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She shouldn’t have come out on the promenade deck alone. But the party in the cruise ship’s Spotlight Lounge had become so loud and boisterous—and the swirling crowd so suffocating—that Ellen had to get away. If anyone asked why’d she’d strayed, she’d just tell them that Little Bo Peep was looking for her sheep. That was the costume Stephanie had gotten for her, whereas Stephanie was decked out as a sexy Cleopatra.

Ellen half suspected that her friend and coworker at the Atlanta ad agency that picked the costumes on purpose. Stephanie was always trying to steal a march on Ellen. Ellen had made the mistake of saying she looked forward to this Caribbean Halloween-themed cruise as an opportunity to let loose, and she knew Stephanie didn’t want to be upstaged in that regard. She also had found that Stephanie had taken this as license to throw every half-way decent man she could find at Ellen—the ones that Stephanie didn’t want to use up first, of course.

As soon as she’d come out on deck, though, Ellen decided this had been a mistake. It was so dark out here and she’d felt as she walked toward the bow of the ship from the stern that she was being watched.

And now she thought she heard the scrapping of shoes on the deck behind her.

She turned. Yes, there was someone there. Tall and dark. Dressed in black. In fact all black. A black man. And one of some height and build.

Ellen’s throat constricted. She couldn’t help it. She’d moved to Atlanta from New Mexico. There hadn’t been hardly any blacks in Albuquerque. But there certainly were in Atlanta. And she didn’t live in the best of neighborhoods. She knew she shouldn’t be frightened in the presence of a person of color—a man, mainly; black women didn’t bother her. Black men frightened her—and something else, too, though. They intrigued her, in a sensual, “what if” way. But this only frightened her more.

She thought now that she recognized him from the costume party—as much as a stranger in a mask and costume could be considered “recognized.” And she had to admit that this was one reason she’d retreated from the party. He’d been tall—almost overpowering—and decked out all in black. A pirate, she thought. And it seemed like he’d been watching her and was moving ever closer to her as he moved around the party room floor in a seemingly random manner.

And there he was—out on the deck. Maybe following her. She quickened her steps and came around to plate glass doors of the casino at the stern of the boat—and ran right into a tall, masked man in a Harlequin costume.

“There you are, Ellen. I searched for you at the lounge but didn’t find you.”

It was Riyad—the intriguingly handsome Saudi businessmen who had been assigned to her dining table—the one that Stephanie had said, with some regret, had the hots for Ellen. The man who had kissed her hand as she sat at the table on the previous two evenings that the ship was steaming toward Puerto Rico—and then, just this afternoon, had leaned down and brushed her lips with his before he left the table—much to Stephanie’s obvious chagrin, with the whisper of just one word—”Later”—which seemed to be saying so much more than the one word. And that had seemed to be taking so much for granted. Riyad had already conveyed the impression that he prized himself highly and took what he took as if by some right of being Riyad.

“Riyad. I’m so glad—” She didn’t have a chance to tell him why she was glad to see him and he obviously jumped to his own conclusions on that. He took her in a strong embrace, pushed her into an alcove with a door in it that likely led to a service corridor, and mashed her lips with his, taking her breath away. She yielded to the kiss. And as she did so, his hands began to wander.

One was inside the low-necked bodice of her peasant costume, and she couldn’t hold back her moan of pleasure when his hand cupped her breasts, skin on skin, one after the other, and first his thumb, and then his lips, found her nipples.

His other hand was hiking up her short, full skirt and moving under the waistband of her panties. She jerked and let out a long groan when a finger snaked into her slit and found her clit. She might have tried to stop this then, to explain that she had just been retreating in fear from an unknown stranger—a foreboding black man. But wasn’t this what she’d come on this cruise for? What Stephanie had convinced her she needed to experience in her life? Riyad was tall, and dark, and handsome. A good conversationalist. Sexy as hell. And he probably owned an oil well or two or was a sheik. She’d wanted something sexy to remember this cruise by. Couldn’t get much more sexy than this.

But she didn’t want him to think she was easy. She laughed at that thought—almost hysterically; most probably genuinely on the edge of hysteria. The man had two fingers inside her now and she was flowing for him. They were way beyond him thinking she was easy.

Riyad gave a low, throaty laugh too, probably misinterpreting hers as encouraging wantonness.

“My cabin; come to my cabin with me.”

It wasn’t a question.

In his cabin—which proved to be a junior suite—Riyad pushed Ellen down to a seated position on the foot of the bed, and slowly stripped off his costume and everything else he was wearing. He was doing an exhibition for her—showing off what he had. And Ellen couldn’t complain about what he had. He was brown as a berry and tall and well-built. A beautiful man. And he was ready for her.

It was a little off-putting that he seemed so taken with himself, but Ellen gave the murmurs of approval that she thought was expected of her and rose to start to undress herself.

This wasn’t in Riyad’s plan, though, He pushed her back down on the foot of the bed and pulled down her bodice so that her breast spilled out. He cupped them in his hands and leaned down and took her lips with his again. After a lingering kiss, he moved in close to her, and she almost exclaimed in astonishment when he came in real close, still holding a breast in each hand, and then moved his erect penis to between the two breasts and started to stroke it up and down while his hands squeezed her breasts.

Ellen hadn’t gotten over the shock of this before his hands had gone to cupping her head and he was pressing the head of his phallus at her lips. She had never done this for a man before. But she felt trapped—and he was so beautiful. And she had come on this cruise for an adventure. She opened her lips to him and went completely docile, letting him show her what he wanted—and doing as much of it for him as she could manage.

It was almost with gratitude that after some minutes she let him turn her bent over the bed, left long enough to retrieve condoms and a tube of lubricant from somewhere, and tossed a string of the condoms—she could see the word Maxim on them, which caused her to groan at the memory of the size of him—on the bed beside her head as he opened one of the packets and prepared himself. His hands were cold and wet, as he pushed the back of her skirt over her shoulders; ripped away her lacy panties with a low, guttural laugh; and moved his staff into her slit. The width of him was almost overpowering, as was his impatience, but now that they were here, Ellen was determined to get all of the pleasure out of it that she could. This she had done before. Not often with a man this well endowed—not often at all, actually. But this was natural, and this was what she was hoping she would find on the cruise.

She murmured for him to go slowly, but he either didn’t hear her or he didn’t care. He was pistoning her deep and fast and muttering to her in a guttural Arabic that she didn’t really want to understand. There was no question that this was all about, all for, him. She should have guessed that this was the Arabic way.

She heard a card key scraping at the lock of the door to the corridor and she barely had time to turn her head toward the glass doors out onto the balcony. She had no idea who it might be—a room attendant or even an irate wife—but she didn’t want to see them before she had to, and preferably not at all.

“Fahd,” Riyad hissed in a growl. “I have mine already. You wanted the other. Don’t come back.”

Fahd, Ellen thought. The other young Arabic man at their dining table. Stephanie had flirted with him, although the two of them had speculated on whether Riyad and he were a pair. Stephanie had said they both were much to luscious not to be a gay pair. But she also said that she wouldn’t mind having a go at Fahd. Well, they might be a pair—might even be into each other—but they quite obviously weren’t limited to gay.

After the door closed, Ellen began to relax. She was taking him deep and waves of pleasure were rolling over her. Riyad obviously could feel her relax, as he raised his chest from her back, and moved out of his crouch without lessening the stroking. His hands were on her hips, but one moved around the curve of one of her buttocks and she tensed up at the feel of fingers at her bung hole.

“Oh, oh!” she gasped, her sphincter muscle closing down hard on the lubricated finger he was inserting into her.

“Relax; don’t fight it,” he hissed. “You’ll love it. You want me.”

He continued to stroke his staff deep inside her vagina as his fingers teased her other opening increasingly more slack and open to him. She moaned deeply, and he laughed.

“A little whore, aren’t you? A sweet whore.”

She wanted to object, but she was too taken with the mixture of pleasure and pain, of shock and fear—but also of, yes, wanting him.

She cried out as his cock came out of her cunt and moved to her other opening.

He commanded her to lay still, not to fight it—that it was what he wanted. What he knew she wanted too. She panted and groaned and writhed under him—he had leaned over her again and, now having establish purchase inside her ass channel, grasped her wrists to completely control her. Within moments, he was deep inside her. She stopped fighting him, tried to relax and will herself to open to him as much as possible, her groans turning to whimpers. She began to cry softly, her eyes focused on the berry brown of his strong hands clasping her white wrists.

Sensing her complete surrender, Riyad started moving his hips again—in, farther in, partial withdraw, in again. Ellen groaned at each invasion.

“There, I knew you wanted it, that you would love it. Tomorrow we move your things to this cabin.”

She should have fought this. But she didn’t. This was what she’d taken the cruise for. Yes, even for the exotic lovemaking—if it could be called any form of love.

He was withdrawing from the one channel and moving back to the other. She moaned deeply in welcome—loving it even more now that it had been lost to her for several minutes. God, the man had remarkable staying power. She had managed it. But who knew what she’d do when she returned to her own cabin.

In the morning, when Ellen returned to her cabin, there no longer was much of a question what she would do. A naked Fahd was on his back on one of the twin beds, smoking a cigarette and leering at Ellen while she moved around the cabin gathering her things. Stephanie, also naked, was straddling the Saudi’s hips and riding him in long, languid motions. Ellen had no idea if Stephanie looked at her while she was in the room; Ellen was too embarrassed to make eye contact.

Riyad was waiting just outside the door to the cabin to take her back to his stateroom—and to roughly fuck her again.

* * * *

“You will meet a tall, dark, stranger.”

“Naturally,” Ellen muttered under her breath.

“Already have, actually,” Stephanie, murmured.

“AND,” a thickly accented voice, showing edges of pique, overrode the murmurings, “and you will find he has been close to you already, in an earlier life, and will be closer yet in the next . . .”

“See, I told you. Riyad said he lived in Atlanta, same as us. Oil company work, of course.”

“Shush,” Ellen hissed. “Don’t feed her ideas.”

“And,” the accented voice continued, “he will dealing with a precious commodity that all want.”

“Oil, of course. I knew it. Riyad is your man.” Stephanie tried to keep the whisper so that only Ellen heard her distinctly.

They were in the back room of a cinderblock hovel in a back alley of Samana, Dominican Republic, where the Enchantment of the Sea was making a stop on their nine-day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean. Oddly enough, Riyad, who had been so possessively attentive to Ellen the last two days, hadn’t objected to Ellen taking an off-ship exploration of the small port of Samana while they were docked—and had said he had no interest in going with her. With Fahd, it had been more Stephanie keeping him in sexual bondage in what had been Ellen’s shared cabin. And Stephanie hadn’t even bothered to ask him what he felt about her leaving him for a bit.

It had also been Stephanie’s idea to visit the gnarled old fortune teller who someone who had taken this cruise before had recommended to her.

“So, you’re going to the Caribbean on a Halloween cruise,” the woman had said. “Would you like to meet a genuine witch? Someone who can not only foretell the future, but can create it as she wishes?”

Stephanie hadn’t been able to resist that opportunity.

“Precious commodity? Gold? He’ll have gold teeth?” Ellen said in a somewhat louder voice. Although she’d agreed to come here with Stephanie, she had been making fun of the venture since the moment they left the ship.

“Black, I see black . . . and murky,” the fortuneteller said in a strong voice that was laced with irritation.

“See, I told you. Oil,” Stephanie spoke up. “It’s Riyad. You can’t escape it.”

That was something that was nagging at Ellen’s mind, and it didn’t help a bit for Stephanie to mention it. Riyad was certainly taking care of her needs—but he was almost exhausting. And so possessive and bossy . . . and narcissistic. The feeling had never been lifted from Ellen that she was only there to serve him. She wasn’t all that comfortable with the thought of being with him in Atlanta when they returned—even though he was a hunk and probably wealthy beyond her wildest imagination.

“I sense skepticism, a narrow mind, doubt,” the fortuneteller was saying in a throaty voice. Her eyes were closed and she began to rock. The grip of her hands on Ellen’s from across a small, round table became a death grip. “There is disbelief afloat. You must be warned that your fate is out of your hands—that you may struggle against it, but if you try to avoid or reject it, it will haunt you until accept your fate.”

Ellen had had enough. The fortuneteller came out of her trance-like state, and Ellen withdrew her hands from the old woman’s clutches as quickly as she could and beat a hasty retreat.

The outing had been more disturbing than the needed change of pace that Stephanie had promised her.

When they returned to the ship, which was to depart port again while they were eating their dinner, Ellen acquired a strong suspicion on why Riyad had been so willing for her to go on an off-board excursion without him. There was a hint of perfume in the air in his suite that wasn’t any scent she would have worn.

She couldn’t pinpoint anything beyond a suspicion, however, as Riyad seemed quite pleased at her return and showed her just how happy he was to see her long and vigorously enough that they almost didn’t make their seating for dinner.

* * * *

Ellen couldn’t believe it—but then of course she could. They were reclining on the beach at Royal Caribbean’s own little Disneyesque adult playground enclave in Labadee, Haiti, where the Enchantment of the Sea had docked for a day of cruise passenger frolic so that they could say they’d been to Haiti—and hadn’t suffered for it.

The Saudi men hadn’t come off the ship again. Ellen wondered a bit whether the two were hiding from something, but she thought it was more likely that they were shopping for something. She didn’t mind, though; she’d begun to feel like a sex slave and completely devoid of privacy and breathing room.

If she was honest, she couldn’t say, however, that she had tired of what she got from Riyad—she couldn’t quite call it attention, because increasingly, if that was possible, Riyad’s attention was focused on Riyad. She either was becoming accustomed to or steeled against the rougher aspects of the pleasures he took. And he was giving her more than satisfaction in her sexual needs. It was the “more” that had her a little concerned.

Stephanie had not complained, either, about what she’d been getting from Fahd, although from what Ellen had observed, Stephanie was doing most of the driving there. Whatever Stephanie was getting couldn’t have exhausted her juices, though as she couldn’t talk about anything but men and their body parts and what they did with them since they’d left the ship.

When they’d laid out on the beach, the two of them had gone to man watching and comparing the various hunks out on the beach. There seemed to be far more Haitian men out on the beach looking after the passengers from the ship than there needed to be—and they all seemed to be real hunks. Some were wearing skimpy Speedos, but more were wearing the kind of silky baggy flowered jobs reaching their knees, the kind that were body clinging when wet and that drooped down at the waistline, showing the curve of the men’s belly muscles down into their crotches with a hint of pubic hair in an alluring way. Ellen had suggested that there were so many being employed because Royal Caribbean was boosting Haiti’s depressed economy. To this suggestion, however, Stephanie just snorted and said she thought it was because lonely single women always predominated on these cruises and Royal Caribbean was providing them candy at this stop so they’d book on future cruises.

And then she proceeded to prove her point.

“Let’s each pick out one, Ellen, and we’ll give them the eye and the cleavage. I’ll bet we’ll each have a nice, plump black cock inside us before sunset.”

“Stephanie!” Ellen exclaimed in shock and embarrassment. She glanced around quickly to see if anyone was close enough to them to have heard.

“Prove me wrong then. There, I’ll take that slim, smaller guy in the read hibiscus trunks that his slim hips can hardly keep up. He’s walking around strutting so arrogantly that I’m betting he has something special between his legs to compensate for his size.”

“Stephanie!” Ellen exclaimed again.

“Again, prove me wrong. You pick one out now. How about that big bruiser with the bodybuilder’s pecs over there. Jet black—both sensual and foreboding. The one who just came in on the surfboard and whose trunks are so plastered to his body that you can see every curve of him.”

Ellen almost involuntarily looked down to the line of the surf. She shuddered in immediate fear—but, as Stephanie said, there was something sensual behind the fear. He must have been well over six foot and he arguably had the best musculature of the men on the beach. He was a dark chocolate brown, nearly true black, and he had dreadlocks that came down to his shoulders. Stephanie was right. Ellen could clearly see the curve of what he had on under the silky yellow trunks he was wearing, and what she could discern made her draw her breath in. But at the same time, a chill of fear went up her spine. He was beautiful, yes, in a massive sort of way. But he was black—and not just dark-toned black; almost ebony black. Ellen couldn’t help it; his blackness alone brought back her fears of moving in her neighborhood back in Atlanta and pulled up in her memory her more recent experience of seemingly being pursued by the black pirate at the ship’s Halloween costume party. This one had the same build as the man she had retreated from on the ship.

“OK, you look hooked,” Stephanie said, as she rose off her towel and picked it and the loaded beach bag she’d brought up. “We’ll split up. That’ll make it easier. Bet I get fucked before you do.”

I walked into my friend Kiki’s house and watched all the familiar faces in funny and unusual costumes wander around drinks in hand. She had decorated the house with spider webs, goblins, and skeletons. My friend, Chuck, walked up to me smiling and handed me a cup of red liquor. He whistled and said, “Damn, Lauren, you look hot.”

I giggled, “I was going for 1960s Sci-Fi chic. Thanks.”

He shook his head and winked cruising back into the party and waved me to follow him. I soon found my friends hanging out around the dining room table towards the back of the house next to the kitchen. The sliding glass door was open to the large backyard and pool area. The lights had all been changed out to black and orange lights providing the Halloween ambiance.

My friends Cindy, Chrissie, Frank, Rose, Chuck and Stephanie were commenting on each other’s costumes. Cindy and Chrissie were dressed as zombie cheerleaders, Frank was a pirate, Rose dressed as a fairy with cute wings, Chuck had fangs and a black suit claiming to be a suave vampire, and Stephanie wore a black cat costume. The smiles up at me and looked over my costume. I wore a silver dress with cheesy “futuristic” cut similar to the Jetsons. I had a blond wig on with a bob cut and silver thigh high boots. On the stomach of the costume was a light pad that changed color with the music. They all had nice things to say with Frank just spanking me on the ass as he went to get another beer.

I finished the fruity red drink and already felt a slight buzz. I blinked and wrinkled my nose as I turned to Chuck and asked,

“What’d you put in this drink? It’s yummy, but definitively has a kick.”

He laughed, “Whatever they have in that bowl.”

He pointed over to the kitchen in the next room to a large clear bowl filled with ominous red liquid. I looked down at my empty drink and offered it to Chuck pouting my lips at him. He retorted with his empty cup and pouted back. I sighed and took his drink and he gave me a pat on the ass sending me off to get him a drink. I was starting to rethink wearing such a short skirt, but quickly forgot about it as I headed into the crowd of people in the kitchen and found my way to the line leading to the punch bowl. There was a couple making out on the counter next to the punch bowl. I didn’t know either of them.

The guy was dressed as a priest and the girl as a catholic school girl. He had his hands on her thighs as they groped each other and made out. I couldn’t help but watch as the line moved towards the bowl. People were dancing in the living room and moved in and out of the kitchen grabbing beers, mingling, and laughing. The music flowed through the room with a rhythmic beat that made my heart pound. As I got closer to the punch bowl, I realized that the girl had a hand between her legs and was stroking the guy’s exposed cock as he opened his black robe slightly. They did a good job concealing it and I could only see because of my angle as I approached the punch bowl. I watched as he slid one of his hands down between her legs and slid it into her pussy as she slid red panties to the side. She moaned quietly as he closed his eyes feeling her hands pumping his penis up and down. I was jolted back from my voyeurism moment by the guy dishing out red punch.

He looked at me and said,”Hey, you hear me? I said, one or two.”

I blinked at him and smiled, “Two please.”

He looked me up and down as he filled my drinks and handed them back to me.

“Be careful with these, they will sneak up on you” he commented pointing to the drinks. I got one final glimpse of the beautiful cock being stroked before heading back towards the dining room. I smirked as I noticed other people in the line staring at the couple drunk with passion practically fucking in the kitchen.

I stopped as I heard the music stop momentarily and heard a strange sound from the living room. I swung around to see foam starting to fill up to shoulder level to the people in the room.

The DJ announced loudly, “Foam party” before cranking up the music again.

More people rushed into the living room and I felt myself be swept into the room with the crowd and my friends who echoed the DJs announcement. I had never danced in foam and it was pretty neat as the lighted changed colors with the music and the people moved with the beat. The room was pretty crowded and I was just below the top of the foam seeing only hints of shapes and foam all around me. I soon felt a large body press behind me and grind against me.

I pushed back and danced with him holding my punch filled cups up and screaming, “Woo!” I looked over my shoulder to see who it was, but only was foam and a brown shirt and pants every time he bumped his crotch against my ass. I took a big gulp of my drink and realized I still had the second so decided to finish off the first so

I had a free hand. I really got into the music and sipped my drink as I ground against the body pressed against me. I felt him run his hands along my thighs and hold me close. I put my free hand up behind his neck to run my hands through his hair. His head was leaning against mine as we dipped down and back up. He soon moved his hands up under my skirt. I sucked in air for a second, but was feeling good and didn’t push him away just yet. The music continued on and I heard all the people laughing and dancing the night away happily.

I scratched my hand down to his leg as he slipped one of his fingers to the edge of my panties slowly pushing down as he edged his fingers beneath. I looked down and felt my heart skip a beat. For a moment I looked around the room to see if anyone was seeing what was going on. I bit my lips as I took another gulp of my drink. I was really feeling buzzed now edging toward my limit and figured I would stop him if he went too far, but had never had this happen before so I would see where it went. I closed my eyes as I felt his finger slid inside my pussy. He whispered in my ear, “Wow, you feel so wet and warm.”

I didn’t respond and just kept grinding. I started to feel a bulge grow in his pants as he got turned on by fingering me. I felt him slip a second finger into me and start plunging in and out gently. I spread my legs a little bit and let him continue. He kept going as my heart started to race. I felt wetness run down my leg to the tops of my silver thigh high heels. I gripped his leg tightly and finished the last of my drink. I dropped the cup on the floor. He started a constant rhythm on my pussy. I felt him get harder and moved my hand to rub his cock on the outside of his pants. He did not respond and kept stroking my clit until I started to shake and pant.

He whispered in my ear again, “Are you going to cum?”

I nodded as I panted and responded, “Yes. Oh my god yes. Please keep going.”

His hands did not falter and then I felt a wet spot form in his pants as his cock throbbed against my hand. I immediately felt myself cum so hard and squeezed my legs together as he plunged two fingers deep inside me until I finished cumming. I tried to gain my composure and turned to see who my companion had been, but he had already vanished into the foam. I blinked feeling so horny after that and realized I was just standing in the crowd of people dumbfounded.

My friend Cindy found me and laughed,” Oh my god, Lauren, you look so wasted. Are you ok?”

I looked at her and licked my lips and nodded slowly. She led my upstairs into the bathroom and closed the door.

“What happened to you?” She asked in the sisterly way she always had.

I shook my head not wanting her to know what a slut I had been to let a stranger finger me while I stroked his penis through his pants. She told me to sit down and looked at me probingly. “You sure you are ok?” She asked again not quite convinced.

I nodded again smiling stupidly and wrinkled my nose giggling a bit.

Cindy rolled her eyes and said, “Listen, Chuck is taking me home so ride home with Rose and Frank, ok?”

I giggled again and drunkenly nodded to her. She sighed and said, “Maybe I should go find them.”

I nodded and she headed back out the party closing the door behind her calling back for me to lock the door until she got back.

I stared at the lock on the door and then drifted to the mirror and sink. I blinked at myself in the mirror and blew myself a kiss.

I then squinted at the mirror and frowned yelling, “Slut” at the mirror. I laughed and lost my balance falling into the bathtub behind me. I sat there for a few minutes and heard someone banging on the door. I thought about saying something, but instead just slid myself long ways into the tub and closed the curtains. I stared at the ceiling then at the old fashioned knobs on the tub. I heard the door shake and then someone turn the knob and enter. A blast of music entered the room for a moment until the door shut again and locked. I heard steps walk past the tub and to the toilet. I felt myself get annoyed with the thought that someone was going to pee on my seat and just grinned at the silliness of the thought.

I heard a zipper slid down, a male sigh of relief, and the sound of a waterfall pouring into the toilet bowl. I listened quietly as I looked at my dress and then my heels. I really liked my thigh high heels. I had never owned a pair and I wondered why people don’t wear them all the time.

I laughed and covered my mouth realizing I had made a sound.

I heard the pee stop and a booming slurred voice call out, “Someone in here?”

I pulled myself up to my knees, put my hands on the edge of the tub and started to pull myself up as the curtain slid open. I bonked my face against a large penis and caught a glimpse of a bright orange inmate costume. I recognized it from walking through the living room. He was dancing with a girl in a toga.

I laughed looking up at him and said, “Your penis bonked me.”

He just looked down at me and said, “You’re cute” as he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth towards his penis. Still feeling horny and drunk, I thought to myself, “fuck it” and took in his nice hard cock. I grabbed the back of his legs and worked my head back and forth on his huge length. I sucked hard as it exited my mouth and twirled my tongue on it as it entered my mouth again. He moaned loudly as he tilted his head up and put both his hands on the back of my head.

I kept bobbing until I heard a knock on the door, “Lauren, its Cindy, Rose and Frank are downstairs waiting for you to take you home.”

I tried to respond with the prisoner guy’s cock still in my mouth mumbling incoherently.

The guy boomed back to Cindy, “Someone’s in here.” Cindy responded, “Is there a girl in a space costume in there anywhere?”

He looked down at me smiling. I looked up at him slowly sucking on his cock cupping his balls in my hands.

“No, there’s no one in here but me.” He said to Cindy. There was silence outside the door once more and I bobbed my head faster. He moved his pelvis back and forth fucking my mouth and then finally blew his load into my mouth without warning. I gagged as he shoved his cock deep in my mouth unloading all his cum down my throat. My eyes watered up and I finally pushed him off of me falling back into the tub. The sour taste in my mouth was nasty.

I was still left so horny. I pulled myself up and looked around, but he was gone. I sighed and pulled myself out of the tub and walked up to the sink to get a drink of water. I cleaned up my makeup that had run as a result of having a cock shoved down my throat and headed for the door to the bathroom. I opened the door to a couple of girls that rushed in closing the door behind them. I snarled at people dressed as M&Ms and moved downstairs again looking for my friends.

The foam had settled on the floor by now and it looks slippery. I carefully moved towards the front of the house to get to the dining room again.

I finally found Chrissie who shook her head looking worried at me, “Lauren, what the fuck? We were looking all over for you. I figured you had left with some guy or something. Rose and her stupid boyfriend already left. Have you seen Cindy?”

I blinked several times confused. I know Cindy had said something to me and I just sighed and said, “I think she left.”

Chrissie rolled her eyes at me and I rolled my eyes back at her mockingly. She then gave me a stern look and pulled me back towards our safe corner of the dining room. Other people had occupied some of the chairs and were playing strip poker thought it appeared to be fixed as there were 2 fully clothed guys playing against a French maid with just white panties, a black garter, black thigh highs and heels, and a school teacher with a white buttoned down shirt and heels on. I looked back at Chrissie and followed her to the patio where we sat down on some chairs.

She looked at me sternly again which I mocked back and said “stay here.” She pointed a finger at me and I snapped at it smiling at her. She pursed her lips and headed back inside. People were swimming naked in the pool and it looked like the couple that had been making out in the kitchen had passed out after fucking on the lawn.

I saw a priest resting his head on a bare breasted school girl who still gripped his cock. A couple of guys stood over them taking pictures. They prodded at the couple and laughed when they did not respond to them lightly kicking them. I looked around towards the open patio door and saw that the party was weaning out a bit too a few people dancing and others making out or getting ready to leave.

I turned back to the pool as the nude swimmers were getting out. Shriveled penises followed 3 girls who moved towards the side of the house where there were towels and their clothes. I was left alone outside in the dark with the passed out couple and the two guys amused by the situation. One of them now had swung his head under the girls arm to get a picture with him holding her exposed tits and pointed with his free hand at the girl’s priest who had passed out. I sighed and wondered what was taking Chrissie so long. I laid my head on the table and just looked across the pool.

I sat there for a while listening to the music slowing its rhyme in time with the party until I heard one of the guys playing the with couple say, “Dude, what are you doing?”

I perked up and sniffed as I turned my head the other way towards the grassy area. One of the boys had rolled the girl on her back and pushed her legs apart. Her skirt was pushed up and he slid her red panties down to the top of her knee high white socks. She wore black Mary Janes. Her white buttoned shirt was wide open. I watched as the guy pulled his furry bear pants down to his knees and exposed a rock hard cock.

His friend looked down at him as he moved towards the girl, “Dude, seriously, not cool.” The friend wore a pig costume and had left the head on the pool patio near the diving board. He looked around and saw me though I probably looked asleep because he looked back at his friend and said, “I am out dude. Come one.”

The bear, as I will call him, looked at his friend and laughed, “Look at that sweet pussy waiting to be fucked. I can’t help it that her boy here was too drunk.”

With that, he plunged his cock into the girl’s pussy. He thrust back and forth inside of her and turned only towards me to watch his friend walk inside. I didn’t move my head, but heard his friend mumble a complaint past me and head inside. I sat glued still wasted drunk watching this guy fuck some passed out girl. I thought to myself what a strange party as I slid my fingers between my legs and start playing with myself as the bear fucked the school girl. He pounded away at her proudly while she still lightly held onto the passed out priest’s cock. Finally with a loud howl the bear’s ass tightened and he exploded his cum deep inside the girl figuring she would think it was the priest’s sweet juice inside her. He sat in front of his work for a few minutes before pulling up his pants and walking towards me. I quickly stopped masturbating as he stumbled past me. He stopped for a moment and looked at me.

He mumbled to himself as he moved close to me, “Man, I should have fucked this chick. What a hot little body she has.”

He moved closer shuffling drunkenly over to me. I felt one of his hands reach down my top and squeeze one of my tits. He moved his other hand down to the back of my dress and pulled it up to look at my ass, “Man, I should fuck this too.”

He pulled his hand off my ass and kept playing with my tits with the other. I heard him reach into his pants and start playing with himself again.

Just then, I heard the voice of Chrissie shout, “What the fuck do you think you are doing, Asshole?”

The bear just mumbled back, “Just checking on your friend, bitch. Sorry.”

With that he brushed by Chrissie slapping her ass as he went inside. Chrissie came over to me hearing me giggling.

“Are you ok? Did he do anything to you?” She asked concerned.

I shook my head, “Nope.”

I pushed myself off the chair and stood up as Chrissie caught me. I laughed again and she giggled back.

I looked at her and exclaimed in a good slur, “You’re drunk, missy.”

She laughed and responded, “Not as drunk as you, Lauren. Come on, let’s get you home.”

I sighed and allowed her to help me inside. Only a few people were inside and my long lost host friend, Kiki rushed passed us throwing cups and bottles in a garbage bag she clung to.

I pushed away from Chrissie and exclaimed, “Kiki!”

To which Kiki stopped what she was doing and looked at Lauren and Chrissie smiling, “Looks like you two had a fun at my party tonight.”

“Do you like my zombie cheerleader costume, Kiki?” Chrissie asked giving her a twirl.

Kiki chuckled and said, “You both look like total drunken sluts and neither of you is driving home in that condition. You are staying here my friends.” Not allowing us to resist she dropped the bag of garbage and lead us upstairs. She pointed to a room down the hall, “Chrissie, go to bed. There is a bottle of water in there with your name on it.”

Chrissie’s eyes brightened and she gave Kiki a sloppy hug before dashing down the hall to a wonderful sleep. I swayed a bit staring at the ceiling and then downstairs listening to the light chatter as the last of the people left. I sighed and nodded at Chrissie who seemed to be speaking to me and pointing towards a door. I gave a Cheshire grin as I headed towards the room. I opened the door to the room and closed it behind me heading towards the bathroom seeking water and to pee.

The bathroom was a hallway with two connecting doors. One led out to the party where I had come once before early in the evening and the other to my bedroom. I looked at the sink and grabbed the bottle of water as I finished peeing. I stood up and washed my hands being sure to clean the glitter and makeup from my face. I drank all the water in a single gulp. I stood staring in the mirror for a bit making sure my skin was clean and then heard snoring. I blinked for a second and turned around realizing that the curtain was closed. I quietly laughed at a funny thought I had and pulled the curtain to reveal the piggy friend of the bear. He was sound asleep in the tub with no clothes on and his cock shriveled staring at me. I poked at it and sat down on the tile floor of the bathroom and stared back at it.

After a few moments, I started to play with it and stroke it to see if I could wake the little beast without rousing its master. The little soldier started to stand to attention with each gentle stroke. I looked at the piggy sound asleep and then opened my mouth and gently started sucking on his penis. I soon felt it filling my mouth with its mass and pulled it out to inspect my progress. I stopped and looked at the piggy and his handsome cock ready for a rider and thought about his friend, the bear, fucking that unconscious girl. I slid my panties onto the floor and pulled the dress over my head. I unbuttoned my bra and tossed it on the floor.

McKenzie Lowell stepped up to the door and rang the bell.

The door was answered by a giant dressed in a Scottish kilt, white button up and black half-mask.

“Trick or treat?” he asked.

“Hey Bear, isn’t that supposed to be my line? But I’ll take a treat over a trick any day!”

“Shit Kenzie, how did you know it was me?” Bear asked.

“Because I don’t know anyone else who hits 6’5″? And how did you know it was me?” Kenzie asked with a pout.

“Because I don’t know anyone else with your hot as hell body?”

“Oooooh, you better watch out,” Kenzie teased, punching Bear in the arm, “or I’m going to tell Lola!”

Lola was Bear’s wife. She was a gorgeous, black hair and green eyes, who stood at just under six foot, had a great sense of humor and was perfect for Bear!

“Please don’t Kenzie! She’ll have my balls for sure.” Bear laughed.

“Don’t worry; I won’t be responsible for your becoming a eunuch!”

Kenzie stepped into the foyer of the large, sprawling home that her friends shared. While Bear shut the door and hung her coat, Kenzie stepped up to the large mirror near the stairs to examine herself before stepping into the large masquerade party in full swing in the main part of the house.

Kenzie scrutinized her imagine. Waist length hair, so red it was nearly burgundy, with a nice wave complemented her bright blue eyes. She had clear porcelain skin with a healthy smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She loved her freckles.

What she loved much less was her very Rubenesque figure. Kenzie snorted. Rubenesque? How about fat! Kenzie really had no illusions about her size. She was a big girl. She smoothed her hands down her more than ample hips. Adjusting her gauzy, flowing white toga, she turned sideways and eyed her rounded stomach, much hidden by the empire waist of her gown. She’d taken a risk coming as a goddess. How many fat girls were actually brave enough to assume the right to be a goddess? Along with her white toga gown, she wore a gold laurel wreath and a white feathered half mask. The mask showed of her ruby painted cupid-bow lips to their best advantage.

As little as she loved her figure, she had almost learned to accept her less than supermodel body. Dates, though, had been few and far between, due mostly to her size, she was sure. However, Kenzie accepted that she was a beautiful woman. And she was definitely not shy about adorning her body. She had numerous tattoos including a large tree of life on her back. She also had multiple ear piercings, a hoop in her nose and small diamond stubs ornamenting her bottom lip.

Giving herself one last critical look, Kenzie stepped into the large great room. She looked around, taking in the crush of other party guests. There were several predictable costumes: witches, vampires, pirates and some zombies. Some of the women wore beautiful costumes, dressed as fairies and princesses. Her eyes landed on a particularly hot black haired she-devil at the bar. Kenzie smiled. Of course Lola would be dressed as a slutty bad girl. SO Lola!

Kenzie milled through the crowd, exchanging pleasantries with several people, making her way to Lola. When she reached her, Lola smiled and hugged Kenzie. With a large smile she handed Kenzie a glass of white wine.

“Oh fancy!” Kenzie teased Lola. “Did you break out the French Chardonnay for moi?”

“Oui! You know it! Nothing but the best for my girl.”

Kenzie took a sip. “Yummy! You so know my weakness.”

“Come sit with me,” Lola urged her and led Kenzie to a large sofa near an even larger roaring fireplace. Lola swayed her barely covered ass, showing off the devil red g-string that matched her costume. They sat together in the corner of the L-shaped sectional.

“You little slut,” Kenzie teased her best friend. “You are going to have innocent young boys limping around from their rampant boners!”

Lola giggle. “I know, right! I am totally shameless.”

Kenzie truly loved her two best friends. Bear and Lola ran a very lucrative and popular nightclub downtown called The Drunken Dog. It featured barely clad go-go dancers, live bands several nights a week and was patronized by lots of very attractive and rich people. Being a singer, Kenzie had performed at The Drunken Dog on a regular basis and it had become like a second home to her; or a first home, maybe. Kenzie had grown up in foster care and had no family. Completely alone in the world, Kenzie has struggled on her own from the time she had run away from her last abusive foster home at the age of 15.

Kenzie had supported herself as a street musician from that time on. She had an incredibly beautiful and unique voice, smoky and gravelly. She was also a natural on the guitar, having taught herself. At the age of 32 she’d yet to pick up a recording contract, however she had a very lucrative career performing at nightclubs and bars around the city.

“So,” she told Lola, glancing around, “nice party. Are you sure you found enough gorgeous people to be here? Are there any left in the city?”

“Maybe,” Lola, with a little smile, “maybe not. You going to sing for us tonight?”

“Absolutely. Can you have Bear get my guitar out of my car?”

“Sure. Meanwhile, why don’t you mingle? We have lots of naughty versions of games going on in different areas: Spin the Bottle, 60 Seconds in Heaven, yada yada yada! Play! Find a man to fuck, be bad!”

“Haha,” Kenzie retorted with sarcasm. “You know I’ve just got men beating down my door. I’ll stick with my trusty vibrator. Much less risk of rejection.” Before Lola could argue, Kenzie stood, holding her glass up. “I’m getting a refill and then I’ll say hello to a few people.”

Kenzie made her way to the bar and procured herself another glass of wine. She leaned back against the bar, sipped her Chardonnay and people watched for a while. She smiled when she saw Bear palm Lola’s ass across the room. In typical Lola style, she bent slightly to give Bear greater access and he took advantage, running a finger along her barely covered slit. Far from feeling embarrassed, the witnessed scene only made Kenzie feel hot and aroused.

Kenzie sighed heavily. She’d love to find someone to share her life and bed with. Taking another sip of wine, she stilled, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck raise in awareness. Someone was staring at her. Surreptitiously, from beneath lowered lashes, Kenzie glanced around the room. Across the room near the fireplace, not far from where she’d been sitting with Lola, she found the culprit. Her eyes were snared by a very hot specimen of man. When she met his eyes, his full, beautiful lips quirked up in a half-smile. Kenzie jarred from the intensity of his gaze.

Wow, she thought lowering her eyes, he is amazingly sexy. Discreetly, she hoped, Kenzie checked out the mystery man across the room. He was tall, fully as tall as Bear, but without the bulk. She couldn’t tell the color of his eyes from the brief look she’d had, as well as from the distance, but his jet black hair shined in the firelight, so dark it was nearly blue. He wasn’t dressed in costume, though he wore a nice leather half-mask. He was dressed in dark, distressed jeans and a leather half trench coat over a form-fitting black t-shirt. He also wore beautifully made black motorcycle boots with silver buckles. Jesus freaking Christ, she thought, that man is sin on two legs. Glancing back up, Kenzie saw he was still staring at her.

Kenzie felt mesmerized. She felt tingles from head to toe. Her nipples hardened and her pussy started weeping. Kenzie shivered, as she forced her eyes away. Pushing away from the bar, she made her way through the crowd, greeting several people she recognized, despite their masks. Kenzie was quick with a smile and even quicker with a laugh; endearing her to most people she met.

She wandered out onto the large multi-level deck. It was chilly, but not bad, considering the time of year. She made her way to the fire pit and noticed that a very adult game of spin the bottle was going on. It appeared that whomever the bottle landed on, irregardless of the gender of the spinner or whom it landed on, a deep tongue kiss was awarded. Kenzie watched for several turns, becoming increasingly aroused by blatant display of eroticism, before she felt heat at her back. Without turning, she knew it was the mystery man from the great room.

“Are you aroused by the game?” he asked, his breath warm on her ear as he leaned close to whisper to her.

Kenzie jumped slightly, shivering from his words and from the effect of his breath on her ear.

“Yes,” she said without turning. “You?”

“No,” he said, “I’m aroused by you.”

Kenzie stiffened. She turned quickly to find him inches from her. She looked up into his eyes. Way up, considering he stood nearly a foot taller than her. She noticed his eyes were so light blue they were almost white. They were beautiful, but in an almost eerie way. Definitely intense.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“Nope, no trick here,” he said with a crooked smile, amused at his own Halloween pun. “I think you are incredibly hot. I just have one question for you.”

Kenzie simply raised her eyebrow in response.

He leaned in until her was whispering in her ear again. “Are you wearing panties?”

Kenzie leaned back with a bark of laughter. “You certainly aren’t shy are you?”

“I never have been accused of that.”

“What’s your name? If I turn you on so much I should at least know your name, don’t you think?”

“Fair enough. Silas.”

“I’m Kenzie.”

“I know. I’ve seen you at Bear and Lola’s.”

“Hmmm. Why haven’t I seen you?”

“I’m shy?”

“Oh I highly doubt that,” Kenzie laughed.

Before Silas could make a rejoinder, Kenzie’s name was called from the group playing around the fire pit.

“Come play! Be naughty…it’s Halloween!” This was from a waitress named Erin from The Drunken Dog that Kenzie had a friendly relationship with.

Kenzie hesitated.

“I will if you will,” Silas said from beside her. “Dare you.”

Never one to turn down a dare, a fault that had gotten her into plenty of trouble, Kenzie walked over to the group, throwing a challenging look over her shoulder at Silas. Kenzie chose a spot in the circle and Silas sat next to her, close enough that their thighs pressed against each other, causing a warm glow of arousal in Kenzie’s pussy.

“Ok, Kenzie, you next!” Erin said excitedly.

Kenzie groaned inwardly, but put on a game smile and spun. The bottle spun drunkenly for several rotations before, as if pulled by a magnet, landed on Silas. Kenzie gave a silent victory shout! How fortuitous! Without any wasted time, Silas buried his hand in the hair at the base of Kenzie’s neck and pulled her head back. Kenzie gasped at the suddenness of the action and the shot of fluid it caused to drench her panties. Silas took advantage of Kenzie’s open mouth and crushed her mouth, thrusting his tongue in with aggression. Kenzie moaned and thrust her tongue back at his. They dueled for long moments, tongues tangling, lips sucking, until Kenzie heard loud catcalls and whoops.

She raised her head feeling drunk with the power of the kiss. She had totally lost herself in it.

“Whoa!” Kenzie said on a little laugh. “That’s enough of Spin the Bottle for me or I might end up in a puddle on the floor! I’m getting a drink.” Kenzie stood on unsteady legs and made her way back to the great room and the bar, to the accompaniment of several playful boos. She could feel Silas on her heels.

Procuring a drink, she turned to Silas and said, “Yes.”

“Yes?” he replied.

“Yes, I’m wearing panties, but they’re little.”

“Shit,” Silas whispered, almost to himself. He stepped forward, completely invading her space and pressed his body against hers. He reached around and palmed her ass cheek. “That is so fucking hot, because now all I can think of is taking them off of you.”

“You are pretty presumptuous aren’t you,” Kenzie asked, meaning to sound firm but only managing to sound breathless.

Silas adjusted his hand to slide his finger up the crack of her ass, following the line of her little white silk g-string. With his other hand he palmed the back of her head and tilted her head to the side. Leaning down her ran the flat of his tongue from her collar bone to her ear.

“I go after what I want. And I haven’t wanted anything or anyone this bad in eons,” he breathed into her ear. Using his grip on her ass, he pulled her tight against him, pressing his hard cock against her stomach.

“I can tell,” she replied and turning her head, claimed his mouth in an unusual act of sexual aggression. When he threw himself wholeheartedly into the kiss, she groaned into his mouth. Her nipples were hard points, pressing into his chest through her thin gown. Her panties were sopping wet with her own arousal by now and her clit pulsed hard, from a simple kiss. She wiggled trying to get closer. Silas released her hair and palmed Kenzie’s breast before using his palm to rub her hard nipple in slow circles. When her nipple got even harder, it was Silas’s turn to moan. This continued for several moments before Kenzie registered a clearing of the throat.

Silas lifted his head and growled, “What the fuck is so important that you need to interrupt me, Bear?”

“Well, as much as I, and most of the room, are enjoying this hot as fuck display, it’s time for Kenzie to play for us.”

Kenzie’s cheeks burned at how she had forgotten where they were. But she put on a brave face and a saucy smile.

“Glad I could be of service, Bear. Should I take a bow?”

“Let’s save that for after your set?”

“Sure, but Silas will have to let go of my ass first.”

Silas slowly loosened his grip on her ass and stepped by, but not happily. He turned to Bear, displeasure clear on his face. Bear took a step back and lowered his head, in apparent submission.

“I apologize, Silas.”

Interesting, Kenzie thought, as she made her way to spot near the fireplace where her guitar, a mic and small amp were set up.

When she sat on the provided stool, she gave a cursory hello before beginning the intro to her first song. As she sang, most people came in from other areas of the house, crowding into the great room to hear her perform. She sang nearly a dozen songs, before launching into her current favorite, a song by India.Arie.

She had felt Silas’s eyes burning into her, never leaving for the entire set. As she began the lyrics of the song she looked into his eyes.

“Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won’t

Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes

It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul

I’m not the average girl from your video

and I ain’t built like a supermodel

But, I learned to love myself unconditionally

Because I am a queen…”

Kenzie finished the song to thunderous applause and thanked everyone for their appreciation.

Lola approached and, taking Kenzie by the arm, led her back to the bar. Kenzie noticed Silas had disappeared.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Kenzie asked.

“Maybe,” Lola answered, and with a little laugh handed her another glass of wine. “Just thought you might be parched after all that singing.”

“I am, thanks,” she responded taking a large swallow.

“So, what do you think of Silas? Like him?”

“What’s not to like? He’s super-hot and kisses like he’s set out to make it an art form. He’s definitely wet my panties! How long have you known him?”

“Oh, forever,” Lola answered with a little wave of her hand.

Kenzie recounted the exchange between Silas and Bear. “So, what’s up with that?”

“Well Silas is like family, I guess. He’s like an older brother to Bear; a mentor, really. He gave us the initial investment to start The Drunken Dog. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without Silas.”

“Ah. Ok. Still it’s odd to see Bear so deferential to someone.”

“He loves Silas, we both do, and would never want to offend him,” Lola replied.

“Well if you love Silas, so do I,” Kenzie assured her friend, giving her a one-armed hug, still holding her glass of wine.

“I think you showed everyone how much you ‘loved’ Silas earlier!”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Kenzie retorted on a laugh. “So many people are going at each other at this party it might as well be an orgy!”

“Yeah, but there was something special about watching you and Silas. Half the people here couldn’t take their eyes off you.”

“Jesus, now I’m more than a little mortified,” Kenzie blushed.

“Don’t be, you are a beautiful sensuous creature! If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want to fuck you!”

Kenzie laughed. “You have enough fucking going on without involving me, you little perv! I am in need of the little girls’ room.” Excusing herself, Kenzie wondered upstairs and into Bear and Lola’s master suite. She used the bathroom, washed her hands and freshened her hair and make-up, taking advantage of Lola’s gigantic assortment of cosmetics.

When she left the bathroom, Silas was waiting for her, leaning against the bedroom door, barring her way out.

Kenzie came to an abrupt halt. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, I thought we could play 60 Minutes in Heaven,” he replied with a wicked grin.

“It’s 60 Seconds in Heaven.”

“Oh, I’ll need way more than a minute with you. But baby, I am going to take you to heaven,” Silas promised, stepping away from the door and shrugging out of his leather trench.

Kenzie felt a rush of moisture flood her cunt, wetting her already damp panties. But not wanting to seem too easy, she asked, “Don’t I have a say in this?”

“Yes,” he replied, stalking her as she backed away from him. “You can say yes, more please, harder; any and all of those.”

Silas peeled his tee off over his head and Kenzie felt her jaw drop. Holy fuck, she thought, he is amazing. Silas had the type of body that a man only got from hard work. A natural, lean musculature, not something bought at a gym. Both of his nipples were pierced, with bars in both. So now she knew Silas possessed two things that turned her on beyond measure; a dominant personality and piercings. She glanced up from his chest to find his eyes on her. The look of lust on his face was so intense, she swallowed audibly. She stood frozen as Silas continued to approach her.

When he reached her, Kenzie expected him to grab her, but instead he slowly circled her. Reaching out he ran his hand lightly along her arm, around the shell of her ear, across her ass. He lightly touched her, circling her, making her feel like she was prey and he was toying with her. Through it all, Kenzie stood still, her breath hitching at every touch, her cunt spasming. She felt near orgasm and Silas had barely touched her! Eventually he made his way back to stand in front of her.

For several moments, Silas merely stared into Kenzie’s eyes. His eyes burned so hot despite their cold color. She felt herself enthralled, lost in the depth of desire she found there. She seemed aware of every inch of her body, as if her skin were suddenly too tight. Her nipples hardened to impossibly tight points, her breathing was fast, heartbeat erratic and her pussy was a constant fount of dripping arousal.

“Take off your gown, McKenzie,” Silas finally spoke, his voice deep and gravelly with want. Kenzie complied, slowly lowering her gown. Kenzie was surprised by her easy compliance, but even more surprised that this amazingly hot man wanted her. And she could in no way doubt his desire for her, she thought, glancing at the giant bulge in his jeans. Soon Kenzie stood before Silas in nothing more than her white silk g-string and 5 inch white satin stilettos. She resisted the urge to squirm and cover herself, severely self-conscious of all the extra weight she was displaying for this impossibly hot man.

“Love, no need to feel insecure. I could come in my jeans just looking at you.” And as unimaginable as it seemed, Kenzie believed him. She shivered hard as he reached out to run the back of his hand along her collarbone. Turning his had he smoothed his fingertips down her chest, between her large, though firm breasts, to settle at the top of her panties. Using a single fingertip, Silas traced the top of her panties, back and forth, until Kenzie was ready to beg him to touch her between her legs.

As though reading her mind, Silas slid his finger down her slit, staying on top of her panties. Kenzie groaned in pure delight at the feel of his finger on her cunt. She desperately wanted more. Please! she thought almost desperately.

“Patience, baby,” he told her.

Kenzie started. Was he reading her mind?

“Yes, and you’re thinking very loudly.”

Before Kenzie could even process that statement, Silas lifted her in his arms as if she weighed nothing, and carried her to the large bed. Kenzie marveled that he could lift her so easily, considering she was no slight burden. He laid her on the bed, grabbed her hands and lifted them above her head, and proceeded to devour her mouth. The thrust of his tongue in her mouth imitated what she longed for his cock to be doing in her sopping wet cunt. Returning Silas’s kiss wholeheartedly, Kenzie couldn’t keep from squeezing her thighs together, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her aching clit.

When Silas pulled away and stood up, Kenzie groaned in objection and tried to reach for him. It was then she realized that while she’d been lost in his kiss, Silas had been securing her hands to the headboard. Kenzie twisted her head around to look at her hands. Of course Bear and Lola would have shackles built into their headboard! She turned her head back to Silas. He was standing beside the bed, his gaze wondering her body, landing longer on some places than others.

“Do you know how fucking amazing you look in just that tiny thong and your hooker heels?”

“Why don’t you show me?”

“You have no idea how badly I want to,” he informed her with a shake of his head, “but first we need to talk.”

“Okaaaay,” Kenzie said, drawing the word out in confusion. Then with a start of remembrance, she asked him, “What the hell did you mean that you could read my mind.”

“Exactly that,” he answered, sitting down next to her on the bed. “If I couldn’t, how would I have known you were even thinking that?”

“Oh.” Kenzie thought for a second. “You could have guessed.”

“Ok,” Silas replied, “think of something.” After a pause, he laughed. “Not about sex. Something not so easily guessed.” Another pause. “Tacos? Seriously?” He laughed again.

“Holy shit! And give me a break, I’m hungry. Are you psychic?”

“Among other things.”

“What other things? I’m getting a little nervous here and feeling a whole lot of vulnerable.”

“I know you’ll have a hard time believing this. And I haven’t told anyone in a long time, but I think you’re special; and I want you. Not just tonight, but for long term. I’ve wanted you from the moment I first saw you at The Drunken Dog. I know all about you; your childhood in the foster system because of your mom’s overdose when you were four. How you ran away from foster care at 15 because of a very handsy foster parent. I know how you’ve struggled to be where you are today; a successful, beautiful, sexy artist with amazing talent.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said, beginning to struggle against her bonds, “I’m starting to be a little creeped out. Let me the fuck up!”

Silas placed his palm low on her belly and Kenzie stilled. “Calm down,” he urged her. “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I just needed to know everything about you. I needed to know if I could trust you. Bear and Lola vouched for you, but I have to be careful because of who I am.” He began rubbing his palm in ever-widening circles on her stomach as he was talking, making it very hard for Kenzie to concentrate, despite the seriousness of the conversation.

“And just who are you?”

“I’m a vampire,” announced to her. “Not just any vampire, though, but the king of this region.”

“Oh, so fucking funny!” Kenzie said. “What kind of game are you playing? I’ve got to tell you, it’s not very amusing to me right now.”

“It’s no game,” Silas told her and leaned forward with the intention of kissing her again. Kenzie turned her head aside trying to avoid the kiss. Silas grasped her by the chin, forcing her face back to his. “Don’t fight me Kenzie. I’m a predator. It’ll only make me more determined and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kenzie swallowed, feeling a kernel of fear begin in the pit of her stomach. But that fear was waging a war with the desire already residing there. And desire was winning, especially when she could see the lust shining is Silas’s pale blue eyes. So when he leaned down to kiss her again she let him. Silas began the kiss gently this time, brushing his lips softly against hers, back and forth, until Kenzie was on the verge of begging him to deepen the kiss. He might be crazy, but he sure could kiss! Hearing her thoughts, Silas chuckled.

“You are a sensual creature, McKenzie,” he whispered against her lips. “All in due time.”

With those words, Silas began a journey down Kenzie’s body with lips and tongue. He started by giving Kenzie’s throat little flicking licks, interspersed with nipping bites. He worked his way sideways to where her neck and shoulder met. When he reached that ultra-sensitive spot he bit down with a good amount of force. Kenzie let out a little yelp of surprise followed by a low moan of delight. The feeling was amazing. She loved a little edge of pain to her pleasure; had always enjoyed when her lovers bit.

Silas laved away the little pain of his bite with the flat of his tongue. Kenzie was moaning and writhing on the bed, her body begging for more.

“Fuck, baby, you are so sensitive. I wonder if I could make you come without even touching your sweet little cunt.”

“I’m willing to let you try,” Kenzie countered, breathlessly.

Reaching down, Silas cupped her generous breasts, kneading them. Kenzie’s pussy clenched with desire and she groaned, squeezing her thighs. Silas ran his thumbs over both of her nipples, at once. Simultaneously, he continued rubbing her nipples over and over until Kenzie was panting and moaning. Unashamedly, she began begging for more.

“What do you want, baby? Do you want me to lick you pretty, berry colored nipples? Suck them? Bite them?”

“Please, Silas! Yes! Yes, to all of it. Please, please touch me more. Suck my nipples, bite them. I need more!”

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” he asked as he continued to simply rub his thumbs across her nipple. After several more minutes of this, Kenzie was nearly sobbing from a combination of pleasure and need. “Okay baby,” Silas crooned to her, “I’ll give you more.”

Leaning over, Silas opened his mouth onto her nipple and sucked the whole thing into his mouth. When he began suckling and flicking it with his tongue within his hot mouth, Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed and she gave a little scream.

“Oh god. Yes. Fuck, fuck. More, Silas. Harder.” Kenzie was babbling, begging in near incoherence. Silas gave her what she wanted. Moving to her other breast, he took that nipple into his mouth and bit down, the force just shy of pain. Kenzie moaned, pulling against her bindings, wanting desperately to sink her hands into his hair and pull him closer. Instead all she could do was writhe as her cunt continued to weep. Silas continued to move back and forth between breasts, sucking, licking and biting.

“Silas, I’m going to come,” Kenzie panted. “Please, I need to come. Keep licking my nipples. Oh god, yes, just like that. Oh that feels so good when you use your teeth like that.” Silas reached up to her untended breast and began to pinch and roll that nipple while he sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth. With a guttural groan and a hard squeeze of her thighs, Kenzie came. Silas continued to play with her luscious nipples until Kenzie was begging for him to stop.

“Silas, please! It’s too much.” With a final gentle kiss to the tip of each nipple, Silas raised up to give Kenzie a deep kiss, pushing his tongue between her lips to lick the entire inside of her mouth.

“I swear I can taste your orgasm in just your kiss. I can certainly smell it. Fuck baby, you are amazing. I knew you would be responsive.”

“I’ve never come from just nipple play. That was incredible.”

“Mmmm.” Silas stood and looking down at Kenzie told her, “Spread your legs for me, baby. God you’re wet,” he praised her when she complied. Reaching down, with incredible ease, he tore her thong off of her. Kenzie gasped, feeling a huge flood of moisture flow from her cunt, flowing down into her ass crack.

“Well, shit, that is fucking hot,” Silas praised as he reached down to finger the small hoop in Kenzie’s clitoral hood piercing. “You are full of surprises.”

Silas continued to run his finger up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around. Every time he reached the top, he would flick her clit, making Kenzie groan. “So pretty,” he whispered, seemingly to himself. He slid his finger down, and in one easy move, aided by Kenzie’s extreme wetness, he buried it in her cunt, all the way to his knuckle. Kenzie’s hips came up off the bed to meet his thrust. She moaned deep in her throat.

“More, Silas. Please more.”

“Kenzie, I’m a vampire. Do you believe me baby?” As he asked the question, he continued to thrust his finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy, adding a second finger. Kenzie pushing her hips against his every thrust.

Groaning in disappointment, Kenzie said, “Can you please stop talking crazy and just fuck me?”

“I want to baby,” Silas said as he leaned down to tongue her nipple. Standing up he continued, “I have to know you know what you are getting into. I have to feed on you to fuck you.”

“Ok,” Kenzie said. “You’re a vampire. Just fuck me.” Kenzie was writing on the bed, desperate to have his cock deep inside her aching cunt. She needed to have the emptiness filled. Her inner muscles squeezed his fingers hard.

“Look at me Kenzie,” Silas demanded. When she complied, Silas opened his mouth and a pair of long, sharp incisors shot down out of his top jaw. Kenzie squealed and struggled against her bonds. “Believe me now, beautiful?”

“What the fuck? That is just a trick, a Halloween prop!” Kenzie said, desperately trying to deny.

Silas gave an aggrieved sigh. “How much more convincing do you need? I can read your mind and I have fangs!”

“You’re really a vampire? Are you going to kill me?”

“No, Kenzie,” Silas said with a small smile. “I already told you I wanted to keep you. I just need you to know what I really am. I want to bond you to me and to do that I need to feed from you. Let me. I won’t hurt you, I never would.”

Looking deep in his white blue eyes, Kenzie could see the truth of his words. And she wanted him. More than any other man she’d ever known.

“Ok. You’re a vampire. You want me. I can accept that. Now will you just fuck me before I gnaw through these bindings and fuck myself?”

“Gladly.” With that single word, Silas’s pants seemed to disintegrate. In the blink of an eye, vampire speed, Kenzie though hazily, he had his shoulders wedged between her legs, spreading her wide. He placed his hands under her ass and tilted her cunt up toward his waiting mouth and, with his teeth, gently tugged on Kenzie’s clit ring. Kenzie moaned, panting with need.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered. “Harder! Yes, just like that. Ahhh, yes, suck it. That feels so fucking good.” Kenzie continued to encourage Silas as he licked and sucked her hard little clit into his mouth. He used his tongue to flick her clit back and forth, alternating with forceful suckling. Kenzie was nearly incoherent with the intensity of the pleasure he was giving her. “Silas! I’m going to come!”

Silas pulled away for a moment. “Come for me baby, come all over my face.” His dirty words were all Kenzie needed. As Silas leaned down and sucked her clit back into his mouth, biting down, she came with a shout.

“Fuck, fuck!” Kenzie was near tears, her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. Silas just kept sucking, keeping her riding high on her orgasm until she was begging him to stop. “Stop, please! Enough, I can’t take any more,” Kenzie begged, thrashing her head back on forth on the pillow.

Silas relented, rising up on his hands and knees over her. Damn, he thought, she looks beautiful with all that dark red hair spread out around her, her lips dark with desire, her pupils dilated. He crawled up her body until they were face to face.

“You pussy tastes so good, baby. Taste.” With that, he leaned down and kissed Kenzie deep, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. Kenzie groaned in pleasure, suckling his tongue and delighting in her taste on his lips. Silas leaned down slightly, rubbing his chest hair lightly over her nipples, making Kenzie whimper into his mouth. He pulled his mouth off hers.

“Little girl, I’m going to fuck that hot little mouth of yours.” Kenzie moaned and squeezed her thighs together as a spasm of longing rocketed through her pussy at just the thought of Silas shoving his cock down her throat.

“You’re in luck,” Kenzie informed Silas, “I happen to give very good head.” She looked him in the eye, licking her lips and tasting herself again in the process. “Mmm,” she teased him, “I do taste good.”

It was Silas’s turn to moan. He was infatuated with this sensual, sexy creature underneath him. He climbed up the rest of her body until her was straddling her shoulders. Balancing with one hand on the wall above her, he grabbed his cock in his other hand and pumped it, running his fist up and down the long length. Kenzie watched intently, a gush of fluid pouring from her pussy. There was nothing sexier to her than a man handling his own cock.

Silas brought his cock to her mouth and rubbed the head against her lips. A drop of fluid leaked out of the tip, coating her lips. She licked it off, licking the head of his cock in the process.

“Yum,” she told him.

“Little girl, you are going to kill me,” Silas moaned, “and it’s damn hard to kill a vampire! Open your mouth baby and let me in.”

Kenzie immediately complied, eager to taste him. Silas pushed just the tip into her mouth and she reached out her tongue to swirl around the head. Closing her lips, she suckled on the head, using her tongue to probe the slit in the tip, coaxing more fluid from him. With a guttural groan, Silas threw his head back and pushed his cock the rest of the way in, bumping the back of her throat. Kenzie took a moment take a breath through her nose, making a conscious effort to open her throat and take him all the way in.

“Fuck, baby, you are good,” Silas groaned and he pulled back only to thrust even further down her throat. Every time Silas pulled back, Kenzie took the opportunity to suck hard on his cock, swirling her tongue around its length. Silas set up a steady pace of thrusting into Kenzie’s hot, and oh so willing, mouth. With every plunge, Kenzie was able to take him deeper down her throat, breathing through her nose every time he pulled out, smelling his pleasantly arousing musky scent. Finally Silas pulled out all the way. Kenzie whimpered in disappointment.

“I’d like nothing better than to shoot my load down your throat, but the first time I have to be buried balls deep in your pretty pink cunt.”

Silas moved back down her body. Positioning his cock at the entrance of her still pulsing cunt, he leaned down and brushed his lips across hers.

“Mmm,” Kenzie whispered against his lips, “now we can taste each other.” She wiggled her hips, lifting them, trying to force his cock into her, utterly ready for Silas to finally fill her aching cunt.

Looking her in the eye, he asked her, “Are you sure? If you say yes, there’s no turning back. I won’t let you go. Make sure you mean it. After this you’re mine. I’ll fuck you so hard and so good you’ll never want anyone else.”

“Yes. I want to belong to you.”

Without further delay, Silas thrust his cock into Kenzie’s soaking hot cunt all the way to the hilt. Kenzie let out a keening wail as he bottomed out in her, bumping hard against her cervix, causing a pleasure so great it neared pain. Reaching down with one hand, Silas hooked Kenzie’s knee on his arm, spreading her wide and sinking himself deeper in her pussy. Kenzie was stretched so wide from the size of his cock, she was burning. But she wasn’t about to complain. She’d always enjoyed a little pain with her sex.

“You okay, baby?” Silas asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Kenzie answered, breathily. “What are you waiting for?”

Silas pulled back to until only the head of his cock remained in her pussy, then thrust back in – hard. He repeated this slow, powerful pistoning over and over again. With ever y thrust, Kenzie grunted in a combination of pain and incredible pleasure. Silas leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth, causing her to tilt her head back, arching her back, straining to get her nipple further into his mouth.

Releasing her nipple with a pop, Silas told her, “We are going to get these pretty little nipples of yours pierced.”

“Yes, anything you want.”

“Good girl, Kenzie,” Silas praised, pleased with her unqualified submission. He thrust hard into her, bottoming out in her cunt again.

“Please, Silas, faster!” Instead of speeding up, Silas pulled out. Kenzie cried out in protest, nearing the point of tears from the need to have him fuck her hard and fast, deep. “No. Silas, that’s not fair!”

“Hush, baby.” Silas soothed. “I’m not nearly done with you yet.” Silas leaned up, grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. There was enough play in the bindings that her arms were able to criss-cross comfortably. “Ass in the air and keep your head down.” Silas commanded. Kenzie scrambled to obey, not wanting to delay, even for a moment, getting Silas’s cock back in her.

Without warning, Silas spread her ass cheeks, a hand on each, and leaned down to run his tongue from her cunt all the way up the crack of her ass. Kenzie thrust her ass back at him, silently begging for more. “Greedy little bitch aren’t you?”

“Hmm,” was all Kenzie could manage and, chuckling, Silas went back to licking her. He continued to tongue her luscious ass; long sensuous licks, short flicks and finally deep stabs directly into her tight little hole. “Oh yes. That’s it. Lick my ass. I love it. I want you to fuck my ass so bad.”

“Another time. Right now I just want to get back into you pretty little cunt and fuck you until you scream.” Moving up between her legs, Silas palmed her ass cheeks, spreading and lifting them, and plunged back into her dripping wet pussy. Kenzie was so wet that Silas could feel her fluids against his thighs where they had dripped down her own. He began thrusting into her hard and fast. Kenzie began to scream into the pillow under her. Silas could feel his cock bumping against the bundle of nerves that comprised her g-spot with every thrust. Releasing Kenzie’s ass, Silas leaned over her and reaching under her, grasped her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling them.

Kenzie turned her head on the pillow. “I’m going to come again,” she wailed, releasing a sexy little grunting moan with every thrust.

“Not yet,” Silas told her, and pulled nearly all the way out. He kept himself still there and, leaning down, began licking and kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Silas! Fuck me!”

“Mmm, are you telling me what to do little girl? I’m in control here, not you.”

“Yes. NO! I don’t know. I just need you!”

Releasing a breast, Silas wrapped his hand in the hair at the back of Kenzie’s hair, twisting, causing enough pain to feel good. Kenzie gasped and Silas felt a flood of her juices flow out of her cunt onto his cock and down his balls. With his other hand he reached forward and released the bindings imprisoning her to the bed. Using his grip on her hair, he lifted her up until she was sitting in his lap. Grasping her by the hip and the hair, Silas pulled her down, impaling her on his huge, swollen cock. Kenzie moaned out and let her head fall back on Silas’s shoulder, surrendering completely.

Note to the reader: As with most of my stories, this was written at the request of two real people, Mike and Melanie. This is their fantasy. Please leave a comment. I love to hear from readers and they would love to hear what you think. Thank you.

Follow up notes – This story received more comments than any story I have ever written. First, I have made a couple of editorial corrections (thanks to those that pointed them out). Second, as suggested, I have moved the story to the BDSM section, the second option was fetish. Third, Mike and Melanie are a happily married and very real couple. This is there fantasy as requested.

Mike walked in and placed the black shopping bag on the kitchen table.

“What’s this?” Melanie asked.

“Open it.” was all that Mike said, acting very nonchalant.

Mike and Melanie had plans to go to a Halloween party that night. Mike had been saying for a couple of weeks that he would take care of the costumes for both of them, but he would never tell Melanie what they were going as. She was very excited to finally see what she was going to wear, but also a little nervous. She felt like she was opening an official letter – this could be bad, or it could good.

The first thing that her hand grabbed down in the bag was a black leather collar. On it was the word, “slave”, written with rhinestones. The collar felt cold and smooth. It had a silver “D” ring, that was attached to a silver chain.

“Oh shit.” thought Melanie.

She continued to dig in the bag. She pulled out a black leather skirt. It was small enough that it seemed more likely to fit a teenager. Digging deeper she found a black leather vest, black stockings and black leather boots that had a 3-inch platform under the toe and a long, thin, tall heel.

Mike explained, “Halloween is the one night of the year when coy women can dress like a slut and no one gives them shit about it. I figured we would go as a Master & slave couple.”

Melanie held the collar in her hand and thought about it. Normally she would be a little stressed over this, but he was right about Halloween. “Ok. That sounds fun I guess.”

Mike could hardly contain his excitement. “Great, now go get dressed. I want to take some pictures of you in your outfit before we leave. I have a couple of ideas for tonight.”

Melanie did as her husband asked, and then came out of the bathroom. She felt almost nude in her outfit. There was no shirt to her costume. The only thing covering her breasts was the leather vest. She has firm tits, perfectly proportioned for her athletic body at a 34B. She was also wearing a thin, pink thong, almost visible underneath her skirt. She could feel a slight breeze against her pussy as she walked, through her sheer, thin panties. It made her feel very sensual.

Melanie is tall at 5’9″. She is in good shape, at about 135lbs. To Mike, she looked amazing, and his dick was growing hard just thinking about what he hoped would be a great night for both of them.

Mike smiled at how hot she looked. “Ok, lets take a few pics,” he said.

They spent the next 20 minutes taking pictures of Melanie in various sexual poses. Melanie was a good sport about it, and did whatever Mike wanted. After they were done, she put her panties back on and got ready to leave for the party.

While Melanie was touching up her make up in the bathroom, Mike hooked up his camera to his laptop and began the process of uploading the pics of Melanie. He then logged on to a porn website where amateur wives and couples post pictures of themselves. Mike selected and posted four pictures of her. The first was just a shot of her face, with her head turned looking up from her kneeling below the camera, with her mouth wide open and her tongue out as far as it could go. He tongue stretched like a hand reaching for something. Melanie has long, straight and blonde. Her face is heart shaped and pretty. She has blue eyes. But the sexiest thing about her is her lips. She has full, red lips that look like they were made to be wrapped around a man’s hard cock.

The second was a pic taken from behind, with her bending over a chair with her legs spread. This showed off her long, sexy legs and high heels. She took off her panties for this one, so you could see up her skirt, to her smooth pussy lips. The third was of Melanie laying on her back on their bed, with her legs spread and her knees pulled up. The last one was a close-up shot of her snatch. Her shaven cunt looked like an 18 year old’s. He then included a caption for the pictures, to go on the website.

“Whore loves to be cummed on. Use me. Please, Sir. Print out my pics and cum on me. Take a pic after you cum on my face and body and send back. Would also love to see your cock hanging in my face when you send me your tribute. Can’t wait to see what you send me!”

He looked at Melanie. She watched over his shoulder the whole time, in a slight state of shock. She looked him in the eye as he held his finger over the “enter” key. She nodded her approval and Mike pressed the button.

With that, he got up, he clipped the leash to the collar around Melanie’s neck, his slave-for-the-night, and led her to the car.

Mike and Melanie walked into the party as their friends stood there and stared. Mike had on a black pants and a black shirt, long sleeve and untucked, with a high collar. He wore black leather boots, but the most interesting part of his costume was what he held in his hand. He held a silver leash that connected to a collar around Melanie’s neck. He walked into the house, leading his possession by her chain. All of their friends just stared. The men looked at Melanie. Their eyes hungered for her body likes dogs watching a piece of meat fall from the table.

The expression on their faces asked the question, “What the hell are you two?”

“We are a Master and slave,” Mike explained.

“Yeah right,” Doug said. “That is a costume ONLY.”

Mike felt a little challenged by Doug’s statement. “No, Melanie agreed to be my slave for tonight. She will to do whatever I say.”

Doug looked right back at the two of them and called their bluff, “prove it”.

They had not been at the party even 60 seconds and yet someone wanted to test their boundaries. This is what Mike was hoping for. Mike thought for a moment. He was turned on by the idea of Melanie being his little sex slave for the night, and was hoping he would have fun later in the evening when they got back home. But he knew that Melanie could be shy sometimes so he didn’t want to push her too much. Then he had a compromising idea.

“Melanie, give your underwear to Doug.” He said in an even, strong tone.

Melanie looked at Mike. She hesitated. Without saying a word she began to walk toward the bathroom. Before she could take two steps, Mike jerked the chain around his pet’s neck. Her body snapped back. Melanie’s long legs kept walking away from underneath her and she almost fell.

Mike never moved. “Here,” he said. “Give your underwear to Doug, here.”

Melanie’s pulse raced. She was nervous, but submitted. She reached down to remove her panties. She kept her knees together as she inched her panties down her legs, trying not to bend over or show her twat. Slowly she was able to inch her panties down past her knees. They were finally around her ankles. She freed her panties from around her high heels, squatted down to pick them up and then handed them to Doug. When the rest of their friends saw Melanie’s pink thong, they hollowed and laughed and high-fived each other. The night was just getting started.

The party went on for a while. Melanie did a few jello shots, getting more and more relaxed as the night got later. They played some music and before too long, Melanie was dancing with several of the guys, and with her friend Amy. Then a slower, erotic song came on and Melanie found herself dancing with Lionel. Lionel is a sexy black man that Melanie has always been attracted. He is about 5’11″, think and muscular. Mike watched from across the living room as the two of them were grinding away. She looked so sexy and he could tell that Melanie was turned on by dancing with Lionel. Mike decided it was time to plays his cards and set in motion his plan for the evening. He downed his drink like it was a tequila shot, got up his courage, and crossed the room to confront them.

“Melanie, you are my slave tonight. I want to watch you get fucked Lionel”.

Mike almost laughed as he looked at the reaction on their faces. He couldn’t tell who was more excited, Lionel or Melanie. He also couldn’t tell who was more shocked.

Mike looked at Lionel and said, “Follow us and come fuck my wife.

Mike pulled Melanie by her chain and led her to a bedroom in the back. His brain was dizzy and swirling and not sure what to make of the whole situation. They went into the back bedroom. Mike turned on the light.

“Lay down on your back,” Mike said.

Melanie just stood there, looking at him. She was not sure if he was serious, if this was what he really wanted.

“Get on the bed you fucking whore,” Mike commanded. He was starting to enjoy the Master’s role.

Melanie obeyed and crawled the bed, like a cat in heat.

“That’s better. Now, lay on you back, hike your skirt up, spread your legs like the little whore you are, and let this man use your fuck hole to dump his cum.”

Melanie did as her husband and Master ordered. Melanie crawled onto the bed. She lie on her back and spread her legs, with her feet wide and up in the air. Melanie’s pussy was smooth and swollen. From the crease in her slit, creamy wetness could be seen seeping out of her. She was wet and ready. She lay there on her back, ready to be taken by Lionel. “Taken” may not be the right word. Certainly “fucked” would be a good description. But when you add in what Lionel’s cocks might do to her, ‘used’ would be a proper word as well.

Lionel quickly took off his clothes. His hard cock popped out, ready to go. He knelt on the bed between Melanie’s legs. He put the head of his dick at the opening of her cunt and rubbed it around a bit. Melanie closed her eyes, tilted her head back and to the side, and let out a sigh.

With a strong push, Lionel squeezed his cock inside Melanie’s pussy. He kept pushing into her, until his balls rested on her ass. Kneeling between her legs, he wrapped his big hands around her ankles, spreading her legs open wider and wider. His big black dick began fucking Melanie in a rhythm. Mike took a seat in a chair in the corner, to sit back and enjoy the show. He was watching his wife get fucked and it made his cock rock hard.

As Mike watched, Lionel began to give his wife the fucking that a good little slut needs. His body slapped against hers. His long fingers gripped her slutty ankles, just above her ‘come fuck me’ pumps. His body working into her fair skin was quite a contrast. He fucked Melanie hard. Her cunt stretched to accommodate his thick meat. He squeezed her ankles and fucked the shit out of her.

As Lionel drilled her, Mike taunted her. “Do you like that Melanie? Do you like getting fucked like the whore you are?”

“Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock! Make me cum,” she begged.

Lionel stopped fucking her just long enough to pull his dick out. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto the bed. He was fucking her so hard she was moving. He was so strong, and she so light, that he threw her around like a rag doll. He spun her around so that her head hung off of the edge of the bed. Still laying on her back, Lionel stood over her and put his dick in her mouth. He began to fuck her face, while reaching down and fingering her wet pussy. She could taste her own juices on his dick and balls. She felt so nasty and so needed all at the same time. Melanie wanted to be used. She wanted to make this man cum. She wanted to put on a good show for Mike. It made her so horny to know that her husband was watching her.

“Oh yeah, suck my cock bitch,” Lionel said as he moved his dick in and out her mouth like a piston.

Melanie licked and sucked and choked and gagged. His fingers played with her clit and brought her so close to climax.

Lionel pulled his long, stiff cock out of Melanie’s throat and climbed back on the bed. He forced her legs open wide and dipped his spit-covered cock back in to her pink, hot hole.

Melanie clawed at the sheet on the bed, desperately trying to find something to hold on to. Her head banged against the headboard, as Lionel plowed deeper into her cunt. Her wet pussy stretched and clinched, all at the same time. She could feel him expanding inside her, approaching his climax. The sensation pushed her over the edge.

“Oh fuck me. Please fuck me! Fuck me harder!” she yelled. “Dump your load in me.”

“You fucking cunt, milk my balls dry with your tight little pussy!!” Lionel yelled.

Lionel began to cum inside of Mike’s wife. He pumped and pumped, thrusting his body between her legs and slapping against her. His cum shot deeper inside of her than she had ever felt. Hot cum filled her tight pussy, gushing out of her as he continued to fuck her and use her. His cock pumped cum and he emptied his balls deep inside of Melanie, Mike’s slave.

Lionel finally pulled his limp dick out of Melanie. Cum ran out of her crease and down her little ass. A wet spot of sperm and pussy juice showed on the sheet below her ass crack. Melanie lay there sweating and panting – and hungry for more.

Melanie looked at Mike. She had a lust in her eyes and simply said, “more”.

As Lionel got dressed and went back to join the party, Mike followed him out, leaving Melanie on the bed. He was incredibly turned on.

Mike walked out and saw Doug talking with some friends at the kitchen table. “Doug, come here please”.

Doug had noticed when Lionel, Mike and Melanie went in the back. He was curious and was more than willing to see what was going on. When they walked in the room, Doug was shocked. There lay Melanie, on her back, with her legs spread and cum running out of her fresh-fucked pussy. He could tell that the horny little wench had just been used.

Mike spoke to his wife in a commanding voice, “Melanie, you fucking slut. A big black dick just used you. Now I am going to give Doug here a fresh hole to fuck.”

With that Mike rolled Melanie over onto her stomach. Melanie did not struggle. She lay face down, with her sexy, firm ass facing up. Mike spread her legs just a little. At first she tried to resist him, so he smacked her on the ass a couple of times. She flinched at his correction, then understood and did not move. He reached over and pulled out a tube of lube he had brought with him for this specific purpose. He squirted some on his fingers and then rubbed it on her asshole. Melanie did not react, she just sighed at his touch. Doug could not believe this as he watched.

After he has lubed her up, he looked at Doug, “She is ready for you. Fuck this little whore up the ass.”

“Uh, are you sure, Mike?” Doug was a little nervous and wanted to be cool about it.

“Yup. She is my slave tonight. She will fuck and suck whoever and whenever I tell her.”

Doug could not believe his luck. Here was Melanie, laying face down on the bed. Her ass was prepped and ready, both Melanie and Mike were telling him to stick his dick in her tight bum. He had always thought that she was hot and had fantasized many times about fucking her. He didn’t waste any time. He quickly stripped, releasing his already hard cock.

Doug climbed onto the bed and knelt over Melanie. She till had her black vest on, and her skirt up around her waist. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to check her out. Her ass was as tight and closed as he has ever seen. Her asshole was glistening with lube. He stuck his finger in her pussy, and felt the hot cum in her. The thought of what a nasty fuck-whore she was gave him intense excitement. He then took his finger and rubbed the outside of her asshole. Melanie let out a moan at his touch.

As Mike watched Doug preparing his wife to get butt-fucked, he saw someone peeking through the door. He looked and saw Amy. Amy was Doug’s girlfriend. Mike had always thought that Amy was very sexy.

Melanie could not see Mike in the corner as she was faced down. Mike motioned to Amy to come into the room. She had been watching the whole time. She was completely turned on by what she saw. Her pussy was getting wet just watching what her boyfriend was about to do to her best friend. Doug’s was about to use Melanie’s ass for a cum dumpster.

Amy walked in and looked down at Mike. He took her hand and led her to kneel before him. The two to them were going to watch the show together.

Doug rubbed his finger around Melanie’s ass, preparing her for what was about to happen. He took his time with her, pushing a little more each time. Soon Doug’s finger was rimming the inside of her ass. Amy kept her eyes on Doug’s body, as he knelt by Mike. She knew what he was about to do to her best friend and she was incredibly turned on. Doug had fucked her in the as many times and she knew how great it was.

Once Doug felt that Melanie was ready for him, he leaned over her and rubbed the tip of his cock against her tight pink hole. He pushed. Melanie let out a gasp as if he were pushing the air out of her. His dick felt tight inside her butt, no doubt about that. She had always been afraid of get fucked the ass — afraid that it would hurt. Although it was tight, it was also the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. Through the fog of her pleasure, she found herself getting angry; frustrated that she had not submitted to this before and how she had deprived herself of such pleasure.

Thicker and thicker Doug’s cock went into Melanie’s ass, sliding farther down into her. He grabbed her ass check with one hand, holding his hard dick with the other, guiding himself into her. Soon she was impaled with his meat stuffed inside of her ass. She loved it. Melanie loved anal sex. She instantly knew that she loved getting fucked up the ass, and she knew this would happen again very soon.

Amy could not contain herself any more. She unzipped Mike’s pants and let his cock free. She kept her eyes on Doug and Melanie, as she took Mike’s cock in her hand. Amy licked the head of his penis. He was so turned on from what he had already seen his wife do that night, that pre-cum was oozing from the head of his cock. Amy licked it and pulled away, making a string of cum stretch from his dick to her tongue, like a spider spinning a web.

Mike looked down at Amy. “Suck it,” he commanded. “I am going to cum in your mouth,” Mike sort of breathed when he said it, like he could barely contain himself.

“Promise?” Amy asked, as she slobbered her spit up and down his shaft.

Mike could not take it anymore. He was so horny that he grew impatient. He grabbed a handful of Amy’s hair and forced her head down on his cock.

“Suck it!” he demanded.

Amy gladly and did as she was told. She took Doug’s cock all the way into her mouth, and down her throat. She pulled on him, going up, only to slide her lips back down his monster cock again. Down her throat he went as she worked her tongue and lips around his manhood. She gagged and choked a little on his meat. Her tongue licked the side of his cock, licking his veins, as she held him in her mouth. Meanwhile her fingers worked his balls, as they rose up and tightened at her touch.

Mike’s was so turned on and so conflicted. He wanted to watch Melanie getting fucked by Doug, but he also wanted to watch Amy sucking his dick. He looked over at the bed.

“Oh yes, please fuck me. Fuck me!” Melanie begged to Doug.

Melanie was laying flat on her stomach. Doug’s big dick in her ass made her pussy want to cum. It was an intense combination of pleasure and pain. He lay down on her, pinning her between him and the bed. She could not flinch or pull back from him. She was forced to take every inch of him in her ass.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Peggy and I finally opened up her picnic basket about midnight. The food was great, and so was the company. We toasted each other with ice cold sparkling cider (she noted that she did not drink either, not due to a metabolic issue like me but that she had seen ‘alcoholism close to her family’ and she just wanted to stay away from it to be sure), and I made toasts to Peggy’s marvelous breasts, her perfect pussy, and her awesome ass, and she giggled and blushed at each one. We took the grapes out of the homemade chicken salad and fed them to each other. She toasted my tongue, saying she had never had so many orgasms in her life, and my cock, saying it was now her favorite snack. I discovered that holding some of the highly carbonated cider in my mouth while sucking on her nipples provided her with some extra stimulation, and she quickly applied the same technique to my nipples, with great results. Finally she rolled over onto her stomach and said “Please just fuck me from behind!” and I did my best. Once again she could take everything I could dish out, and she enjoyed catching just as much as I liked pitching. I listened to her Suzie signal almost absentmindedly and she came three times with me on autopilot. Her third orgasm triggered mine, and suddenly I was violently spent, and then lay peacefully on top of her for some time, then we snuggled together and slept again.

When we awoke we went into the family room of the ranch house, which had been constructed around a patio that contained three big tiered bird baths with a flowing water system, planted all around with plants that attracted butterflies and other tasty insects that attracted birds, plus several traditional bird feeders. Hummingbird feeders where hung so they would be visible from the floor to ceiling windows. As the sky began to show pink to the east, she was captivated by the birds that began to arrive, and spotted two additional new ones on their way to winter in South and Central America, respectively. Soon the patio looked like the tarmac at DFW, with all manner of birds landing, eating, watering, bathing, and taking off again. We stripped the bed in the guest room, took a shower together, and then put the sheets and towels in the washer. We dressed and went outside and Peggy took the lead on checking the drip systems, demonstrating considerable knowledge by spotting the clogged emitters quickly and also spotting the tools and spare parts kits on the gardening bench. In twenty minutes all was functioning perfectly. She also demonstrated easy familiarity with deer feeders and salt licks, and here I thought she was a city girl. We took the sheets out of the dryer, made the bed, and hung the towels in the guest bathroom, and suddenly our chores were all done. We packed everything into the Rover, armed the alarm, locked the door behind us, and hid the key again. We took a driving tour of all three lakes in the full daylight, then passed through the gate, closed it, and accelerated onto the county road.

Peggy drove smoothly and confidently, and it made me realize how comfortable I felt with her. I sent my grandma a quick text telling all was well and we had just locked things up and left. She replied ‘any new ones :) ’ The radar detector sounded as we approached the state road, and Peggy set the cruise control for the double nickel, passing a state trooper writing a ticket for an eighteen wheeler. Once we were out of radar range, it was back to 100 mph and we covered the ground back to campus very quickly. We made our goodbyes with some sweet kisses and she dropped me at the dorm. I was not the least bit hungry, and immediately took a nap. I awoke when Kevin arrived back at the room to shower before dinner. He had been playing touch football for ZZZ against another frat. He shouted at me from the shower as I tried to wake up. “I haven’t seen anything on Alpha Gamma in the press yet, but every fraternity and sorority has seen all the videos and I have heard some really wild stories being told about who was recognizable in the videos. Nobody can find the guy who runs their website, and their house is sealed up tight. No one is answering the door or the phone, but they send a guy out every once in a while to pick up all the jars of mayonnaise that pranksters are leaving on their lawn. I heard that someone panicked and took a welding torch to the webmaster’s PC at the house, thinking that would take down the website, but it is still up. And the hit count is blowing up like a bomb! My dad has two potential clients signed up already, but he says there may be some criminal charges happening too.”

He shut off the shower, but continued talking. “Everyone is ecstatic except perhaps the Kappa Kappa Alphas. They used to be certain there was one frat lower and more despicable than they were, but if the AGs get the death penalty, then ‘KKK’s will be the lowest thing in the food chain.”

I spoke up. “Speaking of that, Kev, how did a nice Jewish boy like you end up with the initials KKK?”

He laughed. “My dad was trying to build his brand. He thought that was thumbing his nose at the anti-Semites and it would help to make him look like the baddest Jew trial lawyer on the East Coast! It may have worked, but I have taken some shit, too. Let’s go do dinner.”

About 260 miles south southwest of campus, the AG sysadmin/webmaster was waking up to the most awful headache and hangover he had ever even heard of, much less experienced. He vaguely remembered floating the river and the two girls and then the drinking game. The girls told him he was winning, but it seemed to him he was losing more clothes and drinking way more shots than they were. He had a fleeting memory of them naming him “King Stud” and something about giving him a chance at ‘every girl in boy’s town’, but he was not sure what that meant. He did focus his eyes for a few minutes while they were driving and saw a sign for ‘Laredo’ and then seeing lots of signs in Spanish. They went to some sort of night club with topless dancers and a donkey and then everyone was cheering and the two girls from the river were gone but there were lots of other nice dark haired girls that were paying him a lot of attention and the lights were very bright. He forced his eyes open now, wincing at the pain the harsh sunlight caused. He was in some kind of really cheap and dirty motel room. He had no clothes on, and could not find any in the room. His phone was on the floor, but he could not find the battery anywhere. Someone knocked on the door. He peeked out the peephole and saw a tall dark man with a big mustache in a light brown uniform with a badge and sunglasses and a dark brown cap. Maybe this nice policeman would help him out.

I was surprisingly hungry at dinner, and Kevin gave me an update on all the latest gossip. Janet’s roommate Melanie had dropped out and gone back to Houston, and Janet and Lou were hanging out together a lot now. Lou was great in bed but a little bossy, and what happened to double teaming her? I told him I was having trouble keeping up with my best girls and did not have the energy for a ‘spite fuck’ right now. He said he understood. He said he was amazed that he had been ramping up his kinky demands on Lou, not really caring if she broke up with him, but the kinkier he got the hotter she got and the more orgasms she had, and he was now reluctant to break up with her. He said Lou was apparently not nearly as wild as her reputation led people to believe, and Kevin was only the second guy she had slept with since she started school. We talked about the Halloween party at ZZZ and I told him I would be there but was also going to a lot of others after that. He asked if I would bring Suzanne or Lara, and I said yes. He looked at me funny, and then asked “Both of them!” I smiled. “What kind of costumes will they be wearing?”

I laughed. “I don’t know that myself. I won’t get to see them until that night. But I would bet my left nut they will look pretty good!”

Kevin grinned. “You fucking dog. I guess we better warn the photographer!”

I brushed my teeth and walked over towards Lara’s, taking a little detour to the east and walking by the AG house on the way. There were two police cars and some yellow tape now, and two vans from TV stations idling outside with their antennas poking up. I saw a tall woman in a dark suit near the door arguing with some old guy in a very bad suit. The tall women looked like the DA I had seen on TV talking about a recent and very scandalous drug related murder that happened just west of campus. The door opened and two evidence technicians carried out a partially burned desktop PC and some DVDs. I walked on by, not wanting to draw any attention to myself.

Lara let me in and gave me a quick kiss, and said “We have a few more minutes to go on Suzanne and then you’re the next model up. You may not see our costumes yet, so amuse yourself surfing the web here for a few minutes. After we measure you, I need to talk to you in private for a minute about Suzanne.” I started with the AG site and it was still up! Further searching revealed a ‘police blotter’ one paragraph teaser on the local newspaper site that said that police were investigating a complaint about homosexual child pornography and the destruction of evidence at a local fraternity. Wow! There were a few blog posts saying things like ‘be sure to check out the AG site’ but not much else.

The bedroom door opened and I stepped up on the little stool and they began fitting me with a pattern made of something tougher than tissue paper that needed a lot fewer pins and marks, so I assumed they were making progress. Suzanne then headed for the bathroom and closed the door, and Lara began whispering in my ear “Suzanne wants to be our sub for the night, and she does not want us to go easy on her! She has always had some fantasies about being dominated and used, and she figures she will never get a better chance to try it with someone she trusts than with us. I want to make it great for her, but that means no mercy! Do you understand?”

I had sort of turned off my Suzy receiver since my nap this afternoon, but suddenly I realized that Lara’s little crafty Suzie was about to make a try at getting me and Suzanne both to submit to her. I sure didn’t see that coming, but I had to squash it now! I remembered what Asa had said about Lara and how she needed to perceive me and my feelings for her.

“On your knees, slut!” I pushed her down on her knees, and not gently. Her little crafty Suzie burned with irritation, but then I sensed excitement, and surprisingly strong contentment. “I will do anything to please Suzanne except to ruin my relationship with you!” She looked thunderstruck. “You are mine to do with as I please! I will never submit to you or allow you to submit to anyone but me! Suzanne will not be ‘our’ sub! She is my sub, just as you are mine! Put that ass up in the air!”

I spanked her very thoroughly, and her lovely ass got very red and I got very hard. “You are mine! Do you understand? Mine! You belong to me and no one but me!”

She cried and blubbered. Her Suzie signal blasted like a tornado siren, screaming simultaneous excitement and contentment! She hugged my knees, and her tears fell on my legs. “Oh Master please forgive me! I love you! I don’t want anything but to be yours and to please you!”

I used my foot to push her head down to the floor and held it there. “You may serve as my assistant to punish Suzanne for not being honest with me much sooner about being a complete slut. If you show any mercy I will make an example of you and then deal with Suzanne myself. Now go choose your implements and begin her training. And if you do not take her into new territory and make her not only admit to herself that she is a total slut, but embrace it, and then you will pay the price too. She started to stand up and I slapped her back down. “Crawl, slut, and make her crawl to me also!” There it was: that tight little smile I loved so much, and those blue eyes shining like never before. She was so wonderful.

I sat on the couch in the living room, and soon Suzanne crawled in, wearing a little grey leather hood just like Lara’s electric blue one, and nothing else. Lara followed behind slapping her ass with the short multi strand leather whip. Suzanne’s skin was already red all over, and there were red marks on her amazing ass. Her nipples were hard as rocks, and she was breathing like she had already run ten miles. In short, she was spectacular. And Lara was in fine form, too. “You know you are a slut, I know that you are a slut, and Master knows that you are a slut. Why have you not been honest with us?” All of this was punctuated by lashes with the little whip.

Suzanne sobbed. “I didn’t admit it to myself until yesterday!”

Lara laughed diabolically. “You are about to discover how much of a slut you truly are!”

I stood and grabbed Suzanne’s head using the little handles on her leather hood, and fucked her mouth with absolutely no concern for her, studiously and deliberately ignoring any Suzie signal she was sending. I concentrated on my pleasure and my pleasure alone. She literally had to fight to keep breathing. I pumped my come down her throat like an old bull topping a young heifer. She sucked me dry and worked hard to breathe through her nose. I listened to her Suzie and it was frantic with fear and humiliation, suddenly giving way to excitement.

Lara did not miss an opportunity. “Look at your pussy drip with slut juice! You were made to be a fuck toy, weren’t you!” She grabbed the handles and fucked Suzanne’s sweet face with her golden pussy, showing her even less regard than I had. Lara came several times, and her Suzie sang domination and pleasure, and Suzanne’s sang humiliation that then morphed four fold into rabid excitement. Lara grabbed her head and positioned her face right next to my cock. “Now suck that cock and get it hard again!”

Suzanne moved forward, searching with her mouth, as her hands were bound behind her. She touched it and I moved it away. She chased it and finally sucked it into her mouth. I had to steel myself not to laugh as Lara began to criticize Suzanne’s technique. “You call that a blowjob? What are you, in 7th grade? Suck that dick like you mean it slut. Sucking cock is your highest calling! Except perhaps your destiny of licking my ass.” Suzanne’s new humiliation suddenly summed with all the previous excitement, and her Suzie was screaming. Lara was just getting started.

“Don’t even think about coming until Master gives you permission, slut! Faster, suck harder take it all the way down your slut throat. Lara begin whipping Suzanne like a coxswain beating the time for oarsmen, and Suzanne struggled to suck me at the blistering pace Lara was setting. I looked down at Suzanne’s reddening thighs and ass and suddenly got as hard as I had ever been in my life. Suzanne felt it in her mouth and groaned, perhaps thinking I was about to come again. But I was in the Zen zone now, ready to fuck for a long time before I had to come. I watched as Lara donned something new: a strap on dildo. She put a little lubricant on it and grabbed Suzanne again with the handles and pulled her back as if she was going to sit on Lara’s lap, and then penetrated Suzanne’s perfect ass with the dildo and pulled her back down toward Lara, fully impaling her with no warning or fanfare.

Suzanne screamed, and then a clarion Suzie like I had never heard from Suzanne sounded. It was the Suzie signal equivalent of those huge long horns that the Vikings blew to announce the conquest of a new land. Suzanne was now like a beautiful butterfly impaled by a spike in someone’s collection. She was trapped and owned and she loved it. Lara lay down on her back and used her hands to grab Suzanne’s legs and spread them apart, while still fucking her ass with the strap on.

I knelt between Suzanne’s legs, lined up my cock with her pussy, and entered her slowly and teasingly, reminding her “You may NOT come yet, slut!”

Lara had her wrapped up like a wrestler, and Suzanne strained to move forward and get me into her pussy deeper, but like Tantalus, Lara kept her from getting where she wanted to go. Her Suzie signaled desperation to get more of my cock into her, desperation to get more of the plastic cock in her ass, and desperation to find release. I slowly increased my penetration and pace, while Lara continued to fuck Suzanne’s ass like a machine. I looked down at these two incredible women fully inflamed and considered how lucky I really was. I touched Lara’s arm to get her attention, and indicated to her to let go of Suzanne’s legs and to begin pinching her nipples instead. She smiled wickedly at me. I was almost overcome with my feelings for her, and I found myself sending her an involuntary ‘Suzie blast’ that combined my feelings of contentment, lust, and fulfillment. Her eyes widened, and suddenly the pressure on her clit as the fucked Suzanne with that strap on made her come, too. I drank in Lara’s orgasm signal like a fine wine. I grabbed Suzanne’s legs and almost bent her double, and began stroking into her at a frantic pace. Lara matched my moves mercilessly working into Suzanne’s ass. She began to pinch Suzanne’s nipples hard and even stick the edges of her fingernails into them.

Suzanne was red and frantic and her Suzie was beyond desperate. She keened and moaned and clinched her teeth, and the muscles corded in her beautiful neck. I leaned into her face, gave her a ridiculously tender kiss given the vigor with which I was fucking her, and then whispered “You may come, slut!” At first I was not sure that she heard me, but then a look of peace spread over her face and she came so hard that her Suzie felt like it was slapping me in the face. She squirted juice from her pussy so strongly that I felt it spray up onto me and down onto Lara. But I was still in the zone, and continued to fuck her steadily, and so did Lara. Suzanne had three little orgasms one after another; her Suzie sounding like someone was hitting a kettle drum. Then she froze in rictus, and was completely silent for a moment. Lara started fucking her even harder, and Lara’s Suzie said she was about to come again. I opened up my Suzie receiver all the way, and heard both girls rapidly approaching another crescendo. I locked into their signals, and just as I was sure Lara was going to come, I let loose inside of Suzanne, exploding with what seemed like more force and volume than I had ever felt before. Lara came a moment later, and then Suzanne came in a final crowning muscle wrenching orgasm that was like one big Charlie horse as every muscle cramped and then finally released. Both girls were frozen for a few moments, and the only motion I felt was my prostate, pumping the last few spurts into Suzanne. It was a memory for the ages.

Suzanne relaxed against Lara, and Lara unzipped her hood and removed it from her head. Suzanne burst into tears and balled like a baby, beads of sweat welling up from every pore. ‘Lara swung her over onto the floor between us, and we began to kiss and caress her as she sobbed and shook. She drew in a gasping breath and moaned. “Oh God, Oh God, I love you both, I love you both!” and then shook and sputtered just as Lara had. “That was a bigger rush than finishing a marathon!”

Lara’s eyes filled with tears and she kissed Suzanne’s cheeks tenderly, saying “You are with us baby, let it all out.” Suzanne cried and shook and tears ran down her face for a long time. Suddenly a massive contentment signal came up and dominated my senses, joining with the same kind of signal from Lara. We kissed Suzanne, and snuggled, and kissed some more. We slept, and kissed, and slept again. At some time after that, I woke up with a tremendous hard on. Suzanne’s eyes were open and she was watching me with a funny expression on her face, and then she looked at Lara and then back to me. Then she surprised me by slipping off the side of the bed and kneeling at the foot of the bed, putting her hands behind her as if they were bound. I thought back to the first time the three of us were together, when Lara was submitting to Suzanne, and realized what she wanted. I smiled at her, and her eyes shone with excitement. I wanted it too.

I began kissing Lara, slowly waking and exciting her, listening to her Suzie and pushing it higher like pumping a swing at just the right time. I spread her out on the bed, and began to paw her breasts and nuzzle her navel. She woke up fully and spread her legs brazenly. As I settled in between them, she saw Suzanne kneeling beside the bed, and Lara’s Suzie signal suddenly sounded in concert with Suzanne’s. Lara’s perfect snatch was just like the nectar Mrs. Douglass had talked about, and I enjoyed her like a wonderful fluid buffet. Her first orgasm tasted so good I had to work for another one, which was also delicious. I heard Suzanne’s breathing accelerate as she watched, and my cock ached to be inside Lara. I paused above Lara and entered her slowly but deeply, taking advantage of her wet and wild state, and began fucking her enthusiastically. I was in the zone again, and Lara came beautifully, her pussy twitching and grabbing at my cock. I rolled over on to my side, so that Lara and I were both lying on our sides with me in front of her, and I held one of Lara’s legs up high to facilitate greater penetration into her pussy. I looked at Suzanne. “Slut! Get your tongue in Lara’s ass, now!”

Suzanne was behind Lara in a flash, and began some remarkably enthusiastic ass worship. Lara began to groan and I tried to get even further into her. She came again and squirted on me and Suzanne moved up a little and licked her juices from the bottom of my dick. Life was very good. So good, in fact, that I could not hold myself any more. I grunted a few times and shot into Lara with everything I had, and after the fifth or sixth squirt I pulled back and said “Eat that pussy, slut. Clean it out completely!” Suzanne leapt onto Lara’s pussy and began to eat it like a drunken sailor eating watermelon. She dove in and got it all over her, and then sucked it up and swallowed it all with relish. Lara came twice more in the process, and I am not sure which one of them enjoyed it more. Their Suzie signals were almost perfectly synchronized, and their perfect melodies filled the room. Suzanne showed no hint of stopping her enthusiastic pussy eating, and Lara came again. Then, wonderfully, they were lying on either side of me, toying with my nipples and talking. All was definitely right with the world.

Lara was being very complementary, I supposed. “You are such a little come slut! You couldn’t wait to eat Robbie’s spunk out of my pussy could you?”

Suzanne giggled. “Guilty as charged. I have been thinking about it ever since you sucked it out of my pussy, you shameless slut! I even had a nasty dream about it the other night. That’s what made me talk to you about this. But getting it in the pussy and the ass at the same time by both of you was even more amazing than I could have imagined.”

Lara laughed. “I am glad that you did, but one time won’t be enough, you know. You are going to have to kneel and eat me on a regular basis, you little bitch! And make sure you know how to use that strap on dildo on little old me, too.”

They both laughed at twisted my nipples. Suzanne said “Assuming that our sous-chef here can keep supplying the proper sauces for us!”

I laughed. “I’ll always give you my best, girls. And speaking of strap-ons, I am going to need you two little monsters to help me out in the near future, possibly just after Halloween, with training another sub!”

Both girls arched their eyebrows. “What is going on?”

I smiled. “Well, there is a wonderful woman who helped me out with a little problem recently, so I owe her a big favor. And she hasn’t yet realized what a wonderful and complete slut she can be! She had been holding back and denying herself that pleasure. That is what we are going to help her with.”

Both girls began to signal excitement. I continued “She is going to spend an entire weekend with us, in complete submission to me and completely available for our pleasure. I will need you both to help give her an experience she will never forget. To awaken her full potential and learn how happy and satisfied she can be.”

Lara spoke first. “When will we meet her?”

“Most likely at one of the Halloween parties. I will point her out. And when you do meet her, I want you to heighten her anticipation and excitement for the weekend when she will serve us. But right now I have to get back to the dorm for my curfew. I am a growing boy with classes tomorrow.”

Monday I got up early because I was absolutely starving. Keeping up with several women was draining I suppose, but I would just have to do my duty for God and Country without complaint. It was early enough that I did not see Nora or anyone else, but I did get a chance for a lot of protein replacement. I went over the upcoming week in my mind. This coming Saturday was a big home football game, and ESU was riding high. There were still undefeated through all their games, especially the last three tough games that most analysts had predicted they would lose at least two of. This week’s foe was a formidable basketball school, but in football ESU was expected to win, and to rise even further in the BCS standings. Lara’s dad was coming down and we were again invited to the game with him. Halloween was on the following Wednesday, and I was lined up to visit the Halloween parties at the Phi Iota Gammas, ZZZ, and the Bi Phi’s, and then planned to spend the balance of the evening at UDP, hopefully talking top honors in their costume contest, and taking in the new and wonderful music from the band Oiler and Ralph had bragged about. So I needed to work out my dating plan for Friday and Sunday, which meant figuring out if we were holding another set of sewing circles. I also wanted to fit Peggy in somewhere, set a date for Millicent’s ‘submission weekend’, and follow the AGs demise. But most of this week would be making sure I was caught up and even ahead in my classes so I could enjoy Halloween without guilt.

I made it through Monday morning’s classes and decided to skip lunch and try to get in four miles before Suzanne showed up at the track, to get my total to 11 miles for each day of this week. I made the four miles, and when Suzanne showed up, she wanted to talk about AG and more about the ‘mystery sub’ we were to train. “Well”, I said, “The two subjects are related. But tell me what you have heard about the AGs.”

She laughed. “A Houston TV station has a story about James Craig and his son appearing in gay porn on the web, and his refusal to comment on the story. All the major networks have picked it up now. I heard from Mei Ling a few minutes ago that the AG webmaster was lost across the border in Mexico all weekend, and they only found him this morning, and got him to shut down the webpage. Then the county DA subpoenaed the backups of the webpage as evidence in her investigation, and things are really getting interesting now!”

“That sounds like fun! Did you meet Cisco when you met Mei Ling?”

“Oh yeah. I figure she jumped his bones as soon as they were alone! You could almost feel the tension between them.”

I laughed. “Well, we owe Millicent, the president of Mei Ling’s sorority, for working with us to get Mei Ling on our team. And I suspect the Bi Phi’s are also the reason the webmaster was conveniently out of touch all weekend.”

“How did you get hooked up with the Bi Phi’s?”

“Via the president of ZZZ, and Millicent is our mystery sub! She was convinced that Mei Ling did not have the hots for Cisco, and I could tell they were totally going for each other. She proposed a little bet, and I won!”

“Are the Bi Phi’s all really bi?”

“I don’t know about all of them, but I think Millicent is, and also needs to get her ashes hauled big time, which is what we are going to do for her.” Both of us considered the possibilities as we finished our run.

I made my afternoon classes and dutifully copied down all the layers of assignments they were stacking on. It would be late nights all week, and next week too, Halloween included. When I went to dinner, the AG story was all people were talking about. The DA had filed charges against a bunch of the AGs for destroying evidence, and everyone was waiting for a story teased on TMZ for tonight about ‘fraternity homo erotic rituals’ at ESU and Dartmouth. Dartmouth? Millicent texted me to be sure to catch TMZ in a few minutes, and I replied that I would but I would also be in touch to schedule her ‘weekend’ soon, and looked forward to seeing her at Halloween, and that she might be interested to meet my ‘dates’ for the parties. She did not reply. I stopped by the floor lounge to watch TMZ and they had the Little Jimmy Craig singing video and another ‘slip and slide video’ that apparently featured an AG alum who was now a weatherman on a big TV station in LA. The Dartmouth story was apparently the same kind of sliding thing, plus a lawsuit that resulted from an injury during a drinking game at Dartmouth very similar to the one at ESU. Kevin’s dad was interviewed, and I remember thinking I would certainly not want him after me or my money. The TMZ crew, including a new girl that one of the guys said was an ESU grad, closed out the episode by bantering back and forth using some terrible and predictable groaner puns, including ‘sticky situation’, ‘Greek tragedy’, and ‘slippery slope’.

After supper I dedicated myself to homework and got caught up on all the reading and assignments that were due through Wednesday, and planned some blocks of time for “classroom lecture to myself’ review work. I texted Suzanne about sewing, and she said they were through with the measurements, and she already knew about the football game and that she an Lara were planning a “touchdown club” at Lara’s place Saturday night after her Dad dropped us off from the game, and I was invited but only if I thought I could score. I texted back that I knew of two tight ends that I was planning to convert to wide receivers. Both of them soon texted me back “Bring it on!” That’s my girls! So I had Friday and Sunday wide open, so to speak. I called Peggy and got her voicemail, and left a message and suggested a ‘field day’ for Sunday, and hoped for an answer soon. I got a class distribution list email from the TA in Engineering 101 that we were getting a walk on Wednesday, because Professor Lillehammer was going to be out at a conference. I decided to start running earlier than normal Wednesday and see if I could do better than 4 before Suzanne showed up. I didn’t get to sleep until midnight, but I was good shape on my classes by then.

Tuesday was pretty normal. I got a few new assignments but managed to get them done and stay on schedule. Peggy called back and invited me to dinner at her place Sunday, and I accepted. I texted Nora to see if she wanted to do something Friday, but she said she couldn’t. Then Oiler called and said they were having a mixer Friday night, and I told him I was in. He replied to come really early and have supper with them, so my weekend was set. My solo classroom lecture reviews pointed out some stuff I needed to work on, but I got things straightened out about 1AM Wednesday morning and hit the sack.

Wednesday I had a big breakfast with plenty of protein followed by some pancakes for ‘carbo-loading’, figuring I would go for 13 miles total and see if I lived through it. Ms. Wyrickie smelled much better in Rhetoric and Composition, and when I smiled at her she smiled back and blushed. Sarah had missed the class. I took two water bottles with me and set off earlier than ever, trying to get 6 miles in before Suzanne joined me for a final 7. I felt pretty good when I got the normal 4, and okay when I finished two more and Suzanne showed up. But she had to carry most of the conversation for the last two miles. She had no trouble doing that, though. “So I think I might be an endorphin junkie, Robbie, because after you guys whipped me and fucked me so hard this weekend, I got a high like I have never experienced, like I ran 100 miles instead of 27!” I looked around to make sure no one was within earshot.

She continued. “So I am thinking we need to set up a date one weekend where I run 27 and then you two immediately ravish me! What do you think?”

I smiled, but couldn’t work up the energy to laugh, as we were nearing the last lap. She looked at me expectantly. I finally said “Just finishing 13 miles here, beautiful, so a little winded but getting a rush, too!”

She clapped and pumped a fist. “Hooray for you, Animal! Once you get to 15 miles steady for a couple of weeks you will be ready to tank up and try a full 27. That is awesome!” I didn’t even have the wind to tell her how much I was looking forward to devouring her piquant bouquet after she had finished her 27.

I was just able to drag myself out to the shower and make my afternoon classes, but the pleasant afterglow of my endorphin rush stayed with me all afternoon. I got really caught up in all classes, was really hungry at dinner, and slept like a big baby, but I dreamed that I was lying on Peggy, not my bed.

Thursday went swimmingly: I turned in all assignments and survived two pop quizzes to boot. I was ravenous for protein and thirsty all day. Friday was another good day, and I managed to run 13 without it totally destroying me, but had to miss lunch to do so. Suzanne was especially encouraging, and told me she was ready, willing, and able for anything that pleased me Saturday night. By the time I was ready to leave for the UDT port Friday afternoon, I was absolutely ravenous, once again. It was their monthly fried chicken night, complete with corn on the cob and green beans, and my 13 miles worth of stimulated appetite met good southern cooking in a perfect match. Three trips through the line later, I took my turn cranking the ice cream freezer and then got a dish of almost perfect homemade vanilla ice cream. I felt like a much improved fellow. By the time all the food was gone, we adjourned to the hall near the pool for the mixer.

UDP mixers draw perhaps the most interesting mix of girls of any frat on campus. To the first order, about 50% of the attendees were usually independent girls, not sorority members. Beyond that, the girls were not as made up and ‘formal’ as most sorority types, nor were they all natural beauties. But they all had bright eyes and were very intelligent looking, and even those without my talent remarked that there was usually something ‘special’ about them. But their Suzie signals were explicitly special: strong, clear, pure, delicious and open for easy reading. I was enchanted from the moment the first group of girls walked in, even though most of them were not sending for me. The UDP guys I had helped before were all hooked up and happy now, maybe not ecstatic like Cisco and Mei Ling, but not actively looking for new dates either, so I tried to listen for several of the other guys. And the hit rate was incredibly high: almost every woman who came through the line was sending a clear Suzie signal for at least one of the UDP guys there. I got the now familiar reaction of ‘that girl can’t really be interested in me’, a reluctance to approach the girl in question, followed by the delightful surprise of having her being interested and very receptive.

After the receiving line was finished, people milled around and Cisco sought me out and gave me an update, first on how wonderful Mei Ling was, and then on the AG situation. Oiler approached, and gave me a set of several previous year’s midterm and final exams for each of my courses this semester. I knew they had great exam files, but I wondered how they got my schedule, but then I realized they must have connections at the registrar’s office, too. Then I heard a Suzie signal so loud and clear that it interrupted my thinking and made me turn my head. When I did, Millicent Hathaway was walking toward me.

“I wondered if you would be here. I wanted to thank you in person for leading the effort to take down the AG website, and perhaps ultimately taking down the entire chapter here at ESU.”

I laughed. “Well, all I really did was to try find the right people to do what I could not, tell them what needed to be done, find out their motivation to act, and get out of their way.”

She snorted. “The essence of leadership, wouldn’t you say? And by design or serendipity, you also created some friendships and alliances. Eddie Estigoy and The Cisco Kid are already like lifelong pals, and Mei Ling is totally enchanted with Cisco, too.”

I looked at her eyes, and took her hand. Her Suzie was sending wild excitement, and was modulated with images of her being restrained and controlled, then ravaged and violated. “I am looking forward to ‘leading’ you for a weekend, Millicent.” I sensed her struggling to control her Suzie signals, but not entirely successfully. “Perhaps we can experience a little serendipity of our own!”

“I suppose so.” She said tersely. She was not saying much, but her Suzie sure was.

I smiled again. “I was thinking of the first weekend in November. You can look forward to serving me beginning Friday at sundown until Sunday at sundown.”

Her face was a mask, but her Suzie was a bubbling caldron.

“I am looking forward to seeing you at the Halloween party, too. I may introduce you to two women you will become very aware of!”

The cauldron bubbled a little more, but she was doing an admirable job of at least keeping a lid on it. I was looking forward to a full rolling boil.

Mei Ling then walked up and introduced me to a few of her friends, one of whom, Dana Duke, was sending Suzie for me in an intriguing sort of lilting way that said not ‘tonight’, not ‘chase me and catch me’ , but rather ‘maybe you should chase me and maybe you can catch me’. It was an overtone of uncertainty that I had never encountered before. I knew from reading the campus newspaper that Dana was a sophomore and the rising star of the women’s golf team at ESU, and was considered a sure thing to go on the ladies PGA tour, maybe even before she finished school. She was smart and well spoken, and I was very attracted to her, but I filed it away for future action. Mei Ling, however, suggested that I walk them back by the Bi Phi house were Mei Ling lived, and then drop Dana at the her dorm on my way to the mine. Was Mei Ling playing matchmaker? She knew about Suzanne, but not Lara. What was happening here? I listened carefully, and there was another undertone of Mei Ling and Dana sending for each other, but very subtly. Hey, Baby, Que Paso?

Millicent walked with us to the Bi Phi house, and she was very restrained while Mei Ling gave me an enthusiastic hug and kiss. I liked it. I did squeeze Millicent’s arm and her eye’s got a little wide, and then they went through the door and were gone. Dana was watching the interaction between the other two women and me closely and then picked up the conversation as we turned and walked toward campus.

“May I call you Robbie? That’s what Mei Ling said she calls you.”

“Of course you can. Anyone as cute as you and Mei Ling are can call me anything you want!”

“That kind of remark is normally fatuous bullshit, but from you it actually sounded sincere.”

I smiled. “I never bullshit anybody, and that saves time and frustration all around.”

She snorted. “Even about emotions?”

“Especially about emotions! Otherwise everyone is guessing and wasting time and maybe getting their feelings hurt much more than necessary. Some if that is unavoidable, but it should be minimized.”

“Okay then. Are you attracted to me?”

“Yes, and you think you might be attracted to me.”

She looked at me funny. “You don’t sound very sure of yourself.”

“I am certain I am attracted to you. But you are unsure about your attraction to me. Why?”

We were already at her dorm. “We may talk about that later!” She disappeared into the lobby. I went to bed early, tired but full and looking forward to a well rested beginning tomorrow.

My Saturday started early. The programming gurus had expected ESU to be 4-4 by now and unranked, but they were instead 8-0 and highly ranked. ESU football always drew a sizeable national TV audience, so the Saturday football game got picked up belatedly for national network TV, and the network had the option to set the start time, so they moved it up to noon eastern and thus 11 AM local to make it the early national game. That made for a much accelerated game day routine for the ESU fan base. We walked over the stadium at 9, and Lara’s dad’s suite was already full and bustling. The bartender was serving Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, and luckily for me some plain orange juice, and the food line was breakfast tacos, which were especially good. I checked the wrapper and sure enough, they came from the same little place that Suzanne had taken me for breakfast. I thought I recognized the chorizo and the fresh Habanero sauce. The Game Day analysts were sticking to their so far season long story that ESU was about to collapse at any moment and lose all the rest of their games. Although they were and should be solidly favored, the analysts were calling it a trap game and expecting ESU to lose.

Marie Oroterrassier was nowhere to be found, and Lara whispered to me that she was now spending the vast majority of her time in Europe, setting up the company’s operations there, with Steadman in tow. But Lillian Gush was very visible, radiant, and still sending hot Suzie for Lara’s dad. He looked ten years younger and was animated and lugubrious, running around the suite and talking to everybody. Lara then leaned even closer and lightly licked my ear and said “Suzanne is watching the game at my apartment. I am going to text her when we leave here for dinner, and she is going to do a 27 mile run, timed to finish a few minutes after Daddy drops us off. She humbly requests that Master train her vigorously as soon as she arrives. I think she expects to be used and abused quite extensively. I hope Master will see fit train me too!”

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “We will see how well you perform under the table at dinner!” Lara drew in a huge breath and stumbled against me. Maybe she had forgotten! She sort of stumbled away and began talking to her dad, and I looked up and saw Lillian watching us with silly grin on her face. She came over and took my arm, steering me to two unused seats near the windows, just as the band was about to leave the field so the game could start.

“Lara looks better over the last few weeks than I have ever seen her! You must be taking very good care of her?” She sort of leered at me and squeezed my bicep, but she was sending Suzie only for Lara’s dad, not me.

I smiled, “She is a wonderful young lady and I am very fortunate to have met her” using my standard, prepared line.

She laughed heartily. “That’s a very gentlemanly way to say you are fucking her young blonde brains out, and I think it’s great! No woman looks that much better that fast without some frequent mega doses of Vitamin Dick, if you know what I mean!”

She seemed to delight in the scandalized look on my face, but I tried to recover. “You are looking absolutely radiant yourself, Lillian. One might say gushing!”

She giggled. “Guilty. Lara’s dad has been storing up a mixture of guilt and lust for years since his wife died, and he has been taking it out on me for the last two weeks, and I have loved every minute of it! By the way, thank you for suggesting it!”

I know I looked surprised. She continued “He told me about your advice, and it was doubly good for both of us. Marie is a cold calculating bitch, but I have been getting warm and wet for him for years. He turns out to be a perfect fit, although he is still a little conventional in the sack. But I am working on loosening him up! I am just glad he could see past my plain features to realize how much I liked him.”

I was a little surprised at her self-awareness and frank appraisal. “Real honesty and openness are always attractive to a smart guy, which he is. And a woman who truly knows what she wants, and says what she wants, is usually irresistible.”

She looked thoughtful. “I am afraid he may be put off by some of the things I want.”

I laughed. “Do they break any of my cardinal rules?”

She looked funny. “What are those?”

“No animals, no children, and no feces.” I smiled. “As long as a young lady avoids those, I am duty bound to give her anything she wants. And if you approach the subject honestly, I bet that would work for you, too. Can you get what you want within those guidelines?”

She snorted. “That leaves a lot of territory open, including all of my needs and fantasies. You seem very sophisticated for such a young man.”

“I had an excellent teacher. And the first lesson was honesty and openness.” I got up to get another glass of tea before the game started, and Lara slid in to talk to Lillian. While I was filling my glass, they were already talking a 100 miles an hour into each other’s ears and giggling like two school girls.

Lara’s Dad beckoned to me to sit next to him in the front row, which I did. The coin flip had just been completed and there was less than two minutes until the kickoff. “I suppose those two are talking about us?”

I laughed. “I think so, and I think Lillian is fantastic. You look happy and she looks radiant!”

He smiled like he knew a secret. “She is wonderful. I would do anything for her!”

I smiled conspiratorially. “That’s my final piece of advice. Lillian seems to be very ‘passionate’ woman, who may need some special things. If she asks you for such things, you must do them for her. And if you need special things, ask her to do them for you. I’m sure she will.” He managed to look both guilty and hopeful at the same time.

Then he caught me napping with a quick question. “Are you fucking my daughter?”

“Yes, Sir, I am. Are you fucking Lillian?”

He smiled. “Yes I am, and proud of it, too!”

The canon fired signaling the kickoff and we both swiveled our heads to watch the game, along with more than 100,000 other people. ESU kicked off and proceeded to defy the analysts and critics again. The defense opened up with a three and out stop, giving the offense the ball back quickly inside the opponent’s 50. Three plays later the new ESU freshman running back phenom took it in from 36 yards out. A pick six on the very next drive put ESU up 14-0 very early, and the opponent’s lackluster running game gave the eager defensive line rotation carte blanch to rush the opponent’s promising new transfer quarterback. They all had fresh legs and lots of swagger. The offensive left guard and tackle slowed the rush down a little bit, and the center tried, but the right side of their offensive line could only wave as the ESU rushers went over, around, and through them. Their new QB mainly had to play duck and cover, and some of his best plays were to get the ball safely out of bounds before he got hit. We were enjoying every play, and ESU was up 35-3 at the half.

The mood was festive during half time. Lara’s dad was talking seriously to Lillian in the corner, and her eyes got wide and then she smiled and kissed him. Then she spoke in his ear and he smiled and nodded too. I found Lara talking to Asa and gave her a hug. She said she needed to hit the bathroom before the second half started, and Asa took up the conversation with me. “Looks like you did more to the errant fraternity than just take Lara’s video down. They may be occupied with other things for some time to come. Did you make any enemies in the process?”

“I actually made some real friends in the process. It seems there were several very capable people who shared my lack of respect for the AGs. I don’t think the AGs even know what happened to them, or who was behind it, and I don’t think anyone will find out. Lara does not even know she was connected the AGs in any way, and I hope we can keep it that way.”

He smiled broadly. “That’s good. Lara looks even better than last time I saw her a week ago. She is the happiest she has ever been, and her father is too.”

The ESU second units were getting lots of live game snaps, and looking really good. The TV analysts were even joking about how they were getting to see a lot of the highly touted freshman ESU recruits playing with the 2′s, and they all looked good. The ESU defense was still playing a ten man rapid rotation on the defensive line, so they just kept doing it, and kept getting sacks. When ESU went up 49-6, the opposing coach let his backup QB get some snaps. It was good that he had fresh legs, because the outside rush made him run for his life. He was pretty fast. ESU finished them off at 59-9, and the analysts were suddenly impressed.

Lara’s dad was in an expansive mood. He had made dinner reservations at one of the local standards just south of the river that had been recently remodeled and modernized, and I soon had some of the best lamb I had ever had in my life. Lara and I were sharing some sort of German chocolate cake tasting tart thing that would have made even my grandmother jealous of the chef. Lara was seated in the corner chair of the table with me next to her, and with another couple in the middle and then her dad and finally Lillian on the end next to him. Lillian was clearly playing footsie with Lara’s dad, and they were having a great time. Lara smiled at me with a hint of apprehension as I whispered in her ear. “On your knees, slut, be quick about it and swallow every drop!” Her face turned white, but then that wonderful sly little smile crept across her face, and her Suzie signal screamed like an air raid siren that only I could hear. She slipped down seemingly un-noticed, and I felt her fingers pulling down my zipper. I had come up with this whole idea from my research on how to excite her, but suddenly I felt my pulse thundering in my ears and realized I was frantic with apprehension and excitement. The shoe was on the other foot, or something like that. I swear I heard Mrs. Douglass laughing.

I tried desperately to put an expression on my face that said ‘everything is normal here, nothing to see here and Lara is probably in the ladies room’. But I knew my face was turning red and my blood pressure must be stratospheric. Luckily the table was tall enough and big enough where nothing was showing. I, however, was not a good enough actor to look completely calm in this situation. Then I caught Lillian looking at me and I must have blushed beet red. Lara brought me off just at that moment and I couldn’t help but gulp and jerk my legs a little. Lillian smiled this awful smile that said she was enjoying my predicament, but at least she was holding Lara’s dad’s attention and my expression stayed frozen until Lara had sucked me dry. Lillian then helped me out by coughing and drawing even more attention to herself while Lara fled from under the table toward the ladies room. Lillian then stood up and announced she was going to the ladies to check on what was taking Lara so long.

They were gone for a while, and then returned giggling and talking to each other. Everyone was ready to go at that point, and after some quick goodbyes the limo left us at the door to Lara’s building. Until that second, I had forgotten about Suzanne. Lara got a text saying that Suzanne would arrive in about 20 minutes, so we sat down to plan her reception.

Lara got a fiendish grin on her face and said “Come into the bedroom and let’s brainstorm!” She had some new things to show me. One was set of three ornate gold plated hooks installed into the concrete ceiling of her bedroom with big steel bolts and epoxy that were guaranteed to hold 1000 lbs each. Two hooks held what I could only describe as a cross between a trapeze and a bondage outfit, with all sorts of restraints and snaps and Velcro things, and the other hook had a ‘sex swing chair’ suspended from it, with some obvious places to sit and some obvious openings to facilitate penetration and several degrees of freedom for the associated motions. We figured Suzanne would be tense and we should make her tenser for a little while and then give her release, and we both wanted to do a little ‘wine tasting’ on her too. This should be even more fun that the football game was.

Lara opened the door and Suzanne walked in, huffing and puffing. All her pores were open and soon all her desires would be known. Suzanne gave her a chaste little kiss and then snapped a pair of fur lined handcuffs on her, and zipped on the little grey hood that covered her eyes. Suzanne’s rapid breathing highlighted how cut and well defined she was, and the smell of her perspiration was soon joined by the aroma of her excitement, an azeotrope that had both Lara and I already near our boiling points. Lara then attached the handcuffs to rings on the ‘trapeze’ and lifted Suzanne up slightly, and then put restraints on her ankles, too. Suzanne struggled a bit and realized she was truly trapped. Then Lara did something to some hooks and swivels and suddenly Suzanne was upside down and swinging free. Lara attached a little rope to the swing and gave me one end, keeping the other in her hand. She pulled the rope, and Suzanne swung toward her, and then she held her there while Lara tasted her pussy. The she let Suzanne swing back and I pulled her to me, and tasted her too. She was hot, wet, salty and frantic with excitement. Her Suzie was a free running oscillator – she had no idea what was going to happen next and she was shaking with exhaustion, excitement, and anticipation.

I let her swing back toward Lara, who grabbed the handles on Suzanne’s hood and directed her mouth to Lara’s golden pussy. Suzanne was just beginning to enjoy it when Lara swung her back to me, and I grabbed the handles and put my cock down her throat. Just as she was beginning to like that, I swung her back to Lara. Lara used the handle to turn Suzanne around and then use the whip on her ass, very hard, five strokes per buttock. When she swung back to me I could not resist kissing her reddening butt cheeks, and using my curled up tongue to probe her awesome ass. Back to Lara, who attached nipple clips to both of Suzanne’s nipples, then back to me, to spank her butt and leave red hand prints. Back to Lara’s pussy for some frantic licking, then back to me for another spanking. Suzanne’s Suzie signal was now a plaintive wail – she knew random things were going to happen to her, pleasure or pain and she could not guess which. She lost all control and just accepted whatever we wanted to do to her. She was ready for the next phase. I moved her to a stationary point just below the hook in the ceiling, and Lara did something with another hook and swivel that lowered Suzanne down just a little, so her ass and pussy were level with our waists as we stood.

I reminded Suzanne. “You may not come until I give you permission!” and then began gently and teasingly licking her pussy. Lara did the same with her ass from the other side. Suzanne vibrated, right on the brink of an orgasm. Lara paused and donned the strap on dildo, and slowly entered Suzanne, teasingly just giving her the very tip of the plastic cock in her ass. Suzanne’s leg and abdominal muscles strained and flexed beautifully to try to push toward Lara to get a little more inside her, but it was strictly an isometric exercise, as we completely controlled her position. I stood up and positioned my cock at the entrance to Suzanne’s perfect pussy, teasing her by just barely touching but not entering her. Lara took the dildo out of Suzanne’s ass and used the whip on her again, and when her muscles clinched at each stroke she moved a little more toward me and just a little more of my cock slipped into her. Lara could not hear Suzanne’s signals, but she could somehow sense the delicious irony of the fall of the whip, the tensing, and the swelling pleasure from the increased penetration. Lara positioned the dildo in Suzanne’s ass again, and we played a game of teasing trapeze, swinging her back and forth between alternating partial penetrations. Each swing of our beautiful pendulum girl increased the penetration just a fraction, and soon Suzanne was shaking in the trapeze trying to get some sort of purchase to move further in either direction.

We kept this up for some time, observing all of Suzanne’s beautiful muscles twitching and straining against each other like some sort of sexual martial art, and then we let her motion increase; She swung toward me and got about two inches of my cock in her pussy. The she swung toward Lara and got about two inches of dildo in her ass. We kept the slow swinging pace, fractionally increasing penetration, and then Lara swung her 180 degrees so she got the dildo in her pussy and my cock in her ass. Suzanne was now sobbing and her incredible perfect pussy was wet and dripping like melting ice cream. Then, another surprise, and when she swung toward Lara’s side she got the whip instead of the dildo. Then back to the dildo. Suzanne’s Suzie signaled almost complete frantic excitement and a desperate desire for release. I pushed her back toward Lara, who penetrated her fully with the dildo in Suzanne’s ass, then swung her toward me and I slammed into her pussy as deep as I could. One stroke from each direction was not quite enough to get her off, and she was desperate. She cried out “Please! Please!”

Lara laughed and put a ball gag on her, saying “What’s the matter slut can’t come?” She threw Suzanne toward me and I held her stationary and fucked her as hard as I could, the first time she had had more than one stroke from either of us. I hissed at Suzanne “You may come, you dirty slut!” Lara began whipping her ass in synchrony with my thrusts, and on the fourth thrust which corresponded to the third blow with the whip Lara reached around and ripped off the nipple clips and Suzanne came in a fragrant squirt. I was zoned, hard, and just wanting to fuck forever. Lara stopped whipping and I just pounded into Suzanne, and she came again in about twenty more strokes, screaming and shaking. Then something amazing happened. There was no gap, no latency, no refractive period; Suzanne was simply in a complete frenzy for more stimulation. I pushed her toward Lara and Lara swung her so her ass was away from me and towards Lara. When Suzanne was just about to swing back, Lara reached out with her left hand, slipped it between Suzanne’s legs, and stuck her two middle fingers into Suzanne’s pussy like you would grip a bowling ball. Her index and pinky fingers lay just outside of Suzanne’s outer lips, which then slipped through Lara’s fingers like a pink salmon taco. She held her there and used the whip in her right hand on Suzanne’s butt and thighs even more strongly than before, continuing the same timing as my thrusts. The strokes with the whip had somehow become equivalent to the strokes with the cock or the dildo, and on the sixth swat Suanne exploded in another massive orgasm, her Suzie signal sounding like a string of firecrackers, with a tone and intensity I had never heard before. Another wave of juice cascaded around Lara’s hand and down Suzanne’s legs.

Lara pushed Suzanne toward me, and I spun her around and shoved my cock into her ass. Lara fell to her knees and then began to lick Suzanne’s pussy. Suzanne had one more little almost parenthetical orgasm and then I lost my Zen state and pumped my ejaculation into Suzanne’s ass with all the vigor I could muster. Lara sucked Suzanne’s clit into her mouth and Suzanne had one more of those shaking ‘Charlie horse’ orgasms that seemed to fire every muscle in her body at the same time. Suzanne literally stopped breathing for ten seconds and then took in a massive gasping breath and cried and sobbed like a baby. I held her up and Lara unsnapped the rings and restraints. I carried her onto the bed as Laura took out the gag and unzipped and removed the grey hood. We put her between us and kissed and held her while she fought for oxygen and sweat poured out of her. She shivered and got clammy and we pulled the blankets over us and pressed against her to try to warm her. It was almost like a child breaking a fever, and we lay there with her between us and were all just glad to be alive.


What a busy day. 4pm and this is the first opportunity for a pause, to gather my breath. And it’s on the way to do something that I’m dreading.

It’s been so busy, in fact, that we didn’t even have time for a morning fool-around. We had lots to get sorted.

After we avoided the police and got home last night, I told Emma that I wanted to marry her as soon as possible — and that I’d worked out a plan. I knew she’d never liked the idea of a big wedding, so I proposed that we fly out somewhere on Friday; get married on Saturday; and return on Sunday.

She loved it.

I’d done the research, and one of the easiest places for a quickie wedding is Gibraltar. So, while she spent the morning shopping for a wedding dress, I booked flights and a hotel, and got us packed.

Then we went to my parents’ place for lunch.

They’d already met Emma briefly once before, and were well aware of my long-held love of her, so they must have suspected something when I told them I was bringing her with me.

When we arrived, there were hugs all round — I’m sure I spied a funny look on my Dad’s face when Emma pressed her body into his, and he could hardly take his eyes off her thereafter.

Not that I could blame him — I was exactly the same. She was dressed simply, with no make-up and her blonde hair in a loose ponytail, but still looked amazing. She wore a tight, long orange t-shirt with a sketch of Tinkerbell on the front; a pair of round-toe pumps with a hidden platform and a 5 inch heel, that matched the colour of her top almost exactly; and sexy wetlook leggings that made her legs looks incredible.

In this setting, Emma was the sweet girly-girl that I first fell in love with. You’d never believe that she’d had 4 different cocks in her yesterday. In a way, it was reassuring to see she was still the same loving, caring, beautiful woman that I’d wanted to marry for years.

My Mum quickly spotted Emma’s engagement ring, so we told them the (edited) version of what was happening. How we were getting married in Gibraltar. How I planned to get a new job as soon as possible, nearer to Emma’s house — and that that would become our house. Emma was confident she could negotiate that with The Boyfriend. I didn’t ask how.

Mum and Dad were a little disappointed they weren’t going to be at the wedding, but we assured them there’d be a celebration when we got home.

Overall, I think they were just happy for us.

So, now we’e on our way back to her place. Tomorrow, I’m to explain to her family how I’ve managed to steal her away from a guy that they all love, and assumed she was going to marry and have children with. But that’s not even the worst of it.

First, Emma has to break it off with The Boyfriend.

Neither of us are looking forward to it. The car is quiet and there’s a sense of unease that won’t lift.

This will not be pleasant.


Their street is busy as usual, so I park a couple of doors down from Emma’s home.

“I’ll be waiting right here,” I tell her, squeezing her hand. “It’ll be ok.”

“It won’t, but it’s what I want. I just need to make him understand that.”

She heaves a deep breath and exits the car. I watch her totter down their driveway and, in spite of myself and the situation, my dick gets chubby.

Emma had decided that the best way to persuade him it was over, was to be completely honest about how she’d turned into a slut. She knew there was no way he could stay with her if she was sleeping around on him. And that knowledge informed the outfit she decided to wear for breaking up with him…

She’s wearing a knee-length black leather coat, but when she takes that off, The Boyfriend will probably have a melt down. Hugging her arse is a tiny, tight black latex mini-skirt that only just hides her pierced pussy. But there’s only a few inches of thigh on show, because she’s wearing the same shiny red stretch-leather thigh-high boots with a pointy-toe and black 5-inch stiletto heels that she wore to fuck Steve yesterday.

On top, she’s wearing a red and black latex corset that makes her normally slim waist even narrower; and it sits just under her tits, lifting them deliciously but leaving them completely exposed. Hence the jacket.

But that’s not all. She’s got a silver chain linking the two pierced nipples on her bare breasts; and she’s got a pretty large metal butt-plug up her arse too. Her pretty face is painted like a cheap whore with bright red lipstick, long fake lashes, and heavy dark eye make-up; and her long blonde hair is teased and tousled in that just-fucked look.

And the diamond ring on her wedding finger is mine, not his.

If it isn’t immediately obvious that the sweet girl he fell in love with has changed somewhat, then I’m calling the men in white coats to take him away.

I settle in for what could be a long wait while they thrash this out.


But I didn’t expect it to take this long. 2 hours. Really?!

As parents do their Halloween duty and lead their kids around the neighbourhood, trick or treating, I feel a little creepy — as though the parents think I’m there to look at their little girl dressed as a Disney princess.

I might have to invite myself into Emma and The Boyfriend’s discussion soon, before someone calls the police.

I’ll put it off a little while longer. I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing The Boyfriend. He’s sure to blame me for corrupting Emma — and it’s difficult to argue against that. But it was her choice. I was careful to never force her into anything she didn’t want to do.

That won’t be any comfort to him.

Finally I get the message I’ve been waiting for, but didn’t want to arrive.

I exit my car, stretching my cramped muscles, and carry/wheel Emma’s suitcases of clothes to the house with all the enthusiasm of a man headed to the electric chair.

The front door opens and all that’s forgotten. Now I know part of the reason why it’s taken so long.

Emma’s changed outfits.

She’s dressed as a too-fucking-hot Goldilocks. Not too cold, not just the right amount, but too fucking hot.

The outfit is a small, strapless, yellow and white dress which flares out into a petticoat that only just covers her crotch. Her tits are pushed together and are nearly falling out of the top. She has a yellow bow in her hair, white overknee socks, and shiny black Mary-Jane-style pumps with a 4.5 inch heel.

“Wow,” I murmur.

“We’re going out.” She does not look happy.

I dump her bags just inside the door.

“What have you done to her, you fucking bastard!” The Boyfriend yells at me.

“I told you!” Emma shouts back, angrier than I’ve ever seen her. “This isn’t about him. This is about what I want, and it isn’t you!”

She slams the door and strides toward my car and, in my attempt to keep up, I can’t help noticing that her dress leaves the lower curves of her pert bottom uncovered, and I can’t see any underwear.

“Are you ok?” I ask.

“He doesn’t believe me. I tried to show him the videos on my phone, but he wouldn’t watch. He put his hands over his ears like a fucking 5 year old! So we’re going to find a couple of guys to fuck me, and prove to him that he doesn’t want me anymore.”

“Wow, ok. So where are we going?”

“There’s a bar nearby that’s got a Halloween party on tonight — it’s pretty rough, but I should be able to pick up a couple of guys there.”

We get into my car.

“You look incredible, by the way. Beautiful, cute and sexy,” I tell her.

In spite of her foul mood, she smiles. “That’s becoming a bit of a catchphrase.”

“I know,” I grin.

“I was going to wear this for you tonight, but… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ll enjoy watching!”

“Oh no, you’re joining in.”


Again, I’m left waiting outside.

At least I know that, dressed like she is, she isn’t going to have trouble picking up guys. I wonder what type of man she’ll go for? As long as…

Oh my fucking God. I didn’t expect that.

Emma’s strutting over to me with three hulking black guys. One’s dressed as a caveman; one’s a mobster; and the last is a Spartan warrior.

And it seems like they already can’t keep their hands off her, with one guy groping a tit through her top, and another with his hand up her dress.

I get out of the car and pull the seat forward so three of them can climb in the back.

“Look sweetie,” Emma purrs, “I found my three bears.”

She’s not wrong. They’re huge.


We make the short journey back to Emma’s place. Emma spent the whole time laying across the laps of two of the guys in the back, the rings in her nipples being sucked on and her pussy being fingered. The Caveman sat up front next to me kept getting in the way by reaching back for a grope.

There’s no way The Boyfriend will still believe she’s all sweetness and light after this.

We bundle through the door and The Boyfriend’s eyes bug out. “What the fuck?!”

“You thought I was joking?” Emma asks, her hand stroking The Mobster’s large bulge through his trousers. “Upstairs. Now. You need to see this.”

He hesitates.

“The lady wasn’t asking,” The Mobster glares at him; and The Boyfriend leads the way.

We all traipse into their bedroom: The Boyfriend stands awkwardly in the far corner; I hang back in the doorway.

“I want to see your cocks,” Emma says. She drops her dress and sinks to her knees. “You too, sweetie,” she purrs to me.

I step forward, unzipping my jeans, and immediately I feel a little inadequate. The Mobster’s dick is the smallest of the three, and his is 10 inches long, and thick. The Caveman’s weapon is 11 inches but slightly thinner, and is remarkably similar to Steve’s. The Spartan, however…

He’s the biggest guy at 6 foot 8, built like a brick shithouse, and has a dick to match. It must be 13, maybe 14 inches long, and thicker than Emma’s forearm.

And Emma seems instantaneously infatuated by it. A little intimidated, but mostly excited. I can see the lust taking over as she licks her lips and grabs the Spartan’s pole.

“Suck it, bitch,” he orders.

I don’t think she needed telling.

She opens her mouth wide, and her lips stretch obscenely as she forces the first few inches into her mouth, and bobs her head eagerly. The contrast of the deep black dick against her pretty white face is startling, and hot.

I sneak a quick look at The Boyfriend, and his jaw has hit the floor.

Emma pulls back. “Oh God, it’s huge. It’s perfect. I’m in love.”

She doesn’t let go, but keeps tugging on it as she opens her mouth for The Mobster’s piece. He grabs her head and makes her take it down her throat, causing her to gag. He fucks her face without any concern for her; then holds his dick all the way in, Emma’s cute nose buried in his pubes.

She tries to pull back but he won’t let her — I’m about to intervene when he pulls out and throws her to the floor, leaving her gasping and spluttering.

He’s clearly the most aggressive of them. I’m going to have to keep an eye on him — although I’m not sure there’s a lot I could do if it came to a fight. I hope Emma knows what she’s got herself in for.

“Whore!” he exclaims, and pulls her back to her knees by her hair. “Open your mouth.”

Emma obeys, sticking out her pierced tongue, and The Mobster spits in it. “Swallow.”

Emma makes a show of gulping his spittle down.

“You fucking skanky bitch.” He throws her to his mate, The Caveman, who shoves his cock down her throat and fucks it like it’s a pussy. Seriously, he has hold of her head and is thrusting in and out of her so hard, I’d be seriously worried — if Emma wasn’t moaning with desire.

The Spartan pulls her back to him, and attacks her mouth with his monster.

“C’mon slut, you can take their’s, you can take mine.”

As he has his hands in her hair, pushing into her; she has her hands on his arse, pulling him in. They’re both giving it all they can, but there are still three inches she can’t take.

Emma removes herself, spitting over the tool. “Let’s try something different.”

She hardly seems to notice I’m there, so I back away again.

She lies on her back on her bed, wearing only her socks, heels, and the ribbon in her hair that seems absurdly cute given the situation. Her head hangs over the edge. “This seems to work better in pornos.”

When did she watch this kind of porn?!

The Spartan lines up and pushes his cock straight down her throat, immediately further than before, leaving only one inch.

“Nearly there, bitch,” he growls, and begins pounding her throat until he has all of himself inside her on each thrust. Emma hands grasp the back of his thighs, trying to encourage him deeper.

It’s incredible.

The other two, meanwhile, haven’t been standing around. The Caveman is stabbing two of his big digits into Emma’s pierced and dripping pussy. The Mobster is torturing her tits — kneading them and twisting her stiff, pierced nipples.

“You need a boob job, slut. How’m I s’posed to fuck these?” he grumbles, slapping them, hard.

Again, I consider stepping in, but again, Emma’s erotically-charged mewling convinces me not to.

“I’m gonna fuck this cunt,” The Caveman proclaims.

The Spartan withdraws from Emma’s mouth. “You wanna watch your first black fucking?”

“Fuck yeah,” Emma says. “Give it to me.”

“Wait — what about a condom?” The Boyfriend speaks up from his corner.

“I told you, I want a baby,” Emma spits.

“You want us to knock you up, slut?” The Spartan asks.

“Yeah! Give me a little black baby.”

“You know the cliche,” The Caveman rumbles, rubbing his dick over her mound. “Once you go black, you won’t go back. You won’t even feel your fiance’s prick after this. You sure you want that?”

Emma’s beautiful grey-blue eyes search me out, and stare deep into mine. “Ruin my cunt,” she purrs.

I quickly fish out my phone and film the moment that The Caveman’s big black dick pierces my beloved Emma’s glistening pussy. Her moan is full of lust.

“Fuck, she’s tight. You can tell she hasn’t had black before,” The Caveman grunts as he eases himself deeper.

I don’t like to tell him that she had a dick almost identical in size to his just yesterday.

“Stop fannying around and fuck me,” Emma says, and yanks The Mobster’s cock into her mouth.

She asked for it. The Mobster fucks her face every bit as hard as The Caveman slams into her pussy. The Spartan chuckles at The Boyfriend, crying in the corner.

“She’s a black cock slut now, needledick.”

The Mobster pulls out of Emma’s mouth and slaps her face with his fat dick; Emma chases, desperately trying to get her lips around it.

“Lick my balls, bitch.”

Emma does, and eagerly, sucking one ball and then the other into her mouth and bathing each with her pierced tongue.

“Flip her over,” The Spartan orders. Emma gets on all fours and wiggles her bum enticingly in the air, and The Caveman resumes his primal fucking of her cunt.

The Spartan reclaims her mouth, despite a glare from The Mobster — who, pissed off, separates his belt from his trousers.

“Ask me to whip your arse, bitch,” he glowers.

Emma looks back at him. “Please, please whip my cute little bum.”

The leather cracks across her flesh and she screams in pain. The Mobster stands there, waiting, with a shit-eating grin on his face. Challenging.

“Again,” Emma asks.

The Mobster doesn’t hold back and lashes her even harder — Emma’s cry becomes a moan.

“Again.” Another thrash.

The Caveman’s fucking her like a machine; I can tell Emma’s getting close.

Already, welts are marking Emma’s sweet bottom.

“Don’t stop,” she pleads.

“I’m gonna cum,” The Caveman warns.

“Yes, cum inside me! Fill me up!” Emma urges as she tugs on The Spartan’s pole and The Mobster flogs her arse repeatedly.

“Here it comes, bitch.” The Caveman slams hard into her and holds deep.

“Pleeeaaaassseeee-aaaagggh!” she begs. One more thwack from the belt and she loses it, her cum spraying out in a powerful jet. Her arms go wobbly and can’t support her weight, and she collapses forward onto her face and chest as her whole body quakes with jolts of pure pleasure.

It’s a very fucking sexy sight, and I’m delighted I’ve got it on video.

“Holy fuck, she’s a squirter!” exclaims The Mobster. “I fucking love squirters.”

He pushes The Caveman out of the way and takes his place, pushing his wide dick into her sloppy pussy, displacing the spunk that oozes out.

“Ow, fuck,” Emma mutters.

The Mobster doesn’t build up slowly — he pumps into her at full pelt — and that’s all it takes…

Emma ejaculates again, adding another load of her cum to the already-drenched sheets below her.

But The Mobster doesn’t let up, and neither does Emma’s orgasm. It goes on, and on, until finally The Mobster stops, and kneads her sore red butt cheeks.

The Caveman lights a post-coital cigarette.

“Please don’t smoke in here,” murmurs The Boyfriend.

“Give it here,” Emma says, and rather than stubbing it out, she begins smoking it, blowing the smoke in his direction. The Boyfriend shakes his head. He’s knows it’s over, but the big black brutes are blocking his escape route.

Emma exhales over The Spartan’s dick, and alternates between licking his cock and sucking on the cigarette.

“I want to ride you,” she tells him.

This is really going to push her limits.

The Spartan lies back on the bed, and The Mobster takes the fag from Emma as she moves into position astride the man mountain.

She grips his dick — her fingers nowhere near encircling his girth — and holds it up against her flat stomach.

“Oh my God, look, it’s huge,” she says. It reaches up past her jewellery-adorned belly button. I can’t see how she’s going to take it all without hurting herself.

She slowly gyrates against it, teasing everyone; and then kneels above the massive pole, pressing the tip gently between her folds.

“Oh God,” she mutters as she pushes down. “I can’t even get the head in.”

The Spartan takes hold of her hips and humps upward.

“Ow, fuuuck!” Emma yells, as the first few inches disappear inside her. “Don’t move, pleeease don’t move.”

She eases herself up, then forces herself down again. She yelps in pain.

“Oh God, it’s splitting me open.”

I step forward. “Emma, honey, don’t hurt yourself.”

“It hurts good,” she tells me, with a strained smile and what’s supposed to be a reassuring nod.

If this is what she wants…

“Help me,” she whispers to The Spartan. Gripping her hard, he pulls her down. Another few inches disappear — past halfway, probably 5 inches to go.

Emma’s weeping now; her mascara’s running, and it only serves to make her look even more like a whore.

“Fuck, how does such a slut stay so tight?”

Emma wriggles on the massive pole, then bounces on it — emitting a little yelp on each downward stroke. The Spartan times his upthrusts to meet her, and bit by bit, reaches further and further into her.

She surprises me by leaning forward and kissing the brute, passionately, their tongues swirling.

“I fucking love you,” she tells him.

I believe her. And it hurts.

“You’re mine now, bitch.”

“Fuck this,” The Mobster grunts, obviously fed up of hanging around. He grabs a bottle of lotion or something from Emma’s dressing table and climbs on the bed behind her. Then he points the bottle at her arsehole and squeezes whatever the liquid is all over her behind.

“Oh God, I can’t take both of you.” Emma seems genuinely worried.

“You can, you will, and you’ll fucking love it.” The Mobster presses his dick against her sphincter and lunges forward, burying himself inside her.

Emma screams, but her mouth is immediately filled by The Caveman, who has appeared in front of her and starts fucking her mouth in pace with The Mobster fucking her arse.

The three bears have to hold her in place as she struggles against them.

“Guys…” I interject.

“Save some punch for me…Mr. Policeman,” came the throaty sexy growl from behind me.

I turned quickly and bumped into the woman who had bent over me as I ladled out a cup of the orange jet fuel punch my friend Maxine doctored up for her annual Halloween party. After I stepped back to regain my balance, my eyes quickly took in the stunning woman before me. Late 20′s, 5’7″, white blouse tied in a way that accentuated her large breasts and nut brown tanned and taut stomach, complete with a gold ring piercing her navel. There was a black lace bra peeking out underneath the blouse that lifted her cleavage and brought her breasts together until they were just touching. Her tartan plaid miniskirt barely covered any of her long tan thighs, draping a mere few inches below her crotch.

The effect was completed by black mesh stockings that just came above her knees, visible from the tops of her patent leather spiked heel boots that clung to her calves. I realized my eyes were lingering too long on her beautiful body and looked up. Her almond eyes framed by violet eye shadow, geek chic glasses, long black hair with some dyed brown streaks cascading off her head in two silky pigtails. She looked at me with dark red lips slightly parted, tongue touching her front teeth, knowing full well her devastating look. She was a scorchingly hot blend of naughty and nice. My cock stirred to half-mast.

“Jo-Sei,” she introduced herself, extending her slim hand towards me.

“Josey?” I asked.

“Jo-Sei,” she gently corrected me as our hands met. Electric. I realized that this was Maxine’s good friend she had told me about and wondered just how far out of my league this girl was.


“So, Cameron, you a cop?” She smiled, letting me have it. I was, after all, dressed as a California Highway Patrolman, complete with utility belt and boots.

“CHP, ma’am.”

“I love men in uniform. And keep calling me ma’am.”

“I get that a lot,” came my attempt at witty repartee. I rarely get hit on and never by a woman who looked anything remotely like this girl.

“Cops are the biggest sluts,” she added, “And I like to make them do things.”

Whoa, I thought, girl’s going to be a little kinky. My arousal went up.

“So, Mr. Highway Patrolman, you going to give me that punch or what”, Jo-Sei demanded.

I handed her the punch and we chatted for a long while, laughing and flirting and talking about who we knew at the party and commenting about other costumes. She was an old friend of Maxine’s from New York, in San Francisco staying with Maxine for a week. Three to four drinks of super strong punch later, the flirting got a little hotter as she gripped then stroked the billyclub in my utility belt looking right into my eyes, one of her shaped eyebrows arching slyly. She smiled and flicked the handcuffs dangling from the back of my waist, now laughing openly at my clear arousal/discomfort.

A slow song came on and she grabbed my hand, pulling me out to the middle of the living room where a few other couples were dancing. Her left hand wrapped gently around my neck, fingers caressing the skin while her right hand circled my waist, pulling me close then dropping until it was just at the top of my butt. I wrapped my arms around her carefully, not knowing where to hold this bombshell and all of her exposed skin. She leaned into me, giving me a whiff of her jasmine perfume while my hands dropped to her ass. She nuzzled her lips into my neck and nipped at my ear, whispering, “I’m going to tear you up.”

Her left hand brushed my thigh and gently cupped my balls, then squeezed them just a little too tightly until I whimpered. A long throaty giggle at my reaction, followed by her right hand now cupping my ass, pulling me closer. Jo-Sei suddenly pushed me away, her eyes trailing to my crotch, where my cock was clearly starting to bulge in my tight khaki uniform pants. Her hand grabbed mine and she led me downstairs to the guestroom.

She pushed me against the door, closing it. The room was pitch black. Her hands held me in place, caressing my chest, touching my cock through my pants quickly, then releasing me. I could hear her move to the side table, where she lit a candle. I was panting slightly, she smiling at me with a predatory look in her eyes. Her hand dropped to her skirt and pulled a joint out of her waistband and asked, “Does Mr. CHP-man want to party? A word of warning- I do bite but I won’t hurt you…too much.”

I took the joint, picked up the candle and lit it. Took a long toke and handed it to her. Felt the full steam effect of very strong weed and exhaled, “I’m ready.”

Her long pigtails waved gently as her head shook ‘no, you aint’ back and forth while she took a hit. I knew she was right. She dropped onto to the sofa bed and I flopped down beside her. She turned on some music on the side table speakers and we sat there, sharing the joint while her hands kept caressing my dick through my pants. She wouldn’t let me reciprocate and it was driving me a bit crazy. When the joint got down to nub, she stubbed it out in a beer can that was on the table.

She looked right at me as her hands moved to my belt, expertly undoing the buckle then quickly pulling my pants down. She dropped my handcuffs onto the couch seat cushion. My cock throbbed out, bulging through my underwear, the head creating a damp spot from precum. Her fingers stroked the head, all the while she was looking right at me, seeing the change in my eyes and my breathing. She unbuttoned my shirt, running her hands over my chest and tweaking my nipples. My back arched a bit until she tightly gripped my cock, pushing me back down.

“Shh, shh, just take it,” Jo-Sei whispered.

I was in another world- aroused and high ready to do anything with this girl.

She slipped my underwear and trousers down until they were tangled with my boots and knelt down in front of me, a faux innocent look in her eyes as she stroked my granite hard dick in one hand. Her look changed from innocence to hunger in the blink of an eye as she bent over and took my full dick into her mouth, sucking hard. My ass came off the sofa and her hand went between my legs, finger gently pressing against my asshole. I moaned. She giggled a bit on my dick and the vibrations heightened my arousal. She came up for air, kneeling in front of me. One hand twirled a pig tail while she pushed the index finger on her other hand into her mouth, sucking her cheeks in exaggeratedly. She pulled the wet finger out and pulled my legs apart, wide.

“I know something about cops. They all dig the assplay, don’t they?” she asked while she pushed her finger against my tight sphincter. I’ve never had a girl do that and I was lost to her.

“Don’t they?” she demanded as the finger started to slip in. I let out a deep moan and she smiled her innocent smile at me. “Uh oh,” she whispered, “Someone likes it.” Her finger plunged deeper and my cock pulsed.

The finger slipped out with a pop and an involuntary “Oh!” of disappointment escaped my lips.

“Don’t worry,” she growled, “You’ll get what’s coming to you.”

She pulled my hips forward and flipped me to face away from her, my knees on the couch cushions elbows on the back of the sofa, hands now braced on the wall behind. Her hands gripped my wrists for a second until I felt cold metal wrap around them and the telltale click click click as the handcuffs cinched tight. Her hands separated my ass cheeks and I felt her lips along my crack, kissing their way in. I gasped as her tongue flicked my hole, never having had so intimate an experience. Her tongue stabbed again, penetrating me slightly as I felt her left hand grasp my dick and pull downwards sharply. She worked her tongue deep into my ass while fiercely working my dick, stroking it hard, pulling my balls and sending me into a frenzy. My senses were in overload when she stopped, pulling her head back, asking, “What do you want?” while her right hand spanked my ass, hard. I jumped but she held me place and spanked me again. The words stuck in my mouth, embarrassed to express so secret a desire. Her palm hit my ass cheek a third time, harder still. I gasped.

“Come on, slut, what do you want?” Jo-Sei’s voice raised up.

“My ass…” I started, trailing off. A fourth smack, harder still.

“I know ‘your ass’- but what do you want?” Another smack. My mind swirled in a combination of weed, lust, submission- everything.

“Play with my ass,” I tried again, her hand not even pausing to smack me again.

“Say please!” Jo-Sei commanded.

“Please,” I started, her hand falling nonstop now on both ass cheeks, my ears ringing with the sound of me being spanked for the first time in my adult life.

“Please what, slut?” came her sharp exhortation.

“Please play with my ass,” I begged, breaking to admit my true desire.

“Is that all, ass slut?” her hand came down again and again. I had moved from surprise to pleasure and pain was welling up, strong as her hand rained down blows on my ass.

“Please play with my ass, ma’am,” I choked, half begging half crying. The spanking immediately ceased, replaced by her softly caressing my hot glowing red cheeks.

“That’s all you had to ask for, sweetie,” her voice now pure innocence, “I know how horny you cops get.” A finger pushed up against my hole, pushing insistently. “And this little girl is going to take your ass, just like you want,” the finger slipping in. She leaned closer, spitting on her finger and plunging it back in, pulling it out spitting again, now two fingers, deep in my ass. My cock is dripping, hard as she swirls her fingers around the head, playing with my arousal. I’m in a different world- hers to do with what she pleased and being taken.

Her cock stroking and finger fucking my ass start to increase pace, coordinating the downstroke on my dick with her fingers pushing me wider. She accelerated her efforts in my ass and occasionally grabbed or spanked my balls and then resumed her stroking. I opened my legs to better her access. “Slut,” she laughed, digging deeper and pressing more insistently on my prostate, rubbing it sharply. I’m now panting and trying to move my hips in time with her efforts, earning a release of my cock and a sharp smack across my ass. I hold myself still and the hand returns to my dick, milking it downward excruciatingly slowly, then quickening the motion, pulling backward on my cock while plunging her digits in and out of my ass in a blur. I’m getting close- cock soaked with precum, ass tightening up. Her hands moved even faster.

“You sluts are all the same,” Jo-Sei giggled then her voice turned stern, “You may not cum without permission,” knowing full well her quickening motions were pushing me past the limit. I felt my expertly handled cock full to bursting, pressure deepening in my ass.

“I can’t…hold on,” I gasped, rising to the peak. Just as I was about to crest, her hand on my dick turned to a vise, squeezing down hard, squelching any possibility of cumming. Her fingers popped out of my ass as she pulled me around using my cock as a lever. She stood up over me kneeling at her feet.

Jo-Sei wagged a finger at me, scolding me, “You ass slut- you were going to cum.” She grabbed my chin, forcing me to look into her eyes, “You were going to shoot your filthy cum with my fingers deep in ass pussy, weren’t you?” Face to face with my tormentress, I blushed deeply. “What are we to do with disobedient whores?” she asked. She pointed at the base of her boots and commanded, “Lick.” Without pause I bent down, ready to do anything to please this demanding princess. “Lick my boots, whore.” My tongue touched the leather and I almost lost it- this was beyond my dreams. I started licking and kissing one boot, then the other and began to work my way up the boots to her thighs. Her breathing changed as my tongue hit her inner thigh. “Good slut,” she whispered. She pushed my head back a bit, breaking contact between my lips and her soft flesh. She turned and flipped up her miniskirt, showing me her taut tanned ass beneath silky white translucent panties. She pulled them halfway down her cheeks. “Slut,” she cooed, “Lick my ass.” I made my tongue a point and just started stabbing it into her ass crack, licking furiously. She wasn’t making it easier for me by spreading her legs or lowering her panties all the way but I licked hard feeling her sphincter rough against my tongue. “Good little ass licker,” she breathed. I enthusiastically continued to lick, suck and kiss her ass with everything I had while she wiggled her little butt back and forth to make it harder for me, all the while alternating between giggling and moaning. Suddenly she pulled away and turned to face me, her face covered with a sheen of sweat and a demanding look in her eye.

“Do you deserve a surprise?” she asked. Confused, I nodded. “Do you deserve a surprise, slut?” came her demand.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered vigorously.

“Are you sure?” Jo-Sei insisted, stroking my cheek with the back of her hand and fingers trailing off.

“Yes, please ma’am, I’d love a surprise,” I replied.

She moved back for a second, reaching her hands under her skirt, lifting it to reveal a thick outline bulging in her panties. I knew what it was and couldn’t believe what was happening. I was past sensory overload. She smiled at me and pulled the panties slightly forward and down and out sprang her huge cock, head glistening with precum.

“It’s what you want”, she breathed, “It’s what you’ve always wanted.”

I gasped- it had to be 8 inches and it was thick and almost fully hard. She stroked it a few times, freeing it and her shaved balls from her panties. She squeezed the shaft, pushing a drop of precum out of the tip.

“Surprise!” she giggled, wagging her now throbbing dick in my face. “Lick it,” she demanded, leaning forward. I was on full edge, contradictory senses screaming, but knowing this moment of pure unadulterated sex couldn’t be rushed. I stuck my tongue out and she brushed the tip of her dick against it, moaning. She moved her hips so I licked the shaft up, then down. She then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Her miniskirt lifted in the front as she stood in front of me. Her hands grasped my head, bringing it forward to inevitability, “Open up, slut- you know what to do.” I didn’t resist as her phallus touched my lips. Her cock forced them open, pushing past my lips- warm, pulsing, filling my mouth.

“Oh,” Jo-Sei gasped, “It’s been too long since I’ve had a good blowjob.” She turned slightly and I moved with her. Her hand lifted my under the armpits, gesturing me to sit on the couch, never breaking contact with my mouth. She was now standing in front of me, back arched and Her knees collapsed onto the sofa, forcing her cock deeply in as she wrapped her hands around my head. She started thrusting, holding my head in place as she worked my mouth. “Good stuff, cop,” she moaned, “This isn’t your first time sucking dick, is it?”

I couldn’t tell her that it was with a mouthful of cock but I knew she knew she was taking me for the first time and she laughed and pushed deeper. I was now starting to panic, breathing more quickly through my nose but unable to breathe around her huge cock. She reached down and pinched my nose shut and thrust hard, then stopped. My lips were touching the bottom of her belly and her entire cock was in my throat. I almost gagged but Jo-Sei said, “Relax,” and I tried to. “You’re a natural,” she gasped as she hit the back of my throat again. Her strokes came faster and she was still holding my head, thrusting deeply into my throat. I was running out of air but understood there was only one way out of this and started sucking her dick like my life depended on it. I could feel her hips hammered away as her cock swelled even more then exploded deep in my mouth. I felt one spurt burst in my throat, then a second as she screamed in pleasure. She released my nose and pulled back a bit, leaving her cock deep in my mouth. My breath came raggedly, sharply, oxygen mixed with her pheromones, heart hammering. Her cock was still spurting, filling my mouth her cum. It was tangy and slightly sweet and I swallowed. Her motion slowed as her cock drained into my mouth, softening. With a sigh she pulled her dick out of my lips with a pop. I was surprised to feel a little moment of loss as missed her cock in my mouth and I swallowed the last of her cum.

“Now you know this changes everything,” Jo-Sei panted, “Whenever any of your friends in the office or at the gym makes a stupid ‘cocksucker’ reference or joke, you’re who they are talking about. Because you are a cock sucker. And when they use the word, you’ll think, ‘I hope they don’t know that I’m a cocksucker.’ But you’ll know. I know. I know that you are not just a cocksucker but are excellent at it and love it. Now clean off my dick,” she added, waving it closely to my mouth. I opened my lips and licked her phallus gently, getting all her cum off of it. She pushed it gently back into my mouth and I felt it stiffen. “Oh no, baby, we’re not done yet. Get me hard for the main event.” Her cock swelled and I sucked to bring it up, knowing what was next.

She pulled away, hard huge dick shiny with my spit. She reached down and pulled my boots off, then my pants and then turned and sat in a wooden chair next to the sofabed. Jo-Sei crooked a finger at me, enticing me to come her way. I moved over slowly, uncertain but knowing her plans. She reached down to her purse which was under the side table and pulled out a tube of lube. “I like to lube it up for sluts,” she said, looking at me lasciviously while slathering her hard dick from tip to base with lube stroking it firmly. She moaned and pulled me closer. “I’m going to look into your eyes as you get fucked for the first time,” she told me as she took my dick in her hands and brought it back to hardness quickly. My excitement was clear. I was facing her, straddling her and she pushed up a bit, probing my ass with her dick. Her hands gripped the chain between the handcuffs and started to pull me down. Her head popped into my sphincter and she held it there. I whimpered a bit at the size of her head and she said softly, “Hold here for a minute.”

The position was hard to maintain- she was pulling down on the chain, my legs were starting to burn from the half squat, but I didn’t think my ass was ready to take her full dick. She looked into my eyes, knowing exactly what was happening and said, “Look at me” and she pulled sharply on the chain while lifting her legs upward, forcing my legs apart and forcing me onto her dick.

My legs collapsed and I sat down fully, her cock stretching my ass painfully as she took my virginity. I screamed and she stroked my face, wiping the sweat away, “Such a good slut, getting fucked in the ass for the first time. It hurts but soon you’ll be ready for me wherever we are.” She shifted around on the chair, seating the cock deeply in my butt. “If we’re out to dinner in a restaurant I’ll take you into the bathroom and fuck you bent over the sink, looking into the mirror at what a slut you’ve become. On hikes I’ll bend you over park benches for a quickie. You’ll beg for it, because you know you’re an ass slut.” As Jo-Sei talked she started slowly circling her hips, opening me up. The pain in my ass diminished and I felt a warming in my ass as my cock swelled again to full size.

“When we go to a party, you know that at some point in the evening you’ll be on your knees with my dick in your mouth. I’ll take you to strip clubs and tell the strippers that you’re my ass whore and while you put dollars in her g-string during a private dance, I’ll be fucking you silly,” she told me, matter of factly. Her cock started to move up and down, plowing my ass open. I moaned deeply and moved my ass down to meet her thrusts, timing the movements to her motions.

Author’s note:

This story ended up being much longer than I intended. For those of you who like the quick thrill stories, feel free to skim the first two sections before getting to the juicy stuff in section three. For those you who like longer stories, I think you’ll find this very enjoyable.

New Friends

My name is Jamie Morgan. It was mid-January 2012, and I had just graduated college in December with a boring old accounting degree. After spending my college years attending a small school a few miles from my parent’s house I had a real urge to prove to myself that I could live own my and be a responsible adult. In order to do that, I decided to only seek out job interviews in places as far away from home as possible.

It turns out that in the technology age many employers are okay with giving interviews over the internet to qualified applicants who live far away. Because of this, I was able to have several interviews with the Human Resources departments of many accounting firms, any of which I would have taken. After two weeks of interviews I finally received three job offers from firms, each of which would take me far away from home.

It was up to me to choose which offer to accept. They all were located in lively and entertaining cities, so that was a toss-up. They all offered starting salaries of just over $38,000 per year, so there was no clear winner there either. The deciding factor came down to the HR reps who interviewed me. Two of the three had very generic and boring HR reps, however the HR rep from the firm in Seattle was not generic and boring.

She was gorgeous. I was surprised she offered me the job because of how nervous she made me in the interview. I couldn’t help but worry that she would notice how sweaty and uneasy she was making me. Her name was Sarah Wallace. She was a blue eyed blonde and would have easily been the hottest woman in my hometown. If there was a chance to catch a glimpse of that beauty on a regular basis, I had to take it.

Before I knew it I was saying good bye to my parents and leaving little Midland, Ohio and flying over 2000 miles to my new home in Seattle, Washington. I arrived at the airport on a Friday evening and was promptly greeted by Sarah Wallace, who was far more stunning in person. I had a hard time speaking to her, but eventually managed to introduced myself and follow her into a cab. She dropped me off at a hotel near the firm that would serve as my temporary living quarters until I found more suitable housing. Sarah also informed me that there would be a staff party tomorrow at the firm where I would get acquainted with my new workmates. After I was settle in, she headed home and said she’d see me tomorrow.

It didn’t take me long to realize that Saturday would be February, 10th and this was likely going to be a Valentine’s Day themed party. The thought of hooking up with Sarah at the party sent trills through my body. It was unlikely to happen because she surely would act professional at work function and more than likely a beauty like her would have some type of scumbag boyfriend. However, the improbability of it did not keep me from dreaming dirty thoughts about it.

I arrived at my new place of work ready to party wearing my best work suit. I had spent nearly all of my graduation money on that suit and just maybe it would come in handy in my new life. Not only did I want to look professional to my new bosses, but I really wanted to impress Sarah.

It was Sarah who greeted me at the door. She was wearing a strapless white dress with pink hearts that came midway down her thigh. The dress showed off just enough of her ample cleavage and sexy legs. She also wore a stunning smile that was accentuated by her perfectly done makeup. I would do anything this woman wanted. She introduced me to many of my new coworkers and my new bosses.

Everyone seemed nice enough, though many were surely your stereotypical boring accountants. There were a few attractive women in the crowd, but only two of the employees I saw could come close to Sarah’s beauty. But by coming close to her beauty they were also true beauties. It was becoming clear that tour with Sarah was nearing its end when she introduced me to one last person.

“Hey Pete,” Sarah said as we approached a rather good looking man who I assumed would be a fellow accountant. “Pete, this is Jamie Morgan, our newest accountant. Jamie, this is Peter Halpert. Well I’ve got to meet up with my boss, you two be friendly, alright,” said Sarah just before heading back to the main group of people.

Pete was appeared to be very athletic and handsome. I’d say he was about 6’1″ and probably weighed a muscular 190 pounds. I’m sure he had been an athlete before being an accountant. He had dark black hair and a neatly trimmed, but full beard. Compared to my slender 5’7″ frame, Pete was the picture of masculinity. Not to say that I was completely feminine. I’d always been told that I was pretty good looking and never had any trouble hooking up with girls throughout my college days. However, just by looking at Pete, I would guess that he was far more popular with the ladies than I had ever been and I could see that he would have much better odds at getting with Sarah. Yes, I believe they would make a sexy couple. Did I just refer to him as sexy? No, sure he’s handsome but she’s the one who would make that couple sexy.

“Sounds like she’s trying to set us up,” said Pete, shaking me out of my thoughts.

“Set us up? What? But, I’m not gay,” I replied, clearly missing something. “Are you gay?”

“No, HA. It was supposed to be a joke dude,” replied Pete laughingly. “That Sarah Wallace sure is a fine piece of woman, huh Jamie?”

“Yeah I noticed, she’s probably the hottest girl I’ve ever met. Pretty much the only reason I took this job was because she did my interview. Have you ever made a move at her Pete?”

“No. I’ve only been working here for a couple of weeks, and I usually like to ease my way in with ladies like her,” said Pete coyly. “I do plan on asking her out soon though.”

“Well good luck man, I don’t think I have a chance with her if you’re after her.”

“Hey don’t sell yourself short, anyone has a chance if they’re confident enough. So Jamie, what do you think of that chick over by the water cooler?” Pete pointed at a very attractive black girl with curly brown hair who was wearing a short and cute purple dress. “That’s Claire Thomas, the new front desk lady at the firm,” he said. “And I hear she’s into dudes and chicks.”

“She is sexy, and I have always had a thing for bi-girls, maybe she’ll be my fall back if you take Sarah out from under me,” I replied somewhat jokingly, but mostly seriously.

“For some reason I’ve never been into black girls. I mean I can tell she’s obviously very good looking, but for some reason she’s not my type,” said Pete. “I hope that doesn’t make me sound racist.”

“No dude, I don’t think that makes you seem racist,” I said. “I wouldn’t tell her that you don’t think she’s hot because she’s black or anything like that because I’m sure that would could across as racist. I just think that everyone has their own type. I had a friend in college who was only attracted to chicks from India and I don’t think that made him racist against all other races. And let me tell you, college was not fun for him because there were not many Indian girls to choose from at our school.”

“That’s pretty funny, Jamie. Say, what do you think of the hotel? I’ve been working here for two weeks now and I’m still living there. I can’t stand it.”

“It doesn’t seem too bad after one night, but I’m sure it will get old,” I said.

“Well I do have a nice townhouse in my sights,” said Pete. “You interested in being roommates?”

Before I could answer we were interrupted by a commotion coming from the center of the party. Pete and I made our way through crowd in an attempt to get a better look. Sarah was standing in the middle trying to get everyone to calm down and back away as quickly as possible. It appeared that she was standing over someone who had a bit too much to drink, vomited on her feet, and then passed out right beside her feet. It also appeared that the party was over.

New Roommates

Just a week after moving to Seattle and beginning my new job, I moved in to the nicest townhouse I could afford. Pete and I decided to go through with being roommates so we had a much better setup than either of us would have been able to have rented alone. The house had a common area and kitchen on the second floor, my room was on the third floor, and Pete took the ground floor. I think he did this because he didn’t trust me to protect the house from invaders, but that left me with the better room. The common second floor had a beautiful balcony that had an amazing view of Lake Washington. It was nice being that close to the lake, though we didn’t exactly have waterfront access.

Being roommates with someone you only knew for a week was awkward at first, but luckily each floor had its own bathroom so we each had enough privacy. Things became much more comfortable when we settled into a routine. Pete did almost all the driving because I didn’t have a car. I did almost all the cooking. I was more than happy to do so since I had flirted with majoring in the culinary arts before settling on accounting.

Things at work were going fantastically for both of us and we were both quickly becoming well liked employees. However, the job itself is mostly just numbers, graphs, and tax figures so it’s not really exciting to talk about. But it paid pretty well for two guys fresh out of college and we we’re not shy about spending our money like dumb college kids.

Our first purchase was made after we discovered a mutual love for movies and video gaming. We put our money together and bought a 55″ Samsung HDTV that fit in nicely in our common living room. This came in handy during long movie and gaming marathons that took place in the early days of our living arrangement. Our second major purchase was made after we discovered a mutual love for baseball. My assumption of Pete being an athlete was correct as apparently he had played four years of Division II baseball in college. I was very impressed. We both agreed to buy Seattle Mariners season tickets because we figured that during the summer we’d be spending a lot of our time after work at the ballpark. For two guys who looked like an odd pairing, one very masculine and one more than slightly feminine, we had a great deal in common.

Neither one of us did much dating during March because we were too busy getting used to the new house, but it was getting clear that both of us needed some action soon. It was in the middle of April when Pete begged me to let him have my ticket for the Mariners game on the 21st because the White Sox were in town and he said the girl he was talking to was originally from Chicago. I agreed as I figured it would be good for at least one of us to get some. I found out later that the girl he took was Sarah Wallace. Pete had discovered that she was from Chicago and was a casual White Sox fan. I was disappointed at first, but I had to admit it was a very smooth move on his part. And it couldn’t have worked out any better for him because the game she went to just so happened to end up being a perfect game for White Sox starting pitcher Phil Humber. Pete was a lucky bastard. He and Sarah were officially boyfriend and girlfriend by morning.

I couldn’t have been more jealous during the first few weeks of their relationship, not only because she was my dream girl, but because they had sex all the time. She was pretty loud too. Pete must have been very skilled. I thought the townhouse was very spacious when we moved in, but I guess it takes hearing your roommate fuck his girlfriend a couple dozen times to make you realize it’s not as big as you thought. The worst part was that I now spent most of my nights alone instead of hanging with Pete in the common room.

It wasn’t until the middle of May that I stopped pitying myself and decided to get back in the game. It turned out to be pretty easy to hook up with women in the city when you had a stable job and the money to buy girls drinks at bars. So, many nights when Pete would stay in with Sarah I would borrow his car to head out on the town. I must have hooked up with as many girls that summer as I did during all four years of college, which was about nine or ten lucky ladies. None of them looked as good as Sarah, but there wasn’t much I could do about that.

Once I started having fun again, life in the house turned out to be more enjoyable than ever. However, now that Sarah was spending a lot of time at our place during the summer I realized I was glad that I never hooked up with her because our personalities just didn’t mesh. It turned out that she was a bit too much of a bitch quite simply. I was happy enough being with a different girl every other week and was glad I wasn’t the one tied down to her. Pete seemed to be happy enough being a one woman man, but I couldn’t tell if it was because he was a romantic or if he really liked being with Sarah. I hoped it was him being a romantic and that hadn’t completely fallen for that shrew. Maybe she was just a shrew to me because she could sense my jealousy when they first started dating.

As summer was nearing its end I could tell that Pete and I were becoming the best of friends. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend I could talk to like Pete or one who could make me laugh like Pete. Any time we spent together was guaranteed to be a great time. Our firm had a company softball team that summer and Pete was the star. I may not have been a great athlete, being only a cross country runner in school, but Pete stuck up for me and made sure I had a spot the team. I was the right fielder, which in slowpitch softball is reserved for the worst player, but I at least was on the team. I greatly wished that he was single and that the two of us could go out on the town to pick up chicks together. But it was still a great time nonetheless.

It was mid-October when I decided I wanted to find a real girlfriend for a change. This was probably because Pete was spending more time with Sarah now that our summer activities had come to an end. I set my sights on Claire, the gorgeous African American front desk worker. She and I had been friendly since I started working there and had just ended things with her last girlfriend a few weeks prior. I wanted to think of something smooth to win her over like Pete did with Sarah. Halloween was coming up and I decided my plan would revolve around the firm’s Halloween party.

I decided I would to the party dressed as the hottest brunette I could possibly make myself because I knew that Claire had a thing for brunettes. I had my doubts I could pull this off because I had zero crossdressing experience, but I knew I would give it my full effort. And I figured that even if I couldn’t pass as a sexy brunette then at least Claire would see that I was an outgoing liberal guy and give me a chance anyway just for trying. It probably wasn’t as good a plan as Pete’s, but it was best I could think of. Pete only laughed and said good luck when I told him, but Sarah was surprisingly giddy about the idea and said she would do her best to transform me into a knockout.

A week before the party Sarah said that we would spend as much time as necessary to make me as feminine as possible. It turned out that Sarah and I could pretty much wear the same sizes since we were almost exactly the same height and had similar waists and leg measurements. She was a bit more well-endowed when it came to breasts though, being a large C cup. But she thought that with the right breasts forms, her bras would be perfect for my body type. She had me try on nearly every piece of clothing she owned including dresses, blouses, camisoles, tights, skirts, bras, regular panties, thongs, g-strings, bikinis, lingerie sets, garter sets, baby dolls, high heels, and the sexiest high heel boots. I couldn’t believe how much wearing these things turned me on, but I did my best to hide it because I didn’t want Sarah telling Pete. She spent most of her time teaching me how to do my own makeup and teaching how to act more feminine. Walking, sitting, and talking were the hard parts, but after a few hours each day I had it down pretty well. Pete had a good time watching all this. He always had a good laugh each time I walked by him in heels. All I could do was smile, flip him my middle finger and walk to another room.

New Lovers

The day of the party arrived and I couldn’t have been more excited. Sarah came over that afternoon to help me pick out my outfit and to make sure I did my makeup as well as possible. She also came over to coordinate costumes with Pete. She was going as probably the sexiest Catwoman you’d ever see and he was going as probably the hunkiest Batman you’d ever see.

My first step was to take a bubble bath and shave off every inch of my body except my hair of course. I wanted to be as feminine and realistic as possible for Claire. Sarah, or I should Catwoman, came in to help with my outfit. We decided to go for a more casual feminine look. This started with the sexiest black g-string that Sarah had. It barely covered my penis in the front and in the back looked so sexy stuck in between my ass cheeks. Next we picked a pair of skin tight blue jeans that hugged my hips perfectly and made my ass absolutely pop. Did I mention I was a cross country runner in college? It paid off. My ass and legs were easily as sexy as Sarah’s would have been in those jeans.

We then applied the breast forms with adhesive and covered them with a very sexy black lace bra that matched the black g-string. Then we picked out a very cute and sparkly light blue camisole top that slid on perfectly. Sarah decided not to take any chances and did my makeup for me, which I thought was unnecessary because I’d been practicing all week for this. But I couldn’t complain because I thought it was stunning. She kept the cover-up subtle but managed to make it look like I’d never once grown any facial hair. She applied a light touch of dark mascara and the hottest pink lipstick I could imagine. Next she added some acrylic nails to my fingers and painted my toenails hot pink, both of which couldn’t have been sexier. She fitted me with the perfect brunette wig that we picked out at the costume shop and added a cute matching heart earring and necklace set to complete the look. I then stepped into a pair of three inch black strappy heels that I could die for.

When we were finished Sarah I looked in the mirror and both were shocked. She then sprayed me with the most delicious perfume I had ever smelled. Sarah said that she would take me home herself if she was into girls, which made me laugh because I’m not a girl, right? I certainly looked the part, and was really starting to feel the part. I then took the black purse she gave me and filled it with the essentials for the night. These included my cell phone, wallet, keys, perfume, lipstick, mascara, and some condoms in case I got lucky with Claire that night.

Sarah stayed in my room to work on her outfit, which was a rental and was more worn-out then she expected, while I headed down to the kitchen to get a much needed nerve calming beer. As I came down the stairs I noticed Pete, or should I say unmasked Batman, was sitting on the living room couch watching a college football game. I decided to ask for his approval.

I walked as silently as I could on the carpet so he wouldn’t notice me. I stood right beside the TV and did sexiest pose I could think of. In my most sexy feminine voice I said, “Hey Peter, so am I a hottie?”

No answer. He just stared at me with a look that was hard to read, but he was definitely bewildered. The longer he looked at me the more I began to blush.

“Pete, I asked you a question. Am I at least passible?”

“Yes,” was all he said after another pause.

“Well you’re looking good, Batman. I bet you and Catwoman are going to have some crazy animal sex tonight,” I said as I headed to the fridge. “Hey Petey boy, want a beer?”

“No thanks,” he replied after yet another long pause.

“You answered too late anyway,” I said as I was already sitting down next to him on the couch in a ladylike pose.

I thought he was acting very strange. He’s never once been this distant with me since we started rooming together. As we continued to wait for Sarah, I noticed Pete shift away from me a bit on the couch and then put a pillow over his lap. I started to ask what was wrong, but before I could Sarah came down the stairs and Pete bounced up to meet her.

The three of us then headed over to the party together in Pete’s car. I couldn’t help but notice that Pete was staring at me in the back seat with his rear view mirror the whole ride over. What was wrong with him? Why was he being so weird? Was he mad at me for something?

As soon as we entered the party I sought out to find Claire as I wanted to get to her before either of us got too tipsy. I left my two superheroes to party by themselves and headed for the bar area where I hoped Claire would be. Sure enough there she was, dressed in a sexy angel outfit that included an extremely short white skirt, white stockings, and a pair of wings. I must say I was quite fond of this look.

I sat down right next to her and ordered a vodka and cranberry. Then I turned to her, smiled, and in my feminine voice said, “Hi my Angel.”

“Hi yourself,” she replied. “Do you even work here?”

“It’s me,” I said in my normal voice.

“Oh my god! Jamie? You look so sexy girl,” exclaimed Claire. “I never would have known it was you if you didn’t use your real voice.”

“Well I know how you like sexy brunettes, so I decided to be your sexy brunette for the night,” I said back in my feminine voice.

“Well it’s working girl. Stand up and let me get a look at you.”

I did exactly as she said, making sure to show off my perfect ass as much as possible. Then I grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. I was fairly confident in walking in my heels, but dancing was something different. Clearly this was something I should have practiced. However, it turned out to work out to my advantage because when Claire noticed me stumble she simply pulled me closer and helped me keep my balance by grinding all over me. I’m sure this sexy angel and sexy brunette combination was gaining a lot of the attention around the room, but I was too occupied to really notice as this was one of the sexiest experiences of my life, thus far. We were both really getting into it and started to make out a little bit.

I then noticed Sarah and Pete were dancing right beside us, and they were both looking so hot. Did I say both? I meant Sarah was looking so hot. In between songs I noticed Sarah whisper something into Claire’s ear. When the next song started they began dancing with each other, leaving Pete and I to stand there looking like fools. That’s when Pete pulled me close to him.

I figured what the hell and started grinding on him like I was with Claire. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, but didn’t think much of it as I’d been drinking too. After a few minutes, and I hated to admit this to myself, but I realized I was getting far more turned on dancing with Pete than I did with Claire. It must be because I was getting glances at Claire and Sarah dancing together, I thought. Yeah that was it. It couldn’t have had anything to do with Pete’s rock hard bulge that I had just felt rubbing against my waist.

Luckily I didn’t have to feel it for long as the song ended and the four of us headed back to the bar. I ordered drinks for Claire and myself as we sat down next to each other. My mind was not focused on her as I saw that Pete and Sarah seemed to be having a bit of a disagreement. Claire then pulled my faced back toward her and began kissing me again. I could tell she was really getting hot and ready. My plan had totally worked and I could bring her back to my place any time I wanted. I noticed that Pete and Sarah were gone from the bar, which meant I had to stall because dammit they were our ride home. I ordered another round and told Claire I was heading to the restroom.

When I reached the restrooms I couldn’t decide if should go into the men’s or the women’s. Not that it mattered because I only left to call Pete to make sure if I needed to find another ride. I got out my phone and called Pete’s number. As soon as I dialed I heard what I knew to be Pete’s ringtone coming from another room. I cautiously walked back to where I heard the sound because I figured I would probably run into Batman fucking Catwoman. But that wasn’t the case. All I saw was Pete sitting alone in the office break room. When I entered, his eyes shot up at me. We were ominously alone. That’s when he got up and began walking toward me.

“Where’s Sarah? I’m getting really close with Claire, so we should head back soon,” I said as he came even closer.

“She’s being a bitch about her costume tearing. And some other shit,” said Pete in a voice that was muffled by his mask. “She already left.”

“Oh well that’s too bad, okay then are you ready to take us ba-,” I was cut off.

I was cut off by Pete reaching out and pulling me close to him. I could really smell the booze on him now and was frightened for the first time ever while in his presence.

“Do you know how sexy you look? Much hotter than Claire or even Sarah tonight,” said Pete while tracing his hand down my back toward my ass.

“I guess Sarah did a good job,” I said breathless. I hate to admit, but I was not only frightened, I was becoming more aroused by the second. “But you’re really starting to scare me, what’s gotten in-,” he cut me off again.

This time I was cut off by him pressing his lips against mine. I tried to struggle away, but as one of his hands found my ass, the other found the back off my neck. I couldn’t go anywhere. And I couldn’t do anything except get more turned on. I opened up for him and let his tongue explore my mouth, and I soon was returning the favor. We continued to kiss for what seemed like an eternity as my hands began to rub up and down his muscular chest. His left hand stayed put on my ass and right hand found its way to my breasts. This was by far the hottest kiss I had ever experienced in my life, and it was with a man. It was with my best friend. What the hell were we doing? This was so wrong wasn’t it? I snapped out of the trance I was in.

I managed to pull my mouth away from his and screamed, “Pete let me go. It’s me Jamie! What the hell are we doing?”

“Just what feels right,” he said trying to pull me back.

“No it’s not right, leave me alone and go find Sarah!” I yelled as he finally let go of me.

“I don’t think I want Sarah any-,” this time I cut him off by slamming the break room door as I stormed out.

I had to get myself under control. I headed to the ladies room, where Pete wouldn’t dare go, and cleaned myself up. I took a little pee and then fixed my makeup as a wanted to look good for Claire. I guess we would have to find another ride. Pete had clearly lost it. Right? There was no way we should have been doing that, even though it felt amazing. Focus on Claire I thought. I headed back to the bar, but she was nowhere to be seen. I figured I would order another drink and look around for her. I sat patiently but still didn’t see her. Then I asked the bartender if he had seen the sexy angel recently. He said that she left with another brunette who was dressed in a dark angel costume. That must have been Melissa, her ex-girlfriend. Dammit. All of this was for nothing, thanks a lot Pete. I ordered another drink and tried my best to gather myself, my thoughts, and my emotions. Before I realized it I was pretty much the only person left at the party and it was well past 2 AM.

I decided that I should just go home and sleep this off, and maybe I would leave in the morning and never have to deal with Pete again. I thought about calling a cab, but I figured he’d probably just hit on me too and I didn’t want that. It wasn’t that long of a walk. Thirty minutes later I regretted that decision, but had finally made it home. The only problem was that I would have to walk through Pete’s floor to get my room. Fuck. He was definitely home because I passed his car in the driveway. Hopefully he had already passed out.

I turned my key and entered as quietly as possible so not to wake him up. Surely he’d be out by 3 AM. Not only was he up but he was sitting right on the stairs so I had to pass him. He could be such pain in the ass.

“I’m so sorry Jamie,” said Pete honestly. “I don’t know what came over me, it’s just that you look so beautiful and I was drunk. I know that’s not an excuse for how I acted, but I am truly sorry.”

I hadn’t expected such a heartfelt apology. He clearly had been here waiting for me and had sobered up quite a bit in the last hour. He stood up and slowly walked toward me, which made me unbelievably nervous.

He asked, “Is there any way you can forgive me?”

He was sincerely asking for my forgiveness. What would I be forgiving him for? As I thought about it, I realized all he really did was make the first move. It was clear that we both enjoyed it, why was it so wrong? He was my best friend. It was the hottest I’ve ever felt in my life. If that was wrong I guess I didn’t deserve to be right. The ball was in my court now. All I had to do was forgive him and I could go straight to bed and forget that anything ever happened. But I couldn’t do that, I had to be honest with him. I’d never lied to him before and there’s no reason I should start now.

“Kiss me again,” I said.

“What? Are you shh-,” I cut him off for the second time that night.

This time I cut him off by jumping into his arms and pressing my soft lips to his. My tongue shot into his mouth as his hands found their way back to my ass. We continued our lip-lock as he lifted me into his arms and carried me to his bedroom. I had never been hornier in my entire life, and I was never more certain I was doing the right thing. As soon as he sat me down, my hands immediately made their way down to Pete’s shorts. I guess he changed when he got back because the Batman costume was gone and he was only wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt; this only made my job easier. I pulled his shorts and his boxers down in one motion, revealing his rock hard cock that was at least nine inches.

“Oh baby, you’re so big,” I breathed as I began to kiss the tip.

Mine was a respectable six inches, but was nowhere near as thick as this monster. Sarah was a lucky girl, I thought. Oh wait, I guess I was the lucky girl now. I licked up and down all sides of the shaft while cupping his balls with my right hand. I looked up and made eye contact with Pete, and he was enjoying the action as much as I was. I shot him a dirty smile and proceeded to engulf my mouth around his beautiful cock. I tried by best to deep throat him, but only about six inches deep. Maybe with practice, I thought.

I slowly began to bob up and down on him, while licking the head in between bobs. I was careful to use my tongue to make sure teeth didn’t rub. This was the turning out to be best blowjob I’d ever experienced, and I was giving instead of receiving. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock throbbing. The tip was growing and pulsating and I was so ready to taste his manly juices.

“I’m cumming,” Pete moaned.

I refused to slow down even though I knew he was about to explode. Suddenly, spurt after spurt of his hot juices shot into the back of my mouth. I was never more pleased with any accomplishment in my life than making Peter Halpert’s cock explode in my mouth. I licked and cleaned his cock as best I could, and I was sure to savor every last drop.

Then Pete, who had already taken his shirt off, pulled me up to my feet. Our lips met again with the most passion yet, even though I still had his juices on my lips. In between our kisses, he lifted my blouse over my head and began to explore my bra covered breasts. I traced my acrylic nails across his muscular chest down toward his ripped abs. He was such a stud! He had me panting with each kiss as I was ready to do whatever he wanted. I turned around and pressed my ass against his cock, and then I bent down to undo my heels, teasing him the entire time. I faced him again, wrapped my hand around his reviving cock and stuck my tongue back into his mouth.

He responded by lifting me up and placing me on my back. His hands pinned my arms down on his bed and he started kissing my neck. I was so turned on that I could barely breathe. Pete then shifted his focus to my feet. He kissed my toes for a few seconds before heading down to unbutton my jeans. I pushed my ass up in the air help him to pull off my jeans, leaving me in only my matching g-string and bra. I could tell this sight drove him wild as he dove down and kissed my inner thighs. He kissed and licked me down there for a while and then decided to slide off my g-string exposing my penis and my waiting hole. He started to make his way toward my penis, but I was not interested in that. I wanted to be all woman for him and if he was going to give me head, he would be eating out my boy pussy.

I pushed his head back down between my ass cheeks and he quickly got the message. I had never had anything in my ass before, but now his tongue was certainly welcome. He licked around the entrance for a while which had me purring. Then he drove his tongue as deep into me as possible. He then inserted a first finger deep into me and then a second, no doubt hoping to prepare for what was to come. From the girly juices I noticed oozing out of my penis, I believed I was ready for it. I reached for my purse, which had conveniently fallen on the bed beside me, and pulled out a condom. I had planned to use these with Claire, but I thought things had worked out for the better. I would let him take me bareback, but with all the sex he’d been having with Sarah I figured it was best to err on the side of caution. I reached up to hand the condom to Pete, but he only met me with a devilish grin and did not take it.

“No offense baby, but those are a bit small for me,” he said as he reached for his night stand drawer.

“None taken, but you better be gentle with that monster,” I said as I saw him pull out a magnum condom and a bottle of lube.

“I promise to be gentle, at first,” he replied with another devilish grin.

As a watched him apply the condom to his massive cock, I had the sudden realization that I was about to be fucked. And I loved it. He then applied some lube to his penis and then some more to my begging boy pussy.

“You ready?”

“Yes Pete. Never been more ready for anything,” I replied as I was certain I had never wanted anything more than I wanted his cock inside me at that very moment.

He pulled my legs up to rest on top of his shoulders in order to give himself better access to me. Then he placed the tip of his cock at my entrance and slowly started to push his way in. He got about a finger length deep when I felt a sharp pain shoot through my body. But I knew I could take it, and I had to take it because we both needed it. I couldn’t help but gasp when I realized he was finally balls deep into me. Thankfully, Pete seemed to know what he was doing as he kept himself deep inside me to allow my body to adjust to his size. With his cock still buried deep in me our lips met in another embrace. I dug my nails deep into Pete’s back as he slowly began to pump. His pace was powerful, but also slow and gentle. The sight of my penis flopping back and forth with each thrust drove me wild.

“I love you Jamie,” whispered Pete while continuing his slow and steady pace.

“I love you too,” I purred before pulling his lips to mine for a loving kiss. “But Pete, you better FUCK. ME. HARDER!”

And that’s exactly what he did. His pace rapidly quickened as his thrusts into me became stronger and stronger. He began nibbling on my earlobes as my nails started scratching hard into his ass cheeks. Before I knew it, I was moaning louder than I ever imagined I could. Pete’s grunts made me even hotter. His bed was slamming against the wall in rhythm with his strokes. The sound of our pleasure, and his balls slapping against my ass cheeks, filled the room. We probably woke the neighbors, but definitely didn’t care. The smell of our sex in the air was intoxicating. I was in heaven. And I was coming closer and closer to my imminent climax.

“Ohhh fuck, fuck, fuck,” I cried as my penis oozed a full load of my feminine juices. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

My orgasm must have set Pete off because he then started fucking me harder than at any point before. His grunts became louder and louder as my moans turned into more of a feminine squealing. He had to be getting close to his own orgasm. Sure he was a stud, but there’s no way anyone could last much longer. He thrusted hard into me one last time as our lips met once again. His cock then exploded inside my tight hole. I could feel his juices filling me up and dripping out. The condom must have broken at some point, but I no longer cared.

His cock remained semi-erect inside of me as we continued to make out for the next several minutes. Then exhaustion hit us both. Pete finally pulled out of my ass and removed the condom. Then he collapsed down beside me and I cuddled up to him and fell asleep with my head resting on his shoulder.

New Beginnings

The next morning I awoke in what seemed to be my rightful place; cuddled up next to Peter Halpert. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked up into his eyes. He was already awake and seemed as if he’d been watching me for a while.

“Hey beautiful,” he said. “How are you doing this morning?”

“Never better,” I replied with the biggest smile on my face. “What about you?”

“I have no doubts that this is where I’m meant to be,” he said. “In bed with you.”

“What about Sarah?”

“What about her? She doesn’t interest me anymore,” he replied honestly, with an answer that made me very happy.

“Why did she really leave the party last night?”

“Well her costume really did tear, but she was really pissed about something else,” he said while looking at me very seriously. “She said she caught me getting turned on by you when we were dancing. Her plan was to tease me by dancing with Claire, but she said that I didn’t notice her at all because I was ‘entranced’ by you. Then she stormed off after saying that I should ‘go fuck Jamie’ if I was so turned on by you. After all that I decided to go to a quiet area to think for a while, but then you walked in.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well I knew it couldn’t have just been the costume thing. But I’m glad she said something to you. I mean it obviously worked out for us.”

He just smiled.

“I do kind of feel bad for her though. After all, she was the one who he lent me her clothes and makeup and taught me how to be feminine. She couldn’t have known that I’d end up stealing her man by the end of the night,” I said with a sexy grin.

“Yeah. It could be rough facing her at work after all this,” he said. “But she’s smart and beautiful. And she thinks way too highly of herself for this to keep her down for a while. She’d probably take credit for setting us up.”

“I imagine she would,” I replied just before kissing my new man.

“Let’s go make some breakfast,” said Pete jumping out bed with his hand out for me to follow.

Before leaving his room I noticed a pair of Sarah’s skimpy boy shorts lying on the floor of Pete’s room. I figured she wouldn’t need those anymore as I pulled them up on my way to the kitchen. Pete and I didn’t stop smiling for a second, or say a single word, as we devoured our breakfast of pancakes and eggs. I guess a late night filled with the best sex you’ve ever had really makes you hungry.

The flyer read, “Where will you be October 31st? Cum one, cum all to ‘The Labyrinth of Lust.’ Do you dare enter the labyrinth and risk facing the Minotaur of Desire or his seductress? All over 21 are welcome. Must be in full costume to enter. Spend an erotic Halloween in the labyrinth making your fantasies a reality, and your reality a fantasy.”

Yvonne Tyler read the flyer several times to herself. In the center was a picture of a Minotaur from Greek mythology next to an image of Medusa and her hair of snakes. She was sitting at the dining room table of her friend Kelly Jameson, having drinks with Suzie Roberts and Heaven Carter. It was their usual Saturday night “book club” meeting where they’d have drinks, talk about the latest book they read, and vent about their lives. “So, what is it exactly?” asked Yvonne.

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Kelly. “I forgot you weren’t here last year.”

“It’s an annual Halloween tradition here,” said Suzie.

“It’s lots of fun,” said Heaven.

“So what is it?” asked Yvonne.

“It’s kinda like a carnival but sexier,” said Heaven.

“Look,” began Kelly, “out at edge of town in that huge vacant field they build a huge labyrinth and hidden inside, so they claim, is the Minotaur.”

“Actually, it’s supposed to be two. One male, one female,” said Suzie.

“Right,” continued Kelly. “So, we all go in and if the Minotaur finds you, then you’re his or her sex slave for the night.”

“HIS WHAT?” exclaimed Yvonne.

Everyone laughed. “There is no Minotaur. It’s just an excuse for a giant orgy,” said Suzie.

“I’ve never known anyone who has ever met the so-called Minotaur, even the ones who spent all night in the labyrinth. They just say they either got caught up watching performers fuck or ended up fucking someone,” explained Heaven.

“What performers?” asked Yvonne.

“Oh, I keep forgetting you’re new to town,” said Heaven.

“The Labyrinth of Lust gets its name because there are live sex shows,” said Kelly.

“That’s why it’s held on the edge of town,” interrupted Suzie. “It started off as a ritual for a fruitful harvest and healthy children.”

Kelly shot Suzie an angry stare, then said “The story goes that one year the townsfolk didn’t put up the Labyrinth because some religious zealots said it was an abomination to have such a festival. Then the town had the worst winter in recorded history. All the babies born that year either died in childbirth, were stillborn, or only lived a few days. That is, those that made it full term. Several women reported suffering miscarriages. Then all the crops were destroyed by bad weather and pests. The town nearly starved.”

Yvonne sat wide-eyed listening to every word. “What happened?”

“Well,” continued Kelly, “they spent the summer building a new and bigger Labyrinth and swore they’d never ignore the tradition of the Labyrinth ever again. The following year the town had a mini baby boom and more successful crops than ever before.”

“What happened to the religious zealots?” asked Yvonne.

“No one really knows,” said Suzie. “Some say they were run out of town. Others say they were eaten to keep the town alive. Some claim they became the first two Minotaurs after the return of the Labyrinth.”

“What we do know is the Labyrinth is a lot of fun and the one night a year you can fuck whomever you want,” said Heaven. “That’s why the costumes, so you don’t know who you’re fucking. If you get pregnant, which rarely happens, it’s usually a prearranged fuck. Besides, no man would dare ask for a paternity test as he might find out not only who his wife fucked, but who he fucked in return.”

“Doesn’t it cause problems?” asked Yvonne.

“Only with outsiders,” said Kelly in a stern voice. “If they start questioning the purpose of the Labyrinth, refusing to participate, or trying to prevent anyone from entering.”

Yvonne shivered. “I didn’t mean-”

Kelly laughed. “I’m just teasing you Yvonne! No one is forced to enter or fuck. It’s only one night and the whole thing is torn down the next morning.”

“Why?” asked Yvonne.

“Well,” said Suzie, “the field is owned by a local farmer who needs the space for his crops. It’s believed to be the land of the family who brought the so-called Minotaur to our community.”

“And leaving the labyrinth up causes problems with outsiders who don’t understand our customs,” said Heaven.

“Outsiders who don’t adapt don’t stay long,” said Kelly in that same stern tone as before. “You won’t be like that here will you Vonn?”

“N-n-no,” stammered Yvonne.

Kelly put her hand over Yvonne’s and said, “I knew we could count on you.”


The next day, after Yvonne opened the bookstore, she was still staring at the flyer the girls had given her. The stories they shared scared her more than anything and she was starting to regret taking this position. She had wanted to be the manager of her own store for years, and though she was the most qualified, she had been passed over several times until this site came available. Now she started to think she was sent here to either keep this location open or to force her out. The bell at the door rang as Cindy, the only employee who didn’t quit when she took over, entered to start her shift. Cindy was a bubbly brunette with large, light brown eyes, and an amazingly curvy body. She was also an avid reader like Yvonne, and knew how to sell the slower-moving books. Yvonne was grooming Cindy to be her assistant manager.

“Good morning boss!” sang out Cindy.

“Good morning Cindy,” said Yvonne.

Cindy walked up and saw the flyer. “Oh damn, is it October already?”

Yvonne glanced down at the flyer and blushed. “Yeah, I guess it is.”

“So are you going?”


“To the labyrinth,” said Cindy in an excited tone.

“Um… well… I um.”

“Yvonne,” said Cindy in a softer tone, “what have you been told about our labyrinth?”

“That it’s an excuse for a town orgy.”

Cindy laughed. “Well, that part is kinda true. But it’s so much more. It’s a ritual to ensure prosperity to our town while having a night of unadulterated sexy fun.”

Yvonne looked down at the flyer. “What can you tell me about it?”

Cindy smiled. “More than most. Can I let you in on a little secret?”

“Cindy,” said Yvonne, “you can tell me anything. You know that.”

“But are you willing to not tell that catty bunch of girls you’ve been hanging out with?”

Yvonne knew Kelly, Suzie, and Heaven were a bit forceful, but didn’t see them as catty. Then she thought about how poorly they treated Cindy, even though Cindy was a nice person and in Yvonne’s eyes, one of the hardest working employees she’d ever known. “I’m guessing you’re not a big fan of theirs.”

“It’s stupid, I’ll admit,” said Cindy, “but let’s just say we have never been friends. It started in high school and I guess on some level it continues. Perhaps they were jealous of my Greek ancestry.”

“I didn’t know you were Greek.”

“I don’t advertise it, but someone in my family owns the land where the labyrinth will sit.”

Yvonne gasped. “Look, I’m not sure what history you have with the gals in my book club, but I do know you’re the best employee I’ve ever had. I also know that after what I’ve been told about this so-called labyrinth, I’m thinking I made a huge fucking mistake moving to this town.”

Cindy looked around, then said softly, “If you promise to keep what I tell you a secret, I’ll tell you all I know about the labyrinth after work today. I swear it.”

The bell on the store’s door rang and Yvonne whispered, “Deal,” then walked up to the customer and said, “Hello, what can I help you find today?”

The day progressed as normal and after the store was closed and locked, Cindy and Yvonne sat in the office filling out their daily paperwork and counting the cash for the night’s deposit. “So,” said Yvonne as she signed the deposit slip. “You promised me an explanation.”

Cindy put her report in the file cabinet and said, “Did your friends tell you about the Minotaur?”

“They said it wasn’t real.”

Cindy laughed. “Figures.”


“Those girls said that for a reason. Let me clue you in. There are a few rules that only a tiny handful know in regards to the labyrinth. To begin with, the Minotaur is real. Not real in the sense of the mythological creature, but a real man in a Minotaur costume. There is a secret committee that selects the most, um,” Cindy paused, then giggled.

“The most what?”

“Well-endowed eligible bachelor.”

“As in?”

“The guy with the biggest cock.”

Yvonne blushed, then giggled. “You’re kidding.”

“Nope. Every year a different man is chosen. His identity is kept a secret but we do have a way to make sure it’s not the same man year after year. Anyway, the man selected can tell no one he’s the Minotaur until Halloween night. Then, he makes his selection and the rest is between him and his mate. Now, there is a female chosen as well, she’s usually pretty and curvy. A lot like you are, if you don’t mind me saying. She too picks a guy to fuck, though often she spends the night with the guy she’s dating. Finding a single woman to fuck random men is a bit tougher, but every so often they find a single gal. Most people end up fucking whomever they come across. Did they tell you about the live sex shows?”


“Well, the performers you’ve heard about volunteer. Most come back year after year. Some are rumored to be a former Minotaur and his partner, the one he met the night in the labyrinth. Now, this I can’t be too sure about. What I can tell you is this. Both the Minotaur and his partner for the night must keep their identity a secret or risk forever being banned from the labyrinth. Trust me, the few who tempted this rule no longer live here.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“That whoever the Minotaur is, and whomever he fucks, can’t tell anyone, not even their closest friends or family.”

“And the members of the secret committee?”

“They wear masks and hide their identity so the man selected has no idea who they are either. It’s kinda complicated but I assure you, to be picked by the committee or the Minotaur or the seductress is a high honor. Trust me.”

Though she hadn’t said it directly, Yvonne felt Cindy was talking from personal experience. “You can’t really tell me much more can you?” asked Yvonne.

“I can tell you that you all those who enter respect the wishes of their partner. We all understand that ‘no,’ means ‘no.’ You won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to do. I swear it.”

Yvonne smiled. “So, what do you suggest I wear for that night?”

Cindy smiled. “I’m sure that catty bunch can help you more than I can, but if you’re really stuck for an idea, I’ve got a few.”


Halloween night everyone gathered in the large field on the edge of town. Yvonne fidgeted nervously with the skirt of her costume. She decided on a sexy “Dorothy” from the Wizard of Oz with a short blue gingham dress, white petticoats underneath, and her sexiest white thong panties. The white thigh-high stockings with lace around the top that attached to the strapless, white merry widow bodice fit her curvy form perfectly. The white shoulder-less blouse with the white partial sleeves around her arms rested just above the base of the dress, and the blue gingham straps of the dress went over her shoulders. The silver heels were the perfect accent to her costume as they were truer to the book, and not the movie. Her blonde hair was hidden underneath the long, brown wig with the two long braids in them that went down to the small of her back. The girls had helped Yvonne with her make-up to make her blue eyes pop, and around her neck she wore a small dog collar with a tag that said “Toto.”

“You sure look good,” said Kelly as she, Suzie, and Heaven walked up.

Yvonne smiled nervously and said, “You should know since you helped me get dressed.”

Kelly wore a sexy Red Riding Hood with a red velvet dress, red hood, and red boots up past her knees. Suzie was a sexy witch in a black mini dress and 5″ stiletto heels. Heaven was a sexy angel with low-cut dress, wings, white fishnet stockings, and white heels. Yvonne could easily see they were all braless, something they tried to talk her into as well. “Are you ready for tonight?” asked Suzie.

“No,” said Yvonne. “But I promise not to make any trouble.”

They all laughed. “You’ll have fun,” said Heaven. “And if you want out, just find an exit sign and you can escape.”

“Now come on,” said Kelly, “let’s get up there so we can hear the annual instructions.”

“Instructions?” asked Yvonne.

“Just part of the tradition,” said Kelly. “You pretty much know all you need to know already.”

The four friends walked toward the entrance and saw the small stage. While they waited, Yvonne’s mind wandered back to how she came to know these bawdy women and how she came to be in this odd town. She was offered a job running a local branch of the bookstore chain she had been working for, but it required her to move from the only home she’d ever known to this strange little Gomorrah. The previous manager left late the previous year in early November without warning, and Yvonne was the most qualified person to take the job. She didn’t want to move so close to the holidays, but with her recent break-up, a fresh start seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

Yvonne met Kelly and the girls one day shortly after she started. She was setting up a new display of the latest erotic trilogy and the publisher had even included some props to help promote the books. Just as she set the final prop in place she heard, “I thought this was a book store not a porn shop.”

Yvonne turned to see the three women standing behind her. The middle one was tall, slender, with dark brown hair, almond eyes, and light brown complexion. Her suit seemed tailored-made for her curvy shape. The woman to her left was shorter, dark skinned, black curly hair, and not nearly as voluptuous. The woman to her right was a nearly flat-chested redhead with green eyes and freckles. All three were wearing business suits and had that air of expensive and elegance.

“New book series,” said Yvonne. “The publisher sent the props hoping it would boost sales. They say it’s the next ’50 Shades’ but personally, I think it’s better.”

The middle woman smiled and said, “I like the sound of that, but I hope you’re not just saying that to get me to buy it.”

“No,” said Yvonne. “I never recommend a book I don’t like. It’s why I was the top salesgirl three years in a row and how I made management so fast.”

“Is that what brings you here?” asked the woman on the left.

“That and the old manager left without warning,” said Yvonne. “I’m Yvonne Tyler, by the way.”

“I’m Kelly, this is Heaven and Suzie,” said the woman in the middle pointing to the women to her left then right.

Yvonne extended her hand, “Nice to meet you ladies.”

They shook her hand and proceeded to talk books. It was then the girls invited Yvonne to their Saturday book club and read the new book Yvonne recommended that week. It was how their friendship grew so quickly. Now, tonight, that friendship was being somewhat tested for Yvonne. She didn’t know if her friends were setting her up for a prank or if this labyrinth was for real. They reached the staging area where the other costumed guests gathered. Though most didn’t know who was who, Yvonne couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched. Yet, when she looked around she couldn’t see anyone staring at her.

The crowd grew larger; everyone was wearing a costume. Yvonne began to wonder what was going to happen next. Though it wasn’t cold, she felt goose bumps on her skin and trembled slightly. She couldn’t shake the fear that gripped her about being some stranger’s fuck toy.

Kelly stepped up and said, “I’ve got an idea. If you are lucky enough to get fucked tonight, we want proof.”

“Proof?” asked Yvonne. “Like what? His costume?”

“No,” said Kelly, “too easy to fake.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“A hickey.”

“A what?” questioned Yvonne.

“Look,” said Kelly, “I like you a lot, and I’d like you to stick around. But see, if you think this is some kind of fucking joke and treat it as such, you won’t last long here.”

“I’m fucking here aren’t I?” snapped Yvonne.

“Yeah,” said Suzie, “but others have been as well.”

“And we’ve really grown fond of you,” said Heaven.

“So,” said Kelly, “if you get lucky, have him or her give you a hickey. Don’t worry, it won’t be that difficult.”

“I don’t like hickeys,” said Yvonne. “They’re for teenagers and I’m no teenager.”

“Just have it put somewhere that can be hidden easily,” said Suzie.

“Like the back of your neck,” said Heaven.

“Yeah,” said Kelly, “Heaven’s right. Then your hair will cover it.”

Yvonne looked at her three friends. They were the first to accept her when she moved here, and for the most part, were her only friends. She knew if she was forced out of town, she’d lose more than just her job. “Fine,” she sighed, “if I get lucky I’ll have whoever I fuck give me a hickey. But no promises on where.”

Kelly smiled. “Atta girl Vonn! I knew you were one of us.”

Yvonne was beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into with these ladies. Her stomach twisted and she debated if she wanted to just say, ‘Fuck it,’ and run to her car when a voice boomed across the crowd, “Gather round! Gather round! Gather round!”

The crowd grew quiet as a man dressed in a sparkly mini-dress stepped out onto the stage. Yvonne giggled as she thought he looked pretty good in drag and was impressed he wore the dress better than many women could. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Labyrinth of Lust. A few quick reminders before we start. First off, those who choose to enter the labyrinth do so of their own free will. Second, no means no. If someone says ‘no,’ you need to move on. Third, you must maintain your costume from the neck up as best as possible. Anonymity is key to the labyrinth. Now, let’s take a moment and reflect on why the labyrinth is so important. Come with me back in time to when our little town was first established… to when a young Greek family came here with a secret to help the town become prosperous.”

A young man wearing a toga stepped out on the stage and said, “Greetings. I am Adonis and I have the secret to bringing your crops to yield better than you can imagine and guarantee you healthy children.”

Several more people joined him on stage as they acted out the early days of the town and how it prospered. Then came the two religious zealots. “This labyrinth is an abomination to God!”

“You will all burn in hell!”

“And so,” the emcee from the beginning said, “the town held no labyrinth that Halloween and a great cry was heard.”

There was a sound of weeping women. “My child!”

“My crops!” cried a man.

“My family is starving!”

“Kill the zealots!”

“Make them face the Minotaur!”

“Make them become the Minotaur!”

“It’s difficult to say what really happened to the zealots,” said the emcee. “But after that dreadful year, we never neglected the labyrinth again. And so tonight friends, we gather here to continue the tradition and keep our town prosperous and healthy. Once you enter the labyrinth, you are free to wander. You may fuck whomever you wish as long as they agree. You are to keep your identify a secret. At sunrise, we will release you all. What happens in the labyrinth, stays in the labyrinth. With that said, prepare to meet the Minotaur or his seductress, and enjoy your magical night.”

“Sunrise?” asked Yvonne.

“Well yeah,” said Suzie. “Didn’t we tell ya?”

“Ugh… no. You said I could leave when I wanted.”

“Oh,” said Suzie. “Oops.”

“If you find an exit, then yes you can leave early,” said Kelly.

“Not to worry,” said Heaven, “the town basically closes down tomorrow. Kind of a post Halloween and labyrinth rest.”

“We all resume our normal lives on the second,” said Kelly. “Any major corporations that open a business here know that it’s a town holiday and that we require they must be closed or they can’t open here.”

“So I won’t lose my job then?”

“No silly,” said Kelly. “We may be sexual freaks, but we aren’t cruel. Come on, let’s get in line.”

The girls moved toward the one of the many entrances of the labyrinth and waited. Periodically they saw someone removed from the line and taken away. Yvonne was curious about this, but figured it was for a reason. While waiting, she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched as before. She looked around and saw different costumed people chatting and occasionally looking her way, but no one was staring at her.

A woman wearing a low-cut French maid costume stepped up, took Yvonne’s hand and said, “Come with me please.”


“You’ve been selected to use a different entrance,” said the French maid.

“Go on,” said Kelly, “they pick people at random all the time to mix things up inside.”

“Oh, okay,” said Yvonne as she began following the French maid.

Yvonne was led around the back of the labyrinth were other people had been taken and the maid handed her a button that said ‘Labyrinth of Lust.’ “Put this on,” said the maid.


“Everyone who enters gets one,” she said.

“Oh,” said Yvonne as she pinned the button on.

The maid reached up and soon the button lit up and began to blink. “This is just so you can be seen by others later on. Some areas get a bit dark. Plus, it adds to the fun.”

Yvonne smiled and said, “Thanks.”

The maid stopped at an unmarked door and told Yvonne to enter. Yvonne hesitated for a moment then stepped in. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim lights and focus on what she was seeing. Along the walls she saw an assortment of ladies panties and men’s underwear on the wall of the hallway. She noticed a faint smell of laundry soap and fabric softener.

“Oh yeah,” said the maid. “Would you mind taking off your panties?”


“It adds to the sexiness of the event. These are from those who have been brought in though this entrance. Most of the women are without their panties and those men who could remove their boxers without it affecting their costume removed them as well. It’s just a bit of whimsical fun. Those black lacy ones there are mine.”

The maid pointed to a pair hanging on the wall.

“At least they’re clean,” she whispered to herself as she removed them carefully and handed them to the maid. “Will I ever get them back?”

“You can try, but often they are used in future labyrinth decorations. Don’t worry, they aren’t worn again.”

“That’s good to know,” said Yvonne. “So what now?”

The maid pinned Yvonne’s panties to the wall, then giggled. “Now, you have fun.”

The maid stepped back out and closed the door. Yvonne realized quickly there was no way to open the door from the inside. The corridor walls, ceiling, and floors were painted a non-reflective, dark charcoal gray, almost black, and the corridors were weakly illuminated by small bulbs every twenty feet or so in the ceiling. Only her button provided any additional light, and it didn’t provide much. She walked to the end of the hallway where she found a passageway that went off to her left and right, and a mirrored wall before her. She heard a strange sound off to the left and decided to investigate. She wandered down and the sound became more distinct. It was the sound of a whip cracking. After a few more yards she found a large glass window. Behind it was a man tied to what looked like a saw horse with only a leather hood and thong on, and a woman wearing a leather bustier and mask was whipping him and screaming, “Say it!”

With each blow the man cried out and said, “More Mistress! Give me more!”

At first Yvonne was horrified until she realized the man’s back only had a few red marks and nothing serious. The whip was more noise than anything else. “Beg me slave!”

“I want you to fuck me Mistress!”

“You can do better than that!” she screamed and struck him again.

“I want you to fuck my ass with your huge cock Mistress!”

It was then Yvonne noticed the huge black rubber cock attached to the woman’s costume. She also watched the woman smear a clear gel on the cock and walk up as she cracked the whip a few more times. She pulled the thong off the man and slapped his ass hard saying, “Good slave. Now you will be rewarded.”

The woman slid the huge cock into the man’s ass and he groaned, “Yes Mistress! Fuck my ass with your cock please!”

It only took the woman a few pumps before the entire cock was buried deep within the man’s ass. The woman continued to crack the whip but never hit him. Yvonne decided to move on, though she was surprised how aroused this scene made her feel.

‘Too many BDSM books,’ she thought to herself.

She followed the corridor a few more yards to its end, then turned right. She walked along for a bit then saw another window like before. This time there was a woman kneeling before a naked man wearing what appeared to be a leather hood. The woman’s hands were bound behind her back, and except for the mask on her face, she was completely naked. The man’s cock was semi-hard and he put it into the woman’s mouth. She didn’t hesitate to take the slowly growing member, and to Yvonne’s shock, she took the entire thing until her chin hit his balls and her face was pressed against his stomach.

The man moaned as he thrust and fucked the woman’s mouth. Yvonne could hear the slurping sounds and could see the faint rise in the woman’s neck as the man’s cock began to enter her throat. Yvonne gasped as she watched the man begin to fuck the woman’s mouth the way he might her pussy or ass. Aside from a few porn videos she’d seen, she’d never actually seen a real woman actually deep throat a man’s cock, or even thought it was possible.

Just as before, Yvonne found this scene erotic and arousing as her nipples began to harden. The man reached down, holding the woman’s hair, ramming his cock down her throat until he gave a rather primal growl and the woman moaned. He pulled his cock out and smiled as the woman opened her mouth and showed the white cream of the man’s cum in her mouth.

“Good girl,” he said smiling. “You may swallow now.”

The woman swallowed her prize and said, “Thank you master for my reward.”

Yvonne shook her head and walked on. She thought about all the books and stories she had read that seemed to echo these scenes. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t seem to notice her path would only take her deeper into the labyrinth. She saw men fucking women in an assortment of positions, and each time she’d feel her nipples harden, her pussy dampen, and her heart race. She also noticed the faint aroma of her own arousal. Though she could hear the performers talk and fuck, when she was alone, she could hear the sound of her shoes on the floor mixed with the occasional scream. She wasn’t sure if they were screams of pleasure or fear.

As Yvonne continued walking, on the other side of the wall, she heard what sounded like the rattling of heavy chains and the cries of someone who sounded like they were being beaten within an inch of their life. She hurried on and turned the next corner. She came to another window where a large-eyed Roswell-looking alien was fucking a young woman doggy style. The woman was sucking the penis of another alien standing in front of her. Yvonne wondered if these displays were 3-D animatronics, or some type of videos.

“They couldn’t be real, could they?” she whispered to herself.

Yvonne noticed a small yellow blinking light at the far end of the corridor, but as she reached the end, the blinking light disappeared. She looked around and saw another yellow blinking light at the end of another corridor. Yvonne shrugged, ignoring the blinking light. She walked past yet another window and saw several men and women participating in what looked like an orgy. Yvonne had never seen one before, so she stopped and watched the action. Some of the men were fucking women and some were fucking men. She also saw some girl-on-girl action. A man came to the window and motioned for her to enter the room, but she turned and quickly hurried down the corridor.

In another corridor, she came to fork where it divided. She remembered reading somewhere that a person could escape from a maze or labyrinth by keeping their right hand on the wall until they reached the end. Yvonne decided now was the time to see if it was true. When she turned the next corner, she was face to face with a twelve-foot crocodile with its mouth open. She jumped back, frightened. The crocodile, she discovered, was stuffed and arranged to by some evil person to scare the unwary who passed that way.

Occasionally, Yvonne met another costumed character heading the opposite direction. A young woman dressed as a sexy Snow White stopped her and asked if she knew where an exit was. Yvonne answered that she didn’t know, and Snow White continued on. Haunting noises, mixed with eerie screams and moans kept coming from somewhere on the other side of the walls. Yvonne wished she’d stayed with the Snow White character. Maybe together, they might have found an exit.

Yvonne came to a door and wondered if she’d found an exit door. When she opened it, frigid air poured out. Looking in, she saw it was eerily lit with what appeared to be a number of frozen dead bodies sitting in chairs, all in grotesque postures, with skin hanging from their limbs. She screamed, quickly closed the door and ran down another corridor. When she finally stopped, she realized the scene she saw was not real. As she processed the room in her head, she remembered recognizing some of the mannequins from the local dress shop, and laughed at herself for being so foolish.

As Yvonne passed one window, she looked in and saw a naked, masked young woman impale herself on a Sybian, while another woman in a red leather bustier ran the controls. When the machine turned on, the facial expression on the naked woman changed–the ecstatic look on her face indicated she was enjoying her ride. Yvonne watched the woman pinch her nipples, having orgasm after orgasm, and she felt her own pussy tingle. She wondered how good a Sybian ride felt, but a line of women, twenty at least, including the Snow White she met earlier, were awaiting their turn to ride it. Yvonne considered joining them, but she was in a hurry, trying to find an exit and didn’t want to experience that in such a public forum.

Continuing her quest and keeping her hand on the right wall, she followed the corridor to the next corner. A few feet beyond the corner, she felt her hand sliding in something gooey and slimy. It appeared have the same texture as mayonnaise.

“Ugh,” she said to herself.

There wasn’t anything to wipe her hand on, except her dress and the wall to her left, which she opted for. Behind her, she heard the sounds of doors opening and closing, but when she turned around, she saw no one. There were also some scraping noises, as if the walls were being moved. After walking the length of another long corridor, she decided to backtrack and immediately ran into a dead end.

“That’s odd,” she said to herself. “I just came down that corridor, and now it’s become a blind alley. I wonder if the walls are actually being moved around.”

She realized all too late that if the walls had been moved, then keeping her hand on the right wall wouldn’t help. Her heart skipped a beat. She wondered how she was going to escape. She continued to walk along, ignoring the yellow blinking light until she heard some scraping noises behind her. She turned and in the dim light saw the corridor walls slowly moving together. The walls farther away had almost touched one another, while the nearer ones were just beginning to move.

“Oh shit,” she cried, “I’m going to be killed.”

She screamed and ran down the passage while the walls squeezed together behind her. Yvonne felt like she was being forced down the corridor like toothpaste out of a tube. At the end of the corridor, she saw a yellow blinking light, and when she saw it, she ran like hell toward it. When she reached the wall, she realized she was for the moment, out of danger. Her body shook as she panted and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I thought this was supposed to be just erotic fun?” she whispered as she tried to get her bearings.

She heard laughter. It was both wicked and slightly erotic. “Hello?” she called out.

The laughter faded out and was replaced with the sounds of whips, chains, and screams. Yvonne shook her head and began to walk. She noticed that no matter which corridor she was in, the yellow blinking light was always at the far end of the corridor, and she could make no sense of it. “What does it mean?”

She walked a few more feet, and then it hit her. “Maybe if I follow the yellow blinking light, it just might lead me out of here. Hell, it’s worth a shot at this point. So this Dorothy will follow the yellow-blinking light instead of the yellow-brick road.”

As Yvonne made her way from corridor to corridor, the yellow blinking light led her farther and farther from the noise and disturbing scenes. She did witness a few couples engaged in assorted sex acts as she continued on, ignoring her instincts that she was being led further away from the exit. With one final turn, she found herself in a large octagonal room of mirrors. There was a small table in the center of the room, and sitting on the table was a yellow lava lamp. Everywhere she looked, she only saw her own reflection.

“What the hell?” she said softly to herself. “I’ve got an idea we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.”

“Something wrong my pet?” said a male voice causing Yvonne to jump.

Yvonne looked around but saw nothing. “Who said that?”

“I did my pet.”

“Well duh! Who are you?” she asked and looked around. Then she whispered to herself, “Why the fuck did I ever go off with that fucking French maid?”

“Me? Why, I’m the Minotaur. And I sent the, ‘fucking French maid,’ as you put it, to bring you to me”

“Why can’t I see you?”

“Because I haven’t chosen to show myself to you yet.”

Yvonne nodded. “Do you have a name?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

Yvonne rolled her eyes. “What would you like me to call you then?”

“‘Sir’ or ‘master’ will do. Though, I like ‘sir’ much more.”

“Do you want to know my name?”

“Come now my pet, you know the rules.”

“Oh right, but my dog tag says, ‘Toto.’”

The Minotaur laughed. “How clever.”

“So, you’ve found me, or rather, I’ve found you, what does that exactly mean?”

“What it means, my pet, is that you are mine for the night.”

“Okay, I get that. But will it be just us?”

“Yes my pet, I don’t like sharing my lovers if I can help it.”

“Okay. What exactly do you want?”

Yvonne saw a shadow in the mirrors as he said, “You my pet. I thought that was perfectly clear.”

“I mean, what do want to do with me?” asked Yvonne, shuddering.

The Minotaur chuckled and stepped out from behind a mirror. He was a tall, muscular man who looked like he might work out several times a week, wearing a large bull’s head and a leather thong. Yvonne was quite impressed with his physique and was pleased that at least found him somewhat attractive. “I want to eat you to multiple orgasms and fuck you all night.”

“Why me?”

“Why not you? I saw you tonight in the crowd and I knew you were the one for me.”

Yvonne knew that feeling she had of being watched wasn’t just her imagination. “Is that why I was pulled from the line?”

The Minotaur nodded his head and said, “It was indeed, my pet. The badge on your dress is like all the others, except yours contains a tracking device. I’ve known exactly where you were since you entered, and I had the walls moved to direct you here. If you’d followed the yellow light from the beginning, there wouldn’t have been any reason for the walls to move.”

Now Yvonne understood why she’d felt like someone was watching her since she’d arrived at the labyrinth, and why she was here now. “You could have killed me.”

“Nonsense my pet,” he said. “Rest assured, you were never in any risk of harm.”

“Well that’s good to know.”

The Minotaur moved around the room and continued, “Every year we pull some random folks out and the chosen two for the Minotaur and his seductress to fuck all night. We provide personalized entertainment for our pets until they find their ways to us. And from the smell of things, I’d say you rather enjoyed my selections.”

It was now that Yvonne noticed both the distinct aroma of her arousal, and how the bull’s head didn’t seem to match the man’s words. “Okay yeah,” she said, “They were arousing.”

The Minotaur stepped up and stood behind Yvonne. She could see him in the mirrors and smelled the faint aroma of his cologne and arousal. Though he wasn’t touching her, she felt his presence. “I must admit, my pet, I do like your costume. But this damn head is really getting on my nerves and is keeping me from getting too close. Mind if I remove it?”

“Not at all, sir.”

Though she couldn’t see his face, she knew he was smiling. He reached up, lifted the bull’s head off his body, and set it on the floor. Yvonne could see the mask that covered his face from the top of his cheeks and the entire top of his head. “Oh yes,” he sighed, “that’s much better.”

“Your mask reminds me a bit of Zorro.”

The Minotaur smiled and Yvonne thought it really lit up his face. “Why thank you my pet. I hate those damn leather hoods and though I intend to tie you up, I’m not as into the BDSM lifestyle as many of my performers are.”

Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief as she feared her Minotaur was more like the fictional men she had been reading about than the type of man she usually enjoyed. “Just what do you intend to do with me, sir?”

The Minotaur smiled and said, “Such an eager pet I have tonight. I told you before, I intend to eat you to multiple orgasms and fuck you all night long. I want to tie you up, feed you my cock, and maybe spank you a bit.”

“With your hand or something else, sir?”

The Minotaur gently touched her arm and Yvonne shivered as she felt herself come alive. “My hand yes, but if I choose anything harder I’ll let you test it first. The pain is intended to bring you pleasure, not harm. But, to be sure that we can trust one another, we must establish a safe word or two. Now, at this point, you must be a bit nervous.”

“Yeah, I am,” she said. “Um, sir.”

She felt the Minotaur’s breath on her neck. It created goose bumps on her skin as he said softly, “That’s normal, my pet. I would, however, like to put a leash on your collar if you don’t mind. It’s not meant to demean you, it’s just for fun. I mean, you are the one wearing the dog collar.”

“If that is what you wish, sir.”

“Oh my pet, I wish for so much more and I intend to get it.”

He clipped a leather leash to her collar and held the dog tag in his fingers as he looked over her shoulder. “Toto huh? The perfect name for my pet.”

“It was just some humor for my costume, sir.”

The Minotaur smiled. “I like it. Maybe before we part you’ll let me keep your tag.”

“Would that please you, sir?”

“What would please me, my pet would be to start removing your costume.”

“Do you wish me to do it sir?”

“No my pet, we need to establish some ground rules first.”

“And those would be sir?”

“Well, what we do, we must both want. Is there anything, my pet, you either don’t like or would rather not do? Please be honest.”

Yvonne sighed. One thing came to her mind without a moment of hesitation. “Anal,” she whispered.

“Hmmm,” he said. “I’m guessing my pet has never had it or has been hurt. I’m going with being hurt as most anal virgins are willing to try. Which is it my pet?”

“I’ve been hurt,” she said softly.

The Minotaur stroked her cheek softly and said, “I have no intention of hurting my pet. Anything else?”

Yvonne bit her lip. “Why do we need safe words?”

The Minotaur slid his fingers down to her shoulders and across her rigid nipples poking through her bustier and blouse. He noticed her shiver as he cupped her breasts and kissed her lightly on the side of her neck just above her collar.

He said, “So if I do something you don’t like, you can tell me in a way that I know you’re serious. There was the dreadful series that used yellow as the warning and red to say stop. Though I wasn’t impressed with the stories, the colors were rather effective. Would those work for you my pet?”

Yvonne knew exactly what series he was referring to and was surprised he didn’t like it. She thought for a moment, then said, “Yes sir, those would work for me.”

“May I also assume you read the series I mentioned?”

“I have sir.”

“Tell me honestly, did you like them?”

“Yes and no sir,” she said honestly.

The Minotaur ran his fingers along her skin causing her to shiver and tremble with both fear and anticipation. Goose bumps covered her skin making her crave his touch even more. “Please my pet, explain your answer.”

“I liked the overall story of two people falling in love and learning to trust each other. I hated how he treated her, didn’t trust her, and was so fucking petulant. I also didn’t care for her inability to stand up to him until she thought he had gone back to ‘her’ when he knew how much she didn’t like that person. Sir.”

Yvonne watched the Minotaur in the mirror nodding. He still stood behind her and only his fingertips touching her arms. “I like your evaluation, my pet. Have you read other such books?”

“I’ve been a fan of this genre since I read Anne Rice’s ‘Sleeping Beauty Chronicles’ and ‘Exit to Eden’. The evolution of e-books has made it easier for me to find good stories. Well, that and sites like Lit, SOL, and Lush.”

Yvonne saw the flash of disappointment in the Minotaur’s eyes, then quickly added, “Sir.”

He smiled and said, “You’re a quick learner my pet. I’d hate to have to punish you for disrespect.”

The Minotaur grabbed her leash and turned her around. Yvonne could see his hazel eyes under the mask and he stared into her blue ones. His breath warmed her cheek and lips as he leaned down and kissed her forcefully. Yvonne inhaled through her nose as she kissed him back and allowed his tongue to invade her mouth. Though she didn’t know who he really was, she did notice he knew how to kiss. Her heart raced, her clit throbbed, and her nipples hardened even more. Even how he held her leash turned her on in a way she had never expected.

The Minotaur broke off the kiss and said, “Fuck me, my pet. I knew I was right about you.”

“What do you mean sir?”

“You are the right one for me. Come now my pet, I wish to have my fun with you.”

“Yes sir.”

The Minotaur lead Yvonne by her new leash from the room of mirrors to what appeared to be a private bedroom that also had mirrors all around and on the ceiling. There was a large bed against one wall, a wooden cross with leather straps to the right similar to those she saw in one of the performer’s room, a small table that would hold about half of her body, a large wooden chest, and hanging on the wall, an assortment of crops, whips, canes, and floggers. Yvonne began to tremble as she tried to figure out what was going to happen to her.

The Minotaur sensed her uneasiness, then turned to her and said softly as he stroked her cheek, “Fear not my pet, much of this will never come near you. We set this room up before we know what our pets might like. It is always better to have too much than not enough. Tell me my pet, what do you see that scares you?”

Yvonne’s eyes darted around the room. Where did she begin? How could she tell him that nearly everything scared the shit out of her? She took a deep breath and said in barely a whisper, “The canes.”

The Minotaur nodded. “Then tonight they will remain on the walls. To be honest, I’m not a fan of them either. They are too violent.”

“Then why have them?”

The Minotaur jerked her leash and said, “Excuse me?”

“I mean, why have them, sir?” Her tone was much softer.

“Better. As I said before, better to have too much than not enough. Some women like to be beaten with canes. I personally find that practice barbaric. So you’re telling me that those frighten you, tells me that we are more alike that I had first thought. Now, my pet, tell me about your thought on the crops, whips, and floggers.”

“Crops are for horses or animals. Whips remind me of Indiana Jones. Floggers are rather medieval. Sir.”

The Minotaur laughed. “Crops can be fun for a quick spanking. Whips are a bitch to control. Floggers can be fun depending on what is in their ends. The only one I’d use with you, my pet, have feathers or softened leather ends. One might tickle and the other might sting, but you won’t be in any risk of any serious pain. As I said before, the pain is meant to heighten your pleasure, not harm you. If I chose to use those, that is when you must exercise your safe words. Tell me my pet, what are they?”

“Yellow for when you’re close to my limit and red when you’ve gone too far, sir.”

“I hope to never hear you say ‘red’ my pet. I’m not a fan of revenge.”

“Thank you sir,” she said softly.

“Oh, you’ll be thanking me soon enough my pet,” he said smiling. “For now, I think you are a bit over dressed.”

The Minotaur reached down and began to untuck her blouse. Yvonne started to speak, then thought better of it and just watched as he pushed the straps of her dress, removed the white shoulder-less top from her chest and folded it neatly and set it on top of the wooden chest. Yvonne had realized she was so frightened by what she had seen on the walls, she hadn’t thought about what was in the chest.

“May I ask a question sir?”

“You already did my pet,” he said laughing as he stepped up to her. “But you may ask another.”

“What is in the chest?”

The Minotaur smiled. “Toys. Blindfolds, gags, clips, clamps, restraints, dildos, vibrators, and much more. Tell me, my pet, ever use any either alone or with a partner?”

Yvonne felt herself blush as she said, “Only dildos and vibrators sir, and only alone.”

“So, you’ve never been blindfolded?”


The Minotaur jerked on her leash a bit harder than before. “No, what?” he growled.

“No sir,” she whimpered.


“No sir.”

“Restrained or tied up?”

“No sir.”

“Ever used a dildo or vibrator in your ass?”

Yvonne gasped. “No!”

He jerked her leash again. “No, what?” he growled louder.

“No, sir,” she whispered.

“Forget again and you will be spanked with either a crop or a flogger. Do I make myself clear, my pet?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, you told me before you’ve been hurt when you tried anal. Tell me about it, my pet.”

The Minotaur began to remove her dress and petticoats as she spoke. “Um… well sir… ugh… he was behind me and I thought he was going to fuck me doggie style. We had done that before. And the next thing I knew he tried to shove his cock into my ass and it hurt so bad I screamed and cried.”

The Minotaur knelt down as he removed her shoes, rolled down her stockings, then pulled her skirt and petticoats to the floor. “Step out carefully my pet. You may use my shoulder for balance if you wish. And please, finish your story.”

Yvonne reached down, grabbed his firm, muscular shoulder, feeling the cool floor under her feet, and stepped out of the skirt and petticoat as she said, “It hurt so bad. I thought he’d split me in half. It didn’t last long thankfully. He pulled out, took off the condom and fucked me normally. We broke up shortly after.”

“Wait,” said the Minotaur as he stood up, folding her skirt and petticoat. “He was using an unlubed condom?”

“I guess,” Yvonne shrugged. “I really don’t know sir.”

“And then he fucked you while you were crying and in pain?”

“Yes sir.”

The Minotaur shook his head as he set the skirt and petticoat on top of the dresser, laying the stockings and shoes next to them. He removed her bustier, set it on top of her costume, then turned to Yvonne, taking her face into his hands, and said, “My pet, that will never happen with me. Not now, not ever. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. Then he straightened up and said, “Please my pet, turn around for me so I can see what you look like.”

Yvonne turned slowly and smiled. “Does my master like what he sees?”

The Minotaur smiled and said, “Very much so, my pet. Might I ask where your panties are?”

Yvonne blushed. “The French maid told me to take them off when I entered. They should be still hanging on the wall at the entrance I came into.”

The Minotaur chuckled, took Yvonne into his arms and kissed her forcefully as he had before, then pushed her down onto the bed, causing her to squeal in surprise. “Now my pet, time for me to enjoy my prize.”

Yvonne sat on the bed a bit surprised and smiled. “What would you like first, sir?”

The Minotaur smiled. “Ah, my pet, there is so much I would like, but since we must follow certain rules, how about this. I’d like to feel your amazing mouth on my cock.”

Yvonne quickly positioned herself so she was at the edge of the bed. “My mouth is ready for your amazing cock sir.”

The Minotaur smiled wickedly and stepped up and stood in front of Yvonne. “You may undress me my pet and do your magic.”

Yvonne smiled wickedly and grabbed the edge of the leather thong with her teeth and gently pulled them off the Minotaur’s hips. The scent of fine leather mixing with the scent of his cologne and arousal filling her nostrils. She smiled as his cock hung before her face, slightly hard, the tip a bit damp with his precum as the head peaked out under the foreskin. Tonight was truly a night of firsts for her as she had never seen an uncut man before and wondered how it would differ from the blowjobs she’d done in the past.

She released the thong and looked up at the Minotaur’s face and said, “You have a fine cock. May I taste it now, sir?”

The Minotaur smiled and touched her hair with his hand. “Please my pet, show me you skills.”

“Yes sir.”

Yvonne leaned forward, grabbed his cock with her hands, and slipped it into her mouth. Even in this softened state, his cock was the biggest she had ever had. She pushed the foreskin back and licked the head. The Minotaur moaned softly and held her head in his hands. He felt his cock grow and firm within her mouth as he began to thrust. He pushed and thrust until she took most of his cock. However, she began to struggle and cough.

He pulled back and asked, “Too much my pet?”

“Rellow,” she mumbled, his cock still in her mouth.

“Yellow?” he asked.

She nodded her head in agreement. “Sorry my pet, I got lost in the moment. But tell me, do you swallow my pet?”

She nodded yes.

“Then my pet, in lieu of a deep throat blowjob, I want you to swallow me instead. Can you do that for me my pet?”

She nodded yes and smiled.

“Then please, continue.”

Yvonne smiled and sucked his cock into her mouth. She held his foreskin back with her hand, licked the head of his cock with her tongue, and bobbed her head until she reached her gag point. The Minotaur moaned softly and held her head. “Yes my pet, suck me.”

Yvonne purred with his cock in her mouth, her hand holding his cock at her gag point, her other hand now rubbing her pussy. The Minotaur reached down and grabbed her hand saying, “I don’t remember giving you permission to play with your pussy.”


“Make me cum my pet and I’ll deal with your crimes later.”

She nodded and sucked harder, her tongue playing with his foreskin, and soon, he cried out, “Oh fuck yeah!”

He filled her mouth with his cum and heard her swallow her prize. Once he was drained and a bit soft, he pulled out and said, “That was amazing my pet.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Now, you’ve been a rather naughty girl now haven’t you?”

“I meant no disrespect.”

He quickly pulled her off the bed and before she realized what was happening, he was sitting on the bed with her draped across his lap. He said in a soft, but firm tone, “I’m going to spank you my pet for playing with your pussy during my blowjob, and for not calling me sir. I think five should be sufficient and I want you to count them out loud for me. Failure to do so will result in more. Am I clear my pet?”

Yvonne trembled. Her hands were pinned under her body and she knew anything she did would only result in more punishment. “Yes sir,” she whispered.

“Louder my pet.”

“Yes sir,” she said.


He smacked her ass hard. Yvonne yelped out, “One!”

“Good girl my pet.”

A second blow hit her ass. “Two!”

Between each strike, he’d rub her ass and always hit her in a different part. By the fifth strike her ass was quite red and her pussy was leaking copiously. The Minotaur put his fingers into her pussy causing her to moan, then removed them. He licked them and said, “Oh yes my pet, I knew you’d taste sweeter than honey. Your sweet scent alone told me that.”

“Thank you sir,” she whimpered.

The Minotaur moved her to the center of the bed and said, “Don’t be upset with me. You knew the rules.”

“Yes sir.”

The Minotaur took her hands and placed two leather cuffs, one around each wrist and said, “I’m going to tie you up now so you can’t cheat again.”

Yvonne was still trembling as she said, “Yes sir.”

“Don’t be frightened my pet. Remember, I promised to not harm you. Did the spanking really hurt you?”

Yvonne bit her lip, then said softly, “No sir.”

“It did seem to turn you on. Have you ever been spanked sexually before?”

“No sir.”

“Really?” he asked surprised. “I hope you misbehave so I might spank you again.”

Yvonne giggled as he finished securing the cuffs and tied them to the head of the bed. Then he put similar cuffs on each ankle and spread her legs wide. Then he reached up and pulled her hardening nipples gently with his fingers. Leaning over, he sucked her left nipple and tugged on her right with his fingers, causing Yvonne to moan.

“Don’t cum until I tell you my pet or I will spank you again.”

“Yes sir,” she said, wondering how she was going to avoid having an orgasm when she was so horny now.

The Minotaur kissed his way down her stomach. Yvonne squirmed and moaned. “Don’t cum my pet. I’m warning you.”

“Yes sir,” she gasped, fearing the severity of his next spanking, as she knew she was moments away from a huge orgasm.

He reached the blonde triangle patch of hair that pointed to her apex of womanhood. He admired how she kept it trimmed, but not shaved. “Did you do this for me, my pet?”

“I like to keep myself neat at all times sir,” she moaned and struggled against her bonds.

“I like that my pet. Tell me, do you like shaving this most beautiful area?”

“No sir,” she moaned. “It causes me too much discomfort and pain.”

The Minotaur smiled wickedly. He knew she was dangerously close to an orgasm, especially after her spanking. He breathed in deeply and said, “You smell so sweet my pet. But I fear you may cum sooner than I want.”

“I’m sorry sir,” she cried. “But you turn me on so, I can’t help myself.”

The Minotaur chuckled. “Nice my pet. You know how to flatter a beast.”

“I’m telling the truth sir,” she moaned.

“I don’t doubt that, my pet.”

He leaned down and licked from the inside of her thighs to near her pussy, but not touching it, repeating this process and teasing her with his tongue. Yvonne squirmed and tugged at her restraints. Electrical shivers zipped up and down her spine, her mouth went dry, and she was sure a fire was building deep inside her, centered on her pussy. A fire that could only be quenched by his tongue or his cock.

Finally, the Minotaur lapped her pussy from her ass up to her clit, slipping his tongue just inside her swollen labia. Yvonne was sure her nipples would fly off her chest and her clit throbbed. Her body shook as her orgasm began to rage through her. Her toes curled until her feet cramped, she screamed, and saw stars. The ache of her empty vagina wanting to be filled by his huge cock only seemed to make her want to scream more. She pulled on her restraints, feeling his tongue torture her further and making her cum even harder.

The Minotaur chuckled and licked again, lapping up the sweet nectar flowing from her saturated sex. The taste was more than he had hoped for, as he savored each delicious drop. He heard Yvonne gasp and moan but chose to continue his work. He licked up her labia to her clit, then sucked it into his mouth. Yvonne screamed and orgasmed again, soaking his chin and neck with a second flood of her womanly fluids.

Yvonne was helpless in stopping his assault or her raging orgasms. She pulled on her restraints and squirmed as the Minotaur ate her pussy through two powerful orgasms. She was aching to feel his cock fill her the way she hoped it would, and would accept any punishment he deemed worthy. She couldn’t remember when a man had brought her to two orgasms with nothing more than his tongue. She usually required either a finger or a vibrator in her pussy, and thought it was due to the thrill of this evening’s event.

The Minotaur ate her pussy until his cock was hard again, then crawled up her body, hovered above her for a moment, teasing her by rubbing the head of his cock between her wet labia. Try as she might, Yvonne could do nothing to capture his cock, but rather was forced to endure the erotic agony of his cock being so close to bringing her the pleasure she craved so much. Then he slid his cock inside her slowly, teasing and torturing her in ways she had never experienced before in her life. Yvonne had a third orgasm before he was half way in and he smiled. He pumped within her, slowly at first, but quickly gained speed. He kissed her roughly, breathing hard in her ear, and fucking her with a force he hadn’t shared with any other lover before. He knew this was different, but he liked the way it felt.

Yvonne moaned and met him thrust for thrust. Though his cock was bigger than anything she had ever experienced before, and was sure he’d split her in half, she wanted more. It had been some time since she had sex with a man, and she couldn’t remember one making her feel the way he did. She thought it was the whole mystery of his identity, and how after tonight they might never see one another again. She heard his breathing grow ragged and with her fourth orgasm, he filled her with his seed.

They kissed passionately for several minutes, his spent cock still semi-hard and buried in her pussy. “Oh my pet,” he moaned softly, “you were amazing.”

“Thank you sir,” she said softly. “You were pretty amazing yourself.”

The Minotaur climbed off her, his cock sliding out glistening with their combined juices and moved to her head. “Clean my cock my pet.”

Yvonne smiled wickedly and said, “Yes sir.”

She licked and sucked his cock clean and hard again as he moaned and gently thrust. He pulled his cock out and began to release her legs. “You are more amazing than I had thought my pet. But now, we need to discuss your punishment over your premature orgasms.”

“Yes sir.”

Once her ankles were free he grabbed the cord that held her wrist cuffs and sat her up. “I very much wish to spank you, but not with my hand. However, I couldn’t help but notice how wet you got when I spanked you. And that got me wondering if you might be willing to let me try something.”

“Like what sir?”

“You shared with me your one experience with anal was anything but pleasurable, and that it frightened you even now.”

“That was all true sir.”

He took her cuffed hands and helped her stand up. “Well, I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, you let me try anal, but before I fuck your amazing ass, I’d prepare you properly.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Be careful when you dance on the Devil’s doorstep.
You never know when he might come out and ask you to come inside.

(One of my Grandmother’s sayings.)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Doctor David Ryan Richardson rose groggily from the couch in his basement TV room and staggered upstairs to the shower. Despite not feeling well, he desperately needed to clean up and get ready for a very special night on the town. He was going to a Halloween party that he could not possibly allow himself to miss.

The previous morning, for the first time ever, he had cancelled all remaining appointments for the day and returned home sick. Unlike many of his doctor friends, he was almost never sick. That was probably because, unlike most of his doctor friends, he wasn’t around sick people all of the time, at least not physically sick people.

One of the reasons that David had become a Psychiatrist was that metal illness was not contagious – that and the fact that it gave him clear access to very vulnerable people who could not protect themselves from his sadism.

Dave had always known he was a sadist, even before he knew what the word meant. And he always knew that he was going to become a doctor, even before he knew what all was involved in making that happen.

His mother had named him David Ryan so his initials would be DR. One of his earliest memories was of her telling him that he already had doctor in front of his last name, now all he had to do was become one.

Most people become doctors because they want to help people, but not David. David knew very early in his life that he did not want to help people. David wanted to hurt people, or at least he wanted to watch people suffer. He became a doctor because his mother wanted him to become a doctor, and his mother was rich enough to pay for his medical education and powerful enough that no one, including David, ever went against what Mother Richardson wanted – at least not for very long.

Medical school was a nightmare for David – especially residency. Classes were not a problem. He held a perfect A average throughout college and med school. David was brilliant – perhaps beyond brilliant, so trying to learn all that a doctor needed to know was not the problem. The problem was…. all those suffering people you were supposed to care about… all those worried relatives who expected you to “understand”… all those do-gooders continually trying to talk you into a volunteer year or two in this or that Godforsaken country… and especially, all those sick people coughing and sneezing and oozing their filth and contagion all over you, trying to drag you down into the depths of their pit of woe. For David, THAT was medical school and it was only his fear of his mother’s power that kept him there into his residency year. Residency was even worse because he had to come into close contact with the puss and pestilence of everyday hospital life.

There was one shining spot in the midst of that dark hole of blackness called residency, and that was psychiatric rotation. Most of the other residents dreaded a cycle through psychiatric, but there David found his home. Others would complain of the poor demented souls who looked at them with such pleading eyes, begging to be released from that terrible prison of torment and pain created by their own minds. The sense of helplessness in the face of such hopelessness drained the energy from almost every other student…, but not from “Doctor Doctor.” He thrived on it.

The name of the on-call in the psych unit was never written out fully on the contact board. Even the doctor’s full initials were not used. Instead the initials of their first and middle names were written on the board in the slot permanently labeled “Dr.” When David was on call it read, “Dr. DR.” Thus, David became known as “Doctor Doctor.” He liked that nickname and often used it to refer to himself.

The other residents soon learned that Doctor Doctor was willing to trade assignments, and by making regular trades, David was able, for the most part, to avoid the normal wards which he hated, and the others were able to avoid the psych ward which they hated. It was a perfect arrangement. Normally, the supervising doctors would have objected to such continual trades, but David seemed to be such a natural in the psych ward and to have such a rapport with the patients, that they let it slide.

The other residents, and even some of the supers, were amazed that, when assigned to daily group sessions for the “permanent resident patients,” he could sit and listen for hours to them tell their same tale of woe over and over again. What they did not know is that David wasn’t really listening to what these demented souls had to say. Instead, he was warming himself in the glow of the pain and suffering that exuded from their bodies with every word they spoke. That’s why Doctor Doctor was not worn down by these useless attempts at therapy as were almost every other resident forced to participate in these sessions with the lost and unreachable. Instead, as he sat amongst their pain, he was fed… nourished… invigorated… by the feast of despair and anguish laid before him, which he sucked greedily into his body.

He sought and was accepted into a full, four year psychiatric residency, and following that went into partnership with a Psychiatrist at the hospital who was nearing retirement. During his four years of residency and another four years of partnership, Doctor Doctor honed his techniques of counseling and therapy, but more importantly he perfected his techniques of selecting, using and abusing certain, specific patients.

It was a given that Psychiatrists, male and female, would use their position to get a little sexual satisfaction once in a while. As long as it wasn’t too blatant, and as long as there were no public lawsuits, such activity was treated with a blind eye. But sex did not feed and invigorate David. Inflicting pain did, and that type of mistreatment of patients was not treated so leniently.

Doctor Doctor extensively read the histories of doctors, lawyers, teachers, pastors, and others who had been brought down by mistreatment of those entrusted to them. The lesson he learned from that record was clear. If he mistreated everyone, eventually everyone would know. If he mistreated a few, several would know and would corroborate each other’s stories once the story of one came out. But if he chose one carefully selected patient at a time as his “play puppet,” and if he made sure that selected person was not around later to testify against him, the worst that could happen would be a situation where it was the word of ONE certifiably deranged person against that of a well-regarded and highly respected Doctor of Psychiatry who had worked so hard to help so many people – all of whom were willing to publically testify on his behalf.

At first David selected people with masochistic tendencies, preferably with suicidal overtones. Such people would allow him to hurt them emotionally, physically, and mentally because, deep down, they enjoyed it. But Doctor Doctor found these relationships did not feed him adequately or warm the coldness that often permeated his soul. The flicker of the flame of pain and suffering within these people was actually weak, and all too often that flame was overwhelmed by the fire of the pleasure of release that came within or after the pain. That fire of pleasure did not feed David. It burned him and drove him away.

It was a part of David’s plan from the very beginning that if a puppet was not satisfactorily working out, or if he had just grown tired of them, he would dispose of them. That sounds difficult and risky in and of itself, but when a mentally unbalanced person is standing on the edge of the cliff of self-destruction, it is remarkably easy for someone, properly trained and skilled, to push them over that precipice while at the same time leaving a records trail that looks like all of the while they were trying to pull that poor, demented individual back from the edge.

Several rejected play puppets went over the cliff before Doctor Doctor finally refined his selection criteria. He discovered that he did not want a masochist who was drawn to pain because of the enjoyment it gave them – despite the cost of that enjoyment. What Doctor David needed, and carefully sought out, was a pain addict who was drawn to pain because they needed it – despite the fact that they derived absolutely no pleasure from it.

Some masochists progress – or regress – into pain addicts. David had even helped one or two make that transition. It starts when the person is no longer driven by the pleasure of being in pain, but rather by the unbearable distress of NOT being in pain. Like a junkie craving a fix, they begin to crave pain just to make the distress of withdrawal go away. And exactly like a junkie building up a tolerance, the pain they crave becomes more and more severe in order to give them their fix. Eventually it gets to a point where they no longer derive any pleasure at all from the pain, but are driven solely by the fact that the pain of being without pain is worse than the pain of being in pain. That is usually the point where they self destruct or seek someone to destroy them.

Although Doctor David knew that it was an impossible quest, he dreamed of someday finding the perfect play puppet. He even knew exactly what the perfect play puppet would be. That sadist’s unholy grail would be someone addicted to pain, but not willing to end their suffering through the tough road of therapy and life-style change that would release them from their addiction. At the same time that person would not be willing to end their suffering through the simple road of ending their own life. This ambivalence trapped that person permanently in the prison of their own mind. This person would seek pain, but then shriek in true agony when that pain was received. The warmth given off by that kind of pain and suffering could nourish David for a long, long time.

Seven months ago, Doctor Doctor was growing tired of his latest play puppet and gave her the final tap at the top of the precipice. He often did pro-bono work. Shelly was a “charity case.” His counseling with her was non-fee. He even arranged to pick up the portion of her in-house treatments that the entitlement programs didn’t cover. When she committed suicide, outwardly he was devastated that someone he had worked so hard to save had taken their own life by stepping in front of a bus. Inwardly he was laughing to himself about how simple it had been to put her in front of that bus.

All he had needed to do was to point out an article in the newspaper about someone who had been hit by a bus, and then add, “At least it was over so fast he didn’t suffer. One minute he was here, the next in he was in oblivion.”

David knew that Shelly took the bus to and from her appointments with him and to work. He also knew – because she had told him – that the express busses, which also drove in the curbside “Busses Only” lane with the regular busses, did not stop at Shelly’s bus stop.

David’s comment was an “impulse grenade,” and he had pulled the pin and dropped it into her mind so smoothly that she didn’t even feel it lodge in her subconscious. Doctor Doctor had waited until after the session had wrapped up and the recorders were turned off to accidentally pick up the paper lying on his desk and make his comment. No video or audio was running, so nothing would appear in the records trail should anyone ever take the time or effort to go looking.

Three weeks later, the grenade exploded. Shelly was going to work. She stood at her bus stop and watched the express bus coming. She knew it wasn’t going to stop. It wasn’t even going to slow down. It never did. But then, as it approached, suddenly the image of a quick doorway into oblivion flashed into her mind. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and stepped off the curb.

David had the front page story on the break room bulletin board for several weeks, but took it down because he was afraid that someone might notice that he smiled deeply whenever he looked at it. Now it was in a folder in the rack on his desk. He knew it was there, and he knew what it said. That was all that was necessary. His smile was just as broad as he glanced at that folder. In fact, the other day just looking at that folder had caused him to suddenly need to call Debra, the records clerk, into his office to review some case records.

Debra was a sex addict whom David had “cured.” At least her husband and her family thought that she was cured because she no longer wore provocative clothing or snuck out of the house at night to troll the bars. What he had actually done, however, was to change her addiction from general sex to sex with him. Those modest, loose fitting dresses and skirts that she wore were merely to disguise the fact that while at work she wore nothing under them except a dildo harness that kept plugs firmly in place in her cunt and ass.

She was not a “play puppet” for his sadistic pleasure, but merely a “normal” doctor-patient sexual release like several others whom he occasionally used. He had cultivated each of them carefully and was fairly sure that none of them would expose him, but even if they did, such scandal would, at worst, bring a letter of censure from his peer review board. More likely it would be just a “strongly worded verbal warning,” and a notation in his records that “a client complaint had been investigated.”

Debra had removed the harness and both dildos before coming up to the office. David had texted her to say that he needed to review “two files.” That meant he wanted her available for immediate sex. “A fast review of a case” meant to leave the harness in place because all he wanted was a quick blow job under his desk. “Several files,” or “some case records,” meant he actually needed records work done.

Debra was a properly trained medical records clerk. It was her job, among other things, to load the disks into the recorders at the beginning of the day. For some complex legal reason, the recorder had to be in the same room as the camera and microphone, so that meant going to David’s office first thing each morning to insert the properly labeled disks. It also meant returning to the office after the last appointment of the day to remove the disks and file them. An “overnight disk” was always left in the machine so that the doctor could record any emergency or evening session.

The disks were not the only things inserted in the morning. Debra would set the disk case on a chair, reach up under her dress, remove her white “granny panties,” and hand them to David. She would then flip the dress up over herself, bend over and place her hands on the floor so that David could see her sex and ass. He would carefully fold her panties and place them in a locked drawer of his desk. From that same drawer he would remove the dildos and the tight leather harness. The anal plug was vented so that gas would not build up in her bowels during the day. The dildo in her cunt was remote controlled so that sexual passion could build up as David toyed with her during the day if he so desired. The remote connected to the internet so Doctor Doctor could access it from anywhere he was, even outside the building.

For several days following Shelly’s death, David “toyed with” Debra incessantly throughout the day and had called her up to review two files each day. At least once in the morning and once in the afternoon he had found the need for a fast review of a case. Debra knew that something was different when, on one of those occasions, he had her strip completely and lay over his desk rather than just flipping her skirt over her back. She squirmed and grunted as she tried desperately to remain quiet while his hands squeezed her breasts forcing her higher and higher into orgasmic bliss.

Three days after the accident, Debra was under his desk when a colleague called about a referral. The friend handled a lot of court-ordered therapy and had a case that baffled him. He thought it was more in David’s field of expertise and was wondering if he would accept the referral.

The patient’s name was JoAnne. She had walked up to an officer on duty at a street corner and slapped her in the face. Then she resisted arrest by kicking the officer between the legs. The fact that it was a female officer made the officer’s response no less violent. JoAnne had suffered two cracked ribs and pepper spray burns to the face and eyes plus a tazer burn to the side when she still would not stop kicking and flailing.

There were no drugs in JoAnne’s system. She appeared very normal and courteous in court and passed all psychiatric evaluations. What brought about the court-ordered therapy was primarily the fact that JoAnne, after collapsing to the ground and while she was still vibrating from the tazer shocks, looked up at the officer, smiled sweetly, and said, “Thank you. I needed that.”

The backup officer’s evaluation was “That bitch is crazier than a crack whore.”

Dr. Morrison’s evaluation was a little more clinical, but no less biting. “She’s not truly a masochist,” he told David. “We did the fully monitored image screening with pussy probe and everything. The physical tests say she receives no pleasure or sexual stimulation from pain, but the mental tests say she craves it – is almost addicted to it. I understand you have handled a few other patients like this. Would you be willing to take over her case?”

The unholy grail had been dropped on his desk like a gift from above. David knew that JoAnne was not self-destructive because she did not attempt to force the officer to kill her. But at the same time she knew and expressed the fact that she was addicted to pain. In Dr. Morrison’s short summary, Doctor Doctor could see that JoAnne was an addict who wanted a fix, not a cure. Hopefully, he could keep her dancing on the edge of destruction for many years.

She was going to be the play puppet of all play puppets, but first he had to make her his. And he had to move slowly. One does not suddenly grab the unholy grail as if it were a common cup of tea. One caresses it and strokes it and slowly works one’s hands around it until it is yours.

After his sessions with JoAnne, David would take copies of the disks home and listen to them while he masturbated himself or had sex with his sex addict neighbor. The neighbor was also one of his former patients whom he had groomed for his sexual release. Her moving in next door was not an accident. For someone who could easily manipulate someone else into killing themselves, maneuvering someone into moving next door when the house was up for sale was child’s play.

Besides, her husband was a part of her illness and didn’t really want her to improve. He enjoyed the thought of her having sex with other men as long as she made the pretense of keeping it secret from him and from the world. She would come home smelling of sex and cigarettes and want him to fuck her as much as he desired, as long as he desired, in any way he desired… and he would. Why would most men want to change that?

Whenever Cassie came over to David’s house, her husband would tell himself she was coming over for therapy. But then he would make her show him the whip and paddle marks on her ass when she came home. Sometimes he would wait for her on the back deck hoping that this would be one of those times when she ended up running across their adjoining backyards naked to get home. Then he would catch her at the back door, push her across the deck table and fuck whichever hole did not have cum oozing from it.

After JoAnne had been in therapy for several weeks, she began talking about “The Devil’s Doorstep.” David was familiar with all of the sexually oriented clubs in town because at least one of his patients belonged to each of them, but he had never heard of The Devil’s Doorstep.

“It’s a pain club,” explained JoAnne. “Membership is by invitation only. There’s sex and there’s bondage at the club, but mostly there’s pain.”

David let the topic drop for the moment, planning to pursue it further later. The following Friday afternoon, JoAnne again mentioned the club and went on to describe a pain session she had experienced there the previous night in which she had agreed to be used by “The Whipmaster.”

“He is so divine,” she said dreamily. “Or maybe I should say Devilish. He likes to string two of us up on spreader bars with our hands and ankles spread wide and then pull us up off the floor so we are suspended facing each other while our ankle spreader bars are firmly anchored to the floor at both ends. That way we can shake and vibrate all we want, but we can’t kick our legs or flail our arms and we are always lined up properly for his whips.”

She took a deep breath. It was as close as David had seen to sexual stimulation from her. “Then he stands there with a whip in each hand and sees which of us he can get to scream the loudest. He’s good – very good, and can hit from top to toes. He can even swing the whips between us and snap nipples or pussy. The pain is unbelievable when he pops you exactly on a nipple or… … your clit. He keeps going until one of us yells out our safeword.”

She paused before looking up directly into David’s eyes and saying, “I never have.”

“Would you like to see what he did to my body last night?” she asked, and then stood up and began unbuttoning her blouse. David pressed a button on his desk and the receptionist hurried into the room.

“I need a woman present,” he said softly. Diane was a highly qualified medical receptionist and was not, nor never would be, one of David’s pain or sex toys. She was the one who would testify, if needed, as to how professional David had been with all of his patients and how he observed every rule of proper procedure, including summoning her into his office whenever a patient attempted anything that could be interpreted as a sexual advance.

She gasped as she came through the door. She could see JoAnne’s back… and legs… and breasts. Actually, she could see all of JoAnne since she was bent over sliding her slacks to the ground as Diane was entering the room.

“They still throb,” said JoAnne, arching her back so that she was thrusting her criss-crossed ass toward David. “You can touch them if you want. It might give me my daily fix. Then I won’t have to go out and get somebody to beat me tonight.”

“Diane, please stand next to me,” David instructed, “I want a witness to the fact that I am touching these welts solely to observe the patient’s reaction to my touch.”

David, in a very professional manner, reached out his hand and lightly brushed a deep purple welt that ran along the joining point between JoAnne’s back and the upper portion of her ass cheeks. Speaking to the recorders, he said, “Let the patient records note that the patient reacted in pain, not pleasure at the touch. There was no indication of sexual arousal in the face, nipples or genital area.”

The same could not be said for David. He made sure to turn away from Diane before she could see the ridge beginning to form in the front of his pants. Seating himself behind his desk, he said, “Diane, please help JoAnne re-dress herself. I think that we will end this session early. It would also be a good idea to have Debra come up here and switch disks early so that I am sure that this goes into the records properly. Would you please call her and tell her that I have two files that I need to review with her immediately, please?”

Diane waited for JoAnne to finish dressing and then accompanied her out into the waiting room. A few minutes later, Debra entered the office. “Naked, on the desk,” was all that David said. He “reviewed both files” very forcefully with her before letting her up from the desk and sending her back to the records area.

After she was gone, and David had insured that everything was cleaned up, he used an air freshener spray to hide the smell of sex and summoned Diane back into his office. “What does my schedule look like for the coming week?” he asked. “We need to leave plenty of space for emergency and special sessions.”

Diane looked puzzled. David tapped the calendar on his desk, “Halloween,” he said. “I can show you fifty different studies that say that moon and weather changes and holidays like Halloween have no affect on mental illness. But they think it does – tapping his appointment book – and that is all that matters.”

“I know Thursday is Halloween,” answered Diane. “But the electronic scheduling program is set to automatically keep space open a week before and a week after Halloween. Your schedule is pretty clear right now.” She paused and then added, “Except I’ve already used one of those slots for JoAnne. She said she absolutely has to see you Monday. She seemed truly terrified of something, so I gave her the nine am slot. Is that OK?”

“That’s fine,” answered David, “but check with me before filling any more slots. We may have to prioritize appointments.”

= = = = =

JoAnne was David’s first appointment for the week. She was already in the waiting room when he arrived at 8:30 on Monday morning. Diane said, “She was here when we opened the doors at 8:00.”

He stuck his head into the waiting room and said, “Your appointment isn’t until 9:00.” When she started to tear up, he added, “But I will see you early. Why don’t you come into the office with me.”

They had barely gotten through the door to his office when she broke down and began crying almost hysterically. “You have to lock me up somewhere for a couple of days. I know you can do it. You can commit me to a locked ward for a 72 hour evaluation on Wednesday morning. I’ll be safe there.”

“Now, now,” he replied in his best I’m-showing-that-I-care-about-you voice. “Tell me more about this so I can understand what is happening.”

“Thursday is Halloween,” she answered.


“Halloween is a special night at the club.”


“Visitors are welcome. New people are invited.”

” And…”

“And.. and… and…” She began and then dissolved again into tears.

“Take you time,” he assured her. “We started early. You have plenty of time. What else happens on Halloween?”

She raised her head and looked directly into his eyes. “It’s a ‘no limits night’ at the club. If you go up on stage on Halloween night, you are there until you break. And that doesn’t mean yell-a-safeword break, because safewords aren’t honored on a no limits night. On Halloween, you go until you are totally broken, and that means submit-to-slavery broken. Whatever is happening keeps happening until you are totally broken and are willing to do anything to anybody or for anybody just to have it stop. If I go up onto that stage Thursday night, I will come off that stage a slave.”

“The solution sounds simple,” observed David, “just don’t go up on stage.”

“But I need it,” she whined. “I need it so badly.”

She looked back up into his eyes. “Even knowing how things will turn out, I can’t help myself. I will go to the club and I will go up on that stage,” she dissolved again into choked sobs, “… and I will be broken.”

“JoAnne,” David began, “just about any other time of the year, I could get you in for a 72 hour evaluation with no problems, but this is Halloween. The wards will be packed. In the meantime, I will look into some things and see what I can do. Let’s book you back for Wednesday morning, first appointment. OK?”

JoAnne nodded her head, wiped away her tears and said, “Thank you. I knew you would understand.”

Doctor Doctor understood. He understood very clearly that somehow he was taking her to that club and he, not The Whipmaster, was going to break her down completely and capture her as his slave forever.

“JoAnne?” he said before she could reach the door, “Do you think it would be possible for you to give me contact information for the Devil’s Doorstep? I think it would be a good idea if I could talk to the owner or manager and work something out.”

“Of course, Doctor,” she replied as she took her smart phone from her purse. I will text them and ask them to contact you. What number should I give them?”

David gave her his auto-forward number. It came up on his cellphone as an incoming call, but the caller did not know his true number. There were a lot of reasons for using a forwarding number like that, primary of which was that his location could not be easily pinged or traced by any law enforcement authorities.

A few moments later the “bing” of an incoming text chimed in the room. It said, “Painslut Joey called. What do you want?”

He smiled and typed his reply. “I want to come to the club as a guest Thursday evening. I will bring Painslut Joey so that she can be on stage, but I want to be the one who whips her into submission.”

The response was a single word “Done.” Then his GPS program self started and an address and map point appeared on the screen giving the location of the club. He knew the area well, but had never seen anything that looked like a club in that seedy, rundown area of town.

The Wednesday session with JoAnne was uneventful, but shortly after that session extreme indigestion hit him and forced him to cancel the rest of his appointments for the day. Doctor Doctor made a lousy patient. In fact, he hated medical doctors and would not go to one unless there was absolutely no other option. Besides, it was just indigestion. He must have eaten something too spicy or had one too many drinks last night. He would go home and sleep it off.

Before he left the office, he texted JoAnne. “I will be with you tomorrow night. Please meet me in front of my office building at nine o’clock tomorrow night and I will take you someplace where nothing can happen to you unless I allow it. Does that work for you?”

Her reply was “Done.”

“They must use that a lot in her circle of friends,” he thought to himself as he closed the connection. Immediately after putting his phone back into his pocket, he began sweating and feeling very ill.

= = = = = = =

The shower improved things. By the time he had dried himself, David was feeling much better and looking forward to the evening with great pleasure and anticipation. As he dressed, he could envision JoAnne strung up on stage, naked and sweating, her body striped with welts and cuts, screaming to be allowed to submit to him as his eternal slave. He savored that image as he splashed some cologne on his face and checked his hair in the mirror. Then it was time to go.

Doctor David Ryan Richardson, Doctor Doctor, pulled up in front of his office building at exactly 9:00 pm on Halloween night. He was hoping that JoAnne was on time or at least not too late. He didn’t like waiting.

He need not have worried. JoAnne stepped from the shadow of a tree in front of the building as he pulled up to the curb.

“Where are we going?” she asked as she entered the car.

“You need to trust me,” answered David. “We are going to The Devil’s Doorstep.”

“NO!” screamed JoAnne, her face suddenly full of fear. She started to get out of the car, but the door wouldn’t unlock from her side. That was one of the many modifications David had paid to have done to his Mercedes right after he purchased it. Other modifications included removing the inside release from the trunk and modifying the seatbelts – other than the drivers – so that they could be electronically locked using a button on the dash. JoAnne’s door wouldn’t unlock and she couldn’t undo her seat belt.

“Don’t panic. Don’t panic,” he said in his calm, sooth-the-patient voice. This is best. It is really no different than me taking someone who is afraid of heights up to the observation deck at the top of a tall building. In order to conquer your fears, you need to face your fears – but in a safe way. Remember, I will be with you.”

He took her hand with his right hand and with his left turned her head so that they were eye to eye. “You will be in my hands,” he assured her. “Nothing will happen to you unless I make it happen to you.”

Had JoAnne known the true import of those words, her fear would have turned to terror, but instead she calmed down and asked, “Will you protect me?”

“Do you think I would harm you?”

She relaxed and answered, “OK, but don’t leave me alone – even for a second – while we are in the club.”

“Don’t worry,” he reassured her, “I will be right there beside you.” He then silently added to himself, “swinging the whip.”

David was surprised when they arrived at the club. He was somewhat familiar with this neighborhood and had never seen any indication of a club in the area, but then he noticed the wide alleyway that hadn’t been there before. There should have been a building there. He remembered it clearly. He had always assumed that it was a party room for the diner next door since it had advertizing for them in the blacked out windows, but now the entire building face was folded back like a huge door to reveal a wide alley and the marqueed entrance to a club that was apparently located behind the front buildings. The letters on the marquee, which were red and were intended to look as if they were dripping blood, spelled out “The Devil’s Doorstep.”

“Well I’ll be damned,” he said as they got out of the car.

JoAnne smiled at him and said in a strangely flat voice, “Aren’t we all?”

David paused for a moment trying to connect what she had just said, but then extended his arm and said, “Ready?”

In answer, JoAnne took his offered arm and began walking down the alleyway with him toward the club entrance.

The Devil’s Doorstep was everything that you would expect an “underground” BDSM club to be. It was slightly dark, slightly unkept, and smelled more than slightly of old cigarettes and stale alcohol. When he gave his name to the hostess, she said, “Of course Doctor Richardson. We have a front row table waiting for you. Please follow me.” She then led them up to a table right next to the stage area.

Shortly after they sat down a lean, middle-aged man with dark wavy hair that was combed straight back from his forehead came over to the table and said, “Welcome to my club. I am The Owner. Tonight you are a visitor. Perhaps you will join and come on other nights as well.”

From his accent, it was apparent that English was not his first language, but David could not place exactly where the accent was from. It sounded somewhat European, but had overtones of the Mideast or even the Orient. The Owner’s facial features were also not specific to any one racial or ethnic group. It was almost as if he were a blend of all the world’s racial and ethnic groups.

The Owner then bent down close to David’s ear and said softly, “Her’s will be the last scene and will begin at exactly Midnight. We close at two a.m. so it can be as long as you want. If it plays out well, I might even stretch my license and stay open until three or four in the morning.”

David took in a deep breath as he savored the image of JoAnne screaming beneath the whip for three or four continuous hours. The Owner stood back up and said loudly, “Order anything you would like. The first round of drinks are on the house for special guests like you.” He smiled and walked off to speak with other tables.

“What did he say to you?” asked JoAnne. Fear had returned slightly to her voice.

“He was just telling me that there was a discount on a lifetime membership.”

JoAnne laughed softly and answered, “I’ll bet they have even better deals than that.”

Again David couldn’t quite connect what JoAnne had said, but he had long ago learned to filter out any comments from his patients that didn’t make sense. He dismissed further thought about it from his mind as the house lights began to dim and the lights on the stage area brightened.

The Owner stepped out into the lights. “Ladies and gentlemen, our first scene tonight will help resolve a domestic dispute that has arisen from two switches falling in love for each other.” He laughed and shrugged in a Mediterranean sort of way. “Sometimes balance in a relationship is not all it is made out to be. In this case, neither is strong enough to overwhelm and conquer the other, but at the same time, neither is weak enough to submit themselves to someone not significantly stronger than themselves. Perhaps they would have been wiser to choose a different night, but tonight they have come to me, The Owner, to help them resolve their issues.”

A man and woman walked out onto the stage area. They were both naked and both had restraint cuffs on their wrists and ankles. Two sets of cables lowered from the ceiling. Each set was attached to opposite ends of a steel pipe. Another pipe was clipped just below the one to which the cables were attached. Stage hands hurried out and detached the second pipe from each rig. The man stood beneath one pipe, the woman stood beneath the second. The stage hands attached their wrists to the pipes and then bent down and attached their ankles to the second pipe which was now laying on the ground. The two sets of cables rose back up into the air until the feet of both people were off the ground. The stage hand then attached short cables from the ends of the lower pipe to attachment points on the stage floor. The cables then continued their upward motion until both the man and the woman were obviously held taut.

“Tonight, one of these star-crossed lovers will submit to the other.” announced The Owner. “And The Whipmaster will help them decide who will submit to whom.” He paused to let a figure dressed completely in black leather come onto the stage. “Whipmaster, if you please….”

The figure in black snapped two whips rapidly several times in succession toward the audience and then turned so that he was facing the two people hanging spread eagle. He made a quick motion with his arms and wrists. The whip crack echoed through the room, followed a moment later by the screams of both parties. With measured pace, allowing the couple plenty of time to absorb the pain of one strike and anticipate or dread the bite of the next, The Whipmaster repeated that action four more times. Then he went to the other side of the couple and began once again.

“He’s switching sides so the whip hand switches from one person to the other.” explained JoAnne. “Believe me, he is exactly the same with either hand, but some people have trouble accepting that, so he makes sure that both sides get equal treatment from either hand.”

David wasn’t keeping count of the blows, but he thinks it was around twenty-five or thirty that the man suddenly screamed out, “I submit. I submit.”

The Owner came out on stage and asked him, “Do you submit yourself totally to this woman to be her slave from this time forward and forever?”

“Yes,” the man cried. “Yes, I am her slave now and forever.”

The Owner turned to The Whipmaster and said simply, “You may resume.”

“What!” yelled the man. “I submitted. I gave in.”

“Yes, and it looks like you will enjoy being her slave,” answered The Owner as he brushed his hand against the man’s erect penis. “You want to be a slave, and you seem to like pain… up to a point. But did you not read the whole contract when you signed it? This is a special night. It is Halloween. There are no limits. Every scene goes until the person breaks.”

“But I broke,” screamed the man.

The Owner laughed what could only be described as a deep and evil laugh and said, “Yes, you have broken, but… .” pointing to the man’s wife “… she has not.”

Turning once again to The Whipmaster, The Owner issued a terse, single word command, “Continue!”

The Whipmaster’s pace was now much faster, and he didn’t stop at the end of every five strokes, but instead continued relentlessly. David was now keeping track of the strokes. There were sixty-three additional strokes, each one accompanied by shrill cries of pain, before the woman cried out, “I submit. I submit. I submit!”

The Owner stepped once again into the light and asked, “Do you submit to me? Are you my slave now and forever?”

She hung her head and answered, “Yes. You are my Owner from this point forward, now and forever.”

The Owner turned to the Whipmaster and said, “Give my slaves fifty lashes to remind them that I am The Owner. Then take them down and put them outside in the alley. Tie them to the slave post. I will pick them up later.” The woman screamed through all fifty strokes. The man passed out after about twenty, but even unconscious, he still had a huge erection.

“Masochists,” muttered David. “They will probably fuck each other senseless all night in that alley waiting for their new master to come and claim them.”

“Our next scene should probably be entitled, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For.’” called out The Owner. “Normally everyone here tonight receives a personal invitation from me, but this woman found out about us through her smart phone.”

He made another Mediterranean facial gesture. With his eyebrows raised and his mouth formed into an exaggerated frown, he continued, “It seems she installed a special hacker app on her phone that infected other phones and allowed her to monitor any incoming and outgoing text on any person’s phone who had ever texted her. In this case, she read my text to her employer’s phone. She contacted me because she craves sex and her current situation limits the amount of sex she can receive. She says she has never been able to get enough sex. She wanted to come on our stage on this special, Halloween, no-limits night in hopes that she could have unlimited sex.”

He laughed. “And that is exactly what she shall get.” He laughed again – a colder laugh. “…. at least that’s what I promised her.”

After a rather long pause he continued, “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she will get exactly what she asked for. She will get her wish for unlimited sexual stimulation. I present to you Slut Deborah.”

David was very seldom surprised by anything, but when his records clerk walked out onto the stage naked, his mouth dropped open. She stood there for a few moments very unsure of what she was supposed to do, but then two stage hands wheeled a small platform out onto the stage with what appeared to be a half-barrel on the top of it. There was a large pink phallus sticking straight up from the top. Two stage hands lifted Debra up off her feet and set her on the platform.

“That’s a Sybian female masturbation machine in case you’ve never seen one,” explained JoAnne. David had seen pictures and some videos of their use, but this was the first time he had seen one in person. He had never been motivated to investigate them because they gave pleasure, not pain.

Debra knew what to do and she straddled the machine in a kneeling position and lowered herself down onto the dildo. The two stage hands then began securing her to the platform. They attached a wide leather belt around her waist that had two large D rings on each side of it. The two lower rings they chained to the platform so Debra could not get off of the Sybian. She couldn’t even raise herself up. Then they put wide restraining cuffs on her forearms and attached them to the upper D rings on the belt, effectively immobilizing her arms. The final thing they did was to put two small clover clamps on her nipples with bright silver weights hanging from them. By the time they were finished, Debra was breathing hard and starting to grind her crotch into the machine — and it wasn’t even plugged in yet.

The Owner stepped to the front of the stage and addressed the audience. “It takes pleasure a little longer than pain to break someone, but it will be interesting to watch as the night goes on.” He then walked with the platform as the two stage hands rolled it to an area just off to one side of the stage. A small spotlight, slightly dimmer than the stage lights came up to light the area.

After the stage hands had plugged in the Sybian, The Owner picked up the remote and activated the motors. A soft hum filled the room and Debra started rocking slightly back and forth with the sensations. “That looks enjoyable,” he said. “But Slut Deborah said she wanted UNLIMITED sexual stimulation.” He looked up at the audience and smiled broadly before continuing, “There are actually limits to almost everything, including this marvelous machine, but lets see what a Sybian does on its maximum settings.”

The hum became louder and Debra’s eyes flew fully open. Her mouth formed a perfect O as she gasped and drew in deep lungfulls of air. Then she almost immediately began to climax. The powerful sensations were more than she could stand. She tried to buck and lift her body to escape the dildo rotating inside her, but the belt held her firmly in place. She twisted back and forth on the saddle, but she could not escape the intense vibrations. The Sybian’s combination of vibration and internal stimulation drove her into another intense orgasm. She threw back her head and a long “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” escaped her lips. This was impossible. She was already in orgasm, but at the same time was being driven higher and further into another… and another… and another orgasm.

She began grunting, “Aahh…, Aahh…, Aahh…, Aahh…,” until The Owner turned to the audience and said, “I think that will be a bit distracting from our other scenes, don’t you?” He gave a hand signal and the two stage hands came over and forced a large ball gag into Debra’s mouth. She tried to resist them, but could do little with her arms held tight at her sides by the belt. “I think we will check on her occasionally throughout the night to see how she is doing,” said The Owner.

Doctor Doctor was now watching raptly. He could feel the familiar warmth of fear and pain, and yet Barbra was experiencing pleasure, or at least she appeared to be experiencing pleasure.

“You’re a man. You wouldn’t understand,” said JoAnne. “A female orgasm is a combination of pleasure AND pain. Your nervous system overloads and every sensation is there all at the same time. If you push too far into an orgasm, your body can’t stand it and it starts blocking the pleasure. The pain, however, just keeps going. If she stays on that machine long enough, it will become one of the purest forms of torture a woman can ever experience.” She gave David a very tight smile. “And that is from someone who has experienced many different forms of pure torture.”

The light on Debra dimmed back so that she was visible, but almost in darkness. The lights on the stage came up once again. “Our next scene is very personal to me,” began The Owner. One of my own indentured slaves who is half-way through her contract made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. She has an extreme, almost unbelievable tolerance for pain, and was willing to bet me that I couldn’t break her in thirty minutes. She has withstood The Whipmaster’s greatest efforts for over three hours, so she is pretty confident that I could not come up with anything that would break her in merely one-half hour. But I think I can, so I took the bet.”

“The wager is simple. If she lasts the full half-hour, she is free from her slavery. If I break her, she is mine forever. Let’s bring out Slave X27.”

A very beautiful girl stepped out onto the stage. She was totally naked – “totally” as in no clothing, no hair between her legs, no hair on her head, no eyebrows, not even the hint of fuzz on her forearms. To be more naked she would have had to have been skinned and standing there in just her muscles. She stood there looking very haughty and confident and self-assured. When The Owner asked, “Are you ready?” She answered with a smile, “You bet your ass.”

He laughed and responded, “Actually you are the one betting your ass, but since you say you are ready we will begin. Put your hands above your head and grasp the bar when it comes down to you.”

Four stage hands had moved a rather strange looking machine out onto the stage behind her. It looked like a much larger and longer version of the kind of lift that you would use to take an engine out of a car. The boom was at least twenty feet long. There was a large tripod-like base and a rather massive counter weight on the portion of the boom that extended past the base. The boom was lowered so that a trapeze-like bar hung just above Slave X27′s head. She reached up and grasped it with both hands. The stage crew then taped her hands in place with several layers of camo duck tape. After making sure that she was secure, they lifted her up off the ground and moved her through the air to the edge of the stage.

While she was in the air, a small forklift pushed something out to the middle of the stage. It was a large plexiglass tank about three feet across and seven feet tall. It was apparently filled with water. The forklift left the stage and returned with another tank, and then another. A stage hand connected what appeared to be electrical or control cables from the tanks to something off stage.

The Owner walked over to next to the suspended slave. He made a hand motion and she was lowered until her feet almost touched the ground. Two stage hands carried in something that looked like a heavy bar of metal about two feet long. They set it down with a resounding clang just in front of the slave’s feet and, using two very short chains, cuffed her feet to the bar so that she was more or less standing on it.

“That bar weighs sixty pounds,” explained The Owner. “Not only will it keep her legs together so they will enter the tanks properly, it will make sure that she sinks immediately in the water.”

He then turned to the slave. “I know that you once almost drowned and fear water. I know that you hate winter and cannot stand the cold.” He laughed his very evil sounding laugh. “I know that I can break you.”

“One of those tanks is filled with water at 34 degrees Fahrenheit, what most people would consider freezing. The second is at 94 degrees, what most people would consider the optimum bath temperature. The third is at 125 degrees, just below what would immediately scald your skin. You will not know which tank you are going into until your feet hit the water. It might be freezing. It might be scalding. It might be just right. But regardless, you are going into the tank until your feet – or at least the bar beneath your feet – hits the bottom of the tank. That would put the water level…” Reaching up his hand and holding it a little above her head, he finished, “… about right there.”

Slave X27 no longer looked so confident.

One of the stage hands came out carrying a piece of cloth of some sort. “We are going to put this bag over your head for two reasons,” explained The Owner. “One, you won’t be able to see which tank you are being dropped into, and two, as you come out of the tank, it will be wet. When you try to breathe through it, it will most likely trigger the drowning reflex because your body will think you are still under water… or that you are being waterboarded at some government interrogation center.”.

“We will be switching tanks every thirty seconds, so you will experience the tanks sixty times in thirty minutes. If you endure, you are free. If you break, you are mine. If you die, well… some would say at least you are free.” He shook his head, laughed, turned toward the audience, and added quickly, “I wouldn’t say that.”

Fear approaching absolute terror now showed in the slave’s face. It was obvious that it was not going to take sixty dunks in the tank to break her. The Owner held the bag in front of her as he spoke. “I will break you tonight NOT because I know exactly what you fear and what you hate, but because I know that deep down you WANT to be my slave forever and for all eternity. It pleases you to be my slave. You get sexual satisfaction out of being my slave. I am so sure of this, that I will predict to this audience that once you have broken, and you no longer have any reason to hide that fact, you will cum for me as you are slowly dipped in and out of the freezing water tank. Remember, when you break, the next tank will be a very slow trip through the freezing water and we will see if I am right.”

The slave was slowly shaking her head in disagreement with what he had said as he lowered the bag over her face, but she didn’t look too sure of her answer. The Owner tied the bag in place. “Start the clock,” he commanded and the boom lifted her high into the air. She screamed as her feet went into the middle tank, even though that was the bath water tank. She screamed again as she came out of the tank, or at least she attempted to. Her voice was cut off suddenly as she attempted to inhale through the waterlogged fabric before being plunged into the freezing tank. She began screaming again as her feet hit the frigid water, and was still screaming as her head went under the surface.

The four men manning the boom were working frantically to keep to the thirty second schedule. They would drop her into a tank and then immediately begin moving her back up again. Her screaming finally seemed to be coordinated with their movement. She would scream as she came out of the tank and then thrash her head about as she tried to get another lungfull of air. Then, depending on which tank she was dropped into next, she would either scream all the way into the tank, or scream until she recognized that it was the bath water tank. Her screams were especially loud when she went directly from the freezing water to the scalding water or from the scalding water to the freezing water.

The clock read just under twenty minutes when she broke. David was truly amazed she had lasted that long. “I submit! I submit! I surrender! Please stop! Please stop! Please stop!” she screamed as soon as she started to come out of the water.

But the stage hands didn’t stop. They moved her so that she was over the tank of freezing water. Then they slowly began to lower her into the tank. It took nearly a minute for her head to reach the water and she was screaming loudly up to the point where her mouth went under water. They drew her back out of the water almost as slowly, and again she was screaming all of the way back to the top. Then they stopped. It was totally quiet in the club except for the continued humming of Debra’s Sybian. The Owner said very quietly, “Wait for it. Wait for it.”

Suddenly a new scream split the silence. This one was different. It was not a scream of terror. It was not a scream of pain. Just as The Owner had predicted, Slave X27 was screaming out in orgasm as she hung above the tanks which had broken her. The audience drowned out her screams and moans with thunderous applause. The stage hands, still keeping the boom high in the air, rolled the mechanism off stage with the slave still thrashing in orgasm beneath the boom.

= = = = =

The lights on stage went down and the light on Deborah came up. The Owner walked over and stood next to her. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were held tightly shut. Her body was shaking and quivering.

“Too soon,” The Owner observed. “We will get back to her in a little while, but first we are going to do a little product evaluation. There have been many different spanking machines throughout the course of human invention. One Egyptian Pharaoh had one powered by a water wheel that could beat a slave to death while he and his guests feasted and watched. Even today there are many different models on the market, but all of them break down into two basic categories, the swinging arm and the flail. And for each style, the implement that actually strikes the skin can be either a paddle, a cane, or a whip. So, in effect, there are only six different machines. We have randomly selected six members of tonight’s audience to help us test these different configurations to see which is most effective.”

He moved to the center of the stage and held his cupped hand up along side his mouth as if he were shouting a great distance. “Bring on the test subjects,” he bellowed, and six stage hands pushing six platforms came hustling into the stage area.

On each of the platforms was a spanking stock. The naked person on the platform was kneeling on a padded board with their stomach lying on a higher padded platform. There were straps holding their legs in place and a wide leather strap across the small of their back holding them down tightly against the bench. A slight gap separated the raised area from a short stock which captured their head and hands. The six test subjects were lined up on stage so that they were facing the audience.

Upright beams were attached on either side of the raised padded platform and held an angled mirror high above the trapped person so that the audience could clearly see each test subject’s ass. The audience could also see what type of spanking machine was on each platform. For the three on stage right, there were flails. The first of these “spanking wheels” held a series of cord-like whips. The second held multiple birch switches. The third was a series of leather paddles.

For the three on stage left, there were swinging arm machines. Again, the first was a whip, the second was a cane, and the third was a paddle. One difference between the two approaches was immediately obvious. The flailing type spanking machines needed to use something very flexible, like a whip, switch, or leather paddle, while the swinging arms could use something solid, like a cane or a heavy wooden paddle.

“Are we ready to begin?” asked The Owner.

“NO!” yelled one of the people in the stocks. She was a woman in her late twenties with what appeared to be naturally blond hair and very blue eyes. She also had almost pure white skin that would definitely show every mark of the flailing whips which were behind her. “I didn’t volunteer for this! You put something in my drink and took me backstage while I was unconscious! I didn’t agree to be up here. I just came to watch the show.”

“Didn’t you read your invitation when you got it?” asked The Owner sarcastically. “Didn’t you read the back of the ticket when you came in here? Both say very clearly that audience members must be willing to participate in the stage show if asked. You agreed in advance. Once we start, you can scream all you want to, but if you aren’t quiet until then, we will gag you.” He paused and looked the scared blonde directly in the eyes, “And I assure you, that it will be much, much more uncomfortable with a ball gag in your mouth while your ass is being beaten into hamburger.”

The blonde’s eyes remained wide open, as did her mouth, but she said nothing more.

“Our test is very simple,” explained The Owner. “We turn on the machines and let them go until you submit yourself to me as my eternal slave. When one of you yells out your submission, all machines will stop until I verify that you truly submit to me. Does everyone understand that?”

All six heads nodded slightly, although it was obvious all were afraid of what was going to happen to them.

“Since all of you will EVENTUALLY break and submit yourselves to me, I think I need to give you a little incentive to keep going. This is what is going to happen. The first one to submit, gets fucked by a Minotaur – or you can suck him off, your choice.” He turned to the audience, “See, I do care about my slaves and give them some choices in what happens to them.”

He turned back to the six now totally terrified product testers. “The second one to submit will be fucked by or will suck a Centaur. The third a Ram Satyr. The fourth a Goat Satyr, better known as a Faunus. The fifth a Telekhines. And the sixth….. ME!”

JoAnne leaned close to David and said, “The Telekhines built the Devil’s Bull.”

Again he disregarded what she said as meaningless.

The owner turned back to the audience. “Begin the test,” he shouted and all six spanking machines burst into action.

“Who do you think will break first?” asked David.

“Are you asking which machine is worst, or which person is weakest?” answered JoAnne. “The absolute worst is the swinging arm cane. It hits in exactly the same place each time and becomes overwhelmingly painful almost immediately. Next would be the swinging arm paddle for basically the same reason. The swinging arm whip and the flailing whips would be next since they sting like mad. The flailing paddles can be absolute torture if they are just the right distance from your ass, but usually they don’t get a good enough pop to be more than mildly painful. The flailing canes hurt, but are very erratic. They hit all over the place and not with anywhere near the force of a solid cane.”

“Sounds like you speak from experience,” observed David.

“I have a lot of experience, but the person with the most painful machine may not be the first to break. If I had to bet, I would say the pasty-skinned blonde will break first. She doesn’t look like she is used to pain and the flailing whips will be more than she can endure for very long.”

As if to prove her right, the blonde suddenly screamed out, “I submit. I submit. Please make it stop! Please make it stop!”

All of the machines stopped and The Owner walked over to in front of the tearful blonde. “Do you submit yourself to me as my eternal slave?”

“I submit. I submit.” She answered.

“Suck or fuck?” he asked.


“Should I release you so that you can suck the Minotaur’s cock or do I leave you where you are so it can fuck you?”

She had to try several times before she could bring herself to say anything. Finally she said, “Release me. I will suck his cock.”

One stage hand released her while two other stage hands led in an extremely large and heavily muscled man in an extremely strange costume. From about half-way up his chest, his body seemed to morph into the head of a bull. The rest of his body was huge, but more or less normal, except that he had on strange boots on that made his feet look like the cloven hooves of a bull. His shoulders also looked like the front haunches of a huge bull. Keeping in character, he snorted and bellowed when he saw the pale young girl kneeling before him.

She looked at his monstrous face and equally monstrous organ and hesitated, but The Owner said, “You have one minute or I put you back in the stocks and run the flailing whips until they have taken all skin and muscle off your ass.”

The blonde dropped to her knees and reached out to stroke the Minotaur’s sheath. It’s penis emerged almost immediately. It was exceptionally long, and it’s head was almost more than the blonde could get in her mouth. As she licked the head, the man in the Minotaur costume started to bellow and stamp around and two more stage hands came out to hold him in place. Finally the blond was kneeling in front of him with the tip of his penis in her mouth. She was working frantically trying to get him off while not being stomped on by his frantic movements.

Suddenly he rushed forward as if he were pushing further into a woman – or a cow from behind. He pushed the hapless blonde beneath him across the front of the stage, sliding her backwards on her knees, her mouth still firmly clamped on his penis. Suddenly she gasped and thick, white cum spurted from her mouth and nose. She rolled onto the stage and rose to her feet coughing, sputtering and gasping for breath.

“Take them both back to their pens,” ordered The Owner. “We will transport them later.”

While the stage hands were taking the man in the Minotaur costume and the pale young woman off stage, Richard leaned over to JoAnne and said, “That costume was phenomenal and the actor seemed almost like a real bull . The owner of the club must have access to some really first rate makeup artists… and actors.”

JoAnne smiled – or was it a grimace – “Or maybe he just has access to the real thing,” she replied.

Her comment made no sense, and David was about to ask what she meant when The Owner yelled out, “Resume.”

The spanking machines again came to life. It was only a few moments later that another of the bound women, this time a brunette, screamed out her submission. JoAnne’s evaluation of the swinging arm cane seemed to be accurate. After she verified her submission, she also chose to suck rather than fuck. “At least I will survive it,” she said bitterly.

JoAnne leaned close to David and commented, “She really doesn’t understand yet.”

David was going to ask her to explain what she meant, but instead just shook his head slightly and returned his attention to the brunette who was now kneeling beneath a black horse-like being with a human torso in place a horse’s head.

Either she had done something like this before, or she was a fast learner from watching the blonde and the Minotaur, because she quickly brought the Centaur to climax and managed to get her mouth off his massive member before he filled her head to overflowing with his spunk. As it was, her face and hair were covered in white slime as she knelt in front of the elaborately costumed man.

“To the pens,” ordered The Owner. Then he called out once again, “Resume.”

The four remaining “testers” screamed and cried out, but no one yelled their submission. After about ten minutes, the dirty blonde in the flailing paddle machine screamed, “No more! No more! I submit. I submit. Yes, I will be your eternal slave.”

“So,” asked The Owner, “Do you want to fuck or suck the companion of Pan?”

“I’ve screwed worse,” she answered. “Let him at me.”

One stage hand removed the machine from her platform while two stage hands led another strangely costumed man onto the stage and brought him around behind her. From the waist down he was a goat or a ram, but from the waist up, he was human, except that he had the huge horns of a ram sprouting from his head. He definitely knew what he was supposed to do. He placed his hands – or was it his front hooves – against the upright beams holding the mirror and hunched forward to mate with the captive girl. She screamed as he entered her and screamed again as he began thrusting. Evidently she had, indeed, screwed worse, because after a few thrusts, she was moaning and thrusting back against the Satyr’s movements. After a few minutes, whatever it was supposed to be brayed loudly and stopped thrusting. She moaned, “No. No. Don’t stop yet. Not yet. I’m almost there.”

The audience laughed and applauded as the stage hands rolled her platform into the darkness.


The machines had barely started again when one of the remaining two males yelled out, “I submit. I submit.”

“Will you be my eternal slave?” asked The Owner, and the man, dropping his head, said “Yes.”

“Suck or fuck?”

In a voice almost too soft to hear, the man answered, “Suck.”

This time the stage hands did not release him from the stocks, but instead brought another costumed man out on stage in front of him. This one was much like the previous Ram Satyr, but had a much kinder face and a smaller body that more closely resembled a small goat. His horns were also smaller and straight. They turned the man’s platform sideways so the audience could see what was happening, and then lifted up the Faunus’ hooves so that they were on the man’s back. His goat-like prick was now in front of the man’s face. It was hard to say whether he was sucking that goat-like cock or the Faunus was fucking his face, but in either case, the goat prick soon spurted into the man’s mouth and across his face.

The man looked like he was going to throw up, but The Owner smacked him loudly on the ass and said, “If you throw up, you will lick it up and eat it.”

The man was swallowing hard and trying to control himself as he was rolled off stage.

“Two machines left,” announced The Owner. “Will the swinging arm whip break her first? Or will the swinging arm paddle break him?”

It was almost twenty minutes before the crowd got their answer. The middle-aged woman in the swinging arm whip machine yelled out her submission.

“I’ve done zoo before,” she said when she asked to be fucked by the Telekhines rather than suck him.

This man was dressed in a costume that David had never seen before. He had the head and body of a very large dog and the hands of a seal with thick black flippers. He placed his flippers on the woman’s back and howled as he entered her from behind. It was very much like watching a dog mate. Dogs hump at a frenzied rate and this man was imitating the speed of the fastest canine. All the while the woman just lay there passively. She obviously didn’t enjoy what was happening, but as she said, she had “done zoo before.” Finally the Telekhines gave a long howl and collapsed across the woman’s back. Stage hands immediately came on stage and began pushing the platform off the stage.”

After they had been wheeled away back stage, The Owner addressed the remaining man. “There is no need for you to continue. You will eventually break. Why don’t you just submit to me now?”

“Never,” sneered the man.

“Then I will make you a deal,” replied The Owner. “If you can last twenty more minutes with the machine set to maximum, I will let you go free. If not, I will accept your submission and then fuck you here on the stage in front of all of these people and again every night at my place until next Halloween. It is your choice. Do you wish to submit to me or do you wish to bet a year of fucking against your possible freedom?”

“I will never submit. I’ll take your bet,” he snarled.

“Resume at maximum,” yelled The Owner.

The man made it to seventeen minutes before he screamed out, “I submit. I submit. I submit. Fuck me if you want. I am your slave, forever.”

The stage hands quickly removed the spanking machine as The Owner positioned himself behind the man’s bruised and bloody ass.

“Your blood will do for lubrication,” The Owner said with a laugh, and then opened his pants to reveal one of the largest penises David had ever seen. The man’s screams while he was being paddled were nothing compared to his screams as The Owner thrust the full length of his cock into his ass.

David said to JoAnne, “I don’t understand it, he only had to hold on for three more minutes. He had endured almost an hour of that machine before that. Why would he break when he was so close to freedom.”

“You’re right,” replied JoAnne in the totally flat voice she had used all evening. “You don’t understand. There is no freedom. Everything is already set in place.”

The last platform was rolled off stage and the stage lights began to dim. “Let’s check on Slut Deborah, shall we?” asked The Owner. The light over in her corner brightened and everyone turned to see what was occurring. She was covered in sweat and shaking in the saddle. Her cries, though greatly muffled by the ball gag, were a series of loud grunts that seemed to be timed with the thrusts of her legs as she tried to lift herself off the machine. The Owner removed the ball gag from her mouth and she cried out, “No more. No more. It’s too much. It’s too much. I can’t stand it.”

He put the ball gag back in place and asked, “Do you submit to me?” She nodded yes. “If I let you off that machine will you suck every cock in this club?” She nodded yes. “Will you lap every pussy out there?” She again vigorously nodded yes. “Will you let any man or woman out there fuck you in any hole in your body?” She was bouncing and crying as she nodded her head yes.

“Good,” he said smiling broadly and slightly laughing. “You will be the after show entertainment for the audience. You just sit there and enjoy yourself for another fifteen minutes or so. The last scene starts at midnight.”

He then went over to David’s table and said quietly, “It’s time.”

“What do you mean, ‘It’s time.’” asked JoAnne. Her voice was now tense with emotion. Her face was white. Her eyes were wide open and staring at David. “You said nothing would happen to me unless you made it happen to me.”

“I didn’t lie to you,” replied David.

Suddenly she knew. She knew that he had lied to her all along. She knew that he had brought her here for exactly this. She knew that he wanted to see her suffer. He wanted to see her break.

“How could you?” she asked with pleading eyes as two stage hands led her away. “How could you?” she repeated as she was taken behind the curtain.

The Owner then sat down at the table with David. “Before this final scene plays out, I need to explain a couple of things to you about this club. This is a very special club because… well, because it doesn’t always exist… at least not so most people can see it. In fact it only exists completely in your realm on this one day of the year. And no, there is nothing really special about Halloween as a day, but many mortals believe that there is and that is all that is important. I think you have some experience with that.”

He paused, but when David didn’t respond he continued. “In any case, on this one night of the year, we can invite outside guests into the club – mortals who are not yet bound to me or to the club.” He smiled a very cold smile. “Some go home in the morning. Most stay. You have been invited for a very special reason.”

David asked, “What are you getting at?”

“Have you ever heard of Perillos, the metal worker?” asked The Owner in response.

David sat silent.

“He was from before your time…, long before your time…, but not mine. Anyway, he was a citizen of Athens, Greece who made a fortune selling war machines to the Emperor of Sicily. He was an amazing metal worker – not as good as the Telekhines, but outstanding for a human. He had an idea that he wanted to sell to the Emperor for the perfect instrument of torture. It was a brass bull specially constructed so that the howls of a person being roasted inside of it would resonate and sound like the bellowing of a bull. It would be a horrible, but very entertaining death.”

He looked directly at David. “The Sicilian Emperor bought his design and built the brass bull. But do you know who the very first person was to be roasted alive inside that Sicilian Bull?”

“No,” answered David. “And I don’t know what this has to do with me.”

“It was Perillos, himself,” answered The Owner.

David looked even more confused, so The Owner made it clear for him. “JoAnne is your brass bull. You think that you have betrayed her so that she will hang on that spreader bar being whipped by you or The Whipmaster until she breaks and submits herself into eternal slavery to you. But you are wrong because JoAnne doesn’t really exist.”

“What? That’s not possible!” exclaimed David.

“Yes, it is possible. And if you must insist, yes, she exists, and has for a long, long time…, but the truth is, she is just the Sicilian Bull, or should I say the Devil’s Bull. JoAnne was the name of the demon who came up with the idea of imprisoning a soul inside what is, in effect, a mechanical body. She said it was her own idea, but I knew that she actually stole the idea from Perillos when she went to bring him to me. So, in honor of him, after the Telekhines had constructed the Devil’s Bull, she was it’s first occupant. That seemed fitting at the time. She was in there for quite a while until she found someone to replace her.”

“There have been many different people inside the Devil’s Bull through the centuries. The person currently inside JoAnne has spent many years looking for someone to replace her… or him – I don’t remember which it used to be any more. In any case, they have been in there for a long, long, time. The reason that it is so difficult to get out of the Devil’s Bull is that the only way to escape my bull is to find someone else willing to enter it – or should I say someone else willing to try to use the Devil’s Bull as it was intended to be used – as an instrument of torture.”

The Owner looked almost wistful. “JoAnne was really a brilliant demon,” he stated with a smile of satisfaction and a nod of his head. “She made many improvements to Perillos’ idea. The beauty of the Devil’s Bull is that the person inside of it has a measure of control over what happens to them as they roam the earth…, but not total control. They can decide where they go, whom they meet, what they do to earn a living. But the thing that they can’t control is seeking out pain.

The bull craves pain. And no matter what they do, the bull will get the pain it needs. The bull finds the pain, but it is the person inside the bull that feels the pain. The bull craves humiliation and degradation, but it is the person inside who feels the shame.”

“It takes a very special person to recognize the Bull for what it is and then desire to use it as an instrument of torture. The hunt for that person can take decades. There are not many people who deeply appreciate torture and know how to properly inflict true pain. But they do exist. You are proof of that.”

He stared intently at David for a few moments of silence, and then continued, “When the person inside the bull finally finds someone who wants to use the bull to inflict uncontrolled pain, degradation, and humiliation, then escape is simple. All they have to do is get that person to come to the club on Halloween night. At midnight, they are released and the new person takes their place. I like the arrangement, because after a century or so in the bull, the released one makes a very good and willing servant. They will do anything to keep from going back into the Devil’s Bull.”

David was trying to understand what The Owner was telling him, but he was having trouble thinking because his indigestion was pressing hard against the base of his chest. “In a few moments,” continued The Owner, “JoAnne will be brought out on stage just as you requested. Her oiled, naked body will be suspended just as you envisioned her with her wrists spread wide on a spreader bar. Her ankles will be cuffed to their spreader bar and that will be secured to the floor. Tonight, she will be stretched especially tight, and everyone will see her naked body vibrate from the tension.”

“Despite the tension stretching her, she will be free to writhe and buck as the whips crack into her flesh on her front and her back at the same time. She will be free to scream and yell and beg for mercy. She will be free to finally break and submit to her punisher as her eternal Lord and Master. Everything will be exactly as you imagined it to be except for two… … minute details.”

David was beginning to have trouble hearing The Owner clearly. The pressure on his chest was becoming unbearable. The Owner’s words were becoming muffled and faint, but that didn’t stop The Owner from completing what he had to say. “The first thing that will be different is that it will not be you who is swinging the whips. It will not even be The Whipmaster. It will be me…, … and I am the one who trained The Whipmaster and taught him everything he knows.”

“The second thing that will not be as you had imagined is that it will be you hanging from the spreader bar. The people in the club here tonight, and, after tonight, all the people of the world will see JoAnne – the Devil’s Bull that encases you – but have no doubt, it will be you. It will be you screaming for mercy. It will be you asking why this is happening to you. It will be you begging and pleading. And eventually, it will be you submitting to me, your natural Lord and Master.”

The pressure exploded in David’s chest and things went completely dark. Then suddenly everything was bright once again. In fact, David was bathed in bright light as spotlights shone down on him from all sides. The pressure in his chest was now gone, replaced by a pulling sensation caused by the spreader bar from which he was hanging with his arms stretched wide apart. He looked down at his breasts trying to comprehend what was happening to him. Then the first strikes of the whips crashed into his ass and pussy. Doctor Doctor knew deep in the very pit of his soul what had happened, and David, now JoAnne, screamed the first of many screams that would bellow forth from the Devil’s Bull.

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