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Author’s note: this story is a continuation of the story “Mr. Jackson Claims Marie,” (available through my profile) but may be read on its own. Marie, a 19-year-old babysitter, has been cheating on her boyfriend with her employer, Mr. Jackson. As always, I welcome your comments!

Marie was having second thoughts. Even though Mr. Jackson had given her the hardest series of orgasms she had ever experienced in her life, even though she knew in her gut that there was no way that her boyfriend Shawn could ever satisfy her the way Mr. Jackson had, she felt qualms of guilt. She couldn’t really let him fuck her in front of Shawn. Could she?

She still couldn’t believe that he had taken her in her parents’ house. In her own bedroom, no less! After going over the situation in her mind all morning, she decided the best course of action would be to never see Mr. Jackson again.

But then, around noon, Mrs. Jackson called and asked her to babysit.

“Sure,” Marie blurted, as if against her own will.

“By the way,” said the older woman, “feel free to have Shawn over if you want. It’s probably scary being in a big house all alone! We’re planning on being out late – until after midnight, so you guys just make yourselves at home.”

“Sure thing.”

Marie’s heart pounded. She suspected this was part of Mr. Jackson’s plan to fuck her in front of her boyfriend. She didn’t know what it was about the thought of being taken by Mr. Jackson in front of Shawn that turned her on so much. It was so wrong, so unbelievably slutty!

But the image of Mr. Jackson dominating her while Shawn watched from the shadows caused warmth to spread to her pussy. She simply couldn’t escape the magnetic pull that the older man had for her. She knew she would submit to him tonight. Totally. Shawn be damned.

As the day went on, Marie’s tension grew. She called Shawn and told him to come over to the Jacksons’ house around seven, her voice shaking.

“Is everything alright?” asked her boyfriend.

“Yeah,” said Marie, trying to regain her composure, “I just can’t wait to see you.”

At five-thirty, Marie took a long shower, trying to calm her nerves. Her ass was still sore from the belting that she had taken from Mr. Jackson last night, when he had tied her to her bed and fucked her.

After toweling off, she rubbed lotion into her sore backside. She had a feeling she was in for even more punishment tonight. She hoped so, at least.

She spent long time looking at her clothes, trying to select something appropriate to the occasion.

What kind of occasion was it, exactly? she wondered to herself.

Finally, she settled on a sundress and light sweater combination that accentuated her bust and ass. Underneath it she wore a black thong and bra.

She took a deep breath, then began the fifteen-minute walk to the Jacksons’ house.

When she arrived, Mrs. Jackson was just stepping into the car.

“Hi Marie!” she said, “I’m glad you’re here! My husband already left. You know what you’re doing, so have a good time and call if you have any questions. I hope you don’t mind staying late!”

“No problem, Mrs. Jackson,” she said, secretly disappointed that Mr. Jackson wasn’t there. She knew she’d see him soon enough, however!

A few minutes after Mrs. Jackson left, Shawn’s car pulled into the driveway.

“Hey babe,” he said, giving her a kiss after he had bounded into the house.

“Hey Shawn,” she said, her heart pounding as she kissed him, “wanna go upstairs?”


“Sure,” she said, “David’s asleep. I just checked on him.”

When they got to the Jacksons’ bedroom, Shawn began groping her immediately, but not in the skillful, forceful way that Mr. Jackson did.

Shawn was more like…well, like a 19-year-old guy, which is exactly what he was, thought Marie.

“Shawn,” she whispered, plagued by pangs of guilt once more, “I, I need to tell you something.”

“What?” he murmured, unbuttoning her sweater.

“I think,” she said, her voice shaking, “I need…”

But she couldn’t find the words to tell him. The pull of the illicit deed she knew was coming was too strong.

“Relax, babe,” said Shawn, “and let me do the work.”

Soon, she was on her back on the bed, and Shawn was kissing around each of her nipples, flicking them slowly with his tongue. Her dress and bra were on the floor, and her panties were at her knees.

Shawn’s efforts made her feel good, as usual, but not in the same raw, primal way that Mr. Jackson did.

She reached down and touched Shawn’s erection. Before she had been with Mr. Jackson she had considered it large. Now it seemed inadequate by comparison.

“Are you ready, babe?” Shawn asked, looking into her eyes.

Marie nodded.

As he pushed inside her, Marie let out a small moan, just to give him the impression that she was enjoying it. In fact, she barely felt a thing. She longed for Mr. Jacksons’ rock-hard cock to fill her like it had on two occasions before.

“UUhh,” moaned Shawn, his thighs slapping against hers as he drilled her pussy, “it’s sooo good!”

“Oh yeah,” said Marie, faking enthusiasm, “please Shawn.”

Just then, there was the sound of a car in the driveway. Mr. Jackson was home.

“Fuck!” said Marie, pushing Shawn off her, “they must have forgotten something!”

Shawn grabbed his clothes in a panic and hid in the large walk-in closet. Marie tried desperately to pull on her sundress with trembling hands.

As soon as she had finally gotten it over her head, there were footsteps on the stairs. She turned and saw exactly who she had been expecting: Mr. Jackson.

“Hello Marie,” he said, smiling at her.

“Uh, hi Mr. Jackson,” she stuttered, aware of the fact that Shawn was watching from the closet.

“Well, well, well. You sure do make things easy for me, don’t you? Already waiting for me with no bra and panties.”

Marie couldn’t move or speak. She was trembling with desire now. The older man stepped closer, running his hand along her chin, then reaching behind her head and grabbing her hair at the neck firmly.

He moved in and kissed her hungrily on the mouth. She could hear Shawn gasp from the closet.

“You didn’t fuck your boyfriend without my permission, did you Marie?” he asked, pushing his hand under her dress and probing her moistness.

“I, I’m, –.”

“Shh,” he said, rubbing her mound for a moment then pulling his hand away and leaving her aching, “I’ll deal with your punishment later.”

“I know your boyfriend is watching us, Marie,” he continued, “and I’m sure he’s curious about what we’re going to do.”

“Go ahead and relax,” he went on, in a louder voice meant for Shawn, “your girlfriend wanted you to see how a real man fucks a woman!”

“No, I –,” Marie stammered.

Mr. Jackson closed her mouth with another long kiss.

“It’s ok,” he said, breaking the kiss, “if Shawn doesn’t want to find out what you need, he can leave anytime he wants. But something tells me he won’t.”

He reached under her dress from behind and fondled her buttocks as he kissed her one more time.

“Let me catch you up on the story so far, Shawn,” said Mr. Jackson, kneading her ass while he kissed down her neck, “I came into your girlfriend’s room last night. She was laying back on her bed with her panties down, playing with herself like a dirty little fucking whore.”

Marie’s breathing increased audibly at the sound of this first obscenity.

Mr. Jackson pulled her sundress over her head, slowly but deliberately exposing her beautiful body.

“I tore your whore of a girlfriend’s panties off her,” he continued, “ripped them in half and used them to tie her fucking hands behind her back. She loved it, because she loves it when a man takes control of her.”

“Isn’t that right, Marie?” he asked, admiring her nakedness.

Marie didn’t respond.

“What did I do next, Marie?”

She looked down. She couldn’t bear to confess to Shawn what she had done with Mr. Jackson.


He reached behind her and smacked her ass sharply. She was still sensitive from the night before, and had to bite her lip to keep from crying out.

“What did I do, Marie?”

“You, I, –,” Marie was stammering again. She could feel herself getting sopping wet even as tears came to her eyes.

“I whipped your ass with my belt until you begged me to fuck you.”

Marie was silent, thinking about Shawn watching from the closet. Why wasn’t he saying anything? Could he be enjoying this?


Mr. Jackson’s hand came down hard against the other asscheek. She yelped.

“Didn’t I, Marie?”

“Y, y, yes,” she stuttered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, you spanked me,” she mumbled.

“And then?”

“You fucked me,” she whispered.

“I don’t think Shawn can hear you, Marie.”

“You fucked me,” she whispered again.

“I think you’re going to have to learn to follow my instructions, Marie,” growled Mr. Jackson.

Before she knew what was happening, she was over his lap, her bare ass high in the air, offering a lewd view to Shawn from his place in the closet.


Marie shrieked, helpless against Mr. Jackson’s blows.

“What did I do, Marie?”

“You fucked me,” she moaned.

“Louder!” he commanded.

“You fucked me!” she exclaimed.

“Good girl,” said Mr. Jackson, massaging her aching ass for a moment.

“It’s true,” he growled, “I spent a nice long time balls-deep in the tightest pussy I’ve ever had. She was begging for it, Shawn. Crying out for more like a little slut.”


He landed three more blows across her buttocks.

She gasped.

“Weren’t you, Marie?”

“Yes,” she stammered, trying to rub her clit against his leg. What was it about this situation that was turning her on so much?

Mr. Jackson pushed a finger inside her, while massaging her buttocks with his other hand.

“You see what she likes, Shawn? You see how she likes being spanked over an older man’s lap like a dirty whore?”

His question was clearly rhetorical, since Mr. Jackson didn’t pause for a reply before smacking her sore ass again.


Marie yelped once more, grinding her aching pussy into his leg.

“Alright, slut,” said Mr. Jackson, putting her back on her feet while he remained seated on the bed, “I think you’ve learned your lesson about fucking without my permission. Let’s get on with the show!”

“Marie,” he continued, “do you know where a slut like you belongs?”

This, too, must have been a rhetorical question, since Mr. Jackson provided the answer before she could respond.

“On her knees.”

Without thinking, Marie dropped to her knees in front of Mr. Jackson. Her back was to the closet where Shawn was still watching silently.

“You know what, Shawn? I think I’m going to fuck your girlfriend’s face now, just to prove to you the extent of my ownership. Would you like to see that, Shawn? Would you like to hear your girlfriend choke on my big fucking dick?”

Shawn let out an audible gasp, but still didn’t say anything.

“That’s what I thought,” said Mr. Jackson. He stood up from the bed, stood next to Marie, then turned her to face him. Shawn had an excellent view of the action this way.

“Look at her, kneeling in front of me, Shawn,” he said, “looking up at me with those sweet brown eyes. I can just tell how much she wants to please me.”

“I forgot to tell you,” he continued, running his fingers through Marie’s hair while she knelt in front of him, “I already fucked her at my place, during the barbeque, while you were outside chatting with my wife. She sucked my cock then, too. I guess you could say she knows what she’s doing. Don’t you, honey?”

“Yes sir.”

“Why don’t you tell your boyfriend about how you tried to seduce me, Marie? Tell him what kind of pictures you took.”

She cast her eyes down. Her face became flushed. She couldn’t confess to Shawn that she had taken naked pictures of herself for Mr. Jackson to find!


He reached down and spanked her again, then pulled her hair back so she looked up at him once more.

“Tell him.”

“N- naked pictures,” she stammered, “I took naked pictures for you.”

“Good girl,” said Mr. Jackson, unbuckling his belt.

“What kind of girl does that make you, Marie?” he asked, slowly unzipping his slacks.

“I don’t know,” she murmured, looking down again.

“It makes you a whore, Marie. A filthy, cock-hungry whore.”

“Yes sir,” she muttered. She felt her last wall of resistance crumble.

“Good girl. Now say it louder. Tell your boyfriend what you are. Tell him you’re a cock-hungry whore.”

“I’m a cock-hungry whore,” she said, looking up at Mr. Jackson.

“God you look so beautiful when you say that,” he said.

“I want you to watch carefully, Shawn. You’re going to see me fuck your girlfriend’s sweet little face. First, I’m going to slap her with my big dick, just so she remembers who’s in charge.”

He grabbed a handful of her hair in one hand and his cock in the other.


His dick slapped down across her face.

“Did you see that, Shawn? Tell me you love it, whore. Beg me for it.”

“I love it Mr. Jackson. Please slap me with your huge dick.”


He smacked his huge cock across her other cheek.

“Your girlfriend loves getting beaten with my dick, Shawn. Can you imagine anything more whorish?”

Shawn didn’t answer, but his breathing was getting faster and faster.

“Open wide, whore.”

There was a slurping sound and a low moan from Marie’s throat as she struggled to accommodate Mr. Jackson’s rod.

“That’s a good girl,” he said.

Marie was, of course, a practiced cocksucker, and had serviced Mr. Jackson once before. That single occasion, however, did not sufficiently prepare her for the task she now faced.

“UMMPFH,” she moaned as his rod slammed into the back of her throat.

“Fucking take that cock all the way you whore,” Mr. Jackson growled, “show your boyfriend what kind of girl you really are.”


Mr. Jackson whipped her ass with his belt. Hard.

She gasped. She hadn’t even noticed that he was holding it!

“Show him, slut. Show him what a slut you are and I’ll reward you with the hard fuck I know you need.”

She looked up at him, tears in her eyes with the effort of swallowing his enormous erection, her ass still stinging from his belt. She wanted nothing more than to please him, and to taste the cum that would prove that she had done so.

He grabbed her hair at the nape of her neck once again and began moving her up and down on his cock. He wasn’t getting a blowjob anymore. He was fucking her face!

“Look at this filthy little babysitter whore, Shawn,” he groaned, “getting facefucked on her knees. She loves it. Don’t you, Marie?”

Before she could remove his cock to reply, he hit her with the belt again.


She whimpered and moaned on his member, reaching up to cup his balls with one hand and work the end of his shaft with the other.

Then a strange thing began to happen: Marie became increasingly aware of her own arousal. It was not merely that she was turned on by servicing Mr. Jackson. It was more than that. The more he fucked her face, the more he spanked her, the closer she was coming, to, well, coming!

He removed his stiff cock and rubbed it across her cheeks, first one, then the other.

“Does my little whore want to keep sucking this cock?” asked Mr. Jackson.

“Yes, Mr. Jackson.”


“Don’t forget to say please, whore!”

“Please Mr. Jackson,” she panted, “please let me suck your cock.”

“You may continue, Marie.”

This time, he didn’t force it into her mouth. He let her set the pace.

“Uh,” he moaned, as Marie skillfully stroked his balls with one hand, while licking the tip of his shaft, “does she do this for you, Shawn?”

“Milk that cock, whore. I want to come all over you. Coat your pretty fucking face.”

“Mmm,” Marie was moaning now, more aroused than before as she felt the smooth skin of Mr. Jackson’s member on her tongue. She was rapidly approaching the point of no return, even without touching herself.

“Mmm! Mmm! MMMMMM!”

Her whole body started to shake as the first throes of orgasm reached her. She held onto Mr. Jackson’s cock like it was a safety railing that could keep her from collapsing.

“God DAMN!” laughed Mr. Jackson, “do you see that, Shawn? This whore is coming just from sucking cock!”

Marie whimpered softly now, her orgasm slowly fading. Her cheeks began to glow as the embarrassment of her situation set in. For the first time, she considered what she had done to Shawn.

“Shawn,” she said, turning to the closet and letting go of Mr. Jackson’s cock, “I’m I’m sorry you had to find out like this.”

There was no answer.

“Yes,” said Mr. Jackson, “I’m sorry too. Sorry that you have to see what a whore your girlfriend is,” he laughed.

“Now finish the job, whore,” he said, pushing his tumescent rod back towards her face.

Marie took him in her mouth once again, licking and sucking him as if his cock held a life-saving elixir.

“Please Mr. Jackson,” she moaned, looking up at him, “please give me your cum!”

The efforts of the beautiful young babysitter were too much for Mr. Jackson, who usually prided himself on his staying power.

“Here it comes, baby,” he moaned as she stroked him next to her face, “I wanna see it hit your mouth and pretty face.”

Marie smiled and closed her eyes, extending her tongue as she continued to wank Mr. Jackson.

“Ugh,” he groaned, “Shit!”

The first few spurts landed across her forehead; the next few on her tongue; the final blasts dripped down her chin and neck and into her cleavage. She lapped the last drops from his dick eagerly.

“Did I do a good job, Mr. Jackson?” she asked.

“Yes, such a good little whore,” groaned Mr. Jackson, still in ecstasy.

After she finished cleaning his cock with her mouth, she made a move to lap up the cum on her chin and face, but before she could finish Mr. Jackson slapped her with his belt.


“Stop it, slut. I want you wear that cum on your face like a prize. I’m not done with you yet.”

He reached over with one hand and threw the closet door open. Shawn was standing there, still completely naked, his erect cock in hand.

“Take a good long look at your girlfriend, Shawn,” he said, forcing Marie’s head to face in her boyfriend’s direction, “See that cum on her face? That means that I own her now. She is no longer yours to fuck.”

Shawn nodded, slowly working his cock.

“But the good news is,” continued Mr. Jackson, “you can still watch if you want. I bet you’d like to watch me fuck her, wouldn’t you Shawn?”

Once again, Shawn nodded.

“Good,” said Mr. Jackson, “get up, Marie,” he continued.

Marie stood facing him, her face still covered in his cum.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees, facing your boyfriend.”

She did as she was told, her heart thumping at the prospect of what was coming.

Mr. Jackson finished removing his clothes and then took his place behind her. He slapped his flaccid dick onto her buttocks a few times. Each time it sprang a little more to life.

Finally, he was fully erect again, rubbing his cock along the length of her moist slit. Marie was out of her mind with lust. She wanted to plead with him, beg him to slip inside of her, but she let him take the lead.

“Are you ready for this, whore? Are you ready to take my dick while your boyfriend watches?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” said Mr. Jackson, pushing the head of his cock roughly inside her pussy, “now beg for it. Tell me what you want, slut.”

“I want your cock,” she moaned.


Mr. Jackson spanked her as he accelerated his thrusts.

“Tell him you love this dick, you fucking slut. Tell him this is the biggest dick you’ve ever had inside you.”

“I- love- this- dick,” she moaned between his powerful thrusts, each of which pushed her a little farther forward on the bed.

Part 1

He enjoyed Thursday afternoons. He didn’t have classes, department meetings, office hours or bureaucracy to deal with. It was a chance for him to work on his research without the crush of teaching.

Not that he didn’t enjoy teaching his classes. They were enjoyable, he always learned something from his interactions with students, and the hours were not bad. Also, they were good for his ego. At 42 and a widower, he was still a vigorous and attractive guy, more handsome than pretty. He knew he was attractive to women near his own age, as the repeated come-ons at faculty parties (from both female faculty and the wives of some of his colleagues) confirmed. He biked and ran regularly and he was in good shape, but clearly not a narcissistic jerk.

What surprised him was how attractive he seemed to be to his students. It honestly never occurred to him that a woman in her late teens or early 20s would be interested in him. And yet, every semester, there were two or three students who made it clear to him—often in their own shy way—that they were available to him. Some spent inordinate amounts of time at his office hours, coyly laughing at not-very-funny comments. Others just batted their eyes and wore suggestive clothing to class. A few outright propositioned him, which he appreciated for its efficiency but not for its judgment. He had never slept with a student, no matter how available she was. He valued his job too much.

In his three years of teaching creative writing at PSU, he had seen a great many beautiful young women, a few really talented ones, and one who was both. She was a current student, M. She was different from the other girls in the class. Instead of the anorexic waifs most girls seemed to aspire to be, M was sexy in a classic, Marilyn Monroe way. She was physically most reminiscent of the voluptuous redhead on Mad Men, but she had the same innocence-mixed-with-sexuality that Marilyn had. She stood 5’8″ and had curves that made men (if not all boys) stand and gape. She dressed the way other girls in class dressed, but the way she wore a T shirt and jeans didn’t look like any of the others. She was in a class by herself, physically.

Academically, she was also different. In his class, she was brilliant. Her writing was a cross between Flannery O’Connor and Virginia Woolf. It was both dense and accessible, innovative and classic. She had real talent and he had tried to encourage it. She had showed him her non-school projects, including a short story about a student’s illicit romance with her writing professor, and he had given her detailed and constructive help. He genuinely enjoyed working with her. Even if he did often have to go home and jerk off after one of their sessions.

The problem, as he understood it from one of his gossipy colleagues in the English department, was that as good as she was in his class, that’s how bad she was in all her other classes. She was clearly smart, but her lack of interest made her anywhere from an indifferent to an outright failing student. Her attention span, so good and focused when she was writing, was pathetically short everywhere else. She was texting in classes she was failing, and the word in the department was that she might not survive the current semester’s academic probation.

None of that was on his mind that Thursday afternoon as he dug into recently unclassified documents he needed for the book he was writing. In addition to his own creative writing, he occasionally wrote critical analyses of favorite books. He was working on a book now about the early Soviet classic, Master and Margarita, about a writer whose lover sells her soul to the devil to have his work published. The fall of the Soviet Union had unearthed thousands of documents that could shed light on the author’s trials at the hands of Soviet censors.

He had been working for only a little while when there was a knock on the door. He considered not answering, but the knock came again. Exasperated, he put down the documents and walked the five feet to the door of his cramped office.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to find M standing there. Her eyes were red from crying, though she had clearly dried her tears before knocking.

“Professor, I’m sorry to bother you.”

“M, that’s OK. What’s wrong?”

“Can I come in?”

“I’m sorry. Of course.”

He stood aside and she came into the office, her shapely ass brushing against him as she tried to avoid the stacks of papers and boxes of books. She went to the only chair beside his desk chair that wasn’t piled with junk, an old red leather arm chair.

She sat somewhat primly on the edge of the seat, looking down at her hands. He tried to look at her face, but it was challenging. Her cleavage, so prominent and so beautiful, was exerting a magnetic pull on his eyes. It took a major effort to not look at it. All the same, he was very glad he had excellent peripheral vision.

“M, are you OK?”

“Not really. It appears that I am no longer your student.”

“What? Why?”

She started sobbing a little and took a moment to compose herself.

“Because I was kicked out. Flunked out. Asked to leave. Whatever you want to call it.”

He slumped back in his chair, genuinely—and surprisingly—distraught at the idea she wouldn’t be his student any more. He rolled his chair a few feet in her direction and put his hand on hers. She quickly grabbed his hand in hers.

“I’m so sorry. I really am.”

“It’s my own damn fault, of course. It’s not like I can’t do the work.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, how could this happen? You’re so bright and such a great student in my class.”

She looked up at him, smiling through her tears.

“Well, I love writing. And I love your class.” She looked like she was going to say something else, but stopped herself.

“And the other classes?”

“I guess I just didn’t care. I thought I could skate by. All I ever wanted to do was write anyway.”

They sat silently for a moment. He wanted to take his hand back and be professional, but he just couldn’t.

“Well, looks like you’ll have lots of time for writing now. Have you given any thought yet about what you’ll do?”

“I’d love to spend more time writing. But it looks like I need a job. My scholarship went away as of an hour ago.”

Again, they sat silently. His mind was racing. She wasn’t his student any more, which was bad. Or was it? Now that she wasn’t his student, he could see if there was anything between them, as he had hoped so often. He made a bold gamble.

“I could use a research assistant.”

She looked like she had just won the lottery.

“For real?”

“Sure. I just got thousands of documents for my Master and Margarita book. I need someone to help me go through them, categorize and file, take notes. Nothing sexy, but I can pay you $10 an hour. My book advance isn’t much, but I’m happy to spend it until it runs out.” The truth was he would have paid anything to have this marvelous young woman in close quarters with him. And he didn’t need the money at all.

She jumped up and he did too. She hugged him, and he could feel her firm breasts press against him. He hoped she couldn’t feel his rapidly firming cock against her. She held the hug a second or two longer than gratitude required.

“When do I start?”

“Tomorrow? 9am?”

She hugged him again. And gave him a small kiss on the cheek. When she pulled back, she was blushing a deep red.

“See you then. And thanks.”

Part 2

Over the next few weeks, he came to realize how indispensable she was to him. She was a fantastic research assistant, smart and capable and organized. She was also a breath of fresh air in his office and his life. One day, he came back from class to discover that the pile of books and documents he had complained about for days was organized and gone. All of a sudden, his office couch was clear and the office itself looked good. Part of it was the organization. A bigger part was the amazing redhead.

She worked unselfconsciously, kneeling or bending or stretching wherever the work took her. She seemed unaware of how beautiful she was, and how her low-cut tops and shorts affected him. Or maybe she did know and just didn’t care.

Despite the fact the she was no longer his student, she refused to call him anything but Professor. He didn’t mind. Though they became friendlier and friendlier, there was still a student-teacher dynamic between them. Even the night they went out for pizza and beer (which she was too young to order, but the server was too busy staring down her shirt to worry about her ID), they still kept a respectful distance. There were a few times when either he or she looked like they might let their guard down, but it came back up just as quickly.

That ended on a Friday morning, a month after she started working for him.

He came to work a little late. He was grouchy after yet another night of porn and his right hand. He was craving physical contact in the worst way, and the woman he wanted was at his office. That morning, the thought of seeing her filled him with more frustration than usual. He procrastinated and got to the office 15 minutes after she was showing up.

When he arrived, wearing his Friday outfit of jeans and a T shirt that showed off his well developed physique, M was sitting outside his office. She looked again, like she had been crying. She quickly wiped the tears and tried to smile when she saw him.

“Good morning, Professor.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

He unlocked the door to his office and they went in. He closed the door.

Immediately she threw her arms around his neck. He received her hug more openly than he would have if he had thought about it. After a few seconds, she pulled back.

“M, what is it?”

“I’m sorry. I went into the English Department office when you were late to see if they had heard from you. And I heard the secretaries talking and they were gossiping about a male professor who ran off with one of his students last night. They were talking about it like it was a big secret scandal and all I could think was that it was you. Since you’re never late and you weren’t here and I thought the worst and…”

She trailed off to a small laugh/sob.

“I know how stupid I must sound to you.”

She didn’t sound stupid. If he wasn’t mistaken, she sounded jealous.

“No, I understand. You don’t want to lose your job.”

She laughed and playfully pushed him.

“You jerk. You know that isn’t what I was worried about.”

“What were you worried about?” He almost held his breath, waiting for the answer.

“You know…”


“You want me to say it?”


She looked up at him and inched closer to him. Her breasts were just a few inches from him.

“I was worried you had run off with someone else because…I love you.”

She barely said the last words out loud, but they hit him like a hurricane.

He reached his hand out and caressed her cheek.


“You don’t have to say anything.” She looked down, embarrassed.

He put his other hand on her other cheek and lifted her face up to his. She was wearing sneakers and she was a good five inches shorter than him. When she lifted her face to him, her mouth parted slightly and he saw her pink tongue. He knew he had to taste it. He leaned down and gently kissed her. Her arms stayed at her sides for a good two seconds, and he worried that he had overstepped. Then her arms flew around his neck and she began to kiss him passionately. They stayed like that for a long minute, locked at the lip and crushed together in the contact they had both been skirting around for months.

After the minute, his big head reasserted some control and he pulled back, still holding her hands in his.

“M, we need to talk about this.”

“What is there to talk about?”

“This isn’t right.”

“Why not? I’m not your student. You finally know

how I feel. And I know you enjoyed our kiss. That was obvious.”

He shifted uncomfortably, embarrassed at the visible erection.


“But nothing. I’ve wanted to be with you since the first class six months ago. And don’t tell me you don’t want me.”

“I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone.”

She walked back into his arms and put her arms around his neck.

“Then shut up, B. And kiss me.”

He was lost then. Her eyes controlled him, her body compelled him. Emboldened, he reached up and cupped her breasts as they kissed. She moaned when his hands found her nipples. They were hard as erasers and he was desperate to see them. He wasn’t sure about staying in the office. He wanted their first time to be special. He tried to break away and suggest they go somewhere else.

“No,” she said huskily. “Right here. Where we’ve spent so much time teasing each other. This is why I cleared that couch. Because I hoped I would get to fuck you on it.”

He wasn’t sure when Flannery O’Connor became Madonna, but he liked it. She was asserting her sexuality and it was turning him on even more.

She stepped back and pulled her shirt off, exposing her tremendous breasts encased in a red, lacy bra. He reached back and locked the office door while she reached back and undid the clasp. When he finally saw her breasts come free, he nearly cried with released anticipation. He had seen them in so many shirts and in so many dreams, and they were even better in the flesh, so to speak. Their pink areolas surrounded hard nipples that begged to be licked and sucked. She involuntarily rubbed them while backing up to the couch and sitting down.

He advanced toward her, removing his T shirt as he did. When he was standing above her, she reached up and rubbed her hands over his chest and stomach. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her hands exploring his body. After a few seconds, her hands moved lower, over his stomach to the top of his jeans. They undid his belt and pulled the top button on his jeans. She saw that they were button fly and she knew to rip them apart. With his jeans open, she saw the outline of the bulge in his underwear. She reached in and rubbed it, cooing slightly at the size and feel of it.

He pushed his jeans to the floor and she sat there with his cock at eye level. She didn’t make a move to remove the underwear right away, enjoying the sensation—and the tease—of rubbing it through his boxer briefs. When she leaned forward and rubbed her mouth against his covered cock, his knees got weak and nearly buckled. She wrapped her hands around him to cup his ass. Maybe to hold him up. Maybe to feel those firm ass cheeks.

He put his hands on her head and urged her face toward his cock. She smiled as she peeled his shorts down and exposed his hard cock, which sprang out at her. She had been waiting for this, among so many other sensations, for so long. She immediately licked his cock from balls to tip and down again. She pulled it down from its upward angle to aim it into her mouth. She loved the taste of it, fresh from the shower but already starting to get that sex smell. She worked the first few inches in and got them wet with her saliva. Her hand was wrapped around the rest, jerking it in a circular motion. He was in heaven when he looked down and saw her thick, flowing red hair bounce as her head bobbed on his cock. He reached down and cupped her breasts. He playfully twisted her nipples, not knowing that this sent an electric jolt to her pussy. She loved it.

She had previously had a boyfriend who wanted her to deep throat him, but she hadn’t wanted to. She thought she might be able to, but she hadn’t really liked him enough to try and they broke up shortly after. Now, she wanted to give B an experience, something that was her first. She took his cock in her mouth and started working it deeper. He immediately knew what she was trying and, as much as he wanted to, he didn’t push; it was up to her how fast to go. She worked past the first few inches she had already sucked. His cock hit the back of her throat and her hand told her there was still plenty to go. How could she do it?

“Just relax your throat,” he said gently. “Try to breathe with it back there.”

She did relax, and once she discovered she could breathe a little she relaxed even more. Soon inches of his cock were disappearing down her throat. Before she knew it, her face was all the way to his pubic hair and he was going crazy.

He wanted to keep his cock still but the sensations were so amazing it took all his will power not to start fucking her throat. After a few seconds, she had to come up for air and his cock was covered with saliva. She looked so proud of herself and he told her how incredible it felt. That spurred her on to try it again, for even longer. They were both getting the hang of it and she liked the feel of her mastery over him.

He knew he couldn’t take much more and reluctantly pulled his cock away from her mouth. He unsnapped the button on her shorts and undid the zipper. She helped him pull the shorts and panties down, exposing her trimmed pussy. The sparse red hair looked sexy and delicious, and he was determined to spend a long time dining on it. He laid her back against the back of the couch and got down on his knees between her legs. He kissed slowly up her left thigh and then her right. He hovered over her pussy and blew lightly against her pussy lips and exposed clit. She arched her back and tried to push her pussy at him. That was all he needed and he dove right in, licking and flicking and sucking on her lips and clit. He brought her to the brink of orgasm several times and backed off each time, until she was practically growling for release. Finally, he granted her unstated wish and ate her pussy to her first shattering orgasm. Her thighs clamped around his head when she came and he kept licking until her sensitivity grew so great she had to push him away.

When he looked up at her, her eyes were shiny with the heady combination of lust and love. She wanted sex but she wanted him, and he wanted her back. He stood up and his rock hard cock was positioned at the entrance to her wet, tight pussy. Her breasts were falling down the sides of her chest and he reached up and grabbed them, squeezing them together to lick both nipples in succession. Her back arched again.

“I don’t have a condom…”

“I’m on birth control. It’s Ok.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m so sure. Please. Don’t make me wait any more.”

He rubbed his cock along her pussy lips to spread them wide, and to wet his cock for its passage into steaming depths. She hunched forward to take the head in her, and she smiled when she felt it enter. He didn’t need further encouragement and he drove it home, ultimately nestling deep inside her as their pubic bones touched and chests melted together. Her arms were around his back and pulling him tight as he began to thrust into her, more and more urgently.

They stayed like this for a long while, alternately looking in each other’s eyes and unable to do anything but close their eyes to the passion they were both feeling. By unspoken acknowledgement, he pulled slowly out and looked at her. She kissed him and turned around on the couch. She kneeled on the cushion and put her elbows on the back of the couch. She looked over her shoulder at him and he smiled back at her, finally able to watch that wondrous ass without the barrier of clothes.

He moved up behind her and rubbed his cock again on her pussy. She pushed back while he pushed forward and he was instantly deep inside.

“God, I love doggy,” she said, just as he was thinking the same words.

They settled into a fast but manageable rhythm. He was enjoying it immensely and didn’t even think about it when he took his hand off her hip and slapped that amazing ass. He saw a light red mark flare up on her ass cheek and he wondered if he had hit her too hard.

“That felt great,” she moaned. “Do it again.”

This message contains feedback for: Married But Curious


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Not a good time. GF is being a bit hard to take tonight, talking about breaking up with me.


Dang im sorry. Can you at least tell me on this???


She put a bug on my computer shortly after we met two years ago to read any incoming emails from Craigslist I got. Fucking acting like she’s with the gotdamn NSA. Anyhow, horny as fuck — haven’t gotten any sex in over a week.


Damn. Hmm. Tell me the last encounter you had with a man? ;)


I wrote about that in my story “Fucked By A Stranger”.

The time before that encounter, which I’ve been mulling over whether to write about, I responded to a CL ad to meet up with a guy who had arranged for someone to be a cocksucker for a bunch of men, and was asking guys to join in on that. That sounded good to me, so I showed up. But, the guy who had said he was gonna do the cocksucking never showed, and the other guys who showed up left when they thought it wasn’t happening.

So we went up to his apartment to wait and see if the guy who had agreed to suck all those cocks would finally show, and he started talking dirty to me, whispering in my ear and touching my face and rubbing his finger across my lips and then sticking the tip of his finger inside my mouth, and his breath was all hot and steamy in my ear as he coaxed me with this sexy deep voice to get on my knees and suck his dick. So I did that, but then he seemed kind of tense and awkward, like he’d had this fantasy but didn’t think it would actually happen, like he really preferred women and was trying to pretend like it wasn’t a guy taking his dick, like it was really a chick because that would be straight and totally OK to brag to his buds about after, instead of having to feel kind of ashamed and dirty.

So anyway, I tried this trick I’d seen watching porn, where I rubbed his cockhead against the inside of my cheek and tapped on it from the outside with my hand, and he groaned and kinda growled and said that was amazingly hot,

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I asked him to reciprocate, but he said fuck no, he was straight and didn’t do that, and so I left and went home and jacked off thinking of how it felt to turn on a guy so much.


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We’d be standing up by your bed, fully clothed, with you standing behind me and squeezing my ass and kissing the back of my neck, sending shivers up my spine. Then you’d grab the back of my neck and turn me around and push down, forcing me to my knees, while you sat on the bed and opened your thighs. I’d kneel between your legs, and then you’d apply pressure to my head, forcing it down towards your cock, softly murmuring for me to part my lips for your cockhead. Your dick would start to slide between my lips while you called me your dirty slut and tugged on my hair,

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Mmmm and how would you want me to use you? ;)


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Sorry took so long to get back to you, my phone broke had to get a new one.

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You feel like talking on the phone? My GF took off for Los Angeles and might not be coming back, and I feel like venting a bit with someone who would lend a sympathetic ear. If you’re up for it, give me your cell phone number and your time zone and tell me what would be a good time frame to call you.

Or if you’d rather just do dirty chat, we can continue carrying on this … conversation … over email. ;D

I’m a bit afraid of letting you fuck my virgin ass — I’ve never had anything in there, and that would be crossing this line where I couldn’t possibly deny any more that I was acting like some sort of faggot cum slut, taking a dick inside my tight hole on a first * date *. And your cock is so thick and long I’m afraid it’ll hurt real bad.

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You’re reaching behind me, and you tell me to be a good little bitch and spread my legs open a bit wider, and I reluctantly give in to your order, and aaaaaahhh your lube coated finger is touching and circling my hole and my god it feels good. I wiggle my ass in encouragement, feeling like a total whore.

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I try to squirm away and stand up, but you shove down harder and slap my face hard with your spare hand and say, “Your ass is mine, bitch. Quit struggling or I’ll fuck you rough and have to hurt. Do you want me to be gentle instead?” Then you slap my ass cheek even harder, muttering, “Take it. Take it, slut.” Your hand is now pushing between my ass cheeks, roughly invading me …

I look over my shoulder again, tears running down my cheek, afraid and humiliated, feeling a bit like I’m being violated and even raped, but my body betrays me, my skin feeling hot and flushed, my heart pounding, my nerves tingling, my puckered tight hole clenching with pleasure as your slick coated finger rubs and pushes more gently and then slides up and down my asscrack, and try as I do to stop it, a moan of pleasure escapes my lips.

I give up. It’s gonna happen. I WANT it to happen, even though a little part of me is still saying no.

I nod my head in submission, locking my eyes on yours. “Be gentle. Please. Your cock is so big, please be gentle, don’t hurt me.”

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“Now, daddy. I’m ready. Fuck me as hard as you want. Pull my hair, shove your cock all the way inside. Give me your cum, daddy. Shoot your load deep in my ass.”

I grab the head of the bed to brace myself for your thrusts, still watching your hard gleaming dark eyes as you crawl between my legs and grab my hair and yank it and slide your cock between my cheeks and then the rubbery tip is at hole and the pressure starts building as you lean your weight into it. I bend my legs at my knees, putting my feet in the air for easier access and lifting my hips up, fucking myself with your thrusting cock as it pops inside and you let go of my hip and grab one of my proferred feet in the air and use it for leverage as you start to fuck the hell out of me, slamming your dick inside my hole as I clench and release the ring for your pleasure and thrust my hips up to meet your cock ramming down inside me, your hips slapping against my ass and the slick shaft making that “fck fck fck” sound as it wetly pistons back and forth into my bucking, receptive ass…

“I’m here.”

I smile and say I’ll be right down to let him in. I hang up the phone, grab my keys, and wonder if it would look desperate if I bounded down the stairs instead of playing it cool and taking the elevator.

When I get to the lobby, I see him standing outside the big glass door, bags slung over his shoulders. He notices me and smiles. His deep, bright blue eyes shine a little with that impish smirk that gives me shivers. I walk over and open the door for him; he walks into the lobby, never taking his eyes off me.

“Hi,” he says, still smirking.

“Hi,” I say, returning the smirk.

We stand there for a second, just looking at each other, smiling. I’m staring into those gorgeous blue eyes and I can’t help feeling a little weak in the knees. This is hardly the first time we’ve been together, but I have butterflies in my stomach. He reaches out, wraps his right arm around my back and pulls me in for a kiss. His right hand rests on the small of my back and his left wanders up my back and into my hair. He’s already told me what his hands are likely to do in my hair, and the thought of it now makes my heart race.

I lead him to the elevator, which is waiting for us because it’s a short building and no one ever goes out. As soon as the doors close, he drops his bags, takes my face in both his hands and kisses me again, this time harder and more passionately, pinning me against the back wall of the elevator. My hands go to his waist and slide up his back. I whimper a little. If only this were a taller building, with a longer elevator ride…

The elevator stops at my floor and our passionate foreplay is interrupted. We wander out, and head down the hallway to my apartment. Once inside, he behaves himself, taking in the apartment around him and surveying his surroundings. On some level, I’m sure, he’s choosing where in this main room he would like to fuck me if I didn’t have a roommate to object to sex in the common space.

Bless her heart, that roommate has absented herself for the evening. I lead him to my bedroom, so he can put down his bags, but we both know why we’re really there. I had forgotten to put away the clothes I’d discarded this morning in an effort to find the perfect outfit to wear upon his arrival. I start to collect them from the bed while he puts his bags down, leaning over the bed to reach the clothes other side.

Suddenly, I feel his hands on my hips, and I hear him moan low behind me. I stop, returning the moan and leaning backwards into him. I can feel his cock getting hard behind his jeans. His left hand slides up my stomach and stops on my breasts, pulling me up against him, while his right hand slides down, between my legs. His hands massage me, slowly and passionately. My hips grind into him, and I can feel him getting harder. My right hand slides down his leg to steady myself as I rub against his growing cock, while my left hand reaches up and rests on his bicep — the one attached to the hand that’s massaging my breasts and teasing my nipples through a thin t-shirt I wore on purpose. I lean my head back against his shoulder, close my eyes, and moan. His mouth is close to my ear, and I can hear him moaning, his breath getting shorter. His lips search for my neck, kissing my face down along the way. He finds his mark, and my own breath gets shorter, my moans get louder.

Finally, he spins me around and pushes me back onto the bed. I smile at him, but my smile does nothing to hide the desperation, how badly I want him right now. He smiles back, and while I can see that he wants me too, his is a devilish grin — he’s going to draw this out as long as he can.

His hands unbutton my jeans and ease the zipper down. He peels my jeans down, pulling my panties down a little. He’s pleased to see that my panties are soaked, and he’s barely gotten started yet. He slowly, slowly pulls the panties down my legs, he can’t take his eyes off them until he discards them to the side with the jeans. Then he pulls me to the edge of the bed, kneels on the floor, and leans in between my legs.

His tongue starts lightly, teasing the sides of my slit with soft, faint licks up and down. Each upward lick ends on my clit, lightly circling it and flicking it, sometimes kissing it and sucking on it for just a second. His licking of my slit gets harder, more passionate — I think he likes the taste of my wetness, and he loves how wet I’m getting as he’s licking me. A couple times, he slips his tongue inside me — no one’s ever done that before, and it makes me writhe with pleasure. Finally, his tongue comes to my clit, licking it, circling it, sucking on it, harder and harder as I get closer and closer to the edge. He slides a finger inside me, then two, searching for my g-spot. He’s brought me so close to the brink of ecstasy, it’s taking all my willpower to hold still and let him work his magic on my swollen clit and my dripping wet pussy. I can feel the orgasm building, I beg him not to stop. He doesn’t — he licks harder, he sucks harder, his fingers pump in and out of my harder. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I feel the waves rush through me as I grip the bed with my fingers and toes, arching my back into the orgasm, pushing my pussy into his face — he doesn’t stop licking until the last wave has passed and I fall back to the bed with an exhausted and satisfied sigh.

He climbs onto the bed next to me, searching my face for approval. I smile at him as he licks my wetness off his fingers. “I told you I’d make you cum first,” he says, his blue eyes sparkling with mischievous satisfaction. I laugh, sighing in the aftermath of my orgasm. I’m starting to regain my strength — and my desire.

“Yes, you did,” I say, rolling over to straddle him. “But now it’s your turn.”

I unbutton his shirt and pull him up so I can pull it and his undershirt off. He reaches for my hips, hoping to slide his hands up and pull my shirt off, but I ease back and find the floor, my hands sliding down his chest and stomach, stopping at his jeans. I unbutton and unzip his jeans and pull them down carefully — his cock is so hard now that it’s difficult to navigate the jeans off of it. I grab his stiff member in one hand and his balls in the other; I lick his cock, starting at the base and slowly, slowly sliding up to the head, where I find a drop of pre-cum. I wrap my mouth around the head of his cock and suck once, twice, then I trace it with my tongue. But that’s enough for now, there will be time to suck him off later. Right now, I want him inside me.

I climb back on top of him, straddling him, and he finally succeeds in pulling my shirt off. I rub my slit along his cock a few times, getting wetter every time he moans. I position myself over his cock and probe my pussy with the head of his stiff member. I have to ease my way down — his cock is thick, and my pussy is tight. It’s an exhilarating combination of pain and pleasure as I slide my tight, wet pussy down his shaft. We both let out a loud moan, that first thrust is always incredible.

I raise myself up slowly, enjoying the slow pull of his cock in my pussy; I ease myself back down. It feels so good, I missed it so much. He pushes inside me as I’m easing back down. We pick up the pace as my pussy adjusts itself to the size and hardness of the perfect cock inside it. I lean forward, steadying my body with my hands on either side of his head. His hands are gripping my hips, helping my body with the rhythm as he pumps in and out of me, faster, harder. His right hand slides over my right ass cheek, and I know what’s coming.

He spanks me. I cry out with pleasure — it’s such a turn on. My reaction emboldens him, and he spanks me again, harder this time. The sting, combined with the divine feeling of his cock pumping in and out of my dripping pussy, is intoxicating.

He rolls me over so he’s on top. He’s pumping faster and harder now. I beg him, “Fuck me, fuck me harder!” He obliges. His hand is at the back of my neck, and he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls. Again, the sting of it mixes with the growing ecstasy of this perfect cock fucking me, and I cry out, my head being pulled back and his mouth finding my neck. He kisses me hard, bites a little. I’m getting close again.

I can feel him getting harder and bigger inside me, and his pumping is getting faster and harder. I’m so close now, I’m moaning and screaming, and I can hear him moaning with me. He wraps his arms around me, pulls me close as he says, “I’m gonna cum!” I can feel his cock throbbing inside me as he releases his cum in my pussy, and it’s enough to send me over the edge. We hold each other tight as the waves of this shared orgasm run through us both, as he empties his cock in my warm, tight pussy. Our breathing is heavy and labored, and we lay like this together until our breathing slows and calms.

He eases himself up to his arms and looks down at me, smiling and still breathing a little heavy. “I’m all sweaty,” he says.

I smile, somewhat wickedly. “Shower?”

The evening was winding down, the 50 or so guests were departing the wooden beamed barn, some to go home and some to the main hotel. The tables, already moved around once, had been placed under the staircase so that people had manoeuvred themselves around 200 year old columns to help themselves to seafood, canapés and the obligatory mini pizzas. The larger, high ceilinged end of the barn, bedecked with fairy lights and uplighters from the floor, was now empty of dancers. The bar was closed; the music was now coming from the CD player rather than the disco.

The whole shindig had been a necessary evil. The family and friends had no idea the purgatory that the couple had been trapped in. It had been expected that there be a celebration and everyone had been impressed by the effort made. The couple had made sure that was money behind the bar and that no one could have been left wanting. The venue had been carefully chosen, the swimming pool and dining room were joined to the hotel by glass roofed corridors. The barn though, was a distance away. Designed to be hidden, the mature shrubbery helped to absorb any noise from revellers. The barn’s exterior had been faced with long glass windows in places which let in copious amounts of daylight. The stairs winding up to the right, hugging the side wall ended at a small landing with 4 doors on a mezzanine level. 2 doors were for the temporary guests, 1 locked and one leading to the couples’ accommodation for the weekend.

The small bedroom in the barn was tucked in the rafters but had been given patio doors to let in cool air when it was inclined to get stuffy in the short summer months. The metal railings hugged the exterior at waist height.

Sarah’s dress gently swept the floor as she turned from the doors after saying her farewells to the stragglers. She picked up her glass on her way back in, looking for him. He had placed himself opposite the doors, perched on a banqueting chair, tie discarded and top button falling open. Unaware she was looking; he tilted his head to one shoulder and then the other, releasing the tension in his neck. Rolling his shoulders he became aware of her watching him. His grin broadened as he looked at her in the dress. He had helped tighten the laces on the back of the dress earlier in the day. He beckoned with his finger and she started to walk over. She lifted the hem of the gown in one hand and held out the glass for balance as she kicked off her right shoe and then rid herself of the left. Several inches shorter now, the hem of the dress pooled slightly at her feet and the fabric pressed on her legs as the hem dragged on the wooden floor behind her.

She stood in front of him. In her eyes, he hadn’t changed at all in the intervening years. They had endured all that life put in their path, supported friends and been the recipients of help in return.

His hand wound around her waist and he ducked his head to breathe in her smell. He loved her still, the feelings never waning. She bent, putting the glass on the floor by the rear leg of the chair, her hair falling onto his left leg. Now alone, he restrained himself no longer, his hand stroked her head and followed the locks to their end. His fingers entwined the ends as he slowly wrapped his knuckles in the brown silkiness.

Her breath hitched as she anticipated the sharp wrench which yanked her back onto her haunches. Her eyes darted up at him and then away, focussing on a point between his shoes. She knew to wait. She had been waiting all day, however, this seemed even worse. His shoes sidestepped away from her and she listened to the receding footfalls. She cocked her head trying to gauge where he was going. Not up the stairs but outside. The flow of colder air took a minute to reach her and she felt the drop in temperature across the soles of her feet before it wrapped itself around her shoulders. She sought the inner peace that allowed her to accept and her shoulders relaxed and her palms settled into her lap. She idly pondered his destination, food-no, drink-no, both of those available in the barn. There were no bags left in the car, they had carried everything in together that morning. He would return when he was ready. In earlier times, the wait had been intolerable with her calling out questions and trying to tease him.

She bought her mind back to the here and now. The door opened and then shut. No acknowledgement. She knew it was him, the sound of his footsteps stopped behind her. He slid his hand under her hair to the nape of her neck and tilted her backwards. Smiling down at her he kissed her with the pent up desire that had been simmering all afternoon. She wriggled under his hold as her body wanted more. His fingers dug in, keeping her in place. Releasing her, he walked around, pulling her cuffs from his pockets and seated himself again. He held out his left palm and she silently gave him her wrist. The warm leather enclosed her skin as he fastened the buckle. She placed her hand back in her lap and held up her other hand as he repeated his actions. She anticipated him by exposing her neck for her collar, but when it wasn’t forthcoming she looked at him and he shook his head gently. She held back a sound and stopped herself from questioning him. Her mind was spinning, it fast forwarded over the events of the previous 24 hours. She wracked her memory for thing that had displeased him. She was at a loss.

They had gone to bed at a sensible time, she had snuggled into the crook of his arm and they had drifted off knowing they had an early start. This morning they had briefly freshened up, knowing they had work to do before getting ready for the evening. Grabbing a quick breakfast she had gotten his orange juice, tea and toast as was usual for a weekend. They shared the space at the kitchen counter, double checking that they had packed everything from their lists. Eight boxes lined the hallway, ready to be taken in the car to the hotel.

An uneventful journey had brought them to the hotel, the radio playing underneath the mundane conversation. She had followed him to the reception area where the manager had recognised them, wishing them congratulations. Glancing at her husband, his nod had been imperceptible, and she had freely chatted with the manager and his staff as they were assisted to the barn. They had then been left alone with the basic layout to add their own touches to the room and tables. Fairy lights had been strung up and hurricane candles placed on the tables along with disposable cameras and the other expected paraphernalia. When they were satisfied and with only a couple of hours to spare, they had headed upstairs to get ready.

She had only enough time for a shower and jumped in first. Could that have been it? He had opened the door whilst she had been rinsing her hair. Naked, he had stepped in behind her, his erection pressing the base of her spine. Her eyes closed, he had run his hands from her neck, around the sides of her breasts, cupping them in his palms and without warning pinching and twisting her nipples viciously. Her cry was cut short as he shoved her head under the running water. Shampoo and water filled her open mouth and she quickly spat out the bitter mixture. He had released her right breast but twisted the left nipple again. As she tried to take a breath between the rainfall of water he slid a finger inside her arse. She inhaled water and started coughing, forcing her body further onto his hand. He had whispered in her ear and she had obediently dropped to her knees whilst trading places under the stream of water. As he had grabbed a chunk of her hair at the crown, she had taken him into her mouth, sliding her mouth up and down and licking the tip on the out stroke. It hadn’t taken long to bring him to the brink, she felt the moment as he had gotten even thicker and harder. She braced herself and had taken it all in three swallows. Satisfied, he had kissed her quickly, murmuring that she had been a good girl, and no, she was to leave herself alone. Frustrated, she had distracted herself with finishing her shower.

She had entered the bedroom to find him already in his shirt and trousers. His socks, shoes and jacket by the armchair near the patio door. Only an hour to go and she had had to concentrate to get her hair and makeup done in time for the impending guests. He had smiled to himself as they chatted, knowing what a state she was in. His words teased her, making her wetter and her nipples erect. The dress was boned and before he tightened the laces holding her breasts in place he had licked and then bitten each nipple. He had removed the contents of the dressing table and then pushed her against it, kissing her hard and smudging her newly applied lipstick. She had tried to complain and was immediately told to bend over the table. She had looked at them in the mirror as he had lifted her skirts above her waist. She felt his hands roam over her buttocks and then slide his thumbs inside the top edge of her knickers. He slid them down to mid-thigh level and told her to spread her legs. She watched his reflection remove his belt from its loops. The leather ends were brought together to form a loop and with no pause in his actions, each buttock received a sideways strike with was swung from his right shoulder. She bit her lip in an effort not to cry out.

The waiting staff had assembled downstairs and were receiving their briefing. She had hoped that no one had heard her grunts. The next two swings caught her just under the buttock crease at the top of each thigh. She would not allow herself to cry, she had run out of time to redo her entire make up. His fingers easily found the moisture pooling behind her pussy lips. His searching fingers had caused the liquid to run over his hand and start the journey down her legs. His hand had been put in front of her face, blocking the reflection in the mirror. The wet fingers were licked clean by the whore in the mirror. The smeared lipstick and the darkened wanton eyes did not really belong to her. She got 10 strokes more on each cheek, each one raising her onto her toes as she muffled her cries. He knelt behind her kneading the red and tender flesh making her wriggle under his hands. Sitting through the meal was going to be interesting.

She felt the knickers pulled to the floor and she stepped out of them. He told her that she was making a mess and they had better stop her from leaking. The black lace knickers were been screwed up and shoved up her cunt, to remain there, he said, until he removed them. He left her then, allowing her to adjust her clothing and re-apply her lipstick. In the room below, the noise level had increased as the guests had assembled, wanting to join in the celebration. She composed herself and left the room with her husband, him leading her safely down the stairs to the longest party of her life.

She was still looking at the floor when he cupped her chin and they made eye contact. She broke away from her thoughts and he spoke softly that the day was far from over. That there was time to show her how much she meant to him. She was everything that was important and she had kept her own wants and curiosities side-lined. She gave him a questioning look but it was ignored. He reached down and clipped her two cuffs together in front of her. Using her newly tethered wrists, he pulled her up onto her feet and standing up he turned the chair 180 degrees and bent her over the back so her wrists were now level with the seat cushion. A cable tie from the cuffs to a leg of the chair quickly immobilized her and she immediately felt pressure on the sopping wet knickers still wedged in her pussy. Her ankles were shoved apart roughly by the sides of his shoe; she would have bruises for days. Her bare foot height meant the chair back was now digging into her stomach and she was glad the boned nature of her dress meant she had neither eaten nor drunk great quantities tonight. She felt him move lower behind her, the hem of her dress being lifted off the floor. Her sight was taken as the skirts covered her upper body coming to rest over her stretched arms and hands. The air she breathed quickly warmed and she knew she would soon become light headed. The warmth from his body behind her disappeared and she now struggled with her bonds.

She was all too aware now that the barn was lit from the inside and she was surrounded by glass walls and her backside was on display to any late night strollers. She had mentioned to him in the past of her passing curiosity at being “exhibited”. As shame engulfed her mind, her body betrayed her as her desire ratcheted up a gear. Where was he? She had no senses available to her; everything had been dulled by the several layers of fabric superheating her head and torso. A thwack was the first she knew of the paddle that assaulted her. It landed directly on the marks from earlier that day. Her body jolted, she lost her footing and she winded herself on the back of the chair. She righted herself, dug her feet in and braced for the next one. It didn’t come. What the hell was he doing? She heard a camera shutter go off. Oh, that was what he was doing. The next blow landed as before and a squeal left her lips. He walked back to her and caressed her smooth arse. Disorientated now, she couldn’t connect the thoughts that the camera shutter had gone again, but he was still next to her. His hands followed her contours from her ankles, up her calves, the back of her knees, the backs and insides of her thighs. His fingers skimmed her lower lips and she pushed back against his touch, wanting much more than he was giving. He dipped his head and licked gently at her opening. Purposely avoiding her clit, he knew she hadn’t come for at least 72 hours and she was now impaling herself on the chair back to get closer to his tongue.

She was breathing hard now and feeling mildly light headed. She was physically hot and perspiration beaded over her chest and face. A blast of intoxicating air and light engulfed her senses, he was stood astride the chair in front of her, his trousers undone and his cock in her face. As soon as she had drawn breath it was taken away as he gripped her hair and fucked her mouth and throat, causing her to gag and cough. Saliva began to drip from the side of her mouth as she struggled to breathe and swallow in time with his thrusts. He lasted longer than he had this afternoon and she knew her throat would be raw tomorrow. He pulled out, gripping his shaft and pumping quickly he emptied his load over her face. She felt the warm liquid on her eyelids, cheeks and lips. Gravity let it flow as far as her chin and neck before the trails went cold. She tentatively licked her lips and tried to open her eyes. The lids were reluctant to open and so she waited. She was given his now semi hard cock to clean with her tongue. Her saliva had covered his balls and so she lapped at them until he was satisfied they were clean.

The snip of plastic released her wrists and he helped her stand up and he guided her to a second chair. A damp cloth was wiped across her eyes but her face was left as a reminder of who she belonged to. The residue was now drying and beginning to crack on her neck. She was so wet and frustrated now. Sarah had begun to feel the knickers moving down inside her a she had walked from one chair to the other. If she thought she might rest, she was wrong.

He presented her with a blindfold; she was expected to deprive herself of her main sense. He smiled at her as her world went black once more. He scooped her up over his shoulder and she was plonked down on a hard surface. About three feet wide, the table supported her from her hips to her neck only. Her cuffs were separated and attached separately to wooden columns under the staircase. Her legs were roped at the ankle into a V shape and also attached to columns supporting the mezzanine level. She was exposed as she could possibly be.

A cold sharpness ran down the inside of her right leg. She shuddered and was warned not to wriggle, blood on her dress would not wash out. The point reached the crease of her leg. It followed her outer lips towards her anus. She held her breath as the cold stopped and waited at her entrance. She felt pressure from the blade and screamed when she was impaled with no warning. Her brain did not recognise the switch of implements and her voice sounded not her own a she begged him to stop. She felt the cold inside her and a trickle of icy water from the frozen dildo ran down towards the table top. She sobbed, trying not to move. The cold started moving in and out and the trickle soon became a flood. Her cries echoed the four corners of the room. A warmth filled her, but it was only the cold being removed.

She felt the “snick” of fabric as the knife broke the tension across her heaving chest, the fabric practically tore itself to the waist and the knife followed downwards. The tear lost momentum when it reached the skirt and he then used his hands to complete the splitting of the dress. It was ruined. Her crying had subsided somewhat, the tears cutting through the dried cum on her face. Now exposed, her torso felt cold but her nipples had hardened long before. His body weight pressed her into the table as he licked each nipple, disappointed that his previous bite marks had disappeared. He sucked each nipple harder until she sucked in a breath. She lifted her hips off the table, trying to rub herself against him. The slap on the inside of her thigh did nothing to diminish her efforts. He moved off her and she felt the fallen fabric pulled under its own weight to the floor.

Then it began, slowly at first, the tails of the flogger were practically caressing her skin. He worked from her ankle down to her thigh and then up the other leg. Each circuit gradually increased in intensity making her squirm. As the blows fell harder the tails wrapped around her limbs leaving a long line of stinging welts.

He had help of course. Couldn’t have hidden the toy bag from her by himself. It had been planned carefully. Two sets of invites with drastically different start times. She had only been privy to the first. He was in the down time now, warming her up for the after party. He had removed his jacket a while ago, his sleeves now rolled up and another button undone. He was warm from his efforts and could do with a break. He looked at his watch and asked her if she wanted some water. He smiled as he looked at her red striped legs. Her wetness was seeping out of her and her voice had returned, trying to entice him into ending her frustration. He left her to fetch some water for both of them, walking via the door and beckoning his first two guests into the barn.

She froze as she heard the door and the familiar voices. Oh sweet Jesus, what was he doing. She heard the mundane greetings and the enquiries of the journey. It was another couple they knew well on the scene. Social friends up till now. Dinner, drinks and good conversation were never going to be quite the same again. She heard him say that water was required and that his arm could do with a break! Three sets of footsteps came closer. The male guest, Bill, walked towards her head and knelt to give her water. The trickle of liquid opened her mouth and the stream became faster. She couldn’t take all that she was being given. It overflowed her mouth, running into her nose, causing her to cough. Cool unfamiliar hands smoothed the welts on her legs. Fingernails scratched lightly causing her to jack her hips off the table. Bill had moved away from her head and permission was given for him to resume were her husband had left off.

The flogger struck her torso, below her breasts and the pace was unrelenting. She rolled left and right trying to change where the impact would land. The tails flicked round her sides and marked her back. Her sighs, squeaks and cries had got louder and it was decided that maybe she was getting a little too vocal. The same fingernails returned to her mound, skirting around her clit and stroking the entrance to her pussy. Two fingers entered her, the flogger struck her right breast and she inhaled sharply and pushing her hips up against the hand. The tails landed on her left breast. The fingers snagged the wet knickers inside her and pulled them slowly out. She writhed beneath his fingers. Bill started pumping two fingers into Sarah, bringing her so close but left her hanging.

He had watched his friends take over briefly but was ready to join in again. Bill’s girlfriend, Della had discarded her outer clothing and positioned herself by Sarah’s head. Sarah smelled the other woman in front of her face. The tails were still raining down on her now hyper sensitive breasts and nipples. The next time she cried out, her mouth was filled by a Della’s nipple. This was a first for her. Her concentration was divided between the sharp stings to her upper body and the new soft and yielding flesh being fed to her. Behind her blindfold, she closed her eyes and traced the nipple and areola with her tongue. She licked in concentric circles towards the nipple, knowing only to give what she enjoyed receiving. She sucked hard, the vacuum pulling the nipple into the roof of her mouth. The distended flesh was both pushed against the roof of her mouth put also stroked with her tongue at the same time. The moan left Della’s lips and encouraged by the noise she continued. She was oblivious to the end of the flogging until the clover clamps were unceremoniously snapped onto her now swollen nipples. She cried out, releasing Della’s nipple only to have it replaced with the other one. As she suckled and licked, Bill returned to kiss his girlfriend and tug gently at the chain between the clover clamps. The two of them were moaning, one from pleasure, and the other from pain. The boyfriend gave a swift yank on the chain releasing Della from her. The wet knickers were shoved in her mouth.

He decided that if she saw her predicament and what was coming, it would ratchet up her anticipation. He laid himself over her, pressing her into the table. Kissing her deeply, he slipped the blindfold from her head. She blinked quickly to restore her sight, the low lighting still blinding. She saw him above her and then the others came into focus. Bill and Della moved toward her, kissing then biting her neck, moving from her collarbone to her hair line behind her ear. Her twisting was futile as his body weight still pinned her. Raising himself, he reached to either side and loosened the knots holding her legs. Once freed, she bent her knees and hips to regain the lost movement. Her arms were given some slack and she was rolled over onto her front so her arms crossed painfully above her breasts. The ropes to the cuffs were adjusted so that the pain in her wrenched shoulders became bearable. Her arms rested on the table, forcing her to look sideways. He lifted her knees onto the table and slid them further apart, securing her legs above the knee. She tried looking over her shoulder but it felt like she would dislocate her arm.

The scraping of the knife had her tossing her head from side to side. They spoke in low voices and there was a hushed agreement. Della bent over her back and kissed a line down her spine as her hands followed the contours of her hips and bum. Round and round in circles, increasing the pressure until her frantic movements and groaning behind the gag had her eyes rolling. The gentle hands moved to her anus where she thought she felt the application of lube, but the ginger root on her puckered hole started the burn within a minute or so. As she started to jack her body away from the cause of the burn, it was firmly pushed in. She was adjusting to the burning in her arse, just as another root was pushed in her cunt and a third piece rubbed on her clit. Unaware of the groaning coming from behind the gag, her hips now tried to fuck thin air and as she tried to gain some relief from the burn and frustration.

He was rock hard. He had never seen his wife naked and bucking as she was now. She really had reached a crescendo of need and she didn’t care who ended it for her. He sheathed himself to protect himself from the ginger root. That had been a new one for them; a suggestion from his co-conspirator. Bill had said it sent Della wild and so he had given it a try. She was rocking now, impossibly looking for friction that would send her over the edge. He picked up the dildo from the bag and walked around to her head. He took a fistful of hair and yanked her head back. Her eyes were closed; she was concentrating on getting herself enough oxygen. He pushed his fingers past her teeth, pulling the knickers from her mouth. She sucked in large lungful’s of air, getting high from the sudden increase in oxygen to her brain. She licked her lips, remnants of saltiness still detectable.

Needing lubrication for the dildo, he offered it to Della who accepted gratefully. Leaning against a gnarled column, she separated her pussy lips and pushed the dildo in up to its hilt. Using one hand to pinch her nipples, the other rammed the dildo furiously, coating it completely in slick juices. The boyfriend Bill grabbed Della’s wrist holding the dildo, preventing the impending orgasm to surface.

Sarah cried out again as he pulled the ginger from both her arse and her pussy. The final movements of the ginger set off the burn once more. The dripping dildo was returned to its owner who was still undecided until the last second. Sarah held in her scream as he started the slow and persistent fucking motion that ensured the dildo’s steady progress into her backside. The scream died away, leaving her whimpering. Boll and Della had been drawn over and receiving a nod, they released her wrists and rubbed them gently. Helped her onto her palms, the fire in her shoulders killed the orgasm in its tracks. Her breasts now hung free, weighted down further by the chain. Della dipped her head and found Sarah’s hungry lips. The two women kissed long and hard. The two men sharing the same thoughts timed their actions. Bill removed the clover clamps as her husband penetrated her pussy. Sarah’s ecstasy and agony melded as her nipples were brushed back to life by two sets of hands. The dildo in her arse was moved in opposite strokes to the deep penetration in her cunt. Della’s mouth on hers absorbed the heightening moans. Her body was overloaded with sensation.

Yet to be satisfied herself, Della slid under Sarah, creating a sixty nine. She felt Della’s soft skin tugging her breasts and stomach as she wiggled towards her open legs. There was a pause as their breasts met and both women pressed against each other. Her eyes were locked on the bare mound directly in front of her, but tantalisingly out of reach. Moving forward again she couldn’t help herself. She bent her head to inhale the hairless skin, her nose nudging the top of the slit. Only another couple of inches. The movements from behind had stopped but she was still full.

Her tongue ran down and around between the outer and inner lips. She licked the length of the slit, momentarily flicking her tongue over the clit. Della’s body shuddered and arched against her. Her tongue explored the inner lips and she tugged them gently with her teeth. She found the opening and teasingly pushed her tongue in, finding it wet with juices. She probed deeper, swallowing in order to empty her mouth. The hot breath on her own pussy making her licking and sucking more frantic. She took Della’s clit into her mouth sucking it, making it engorge. A fast flicking motion brought Della to the brink.

Bill could hold back no longer, lubing his cock, he brought pressure to Della’s arse, stretching her wide. The men started up their rhythm, gaining pace bringing the women closer. The women both clamped down on each other’s clits and Sarah was the first to go over the edge. She flung her head backwards, a blood curdling scream as she finally came. The spasms coming in waves, a fresh set sparked off when he removed the dildo in a slick motion.

Bill had taken her place at Della’s clit. Three of his fingers pumping into her cunt, his thumb circling the nub, quickly brought her to orgasm. As the men continued their thrusting, Della got back to flicking Sarah’s clit, a second orgasm building and then crashing, causing the walls of her pussy to spasm once more.

Feeling his impending ejaculation, he withdrew, discarding the condom. Finishing himself off, he came all over her back and arse. Bill also came, filling Della’s arse with his cum.

All four were exhausted. Their heavy breathing slowed and they slowly disconnected themselves. He directed Bill to the upper level bathroom and the married couple embraced and kissed as he helped her up the stairs.

Ensconced in a hot bath, Sarah was sharing her space with Della who was helping her stretch out her calf muscles. She had a handful of welts which had screamed to her as she had lowered herself into the water. Della drew circles in the air with her finger and Sarah pulled herself away from the end of the bath and spun slowly around. Fingers dug firmly into the muscles on her back, working their way up to her hyper-sensitive shoulders. They chatted about the circumstances leading up to the evening. They washed and rinsed and let the men take their turns in the shower. Wrapped in towels, the women took turns with the hairdryer. Once done Bill and Della had dressed, embraced their friends and said their goodbyes.

Assuming the night was at a close, she hopped under the covers and was surprised when he shook his head at her, grinning. Her head fell back and she groaned as she reluctantly crawled back out again. He had dressed again, finishing off with his leather coat. Quizzically, she looked around for her outfit. She hadn’t packed for this part of the night and so it seemed, neither had he. He pointed to the floor and she reversed off the bed and kneeled in front of him once more. He had a scuff on his left shoe and she restrained herself from wanting to rub it away. He asked for her wrists and she held them up for him again. He cuffed her and pulling her to her feet, her eyes welled up as her collar was not forthcoming again. She had thought it had meant something. Nothing fancy, it had been a spontaneous purchase from the local pet shop of all places. It was not decorative or have many rings on it, but it had sentimental value and she missed the feeling of it round her neck. He flicked his wrist to look at the face of his watch which had rolled around. He was on time. He tugged her wrists and she followed him downstairs to the empty barn. Glancing around, she guessed that their newly departed friends had tidied up on their way out as there was no evidence of what had occurred.

He pushed her to her knees and she settled on her haunches with her back to the door. She heard him move around the room. He changed the music that could be heard from the speakers. Glasses clinking behind the bar, the twist of a bottle top and the hiss of escaping carbon dioxide. She closed her eyes as he continued to move around. He was moving chairs behind her now, too exhausted to try and figure it out; she accepted that she would find out soon enough.

There was a tap at the door, her eyes flew open and her breathing quickened. Quietly begging that there was no more to endure. She was spent and was dreaming of the down filled pillows upstairs.

She couldn’t count the footsteps as there were multiple sounds from the heavy footfalls of men to the higher clicking of heels on wood from others. She shivered as the outside temperature permeated the barn. The low conversation stopped as her husband came to stand at her side, facing her audience. Resting his hand in her hair, he stroked rhythmically, relaxing her, soothing her. He greeted the new arrivals, thanking them for their part in the minor deception. He stepped back so that he was now stood in front of her. She looked up at him and he explained to her why he had bought everyone together.

He loved her, had always loved her. He wanted to celebrate with ALL their friends but this had been the only way. He pulled a large flat box from his inside pocket. Holding it in front of her, he flipped it open. She gasped as she laid her eyes on a beautiful metal necklace. It looked like someone had turned a strip of lace into silver and chained the ends with a padlock. He un clipped her wrists and removed the collar from the box. Bending his head towards her, he locked the padlock at the back of neck and whispered how much he loved her. She tried to respond but silent tears ran down her cheeks.

No words needed.

The Other Girl

I guess I should’ve known how things would end up. I mean really, how thick did I have to be to have missed such an obvious conclusion? Maybe I can change things this time.


Day 1

Things will be better, I tell myself. I plug my phone into my car stereo and flick my thumb over the playlists I have saved and pick ‘fiesty’. I set my phone into its cradle the first song kicks on. Within seconds I am starting to feel better, like I could kick ass at a moment’s notice. I mean really, my situation in the universe is what I make it to be. Fuck everyone else.

Soon I’m heading into work, where I’m greeted with friendly smiles and cheerful “Good Mornings!” from, what I can tell anyway, are good natured people that will (this part I am certain of) reside in their cubicles for the next nine hours.

I have worked here for a week. I switch jobs a lot; I get bored. Luckily for me I am hirable enough that employers don’t seem to care as much that I don’t stay at places a very long time. It boils down to an intense feeling of something I’m not quite able to define beyond the awareness that I am not willing to settle for “less than”. Less than what I’m not entirely sure of. I just know that if I’m not happy, I want out. If only I possessed this ability to flee and pursue higher standards of living in my relationships, I would probably wouldn’t feel as if I’d set myself back at least five years in my adult life. But, don’t we all.

Work is simple and stress-free, and I drink as much coffee as I like. I dress as I please, and my ink is viewable to others. Challenging, no, but it certainly has its perks. I have never felt more relaxed at the end of a workday. I might stay here awhile.

Day 2

Day off; it’s Saturday. I don’t sleep in, as much as I might like to. My internal clock is very punctual, and on more of schedule than my conscious self. With nowhere to rush off to, the first order of business is the same as always.

I tend to fixate on the same fantasy for a period of time until it doesn’t provide the same thrill or it takes longer to serve its purpose, and then I’ll think of something else. They’re always perverse enough that I have never shared them with another person except bared down to extreme abbreviation. The flavor of the moment is “Bring your Pet to work day”. It’s quite ribald.

Thirty seconds later I set my toy back in its place hidden in my nightstand and toss back my sheet and blanket. While I decide what to wear I ponder what I am going to do today and also remind myself that it’s been awhile. I quickly head to the shower. Maybe this fantasy is losing its flavor after all.

I love my detachable showerhead. When I discovered the solid jet-stream setting and its effect on my clitoris, I took four showers that day. Now I quickly lathered and rinsed my hair with shampoo, following with an application of conditioner. I then grabbed the showerhead and lowered myself to my knees and closed my eyes.

I grabbed the protruding shower shelf with my left hand while my right worked the piercing stream over my already wet clit, while I thought about how long since I’d been fucked like I deserved it. I quickly flicked the warm stream up over my breasts and over my taught nipples, and the piercing water hurt just enough to provide the accompanying pleasure and I began to fantasize sweetly about who was really providing me this indulgence.

~”On your knees I said,” His face was impassive. I wasn’t sure how serious he was, and whether or not to obey. I looked at him, motionless.

“On. Your. Knees.” He came over to me, grabbed me by my hair and forced me down and my face into the carpet while twisting himself around so he was over me. All so quickly, and I squirmed in reaction to the pain in my head and he forced himself against me, pushing me into the ground, holding me immobile with his body. My hands were pressed against the carpet with my own body and I could not move them; my legs captured beneath his own.

“I told you to listen to me,” he said, tightly. All air of ambiguity was now gone, and part of me wished I had obeyed. The other part of me was thrilled and riveted with anticipation at what would happen next.

He pulled my hair tighter as he pulled up my skirt with his other hand, roughly.

“Is this how you wanted it to be?” I didn’t know how to answer.

“Yes,” I whispered.

He slapped my ass menacingly. “Don’t know that I should give it to you then. Lucky for you I’m going to make sure it will hurt.” I moaned in my eagerness and he pulled my head up slightly as he leaned down to me, pressing himself against in the process.

“And I’m not just saying that,” he said low and throatily, as he thrust himself inside me and I shrieked. Instantly his other hand was on my throat, and my breathing was restricted so that my new few panicked screams came out as pained gasps instead.

He threw himself violently into me and the pain was welcome and hated simultaneously. I wanted it to end, and I wanted more, all in the same frantic stroke.

He slammed into me, over and over, while tilting my head back with his strong hand twined into my hair, his other still firmly grasping my throat, gripping harder and harder.

I might have begged him to stop if I’d had means to do so when suddenly he did, holding himself perfectly still yet sliding himself out of me.

“That wasn’t your punishment.” My heart started racing and he let go of my hair and throat, straightening himself and he said darkly, “Don’t move.” I layed like a crumpled doll on the ground, frozen in anticipation.

He was behind me still, and he gripped my hips and pressed me against his perfectly firm thickness, so wet from me. He pressed it up just slightly, cresting against my tight anus. I turned my face into the ground, burying my face into the sweet, clean fibers beneath me, awaiting what was to come.

He pressed himself into me with one solid motion, and then paused, and I was instantly aware and uniquely aroused at the different sensation of the fullness of him inside my asshole. So full… so deep! He started to pull away… then pushed even deeper in, filling me so sweetly, grabbing my hips tightly and pulling me against him. I gasped in spite of the possible repercussions. I heard something like a slow hiss from him.

He continued slowly, and then quickly picked up the rhythm until he was fucking my ass with abandon and I couldn’t contain the sensation. I was bucking away slightly until he exerted his strength, holding me against him with each thrust, slamming me into him as he slammed into me. The motions were so intense, and I was eventually thrown into the edge of abandon and I cried out as I felt release of the most intense nature, and I felt myself spill out as he continued to drive himself harder and harder into me. He groaned as he did this and I felt myself shudder. Soon he tightened and climaxed himself, throwing himself into me with such force that if I almost fell over on my weakened arms.~

Oh yeah… that did the trick I thought as I tightly gripped the side shelf and shuddered myself, my knees slipping slightly on the soapy surface of the porcelain.


Finally dressed and drinking my second cup of coffee, I was surfing the internet and cursing the slow speed. I had a fast connection typically, so it was naturally annoying when I was limited to feeling like I suddenly had dial-up. Ok it’s not that bad, I reminded myself as I waited for another I clicked pointlessly and waited for the page to load.

Sometimes refreshing my connection helped so once again I attempted this. I consider myself a typically techno-savvy person with no special geek-tastic abilities. But even I could tell something was up when I (in my annoyance) clicked too many times and opened up to find what appeared to be someone wirelessly picking up my internet signal. I might not think this all that odd, but I could swear that I’ve seen that same ID picking my internet up before.

I really don’t know enough about this type of thing to get the full implication of this, but I don’t understand what it could actually mean. I’m pretty certain that WI-FI is limited to ranges, and that my router’s well, sucks. And I have exactly one neighbor that lives what you could call “close”, and he’s almost a block away from me. Odd. I shrug it off and head to the shed to grab my gear. I’ve decided to go to one of my favorite places today for a much put-off wilderness retreat.


Camp! Unpacked and set up – I’ve got a backpack with the necessities (including beer and music of course): it’s time to go exploring. This place is one of my favorite places to go hiking, but this is the first time I’ve decided to camp here. A: because it’s technically illegal. The main area is a government protected area you’re free to visit and explore, but they make it so easy to venture outside of that, why wouldn’t you? B: Well, mainly the illegal thing I guess. Ok maybe I was a little chicken shit, especially to do it alone. The area is rumored to be haunted, but I’ve been here several times and never seen a thing before.

This is exactly what I need, I thought, as I climbed over section of fence and headed for another section of cliff. To get away from the usual, and outside of myself. When I reach the cliff face I stop and take in the view. I just breathe, and admire the unbelievable amount I can actually see from up here. I decide here’s a good place to stop for a minute, so I sit, take a beer out of my pack and slip on my headphones. I thumb over my playlists while I appreciate how amazing it smells and feels here. I finally land on ‘running’, the list I created for when I obviously, go for a run.

I sip my beer, and then set it down and lean back, using my pack as a pillow and fold my hands on my chest and close my eyes and feel… serene.

A few songs later I feel the oddest feeling, and I crack an eye open. Someone is standing there, behind me, but only a foot or so away, shadowed by the dropping sun. I’m not worried; I’ve met people in the main area of this place before, and it doesn’t strike me as odd that other people explore the surrounding area like I do. I am slightly worried however that this might be someone come to kick me out I start to realize. I’d realized this could happen. Oops.

I slide off my headphones, planning to keep my cool, and claim the tent, if they’ve seen it, is not mine.

“Yeah um… hi?” I say, in what I think is a casual voice, raising a hand to shield my eyes in an attempt to get a clearer look at the stranger.

The person stands still a moment, clearly looking at me, and says nothing for a moment.

“I noticed the title of your playlist,” he said in clear, masculine voice, still not moving.

“Oh, um, yeah?” I said, trying to think what the hell he meant by that. He liked or disliked my taste in music?

“Yes. Just how appropriate it was.” He stopped, as if waiting for the implication of his words to have meaning to me. I just stared as his tall figured, now more visible from my adjusting sight. He was tallish, around six feet guessing from my awkward angle, and wearing normal enough clothing, very appropriate for the season. I couldn’t make out his features too well, but he wasn’t familiar, but he seemed about thirty, maybe a little older and had short dark hair.

“Claire.” He said, and I saw his lips spread into a sort of smile. I immediately froze. He knew my name.

Hi everyone,

Literotica has been amazingly supportive of my writing efforts thus far. Thank you -so- much!

I wrote this piece in one sitting. It is a fictional work and, yes, the girl that I’m writing about does read these.

I was thinking that I’d like to continue this story, but there are a number of directions our adventure could go. So make sure to tell me what you’d like to see happen next!

Kisses and other such things, -mostlyintact


“This is crazy,” I hiss. Each syllable is punctuated by the soft thump of my running shoes. The noise cutting distinctly and clearly through the still night air.

“But fun!” you laugh, pulling ahead of me and spinning, arms outstretched. I do wish you would be quieter, but watching you twirl naked through the moonlight makes me glad to be here.

You fall back in step with me. Your perky breasts bounce with you strides and rise and fall with you labored breathing. They are pale, like the rest of you, outlined clearly and perfectly against the black of the night. Except for two dark spots where I know your cute pink running shoes to be. I make a mental note to tip Mr. Moonbeam next time I get the chance.

I can see you sneaking sidelong glances at me. I’m wearing a sports bra, to prevent my larger boobs bringing me agonizing pain with every step, but you don’t seem to mind. Judging by your gaze, you’re more of an ass-woman. This is fine by me. I am proud of my butt. The way it flexes with each upward thrust. The way it bounces just the right amount every time I make new contact with the pavement. These midnight runs, I can only imagine, will make it even better.

“We’re here.” you tell me, pulling my mind from that blank state of zen which running so quickly brings to me.

I look about. We are on the outskirts of the park, a planted row of trees shields us from casual eyes. But only a little. The night remains our true defense. In this artificial glade, about five paces from the asphalt, is a statue. A marble man on a marble chair, arms thrown casually over its back, head cocked sideways; judging.

“Swing Vote,” I read off the little metal plaque in front of the statue.

When you don’t respond I turn around, and you give me a guilty smile. We both laugh, realizing you were too distracted by my bending over to hear what I’d said.

You tell me to wait and scamper off. Now it’s my turn to watch your butt. You pull yourself gracefully into the lower branches of one of the trees -more interesting angles- and retrieve a small brown paper bundle.

I am confused, and a little concerned. But I don’t think it’s drugs. Despite the newness of our sexual relationship, we’ve been friends for years, and I’ve never known you to do anything more then drink.

Your smile, outlined in bold in this dim light, tells me what the parcel contains even before you unwrap it and waggle its contents in my face.

“No fucking way!”

“Yes fucking way!” you tell me happily, slapping the white silicone cock against me cheek. And dancing over to the quiet marble statue. In your other hand I see your white leather harness. I follow you, dumbfounded.

There is some muttering and cursing as you fit the stone man with your toy. But I am, of course, watching you more then I am listening. And I suspect you know, as you drop a buckle for the third time. Your pussy, peaking out from between your asscheeks, shimmers teasingly in the moonlight and you bend over to grab the errant strand. You’re wet.

Eventually you stop teasing me and fasten the dildo tightly into the harness. In the dim light the marble man and the white silicone penis look fused, a complete being. You beckon me forward to kneel between the marble man’s legs. Like the good girl I am, I comply.

Looking up at the statue I am struck by the emotions captured in the carved face. He is clearly weighing great and powerful options, yet seems confident that he will arrive at the right decision. His majesty -for that is the correct term- reminds me how exposed we are out here, it makes my ears twitch at every cricket chirp and my stomach knot with a nervous thrill. He is the kind of man who’s cock I’d like to suck.

“Do it!” you whisper in my ear, and I lean forward to envelope the silicone penis with my mouth.

I support myself with my hands on the statue’s thighs. This man will not buck excitedly underneath me as I press him to the back of my throat, and so I use no protective hand at the base of his cock. It is only my mouth, my lips, my throat, my tongue and his rapidly warming penis.

I delight in you watching me. And find myself inspired by a desire to impress you. Your hand, gentle but firm on the back of my head, encourages me. To my own amazement I find my lips pressed against the soft leather of the harness, and you hold me there. My eyes, though they can see nothing but the leather and stone before me, are wide.

Lips tickle at the back of my neck, teeth nibble at my earlobe, the sensations taunt my gag reflex. But I persevere, the silicone penis inside of me feels like it belongs.

“Would you like to ride him?” you ask me, still pressing my head to his crotch.

It is a silly question. The vibrations of my “mh-hm!” transfer from the back of my throat, through the silicone invader, and finally to my outer lips. They feel like a static shock.

“Good girl.” You coo to me, letting me expel the invader. I do so slowly, sucking and dragging my tongue against its underside, imagining that the stature creaks and groans with pleasure. The sillicone dick glitters with my saliva.

My own desire quickly takes hold. The inanimate blow job has left me with a wetness of my own, so I quickly straddle the statue, thighs gripping his torso, arms around his neck for balance. But you stop me before I can do more then tickle my opening with the waiting cock.

“Hold on. Cock ring.” I groan with anticipation as a tiny electric hum emerges from the statue’s groin. I feel you touch the tip of the enhanced dildo to my lips, and I can already sense the vibrations whispering up from the rubbery ring at its base.

You have a gift for picking out dildos. This is the perfect size.

Though the silicone member and I are both slick as can be, and though your hand acts as an eager guide, I take the insertion slow. The cock stretches me to the point where I must consciously let my body stretch to accommodate each inch, but it is not so thick that I am concerned I will hurt myself. I clamp my thighs around the hard stone torso for leverage. His chest is cold, a sharp contrast to his well warmed penis.

As I near the base of the shaft I feel the buzzing of the ring more intensely. Little rubber nubs reach out to tease at my clit. But I am not ready for them yet. I need to pace myself.

I fuck him slow at first, almost lifting off his tip at the end of each stroke. My labia flutter, being pulled a bit into me with every down stroke and released again to the outside world with every upstroke. I know this, because you tell me. Your voice coming, unabashed, from your vantage point between the statue’s legs. Knowing you are watching my parts so closely flushes me with an embarrassed heat. I makes the statue’s cool skin feel delightful.

Eventually I let the shaft press all the way into me. My but hits your nose, greedily close to the action, and you squeak in surprise. But this doesn’t register for me. I am grinding my clit against the cock ring with reckless abandon.

“I was enjoying the show,” you tell me, a pout in your voice.

The ring’s rubbery appendages flutter against my clit. They are a perfect tease to accompany the stronger reverberations of the motor deeper inside the toy.

“Sorry,” I stammer. I rock back against the dildo, presenting you with a better view of my holes. But most importantly, this increases the amazing pressure on my clit.

“Good enough,” you say brightly. Then you lick my asshole.

Your lick are not teasing nor probing. You simply bathe my pucker and all of the skin around it with your warm tongue. You let the cool night air chill the wet skin (watching my asshole clench tightly against the cold; I’m sure) before enthusiastically warming it again.

You will be able to tell when I cum. Not that it’s a subtle thing, but I know once I orgasm you will want to change up the activity. So I try to hold it off; to loosen my pelvic muscles and just bask in the perfect pleasure of the moment. I have heard that girls can do this. I am not one of them.

With the hot rush of my orgasm, which warms me to my chilled extremities, comes a desire to be truly fucked. I disengage my sensitive clit from the ring and thrust against the dildo forcefully, timing the moment of deepest penetration with the onset of each wave of scorching bliss.

My asshole, as assholes are want to do, contracts and releases in time with the tides of my orgasm. And I shriek in surprise as your tongue uses these opportunities to dart inside. The tickling invasions send new waves of a different frequency to crash against the initial reverberations of my orgasm. The two sensations mingle and change, their new flavor encouraging my body to continue battering me with pleasure.

When I am finally finished I topple backwards, away from our marble friend. But your body is there to catch me, stiff nipples and warm breasts pressing into my back.

“You know. If you keep shouting like that someone’s going to come looking for the poor girl being raped in the park.”

I mumble something apologetic as you pull me backwards. The dildo, slipping wetly out of me, pops right back to attention. You smile happily, patting the bouncing bit of silicone as tough you’re quite proud of it.

“Come here darling.”

You position me so that I am kneeling between the statue’s knees again. With the effects of my orgasm -and associated lust- wearing off, this position is a scary one. I cannot see the path behind us. I feel vulnerable here, wearing only my running shoes.

But when I look up, instigated by your sharp intake of breath, these thoughts vanish. You have straddled the statue, facing me, with your feet on his knees. The dildo, well lubricated with my juices, has just popped its flared head past the outer ring of your asshole. I stare. You smile.

I know that your ring of muscled flesh, stretching and rolling as you slowly work the marble man’s cock into you, is a delightful pink color; as are your pussy and nipples. But in this light, you look monochrome, a specter in the night,

You let me watch you take the entire length of the dildo into you. Gasping in pleasure as my eyes widen. Then you reach forward and tangle your fingers into my hair. I shuffle on my knees towards you, to bury my face in your pussy.

Your sex tastes different tonight. The other times I have lapped at your juices you have tasted and smelled floral and light. Now your smell, though unmistakably you, is stronger and less diluted. The skin around your pussy, when I nibble at it, is salty. We should play after workouts more often.

Your fingers, pulling two fistfuls of my hair towards you send the clear message that you are not to be teased. I make a long stroke from the skin just above where the dildo penetrates your ass to your clit, scooping as much of your sweat wetness as I can to deposit around your clit.

Now I suckle at that bead of flesh, tilting my head to roll my lips around it without breaking the suction. You pull my hair harder. This is your method of encouragement. I tickle the soft skin below your clit with my tongue and moan in pain as you tangle your fingers deeper into my locks, it is indistinguishable from your moans of pleasure.

I am startled when you pull back from me, I can tell my your breathing that your orgasm is drawing close. But you continue to fuck the top half of the dildo rapidly, arching your back to use the statue’s chest for support. One hand disentangles itself from my hair and rubs tight circles against your clit.

This hurts my feelings. A stupid, childish phrase, but it’s true. I am utterly crushed that you’ve chosen the ministrations of your finger over the careful and loving touch that my mouth had offered.

But then then the hand still holding my hair pulls me closer to you, and I understand. You want me to watch.

And I do. I watch you fuck your ass on the marble man. I watch for the ring of my juices which you leave behind at the end of every down stroke. I listen to the sloppy wet sound when you lift all the way up. I watch the muscles in your thighs shake with the effort of your position. I watch a drop of wetness slide down from your pussy to mingle with the lubrication I have already provided you.

When you cum I am mesmerized. I watch, transfixed, as your asshole pulsates against the marble man’s cock. The muscle, trying so desperately to squeeze shut, but unable to do so.

I hope that you will let me fuck my ass with the toy now. Or better yet, that you will don the harness and fuck me yourself. I imagine the nights activities, recorded by the juices on the dildo, smacking wetly against my butt and slithering sneakily down over my pussy.

“Honey,” you tell me. Your pussy is now back in my face, the marble man’s dick burred fully in your ass. “I’m too exhausted to move. And we have company.”

To be continued…?


This story contains non consensual sex. This is FICTIONAL and everyone is OVER 18. If you read this story, you have done so at your own discretion.


First, let me say that my husband and I have a good relationship. I really am his little cum slut. He works very hard supporting me, and gives me everything I want. I feel that it’s my duty as his wife to give him exactly what he wants when he wants it. I have complete faith and trust in this man. It has taken me a long time to realize the type of man I wanted. When we first met, it wasn’t like this. It all started off with role-playing and slowly escalated from there. I love my husband. He knows me so well, that even when I don’t want it, he knows what to do to make my body say yes. With him knowing my every in and out, he knows exactly how to make me cum. I don’t mean just the normal run of the mill orgasm, but the type of orgasms that make me scream. He knows how to touch me and keep me cumming and cumming. I love this man. He owns every part of me, and I prefer it that way.

On this particular day, you woke me up with your hand on the back of my head forcing your delicious cock into my mouth. Sucking your prick has always made me wet. When you’re ready to cum, you pull it out and sprayed it into my open mouth and face. You then sucked my pussy and finger fucked me till I came. While we are in the shower, you bent me over and fucked me till we both climaxed in the shower.

We then spent a very active day at the carnival. I was exhausted. I fell asleep on the couch and you moved me to the bedroom. I was so tired, I didn’t even notice it. Stripping my cloths off you then put me in your favorite dark red night gown. Removing my panties because you think its cute when I kick all the covers off, exposing my ass and pussy for you. I imagine you love the easy access as well. Laying down with me and you fall asleep right away.

A few hours later you, my most loving husband wakes up to my snoring. You, unfortunately wake up irritated with me for snoring. Damn my misfortune for you being a light sleeper.

I had kicked the covers off of me and my legs are spread wide open, with my knee cocked at a 90 degree angle. My night gown has worked it’s way up around my waist. You keep a flashlight in your night stand, and grabbed it, because this night, you are curious if I was wet. You love that my pussy is so easily turned on. You lightly spread my lips, slowly, carefully as to not wake me. Staring back at you, you see my glistening pussy. Teasing you, beckoning to you. Your cock gets instantly hard.

Slowly getting off the bed as not to wake me and you strip off your boxers. You grab the lube out of your dresser and start coating it over your cock. As you are slowly stroking your prick, a thought occurs to you. You become very curious at how much of the lube you can drip between my ass cheeks before I wake up. Getting between my legs again and let the lubricating oil drip between my ass cheeks. You still have the flashlight and watch as the oil keeps dripping down over my pussy.

After your cock and my ass looks lubed up enough, you get into a one handed push-up position over my body and aim your head at my asshole. You’ve always wanted to take my ass, and just take it, but never felt the opportunity had arisen.

You start shoving your cock into my tight ass and see my body moving and stretching as I start waking up. You quickly shove the head of your prick into my tight ass, while grabbing my hair and holding it down into the pillow. My head pinned on it’s side.

I scream a little as it feels as if my body is splitting at the forceful entry of your cock. Tears are welling up in my eyes. I’m crying and pleading for you to stop or go to slow, but as my pleas fall on your ears, it only intensifies your desire. You’re letting your inner beast out.

You want to hear me scream, you want to see the tears falling down my cheeks. You continue to shove your fat prick into my tight ass. It feels so good, gripping your cock. My crying, just fueling your lust to fuck my ass.

When you cock is halfway into my ass, you slowly pull it out. You have an evil grin growing on your face, as you know that I’m thinking your going to slow it down, because you can feel me trying to relax my ass for your next slow push.

But you have other intentions.

Once your cock is out, and just your head is in, you use one hand to pull my hips up, so you can slam your cock into me full force. You can feel the cum boiling in your balls at the anticipation you are experiencing in wait for the next coming up few moments. You take a few slow deep breaths, trying to calm your building climax. It’s taking all of your effort as my tight asshole grips the head of your cock.

You dig your fingers into my hips so I can’t get away from you, you aim up and slam your cock to the hilt. You slam into me so hard, the air is rushed out of my lungs, you pull out and slam into me hard again. I start screaming and I’m trying to crawl away from you. You slam hard into me again and let go of my hips. I fall away from you and your cock slips from my ass. You push me up into our headboard and spread my ass cheeks with both hands.

I’m whimpering and crying. Music to your ears. You watch as my asshole slowly starts to close and smile. You know your going to shove your cock into it again and cum deep inside of me. You grab my hair pushing my head down and position me with my ass high up. My head is down into the bed and against the headboard, so I can’t get away. Your giddy with excitement that your going to fuck my ass as hard as you want. Your cock starts bouncing at the hole it wants to be in. Pre-cum starts slowly dripping from your head.

You press your one hand against my ass cheek, to push it apart, while using your grip on my hair to force me against the headboard, listening to me beg for you to go slow. To please be gentle. You don’t care, your going to do what you want. You want to fuck my ass and that is what your going to do.

You keep pressing down on my body, pinning me down so I can’t move. You rub your cock against my asshole and I start crying harder. You laugh and shove your prick in. Once your buried into my ass, you grunt and say “fuck”. You can feel me trying to relax at your dick widening my back door. Pulling it all the way out to slam it back in again. I keep crying and screaming. I’m begging you to put more lube onto your cock. When you pull your cock out of my ass you spit into my hole. You start laughing at me as you start slamming your cock back into my ass. You tell me, that this isn’t for me, it’s completely for you. But, if I keep begging, and you might consider it if I’m a good girl. However, to show how good of a girl I am, I could spread my ass cheeks for you.

So I do as you ask.

You keep laughing as you keep slamming it into my ass. You’re not going to stop shoving it into there. You were loving this too much. Grabbing the flashlight again, you turn it on so you can watch my tight ass stretching and grabbing onto you. My ass tightens around you as you slide in, not wanting you to invade it. However, as you slide out, it grips you so tightly as for you to not leave it.

My ass is all red from your brutality. The color is making your balls grow really hard. There is a familiar ache growing deep inside of you, but, you don’t want it to end. You want to keep fucking my ass. You want to claim your new fuck hole. It’s all yours. You love claiming my body, and reminding me that I am your fuck toy. I’m your cum slut. However, this time your monster doesn’t want me to cum. It wants to be a beast and dominate over it’s new found hole. You want it to be all about you, but your monster needs it to be all about you.

You start scratching down my back, hard enough to make welts. Every time you do, I tighten down on your dick. You’re loving every minute of it.

You tell me that your about to cum, and to not take my hands off of my ass. You wrap one hand up in my hair, and the other one between my shoulder blades. You know that at your next thrust, your going to start releasing your seed deep into my body. You pull out and while your shoving your cock back into my tight ass, you pull my hair impaling me deeply on your cock while using your other hand scratching hard against my back causing me to tightly grip your cock while it’s being driven deep inside. Causing you to grunt while pumping your seed deep into my body.

You pull your cock most of the way out, and slam in again, doing everything the same, but instead of scratching my back, you dig into my breast. Pinching my nipple and breast hard, feeling as if you’re going to make it pop under the pressure. I scream and you keep cumming. I keep my ass cheeks spread for you, and you keep fucking me hard. You let go of my hair and grab my other breast. Switching between pinching my nipples and abusing my breasts. Every time you squeeze, you can feel my body milking your cock. You love this feeling, you love it so much that even when your done cumming, your cock is still hard, and it feels as if your about to cum again.

I’m begging you to stop, but you tell me to shut the fuck up, and be the fuck toy that I am. That you know I’m a slut and you know that I’m loving it. You release one breast and slap my pussy. You feel how wet it is and dig your fingers deep into my pussy and then shove it into my mouth. Showing me how right you are. Saying, that if I didn’t love it, my pussy wouldn’t be sopping wet. Pulling your fingers out of my mouth you tell me to say it. I tell you that it’s true. I love it when you abuse my body and make me your cum slut. I’m your whore, your dirty little whore. You own me, and I need you to constantly lay claim to my body. I’m a pain slut, and your giving me everything I want and need.

You keep fucking my ass and grabbing my breast, and twisting my nipples. You know that your bruising my tits, but you felt how wet my pussy was and knew I was getting off on it regardless of the tears I was crying.

You start slapping my pussy harder, telling me if I cum, you’ll stop. You start squeezing my tit hard, and slapping at my pussy. Making your hand in a shape to where you can feel your middle finger slapping against my clit. Every now and then you pinch at my pussy lips or inner thighs. Enjoying how I’m squeezing your dick at each new unexpected painful sensation. You know your putting bruises on my body, but you like the idea that those marks show the ownership that you have over my body.

You can feel my body tightening up at the orgasm you know I’m soon about to have. You just came less than 2 minutes ago, but ‘that-very-soon-to-be-cum-feeling’ never went away. You strike my pussy harder causing me to cum. Pinching my nipple and man-handling my breast as hard as you can. You use your middle finger to rub my clit hard while using your thumb and forefinger to pinch my pussy lips.

I clamp down hard on your cock, almost to the point that you feel like I might break off your prick, but it doesn’t stop you from slamming it into me again and you start cumming for the second time, the more you cum, the harder your pinch and grab me. The harder you pinch and grab me the harder I cum, the more I scream. The more it sounds like music to your ears.

You put your sweaty brow against my back and we stay there while your aching cock softens and slowly slips out of my ass. I still have my ass cheeks spread and you watch as your pearly white cum drips out of my slowly closing abused asshole.

After it completely closes, you tell me to leave it in there until the morning. You want to know that my ass stays full with your cum throughout the night. You go into the bathroom to wash off a bit and come back into the bedroom and you lay down next to me. You turn on the nightstand lamp and look down at my body. My dark red nighty still on, you rip it down the center to look at my breasts.

You examine the dark red marks, that will turn to bruises and you slip the abused nipple into your mouth. The taste is intoxicating to you and you start sucking harder and harder. You make me widen my legs and you can see my swollen pussy lips. You slap my pussy again and I reflexively close my legs. You pinch them open while biting on my nipple. I whimper under you and you slap my pussy again.

You continue to slap my pussy until it starts to swell into a beautiful light red color. You pull me on top of you and tell me to grind into you. I’m whimpering and crying again. You start slapping my breasts and pinching my nipples and I slide you into my bruised pussy. Your pulsing cock is buried into me, but your cock is also sore. However, it’s a feeling that you welcome, as my tight pussy clenches your sensitive prick. You grab my hips to make me grind hard against you. You watch as my swollen lips rub against your body. You start laughing and tell me to rub my clit hard. I tell you it’s sensitive and you slap my tit very hard. Enjoying it bounce around. You keep hitting them, until I start rubbing my clit. You feel me tightening down on your cock, about to cum again.

You tell me that if I’m a good slut, I’ll cum for you right now. My body starts to freeze up from my orgasm, you grab and flip on top of me. Spreading my legs wide grinding your cock hard against my swollen lips and deep into my tight pussy. You keep them spread while I cum, bottoming it out deep inside of me.

After I’m finished you pull me by my hair to the edge of the bed. You tell me to spread my legs wide. You grab an O-Gag-Ring and place it into my mouth. You start fucking my face, while slapping my pussy and tits. You can feel my fresh tears running down your balls. The heat from it all starts driving you into a frenzy. As you start shoving your cock down my throat, you hold it there enjoying my gag reflex. You keep shoving your cock in and you can see it my neck. You reach down and put pressure there around my neck, feeling it on your cock. This excites you and you start pumping your cock in and out of my throat.

You can feel your balls tightening up and you can see my chest heaving for air. You start slapping my tits and pussy again, driving you closer to your orgasm.

You know that you need to pull your cock out for me to breathe, but your so close to cumming. You tell me to get ready and take a deep breath, because I’m not going to get another one for a while. You quickly pull your cock out and before I can take a full deep breath you shove it back down my throat and start fucking my mouth in quick short thrusts.

You slap my pussy a few more times to trigger my orgasm. As soon as I start cumming, you dig your hands into my breasts for leverage and pound into my throat hard.

Your balls start spilling out your cum and you shoot the first part of your load down my throat, the second on my tongue and the rest on my face. You couldn’t believe that you had that much cum left in you. You rub your cock all over my tears and shove it back into my mouth. You tell me to use my tongue to clean it the rest of the way off.

You remove the ring and tell me to sleep with the cum on my face. You want to see it in the morning, because your going to fuck me again. Your not sure if it’s going to be my ass, face or pussy. So, I might as well get used to the idea, that tomorrow, I was going to be your cum slut and this is how you wanted to spend the rest of our weekend.

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