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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website and its members.

I lost my temper with my contractor the day before, pitching a fit because he tried to tell me that the price to complete the job was going to be almost double of his original estimate. Not only did I refuse to pay for the extra estimate, I refused to pay him the money I still owed him. That is when things got ugly cause I told him that he would not see a dime unless he stuck to his original estimate and finished the job we agreed to. Upset by my refusal to accept what he had said, the contractor and his men left early that day and I thought I would never see them again.

So I was very surprised when they showed up the next day for work. The contractor had brought coffee and bagels for everyone and had a smile on his face. Since he was eager to get his men back to work I had assumed that he was going to honor his original estimate that we had agreed to. I felt proud of myself for taking a stand and stood there drinking my coffee and watching the men as they all got back to work. A few minutes after things seemed to be back to normal, I started to feel dizzy. As I fell down on the floor, the last thing I could hear was someone coming over and asking if I was all right.

When I started to come around, I finally figured out what had happened. My coffee had been spiked. The contractor wasn’t here to work, he was here to hand out a little payback to the bitch that was refusing to pay the bills. Everything was still a little hazy as I started to wake up, I realize that I was gagged. There was a rubber ball in my mouth and when I tried to touch it, that was when I found out that I had been cuffed to my own bed. I was tied up and drugged, and there was no telling what these men were going to do to me. I could hear them talking, something about how amazing my breasts looked, and I got the feeling that they were going to do a lot more than just look at me, and it scared me. They realized I was beginning to wake up and seemed eager to get started. They wanted me to be awake for what they had planned. That scared me even more. I tried to talk and scream at them but they merely laughed.

There were six men in the room, and it was the contractor who came forward and took a seat right beside the bed. “Today this bitch is going to get a good attitude adjustment and I’m just the man that’s going to give it to her. She’s going to learn that you pay hard working men what they earn, or we will take our payment through other means.” after he said that, the contractor stood up and began to remove his overalls. “Now it’s time for her to pay her bill. Take her pants off.”

I could feel the hands of the other workers as they tore my jeans off with little or no effort. I watched in fear as two men grabbed my legs and forced them apart as wide as they could possibly be. I was still wearing a thong, but that was going to put up little if any resistence to what this man wanted to do to me. He climbed ontop of me, and I could feel his hand started to feel my thong, and then with a quick movement, he pulled the loose pair of panties out of the way, expsoing my clean shaven pussy to entire room. “This is what we do when bitches refuse to give us our pay.” the contractor whispered in my ear. Just after he finished saying that, I could feel the head of his cock rub against the lips of my pussy and I started to shake and squirm, hoping and praying that I could get out and escape. It was no use, as the restraints on my hands and the two men holding my legs held tight, and I started to cry as the contractor slowly started to push his cock inside me. I could tell the fucking bastard wasn’t even wearing a condom, as I could feel his skin as he started to push deeper and deeper inside. His cock was huge, and after several probing strokes, he was balls deep inside me.

“How does that feel bitch?” the contractor asked, “I can tell your husband has a small cock, you’re cunt is squeezing the shit out of my meat.” I started to moan as the tears were falling down my cheek. “It’s too late for that, you’re going to pay for the work we did and I’m going to my money’s worth right now.”

I wanted to respond but I couldn’t and right after he said that he began to thrust back and forth as hard as he could. He began to pound my pussy with little or no concern for how I felt as he balls slapped hard against my ass with each thrust. His cock was pumping me harder than I had ever been fucked by anyone, and I bit hard into the ball gag as I could tell I was beginning to have an orgasm. I didn’t want to give that bastard the satisfaction of hearing me moan, but he could tell what was going on as my pussy was getting wetter with each stroke, and his cock was covered in it. I could hear how wet it was getting down there and the contractor laughed as he kept fucking me as hard as he could. That fat, smelly piece of shit leaned over and whispered to me as he was pounding the shit out of me, “Your cunt is so fucking wet. I bet you’re loving this!” I didn’t respond and turned my head away from him. He grabbed my head and turned it back to face him. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to cum inside you now, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

After he said that I started to fight back, shaking and trying to squirm free like I had before, but like my previous attempt it was in vain. The contractor began to moan and I started to feel his cock throb and with one final thrust, that bastard shoved himself as deep as he could before blowing his unwanted seed inside me. I had never felt so much sperm inside me, as it just exploded like a fire hose, filling me up and leaking out and down the crack of my ass. I cried some more, being humiliated in front of his crew and violated for doing nothing more than stand up for myself. The contractor finally pulled his cock out but I could feel how stretched out I was, as the cool air shot inside as the head of his cock released with a pop. I looked up at the contractor as he started to put his underwear and overalls back on. He had a grin on his face that disgusted me, proud that he had taught me a lesson for standing up to him. He had demonstrated his authority to his men by raping a woman in front of them. Taking what he wanted and doing it by force. He looked down at me, “Now the real fun begins, little lady.”

I looked back up at him, a confused look on my face.

“Tyrone, you’re next.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My nightmare wasn’t over, it was just beginning. What looked like rape had suddenly developed into gang rape. The contractor was going to share me with every man in his crew. The two men holding my legs turned me over, so I was no longer on my back but instead on my stomach for my next assault. They also took the two cuffs that were binding me to the bed and detached them from the bed. The placed my arms behind my back and cuffed both cuffs to the other arm… binding them together. I looked to the side and I could see Tyrone getting ready to go next. He had removed his overalls, and was stepping out of his boxer shorts. I could see why the contractor wanted to go first, as Tyrone’s manhood made his bosses cock look tiny. I had never seen a cock that huge, and he was also black, something else I had never done before. I started to struggle, but I was held down to my own bed, forced to take it again by force.

Tyrone came in from behind, eager to take me like a dog, and I kept my legs closed, refusing to go willingly. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my hair back. “Listen up bitch.” Tyrone growled. “I’m going to fuck that pussy hard, so you better spread cause the tighter you make it, the more it’s gonna hurt.” He was right, and I had no choice. He was going to rape me anyway, and as much as I didn’t want to submit, I spread my legs out, exposing myself to be taken from behind. I could feel the weight of the bed shift as Tyrone got into position and seconds later I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my already violated pussy. I love fucking my husband in doggie style, but Tyrone wasn’t my husband and his cock was bigger than the contractor’s and the thought of never being able to fuck my husband like that the same again made me feel sad. Tyrone wasn’t in the mood to wait, and was aware that I was stretched out a little as he just shoved most of his cock inside with one giant thrust. Again my teeth grit into the ball gag as the pain from Tyrone’s thrust sent a shock that went all the way up my spine, and then I began to feel him pump in and out, fucking me like a dog and doing it as hard as he could. His thursts hurt more with each pump and I thought it was never going to end, but it did without warning as Tyrone pulled out. He didn’t even orgasm so I was confused to what was going on.

The answer came seconds later when I felt a lubricated finger enter my asshole. Shocked that I was being violated in a new fashion, I began to wiggle and resist, but there was nothing I could do. I was being held down by two men, and Tyrone was now putting two fingers inside my asshole, lubbing up my ass. I had never let anyone fuck me in the ass, and I think Tyrone could tell by how tight my ass was when he was fingering it. “This bitch is an ass virgin!” Tyrone called. The other guys in the room whooped and clapped as Tyrone began to put some lube on his cock. I felt two hands grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart exposing my virgin ass to Tyrone. Mere seconds later, Tyrone pushed the head of his cock inside my asshole and I screamed for the first time. If felt like someone had shoved a piece of glass inside my ass and I really thought his cock was gonna rip my ass apart. He went slow at first… fucking my ass with just the head of his cock. Then with each throbbing pulse Tyrone began to thrust deeper and slowly fill my entire asshole, stretching my little ass to its limits. There was nothing I could do about it, as his enormous cock began to fuck my ass harder and harder once he got balls deep inside. My ass was being ripped apart, and just when it couldn’t get any worse, I could hear Tyrone groan just before feeling a rush of liquid squirt deep inside my ass. My ass was so tight around his cock, Tyrone had to literally force himself out, causing a gush of his sperm to seep out of my ravaged ass and dribble down my pussy and legs.

Before I could even get my breath back, the two men holding my arms lifted me up in the air off the bed. I looked down and watched as another worker laid down on my bed, the same one I made love to my husband on, and waited for me to come back down. The two men holding my arms lowered me down on their co-worker, forcing me to straddle him. His already hard cock entered my pussy and filled me back up, and the two men bent me over my new rapist so that he could fuck me harder and fondle my breasts at the same time. After the ripping that came at the hands of Tyrone, this man’s cock while big was not as harsh to take as took my pussy to town again. I was started to lose the will to fight, realizing that there was nothing I could do. I stopped making any sounds, and just prayed for the end to come soon.

They were never answered because while being fucked from below, I felt a new finger probe my asshole from behind. I could hear the guy below me talk. “Joe, what are you doing up there?” he called up.

“Since she was a virgin before Tyrone went in there, I’m sure she’s never taken two at the same time. Let’s give this bitch a double pen.”

“Right on, shove it in there.”

I started to squirm at the thought of being fucked in both holes at the same time, and the two men holding my arms were too strong, and without warning, I felt a new cock enter my asshole, and again I was in pain. Two cocks were pounding me at the same time, and despite the pleasure it was creating inside me for the first time, I refused to give either of these assholes the satisfaction to think they were doing something for me.

Then I heard a familiar voice as the contractor walked back into the room to enjoy the view. I was being fucked in both holes, and he gave out a chuckle at the site. “That bitch is getting it good but I think she wants more.” he walked over and pulled my head up by the hair. “I’m going take this off, and if you scream once I will make you regret it. Understood?”

I nodded and he removed the ball gag. “Please, stop! I’ll pay anything you want, just tell them to stop!”

“It’s too late for that bitch, but you will know not to say no to me from now on.” as he was saying that, he was taking his overalls off again and I looked at him in shock as he pulled his big cock out again. I was going to say something to him, possibly beg him not to do what I thought he was going to do, but at that time Joe rammed his cock into me harder than before and my mouth popped open with shock. The contractor shoved his cock inside and started to fuck my face while my other two holes were being fucked by his men. With both hands on my head, the contractor forced his big cock down my throat causing me to gag as he was pumped my throat. He pulled out on occassion to let me breath, but shoved his cock back in before I could muster the energy to say anything.

With his hands on my hips, Joe was slamming my asshole as hard as he could so much that I forgot there was another cock pounding my pussy. Both men began to groan and I knew what was coming, as both cocks exploded inside me at the same time, and I whimpered softly as I had again been forced to take someone’s seed inside me. The contractor didn’t care as he kept fucking my face, shoving himself deeper inside with each thrust. I was tempted to bite that fat fucker’s cock, but was afraid of what he would do in response. At this moment, my only goal was to survive. The contractor began to moan and for the second time that day, he was going to force his semen inside me. He grabbed two handfuls of hair and pushed my head down hard, shoving his cock deep inside my mouth. I couldn’t breath, but felt multiple shots of hot cum squirting down my throat. After he finally pulls out, I gasp for breath and sob uncontrolably.

“That’s enough guys. We’re finished here.”

After the contractor said that, the man underneath me got off the bed and the two men holding my arms tossed me onto my bed. The contractor walked over after putting his cock away and knelt by the bed so that his face was less than a few inches from my own. “We are going to get back to work. You are going to take a long, hot shower. Stay in there for at least thirty minutes and I want you to scrub that body down as much as you can. Then you are never going to speak to me or any of my men ever again. Are we understood?”

I nodded to him that I understood.

“You will tell your husband to handle the finances of this job from here on and you will never tell anyone what happened here. If you do, we will make what happened today look like a picnic. Are we clear on this?”

I nodded again. “I hate you.”

“You are entitled to that opinion.” the contractor said as he stood up. “Have a nice shower and do as you’re told.”

I didn’t want to anger the man again, so I gathered what was left of my clothing and left my own bedroom and into the bathroom that was attached. I locked the door and for the first time, I was safe. I paused for a few moments and listened to what was going on outside, and the contractor was true to his word. They were going back to work on the house and chatting like nothing had ever happened. I considered calling the police, but the thought of having to tell my husband what happened scared me. How would he ever look at me after what I had been through? After thinking about it for a while, I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I walked in and started to clean off the dirt and sperm that had been forced upon me. I wanted it all to go away, and I was afraid of the wrath I might inflict on myself and my husband if I defied that contractor again. He had won the day, and I would have to accept that… for now.

The following is a fictional story from the mind of a bisexual male.

So I’d been sucking this guy I met on an online cruising site for a couple months. Six foot, well built, dark hair, and dark eyes with a long, thick cock he loved jamming into the back of my throat. I’m a submissive cocksucker by nature so he’d come by whenever he was horny and use me. I texted him my schedule, so he knew where I was at all times. When I was at home, he’d show up unannounced and ring my doorbell. I’d let him in, close the door, drop to my knees, and within seconds I’d have my mouth filled with his cock. He’d grab me by the hair and drag me all over the living room, fucking my face in different positions.

If I was at work or out at a movie or family gathering, he’d drive and park someplace close but without a lot of people around. He’d text me, I’d excuse myself and I’d come out to his truck and I’d climb in and suck his dick as he sat in the passenger’s seat. Sometimes he’d even come into the theater or park I was at and text me a command to go into the restroom or woods there and I’d suck him off that way. One time, when I was working late and no one else was at the office, he came by my work and I sucked him off in my office.

He completely and totally owned me. My mouth and throat were his to pleasure himself with. I belonged to him and I always hungered for his cock to fill my throat.

So one Saturday we decided to try a new venue: the porn theater at my local adult store. I’d never been there, but I told my Master that I was curious about it and we agreed to go there and I’d suck him in one of the private viewing rooms they advertise.

We met in the parking lot and went in and paid for our tickets separately. He went in as I paid for myself and he waited for me at the door. He firmly held my arm as we walked down the hall, reminding me he was in control. We parted the curtains to the dark theater and the sight and sound of a blonde woman sucking a large cock greeted us on the giant flat screen television in the theater. We stood there and watched the movie for a few minutes as our eyes adjusted to the stark darkness.

I began to be able to make out several black leather love seats situated all over the theater and several men sitting on them, while a couple others stood in the back. My Master pulled me to an empty one and we sat down. The blowjob in the movie had gotten harder, the woman was gagging and drool ran down her face as the guy shoved his hard, erect penis deeper and deeper into her mouth. I licked my lips.

My Master asked “You want that don’t you, fagot?”

“Yes, Master”

“I’ll be right back.”

He got up and left to rent the private room. I looked back and I could see two doors to private rooms both with windows that had blinds open, revealing a love seat and big screen TV in each. I also noticed the men in there. None of them were doing anything and I couldn’t see the bulges in their pants very well, so I had to imagine their cocks. And I did. I’ve never told Master this, but I wasn’t just a slave to his cock. I loved cock period. I glanced behind at the tall muscular bald black guy standing in the back. I bet he would have loved to have his cock fill my mouth. The fatter guy with the big belly sitting in the love seat near him, I wanted him too. I bet his cock was nice and thick. And the even old man, probably in his 70s or 80s in the love seat beside me, I bet I could get his cock hard and cumming inside my mouth. I wanted all of them, I wanted to shove every cock in that room in my mouth. I wanted to be every man’s cumslut.

My Master returned, grabbed my arm, and pulled me up.

“Come on,” he commanded.

All the guys looked at us as we went into the private room and shut the door. My Master closed blinds and sat down on the love seat. It was a tiny room. The TV, which was playing the same movie with the gagging blonde, was about five feet from the love seat and the blinds and door were within arm’s length of it. He let go of my arm and sat down. The light from the TV highlighted the delicious, massive erection forming in his shorts.

“Drop to your knees and strip, fagot!”

“Yes. Master!”

I anxiously took off my socks and shoes and then threw off my shirt and shorts. I had no underwear, so I was completely naked now as I kneeled before him. He grabbed my head and shoved it unto his crotch. I mouthed his hard dick through his pants as he moaned. I put my warm hungry mouth over it, licking it though his shorts until they were soaked with my saliva.

He unzipped his shorts and threw them off revealing his massive fuck tool. I craved it so bad as I sat there on my knees. He harshly grabbed my head and thrust his dick into my open, hungry mouth. He held my head firmly in place as he wildly thrust his massive cock into my mouth over and over. I choked, I gagged. My saliva dripped out of my mouth. I just closed my eyes and felt his cock go deeper into my throat with each thrust of his hips. He fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. He used me just like the whore in the movie was getting used. I was in heaven.

As he facefucked me he would yell at me:

“You like that cocksucker?! You like choking on my cock?”

All I could do was try to moan something that sounded like “yes” in between my gags.

Then he thrust it deep and yelled “Yes! Take it” and I could feel stream after stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I sucked all his cum for a couple minutes before he took his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it against my face.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said with a big grin as I felt his hard wet cock rub against my cheek.

“Good, so did they,” he said.

I suddenly opened my eyes and looked over. The blinds were open! It was hard to see in the dark, but it looked like several guys, if not all of them, were gathered around the window looking in! I was shocked. I was horrified. I was naked on my knees. I had just sucked a cock in front of a room full of people, and I didn’t know what to do.

He grabbed my hair and looked me in the eye.

“You liked them watching, didn’t you? You liked entertaining them like the whore are?”

My shock wore off and I remembered I belonged to my Master. If he wanted others to watch as he used me then that was part of my purpose as his slave. Suddenly I realized that I was very turned on by the exhibitionism. I felt more in my Master’s power than ever before.

“Yes! I loved it!” I yelled back.

He then pulled my head down so my eyes were on his still hard cock.

“Good. I command you to let them use you like I do.”

“What?” I was shocked my Master would give me to others, much less complete strangers.

“If you want my cock, you’ll do it. You’ll let them use you. We agreed you’d do whatever I want didn’t we, slave?”

As I looked at his cock all my hesitation and fear faded. I was his. His to use. His to abuse. His to give away. I was his slave and now, at his command, I was the whore of every man in that room.

“Yes, Master!” I screamed.

I glanced up and saw him smile as he opened the door.

“Stay on your knees!” he commanded as he dragged me out by my hair. I crawled on my hands and knees him beside like I was his pet. All the guys in the theater were looking at me in wide eyed amazement.

Up close I could see the light catching the bulges in their pants. Some had their hands on the crotch, rubbing their erection. I wanted them all. All in my mouth.

I heard gagging noises from the movie. I think it had moved on to another throat fucking scene with another girl but I couldn’t see it through the men, nor did I want to.

“This is my slave,” my Master declared. “And he wanted to suck all of you at once.”

Anxiously belts were unbuckled, flies were unzipped, and some even threw off their pants and clothes. Immediately three men walked up to me, their naked cocks hanging just inches from my face as I kneeled there, naked at the back of the theater. My Master let go of my hair.

“Suck them!” he commanded.

I devoured the first one on my left, my warm hungry mouth took the length of it in. I could feel it growing inside my mouth, getting harder. I bobbed back and forth on it wildly. It wasn’t quite as big or wide as my Master’s cock, but I sucked it with abandon none the less.

I then felt the next cock rubbing against my right cheek, anxious to feel my hungry mouth on it. I was only too happy to oblige. I pulled back letting the first cock, which was now rock hard, out of my mouth with a trail of saliva going from it to my lips. I wrapped my hand around firmly around that wet, hard cock and stroked it as I consumed the next one. It was shorter but fatter. I took it all the way and stuck out my tongue so I could taste his balls. I sucked him, his thick cock slowly filling my mouth as I wildly stroked the first guy. As I worked the second guy’s newly hard cock with my warm hungry mouth, I felt another cock on top of my head!

The third guy had laid his long cock on my head. It much longer than the other two, which I now both had in my hands as I slowly tilted my back so my face was rubbing the third guy’s long, narrow cock. I licked down up the bottom of his shaft as I pulled back. I could hear him moan and felt him shake a little. Then I slowly began to take the long semi hard cock into my mouth. Slowly my lips devoured the shaft. Then suddenly I felt my Master’s strong hand grab the back of my head and shove me all the way down. I gagged on the long length of the cock as I heard the third man groan. My Master held me there as I chocked on the massive cock until he finally let me up for air.

The guys took a hint and took turns grabbing my head and shoving their cocks down my throat. I had a hard time even keeping track of which cock was which as my head was pulled between them and then shoved on to their cock for a merciless facefucking. Drool was streaming out my mouth. I gagged over and over. They just kept using me. It was wonderful.

As they did this my Master slapped my ass hard a couple times. The tinges of pain further turned me on. He roughly fondled my ass and I felt something wet working it’s way into my ass. I’d seen enough porn to know he was fingering my ass with lube. It felt wonderful. I groaned with pleasure as the cocks filled my mouth. I could feel a second finger go in and then a third.

“Mmmm” I groaned with a cock in my mouth.

“You like feeling me inside you, don’t you slave?” my Master asked.

“Mmmm” was the only response I could give.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me back from their cocks. I was panting, but barely had time to catch my breath before he pulled me to my feet.

“Enough foreplay!” he exclaimed as he walked me forward a couple steps towards the back of an empty love seat and bent my body over the top of it. He held my head down by the hair, the top of the love seat was pushing against my stomach and I could feel his hard cock rub against my ass.

“You want to me to fuck you, don’t you fagot?!”

I was turned on and scared at the time. I’d never had a cock in my ass before but at the moment I really, really wanted it. I couldn’t resist.

“Take me, make me yours!”

And with that he pushed his hard dick in my lubed up hole, forcing himself in me firmly, but slowly. I screamed from the sheer size of the cock that was entering me. It hurt but turned me on at the same time. He pushed it deeper into me.

“You like that don’t you?”

“Yes,” I tried to get out between my groans. Even in the midst of pain, I wasn’t lying. My cock was rock hard, As I felt him get deeper and deeper in, my submission to him was becoming even more total. I was his slave. To use. To fuck. To violate. I belonged completely and totally to him.

I could feel him moving his cock inside me, back and forth. Slowly at first. And then hard and faster. After a bit, the pain lessened and it started to feel good. I was enjoying having his hard dick ram my ass..

“Fuck me!” I yelled back to him.

“Take it, take my cock, slave!” He yelled jamming it harder into me as I yelled in pain and pleasure. My cock was so hard. As I was getting used to the cock pumping inside me, I noticed the guys I gave blow jobs to were stroking their dicks close to my face.

As I moved to my Master’s gyrations, being fucked like the whore I was, I wanted to complete the scene. I needed to take two men at once. I looked up at one of the guys and gave him a look of pure desire and hissed out “Give it to me!” between my groans.

He put his hard cock up to my lips and I devoured it. I could feel him pushing his cock deep into my throat as my Master’s cock pushed deep into my ass. I choked on his cock. He fucked my mouth. I was gagging, choking, drooling all over the place as my Master fucked me.

Then I heard my Master yell and felt stream after stream of warm wet cum shoot into my ass. It was too much for the guy that I was sucking and he sprayed cum into my throat. I was getting cum down my throat and my ass. It was incredible. I sucked the guy’s last drops of cum as my Master pulled out and wiped his last little bit of cum on my ass, marking it as his.

I just stayed there bent over the couch, using my hands to support my myself as I tried to recover from what had just happened. I panted, exhausted, but feeling good.

“It’s not over bitch. Not until ever man in this place cums in you,” my Master said.

I was surprised. I thought it was over. I barely had time to think about it when I felt another cock in my ass. I moaned and another guy grabbed by head and thrust his dick into my mouth.

I moaned as they fucked my face and ass. I could hear my Master laugh, He was enjoying the show. Then I felt another cock slapping the side of my face It was heavy and bigger than all the others. I opened my eyes and saw it was the black guy’s cock. He was now naked and had his cock in his hand. It was every bit as big as I thought it was. It was thick and much longer than anyone else’s in the room. The guy I was sucking pulled out and let the black guy put it in my mouth. He pushed it in as far as it’d go and I choked. I could only get it half way in my mouth but I tried to get more. I wanted to devour it all.

They took turns fucking my face as the third guy kept fucking me. I felt the guy in my ass him shoot his load into me, The guy I’d been sucking then circled around and started plowing away at my ass, leaving my mouth to the massive black cock, which kept thrusting itself into my mouth.

“You like being used, don’t you white boy? said the black stranger.

“Mmmm hmmm” I groaned.

I loved it. Getting used over and over. I just let him choke me repeatedly with his big black dick as the other guy pushed his cock inisde me over and over. Then I felt the cock in my ass cum. I had cum dripping out of my ass.

The black man pulled out of my mouth and he looked at me, smiled, and said, “My turn now.”

He slowly slide his massive cock into my cum soaked fuck hole. I could feel him stretching me as he went deeper and deeper. I groaned. It was so massive. The he began to fuck me, moving back forth inside me. Once I got adjusted to it and started to enjoy the large dick that was inside me, I looked around for another cock to suck.

My Master was standing there watching. Everyone else had cum in me and left, except for the old man. He was leaning on top of a love seat watching me while playing with himself. I motioned to him to come over. He did.

His cock was moderate sized and still not hard. I took into my mouth and felt it start to stiffen. He groaned. I sucked it a little and then let it out of my mouth.

I looked up at him and said, “Use me.”

He then shoved his now hard cock back into my mouth and went nuts facefucking me. He thrust himself into my mouth wildly. I think it turned on the black guy cause he started pounding me harder til he came in my ass with a mighty groan.

The old man pulled out and put his cock on my cheek and stroked it until he shot cum down my cheek. He quickly zipped up and left leaving me with cum dripping down my cheek and out of my ass.

Then my Master came up to me and shoved his hard cock in my face, stroking it fiercely. I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them.

“Do you like that? Did you like being their whore?”

“Mmm hmmm” I moaned sucking his balls.

He then grabbed my hair and held me with his hard dick right in front of my face.

“But you still belong to this! I am your master.”

“Yes Master. I am their whore but I’m your slave. I belong to you. I live to be used by you.”

“Good,” he said as he shot his cum unto me. It plastered my forehead and dripped down my face. It was a perfect ending. He’d turned me into a porn movie slut and I loved it. After he moved away, I could finally see the movie screen and their was an Asian woman choking on a cock.

“Amateur,” I said with a smirk as cum oozed down my face.

I grabbed one of the paper towel rolls that were lying around on the love seats and cleaned up. But as I was wiping Master told me to stop. He was wanted me to leave some cum on my face as his mark. I obeyed and put on my clothes.

He left the store first. And then I walked out, my face was glistening with a thin mask of still moist cum. I’m not sure anyone glanced at me or even knew why my face was wet, but I knew and I couldn’t have been prouder to be my Master’s theater whore.

It has been a couple of years since my last submission so i was a little rusty withmy English so big thanks to Gene for helping with the grammar. And a special thank you to Jonnie who did a marvelous job editing. the story wouldn’t have been so good without you. All characters are above 18 and would love to hear some feedback as this is my first groupsex story.


Isabel looked at the flyer again to check if the address was correct, but according to Google maps, she was at the right place. She thought to herself that it was a bit strange that it was so quiet for a college party but, being new to the area, she thought that maybe they were just slow starters around here.

Isabel was a 20 year old engineering student who had just moved to the other side of the States to finish her education and get her degree. Earlier in the afternoon the 5″7 redhead had a little chat with some of the popular girls in school who had insisted that if she wanted to make friends fast, she had to come to their party, the party of the year. Now, wearing her black cocktail dress, that was constantly on the verge of spilling her perfect 34 C cups out, and showed enough of the lace of her stockings to make a WW2 veteran hard and her bubbly ass that made so many head’s turn, she knocked on the door.

The door was opened by what Isabel could only describe as your average chess player/mathlete. Worrying that she had really messed up with the flyer and directions, she quickly asked if this was where the party was at, before thinking of even setting one foot in the house. But, as the geek told her she had it right, she stepped in and fallowed him to the garden where she could see four more nerds clustered around a table. Apart from that, she could see that it was indeed decorated for a party, with balloons, chips and food but she couldn’t help feel a bit dumb as she thought those girls had purposely tricked her.

“Hi!” The nerd said somewhat nervously, his eyes automatically running up and down Isabel’s body, “I think you’re at the wrong party miss,” blushing a little and laughing, as he got up to give her his hand.

Seeing the confusion on her face, he smiled.

“The sorority party is on campus, I think you took the wrong flyer off the board, since this is the alternative party for people not wanting to be at their crazy Greek party of the year.”

Isabel was about to leave, wanting to go to the right party, but the look on the four other nerds faces touched her at that moment. For a second, they actually thought that they party with a gorgeous redhead, and then, the next moment, reality sunk in.

“You know what,” she said, suddenly changing her mind, “I was told to come to a party to make friends and that’s what I’m going to do.” she said smiling widely at the five nerds. “Nice to meet you, my name is Isabel but my friends call me Bella.”

She smiled as the five men couldn’t hide their amazement that this hottie was going to actually party with them. The first five minutes were a bit hectic as she took off her jacket and set aside her purse, as she was swarmed with questions and introductions. She quickly learned that Mark, Steve, Leno, Thomas and Abel where all in the same classes as she was, and immediately she knew she had made the right choice to stay at their party.

“So boys… any party games other then D&D on the menu?” she asked them jokingly, eyeing the board game on the table and the videogame controllers on the couch.

As the boys franticly cleared the table for her, she smiled, thinking that she might actually have some fun toying with these geeks tonight.

“We can play some card games if you want. You know drown the jock?” one of the nerds asked. “It’s just drown the clown but with another name.”

Bella nodded, it was a card game she was familiar with. Everyone would get a card and flip it. If two people had a matching pair, they had to point at each other and yell jock. The slow one would have to drink as many shots as displayed on the card. Face cards were dares decided by the group. The first few rounds where slow, so when Bella matched 3′s with Leno, she let him beat her to get some liquid fun into her.

Next, she matched Queens with Thomas and beat him to the line. Deciding it was time to tease them a little, she dared him to lay on the table and let her take a body shot off him. The poor guy turned beet red in embarrassment. But, she had to admit, he was brave as he didn’t need any prompting from his friends to get on the table. Bella pushed his shirt up revealing his white tummy. Pouring a small shot, she slowly and sensually licked it off him. Grinning, she saw the obvious tent in his pants and the looks of lust and jealousy in his friends eyes.

The game continued, and after a few more of rounds, Bella started to get unlucky and had to drink a couple of shots more then what she was comfortable with. When she flipped a joker and saw that Steve had one too, she quickly pointed and yelled.


The men laughed at the Freudian slip as Steve called her jock, and for a couple of seconds the whole table was laughing hard. Then, catching her breath, Bella smiled sweetly at Steve.

“Any dare but no more alcohol for me please.”

Steve agreed and started to think of a good dare.

” Well… since you don’t want to drink I guess we’ll have to do it for you,” he said mischievously, “so I dare you to let us have a body shot off your body!.”

Bella laughed as she agreed and the boys let out whoops of pleasure. Just the thought of taking a body shot off Bella’s sexy tummy was enough to get their pants a little tighter. It was only when she sat down on the table that she started to blush. She had forgotten that she was wearing a dress, and that in order to do a body shot she would have to reveal her lacy panties and garter belt to the boys.

After taking a deep breath, she lifted up the hem of her skirt and laid back on the table, pulling her dress up as she tucked her trimmed tummy as much as she could to form a little bowl for the men. She could hear them letting out wolf-whistles and cat-calls as they admired her sleek sexy tummy, taking turns licking the cold vodka off her.

When the last one had taken his shot, she quickly got off the table, as the geeks had taken their time to take their shots on purpose, loving the feel of their lips on Bella’s sexy stomach. But, shortly after, fate struck again, as for a second time she yelled cock instead of jock, on a match of 5′s with Mark.

“Oh no!” Bella said, “There’s no way I can do 5 more shots…” She said, looking sweetly at Mark, hoping he would let her off the hook. As Mark looked at his friends, she wondered for a second if he would force her to drink, but he just smiled at her and she felt relieved for a second.

“Okay you can skip this one but…” he said, grinning at her, “you have to sit on my lap for 5 rounds.”

Smiling at their naivety, she moved towards mark to sit on his lap, only to feel him pull up the bottom of her dress, so that it wouldn’t lay between them. She didn’t know if she should be upset or impressed by his boldness, impressed that a nerd like him would make a move on a girl like her, so she didn’t say anything and sat on his lap, even as she felt a hard bulge pushing against her ass.

Unfortunately though, she matched another pair with Abel after 3 rounds, and, as she paused, making sure not to yell out cock again, she was beaten by him.

“Well Bella, I guess you don’t want to do 9 shots, and you’re still stuck on Marks lap for two more rounds,” he said grinning at her… “so I guess you’ll have to trade me your panties for the shots.”

Bella looked at Abel, shocked that he would be so bold as to suggest this as all the other nerds cheered his suggestion. She was considering just drinking the shots but maybe it was the alcohol… or maybe just her hormones making her hot, or just peer pressure, but much to the boy’s surprise and shock, even her own, she hooked her fingers in her waistband and slithered out of her panties, throwing them to Abel, blowing him a kiss as she did.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen them before anyway,” she said boldly, teasingly grinning at the boys as she felt Mark’s bulge, even harder now, pressed up against her tight naked ass.

The game continued, and Bella forgot that she could get off Mark’s lap, enjoying the feel of him pressing against her ass. Leno won a round against Mark, the two of them matching a pair of Queens, and Bella moved over to his lap, relieved that she wouldn’t have to take any more shots. But, just like before, as she sat down on his lap, Leno pulled up her skirt so his already hard cock in his pants was pressed right up against her bare ass. When she lost again to Steve on a pair of kings she wondered what he have her do.

“Let’s do another round of body shots!” Steve said, giving Bella a big smile, “I want to taste your sexy tummy again.”

The guys cheered, all of them wanting to take shots off her sexy stomach again, but Bella wasn’t sure if she wanted to let them do that again. Now that she wasn’t wearing any panties, she was nervous about letting them take another round of body shots off her. Biting her lip, she decided to do it, just not like the boys had in mind.

Bending over the table, propping herself up on her elbows to arch her back, and sticking her sexy ass up in the air, she lifted her dress and told them to pour the shot in the bowl of her arched back. As each geek grabbed her by the hips to take his shot, she could feel herself slowly losing control over her own body. This time, when Abel pulled her on his lap, she was the one to pull up her dress, making sure there was nothing between the poor geek’s lap and her bare ass as they played.

The game kept going and the alcohol didn’t stop and Bella once again said ‘cock” instead of ‘jock.’ All the geeks were laughing as they were pretty drunk themselves.

“Dear, dear Bella,” Mark said, “one would think that you really want something else out of this game,” he said as he poured six shots out for her. Looking at the glasses, Bella knew there was no way she could drink all those shots without being sick. Holding her breath, she waited to see what Abel would offer her, since he had one the last hand. The other boys were equally quiet, the gaming taking on a much more sexually charged atmosphere.

“Well if she doesn’t want to drink, I guess I can settle with taking her bra,” he said, grinning at Bella, and then at his friends.

For a second Bella blushed and thought about saying no. The game had become pretty crazy and who knew where things might go, but when she didn’t say anything, Abel slipped one hand under her dress as his other hand unclipped her bra and pulled her strapless bra off her. Pulling it out from under her dress and throwing it on the table, the other boys let out cheers of encouragement, eyeing her bra. Bella could feel a slight sag in her dress, deepening her cleavage even more. She noticed that Abel had placed both his hands on her hips again, but this time under her dress, touching her bare skin.

The next couple of rounds flashed by quickly as Abel’s hand started to caress and stroke her stomach and thighs. Slowly but surely, the hot redhead started to feel a fire building between her legs that was close to raging out of control, she was getting wet with arousal and could feel her juices dripping down her thighs.

Sensing her eagerness and feeling her wetness, Abel called for another round of body shots and helped her up. Glad for a brief moment to try and compose herself, Bella lifted her skirt up and was getting ready to bend over onto the table so the geeks could take their shots. Instead, she was surprised when she was turned around by one of the boys and gently pushed onto the table.

Before she could say anything, her legs were pushed open on the table, spreading her thighs and revealing her to the geeks. Her dress was being pulled over her head and for a second, she tried to hold onto it, and not let the boys pull it off her, but then she felt the cold vodka hit her clit and she moaned as Abel pushed his lips against her pussy and sucked the alcohol into his mouth. Bella cried out loud, moaning in pleasure as each of the young men took his turn taking a shot from her pussy. The last to take his shot was Mark, and after he was done, he just kept eating her, licking and sucking her pussy into his mouth.

The booze, the wonderful sensations and feelings of the boys’ hands and lips on her, and now, Mark’s mouth and tongue on her pussy sent Bella to Nirvana. She could feel a powerful orgasm building in her loins as Leno straddled her chest. He had stripped naked and started to fuck her tits with enthusiastic thrust of his small cock. Smiling at him, Bella cupped her ripe full breasts to help him, but as she did, he started to buck his hips and shoot a thick rope of cum on her breast. She was about to laugh at his lack of stamina, but before she could, her orgasm from Mark’s mouth on her pussy crashed over her. The wave that racked her body was so powerful that she thrashed around from side to side on the table, moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs for the boys not to stop.

As her orgasm finally crested and subsided, she felt herself being flipped over, and a tongue probed her from behind. Mark, his face covered in her juices, climbed on the table with his own small cock. Pushing herself up on her hands, arching her back in the process, she opened her mouth for the geek cock in front of her.

“Well little lady,” Mark said as he playfully pushed his cock towards her mouth, “you wanted cock, here it is. All you have to do is ask nicely,” he said, grinning at her, pushing his cock head only a few inches from her waiting mouth.

Grinning at him, Bella felt a new mouth on her pussy, making her moan in pleasure as she licked her lips at Mark, moving them closer to his cock but not touching his cockhead, before answering him.

“The question Mark,” she said, almost touching her lips to the tip of his cock, teasing him mercilessly, “isn’t if I’m going to ask nicely, but what you’ll do if I don’t,” Bella said, grinning up at him wickedly.

Mark just smiled and smacked his cock against her face a couple of times. But, as the redhead kept on grinning at him, he lost his patience and just her grabbed her head, burying his fingers in her hair and thrust his cock into her open mouth.

Letting out a moan as the nerd surprised her by pushing his cock into her mouth without permission, Bella started to suck on it as hard as she could. She felt a tongue twist and swirl around her asshole as two fingers where pushed inside her.

“Oh shit, this hot little slut really wanted a cock in her,” Mark moaned as he started to fuck the young girl’s face, smiling at Thomas who was standing behind her.

Bella felt a pair of hands grab her by her hips. She sighed, thinking that it was about time that someone jammed a cock deep inside her dripping pussy. Letting go of Mark’s cock, she wanted to tell whoever was behind her to just pound his little cock into her and plough her over and over again. But, Mark grabbed her tighter by her hair, tangling his fingers deep in her red hair, and pushed his cock hard back into her hungry mouth. She felt fingers digging into the skin of her hips and the tip of a cock push against her wet pussy lips, shivering in anticipation, she lifted her hips up a little higher, waiting for the small nerd cock to fill her.

“Oh my fucking Godeuhmffff!!”

She tried to scream, until her mouth got filled again by a cum spewing cock. The feeling of warm cum in her mouth and the huge cock almost ripping her in half was enough to send her over the edge for a second time. She didn’t get a chance to rest as Thomas kept on jack-hammering her from behind, literally nailing her tight cunt to the table.

“Oh fuckkk,” Thomas moaned in pleasure, “that feels so good baby. Your pussy is so tight around my dick. I should let you do more of the heavy lifting baby,” he said as he lifted her up off the table and went to lay on his back on the floor, turning Bella around until she was straddling him, her pussy still on his cock.

For a second she remained still, panting for air and trying to catch her breath, but she was spurred on by a couple of hard slaps against her ass. She started to push herself up and down on Thomas’s monster cock, moaning as it filled her so deep. Seeing her tits bounce so sexily, Abel made his way in front of her and pushed his cock against her lips, wanting her to suck him as she rode Thomas for all she was worth. Moaning in pleasure, hungry for more cock, Bella opened her mouth and took Abel’s small cock deep in her mouth, sucking him hard. The other nerds laughed at her enthusiasm, calling her all kinds of dirty names. Steve and Leno moved to stand on either side of her, her putting her hands on their cocks so that she could pleasure all four of them at the same time. Mark, who was still recovering from the amazing blowjob she had given him, was walking around the action, snapping pictures and making little clips on his cellphone for later use.

As he got hard again and saw that her hands, mouth, and pussy were all being used, he saw there wasn’t really any space for him to join his friends in front of her, so he kneeled behind her and gave her ass a couple of playful spanks.

Grabbing her waist, he stopped her bobbing head for a second and pushed the tip of his cock against her tight little back door. Moaning at how tight her ass was, Mark pushed past her ass-ring. He expected her to cry out and tell him to stop, but all he heard was a soft moan. Pushing himself in deeper, he let her move her hips again, her pussy and ass both completely filled.

This time, it wasn’t the men who blew early, but the feeling of being completely filled and used sent Bella over the edge, the two cocks thrusting hard and deep into her pussy and ass drove her to a body wracking orgasm. Her pussy and ass convulsing and clamping down tightly around the geek cocks, trying to milk them dry. As she collapsed, her body not able to keep her up anymore, the nerds formed a circle around her, snapping more pics and clips.

Thomas spoke up:

“Bella… beg us for our cum, if you ever want more of this…”

Bella looked straight into the lens of his cell and licked her lips, smiling and panting.

“Please… I need your cum… I want you to spew that sweet cum all over me. Pretty please.” she said.

That was it for the boys, they couldn’t take any more and started to coat her with their cum. Thomas was the last to explode, grabbing her by the hair, and shot his load onto her face, glazing her as the amount of his cum was directly proportional to his cock. When he was done, he pushed his cock back into her mouth, telling her to clean him.

Afterwards, she was helped to the bathroom so she could clean up, and Leno drove her back home. Bella eventually started to go to the better parties on campus, but would still have her weekly workouts with the boys, even without having to be blackmailed into it. After all if one cock is good, then five is better.

Di and I haven’t really been debauched for a while. Then I called the owners of the club we used to frequent. Turns out, this solid swinging couple was divorcing. WHAT?!?!?! We were shocked. So, the wife fell off the face of the earth. The husband, Jim, is in the service business and sometimes we need his services (not the nasty kind, come on people – not yet at least).

I talked to him for a bit seeing that he was ok with his divorce. He seems to be down a little, but no worse for wear. He has family and friends to get him through. Well, being the second guy Di fucked outside our relationship, I know she liked the feeling of his cock in her pussy. One time while he was giving it to her and I was doing his wife, Di yells out, “Don’t stop fucking me!!! I’m cumming!!” That was the first guy that made her cum other than me….

I ask if he’s still friends with the couple Bill and Sue. They BOTH fucked Di one night. Sue is very awesome. She’d always bring her strap-on, and she got into Di one night. ANOTHER fabulous time. He says yeah, he is still friends with them. I suggest we should hang out with Bill. He’s all for it. Who wouldn’t be? If you know my Diane, she is a fantasy any guy would love to borrow.

Mentioning it to Di, she’s down. We make a plan for Saturday a couple weeks away. As we are going, we’re planning to just hang out in the Jacuzzi, nothing really big, because its been a couple years since we’ve swung and it is like we are starting all over. We knock. Sue answers the door naked with only her strap-on on. Not unusual to see her in this state, swinging that thing around, making a scene. But, having not seen them in a couple years, we start giggling. She laughs and says, “Too forward? Here, I’ll take it off and save it for later… Come on in, you two sexy beasts.” We go in, strip our clothes and Di heads to the Jacuzzi while I pour us some wine.

After sharing some stories and wine in the Jacuzzi, I say I need to pee. Coming back to the Jacuzzi, I see Di sucking on Bill’s cock while Sue is sucking Jim’s dick. May as well get some more wine and enjoy the view, right? So, I do. We’re all hard and horny. I love watching my little minx please cocks. And I love watching her receive the pleasure, too. Sue stops everything and says us three guys need to go sit on the couch. We dry off and sit. Then, Di comes over and starts stroking me with her left hand, and Bill with her right. Jim is saved for her mouth. She’s busy with both hands stroking cock and sucking another, God I love this woman. Just then, Sue straps on her dildo and starts fucking Di doggie. as Di switches the cock in her mouth to enjoy us all, its heaven. She’s loving it; we’re loving it; Sue’s loving it.

Sue says, “She’s ready for you.” to Bill and Jim and pulls out and grabs me by the dick and leads me to the master bedroom. Di follows closely leading the two others by their dicks. She has Bill lay down and sucks his cock some more while Jim puts a condom on and starts fucking her doggie. Meanwhile, I’m condomed up and fucking Sue doggie while the two girls kiss and suck bill’s dick. Bill and Jim switch spots and Sue let’s me take her ass. Di says she’d love to be airtight, but the guys are all too big for her tight little ass. Oh fuck, Sue says hold on and comes back with her thin dildo strapped on! “Ok, Babe. Now you’ll be airtight!” Di, looses it a little. You can see she’s on fire. I back out for the mess and let her mount Bill. She lays all the way down on him and his wife lubes up my beauty and slowly slips in her ass. After an adjustment period, Di leans up a little to take Jim in her mouth. Just before she does, she starts quivering and says oh god, fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me. Then, she starts giving Jim a real deep sucking and the husband and wife team rhythm her hard and deep.

I can’t touch my cock, because the scene is so hot I’m going to cum. Bill doesn’t last long and cums. Di hasn’t had enough, and she asks Jim to lay down, mounts him and tells ME to fuck her ass. First time for a real DP. And She and I and Sue and Jim and Bill all know we aren’t going to last very long. I’m out in about 2 “Oh, Fuck Hugh, that’s so good, I’m cumming” screams from her, which is about 10 thrusts. Haha.

“Cassie! Over here.” Cassie looked to her left as she entered the big warehouse and spotted Belinda waving her down. She changed course and joined her friend. “Glad you could make it today. We’re almost ready to put the props up in the theater, this year’s production of Cyrano de Bergerac is going to be the best production we do all year!” Belinda said enthusiastically.

“You know I’d be here, when do I not show up?” Cassie replied.

“Just keep her away from the paint this time.” Dominic, one of the carpenters teased as he walked by. Cassie gave him a glare but he smiled.

“You can’t blame him for that, he was the one who had to clean up your spill.” Belinda reminded her.

“I know and I said I’m sorry. I didn’t realize the can was that heavy, it slipped through my fingers.” She tried to defend herself.

“Well, we’re in need of painters plus a little sewing for the costumes, we’ve got to make some last minute adjustments. Can you help?”

“You know I can.” Cassie said enthusiastically and they sat down together to let out Mr. Henderson’s pants. “He’s gotten so big so fast.”

“Rumor is he’s doing Henry the Eighth this summer down in Los Angeles and he’s taking no chances. He’s out to gain another hundred pounds.” Belinda reported.

“My God! He’s a fanatic, I couldn’t do that.” Cassie said. She was 18, young and pretty with the physical build of an active teenager so the idea of her gaining two hundred pounds to play a monarch was very funny to Belinda. “What’s so funny?” Cassie asked.

“Nothing dear. It’s just that when it comes to working in productions like these it’s about taking that extra step to ensure the best possible scene. Mr. Henderson is doing just that and he says when he’s done he’s going to lose it all, right back down to his weight before he got the part.” Cassie gasped. That was a lot of dedication and Cassie wondered if she had that kind of determination in her.

They went back to work on the seams of Mr. Henderson’s pants but she couldn’t help give the man furtive glances, watching him work and she noticed that despite his heavy weight, he was working hard. They weren’t doing rehearsals yet, this was all stage work but here he was, one of the main actors with real talent and he was working right alongside the stagehands.

Cassie admired that. She finished up with his pants then grabbed a paintbrush. Dominic appeared out of nowhere. “Keep a firm grip on that brush, girl.” He teased but disappeared before Cassie could shoot back a retort. Jim, the Art Director stepped over and showed her where to paint.

She endured some hooting and a few cheers but her lapse of judgment last weekend wasn’t going to keep her from helping out, she’d learned her lesson. She helped fill in a backdrop then stained some wood for Dominic over by the saw horses.

She didn’t want to do too much painting because she wasn’t dressed for it. She was planning on going to the mall to meet friends after work. Tommy was supposed to be there and she’d been trying to catch his eye for weeks so she’d dressed in a short flowery red skirt that showed a generous amount of leg. She coupled that with a white shirt that fit her snugly under the breasts to accentuate them. She’d hook him in and make him sorry he hadn’t noticed her earlier.

“Cassie.” She heard her name and turned to see Mr. Strauss, the woodworker calling for her.

“Yes Mr. Strauss?” She called out as she put her brush down. Mr. Strauss had been her shop instructor at school and she felt like she was stepping back into class instead of standing in a theater. She had graduated High School but she couldn’t help seeing Mr. Strauss as the authority figure.

“I’ve finished fixing up the stocks after the locking mechanism broke. I’ve repaired it but Lynn isn’t here to test it on. You’re about her height so if you wouldn’t mind, could I borrow you for a moment?” He said and she gave him a warm smile. She remembered not being very good at woodworking in school but he’d passed her with an A.

“I’d be glad to help.” She replied brightly. He gave her a smile and returned to his work. The stock was built sturdy, looking more functional than cosmetic. The wood was thick and strong with a base standing about four and a half feet high. On one end the hinges looked thick enough to lock a bank vault.

The scene called for Lynn to be locked in it and struggle to get out when the Spanish attacked but on her first try Lynn had broken the locking mechanism apart. Mr. Strauss had made it so that it would come apart easily and give some mental comfort to the poor girl but it couldn’t survive the stress so the Director had ordered a real locking mechanism with a stage hand whose sole purpose was to let her out if she cried foul.

Mr. Strauss joined four friends standing there admiring his handy work but they all gave time to smile at Cassie. “John. That is a fine piece of work. What are you going to do with it when the production is over?” Raymond the Assistant Director asked.

“No plans I’m afraid. It’s a very good piece so I suppose I’ll keep it but what use do I have for it?” Mr. Strauss replied.

“Use it on your students. Failing grades? Step up here.” Christian said. Cassie nearly blushed when she realized that she was calling him Christian after the part he was playing, she didn’t know his real name. The others all laughed and Mr. Strauss looked down to Cassie.

“If you’d please step up and put your arms and neck in the proper spots.” She did as she was told, having to bend over to fit. Mr. Strauss put the upper board down over her and locked it in place. “Notice the large button at the end of the board. It will pop the lock and free the girl instantly, no key necessary.” He said proudly.

“Anyone can use it.” Charles, an actor playing a count remarked.

“Except the girl.” Jason, one of the Carpenters pointed out as he walked up. He put his fist against Cassie’s then looked at her wrists. “The holes for her arms and neck are pretty small.”

“Yes. To save space I made the stock with the girl in mind. A man is too big to fit in the stocks but a girl is securely restrained.” Mr. Strauss said.

“Sexy.” Jason said looking at Cassie. She blushed slightly but was pretty sure it was hidden by her hair as it fell forward across her face. She should have put her hair up but she didn’t want to chance it becoming unruly before Tommy had seen her.

“I second that.” Nicholas, one of the Spanish soldiers said from behind her.

“What are you men staring at?” Belinda said as she came floating by. She stopped in front of Cassie. “You’re skirt’s a little short to be locked up like that. They can see your panties.” She warned.

“It’s okay.” Cassie replied. “If I don’t test the stocks Lynn could break it during a performance. We’re too close to opening night.” She pointed out.

“If you think that’s best.” Belinda said. Cassie could only think of Mr. Henderson and his sacrifices. So what if some guys could see her panties for a few minutes? Mr. Henderson was going to spend months working off that weight. Belinda looked up at the six men gathered round. “I’ll be watching you, no funny stuff.” She huffed then walked off.

The men watched her go and the conversation became more subdued. It was like the men were lost in their own thoughts and Cassie began to wonder just how long she was going to be stuck there. Suddenly Mr. Strauss seemed to come out of his thoughts. “Cassie, why don’t you try to get out of the stocks, as hard as you can. We’re going to withdraw for a bit so Belinda doesn’t think we’re taking advantage of the situation.” He said and she watched the six men walk off, all of them talking about stocks, restraint, pretty girls and flowery panties. She was wearing flowery panties and she knew they were talking about her panties. She felt her face flush hotly.

She began to struggle, trying to lift the beam off her but she heard the mechanism lock against her efforts, she tried slipping her hands through the openings but no matter how small she made her hands, they wouldn’t slip through. She was stuck. She wasn’t strong enough to lift the stocks off its base to turn it onto its side and she couldn’t reach the button.

“Okay Mr. Strauss. I can’t get out, it’s pretty solid.” She called out. Mr. Strauss came back over with Nicholas and Christian in tow.

“Solid enough?” Mr. Strauss asked.

“I think so.” Cassie said but Mr. Strauss started looking at the lock and hinge, keeping her locked up in the meantime. She watched him and wished she could just get out, especially after Christian walked behind her.

“I can see why they used these stocks.” Cassie felt Christian put his hand on her ass, a quick movement to cup her butt and by the time she could gasp in surprise Christian was moving innocently towards the front. When he came into view she could see the dark look in his eyes. “Cassie’s been a bad girl.”

“You mean the paint can?” Nicholas asked. Christian nodded.

“We should leave her locked up as punishment.” Christian said and some of the stage hands nearby laughed at hearing it. Cassie struggled a bit as she panicked but Mr. Strauss just stepped back and stared at the mechanisms as she struggled to see if they held.

“Do that again.” He commanded and she all too gladly struggled. She couldn’t get free and it was strange that she was really trying to get free while Mr. Strauss watched his stock to see if it worked right. “I think that’s a good idea. She needs to be punished.” He looked at her. “And she should do her best to get out of them. Nothing’s unfair but don’t try to lift stocks off the floor. It’s too heavy for you.”

She didn’t know what to say to that but Mr. Strauss didn’t give her a chance, turning on his heel and walking away, both companions in tow. She struggled for a bit but nothing had changed, she was a prisoner.

She couldn’t believe she was stuck like this, knowing her panties were showing made her feel vulnerable but it was Christian’s reaction that really sparked something inside her. If only Tommy would look at her that way. Boys were too fickle and stupid, it took them forever to see the hints and if they did, they came on too strong. She felt helpless and in a way it turned her on.

After some time had passed Belinda floated over to check on her. “How are you doing Hon? You want out?” Cassie glanced over to the guys huddle together talking quietly and occasionally sparing her glances. They’d been busy talking since she’d been locked up, giving up any pretext at working.

“I don’t think I’m doing any good like this anymore, am I?”

“Other than exciting every guy in the building?” Belinda asked.

“I didn’t mean to. I’m going to the mall after this and I just wanted Tommy to notice me. I wasn’t going to bend over at the mall.” Belinda eyed her. “Well maybe, if Tommy was the only one watching. But I want him to like me!” She said and Belinda gave her a pat.

“Let’s test the mechanism out, the boys have had their fun.” Belinda said as she pushed the button. The lock sprung loose and the upper beam unlatched but Belinda struggled a bit to get the beam up. Mr. Strauss rushed over to help.

“Are you having a problem lifting the weight or is the lock stuck?” He asked quickly, his attention focused on the mechanism in single minded determination.

“The lock is stuck I think.” Belinda said as she tried to lift once again.

“Hold the button down.” Mr. Strauss ordered and Belinda complied as he lifted the upper beam away. “It seems we’ve got a glitch.” He looked at Cassie. “Thank you for your help. I may need you later if that’s okay.” He said as Cassie quickly stepped back out of the contraption. She rubbed at her wrists then gave him a nervous smile.

She wanted to help but being stuck like that made her nervous. She’d been bombarded by thoughts and feelings. The more helpless she’d felt the more excited. Still, if Mr. Henderson could make sacrifices, so could she.

“Sure Mr. Strauss. There’s no one else who can do it anyways.” She looked around but it was already late afternoon and people were going home. She’d been locked up for over an hour. Cassie followed Belinda back over to the costumes and helped make some minor adjustments to a few costumes. “I can’t stay forever if I’m going to the mall.” She pointed out suddenly.

She was torn. She wanted Tommy to see her, but she didn’t want to let Jim down. “It’s all about boys at your age.” Belinda commented. “Just be careful what you wish for. You might get it.” They laughed at that as they kept working.

Cassie needed to darn Christian’s socks. The man was constantly moving and she took a glance in his direction. He was moving back from one cue mark to the next, memorizing distances so that he’d know just about how far he needed to go when he moved.

Mr. Strauss was working away at his locking mechanism, his face so close to it, Cassie was surprised he could see straight. She saw Dominic pack up his gear then leave for the day. Jim walked back over and put his hand on Cassie’s shoulder. “Hey, I don’t know when you were going to call it a night, most people have already left but I need that backdrop painted for Act II. Do you think you can stay and help?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I was planning on going to the mall.” Cassie admitted.

“I’m sorry to ask but I’d do it myself if I could. Brian has a soccer game starting in ten minutes. I’m going to be late as it is.” He looked worried, no one wanted to do the painting, not everyone had talent for the brush. Cassie really wanted to see Tommy but there was no guarantees he’d even notice her. They needed her here.

“Okay. I can do it.” Jim smiled brightly.

“Thanks Cassie, I knew I could count on you. You can leave the paint where it is, just put the top on and I’ll clean up in the morning. I’ve got to go.” He walked away quickly and Cassie noticed only four or five people remained in the place.

“Everyone’s going home for the day.” Cassie commented.

“Me included.” Belinda said as she glanced around. “If I go are you going to be safe with that stock?” Cassie saw the worried look on her face but smiled. A quick look told her that only Mr. Strauss and Nicholas were left.

“I should be fine. Mr. Strauss is here to protect me.” She pointed out. Belinda gave her a smile then put her things away.

“Call me if you need me Hon. I don’t want them getting any ideas.” Belinda offered.

“Thanks! But I doubt it’ll be a problem, just two guys and one of them is Mr. Strauss.” Cassie commented.

Cassie spared Mr. Strauss a glance but he was so busy working on his mechanism he didn’t seem to notice her watching. Nicholas was practicing lines and some fighting steps he’d use during the play. He looked funny working by himself. Cassie thought about the mall then shrugged, getting back to it.

She worked diligently, concentrating on getting it done quickly on the off chance she finished early and could still make it to the mall but by the time she was finished it was dark outside. She made ready to clean up despite Jim’s assurance he’d do it in the morning.

“Cassie, can I borrow you again?” Mr. Strauss asked, startling her out of her own thoughts. He was still at his stocks and been so quiet she’d assumed he’d gone home a while ago. Even Nicholas had stopped reciting lines and she’d thought she was alone.

“Sure Mr. Strauss.” She smiled at the idea of leaving the paints lying around to be kicked by someone else so she wouldn’t be the bumbler anymore. She waited for Mr. Strauss to motion her into the stocks then made sure her hair wasn’t going to get trapped by the descending upper beam. Mr. Strauss put the beam down and Cassie heard the stocks lock.

She tried to get comfortable while Mr. Strauss went back over the locking mechanism. He’d take his time and forget she was trapped knowing her luck. At least no one else was around to look at her panties. She saw Jason the stage hand appear, clipboard in hand taking notes on the far side of the work area. She hoped he didn’t see them and decide to come over for another view.

“What do you think Mr. Strauss?” Cassie asked, trying to hurry the process. She could barely make out his look of concentration from beneath her hair. She cursed herself for not putting it up in a ponytail. Tommy was going to miss out tonight after all.

“I think it’s finished, and fully functional to boot.” He said, tapping the lock then stepping back. “Now try to get out again.” He ordered. She jerked on the beam, pulled, pushed and wiggled.

“I don’t think so.” She said.

“That was half hearted Cassie, when I say fully functional I mean I could use it for criminals who’d desperately try to get away.” He walked all the way around her, as he got behind her she tried to close her legs tightly together hoping that was enough to hide her panties but knew it wasn’t. He passed by without a comment and she couldn’t see his face except when he reappeared in front. “I want you to give it your best shot. I want you to really struggle to free yourself.”

“But I’m trying, honest.” She admitted.

“No. You’re doing me a favor so you’re trying to be nice. Don’t be nice anymore, I want you to try to break it. Seeing you locked up this afternoon got me thinking. It made me think that the stocks would be a good way to punish bad little girls. Little girls that don’t do what they’re told.”

“You’re talking about me.” He nodded with a half smile on his face. “But I’m trying Mr. Strauss! Are you going to punish me?” Cassie said in a dead panic, her heart hammering in her chest. Mr. Strauss stayed eerily silent. “Please don’t punish me Mr. Strauss, I’ll try harder!” She pleaded.

“What have we here?” Nicholas asked as he entered the area holding two drinks in hands. He was watching Cassie, his eyes flicking behind her and she suddenly felt exposed. He handed Mr. Strauss one of the drinks and kept the other for himself. “I had to go across the street, the cafe is closed, everyone’s gone for the night. Raymond was stuck by a light, he’ll be here shortly.” Cassie felt her heart jump. Mr. Strauss had been alone and now there were four counting Jason who was still down at the far end counting.

“I think I’m going to spank Cassie here for what happened earlier. She drew unwanted attention to the stocks, God only knows what Belinda thinks of us now.” Mr. Strauss said. Cassie was overwhelmed. Her protector was the one turning out to be bad. “Of course Cassie, you could always escape the stocks like I instructed you to do.” He added.

She started banging against the restraints, fighting to get free until she was out of breath and her wrists hurt. “I can’t!” She yelled. “Now please, let me go. I want to go home.” She sounded pitiful but she was too scared to care at this point.

Jason heard the commotion and came over. “What’s going on?” He asked then suddenly appeared in front of Cassie. He looked into her face. Why wasn’t he hitting the button?

“Get me out of here Jason! Please!” She begged.

“Do we have a bad girl again?” Christian asked as he walked in with Raymond close behind. Both me were smiling, holding cold drinks in their hands and looking excited. “What has she done now.” He asked in mock exasperation.

“Take your pick.” Nicholas mentioned. “We have her where we want her, we can’t think of a reason to let her go.” He said.

“Interesting.” Charles said as he appeared from the other side. Cassie was now locked in stocks with six men surrounding her. There wasn’t another soul in screaming range. They’d all gone home long ago.

“Let me out of here.” She demanded with as much authority as she could muster. The men hooted with laughter or clapped.

“Listen to our girl giving orders, the sweet young thing.” Raymond said. “Look at that body, would you? Have you ever seen anything so inviting?” Her eyes went wide as he spoke. It wasn’t about her panties showing. They were going to do far worse.

Where do I begin to tell you how lucky I have been so far in my life? I have been blessed by having a very open and outgoing family when it comes to home life. I was raised as a nudist as far back as I can remember. I love the freedom of not having to wear clothes around the house and trying to find something to wear during the day. Never bother with bathing suits either when I go to the beach so that saves some cash as well not that it matters much to us. We live in a very private area just north of Chicago and we never have to worry about being surprised by drop in visitors. The only people who come by unannounced are the delivery drivers and they are used to our nudity by now. It does not even faze them anymore.

I am the elder of two children of David and Susan Torrance. My name is Mark. I am 18, 5’11, 175 lbs. I am in reasonably good shape and love working out. My younger sister is named Terri. She is a hottie only a year younger than I am. I recently started dating a very attractive girl named Danielle. She is my age, black and a very hot bod to boot! She is 5’7, 135 lbs and a gorgeous a cups and a night large butt to boot! I am on my way over to my house to introduce her to my parents. She has never visited but I have told her we are quite the open around the house. She knows we are nudists but has never seen us all nude before. She is as open minded as I am but I am not sure if she is prepared for our home life situation yet. I will get an idea of how cool she is with all of us soon.

I drove up to our home after a short drive down a long secluded drive. We do not have a large home but it is quite modern and well taken care of. I opened the door for Danielle or Danny as she likes to be called. She was wearing a loose buttoned top and a short skirt today and she purposely flashed me her shaved beaver as she got out of the car. I love that about her-she takes any chance to have some fun with anything sexual. We walked up to the house and I opened the door for her. I called out to the family but there was no answer. We went to the kitchen and I got us some bottled waters. I heard some splashing from the pool out back so I took Danny out back. There were mom and dad playing in the pool.

“Hey mom and dad” I called.

They looked over as soon as they heard me and started to get out of the pool. I felt Danny squeeze my hand as she saw my dad get out first. He is 6’2 tall, 190 lbs., very muscular with a soft, thick 6″ cock hanging between his legs all shaved of course. Mom got out as dad helped her and she is about 5’6, 145 lbs with a gorgeous figure that one could call rounded if she had any boobs but she is reasonably flat there but she makes up for it in the ass department!

“Well hello there!” she said to us as she extended a hand for a shake. “I am Susan and this is my husband David”.

“Mom, dad this is Danielle or Danny as she prefers” I said.

“Hello there” she said to my parents.

“We hope our outfits or lack of them does not bother you” dad said.

“Not at all” she replied.

“Good” said mom “we prefer being nude all the time”.

“I like that idea” Danny replied.

Dad then shook her hand as well and I loved that Danny was not in the east bit put out by their nudity. Mom and dad sat down on the lounge chairs and offered us a seat as well.

“So Danny, how long have you and Mark been dating?” asked dad.

“About a month” she replied looking on as mom lay down on her chair.

“So you like him?” asked dad.

“I love him” Danny said, “He is very good to me and for me”.

“That is good to hear” said mom. “We love him too!”

“We hope to see a lot more of you around her this summer then” said mom.

“Oh you can count on that” said Danny.

“Great” said dad as he lay back as well on his lounge and his cock flopped back on his stomach as he did. Danny squeezed my hand again after seeing this happen.

“Hey mom do you mind if Danny and I use the pool as well?” I asked.

“Not at all go for it, Danny did you bring a suit?” asked dad.

“What for?” she replied as she started unbuttoning her blouse and removed it to expose her gorgeous a cups capped with dark nipples. She then stood up and unclasped her skirt and let it fall to the ground as she stood there waiting for me. I took about three seconds to remove my shorts and tee shirt and join her as we jumped together into the cool water.

We swam a few lengths of the pool and enjoyed the wonderful feeling on such a warm day. Danny swam up behind me and grabbed me around the waist and held me. I reached back and felt her taught buttocks as she reached down and gave my cock a small squeeze. It was a beautiful day for a swim like this.

“Too bad we are not alone” said Danny.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck me right now” she said “seeing your dad and you nude has got me all hot and wet!”

“You like him huh?”

“He is hot for a dad yes”.

“Like I have told you we are a very open family”.

“Oh come on now how open?”

“Very” I said.

With that I turned around to face her and we started to kiss. I held her in my arms and we kissed as well as had a tongue fight. I reached down and held her beautiful ass in my hands and squeezed them. She wrapped her arms around me and returned the kisses. She then reached down to my growing cock and played with it. Suddenly she pulled off and realized where she was.

“I am sorry” she said.

“Danny it is all cool” I said to her.

“How can it be?” she asked “your parents are right there”.

“They have no issues at all with us playing or having fun here trust me” I replied.

“But we are nude and being intimate not ten feet from them” she replied.

“Like I said we are very open here” I said.

“Somehow I do not believe it is possible for this” she said as she gave my cock another squeeze.

“Oh it is” I said to her and pulling her out of the pool with me.

We started up the pool steps and my hard eight inch cock led the way.

“Hey Mark” said mom “looks like Danny got something started!”

“Yes she did” I replied without a hint of shame “and she wants to finish it but feels awkward”.

“Oh fuck Danny do not let us bother you” said dad “feel at home with us and do what you want to do here. We have no rules here at all when it comes to that sort of thing. We raised our kids to enjoy their bodies and allow themselves to have fun here”.

“Really?” asked Danny.

“Yes really” said mom as she reached over and gave dad a small tug on his growing cock.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes” said mom as she started to stroke dad’s cock and it started to get hard like mine.

Danny watched as mom stroked it for us all to see and she started to stroke mine we sat there not three feet from my parents. Danny continued to watch as mom got dad harder and harder until he was his full ten inch length. Mom then used her thumb to smear some of dad’s precum over the tip of his cock. I looked over at Danny and she was quite absorbed by this. She stroked my cock harder as she watched mom and dad play.

“This is so cool of you Mrs. Torrance” said Danny.

“Do not call me that, it is Sue for you hon” said mom.

“Ok” said Danny.

She continued to stroke me as mom leaned over and took dad’s cock in her in her mouth. Mom is one of the best blowjob givers the world will ever know. She took the whole thing in one swoop down her throat. Danny continued to stroke my cock as she watched mom blow dad. David leaned back on the lounger and just allowed mom to take over his hard cock. I never fail to be impressed by the cock dad has. I know I have stopped growing in size but am in awe of his unit. Danny then leaned over and started to lick my full knob as she stroked me. I love the way she starts out just concentrating on the tip and then continuing on the rest of me. I became harder and harder from the blowjob and from mom and dad being right next to me. Danny started to get an idea of how open we were. Her eyes sparkled as she blew me in the afternoon sun. She sucked on my cock as she watched mom pleasure dad. I could hear dad moaning as mom worked her magic on him. Danny tugged on my balls as she blew me and then took a finger and started to push it in my receptive ass. I love it when she does this. In fact we both love assplay! I could feel the load coming up my cock as she massaged my asshole with now two fingers while blowing me. I could hear dad also moan as he was about to cum soon. Danny sensed my impending orgasm and sucked me harder and faster as did mom with dad.

Suddenly I lifted my ass off the chair and my load shot into her throat. I shot four to five long shots down her waiting throat as she swallowed every last drop. She loves cum and never misses a bit of it! After I finished my orgasm she licked my cock clean of any cum and then came up to give me a kiss. We then lay back and watched as mom was close to bringing dad close to cumming. It took mom about another minute to get him to the edge and when he did he lifted his ass of the chair as he did.

To be continued…

It was a quiet afternoon at the office. My last appointment for the day had to cancel at the last minute, and the bosses were all at a convention out of town. Nothing was happening, and although it was a good time to catch up on paperwork, I was tired so I thought I’d get an early start on the weekend. I didn’t expect my girlfriend, Paola, to be home when I got there, so I was surprised to hear the television when I walked through the door. I decided to sneak up on her as a surprise, but when I went into the living room, she was the one who surprised me.

Playing on the television was a porn video; a pretty young girl was having her faced stuffed with cock; I watched for a second when the actor pulled out and emptied a huge load of cum across her face. Paola, not realising I was behind her, emitted a little gasp and then a moan. Immediately the scene on the screen shifted; once again, a sexy young bitch was getting her throat rammed by a large cock. Once again, the scene ended with arcs of hot, sticky cum splashing the actress’s pouty, puffy lips. Paola moaned again and I could her a squishing sound. I quietly looked over the back of the sofa and saw my petite sweet girl pounding her cunt with her fingers. The skirt of her elegant suit was hiked up around her waist, her dainty little g-string panties around her knees. I wanted nothing more than to strip down and fuck her senseless, but I was fascinated with the scene in front of me and decided to watch quietly, despite my own erection.

Paola has always been an enthusiastic cocksucker. In spite of the fact that she’s a high-powered corporate attorney, in the bedroom she’s definitely a submissive. Who knows? Perhaps it’s because in the “outside” world she is so forceful and dominant that at home she takes comfort from being the object, rather than the subject. Which suits me fine; our sex life is dominated by me—I’m the one who calls all the shots, and she takes the greatest pleasure in pleasuring me. Not that she doesn’t get her share of orgasms: the girl comes buckets, at times even squirting juice from her cunt.

Another scene started on the television, same as the others, but this time, when the girl finished with a face full of dripping cum, she turned her head and got a second pounding by another huge cock, and then a third. Paola’s breathing grew shorter, her moans deeper. She reached into her purse and extracted a large, natural-shaped dildo and stroked herself once before burying it deep into her gash. I fully expected her to fuck herself with it, but as soon as it was properly lubricated, she withdrew it and began to suck on it. The girl in the video took a third load and then a fourth and as Paola watched, she fucked her own mouth with the plastic cock while still fingering her stiff clit.

Silently, I took off my jacket and tie and unbuttoned my shirt, slipping off my loafers. My nipples were almost as erect as my cock, but I left my trousers and stepped around the side of the sofa. Paola was startled and automatically attempted to cover herself but I commanded her to continue and knelt down between her legs and began to lick her oozing slit. The bitch was wet, her tangy juices flowing into my mouth and down my chin. As I concentrated my wagging tongue on her stiff clit, I reached up and pinched her nipples, which only had the effect of deepening her moans and causing her hips to buck against my chin. I reached further and put my hand over hers, grasping the dildo, and pushed it into her mouth. Paola gagged, but I knew she was loving it from the way she thrust her cunt at my mouth.

I continued to savage her clit until I could tell she was ready to cum. Her entire body shook and her little cunt went into spasms around my tongue. Before I knew what was happening, she arched her back and emitted a stream of hot, viscous juice into my face as she twisted and writhed beneath me. I took the dildo from her mouth and rammed it deep into her gaping hole and then went back down to sucking her sloppy clit. Pulling on it with my lips, I brought her to a second, quick orgasm, and then told her to describe the video to me.

“A young girl is on her knees, sucking a large black man’s cock. He is grabbing her pigtails—she has red hair and freckles—using them like handles to pull her head into his groin. He’s raping her mouth and now…” she gasped…”now he’s coming great quantities onto her face, filling her mouth and eyes, shooting it into her red hair…

“Another one is starting; the girl is undressing, acting sexy, slowly showing her tits, which are tiny, like mine. She has a very short “school-girl” plaid skirt, and is turning around to show that she’s naked underneath. Her cunt lips are puffy, and now a man’s hand goes between her legs. Oh god…” and her breath catches “…he’s fingering her asshole. She’s kneeling down now, taking his cock in her fist and licking around the head, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum no doubt.”

Paola was rocking her hips against the dildo and my tongue. Her voice was a dull monotone, describing each act of facial abuse, how the semen shot forth and splattered the young models’ mouths. But then she became animated again, as she described the next clip.

“It’s an Asian woman…oh, it’s a genuine bukkake scene. She has her panties on but has removed her bra and is holding a clear glass plate under her chin. There are dozens of men in their underwear, holding their cocks and stroking them. The first one has just come on her and it’s slowly sliding down her face. Now the next one has spurted and it too is dripping from her cheek. Another now, less forceful, and now another—this is a big load, and it drips off her lips and onto the glass plate. The camera position is now underneath the plate, I’m watching the cum accumulate. Oh my god, there are dozens of men yet to go; they’re all going to come on her. Oh fuck…”

I stuck my index finger into Paola’s asshole and then slipped my middle finger in as well. Now both holes were filled and my tongue continued to lash her clit. Her mouth was filled with words, dribbling out the descriptions of the action on the television. “Another shot and another; they’re relentless, she’s coated in a sea of cum,” she said. “She’s so lucky.”

Then my Paola came again. I pulled the dildo from her cunt and she squirted into my face again, the last few words that escaped were, “she’s drinking the contents of the plate, swallowing all that cum.

“Please let me suck you.”

I was ready, and withdrew the dildo from her cunt, stepping out of my trousers. My cock sprung lewdly in front of my, and I guided Paola onto her back, with her head hanging over the edge of the sofa. I placed my cock over her face, settling my balls on her lips and she began to suck and lick them. Her body was crunched on the couch, and I directed that she raise her ass against the backrest so she could drape her legs over the back. A large dollop of precum oozed from the tip of my cock and onto her neck. I spread her legs and slapped her cunt, then grabbed the slick dildo and slowly plugged it into her asshole. Pulling back for a moment, I eased my cock into her waiting mouth, sliding down into her throat until my balls covered her eyes.

“You dirty bitch,” I said as I began to thrust and fuck her throat, “coming home to masturbate without my permission.” A little whimper escaped but I continued stuffing her mouth with my erection. I slapped her cunt again. “You’re just a whore, aren’t you? You worthless cunt.” I was in a good rhythm now, stroking my cock between her lips, feeling the tip enter the top of her oesophagus. I wasn’t going to last long, I wanted to come as much as Paola needed to drink it.

And I knew she needed it. Her hands went over her head and around my waist, reaching for my ass cheeks and pulling me even deeper into her mouth. “Go ahead, bitch,” I commanded, “I know you want to…finger my asshole.” Paola wasted no time sliding her index finger up my ass. We both knew that would cause me to come almost immediately; it’s what we both needed and wanted.

She gagged a bit when I exploded in her mouth, emptying the contents of my balls so deep into her throat I doubt she even tasted it. And unbelievably, her cunt was oozing and going into spasm again. I pulled out and squeezed the last drops of my load onto her lips, which she hungrily licked off. My legs were weak as I stood up, and I collapsed into the club chair. The video had ended at some point.

“Take that cock out of your ass and bring me a drink,” I said. Paola was still in the same position. “And get off the rest of those clothes.” She straightened up slowly and stripped the rest of her dishevelled clothing off, leaving nothing but the glistening juices of her cunt gracing her flesh as she went to the kitchen. A few moments she returned with a cold glass of white wine which she handed me before kneeling at my feet and started to gently stroke my limp cock.

“Thank-you, sir,” she said. “Thank you for the multiple orgasms and the load of cum to swallow.”

“We obviously need to talk about what happened here today,” I said. “Don’t we?”

Paola’s head and voice both dropped. “Yes, Sir.”

“Why were you home early?”

“I had hoped to surprise you with a nice dinner. I signed an important contract this morning and thought I’d treat myself with the afternoon off. I stopped at the market for some steaks, and then had the idea to buy some new knickers to wear while I served you. I went into a sex shop and saw this video on the shelf and was irresistibly drawn to it. I had only intended to skim over it while I cooked, but with each passing scene, I slowly lost my resistance. It made me so randy.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“I’ve always known you liked sucking cock, known you like feeling it hit your face before you scoop it into your mouth. What’s special about this?”

“I’m not sure,” she replied, pensively, “maybe it’s the anonymity, especially in the bukkake scene. All those random cocks, all that anonymous cum drenching that lucky slut.”

“And you’d like to be that slut, wouldn’t you?”

She didn’t answer, but sighed heavily and tellingly. I reached down and put my hand behind her head, then yanked her hair back, so she was looking into my face, repeating, “Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered haltingly.

“So my cock isn’t enough, doesn’t satisfy you, is that it? You need more?”

“Oh, no, Sir,” she quickly replied, kneeling up straight and lowering her head to my lap, “Oh no. I love your cock. You treat me so well, better than I have ever deserved. I live to serve you, to serve your cock. You fulfill me, complete me. No, Sir. Your cock is my world. I am your slave, and no others’. I love you”.

“Hmm,” I said, as if unconvinced. But I knew that Paola spoke truly. And it was reciprocal: her subservience filled a hole in my life I’d never been able to define before. She was my ideal woman, physically—petite and with an olive complexion, totally committed to our mutual pleasure, dark, doe-like eyes, small tits and short hair, incredibly smart and well bred. She’s at home in a board room and a captain of industry (if such a thing exists in this post-industrial age), well read and erudite, a decent cook and total slut. And yes, I love her too.

“I’m going to have a shower, and you can make the dinner—I hope you got the ingredients for the dinner before your trip to the sex shop.”

“I did, and I will, Sir,” she said. “Can I bring you a second glass of wine?”

“That’s my good girl,” I said, rising. There was a drop of cum dribbling from my cock, and I squeezed it out and offered it her. Paola extended her tongue and took the drop, almost like a communicant receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

As the hot water ran over my body, I thought about how to make Paola’s fantasy a reality. It excited me, thinking of actually whoring out my little slut. But while it was all well and good to let her suck random cock, I needed to be in charge—without any skills as a pimp. I thought about the possibility of asking colleagues from the office, but that was certainly not “anonymous” enough; most of my colleagues already knew Paola for the business leader she was. And then I remembered my “poker buddies”. There was a random group.

Once a month, I play poker with five other fellows; we met at the race track a couple of summers ago and typically meet for our games in the back room of a small bar in the far reaches of Queens, not far from Aqueduct. But on at least two occasions, we’ve relocated to the home of one of the other guys; in both cases because of babysitting conflicts. The games don’t go on too late, and they’ve always been relatively low-stake. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to bring these guys to my apartment, but getting a suite at a Midtown hotel wouldn’t be out of the question. I’d make some lame excuse, and bring Paola along as the “hostess”.

I turned off the water and drew back the shower curtain. There was Paola, on her knees on the bathmat, with my next drink on a silver salver held above her head. Naturally, she was nude.

“How’s dinner coming along?” I asked, deliberately ignoring the earlier topic.

“Fine, Sir. It will be ready to be served when you’re through here.” Her eyes were lowered, and I placed my hand under her chin, forcing her to look at me. “I’m sorry, Sir,” she added.

“For what?”

“For causing you any distress,” she replied, a tear welling in her eye.

“I’m not distressed, Paola. I’m quite happy.” I wiped away the tear. “Now go get the dinner ready and I’ll be along shortly.”

She smiled at my smile. “Yes, Sir,” she said, rising and exiting the bathroom. Did I mention Paola possesses the most perfect ass? I love watching her leave a room. I also love fucking that tight, dark hole.


I came to the table wearing just my dressing gown, and Paola served me naked, placing my plate down before me and topping off my wine glass. Never presumptuous, the place opposite was empty, but I asked her to join me. Naturally, as befitting her general breeding and good taste, the steak was excellent, perfectly done. We ate in relative silence, only occasionally commenting about our workdays. I explained to her how it was that I came home early, and what a pleasant surprise it was to find her as I did, causing her to blush a little, in spite of all our intimacies over the years.

When I finished, I pushed back and adopted a serious mien.

“I’ve thought a lot about your comments earlier,” I started, causing her to blush again, “and I’ve decided to help you realise your fantasy.”

“Oh, no, Sir! Please! I’m so sorry!”

“Hush now, my sweet. We both know you’re a slut, and I’ve made you my whore…Isn’t that correct?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“Well, I’ve decided it’s about time you were drenched in cum. But of course there will be certain ground rules.” I explained my idea of hosting a poker night at a hotel. Paola would act as a paid hostess, serving drinks and sandwiches in a revealing costume and eventually letting her mouth be raped by all the men there. And though I’d permit them to finger her cunt and ass, only I would be allowed to fuck her. And that would probably only be after the others left.

Paola was curiously quiet. “Well?” I asked, “does this idea have any appeal?”

Her head was lowered, and she merely nodded.

“Speak up, my love, I can’t hear you. The idea made you wet, didn’t it?”

Again, she nodded, eyes still lowered.

“Show me,” I said.

Paola reached between her legs and slid her fingers between her labia, and found that yes, she was quite wet. Raising the index and middle finger of her right hand in a sort of erotic salute for my view, I could see them glistening with her oozings.

“Lick them,” I ordered, and she did. “So, why the hesitation? Speak up.”

“It frightens me. It will be so humiliating.”

“You’ll look just like one of the dirty sluts in that video of yours. Maybe I should film you getting your mouth raped repeatedly, having your face slathered with gobs of anonymous cum. Then you could watch yourself in all your whoredom whenever you want. And so could I. Would you like that?”

She nodded her affirmation and whispered, “Thank you, Sir.” I noticed her nipples were stiff and distended. My cock was stirring again, but I could wait.

“Anything for my good girl,” I said. “Now, let’s get this cleaned up and afterwards, you can get into the shower then show me your gratitude.”

Paola rose and gathered the dishes and headed to the kitchen. I could see a slime trail down the inside of her thigh and as she collected my plate, I fondled her cunt and sucked a nipple; then I offered my wet fingers to her mouth, which she hungrily licked clean.

“You’re so good to me, Sir,” she said gratefully.

“I love you, my little slut.”


That night I fucked Paola’s ass. After her shower, I sent her to bed and told her to “assume the position”. An hour later when I got into the room, she was kneeling on the bed, with her arms stretched out grabbing the rail of the footboard, her tits pushed into the duvet and her ass high and inviting in the air. I told her what a dirty slut she was, what a whore. I told her how disgusting it was to know that she was thinking about—wanting, craving, lusting for—a face full of sticky, stinking cum from anonymous men. She whimpered but said nothing. I jammed my fingers into her cunt and found it already moist. “You disgusting bitch,” I said, fingering her roughly, “you really can’t help yourself from becoming turned on. What a whore.”

I pulled out my hand and brought it down firmly on the pale orbs of her ass. Again and again I struck her, reddening her cheeks to a fiery crimson colour, ignoring her whimpers, moans and tears; she knew better than to complain. And of course she wouldn’t because each stroke, each slap, only excited her more. As the tender flesh of her ass was inflamed with my beating, so was her lust, her desire. Of course it had a similar effect on me: my cock was stiff and protruding lewdly, dribbling pre-cum and aching to plunge between the tight ring of muscle protecting her darkest hole. I tested her readiness by again fingering her cunt, shoving first two, then three and finally four fingers into her dripping, oozing gash. My thumb pressed roughly against the little bean of her clit, and I could feel her grasping at my fingers, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm. All the while I kept up the banter of degradation, verbally abusing her for her slovenly, sluttish, whoring desires.

I withdrew my slime-covered fingers, dripping with her juices, and could see her gaping hole pucker and quiver, the muscles clutching at the air, willing me to reinsert them. But instead, I slide two into her asshole. Paola moaned deeply, the mixture of pleasure and pain singing through her whimpers. Climbing onto the bed, I looked into the mirror on the dresser immediately in front of us, and saw Paola’s face wincing with each thrust.

“Are you wet enough, bitch?” I asked, “Are you ready to get a good, hard reaming?” Paola looked up, into the mirror, into my eyes, and merely nodded. “I can’t hear you, slut,” I yelled. “Are you ready to get your ass fucked?”

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned, barely audible.

Positioning myself between her legs, I spit on her asshole and worked the saliva deep into her. Unable to resist the temptation before me, I ran the tip of my cock over her hard little clit causing her sphincter to grasp at my fingers. Grabbing her hips with both hands, I sunk my cock to the balls into her dripping slit—”Just for a little more lubrication,” I assured her. Then, spitting at her dirty hole again, I withdrew and positioned the head of my cock at the now-gaping opening and slid forward. She was tight and hot. The heat which emanated from her rosy cheeks against my groin fuelled my lust and I pounded into her, stroke after stroke as I pulled on her hips. Paola clenched the footboard tightly, and I watched the pain and emotion on her face in the mirror as I reamed her ass again and again.

“Don’t you wish you were getting your face fucked now at the same time?” I asked. “Wouldn’t you love to be sucking cock whilst getting this ass-fucking?” Paola opened her eyes and looked into mine, via the mirror. Her hair was plastered to her face with perspiration; a sheen of glistening sweat coated her entire body. I knew she was loving being pierced this way; she was responding in a frenzied way, pushing back voluntarily against my powerful strokes. I reached between her legs and grabbed her clit—so hard, so distended, so wanting. As I continued pounding her dirty hole, I tugged the clit, jerking it roughly, and could feel her beginning to orgasm. Her breathing was ragged and she gasped in air and held it as long as she could, attempting to hyperventilate to orgasm.

My own ejaculation was about to fill her ass with the rising tide of my salty semen. The balls, sweaty and slapping against her puffy labia tightened and my thigh muscles stiffened as I was about to empty into her. But I pulled back, so just the head of my cock was still inside the ring of her sphincter, and let loose with a load groan. Whether or not Paola came then as well I couldn’t tell and didn’t care. I let go of her clit and grabbed my shaft, coaxing the remnants of my ejaculate into her.

I too was coated with a sheen of perspiration when I pulled out of her with an audible “plop”, a string of cum from the slit of my cock to her asshole still connecting us.

“Push,” I ordered, “push it out.” This was an easy command to follow as I’d dumped my load right behind the opening of her pouting orifice. As I settled back on my haunches, I cupped my hand under her cunt and when she pushed, my white cum oozed out and down over her lips and onto my fingers. “Goddamn, but you’re a mess, you slut.” A beautiful mess, I added silently. When my cupped hand was filled with all that glorious cum, I bade her to turn around. “Lick it up, bitch,” I commanded and she hungrily lapped at my sticky fingers and palm with her tongue, greedily taking the spunk that had so recently spewed into her asshole. I leaned back in the bed and directed her head to my crotch, allowing her to lick my softening cock clean and suck out any residual cum. When she’d satisfied us both that I was completely voided, she looked into my eyes and placed a hand on my chest and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

We had a quick shower where I peed on her clit and let her pee into her hand—a little routine we’ve developed. Then we went to bed and spooned, my soft cock safely nestled between her still-warm ass cheeks, falling quickly asleep.


The next morning I began to work out the details of Paola’s first bukkake. My monthly poker “buddies” would be the perfect foils for fulfilling Paola’s dirtiest fantasy. As our next regular night wasn’t for two weeks, that gave me enough time to contact everyone and make a reservation for a suite in Midtown. The first to respond was Henry Willis, a large black man who worked for the Sanitation Department; although it had been many years since he worked “in the field” (as he so euphemistically put it), he did not have the physique of a desk-jockey. Eddie Chong, an accountant from Flushing was also available and game; he was excited by the location. Jimmy Doyle was a school superintendent from the Bronx and Hector Lopez, a wiry little immigration lawyer from Carroll Gardens were both in. I gave none of them any idea of the special treat I had in store.

When I got the final response from Hector, it was evening. Paola and I had just finished dinner and I called her into the living room. She was already naked, and I had her squat down on her haunches before me, spreading her crotch and exposing her cunt. “Put your hands behind your head,” I commanded, “and lace your fingers together.” I wanted to watch her cunt as I laid out the plan. “Five guys,” I said, “Five cocks for you.” Paola trembled slightly. “You’ll like that, won’t you?” She nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.” I described each of the guys. “We’ll each take a turn with your mouth, I imagine. That should be perfect for a cocksucker like you.” I could see Paola’s cunt begin to glisten with moisture and he nipples stiffen. “Of course we could probably all take you at once too. A cock in each hole and one in each hand. But I don’t know who’d I’d let fuck your ass and cunt—they really do belong just to me. I don’t mind sharing your mouth and face—hell, they can even abuse those pointy little tits of yours—but the ass and cunt, no. They’re mine. Isn’t that right, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“But the idea does excite you. I can see it in your dirty slutty cunt now. You’re wet, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Jerk your clit, baby. I want to watch a while.”

Paola lowered her arms and with one hand spread her lips wide, then began to finger her little bean. “Thank you, Sir.” Closing her eyes, she slid into reverie, holding her squatting position and careful and conscious of giving me a clear view. I found it arousing. She’s such a dirty girl, a hungry, craving, wanton slut. And I told her so. I unzipped my trousers, taking out my cock, which was already oozing pre-cum, then took one of our toys—a large black dildo with a suction-cup base—and smeared the head with my drippings. Placing the toy at the hungry mouth of her snatch, I eased it into her, setting the base firmly against the floor. I didn’t need to say more: Paola lowered herself onto the toy and began to slowly ride the thing, the fingers on her clit now moving faster as she approached orgasm. I stepped in font of her and ordered her to open her eyes as I began to stroke my cock, inches from her mouth. Her eyes were locked on the slit and I could feel her willing my cum to spurt on her face. It took significant self-control on my part not to just plug her mouth and fuck it. But I resisted. Paola licked her lips and gasped as my hand rapidly pulled my cock, swirling the pre-cum over the head, pulling the slit open for her view.

“What do you want, bitch?”

“Your cum, Sir.”

“Where do you want it, slut?”

“On my face, Sir.”

“Why, whore?”

“Because I’m a dirty slut, Sir; your dirty whore. Because I love your cum.”

“And not just mine. You can’t wait to have those other four cocks fucking your face, can you?”

“No, Sir.”

“You want to drink quarts of cum, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Sir. Oh yes.”

With that, Paola began to tremble and orgasm, rocking her hips frantically against the dildo, slapping her own clit with her hand. And as her mouth opened and she gasped for air, my cum spewed from the slit, arching across the synapse between my cock and her lips. I let the salty drops of spunk stay on her cheek and mouth then reached between her legs and extricated the dildo. It was covered with her slime. Telling her to put her hands behind her head again, I offered her my softening cock to suck out the remaining drops before I pulled out and inserted the dildo. She looked horrid, like a complete whore. I went and had a shower, leaving her like that. When I came back later, she was coated with her own saliva and tears, almost gagging on the dildo. Then I let her have a shower and get ready for bed.


We met at the hotel two days later, at lunch hour. We’d both taken the afternoon off, and had a pleasant lunch, winding down from the week’s work and getting excited about the upcoming event. Paola was wearing a conservative grey business suit, with a white silk blouse. I told her she should wear that to start during the party, but then I handed her a package from my favourite lingerie store. “I want you to wear this underneath. You’ll be able to strip down as the night goes on.” As usual, she had no panties on (it was a standing order), but I did allow her a bra for business wear. She took the package from my hand; “Open it,” I said. Inside were the tiniest pair of panties I could find: just a diaphanous triangle of black lace for her cunt, with three strings. There was also a bra, of the same fabric and cut; just two tiny black triangles that would barely conceal her nipples. I had deliberately selected black so it would be enticingly visible through her blouse. As Paola held up the lingerie, I slid my fingers between her legs, to test her wetness. My good girl was getting excited. I slid my middle finger through her slimy labia and tugged on her clit.

“Just think of all the fingers that are going to be up that cunt before the night’s over,” I said. “You can’t wait, can you?”

“No, Sir,” she said. “I’m probably going to orgasm frequently.”

“Even before you start sucking all that cock?”

“Perhaps, Sir. You know what a slut I am.”

“Yes, I do,” I said. “I might even get you to squirt for the boys.”

Paola shuddered with pleasure. “I may very well. If you’re the one that’s fingering me at the time, Sir. You know how to ‘push my button’.” She smiled, slyly.

We finished our lunch and then went up to the suite. There was a bedroom, large bath and living room with a table and chairs for the poker game. I had ordered a bar to be set up, and some trays of snacks—little sandwiches and other munchies. Paola would be serving these. I sent her in to take a bath, instructing her to pay extra attention to her cunt and ass, though I didn’t really need to of course—Paola is always meticulous in her preparations for sex. Smooth and soft and clean enough to eat, as I frequently do.

She came out of the bath naked, her cunt freshly shaved, and stood before me for inspection. Her nipples were hard as I pinched them, sending a shiver of pleasurable pain down her spine. I parted her labia and was happy to find she was moist. Her labia were puffy with anticipation. Slipping my cunt-slickened finger up her tight asshole, Paola’s nipples extended even further. I handed her a g-string to step into: it was the tiniest triangle of black lace that hardly covered her cunt. Indeed as I tugged it into place, I could almost see her distended clit hood peaking over the top of the lace. I was enjoying dressing her, and put on the bra. It was too small: her nipples stretched the flimsy fabric to the limit, her large, dark areolae were clearly visible on either side of the delicate triangles.

My cock was stiff and leaking, but there was no time. Besides, I was hoping to spill a huge load into her cunt when I finally fucked her. But that would be much later. Now I had her put on the white blouse, again, just a little snug, hugging her form. The black fabric of the tiny bra was clearly visible: she looked like a whore needing to be fucked.

The skirt I provided was very short, just barely covering her arse cheeks, and then the finally, a pair of four-inch high stiletto heals. “Look at yourself in the mirror,” I said, and she did. “How do you like it?”

“I look like a whore,” she smiled.

“Today you are, baby. Daddy’s little cum-slut is going pro. Now sit down and relax until I call for you. Think about the fat cocks that will be fucking your mouth; think about all the cum you’ll get to drink.”

“I doubt that will be very relaxing,” she demurred.

With that there was a knock at the door to the suite, and I closed the bedroom door behind me and let in Henry and Eddie. Just as I was about the close the door the elevator down the hall opened and Jimmy and Hector stepped out. “Good,” I called, “we’re all here.”

When they were in the room, Hector asked what the special occasion was. “Oh,” I said, “I just thought we’d do something interesting for a change. Spice things up.”

“This kip up must have set you back a few bob,” Jimmy said.

“I had a good month,” I replied, “thought I’d spread the wealth.”

The guys sat around the card table and I broke open two new packs of cards. “Anybody want a drink?” I asked as I began to shuffle and deal out the first hand.

“Sure,” said Henry as he began to get up.

“Sit,” I said, “it’s covered.” I clapped my hands and the bedroom door opened and Paola came into the room. Four pairs of eyes turned to her, and four chins dropped at the sight as I dealt out the remaining cards.

“Miss P, our guests would like something to drink,” I said as nonchalantly as possible, although my heart was pounding in my chest to see my little bitch about to begin her “service”, benign as it was.

“Yes, Sir,” she said approaching the table. “What will you gentlemen have?” she asked. Jimmy wasn’t shy, maybe he quickly assessed the situation: “I wouldn’t mind a taste of you,” he said.

“To drink, Sir” Paola retorted, adding somewhat cryptically, “It’s early yet.”

“Scotch rocks, then,” Jimmy replied and the other added their orders. They all looked at me questioningly, and I kept my best poker face attempting to give away nothing yet. When each of the men were served, Paola stood before me asking, “And what will be your pleasure, Sir?”

“A Pinot Grigio, Miss P., if you please.”

“It’s always my pleasure to serve you, Sir,” she said, smiling, as she walked to the bar. When she put my drink on the coaster next to me, I picked up a five-dollar chip and offered it to her between two fingers. “I don’t suppose you have any pockets in that outfit, do you?” I asked.

“No, Sir. But I’ll make do.” Paola took the chip and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, sliding the chip into her bra, just over the left nipple. The fellows watched in rapt attention, and Hector squirmed a little in his seat. I could only imagine that his cock was stiffening and needed readjustment.

Henry quickly won the first two hands, though the play wasn’t as nimble and lively as usual. There were long pauses as all heads turned in unison watching Paola strut around the table. When Jimmy’s drink was finished, Paola went to him and bent over, to whisper in his ear, allowing those behind her a full view of her arse and those before her a good look down her blouse. Jimmy whispered something in reply and Paola went back to the bar, telling him he was naughty as she got him another drink. This time Jimmy tipped her as well, with a ten-dollar chip, that she slipped into the other cup of her bra.

Eddie’s drink was also wanting, and Paola fetched him another. He had the ten-dollar chip ready even before the drink was poured and he looked at us saying, “I wonder where she’s going to put this one?” I wondered as well, but without missing a beat, Paola slid the chip under her skirt and into her g-string. We played a few more hands, but it was obvious to all by then that the game was not progressing with the distraction. It was my turn to deal again and I mentioned to Paola that Hector wasn’t having very good luck this evening.

“Why don’t you go and blow on his cards, Miss P.?” I suggested.

“Just his cards, Sir?” Paola replied, coyly.

I dealt the cards and Paola stood behind Hector, rubbing her hands over his shoulders and chest and when he had his full hand, she bent down and blew onto his cards, allowing her hands to slide across his lap. From the way Hector moved in his chair I could tell that Paola was squeezing his erection. His face was practically smothered between her breasts.

“Shit, man,” Henry said, “it’s getting hot in here.”

“Yes,” I added. “Very hot. Don’t you think so, Miss P.”

“I do, Sir,” Paola answered, and straightened up and unbuttoned her blouse, tossing it aside. “That’s better,” she said.

“Not for me,” Eddie said.

“Then allow me to help,” Paola said, going to him. He turned in his chair and she unbuttoned his shirt, and began to lick his nipples as she removed the shirt from his shoulders. Gradually sinking to her knees, she licked down his to the belly until she got to his belt buckle. We could all see Eddie’s cock pushing the fabric of his trousers towards the girl’s throat.

“Still hot?” she asked. Eddie could only nod his head in ascent. “Perhaps if you took off your trousers,” she suggested, undoing his belt and lowering the zipper.

Eddie stood up and allowed his trousers to fall to the floor. His stiff cock was protruding from the fly of his boxers. This was the moment of truth, the moment Paola desired, the moment I’d been waiting for: to see my little slut prostitute herself.

“Oh my,” Paola said, wrapping her fingers around his erection. “It’s leaking.” With that she extended her tongue to just graze the tip of his cock, before sliding his hard rod between her sweet lips.

“Sweet mother,” Jimmy said, standing and undoing his trousers. He already had an erection and drop his briefs as well, standing next to Paola’s face, stroking it. She turned to look and reached out for his cock, abandoning Eddie and slurping Jimmy into her mouth. Eddie just stepped back and removed the rest of his clothes then sat on the sofa and slowly stroked himself as he watched.

It was my turn to join the fray, and take control of the situation. I took Eddie’s seat at the card table and turned the chair outward to the action. “Miss P.,” I said, harshly, “you’re a very naughty girl.” Paola stopped bobbing her head up and down Jimmy’s cock. “Come here and assume the position.”

Reluctantly, Paola released Jimmy, a trail of saliva and pre-cum drooping from his cock to her lips. She lost no time lying across my lap and I raised her skirt and brought my hand sharply across her arse. “You’re a slut,” I said, smacking her again. Jimmy, Henry and Hector joined Eddie on the sofa, unconscious of each other, all eyes fixed on Paola’s rapidly reddening arse. “Such a dirty, whorish slut,” I added.

“I know, Sir,” she whimpered through her tears, “I can’t help it. I love to suck cock.”

“Don’t be harsh, dude,” Hector said, “she’s only doing what she loves.”

I stuck two fingers into her dripping cunt. “And look at this,” I cried in mock amazement, turning her bottom for the guys to see, “Her cunt is dripping wet! Have you ever seen such a dirty cock-sucking slut?”

“Thank you, Sir,” Paola directed at Hector. “I’m only doing what I love, Sir. Please don’t spank me anymore.”

“Shut up, bitch,” I said. “There’s only one way to treat a cock-sucker like you. Like the slut you are.”

“Sweet Jesus,” Henry said, raising. He was still completely dressed, but also erect, his cock making an impressive tent is his trousers. “Let me teach her.” Henry exposed his rod, which was massive, at least eight-inches long and as broad as Paola’s wrist. “Come here, bitch,” he barked, “I’m going to fuck your face.” I released Paola and helped her to her feet, taking the skirt off before she stumbled across the room to where Henry stood. She knelt before him and reached out for his huge tool, but he told her to grab her ankles and not say a word. Grabbing the back of her head he plunged his big black cock between her lips until his balls were slapping her chin.

“You want cock,” he said, “You got cock.” He began to pound into her head, oblivious to her gagging and struggling, but I noticed that she didn’t dare release the grip on her ankles. The other three were naked now and stood in a circle around my delicious little bitch as her mouth was repeatedly raped. I was behind her, and undid the hooks of her bra, allowing it to fall forward. The two chips that had been hidden there bounced to the floor and I tossed them onto my pile on the table.

Henry’s pounding was relentless and I was surprised and impressed at how well Paola handled it. She wasn’t gagging now, but accepting all the meat down her throat with every thrust. I decided to urge him on, so said, “A bitch like this doesn’t deserve a mouthful of cum, man. You should dump it on her face, Henry.” The other joined in. “Yeah, Hank, spill your load on her face.” “That’s what the slut deserves.” “Pump it, man, pump it.”

This had the effect I was hoping for and Henry was getting close to busting his nut. “Go for it man, give her the facial,” I prompted. I felt like the evil angel on his shoulder, putting thoughts of debauchery into his head.

This is the fourth chapter of the “Jamie The Black Sheep” story. I hope you enjoyed the first three. If you’re starting here, I suggest you move back so that you can meet the cast of characters.


After a few minutes the astonished stares from the kitchen table went away as people refocused on our drinking game. Rachel and Emily were certainly attempting to have their fun for the weekend. Their respective boys were paying them all sorts of attention. Every now and then one of them would spring up, like some nervous twitch. It was clear there was something going on under the table, but I mostly let it wash over me. I leaned back, sipped my mixed drink, and let the game go one without me.

“Ladies, are we going to make a night of this?” the boys said as they got up from the table. It was pretty obvious they were both sporting some wood. Emily and Rachel must have been giving as well as they received.

“Definitely,” Emily and Rachel said in unison.

“In that case there something we need to go grab at our place. Give us about ten minutes.”

“Sure thing.”

I turned my head to see that I had Emily and Rachel’s rapt attention.

Emily started it off, “There’s no way we’re letting that comment slide. What did you do? Or what did you not do?”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” I said meekly. I was too tired to get started on this. Plus, I still wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I’d get from these two. They had been my friends for a long time, but I knew that if I laid out the whole story there’s a good chance our relationship would take a serious blow. This goes back to who these girls were: mostly good girls who had the occasional moderate dalliance. What I could tell them would go leagues beyond what they’d consider appropriate.

“Oh no, you’re not getting off that easy. Listen Jamie, we know what kind of weekend you’ve had. First Will, then Ryan, and now apparently this married dude. That’s one helluva weekend! I know you think we can’t handle something like this, but we HAVE to know.”

“I know Jamie, I’ve been so pissed that I haven’t had any fun this whole weekend,” Emily added in.

“Emily, you had plenty of fun the first night.”

“Wait what, I passed out before anything could happen, or that’s what I remember.”

“Yea, you passed out alright, but there was a lot that happened before that.”

Rachel looked at Emily and gave her a, “You little slut. Playing Ms. Innocent all day long.”

“I don’t remember! What did we do?”

“Well, after Rachel and Claire left we all started the dance party again. Will had hidden a mostly full bottle of vodka, and we started passing it around taking shots. Soon enough, we were all shots off each other.”

“The boys really cranked it up then.”

“Not just the boys Emily, you poured booze down my front and licked it clean.”

“No way, I’ve never done something like that to a girl.”

“Girl, you had almost my whole boob in your mouth. When I returned the favor, I couldn’t get half of one of those massive things in my mouth.”

“Good lord, what happened next?”

“Your naked, horny ass led an equally naked and horny Andy and Ryan to the pullout. You were begging to get double teamed, so I went to the bedroom with Will. The next thing I know Ryan comes into the bedroom and announces you had passed out.”

“Damn! I missed it. How did the girls find me with my clothes on?”

“Andy and Ryan put them back on you. They figured it would probably end badly if Claire and Rachel came home to you naked on the couch passed out, them naked sitting around, and Will and I going at it in the bedroom.”

“Look at foxy lady now!” Rachel screamed. “Jamie, all day Emily’s been swearing up and down that she was prim and proper last night. Looks like she was leading the charge of the Slut Brigade.”

“We were all right there together.”

“Alright. So now we know about that. Here’s what we DON’T know! What happened with Mr. Hot Dad from the pool?”

“Guys, I don’t know…”

“You’re going to tell us. Listen Jamie, we promise: no judgment, we just want to know. We won’t tell Claire.”

I had forgotten about Claire. God, she was such a problem. All of us were sitting and having a good time, Claire was on the chair (the same one I was bent over and nearly fucked on this morning) reading a book.

“Ok, ok. So we were at the pool, talking all afternoon. We started drinking. Then after a few hours in the sun stuff started heating up. We made out in the hallway going to the bathroom. The next thing I know we’re back at his condo, starting to get it on.”

“Where was his wife?”

“She was out looking at properties with her sister. She’d told him they were getting back late that night. I guess the plans changed.”

“So she caught you?”

“Yea, that was the humiliating part.”

I had to stop to think about that. It was totally humiliating, but not kind of humiliation a kid gets by peeing their pants in school. This was a savory humiliation. This was falling from a pedestal. I was the lowest of the low as those two astonished women looked on. A fallen woman. My body’s reaction was just like the rush of adrenaline hanging over a ledge. I had felt my stomach drop. There was a static fuzz in my mind. It was kind of like the moment before you think you’re about to crash. Total fear. But that quickly washed away and left me feeling very turned on. There’s no way I could tell these girls that.

“That’s some serious shit, Jamie. And totally fucking hot! And let’s not let you drop the admission that he was ‘buried in your ass.’”

This was going better than I’d expected. No revulsion. They both still seemed into it. And they’re genuinely curious about the anal. Maybe I’m not giving these girls enough credit.

“Yea, it wasn’t something I expected. It just kind of happened, and that’s when she walked in.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Like hell, at first.”


“Fucking amazing. One of the hardest orgasms I’ve ever had. There were some other factors at play. I’m not sure if I could even describe it. He was fantastic though. So much so that I doubt this was his first go-round on the cheating scene.”

“Mmmm,” they both let out in an approving way.

Just then the boys returned. They had grocery bags filled with some stuff.

“Ladies want some dinner?”

Just then Claire came back into the picture, “What? I thought we were all going out. Guys, we’re only here another two days. We only went to eat the first night!”

Claire did have a point. This was our vacation and we had been spending most of our time here in the condo. But at that moment I saw a deflated look on both Emily and Rachel’s face. They wanted to stay. They wanted the boys to stay. At that moment, I knew I was going to have to fall on this grenade.

“Claire, why don’t you and I go out? These boys brought some food. We shouldn’t waste it. Rachel and Emily, you two stay and eat. We’ll all go on a girls’ night tomorrow night.”

Smiles erupted from the four sitting at the table. Claire looked mildly displeased, but I think she knew by everyone’s expression that this wasn’t going to be a battle she was going to win.

“Ok Jamie, let’s go party and let these homebodies miss out on some fun! But girls’ night tomorrow!”

Somehow I doubted our fun would outpace what was going to happen in this condo, but I put on a good face and decided to make the best of the night.


I stood naked in the bedroom by myself. I heard the others outside, really picking up the pace of their drinking. I had just taken a long, luxuriating shower and it totally really recharged me. I did a great job straightening my hair. Next, I put on a good amount of makeup. Not complete slut mode, but enough to demonstrate that I meant business that evening.

Hmm, what to wear? I had no idea what Claire was planning to do, so I had to be ready for any occasion. Claire didn’t drink or put out, but that didn’t mean she was predictable. She was always game to go to the new or hip place in town. I think it was mostly so she could make appearances and then brag to whoever listened to her about those kinds of things. People at her work? Who knows.

I picked out a short little purple dress. It had really thin fabric with a plunging V neckline that tied around the back of my neck, leaving my back almost bare. I don’t have the biggest amount of cleavage, but this dress worked a little magic to make me look pretty damn hot. You can’t really wear a bra, so I put on some stickies that would give me some lift (and some volume!) but still not be seen. Next, the panties weren’t a big decision. I had to go with a small thong, because the dress was so tight and thin. The only hitch was that the skirt was pretty shot and flared at the bottom, so there was a chance of flashing people. Decision made: go with the tiniest thong I own. My final touch was the most exciting addition. Well, at least for the girl in me. I put on a pair of beautiful black, strappy Christian Louboutin heels with bright red soles. The heels were really high—at around three or four inches—but they were gorgeous!

With my outfit complete, I checked myself out and knew I looked ready for the club!


When I walked outside, I realized that Claire was not ready for the club. I had apparently seriously misjudged the situation. Claire was standing there in a cute, albeit extremely ordinary, top. The real kicker was her jeans. They were totally “mom jeans”—the kind that go up way too high above your hips, make your ass look flat, and not hug your frame at all. Uh, this was just sad to see.

“Jamie, wow I didn’t know we were getting so dressed up! I thought we were just going to dinner.”

“Oh, I thought after dinner you wanted to go do something. I can go change.”

“No, if we wait too much longer all the restaurants will be slammed.”

“Ok, point the way.” With that, Claire and I headed out the door. As I left, I turned and gave the four remaining a wave and a wink. Emily and Rachel waved goodbye with great enthusiasm.

“Don’t hurry home.”

Right before I closed the door I saw one of the boys pull some kind of baggy out of his pocket.


Claire selected a semi-nice place to eat. The appetizers were delicious, the ambiance was nice, and the wine was excellent. I ordered a whole bottle of white wine expecting to share it with Claire.

“No thanks, I’m still probably going to drive home.”

“Claire, we can just cab home. You can sit back and enjoy yourself if you want.”

“I may have a glass, but you go ahead.”

Debby fucking Downer. We sat through the rest of the meal making very small talk. We completely avoided all of the incidents that had occurred over the past few days and talked about nothing. It was pretty lame. What I did succeed in doing, however, was finish my bottle of wine. As the check was coming, I saw Claire hadn’t even touched her glass. When the waiter took our final bill, I reached over and downed Claire’s glass.

“Let’s go grab another drink!”

“Jamie, wait! I thought we were going home.”

“Oh Claire, just one drink. I bet the people at home haven’t even finished eating yet. Let’s not disturb their dinner.”

“Ok, but just one drink.”

“Definitely, and you’ll be more than fine to drive.”


Ten minutes later Claire and I were in line for a very exciting looking club. The line outside was populated by very attractive people. All the guys looked really hot and the girls were dressed in their full club gear. Some had taken that idea to the extreme. I looked tame compared to a lot of them.

It took us another ten or so minutes to get to the front of the line. There were only three people left in front of us, and the bouncer was checking their IDs and taking the cover charge.

“Jamie, I really have to pee!”

“Ok, you head straight for the ladies room. I’ll run to the bar and get us some drinks! Let’s meet next to the DJ booth, there’s always one of those.” It seemed like a good enough plan and we both nodded our assent.

I gave my ID and cover charge to the bouncer. As I walked inside, I glanced around and saw Claire doing the same thing. I looked down to put my ID and wallet into my clutch ***Whoosh*** Wow, inside the club’s front door was a whole new world. The lighting was amazing. The people were all dancing like crazy. Most of all, the music was so powerful you could feel the bass beat move through you. This place was amazing.

God, everything about the place was nice. The temperature was set perfectly: warm enough so the girls could wear close to nothing but cool enough so that the place wasn’t a sauna. The dance floor was mostly comprised of these big, smooth dark panels. In between those were ambient lights shining up. It made the floor seem to glow. I had never seen anything like it.

I looked over and the bar was jammed with people so I scampered over to jockey for position. After a few minutes of elbowing my way to the front, I finally had some real estate at the bar. On either side of me were two stunning girls. They were both trying to win the attention of the bartenders by leaning over and giving them as much of an eyeful as they possibly could. Three can play at that game! I leaned in, pushed my forearms into the outside of my boobs. That pushed them together and created as much cleavage as I was going to have. I wasn’t the first one of the three of us chosen to give our order, but I was the second.

“Two Cosmos, please,” I said while handing the bartender a $50. He came back with the change and my drinks. “And you can keep the change.” I left him a fat tip hoping that he’d remember me and serve me as quickly as possible in the future. This place was too much fun to just have one drink!

I started moving to where I thought the DJ would be. It took a while to get there. There were tons of people dancing and moving through the crowd. I had to be extra careful, because I had two drinks that were very spill-prone. Somehow, I made it to that end of the club without spilling. I looked up, and the DJ booth was on a balcony overhanging the club’s dance floor. It wasn’t sticking out too much, but enough so that the DJ was looking out over everyone. You could tell he could see if people were into the groove or if he needed to change something up.

The music was amazing. I started sipping on my drink and moving with the music. It’s tough to dance while you’re double-fisting drinks, so my moves were a little limited. I did get some offers to dance though. I brushed them all aside, because I continued to scan the crowd for Claire. She should be pretty easy to spot in this crowd. The girls all looked ready for their stripper auditions, and the guys all had their shirts open.

As I waited longer and longer, I began to sense that something in our plan had gone awry. She should be here by now. I was at the bar for a pretty good while before I got served. Oh well. The girls’ bathroom is probably the biggest X factor in any bar or restaurant. Sometimes, the line takes forever. That must be what’s happening. I took out my phone to see if I could get in touch with her that way. I clicked on my Blackberry, and it showed that I had no signal. Crap. No way to call her.

I leaned back against the cloth covered wall to take a little pressure off my high heel-covered feet. Quickly, I found myself leaning back a little too far. I was falling through the cloth! There wasn’t a wall behind it!

I somehow regained my footing and hoped no one saw that. I had come pretty close to falling right on my back and spilling our drinks all over myself. Luckily, no one seemed to notice. I looked back through the cloth and saw a staircase going up. I figured it was the stairs the DJ took to get to his platform. Being a little bold after a whole bottle of wine and half a Cosmo, I headed up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, I saw the little gate that led to the DJ booth and equipment. The stairs veered to the right and went a little higher to some other room. I decided to stay here. From this vantage point, I could see the whole club: the dance floor, the bar, and the restrooms. It was neat, because you could see all the lights, speakers, and inner workings of the club from this angle. Down on the floor it was a bright, loud blur if you looked up. This would be the best place for me to spot Claire in this place. So I hunkered down and started eyeing the crowd.

About a minute later I heard someone trying to get my attention. It was funny, you could actually hear pretty well up here. Down on the floor, you would have to scream in someone’s ear to pass a sentence. Up here, however, you were above and behind the speakers pointed down at the floor. I looked over and saw the extremely cute DJ waving me over. I walked through the little gate and over to where he was standing.

“Hey lady, what are you doing up here? Bringing me a drink?”

I looked down and remembered I had two drinks.

“No, I’m just looking for my friend. She was supposed to meet me right below here, but I can’t find her. So I came up here to get the bird’s eye view of everything.”

“Technically, you’re not supposed to be up here, but exceptions can be made. What’s your name?”


“I’m Luc.” [as in Luke]

Luc was incredibly handsome. He was a little over six feet tall and strong built. He had his headphones on, but one of the earpieces was off so that he could hear me. He didn’t really look like what I thought I DJ at this place would look like. He had on nice slacks and a Polo. I figured a DJ would be a Jersey-ed guido, but this guy had conservative prep frat star written all over him. Just my type!

We chatted it up for a little while and immediately hit it off. I found out he graduated from college a few years ago (like me) who was really into all kinds of music. His family was somehow involved in running or owning the place, but I couldn’t get specifics out of him. Oh well, I wasn’t interested in that. I figured I made more money than he did.

Ten more minutes passed, and I realized that I’d subconsciously finished my own drink and had started sipping Claire’s Cosmo. More than that, I only had a sip or two left. Damn, if I found her I’d have to go get another round!

Luc saw that my drink was near empty. “Hey, can I get you another? What’s your pleasure?”

I didn’t know if I wanted him to buy me a drink. The past few days had been pretty crazy, and on some level I was kind of glad that I was out with Claire. When this night started, I figured there was no way I’d get into any more shenanigans. For one, I didn’t think my body could take it. I could still feel the tingle in my pussy and ass and interpreted that as soreness. If I took any more abuse, I might not be able to walk straight for a week.

He sensed my hesitation and said, “Hey, don’t worry about it. The drinks get comped for the entertainment. If I don’t enjoy them, it feels like a waste. I’m having a scotch, what can I get you?”

“I’ll take a Cosmo, thanks.”

He radioed down for someone to bring up our order and turned back to me.

“So where’s your friend?”

“I have no idea. I kind of forgot about her! Is that terrible? I suppose I’m a terrible friend.” I said that with some modicum of genuine concern. I didn’t think Claire was all that fun, but ditching her at a club was something else.

“No, I distracted you. What’s she look like? What’s she wearing? Maybe I’ve spotted her. I get a pretty good look at most people in this place.” He finished that line with a little smirk that gave me the impression he was hiding something behind his words.

“Well, she’d probably look a little out of sorts. She didn’t know we were coming to a club, so she dressed a little down. She’s in jeans and a pretty ordinary top.”

“Oh,” Luc said with an embarrassed/worried face. “There was something on the club radio about a girl getting turned away outside and making a little fuss. Something about her friend being inside. I suppose that’d be you?”

“Fuck, she’s gonna kill me.” I looked at my phone’s clock. I’d been in here close to an hour. I also saw I still had no signal.

“You’re not going to get a signal in here. All the wiring, sound stuff, and lights somehow make this a lead box that the cell towers can’t pierce. It’s really annoying. But I hope you don’t go, you should stay with me. I bet she’s left by now.”

“I bet she has. We have some other friends who stayed at home. She’d probably go join up with them.”

“Perfect! If you want you can stay up here with me, get all the free drinks you want, and maybe learn a little about mixing.”

As if on cue, a really cute waiter emerged with two drinks on a serving platter. In a graceful, fluid motion, Luc grabbed my drink and handed it to me. In the same motion, he started his glass up for a toast. “To a wild fucking night!”

“Cheers to that!” Vacation Jamie was back. Claire’s depressing cloud was gone, and I started psyching myself up for a fun night.


This was fucking awesome. Hell, I had a hunk DJ, free drinks, and an amazing view for people-watching. The bottle of wine and (now) four Cosmos had me seriously buzzing. The conversation—or should I now say full blown flirting—with Luc was really getting heated. Every few minutes he’d have to pay attention to the vast array of music controls, but overall I was surprised by how little he had to do.

“DJing doesn’t involve much does it?”

“Ah no, no, no. It’s really hard actually. I do a ton of work with mixes and songs before I ever begin. I plan everything out, so when it comes time to play I just have to piece it together. I also have to work with the lighting and sound tech guys. They’re behind that window right there [as he pointed to a big windowed room filled with guys right behind us]. The greatest thing about it is changing it to match what’s going on around me. If the crowd gets really into something, I can extend it, repeat it, or speed it up. If the place feels more sexy and chill, I can slow it down and let people grind it out. I can add vocals mid-song, change beats…I have control over everything!”

“Wow, sounds like you’re the master of us all.” I said it like a little vixen. I licked my lips and finished off my drink. Ball’s in your court, Luc.

“Alright, time for my set break.”

Luc made some adjustments on his computers, mixers, and other controls, and we went out the other side of the DJ booth. On that other side, there was another flight of stairs going down. As we descended, I could tell that this flight was definitely longer than the flight I had climbed to get to his booth. At the bottom, there was a very large bouncer guarding a large, service-looking door. It looked innocuous enough. Luc gave the guy a nod, and the door was opened for us.

Inside, there was a luxurious lounge. This had to be the VIP area or something. Everywhere, the furniture was nice, the lighting was very dim, and there were personal servers moving through the very small crowd. It was about the size of the dance floor. In fact, everyone was pretty well dispersed in the very large room. But it wasn’t a big, square room like the dance floor. There were a lot of little alcoves and nooks and crannies with big couches and tables. You could get a lot of privacy in here if you wanted.

More than the entire decor, I could smell a little sex in the room. It was very faint, because the overall smell was lovely—a mix of fine foods and scented candles. But I knew that smell very intimately now. I was like a shark smelling a drop of blood in the ocean. It triggered my predatory senses, and I felt my body getting warm. I was on Luc’s arm, and that small touch was all that was needed to get me craving more.

“Oh fuck!” I looked up to see all the people in the club right above us! All those large black panels on the ground must have been pieces of one-way glass. And the ambient light pointing up from between the panels illuminated everyone from the ground. More specifically and shocking, it gave us a perfect view up the skirt of every girl on the floor. A perfect view. I could point out every girl going commando. There were hundreds of bare pussies grinding up against the pants-clad boys. It was so fucking hot. Porn movies couldn’t shake a stick at something like this. There were just too many people; the scene was too epic!

I had the biggest, turned-on grin on my face. My eyes were darting to different scenes all over the ceiling. Subconsciously, I moved closer to Luc and pressed firmly against him.

“So, you’ve seen our VIP fish tank? What do you think?”

“I think it’s hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Then I leaned into Luc and passionately kissed him. My arms wrapped around his neck and brought him to me. His arms encircled me, and I could tell it was going to take a lot to break us apart. We kissed like that for a few minutes before he broke away from me. He reached around without looking and grabbed two drinks that were waiting on the serving tray of our waiter. We hadn’t even asked for them. They just appeared.

Luc led me over to a private chaise lounge set aside from the main area and set our drinks down on a table. The lounge was almost flat. It was about three feet wide and came up at a slight angle right about shoulder height. He leaned back into a deep recline and looked up. I lay down next to him and put my head on his chest. We looked up at the crowd above us. Tiny thongs, boy shorts, and one pair of granny panties were all present. I spotted at least twelve girls without panties in really short skirts grinding away on guys. We saw everything you could imagine: fully shaved, landing strips, Brazilian, tattoos. A few of them were even getting fingered!

We lay there and sipped our drinks for a few minutes. No one needed to say anything. The voyeuristic delight that was happening ten feet above our heads never seemed to get dull, never seemed to slow down, and never ceased presenting a shock! Damn, a girl was getting fucked right there! I knew instantly both of us were focused on her. The very well-endowed guy was just going to town in and out of her glistening box. The lights gave it a surreal glow. The people around them may have noticed but didn’t let on. Mmm, my attention switched to Luc. I could intimately feel Luc’s arms wrapped around me. We were laying down holding each other as closely as two people possibly could.

Ah, my pussy was absolutely dripping! And Luc had barely touched me. He hadn’t fondled my breasts—like I wanted him too. He hadn’t stroked my pussy—like I wanted him to. We hadn’t even kissed for a few minutes. Then, I figured it out. He knew he didn’t have to. He was letting the taboo of watching this debauched scene get me wound up tighter than a spring. It was working!

I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood straight up on the love seat and straddled his legs. From this vantage point, he couldn’t see anything untoward. Then I started slowly taking steps forward, so that my feet were getting higher up his body. When I got to just above his hips I crouched down so that my cunt was hovering right over his package. I didn’t dare get low enough to touch him. If he wasn’t going to physically tease me, I wasn’t going to tease him. Two could play at this game!

“So you like looking?”

“I enjoy beautiful scenes, yes.”

“Well, why don’t you give me your opinion of this scene?”

I stood up and inched farther up his body. Finally, my feet were straddling his head. I stayed in that position for a second then started swaying to the very sexy music playing in the background. He had a perfect view right up my dress to my drenched, thong-covered pussy. Next, I crouched down again and stuck it right in his face. I wanted him to get the full musk of a woman. The kind of intimate detail you couldn’t get with the glass separation. Then I stood right back up and moved back down his body. I stuck my high heel right on his throat, pressed down ever so slightly, and asked, “So Van Gough, how do I measure up?”

“You’re the most beautiful girl in this place. I noticed you the second you walked through the crowd. When I saw you standing next to the booth, I knew fate had sent me something amazingly special for the night.”

“Good answer.”

I took my heel off his throat, and I slowly hiked my dress up around my hips. Then I slipped my thumbs on either side of my thong’s elastic sides and slowly started inching it down. One side, then the other—alternating with the rhythm of the music until I could feel the cool air waft over my bare pussy. Once my thong got to my knees I let them fall. My legs were just close enough together so that I could step out of them. I felt like the most powerful woman in the world. I was standing there baring my naked lower half to a beautiful man that I had just met. His eyes could have been feasting on a hundred women just above his head, but he didn’t break eye contact with me.

“What do you want now?”

“I want you to take three small steps forward. Then I want you to lower yourself down again. Then I want you to experience immense physical pleasure.”

This boy knew what momma wanted. I took my three small steps forward, crouched down, and covered his face in my broiling cunt. Immediately, his tongue started whipping around, stimulating every fold of sensitive skin I possessed. He worked around the outside and then moved towards the center. He took a deep, long lick right between my folds moving from the bottom up. He finished at the top of my pussy and found my engorged clit. He flicked it for a few agonizingly pleasurable moments. Then he delicately bit it! That was new. But it was just enough of a pinch to send me flying. I pushed down harder on his face without even thinking about it. I didn’t care if I smothered the guy. I wanted to monopolize and control him. If he needed air, he could tap out. Until that point, I was going to enjoy what he had to offer.

I arched my back and stared up to the ceiling. The couple fucking were right above me. Ah, I knew she wasn’t enjoying that as much as I was enjoying this. I reached back and untied my dress straps behind my neck. I let the straps fall and my covered tits sprang out. Stickies aren’t the sexiest thing in the world, so I peeled them off and threw them to the side. Now my dress was bunched around my belly.

I don’t know how he could have seen me unfurl the top of my dress, but his hands moved up and began massaging my tits. I put my hands on top of his and worked them harder into my boobs. His fingers tickled around my nipples.

As I looked down from the ceiling and back to Luc, I noticed our waiter standing in the dark a few feet away. I wouldn’t say he was staring, but he was certainly watching us. I focused right on him and grinding my hips into Luc’s mouth. The rocking got hard enough that Luc had to put his hands down. I replaced his hands with my own on my tits and furiously rubbed them. I didn’t break eye contact with the guy standing about ten feet away. I had watched the crowd above me earlier. Now this guy was going to watch me!

“You like watching?”

No response.

“Huh. A professional, eh? I need to get fucked up, get me another cocktail!” I demanded as I continued to writhe on Luc’s face.

Without the slightest facial expression, he moved away. Moments later—faster than I could believe—a tray with an ice cold cocktail was right next to my hand. Also, right next to the cocktail was a small saucer with a little pill on it. I looked at it questioningly for a moment. “Pure MDMA ma’am,” was the waiter’s response. I had never taken any kinds of drugs before. Hmm, that presented a new intriguing element for the evening. Was I that bold? Was I kidding, of course I was. As turned on as I was in that moment, I knew I would have done anything to increase my level of pleasure. Balls to the wall, right?

All this service—while getting professionally eaten out by a handsome stranger—I could get used to this! I popped the pill in my mouth and took the drink in one gulp. That surge of cold must have tripped something over the edge for me. The muscles in my inner thighs and around my cunt started twitching. If his dick had been inside me, I’m sure the feeling it would have bestowed would have been legendary. I was falling over a precipice, and that precipice was a huge orgasm.

“AHHHH!!!!” I screamed. I noticed some others were now around us enjoying the show. I didn’t worry about them for a second. I let their longing eyes enhance my own pleasure.

I crouched there motionless for a moment, then slowly backed off Luc’s face. When I saw it, his face was absolutely covered in my juices and cum. He had a huge smile on his face. I straddled him fully naked. I looked down and realized that he hadn’t removed a stitch of clothing. I felt a little bad and wanted to reciprocate.

“I think it’s about time I repaid the favor,” I offered.

“Actually, my set break is almost over. I have to get back to the booth.”

Disappointment tumbled through my brain. I wanted to feel his cock. I hadn’t even rubbed it through his pants. God, what a tease I was. Taking everything for myself and then not paying any of it back.

I stood up beside the lounge and let him get up. The waiter appeared with a warm, damp towel, and Luc wiped his face clean; he even gave me a cool glass of water. So refreshing! Luc stood all the way up and took me in his arms. He gave me a long, deep kiss. My dress was still bunched around my waist. His hands moved all around my body. I finally used my hands to knead over his dick. He was so hard! And his dick felt so wonderfully perfect in my hand, even though there was a thin piece of cotton between us. A perfect size. It was big, but not one of those freak things. Perfect.

Luc turned around still holding my hand and led me to the door. As we approached the door a well-dressed couple in the their mid-30s came up to us. “Luc, good to see you down here for a change. And with such fine company.” Luc nodded and looked longingly in my eyes. I felt both the couple’s eyes scanning up and down my naked body. I did nothing to cover myself. I figured that I had just put everything on display so there was nothing they hadn’t already seen. Not to mention the hundreds of up-skirt views you could get just by tilting your head up.

The man’s lady companion piped in, “Those are beautiful shoes. Are those.?.”

“…Christian Louboutin. I picked them up at his Paris boutique last spring,” I calmly and confidently added.

“They’re fabulous, and they make your gorgeous legs look even lovelier. Honey, I think I know your next gift for me.”

“I’m sorry I got you in trouble,” I directed at the man.

“That’s quite alright Jamie, she’s worth it. Plus, I’ll insist she wear them exactly as you are now.”

They walked away and Luc and I continued toward the door. At this point, I figured I had to fix my dress. This room seemed like it was fairly private, so I didn’t want to cause too much fuss as I walked out. I pulled the skirt down and retied the straps around my neck. I thought for a moment about the bra and thong I’d left behind. Fuck ‘em. I wanted to be easy access for Luc. As we got to the door leading back to the staircase, Luc turned kissed me again. “This night isn’t over yet.”



Claire stormed away from the club’s entrance mad as fire. The bouncer flatly turned her down when she got to the front door. Even though she had her ID and cover charge, he gave her one up and down and told her to move along somewhere else. “The gall,” she thought. After several attempts to convince him that she her friend was inside, he told her he didn’t care. He’d get fired if he let me in dressed like that. “No jeans,” was the rule he kept repeating.

Claire took out her cell phone and tried to call Jamie on the inside. “She won’t get that,” the bouncer informed her. “Cell phones for some reason don’t work inside. I’ve never seen one that gets a single bar of service in there.”

“Then let me in real quick so I can let her know I’m out here.”

“No can do. Would you please step aside?”

Claire clicked “Send” on her phone and tried Jamie just in case. Straight to voicemail. “Hey Jamie, it’s Claire. You just got in the club and they denied me—assholes—could you come outside if you get this? The bouncer said you may not have signal. I’m going to wait another ten minutes or so. If I’m gone, can you just get a cab home? Or call me, I’ll pick you up.”

Claire stood by the entrance for about fifteen minutes. After that amount of time, she figured that Jamie didn’t see Claire get turned away and had gone to go get the drinks. With how long the line was out here, Claire figured Jamie might have to wait a while to get drinks. It could be ages before Jamie figured out what was going on.

Resigned to that fact, Claire told the bouncer that she was leaving. “If some girl comes out and asks for Claire, tell her I went home.”


Claire abruptly turned and walked away. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. There was a long line of people who saw the whole confrontation who couldn’t control their snickers. Claire got to her car, opened the door, and slammed it shut. “Ah! Why can’t anything on this trip go right?”

Claire sped home on the verge of tears. She kept checking her phone to see if Jamie had checked in. Nothing.

Claire rolled up the condo and was looking forward to just going to sleep. This day needed to end for her. Tomorrow, they could go to the beach and then they’d have their girls’ night out on the town. She wouldn’t get turned down then!


Claire swung open the door and immediately knew something was amiss. The closet next the bathroom was open and a lot of its contents were spilled out on the floor in front of it. The kitchen table was covered in empty beer cans and a frozen pizza box. “Some dinner,” Claire thought.

As Claire got farther inside the condo, she began hearing the moans and cries that could only mean sex. “Damn, I wonder which one of them got loose and is hooking up with her guy?” Claire peeked in the bedroom and was completely astonished at the sight inside.

The whole bedroom was in disarray. All of the sheets had been stripped from the bed and cast off onto the floor. All the lights were on, but one of the lamps had fallen off the bedside table. There was a plastic tarp covering the bed. And there, right on top of the bed, both Emily and Rachel were fucking their guys. Both of them!

That wasn’t all. All four of them were butt as naked and covered in some kind of oil. They were all writhing in it and smothering it on each other’s tits, dicks, and wherever else it would go. Claire saw one of the guys turn over the last of a bottle of olive oil on Emily’s chest. She was riding his cock and furiously rubbing her tits. She let it run off onto the guy’s chest and rubbed it on him. The oil was everywhere. The tarp was keeping it off the mattress, but it had otherwise splashed on the walls and dripped onto the floor. It was surreal.

And they were screaming. Everyone was calling each other sluts and telling them to give it to them harder and faster. After watching for about thirty seconds, Claire saw the girls switch partners. “Oh my god, they’re all crazy,” Claire thought as she stood in utter disbelief. Before tonight, she had just seen Jamie that one time act like a complete slut. Now this. It was a Roman-style orgy. There were no boundaries, no partners, and no semblance of decency.

Claire’s tears welled up and she started sobbing. The events of tonight and the previous days just overwhelmed her. “How could they do this?” She moved over to the pull out sofa, lay down, and continued bawling. She curled up in a little ball, and tried to put her hands over her ears, but she couldn’t push tight enough to keep the noises from reaching her mind.

“Ahhhh, rub my clit!”

“Yea Emily, eat her box.”

“Rachel, get her in a 69!”

“Fuck me harder!”

After an hour, Claire couldn’t even differentiate who was saying what. It didn’t matter, they were all equally guilty of some monstrous act. Why would these girls do this? They had never acted this way before. Or had they? Did Claire know any of her friends? She had to get out of here. But where would she go at this time of night?

As she chewed on that thought, Emily and one of the guys came out to the living room, dripping oil. Emily’s blank eyes looked up and saw Claire, but there was no recognition. She was frenzied and focusing on the boy—still rubbing her hands up and down his skin.

“Excuse us,” the boy said as he grabbed something on the table that was right in front of Claire. It was a plastic baggy. He toweled off his dick so it was relatively clean from the oil. Then he took a spoon and scooped out some white powder and put it right along the length of his dick.

Emily got down on both her knees in front of him and proceeded to snort the whole line of coke off the guys throbbing hard on. Emily never broke eye contact with Claire.

“Rachel,” the guy yelled, “come get yours before we run out.”

Rachel scampered out of the bedroom shimmering in the glow of her oil-covered skin.

“Oh shit, Claire.” Then Rachel started giggling. “You weren’t s-s-supposed to be home yet. We’re fucked up. You want to join us?” Rachel had the same blank eyes as Emily. God knows how drunk and high they were.

Then Rachel got down on her knees and took a line off the guy’s dick. “Their blow is so amazing. You won’t ever want to stop fucking!” She finished it off by taking the whole length of his cock in her mouth to clean it off.

“No, I think I’ll pass,” was all Claire could muster.

“Suit yourself.”

The strange guy grabbed both Emily and Rachel’s asses and led them back to the bedroom. A few seconds later the moaning and cries resumed.

Claire laid down and prayed for sleep to come. She was too stunned to move.



Luc and I climbed back up to his DJ roost that hovered above the crowd. This view was so diametrically opposite from the one we’d just had. Whereas a few seconds ago we were looking up at all these people, now we were looking down on them from above. It was such a cool perspective, because we could pick out some of the couples we had seen hooking up from below. It was fascinating. “Look, there’s the fucking couple.” Damn, you couldn’t even tell! Skills.

Luc flipped his controls and laptop back to life and eased himself back to controlling the music. The crowd didn’t even notice. Then Luc got on the PA, and with the assistance of a voice distorter asked the crowd, “Everyone ready to get wwwiiilllddd?!!”

There was a huge surge in the music and the crowd at that moment. Everyone, including Luc, was bouncing up and down. The lights had shifted so that the DJ booth was illuminated and everyone below could see what was going on up here. I started dancing. I had to. I couldn’t be the one person not rocking out.

“Let me introduce to you our lovely club dancers, The Nymphomitons!”

On cue, four scantily clad girls walked out on gangplanks that were on either side of the dance floor. Each had a spotlight attached to them as they moved. They were all gorgeous. They had mini bikini tops on with booty shorts that could hardly be classified as shorts. They were shaking everything they had, and they looked awesome.

Ah. I was getting heated all over up again. I had an amazing euphoric feeling washing completely over me. I was sweating a little more than I normally did. Then I realized the pill I had taken earlier. This must be what happens. I just had an irresistible urge to dance, and touch, and BE touched! I got behind Luc as he was controlling the music and started grinding behind him the way guys normally do to me. I had my hands all over his chest, cock, and ass. I was trying to be careful to not bump into his hands so he had an unobstructed path to the music controls. A couple of times, though, I bumped him. He was being great about it, so I decided to let his arms be. How did I do that? I got down on my knees in front of him.

With an incredible urgency I zipped his fly down. I don’t know if he could have protested, because his hands were spinning those simulated records, clicking his mouse, and changing mix levels. Without any protest, I reached into his pants, over his boxers, and unfurled his cock to the sultry club air. Ah, finally! I let it sit there a moment—breathing like a fine wine—before I started going up and down against its hard cock with my fingertips. Then I switched to the my palms, working him up and down. The excruciatingly sensual excitement was electric. I registered every never cell that fired telling my brain something wonderful was happening to my body. I put my face even closer and lightly brushed his cock against the soft cheeks of my face. I knew he was getting turned on, because I felt the moisture of his precum oozing onto my face. Heaven.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened my mouth and took his entire cock in my mouth. I had to really open up to get him all in, but even the feeling of my lips straining to get around him was emitting an intensely gratifying feeling. I made sure his entire shaft was slicked up by my mouth and started mixing up my technique: Sucking up and down with mouth; a little hand play; the ever popular balls in the mouth. I did it all. I went at it for a song or two and realized that he was getting close. I wanted the taste of his warm cum in my mouth. It would give me another one of my senses the chance to overload my brain with delight.

Then Luc backed away. “Babe, you’re amazing,” he said as he longingly looked down at me with his cock still springing out of his pants. “You want to try something else? I saw you shaking that thang back here. You want to dance for the crowd?”

Uh, he wanted to put me on display. That was so hot. All the alcohol, along with that little pill, had me feeling that I had to keep the stimuli flowing through my body. I stood up and nodded my head for him to lead me forward—into what I have no idea.

Luc had on a headset and screamed, “People! We’re having a tryout for a new dancer! Give her some noise!” All the other girls moved down the planks and came right for me. I was in the front and center of the whole club. People were looking up at me; I could tell. I couldn’t really see them, because the spotlights and alternate lighting were practically blinding me.

Luc had apparently gone back to the DJ board, because a new, very powerful beat pumped through the speakers. It was a very intense piece of house techno. The shockwaves of the woofer were coursing through my body, and I started to dance in its wake. By then, the other four dancers were on either side of me. They were allowing me to control the pace and gyration of the dance, but they complemented it really well. These girls knew how to shake it. Then I turned to one side, presented my ass to one of the girls and my front to the other. The girl behind me grabbed me and started grinding up and down my ass the way a guy does, but it was with the tenderness of a woman. The girl in front of me somehow interlocked our legs and we were gyrating in an extremely erotic groove.

There were hands flying everywhere, but gracefully. I thought I was doing a pretty damn good job of holding my own against these girls who did this for a living! Then I saw a lot of the back and side lights turn down and the spotlight max out its brightness. Just then, the girl in front of my locked onto my lips and wrapped her arms around me. The dancer behind me started feverishly continued to thrust forward as if she was fucking me. Ah, it was so sexy. I’d made out with a few girls a few times just for a laugh, but this girl was serious. She was making out with me like she wanted to fuck. And I was too!

The crowd was going absolutely nuts. Of course, some of them were concentrated on their own groove, but the vast majority of people had their eyes glued to the scene happening above them. I spread my legs a little further open to let the girl in front of me get her leg further inside. When I did that, there was a loud, male cry of approval. Fuck! I bet they can see right up my short skirt. I am twenty feet above them. They’d have the perfect view.

Uh, I didn’t care, I spread my legs wider. Let them have it. I had seen all them from below. Quid pro quo, bitches.

“I think she’s ready guys,” one of the dancers signaled to the others. Without any request or permission, the two girls I had been really close to spun me to face the crowd. They had their hands working all over my body. On my skin, above my dress, and even snaking underneath every now and then. I felt a loosening of my dress from my neck and chest. They were untying my dress strap! Let them. I wanted it. If they could put more skin of their skin on my skin, then I’m all the better for it.

I realized that all the lights and movement had really heated me up. I wouldn’t say that I was dripping sweat, but I would admit that I was glistening with moisture. Everything about me wanted to be displayed, and everything wanted to be exposed.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” I had heard Luc behind me blast in his voice distorted chant, “we give you HOUSE!!!”

At that instant the girls ripped my dress in half along its vertical center starting at the V neckline. I was completely exposed, utterly naked to the crowd. The only thing I had on were my high, high heels, and I thought that just made it even sexier. The lights bathed me in white hot, unobstructed glory for a few seconds, just long enough to let it register with the crowd. Everyone: girls, guys, and even the rafters seemed to explode. It was like I’d been reborn in front of everyone, and here I was as naked as I was my first birth.

Just as I started to work my hands down the front of my sweaty body, Luc quickly ramped up the music to the hardest house beat I’d ever heard. The lights on us went down and the club went absolutely dark. Every now and then there would be a pulsing light in one corner with the beat, but other than that there was pitch dark. I could only imagine what was happening beneath me. If there had been any people scared to act out on their desires before, they certainly wouldn’t have that trepidation now. I heard moans and cries of ecstasy. And I was jealous!

The other dancers had quickly moved off the planking to go wherever those girls go when they’re not dancing. I stood there on the walkway for a moment unsure of what I wanted to do. Part of me really wanted to go down in the crowd. The thought of hundreds of people brushing against my naked body—and all the perverted license people would take with me—sounded delicious! On the other hand, I really wanted to go back to Luc. He was so sexy. He was so right when he said he was in control of all these people. He had used me to whip them up into a frenzy, and that made him so appealing to me.

I meandered back behind the booth. I had no idea where my dress was. I didn’t care. The whole place had seen the goods by now, what should I be ashamed of?

“You were amazing out there!” Luc said as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Thanks, that wasn’t what I expected, but it was so hot!”

“I’m glad you’re not upset.” Then he got very close to my ear and whispered, “It is such a turn on to find a strong, beautiful woman who will announce to the world that she’s not ashamed to indulge in a little physical pleasure.”

I wrapped myself even tighter around him and kissed him furiously. “This train isn’t stopping now,” I thought. I eased my fingers around the bottom of his shirt and started pulling up. He helped me by sticking his arms straight up in the air. In one flourish his shirt was off and my hands were massaging his chest.

Next, I worked his belt off in one quick pulling motion. I stood there with if for a second and tried to crack it like a bull whip. I didn’t get the snap I dreamed of, but it served its purpose. I tossed the belt aside and unbuttoned the slacks. I didn’t have to unzip him; I’d already done that. So I pulled down his pants and boxers at the same time. He had apparently planned ahead and slipped off his shoes. We were both completely naked now, holding each other as tightly as we could.

His fully engorged cock was flipped up and slithering against my stomach. It felt so good there. I knew that’s what I wanted at that moment.

“Give me some of this dick,” I begged him.

Without a word, he started pushing me backward to the back of the booth. I supposed he was going to pin me against the wall. It was a little hard to stutter step backwards in these heels, but I managed to scoot back with him and maintain a passionate kiss. Then my knees hit something solid—like a block—and it forced me to sit down on it. But this block was pulsating! The vibrations were so strong, rhythmic, and consistent.

“It’s the woofer. It provides all of the bass for the club. It’s pointed down, so it’s not as powerful right here,” Luc explained.

Oh my god. The thing was so strong; it had my pussy tingling in seconds. There’s the old wives’ trick of fucking on the dryer to get that vibration, but this was industrial strength!

“Holy shit Luc, give it to me!”

There had been so much start-and-stop foreplay to this point that he didn’t hesitate. He just drove his cock right into me. I could tell that he didn’t have it in him to try and tease me anymore. I had given him one hell of a blowjob earlier. But it hadn’t been me that left him hanging, it was his request to go back to DJing that cut that off.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and interlocked my ankles to get my grip. He drove harder and harder into me. It was earth shattering. Each thrust was perfectly timed with the beat, but it wasn’t on the beat. He lunged forward on the intense techno’s downbeat. So as he pulled out the bass would fire. It created a situation where every second there was some kind of rippling sensation moving through me. It was a constant, ongoing assault of pleasure. Let this never end!

The pummeling continued for a song or two. He never let up. He changed his technique as his preprogrammed music changed. And he anticipated all of it. He was conducting the music for everyone else and conducting this fuck for me. It was truly watching a maestro at work.

“Ah, pinch my nipples!” I screamed.

“Fuck me!”


I kept pleading with him to continue, and he did. He wasn’t a talkative lover, and that was fine by me. He didn’t ever have to say another word to me if he kept up this barrage of pounding. I felt the tingling pressure build up in my body. I knew that I was going to cum soon. And he just kept going, like a metronome. Ah!

“I’m gonna cum, please don’t stop.”

Finally, I let out a high pitch squeal—the kind that an opera singer makes at the height of the crescendo and breaks a wine glass next to her. The muscles in my pussy were contracting and loosening. It was like my body was shutting down, because it didn’t know how to handle what was going on. It was glorious.

Luc just kept pounding. I thought my orgasm would ebb, but somehow he sustained it. After about forty-five seconds, I was getting light headed. Could someone go into shock from pleasure? I knew it happened with pain, in accident victims. Right when I thought I was about to lose it, Luc drove one last lunge right to the core of my cunt. I knew he was cumming. I could feel the twitching, and I could feel the bubbling moisture coming around his cock and down my legs.

He tried to get up, but I kept my legs wrapped around him. I gave him the most passionate kiss I’d ever given anyone. I wanted it to serve as a thank you he’d never forget. Finally, he worked his way out of me, turned around, and made some changes to the music.

For a moment I just sat there with my legs spread open wide. I hadn’t moved. I didn’t think my muscles would respond if I asked them to. I was so exhausted that I turned over and laid my chest down on the woofer. The vibrations started to give my nipples a little loving, and it was a nice feeling. My head was hanging over one side of the speaker, and my legs were over the other. It was so comfortable.


After a few songs though, I had regained most of my strength. I couldn’t just lay here for the rest of the night. But I didn’t want to move. The vibrations were started to really get my nipples excited. And the corner of the woofer was wedged right in my pussy. It was like I was straddling a two-ton vibrator. Out of some depths, I knew that my night wasn’t over.

As I looked around, I saw our waiter come and ask if there was anything he could get for me. This guy was no waiter; he was some kind of personal manservant. No minimum wage bonehead cared this much about the job.

“You know, I think I will need something.”

I reached my hand up and grabbed him by the belt. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

“Interested in a tip?” Then I took his whole cock in my mouth. I don’t know why I did it. I just wanted to. Somehow, I knew Luc wouldn’t mind at all. He had shared me for the pleasure of others all night. Wasn’t I just continuing that?

I remained plastered against the speaker while I worked his dick up and down with my tongue and lips. He didn’t even have to touch me to get me turned on. The speaker was doing that.

From behind, I felt another cock poking around down near my pussy. I popped the waiter’s cock out of my mouth and turned around. It was Luc. He was standing there hard as a rock sliding his dick against the folds of my lips. Mmm, that felt nice, but I didn’t want to move my legs. My clit was perfectly pinned against the corner of the speaker, and it was perfectly placed to send continuous shocks right through me. I didn’t want to lift myself up to let him enter from behind. Oh well, I guess that leaves us only one option.

“I don’t want to move my clit off this thing, just fuck my ass!”

“What?” Luc said.

“Fuck. My. Ass.”

As I said it, Luc had held out his radio headset. I have no idea why. I didn’t think about it for long, because I turned back to finish what I’d started with the waiter. I gobbled him down for a few seconds, and then I heard it over the speakers.

It started as a new song, with a female voice singing in the background. Then, I heard my own voice. “Fuck. My. Ass.” It was perfectly mixed in the song. Ah, that rat! He’d recorded me demanding to get ass fucked and mixed it into the song. Sexy! He returned a moment later with some kind of lube and started working it around my little opening. He was very tender, and after a few finger pokes he had the opening stretched enough to begin working his cock in.

Wow, this was a first for me. I now was being tag teamed. Emily had been asking Ryan and Andy to do it to her, but I never thought I’d do it. One waiter’s cock in my mouth: check. One DJ’s cock in my ass: check. This was some fucking club!

As Luc started working his cock inch by inch into my ass, I really concentrated on the dick in my mouth. I knew after a while, the pleasure of the ass fucking would take over and I’d lose all focus. I had to get this guy off quickly. So I really started working his balls with my hands and his head with my tongue. I’d dive down hard on his cock and let it slam through the back of my throat. I gargle it for a few moments until I needed to get a breath, then back out. It didn’t take long. Soon enough, he pulled his cock out and started furiously jerking himself off. After seven seconds, I saw the first of six rounds of jizz coming hosing at my face. He actually got it mostly in my hair. That was a little disappointing, because I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted that salty taste. It’s the little things.

If you read Parts I, II, III, IV, & V jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally’s series, the following summaries will provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today’s sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally’s—a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim—a close friend of Olivia’s, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia’s after her shift at Sally’s. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the ‘Flogging’ room– where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived…

Summary—Part III

Kim, Olivia, and I had torrid sex until the sun came up. It was an erotically wild evening since both Kim and I had cocks. Part III is wall to wall sex. It ends with a plan to meet at Sally’s that evening for the Thursday night bash.

Summary—Part IV

Olivia and I wake up to Anna. Anna and Friedrich are her lifestyle staff. Anna gives Olivia a morning orgasm which triggers her first pee of the day as both she and Anna release on me. We then shower and dress in fine intimates and apply enticing cosmetics. The rest of the day is spent by the pool in a wet foursome sharing all of our nectars.

Summary—Part V

After receiving Anna’s cleansing enemas and machine induced orgasms, we prep for Sally’s: Olivia was in rubber and I had a more fem look. Sally’s was jumping and I met Keith, a hunk of a man. By coincidence his wife, Kelly was with Olivia. We went to watch their action but took the long route and came across a torrid scene with Master, Madame and Nicole; leaving us hot and in need.


The end of Part IV….

Master continued to ejaculate. The long streams were now drips which he flicked onto Madame. A few final strokes and it was over. Nicole’s orgasmic contractions were so great she discharged both eggs onto the floor. Madame collapsed and lay quivering with Master’s cum covering a good portion of her torso.

Master stuffed his softening cock back into trousers and zipped it shut. He straightened his tie and the rest of his clothing. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a small key and unlocked Nicole’s handcuffs. He turned, picked up his glass and left.

Nicole moved slowly to the floor and crawled between Madame’s legs and up her torso. Along the way she used her tongue to scoop up Master’s cum. Nicole body slid over Madame’s and when their mouths came together, her tongue pushed Master’s cum into Madame’s wanton mouth.

Keith and I needed to find an empty booth quickly…

………… be continued…..


Sally’s Part VI

The small gathering of voyeurs who were watching the action began to disperse. However, I lingered with Keith a few minutes more. Nicole and Madame’s snowballing of Master’s cum was intensely hot. I knew the feeling, the taste, the smoothness of tongues moving between mouths and I wanted to experience it again—right then.

I blurted out “Let’s find a booth;” which was more of a command than a suggestion. My lust filled voice was louder than normal. I am not sure if it was subconscious or not, but it did catch the attention of Madame and Nicole.

Madame turned her head towards me and said, “Stay. Please join us in our booth.” The two women broke from their embrace and reached out to us; Nicole extending a hand to Keith and Madame’s hand to me. Our aroused state gave us no option but to accept. We took their hands.

Nicole led Keith to the far left side of the booth where Master sat a few minutes earlier. She wasted no time; pushing him onto the cushion and kneeling between his legs. Her hands began to unfasten his belt and pull down his fly. Her mouth still glistening with Master’s cum and Madame’s saliva hungrily devoured his cock once she freed it.

I was bit jealous because Keith’s dick was going to be mine. The look on his face told me it was too late as the naked Nicole buried her nose into his groin. His cock was down her throat and she wasn’t giving it back until it was empty.

Madame had other plans for me. Pushing me with her nakedness to the other side of the booth, her mouth and tongue found mine. The taste of Master still lingered and I lost myself in her passion. Madame’s hands began to fondle my puffy nipples, making me weak in the knees. Using one arm to hold me, she sucked my tongue and pinched my nipple between her nails. My moans filled her mouth.

Although I heard Keith’s moans from across the booth, my attention was completely on Madame’s actions.

With her own soft moan she broke from our kiss, holding me in her gaze. Both hands were again playing with my nipples as she began to speak. “When I saw you standing there with these puffy nipples pushing against your blouse and your pink heels jutting out, I knew I had to have you.” She affectionately squeezed them this time.

Her mouth went back to mine, kissing me with a passion and tenderness women innately posses. Allowing myself to melt into her, my feminine side took over. My cock was rock hard yet my mind had crossed over. I was becoming Madame’s lesbian lover.

Our hands roamed each other’s body; mine across her smooth skin and Madame’s over my blouse and jeans. Our eyes were closed; our mouths opening and closing, consuming each other as our tongues erotically melded. I could feel her nipples brush mine sending sparks up and down my spine. Her mound was rubbing against the leg of my jeans where the head of my cock was trapped.

Another pair of hands broke our trance. I looked up and saw a spent Keith trying to recover while a hungry Nicole was kneeling next to us, trying to remove my pants. Madame stepped back giving Nicole better access. As she pulled them down, my pink thigh highs and matching crotchless panties were exposed—as was my hardened seven inch shaft.

Nicole helped me shed my pants by removing my heels as I stepped out of the jeans and then placing them back on my feet. She tossed my pants on the bench next to her clothes. I was surprised—pleasantly by the way—as my cock was being ignored. Instead, Nicole let her hands caress my legs and ass while she stood.

Madame untied my blouse and unfastened the buttons as she whispered into my ear, “I am so horny and hot for you.”

Her tongue bathed the inside as her warm breathe surrounded it. The prolonged arousal was overpowering me. This had to be close to an out-of-body experience. Her fingers were now, skin on skin, with my swollen and wanton nipples.

Nicole’s mouth brushed against mine and I turned towards her opening mine with desire. She pushed her lips onto mine, swirling Keith’s cum into my mouth. Without hesitation I lapped the salty mixture from her tongue. Madame licked at our lips where some had leaked out.

Lowering her mouth to my nipples, she coated them with the captured essence. Her hands squeezed my chest to make my areolas and nipples bigger. Sucking and biting them drove me wild with desire. I needed more.

Taking my hand, Madame placed it on her dripping pussy. My fingers began to crawl over her lips combing and colleting her juice and rubbing it across her clit. Madame let out a moan and stood upright, arching her mound onto my hand; losing herself in the pleasure.

With our mouths still entwined Nicole guided me to my knees in front of Madame. Softly she turned my head to Madame’s box. My mouth willingly covered the front of her mound and the upper part her lips, capturing her clit in the process.

Licking and sucking all around it caused Madame to shudder with a mini-orgasm. Grasping my hair, Madame wildly took a step back throwing herself on the bench. Opening her legs as wide possible, she jammed my mouth back onto her pussy

I was on my hands and knees lapping Madame’s beautifully smooth cunt, savoring her thick dripping nectar. Two hands spread ass cheeks apart and a warm mouth went over my anus. While I sucked Madame’s folds, a tongue coated and probed my bud. I assumed it to be Nicole until her body slithered between my open legs and her mouth found my cock.

In a lustful daze I looked around. Keith had rebounded and was stroking his cock back to life. Others had joined us in the booth. I saw three people, one being Olivia. The tall small breasted bartender dressed as the Indian princess was there along with another woman who had to be Kelly. But who was working my ass if Nicole was sucking me?

Turning, I saw Kim’s face buried between my cheeks. As I learned later, the staff gets one hour play breaks on special nights and they came to find me—find me they did indeed.

The others joined in. Kelly took Madame with a deep French kiss; caressing her flat chest and nipples. The Indian princess and Olivia stood on each side of Madame and were slowly masturbating. They began to rake my back with the nails of their free hand.

My mouth went back to Madame’s hole. I licked her every nook and cranny. Her moans were muffled by Kelly’s mouth. She drove her grinding hips harder over my face. Olivia and the princess’ pussies were beginning to squish as their frigging built. With Nicole sucking and stroking my cock for all it had, I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer.

Kim’s mouth left my ass and was replaced with the tip of her cock. Oh yes, I wanted this and relaxed my asshole. The tip of her shaft easily slipped into my clean passage and Kim wasted no time pushing it completely up my ass. I was going over the edge as Kim began to fuck, her cock gliding over my gland.

The booth filled with moaning and panting as one orgasm set off another. Olivia and the princess’ cunts exploded, showering my head, Madame’s pussy, and each other with their nectars. This sent Madame into the throws and she began a series of contractions shooting waves of her juice into my mouth, much akin to a man’s orgasm.

Kim blasted her white goo up my brown passage. I could feel the warmth splash against my walls. With a loud groan I lost all control and emptied myself into Nicole’s hot and wanton mouth. I wasn’t sure if Nicole came or not because for the first time in my life, I actually passed out after an orgasm. I have no idea how long I was gone.

When I came to, everyone was sitting around me softly caressing my body which was still clad in my stockings and panties. They were all smiling knowing how intense my orgasm was. With gentle hugs and kisses they welcomed me back.

Keith showed up with a tray of drinks—a great idea and much needed. I was moving rather slowly, sitting on the floor leaning on the seat and Nicole. Savoring our drinks, an easy conversation ensued. I learned Madame’s name was Trisha and as I suspected, she was Nicole’s mother and Master (Jim) was her father. They said he was lost somewhere in the crowd. They were old friends of Olivia’s.

Lying above me on the cushion, Kelly introduced herself by giving me with a gentle kiss on the top of my head and a slight pinch of my nipples. I loved it and my cock jumped thanks to the Viagra. The Indian princess was Catherine, but she went by Cat.

We recounted the scene and how it all transpired. Olivia said it sounded so hot and was disappointed she missed it. Trisha mentioned there was always Saturday and one never knows what they will dream up by then. Kelly looked at Keith and told him they were invited to ‘Olivia and Brad’s Party’ on Saturday. It made me feel good to be included so quickly into Olivia’s world.

It was nearly midnight and Keith and Kelly needed to get home as they had younger kids. Kim and Cat needed to get back and Olivia asked Kim to make sure Kelly picked up their invite before they left. We all exchanged kisses and I copped a feel of Keith’s shaft. It was a bit of a let down not getting to suck him, but as Trisha just said, there is always Saturday and one never knows.

Olivia, Trisha and Nicole said they’d help ‘put me back together.’ We went into the ladies lounge—no one cared. It was very large. There were people showering and others tending to other needs. We just washed our faces, used the bidet and dried off. Sally’s even provided stacks of towels for such events.

I could see the three women talking as I reapplied my make up. Trisha asked if I would like to make a little adjustment to my outfit. She walked over with Nicole’s short pleated skirt, commenting on how it would compliment my legs, heels and stockings while giving me the look of an (not so) innocent school girl. Nicole was already in my jeans and looked pretty good. Thank god I was thin.

Even though I wore stockings and panties all the time, this was a first for me and I found it very exciting. Wearing the short skirt rejuvenated the tingle in my groin. Knowing my cock was swinging freely in crotchless panties was heady. After retying my blouse and making a few touch ups, the ladies told me I looked hot. I was ready for more.

Olivia took me by the hand and asked if I would stay with her for the rest of the evening telling me it was going to be very special. I smiled saying I’d like nothing more. We left the lounge area with the look of a rubber skirted dom and her tartish sub.

Our first stop was to our booth. Although the crowd had thinned, those who remained were engaged in various activities, giving the atmosphere a more erotic feel; something had changed. The music had turned seductive; movements were more clandestine; and moans of passion broke through from random directions. Olivia said only the ‘true followers’ were left. It sounded a bit odd but I didn’t give it a second thought based on the past twenty-four hours,

Olivia asked me to have Kim make two ‘specials’ for us as she needed to pick something up from a friend she saw. I smiled my okay and made sure my ass swayed as I went to the bar. When Kim saw me she gave me a wanton look. She already had the drinks prepared. Leaning in for a kiss as payment for the small shots, she told me to enjoy—”for tonight is going to be very special.”

I returned to the booth and Olivia was waiting. We toasted in a rather pagan way as she entwined our arms while we drank. Olivia then turned and took something from the cushion. It was a collar and she fastened it around my neck. Using the small leash clipped onto the front, Olivia led me onto the empty dance floor.

“The Principles of Lust” by Enigma began to fill the room. Only Olivia and I danced but all around us people were watching. Olivia’s style was slow, seductive, and in rhythm to the music. As we moved she used the leash to lewdly pull my mouth onto hers for a wild, impassioned kiss. Our display of exhibitionism was becoming hotter. There was a definite charge in the air. I was very turned on by the stares from the crowd.

Olivia then pulled me into her pressing her torso against my back. She began to ‘fuck me’ to the beat of the music while her hands roamed my breasts and crotch. All eyes were on us and the crowd started to close around us.

My excitement was showing as I ground my ass into Olivia’s rubber clad pussy. Taking hold of the front of my skirt Olivia began stroking my cock with it. It was as hard as ever. Olivia momentarily released it and gestured to the crowd to join us.

Men and women started moving towards us in various seductive and erotic forms of dance. Bodies pressed into us. Hands groped my cock and Olivia’s ass. Random mouths would encase ours for a brief but steamy exchange of tongues. Each pinch of my nipples made me harder, hornier, and my movements more suggestive. I didn’t know if it was the ‘special drink’ or me, but lust was now in command.

At the end of the song Olivia took hold of the leash and spun me around. Speaking slowly but with total control she said, “It’s time.” Her eyes were spell-binding as she held the leash tightly near the collar. She gave the crowd a look, turned, and pulled me off the floor towards our booth.

The music remained intoxicating with low tribal drumming and chants. The lights in our booth were on high. A woman wearing a richly dark, feathered mask was removing her clothes. As we approached I saw a flogger on the seat cushion. People had gathered around the booth as the seductress stepped from her clothing.

Olivia led me into the booth. I was facing the woman as Olivia removed the collar and tossed it onto cushion behind me. She kissed me deeply, biting my tongue and digging her nails sharply into my back.

It ended abruptly. Olivia walked behind me and pressed her body into my back. Her hands began to roughly fondle my nipples while she spoke slowly into my ear, “Tonight is the first of three rituals which will bind us together as one. Do you accept?”

Both of us knew the answer. We had already pledged ourselves to each other and whatever it took to become one with Olivia was my desire. I shook my head as I whispered, “Yes.”

“Then repeat after me so the Priestess and all gathered can hear your words” Olivia went on. As she spoke I repeated her words.

“Dear Priestess…” Olivia began to unbutton my blouse.

“My dearest Olivia Laraway has asked you here tonight to begin the binding ritual which will bring us together as one.” My blouse was now open and Olivia let it slip from my shoulders.

“My name is Brad Williams and I wish to be bound together with Ms. Laraway.” Olivia’s hands had removed the skirt and my panties. She was now rolling the stockings down my thighs.

“I ask you Dear Priestess to begin your binding ministrations.” My shoes and hose were gone. I stood naked before the Priestess.

The Priestess spoke calmly. “And what say you Ms. Laraway. Do you wish to be bound to Mr. Williams?”

Olivia stepped from behind me and said, “With my entire body, mind, heart and soul.” Her words sent a warm feeling through me. The sexual nature of her words and these acts kept my cock erect.

“Mr. Williams, remove Ms. Layaway’s clothing” the Priestess commanded in a steady voice.

I proceeded to remove Olivia’s garments in the same manner she removed mine. Her pussy was dripping through her crotchless rubber panties. I wanted to suck up every drop but the aura around us told me “No.”

Once naked the Priestess had us embrace–torso to torso. She instructed us to wrap our arms around one another as tightly as possible. We were to place our heads on each other’s shoulder and stay in that position until told otherwise. My cock was pressed into Olivia’s lower abdomen. We were so close I could feel her juices trickling down my thigh.

The Priestess circled us three times while reciting an incomprehensible chant. On the fourth circle, the straps from her flogger snapped across my back. It wasn’t overly painful but it still made me twitch. Olivia held me tighter. The flogger struck us time after time. Its blows were not punishing but rather stimulating.

* * * * * * * * * * *

This story is the brain child of my number one fan, Kirsty Mia, who requested I write a story based on one of her recurring piss fantasies. If you don’t like golden showers or wet sex, please don’t read any further. If you’re into that stuff as much as Kirsty and I are, read on and enjoy!

Please vote as many stars as you see fit and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Kirsty Mia sat cross-legged on her bed. In front of her was her laptop, opened up to Literotica, of course. Under her was her thickest beach towel, folded three times.

And on the screen were the words.

His words.

The words that always made her cum so hard.

She sat there reading the latest story from her favorite Literotica writer in only her white cotton panties. Her left hand was squeezing and pinching her right nipple, while her right hand was rubbing her clit through the sodden material covering her hairless pussy.

As Kirsty Mia read his words, she continued to wet herself, releasing short blasts of her hot piss into her panties, the thick towel protecting her bed linen. She loved the feeling of hot urine on her most sensitive parts, and found the aroma of fresh piss incredibly intoxicating, even when it was her own.

Bringing her wet fingers to her mouth, she licked and sucked them, enjoying the taste of her own pee, wish it was his. She’s read everyone one of his golden shower stories, and always left him public comments of how his words brought her to the most incredible orgasms. She had also come to eagerly anticipate his inevitable replies, as he always responded to let her know how much her feedback meant to him. And this is how they started to get to know each other.

Over the months, and in between sharing their most private sexual fantasies, they would frequently email each other, just to talk about what’s going on in their lives. She learned that he was in a loveless marriage, with a wife who was no longer willing to indulge his kinks and fantasies, which is what got him started writing his erotic stories. He learned that she was single and very sexually active, but found it difficult (but not impossible) to find partners willing to embrace her deepest and dirtiest desires. Which is how she got started reading his stories on Literotica.

Soon they got past the anonymity of their Literotica handles, and knew each other’s full names. She thought it was kind of ironic that a write of piss stories would be named John. They had grown to a level of trust, where it seemed safe to share that information. As a matter of fact, this past year they shared Christmas cards, she sending hers to his office to avoid any trouble at home. Their online relationship had grown well beyond the standard reader/writer of erotic stories, and they both expressed their desire to meet in person, if the situation ever presented itself. They were kindred spirits, on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Like the story unfolding on the screen before her, his narrative always hit most of her hot buttons, taboo situations with vivid detail on what the characters are thinking, planning and feeling. Long, slow build-up, with plenty of tension and desire. And when the story gets around to the requisite fucking, there is a lot of ass play, and the perfect amount of steamy hot piss, two of her favorite activities.

Sometimes it’s full-on golden showers, with the characters releasing the contents of their bladders on and in each other, drenching their clothes, hair and bodies. Other times it’s a leak here, or a squirt there, teasing the reader and making them wish for more. But with every story, it seems that the level and amount of pee play is just right for the characters and the situations that they find themselves in.

Returning her had to her pussy, this time pushing it under the waistband of her soaked, yellowing panties, she let her fingers glide over her clit, then dip into her moist folds, wet with her urine and natural vaginal secretions. The action on the screen was picking up, and the young woman in the story had her boss’s cock up her ass, the mail room boy in her pussy, while the black janitor with the horsecock covered all of them in piss.

Kirsty Mia ripped her panties off her body and grabbed the paper cup beside her, filling it with the remainder of her bladder. Wiggling on the butt plug that she had inserted before she sat down to read his story, she brought her buzzing vibrator to her engorged clit, as she slowly poured the hot piss from the cup over her face, letting it run down over her nose and mouth, dripping onto her aching nipples and down to her bare pussy, pooling on the towel in between her legs.

She didn’t have to fantasize about being the girl in the story, because she WAS the girl in the story. He had written this for her, based on one of her fantasies about some of her coworkers that she had described to him in her emails. She was mimicking the action on the screen, incredibly impressed on how vividly he could recreate her fantasy with only the few details she had provided, deftly filling in the gaps because he had gotten to know her so well.

As the characters in the story reached climax, the young secretary’s ass and pussy were being filled with cum, as the janitor pissed in her mouth, Kirsty Mia let out a long, loud moan, as her pussy clenched around the vibrator and she came in another mind blowing orgasm, provided once again by her favorite Literotica author, Peebudy, aka John.

After coming down from her ogasmic bliss, she instinctively went to click the Add a Comment tab, then hesitated with a giggle. Looking down at the RSVP cards lying next to her laptop, she thought to herself, “I’ll just tell him when he gets here!”

As luck would have it, the company John worked for was sold to an international conglomerate six months ago, whose headquarters was in London, just an hour and a half away from where Kirsty Mia lived. When the merger was completed, he learned that he would have to go oversees for management training, in September, which meant his wife wouldn’t be able to make the trip, because the kids would be in school. As soon as he made his flight reservations, he contacted Kirsty to let her know he was coming.

Two weeks later, he received an engraved invitation at his office. Opening the envelope, he found an invitation, an RSVP card and three round disks, one yellow, one white, and one red, covered in the same material as scratch off lottery tickets. In fancy, hand-written calligraphy, the invitation read:

You are cordially invited to the inaugural game of

Three Hole Roulette

The rules of the game will be explained upon your arrival.

You must bring the three enclosed disks with you

and the protective covering must still be in tact.

If you scratch off the covering, you will be disqualified

and not eligible to play.

Please use the RSVP card to reserve your spot on the team.

As with all athletic endeavors, be prepared for a work out

and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Your hostess and playing field,

Kirsty Mia

The date, time and hotel name and room number was included on the invitation, and John noticed that is was scheduled for the Saturday after his training was completed. He was already booked to stay in town until the following Monday, for the cheaper airfare and to do a little sight seeing, so there was no way in hell he was going to miss this party. Thinking back to the many detailed fantasies she had shared with him over the past several months, John had an idea what this was all about, or at least he hoped it was what he thought it might be about. He quickly filled out the response card and tucked the three colored disks into his passport so he wouldn’t forget them.

Around the same time, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Michael was returning home after another long day at the restaurant, shuffling through the daily post as he unlocked the door to his flat. Opening the curious invitation he scanned it quickly, trying to make sense of it, a naughty smile coming to his face when he saw the name Kirsty Mia.

* * * * * *

It was about a month ago when she came into the restaurant he worked at late one night. She looked simply ravishing. Her auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail, showing off her sparkling green eyes and freckled complexion. She wore a silky white blouse that was loose around her frame, covering her smallish chest, but showing off the top of her lacy black bra. The black skirt hugged her tight hips and was smooth over her ample round ass. She stood about 5′ 6″ but gazing down her smooth legs at her black stiletto heels, Michael guessed she was five-foot-nothing in bare feet.

She sat down at a table, and he quickly walked over with a pitcher to fill her water glass and hand her a menu. She muttered, “Thank you” without really looking up from her phone. Grabbing the glass she quickly emptied most of it, her eyes glued to the story unfolding on her smartphone. It wasn’t just any story, but one of Peebudy’s stories, and her nipples started to poke through her bra under the loose fitting blouse.

Michael reappeared at her table to refill her water glass. As she heard the flow of the water and the tinkling of the ice, she felt a sudden urge between her legs, which just made the words on the screen that much more erotic. This time she looked up at Michael to say, “Thank you” and found herself awash in his beautiful smile and deep blue eyes.

Michael is often compared to Russell Brand, tall, thin, longish hair, cropped beard and moustache, and a scathing quick wit. She was just sitting there, bathing in the pools of his eyes, without saying anything for an uncomfortably long time. From his vantage point Michael could see down her blouse and was enjoying the sight of the freckled flesh of her breasts encased in that lacy black bra, so he didn’t mind the pregnant pause.

Finally breaking his gaze from her cleavage, he said, “Why don’t I get you some bread while you look over the menu” and headed back to the kitchen, hoping she might pull herself away from her phone long enough to make a dinner selection before he returned. Returning to the table, he set the basket of bread down and then once again refilled her empty water glass.

“You keep drinking like that you’ll have an accident,” he said with a smirk, as he slowly refilled her water glass.

Looking up to drown in those deep blue eyes again, she replied, “you say that like it’s a bad thing”, accentuating her statement with a sly smile of her own. She noticed his gaze has drifted south from her cleavage to the ample amount of thigh that was on display, her little black skirt having bunched up in her lap when she sat down, now barely covering the damp panties that were concealed underneath.

“It’s only bad if you waste it,” he quipped, then immediately regretted the innuendo with an unknown customer, realizing he needed to keep this job to pay the rent. It was bad enough that she was making his dick harden in his pants, the bulge in his pants thankfully hidden under his apron, but he couldn’t risk another complaint about him coming on to another young female customer.

“Don’t worry love,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye, “if I can’t make it to the loo, I’ll be sure to call you over so we don’t waste a drop.” Her cheeks immediately felt flush and she knew she was blushing, but John’s story was making her feel bold and randy. She watched Michael walk back to the kitchen, sure that she saw the tell-tale adjustment of his bulge as he entered the swinging door.

The flirting and innuendos continued through dinner, and they definitely seemed to be hitting it off. She learned that she was his last table for the night, so she took her time eating, enjoying several glasses of wine with her meal. She continued reading the story on her phone while she ate, and coupled with the flirting and the drinks, she ended the meal incredibly horny with a bladder that was ready to burst.

“So, are you part camel or do you have a wooden leg?” Michael asked as he brought her the check.

“Whatever do you mean?” she replied sarcastically, knowing full well what he was getting at.

“I’ve just never seen someone drink so much liquid without visiting the loo,” he explained, “are you saving it up for a rainy day?”

“This is summertime in England love,” she retorted, “you never know when you’re going to get caught in a warm, wet shower.”

He was sure she could see his growing erection despite his apron, so he quickly grabbed her credit card and retreated to the kitchen to run her charge. When he came back with her receipt, he thanked her for putting up with him, and for ending his shift on a high note. “If I’m not being too forward,” he continued, “I’d like to take you out for a drink sometime.”

“Well, if you’re interested in getting something to drink,” Kirsty offered, while adding a sizable tip to the bill, “meet me out front in 10 minutes.”

She watched him almost sprint to the kitchen to change out of his uniform and close out his shift. She knew he’d also have to come back to clean up her table, so she couldn’t help leaving him a little extra incentive. Hiking up her skirt, she shifted in her seat so only her panty covered crotch was in contact with the woven material of the seat cushion. Relaxing her bladder, she felt her internal damn burst and she flooded her panties with her golden nectar, leaving a large tell-tale stain on the chair.

Standing up with a giggle, she admired her handiwork while she smoothed her skirt back over he sodden panties, and walked quickly to the front door to wait for Michael to join her.

“Oh my God, you’re a nasty one,” Michael mock scolded her as he closed the gap between them, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her to him. Not waiting for a response, he leaned into her and planted a long, wet kiss on her lips. As she probed back into his mouth with her tongue, he started to explore her body with his hands, rubbing over her silky blouse and reaching down to her thigh, moving his hand upwards under her short skirt.

Spreading her legs, she invited his hand to move further, until his fingers came in contact with her piss soaked panties. At that moment, she felt the kiss abruptly end as he pulled his head back in shock.

“You really did it?” he exclaimed, assuming that she had just poured her water glass on the chair to bust his balls, his hand still cupping her damp crotch under her skirt.

“I told you I wouldn’t waste it love!” she replied, releasing her bladder again and flooding his hand to emphasize her point.

This made him practically lose his mind, and he started kissing her like a madman, his hand dipping inside her panties and fingering her while she continued to piss over his probing digits. Realizing that they were standing on a well lit street in front of his restaurant, he pulled his lips off hers and said, “Don’t waste any more of it, hun,” cupping her pussy again in an attempt to stop her stream, “you promised me a drink, remember?”

Grabbing her hand, they practically ran to his flat, which was just around the corner, and soon they were sucking and fucking in every position imaginable, covering each other with cum and piss. She did give him that drink she promised, as he swallowed her golden nectar directly from her spread open cunt, while tonguing her clit. Shortly there after, at the conclusion of one of the best blow jobs he had ever received, she washed down a mouthful of his cum with a torrent of his hot urine. They fell asleep that night as a tangled naked mess, huddled up in the only dry spot they could find on his bed.

Unfortunately he had to get up early the next morning to work the opening shift at the restaurant. Before he left, he covered her naked body with a blanket, placing a peck of a kiss on her exposed ass prior to covering it, hoping she’d be there when he got back. Alas, when he got home later that afternoon, she was gone.

* * * * *

Michael hadn’t heard from her again until receiving her invitation today. Needless to say, he quickly completed the RSVP card and tucked his coins away in his wallet. He figured he’d quit his job if he couldn’t get the day off on Saturday, as he wasn’t going to pass up another chance to be with this totally inhibited and unflappable lover.

Leafing thru the rest of the mail, sorting out the junk from his and his flat mate’s mail, he suddenly called out with a hint of anger in his voice, “Jason, get your ass out here!”

Jason stumbled out of his room, half asleep and dressed only in a pair of baggy boxer shorts, like he did most mornings. “What’s the problem mate?” he asked Michael, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he shuffled toward the kitchen.

“What the hell is THIS?” Michael yelled, shoving a familiar looking envelope into his flat mate’s hands.

“I dunno,” said Jason, a little hung over and perplexed at what was up Michael’s ass. “Looks like an invitation of some sort,” the three colored coins falling to the floor as Jason fumbled to rip the envelope open. Still trying to get his eyes to focus in the bright morning light, Jason read the name Kirsty Mia on the invitation and gasped “Oh bollocks!”

Suddenly he realized why Michael might be upset, and he started to stammer out an apology.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Jason blurted out, “I didn’t know who she was. It was an accident.”

“What the hell happened and why would she be inviting YOU to this event too?”

Jason rubbed his hand over his bald head, trying to recall the events of that morning several weeks ago. Jason was a soccer player which was evident by his lean, firm body. He was about 5′ 10″ and 175 pounds, with zero percent body fat. As he remembered the events of that fateful morning, his dick began to harden and poke out of the gaping fly in the front of his boxer shorts. Ironically, that’s how he managed to get himself that invitation too.

“I heard you get up and leave for your early shift,” Jason started recounting his tale, “so I thought the flat was empty.”

“Go on,” Michael encouraged, trying to avert his eyes from the growing length of cock now sticking out from Jason’s shorts. In addition to being in tremendous shape, Jason had an unusually large cock that bent up like a boomerang, with a huge mushroom head.

“Well, I stumbed out of bed like I usually do, and shuffled into the loo, where I saw this incredibly cute and naked redhead sitting on the toilet.”

Michael stood there listening, already figuring where this story was going.

“I said, ‘sorry hun, just popped in to drain the monster’,” Jason continued, “and I was trying to hide my morning wood.”

“She replied, ‘Sorry hun, beat you to it,’ then spread her legs and started to piss.”

“Yeah, that sounds like Kirsty Mia,” Michael conceded, actually hoping he didn’t have to hear all the gory details at this point.

“Well, mate, you know how I get around a pissing woman,” Jason admitted, “and my cock grew and peeked out, kind of like it’s doing now.”

“I can see that,” Michael pointed out to him, “how about you put that thing back in its cage.”

Tucking himself back in, Jason told Michael how she stared at his growing cock while she pissed, and licked her lips and smiled, so he walked closer to her. He explained how the sound of her piss hitting the water was not only making him harder, but making it harder to hold back his own need to pee. He said how she reached up and grabbed his cock and started to rub it, and then looked in his eyes and just said ‘go ahead.’

“Michael, her legs were spread so wide open, that I thought she was just going to point my cock between them and let me piss in the toilet,” Jason defended himself, “I swear on the Queen I had no idea she was going to do what she did.”

“So what did she do?” Michael asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“She pointed it down, alright,” Jason continued, “but as soon as I started pissing, she aimed it at her clit.”

He continued to explain how his piss splashed all over her pussy and she started to rub herself which splattered his piss over both of them. She continued to rub her pussy, then raised his cock so his piss pelted both of her nipples, until her entire torso was soaked in his hot urine. Finally, she pointed his cock at her face, then opened her mouth and drank the rest of his golden liquid.

“When my piss died down, she took me in her mouth and sucked me until I filled her mouth with my cum,” Jason said with more pride than regret. “After that she just showered quickly, dressed and left. I’m not sure what this invitation is all about, but if it’s a problem for you, I just won’t go. Your friendship means more to me than some piss slut from Brighton”

“Naw, that’s okay,” Michael offered, “I’m not sure why I was getting jealous. It’s not like we were dating or anything.”

“Thanks Man,” Jason replied, “I’m glad you feel that way, because I’m really interested at having another go with that wildcat.”

“I hear ya!” Michael agreed, promising to drop both of their RSVPs in the post on his way to work that morning.

* * * * * *

Back her in room, Kirsty Mia fondled the three RSVP cards, eagerly looking forward to next Saturday. She hoped that Michael and Jason would be alright coming together, but didn’t really know who else to invite, because she needed two other guys who were totally into pee. Looking down at her Literotia screen, she realized that the only unknown quantity was John.

She ran John’s RSVP card under her nose again, sure she could smell his cologne on it. She hoped he would be as tender and attentive a lover as he is in his stories, and at least as good looking as his pictures. She knew he was older, going to be 50 this year, and that he had a bit of middle-aged spread. However, his face was extremely handsome, especially his twinkly brown eyes. He was very modest about his cock size in his stories, and she was hoping he wasn’t too small. The more she thought about him, she found herself vacillating between being incredibly turned on by the prospect of finally getting to meet him in person, and being terrified that she has set herself up to be totally disappointed.

* * * * * *

As John sat in the training class, he continued to day dream about what might be in store for him in a few short days. He and Kirsty had agreed that they wouldn’t meet or contact each other until the day of the event. This supposedly would allow him to concentrate in his training classes, and keep her from chickening out. He knew from her emails that this event would include another guy or two, because most of her fantasies did, but he was also assured that there would be no expectation of any guy-guy action.

Since he made his travel reservations, he started to watch what he ate, so he could lose weight and be in better shape when they finally got together, knowing this would make him more comfortable in front of the other guys. His hard work had paid off, and he was looking forward to showing off his new body to her on Saturday.

* * * * * *

Michael and Jason were first to arrive at the hotel on the day of the big event, heading straight up to the specified room, on the top floor. When they got there they found the door ajar, being held open by the deadbolt leaning against the outside door jamb. They pushed the door open, calling out for Kirsty Mia, but got no answer. They caught site of the bar in the far corner of the room and headed straight for it, where Jason fixed them both a scotch on the rocks.

Looking around the huge room they figured it had to be the honeymoon suite. There was a gas-lit fireplace on the opposite wall, and a large leather sofa in the middle of the room. There was a large set of double-doors on the West wall, which they figured was the master bedroom. They both fiddled with their set of colored disks as they talked about the strange invitation, trying to guess at what she might have in store for them that night.

“Hello?” the voice called into the room in an obvious American accent, as the door pushed open.

“Hey Pops, I think you’re lost,” Michael called back with a snicker, “the shuffleboard court is down by the pool.”

As Michael and Jason shared a hearty laugh at his expense, John looked at the two strapping young men and wondered if he had gotten himself in over his head. He saw their sets of colored disks on the bar and realized he was in the right place. Fear and doubt started to creep into his head, but then he fought back against those feelings. Stirring up his courage, he pulled his disks out of his pocked and then quipped back “Sorry I’m late boys, but after I finished fucking your mum,” pointing at Michael, then Jason, “your mum demanded that I cum on her face before she would let me leave.”

There was an awkward silence for several moments, and then Michael and Jason burst out in laughter.

“Get your ass over here you Yankee sonofabitch,” called Jason, then quickly poured a third drink stiff drink and handed it to him for him.

The three men introduced themselves to each other and started discussing how they all new Kirsty Mia, Michael and Jason continually talked over and interrupted each other to try to tell John their own Kirsty encounter story first. They clinked their glasses, talked loudly and were well into their third drink when they heard the sound of someone clearing their throat in the center of the room.

The room fell silent and the three men turned slowly to see Kirsty Mia standing in the center of the room, in sort of a green felt toga with white stripes draped over her body, barely covering her naughty bits, and showing off the full length of her legs, almost up to her crotch. Realizing they were finally in the same room, in person, she ran to John and they embraced tightly, her rock hard nipples burrowed into his chest as he held her within his strong arms. They hugged each other like they never wanted to let the other go.

After a few long minutes, Kirsty Mia pulled herself away and turned toward the bar, holding him by his hand. “Michael, Jason, this is Peebudy….err….I mean John.”

“Thanks for the introduction love,” replied Michael, “but we covered that about 20 minutes and three drinks ago! Can we get on with it then?”

Kirsty pulled John toward the bar, and he took his seat next to the other two while she walked around behind the bar.

“I see you all have your disks,” she said, “you boys follow directions well.”

“So what’s with your get up?” Jason asked, gesturing at her with his drink glass.

“You of all people should understand, Jason,” she replied. “You see tonight, I’m not only your bitch, but I’m your PITCH!”

Michael and Jason laughed at the pun, but John stood there looking confused.

“You daft Yankee,” Michael explained, “over here a football…errr…soccer field is called a pitch. She’s telling us she’s our playing field for the night.”

“So what are the rules of the game love?” asked Jason, his competitive nature kicking in.

“OK, listen up, because this is a little confusing, but it should be fun,” she continued. “I call this game Fuck, Cum, Piss, although it doesn’t have to be in that order. Each of you has three disks. The Red Disk will tell you which of my holes you get to Fuck. The White Disk will tell you where to deposit your cum. And the Yellow Disk tells you which of my holes you get to fill with your piss.”

“You can trade your coins with each other now,” Kirsty continued, “but each of you must have a red, white and blue disk, and once the coating is scraped off, the game is set. Any questions?”

The three men looked at each other suspiciously, neither of them willing to swap any of their disked. They then grabbed coins from their pockets and started scraping off the protective coating to see which holes they’d get to use for each activity.

“You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this,” said John, staring at the body he had only conjured in his mind up until now.

“You have no idea honey,” she replied, pointing over to the open doors leading to the master bedroom, from where she had magically appears moments ago.

The men looked through the now open double-doors and saw that the floor was totally covered in plastic and there were candles lit all around the room.

“The mattress is covered in a rubber pad, and I had them put a triple layer of bath towels under the satin sheets,” Kirsty explained, proud of the thought and preparation she put into this event. “A good friend of mine is the night manager here, and she helped me with the details.”

Standing up and handing her his Yellow Disk, John grabbed her hand and lead her to the master bedroom, the other two men in close pursuit. Looking down at the disk, Kirsty Mia saw the word MOUTH peeking out from the scratched off coating, excited that her mouth would soon be filled with the golden nectar that she had repeatedly fantasized about while reading each of his erotic piss stories.

“Hey fellas,” John turned to ask a favor of them, “I’ve traveled a long way and waited a long time to be with her, and judging from your stories, I’m the only one yet to experience her talents. You mind if I get things started?”

“She’s all yours mate,” Jason and Michael said, almost in unison.

They watched as John hugged her again and gave her a long, slow, deep soul kiss. Reaching behind her he loosened the belt on the toga and let it fall to the floor, bunching up around her feet. Kirsty stepped out of the garment and flung it to the other side of the room with a quick flick of her foot.

John stood there and examined her body, which seemed to shiver in the anticipation of the events about to unfold. Her pert breasts, capped with her pebble hard nipples, heaved up and down as she drew in and released her breath. He could see the sheen of the moisture on her smooth bare pussy, and the reflection of her beautiful round butt in the full length mirror on the opposite wall.

Instinctively, she knelt in front of him, and reached up to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. She unzipped them and grabbed his pants and boxers in her hands and slowly lowered them to his ankles, causing his rock hard cock to spring out and nearly hit her in the face. It was John’s turn now to step out of his pants and fling them out of the way. He shrugged his shirt off as she reached up and took his cock into her hands, both of them now naked in the middle of the candle-lit room.

She looked at it like it was a precious artifact, and smiled. It was a nice cock. Not huge like Jason’s, but certainly not as small as he lead her to believe. She stuck out her tongue and ran it up the underside of his shaft and then closed her lips around the purple, circumcised head.

Her head bobbed slowly up and down his shaft, while she fondled his balls. Jason looked at the work MOUTH on his Red Disk and elbowed Michael with a mock “what the fuck?” expression on his face. Michael snickered and continued to watch the action unfolding in front of them.

Kirsty pulled his cock from her mouth and just started to stroke it lightly. She settled back and rested her bottom on her heels. She then lifted her breasts up, leaned her head back and opened her mouth, awaiting the inevitable.

“I’ve waited so long to taste your piss John,” Kirsty said, while she looked up at the single eye winking at her from the end of his prick, “fill me.”

With a quick squirt, John’s piss flew from his cock and splashed across her face and open mouth. She laughed as the warm liquid dripped down on the flesh of her freckled breasts. With a little more concentration, his piss started again, this time in a forceful hot stream that was aimed directly at her open mouth.

“Oh Kirsty, I can’t believe we’re finally doing this,” John moaned as his piss filled her open mouth, “it’s so much better than I ever imagined.”

He watched in awe as he saw his piss bubbling up over her tongue. Not yet swallowing, she let his piss spill out of her open mouth, and it ran over her chest and belly, then down to her hairless pussy, pooling on the plastic between her knees.

With her eyes locked on John’s, she closed her mouth and he saw her throat flex, knowing his hot piss was now running down the inside of her body, the same way it flowed over the outside. While her mouth was closed, John directed his piss to splash off her aching nipples.

“Oh John, that feels sooooo good,” Kirsty moaned in reply, while her hands reached up to push her tits into his piss stream, “you are definitely my pee buddy”

Remembering the rules of the game, he directed his piss back toward her face, and she swallowed another mouthful before his stream died down to a dribble.

Licking the piss off his cock and balls, she looked up and said, “Oh my fucking God….I waited a LONG time to do that with you,” wiping her chin with the back of her hand, “it was delicious!”

“Hello? Remember us?” said Michael and Jason, who were now stark naked and moving toward Kirsty to pull her back to her feet.

Cat-like, Kirsty Mia crawled up on the oversized round bed in the middle of the room and seductively looked over her shoulder, where she saw Michael and Jason crawling up on the bed to join her.

John stared at Jason’s enormous cock for an uncomfortable number of seconds while he wondered how she was going to get her mouth around the tennis ball sized head at the tip of his bent shaft. He then watched in awe as Kirsty unhinged her jaw and opened wide, easily taking the pulsating head into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Michael crawled up behind her and guided his impressive tool into the folds of her soaking wet cunt. The two flat mates worked together, simultaneously fucking her at both ends, their synchronized movements looking like a couple of lumberjacks cutting through a log with a two-man saw.

“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph,” was all Kristy could manage with her mouth stretched wide around Jason’s thick shaft, his bulbous head invading the small opening at the back of her throat.

With his bladder now empty, the little blue pill that John took earlier began to have its desired effect, and he watched the his own cock grow into a sizable erection, the likes of which he hadn’t seen since his teen years. His eyes met Kirsty’s and he saw her smile around Jason’s cock when she saw the hardened treat he now sported between his legs.

Jason reached down to hold Kirsty by her ears and fucked into her mouth with a vengeance, as he pistoned into her open mouth, drool hanging from her chin, dripping on the bedspread below them. The room was filled with the sound of Michael’s balls slapping off her clit while he pounded into her from behind with equal enthusiasm.

John could see the lump in Kirsty’s throat as Jason’s cock plunged into her open mouth, and he was impressed that she was able to take him so deeply. Jason started jerking his hips sporadically, then pulled his glistening cock from her hungry mouth, knowing that he didn’t have the white MOUTH disk.

At about the same time, Michael slapped her firm ass cheeks a few times, and then pulled himself out of her pussy, moments before he was about to dump his load deep within her cunt.

“Aw, why did you guys leave me,” Kirsty whined, feeling the emptiness in her cockles pussy and mouth.

“You made up the rules love,” Jason reminded her, as his athletic mindset continued to try to figure out how to win this game.

John admired the self-control of his new best friends, and only hoped to exhibit the same level of dedication when his turn came. He also looked down at his red ASS disk, and then at the dramatic difference between the girth of their tools, and worried that Jason might stretch her silly with that baseball bat of a cock, if he stuck it in there to cum before John had a chance to fuck it.

John quickly moved over behind her, to claim his territory before Jason could, but before he could plunge into her tight brown hole, Michael elbowed him out of the way.

“Let me lube that up for ya mate.” he said with a smirk, as his piss sprayed out of his softening cock, all over the small of Kristy’s back and her exposed ass. His deep yellow urine flowed through her ass crack like a roaring river, She reached back to rub her clit while he pissed, and her hand splashed hot piss all over both of them and the bed.

Michael moved his cockhead right up to the pucker between the firm globes of her ass, and his piss now shot up her ass like a little Jacuzzi jet. Kirsty’s hand was now a blur over her clit, and she pushed herself back toward Michael’s pissing cock. With a loud moan, she started to shiver and shake in an intense orgasm, her first of the night. With one last squirt of piss, Michael fell on top of her back and they both collapsed in a heap on the bed, hugging each other and laughing.

John held his viagra-enhanced erection in one hand, and the Red Disk with the word ASS in the other. He wanted to get at Kirsty’s hot ass quickly, not just because he loved the tight smooth feeling of anal penetration, but he knew she’d be too stretched out for him if Jason got to it first!

Climbing up on the bed, John laid on his back, pulling Kirsty’s body over on top of him. He placed the red ASS disk in her hand, and reached under her thighs to pull her legs toward her chest. Kirsty reached down and guided his steely rod to the pucker of her ass, still wet with Michael’s piss. The head of John’s cock nudged against her tight brown hole, and Kirsty let her hips roll forward taking the full length of John’s cock into her tight hot ass.

“Ohhhhh,” Kristy groaned through the duration of the initial thrust, until she felt her bottom come into contact with John’s thighs, indicating that he was completed buried in her rectum. She placed her feet on the sides of his thighs and Kirsty began moving herself up and down on John’s cock, as he fucked up into her ass from below. Her sphincter muscle clenched around his shaft and John couldn’t contain his own moans as he reached around to grab her breasts, rolling her hard nipples between his fingers.

Kirsty leaned toward the edge of the bed to take Michael in her mouth, slurping down his hot tool as she bounced her ass on John’s hard cock with an increased pace. The three of them were lost in the heat of the moment and they didn’t see Jason crawl up in between Kirsty’s legs.

“Sorry Mate, when you gotta go, you gotta go.” Jason said as he flipped his yellow PUSSY disk on the bed, landing on the pillow under John’s head.

Before he could yell out “Noooo,” John felt Jason’s hot piss flowing down from Kirsty’s pussy over his lap as he fucked her ass from below. Even though this was his first golden experience with another guy, hot piss on his skin always sent John over the edge, and he knew he had to pull out before he filled her shitter with his spunk. While he slowly pulled out of her ass, John felt the knob of Jason’s cock as he entered Kirsty’s pussy and his piss continued to flow out of her cunt and around John’s lap.

Her pussy now spread further than she’s ever been stretched before, Kirsty’s body began to tremble in orgasm again, as she moaned around Michael’s cock, the vibrations sending shivers through his tool. Her orgasm continued to wrack her body like a tidal wave, as Michael’s back straightened, and he finally busted his nut within her mouth. His hips bucked into her face as he threw rope after rope of cum down her throat, and she eagerly swallowed every precious ounce of his seed.

“That’s it, I’m out of disks,” Michael announced, as he walked back out to the bar, “God I need another drink.”

“Well then,” Kirsty said to John and Jason, “looks like you boys need to switch places.”

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