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The Monday after the most embarrassing night of her life blew in with a storm, the skies gray and cloudy, just like Gracie’s mood. She’d sat at her desk for hours, working with the determination of a machine, trying to keep her mind off of one thing. Or one person, to be exact.

Mitchell Caldwell.

It wasn’t the humiliation that had kept her tossing and turning for the last two nights, but a man she’d only seen for a matter of moments. A few moments that had captivated her to the point of obsession.

Gracie wasn’t worried about her reputation or that of her firm. The threat of a lawsuit had squelched the gossip that had been circulating. If anything, business seemed to be up. She’d received a few interesting emails with indecent proposals, a dozen roses with a card that contained a marriage proposal, a singing telegram and a dozen messages from John begging her to return his calls. She’d gotten her partners to pull their accounts from John’s bank and invest with a competitor. He’d do anything to get them back as clients. Even apologize. From what she’d heard through office gossip, it wasn’t only their accounts that he’d lost since the previous Saturday.

It was petty revenge, but it felt damn good.

Gracie jumped in surprise as a crash of thunder rattled the glass in her office window. Being on the nineteenth floor had never made her feel very safe. The time had gotten away from her, and it was already way past dark. The rain was coming down so hard that she couldn’t see two feet outside her window.

She shut down her computer and shoved her files in her briefcase. The Texas weather was too warm for a coat, even a raincoat, so she was thankful that she’d gotten to work early enough that she’d found a parking spot in the garage. Getting soaked to the skin would have just added misery to an already miserable day.

The elevator took her straight to the bottom, not stopping at other floors along the way, as almost everyone in the building had already headed home for the evening. Her heels clicked rapidly on the cement as she made her way to the lone car parked under the yellow light in the far corner, and her hand clutched her briefcase and handbag in a tight grip. Her heart was racing, and she had to squelch the urge to scream every time the thunder boomed overhead. Images of a large glass of wine and a hot bath were the only thoughts in her mind when a hand clamped over her mouth and another wrapped around her waist, effectively clamping her arms to her sides.

Gracie bit at the black-gloved fingers and screamed when he uncovered her mouth, no doubt cursing the pain she’d caused him. The instinct to fight back overtook her and she kicked out behind her, feeling the hard flesh deflect her foot. Her attacker was silent through it all, wearing down her strength patiently as he dodged her blows. It had seemed like she’d been struggling for minutes, but in truth it had only been seconds. Her screams had gone unheard and she was truly alone with an attacker whose strength was far superior to her own.

The last thought that went through her mind before the sickeningly sweet smell of chloroform assailed her nostrils, was that John Johnson would pay for this.


Gracie remembered vaguely that she’d ridden in a van. To where, she had no idea, but every detail mattered. When she’d woken again she was lying on something soft, probably a mattress, in a room as black as pitch. She couldn’t see anything, but she could still hear the rain pouring outside. Did that mean it was still the same day?

Her mind was fuzzy from the drug and a headache pounded just behind her eyes. She tried to lift her hands up to rub away the pounding, but they were restrained. Panic overtook her, and she had to consciously slow her breathing for fear of hyperventilating and passing out.

Gracie cleared her mind and tried to think of the facts. She’d been on her way home from work when she’d been attacked, she’d been drugged, she’d woken briefly in a van with a hard metal floor, it was still raining and her hands and feet were tied to what she assumed was a mattress. Any way she looked at it, she decided the outcome couldn’t be good.

The opening of the door sped her controlled breathing up once again. It wasn’t the sound of the door that let her know that someone was in the room with her, but rather the lack of sound. The pregnant silence settled over her like a thick blanket, suffocating her until she wanted to scream just to fill the void.

The footsteps of her captor weighed heavy as he made his way to her side. “Have no fear from me,” he said. He knelt beside her on the bed and lifted her head in his hand. The cool water splashed against her lips and she drank greedily. Her mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton.

“Slow down,” he ordered. “You don’t want to make yourself sick. Open your mouth for me.”


“I have aspirin for your headache.”

When she didn’t comply, he stuck his finger through her clamped lips and pried her mouth open, dropping the two pills in. He held her nose and poured the water down her throat until he was sure she’d swallowed them.

“Don’t make things difficult on yourself. There is no need for you to be in pain.”

“Then untie me,” Gracie demanded.

“The bonds do not hurt you,” he said, checking the padded restraints just to make sure.

“Someone will look for me,” she said. “You can’t just take someone against their will and not expect there to be consequences.”

“But this is your will, isn’t it, Gracie.” He whispered the words so they were a caress along her skin.

A satin blindfold was placed around her head, and she almost asked what the point was since it was so dark inside the room, but the she heard the scrape of matches and saw the dim glow of light through her blindfold. Gracie heard a small click and winced as she felt a cold blade glance across her skin. It was sharp as it sliced through her clothing as if it were nothing more than paper. Her suit was tossed aside, no more than trash now, and her undergarments were given similar treatment until she was laid bare before her captor. She let out a breath of relief when she heard another click and the blade was put away.

“Beautiful,” he whispered as he ran his finger from the tip of her breast to the top of her thigh. “I’m going to give you a choice, Gracie. We’re not strangers. I felt the passion in you from the first moment and knew that we’d be together this way. But if you want what I have to give you, you have to take a chance.”

Mitchell. But what if it wasn’t really him? Was she willing to take that chance?

“What do you have to give me?” she asked.

“My cock buried deep in your pussy and as many orgasms as you can stand.”

His promise sent desire to her clit and she could feel her nipples pebble. “And what is the alternative?”

“I’ll let you go. And you’ll never see me again, except in your dreams.”

Gracie held back a cry of distress. She couldn’t bear the though of never having his touch again.

“No, don’t release me,” she said, panicked as she felt him begin to unclasp her restraints. “I want what you have to give me.”

“Very good,” he whispered.

She shuddered as his mouth came down over her nipple. The warmth of his caress and the gentle pull from the suction of his mouth was almost enough to make her go over the edge. Then he bit her, gently at first and then increasingly harder, until she did scream with a climax. His warm tongue soothed the pain with long strokes until she sighed in contentment.

She gasped as something cold touched the still tender nipple and she whimpered in pain when something clamped down onto it. Hard. And then the same thing was repeated with the other one. The clamps sent jolts of pleasure straight to her clit, and she had another small orgasm before her captor could work his way down her body.

“Please. . .” she begged.

“Please, what?”

“Tell me what you’re going to do to me.”

“Whatever I wish,” he answered as he closed his mouth over her most sensitive spot.

Gracie could do nothing but moan as she felt him open her nether lips with his fingers and kiss her intimately. His tongue circled her clitoris and then delved inside her, and he repeated the process over and over until she was writhing beneath him and pulling at her restraints.

“I’m going to come,” she panted.

“Mmm, I hope so. You taste so sweet. I want you to flood my mouth with your nectar.” He flicked his tongued one last time against the swollen nub and sent her spiraling over the edge.

She screamed out her release. “Stop, stop, it’s too much. Ohmigod. Please,” she didn’t know what she was asking, only that the sweet torment continue.

Gracie sighed as he slowed his assault and gently lapped at her still throbbing pussy. The sensations continued though when he pushed his finger slowly inside her, all the way to the hilt.

“God,” he groaned. “You’re so tight. Do you know how good you’re going to feel around my cock?”

Gracie protested as he pulled his finger out, but moaned when he quickly added a second and began slowly penetrating her again. Her toes curled when he curved his fingers up slightly and hit her G spot. It had been eight years since a man had found her G spot, and it had been an accident that time. The pleasure intensified as he flicked her clitoris in time with his fingers, and before long she was thrusting against his mouth and his fingers with another climax.

She might have passed out for a minute or two, but when she woke the restraints were being taken off her legs.

“What about my hands?” she asked when she realized he was going to leave those in place. “I want to touch you.”

“No, you want to be dominated. Held captive. You will not touch me with your hands until I say so.”

With the restraints gone from her ankles she was able to bring her legs up higher, expose more of herself to him. She waited in anticipation for what he would do next. The sound of drawers opening and closing caught her interest, but she was soon distracted as she felt the weight of his body back on the bed.

“Pull your knees up to your chest and open yourself wider to me,” he demanded.

Gracie felt the cool gel on his finger and yipped at the shock of it. It warmed quickly, and when his finger touched the puckered star of her anus, she relaxed her muscles as her worked his finger inside. He repeated the process slowly, gathering more lube and then slowly penetrating a finger, then two fingers, then three, until she was prepared for whatever he had in store for her.

“Relax,” he told her.

She did as he asked, but still tensed as the felt something hard penetrate her ass. It was large and ridged, and every bump and ridge was received with a gasp of pleasure, until it was pushed in to the hilt and her bowels were full.

“Oh, God, it’s huge.”

“Put your legs down and keep it inside,” he told her. “I’ll punish you if you don’t keep it in.”

Gracie felt his hot breath along her skin as he made his way back up her body to her lips. The kiss was carnal and wet, and she tried to wrap her legs around him and take him inside of her, but he wouldn’t let her. He pinched her nipple in punishment and she whimpered.

“You’re getting greedy, slave,” he said.

She felt him move up so his legs were on either side of her torso, and the weight of his cock rested against her chin. He cradled her head in his hands and positioned her so her lips touched the salty tip.

“Open you mouth,” he said.

Gracie complied, hungrily, and they both groaned as his cock entered her mouth. She relaxed her throat as he began fucking her mouth, slamming himself against her face. She swirled her tongue around his tip every time he pulled back. His pace became frantic and frenzied, and he held her head still so his cock completely disappeared inside her mouth.

“God, yessss,” he groaned.

Gracie felt the force of his come as she did her best to swallow it down. She drank every drop and flicked her tongue over his sensitive underside, making him jump with pleasure. She kept him in her mouth a little longer, amazed that he was still very hard.

“That was amazing,” he said as he collapsed beside her.

She felt him move until his weight was no longer on the bed. He positioned himself at the foot of the bed and then slowly turned her until she was on her hands and knees.

“Mmm, that’s a beautiful sight,” he said as he ran his fingers across her cunt, making her shiver with need. “Can you imagine what you look like right now? Your ass is in the air with a giant dildo shoved in you to the hilt, and your pussy is gaping open just begging to be fucked. I can’t wait any longer,” he said, positioning himself behind her.

Gracie felt the head of his penis brush against her nether lips. She was already so full from the dildo in her ass she didn’t know how she was going to take him as well. Her breath caught as he pushed his length into her in one thrust. Her breasts rubbed against the sheets of the bed with every thrust and the clamps on her nipples sent tingles to her core. She squeezed her muscles around him with every thrust, trying to prolong her pleasure, but the sensations against her nipples, in her ass and her pussy were too much for her to take. She came in a gush, her juices soaking the bed beneath them.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” her captor yelled. “You are so fucking hot.” He pulled out of her and she heard him rummaging around in another drawer.

“I can’t take any more,” she cried.

The slap of a paddle against her bare bottom changed her mind. She winced in pain at the same time she was groaning in pleasure, because every once in a while the paddle would glance off her pussy lips and leave her wanting more. Just when she thought she’d have to beg for another release, her captor spanked her hard and pulled the dildo from her ass at the same time. Her senses were assaulted and she came again, collapsing in exhaustion.

The man behind her began messaging something cool into her burning ass cheeks, and she sighed in relief at his gentle touch. She was dozing as she felt him readjust the restraints around her wrists so the chain was longer. He pulled her toward the edge of the bed until her legs touched the floor and she was bent over the side. Her arms were tied over her head, and her sensitive breasts were pressed into the mattress.

“Now it’s my turn,” her captor whispered.

She shuddered as he left a trail of wet kisses up her spine, and she felt his hard arousal nestled between the cheeks of her ass. His weight was heavenly against her body, and when he shifted and guided himself into the puckered rosebud of her anus, they both groaned in bliss. He thrust against her patiently, slowly, until the sensations she’d become so familiar with started to spread through her body.

“I’m going to come, baby,” he panted. His breath was hot against her ear, and his tempo had increased.

“Yes, please, come inside my ass. I want to feel your come coat my insides.” Gracie thrust back against him, harder and faster until he shouted his release. She felt his cock expand and his hot seed shoot up inside of her, causing her own orgasm. Her sphincter tightened around him and they both shook as they collapsed from the intensity of their desires.

Gracie woke as she felt him separate himself from her body. They were sticky and covered in sweat. He pulled out of her slowly, but even then she winced in discomfort.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’ll run a hot bath and we can both soak our sore muscles,” he said lying down beside her.

She turned her head toward his voice and smiled as he released her hands from their bonds and reached around to loosen her blindfold. As her eyes adjusted to the light she found herself looking into crystalline blue eyes, the eyes of the man she’d been dreaming of. The man who had captivated her from their first encounter.

“I knew it was you,” Gracie whispered, as she touched his face for the first time. She leaned over and kissed him gently. “Mitchell.”

“You were the reason I came to that stupid party,” he said. “I saw you leaving your office building on Friday, and I knew I had to have you. It took fast work to find out who you were and what your plans were, but my staff pulled it off. And it wasn’t that hard to question your staff because I own your building.”

Gracie laughed at that news and snuggled closer. “Well, you have me. And I leave it up to you as to what you want to do with me.”

“I have a proposition for you,” Mitchell said without any hesitation.

Gracie stared at him, her body still tingling from his touch, and knew he could ask her for anything in that moment and she’d agree. “What is it?”

“Well, I heard a woman once say something very profound, and it’s stuck with me. What do you say I treat you like a queen, and then you can give me amazing sex for the rest of my life until we’re both too old to care?”

“Whoever said that sounds like a smart woman,” Gracie said. “It’s a deal.”

A mischievous smirk lit up my face as my girlfriend opened up the door to her room. Her housemate had let me in, as I’d suspected at her insistence. Obviously she’d followed the instructions I’d sent her the night before.

I stood in the doorway looking down at her beautiful body, she stood there undressed aside from her choice of lacy lingerie. My grin widened and I stepped into the room pushing the door closed behind me.

I’d been plotting tonight for a while now, ideas had been running through my head for longer, but after a conversation about our personal fantasies I’d worked out what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Hopefully what I had planned would be enjoyable for the both of us.

I’d sent her an email with a list of instructions the night before; she was to be waiting for my arrival unclothed, she was to abstain from pleasuring herself till I arrived, and an assortment of toys were to be ready on the bed side table.

I glanced across the room and sure enough there were the items I’d requested. An assortment of sex toys and a pair of handcuffs.

“I see you followed some of my commands” I remarked playfully.

“Lie down on the bed, face up, arms above your head” the playfulness vanishing from my voice, replaced with a stern commanding tone.

She lowered her head and walked back towards the bed, I watched her, almost devouring her with my eyes, the way her hips swayed as she walked, the curve of her back and the way her hair cascaded past her shoulders.

As she lay down I raised an eyebrow, she’d made eye contact.

“Did I say you could look at me? Now lie down” I replied to her insolence, silently she obeyed, lowering her eyes once more before lying down completely open to me and utterly submissive.

The power was almost intoxicating, there she was following my every command, giving herself up to me, wordlessly and unquestioningly.

With a smile I moved over to the side of the bed and sat down, still fully clothed, the contrast with her only wearing lingerie reinforcing the position of power I sat in.

I lightly traced a finger up one of her arms from shoulder to wrist, before lifting it up.

“I’m going to restrain you now… if you behave I’ll consider letting you go” I spoke calmly and reassuringly with a subtle hint of power playing in my voice.

“Do you understand?”

She replied with a mute nod, her eyes still downturned; I picked up the handcuffs from the bedside table.

“Good…” I replied clicking one side closed over her wrist.

Gently I looped the handcuffs through one of the posts in the bed’s headboard and fastened the other cuff around her other wrist, clicking it shut; tight.

She tugged a little, testing her bonds tentatively.

“Did I say you could do that?”

I barely waited for an answer, sliding my right hand under her bra and gripping her right nipple tightly between finger and thumb, giving it a slight twist and a tug. This elicited a slight gasp.

“Now then” I continued, twisting her nipple almost idly.

“You are at my mercy here… and I have some rules. You may speak, you may make noise… however you are not allowed to cum until I have given you permission, and you are to tell me when you feel you are about to cum. Understood?”

With my left hand I cupped her jaw and tilted her head up to look at me, obediently she offered no resistance, still kept her eyes lowered so as not to make eye contact.

“Yes” she gasped quietly as I twisted her nipple once again.


I moved up onto the bed, no longer sitting on the side, but kneeling next to her beautiful bound body. I drunk it in, letting my hands flow over her torso, deliberately avoiding her breasts and anything below the hips.

I traced my fingers along her shoulders, and up her neck before coming down between her breasts, teasingly just brushing past, and then down across her stomach.

Her breathing was getting heavier now as I teased her, defiantly she raised her hips, urging me to rub her clit and finger her wet pussy as I traced my hand down across her stomach.

I shook my head and pushed her hips down with my spare hand, before sliding it up from her knee along the inside of her thigh, carefully tracing the outline of her thong. She gasped once again rising her hips.

“Please” she uttered thrusting herself towards my teasing hands.

Once more I shook my head and pushed her back down onto the bed, she was mine and I intended to enjoy her to the full, teasing and all.

Once more I resumed sensually caressing her torso, this time letting my hands brush over her full breasts, squeezing gently before moving on.

Her breath was ragged and she was obviously trying to restrain herself from attempting to force me to go further than this teasing. I watched rapt with her internal struggle, all the while feeding the fires of her desire, teasing, caressing, but never quite pleasuring.

After a while of enjoying driving her mad I slid both hands inside her bra, tweeking her erect nipples again, she gasped and whimpered as I rolled them between forefinger and thumb, pulling gently before twisting again. Her whimpers slowly merged into moans of pleasure as I squeezed her nipple harder and harder, almost yanking them as I twisted them.

Then almost as abruptly as I’d started I stopped, withdrawing my hands and continuing my teasing, brushing caress. I leant forwards, leaving my lips an inch or so away from hers as my hand traced further down, and I began to toy with the elastic of her thong, sliding a finger underneath and sliding it along, teasingly stroking beneath the lace.

She strained to kiss me, but I was just out of reach, she gasped as I stroked her mound, briefly letting one finger brush seemingly accidentally over her clit.

And then suddenly I leant forwards kissing her long and hard, my tongue in her mouth and I slid a finger into her soaking pussy.

She moaned into my kiss, responding passionately and thrusting against my hand driving my finger deeper into her.

I circled my finger around inside her and drew it out before pushing back in, all the while kissing her deeply.

And then abruptly I pulled out of the kiss, drawing my finger almost entirely out, leaving the tip, just past her opening.

With my free hand I gently pushed her head to the side, planting a kiss on her neck followed by a short bite.

She gasped and tried to thrust upwards in an attempt to get me to finger her hard and deep again, but I had other plans.

Half with pleasure and half with annoyance at the denial of full pleasure she moaned as I kissed her neck again whilst sliding a second finger to the entrance of her wet pussy.

I nibbled her neck once more, driving two fingers inside of her and crooking them upwards, pressing my thumb against her clit and gripping as if trying to rub them together, rubbing her inside and her clit simultaneously.

Her disappointed moan became one of pure ecstasy as I played her clit pussy and kissed her neck.

“Oh god” she whispered between moans.

I began to move down her neck towards her shoulder, kissing all the while, still furiously playing with her clit and pussy with one hand.

My kisses lead a trail down along the shoulder and then in across to her collarbone and down, between her breasts and across her stomach coming to a stop on her hip.

I withdrew my fingers and pulled her thong down around her ankles leaving her almost completely naked.

I gazed at her, ogling her; drinking in her beauty as I moved from beside her to kneeling between her legs.

Once more I pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to work inside her again, revelling in her gasps and whimpers of bliss.

I glanced over at the bedside table and settled on a toy; I selected her silver vibrator and reached out to retrieve it, all the while finger fucking her bringing her closer to her inevitable orgasm.

Her eyes were closed with the pleasure as I retrieved the vibrator, but as I brought it down towards her pussy I switched it on. The sound caught her attention and she opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of the vibrator as I slid it down across her clit, all the while fingering her.

She almost screamed with the sensation that washed through her as the cold metallic object pressed against her clit sending shivers of pleasure running through her whilst I slid my fingers deeper inside her, pressing them as deep as I could.

“Remember what I said… tell me when you’re about to cum” I reminded her sternly

She replied, her words faltering as she gasped at the feelings running through her body.


Finally I withdrew my fingers from her soaking wet pussy and leant forwards, placing them gently on her lips, running them across her lips, and then letting her suck them clean, all the while the vibrator pressed firmly against her clit.

Once she’d licked my fingers clean I knelt back down and leant towards her clit, pushing the vibrator further down, till it slid inside her pussy and my tongue made contact with her clit.

I slid my tongue up and down, playing with her clit almost tentatively, gradually applying more and more pressure before changing rhythm, sliding it across and then round in circles before eventually sucking it; tonguing it inside my mouth.

Her legs clamped around my head in an attempt to keep me there, and so I couldn’t hear properly as she cried out with the pleasure of my tongue on her clit and the vibrator sliding in and out of her pussy.

Eventually her relaxed her legs and I heard her gasping, trying to speak.

“I’m going to cum… can I cum? Please Josh?” she begged, faltering as her breath came in ragged gasps.

I knelt back up, leaving her clit alone, and turning the vibrator off, but still sliding it in and out of her wet pussy. She was obviously having trouble restraining herself, her breath was coming in gasps and she was biting back moans of bliss.

I waited a few seconds, still fucking her with the vibrator before I made up my mind.

“You may cum… but you’ll have to make it up to me” I responded pushing the vibrator back in and switching it on at full power before leaning forwards and tonguing her clit.

It wasn’t long before I felt her buck and arch her back pressing her clit against me as the orgasm ripped through her body sending her into spasms of ecstasy.

I continued sucking her clit and playing with it with my tongue and sliding the vibrator in and out hard as the orgasm washed over her sending her over the edge into a sea of bliss till she could physically cope with no more.

Eventually I switched the vibrator off and removed it from her pussy and leant over her, kissing her deep and hard, the taste of her pussy on my tongue.

Her breath was still ragged and she gasped as my hand slid under her bra and tweaked her nipple once more, still sensitive from the orgasm.

“Now then… time for you to make it up to me” I smirked as I unlocked her handcuffs freeing her wrists.

Instantly she went to unbutton my shirt, but I caught her hands and pushed them back up.

“I’m going to sit on the bed, and you are going to kneel on the floor in front of me.” I spoke, not a room for questioning in my tone.

Obediently she moved to the floor and knelt down by the side of the bed. I shuffled over and sat in front of her legs spread showing my cock pushing eager to be free of the trousers imprisoning it.

“Remove your bra” I ordered reaching for a second toy from the table, this time a butt plug and a tube of lube.

As I watched her undo her bra and release her beautiful breasts I lubed up the plug before handing it to her.

“Now slide this inside your ass” I grinned as she took the slippery toy and leant forwards, making a show of sliding it inside her, wincing a little as it spread her tight asshole, she slid it in and out a little, fucking herself before pushing it in and letting it find it’s place inside her.

As I watched her follow my orders unquestioningly I undid my belt and unbuttoned my trousers, pulling them down a revealing my boxers, which barely covered my cock which was straining for freedom.

Of course she knew exactly what was expected and as soon as her plug was in place she gripped my cock with one hand through the thin fabric of my boxers and stroked it up and down before lifting the elastic waistband up and over my cock, pulling my boxers down around my ankles.

I stepped out of them and my trousers, leaving my bottom half entirely naked.

As I felt her tongue run up the bottom of my cock I began to unbutton my shirt. As she reached the top she swirled her tongue around the tip before encircling it with her lips and bringing as much as she could into her mouth, servicing me submissively. She was knelt before me and right now all that mattered to her was to please me. I was in control; she needed to thank me for allowing her to cum… and so she did.

Bobbing her head up and, swallowing my cock into her eager mouth, teasing the underside with her tongue and taking as much as she could into her mouth.

Once undressed I stood before her and grasped her head with one hand, pushing her down, forcing more of my cock into her mouth, choking her a little before pulling all the way out.

She grasped for my cock and slid her hand up and down it, jerking me off whilst she sucked the tip, I pushed her head down again and slid my cock into her hungry mouth and she sucked my cock she played with my balls, fondling them and teasing them.

Eventually I felt the warm feeling of an impending orgasm rising within my balls and I pulled her off my cock, letting it come free of her lips.

“Bend over the bed” I ordered reaching for a condom and sliding it over my rock solid cock.

As she bent over I stood up behind her and gripped the butt plug, twisting it slowly and pulling it out.

She moaned as I removed the toy and slid a finger into her already lubricated but tight hole.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked already knowing the answer.

She responded with moans pushing against me finger driving it deeper into her ass.

“Please… Josh, please fuck me!” she moaned into the duvet.

With a grin I applied some lube to my cock and positioned myself behind her before pushing into her ass, slowly at first till I was mostly in and then pulling out and pushing in again harder and faster this time.

I gripped her hips and pulled her onto me as I pushed, driving myself all the way into her, as I did so I saw her hand reaching back to play with her own pussy as I fucked her hard in the ass.

I pounded deep gripping her hips, driving myself in as deep as possible, occasionally letting a hand wonder to scratch down her back or to squeeze her ass cheeks; leaving finger marks.

She moaned with pleasure, crying out with another orgasm as I fucked her deep in the ass, and she played with her clit and fingered her pussy. I could feel her fingers against my cock inside her, adding to the pleasure I was feeling.

Eventually I felt the orgasm begin to boil within me again and I pushed in deep as it overcame me. My cock twitched as it spurted jets of cum, and I arched my back and pushed harder into her with the sheer overwhelming gratification that flooded my senses.

I felt my head go light and I pulled out, sitting down on the bed beside her in a delirious daze.

“Was that worth not touching yourself for then?” I asked eventually

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Sat in her comfy leather chair in the room of the five-star hotel selected for the interview, Rihanna contemplated quite how this would all unfold. The interview in question was for a new magazine, another Men’s magazine similar to FHM or GQ but intending to push the boundaries of their coverage of female celebrities, not just with sexier photo shoots but also far more intimate and revealing interviews, dishing out the saucy details on them that people really wanted to know. Accordingly to accompany this interview she’d done a photo shoot for them, her most revealing ever, wearing an assortment of bondage gear to amplify her burgeoning kinky image. It’d been a mix of rubber, PVC and leather, corsets and cuffs. In one picture she was wearing nothing but a spiked collar, carefully doing just enough to teasingly hide herself, and in another her collar also had a leash clipped to it, being pulled as she looked up hungrily at a riding crop whilst wearing a ballgag and handcuffs.

She’d really enjoyed herself doing that photo shoot; she loved showing herself off, the body she worked hard on at the gym, and getting to wear a wide array of kinky and sexy outfits, it just made her feel fantastic about herself. In the future she knew she’d pose naked, not yet but sometime, because she wanted to, empowered by the celebration of her body by so many people. Right now though she focussed on the interview, knowing this was going to be very revealing for her, but not minding at all, since she was very open and confident about herself and knew this would only make her sexier to millions of people. And she knew it would be, because the guy interviewing her was well known for being very direct and prying at intimate details, always trying to get a little hint of the darkest and most private aspects of celebrities lives, especially sexy female ones such as herself, and as a result always put out saucy, revealing interviews that people enjoyed reading.

However there was more to this than just being an interview. Whilst it was scheduled for her by her manager, a stop off whilst she was on tour to promote it and her latest album, and generally keep her profile up worldwide, she was utilising it as an opportunity to have a crack at something herself. She’d heard a rumour that her cheeky interviewer was particularly well hung, and she wanted to find out if it was true. And more than that, if he was she wanted to enjoy it, and she was sure that he wouldn’t turn her down. After all, it’d make a very good interview for him. So she’d dressed for the part, partially in line with her image, partly because she liked dressing sexily and then mostly so she could entice him. She was wearing a tight red top that hung off her shoulders, revealing her bra straps and full cleavage, drawn up by a sexy sheer black bra beneath.

The top stopped short to reveal her flat tummy, which fed into a short black skirt, just long enough to cover her firm, rounded arse, but loose in style so it’d flick up if she moved, and underneath she wore matching sheer black knickers, low slung at the front and pulling up between her bum at the back, though it mattered little when they were completely see through. One glance up her skirt would give anyone a look at her smoothly waxed pussy, above her laced-topped fishnet hold-up stockings. She completed the look with a pair of killer black platform heels, making her teeter sexily as she walked and giving her a dressed to kill look. Her thoughts were broken as she heard the door to the room as he entered, closing it behind him as she turned in the big chair to face him, pushing on the carpet with her savage heels.

“Lock that,” she said before he had a chance to step away from it, making him look up at her, taking her in with greedy eyes.

“Lock it?” he said unsurely, the question immediate to his mind rather than introducing himself.

“Yeah, so nobody can interrupt your…questioning of me,” she said with a beautiful smile, letting the hesitation just hang in the air a moment to get a little sexual tension building from the outset. He turned the lock and smiled back at her, stepping over to her chair as she stood up on her huge shoes as he extended a hand to her.

“Hi Rihanna, pleasure to meet you,” he said, shaking her soft hand as she took his.

“Nice to meet you too,” she beamed, leaning up give him a kiss, but not going just for the cheek, giving him a light one on the lips, which she could tell surprised him a little, but he didn’t back down from it at all or question it, smiling wider as she pulled away and sat herself back down, crossing her legs carefully so as not to show off the goods too soon, letting her heels and strong thighs be the starting point. Of course this made her little skirt ride up, which she carefully tucked down to keep herself hidden as he sat down opposite her, taking out a Dictaphone and clicking record, lying it down on the glass coffee table between them as she smiled at him, noticing his glance at her legs as he reached down to grab his notepad from his bag, Rihanna able to see his questions scribbled down on it but not able to catch what he was going to ask, though she was sure she could change that.

“Right Rihanna, let’s get right into it huh?” he said, looking her right in the eye, somehow giving her a tingle that she might not be quite as dominating in this position as she expected.

“Sounds good to me, fire away, you’re the big journalist after all,” she said with a sly smile.

“Ok then,” he said with a smile that suggested her knew more about her than she thought, “how’s it feel to be here in Montreal?” he asked.

“Oh it’s fantastic, it’s a wonderful city, a great place to be. I had a really good show here and then went down to the Formula 1 on Sunday, and then a great night out as well,” she said with a smile and just the slightest flick of her eyebrow.

“Excellent, so your tour’s going well then? Enjoying yourself? It seems like you enjoy yourself more with every tour, and wear less and less as it goes on,” he said with a smile, his eyes unashamedly looking up and down her body, especially at her tiny skirt.

“Oh absolutely, the tour’s going brilliant! It’s sold out, all my fans are there and I get to do what I do best, belt out my songs and shake my ass. It’s just so exhilarating to get up there and show off, I can’t deny I get a rush from it, I’m kind of an exhibitionist so the less I wear the greater it is for me, and I love pushing the limits of what I can get away with,” she said, flicking her red hair back from her face as she looked up at him from underneath her eyebrows, just squeezing her thighs ever so slightly.

“No denying that, you’re no stranger to controversy after all, especially with your recent video “S&M”. Is that something you like to get into in the bedroom, or is it all just an image?” he said, not trying to hide how much he was ogling her, almost making her feel guilty she had her legs shut just with his eyes.

“Oh no it’s definitely not just image, it’s something I’m genuinely into, it was just great to bring it into my work and have fun with it. S&M was the best video I’ve ever done, and it’s something I love to indulge in my sex life as well, I love pushing myself and being tied up and all that,” she said with a devilish grin, feeling a little rush of excitement go through her as she arched her back a little to present her chest more.

“Oh really, are you dominant or submissive though? Holding the whip or wearing the handcuffs?” he said with a smile, not seeming the least bit phased by her very forward attitude, as if he knew how to handle her.

“Submissive, I’m definitely wearing the handcuffs. I love the guy to take the lead, tie me up, give me a good spanking and order me about, and anything else he wants, it gets me off. I let out any of my dominant stuff in my videos, like in S&M, but when it comes down to it I just do as I’m told,” she said with a purr, looking him deeply in the eyes. He could see in her gaze just how serious she was, and how suggestive, almost as if she was urging him to whip out a collar and make her his bitch right there.

“Sounds very good, I think I might take you to bed,” he said with a laugh, serious about it in his mind but giving it to her as a joke.

“Oh really, is that a proposition?” she asked, fluttering her eyelids at him and blowing him a kiss before beaming a smile.

“Well that depends on your answer, and whether you’re currently single?” he asked with a smile.

“Well there’s plenty of interest, but yes right now I’m available, my favourite position is doggy style, and I’ll give you my number later,” she giggled with a little flick of her tongue. He was a little taken aback, not sure if she was serious or just kidding, but he quickly composed himself and continued.

“Excellent, I’ll definitely call you for a date, especially with what you’re into. But how can a girl like you be single right now?” he asked. It was a big question but he clearly wasn’t trying to get too deep with it.

“Well right now I’m just having fun, I’m going round the world and got so much to experience, so though I’m single I’m still getting plenty don’t you worry! A couple of days ago, but I’m already feeling frustrated,” she said, giving a showy pout, starting to lure him in now as she got into detail about when she was last fucked.

“Oh so you’ve got a high sex drive then, needing it again already. Don’t you own any toys?” he said with a laugh.

“Yeah I’ve got a high drive, need plenty of sex, and that’s no bad thing! And yes of course I have toys, but it’s not the same as the real thing,” she said with a flick of her eyebrows, catching his gaze.

“Oh really, what sort of toys?” he asked, not even attempting to hide his interest in her sex toy collection. She gave a giggle at the question, knowing she was laying it out there with her answer.

“A bit of everything. I’ve got dildos, vibrators, a remote control toy I wear out sometimes, butt plugs and beads, a strap on, everything, I like to try everything out,” she said with a grin, knowing his mind was running with images of her using them now.

“Sounds great fun,” he said, imagining the gorgeous Bajan star stuffing her pussy with a thick dildo, “so on that note, what goes in the bedroom with Rihanna?” he said, having made plenty of notes on his pad already, but knowing it was all caught on tape, which was handy as he was sure he wouldn’t remember all of this, especially as she was making his cock swell somewhat.

“Oh absolutely anything goes, I’m up for giving anything a go and I’ve found very few things I don’t like yet! I’m very open minded and love a wide variety in any given session, so if you want to bend me over and split my booty with your big, thick cock, you go right ahead,” she said in a deep, smooth tone, making his cock surge in his jeans, noticing Rihanna looking down as if to see whether she’d had a reaction, fidgeting a little herself and just pulling her top down a little to show off her lovely rack a bit more.

“That’s a hell of an invitation, especially since you offered me your number and told me you’re frustrated already, perhaps I should take you up on that after we finish this interview!” he said with a grin, looking down at her squeezing thighs, hoping she’d uncross her legs.

“Maybe it is an invitation,” she purred, staring deeply into his eyes. There was a moment between them, the tension in the air just holding them apart, before he broke it with another question.

“I’ll think about it,” he said, taking it in his stride again, Rihanna unable to trip him up, “and moving on, you’ve got plenty of tattoos now, and piercings. Don’t you have your nipple pierced?”

“I love my tattoos, but they’re not just some trendy fashion thing, I pick meaningful things to get done, though I’m always on the lookout for another thing to add. And the piercings, I don’t have many, but sure I’ve got a few, and yeah I’ve got my nipple done, want to see it?” she asked as casual as if she were asking if he wanted to see her new shoes. Before he could even speak, not that he was going to object anyway, she sat up and slipped her top down to expose her right breast, pulling the top out the way and then looking up at him with a grin, her nipple and its gold ring clearly visible through her sheer black bra, the nipple obviously hard as well.

“Wow,” he said, pausing for a little as he just took her in, her gorgeous tan skin and lovely piercing, “that’s gorgeous, really is. And a lovely bra. So why did you get it done?” he asked, able to compose himself as she showed him for far longer than she needed to before she pulled her top back up.

“Thanks, I’m wearing matching panties as well, can see right through them. Well I love having my nipples played with, and so getting it pierced only heightened the sensations, it feels amazing, and it’s great to do something a little rebellious. I’m thinking of having the other one done as well given how well this one turned out, and also thinking of getting my clit hood pierced,” she said with a grin.

“Really? Well that’ll certainly get you off, and everyone will see it with a skirt that short and sheer underwear!” he said with a laugh. She gave a dirty laugh as well, flicking her heel up towards him.

“They’ll see everything anyway, I’m completely smooth down there, nothing to conceal me,” she said with a suggestive flick of her tongue, and with that she uncrossed her legs, deliberately lifting her thigh a little more than she needed to, giving him a glimpse up between her legs and helping the skirt ride up enough so he could have a good long look as she put her foot down. He did just that, his eyes looking straight up her tiny skirt, seeing her totally see through little black knickers and her totally bald pussy beneath, just able to see the top of her slit.

“Do you shave or wax?” he said after a few seconds just ogling her, Rihanna looking down at his jeans, seeing he clearly had a growing erection, and it looked pretty big. She could only hope as big as she’d been told.

“Wax, get it done every week or so, best way to be totally smooth,” she said, just letting her fingers drag over the inside of her thigh as she bit her lip.

“Lovely, and I think you should definitely get your clit pierced, it’ll look very sexy, especially if you wear lingerie like that,” he said with a grin, finally looking back up to meet her gaze, Rihanna beaming. She was hugely turned on now, loving his absolutely adoration of her body, her juices leaking into the bottom of her sheer panties now, nipples twisted up. She was almost tempted to start touching herself, but controlled herself to persevere with the interview. After a sexually charged silence, he continued.

“So Rihanna, we’ve heard you say you can find girls sexy in the past, and on your tour you pretty much gave a female fan a lap dance. So do you get down with the ladies?” he asked with a grin, clearly loving the idea of her with another woman.

“Well absolutely, there’s some incredibly sexy women out there, I can’t just ignore them. I’ve had a few experiences, and Katy Perry is a very good friend of mine…” she said with a sideways smile and a wink. He just gave her a sly smile and a flick of his eyebrows, eyes drinking her in.

“So you’re up for threesomes with another girl then?” he said with a grin, asking her if she was up for the ultimate male fantasy.

“Well sure, I’ve had more than one,” she said, trying to take him off guard with her confident, casual response. There was a pause, then Rihanna continued.

“Anyway, I don’t think this is fair, I think I should get to ask some questions!” she giggled.

“But I’m the reporter, it’s how it works,” he said with a smile, playfully protecting his pad by pulling it to his chest.

“I know, but I think we should switch roles for a bit, a good bit of role play can be fun,” she said with a wink.

“Oh absolutely, that something you enjoy then? Being someone else?” he probed with a smile.

“I told you, I like a bit of everything, now give me that,” she said, taking his pad from him and sitting back, trying to look more professional in a playful sort of way. She skimmed down his questions, seeing she’d answered most of what he was going to ask before he’d had the chance. Giving away what he wanted to know and more besides for him, and she knew she had him hooked now.

“So, are you single?” she asked, looking him up and down as if starting afresh and making a judgement.

“Yeah I am right now, my girlfriend split up with me a few months ago, I’ve just been busy with work since so not met anyone new yet,” he said, still catching glances up her skirt at her bald pussy through her sheer knickers.

“Oh really, and why did you guys split up? Must’ve been a big reason for it?” she said, teasing him almost as she wanted to know why.

“Yeah well, it was important enough sure, but we’d only been together a few months, and I’ve moved on,” he said, drawing focus away from his ex.

“So you’re single, how long’s it been since you last had some?” she asked, looking at him with a little raise of her eyebrows, knowing he was unlikely to beat her with just a couple of days.

“A couple of weeks, had a good night out,” he said with a smile, thinking back to the hot brunette he’d taken to bed after a good party, who’d been equally happy the morning after to have another round.

“Oh yeah, so you’re still getting some even though you’re single, glad to hear it. What’s your favourite position to take one of these lucky ladies then?” she said with a grin, loving the reversal of roles.

“Well there’s so many good positions, it’s hard to pick a favourite. I love the girl going on top, I get to relax and enjoy her body as she works on me, but doggy style is always a classic, and you can get really deep like that, it’s definitely the best way to finish off a girl,” he said with a smile, opening up and trying to push her a bit, wanting to see how she’d react.

“Oh I absolutely agree, it’s so primal,” she said, not missing a beat, “so are you open minded in the bedroom?” she continued.

“Pretty much yeah, I like to try different things, but generally like to be in charge rather than letting the girl be, apart from when she’s on top,” he replied.

“Yeah, and she gets to control just how much she takes like that, gonna be important,” Rihanna said with a smile.

“Yeah well, some girls don’t like men getting all their own way,” he said.

“Yeah, especially certain guys, need to stop you going wild,” she said with a sly smile that implied she knew something.

“Well, I like to enjoy myself,” he replied casually, holding back to let her ask the questions and get to the point she wanted. She did just that with her next question.

“I’m sure. So, tell me about your cock. How big is it? I’ve heard you’re rather well endowed!” she said with a laugh, looking down at his jeans to go with it.

“Oh really, how big?” he asked with a smile, knowing she’d ask just that about him.

“Well things get exaggerated, but I heard it was quite an impressive piece,” she said with a smile, shifting on her seat, clearly turned on.

“Well you’re more than welcome to check for yourself,” he said with a laugh, half joking about it as he pushed his luck. His heart gave a surge in his chest however as she dropped the notepad on the table and then dropped to her knees in front of him, her delicate hands reaching up for his jeans. He just watched her avidly as she undid his jeans, pulling them aside and reaching in to free him from his boxers, exposing his shaft and stopping dead, going wide-eyed and staring up at him.

“How big did you hear it was?” he said with a smile as Rihanna held his cock, her hand unconsciously stroking him.

“About eight inches, and thick, but this is more like nine or ten inches!” she exclaimed, looking back at his impressive manhood.

“It’s ten on a good day, like when I’ve got Rihanna playing with it!” he said with a laugh, making her giggle as she got him fully hard, having to undo his belt to free him. His erection sprung up into her soft hand, which she wrapped around it, unable to make her fingers touch as she took a firm grip and started to stroke his huge cock. She ran her talented hand up and down him, gently stroking from base to tip and back, wanting to stimulate every millimetre of his incredible cock, the biggest she’d ever seen in her life. Rihanna started working a bit more determinedly, working the head and gripping more firmly, making him shiver slightly.

“It’d be a personal record for me,” she murmured, her eyes locked on his cock, “especially my ass,” she almost whispered, giving a little squeeze unconsciously that accentuated her comment. He looked down at her sceptically as she stroked, then moved up to suck the bulbous head of his thick cock into her mouth, immediately making him shudder and tingle as she got to work, sucking firmly and getting right to work with her tongue, probing and tasting him.

“Few women want me there,” he breathed, “and none of them has ever gone balls deep,” he said, his eyes squeezing shut as Rihanna demonstrated some serious oral talent on his straining cock. She sucked intently, pushing down to take a little more of him, giving a silky smooth blowjob to him.

“Then I’ll be your first, because I want every inch of you there,” she mumbled in a momentary pause from sucking his huge cock. Just the thought of her doing it made him thrust up slightly into her mouth, controlling himself again and letting Rihanna continue to do the work, watching the bobbing head and bright red hair of the Bajan singer.

“Not many girls want every inch of me anywhere, they can’t take it,” he said, the frustration clear in his voice, Rihanna focussing completely on what he said as she worked to give him great head, multitasking in the best possible situation.

“Well I’m not like other girls,” she mumbled through her mouthful of cock, one of her hands holding him at the base and working firmly up and down below where she was sucking, since she couldn’t deepthroat him, especially not from her current position.

“Why do you want me?” he said, since so many girls he knew were put of by the actual idea of taking him in.

“Because I’m not exactly shy and I love expanding my horizons,” she said as she paused, pulling off him to wank him quite fast, looking up at him with a smile as she did, clearly loving that she was getting to suck on him.

“You’ll be expanding more than your horizons if you keep on!” he said with a laugh, breaking the tension that’d built between them since she’d first dropped to her knees.

“Well that was generally what I wanted!” she laughed, still stroking at him as she did. It felt good for the tension to lift, and both of them were on the same page. Rihanna wanted exactly what he intended to give her, a good hard fucking that would leave her a different woman. Sliding her mouth back onto his head slowly made him groan and push up to meet her, Rihanna letting him feed his cock into her mouth, relaxing her throat to take him deeper, quite impressed with herself that she was now at about half depth on his thick cock, easily the thickest she’d sucked which made taking him into her throat a new challenge. His hands found his way into her hair, which Rihanna found strangely comforting, just feeling it natural that she should have her head held as she sucked cock.

“I just want you to bang me like a drum,” she said in another momentary pull off from his cock, “just fuck me hard and deep with your big cock,” she breathed, sucking him in again and immediately going deep, pressing her tongue to him as she did, already knowing he loved that. He gave a groan of pleasure and pushed her head down a little, not answering her, simply leaning back and letting the chart superstar please him. Rihanna continued to suck steadily at him before speaking again, this time mumbling with her mouth full.

“I love big cocks and I’ve had a few, so don’t worry about stretching me too much. I’ve never had one this big and I’ve just got to try it,” she managed surprisingly coherently before she got to work sucking harder again, ramping up her blowjob to demonstrate her skills, as if with every interruption in proceedings she felt she had to make up for it by sucking him off even better.

“Just want to go all the way with it, and have you take me there if necessary, every inch inside me, anally, everything, just do your thing and take me,” she murmured, laying it all out for him that she just was desperate for him to fuck her, hard, and if necessary get a little rough with her by the sounds of things. What it did do was cause him to be absolutely rock hard in her mouth as she sucked, urging her to go a little deeper on him as she continued. Rihanna tried and promptly choked, but continued valiantly and kept on sucking very impressively.

“I think I’ll be able to do that,” he said wryly, pushing her head down quite hard and squeezing another couple of inches of his thick manhood into her throat, catching her by surprise and making her struggle, but she kept control of herself and kept going, sucking really hard as she attacked him mercilessly with her tongue for a few moments, making him shudder. After just a few more seconds of sucking him she stood up swiftly, pulling her low red top over her head to expose her lovely breasts in their sheer bra once more, able to clearly see her pierced nipple through it, along with her toned tummy. Rihanna flicked her little skirt up as she straddled him, pulling her see-through knickers to the side as she did, both of them gasping slightly as her perfectly waxed pussy brushed against his big cock, smoothly sliding together as she pulled herself to the top of it.

She didn’t say a word as she positioned his bulging head at the entrance to her hot pussy, giving just the slightest rock to spread her abundant juices. He could feel how wet she was, soaking him in a moment as she just settled herself before pushing quickly down on him, sliding onto his erection with a groan, giving a squeeze of her muscles as she took the head in, making him groan in return. His hands found her hips and helped to press her down onto him, Rihanna giving an ascending groan as her pussy stretched round his thick cock, feeling him push up into her. He was impressed how she took him in, getting down to around seven inches before tightening up, then pushing up against her killer platforms and then down on him once more, her gorgeous slippery pussy gliding down him again and taking another inch or so. For a girl who claimed she liked big cocks he was surprised at how tight she was, but then she had said he was the biggest she’d ever had.

“Oh fuck that’s a big cock,” she gasped, giving a shiver as she started to ride, pushing down to her full capacity each time as she tried to bury the last couple of inches into her pussy. He looked down at her pussy, stretched tightly round his cock, loving how she took his girth even though she struggled with his length, her lovely toned legs working hard in her sexy lace topped stockings as she pushed up and down on him. His hands grabbed firmly at her full breasts, squeezing hard as she groaned and bit her lip at fucking him, making him shudder as she clamped down with her strong pelvic muscles when he was in deeply, making him momentarily lose interest in her chest as they ground together before they continued. He attacked her tits with renewed vigour, making her gasp at how rough he was with them, reaching round to deftly snap the clasp on her sexy bra, yanking it off her before she realised he’d undone it.

She smiled down at him, playfully impressed at how skilful he’d been in releasing her, arching her back to offer himself to him even more, making him groan as she suddenly started riding a bit hard, taking almost all of him now. Rihanna gave a squeal as he mauled her chest, grabbing her perky breasts hard, squeezing and groping her with abandon as they fucked, pushing up harder into her as he buried his face in her tits, biting and licking at them.

“Oh fuck yeah, bite them, oh god you’re so big inside me,” she gasped, shaking and breathing hard as she rode him hard, still not quite taking him as he grabbed her nipple ring in his teeth.

“It’ll feel even bigger when I do this,” he said through his teeth, pulling back on her piercing and then forcing her hips down onto him to bury his cock inside her to the hilt, her perfectly bald pussy pressed to the base of his cock as she gave a loud cry of pleasure and pain, stretching her pussy further than it’d ever been stretched before. Rihanna realised that even though she’d taken it, now she had to fuck it, but she wanted this challenge and she was sure he’d help her. Reaching down, she placed her hands over his at her hips and then slid up, then pushed down again, struggling with his length again, at which point she pressed his hands, where he took the hint to force her down with another guttural noise. They fucked hard now, Rihanna really getting into it as she rode his huge cock, pleased with herself at taking it so well, and also how great it was feeling pumping in and out of her, especially as he helped her whilst continuing to bite at her bouncing breasts and nipples as they groaned and moaned.

“Of fuck don’t stop,” she groaned as she pumped her juicy pussy on him, slamming her round booty down on his thighs as she took it to the hilt.

“Ride harder!” he snapped, his hand flicking round to spank her hard on the arse, making her gasp and immediately respond, working to fuck him even harder, feeling his grip on her tighter now, really possessing her as she embedded him inside her, loving how hard he was, the way he twitched and thrust so deep within her. Leaning back she found more pleasure as he rubbed against her G-spot, making her tense up a bit, her pussy squeezing his cock as she got a little closer, reaching down to rub at her rock hard clit, which he’d left up to her as they fucked. Rihanna gave intense groans as she rubbed at her clit, as combined with taking the biggest cock of her life it was overwhelming, taking her close to orgasm almost immediately as he pumped up into her.

“Oh god I think I’m gonna come,” she gasped, trying to work harder to tip herself over the edge, but he had other ideas. He suddenly lifted her off him, Rihanna giving a gasp of surprise as his huge cock didn’t fill her up, but she didn’t have time to complain as he shoved her down over the coffee table, yanking her skirt up and her knickers down, his rough, primal action really turning her on. She pushed back eagerly, letting him know how badly she wanted it as she reached back to rub at her clit while he lined up, pressing to her gaping pussy, considerably looser now. He just pressed the tip in and then grabbed her hips, and with one hard thrust buried his entire cock into her to the balls, slamming himself against her fantastic booty, making her give a loud yelp of pain and surprise as he got to his full depth instantly, trying to pull away from him, but he held her fast.

“Oh fuuuccckkk!” she whined as he suddenly started to pound her, really hard, as hard as he possibly could using the full length of his cock. Rihanna started rubbing at her clit again despite the discomfort, unable to keep up with him now as he pumped her, overwhelming her totally so she didn’t know whether to try and pull away or to push back like his good little fuck toy, like she knew he wanted her to. She decided to do her best for him, like she’d wanted, and pushed back to him, making him slam into her toned arse noisily as he fucked the tasty Bajan star. She’d already been close, and now she burst into her first orgasm, noisily climaxing as she let him shove her forwards against the table, tingling at the cold glass tabletop on her exposed nipples, her breath steaming it up as she squealed and moaned her way through her shattering orgasm, her tight cunt squeezing down on him as he continued to impale her. She thought that would likely finish him off, but she was wrong, and he continued to pound into her body, his hands sliding from her waist to her lovely rear, giving a good squeeze.

“Keep rubbing that clit,” he ordered her, and she was shocked from her orgasmic haze into doing just that, almost doubling up under him at the intensity of touching her clit again soon, but he soon distracted her by pumping her a bit harder and shorter. Rihanna was already feeling close again, and before she knew what happened she tumbled into another orgasm, her body shaking harder this time, bucking beneath him as he fucked her, jamming every inch of the big cock she’d yearned for so much so deep inside her she just couldn’t take it, but she had to. Even as she came again, pushing back on him, gasping and moaning, he didn’t climax, able to hold off somehow, which only served to frustrate Rihanna. He suddenly started fucking her has hard as he possibly could, short and deep, making her squeal in complete intensity as he did as she just couldn’t cope with how he stretched her out, and then give a cry of disappointment as he suddenly pulled out, leaving her pussy gaping wide.

As she looked round up at him, he grabbed her bright red hair and pulled her up to his cock, more guided her really, Rihanna knew what he wanted and was happy to do it. He had her now, owned her almost; she loved the way she got fucked by his ten-inch cock. Opening wide, she took his thick shaft into her mouth, sucking at the head initially, tasting her juices as he held her firmly and pressed more into her mouth. She relaxed her skilful throat and let him in, helping to push down as deep as she possibly could on him, taking just over half before she pulled back. He let her do it, but he’d set the marker now and she knew he wanted her to match that standard, which she diligently set about working to. His hands stayed in her hair as she did the work, sucking him hard and thrusting her mouth down on him briskly, taking him to where he’d pushed her to and a bit further, hoping to please him and get her reward.

Rihanna knew from experience that he was close, his cock swelling and surging in her mouth as she sucked him, working him so he bumped into her throat every time, her tongue attacking and lapping at his head and shaft as best she could, her jaw open wide around him. She slurped and sucked hungrily at him pushing down a little deeper as she sucked him off, feeling him push into her mouth a little more. Suddenly his hands tightened in her hair and as she pushed down on him he held her firmly and forced more of his thick cock into her throat. Rihanna did he best to relax but couldn’t stop herself gagging on him, making him groan in pleasure as her throat convulsed around his head, pushing another inch or so into her throat. He’d forced her nearly down his length now, and powerfully holding her head he started to give her a good, stiff throat job. She controlled herself and did her best to keep sucking and tonguing at him as he pumped her throat but she couldn’t deny she was struggling, controlling her gag reflex and trying to take him as deep as he wanted to go.

Despite her struggles, she didn’t complain, in a way loving the way he was treating her as he now bounced her head on him fast, Rihanna unable to stop herself slurping and drooling over his thick cock as he pumped deep. She didn’t think she could possibly take any more, but suddenly, just as she was coping, he suddenly held her tight and forced himself down her throat, pressing her all the way down to deepthroat his entire ten-inch cock, her nose pressed to his groin as she gave a choke.

“Oh yeah I knew you could take it,” he gasped as she pushed against his thighs, just holding her, rocking his hips a moment before he let her pull back, Rihanna sliding back most of the way off his cock, breathing through her nose as he stopped her withdrawal, his bulbous head laid perfectly on her tongue as she felt him go as hard as he’d ever been, just a split-second before a thick spurt of come ejaculated into her mouth. He gave a deep, long groan as he unloaded in her talented mouth, his cock releasing thick, hard spurts as all his pent up sexual energy burst forth. Rihanna, recovering from the deepthroat, did what she always did when a guy came in her mouth; she sucked as hard as she possibly could, making him inhale sharply at the sudden increase in sensation, and started gulping his load down greedily, pushing him deeper into her mouth so he could unload down her throat and share the taste of him across her different taste buds.

“Fuck, that was incredible, very impressive,” he breathed, looking down at her with a satisfied smile as he gave a last squeeze to get every last drop into her mouth, feeling her suck it from him and swallow before he released her sexy red hair and she pulled back to let his thick, softening cock slide sensually from her mouth.

“Well, I always strive to be the best,” she said with a sexy smile, running her tongue over her full lips with a giggle as she looked up at him from her knees, her sheer panties still round her stocking-encased legs. Reaching down, he took hold of Rihanna and pulled her up from the floor as she reached down to pull her knickers back up, then they tiredly stumbled from the main room of the posh hotel suite into the opulent bedroom. Pulling her onto the silk-sheeted kingsize bed, they relaxed into the luxurious bed beneath them, side by side, looking into each other’s eyes for a moment.

“As good as you hoped for?” he asked with a smile, glancing down her body, over her bare breasts and toned tummy, her skirt having dropped back down over her other treasures.

“Absolutely,” she purred with a grin, “I always love a good big cock, and yours is the biggest yet, so it doesn’t get much better, especially since you know how to use it,” she finished, giving a stretch.

“Good, because we’re not finished yet,” he smiled, reaching out to run his hand down her smooth side, then back up to her breasts, taking a good squeeze and then pulling lightly at her nipple ring. She just giggled as he played with her, making her gasp as he gave it a firm twist, then let his hands roam down her body, over her firm, toned arse, easily finding the zip at the back of her skirt and quickly sliding it down. Rihanna just made it easy for him and helped him get her skirt off, which immediately disappeared down her legs, past her stockings and heels. He immediately gave a good squeeze of her arse again, then a light spank, making her inhale a little as her hands ran over his body, feeling his somewhat toned body underneath. Her fingers deftly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal him, running her hand over his bare skin and feeling him tingle a little beneath her soft hands. He was in good shape, working out a couple of times a week, and Rihanna felt every inch she could reach, running her hands up and down him, round his sides and pulling him closer for a kiss before she pulled his shirt off, barely getting it out the way before she started on his jeans.

“A little eager are we?” he teased playfully as she worked his already undone jeans to get them off him, his recovering erection still poking out the top of them, lying firmly on his stomach. Her hand slid back up to give him a stroke, just enough to make him surge, his cock giving a jump beneath her skilful fingertips as she stimulated him just right, his erection taking a significant step towards being fully hard for her again. The Bajan beauty went back to his jeans, sliding them down his legs as she leaned over to breathe hotly over his cock, which was very enticing despite the blowjob he’d just got from her. She didn’t waste any more time and quickly dispensed with his boxers as well, leaving him naked beside her with a stiff cock. He seized the initiative and pushed her back down onto the bed, rolling over to pin her down with a kiss as his hand slid down her sheer panties, making her shudder as his fingers circled her clit. He pulled back, twisting his fingers into the thin material of her underwear and then pulled them down her legs, past her sexy hold-ups and over her high heels, exposing her smoothly waxed pussy completely.

Monday morning proved uneventful as far as Jennings was concerned. All the tigers had behaved better than expected, and the training session had gone almost perfectly. In addition, two executives from the movie studio had ‘happened’ by and were suitably impressed with his work.

Jennings was thinking about taking the afternoon off and either lounging around the pool at his apartment complex, or giving Sheila, an actress he knew quite well, a call.

But before he could leave, the receptionist at the training center paged him to the front office. Wiping his face with a towel, Jennings wandered into the front office and was told there was a woman that just had to see him.

He walked into the visitor’s waiting room and saw an attractive woman around his own age that seemed strangely familiar. She had shoulder-length blond hair, obviously dyed, but well done; blue eyes, and generous breasts. She was curvy, but by no means fat.

“Mr. Jennings?” she said with a knowing smile.

“Yes, That would be me. And what can I do for you… Mrs.?”

“Lee Aguire,” she said with a slight Spanish accent.

Jennings realized why there had been something familiar about her. She was Aggie’s mother. He prepared himself for an ugly scene and began thinking of how to get her out of the office before she could get started on him.

“I was just leaving for lunch. Would you care to join me?”

“I’ve eaten already, Mr. Jennings.

“Well, walk me to my car; we’ll talk on the way. I’ve got a tight schedule today. I hope you understand, but animals are temperamental and….”

“That would be fine, Mr. Jennings.

He held the door open for her and followed her outside.

“I’m parked over there. Are you sure you don’t mind walking with me?’

“Not at all. It’s good exercise.”

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Aguire?”

For the first time, the woman appeared uncertain about how to proceed. It occurred to Jennings that this wasn’t the way a woman about to read him the riot act was likely to be.

For that matter, Aggie was at least twenty, not jail-bait, so what could she threaten me with?

“I… I… I know about you and Aggie,” she began, as they reached his car.

“Her name’s DeMarco, not Aguire,” he said automatically, knowing the answer before Aggie’s mother provided it.

“I had her with my first husband,” she said quickly, but….”

“She’s at least twenty years old. She can do whatever and with whomever she wants. You must know that.”

“I… I saw the two of you. The things you made her do….”

“So, why didn’t you interrupt us?”

Mrs. Aguire hesitated, she hadn’t expected this. “I came in through the garage and heard you in her bedroom. I stood outside the door while you were…” she dropped her gaze and lowered her voice to a whisper, “… fucking her.”

“Why didn’t you barge in on us?”

“I was so surprised; I didn’t know how to react.”

“Look, Mrs. Aguire,” I said, hoping to get rid of her without her causing a scene, “if it makes you feel any better, you should know that I have no intention of ever sleeping with or even talking to your daughter again. She’s a very provocative young woman, and knows exactly what buttons to push to make me lose control.”

“It seemed to me that you were very much in control, Mr. Jennings, you… you treated her like one of your wild animals.”

“What can I say, Mrs. Aguire? I won’t be seeing her again. At least it’s highly unlikely.”

He was hoping she would leave it at that and leave him alone. But it wasn’t going to turn out that way.

“It turned me on,” she whispered.


“It turned me on,” she repeated, “I kept imagining myself in her place. And if you’re not seeing her anymore, I was wondering….”

“Not a chance.”

“While you were making her do those awful things I was masturbating and made myself cum harder than I ever have in my life. God, it turned me on, Mr. Jennings. Now I want to take Aggie’s place as your slut.”

Jennings couldn’t believe it. The more he tried to resist this type woman, the more they found him.

“Are you married, Mr. Jennings?”


“Of course… I knew you’d say that. You think you need to protect your marriage. I understand completely. So I guess you’d hate it if your wife found out about you and Aggie.”

He smiled at her. It was the coldest smile she had ever seen. A chill ran down her spine, but she pushed on. “I’d hate that too, Mr. Jennings. I really, truly would.”

“How would you feel if Aggie learned that you wanted to take her place in my bed?” Jennings shot back.

“She’s a shit anyway. I could care less.”

“I’m hungry, care to join me for lunch?” he said, changing tactics.

Mrs. Aguire was up to it and quickly accepted. “I have a motel room at the La Quinta. Care to eat near it?”

“Why not, and what shall I call you besides Mrs. Aguire?”

“Lee is my first name.”

“And slut is your middle name, I take it?”

She laughed, pleased at his response. “Whatever you say, Mr. Tiger man.”

They had a quick lunch and he caught her off balance when he declined to enter the motel with her.

“But why? It’s right here.”

“My place, or nothing,” he said authoritatively.

“All right,” she meekly replied.

Fifteen minutes later she parked alongside his car and followed him into his downtown LA loft.


Once inside he began to take off his belt.

“Lean over that table,” he said, indicating the oval oak table in what passed for his kitchen.

Knowing what was in store for her, Lee was quick to obey and moments later she felt the first lash of his belt across the back of her thighs.

“Yes, punish me! Make me your whore! Make me your slut whore!”

“I knew you’d say that,” Jennings said, smiling; and then hit her seven successive times with the belt. Lee’s back and buttocks were soon covered with a series of raised red ridges; yet she had not made a sound.

Tossing the belt aside, Jennings swatted her ass three times and drew blood from the previous welts.

“You seem to have a penchant for rough treatment, Mrs. Aguire.”

“Are you finished?” she asked; she would have given a fortune for a sip of water, but refused to ask for it.

He tossed a towel at her. “Dab the blood away. We may do it again in a while.”

He left her alone for several minutes then returned with a cold bottle of water.

“Drink this; I don’t want you getting dehydrated.”

Accepting the water,” Lee said “Thank you,” in a soft voice.

“So, you want to replace your daughter as my slut?”

“Well, I thought we might share in….”

“That respect,” he said finishing her sentence for her.


“You really want me to degrade you, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Um, you could put it that way,” she murmured.

“And you’ll do anything I want?” Jennings asked.

Lee nodded, her eyes locked on his with lustful determination.

“Alright then. Follow me,” Jennings spun on his heel and led her to the bathroom shower, pushed her in and with Mrs. Aguire fully dressed, he pissed all over her.

She half-sat, half-crouched in the shower stall as rivulets of his urine dripped down her arms and legs.

“I always leave my scent on my women, now clean yourself as best you can,” he told her and left the room, made himself a ham sandwich, which he ate, and washed it down with a cold beer.

Mrs. Aguire stripped the wet clothing from her body and showered, and then attempted to wash the clothing but was compelled to discard her top as it had been torn when Jennings had almost violently ushered her into the shower stall. Still as she left the bathroom an expression of pure lust appeared across her face and her eyes blazed with carnal desire.

“Oh, there you are,” he said on seeing her enter the room. “Get over here and lean over this chair.”

Mrs. Aguire quickly positioned herself over the back of the low chair. The white, fleshy half moons of her ass cheeks stared into Jenning’s face as he examined them for signs of serious damage from the previous whipping. The welts remained as he knew they would, but he saw room for additional punishment. He also saw her eyes glittering in expectation, and when her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips he knew she might just become an apt student; in fact he suspected that she had more than a little prior experience as a Submissive.

His discerning eye caught the quickening rise and fall of her well-shaped, but not overly large breasts as she fought to control her breathing. “Are you ready for your discipline to continue, Mrs. Aguire?”

“Yes,” she hissed in reply.


“Yes, Master… I… I’m so sorry!”

“You’re sorry all right,” he told her coldly and raised the crop he held in his right hand.

“Now open your thighs so I can get in between them if I want,” he said.

Mrs. Aguire tried to relax as she parted her thighs. A trickle of her nectar slid from her cunt and ran down the inside of her thigh. Jennings paused to study the red sexual maw of her slightly opened vagina, and then reversed his grip on the crop and prodded the butt end into her cunt.

Mrs. Aguire flinched, instinctively tightening the cheeks of her ass in an attempt to prevent the crop from entering her love hole, gripping the butt, preventing it from entering her. Jennings, not perturbed at all, jerked the crop and feigned anger. “Relax, Mrs. Aguire, it’s going in one way or the other.”

“I… I know, master, I know.”

“Who was your previous Dom, Mrs. Aguire?”

“What? I… I don’t….”

The crack of the crop against her ass filled the room.

She moaned, for he had fully intended to inflict a higher degree of pain than was customary under these circumstances.

“I asked you a question,” he said, his voice ominous with a threat of what might follow if she didn’t reply.

“His name was Arnold Hamm. He’s… dead. He was killed in a car accident in El Paso four months ago.”

“Too bad,” Jennings said his tone considerably milder. “I met Arnold once, didn’t like him, but that means nothing.”

He placed the butt of the crop back at her vaginal opening and forced it in about three inches.

“How’s that, cunt?”

Lee took a moment to catch her breath, and then said, “It’s good, Master.”

He began moving it in and out, and she watched half-paralyzed with fear that he would drive it to deep and damage her cervix. Her eyes widened as she saw the wet tissue of her vaginal lips clutch at the crop, oozing out when he pulled it outward and tunneling in when he reinserted it.

“You’ve got a big, wet cunt, Mrs. Aguire,” Jennings said with a half-laugh. “Enjoy what I’m doing to you?”

“Yes, master,” she husked.

He withdrew the crop and raised his arm high before bringing the crop down hard on the back of her thighs.

The sound of the slap echoed around the room. It was immediately followed by Lee’s shriek of pain. Two red lines appeared on the taut thighs. He watched them turn white, then red again and Lee began to rock herself back and forth awaiting the next blow.

It came and with it came a gush of blood from the cuts laid out along her milky white thighs.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, her voice barely audible.

Another blow ensued, and Lee flinched at the pain and an involuntary stream of urine flowed from her vulva forming a small pool on the floor between her toes.

“Can’t hold your water, Mrs. Aguire?”

“I… I’m so sorry… Master… I….”

“Lick it up. Lick up every drop of that piss, and be quick about it.”

Dropping to her hands and knees Lee began licking the floor, trying to suck up her urine where possible and licking the floor until she felt he would realize she had gotten it all, leaving only her own saliva in its place.

Jennings looked on, nodding to himself as she continued lapping at the urine, and then tiring of her presence, said coldly, “Get out, Mrs. Aguire. I’m through with you.”

She got to her feet and slowly dressed, and then holding her left thigh, limped out, got into her car and drove home, crying all the way.

***** The reason Jennings had thrown Mrs. Aguire out was two-fold: first, she had almost, but not quite forced herself on him. And second, he had an appointment with Sheila Tourant, an actress he’d been banging every so often; very good in bed and talented in her sexual proclivities; very talented in that category, so that she was in demand for more than bit parts in the occasional movie.

Underneath her coat Sheila wore the dress Jennings had bought her, its worn silk straps and frayed hem. She had been careful with it as she dressed, but now she asked that he rip it off her. He took hold of the neck and tore it down, and the material melted apart, loose threads hung from his large hands until he shook them off.

Sheila’s skin erupted in goose bumps, and she watched as the material swirled down her stomach, across her pelvis, to her legs; her gaze settling at the puddle of torn silk at her feet.

“You up for anything I want?” His fingers were tickling at the base of her spine. Sheila nodded solemnly, her face still turned to the ground. He pushed his thumb rudely into her mouth. “On your knees, pay homage to my cock!”

Sheila dropped to her hands and knees and crawled obediently to his feet and casually reached up and began undoing his fly. He watched impassively as she extracted his erection and kissed it twice before absorbing the spongy head into her mouth.

“Let’s take it into the bedroom,” he said and when they were within reach of the bed, “Put your hands behind your back,” and as she complied, he let his pants fall to his ankles and kicked them aside.

With her hands interlocked behind her, Sheila stared up at him with an innocent, child-like expression. Jennings was never sure if her expressions were real or if she was acting. Over time he found he really didn’t care.

He took a step toward her and Sheila’s mouth opened and his engorged cock pressed down on her tongue.

“Now suck.”

With a hungry moan, she sealed her mouth around him then began a gentle sucking on the spongy head of his erection.

“Open your eyes, you fucking whore,” Jennings said rebuking her. “I want you looking at me while you suck my cock.”

Her eyes immediately popped back open and she moaned around his shaft then made a ‘glucking’ sound as she took him deep. He held her head in place and gave her a couple quick strokes before pulling his saliva coated cock from between her lips. With his hand still on Sheila’s head, Jennings took a handful of hair and pulled. “You’re a fucking cunt. You’re nothing but a fucking cunt!” he spat into her face.

“Yes, yes I am,” Sheila freely admitted.

He released her hair, and forced two fingers into her mouth.

“Suck on them!”

The tears ran down her cheeks as she obligingly sucked on them.

Jennings looked down at her body; saw a series of bruises and hazy shades of purple, blue, red and yellow. Did I do that? Or is she seeing someone else between visits? He wondered then rejected the thought. The marks are at least a week old. I must have done it on her last visit.

Pulling his finger from her mouth, he snarled into her face, “Tongue!”

Sheila immediately thrust her pierced tongue out for him. Jennings, holding his erection in his right hand, began a methodical slapping of her tongue then her face with his member.

Tiring of this game, he slapped her across the breasts (they had an understanding that he would never damage her face as she made her living as an actress). “Suck my dick!”

“Yes, master,” she gasped as his fleshy pole slipped into her mouth, and then resumed her fellating with renewed vigor; ensuring that her tongue stud made contact with the underside of his cockhead with each thrust.

Several minutes passed before she removed him from her mouth to ask, “Master… can I lick your ass?”

“Now why would I let a dirty little cunt like you lick my ass?”

“Please,” she insisted with increasing desperation. “Please let my stick my slutty little tongue in your asshole.”

Satisfied with her crudely worded answer, Jennings turned around and obliged her obscene request by pulling her face into his rectum. He heard her gasp the word ‘Yes’ just before her voice became muffled and her little pink tongue shot out to stab at the entrance to his ass. He couldn’t help but wiggle his hips, as she maneuvered her face between the cheeks, grinding his asshole into her hungry mouth.

“Mmmm,” he sighed pleasurably. “Good little whore.”

He allowed her to rim him and even to delve her talented tongue into his asshole for several minutes then, unable to take much more of her pleasurable mouth, he moved away and asked, “Where should I fuck you?”

“You can fuck me anywhere you want, master” she replied, relinquishing all control.

“Are you still engaged to that fucking fag actor?”

“Yes, master, but he’s not really a fag.”

“He’s a fag if I say he is.”

“Yes, Master… he is if you say it is so.”

A sadistic look crossed Jennings face. “We’ll use the bed,” and then he hissed in her ear, “And the next time you’re lying in bed with your fag lover you can think about all the dirty, slutty things you’ve done with and for me.”

Sheila’s eyes closed. A sexy smile formed on her face as she replied, “That’s so fucking hot, Master, I’m ready to cum right now.”

He swatted her on the ass and told her to get on the bed.

Joining her on the bed, Jennings took hold of Sheila’s hair with one hand and with the other twisted her arm behind her back and forced her to her knees.

“Stay right there,” he said as he let go of both her hair and arm to look under the bed for a pair of handcuffs. Pulling a box from under the bed, he flipped it open and smiled at the varied assortment of “toys” it contained. Rifling through the dildos and condoms, he located the metal handcuffs and pulled them out, pushing the box aside.

“Ever use these with your fag friend?” he asked, dangling the metal cuffs beside her face.

“No,” she answered, trying to withhold her eagerness at being bound as Jennings placed the first shackle around her wrist.

He knew she was telling the truth. Sheila’s fiancé was notoriously ‘vanilla’ when it came to sex. It was the main reason she looked forward to their encounters. To Jennings they appeared to be a very odd couple since she was by far the kinkiest girl he had met in a long time.

Sheila emitted a subtle moan then winced as he tightened the cold metal cuffs around her wrists, firmly securing her arms behind her back.

“Mmmm,” now you’re all mine,” he whispered and reached down between her legs to press his fingers against the silky material of her panties, feeling the dampness of her pussy through the thin fabric.

“Ohhh,” he exclaimed, nuzzling his wiggling fingers up into her dripping hole. “What made you so wet?”

“I’ve been wet all night,” she peeped, squirming from his touch. “I’ve been waiting for this since you agreed to see me.”

“Waiting for what?” Jennings asked, knowing what her answer would be even as he pulled her panties down over her round, naked ass.

Master, I’ve been waiting for you… to use me; to spank me; waiting for you to make me make me your slut.”

Jennings smiled. Sheila always knew what he wanted to hear.

He tore her panties down around her knees, waited for her predictable moan, and then grasped his cock and aimed it towards her glistening cunt.

“You want my dick inside you don’t you?” he asked, as its tip teased her delicate vaginal folds.


“Beg for it, cunt,” he growled and wiggled it against her wanton opening.

“Master, please stick your cock in my cunt,” she gasped.

Sheila was only one of the only girls he knew that liked to use the word “cunt”.

“First tell me how you came to like being spanked.”

“Master… can’t you just….”

“Tell me or I’ll kick your skuzzy ass out the door!”

“Yes sir!” Sheila responded fearfully. She was wild eyed at the prospect of being denied the orgasm she so desperately sought. “It was in high school.”

One must love road trips. I know I do. Fate also has the most amazing way of showing you that even though you have it all figured out, there are certain things which can occur that are beyond even your wildest fantasy.

I was driving down the road, coming home from a particularly horrible day at work. In the hazy mist of a cruel evening, something jumped in front of my Accord. I swerved to avoid it, which luckily I did, but managed to hit something else that was in the road. The result was a blown tire which led me running headlong into opposing traffic. Instinct took over and I let the car turn into the direction of the spin and when it finally came to a halt, I was safely on the side of the road, with no major accidents occurring because of what happened.

I got out and began to change my tire. It was about then that a car happened to stop on the other side of the two lane road. I heard a very familiar voice call to see if I was alright.

I turned and looked in disbelief.


In Knoxville?

When he got close enough, he stopped dead in his tracks. “Angel?” he questioned.

I got up from kneeling on the ground and we both rushed to give one another a hug.

It had been ten years since we last saw one another. Ten years since the best sex of my life.

John helped me change my tire and while doing so we talked about what happened that landed us in the same place at the time. He was just on a road trip, seeing some old friends from “back in the day”. He admitted his surprise and pleasure in seeing me. I offered to buy him dinner, to give us a chance to talk longer, which he accepted.

Dinner was spent getting caught up on everything that had happened to us. His marriage, for starters. My heart sunk when he told me about it. Still, I was happy for him. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Two months later, I decided to take a break from the craziness of the day-to-day so I decided to head out on my own road trip. Setting my sights on Atlantic Beach, NC, I drove until I hit the coast.

Two days of sunshine and gorgeous men and women before fate intervened yet again.

It was in the middle of Bert’s Surf Shop. “John?” I called.

The blondish-brown haired man turned to regard me. The instant he smiled, I felt myself weak in the knees.

His wife had gone to Atlanta for the week to see a strip show, so he said and he decided to get out of the house and be amongst people.

Walking across the street, we shared an ice cream cone and talked some more. We flirted. I became more and more touchy feely. He resisted me at first but eventually gave into me.

Before long we were acting like long lost lovers.

The sun was going down too quickly and in my attempts to keep the night going, I asked him to dinner. He accepted on the provision that he pay. I accepted his terms.

Dinner was uneventful. I played footsie with him and we laughed while sharing stories and jokes. He asked me if I still carried a vibrator everywhere I go. I looked him dead and square in the eye and told him it was a neccessity of life.

With desert out of the way, he walked me several blocks to my hotel room. We hugged good night and instead of letting him go, I did the only thing I could: I kissed him.

Kissed him with every bit of desire and pent-up emotion I could.

When he not only did not respond but pushed me away, my heart sunk to depths unheard of. I understood. His marriage meant the world to him. He would never betray her.

I admired that and we said our good byes. I thought this time to be the last.

I spent the early part of that evening at one of the local bars. I drank and eyed every piece of ass in that place. I could find no one desirable enough to take to bed.

“Mind if I join you?” a familiar voice called from behind me.

“Sure” I said, thinking I was imagining the voice.

It was John. He was on his way home when he decided to call his wife. When some guy answered the phone, he was quite shocked. Instead of handing the phone to his wife, his wife’s friend apparently took the phone and told John that his wife couldn’t talk, despite hearing his wife in the background.

Long story short, his wife had gone out with friends, gotten drunk and they ended up going back to her hotel room where she fucked a guy she met that apparently played for the Falcons.

After seeing the guy’s picture and the way he played, I’m not sure I would have said no either.

He ended up here by chance. It was the closest bar he could get to and wanted to drown his sorrow in a few drinks.

Despite being a total hypocrite, I talked him out of it and managed to get him to leave the bar. That evening he became my chauffeur, showing me the sights and sounds of Morehead City, Emerald Isle, and the rest of the area.

He wanted to show me where he lived. I thought it would be nice to see, so I agreed to it. So a little before eleven we sauntered up to his house. Unlocking the door, he let me in. Closing the door behind me, John turned on the lights.

He had done well for himself. I got to see his wife. She was pretty hot. John was a lucky man. Except she was a luckier woman. A shame she forgot that fact.

He pulled out a few bottles of beer and we took them to the porch to talk. Light conversation in the cool night air. I could tell he was bothered and upset. I tried to comfort him but my mind kept thinking about the opportunity to have sex with him. Well, I knew that was off the table. We talked about how we had continued running into each other over the last few months and how it must have been karma looking out for both of us. Maybe there was some unfinished business between us. We laughed together and I leaned my head into the crook of his arm.

As the hour turned to midnight, we sat on the railing of the deck, mere inches from each other. He said something funny and we turned to look at one another.

Then it happened. We kissed.

It was soft, sweet, and innocent.

Then in the moment it happened, it was over.

John pulled himself away and took the empty beer bottles and went inside.

I followed.

We sat down at the table and I tried to comfort him. I reached for his hand and held it. He looked longingly into my eyes before dipping his head into mine and kissed me.

I kissed back. Exactly like when he rejected me at my hotel room door.

I pushed away from him, touching my feverish lips. They felt flush and bruised from the heated exchange.

“I am sorry” he dejectedly spoke as he looked down and around the kitchen table.

Our eyes were drawn to a singular pair of handcuffs.

I wanted to make a joke about their sex life being kinky but decided it would have been in very bad taste considering everything that he had just experienced.

He reached for them and threw them on a nearby counter top.

John apologized for leaving them out.

I told him not to apologize and that I wish he would have used them when we were lovers. I boldly told him that I wanted nothing more than to be with him again. Here, now.

He smirked and seemed ready to deny me but grew silent as if he were contemplating it.

“That’s the alcohol talking, Angel.”

“A little, I admit,” was my response, “But in ten years there has never been another lover like you.”


“What do you say?” I pleaded with him, half joking, mostly serious.

“I wouldn’t want to be accused of taking advantage of a lady, ” he drawled, clearly amused at my plea.

I sat up, leaning my elbows on the table. I looked at him with a decidedly droll expression. “Whoever said you’d be taking advantage of me?”

“Well, I guess if we were to make love, you’d be taking advantage of me.”

I cackled and slit my tongue through my teeth, “Let’s take advantage of each other, John. I want to feel the pleasure of making love to you again.”

He leaned in close to me, so our faces were close. “Are you saying that you’re interested in being pleasured then?”

“I am.” I smirked at him. He didn’t know how dangerously close he was to playing with fire. Then again, did I have any idea, either?

John shook his head. “This is the kind of thing that you read about in a really bad erotic story, Angel. Or some awful porno.”

We laughed before I told him that we both have needs and that I needed him.

“I’d be happy to oblige you.” would have been a sufficient answer from him but instead he shifted in his chair and told me that he didn’t think I could handle him.

“Such confidence,” I purred, feeling a warming in my clit when I looked into his eyes and saw a soldering fire within them.

“Oh you have no idea.” He smirked.

“Lucky me, then.” The shimmer of arousal I felt was now taking hold of more than just my clit now. “Still, you are being ever so polite.”

“You know me, Ang,” He laughed. “I have my moments.”

“I want to kiss you.”

His eyebrows darted up in surprise as I pushed my chair back, rose to my feet, and walked around the table. As I leaned over to kiss him, he abruptly shoved his chair away and pulled me down onto his lap. I loved the sensation of the goose flesh which overtook my body as he ran his palms down my back.

I whispered to him words of encouragement as I shifted my bottom against his erection in quite the tantalizing little wiggle. He sucked in a breath as I gave him my best, enchanting smile as I moved in a seesaw motion that served to spike my senses as well as his.

With fingers splayed, he grasped my hips and exerted pressure downward, holding me against his engorged cock for a silent, protracted moment. His dark eyes were now close and the desire there sought to burn me. I kissed him. The moment my lips touched his, I could tell that neither of us was a person of restraint. Or like me, was John’s urgency just a reaction to hours of temptation?

He quickly grew impatient and hungry for more. As he tried to pull away from my lips, I begged him not to. I gripped his face, holding him to me, continuing my plea of “not yet.”

I know he could have easily broken free. John could have done whatever he wanted to do, considering our relative strengths but he returned to me, giving me his undivided attention. Gently curling one hand around the back of my neck, John held me lightly captive as he tempered his fervor. Those forceful kisses were less forceful now. His tongue now explored in a grazing rhythm while his free handdrfited softly down my back then slid upward again as his fingertips came to rest on the plump outer curve of one of my breasts.

As the feel of his fingertip sunk ever so gently into my flesh, it ignited a desire as hot as the fire in his eyes. His touch was of the most gentle, restrained, and delicate I had felt in many months. Yet, in the back of my mind was the knowledge that this gentleness could become hostile and possessive in a moment’s notice. My mouth gaped open and my breath caught in my throat as that truth caressed my thoughts much like he was touching me now.

I do not know if he was gratified with my response but he inhaled my erratic breaths, drawing me closer. It was just a moment later when he tenderly cupped my breast and slid his index finger back and forth over my taut nipple. God, I arched my back to John, pressing myself further into his hand. I silently asked, no, pleaded for more.

Flexing his considerably constructed hips, he thrust upward, ramming his cock against my cunt. The shock was evident as my lips curled in expectation and the skittish cry of what was to come broke free from those same lips somehow.

His hands clamped down hard on my hips, instantly, as he exerted a rough, downward pressure, his low voice telling me that he wanted more than teasing foreplay. We both groaned at the wild rush of pleasure that had taken over our senses.

Suddenly, this delicious man was no longer in a mood to wait. He turned his head away and looked towards the counter top where he had placed the handcuffs.

I looked at him and abruptly pushed him away.

I felt his heart skip a beat until he saw that I was reaching for the zipper on his slacks.

I looked teasingly at him, “I’m done kissing.”

“Done?” he questioned, his mind torn between the act he was about to commit on me and the boldness of what I had just done to him.

“Yep.” I teased between pursed lips. Already his zipper was down and I was standing up.

I kicked my shoes off and slid my slacks down my hips.

John was about to come to his feet, I could tell. He wanted nothing more than to strip off his clothes and attack me. Instead, he sat back to watch me.

I was clearly frenzied. The jolt of his cock against me moments ago made me hunger for his sex. I know my aroused nipples poked hard against my t-shirt. My cheeks felt flush, no doubt a rosy pink. My mouth moved partially open to allow the feverish heat building up inside me room to escape. The moment I jerked my t-shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor, the room went silent. All that could be heard was my rough breathing and John’s gasp.

I smiled at John. His mouth gaped for a long moment before I reached behind my back to unhook my bra before tossing it to him. He turned the silk fabric in his hands so he could see the intricate designs. “That must have been a tough job for your bra, holding up THOSE boobs.”

I laughed, I was glad for the compliment about my breasts, but wanted more than just words. “Right now, lover, I don’t feel like talking, if you don’t mind.”

I moved towards him, nude and eager for sex, while he called me voluptuous. He unzipped his pants, jerking out his cock. I obviously wasn’t the only one who was in a rush.

“Every woman’s wet dream,” I breathed and swallowed at the same time, stopping before him to take in the splendid sight of his huge, upthrust cock, “I am REALLY glad we met again now, even under the circumstances it happened. That gorgeous dick has always gone a long way towards apologizing. I am sure that you have had women lined up at your door for a piece of that since the day we last parted.”

He smiled, “Says the tall and curvy woman with all the right curves and lovely, pillow-soft breasts. Flattery will get you everywhere with me.”

“As long as everywhere includes in bed, I am ok with that.” I could hardly wait to feel that magnificent erection inside of me. My clit pulsed and ached for him, for it to be inside of me.

He crooked his finger, pointing at me, “No line, just you. Right now.”

As if I needed a better invitation, with my frenzied heartbeat in my ears and the pearly fluid of arousal threatening to burst from within, I moved to him. As I came within reach, he leaned over slightly, slid his fingertip up the trickle of wetness between my thighs and touched the fingertip to his mouth. His other hand opened a nearby drawer and took out a condom.

“What’s with that?” I questioned, “Are you always this ‘prepared-for-every-eventuality’?”

“Most of the time.” He slid his tongue through slitted teeth and raised his eyebrows.

Ripping open the foil packet, he slipped on the condom, dropped the foil to the floor, and rolled the sheath down his cock with the speed that comes with considerable practice.

Opening his arms wide, I straddled his thighs. He adjusted my position slightly in order to bring the crest of his erection in line with my wet, throbbing pussy. He gripped my wrist and with fingers splayed began to deftly ease me down his sizable erection.

A hushed silence followed my slow, gradual descent. I was intent on absorbing the full sensual impact of slick electrifying friction, sleek tissue ever so slightly yielding to his invasion. When the intrusion came to rest at last, my auburn locks juxtaposed against his blonde, my bottom warm on his thighs, my cunt full of cock and I was barely able to breath. I admit to being unprepared for the raw intensity which now assaulted my senses. For the moment, I was held hostage by this disorienting feeling of delirium.

I felt his hands slip under my bottom. John was taking care to slide my cunt back up his cock in a very deliberate and leisurely way. He was intent to make me feel every quivering degree of sublime friction. The heat in my pussy, in my flushed and trembling body was finding focus in the fingertips clutching at his shoulders but most of all in that center of all pleasure, my clitoris.

I watched as he held his breath at the apex of his ascent. I was panting, very impatient for me. John obliged me, I whimpered on every upstroke, panted on the down stroke. There were times when we both caught ours breaths and waited for our nerve endings to relax but it never happened.

I was seriously approaching the brink of eruption and after his ninth or tenth stroke, I brushed his hands away and gasped. It was at this point that I proceeded to go directly into orgasmic heaven. I felt my scream echo off the kitchen wall as I bottomed out on his cock and feverishly rolled, twisted, and undulated my hips in a trembling, frantic search for nirvana.

John wasted no time in jumping on the freight train of orgasm. Ignoring my pleas, he lifted me upward again and rammed me down hard on his cock. It was then he suddenly recognized the peaking franticness of my voice and he held me there and gave me what I wanted: His stiff cock, motionless inside me, stretching my body and desire to the limit, pushing me towards something that I thought was unattainable.

In time, my screams taped off. My warm body was in his arms. I was content. Astonished.

I kissed his forehead, tasting beads of sweat as I did so before I murmured to him, “That was fabulous,” lifting my head to his cheek and whispering alongside it, “you have given me a real upside to the troubles of today, you know that?”

“Definitely.” He smiled back at me, “If you need more upsides, can we take this to my bedroom?”

“I haven’t had enough of you, lover.” I coyly played a lazy finger down his toned chest.

He grinned. Lifting me up and away, he set me on my feet. Stripping off his condom, he rose from the chair, disposed of the condom and cleaned himself with a clean kitchen towel.

John took my hand and held me close. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my chin on his chest so that I could gaze up at him. I playfully batted my lashes and told him I wanted to be a naughty girl, as my hand stroked his rising erection.

There was a thrilling quiver in my belly as I anticipated what was to come. Leading me to the doorway to his bedroom, I came to a sudden stop, clenching my thighs in a vain attempt to stop the tremors within me.

Then he looked at me.

Scooping me into his arms, he told me that he could not wait, that he had to have me. A moment later, I was laid out on his bed, licking my lips unconsciously as I saw his massive erection mere feet from my touch.

He pulled open the drawers at the side of the bed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, exactly what he sought before. Except these were lined with pink velvet and definitely made for pleasure. My eyes widened, then narrowed, before asking him if that is his favorite color.

When he told me that it matched the color of pussy, I felt my nipples ache for him. He grasped one of my hands and snapped a cuff around my wrist.

“And what if I don’t like pink?” I teased.

He smiled faintly and held her gaze, “Trust me you will.”

He snapped a cuff on my other wrist before raising my hand slightly higher than shoulder level so he could secure the velvet ties to the bedpost. As he lifted my other arm and fastened it, I felt as though I might come without any help at all. After what I experienced in the pat and in the kitchen, I knew what to expect from him now. My body was quite aware of that fact as well and tingled with pulsing energy.

I was already panting, the ache of longing pulsed deep and hard between my legs. My labia were beyond wet and swelling to welcome him. My skin was flush, my eyelids half shut, and I was awake with impatience and could no longer bear to suppress the undulations of my lower body.

John sucked in a deep breath as he walked from the room.

I looked in amazement as I laid in his bed, handcuffed and primed for him. And the bastard just turns and leaves.

He returned with my vibrator. He held up the purple object as he approached the bed, “I don’t think you’ll mind coming a few times.”

“You could have told me what you were doing, dammit.” I cursed at him in anger, but it was dampened with desire.

I glanced at his upswpet penis as he spread my thighs with the sweep of his hand. Holding the vibrator in place, he slightly rammed it upward with the palm of his hand, bending low to draw one of my nipples into his mouth. He gently sucked at it first as I whimpered and writhed beneath him. My body glowed at the combination of him and the vibrator playing with me. The heat of arousal, blended around the vibrator. As my breathing shifted and became more frantic, my hips rocked wildly against the pressure of his hand, and John sharpened the pressure of his mouth. Sucking and nibbling, he devoured my tenderness and tested the elasticity of my nipples as I gasped and cried out in seething frenzy.

As he tugged and stretched at my nipple, a fierce, thrilling ecstasy swept downward through my body and met the torrid pulse of nerves stretched taut around my vibrator. It rolled over me in great, glorious waves of pleasure and orgasm approached me like a tidal wave.

I screamed at the glorious rapture. My orgasmic cries made John suck harder. I was unaware that my orgasm triggered his free hand to search for a condom. It became evident to me when my orgasm subsided and he slid between my legs mere seconds later and thrusted himself deep inside of me.

John did not move for a moment, allowing me to gain some control over my senses. I curled my legs around his ass and shifted my pelvis upward, and I whispered dryly as I arch my head back in delight, “finally the real thing.”

He slid his hands up my arms, grabbed my wrists and exploited my availability, eagerness, and the fact that I was subject to his whims.

I felt the heat of his skin merge with mine. I had not felt this level of want and need in some time. I felt explicitly carnal, my entire body building towards a fevered pitch once more and ready to find release once more.

My legs felt the curves of his ass, a most glorious one from the feel of it, and I felt like he was a piledriver on steroids. John’s face grew contorted a few moments later, his untamed fury was having a toll on him as well. As we built towards the inevitable climax, I could not help but grin evilly at the thought of his erection pulsing with semen as he came. I was so enamored in watching John come I had ignored my own want. It was not until I felt the small, diminishing ripples of my vaginal muscles and shortness of breath that I realized that I had come long before he did.

“That was one helluva ride,” He murmured, blowing at a breath as he lay braced above me.

I cooed, his warm member still pulsing inside me, “I could stand for more, I think”.

He chuckled as our gazes met. I shifted my hips as his penis swelled within me. He withdrew from me in a smooth, supple movement that brought him to his feet beside the bed.

I licked my lips. His body was slick with sweat, every muscle vividly accentuated as if he were a Spartan warrior. His rigid cock was the picture of vigorousness. He discarded the used condom and took a seat at the edge of the bed. I spread my legs so that he could see my pussy from where he sat. I blew him a kiss of want, to let him know that I wanted more of his delicious body.

John sheathed himself once more and climbed on top of my prone and ready body. This time it was softer and slower. More deliberate. He let me dictate what I wanted this time and when I was ready to come, he gave me what I wanted. Three more times in rapid succession, I might add. Only on the third time, he came with me, our hot and sweaty bodies merging in what was a powerful and spiritual melding of desire.

He untied my hands afterwards, although he did not uncuff me. He moved to sit across the room and clean his swollen cock while my breathing returned to normal.

Pushing myself up on the pillows after a time, I smiled at him and told him thank you.

I held up my cuffed hands. I wondered what he was going to do next.

John moved towards the bed again, eyeing me closely. He informed me that he was not going to uncuff me yet. He had other plans.

He gave me commands which I obeyed. Lying down for him, he retied my wrists to the bedposts and stood looking at me for a long moment afterwards.

“I wondered how sweet your pussy tasted.”

I swore I was going to die of pleasure before this night was over with and begged him to take me.

He moved the pillows so he could push me up to the head of the bed and give himself more room. I was already beginning to pant in anticipation when he shoved my legs apart. He took my feet, easing them upward until my knees were bent. When he’d finally gotten into position, lying half on his side he draped my left leg over him so he could get in close.

He didn’t touch my clitoris for a long while. He licked and sucked every other portion of my body. Every fold, every crevice, every sleek surface, and aperture was his to possess. His tongue proved gentle, thorough, and sometimes fast, and other times too slow. He nibbled at my pulsing flesh with a tantalizing delicacy that managed to bring a cold sweat to my skin and a jolt to my senses.

I had long since grabbed the velvet ties to try and secure my freedom to no avail. I was overcome with hysteria as he repeatedly reminded me that I was a woman. It wasn’t until I could not wait another second and I pleaded with him to make me come that he finally obliged me.

My God, John played many tunes on my clit until I found a song I liked and I matched his rhythm with a soft, subtle sigh. It wasn’t until I gasped that he gently lifted my leg off of him.

He rose to kiss me tenderly on my cheek before coming to his feet and uncuffed my wrists and returned to his chair.

I was speechless. I tried to whisper any number of praises. My eyes were shut, my body immobile, and my auburn hair had to be a frizzed mess.

It only took me a moment to gather my senses and look at the gorgeous man before me.

I looked intently into his eyes and pointed a crooked finger at him. I motioned for him to come to me. He did so with much eagerness.

The instant he lay down on the bed, I rolled on top of him, threw my arms around his neck, and showered him with kisses.

I felt soft and warm as I blanketed him. He was hard and firm. His hands, strong and rough, moved against my soft skin. He traced the curve of my spin, skimming the curves of my bottom with his palms and held me for a moment against the hard, rigid edge of his erection.

“I demand that you give me that”, I whispered against his mouth, moving my hips gently back and forth over his erection.

“In a minute,” he teased.

I brushed a kiss over his mouth before pushing myself up and straddling his hips. I wrinkled my nose at him.

He quickly grabbed a condom and ripped it open as I purred, “Good boy.” I ran the pads of my fingers up his taut erection which lay flat against his stomach, the engorged veins pulsing under my fingertips. I rose up on my knees when he rolled the condom down his length at record speed. Before I was able to take advantage of his massive muscle, he helped himself to me, impaling my pussy on his erection.

John held my hips motionless, his fingers stretched wide. I heatedly protested, struggling to break free against his hold while not losing the enormous cock which was embedded within me. I shook my head against his rebuttal of my protest. I feverishly tried to pry his fingers loose. He ignored my clawing fingers, instead goading me, “Can you feel that? My cock is getting bigger and harder.”

I could do nothing but groan with half shut eyes and feel my cheeks grow impatiently rosy and flush. He continued to tease me when I was obviously on the brink.

I gasped, then whimpered in heat, “Please…God…. Please.” was all I could muster.

“Please what?” his voice was rough and harsh, “Do you want to come?”

“Yes.” I panted, recognizing the game. I recognized it and wanted to play it.

He asked me if I would do anything he wanted. Of course I answered yes. By now I wanted to see what other games John had for me, but for the moment, I was lost to him. My clit throbs now thinking about it.

“If I want to fuck you all night, you will let me!”

“Yes!” I responded with delight.

“Yes what?” he asked, with the slithering of his tongue.

My eyes snapped open, bewilderment in my gaze.

“Say, ‘yes, master’”. His voice was so demanding, so dark it no longer sounded like his own.

I thought to hesitate longer, maybe tell him no, but a pang of want shot through my body and forced the answer he wanted as he tightened his grip on my hips, his fingers pressing into my flesh.

“Yes, master”, I spoke, shuddering as my gaze focused inward again on the wild, sensuality that had been overwhelming my senses for the past several hours.

It was then he raised me up his erection and controlled my down descent. It prolonged the agonizing, exquisite pressure of my body as pulsing nerve met overwrought tissue. It did nothing else but to further inflame the seething and turbulent desire within my soul. He knew damn well, by now, that once I was resting on his thighs again, ONCE I was so full of his cock I was going to uncontrollably and uninhibitedly shake, convulse, and explode.

I did so violently.


I wanted him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

It was only brief moments later when he tumbled me on my back and fucked me again, “old fashioned”. This time, he was gentle and tender. He kissed like an adoring lover might. John was a very adoring lover, making sure I was sated and empty before he allowed himself to climax this time. I was sated.

But only for the moment.

I swear not five minutes had passed when I felt the longing and need for him return.

This time I reached for the drawer with the condoms. I ripped the foil packet open with my teeth. His teeth gritted at the feel of the latex combined with my hands as they covered his cock.

He tried to nudge my knees open and I fought against him. I finally opened them once the look on his face became one of annoyance. He hovered over me and bent to kiss me. He kissed me again.

I touched him again, this time guiding him to my waiting wetness. There was a slight pause, I could feel his heart beating in an uneven rhythm in his chest as he entered me. God, I felt so fucking tight and he was so large. I find myself fingering my clit now as I write this.

I remember making a sound at the back my throat and arching my back to his as he slowly filled me. It dawned on me that the moan I was hearing was not mine alone, but ours together.

I erupted into flames the instant he entered me.

A sigh seemed to echo in my ears and traveled down the length of my toenails as I surrendered myself once more to this fire. I had felt the girth and length of him in my pussy. I relished in it now. I wrapped my hands around his bulging biceps, wondering at his sheer size and strength. Then he thrusted in me one more time. I threw my head back and was completely overcome with sensation.

I eventually returned to this place of existence, if only momentarily, by his lips. My tongue tangled with his even as our bodies tangled together. Somehow my legs became entangled with his. Our hips kept coming together and apart with him deep inside of me.

John drew back from the kiss and made a low sound in the back of his throat. The urgency there made me want to claw at him. To make him claw at my flesh and eat me alive.

My hands slid with a purpose down his chest, around his back, and down to his behind, reveling in the feel of his movements as I met him thrust for thrust.

His rhythm quickened, stealing my breath away. I moved my arms to brace myself against the mattress in a vain attempt to steady myself. Our hunger, our attack of one another made our positions on the bed precarious, at best. There was also the matter of my impending climax.

When my hands had finally found his bedsheets, the fire inside of my body had already been released and sought to consume every ounce of sanity I had left.

My heart, already beating an uneven rhythm in my chest coupled with our ragged breathing did nothing to calm the storm inside of me.

John felt that need too.

That was evident when he ripped the condom off of his cock and drew his tongue in a line from one hip to another. My nails dug into his shoulders as his tongue ran the length of my pussy, teasing it before fastening on the tight, bulging nub of my desire.

I leaned back against my arms, my hair undoubtedly a mess with heavy lidded eyes when my lips parted and begged him to have no mercy on me. My stomach trembled, ached, matching the tumultuousness of my desire.

He ran his tongue down my inner thigh and use his thumbs to part my swollen pussy. My clit was caught between his teeth. My hips arched as he took a heavy bite of it before sucking it long and hard. He then dipped one finger then two inside of my dripping portal, twisting them and withdrawing them.

My hips bucked in another wild orgasm and he held me still again. I felt his lips kiss the lips of my pussy again before traveling lower. He spread my thighs wide and used his fingers to massage my other hole. God, I wanted him to fuck me in the ass at that moment. I prayed that is what he was going to do.

Before I knew what to expect, I heard a drawer open and several other sounds in a short period of time. I smelled strawberries. I heard the familiar sound of another foil packet rip open. Finally I heard the familiar hum of my vibrator.

I felt his fingers rub a cold liquid on my nether hole. I cooed against the touch of it and him. He parted it softly allowing the entry of his fingertip. I encouraged him with a violent thrust of my hips and screamed a throaty “yes, yes” to him.

I felt my vibrator push through the walls of my vagina. It hummed and shook me to the core.

What took me to the next level was the rising and bending of my legs so close to my chest that I could kiss my kneecaps. Next I felt a stern hand parting the cheeks of my ass and I begged for his cock to be inside of me. When it parted through the flesh of my ass, I almost cried. It had been such a long time since a man of this considerable girth had impaled my tenderness.

I bit my bottom lip hard and drew in a long, nearly suffocating breath as he buried himself inside of me. The pain and pleasure of the act, coupled with the constant throbbing my vibrator provided took me to the edge too damn quickly for me to gain a sense of true satisfaction.

Once, twice he thrusted inside of me. His firm hands holding my hips down, my nails digging into the sheets and mattress below me unable to gain a foothold against the myriad of decadent desires swirling within me.

I felt the hum of orgasm by the sixth time he pounded into me. I cried out his name as my pussy grew tense and unable to process what the vibrator was doing to me in conjunction to John’s thick cock. I was numb to feeling but awakened to ravenous lust.

As the waves of orgasm were released, I remember trying to fight with everything I had against him. The position of my body gave me no way to combat his brutal assault. It wasn’t that I wanted him to stop. Far from it. What I wanted was the ability to wrap my body around his and make sure that he wouldn’t stop. Ever.

I heard him laugh as he plunged into my ass once more and could have sworn I felt the molten heat of his semen inside of me. Of course it was a figment of my imagination but the thought only served to make me wilder.

As the last wave of climax escaped me, John pulled away and readied himself to be inside of me once more. I wiped beads of sweat and strands of hair from my face. Reluctantly, I withdrew the wet vibrator from my pussy. Licking my lips, I watched and waited with baited breath and impatience to have him inside of me again.

I began to finger my pussy to show him how hot and ready I was for him. I was so fucking wet and warm, I could not believe it. He smiled and moved back towards the bed. I slowly managed to slide myself near the edge of the bed where our bodies met.

I lifted my legs in the air and brought them on either side of his shoulders, leaning on my elbows I was able to look at him. His intense stare brought chills down my spine. It made me want to touch myself once more.

I did so with much eagerness and want. As I slid my hands down my thighs, he stepped between them. Taking my legs higher and closer to him, John seized my hips, angling me higher so that he could enter my aching pussy once more. My head fell back into the mattress below and I began to run my hands over my very heavy breasts. They ached and needed to be touched just like my pussy needed his cock.

As he thrust into me, I felt the full length of him collide against my walls. In and out he thrusted, my back and hips arched to meet him with no resistance on his part. His hands found balance on my hips and my calves clenched themselves around the back of his neck.

Calling his name, I pinched and twisted my nipples. The pain, the sensation paled in comparison to the throbbing cock inside me. My hips moved in sync with his thrusts and when I heard his breath begin to quicken and become more labored, I began to fight against him to free myself from the position I was in.

Suddenly fucking had become violent and much more dangerous. He continued to thrust into me as I struggled against him. It was not that I wanted him to stop, I found myself given over to animalistic carnage.

I nearly cried when I finally won my independence and as he leaned towards to reclaim his prize, I was able to regain my own senses and lunged myself at him.

He caught me and our lips attacked one another. Teeth, tongue, lips were all forfeit and game for this assault. As his hands took possession of my hips and bottom, I wrapped my arms over his shoulders and dug into his back. He grimaced and immediately thrusted his cock back inside of me.

We laughed at the deliriousness of it all but as he turned to try and throw my back against the wall, I was able to position my arms and push off of it. The result was my landing on top of of him and the bed. During this tussle, he had slid out of me and I immediately jumped back onto his cock.

I leaned into him, kissed him with much electric desire before my lips slid down his throat and claimed his nipple as I began to build a hot, steady rhythm as I rocked against his cock.

I bit his nipple while his fingers dug hard into my breasts and shoulders. His hard touch excited me even more. I clenched my vaginal muscles and he cried my name. Another clenching of them and I sent him into a spiral of bliss. His hips rocked against mine. Both of us rocked and bucked, smashing into one another as we knew that our next climax could very well be within reach.

Mine exploded, seemingly out of nowhere. Instinctively, I clenched my vaginal muscles the moment orgasm took hold of me and I felt his reaction instantly. We both became frantic as we clawed, bit, and nearly bled our to nirvana together.

Another boring morning in traffic court. One of the tickets I’d written–45 in a school zone–was being disputed. Plenty of cops don’t show up for disputed tickets, but if I wrote a ticket it was for a reason, and I certainly wasn’t going to let some metrosexual on a cell phone go 20 miles over the limit and then get away with it because I didn’t feel like going to court. I was talking with my buddy Kevin, another cop, when she walked in.

“Jeeeez,” I leaned over to Kevin. “Who’s the idiot who wrote her a ticket? He must have been either blind or gay.”

Kevin was panting like a dog in heat. “I know, man. If I pulled her over and got a look at that body, I’d forget how to write a ticket. Hell, I’d be lucky if I remembered where I left my squad car.”

She was 5’8″, with legs that went on forever. Thick black hair that hung in waves halfway down her back. Gorgeous dark brown eyes and perfect olive skin. Luscious breasts that really stood up and said hello. And her ass, oh, her ass . . . Let’s just say that if she stood next to Jennifer Lopez, you’d say, “J.Lo? J.Lo who?”

My case was called early, but I hung around, watching her work as she waited for her case to be called. She had some papers out and was marking them with a red pen. I couldn’t see exactly what or why.

“Miranda Diaz,” the bailiff called. The goddess stood up; the officer who ticketed her didn’t. Case dismissed. The judge was about 80 years old and he was probably popping a hard-on under his robe.

I’d stepped out the minute her case was called, so I met her in the lobby. “Ms. Diaz, I hope you won’t see this as forward, but I’d like to take you out to coffee. No pressure,” I said, handing her my card. “I’m officer Jake Sirroco,” I said, showing her my badge. “I promise won’t follow you around giving you tickets if you say no.” She smiled. We went for coffee. Six months later we were living together. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

On top of being drop-dead gorgeous, Miranda is smart and funny. I’m not the best looking guy on the force, but at 6’2″ and 200 pounds, I keep in shape from the job and the gym. Miranda told me she liked that I didn’t come on with the typical Latino machismo, that I could actually talk about my feelings, although that wouldn’t be something I’d want spread around the precinct.

The sex was hot, right from the beginning, but one night it got a whole lot hotter.

I’d gotten home from a shift a little late and Miranda had dinner warming in the oven. I normally didn’t like to eat in my uniform–I didn’t like to bring work home–but she told me the meal would be ruined by the time I showered and changed. As we ate the delicious Cuban meal she’d made, I caught her staring at me. The first few times, I looked down, thinking I had spilled food on myself or my fly was hanging open. Finally, I just came out and asked her what was up.

“Remember how I told you about the time I almost got arrested,” she said, not looking me in the eye, but focusing on my belt. I had come straight to the table without even putting away my handcuffs or any of my other gear. The only thing I had stashed was my gun.

“Yeah.” Her car had matched the description of a getaway car driven in a robbery earlier the same day, with a dark-haired woman at the wheel. She’d been cuffed and stuffed in the back of a cruiser before the officer was able to verify she’d been at work at her job as a Spanish-language magazine editor for hours before and after the crime.

“Well, there’s something I didn’t tell you, Jake,” she said, staring intently now at her food, but never glancing up at me. “When the officer cuffed me and patted me down, it really turned me on. I mean, he wasn’t even good-looking, but I got all, what’s the phrase, hot and bothered. Even in the back of the car, the feel of the cuffs against my wrists, the idea that I was helpless whatever he might do, it was so exciting.”

I’d bet most cops have had the experience of getting turned on patting down a suspect. I know I have. A few creeps even go over the line and do things they shouldn’t. Luckily, they usually get caught and wind up fired or in jail, depending on how far over the line they went. But here was the woman I loved, giving me the green light to live out a fantasy we both apparently shared.

“Look at me, Miranda. I’m totally into this,” I told her. “You have no idea how into this I am, but you have to promise me, if you get uncomfortable, or if something hurts, you’ll tell me. You have to give me a word or a sign. Yell out libertad, okay?”

“Okay,” she said, finally looking at me.

I was on her in a second, using the voice I used at work but had never used on her before.

“Put your hands up, up where I can see them!” Her hands shot up. “Now stand up, slowly, and put your hands on the wall.” She walked to the dining room wall, her hands still above her head. I got right up behind her. “Spread your legs! Wider! I want them farther apart than your shoulders.” I kicked her ankles with my foot, pushing her legs apart. “Do you have any guns or knives?”

She nodded her head no.

“Shaking your head is not an answer. DO YOU HAVE ANY GUNS OR KNIVES?” I yelled.

“No, officer.”

“Any needles? Anything sharp that could stick me?”

“No, officer.”

“What’s your name?”

“Miranda, Miranda Diaz,” she said breathlessly.

“I’m going to search you now, Ms. Diaz. Don’t move.” I patted her down, much more slowly than I would have a suspect, running my hands down the full length of her body, taking my time as I felt up her chest, her ass, and between her legs. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting excited.

“Why are you breathing so hard, Miranda? I’ve been on the beat a long time, and the only people who breathe that hard are people who’ve got something to hide. Maybe I’m going to have to search you a more closely.” I slid my hands up under her shirt, running them across her taut belly, just grazing the waistband of her skirt. Without warning, I pulled my hands out of her shirt, reached around and grabbed it with both hands and ripped it open, buttons sliding across the floor as they pulled loose from the shirt. Miranda gasped, but didn’t say anything and kept her hands on the wall and her legs spread. I put my hands on her breasts, grasping one in each of my hands, running my palms all over them. “You got something hidden in here?” I hissed in her ear.

“No, officer.”

“We’ll see.” I pushed the bra down so the straps were still in place but all of the fabric was bunched below her breasts, pushing them up. I grabbed each nipple in turn, pinching them hard and pulling them away from her body. She moaned her approval.

“Why don’t you just tell me what I want to know,” I growled as I continued my assault on her tits. “Where is it hidden?”

“I don’t have anything hidden,” she answered.

“If you won’t tell the truth, then I’m just going to have to find it myself.” I slipped my cuffs off my belt. “For your safety and mine, ma’am, I’m going to have to cuff you.” I pulled her arms down and cuffed them behind her back. “I’m going to check your mouth now.” Grabbing a handful of hair, I yanked her to me, kissing her hard on the mouth. She kissed me back, passionately, her tongue thrusting its way between my teeth, her lips sucking hard on mine.

“Get down on your knees,” I ordered her. “I’ve got another way to search your mouth.” As she dropped to her knees, I unzipped my uniform trousers and pulled my cock out of my pants. I’m about seven inches long and much thicker than your average guy. “Open your mouth,” I ordered.

Miranda hesitated. I grabbed her hair again and yanked hard, yelling, “I said to open your mouth.” This time she complied, and I thrust into her, then pulled out, giving just a second to speak before I pushed in deep again. I expected to hear her say “libertad,” but she just knelt there, her breasts heaving with her tits still exposed and pushed up by her bra.

“Open up again. I didn’t do a thorough search.” Again I thrust my cock in deep, holding onto the back of her head and fucking her mouth with my cock as she knelt handcuffed and helpless in front of me. I pushed deep, back into her throat, and felt her gag. I pulled out again. Still no plea for me to stop. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I still hadn’t even begun to use her the way I wanted, so I pushed my dick in her mouth again and went back to fucking her lips, warning her, “If there’s anything in there, I’m going to flush it out in a second.” She curled her tongue up so it rubbed up against the underside of my shaft. In seconds, I was blowing my load in her hot mouth. She swallowed every salty drop and looked up at me, licking her lips.

“I told you I have nothing to hide, officer,” she whispered seductively.

“We’ll see about that,” I said, grabbing her and lifting her by the arms, then pushing her face down on the dining room table. I wasn’t hard again yet, but I knew I would be in a few minutes. The sight of her, her bare, tanned back, no shirt, bent over and cuffed was causing my cock to stir again. “Are you a working girl, Miranda? Nice girls don’t suck cock like that. Only whores do. Tell me, which one is your corner?” It was out before I thought about it, and for a second I thought I had blown it. Still, she didn’t ask me to stop.

I knelt behind her, running my hands down her thin, toned thighs and gams, first outside her skirt, then under the fabric. Reaching up, I grabbed her panties and skirt and pulled them both to the floor, leaving her naked except for the bra that was so obscenely pushing her tits up. I slid my nightstick off my belt and began rubbing it between her legs, noting that she pushed back against it for more friction. “Spread your legs,” I ordered. “Wider!” She complied. With her legs spread I could see all of her, the wet opening between her legs framed by her closely trimmed black pubic hair, and the tight brown opening I had never tried before that night.

“Now, where else might a little whore hide something she didn’t want me to find?” My nightstick rubbed back and forth against her slit, bumping hard against her clit. She was moaning, rocking back to meet the nightstick, trying to ride it to orgasm. I put the end of it at the opening to her cunt. “Maybe, here?” I asked, twisting it as it slid slightly into her, coming out soaked with her juices. “Or maybe here,” I said, pressing the wet end of the nightstick against her asshole. She tightened her ass cheeks against my intrusion.

Again, I was sure she’d call a halt to the whole thing, but she just played along. “I’m not hiding anything, officer. If you don’t believe me, you can look for yourself.” I uncuffed her arms from behind her back, cuffing them over her head and pushing her back down against the table.

“Let me see if I have another way of convincing you,” I said, unbuckling my belt and pulling it loose from my pants. I rubbed the leather against her juicy ass cheeks, asking, “Are you sure there isn’t something you want to tell me? Something you want to say to me?” I ran the edge of the belt between her ass cheeks and further down, brushing the leather against her cunt lips. She shook her head. “I can’t hear you,” I said, menacingly.

“No, officer,” she said, her voice shaking slightly.

I rubbed my hand across one ass cheek and then the other, pausing for a second before I slipped out of my uniform, leaving me in only a t-shirt and boxer-briefs. I stood behind her, waiting for the tension to build, leaving her wondering what I was going to do next. I knew the panic this could instill in a suspect, and I was counting on her fear to drive her to greater heights of lust. My cock was rock hard again as I swung the belt for the first time, connecting squarely with her ass, a loud thwack ringing in the air. Miranda flinched, then shoved her ass out at me, taunting me. Thwack, thwack, thwack. I alternated my strikes on either cheek, leaving both sides pink and warm by the time the twelfth blow landed. Miranda’s thighs were coated with her sweet juices.

“If you won’t talk, I’m going to have to take you downtown for the full cavity search,” I told her, playing along with the fantasy. “If you’ll go willingly, I’ll take off the cuffs.”

“I won’t give you any trouble, officer,” she said. I pulled her roughly down the hall to the living room, then took off the handcuffs.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me where it’s hidden?” I asked. “This is your last chance,” I said, giving her a hard slap on the ass for emphasis.

“I told you officer, I don’t know what you are talking about,” she answered.

I pushed her up onto the big leather arm chair, knees on the seat and her tits pressed up against the back of the chair. I pulled off my boxer-briefs and stood behind her. “Let’s see if you are telling the truth Ms. Diaz, or if you are just another lying whore.” Without warning, I slid two fingers into her wet slit and began fucking her with them. Just like with the nightstick, she came back to meet me, forcing herself hard down onto my hand. I finger-fucked her until she was moaning, then I pulled away, leaving her gasping.

“You could end this right now, Ms. Diaz,” I said, my voice hard.

“If you are looking for something, maybe you need to look a little harder,” she said. In a second I was behind her on the chair, thrusting my cock deep inside her. “This hard enough for you, you little whore?” I asked as I pounded her cunt. Sweat was dripping off of both of us as our bodies collided each time I sunk my cock deep inside her sweet cunt. I grabbed her tits again, pressing and twisting her rock-hard nipples as she moaned and ground her ass against my cock. I ran my finger alongside the base of my cock as it slid in and out of her, getting it wet with our juices, then went to work on her clit. She was moaning incoherently now, and as I sensed her getting close I pulled out and took my hand away from her clit. She tried to put her own hand between her legs, but I pinned them both with one hand.

“I don’t think so, Ms. Diaz,” I told her as she moaned in frustration. “I’m the only one conducting the searches here.

I had never fucked Miranda in her ass, but I wanted it so bad. I wanted to know what it would feel like to be buried deep inside that tight little hole. “There’s one more place I need to check Miranda. Once I check there, I’ll let you come . . . I mean, I’ll let you go.” I waited. No word. I slid two fingers into her again and she moaned, a moan full of longing. I fingered her asshole, rubbing circles around it before working my finger in, then slowly sliding in and out. I let go of her hands and began rubbing her clit, lightly, stopping now and again to make sure she wouldn’t come without me, but with enough attention to keep her wanting it. My second finger joined the first in her ass as I rubbed her hard clit. She was slick front to back with her juices, my pre-cum and our sweat. She was rocking her body now, pushing her ass back against my fingers.

“Does the little little whore want to get fucked?” I asked her.

“Yesssss,” she moaned.

“Does the little whore want to get fucked in the ass?” I persisted. “Tell me, Miranda. Tell me want you want.”

“I want you to fuck me officer, I want you to see what I’ve got in my ass.”

That was all I needed to hear. I slid into her wet cunt again, making sure my cock was lubricated. I knew she was loose from having my fingers in her ass, but the head of my cock was a lot wider across. I pressed up against her tight asshole, still rubbing her clit. It was so hot, so tight, but I felt it give as her sphincter opened slightly to let me in. She froze as the widest part of my cock passed into her, and I held completely still ass her ass engulfed my entire head, the muscles of her ass squeezing down on me. I kept up the pressure on her clit and kept talking dirty in her ear, saying “Okay, now let’s see what the little whore has hidden up this tight little ass. You can’t stop me now, can you?” until I felt her relax.

I started out slowly but once I was all the way in, Miranda was grinding on me. I couldn’t take it. I slid my full length in and out of her back side, rubbing her clit viciously as fucked her ass with everything I had. Miranda loved it. She pushed back to meet me as my balls smacked against her ass until we were both moaning together, “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming.” I felt her ass spasm around me just as I shot my cum deep into her ass.

We collapsed, sweaty and spent as I held her tightly to me. Let’s just say I wore my uniform home a lot more often after that.

Scarlet took a deep, nervous breath. This was it. Weeks of planning, months of conversation, and she was finally going to meet her Dom. Of course, she wouldn’t see him. But she looked forward to the sound of his breath and his harsh voiced threats. Tonight he was coming to her flat. She had given him her address and left the door unlocked and was signing off her computer ready to snuggle into bed in the pitch black. Her anticipation heightened, she knew what was coming and she could barely contain her excitement. The man she trusted and respected but more importantly loved was going to come to her flat and act out her deepest, darkest fantasy. Rape.

After several hours waiting wrapped up in her duvet, she gave up. Wondering if he had decided against it, she drifted into a light restless sleep.

Hands grabbed her throat with an iron grip, a raspy, deep voice hissed into her ear “make one noise and you will regret it”. Scarlet’s eyes bulged and she gave her best attempt at a nod and was instantly wide awake. Ken removed the duvet from her with one hand, the other still clamped on her throat and then rolled her over and snapped stele handcuffs around her wrists. He then removed her shorts and was pleased to find her without panties. He slipped a finger down her slit, her soaked pussy betrayed the tiny scared whimpers coming from her.

He slipped a blindfold over her pretty green eyes, making absolute sure she wouldn’t catch a glimpse of him before turning on the light. He took out a bottle of lube and applied a small amount to her asshole. Ken then proceeded to take an inflatable butt plug from his rucksack and slowly, gently began pushing it into her asshole. She cried out and he brought a hand up to her throat, making hushed but bitter threats. He pushed harder and she felt her muscles clench down, fighting the unwanted invasion. The plug was driven home and her muscles tightened on the narrower section. She felt stretched and full, nothing had ever put pushed into her ass before. Ken whispered “one pump to inflate it for every noise you make, slut”. Scarlet nodded her understanding and heard the unzipping of jeans. With one solid thrust he impaled her. She bit her pillow to muffle a scream, but felt the plug grow bigger in her ass for her efforts. His dick was huge, and with the plug as well, she felt she would rip in two. The plug rubbed against the same wall as her pussy and she almost came on the spot, were it not for her hands behind her back preventing her from stroking her clit.

Ken began to thrust, taking no mercy and enjoying her muffled screams. She was tight and when he pumped the plug up slightly she clamped down on him. After thrusting hard into her, Ken pulled out and rolled her over. When he grabbed her mouth to open it and pushed his cock in, she bit him lightly. This wasn’t what he expected and almost took him by surprise. Cooly, a ring gag was taken from the bag and forced behind her teeth, the strap pulled tightly behind her head. He eased his dick over her frantic tongue, and down her throat slowly, feeling her constrict and gag. He held it there for some time, showing her who was boss, unless she began to kick and panic. He pulled back slightly to give her air through her nose but kept the tip in her mouth, using an aggressive tone to remind her that he was boss.

After only a few thrusts, cum exploded down her throat, she sucked and swallowed desperately, gagging hard on his cock. Once he had pulled out, he saw tears streaming down her face from under the blindfold and drops of cum decorated her lips. He then pushed a large, veined dildo into her pussy, once again hearing her whimpers and inflating the plug. He pulled a thick black strap around her waist and under her crotch, holding the plug and dildo in tight. By now he knew she would be very ready to cum, but he was going to make her wait. After clipping the straps together snug, he rose off the bed and went into the kitchen, leaving her cuffed, with her mouth held open and toys stuffed tightly into her ass and pussy.

Ken returned from the kitchen with the tub of vanilla ice cream he had asked her to buy the day before, with a devious grin on his face, he said out loud for his own amusement that it was going to be a very long night.

Note: If you’ll read my profile, you’ll see that my wife is about which I mainly write. She is the female in this story and this is one of her confessed desires, but not one she wants to actually happen, because after all, it is rape.

The Cost of Convenience

The door opened and the ringing of the bell started and ended before clerk could look up to see who was coming inside from the cold. Jack was 20 years old and he just couldn’t figure out exactly what he was going to do next. Never a bad kid, but never real ambitious either. He walked by the line in the door that said he was 6’1″ at the Gas Mart. Inside he came, rubbing his hands as he was looked around and scanned the store. Mary was behind the counter and busy with three customers demanding her attention at two registers. Whomever thought up the idea of having two registers and one cashier was a special sort of stupid, but she managed to do the gas and lottery on one and the rest on the other.

Sarah was down one of the isles trying to wrestle some soap from the packaging, because when you’re shopping at the Gas Mart, the trade off from going into town and the threat of having to go “under the bridge,” you might just find yourself stocking the shelves, or at least taking things out of their cases. How in the world do you expect to sell stuff, if it is in the case? She grabs her soap and a box of cereal, and then because of the cereal, a gallon of milk. You can never *just* come for what you need, you’ve always got to get some things you want.

Sarah was wearing a simple dress she wore around the house and for quick trips. It was easy to throw on, but easy on the eyes, too. It was a floral print and it came down half way down her thigh with a bit of a snug on her waist with six buttons down the front, and without even noticing it, three buttons were undone. Her hair looked soaking wet. Fresh out of the shower which lasted all of three minutes, she quickly found out she was out of soap, but only *after* washing her hair.

It was 50 degrees outside, but she knew she only had from the door of the house to the door of the car and then to the door of the store, so she risked it. The dress was absolutely a spring and summer dress, but it was her go-to for around the house, even in the coldest of January. Her hair in a knot with chop sticks holding it all together, she was not made up at all, but she was still remarkable. At 25 years old, her husband was in Silicon Valley for a conference, and she was home alone, but not for the first time. He was gone as much as he was home, but not more than she could bear.

As she stood up, Jack was at the end of her isle. He had the intention of walking by to get to the fresh biscuits, but she caught the corner of his eye and he froze. They made eye contact, but nothing abnormal for being 10 feet apart and him standing in her path to the register. He nodded and she said, “Hi”as he stepped to the side.

He was speechless.

Jack looked more like a Matt Damon when we was 20, Sarah thought to herself. She noticed him and thought he was handsome, but never really thought much more about it. By the time she was checked out at the register, it was pouring down rain *and,* as mentioned before, 50 degrees. She turned around at the register and just looked depressed with her challenge in mind as she balked. This is beginning to not be quite as simple as she thought it would be to just waltz out the door and run to the store. Oh, hell no, it has to rain and rain like cats and dogs.

“I can help, if you like, ma’am.” Jack offered.

“Well, there’s really no reason for both of us to get soaked.” She whimpered.

“I can take this army field jacket and spread it out big enough for a pup tent! You and I will both be dry as right now?” He sort of insisted, yet giving her an “out.” Jack could be a gentleman, when he wanted to be a gentleman.

“Which car are you driving, ma’am?”

“The Yukon right there at the door.” She said, with a smile.

She knew what he was doing. She wasn’t naive. Sarah didn’t openly flirt. She knew her looks were a tuff thing to deal with for a man, as Jack wasn’t the first one to come along with his mouth agape. That being said, Sarah did like a little attention.

As he took his coat off, using his arms for tent poles, the 6’1″ man stood tall above her 5’7″ frame and almost enveloped her in the shadow of the military issued jacket. She literally wouldn’t get anything more than her ankles wet in that mess.

“Ma’am? The door?” He nodded to her to open the door with her free hand.

“Oh,yeah. Here we go.”

They just walked the 30 feet or so to the car, even thought the rain was intense. The coat worked like a charm and as she opened up the door of the Yukon, Jeff took the jacket and literally tented the car door opening in a way where a tent was exactly what they had over that small space, with the water rushing off to the left, to the front side of the open door. She took a second to lean over the seat, putting the bags in the passenger seat. As she leaned over, like most women, she had no idea she was arching her back and expressing the simple tailor work on her dress. It hugged her hips and as she reached forward, it let go of her hips as if they had been held for an instant. Her dress hem, now to the bottom of her firm arched ass exposed her ass for about an inch as it came down and gloriously met her leg,

Jack was exactly all over it with his upper legs, gently touching, but touching he was indeed. It was then that he noticed that she wasn’t even wearing a bra, while recollecting how he thought that they were incredible in the store; they were just a little bigger than his hands. If she wasn’t wearing a bra, the dress hem was absolutely as high as it could be, exposing what he figured was a bear ass.

That’s all any man needed.

It was just the way it worked out. Nothing intentional by either. He was just trying to keep her dry and also trying to keep his back dry. She turned around and not realizing how close he was, found herself within an inch of his nose, instinctively put her hand on his firm chest, sort of out of reaction to having a person unexpectedly that close. So close her hand was pressed back between her tits.

“What’s your name?”

“Jack. What’s yours, ma’am.”

“It sure isn’t ‘Ma’am,’ how about calling me Sarah?” she said with a grin.

“I’ll do that. You have a nice day ma’…” he found her index finger on his lips while she spoke,

“No, no! It’s Sarah” she said sort of low and intently with a wile smile.

“Ok, Sarah. Have a nice day” he ended their conversation smiling like a boy of 15 who just got his first kiss.

“Jack Allen Banks!” Mary said with a “have you lost your mind” mixed with a “it looks like the boy is smitten” tone in her voice.

Mary was Jack’s aunt. She knew the boy.

“Jack, she’s married. Her father-in-law comes in here every morning to get coffee.”

“Well, she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.” he said with a grin.

“Jack, honey…dear, she was buying soap. I imagine that with wet hair, she jumped out of the shower to get some soap here and takes her ring off to shower.”

“Well, you’re right about that; she smelled like a fresh rose, even if she was dirty.”


Sarah was just getting her clothes back off and the shower was warming back up. It was then it come to her exactly how close of a call that situation with Jack actually came to, showing off more than she had figured when she left the same spot in such a hurry 40 minutes earlier.

“Wow, Sarah. No undees and no bra. That was close.”

She remembered the feel of his jeans gently touching the back of her legs. He was an impressive young man. Five years her junior. She usually was only attracted to older men. Her own husband was 33; it just seemed more natural. Older guys were just more mature, usually having already obtained something out of life and working on a direction. She liked that.

But, Jack was, if nothing more, adorable.

By now, in the shower she soaps up, realizing that the cold of the outside and the house competing for the heat of the shower had raised her tits to full attention. She decided to help them out. Massaging them, she gently pinched her nipples with one hand, while getting her soaked clit a little more soaked. The shower was big enough for two and a little more. She found herself quickly bringing the pressure to a head by putting her leg up on the built in seat while soaping up her firm ass, playing with her bum hole, just playing around with it’s simplicity. Not a hair to be found, she waxed regularly and was incredibly conscientious about the appearance of her privates, even though only one person deals with it.

But, for once, she wasn’t thinking about her husband. She was thinking about Jack.

As her heart rate increased, her breathing was heavy, and she couldn’t figure out what she was getting the most pleasure from, the pussy or the ass. She took the shower head down and sat down, adjusted the settings and went to work! It was incredible.

“The only thing better would be putting something in it..” she slipped out loud to the damp air, “…either one.”


As she stepped out. She dried her hair, the long dark brown locks coming down just past her shoulders. She put her hair up in her towel once she was happy with it, as she spent time drying off. Treating her body like the goddess that it truly was and knowing it.

She felt different. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she didn’t feel secure at that moment. It was one of those “women’s intuition” moments. She put on her bath robe and then sat down at her makeup table to dry her hair better. It was 9:00 a.m., but it felt earlier. As her hair dried, it was as if she simply knew someone was staring at her. She simply turned around and saw nothing.

Her hair dry, she turned the hairdryer off and saw him to her right standing near the tub.

Standing up and screaming her lungs out, she recognized Jack immediately, but the shear fear and terror of someone, anyone, even if only her husband, being that close without her knowledge absolutely terrified her.

At the same time, Jack rushed forward and covered 25 feet in what seemed two steps, while covering her mouth in one hand and flipping her around with the other, holding her as tightly as he could.

Both of them breathing with incredible strides, Jack waited to say anything until they both could calm down their adrenaline rushes. It took a couple minutes. The longest minutes in Sarah’s life and probably the longest in Jack’s young life, as well. He could smell the lotion, the shampoo, and something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on, but it was stirring him ever the more.





“Shutup! Listen to me.” He could feel her heart as if it were going to bust through her chest!

“I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not here to do that.”

She started to calm down. She was aghast. She was perplexed. Why the hell was he there?

“Okay. This is the way this is going to start. I’m going to slowly take my hand off your mouth and you’re not going to scream. Right? I mean, you know where you’re at and you know as good as I do, their houses are too far and they’re all at work. You’re not going to scream are you?”

The thoughts were swirling in her head. She knew he had her in a position which she had absolutely no hope of escape. Rape? Money? What could it be that he was wanting?

As his hand slipped from her mouth, she gasped, “Jack, what the hell do you want?”

He didn’t answer for about ten seconds and then in her ear he whispered…



With her with her hands handcuffed behind her back and lying on the left side of the bed in her bath robe, the single sudden gut dropping thought occurred to Jeff:

What is the end of this?

“Jack, please don’t rape me. You don’t want to do this. If you proceed, there’s no good way out of this.”

“I know” admitting to her and himself that the thought just hadn’t occurred until a few moments ago.

“So, let me get this straight. Please, just bear with me, Jack..”

“Okay, ask away.”

“You see me at the gas station. You like what you see. You help a damsel in distress and then you simply decide you’re going to go fuck her regardless of the consequences?”

“I’m married, for God’s sake, Jack! I’m fucking married!” as she finished, she elevated her voice at him mildly. He just sat there on her makeup table stool with his elbows on his knees, shaking his head up and down.

“I know. Pretty fucked up idea, right? That’s not exactly the way it played out in my head, but close enough.”

“What did I miss, Jack? The part about you wanting to fuck a married woman or the part about you raping me and going to jail until your 45 year old?”

“Well, when I took you to the car, I couldn’t help but notice everything about you. You didn’t shy away from me when I put my coat on top of us; you didn’t seem to budge as my legs and half-hard dick rubbed the bottom of your bare ass; when you turned around, you sure didn’t mind being nose to nose to me, with your tits touching mine, and with your hand on my thumping heart.”

“So, is it my fault you’re here, Jack?”

She leaned back with her neck arched back and touching the head board, “Jack, Jack, Jack. I was flirting with you, not wanting you to crash my house and rape me.”

“So, are you telling me, if I never did this and I saw you in town or at the store often enough, that some sort of relationship would eventually happen, with you and me, even if out of sight, making love?”

“Jack, again, I’m married. Happily married.”

“Well, let’s see. What happens if I just walk out the door? You call the cops…”

“I won’t…”

“Yes, yes you will!” he demanded. “And then, if I do take advantage of you, you’re going to call the cops…”

“Yes, I will.”

“You know, some guys who do this end up killing the bitch to keep her mouth shut…”

“Jack! You bastard…” she screamed!

“Look, I was just running my mouth…” he interrupted! “And besides, you’re not a bitch and I’m not one of those monsters]\.”

He sat on the bed right up against her, knowing she couldn’t go anywhere, but not trusting her without the cuffs on *and* behind her back.

“Here’s the deal. I’m sort of in a fix, wouldn’t you say?”

She acknowledge him just by nodding her head in silence and looking at her feet. She knew she what already is a bad situation, could be a real bad situation. But, for some reason, she was calm about it by now.

“Look, you didn’t mind me being closer than this an hour and a half ago.”

She looked up at him in confusion, not understanding why he didn’t understand how, at the absolute very least, this is extremely awkward and would get him stoned to death in about 80 countries. She seemed resigned at that point. To get it over with and to move on in her life, somehow. She understood he meant her no ill will, that in his contorted and contrived way of thinking, this was his way of being able to touch elegance, something for which his normally shy and quite nature didn’t allow.

By now, he’s touching her lips with his index finger with his face an inch away from hers. “Remember, your finger was on my chest?”


When he pulled at her lip with his teeth, she sighed. He couldn’t tell if it was fear, resignation, or lust. He could tell, the way the conversation had gone, that she had some sort of feelings, if nothing more than liking the way he looked when they were at the store. He could just feel that vibe off of her.

With extreme trust, he slipped his tongue into her mouth and she didn’t really push it back, attempt to bite, or take it. Then, all of a sudden…she let him in.

He stood up, knocking his shoes off and taking his pants off, while pulling his shirt up, up, and off. Naked he stood. 6’1″ and a trimmed 20 year old. Not a six pack, but absolutely not an ounce of fat, either. His pecks showed his alertness with his nipples stiff. Her eyes flowed down to his waist and then his dick. It was a solid 5 and a half inches. Really nicely formed, almost as good as a dildo, she thought.

Thinking to herself, she had to admit, if it was going to happen, if she was actually going to be raped at any point in her short existence, this is about as easy for it to happen, so far, as possible. Jack, sat back down beside her. He looked right into her eyes as his hand cupped her perfect C-cup right breast. It was as if he could see the “permission,” if you wanted to call it permission. He could see she was either resigned, at this point, or about half willing. He couldn’t help but think to himself, maybe by half way, she’ll be begging; and then how “wishful thinking”had got him this far in trouble, maybe trusting himself is not what he should do anymore.

Her hair was incredible. She had just finished fixing it. He could smell how fresh she was as he leaned in for another touch of her lips with his and touching her ribs and tracing down to the loose knot for the rob. He gently pulled the knot loose and exposed her incredible breast for the first time and then glancing down, he could see her washboard tummy leading him down to her bare pussy.

He grinned.

She braced herself by taking a breath and holding it as his lips touched her right tit.

She noticed her left tit, how it was erect and the nipple was hard as a brick. She was in as much horror as humor. She couldn’t believe her body was betraying her like this in these circumstances. It made no sense, but her hormones were starting to rage; or had her hormones been raging the whole time and she didn’t even recognize it. At that moment, mentally checking herself, she sort of just moved her legs, cocking her left leg out and bending her knee, pulling her foot to her other knee. Horror or humor, but her slit was not moist, it was wet.

He had her robe pulled down in the back, totally exposing her front. She was gorgeous. In the morning light, with the ambiance coming through the closed shades, it threw an amber colored hue on her olive skin. As he kissed around her neck, he took the sheets from under her and threw them back out of the way.

“These handcuffs are going to get seriously in the way, aren’t they?” she groaned…

“Well, you let me deal with that inconvenience.” Then, at that moment, he thought, they aren’t coming off, but they can come loose long enough to get the robe off of her.

He had her roll over and after explaining what he was doing, summed it up, by explaining “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will. Don’t *make me* hurt you.” She just complied, knowing he was much stronger and faster, that at this junction, it was going to be much easier just to do it. After getting the robe off, he quickly locked her hands back together in the cuffs, as if she had the strength to do something about being free for that moment.

After rolling her back, her tits still up, nipples still hard as bricks, his dick just has hard as a pipe, he took his dick in his hand and traced it over her left tit, her breathing became heavy.

“If I didn’t know better, I would almost say you’re enjoying this, ma’am.” and with that, tracing his dick on her neck. She said real quietly, “I told you to call me Sarah.” It was almost sultry, but almost choked up, but she said it.

He heard it, but he decided to file it back for the time being. Not to think into what she said too much. But, on the surface, it sure sounded like she made the same statement with the same intent, flirtation, as at the gas station. He nearly came all over her neck and chest just thinking about it.

She was doing all she could to keep from grinning a little, but she kept her face straight and humble.

He kissed down her stomach as she laid back on the pillows, still with her hands behind her. Then, she opened her legs to him willingly and the scent of sex was in the air. He knew he had something going, she was soaked. He licked cum all around her pussy, deciding to go for the kill later, while kissing all the way up her legs to her knees. She was enjoying it, but as he stared at her from the knee, she didn’t let him know it. He moved up her leg and while licking between her pussy and her leg and then down between her anus and her pussy, he could hear her whimper.

She realized she was absolutely hot. Uncontrollably hot, but somehow she had to figure out how to control it. All she knew, was his tongue was on her asshole and his finger was on her clit and she was about to explode. She wondered if, in the passion and confusion of it all, had she mistakenly let him know that she was going nuclear on him. She had no idea, but she had lifted her body in such a way that gave him the ass. He was all over it. She loved it when her husband licked, nibbled, caressed, and ate her ass as if it were a pussy. Jack was working it just like that, too. He was taking half her ass cheek in his mouth, tasting nothing but her incredibly luscious skin and cum from her pussy. At 25, her skin was taut and he was taking it! He loved how her ass cheek curved all the way back around and joined up with her leg. It was a delight in and of itself for him to kiss and caress that spot. She was more of a playground than that dress ever let on at the gas station!

In one move, he flipped her over on her front. She didn’t let him know it, somehow which only God could understand, but she had already cum, drenching her pussy, anus, and crack. He didn’t hear her cuming, so he just figured the excess wetness was the way things worked. Her hands were uncomfortably behind her, but his quick work had overcome the pain.

He sat straight up his knees and putting his hands on her hips like they were handle bars, raised her to her knees, but her head stayed down. He took his dick and slowly traced the crack of her ass. It was drenched in cum. He was starting to figure things out on her part, but he still was clouded by his judgement. He spent, to her, what seemed forever, before she spoke up…

“Jack?” Wait a second, listen.” she whimpered.

“Yeah.” as he braced for a discussion with her of whether or not he was going to actually fuck her or not.

“Listen to me.”

“Okay. Shoot.”

“Jack, don’t read too much into what I’m about to say, but this will go a whole lot better if your dick is real slick.”

“It is slick. Slick as snot!” He snorted.

She sort of let a small giggle out, laid on her side and said, “If you’ll put the cuffs up front, I’ll give you a blow job” He was blown away. Flattened.


She had both hands up front and cuffed, sitting on the edge of the bed, her back arched and her right hand slowly pumping Jack’s dick. That moment, Jack knew that either she was an incredible liar and he was about to get his dick bit off in her mouth or she was starting to apprehensively like this.

“Don’t bite me, Sarah.” he said in a very serious, authoritarian tone.

“I guess you will have to trust me on that one, Jack.” as she took the tip of his dick in her mouth. Just the tip, taking her tongue and licking the cum hole vertically in her mouth.

Then, two inches of the five.

In a moment of clarity, it occurred to her, that Jack’s cum was actually almost sweet. Still salty, but nonetheless sweet. She cupped his balls as she took his cock fully into her mouth, reaming it back and forth. With her mouth, she guided the ship of his body with his rudder onto the bed and they completely swapped positions with her kneeling, gorging herself on his cock, and then sucking his balls with reckless abandon.

It was that very moment, that she let herself go and be known to him. It couldn’t be hidden another second.


She was in it at this point. As far as participation, there was no going back. She reached farther back and licked, slurped, and then sucked the bridge between his anus and his balls. He was shaven, almost to a fault, and she loved it.

He lifted himself just enough to give her access and she tongued his ass and anus, biting him just like he had bitten her. As she moved back to his balls, his hands moved from his face to her head. He was flush with lust, hardly being able to take it another minute as she climbed his nearly six inch cock.

She worked it like a champ!

She then took the head, raking her teeth across the finely tuned skin,and with her thumb up his ass and the other hand holding the bottom of his dick like a ring, she knew he was about to explode. She could taste the cum changing in flavor as he became more and more exposed to her.

She released her pressure on his lower shaft and he released a generous load as she reached forward with her mouth to envelope his cock, nearly going all the way with it. She took the load and with it dripping down her chin profusely, looked up at him as another wave hit him which shot cum on her tits. She gave him a look that could freeze any lover in his tracks. She was attached to him now. There was a bond about which both she and he could not do anything.

He fell back to the bed, groaning in pleasure. Still in cuffs, she moved up his stomach and chest, kissing, stopping at his tits for a short suck and then placed the cum laden lips and tongue into his mouth, with his cock throbbing against her ass cheeks and pussy.

She pulled back after a few seconds saying, “If I’ve got to get drunk on it, you might as well join me.”

At this point, he knew she was in charge. Cuffs or no cuffs, he was the one being used now. She put her tits in his face and pulled his head to her and forced him to lick and then suck the cum off her tits.


“Good enough? Anything you want. Anything.”

With her tits licked clean and then a spot on her belly, she turned around on his head with herself facing toward his feet and put her ass right in his face. She didn’t have to tell him anything; he just went to work. She bent over and continued to suck and pull his cock.

Then out of nowhere, he rolled out from under her and both of them sat up on their knees in the bed, tit to tit, kissing. Tasting themselves. She loved it. The taste of her own pussy always exhilarated her. She was always shy to admit it to her husband, but she lapped Jack’s lips and chin like it was candy. He turned her toward the end of the bed with the mirror in front of both of them.

There needed to be no lubrication. This was one technical rape that there would be no damage. She was panting as he took his dick in hand and traced it up and down her ass and pussy. As he stopped and circled the honey hole, all of a sudden, she threw her ass higher and pushed all the way back with one thrust, slamming his big dick her in hole; both of them letting out sighs of relief.

At first, he simply stroked her gently, a little at a time. Two inches here, three inches there, back to two inches, and then he started slamming her. Jamming his dick into her pussy as she screamed in pleasure, he took one leg and put his foot down on the bed to get a better angle as she increased the projection of her ass and he was absolutely going to town on her.

She was holding on to the sleigh bed rail for her life! As his long cock slammed against her G-Spot at the end of her canal, she started to feel it boil in her. She knew she was close to the end of the first round. He slammed and slammed and then out of nowhere, he stuck his thumb in her asshole and she exploded on him!

She screamed bloody murder.

After giving her a minute to get straightened out, he was rubbing her ass cheeks, and he couldn’t help but bend over, taking her ass in his mouth like a sandwitch! She loved it.

As soon as she could catch her breath, he was already up, tracing his cock on her anus and then back to her honey hole.

“Have you ever had anything up your ass more than my thumb.”

“Yeah…” she said, literally still out of breath.

When she said it, before she could complete the word, he had the head of his dick in her anus. Her husband had done this to the point that her anus was loose enough for this not to hurt. In fact, he was to the point that he could simply fuck her in the ass, almost as good as fucking her in the pussy, but Jack’s dick was an inch and a half longer and a little more girth to go along with it.

“Be careful. We can do it, but be careful because you’re bigger than he is – I can already feel it.”

“Yes ma’am…”

“Jack!” she bemoaned in a playful way.

He eased himself into her and as he stroked her anus, she took it like a dream. He was slow, gentle, and she was literally about to cum by the tenth stroke! He had her in a rhythm of cuming. Sensing that she had obviously been well pleased, he pulled his dick out, noticing not a hint of corruption.

“What is this about? It’s almost like you were prepared for me to break into your house and rape you.”

She smiled as she laid in the bed with him stroking his dick. “When I was in the shower, I fingered my ass clean. I can take care of myself, you know?”

“Yes you can. You sure as hell can…”he said, as her handcuffed hands grabbed his cock and balls for one last ejaculation coming all over his belly. Not as much as before and a lot less material, she reached over and licked it off of him.

“Damn, boy. You taste good.”


He stood at the doorway to her bedroom, ready to walk out.


Turning around, “Yes, ma’am?” he replied.

“The next time, I’ll lock the door.” The smile on her face was all he needed.


“Sweetie, wake up.”

What a wonderful way to leave the land of slumber. Emma pressing her gloriously naked body into mine, whispering, as she smothers me with smooches.

“Good morning, lovely,” I say, and move forward to kiss her, but…

My hands are cuffed to headboard of the bed.

“Honey, what…?”

“Shush,” she urges. “Today’s the turn of my fantasy, right?”

I nod warily. “Right.”

“Well, since last night, my fantasies have got a little… wilder.”

“Like what?” I ask, with a mix of trepidation and huge excitement.

“You told me you wouldn’t mind if I fucked anyone I wanted… today, we’re going to test that theory.”


“Seriously. So if you’re having any second thoughts, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

She looks me in the eye — I meet her gaze with a little grin. Silent.

She smiles widely and kisses me, slipping her pierced tongue into my mouth, but ending it all too soon.

She moves, and I now see that Doug is still sleeping on the other side of Emma. She slithers down between his legs and takes his soft cock into her hot, wet mouth.

She gently strokes and slurps on Doug’s dick until it swells in her mouth, stretching her lips; then she licks around the head and down to his balls, sucking on them one by one.

A surprised groan — Doug is finally awake. I don’t know how he managed to stay asleep that long, but now he strokes Emma’s hair behind one ear, and eases her mouth back to his cockhead.

She eagerly takes his pole to the back of her throat until she gags, then fucks herself on it. Doug holds her head, guiding it back and forth, and she mews contentedly.

“I’m getting close,” he warns, and Emma reluctantly pulls away from his dick.

“Not yet, you’ve gotta fuck me first,” she purrs. “Now, go wait in the living room, I’ll be right with you.”

I think Doug’s as confused as I am, but he does as he’s told.

Emma turns to me and smiles her sweetest smile. “You need to get used to not being able to watch, because there are times when I’m gonna want to fuck someone when you aren’t there. Ok?”

“Oh God,” I groan, and she giggles before disappearing out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

I daren’t breathe. Listening intently, I can only hear the odd muffled sound.

Until I hear Emma moan loudly.

Then the rhythmic slapping of skin against skin, rising in volume in sync with her moaning.

I hate this.

I close my eyes, trying to picture my sweet Emma, allowing herself to be defiled by some random perv she picked up from a lapdancing club last night. I imagine her face contorted in pleasure as his cock stretches her…

I notice, and am almost surprised, that my dick is rock hard and pointing straight up in the air.

I love this.

Emma’s little yelps signal how fast he’s pounding into her, and it’s fast. And he’s keeping it going for an impressive length of time.

Finally, a yell of: “Cum inside me!”, followed shortly by a heavy male grunt, and the unmistakeable scream of Emma’s orgasm.

I wait.

I can hear murmurs — they must be talking about something.

Eventually, they come back into the bedroom. Doug grabs his clothes and heads for the bathroom; Emma lies down next to me, resting her head on my pierced nipple.

“Was that good?” I ask.

“Yeah,” she sighs contentedly. “But I think a little better for him than it was for me.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. You’re incredible.”

She smiles at my compliment. “No, I mean… he offered to ‘take me away from this’, so I wouldn’t have to ‘be a whore’ any more.”

My anger flames. “Are you serious?!”

She giggles. “Yeah! He said I deserved better than selling myself, and he would make sure I never had to work again.”

“The fucking arsehole, I’m gonna…”

Emma puts a finger to my lips to stop me, and smiles lovingly. Like magic, my anger dissipates.

“I told him there was nothing he could do to ever make me leave you.”

Wow. That’s the first time she’s said anything about us staying together. I tear up.

“I love you,” I tell her.

“I love you too.” She gives me a quick peck on the lips, then playfully rolls away.


Doug’s gone. Emma’s in the bathroom “putting her slut face on”.

I’m still cuffed to the bed.

Emma left me to ponder who she’s going to pull next. She said she’s got someone particular in mind; that it’s someone I know; and that she’s heard he has a really big dick.

There aren’t many people we both know. She temped in my office for a while between teaching jobs, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be someone from there — she didn’t really like any of them. She met one of my old school friends once, but I wouldn’t have thought he was that well endowed…

Naked, Emma wanders back into the room with bright red lipstick; hooker-heavy shadowed eyes; and her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, with loose strands framing her delicate facial features.

“You’re looking gorgeous,” I tell her.

She flashes a smile. “Thanks sweetie,” and searches in the wardrobe until she pulls out a pair of shiny red stretch-leather thigh-high boots with a pointy-toe and black 5-inch stiletto heels.

“Oh wow,” I mutter.

Emma grins at me, and makes the most of the opportunity to tease. She perches on the edge of the bed and slides a long leg into one of the boots, easing the stretchy material up until it settles at mid-thigh, then ever…so…slowly pulls up the zip. It fits skintight and really highlights her shapely pin.

She repeats the process with her other leg, and runs her fingers up and down; a twinkle in her eye.

She stands, feet together, and tugs the top of the boots up to eliminate any wrinkles.

“Fuck me, you have to let me loose,” I say, battling my bindings.

“Nuh-uh,” she grins, sliding a finger between her already-damp pussy lips. “This is for someone else.”

Her piercings glinting, she totters on the high heels back to the wardrobe; removes a black latex coat, and puts it on.

“Is that all you’re wearing?”

“Well, y’know, just in case he’s a little hesitant, I want to be able to show him what he’d be missing.”

She ignores the coat’s zip and instead ties the belt around her tiny waist. It’s just about long enough to reach the top of her boots but, when she moves, it gapes open to display plenty of bare thigh — and only just covers her cunt.

“I love how big a slut you’re becoming.”

“Hold that thought for when I get back.”

“Why?” I ask. “Who is it?”

“Last chance — are you sure you don’t mind me fucking anyone I choose? You promise not to get angry?”

“Oh God, I promise. Now just tell me who it is!”

Emma leans over to whisper in my ear…

Instead, she gives me a quick peck on the cheek and sashays quickly out of the door, giggling as she goes.

Torture. Sheer torture.


Ninety minutes. My hands are getting sore. Where has she gone? It can’t be taking this long to persuade whoever-it-is, especially not the way she was dressed.

She wouldn’t have played the “it’s for my benefit, you don’t get to see” card again, would she? She wouldn’t be that cruel…

Footsteps! A pair of them… one of them definitely her boots. She’s back!

I hear the front door open, and laughter… I recognise that laugh. Oh no.

The bedroom door swings open.

Turns out she is pretty cruel. The guy she’s gonna fuck is my arsehole boss.

Steve pervs over all the girls in the office; he perved over Emma for the few months she worked there and, rumour has it, he’s fucked at least three of my colleagues. One of them got the promotion that I deserved. And he’s married.

“So this is who you’re doing for your week off,” he leers.

“Him? Really?!” I ask Emma.

“You’ll see why in a second,” she grins, and signals to Steve to sit on the edge of the bed. She kneels between his legs and unzips his fly.

There’s the only reason — his dick is cut and, only semi-erect, is already bigger than mine. Seems those rumours were true too.

“Ooh, that’s lovely,” coos Emma, as she takes it in her hand and strokes sensuously. Her dainty digits don’t reach all the way around its circumference, and it’s still growing. “Shame it’s attached to such an arsehole.”

She smiles sweetly up at Steve, who grins back. “You don’t have to like me, but you’re gonna love my cock.”

I hate his fucking arrogance. Surely she could have found someone else with a big dick…

And then it hits me. She knows I hate him more than anyone else in the world. Hell, she hates him too. That’s why this is the perfect test. If I let her fuck him, then she’ll know I won’t have a problem with her fucking anyone else.

She licks up the length of his pole and takes the head into her mouth, slurping noisily and mewling contentedly. Then she starts bobbing her head, taking him deeper into her throat each time.

“Oh yeah. When did you get your tongue pierced?” Steve asks. “It feels fucking good.”

She pulls back from his dick, smiling. “You like that, you’re in for a real treat in a minute.” Her lips stretch wide as she gags on his rod; it must be eleven inches long, and she’s managed eight of them.

Suddenly, she pulls back.

“Hey, I thought you were gonna deepthroat…”

His protests die as Emma unties her coat and lets it fall to the ground.

Before today, he would have thought Emma was a sweet, cute, girly-girl. And she was. Now, she stands in front of us with her slutty make-up, tattoos, and fetish boots; with rings in her navel and nipples; with a diamond in her clit; and her pussy dripping and open.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Steve asks, flabbergasted.

“Don’t you like?” Emma asks coyly, striking a pose.

“Yeah, but…”

“Good,” Emma interrupts. “Now get undressed.”

As he tears off his clothes, Emma grabs a pen and, in big red letters, writes “SLUT” on her stomach.

Steve stands in front of her and just stares. I doubt he can believe his luck. Or the transformation since the last time he saw his ex-employee.

“Forget what you used to know about me. Ok?” she asks.

“Whatever you say.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” She pushes him back onto the bed and straddles him, pinning his dick between his disappointingly-well-toned stomach and her cooch.

Glancing over to me, she slides back and forth, covering his pole with her juices, bumping the tip against her pierced clit each time; then hovers her groin above his, teasing all three of us.

He points his dick up at her snatch and asks, “You sure you want this? His little prick won’t be enough for you anymore.”

She grins wickedly and lowers herself so just the head of his dick separates her lips. “What do you think?”

He grabs her by the hips and pulls her down; her eyes go wide and she yelps with the sudden, massive intrusion.

“Oh my God, it’s huge!”

And it’s only halfway in.

She lifts herself; then pushes back down, forcing more of his fat dick into her tight hole.

“C’mon, a real slut could take this, no problem,” Steve goads.

Emma glowers at Steve and slams herself down — and still there’s a a bit more than an inch left.

She slowly moves up and down, getting used to new parts of her body being stretched, but quickly speeds up until she’s bouncing rapidly.

“Oh my fucking God, how is it this good?” she asks of no-one in particular. Steve’s familiar shit-eating grin is plastered all over his face; he grabs her pierced tits, squeezing and mauling, and pinching the hard nipples until Emma cries out in pain… but she doesn’t stop him, or stop riding him.

“Did you have these when you worked for me?” he asks, tugging sharply on Emma’s nipple rings.

“Ughh, no.”

“Bet you got them when you broke up with your boyfriend?”

“Who said I broke up with him?” she pants. “We’re engaged.”

Steve laughs. “You’re fucking kidding me! Does he know you’re slutting around on him?”

Emma rubs her pierced clit. “Oh God! What do you think?”

With a growl, Steve lifts Emma off him, causing her to whine in disappointment, and throws her onto her back in his place; then smashes his cock into her, causing her to yell out.

“You’re gonna take all my cock, whore.”

He holds her down and subjects her to a series of short, forceful jabs of his pelvis. She struggles and wriggles beneath him, but oddly doesn’t seem to be trying as hard as she could to stop him.

I strain against my cuffs again, hating Emma’s pained little yelps.

“No, please, it’s too much… aaarrgGGHHHHHHHH!!!” she screams; then cums more powerfully than I have ever seen. Even she seems surprised to be completely overcome; her body convulsing uncontrollably as she squirts high into the air, soaking Steve’s chest and some even landing on me.

“You squirted! You filthy bitch!” Steve exclaims. He repositions her, squashing her hot overknee boots into her flushed tits, and licking one of her stilettos.

He thrusts into her hard and fast, using the full length of his pole, not giving her a chance to recover.

“Ooooh, God, stop, please” she begs, pushing a hand into his chest, but he ploughs into her even harder.

“Aaagghh… stop… ooohh… God, fuck… fuck… aaaggh… don’t stop, DON’T STOP!!”

Her hand drops from his chest to her clit, rubbing vigourously until, incredibly, she squirts again, screaming the place down.

“Oh my fucking GOD!!”

Still he pistons into her, like a machine.

Her orgasm seems to be never-ending.

It wasn’t bad enough that she picked this arsehole to fuck, but now he’s making her cum like I know I never could.

Yet, still, my dick is rock hard, and one stroke away from my own orgasm.

Belatedly, he pulls out of her. She cries out in anguish, and Steve drags her off the bed and makes her kneel in front of him. Without needing to be told, Emma takes his cock into her mouth and bobs her head eagerly.

With both hands, he grabs hold of her beautiful face and fucks his dick into it, violating her pretty mouth and throat. He yanks her into his crotch; Emma gags trying to accomodate his massive tool.

He holds her there, forcing himself deeper into her. She gags again and tries to pull away, but he holds her for another one, two… ten seconds…

“Hey, let her…” I begin and, finally, he lets Emma go.

She battles to cough and breathe at the same time, but still seems disappointed when Steve moves over to his pile of clothes.

I can see lust burning in her eyes.

He swaggers back to her, over-sized dick swinging, and she immediately takes it back in her mouth; she grasps his arse and pulls him down her throat.

She gags again as she repeatedly slams herself into him, until her cute nose is buried in his neatly-trimmed pubes.

“Look up, slut,” Steve says. She does, and he takes a photo on his smartphone. Far from being bothered, I swear she’s smiling — even with her mouth stretched full.

“I’m gonna show all the people you used to work with what a complete skank you’ve turned into.”

She removes herself from his dick. “Yeah? All of them? Show all of them.”

She lunges back for his cock, but he steps backward, then turns around.

“Lick my arsehole,” he smirks.


“What?” Emma says.

“Lick my arsehole,” he repeats.


“No? Don’t you want any more dick?” he grins. “No licking — no fucking.”

She looks over at me. Is she searching for my approval? Is she actually considering it?!

I just stare back at her. I don’t know what to do, so the easiest thing is to do nothing. Let her make her own mind up of where she wants to draw the line.

She shrugs at me and, as way of explanation, says: “I need it.”

And she buries her sweet face between his arse cheeks. She’s not in the slightest bit tentative as she sticks her pierced tongue into his puckered hole.

“Yeah,” Steve mutters. “And you’d better make it good, or no dick.”

Emma goes to town, giving herself over to her lust and her need for cock.

I don’t know where the line is anymore. I don’t know if there even is a line.

“Here,” he says, handing her the phone, “I can’t get a good angle. Video it for me.”

I never thought I’d see her allow herself to be humiliated like this.

Steve casually lights a cigarette as Emma gives his anus a tongue bath, all the while playing up for the camera that she’s pointing at herself.

Emma pokes her tongue past his sphincter, and he jumps forward in surprise. “Fucking hell, you filthy bitch! Here, hold this.” He gives her the cigarette and grabs back the camera.

To my shock, she takes a drag on the cigarette. This is the girl who’s hated them ever since her uncle died of lung cancer, and threatened to leave The Boyfriend after he took one drag at a party one time.

She coughs, not used to the sensation, but has another go.

Steve’s pointing the camera at her. “Well, you can keep that. I know where your mouth has been.”

Emma giggles, making a show of smoking seductively.

“Get on the bed, butt facing me,” he orders.

She stamps out the fag on my wooden floor and enthusiastically does as she’s told — just inches from me, she’s on all fours, bum in the air, waiting…

“Kiss your slave,” Steve grins.

Emma leans over and — with her mouth still dirty from Steve’s arse — she kisses me full on the lips, even slipping her pierced tongue into my mouth. She tastes foul, but it’s still a hot kiss.

I’m so conflicted.

She whispers, “I love you,” then readies herself as Steve lines himself up behind her.

“Come on then,” Emma urges Steve. “Fuck your slut good.”

“Oh, you’re MY slut are you?” he asks, sneering at me.

Emma looks back over her shoulder at him and, it seems to me, with complete sincerity, tells him: “I’m YOUR slut.”

It was no more than a few days ago that she was saying the exact same thing to me.

“What about dickless, here?” he asks, referring to me.

Emma gets up and stands on my chest, her stiletto heels digging into my flesh. She leans forward and props herself against the wall behind me, arching her back and sticking her butt out lewdly.

“Fuck me until I squirt on his face,” she purrs.

Steve grins at that and moves behind Emma, rubbing his pole over Emma’s pussy lips, teasing her. “I love your tattoo. Further proof you’re a dirty little tramp.”

He slaps her, hard, on the butt. She squeals, but doesn’t move.

He does it again, harder.

She moans.

She’s said the one thing she didn’t want to do, because she didn’t like it, was pain. And here she was, seemingly loving having her arse beaten by a guy we both think is an arse himself.

“Harder,” she murmurs.

But maybe she doesn’t think he’s an arse anymore. Maybe she’s beginning to like him?

Steve gives her three quick whacks, then grabs her by the hips and spears into her dripping clam.

“Oooohhh my fucking God!” Emma yells, and steadies herself on me as he starts thrusting into her. Her eyes are closed as she concentrates on the sensations pulsing from her pussy.

“Who does this cunt belong to?” Steve asks, slapping her butt again.

“You, oh God, YOU!”

“Say it.”

“My cunt’s yours!” She moves a hand down to rub her clit piercing.

“When?” he presses.

She opens her grey-blue eyes and stares into mine. “Anytime, anytime you want it. You can do anything you want, anytime, anywhere — just don’t stop fucking me.”

The 5-inch heel of one of her boots seems to be digging straight into my heart. And it still hurts less than her words to my fucking boss.

He slaps her arse again.

“Owww, please don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Steve asks as he spanks her harder.

“That hurts, please don’t…”

Steve stops fucking her. Emma groans in frustration, “I was so close.”

“Ask me to hit you again.”

Emma shakes her head. “Don’t make me.”

“Beg me,” Steve grins.

She closes her eyes again. “Please Steve, please hit me.”


“I’m begging you…”

CRACK! The loudest slap yet, and Emma howls as he pounds into her. The smacks continue to rain down on her perfect derriere.

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