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My grandmother Lynn was my grandfather’s second wife and was about 20 years younger than he. She married him after his first wife died and Lynn raised his children as her own even though she was only 12 years older than the eldest child, my mother. When my mother was married and had her first child at 18, Lynn was about 30 years old. Lynn is young thinking, young looking, and young acting which made it strange to have her as a grandmother because she certainly looked more like an aunt than a grandmother.

When her first grandkid (me) came along she was understandably freaked out. Only 31 years old at the time, Lynn flatly refused to be called “Grammy” and she started a running joke by getting me to call her Lynnie, which was the only name I ever used to address her. As the other kids came along years later she relented letting them call her Grammy but I was grandmothered in, so to speak, and always addressed her by her first name.

Lynn was a slender blonde, blue-eyed woman of Scandinavian descent, about 5’7″ with an average frame, small but perky up top. She was no runway model, but she was cute in her own way and she loved my grandfather to death and the rest of the family never thought of her as anything other than blood kin.

My grandfather, Walter Tucker, and his first wife, Lilly, dreamed of raising horses together, so he retired early and used his life savings to purchase a horse farm estate to make that a reality. But when Lilly unexpectedly passed away less than a year later, he considered selling the farm when he met Lynn. Twenty years his junior, she was initially hired as a stable hand but after about 6 months of her working at the farm they suddenly announced that they were getting married. To say this was a shock to everyone is a vast understatement. People were surprised and for years there was gossip of a “reason” for getting married, but no baby was born so the cynics assumed that Lynn lost the baby and the rest of us assumed they found true love.

Grandpa Tuck and Lynn spent two decades building an impeccable reputation for horse boarding and training, and had carved out a comfortable life for themselves. They were able to maintain the farm and shortly after they were married did a major renovation of an old ski cottage that had been in Tuck’s family for generations. The cozy ski house was about a half hour away from the farm, small, but in an awesome location at the slopes. A ski resort had grown up around it and our family used it year round but mainly during ski season. Both Lynn’s and Tuck’s families are very large, so it was common for relatives to cut out of work early during the week, ski a few hours by themselves or with a companion, and drive back home.

By the time I was in my late teens Lynn and I had become the most avid skiers in the family and we tried to get to the ski house as much as time, and work at the farm, would permit. However, we almost never skied together because of the demands on her time from the farm. Those of you that have worked a farm of any kind know that a good day on the farm is when your scheduled 12 hour day ends on time…and that’s not with a “lunch hour”.

When I graduated from college in 1985, about 3 years after Tuck died, the recession made finding a job difficult and Lynn offered to bring me on as a paid worker at the farm until I got some job prospects. I had worked with her for years, and some of the hired staff were getting up in years, so it made sense and I accepted. I moved back in with my parents who lived close by and quickly adjusted to the reality that moving away from home wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

It was winter of 1986. I had been working on the farm full time for 7 months and had become Lynn’s right-hand-man, a position other farm hands were only too willing to accede because of the huge responsibility and time commitment. Lynn and I would cover for each other to get a day off, or sometimes we had one of the farm hands work extra, but we almost never scheduled days off at the same time because it was hard to get people to cover both our jobs.

With little money, no girlfriend, and job prospects all but zero, I was making the best of the situation and took advantage of the unusually snowy winter in the northeast. I would get up at 4, be at the horse farm by 4:30 and leave for the ski house around 3:00. Weekends, and calendars for that matter, are of little use to a farmer. The sun, the rain, and the alarm clock are about all you need to keep track of your life. But on the plus side, by keeping on a such an early rising schedule I enjoyed the best winter skiing of my life. A seasonal lift ticket was an excellent investment that year, and having the ski house to use any time made it an inexpensive way to enjoy a sensational winter ski season. Lynn also made it to the ski house when she could, but not as often as I did.

Lynn had dated very little since Tuck died 4 years earlier, but at 52 she was still an attractive and very fit woman. If she were on the open market it would have been easy for her to find someone but she, like me, was dutifully tied to the farm. The farm work overshadowed most social activities, and after working a long day it was hard for her to get motivated to hit the town or go out on a date. She rarely had guests over other than family and the years without Tuck had made her a bit jaded and short with people. I understood where she’d been and how she got to this point so I was patient and understanding, and when she snapped at me or criticised me I never took it personally and just let it go. She knew that I really cared about her, I respected her, and I just flat out liked her. Lynn rarely made people wonder where she stood and I loved that about her. I would watch how she dealt with people and would just shake my head, laugh, and walk away before her short temper got the best of her and she unloaded on someone who desperately deserved it. It could be a snobby horse owner, incompetent carpenter…you name it. She expected a lot from herself and she expected a lot from others. No one could ever say she wasn’t fair, and I respected the way she lived her life. As I got older I realized that fire in her must have been one of the things that Grandpa Tuck loved best because I sure did. When she got mad, really mad, her blue eyes would simmer with energy and she would stare right at you, through you. It was unnerving because her eyes were so vibrant and pretty it was hard not to look her in the eye but they were so goddamn distracting I’d have to ask her to repeat what she said, which only made her more angry!

Eventually I learned my way around her, how to handle her, and even men who had known and worked with Tuck said on many occasions that they never saw a man (other than Tuck of course) able to calm Lynn down and reason with her like I did. It was sad and telling that nearly every time someone said his name, they’d look at the sky or the ground and with a smile they’d mutter, “Aw, Tuck. Good ol’ Tuck” or something like that. It made me want to be more like him every single time I heard it. To be loved like that, to be remembered like that, with that kind of fondness? Now, that’s a life well lived.

Valentine’s Day 1986 came and went, just another day at the farm for Lynn and for me. Neither Lynn nor I had so much as sniffed a hint or a discussion of a date, which was a bit disappointing for me because this was the first time since I was a teenager I didn’t have someone to take out to dinner. Two days later, February 16, it snowed like hell and I was really looking forward to skiing. I had a 4-wheel-drive truck so getting to the ski house was never a problem and I could hardly wait.

I finished up my work at 3:00 and by 3:15 I was showered and on the road. My normal routine was to get to the ski house, change, be on the slopes by 4:30, get a few runs in and drive back home by 8. There was something fundamentally right with doing this amount of physical work and exercise and I was in the best shape of my life. I was trim, I was eating right, and mentally I was clear as a bell. My life had achieved a sort of Zen acceptance; I ceased the pursuit of unattainable things and I was truly happy. I wasn’t the most attractive guy in the world but I began to see myself as attractive for the first time, not so much physically but deeply pleased with who I was, how I treated others, and how much I was able to help Lynn. I had an opportunity to do a lot of reading and that winter I was truly maturing, becoming a man. At 23, I was beginning to see how life really worked, what was really necessary to get by, and most importantly what you could do without.

I got to the ski house and was in the middle of changing clothes when I heard a car pull up. I pulled up my ski pants and Lynn walked in, much to my surprise.

“Hey Paul!” she yelled with a big smile. “I didn’t know you were coming up here or I’d have hitched a ride with ya!”

I was so glad to see her I was jubilant. I loved skiing with her and being with her, especially away from the farm.

“Yeah, you should have said something! Get your stuff on. Let’s go Lynnie!”

I helped her get her stuff into the house and within a few minutes we were ready to get going. It was 4:30 and the sun was still shining but the slope lights were already burning.

She was an awesome skier and we hit it hard for a few hours. Like me, Lynn was in excellent physical condition largely thanks to the physical labor at the farm. Around 7:00 I suggested we head back to the ski house.

As we got into the house, I was mentally preparing for the ride home, but Lynn surprised me. “I’m not going back home right now and neither are you”, she said quietly, looking at the fireplace. “Please build a fire.”

“What?” I laughed. “It’s 7:15 Lynnie. We gotta get home.”

“Not tonight. Evan and Chase are covering for us tomorrow, and I have Big Danny and his son in the afternoon if necessary. I need some time off, you need some time off, and you’re going to spend it with me! Now get moving!” and she slapped me on the ass, a “Lynnie”, which she did to everyone.

“Like I always say, when the boss lady says build a fire…you build a fire!” I said, laughing. “Wow, that’s great! Time off at last.”

“Tonight I’m not your boss”, she said warmly. She walked toward me, taking my face in her hands. “Tonight I am your friend, OK? Not your relative, just your friend.” She kissed me on the cheek and her lips felt fresh and warm. “Tonight I need a friend.” She walked away and muttered, “Or maybe something more than a friend”.

In a few minutes I had the fire going and its warm glow and crackle were very relaxing. I loved relaxing and falling asleep on the sofa in front of the fire. We sat together on the sofa and Lynn turned toward me and very seriously said, “Paul, I have to ask you something. Do you love me?”

“What? Of course I love you. You’re my Lynnie. What kind of question is that?”

“I’m so lonely, Paul. Tuck was my life. It’s been 20 years and what do I have now? I have this farm. I have no time, and I’m not getting any younger. I’m just so goddam lonely.”

We sat in silence for half a minute or so and she continued.

“You know something, Paul? I’m not stupid. I know a lot of people assumed Tuck and I had to get married. I was so much younger. I know what they said in their little sewing circles. Yes, we did have to get married but not for the reasons they think. We had to simply because we loved each other.”

“Hey, I never thought anything other than that, Lynnie. I knew what he meant to you. Everyone did, Lynnie. We all love you.”

“Not like you do, Paul.”

I smiled. “Yeah, you’re special to me. We understand each other. At least I think we do.”

Lynn said, “I “see” you and you “see” me. We are both at a point where…well…maybe romance is beyond our reach right now. I’m thinking that maybe we need to make this situation work for us.”

“Yeah, it was my first Valentine’s Day without a date in a quite a while. It was a disappointment, but, you know, here I am.”

“Why do I find it so easy to be around you?”, she mused and laughed a bit. “You are so goddam like him in so many ways. I wish you could have known him as an adult. He was so funny, almost nothing rattled him. I was lucky to have him as long as I did.”

“Everyone says the same thing about Tuck. He must have been one hell of a guy.”

“He was. He really was. But he’s gone and, now…now I think after 2 years I am finally accepting that fact. It’s so hard to imagine being happy without him, and harder still to imagine loving someone other than him. I’m not ready to love someone like that again, in that way, but I need intimacy.”

Lynn mustered her courage and continued.

“Do you find me attractive Paul?”

“Yes, I do Lynn. I think you are a very attractive woman. I like you and I love you. I see your beauty deeper than most I guess.”

“It might be wrong of me to say but that means so much to me. I mean, after all I am your grandmother. At least technically.”

“Nah, you’re my Lynnie. I love you like your my own family but I have always held you higher, like you’re better than that or beyond it somehow. I don’t know how to explain it. I know that you sure as hell don’t look like my grandmother! You don’t look like anyone’s grandmother for that matter”, I laughed.

She smiled nervously, stroking my arm.

“I trust you Paul and…I need that intimacy again. I am so lonely, and the farm is like this giant specter hanging over me. Sometimes I go home and just cry and cry and cry and I am alone and I hate it. And then it reminds me of Tuck and I feel good about it for a while, but then that loneliness returns. Sometimes I just want to sell it or have someone else run it. It was Tuck’s dream and now I’m finally starting to realise that. I was part of his dream and he was part of mine but that responsibility…that wasn’t my thing. All I wanted was him. I loved him and the farm came with him and now that all there is left is the farm, sometimes I don’t even want it anymore!”

For the first time in my life I saw Lynn cry. It started out as small sobs and in a few short moments became open wails. I held her close and kissed the top of her head.

“Come, on, now. I’ll help you figure this out Lynnie. You can rely on me. You can trust me, too.”

“Can I?” she asked, tears streaking her face. “How much can I trust you?”

“With your life”, I said flatly. “I love you. I’d do anything for you, you know that.”

“Sometimes I wonder why you stay, why you stay helping at the farm. I barely pay you enough to get by. God knows I don’t make much more. I’m just not as good at it as Tuck was! My heart isn’t there because it broke when he died. My dream, that whole dream of it? It died with him.”

She began to cry again and I felt terrible knowing there was nothing to do except listen. After a minute or so she began to calm down.

“I need you Paul. I really need you”, she said softly.

“I know I don’t do enough sometimes. I’ll help out more when we…”

“No, Paul, I need you now. I haven’t felt…no one has made me feel like a woman for so long. Not a strong, durable woman. I don’t want to be strong and reliable and durable at this moment. I want to be soft, and tender. I want someone to love me and look out for me. I am falling in love with you Paul and I know it’s wrong and there is nothing correct or appropriate about it but I can’t help what I feel. I don’t know what it is about you and I know you are so much younger than I am and the…the family…but I can’t keep this inside me any longer.”

“I love you too, Lynnie. I really do!” I smiled, moving her damp, dirty blonde hair on her forehead.

“No, I love you like this Paul”. She leaned toward me and kissed me deep. Her tongue found mine and in an instant my eyes were closed and my hands found her shoulders.

“Like this”, she said softly. Lynnie moved her lips down my cheek, pitching back and nibbling on my ear until the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

“I know I am taking a risk”, she said in a deep, sexy voice that was altogether unfamiliar. “But I want you. And I want you now. And I am willing to give you everything my body has to offer. I am yours for the taking.”

She stood up slowly and began to undress.

“I don’t need you to love me back Paul. I don’t want you to promise me things. I just want you here and now. And maybe again some time, but there is no other man I want right now other than you. Or more than you.”

“Lynnie I…the last thing I would want is to take advantage of you when you are so…”

“Vulnerable, Paul?” She laughed as she removed her blouse and started undoing her pants. “Paul, I am 52 years old. I lost my husband 2 years ago and I haven’t had sex since then. I’m not vulnerable…I’m desperate!”, she laughed. “Please don’t make me beg you to fuck me!” she laughed ruefully.

“I’ve thought this through, Paul. I obviously planned this…getting you here alone with me, the next day off for both of us. It took a while but I pulled it off. Now. So, are we gonna have some fun? I am ready!”

She was now down to her panties and bra and I was stunned. She had a body a 30-year-old woman would envy, tight and muscular. Her tits were actually a little bigger than she carried them, and wiry blonde curls sneaked and peeked out in contrast to her black panties. I stood up and Lynnie laughed, “Exactly the reaction I was hoping for”, she said. “Was it the black panties?”

“You had me at ‘fuck’!”, I laughed.

And the genie was out of the bottle. In an instant, warm family sentimentality gave way to waves of curious adult pleasure. We kissed wildly and we continued to pull off clothes until both of us realized we were naked. The curiosity got the better of us both and we stopped kissing long enough to admire each other’s bodies.

“Hoowee is this going to be nice”, I said. “You don’t mind if I start with a taste test, do you?”

“Taste away, lad” she said moving toward the bed. She lay down and spread her legs revealing a thick mat of pubic hair and luscious velvety pink flesh slick with moisture. “Taste away”, she said again, pulling her labia apart. Her body had flooded her entrance with lubricant and I licked my lips in anxious anticipation. I knelt down on the bed and worked her open with my tongue, flicking her nice, thick bean just enough to let her know I was there. Based on the audible feedback from Lynnie I think my technique was pretty good. She was going to be a screamer, I thought, and seconds later my suspicion was vehemently confirmed.

“Paul! Paul!!! Paul!!!!!!, she screamed, pulling my head into her and somehow skillfully wedging her finger between my lips and getting her finger on her clit at precisely the right moment. Lynnie shook as I slowly released my lips from her privates, loving and savoring the sticky taste of her sweet, pink flesh. Her pussy tasted sweet as a peach and I was more than ready to make love to her.

“Mmmmm, kisses”, she said softly, gently pulling my head up and moving my face toward hers. “Mmmmm, tastes so nice”, she whispered as she kissed me on the lips, licking them. “So sweet. I miss this.” We continued to kiss for a minute or so and then very suddenly she moved her hips down and I slipped inside her.

“Oh, yes!” she hissed. “Now that is what I need…you inside me”, she said, eyes closed. “You deep inside me”. She bit my neck gently and pulled me inside her until I bottomed out in her slippery passage. She was warm and the fit was perfect. I’m average at best so I guess with such an older woman I was a little worried she’d think I was not up to the task. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“You are a wonderful, beautiful woman, Lynnie”, I said, kissing her neck as I gently moved within her. “I love you now in even more ways than I thought I could.”

[Author's Notes: I am aware that some readers to free sites visit to enjoy other hard work put in by others, who perhaps do it for their own gratification. If those do have strong views bordering on patronising please temper them. If you are affected by inadequacies in stories irrationally than move on. However, all comments are welcome.]




The four incestuous siblings came to around nine thirty. Allison felt as if she had run a marathon and all her muscles ached. Her breasts felt bruised; her face felt the effects of drying cum as did her beautiful nostrils.

Her three brothers were looking at her love and devotion and soon they all were kissing her all over. Mike suggested dinner in their family’s favourite restaurant. All four rushed to get washed up and ready. Her brothers could barely keep their hands off their sister. Allison could not get enough of her brothers’ too. The eventually managed to get out by ten thirty. Allison in a white long cotton dress with light blue flowers was beauty personified. Her brothers were envy of all women in their khakis and white shirts.

The dinner was filled with family chat and wine and wonderful meal. The brothers teased their sister with sexual innuendoes and soon were victim of her pranks. Zach was the designated driver. They got home by midnight. Allison was bursting to go to loo.

The four siblings rushed inside the house and Allison shrieked as her three brothers made a dash to grab her and ran upstairs. Her brothers were shucking their clothes off as they chased her. Allison found herself running towards her oldest brother’s room. Her brothers caught up with her inside the room. Allison’s throat dried as she saw her brothers’ massive cocks dangling like long thick batons even when flaccid.

Mike gently engulfed his sister in his arms and soon her dress was being pulled off her body. She did not wear any bra. Zach pulled her panties off.

“I really have to pee,” wailed Allison.

She was ushered into the en suite, her brothers trailing close to her. She was giggling and laughing, ” How do you guys think I would pee if you do not give me space?”

Mike lifted his sister up in the air with his powerful hands under her thighs. Allison found herself astride her brother’s shoulders with her legs dangling over his back and his mouth kissing her crotch, “Mickeee! I really need to go!”

Mike whispered in passionate growl, “Allie, please pee now.”

Allison soon caught up her brothers’ desire. She felt her heart race and her breathing quicken, “Mickey, You want me to pee where I am?” Allison asked throatily.

Mike nodded yes. Allison felt her other two brothers’ hands all over her ass. She felt one finger running all over her anus and tried to push inside and her bladder opened. Allison’s pee drenched Mike’s face as he opened her mouth and tried to catch as much as he could and gulp it quickly. Allison was not kidding when she expressed urgency. Allison thought she would never stop peeing. Her pulse was racing as she heard Mike trying to capture as much as of his sister’s pee as he could. Mike’s front body was awash with Allison’s warm sweet pee.

Allison felt hot and flushed as her brother drank her pee and she showered him in addition with her warm fragrant urine. Eventually her stream petered out and despite her contracting her abdominal muscles she could not express any more pee. Mike kissed and licked her pubic hair drenched in pee.

Mike lowered her off his shoulders with some urgency. Before Allison could prepare herself she felt herself being lowered to monster head of now rampantly hard cock of her brother. Her both arms flew around Mike’s neck as she felt her brother adjust her cunt opening over his huge cock head. Once satisfied, Mike lowered his sister’s pussy opening over his cock head. Allison gasped as the monster cock of her brother laid her soft pussy wide open. Her eyes locked onto her brother’s who smiled and allowed his sister to fall with her weight impaling her pussy in one long brutal movement on his gigantic cock. Allison shrieked in genuine pain and gasped as she felt her cunt full beyond belief once again with her brother’s monster penis.

Mike with no respite started to swing his sister like a pendulum using his super strength to fuck her pussy at a blinding savage pace. Allison’s screams soon changed into moans of a woman in throes of passion generated by a massive thick and long cock pistoning in and out of her now streaming cunt.

“Mickey, AHHH. Fuck me. AANNGGH. So huge. You are TOO BEEG. AAHHH. UUNNGG. FUCCKK MEE.”

Mike swung her sister like a doll on his monster cock. Allison could feel her brother’s steel hard monster penis shuttling in and out of her churning pussy. She felt unbelievably stuffed and each thrust ended slamming against her cervix and pushed it way inside making her wince but wanting more. Allison had never been fucked like this before and within ten minutes Allison was screaming like a banshee declaring her first orgasm.

Mike gave even more powerful thrusts pulling his sister almost off his gigantic cock and slamming her back burying it to the last millimeter making her scream with pleasure even more. Allison body was wrecked by the shattering climax exploding inside her and she clung to her brother’s muscular neck for safety. She was barely aware of her brother swinging her hips as is they belonged to someone else. It took many minutes before flushed Allison settled down.

Mike held his sister steady as their younger twin brother Zach moved behind Allison. Their similar heights made this fucking almost naturally easy. Allison felt Zach rub something gooey, must be body wash, all over her anus and soon he placed his gianormous cock head against the tiny tight opening. Allison looked up and was about to ask her kid brother to take it slow but Mike glued his mouth over hers and she was overwhelmed by her brother’s breathtaking tongue duelling kiss.

Zach bent his knees to bring his cock against his sister’s anus, once happy his cock head was stationed just right Zach signalled to Mike who held their sister firmly. Zach added his hands under his sister’s ass to spread them and take the weight as well. Allison felt now very familiar pressure on her anus. She pushed down as if defecating and with her brother’s upward thrust from his muscular thighs her stretched anal ring surrendered within no time and Zach’s massive glans shot in lubricated with soap like an arrow. Allison moaned loudly inside her brother’s mouth as she felt her anal ring dilate to an impossible size. Sharp darts of pain stabbed her anus as her brother used the initial advantage to keep on pushing his massively thick cock inside his convulsing sister’s throbbing soft warm rectum.

Allison did not scream in pain like before, ‘I am getting used to my brothers’ monsters’ she thought inadvertently. Zach stopped nearly half way inside and then slowly pulled his cock out until his glans was inside his sister’s shit passage. He flexed his long muscular thighs and shot upwards impaling his sister’s obscenely dilated ass with his giant cock in one long savage thrust. Allison moaned loudly, “Zach… SLOW PLEESE. AAHHH…UNNGGH.”

To begin with two brothers set up an alternating rhythm as they had done many time before. Mike would push his sister’s ass towards Zach as he pulled out and then Zach would push their sister’s ass away and help Mike to pull it on to his hungry cock. Allison was content to moan and grunt as her two brothers impaled her cunt and ass with their giant manhood, “Fuck me. AAHH SOOO GOOOD. Please fuck me more. You two are so huge. It hurts but fuck me. FFUUCCCKK MEEE.”

Both brothers were happy to comply. They felt the divine warmth and softness of their sister’s cunt and ass. Their love for their sister for many years made this day so much more memorable. They could not imagine a day that they could not have sex with their lovely sister. Allison was soon hurtling towards another orgasm. Mike and Zach now held their sister in middle equidistant from their hips and swung their mammoth cock in and out with their own individual pace. Allison was beside herself. She could feel different rhythms. Sometime one brother’s cock would while other was slamming it in. Sometimes both monster cocks would pull back leaving her both channels empty for a short time before both hammered their mammoth penises back in filling their sister to bursting limits. Allison was now cumming in one long continuous orgasm.

“Aahhh. UUNNG. FFUU..AAHHH…CCKK. AARGH…AAAIIEEEE,” Allison wailed as each wave of her body shattering orgasm exploded inside her, “CUUMMEENGG. FUUCCKK MEE. AAIIEEEUNGHHHH.”

Allison felt her two brothers had started to grunt and thrust their monster cocks even with more vigour. As she climaxed yet again her two brothers after over half an hour of fucking slammed their cocks to the hilt and spurted hot scalding thick potent cum deep inside their sister’s cunt and rectum. Allison grappling with her own mind bending orgasm felt her two passages even fuller as her brothers filled them with huge volume of thick creamy cum spurt after spurt. None of her two brothers slowed down as they emptied their lust inside their sister.

Allison moaned and groaned as her two insatiable brothers continued their frantic fucking as if they had never cum. Allison’s moaned were becoming louder with each passing minute of furious paced fucking from her two brothers. The bathroom was filled with the unmistakable fragrance of Allison’s rectum as her brother liquidised her rectum’s solid contents with his massive steel hard ramrod. Her cunt juices added to this heady aroma.

Allison could hear the squelching sounds as her older of three brothers Mike’s cock pistoned in and out of her ravaged cum and pussy juices filled vagina. Zach slapped his sister’s bottom loudly with each bone jarring thrust with his groins as he shuttled his mammoth man meat in and out Allison’s equally abused rectum.

Allison had cum at least for more times as her brothers continued to take her from one body shattering orgasm to another for another forty minutes. Her two brothers had been fucking and buggering Allison for well over an hour and she was tiring under the onslaught of repeated orgasms. Allison moaned her fresh orgasm and pleaded, “Mickey, Zach please cum inside me. You are so fucking good. I love you so mUUUCCHH….UNNGGH.”

Mike and Zach speeded up even more if that was humanly possible. They both raced to their climax almost simultaneously. Allison nearly screamed with pleasure and pain as her two brothers slammed their monstrosities together to the hilt as they exploded violently. Their orgasm matched the tormenting climax of their sister. Allison felt each twitch and throb of her two brothers’ cocks as they spurted deep inside her pussy and rectum. They slammed their cock in less coordinated manner and kept on ejaculating thick copious cum in spurts which went on for ever filling their sister’s already bursting rectum and cunt even more.

Zach and Mike held their sister impaled on their monster cock for many minutes as Allie tried valiantly to settle her breathing from her repeated orgasms. Eventually Zach slowly pulled his monstrosity out of his sister’s obscenely dilated ass, which was now covered with brown and creamy gooey film, as an evidence of recent ravaging of Allie’s delectable rectum. Allie whimpered as she felt her brother’s massive cock leave her sore rectum and glued her gasping mouth on her older brother’s mouth. Mike moved to bedroom carrying his sister impaled on his massive steel hard inhuman cock, his huge hands supporting her voluptuous ass- her arms wrapped around his neck, her sweet open mouth glued to his as her tongue explored his mouth, her thunder legs around his hips. Mike climbed on the bed effortlessly as if her sister weighed nothing more than a feather.

Mike soon was lying on his back with his beautiful sister lying atop him, Allie’s knees resting on either side of her brother, her wet weeping cunt impaled on his inhumanly thick and long giant cock and her bottom raised invitingly for her other two brothers to ravage. Tim soon moved in and knelt behind his sister’s voluptuous bottom splattered with brown fluid and anus still covered with creamy brown goo, his threatening young steel hard monstrous cock ready to sink inside his sister’s sweet soft fragrant rectum. Allie moaned loudly as she felt her brother’s massive cock first dilate and then impale her sore ass. She felt she would burst as her two brothers filled her body with their giant penises. Both brothers soon fell in a smooth fucking rhythm as their sister moaned louder and louder. Zach sat close to Allie’s head and soon his sister took hint and moved towards him still available to her other brothers to keep fucking her sweet sift cunt and pliable warm rectum with increasing thrusts. Allie hungrily sucked and licked the monstrous girth and length of her younger brother as she tasted heady mix of his cum and her rectal goo.

“OOOOUUUUNNNNGGGGHH”, moaned Allie as her brothers’ two monstrous cocks ploughed her soft cunt and tender ass mercilessly. She was on verge of her yet another orgasm as her two brothers fucked her with long firm thrusts impaling her cunt and ass in an alternate rhythm. Tim grabbed one dangling swaying large soft breast of his sister and mauled it in his huge hand. Mike held his sister’s ass steady to make his and his brother’s thrusts easy and effective.

Soon Allison went tense and her mouth came off her brother’s cock involuntarily as her orgasm tore through her body. Zach mauled his sister’s other aching breast as Allison’s beautiful face showed the sweet agony of her ripping orgasm. Her mouth was part open, her eyes were tight shut and her beautiful nostrils flared with each laboured breath, “I AAMMM…CCUUMMMMEEENNGG. SO GOOOD AAAIIIIUUUNNNGH. FFUUCCKK MEEEE. OONNNAARRGGHHH. FFUUCCKKKK.”

Zack and Mike drunk in the beauty of the tableau in front of their eyes as their extremely beautiful sister’s face was bathed in the orgasmic pain. Allison’s three brothers allowed her to some moments to savour her orgasm and simmer down before once again setting the ever increasing pace and force of their fucking. Her three brothers took Allison all night in various combinations. She forgot which of her brother’s massive cock was in her ass or cunt or her mouth. They all were equally monstrous and tools of torture and pleasure at the same time. Allison was tag fucked and buggered. All three of her loving brothers finished by cumming on their sister’s beautiful face in early hours of morning filling her beautiful nostrils as Allison laid listlessly totally spent after her in numerous orgasms and her breathing barely noticeable.


Allison woke late in the morning of bright sunny Saturday. Her face was covered with dried cum. She felt her beautiful nostrils filled with drying cum and made her nose itchy. She smiled as her eyes filled with love scanned the three tall muscular bodies of her brothers all lying close to her. She noticed wetness between her thighs. Allison took her hand and wiped her cuntlips and expected to see and taste cum deposited inside her pussy by her virile insatiable brothers. She instead found a creamy red film covering her fingers. Allison had stopped her pills when Marcus left and now was having beak through bleeding. She knew it was always slight and lasted two or three days, unlike her natural periods which were full and lasted nearly five or six days.

Allison’s first thought was of disappointment. She surprised herself, as she feared that her brothers might not like to continue their sexual adventure during her menstruation. Unlike most women Allison felt sexier and desired sex as much as any time during her periods. As if linked with subliminal connection all three brothers stretched and opened their eyes and all three looked at their beautiful sister’s face. Soon all three were hugging and kissing their sister good morning.

“I am sorry. Sadly my breakthrough bleeding has started. You may not want to have sex with me. It will finish by Monday but dad and mom would be home by then,” Allison said with monumental disappointment in her voice. The bedroom filled with three masculine hearty laughers of her brothers as they all three brushed aside her assumptions that they would be inhibited by her period.

“Allie, it is natural and we would rather amputate our cocks than miss any chance of having sex with you,” Mike whispered as he kissed his sister’s half open mouth.

Allison’s heart soared as she realised that her tryst with her three brothers would continue unabated, “I am so happy. Please never say something as horrible as amputating your beautiful cocks. They are not yours alone. I too own them along with any loving women you would choose to share them with.”

The four siblings started with their morning ablution sharing the same bathroom. Allison’s brothers made breakfast together and joked, laughed and touched their sister all through out. Allison felt all their sexual overtures absolutely natural.

No sooner the breakfast was over Allison’s insatiable brothers were demanding their sister’s attention as their rampant monster cocks once again hungered for their sister’s soft juicy orifices. Allison was taken until late afternoon in the huge living room until she cried out in exhaustion and declared that her cunt and ass were too sore to take her brothers’ monstrosity any longer. She was lifted gently and taken to the bedroom and they took a long nap. After a late lunch/early dinner the four were replenished and continued their robust untiring fucking well into the morning. Sunday followed in the same vain. Allison got used to accommodating her brothers’ monstrosity in her cunt and ass with a whimper alone. She could sense subtle difference in their thrusts and touch. She was fucked into total exhaustion each time. When they all slept in on Monday morning Allison felt a sense of deep loss as she realised her brief foray in incestuous love with her three brothers would have to come to an end once their parents returned. She could cry as she stroked the handsome faces and monster cocks of her brothers


Edward [Ted] Hunter got out of the car as his trusted driver pulled into the massive driveway and brought the car to a halt and opened the door for his boss. He was forty-seven years old. He was one of the youngest general in history of army and retired early due to philosophical differences with the government and now solely focussed on expanding the family business empire and offer consultancy on various army issues. He stood six feet and three inches tall and was built on large scale. He was broad shouldered and his muscular frame was broader with age and covering of signs of good living. There was a hint of belly, which was barely discernible when dressed. He had thick curly dark hair with rich strands of white. His face was ruggedly handsome, given to him by his equally handsome father with added features from his extremely beautiful mother. Ted exuded authority even when his eyes were crinkled with smile.

Ted went to the other side to open the door and help his wife to emerge from the car. Kimberley [Kim] Hunter ne Carter gracefully came out holding her husband’s hand and stood close to him for few seconds. She stood about five feet six or seven inches tall. Kim was forty-five years old. Her long simple Egyptian cotton light spring yellow loose flowing dress accentuated her full body in most alluring way by trying to hide more than show in a tacky manner. Kim had most beautiful face that was handed down to her deceased mother. Her exquisitely beautiful nose was the highlight of her face the soft smooth neck moved onlookers’ eyes to generously large breasts that moved gently encased in soft cotton bra. Kim’s full waist was a testimony to her full life and lack of obsession with starvation diets. Her hips flared declaring a woman who had mothered four loving children. Her full thighs moved to healthy ankles and beautiful feet encased in roman leather sandals. Kim was breathtakingly voluptuous and beautiful. Allison was safe in knowing she would look more and more like her mother with each passing decade.

No sooner Ted and Kim had settled themselves on the driveway their four off springs ran out to greet them. Allison ran screaming towards her father who lifted her in his arms, her arms tight around his muscular neck as she kissed her handsome strong father repeatedly on his laughing mouth.

Kim was engulfed in the arms of her three strong handsome sons who showered her with kisses. All five moved in after sons hugged their father and Allison treated her mother with same love and affection and million kisses. Allison walked with her arms around her mother inside the house.

The next week passed in a whirl. The days were filled with various activities and evenings with concerts, plays. They all dined at home or at exclusive restaurants.

Allison’s parents seemed to have become greedy to enjoy their children’s company as Allison’s marriage showed that they all would have their own lives at some time.

Allison missed her brothers, to her consternation not her loving husband, the first two nights after her parents’ return. The third night she was surprised late in the night by Mike who quietly slipped into her bed and woke her up gently. Allison could scream with joy as she was fucked and buggered to early hours of morning. Her younger twin brothers teased Allison, with their twinkling blue eyes, as she and Mike both were late in getting up.

The next night Allison was joined by Zach and they both had sex like greedy starving children. Allison was now expecting one of her brothers the third night and was rewarded by arrival of Tim. Soon the two incestuous lovers were in deep open mouthed wet kiss as Allie desperately tried to pull her brother’s tee shirt off him. Tim laughed at his older sister’s impatience and removed it himself. Allison pulled his shorts off and gasped at the familiar sight of now her brother’s monster beautiful rock hard cock. Tim greedily removed his sister’s loose tee shirt and marvelled at her large soft breasts. He pulled her panties off to expose her full thighs and soft cunt covered with rich growth of dark blond soft curly pubic hair glistening with leaking fragrant pussy juices.

Tim dived with his mouth open to savour the sweet treasure of his sister’s pussy as Allison shrieked with pleasure and soon was pushing her hips up towards her brother’s devouring mouth. Tim’s tongue soon reduced Allison into moaning mass of illicit lust and exploding orgasm. Tim did not let his sister free even when after three orgasms her cunt was painfully sensitive to his oral ministrations. He moved his attention to her anus and within five minutes he was tasting the heavenly flavour of his sister’s rectum and Allison was going orgasmic mad with repeated waves of torrential pleasure coursing through her voluptuous body. At last Tim took pity on his sister as she collapsed depleted with her orgasm as a prelude to long night of similar pleasure. Tim moved up and covered his sister’s full body with his lithe muscular frame. Allison kissed her brother tasting her won cunt juices and anal flavour and whispered, “Timmy, I love you. I am so glad you guys chose to come. I would have gone mad thinking about you all.”

“Allie, no way we would not have come. We drew lots but Mike used his seniority to be the first,” Tim adjusted his mammoth cock head at the fluttering moist entrance of his sister’s cunt and pushed his giant cock inside her inch by inch making Allison gasp as her brother’s cock’s enormous size once again made place for itself stretching her cunt walls to an unimaginable dimension.

Allison moaned loudly, “I am so happy. Timmy please fuck me. Fuck me as you want to. Fuck me real hard. Please don’t stop even if I scream. Please fuck meee. FFUUCCKK….”

Tim did just that he fucked his sister all night until Allison’s cunt and ass were sore and she had cum so many times that she lost count. Tim only stopped once his sister was totally exhausted and went listless and could only moan feebly as she came to meet her brother’s last explosive ejaculation of the night. Tim left his sister’s cunt and ass full of thick warm creamy cum as she slipped into deep sleep of exhaustion and her breathing became deep. Tim kissed his divine sister on her beautiful nose and quietly left to his room.


Friday morning Ted’s father rang with the news of his mother’s fall during dry skiing and she had to get admitted for an MRI to ensure that there was no fracture. Allison’s Grandfather Wilbur Hunter [Bill] was sixty-nine and was married to her grandmother Kathleen [Kath] for forty-eight years. Kim decided to go and keep her father and Mother-in-law company until Kath was back on her feet. [Kath called her father-in-law dad and mother-in-law mom from the day they met.] She was delighted that her three sons promptly offered and insisted that they would like to accompany their mother. They would get some hiking and mountain biking if all was well with grandma.

Kim insisted that Ted should stay to honour his official commitments and Allison would keep him company. The family debated the travel plans. It was either their small plane or the huge four by four. As things seemed under control mother and sons agreed upon driving as it was scenic and they could stay overnight in family’s favourite highway hotel as the family had done many times.

Kim and Allison’s three brothers left around late afternoon after lots of kisses and apologies to Allison. They were aiming to get to the hotel by seven and then leave in the morning to reach their grandparents farm in the hills.


Ted and Allison decided to go for tennis. Allison was a good player but no match for her father’s strong game. They both were sweating when finished. Ted offered to take his daughter for a classical concert and then dinner in their favourite Italian restaurant.

When Allison came down in a light blue long silk dress her father could not stop marvelling at his daughter’s maturing beauty. Ted took his daughter in his arms and kissed her on top of her head, “Allie, you look so divine and beautiful. I am lost for words. I am going to be the most proud father in town today.”

Allison when she was coming down saw her father in a new light. He stood tall and massive in blue blazer, light blue shirt and Khakis. Allison went weak at the knees as she saw the man her father was- all power, kindness and raw authority rolled in one huge bundle.

“Daddy, I see my dad is going to make all women go weak in their knees and men jealous. My dad is the most handsome daddy in the world,” Allison kissed her dad back rising on her toes.

The evening was wonderful. Ted made his daughter feel all womanly. Allison was all grace. They both made heads turn everywhere. Father and daughter came back late in the night a bit tipsy with expensive wine. They both watched late news with cognac before kissing goodnight. Allison tossed and turned for an hour until wine and tiredness took control and she fell asleep. She ached for her brothers and suddenly a new face kept on creeping in her imagination. Allison was frightened at the audacity of even thinking about it. She had never kept secrets from her parents. Her brothers were cosily away. They too had never hidden anything from their dad and mom. Allison was worried that her brothers would open up to their mother and she may be the only one hiding. As she let herself sink in the arms of sleep her thoughts and worries were not about confessing about her illegitimate incestuous tryst but a massive strong body taking her in his arms as her brothers did. It belonged to her father.


Mike parked the dusty Mercedes suv at exactly seven thirty. The rooms were booked. Kath left her sons and porters to handle the luggage. She told them that she was going to take shower and ring grandpa. The boys should do the same before dinner.

Kim rang grandpa on his mobile. He was in hospital.

“Kimmy, MRI is tomorrow. Grandma is comfortable. They have given her morphine despite her protestations that she was not in that much pain,” Bill said with tender love and affection directed towards both, her daughter-in-law and his wife.

Kathleen was a tough resolute extremely beautiful woman of sixty-seven years. Kim felt warm and cosy as she heard her father-in-law’s deep resonating manly voice [quite like her husband's], which reminded her of her own father.

Kim was taking her travelling clothes off as she was talking. Bill had extra sensory antennae when it came to his family, “Kim sweetie, are you getting ready for a shower?”

Kim giggled like a schoolgirl caught with a boy in the backyard, “Yes dad. I am all sweaty with the long drive. I am so looking forward to seeing you and mom. Boys cannot wait to pamper their grandma.”

Bill laughed, “Shall I also break a leg to get pampered?”

Kim laughed too and said hastily, “Please don’t talk like that. It may bring bad luck. I shall always pamper you. All you have to do is ask.”

Wilbur’s laugh resonated through the phone filling his daughter-in-law’s ears and mind with love for him, “I am so blessed, sweetheart. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms.”

“We will be there tomorrow morning, dad.” Kim whispered. They exchanged loving entreaties before disconnecting.

Kim put the phone down and saw herself in the full length mirror. She was standing in bra and panties. She threw the dress away on the bed. Her dark blond hair were wavy not sharp curly as her daughter’s. Her divinely beautiful face showed what Allison would be in twenty five years. Kim slowly unhooked her bra to expose two very large, heavy soft breasts of heavenly proportion and beauty. They both drooped with their own weight to make them even more alluring. They both indicated towards her soft slightly bulging belly of a woman who had loved and procreated. Her full waist filled out to flaring of her wholesome hips encased in the white cotton panties.

Kim pulled the panties down her long full legs and threw them on the floor. Her hips were voluptuous and her thighs showed a woman who lived a full life. The occasional dimpling on her hips made her thighs look even more beautiful. Kim spread her long full legs to expose her thick rich growth of dark blond hair covering her heavenly entrance to her soft pussy. Kim sighed as she was expecting someone to have walked in by now.

She wondered what kept her sons so far. As she walked towards the bathroom she reminisced the day exactly seven years ago when Mike walked in on her and her husband when they were having sex and asked all sort of questions. It was school holidays. Mike watched his father’s massive cock fully embedded in his mother’s sobbing cunt. Kim and her husband were always open and they were not hypocritical. They both showed their son what sex was and how it was done instead of brushing him aside. Mike requested to watch her father fuck his mother. Kim was soon in throes of multiple orgasms as her husband fucked her with his monster cock in front of their son.

Mike watched with sharp blue eyes and open mouth as he saw his loving mother thrashing, moaning, screaming in ecstasy as his father savagely took her first in her cunt and then in her delectable ass. Mike watched his parents’ marathon fucking which was norm for them. After nearly two hours Ted exploded for the third time inside his wife’s sore rectum, Kim had collapsed with exhaustion.

Once they recovered, both held Mike between them and answered some more questions. Then came the stunner, “Mom, can I have sex with you, please?”

Kim laughed nervously and said, “You have to ask my husband first.”

Ted quickly said, “Mickey, if you and your mom want and agree I have no problem.”

Mike looked at his mother with wide open deep blue eyes that penetrated her soul. Kim nodded with a smile and tears in her eyes, “Mickey, shall we do it tomorrow, please?”

Mike jumped with glee. He kissed and thanked his mother and father and ran out to his room. Ted looked at his wife who was crying and laughing silently. He draped himself over her voluptuous body and slammed his steel hard cock in one brutal thrust inside her weeping cunt. Kim was fucked hard and fast all night.

Next day Ted took his younger twins and eldest daughter to their favourite shopping arcade followed with sport centre and cinema. Mike stayed back as he was not ‘feeling well’.

Kim walked in to her son’s bedroom and took his clothes off. His penis even then showed every sign of the monstrosity it was destined to grow to. She taught him how to lick her cunt and ass. She showed him how a woman sucks the cock of a man she loves. She licked her son’s anus. Mike eventually learnt what it feels to sink his huge cock inside her mother’s soft cunt. Mike was untiring. He learnt fast and soon Kim forgot about teaching as her son fucked her into many orgasms. Mike also wanted to have anal sex and by afternoon he was in control and Kim was babbling and cumming nonstop.

By evening Kim had nearly lost consciousness with excess of illicit explosive lust and pleasure. She somehow put Mike to sleep and walked back to her bedroom to fall asleep like a dead but very happy woman.

Sex between Kim and her son became more regimented and organised. Eventually Ted and Mike had sex together with Kim. Two years later, not unsurprisingly, Kim found herself teaching her two twin sons. They were equally quick learners.

Kim smiled as she remembered that how ingenious they all had to be to ensure that her sons and husband all got a fair share of her body. The boys were never allowed to take their mother’s love for granted and they grew and matured like gentlemen quickly and earlier than any boys of their age.

Kim stood under the warm shower and let the water fall all over her body. She heard a soft knock on her room door. She did not have to guess. She knew the manner of the knock that it would be one or all three of her sons. She wrapped a bath sheet and went on fast steps dripping all over the carpet to open the door.

She opened the door hiding behind the panel and let her twin sons in.

“What kept you so long?” Kim complained like a teenager as she ran back to the bathroom followed by her two sons who were taking their clothes in a comical rush. Kim was soon joined by Tim and Zach completely nude in the shower, “Sorry, there was mix up with the rooms. Mike wanted to go to get good champagne for you,” Tim explained as he took his voluptuous mother in his arms. Zach was caressing his mother’s back and succulent full hips with loving soft strokes.

Kim smiled and asked coquettishly, “What do you young, strong and handsome gentlemen want from this poor old woman.”

Zach laughed and kissed his mother’s back, “What have we always wanted mother? To make love and worship our divinely beautiful mother again and again.”

“What is stopping you both then,” Kim whispered in a husky lust and emotion choked voice. Tim kissed his mother on her mouth and his hands tried to engulf as much as they could of the overflowing soft flesh of his mother’s large heavy breasts. Zach was soon on the floor kissing every inch of his mother’s luscious voluptuous ass cheeks. He spread them wide apart exposing the tiny pink-brown wrinkly anal ring covered with a faint line of soft blond wispy hair. His tongue darted at the winking ring making his mother gasp inside her son’s mouth.

Tim’s one hand reluctantly left his mother’s breast and found the entrance of his mother’s soft cunt and his fingers plunged deep inside and his thumb rubbed her clitoris. Kim was now moaning loudly as her twin sons’ stoked familiar fire. They both knew everything their mother inside out over the last five years of lovemaking. It only took five minutes and Kim moaned as if in pain as her first orgasm hit her. Tim and Zach gave their mother few moments as she struggled with her climax. Tim swiftly lifted his mother with his forearms under her thighs. Kim almost involuntarily threw her arms around her son’s muscular neck. She mewled as her son adjusted her wide open weeping soft cuntal opening over his gargantuan cock head. Kim eyes met her son’s and Tim swung his mother down and his monster cock sped inside his mother’s tight soft cunt in one long savage lunge. Kim grunted and bit on her lip to keep herself from screaming.

“AAH, Timmy. You are so big. It feels so good,” Kim whispered softly. Zach quickly rubbed perfumed skin softening cream all over his huge cock and joined his brother and mother, aiming his apple sized cock head at his mother’s incongruously tiny anal opening.

Kim held her breath as her other son pushed his giant cock to force open her anal ring wide open and soon his massive girth was speeding inside her seething, clutching warm rectal sheath. Kim felt a forearm shoved up her two channels by the time her twins were fully sheathed inside her body. As hundred times before Tim and Zach swung their mother to and fro to fuck her cunt and ass with their monster cocks. The bathroom was filled with lusty sounds a beautiful mother moaning louder and louder as her twin sons impaled her two orifices savagely with their inhuman sized cocks. Kim felt her orgasms were merging with one another. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh, as Tim and Zach buried their cocks to the hilt with each thrust, echoed off the walls. Kim’s moans were like music to her sons’ ears. The lust filled moans of their mother fuelled their desire even more and propelled them to put in extra effort in each marauding thrust with their savagely massive thick and long cocks. Kim was fucked for an hour standing in the shower. Her twin sons eventually exploded in massive spurts of hot scalding cum deep inside their mother’s rectum and cunt. Kim flopped on Tim’s shoulder as her last of her six orgasms took its toll temporarily. She winced as her one son pulled out of her tortured rectum, and other swung her cunt off his monster cock. They all took shower together. Kim lovingly washed Zach’s cock of all the rectal goo it had dredged up after his mother’s buggery.

As they all got dressed, Mike rushed in kissed his mother apologising for the delay. He had to find a different shop as their familiar wine shop was closed for unknown reason. Kim suggested that Mike took a quick shower while she and twins waited in the restaurant. Mike kissed his mother again. She looked ravishingly beautiful in simple white blouse and ankle long turquoise cotton skirt with open toed sandals.

They ordered some wine and waited for Mike as they took their table. Kim decided to order food as she knew what Mike would like and to save time. By the time Mike came starters were on the table. Mike sat close to her mother with twins facing them.

“You missed the real starter, Mickey,” teased Tim.

Mike growled in mock frustration. Zach laughed to join Tim. [Real twin those two].

Kim softly patted her son’s muscular thigh, “Mike, don’t let these two get to you.”

Mike complained like schoolboy, “Mom each time I miss having you is one time less in my life and I would never ever get that time again.”

The intensity of her son’s love and lust for his mother shook Kim though she was aware of it all their life. He hand slowly snaked over her eldest son’s crotch and soon found his monster straining against the soft cotton trousers.

“Mickey, why don’t we finish our starters and you join me in the ladies so that I can make amends,” Kim whispered softly in her eldest son’s ear. She looked at her twins with a twinkle in her light brown eyes, “Nobody teases my oldest son.”

Kim made an elegant exit most unobtrusively, to the ladies room as boys gulped their starters. Mike left after discrete three minutes. Kim was waiting for her oldest son at the door of the ladies’ bathroom. She unhurriedly took her son’s hand and entered one of the cubicles. Soon Mike was kissing his mother passionately. “Mickey, please make it a quickie,” Kim pleaded fully aware that her virile men could fuck her nonstop for hours.

Mike nodded. His mother turned around and lifted her dress around her waist. Mike gasped as he feasted on the most voluptuous and beautiful bottom of his mother. Kim rested her hands on the cistern. Kim heard the sound of zipper and trembled with anticipation. She felt her son’s hands pushing her panties aside exposing the crack of her ass and the soft cunt running with her juices. Mike whispered softly, “I love you mum,” the intensity of his declaration made his mom nearly cry. Kim braced herself, quite aware of how Mike’s quickie would be, and was not surprised when her oldest son placed his humungous cock head at the soft entrance of her cunt entrance and after few adjustments slammed it in with all his strength. Kim would have liked to scream her head off if surroundings permitted but had to bite her lip painfully and managed to accommodate his son’s monstrosity with a grunt.

Mike was embedded fully inside the soft tunnel of his birth passage yet another time and soon set up a frantic pace that would have scared a lesser woman than his mother to death. Kim moaned and sighed as her son extracted series of orgasms out of her in next twenty minutes. Mike’s massive penis plunging in and out of his mother’s cunt like a piston of a freight train. Kim felt her soft pussy walls dilating to accommodate her son’s monster cock and she heard the slapping g sounds as her son’s thighs slammed against her soft full bottom. The slurping sounds as her son’s massive cock pulled out and then slammed in filled Kim’s senses. Kim nearly screamed as she came yet again and her son exploded with a gritted grunt, “Mom, I am cumming. Mom…Mum…Love you.”

Kim orgasmed again as she felt each throb of the monster cock and spurt of her son’s potent cum. They both gasped and stood still for many moments as a tableau of incestuous love in a restaurant toilet. Mike slowly pulled out of his mother and quickly pulled her panties to prevent her overflowing cunt to leak his cum on her thighs.

Kim kissed her son. She signed for him to wait. She went out and soon tapped on the cubicle door to suggest it was safe for Mike to come out as well. When mother and son reached the table main course was served. All four enjoyed the dinner. The practical matters were discussed.

“Who is driving tomorrow? It cannot be Mike as he drove today. For obvious reasons it can not be I as well,” Kim said over the desserts.

Tim and Zach thought for a moment and Tim offered himself. Kim smiled thankfully at her older of the two twins, “Timmy, you have to go to bed early. You will have to ensure we all get up and start in time tomorrow morning,” sensing the panic on her son’s face Kim raised her hand and said sweetly, ” Timmy you will have me all to yourself until you are finished.”

Tim’s face shone with pride, as his brothers understood the arrangement. They all ordered cognac but were in a hurry to finish their dinner.

Kim whispered as they took the elevator, “Timmy, please leave your room door open for me. I will be there in five minutes. Mickey, Zach wait for me in my room.”

Kim changed quickly as her two sons undressed. Kim put on the bathrobe over her panties as she left Mike and Zach in her room to go and serve her third son.

Tim was waiting naked with a rampant monster erection. Kim melted in her son’s arms and soon the room walls were resonating with lusty grunts and moans as Tim took his mother mercilessly repeatedly in her cunt and ass. Kim moaned incessantly as her insatiable son tried to ravage his mother in two hours to equal a night of lovemaking. Kim was totally spent when Tim ultimately exploded in her ass for the fourth time, “Timmy you need to rest, my sweetie.”

Tim reluctantly let go of his mother. As she saw Tim slip into deep sleep Kim felt herself re-energise again as only mothers can do. She wanted to be fair to her other two sons, however tired or temporarily sated she felt.

Kim entered her bedroom to find her two sons in heightened state of arousal. The room was charged with sexual tension. Kim’s smelt of sex and that fuelled the raging lust of her two sons. Kim was taken with even more savagery than she thought was possible for next four hours by her two insatiable sons. They all fell sleep close to five in the morning.

Tim was good as gold. He gently woke his brothers and mom up around nine. Zach and Mike ran to their rooms to freshen up after kissing their beautiful mother many times. She looked even more beautiful all mussed up after torrid sex and sleep. Tim helped his mother to bathroom. He savoured the sound and smell of her pee as she opened her bladder. Her son kissed Kim repeatedly. Tim put his hand in the warm stream to taste the familiar flavour. The aroma of her morning activity filled him with love and lust for his other. Kim cleaned her self after finishing her motion. She brushed her teeth and soon found that Tim needed release. Kim turned towards her son and smiled, “Quickie, Timmy?”

Tim nodded happily like a child offered a sweet. Tim lowered his trousers and speared his mother’s waiting cum filled cunt from behind in one long sensuous lunge. Kim sighed with contentment. Tim knew that his mother had to get ready. Tim set a frantic pace making his mother cum four times before he exploded a huge amount of thick young virile cum inside her cunt.

Mother and three sons were on the road after ringing grandfather by ten thirty. Tim was driving. His mother and two brothers were fast asleep in the reclined seats. Tim stole glances at the beautiful face of his sleeping mother every now and then. Her deep breathing with an occasional soft feminine snore filled the vehicle with peaceful love that only a son like Tim who had made love to his mother could experience and understand.


Allison woke up late after a fitful sleep full of illicit dreams. She lay in her bed for many minutes. She has to tell her father about her new relationship with her brothers without destroying the family. Allison chose to ignore that her tee shirt was the only garment covering her voluptuous body. She made her way down and found her father in the massive open farm type kitchen off to open side of equally huge family breakfast dining area with sitting arrangement to add.

She watched her father making breakfast. He was only dressed in his shorts. His had huge back covered with hair that promised to continue over his buttocks by the evidence above his shorts. His big muscular buttocks filled the loose shorts and his tree trunk like hairy muscular thighs and legs stood him at over six feet and three inches. As if by telepathy Ted felt the presence of his daughter. He switched the hob off and turned around.

Allison saw the smiling ruggedly handsome face of the man she had adored all her life. He was the benchmark to judge all men. His huge big muscled chest was covered with curly hair. His abdomen showed signs of relaxed life and now his muscles were covered with a padding of fat giving him a hint of belly, covered with curly hair, which moved down to the top of his shorts. Ted smiled and noticed the indescribable beauty of his daughter fresh out her sleep and bed. Her dark blond curly hairs were all over her face, her face still showed the signs of a freshly woken woman; her eyes shared the same look. Ted’s heart thudded with love and affection as he saw the divine sight of is beautiful daughter slowly walk towards her rubbing her eyes with the back of her petite hand.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Ted said with his arms wide open, in a low resonant masculine voice that Allison had made Allison felt safe and loved all her childhood.

“Good morning daddy,” mumbled Allison in sleepy voice as she melted in the arms of her powerful father. Ted lowered his face and kissed his daughter’s partly open mouth, as she was about to emit a soft yawn and smelled her morning mouth. Allison finished the yawn and kissed her father again. Ted too had not been to bathroom and Allison had a wild thought that if she could kiss her father with an open mouth she would taste his morning mouth flavours. She felt giddy with the thought.

“Breakfast is ready,” Ted kissed the mussed hair of his ravishingly beautiful daughter.

“Thank you daddy,” mumbled Allison as she rubbed soft skin of her cheek on the hairy chest of her father. She had done that all her childhood every time her father sat her in his lap in the mornings. Ted switched the hob on again and gave the finishing touches to french toasts cooked, as his daughter had loved all her childhood. Soon the table was set filled with poached and scrambled eggs, french toasts, fresh fruits, bacon and sausages, hash browns toasted brown exactly as Allison liked. Fresh juice and cold milk in two jugs adorned were set in the middle. A large mug of coffee was steaming waiting for Ted. Ted sat on the table and was surprised to see his daughter waiting near the kitchen worktop.

Allison looked at her dad and he smiled, the big fatherly grin that filled Allison with love, safety and warmth all at once. Allison moved slowly towards her seated father and wrapped her both arms around his neck like a little child. Ted put his huge muscular arm around his daughter’s soft supple, full waist and whispered, “You Ok sweetie?”

Allie buried her face in the side of her father’s muscular neck ribbing the hard stubble with her soft cheek and whispered back, “I love you very much, dad.”

Ted pulled his daughter effortlessly in his lap. As she settled astride in her father’s lap facing his huge hairy chest Allison felt her father’s lips firmly kissing the top of her head. Allison waited and soon turned her face up and planted her lips and on her father’s mouth. She threw her arms around her father’s neck. Ted felt the supple lips of his daughter and without either of them trying found his daughter’s mouth open first slightly, inviting him in silent entreaty. Ted felt his lips apart of their own volition and soon his open mouth covered his daughter’s wide-open mouth. Ted tasted and inhaled his daughter’s morning breath filling his senses like an aroma from heavens. Allison felt her head go dizzy as her tongue rushed in greedily inside her father’s mouth and savoured the taste of his morning breath.

Allison felt her father’s one huge hand grab the back of her head as he crushed his open mouth over hers. Both father and daughter forgot that their kiss had degenerated into an illicit expression of love but both devoured each other’s mouth greedily until Allison was gasping with an unmistakable rising lust and felt her breathing inadequate to sustain her body. Allison felt her large soft breasts crushed against her father’s chest and she suddenly realised that she had been grinding her pelvis against her father’s massive crotch.

Ted as if this kiss was a daily routine, softly broke away and lifted his daughter like a doll and turned her towards the table. Allison was now sat astride her father’s lap with her back rubbing resting on his chest.

“Shall we finish the breakfast, Allie, before it gets cold?” Ted said with a smile and mussed his daughter’s hair with affection. Allison giggled and soon both father and daughter were feeding each other with laughter interspersed and jokes flowing non-stop. The whole breakfast took longer than it would have if Allison and her father were not playing around with food like two children.

Allison was finishing her third glass of juice and Ted was gulping his third mug of coffee.

“Allie, it seems you want to discuss something with me! I am sorry if I am wrong.” Allison was taken aback at her father’s sensitive antennae.

“Allie, hold your glass we will move to the living room,” Ted effortlessly lifted his daughter with his strong hands supporting Allison’s voluptuous thighs as she giggled like a little girl. Ted moved towards the large plush sofa and soon both father and daughter were comfortably ensconsed. Allison nervously fidgeted and ground her pelvis in to her father’s crotch and felt a monstrous bulge in his shorts. Allison somehow felt very happy that her father’s penis was responding to her.

“Daddy, I may make you very angry and probably you may hate me for ever,” Allison whispered softly as she rested her head against her father’s right shoulder.

Ted kissed his daughter’s cheek and said in a hoarse emotional voice, “Allie, nothing you could say or do that will diminish my love for you. I would rather die than even think about hating you,” Allison felt her father’s strong muscular arms wrap around her soft waist and pull her towards his body.

Allison held her breath for few moments and as her parents had taught all three their children that when in doubt speak truth in an unvarnished manner.

“Dad, I had sex with the boys while you were away.” Allison blurted in a choked voice knowing it was the best way. She felt her father’s arms tighten around her and she waited with bated breath for him to say anything….

“Did any of the three force you, Allie?” Ted asked in a deep resonating growling whisper.

“No dad, not at all. I wanted it as much as any one of them,” Alison in her haste to protect her brothers said something she could have bitten her tongue if she were more aware of her self.

Ted kissed the top of his daughter’s head and said softly, ” Allison, your mum and I would never judge you or the boys if your expression of love is mutual and makes you all happy. I am very proud and feel privileged that you chose to share it with me. I would have never felt any different if you all four kept it to yourself.”

Allison’s heart felt thudding against her chest, ” Daddy, you do not mind that we committed incest and probably may not be able to keep away from each other.”

“Allie, love is more important than any social taboo. You should not hurt your husband and your brothers and vice versa. With that caveat you know I would condone everything you would choose to do in life.”

“I love you dad, very..very..very..much,”Allsion squirmed in her father’s lap to turn around. Ted released his daughter who jumped off her father’s lap and soon jumped back facing him. Her both knees were on either side of his thighs and her arms flew around her father’s neck and she kissed his mouth repeatedly as she time and again whispered inside her father’s mouth, “I love you daddy, I love you.”

As if by serendipity Allison soon found her open mouth glued to her father’s mouth. Her tongue unashamedly shot inside her father’s mouth and she felt his tongue duelling with hers as both seeked the sweet taste of each other’s saliva.

Ted was taken by surprise but did not want to hurt his daughter’s fragile happiness soon after she had confessed a major secret with him. He wished his penis would stop responding to his daughter’s voluptuous body. He also wished that his daughter would fail to feel his growing hardness. His hands somehow found their way to his daughter’s full, soft buttocks and inadvertently he pulled her pelvis down onto his crotch.

“Daddy, you are not angry with me or boys?” Allison whimpered inside her father’s mouth.

Before Ted could control himself the moment of honesty bubbled out of him, “To the contrary sweetheart. Not angry but I am envious of boys.”

Allison felt her heart could burst inside her rapidly constricting chest. Her father felt jealous of her brothers. The man she adored, idolised and held as the benchmark to judge all men wanted her, his daughter, as much as his sons. Allison moaned inadvertently as she crushed her mouth even more firmly against her father’s. Ted felt a wet patch fully drenching the front of his shorts right under his daughter’s restless crotch. Ted realised that his daughter had come down right as she had slept without her panties. He smiled affectionately. The whole family hated underwear and could not wait to get out of them. None of the boys like their parents slept with their underpants as did their daughter Ted now realised.

Allison felt her the wetness dripping out of her pussy and became aware that her father knew she did not have any panties under her long tee shirt and that her cunt was dripping with her pussy juices. Allison felt her father’s hands roam all over her back and would rest over her two full, soft voluptuous ass cheeks and then re start their journey again.

“Daddy, Do we dare?” Allison whispered hesitatingly. She was desperate to walk further down the path of seeking illicit love and her mounting lust fro her father was the most taboo of them all.

Ted felt her semi hard penis lurch as his divinely beautiful daughter spelt out what he had been nursing for many years, “If you want to sweetie.”

“Daddy, I do, I do … but..but..I..I…I do not want to hurt mom,” Allison felt her spirit soar as her father acquiesced but their love for her mother still needed protecting.

“I would do nothing that would hurt your mother or any one of you,” Ted smiled at his daughter’s selfless love.

Allison did not know how but she trusted her father to be right. Ted’s assured huge masculine hands swept under his daughter’s buttocks and pulled her tee shirt from under her mouth watering full bottom. Allison felt an electric shock as her father’s hands touched the naked skin of her back. Allie was kissing her father as if her life depended on it. Her tongue fought with her father’s as their saliva swished around their duelling tongues and found its way towards two devouring incestuous mouths.

Ted softly pulled his daughter’s tee shirt until it reached her neck. Allison gaspingly broke the kiss as her father undressed her off her only garment hiding her voluptuous naked body. Her father had undressed her hundreds of times when she was young but this broke the convention society placed on both of them. This was her father as a man undressing his daughter as he would a woman he was about to make love to.

Ted threw the tee shirt away on the carpet and felt his breath being taken away as he looked at his daughter as a full-grown woman sitting astride on his lap. Her beautiful face now took another divine dimension as he gazed upon her white unblemished soft skin and large soft heavy breasts heaving with her breathing. Allison’s two overgenerous breasts drooped with their own weight ever so alluringly that left her father speechless in admiration.

Ted whispered hoarsely, “Allie you are so beautiful,” his hands gently moved towards the wonderful pair of large breasts adorning his daughter’s chest. Allison felt her breasts burn as her father’s huge hands caressed the huge soft globes with butterfly like flitting movements. Ted felt his daughter’s nipples stiffen rapidly as his palms time and time again softly moved over the silky skin of Allison’s large breasts.

Allison felt her eyes close with rising lust and pleasure as her father gently stoked the fire in her loins by teasing her breasts which were always very sensitive and one of many erogenous zones in her body. Ted could not hold himself back. The thought that this divine young woman was his daughter only accentuated his desire to ravage her and love her until she screams make him stop as she could not take any more.

He lowered his head and greedily kissed all over the twin wondrous breasts of his daughter. Allison ran her fingers through her father’s thick curly hair as he kissed her breasts waiting for the moment that she knew would come any second. Allison could not help but moan loudly as her father grabbed one of her engorged sensitive stiff nipple in his saliva filled warm mouth, “UUMMM…Daddy, AAHHH……Daddy please,”

Ted used his huge hand and lifted his daughter’s heavy large soft breast as his mouth devoured her sensitive nipple flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it alternately. His other hand massaged the other breast and gently kneaded the soft flesh of his daughter’s breast every now and then. He gently rolled Allison’s other nipple between his thumb and finger making his daughter moan anew. Allison was overwhelmed with the occasion of the both with the rapidity with which this illegitimate escalation of the immense love between her and father occurred and how her father was making her whole body vibrate as a lust filled woman with his ministrations.

Ted moved her mouth on to his daughter’s other breast and treated it to equally stimulating gentle sucking. Ted felt he had to move, as his hardening cock needed adjusting. He got lifting his daughter with minimal effort who shrieked with excitement as she found herself lifted in air by her giant of father. Ted gently lay his daughter down on the sofa. Allison was sprawled on the sofa her full thighs still supported by her father. Allison felt dizzy as she saw her father savouring her voluptuous naked body.

Ted quickly knelt on the carpet with his daughter’s full meaty thighs resting on his hugely muscled arms. He gazed at his daughter’s large breasts splayed outwards and appearing compressed by their own weight making them look even more breath takingly beautiful – Allison’s skin burnt with the knowledge that her own father, whose loins procreated her twenty two years ago, now was most likely to enter her body as a woman with the same organ that entered her mother’s body when she was created by her loving parents. Allison could feel her father’s eyes almost caress her skin as if touching her all over. Ted’s gaze followed his daughter’s soft skinned belly towards the junction of her full thighs. His eyes locked on the curly blond hair covered pussy lips glistening with excessive cunt juices. Ted could inhale his daughter’s sex juices smell, which was getting stronger as he lowered himself closer to her pudendum. He inhaled the divine aroma as his lips softly kissed his daughter’s soft belly all over. Allison grabbed the back of her father’s head as his lips tormented her with lusty soft kisses all over tummy. She moaned loudly as her father’s tongue probed her belly button. Ted lips made their way towards his daughter’s secret heaven usually forbidden for all fathers. His mouth hovered for few seconds over lush curly growth covered sweet scented pussy of his daughter. His hands would around his daughter’s thighs to gently spread her thighs as his tongue parted the rich pubic growth covered cuntlips. Allison nearly bucked as her father’s tongue traced her pussy opening. She moaned as if in pain as she felt the electrifying touch of her father’s tongue softly rest on her extremely engorged, firm sensitive clitoris.

Ted started to lick the heavenly scented cunt of his daughter with steady up and down strokes of his tongue. He could taste the sweet pussy juices as they flowed freely from his daughter’s vaginal opening. Allison had stopped trying to curb her moans and soon was grinding her cunt into her father’s mouth, “AHH.. Daddy, pleeesse…..sooo….gooood. Lick me daddy. Please lick my cunt…… UMMM.” Ted felt his daughter’s hand become more demanding on back of his head. Ted sucked on the fleshy cunt lips of his daughter one by one. He gently nibbled on each with his teeth making his daughter groan and moan loudly. Ted concentrated on is daughter’s clitoris and ran his raspy tongue firmly and rapidly making his daughter move faster and faster towards her first orgasm at the hands of her own creator, her father.

Ted licked, rubbed his daughter’s clitoris with his tongue. He grabbed it every now and then between his lips and tugged on it gently. Allison felt as if her body was on fire. She had never dreamt that her own father would be one of the men bringing her closer to an orgasm with his educated mouth- sweet illicit forbidden incest.

Ted freed his hands to take them unfailingly to his daughter’s large breasts. His huge hands filled themselves with as much of his daughter’s soft breast flesh as they could and his mouth tormented the burning body of his voluptuous daughter. Allison felt each lick, kiss and tug of her father’s mouth as she did the gentle kneading of her breasts, ‘Daddy…make me cum. Pleeese…daddeeee. I want to cum. Lick meee….AAAAHHHH….DADDEEEEEEEEE.”

Ted kept the form but gentle torment of his daughter’s cuntal opening and clitoris with his tongue and her breasts with his hands inexorably pushing her towards her first father-daughter orgasm. Allison moaned incessantly and babbled loving entreaties to her father as she felt a familiar fire burning inside her breasts, which started to spread deep inside her belly, and travelled down to her pelvis. She felt a deep gnawing pain started to develop all over but more so inside her pelvis.

Allison pushed her father’s face even deeper into her pussy as she felt she was going to explode anytime.

“I am about to cum daddy. I am…AAHHHHH…CUUMMM….UUUMM,” moaned Allie as her father increased the pace of his tongue flicking her clitoris.

Allie felt her body go into a painful spasm as she felt something explode deep inside her. Allison wailed, “Daddeee…..I..I..I AAMMMM CCUUMMMEEENNG.


Ted felt his daughter’s impending orgasm even before her body betrayed it and went into convulsive spasm and he took his daughter’s clitoris between his teeth and almost brutally squeezed her both breasts in his powerful hands precipitating on of her most explosive orgasm. Allison unknowingly pulled on her father’s curly hair painfully as she ground her hips upwards towards his tormenting mouth. Her breast hurt but she wanted them to hurt even more. Her sensitive clitoris felt as if her father would rip it away from her cunt but she did not care. Allison wished her father would tear her clitoris apart with his teeth and her breasts with his huge powerful hands as her painful orgasm stormed through her body. Allison exploded and rode the crest of the wave of her orgasm for many minutes as her cunt leaked and her muscled convulsed more so in her belly as her father kept the licking her clitoris with his raspy tongue as his hands mauled her tender breasts.

Allison wailed continuously through out her orgasm, which turned into moans as the crest slowly ebbed into the down ward gradual slope of a plateau. Allison felt her breasts aching and her clitoris fresh from an orgasm almost painfully sensitive as her father persisted in flicking it to and fro with his tongue.

” AHH…Dadeee.. soo good. I luuvvv yooo.”

Allison tried to wriggle away from her father’s persistent mouth, as her cunt and clit were too sensitive like never before. Ted felt his daughter was transiently sated. He got up and draped his massive frame over his daughter’s voluptuous but smaller frame. Allison involuntarily wrapped her full legs around the massive waist of her father as her arms flew around his neck. Ted kissed his daughter first slowly but soon their mouths were ravenously seeking each other’s cavity with inquisitive tongues. Allie felt her father could reignite her fire simply by kissing her; may be that is why daughters are told their father’s love is forbidden as they would struggle to love any other man.

“Allie, shall we go to bedroom?” Ted asked his daughter without breaking the kiss, who nodded with unbridled enthusiasm.

Ted without breaking his breathing lifted his squealing daughter clinging to him with her legs wrapped around his massive mid frame, her heels digging into small of his back, not long enough to lock around his giant frame, and her arms tightly wound around her father’s thickly muscled neck. Ted walked towards the central double sweeping stairs leading to the upper floor as his daughter’s mouth glued on to his. Ted leapt up the stairs with poorly camouflaged haste carrying his daughter as if she hardly weighed anything.

Allison heart leapt inside her chest as she noticed her father’s strong frame carrying her towards her parents’ bedroom. Ted rushed inside the massive bedroom, which could accommodate a small big city flat. The bed was specially made and was huge to say the least. It could sleep six people without any problem.

Allison’s tongue seeked every nook and cranny as she was lowered on the bed her parents had used all her recollectable life. The same bed where she was conceived during many loving intercourses between her father and mother. Allison sank on to her knees as she watched her father who in turn was once again admiring the divinely beautiful daughter of his. Allison saw a massively built man standing maybe over six feet four. His curly hair had a hint of grey around the temple. Her father was blessed with an extremely handsome face, which showed signs of outdoor living giving it an edge of ruggedness making it even more handsome with the touch of authority.

His long thick muscles ran across his torso and arms. Allison’s father body was covered with nice coating of hair, which still showed no signs of grey. His chest hair ran onto his belly, which even given his giant frame had started to show a slightly discernible bulge. The hair seemed to gain a thicker trail over his lower belly pointing towards the tip of his shorts. Below his shorts two tree-trunk like muscular thighs, which matched the similar herculean sized calves, further accentuated the hugeness of the man. Her father’s hairy legs matched his upper body. Allison whispered almost like a robot in a husky alien voice, “Daddy, please take your shorts off.”

Ted smiled most affectionately at his daughter who started to scuttle back without breaking her gaze towards the head end of her parents’ bed. As Allie settled with her back against the multilayered pillowed headrest her father slowly lowered his shorts and bent forwards to pull them off his legs and threw them behind him as he straightened up.

Allison’s throat tightened as she saw her father fully naked for the first time in her grown years. She remembered taking thousands of baths with him but all that was when she was a child. Allison’s eyes locked on to her father’s rapidly hardening cock. She now knew the source of her brothers’ monstrous cocks. Her father’s penis was of monstrous proportions. It stood steel hard looking like a tree trunk arising out of thick bushy growth of pubic hair. Mike and twins had already shown the length of the penises that ran in the family. The girth of her father’s cock matched the size of his fist and the inhumanly thick length simply ran up like a telephone pole making her wrist and forearm look slimmer.

Unlike his brothers’ humungous cocks, which had silky smooth skin, her father’s monstrosity had thick veins running proud. The skin was slightly darker. The thick veins and darker hue to the skin added an aura of authority and accentuated the immense hugeness of Allison’s father’s cock.

Allison found herself sliding down on the bed until she was nearly flat as she felt and saw her father climb like a tiger on the bed to join her. Allie would never know that her legs were slightly bent at the hips and fallen apart in a most primitive ritualistic manner of acceptance of her man approaching her, it did not matter that he was her most loving father as well.

Ted stood like a mythical loving giant god towering over his voluptuous beautiful daughter before he gently drooped on his knees right between his daughter’s spread thighs. The import of the moment hit Allison as she saw her father wriggle and adjust himself his inhumanly sized monstrous cock preceding him what appeared a mile. Ted felt his heart race and hammer inside his chest as he savoured the unforgettable sight of his unbelievably beautiful voluptuous daughter lying spread eagled in front of him. Ted placed his scalding hot giant cock head at the soft moist cunt lips of his daughter who gasped as she felt the first illicit contact of her father’s cock on her seething pussy. Ted held his humungous cock and slowly rubbed it over his daughter’s cunt opening separating her fleshy prominent cunt lips. Ted felt the tight ring of his daughter’s vagina as his cock head found the opening of his daughter’s cunt dripping awash with cunt juices. Ted was not surprised to find his daughter’s cunt flooded with juices as her mother was always wet and dripping.

Allie felt her father push his giant cock head steadily and it snapped the tight vaginal ring opening as it dilated her cunt to an impossible width. Allison gasped and her hands gripped the sheet tightly as her heart raced madly. The rush of illegitimate incestuous sex with her father made blood rush through her head with a loud whooshing sound making Allison giddy both with lust and the cataclysmic reality from which there was no return.

Ted heard his daughter moan loudly as he firmly but gently pushed his whole cock head inside the tight soft cunt of his daughter. Ted lifted his daughter’s thighs in his arms opening his daughter thighs wide open. As her father leaned forward bending her thighs towards her chest Allison felt her cunt stretch impossibly around the monster girth of her father’s cock. Ted wanted to see each inch of his cock enter his daughter’s pussy to capture this sight forever in his mind.

Allison involuntarily closed her eyes as her mouth opened slightly to help her breath. Her chest felt tight she felt there was not enough oxygen in the room to sustain her. Ted pushed his huge cock slowly dilating his daughter’s cunt making her moan louder and louder as she felt the lust filled pain of her pussy walls stretched obscenely around her father’s huge girth.

The time stood still in deference to the secret illicit love making which was always bound to happen. Allison felt each millimeter of her father’s monster steel hard silky cock as it pushed her pussy walls wider and wider reaching deep inside her body. It seems eternity had passed when Ted felt his coarse curly pubic hair mesh with his daughter’s soft curly blond pubic hair and he felt the hot steaming sheath of his daughter’s cunt gripping his cock so tight it seemed he would not be able to pull out ever.

Ted dropped his daughter’s thighs around the top his hips and draped his heavy frame over her voluptuous body. Ted’s open mouth seeked half open mouth of his moaning daughter. Allison felt her father’s body weight crushing her breasts as she welcomed the warm tongue of her father invade her saliva filled mouth.

She felt her father’s huge member filling her cunt as her tongue duelled with her father’s. She tasted his warm sweet saliva dripping inside her mouth as their kiss stooped being just a french kissing and became tempestuous expression of their incestuous lust for each other.

Ted and Allison seeked each other’s mouth with greedy passion. Allison’s arms flew around her father’s huge muscular neck trying to pull his mouth even closer to hers. Father and daughter ravaged each other’s mouth. Ted lifted his massive hips pulling his monstrosity inch by inch out of his daughter’s steaming cunt. Allison felt her cunt miss the painful bursting girth of her father’s gargantuan cock. She felt her father pull his inhumanly thick cock until the groove under his apple sized cock head was locked in the tight vaginal ring. Allison moaned as her father used his strong hips and back to shuttle his huge member back inside his daughter’s cunt right down to the last millimeter of his foot long monstrosity.

“Aah Daddy,” Allison moaned as she felt the bursting pain of her father’s cock fill her cunt once again crushing her cervix with his huge cock head.

Ted soon set up a languid pace as fucked his ravishingly beautiful daughter for the first time. He wanted his daughter to remember and savour the first fuck as much as he wanted to.

Allison felt her father’s huge cock slide in and out of her churning pussy with ease as she felt her lust rise inexorably higher and higher, “Daddy, so big. Ah.. fuck me please. Daddeee….FFUUCCKK MEEE.”

Ted heard the lust filled muffled pleas of his daughter as his covered hers and he felt her cock grew even bigger as her daughter’s desire to be fucked by her father fomented his own lust.

The room was silent but for constant muffled moans of Allison and occasional grunt of her father who felt the tight soft cunt of his daughter clinging to his giant penis each time he moved in and out of her juice filled cunt.

Ted steadily fucked is daughter whose arms tightened around his neck with each thrust of his monster cock for ten minutes or so when suddenly Allison’s body stiffened and her moan turned into a low wail, “OOOO…MMM. DAADDEEE. I AAMM CUMMEENG. AAAH….. FFUUCCKK MEEEE PLEEEESE.”

Ted increased the pace of his shuttling giant cock slightly to push his daughter’s lust over the tipping point. The explosive orgasm hit Allison deep inside her aching crushed breasts and moved down in the pelvis she tried ineffectively to buck her father off as she lifted her pelvis in an agonising spasm of her impending orgasm. Ted kept the steady pace as her daughter’s body convulsed underneath his. Her beautiful face was flushed and her eyebrows furrowed in the lusty agony of her climax. Her nostrils flared as she tried to breathe harder and deeper.

“DADDEEE….I AM CUUUMMEEEENGGG…..AARRRGH…..DAAAD…AAH,” Allison felt her muscles painfully contract as her orgasm exploded. She tightened her arms around her father and back tried to arch but the huge frame of her father managed to keep her pinned down as his monster cock kept the steady violation of his daughter’s convulsing cunt. Ted felt each spasm of his daughter’s pussy spasm around his pistoning cock as she writhed in the heavenly agony of her orgasm.

It took Allison nearly five minutes to recover from her orgasm brought by her father’s monster cock. Allison flopped back on the bed and her mouth slackened but was still glued to her father’s.

“UUMMMM. Daddy. I love you,” Allison declared her love to the man and father at the same time whose cock had fucked her into a earth shattering orgasm.

Ted felt like never before as his huge frame crushed his daughter under its weight, his hairy chest felt the squashed large soft breasts. He felt the clutching soft walls of his daughter’s pussy trying to milk his monstrously thick cock.

Ted kept his open mouth glued over his panting, huffing daughter’s sweet mouth exploring it with his tongue and drooling his saliva in her slackly open mouth.

Allie tried to kiss her father back as her body still feeble by the torrent of an orgasm.

Ted slowly free himself and raised him self on his knees and started to piston his rampant hard monster in and out slowly. He felt a primeval thrill as he saw his daughter’s soft hairy cunt stretched obscenely around his inhuman girth. His cock was covered with the glistening cunt juices and the air was filled with the heady aroma of Allie’s pussy sex-juices declaring the torrid sex both illicit couple have had.

Ted’s large hands grabbed his daughter’s overflowing large breasts and gently mauled them as his massive cock now shuttled half its long length in the squelching churning pussy of his daughter. Allie felt her cunt stimulated once again as her father continued their first fuck, “Ahhh, Daddy. Ummm.”

Ted continued the steady but languid pace savouring the soft tight clutches of his daughter’s cunt around his cum coated monstrosity. Ted felt the ripples of his daughter’s voluptuous belly with each eave of her moan as she felt her cunt full of her father’s incestuous gargantuan cock.

“Daddy I am going to cum again. Daddee…please fuuck me. Daddee your is so beeeg AHHH. FUUCCCKKK,” moaned Allie as her another orgasm reared its head ready to rip through her voluptuous body.

Ted sensing the moment reluctantly released his daughter’s large soft breasts and placed his palms on either side of his daughter’s head and raised his hips on his knees making him more angled than before.

Ted pulled his humungous cock right out leaving only the tip of his massive cock head inside his daughter’s frothing cunt and slammed the full length in one brutal thrust making his daughter cry out a soft but loud moan of ineffectual protestation at the welcoming pain she felt, “AAAHHH, Daa….dddd…AARRRGGHH. TOO BEEEG.”

Ted looked at the flushed with lust face of his daughter, with eyes rolled up and open slack mouth, wrapped in the incestuous lust he felt an irrational pride that he was the reason of his daughter’s unbridled lust. He felt a sudden rush of blood and a primitive desire to own his daughter as a woman as well. He brought his raging steel hard silky smooth cock right out and slammed it back eliciting a loud moan of acceptance from his daughter.

The room was resonating with loud slapping sounds of flesh meeting flesh as Ted fucked his daughter with long brutal thrusts each culminating with his pelvis slamming loudly against is daughter’s

Allie felt the hugeness of her father’s cock all over again in a new light as she felt its raw power and inhuman girth as her cunt felt ready to burst wide open with each thrust that ended deep inside her body. Allie felt a tightness and pain as her father’s huge cock head slammed against her womb and vault of cunt with raw manly brutality that left her desiring for the next thrust.

She was oblivious to her loud moans and repeated pleas to her father to fuck her even more, as she moaned hoarsely, ” DADDEE FFUUCCKK MMEEE. UUURR CCOOCCKK IS KEEELEEENG MEEE….AAHHHH. FUUCCKK.”

Ted slammed his cock to the hilt and only pulled half of its length and rapidly slammed it deep inside his daughter seething cunt. He swung his hips with lightening speed pulling and slamming his half length in and out leaving his daughter panting with excess of rising lust. Her breathing became erratic and wheezy as he moans were cut short with each sharp thrust.

Ted loved the lust tortured beautiful face of his daughter, fruit of his loins, as she was plundered by the same cock that procreated her many years ago.

“AAHH….TOOO…MUUUCCHHHH..UURGGGH. I I AAM CUUMMEENG,” declared Allie caught in the whirlwind of passionate lust that her father churned in her as he fucked her with his monster incestuous cock. Ted used alternate short bursts of long brutal thrusts and short fast jabs to make his daughter come again.

The room was thick with loud moans of lusty voluptuous daughter, throaty retrained grunts of a father as two illegitimate couple’s flesh slammed in a loud staccato rhythm of fucking forbidden by society for ages. That made it sweeter, more cherished and desirable in its reach, aspiration and culmination.

“Daddy….Daddy. AAHH. LUUUV YOOOOO. UURRGGHH. FUUUCKK,” cried Allie as her fresh orgasm made her body convulse almost painfully.

Ted felt the moment and dropped his full weight behind the fresh thrust and fell over his daughter’s body nearly crushing the breath out of her. He crushed his mouth over hers and continued to slam his cock in and out with an added grinding effect of his hairy massively thick root on his daughter’s clitoris.

Allie screamed her climax in her father’s mouth as her clitoris was brutally crushed and stimulated with his father’s pelvis and cock as he buried his monstrosity to the hilt.

Ted felt tightening of his balls. He did not want to hold himself back any longer as he would have any other time and would do many, many times in future.

He wanted to cum inside his daughter as she orgasmed to completely break the taboo. He wanted to flood his daughter’s cunt with his incestuous semen.


FUCK MEE DADDEEE. CUM INSIDE ME,” Allies moaned in the throes of ready to burst orgasm.

Ted felt his lust tip over and he started to slam his monster cock with total disregard to his daughter as she convulsed in her fresh orgasm. Ted hurried to catch her as he felt her daughter’s arms fly tightly around his neck.

Ted felt the painful tightening of his balls and a tingling in the tip of his huge cock head as he cock burst open with thick hot semen. Allie felt the heat of her father’s scalding seed showering deep insides her pulsating cunt and she went into cathartic contractions of realisation of illicit act added upon the lust filled climax as her orgasm became even stronger with each spasm of her father’s gargantuan cock.

Allie felt her body in tortured spasms as her orgasm coursed through her.

Her own orgasmic spasms met with her father’s painfully twitches and convulsions of his spurting cock. She felt her father’s copious bursts after burst of thick hot semen as if a dam had broken. Allie even in the throes of pleasure and pain filled spasms of her own orgasm saw through the hazy mist the lust filled pleasure bathed face of her father whose eyes were part closed and mouth slightly open and his handsome nostrils flared as he came again and again deep inside his daughter. Allie captured that moment subliminally in her memory that would bring smile to her face even after many years. She was the source that brought her father that pleasure.

Allie’s arms tightened around her father as both incestuous orgasming couple held each other tight to wait for their mind-blowing orgasm to abate a bit.

Ted lay atop his beautiful gasping daughter crushing her breasts with his heavy muscular chest.

Allison opened her fluttering eyes, and asked coyly, “Daddy, you are still rock hard. Are you going to fuck me some more?”

“I am going to fuck you all day, Allie,” growled her father making her giggle which soon dissolved into a moan as her father slammed his monster cock right back inside her sex juices filled cunt.

Ted fucked his daughter fro another five hours in all positions. Allison passed out twice and Ted waited gently to allow her to recover.

Close to six in the afternoon Ted was slamming his cock mercilessly in doggie position in and out of a now very tired Allison. Ted slammed his massive cock with all the brutal strength he possessed as his daughter orgasmed for the nth time. Allison was knocked flat on her face and tummy as her muscles gave way. Her father kept the brutal assault on the prostrate form of his daughter as he fucked her very sore and tender cunt to release his sexual tension.

Ted roared making his daughter’s heart sore and exploded painfully deep inside his daughter’s bursting cum filled cunt.

Allie moaned and slumped even more into coma like stupour as she passed out again. Ted was gasping over his sweat covered daughter as he tried to recover from a long electrifying sex session. He rolled on his side with his daughter still impaled on his monster partially deflated cock. Both incestuous father and daughter fell into post orgasmic sleep.


Tim drove the 4×4 around five in the afternoon into the parking lot of the private wing of the hospital. All three sons and mother filed out. As four walked towards the suite grandma was admitted nurses and other observers looked with awe and envy at the three extremely handsome boys with their unbelievably beautiful mother with a regal demeanour.

Grandpa Bill was on mobile phone outside the suite when he saw his beautiful daughter in law and three grandsons and his face broke into an involuntary smile.

Kim found herself buried in the bear hug of her father in law who towered over her like her husband and sons. His huge arms engulfed her and held her to his huge chest as she smelled the familiar cologne and manly smell she had always associated with her father in law. Kim lifted her face up in anticipation and Bill kissed his daughter in law on her lips with obvious love and affection.

Bill held his loving daughter in law in his embrace only to release her to embrace each of his grandsons in a manly hug. Kim felt irrationally proud surrounded by four very tall, very big and very handsome men who all were intrinsic part of her life.

They all started to talk together and then laughed. Grandpa Bill assured them that the fall was not serious and grandma had only sprained her ankle, which was put in a fibreglass lightweight cast to keep her comfortable, and help mobilise. The pain had settled.

Kathleen had heard or sensed their arrival and sitting propped up on pillows as they entered. All three boys shouted ‘grandma’ as Kath was engulfed in the arms of three strong grandsons and showered with kisses as she laughed with unbridled love and devotion to her loving family.

Kim and grandpa Bill laughed as Kim tried to admonish her sons to take it easy and not suffocate their grandmother. Once Kath emerged free off her grandsons Kim hugged her mother in law and kissed her on mouth. Kath had taken place of Kim’s deceased mother even before she had married Ted.

The catering staff brought in some coffee as all settled down. Kath protested that she would have loved to come to see her only granddaughter Allie.

“Don’t worry mum, Allie will be with us until Marcus is back,” Kim reassured.

The next hour passed in a pleasant comfortable chitchat. Mike and Zach refused to leave their grandmother alone in the hospital. Kath declared that she would discharge herself but her grandsons would not accept that.

“Grandma, this would be our only chance to look after you like you did when we tumbled and fell,” Mike kissed his grandmother again as she beamed.

Kath held her handsome grandson’s face in her petite hands and kissed him.

Tim was visibly tired with long drive.

Kim kissed her mother in law, “Mum, you rest and don’t let these two ruffians run amuck,” se said with a glint in her eyes.

Kath blushed like a school girl, and her two under fire grandsons showed expression of disbelief at this unprovoked criticism with ‘What! What!”

Bill roared his laughter and kissed his wife, “Kathy I am leaving you in two pairs of expert hands. I am going to tend to my tired daughter in law and grandson.”

All waved goodbye. Kath insisted on getting out of bed to show how well and stable she felt in her cast flanked by her two grandsons towering over her five foot six voluptuous frame. Kim saw her mother in law objectively and saw an exceedingly beautiful woman who looked nowhere close to her late sixties. Her snowy hair gave her added aura. Her loose hospital gown did nothing to hide her generously built voluptuosity. Her very large breasts and full ass filled even the shapeless gown.

Her shapely full calves and ankles were ivory white as rest of her skin, which glowed without makeup. Her beautiful face was enhanced by the curly white that seemed to frame it to give her an enigmatic look when she smiled.

Kim acknowledged what she knew for years that mother of her husband was an unbelievably beautiful woman that could command attention from all men for various reasons.

Mike lifted his grandmother in his arms to take her back to bed as his mother, brother and Grandfather turned the corner still laughing.

Nurses at the nursing station beamed at the departing handsome family.

Kath was giggling like a child as Mike turned and her arms went around his neck, ” Mickey, I am not invalid.”

“You are not going to put you foot on the ground until cast is off,” chided Mike.

“There are lot of things a woman has to do, you realise!,”

“Zach and I are here for everything.”

“In fact I like it in my grandson’s arms,” Kath smiled and put her face against the broad chest of her grandson.

“Your grandson will be honoured to carry you,” Mike kissed his grandmother on top her curly silver white hair.

“Zach would you please order dinner on phone. I think you both will be hungry soon,” Kath kissed Mike on his lips, ” the restaurant wing is not bad but slow.”

Zach picked up the phone was soon talking sweetly to what was obviously a female employee of the restaurant. As Zach charmed her with his natural flair both Mike and grandma smiled indulgently.

Kath sighed contentedly and placed her face in the warmth of her strong grandson’s chest as he sat down with her in his lap on the massive divan. Soon Zach joined then on the divan and placed both feet of his grandma in his lap and gently massaged the toes of the foot in the cast and other healthy foot as three talked and laughed.

The dinner arrived in an hour with two catering girls and three nurses all very obviously trying to see for themselves what their colleagues whispered about two very handsome men.

All five stayed longer than necessary fussing around Kath as she smiled in quiet understanding. Three nurses and catering staff repeatedly complemented Kath over how wonderful and loving her grandsons were. They flashed their coquettish looks at the boys and told them to contact them anytime of the night if they needed anything. The emphasis on anytime was not lost on anyone.

The last buxom young nurse needlessly patted on Kath’s cast and yet again reiterated looking at Mike and Zach, ” When your grandma is resting and if you guys are not sleepy come to our office we have lot of fun games.”

Both boys thanked her profusely.

As they started to eat both boys feeding their grandma in turn to her utter giggling delight they all recounted the various innuendoes thrown in the direction of the boys.

Once dinner over and few glasses of wine consumed, dishes were dispensed with. Boys invited two of the nurses for coffee to ensure they would not disturb again.

Mike closed the door [against hospital policy] and pulled the curtains.

Grandma Kath was smiling broadly, “Why all this privacy, boys?”

Mike roared a mock animal howl and pretended to attack his grandma who was now laughing uncontrollably.

“Grandma, are you OK to….” Mike left the question hanging.

“if you and Zach would not do it I would never ever talk with you either of you again!,” Kath said with little conviction. Both boys could wind her around their little finger.

Kath stood up on her cast and Zach very gingerly pulled her hospital gown off exposing his grandma’s voluptuous bra and panty clad body. Kath was definitely overweight as suited her age, age of a fulfilled fertile happy woman. Mike unhooked her bra to expose two very large heavy drooping breasts. Kath’s breasts flopped over her bulging tummy with one large and another small folds enhancing her full round waist. Her white cotton panty barely covered her large full dimpled mouth watering ass which merged into her heavy thighs made even more alluring by cellulite as it is called now. Mike pulled his grandma’s panty down exposing her very bushy sweet smelling pussy.

Zach effortlessly lifted grandma to help Mike pull the panties off her feet.

Kath was laid down tenderly on the bed and soon her grandsons were feasting on their grandma’s voluptuous body. Zach devoured his grandma’s mouth and played with her massive soft droopy breasts.

Mike dived into his favourite spot and soon his tongue and mouth was making his grandma crazy as he licked and tormented her frothing pussy.

Kath soon climaxed under the onslaught of expert cunnilingus by her older grandson and mauling and sucking of her sensitive breasts by her second younger grandson.

Kath sighed, ‘I have been having sex with my grandsons for almost over ten years and it is still so good’.

“Mike please fuck me now,” Kath whimpered trying to rally out of her orgasm.

Mike settled between his grandma’s thighs and gently pushed his steel hard monstrous cock in her juicy soft pussy inch by inch until he was buried to the hilt. Zach soon offered his equally huge cock to her grandma to suck as Mike started to fuck her with long steady strokes.

Kath her two grandsons settled for a miniature sex marathon to make up for a long time of separation.


Bill drove one of the five 4×4 towards the 540 acres ranch with Tim in the passenger seat talking pleasantly with his grandfather. The deep voices of his men in the family never failed to fill Kim with deep warmth and content. She as always put her feet on the back seat and reclined. Her thoughts always wandered towards her mother whenever she met her mother in law. She had taken Kim’s deceased mother’s place almost naturally. Kim inadvertently thought about the first time her father had sex with her when she was nine. She had slept with her parents as they had sex all her life and always complaint why dada never did nice things he did to mum with her.

Her parents relented and she remembered the first time her father fucked her with his monster cock as her mother comforted and reassured her. She felt her cunt flood as she recalled incalculable time all three had sex together. She and her mother developed a special sexual bond that would never waver from its ferocity and passionate lust. her mother in law took the same role when she entered their family when she visited her in laws for the first time without Ted and her mother in law in a most natural manner opened the sexual chapter with herself and her husband as they made love to their beautiful daughter in law first of the hundreds time.

Kim recalled the beautiful long drawn ass rimming her mother gave her to prepare her for the first ass fucking by her father on her tenth birthday that Kim had been insisting upon all year. Same way her mother in law made the first time both her in laws, Ted and she had sex together very easy and natural.

Kim sighed rather audibly as her lust rose and warm blanket of happiness engulfed her being like a soft cocoon.

Bill pulled the vehicle in the long forest covered driveway. They all entered the enormous house designed like a bungalow.

Bill immediately moved towards kitchen and started to prepare the dinner. Tim poured three scotches on rock for all of them. He excused himself to take a shower.

As Kim saw her father in law work with authority in kitchen her love for him poured over. She put her arms around her father in law’s huge midriff and kissed his back.

Bill turned around and kissed his beautiful daughter in law full on her open mouth as their tongues duelled.

“Sweetie, I have to prepare dinner!,” Bill whispered apologetically.

“Who is stopping you Dad, I am only going to play with my favourite toy,” Kim said in a naughty little girl’s tone.

Bill laughed as he felt her daughter in law’s hand squirm over his trouser’s zip and pulled it down.

Bill continued to cook as Kim pulled his heavy flaccid humongous cock out. Kim’s petite hand barely could go around the massive girth even in its flaccid form. My men have monster of a cock, mused Kim not for the first time.

Half an hour passed as incestuous daughter and father in law teased and cooked. Tim arrived after shower with wet hair in shorts to find his mother wrapped around his grandfather playing with his hardening cock. Tim smiled and surprised his mother by engulfing her with his wet body. Kim shrieked and let go of her father in law. Bill laughed, “Thanks son, would you keep my lovely daughter in law occupied for few minutes to finish this dinner?”

“With pleasure, sir,” Tim said with an obvious mirth and picked his giggling mother in his arms. Tim sat on the dining chair with his mother in his lap as she lovingly admonished him. “You have not dried yourself at all. That is not good.”

Tim kissed her and whispered, “I love you mum.”

Kim kissed her son back and sank in his lap as they both sipped their scotch. Kim almost fell in to a snooze.

Dinner was lavish. All three laughed and talked over wine and food.

After dessert as Bill served cognac Tim yawned and excused himself, “Sorry grandpa I am rather bushed. May I go to bed?”

Bill smiled his indulgence and Kim kissed her son, “I shall tuck you in.”

Tim kissed his mother back and planted a kiss on his grandfather’s forehead and marched towards his bedroom.

Bill and Kim finished their cognac. Bill rose to refill their glasses, “Dad, I will go and say goodnight to Tim. Would you please wait for me.”

“For an eternity Kimmi,” Bill kissed his unbelievably beautiful daughter in law.

Kim giggled and almost ran towards her son’s bedroom.

Kim found her son coming out of bathroom and pulling his shorts off. they all slept in nude.

“Mum, I thought I should leave you and grandpa to have some time alone,” Tim beamed, pleased and proud that his mother came despite the fierce attraction of his grandfather.

“When have I let you go to bed without a kiss if we are both in same house?”


Kim by now was in the tight embrace of her son who planted his mouth on her and soon their tongued were seeking each other’s sweet saliva.

“Tim, are you really too tired?” Kim teased her son.

“Mum, for you never too tired.”

Kim pushed her son towards the bed. Tim soon was lying on his back. Kim climbed on the bed and knelt over her son’s hard monster cock and had to open her mouth painfully wide open to take his cock head inside her warm saliva filled mouth.

Within no time Tim’s monster cock was steel hard. Tim was almost half asleep when his mother climbed upon his monstrosity and impaled her sopping cunt on it. Kim sighed with pain filled pleasure as his son’s gargantuan cock distended her soft juicy cunt to bursting limit. She rose and fell on her son’s inhuman sized cock for next three quarters of an hour as she came three times waiting for her son’s phenomenal explosion. Tim was almost asleep when he exploded in huge gushes of hot semen inside his mother’s pulsating orgasming cunt. Kim moaned loudly as she felt her son’s monster cock twitch with each ejaculation almost eight times inside her convulsing cunt.

Kim softly climbed off her son’s barely soft cock as he started to snore softy that made his mother’s heart beat faster.

Kim kissed her sleeping son and covered him with soft cotton sheet and left his bedroom.

She glided fully bare towards living area and approached her father in law now lounging in shorts. Bill’s large hairy muscular frame inviting his daughter in law irresistibly.

Kim leaned across with her palms on her father in law’s huge hairy muscular thighs to kiss him, “Can I get you another scotch.”

Bill kissed the divinely beautiful face of his daughter in law and whispered, “I was hoping you would offer something else.”

Kim laughed at her father in law’s impatience and lust for her. She sinuously sat on the carpet and pulled the shorts down exposing monster of a cock. Even when soft it was threateningly huge both in girth and length.

“I though this would be ready and raring to go if you actually wanted your daughter in law,” Kim teased her father in law as she opened her mouth wide open to engulf his gargantuan cock head.

“I had to warn him to stay down just in case you were tired and opted to go to bed,” Bill mussed his daughter in law’s hair with affection as he saw her beautiful face straining to open her mouth wide enough to accommodate the cock, her exquisitely beautiful nostrils were misshapen with the effort making her look irresistible.

Kim was not surprised to notice that it took few moments and her father in law’s monstrosity was a steel hard and stretched corner of her mouth painfully to make space for itself.

Kim released her father in law’s rampant mammoth cock from her drooling mouth. She gulped the saliva pooled in her mouth and smiled, “When have I been too tired for you dad?”

Kim called her father in law dad, usually when they were alone or in formal company and grandpa in presence of family and close friends.

Bill nodded with love as he took his daughter in law’s hand and gently guided her to where he wanted. Kim sat astride her father in law’s thighs and supported his giant cock to allow her cum and cunt juices filled cunt opening be impaled on it. Kim sighed audibly as she felt the familiar almost painful but welcoming dilation of her cunt walls second time with in an hour.

Inch after inch of her father in law’s inhumanly sized cock made its way inside her sopping cunt until Kim’s blond pubic hair meshed with her father in law’s coarse silver curly pubic hair.

Bill held his daughter in law tight and kissed her with breath taking passion. Two incestuous lovers were deep in the passion of loving kiss as daughter in law writhed with her dripping soft cunt impaled on her father in law’s monster cock. Kim could sense that soon her resolve would fail and she would like to start move up and down on her father in law’s cock to start fucking him.

Kim was about to plant her feet on the floor to lift her hips up when the telephone ring shattered the lust filled peaceful loving union of father and daughter in law.

Kim hurriedly lifted herself off her father in law’s cock.

Bill moved to the base unit and picked up the cordless phone.

“Hi Rob, how are things?” It was Kim’s father Rob [Robert Carter] on phone.

“Yes, Kathy is fine. Kimmi is here. Timmy has gone to bed and other two boys are staying with Kathy at hospital. She should be back tomorrow.” Bill gave brief update to his close friend and brother in law.

Kim wrapped her arms around the midriff of her father in law and snuggled against his massive frame as talked with her father, her hand languidly caressing now partly hard cock covered with Tim’s cum and her cunt juices.

” Oh I am really sorry to hear that, ” Kim’s ears pricked and she rubbed her face suggestively against her father in law’s hairy back to know what is going on.

Bill told her without taking the phone away, ” Kimmi, This weekend’s annual gathering will have to be cancelled. Don has rung Rob this afternoon that Sarah had to go due to unavoidable business emergency to Seattle and would be back next week. Brent has already rung two days ago that Emily had to attend to her dying grandmother in law. Sophie could not have got away this weekend anyway and Kath is in hospital.”

Kim extended her hand towards the phone Bill relented the phone to his daughter in law. As Kim took the phone Bill wrapped his arms around his daughter in law’s soft round full waist and rubbed her slightly protuberant bulge that all her men found very sexy.

Kim heart raced as the association of words, annual gathering, Don and Brent, made her desires go wild with the recollections.


The annual gathering was in fact enactment of the five closest friends from army. during posting in far east they took refuge and solace in the arms of three women in the war torn village who had taken them in like their family. Mother Mika and her daughters Lea and Mina cooked for them and soon five friends three women were having sex regularly. This became almost a ritual. Those women allowed these five men to be domineering and rough to let their pent up frustration out.

Kim’s mother, Mary, sensed the significance of this once her husband confided in her and insisted upon arranging similar meeting every year to keep the friendship going to mitigate any residual post war trauma. She would arrange specially selected women and take little Kimmi to her friend’s house to let boys have a long weekend all to themselves.

But only after three years Kim could sense it was not what boys wanted. It did not have the feel of the relationship those women offered. Brent rang a week before the fourth gathering with a suggestion that blew every one away. Brent was relatively short but built like brick house Texan man. His family wealth in oil did not remove the earthy manliness he exuded. He had never married the story being that the only woman he loved was not available. He confided in Mary that he has a volunteer who would like to be the woman in these gathering.

“Brent, one woman among five of you monsters, poor thing would be dead,” Mary chided him.

“No Mary, she would not. Emily and I have been close and she would like to be the one,” Mary gasped with the realisation that Emily or affectionately called Em, was Brent’s sister four years younger than him. While he was away she had married her distant cousin and school friend as family had agreed and Emily wanted to remain in town.

“How long, Brent?” Mary whispered.

“Since she was twelve and I was sixteen,” Brent said softly, “Em is the only woman I have loved and coveted to marry. We both realise that is not going to happen and manage to love each other in stealth.”

Mary took fraction of a second and took a momentous decision, “That is fine Brent. If you would not mind I would like to join Em in serving you men.”

That year the gathering was a resounding success. Mary and Emily were made to feel subservient, as men took them as they wished and used them for all kinds of kinks. That was the cathartic element that Mary wanted for those men.

Over ensuing years Kathy, Mary and Emily took turns, sometime two would join. Idea was to turn those loving, sophisticated, generous, upright men a chance to be selfish, demanding, hard, rough and use the women without any concern for their desires. All three women agreed that that was probably the best sex they had comparable to the close moments with their own men in satisfaction and gratification.

When Kim was fourteen, she chose to remain in the house and spied on the gathering and saw a totally different side of sex. She had been having sex with her parents for five years but that was kind, soft, and gentle even when passions were running high.

Her father Rob, uncle Bill, uncle Don, uncle Brent and uncle Tony took her mother Mary and aunt Emily with roughness that was not associated with those men. Kim could not but notice that two women liked that and came for more. Kim masturbated many times thinking of that vision. She asked her mother many times to join the gathering but she was softly refused. However, when Kim turned sixteen Emily could not get away as her husband had arranged a family dinner. Kim insisted and was allowed. Kim would not forget that weekend as she and her mother were fucked, buggered mercilessly, repeatedly. Men made them gag on their monster cocks. All five men possessed gargantuan tools. They came on their faces filling their beautiful nostrils with thick cum. Men chose to pee on their faces making them drink which the girls did lovingly. Kim vividly remembered uncle Don, whose monster cock was as thick as a champagne bottle, was the first one to take her and he did that with raw force and brutality bending her on the sofa that took Kim’s breath away. Kim never forgot the pain, pleasure and brutal natural rawness of the sex as uncle Don made her cum again and again as did her father, uncle Bill, uncle Brent and uncle Tony. They took her together, they dragged her by her hair to get her in position of their liking. By the time weekend finished Kim was shattered but strangely sated and happy. Her body ached for many days and bruises took some time to fade.

Few years down the line uncle Tony surprised by introducing his daughter in law Sophie, twenty-three years old beauty who had married his son three years ago.

Six women would liaise and ensure that at least one if not two was always available.

With death of Kim’s mother the number dropped to five but the arrangement never changed.

Kim would offer herself many times until her own children grew and her attendances reduced. Sara, Sophie and Emily were always there usually one at a time.


Kim was shaken out of her reverie as he father’s deep baritone came down the phone, “Kimmi, how long are you going to be at Bill’s? I might think of coming down there this weekend as this gathering is not going to happen.”

“Dad, mum is fine and boys are looking after her. I do not want you to cancel this gathering. I would offer myself if you five men still think I am good enough for you,” Kim whispered with catch in her throat as the vision of her at the mercy of five virile men, all five of them treated her as their daughter, sent her heart pumping loudly.

Bill’s hands lurched and he grabbed his daughter in law’s breasts, “Kimmi, we would be honoured with you presence. Uncle Don and Brent have many times wished you could make it.”

” Then it is final dad. Grandpa and I would fly in friday late morning or early afternoon.” Kim sounded excited.

Bill shouted over his daughter in law’s head, ” Rob let the other boys know. If anyone was not thinking of making it this would make him come even if they have to run.”

Kim laughed her sweet laugh as her father in law told her father how desirable Kim is as a sex –vessel.

Kim heard her father say equally nice things to her, “Kimmi, I am not going to hold you any more. I am sure Bill will never forgive me for taking your time away from him. I can not wait to see my beautiful daughter.”

“Dad I will see you soon, Good night,” Kim blew a kiss on the phone to her father.

Bill threw the phone on the table and lifted giggling Kim holding her around her full soft waist and carried her back to the sofa. Kim hurriedly put her arms around her father in law’s neck as he manoeuvred her on the sofa. Kim put her knees on the sofa as he father in law pushed her forward. She bend nearly horizontal with crossed arms resting on the top of the backrest of the sofa.

Bill gently spread the full meaty thighs of his daughter in law and saw her blond pubic bush covered cunt fall open sending heady aroma of sex.

Kim knew the tall men in her family found this position very attractive. Their monster cock appeared bigger and thicker as they penetrated even deeper if that was possible.

Bill savoured the sexy sight of his forty-five years old beautiful daughter in law’s voluptuous full back and soft round full ass spread out in front of him. He placed the mammoth cock head against the open cunt and pushed it in making Kim gasp as she felt her cunt dilate to accommodate the hugeness of her father in law’s cockhead.

“Kimmi I can never get over how beautiful you are!” Bill felt proud that this divine creature is his daughter in law.

Kim was now burning with rising lust and whispered, “Daddy, I am beautiful because my men love me. Please daddy put your big cock inside my pussy. I have been thinking about this all day.”

Bill felt twice as big hearing the lust filled entreaties from his daughter in law.

He held sides of his daughter in law’s full hips with his giant hands to steady her pelvis to enable him to hammer his monster cock in one or two brutal thrusts.

Kim could not help by let out a muffled soft scream as her father in law’s gargantuan cock spread her soft cunt walls to an obscenely painful limit making its way deep inside her pussy. Bill saw the marvellous sight of his inhumanly thick cock buried inside his daughter in law’s cunt, which was stretched like tight rubber band around it. He saw the winking pink brown anal ring straining involuntarily to help Kim’s cunt accommodate her father in law’s monstrosity.

Bill’s lust raged and he pulled couple of inches of his cock out and slammed with full weight of his massive frame to bury it to the last millimeter inside his daughter in law’s seething dripping cunt. Kim bit on her forearm to help muffle her shriek as she felt all too familiar pain of the entry of huge cocks her family men possessed.

Bill started to swing his hips to fuck his lovely daughter in law.

“AHH…daddy slowleee….You are big. UURRGH,” Kim whimpered her sound muffled as her open mouth was clamped on the skin of her forearm.

Bill fucked his daughter in law hard and fast. His humungous cock slid and out coated with sex juices like huge piston of steel making squelching sounds. His thighs slapped his daughter in law’s bottom each time he slammed his cock to the hilt.

Her hanging large heavy soft breasts swung almost painfully with each thrust.

Kim moaned and gurgled as her father in law took her lust higher and higher with each long brutal thrust of his phenomenally long and thick cock. The same genes had passed on to bestow the monstrosity to Kim’s husband and her sons.

Kim felt her cunt pulsate as she felt her orgasm boil over. Bill let go of the grip on his daughter in law’s hips to maul her swinging large breasts with his huge hands.

The room filled with lusty moans and grunts of incestuous father and daughter in law making love with raw brutal passion.

Bill fucked his daughter in law with long, hard fast strokes each culminating solid thrust to bury his cock to the hilt. His huge cock head hit against his daughter in law’s womb making her wince but still wanting more.

Kim moaned loudly as she came around her father in law’s pistoning cock.

Bill kept on fucking his daughter in law as she grappled with her tormenting orgasm. He pinched her nipples making her moan even louder.

Bill fucked his daughter in law with lightening fast thrusts for another half an hour making Kim cum twice more. Kim felt tired in this position.

Bill sensed that. He pulled his cunt juices cock out making Kim wince as his massive cock head sapped against her tight cunt opening.

“I want to see you beautiful face Kimmi,” Bill growled still high on raging lust for his beautiful daughter in law who was panting with the excesses of three orgasms.

Bill picked Kim up effortlessly and moved towards the kitchen island.

He laid his daughter in law on the top giving him the perfect height and angle advantage to ravage her more.

Kim had been taken on the kitchen tabletop many times and she knew what was coming her way. Bill pulled his daughter in law to bring her full meaty hips right to the edge using her thighs to pull. Bill draped and supported his daughter in law’s luscious voluptuous thighs over his hugely muscled forearms, as he spread them wide open her cunt and anus were exposed invitingly. He positioned his monster cock once again against the soft cunt now leaking cunt juices. Kim grabbed the sides of the kitchen island to steady herself. Her large soft heavy breasts were splayed outwards with their own weight making them exceedingly beautiful.

Bill pushed his raging steel hard silky smooth monster cock inch by inch to the hilt inside his daughter in law’s cunt. Kim knew her father in law was preparing his gargantuan cock for invasion of other part of her body. As Kim guessed her father in law pulled his cunt juice soaked cock out and placed the huge cock head against the tiny pink-brown anal ring. The incongruity of the immense difference in the size was not lost on Bill. However, monster cocks of her family men had invaded his daughter in law’s tiny ass many times over the years.

Kim brought her one hand under her thighs to support her father in law’s giant heavy cock to keep it in position as he pushed against her tiny anal ring. Bill grunted softly as he pushed against the tiny anal ring as his daughter in law pushed down to open and relax her tight anus to allow the huge cock head of her father in law to invade the depths of her warm soft rectum.

The tight ring eventually relented to the strong pressure and desires of two incestuous lovers and Kim gasped as her father in law’s monster cock head sped inside her tight anal ring dilating it painfully yet something she desired so much.

Bill savoured the obscene sight of his daughter in law’s tight anal ring spread to an unbelievable dimension around the monster girth of his cock. It never failed to amaze him that how such a tiny hole open so wide and then shrink back again.

Bill pushed his immense cock inch by inch making his daughter in law moan with lust and wince in pain in equal measure.

Kim felt the familiar pressure and stretch pain as his father in law’s monster cock made its journey into deep warm confines of her soft rectum. She felt his cock head nudging the solid feces away or squashing it against her rectal walls. Kim felt his father in law’s coarse pubic hair tickle her soft bottom heralding the complete invasion of her ass. Kim once again grabbed the sides of the kitchen island.

Bill enjoyed the tight warm grip of his daughter in law’s rectum and anus as she started to pull slowly inch-by-inch. Once half out he pushed his cock steadily but firmly to the hilt making Kim moan anew.

“AHH daddy. My ass is burning. Fuck me slowly,” Kim, pleaded even though knowing fully well it would not change her father in law’s intentions even a bit.

Bill increased the withdrawal length and started to slam his cock with more insistence. The kitchen was flooded with the unmistakable aroma of ass fucking.

The sweet smell of his daughter in law’s rectal invasion heightened Bill’s passion. Kim always found the aroma a big turn on.

Bill’s cock soon gathered a creamy brown film as his pistoning cock mushed the feces inside the rectum of his daughter in law. The smooth creamy coating made his monster cock sped in and out more easily despite the strangling tightness of Kim’s anal ring.

Bill was now fucking his incessantly moaning daughter in law’s ass with long strong thrusts. Kim whimpered and moaned as each brutal thrust from her father in law’s monster cock made her ass tingle. Her cunt was pulsating even though nothing was touching it.

“Daddy, I am about to cum. Fuck my ass. FFUUCCKKK, UUMMMM..,” moaned Kim.

Bill increased the pace of his daughter in law’s ass fucking and was now swinging his powerful muscular hips with an ever-increasing force.

Kim’s large heavy breasts were lolling over her chest as each thrust set them quivering all over again even before they got a chance to settle from the first thrusts. Bill was slamming his monstrosity with bone jarring brutal thrusts as Kim moaned and whimpered to her orgasm.

Bill kept on buggering his daughter in law with unabated brutal powerful lunges burying his gargantuan cock to the hilt each time inside her writhing pulsating rectum.

Kim gritted her teeth as her orgasm took hold of her body almost painfully, “I AM CUMMEEEENG DADDEEEEE FUUCCK MY ASSS. FUUCCK. ARRGHHH,”

Bill rapidly pistoned his cock few times to help his daughter in law hurl herself into the maelstrom of her orgasm. He buried his cock to the hilt and moved his hands to his daughter in law’s quivering breasts mauling them brutally. Kim moaned even louder as she felt painful but very welcome and anticipated lusty torture of her aching breasts. Bill used his index finger and thumb to pinch both nipples of his daughter in law as his hands squeezed the soft flesh of her breasts and he slammed the full length of his giant cock few times brutally and then buried it to the hilt inside her spasming rectum as Kim’s orgasm ripped through her body. Kim, bucked and spasmed in the wild throes of her body-wrenching orgasm. Kim took many minutes to come off the high of her orgasm. She woke from her post orgasmic stupor and found her father in law pistoning his enormous cock in and out of her tortured rectum lazily.

“Daddy cum in my ass, please,” Kim knew her pleas to cum in her ass would work. Bill nodded as his balls were tightening after nearly hour and half of fucking his daughter in law.

Bill started to fuck his daughter in law’s ass with sole aim of his own gratification.

He used long slow thrusts, alternating with rapid short jabs but kept the pace of Kim’s buggery varied surprising his daughter in law with short spurts of brutal full length thrusts with all weight of his huge muscular frame behind each thrust.

Kim started to writhe under the renewed onslaught of her ass fucking by her father in law. Her ass bucked back to meet the delicious pain filled pleasure as her father in law sawed his monster cock coated with thick smooth layer of Kim’s pulversied feces that made it very easy form him to keep on increasing his already frenetic pace.

Bill continued to bugger his daughter in law for another twenty minutes when he grunted through gritted teeth as he felt his pent up semen ready to explode out of his piss hole, “I am going to cum Kimmi,” and slammed his massive cock once again to the hilt inside his daughter in law’s rectum.

Kim felt her erstwhile languid lust spill over precipitously, “Cum inside my ass daddy. I am going to cum again too.”

Bill kept a ferocious ass-fucking going but soon his thrusts became erratic and his grip on his daughter’s breasts became extremely painful tipping Kim’s lust to yet another orgasm.

“I am CUMEEENG. YESSSS. FUUCCCCCK. FUUCCCK MY ASSSS DADDEEEEE,” wailed Kim as her own orgasm exploded.

Bill thrusted half a dozen times and buried his monster soiled cock to the hilt inside his writhing daughter in law’s pulsating rectum and collapsed on top of her with his face buried in the side of her soft neck as his cock spasmed with each huge copious

spurt of thick hot semen. Kim felt her own orgasm accentuated by the sudden filling of her bursting rectum with the huge spurts of her father in law’s incestuous sperm.

Kim’s arms flew around her father in law’s neck as he breathed heavily on to her soft skin. Kim felt motherly, as her huge strong father in law lay sent atop her after satisfying her sexually for over two hours of torrid fucking.

Both incestuous couple gasped and panted for many minutes until Kim’s orgasm settled. Bill’s still hard cock eventually stopped spurting.

Bill kissed the open slack mouth of his exhausted daughter in law with love repeatedly. They both kissed lazily for a long time.

Ultimately Bill got up and pulled his very soiled monster cock out of very dilated anus of his daughter in law. He kept her thighs lifted and spread out and bent forward to kiss the rapidly closing soiled rectum. Bill licked all the splattered mixture of brutal ass fucking with love and savoured the all too familiar taste of her daughter in law’s back passage.

Soon Kim’s ass was saliva drenched clean.

Kim swung around and pulled her father in law close to her to seek his marauding gargantuan cock with her mouth. She diligently sucked and licked the soiled cock clean from tip to its huge root.

Bill picked his daughter in law up in his arms and moved towards the diva.

He flopped on the divan with Kim on top of him. Both languidly played with each other bodies and kissed with no urgency.

Bill toyed, gently pinched, and squeezed his daughter in law’s vary large soft breasts as he never got enough of them.

Kim was feeling slightly sleepy with the tiredness of the journey and the torrid sex with her father in law. She, however, knew intuitively that her father in law was not finished with her. Kim felt for the gargantuan penis of her father in law and found it nearly hard. Bill kissed his daughter in law lovingly as he sensed that she had instinctively construed his desires.

Kim knew her men when not raging with unbridled lust still wanted their never tiring cocks to be buried inside her cunt or ass just to feel the soft warmth around their giant girth.

Kim raised herself and impaled her cum filled cunt on her father in law’s massive cock. Bill helped his daughter in law as she involuntarily exhaled a sigh as her father in law’s monster massive girth filed her soft sex juices filled pussy once again.

Bill kissed his daughter in law’s half open mouth languidly invading t with his tongue. Kim after a long saliva exchanging kiss rested her face on her father in law’s massive muscled hairy chest as he held her in his arms occasionally hunching his hips to push his monster cock still short usual steel hardness inside her cunt.

Both incestuous couple kept their ‘non-fucking’ coupling without escalating it to the passion filled quite often violent and hard sex.

Kim moaned as she rubbed her face on the rough hairy chest of her father in law, “UMM I love you grandpa,” Kim called her father in law grandpa and her father papa after her children were old enough to talk.

Bill kissed the top of his daughter in law’s head as she wriggled stuffed on his giant cock.

Incestuous father and daughter in law enjoyed the unhurried inertia ridden sex for indeterminate time when Tim awakened their tranquil sleepy languid coupling.

Tim walked in groggy with sleep fully naked to get some water. He saw the familiar sight of her mother being languidly fucked by her grandpa. Tim found his monster cock hard as steel within seconds. His eyes locked with his grandpa’s who smiled invitingly.

Tim forgot the drink and walked hurriedly towards the captivating sight of her mother’s exposed full soft voluptuous ass.

Kim sensed her son’s arrival despite her satisfied sleepy state.

“Timee, you could not sleep,” mumbled Kim as her son climbed the sofa on his knees towards her right.

“Mum, I was thirsty but your beautiful ass sitting on grandpa’s cock was too much for me to ignore,” Tim offered his monster steel hard silky soft skinned cock to his mother’s beautiful soft mouth. Kim smiled with love and she used her right hand to support the foot long monstrosity to engulf its cock head and two inches in her wide open mouth. Tim gasped with the never ending pleasure he always felt as his mother took his huge cock head inside her saliva filled warm mouth. Her distorted face as she tried to open her mouth painfully wide to engulf her son’s monster cock made her nose look flattened and her nostrils flared. All her men found her face even more beautiful as she tried to fellate them, Tim felt the same warm feeling surging in his chest.

Kim felt her father in law’s cock grew rapidly hard as he watched his unbelievably beautiful daughter in law try to give her son fellatio. Kim murmured incomprehensible sounds towards her father in law in appreciation of the change in his monstrous cock now filling her cunt to a bursting limit.

Bill started to maul his daughter in law’s large heaving breasts as she tried to breathe through her beautiful nose, as her mouth was gaggingly full of her son’s huge cock.

Kim was no more sleepy or languid as her two men stoked all too familiar fire of incestuous lust in her. Bill found his daughter in law grinding her cunt on his massive hairy root of his cock involuntarily.

Tim allowed her mother to gag, salivate and drool over his monstrous erection for another ten minutes, when he gently pulled it out, surprising his mother who could not hold the pool d saliva in her mouth that dribble d uncontrollably on her breasts bathing her father in law’s hands.

Tim quickly moved on the carpet and knelt behind the full, soft ass of his mother. He wanted to lick his mother’s sweet ass but it was too low for his tall frame. Bill sensed it and lifted his whimpering daughter in law holding her hips in his strong hands right off his monster cock up in the air. Kim almost wailed in surprised as her painfully full cunt felt empty. Soon the warm mouth of her son on her anus compensated her loss. Tim helped her grandfather lift his mother’s hips by supporting her voluptuous ass cheeks and it also enabled him to spread them wide open.

Kim moaned while she supported herself placing her palms on her father in law’s shoulders, her son’s tongue was now rimming her sweet anus, which had been recently ravaged by her father in law’s monstrosity.

Tim massaged his mother’s full ass cheeks with his strong hands as he continued to probe and lick her anus with his tongue. Kim was moaning incessantly. Her anus was spasming on its own as it was yet again assaulted with the lust filled stimulation of her son’s now very educated tongue.

Tim kept up with the rimming and soon her mother’s anus relaxed and allowed his tongue to dart in. Tim felt a rush of fluid, mostly her grandfather’s cum mixed with her mother’s liquidised rectal contents, onto his tongue, which he devoured as id it, was sweet nectar.

“Please fuck me now. I want your cocks inside me, please,” Kim moaned loudly as the sensation overload overwhelmed her.

Tim moved away as his grandfather impaled his mother on his steel hard monster cock in one swoop making her squeal and whimper. Bill nodded at his grandson who intuitively trusted his grandpa to think of something new or of proven success in stimulating his mother as they both fucked her.

Kim almost shrieked with surprise and pain as her father in law stood up holding her effortlessly impaled on his monster. The gravity pushed her father in law’s monster even deeper inside Kim’s bursting cunt.

Kim soon felt her son’s hands on her ass as he stationed himself behind her. She felt dizzy with apprehension and lust as the realisation dawned on her that her son and her father in law were going to double fuck her standing up. She had been fucked like that many times and she knew it always hurt more and their inhumanly long and thick cocks went in deeper and stretched her even more.

Kim would not refuse anything to her men.

Once Tim felt his grandfather had his mother stable and her cunt fully impaled on his monster cock. He moved forward. The similar heights of two men helped the standing fucking quite a lot and the fact all men in Kim’s life were had inhuman strength and could hold her as long as they wished.

Bill’s strong huge hands supported his daughter in law’s large soft ass cheeks that also enabled him to part them wide apart for his grandson to move in with his raging erection. Tim bent his knees to bring his impossibly bloated huge engorged saliva soaked cockhead against the tiny pink anal ring of his mother’s rectum. Kim sucked in an audible deep breath in anticipation of both of her delectable tender holes being invaded by two inhuman sized cocks, for any woman even one would be too much to handle and most would have cried murder even at the thought of two monstrosities invading her body simultaneously. Kim even though having experienced pain that went with this followed with indefinable pleasure would offer herself above all that her men wanted it. It would not have mattered if it brought no pleasure to her, only that her men felt happy and sated, but as it stood once pain associated with initial onslaught was weathered Kim was taken through the most torrid storm of unbridles passion, raging lust, incalculable orgasms.

Tim held his huge cock in his hand steady as his powerful thigh muscles pushed his cock up with strong strength to press against the incongruously tiny anal ring of his mother’s that resisted in a futile manner the entry of her son’s gargantuan penis.

Bill felt his daughter in law held her breath trying to open and relax her anus and his grandson grunt as his monster cock head fought with the tiny anal ring of his mother. Bill chose to help the entry by dropping his daughter in law hips onto her son’s persistent cock and that resulted in Kim’s anus to open against two forces as her son’s monster cock head sped inside her tight anal ring.

“Too big Timmee….SLOOOO…AHHHHHH,” Kim squealed and buried her open mouth in the fragrant skin of her father in law’s neck. The process of two monster cocks invading simultaneously never became easy.

Tim felt his mother’s tight anal ring like a strong rubber and and he winced and grunted. Kim’s eighteen year old son used his strong legs to push one monstrously thick inch after another inch inside the fluttering tight warm soft depths of her mother’s rectum until last millimetre of his generous foot long penis was buried inside his mother’s ass as was his grandpa’s equally huge cock was buried to the hilt inside her cunt.


Both of her men ignored her moans and started to pull their monster cocks slowly one inch by one inch. Kim felt cheated as her two body cavities felt very empty. Once only their cock heads were engaged inside her cunt and ass Kim’s son and father in law steadily buried their cocks once again to the hilt in a similar fashion. Kim felt bursting full as two monster cocks once again as her two men filled her two cavities eliciting all too familiar pain and Kim clamped her teeth on the side of her father in law’s neck to prevent from letting out a scream trying to burst out of her throat.

Tim and Bill pulled out and pushed their monster cocks synchronously to get Kim used to double fucking.

Tim let her grandpa support his mother on his own and his hands found his mother’s large heaving breasts now covered with sweat. He filled his huge hands with as much as they could of his mother’s breasts’ soft flesh and started to maul them in a rhythmic manner.

Kim’s moans became continuous and loud as she felt her son’s and father in law’s gargantuan cocks leave her rectum and cunt together to make her yearn for them and soon pushing them back in filling her cavities painfully that made her yearn even more.

Tim and Bill soon set up a rhythm borne out of many years of ravaging Kim together. Their fucking rhythm changed between pushing and pulling out their cocks together and alternating pulling and pushing.

Either way Kim felt her son and father in law filled her two body cavities to a bursting limit causing pain that expanded into pleasure and pleasure mushroomed into pain.

In about ten minutes of ‘gentle’ steady fucking Kim exploded into her first orgasm moaning and grunting loudly.

Tim and his grandpa had waited for that like before and set up a more robust pace. Tim squeezed his mother’s breasts with an ever-increasing force making her wince even more and slammed his monster cock with incremental savagery.

Kim was buffeted between her two strong powerful men, both fucking the hole they invaded with long stroked using full length of their monster cocks.

“DADDEE….TIMMEE…AHHHHH. You two are huge. You are hurting me but it is so nice. FUUCCCKKKK MEEEE,” Kim wailed and her son and father in law obeyed her as always. They were now alternating their strokes filling Kim’s holes in one smooth brutal lunge.

Her son and father in law kept the alternating rhythm for another ten minutes or so when Kim once again exploded in million shards of painful orgasm.

Tim and his grandpa had double fucked his mother many times and had developed many patterns. Bill nodded towards his grandson who pulled his monster cock fully out and before his mother could protest or her obscenely wide open anus could close slammed his gargantuan cock to the hilt in one savage stroke making her moan aloud. Eighteen years old son kept his cock buried inside his mother’s rectum to the hilt as his grandfather used short sharp rapid jabs to fuck his mother’s seething squelching pussy.

“Oh, so goood. DADDY AAHHHH. Fuck me. Please fuck me. UMMMM,” Kim kept her mouth glued onto the skin of her father in law’s neck and her arms were wrapped tight around it as she felt each skin fold, each inch of her father in law’s giant cock.

Bill increased the pace of his strokes, which also made them more brutal as he slammed more than seven inches of his monstrously thick cock in and out of her trembling daughter in law’s cunt at lightening speed.

Tom mauled his mothers’ breasts savagely; he pulled on them and pinched the engorged nipples making her wince and moan. Kim once again clamped on the bruised skin of her father in law’s neck as she felt the savage lunges of his monster cock pistoning in and out of her tender cunt at speed of a bullet train not giving her pussy any time to adjust to feeling empty and painfully full. Kim felt her son’s equally gargantuan cock embedded deep inside her rectum making her cunt even tighter. Her breasts felt on fire as her son mauled them like a beast trying to tear flesh from fallen prey.

Kim soon was in throes of yet another body wrenching climax.

Bill kept hammering his huge penis in and out at phenomenal pace and with superhuman ferocity as his daughter in law orgasmed. Her whole body spasmed painfully and her throat choked with excess of sensual storm.

Bill in another fifteen minutes brought his daughter in law to another orgasm and he exploded along with her filling her cunt with huge amount of thick virile creamy semen.

Kim moaned ineffectually as her body was now resigned happily to allow her two men to take her to one orgasm to another.

Bill grunted and buried his face in the fragrant hair of his daughter in law as he ejaculated again and again. His balls hurt and penis burnt with the ferocity of his orgasm.

Bill kept his still rock hard cock buried to the hilt.

Tom took his cue and started a slow languid shuttling of his cock covered with a thick coating of his mother’s soft brown pulverised shit. He pulled his cock out almost to the tip of his cock head and shuttled it back to the hilt.

Tim allowed his grandfather to take one of his mother’s nipple in his mouth and kept the constant mauling and squeezing of the other with his hand.

Kim felt a severe sharp pain as her son pinched her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and her father in law clamped his teeth on the right making her squeal. That made her men happy knowing she was with them and awake.

Tim buggered his mother for nearly fifteen minutes in slow steady manner stoking her fire. Kim started to moan and grunt again, “TIMMEE, YOUR COCK IS HURTING MY ASS. DON’T STOP. FUCK ME. PLEASE FUCK ME. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MY SON,”

Kim babbled on as Tim started to increase the pace. Tim used his favourite trick of slamming half the massive length with an ever increasing pace. Kim was left to squeal her ‘AAHs’ as her whole body shook with the savage thrusts of her son. Tim felt warm fluid from her mother’s brutalised ass leaking over his groin and thighs.

Tim fucked his mother’s ass with unabated ferocity both in speed and force to make her come three times when he chose to explode deep inside her seething, convulsing rectum. All three incestuous lovers could smell the strong aroma of Kim’s rectum. Tim’s cock was greased with his mother’s shit. Kim whimpered as her strength waned with each orgasm. The sixth nearly took her breath away and she slumped like a comatose person.

Bill and Tim moved back towards the sofa.

Tim had to withdraw to allow his grandfather to lay down with his mother still impaled on his monster cock.

Kim started to reawaken. Tim desperately wanted to feel shit filled warmth of

his mother’s rectum. He soon buried his cock, which had lost none of its steel back inside her ass.

Kim was double fucked by her son and father in law more gently for another half an hour resulting in two more orgasms when they both grunted like animals and buried their spasming cocks to the hilt. Kim felt her son and father in law exploding in never ending spurts inside her now very tender and painful cunt and ass.

Both men flopped exhausted with satisfaction. All three incestuous lovers were breathing in a laboured manner for many minutes until anyone could articulate any thoughts.

Kim enjoyed the weight of her son’s on her back as she tried to push herself deep into the warm massive, hairy frame of hr father in law.

After a long time Kim was the first one to speak and that too like a true mother .

“Tim, sweetheart, you need some sleep and rest.”

Tim kissed his mother’s back many times lovingly as he slowly pulled out of her now indecently widely stretched anus. His cock was covered with his mother’s shit and his cum. As his cock pulled free off his mother’s gaping anus his cum mixed with liquid brown mush gushed out coating her ass.

Tim knelt down and licked his mother’s soiled bottom clean. He gulped all the fluid leaking from her anus as it shrank back quickly to its tiny size.

“Let me clean you Timmee,” said the concerned mother.

Tim presented his soiled cock to his mother who diligently sucked, licked and cleaned it until her saliva was the only coating on her son’s partially hard cock.

Tim excused himself as he felt a wave of sleep descending on him.

Bill got up with his daughter in law still impaled on his cock.

They all went upstairs. Tim kissed his mother’s back and his grandpa’s cheek as he marched towards his bedroom.

“Timmee feel free to join us when you wake up,” Bill offered her grandson as he felt guilty monopolising his mother.

Kim seconded that as she was taken to bed to sleep with her father in law’s cock buried in her cunt.


In the sultry weather city though grateful that heat was abating but the humidity encouraged to remain indoors. In the exclusive suburbia in a sprawling ranch style house ensconced in a land of over hundred acres the indoor was quiet.

Three house help went about quietly in their respective areas. Two drivers were palying cards in the huge ‘wet’ kitchen flirting with the buxom female cook.

In the private area of the family living the man of the house was enjoying the classical music wafting through the computerised feeds with state of the art real surround sound.

Donald King was a man built on a scale of cartoon-giant like hugeness. He was six feet and four inches tall but the sheer massive broad muscled build made him look stocky. He had huge shoulders with muscles rippling from neck to top of the arm. His upper arms were as big as thighs of some muscular hunk. His forearms matched his arms and his huge hands could intimidate any man who even thought of disagreeing with him in any physical manner. His enormous chest was the size of a wardrobe, which continued to his wide waist. His chest and belly were covered with thick curly hair with a hint of grey. His thighs were like tree trunks covered with

thick curly hairs his legs were match for oak like thighs.

Don, as he was affectionately called, by his close friends, had dark chocolate skin celebrating his African royal heritage. He was aware of his immense physical presence but never took it as an advantage. He had a thick curly head of hair with grey to add gravity to his handsome face. His eyes were kind but showed the inner strength.

Don was toying with a Cuban cigar debating about lighting it or not. He was allowed two in the day by his daughter in law and eldest granddaughter.

The huge living room was part of the private wing where even servants only came at certain times. It had seven bedrooms and five reception rooms with one indoor and one out door swimming pool.

Don looked at the wall clock that showed eleven ten in the morning. He was waiting for his daughter in law’s call. As if he had willed it the phone rang. He picked up the cordless and his deep baritone voice showed his impatience, “Sara?”

His heart filled up with joy as he heard the tinkling laugh of his daughter in law,” Daddy! What if it was not me?”

“Sorry sweetheart,” Don’s deep quiet voice engulfed his daughter in law on the other end of the phone, “I was being childish.”

“No dad, you were not. I am really sorry. I thought I had freed myself but the negotiation in Seattle has broken down and other side is demanding a senior executive to salvage it. Hank is ted in Singapore so I will have to go.” Sara sounded very disappointed.

Don immediately reverted to his cheery side only his close friends and family are aware of, “Sara, no problem. You have responsibility of thousands of staff who rely on their job with your company. You have to go. I shall ask Paolo to bring your things.”

Sara like all top executives always had two suitcases packed and ready for instant travel.

“Thanks dad. I love you. I am really sorry to spoil your weekend.”

“Stop that Sara. When do you anticipate coming back.” Don missed his beautiful daughter in law when she was not in the house.

“Earliest by next weekend latest by week after. I will have to settle this side whatever the outcome.”

Don and Sara discussed the practicalities of few household issues, ” Daddy, Laurie was expecting me to pick her up. Please do explain my situation.”

Don laughed, “Sara your daughter has brain of a thirty year old. She would be more understanding than me.”

Sara too laughed making her father in law all warm. Don doted on his family. After demise of his wife with cancer he lost his son in war. He now focused all his living hours on the remaining family.

Don rang Rosie to do the needful. Laurie was going to finish at three. He put the cigar away. His granddaughter was even more of a tyrant as far his smoking was concerned than his daughter in law.


Sara briskly walked to the terminal. His corporate account helped ease the pain of her sudden travels. Her luggage was already in the VIP lounge. Sara noticed another colleague in the lounge as she waited for the receptionist to sort her flight details.

The lady in light blue suit was Carrie Kensington. She was Afro-American woman of thirty one years of age and rising fast up the corporate ladder. Carrie was extremely beautiful with light brown skin that glowed. There was an Irish ancestor in her recent lineage that showed in her skin and eyes. Her curly hair to the shoulders added to her allure. Carrie was by all descriptions plump, not obese but slightly overweight and rounded to be plump. Carrie designer suit could not hide her very generous breasts and wide hips. All men agreed that Carrie’s beauty was enhanced as she was.

Carrie was oblivious to it all. Her five feet seven inch tall frame exuded calm confidence. No one was aware if there was a man in her life.

Sara waved to her and Carrie waved back. Carrie saw as Sara as an unbelievably beautiful woman. Carrie thought Sara had the most natural creamy white skin, which hardly ever was covered with any makeup. Her divinely beautiful face smiled all the times. Her exquisitely beautiful nose crinkled with her expressions and Carrie knew that drove men wild and distracted them from picking any argument with her. However, it was well known fact no one picked an argument with Sara King, discuss yes but no boardroom argument. There was hardly any trace of Texan childhood in Sara now.

As Sara walked towards her Carrie saw what made Sara so beautiful. She walked with no artifice or style. Her beauty was calming. Her navy blue suit accentuated her voluptuous frame. Her large breasts filled the jacket and her full hips and thighs filled the pants. She was heart stoppingly beautiful. Sara like Carrie had no time for skinny look. Sara was far from plumpishness of Carrie but was rounded and full everywhere.

Sara and Carrie kissed each other, “where are you off to, today?” Sara asked as they both walked towards the wine bar.

“Seattle, Sara and you?”

“To Seattle as well,” Sara beamed.

“Then we are on same jet,” Carrie too beamed. Both women though not close friends always found gravitating towards each other whenever they met.

“I am going to lecture in the web impact on corporate management,” Carrie informed Sara regarding the purpose of her visit Seattle had the second biggest base after headquarters of their company.

Carrie and Sara talked like two young girls and Sara found herself opening up to Carrie as she had never done with anyone but Kim and Kath.

Both beautiful women felt relaxed after two glasses of wine and were ready for a long flight to west coast.

During the flight their longstanding intuitive liking solidified at an electric pace.

Carrie gave her abbreviated life story. Carrie was one of the two offsprings of Wilma Kensington, an exceptionally beautiful black woman. Wilma was second-generation immigrant form Jamaica. Her father a tall, strong bull like ruggedly handsome Irish German docker left her mother when she was her brother was one and she was ten. Carrie was a gifted student and was in the school for super gifted students. Her phenomenal aptitude for maths and science took her to university a very young age.

Carrie’s other worked two jobs to ensure that her children would never suffer. Carrie looked after her baby brother. Carrie matured precociously and was way too intelligent for children of her age. She became a loner. Carrie and her brother inherited the most beautiful skin complexion. Carrie also inherited her father’s big bones and mother’s voluptuousness. Carrie was more than plump as a child and during her teens. Her weight dropped off as she made her way through teens and she effortlessly maintained her preset slightly plump frame that made her the beauty she was.

Carrie sailed though her school and brought her brother who emulated his sister. Carrie doted on her brother and would do everything to prevent him from missing a normal family and upbringing that other children in his school had. Wilma worked herself to an early grave to ensure her children made a life commensurate with their exceptional potential.

Carrie at eighteen had graduated from university thanks to her gifted school background and got a job with a huge corporate bank as an understudy. Carrie’s mother succumbed to neglected breast cancer when Carrie was twenty-two and her brother was nine years younger to her.

Sara without any hesitation put her hand on the side of her friend’s face as she felt the anguish. Carrie kissed Sara’s palm and continued.

Carrie did not allow he ambition to come in the way of her commitment to her brother’s wellbeing and now he was in Yale in law school and was doing economics on the side, after all four top universities wooed him. University had made exception to allow him to do major courses based on his exceptional academic background. Carrie stuck to the local university to enable herself to do the job and study at the same time.

At twenty-five she applied for the current job and she was a shoe in and her rise had been smooth, steady. Her income now matched the envious salaries of any male high flier and money had long stopped being an issue in siblings’ life. Carrie had never had any romantic liaison ever. She had a man in her life but she was far from sure where it would take her.

Sara kept her hand on her friend’s as she recounted her life in a plain smooth style keeping her churning emotions deep inside. Both women felt the physical contact as the most natural gesture.

Sara had similar background. Her parents were working class Texans. Her mother was petite but voluptuous beautiful woman that west seem to have in abundance. Her father was a tall strong handsome man that taught himself and was possibly the most well read person without any fancy degree. He made it into oil industry on the strength of his self gained education but when Sara was six her parents were killed in freak road accident. Sara’s grandparents, moderately rich, [her mother's parents] brought her up. They sent her to schools sparing no expense. Carrie repaid their faith with her exceptional intelligence and precocious maturity.

Sara was promising to grow along the divinely beautiful lines of her mother and grandma. Her dark blond hair with creamy skin and then plump but eventually voluptuous body was evident even at the young age. She befriended a boy a year ahead of her in school, who came from very rich side of suburbia. Jacob King was son of a black army officer and a beautiful Scottish lady. Jake made his way into Sara’s grandparents’ and parents’ hearts who declared that he was their son. Sara and Jake gravitated towards each other and they were married at nineteen and twenty years of age. Sara felt very close to Jake both he was far too mature for his age and strong gentle bot. He lost his mother at the age of four and Sara could identify with his lot as not too far from hers. Sara did her masters and business degree as Jake joined army in family tradition. They married before left. Sara had her first daughter, lovely Laurie at twenty.

Sara lost Jake in mindless war four years later, six months after she lost her grandparents in quick succession to heart attack and stroke.

Her loving father in law and Sara now made the family. Her father in law gave his forty percent share options to control the multibillion company along with another CEO with twenty-five percent control. This was one of the five bid multinationals her father in law had stake in.

Two women continued in soft voice all along the flight, car journey to hotel and over the drink waiting for their luggage to go to their executive suites.

Carrie and Sara felt emotionally close and felt a bond that was growing by second. As they both entered the lift they both involuntarily engulfed each other in their arms as the lift doors closed. Carrie and Sara held each other and kissed first on the cheek and then on the lips, a closed mouth kiss that lingered as they felt each other’s sweet breath.

Their rooms were on the exclusive floor reserved for VIPs. Their rooms were three doors to each other. Sara’s room was the first. She opened the door and they both stood silently for seconds as if waiting for some intervention, divine or human made.


Don swung his 4×4 in the parking lot of the school. He came out in his kaki chino and sky blue shirt. The parents who knew him waved smiling broadly. The others who did not gaped at him. The sheer mountainous size of his muscle bound body was an awe-inspiring sight and it was difficult for both man and woman not admire his immense build and handsome visage.

The school doors opened and laughing running children poured out of all ages.

Don picked his granddaughter within a nanosecond. Laurie was tall girl. She already stood at five feet six inches making her as tall as her mother. Laurie was laughing at some joke her friends had cracked. She had light brown almost olive skin that glowed. Her divine face exuded beauty. Her precocious breasts had developed rapidly over the last year and now they filled out her blouse like two half cut melons.

Laurie was padded with puppy fat and was plump. Her soft plump bottom filled her school skirt and her round calves were enticing. Don smiled, as his granddaughter as if by telepathy knew he was there and she waved from far.

Many parents could not help but admire the healthy, vivacious, angelic precocious beauty of Laurie as he glided past them. Most of them would have put Laurie’s age at nineteen with child like looks and they would be forgotten. Laurie physical development easily put her in that age group. Her loving family knew their lovely teen sweet girl had another six years to reach that landmark. Laurie was an ace athlete and hockey player both on ice and field.

Laurie could not wait to reach her grandfather but did not want to be impolite to her friends. She bade goodbye as the two-week long holidays were starting. Laurie shrieked, “Grandpa’ as she rose on her toes to put her arms around his giant grandfather’s neck who bent down from his six foot five inch height and lifted his granddaughter by holding her waist like a small toy and as she kissed him on his mouth. Many parents who saw the warm sight of the loving affectionate demonstration smiled spontaneously and held their won wards with more warmth.

Laurie during drive home learnt her mother’s change of plan. She rubbed her tiny soft hand on the massive arm of her grandpa to suggest that she was sorry that he will have to miss her mother as she would.

“Grandpa, I will keep you company after I finish my homework,” Laurie smiled enigmatically. Don laughed his hearty booming laugh.

The whole household revolved around Sara. Her absence of any more than one day brought the mood down. Laurie was learning fast to fill her mother’s shoes.

Nanny had already brought. Andrew and Lisa from school and they were on the dining table gobbling food. They could eat and eat like all growing children and still be hungry.

Both children whooped and rushed into their grandpa’s hug. Laurie hugged them, as she was the second recipient of their affection.

Anna the nanny chided them to finish their snacks and inquired from Laurie as to what she would like the family to have for dinner.

Don swelled with pride as he heard his young teen granddaughter make suggestions effortlessly.

Nanny instructed the other maid accordingly. She also brought Laurie a cold drink.

“Andy, Lisa you guys ready for a swim,” Laurie cleverly suggested to tire the kids before their dinner otherwise in absence of their mother they could make demands to stay up watching cartoons.

Don smiled as his eyes met his granddaughter’s light brown bright eyes.

Both finished their food quickly and started to shuck their clothes albeit with the help of their nanny.

Laurie laughed like a mother and chided, “No need to rush.”

Both were shorn of all clothing and jumping impatiently up and down for Laurie to get ready.

Sara had ensured that hypocrisy of nudity inside the house was minimal.

Laurie unbuttoned her blouse. Her large precocious breasts were encased in a white thin soft cotton bra. Laurie unbuckled her skirt belt and unbuttoned the sides and let t drop to the floor. Don’s throat choked as he saw the natural beauty of his granddaughter. Laurie looked at the nanny and maid apologetically for throwing clothes on the floor who smiled back as if they were offended that she should even need to apologise.

Laurie unhooked her bra expertly exposing her two large breasts, which jutted out with no slope about the size of two half melons. Her thin white cotton gave a hint of soft dark growth of pubic hair. Her face was lit with smile framed by her wavy curly dark brown hair.

“Grandpa, are you going to join us?” Laurie rushed towards her impatient siblings. Don managed to let out hoarsely, “A bit later sweetheart.”

Laurie picked up her little sister Lisa effortlessly in her arms as she giggled. Both kids were shouting Laurie, Laurie as their elder sister they doted on was going to join them in pool.

Laurie ran and jumped in the outdoor pool with Lisa giggling in excitement. Andy followed suit.

Don went to his bedroom to change. He came out in his swimming shorts. Anna, the nanny and the maid caught their breath as they tried to fill their senses at the sight of an giant of a handsome man. They had seen their employer many times but they both felt their pussies getting wet whenever he came out naked or in shorts. ‘God, he is built like a mountain’, Anna told herself silently, ‘His loose shorts can barely hide his cock.’

Don smiled at the two women as he matched towards the pool.

When he reached the three were racing across the pool. Don smiled inwardly, he realised that Laurie had tricked them in the competition to ensure they were tuckered out.

Soon Don joined his grandchildren in the race from one end of the pool to another.

Time passed quickly as the family revelled in the fun of their company.

Nanny came and admonished them, “Come on now. Time to go and shower. Dinner would be ready in an hour.”

All four protested in good humour knowing they would have to obey her.

Don came out with little Lisa in his arms. Laurie had laughing Andy on her shoulders.

Don was in front when he perceived Andy whispering something to Laurie.

Laurie giggled. Don felt two soft hands on is massive waist as Laurie pulled his trunks down exposing his massive hairy ass.

Lisa giggled in mirth, as did Andy. Andy was holding his sister’s head firmly to prevent himself from toppling as she freed her hands to do the naughty deed. She once again held his brother’s thighs to keep him steady on her shoulders.

Don growled theatrically, “Taking advantage of my vulnerability are you…? Lise sweetie hold me tightly please.”

Lisa clung with her tiny arms around her grandpa to allow him to free his hands.

Don blocked Laurie’s path and went down on his knees. Laurie could not stop giggling anticipating what her grandfather had in mind. Andy and Lisa were clapping and shouting.

Don pulled the wet cotton panties down exposing his granddaughter’s nudity. Laurie fidgeted to drop the wet panties off her ankles. Don smiled at his granddaughter who looked at him with smouldering eyes. Don hooked the panties with his toe as his granddaughter freed her feet and marched towards the shower room.

They all took shower still laughing and giggling. Don tickled and made Lisa laugh even more as he soaped and showered her.

Laurie soaped and washed her younger brother. Like a mother she pulled his prepuce back to wash the glans of his penis making him giggle. She rubbed the crack of his bottom and once happy allowed Andy to soap her.

They all eventually finished the shower. Maid had large towels ready. Laurie dried Andy as her grandfather dried Lisa. Maid took both kids away holding their hands to dress them for dinner. Laurie took the towel and dried her grandfather. Laurie felt a deep calm when she was in her grandfather’s company in nude. She marvelled at the hugeness of his hairy body. Don reciprocated by drying his granddaughter’s young teen precocious body. Both went to their suites to get dressed.

The family sans Sara were on dining table by seven.

Don came to table having donned loose corded shorts and round necked white cotton tee shirt. Laurie arrived with her hair still partly wet looking ravishingly beautiful in a short kaftan finishing just below her full thighs.

Dinner was as joyous as any time in the family.

Don nursed his large glass of Barolo. Laurie had a tall glass of lemonade but sipped from her grandfather’s glass every now and then.

Don savoured the happy family meal time as nanny and Laurie good naturedly kept the young ones interested in meal and Lisa was doing a good job with all kind of cutlery.

At the time of dessert Lisa rushed to her grandfather and sat on his lap. Don laughed and kissed Lisa as Laurie tried to open her mouth. Sara had managed to convince Lisa to sit in her chair on dining table. This was the best compromise they both had been able to work out.

Andy too was a competitor but now thought he was being mature doing his mother’s bidding. He made a mature derisive face ‘at the baby’ and Laurie did her best to keep a straight face and at his attempt appear older than his years.

Lisa fed her grandpa with his spoon as he reciprocated.

Soon the family moved towards the living area with Lisa still in her grandpa’s lap. Lisa and Andy watched their favourite cartoon with usual shrill comments, laughs, gasps as they got involved with their shows. Laurie freshened her grandfather’s cognac. Don looked at his granddaughter’s bright beautiful face and smiled his thanks. Laurie smiled back and put her hand on his massive shoulder to bend forward to plant a kiss on his lips.

Laurie allowed the kids to enjoy their show for half an hour before nanny declared bedtime amidst their shouts of pleas, protests.

Laurie stood looking every bit like her mother as she made both her younger siblings to get up to go to bed. Laurie convinced Andy to piggy ride on her back as she effortlessly picked Lisa on her right hip. Don could not get over every time he saw such demonstration of maturity beyond Laurie’s years.

Don stood up to kiss both Andy and Lisa goodnight who were already making plans for the morning. Don than more formally bend to kiss his lovely precocious granddaughter laden with two healthy robust siblings, “Thanks sweetie.”

” Grandpa, I will finish my homework and join you if that is OK with you,” Laurie whispered.

“I will look up my mail in the meantime,” Don once again kissed his granddaughter’s lifted face, “Any particular movie?”

“I will join in whatever you are watching.”

Don watched his grandchildren march off.

He chose to switch to scotch. Don first watched Bloomberg, CNN as he sat with his laptop before switching to news on four channels.

Don expected Laurie to finish her homework in less than an hour.

He realised as he got up to refill his glass with scotch that Laurie was still engaged with her homework. As he sat down his laptop beeped announcing new email. Don sank back into the massive sofa in front of the wall-to-wall HD screen before opening the email. It was from Laurie with an attachment-”Sorry Grandpa, Andy and Lisa wanted me to read so got late starting my home work. Nearly done. Thought you might look at the attached file entertain yourself if TV is boring- XX Love Lisa”.

Don smiled as he clicked on the attachment.


In the corridor of exclusive suites Sara stood with her hand on the open door of her suite thinking of something suitable to say, “See you for dinner, Carrie. How long….?”

“I can get ready very quickly so whenever you want. I just want a quick shower to wash off the flight and hot day,” Carrie whispered as her own voice faltered with ill defined sense of something that needs to be said or done.

Sara said before she could actually hear the words in her head, “Do you need some help with shower?” Sara blushed no sooner the words left her lips. Her heart thumped at her presumptive stupidity. Carrie froze for second making that fraction of time seem like an eon to Sara.

Sara was trying to formulate something to mitigate her lack of tact and manners when she felt Carrie’s hand on her shoulder gently pushing, guiding her inside the room. Sara gasped as she realised that Carrie was in similar turmoil, Carrie put her right arm on her friend’s soft waist to guide her inside the room. No sooner they were inside Sara pushed the door shut. Carrie with an advantage of an inch in height bend down to plant her mouth on her new found friend. Their arms flew around each other as without any preamble their hungry seeking mouths opened and their tongues tasted the sweetness of each other’s mouth.

Sara and Carrie’s arms tightened their embrace and their mouths and tongues became more insistent. Minutes passed s their kiss became more passionate and robust. Eventually they broke for a second and looked deep into each other’s eyes finding love and affection in equal measure.

“I should help you take your shower as I offered,” Sara smiled and whispered in husky voice filled with unchartered anticipation.

Carrie smiled coyly and nodded not trusting her voice.

Sara unbuttoned Carrie’s jacket and drew it off her arms. Sara admired her buxom friend filling her blouse. Sara unbuttoned Carrie’s blouse with increasing urgency, as her desire to see her friend naked grew stronger.

Carrie’s very large breasts were encased to make them less obvious in a sport type bra. Carrie’s soft bulging belly and waist had groove that deepened her belly button. Sara unhooked the bra and slid it off Carrie’s arms liberating her friend’s huge soft heavy breasts, which drooped under their own weight. The soft pliant breasts jiggled as the gravity won once her supporting bra was off. Sara sucked in her breath at the sheer breath beauty in front of her.

Sara unbuckled Carrie’s skirt belt and opened the buttons on the side and let it drop around Carrie’s full ankles. Sara held Carrie’s hand to step out of the fallen skirt.

Sara now saw the mouth-watering sight of her friend’s voluptuous curvaceous beauty. Carrie’s soft bulging waist below her pillowy breasts accentuated her wide full hips stretching her light yellow cotton panties. Sara admired the slight dimpling on the side of Carrie’s hips as she pulled her panties down exposing her thick growth of curly bush glistening with sex juices. The musky pungent heady aroma hit Sara and she realised the effect it very rightly has on men.

Carrie supported herself by placing her hand on Sara’s head s she lifted one foot after another to allow Sarah remove her panties. Sara could not help but plant a kiss on her friend’s chunky soft thighs, her bulging belly and then as if drawn by magic Sara kissed the thick pubic growth softly smelling the fragrant pussy, making Carrie gasp.

Carrie pulled her friend up. Carrie kissed Sara on her mouth and started to unbutton her jacket. Carrie quickly removed Sara’s blouse and unhooked her bra to allow her voluptuous friend’s large soft heavy breasts that drooped most alluringly. Sara was every bit well endowed with her breasts thought Carrie.

Carrie took even less time in rolling Sara’s trousers off her full hips and thighs. Carrie noticed a wet spot in front of Sara’s white soft cotton panties as she pulled them off. Carrie savoured the wet full blond bush of her friend, inhaling deeply.

Both friends hugged again and walked to the bathroom.

Their suite had a huge ensuite facility that included a tub more akin to a small pool and a large open floor shower area.

Carrie whispered, “I need to pee all the wine and water had eventually made its way.”

Carrie sat on the commode with no hesitation as her urine stream hit the water in the toilet bowl loudly. Sara appreciated the unique sound a woman’s piss stream makes even before it hits the bowl. The warm aroma of her friend’s pee filled her senses. Carrie sure did have a full bladder and her stream splashed noisily for a long time. Carrie once finished did not attempt to wipe herself as she was going to shower. Sara found a tiny rivulet of her urine running on the side of Carrie’s thighs sexually stimulating. Carrie was about to flush but was stopped by Sara, “Carrie I too need to go.”

Sara smelled the heady warm aroma of Carrie’s piss before she sat down and added her own in equally noisy stream. Carrie felt her pussy getting wet as her beautiful nostrils were filled with Sara’s fragrant piss. Once finished Sara flushed but did not wipe and felt good with a small stream of her piss running along her left thigh.

Carrie and Sara soaped each other with the gentleness that was more exploratory than functional. Sara greedily caressed every inch of her friend’s chunky body under garb of lathering it with lavender scented body wash.

Carrie reciprocated. Both could not keep their hands away from each other’s marvellous breasts and bottom. Carrie and Sara while hugging ran a finger in each other’s crack, their finger lingering on the tiny wrinkly anal ring. Both assiduously avoided each other’s cunts apart from perfunctory rub.

Both women had now become very comfortable with each other and started to pay complements on each other’s beauty.

Carrie and Sara each other with soft white Egyptian cotton towels.

Sara and Carrie were now engulfed with escalating lust but the unknown slowed them to act.

Sara whispered, “Carrie…?” Question hanging incomplete filled with sure of feeling but unsure of timing.

Carrie nodded vigorously rather than trust her lust filled hoarse voice.

Both women reached the massive bedroom in no time without even aware of their movement. Carrie gently pushed Sara onto the huge bed as she scooted up to reach pillows.

Carrie followed her on her hand and knees.

Carrie filled her eyes with the spread eagled voluptuous beautiful Sara. Her large soft heavy breasts were flattened and splayed outwards with their own weight.

Carrie lay on top of her friend as their large breasts crushed each other’s. Carrie held Sara’s face in her soft petite hands and kissed her with an open mouth. Sara’s arms flew around Carrie’s neck as she pushed her open mouth back up into her friend’s mouth. Their tongues duelled to seek each other’s mouth. Carrie’s saliva trickled into Sara’s hungry mouth.

Carrie broke off a long kiss that left Sara slightly breathless. Carrie then kissed Sara’s eyelids, forehead, and cheeks with soft fluttering kisses. Carrie kissed her ears and sucked on Sara’s earlobes making her squirm. Carrie just did not kiss Sara but made love to her divinely beautiful face. Carrie’s lips moved Sara’s beautiful nose and kissed first the tip and then ran her tongue all along the exquisitely beautiful nostrils making Sara moan. Sara wondered how Carrie knew each of her erogenous zones specially her nose and earlobes.

Carrie then kissed Sara’s neck on her way to her mouth watering breasts. Carrie held Sara’s breast in both hands and kissed the skin all over before engulfing her engorged nipple in her warm mouth. Sara moaned as she felt the suction of Carrie’s mouth on her sensitive nipple. Carrie squeezed Sara’s breast rhythmically and sucked Sara’s nipple. Soon Sara was giving same treatment to Sara’s second breast. Carrie grabbed the back of her friend’s head and pushed it into her breast as her pussy convulsed with rising lust. Sara could feel warm fluid trickling from Carrie’s groin as she rubbed her wet thick bush covered pussy on her thigh.

Carrie moved down kissing every inch of Sara’s full soft belly. Sara caressed her friend’s curly hair covered head as she watched Carrie’s face move towards her groin.

Carrie spread Sara’s thighs and as Sara flexed them to open her pelvis wide open to her friend’s seeking mouth. Carrie kissed the rich blonde hair covered pussy soaking in its own sex juices. Carrie’s tongue parted the thick soft broad cuntlips of Sara to find the pink of the inside of her cunt. Sara gasped and her hands found and massaged her own breasts.

Carrie’s tongue lapped the full length of Sara’s cunt including engorged sensitive clitoris. Carrie began to lick Sara’s clitoris with firm strokes of her tongue sometimes including the full length of her cunt juices soaked cunt entrance.

Sara moaned softly as her friend sent wave after wave of lust coursing through her body. Carrie lapped up the sweet fragrant cunt juices Sara pussy churned out as she licked her friend’s pussy.

Carrie soon became adventurous and pushed Sara’s thighs towards her belly to expose her bottom more. Sara moaned loudly as Carrie’s tongue found her sensitive anus. Carrie licked the pink anal ring and tried to push the tip of her stiffened tongue inside the tight anal ring.

Sara moaned, “AAH, Carrieee….UUMMMMM.” Her moans was music to Carrie’s ears.

Sara pushed her anus onto her friend’s tongue and tried to relax it as best she could to allow the unbelievable sensation of her friend’s warm tongue snaking inside her anus.

Carrie soon brought her attention to her friend’s seething cunt. Sara pushed her clitoris onto her friend’s hungry mouth. Carrie licked Sara’s tongue and pushed two fingers inside the juice filled warm cunt. Carrie fucked Sara with her two fingers and sucked and licked her clitoris. Carrie felt her lust rising as she rubbed her clitoris against the bed sheet.

Sara moaned and loudly, ” UUMMM…CARRIEEEEEE. I want your pussy. PLEASE.”

Carrie shuffled and soon was astride Sara’s body with her large sumptuous ass stationed over Sara’s face.

Sara grabbed her friend’s soft ass in her hands and brought it down to her hungry mouth. Carrie moaned as Sara’s mouth and tongue found her sex juices soaked cunt opening.

Sara and Carrie flicked their tongue repeated over each other’s engorged clitoris to push each other towards their orgasm. Carrie insinuated her arm between her chest and Carrie’s soft belly to seek her friend’s cunt and soon her two fingers were buried deep inside to the knuckle. Sara found Carrie’s cervix and pushed her fingers against the hard soft organ eliciting gratifying loud moans form her friend.

Carrie’s felt her orgasm churning towards culmination of long smouldering sense of anticipation. Sara took Carrie’s clitoris between her lips and tugged to make Carrie moan louder.

“UUMMM……UUUMMMM,” Carrie moaned her mouth never leaving her friend’s seething pussy.

Carrie fucked her fingers in short jabs more rapidly in and out of Sara’s spasming cunt as her mouth tormented her clitoris inexorably.

Sara increased the pace of her fingers scraping the walls of Carrie’s cunt trying to find the mythical G spot. Her mouth sucked on Carrie’s clitoris sometimes almost painfully but Carrie would moan to expect some more.

Carrie pulled her cunt juices soaked fingers out of Sara’s cunt. Carrie separated them and placed her forefinger at the frothing cunt and middle finger at the pulsating anus of her friend. Sara felt Carrie’s finger back inside her cunt and another push its way inside her warm rectum. Sara moaned and bit lightly on the clitoris of her friend to suggest that her ministrations were making her lust even more intense.

Carrie felt pleasure filled painful bite on her clitoris chose to reciprocate and pushed her fingers firmly inside both passages of her friend. Her middle and fore finger were buried to the knuckles inside Sara’s convulsing cunt and pulsating rectum. Carrie felt Sara’s firm feces as her finger buried to its knuckle inside Sara’s warm rectum.

Both friends licked, sucked and bit on each other’s clitoris as both rushed towards their orgasm. Their fingers jabbed, scraped each other’s body orifices.

In short time both beautiful women arched their pelvis onto each other’s mouth as

Their lust reached the peak each was seeking all day.

Sara and Carrie moaned loudly but never relenting each other’s clitoris as their orgasm hit their body causing almost painful spasms deep inside their pelvis.

Carrie felt her body explode in an orgasm that was unique and as powerful as the best she had ever experienced and her cunt juices flowed in a trickle on her friend’s mouth and face. Carrie could feel Sara’s cuntjuices now flowing more and more in preparation of her impending orgasm.

Both women moaned loudly as if in pain as their orgasm exploded at the same time. Carrie buried her both fingers with force not shown before deep inside her friend’s cunt and ass as she felt Sara’s fingers do the same to her cunt.

Both kept their teeth clamped on each other’s clitoris as their bodies spasmed in the throes of their violent orgasm.

It took many minutes before Sara and Carrie appeared to recover in small measure from their orgasm. Both were gasping with laboured breathing as they waited their bodies to recover from the pleasure filled torture of their explosive orgasm.

Carrie had slumped from post orgasmic exhaustion and took nearly five minutes to regain energy to slowly to roll off Sara and turn around to lie on her side. Sara embraced her friend and new lover. Both smiled as they saw each other’s face bathed in cunt juices. Both kissed with more with affection than lust and tasted their own sex juices from other’s mouth.

Sara licked Carrie face with her tongue, including her nose. Sara naughtily traced Carrie’s beautiful flaring nostrils with the tip of her tongue and then took her by surprise by holding her face firmly in her hands and inserted her tongue inside her right nostril and bathed it with her saliva. Carrie giggled like little girl and grabbed her friend’s beautiful laughing face and engulfed Sara’s whole nose in her mouth and tongue fucked her one nostril after another few time before Sara could shake herself free. Both hugged each other firmly as they laughed their head off.

Sara whispered, “I have come to love you very much Miss Carrie Kensington. I think you are my sister I never had.”

Carrie felt warmth behind her eyelids as her tears to threaten to burst, she kissed the tip of Sara’s note, and said in an emotion filled voice, “I love you very much too You hope you will never regret having me as a sister.”

Sara simple kissed Carrie back as an affirmation of her love.

Carrie put her face on the soft cushion of Sara’s large soft breasts and both just enjoyed the moment as Sara caressed Carrie’s beautiful face with her hand.

After many love filled moment Sara asked, “Carrie, do you want to tell me about the mystery man in your life?”

Carrie kissed Sara breast and said, “It is rather long story.”

Sara lifted her head and kissed the top of Carrie’s head, “Anything important to you can take all the time in this world as far as I am concerned.”

Carrie rubbed her cheek softly over the full softness of Sara’s breast and her one hand rubbed Sara’s belly slowly as he recounted what was essentially her most private life without any artifice or embellishment. It was true laying bare what was locked inside her brain and ‘heart’ all her life.




I realised at three that my big handsome father was less than perfect. My beautiful mother was hardworking and loyal to anyone or anything she committed to. I loved my father and doted on him. My love towards my mother mixed with admiration with each passing year. My father would leave us for months to return with story of a job he left because his employers would not appreciate him. I figured out later in life that my exceptional mental gift came from both my father and mother but my mother lacked college degree because she worked to make my father’s career who, I worked out later in life, was a misfit genius who was destined to wither away or change.

I was nine years old when I came to learn that my father had left my mother who had vanished soon after my younger brother Danny was born. My mother first used whatever saving she had and then had to start working. All my super intelligence though eased my education but could not bring food to our table. I soon learnt all there was to look after my baby brother. I would go to school and rush back while my classmate went to extra classes to play sports, attend acting or music classes.

I even refused occasions to enter into major debating contests because that meant committing to extra time in school.

I fed, bathed, cleaned my little baby who was simple beautiful. He somehow knew that we were having tough time and was hardly any trouble. I loved my baby brother as much I loved my absent father as a child and my mother. I read to him Shakespeare, Chaucer, Hardy, when he was six months old. I discussed complex math with him as he sat staring at me doing my homework as he learnt to sit and stand. He heard me read and criticise Kant, Aristotle, Plato, before he turned three.

My mother worked for people who used her exceptional intelligence for peanuts as she worked two sometimes three jobs to put Danny and me to best schooling possible. I was fat as a child. I learnt I had little interest in other children, as I was different both physically and mentally. Before I could do any damage my mother sat me down and had a small chat finishing with, “Sweetie you are all I and Danny have and Danny would follow you to any path you choose. Do not forget your father. I had rather you fail than become him. Also do not want you become me- that I would not allow to happen at any cost.”

I did not ever need any guidance to decide life is an odd combination of what you are and what you offer to the world.

I started to learn cooking and soon we were eating better and more of food was cooked in our modest kitchen. My baby brother grew rapidly. He was taller and bigger, way bigger than children of his age. He would follow me everywhere and talk anything that interested him. I got used to using toilet with him close to me. By five he would know what personal things were but he would hand me my clothes as I dressed. He would get ready with me. We more often than not, showered together. He was growing fast and I could not think of any day in my life where it did not start with Danny and finished with me putting him to bed and watch him fall to sleep.

Danny soon learned to shampoo my hair as I read sitting on stool. He would insist on soaping me during shower and asked me to teach him all the things a girl had to do to wash her. Danny learnt about my menstrual cycle both from biological and physical perspective. Danny would insist on changing my tampon. In short we had become inseparable despite the yawning difference in our age. He would, most days would land up sleeping with me in my bed. Mother eventually changed my bed to a double although I hated her to spend money that we could not afford.

“You two are too big to sleep in single bed, ” she said. Mum was right Danny was a big boy and I was not tiny either. I welcomed sleeping with my little brother’s arms around me. I woke up with his beautiful face close to mine and smelling and hearing his breathing.

In next two or three years, Danny started to make cogent arguments when we had any discussion. His profound interest in maths and science offered him similar scholarships as I had gained. His school education accelerated albeit a bit slower than mine. I had been allowed to graduate from university by the time I was fifteen and admitted into masters with three majors. Mother was still working hard. She more than once asked me about my lack of interest in boys but one day she saw me and Danny talk and touch each other as if we of equal age and she smiled as I looked up. She never ever brought the topic of my sexual life again.

Danny and I continued to get ready and shower together. Danny had started to notice my large developing breasts and would spend more time over them. He would spend long time soaping and running his fingers through my fast becoming thick growth of pubic hair. I could not tell him the effect it had on me.

I noticed his growth. He was taller than my five feet three at that time. I would have another spurt in next two years to finish at five- seven but that was two years in future.

I would watch Danny sleep in nude as we often did. My heart would race and fill with warmth that nothing else could do.

Daniel was by on fast track to one of the youngest university student. I was going to make sure he could go to Ivy League university and not the local ones, as I had to, not that I regretted that once.

When I turned eighteen mum arranged an evening that we could just about manage as I has started to earn as well doing various jobs involving writing assignments, reports, proof reading that I picked up easily, thanks to the reputation that my family had by now in town.

We went to one of the top upmarket restaurant. Daniel was in a navy blue suit and was as tall if not taller as our mum and me. Our mother in cream silk dress that accentuated her glowing light brown skin with a light blue cashmere shawl looked ravishing. I had insisted on buying her these on her thirty-eighth birthday. I am glad I did. I was dressed in a light grey trouser suit. I had lost all my fat layers. I was still not stick thin [I never planned to be], but just slightly plump. I could see many respectable men looked that bit longer than casual glans as we passed their table at mum and me. My brother looked a man with childlike face. His broad shoulders even at tender years made him look older.

Mum gave me my gift and I nearly cried. She gave me a diamond necklace with matching bracelet and anklet.

I looked at her, I did not have to ask; she could read my mind.

“Sweetie, I have saved for fifteen years,” she said briefly a hint not discuss it anymore, and to lighten it up, ” Danny of course helped giving tuition and helping with books at store.” Daniel smiled like a mature man.

I could cry, but resisted.

We had most expensive dinner of our young lives. I had my first glass of champagne, no one in restaurant thought I was not twenty-one.

We reached home late. Mum had a vintage Barolo. She wanted to share her love of good wines with me. Danny changed and went to finish his homework.

I did not know but soon I would land up a job that would enable me to give my mother a small wine collection over next few months.

My mother talked about nothing particular but everything.

“Love does not come in any particular packet, Carrie.”

“Once someone loves you and you love someone, loyalty is as important and necessary.”

“Carrie, please do not confuse responsibility with love, some of us do.”

“Carrie without you I would not have my Danny as he is. I may have given him birth but you are his true mother.”

I just listened as wine made me mellow and soon tipsy.

We got up to go to bed, mum hugged me and wished me happy birthday once again holding me tight said in a whisper, ” Carrie sweetheart I have not loved any one or anything like I love you.” Then my mum kissed me on mouth deeply, ” Forgive me if I could have done anymore for you and I could not.”

I cried and shook my head. We both stood in embrace for a long time.

We came from loo to finish the bottle happier.

Mum hugged me again as we said goodnight.

I expected Danny to be fast asleep as I reached our room but he was wide-awake with his algebra book.

I took my ‘fancy’ clothes off and took my bra off. I climbed in my bed with just panties. Danny of course was nude, as he had become his habit by then.

I switched off the main light. The reading light kept the room lit in a diffuse manner.

“Danny, are you not sleepy?”

“No, are yo?,” Danny asked in a manner that I knew by then meant he wanted to talk.

“Not anymore Danny,” although wine was still coursing through my blood.

Danny turned towards me and kissed me on my mouth. His arms went around me. His lips pressed against mine firmly. I was in midst of storm. It was my first kiss of my life with a boy. He whispered his lips against mine, “Happy birth day sis. Please teach me how to love a girl. I want to do whatever a boy would do to a beautiful girl.”

Danny’s ability to articulate his thoughts in a mature manner was phenomenal even at his young age. My love, emotional evening with mu and wine all mixed together made me conclude it was the logical step- in hindsight my love for Danny was the paramount reason for me to whisper, “If you are sure Danny.”

Danny kissed me in response. I did not tell him that I had never had any experience but all I learnt from gossips, books and net.

I opened my mouth and Danny’s tongue darted inside my mouth. I tasted his sweet warm mouth and felt my pussy wet and dripping. Danny was inquisitive. He kissed my whole body all leaving not an inch that was kissed with sensual love. He sucked y large breasts and sucked my nipples until I felt they were burning either with rawness of my younger brother’s vigorous sucking or the lust that he stoked inside me.

Danny then dived between my trembling thighs and used whatever little I taught him and rest his imagination filled in. I was treated to cunnilingus that drove me crazy. Danny licked and sucked my clitoris, used his long finger to stimulate the vaginal walls and anus. I came again and again. After seven continuous orgasms my cunt was raw and clitoris was painful with continuous sucking. I had to beg Danny to stop.

I kissed my brother’s muscular tall frame with similar devotion. His penis fully erect entranced me. Even then his cock was above average [my research found average cock was five and a half inches long]. He was good six inches long and thick. I sucked his silky smooth steel hardness. I gagged many times but tried to take his full huge length inside my warm mouth. My brother’s moans and his hands on my head confirmed I was doing something right.

My brother took more than half hour of my oral ministration before he exploded in my mouth. I was taken aback, though my theoretical knowledge had prepared me to expect, when his cum shot inside my throat almost choking me. It was the sheer amount of his cum and never ending spurts filled my mouth. I happily gulped the sweet-salty cum. I surprised myself by exploding in a fresh orgasm even without touching myself. We both hugged and kissed and in no time our lust rejuvenated. We both turned into 69 position to pleasure each other. We used oral hand sex all night. During our lovemaking Danny and I wanted to go to pee. I without any earlier thought or experience wanted to taste his piss. To me, that appeared most natural thing to share with my loving brother. Danny let me hold his semi hard cock inside my mouth as he peed in my mouth. I managed to take most of it but his strong full stream leaked out bathing my breasts and belly.

As I moved towards the toilet seat Danny insisted he wanted to taste my pee. I was filled with heady love and lust as I saw my beautiful brother kneel in front of my bushy pussy. I spread my cunt lips and let my stream fall inside his open waiting mouth. I too was a novice and my brother could hold a part of my pee as I filled his mouth too fast for him to swallow. He too was bathed with my pee. We both dried ourselves with a towel and rushed back to our bed to make love until morning. My cunt, breasts and my brother’s cock were too sore and raw with continuous oral sex.

Mum allowed us to sleep until late afternoon.

I was surprised and did not realise it ten that our um never showed any inquisitiveness about our unusual departure from normal routine.

Danny and I shared oral love over ensuing weeks.

Danny improved and showed newer techniques that made me cum more explosively. Danny showed me how to please him with my mouth. Danny used his finger to fuck my ass while he sucked me and I reciprocated. Our sexual encounters became more and more sophisticated and natural at the same time. We would keep our sexual forays brief during the weekdays but Friday night would finish during early hours of Saturday morning.

During third month of our new relationship Danny chose one Friday night and he instead of opting for our by now standard 69 kissed and licked me to quick three orgasms and then lay on top of me with his rock hard cock rubbing against my pussy.

“Carrie, Can I fuck you,” Danny whispered.

I swooned. I had thought that my younger brother would never wished to go another level. I was a virgin.

“Danny, I have never done this before,”

Danny simple kissed me. He positioned his big thick silky smooth steel hardness against my convulsing sex juices filled virgin pussy. My arms flew around his strong muscular neck. His smooth hairless chest crushed and rubbed my large soft beasts. He crushed his open mouth over mine as he inched his big cock inside my willing body. I felt dizzy with the sensation overload. The enormity of my little brother taking my virginity appeared destined but still lifted my defloration to dizzying heights of lust.

I held my scream back inside my throat as my brother’s cock made his painful entry inside my virgin pussy spreading its soft walls around his huge thickness. Danny seemed to know about my hymen. I was trying not to show pain as his cock head stretched my hymen. Danny kissed me even more firmly and used his hips to push his raging steel hugeness through the thin membrane making me let out a muffled scream. Danny kept on pushing inch after thick inch until he was buried to its hairless root. I clung to him. My little brother was now man and I was his woman. I was now I situation to control our love sessions. Danny somehow had learnt to take control and God how he did take control.

Danny slowly pulled his big hard cock back, which was covered a thin film of redness proof of my deflowered virginity. He ploughed his cock back in and fucked me with slow strokes. I was moaning as the pain vanished but left me feeling bursting full. Danny used the slow agonising gentle fucking and I came repeatedly. Nearly half an hour later he pushed himself to the hilt and moaned loudly and I felt his big cock twitch and spurt. I came again as his each spurt made his cock spasm and buck deep inside my convulsing pussy making my fresh orgasm even more intense. Danny came in big thick hot spurts of virile semen filling my cunt. I held him tight both as my little brother and my big man.

I felt Danny’s cock had lost little steel. Soon Danny started to move again and this time his strokes were more firm and rapid. My insatiable brother with ever increasing assertiveness fucked me. Danny fucked me lying atop, he lifted my thighs o his forearms to fuck me with deeper thrusts. He made me cum again and again. He would explode inside my squelching cunt but regain steel within no time. He rolled me over to fuck me from behind as I supported myself on knees and forearms; I winced as his huge cock reached even deeper. He slammed his groins against my bottom with lunging thrusts. Danny’s powerful thrusts shook my whole body and my large soft breasts swung like two big cantaloupes back and forth. Danny grabbed my soft breasts in his hands and mauled them as he continued to fuck me.

In an hour’s time he tired me out and one of his strong lunges threw me flat on my face. His cum covered cock pulled out. He lay down by my side and allowed me to recover. I looked at my little brother whose untiring cock was still demanding his sister’s pussy. Danny took me in his arms and pulled me on top of him. I lifted y bottom and impaled my very sore pussy over his rampant erection. I fucked him at my own pace as he held my soft full ass cheeks in his hands squeezing them to pull me down to bury his cock even deeper. He played with my swinging breasts, pinched my nipples. Danny had become the man and no more I was the older sister teaching him about girl-boy stuff.

I came incalculable times and collapsed on his chest, “Danny, my cunt is very sore.”

Danny kissed me and rolled me over still buried to the hilt. He bent my knees right back towards my breasts almost doubling me and started to pull his cock right to its tip and slam it back with brutal ferocity. I moaned loudly. Danny fucked me to pleasure himself. I simple moaned both in pain as my sore cunt felt on fire and rising lust that pain generated as my little brother used his big cock to make my cunt churn orgasm even to my surprise.

Danny grunted loudly and slammed his cock right inside and fell flat on me dropping my thighs to fall wide apart and his cock spurted deep inside my convulsing cunt. I held him tight as he tried to settle his breathing. We both rolled on our side; my brother’s cock still buried inside me and we both fell asleep.

We woke up ate again on Saturday. I was first to wake up. Danny moaned and went back to sleep as I slowly pulled away from him. As his cock popped out of my pussy a stream of cum trickled out.

I put on a house gown and went down get my orange juice. My mum was finishing the book she was reading. She smiled and kissed me. She got up and said, ” If you guys get ready we can go out for late lunch. I will go and shower.”

I sat down with my orange juice and then noticed a pack of oral contraceptive pills.

It took me nanosecond to figure out my mother had thought of my need as I was more likely to get involved now that I ad turned eighteen. I also quickly concluded that my brother had used his intimate knowledge of my period so well. I was only three days after my last period and unlikely to be in most fertile period. I picked up the pill pack. Poured another large glass of orange juice to take back to my brother.

I kissed my Danny repeated until he moaned and partly opened his sleepy eyes.

Then I stumbled onto a brilliant idea. I put the glasses on the able and took his cum and cunt juices coated morning hard cock in my mouth and sucked him. His eyes quickly flew open making me laugh as he gave me his winsome smile lighting is beautiful face.

“Mum wants us to go out for late lunch. Lets get ready,” I prodded his tummy.

Danny got out of bed and quickly gulped his juice. We both used the toilet together as always. Danny took more intimate interest as I emptied my bowel and sat very close rubbing my thighs and breasts. I too found myself snuggling and caressing him as he attended to nature’s calls.

We both took shower together. Danny was fully erect and wanted to fuck standing up in shower room but I pleaded with him to keep it for later as mum would be waiting.

We went out for late lunch to a modest restaurant. Mum smiled indulgently as Danny and I were famished and ate hungrily. Mum made all the normal conversation. Mum was going to help her one of the three employers with his taxes so will be gone until late evening, ” Danny if your feel hungry later please request Carrie to fix you something up.”

I blushed for no apparent reason and nodded rather dumbly. Danny mumbled as he ate, something resembling that after this big lunch he was unlikely to be hungry.

Mum dropped us home and drove away to her extra work that kept us siblings in fancy schools.

Once inside Danny took me in his arms we were soon kissing each other as if we had met after many years. Danny lifted me up in his arms and ran towards our room. He threw me on the bed, as I could not stop giggling.

Danny unbuttoned my hip hugging jeans and pulled them off along with my panties. I had unbuttoned my shirt by then. He took that off and unhooked the bra. I lay naked and watched him undress.

I expected Danny to rush to bed and bury his big thick hard cock inside my sore pussy, remembering his raging lust in shower room.

Instead, Danny kissed my whole body with fluttering kisses and gently massaged my aching breasts and nipples. He licked my pussy without allowing me to cum. He rolled me over and I gladly went on my knees and rested my face on my forearms offering my kid brother my raised voluptuous ass. I concluded Danny wanted me to fuck deep from behind. I was amazed at his dexterity and confidence about everything that was mere imagination and theory for me.

Danny spread my soft ass cheeks and planted his warm mouth on my anus. I involuntarily clenched my ass cheeks as he started to lick my sensitive anal ring.

Danny massaged and licked my anus. I felt my anal ring relax and soon Danny managed to insert the tip of his rolled tongue inside. Within ten to fifteen minutes of Danny’s sweet mouth and I was pouring cunt juices that ran along my thighs.

“Danny, please fuck me,” I moaned.

“I thought sis your cunt was sore,” Danny mumbled without breaking the rimming of my anus.

I moaned as his finger plunged gently inside my cunt sex juices awash with my sex juices and his tongue tormented my anus.

“Carrie, may I fuck your ass, please,” Danny ‘s sweet voice made its way through the haze of lust-fuddled brain but only just. All that my mind registered was that my adorable brother wanted to bury his big cock inside me and that is what I was screaming for silently.

“It will hurt me Danny.” I was trembling at the thought.

“I think it will Carrie. If we do it slowly and stop if it becomes very painful.”

I still remember Danny said ‘very painful’ not just ‘painful’.

I could never say no to my brother and I was not going to start doing it in midst of raging sexual fire that Danny had stoked inside my body and he had the equipment to douse it.

Danny stoop up on his knees and arranged my ass to the height he liked.

I felt his steel hard large thick cock slide inside my cunt and I swooned even though the walls of my cunt were sore. I felt full with my brother’s cock- Ah, heaven.

I wanted to stop him but I knew he wanted my ass that evening.

Danny gently scooped more of my sex juices from my cunt and rubbed on my saliva slick anus.

I felt my brother large cock head like a closed fist press against my tiny anus.

“Carrie, please relax and push back. Relax as you would do push out a big turd of shit,” Danny suggested like an expert on ass fucking. I simply complied.

I felt a constant pressure against my anus as my brother pushed forward and I pushed back and suddenly I felt as if my anal ring had been torn asunder. The sharp needles of fiery pain filled y senses.

I bit on my forearm to muffle my scream, “NO..OOO DANNEEEEEE. AAHHH.”

Unbeknown to me my eyes filled with tears.

“Sorry Carrie, it will stop hurting once I am inside,” Danny rubbed my back and ass to assuage my torment.

I cried silently and bit on my forearm skin and landed up giving myself a bruise that would take three weeks to fade as my brother pushed an agonising punishing inch of his thick cock after another inch slowly and as gently as he could until he had embedded his whole steel hard thick long cock to the hilt inside my, as I thought at that time, bleeding torn rectum.

Danny stood still and stroked my back, sides, and bottom, gently rubbed my clitoris and kept on making soothing sounds.

I do not know how long I sobbed silently.

Danny felt after a long time that it was appropriate to move his cock. I felt him slowly withdraw and my tense body realised that pain did not become any worse.

Danny slowly buried his cock again to the hilt not making me cry any more. I suddenly realise that I was not sobbing and the pain had become ‘dull throb’.

“Carrie, are you OK? Shall I stop?” Danny even in his lust filled desire to fuck my ass thought of my welfare. I loved him even more if that was possible.

I could not trust my choking voice so merely nodded my head that I was OK, and shook my head indicating him not to stop.

Danny used a slow patient stroking pace to allow me to adjust to his thick cock stretching my anus painfully.

His fingers played with my pussy and clitoris as his cock slid in and out of my now not so painful ass.

Danny felt that I was no more in agony and started to move more smoothly and steadily. I could smell peculiar waft that could only emanate from my rectum as my brother invaded it with his thick cock.

I did not feel the sexual lust that my brother’s cock raised inside me when he fucked my cunt but at some perverse level he fact that he wanted to take me in my ass ignited a similar kind of fire in my loins.

Danny massaged my breasts, belly with one hand and his other hand rubbed my clitoris. Danny stroked his cock in and out at the same patient pace for another half hour when I felt an orgasm build up inside deep in my pelvis.

“Danny, I think I am going to cum,” I whispered.

Danny kept on doing what he was doing and I actually exploded into an orgasm that took my breath away. As I convulsed and spasmed Danny buried his cock to the hilt and exploded deep inside my rectum. We both gasped and panted for next few minutes.

“Danny you are still hard!,” I exclaimed after five minutes, although by now I should have expected that rather than be surprised.

“I want to fuck your ass some more Carrie,” Danny said simply — my insatiable brother.

“Danny, now it feels fine. You can fuck my ass. It does not hurt as it did when you entered first time.” I was still panting from my first orgasm borne out of ass fucking.

Danny placed his both hands on the side of my hips and started to fuck my ass with increasing ace. He would pull my ass back on to his hard cock as his hips buried it to the hilt.

I was moaning loudly. My orgasms were coming thick and fast. My brother had introduced me to anal sex in a short time and I knew we would freely indulge in anal sex in future.

Danny’s cock was moving smoothly thanks to the coating of his cum and my pulverised into paste feces. My brother and I could now revel in the heady aroma of unmistakable rectal contents that filled the air around us.

Danny fucked tirelessly and made me cum repeatedly before he slammed his cock violently and exploded knocking me flat on my belly.

We both took a long time to recover.

Danny was still buried and soon regained whatever steel his young insatiable untiring cock had lost. He fucked my ass lying on my back to two more orgasms and then rolled onto our right side and fucked my ass more. Now he could play with my breasts and clitoris. I was now stumbling from one orgasm to another and my breathing was ragged and moans to fuck me more were incessant.

After Danny deposited another hefty load of virile semen inside my bursting rectum. We both soaked in the afterglow for ten minutes or so when I felt his steely hardness pulsating inside my ass.

“Danny, you still want more of my ass?” I was slightly out of breath and my voice showed it.

“Carrie, I can not help. I can barely keep it down. When I am not with you the mere thought makes me want to run to you.”

I could cry as my brother vocalised what would essentially mirror my thoughts.

Danny pulled his soiled cock out making me wince as his cock head snapped against my raw, sore anal ring.

I was rolled on my back. I could see my brother’s cock coated with smooth thick brown paste with streaks of white cum adding to the colour.

I laughed as we both looked at his cock. I sat up and pulled him close to my face by holding his hips. I without any hesitation took his large cock in my mouth and licked and sucked him clean. I tasted his sweet cum and my rectal effluent and found it sexually stimulating. Danny pushed me back and kissed my mouth tasting what I had just savoured.

“Carrie, I am going to fuck your ass again and my cock will be soiled again,” Danny was naughty when he wanted to be.

“I will suck it clean again, Danny,” I chose to play docile sister.

Danny kissed me again. He pushed my thighs back up and back towards my shoulder doubling me up. My ass was lifted off the bed and wide open.

Danny placed his steel hard cock against the still lax anal opening and without any help pushed it inside. I merely gasped as my ravaged anal ring surrendered to his thick girth without eliciting any histrionics from me as I did the first time.

Danny draped my legs over his shoulders freeing his hands. Danny began to fuck my ass with ferocity he had only demonstrated while fucking my cunt. He mauled my beasts, pinched my nipples and slammed his cock in my abused ass with brutal force using full length of his thick long cock.

Danny made me cum and scream with each orgasm like never before. He hurt my breasts but I wanted him to hurt me even more. I panted, gasped and sobbed as my each fresh orgasm tore and ripped my whole body painfully and left me wishing for more.

I could not fathom when pain became a pleasure and pleasure became so intense that it was painful. I hung on to my brother’s forearms with my petite hands as he mauled my breasts and hammered his thick cock in and out of my very sore ass with lightening speed.

I could not keep track with the rapid orgasms rushing through my body. I simply whimpered, sometimes screamed but moaned non-stop as my brother ravaged my ass and made me cum again and again and yet again. Danny slammed his unbelievably hard cock to the hilt and filled my rectum with his thick, virile creamy cum in huge spurts.

I do not remember how long this fucking session lasted but I eventually screamed with the agony of yet another orgasm and flopped on the bed limp and I think I passed out.

I woke up in the arms of my smiling young brother, who was looking at my face when I opened my eyes.

Danny kissed me with affection. This was a brotherly kiss. I kissed him back; my kiss was sisterly and of a satisfied girl.

I lazily rubbed my hands over my brother’s semi hard cock and brought his cum and my shit soiled hand up. Danny and I smiled. Danny held my hand and licked it clean with his tongue making me love him- oh!- ever so much.

“Carrie, your bottom tastes sweet,” Danny whispered with a winkle in his eyes.

I laughed and mockingly touched his face with my clenched fist.

I yawned and my eyes looked at the clock. It was close to nine. We have been fucking since five in the afternoon.

“Danny, mum would be back by ten or so. Lets get ready and prepare some light dinner,” my suggestion met with enthusiasm of action I found more difficult to express. My body felt bruised and sore. In addition to my raw sore cunt my ass felt on fire and throbbed with dull ache.

Danny insisted on licking my bottom clean as we showered and I reciprocated by cleaning his cock again.

As I was drying him I could not contain my love for my brother and I hugged Danny from behind, “Danny, How have you manage to reduce your sister into whimpering orgasming idiot?”

Danny tensed and than relaxed, “Carrie, I am sure you would have figured it out eventually. It was your eighteenth birthday gift, albeit not on the day as I planned it to be. I requested mum to teach me everything.”

I gasped, “MUM KNOWS?”

Danny quickly turned around and held me tight, “Mum asked for my word that I would never ever tell you. She although aware you would suspect or work it out. She also knows that if you were to ask I would tell you. But, Carrie, please do not make it obvious to mum that you know about her and I.”

I started to cry in silent sobs and buried my tear-wet face in the hairless smooth chest of my young brother.

Danny just stood and held me tight. He knew I needed to cry. The love of my mother knew no bounds. She would keep on giving to both of us.

I sniffled as my tears ran amuck. Danny lifted my face up with his finger under my chin and kissed my wet face. He kissed my nose as I wrinkled it to sniffle back tears spilling in to my nose.

“Danny, is mum going to show something more or she has finished,” I sobbed my question.

“Carrie, she has not suggested anything but I have not been with her for some days,” Danny told me without any artifice.

“Danny, please do me a favour. Keep mum happy as well. Do not stop this thing with mum. Please promise me.”

Danny promised and kissed me again.

I dried my face and we both went down to make our family’s favourite sandwich.

Country crusty bread with slices of roast beef, salad, mustard and mayonnaise.

I opened a bottle of white wine.

Mum came at about ten thirty. She was visibly pleased to see both of us awake waiting with late night snacks.

Mum went up to freshen up and change. My mum looked ravishing when she came down in a long teeshirt. Her large breasts were free and swaying. Her creamy thighs were chunky and full ankles simply captivating.

I stealthily felt my brother’s cock as he stared at my mum. I was not surprised to feel it was rock hard even after four hours of fucking his sister’s virgin ass.


Danny and I made sure he would find alone time with mum. Next month I got the job that changed our lives.

My maths professor arranged an interview with a company that only hunted the top five or six universities- an old favour he chose to cash for me.

This paunchy oldish man interviewed me on Friday morning. He honestly told me that he was very impressed and made an offer I found over generous and accepted nodding rather dumbly. He looked at me with a probing stare and asked, “Carrie you are not going to negotiate?”

“Mr. Finch, if one gets more than one wishes negotiation can spoil the deal.”

He stared at me as if looking straight into my mind and tore the paper of offer and wrote something on a fresh sheet and pushed it towards me. He had trebled the offer and added a company house, comprehensive family health cover with any hospital including free access to a swanky teaching private hospital and car.

He brusquely added, “You negotiate well. This is final offer.”

He left the office accompanied with my smiling Prof leaving me dumbfounded in the office still staring at the paper.

That was the celebratory evening in our house. Mum knew where the house was. It was in the upmarket suburb. The house had seven bedrooms, six reception rooms including two studies and one family or A-V room, swimming pool, the works. Car was a BMW 7 series.

We went out for a dinner- same place where mum took us on my eighteenth birthday.

When mum was in bathroom I whispered to Danny, “Tonight I have headache, Danny.”

Danny first looked sad and then beamed once he grasped what I meant.

We made plans. Mum agreed to leave two jobs and keep one that would mean half a day of work.

Once home as my mother tidied up the living room and kitchen, I loudly told Danny from top of the stairs, “Danny sweetheart, I am afraid I have a terrible headache. Would you mind if you sleep in your own room tonight.”

“Sure Carrie, I shall bring you paracetamol in a second,” Danny was poker faced. I was so proud of him. Mum looked up with concern, I hastily added, “No worries mum. I think the shock of the day and possibly the uncertainty of the offer….”

Mum smiled her Mona Lisa smile that meant anything she wished to convey.

Danny actually brought two paracetamol smiling like a cat. We both kissed and hugged like long lost lovers, “Do me proud Danny. Mum needs every bit of love we can offer,” Danny nodded, “It will give my sore cunt and ass to recover.”

Danny blushed at my reminder of his brutal savage abuse of my pussy and ass.

It was mum and Danny who arrived all sleepy and tired late Saturday afternoon.

We moved into new house and company paid so called golden handshake of an amount we would not have earned I five years.

I had never seen mum as happy as she was then. We quickly established into our new routines. I had very busy days and brought work home. Danny cleverly made sure he found mum somewhere to steal a quick one as they both called their torrid sexual trysts. In addition to nights that I ‘worked’ enable him to totally tire out mum.

Mum and I never ever acknowledged or even hinted that she knew about me and Danny or I knew about mum and Danny.

We had another bash on my mum’s fortieth birthday and I added mine nineteenth to it [a difference of one week].

Mum and I consumed too much champagne.

I excused myself to bed rather early. When I woke up thirsty later that night I passed and found mum’s bedroom door partly open. The loud moans of ‘AHH..Danny. Please fuck my ass’ followed with a muffled scream were like music to my ears. Our mum was loud moaner and screamer like me or rather I was like her. I mentally blew my mum and my brother a kiss and went to kitchen for drink of water.

Danny moved through accelerated schooling. We were busier now and our sexual trysts became briefer and less infrequent but mum kept Danny’s insatiable hunger catered to and under control.

Danny and I felt mum looking a bit pale and tired. No amount of pushing would convince her to go to a doctor. She was still our mum and knew how to take control.

One night Danny and I were in bed in tight embrace enjoying the afterglow of a long Danny special fucking [Danny after making me cum many times would put me in doggie position and alternate between my cunt and ass fuck me hard and fast for a long, long time].

Mum rang me on our intercom that she was in pain. We rushed her to the swanky private teaching hospital.

Mum did not look unwell but my heart was sinking fast.

I rang my boss on his mobile and he expressly ordered me to forget about work until my mum was sorted.

Things were done quickly and bad news too came quickly. Mum had liver metastases from a tiny cancer somewhere. Serology, blood tests suspected it was either from breast or pancreas.

Mum and I cried but Danny stood stony faced.

Mum soon regained her calm self and asked us, “I would not want any futile chemotherapy. I would rather spend time with my children with whatever strength I have rather than waste it in meaningless pursuit.”

It was infact breast. The liver had multiple metastases in all lobes and she could possibly have another four to six months. As mum wanted we brought her home. Her pain was easily controlled with analgesics. Hospital provided us a trained palliative cancer specialist nurse.

I immersed myself in work. Danny worked faster and harder to create as much time for mum as he could. Mum excused her self from work. His employer sent flowers and very grateful sounding card.

Danny slept with mum every night. For next four months Danny spent every minute with mum. Mum amazingly kept well that long and no one would have guessed that she was dying. I would stand in front of her bedroom door and listen to her loud moans as her insatiable son licked her, fucked her in her cunt and ass, ass rimmed her to multiple orgasms. I would cry silently as these sounds would vanish soon.

Mum deteriorated from being fully active to in deep agony in fifth month. We were ready and she was put on painkiller pumps. I took time off. Danny and I sat patiently talking. Danny and I read our favourite books to our mum. Mum true to herself never prolonged her and our agony. She smiled and kissed Danny’s palm and mine and closed her eyes forever.

Danny was dry eyed his face calm and lacked any expression. I curtailed my tears for later.

We had simple burial. Mr. finch surprised me by attending mum’s funeral unannounced.

Once home I was angry at anything and everything. I was angry that Danny refused to cry. I was irrationally angry that Danny had ignored me for the last five months.

Moreover, I was angry that whosoever makes plans for earthlings [I in my rational moment believes no one does] had to script such a sordid chapter to end my honest, hardworking mother when things for her were what she deserved.

I gulped three scotches and went to my bedroom and started to wail like a wounded animal. Danny came rushing and held me in his arms. I fought him like an animal. I hit him on his face, chest, I scratched him but he simply kept on holding me tight. After hurting him in many ways I soon tired of physical attack on his body. I sobbed and cried loudly. My tears were running on my face. Danny held my face as my whole body shook with wailing sobs and my tears spilled into my nose and my nose was running. I was oblivious to it all and cried and cried. Danny looked into my unfocused eyes for a long time.

His stony face hardened. He nearly tore my clothes off me as some hooks and buttons frustrated him. He ripped my bra of as I cried even louder but stood without any resistance and shaking with sobs. Danny pushed me towards the bed and there he forced me on my back on the bed still heaving and crying.

Danny simply pushed the skirt in a heap around my waist and pulled my panties off.

I was unable to respond and was heaving and sobbing even louder than before.

Danny shucked his clothes within seconds. He lifted my legs in his arms and pulled my ass close to the edge of the bed. He roughly moved the parts of my black skirt from his way. He put his rampant steel hard big cock at my dry cunt opening and slammed it with all his strength. I wailed loudly. If the tearing pain had augmented my crying, it was lost on my brother, who kept on forcing his big cock inside my dry cunt that was set on fire with his brutal thrusts. I sobbed and opened my arms for him. Danny fell on my body crushing my breasts as my arms flew around his neck and my legs around his waist, my ankles crossed over his hips. He slammed his cock

In and out of my cunt causing me pain that was ten times worse than when he tore my hymen or took my anal virginity.

Danny insinuated his hands between our now sweaty bodies and grabbed my breasts and squeezed them brutally with express desire to hurt me. Danny fucked me hard his each thrust to increase the agony I was going through.

He kissed me briefly and then bit my lower lip drawing blood. I shrieked but he kept his teeth on my lip.

His cock was a tool of punishment and I was sobbing still.

He fucked me, I cannot remember for how long. I had stopped wailing. My sobs were more subdued. My face was awash with my tears, mucus from my running nose. Danny’s face was smeared with all that as well.

I held Danny tight as his cock pounded my cunt mercilessly. Each thrust hurt me deep inside. My cunt was burning. I was barely aware of my sobbing but held on to my brother so that he could hurt me more and then some more. I scratched his back with my nails and he reciprocated by slamming his cock even harder inside my painful cunt. Danny exploded deep inside after what appeared to me hours of painful fucking of my cunt. It was the first and last time I did not cum when Danny fucked me. Danny looked at my face. My mouth was open and saliva was drooling as I cried incessantly. My nose was running and tears flowing.

Danny unlocked my legs and freed himself from my tight embrace.

He stood on the floor and spread my legs wide apart. He pushed them back laying my ass wide open. I stared at him and cried as if he was a complete stranger.

If Danny hurt me earlier then what he did next would make that pain inconsequential.

Danny wiped his cock clean with my skirt and placed his big cock head against my dry tiny anus. He pushed his glans with brute force that must have hurt him as well.

I screamed in agony that was over and above the mental agony that was making me sob and cry. Danny gritted his teeth and slammed his cock few inches in one go inside my ass. The pain he caused was excruciating. He pinched my nipples between thumb and forefinger and pinched with all the strength e could muster and pulled them away from my chest at the same time. I screamed again and he added to my torture by slamming his remaining cock to the hilt inside my ass.

I was crying unabashedly and my nails dug into the skin of his forearms.

Danny never relented his brutal pinch and pull on my nipples and he started to hammer his cock in and out of my extremely painful ass with brutal force. I cried as Danny fucked my ass with little expression. I was now sobbing in genuine physical pain. I looked at my kid brother’s mature expressionless face and heart wept. I was his mother and elder sister now. Danny saw the life come back into my eyes. He stared back with same stony expression and kept on slamming his cock with brutality that was not like him. I clung onto his forearms as my breasts and nipples sent unbearable pain through y body and his cock tore my ass with each thrust from his thick cock.

Danny kept the brutal torture fro another half an hour before he crashed over my body as his cock exploded deep inside my rectum. I threw my arms around his heaving chest. His mouth found mine and he whispered, “I love you sis. I will miss mum for rest of my life.”

Danny lost his composure and started to cry like a lost boy. I held him tight as I cried all over again. This time we both mourned together and not in a selfish manner as we did so far.

We both cried and kissed our tears mingled. My running nose further smeared his beautiful face. He kissed my soled face all over. I kissed him back. We lay in each other’s arms for an eternity before we both slowly stopped crying.

Danny buried his face in my neck as I stroked the back of his head.

After a long..long while Danny lifted his beautiful face covered with my snot and kissed me, “Sorry to hurt you Carrie.”

“I needed that Danny, thank YOU. I think you might have torn my ass and it may be few days until it heals and you could take me there again.” I could still be facetious and that was a good sign.

Danny smiled apologetically.

Danny slowly pulled out of my ass and my half serious joke was true. His cock was covered with blood. His thick cock had lacerated my anal ring and mucosa.

Danny appeared crestfallen but I took his face in my hands and said forcefully, “Danny, t does not matter. It will heal. You will have to offer me your cock as soother when I take a dump and of course ass fucking is out for few days unless you rape my ass again.”

Danny kissed my palms and lifted me in his arms and took me to shower room.

Danny licked my face clean. He licked all my tears and mucus as if it was precious offering from his silly sister. He sucked my nose and his tongue probed my both nostrils and licked the clean.

He licked my bleeding anus. He gently opened it and found a big tear.

I licked his cock clean of my blood. We showered together.

Danny put on loose shorts. I pulled on a panty just in case my ass bled again and Danny’s tee shirt.

We went and sat in kitchen. I walked with broad based gait as it hurt terribly to walk normally. We made some soup and salad with crusty bread with olive oil. We talked and talked about our mum. Danny gave me minute details of many torrid sex sessions they shared. Mum was a screamer and moaner like me. Danny smiled as he told me he liked to drink mum’s pee, and mum insisted on lapping up his and found it the sweetest drink. Danny would watch as she sat on toilet to evacuate her bowel and then lick her ass clean. Mum would lovingly do the same after he had finished.

Danny pulled me in his lap as I felt safe in his arms and put my head on his shoulder as he recounted his shared time with mum.

Danny insisted on my moving into mum’s bedroom- the master bedroom of the house. Our bedrooms were huge but I think Danny was being symbolic.

My ass healed quickly but Danny would get teased many times about that day as he fucked my ass in future.

Danny was registered for graduation on next two years and he finished his master’s over next two years.

Mr. finch took special interest in my progress and Danny’s. Danny was in Yale with is second masters in Law and PhD in abstract maths by the time he turned eighteen.

I was made full executive before I turned twenty three and by the time I was twenty seven heading my unit with share options and a safe career whatever happened from here on. I had managed to write two books. I was instrumental in revising corporate training manuals.

Danny and I now could only meet as we travelled or when I would fly to him over weekends. Danny had grown to six feet seven inches of solid swimmer type bud. His cock had grown likewise and I would have never dreamt of taking that monstrous inhuman sized cock in my pussy or ass if I had not grown with it and my body got used to the size. I think when I last measured my brother his giant cock was well over ten inches long and thicker than a wine bottle. Really, if I was not used to him while growing I could not imagine accommodating him as easily as I can, Sara.

My desire for him would overcome all other concerns and obligations.

Danny was the only man I have made love with. I teased Danny mercilessly that he had ‘wider sexual’ experience than me of two women. Danny would laugh and shut me up by impaling my cunt with his now a monster cock and I making me moan with lust.

I would make sure I took all the travels that would bring me close to Danny.

This conference though five days long does not need me in person all days. Danny has taken days off to come tomorrow for two days.

He is my mystery man. I cannot imagine life without him but want him to find someone he loves to make his life. I am torn and hypocritical.

Sara some days I could cry with strong desire to hold him forever and equally strong responsibility to free him to seek his own life without me.


Sara held her friend tight in her arms as Carrie’s eyes filled up. Sara felt tears streaming over own face. Sara held Carrie tight and rolled over. Carrie was lying on her back and Sara was on her. Sara kissed Carrie’s face all over to lick all tears away and then smilingly engulfed Carrie’s beautiful nose in her mouth. Carrie giggled as she felt Sara’s tongue snake inside her right nostril making her giggle even more. Carrie laughed in a funny nasal tone as Sara’s tongue found her left nostril.

Sara freed her friend’s face after the bedroom was filled with her laughter once again.

Carrie held Sara’s face, ” Sara, I know Jake was one of his kind but you must try to find a father for Laurie, Andy and little Lisa.”

Sara became thoughtful. After Carrie’s honest open-minded confession she could not say anything that was not completely true.

“Carrie, do you want to hear the long version or longer version,” Sara kissed Carrie on the tip of her nose.

“Carrie threw her arms even tighter around her friend’s voluptuous body and whispered, “The longest version.”

Sara smiled and kissed Carrie with intensity that sometime mothers show towards their children in rush of affection. As Sara recounted her most personal life events the whole life rushed past like a movie with alarming clarity.





I could vividly remember my childhood. My father was a tall rugged Texan and my mother was quintessential beautiful Texan woman, daughter a local wealthy family. My parents married young and were hard working talented couple. My father lacked formal university degree but self taught him as he progressed from blue-collar job upwards in oil industry. I was five and my mother was well known and respected as an exceptionally beautiful refined woman. My mother’s parents were upper middleclass who lived on the upmarket side of suburbia. My genes from my parents showed early and the fact that my mother treated me an intelligent being from when I was few months old showed. I was rushed through basic school as headmaster found me way ahead of my class. By five I had won all local competitions for math, science, languages. I could speak three languages [French, German and Italian] fluently and could manage easily in Spanish.

I was invited to regional level and mother chose to put her college degree on hold to look after me. In school for especially talented students I met Jacob King. He was very tall and big for his years. He was nearly seven months younger than me but more calm and confident than me.

My parents took to him the moment he introduced himself. His father was a widower and had never married and looked after him. He was one of the super rich family that lived on the exclusive side of the town where my grandparents lived but not in the league of Jake’s father’s wealth.

Jake and I stuck together and we would land up staying either in my house or at Jake’s house very often without his father or my parents making any fuss.

We were both identified as an unusual occurrence in regional schooling system to have two gifted students together.

I had just turned six and Jake would wait another seven months for that landmark.

We had a big party at my grandparents. Jake’s father Don came from his busy schedules- both business and army. There was lots of laughter as Jake’s father who was considered serious opened up to reveal one of the most disarming lovely personalities. Jake’s father was very hugely built. His body was more suited to a giant than an ordinary human being.

He had already won me over as I had become very comfortable with his huge laugh, booming voice and he would treat me as his daughter and buy gifts whenever he went shopping for Jake during his trips.

Three weeks later a drunken laury driver mowed my parent’s car to pulp close to the rig. My mother had stooped from her charity meeting to pick him up for dinner at my grandparents’. Both dies on spot and the drunken employee got away with ten years of imprisonment. Justice, eh?

I was inconsolable. My grandparents were grief stricken on loss of their only daughter and son in law they treated as the son they wanted but never had.

Jake’s father cancelled his meetings and rushed to town and took control.

He consoled my grandparents and held me in his huge arms. I could still smell his cologne, sweet smell of the Cuban cigar as I tried to burrow in his huge chest for security.

My grandparents took me with them and my parents’ house was not disposed but was locked as it was. Jake’s father and my grandparents’ agreed to maintain as it was left by r parents fro me to grow and decide whatever I wanted to do with it.

Time flew and my friendship with Jake became as close as if we were siblings.

We both were rushing past all landmarks of schooling. Education was easy for both of us. We took to reading on our own and soon Jake’s interest in theoretical physics rubbed on me. My interest in abstract maths grabbed Jacob. We both unbeknown to each one of us taught each other.

I had never seen Jake pick an argument with anyone unlike me who, once in a while would spend a lot time trying to win over other person disagreeing with me.

Jake smiled and at the age of nine years of age hugged me into his huge for his age frame and said, “Sara give them reason but do not expect them to follow you.”

Penny dropped and my attitude changed towards dealing with dissent.

Jake taught me all boy sports including wrestling that his father was very good at and fond of.

I was tall at five feet three at ten but Jake stood five feet seven. He was promising to e as big as his father.

One of those wonderful years something snapped inside my head and I started to notice my precocious physical growth. I was never a thin child infact on the contrary.

My breasts developed overnight. I felt that my vagina could do more than just pee. I started researching sex with same diligence as I did other things but Jake was excluded from that. I even deigned to talk to other girls and found out outrageous, silly and pure fictional information.

Jake was becoming even more cal and confident with each passing year.

He was still same when it came to our relationship. He behaved like my brother.

My grandmother sensed my dilemma and started to ensure I had some time everyday away alone with her talking about nothing and everything.

I eventually made up my mind. I told Jake I wanted to have sex. Jake with no surprise asked me who did want to have sex with.

Some other girl would have hit him but I knew my Jake. I told him that it would be him but we both need to learn how to do it well. Jake agreed.

Then came the difficult decision. I confided in Jake who again agreed that my suggestion was the perfect solution. I had two winners in short span of time with Jake. That day was my pinnacle with him.

We were by now free to sleep in my grandparents’ or Jake’s house as our day suited us. Jake’s minder would keep Jake’s father informed wherever he was. My grandparents loved to have Jake stay over. I had good appetite but Jake could eat. He could finish one big dinner and start on second one as if he had not eaten for days. My grandma could not cook enough for us. She had a fulltime cook but nothing was good enough for her ‘two grandchildren’ as she used to put it.

After dinner on Wednesday Jake and grandpa strolled off towards the huge land on our estate.

Grandma looked at me and asked, “Yes Sara?” Mind reader, that was my grandma.

“Grandma. Jake and I want to have sex. We both would be very grateful if you and grandpa would show us how?” I too could surprise grandma.

Grandma blinked twice, that’s all. “If you two are absolutely sure then I can discuss with Tom. But obviously there would be some rules and all would have to agree.”

No histrionics from grandma, for her it was as simple as that. I had inherited great genes.

We both talked few girly things and waited for ‘men folk’ to come back. I objectively looked at my grandma who had become my woman ideal since my other’s demise.

Grandma Alice was barely forty-three years old, two years younger than my grandpa. She was five feet six and exact replica of my mum only twenty years older.

Grandma had extremely beautiful face unadorned by any makeup. Her alabaster white skin showed any change in her mood and grandma could blush most easily.

Her full large breasts filled her loose shirt and her wide fertile hips flared below her soft round waist. Her ankle length cut of khakis accentuated her full thighs and round ankles. Her exquisitely beautiful nose crinkled with her changing expression and seemed to take part in her smiles and laughter. Grandma was very beautiful voluptuous woman and my bias had nothing to do with it.

As if grandma read my mind and she patted my hand gently and continued her story of her first crush on her schoolteacher when she was six years old.

Grandpa and Jake walked in. Grandpa towered over my Jake at six feet three. Jake’s five-seven woud finish an inch taller than grandpa bu that was in future. Grandpa was big and bulky. His kind handsome face was covered with his three days old stubble. His half sleeve shirt was unbuttoned and showed his hairy chest and equally hairy bulging belly. Hs hands were huge and fingers thick — grandma called his hands with great affection- ‘my farmer’s hands’.

Grandpa’s loose shorts accentuated his huge hairy thighs and massive calves.

Grandma offered grandpa a glass of scotch and Jake his tall glass of banana milkshake that grandma made herself.

” Tom, Sara and Jake would like us to teach them, if that is the most appropriate description, all we can about having sex.” Grandma did everything with great simplicity and clarity.

If grandma impressed me by accepting my thunderbolt with just two rapid blinks my grandpa did even better. He did not bat an eyelid, a small pause, ” I am assuming that the suggestion is from both of you.” Jake and I nodded rapidly.

“We will have to ensure that we all agree to some basic rules and time frame,” Grandpa almost repeated grandma, “May we ask, and I hope I am not being offensive Allie,” grandpa looked at grandma, “why chose us two rather ‘old folks’.”

“I was going to ask that Tom.” Grandma added.

I was quiet and trusted my Jake to offer the right answer. He would not patronise, would be gentlemanly and correct.

“Grandma, you love me with all my faults and would always love me even if I make mistakes. You will look after my emotions more than any woman I know or could find. I love you as my guardian and find you incredibly beautiful. We are as old as we are grandma. I have no way of knowing how you look at yourself when you see yourself in mirror. For me you are the most beautiful woman right now. Something I would like to say about Sara in near future.” My heart swelled, my Jake had been perfect as my grandma’s eyes moistened and she quickly hugged Jake and kissed him declaring he was the best grandson any grandma could hope for.

I was typical me. I jumped into my grandpa’s lap who engulfed me in his arms. I kissed his rough stubble covered face and said, “My grandpa can be the only man, as my father is not here, to show me with love that no other man could do.”

The deal was sealed. The school was going to break for five weeks from coming weekend. Jake rang his father and cancelled the travelling holidays he had arranged for both of us with chaperone through Europe. ‘We were going to stay and catch up with some important study material’.

The eventual plan was [our grandparents kept our enthusiasm under check] that we both would get four weeks unless we wanted to stop earlier. The last week would be for both us to try between ourselves alone. Neither of us would ever discuss anything each one does with grandparent with anyone including each other ['gentlemen and ladies do not disclose their private relationship'].

Grandma after looking at grandpa added, “There is certain fun in stealing quick moments during busy days and we would leave to your imagination to find those with safety and ensuring privacy.”

The weekend could not come fast enough. Friday evening Jake and I both showered with great deliberateness. Jake came down dressed in navy blue suit with maroon tie and dark brown oxford leather shoes. He looked handsome. I was dressed in a light small flower pattern light yellow cotton dress with white background. I did not put on any bra and my breasts, which were like inverted large chocolate cup, became obvious as soft cotton dress draped over them. My feet were encased in Roman brown leather sandals.

Grandpa was in his grey trousers with white shirt with red tie with logo of his golf club and blue blazer. He also chose dark brown brogues. He looked more tall and bigger than usual.

Grandma came down the stairs and we all held our breath. She looked regal and beautiful in light blue silk flowing dress with cream coloured shawl. Her large breasts filled the dress as did her hips. The simmering flow of silk accentuated like a mirage the soft bulge of her belly and rounded waist for a millisecond and then the wave of movement would finish around her hips. Her smooth skinned ankles and feet were gracing flat-heeled white sandals.

Jake moved towards her and complemented her in obvious awe of her beauty.

Grandma kissed him to thank her and took his arm.

Grandpa smiled and escorted me. Our chauffeur drove us to the best gourmet restaurant [very popular with our family] in city.

We were treated as Royalty. Between Jake’s father and my grandpa the family clout was enough to cover all bases in our city.

Dinner and conversation was excellent as always. Grandpa and grandma always had something to add to our repertoire.

Grandpa regales us with some sophisticated and some borderline ribald stories. I always laughed at my grandpa’s jokes.

Once we were back home and we [Jake and I] stood for a millisecond without any direction. Jake in his excitement forgot gentlemen were supposed to make the move.

Grandpa kissed me on my cheek and suggested, “May I have the pleasure of your extended company Maa’m?” I bowed and took his arm and we both glided up the stairs. Grandpa guided me towards the guest suite.

As we turned around the gallery I looked down and saw Jake engulf grandma in his arms and kiss her on her mouth. Grandma just seemed to melt in his arms.

Once inside the room grandpa took me in his arms and soon his mouth locked on to mine. I rose up on my toes and tasted his lips and felt his tongue try to pry open my mouth. I willingly opened my mouth and his tongue filled my mouth and seeked every corner, every curve, every sulcus of my mouth. I felt dizzy as I struggled with sensation I had never experienced and did not knew it would be this strong.

Grandpa kept the kiss going and soon I too pushed my tongue inside his mouth and tasted the sweet inside. I tightened my arms around his neck as I pushed my mouth towards his and duelled with his tongue with mine.

Grandpa started to stroke my back over my dress. His hands caressed my ass. He large hands massaged the soft full ass cheeks and soon his both hands grabbed my ass and pulled me tightly as his mouth and tongue became even more earnest in its quest.

Grandpa’s kiss curled my toes and left me gasping for breath. I felt warmth between my thighs. Grandpa moved away and slowly lifted my dress to expose my ankles, thighs, full ass stretching white soft cotton panties and soon my soft round belly followed with jutting mounds of my young soft budding beasts. I was eager to help him and lifted my arms up a bit too eagerly making him smile. Soon grandpa had my dress drape on the back of the sofa [he did not just dump it on the carpet].

Grandpa took his jacket off. He draped it to on the sofa. He took his tie off.

He was looking at my voluptuous body covered only in tiny inadequate white panties.

Grandpa slowly undressed not taking his eyes off my body and soon I grasped his sense of anticipation. I looked at his huge hairy torso as he unbuttoned his shirt.

He stood for some time in his trousers as I drooled over his massive hairy chest and belly. Grandpa unbuckled his belt and took it off ceremoniously and threw it on the sofa. He sat down and took his shoes and then socks off. Next he unbuttoned his trousers and slowly and pulled it off his massive hairy thighs and legs.

Clad in his boxers he walked towards me. I could see something heavy swaying within the loose folds of his loose cotton boxers.

Grandpa soon had me back in is arms and we were kissing with open mouths, our saliva changing from one mouth to another in another breath taking kiss.

He lifted me in up with his hands firmly under the big swell of my ass and I was clinging to him like a small doll as I swooned with both his kiss and the sheer hugeness of his body.

I was comfortable and safe rushing into his huge embrace as his granddaughter but now the woman inside that granddaughter started to see the man inside her grandfather; a strong, huge, powerful and virile man.

I clung onto his strong muscular neck with my arms tightly around and kissed him back. My soft breasts felt tender as his hairy rough chest rubbed the tiny nipples.

My thighs felt something bulky between his thighs. I rubbed that bulk with my thighs and felt something move like a thick great python.

Grandpa moved towards the bed with me still in his arms. He put me down on the bed. I stood panting as if I had run marathon.

” Sara, you are very beautiful,” Grandpa whispered in his heavy voice, “I am very lucky that you wished to make love with me.”

I felt very grown up and sexy as I heard his compliment. I muttered some gibberish that he was very handsome and I was enthralled by is body but I must have sounded silly. If I did my grandpa did not show it and thanked me for my generous compliment.

Our height difference minimised with me on bed and soon grandpa had me in his arms and he slowly kissed my face, neck, ears, sucked softly on my earlobes.

Grandpa sucked on the soft skin of mu neck. He traced the contours of my neck with his tongue. He ran his tongue from my breastbone over my Adam’s apple and over my chin. He ran his tongue right across my lips and then over my upper lip, filtrum.

His tongue then ran over the bridge dividing my nose to its tip. He traced my nostrils with is tongue. I did not realise then but I was breathing with my mouth open. His hands now stroked naked skin of my back. He would push his hand inside my panties to stroke the skin on my ass but would not push the panties down.

I was panting like a mare in a race. I felt fluid leaking out of my pussy literally making me feel as if I had peed in my panties.

His hands then moved onto my thighs as his tongue continue to trace every curve and contour of y nose. He traced the bridge of my nose to the junction of eyebrows.

Grandpa kissed my half closed eyes.

Then suddenly he pulled me almost with force tight to his body and his mouth crushed against my open panting mouth. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth with more purpose and a sense of power that left my knees shaking.

I held him tight and tried to match his passion as my tongue fought with his.

Grandpa let go of my hips and his hands slowly stroked the skin on my belly. His finger rubbed my belly button. I would have giggled earlier but today I felt my skin burn with each touch of his hand and fingers. Soon his hand reached my breasts and he covered my growing breasts with his huge warm pals. I gasped. He rubbed his palms over them. My nipples felt as if they would soon be in flames as his rough palm skin ignited the soft tender sensitive nipples.

Grandpa gently moved away. I felt, I missed his hands and relief at the same time. I missed the fire his hands ignited and thankful that moved his hands away as I could not handle the sensation his hand generated.

Grandpa released my mouth. I had to quickly suck in mouth full of saliva that was threatening to drool over my chin.

Grandpa kissed my cheeks and kept on kissing the line of my jaw and then his lips moved over my chest. His lips fluttered over my breastbone and soon his lips kissed my right nipple and I jumped out of my skin.

Grandpa planted another kiss on my right nipple and his left hand softly massaged my left breast. My knees were jelly and I felt lightheaded. I hear a moan emit out my half open mouth.

Grandpa took my right nipple in his mouth and started suck gently on it. I had never felt anything like the sensation he created. My nipple felt raw and sensitive. He cupped my left breast in his large hand. I felt strangely vulnerable and defenceless in the arms of one man I would seek if I needed shelter and help. This was what sex does to you, I wondered.

Grandpa increased the sucking pressure and he cupped other breast more firmly. I moaned again and then again. I was worried the fluid leaking from my pussy would run down my thighs embarrassing me in front of my grandpa. I found I was struggling to support my weight on my jelly knees.

Grandpa took my right nipple in his mouth and pulled it at the same time he took my left nipple and pinched out gently. Suddenly my pussy gushed out a whole lot of fluid, I heard myself let out a shriek and my knees buckle and I would have collapsed if my grandpa had not caught me by my waist and laid me down gently on the bed.

I was panting like a person struggling with high altitude.

“Wh..aat happened grandpa?” I asked as grandpa kissed me like a grandpa.

“You just had an orgasm, sweetie,” Grandpa put the magic word to what I had read and wanted to experience.

Grandpa stroked my face and continued his kissed like before downwards. His hands pulled my panties down. He gently nudged my bottom as I helped by lifting my hips. Soon my panties were on the floor but not before my grandpa sniffed the drenched panties and then to my surprise licked the wet area.

Grandpa smiled, “You are so sweet, Sara.” It took me some seconds to realise he did not mean me as he had said that million times but the fluid my pussy had leaked in abundance into my panties that I confused with peeing.

Grandpa kissed my both breasts and continued his kisses over my belly and soon he was kneeling between my thighs. He lay down on his belly as his hands supported my full thighs to open my groin. His mouth touched my pussy with an electrifying result. I moaned louder than my two earlier moans. His tongue shot out and traced the hairless pussy from bottom to the tip finishing at hidden clitoris.

He used his tongue to separate my pussy lips and soon my hips jerked as my grandpa’s tongue ran across inside of my vagina.

I moaned loudly, “Grandpa. Please do it again. It feels so good.” Over next two or three days my choice of words would change.

Grandpa separated my fleshy cuntlips and his tongue darted inside my virgin vaginal passage. I almost shrieked with the never experienced pleasure. My breasts ached as the sensual pleasure coursed through my young body. Grandpa kept my thighs apart as he took me to a journey sensual unadulterated pleasure of my young life. Grandpa licked my clitoris with his raspy tongue. He fucked my virgin passage with his folded tongue. He sucked and bit on my fleshy cunt lips almost eliciting painful moans from my throat. He sucked my whole cunt inside his mouth and blew on it. He would restart the whole process in random order never making me become comfortable with any pattern. I was continually surprised. I felt my whole body become tense. My breasts ached even more. The ache became pain and travelled down in my belly. It churned my belly and soon migrated down in my pelvis.

My grandfather took my clitoris between his teeth and nibbled gently. I screamed, bucked my hips up into his mouth as the severe pain n my pelvis exploded in to million sharp needles and stung everywhere in side of me.

Worst place was somewhere deep inside my pussy. I felt a rush of fluid leak out in gush. I was too caught up in the throes of what I had learnt was another orgasm to worry what my grandpa would think of my ‘pee’ pouring out in his mouth.

I moaned and bucked but grandpa kept me pinned down and did not release y almost painfully sensitive clitoris. Grandpa extended his arms around my trembling thighs and engulfed my aching breasts in his huge hands and squeezed them rhythmically. I was grateful for that as the pain of his mauling distracted me from the pain my orgasm has caused.

Grandpa kept me safe as my convulsing body was buffeted with he torrents of my orgasm.

I almost blacked out for few minutes. I woke up find myself in the warm embrace of my grandpa. I buried my panting mouth in the warm sweet smelling chest of my grandpa. I sucked on the hair of his chest. I moved and found his nipple and sucked on it like a baby. Grandpa tightened his arms around my body.

My arms were around his huge torso but were inadequate to go around. I rubbed his hairy back and my hands moved down to the small of his waist. My mouth sucked and sucked hard on his nipple and I felt elated as a soft moan leaped out his lips.

I was exhilarated that I could also create similar pleasure inside my grandpa’s being.

I allowed grandpa to free himself from my greedy mouth. He kissed me on my mouth. His hands would never wander too far away from my budding breasts. I soon learnt that my breasts would always fascinate grandpa and later Jake.

Grandpa moved down on to my pussy. I welcomed his mouth now fully aware what he could do to me with his tongue. Grandpa lifted my thighs and pushed them towards my chest. His mouth, I thought, missed my pussy as I felt his lips on my anus. I was going to correct him when his tongue snaked out and traced the tiny rim of my anal ring. The pure fiery sensation that shot through my being quickly erased of any desire to ‘correct’ my grandpa.

I moaned as grandpa yet again created a new bundle of sensation. Grandpa licked anus with his warm saliva soaked tongue. He used the tip of his tongue to probe the tiny opening in the centre of tight anal ring. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I had by now learnt to try to hold my body to make it easy for grandpa to tease and then satisfy my stormy lust. Grandpa soon was lapping the whole of my perineum from my anus to the top of my pussy. Grandpa kept the long tongue lapping until I was bucking my pudendum into his ravenous mouth. I moaned loudly, “Please lick my ass, grandpa. Grandpa..OHHH. UMMMM. pussy..GRANDPAAAA.”

Grandpa was pleased to see me demand what I wanted him to do. He concentrated on my pussy. I felt his forefinger probe my anus where his tongue has been. I felt his lips on my clitoris and soon my moans were incessant and loud as grandpa once again put my pussy on fire. My clitoris burnt and ached. I wished he would once again bite on my clitoris painfully. In fact I wished he would actually bite my clitoris right off- so painfully sensitive it had become.

I felt my whole body once again in painful spasm when I felt grandpa’s thick finger suddenly invaded my anus causing me another sharp pain. He kept on pushing his finger until it was buried to his knuckle. Before I could complain to him about the pain he had caused in my anus the delicious pain his mouth was causing on my clitoris distracted me. I could feel his teeth, lips on my clitoris. I could feel his thick finger move firm feces around inside my rectum. I was now letting out short bursts of screams telling my grandpa how badly I needed to cum, “Grandpa. I want to cum like before. Please make me cum. I want to…..AAHHH. I AM CUUMMMEEEENG.”

I exploded as my grandpa sucked on my clitoris. His finger scraped the wall of my rectum, his other hand tweaked and pinched my nipple.

I came with loud moans. Scrams and thrashing that was fast becoming my trademark. Grandpa kept a small in and out movement of his finger to fuck my rectum. His lips never stopped tormenting my pussy and clitoris. This time I did not lose my bearings and enjoy the delicious pain of my fresh orgasm as it took me on a rollercoaster ride of painful spasms, convulsing pussy walls, throbbing anus, aching breasts. All merged into a smooth mix of a sensual pleasure that I wished would finish and not finish.

I eventually eased back to ground from dizzying heights where grandpa’s mouth had taken me.

I found myself slumping panting and gasping back to the bed as my grandfather pulled his finger from my ass. I saw him put it in his mouth and lick it with a smile. He kissed me as he took me in his huge arms. I tasted sweet-salty fluid on his lips. I liked the unique pungent sweet aroma.

“This is how sweet and delicious your pussy juices are, Sara sweetie. I could lick you all day.” Grandpa added another sensual piece in my sexual repertoire.

“Grandpa,” my voice sounded tired, “finger from my potty hole….was that not dirty?”

“Not for me, Sara. I found it sweet. I would love anything that your lovely body offers.” Grandpa kissed me again.

We both lay together for a long time just rubbing each other’s back, chest and face.

“Grandpa, would you like to give you oral sex?” I had weird habit of sounding clinical that day.

“If you would like to Sara.”

“I would grandpa,” I said and scooted down the bed. I caught my grandfather’s boxers and pulled them down as he lifted his heavy hairy ass off the bed. I was too busy in using my strength to pull the boxers off to notice what I had exposed.

I looked up and my throat tightened with raw apprehension. Grandfather’s cock was huge. It was standing straight up in the air. His thick bushy growth his the root but the shaft was thicker than my forearm. The shaft finished in to his huge bloated cock head as big as my clenched fist. I knew that having sex with grandpa would entail this immense organ invade my pussy.

I sat between my grandpa’s splayed thighs and took his throbbing, warm, rock hard, silky smooth, massive cock in my petite hands. My each hand could barely go around half the thickness. My two fists just about covered the middle of the shaft.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and bent forward to take my grandfather’s huge cock head inside my mouth. I felt pressure on the angles of my mouth as I tried to engulf at least his cock head inside my salivating mouth.

I heard a soft moan erupt from my grandpa’s lips and that almost made me dizzy. I was more than ever determined to give at least some of the pleasure with my mouth that grandpa’s mouth had given me.

I pushed my mouth over another inch of my grandpa’s thick cock. I tried a bit more but gagging put paid to my attempts. I took the remaining shaft in my two palms and I could decipher the rest from my theoretical knowledge.

I tried to suck on the huge cock head by moving my mouth up and down but it was a very tight fit. My saliva drooled along the massive shaft and it pooled along the top of my fingers and diverted its route to pool in the thick bush at the root of my grandpa’s thick cock.

I felt grandpa’s fingers run through my curly hair as he caressed the back of my head affectionately.

I ran my tongue on the tip of grandpa’s cock head and found the pee-hole. I intuitively inserted the tip of my tongue in the piss-hole and grandpa’s fingers tightened in my hair momentarily and he moaned again.

I moved my tiny hands up and down the huge shaft and moved my tight fitting open mouth on the cock head and an inch of his shaft. I kept my simple cock sucking for ten minutes or so and soon became adventurous.

I freed one hand and massaged grandpa’s big balls in the loose skinned hairy scrotum.

I felt grandpa push his hips up into my mouth ever so gently. I rubbed his hairy bulging belly and his hairy chest all the while I sucked on his humungous glans of his big cock.

I sucked my grandpa’s huge cock for nearly half an hour. It was drenched with my saliva. The sheer excitement of fellating my grandpa had made my pussy leak continuously. My mouth was tiring and my hands were clawing trying to accommodate grandpa’s monster.

“Sara, if you do not mind I would wish to cum inside you pussy as my first time with you,” I shivered the moment of reckoning had arrived.

I crept over my grandpa’s huge hairy body and kissed him with my saliva-covered lips, “Was I not good, grandpa?”

“My desire to cum in your pussy was stronger than anything. Your sucking would become better.”

Grandpa rolled over covering my petite body with his massive heavy frame. I was spread eagle underneath him. He kissed my mouth, nose, eyes and whispered, “Sara it will hurt initially. Please trust me to allow me to hurt you before it becomes pleasurable.”

I nodded not trusting my voice.

Soon grandpa had my legs raised on his forearms and he was stationed in the middle his huge steel hard erection poised threateningly over my tiny eager, hungry pussy.

Grandpa used his one hand to rub his massive cock head along the slit of my cunt. I was already leaking like faucet and looking down at our union with wide eyes.

Grandpa placed his cock head at the fluttering entrance of my virgin pussy and pushed. His other hand stroked my belly as reassurance. I felt my pussy stretch painfully wider and wider as grandpa’s cockhead lodged inside the ring of my vaginal entrance. I bit on my lip to keep my shriek locked inside my throat.

Grandpa leant forward and hunched his hips forward and his entire cock head made its way in and I could not help but emit a strangled cry, “AAAH…UUNNNNGGG.”

Grandpa now lay on top of he his hips in the air in a manner would have been funny any other time if not for severe dilatory pain in my pussy and burning lust to have entire huge thick cock of my grandpa inside my body.

Grandpa’s crushing weight on my body barely registered as heavy on my mind. His hairy body added to my rising anticipation and my arms few around his strong muscular neck. Grandpa pushed his massive thickness millimeter by millimeter as I chewed on my lip and my eyes started to close in concentration.

The pressure on my pussy walls was intense and I felt anytime my pussy would tear. I suddenly felt another sharp pain this time inside my pussy. Grandpa shushed me and kissed my open mouth. He whispered, ” This would hurt Sara. This is the virgin membrane hymen.” I knew all about it and nodded for Grandpa to continue and arms tightened involuntarily around him. Grandpa used his strong hips and his cock head tore my hymen asunder and the force grandpa used sent his cock speeding in and he had nearly four inches inside. Grandpa’s mouth over mine muffled my scream. Tears welled in my eyes. Grandpa whispered sorry and kept pushing his cock inch by inch. I felt my pussy had been torn and was bleeding. Grandpa stayed still and held me tight. His mouth never left my sobbing mouth. My tears ran over my face. My virginity had been removed out of our way by grandpa to show me the pleasure of having a big cock in my pussy. It was so painful, though.

I settled down in five or ten minutes, it is all a bit hazy.

Grandpa kissed my tears away, “I am going to move slowly, Sara.”

I nodded and trusted grandpa to do all the right things. Grandpa pulled his big thick cock out slowly. I was entranced at the sight of his huge cock come out of my body. I swooned at the sheer hugeness of it and the fact it was coated with red film of my virginal blood.

Grandpa slowly screwed his cock back and I noticed about two inches remained out when he stopped. Grandpa used his big cock patiently and gently as he moved slowly and kissed my face, nose and mouth all along. I started to first gasp and then moan as the sharp pain soon vanished. The remaining dull pain of my stretched pussy generated pleasure. I felt a different kind of sensual pleasure as my grandpa used his thick cock to fuck my virgin pussy sensuously. Grandpa kept the languid pace for nearly twenty minutes when I suddenly tensed and nearly screamed, “GRANDPAAAAA. AHHHH. CUUMMEENG. AARRGGHHH.”

My first orgasm borne out of conventional fucking enveloped my body and mind.

Grandpa fucked me through my first orgasm and kept his mammoth cock moving in and out. Eventually he pushed it right in and spurted a huge amount of thick, viscid hot fluid and I could feel his throbbing cock inside my convulsing pussy. Grandpa moaned softly unlike my guttural scream.

We both lay panting exchanging kisses. I was smiling without even being aware.

“Your beautiful smile tells me Sara, that you enjoyed your first time sex,” grandpa kissed the tip of my nose.

“Thank you grandpa, it was good beyond description. I could not believe sex would be this good. Grandpa your big cock is still hard. Will you please fuck my pussy again?”

Grandpa just kissed me and started to fuck me with more verve and finesse. He could move his huge cock much more easily thanks to my virginal blood and our mixed cum. Grandpa was using full length of his cock to fuck me. I was cumming every few minutes. Grandpa kissed and licked my breasts, nose and face as his cock tirelessly shuttled in and out of my tight pussy. I was moaning loudly and talking gibberish.

Grandpa’s cock sped in and out with thrusts that shook my young body. I could hear the ‘thwack’ as his groin slapped my groins.

I had cum about seven times when Grandpa pushed my legs right back lifting my ass off the bed. He His body was angled over mine. He now slammed his cock with lunges that took my breath away. I was soon out of breath at the ferocity of my grandpa’s thrusts. My pussy churned all over again. I was now grunting obscenely and exhorted grandpa to fuck me hard. Grandpa’s hips rose and fell at an amazing pace as his cock fucked my cum filled cunt with almost brutal force.

I was caught up in a storm as my orgasms now merged and each fresh wave left my body that bit more tired as my grandpa fucked with unbelievable force and speed. Suddenly the biggest of my orgasm caught up with me. I screamed its arrival unabashedly, ” I AM CUMMEENNNG GRANPA. FUUCCKK MEEE. AAHH FUUCCKKKK.”

The ferocity of my fresh orgasm made me buck and convulse against the heavy weight of my grandpa ineffectually. Suddenly I slumped totally spent and could barely breathe. Grandpa slammed in my listless body with unabated ferocity and suddenly he groaned and fell with his full weight on my body as his massive cock lurched deep inside my pussy with each huge spurt of his ht cum that hit against my sore pussy walls.

I automatically threw my arms around the neck of my panting grandpa more with affection than sexual lust. Without knowing the mother inside my woman was trying to protect and thank the man inside my grandpa.

We rested for along time and probably fell asleep. Grandpa and I fucked four more times that night. We would sleep for a short time and then wake up to find Grandpa’s cock rock hard raring to invade my sore pussy once again and I would welcome his heavy frame crushing my petite body as his big cock moved inside my tender pussy making me cum repeatedly.

We eventually fell asleep early hours of morning.

Grandpa and I eventually woke up around noon next day. I kissed grandpa and thanked him profusely.

“Sara, I am pleased that you chose me. In fact I am grateful that you gave me a chance to love my granddaughter in every sense possible,” Grandpa kissed my nose.

Grandpa and I shared the bathroom and used toilet without any inhibition. I held his heavy flaccid cock covered with dry cum and blood as he peed. I watched him empty his bowel I found the smell, aroma, and sounds stimulating in manner still not fully clear to me.

Grandpa shaved and we brushed followed with a shared shower.

I dressed in fresh panties and tee shirt.

Grandpa simply donned his shorts.

When arrived in kitchen, we found grandma was starting brunch. I was trying my best not walk with the broad based gait as my sore pussy hurt if I brought my thighs together. Grandma smiled indulgently as we kissed each other, “Does it hurt too much,” she whispered in my ear. I shook my head blushing.

I was suddenly very coy and blushed when Jake kissed me. Jake was wearing shorts and nothing else. Grandma looked ravishingly beautiful in mid calf long Kaftan.

Grandpa, hugged grandma and said, “I am really famished Alice.”

Grandma stroked his face lovingly. I felt and learnt the real essence of love right there.

We all were hungry and attacked grandma’s good cooking with gusto. Grandpa scanned the newspaper as we all caught up with news.

I was keen to have grandpa all to myself as four weeks to me were inadequate to explore the world grandpa had opened to me. I was sitting close to him and stealthily rubbed his hairy thigh and my tiny hand snaked upwards inside his lose shorts to find his heavy thick cock. My hands could not encircle it even when it was soft and flaccid.

Grandpa did not show any signs of what his sweet innocent granddaughter was upto underneath the secrecy of tablecloth.

Grandma asked if Grandpa wanted more coffee and to my utter disappointment he did.

Jake too wanted more milk. Jake finished his tall glass of milk and excused himself and grandma, “Please excuse us grandpa and Sara. Grandma and I were planning to check on the tropical plants this afternoon.” I hurriedly freed my grandpa’s cock. I was impressed with Jake’s quite confidence. Grandma kissed the top of my head and took Jake’s hand used the side door to go the vast land that ensconced the estate.

Grandpa read his newspaper and I pretended to listen to the news. I was taught to be polite but my newfound sexuality wished grandpa would take me back to the bedroom and fuck me hard and long as he did last night.

I eventually stopped stroking his thigh and got up to get myself another glass of milk. I opened the large fridge and was eyeing chocolate milkshake grandma had made when I felt my grandpa’s arms around me. He pulled me back to him. I felt his huge hard cock against my back.

“I was waiting so eagerly…,” I stammered when grandpa shushed me.

His hands went under my tee shirt to massage my tender breasts. His one hand snaked inside my panties to find very wet pussy.

“Stay there, Sara,” Grandpa growled unlike the soft voice of last night. I trembled in anticipation.

Grandpa pushed the kitchen platform towards my feet and pushed it close to the fridge. He lifted me on the foot high platform.

He placed my hands on the rack as the cold waft made my skin goosepimply in front. “Grandpa, grandma and Jake may come back anytime,” I was proud that my brain was still working.

“That risk we will have to take. I want to fuck you right now Sara,” Grandpa’s impatience sent a buzz through my body.

Grandpa pushed up my teeshirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles. I could only spread my legs as far as my stretched band of panties would allow.

I felt grandpa’s huge cock head rub along my sore pussy slit and he lodged its head inside and held my hips in is large strong hands. I was bent forward and cold from fridge made my belly skin and breasts tingle.

Grandpa buried his big thick cock, not roughly, but more forcefully than last night. He seemed bigger and seemed to reach deeper from behind. I moaned loudly as my grandpa started to fuck me with long strong thrusts. The cold on front of my body contrasted with the heat between our loins. Grandpa was more vigorous with my budding conical large breasts and nipples. His long thick cock was pistoning in and out of my cunt with metronomic rhythm and with each thrust grandpa was his groin with a loud slapping sound against my bottom. I was sure my ass cheeks were red as if I was spanked harshly.

I came in gushes. Grandpa fucked me for nearly forty-five minutes when he ejaculated inside my cunt as I was struggling with my seventh orgasm.

Grandpa lifted me still impaled on his cock and whispered in my right ear, “Do you still want a drink, sweetie?”

I shook my head like a dumb idiot gasping in the wake of multiple torrid orgasms.

Grandpa took me to our bedroom and even before we reached the door I felt his big cock raging hard if it had lost any steel. Grandpa took me to bed and fell with me underneath him. First he knocked all the air out of my lungs, second his cock appeared to spear even deeper painfully with his weight behind and both made me shriek. Grandpa kept me buried underneath his huge heavy frame making me feel tiny and small as he started to fuck me from behind. My pussy was even tighter in this new position and his cock was painfully huge as grandpa slammed his cock with renewed force and speed using full length. I was moaning as if I had not had sex ever before. All my recent orgasms were washed away. Grandpa was putting my sore pussy to paces and my young body was soon buffeted by explosive orgasms tearing me asunder. I remember I was shouting and screaming my orgasms an asking grandpa to stop and continue to fuck me in the same breath. Grandpa fucked me for a very long time. Last thing I remembered as my last orgasm took all my senses away was grandpa’s grunt as he slammed his monster cock right to the hilt and his huge thick cock started to throb and lurch creating a painfully pleasurable sensation and that tipped me into dark warm comfort of passing out.

I came to my grandpa was lying on my side and I was buried in his arms. He was smiling and as I opened my eyes he kissed me. I let out my trademark yelp of happiness and hugged him tightly. I kissed his face all over. I kissed every centimetre of his face as he laughed. I too his handsome nose in my mouth and sucked on it before I used my sharp tongue to bathe his each nostril with my saliva.

I made love to my handsome grandpa’s face until my bladder warned me that I needed to go to loo. I kissed the tip of saliva soaked nose of grandpa and got out of bed.

Grandpa followed me. Once inside Grandpa whispered in ear, “Sara, do you want to try something very personal?” I nodded.

“I want to taste your pee,” Grandpa held me tight and mauled my breasts.

I felt weak in my knees. Even the fantasy of Peeing inside my grandpa’s mouth would have been a sacrilege before that day. I was going to try everything or anything that grandpa thought of. I nodded my assent.

Grandpa lifted me up and stood me wide legged on the broad rimmed tub. His mouth was at right height once he went down on his knees.

Grandpa looked at my awe stricken face and smiled encouragingly. I started to pee though every fibre of my being defied me to do so. My bursting bladder won over my innate trepidation of the awe I for my grandpa. My burst of loud seam filled my randpa’s open mouth and bathed him as he gulped mouthfuls. I thought my bladder would never empty as I peed and my grandpa drank y warm acrid pee happily. His face and front was bathed with my pee.

“Sorry grandpa,” I apologised and he shook his head to suggest that was unnecessary, “Grandpa do you too want tp pee in my mouth?” My sexualhorizon was expanding exponenetially.

“If you want me to,” grandpa answered.

“I do,” my skin was burning in anticipation.

I sat on my knees and opened my mouth. Grandpa aimed his flaccid heavy cock and let out a yellow warm stream and filled my mouth. I gulped the strong flavoured, acrid, warm fluid. I did not make a decision whether I liked the taste or not but the act was making me very hot and I opened my mouth again.

Grandpa let loose another stream that filled my mouth and the stream hit my lips as my face moved and splashed my face and nose.

I soon learnt that by controlling the stream one could increase the pleasure. Grandpa let me have many mouthfuls and he naughtily bathed my face, hair and breasts with his warm pee. I noticed his big cock was hardening rapidly. As his stream petered into a dribble I took it in my mouth and sucked. I gulped the last spurts as he squeezed his belly muscles to empty his bladder. Soon his cock was steel hard inside my mouth.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes, “Would you fuck me again please grandpa?”

“With great pleasure my sweet,” grandpa pulled me up. I started to move out of the tub but squealed as grandpa picked me up in the air effortlessly holding my waist and soon I had my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He deftly moved his hands under my ass and stationed my wet cunt at the top of his massive cock. From above his cock appeared so huge that my abdominal muscled clenched with apprehension.

Grandpa adjusted my leaking pussy and soon his big cock head slid in. He held me still for a many a moments and then he let his hands loose and my weight was on free fall and my cunt rushed down on his mammoth long thickness until my bald pussy hit the hairy root of his monster cock. I shrieked both in surprise and pain of my grandpa’s brutal entry.

Grandpa used his strong arms to swing my ass like a pendulum to fuck my pussy on his huge thick cock. My grandpa elevated my lust with each new way he fucked me.

Grandpa fucked me with furious pace as I came repeatedly. Grandpa would later tell me that I was one of those girls who had trigger orgasm [I came easily, and in multiple orgasms apparently just like my mother and grandma].

Grandpa fucked me hard and fast as I moaned. Grandpa every now and then grunted like a wolf as he put in the thrusts of his hips to bury his cock with more force. He was already using my weight and gravity to impale my pussy on his rampant giant penis.

I came once I came hundred times. I was exploding in continuous bursts of kaleidoscopic fireworks as grandpa was now swinging me up and down with synchronised thrusts from his hips at lightening pace. I screamed a long wail as my body was wrecked with my long chain of orgasms with the fresh peak almost killing me. I slumped in his arms like a dead weight as his big cock swelled painfully inside my tight bursting cunt and exploded a dozen times spurting scalding, thick creamy semen.

I buried my face in the side of grandpa’s neck as he pulled me down and thrust his cock in spastic like movements as he struggled with his own climax.

We both stood in the tub surrounded by the aroma of our warm urine.

Grandpa and I took a tired sluggish shower and dried tiredly and fell on the bed. I snuggled into his arms and was soon asleep. I barely remembered grandpa giving grandma a ring on intercom.

Grandpa and I have been fucking for almost five hours.


I woke up around six in evening. Grandpa was still sleeping. I put my face on his hairy chest and looked at his handsome face. His nostrils flared with soft snores. I slept again as warm love cocooned my senses.

Grandpa gently woke me up with a kiss around an hour later, “Sweetheart Grandma and Jake are waiting to go out for dinner.”

I got dressed in jeans and a teeshirt. Grandpa too chose a pair of jeans and white shirt.

Jake was in chinos and blue shirt. Grandma looked heavenly in khaki trousers and white shirt.

We went to another of our favourite restaurants. I was walking very awkwardly and slowly. Neither Jake nor Grandma appeared to have noticed and soon my self-consciousness dissolved. After the mains as our table was being cleared I once again placed my hand around the wine bottle. I was trying to compare the thickness of grandpa’s cock and in my rough estimate it was as thick if not a bit thicker.

While our dessert was on its way grandma and I got up together to visit the loo.

As we both washed our hands grandma said, “Sara ask grandpa to use calendula soaks I have put in microwave, they might decrease soreness. Also there is a tub of cocoa butter in microwave,” I blushed but like a proper ‘lady’ thanked her, as grandma let the door swing back, “Oh, why don’t you use a soft measuring tape to get accurate measurements. The wine bottle has circumference of about nine and a half inches and is about under eight inches along the circular part excluding the neck, of course.”

Grandma glided ahead of me leaving me speechless. My grandma could definitely read my mind.

We had soft drinks back at home as grandma had her customary sherry and grandma his scotch. We all watched a popular movie. Grandma yawned daintily in an attention-grabbing manner before the movie finished and apologised to Jake and us, “I am afraid Jake I am feeling a bit sleepy.” I had never seen grandma feel sleepy that early and she never yawned so visibly. Her yawns were dainty and hardly anyone could notice unless she was under magnifying glass.

Jake hurriedly jumped up and took his leave and accompanied grandma after she had kissed and hugged. She pushed something in my jeans pocket as she mussed my hair. I stared as my graceful grandma glided up the stairs. I noticed a small jar in her right hand Jake’s hand was in her left hand. Jake was a bit taller than her. They looked so beautiful together.

Grandpa finished his scotch and looked at me, “May I have another sweetie before retiring?” I felt very proud and grown up and jumped to take his glass and winced. Grandpa’s forehead frowned as he saw me walk broad based to the bar and back.

“Sweetheart, did grandma suggest anything?”

“Oh!, yes she did. There are some packs and butter in microwave.” I said and ‘waddled’ to my grandpa and slumped close to him to snuggle with him as he sipped his scotch and watched the news.

When finished, grandpa picked me up in his arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck and placed tens of quick kisses as we both laughed. We made a physical comedy of packs. Grandpa lowered me to pick up the post it left by grandma.

‘Five minutes for packs. Put in the cocoa butter jar for the last minute.’

I switched the microwave oven and while it whirled my grandpa and I kissed each other’s face. He sucked my nose and I reciprocated. As my hands were free I did more of my teasing. And I held his face in my hands and tongue fucked his nose to my heart’s delight. Eventually he shook his face away. The timer chimed. I placed he jar [exactly the same grandma carried with him to bedroom] and once finished we carried all that to our bedroom.

Grandpa placed me on bed and undressed me. He took his clothes off. He opened individual packs of nicely fragrant packs and placed them on my sore pussy. It really felt good. Each pack lasted about three or four minutes. As my pussy recovered under warm calendula packs grandpa offered me his semi hard cock to suck on. He would free his cock when pack needed to change. After the last and seventh pack, grandpa’s saliva soaked cock was rock hard and throbbing threateningly. I was ready to be fucked brutally and no pain in my pussy was going to come in the way.

Grandpa put the towel-packs in the bathroom laundry basket. He placed the cocoa butter jar on the side table.

I remembered grandma’s suggestion as I saw grandpa walk back with his massive hard cock barely bobbing, so hard it was.

“Grandpa, ay please measure your cock?” I asked in my most polite girly manner.

He laughed as I waddled off the bed and rummaged through my jeans’ pockets to find the tape grandma had shoved in while kissing goodnight.

I pushed grandpa onto the bed. He laid down on his back with his huge cock straight up in the air.

I placed the tip of the tape at the root of his cock and measure to the tip of his huge maroon engorged cock head. It was nine and a half inches. My throat very dry by now I put the measuring tape with shaking hands around the middle of the shaft. The wine bottle was beaten. Grandpa’s cock’s circumference was as much as his length. I decided to measure the root, which I felt was thicker than the rest. It was thicker by another half an inch. I kissed the huge cock head as if kissing someone’s mouth.

“Is this cock is to your satisfaction maa’m?” Grandpa laughed at my fascination with the measurements of his cock.

I threw the tape away and fell in his open arms, “Grandpa your cock is bigger than wine bottle.” My awe was hard to hide.

“Grandma tells me that it is not the size of the cock but what you do with it that matters to a woman,” Grandpa massaged my ass cheeks as we kissed and talked.

“Grandpa would you fuck me again please?”

“Do you want to try something else, Sara?” grandpa asked. I looked at him quizzically and half open mouth as my breathing became laboured with anticipation of more sex.

“Shall I take you in you ass?” grandpa tweaked my nose.

“Will it hurt very much? What if your cock gets dirty with my poo?” I had two concerns to share with my grandpa regarding getting my ass ravaged with his monster cock.

“Yes, it will hurt initially. It will also get covered, not dirty, with your poo. I would expect that you would like to suck it clean after we finish with your ass fucking.” Grandpa clarified.

I was nervous but willing and felt reassured that grandpa would stop if it hurts way beyond my tolerance.

Grandpa placed me on my knees bent under my tummy and my forearms crossed with my face on my crossed forearms. I would know later on that this would ensure he could not see my face in pain and my tears.

Grandpa licked my anus lovingly making me forget that it was prelude to the invasion with his huge cock. Once he had me wriggling with mounting lust he picked up the jar and covered his cock with smooth warm butter. He placed a big glob of butter on my anus and slowly pushed it inside my anus with the tip of his finger.

Grandpa once happy with my position stationed himself behind my ass. His massive thighs were on either side of my ass and his hands stroked my back and then his large hands gripped top of my shoulders and pulled with back on to his rock hard cock. I could sense how strong and powerful he was, his horase voice sent shivers down my sping with rising anicipation of my imminent ass fucking, “Sara, I have been looking forward to fucking your sweet beautiful ass since we started yesterday.”

My heart swelled and there was no way I would stop my grandpa accomplishing his desire. Even if his huge cock tore my ass in bits I would grit my teeth and let him have his way with my tiny ass.

I was not aware but my body was shaking slightly.

I felt a clenched fist against my anal ring, I knew it was grandpa’s huge cock head.

“Sara relax your anus and push out as if you are pushing big hard shit,” I heard grandpa help. I had never pushed out any shit as hard, as thick and as long as grandpa’s cock he was trying to push inside my rectum.

Grandpa rose on his knees and whispered, “Sara it will hurt but try to stay still.”

I braced my self and took a big bite of soft Egyptian cotton sheet in my fists and between my teeth.

Grandpa held my ass firmly and pushed his big cock head steadily but determinedly against my obdurate tight tiny anal ring as I grunted and pushed back and out and I heard loud air escape from my anus that made me blush. The pressure from grandpa’s cock was like a firm pressure against my anus that increased but was easily bearable. I was about to relax in belief that it would not be as bad as my losss of virginity when my anal ring releneted and grandpa’s cock head stretched it to a dimension that seemed impossible to achieve. I screamed in a guttural voice muffled by mouthful of bedsheet. The pain was incredibly sharp and dull at the same time. I felt a sharp knife slicing my anal skin and a huge steel column shoved to dilate it t the same time. My eyes filled with tears and I started to cry but held my body still, as my grandpa had asked me to.

Grandpa put his hands on top of my shoulder as my body shook with my muffled sobs and used his immense strength to push his hips and pull my shaking body towards him, to bury inch of agony inflicting, excruciatingly painful thick inch of his monstrous cock after another.

My mind was numb with the pain. My tears were steaming non-stop and my nose started to run in two rivulets as I bit hard on the bed sheet and sobbed. I still did not try to pull away [though my grandpa had held me that would have in a futile gesture].

Grandpa grunted and I felt his coarse thick pubic hair rubbing against the soft skin of my ass. My grandpa’s immense penis was now completely buried in my tortured virgin ass.

My grandpa stroked my back and stood like a conqueror with his giant cock embedded in my painful anus now obscenely stretched to accommodate my grandpa’s impossible girth.

We both stayed still for a long time but for my convulsive body as I sobbed and cried. I eventually felt pain diminish to a level that my sobs and crying stopped. I felt my face buried in a puddle of tears and mucus.

Grandpa told me [not asked me mind you], “sara I am going to move my cock in and out slowly. It may hurt but should not be as bad as the first entry.”

Grandpa was right. I felt as he pulled his cock out that hemy inside lining of rectum would come out in shreds. The pain remained static and now had a higher element of dull and stretching pain rather than cutting sharp pain.

Grandpa’s cock seemed to have doubled up in its length and girth as I felt his length never seem to come out of my ass. Grandpa paused as I felt the deep groove under his big cock head engage with my tight anal ring, he pushed his hugely thick cock back in inch by inch.

I tensed in anticipation but was pleased to find that the pain though a bit worse did not make me cry or scream.

For the next half an hour or so Grandpa steadily pulled and reintroduced his punishing truncheon in and out of my rectum.

His hand left my shoulder and found my breasts, he was knweeling over my hunched crouched body and kissed my back and played with my breasts and nipples.

I started to feel a new sensation as my ass became alive with my grandpa’s cock shuttling in and out. I could feel my anal ring once again. I started appreciate the thick veins over grandpa’s cock. I felt his cock ead nudging my firm feces around as it travelled deep inside my dark, warm shit filled rectum.

The walls of my rectum felt stretched though in a more sensual manner than my anus, which was still hurting, but not to a level that would scare me to welcome ass fucking in anticipation of pleasure tat my cunt fucking had yielded.

In fact to please my grandpa I would settle for one tenth of that pleasure to surrender my ass again and again. Did he not day that he wanted my ass right from day one?

Grandpa in his kind loving manner broke my anal virginity with his massively thick cock and I was now willing to experiment.

I started to fell my pussy getting wetter. My nipples started to tingle. My breathing became erratic and not from crying.

Grandpa was still fucking my ass with gentle slow strokes.

He let go of one of my breasts to my slight disappointment but as his fingers teased my clitoris I swooned.

Grandpa rubbed, flicked, and pinched my clitoris all the while fucking my ass without any rush or urgency. I was moaning to my utter surprise. My grandpa kept on plunging is cock to the hilt after he had impressed me with the long length he had buried inside my rectum as his finger playing with my clitoris took me inevitable orgasm.

I screamed, this time with extreme pleasure, as my body shook with a strong orgasm, which rushed through my body like tornado. Grandpa buried his huge cock right to the hilt and concentrated on my pleasure.

I gasped and panted for next many minutes.

I mumbled eventually, “Grandpa, I came very hard. I would like you to use y ass to make yourself cum as well.” I was aware that grandpa must be wanting to fuck my ass to his own pleasure.

“Sara I am going to fuck your ass few times a bit faster if this does not hurt then…,”Grandpa left his sentence unfinished as he started to move his big cock more robustly and to my pleasant surprise I could manage his more purposeful movement with a bite on my lip and clenching my teeth.

“I am Ok now grandpa,” I declared my face buried in the messy puddle of my tears and snot.

“Sara, then I would like to take your ass with you on your back,” Grandpa slowly pulled his cock out. As he freed his big cock head the groove snapped against the tight anal ring that made me wince.

I got up with to delight of my cramping muscles and turned to sit up facing my grandpa.

Grandpa’s huge cock was fully coated with rectal contents and had streaks of red. I remembered my grandpa’s edict of cleaning the messy cock after ass fucking. I bent my face towards his throbbing soiled cock and slowly licked it with my tongue from tip to its root. I tasted my own body waste and found it as acceptable as grandpa’s pee though the tastes were very different. I did not know then I would look forward to these exchanges over next few weeks of togetherness that grandpa had promised. Once happy that is was saliva soaked clean I got up. Grand pa hugged me and kissed my messy face. He licked my face clean including my snot filled nose. He pushed his tongue deep inside to clean it as I giggled.

Even these simple overtures stoked our lust and I was in fact looking forward to my rectum being stuffed with grandpa punishing big thick cock.

Grandpa gently pushed me back on my back and lifted my flexed legs right back to lift and exposed my soiled ass. He placed his raging, rampant steel hard against my still slightly relaxed gaping anus. I bit my lip hard as my anal ring had regained its silly resistance again but nowhere as bad as the first time. Grandpa placed his big palms over my both breasts and he massaged them rather roughly against my chest. I moaned and he managed to distract me enough to push his thick cock right to the last millimetre without making me scream, cry or sob.

“Sara, I am going to fuck your cock real hard like I fucked your pussy, do you realise?’ grandpa warned me. I nodded eagerly, in my strong desire to please him back.

Grandpa fucked my ass first with moderate pace and force. His hands kept me stimulated by teasing my breasts and cunt. Grandpa made me cum by again and again. He himself deposited his huge load of cum twice deep inside my rectum over next hour. I was acutely aware of my rectal aroma surrounding us he plundered my rectum with his big cock now sleek with my feces, which was of smooth paste like consistency.

Grandpa made me cum and fucked my ass untiringly. I was grateful that he had taken my ass in this position. I could not have maintained my crouched doggie type position for this long. He would wait after e had cum in torrents inside my bursting rectum. Instead of pulling out he would remain inside and regain his steel hardness to restart fucking my ass.

I had left myself to in my grandpa’s hands and only contented myself with moaning and cumming incessantly.

My ass was very sore and had started to burn just like my pussy after grandpa had been fucking it for a long time but I kept my pain or discomfort to myself. Grandpa had been fucking my ass with savage strokes and his thighs slapped my bottom loudly each time he slammed his big cock to the hilt. I felt very sore and tired but my grandpa could still make me cum.

I would realise once we finished that grandpa eventually ravaged my ass for non-stop four hours.

My eyes closed, with excess of sex and physical tiredness associated with repeated orgasms. Grandpa lifted himself on his stretched arms and toes of his now straight legs. He started to hammer his cock using his cock using his strong muscles to pull himself up to exit my ass and use his body weight and hips to slam it back in. I shook with each brutal lunge as he kept on thrusting his steel hard monstrously thick cock in my tortured rectum. Grandpa was actually grunting as he, with each new thrust, tried to hammer his cock with more force and savagery than the previous one. I was moaning both in some pain and renewed lust.

Grandpa was slamming his cock with such ferocity and speed that his each thrust slapped my bottom with a slap every second. His hips were moving in a blur.

Grandpa came like a geyser deep inside my convulsing spasming rectum and made cum yet again. This fresh orgasm was almost as painful as colic as it clenched my muscles in a knot and my belly tightened as if some on had punched it hard.

Grandpa fell with is full weight over me as his thick cock twitched and bucked painfully inside my full and bursting rectum. I held grandpa tightly in my arms and we both panted and gasped with ragged breathing.

I soon lost touch with reality as my eyes closed and a warm comforting darkness descended over my consciousness. The last memory before `I passed out was the kiss from my grandpa and whisper of ‘I love you Sara’.

I woke up around three in the morning. Grandpa was still lying on top of me snoring softly. I could feel his hard cock still embedded inside my full rectum. I hugged him tight and kissed his mouth and nose with soft kisses.

My senses were surprised at my renewed desire to have more sex.

Grandpa woke up wide-awake and alert. He smiled right away and kissed my mouth with force and passion that left nothing to imagination. Grandpa, tongue seeked the inside of my mouth. Both of or mouths had morning breath and taste and we both hungrily savoured it from each other’s mouth.

Grandpa’s big cock was rock hard within no time. He started to move first slowly in and out on my rectum and then he started to fuck me in earnest. I was taken in my well-fucked ass royally for next two hours. I was dizzy with repeated orgasms. Grandpa slammed his cock with little gentleness and I welcomed his each brutal thrust with gratitude. I even stupidly encouraged him to fuck me harder and he did.

He filled my abused rectum three times.

We both lay spent. I felt a strong urge to go to loo. Grandpa smiled understandingly. He picked me up with his cock acting as stop-cork plugging my tortured rectum.

Once close to the toilet grandpa warned me to tighten my anus as he pulled me off his nearly fully hard cock. I hurriedly sat on the seat as my rectum let out a loud explosion of first wind then runny fluid. I felt sheepish but grandpa stroked my hair and offered me his soiled cock. I engulfed his now semi hard cock that made it easy for my mouth to suck and lick him clean.

I was evacuating my rectum noisily as if grandpa’s repeated ejaculations had an enema like effect. One finished I looked up at grandpa’s face his flaccid semi hard cock still in my mouth.

I was pleased grandpa complied intuitively. I swallowed fast as grandpa acrid warm urine filled my mouth. He used stop and start technique to allow me to have more mouthfuls than would be possible with continuous stream. His stream eventually thinned out into squeezed dribbles. I reciprocated and this time stopped my stream more successfully to give many more mouthfuls but still managed to bathe his face with my warm fragrant urine. Grandpa turned me around and licked clean my bottom as I giggled and moaned in equal measure.

Grandpa dried both us with a towel, leaving formal shower for later. Our bed sheet was covered with cum, brown stains and some red ones as well.

We both fell in each other’s arms and lazily fooled around with each other’s body. This was very an education as I massaged my grandpa’s hard cock but he showed no inclination to mount me. Similarly he played with my breasts and pussy making me wet but still I preferred to continue toying with no hurry to have his raging cock inside me.

Eventually grandpa rolled on is back and offered me whatever I wished to do with his thick big cock. I first sucked on it until corners of mouth were stretched to a point of hurting. Then I climbed across his hips and placed my wet pussy over the hard cock head. I slowly descended on his huge long thick cock wincing and moaning as each inch stretched and dilated my still sore cunt to an impossible dimension.

After a long while my hairless pussy was being tickled by is rough pubic hair. I used my knees to lift my hips up and then screw my pussy back on grandpa’s rampant cock. Grandpa played with my breasts and tweaked my nipples. I managed to cum four times even with this languid fucking and slumped forward on grandpa’s chest when I felt my his cock throb and spurt deep inside my pussy.

I was fast asleep impaled on his cock as his arms engulfed my tired body.

We both slept until afternoon. Grandpa and I kissed each other to wish a good morning. Grandpa’s cock was rock hard inside me. Grandpa rolled me over and started to fuck with short rapid jabs. I would soon learnt hat this was purely for his own gratification. Grandpa still managed to make me cum twice before he filled me with his hot virile thick cum.

We both showered. I dressed in white shorts and red polo tee shirt.

Grandpa chose loose cargo shorts with white polo shirt. We both wore crepe soled cotton open shoes. I was walking even more awkwardly than yesterday as now my ass too felt on fire if I clenched my ass cheeks or tightened my anal ring. I gave up and chose to walk with my temporary trademark waddling gait.

We were first to be in the kitchen. I started to brew coffee and taking out necessary stuff for brunch. Grandma and Jake arrived. Jake was beautiful in loose fitting chinos and round necked tee shirt. Grandma was wearing a loose ankle length floral cotton skirt and Jake’s round necked white tee shirt. Her breasts were swaying wildly as she obviously had no bra underneath. Her large nipples were poking through the shirt. My grandma was simply unbelievably beautiful. Grandma kissed us both as Jake kissed me. Grandma and I prepared large brunch ‘to feed our hungry hardworking men folk’ as she put it light heartedly.

Grandpa and Jake chatted like two grown up men, nothing new about that but still there was something different that day.

Jake and I drank two tall glasses of grandma special strawberry milkshake.

I felt my stomach would burst as I ate ravenously and quickly. Sex definitely gave me an appetite over my own healthy attitude to food.

Grandma decided to go the country club for afternoon tea and some golf.

We spent afternoon playing atrociously but having more fun.

We all had so called tea that meant actual tea for grandma, beer for Grandpa and milk and juice for Jake and I.

Close to five Grandpa wondered when was the last time we all went to see a movie in theatre.

Jake chose a science fiction and we all enjoyed an impossible premise that movie was based on.

We went for dinner to a steak house that grandpa liked very much.

Dinner was great and we all laughed together with more intimacy that transcended our love as family.

Back at home. Jake served grandma her sherry, grandpa his scotch and juice for both of us.

My family watched news and talked as we all lounged in each other’s comforting presence.

Around ten thirty grandma once again excused herself and kissed us goodnight and glided off with Jake to her bedroom.

I ran into my grandpa’s lap who kissed me roughly biting my lips and even tip of my tongue, “Sara, I have been craving for your body all afternoon. You are in trouble tonight, sweetie.”

I looked demure and vulnerable filled with love and anticipation, “What would you do with me grandpa?”

“I am going to fuck your pussy real hard and then fuck your ass. I will make you suck every bit of your shit on it. I will make you drink my pee and then fuck you again,” Grandpa picked my quivering body in his arms as he walked towards our bedroom, “I will fuck your pussy so hard it will hurt you. I will tear you ass with my cock. Sara would you like me to fuck you hard?”

I nodded and buried my open panting mouth on grandpa’s scotch fragrant mouth.

My pussy was leaking madly.

Inside bedroom grandpa kept to his word. He tore my clothes off impatiently and shucked his as I waited with ragged breaths.

He turned me around and roughly pushed me face down on the bed with my feet on the carpet.

Grandpa spread my thighs and entered me from behind in one long powerful thrust. I screamed in delicious pain and shrieked to fuck me. Grandpa fucked me with fast bone jarring thrusts and made me cum within thirty stroked with his thick long cock. He upped the pace and as I was exploding into my fifth orgasm spurted fifteen times inside my sore burning but very hungry pussy.

He abruptly pulled out and rolled me over on my back. He supported my legs over his forearms and pulled me towards him until my ass was on the edge of the bed.

He buried his raging hard cock once again in my seething pussy making me moan loudly. He once again fucked me with brutal lunges. He used his standing on the floor position to good effect and generated tremendous power to hammer my tender sore pussy for another hour.

I was moaning loudly and my orgasms now were a long continuous peak that took my breath away.

Grandpa was tireless and unbelievably rough and brutal as he waited for a short time for me to recover my breath and pulled his cock out. He placed it against my anus making me wince. He pushed hard and even though I had braced myself I screamed with pain as he rammed his cock with little concern for my discomfort in fact excruciating pain. I was till in middle of my third scream as his bog cock was buried to the hilt. I was fucked hard and fast and soon grandpa had me moaning once again. By the time grandpa finished with me very late in the night I had been repeatedly fucked in my ass and cunt. I was limp and exhausted after continuous torment of body wrenching orgasms.

I was about to slip in my favourite state of post coital ‘coma’ when grandpa pulled his cum and shit covered cock out of my pussy and roughly turned me around to bring my face close to the edge of the bed. He spurted big globs of hot thick cum on my face, forehead, he covered my nose and closed eyes with his thick scalding virile cum. I was surprised with the amount even after he had ejaculated at least five times already. I thought he would never stop spurting. He left the last three or four spurts to fill my both nostrils. He lifted the tip of my nose to ensure he got his cum well inside.

I passed out and he picked me up and I slept like a dead in my grandpa’s warm embrace.


We were soon falling into routine as grandma and Jake behaved like a couple and so did grandpa and I. Not in public only when we retired from each other’s presence.

Jake and I never made any inappropriate physical gesture when not alone.

I never came to know what transpired between grandma and Jake. Jake never asked me about grandpa and me.

I never encountered Jake or grandma during those four weeks except twice. During all those weeks grandma would ensure that bedrooms were well stocked with fresh linen, towels and fridges were fully filed up.

One night grandpa was even more insatiable than usual. He had been alternating between my pussy and ass since we retired to our bedroom after dinner. He had cum in my mouth, peed in my mouth three times. After grandpa finished with me temporarily I was thirsty like hell. I found our bedroom fridge had no water.

I told grandpa I was going down to kitchen for water. Grandpa smiled and waved his renewed erect big thick cock and asked me to hurry back.

I smiled and rushed to the kitchen and found grandma at the fridge for water. My grandma’s hair were dishevelled with dried cum. Her face all over was covered with dried cum with brown tinge. Her lip margins were tinged with brown cum. Her breasts and bushy pussy were even messier. My grandma looked more beautiful than ever with the glow she had on her face. I did not realise that I was as messy if not more. Grandma kissed me and apologised giggling, “I am sorry, Jake has distracted me so much. I will make sure I do not slip again.” I hugged my grandma and tried my best to convince her to ignore this trivia all together.

Grandma gave me few bottles to take and giggled like me, ” Sara I think we need to go back to our men. Jake gets very impatient if I keep him waiting.”

I made my way to grandpa feeling proud in a funny manner that my Jake was a ‘man’ even for an elegant lady like my grandma.

I found grandpa waiting impatiently and I had to ‘pay’ for making him wait with his raging cock as he took me with unusual savagery in all my holes until I pleaded my standard plea of sore painful pussy and ass.

Grandpa and I were always hungry for each other’s company. Grandpa would seek chances however, short to take me even just to take his own pleasure out of, either fucking me or asking me to suck him. I looked forward to these surprises. I felt happy and satisfied as he would fuck me hard and fast to make best of fifteen or fifteen minutes we could get when all four of us were in downstairs.

I distinctly and fondly remember during one of the nights of dining out grandpa went to the men’s and as he excused himself I too felt the need to go to the restrooms.

Grandpa noticed that. He once out of the main dining area turned sharply and pulled me roughly with him to the men’s toilet. He took me to one of the cubicles and pulled my skirt up. He opened his fly and brought out his monster steel hard cock through his boxers. He nudged my panties to one side and picked me up in the air and soon my legs were around his waist and his huge cock impaled my pussy in one savage upward lunge from his powerful hips and downward help of gravity and my weight. I had to bite hard not to scream. He fucked me with lightening speed and spurted deep inside as I was cumming hard myself.

I actually had to pee. While I peed I sucked his cock clean. My panties were drenched in mixture of our cum. I must have looked flushed and out of sorts but no one appeared to have noticed.

Another time we were in kitchen preparing dinner. Grandma asked me to pick out a vintage cabernet from the cellar. I went half way and forgot where the catalogue was to check where the bottles were kept.

Grandpa waved his hand offered to help as Jake helped grandma with vegetables ands sauce [Jake was fast becoming a good cook].

Grandpa came inside the cellar and instead showing me where the catalogue was dragged me the end of the cellar and bent me on the ledge. He impatiently pulled my jeans down and out of one leg. I heard the unmistakable sound of zipper and my pussy flooded with cunt juices. Soon he brushed the panties to one side and rammed his cock in my seething pussy in one thrust nearly lifting me off the floor with the force of his lunge. I was fucked hard and fast and in two minutes I was coming and screaming like a banshee. Thanks to the underground cellar with heavy doors I could afford to vent my pleasure in screams and I did.

Grandpa left before I did. By the time I had pulled my jeans up grandpa plonked the right bottle on the ledge and left with no sound or kisses. I squeezed my thighs to keep his cum inside my pussy but failed and it gushed out drenching my cotton panties.

Once Jake and grandma were inside a bookstore and grandpa and I were waiting inside the car. Due to heat we had windshield cover and dark glasses. AC inside the car was on. Grandpa without any preamble pulled his zipper down and looked at me. I shuddered as the mere sight of his long thick cock left me quaking, ‘Grandma and Jake might come shortly,” I was trying to be the ‘adult’ and sound of reason.

“Then should you not hurry,” quipped my ‘horny teenaged grandpa’.

I opened my mouth and did my best to suck him. I could actually suck his cock head and two inches with occasional gag. I pumped the rest of his shaft with my two hands [one hand simply was inadequate]. Grandpa bucked his hips up to push another inch inside making me gag few times. Grandpa filled my mouth with his thick cum and I struggled to swallow it as fast as he filled my mouth again and again. I could not afford to spill any on hi trousers, or in the seat. I gulped every drop and smiled as he moaned with satisfaction. His face bathed in pleasure as my mouth or cunt engulfed his cock was the most satisfying part of the sexual act with him.

Grandpa and I tried every type of sex either would want to try. I would love to wait for him to offer his soiled cock after fucking my ass. I craved for the taste of his warm pee. I had learnt to lick and rim his ass. I particularly liked doing it after he had been out playing golf in heat and after he had finished evacuating his bowel. I loved the taste and smell of the sweat, rectal fragrance and the fact I could make him moan and that sound filled me with love for him both as a man and my grandpa.

I was dreading the end of our contractual four weeks. I was hoping, as Jake too felt the same, that our grandparents would simply let it continue. We both knew that we were fooling ourselves.

That weekend came. During the dinner grandma raised her glass as did we and made a toast, “Tom has allowed me to make this toast to two most beautiful and wonderful grandchildren any grandparents would hope to have. We hope we have done nothing to diminish your love towards us during these last four weeks. We both would cherish these days to our last day of our lives. These days would be as precious as our marriage, our daughter and two grandchildren.”

Jake gave the toast for both of us, “Sara and I could not thank enough for the generosity and patience that has been shown towards us all our lived and even more so during the last four weeks. Our love for you would even be more if we did not love with our whole being already. We both will miss the special privacy we were offered. We wish we could continue it further but that decision would be yours.”

Grandma hugged Jake and said, “Jake you and Sara have this week to be together. We are in the house. But don’t involve us to recreate the last days. If there is something that you both want and are struggling either of us would be happy to help but in the same manner as before. But we both believe that you will not need us in that manner.”

Decision was made. We both looked sad but our grandparents knew better. We went out for dinner and soon they managed to distract us. The seating arrangement soon confirmed that the last weeks were all we would have to cherish. Back at home the usual routine of drinks, TV and conversation was comforting. Close to eleven in the night grandma mimicked a dainty yawn and took grandpa with his hand as they both kissed us goodnight.

Jake smiled as he noticed my sad face. He kissed me. Soon he picked me up on his shoulder like a sac of potatoes.

I started to laugh. He galloped with me swaying on his shoulder to our bedroom.

He took me in his arms and undressed me slowly like a precious delicate doll.

He took his clothes off and I saw how tall and muscular he was even than. His rock hard cock was over seven inches and he had a lot of growing to do. His girth was just short of the benchmark of the wine bottle. My Jake would grow into even bigger monster than my grandpa supported. I sighed, I would have to get used to big thick cocks for the rest of my life.

Jake and I kissed and gently stroked each other. Jake rolled me into reverse oral and soon we were moaning as our mouths pleasured each other. Jake made me cum twice and then used his saliva soaked steel hard cock to impale my pussy and take me to heaven again and again. My Jake took my grandpa’s place in my short sexual life within an hour. Jake fucked me slow, fucked me hard. He took me in missionary, in doggie and any other position we could think of.

He fucked my ass. He shared my pleasure of tasting each other’s pee.

We made love and fucked ourselves into stupor until late morning.

We woke up close to three that afternoon. We walked to the living area to the cheers and good-natured ribbing of our grandparents.

That week we were fed and allowed to rut like rabbits.

Grandma had already planned on pills to ensure everything was planned and not happened by surprise.


Jake and I worked our superfast way through school. By fourteen we both had graduated. Two masters were under our belt as we turned nineteen. Jake was going to army. Jake was now six feet five inches tall and built like a huge army tank. His broad chest and huge arms were intimidating for most people who did not know him. But his face, which was handsome and beautiful at the same time, drew in people like a magnet collects iron fillings. His large cock now had grown to a massive eleven plus inches and was thicker than my childhood yardstick of wine bottle.

I could take him without being torn apart because he grew with me and I took him as he grew. This situation always reminded me of that famous Chinese mythical folklore as the best analogy.

We were still at ease with both our households. Don, Jake’s father and grandparents had more dinners and evenings together. Jake and I would use both houses as our base and our two small families functioned as one in two houses.

As we grew older Jake’s father started to joke with me as an adult.

“Sara, sweetheart, if my son does not marry soon you I will do so in trice,” We laughed. Don or daddy as I called him [Jake always addressed him as father] would never leave his wife’s memory for any other woman. His life was centred on his son earlier and now around him and me.

Don was a big man he was heavier than Jake and broader. Jake had inherited the slender jeans from his beautiful Scottish mother. Jake was olive skinned but his father was dark chocolate brown. Don’s hugeness was phenomenal. His could block double doors with his body. His arms were bigger than many huge men’s thighs. His voice like Jake’s was deep baritone ranging from soft soothing sound to firm no nonsense voice that no one dared ignore. His impossible muscular frame stood six feet six inches tall. He was simply a proverbial giant.

I loved daddy as much as my grandparents. He was planning to let his army career go once Jake had settled down. His business empire had diversified his multi billions were helping many and earning for him.

Jake and I married before we turned twenty. Jake and I had already started to think of family, as we wanted to be young with our children and grandchildren as our parents and grandparents were.

I was pregnant when Jake left. I was half way to my PhD and MBA when I gave birth to my beautiful Laurie the day I turned twenty-one. My sweet daughter and I would forever share our birthdays. Don left army. He was more in city than before. Laurie was being spoilt by three grandparents in fact one grandfather and two great-grand parents.

I missed Jake so bad that it ached physically.

I would spend a lot of time with my father in law. His zest for life and fun was infectious. We would share jokes and innuendoes that would make many conventional families gasp.

He would hold me tight as I was coming out swimming pool in my scanty swimsuit and shout, “Sara, Jake has been away too log. Can I help?”

I would blush though I had heard it hundreds of time and my response would remain the same, “Jake forbade me to hook up with old lechers.”

His booming laugh and kiss on my head would make my heart sore with love and I would miss Jake a bit less even though normally simple mention of his name would leave me wet between my thighs and heart with a hole as big as my fist.

My grandma would laugh at his poor joke that went against his impeccable manners. He used the absurd to make t funny simply because it was coming from him — the last man to be absurd.

His super intelligence reflected the inheritance Jake had.

Don’s and Grandpa’s huge physique dwarfed my and grandma’s five feet six easily as we swam or played tennis. We only made us proud with our voluptuous frames and , as people repeated told us, divinely beautiful face.

Daddy and I would take turns with changing nappies and feeding Laurie. My grandparents too would share the chores. Laurie was being read books since started to remain awake for more than an hour.

Days I was with my father in law he would cook so that I could catch up with my thesis. We had relaxed dress code. Don would walk around in loose shorts and nothing else. His body was covered with curly black hair. His massive muscles rippled as he moved. Even though I was used to living with another giant my husband Jake, my father in law was much bigger with raw strength oozing from his every pore. He would make me stop doing whatever I was up to by simply walking in. Jake had similar effect on me and I am told other people.

Don’s humour was incessant banter ranging from caustic sarcasm to extremely intelligent play on words. He used ribald as gracefully as he used rare literary comments and philosophical quotes. He was man who was life personified and I was grateful he had given me the same man in form of his son built in his image.

I was used to and look forward to my father in law showing his affection in a robust physical manner. Jake and I had become very physical in our communication.

Daddy would surprise me in kitchen by engulfing my petite self in his giant frame.

He would pick me up and throw in the pool starting a fight I would never win. I would try to take his trunks off. I would succeed only few times but he would more often than not manage to take my two-piece swimming suit off. We would shake with mirth at our childlike behaviour.

Jake came three times in next three years we made love violently to punish each other for being away and landed up crying in each other’s arms. Jake and Laurie talked-Jake talked and Laurie would quietly look at her father absorbing his every word. We made love with Laurie sleeping in our bed or partly awake watching.

Grandma, grandpa and my father in law would try to seek Jake’s company as much as was decently possible. Jake was the glue holding all four of us together.

Life was bliss. Laurie grew faster than I wished. Four guardians of supreme intelligence transferred their thoughts even before she started to walk. She started to articulate words before two years. Except us everyone was surprised.

My, no sorry, our world collapsed when Laurie was three years old. Jake way beyond the call of his duty as an officer went out to pull out a part of his unit from a sticky situation. He managed that with great ease thanks to his vastly analytical brain that could outthink all the military manuals. He intuitively knew the snipers locations and various explosive devices.

Once his unit was in the armoured car he was about to rush towards his chopper when a little girl of three years walked out from the village out of nowhere.

Jake saw his Laurie and forgot his objective brain telling him it was a set up. The love of my man for his little daughter he had barely seen more than few days in three ears of her life over powered everything else. He rushed back, shouts from his colleagues nothing more than the hum f mosquitoes he was used to.

He grabbed the sweet tiny bundle of that child in his arms, as he knew the sniper had won. He felt the bullets hit his huge frame enveloped the little girl and bullets thudded in to his massive frame barely shaking him. Jake took whole magazine to eventually fall but the little girl was safe in the arms of my big man. To save a tiny life my Jake had never met before his little daughter of same age lost her father.

I cried and wiled like a wounded animal in my room. Daddy was stone faced and buried his son with no expression than ‘such is life’.

My grandma and grandpa went deathly quiet. The loss of their ‘grandson’ took their desire to live away. Both aged overnight from strong virile humans to defeated couple with unfocussed eyes and minds.

Don went into a armoured shell nothing could penetrate. I looked at Laurie who was more disciplined, less demanding and so very ready to please that made me cry. Laurie knew she had lost the most important man in her very short life.

My grandma could not survive the loss of her ‘only grandson’ and the boy she helped become a man. Grandpa felt the same loss and mine and he just gave up the fight.

He six months after my Jake’s demise was hell. My grandparents looked apologetic as they allowed their bodies to succumb to fatal illnesses. I lost grandma and grandpa within a month of each other. In a short span of six months we lost three of our five-member family.

I cried and wailed. Laurie became quieter. Daddy became a recluse.

Laurie and I were left with wealth but no one to give love or receive love from.

Six months of hell and burying three integral part of out lives should have brought daddy and me closer but it did the right opposite.

When I went to my father in law’s house with Laurie he would be polite and to the point. I saw the giant of this man breaking to pieces. My heart broke. I had no one to talk with but my little Laurie who needed more than her mother to grow with.

I pushed my grief into background and steeled myself to redeem whatever was left of my family.


I arranged my very close friend of grandma to babysit Laurie. I held Laurie tight in my embrace, “Sweetheart, you have noticed grandpa is not feeling himself. I have to go and talk with him.”

“I think grandpa is annoyed with us,” Laurie kissed me, “You have to tell him we love him very much, mummy.”

I could cry at my little girl’s profound simplicity, “Mummy may take two or three days to stay with grandpa alone. Would you let grandma’s Nancy look after you?”

Laurie stroked my face, she knew I was on verge of crying, “You do not worry about me mummy. Just look after grandpa.”

With that talisman in my heart and soul, I went to visit my father in law.


I found him in a dishevelled state with five days old stubble and unruly hair.

Daddy was most polite, that was more insulting tan if were to be abusive.

He offered me coffee etc. I steadily waded through the formality. I sternly asked the home helps to take the evening off. One of the old trusted guard loyal to daddy hesitated. My blue eyes flashed and he recognised the ‘King’ anger when he saw one.

I took out a fresh bottle of single malt, two glasses and bucket of ice.

I knew there would be no taker for snacks that evening.

Daddy was dressed in his loose shorts and nothing else. He supported thick stubble of few days. His hair was unruly.

I was feeling less confident my demeanour might have suggested. I was in my trademark dress for summer in a short kaftan.

Daddy made polite conversation as I offered him scotch.

I felt hurt he had made no attempt to hug me or kiss me.

I sat silently as we sipped our drink.

Daddy gulped his scotch quicker than usual. I refreshed his glass and after some hesitation mine as well.

“Daddy, Laurie misses you a lot,” I tried to knock on the door of my real father in law.

Daddy kept silent took a long sip from his scotch and spat out, “Yes, people miss people. Life is cruel. We all have to live with it.”

“Daddy, Laurie and I need a father,” I was about to cry, “Do we have one?”

Daddy sat stony faced and ignored my cry for help.

I was now angry. Even daddy did not realise a angry combination of Thompson and King was bad for anyone including an original King.

“Dad, do you think this grief is your personal one?” I was really angry, “Your [I spat our your] son was my friend since childhood, we grew up as siblings and he became my husband and father of my only child.”

Daddy sat staring straight ahead, “I have lost my wife when my Jake was four. I brought him up on my own. I have lost the most precious person in my life. You want to do maths with who lost more?”

Daddy was spiteful. I felt cold rage rushing through my veins.


I shouted in utter contrast to my personality. My obscene language was for the only time I would utter those kinds of words.

I saw daddy’s jaw clench. He almost crushed the crustal whiskey glass in smithereens.

“Who do you think you are? My Jake loved you. My wife loved my Jake more than her life. I loved my Jake more than my life. I just do not know how to end mine.” Daddy spat out each word at me like an insult towards a mental retard.

My heart bled for my father in law. I saw this giant superman trying to cry but could not.

“Daddy, it is not death that has failed you. You have failed yourself. You lost love that life’s vagaries decided to make you loose. You had no control on that. You are now loosing knowingly what little of love you are left with. My Jake would have known the right thing to do.” I knew right away I had stepped over every line my father in law held scared.

Daddy stared at me with disbelief. I was stunned myself at my audacity. Daddy swung his arms and slapped me with his open palm on my face.

I screamed in pain and surprise, ” You stupid bitch. My son accepted you. My son chose you. Did he know how base you would get? You are nothing but…but…..,”

Daddy spluttered unfinished sentence igniting my anger even more.

“You are nothing but a brute. Jake was a gentleman and loved us. You are a brute and bully. You cannot live beyond you loss and so choose to relinquish you responsibility towards your loved ones. My Jake would never do that,” I insulted my father in law even more. My raging white flame of anger was raging crying for a victim.

Daddy sat silently for a millisecond and then his face twisted in pure hatred.

He looked at me with unmitigated disgust, “YOU ARE A CRASS WHORE AND NOTHING MORE.”

“My parents and grandparents who loved Jake more than perhaps you do would disagree,” I shouted and started to cry.

“NO ONE LOVED MY JAKE MORE THAN HIS FATHER, YOU STUPID HUSSEY,” Daddy hissed rather than shout. That was danger bells, who knew ‘the Wall’, my father in law.

Daddy shook in blind rage as my body shook with my sobs.

He grabbed my curly long thick hair and lifted my messy face covered with my tears.

I sniffed like small child to prevent from my nose running.

“What the hell do you know about loving? What the fuck do you know about caring?” Daddy was totally dissociated with the present. He was responding to demons that he only had faced.

“I want to look after you, daddy. I want to love you as my father and man of my family,” I was sobbing and shaking, “But you are so thick and insensitive that you would wallow in the loss you can not so anything about and loose the love that is crying for you.”

My father in law’s face went rigid with cold rage. He had never in his life been talked back in such insulting manner.

His arm swung lightening fast and landed a brutal slap on my face making me scream and sob even louder.

“You think you love me?” he growled and I nodded as I cried.

“You think you love me you stupid little bitch,” Daddy spat insults at me.

My ego overtook my objectivity.

My brain went in cold anger, “Daddy, what are you avoiding? Are you scared of a woman who chooses to love you regardless of how much of a pig you are? Have I missed some thing and there is no real man behind your façade of a giant that knows how to treat a woman trying to love you?”

I had done it. I had ignited a time bomb. Daddy had been a celibate since Jake’s mother died when he was four. He had eschewed physical pleasure on a matter of principle for twenty years. I had insulted the most sacred memories of this kind, giant but very vulnerable loving man in my blind rage.

Daddy was deathly still for many moments and then he growled like an injured wolf and slapped me three times rapidly. He grabbed my hair and pulled me on my feet. I was sobbing and screaming ‘I love you daddy, please don’t hurt me. I want you to love me daddy’.

I could have hit my head against a concrete wall with more success than reaching inside my father in law’s mind.

Daddy tore the kaftan of my body, leaving me shaking in my panties. I was aware my large soft slightly drooping breasts were shaking with my sobbing.

Daddy soaked in the messy sight of his sobbing, crying daughter in law he appeared to love little, in fact despise at that moment.

He tore the panties as if they were made from paper.

He threw me on the huge roman sofa.

He pulled my naked body up on my knees and elbows. He slapped my ass with his open huge hand repeatedly like a mad sadistic man. I could not sob or cry any louder or more pathetically. I felt him take off his shorts.

He moved in front of me and insulted me some more, “You are a slut and need to be treated like one. My Jake s too kind and gentle with you.”

I saw the most frightening sight ever.

I was prepared to see a penis on my father in law matching my Jake’s monster.

Daddy’s cock was at least three if not four inches longer than my Jake and much thicker than my grandma’s homely benchmark of wine bottle. His was more close to a champagne bottle and probably thicker.

He pulled on my hair painfully forcing my mouth wide open in pain and shoved his monster cock head inside my mouth. My mouth corners felt as if they would tear as I did my best to cry and close my tortured mouth on my father in law’s inhuman penis at the same time.

Teas were streaming from my eyes, my nose was running, my body was shaking with now silent sobs as my father in law held my head cruelly with fistful of my curly hair and pushed my mouth on to his impossibly huge cock head. I could not breathe as I gagged painfully on my father in law’s inhuman cock head and my nose was filled with my tears and mucus. I remember flailing my arms as if drowning until I found his roman column thick thighs and tried to push him with an abject failure. I could have more easily pushed a mountain.

My brain became light headed and fuzzy. The pain from corners of my mouth was excruciating and my throat was raw with continuous gagging. Somehow my sniffles and coughing cleared my nose to breathe. My father in law brutally raped my mouth. I felt my mouth corners were definitely had tiny tears as the pain was mind numbing. I flailed and gagged. My eyes were engorged with blood; my brain was thumping as if I had surfaced faster than I should have from deep-sea dive. My nose and eyes were streaming steadily possibly lubricating my father in law’s monster. My mouth and throat was torture went on for what seemed an eternity. I heard a deep animal like growl when with no warning my father in law forced my face even further down the inhuman thick cock and erupted inside my mouth. I once again felt as if drowning as my throat filled with massive amount of thick viscid cum that I could not sallow. I had stopped breathing instinctively to prevent choking.

Before I somehow gulped a small amount he once again spurted impossibly huge amount of another load of hot semen. I gagged and a large amount refluxed up and out through my nose filling my both nostrils with viscid thick hot semen further blocking my breathing.

My father in law’s next six or seven huge spurts found their way down my throat and some again out of nostrils. He growled again and his hand released my hair as my mouth instinctively pulled off his throbbing monster. His last three spurts covered my face from forehead to chin.

I on my knees and hands and my man—mountain father in law stood many moments frozen in this bizarre tableau of incestuous torture.

My breathing eased a bit as thick cum trickled out of my nose. I was gasping and panting. My father in law climbed behind me and I still managed to note though my senses were all dulled and floating in ether that is inhuman monstrosity had lost not a bit of hardness. If it was possible it appeared even more dangerously hard and rigid. I was shaking and trembling as the ferocious brutality of my father in law’s wrapped in the haze of the anguished torture of his grief had totally knocked me off my confidence. I felt extremely vulnerable. That day I had only one man left in my family who could have helped me and he was the man of the inflicting the torture.

My father in law wiped my saliva, cum and my snot off his huge cock with my kaftan. He held my hips in his huge hands. I felt weak as I realised my father in law’s intentions. He placed his cock head at the entrance of my vagina. My Jake had stretched my pussy and ass with his giant cock but still I felt my pussy had been shredded as my father in law with a loud animal grunt force-slam the inhuman sized cock head and few inches in one cruel, brutal lunge. The pain from my cunt made me scream and soon I screamed again as he kept pulling an inch or two and then lunge with his demonic strength forcing few more excruciatingly painful inches inside my tortured cunt. My hand was lolling side to side and my sobs were broken with blood curdling screams as my father in law forced his monster cock with no mercy or consideration to my agony or inflicted damage.

I felt my cunt ripping apart with each forced inch of my father in law’s torture inhuman tool. I cried and sobbed and my voice became hoarse. My mouth was slack and open and my saliva was drooling on my chin on to sofa. After a long time of torturing thrusts my ass felt the coarseness of my father in law’s thick bushy pubic hair.

My cunt felt on fire and stretched to a limit that had become a source of pain even after my father in law stood with his full inhuman length of his massive cock buried to hilt.

He again emitted a deep guttural animal growl and pulled his monster cock out with punishing impatience. I felt my mucosa of my pussy would be turned inside out. I screamed as my painful cunt felt gaping empty as his monstrosity was pulled out except his inhuman wide and cock head still buried to remind me the hugeness of my father in law’s member.

I heard a deep breath behind me and felt tightening grip on my hips as my father in law slammed his monster cock in one long brutal thrust. I felt my pussy was bleeding and it was on fire. I screamed and screamed with excruciating pain. I sobbed and cried and my father in law introduced me to his inhuman weapon of punishment in the most brutal manner. He pulled and slammed his inhumanly thick long cock with amazing speed inside my tortures cunt.

I could not imagine any pain could be worse than this [I was wrong, as I would realise before that night was over].

I at some stage stopped crying and my sobs became occasional. My tear and mucus soiled mouth still was slack and open.

I felt my father in law’s monster cock moving more smoothly. My cunt had betrayed the pain inflicted on me and was flooding with juices.

my father in law fucked my cunt with long savage thrusts as my body told me about my impending orgasm. I shrieked as the violence of my father in law’s fucking was matched with the violence of my orgasm. Both ravaged my body leaving me breathless and in agony. The agony was turning into a pleasure I did not think possible when my father in law put my pussy to sword.

My father in law stood behind me and fucked me fucked with unabated brutal lunges as I cam again and again. I was screaming my father in law to fuck me harder to my own embarrassment.

If my father in law knew whose cunt was he fucking he gave me no idea. I could have been a cheap prostitute who had been paid to be tortured any way he wanted.

My repeated orgasms shook a fresh one and me erupted as if to pay homage to my father in law’s own climax.

I was taken aback with the sheer force and amount of each spurt that filled my painfully stretched cunt. His thick hot semen kept on splashing against the tender walls of my pussy. I had cum at least seven times over the last hour and my knees and elbows were feeling the enfeebled state of my body. My father in law grunted as if in pain. I wanted to hold him in my arms like a mother. I could feel the tortured soul that he was. But he was too distant from his daughter in law he had treated as his own daughter since her childhood.

He slammed his spurting cock with even more savage force knocking me flat on my face. I yelped in pain as his monstrosity emptied my convulsing cunt painfully.

I was panting trying to gather my senses when I felt my father in law roughly hold my legs and rolled me over on my back. He was on his knees and pulled my body towards him holding my calves in his iron grip. My pelvis was soon in front of his inhuman cock. I could see streaks of red in the white coating of mixed cum. He impaled my very painful cunt once again. I shrieked genuinely in pain even though my cunt was filled with my father in law’s cum and my own sex juices.

My father in law fucked my cunt untiringly making me scram, sob and moan from one orgasm to another. He never held me tight in his arms, kissed me or made any gesture of affection. His eyes were unfocused and seemed not to recognise me at all.

I moaned, “Daddy, I am cumming again. Please hold me.”

I might have pleased with a marble statue and probably got a hug, but my father in law kept on slamming his cock in and out hurting me and making me cm. My body had given up dealing with the paradox of pain eliciting pleasure and both excruciatingly painful to grapple with.

I was fucked with savagery, as each thrust was associated with slurping sounds as my snug and tight pussy fought each retreat of my father in law’s monstrosity and cum filled pussy squelched as his inhuman hugeness filled it to splitting point again.

My father in law came three more times as I lost count of my orgasms. I felt very tired and my every muscle felt sore. My father in law stood like granite wall as I slumped on the sofa beaten by both savage fucking and body wrenching orgasms.

My mind was so numb I stopped feeling the awkwardness of our situation.

I was rudely pulled back to reality as my father in law pulled out of my pussy. His impossible steel hard cock still rampant and threatening.

He lifted my legs right back towards my shoulder in a rough manner as thighs spread leaving my pussy and ass was wide open.

He moved his gargantuan cock head against my tiny anal ring. My mind screamed in anticipation. He would tear my ass apart. If I had any say in the matter I had lost that long time ago. My father in law pushed his hard painful man fist sized cock head right at the incongruously tiny anus of mine. I held my breath and did my bet to relax my anus and even push out as his giant muscular frame pushed his gargantuan cock head against tight ostensibly unyielding anal rind. He grunted and I screamed, even more shrill and heart breaking than the ones I emitted earlier. My ass was cut into ribbons with knife as my father in law’s huge cock head stretched my anal ring to a size that would seem impossible looking at my tiny anus and my father in law’s inhuman sized cock until y anal ring was tore in shreds to loosed it up.

The intolerable pain suggested that is what has exactly happened.

My father in law, once his cock head had forced its way, continued to brutally bulldoze inch after inch of is monster cock as I screamed and sobbed all over again.

The agony was far worse than my father in law’s attack on cunt. Amazingly it became numb much quicker.

I sobbed and grunted as my teeth bit on my lips drawing blood. I tasted my own blood and was unaware. My fingernails scratched my father in law’s skin over his forearms making little impact on the man-mountain made of steel and granite.

In another half an hour ever becoming less painful ass fucking my father in law appeared to show just a hint of focus in his bright light brown eyes. His hands found my breasts, which were swaying painfully with his bone jarring thrusts, were grateful to his hands, which grabbed the softy flesh in their large grip. Soon the pain of his deathly tight squeezing added another heightened sensation and my moans from soiled open mouth were reverberating off the walls of the football ground large living room.

My father in law was fucking my ass with same force and speed that he had ravaged my cunt with, his inhumanly massive cock was shuttling with great speed. Our surrounding air was rife with my rectal scent and I did not need to see that his cock was thankfully coated with smooth paste of my feces making my ass fucking full of pleasure that I had with my grandpa many years ago and since then with Jake.

I was cumming non-stop. I was on the high plateau of my multiple orgasms and my father in law could only add to my pleasure even when he twisted and pulled my nipple to get some screams out of my throat. I had seen the light of his old self in hi eyes and I knew I had my only surviving man of my family back. It was a matter of time before he declared his return as well.

I started to cry silently. These were tears of happiness. My father in law started to fuck my ass with full super length of his champagne bottle thick cock even faster and harder. My orgasms were becoming more painful than whatever pain he could inflict by hammering my ass and squeezing my breasts. I would not know until tomorrow he had been fucking me for over five hours of most painful, most torrid and emotionally most cathartic fucking of my life –probably of both our lives.

I felt him cum at least twice but alter my ass and senses were only alive to my orgasms. I was becoming dizzy after my rollercoaster ride of emotions and exhausting continuous orgasms.

My father in law was still fucking my ass with unabated ferocity. when my senses were cocooned with black curtain and I passed out something that had not happened for many years with sex.

Time has no meaning when you are oblivious to it or it has stopped having any relevance to your life.

When I woke up at some stage I was sore all over. My body was just not aching but was actually painful whenever I moved any muscle. My father in law giant mountainous muscular frame was on top of me burying me completely his large handsome face was buried in the side of my neck and I could hear his deep breathing of deep sleep. I felt wetness on the side of my neck that was not mine. My arms flew around my father in law’s massive muscular neck and I stroked the side of his face wet with his ears.

THE IRONMAN WAS CRYING — my heart melted. He had bottled up grief twice. He had centred his life around one person he loved and everyone else that person chose to love. He had given all his life. He now wanted and needed that love himself and did now how to ask. He, perhaps, misconstrued that he would let us down if he showed that he was anything but his old self above and untouched by anything that life could throw. Inside this giant of a man huge as the mountain lurked an innocent child like heart with inner strength of steel.

I wept silently and stroked my giant’s face and fell back in deep warmth of comatose sleep.

When I eventually woke up or rather opened my eyes sleepily, I did not know what time it was and how long had I been in the lap of comatose sleep. My arms felt empty and my body did not feel crushed and could move. I panicked like a small child and involuntarily cried “Daddy?” before I perceived my father in law’s presence towards the head end of the sofa. I turned towards him and I was shocked to see his face in deep anguish and wet with tears.

“I am really sorry, Sara. I should not dragged you into my hell,” my heart broke to hear the big man’s voice filed with remorse and pain.

I started to cry myself but somehow managed to crawl up and nearly threw myself in his open arms, as my whole body was rigid and frozen with muscle pain.

My father in law lifted me in his lap effortlessly and hugged me tight. I melted in his embrace and buried my body as if I wanted to crawl inside his skin. I smelled his sweet fragrance of sweat. I kissed his mouth as we both cried silently and tasted his morning breath mixed with whiskey and cigar. I felt all would be right with my world henceforth, ‘Laurie, sweetheart, I have got your grandpa back.’


After, a long minutes, my father in law whispered with intense passion in low deep voice, “I love you Sara. I would not have dreamt of not caring for you. Forgive me for my intransigence.”

“Daddy, please no words are necessary. I love. Laurie though you were angry with us. We have you to love and demand your love. That is all our family needs.” I sobbed with happiness smiling and crying that only women can do.

The though of little Laurie feeling he was angry with her pained my father in law.

My father in law rocked back and forth gently as he held me tight.

I kissed his face not realising I was shifting mess on my face to his. As I saw that I giggled, “Daddy, you have my snot all over your face.”

My father in law laughed for the first and kissed me with the kind of intensity that is pure affection, I winced as my sore lips hurt. He kissed my mouth gently and then equally gently licked my sore lips clean. He licked my whole face clean. I tried to do the same and soon we were laughing like two children trying to out do each other, but his superior strength won and he licked every tiny bit of my soiled face clean. He took my nose in his mouth, making me giggle, and pushed his tongue inside each nostril to lick it clean. He kissed me again with my taste on his tongue very mindful of my painful lips.

“Sara, shall I clean you in shower,” My father in law was looking sheepish as he realised the mess he had covered me with.

My father in law picked me up and walked towards the shower in his ensuite of master bedroom. I clung to his neck as if he would vanish if I ever let go of him, “Laurie and I thought we both have lost our fathers,” I whispered to my father in law.

“Never, Sara, never. My madness not withstanding I would never leave you and Laurie. You were my daughter since your parents passed away. In my mind you had as much right on me and everything I owned as much as Jake,” his voice choked with the realisation that he could probably have lost the two remaining children he had along with his son. He pulled me tight to his hairy chest and I rubbed my face against his wiry, curly thick amt of hair as he carried me like a precious cargo. That was the turning moment for me. I then and there decided, my father I law was the only man Laurie needed in her life and mentally he stopped being my father in law. He was my father and Laurie’s grandpa. I naughtily thought if daddy would allow me I would happily look after him as his only woman.

Inside the bathroom I wanted to pee. I sat on the toilet and winced as the pee burnt my sore pussy. I tried to hide worried daddy would feel guilty. Suddenly my rectum wanted to explode too. I noticed daddy’s cock was soiled with thick coating of dry brown film and streaks of red. Daddy did manage to tear my one passage if not both.

I pulled daddy towards me and tried took his flaccid but still huge girth in my mouth both to mitigate my painful moans as my pee stung my pussy and possibly my rectum would hurt as well.

I sucked him clean slowly bit by bit. The stale taste and smell of mixed cum and my rectum was heady and made me feel all hot. I gingerly allowed my bowel to open and it hurt like hell. Everything tat touched my anal ring stung and hurt. I felt that my ass was on fire as my rectum exploded with cum and feces of different consistency.

Daddy stroked my hair sensing our last night tryst had left marks. I kissed deep gashes on his forearm made by my nails. He bent down and took my face in his hands and kissed me. As I winced and allowed my bowel to do what ever it wanted to do.

” Daddy, if you have torn my ass, it will be out of bounds until it heals,” I joked and immediately winced as another firm rectal content shot out hurting like hell.

“You would still want to let to…. make love to you? Even after I have treated you like an animal?” Daddy was like child totally out of sync with how women operated and thought of their men.

“Only if you do not want for whatever reason? I shall never inquire. If you do then I will love with all my being both as your daughter and your woman.” I kissed the palm of his hand.

“Sara, I would be lucky to have you. I will never ever be so self engross to ignore you and Laurie.” Daddy kissed my forehead, cheeks and neck repeatedly.

Once I had finished with the first most painful evacuation of bowel my daddy became all action. He turned me gently and licked my ass clean insisting tissue would be rough. Once he had licked my entire ass clean daddy gently parted my full soft ass cheeks and looked at my abused sore anus.

He got up and pulled me to hug, “Sara, I am afraid my beastly desires have damaged you sweet ass.”

I pushed my petite body back into his body, dwarfed in comparison to my daddy’s man-mountain physique, “I am sure daddy it will hurt nest few when I shit but it will heal soon for you take me in my ass again.”

Daddy hugged me tight. I was washed with the gentleness that woman could appreciate. Daddy shampooed my hair and cleaned my body. I soaped him and had to stand on my toes to reach his full head of dark curly hair with a hint of grey- after he bent forward.

I washed his monster cock. My hands could not go around the circumference even when it was flaccid. It was very heavy. I loved running my hand all over the dark skin full of thick tortuous veins.

We towelled. Daddy laid me down on the bed. He left and soon was back with DIY type warm towels. He had soaked the towels in water with lavender bath oils. IHe warmed them in microwave and hey presto my giant man had soothing packs to treat my torn ass and pussy.

Daddy gave me a soft gentle massage with lavender scented oils to ease the pain of my each aching muscle. I was floating in air. I was soon fast asleep. Unbeknown to me I had started to snore those soft womanly snores and my daddy sat watching me for over an hour before he left me to sleep and recuperate.

I woke at about three pm and was disoriented.

I got up feeling less sore. I padded softly towards the door. On my way the huge mirror on the side of the dressing room caught my attention. My face had red welts of daddy’s slaps. My lips were both were swollen where I had bitten. My breasts were a close crop of blue bruises. There were bruises on my arms and thighs. I smiled; the last night would always bring us closer-daddy and me. This night would remain the acid test of our love, which won over social taboo and personal tragedy.

I reached the kitchen and was soon engulfed with the smell of food. Daddy was as naked as I and was looking. I looked at the unbelievably broad back and huge ass of my man. I hugged him from behind and rubbed his belly [it would bulge over the next decade, but was flat then], ” Daddy, wear coking apron. I do not want my favourite weapon to get burnt,” my hand reached the heavy hugely thick cock dangling with each movement.

“Daddy turned back and planted a kiss on top of my head, “I will be careful with your things, Sara. Please set up the table and food is ready.”

Daddy looked at all the bruises and welts but did not show any emotion or say a thing. I swelled with pride and certainty; my daddy was back to his best form. He would feel and not waste words where none were necessary.

Once we were served daddy pulled me in his lap as we ate pretty much from the same plate. He slowly massaged my tummy and breasts as if he was wishing them to heal without any trace.

After the meal I insisted daddy leave everything as it was, I would clean up later. He headed.

Daddy picked me up like a little doll and moved to the living room. We were back on the fateful sofa now covered with white, brown and red stains, “Sara, I would have liked to keep it for our memories but we would have to change it.”

I nodded. Daddy sat with me in is lap and I took the remote to flick through the news, business channels. Soon the gist of current happenings was obvious to both of us.

“Sara, I hope you would not mind. I took liberty of ringing Laurie and told her we were fine. I suggested that you were sorting something important for me and would be here for another couple of days.”

I kissed daddy, “Laurie, would have preferred your voice to mine. Was it not.”

Daddy smiled in a contented manner and nodded, “She said to tell you not to rush and sort out my problem properly. Sara I want us to live in one house. I want to see my little granddaughter every day. Please shift here.”

“Of course, daddy. However, would you not be happy to see your daughter as well everyday?” I teased, “What else do I need to do to solve the problem Laurie was referring to.”

I was being real hard tease towards daddy.

“You have done more than anyone could have. Just stay in my arms like this and I would be in heaven.”

I purred like a act and snuggled into my daddy huge body and closed my eyes in deep peace that had descended over me since morning.

I must have dozed off after a heart meal and loving warm cocoon of my daddy’s arms. It was close to seven.

Daddy kissed me and gently placed me on sofa. He went to kitchen and brought my favourite red wine.

We talked trivial homely matters and talked. I was back again in his lap. He kissed me every now and then. His hands would softly run over my bruised breasts. I was getting wet despite every neuron of my brain trying to tell me to avoid inviting daddy for any sex at least for a day. But my body was pushing me. One day of not making love with my man was a day lost, never to be experienced again.

Daddy and I finished the bottle of wine. My head a bit fuzzy but in a nice way.

I offered to cook. Daddy played with me pretending to safeguard my boob from heat and massaging them softly.

I found Chateau-Briand in the fridge, quick to cook in pan. I microwaved new potatoes and then sautéed them in olive oil with chives. I added fresh green vegetables in microwave with olive oils. Daddy ad his favourite french mustard, mayonnaise. It was simple quick affair. Daddy brought out another bottle of red. We ate in a very convivial manner. I could not help but start daydreaming that daddy and I could easily slip into Jake and I type of quiet communication. We were too full to have any dessert. I was eying daddy’s massive muscled bulge and move. I saw his monster cock twitch every now and then.

I started to clear the table before I got too sleepy with wine and tiredness. Daddy watched me and I could ‘feel’ his eyes on my back. He stood right behind me towering well over a foot. I could feel his inhuman monster rubbing my back almost at my shoulder blades. I was wet in my pussy and I was toying with the idea of enticing him to at least take me once in my cunt tonight even though it might hurt me.

“Sara,” I was almost finished when daddy’s deep voice whispered above me, “This was the first time I have felt this home as home since Liz died.” Elizabeth was Jake’s mother.

My heart somersaulted and cried with love for this giant man.

My decision was made, “Daddy you will always me in your house. I want you to love like you might have made love to mum.”

Daddy’s eyes were sparkling. He lifted me without even making an obvious effort. I am not small or light but daddy made me feel tiny as his huge strong arms lifted me holding my waist. I placed my ankles around his waist. His waist was too broad for me even touch my toes so dug my heels on the top of his muscular hips.

“I took my Liz many times in this kitchen,” daddy said with emotion filled voice, “will I hurt you if I were to take you now?”

Even if my pussy was bleeding I would not have denied him my body, “Daddy please fuck me here.”

I think this was the first time we both mentioned the taboo word and it hit the spot. Daddy lifted me up [he had to get my cunt at the top of his huge cock].

He was supporting my thighs and ass with his enormous hands. He adjusted my hips until his huge cock head in the entrance of my recently abused pussy. I buried my face in his hairy chest and held my breath.

Daddy’s monster cock dilated my pussy. Daddy was very slow as he slowly lowered my weight onto his gargantuan cock head. Gravity and patience soon rewarded us with his cockhead inside my snug tight cunt. I gasped and sucked on his nipple. Daddy used his immense strength to impale me agonisingly slowly on his monstrosity.

I was moaning loudly. As my dark blond soft bush rubbed against his coarse dark crinkly hair and his massive tree trunk like root squashed my clitoris. I came like a gushing faucet. It further lubricated daddy’s cock. Daddy fucked me standing up swinging slowly in the kitchen [another abiding memory for us]. I was cumming screaming like banshee. He was slow and gentle for an hour. He had cum once and I had lost count of my orgasms. Daddy now absolutely confident if I had felt any pain it was no more relevant started to fuck me with more urgency. He used his immense strength to swing me up and down on half the length of his monster cock. I simply exploded into multiple orgasms every few minutes. Give me a cock of the man I love [daddy's was my third], and I could flood the room.

Daddy fucked me standing up in the kitchen for next three hours. The last hour I was slumped with my arms around his neck and head on his chest as he kept me pumping on his cock like a small sex toy. I simply decided to once again impress my new man in my life by passing out as he shot his thick copious cum for the fourth time in my pussy.

Daddy and I woke up together in daddy’s bed. Daddy took me gently before we left the bed. Daddy and I tasted each other’s pee. After shower and breakfast daddy and I made love on the dining table. Daddy made love to me with softness despite my exhortation to fuck me hard. He was mindful of his recent abuse of my hole.

Our love was sealed as man and woman without taking any iota of our relationship as father and daughter. Both just merged as one.


We all moved together. Laurie was her old self. She would not leave her grandfather alone. Laurie was used to seeing our family dressed as they pleased. We did not change as Laurie found daddy and I various state of undress.

Initially daddy and I made sure Laurie was asleep but we both knew Laurie had the same brilliant genes and was way beyond her years.

One Friday night, about seven months after moving, I asked Laurie who had seen Jake and I make love many times if she would be all right if I kept grandpa company as I did her daddy.

“Of course mummy. Grandpa and you are lonely.” Laurie did not surprise me with her precocious reply.

I read to her until she was fast asleep.

I rushed into daddy’s bedroom tearing my tee shirt off. Daddy was ready with is rampant monstrous cock. Daddy fucked me in all my holes until I could only whimper and take no more of is monster cock.

We were still asleep in the morning when Laurie walked in all sleepy as she did with her dad and I. She climbed up and snuggled on daddy’s side and we all were asleep once again. Daddy and I woke up later that morning and daddy pulled me for the usual morning fuck. He chose to take from behind with both of us in spooning position. I moaned and woke Laurie up. She sat up and watched us make love as she had done many times with Jake and I.

Daddy made me cum many times and eventually exploded inside me with a loud grunt.

Laurie giggled and kissed her grandpa,” Mummy makes you work hard.”

Daddy laughed as he pulled his cum soaked cock out of my leaking pussy and wrestled with her granddaughter who made him surrender within few minutes of fight with her supreme strength. We all took shower together.

Our family life soon was on an even happy keel. Laurie became enmeshed in our daily routine. Laurie and I or daddy and I would often join other two in bath. We had a tub like small swimming pool.

Laurie became comfortable with our bodies. She and I would horse around as she played with my very large breasts. She would soap my body in return for washing her. Daddy and she would wrestle, float in the tub and she would hold daddy’s penis and wash it. She would shampoo my hair and daddy’s making the whole process longer but we both looked forward to her overtures.

Next year daddy took me to meet his closest friends. I met Rob, Tom, Brent, Tony, Kim and Ted. I also learnt about the annual gathering and offered myself readily. That is the out of this world experience. I did those meetings sometimes with Kim, Sophie, Alice or Emily.

Time passed. Three years lapsed. Daddy and I had become adept at stealing time as my life became busier. I was now used to and welcomed daddy’s surprise fucks in toilet, restaurants, in the garage and of course in the swimming pool. Laurie was now a strong swimmer and we both felt happy with her frolics in the pool. Daddy had taken me in the pool many times with Laurie riding on his shoulder and he would fuck me from behind bending on the edge of the poll as water splashed with his strong thrusts slamming his cock in my leaking pussy.

Laurie later that year was in our bedroom and daddy and I finished our rather long rather torrid fuck- that meant daddy took me in my both holes many times finishing in my mouth and on my face.

Laurie held daddy’s face and asked, “Grandpa, when you and mummy planning to have children. Mummy is twenty seven.”

Daddy and I looked at each other. I took the golden opportunity that my daughter had offered, “Laurie is right daddy. We must expand our family now. Laurie is old enough to help,” I cleverly inflated Laurie’s ego.

Daddy looked at me with a smile that told me he had read the trap right.

He held Laurie tight against him, ” Laurie, do you want a brother or sister.”

“Both, grandpa,” Laurie was my daughter, when it came to love we were greedy.

I threw my pills. I was pregnant within no time. Daddy’s lust grew exponentially as our baby grew making me heavier, bustier and my ass became bigger. Laurie giggled madly whenever she would catch us in a so called quickie in kitchen or on toilet.

Andy was a big heavy boy and breasts ached and produced milk. Even Laurie started to like the milk and I had two extra mouths if Andy was full to empty my aching full breasts. Two years later Lisa arrived with the same joys that Andy gave us while she was inside and even more when she came out all pink, healthy and big.

Life was happy. Our companies were flourishing.

Few years down the line, I think two years later, Daddy and I were in middle of a rather violent ass fucking when Laurie walked in and watched us until we finished.

As I cleaned daddy’s soiled cock still panting from the exertion of my savage fucking, Laurie took my breath away, “Mummy, would you be offended if I requested grandpa to teach me how to make love?”

My mind went back many years when I at similar age had asked grandma the same question.

I was made of sterner stuff and Laurie could off knock me off the perch. Daddy looked slightly amused

“If grand pa agrees, I am fine with it,” I kissed my daughter as an extra assurance of my sincere offer.

I looked at daddy to ensure he knew I agreed.

Laurie looked at daddy quizzically; he hugged her, “Laurie sweetheart if you are absolutely sure, I will be very proud. I am sure mummy would not mind sharing our time with you provided we all agree to some rules.”

Well done daddy.

Laurie happily agreed. Daddy and I made some simple rules to ensure Laurie understood between demand and agreement. We knew she was clever but reiterated that our private time was our precious time and she could never interfere if we felt she was.

I, momentarily, worried for my daughter. I was still in awe of my daddy’s monstrosity. However, Laurie who grew up seeing, playing with it did not seem at all concerned with its enormity.

That Friday night Daddy and I agreed to involve Laurie. The days preceding that Friday I had told and reinforced that it would hurt and grandpa would want to hurt her. If she wished grandpa would stop etc.

“Mummy, I know all about that,” Laurie was amused at my conventional maternal side, “you will be there. Grandpa would know what to do.”

Laurie insisted on making dinner that Friday. Laurie had learnt cooking from daddy and was very accomplished cook, better than me. He made a feast. All the wine choices were inspired. Laurie treated her grandpa as if she was on date with him.

My daughter knew all the sophisticated moves.

We three retired after I made sure Andy and Lisa were tucked in. Nanny had an extra room adjoining to theirs and that night I suggested she slept there.

Daddy and Laurie made beautiful couple. Daddy kissed Laurie all over and then licked her bald pussy making her cum three times. He even managed to insert his whole finger up Laurie’s ass without making her jump or cry.

Laurie tried to give daddy oral sex. My heart melted as my daughter tried to take her grandpa’s monster cock head in her tiny mouth. She managed it better than I did with my grandpa. Daddy was moaning as Laurie engulfed his huge cock head in her warm saliva filled mouth.

Laurie was moaning as she came without touching herself trying to suck er grandpa’s monstrosity.

I stationed myself close to my daughter’s face as daddy poised between Laurie’s wide spread thighs to impale her young pussy with his gargantuan cock.

Laurie first whimpered and then bit her lip to prevent from screaming as daddy very gently pushed his humungous cock inside his granddaughters’ pussy. Daddy’s face was very alert but I looked sternly at him. He smiled and acknowledged hid mistake. Laurie would be furious if patronised. Daddy and I both knew Laurie would take his penis however, painful it might have been. Daddy stopped looking worried. I stroked the sweaty forehead of my daughter as her grandpa pushed another inch after another inch until her hymen touched his enormous cock head.

Daddy smiled at Laurie, whose eyebrows were furrowed trying to hide the pain, “Laurie sweetie. This is going to hurt. If it is severe stop me otherwise I will keep on pushing my penis in.”

Laurie smiled through her obvious discomfiture and nodded at her grandpa to carry on. Daddy lunged forward tearing his granddaughter’s hymen as Laurie shrieked Daddy glued his mouth on hers and pushed his monster inch after another with increasing persistence. Laurie was sobbing. My heart lurched but I knew Laurie would never forgive me if I came between her and her grandpa. For Laurie her grandpa was the only man good enough for her.

Daddy kept the steady pushing as Laurie cried openly. Daddy held her down as she tried to buck and used his enormous strength to impale his granddaughter’s virgin pussy with the remaining monstrously thick cock of his. Laurie let out a muffles scream as daddy buried his giant inhuman sized cock in his granddaughter’s virgin pussy.

Daddy remained still and allowed Laurie to gather herself. I held myself back from kissing or holding Laurie. I was honoured that Laurie wanted me there.

Daddy kissed Laurie and whispered, “Sweetie, if you care OK I am going to slowly start to fuck your pussy.”

Laurie felt elated as grandpa sued the words, which he would never have unless he was treating as a woman he wanted to have sex with.

Daddy started a very slow and languid pace allowing Laurie to recover from sobbing and crying.

In half an hour Laurie was moaning and soon she arched her back as her first orgasm with a cock in her cunt hit her young body. My heart lurched with warm sensation as my daughter climaxed for the first time with a cock inside her.

Daddy now fucked Laurie with increasing pace and vigour. I had the unforgettable sight of what daddy’s cock actually turned a woman into. I saw my daughter moan and scream her repeated orgasms as her grandfather fucked her senseless. Daddy fucked Laurie for three hours and shot his fourth load inside her as she passed out [Laurie was my daughter alright both as sa screamer and one who would pass out with excess of orgasms].

Daddy pulled his still rampant steel hard cock out my daughter’s recent virgin pussy still with streaks of red on his cum and Laurie’s sex juices coated monster cock.

“Where do you want it Daddy?” I gasped, as my breathing was erratic watching my virgin daughter deflowered by her grandfather and then fucked into a coma.

“In you ass Sara, please.” ever so polite daddy buried his cock into my ass and fucked into early hours of morning. He completely exhausted me before finishing.

We both slept like dead as he pulled out. Laurie and I woke up late morning. Daddy was still fast asleep tired from fucking his daughter in law and granddaughter into exhaustion.

I signed to Laurie to be quiet. We both tip toed out of the bedroom. In kitchen Laurie was jumping out of her skin to tell me how wonderful it was. She thanked me for sharing my ‘husband’ [not grandpa] with her.

I asked her sit on the kitchen worktable and put warm towels on her pussy.

She did feel better. I cooked a big breakfast. Laurie wanted to pee and I did not want to leave her alone. I saw her pee preceded with daddy cum mixed with her virginal blood and then her pee cascaded out. She winced as her pee burnt her raw pussy.

I gently mopped her pussy with warm towel.

We both kissed in deep understanding.

Daddy joined us just about the time breakfast was ready.

He kissed his two women and we all ate heartily.

Laurie could not stop toying with daddy’s cock. As I cleared the table, and filled the dishwasher, Daddy was ready for his morning ritual. He bent me on the kitchen worktop and impaled my sopping cunt his monster cock still covered with fluids from Laurie’s first fuck. Daddy did not have to do much to make me cum that morning. I am always easy to cum but that morning by the time he was half inside me I was exploding moaning loudly. Daddy fucked with short fast jabs to three orgasms. I slumped on the kitchen worktop. Daddy pulled out and turned towards his granddaughter panting in anticipation. Daddy picked Laurie up in the air and soon she was first giggling and then screaming with pleasure as he impaled her on his steel hard monster and fucked her standing up fro a solid one hour. Laurie collapsed on his chest as he ejaculated for the third time that morning. Daddy smiled at me and took our young Laurie to bed once again. Daddy and Laurie slept until afternoon.

Life was full of love and laughter.

I came back late night one day after a conference in Chicago. I walked into bedroom daddy fucking Laurie’s ass with savage thrusts. I forgot my tiredness and undressed and joined them as Daddy’s cock collected Laurie’s rectal slime.

Laurie slumped after an hour. I first sucked daddy’s cock clean and as I impaled my pussy on daddy’s rampant monster, daddy answered my unasked question, “Laurie did not want you to be close as she had her first anal. She knew she would cry her heart out and you would feel bad. I had to take all the knives of her cries in my heart.”

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