

I reached for my wallet to tip him, but he stopped me. “No need, no need. I’m sure you’ll find a way to repay me during your stay.”

Carly and I set to putting away our clothes, which didn’t take long. I checked the refrigerator and found it well stocked with water and various fruit juices, as promised by the rental company. There was rum in one of the cupboards.

“Why don’t you make us some rum drinks while I go change?” Carly suggested, heading for the bedroom. I could hear her humming to herself. I made the drinks and had just sat down for a rest, when there was a knock at the door. I started to open the door, when it was abruptly forced inward, knocking me off balance as three large black men barged into the bungalow. I recognized Big Daddy as one of the intruders and moved to confront him.

“What the hell . . .” was as far as I got, when suddenly the air was driven out of my body by a solid punch to the solar plexus delivered by Big Daddy’s massive fist. All of a sudden I was on the ground curled into a ball and wheezing and gasping for air.

“You’d best shut the fuck up if you don’t want to get seriously hurt, Young Squire,” Big Daddy said, leaning down close to my face. It was said without particular malice, more of a statement of fact than a threat. He turned to one of the two other intruders. “Junior, get him up and tied to that chair,” he said, pointing to a club chair in the sitting area. “Pops, you go and get the white girl out of the bedroom. Make sure she doesn’t scream, but don’t hurt her.”

The older of the two went to the bedroom, opened the door, and went in, while Junior picked me up like I weighed nothing at all, dropped me onto the chair, and produced some rope. In no time at all, my wrists were secured to the arms of the chair, while my legs were tied to the legs. Junior put a couple of loops around my chest and then surveyed his work.

A moment later Pops came back into the room, pushing an outraged Carly along in front of him. She was struggling to break free, and as soon as she saw Big Daddy, she started yelling. “What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

Big Daddy’s response was to give me a backhand to the side of my head that rocked me back into the chair. My ears rang and I saw stars. He turned to Carly and spoke calmly.

“Best listen up, little princess. Me and my friends figure on having some fun with you two honeymooners.” he said. “Have no doubt, we will definitely have our fun.” Based on the efficient but controlled brutality he had used to take control, I had little doubt at all.

Big Daddy continued. “This is going to happen, little princess, and the only choice you have is about how it’s going to happen. If you fight us, we’ll put your husband in the hospital and make things painful for you, too. Cooperate, and no harm will come to you. You just might find that you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Bastard!” Carly spat. Big Daddy’s response was to raise his hand as though to hit me again. “Wait, stop! Don’t hurt my husband,” Carly cried.

“Will you cooperate?” Big Daddy asked.

“Yes,” Carly said. “Just don’t hit him anymore.” She sat down on the couch.

“Now, for some preliminaries,” said Big Daddy, as he produced a spliff – a hugely oversized cigarette no doubt full of local marijuana. He wet the spliff between his lips and drew on it, sucking the smoke deep into his lungs. Then he offered it to Carly. She shook her head.

“I don’t use drugs, and I don’t smoke, either” she said.

“Drugs? Little princess, this is our sacred herb. It frees us from the confusion of this world and opens the doorway to higher consciousness,” Big Daddy replied. “No matter. I insist you partake of this offering.” With that he sat down next to her on the couch. “Purse your lips and when I blow the smoke to you suck it down into your lungs in one steady draw and hold it there. It will be easy this way.”

Big Daddy took the lit end of the spliff and carefully placed it in his mouth and then slowly pushed air through it and out the other, unlit, end. A steady stream of dense smoke poured out and into Carly’s mouth as she sucked it in and held it. To my surprise, she didn’t cough. She held the smoke for 30 seconds and then exhaled slowly. Big Daddy waited a moment and then again blew the smoke into Carly’s mouth. The process was repeated again and again until the spliff had burned down to the point where it could not be safely held in Big Daddy’s mouth.

“Drink up,” he said, handing Carly the rum drink I had prepared.

“Thanks,” she said, and took the drink, taking a long swallow. Big Daddy motioned for her to drink more. This time, she drained the glass. Another spliff was produced and the process was repeated. Carly was more confident with her part, and sucked down more and more of the pungent smoke.

“Girl will be wasted,” muttered Pops to no one in particular.

Tied to the chair, I had no way of avoiding the heavy cloud of ganja smoke the filled the room. I realized that my thinking was fuzzy and I felt an out-of-body sense of well-being. Christ! If I was this stoned on second-hand ambient smoke, Carly would have to be incredibly wasted from taking the concentrated output from two big spliffs. I looked closely at my wife. Her pupils were hugely dilated, and she seemed to be in a near-dreamlike trance.

“Go and put on something sexy, little princess,” Big Daddy ordered. “Pops, go with her and make sure she does nothing stupid.” Carly stood and immediately sat down again. She struggled to stand up, and Pops had to assist. Wasted indeed. Together, they went into the bedroom. They were gone for perhaps 10 minutes. When they came back, Carly was wearing a transparent silk camisole that stopped at her waist and a matching G-string. She was stunning.

“Girl has no muff – nothing there at all,” said Pops.

“My parents gave me a laser permanent hair removal treatment as a wedding present,” Carly giggled. They paid for my legs, my arms, and my underarms. The salon threw in my pussy for free.”

“Come sit in my lap, little princess,” Big Daddy ordered. Carly did as she was told, and sat down in his lap. Ever so lightly, Big Daddy started running his fingertips along Carly’s neck, and then down her arms. He ran his left hand back up again, repeating the motion, but I realized his right hand was stroking her left thigh, moving ever so slowly up her thigh toward the G-string.

“So tell me, girl, have you ever been with a black man before?” Big Daddy asked. Carly shook her head. “Does your husband satisfy you in bed?”

“Yes,” Carly said, “he does.”

“Girl, are you sure he makes you feel like you always imagined it would be with a real man?” Big Daddy asked.

“I – he – yes, yes he does!” Carly replied. Was it my imagination, or was there the slightest hesitation in her response?

“You may want us to believe that, little princess, but I think after tonight you’ll realize you had no idea what real satisfaction meant.” Big Daddy replied. He looked at me at winked. “No, sir, young squire, you can be assured of that. Your white boy dick won’t do the trick once your pretty little wife has had a taste of Jamaica’s finest!” He laughed and went back to what he was doing to Carly.

I noticed that he had moved his left hand so that he was tracing the outline of Carly’s right breast. She shivered when he ran his index finger over her nipple. I could see it was becoming erect from the attention. Big Daddy slid his hand down to the hem of the camisole and then slipped it under and brought it up again to her breasts. This time, he began to openly caress her breasts and nipples. She started to squirm a bit, but did not struggle.

“Take off your top, little princess.” It was an instruction from Big Daddy, not a request. Carly did as she was told, leaving only her tiny G-string in place. He caressed her breasts with his left hand and began to lightly pinch the nipples, which were now hard and erect. Then he leaned forward and started to nuzzle Carly’s neck and ear. She squirmed under his touch. I could see that he had now slid two fingers of his right hand under the edge of the G-string. Carly stiffened for a moment.

“Please, please stop,” she begged. “This has gone far enough.”

Big Daddy nodded at Junior, who stepped forward and clouted me with another backhand. My ears rang and my eyes watered and for a moment, my vision went dark.

Big Daddy sighed. “Little miss, stopping ain’t going to happen. You fight, the young squire gets hit. You struggle, the young squire gets hit. You tell me to quit, the young squire gets hit. Do you understand what I’m telling you?” he said.

Carly nodded. “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

But Big Daddy was clearly annoyed. “Junior, bring me that rum drink and Pops get me another spliff,” he commanded. Junior brought the drink over. “Drink this all up, now!” Big Daddy instructed Carly.

She took the glass and drank it in one long draw. I’d deliberately made the drinks extra strong, knowing the fruit juice would hide the strong rum taste and the sugars would get the alcohol into her system. Carly had always been a cheap drunk, and I had known the drink would loosen her inhibitions.

Big Daddy lit the spliff that Pops had produced and again blew the concentrated smoke between Carly’s lips as she drew it in. This time, she put her small hand on Big Daddy’s cheek to steady him. Without warning, she slid the unlit end of the spliff into her mouth and pressed her lips against his.

Pops and Junior chuckled. “White girl starting to enjoy her Jamaican experience,” Pops cackled. I could only watch as the spliff “kiss” was repeated again and again; each time Carly seemed to press her lips harder against Big Daddy’s. Then the last of the spliff disappeared into Carly’s mouth. She chewed it and swallowed, but didn’t break the kiss. I could see that her tongue was in Big Daddy’s mouth as she kissed him more and more passionately. His right hand was now entirely under the front of the G-string and he rubbed two fingers over her pussy. She opened her thighs to give him easier access, and he ripped the G-string away. I could see that her pussy lips were glistening with her lubrication, and her clitoris was starting to appear from beneath its protective hood.

Despite her slender figure, Carly had been blessed with a prominent clitoris, and once she was aroused it would engorge and enlarge. She loved having it rubbed and sucked, which usually brought her to an intense orgasm in very little time. Once she started going, she could climax over and over, frequently soaking the sheets with her juices. We used to laugh after making love, because we both got the wet spot – there wasn’t much of the sheet that was dry.

By now, Big Daddy had two large fingers inside Carly, finger fucking the entrance to her pussy. “My, my, little princess, you sure don’t seem to be hating this,” Big Daddy chuckled. Carly placed her small hand over Big Daddy’s huge mitt and pressed him against herself. Her hips were making insistent circles on his lap.

“Junior, get over here!” Big Daddy said, and Junior walked over and stood in front of Carly. He pulled off his tee shirt and slipped out of his shorts. His thick black cocked dangled in Carly’s face like a snake.

“Best be using your mouth on him, little princess,” Big Daddy said.

Carly seemed mesmerized by Junior’s cock. She gently took him in her right hand and started stroking the shaft. Junior’s cock stiffened under her caresses, and she leaned forward and licked the tip, swirling her tongue around the head. Then she started taking him in her mouth, head bobbing up and down as she lubricated him with her saliva. With each movement, she took more and more in.

“Your husband as big as Junior?” Big Daddy demanded.

“Mmm-mmm,” came the mumbled reply. She pulled her head up and held onto Junior’s cock. “Junior’s just a little longer, but a whole lot thicker,” she said and then took Junior back in her mouth.

Big Daddy laughed. “His nickname’s Junior because his cock’s the runt of the litter. Pops is bigger. They call him Pops because he has a huge pop shot when he cums. And I ain’t called Big Daddy for nothing,” he smirked. Then he looked at Junior and said, “Time to open her up.”

Junior slid Carly out of his lap and got between her legs, rubbing the head of his erection against her wet slit. Then he shifted his weight forward and the head disappeared between her labia. He drew back and I could see that his cock was already wet with her pussy juice. Then he pressed forward again and in one motion slid the entire length of his cock into my wife’s pussy.

Carly moaned and then whimpered. “Please, please, my husband . . .” but Junior drew his cock back and slid it in again.

“Don’t be worrying about your husband, little princess,” Big Daddy said. “He’s enjoying the show, ain’t you young squire.” My erection was tenting my shorts. I couldn’t help it.

“I asked you a question,” Big Daddy said, “and I want you to answer it. Does it get you hard seeing your pretty little white wife with a big black Jamaican dick in her pussy?”

I nodded, hung my head in shame, and said “Yes.”

“Yes, what? Tell your wife.” Big Daddy demanded.

“Yes, damn it, it gets me hard seeing my wife fucking a big black Jamaican cock. She’s hot as hell,” I said grudgingly.

At that, Junior started fucking Carly vigorously. “Girl’s tight, but she’s loosening up,” he said. I could see his thick black cock pumping in and out of Carly’s pussy. He was glistening from tip to balls with her juice.

“Oh, God, yes!” Carly moaned. “Fuck me harder.” She was fucking Junior back with complete abandon now and had hooked her heels around his thighs, opening herself wider to his thrusts. Then her toes curled tightly. I knew she was starting to cum.

“Oh yes, oh yes, cummming!” she gasped as Junior thrust in and out faster and faster. Suddenly Junior thrust as hard as he could into Carly. I could see his buttocks clenching and he started grunting.

“Cum on, baby, fill my hot pussy!” Carly was lost in her own lust, urging Junior on. His whole body shuddered with the intensity of his climax, and finally he relaxed and slowly withdrew his cock from inside my wife. “Damn fine pussy you married,” he said, looking at me.

Carly looked at me and suddenly tears started running down her cheeks. “Oh God, Patrick, I am so sorry. I’m so very sorry. I didn’t want to, but I’m so high and it just felt so good. Please forgive me,” she sobbed.

Big Daddy burst out laughing. “Forgive? Ain’t nothing to forgive. Ain’t met a white husband yet who didn’t thank me personally for fucking his wife while he watched. And judging from the bulge in his shorts, your husband liked what he saw,” Big Daddy snorted. “Am I right, young squire?”

Well I was exhausted just from watching and listening to my wife fuck Troy. Yes, I had jacked my hard cock off twice during the whole incident if you were wondering. I didn’t have the strength to follow after her, and laid down on the bed still sporting quite an impressive erection after the loads I had blown.

I laid in the bed, and must of nodded off. Thinking of my slutty wife and what she had just started up again, now on this vacation. I awoke to a very familiar sound, it was the slurping sucking sounds that my wife makes when she was blowing my cock.

She had already changed into a camisole that was very sexy, it was a red see through material that when down to the almost mid thigh on her. I was fully hard in seconds of her expert sucking, and looked down at her.

“I thought you were coming right back to the room.” I asked looking over at the clock on the end table, just over an hour had past since she had walked the other way from Troy after he fucked her silly.

“Well, I made a new friend and we got to know each other.” she said in between slurping on my hard cock.

“Yeah, I saw you dancing with him.” I followed with. My cock was throbbing thinking is she really going to tell me. Will she tell me how he fucked the hell out of her pussy and ass. How he made her plead and almost beg to have his big black cock in her married white pussy. How she did beg to have him shoot his black seed deep in that married white pussy. Would she finally admit to me her husband of ten years that she really was a cum craving black cock slut, and had been one since she was sixteen years old.

“No, not him. Her name is Sarah, and she got married.” she looked up at me waving my own cock up to me.

“Her hubby is Rob, I didn’t meet him yet though. They are on there honeymoon here in Jamaica.” and with that she jumped up on her knees on the bed.

“They are from Canada.” she laughed. When we were on our own honeymoon we made friends with three couples that were Canadian, but had met probably at least ten. I always joked that the men must be always pissed because the only beer you could get in lots of places is Red Stripe here, which would compare to a Russian having to drink Gordon’s Vodka. Horrid.

She giggled as she moved her knee over my body to straddle me, and I could see she didn’t even bother with the matching panties with that camisole. She bent over to kiss me, as she had hold of my cock rubbing it’s hardness on her very wet pussy lips.

“I’m gonna ride your big cock into the night.” she whispered in my ear. I felt my cock head penetrate her pretty easily, and my cock is thick a decent eight inches. Her pussy was like a volcano, her juices burned like molten lava it was so hot. She leaned back up, and slammed her pussy into me, my hard cock was buried to the hilt. My wife had amazing muscle control with her pussy, and could squeeze as tight as she wanted. Sometimes making it difficult to last more than a mere few minutes, but I was determined. Her heat was the problem tonight, that pussy was burning my cock off.

“Yeah, fuck yeah, mmmmm ..” as she slammed herself down on my hard cock. Her head tilted all the way back, reaching up and pulling her hair over her head.

“I’m so hot, I need it so bad.” she groaned. It was hard to hear her though, all you could hear was the squishing sound of the hard fuck we were having.

“Shit, shit, I’m coming already.” as she pressed against me holding herself with my cock buried completely.

I felt her pussy juices wash over my cock, running down my balls, a pool of her juices formed under my ass. She had gushed, squirted her pussy juices all over my cock. I had made her squirt before, but this was the first time on my cock like this.

“Ohh my god, you feel so good in me tonight. So hard.” she had leaned back over almost collapsing on me from her orgasm. That didn’t stop her hips from grinding, or her slamming her pussy up and down on my cock though.

“I came so hard, honey. Did you feel me squirt?” she giggled in my ear while licking around the outside of it.

“It’s your turn now honey. I want to feel you come in me.” she whispered. “I’m so ready for your hot come now.”

Well I have a hard time usually when she whispers that in my ear, and it usually sets me off with the come flying out of my cock and deep into her pussy. This time I got a little angry, as I felt her pussy muscles squeeze me tight. Angry, and determined.

Her hard riding had brought us down to the bottom of the bed, my knees almost to the bottom feet dangling over the side. I grabbed her by the hair with my one hand, and wrapped my other arm around her waist. I stood up holding her tightly, and she instinctively wrapped her legs around me.

“I just not done with your pussy yet baby.” as I looked her in the eyes, and turned then flipping her onto her back on the bed.

“I’m gonna pound your hot pussy some more.” and I started to slam my hard cock into her. I had her arms over her head holding her tightly down with my full weight on her body.

“Then, maybe I’ll give you my come.” I whispered in her ear thrusting into her pussy deep. “Just maybe.”

She loved to be held down and fucked hard, that was her thing. She was panting like a dog in heat, barely able to moan out a throaty yes or please. She was trying to thrust her hips up at me, to get deeper penetration. She couldn’t speak as she groaned loudly, and I felt her come again from my hard pounding of her pussy. So hot her juices were, it was like liquid fire all over my pumping cock. She was groaning incoherently, and gushing cum out in buckets.

“Now you can have my come baby.” I whispered in her ear. The heat from juices had started my cock throbbing, and I knew I was going to come.

“All for you baby.” as I pushed all the way in. The first wad of my come firing out deep into her hot pussy, it belt like a bazooka blast I’m sure I was so worked up. Spurt after spurt of my hot seed flew out into her, and I filled that sweet hot pussy. When my spurting has subsided, I let her arms go and moved to get off her.

“Mmmm, you always know what I need.” looking me deep in my eyes, but she wouldn’t have any of that. She had her legs wrapped around me now, arms around my neck as I leaned up on my arms to get my weight of her.

“Such a great cock, and I love you so much honey.” and she then leaning up to meet my lips, kissed me deeply. We kissed for a while, and I playfully held onto her rolling her back over on top of me. She settled in with her head on my shoulder rubbing the hair on my chest laying half on top of me. She had just stopped rubbing as I fell asleep.

Next thing I knew bright light was coming through the windows, and it was morning. My wife was mot there with me in bed, and I looked over to check the time on the clock on the end table. It was only 8:15, I thought maybe she went for coffee. Then I saw a post it note stuck to the lampshade on the lamp, it was on the end table the clock was on so I wouldn’t miss it.

Went for breakfast with Sarah. Sleep in today you deserve it!! Love you Hun

She was gone, the funny thing was I heard a voice though. Still dazed from last nights drinking and fucking, I looked around. OK, I said to myself the windows are still open, then I went over to the chair where I had watched and listened to Troy fuck my wife late last night.

“Shit Gail, pick up your phone.” I heard her say in a quiet tone. She didn’t make it far, as she was on her cell phone facing away from the door looking out at the courtyard.

Now Gail was my wife’s single slutty friend back home, and I do mean slutty. I mean she would go out on “Girl’s Night Out” with my wife, before they would leave Gail would always tease me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure at least she is good.” Gail would say, of course referring to my wife.

“Forget about me though, I’m out looking for a big cock.” Gail and my wife would laugh as they left.

“I knew you were there.” my wife said as Gail must have picked up.

“You got anyone there with you this morning.” she giggled into the phone.

“Gail, it’s happening again.”she sounded slightly worried.

“I got so drunk on the plane, and in the limo ride here.” she shifted around in her chair nervously.

“I was flirting with the limo driver, flashing him my wet panties, as we rode over to the resort.”

“I couldn’t help myself, Gail.”

“When we got in the limo I could see he had a huge bulge going down his pants leg. I just knew he had a really big cock.”

“Then when we were getting the bags I almost feel over I was so drunk, but he caught me.”

“Gail, I felt that big black cock against my ass for just a second, but I knew Ed was huge.”

“Yes, he was so nice to us, introducing himself and all.”

“Yes, I was wet. Yes, I was dying to see that black cock.”

It was pretty easy to tell what Gail was saying back to my wife from the other side of her phone. She wanted details, the horny slut Gail was probably fingering that blonde haired tight little pussy she had. I’ll explain another time how I know she has a tight little pussy.

“Yes, he was really drunk too. You know we don’t really drink as much anymore.” she was obviously referring to me.

“I was so drunk I left my overnight bag at check in.” she giggled referring to her bag.

“Good thing I did too, cause hubby had to go back for it.”

“Gave me time to tip the hot young porter.” she laughed.

“Yes, I did. He brought the bags in, and I all doe-eyed looked up at him saying I had no money to tip him.”

“Maybe we could work out something though, and I brushed my hand across the bulge going down his leg.”

“No, I didn’t fuck him Gail.”

“I did suck his nice big black cock though.”

“I know I’m terrible.”

“I just dropped to my knees right by the foot of the bed.”

“I told him he might like this tip better then money.”

“Then I unzipped his pants, fished my hand inside them, and pulled out a very hot throbbing nine inch black cock.”

“Well, I didn’t measure it Gail.”

“It was nice and thick too.”

“I had to. It was beautiful, black, and huge!!”

“Gail, it tasted so good. When I licked the head I got a big drop of pre-cum. Then I was hooked.”

“Stop!! I am not a slut.” she giggled furiously.

“I did wanna see his come shoot.”

Ever since my wife’s first black cock experience, she loved to see hot come shoot out of a big cock.

“I made him get out of his pants so I could get in between his legs, he was so tall.”

“Yes, I had to take my clothes off slowly though. I didn’t want that cock to come out of my mouth.”

“Yes, he saw me completely naked.”

Yes, he played with my breasts and squeezed my nipples.”

“Gail, it was so unreal. His cock was so good, so big, and so black.”

“Yes, I know I sucked plenty of big black cock in my time.”

“His black cock was amazing though. I kept squeezing drops out of him. His creamy juice tasted so good.”

“Look I didn’t call to get you off over the phone. I have a problem.”

“Alright, I’ll tell you the rest. So you can get off.” my wife laughed at Gail through the phone.

“Yes, I can’t lie to you Gail. I’m very wet now too.”

“Yes, he did come all over my face. All over me, in my hair, and on my breasts.”

“God Gail it was so much. I really tried to swallow it all.”

“Thick, creamy, and shot streams of come.”

“Sure my knees were killing me. I moved onto the bed after he came on me.”

“He was finger banging me, as I scooped up and ate his come from off my tits and face.”

“No, I didn’t fuck him. I told you.”

“I handed him his pants, and told him he better go now.”

“I pushed him out, and told him he could give me his tip another time I’d be here all week.”

“I know, was that really naughty?” she laughed.

She was standing up now, walking in small circles around the patio. She had on a new string bikini, it was white, it was sheer, it left little to the imagination. You could clearly see her nipples though the sheer material, and that she had a hairless mound by her pussy.

“There’s more Gail, I actually met a black guy. His name was Troy, and he fucked my holes raw last night.”

“Well we started dancing at the club.”

“Yes, hubby was there at first, but then went to get something to eat.”

“Troy walked me back, and one thing led to another you know.”

“He wants me to meet him at 9 am Gail. I am so fucking horny.”

“Yes, later he fucked my pussy off last night.” she was obviously referring to our sex.

“No, he doesn’t know. I left a note for him, told him I was going to breakfast with a new friend Sarah.”

“I met her after Troy fucked me on the patio here.”

“Gail, what am I gonna do. I need some black cock bad.”

My wife then grabbed a white beach wrap she had on the couch, and started to walk away from the patio down the walkway.

“I know .. ” was the last thing I could hear her say as I looked back over to the clock. It was nearing 9 am.

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Due to the amount of comments of a ridiculous nature I feel a disclaimer is needed. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. I do check for spelling and punctuation in my submissions. These are Erotic stories, they are supposed to get you worked up, and if you are checking my spelling then the story or experience (in my case) just isn’t doing the job. Please don’t feel I need to hear your negativity, just move along quietly to the next author.

99% of my writings are from real life experiences, with a little bit of creative description.

I really do appreciate hearing people enjoy the accounts of my experiences, so I do welcome positive comments. Personally I only send positive comments though this site, since I am also not a critic. I do hope you continue to enjoy these adventures, and will continue to share them with you. Thank you.

So, my wife watched away from the patio down the walk towards the main part of the resort. She was still talking to her slutty friend Gail from back home, on her cell phone, telling her about the last twelve hours of her slut for black cock adventures.

She looked fantastic as she walked away in her white string bikini, even the beach wrap she had covering her couldn’t conceal the sheer material that showed off that sexy body.

My cock was rock hard from hearing her tell Gail how she sucked the big thick black cock of the porter who brought our bags to the suite. She had just started to go into detail about how Troy, the guy we met at the dance club last night, had fucked her pussy off when she started to walk away. Troy told her to meet him at the Jacuzzi Room at 9 am, and was looking to Gail for advice as to what to do. I knew what Gail’s advice was, same as it always is. Suck and fuck any big cock you can find, especially when on vacation. It was just a couple minutes before 9 am, so she needed to make up her mind.

Well, I had made up my mind. I was going to see what was going on in that Jacuzzi Room in a few minutes. So I dressed real fast, headed out the front door down the walkway to the pool area. The bath house had a Work out room, a Hot Tub and Jacuzzi room with small Sauna inside it, also a locker area and bathrooms for men and women. This resort had everything, that’s why I loved it.

I got there after my wife had just walked into the bath house, but I didn’t see her as I went through the work out area to get to the Jacuzzi room. I thought to myself, if she asks I’ll just tell her I got her note, and was headed to breakfast when I saw her walk in here.

Well, I went to open the door to the Jacuzzi room, but it was locked. I thought maybe she found it locked, and then went into the bathroom or locker area. I look around for her, then waited in the locker area to see if she would come out of the bathroom. Nothing. So, I went back to the Jacuzzi Room to see if I could get in some how. Now there was a printed out note on the door saying, “Down for Service. Will Re-open Shortly.”

Obviously something was going on. I was determined to find out what, and where my wife disappeared to. I went around the outside of the building walked around it, but the windows to the Jacuzzi room were way up high. Unless I wanted to climb a up a tree and pretend I was coconut picking in broad daylight I was shot out of luck. I leaned against the outside wall under the windows frustrated, when I heard voices from inside. No, I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but could recognize my wife’s voice. Also what sounded like at least two male voices, both with an unmistakably island accent.

I guess she had made up her mind, but no way I could see what was going on so I walked away a little disgusted, and a lot hornier then I thought I could be. Making my way back to the main part of the resort I said to myself, “Time to start drinking heavily, and make your own fun.”

I walked up to the main pool’s bar, and wondered if the same guy was bar tending there. Rick was the awesome bartender that was here when we had our real honeymoon. I talked with him the first day we got there that ten tears ago, he started telling me after I ordered my first shot of Jack Daniels.

“Smart man, don’t drink the crap they make here.” Rick advised. “All these fruity drinks are made with the cheap syrups.” “They know all the tourist folk drink them down like water.” “Half of them end up back in there rooms sick as dogs.” he explained further.

“They all want something cold, those frozen drinks are what they expect.” I said back to him.

“I got something good for you to try my friend.” Rick said smiling while pouring out my second shot.

“I don’t usually make them here, just at home.” “You gonna love this my friend.”

Rick grabbed a huge handful of fresh pineapple, tossed it in a blender with some ice, than added Rum and a few other mixers.

“Just for you man.” he said. “It’s the Pineapple Daquari.”

He poured it into a real tall glass, and I tried it. Awesome tasting with a nice kick, and no crappy syrup. He poured himself a small glass and drank some of it himself. He gave my glass a clink, and toasted me.

“You my friend are gonna have a good time here, I can tell.” and he laughed.

Anytime Rick saw me after that during our honeymoon after that I was the Pineapple Man. He even started making a drink for me if he saw me coming up the walk, like I said awesome bartender.

So I turn the corner thinking no way he is still here, low and behold who is cleaning off his bar but Rick. Well, no way he remembers me after ten years I thought and I walked up to the bar smiling. He turned to help his first guest of the day which was me, then turn around from wiping down his bottles.

“Hey, it’s the Pineapple Man. How you doing Pineapple Man?” Rick said, and like I said to myself awesome bartender. I laughed amazed that he remembered me.

“You don’t look as happy as I remember you man.” he said.

Then I remembered my last picture in Jamaica from our original honeymoon. I was in the middle of the pool with three big glasses of Pineapple Daquari’s Rick made for me shaking my head at my new wife telling her I wasn’t going back home. Yes, that picture was framed.

We laughed together, and he asked if I wanted a shot of Bourbon. Great memory I told him, and he poured two shots of Jack out.

“It’s a little early for this but I’ll join you my friend.” as he grabbed one of the shots and held it up to toast with me.

“I always remember the good people.” Rick said.

“I remember you bringing Felix that hat from your friend who was here.” he said grabbing his blender tossing some fresh pineapple in.

“Shit, I forgot all about that.” I said shocked.

The year before my friend had been here with his wife, and Felix was one of the other bartenders. I brought him a Felix the Cat baseball type cap from the states as a gift from my friend.

“A lot of people don’t bother being so nice.” Rick said. “They are here on holiday, and don’t wanna be bothered.” “Since you get it all included here, they don’t even offer a tip to you.” “We can’t take the tip, but it sure is nice when the good people try to give you one.”

I laughed, and remembered I tried to slip Rick a fifty before we left back then. He wouldn’t take it, just smiled at me and said it was his pleasure to make sure I had a good time.

By this time I had a big tall drink of Pineapple Daquari in front of me. I talked with Rick for a while, and he told me he had it good there. There were some fun extras here he said, as a hot blonde walked by in a bikini and we laughed.

He asked if I was here with the same wife laughing, some men come back with the new ones over and over again. I told him we decided to come back for a second honeymoon here, we had such a blast. As time past people came up got drinks, and went on there way. It was around a little after 11 am, when I looked at my cell phone next. Having such a good time, and catching a quality buzz.

“Well, how are you doing my friend?” I heard an island accented voice behind me. I turned around, and it was Ed the limo driver.

“I see Rick is taking good care of you.” Ed laughed. Ed was dressed causal in shorts and a button down printed shirt.

“Ed man, you off today.” Rick said to him. “Come have a drink with my friend.”

“Don’t mind if I do buddy.” Ed said to Rick.

“I need something to take my mind off all these pretty ladies running around in there bikini’s.” said Ed as he grinned and adjusted his crotch.

“They be driving me crazy, these white ladies.” Ed continued.

Rick hung out with us mostly since it wasn’t to busy yet. He told Ed about how he remembered me from those years ago, telling him pretty much the whole story of me and the wife being here before.

“So, how’s that pretty little Missy of yours doing?” Ed smiled over at me drinking some of his drink Rick just handed him.

“She already made a new friend, and was out with her.” I told Ed as I just remembered why I was over here drinking in the first place.

All of a sudden it was starting to get really busy at the bar, and after another round of drinks Ed suggested we hang out at a table so Rick can help everyone without feeling he had to keep talking to us.

Sounded normal so I said sure, and we went over to the tables having a seat.

“You sound like you make new friends fast man.” Ed said.

“Especially the little Missy.” he laughed.

“We like to have a good time when on vacation, Ed.” I laughed raising my glass to him.

“We also tend to drink, and party to much.” laughing more after I took a big slurp of my drink.

“You a nice man, my friend.” “You just got to watch some of our islanders.” “They tempt the pretty ladies.” “Some of these white ladies come here just for one thing you know man.” “Even if they are with a man already.”

Ed sounded a little serious, and pretty sincere deep in this conversation now. I was getting pretty drunk at this point, and tried to lighten up the talk.

“Well, my wife can get pretty wild when drunk, but I keep her pretty close when she gets that way.” I laughed.

“I’m serious man, a little drink, some weed from here, and the white ladies just wanna get busy.” “Especially the wives that come here.” “These white ladies get really sneaky.” “These island boys know it.” “They count on it on fact.” as Ed Laughed.

“Hey Ed, your starting to kill my buzz my friend.” I stood up laughing.

“Let me get us more drinks buddy.” and took our empty glasses to Rick at the bar.

“OK my friend,” Ed laughed back.

I put the glasses on the bar, and then Rick asked for another round. Then I saw her, my wife was walking up on the other side of the pool that was attached to the bar. She put her beach cover and cell phone on a lounge chair, and stood there looking a bit dazed. She was smiling as she stretched pulling up her hair over her head and seemed deep in thought as she walked to the pool steps that led into the water. Her suit was wet already, but her body shined like she was covered with sweat. That sheer white string bikini left nothing to the imagination, and could clearly see her nipples through the material. She walked in the water quickly up past her waist, and rubbed the water all over her body like she was getting something off her skin. I watched as she reached into her bikini bottom, she seemed to adjust her pussy like a man would straighten his cock in his pants.

“Looks like your lady has been having a good time already my friend.” I heard Ed say as now he was behind me at the bar.

“A little early for smoking the herb for me usually, but you are on vacation.” and Ed laughed.

I watched her walk out of the water equally as fast as she entered it, then pick up her stuff and over towards the beach area just past that away from the pool. She stopped after dropping something small, it was some kind of paper, and she bent over to pick it up. Showing her ass to anyone looking her way, the transparency of that sheer material stuck to her ass like it was painted with clear paint. She almost fell completely over with that move, then moved down the walkway after righting herself.

“I’m sure she’s just tired from the long night we had.” I said as I walked back to the table we were at.

“Your Missy there is walking like she something long this morning my friend.” Ed sat down and laughed.

“I don’t mean no disrespect, I like you man.” “Lots of couples come here, for different reasons.” “Some like to spice things up a bit.” “The white ladies come down to get some black cock.” “There husbands like to watch them get it man.” “They like to swing yanno.” I stared off into space as Ed explained.

“This place is just made up for all that.” “You never know what you gonna see next when you turn a corner.” “I seen the nicest ladies, sneaking off with an island man.” “You turn a secluded corner, next thing you see she on her knees and is sucking his big black cock.” “She not really caring who sees her doing it.” “I won’t lie to you man, I had many a white lady sucking my cock here.” Ed finished as he grinned at me.

I sat there amazed at what all Ed said to me, not shocked though after all I had seen all through my honeymoon here long ago, and this vacation all ready.

“I’m sure you get plenty of white pussy Ed.” I said back to him.

“You think your wife is different from the other white ladies my friend.” “You think she can resist the excitement of sex with these island men.” Ed asked seriously.

“That’s a tough thing to know completely, Ed.” “Since I think you can enjoy sex without all the love crap attached.” “Sometime the best sex just happens.” “I think my wife feels the same way as I do, good sex can just be that good sex.” “So I trust her, to know the difference.” and felt confident in my response to Ed, even if I just watched my wife fuck the big cock off and island man last night myself. By of course I was drunk off my ass at this point.

“You wife is a very pretty lady man.” “I just don’t want her to get in over head my friend.” “She was looking a little high, the smoke here does funny things to people who don’t have it all the time. “That’s why we give it to the pretty white ladies visiting.” “They lose there minds, and just want to get fucked.” “Easy pickings as we say here.” and Ed laughed loudly.

“Well I couldn’t stop her if she wanted to do anything behind my back anyway Ed.” saying as I finished my drink.

“Who says you need to stop her man, you just wanna know.” “See for yourself.” “Some piece of mind, yanno my friend.” “Like I said, some husbands like to see there wife with an island man.” “They like to watch them fucked with the big black cocks.” as Ed grinned at me, he must have sensed that was me, and I was one of those husbands.

“Well, Ed you ever let some husband watch you fuck his wife?” I questioned him now.

“Sure man, that don’t bother me.” “I love that pretty white pussy.” “Once they see what I got to give them I can get them begging for it.” “Look come on my friend, come with me I have a feeling I know where your little Missy is headed.” Ed said as he stood up.

I followed him, after almost falling over standing up. Damn, the Rum here is strong, and I was pretty hammered. We went around to the front of the resort by the check in, his limo was parked on the far side of the circle so other cars could get in easily. I looked in at the desk though the windows, and there was my wife talking to the girl behind the counter. She had that paper she had bent over to pick up in her hand, and showed it to the girl.

“You get in the driver’s side, and turn on the engine.” “Turn on the monitor for the back of the limo, and wait.” “No driving for you though mister.” “You had too many pineapple drinks.” as Ed laughed and walked off to the door leading into the check in counter.

I did exactly what he said in my drunken stupor, and waited. Through the tinted windows I could see him leading my wife over to the limo, and open the side door.

“Missy, I told you it’s no problem.” “You can’t trust these cab drivers sometimes little lady.” “Now where you need to go?” Ed asked my wife as she climbed into the back.

“Well, to this address.” she excitedly said and handed him the small piece of paper, it looked like a business card.

“Say Missy, this ain’t the best part of town yanno.” as Ed got in after her closing the door behind him.

“Oh really, I think I’ll be OK.” I heard her say right before Ed pulled the door shut. She looked worried for a split second then started giggling.

That’s when I saw, she was definitely stoned. Her eyes were glazed over, and she had that playful horny laughing that comes from her smoking. I watched in the monitor as Ed, went over to the bar took two glasses and put ice cubes in them, and turned to her. Damn I thought nos freaking sound, I wanna hear what’s going on. I played with the monitor, turned the right knob, and started to hear there voices.

“Sure Ed, I have some Rum.” “After all I’m on vacation, and ready for some fun.” my wife laughed.

“Two Rum’s coming up.” as Ed turned back to the bar grabbed a bottle and poured out the drinks. As he did there was no mistaking the fact she was checking his ass out. She had that horny slut stare on, and then shifted on the seat putting one legs under her. Just as Ed turned around to face she was pulling the beach cover of her shoulders, and even in the monitor I could see her nipples were big and hard. They were clearly visible through that sheer bikini top.

“It’s hot back here.” as she grabbed the drink from him taking a big swig. Of course when she did she took extra special care to toss her head back , and push out those beautiful tits.

“Well Missy, you sure look good in that suit.” Ed said looking over her body.

“To bad you are going into town, I could show you a nice spot on the beach away from the resort.” he added. As he did he moved next to her on the seat.

“I look even better out of this suit Ed.” she giggled at him.

Then finished her drink down reaching past him to put the glass down. As she did that she put her other hand on his thigh to steady herself, her breasts and hardened nipples brushed against him. When she leaned back to sit that hand stayed on his thigh, and started to rub it. She sat the same way legs crossed under her, and I’m sure he was getting a good look at her probably very wet pussy through the sheer material of that bikini bottom.

“Is it a nude beach Ed?” she asked teasing his leg with her hand.

“Then I could show you how good I look out of this suit.” she smiled at him teasing closer to the bulge in his shorts.

“Well Missy, you can’t seem to wait to get another big black cock can you?” Ed asked her pulling her hand to that bulge. I thought to myself what did he mean another big black cock.

She didn’t say a word as she squeezed his huge bulge, looking down staring at it.

“You should answer a man when he asks you something.” “You like rubbing that big black cock?” “You want more big black cock , don’t you?” “Don’t you!” he sounded demanding an answer.

“No. I can’t wait.” “I love the feel of your big black cock so hard in your shorts.” “Yes. I want more big black cock.” she whimpered back to him submissively looking in his eyes now.

“I know you do Missy.” “You know that I probably know that address is Troy’s place.” “You needed a ride over to suck more of his big black cock.” “You don’t need a ride, you got a nice big black cock right here.” as Ed pushed my wife’s head down, she undid his shorts. He had no underwear on and his hard black cock sprang up towards her face.

I watched as her hands grabbed the shaft and his huge balls, while her mouth sucked in the very large cock head. She was up on her knees on the seat now, slobbering all over his steel hard cock. Her head bobbed up and down on it, and her spit shined it up dripping down to his balls. he was lost in her cock sucking heaven.

Ed in the meantime had pulled the string on her bikini bottom, and it fell off her upturned ass. Her pussy and asshole has easy access for him now. Ed didn’t waste time, sliding a couple fingers into her tight pussy.

“Damn Missy, you have one very hot wet tight little pussy.” as Ed plunged his fingers deep into her hole.

“If I was alone yesterday, I would have told you to stop, pull over and let you fuck me right back here.” “I saw you looking at me.” she groaned out.

“Yes Missy, I knew you for what you are.” “A fine looking married white slut who came for some big black cock.” “Now get back on that cock and suck it.” as he pushed her head down onto that big piece of black meat.

“Yes I am a slut for this big black cock.” and sucked him back in deep into her mouth. She was bucking her ass back at his probing fingers, and I could hear the squishing of her juices around them.

“Mmm, Bastien…”

Sebastien Byrne looked down in dismay, watching as his new bride lovingly faked her way through another orgasm. She was very good at it—soft and sweet, and imminently realistic. No glass-shattering screeches, or siren-like banshee wails. In fact, if he hadn’t been inside of her when it happened, he would have sworn that it had been real. His pleasure greatly diminished, he rolled over onto his side, and pulled her body tightly against his. Winter wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing the length of her body to him. He could sense the tension strumming through her, so he gently stroked her smooth, curving bottom until she relaxed.

Her face was buried in his neck, his hand still tangled in her hair. He knew that Winter loved him, just as he knew that she was aroused by him. But here they were, on the last week of their three-week honeymoon and, to his knowledge, she had yet to have an orgasm. At first, he wasn’t surprised. She had been a virgin when they married, so he knew that the first few times would be an adjustment for her. However, now he was starting to worry.

Winter wasn’t frigid…he knew that as truly as he knew his own name. He knew that she loved being with him almost as much as he enjoyed her. Within three weeks, he had seen her blossom from shy, sweet, eager virgin, to generous, willing, sensual lover. Sebastien couldn’t understand why she had yet to climax. They had done a number of things…in a number of positions…in a number of places, but within several days, he started to suspect that she wasn’t reaching her peak.

Unlike Winter, Sebastien was no virgin when they wed. He had never been too wild, but he had been in a few sexual relationships—enough to know how it felt when a woman came on his cock. He remembered feeling dry-mouthed at their wedding reception just thinking about her sweet little butterfly flutters moving up and down his hard shaft while she softly breathed his name in his ear.

He sighed. He just didn’t know what was wrong. Winter had yet to say no to any of his advances—in fact, several times, she had seduced him. While they were together, her body told him that she was aroused. The flush under her tawny skin, her tight little cinnamon nipples, her dilated pupils and darkened irises, her accelerated breathing, her elevated pulse, her writhing, trembling body, not to mention the delectable wetness that literally dripped–dripped–from her swollen sex, down her soft thighs, all told him that she wanted him. Sebastien was a biology professor at Duke University, whose Ph.D from the University of Dublin had been on human sexual response. He knew what arousal looked like.

Winter had been a law student when they met. They waited until she had graduated before seriously dating, in order to quell any rumours on the surprisingly small campus. The first few times that they had been in each others company, he had thought her cold and methodical. Upon seeing her more and more however, he realized that, though she was methodical, cold couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Once Winter opened up, she was charming, loyal, conscientious, and…as he had learned in the last two weeks, exceedingly passionate. Sebastien kissed her warm shoulder, while she purred, and snuggled closer, breathing slowly regulating into that of sleep.

He didn’t know why his wife wasn’t reaching her release, but he was going to find out before the honeymoon was over, and real life came between them.


Sebastien awoke to the enchanting sight of his bride bent over, plump caramel buttocks, courtesy of a Kenyan grandmother, peeking insouciantly out of her cream-coloured lace boy-shorts as she reached between her legs to attach her garters to her silken stockings.

“Good morning to me,” he lilted in a sleep-roughened Irish baritone. Winter glanced at him from between her legs, then slid a hand under her long, thick, wavy, warm chocolate brown hair to help flip it back over her shoulders as she straightened. Smiling invitingly, wearing nothing but a matching creamy lace bra, panty, and garter belt set, and pale golden silk fishnet stockings, she slowly crawled up the bed to him. Straddling his hips she slowly stroked her hands up and down the sides of his chest.

“Good morning to you, lover,” she responded, leaning in for a kiss.

Sebastien turned his head and stilled her arms. “Ach…not before I’ve showered. You smell amazing,” here he inhaled the warm, humid air that still held notes of her blood orange whipped bath soap, “and I’m chock full of morning breath, and fresh urine.”

Winter wrinkled her nose and laughed, gracefully removing one leg and letting herself fall on her back beside him. “Oh, Dr. Byrne, you always know just what to say.”

He lasciviously grabbed a handful of smooth, soft thigh, and squeezed before rolling out of bed, and sauntering to the bathroom. “A gentleman knows never to touch a lady while he’s unshowered, unbrushed, and still covered in questionable substances from the previous night.” He turned in the bathroom doorway to face her. “I’m filthy–”

She rolled quickly and easily to her knees, hands planted on the bed, looking for all the world like something straight out of his most fevered transition year fantasies. “I like it when you make me dirty, Dr. Byrne,” she purred dulcetly, in her husky Southern drawl.

He laughed, delighted. “Behave yourself, you impertinent young chit! I’m a man, not a sex-machine!”

Winter fell back on the bed, rolling with laughter, while Sebastien affected a long-suffering expression, and went in for his shower.

When he emerged, she was fully dressed in a figure-hugging cream wool pencil skirt, five inch black leather heels, and an iridescent golden-ebony silk button-down shirt. He held the towel negligently around his narrow hips, water still dripping from his deep auburn hair, and neatly trimmed beard. “I just don’t know, darling,” he started, shaking his head sadly, while his black eyes twinkled. “Are you sure that I’m not overdressed?” he finished, indicating his lack of clothing.

She turned, her large hazel eyes widening at the sight of his bare torso, water trickling slowly and lovingly down his sleek frame. Giving a breathless little laugh, Winter rejoined, “I’m sure that no one would have the temerity to complain against such a well-tailored ensemble.”

Sebastien grinned, letting his towel slip casually from his hips as he walked over to pull clothing from his suitcase. Tossing the towel over his shoulder into the bathroom, he savoured the feeling of her eyes on him, as he took his time dressing. Oh, no…whatever the problem, a lack of desire from Winter was not the cause.

A sudden knock at the door startled Sebastien from his thoughts. He turned to Winter and raised an eyebrow.

“Room service,” she explained. “I know how much playing with me tuckers you out, old man.”

He grinned. Though he was only five years older than she, it was their running joke that he had robbed the cradle while she was busy robbing the grave. He walked over to the door, and opened it to a bright young bellhop who wheeled in the brunch cart. Sebastien tipped the bellhop, who playfully saluted him and left, whistling cheerily. Lifting the silver lid from the various dishes on the cart, he looked at her in delight.

Winter shrugged. “You worked pretty hard last night, Sebastien-mine. I thought that you deserved something more than the usual croissant and coffee this morning, so I asked them to make something a bit more substantial for you.”

Lucas happily eyed the fluffy herbed omelette, steaming croissants, rich hot chocolate, and strawberries arranged artfully over creamy yogurt. “Aye, I knew that there was a reason I married you.”

“What can I say?” she asked, sitting on his lap and putting a cool, sweet strawberry to his lips. “I give good room service…”


Stepping out onto the streets of Paris a short time later, they walked arm in arm on their way to go exploring. They had spent each week in a different French city, culminating their honeymoon in the City of Light, and though they knew that they probably should do the culturally relevant thing, and see as many museums as possible, they were really enjoying just finding whatever they could discover on their long walks.

This morning (okay, afternoon) however, they had an appointment to take a boat ride on the Seine. Sebastien watched his new wife’s swaying bottom, as she made her way up the gangplank ahead of him. He suppressed the animalistic urge to drag her under his body and thrust into her until her body had no choice but to give her an orgasm. He shook his head to clear his mind of those thoughts. If he kept thinking like that, he’d embarrass them both.

The boat ride passed happily for them, with Winter laughing in delight as the wind made short work of her previously artful coif. Shaking her head in surrender, she removed the pins holding up her hair, and let the wind tangle it around her face, making her look like a gamin little fairy. Sebastien just watched her. He loved looking at her. Her artless delight with life never failed to make him want to protect her, and join her in equal parts. It didn’t help that she was a neat foot shorter than he. Though he logically knew that she was well equipped to take care of herself, having studied krav maga at her father’s knee, there was a primitive part of him that wanted to shield her from the depredations of the world. He sighed and watched as the wind blew her hair straight back, making her look like a wild siren.

After their boat ride, they took a stroll down the Rue Montorgueil, so that Winter could explore its open-air market. Sebastien purchased a wicker basket for her, and then held it as she flitted from stall to stall, slowly filling it with various vibrant fruits, freshly baked pastries, and rich cheeses. They took a meandering walk to the Parc Monceau, found a secluded spot, and shared a leisurely picnic.

Sebastien loved to watch her eat. He felt like a secret pervert at mealtimes. Winter was just such a sensual eater. He didn’t think that such a thing existed until he met her. When she bit into something that she particularly liked, she’d purr, or sometimes give a little soft moan, and close her eyes. Also, in the absence of silverware, if something dripped onto her fingers, her quick little pink tongue would dart out and slowly lave the offending digit, looking like nothing so much as a serious little cat. The best part of it it was, she was totally unaware of this behaviour. He’d seen her do the same things when she didn’t know that she was being watched.

He cleared his throat, surreptitiously adjusted himself, and sighed, wishing that they were back at the hotel. Winter looked up quizzically at him, sensing his mild distress. Sebastien smiled reassuringly at her, and took a hearty bite from his crispy, still-warm croque monsieur.

They went wandering around the boulevards, stopping to watch interesting street performers, or to peer down dark, narrow streets like nosy children. At the entrance of the first bookstore that they found, Winter stopped and sucked in a breath like a child on Christmas. Sebastien looked around, seeing nothing but stacks upon stacks of dusty old tomes. His wife moved easily through the claustrophobic shelves, chattering gaily in French with the shopkeeper. Sebastien finally leaned against a wall and just watched her as she traced her fingertips over the spines, occasionally stopping to open a book and briefly read what was inside. She ended up buying several first editions of various children’s books for sister-in-law

He grinned as they left the store. “Winter, Fiona just had the baby. He won’t be able to read English for years, let alone French.” She peered at him haughtily over her tortoise-shell spectacles, her hair unbound and wild, several dusty smudges on her face. “I’ll have you know that my nephew is a genius. While I was playing with him at the wedding, I asked him what the cat says, and do you know what he said, Bastien? He said, ‘Miau’. Does an ordinary three month old know that? No, unless they are as perfect as Aubrey, which is highly doubtful, as he is the pinnacle of everything that a baby should be.”

Sebastien stopped her as she started to brush by him, resting his arm above her head on the building behind her, and said low, “And you don’t think that you’re just a wee bit biased?”

Winter looked up at him, smiling beatifically. “No!”

“Should I be jealous?” he smiled down at her, ebony eyes alight with good humour, his fingers gently stroking her jaw.

“Mmm…maybe,” she flirted. “You know that I’ve always had a thing for short, chubby, bald men!” Laughing, she slid past him. They spent the next few hours flitting through dusty old used book, and ephemera shops. After the last little antique shop, where he had bought her a coquettish little fan, and she had purchased a heavy set of silver and garnet cuff-links for him, he followed her from the store, catching hold of her hand. Smiling at one another, they leisurely made their way to Le Cordon Bleu for an open dinner demonstration.


Winter sighed wistfully as Sebastien knelt before her, removing her shoes, and gently stroking her calves. “Who knew a knife could move so fast! And the designs that he carved into those carrot shavings were so intricate! They looked like filigree! Oh—and that rosemary smoke that he infused into his tuna sashimi amuse-bouche was such an transcendent experience, both visually and olfactorily…” She drifted off as she realized that he wasn’t saying much, just looking up at her indulgently, one hand around her right ankle, thumb stroking it gently. She smiled ruefully. “I’m babbling, aren’t I?”

He smiled lazily up at her. “I like to listen you talk.” He traced his fingers slowly up and down the front of her left leg. “You have the cutest little accent.”

“Me?!” she gasped in mock surprise. “Your accent is cuter.”

He grinned mischievously up at her. “The Irish don’t have an accent—we’re just the only ones in the world who know how English is supposed to sound.”

She ruffled his hair playfully. He wrapped his arms around her left leg and leaned his cheek against it. He began placing slow, gentle, sweet kisses on the outside of her knee. “Winter,” he started softly.

“Hm?” she responded, savouring the feel of his soft lips and warm beard against her leg.

“I want to talk to you about something, lovely,” he said, his voice low and caressing.

“Hm?” she said dreamily.

“I love you,” he started.

“Love…” she trailed, stroking his hair.

He could feel the heat of her arousal warming his cheek as he knelt at her feet. He smiled, hiding his lips against the outside of her knee. Winter was terrifyingly articulate. She had a savage intelligence that at times awed him, and she was a mistress of debate, and rhetoric. When she was aroused, however…her level of verbal communication nosedived.

During the first week of their honeymoon, while they had been making love, he had slid his hand down to her curls, his fingertips questing for her tight little bud. She had squealed, and then sighed, “Hacienda….”

“Hacienda?” he had queried, bemused. “A Spanish estate plantation?”

“Oh, I don’t know! Don’t know!” she had moaned, arching under him and practically ripping the sheets from the bed.

Winter didn’t even speak Spanish.

He forced his mind back to the present. “I love you,” he repeated. He slid his right hand slowly up the back of her left leg, cupping the back of her knee as he continued to place soft kisses on the outside of her knee. He slid his left hand up under her skirt, slowly stroking her right hip. “I love you, and I want you, and I know that you love me…that you want me…”

“Mm-hm,” she nodded in artless agreement.

“I am yours. All I want is to spend the rest of my life making you happy, which is why…we need to discuss why you haven’t been cumming when we make love.” He kept up his caresses, watching her face.

A small frown line appeared between her eyebrows. Her head tilted, as if she were contemplating some difficult problem, and then twitched. Her head twitched again, and the she slowly shook it, as if to clear herself of a mental fog. “No…no…” she said softly, her body trying to scoot away from him. Her eyes opened, and she looked confused.

He pulled her closer, not allowing her to move away from him. She made a little sound of distress, and he slid his arms around her hips, and pulled her down into his lap. Nuzzling her ear, he whispered, “Please, darlin’…talk to me…” his lilt thickening.

She whined, and then turned to him, burying her face in his neck, arms wrapped around him. He stroked her hair and slowly rocked her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“No—don’t ever be sorry. There’s no need for sorry, you haven’t done anything wrong. But this is something that we need to talk about before it goes any further.” He rubbed his jaw against her hair. “Before we were married, you told me that you used to masturbate…did you finish then?” She nodded miserably. “Okay…okay. Have you done it since we were married?”

“Oh, no!” she protested, backing up to look into his eyes. “I haven’t needed to do that—you keep me satisfied.”

He smiled ruefully, “Thanks for that, but something is awry, and we need to figure out how to take care of it.” He placed a finger under her chin, gently stroking the soft skin. “You don’t want to go the rest of your life without having an orgasm with me, do ya?”

“Well…no…” she replied slowly.

“And isn’t it better to take care of it sooner rather than later?” he cajoled.

“Yes?” she said uncertainly.

“Alright, then,” he said comfortably. “Do you want me?”

She looked up at him, speechless, eyes wide in shock. Then she she set her jaw and said, “Sebastien Alastar Byrne, if you actually think that I don’t want you, why then you’re dumb as a post! Want you?! I can’t stop thinking about you! Your scent, your touch, the sound of your voice, the way you taste… Sometimes we’re out and it’s all I can do to not drag you into a dark alley, climb on top of you, and ride you like Seabiscuit! Would I have married you if I didn’t want you?”

He chuckled. “Fair enough”, he said, hands raised in surrender. “Just making sure that that’s out of the way.”

Winter harrumphed. Sebastien grinned. “So, we know that you’re not frigid, we know that you want me, am I…” here he paused uncertainly. “Not…good?”

Winter melted in his arms. “‘Bastien…you make me tremble.” She looked down shyly. “You make me…writhe and whimper…you make me tingle…all over…. When I’m with you…I lose language. All I can think of is you, and the feeling of your warm breath ghosting across my skin. The feeling of your hot hands stroking me…caressing me… everywhere. And your voice…it’s so deep…it makes me want to do…everything with you…” She finally halted, staring down at her hands, cheeks flaming.

He cleared his throat, momentarily nonplussed. He had been told that he was a good lover before, but never in such an open, vulnerable, honest way. He brought her wrist to his mouth, gently placing a kiss on the warm, delicate inside. Softly, so as not to make her defensive, he asked desperately, “So then…what is it, a thaisce?

She shrugged mournfully. “I don’t know. I honestly don’t. I could blame it on nervousness, but I haven’t been nervous since the first time. I thought, maybe because it was because you made me so wet…too wet. But extra friction didn’t help, either.”

He nodded, thinking. “Let’s do an experiment.” Winter perked up, pressing her breasts to his chest. “Down, lass—not that sort of experiment!” he laughed.

She pouted charmingly. “But I love playing sexy mad scientist!”

“You love to play, period.” he retorted.

Winter nodded, grinning mischievously. “You’re not wrong.”

Sebastien smiled. No, frigidity was not the problem, here. “I’m going to shower first tonight. You stay out here and…” here he slowly walked his fingers up her inner thigh, and gently tapped at the apex of her thighs. Winter raised an eyebrow at him and he grinned. Climbing to his feet, with her in his arms, he set her on the bed and began loosening his tie. Walking backwards to the bathroom, he said, “Let’s just see what happens. See you on the other side.” He closed the door, and left her to her personal playtime.

When he later exited the bathroom in a cloud of fragrant steam, he found Winter sitting on the side of the bed, looking thoughtful. “Well?” he gently queried.

She nodded, blowing out a breath. “It worked.” He sat beside her, not even bothering to put on a towel, and she leaned against his warm side, uncaring of his intermittent dripping. “So, what does this mean?” she asked.

“Well,” he sighed, “it’s not physical.”

She was silent. Then her face crumpled. “I just want to be good for you!”

“What?” he asked, bemused by her outburst.

“It’s so frustrating. All I want is to please you, and I can’t even do that!” she said bitterly.

“What do you mean, ‘Please me’?” he questioned.

“I want to keep you aroused.” she answered haltingly.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“I don’t know,” she said dismissively turning away.

“Yes you do,” he coaxed, wrapping his arm around her, and laying her head against his shoulder. “Talk to me, love.”

“I don’t want to bore you. I just don’t understand why my body isn’t cooperating.” She bit her lip.

He was silent. Then, he said slowly, “I think…I think that we’ve just discovered the problem.” She lifted her head to look at him questioningly. He began to slowly rub her arm. “You don’t have to…perform for me. You are my wife, not a bloody…porn star. I think that you’re…so worried about looking, and sounding good that your mind is keeping your body from taking over.” He pulled her into his lap, and wrapped his arms around her.

“Winter…” He paused, choosing his words carefully. “Sex isn’t entertainment. It’s about loving and giving, cherishing and adoring another person, while they reciprocally love and give, cherish and adore.” She stared at him in shock as he went on. “It’s a physical representation of unconditional love that is supposed to be given exclusively between two people.” He paused to give her a chance to respond.

“I would be inclined to agree with you, but…” she sighed, blowing a stray tendril from her face. She seemed to gather her courage, then plunged on, “Studies have shown that during sex, about the only time a man experiences a surge of oxytocin is during orgasm. After orgasm, a man’s oxytocin levels return to their normally relatively low levels. Conversely, not only do women produce oxytocin during sex, orgasm, and post orgasm, but they also produce higher levels of oxytocin during each stage.” It was his turn to stare at her. “What I’m trying to say is that…sex will not necessarily make you bond with me emotionally, but I know that if I can keep you sexually interested, then you’ll be more inclined to stay because you’ll want to keep having sex with me.”

Silence reigned after her little speech. Winter’s face flushed redder and redder as Sebastien continued to stay silent. When he finally spoke, his voice was very soft. “I think that the casually graphic that way sex is portrayed in modern media, has caused you not to regard it as communication, but to instead adopt the idea that it’s primarily for recreation, or even sport. What was lost in the translation was intimacy.” She turned away in embarrassment. He took her hand, and gently stroked her ring finger. “Fifteen days ago, with this ring I thee wed.” He kissed her tawny little knuckle, then stood with her in his arms. Carrying her into the bathroom, he purred, “Tonight, with my body I thee worship…”

He stood her next to the tub, and began to gently remove her clothing. When Winter realized what he was doing, she moved to help him, but he brushed away her hands. “No, a stóirín, tonight I want to take care of you. Will you let me do that?” She nodded hesitantly while he finished pulling her shirt from her skirt and patiently undid all of the tiny pearl buttons. He lifted her left wrist and undid her cuff, kissing the round little bone at the outside of her wrist, then moving to the other. She smiled a grateful smile inside when he tossed her shirt into the hamper. Sebastien was so neat. It was one of the things that she loved about him. He leaned into her, slowly stroking his hand down her side, brushing it over her ribs and caressing her hip. Bringing his hand back up, he slowly undid the zipper at her side, and let the skirt pool to the floor.

“Step out of it, please,” he asked politely. After tossing it into the hamper, he wrapped his long arms around her, slowly sliding his hands up her spine. Sebastien deftly undid her bra, sliding her straps down her arms without moving back, so that the tips of Winter’s nipples brushed his chest as she breathed. She leaned forward, nuzzling his neck, and he tilted his head to nuzzle her cheek. Before he became lost, he took a step back, and knelt at her feet, to undo her stockings and toss them with the quickly growing pile. He slowly slid his hands up her naked, sensitive legs, cupping her bottom, and pulling her forward, so that he could bury his face in the soft warmth at the top of her thighs. He breathed deeply, scenting her arousal, and feeling her wetness against his lips. He looked up at her, wearing nothing but her garter belt and panties, her hair framing her face as she looked down at him.

He hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties, and slowly uncovered her curls, placing soft, reverent kisses on them as he dragged her panties lower. After she had stepped out of them, Sebastien brought them briefly to his face, inhaling the salty, light scent of her arousal, while looking up at her. Winter’s mouth had fallen slightly open at the sight of her husband at her feet, with her panties held to his face, so he gently placed them in the hamper, resisting the urge to really scandalize her by suddenly letting his tongue slide up her slit.

Sebastien stood, leaned into the stall, and turned on the shower. He helped Winter into the shower, positioning her to stand with the steaming spray running over her front, while he stood behind her, warming her back, one arm around her waist, his erection nestled between her soft cheeks. Taking a sponge and dipping it into the pot of whipped soap, he began to slowly lather her body from head to toe. When he reached her intimate areas, she made as if to take over, but he stopped her, whispering seductively in her ear, “No, a ghrá mo chroí. I take care of what is mine…” She gasped as she slid a warm, soapy cloth between her legs, leisurely cleaning her there, then slipped the cloth between her cheeks. She blushed as the roving cloth slid over her tightly furled rosebud, but she didn’t stop him.

By the time they left the shower, Winter had been thoroughly bathed, with great attention having been paid to her more sensitive areas. Sebastien wrapped her in a warm, fluffy towel, brushing it over her skin to absorb the shower water. When he was satisfied that she had been thoroughly dried, he gave himself a quick once over with the towel, to rid himself of any extraneous water. Tossing the towel into the hamper, he started for her, his engorged cock insouciantly bouncing from thigh to thigh. She giggled at the sight, and he grinned, briefly making it dance for her.

He stalked toward her again, and she backed toward the bed, sitting with a sudden plop. He grinned again as he moved forward, forcing her to climb backward on the bed, until her back hit the headboard. Sebastien wrapped an arm around Winter’s waist, and pulled her down onto her back, climbing on top of her. She started to wrap her arms around his neck, but he took her hands from around his shoulders and kissed her wrists, then drew them over her head. “Lie here, just like that,” he said. He left to procure one of his ties, then returning, used it to deftly bind her wrists to he headboard. She looked up at him, hurt, and he said, “This is to make sure that you don’t drive me mad with those questing little hands of yours. As soon as you put your hands on me…I lose control,” here, he brushed his mouth over hers, continuing, “You make me crazy.”

Mollified, Winter lay back and let him finish tying her securely. Sebastien gazed down at his sweet little wife looking up at him so trustingly. He gave her a slow, crooked grin, as he whispered, “I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.” Her eyes widened as she recognized the opening line to one of her favourite Neruda love poems. His mouth descended on hers, and she shivered as he gave her a thorough, probing kiss. His firm lips slid against her soft ones, his tongue rhythmically plunging into her mouth, brushing her tongue, sliding across her teeth, tickling along the seam of her mouth. Winter groaned low, and Sebastien felt a jolt shoot down to his cock as she involuntarily arched, and nipped him, sinking her sharp little teeth into his sensitive bottom lip. He smiled against her mouth as he felt her squirming slowly beneath him.

He dragged his lips down to her throat, placing tender kisses against the delicate caramel skin. Her head fell back as his soft beard and warm mouth teased the sensitive skin of her throat, making her squirm even more. His hand was buried in her hair, fingertips stroking her sensitive scalp.

He moved his mouth lower, rubbing his beard along the curve of her right breast. He murmured, “Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets.” Looking up to watch her face, Sebastien opened his mouth over her breast, and gently bit. His flickering tongue laved her sensitive nipple as his teeth sank into the soft flesh of her full, warm breast. Winter released a high pitched whine, as her face contorted in pleasure. Sucking hard, his tongue lapping around her puckered areola, he brought his strong left hand to her other breast, palming it a little roughly as his tongue gently stroked. He caressed her breast, brushing over her insistent little nipple with his thumb, even as his hot, wet mouth was busy with its twin. Winter jerked as jolts of pleasure shot from her breasts down to her swollen clitoris, which was peeking out of its wet little red hood, begging for a soft kiss.

Sebastien switched his mouth to the other breast, latching on and sucking powerfully, as he brought his right hand to her left breast, to gently pinch and twist her now-wet nipple. Winter’s mouth worked silently, as he lavished attention on her breasts, his loving ministrations leaving them flushed, nipples hard and sensitive. He moved his head between her breasts, cupping them, so that they brushed against his face as he leisurely kissed, licked, nibbled, and suckled his way back up to her neck.

Against her throat, he hoarsely whispered, “Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.” Winter sighed as he opened his mouth over her throat, letting his teeth graze her soft skin. He reverently placed small, sucking kisses against her throat, moving to the exquisitely sensitive place along the side of her neck. Growling roughly, Sebastien let go and sank his teeth into the softness beneath him. A tortured whimper filtered past his inflamed senses, as his little wife’s body softened beneath his, and he smiled inwardly.

His mind idly drifted back to the immense sense of satisfaction he had felt when he learned that Winter loved being bitten. And Winter loved to bite… She was the one woman that he had ever met that didn’t care if he left marks on her skin. When had once repeated the question that previous girlfriends had asked him, namely, “What will people think?” to gauge her reaction, she had responded with a neat, dry, “They’ll get over it.”

Sebastien opened his mouth, and slowly ran his tongue over the small indentations his teeth had left, while Winter slowly melted, boneless, into the bed. He began placing slow, suckling kisses down to her collarbone, then dragged his warm mouth over her sternum to her belly, nipping and suckling at her soft, fragrant skin. He rubbed his jaw over the smooth skin of her tummy, like a cat marking his territory, covering her with his scent.

He briefly thought about shaving his beard, so that he could better feel her skin against his, before being distracted by the slow rolling of her hips underneath his chest. Softly, reverently kissing his way to her right hipbone, he slowly dragged his tongue along the sensitive hollow between her hipbone and the side of her curls. Winter purred, then arched sharply, as he sank his teeth into the soft flesh. He lazily traced his lapping tongue down, where her thigh met her sex, using his long, veiny, gentle hands to slowly open her legs.

He could feel the anticipation thrumming through her as his warm breath ruffled her curls. He chuckled to himself, deep and low, before moving his face to nuzzle the curving hollow of her left inner thigh. She relaxed under him, her left calf resting against his back as he nuzzled, kissed, and stroked his way over the soft skin. He slid his warm palms slowly up her thighs, up her hips, as he switched his attentions her right thigh. Just as he sensed Winter’s complete relaxation, he struck, closing his mouth over her skin, his sharp white teeth sinking deeply into the flushed, tawny flesh of the inside of her thigh. Her reaction was immediate and satisfying as she threw back her head, arching and panting. Sebastien loved teasing her like this. Building her up, and letting her relax…and then building her up again. It made her wild, transforming her from a cool little logician into a panting, writhing, arching slave of his ardent love.

He transferred his mouth to her other thigh, nipping and suckling the soft skin, rubbing his tickling beard over her. He could smell the scent of her arousal, salty and clean, and he had to shut his eyes tightly against the insistent pulse in his groin. He looked up at the shining wetness, coating her swollen lips, and dug his fingers roughly into the side of her thigh. He let go when she moaned, realizing that in his distraction, he was gripping her too tightly. Though Winter liked it when he lost control, when he gripped her too tightly, and kissed her too roughly, tonight he would control himself. At least…for now… He made his way down her body with soft kisses along the insides of her thighs, her knees, her calves. He lifted each delicate foot, and pressed soft, loving kisses against her ankles, adoring every part of her exquisite little body.

He crawled slowly back up her body, briefly sparing a longing look at her inviting sex then, removing himself from temptation, draped himself over her. Running his hands over her waist and hips, he moved lower, to slide his fingers behind her knees. He gently massaged the back of her knees in slow circles while she opened her legs and artlessly moved her hips against him, panting lightly. Sebastien had discovered this little erogenous zone of hers on their third night together. He pressed his chest tightly to hers, as he ran warm his palms over her rounded calves, cupping them as he gently massaged. Winter relaxed, as he glided his hands back up her thighs, up her hips, up her tiny waist, up her delicate ribs, and up the soft, sensitive insides of her arms.

He took his time, gently tracing his fingertips along her soft, pale skin of her inner arms, as he kissed and suckled her shoulder. “I hunger for your sleek laugh, your hands the colour of a savage harvest, hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails,” he whispered against the side of her throat. He climbed to his knees, and let his mouth follow the path that his left hand had taken, suckling the sensitive skin of her inner arm. He ran his tongue in slow circles against the crook of her elbow as she softly sighed and squirmed at his thorough attention. Sebastien nipped and suckled his way up her arm until he could lavish her delicate wrist with the wet, suckling heat of his open mouth and tracing tongue.

He transferred his mouth to her other wrist, nipping down and licking against the almost translucent skin. He slowly made his way down the inside of her arm, pausing to treat the inside of this elbow to the same slow, wet, warm affection as the other. As he continued his way down, his mouth open and suckling against her underarm, he slid his hand up her arm and used his fingertips to gently stroke the soft, private skin between her fingers.

He nuzzled close to her, deepening his voice as he purred in her ear, “…I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.” Winter moaned at this pronouncement, writhing under his hand as he slowly ran it between her breasts, down her warm belly, over her soft curls, only to let his fingertips lazily explore her wet little slit. He rested on his side, pressed tightly to hers, as he leisurely stroked up and down her slit, his fingers spreading her slipperiness over her full, pink and golden lips. He slid his fingertips to her opening, circling it slowly, agonizingly as he placed gentle kisses along the shell of her ear. Winter shuddered as she felt him stroke his fingertips shallowly into her wet heat, teasing the slick flesh of her opening. He rested his palm against her curls, her swollen bud rubbing against his hand as he petted her, teased her, stroked her. He slid his tongue into her ear, making her tremble uncontrollably as he licked. He moved his mouth to her earlobe, dragging the tip of his tongue around the edge, and then sucking it into his mouth, as he clever little fingers slid inside and firmly caressed her G-spot. He had discovered that little sensual surprise on their tenth night together.

As her hips rolled and writhed under his hand, he whispered in her ear, low and hot, “I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, the sovereign nose of your arrogant face,” Winter could feel the tingles in her body, slowly coalescing into an insistent throb. She was so close, but not there, not yet… Sebastien removed his hand from her wet, hot, soft sex. Winter’s eyes widened behind the blindfold, and she sucked in a small breath, as she heard the slow, wet noise of him sucking clean every single one of the fingers that had just touched her so sweetly.

He lay against her for a while, panting into the crook of her neck, his arm wrapped heavily around her waist, as he willed his clamouring body to calm. He softly stroked her waist and hip, gently lulling her. His hand drifted to her face, tracing the bone of her nose, stroking her cheek, gliding along her jawline as he hoarsely whispered, “I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes,” his hand cupping her jaw as his thumb caressed her moist, plump lips.

Gathering his willpower, he climbed back over her, opening her legs gently, but firmly, as he kissed his way slowly back down her body. Sebastien brought his face in line with her sex, swollen and open to his gaze, the glistening hood thrown back from the plump pearl, the inner lips rosy and inviting. He swallowed hard, looking up at her, at her face framed (given his position) by her plump, almond-tipped breasts, and breathed, “…and I pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart, like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.”

Winter relaxed at these last words, a satisfied smile lighting up her face. He smiled at her, though she couldn’t see it, then slowly lowered his open mouth to her waiting lips. At the first burning kiss, her hips rose sharply, and her thighs clasped his head. “No, no, baby,” he instructed, pulling her legs over his broad shoulders, and caressing her thighs, “Keep your legs open…”

(Author’s note: the following story came about as a friendly challenge between myself and sr71plt. We went with the same basic theme — an Amish couple going on a honeymoon cruise — but diverged significantly from there. Keep in mind as you are reading this tale that it is as much about group sex as it is about gay male sex. If sex between men turns you off, this may not be the story for you. Please also accept that I did my research for this story, and despite popular belief otherwise, the Amish can indeed go on cruises. Enjoy the story.)

* * * *

Standing before the assembled crowd of their two families within his father’s home, Abel gazed upon his wife with a confused mixture of emotions. My wife, he thought. Why does that sound so strange?

She smiled back, petite and lovely in her new, handcrafted blue dress. Blonde hair so fine and fair flowed back from her face, framed in a bonnet and braided down her back. She was as beautiful as he remembered from two years before, when he had left on his Rumspringa. Even more so, now that she had grown from a waifish child to a grown woman of marriageable age.

So much has happened in these two years, he mused.

“<Now we are husband and wife,>” she said in Pennsylvania Deutsch, a sparkle in her pale blue eyes. “<I will make you a proud father.>”

“<And I will make you a dutiful mother.>” They kissed, turned to their families, and the ceremony was over. The wives and mothers of the community bustled about to prepare for dinner, and Ilse joined them to fulfill her part, after another quick kiss for her new husband.

“<I have to say I am glad you returned,>” said Abel’s father as he stepped up beside his son. “<You took longer on your running around than any of your brothers.>”

Abel blushed slightly. “<As did you, according to Mother.>”

The Petermann patriarch smiled. “<Very true. We are both seventh sons of seventh sons. Strange and wondrous things happen in our lives. Sometimes, it takes a bit of extra thought to sort them out.>”

Abel dipped his head, recalling fragments of recent memories. “<How right you are, Father.>”

The older man laughed, clutching his son’s shoulder. “<I have no wish to hear about your adventures. Your time in the outside world was for you alone. That is, until now.>”

Abel frowned, a twinge of worry blossoming in his chest. What does he know of my Rumspringa?

But his father handed him a large envelope with a wink. “<I think it fitting that you and your lovely new wife should have some time together, away from the community, before beginning your life here.>”

Abel hesitantly opened the envelope, finding glossy slips of paper within that showed images of a very large cruise ship and some of it’s finer attractions. Beyond that were two tickets. He looked upon them with bewilderment for a moment before the reality of the gift dawned upon him. “A cruise?” he asked, unintentionally slipping back into English.

“<Yes, a cruise. To the Bahamas, no less. Give you two a little bit of sun before you come back home. You’ll take a train tomorrow to Pittsburgh, and a plane from there to Miami. And then you’ll have seven days at sea.>”

Abel smiled awkwardly. “<I don’t know what to say, Father. Thank you.>”

His father grinned. “<Thank me with grandchildren.>”

* * * *

Ilse had been quietly ecstatic when Abel gave her the news. He showed her the tickets as they lay in bed, recovering from their first union as husband and wife. The pot-belly stove in the corner blazed, filling the room with warmth and casting flickering, amber fingers across their naked bodies.

“I can’t believe we’re going on a cruise,” Ilse said, beaming. “After all that time you spent outside, and now he’s sending you back out there.”

“Us,” Abel corrected, kissing Ilse’s cheek.

She smiled at him. “Us,” she repeated.

* * * *

Thomas set the large, handcrafted bag on the ground beside Abel. All around them, the stench and boisterousness of the city was an oppressive thing, and the airport was even more so. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry, although there were a few who slowed and cocked their heads at the sight of the young Amish couple. With their plain, reserved manner of dress, they clashed with their surroundings.

“Okay, little brother, that’s everything you need,” Thomas said with a huff. He looked so much more distinguished, Abel thought, with the beard that until the day before, Abel himself was forbidden to grow. While only three years separated them, to Abel, Thomas seemed infinitely older.

“Thank you, Thomas,” Abel said, offering his hand.

Thomas clasped it with a smirk, pressing a small plastic card to his brother’s palm.

Abel looked down at what he held. The Visa logo was unmistakable. He raised a questioning eye to his brother.

“The six of us pitched in,” Thomas explained. “We figured you might want to have a little extra fun. Father doesn’t know about this, and he won’t. It’s just that, well, you need to use the cruise pass to buy anything on the ship, and since Father’s paying for that, he gets the receipt, and . . . .”

Abel nodded in understanding. “I understand. So, how much is on the card?”

Thomas rolled his shoulders. “A little less than three hundred. Jacob was a cheapskate; we all put in fifty, but he only gave twenty.”

Abel chuckled and waved the card between them. “We’ll drink to you all.”

“You better,” said Thomas. They both looked back to the idling taxi in which Ilse still sat, demure and waiting her cue. Even more than the two Amish brothers, she seemed severely out of place in her unflattering dress.

“Just, um . . . don’t come back with anything too embarrassing to explain,” Thomas said, giving Abel a meaningful look, then laughed.

“Otherwise, don’t come back at all?”

Soberness returned to Thomas’ face. “Exactly.”

* * * *

As a proper wife should, Ilse sat quietly beside her new husband on the airplane, something she had never been in before, and despite some airsickness, she maintained her composure throughout the trip. Once in Miami, however, she seemed to open up and look around at the city passing by. More than once she commented on the minimal clothing worn by men and women outside the taxi.

“Well, it’s much warmer here than in Pennsylvania,” Abel told her.

As the taxi idled at a stoplight, Ilse stared wide-eyed at a bronze-skinned Hispanic woman who crossed the street clad in nothing more than a bikini and sunglasses. “Are people going to be dressed like that on the cruise ship?” she asked.

Abel chuckled. “I’m sure they will,” he said, then cupped her chin, bidding her to look at him. He met her eyes. “We can get you one of those, just for this trip.”

Ilse swallowed nervously. “If . . . if you want me to wear something like that, I . . . I will.”

Abel smiled affectionately. “This is our special time away from home,” he said. “If we can’t be a little wild now, we’ll never have the chance again.”

Slowly, Ilse nodded. Despite her reservations, she was beginning to feel a sense of excitement.

* * * *

The cruise ship was immense, the largest thing Abel and Ilse could ever imagine sitting upon water. It seemed impossible that so gargantuan a thing did not sink under its own bulk.

Nervousness returned to Ilse as they waited to embark. The line of couples and families was as long as the ship itself, it seemed. Many of them looked the Amish couple over with interest, even amusement, as if they were aliens from a different world.

“I didn’t think you Amish people could go on cruises,” a round-bodied man, standing with his family ahead of them, remarked. “I mean, ain’t that against your religion or something?”

“It is against the ordnung to own most modern technology,” Abel explained. “But we can still use it sometimes.”

The man shrugged. “Something I didn’t know,” he said. “But, you guys don’t have cars, or TV, or phones, right?”

Abel gave a placating smile. “We have a telephone booth for our community.”

The round man nodded slowly. “Oh . . . okay,” he said, then returned his attention to his family.

“Abel,” Ilse whispered, tugging on her husband’s sleeve. “Is everyone going to stare at us like this?”

He touched her face. “Not once we change our clothes,” he said, indicating the shopping bag he held. “Well, they probably will, but in a different way.”

Again, Ilse swallowed nervously. But the pinpoint of excitement in her chest was growing rapidly.

* * * *

When a ship is so large you need to have elevators on it . . . Abel trailed off in his thoughts as he led his wife down the carpeted hall toward their cabin. Ilse looked about in bewilderment, noting the framed posters advertising various shows, casinos, and other things to do — rock climbing? On a ship at sea? — nearly tripping her husband as she endeavored to stay as close to him as possible. She was such a proverbial fish out of water that Abel was afraid she might suffocate.

Their cabin was a pleasant surprise. A queen-sized bed filled most of the room, facing a wall unit with a television, some shelving, and a few decorative nick-knacks. There was a bathroom with a shower stall just inside the door, and across the bed, beyond a small space in which sat a bistro-style table and two chairs, was a sliding glass door that opened onto an enclosed balcony.

“I do not want to know how much your father paid for all this,” Ilse breathed as she stepped into the room.

Abel chuckled. “The business of selling furniture is a good business,” he remarked. He shook the shopping bag, after setting their suitcase upon the bed.

Standing before the balcony door, Ilse turned back with a blushing smile, anticipating what her husband had purchased. “Are you going to have me wear something scandalous?” she asked coquettishly.

Abel grinned. “It would only be scandalous if they found out back home.”

Their eyes met, and for a moment, Ilse was not the docile wife she was expected to be. She held his gaze, and her smile grew. “May I see what terribly revealing garment you purchased for me?”

Abel’s dark eyes glittered as he reached into the bag to extract the garment. He held it up, letting the bag fall to the floor. Ilse’s eyes widened; her mouth fell agape. “Oh . . . my,” she muttered. Tentatively, she stepped around the bed to take it from him. “Is this . . . is this it?”

“Oh, there are sandals, too.”

She blinked her blue eyes. “Sandals.”

He nodded, then indicated the bathroom door. “Why don’t you try it on?”

Numbly, Ilse stepped past with a swish of her voluminous dress, and closed the door behind her in the bathroom.

* * * *

Abel sat on the edge of the bed, looking out the window at the open sea. The ship was yet to depart; he recalled reading in the brochure that they would not leave Miami until around 6 in the evening. That was hours from now. Still, most of the restaurants, bars and other venues would already be open, not to mention, of course, the pools.


He cocked his head, calling over his shoulder. The muted sound of his wife’s voice told him she was still in the bathroom. “Is everything all right?” he called.

“. . . I think so . . . .”

With a chuckle, Abel rose from the bed and approached the bathroom. Standing just outside, he asked, “does it fit?”

“Well . . . I guess that would be one way to put it. I wonder, actually, how I’ll keep it from falling off.”

Abel arched an eyebrow. Now, wouldn’t that be a shame? “Why don’t you just come out, let me look at you.”

Silence was his response.


“Just . . . a moment . . . .”

He waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, he raised his hand to rap knuckles against the door, but stopped himself. She’s barely eighteen, Abel, he told himself. Give her some time.

He turned away, but just then, the latch sounded on the door. He turned back.

“Oh . . . .”

They both spoke at the same time, drinking in the sight of one another. Ilse had not expected to see her new husband as he now was, clad in nothing more than a slim-fitting pair of dark green nylon briefs. His mostly-bare body bore the slim but muscular frame of a man used to hard work; every muscle was clearly detailed. And even with the dark fabric covering his groin, the outline of Abel’s impressive penis was noticeable.

As for Ilse . . . .

Abel found it strange that, even though their union had been consummated the night before, he had never fully appreciated his young wife’s body. Certainly, he had never seen her in such miniscule garb. The soft yellow bikini was a two-piece, with the triangles atop covering little more than her areolas, leaving the swell of her small but uplifted breasts visible. The bottoms covered her sex, but only barely; ethereal wisps of fine blonde hair protruded around the edges just between her legs. Ilse’s figure was slender and toned, with the slightest swell to her smooth stomach.

“I think it’s a little small,” she remarked, looking down at the bikini bottom. “My nether hair is poking out.”

Abel smiled, fighting off the surge of his libido. “Well, many women, as I understand it, shave away some of their hair down there. Some even shave it all off.”

“All of it?” Ilse asked dubiously. “I would look like a child!”

He chuckled. “Well, maybe just a trim would do, then,” he suggested.

“I suppose,” she said, unconvinced.

“It will be fine,” he assured her, taking Ilse’s narrow shoulders in his hands. “Just do it quickly; we have an entire ship to explore.”

“Like this?” she asked, stupefied.

“I doubt we will be the only ones.” He lowered his head to kiss her soft lips. “You are a beautiful woman, Ilse. If there is any time in a man’s life he could be proud to show off his wife, it would be now.”

She drew in a nervous, shuddering breath, but nevertheless smiled. “Don’t you leave me for a second,” she warned.

“I promise.”

* * * *

With nothing more than his wallet and a map of the ship in hand, Abel led his wife through the corridors of the cruise liner. Their cabin was not far from one of the open decks, and as he had assured her, they were not the only ones dressed for the beach. Indeed, anything more than a bikini or shorts seemed to be a rarity.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” Ilse intoned, clutching Abel’s hand as they looked upon the scene before them. “I had no idea it would be like this.”

“Neither did I,” Abel echoed.

They stood atop a set of whitewashed metal stairs that descended to a massive pool area around which were two open bars. Beyond the first pool was an area with canopied tables, and then another, larger pool beyond. Finally, just past that was a towering formation of false rock, which Abel deduced was the “rock wall” he had read about in the brochure.

There were people everywhere, many of them getting a head start on their vacation through alcohol. Music filled the air, almost magically, with no obvious source in sight. The atmosphere was friendly, joyous, and more than a little hedonistic.

“Abel,” whispered Isle, leaning close to her husband. “People . . . are looking at me.”

He smiled upon her and gave his wife another kiss. “That’s because you’re gorgeous,” he said. “Better get used to it.”

They took two steps down the stairs before Ilse jerked his hand once more. “Abel!” she hissed. “That woman! I can see her entire behind!”

“She’s wearing a thong,” he explained.

Two steps later: “That man! Is he wearing a woman’s bikini?”

Abel rolled his eyes, then stepped down before his wife until they were eye level. “Are you going to be like this all week?”

Her large round eyes chastened, and she dipped her head. “I’m sorry,” she said demurely. “I won’t embarrass you.”

His fingertips graced the line of her jaw. She was already growing warm beneath the sun. Color was evident on her cheeks. “I know this is all knew to you. It’s all right to be surprised. Just try not to be so obvious.”

She nodded stiffly. “I will. I promise.”

He smiled. “Now. Let’s have a drink.”

* * * *

The two bars were standing room only, so after ordering a couple of over-priced cocktails — a moment’s nervousness crossed Abel’s mind as the bartender swiped his cruise pass — the newlyweds found a spot by the railing overlooking the decks below. Men and women were already claiming deck chairs and laying out in the sun. Some of them matched Ilse’s simple beauty; most did not. Then there were those few women who had obviously made it their career to look sexy, having gone to lengths to secure the perfect tan, the perfect breasts, the perfect hair . . . Abel could only shake his head at such women. Their mere appearance spoke to him of selfishness and materialism.

Unlike my wife, he thought, looking to Ilse as she stood in profile, sipping a vibrant drink topped with a paper umbrella. Lord, she truly is beautiful.

There were men to match the over-the-top temptresses parading around, men in the skimpiest of Speedos with massive arms, chiseled muscles and sporting brilliantly white smiles which must have cost thousands. Abel truly pitied them.

“Is this what it was like during your Rumspringa?”

Ilse’s question startled him as he was shaking his head in wonder at a man with an uncommonly muscular frame, clad in a straw cowboy hat, white bikini, and deck shoes.

“What?” he asked.

Her sweet smile remained. “I mean, I don’t think it was like this,” she said, indicating the cruise ship and all it contained. “But, did you go to places where women dress in bikinis and there was all this music, and drinking, and . . . and . . . well?”

Abel laughed. “I guess I haven’t really told you much about my time away,” he said.

She met his gaze, what little alcohol she had already imbibed making her bold. “You haven’t told me anything,” she said meaningfully.

He took a breath and let his gaze return to the ocean upon which they — and thousands of others — would soon be traveling. “I guess I could just quote something from the Good Book about a wife minding her husband,” he said. He looked back to Ilse. “But I won’t. I was away for two years. I learned a few things.”

“Two years, two months and, um, several days,” she corrected him, blushing slightly around her straw.

He chuckled. “One of the things I learned was how outsiders — some of them — listen to one another. A husband and wife here aren’t the same as we are back home in Pennsylvania. They treat each other as equals.”

Ilse thought a moment. “But the ordnung says I am yours. You are my voice as surely as you are your own.”

We shifted closer and winked. “Not tonight,” he said. “Not on this entire trip. Do you understand? I want you to speak your mind.”

She looked away. “I . . . I’ll try.”

Abel slipped back slightly and took a sip of his drink. He was obviously more comfortable with their surroundings than his wife. “Father gave me some money before I left, and I used it to buy a car,” he revealed with a nostalgic chuckle. “It took me a while to learn to drive it. I should have gotten an automatic.”

She stared at him in amazement. “You had a car?”

He nodded. “Yes, I did. And I started driving. I had no idea where to go, so I bought a map. I ended up in a city called Savannah, which isn’t too far away from here. Lots of beaches. There were also a lot of restaurants, and one of them was looking for a dish washer. So I got a job.

“For weeks, I saved up money, sleeping in my car and going to work every day. Then I rented a room in one of the houses near the beaches. I spent a lot of time there. Sometimes, I’d go into the city, to book stores, to restaurants, to music stores . . . and bars and night clubs.”

“How many girls did you meet?” Ilse asked slyly.

He smiled crookedly. “A few,” he said.

“Uh huh. Just a few.”

He gazed upon her. “Neither of us was a virgin last night,” he said pointedly.

She blushed deeply. “No . . . no, we weren’t.”

He sidled against her, pressing his body to hers. “Speaking of last night,” he prompted.

Ilse coughed as she sipped her cocktail. Her eyes darted around nervously. “Abel,” she whispered. “There are people around.”

He shifted his drink to his left hand, then let his right stray to the top of his wife’s thigh. His lips brushed her ear. “Yes, there are,” he whispered.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his fingertips as they danced across her upper thigh, teasing the edge of her bikini, and the warmth of his breath. Involuntarily, she pushed her hips back, feeling the impressive girth of his now half-engorged penis against her buttocks.

His fingers traveled inward, pushing aside the thin fabric covering her sex. She shuddered as arousal washed through her mind.

The sudden loud pop! of a champagne cork startled them both, reminding them of where they were. Abel jerked his hand away; Ilse breathed out heavily.

“Let’s go back to our cabin,” Abel suggested.

” . . . yes. Please,” she panted in response.

* * * *

Her instinct had been to pull down the covers of the room’s stately bed and crawl beneath, but Abel kept her from doing so. Situating her at the end of the bed, with the curtains of the balcony door drawn wide to allow the afternoon sun into the cabin, he knelt before his young wife, slipping the bikini bottom down her lean thighs.

What a treasure, he thought, looking upon Ilse’s golden-furred pussy. She had trimmed the hair just enough to be covered by the bikini, and nothing more. The brilliant hair covered her outer lips and pubic mound, but was none too thick. It was perfect, Abel thought.

He pushed her back onto the bed, following quickly and splaying her thighs apart. Ilse gasped and moaned loudly when his mouth found her slick pussy and his tongue licked deep between the slippery folds. The young bride writhed and panted, pulling at the sheets, lifting her head to stare down at what her husband was doing to her. Never had she felt a man’s tongue between her thighs. The feeling was, she quickly decided, nothing short of rapturous.

Lost to abandon, Ilse was content to let Abel use her as he wished, so long as the sensations remained so delicious. But just as she began to climb the precipice of orgasm, he stopped, moving up over her body. With a quick plunge, his thick, long cock was buried within her. Ilse cried out, arching her back, giving herself willingly.

Her legs and arms wrapped around him, encouraging him. He settled atop her petite body, pumping, pushing, fucking. His mouth latched to her neck, sucking gently. She moaned all the while, dragging fingertips along his strong back and muscled arms. She rolled her hips instinctively, mashing her clit against her husband’s flat, firm lower abdomen.

She bucked when she came, panting hoarsely through it all, ripping the blanket from the bed. Her rippling pussy sucked on Abel’s cock until he joined his wife in orgasm, jetting his seed deep within her womb.

They rocked together gently afterward, drifting from their shared orgasmic cloud to the sober earth of reality. They giggled, smiled, laughed, kissed, touched. Finally, the trials of the day — the trip on the plane, the ride through Miami, the trek through the ship, and of course, the lovemaking — took their toll, and the young couple fell asleep upon the bed.

* * * *

It was well after midnight when they awoke, chilled in the conditioned air of the cabin. They stepped onto the balcony with glasses of water, enjoying the fresh night air of the Caribbean. The ship had already left port, starting upon its languid journey south. Faint music — something tropical and airy — drifted to them from one of the open decks.

“As much as I love our home,” Ilse said wistfully as she reclined upon one of the chairs beside her husband. “I could get used to this.”

Abel chuckled, gently squeezing her hand. “Maybe, if the business keeps doing well, we could take another cruise. Maybe on our anniversary.”

Ilse turned in her chair, with only a towel to conceal her nudity. She looked over her husband, who sat fully nude in the pale moon’s light. “It would be worth the hardship of our lives to look forward to something like this every year,” she said.

He smiled upon her. “All this,” he said. “And it’s only been the first day.”

Her eyes flickered playfully. “I can’t wait for tomorrow,” she said.

* * * *

The next day found them dressed as they had been the previous afternoon, but with the additions of a sarong for Ilse and a simple T-shirt for Abel. For the first time since she was a little girl, Ilse wore her hair down, letting it flow behind her like a cape when she walked. They strolled hand-in-hand through the shipboard mall, marveling at the stores and all their gaudy wares. One of the many eateries in the mall’s food court introduced them both to the flavors of the gyro, and another livened their taste buds with supposedly authentic Orange Juliuses.

They stood in line to play a round of miniature golf, but decided against attempting the rock wall. They strolled along the outer decks, smelling and tasting the salty spray of the tropical water, stealing kisses — and the occasional groping fondle — when they could.

Youthful libido overcame them in the mid afternoon, however, and they hurried back to their cabin for another round of lovemaking. They napped until just before dinner, before heading out to sample the menu of one of the many restaurants on the promenade. They chose to try seafood, something never offered at their homestead in Pennsylvania.

Sated by shrimp linguine and baked trout almondine, the couple returned to the pools on the upper decks, nicely surprised to find them much less crowded than the day before. With night fallen and a warm wind blowing gently across the ship, Abel and Ilse ordered cocktails from one of the bars before finding an empty table at which to sit. They pulled their chairs close and watched the frothy wake of the ship in the dark water.

“This is magical,” Ilse commented, laying her head upon Abel’s shoulder. At his urging, she was becoming more comfortable with casual displays of affection. Touching as they had been doing was practically unheard of in their community, where dignified reservation was the norm. “I don’t want to think about going home.”

He petted her hair. “We’re not, for five more days,” Abel said reassuringly. “Let’s make them memorable.”

She pulled back slightly so she could see his face. “This afternoon was memorable,” she said with a wicked smile. Her eyes flickered past him as movement caught her attention, and her eyes suddenly bulged.

“What is it?” Abel asked, even as he turned to look. He quickly found what had shocked his wife so. Along the inner edge of one of the hot tubs sat a couple, the woman straddling the man in the water. She was visible from the waist up, and had pulled the flimsy triangles of her bikini top to the side, exposing her breasts to her lover.

Abel glanced around quickly, vicariously nervous for the couple. But she had her back to the rest of the deck, and they were the only ones in that particular hot tub. He watched for a few moments as the man caressed his lover’s tits, licking and nibbling on her nipples as she grinned and gyrated gently atop him. But then the man noticed the attention of the young couple, and quickly covered his lover’s breasts.

Abel looked away, feeling warmth spreading across his face. A glance to his wife, who was staring down, told him she was blushing as well.

“I can’t believe they were doing that in public!” Ilse whispered. “What if there were children near?”

“But there aren’t,” Abel said. “And they know that.”

“Still . . . it’s not decent.”

“But it is arousing.”

Ilse appeared almost shocked as she looked upon her husband’s face. But then, slowly, her expression changed as she, too, had to admit to feeling aroused. “Maybe a little,” she acquiesced.

Abel couldn’t help but chance another look toward the affectionate couple in the tub. They were both in the water now, the woman beside the man, sipping from flutes. They spoke to one another with mischievous grins and kept looking to Abel and Ilse.

Suddenly, the man — dark haired, fit, perhaps thirty years old Abel judged — lifted his glass with a smile. He beckoned.

Abel felt a rush through his body at the invitation. He glanced away.

“What’s wrong?” Ilse asked.

He smiled crookedly. “I think they want us to join them,” he said.

“What? Oh, we couldn’t!”

He met her quivering eyes, seeing both apprehension and the faintest hint of interest within. “Couldn’t we?”

Her blush deepened. “Well . . . if you think we should . . . .”

Abel studied his young wife’s face. This was uncharted territory for them, but then, was that not the point of a cruise? To experience new things, meet new people, enjoy life without constraint?

Silently, but with an encouraging expression, he stood, taking Ilse’s hand. Together, they approached the hot tub, noting the hopeful smiles upon the faces of the older couple.

“Come on in; the water’s great,” called the man. He spoke with a southern accent, not thick, just enough to be noticed. “I’m Mike. This is my wife, Jessica.”

The brunette raised her glass. “Howdy. Pleased to meet ya.” her accent was more pronounced.

“I am Abel, and this is my wife, Ilse.”

The man grinned, allowing himself a long, assessing look over them both. “Honeymoon?” he asked before taking a sip.

Abel laughed. “Are we that obvious?”

“Well, you two look mighty young,” Jessica quipped. “And she’s hanging on you like a junebug on a storm screen.”

“So, come on, jump on in,” encouraged Mike.

Gingerly, at her husband’s urging, Ilse entered the tub first, removing her sarong and stepping over the edge. Abel noticed how Jessica’s eyes roamed over his wife’s body. He followed Ilse, settling down into the heated, bubbling water.

“Oh, my,” breathed Ilse with a faint giggle. “This is different.”

“Ain’t you ever been in a hot tub before?” Jessica asked.

Ilse shook her head. “We don’t have anything like this at home.”

“We’re Amish,” Abel explained, as if that was all the explanation they needed.

The older couple stared in mild surprise. “You don’t say?” Mark asked rhetorically. “Pardon my ignorance, but ain’t all this a little out of sorts for you?”

“Very much so,” Ilse said, sitting properly upon the ledge beneath the water.

“We aren’t completely cut off from the rest of the world,” Abel said. “My family makes furniture. We go to town every week.”

“Didn’t mean to offend,” Mike said, raising both hands from the water. “Forgive my ignorance.”

Abel gave a short nod. “Forgiven,” he said, then smiled. “Is this your honeymoon, too?”

Jessica tittered, a light, airy sound that was echoed by her husband’s deeper chuckle. “Far from it,” Mike said. “We’ve been married for eleven years.”

Jessica squirmed against her husband. “High school sweethearts,” she said, then tilted Mike’s face to hers for a soulful kiss.

Ilse glanced questioningly to her husband, seeking encouragement. His smile was all she needed, and she relaxed somewhat, sliding closer to him in the water. One of her hands beneath the churning water settled onto Abel’s bare thigh.

Mike drained his glass once the kiss was ended, and craned his neck to look beyond the tub. I made a gesture. “I think we all need another round. Our treat.”

“Well, that’s very gracious,” said Abel. “Thank you.”

He winked. “I got a feeling this trip just got more interesting.”

* * * *

Despite their natural reservations, a round of cocktails allowed Abel and Ilse to open up to their new friends. Mike and Jessica seemed honestly interested in the lives of their Amish companions. There was much talk concerning the differences between the way the couples lived their lives.

“What kind of dancing do you do?” asked Ilse, emboldened by alcohol half an hour later. “I’ve seen some ballet.”

Jessica gave the young blonde a catty look. “Well, now, don’t be shocked, but I’m a topless dancer. Nude, too, sometimes.”

Ilse’s eye bulged. “Topless? Nude?” she queried. “In front of other people?”

Mike casually reached over to cup one of his wife’s breasts. “Best damn titties in Fort Lauderdale,” he proclaimed proudly.

Ilse took a sip of her drink. Abel pulled her close, draping an arm around her shoulder. “My wife is a little, um, inexperienced about some things.”

“Well, maybe we’ll just have to change that a little,” Jessica declared, making her thin brows dance. “You know, just from looking at you, I can tell you got a nice little body. And titties like yours . . . firm and round like that . . . you’d get a lot of attention in my club.”

Redness spread like a rash across Ilse’s face. “I could never do anything like that,” she insisted.

“No? You sure about that?” Jessica asked, then eased up slightly out of the water, looking about quickly. Satisfied that no eyes were turned their way, the woman brazenly pulled her bikini top aside, exposing her tanned breasts and dark pink nipples. “Try this.”

Ilse stared, eyes wide, mouth agape. “I-I-I couldn’t,” she stammered, then searched her husband’s face, as if to ask, could I?

He encouraged her with a look. Why not?

“Come on, honey, whip ‘em out,” Jessica pressed. She jiggled her breasts back and forth. They glistened enticingly from the water, nipples fiercely erect.

“I don’t know . . . .” Ilse uttered, but her hands were already on her chest, fingertips curling beneath the fabric that kept her modest.

Abel brushed his wife’s ear with his lips. “Go ahead,” he whispered.

Ilse nibbled her lip, then suddenly jerked her bikini aside with both hands. But her breasts danced free for only a moment before she covered them again.

“Oh, come on!” cried Jessica teasingly. “That wasn’t nothing! Set ‘em free, baby!”

Ilse rolled her eyes, face glowing. She did not want to admit that she was enjoying the attention. In their community at home, she was just another woman, clad in the same clothing as everyone else. Here, however, she was an individual, unique, and the subject of interest.

“All right!” she exclaimed at last, and proudly pulled her top aside, leaving the fabric there. Her young tits sat high and proud, freckled and pale, with small, dusky pink nipples sitting atop the raised mounds of her areolas.

“Oh, damn,” Mike commented quickly, making no effort to conceal his interest. “Those are some nice puffies.”

“Ain’t they?” Jessica asked, sitting up in the water and moving closer to the young blonde.

“What do you mean by ‘puffies?’” Ilse asked.

“It’s the way your areolas stand out like that. They’re called puffies. Not too many women have them.”

“Well, they sometimes do that . . . .”

Jessica moved closer in the water, a penetrating look in her eyes. “You mean, when you’re turned on,” she said meaningfully. “Like you are right now.”

Ilse couldn’t answer. All she could was swallow nervously and watch the sultry brunette as she moved before her. Their legs touched beneath the water. The women were inches apart, naked breasts rising and falling, decorated with droplets of warm water.

“You’re a very sexy girl,” Jessica whispered, slowly bringing her hands up out of the water, like Venus rising in a clam shell, before gently placing them upon Ilse’s naked tits. Ilse jumped at the contact, but did not push the older woman’s hands away. Her body was tense, breath shallow. She squeezed Abel’s thigh beneath the water.

“You’ve never been touched by another woman, have you?” Jessica asked, her fingers caressing Ilse’s nipples. They stiffened quickly, pushing out as if asking for the attention. Ilse could only shake her head vehemently.

“Then, this would be new, too,” the brunette whispered, before lowering her head. She suckled softly upon the blonde’s left nipple, pulling it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the swollen areola, awakening nerves. Passive, Ilse did not move. She closed her eyes, relishing the novel sensation.

“Looks like the ladies are getting to know each other pretty well,” Mike commented with a meaningful look to Abel.

With effort, Abel managed to glance away from the sight of his wife being pleasured by another woman. He read the expression on Mike’s face; it was one he had seen before, more than a year previous. An expression that lead to a single night of strange but memorable pleasure.

“Yes, it looks that way,” Abel agreed.

Mike stood in the water, just high enough for the moment that his swollen erection was visibly outlined by the tight white male bikini he wore. But then he slipped back into the water, closer to Abel now. He kept his gaze locked on the young man. “How about us?”

Abel trembled with both nervousness and arousal. A hidden, dark feeling which only once before had been indulged was suddenly dragged from the depths of his libido, especially once the attractive, dark-haired man slid his hand up Abel’s thigh, to find the outline of his own stiff erection.

“I thought so,” Mike commented with a sly smile. He massaged Abel’s cock slowly, then gave a quick look to his wife.

Still suckling Ilse’s breasts, Jessica caught the message in her husband’s eyes and let her hands drift beneath the water. One joined her husband’s in groping the young man’s cock, while the other found the fleshy mound beneath the blonde’s slightly-parted thighs. The young woman gasped, head falling back against the edge of the tub. Beside her, Abel squirmed as a pair of hands stroked his suddenly-exposed penis under the water.


Attention suddenly drawn to the steward standing above them, whose warning look told them all they needed to know, the imminent lovers suddenly stopped. Jessica and Mike backed off slightly, giving catty looks to their new friends. Embarrassingly, Ilse covered her breasts and snuggled against her husband.

“Looks like we’ve gotten ourselves worked up,” Mike commented, reaching for his drink.

Abel cleared his throat. His cock was still hard, and still exposed beneath the water. Ilse had not noticed. “Maybe it’s time to go.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jessica declared, reaching out to touch Ilse’s glowing face. “We have a stateroom. Plenty of space.”

“With a king sized bed,” Mike added suggestively.

Again, Ilse sought direction — or encouragement? — from her husband. Abel fought against his urgent libido, trying to think rationally. We don’t know these people, he tried to tell himself. But how much do we need to know, other than that we’re attracted to them?

Finally, Abel nodded. “Sure.”

* * * *

Nervous apprehension combined with inebriated anticipation as the young couple followed their new friends through the ship’s corridors. Ilse squeezed her husband’s hand in a near death grip. Neither of them spoke, afraid that doing so would reveal their fears and dispel the moment.

With occasional looks and smiles back to the couple behind them, Mike and Jessica considered their good fortune at having seduced such an attractive, inexperienced couple. They nearly felt as if they were courting a pair of virgins.

Finally, at the door to their cabin, Mike and Jessica stopped and faced the Amish newlyweds. “You two can leave whenever you want,” Mike said firmly. “We have no expectations at all.”

“Just hopes,” added Jessica with a sultry glimmer across her face.

Abel nodded with a reaffirming grip of his wife’s hand. “Thank you for that kindness,” he said.

With an impish smirk, Mike turned back to the door, swiped his card, and pushed it open.

The room beyond was easily twice the size of the accommodations Abel and Ilse enjoyed, with large bed in the center of one wall, a couch, chair, and large television, and a bathroom that held both a full bath and shower. The balcony, visible through wide-open windows, was home to a table and pair of chairs.

“So, come in, make y’all selves comfortable,” Jessica cooed, casually reaching back to untie her bikini top. She let the garment flutter to the ground as she stood by the bed. She bent at the waist, hooking her thumbs beneath the damp bottoms, and cast a devilish grin over her shoulder. “I certainly am.”

Neither Abel nor Ilse could avert their gaze as Jessica slid the thong-backed garment down her toned legs. As she stooped even more, keeping her legs straight, the smooth, hairless lips of her sex were revealed.

“In case you haven’t noticed,” Mike mentioned as he stepped past the young couple. “My wife is a bit of an exhibitionist.”

Jessica laughed softly, then turned and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back on her hands with her legs casually parted. Star tattoos decorated her lower abdomen, just over her ovaries, and a panther was inked into the tender flesh of her right upper thigh, as if clawing its way toward her vagina.

“Your turn, honey,” she said, giving a challenging look to Ilse.

The young blonde trembled, but it was now more from arousal than apprehension. Leaving her husband by the door, she approached Jessica, untying her own bikini top and letting it fall. A few mere feet from the dark-haired woman, she slid the bottoms down off her thighs, with much more fluidity than Abel would have expected.

“Nice, nice,” Jessica commented. “Love that little sashay in your hips, honey.” Casually, she leaned forward and reached out, brushing fingertips through Ilse’s soft bush. “Now, ain’t that something. I never seen pubes so blonde.”

Ilse regarded her bushy sex, then Jessica’s hairless mound. “Why do you shave it?”

Jessica smiled and leaned back, kicking her feet up for a moment. “Why hide such a wonderful treasure?”

Mike cleared his throat loudly, garnering the attention of the naked ladies.

His wife rolled her eyes, then pushed herself up beside Ilse. “The boys, I think, require some attention,” she commented. She gestured to Abel. “Come on, have a seat next to Mike, darling.”

Numbly, guided only by his libido, Abel did as directed, slipping past his glowing wife. Mike had already settled to the edge of the bed and removed his deck shoes. Abel did the same, positioning himself on the mattress.

“Now, do what I do, honey,” Jessica instructed, getting on her knees before Mike. With an almost predatory gleam in her eye, she gripped the waistband of her husband’s shorts and pulled. He lifted up enough to assist, and the swimsuit came down, revealing his proud — and, like his wife, smooth-shaved — sex. His cock jutted up straight once it was released, a pale, circumcised staff with a broad pink head.

Ilse stared a moment, then let out a nervous laugh before pulling on Abel’s shorts. As his came down, his cock also bobbed free, slapping to his abdomen. Visibly thicker and uncut, surrounded by a nest of dark, fine hair, the differences between the two men could not be more obvious.

“Oh, honey, I bet you have fun with that thing,” Jessica remarked, even as she took her husband’s cock in her hands.

Ilse answered while staring up into her husband’s eyes. “I certainly do,” she answered.

Jessica tittered, languidly stroking Mike’s erection. “So, what do Amish girls know about giving blowjobs?”

Ilse frowned in confusion, while somewhat awkwardly mimicking the southern woman’s strokes on her husband’s penis. “I don’t know what that is,” she said.

“Well, watch and learn, honey, watch and learn . . . .” she trailed off as she lifted up and directed the tip of Mike’s dick toward her mouth. Wetting her lips for effect, she licked all around the pink head, then slowly up and down the shaft for a few moments before finally sucking the glans into her mouth and pulling in her cheeks.

Ilse watched the woman bob on Mike’s cock, listening to the wet, push-pull sucking sounds. She watched Mike’s face dissolve into an expression of lust and gratification. Then she looked back to Abel.

“Would you think less of me if I . . .?” she asked timidly.

Abel reached down to brush away strands of damp blonde hair. “I could never think less of you, no matter what we do, so long as we both want it.”

His words heartened her, and she smiled, pleased, before focusing her attention on Abel’s impressive penis. As Jessica had done, she licked her lips, then, for the first time, slipped out her tongue to taste her husband’s cock. Her hands scrolled the milky foreskin down, exposing the glans, and she lapped all around it, tasting the clear seepage that emanated from the slit. She considered the flavor a moment, then smiled and continued.

“Put it in your mouth, honey,” Jessica urged. “Use your lips and tongue, but don’t touch it with your teeth. Just suck, and move your mouth up and down. Trust me, honey, a good blowjob is worth a good fuck any day.”

Ilse nodded, unable to conceal the excitement on her face. She stared at the tip of Abel’s cock, thinking, briefly, this is where my children will be coming from. But then she parted her lips and covered the purplish-pink head with her mouth, sucking in the first couple of inches. But not tonight. Tonight is for pleasure.

Abel arched his back, suppressing the urge to shove his cock deep. This was not the first time he had been so serviced, but the sight, the feel, the entire circumstance of his innocent young bride performing such a deliciously decadent act upon him was overwhelming. He felt the questing wet firmness of her tongue, the pressure of her lips, the warmth of her mouth . . . such sweet bliss!

Slipping her wet mouth from Abel’s cock, Ilse looked up at him with wide blue eyes seeking validation. “Does it feel good?” she asked him.

Abel’s head spun. “Oh, so very good,” he panted, placing a gentle hand on the back of her head.

With a broad smile and blushing giggle, Ilse plunged her mouth back down, sucking nearly half her husband’s length. Beside them, Mike and Jessica watched.

“I think she’s a natural,” Jessica remarked, rubbing Mike’s cock around her mouth.

“Sure looks like it,” Mike answered, then groaned as his wife took him into her mouth and pushed down. Inch after inch slid past her lips, until the head nudged the opening of her throat and popped within. Her chin pressed against his hairless balls, her nose against his abdomen. Mike uttered a staccato groan of pleasure.

Ilse tilted her head, not removing her mouth from Abel’s cock, to see what made Mike give such a sound. Amazement was obvious upon her face at what she witnessed. She popped her drooling mouth off Abel’s penis. “How do you do that?”

Jessica pumped her husband’s cock with her mouth and throat for a few moments, before releasing him with a gasp for air. “Practice,” she informed, stroking Mike’s slick penis. “Maybe I’ll teach you how to do it. Not that you’d have an easy time with a monster like that.”

“I can’t even imagine,” Ilse muttered, before returning to her oral worship.

“Well, don’t try, ’cause you’d choke on it, honey,” Jessica warned. “Besides, I think what you’re doing is enough to get him off.”

Abel nodded vehemently, making both Mike and Jessica laugh and Ilse beam at her accomplishment.

“Now, let’s make them come,” Jessica announced, all but attacking Mike’s cock. She stroked and sucked in tandem, making her husband squirm. Mike gritted his teeth, clenching the sheets of the bed. His thighs spasmed. He seemed to glare at his wife as she began working him to orgasm.

Inspired, Ilse copied the brunette’s movements, wrapping her right hand around Abel’s cock, pumping it with a firm grip as her mouth glided up and down the first few inches. Her husband shuddered at the intense sensations. His penis tensed and throbbed within her mouth.

“Fuck yeah, baby, make me come,” growled Mike. “Show Ilse how you take my load.”

Jessica whimpered around her mouthful, sucking, stroking, pulling, pushing. Her body undulated as she serviced her husband, more than eager to receive her reward. After only a handful of seconds more, Mike was gasping and groaning, throwing his head back.

The first spurt of thick semen gushed into Jessica’s mouth, and she immediately slid back, masturbating her husband’s cock with the head just past her open lips. Jet after jet of milky fluid splashed into her mouth, upon her tongue. A few dribbles escaped to trickle down her cheeks. She swallowed quickly, then descended with a guttural moan, sucking passionately to get every last drop of precious sperm Mike had to give.

Both amazed and intimidated by the sight, Ilse worked Abel with her hand and mouth, anticipating the sensation of her husband ejaculating in her mouth. What will it feel like? she wondered. What will it taste like?

But she had little time for such thoughts, as Abel was soon gasping as well, his hips vibrating as orgasmic waves thundered through his body. His cock swelled and burned pleasurably, then erupted within Ilse’s mouth.

Her eyes flew open wide at the rush of thick, rich, warm fluid that inundated her senses and flooded her mouth. She emitted a muffled squeal, unsure of what to do with the unexpected geyser between her lips. Still, she continued sucking, her lips a vacuum seal around the head of Abel’s cock. Her hand slowly pumped up and down, feeling the pressured pulses within the shaft that heralded each salvo of cum.

“St-st-stop,” Abel gasped, sitting up and grasping both Ilse’s hand and her head. “Don’t move, just . . . just suck . . . softly . . . .”

Ilse shifted, feeling her cheeks ballooning. Her husband’s gift swirled in her mouth, soaking into her cheeks, flowing to the entrance of her throat. She swallowed some of it reflexively, and grimaced slightly at the unexpected flavor.

“Oh, go, girl,” Jessica cheered as she watched. “You took it like a champ!”

Gingerly, as Abel released his hold, Ilse slid her mouth from his cock. A strand of thick fluid stretched from the tip of Abel’s penis to her lower lip. She brushed it away and sat back, contemplating the thick fluid in her mouth. All she tasted, all she smelled, was semen. It was pungent, but not all that unpleasant. Different, to be sure, unlike anything she had ever tasted before. But there was a strange sweetness to it, like the flavor of homemade whisky or the taste of fresh seafood.

“Go on, girl,” Mike coaxed. “Just send it all down.”

Ilse glanced to him, then to Jessica, reading their aroused expressions. Then she looked up to her husband’s flushed and sublime face. He gazed upon her like a penitent man at the feet of the Virgin Mary.

The corners of her lips curled upward. Keeping her eyes locked on Abel’s, she sucked in her cheeks and swallowed down every bit of his precious gift. Breathing out, she licked her lips and smiled in triumph.

Jessica and Mike both applauded. Abel fell back on the bed with a contented sigh.

* * * *

The ladies headed to the bath to freshen up, giving their husbands time to recover. Clad in bath robes, Abel and Mike headed down the hall to an ice dispenser and filled up a bucket.

“You’ve got an amazing little wife there,” Mike remarked as he held the bucket beneath the noisy machine’s funnel.

“As do you,” returned Abel.

Mike winked and chuckled. “I know this might be touchy ground, but . . . if you think you and Ilse are up for it, we could, you know do more.”

Abel fidgeted slightly. “I am not that naïve to think it wouldn’t be a possibility,” he said. “I would like to leave it up to her.”

Mike fixed him a look. “But how would you feel about it?”

Abel frowned in contemplation. “I’m not sure,” he admitted. “I guess . . . it would be one of those things where we would just have to see where it goes.”

Mike grinned. “Can’t ask for more than that.”

They returned to the cabin a minute later, ice bucket filled, to find a tantalizing sight awaiting them. Ilse and Jessica writhed upon the bed, fresh from a quick shower that left their hair wet and plastered across faces, shoulders, and backs. They kissed passionately, hands roaming along slick, naked flesh. Jessica was atop the young blonde, one hand aggressively squeezing one of Ilse’s firm breasts. For her part, Ilse was kneading Jessica’s taut buttocks. Both women moaned softly in the throes of budding passion.

The ice bucket clattered to the floor, followed quickly by a pair of white terrycloth robes. Mike and Abel approached the bed, drinking in the scene before them, wondering if they should merely watch, or include themselves.

Noticing the presence of the men, Jessica offered a wicked smile before trailing a series of kisses down Ilse’s young, freckled body. The blonde looked to Abel, reaching out to him. He climbed onto the bed beside her, erection already prominent.

“Abel, my husband, I wasn’t thinking, I–”

“Shh,” he interrupted, then bent to kiss her. “It’s all right. You want this?”

She nodded slowly, then suddenly winced, grimacing with an expression of unexpected pleasure.

Abel looked down, seeing Jessica between his wife’s splayed thighs, her mouth pressed firmly to Ilse’s succulent pussy. The soft tangle of blonde pubic hair was ruffled by Jessica’s nose as she twitched her head back and forth. The brunette seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the taste of Ilse’s young cunt, for she moaned and licked as deeply as her tongue would allow.

Mike stepped behind his wife, cock engorged. With little in the way of finesse, he shoved into his wife, making her falter in her ministrations upon Ilse. Her eyes tipped back a moment, but then she gathered her wits and resumed devouring the blonde’s pussy as her husband fucked her.

Abel felt a bit out of place, unsure of what to do. Ilse was too occupied to give him any attention, and Mike had a monopoly on his wife. Thankfully, the older man realized this, and bent over to whisper a suggestion into Jessica’s ear.

“Sounds good to me,” Jessica announced, withdrawing her now-glistening mouth from Ilse’s genitals. Climbing onto the bed, she turned about and straddled the blonde’s body, with her face above Ilse’s pussy and her pussy above Ilse’s face. Once comfortable, she resumed sucking and licking the blonde’s saturated cunt.

Watching avidly, Abel knelt by the bed, looking upon his young wife’s flushed face beneath Jessica’s smooth-shaved sex. Ilse looked lost to the world, gripping the other woman’s cheeks, chaotically flicking her tongue out to taste Jessica’s inner thighs. As if by accident, she managed to find the brunette’s swollen clit with her tongue, and licked around it.


The young man looked up at the sound of his name. Mike, standing on the other side of the bed, made a swirling motion with his hand, indicating that he and Abel switch places. With a nod and a grin, Abel rose and stepped around, passing Mike as the latter climbed onto the bed behind his wife.

Coming onto his knees between Ilse’s spread thighs, Abel stroked his cock in readiness. Curling her tongue from within the blonde’s slick lips, Jessica eyed the stiff penis before her. “Not that you need it, but let me get you ready,” she declared, before opening her mouth to take Abel’s cock. The young man moaned, feeding the woman his length. Her mouth was much more talented than his wife’s, and she took him to the root after only a few plunges, her throat rippling around his shaft.

She released him after perhaps a minute, grunting as she was filled from behind. Mike gripped her hips as he fucked her. Abel could only imagine the sight his wife now had, looking up upon a stiff cock entering Jessica’s pussy. He wondered if his wife was licking Mike’s balls, or tickling Jessica’s clit with her tongue.

The possibilities made him twitch, and he lined up his cock with his wife’s ready and waiting tunnel. Jessica split the blonde’s lips apart with her fingers, guiding Abel’s cock home. Then she began laving both Ilse’s clit and the top of Abel’s shaft with oral attention.

The bed frame creaked as the two men fucked their wives. Both women moaned and sighed, when their mouths were not otherwise occupied, and clutched each other desperately as if to keep from being pushed too far by their aggressive husbands. The sweet aromas of sex flooded the air.

At one point, Jessica reached for Abel’s cock as he pulled back, and pulled it from his wife’s pussy. She sucked on it voraciously, tasting the depths of the blonde’s tunnel, before directing the cock back inside its sheath. Giving Abel a naughty smile, she lifted up and kissed him, imparting the rich, musky flavor of his wife.

They changed positions, with the men laying upon their backs and the women astride, giggling and making comments as they fucked their husbands with as much urgency as they had themselves been fucked. Abel and Mike exchanged looks as their wives rode them to glory, sharing grins that complemented the abandon with which Jessica and Ilse enjoyed themselves.

And then it happened. The turning point.

Having treated everyone to an impressive display of orgasmic eruption while grinding herself onto Mike’s penis, Jessica declared she needed to cool down. With the statement that she wanted to watch Abel and Ilse, she slid up on the bed while Ilse lay on her back beside the brunette, with Abel between his wife’s thighs, slowly and tenderly thrusting into her.

“It’s so hot watching other people fuck,” Jessica said, casually stroking her smooth-shaved, swollen pussy with one hand while fondling Ilse’s breasts with the other.

“I agree,” Mike commented, kneeling upon the bed beside Ilse, across from his wife. His cock was semi-erect, glistening with Jessica’s fluid. He knelt near Ilse’s head. The blonde’s face was heady from the orgasms she had enjoyed, a consummate mask of pure hedonistic bliss.

Abel leaned over to kiss his wife, who returned the affection with heat and need. Then, as he lifted up slightly, still pumping into her with long, slow strokes, Mike shifted on his knees, bringing his cock closer to Ilse’s face. He was testing the waters, Abel knew, wanting to see how far the younger couple was willing to go.

He stroked himself over Ilse’s face, and the young woman watched with heavy, interested eyes. Mike’s cock returned to full mast within moments. Slowly, tentatively, she turned her head, parting her lips. It was an obvious invitation.

For a moment, Abel nearly stopped his movements as he watched his wife lick the tip of another man’s cock. A brief sense of jealousy flashed through him, but it was gone the next instant. He watched with fascination as Mike slid that wondrously bulbous pink cockhead into Ilse’s mouth, as she sucked on it amid faint muffled whimpers and moans.

And then Abel, lost to his own lust, lowered his head once more, first kissing the corner of his wife’s mouth, feeling through the flesh of her cheek the intrusion of this other man’s cock, and then slowly, carefully, letting his lips and tongue trail along the shaft of Mike’s penis. He tasted the tangy essence of Jessica’s pussy, felt the firmness of the swollen tissue beneath the skin.

Mike hissed through his teeth. “Oh, yes,” he moaned, sawing his hips back and forth. The head of his dick slid from Ilse’s mouth . . . and was quickly captured by Abel’s.

Abel trembled atop his wife, giving in to the forbidden thrill — one only once before enjoyed — of sucking another man’s cock. Mike’s penis was not very thick, but that broad, spear-like pink head mashed pleasantly against his tongue with every thrust. He thrust firmer, faster, into Ilse’s body, spurred on by the erotic rush of pleasing another man.

Mike moved until he was straddling Ilse’s face, whereupon the blonde ardently licked and sucked his hairless, dangling balls, massaging them with as much fervor as her husband gave the man’s shaft.

Giving in to the moment, Mike held Abel’s head in his hands, shuddering as he neared orgasm. He considered, for a moment that lasted the space of a single heartbeat, warning the young man, but did not. Instead, he slapped his hands to the wall above the bed and arched his back, pushing out as he gasped with release.

The sudden flood of thick, warm cum into his mouth both surprised and aroused Abel, to the point where he suddenly felt his own orgasm triggered as well. He convulsed atop his wife, pouring his seed within her womb while sucking every last drop from the cock before him. In the throes of his orgasm, his lips became slack around Mike’s thrusting shaft. Dribbles of frothy cum escaped his mouth to land upon his wife’s neck and chin.

Mike finally jerked back before the sensations became too much to endure. He sagged back against the headboard of the bed, and he and Jessica watched with sated, smiling faces as Abel and Ilse kissed and moaned together, riding out the length of their shared climax. That Mike’s semen was smeared between their lips only heightened the decadent eroticism of the moment.

Finally, Abel all but collapsed upon his wife. They held each other close, kissing and murmuring tenderly, until Abel lifted up. Swaying slightly on his knees, the young man leaned back, eventually finding a comfortable sitting position. Ilse gazed upon him with a very satisfied smile, reaching out to his muscular chest, abdomen, and thighs.

“Wow. Ain’t that just the hottest thing,” Jessica commented, then laughed. She was quickly joined by the others.

“I think we need more alcohol now,” Mike declared, jumping up from the bed. “Get dressed; the party’s still going!”

* * * *

At three o’clock in the morning, while the bars were still open upon the main deck, there were few partiers on hand to take advantage of the overpaid mixologists. The two couples were able to find both drinks and a table in short order and relax beneath the warm tropical air.

Mike and Jessica lit cigarettes and offered their pack to the younger pair. Ilse refused politely, but Abel, having indulged in the menial enjoyment of tobacco during his Rumspringa, lit up as well. He exhaled a grey cloud and looked out across the dark water retreating from the massive liner. Ilse sat beside him, nursing her drink and looking more than ready for bed.

“Hell of a night,” Mike commented, gaining Abel’s attention. Abel lifted his head and met the man’s strong gaze.

He nodded. “You could put it that way,” he said, and lifted his drink for a toast. Abel’s eyes lingered on Mike’s. He could neither deny nor fathom why he felt such a powerful attraction to this man; it almost matched that which he felt for his wife. It dawned upon him in a sudden moment of clarity that he would rather experience pleasure with Mike before sampling anything Jessica might have to offer. That realization made him frown with confusion.

“I gotta say,” Mike said with an air of satisfaction. “This is turning out to be the best cruise me and Jess have ever had.”

“And we’ve been on lots,” added his wife.

“You . . . do this often?” Abel asked cagily, the tenor in his voice carrying a double entendre.

Mike shrugged casually. “When we can,” he said. “If you’re just talking about taking a cruise, we do it about twice a year. If you’re talking about, well, having this kind of fun . . . a little more often than that.”

“We’re what you call swingers,” Jessica explained, sliding a hand across Mike’s lap to briefly grope him. “We’d be happy to just enjoy each other for the rest of our lives, but, well, it’s extra fun to enjoy other people, too.”

Abel gave a smile, but it was tired and unsure. He looked to Ilse, who had fallen back into the demure mode of a good Amish wife. “This is all new to us,” he said.

“Well,” Mike said,m flicking ash from his cigarette. “No matter what else happens on the rest of this cruise, we’re happy to have met you.”

“Very happy,” Jessica added with another glimmer in her eyes.

Abel looked to his wife, unsure of what he read upon her face. But Ilse shifted in her chair and snuggled close, a grateful smile decorating her lips.

“We are, too,” Abel said at last.

* * * *

Retiring alone to their cabin, Abel and Ilse stripped out of their minimal clothing and, without a word, stepped into the shower. They soaped each other up and rinsed beneath the spray amid soft kisses and affectionate caresses. Toweled dry, they climbed into bed and switched off the lights in their room. The only illumination was the glow of the Caribbean moon through their balcony door.

“Abel?” Ilse asked in the moody darkness.


“. . . on your Rumspringa,” she said delicately. “Did you . . . were you with . . . other men?”

Abel winced inwardly at the question. He knew he could easily deflect the question, bring to bear the Amish ordnung that stated a wife was never to question her husband, and leave it at that. But a part of him felt compelled to give his wife the answers she sought.

“Once,” he admitted.

“Only once?”

He squeezed her shoulder. “Yes. Only once.”

“But tonight . . . .”

He sighed heavily. “Do you think less of me?” he asked.

Ilse shifted in the darkness, pushed herself up. Her face was dark against the backdrop of the open balcony, yet Abel was sure he saw softness in his wife’s eyes.

“I am your wife,” she said simply. “I love you. I could not think less of you.”

He smiled and sought her lips with the tips of his fingers. “I love you, too.”

* * * *

The two couples were practically inseparable after that night. Upon awaking late on the third day, Abel called Mike and Jessica’s room and arranged a friendly meeting. The foursome spent time in the various pools, browsed the overpriced wares in the shipboard mall, had lunch and dinner together . . . before retreating amid knowing looks and scandalous giggles to the older couple’s stateroom for more luscious sexual debauchery.

While Ilse and Jessica freely pleasured one another with fingers, lips and tongues, Abel remained a bit reserved in further displays of sexual affection with Mike. His impulses clashed with the expectations instilled in him by his Amish upbringing. He did not deny his attraction to, and desire for, the older man; at the same time, his ingrained notions of what was right versus what was wanted kept him from repeating the actions of that first decadent tryst.

So the couples kept to the husbands pleasuring their wives, even though the wives often pleased one another. Mike seemed content to only peripherally sample the young Ilse, through touches and strokes and the occasional mutual oral gratification, and Abel did the same with the lusciously-tanned brunette. But a voiceless line had been drawn before either man actually making love to the other’s wife.

By the fourth day of the cruise, it had become a foregone conclusion that upon awaking, the first thing Abel or Mike did — depending on who awoke first — was to ring the others’ cabin and plan the day. On that fourth morning, as the ship docked in Freeport, the ladies desired to sample the local shops, while Mike wanted to introduce Abel to the strategies of gambling within one of the port’s casinos.

“I’ve never gambled before,” Abel complained as Mike led him along a busy port side street.

“Well, I have. Don’t worry. And it won’t even cost that much. Fifty bucks should be enough.”

“Fifty?” asked Abel worriedly, but he remembered the gift card from his brothers which sat in his wallet. “I guess I can do that.”

Following Mike like a hound at the man’s heels, Abel soon found himself stepping from warm tropical air into the cool, humid environment of a surprisingly spacious casino. Noise was omnipresent, from the electrical chirps and bubbles of the rows of slot machines to the hubbub of a hundred conversations. Now and then there came a cry of eureka, but such were drowned out by the multitude of curses and shouts of “almost had it!”

“The slots are for the suckers,” Mike contended after he and Abel had swiped their cards for cash. He strolled past the colorful, cacophonous machines toward a series of felt-covered tables. “Blackjack is where it’s at.”

They sat at an unoccupied table, staffed by a tall, skinny black man dressed impeccably in a white shirt and tie. “Hey, mon, good afternoon to ya,” the dealer drawled with a grin. “You picked the best table in the house, ya did.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Mike replied, slapping his stack of fives and ones on the table. “Buying in at fifty.”

“Uh, me too,” said Abel, copying Mike’s actions.

“Fifty for the gentlemen,” announced the dealer, counting out colorful chips from a plastic dispenser. “Let’s get this party started, ya?”

* * * *

Five hands later, Abel smiled casually as his nineteen beat both Mike and the house. “White boy wins again,” the dealer proclaimed, sliding more chips to add to Abel’s pile.

Mike frowned suspiciously, sipping his Jack and Coke. He leaned close to Abel. “I thought you said you never gambled before.”

“I haven’t,” Abel confirmed, organizing his chips. From a quick count, he figured his original investment of fifty dollars had already been tripled. He gave Mike a sly wink. “I never said I’ve never played blackjack before.”

Mike laughed and sat back. “I’m gonna call you the Amish Shark from now on,” he declared.

“New hand, gentlemen,” the dealer announced.

“Wait,” Mike said, slapping his hand down and easing forward in his chair. He gave Abel a penetrating stare. “Let’s make this interesting.”

Abel chewed his lip nervously. “How interesting?”

Mike’s eyes became dusky, libidinous. “The winner — between us — gets the loser,” he proposed.

The dealer’s eyes widened, but he said nothing, waiting.

Abel breathed in, feeling the fluttering wings of invisible butterflies within his stomach. “Um . . . in what way?”

“However the winner wants.”

The young man swallowed thickly, but he could not deny the sudden arousal spiking through him. He stared at the green felt tabletop for a long moment, listening to his own heartbeat in his ears. Finally, he nodded with a rakish grin and met Mike’s gaze. “You’re on.”

Mike shot a look to the dealer. “Set ‘em up.”

“Uh, sure, mon,” the dealer replied awkwardly, then slipped the cards from the shooter. A nine of diamonds for Abel, six of spades for Mike, and a five of hearts for the house.

Abel smiled thinly, stacking twenty dollars’ worth of chips. Mike matched it.

The next cards came out face-down. Abel peeked, seeing a seven of clubs, which gave him a total of sixteen. He glanced to Mike, whose face was stoic.

“Raise ten,” Mike said, setting the chips on the table. Abel matched it.

“Card?” asked the dealer, looking to Abel.

Five shy of twenty-one, Abel thought. Odds are almost even. He nodded. “Hit me.”

“Hit me,” Mike echoed.

Three cards slid out. The dealer flipped his over. “The house busts at twenty-three.”

Abel peeked at his two unturned cards. The seven of clubs had been joined by a three of diamonds, giving him a total of nineteen. He smiled. “Stand,” he said.

“Me, too,” Mike said, then looked to Abel with a challenging gleam in his eye. “So, one of us wins, the other loses. But who wins big?”

Abel matched the older man’s look. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Mike grinned broadly. “I love the sound of that,” he said, then snatched up his cards and flipped them over. The original six of spades had been joined by a four of clubs . . . and the queen of hearts.

“Twenty!” called the dealer.

Abel stared at the revealed cards, feeling both his heart sink and his cock rise. He had wanted to win, but the prospect of what Mike may have in store for him was tantalizing enough to cancel his disappointment. With slow, dramatic movements, and a knowing look to his new friend, Abel turned his cards over.

“Nineteen,” the dealer said, making a grandiose gesture toward Mike. “The gentleman wins.”

Mike smirked. “Bet your ass,” he said.

Abel flickered his eyes away as the dealer slid chips toward the older man. He could not help but think that Mike’s words had been more for him than for the dealer.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” the dealer cheered as Mike and Abel gathered their winnings and stood. “Come again, hey?”

* * * *

It was only a handful of minutes later, in an alley not far from the casino, out of sight from the busy avenue, that Abel found himself pushed against the rear wall of a small, whitewashed building. Face and hands pressed against the uneven stucco, Abel shuddered with both apprehension and arousal as Mike jerked his loose-fitting shorts down from behind.

“I gotta say, Abel,” Mike murmured as he lowered himself behind the younger man. “You’ve got a fucking incredible ass.”

Abel said nothing. He tensed as he felt Mike’s hands running up and down his bare thighs and naked cheeks. The thick warm air, filled with all manner of tropical scents, whirled around him. He breathed in and out, trying to relax as his lover kissed, then licked, along the backs of his thighs. He felt his buttocks being pulled apart, before a warm, firm tongue tickled his anus. Almost automatically, he pushed back against it.

But then Mike was standing once more, pressing his body against Abel’s, breathing into the younger man’s ear. “Do you know what I want to do to you?”

Abel nodded languidly.

Mike lightly bit Abel’s ear. “Do you want it?”

Abel could only grunt and push back. He felt the other man’s stiff erection against his ass.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” Mike said. He eased back, taking a small bottle of lubricant from his pocket. His stiff cock jutted out above the waistband of his slightly-lowered shorts. He poured some of the lube onto his cock, then worked it in with curling strokes of his hand. Then he dribbled more onto Abel’s hair-lined, puckered pink anus.

“Does this feel good?” Mike asked as he massaged Abel’s asshole with his fingers.

Abel sighed heavily. “Yes,” he responded meekly.

“What about this?” asked Mike, shoving a single finger into Abel’s backside.

The younger man grimaced and groaned, brow furrowing deeply. “Oh! Oh, God . . . .”

Mike chuckled, easing his finger in and out. The young man’s taut aperture slowly relaxed as Mike finger-fucked it. Then, abruptly, he slipped his finger free and pressed the head of his cock against Abel’s virgin sphincter. He leaned in, slowly but steadily pushing against the tight opening . . . .

Abel grunted, face contorting with a myriad of emotions and feelings. He could feel his anus reluctantly giving way to the invader. The sensation was both painful and pleasurable. Then, suddenly, the head of Mike’s cock popped inside him. Abel could actually feel his sphincter spread then shrink around the shaft of the other man’s cock.

A realization barged through his brain: I’m being fucked. By all the saints, I’m being fucked!

“Don’t push,” Mike cautioned as he slowly eased more and more of his shaft into Abel’s rectum. He settled his hands to the rough, dirty wall just above Abel’s. “Get used to the way it feels.”

Abel winced, shifting back and forth on his feet. “It hurts a little,” he managed to say.

“It’ll go away,” Mike assured him. He held still a moment, his cock buried to the hilt within Abel’s ass. The heat of the younger man’s body coursed through his prick.

Carefully, Mike pulled back, looking down to watch as his cock slowly slid from Abel’s anus. But just as the flaring head of his penis appeared, he pushed back in, making the younger man grunt. Again and again, he penetrated deeply before withdrawing almost all the way, and each time, the tempo increased.

Soon, Abel was trembling with each deliciously rough spearing of Mike’s cock in his ass. He found himself wanting to feel the slip-sliding motions of the other man’s shaft within him, just as he found that his own penis swelled and throbbed, bobbing between his legs and begging for attention. On reflex, he slapped his hand around his shaft and stroked wildly, thus adding to his own pleasure.

“Yeah, you’re getting into now, aren’t you?” Mike seethed in his ear, hammering harder and faster. Flesh smacked against flesh in a rhythmic symphony of manly lust.

“Yes!” whimpered Abel, face twisted against the stuccoed wall.

“Jack that cock for me, Abel,” Mike urged. “I know you wanna come. Just like I wanna come inside you.”

Abel groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. He could not believe how aroused he was, how incredible it was to feel the harsh, rapid intrusion of another man’s penis inside him. Heat flashed like a wildfire through his groin. His cock vibrated like a tremolo. He was seconds from eruption.

“Come with me,” Mike hissed, fucking with fierce, hard shoves. “Come with me, Abel!”

Just a few more strokes, and Abel was convulsing with passion. “God!” he exclaimed, his dick pulsing and erupting, gushing thick gouts of semen that splattered forcefully against the wall before him.

Lost to his body-wracking pleasure, Abel only peripherally acknowledged the sudden burst of liquid heat within his bowels as Mike cried out his own orgasm. The previously unknown sensation of another man ejaculating inside him only fueled Abel’s rush, nearly making him black out.

The weight of his lover pressed against him, Abel panted heavily against the coarse surface. His penis dripped orgasmic residue to the ground below as it softened. Mike’s cock throbbed a few times in his ass, then weakened and slowly slipped free. Dribbles of fluid trickled down over Abel’s taut testicles.

The two men breathed heavily as they recovered. Abel bowed his head, looking upon the splashes of his seed upon the wall and ground, then at the milky puddle forming between his feet.

“We need . . . to get . . . back to . . . the ship,” he managed to say.

Mike kissed his shoulder. “Yes, we do,” he agreed.

* * * *

They lay out in the sun on one of the decks, pampered by waiters bringing bottles of cold beer and stewards stopping by with misters to keep them cool. Abel felt relaxed and fulfilled; a fantasy he had always harbored deep within his libido had finally been satisfied. A sense of self-embarrassment plagued him, however, blossoming into worry. What if I want more sex with men? What if, after this cruise, and Ilse and I return home . . . I want more?

A pair of soft feminine hands startled him for an instant, but he relaxed and smiled when his wife, standing behind him, nuzzled his ear. “We’re back,” she whispered.

Abel touched her arm, held her hand as she came around into view and sat on the edge of his deck chair. “Did you have fun?” he asked her.

Color rose to her cheeks. She was coy about meeting his gaze. “We just went shopping,” she commented.

He cocked his head. “Did you get something to eat?”

“Oh, did we ever,” Jessica chimed in, pulling a deck chair close to her husband’s. “Didn’t we, Ilse baby?”

The blonde’s blush deepened. She did not answer right away, but her expression was telling. For Abel, the implication of Jessica’s words — and the sultry image of his wife going down on another woman, somewhere in Freeport — made his arousal spike. Especially once his wife did speak.

“It was delicious,” she whispered, looking her husband in the eye.

* * * *

The uninhibited revelry continued throughout the rest of the trip. More than sharing each other sexually with the other couple, Abel and Ilse shared the stories of their lives and learned more about that of Mike and Jessica. That they were so free and unrestrained was a source of wonder and jealousy for the Amish newlyweds. The lifestyle the Floridian swingers lived was nothing like what awaited Abel and Ilse in Pennsylvania.

This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

Carol, my niece and a newly gangbanged bride, mumbled something about washing her face, and skipped out of the front room of the bridal suite, and into the bathroom, still wearing her veil. I looked around at her other three uncles. We were all sitting with our pants off, and were all grinning. My intention then was to clean my cock in the bathroom when Carol came out, and sneak back to my room.

“God, she’s a hot piece of ass!” Said Mitch, referring to our niece.

“I don’t think we took her virginity away from her,” chuckled Teddy.

“I wonder if her sweet little ass is still virgin,” said Uncle Bud.

I got up and checked on Carol’s passed out groom Shawn. He was in his exact same position in his bed in the bedroom. Then I heard a noise out in the hallway. It sounded like a couple of female voices talking loudly and laughing, and the rustling of long dresses. Then there was silence for a minute. Then the female voices chanted, “Oh, Shawn and Carol!”

Carol came out of the bathroom. She had thrown a white sheer nightie over her garters and stockings. Her veil was now off. I could see right through the nightie and could easily see the detail of her tits, even in low light. Carol looked out the peephole and said, “It’s my sisters and cousins.” Before we could stop her, the drunken bride opened the door.

Teddy, Mitch and myself scrambled to get our underwear back on. I went and stood behind the door to hide, and hoped to get Carol in before my other nieces knew that we were there. Carol was standing in the doorway, half in the hall, talking to the girls in their red bridesmaid gowns. I couldn’t hear what was being said, but the other girls sounded quite drunk.

I heard more footsteps, and peeked through the crack in the door to see two young hotel employees walking down the hall. The two men slowed when they got to Carol, and no doubt got a good look at her in her sheer top. “Hi, boys,” she said, and the boys continued down the hall.

The bridesmaids drunkenly pushed into the room with Carol’s tacit approval, and caught us with our pants down.

All four bridesmaids walked in on us. Carol’s sister Pamela was nineteen. She normally had a reserved personality, but was quite nice, a Dean’s List college student. Her blonde hair was long. Her face was cute, her body was more slender than Carol’s, and her tits were smaller.

Carol’s youngest sister Nancy was eighteen. She may have been the best looking of the bunch, her body just as nice as Carol’s but her tits were slightly smaller. She had a gorgeous face surrounded by long blonde hair, and big bright blue eyes.

Carol’s first cousin Sherry was twenty-four, and had gotten married just last year. She was about two inches taller than the rest, at about 5′ 7″, and blonde like Carol and her cousins. Like Carol, she got sort of a slutty reputation as a teen. Her tits were just slightly smaller than Carol’s.

Another of Carol’s first cousins was Tiffany, who at twenty-four was the same age as Sherry. Tiffany had been married for about two years. She was the only brunette in the group. She had long, dark, full hair, and like Pamela was a little slender, bordering on skinny, but the difference was that Tiffany had some pretty big tits for such a skinny girl. They weren’t huge, maybe slightly larger than Carol’s, but they looked big on her skinny frame.

Expecting to see Shawn, the bridesmaids gawked at Teddy and me in our briefs and shirttails, and their Uncle Bud in his shirttail covering his bare bottom. Mitch was wearing only his briefs, his chest thickly populated with black hair.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Pamela.

“Oh, Shawn passed out, and they carried him to the room for me,” replied Carol.

“Why are you in your underwear?” quizzed Sherri.

“The air conditioner broke down, so we got comfortable,” quipped Mitch. It wasn’t going to fly, but it paused the drunken girls for a minute.

Carol closed the door, and asked, “Anyone want a drink?” And held up an open bottle of Champaign.

“Yeah!” Said the drunken teen Nancy. She took a swig and passed the bottle around.

“No, really, why are your pants off, uncle Teddy?” Asked Tiffany.

“We’re having an underwear party. You can’t stay unless you’re in your underwear,” he said.

A drunken Pamela actually bought that one. “Oh, I’ve heard of those.”

“OK,” said Teddy, “Then strip down to your underwear, or you have to put our liquor down and leave.”

Uncle Bud and Mitch echoed Teddy’s order. I still don’t think the girls were believing it, but they were drunk and in a party mood, and wanted the free booze. So Pamela started unzipping her bridesmaid dress in back. She giggled as she unzipped her dress, and let it fall from her chest, revealing her white strapless bra. The other three girls began following suit.

Uncle Bud went right for the youngest, Nancy, and started unzipping her dress from behind her. Teddy broke out more booze from the refrigerator, and Mitch unzipped Tiffany’s dress. The married Sherri looked at me, and I got up and unhooked and unzipped her dress from behind. Just to be helpful, I pulled her dress down off of her chest.

Just like that, four more young nieces partying in their underwear, standing, drinking, and conversing like nothing was amiss, surrounded me. All four wore white strapless bras pushing up their young ta-tas. Pamela had beige pantyhose over her white panties. Younger sister Nancy had skimpy white cotton panties, and beige thigh-high stockings. The married blonde Sherri had white garters holding up beige stockings, and white lacy thong panties, exposing her nice bare young butt. And the brunette Tiffany wore beige pantyhose with no panties on underneath. I initially stared longest at her, because I could easily see a patch of dark brown pubic hair over her pussy through the near-transparent hose. Sherri stood next to Mitch, looked at his hairy chest, and said, “Uncle Mitch, you’re hairy!” She placed her right palm onto his chest, and rubbed it in circles.

“Oh, can I do that to you?” asked Mitch, and immediately placed his hand on Sherri’s chest, and quickly massaged her tit over her bra.

“Uncle Mitch!” exclaimed Sherri, but she didn’t push him away.

I boldly stood in front of the slender Pamela as she looked down at my nearly erect cock pushing out my briefs. “Nice underwear, Uncle Jim,” she said, smiling at me. She quickly grabbed my elastic waistband near my hip with her thumb and index finger, and gave it a snap.

“I like your underwear, too,” I replied, and ran my index finger along the top of her bra, touching the exposed flesh above it. When there was no objection, just a little reserved smirk on her lips, I pulled out Pamela’s strapless bra, and peered inside. I stared at her small pale titties capped with hard pink nipples. Pamela just smiled at me.

Uncle Bud stood behind the eighteen-year-old Nancy, fifty years his junior, and massaged her bare shoulders. Nancy turned around, looked down and exclaimed, “Uncle Bud!” Uncle Bud’s long, dark, wet, semi-erect, uncircumcised cock was hanging down his leg, sticking out from his shirttail. The other girls all gawked at his manhood. “He was rubbing it against me,” Nancy told them.

Carol the bride broke in, “You should see it when it’s stiff!” The other girls looked at her, now knowing that Carol had seen it hard earlier. Carol stood next to Uncle Bud on the other side of Nancy, reached down, and grabbed Uncle Bud’s cock. The other girls watched speechless as it quickly became erect, and stood perpendicular from his body.

I saw Teddy approach the married brunette Tiffany from behind. Tiffany so far had been silent. Teddy startled her when he put his hands on her bare shoulders, but she looked back, smiled, and leaned her shoulders back into his chest. Teddy ran his hands down her waist, and up her bare midriff.

Uncle Bud had one arm around Carol, and one on the teen Nancy, whose wide eyes stared down at his hardon. “Hey, watch this trick,” Bud said. “One hand.” He held up his hand, put it back behind Nancy, and in one movement unhooked her strapless bra. The bra seemed to fly off her chest and jump to the floor. Nancy squealed, and after a moment of shock, covered her tits with her hands, but not before I got a good look at them. They were gravity-defying beauties, sticking straight out; slightly smaller than Carol’s, bigger than Pamela’s, but all three sisters had the same light pink nipples. I had now seen all three sister’s tits in less than an hour. We all chuckled at Uncle Bud’s trick and the teen’s embarrassed exposure. Nancy gave Uncle Bud a slightly dirty look, but she also had a little smirk. Uncle Bud put his arms around Nancy and Carol and pulled them close, and reached completely around their slender bodies under their arms, and felt their tits; Carol’s through her sheer nightie, and Nancy’s under her folded arms.

I looked over at Mitch and Sherri, the married blonde with the prior slutty reputation. Mitch now had his hand inside her bra, and massaged her tit. Sherri leaned over and French kissed her tall dark hairy uncle that was twice her age. Her hand went down to his briefs and disappeared inside the front. Mitch’s other hand was on Sherri’s bare ass exposed by her thong.

Teddy was still standing behind his brunette niece Tiffany, and had both hands over her bra. His big hands manipulated her tits through the fabric, her hard dark nipples protruding through the white material. He yanked down on the strapless bra with both hands, and the bra ended up halfway down her waist, completely freeing and exposing both of her large pale round tits. Her areolas were darker and slightly wider than her blonde cousins’, and her hard nipples were fatter. Teddy massaged both of the exposed mammaries, squeezing and lifting them.

I looked back at Pamela, who was smirking at me. I put my left arm around her bare slender waist. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. I slid my tongue along her lips, and they parted and allowed me to meet her tongue with mine. I slid both hands down over her hose-covered ass cheeks and rubbed and squeezed them through the clinging hose. Then I slid my hands up her back and found her bra clasp. I quickly unhooked it, and pulled the bra off. I glanced down at my niece’s little titties. Even more than Nancy’s they defied gravity, sticking straight out from her body. They were small and cone shaped and very white. Her erect, pink nipples stuck way out from her body, and I reached up and took one between my thumb and index finger.

Teddy was still standing behind Tiffany, and his left hand still fondled a tit. But now Tiffany was leaning back and making out with her uncle, and her uncle’s right hand had slid into the front of her pantyhose. With no panties to mar the view, I could see Teddy’s finger sliding in and out of the married woman’s hair-covered pussy inside the hose.

I slid my hand down to the front Pamela’s pantyhose. She wore panties underneath, and I slid my hand inside the hose and panties. I felt some short pubic hair, trimmed away from her thighs, and found her slit. But before I slid a finger in, Pamela stopped kissing me, and pulled down her hose and panties. After she stepped out of them, she tugged down my briefs, exposing my erect cock. I looked down at her pussy, with just a tiny, trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair surrounding it. I slid a finger in the wetness as Pamela stroked my cock.

Mitch was standing straight up as Sherri knelt in front of him. Her lips were stretched wide over his throbbing red cock, her blonde head bobbing up and down on it.

Uncle Bud and Carol had somehow discovered that the couch was a sleeper sofa, and began tearing off cushions and opening the bed. Teen Nancy stood alone in her panties and thigh-highs, her arms folded across her topless chest. She looked over at me, and I smiled at her. She walked over to Pamela and me, and I put my right arm around Nancy. I slid a hand down to her panties and squeezed her teen ass. Pamela unbuttoned my shirt and removed it as her sister slid her panties and thigh-highs off. Nancy’s pussy was nearly identical to her sister’s trimmed blonde hair. All three of us were now virtually naked. I was leaning back on the wet bar, my right arm around Nancy, my left arm around her sister Pamela. I took turns making out with my two teen nieces.

Nancy put her hand on my cock and slowly stroked it. Pamela played with my balls. Pamela rubbed her pussy mound up and down my hip, and Nancy did the same. I took turns making out with them, and squeezed their two firm, smooth teen butts jutting out. I glanced down at their teen tits sticking straight out of their bodies, Pamela’s tiny ones and Nancy’s slightly bigger ones. I reached up and groped them and tweaked their long nipples. Both sisters were panting as they humped my legs like horny dogs, their silky pubic hair rubbing on my flesh, some moistness from their wet pussies smearing on my thighs.

I glanced over at the opened sleeper sofa. Uncle Bud was lying on his back with his legs dangling off the bed, his feet on the floor. Bride Carol was straddling him with her back to him. Her feet were also planted on the floor, her knees spread wide, and she was bouncing up and down with his cock in her pussy, using her legs to push off the floor for power. Her eyes were closed, and she had an open-mouth smile on her face. She was still wearing her transparent nightie, and Uncle Bud’s right hand was under it, grabbing at her tit as it hopped up and down. His left hand was on her pussy, diddling her clit, I guessed.

Teddy and his brunette babe Tiffany were climbing onto the bed also. Uncle Bud grabbed Tiffany’s leg, and pulled her down on top of him. Tiffany ended up sitting on Uncle Bud’s face with her back to Carol. She fell forward onto the bed, her face landing between Teddy’s legs. She took Teddy’s cock in her mouth and gobbled it down, her flowing dark hair hanging down over her face. So Carol was fucking Uncle Bud’s cock while he ate Tiffany’s pussy, who was sucking her Uncle Teddy’s cock.

I leaned over and took Pamela’s hard nipple in my mouth. In fact, I got just about the whole little titty into my mouth, and sucked on it hard, my tongue flitting about the long hard nipple, and occasionally giving it a gentle bite. Then I turned and did the same to her sister Nancy’s slightly larger tits. Nancy’s tits were as hard as a rock. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt a tit so firm. It just barely moved when I manipulated it. Both girls were moaning and panting as I reached down and fingered both of their pussies.

Mitch was now lying on the floor, and Sherri was lying on top of him, in a 69 position. Her thong was now off, and I looked at her bare ass as he licked up into her pussy, and she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Sherri’s pussy was shaved. So out of the five young nieces, two were bald, two were trimmed, and one had a fairly full bush.

Pamela fell on her knees and stuffed my cock in her mouth. I fingered Nancy furiously, and pinched her hard ass. I diddled her clit and stuck my index finger a quarter-inch into the entrance of her teen asshole. She then thrashed and squealed in a wild gyrating orgasm. She fell to her knees and panted for a moment, then began competing with her older sister for my cock. They took turns sucking and licking my shaft and balls.

Mitch was up on his feet. Sherri was bent over the back of the couch, wearing her high heels. Mitch stood behind her, and was sliding his cock into her doggie style. I saw her ass ripple and shake as he slammed into her. Teddy, who was leaning against the sofa back as Tiffany sucked his cock, reached over and felt Sherri’s dangling tit.

I lay down on the carpet on my back. Pamela immediately straddled me and slid her wet pussy down onto my cock, becoming the second of my nieces that I fucked tonight. At my urging, her little sister Nancy straddled me and lowered her pussy down onto my face. I licked up into her pussy as she wrapped her firm smooth thighs around my head. Pamela’s tits were pressed into Nancy’s back. Pamela thrust her hips up and down, and Nancy tried to keep still as I licked her salty pussy. I reached up and grabbed one of Pamela’s tits, and one of Nancy’s. Then my hands roamed all over their teen flesh. I diddled Pamela’s clit, played with their thighs, their butts, and pinched their nipples. Pamela reached around Nancy and played with one of her tits, massaging it and tugging her nipple. Nancy looked back, and the two sisters smiled at each other.

Pamela began grunting in a very unladylike fashion, practically bouncing off of me. She screamed and grunted and thrashed about. I diddled her clit to help her along, and with one final grunt, she relaxed and fell off of me.

Nancy immediately lifted herself off of my face, and lowered her torso down to my crotch. She didn’t seem to know how to lower her pussy down over my cock, but I helped her aim it there. Little by little, she took more of my cock into her pussy.

“Nancy, are you still a virgin?” Pamela asked.

“Uh huh,” her sister grunted affirmatively.

Nancy was the tightest of the three sisters. She leaned over me on her hands, and I reached up and played with her tits. After some awkward moments, we got into a rhythm, and she humped me faster, her long blonde hair hanging in my face.

In the back of my mind I had been hearing a lot of noise from over on the bed. Apparently just about everyone had had at least one orgasm. I glanced over, and the configuration was different. Now Carol was on her stomach on the bed, a cushion under her torso, her ass sticking up in the air. Uncle Bud was kneeling on the bed behind her, holding his glistening cock in his hand. He was attempting to work the member into the bride’s asshole. “Relax,” he told her.

“Wait, wait!” she yelled, and jumped off the bed. She ran from the room, and re-entered just as fast, carrying a tube of lubricating jelly. “Here, use lots of this,” she told Uncle Bud, and resumed her position on the bed with her ass in the air.

I heard her grunting as I turned back to Nancy.

As I took my niece’s virginity, I ran my hands all over her body, and even held my head up and sucked and licked her tits. She was breathing heavily and whimpering. “Huuh! Oohhh!” I was close to cumming again, so I wanted to hurry her along. I found her swollen clit with my index finger and rubbed it.

“Aahh! Hhhhhoooo!” the young teen said. She thrashed about and tightened her thighs around me. “Unnnc! Unc! Uncle Jim! UCNLE JIMMMM!”

I couldn’t hold out any longer, and shot a load of jism into her teen twat. She let out a squeal, jiggled and thrashed wildly, then collapsed on my chest, her pussy still engulfing my cock.

By the time Nancy and I sat up, everyone else was sitting around drinking, and still playing with each other, but mostly watching Uncle Bud fuck Carol’s ass on the bed. We grabbed some booze and watched, too. Carol was grunting as Uncle Bud had managed to get a couple of inches of his glistening cock in her ass.

I sat down on the carpet next to the brunette wife Tiffany. She smiled at me, and I gently reached around and squeezed her breast. Wow, such large tits on such a thin frame! She nuzzled her shoulder into mine, and we cuddled. Carol looked at us spectators. “Have any of you done this before?”

“I have,” answered the blonde wife Sherri. “I like it.”

Teddy turned to Sherri and said, “You want to do it now?”

“Sure,” Sherri replied, and hopped up to her feet. She grabbed the tube of jelly, and got on her knees on the carpet.

“I’ve never done that,” said the teen Pamela to no one in particular. She looked up at her Uncle Mitch, who was fondling her little tits. “You want to do that?”

At last, they had arrived. Newlyweds Jeff and Dawn had reached Tikikana, a little known resort near the Virgin Islands with a reputation for sparking the most outrageous sex ever. Dawn had changed their summer honeymoon plans at the last minute and for reasons even she couldn’t understand. It was just that after the vows had been said, and the ring was on her finger, things felt different. They traded in their Hawaii tickets for Caribbean tickets and with help from the resort were on their way.

The island hopper plane, landed on a small airstrip on the end of the island where a single limo golf cart was waiting. The man who greeted them was dressed “island formal” with a proper shirt, navy white style shorts and a dry but pleasant attitude.

“We have been expecting you Mr. and Mrs. Sampson.”

Dawn blushed, acknowledging her new name. She momentarily reflected on how she now belonged to Jeff. He motioned them under the awning of the golf cart then took the bags off the small plane. The pilot headed for his little shack to rest up.

They rode along through the tropical jungle under palms, swaying grasses, and beautiful hidden waterfalls. A warm smell of wild flowers mixed with the occasional avocado or orange tree. Finally, they came out of the forest to the manicured grounds of the resort.

As they exited the cab, a long walk down a tropical flowered path awaited them. The iron gate automatically opened for them, welcoming them towards the extravagant main building with a large reflecting pond in front. Wild macaws were perched here and there and pink flamingos were stepping about the large lily pads. A natural-looking rock waterfall splashed down into the pond, rippling the water.

Dawn; blonde, attractive, was wearing a simple pink t-shirt and white short shorts. Jeff was in cutoffs and polo shirt. They walked past the large main doors into the bamboo- accented marble-floored main lobby. On each side of the curved main desk a large dark guard dressed in only a loin cloth and armed with a spear blocked passage to the curved corridors. Their stares were unswerving, staring ahead to nothing. Behind the front desk, a dark-haired island girl with an impossibly deep tan greeted them. Her dark boobs were barely contained by the green monokini. Jeff couldn’t help but stare at her exposed bosom and green ribbon tribal tattoo on her sexy smooth left leg running from her waist down to her upper thigh. Her jeweled pierced bellybutton was incredible and sparkling.

“Welcome to Tikikana,” she smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Jeff’s wedding ring jewel glowed as her looked at the young girl. His cock twitching in his pants.

“Can we go to our room?” asked Dawn

“Not yet, the mistress must greet you.”

“How personable,” Dawn said to Jeff.

“Mm Hmm,” he nodded, his eyes ravishing the sexy girl.

“Perhaps you would like to enjoy some of the activities we have here. We have some exotic classes like yoga, sexual meditation, the art of seduction, jungle love potions class.”

“Potions?” asked Dawn, “Like witches?”

“More like medicine men,” she smiled. “I like your breasts. They look so touchable.”

“Thanks,” Dawn feigned a smile,” Grew them myself.”

“So did I,” The girl said, cupping her massive breasts and squeezing them toward her, “Started when I was thirteen.”

“You’re making me hard,” said Jeff. The girl smiled a devious smile at him.

Dawn looked at Jeff with a frown.

“Now don’t be angry,” said the girl,” Looking is just natural. You’ll learn that here.” She smiled at Jeff. A friendly wicked smile, hinting that she knew what he was thinking about. She put her boobs back to center, pulling the thin straps over her nipples.

Presently, a tall curvaceous brunette slinked through the doors. Her dark tanned, though not as dark as the desk girl’s, flawless skin glistened under her tight-white body dress. The plunging v-opening showed the curves of her bosom. Her nipples poked through the near- see through material. Jeff looked at her 5″ white heels following up her legs to where the dress just covered her pussy. She cast a wicked glance at him. . She looked at Jeff’s crotch noticing the prominent bulge. Dawn’s expression was one of shock then determination as she faced her adversary

The woman slinked on her hips up to Jeff, looking at him squarely in the eye, “Welcome to Tikikana. We have been expecting you. I’m Enrika, the director of this resort. And you “she exclaimed turning towards Dawn, “You do not approve of my behavior.”

“I just feel a little threatened.”

“I know exactly what you feel….Dawn,” she whispered. She turned, wiggling her perfect ass as she slowly walked away, “You’re wedding dress was perfect, the maid of honor, Kim, forgot to walk down the aisle on time, the chicken had a bone, and Jeff’s penis felt wonderful as his seven inches thrust into you in the honeymoon suite.”

“How did you?….”

She turned walking slowly toward them. “The plane ride was a little bumpy, the snack wasn’t nearly as good as the burger you snuck on board and right now, you wish you were dressed a little more seductively to match my hard body.” She gestured with her hands towards her barely concealed tits.

“What’s going on?” asked Jeff.

“A little tete a tete Jeff. Dawn is quite the spit fire. Strong mind, tough will. But she’s only just touched the deep sexuality within her. Actually the same could be said of all the guests that have come here. Isn’t that right?…Dawn?”

Dawn flinched as her mind was invaded.

She was floating, naked, in a dark void. A swirling rainbow was circling her, teasing her with light touches, bringing up her arousal. It’s kaleidoscope eyes flashing in the dark the mist whispered. Dawn surrendered her body, her pussy open and wet, willing to let anything be done to her…..

Suddenly Dawn was aware that Enrika was staring her in the eyes, her palms caressing her hardening nipples.

“I…I…,” Dawn said coming back to reality. She was flooded with confused emotions. She had been pushed into a dream state, touched by another girl, and her pussy was wet.

“Why are you here?” Enrika asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do,” she said, “It started the moment you picked out that ring. Or rather, the moment it picked out you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why would a proper girl with a modest background, chose a ring that looks like a serpent, wrapped around your finger with a single green diamond for an eye?”

“I.. I like snakes?”

“Dawn,” Enrika frowned with a controlling air,” You shouldn’t mask your feelings. You are scared of snakes. Terrified of them. But you are changing. You were chosen. You know it and you want to explore it. Today, that choice will change your life forever.”

“My wedding,” she tried to smile, feeling something strange inside of her.

“Not exactly that choice, but a union that is coming. A union that you will accept once you give yourself to the will of the serpent.”

“Jeff,” Dawn said with concern,” I don’t know if we should….”

Enrika, ran a hand along Dawn’s hair, “Don’t be afraid Dawn. Why don’t you two enjoy yourselves at the spa this afternoon? Relax after your hard trip and long wedding plans.”

“That sounds good,” said Dawn, still reflecting on the images “What do you think honey?”

“Yeah.. OK” he said, mesmerized by the sexy women in front of him.

“Jeff..” Enrika said, slowly running her hand outside her dress over her pussy,” That’s not what you are thinking. You need to be honest with your wife. She loves you. She’ll understand.”

Dawn was shocked. Shocked that Jeff was falling under the same spell she had led them into. He was supposed to be her rock, instead he was her river. She looked up at Jeff’s face. “Is she right? What were you thinking honey?”

“A naughty thought I can assure you,” said Enrika. “Please Jeff, share.”

“Yes Jeff…” Dawn said with rising blind anger.

“No no no,” said Enrika,” You need to love what each of you are. Not what popular culture says you should be.”

Enrika moved closer to Dawn, holding her shoulders. Enrika’s dress slightly fell away from her chest. Jeff could see her tits perfectly from the side. Round, firm, perky. She looked Dawn straight in the eyes while addressing Jeff.

“Enjoying the view?” Enrika smiled at Jeff, “Now tell Dawn what you were thinking.”

“….I …. Was thinking it would be nice to go to the spa, but I really wanted to exercise… And I was thinking about touching you.”

“JEFF!!!” Dawn exclaimed.

“Now don’t be surprised Dawn. And don’t be such a prude. You were thinking about touching me too.”

“I was?”

“I can see you’re going to be tough case Dawn. Jeff. Touch me. Like you were thinking.”

Jeff walked over to Enrika, placing himself behind her. He slide his hands along the open sides of her dress. His hands went inside her dress fondling her breasts on the way down, then back up cupping her tits. He gently pinched and squeezed her nipples. Enrika took a deep breath.

“Oooh! That does feel good. What about you Dawn?”

Dawn was angry with Jeff and determined to show him. She wrapped her arms around Enrika and started kissing her. Enrika kissed back with soft lips and eager hands. Her tongue slipped into Dawn’s mouth as her soft hands squeezed her butt. Dawn moaned for Enrika, feeling her pussy swell. Suddenly it was over. Enrika standing back, primping her hair.

“Good,” she said “That was promising. How do you feel Dawn?”

“I… I…” she fumbled for words as the thoughts about being a dirty lesbian mixed with jealousy, betrayal, and anger. She was ashamed that she wanted another kiss.

“Stop focusing on your internal rating system. Do you feel good?”

Dawn hit the revelation in her mind. She did. And it was at odds with society’s expectations. She was conflicted.

“The only rule at Tikikana is to do what feels good. Leave your judgment for society.” She squeezed Dawn’s ass cheek. Dawn reached out and squeezed back. A sligh smile wiped over Enrika’s face. “Good Dawn.” She placed her hand on Dawn’s head, flipping her hair from her ear. Her touch felt good.

Enrika lifted up the green snake amulet hanging from the silver chain around her neck. She held Dawn’s hand, connecting the eye of the serpent to the eye of the ring. Dawn felt a surge of energy go through her body. Somehow it seemed that she had been waiting all her life for this moment. Her pussy tingled as that thought crossed her mind. A crooked smile slithered across her face.

“Will you do what feels good, no matter what?”

“Yes,” Dawn said, her mind drifting in a fog on sexy thoughts of how she was loosing control of herself. The swirling rainbow was trying to get into her mind again.

“Yes what?” Enrika asked.


“Good Dawn,” she smiled. “Kahlua will take you to the spa,” she motioned to the girl behind the desk.

“Yes mistress. Follow me.”

As they went to the door on the left, Jeff was mesmerized by her swaying ass as she led them. So was Dawn. She held his arm tightly, but it made no difference. Now she was wishing she could feel that open too. Down the long curving white marble hall they walked past tropical alcoves of palm plants, colorful flowers, small waterfalls, and white statues of Gods and Goddesses.

The lack of guests around them was unmistakable.

“How many people are here?” asked Jeff.

“Over 200. The place is expansive and we take pride in keeping each guest pampered. As they walked, Jeff grabbed at Kahlua’s ass. She squealed with delight then smiled at him.

“I thought that you would be first,” she said to Dawn with disappointment. “No matter.”

Dawn was shocked.

They arrived at a curved room with open windows facing the ocean. Many people were laid out on marble tables getting massages. Some were in the center mud bath, The white coated staff buzzed about, caring for each of them.

“Welcome,” said a likable man. I hope you are ready to indulge yourselves. “

After a couple hours of pampering, they were rejuvenated and free again. The summer sun beckoned. They took a stroll on the beach. Dawn was leaning up against Jeff’s smooth chiseled body, feeling frisky.

“Jeff? Why did you touch Enrika?”

“Why did you kiss her?” he asked back.

“Because it felt good.”

“Same reason.”

“Is that wrong?” she asked.

“Only if you deceive your partner.”

“Then I must tell you. I’m getting hornier by the minute. I feel so….so good about myself. Even the air is caressing me…”

“Look! There’s volleyball. Want to play?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

They played a couple games, Jeff worked out, Dawn swam, and they met for a beach-side romantic dinner at sunset. Tiki torches were burning around them. A few other tables were set up on the beach with other couples also dining. It was the first time Dawn had see any real hint of others. The romantic candlelight was amazing as well as the oysters, coconut drinks, fish, shishkabobs, and lemon meringue pie. A live steel drum band was crooning slow island tunes.

“Jeff,” Dawn said in whispers over the soft tropical island music, “They shaved me… everywhere,” she flashed her flirty eyes.

“Me too” he said.


“You’re going to feel me tonight like never before.”

A young slave girl in a coconut top and grass skirt presented a tray to them with two stone mugs, containing a smoking liquid.

“Compliments of Enrika,” she said. “It’s called Island Paradise.”

“What is it?” Dawn asked.

“The world’s best aphrodisiac if you ask me,” she smiled. Dawn took her mug as did Jeff.

“Cheers,” Dawn said.

“Cheers,” he replied. Their mugs clanked or clunked as stones do.

Dawn sipped first. It was sweet but husky. There was a lot of body to the drink.

“Ooohh.” Dawn said, breathing out smoke, “That’s really….. weird.” Her ring’s diamond was glistening. “I don’t know if I can make it though dinner. Now my head is spinning.”

“I feel dizzy,” said Jeff.

“Let’s get some air,” said Dawn, even though they were already outside.

It was while walking along the sunset beach that it started. Jeff was feeling horny. Really horny. And it was tough to concentrate on the walk. Dawn was feeling it too. A deep horniness that she couldn’t remember feeling before. Except for that one time she masturbated with her vibrator 11 times in one day… but that was different, before she met Jeff. Back in their room, the rest of the evening was heavenly. Jeff fucked Dawn sweetly, deeply. The curtains flowed with the breeze of the ocean. Dawn orgasmed, calling out to the beach for anyone to hear. She didn’t care. She was feeling almost no concern about what anyone thought. She wanted everyone to know how good she felt.


The days activities had worn them out and they fell asleep early. Much earlier than usual. But the horniness didn’t take long to resurface. Dawn’s diamond started to sparkle in the darkness.

She awoke with erotic feelings as two strong arms picked her up fulfilling her wishes. She stared at the dark man that carried her to the reclining couch at the foot of the bed. She wanted to say no. She wanted to say stop. But her mind was too weak to fight off the feelings. He placed her down then got between her legs. He worshipped he ass and pussy, kissing her everywhere. His tongue licked her clit making her shudder as she squeezed her tits.

Kahlua, naked, came up to Dawn. Dawn wanted to kiss her more than anyone at any time. Her mouth begged. The young girl dropped her large dripping tit into Dawn’s mouth. She sucked hard, and was rewarded with a squirt of sex milk that flowed a warm horny sensation down her entire body. Dawn could only think of how good it would be to be touched, to be fucked. She had lost all control. Her pussy squirted into the man’s mouth.

Kahlua placed her lips to Dawn’s and the two girls kissed for an eternity as Dawn experienced micro orgasms. Kahlua ran her hands down Dawn’s arms, gently holding her fingers, then toying with her wedding ring. She held it up for Dawn to see. For a moment, Dawn hesitated, remembering what it was for, then smiled in horniness as the diamond sparkled. Kahlua leaned in to kiss her again. She brought Dawn to her feet, allowing the stud to recline across the couch.

When he laid back in the soft moonlight, Dawn could see he wasn’t a dark man, but a muscular man with the darkest tan she had ever seen. She was thinking how she would have to remain naked, exposed to the sun for so long to be that way too. It would be fun. It would be naughty. Kahlua placed Dawn’s hand on his long thick cock, pointing toward his knees.

Her tiny fingers couldn’t fit around this massive shaft. She stroked back and forth lovingly, placing the tip in her mouth and sucking the sweet pre-cum. His hand caressed her head as she sucked. His cock began climbing erect, pulsing with each precious heartbeat. Thumping in her hand as it grew wider.

Kahlua gently held the man’s hand, leading his glistening ring towards Dawn’s. When they touched, a ringing of chimes emanated from them as the diamonds mimicked each other. Dawn was startled, loosing focus on the 14″ monster that was a 5 inch thick pillar in front of her innocent face. Her ring was singing a crystal song.

“He is your Uumzati now,” Kahlua smiled. “By the ancient wisdom of the rings, you belong to him, and he to you.”

“No!… How could this ring from the jewelry store…”

“The diamonds come from the same places. You were compelled to come here the moment that ring was on your finger…. As was I.”

Kahlua showed off the diamond clip, pierced in her belly button.

“You really never had a choice.”

Dawn’s pussy suddenly gushed as she realized what had just been revealed. Her conscious mind trying to fight off the magic, trying to stay with the man she loved. That she thought she loved… That she remembered loving at one time but couldn’t remember why… The magic wanted her body to belong to his other man. And every time she let that thought invade her mind, she was rewarded with intense pleasure. She gently worked her hands along the stump thick cock, reflecting on what was happening in her head. She didn’t have much choice. The naughty thoughts took over her head as she gave in to the pleasures of the ring.

“My wife can’t get this in her pussy,” the stud said, “But the ring says you can.”

Kahlua urged Dawn to her feet, helping her straddle his monster cock. Dawn was momentarily unsure. Kahlua smiled at her, nodding approval. She bent down, the massive head leaving a slippery slime on her pussy lips. She panted. She groaned. And finally the tip was in her. The stud firmly held her hips and with slow agonizing patience, pulled and worked her pussy down, further and further over his long thick cock. Dawn placed her hands flatly on his chest, her wedding ring sparkling as his hardness pushed against her cervix.

Kahlua smiled at Dawn, caressing her cheek then climbing up into the bed with Jeff. Dawn watched with a hint of sadness, but nodded yes anyway…


Just after 1am, Jeff awoke, his cock hardening. In the dim moonlit room, he could see her long flowing hair on the pillow next to him, her outline under the silk sheets.

Jeff rolled over onto his right, feeling for his wife’s soft, curvaceous butt, her smooth back, the bump of her ass and her strong legs. He pretended she was Kahlua. His cock began to harden, his slippery pre cum oozing out. Wetting his finger he slid his middle finger along the crack of her ass to her pussy, softly squeezing her cheeks with his big hand. Gently inserting a finger, wiggling back and forth, her pussy lips started to swell. Her wetness aided his finger sliding along her pussy. Slowly, slowly he worked it inside of her. She sighed as her pussy opened for his fingers. Gently he slid two fingers in and out. His hard dripping cock pressed harder and harder against her ass hole which was slick with his juices. He pulled his fingers out, reaching up to her boob. He found her nipple and flicked it to hardness. He smiled.

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