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My boyfriend Lou browses aimlessly through the lower section of the adult shop looking through videos, hoping something will grab his attention. He glances around and sees me looking at toys and lingerie. I’m examining a seven function rotating shaft rabbit.

I see Lou gazing around the store. He appears to be reading the sign pointing up the stairs, which says “ARCADE.” He meanders towards me and I show him the toy. “What you think?”

Lou nods, “Looks like it could be fun.”

“Find anything?” I’m reading the back of the box.

“Not yet,” Lou said, sounding disappointed. “Hey…let’s go upstairs and check out the arcade.”

I glance over to the stairwell with the sign, “Sure…why not?” I put back the toy, grab his hand and led him upstairs.

As we reach the top of the stairs, there are a number of glances in my direction. Lou looks at me too as he puts five dollars into the token machine. I look fine in my straight leg jeans. My bright pink tee with ‘FÉLINE’ in gold foil and ‘MEOW’ is printed just blow it is nearly deformed by my full tits stretching the fabric tightly. My pair of slip-on type sneakers matches the color of my tee.

We proceed to the booths. As we walk down the hallway, Lou keeps opening each door and looking inside each side booth. Finally he settles on one and we enter the booth. It wasn’t too bad of a fit for two people, but there was only one chair. Lou sat down, and I sat down on his lap, against his hard cock.

“Ooh, you’re excited.” I said wiggling my ass against his crotch.

Lou drops a token into the slot before I could realize that there is a hole in the wall to the next door booth. The monitor obligatorily turned on. He quickly switched around the channels to see what kind of videos were on.

As he settles on a standard male-female sex flick, he begins rubbing the inside of my thigh. He reaches a little higher and unbuttons and unzips my jeans. With some effort, Lou pushes one of his hands under the wide lace waistband of my pink lace thong and tickles my clit. I’m beginning to get hot.

We hear someone settle into the booth beside us and drop a token. There is some motion at the hole, and we know that the person beside us is watching Lou’s hand in my exposed thong.

“What’s that hole for?” I ask, pointing at the hole in the wall. I start to cover my crotch up.

“It’s a glory hole.” Lou keeps his hand on my clit, rubbing. I didn’t know whether to cover up or to open my legs wider for him.

“A what?”

“A glory hole…it’s a hole to get or give blow jobs through. That way, both people remain anonymous.” We bent down slightly to look through the hole. Sure enough, there was another man in the booth beside us. He was rubbing the bulge in his crotch.

The guy obviously noticed that we’re watching. He stops rubbing and unzips and unbuttons his pants. He moves off the chair slightly as he pulls down both his pants and his underwear at the same time. His long, hard cock almost touches his belly button. He continues rubbing it for our viewing.

I watch with fascination at the guy. I lick my lips as a drop of pre-cum forms on the tip.

He stands up and maneuvers to the hole.

I back my head up a little as his cock and balls pushes through the hole. They stood straight up as if they’ve grown out of the wall. “What should I do?”

“Suck it?” Lou said, slightly sarcastically.

I shrug. I figured, why not. I move down and kneel on the floor. Lou watches in fascination as I take the other guy’s manhood, my left index finger and thumb an inch from encompassing his girth and my right hand skillfully caressing his balls. I then move up and lick the tip, tasting the drop that had formed. “Well?” I said, “Is this what you want me to do?”

Lou quickly unzips his pants and pulls out his own hard cock. He rubs it slowly as I smile and continue to lick the mystery cock.

I take the head of it into my mouth, moistening it with my tongue. I tickle it a little and then slide my lips slowly down the shaft and slowly back up.

My hand snakes down to my crotch and I finger myself through my jeans. I continue to fondle his ball with my other hand.

Again, I tickle at his shaft with my tongue, running it up and down the underside. I begin sucking in earnest, my head bobbing up and down on the stranger’s cock.

He starts cumming. I start to remove my mouth, but realize if I do, he will squirt all over my t-shirt. So, instead, I take all of his juices into my mouth. He comes so much that a small trickle starts to flow down from the corners of my lips.

Finally, the flow subsides and his cock softens. He pulls his cock and balls back through the hole. Lou and I watch as he pulls up his pants and leaves the booth.

I stand up, rubbing at my crotch through my panties. Lou wasn’t able to see it because of my crouched position.

Lou slides my jeans and panties down to my feet. He pulls them off over my tennis shoes with a little of my help.

I spread my legs apart slightly to give him a better access to my clit. I put a hand between my thighs to help rub.

Soon after the man left, another guy entered the booth. He looks through the hole to see what he could. He saw Lou rubbing his cock with one hand while his other hand caressed my cunt. Needless to say, he quickly got a hard on. He quickly pulls down his pants and rubs his own cock with one hand. He pushes his other hand through the hole in the wall.

I’m startled as I feel his hand slide against my leg, questing for my private parts. But, I’m too excited to stop, so I quickly relax again. Now, both his and Lou’s hands are rubbing my cunt.

He slides first one, then two fingers into my wet cunt.

“Ooooo,” I moan as I grind down against his hand.

The man removes his hand, then stands up and pushes his extremely hard cock through the hole, waiting to be sucked.

I have other uses for his cock than to suck on it. I maneuver myself up against the wall, my cunt hung just above his cock. Slowly, I lower myself onto his stiff manhood.

He gets the idea real fast. In almost no time, he is pounding himself into my wet cunt.

Lou continues to watch. It’s quite a sight from either side. The stranger looked like he is fucking the wall with all his might. I look like I’m in ecstasy grinding myself up against a blank wall. Lou leans over and watches between my legs as his cock slides in and out of me.

I whine softly as he stops. He just rams his cock into me and holds it there as he starts spurting his cum into my cunt. Lou watches closely as the cock pulses with each shot into me. He quickly pulls out of me, leaving me feeling empty down there except for the feeling of the liquid he left.

Lou moves up against me and slides his cock into the vacancy. He begins moving up and down against me, grinding my ass against the wall as he fucks me. Up and down, up and down.

Giving out a slight moan, I shiver in orgasm.

Lou then shoves his cock deep into me and starts cumming. His white cock juices flows into my awaiting hole. He pulls out, keeping the head of his cock in my entrance, letting me prop my ass against the hole in the wall and catch my breath.

Suddenly, I take a deep breath, my eyes and mouth open slightly. Another cock shoves its way through the hole in the wall. The hard shaft finds one of my holes and shoves into me. The cock slides deeply into my asshole.

My eyes open wide at the violation of my ass. I’m not really for this this. I wiggle to try and remove it from my back end.

Lou’s insistent. He is still hard and is too close to his own climax to stop now. He holds me in place, shoving his cock in and out of my wet hole as the other cock begins to fuck my ass.

After a few moments, I resign myself to the fact that I’m going to be anally screwed. I relax as I start moving up and down again.

I feel an immediate difference when I relax. It cut back on any of the pain I’m feeling in my ass and it allowed the long, hard cock to slide back and forth in my asshole with a lot more ease. Instead of pain, I feel pleasurable full as the cocks sliding in and out of me.

I move in pleasure; the cocks fill both of my holes. I move my hips up and down in response, enjoying the feel.

“Oh god…this feels so good,” moaning as the two cocks moves in and out of me. I’m really enjoying the sensation of two men inside me.

Both cocks ram in and out of my asshole and cunt.

The cock deep in my ass began cumming in me. I start to orgasm, my cunt milking at Lou’s stiffness.

Lou quickly obliges me. His balls begin spouting his load into my cunt.

Reluctantly, Lou pulls his cock from my cunt and the other cock vanishes through the hole.

After a moment to relax and compose myself, I pull on my jeans and panties. But, even as I’m snapping my jeans, another cock comes through the hole. I smile and looked at Lou. I kneel down and take the cock into my mouth to give it a quick blowjob.

And quick it is. After only a few moments, the third mystery cock begins squirting his load into my mouth. I suck and suck, swallowing his load until nothing is left. As the cock withdraws from the hole, I finish snapping up my jeans.

Together, we exit the booth and go downstairs. We continue to shop. I get the toy I was looking at earlier and we decide on several videos, one being about glory holes.

We step out into the night, and into the car. As we reach home, we agree that we’ll have to do something like this again.

There was a chill in the early morning air, as I left Room 117. I didn’t drive straight home. I had experienced sex with another man for the first time in my eighteen, almost nineteen, years. Even though I had taken Mark up on the offer of a shower, where he joined me and I felt his mouth on my cock a second time, I still tasted and felt him on me.

I was conflicted. Part of it was guilt, I know. However, there was another part of me that knew Mark’s cock would not be the last I would experience. I did not walk out of that small motel room turned “queer”, whatever that is; yet, I was forever changed.

In the weeks that followed, I still chased girls. I was still fascinated and enthralled by them. To me, there is nothing sexier than the small of a woman’s back. That particular place, just the roundness of her ass, that dips just so. There are so many other places that I find attractive on a woman, but that spot does it for me. My lips long for that spot, even today.

I felt that way about nothing on a man. There was no spot on a man that I thought of as “sexy” or to which I was drawn. Still, I knew that I would soon ache for the touch of another man—to see that hunger, which I had seen in Mark’s eyes, once more. And yes, I also longed to touch another man—to feel him throbbing, as my tongue slowly slid along the underside of his cock.


I had just returned to school from the winter break. It had recently snowed, but the rise in temperatures had melted all the snow and ice, except in the shadows of buildings. Like a lot of freshmen at the school, I lived on campus. My roommate had dropped out, and to my surprise, he had not yet been replaced.

I had not known my first college roommate all that well. I knew only that his name was Travis and that he partied non-stop. I had tried to keep up with him, but I was not even close to his league. He was a pro, where I was only an amateur.

It was Saturday, and classes would not start until Monday. I had a little over $300 of Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and I found myself at a skanky topless bar at the edge of town. They didn’t ask for an ID, which was a plus. I sat in a darkened corner in the back of the place and watched the shows the girls put on.

Even at eighteen, I knew places like that were basically scams. I looked about the place, as my eyes adjusted, and saw that most of the girls were girlfriends of bikers who lined the bar. I had a few beers and was out of there, before I found trouble or trouble found me.

I wasn’t drunk when I left, but I was seriously buzzed. I stayed to the side roads, as I headed back to the dorms. The last thing I wanted was to get pulled over. Even though I thought I was likely not DWI, I was underage. I knew any cop would be able to tell that I had been drinking. I reached an intersection at an old highway that had once been the main thoroughfare before the interstate had been built. As I started to cross, a bright red and white sign caught my eye. It read, “XXX Movies.”

I had never been in an adult bookstore or movie theatre. I pointed my car in that direction. I decided that it was a very convenient discovery, as I was horny and would love something to masturbate to when I got back to the dorm.


A little bell at the door tinkled, as I entered. It immediately reminded me of the thoughts which had swirled in my head, as I stood before the door to Room 117. It seemed a lifetime had passed since that night. Still, as I thought of it, my cock stirred in my jeans.

The large lobby was well lit. There was a counter on one end of the lobby with books on the shelves to the right and videos on the shelves to the left. Each side was broken down by genres—gay, lesbian, straight, fetish, etc. There was a pregnant blonde working at the counter. She was sitting on a stool reading a magazine; she looked up at me and said, in a voice that betrayed her boredom, “I need to see some ID.”

At first, I thought I would be leaving very soon, but then I spied a sign behind her that said, “18 or over, Picture ID required”. With a shy, relieved smile, I produced my ID that proved I was approaching nineteen years of age.

She looked at my license, then to me. Comfortable that I was indeed old enough to peruse the fuckbooks and videos of the establishment, she handed it back, saying in a monotone that comes from repetition, “The books and magazines are for sale, this ain’t a library. Peeps are over through that door.” She pointed over my left shoulder to a curtained doorway. “The theatre,” she added with a nod to the right, “cost five dollars to enter. If you leave the theatre for any reason, you have to pay again.”

I nodded my understanding. She returned to her magazine and the fact that life had not quite likely turned out the way she had planned. As I turned back to the magazine racks, I could hear the sounds of muffled feminine moans coming from the theatre.

I wondered about the place looking at the covers of the books and magazines. Even if I had been thinking of this seedy place as a “library”, the magazines were all sealed in clear wrapping. The prices were fairly outrageous for thin little fuck rags, so I decided to see what the peeps had to offer.

As I started to head through the curtained doorway, the girl at the counter called, “Tokens only for the peeps. You can buy tokens here.”

“How much for the tokens,” I inquired. I had guessed, correctly, that they were 25 cents each, but the girl offered that I could buy 30 for five bucks. I slipped her five dollars and headed to the peep booths. As I entered, I saw a couple of men standing along the wall beside a no loitering sign. One was a short, fat guy. The other was tall and looked like he was approaching sixty. I felt the eyes of both on me, as I made my way past to a booth at the far end of the dimly lit hall. Closing the door behind me, I saw the slot for the tokens and slipped one in. A little counter showed that I had one credit. I pumped four more tokens in and sat on a little acrylic bench to watch the movie.

There were eight different movies showing and by pressing a button, I was able to change them. The movie, which had come on at first, showed two men using a third man anally and orally. I started to change the channel, but continued watching. Soon, my hand was rubbing the crotch of my jeans. My cock was throbbing, as I imagined being the third man. I imagined cocks sawing out of my mouth and ass. I imagined hands gripping my head and hips, just like those men were holding him—using him.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sizable hole on the wall beside me. I had heard of glory holes in the past, but this one was the first I had seen. I saw an eye looking through the hole at me. The thought of being watched made my cock jump in my pants. Acting as if I didn’t notice, I undid my jeans and slid them down to my knees. My cock was throbbing in my hand, as I sat there and watched the video. As I slowly stroked my meat, I glanced over to the hole. I could hear the voice of a man moaning in approval, as he watched me through the glory hole.

The tokens ran out and the booth darkened. I quickly slipped the rest of my tokens back in the slot. As I sat back on the bench, I heard the man in the next booth whisper, “Can I join you?”

Nervously, I told him to come over to my booth. I reached up and unlatched the door. I saw that it was the older man in the hall, I had seen earlier. He smiled down at me, as he entered and latched the door behind him.

“You have a nice cock. Want it sucked?” he asked, seemingly unable to take his eyes from it. He produced a little bottle from a pocket, unscrewed the cap and held it to his nose, sniffing in the fumes. “Popper. Want some?”

I nodded, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. He held it to my nose, and I did as I saw him do. Immediately, I felt warmth envelop me. The feeling was fleeting but extraordinary.

I stood, my mind a little foggy, and let the older man sit on the bench. I fed him my cock, as I looked down at him. I rubbed the head over his lips, as his hands gripped my ass. I could feel his fingertips at the crack of my ass. His lips immediately glistened with my precum. He handed me the little bottle, and pulled my hips so that my cock pushed hard into his mouth.

I inhaled more from the little bottle, as I gripped his shoulder with my free hand. God, the old guy could suck. His mouth greedily pumped back and forth at my cock. It was not so much my cock fucking his mouth, as his mouth fucking my cock. I felt a fingertip at my ass. It pushed in, as his mouth took my cock. The loud sucking noises had to be filtering beyond the walls of the little booth. I am sure my pleasure-filled moans were.

I replaced the cap on the bottle after another long huff. I reach down with both hands to the older man’s shoulders, and started fucking his mouth in earnest. This drew heavy moans around my cock, and I felt his finger inch deeper into my ass. It hurt a little, but I found the pain aroused me even more.

“Fuck yes, deeper, man. Oh fuck yes.” My balls were slapping his chin, as I begged him to spear me deeper with his probing finger. I felt his drool streaming over my ball sac, as I fucked his experienced mouth. He responded by pushing his finger as far as he could.

I cried out loudly, as I exploded in his mouth. His finger had found just the right spot to send me immediately over the edge. I held his head to me, as I pumped load after load into his hot, needy mouth. He groaned with pleasure, as he milked every drop from my pulsing meat.

Finally, he let my cock slip from his lips. He grasped it and kissed the underside with a delighted smile, as he whispered, “You have a lovely cock.” After a pause, he added, shaking his head, “And, you sure do like to fuck, don’t you?”

I laughed self-consciously and nodded saying, “Yeah, fuck. I guess I do, huh?” I groaned a little, as he removed his finger. I handed him back the little bottle, but he shook his head and handed it back to me.

“Keep it,” he said with a smile and departed.

I sat there on the bench, my jeans still at my knees for a few moments. I had to catch my breath. Again, I felt a little guilt, but also satisfaction. I had cum as hard, if not harder, than I ever had with a girl. Looking back, I guess part of it was the taboo nature of the act I had just committed; however, I knew deep down that it was because for that older guy, my cum had been the whole reason for his being there. Up to that point, girls had only let me fuck them, because they wanted other things. With men, I was merely a sexual thing. With the girls I had been with to that point at least, sex was just a means to an end.

I returned to my dorm that night knowing I was bisexual. There was no way to get around it. While I much preferred the look and feel of women, I knew that I would always need that feeling that I felt only with another man. I knew that my first foray into that seedy little place would not be my last.

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