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Julie Smith sighed contently as her husband, Frank, pulled their car to a stop in the driveway. Her happy emotion was a result of the family evening they had just spent with their eighteen year old daughter, Cindy. After attending one of the girl’s last high school performances they had gone out to dinner, during which they talked about her performance and plans for college. It had definitely been a pleasant evening and Julie was looking forward to ending it by making love with her husband.

Exiting the car the trio strolled to the front door. Julie, a brunette who wore her hair a few inches past her shoulders, walked holding onto her husband’s arm. Her small, five foot six frame was adorned by a short summer dress that barely reached her thighs and had little buttons running up the front. It’s low, cup-style opening exposed her full, firm cleavage. The dress, along with her heels, announced that she liked showing off her body.

Their blond daughter followed just behind them. Built almost identically to her mother, except with a slightly smaller chest, the girl also enjoyed showing off her body, and she was not naïve about what men liked. Tonight she wore a tight skirt which showed nearly as much thigh as Julie’s dress, and a plain blouse. The top’s thick material hid the fact that she was braless. Also like her mother she kept her hair a little past her shoulders, preferring to wear it loose and free as well.

The three of them were jumped as they walked through the front door. In the shadows Julie sensed some bodies, some movement. She was grabbed from the side and a hand was clamped over her mouth. Next to her she heard a groan and a thud.

Filled by shock and fear she was carried backward into the living room. A light switch was flipped and the area became bathed in the soft light from a couple of lamps. Still confused and scared she scanned the room. Cindy was being hauled to the loveseat by one man and Frank was being set in the straight back chair by another. Her husband appeared groggy, his head lulling to the side. She guessed that the groan and the thud had been him being knocked out and falling to the floor. The third and final man continued to hold her. His strong arm around her waist kept her from running to her family’s aid, the hand over her mouth kept her from cursing at the men.

This was not what she’d had in mind and she wanted to tell them so, wanted to explain that they had gotten their communications mixed up. That this was not supposed to be happening with Cindy present.

She knew Dan, the one holding her. Actually the two of them had been lovers on and off for the last couple years. Not that she was unhappy with her husband or did not love him, Dan simply provided the occasional extra thrill that Frank could not. During the same couple years Frank had started sharing some fantasies about watching her being gangbanged. His words had worked at her sub-conscience, making the idea more and more appealing to her, until she had asked Dan if he knew someone he could invite to join them. That was how she met Sid, the one placing Cindy on the loveseat, a few months earlier. Then one day, when she had stopped by Dan’s unannounced she had also met Tom, the man tying Frank into the chair.

These experiences, the two men taking turns with her body, had fueled her own fantasies as she began thinking about being with the three of them at once. Finally she and Dan had devised the presently unfolding plan, a way of satisfying Frank’s fantasy as well.

But she had expressly told them that it was to either happen when Cindy was at a friend’s, or the girl was to be stashed away back in her bedroom. She was not meant to witness anything. Not that Julie had any misconceptions about her daughter being pure, she knew the girl was sexually active, she had even taken Cindy to get on the pill. Nor was she concerned for the girl’s safety, she knew she could trust the men. But she did not feel it was appropriate for Cindy to watch her mother being fucked by these men, or any man for that matter.

While thinking about all this she watched as Frank was tied sitting up and Cindy was bound by the wrists and ankles. Gags were then placed over both of their mouths. When this was complete Sid and Tom turned to her and Dan.

She tried to figure out someway to either get Cindy relocated or to cancel the entire thing.

“Okay honey, we’re here,” Dan whispered in her ear. “No backing out now. And this is how it’s going to be.”

The way he said it let her know that he was well aware of the ‘confusion’ concerning Cindy, and that he was overriding her instructions. The arm around her waist suddenly became loose and she was turned to face him, while his hand slipped so it remained over her mouth. Looking into his eyes she saw that Cindy was still safe, the men had simply decided it would be more fun to have a second audience member.

Locking her gaze on his she defiantly glared at him, silently telling him that he had better enjoy this, as it would be the last time he was ever with her. His grin told her he had already foreseen this and accepted it.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw his accomplices standing about a foot away, their eyes tracing up and down over her body. Reflexively her natural defiance flared up in her and she further scorned Dan with her eyes.

“And now we’re gonna have some fun with you,” he chuckled in response. “Ain’t that right guys?”

“You bet,” Sid agreed.

“Oh yea,” Tom said.

Now Dan’s hand slid away from her face to slowly roam down toward the top of her dress and the exposed skin there. Along the way his fingers lightly trailed their way across her throat’s flesh causing a small shiver to run through her body. His other arm released her waist and slid up along her side, those fingers joining the others to dance over her cleavage.

One of the other men stepped up behind her and started running his hands up and down her arms. Immediately she felt her body warming even as another shiver tingled through her, their touches sending small electrical pulses along her nerves. A second later she saw Sid step into her peripheral vision and she knew it was Tom behind her.

Sound and movement to the side drew her attention to Frank. She saw that he had regained consciousness. His eyes were still slightly dazed but they were comprehending the scene before him. She quickly imagined what he was seeing; his scantily-dressed wife standing in the center of three strange men, being touched by two of them. She wondered if this was close enough to his fantasies and hoped that it would please him. Glancing his way she tried to communicate that she would be alright with her eyes.

“Yes sir,” Dan pulled her attention back to him. “I do like a woman who shows what she’s got.”

His fingers moved down to trace along the sides of her breasts through her dress and bra before slipping around to their front and back up across the bared tops.

“You are going to be good to us, honey,” he told her. “You’re gonna be real good to us.”

Turning back to him she stared defiantly into his face, her mouth in a firm scowl. Dan simply grinned mischievously back down at her.

His fingers began concentrating all of their attentions to sliding back and forth along the sides of her breasts. While applying soft, firm pressure, enough to make small indentations, they traveled from the two mound’s back edges out to her nipples again and again. After every couple of passes the pressure he was applying grew firmer.

She felt Tom lean into her and start to lightly kiss her shoulder. He moved her hair out of the way so that his lips could travel up her neck to nibble on her ear lobe, his warm breath blowing into her ear.

The attention they were giving her body parts, the two sets of hands and one set of lips running over her, were affecting her. Shiver after shiver tingled through her. Her breathing was growing shallower, and her nipples were starting to harden and ache.

After several minutes of this treatment Tom’s hands stopped running up and down her arms and gripped them instead. She only had a second in which to wonder why before Dan grabbed the top edge of her dress with both hands and gave it a yank. The garment gave easily under the attack. It ripped down the center, rapidly exposing more of her bra and more of her flesh. Cool air blasted against her skin. The suddenness of all this caused Julie to inhale sharply, her breasts heaving with the action. She stared at Dan in shock.

“Oh yeah,” he smiled.

Following his gaze downward she looked at her breast. Her nipples poked at her low riding bra’s material. Dan still gripped the dress and he jerked at it again, ripping it further. Now it hung open about halfway down. He then released the dress to return his hands to her breasts. Again applying soft, firm pressure he traced the edges of her bra, his fingers sliding along her flesh.

“Nice,” he sighed, watching his own fingers against her exposed flesh. “So nice.”

Tom released his hold on her arms and started caressing them again. Pushing her hair off her shoulder once more he kissed her shoulder, her neck. He nibbled her ear lobe. His lips were light on her skin, his breath warm on her flesh.

“What a beautiful woman you are,” he whispered in her ear. “So hot and sexy.”

“Just so damn nice,” Dan breathed, still staring at her breasts.

Still upset by their changing part of the plan, Julie continued glaring at him but it was becoming more and more difficult to fuel the anger in her eyes. Their actions were affecting her. She was loosing her control. She felt a fire smoldering deep inside her and her breathing was growing even more shallow. Without thinking she leaned her head a little to the side, giving Tom easier access to her neck and ear.

“Oh yeah, don’t you worry, honey,” Dan grinned. “We’re gonna take real good care of you.”

With that his hands reached behind her, under the dress, and gripped her bra strap. When he gave it a hard yank the clasp let go easily. This time when she inhaled sharply her tits slid out from under the garment. Cool air licked at her nipples, causing yet another electrically charged shiver in her. The scowl she had been working to maintain slackened, her mouth dropping open just a little.

Dan’s hands moved back to her front where they cupped her breasts, his thumbs sliding across her flesh and over her nipples. The already hardening little nubs stiffened even more in response. Julie breathed deeply. As he continued to hold the fleshy mounds Dan moved his thumbs over and around her nipples, his eyes gleefully watching them grow harder and harder with each passing minute.

Tom’s hands slid from her arms to her ass where he started to rub and massage her through the dress. His lips continued to run along her neck which was slowly bending further to the side. Whenever he got to her ear he would run his tongue around the inside of it and whisper to her. She listened to him breath dirty things to her, things involving their cocks and her body. As she imagined how these things would feel she grew even more aroused. Soon Tom’s lips just stayed by her ear, his tongue flickering inside of it between dirty words. Reflexively she pressed her head into him now. Feeling her legs grow weak she leaned back against his chest for support. Dan continued cupping and lightly caressing her tits. Her chest heaved in his hands as her breathing grew shallower and shallower. Her nipples, now fully swollen, poked straight out. She heard low, small moans rattling in her throat.

“Ohhh,” one of these moans escaped when Dan suddenly tweaked her nipples.

Seeing, and now hearing, her body giving into the desire they were creating Dan chuckled. His fingers started alternating between lightly touching and actually twisting her nipples while his hands cupped and massaged her heaving mounds. He leaned forward and put his lips against her mouth, kissing her lightly. The fire inside Julie flared into a full-on flame. Reflexively she pressed her lips back at him. Their mouths opened, she felt his tongue slide across hers and another moan escaped into his mouth. As their kisses continued, their mouths locking onto each others, she realized that she was actually pushing her chest into his hands.

Behind her Tom still massaged her ass while his dirty words filled her ear with heated breath. Her legs weakened more, and she leaned back harder against him.

One of Dan’s hands moved away from her tit to her arm then slid down it to grip her wrist. He pulled her hand forward and placed it on his crotch. She felt the bulge straining his pants. Once again she moaned into his mouth. Automatically she wrapped her fingers onto the bulge and started rubbing, trying to stroke his hidden cock. Dan’s hand returned to her tit and twisted her nipple again.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned.

Until then she felt certain that her couple of little moans had only been audible to herself and Dan, and maybe Tom. But she knew this one was heard by nearly everyone in the room.

Dan’s hands massaged her tits, caressed her nipples, his lips on hers were soft and sensual. Tom’s words in her ear created a collage of images and ideas, his hands kneaded her ass through her clothes. Her desires were growing hotter and hotter. She felt the flames burning inside her, felt herself loosing more control. She no longer felt any of her earlier anger, only her building passion. She had nearly forgotten that Frank and Cindy were even present. She was loosing herself in the moment, in the experience, in the sensation of their attentions. Giving into her desires she reached back toward Tom’s crotch, her free hand seeming to move on its own. She found his straining bulge with a little searching and began rubbing it the same way she was Dan’s. The two bulges she desperately grasped at were hard and inviting.

For several minutes the trio remained like this, two sets of hands and lips manipulating her while she rubbed at their throbbing cocks. This fueled her lust, fanned the flames deep inside her so that she nearly whimpered when Dan did pull his lips away from hers to take a step back.

Through glazed eyes behind heavy lids she saw him standing there staring at her heaving body. His eyes locked on the hard nipples between his fingers, a growing smile on his face. Julie could no longer muster any semblance of defiance in her expression, it was to hungry with lust and desire. Her hands mauled at their crotches. She pushed her ass back into Tom’s hands.

“Get on your knees,” Dan told her a minute later.

She knew what he had in mind and she felt her fires flare higher with the thought of sucking his cock. But she did not want the present attentions to end either.

“No, please,” she moaned lightly through her open lips even as her grip on their bulges tightened. “N- No.”

Releasing her nipples Dan grabbed a handful of hair on top of her head and pushed her down roughly. “I said, get on your knees, bitch. Get down there and suck my fucking cock,” he growled.

She dropped to her knees quickly under his strength. She felt tears welling up in her eyes and briefly wondered if they were from the pain or something else. But she did not dwell on this for long since it did not really matter at this point.

Once on her knees with a hidden cock bulging beneath a pair of pants at eye level she needed little more encouragement. With his hands still tangled in her hair Dan stepped forward and Julie’s hands rushed at his belt and zipper. She tugged at his pants, pulling his under shorts down his thighs along them. In response to the appearance of his nearly rigid cock one of her hands shot forward to encircle it and she started leaning in.

“Whoa,” he stopped her with his handful of hair. “Slow down bitch.”

Confused, she raised her eyes to him questioningly, a couple tears still present in the hunger filled orbs.

“I don’t just want you to suck my cock,” he grinned down at her. “I want you to do it right. Take my pants off, spend some time at it. I want to feel you all over down there. Give it a build up and make sure I enjoy it. You understand me?”

As her mind comprehended his words she slowly nodded. Reluctantly she removed her hand from holding his cock and worked to pull his pants the rest of the way down his legs while he removed his shirt. Once he was completely naked she started to pay homage to his body with her lips and tongue. While she kissed and licked her way across his thighs and entire pelvic region she slowly stroked his now fully erect cock with her hand. She steadied herself by holding onto his ass with her other hand. Her actions, coupled with the anticipation of actually sucking his cock, fueled her desire. Low moans came from her as she opened and closed her lips, planting soft, wet kisses on his skin.

“Yea, honey, now you got the idea,” he assured her, both his hands now in her hair. He was obviously enjoying what she was doing since she could hear low moans coming from him as well.

Each kiss caused her to grow hotter. Each lick fanned her lustful flames. She felt her pussy start to ache and each time her mouth drew near to the hard cock she felt hungrier. She wanted to feel the rigid pole pass along her lips, wanted to suck on it. Seeing a drop of precum leak from its tip she reflexively reached out her tongue to swipe it away and taste it. As she did this she looked straight up into Dan’s face. Freezing in place she waited there, silently asking his permission to take him into her mouth. His answer was him pushing her face forward. Her lips parted as they neared the cock. Slowly she slid them over the stiff member to deliberately crawl down its length until they touched her fingers still wrapped around its base.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, holding her head still and sucking deeply.

For a few seconds she remained like this, but once she had grown comfortable she removed her hand and slowly slid her lips along the rest of its length. Her throat became stuffed with the first couple of inches.

“Oh God yes,” Dan groaned in response. “Fuck yeah.”

She held him like this for a few moments feeling it cause her pussy to quiver hungrily. She felt her juices leaking out to dampen her panties. Then she slowly slid back and dislodged most of him. When only the first inch remained in her mouth she pushed herself forward, then withdrew again. Her hand grabbed the cock’s base once more as she slowly pumped herself back and forth while sucking on it. As she gradually increased her pace her other hand held onto his ass. Soon she was sliding her mouth rapidly along the cock, pumping it into her mouth.

“Oh yea, honey. Suck my cock. Suck it you little whore.” Dan’s hips started rocking back and forth in unison with her movements. “Fuck me with your mouth, baby. Fuck me with your mouth.”

As their pace increased his hands tightened in her hair and his hips pushed harder, taking over more and more control as his orgasm neared. Julie simply gave into his force. As she held onto him tightly, her mouth pumping at his cock, her body rocked with their motions. Now a near continuous stream of quiet mewing came from her throat.

“Oh yea, baby. I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” Dan moaned. “Fuck me with your mouth, baby. Swallow my cum.”

Now Dan held her head firmly in place as he proceeded to roughly fuck her mouth. His hips pounded into her face, the hand gripping his cock’s base the only thing stopping him from shoving the thing all the way into her throat. The mixture of pain and pleasure caused her to whimper through the assault as she continued to suck on the member as best she could.

“Yea, let me fuck your mouth, you little bitch.” Dan growled. “Fuck your face while you suck on my cock. Suck it, you little whore. Suck my cock until I cum in your mouth. Yea, bitch, suck it like a whore. I’m cumming. Swallow my cum you slut. Swallow my cum.”

Suddenly he froze, his entire body tense. His hips were thrust as far forward as possible, cramming her lips against her fingers. He gripped her hair hard, holding her firmly in place and groaning happily. As his jism shot into her mouth she swallowed as fast as she could. The fingers wrapped around the cock’s base tugged and squeezed. As the last squirts of cum sprayed out she continued suckling while the member started to wilt. When it finally slipped from her mouth she whimpered.

“She’s a good little cock sucker, guys,” Dan chuckled, pushing her off of him. “Who’s next?”

“Let’s see how she handles two at once,” Tom declared.

Both he and Sid had disrobed while watching her suck Dan off and now they stepped up to either side of her. As she straightened up on her knees she turned and looked at the two approaching cocks. Instinctively her hands reached out, gripping and starting to gently tug on them both. First she turned her face to lick Sid’s cock, then she turned to Tom’s. For the next few minutes she alternated her attention from one to the other, licking and slowly stroking them.

The lustful thrill of simultaneously having two hard cocks at her disposal after everything else that had already occurred overpowered her rational senses and she was now in a kind of trance. Somehow she understood what was happening, what she was doing, yet at the same time she was not truly aware. In this foggy mindset all that really mattered was the hunger and desire burning inside her. Feeding the need these created she licked one cock, then the other a few more times before slowly sliding her lips over the head of Sid’s. With only a couple inches in her mouth she started to suck on it deeply. While she slowly engulfed it she moved her tongue along its length. Her extremely slow pace made it seem to take forever for her to get most of it in her mouth, but it was also amazingly pleasurable. As she concentrated on Sid’s cock she was unable to continue stroking Tom’s and instead she held onto it, giving it firm, regular squeezes. Just like with Dan, she waited until she was comfortable with most of Sid’s cock in her mouth then loosened her throat. She then slid it in further until her nose became buried in his pubic hairs. She felt her throat muscles squeeze his cock.

“Oh yes,” he growled at the sensation, his hands now gripping her hair loosely. “Oh fuck.”

She held him there for a couple moments then started slowly sliding back off the member. Again, as her mouth reached the head, she moved forward. She gripped the cock’s base and pumped her mouth along it, swallowing the first inches of him with each forward thrust.

“She is good,” Sid sighed between pleased grunts.

After a few minutes of fucking him with her mouth she pulled it out completely. Instantly she turned to Tom’s cock and proceeded to perform the same acts on it.

“Fuckin’ A,” he whistled as she deep throated his cock. “What a slut.”

The thrill of working on the two cocks caused her fires to rage with a nearly scorching heat. She felt her pussy grow hotter, felt her panties getting damper. Instinctively her hips ground the air, trying to make her undergarments press into her clit. Moving her mouth from one cock to the other she sucked and bobbed her head on each for a few minutes while tugging at the opposite. As the cocks slowly grew stiffer with their nearing climaxes she felt herself grow more and more excited.

She was pumping her mouth on Tom’s cock when Sid let out a tell-tale groan and his hips started to jerk oddly. Realizing what was about to happen she popped her mouth off Tom’s cock and tried turning in time to get it onto Sid’s, but she was not fast enough. The first shot of semen sprayed across her face even as her mouth closed around the erupting member. Somehow this made Tom cum and his cock jerked in her hand, spraying her face as well. She continued to suck on Sid’s cock while she pulled madly at Tom’s, pumping his load out and onto her flesh.

As she knelt there with one cock erupting in her mouth and the other spraying semen across her face she heard a familiar sounding groan elsewhere in the room. This sound registered somewhere in the back of her mind, but it was merely a fleeting recognition. She remained focused on milking the two cocks dry, the duel sensation of their eruptions making her moan excitedly.

Even when the two cocks had finished releasing their loads she could not stop herself from sucking and stroking them, hungrily trying to fill the need she was feeling elsewhere. Only when she heard Dan laughing did she finally relinquish Sid’s cock from her mouth. Refusing to release them though she retained her hold on them as she turned to look for Dan. She spotted him standing by her husband. Frank still sat tied in the chair and his eyes were staring at her hungrily. Slowly her gaze dropped to where a tent grew between his legs, his cock pushing at his slacks. For the second time that night she imagined what he was seeing. His beautifully aroused wife kneeling between two men, their half-hard cocks in her hands, her torn dress exposing her heaving breasts, cum drying on her face and in her hair.

“Looks like hubby’s enjoying the show,” Dan laughed. “He must like seeing his wife be a little slut.”

She could not help staring at the bulge in Frank’s crotch. Even from across the room she saw it jump with the blood pumping into it. The sight of this made her whimper quietly as she felt her hunger being doused with fuel. Kneeling with a cock in each hand, her eyes filled with wonton lust, she reflexively licked her lips. Forcing her eyes to rise back up she saw her own desires reflected in Frank’s.

“What do you think, hubby?” Dan chuckled. “Isn’t your wife one hell of a beauty? She really got into sucking us off, didn’t she?”

Frank slowly nodded in agreement, his eyes never leaving her.

“I tell you, I’m not quite ready to put my cock in her pussy yet,” Dan announced. “What say we let her suck you off while I rest up a bit more?”

The familiar groan came from behind the gag again. The desire in her husband’s eyes fanned Julie’s own. She felt her pussy throb with a burning ache. She could no longer think about anything other than having her hunger appeased. Not Cindy, not the men’s disregard for her instructions, nothing. Just having her lustful desires slated.

“How bout it honey?” Dan called over to her. “You want to crawl over here and suck off hubby before we take turns fucking you?”

Without acknowledging him or his question she released his friend’s cocks and started crawling across the carpet on her hands and knees. Her eyes bounced between Frank’s crotch and his face as she neared. When she got over to him she crawled up his lap and dug at his belt. Tied to the chair as he was, he managed to lift his ass just enough so she could pull his slacks down to his knees. As his rigid shaft was revealed she grabbed hold of it, dropping to run her tongue along its length and to swirl her tongue over its head where she swiped away the precum coating it. Looking up she saw his lust filled eyes watching her and she moaned needfully in response. Quickly she sucked him into her warm mouth, immediately sliding down to deep throat him. Above her, he groaned. Beneath her, his hips tried humping up into her face. She knew he was already reaching his orgasm. Her body was now starving for what would happen when she finished sucking Frank off and so she wanted him to shoot his load into her mouth as soon as possible. She pulled back so that she could grip and squeeze the cock’s base, tugging it toward its explosion. Mewing hungrily she started pumping her mouth on it, sliding her lips up and down its length as she sucked and swirled her tongue across its flesh. No longer able to look at him and maintain her actions she just concentrated on rhythmically fucking him to climax. Her aching body leaned into him, smashing her tits against his legs.

She soon felt his climax boiling up inside of him. When she felt the cock jerk and the first spurt of cum blow into her mouth she locked her lips around it and swallowed hard, devouring that and every following spurt. When he was spent she kept him in her mouth for a few moments, suckling on his softening member.

“Yea!” Dan exclaim

When she eventually allowed the limp cock to slide from her mouth she laid her head on Frank’s thigh and stared at the cock as she continued gently stroking it. She felt her fires raging, the desire in her loins blazing with hunger. She also felt her pussy soaking her panties.

“Alright, I think it’s time for some pussy fucking,” Dan announced.

His words sent a thrill of excitement racing through her. The evening’s activities had her to the point of exploding with an orgasm and she desperately wanted it released. When Dan stepped forward to wrap his arms around her she whimpered with the sensation of his touch. She allowed herself to be lifted to her feet then led to the couch where Tom and Sid waited. It was there that they slid her torn dress off her shoulders. When it and her bra lay in a pile at her feet she stood with her nearly nude body on full display feeling completely vulnerable and exposed for the first time that night.

“Wow, would you look at how wet she is?” Dan exclaimed.

She knew what he meant without looking, knew that her white panties were dark with her wetness. She also felt her swollen labia visibly pressing against the weakened material. She stood there, anxious and excited, her bare chest rising and falling as she panted shallowly, her legs partially spread and shaking ever so slightly. When Tom started removing her panties his fingers on her flesh sent a series of quivering shivers coursing through her. Then the others joined him in maneuvering her onto the couch and the sensation of their added touches caused her to whimper.

They placed her with one leg up on the couch’s back and the other down on the floor. She lay there, legs spread, breasts topped by swollen nipples heaving from her panting, her head on the armrest. From beneath heavy lids she stared up at the three men’s stiffening cocks and her hips began to roll slightly upon the cushion as hungry moans escaped her open lips.

“Does the slut want to be fucked?” Dan chuckled.

“Mmmmmm,” she whimpered in response.

She watched him reach toward her, watched his hand lay on her inner thigh, and she felt her flesh burn with the touch. Slowly his hand slid up along her thigh until it cupped her mound, two bent fingers penetrating her barely to the first knuckle. His thumb hovered just above her clit, nothing except a thin space of air between the two pieces of flesh. Her hips jerked, rose up trying to force contact.

“Ohhh,” she cried.

Tom and Sid each began massaging one of her tits; Sid from behind the armrest, Tom from beside the couch. They cupped the fleshy mounds, squeezing and manipulating the pliant flesh, their palms and fingers rubbing against the sensitized nerves of her hard, red nipples.

Her orgasm teetered on the very edge, just waiting to be nudged over, and that was exactly what she wanted. She whimpered again and again, her hungry desperation growing with each second as her body quivered and tensed with feverish anticipation. Through her slitted eyelids she saw Tom’s semi-erect cock dangling near her. Whimpering louder she reached for it, her fingers wrapping themselves around it and tugging.

“You want a cock in your pussy?” Dan asked as he stared down at her.

“Yes,” she sighed.

While she squeezed and pulled at Tom’s cock her hips rolled and pushed more insistently at Dan’s hand, physically begging him to touch her aching, throbbing clit. But he refused her body’s pleas, keeping his thumb just near enough to tease her without actually making contact.

“Ohh. Ohh, ohhh,” she whimpered and mewled as she felt the cock in her hand reach full erectness and her orgasm teetered ever closer to the brink.

“You want it, slut?” Tom chuckled, squeezing her tit. “You want me to fuck you? You want my cock in your wet little pussy?”

“Yes. Oh God yes.” Her back arched off the couch to push her tit into his hand and she tugged hard at his cock. “Oh God yes.”

Her orgasm slipped forward. It now hung precariously over the edge, threatening to explode without any additional coaxing. Then her hips jerked, rolling and popping upward simultaneously. The action was too quick for Dan to keep his thumb from bumping her clit or his fingers from sliding further into her, and the orgasm was freed. It crashed through her body with an amazing amount of force. Her body tensed as her back arched up off the couch, her breasts being crammed into the set of hands fondling them. Her ass twisted into the couch cushion, her hips rolling and popping again and again as they humped her sex on Dan’s fingers, ground her clit against his thumb. The hand holding Tom’s cock pulled and jerked hard enough to make the man grimace. Her other hand gripped a mass of the couch’s back cushion. Her head rolled back on the armrest, her mouth falling open as a combination of both audible and silent moans flowed from her.

“Ohhh,” she whimpered as it started to subside moments later, her body slowly dropping back to the couch and relaxing once more. “Ohhh God!”

For Julie it was the most powerful orgasm she could remember having experienced, and at the time she doubted it could ever be topped.

“That was fucking beautiful,” Sid cheered.

Tom released her tit and started moving toward her open legs. A soft whimper escaped her as Dan pulled his hand from her sex and stepped away to allow him access. Climbing between her legs Tom placed the tip of his cock against her entrance. Being so soon after the explosive orgasm Julie did not expect her body to react too quickly, but she was surprised. As the cock’s head parted her lips and entered her she felt her excitement refreshed, a second orgasm being immediately awakened. Her legs snapped around his waist, her hips driving upward to rapidly push him inside of her.

“Oh God,” she moaned as he filled her.

They started to rock into each other, their lower bodies quickly finding a rhythm together, their pace gradually quickening. A wet sloshing noise came from where his cock pumped in and out of her pussy. With his hands on the couch back and armrest Tom held himself up so he could stare down at her lustful expression and rolling tits.

“Oh God. Fuck me, fuck me,” she encouraged him, her head lulling from side to side. “Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy harder.”

The new orgasm was quickly building, making her hungry for its release. Her ass bounced up off the couch, fucking her pussy at him.

“Fuck my pussy. Fuck me with your cock.” She told him. “Oh God yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Having recently cum once himself, Tom’s own second orgasm was nowhere near as close as hers so he did not rush his pumping of her pussy as much as she wanted. This made her look up at him. What she saw only served to fuel her heated loins and pending orgasm. He was hovering above her, leering down at her lust filled features and bouncing tits while his cock pounded in and out of her wet pussy. The idea of this caused her orgasm to suddenly explode inside her.

“Ohhh God,” she cried out.

She crammed her pussy against him, burying his cock inside her, her pussy clenching at the rigid member. Her body arched up off the couch again, lifting her chest into the air, her swollen nipples shining atop her bouncing breasts. The site of them was too enticing for Tom to pass up and he clamped his mouth over one of them. This sent her orgasm into overdrive. She tried to simultaneously cram her pussy even further onto his cock and more of her tit into his mouth.

“Ohhh God,” she cried, one hand grabbing the back of his head and shoving it against her breast. “Ohhh God yesss. Suck my tit. Fuck me. Suck my tit. Ohhh God.”

The orgasm crashed through her with wave after wave of pleasure, causing her body to shake and tense.

Then, as it slowly faded, her body relaxed again. But his lips around her nipple, his tongue licking the hard nub, felt too good to loose so she held his head in place, making it follow her tit down. As her hips dropped he began pumping his cock into her again and she pumped her hips back at him.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck my pussy with your cock. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yes, fuck me.”

His mouth remained locked firmly on her nipple, sucking. She felt the force of his thrusts growing harder as his own fires were stoked. His cock slid easily in and out of her soaked pussy, his pelvis bumping into her clit every few strokes. She whimpered and mewled with pleasure between urging him to go faster even as her pussy muscles clenched at his cock. Soon he was pounding his cock into her roughly, ramming it into her harder with each forward thrust.

“Oh yes. Oh God yes,” she cried. “Fuck me. Fuck me with your cock.”

Suddenly his mouth released her breast as his head roared upward. His hips slammed between her legs. His pelvis ground against hers, bumping into her clit. His cock became buried inside her as deep as possible. She felt it twitch and jump, felt it start to pump his semen into her hungry pussy. And she felt his explosion kindle the embers of yet another orgasm in her.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered with its first, initial shivers.

“Damn, that was good,” Tom grinned as the last of his load was released.

He remained hovering above her until his cock slowly slipped from her pussy then he climbed off and stepped back. She remained laying with her legs spread, her now puffy labia red and swollen, a mixture of their juices visibly leaking out.

“Damn good,” he re-affirmed.

“I’m next,” Sid announced, stepping forward.

Turning, she saw that his cock was fully erect and ready to be shoved into her. Through her half closed eyes she watched him climb between her legs. Reflexively she reached down to grip his member and guide it to her waiting pussy. When the tip of it pressed at her opening he slid forward, burying himself deep inside of her fast and coaxing her newest orgasm forward.

“Ohhh yesss,” Julie sighed.

The two of them worked toward a rhythm, finding a tempo that they could each match, their bodies moving against each other. Looking up she saw that Sid was also holding himself up to stare down and enjoy her lustful expression and bouncing breasts.

“Fuck me,” she told him, pushing herself up harder against him. “Fuck my pussy. My wet pussy. Fuck my wet pussy with your cock.”

“Fucking beautiful,” he moaned, watching her ride up against him. “Just fucking beautiful.”

The pace of their humping steadily increased until they reached one steady rhythm. Their pelvises pounded into each other, her clit receiving a straight-on, solid contact every few pumps. She felt her need growing, her orgasm building.

“Oh God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Harder, harder,” she moaned, urging him like her own desires were urging her. “Fuck my wet pussy harder.”

Like Tom, Sid was in no hurry to cum this time and so he failed to increase the pace or the force of his humping any. Still, their constant rhythm pushed her orgasm closer and closer to the edge. Her muscles tightened every few moments as she felt it teeter precariously. Her head rolled upon the armrest, her features a mixture of pleasure and pain. From beneath her heavy lids she caught glimpses of Sid staring down at her, watching their bodies move against one another, her tits bouncing and rolling with the action.

Her orgasm reached the brink, teasing her with its promise of an explosive release. She wanted it to crash through her body, to feel its waves of ecstasy. Reaching up she wrapped her arms around his back, giving her better leverage. Then she began making her hips jump up off the couch at him.

I left home because of mother. Why? Because from the time I was fourteen I’d fallen in love with her, or put more bluntly, I wanted to fuck her. Living with her meant a constantly high level of sexual frustration and I thought that one day, in an unguarded moment, I might do or say something that would reveal my secret lust.

At the time of my leaving home mother was of course in her early forties, but this had done nothing to diminish what I think of as her allure. Tall, with dark hair and eyes to match, she had an athletic figure, but she was not what might be called beautiful; her nose and jaw were too emphatic, and because swimming was her favourite exercise her shoulders were broad and her limbs muscular; and such strongly built women are not always attractive to a lot of men.

And yet mother did attract men and it took until I was in my teen years to work out why. She had a striking presence and it was as if the way she stood, walked, sat and talked conveyed a challenging carnal message, but there was more to it than that.

At any social gathering men sought her company and I came to understand only too well why she drew men, including me, to her. She exuded a palpable sexual fragrance like musk oil, but more intoxicating than any perfume. I sometimes wondered if it would ever fade, and decided, it never would. She was one of those rare women who even in old age would still radiate sex appeal.

My father didn’t seem to mind the way mother drew men to her, in fact he seemed to revel in it because he had what they all wanted, and I’m as sure as I can be that mother was never unfaithful to him.

* * * * * * * *

At age twenty two I graduated from the university BA (Hon). The plan had been for me to go on to further studies, but instead I applied for and got a job with the Government of Victoria. That I thought would get me well away from Adelaide and South Australia and consequently away from mother and temptation.

When I announced that I was leaving there was a hell of an argument with father and mother; “Your ruining your whole future,” and stuff like that. I didn’t reveal my main reason for leaving home, instead proclaiming my need for independence, striking out on my own, and getting life experience.

I had read that sons are often sexually attracted to their mothers but it also said that this will pass “When a more appropriate sex object enters the life of the young man.” Well, I’d experienced several “appropriate sex” objects and they’d done nothing to quell my hankering for mother.

And so I left home with father’s admonitions still ringing in my ears and the memory of mother’s tears, little realising what lay ahead.

A couple of weeks after I started the job I struck it lucky. Theresa, a widow in her late forties and the mother of five children all of whom had left home, and she worked in the same department as me. She took a fancy to me. She was a pleasantly plump and full breasted lady, and a few lunches together and then dinner at her place led very quickly to being in bed with her and my penis in her vagina. As a result of this encounter I changed lodgings and lived with Theresa.

My previous sexual experiences had been with girls my own age, but now I discovered the pleasures of sex with an older woman. For a start condoms had always been involved in my previous sexual experiences, but as Theresa said, “I’m past the age of child bearing so we can have it raw.” It was great; I could really feel her vagina and its wetness, and there was something special about knowing that my sperm was really going into her. I learned a lot of things about what a woman likes, and in fact she insisted on us doing things I’d never even thought about before.

I can remember the first time we had sex; we stood in her bedroom naked looking at each other when Theresa, looking at my erect penis said, “My word, you re a big boy.”

I suppose that in general I am fairly well built and muscular since I’d followed in mother’s exercise footsteps, swimming, and so at first I took Theresa’s comment to be about my general appearance, which was flattering. It was only as I penetrated her vagina with my penis that she made it clear that her “big boy” comment had referred to the size of my penis.

I had never considered it to be overly large, not having made comparisons with other penises, but as I penetrated deep into Theresa she moaned, “Oh my God, Adrian, I’ve never had one so big in me before.” That was also flattering in a way, and it was also another learning experience.

We weren’t in love; we were a couple of people who were meeting each others sexual needs and enjoying it. Right from the start Theresa had pointed out that one day I’d probably want to get married and have kids, and she certainly couldn’t provide the latter. “So let’s enjoy ourselves while we can,” she said, “and when it’s over we’ll have happy memories of our time together. “Mind you,” she added, “I’ll always envy the girl who gets your cock in her vagina.”

Well, she was right, I certainly enjoyed myself, and I can now say that I do have happy memories of sexually voracious Theresa, who among other things had a penchant for consuming the male organ and its glutinous discharge.

I’ve sometimes wondered if her late husband’s demise had been because of Theresa’s ravenous sexual appetite.

* * * * * * * *

Despite my good times with Theresa it was still my mother that I craved. I suppose the difference was that I wasn’t in love with Theresa, but I was in love with my mother.

Having made the move away from her and home I only visited home once during that first year, and that was something I was going to come to regret.

A couple of years before I left home I’d noticed that father seemed to be having difficulties breathing and in the morning I could hear him coughing painfully in the bathroom. When I asked what the trouble was I was told, “It’s just a touch of bronchitis.” I should have known I was being fobbed off.

During that one visit home I noticed that father’s cough had got even worse and he had lost weight and the slightest physical effort seemed to exhaust him, and he had always been a physically well set up man and very active. Despite this I still didn’t realise just how sick he was, but that seemed to be the way in our family, we never made much of sickness, but if it was bronchitis it had to be the longest bout in human history.

Full realisation only came when one evening mother phoned me and said, “I think you’d better come home, your father is very sick and he’s in hospital;” For her to make such a call meant that there was something very seriously wrong with father.

I managed to get an early morning flight to Adelaide and took a taxi from the airport to our place in Walkerville, to be met by mother who was utterly distraught. I had arrived too late, father was dead.

What I learned was that the so-called bronchitis had in fact been emphysema; an abscess had formed in his lungs and burst, and before any antibiotics could take affect, he died.

Mother seemed to be in a lost world so it was left to me to organise and deal with the funeral administrivia. The service took place at the Enfield Crematorium and during the service mother clung to me as she gazed unbelievingly at the coffin as if somehow father wasn’t really in there. She remained like that until the coffin passed out of sight on its way to its fiery end.

During the wake that followed mother was locked into a world of grief, and it was only after the mourners, friends and relatives had finally departed that she began to come out of this cloud of misery sufficiently to talk.

Grieving myself, and feeling guilty that I hadn’t recognised earlier my father’s condition, I had to be mother’s comforter. During the rest of my stay I often sat holding her for long periods of time as in a monotonic voice she went over and over the events leading up to father’s death, and interspersing this with memories of their life together.

It was as she dwelt on past memories that I heard a lot of things that I’d only previously guessed at. Mother’s guard was down and she went so far as to talk about her sex life with father, which she implied involved sexual intercourse every night until he started to get sick. I must admit that as a kid I’d wondered what the noises were that had emanated nightly from my parent’s bedroom.

Again and again as she sadly reminisced she said, “I’ve lost half my life, and there’ll never be anyone to replace Jack” — my father’s name. I wondered about this because a woman who had been so sexually active surely must in the end seek someone who could satisfy her need. I certainly knew of one person who would happily fix what I thought must be her overactive sex drive; namely, me.

I’d often wondered if mother had detected my sexual feelings for her, and towards the end of my stay with her she started to talk about how close we were, and she knew that I loved her, and to my dismay she even hinted that she knew why I had left home.

The time I could spend with her was limited. I had to return to work, but before I left mother appealed to me to come back home to stay. I knew that now father was dead mother was more vulnerable, or perhaps it as me who was more vulnerable. If I lived alone with mother I might give in to temptation, and I thought this would lead to disaster as far as my future relationship with mother was concerned.

I came up with my old excuse about being independent, but as mother said goodbye to me at the airport I nearly relented. She clung to me weeping and that musk aroma was very noticeable, and she kissed me as if we were two lovers parting and I boarded the aircraft trying to hide a heart pulsating erection.

Throughout that flight back to Melbourne I wondered if I’d thrown away a golden opportunity to at last make love with mother, but I knew that sometimes people when they are bereaved can become incredibly sexually aroused as they seek solace. It’s as if one emotion flows into another, and I wasn’t ready to take advantage of such a situation.

I returned to Theresa who having been bereaved herself didn’t try the talk fest and simply let me talk and make love with her. I must say that the sex did help to assuage my grief and I started to get things in perspective.

* * * * * * * *

During the following year I made a point of visiting mother at weekends at least once a month, flying over simply to see how she was going. I could never be sure what sort of mood I would find her in, but whatever her mood she was incredibly clingy. This made things difficult for me because despite my sex life with Theresa, mother was the woman I really wanted.

Things seemed to level out towards the end of the first year after father’s funeral. The story was that mother had met dad while she was studying at university. They had fallen in love and mother became pregnant and they got married. This was no news to me because in going through my father’s papers I had found my birth certificate and my parent’s marriage certificate. The consequence had been that mother had given up university.

Now mother was thinking about resuming university studies as a mature age student. This was a good sign as far as I was concerned; mother wanting to pick up her life again, and I did all I could to encourage her. She was after all in a financial position to not have to work, a position, I thought rather ruefully, that I might have been in if I hadn’t chosen to leave home.

It was during a telephone conversation with mother that she announced that she’d made up her mind and would go ahead with studies. She went on to say that it was some time before the new academic year was due to start, and she suggested that we spend some time together at the house on Kangaroo Island.

The house had been a gift from my father to my mother not long after they got married. Situated on the North West corner of Kangaroo Island, isolated and somewhat dramatically poised on the top of a cliff, we had spent many holidays there, although we hadn’t been there for nearly three years. I think that had to do with my father’s encroaching sickness, but when we weren’t using it we sometimes rented it out.

Below the house is an inlet created by the cliffs that curved round to form a narrow outlet to the sea beyond, and at the bottom of a track down the cliffs is a small beach.

My immediate response to mother’s suggestion was negative, not a good idea, because if mother lived up to her past mode of dress when at the house, which to say the least was distinctly casual, I knew I would be in for a throbbingly erect penis for most of our stay.

I reluctantly changed my mind when mother, somewhat reproachfully, said that we hadn’t had much time together ever since I’d left home, and this might be our last chance to be together for some time. She obviously hadn’t counted the time I spent with her after father’s funeral, but I let that pass.

I had some leave owing to me but when it came to agreeing how much time we would spend on the island some negotiating took place. Mother wanted a month but we finally agreed on a fortnight. I must admit that I had in mind my separation from Theresa who served as a sort of sexual safety valve for my demanding libido.

* * * * * * * *

The day before we were due to leave for the island I flew into Adelaide and was met by mother driving the four by four. She greeted me with unexpected exuberance and a close embrace that nearly took my breath away. The last time I had seen her she had been somewhat pale faced and wilting, but now she seemed to have recovered much of her allure and there was that faint aroma of musk about her.

She seemed to be very excited and at the same time tense, and that embrace and the kiss she gave me went on longer than might be expected of a mother and son airport greeting. When it ended I noticed some nearby people looking at us and grinning.

On the drive home mother chattered incessantly and this was not her normal way. I was wondering if she was suppressing some exciting news until we got home, but when we got there no such news was forthcoming. She made a great deal of fuss over me and I couldn’t recall ever seeing her like this before.

Mother had made all the necessary preparations for our time on the island and early next morning we were on our way to Cape Jarvis and the ferry that would take us across to Penneshaw. From there we drove west on a bitumen road until we turned off on to a dirt road. A few kilometres along this road we came to a gate. I opened it and mother drove through, and then we were lurching along a rough track for about fifteen minutes until we reached the house.

Our arrival seemed to be a bit of an anti-climax and we spent the rest of the day stowing our gear and supplies, sweeping up dust and cobwebs and searching for signs of any invading rodents, and by late evening making vague plans for the next day.

That night I was restless. Being in an isolated place and alone with mother seemed somehow to be different from being at our Walkerville place. My mind focussed on mother in the bedroom next to mine: was she asleep or as she awake and thinking of the times she had shared the bed with father? What was she wearing or did she like me sleep naked? What would she do if I tried to take my father’s place in that bed?

I had no Theresa to alleviate my sexual need and so I did what I hadn’t done for a long time, I masturbated. As I ejaculated it was not Theresa I fantasised, but mother, and when I finally slept I dreamed of making love with mother, but always when I was about to penetrate her vagina with my penis she faded away.

When I woke in the morning I could hear mother already moving around. Mother, in her usual organised way, had opted to do some more tidying up, while I, less concerned with household order, went fishing.

It was a warm day with the promise of becoming hot later. I went to a ledge along the cliffs that was close to the water where father and I had often fished when I was a kid. We had usually had a good catch, but now, after a couple of hours I’d caught just one leatherjacket which I threw back.

Bored with my fruitless efforts I decided to return to the house to see if mother was ready to go for a swim, going by way of the beach. As I approached the beach I saw that mother had deserted her household chores and was lying on an air mattress with a cushion under her head. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be asleep.

Drawing close to her I felt my penis lurch and start to harden. Mother was wearing a pair of very tight shorts and a close fitting t-shirt. Beneath the t-shirt the swell of mother’s breasts clearly indicated that they were unrestrained, rising and falling as she breathed evenly.

Her shorts exposed her long legs with their firm thighs, and where the material of the shorts passed under mother’s crotch it seemed to sink into the groove formed by the clearly defined lips of her vulva, and I thought I saw a faint wetness staining the cloth.

I stood looking down at her, aching to penetrate that holy delta at the top of her thighs. Her eyes fluttered open and came to focus on me. She smiled and said, “I must have fallen asleep.”

I guessed that the wet stain on her shorts indicated she’d had an erotic dream, and so I asked, “Sweet dreams?”

She looked startled and the hesitantly said, “Yes…yes very sweet,” and for a moment she touched her groin and then hastily stood, her face flushing pink. I think she had detected the wet patch and was embarrassed by what it might reveal of her emotional state, but she couldn’t hide her feelings because that musk fragrance was more potent than ever and I knew what it meant, and with every movement her breasts shimmied like a firm blancmange.

There seemed to be an electric tension between us, a question unasked, a desire unexpressed. I had my own source of embarrassment; my erect penis was moulded by the cloth of my shorts, and I could feel my urethra weeping precum. For a moment I thought we were going to kiss, but mother breached the silence.

“Did…did you catch anything?” mother asked in an unsteady voice, as if to distract us from the strained atmosphere that surrounded us.

“No,” I said, and then dropped down on to the vacated air mattress, lying face down to hide my throbbing erection.

Mother hesitated and I could feel her eyes on me as she said, “I’ll go up to the house and prepare lunch, are you coming?”

I was very close to coming, but not in the sense she meant. “No,” I said, “I’ll stay here for a while, just give me a call.”

I watched mother start to make her way up the track, and when she got about half way she stopped, turned, and briefly looked down at me. She looked superb, her figure like a goddess of fantasy, perhaps Juno. I recalled that Juno was married to Jupiter and was at the same time his sister; an incestuous relationship!

Mother turned and continued up the track, my eyes focused on her high firm buttocks until she disappeared into the house. I wanted her as I’d never wanted anything before in my life, and I wondered if I had again passed up the opportunity to fulfil this craving for her.

Mother called me for lunch from the top of the cliff and I made my way up as mother stood watching me for a few moments. I noticed she’d changed her shorts and I supposed I’d been right about mother having an erotic dream on the beach. I wondered who had been present in that dream.

The charged atmosphere between us continued, our conversation desultory, it was as if we both expected something to happen between us, but neither willing to make the move that would initiate that something. I thought I knew what that something was, but was afraid that if I took the step I might be wrong and I would shatter the relationship that I had with mother.

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