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From the last story

Even in the darkness I could feel Cindy’s smile. She got close to me so that we were face to face. “It was actually pretty thrilling and quite a turn on. It hurt a little to get spanked, but I liked it. That doesn’t mean that I want a painful flogging or anything, but a little spanking now and then might work for me.”

I smiled back. “Be careful what you wish for!”

We went to sleep and I was hoping Thanksgiving was going to be better than ever.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s husband.

Cindy, 41 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis’ wife.

Diane, 41 years old, 5′ 7″, 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy’s.

Becky, 38 years old, 5′ 9″, 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy’s friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6′, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise’s husband.

Louise, 38 years old, 5′ 4″, 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack’s wife.

Jackie, 19 years old, 5’6″, 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.

Thanksgiving – Day Four

The next morning, I made the ladies stay naked while I wore just a robe, but I didn’t play with them too much. I did some stroking and teasing every once in a while, but not too much. Working around the oven, stove, and hot food made that a little dangerous. Finally, about 1pm we sat down and had an absolutely scrumptious meal. Cindy had definitely created another culinary feast and Louise had helped keep things on a strict timeline. We had just finished and were going to take a break and watch some TV before partaking of dessert and ‘other’ games that I had in mind when the doorbell rang. I looked at the ladies and them at me. Who the hell would be ringing the doorbell on Thanksgiving Day?

I told the ladies to stay put, thinking that maybe some nosy neighbors might have seen some nudity and called the police. When I answered the door, there stood the neighbor’s 19-year-old daughter, Jackie. She was holding what looked like a plate of cookies.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Jackie. What do you have there?”

She smiled at me. “Just some homemade cookies that I made yesterday. I was making some with my mother and I told her how nice you guys were when I delivered pizzas yesterday, so I told her I was going to bring some down.”

I was hoping that she meant the big tip, not the nude women’s show. “Well, come in. Cindy and Louise will be thrilled with these.” She stepped into the foyer and handed me the cookies. “Let’s go give these to them.” I led her back to the den where the two ladies were cuddled under blankets to stay warm. I checked her out closely. She was about 5’6″, 125 pounds, in pretty good shape. She was wearing those ridiculously low cut jeans, which showed off skin around the middle since the shirts never seemed to reach the waistband of the jeans, and her ass looked delectable and her tits were bouncy.

When we got go the den, I could see Jackie looking at Cindy closely, probably remembering her naked from her last visit. “Ladies, Jackie was nice enough to make us some cookies. Please come over here and give her a hug and thank her.”

They stood up and I could see Jackie’s eyes go wide for a moment before she got a dirty grin on her face. “I was hoping to come back for this. They both lost a bet to have to do this, right?”

As they approached her I told her a little. “Cindy lost a bet and has to be my slave for the week and Louise is a friend who is also playing along.” I didn’t want to go into Louise’s situation too much. “Why, what do you know about making bets?”

She smiled. “My friends and I do this all the time. Last week, my friend Katy lost and had to run naked from a gas station ladies’ room to the car, in the middle of the day! It was so cool! So is this!”

By now they were in front of her and Louise gave her a quick hug and it was one of those ‘we don’t want to touch bodies’ hugs. She stepped back and Cindy moved forward to hug Jackie. However, when Cindy gave her a hug, Jackie hugged her close. She wrapped her arms around Cindy and squeezed her ass. I was shocked by this woman’s brashness at 19 and evidently so was Cindy. She gave a little ‘oh’ and backed away quickly. I think we were all a little shocked by this 19-year-old’s behavior.

Jackie turned to me. “Your wife has a nice ass.”

I chuckled. “I’ve always thought so.” I turned to her as the ladies sat back down. “What about you? Lost any bets that you care to tell us about?”

She smiled and looked down briefly, but she didn’t hesitate long. “Yeah, I did. When I lost I had to wait until three of my other girlfriends and their boyfriends were in Katy’s house sitting in the den. I had to strip naked in the next room and then stroll slowly thru the middle of the room where they were all facing. I couldn’t even breathe for a while, but after it was over, I was fucking psyched about having done it!”

She was looking me right in the eye and I stared back. “Wanna make a bet with us?”

She grinned. “Oh, yeah! That would be way cool! How do you guys make bets?”

I grinned and turned the question back to her. “What kinds of things do you girls do for betting?”

“Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em!”

I tried not to smile at that. “Are you going to bet with all of us together and play just you against us all, or do you want us to all play individually?”

She grinned. Maybe she had been thinking about this. “All four of us play. The way we do it in my group is that we each get together in groups and decide the punishment for the other person. We write it down and hand it to them. Then, before we start playing, everyone reads their deed out loud so that we all know what they are playing for. Then we play with four chips each. Each time you lose a hand you lose a chip until you are done. Do you want to do that?”

“That sounds good to me. This is pretty involved. How long have you guys been doing this?”

She grinned. “For a couple of years. Ever since we stared senior year we’ve been playing like this, so that’s almost a year and a half. It’s been pretty interesting for some folks.”

I turned to Cindy and Louise. “Okay, my slaves, let’s play poker!”

I went and got the cards, some chips, and some paper and a pen. When I got back, they were all sitting together and giggling. “What?”

Jackie stood and walked over to hand me a folded piece of paper. “We already made up your deed if you lose.”

We then huddled as separate groups and made up the deeds for the other folks. We all sat down at the kitchen table and cut for high card. Jackie won the deal. She then announced that everyone, starting with her as the dealer, had to read their deed out loud.

Jackie picked up and unfolded her paper. She looked at it and actually grinned. I was a little surprised. “You will join the other slaves for one day of your choosing this weekend as Master Dennis’ slave.”

Cindy was to her left and read her paper next. “You will describe how you masturbate and show the CD of you doing it to Jackie and her friends.” Cindy blanched and turned to Jackie, who was smiling evilly. “Are you all over 18?”


“Are you talking about male and female friends?”

“Of course. We have a standard group who all participate in these little dares and bets.”

“Oh, god. I’d better not lose.”

I was sitting across from Jackie and read mine next. “You will fuck Jackie in any location she desires in front of her girlfriends.” I looked up and she had another evil smile. “With an audience, huh? What makes you think I wouldn’t lose this on purpose? It doesn’t sound that bad to me.”

She kept grinning. “Then go ahead and lose. You will notice that it says wherever I want to have it done. It would be interesting to say the least.”

I stared at her, trying to think what that meant.

We all looked at Louise who was waiting for us to finish discussing mine before she read hers. She picked it up, looked at it and grinned. “You will fuck Jackie in any location she desires in front of her girlfriends. Hmmm; sounds familiar.”

We then got down to playing cards. Since there was no betting, everyone stayed in and you just hoped for the best. Everyone lost one hand in the first four. Then, Jackie lost her second and third back-to-back. The banter was picking up, each of us teasing the other. Cindy lost her second and then Louise her second. Jackie’s competitiveness was coming out. She didn’t want to lose just because she didn’t want to lose at anything. Cindy lost her third and she groaned and looked at Jackie with a nasty look. Jackie smiled and stuck her tongue out at her. Then I lost my second. We were now down to Jackie and Cindy with one and me and Louise with two chips each. The next hand was going to be important and Jackie was dealing. Somebody was going to lose or a third person was going to join the other two with one chip. The hand was a strange one and I had a 9 and Queen of hearts. There was nothing on the board matching up and I didn’t want to get to one chip, even though I wanted to fuck Jackie in the worst way now. I would rather her be a slave to me than me have to fuck her in front of her girlfriends.

We all watched closely as the flop contained a 7 of hearts, a 10 of clubs and an ace of spades. Things were looking poorly for me. I needed to get something going. The turn yielded an 8 of hearts. Now I was one card from nothing, or one card from a straight, needing a 6 or a Jack. We all were staring at each other and Jackie was dragging it out. Finally she flipped a Jack of diamonds and I at least had a straight to the Queen. I was not going to be the loser. Cindy flipped first and had 7 and a 9, giving her straight to the Jack. Jackie and Louise were both staring at their cards and each other. Finally, Louise flipped over and she had a 2 and a 9. Shit! Another straight! We had three straights and it came down to Louise. She was looking around in shock. We had her! She flipped over and she had two 10s. Three 10s and she lost! She looked dejected and tossed her last chip into the pile.

For a second nobody said anything. We were all in shock at the outcome. Finally, I looked up at Jackie and she looked at me. I smiled. I didn’t want to be too hard on the young lady, so I waited for her to say something. Finally she did.

“Damn! I so wanted my girlfriends to see us together.” She gave a grim smile.

“Why did you want that so bad?”

“Because we see you out bike-riding in those spandex bike pants and we wanted to… you know… see you using that ass for fucking. Plus some of us have that ‘older man’ thing. Young guys just don’t know enough about a woman’s body, you know?”

This woman was very, very forthright for 19. No way would I have said something like this to somebody old enough to be my parents when I was that age. But she seemed to think nothing of it except for a little stammering there near the end.

I grinned. “Yes, I know. That can be arranged, you know. Now tell me what day you will be my slave this weekend, my cute little fuck toy.”

I think the realization of what just happened was starting to sink in and she stared at me as I said that.

“Uh… Let me call Katy, my friend. I’ll use her as an excuse. Is Saturday okay?”

“Saturday is fine, but I get you starting at 12:01am Friday night. That’s officially Saturday.” I smiled.

Jackie groaned at that and left the room with her cell phone, but we could hear her a little. Suddenly, we heard her voice go up. “No way! I can’t do it… you can’t ask me to do that… this was my bet and I’ll pay it off, but no way am I going to do that… no, I’m not going to ask him… you’d better not call him… don’t do it, Kate….” The conversation finally lowered enough to be too low for use again. I looked at Cindy and Louise.

“Now what do you suppose that was all about?”

Cindy shrugged. “Not sure, but it sounded like Katy was pushing her about something to do with her and you.”

Just then Jackie came back in. She smiled a little sheepishly and hung her head. “Okay, I’m good for Saturday. What time do I have to be here?”

I smiled. “Like I said, it starts at 12:01 am. I want you for 24 hours.”

She shuffled her feet a little. “Okay, a bet’s a bet.”

“So do you want to tell us what you and Suzy were discussing on the phone?”

She looked up quickly and stared at us. “Uh… no. It was nothing.”

“It didn’t sound like nothing.”

She then seemed to assume that air of indifference that is particular to teenagers. “Oh, she was just going on about having to cover for me and that she was going to make me do her a favor later. Nothing in particular.”

“Okay.” I gave it to her with the attitude of ‘whatever you say, smartass’. “I guess you’d better go before your family wonders if we kept you. We’ll see you on Saturday… all of you.”

She blushed at that, but grinned. “Yeah, I guess you will.” She turned and headed for the front door as I followed.

When we got to the front door, I leaned around and put my hand on the doorknob before she could open it. I was leaning in close to her as she had expected to open it and leave. I took my other hand and pulled her to me, turning her to me and kissing her. She immediately opened her mouth and we battled with our tongues. Just before I was going to back off, I felt her reach into my robe and grab my quickly hardening dick. I groaned and we broke the kiss. She looked down to where my robe was now hanging open and my dick was poking out, almost completely erect in her hand.

“Yum! I think I’m going to like being here on Saturday.”

I smiled and reached up and squeezed a boob. “Me, too. But Saturday, you will be mine!”

She giggled and left. I turned to Cindy and Louise. “What the fuck is the deal with 19 year old women today? Are they forward or what?”

They both laughed. Cindy walked over and hugged me. “Well, Master, I believe that you will have your hands full with that one.”

I smiled at Cindy. “It looked to me like she wanted to get her hands full of your ass!”

Cindy blushed a little. “Yeah, it surprised me when she grabbed my ass.”

I reached over and grabbed her ass. “I wasn’t surprised. I’m only surprised that not everyone wants to grab this gorgeous hunk of flesh, still so tight and firm.”

Cindy smiled and hugged me. “Mmmmm. Thank you. I’m sure there are plenty who do, but just manage to restrain themselves.” She punched me in the arm. “Unlike somebody else I know!”

I turned her so I could see Louise, too. “It’s still early ladies and your next task is going to be interesting. Let’s go back into the den.” We all back into the den and I told them to sit down. They sat and covered up; probably feeling chilled again from being naked. I then went and got the laptop and put it on the coffee table. I opened it, logged in, pointed it towards the ladies, and put the small webcam on the table next to it. I went and got the video camera and set it up also pointing at the couch. I also retrieved my work laptop and set it on the coffee table facing me. I started it up as well. I finally went and got a bag from my closet and brought it back out. I pulled out a couple of masks that would cover all but the mouth of their face and handed them to the ladies, the red mask to Louise and the blue one to Cindy. I think they were starting to get a clue about what was happening, but I explained it to them.

“Okay, here’s the deal. I have opened an account for us on a webcam site and you two are going to put on the masks and do what I say while the webcam broadcasts it to whoever wants to see it. I am also going to film it. Oh, and by the way Louise. Jack knows about this and will be watching on the other end. Any questions?”

They looked at each other and then Cindy turned to me. “What do you want us to do?”

“Don’t worry, my little webcam sluts. I’ll direct your action for the camera. Our time period starts in about 20 minutes so you’d better go to the bathroom now or anything else you want to do before then. Once the show starts, we have one hour and I’m going to keep you busy for that hour.”

They both hurried into the bathroom and then came back and crawled under the covers. I had everything logged in now. My work laptop was logged in to the web site as well. That way I could see and read the viewers comments to them. Finally, I set the video camera to take in the entire couch.

They both looked a little scared when they came back. “How many people will see this?”

“I have no idea. It’s a free webcam broadcast on one of these sites that host lots of them. Most of the women give free shows, but make their money if a viewer or viewers want to go into a private chat where they can direct the woman to do what they want. We are not going to do that. We are going to give a completely free show. It just depends on how many people out there are looking for this on a Thanksgiving evening.”

They looked at each other. “What if we are recognized?”

I had thought about this. “I don’t think there is any way to recognize your bodies on the webcam from something they’ve seen at a pool in a bikini or anything. Neither of you have definitive scars and both of you are tattoo free. I think you are safe. And remember that it would have to be someone close to us or from around here that would know what you look like.”

When the allotted time came, I had Cindy lean over and log into the site. I logged in on my computer and the show started. At first, the number was low. I had them lower the blanket and display their tits. I finally saw Jack log in as ‘MasterJack’, our agreed upon surname for him. I told them that Jack was on and Louise smiled.

I was logged in on my laptop as well and sent an email to Jack to tell him to take control as he typed what he wanted them to do.

“Okay, girls, MasterJack is in charge and will direct the action for a while. I’ll read out his commands.”

MasterJack: Red – Stand up and show us your body, turn around and bend over to show us your ass and pussy.

Louise complied and the number of users kept climbing. We were at 78 already.

MasterJack: Blue – your turn.

Cindy did it. The users were at 120.

MasterJack: Blue – sit, spread legs, show pussy. Red – stand in front, bend over from waist, and show us how you eat pussy while you spread your legs and display yours.

The ladies giggled and Cindy sat back and spread her legs wide. On screen I could see how beautiful and sexy she looked. Louise then stood in front of the laptop, spread her legs in front of the camera, and bent over from the waist to lick Cindy’s pussy. The webcam on the coffee table was low enough that it provided a view of Louise’s ass and pussy in the upper portion of the window and a view of her tongue appearing and licking Cindy’s pussy in the lower. She kept this up for a while and I read the hot comments from some of the other users to them. This spurred them on and Louise reached back and spread her cheeks more to accommodate one user’s request to see her little brown eye. Then she decided to push a finger into her ass and that prompted more comments. We were approaching 10 minutes into the show and the number of users was at 368! Wow!

Cindy was now approaching orgasm, so Louise pulled her finger out of her ass and concentrated on Cindy. She licked and sucked and then shoved two fingers into Cindy’s cunt. The users were ecstatic and said so. I continued to narrate their comments and Cindy came hard, bucking all over Louise’s hand and face. When she calmed down, Louise stood up and moved to the side. Cindy relaxed and then Louise sat next to her, crossing her right leg over Cindy’s left. You could just see her pussy in the frame with Cindy. She leaned over and put her face into the screen and you could see how wet it was. She slowly raised the fingers that had been buried in Cindy’s pussy and made a show of licking them clean. The user number went over 400.

MasterJack: Red – get on all fours showing ass to camera. Blue – fuck her ass with a dildo.

I smiled and read the words to the ladies. While Louise got into position I handed a small white vibrator to Cindy and some lube. She took it and made a show of preparing the vibrator. She first licked it sensually and then slowly put some lube on it and jacked it off. She looked at the screen and winked, although it wasn’t easy to see thru the mask. She turned Louise’s ass a little more toward the screen and ran the vibrator slowly up and around her asshole. The users loved it and the comments were really wild now. Cindy then slowly placed the vibrator at Louise’s hole and started pushing. It entered easily and Cindy picked up a rhythm with it. She was fucking Louise with it and then turned on the vibration. That caused Louise, who was unaware that it also vibrated, to moan and twitch. She started moving her hips in time with the fucking and as she approached orgasm, Cindy teased her. She suddenly yanked it from Louise’s ass and held it there. Louise looked back over her shoulder and made a show of pointing to her ass and wiggling it, asking for the vibrator to be put back into her ass. Cindy turned and smiled for the camera, before finally turning to Louise and running the vibrator over her ass again. She finally reinserted it and then reached up with her other hand and started rubbing Louise’s clit. It only took a minute of this for Louise to reach orgasm. She put her head down and thrust her hips at Cindy’s actions and came hard. Her jerking spasms were impossible to miss and everyone knew she was coming. I looked at the clock – 25 minutes gone and up to 520 users. They were definitely getting an audience.

It was then that Jack provided his planned finale.

MasterJack: Okay, time for some ass-fucking. Blue lay on back on couch, head off the cushions and legs over the back. Red – kneel over her. MasterD – feed your cock to Blue to get it ready and then fuck Red’s ass… hard!

The forum went wild with comments and Cindy lay down, putting her legs over the back of the couch, her head hanging off the front of the cushions. Louise smiled at me, knowing that with what had gone on so far, not much “preparation” was needed for my dick. It was standing at attention, awaiting this final command.

Louise crawled over Cindy and kneeled on the cushions. She bent over and put her head on the top of the couch. The camera now had a view of the two of them and the number of users was holding steady at around 550. I repositioned the video camera and then approached the gorgeous site before me. Cindy was smiling up at me from under her mask as she ran her hands over the very voluptuous thighs and ass of Louise. Louise was looking over her shoulder at me. I swung my right leg over the coffee table, laptop, camera and the ladies and got into position. I lowered my cock to Cindy’s mouth and she sucked on it greedily. I looked over my shoulder at the computer and could see that everything was being captured. I pulled out of Cindy’s mouth and moved up to Louise. I was using her as a support because of my position, so she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. Cindy guided my dick into her already lubricated ass. I knew that she had just recently starting having anal sex, but she was easy to penetrate. As soon as I pushed, my cock slipped in past the head. It popped in and I was able to easily start ass-fucking her. Louise groaned, arched her back, and buried her head against the back of the couch. I could also see that she reached down and put a hand into Cindy’s cunt. Cindy, meanwhile, was feeling my balls and running her hands over me and Louise’s pussy. I was slowly pumping in and out and I could tell whenever Cindy found Louise’s clit because she would moan and jerk slightly at the contact. I looked back over my shoulder again and the view was great on the camera set on the table. It was looking up at the action, just catching some of Cindy’s face and had Louise and I on screen up to my lower back. I put my left foot up on the couch, spreading my legs further apart and allowing more of a view of me fucking her. I smiled down at Cindy and she blew me a kiss. This was wonderful and I was not going to last as long as I thought. I could tell that this was going to be a big orgasm. My body was starting to react by pulling my balls up tight, my breathing increasing, and my sensitivity becoming acute. Cindy kept running her hands over the copulating genitalia over her head and suddenly I felt Louise seize up, cumming strongly, her body jerking while Cindy finished her off by burying two fingers in her cunt and rubbing her clit. She moaned and groaned throughout. I looked down at Cindy and she smiled at me again and pulled her fingers to her mouth that had just been in Louise and licked them. I knew she was prodding me mentally… and then she did it physically. I was getting close and she knew it, so she took one of those fingers and starting running it around my asshole. All my nerve endings were firing and I could feel every movement of her fingertip. She then took that finger and started pushing against my anus as I continued to fuck Louise in the ass. I was starting to shake and the orgasm was coming. I picked up my pace and Louise groaned loudly. Cindy waited and waited until she knew I was going to cum. She pushed on her finger and shoved it in to the first knuckle just as I was getting there and it felt like I came buckets. I grabbed tightly onto Louise to keep from falling over as I thrust and spurted several times in her. I thought I was putting a gallon of cum in her, but with all the fucking I had been doing I’m sure that was just an illusion. Cindy pulled her finger out and I relaxed against Louise’s ass. My dick was shrinking up rapidly and I was in a taxing position with one leg on the floor and another on the couch, so I pulled out and backed away. I looked down at the computer and the comments were confirming that that was an extremely hot scene. I then watched as some of my cum started running out of Louise’s ass. Cindy stared at it and then looked at the camera. She pointed up at it and smiled. She then lifted her head and started licking and slurping on Louise’s ass. Once again Louise groaned and submitted to Cindy’s ministrations.

Finally, all three of us spent, Cindy put her head back down and Louise clambered off and sat down on the couch. Cindy crawled out of her position and sat up straight again. They both waved to the camera and even though there were 5 minutes left, I typed a good-bye message and we closed down our broadcast. As soon as we did, the phone rang.

“Hello?” I thought I might know who it was and I was correct. It was Jack.

“Out-fucking-standing show, Dennis! I can’t believe how fucking hot that was! Put Louise on the phone.”

“Here, Louise, it’s Jack.” I handed her the handset.

“Hello, honey… uh, Master.” Pause. “Yes, I did really enjoy it.” Pause. “Thank you, Master. I am at your command.” Pause. “Yes, sir, I loved being fucked in the ass.” Pause. “Yes, sir, I loved that you commanded me to have Dennis fuck me in the ass. I will always do as you say.” Pause. “I love you, too, Master Jack.” She handed the phone back to me. “He wants to talk to you.”

“Yes, Jack.”

“I want you to make sure to get her some strange dick tomorrow. Make her suck somebody off, take a pic with your phone, and then send it to me.”

“You sure, Jack?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m pushing the limits with Louise and finding that she has none as long as I have commanded it. She is so into being my slave that I am shocked that it took so long to come out.”

“Okay, Jack. We’ll do that.” I looked Louise in the eyes. “I really loved butt-fucking your little whore.”

Jack chuckled. “I loved it, too. Never thought I’d say that, but then, here we are. Listen, I gotta run. I’m meeting some new sales dweebs and offering my guidance on how to be good at it. Talk more later.”

“Okay, Jack. Bye.” I turned to my slaves. “Okay, ladies. We’ll keep it nice on Thanksgiving. We have some work to do tomorrow, so let’s get some rest.”

We all traipsed upstairs, prepared for bed, and were asleep in no time. Large Thanksgiving dinners and unbridled sex are great for inducing sleep.

Black Friday – Day Five

Friday morning I was awakened by the sounds of slurping and sucking. I rolled over and the two ladies were in a 69, making as much noise as possible, purposefully waking me up. I stared at them for a second, Louise was on top. I waited until they knew I was awake before taking action. When Louise raised her face from Cindy’s pussy and smiled at me, I let them have it.

“Stop!” The both looked up at me. “You slaves are not allowed to play without my permission. Now stop immediately and both of you lay face down on the bed.” I crawled out and let them do so. I had the beginnings of an erection, but tried to ignore it. They both lay down and stared at each other. I had the feeling the way they looked at each other that this was what they wanted and expected. It was a little strange to me, but Cindy had voiced her desire for more spankings and I knew Louise liked them, too, so I decided to give them what they wanted. Of course, I didn’t mind one little bit, either! I had never had a chance to explore this side of myself and I was beginning to enjoy it!

I walked over to my closet and pulled out a belt. I knew that this would get their attention. I waved it around and felt its flexibility – all a show for them, of course. It worked, too. They stared at it, looking unsure now that they saw what implement I was going to use on them.

I smiled. “Not what you had in mind, eh, my little sluts?” They just stared at me. “I think five swats each should do it for this minor transgression.” They continued to stare and when I got into position to spank them with it I could feel the tension in the air. “Now listen up, you horny cunts. I am going to take turns swatting each of you and when you are hit, you will respond with the count of your swat and thank me for disciplining you, understand?”

“Yes, Master.” They both murmured it very tentatively.

Smack! I hit Louise first with a decent swat, but not real hard. It was still enough to leave a nice red mark and the surprise was probably as shocking as the hit.

“One, Master, thank you!”

Smack! Cindy’s ass was next.

“One, Master, thank you!” Cindy’s voice wavered a little.

I gave the second and third strokes to each and they were holding up well. When I gave the fourth, I used a little more force and their reaction to it was noticeable. They both jerked and moaned and then thanked me for it. I could see the red marks from each smack on their asses. It was glorious and I found that I liked it more than I expected. I was now sporting an extremely hard dick and I knew that this was not the last time I was going to want to do this. I looked closely at them and they both had tears forming in their eyes, but they held on. I gave them each their final blow and they thanked me. They both seemed to visibly relax after the last one and they both released a smothered sob. I looked at the beautiful red-striped asses in front of me and wanted to fuck them both. Instead, I went into the bathroom and retrieved some hand lotion and sat next to them. They looked up when they felt the bed depress and I showed them the lotion.

“Just lay still and let Master take care of those red asses.” They both put their heads back down. I squirted some on Louise’s ass and she jerked at the coolness of the lotion on the sore welts, but as I rubbed it around she almost purred. I ran my hand down onto her pussy to find that she was soaked. I guess she liked it.

I then did the same to Cindy and her ass felt wonderful. I love the tight athletic ass of my wife, it was beautiful with the red stripes on it, and I loved rubbing the lotion in. I then ran my fingers down onto her pussy and she was soaked, too.

“I think that spanking turned on my little sluts.” There was recognition in their eyes, but they didn’t respond. “Since you were bad little girls, I want the two of you to go stand in the far corners of the room, facing the walls, and think about what you did.”

They stood up and went to the two corners. They both faced the walls and I stared at the nice bodies with the reddened asses. I ran downstairs and retrieved the camera. I came back up and they had not moved. I took some pictures of them, making sure to get full bodied shots and some close-ups of their asses. I ran downstairs and fired up my computer. I pulled the SD card out, copied the pictures over and sent a couple of the good ones to Jack. I told him that they required disciplining and I had seen to it. I couldn’t wait to see what he had to say about it.

I went back upstairs and they were still there. I told them to stay put and took a shower. When I came out, they were still standing there, but I could see that they were getting tired of the standing and were shifting from foot to foot to try to relax. I left them there a little longer and then told them to sit side by side on the bed.

I stood in front of them, my dick not quite hard. “Did you ladies learn your lesson?” They both just nodded and looked at the floor. “You are not allowed to play with my pussies unless I tell you to, got it?” I got murmured responses indicating that they did. “Today, we are going to have nothing to do with sex until much later. You slaves cannot touch yourselves or me until I say so, except to take a shower and get dressed. I want you two to dress like ladies, nothing slutty, but it should show off your best assets. Cindy, for you that’s your ass, and for Louise, that’s your tits.” I stepped over and ran my hands over Louise’s big tits, pinching the nipples and watching them stand up. “Yes, they are definitely a great asset.” I looked over at the clock. It was approaching 10am. “Now you two get dressed and then we’ll have some brunch.”

When they came down dressed, I took them to the nearby mall and we went to a small café. Cindy was wearing a very tight pair of low cut jeans, lower than I even knew she had, and a loose blouse that only came to her waist. This left a couple of inches of skin showing and let her strut along, wiggling that hot fucking ass. Louise was wearing a knee length dress that was low cut in front. It showed just enough cleavage to be acceptable for a lady, but let everyone know that she had some nice tits.

We ate and enjoyed the meal and nothing was said of the week so far or the activities during that time. When we left we went home and I told them to relax for a while. They watched TV while I called an acquaintance, Roger, that I knew had been to a couple of the local adult bookstores and shops. I found out what I wanted to know and looked up the location. I then checked my email and Jack was ecstatic about the shots of the two red-striped asses that I had sent. Finally, I returned to the den and found that they were watching an old movie. It was approaching 2pm, so I told them we were leaving and to stay in their current dress.

It was about 30 miles to the adult store that I wanted to go to and it took a while to get there. The Black Friday traffic was definitely in full swing at this point. The really, really early risers who went to the stores that were selling items in the latest craze were probably just going home and the other shoppers just starting. In any case, it took us almost an hour to get there. When I pulled up in front, they both looked at me and tried not to smile. I could tell that all the activity of the last few weeks was turning all three of us into perpetually horny and very open individuals.

We entered the store and there were very few people in there. There was one couple browsing the adult films and a guy in one corner looking at something I couldn’t see. The person behind the desk was a younger woman, probably in her early twenties, who had more than enough tattoos and piercings for any other three people. I started toward the back right where my buddy Roger had told me the viewing booths were. He had told me that there was a glory hole back there, but that it was well covered. It was not used much, but could sometimes be found to be open. I didn’t wonder how he found out. He was single, 35, and completely immersed in porn.

There were four booths back there and I told the ladies to wait. I went up to the front desk and looked again at the cashier. She was kind of hot, but all those piercings were not really my style. In any case, I asked her if the booths were in operation and she said they were. I looked around and leaned a little closer. “Is there a glory hole in there?”

She looked at me for a second and then over at Cindy and Louise. She smiled. “Of course. It’s in the last booth on the right and the hole is under a poster on the left hand side. Just lift it off its hanger and the hole will be there. Are you going to put one of your sluts in there?” She said it like she was talking about the latest entertainment news.


She smiled. “Do you want me to make it known to the customers?”

I looked around. “How many are there?

“There’s the couple over in the movie section, that one gentleman over by the bondage toys and there’s a guy in the first booth. That enough?”

I smiled at her. “Yes, it’s our first time.”

She smiled again. “Okay. Good luck. I’ll pass the word.” She stood up as she finished that and I returned to Cindy and Louise. I led them into the last booth and we removed the poster. They immediately knew that it was a glory hole. I’m not sure how Cindy knew since we had never discussed this between us, but she knew. We waited for a couple of minutes. I told them the rules.

“Okay, there is one glory hole. Louise, you will be first. I want you to suck the first dick that comes thru that hole. No cum swallowing. When they get ready to shoot, back off and let them cum all over your tits. Make sure you pull your top down before you start.”

I stuck my head out of the booth and saw the cashier telling the guy who had been in the first booth about the glory hole. He looked down at me and I gave him the thumbs up. He immediately came to the booth next to ours and entered. He already had a hard on and was probably jacking off to a movie. Icky, but we couldn’t be choosy.

I pulled back into the booth in time to see a hard dick come thru the hole. Louise and Cindy both looked at it and smiled. They were both topless already, Cindy having removed her blouse and bra and Louise having dropped the straps on her dress where she had been braless. Louise reached up and jacked it a few times and then leaned forward. As soon as her tongue met the crown the guy groaned and I snapped a pic with my phone. She put her mouth over it and started sucking. I could see her tongue working it over and the guy started thrusting. I took another pic. I could tell that he had worked himself up so much that Louise’s cock-sucking ability was going to make him finish quickly. It was only about two minutes into sucking that we could hear him say that he was going to cum. Louise quickly pulled it out of her mouth and jacked it up against her tits. He came in about three good spurts, but there was not much distance on them and it just dribbled down Louise’s tits. I took one last pic of her covered with his cum.

Louise looked up at me as he pulled his dick back and murmured a thank-you. “That was pretty fast!”

I nodded and opened the door to see what was going on. That guy was just leaving and the next single guy, the one who had been reviewing the movies, was entering. The couple was standing behind him waiting and the woman looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and she walked over to me confidently.

“You have two women in there ready to suck cock?”


For first time readers of this story, BE WARNED, it’s nasty. If you can’t handle a sick twisted woman in heat, then find something more vanilla.


As they walked out the back door of the restaurant, Cathy asked Harry, “Where are we off to now?”

He guided Cathy to her car, by placing his hand on her ass and answered her, “Oh I think I’ll let it be a surprise, cunt.”

She knew that she looked like hell, so she said, “I look terrible, Harry. If you don’t want me to embarrass you, then we better stop somewhere so I can clean up a bit.”

As he shoved her into the car, he told her, “No need for that, bitch. You’re going to fit right in. Now shut up and trust me, we don’t have far to go.”

When he put the car in gear, he asked Cathy, “How many times have you cum today?”

She hadn’t had time to give it any thought, but it was several times, that was for sure. “I think maybe six or seven, certainly more than I’ve ever had before. Now that I think about it, it’s amazing. I never would have believed that any woman could have that many orgasms, and certainly not me.”

Harry smiled and, in a matter of fact tone, said, “Only a true slut could do that. Before the night is over, you’ll more than double that number.”

At first she thought he was joking, yet he had spoken it so believably that she began to fear what it would take for her to go that far. Then she worried about what kind of condition she would be in, after experiencing so many climaxes.

Cathy had been so deep in thought she didn’t realize that Harry had pulled into the back of another business. He told her to get out, and she asked, “What’s this place?”

He chuckled and told her, “Just show a little patience and you’ll see for yourself.”

They entered through a back door, which evidently was Harry’s mode of egress to several establishments in this area. As she walked down a long, dimly lit hall, she became even more fearful. At the end, he pushed through a curtain and she found herself standing in an adult toy store. Actually, that was too kind of a term for the sleazy, smelly store.

There was a smuttiness about it that turned her stomach. As she looked around, she saw all sorts of sex toys, from handcuffs to full-sized inflated dolls, with open mouths and pussys, just waiting for those who couldn’t afford a cheap hooker to use for their sexual release. Some of the shelves hadn’t been dusted since Clinton was president, and the floor was filthy. This was definitely Harry’s kind of place.

Harry grabbed her hand and pulled her to the front of the store saying, “There’s somebody you gotta meet.”

As they approached the front counter, she was aware of a few men in the store, looking over adult books, all of which had a kinky picture on the cover. Two guys were checking out the nipple clamps and whips, but they all stopped and stared at Cathy, as she was reluctantly dragged up front and presented to the clerk.

Harry started out, “Hey Jimmie, I want you to meet Cathy. She’s one of my cunts,” he said no more.

The middle aged man was short and skinny, somewhat like Harry’s two buddies, Tom and Nick. He was completely bald, his face looked like it had been stabbed a few hundred times, with an ice pick, he was missing a few teeth and part of one ear was gone. This was not the man one brought home to meet mother.

Jimmie looked her over, before saying, “Damn Harry, she looks like she’s been fucking all night. This ain’t some hooker you picked up is it?”

Harry seemed insulted by the man’s comment. “Hell no, she ain’t no prostitute. She’s just a whore who needs a lot of action. I saw your safe sign, so I thought I’d bring her by and see what kind of thrills we could dig up for the cunt.”

Jimmie looked back at Cathy and asked, “What’s that huge stain on her blouse?”

She was being talked about, as though she wasn’t there, as though she was just a thing, not a human being. She was mortified at his question, as the truth of it was even more humiliating.

Harry gazed at the front of her blouse and said, “I ain’t sure what that is, but she did spend some time alone with Wanda.” To Cathy he commanded, “OK cunt, tell us what the hell happened to your shirt.”

She was desperate to avoid revealing the vulgar fact of her performance on her knees between the oafish woman’s fat thighs. Yet she knew that Harry wasn’t about to pass up a chance for her to debase herself. She took a breath and gave the short brief version. “I was performing oral sex on her and she squirted this on me.”

Harry cast her a disgusted look. “Come on cunt, you can do better than that. Give us some details, cunt.”

Cathy looked down at the floor, and then began the explanation of everything, just as it happened. “Wanda stripped naked and sat on the toilet. After she pissed and shit, she had me crawl to her and lick beneath her hairy armpits. They were all stinky and covered with sweat. She had me clean under her saggy old tits, which had their own special flavor.” Cathy was becoming aroused, as she related the vile scene she participated in, with depraved woman.

“Then she shoved my face into her filthy crotch and told me to lick her asshole. I did and I loved it.” She was really getting worked up now. “I could taste the fresh crap on her ass, but I cleaned it up really good. She moved my head to her crotch and said for me to eat some pussy. Wanda’s cunt was as nasty as the rest of her. I licked and sucked, stuck my tongue way up into her pussy, and when she was close to cumming, I sucked on her fat clit. That’s when she unloaded a huge blast of cunt juice all over my blouse, and it was strong and musky flavored. Then I couldn’t help myself, I came too.”

By then, Jimmie had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. It seems that her more detailed story had brought forth his need for satisfaction. Harry looked at her, as though asking a question, but he didn’t say a word; he just looked back at Jimmie. She understood Harry’s intent for her.

Cathy walked around the counter and went to her knees, and then asked Jimmie, “Rather than whacking off, wouldn’t you prefer to ram that cock down my throat and fuck my face?”

He grunted and placed a hand behind her head, guiding her lips to his throbbing prick. She accepted his shaft, as it slid over her tongue and she closed her warm mouth around its girth. Jimmie moaned and began pushing in and out, as she sucked and massaged his cock with her lips. “Suck it hard, you fucking slut. This ain’t gonna take long.”

The ruthless abuse of her face was intoxicating to her and Cathy felt her pussy rapidly moisten. But before she could really get into it, Jimmie blew his fuse early, filling her mouth with a small load of cum, which she easily swallowed. He groaned and laughed at the same time, as pulled her mouth down to his balls one last thrust.

Harry yawned, as though bored and said, “Be sure to let everyone know where she’ll be.” Now what the hell did that mean, she wondered.

As Jimmie tucked his limp prick back into his trousers, he said, “OK Harry, take her to the rear and be sure to get her into booth thirteen.” She had no idea what he was talking about, but didn’t object, as Harry pulled her along toward the back of the store.

They passed through a dirty old curtain and she found herself going down a row of doors, each one numbered. As Cathy walked with Harry, she heard the sounds of porn movies and realized that this was one of those seedy places where men went to view short scenes of dirty films. Although she had never told anyone, she had been curious for a long time about these places. Well, she thought, here’s my chance.

At door number thirteen, they stopped and Harry took a key out of his pocket. That made her notice the other doors didn’t have locks on them, only this one. As he turned the key, he looked at her and said, “You’re going to love this. It’s just the right kind of new fun for you to expand your horizons.” His vulgar laugh sent a shudder down her spine, yet it also sent a tingle to her loins.

Once inside, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the dim red light in the low ceiling. As her vision improved, she saw a large screen TV, behind a Plexiglas shield. It had stains on the bottom portion and Cathy knew that men had masturbated here and left their seed flowing down the screen cover. It was the most sleazy, nasty little room she had ever seen, and she knew that she was going to get off on whatever happened to her in this wretched environment.

There was a built in bench to sit on across from the TV. He sat down and told her, “Get your clothes off, cunt. It’s show time.”

Quickly removing her filthy blouse and skirt and handing them to Harry, she stood before him nude save for her high heels. Harry began smiling, while starring at her. She had no idea what he was waiting for and was rather hoping that he would start a sex tape, so that she could see a few nasty scenes before he used her.

Harry never said a word. After two minutes, he smiled and pointed to the wall on her left. For a brief moment, she didn’t know what she was supposed to see, but then her eyes found the object of his aim. There, protruding through a hole in the wall was an erect penis. Harry stood, folded her clothes and placed them on the dirty floor in front of the hole.

“There you go, cunt. You’ve got a nice soft pad for your knees and a nice hard cock to suck.”

Cathy was aware of such places. There were called glory holes, but she had thought that they were for gays. It was a reminder of her abysmal ignorance regarding these matters, as she sunk to her knees and got her first close up of a wall with a cock growing out of it.

The owner of the deflating prick was apparently white and of average size. Through the wall he said, “Come on bitch, suck it. Quit fucking around, you damned whore.”

She extended her fingers to his shaft and massaged it back to its full length. She told him, “Just you hang on buddy, I’m going to suck every bit of cum from your balls and swallow every damn drop of it.” His vulgar, demanding command had triggered her own vile need to debase herself.

Cathy teased the head of his manhood, with her tongue, and then licked the underside of his helmet, eliciting a deep moan from the other side of the wall. He drew his prick back a little and tried to drive it into her mouth, banging the wall with his torso, as he did. She placed her lips around the head of his cock and slowly glided down the length of it, until her nose touched the wall. She swallowed a few times, which further stroked the underside of his pulsing cock.

It took only three minutes for the man to begin cursing and groaning, as he dumped a rather substantial load into her mouth. “Drink it, you dirty old whore.”

She swallowed every bit of it and after she let his limp prick slide from her lips she told him, “I’m a dirty whore, but I’m not old.”

Harry loudly said, “NEXT!” He pointed to the opposite wall, where another male shaft came through a larger hole, allowing his cock and balls to be available for her services.

This guy’s dick was a bit larger and much thicker. She quickly shifted to that wall, taking her folded clothes with her and placing them on the dirty tile floor. They didn’t provide much comfort, but were just soft enough to kneel on; and that’s all she needed to let her focus on the nasty pleasure of strange cocks shooting off in her mouth.

She started out by licking his balls and was pleasantly rewarded with the taste of musky sweat. The guy wasn’t a talker, which disappointed her. She enjoyed the derisive insults that were hurled at her, as she gave her mouth to dirty men. Cathy realized that she was submitting her lips, tongue and throat, not to him, but to her own vulgar lust. In a way, she was using him just as much as he was using her.

When the man’s scrotum was pristine, she moved to the base of his shaft and began the cleansing process, slowly working her way up to the top of his long prick. Once she reached the head, she saw the tell tale signs of his pre-cum and hungrily licked it off, and then drove her mouth down the length of his cock, The man’s loud moan, wasn’t as good as him calling her a whore, but it was acceptable praise for her rapidly growing talent at sucking cock.

His moans came more quickly, as she slid her sucking lips up and down his hard prick. She knew he was close, so she fondled his sensitive testicles and gave them a little squeeze when he began to cum. She was rewarded with a rather large burst of slimy goo, some of which she could not contain, as it ran down her chin and onto her breasts.

The vile scene from this play, in which Cathy acted the filthy slut on her knees, was a powerful image in her mind. So, it was with a slight brush of her fingers upon her throbbing clit that she exploded through another mind bending orgasm. As her climax concluded, she used her other hand to smear the remains of the man’s cum around on her face. She felt so completely vile and dirty. She reveled in the sheer depravity of her act.

When she looked at Harry, he merely pointed back to the other wall and said, “Suck.” Another erect penis was looking at her, with the one big eye already leaking man juice from the tip of its angry head.

She didn’t think to bring her clothes to pad her knees this time. She crawled on all fours, like a bitch in heat, anxious to give her services to the next dog with a stiff cock.

With her fist wrapped around this one, she began to slobber all around the head of it, taking pleasure in the loud, lewd sounds she made in the process. “Oh you hot fucking slut. Don’t tease me, you nasty bitch, just suck and swallow.”

She was glad to accommodate him, driving her mouth down the length of his cock, until she hit the wall, and then gagging herself, as his manhood stroked her tonsils. She did this several times and she knew from his filthy epithets that he was close. The man loosed a loud cry and delivered forth a deluge of filthy cum. She pulled away, after the first burst of jizz filled her sucking maw, allowing the rest of his seed to expend itself on her face. Cathy had risen to a level of lustful decadence which she had never experienced. She luxuriated in the beautiful vileness of her act and shuddered with renewed pleasure, as the stranger’s cum dripped from her face and decorated her breasts.

She looked at Harry and he softly told her, “Now my sweet little piece of shit, you’re really beginning to understand the power of your own sick lust. Enjoy yourself for a while. I have to have a chat with Jimmie.”

As he left, she heard him lock the door. That frightened her, but only for a brief moment. Cathy realized that she was safer with it securely locked. She turned to the opposite wall and saw another hard penis waiting for her. This one was very large and very black. Her stomach knotted and growled with the knowledge that her first black cock was about to invade her mouth and gag her with its enormous length. She attacked it with gusto. She came hard way before he did, but he didn’t care, as long as she got him off.

Cathy lost all track of time and space. She went back and forth, from one wall to the other, sucking and endless supply of cocks. She had no idea how many men had used her mouth. Just that phrase, in her mind, caused her pussy to quiver. She also didn’t know how many times she had cum tonight. If she counted her house, the restaurant and here, it must be near a dozen. She wondered if that was some kind of world record.

It took her a few minutes to realize that there were no more wonderful cocks for her to suck. The walls were empty and she felt disappointment at the thought that she could actually have enjoyed a few extra blasts of protein rich liquid from nasty, horny men.

The key in the door lock drew her attention. Harry walked in and told her, “Pick up your clothes and follow me, but don’t wipe off your face or tits.”

Cathy hadn’t even thought of what she must look like, with perhaps dozens of men’s creamy fluid drenching her body, she had to look like a real sicko slut. She closed her eyes and tried to envision what others might see and was sorely tempted to diddle her clit one more time, as her mind responded to the mental image with another surge of passion. But she managed to keep her hands off of her pussy, as Harry seemed to be in a hurry. So she grabbed her filthy clothes and followed him out of her new favorite room.

They went to the end of the dark passageway and through an unmarked door. Cathy found herself standing before eight men in various stages of undress. Some had their pants down to their ankles, some had removed their pants and a few just had their dicks poking out through their zippers. All of them were fondling their cocks.

Harry smacked her hard on the ass and ordered her to, “Get on your knees, slut. It’s still feeding time at the zoo.”

Cathy knew what was expected of her. Indeed, she thrilled at the prospect of seeing the whole body of the man she was sucking. And performing before a group of men who were waiting to plunge their cocks past her sore lips raised her lust back to the high level it had been just a short time ago. She hoped that she would be fucked as well; preferably at the same time she was giving a blow job. It had been a secret desire of hers for a long time.

Cathy didn’t disappoint them and neither was she disappointed. The nearest man grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his crotch saying, “Come on, you fucking whore, eat cock.” He didn’t wait for a response from her; he slapped her hard, causing her to yelp. When she did, he thrust his stiff prick into her mouth and didn’t stop pushing it into her mouth, until it hit the back of her throat.

It was a bit more brutal than she was ready for, but she knew that in a few brief moments she would love it. To her delight, another guy knelt behind her and began smacking her ass. She knew then that he intended to plow her sopping wet pussy and she wiggled her butt, as best she could, to entice him to use her hungry hole. Without warning, he plunged his cock into her. He marveled at the fact that his prick went completely in, telling the others, “Hey fellas, this bitch is so fucking turned on that my dick didn’t feel no resistance at all. What a nasty slut.”

Cathy wanted to thank him for the compliment, but with a stiff cock plundering her sucking maw it was out of the question. The man in her pussy wouldn’t cum for a minute or so, but she had no control of her body now. She came hard as she reveled in the totally obscene picture she must have made for the others. Over and over, she thought to herself, ‘I’m a slut, I’m a slut, I’m a slut.’

The men used her aching throat and pussy, dumping load upon load into her mouth and cunt. She was vaguely aware that some men, having used her once already, were jerking off and shooting their reduced loads on her back and in her hair, although much of it landed on the filthy floor.

Cathy came…oh yes, she came…several more times. She had a fleeting wonder if she could qualify for the Guinness Book of Records. Her depravity had reached such a level that it washed all decency from her being. She knew that she could never go back to being the insipid little wall flower that she had been for her entire life. A new Cathy was born in this room and she was a filthy cock loving piece of shit whore. Furthermore, she didn’t want to go back; not after the extreme pleasures she had discovered this evening.

The endless line of cocks had reached an end; yet Cathy, on all fours, swayed back and forth in a trance like state, expecting more penises to ravage her mouth and cunt. Finally Harry’s voice brought her back. “You stupid fucking whore, you wasted some of the guys jizz. Now put your face down to the floor and lick it all up, while I fuck your ass.”

NOTE 1: I highly recommend you read part one if you haven’t already. But to refresh your memory, or entice you to go read part one, here is a quite summary. In part one a happily married teacher is seduced by one of her tough pretty students and slowly her long lost and hidden sexual naughtiness is rekindled. In the end, she submits to the grade 12 eighteen year old and becomes her pet. A plot twist at the end adds a second woman…

NOTE 2: Part one was strictly a lesbian tale. Part 2 includes toys, a glory hole and interracial sex. If any of that offends you please stop reading now. Part 3 will return with the continuation of her final lesbian submission.

NOTE 3: This story is dedicated to Brittany who was the original inspiration for the Julie character.

NOTE 4: A special thanks goes to the thankless job of editing my meandering tales. Thank you, thank you, thank you…ESTRAGON.

NOTE 5: Lastly, a thank you to all my fans who voted for part one and who have e-mailed me their suggestions and compliments.


Three seconds after part one ended…

After her Mother left, Julie ordered I fuck her as planned before we were interrupted. I obeyed nervously knowing her Mom was in the next room. I went behind the 18-year-old and easily slipped the fake cock into her. Desperate to get done, I fucked her like a man: hard and fast. Julie seemed to like this as her moaning increased quickly and she began talking dirty. “Keep fucking me, my pet,” or “That’s it my pet, fuck your Mistress.”

It took much longer than it had for me to get off, but when she did she screamed loud enough for the earth to move and for her Mother to know as well. I was long past mortified, but was also long past the point of no return.

After she had finished enjoying her orgasm, my mind a muddled mess of what would happen next, she suggested we should go into Mistress’ room as she was not one to wait.

I repeated mindlessly, my facial expression clearly one of utter confusion and embarrassment, “Mistress?”

Julie shrugged and responded, “It’s a long story, my pet, which I’ll tell you about some day. But for now, it is time to present you to her.”

Still reeling in overwhelmed confusion, I repeated like a zombie, “A present?”

Julie gave a slight sigh as she explained to me, “Just do as you are told and everything will be fine.” She pulled me up and took me by the hand and I obediently and nervously followed.

We entered her mother’s room and I saw her mother on her bed still fully dressed, with an odd unexplainable smile on her face. Julie immediately went to the foot of the bed and kneeled. I mindlessly followed and knelt down too.

A dead eerie silence filled the room. An eternity seemed to pass before Julie’s mom finally spoke.

“So my Julie, who is your new pet?”

“It’s Mrs. Walker, the teacher I told you about, Mistress.”

I broad smile crossed the mother’s face. She looked at me and said. “Wow, my slut that was ahead of schedule.”

Julie responded. “Yes, Mistress, she desperately needed to submit, even if she didn’t know it.”

My face went an even redder shade if that is possible, my utter shame on display.

“Is that true, Mrs. Walker?” Julie’s mom asked.

I looked at her speechless, before eventually stuttering, “I-I-I don’t know.”

Her amused smile never left as she stated, ever so matter-of-factly, “Well it is very simple, Mrs. Walker. Did you enjoy submitting to my Julie?”

Still ruby red, I contemplated my answer. In truth, I had never felt as sexually alive and sexually needed as I did when Julie seduced me and then took me. But still, making such feelings verbally spoken, to her mother was mortifying. That said, I was naked on my knees, so really did it matter? So admitting the truth, I answered, “Yes, I did.”

Julie’s mother ordered her daughter, “You did well, my slut. Now come get your reward.” She parted her Hooters pantyhose covered legs to reveal her shaved pussy which was in plain view, having cut a generous hole in her pantyhose.

I watched, in stunned silence, as Julie, looked at me, smiled and winked, crawled onto the bed and between her mother’s outstretched legs.

I gave out a slight gasp as I watched the incestual sexual act. Julie’s mom, seeing my shocked expression, explained, as Julie’s head disappeared, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. Julie is not my daughter. She is a girl I took in last year after the overdose of her real mother, a co-worker of mine.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster, still bewildered by the whole scenario.

“Julie is a very good girl,” she moaned, Julie’s tongue clearly having an effect on the big breasted mother figure. She added, “You can call me Candy, Mistress Candy.”

I looked at her feeling overwhelmed as I tried desperately to filter all these mixed feelings in my head. Part of me wanted to run, rewind the past two hours and keep on living my mundane, but controllable life. Another part of me was curious about the final training Candy had mentioned earlier. Another part of me, just wanted to completely let go and submit entirely not only to Julie, but also to this unknown, but clearly dominant woman. I also wondered almost to in unhealthy obsession, who else was part of this harem, Julie had earlier referred to.

Candy, seemingly aware of the inner turmoil I was currently feeling, attempted to comfort me through a moan, “Don’t worry, my pet, you need this. You want to submit to me, your mind is trying to fight it, but your body can’t lie.” She held out her hand to me, implying I was to wait as I watched her have an orgasm. She screamed, “That’s it baby, make mommy cum. Fuck me faster, slut. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!”

I watched in fascinated silence, my pussy betraying anything my mind was repulsed by, as I felt wetness slithering down my leg.

Once recovered, she continued reading my mind, “Your mind is saying this is so wrong. It is adamantly trying to convince you to get off your knees and run. But your knees feel like they are cemented to the ground, refusing to budge. Your cunt is dripping wet right now, just anticipating your complete training, your full submission, isn’t it, my pet?”

I again looked at the voluptuous woman and wanted to say she was wrong, but the fire burning down below and the undeniable yearning to submit to her was too hard to fight. I answered, full of shame, yet flushed with anticipation, “Yes, ma’am, I am very wet.”

“Let’s take a good look at my daughter’s new pet’s merchandise. Get that cunt up here and straddle me, my pet.”

My knees instantly broke free of the invisible chains holding me down. I awkwardly got up, looked at Julie, who was watching me from between her guardian’s legs, and climbed onto the bed. I nervously presented my vagina to this older woman.

After straddling her face, I sat awkwardly as she touched and probed my wet and vulnerable pussy. Although I felt like a piece of meat, my body felt electric shots of pleasure with each forbidden touch. When her tongue touched my cunt, I let out an earth-shaking scream and felt an orgasm already building in me. In only moments of her tongue teasing, I was cumming like a high school boy, unable to control myself. I shook in undeniable pleasure, before collapsing forward.

“You got quite the pussy trigger, don’t you, my pet?” she teased.

Humiliated, I kept my face in the blankets as I tried to regain my breath. I felt a soft spank on my naked ass, and jumped slightly, turning around to look at Julie’s guardian, Mistress or whatever the heck she was.

Candy smiled, “You probably should be getting home, my pet.”

I looked at my watch, a wedding anniversary present from my husband, and was shocked to see how late it was and how much time had actually passed. I responded, “Yes, I should,” and began to get off the bed.

Both women watched me as Candy explained, “You understand that you are both my and Julie’s pet and sub, right?”

I looked her unsure as I wavered, “Um, this probably shouldn’t go on past tonight.”

“Really, is that what you want? To go back to your mundane hum-drum sex life you had a couple hours ago.”

“Umm, I don’t know, I…”I began, but was cut off.

“Every new sub must complete seven tasks to become an official sub of ours. Julie will give you the tasks over the next couple weeks. If you fail to attempt to complete one, failure does sometimes happen, I know you are not committed to being our sub. If that is the case, we will pretend this never happened and you can return to your suburban boredom and no one will know of your naughty escapades today. But understand, if you do reject this offer of submission, you can’t reconsider. It is a one-time offer. Now get out of here, I need to get some sleep.”

I grabbed my clothes hastily and retreated from her room a bundle of anxiety. I got dressed and was just leaving when Julie came out in a robe.

“My pet, Mistress has forbidden me to continue your training until she knows you are completely committed,” Julie informed me. She walked over to me and kissed me passionately and with cunt dripping tenderness. When she broke the kiss, she whispered, “Just in case you don’t submit.”

Before I could respond, she turned and walked away and disappeared into a different room, assumingly hers. I stood there, a ball of goo, before finally leaving and returning home.


I woke up the next morning in bed in a dreamlike state, my body in a perpetual state of contentment. As I slowly actually woke up, last night’s memories came flooding back to me. I let out a gasp as I recalled not only my submission to my 18-year-old student, but also my submission to her guardian and the decision she left me with.

To submit or not to submit…that is the question.

Is it nobler in my mind to suffer

the bores and chores of wife expectations

or to submit completely to my carnal needs and desires. To resist; to deny;

no more; and by submitting I may end

the boredom and loneliness of monogamy

That society is heir to, tis’ a temptation

Devoutly to be dreamed, To resist; to deny;

To ignore; to submit instead to society’s expectations: ay, there’s the rub;

For in this social slumber I will surely miss my true calling. To submit…

I know that probably sounded geeky, but since I was a teenager I have used the ‘to be or not to be’ speech to make a lot of my decisions.

School the next day was excruciating. I knew I was different, but no one else did. Also, I would be seeing Beth and Julie, the day after two very different sexual submissions. Beth came to class like she did every day, no sense of the secret the two of us held; that just yesterday she had ate my pussy under my desk at lunch. She gave me her usual smile, her sweet smile, the one I knew said so much more. I taught class as I usually would, my nervousness fading away as I did what I love to do…teach. The last class with Julie was also anti-climatic as Julie was her usual student self. When class ended, Julie waited until the rest of her classmates were gone before she handed me an envelope and sauntered off.

I opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dear Potential Sub,

If you have decided to submit completely to myself and Julie, which I assume you have, you will attempt to complete 7 tasks in the next month. The first task is simple. Starting tomorrow you will no longer wear any underwear. That means no panties (which Mistress Julie had already ordered you do obey) and no bra. Of course, you are allowed to wear underwear when it is a feminine necessity.

Mistress Candy

I looked at the first task. I was wearing panties today, having completely forgotten Julie’s order yesterday. I had never been one to go without underwear, even in my college slut phase, so this was a harder task than it sounded. I closed my door and quickly took my panties off in my classroom, trying to see how it felt. I worked in my room for another twenty minutes, or attempted to work may be a better description, before deciding to drive home. Surprisingly, after an hour or so, I got accustomed to not wearing panties.

The rest of the night was typical family stuff: supper, Big Bang Theory on TV, bedtime stories and a quickie with the hubby. Not surprisingly, while he pumped his cock in and out of me, all I could think about was Julie.


It took me forever to get dressed on Friday. Having decided to fulfill the first task, I had to decide what type of blouse to wear to hide the fact I was not wearing a bra. Now luckily, my breasts at 34b were small enough and firm enough to not need one, but I sure didn’t want my nipples to end up showing through. I decided on a dark purple sweater, a black pencil skirt and, as Julie had already ordered, thigh-high stockings.

At work all day I was self-conscious. Could anyone tell that I was not wearing a bra? It seemed unlikely, but it still filled me with anxiety. That said, another part of me felt hot and naughty knowing that behind the conservative look my students saw, I was dressed like a slut.

Julie gave me a long look when she arrived at class and I could tell she was trying to figure out if I had obeyed the first task. Like yesterday, when class ended and all my students had quickly evacuated, Julie came up to my desk with an envelope in her hand.

Very quickly, before I even had time to react, Julie squeezed my breasts. “She purred, “Good girl. I can assume you are not wearing panties as well.”

“Yes, that would be a correct assumption,” I admitted.

“Good slut,” she said and handed me another envelope. “This one you will have fun with.”

Once she left, I tore open the envelope surprised at how excited I was to see my next task.

Dear Potential Sub

I am very happy you have chosen to continue on this journey. I assume you had a day of both trepidation and liberation while you taught young minds that were oblivious to your naughty obedience.

Task number two you have all weekend to fulfill. Your task is to go to a gloryhole (the attached map has the two that we know of in town) and suck off at least three cocks. A good sub slut will of course swallow the whole load. If you wish, you may ask Julie to come with you if you are nervous. Just yahoo her. Good luck and have LOADS of fun.

Mistress Candy

After yesterday’s rather easy task, this one was quite extreme. Somehow I had justified cheating on my husband with another woman, or three to be exact, but sucking another guy’s cock seemed more wrong to me. I sighed wondering if I was able to do such a disloyal act. I truthfully believe my hubby would get turned on if he learned I had been playing around with some hot student, but I doubt very much he would be impressed if I told him I had sucked and swallowed three strangers’ cocks. I drove home in a bit of a stupor, pondering if I should follow through with task 2 and if I did how would I pull it off?

That night, while the kids were asleep and my husband was watching sports I logged into my yahoo and attempted to reason with Julie.

Nylon_lover69: You there, Mistress Julie?

TeenMistress: Yes, just getting ready to go out.

Nylon_lover69: I don’t think I can accomplish this task.

TeenMistress: Why not?

Nylon_lover69: It just feels morally wrong. I would be cheating on my husband.

TeenMistress: U already have.

Nylon_lover69: I know, but cheating with another woman seems less wrong.

TeenMistress: I see. Well if you want to submit to us, you must be willing to do whatever we order, no questions asked.

Nylon_lover69: I know…but I am worried about him finding out.

TeenMistress: Well, that is up to you, but based on our conversation on Wednesday, he has been with you when you fucked another guy.

Nylon_lover69: True, but he was there.

TeenMistress: True, but the reality is he allowed u to do it.

Nylon_lover69: I suppose.

TeenMistress: In reality, he has already treated u like a slut. If u fulfill all the tasks and become our full sub, we will have u sucking and fucking other men. If that is a problem, you better back out now.

I paused and thought about it. She was giving me an out. I could just pretend all this didn’t happen. I could turn back the hands of time. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew I couldn’t go back in time. I hadn’t felt as alive as I did when I was with Julie since my college days. And the more I thought of the gloryhole, the more I began to get wet.

Nylon_lover69: No it is not a problem, Mistress. Thank you for calming me down.

TeenMistress: No problem, I very much want u as my sub, more than I have ever wanted someone, but u must choose yourself. I don’t believe in forcing someone.

Nylon_lover69: I am yours, Julie.

TeenMistress: That’s what I like to hear. Do u want me to come with u?

Nylon_lover69: Would u?

TeenMistress: Of course…tomorrow night, can u get out?

Nylon_lover69: I think so.

TeenMistress: Good, I will meet u at Zanders at 9…

Nylon_lover69: OK.

TeenMistress: Dress slutty.

Nylon_lover69: Ok.

TeenMistress: We can always go above and beyond the task.

Nylon_lover69: How so?

TeenMistress: That is for me to know and you to find out.

Nylon_lover69: Grrr….

TeenMistress: I gotta go…c u tomorrow.

Nylon_lover69: Yes, Mistress.

TeenMistress: Good night.

Nylon_lover69: Good night.

I logged out and contemplated tomorrow. My pussy was already wet with anticipation. All I had to do now was think up a lie to get out of the house.


The day dragged slowly. My head flipped flopped back and forth between good girl and bad girl, but I already knew I had made my decision, as much as I pretended I hadn’t. I told Jack I had a bachelorette party to go to for a girl at work and nervously drove to the seedy gloryhole.

I brought a different set of clothes to change in to. I pulled into a McDonald’s first and went to the bathroom and changed into a cute sundress, I was already wearing tan thigh highs and, of course, no bra or undies. I arrived at the Zanders and walked into the adult store. Julie was not there yet, so I walked aimlessly round, looking at toys. A couple pervs were checking me out and I wondered if I would soon be sucking their cock?

“Well fancy meeting my teacher in a place like this,” Julie said, pretending to be surprised to see me.

I turned around and Julie was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the opposite of my rather slutty attire. She walked over and kissed me. I melted into her mouth, oblivious to the onlookers who I assume were getting woodies watching two chicks go at it.

Once she broke the kiss, she walked over to the counter and greeted, “Hey Sam, is our room ready?”

The balding, late 40s man, replied, “Of course, Julie, and I believe there is already a cock waiting.”

“Yummy,” Julie flirted and grabbed my hand, leading me to a back room.

Once inside, the full reality of what I was about to do hit me full force. There was a stool and a hole. It was seedy and something I never thought I would do. I mean I admit I have done a lot of slutty things, ignoring my teacher-student transgressions of the past few days, but nothing quite like this.

I looked at Julie with trepidation. She smiled, “Mrs. Walker, it is ok. If you want, I’ll take the first cock.”

I stammered, incredibly grateful, “Thanks Julie.”

As if on call, a reasonably sized erect white cock presented itself.

“Hmmm,” Julie purred and grabbed the stool, sat down and took the cock in her mouth. I leaned against the wall and watched Julie suck cock. Unlike myself, who tended to saviour a cock in my mouth, Julie bobbed up and down quickly, clearly trying to get him to come as soon as possible. I can’t explain it, but seeing Julie, my grade 12 student, suck cock was a great turn on and suddenly my anxiety went away and was replaced with a sudden hunger. It took less than four minutes and Julie swallowed a load of cum. Once done, she stood up and said, “Your turn, Mrs. Walker.”

I know she used the Mrs. Walker part as part of her dominance game, but I no longer cared. Instead, I said, “Good, because I am famished.”

My hunger was about to be filled. A small, but erect cock had popped into view. I walked over to the wall, sat on the stool and easily took the small five inch cock in my mouth. I tried to replicate Julie’s fast paced cocksucking, knowing I had at least two more to do. I also used my special saliva trick, where I make sure I have a fair amount of saliva in my mouth. This seems to make guys come quicker. After only a couple of minutes of focused sucking, I felt the first load of warm cum explode down my throat. For a small cock, he could sure cum. Once I had retrieved all his cum, his shrivelling cock disappeared and I stayed sitting waiting my next meal.

I didn’t have to wait long. A second cock, clearly of an older gentleman, about six inches, popped through the hole. I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth and slowly worked on it to get it wide awake. After a couple of minutes of slow attention, I began to bob up and down. It took longer than the first cock, but after a few minutes of consistent cocksucking, I was swallowing my second load in fifteen minutes. As I allowed the cock to fall out of my mouth, I heard a voice, “Thank you, maam.”

I chuckled and replied, “No, thank you.”

Julie, who I had almost forgot had watched my slutty performance, said, “Fuck, you are a nasty little slut. How many of your students would even begin to imagine the sinful whore their teacher really is.”

I blushed, but was distracted by the biggest cock I had ever seen live. It was thick, ten inches long and black. My mouth drooled.

“Ever had a black one?” Julie asked.

“No, but it is on my bucket list,” I joked.

I took it in my hand and gently stroked it, just as Julie left the room. I wasn’t sure where she was going, but I didn’t care, I wanted to taste this long, chocolate stick. I took it’s wide head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his mushroom top. Unlike the last two, I planned to take my time with this cock. I just started to take more of his great cock in my mouth when it disappeared out of the hole. My heart sank with disappointment, was I that bad? I attempted to peak in the hole, when another cock, almost poked me in the eye. It was a decent sized cock, probably 7 inches, but not the big black rod I now craved. I let out a sigh, but took it in my mouth. Now determined to get this over with, I began to suck quickly until I heard the door open. I quit sucking and saw Julie return with a large black man.

I stared in utter shock until Julie said, “A cock that nice needed to be met in person.”

“She’s pretty,” the 6 foot 4 black man grunted.

“Slut, Jim, Jim, slut,” Julie introduced. She pulled out an envelope and handed it to me, my pussy now soaking wet, craving his big black cock.

I awkwardly opened it and read it.

Dear Potential Sub

If you are receiving this, Julie has decided there is a delicious big cock for you. The good news is you now get to kill two birds with one stone. Task number 3 is to fuck this delicious cock. You may allow him to cum in you or on you that is your choice. Good luck, and you are crawling closer to being accepted as our full sub.

Mistress Candy

When I quit reading I glance up and Julie was devouring the big black cock. I joked, attempting to be raunchy, “Um, I think that delicious big black fuck stick is for me.”

Julie quit sucking on the cock and ordered, “Well get naked, my pet.”

I quickly obeyed. I noticed the other cock was still sitting there at full mass. I stood up, and said, “Come fuck my white cunt, while I suck this cock.”

I took smaller cock in my mouth and eagerly awaited the deep penetration I desperately craved. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt firm hands on my waist and soon felt his big cock slide inside me. I had to open my mouth and let out a slight scream as the wide cock opened me wider than I had ever felt. I returned to the dick in the wall and continued bobbing up and down. Once his monster was deep in me I again had to take the cock out of my mouth and scream, “Oh my God, your cock is so fucking big. Don’t be gentle, fuck me like a whore.”

I put my both hands on the wall, gobbled up the smaller cock with my mouth and prepared for a hardcore fucking. Not one to disappoint, Jim began to really pound his ten inch python in me. Soon he was pounding me hard while I sucked the glory hole cock. My eagerness with my mouth was rewarded with a full load of jizz and once the cock was satisfied, I was able to really just focus on the cock in my pussy.

I used the walls for balance and allowed the thrilling sensation of this massive cock to fill me. I came within seconds of focusing on his cock and screamed, “Yes, yes, I’m coming, don’t stop fucking me.” He obliged, hammering my pussy harder and spanking my ass.

“You like that slut,” Jim grunted, never slowing down.

My first orgasm never fully subsided, when a second began to rise. I was so enthralled by the pleasure his cock was having in me, I didn’t have time to think about my unprotected womb. He grunted, “I’m coming slut,” and before I had time to respond, I felt his seed fill be completely and I came a second time. Unlike most men, he didn’t slow down at all, just kept pumping his black piston in and out of me, shoving his cum deeper in me. He fucked me for at least three more minutes before he pulled out and I, without even a hesitation, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

“Fuck you are one hot white whore,” he grunted.

Julie concurred, “Yes she is. Can you imagine she is actually a grade 12 teacher?”

“I wish I had teachers like you when I was in high school,” he said, pulling his still big, but starting to shrink cock.

I sat still, unsure what to do now. I felt cum dripping from my pussy and out of the corner of my eye I saw another dick in the hole. I smiled up to Julie and said, “One for the road.”

Julie just laughed. I returned to the stool, my legs weak from the fucking and took another cock, my fifth, in my mouth.

Julie and Jim talked in the background and I did hear Julie ask for Jim’s number. Excited and fear mixed together. I wonder what she had in mind. I, now ready to leave, quickly got the last guy off and swallowed some of his load, allowing some to also hit my face and cheek.

I gave it a soft tug and stood up. Jim was no gone. Julie ordered, “Don’t wash off the face until you get to your car?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, not remotely surprised by the order.

As I got dressed, Julie complimented me, “Wow, Mrs. Walker, you have turned out to be a much better prize than even I could imagine.”

“Thanks,” I said, not sure if that was actually a compliment and if it was if it was one I should be proud of.

“See you on Monday, Mrs. Walker,” Julie finished and left the room, leaving me alone in my own sin.

I took a deep breath, finished getting dressed and took the walk of shame. I walked past a younger couple who starred as I walked by, the girl whispering something to her man. I just kept walking and quickly made it to my car. I drove away fast and it wasn’t till I was at a red light that I remembered my facial evidence of my infidelity. The light turned green and I had to wait a bit longer to clean my cum covered face.

I pulled over when I could into a fast food restaurant. I wiped my face off and went into the restaurant to fix my hair and make-up. Once looking like the prim and proper good wife I usually resembled, I returned to my car and drove home.


Truthfully, Sunday was a day of recovery. My pussy was raw from the massive cock I had allowed to ravish me. Shame burned through my cheeks, my sleeping husband lying right beside me. I felt guilty, yet I knew I could not go back to before my submission to Julie. I craved her orders, I craved utter submission.


I arrived at school and while I was getting ready for the day, Julie arrived.

“Hi, Mrs. Walker,” she startled me.

“Good morning, Julie,” I replied, feeling slightly giddy just seeing her. I slightly shook my head, feeling like I was a teenager again.

“What was the head shake for?”

“Oh, nothing, it’s just, well….”

“Well what?” Julie asked, seeming offended.

“It’s just I can’t believe how excited I just got seeing you. There is definitely something wrong with me.”

Julie warmed instantly. “There is something wrong with everyone. I like you exactly as you are: eager, sexy and bedient.”

I blushed, “Thanks.”

Julie handed me another envelope. “After this weekend’s tasks, this one will be very easy, I imagine. You can do it whenever you want, but I sure would like to be able to see you do it during my class.”

When Julie didn’t leave, I opened the envelope in front of her.

Dear Potential Sub

You are almost half way to complete membership. Julie and I are very proud of you. Your next task is relatively easy. You must masturbate yourself to an orgasm in class. WHEN STUDENTS ARE IN CLASS!

As always, good luck, my pet to be.

Mistress Candy

I looked up at Julie who had her devilish smile on.

“Oh, my God,” I said, astonished by the task.

“You have suck cock at a gloryhole and fucked a 10 inch black cock. I think getting off in class should be relatively easy,” Julie said, reminding me off my earlier transgressions.

“But a student may catch me.”

“Then be careful and quiet,” Julie shrugged, turning around and leaving. I watched her perfect ass till it turned the corner before contemplating my new task. I knew the morning was out as I was lecturing in each class. I contemplated a couple times during the afternoon, but just never felt I had the right opportunity to get myself off and get away with it.

After school, Julie asked, “So….”

“Sorry, I didn’t accomplish it, yet.”

“OK, well the sooner the better, my pet. You must have tasks 4, 5, 6 done by next Wednesday.”

“OK, why?”

“Because task seven is a full evening thing at my house and the date is confirmed.”

“Oh,” I replied, trying to fathom what that event may possibly be.

“And, trust me,” she recommended, her voice dripping with sexuality, “you don’t want to miss it.”

“OK,” I said, still dazed by the unknown upcoming event.

“Oh, I also suggest you come up with an excuse for your old ball and chain. It will be a late night.”

“What time does it start?”

“Not sure, probably seven, but Mistress will want you there earlier, at least at six.”

“OK, I will find a way to accomplish this new task tomorrow.”

“Show a movie,” my teen Mistress suggested.

“Of course, why hadn’t I thought of that?”

“See you tomorrow, Mrs. Walker, I will bring task five on the hope that you have finished task four.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, and watched her perfect ass disappear for a second time today.

That night, the whole family went out together for supper and a movie. The evening was so suburban family normal. I almost forgot what I had become. That said, when I saw a big black man who looked like Jim, it wasn’t luckily, I felt a tingle down below and all my sexual wickedness came flooding back. As my pussy begged for attention, I wondered what had I become?


I had decided to show the video during my Advanced English class. My theory being they were way more dedicated to their studies and thus more likely to focus on the movie and not their teacher.

I waited till fifteen minutes into the film before I slipped my hand under my desk and begin to rub my clit. Getting horny at first under such circumstances was really difficult. I couldn’t close my eyes and fantasize like I usually would, since I had to make sure no one was watching. I had been playing with myself for five minutes or so with limited success until I noticed that Beth was looking at me. It was like she knew my task and maybe she did. Her looking at me was enough to get the juices started and I could re-play her on her knees, under my desk and licking my pussy. Such naughty memories were enough to get me over the top and I had a small, but still intense, orgasm. I let out just a light whimper, but no one noticed, except Beth who smiled and immediately turned back to the film.

The rest of the day went by at a snail’s pace, as I was shockingly eager to see what my next task was. I had to accept the fact that I was completely at the whim of my two future Mistress’s and, although I should have been concerned, my only real thought was I needed more.

When Julie arrived, I nodded my head yes and she gave me a sly smile. Once class was done, she came to my desk. “How was it?”

“It took time to get going, but once I saw Beth watching me, it became very exhilarating.”

“Beth has that way with people,” Julie shrugged.

“So true,” I responded, my face flushed.

Julie handed me yet another envelope. “Have fun, my pet.”

Once she was gone I opened the envelope.

Dear Potential Sub

You are getting closer, my pet. I bet you can almost taste it, can’t you?

This task should be easy after what you just accomplished today. You will go back to the same store where you committed your glory hole antics. You are to purchase A Whisper Wireless Metallic Bullet. You will wear it one day at school this week. The task must be completed my Friday as task six you will need the weekend to fulfill.

Julie will come and see you each morning. On the day you are wearing the toy in your cunt (you may wear panties that day), you will hand Julie the remote control.

I eagerly wait your final training my slut.

Mistress Candy

P.S.-Feel free to suck a cock or two if the craving is there!!! Which I bet it will be!!!

I had no idea what a whisper bullet was, but I assumed based on the letter it was a sex toy.

I knew I had no time tonight to go buy it, having to be home for my daughter’s piano lessons. I would have to rush out right out at the end of the day tomorrow after school.


Julie arrived in the morning. “So, do you have a story to tell?”

I couldn’t believe how bad I felt that I had no story. “No, I didn’t have time last night.”

“Aaah, a pity,” Julie said, her voice showing just a tinge of disappointment.

Trying to make her happy, I quickly added, “But I plan to go right after school today.”

Julie smiled, which made me go warm inside, I couldn’t believe how much pleasing her was pivotal for me, “Awesome. Are you going back to the room?”

“I don’t know,” I responded, unsure.

“Will you for me?” she asked, flirting like a teen girl does when she wants their boyfriend to do something for them.

Without even a flicker of hesitation, I responded, desperate to make her happy, see her smile, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Fuck, I love when you call me that.”

“I love when you are happy with me.”

“I can’t wait till I can have you again as my sub,” she winked, and turned to leave.

As usual, I watched her perfect ass, in a tight black skirt, until it disappeared from view.

The school day came and went, like it often does and I rushed out of the school when the day was done like the place was on fire. I drove over to the seedy part of town where I had only a few days ago sucked cock after cock. I was dressed much more conservatively this time. I walked in and went to the toy section. I found the suggested toy rather easily and gasped to myself when I saw how big it was. Attempting to teach all day with that in me, never mind if it was on, would be a difficult task to complete. I purchased it and quietly whispered, “Is there a room open?”

The young man, probably no more than twenty, smiled realizing I assume, I was a slut, pointed, “Yeah, door two.”

“Thank you,” I absurdly said and went directly to the room.

I had decided I would only suck one cock, enough to please Julie, but still get home at a reasonable time.

I didn’t have to wait long before a solid seven plus inch cock popped through the hole. I assumed it was the cock of the young man who I just spoke to. I sat on the stool and took the cock in my mouth. I don’t know why, but I decided to take my time with this nice looking stiff cock. I slowly bobbed on the young cock, deep throating it every few bobs. I heard the moans of the young man and my focus became giving him the blow job of his life. I picked up the pace and using my extra saliva trick attempted to create an ocean of pleasure. It worked, as his moans became more constant and I was rewarded with an explosive load of cum. Once I had swallowed all he had to offer, he pulled out and I sat there oddly still wanting more. A second cock, a deliciously looking black cock, not the ten inch python from the other night, but still easily eight inches of solid black meat, popped through the glory hole. I didn’t hesitate, gobbling the chocolate stick whole. I craved his juice and unlike the first cock which I savoured, this time it was all about receiving the cum deposit I was starved for. Impressively the boy had stamina, as my sore jaw could attest to; I wished I could have pulled him in for some hardcore fucking, my cunt itching for action. It took almost twenty minutes before I heard him bellow, “I’m cumming you fucking slut,” which only made me hotter and I was rewarded with a warm spray down my throat. I continued bopping up and down, eager to retrieve any last extraments from his lovely cock. I finally let the delicious cock slip out of my mouth. The unknown owner of the big black cock complimented me, “Wow, you are one excellent cocksucker.”

I replied, for some unknown reason, happy for the whore approving compliment, “Thanks, you have a delectable black cock.” I shook my head at my geeky word choice.

“Delectable,” he chuckled, “what are you a teacher?”

Mortified, I quickly got up and left the room. I was almost out the door when I heard the worst possible words I could hear at that moment, “Mrs. Walker, it can’t be?”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“It is. Oh my God. Mrs. Walker just sucked my cock,” the now vaguely familiar voice said, clearly astonished.

I turned around slowly to see who this was, whose cock I had just eagerly devoured, and to somehow deal with the potential career ending situation. I looked directly into the eyes of Kane Canters, a student who had thankfully graduated last year. “Hi, Kane, this isn’t what it looks like.”

“It isn’t? Do you mean it wasn’t you who just sucked my cock and called it delectable?” he quoted.

Caught dead in my tracks, I changed strategies, I begged, “Kane you can’t tell anyone.”

“Oh, I won’t Mrs. Walker,” he said with a smile. I began to get a flood of relief when he added, “If you do me a favour.”

I could only imagine where this may go. “Yes,” I asked, full of trepidation.

“Well, next weekend is our big keg party at Pi Alpha Zigma and well I think you would make for some great entertainment.”

“I can’t,” I defended, attempting to be rational, “Others may know me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it is a costume party, you can wear something to hide your true identity,” he retorted.

“Isn’t there anything else?” I asked, desperate to avoid this.

“I can’t think of anything, plus if you liked my delectable black cock, I think you will really enjoy my frat brothers,” he teased. The thought of lots of black cock flashed in my head and I must have went red because Kane chuckled, “White teacher loves black cock doesn’t she?”

I looked down.

“Doesn’t she?” he asked a second time.

Humiliated, but unable to deny the obvious, I shook my head in the affirmative.

“Give me your cell number,” he ordered, his attitude having shifted from stunned earlier to confident.

I obeyed and said, attempting to control this already out of hand situation, “But if I do this, it will be one time and then you will keep your word and tell no one.”

His short breath echoing in the mostly empty bathroom was loud at first, but when it came filled with the sound of his mouth working over a particularly thick cock, the noises were deafening. Kora shifted the position of his heels on the floor, the scraping barely ringing out above the choking sounds that his throat made when the length he had buried in his throat thrust a little too deep. He was focused tonight. He needed the money this week, and he was determined to earn it before it was time to pack up and leave.

This was his stall. The familiar rough brush of duct tape against the little tip of his nose told him that. Through teary eyes, he could just barely make out the familiar slurs that graffitied the wall above the crudely cut hole. More or less accurate insults of ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ loomed over his head as he gave the shaft in his mouth a very generous suck, letting himself pull back to catch his breath. There was a reason men came to him. Not only because he had a perfect mouth, but because he was one of the very few that allowed guys who didn’t have a condom to spare to fuck his face every once in a while. It was even rumored that sometimes, he’d let a select few come into his stall. And that, too, was true. For this–and for just about everything else–he didn’t charge, but he did require protection, which was a fault in the eyes of some. But they always came back. He had regulars that knew he’d let them in if they pushed at the stall door.

“C’mon…” Came the terse grunt of the man he had been ignoring, effectively breaking his concentration when the spongy knob of a dick jabbed against his cheek, then his lower lip, slathering his face with a mixture of pre-cum and saliva. Sometimes he forgot the fact that there was someone behind the wall, someone attached to the appendages he spent most of his nights sucking on. It wasn’t something that he honestly cared about, and he really didn’t have the urge to fix it either. Kora’s eyes dropped as he grabbed the base, staring down the throbbing member, dripping and looking as if it would be ready to pop at any second. The veins stood out a faint, lovely blue against the red flesh, the skin stained a shimmering pink with his lip-gloss. It was drooling all over the crest of his chest, or at least what little skin that was peaking out from the tiny scrap of dress he had on. A dress that was already very messy from other loads from boys that day. The sight prompted a sensation of arousal, and elicited a small hiss from between his lips and through his teeth, the pillows swollen from the rough fucking this guy had been giving his mouth. He let his tongue out to roll along the head, and Kora could hear the heavy sigh the man gave in response. These few seconds of licking spanned longer and longer, until he was caught up in the motions of swirling his tongue over the slit, stroking firm and slow over the slick member.

A soft thud sounded. The male’s hips pressed to the wall, but it only pushed the knob into Kora’s hot mouth for a second before the suction was gone, his head having pulled back, and his tongue was lapping in slow, teasing strokes once more. It was throbbing steadily in the palm of his hand and the animalistic grunts that sounded as his silky hands and fake nails lightly touched to the bulging cock were delightful to his ears. As weak as a mewling kitten but with a desperate sense to uphold his masculinity. It struck him as nothing short of cute.

His client groaned impatiently at this outright display of teasing. “Do you want your money, or not?” And with this threat, the tip jabbed inside of his mouth, then pulled from the warm cavern, as if the male were expecting an answer. “Fuckin’ tease,” There was real frustration in the dislocated voice from behind the wall. Maybe he had fucked with the guy too much. But the silence edged on, and it was clear that he was expected to speak, something he was reluctant enough to do, since it ruined the illusion of his girly demenour.

“Um, I do…” A bit of fear crept into him at the sound of his own voice. Not feminine, not even very girl-ish. It was a boy’s, and the fact of the matter was that not all of the men that came through the bathroom were gay, given that this bathroom was originally for girls. Out of order, but still a women’s bathroom. The few seconds of quiet that followed his response only amplified the terrible churning in his stomach as he waited for his own response. He tried to get a look through the duct taped hole, but the slippery cock in his hand filled it pretty well. The only relief he garnered from his examination was the fact that his client’s erection hadn’t softened. Not yet, at least.

During his furious thoughts, the shaft he had been cupping gently pulled from his palms. It left only wet spots of drool where it had been, and it took a moment for the sight to register in his mind. Kora held his breath, listening for footsteps. One, then two, and soon enough, a pair of eyes peaked over the stall at him. They were dark eyes, ones of a young man, though not one as young as he was. Clearly, he was being inspected. It wasn’t the sort of look of violence that he had been expecting, but beneath all that lust, he could detect a hint of curiosity.

Kora did play the part of a girl well. He had hit the genetic lottery on that part at least, with the scale of androgyny tipped gently over to the side of feminine rather than masculine. He had angelic, plump lips that curved timidly at the corners, almost into a polite smile that could seem mischievous with the right spark in his eyes. Even while drool and cum were dribbling down his chin, even while his almond eyes were wide with shock, he looked lovely. Not someone who needed to be crouched down in bathrooms, sucking guys off for money. Of course, there wasn’t a single one of his customers that would complain about his predicament. “Let me in. I’ll give you double if you let me fuck you,” He watched as the male’s gaze narrowed hungrily, and this was enough to prompt him to gather his wits about him.

He definitely needed the cash. And double the money meant that he could probably go home right after instead of staying another few hours. Instead of responding, the boy straightened himself from where he had been sitting comfortably on the backs of his heels, pulling down the high hem of his dress so that it went as low as it could go, just barely covering his ass. The click of the door unlocking followed his little show, and he glanced upwards to see if the man with the mousy brown hair was still watching. He was greeted with nothing, just emptiness where there had once been a person staring him down. Someone was eager.

Again, his attention was captured. This time, it was from a rough hand grabbing his cheeks, pulling his head upwards so that it was tilted into a painful angle and staring helplessly into the tired, yet sharp eyes of a brunette. Beside them, the door clattered against the wall of the bathroom’s stall, making his breath leap and get stuck in his throat. The male towered a full foot and more above him, a task that wasn’t difficult in the slightest in comparison to someone as small as Kora, a boy that happened to be blessed with a petite frame–it really made his boyish scrawniness an advantage when he was dressed up like a girl. This guy, on the other hand, was handsome and most definitely masculine at that. Stubble, very noticeable cheekbones. But the most prominent thing about this man had to be what he was wearing. A smart blue uniform, adorned with a shiny badge that caught Kora’s gaze with no amount of difficulty. Second to that was the fact that his client had very nice forearms, and that his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows to clearly display the muscle there.

The sight took ages to dawn upon him, but slowly, his reaction took place. All he could manage to do was stare up at the cop in front of him with rounded eyes messed with running mascara, raised eyebrows that were thicker than he would have liked, and his breath coming out frantically through his nose. “M-mm…” When his head even twitched so much to the side, the cop pulled it back. If he tried to pull away, he was just yanked back into place with loudly clicking heels stuttering on the concrete floor. Kora’s hands darted up, closing around the male’s thick wrist and yanking as hard as he could manage, though ultimately only succeeding in sinking his nails into his flesh. The thick fingers clamped tighter into his face, biting down and forcing a high whimper from the boy.

There was a fierceness on the beautifully defined face of the male towering over him. “You’re a messy little slut, aren’t you?” There was no lift to his voice, and in a movement that happened faster than a blink, his wrists were enclosed in the brunette’s free hand. Again, his client didn’t wait for a response. “A little young to be whoring yourself out like this, huh? Can’t be more than eighteen…” For what felt like the fifteenth time in those short seconds, the other male stared at his mouth again, observing how the lips plumped out when they were pinched. Kora’s head was turned from one side to the other, before released altogether. There wasn’t even a moment left for the boy to react before his skirt was being worked over his hips, and even then, he said nothing. Shame burned across his face when the other’s gaze drifted between his thighs, as if he had done something wrong. He could feel cold air brushing the length of his own exposed prick, the flesh covered in his own slather of pre-cum. He yanked back yet again, but he was held fast and pulled forward by the wrists as a large hand cupped his crotch, feeling up the naked skin with a calloused palm and pinching fingers.

“Shy, too,” he noted as the whore struggled against the heavy-handed touches to his more sensitive areas. Kora was terrified. His breath came in went in short gasps and his gaze flickered restlessly, not unlike a trapped animal. Sometimes he’d focus his dewy doe eyes at the man’s face, then down to their pairs of feet. The pace of his breath though was nothing compared to his anxiously fluttering heart, only getting faster when the brunette started to really grind against his throbbing cock in full with more room to spare in his large hand. He utilized this extra space by reaching his fingers up and closing them fiercely just below the head of the boy’s prick, squeezing so roughly that his knuckles went white. Pre-cum oozed out, making the pads of his fingers slip and slide, only to bite down yet again.

Pain blinded the smaller male, bursting into a white hot plume behind his eyelids. Every cell in him screamed, and he could feel a cry settling itself in his throat as his head fell back against the wall behind him with a noisy thud. This was how he would die. He was sure of it. His slender thighs rubbed together, a weak attempt to alleviate the agony between them, but to no avail. Then, the noise made its way out, strangled and with lips that trembled around it. He cried out wordlessly, the sound bouncing off the echoing room. His mouth moved over noiseless words, until one came out. “P-please,” he choked with knocking knees, feeling the agonized throbbing of his cock in his bones. It made his stomach twist in anguish, but this was only more motivation for his attacker. The boy’s cock was released from his rough grasp for a few golden seconds, enough to let relief settle down on his chest. Instead of squirming and trying to free his hands, he simply gasped as if he had been holding his breath during the entirety of his torture. This lasted even as the slut’s body was spun and his chest pinned to the filthy wall he had been avoiding to touch even with his back. When he tried to brace himself with his hands, but the upward movement signaled the man behind him to seize just under his elbows with one arm, pinning the limbs behind his back.

Kora yanked forward, just to test how strong his entrapment was, and a sharp ring of pain gave him his answer. He relaxed soon after, seeming almost docile with his heavy breath and slightly sweaty body. He knew what was coming next. The images were already beginning to flood his mind. Hands running up his body, and pain. But a good kind of pain. He had his hips jutted out already, and his dress was already pulled up above them while his feet were spread and planted firmly on the floor. He was ready before he even heard the sound of the brunette spitting on his own fingers, though it was a little begrudging. It was a beautiful picture, the bunching of fabric above the bones of his hips, pale skin standing out in stark contrast from the dark dress. Between the plumper meat of his ass was a lovely pucker of pink flesh, his asshole, and it twitched faintly in anticipation.

The boy was pulled back from the wall, lifted by his arms so that his shoulders were screaming in protest, before the digits plunged in. It definitely wasn’t anything tender. They moved rough and hard inside him, not looking to give pleasure, but simply to stretch him out to just barely fit a cock inside. The hole was lubed enough to slide, but just uncomfortable enough to cause his jaw to tighten firmly in a very unfeminine gesture, a sharp hiss seeping out.

“Get your fingers out,” The words came out in a small, but firm growl.

“Aww… You don’t like it?”

His lips were pulled back from his teeth just slightly, the bridge of his nose wrinkled. Fake sympathy. He hated it. This expression was a startling difference from how lazily he had acted before. And now, the boy’s frown only grew more stubbornly evident. He turned his head in disgust when he felt the other’s face pressing tenderly into his neck, kissing there as if they were lovers. Which, as far as Kora was concerned, they certainly weren’t. There were plenty of randoms that he fucked that he might happily give the title of ‘lover’ to, but this guy wasn’t one of them. He was rude and rough in the worst way, and this was only solidified when he felt his naked cock shoved against the wall in front of him by the male’s bare hips. “Why’re you still hard then, huh?”

“Fuck!” Kora gasped, his breath fluttering lightly when the fingers were buried in deep, all the way down to the knuckle. His flat chest arched forward and his brows knitted together into a wince, all in one fell swoop. It was the sensation of being stuffed full–even with something as small as fingers. It made his toes curl in his shoes. Thickly lashed dark eyes narrowed menacingly stared at the cop from over his shoulder. His expression was almost a pout, more cute than nerve wracking, and he gave a tiny growl just in time for the digits to start teasing.

They rubbed against his insides rather than scrape painfully against them, and the reaction it brought was nothing short of humiliating. His knees trembled, teeth biting lustily into the plush pillow that was his lower lip. Not just that, but Kora could feel the flush to his cheeks, the brush of his hair falling in his face and the fact that he could do nothing to push it out of the way. It was the helplessness that kept his dick hard. Not the fingers inside him or the man grinding against his ass. At least, that was what he told himself. In reality, his excuse was more depraved than the act. All it was chalked up to be was receiving sexual pleasure, whether it was unwanted or not. His only consolation was the fact that the cop had no real way of knowing the excitement he felt when he was held down. The mere idea that he was turned on against his will was humiliating enough, he didn’t want it solidified by his weird fetishes.

His secret probably hadn’t even crossed the brunette’s mind. With the way he was biting his fingers down into his arms and breathing roughly down the back of his neck, it was obvious. This guy wasn’t thinking about much of anything but fucking of the most animalistic nature, and Kora was getting there himself. His thoughts were caught on the digits probing and sawing at the walls of his fuckhole, and he couldn’t let out a breath without it escaping in a breathy moan. His hips rocked just barely, so subtle that he hardly noticed he was doing it other than the realization that it felt good when he squeezed. He was only vaguely aware of a spongy wetness sliding across the pert flesh of his ass, but the thought was quickly pushing its way to the front of his mind. The slit was leaving slimey trails of precum across his skin, the fluid hot against what had felt so cold just a moment ago. To his disdain, he was quickly finding that he liked it. He enjoyed the sensation of the engorged, throbbing cock pressing against him, the tip sinking just between where his ass and his thigh met. He loved how it twitched, and how the man behind him grunted and held him possessively when it did. But, most of all, he hated the fact that he loved it. His own bliss made his skin crawl in disgust. Just the idea of reacting positively from nothing more than a hard dick grinding into his skin sent him into another fury, quite similar to his overall enjoyment of his attacker’s extended bout of teasing.

Before he could snarl out another insult in his sudden mental clarity, the fingers abruptly popped free from inside him, leaving him feeling very empty and aware of the painful erection he was sustaining. “Hey–ow!” Dark eyes widened as he felt his head yanked back by a hand grabbing deep into tangles of long hair. Kora’s jaw clenched, surprisingly soft for a boy’s. “You’re a dick,” he spat, pursing his lips to keep them from trembling with his frustration. There was nervousness in his eyes. He could feel the cock starting to jab against him more purposefully now, pushing clumsily against his gaping interest. The young male managed to remain quiet for a moment. It seemed as if the shock had tricked him into silence temporarily He opened his mouth, then closed it again.

“You’re not gonna put a condom on?” Came a stammering voice, locks of almost-real hair falling down around his ghost white face. It only got more pale when his question was greeted with laughter.

“You wanna get paid, don’t you?” It was a threat. The cop yanked at his hair again, his fingers reaching deep, all the way down to the roots. Not a moment later, Kora yelped, the shaft gradually sinking in. The pushing was relentless, still shoving deep whether he was willing to accept the length or not, and this behavior earned a well deserved wince from Kora.

It wasn’t clear what excited his overly eager fuck-buddy more. The fact that he was clearly in pain, or just that the male had been waiting such a long time for his release. Whatever it was, he was pounding in hard and fast, leaving the boy no choice other than to loosen up or get his ass permanently wrecked by the girth of the cock pistoning into him. Thankfully, the stinging lessened immediately when he started to relax, but the aching anxiety in the pit of his stomach was there to stay.

“Well?” The demanding voice questioned. It seemed disconnected from the man behind him. Or maybe he was disconnected? This guy was fucking him bareback, and they hadn’t even exchanged names. Or, more importantly, money. There was still the very real possibility that the cop might book it before he got paid. And there was nothing Kora could really do about it. He’d be lucky just getting off without getting arrested, and it wasn’t like he could even utter a ‘no’ without it being ignored anyway, so he couldn’t refuse sex either.

Not that he really wanted to at this point. It was a miracle he could even focus with how hard their hips were slapping together, bouncing his little cock and flicking pre-cum across the base of his stomach. He could hardly keep his eyes from rolling back, his mouth from gaping open. He managed to shut it somehow, but immediately after, he cried “Yes, please!”. It felt like he had his voice shut off for ages, waiting patiently for it to steady, but instead it quivered in the most pathetic way at the end of his last begging word. But this was expected when his mind was moving a mile a minute and he couldn’t seem to control himself physically, let alone mentally. The noises he was making hurt his own ears, bouncing off the walls as more and more wanton lust built up inside him. Mostly, his thoughts were focused on the slapping sound of their hips hitting together. He somehow still had it in him to be vaguely aware of how much he hated such a lewd noise, making their acts known to anyone who happened to walk into the bathroom at the wrong time, but his body defied him. He simply squirmed and moaned aloud, making loud sex even louder. Out of his control, at least.

I don’t know what I expected when I woke up the next morning. For a while, as I lay there in bed, I might have actually thought that the previous night hadn’t happened at all. Except that my mouth felt worn out and my ass ached from being stretched by Simon’s fat dick, and if that weren’t enough to convince me, I could feel his cum inside me, slowly trickling out my bruised asshole to pool on the bed beneath me.

I had agreed to something, something ridiculous. Anything, I’d told him. I’m yours for a month. The sum I’d named was beyond ridiculous, and I’d only said it to goad him into fucking me even harder. Why that had seemed like a good idea, I couldn’t say, and it was all hard to imagine or accept by the light of day.

Tracy had left a message. She was in Vegas with her friends, sounded drunk, so she must not have been too concerned that she hadn’t been able to reach me. Five more days, the longest trip she’d taken, and the longest we’d been apart from each other. As I listened to the message I felt a surge of guilt, but I also remembered the ex-boyfriend she’d hooked up with — for a blowjob, she said, that was all — when we’d had a fight two months before. That had almost ended things, especially when I’d asked her for details, hating the questions but wanting the answers, and she’d told me about his nine-inch cock. I’d forgiven her, but I’d never forgotten the image of her mouth wrapped around a giant cock.

What would she think, if she knew that I’d done the same? And more?

After a long shower, I got dressed and made myself go in to work. The events of last night eventually faded as the monotony of the office kicked in, and by 11:30 I could’ve almost convinced myself it hadn’t happened at all. Then at 11:45, just before lunch, I received an email on my work account. I clicked and the message filled the screen.


I hope you’ve recovered well and you’re ready to proceed with our arrangement. I’ve made a deposit in the escrow account listed below, as per the terms we discussed.

At 12:15 today, go out for a run and head east on the trail. Stop at the exact place you see on the attached map. Walk about fifty feet south into the brush, and take off your clothes and shoes. Get down on your hands and knees and wait there, and don’t get up for any reason until 12:45pm. Do anything you’re asked to do.

Your owner, Simon

I heard footsteps behind me and immediately closed the window. Foremost among all the thoughts in my brain was this: he knew where I worked. He’d sent the email to my work address. Knew my full name. What else had I told him? How stupid had I been?

When the footsteps had passed, I opened the email again. At the bottom was a P.S.: Just trust me.

As worried as I was, there was something else, too… Seeing the words, seeing “your owner” there at the bottom… it all had an obvious effect on me. And I realized, amazed at myself, that I was actually considering it. Not late at night, half-drunk, but sitting here in my office, completely sober.

If the email had come hours earlier, I probably would’ve thought about it too much and deleted it. Instead, I really had no time to over-think it. To reach the spot that Simon had identified on the map, I would have to leave immediately. I grabbed my gym bag and went down to the locker room, got changed quickly, and was out the door within ten minutes. My heart was racing.

I’ve run that trail hundreds of times. It’s paved and gets a good deal of traffic from runners and cyclists and walkers, and many times I’ve passed my co-workers while they’re out for a lunchtime stroll.

When I reached the spot that Simon had identified on the map, again I felt a jolt. He — or someone — had spray-painted a small red arrow at that exact spot on the asphalt, pointing to the south, into the brush. I looked up and around, in all directions, but at the moment I was the only one on the path. I couldn’t see far enough into the brush to tell if anyone was waiting there or not.

I walked, counting steps as I went. Just before I reached what I guessed was fifty feet, I came to a small clearing. A red x had been spray-painted on the dirt and grass in the middle of the area. Again I looked around. My heart was beating so loud I wouldn’t have heard a motorcycle approaching. But I was alone.

Don’t think, a voice told me. My voice, trying to be helpful, or maybe something less than helpful. Just do it.

I obeyed. I pulled off my shirt, and then my shorts, and then the compression shorts underneath. Then I pushed off my running shoes and slipped off my socks. Finally, shaking, I got down on the dirt on my hands and knees. The breeze blowing against my naked body made me shiver. I tried to just concentrate on breathing, not thinking, not worrying.

Do anything you’re asked to do.

What did that mean? I assumed Simon was nearby, watching. What would he ask me to do? And why would he have to tell me this in advance?

The minutes passed, and the only sound for a long time was the wind moving through the brush. I kept my body still, but I found myself pushing my ass up slightly, arching my back, as if… as if what? As if I wanted to give the best possible view to anyone who might be watching, maybe.

And then: voices. Coming up the path. At least two men, with thick middle eastern accents. I held my breath.

I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I did catch one word: arrow.

More laughter. Their voices picked up, sounded closer. Had they left the path, and were they now headed straight toward me? I started to panic, but realized quickly that I didn’t have time to grab my clothes and get dressed. They would catch me in the act, and somehow that would even be harder to explain. Better, safer, to just stay frozen as I was, ass raised high as if I were bitch in heat, and try not to draw attention to myself. As if that made any sense.

Do anything you’re asked to do. Could he have meant this? Had Simon sent them here to find me, and fuck me here on the ground, out in public?

Their voices changed direction again, got farther away, and then nearer again. As if they weren’t sure exactly where to go. I was torn between wanting them to disappear and wanting them to find me, now. Wanting them to appear out of the brush and find me with my legs spread and my asshole raised for their cocks, my head down, my mouth ready to suck one of them off as the other fucked the living shit out of me. I could feel my ass moving, grinding slowly as I imagined them positioned at either end of my body, stuffing me full of their cocks while runners and cyclists zoomed past.

I was breathing hard, almost panting. I wanted their dicks inside me. And I wanted Simon to be watching it all somehow, to see how obedient I was — more than obedient, how much I was willing to beg for it. My whole body was shaking.

Another laugh, this time farther away. I listened. A minute later I could barely hear them, and I knew they weren’t looking for me after all. I let out a breath, relieved but also, and obviously, disappointed. Worse than the disappointment was that, as the rush of sexual excitement passed, I felt suddenly humiliated and vulnerable, aware that I was just naked on the ground besdie a very public trail. Anyone could have found me out there, and it might not have been a game devised by Simon. I could have been arrested, or worse, much worse.

And yet, I didn’t move. I wasn’t sure how long it had been, but I wanted to keep my word, even if there was no way Simon could know that I was telling the truth. I closed my eyes and spread my thighs apart. Dropped my head low. And moved my hips from side to side, imagining… well, imagining all kinds of things. Being seen. Being an object to be taken, without consequence, by whoever might stumble upon me. The two men from the trail. Simon. One of the day laborers who rode back and forth along the trail during the day. A retiree out walking his dog. The dog itself…

I don’t how long I stayed here. But my legs started to cramp, my knees stiffed up, and eventually I climbed to my feet. I brushed the dirt off me, put on my clothes and shoes, and then made my way back to the office.

I didn’t respond to Simon’s email. I wasn’t angry exactly, only… strangely disappointed. Going out on the trail like that had given me a thrill, but only because I hadn’t known what to expect. And even though I could now convince myself that I didn’t want anything more to happen, I still found myself annoyed. I just wasn’t sure why. Maybe it was that the goal had seemed merely to test me.

Well, if that’s what he wanted to do with me, if that’s how he planned to use my month of servitude, then okay. It seemed silly, but okay.

Just before I left work for the day, I received another email from him. I reacted to it like one of Pavlov’s dogs — my breath catching in my throat, my whole body heating up.

The entire email was two words long: Good boy. And below that, I link. I clicked on the link.

The page opened to an amateur porn site. Before I could close the window, a video started to play, and my hand froze on the mouse. In the video, I watched myself strip, and then get down on my hands and knees on the ground. The point of view was slightly higher than shoulder level, taken from behind me, so that my raised ass was the focal point. As if a camera had been planted on a low-hanging tree limb.

I watched for a long time, mesmerized. Watched my body tense up as I heard voices, and then my shoulders slump in what was clearly disappointment. And then my ass, grinding slowly before the camera. And then, amazed, I watched me slip a finger down the crack of my ass… had I really done that? I could see the sunlight glinting off the sweat that dripped down into my asshole. I could see my finger sliding across the wet hole, slipping inside. I could hear myself groan…

My face flushed, I scrolled down the page. Dozens of comments had been left, by anonymous viewers. Nice ass. Good little doggy bitch, getting ready for my dick. Love to see you stuffed with two dicks. Keep movin that butt, bitch boi. I’ll give you some dick if you want it so bad…

“Hey, Alex,” my boss’s voice coming up behind me, and I closed the window as fast I could.

“Yep,” I said, not looking at him. If I looked at him, I might become convinced he’d seen what I was looking at. “What, um,” I said, “is anything going on?”

“Just saying goodnight,” he answered, with a little laugh. “Didn’t mean to spook you.”

I laughed too, or tried to. I mumbled goodnight, and then shut down my computer and left.

When I got in my car, my phone buzzed with a text message from an unknown number. 4816 Williamsburg Blvd, 8pm. Shower before you arrive.

The address was only a few miles from where I lived, and I knew the neighborhood. My hands were shaking the whole way home.

The first thing I did when I got in the house was have a drink. My nerves were suddenly shot, and I was having misgivings about everything. I took a long, hot shower, put on pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, and sat down on the couch to watch television and clear my head. Another drink. I avoided looking at my phone. By the third drink, I was already writing an email in my head to Simon. Keep the money. I thought I could do this, but I can’t. I’m sorry.

At 7:30, I went upstairs and took another shower. As the hot water ran down my back, I remembered Simon taking position behind me in the alley, running the head of his dick up against my asshole. I opened my legs a little, without even being aware of what I was doing. Put my hands against the wall of the shower, let the water strike my back and my ass full force. I thought about the comments on the video, and about the video itself. It really was a nice ass, I thought… Probably more feminine than masculine, a lot of shape to it, but muscular too… I thought about how much they lusted for it. How much they wanted it wrapped around their fat dicks, feeling my muscles tighten around them. Or having it pinned on the ground by their dicks, a perfectly round butt for them to fill as deep as they could, to fuck with no hesitation, not having to be gentle or to hold back, the way they might have to with their girlfriends…

Fuck, I whispered. It was like a fever.

I turned off the shower, and got dressed. It was 7:45. I’d had a little too much to drink, I knew that. The house was no more than two miles away — I could get there on my bike in less than ten minutes.

The sun had gone down and it was getting cooler as I made my way toward Williamsburg Boulevard. The cool air helped to lower my body temperature: I felt as if I were about to burst into flames. By the time I was within a block of the house, I was almost back to normal, except that nothing was normal anymore.

I stopped the bike outside house number 4816. The house was empty, no cars in the driveway, a builder’s sign in the front lawn. New construction, but from the outside it looked complete. Trying to control my heartbeat, I walked from the bike to the front door, and after one quick glance to either side, I turned the knob. The door opened to semi-darkness, with only a single light from the stairwell leading to the upper floor.

The house seemed to be empty. I didn’t know what else to do, so I walked to the stairwell, and went up. At the top of the stairs, I followed another light, this one coming from a bedroom facing the rear of the house.

A neutral carpet filled the empty room. Empty, except for one thing — a long sheet of drywall had been propped up, stretching almost from one side of the room to the other, and dividing it roughly in half. Someone had cut a round hole, about eighteen inches in diameter, about a foot from the bottom of the drywall sheet. And that same someone had marked two spots on the floor, directly in front of the hole.

It took me a minute to understand. The spots on the floor were for my knees. I was supposed to put my arms and head through that hole, so that the whole bottom half of my body was sticking out into the room. My knees on the carpet, my legs spread. Like a glory hole, except that instead of offering an anonymous mouth, it was to be my ass that was offered.

Was this another game? A test, to see if I was really following instructions? Or was this real after all?

I realized that it didn’t matter. Either way, I was going through with it now. I stripped out of my clothes until I was completely naked. Then I checked the hallway and listened for sounds one last time. And then I walked back in to the room, got down on all fours, and pushed my arms and head through the hole in the drywall. The hole was so small that I almost got stuck, and it wasn’t until I’d finally pushed through that I realized it might be difficult for me to get myself out…

A laptop had been set up on the floor, not far from my face, but out of my reach. Another video feed was on the screen, but this time it was live — I could see my ass sticking out of the wall from a camera positioned in one of the upper corners of the room. Next to the video window was a chat window, and I understood that this was a webcam. Simon was broadcasting this live, and I already had an audience.

Beneath me, the front door opened.

I thought: holy… fucking… shit. Because I understood something extraordinary in that moment: that I was either about to be arrested for trespassing, or Simon was about to walk in the room and fuck me. And there was nothing I could do about either one.

Nothing I could do. Somehow, amazingly, that made things easier. I let my body relax. My breathing slowed.

Heavy footsteps came up the stairs. If it was a cop, wouldn’t he have called out by now? Not a cop, then. It had to be Simon.

I kept my eye on the video, waiting for Simon to appear in the room.

He stepped inside. “God damn,” he said quietly. “Fucking god damn…” Even before he started to unzip his pants, I knew it wasn’t Simon. He was black, for one thing, and he was too tall, too built, a football player’s build. He pulled off his shirt, and then started removing his pants.

And I realized that he looked familiar.

I assumed that he didn’t know there was a camera on him, but once he was naked he stood and turned to look out the window, and his whole face and body were momentarily on camera. Even if I hadn’t recognized Eric’s face — from a few old photos that Tracy had kept around, and from the one time we’d met accidentally when Tracy and I had gone out for drinks — I would’ve known him by the size of his cock. It hung down between his legs like a python, the giant head easily the size of a small apple. Still not knowing he was on camera, he took a bottle of lube from the floor and stroked the length of his meat, and it grew absurdly in his hand. I watched on the video, paralyzed, as he knelt down and took up position between my legs. My eyes didn’t leave the screen. I was hypnotized.

On the screen, Eric laid his enormous cock along the crack of my ass, and simultaneously I felt its weight on me. I groaned involuntarily. The chat window exploded with activity.

He laughed a quiet little laugh. “Yeah, that’s a good boy. Tell daddy you like this. Tell daddy you want his dick…”

Was this really happening? But I heard myself saying the words: “I want your big dick… daddy…”

“Say please,” he said. “Say please put it in my bitch cunt…” Eric’s voice was still quiet, not threatening at all. Just insistent.

He pressed the slick head through the cheeks of my ass, opening me up, getting me ready.

“Please,” I whispered.

He eased the head inside, and I shuddered. “Please what?” he said.

I did everything I could to relax. I knew I had to. But oh, didn’t I really want it, too? And didn’t I want to see it — that massive weapon thrusting into my round white ass, while dozens — no, hundreds, now — watched online? I did want that.

“Please,” I said, “please fuck my bitch cunt…”

Eric grabbed my hips, and groaned himself as he guided his meat inside another inch. I gasped, and closed my eyes, so I didn’t get to see what happen next on the screen. But I felt it. He didn’t take his time. Holding my ass close, he moved all his weight forward onto me, and his horse-sized cock drove straight up inside me, carving into me like a hot knife.

I yelled “fuck” and then couldn’t say anything or do anything. The pain was sharp and immediate, and for the next few long moments I thought I would pass out. I almost wanted to pass out.

When I could open my eyes again, I saw Eric’s hips moving as he built up a good rhythm. From the camera angle I could see everything. He pulled his cock out almost completely each time, making it even more shocking to see it slip all the way inside with the next thrust. It looked, and felt, as if his cock was filling me all the way up to my stomach, and the brute force of his fucking made me wonder how he wasn’t just splitting me in half.

“Damn,” he said, and I realized he was saying it over and over, staring down at my ass while he drilled me. “Nobody ever took all this,” he said, breathing hard, and I felt warmth spread through my whole body. I liked knowing I could take his dick, even though it hurt, and even though it was only because I was captive and anonymous that he was making me take it all in the first place. Had he ever fucked Tracy like this? Had he ever tried to fuck her ass with this brutal cock? I pictured his cock inside her now, her mouth wrapped around it, her sweet ass pounded by it. But it was my ass that he wanted now, and it was my ass that he could take deep, that would accept every inch of him.

And god, I started to love what he was doing to me. I loved watching it, seeing his black skin against me, watching his big hands digging into my ass. I bucked against him a little, lifted my ass higher to change his angle of entry, and he said, “Yeah, baby, that’s it.” He slid down lower, almost getting underneath me as he pushed my legs open wider, so that my ass was propped on his lap, impaled on his dick. He spanked me once, hard, on the right side. “Now move,” he said.

JOS Chapter 6: Fun and Games

Thank you all for taking the time to read this entry of The Jack Off Sessions. This being the sixth chapter, it might be a good idea to skim through the previous installments, read the cliffs-notes versions, or have a loved family member read them to you. I kid, I kid.

I’m really not much of a writer in my everyday life, so work on this when I can. Unfortunately, finding the time to sit down and write is hard to come by nowadays. I hope this one was worth the wait.

Thanks again for all of you who stuck with me this far on this project.


Part 1.

This is so depraved, Claire thought. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

She knelt on the soft carpet between her brother’s legs. James stroked his throbbing erection inches from her face. She looked up at him with her clear blue eyes.

Do you want your pretty sister to suck your big hard cock?

She slid her hands up his thighs as she bit her bottom lip. She arched her back and wiggled her ass just a little as she leaned in. She knew how good this looked from his angle. She wanted him to see her as more than a sister and appreciate what a perfect heart shaped ass she had. She wanted him to know what he could have if he was only willing to just take it.

Heat radiate off of him. She could feel her cheeks blush with anticipation. She had thought about this moment many times since she caught him jacking off in the basement with Brent. She imagined herself in this very spot between his legs, about to do what she was about to do.

He slowed his stroke and brushed the engorged tip over her soft wet lips. She tasted his precum as she slid her tongue back into her mouth. She hoped that when all was said and done, she would have a lot more than just a mere taste.

The rigid thickness of his hard cock, veins snaking up the side, shaved smooth, was a masterpiece, she thought.

Over the years she had seen her share; Some big, some small, hard, soft, thick, thin, and everything in between. But this, beautiful example of male libido, this powerfully rigid appendage between her sweet brother’s legs, made her mind swim.

After a moment of hesitation, she gave in to temptation.

She ran her fingers up his length, pressed her face against his hot velvet skin. He caught his breath and instinctively pumped his hips. She tilted her head to the side, parted her lips and slowly tongue kissed the side of his shaft while keeping her big blue eyes on his.

She worked all the way up with soft wet kisses until she reached the tip. She spread the lubrication of her saliva in a stroking, pumping motion with her small hands until he was slick. She opened her mouth and placed him on her tongue. He groaned as waves of pleasure pulsed from his core.

“Mmmm.” She moaned as she closed her mouth around the engorged head. Her glistening lips enveloping, then sliding off. Again and again; enveloping and sliding back off. She continued to pump her hand up and down his shaft and and play with his balls as she teased.

Suddenly, she slipped him past her lips and into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around, slippery and hot. It was like a vortex of pleasure. She slid her fingers down to the base and held it like a tight ring. Expertly, she pushed further downward. Inch by inch he disappeared inside of her. Her mouth never stopped, her eyes never looked away.

At the end of that single motion, her face was firmly pressed down to his base.

James was balls deep in his sister’s throat.

As tight a fit as it was, she managed to slide out her tongue and lick his balls as her throat clenched and relaxed, miking him, coaxing his sweet release.

She slid him back out, every inch slippery and wet. In a piston-like motion, she pushed her head all the way down again, then all the way back up. She continued this in intervals, taking a short break every so often to catch her breath. In these moments, she continued to gently massage and tug his balls with her delicate fingers.

It was like a hot wet embrace that urged his climax and never subsided. As erotic as her mouth was at giving him pleasure, the look in her eyes brought him to the edge.

She felt his hands grip the sides of her head and begin to guide her ascent and decent. He pulled her up, the head of his cock held tightly between her lips as he paused, her tongue exploring, begging him to stay inside. Obediently, he slid her back down slowly, enjoying the look of his sister’s face as her lips stretched to accommodate his thickness.

Her wet pussy throbbed as he grinded her face firmly against his pubic bone, the entirety of his fully erect penis down her throat once again. Her nipples tightened. She squeezed out a moan of pleasure. He leaned back and spread his legs further.

He loosened his grip and let her slide off. Once free, she lowered her hungry mouth to his balls as she pumped his shaft with her slippery hands. Saliva cascaded down his length and glistened around her mouth. Her tongue gently sucked and massaged him while she continued to explore him with her hands. Her technique was very wet and sloppy but expertly performed.

Tilting her head to the side, she kissed the smooth sensitive spot behind his balls. Not just a peck, she kissed it with the the sucking, tongue massaging wet intensity she learned to perfect over the years. He pumped his pelvis involuntarily and groaned with pleasure, his spit-lubricated cock slipping in and out of her tight grip.

Watching his face, she saw the hunger and uncontrollable lust that she had only dreamed of seeing.

She moved back up and slid him just past her lips then paused. She looked up at him pleading, begging with her eyes. He took hold of her head and pushed her down. Every inch of his rock hard cock slid down her tight throat slowly. He pulled her up until he was almost completely out then slid her back down again.

He continued to fuck her mouth and she loved it every moment of it.

As his hands guided her speed, his pace quickened. She saw a look of perverse desperation flash across his face and she knew he was close.

He let out a long groan.

Time stopped.

She felt the muscles at the base of his cock flex.

At the first taste of his sweet release, he pushed her all the way back down.

She felt him pulsate and throb in her throat as he drained his seed inside of her. He held her tightly and moaned.

“I love you.”

She could feel every powerful jet of his cum shoot deep inside her as she swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed…

Claire’s eyes fluttered open. They met with darkness.

Her vision slowly adjusted and she recognized the familiar arrangement of her old bedroom. She was back at home.


A sliver of moonlight fell across her bed though the curtains. She was tangled in her sheets, sweat coated her half naked body.

She lowered her hands between her legs and replayed the dream.

Jennie walked along the shadow of the fence quietly. She reached the far end of the yard, pulled herself up the fence and dropped over the other side. Her knees buckled more out of mental exhaustion than physical strain. She took a seat in the grass and exhaled.

Brent and James came all over that girl.

The images replayed in her head, pausing, fast forwarding, rewinding, replaying again and again. Though she brought herself to orgasm more times than any moment in her brief sexual history there in that basement, her body still begged for more. She pushed herself up, ignoring the temptation and made her way inside Virginia’s house.

She immediately kicked off her shoes and climbed the stairs letting muscle memory guide her. Once she reached the landing, a moan brought her back to reality.

“Uuhhhhh… Uuuhhmm…” Another, and another, and another.

It continued rhythmically again and again as she followed it to it’s source: John’s room.

For a moment she thought if she caught Virginia’s brother watching porn, she wouldn’t be able to resist herself. She knew he liked her, he aways had.

Maybe what I need is a good hard fucking.

She pushed the door open and stopped in her tracks.

Virginia faced away from the door. Her toned back was bare and tapered down to her perfect ass. She was straddling John’s hips. Her knees dug into the mattress as she raised and lowered herself rhythmically on her brothers thick erection, a moan escaping her lips as he bottomed out inside of her.

Jennie gasped when she realized what she was seeing.

John’s eyes parted slightly as his sister’s tongue explored his mouth. He tilted his head, allowing him to see past her bare shoulder.

His eyes met Jennie’s.

They went wide.

He froze.

After a moment, Virginia realized something was wrong. John had stopped moving. She pulled back and registered the look of shock on his face and turned her head to see what spooked him.

Jennie stood motionless in the open doorway, her eyes coasting over their glistening bodies.

Virginia’s wet pussy tightly gripped John’s hard cock, her juices ran down his length. John’s strong hands still gripped his sister’s ass. Her bare breasts were wet with his saliva.

A moment passed… and another. Jennie could smell the sex in the air. It was electric. Her skin tingled.

She pulled her shirt off and dropped it on the floor.

Virginia smiled as Jennie pushed the door closed.

Part 2.

Jennie’s thighs flexed. Her arms pumped. Her muscles burned as sweat rolled down her temples.

“Slow down Flash. What’s the rush?” Virginia called from almost half a block behind her. She was breathing hard.

Jennie slowed to a trot. “Sorry.” She called back between deep breaths.

They had made this run dozens, if not hundreds of times before. Since they met in Jr High, the two often found the time for a jog around the neighborhood. This gave them the time to talk and reflect on their lives. Until recently their topics were pretty tame: homework, boys they liked, TV they watched, music they listened to. Only recently did their conversations begin to almost solely focus on boys.

It was usually a pretty one sided. Virginia was much more outgoing and less of a tomboy than Jennie. By the time they were 18, Virginia had left a trail of heartbroken guys all across their small town. Jennie, on the other hand, had only a handful of boyfriends, every one almost always ending prematurely. Her biggest obstacle for making it work, Virginia often stated, was that she was helplessly in love with her neighbor Brent.

Virginia often encouraged Jennie to date the guys who were obviously into her. This usually led to Jennie going on dates, sometimes several. Ultimately, she always ended up single and wondering if Brent would ever make a move on her.

It wasn’t until the day prior did Jennie finally take it upon herself to make a move on him. Of course, having thought about, dreamt about, fantasized about being with him for years, when she did finally did make a move, she couldn’t control herself. She all but dry humped him until they both came, then locked herself in the bathroom out of embarrassment until he left.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. She cursed herself.

“Mind somewhere else?” Virginia asked as she caught up.

“Yeah…” Jennie mumbled.

A moment of silence.

“Is it weird now?” Virginia finally asked. She slowed a bit and faced Jennie.

“What? Because of last night?” Jennie returned to reality.

“Yeah, I mean… are you freaking out because of what we did?” Virginia asked, looking down at her feet.

“No! No, it’s not that. I’m actually… pretty okay with it I guess.”

Jennie really did mean it. To her, it was as if a door opened and the world was suddenly a little bigger. Good, bad, whatever. It was new and exciting and it took her mind off of Brent for once. She needed it and she was glad it happened with people she trusted.

Like with most things, she wanted to keep an open mind and see where it went. At some point, she realized, she’d have to really step back and think about it. Later, she decided.


“So? What is it then?” Virginia slowed to a walk, matching Jennie’s speed.

“I was thinking about Brent.” Jennie caught Virginia’s eyes and blushed.

“Of course.” Virginia laughed. She was relieved.

Though she didn’t show it, she was worried how Jennie was processing what happened the night before.

The threesome between Jennie, Virginia, and her brother John just happened. It was completely spontaneous. She wasn’t expecting it. She wasn’t planning it. John was definitely caught off guard. She was afraid it would ruin everything. Hearing that Brent still topped Jennie’s list of things to worry about was a good sign.

“Brent and James and that girl… It was… I dunno… crazy… ” She trailed off as her mind wandered.

Virginia was tempted to say something, anything, but she just had no words.

They jogged in silence for a block.

“Why the hell did I let you pick out my outfit anyway?” Jennie suddenly laughed, looking down at herself.

Her top was white with bright green trim around the neck and sleeves. To say it was tight would have been an understatement. Jennie imagined that any healthy male that caught a glimpse of her jogging, would instantly know her bra size and could probably pick her out of a lineup without ever seeing her face.

Her bright green shorts matched the accents on her shirt. They were also very tight and very short. Her long tanned legs ended in matching running shoes, which were her own. Thankfully, she thought, at least something about her outfit was actually hers.

“What do you mean?” Virginia played dumb, a grin on her lips.

That morning they discovered that Jennie’s clothes needed thorough washing along with John’s sheets and a few other things. In the unique position to find something for her to wear in the meantime, Virginia thought she’d find something that would properly show off her body for once. She didn’t realize just how heavy handed she was until this very moment.

“Look at you… and look at me…” Allison wore a baby blue tee shirt, black shorts, and matching running shoes. She looked practically modest next to Jennie.

Jennie’s breasts visibly jiggled with every step. Virginia started to feel a little bad. Still, it was kind of funny to see Jennie dressed this way. Of all the girls in the town, nobody would have ever pictured Jennie Connor wearing anything quite this revealing.

“I look like I’m out to fuck the paper boy.” She laughed.

“You look fucking hot Jennie! I just wanted you to enjoy your body for once. Seriously, look at you. Smoking fucking hot.” Virginia said.

“Look.” Jennie slowing to a stop. Her attention was no longer on what she wore. Rather, she was focused ahead in the direction of Virginia’s house.

She pulled Virginia onto the nearest well manicured lawn, next to a high hedge wall. She peeked around the side.

She pointed to the driveway of the house next to Virginia’s.

James’s house.

This is where she witnessed the unexpected scene between James, Brent and the unknown brunette the night before. This is where her hidden primal sexual hunger was triggered, leading to an all night, no boundary, sexual experiment with Virginia and her brother John. Now, here she was dressed like a teenage boy’s fantasy hiding behind a bush, heart pounding in her chest, wondering what was going to happen next.

The brunette stepped into the driveway first. She wore a dark blue sundress with white polka dots and sandals. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and glasses framed her face. Despite her voluptuous body, her appearance was relatively conservative.

She looked cute.

Cute as a fucking button, Jennie rolled her eyes.

She recalled seeing the girl, naked and on her knees on front of James and Brent as they stroked their gushing erections over her, their cum spilling on her tits, her fingers slipping into her pussy, rubbing her clit, moaning with pleasure. Jennie resisted collapsing onto the grass at that moment and submitting to the warm throbbing sensation between her legs.

Get a hold of yourself!

The blonde that followed close behind was James’ sister Claire. She wore a sheer blouse over a white tank top, tight blue jeans, and knee high boots. Unlike the brunette, her outfit really accentuated her body. Her jeans hugged her perfect ass, her sheer top hinted at ample breasts beneath.

They climbed into the red VW Golf, backed out of the driveway, and disappeared down the tree lined street within moments.

“That was the girl?” Virginia asked.

“Yeah.” Jennie confirmed.

“Didn’t look like much.” Virginia yawned.

Jennie appreciated how Virginia always sided with her. Even in a situation like this, she made the effort to lessen the sting.


“You didn’t see her yesterday. She has the body of a freaking porn star.” Jennie shook her head.

Oh, so she subscribes to the Jennie Connor school of conservative fashion?” Virginia joked.

Jennie smiled, “I don’t like dresses. Besides…” She gestured down at herself, “…this definitely is not conservative.”

“You’re welcome.” Virginia smiled. She motioned toward the house and empty driveway. “The coast is clear. Now’s your chance to make your move.” She said stepping back onto the sidewalk.

“I don’t think so…” Jennie hemmed.

“Come on, don’t be a wuss. It’s just Brent and James in there, right?” Virginia nudged her.

“Last night I watched Brent and James cumallover… that girl. Why would I even…”

“Fast forward half an hour and you’re fucking my brother.” Allison interrupted.

Jennie blushed.

“Well, that’s my cue. I’m gonna go inside and see if John’s up.” Allison winked. “Now, take your time Jennie dear.”

“Wait.” Jennie pleaded.

“Seriously, at least an hour.”

“Come on…”

“Seriously.” Though Virginia smiled, Jennie saw in her eyes that she was indeed serious. The reality that she interrupted Virginia and John the night before was not lost on her. She didn’t protest as Virginia left her alone on the sidewalk.

As Virginia’s door closed, James’ door opened. Jennie dropped into a squat back behind the hedge and peeked around side. Brent came out first then James. A moment later they were on their bikes and down the street headed in the opposite direction where the girls drove.

She watched as they peddled away, shrinking in the distance. Impulsively, she jumped to her feet and began following them. She knew that this was probably a very bad idea.

I should just go home and change out of these ridiculous clothes before someone sees me. Someone’s going to see you and that’ll cause all kinds of trouble.

She pushed the thoughts down and kept her pace.

Though they were far in the distance, they never left her sight.

Part 3

Their cocks stretched her tight pussy. Her juices lubricated them as they slid past each other deeper inside.

James passed the magazine to Brent.

“Hot.” Brent grinned.

They stood side by side in front of the wall of magazines. From one to the next, they browsed the various titles, passing them back and forth when something especially interesting caught their eye. The single employee behind the register didn’t seem to mind them grazing his merchandise. He himself alternated looking though a magazine of his own and watching a bank of televisions playing porno movies on the counter behind him.

Through the doorway with the purple neon sign over it that read Arcade, a woman and two men appeared. Brent was surprised to see anyone else in the store. Though there were a few cars in the parking lot, they were alone the whole time they looked though the magazines.

She was middle aged but pretty, the man on her arm was a bit older but likewise attractive. The second man looked like a construction worker or some sort of laborer. In any other circumstance it would have been odd that they would have such camaraderie, but here in Wonderland, anything seemed possible.

They chatted as they left the store.

“Wanna check out the booths?” James said after the doors closed.

“Sure.” Brent placed the magazine back on the shelf and together they disappeared into the dark hallway.

Jennie pulled the door open to the small building after several moments of hesitation and watching three customers leave. Two bicycles were secured to the bike rack, and a single car in the parking lot was all that was left. Jennie figured that the car must belong to an employee, leaving Brent and James the only two customers.

Bells jingled overhead announced her entrance. She stepped inside and the door closed behind her.

Everywhere her eyes landed was sexual in nature. Movie covers featured graphic acts between multiple partners. Magazines had titles she could never say out loud without blushing. Toys lined the shelves that confused and aroused her in equal measures.

She was embarrassed. She wanted to turn around and walk out. She wanted to laugh. She wanted to call out for Brent to save her, take her away from this place and fuck her hard on her soft comfortable bed and confess his undying love for her.

She did none of these things.

Quietly, she stepped into the closest aisle and looked around. Aside from the single employee behind the counter reading a magazine, the place was empty.

Brent and James have to be in here somewhere.

She saw the dark hallway with the purple neon sign along one wall. If they weren’t in the main part of the store, they must be somewhere deeper inside. Past that sign, somewhere in the darkness perhaps?


Turn around.

Just leave before someone sees you in that ridiculous fucking outfit. Just go!


She suppressed her thoughts and stepped through the doorway .

Her eyes adjusted as the layout became clear. The hallway had a series of doors on either side. As she made her way deeper, she saw that many of the doors were open. A small booth, a single chair, a TV mounted to the wall comprised the interiors.

Private viewing booths, she thought

Further back was the familiar sound of sex. It seemed to be coming from one of the open booths near the back. She peeked around the corner of the doorframe and saw it was empty. On the screen, a video was playing.

A woman straddled a man who sucked her breasts. An image from the night before flashed in her mind.

Virginia fucking her brother.

His cock sliding deep in her wet pussy.

His hands squeezing her ass.

Their mouths locked in an incestuous kiss.

Jennie stepped into the booth and closed the door. A simple latch secured it shut. She sat down and proceeded to watch the movie.

His cock slipped in and out of her. Jennie lowered her hands between her legs and began to rub herself through her shorts. He alternated his mouth from one nipple to the next then back up to her lips. Jennie pulled up her shirt over her chest and squeezed her breasts as she moaned.

As she relaxed, she saw a hole in the wall from the corner of her eye. Through that hole, light flickered on the other side. She leaned in and looked through. Just like in her booth, the television mounted on the wall was on. It was a different movie. Just as graphic.


Suddenly, the hole went dark.

She stood up.

Looking down, she saw a thick, hard appendage slide through. By the time his balls dropped over the lip, over nine inches of throbbing cock twitched in anticipation of her warm touch.


She looked passed the wall in her mind and imagined him pressed against it. She leaned into it, picturing him inches away. She took him in her small hands and gently squeezed. She could almost feel him groan with pleasure on the other side.

She slid her hand from the tip to the base, feeling just how hard he was.

Like carved wood.

Impulsively, she knelt on the cold concrete floor, directly in front of it. Her lips inches away.

She turned it from side to side, imprinting it to memory. She licked her lips and slid the head in her mouth.

Oh my God, what are you doing?

Remembering what she learned the night before, she relaxed her jaw and used her tongue to distribute her saliva. She eased it inside more and more with every bob of her head. Her hand pumped the base of the shaft as he slid deeper past her lips.

With that, she gave herself completely to her desires. The voice in her head stopped. It was just her and Brent alone in this den of sex and perversion. She was very aroused.

He started pumping his hips, pulling from her mouth before sliding back in. She moved closer to the hole, her lips almost pressed against it as he proceeded to fuck her mouth.

She squeezed her breasts with her free hand, the other between her legs. After a moment, she realized a different cock was in her mouth. She moved back a bit as it slid past her lips and confirmed her suspicion.


She didn’t stop.

She didn’t even pause.

She continued to suck, lick, and enjoy the sensation of being their tool for pleasure. She completely surrendered herself to her desires.

Brent watched as James fed his cock through the hole. Even in the dim light, he could see it glistening with her saliva. Every vein bulged, he was engorged to capacity.

“Dude…” He smiled at Brent.

“Fuck yeah.” Brent nodded, stroking his own hard cock inches away, patiently waiting for his turn.

James slid all the way through and pressed hard against the wall. He tilted his head back enjoying the sensation. He moaned with pleasure.

Finally, he slid slowly out. His cock dripping with her spit. He paused before pulling completely out as her lips appeared just beyond the ridge, wet, full, and hungry.

James stepped aside as Brent positioned himself in front of it and slid through.

“Oh God, this feels so good.” He groaned.

“Go all the way though, see how much she can take.” James said staring intently at the hole as Brent fed his cock through.

After a moment, “Oh fuck man, I think she’s fucking me.” He gasped, looking down. He pulled a few inches away as James bent down to look through.

Her wet pussy gripped Brent’s shaft. She was pressed firmly against the wall, welcoming him inside her.

“Yeah, dude, that’s her pussy.”

Brent slid back through, deeper inside. They could hear her whimper beyond the wall. He pistoned in and out, his full length sliding back and forth. James was tempted to reach down and feel how hard he was, scoop some of her juices onto his own cock and use it as lube.

“I’m gonna cum man, seriously this is too good.”

“Do it man, fill her up.” James instructed.

Brent pressed firmly against the hole and grunted. James watched his face wash with ecstasy. His lips parted as he took in uneven breaths. The pressure increased then released as he pumped his cum inside of her warm depths. He moaned and shuddered as his balls drained in her tight wet pussy.

He finally relaxed and slid out. Just as he did, James slid in, their cocks brushing against each other for the briefest of moments.

James could immediately feel her wet embrace. He imagined his hard cock filling the space that Brent was just in. He imagined Brent’s cum lubricating his shaft and he pushed deeper inside.

“Oh my God.”

Beyond the wall, their unknown partner rose and fell on his cock, fucking James in a quickening pace. Her pussy tightened around him, gripping him, almost pulling him deeper inside of her.

“Oh fuck, i’m gonna cum.”

“Yeah, fuck that pussy. Shoot that hot load.” Brent’s eyes were glued on the base of James’s cock as it swelled with the impending climax. James watched his face, filled with lust, drunk with arousal. From his core he felt the pressure rise just before his muscles involuntary pulsed, releasing torrents of his seed.

As he throbbed inside her, he could feel the slurry of their cum around his cock. It spilled out over the lip of the hole as he added to it, again and again until he was completely drained.

Jennie felt him finally slide out of her. She remained with her arms outstretched against the opposite wall, pressing her rear firmly against the hole. Cum dripped down the back of her legs. The tremors of pleasure slowly subsided and she began to worry that if she pulled away, they might look through see who she was. She remained in this position until she heard the door to their booth close.

After a moment, she stood up and slowly bent forward to look through the hole.

The booth was empty.

The television was off.

She was alone once again.

Their hot cum warmed her her thighs as it slid down her legs and soaked into her socks. She dropped into the chair and caught her breath. With the illumination of her screen, she looked down at herself. Nude except for her shoes and socks, her pussy throbbed as the final waves of pleasure washed over her.

What did you just do?

She heard booth door next to her open then close.

The television flickered back on.

They’re back!

Her nipples instantly hardened.

She peeked through the hole.

A hard cock slid through.

It wasn’t either of them.

She bit her lip and dropped to her knees.

Part 4.

Brent and James returned home and made their way into the kitchen, led by the scent of food.

Claire pushed sizzling meat around a hot pan as Allison sliced up tomatoes on the chopping block.

“Hey guys. Hungry?” Claire smiled back at them over her shoulder. Brent approached from behind to see what she was cooking. As he looked over her shoulder she leaned into him. It was surprisingly intimate and caught him off guard.

“I am so hungry, you have no idea.” He said.

“Great. Why don’t you guys wash up and we’ll make you plates.”

The next hour consisted of dinner, desert, and polite conversation.

“That was good.” Brent sighed and leaned back into his chair looking down at his empty plate. He hadn’t realized just how hungry he was.

“Great even. Seriously Claire, when did you learn how to cook?” James asked.

“A single girl on her own has to fend for herself, you know.” She explained.

“Claire and I cook all the time.” Allison added.

“I don’t think I ever saw you pick up a single spatula when you still lived here.” James joked.

A smile spread on Claire’s face.

“Remember the time I threw a frying pan at you?”

James laughed.

“Yeah, right here.” He traced an indentation on the wall with his finger.

When they were kids Claire and James sometimes reenacted scenes from the cartoons they watched together.

One Saturday morning, Claire lost control of a frying pan she was chasing him around with while trying to flatten his head. Instead, she slipped on the tile floor and the pan went flying. It ended up missing James by inches, leaving a hole in the wall.

They spent the rest of the afternoon together trying to patch it before their parents got home. They did a pretty decent job too. It took over a week before their mom finally noticed it.

“Well, don’t worry. I’ve outgrown all of that.”

“Obviously.” He said, quickly assessing her body.

She looked at him sideways but let it slide.

As the girls washed the dishes, the guys started the movie they picked up on their way home. Of course like gentlemen they offered to reverse the roles, but the girls insisted.

“She is so hot.” James commented as the leather clad vampire backflipped over a speeding car, firing guns akimbo. The girls joined them on the couch holding pink drinks in tall glasses.

“She’s okay.” Claire sighed taking a sip.

Okay? Look at her, she’s smoking hot!” James said.

“Yeah, she’s pretty…” Claire yawned.

“Pretty? She’s fine as hell!” James stated.

“You boys… She’s probably wearing a padded push up bra, you know. Hollywood movie magic.” Allison said.

“What are you saying?” Brent asked.

“Well, I’ve seen her in a few other things. She was in this Victorian period drama and she goes topless. She was no way as stacked as she looks in this movie.” Claire explained.

“I dunno, she looks pretty good.”

“Don’t get me wrong, she looks good, but she’s definitely been enhanced for this role.”

They watched the action scene play out. It was over the top, but entertaining. As a dialog heavy scene commenced, James broke the silence.

“So, can I ask you a question?” James asked Allison.

“Sure.” Allison replied.

“Since we’re on the subject…”

Okay…” Allison replied suspiciously.

“How big are your boobs anyway?” He asked as his eyes drifted down to her chest.

She laughed.

Seriously James?” Claire moaned.

“I mean, you’re so tiny but your boobs are so big.” James persisted.

Not an ounce of shame, Brent thought.

“Well, how big do they look to you?” She said as she arched her back slightly, testing the the integrity of the buttons on her dress.

“I dunno… pretty big.”

“If you had to guess?” She asked looking down at her chest.


She poked her index finger toward the ceiling.

“Double D?”

She continued the gesture.

“I dunno, E?”

“G or FF, depending on the bra.”

“Wow, I didn’t even know they went that high.” James said. His eyes shamelessly stayed focused to her chest. Brent saw the telltale signs of a raging hard on beneath his cargo shorts. Allison cupped her breasts in her small hands and squeezed.

“It sounds way more impressive than it really is. I’m really small, so it seems a lot bigger.” She could have told him that she was an alien princess from the planet Barsoom. He wouldn’t have noticed. The way she casually squeezed her breasts together enhanced their volume to such a degree that it left him practically mesmerized.

“No… they are impressive…. no doubt…” James mumbled as he nodded involuntarily.

She almost had the cartoon quality of the feminine ideal as imagined by a hormone fueled teenager. Petite but stacked. Her large breasts, thin waist, and hips that allowed an ass that stopped happily married men in the tracks, made her impossible not to fantasize about in all manner of sexual scenarios. Adding delicate, almost angelic features and she was a woman that in old black and white movies, with the right colored red lipstick, could have easily made a private detective unravel his life for just a moment of her attention

“It’s really hard trying to find a bra that fits, to be honest.” Allison continued, as she brushed a lock of mahogany hair from her brow and looked up at him with dark lustrous eyes. She realized that her idea of restrained flirting left James in a trance.

“I look like a little boy next to her.” Claire quipped knowing that it wasn’t true.

A good six inches taller than Allison, Claire had the proportions of a playmate. Allison often joked that if money ever became tight, Claire always had a the option to become a lingerie model.

“Hey, small boobs are cool too.” Brent played along. He smiled and shrugged, letting his eyes fall on her chest for the briefest of moments.

“My boobs are not small!” Claire gasped, bringing her hands to her breasts.

“There’s nothing wrong with small boobs. Yours are cute!” Brent said holding up his hands in surrender. He was piling it on now. The look on her face; shocked but amused, added a dimension of vulnerability that contrasted with her otherwise confident sexuality that put him at ease. It made him feel less like a kid in the company of a woman, and more like the man he actually was.

“Oh my god! Cute? My boobs are cute!? You are really making me feel like I’m 13 again!” She pouted.

“Hey, I like girls with small boobs.” He grinned and squeezed her knee condescendingly. On the outside, he gave her the look of an understanding father figure or close platonic friend. Inside, he wanted to slide his hands up her thigh, pin her down with his body, taste her lips, feel the heat between her legs…

“You are such an asshole!” She slapped his hand away and laughed.

“Come on, I’m just kidding. You have great boobs.” Brent confessed.

He was surprised how comfortable he was. Days before, he would have been at a loss for words in front of someone as beautiful as Claire. At no point would he have even been able to bring up the topic of another girl’s breasts in front of her, let alone joke about it.

“Jerk!” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Seriously, you’re… very sexy.” He trailed off.

“Really? You think so?” She lowered her arms and looked into his eyes.

“Yeah… I mean…” Brent looked over to James.

“Forget my brother, he’s not even paying attention.” She said.

Allison was fondling her breasts as James watched with pure joy on his face. She looked at Brent and Claire with a stupefied expression. “I think all the blood left his head.” She laughed.

Claire brought her hand to Brent’s face and focused his attention back on her. This close, he noticed the light freckles on the bridge of her nose. He recalled that when she was younger, those freckles were much more pronounced. Seeing her again after the year or so she had been in college, he hadn’t noticed them at all. He reasoned that the time in the sun by the pool might have brought them out. Then again, everything else about her seemed to have changed so much, it was possible that he could have been focusing on other things.

Seeing him flustered stirred something inside her. She bit her lip and steadied her gaze. “You think I’m sexy.” She whispered.

The look on her face, the shimmer in her eyes, and the close proximity to him stirred the boyhood crush he had secretly harbored for her since he was very young. It took all the strength he had not to lean in and kiss her. He wanted to feel those soft slips pressed against his, feel her tongue in his mouth, know that she she wanted him as much as he wanted her…

She knew with a little effort, she could get him to just about anything.

“This is good.” Brent said after taking a sip.

“It’s this pineapple-rum concoction we perfected in the dorm. You can’t even taste the alcohol really.” Allison explained as she handed a glass to James.

“It’s like juice.” Brent took a big swig.

“Whoa there. Pace yourself. It might not taste alcoholic, but it is. We don’t want you passing out now. You’ll miss all the fun.” Claire winked.

“What kind of fun?” James asked, swallowing a gulp.

“I have a game…” Claire suggested as she plopped down on the recliner with a drink in her hand.

Oh no.” Allison groaned.

“Come on, it’s fun!” Claire whined.

“What is it?” Brent asked.

“Childish.” Allison mumbled.

“Shut up, you always have fun.” Claire nudged her shoulder.

“Well, what is it?” James asked as he set his drink on the coffee table.

“Have you guys ever played Truth or Dare?”

Part 5.

During Claire’s senior year of high school, Brent and James spent almost an entire night snooping on her and her friends during a sleepover.

Earlier that evening, Claire made a deal with them that if she and her girl friends got exclusive access to the first floor of the house, she would let them go unsupervised for the whole night upstairs. This agreement was, of course, made without much foresight. Once hunger set in, Brent and James snuck downstairs for supplies.

As they filled their arms with leftovers from the fridge, they overheard the girls laughing. Naturally, they eavesdropped.

The gaggle of girls lounged in sleepwear that left little to the imagination. Skimpy tops, tight bottoms, bare skin. The smell of scented lotion and the sound of girls giggling filled the house.

Eventually someone suggested truth or dare.

Over the course of the night, Brent and James listened on as they confessed the most private of secrets, believing that nothing they said would leave the room. First attempts at oral sex, handjobs in the back of cars, crushes on other girl’s boyfriends, and just about everything that could possibly come up when truth was chosen.

Before long, truths turned into dares and half the girls ended up skinny dipping in the pool by the end of the night. Brent and James quietly watched it all.

“Since you’re the guest, you can go first.” Claire smiled.

“What about Brent? He’s a guest too!” Allison argued.

“He’s next. First you.” Clare took a sip.

Fine.” Allison agreed.

“To make it interesting, lets let the guys ask.” She continued.

“Truth or Dare?” Brent and James asked in unison before she could change her mind.

Allison shared a look with Claire. “Dare.”

They stood facing the sliding glass doors leading to the back yard. The four of them stared at the glassy surface of the pool as James flicked on the patio lights.

“Can I pick truth instead?” Allison begged, already knowing what the answer would be.

“Rules are rules.” Claire smiled.

“This is only the first round!” Allison whined.

Rules are rules.” James mimicked Claire.

“Fine. Just wait until my turn.” She gave him an amused look.

Allison hitched her shoulders, letting the straps of her dress fall down her bare arms. She wiggled her hips, allowing the thin fabric pool on around her feet. She stood before them in nothing more than a lacy white bra and matching panties.

She paused a moment allowing them to take it all in.

Her skin was sun kissed, likely due to the afternoon by the pool. The looks on Brent and James’s faces spoke volumes. Claire held in a laugh.

“What about just the top?” Allison asked cupping her breasts as she looked from Brent to James with puppy dog eyes. It was intended to evoke sympathy, but considering her state of undress, it was more sexy than anything.

Rules are rules.” They answered in unison and laughed.

She released the clasp between the cups and let it drop to the floor.

Full and firm, her breasts were amazing. On her tiny frame they looked very large, but somehow fitting. Her nipples were a shade darker than the skin around them and obviously very hard. After a moment, she hooked her thumbs into her panties and shimmied out of them. By the time they were at her feet, she was bent at the waist, her ass high, her breasts jiggling with every movement. She straightened up, closed her eyes, and shook the tension from her hands. “Here goes nothing.”

In a flash, she was out of the door. They watched as she brought her legs up in mid air, clear the lip of the pool, and break the smooth surface. She was underwater for a fraction of a moment before she began to pull herself back out.

The image of her emerging seared into the memory of James and Brent instantly.

Her body glistened as she ascended the steps. Rivulets of water slid over and between her breasts. Between her legs a small heart was carefully shaved into her shortly cropped pubic hair. Her strong thighs flexed, her eyes twinkled with a mischievous gleam.

She trotted back to the house leaving a trail of small wet footprints. With teeth chattering, she snatched the towel Claire held out to her and immediately disappeared into the bathroom.

The guys were speechless, mouths open, salivating.

Best summer ever.


Claire looked disappointed. She was expecting Brent to choose dare. Considering the instant nudity during the first round of this little game, she was hoping to keep the momentum going. With the constraints she was given, she finally asked, “Who was the last girl you had sex with?”

Brent and James shared a brief look. Claire saw it… but said nothing.

Their escapade in the booth earlier that day was a secret they understood they would take to the grave together. Moreover, even if it was something they agreed to share with the world, they had no name or identity of the girl on the other side of that wall.

Claire wanted a name.

He was pretty sure she was not asking him to out her as giving him head through the glory hole a few days before, or the makeout session she had with him the following morning ending with Allison going down on him. Regarding Allison, he and James promised not to bring up their late night basement rendezvous if Claire asked, so that was out of the question.

“Well…” Claire urged him. He realized that replaying all of the recent events in his head had resulted in a temporary lapse of time.

Allison sat quietly squeezing the moisture from her hair with a towel. She wore an oversized bathrobe that Claire loaned her. Her dress and underwear were now neatly folded on the arm of the couch by her side. She looked at him with an expression that he understood as a reminder of his promise.

“Remember Jennie?” Brent asked. Of course. Though the last few days had been packed with new sexual experiences involving everyone in the room, there was someone else he could safely talk about without breaking a promise or prematurely revealing a secret.

“Little Jennie Connor?” Claire asked.

“She is 18 now… not really a kid anymore.” Brent explained.

“Who’s Jennie?” Allison asked as she pushed her glasses back on her face.

“Brent’s neighbor.” Claire explained. “She used to follow him around everywhere when we were kids. She was so in love with him.”

“I… don’t know about that…” Brent looked away.

“Suuure, anyway, you were saying? The last girl you fucked?” Claire smiled taking a sip. James looked at her wide eyed with a smile on his face. He rarely heard his sister use such vulgar language before. He liked it

“Well… the other day we kinda hooked up.” Brent explained.

“What do you mean, kinda?”

“I was over at her place and we… kinda made out.” Brent clarified.

“You just saw me butt ass naked. I’d like to hear details please.” Allison folded the towel she used on her hair on her lap. Though it was understood that she changed into some of Claire’s clothes after her dare, the robe wrapped around her body left some doubts.

“Okay… I was mowing the lawn and she was washing her mom’s car. After I finished, we got to talking. She offered me something to drink. I was thirsty so I took her up on the offer. Anyway, I ended up in her house.”

“Go on…” The girls giggled.

“Anyway… one thing leads to another and we’re making out on her bed. Before I know it, I’m completely naked and she’s topless, little panties on, grinding me.”

“Who was on top?” Claire asked.

“Yeah, and slow down. Details, remember?” Allison said.

“Okay… so, we’re kissing. She’s on top. I’m super horny and she’s grinding against me…”

“More details.” Allison reminds him.

“Okay… she’s grinding her pussy on my… cock. She’s so wet. Her tits are in my face and I’m sucking on her hard nipples. She’s moaning and starts going faster, and I think she starting to… you know…”




“Yeah… she start to cum… and it’s so fucking hot I couldn’t help myself.”

“Mmm Hmm.” Allison bites her lip.

“I couldn’t help it and I came too.”

“Hot.” Allison whispers.

“Then what?” Claire asks.

“Nothing. I came, we kissed a little. She gets up, goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come out. I waited for like fifteen minutes but she didn’t ever come out. So I left and came here.”

“So that’s it?”


“You grinded, came, and that was it?”

“It was pretty hot.”

“Yeah, but…” Allison hems.

“That doesn’t really count.” Claire states.

“What do you mean? She was completely covered in my cum.”

The image of Allison writhing on the floor as he and James stood over her flashed in his mind. He imagined Jennie in her place as they stroke their cocks and cum on her pretty face.

“Still doesn’t count!” Claire said.

“What does count then?” James asked.

“Vaginal penetration.” Claire states. “Everything else is just… playing. Off the books. Doesn’t count.”

Really…?” James smiled.

“Really.” Claire said matter-of-factly.

“So handjobs don’t count?” James asked.



“Nope. Vaginal penetration only.”

“Hmm…” Brent smirked.

“Dare.” Claire said.

Brent and James turn their backs on the girls and whisper quietly. Finally, they return their attention to the girls.

“Now that we know what you consider sex… I dare you… to titty fuck James.” Brent said.

Whoa…” Claire laughed.

“It won’t even be… on the books. Doesn’t count. No penetration.” Brent smiled.

“I don’t… think that it’s… okay to…” Claire stammered.

Rules are rules.” Brent chuckled. He didn’t actually expect her to do it. He just wanted catch her off guard, even for a moment, to see where she drew the line. The look on her face was worth the effort.

Seriously. You want to take it there? It hasn’t even been a full round yet.” Claire crossed her arms.

Brent smiled.

Claire sighed. “Dare’s are one-on-one. James has to agree to it too.”

“I’m game.”

James! Claire gasped

“When my turn comes up, I was gonna choose dare anyway. This can be my dare too.” James said.


What? You two have been walking around… wearing tight little bikinis… looking all good… Seriously, a guy can only take so much!”

“I’m your sister James!” She did her best impression of an sister appalled at the idea of being sexually involved with her own brother. Allison saw right through it but said nothing.

The Oscar goes to…

“As far as I’m concerned… right now, you are a smoking hot blonde that I’m about to titty fuck.”

“Oh my God James. Seriously?” She groaned.

Rules are rules. Top: off.” Allison instructed.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay.” Claire almost laughed but maintained the facade.

Allison chuckled. “You’re the stickler for following rules.”

Claire hunched her shoulders in defeat and sighed.

She looked at James, snapped her fingers and pointed to the recliner.

James was genuinely surprised.

It was no secret that James was pretty shameless. In fact, he and Brent actually talked about titty fucking Claire in detail, as well as Allison, Jennie, and just about every girl in town with large enough breasts, but actually going through with it was not really in their realm of reality. James was even more surprised that Claire was not putting up much of a fight. It seemed to him, knowing her, that she gave in pretty quick. Then again, she was a stickler for rules…

Claire unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it onto the couch. Her breasts stretched the fabric of her white tank top. The blouse, as sheer as it was, was obviously necessary as her nipples were clearly visible without it. She quickly pulled it over her head in one motion and dropped it onto the soft carpeted floor.

Like James, Claire was lean with blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike James, Claire was very much the embodiment of female sexuality. Her breasts were full, firm, and tipped with small pink nipples that, at the moment, were very hard.

“Don’t even think about blowing your load.” Claire instructed and she knelt between her brother’s legs. She hoped he couldn’t see the lust on her face. She wanted to maintain of doing this against her best wishes. She had an idea that this game could spiral way out of control if she let it, so a little restraint at this stage might be for the best.

She took a breath, exhaled, and leaned into him.

He couldn’t believe his beautiful sister was kneeling topless between his legs unzipping his fly.

He imagined what this would look like many times before. He pictured her big clear blue eyes looking up at him with his cock between her lips, feeling the vibration of her moan as her tongue slid along his length. He had thought about it, but never really believed it would actually happen.

Yet, here they were.

She pulled his shorts down his thighs freeing his rock hard cock.

Claire settled on her calves and took it all in.

Her brother looked down on her without a stitch of clothing on. His hard throbbing erection was inches from her face, twitching as he flexed it. She could feel the heat radiating off of him. She was actually doing this.

Brent and Allison sat in silence as this highly erotic scene between brother and sister unfolded before them. This is unreal, Brent thought to himself.

When summer started, he and James had pretty reasonable expectations. They planned to play some video games, watch some movies, swim, relax, and partake in their increasingly frequent jack off sessions whenever the desire arose. They hoped, but did not expect, to possibly find a willing sexual partner to experiment with. Never had they thought they would have two college girls within their reach, more than willing, one of which was James’s sister.

“Damn James. You have a big fucking dick.” Claire grinned and shook her head as she slid her fingers up his length. He shuddered with pleasure. She locked her eyes on his as she squeezed her breasts together around his throbbing cock. She slowly began to build momentum by flexing her thighs, rising and falling in his lap.

The sound of skin sliding on skin seemed amplified.

“We need some lube.” She said backing off. Claire took him in her hands and brought her lips directly over his cock and spit. She working in her saliva in a stroking, pumping motion. He could feel her breath on him. He pictured her full wet lips wrapped around him. Her eyes meeting his as her tongue explored.

“Fuuuck.” He grunted.

“There.” She resumed, squeezing her breasts around his now slippery cock.

“You are so fucking hot Claire.” He whispered. She smiled. In her eyes he saw a hunger he had never seen before.

He began to pump his hips, matching her rhythm. With each thrust, the tip bumped her chin. To her, it was as almost as if he was urging her to take him in her mouth. She knew that this was likely just her desires consuming the logical side of her brain, then again…

Her inhibition free, sexually hungry little brother just might want to fuck his sister’s mouth.

Maybe the taboo of incest was something he was willing to consider experimenting with. Maybe the idea of fucking his sister something that turned him on.

Maybe, like her, his sexual hunger allowed him the flexibility to do just about anything to bring him pleasure.

She licked her lips and was about to let him slip inside the warmth of her mouth when she remembered she had an attentive audience.

Allison was watching.

Brent was watching.

Oh fuck, what am I doing?

“Okay. Who’s next?” Claire said suddenly, rolling on her knees to a sitting position. Her back was to the couch, facing away from James. She slid her fingers between her breasts and spread her saliva until her chest was shiny.

She didn’t bother putting her shirt back on.

James didn’t pull his shorts back up.

The blush on Claire’s face said more than she wanted.


Claire smile broadly. “I dare you to play the rest of the game nude.”

“Um… wait, isn’t it Allison’s turn?” Brent stammered. Brent looked at James with his cock in his hand, Claire topless, and Allison with a robe wrapped around her staring into his eyes with a particular look on her face.

“Whip it out stud. Show us what you’ve got. If you’re anywhere as big as James, I wan’t to see it.” Claire instructed, gesturing to his crotch.

“How about Allison loses the towel? That way, it’ll be fair.” James offered.

My best friend, ladies and gentlemen.

“Hey! Those aren’t the rules.”

Claire gave her a look.


Allison pulled the tie around her waist free and dropped the robe onto the soft carpet. She stood before the three completely nude.

“Happy?” She asked with her hands on her waist.

The boys nodded in unison.

“Okay, your turn.” She said to Brent.

Brent pulled the button free on the front of his shorts and pulled the zipper down. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of both his shorts and underwear and pulled them down together.

His thick erection angled upwards, long and hard like a totem to the gods of fertility.


“Wow.” Claire gasped looking from Brent to James and back again.

Amazing, Allison thought. Claire was well aware just how big they were. Yet, her reaction seemed like genuine giddy disbelief.

Allison on the other hand, was not the caliber of actress that Claire was. Instead, she stayed quiet and spoke with her eyes.

“Seriously, I don’t don’t think I’ve ever seen guys as big as you two before… definitely not at the same time.” Claire smiled. Allison nodded in agreement.

“You think?” Brent tensed his abdomen, flexing his engorged cock to full capacity. Every vein bulged, every ridge and valley were clearly defined.

James had seen this show many times before and never got tired of it. Over the course of the past year, he and Brent had met up to jack off together many times. This often took place in the small sliver of time after school and before his parent’s came home. Together, they shared technique, compared sizes, and often had contests to see who could cum the furthest, the most, the soonest, and so on. Seeing Brent when he was very horny was always impressive.

“Yeah, do doubt. You guys are big.” Allison almost whispered. Her eyes were glazed over.

“I dare you two to make out.” James suggested with a grin.

At this point, it was obvious that their little game of truth or dare was just an excuse to delve into increasingly sexual territory with little personal responsibility. Though they all understood this to be true, they continued to play along.

“Okay… If you two jack each other off while we watch.” Claire suggested.

“That would be so hot.” Allison said leaning into Claire and kissing her neck softly. She kept her eyes on the guys to gauge their reaction. If her instincts were right, all they would need was a little push.

They were speechless.

“I just titty-fucked my own brother on a dare, the least you two can do is give each other a hand.” Claire said before pressing her lips into Allison’s.

James and Brent looked down at each other. It would not have been the first time they felt each other’s cocks. However, this would be the first time they would do it with the intent of giving each other pleasure.

“Have you ever seen two girls make out?” Claire asked. She unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zipper and turned her back to them. She tugged the waist down past her perfect ass and paused. Looking over her shoulder, she delighted in their lustful expressions as their eyes molested her body.

“Well?” She said suggestively, pausing in this position.

James and Brent shared a look.

“It’ll be our little secret.” Claire whispered and she pulled her jeans the rest of the way down her long legs. She bent at the waist and arched her back. Her feet were far enough apart that when Allison slid her hands up her thighs, there was enough room for her to slip her palm between her legs and press her fingers into her soft mound. Claire let out a soft moan before Allison silenced her with a kiss.

James slid his hand to Brent’s cock and squeezed the firm head. Brent submitted and released his grip, allowing James to slide his hand down his length. He lowered his gaze and watched as James begin to jack him off. His fingers wrapped around his thick shaft and expertly stroked him with the right amount of pressure, at the perfect speed.

Emma woke with a killer headache in a strange bed with a naked woman. “What the hell?” she mumbled to herself. Her tired eyes spied a wine bottle — the wine bottle she’d let Sara ram up her cunt before she ended up fistfucking Sara. It all came back to her and she started to freak out. Trying not to wake Sara, she gathered her clothes, stole some aspirin, and ran out of the apartment.

What a way to celebrate her 18th birthday — her first lesbian experience with a stranger who had been fucking her boyfriend — ex-boyfriend — with some bottle fucking thrown in for good measure. And now she had missed the morning. Her parents would kill her and wasn’t there a test she’d missed? Fuck.

The sun was killing her — a hangover too, why not? — so she dived into the nearest store that looked like it might sell glasses. She wasn’t normally in this part of town and picked a newsstand. Sure enough, it had sunglasses galore — she picked out a green plastic frame with the darkest lenses. They actually look pretty decent, Emma thought. Her hair was a dirty enough blonde that they didn’t make the blonde seem green. She look herself over a little in the mirror near the sunglasses stand. She looked a wreck, makeup smeared, hair mussed, clothes wrinkled. Clearly on a walk of shame. Oh well. Her tits were big enough and her waist small enough that she always looked good enough to catch a few eyes.

She was catching a few here, she noticed — greasy losers. But mostly they milled around on the other end of the store in the… porn section?

Emma had heard about newsstands with the porn sections in the back, but this one barely had a “back.” There was a little area cordoned off with a counter and a little gate, and behind it walls of fuck mags. The guys milling around there kept glancing in her direction — either because she looked like a hot mess or because she was the only real woman around. She tried not to look like she noticed and slyly observed them. She might as well people-watch a bit while her head calmed itself.

In fact, she thought, I’ll stroll over and look through the porn. What the hell? The man at the counter was a little startled to see her strolling over but he chivalrously held open the gate, which on closer inspection was made of cardboard. Some weird law, she guessed. She smiled and nodded, then started to browse. She picked up a copy of FUCK SLUTS and discovered that it was well-titled.

As she flipped through the mag she noticed one of the customers handing a few bills to the counter man — who let the man pass behind the counter and into a backroom area. More porn? She’d heard that people watched videos in the back. She was feeling adventurous and so roamed up to the counter man herself.

“How much does it cost to go in the back?”

The guy looked her over, and she almost shied away — it was an overt want-to-fuck-you look, and she wasn’t trying to give him ideas, just trying to check things out. “For girls it’s free, honey.” He moved to usher her through. “No one is in 3 yet. Your door is on the left.”

Emma hesitated a little, but shortly found herself moving ahead. The man smirked and waved her into the back where, sure enough, there were a series of doors — each set of doors sat close together, each pair with the same numbers. She went to the pair marked “3″, opened the left door and scampered inside.

The room was bare and dimly lit. On a bench in the corner sat a handful of towels. The wall to her right had a handful of holes cut into it. This was what people were paying to see? There was a TV/DVD combo on the wall opposite the holes and a stack of DVDs on the shelf below. She browsed through them — all porn, of course.

I might as well watch one, she thought. After her lesbian adventure she considered an all-girl orgy disc, but changed her mind suddenly, deciding to pick the one with the dirtiest title, which turned out to be the redundantly named “Anal Butt Sluts #27.” What a franchise, she thought as she slipped in the disc.

After the legal warnings, a slim blonde, already naked, bent down to spread her asshole for the camera. Emma had seen some porn but nothing so coarse — it didn’t really turn her on but she started to get wet as she began to think about how many cocks the girl must have taken to get spread so wide. She tried to imagine a cock in her ass, but she hadn’t even had a cock in her pussy yet.

The girl in the video looked about the same age, and she wondered how much the girl had fucked. “Fucked.” She turned the word over in her mouth. She has sucked a few cocks but always thought about sex as being part of love, as a different thing. Now she just wondered what a good fucking must be like.

The video girl had already found a cock and it was snaking its way up her ass as she yelled loudly for it to hammer her harder, deeper. Emma snuck her hand into her jeans and started to rub her wet pussy, transfixed. Then she heard someone moving behind her.

She leapt forward, almost jumping out of her skin, and spinning around. Nobody there. She was just imagining things. Or wait — no, somebody was there after all. Part of someone.

A cock sticking out through one of the holes in the walls.

Of course. She should have known once she saw the holes. She had heard about glory holes but thought they were an urban myth. Now here she was, staring at an anonymous cock. It was a good size, half-hard. Waiting for her.

She moved over to the cock, curious, not knowing what she would do. She saw, now that she was paying attention, that there was a padded mat on the ground beneath the holes. Padded for knees, she supposed. She knelt down. Then, without thinking, sucked the cock into her mouth.

It hardened almost instantly, and she almost spit it out. But she had sucked cocks before, though not often, and never unless she had been dating the guy for more than a month. She licked and slurped around the head, greedier than she had ever been. The balls were sticking through the hole as well and she began to stroke them as she bobbed her mouth up and down the cock.

As she sucked and stroked the cock she wondered who it could be. Maybe the creepy counter guy? Maybe one of the guys she had seen in the store? Maybe better not to know — they hadn’t exactly turned her on. Maybe someone more attractive that had come into the store afterward, or had already been in another room? Maybe it was someone she knew. She cycled through all the guys in her school that turned her on and started sucking harder. She liked being able to imagine whoever she wanted — and being in control, since there were no hands on the side of the wall to grope her or push her head or hands around.

She started sucking harder, bobbing her head faster. She could hear they guy groaning, and he started to thrust more. That gave her an idea — before she could think it through too much, she pushed her face as close to the wall as she could and stopped moving, holding it there.

It took a moment, but the guy got the picture, and pulled back — then started thrusting harder and faster. Emma just held still and let him fuck her face. She had never done it before — the guy thrust roughly and deeply and she gagged a bit but did her best to keep her face close to the wall, letting him use her like a doll. She had three fingers in her pussy now, saliva dripping down her shirt as he pounded her mouth.

With her freehand she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her tits out, squeezing them while fingerfucking herself — the guy kept slamming into her mouth, faster and faster. Suddenly, without warning, she felt him spurt and pulled back, choking on the cum. She swallowed a little but let most of it fall out of her mouth, splashing onto her tits and the floor.

She looked down at her tits, at the mess of cum and saliva, at her own fingers still thrusting into her pussy, and came hard. Gasping, she swallowed what cum was left in her mouth, and started scooping up the cum from her tits. She pushed it into her mouth with the fingers from her pussy, sucking the cock’s cum and her own cum together. Emma felt wild, out of control. What was happening to her?

Just as she was starting to calm down, the cock withdrew. Then quickly, to her surprise, another cock slipped into the same hole.

Emma just stared at it for a moment. The cum from the first cock hadn’t even dried yet, and here was a second. While she wondered what she would do, if she could bring herself to suck a second cock, a third popped through the hole beside it. Word travelled fast around here.

She grabbed and started to stroke the third cock while she began to suck the second, moving before she had even made up her mind to move. After a little while she switched, sucking the third and stroking the second, now slick with her saliva.

She could hear the girl in the video behind her begging to be fucked. Well, why not? thought Emma. I’ve come this far already. She pulled back from the cocks and pulled her jeans and panties, already sagging, all the way off.

It barely occurred to her, as she guided the cock into her dripping pussy, that she was losing her virginity this way, to an anonymous stranger at a glory hole, after guarding it so carefully for so long. It had been a precious thing to her just yesterday, but after last night the thought of staying virgin just seemed stupid. If anything, she wanted to run in the other direction — she needed to make up for lost time. The cock plunged into her pussy and Emma ignored the third one, bending as far forward as she could to allow it deeper access. With her hands on the ground in front of her, she bent her head forward between them to look up at her pussy and the cock pounding it. She could see it, slick with her own juices, stroking itself in and out of her wet slit.

Emma came again at the sight of the stranger’s cock splitting her cunt, almost toppling over and off of it. She pulled herself away from the cock and started sucking it instead, sucking down her own juices, letting it fuck her mouth until it exploded too — she gulpd the cum down while beginning to stroke the third cock again. Her pussy was throbbing but she had a different plan for this cock. She spit into her hand and started to stroke it fast, getting it as wet as she could. Then she spit some more and started to rub it around her asshole.

She knew it would hurt but she didn’t care. She turned to watch the girl getting her ass reamed in the video, and then pushed her butt up against the hole. The cock there quickly figured it out — she felt it draw away and get replaced by a tongue first, which licked and darted around her asshole, teasing her. She plunged her fingers into her pussy while the tongue lapped greedily at her virgin ass, pushing them further in as she felt the man spit into her ass, getting it ready.

Then the cock started pushing in. It felt huge — she gasped and came again, which helped with the pain, but it still hurt. Emma didn’t care though. She pushed back against the cock, driving it deeper. She moaned and shrieked as the cock assaulted her tight ass, ramming deeper and deeper, picking up speed. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, Emma felt it unload into her ass, pushing its seed deep into her tight little asshole before pulling out.

She collapsed, exhuasted, on the mat, covered in cum and saliva, with more cum leaking from her asshole. That was it, she figured. She was a fuck slut herself now, no turning back. On the otherside of the wall, one of the men leaned down to the hole. “The sunglasses are on the house, cutie.”

Chapter 11 – Snared in the Net

Amber watched intently as Diana slowly lowered her pussy on Paul’s cock. She moved closer, watching the head of his cock penetrate the folds of her pussy, and slide in to Diana’s pussy. Amber moved her face down until she could lick Diana’s pussy and Paul’s cock, but it was hard to do, especially as Diana started moving her hips up and down and back and forth on Paul’s stiff erection.

Diana moaned and grasped her breasts as she ground her hard clit against Paul’s rock-hard prick. Amber caressed Diana’s smooth undulating back and ass as she rode Paul’s cock. Amber moved her fingers down where she could feel Diana’s stretched pussy lips and Paul’s cock sliding between them. She stroked Paul’s cock and Diana’s labia for a bit, making both of them moan with pleasure.

Amber was ready to receive her own pleasure, so she moved around and straddled Paul’s face, and lowered her crotch until Paul could start licking her pussy. She was facing Diana and the two women kissed as they rode Paul’s cock and face.

After a few minutes, the two women traded places. Amber started bouncing up and down on Paul’s cock, her tits bouncing up and down as she rode him enthusiastically. Diana, sitting on Paul’s face, leaned forward and sucked one of Amber’s nipples into her mouth. She sucked gently on Amber’s hardening nipples, swirling her tongue on one and then the other, and sucking them between her lips again. Then she raised her head and to kiss Amber on the lips, the two women locked lips, kissing and nibbling each other’s lips. As they kissed, they grasped each other’s tits, mauling them in their passion as Paul’s pole slid in and out of Amber’s cunt, and his tongue lashed Diana’s cunt. Both women whimpered into each other’s mouth’s as their tongue’s danced.

Diana came first. She ground her cunt hard back and forth on Paul’s mouth, crying out as she held onto Amber. Diana’s excitement transferred to Amber, and she started crying out and panting harder as an orgasm consumed her as well.

Amber ground her hips up and down on Paul’s cock until he grabbed her ass and started cumming. She moved off and Diana leaned forward and pulled Paul’s cock in her mouth, and took the rest of his jism down her throat. Then she crawled forward between Amber’s outstretched legs and licked up the jism that Paul had pumped into her.

The three had fallen into a pattern. Every night the three made love together. Amber no longer slept in her own room. She feared though, that she would come between them. She had money now. Maybe she should move out? But she loved them both. Paul and Diana were the only friends she had left.

The next day, she wondered again about her future. Less than a year ago, she had thought her future was with Johnson. She would finish her degree in teaching, they would get married, and she would be a teacher somewhere. Now she didn’t know what the future held for her. Her fate was up in the air. She understood she could have no future as a teacher. She was notorious. No school district would hire her, and if they were unaware of her past, it would be all too easy for a student or a rival to make the school board aware of her past.

She had money in the bank now–but it would not last forever. Maybe a couple of years–perhaps three if she was careful. Maybe she could change her name and appearance, and use the money to start over again somewhere.

She took the trash out and then picked up her cell phone as she heard it beep, indicating a text message came through.

“Where R U?”

It was Johnson.

He had been trying to call her for days. She saw who the caller was thanks to caller ID, and when she deleted the voicemail messages he left without listening to them. So she ignored the text message and set the trash can down, set down on the sofa and turned the TV on.

A few minutes later, it beeped again.

“UR late! U have legal obligations!”

She shut her cell phone angrily and powered it down.

The days passed. Amber grew increasingly bored and restless. Paul and Diana were making plans for her to go to graduation school, and some heated exchanges ensued, but Amber paid no attention. She was living in a state of uneasiness. Johnson’s threatening text messages and voice mails made her nervous. She considered contacting her lawyer, but she had a cold knot in her stomach when she thought about it.

The weather was warming a bit, she took to taking long walks in the afternoon. She found it helped her to think. What was in her future? She knew God had a purpose for her–what was she really good at?

One day Amber was in her bedroom browsing the Internet, she clicked again to search for the latest clips for more videos of herself. She wasn’t surprised to see video clips of her and Johnson from last Christmas when he had tricked her again and fucked her on Paul and Diana’s bed.

She saw a thumbnail below that looked like a clip with her, and she clicked on it.

Amber gasped. The clip showed her with her head between Diana’s thighs, mouth up against her pussy. Diana was moaning and writhing. Amber started hyperventilating. How did Johnson do this? She clicked on another thumbnail. It was a clip of her with Diana and Paul. Their faces were clearly shown, that is, when she wasn’t straddling Paul or Diana’s face. Amber watched with a combination of intense arousal and horror as the screen filled with Paul fucking her from behind while her head was buried between Diana’s legs.

Amber couldn’t help herself. She spread her legs wide and started rubbing her clit as she watched. She remembered this–it was just a few days after Diana had come back from her Christmas vacation trip.

After a few minutes of fucking her doggy-style, Paul rolled her over as Diana moved off, and holding her legs apart, started fucking her on top. Diana straddled her head again and lowered her pussy on Amber’s mouth. A few minutes later, they were taking turns sucking Paul’s cock until he erupted. Diana took his cum in her mouth and then kissed Amber on the lips, transferring his jism.

Amber moaned and came hard as the clip ended. She clicked her browser closed and stood up, pacing urgently back and forth in her tiny room.

Holy shit! Amber was in a panic. How how how HOW–did he do this???

She had to take a look in Paul and Diana’s room–but they were home in the apartment. She went out to the kitchen, and could sense some tension. Paul and Diana had been fighting lately, yelling at each other in a way that was not usual for them, and Amber feared her presence had something to do with it. She could only hope that they had not seen the clips of themselves. She had to go for a walk and think. She pulled on her hoodie and walked out the door.

As she walked through the neighborhood, she tried to think of what to do. Clearly, she had to leave her friends. She was starting to believe that her presence was ruining Paul and Diana’s relationship, and clearly, her presence was dangerous to their privacy. She seemed to be a magnet for the camera when she was having sex, and it seemed to be pulling in the people she cared about the most–without their consent. She was a marked woman, she realized as she was walking back up to the apartment. As she climbed the stairs outside, she heard yelling and screaming from inside the apartment. Paul and Diana were fighting–big time. She paused, trying to hear what they were saying.

Amber couldn’t make out all the words, but she heard her name and it became all too clear. She had come between them. Their relationship was endangered because of her. Her worst fear was coming true. She crept back down the stairs, tears streaming down her cheeks.

As she did so, she suddenly noticed a man walking up to her.

“Amber Wood?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, looking at him curiously. What did this stranger want with her?

He handed her an envelope. She took it.

“You’ve been served,” he said, and turned and walked back to his car.

She tore the envelope opened and scanned the contents. She was being sued for breach of contract. She felt her world spinning, and clutched the stair rail, fighting not to heave.

After a few minutes she recovered enough where she was able to stand without holding on to something, and walked around in a daze for about an hour, returning to the apartment only when it started getting dark.

Paul and Diana were quiet and sullen. Amber went to her bedroom without a word, and spent the rest of the evening there.

As Paul and Diana went to bed that night, Diana knocked on her door.

“Amber? We’re going to bed now. Don’t you want to come and join us?”

“No, not tonight. Just leave me alone please–I have some issues to deal with,” she answered Diana rather sharply.

Diana left silently and went to bed. Amber was up for hours, taking stock of the situation. Clearly she had to leave her friends. She had some money now–she could get her own place. She packed her things. She considered throwing out the Amber Butterfly DVDs, but couldn’t quite bring herself to do so, and threw them in her suitcase instead.

The next morning, after her friends had left for class, Amber went into their room and looked around. She looked all over the room, examining every object carefully for signs of a hidden camera. She went back into her tiny bedroom, where her laptop was open on Diana’s vanity, and looked at the clips of her and her friends again, then rushed back into the master bedroom. There it was–so obvious. A memory flooded back into Amber’s mind.

She remembered back when she had first moved in with Johnson–Diana asking her if Johnson would take a look at her computer, and how she told Amber how Johnson had given her a new webcam. There it was, on the desk next to Paul and Diana’s king-size bed, peering at her malevolently–Johnson’s webcam still plugged into Diana’s desktop computer. She screamed and yanked it out, and hurled it on the floor, then picked it up and threw it down again as hard as she could on the cheap carpeted floor, then she stomped on it as hard as she could, finally hurling it in the garbage.

She left, leaving a note on the table explaining that it was time for her to be on her own now that she had some money, and she apologized for coming between them. She also decided to tell them the truth about the spy cam and how they had been filmed. Afterwards Amber called a cab.

Since she didn’t have any furniture or a car, Amber chose a moderately priced hotel downtown to stay in. It was in walking distance to her lawyer, and other places, and lots of busses ran through downtown. She would probably need to buy a car of some sort. She wanted to be cautious though–she didn’t know how long she would need to live off the settlement money.

After she unpacked her suitcase and settled in her room, she studied the papers she had been served with. This was the next crisis she had to face. She had two weeks before the court date. The next day she would call her lawyer and make an appointment.

The day after she left her friends they tried to call her, but she didn’t feel like talking to them. She knew they would try to talk her into moving back–that is if they didn’t hate her and blame her for Johnson’s slimy spying, and if they did, how could she blame them? If it weren’t for her, none of it would have happened. If they did try to get her to return, they would be doing so just out of kindness, and she vowed she would not come between them again, nor be the cause of any violation they suffered. Maybe if she was decisively out of the picture, their relationship would heal.

“Ma’am, you’ve been under a grave misapprehension. The settlement clearly stated that you agreed to perform in six adult features per year for the next three years, for a total of 18 feature films. You initialed right here in the clause, see?”

“I, I guess I didn’t really read it,” Amber stammered.

“Also, my assistant, Stephanie read the entire contract to you as well. Isn’t that right?”

Amber stammered more.

“I don’t understand! Why did you do this? You told me you could get me some money!” she whined.

“Look–I negotiated a business deal. In order to get something from them, they wanted something in return. Otherwise, you had nothing to bargain with. How else did you expect to get any money from them?”

“I, I don’t know. I guess I didn’t think about it.”

“Well, we were notified that you have failed to fulfill your contract. I checked to see if we could tear up the contract if you returned the money. But they intend to make you stick to the contract. In this sort of thing, money exchanges hands, deals are made, contracts signed. Apparently multi-million dollar deals have been made with distributors, wholesalers, advance sales have been made. If you were to reneg, a lot of people would lose a big pile of money.”

“What happens if I refuse?”

Grogan pulled his glasses back, sat back in his chair and wiped them off.

“They can take enforcement action. They can sue you, not just for the $150,000, but for millions in damages. When Kim Basinger backed out of the film “Boxing Helena”, the studio sued her for breach of contract, and won $8 million dollar judgment against her. Fortunately for her, she had money, but it still forced her into bankruptcy. In this state, if you lose against a suit, your wages can be garnished, your driver’s license revoked, any retirement you ever earned, any assets, any property, all of it can be seized.”

Amber paled. She could be impoverished for the rest of her life! Amber remembered being poor. She had been raised by a single mother until she was about six. Her memories of that were obscure, but she remembered being hungry, and sleeping on the floor. When she was six she had been fostered to a conservative Christian family, and she couldn’t remember what happened to her mother or why that had happened.

“I have to do this, Amber said slowly. “I have no choice.”

Grogan shrugged.

“Look–you need to be realistic about this. This is not a bad deal at all, porn stars usually work for a lot less for the same amount of work. This number of movies is not that much for three years. You’re already an established porn star from what you’ve already done, so your life as you had planned it was already changed, so you need to revise your plans.”

He sat back and looked on as Amber digested what he said.

“What do I need to do?” she asked.

“I told them I thought you would be reasonable. Here’s what you need to do to make this suit go away.”

He handed her a memo.

“Go to this address at this time, and do what they tell you to do. In the future, they’ll call you and tell you when and where to appear. After you’ve fulfilled your contract, it will be all be over and you can do what you want. Three years will fly by. You’re young, and you’ll still have your whole life ahead of you. You’ll see.”

That afternoon–Johnson sent her another text message with a date and time and address–it was the same address Grogan had given her. She would start work the next day.

Amber showed up 15 minutes early. It looked like a warehouse. There were studio lights and cameras erected around something that looked like a booth. Johnson greeted her with a grin, and let her know what he wanted her to do. When she heard, Amber was flabbergasted, yet excited. She didn’t like being coerced into this, but on the other hand what she was about to do excited her so much she was shaking with anticipation. She got undressed and Johnson walked her up to a glass door. Inside it looked like a small closet, with mirrors on each side. He opened it and let her in, then closed it behind her, and then moved a camera in place.

Inside, Amber looked around. She was in a tiny room, smaller than a closet. There were bright lights directly overhead, and on every side, was a mirrored wall. She was completely enclosed by mirrors, including the door behind her. She knelt on the floor as Johnson had told her to. The room was tiny, and she barely had room to kneel. The floor had a cushion to help her knees.

Then she noticed that at the level of her head there was a hole in the mirrored wall in front of her, about the size of a grapefruit. She realized there were two similar holes in the walls on each side. “Glory holes” Johnson had called them. She heard some talking and chuckles and in each hole a cock appeared.

The dick in front of her was already stiff, the two to each side nearly so. The holes in the wall were big enough to allow the cock and balls of each man to fit through the wall easily.

She realized that the mirrors had to be one way, the men and the cameras would be able to see through the mirror on THEIR side, into the room where they would see Amber sucking their cocks, and the reflections on the mirrors from the inside.

Inside the room Amber gasped with lust. For the first time she was confronted with three cocks to blow. She reveled in the challenge, and her cunt juiced up as she grasped two of them with her hands, stroking them. With mirrors to each side, bouncing reflections back and forth, it appears as if there were hundreds of stiff cocks surrounding her. She leaned forward and took the one in front of her in her mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth, her mouth juicing up and she felt the stiffening cock run along her tongue. While she did this she stroked the other two cocks on the side.

After a few minutes, she alternated, moving from one cock to another. It took a lot of concentration and coordination moving from cock to cock, replacing her mouth with one of her hands when necessary. In her peripheral vision, she saw herself sucking cock in the mirror–in fact all around her she was surrounded by reflections of stiff penises and her head bobbing up and down on one, then another.

The sounds of her cock-sucking were also being captured by a hidden mic and amplified. It sounded as if there were several blowjobs going on simultaneously, not just a single mouth moving from dick-to-dick. Amber loved it! She ran her lips up and down the cock to her left furiously, sucking hard. Then moved her head to the other side. It was tricky, but she was enjoying herself.

Around her she could see reflections, multiple images reflected back and forth of her beautiful face moving back and forth, a cock running in and out between her lips. The multiple reflections in the mirrors all around made it look as if she was surrounded by a thousand cocks, even though she knew there were just three. Back and forth she moved her head, on one prick after another, using her hands on any cock her mouth wasn’t taking care of.

Outside the room, behind each wall, each of the “actors” watched through the one-way mirror as she sucked their cocks. They had to be careful not to move around too much. Each of them had at least two cameras close by–one over their shoulder looking down, another was mounted on a tripod next to their waist. There were other cameras at other angles, including a few small ones hidden inside the room, looking down and up at the action.

Amber recognized one of the cocks. She was intimately familiar with Johnson’s prick, but she had expected it and had figured on it anyway. If Amber had known who was behind one of the walls she would not be greedily sucking his cock–it was Robert Grogan, her attorney, who was really Johnson’s uncle. Behind the other wall was Johnson’s buddy Kyle.

Grogan sighed as Amber sucked his cock. He was glad he had been able to show her reason. Johnson was right–she really was a world class cocksucker, and would make a first rate porn star.

Johnson had learned to control his orgasm and hold off. He wanted, as much as possible, for all three of them to cum as close to the same time as possible, and he had instructed Amber to try to make it happen that way.

“I am not doing it. This has to be the stupidest idea you ever dreamed.” I fumed at my roommate, Joe.

“Come on Dave. I think it is a great way to get laid.” He implored.

“The party will be great for you but what about me? I won’t be getting any.” I argued loudly.

“Don’t worry about it. You can lose the clothes after we have been there awhile. There will be so many people there so no one will notice.” Joe tried to rationalize with me.

I warned, “Joe, this is a dangerous and stupid game we are playing. I don’t like it.”

“Hey listen. The place is for couples only. Neither of us has had a date in too long and I am totally fucking horny. I need to get laid!” He pleaded.

“There has to be a better way.” I tried my last gambit but to no avail. Once he has his mind made up on a plan, no matter how stupid it was, he was going through with it.

Try as I might, I knew I was not getting out of it so I conceded.

He was so elated he almost hugged me. He was excitedly telling me he had to get some things as he was running out of our apartment.

I had time to reflect on what I just agreed to do. I grabbed another beer out of the fridge and contemplated my situation. I just agreed to go to a “Couples Only” club dressed as a woman.

Saturday night came all too quickly for me. Joe did not let me see what he chose for me to wear. I was still brooding over the situation when my roommate entered the apartment with a female friend of ours, Eve. She was dating someone we knew so I knew this was not a booty call. She was sexy as usual and seemed very excited as she came over to me, giving me a peck on the lips.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to dress you up, Dave.” Eve chimed.

I groaned out loud but took her hand as she led me to the bathroom.

All business like, she explained, “Now, honey, just shower with this pretty soap and shampoo and shave everything. And I do mean everything-face, legs, crotch, chest-everything. Oh, make sure you wash your butt real well, too.”

Not taking a word from me, she chuckled and left me holding the scented soap, lavender shampoo and conditioning.

Succumbing to my fate, I did shave everything she asked and I washed with the pretty lotions and shampoos she gave me and I dried thoroughly. While drying myself, I wondered to myself why I had to wash my asshole and I did not understand why I pushed a finger in me when I did it.

I exited the bathroom and called out to Eve to let her know I was ready for the next step. I walked into my bedroom with her quickly catching up to me. She closed the door behind us and helped me put on the purple undies and sat me down to put on my make up, all the while chattering about how a girl should walk, talk, etc.

I was surprised at my transformation in the mirror. She put on the make up, the wig, and finally attaching a false set of breasts to my chest. She then helped me with the purple lace bra and nude thigh-high stockings. I slipped into a short red dress and 2 inch heeled shoes and received an approving nod by our sexy neighbor.

I walked out of the bedroom, swishing my hips, holding my pocketbook and taking dainty steps as Eve introduced me to my roommate. “Joe, meet your sexy date for the evening, Dawn.”

I batted my eyes at him and believe it or not was turned on as he absorbed me with his eyes.

“Wow.” He said anxiously, “You look fucking awesome.”

I curtsied to him and exaggerated my narrow hips pushing out, accentuating my shapely ass, as I leaned towards him.

He almost kissed me as he approached us. Eve would have none of it and pressed us together so our lips touched. The kiss ended with me backing up and telling her that she must me insane. She brushed me off and said that if we were to pass off as a couple we must act like it. She then grabbed each of our shoulders and told us to try again.

I think Joe was more into it than I was because he seemed eager for us to press our lips together again. I allowed Eve’s to drape my arm over his shoulder as we kissed-mouths closed, of course. The moment seemed to last forever and I think she was getting horny because she pressed us closer together during this homosexual contact. I pushed off Dave’s chest and looked at Eve and watched her pout when I moved a few steps back.

Eve then told us to sit next to each other on the couch and get to know each other, how we met, etc. while she called us a cab.

“Well, how do you want to do this?” I asked in my best female voice. “How did we meet?”

We decided to keep it simple. We met in a coffee house and have been dating a couple weeks enjoying each other and having great sex. We then decided it would be fun to attend this “Couple’s Only” party.

The taxi arrived and we slid into the cab, waving bye to Eve. There was a 20 minute drive, giving us plenty of time together. Joe was really close to me so when I turned to say something to him, our lips were almost pressing together. He continuously complimented me, telling me how beautiful I was and very sexy. He was staring at my chest so much I had to ask him if he wanted a feel. He wasted no time grabbing a handful. I held his wrist and told him to be gentle. He chuckled and his lips were so close to mine. I was confused but kissed him anyway. I was totally getting into being a girl. I really got into it. He did not object and was kissing me back!

Joe still had his eyes closed as I eased my hand to his waist and then lower. He did not object when I slid my fingers to his crotch and found his stiffening cock. He groaned into my mouth as my fingers slid around his girth. Releasing my lips from his I said that he must be extremely horny to feel a guy’s touch. He replied saying that tonight the touch was from a sexy woman. I looked down at my fingers grasping him through his trousers and pondered what he just said.

The ride finally ended. I fixed my lipstick and we left the taxi staring at a nice two story house. Several cars were parked around it and we noticed people entering dressed as well as each of us. I noticed Joe fidgeting in his buttoned shirt, nice slacks and black shoes. We held hands as we entered and was pleasantly greeted by the busty blonde hostess, Anne. She and Joe exchanged pleasantries and he introduced me as Dawn. We air kissed on the cheeks as she led us inside the bustling house.

There were people everywhere. Men and women were dressed to have a good time. They were talking, kissing, petting. There were couples, threesomes, foursomes, touching, kissing, and chatting. The scantily clad waiters and waitresses were serving drinks, being touched and touching those they handed drinks.

Anne told us to make ourselves comfortable as she left to meet the newest arrivals. Dave was holding my arm as we moved about the living room, pausing only to note the soft core porn on the big HD screen. We bumped into a couple whom Dave knew and he introduced me, as Dawn (!) to his friends. They seemed to accept me readily enough. Since I was not confident in my voice I kept my answers brief and held onto Joe’s arm harder than probably necessary. He took it in stride as we talked with this couple, then the next.

A brunette caught my eye and she motioned me over for a chat. I patted his arm and sauntered over to her, totally getting into my new character. She kissed my cheek and led me away from the crowd, chatting about this and that. I noticed a couple things about her. One, her voice was more rough than a woman’s and two, she moved like a man.

We walked through a door and she closed it when I was inside. I noticed a few women kissing and touching each other and watched deliciously as pieces of clothing were removed. The brunette, Janet, saw my lecherous eyes and leaned in closer, whispering in my ear that I haven’t seen anything yet.

She guided me to another part of the spacious room that had a wall with holes in it. The area was not lit as well as the other areas in the house and I noticed each hole was about six inches in diameter. One hole about hip high and the other was about chest high. Women were dancing in front of the wall, moving saucily between holes. I saw hands reaching outwards to grab an ass cheek or a tit.

“That is where we will be tonight.” She excitedly exclaimed.

Understanding my confusion, she led me to one waist-high hole and took hold of the female hand that seemed to be searching for something to grope. She leaned over kissed each female finger and slowly guided it to her hips. She smiled at me as she lifted her dress, exposing her panties, and led the hand inside. Smiling widely at me, the unknown hand was gripping, grasping, and pulling on the woman’s present. Janet then watched me as she lowered her panties to show me that the unknown hand was groping her hard six inch cock!

Janet motioned me over to her, held onto my ass cheeks then kissed me. I was shocked, in awe, and incredibly excited as her tongue invaded my mouth and squeezed my groin. My cock was so fucking hard I could not believe it. She pushed me to my knees and I kissed and licked the hand as the fingers continued to stroke the brunette’s man-meat. All too soon, the brunette retreated and the hole was vacant once again. Still on my knees, Janet moved her cock in my direction and I quickly stood up and quietly told her no.

“Listen to me, lover boy.” She said, roughly grabbing my ass. “You are dressed like a girl, so act like it.”

I started to sputter that I was into women when she told me the party was meant for couples and, for some, transvestites were exciting for both the females AND the males. I was the reason Dave and I were invited to the party.

I was still confused so she continued, “You were invited to this party so we can play with you and your boyfriend. We all like fresh meat so if you want to join the party you will have to comply. I guarantee by the end of the night you will be balls deep in at least one woman and have sucked more tits than you can imagine. However, that means you are going to suck a few cocks, have your ass played with-maybe even fucked. You will do so and LIKE it. Those are the terms. Do you understand, my horny young man?”

I tried to disagree and maybe rationalize with her/him when a semi-hard cock popped through the hole. She put a finger to my lips and led us both to our knees. She licked the tip of the dick and then threatening me to do the same. She squeezed my balls so tightly I thought I would pass out. I was shaking my head but she pushed me forward to meet the cock head. My closed lips mashed against the tip and she gripped my jaw so my mouth opened, letting him enter.

A million thoughts entered my mind as his tip, then his head, and then the shaft pushed between my lips. I pulled my head back but Janet held me steady as I felt the cock harden in my mouth. She pulled my head back and forth as the dick left and then entered my mouth one, twice, many times. She released by balls then and started massaging my back, my sides, my ass cheeks, encouraging me to take him deeper and deeper.

His cock was hard and I tasted his precum, which was not bad. I smiled as I tasted more and more of his cum. I don’t know why but it was exciting. I moved my hands to the wall and gently squeezed his balls, urging more of his nectar. He did not disappoint me as he grunted again and again. The first shot hit the back of my throat. The next hit my tongue. The third hit my teeth and lips. I rubbed his cock head across my lips and felt the last of sperm coating my cheeks and chin.

I turned to Janet when the cock slipped away and she quickly covered me with kisses. She licked the cum from my face and kissed me several times, exchanging his fluids with our tongues. I instinctively ran my hands to her blouse and squeezed her chest. She too had false tits but I enjoyed the feeling all the same.

Another cock popped through and Janet took the lead, sucking it inside her mouth quickly in case it moved away. I watched her swallow the dick while moving her hips side by side and up and down. I watched her technique as she lathered the cock with her tongue and then lick then swallow him to the back of throat. I watched her look at me as she licked each testicle before stuffing them in her mouth. She went back to kissing the cock head and then pulled me to her so we could both lick and suck him.

As soon as he groaned, Janet stuffed his cock head in her mouth to catch all his sperm. I watched as the cock lurched forward several times and Janet held onto the wall until he finished. The cock pulled away then Janet quickly pushed her lips to mine so we can share her bounty. We tongue kissed, swapping his cum between us over and over again.

I looked to my left and noticed a pretty blonde bare her tits and lean towards the top hole. She pushed her tit through it and I noticed fingers slither out below her to feel her panty covered pussy. She purred as her cunt was being fingered and her tits were probably being sucked. On my knees, I crawled over to slide her panties down and licked her ass. She looked down and parted her ass cheeks so I could dig my tongue inside her. She again shifted and I noticed a cock peeping through where the hand disappeared. The pretty blonde pushed forward and I was soon pushing my tongue across her hole and lightly tickle the ball sac of the guy now fucking her.

I was on all fours as I reached to tongue her pussy, her ass, and the condom covered pole of the guy she was fucking. My short dress was pushed up to my hips and an incredible feeling ran up my spine. My panties had been eased down my hips and a tongue was caressing my ass cheeks as fingers opened me. I let out a sigh as I felt lips then a cool liquid being spread around and inside my exposed asshole. I continued to lick and suck the blonde and the hard cock as her finger eased inside me.

I figured it was Janet and did not put up much of a struggle as she slid a second finger in me, though it did hurt like hell. I nibbled and sucked the blonde’s ass but I was beginning to feel Janet’s assault on me. I felt her fondle my cock, kiss then finger my ass before pressing into me.

At first I thought she was pushing two fingers in me but quickly I realized it was HER. She was whispering something in my ear as she jerked my cock and pressed forward. I pushed my lips to the blonde girl’s calf and felt the head of Janet’s condom covered cock press into me. I was immobilized while she pushed herself deeper in me. I almost cried out in pain as I felt her cock head move past my asshole and then her shaft as she continued forward.

I was grunting; feeling her cock push in and out of me with a steady rhythm. She gripped my hips and held me tightly in place as she slowed and then quickly picked up the pace. I was staring at the floor as I felt Janet jerking my cock in perfect timing to her fucking. The pain in my ass subsided and I let the new feeling wash over me as she now frantically fucked me faster and faster, harder and harder.

She collapsed on me and I felt her cock throb and I swear I could feel the condom filling with her cum. Her fingers were gripping my dick so hard I could not orgasm. I was so fucking horny I grabbed her hand so she could jack me off. Oddly, though, I felt a ring on her finger. I am sure I would have noticed it before since I was watching her jack off the hard dick earlier. I am sure I would have seen it when I licked the cum off her fingers. I turned my head and saw the “woman” on top of me was a redhead.

I panicked and pushed her off me. Her cock slid out of me as I moved to the side. She landed with a thump next to me and I watched her cum filled condom begin to slip off her shaft.

She giggled, “Sorry honey but that ass was just calling to me and I could not help myself.”

Exasperated but still horny I took a long look at the person who just took my anal virginity. She looked sexy wearing her light green mesh stockings and matching lingerie. She was lying on the floor slipping the condom off and then offered the contents to me. I declined but she only smiled as she began to tip the contents into her mouth.

Janet appeared on her knees between us and shared the man/woman’s cum with her. They kissed and sucked each other’s tongue for few moments before they both leaned back and watched me.

Janet spoke first, “Dawn, I want you to meet a good friend of mine, Rachel.” She laughed quietly, “Well I know you two already met but now you know her name.”

Rachel crawled over to me, putting a hand on my chest and our lips met. The kiss lasted longer than I realized and soon our mouths parted and I could taste cum on her tongue as she invaded my mouth. I was too horny to stop and the cum in my mouth did not taste too badly.

Our kiss broke and Janet led me back up to my feet. “No rest for the weary.” She said while pointing to the wall, another semi hard cock bouncing slowly up and down. “We have more work to do.”

Janet and I kneeled before the cock and took turns sucking and stroking the piece of hardening meat. We took turns sucking it and I tried to get him as deep in my mouth as possible. I felt it throb once and then felt the cum shoot to the back of my throat so quickly I swallowed it without thinking. The second shot filled my mouth and I handed the spewing dick to Janet who took the rest of the loads of hot and tasty cum.

The dick slipped back through the hole and I barely noticed when Rachel was next to us, kissing Janet then me. She forced her tongue in my mouth to take the cum I worked hard to remove from the big dick I just sucked. Us three “gurls” sucked and jacked off cocks for hours, pausing to chat, drink, or use the bathroom. I watched Janet get fucked then Rachel take a big piece of meat. They made sure I got fucked at least once more.

I was sitting down and drinking my fourth or sixth beer when I felt female fingers caressing my shoulders. “I am so horny for you right now.” She whispered in my ear.

I turned and saw it was blondie from earlier. She kissed me hard on the lips and I allowed my hands to travel up her slim legs to her crotch. I was hoping to feel gash and could not believe my fingers when I felt a rubber cock and balls. I broke the kiss and looked at her hips. Sure enough, there was a big fake dick staring down at me.

“Suck it.” She told me as she smiled lasciviously into my eyes. “Suck it good and I might fuck you with my beautiful dick.”

I did as I was told and I sucked it for all I was worth. I wanted to impress her and hopefully be fucking this chick after she had her way with me. I squeezed and played with her ass as she really got into fucking my face with the dick.

“Play time is over, sweetie.” She pulled her rubber cock out of my mouth, slapping my cheeks with it. “Lay down, baby. Spread those ass cheeks for me.”

I laid down for her, lifting my hips up and holding my legs as she poured lube over my abused asshole. She positioned herself between my legs and I watched her c-cups bounce as she stuck two fingers in my lubed hole then began to slowly fuck me. She eased her fingers from me and began the slow and hard push of her rubber phallus into me. Ever so slowly she pushed and pushed and pushed. I had to admit that I enjoyed watching her breasts jiggle, her brow sweat, and her pretty face as she lecherously watched the cock move deeper and deeper in me. I enjoyed her soft fingers dig into my thighs and her excitement increasing as each inch pushed into my ass.

She lay on top of me as she started to pummel my asshole. I grabbed her heavenly breasts, pinching her nipples. My cock thumping against her belly as her body went wild on me. She let me suck her tits as I alternated squeezing her tits and her ass. I felt her body tremble again and again as she paused then fucked me harder then paused again to allow the orgasms to rack through her body. She pushed a tit into my mouth with each cum and she was not quiet during her orgasms.

Authors note: This is the second story after “Cum Sucker”

I have always fantasized about being in a glory hole, sucking random men’s dicks and swallowing all I could. I often watched porn videos of girls in glory holes and always wished I could be in their position.Lucky for me, I found out about a glory hole near by my house. I found it on a gay hookup website. It was at a truck stop near a Denny’s. I read it was mostly truckers trying to get off before they went to sleep, but I didn’t care. The way I thought of it, a dicks a dick, and I want it in my mouth.

At this point I had only sucked one dick in my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it was. I thought about it all day everyday. When other men walked by me, I thought of their dick in my mouth. When me and my girl fucked, I thought of that time I got to swallow another man’s load. I knew it was time…I need my mouth filled again.

My girl was working this night, until about six in the morning. It had just got dark, I had been planning on going for weeks, and flaked out twice. But this was the night! I grabbed one of my girl’s thongs and put it on. They were black and soft as silk. I loved the feeling on my crotch and the string up my ass crack. I put on some decent clothes, but nothing too nice. I didn’t want to stain up my nice clothes. I got in the car a drove to the spot. There were about 16 big rigs and a couple of cars parked. As I pulled up near the restrooms I saw a woman get out of a truck and get in her car to leave. I sat in the car for a minute, my head was rushing. I opened the door and noticed a trucker see me from his truck. I walked towards the bathrooms. There was a door for each bathroom, 6 on each side. I wondered which to go into, I figured ‘Might as well go in one of the middle one, maybe there will be a hole on both sides’. So i stepped in.

The bathroom smelt like a public bathroom, luckily nobody blew it up recently. Yet, I loved it. I felt naughtier then ever before. I close the door and sit on the toilet, I wonder if somebody’s next to me. At that moment I hear the door next to mine open and shut. I freeze in panic. I hear his pants unzip, and not much else. I’m curious so I look through the hole. Shocked I jump back a foot. There right thought the hole I saw his dick and balls, hanging there. He was facing the hole. His dick was still soft and he had slightly hairy but low hanging balls. He was a white man as far as I could tell. My heart was racing with excitement. I was going to get another dick in my mouth! finally! I stick two fingers though the hole and look again. I can see him holding his cock, stroking it slowly and he steps forward. I pull my fingers out and as I pull them out his dick comes through, followed by his balls.

‘It’s time’ I think to myself. I grab his soft dick. Its smooth like the last one. I hold it pointing towards my face. I can smell his manhood. Slightly pungent smell of balls and sweat. It made my heart race more though. I hold my tongue out and slap it against it. After that I stick the whole thing in my mouth. I wanted to feel him get hard in my mouth. I suck hard, like I’m trying to suck the cum straight from his balls. With his soft dick in my mouth, I grab his balls up and lick them with my tongue. I hear him moan. I love this! I can feel his cock start to swell in my mouth. I bob my head, my lips hitting against his pubic hair, every couple bobs I pull it out to lick it from top to bottom and slide it back it. After a couple minutes his dick is fully erect. I pull it out to look at it. Its about 7 inches, pointed up and slightly to the left. He was cut. I rubbing his cock from the bottom side as it stands at attention.

I stand up and take my pants and shirt off and put them on the top of the toilet. I’m bare in my thong now. My dick hard as a rock and sticking out the top. I continue to rub his dick. I can’t take it anymore. I need it back in my mouth! I quickly drop to my knees and start to kiss the bottom of his head. I hear him moaning as my juicy wet lips and tongue rub against the bottom sensitive part of his dick. My spit is flowing down his dick to his balls. I spit in my hand and rub his hairy balls. I move my mouth slowly down his dick till I’m licking and making out with his balls. His hot, hard dick is pressed up against my face. I love the warmth. I engulf his balls in my mouth one after the other. I’m so into pleasing him I don’t care about the hair. I grab his dick with both hands and stroke it as I continue sucking his balls.

I pull back, making a loud popping noise and take a deep breath. I could feel his dick pulsing in my hands. I point it back at me and put the head in my mouth. I play with his head with my tongue. I could feel his dick twitch. I suck and bob and lick like I’m some kind of animal. I moaning as his dick hits the back of my throat and makes me gag. My hands switch from fondling his balls to rubbing his shaft to grabbing my ass. By this point my face, chest and hands are covered in my spit. I pull my thong to the side and stick my middle finger up my ass. As I do, I moan loudly and he pulls his dick back.

‘Whhhyyy!!!’ I’m thinking. I put my open mouth to the hole and stick my tongue out. I feel his dick gently touch my tongue. I moan slightly. At that point he slides it in. He starts pumping my face, I hold my head against the hole. I’ll gag, pull back and put it back on. He pull back out again. I fall back slightly and look though the hole. I see him stroking his cock vigorously. I know he’s trying to cum at this point. I have butterflies in my stomach. I’m going to swallow cum again!

“You ready for it?” I hear come from the next stall in a deep manly voice.

“Yes, please yes!” I beg

“Ok it’s about to cum! get your mouth ready”

I want every drop in my mouth or on me. I put my tongue out to the bottom of the hole, with my mouth opened and my head slightly leaned back. I can here him stock his cock faster and faster. My finger’s still sliding in and out of my ass hole. I’m pretty much bouncing on my finger with excitement. His strokes are still increasing. I can hear how my spit is still lubricating his cock.

“Ooooohhhh!” I hear him moan, and his dick quickly slides back through the hole over my tongue at which point I instinctively close my mouth around it and start to bob my head.

“Fuuuuuuck!” He yells, I feel his cock pulse a first time, but no cum yet. The second pule comes and I feel a thick glob of cum ooze out onto my tongue, quickly followed my two more pulses which shot cum straight to the back of my throat. I gag it up but don’t let his cock out of my mouth. I want it all! His cock continues to pulse as I milk the last bits of salty but delicious cum out with my mouth and one hand. My ass still bouncing on my finger. I pull his dick out and milk the last drop on my tongue. With the cum still in my mouth I kiss the tip of his cock right before he withdraws it from the hole. I hear his pants zip up and the door open. I’m still on my knees, swishing his cum in my mouth, still bouncing on my finger. He really gave me a mouthful of cum, I attempt o swallow it all in one, but gag some back up. I swallow the rest, and pull my finger out my ass.

I’m still on my knees when i hear from behind me, “My turn!” I turn around a see a dick though the other hole. Was he watching me the whole time? God I hope so. I turn around crawl to his dick, Its about 6 inches, cut, white also, his balls are trimmed and sat up high and his head was huge. ‘Fuck yes, two dicks!’ I think. I quickly grab his cock and gobble it down like I haven’t ate anything in months. His head alone felt as if it filled my mouth I would pull it out and kiss and lick the head all over. I licked his cock from the tip down to his balls, over and over again, like it was a popsicle. I stick my tongue out and slap his dick on my face, moaning like a whore. I spit on his dick and get it nice and lubed. I stand up and turn around. I put his dick so it sits in my buns like a hot dog, with my thong pulled to the side. I hold it between and start to back it up holding his dick in place. Almost like a titty fuck but with my ass cheeks. I’m moaning, I love his hot, hard cock rubbing between my cheeks. I hear him moaning too. I pull it from my ass cheeks and slap them with it some before getting back on my knees.

I bob and stroke and lick. I want more cum! I keep going faster and faster. His dick is ridiculously hard and seems as if it got an inch longer and an inch thicker. I know hes about to cum. I keep bobbing. His head going in and out of my lips as I suck and suck. I hear him knock on the wall. I know what this means from porn. I keep sucking, then he cums. Spurt after spurt of thick hot cum. It hits me in the throat and I gag and pull back. He got about three spurts in my mouth and just kept cumming. It hit me first in the cheek. Then the chin. I open my mouth and stick my tongue out. The next hits me right on the tongue. I’m moaning uncontrollably as it seems like an endless shots of cum were hitting my face. They finally begin to stop and I wrap my lips around his cock again. sucking out all I can. I swallow immediately and use his cock to scoop whatever is on my face into my mouth.

“Oh god! I was saving that one for weeks!” he says “Your a lucky slut, you are”

“Thank you sir, yes I am” I say while kissing and licking his softening dick. “Thank you..mmm..thank you”

He pulls it out. “Your welcome he says as he zips his pants up and leaves the stall.

I scoop the rest of his cum off my face and into my mouth. I notice some cum on the floor. So i grab my dick, put a finger up my ass, and put my face flat on the ground where his cum is with my ass pointed up. I’m horny beyond belief. I finger my ass while stroking my cock. I face on the floor, licking what cum I can off the floor. I’m moaning as I stroke hard till finally I shoot my load all over the ground. I get back to my knees and scoop up some of my own cum. I put what I could in my mouth and swallowed it. I stand up, my head racing with what happened. I put my clothes on and quickly go to the car and leave.

This will be a night I’ll never forget.

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