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It was late and I was tired. I had spent the night in watching movies and doing little else. I had the night off from my job as a waiter and my girlfriend was having a girls’ night with her friends. I took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

It was about 9:30 or so when my phone rang. It was Rae. I hadn’t heard from her since the afternoon when we she confirmed her plans for the evening. I didn’t want to bother her during girls’ night and didn’t plan on talking with her until the next day but I was pleasantly surprised to see her name come up on my phone.

When I picked up I heard so rustling and some barely audible noises. She had pocket dialed me again. It was annoying but it happens so I let it go and was about to hang up when I picked up the sound of voices on the other end. I got curious as to what they might be talking about and decided to take the opportunity to listen in on what girls’ night conversation was all about. There was giggling on the other end and more rustling around. I imagined the girls were having some wine and laughing about something. Then I could hear Rae’s voice.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh just like that”

The rustling noise turned to a smacking sound. It was a sound I knew. It was the sound of flesh hitting flesh. I checked my phone again. It was Rae. I put my ear back to the phone thinking maybe I had made a mistake identifying the noise or maybe I didn’t hear correctly or maybe I caught it at the wrong time.

The sound of flesh crashing together continued. Rae’s voice got louder. “Oh fuck me! Yeah fuck me!” I had made no mistake. I knew what I was hearing.

A man’s voice quickly followed Rae’s. “You like that? You like it when I fuck your pussy like that? Take it you little slut”

“Fucking give it to me Steve. Harder, Harder! Oh fuck yeah!”

I could hear it clear as day. I was listening to my girlfriend getting fucked by another guy. Girl’s night was just Rae’s night to get fucked by Steve. We had only been dating for 3 months and I had no idea who Steve was. I didn’t care. I was pissed. I didn’t know what to do. Should I go over to her house and confront them? I didn’t even know if they were at her house. I hung up the phone and set it down. I felt an anger in me that rarely showed itself. I needed to cool down.

I slammed a beer and went out for a quick walk before deciding I should just go to bed. Maybe tomorrow she would call me crying about what had happened or maybe even not cry and just tell me she had met someone else. After all, it had only been 3 months and I would get over it. We would see in the morning.


The next day I woke up and took a shower. It was about noon before my phone rang. It was Rae, checking in for the morning.

“How did girls’ night go?” I asked, wanting to open the door right away for her confession. She didn’t take the chance.

“It was ok. I mean, I had fun but Tiff had too much and got sick so I had to put her to bed but the rest of us had fun.”

“Who was all there?”

“Just me, Tiff, Amy, and Kendra.”

She clearly wasn’t going to admit to anything on her own. She had no idea that I heard everything and she was going to try and play it like nothing was going on. I invited her over that night and told her I missed her and wanted to spend some quality time together. She said that she would be over about 8 and that she was looking forward to seeing me. She was good. It almost had me convinced except for the soundtrack that wouldn’t leave the back of my mind.

I spent all day thinking about it. Thinking about what I would say to her. Wondering if she was with Steve when she called me this morning. Did she even tell him about me? Was she going to fuck him again before she came to see me?

I could have driven myself mad asking myself questions. Instead, I decided, I needed to once again relax and cool down. I got myself a drink and turned on the TV.


Rae arrived just after 8. She was wearing a short jean skirt the came up her thigh and shoes with a little bit of heel. Her legs seemed long and her skin looked soft. The tight, low cut shirt she wore formed to her curves and almost made her C cup tits pop out of her bra. She had dressed up for a night in.

“I have something for you” she said as she came in and kissed me. I let it go, trying not to think about her lips and tongue being on some other guy’s dick.

“A surprise?”

“I’ll show you later. What are we having?” pointing to the drink in my hand.

“Captain and cokes. It’s my day off.” I said with a smile. I went and mixed her a drink. A strong drink. I too had a surprise for her.

After a number of drinks, I had started to get her drunk. I asked her what the surprise was that she had in store for me and she grinned. Rae told me to stay seated as she got up and went over to my iPod that plugged into the stereo. After a minute or two of searching through my playlists, she found one to settle one and started it. Rock music began to pour out of the speakers and she turned towards me.

“Strip for me” I demanded. I didn’t care if that was her plan or not. I was in control and the forcefulness of my tone let her know it. She did as I told and slid her shirt over her head as she danced. Her shirt had left little to the imagination. Her tits were flowing over the restricting bra and it wasn’t long before she unclasped the black, lacy number and released her tits from their cage.

If she was trying to blind me from her actions with sex, it wouldn’t work, but her efforts were yielding results. I could feel my blood start to pump as her hips moved and her hands explored her body. She was putting on quite a show. Rae made her way over to me and mounted my lap. She put her hands on the back of the couch, one on either side of my head. She tossed her dark, wavy hair over me and lifted her tits to my face. She moved her chest and brushed her nipples over my face.

I could feel myself getting harder. She leaned back, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel her grinding her pelvis into my crotch and her hips rock. I grew even stiffer and I wanted to see more. I put my hands on her thigh and slid the up to her ass, pulling her skirt up over her pussy. It was hidden behind her matching black, lace thong. She stood off me and seductively dropped her panties to the floor, leaving her bare pussy still hidden under her skirt. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into me. She crawled back over me ready to finish the stripper role play she probably had in mind.

I put my hands on her ass and moved her up the couch, positioning her pussy by my face. Rae braced herself on the back of the couch and lifted her skirt, preparing herself for my tongue. With my hands still on her ass, I lowered her pussy onto my face and met her with my mouth. I toyed her clit and licked up and down her lips as she began humping my mouth. Her wet pussy was all but dripping down my face and I slid my thumb into her with ease. She let out a moan. One that I was familiar with. I slid my thumb back out of her as she picked up speed, fucking my face. I didn’t move it far and rested it on her asshole.

She was an anal virgin and had never let me penetrate her ass. That didn’t stop me as I put pressure on her with my thumb. She let out a light gasp as the tip of my thumb slipped into her. I pressed in deeper and her moans got louder. My tongue was working her clit and I had gotten all but an inch of my thumb into her tight ass when she started to cum. The juice from her pussy gushed down on my mouth and I was licking her clean as she came.

I slowly pulled my thumb from her and felt her tighten as it came out. I moved out from under her. She stayed resting on the couch, lowering herself so she was now kneeling on the cushions, bent over the back. I stood behind her as her soaking pussy presented itself to me. I did away with her skirt and mounted her from behind. I grabbed her hips and lined my cock up to her pussy. She pushed herself back into me and I watched as my cock slid into her.

I gripped her hips and pulled her back into me and set my pace, fucking her from behind. As I plowed into her, our bodies smacked together and I immediately recognized the noise I heard on the phone the night before. In that moment, I knew how it happened. I knew exactly how she had given herself to him. I knew that she had bent over while he fucked her from behind.

“Oh Yeah!” she screamed out, solidifying my theory “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

My mind went blank. My heart iced over and I obeyed her command. I pulled my cock out of her and slid it up to her asshole. Greased from her soaking pussy, I pressed the head of my cock into her tight asshole. She let out a whimper and looked back at me. We had never done this before. It was something she had never tried and couldn’t understand what had gotten into me.

“I know about Steve”

She looked like she had been hit by a freight train and in a split second, she understood. She knew what this was. This wasn’t me getting carried away. This was punishment and she took it.

I thrust myself into her sending my cock deep into her tight asshole. She let out a cry as I penetrated her. But it wasn’t just pain she was feeling. She was excited by this. It was dirty and it crossed her boundaries, just as fucking Steve had. It hurt, but she found a hint of pleasure in her punishment. I wasn’t gentle as I started working my cock in and out of her ass, going deeper with every thrust.

Rae pressed her face into the back of the couch letting out moans and whimpers as I pounded her ass. I reached up and ran my hands through her hair, taking hold on the back of her head. I pulled her hair, forcing her head back as I thrust deep in her ass. My cock was throbbing and her tight hole was more than satisfying. She moaned and she felt me completely fill her. I could feel my cum squeeze out of her with every pump. Her muscles constricted and her legs shook as I emptied myself in her.

It had been such a mix of excitement and pain that the feeling of cum shooting deep in her ass, sent her spinning into an orgasm she had never felt before. I pulled my soft cock out of her and watched as what was left of my cum drained out of ass and down over her pussy.

Rae paused for a moment on the couch before getting up. She dressed herself and made her way to the door. I didn’t know if I had opened her up to a whole new experience. I didn’t know if she had enjoyed her punishment or not. I didn’t care. I was done with her. For now.

To be my girlfriend you must accept that I don’t want to fuck your pussy. The only pleasure a woman should get is from being sexually submissive. This means that the only sex you’re going to be allowed to enjoy is getting your ass and throat fucked. You may play with yourself while I am using your other holes, but that is the only way you’re going to be allowed to cum. Even if you masturbate, I want you to have something in your ass and/or throat when you’re doing so. You’ll need to ask for permission every time you masturbate or orgasm if I’m fucking you. And I won’t always say yes, either. I want you horny and frustrated most of the time.

If you want to be my girlfriend, you’ll have to be prepared to have every aspect of your life controlled by me. I’m going to tell you what to eat, what to wear and what to think. One of your first symbolic acts of submission I want you to under take is getting your nipples pierced. I love torturing nipples and you’ll learn over time to take an overwhelming amount of pain. Your nipples will always be sore and aching as a constant reminder of your place as my whore while you go through the rest of your life; while you work, while you go grocery shopping, while you visit family members.

The second thing I’m going to train you to do is deepthroat like a good little whore. We’ll practice for an hour a day by me shoving my erect dick as far in your throat as you can take while you try not to gag. We’ll practice with dildos of varying sizes and I’ll finger your uvula like it were a clit, treating your face like the fuckhole it is. I like to fuck a bitches throat so she can’t talk the rest of the day (not like women should talk anyway).

Every time we have sex you’re going to have to swallow. I will never cum inside your ass, I’ll always pull out. And if any gets on your face or clothes or on the floor or your back, I’ll make you drink every last drop. It’s always awkward at first to be honest, but I love making a girl do it none the less.

Now I must say I’m on medication that makes it hard for me to cum. So you’ll have to get used to me fucking you in the ass for extended periods of time, an hour to an hour and a half on some particularly difficult days. And I’m currently saving up to get my 6-incher increased to a 7 or 8 incher, so you’ll need to, at some point, need to take a very large and thick cock as well. I’ll be frank with you. The reason I want the size of my dick increased is simply because I just like seeing a woman struggle. And I’ll fuck your ass vigorously enough that you’ll always struggle with it.

If it isn’t already clear by now, I like my women whores. I like them to act like whores and I like them to dress like whores. And at some point I’m going to make you dress up in some humiliating whore outfit and take you to a bar and show you off. I’ll let you be groped by strange, drunk men. Maybe if you’ve been a bad whore I’ll take you to the men’s bathroom, have you kneel on the disgusting floor, blindfold you and have you suck off any man who needs his balls drained. When I have my friends over you’ll need to be prepared to not only serve them drinks and snack, but to be ready to get on your knees and suck them off if they so desire.

You’ll get used to an increasingly degrading and humiliating lifestyle of total submission. Eventually you’ll be eating all your food from a dog dish on the floor and I’ll strip you of your name and replace it with something like “dumb whore” or “fuck slave.”

In time you will shed your ego and think of yourself as just meat. Meat that I own and that is only worth anything to me as place to dump my cum. It’s very zen in a way. But I’ll have your limits so abolished that when I tell you to walk down the street with my cum drying on your face you won’t even hesitate. You’ll be so used to the constant humiliation and degradation that those feelings will simply become a part of your new reality.

So that’s basically what I’m looking for in a relationship. I’ve abused my share of women before, but never to the extent that their entire lives revolve around me, being turned into egoless sex-zombies.

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“Hey tutor girl.” Brooke said with a knowing smirk which turned Haley’s legs to jelly.

“H, hey.” Haley stammered with a blush, unable to look Brooke in the eye, partly because she was embarrassed… and partly because Brooke Davis was standing in the doorway of Peyton Sawyer’s house completely naked.

There was a few seconds of sound which felt like an eternity to Haley as she waited politely to be invited in, the whole time wishing either the ground would open up and swallow her or Brooke would pull her inside and fuck her brains out. Ideally the latter although Haley would have probably taken the former over just standing there like an idiot.

“You wanna come in?” Brooke finally asked, Haley rushing past her the moment she stood back, allowing Brooke to shut and lock the door behind them. There was another few seconds of silence, during which Brooke happily notice that Haley couldn’t keep her eyes off of her, a fact which made Brooke smile, “See something you like tutor girl?”

Haley blushed, her eyes now drifting down to Brooke’s feet.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Brooke smirked, before pretending to look thoughtful, “But I guess the real question is, what is innocent little tutor girl doing here? Did she come to study? Maybe teach me or Peyton something? Or did tutor girl come to get tutored?”

Before Brooke could continue her teasing Haley looked up at her, and then totally taking Brooke off guard, quickly closed the distance between them and kissed her roughly on the lips.

Brooke was too shocked to react for a few seconds, then she happily kissed back, more happily surprised than shocked a short while later when Haley pushed her tongue into her welcoming mouth.

The kiss lasted for several minutes, and then while she still had her nerve Haley broke it and gasped, “Do whatever you want with me.”

“Be careful tutor girl, I might just take you up on that offer.” Brooke smirked.

“Please do.” Haley said, “I… I can’t stop thinking about you. And Peyton. I can’t stop thinking about the two of you together. Or the thought of you two fucking me. And I… I want it so bad. Please Brooke, fuck me. I’ll do anything.”

Brooke was blown away by Haley’s confession. She had hoped to seduce her friend into bed, but she hadn’t expected to be so successful so quickly. Damn, she was good.

Unable to resist pushing Haley a little Brooke gave her friend a lustful look, leant forward and then whispered in her ear, “Anything?”

“Anything.” Haley gasped, already unbelievably turned on just from one kiss and being so close to the other girl.

“So… you’re going to be a good little lesbian fuck toy for me and Peyton?” Brooke pushed.

“Yes.” Haley said softly, then adding something she’d never imagined herself saying, “I’ll… I’ll be a good little lesbian fuck toy.”

Again Brooke was surprised as she had expected Haley to just blush in response. She was still blushing of course, but the look in Haley’s eyes told Brooke that the other girl meant what she just said, which of course just made Brooke want to push her even more.

“Prove it. Strip for me, right here, right now.” Brooke ordered.

Finally it looked like Brooke might have gone too far as Haley really looked apprehensive, “Is… is there anyone else here? Other than Peyton I mean… she is here, isn’t she?”

“Maybe.” Brooke said playfully, however regret it when she saw Haley become even more apprehensive and quickly changed her tune, “And by maybe I mean no. It’s just you, and me, and Peyton… who is a little tied up at the moment.”

“Oh… ok.” Haley said softly, before she slowly removed her clothes, feeling incredibly awkward and un-sexy despite Brooke’s lustful looks at her.

Once Haley was naked Brooke wordlessly took her by the hand and guided her into the house, allowing Haley to get a good look at her ass as they walked up the stairs and headed into Peyton’s room.

Haley was a little surprised to see that Peyton was literally a little tied up at the moment, her hands and feet restrained by rope which was interned tied to each corner of the bed, the blonde position sideways on the bed so that her naked body was one perfect display as the two brunettes walked in. As her eyes travelled over her friend’s beautiful body, particularly resting on her pussy which was easily accessible thanks to the position, Haley suppose she shouldn’t have been surprised given what she knew about Brooke Davis and what she had recently learnt about the other brunette’s relationship with her BFF.

Turning to that other brunette Haley found something much less surprising, in fact not also, that being there was a huge smile on Brooke’s face.

Just then Haley heard Peyton’s voice, “You came.”

“Y, yes.” Haley stammered, stating the obvious.

“And we’re glad you did.” Brooke said, again pushing things a bit by gently wrapping her arms around Haley’s stomach and pressing her body into the other girl. Haley gasped as Brooke’s rock hard nipples dug into her back and Brooke’s wet pussy pressed against her ass, but offered no resistance. Pushing things a little further still Brooke gave Haley’s neck a few gentle kisses, and then lightly nibbled on her earlobe before whispering in her ear, “I hope the light bondage doesn’t freak you out. We haven’t gone very far with it, like whips or anything, but it’s a real turn on to have someone else completely at your mercy.”

Haley didn’t think you needed to tie someone up to have them completely at your mercy, after all that was exactly the situation she felt she was in with Brooke. She would have said as much if Brooke’s soft lips and gently nipping teeth weren’t attacking her neck and thus turning her entire body into a big bowl of jelly.

Brooke continued her teasing from while, her eyes occasionally drifting to Peyton who was watching them intently, obviously wishing she could join in but almost just as happy to watch.

It was extremely tempting for Brooke to just have her way with Haley right then and there with Peyton watching.

Brooke was pretty sure both girls would be happy for her to do so, but as much as she wanted to fuck Haley as her girlfriend watched what Brooke really wanted was for all three of them to have some fun. What she really wanted was an all girl threesome, and what Brooke Davis wanted Brooke Davis got.

She had to be subtle about it though, which was why Brooke took baby steps. First she slipped her hands round to play with Haley’s breasts, cupping them and tweaking her nipples until they were as hard as Brooke’s were. Then she slid a hand down to play with Haley’s pussy lips, sliding her fingertips up and down for several moments until Haley whimpered, “Please Brooke… fuck me.”

Not wanting to disappoint Brooke shoved two fingers inside Haley’s needy cunt, the other brunette crying out joyfully as her pussy was first invaded and then gently fucked by the skilled fingers of another girl.

The whole time her fingers had been working on tutor girl Brooke had been kissing and nipping Haley’s neck and earlobe. When she began finger fucking the other girl Brooke began to grind herself against Haley’s soft but firm little ass, once again happily surprised when Haley reacted favourably, this time grinding her ass back into Brooke’s pussy which only encouraged Brooke to fuck Haley harder.

When Brooke sense that Haley was getting close she finally whispered in her ear, “You know, if the bondage bothers you, we can untie her… but I was having a lot of fun teasing her before you arrived. I was just about to give her what she wanted too. Maybe you could watch. Or… maybe you could give her what she wants.”

Haley bit her lip. Even though she couldn’t have imagined it a week ago she wanted too. She… she wanted to give Peyton what she wanted… to lick Peyton’s pussy, but first she needed something.

“O… ok, just, just make me cum first. Ok?” Haley whimpered.

“Hm… I don’t know. I really love fucking you, and I loved making you cum before, but how do I know you won’t run out the door the moment I let you cum?” Brooke question.

“I won’t. I promise. I… I’ll, I’ll lick Peyton’s pussy. I’ll lick your pussy. I’ll do whatever you want, just please make me cum.” Haley begged.

Brooke looked thoughtful for a moment, then turned her attention to her girlfriend, “What do you think Peyton? Should I let her cum?”

“Yes.” Peyton replied immediately, “Make her cum. Fuck her and make her cum.”

Brooke grinned, nibbled on Haley’s ear again, and said, “Well, you have Peyton’s vote… and it is really hard to resist making you cum, so how about this… I’ll let you cum, if you say… you want to be a little lesbian fuck toy.”

“I want to be a little lesbian fuck toy.” Haley quickly said.

“You want to eat pussy.” Brooke said, gently beginning to increase the speed of her finger thrusting.

“I, ohhhh, I want to eat pussy.” Haley parroted.

“You want to go down on me and Peyton.” Brooke said teasingly as she continued to increase the pace of the finger fucking.

“I want, ahhhh, I want to go down on you and Peyton.” Haley said, beginning to hump back against the invading fingers.

“You want to get fucked by me and Peyton.” Brooke continued to tease as she began really hammering Haley’s honey hole with her fingers.

“I, mmmmmm, I want to get fucked by you and Peyton.” Haley moaned, and then added of her own accord, “I want you and Peyton to fuck me. Oh, fuck me, ah, fuck me just like that, ooooooohhhhhhh, harder, ooooooohhhhhhh.”

“Tell me you want to cum for me!” Brooke demanded, all teasing gone from her voice as she fucked her friend hard.

“Yeeeeessssss! Fuuuuuccccckkkkk meeeeeee! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Oh, I wanna cum for you Brooke Davis. I wanna cum for another girl.” Haley whimpered and moaned, “Ooooohhhhhh Gooooooddddd, I want to cum for you, I want to cum from getting fucked by another girl, mmmmmmmm, I want to… I want to cuuuuuuummmmmmmmm!”

Haley’s next words were completely incoherent as Brooke fucked her to an orgasm stronger than any her husband Nathan had ever given her. It made her body quiver and her legs turned to jelly, Brooke’s surprisingly strong grip being the only thing that kept Haley on her feet, which was extra impressive considering Brooke fucked Haley right through her orgasm, keeping her friend on her high for as long as possible with continuous hard thrusts before slowly bringing her down from it by gradually slowing the pace.

As she began bringing Haley down from her high Brooke began gently kissing the other girl’s neck. When she was sure Haley had recovered Brooke gently nipped at her friend’s earlobe and then whispered in her ear, “Well done tutor girl. You just came for me like a good little lesbian fuck toy. But the question is, do you want me to play with you some more, or are you ready to return the favour?”

There was a moment’s pause and then Haley quickly turned around in Brooke’s arms and shoved her tongue down the other girl’s throat. If this wasn’t shocking enough innocent little Haley James Scott began gently moving Brooke Davis backwards and slightly sideways, leaving Brooke with barely enough time to kiss back let alone figure out what Haley was trying to do. However Brooke trusted Haley and allowed herself to be moved and then pushed backwards, relieved that she landed in a chair and thus proving her trust was well founded.

About a second after Brooke’s ass landed on the chair Haley was kneeling between her thighs with her face buried in Brooke’s cleavage.

It wasn’t the area Brooke had expected, but then again until a few seconds ago she hadn’t expected Haley to be so aggressive. The aggression was an incredible turn on considering Haley was normally so meek, Brooke loving the fact that her friend wasted no time in latching on to her nipples and beginning to suck on them greedily.

“Haley.” Brooke moaned huskily, gently pressing the other brunette’s head down onto her breast.

At the sound of her name Haley sucked harder and even brought her hands into the mix, at first just cupping Brooke’s tits, but quickly moving on to squeezing them affectionately and then tweaking whichever nipple she wasn’t sucking on with which ever available hand.

With such positive results Brooke could only continue moaning Haley’s name which resulted in a tongue beginning to circle and flick her nipples in between sucks, Haley becoming rougher and rougher until just as suddenly as she began she stopped, her lips travelling downwards and not stopping until she reached her destination. Even then she didn’t stop, Haley’s tongue immediately shooting out of her mouth and sliding over the soft, wet flesh in front of her, obviously not interested in savouring the moment.

However Brooke savoured the moment as much as she possibly could, at the moment innocent, and honestly a little dorky, Haley James Scott licked her first pussy. For the first time Haley James Scott was going down on another girl, the girl in question just happening to be the notorious Brooke Davis… who despite being Tree Hill’s poster girl for sex found herself bold over by this moment.

“Oh God tutor girl… Haley, mmmmmmmm, Hales, oooooooohhhhhhhh…” Brooke moaned, repeating Haley’s name and her nicknames over and over again as her friend lapped at her pussy like a hungry kitty with a saucer of milk.

Haley didn’t have Peyton’s experience but she made up for it with surprising eagerness which only seemed to increase with every lick. Eventually Haley even began to experiment with how she licked, Brooke crying out joyfully as she felt Haley beginning to slide her tongue around her pussy lips as well as up and down them. Shortly after this Brooke cried out joyfully again as Haley began licking her clit, just a few gentle laps at first as her tongue was making her way round her pussy, and then with longer, firmer strokes.

As Haley really started to get the hang of licking pussy Brooke was finding it increasingly difficult to keep her mouth shut. She loved talking dirty during sex, but she didn’t want to break Haley’s concentration or worse scare her off. So after it became clear she could no longer trust her mouth Brooke started biting down hard on her lip to keep the naughty words from coming out. It just about worked, but only because Brooke was biting almost hard enough to draw blood.

Still wanting to encourage her friend Brooke reached down and began gently stroking Haley’s hair affectionately, at first subtlely trying to move the other girl’s position so she was licking in certain places, and then not so subtlely as Brooke began to get very used to the feeling of Haley’s tongue against her entrance and her clit.

Ironically as she became used to having Haley’s tongue in those places Brooke found she could no longer control her own tongue, “Oooooohhhhhh yeeeessssss, oh Hales, oh my God, fuck, fuck me, yes, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me tutor girl! Mmmmmmmm, lick my pussy. Yes, lick my pussy just like that you little slut. Oooooooh, yeah, lick my pussy you naughty little cunt lapping dyke.”

To Brooke’s delight not only did Haley only keep gently lapping her snatch, but she slowly began to increase the force of her licks.

Taking this as a sign that she could say whatever she wanted Brooke gleefully let loose with the dirty talk, “Mmmmmmm, that’s it you carpet munching little queer girl, eat my fucking pussy! Fuck, get your cute little lesbian face as deep in my fucking cunt as you can! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah, you like this don’t you, you nasty little muff diver! Oooooooooh, you like me talking dirty to you while you’ve got your pretty little face buried between my thighs? Yes you do, mmmmmmm, yeah, oh, innocent little tutor girl loves being told what a slut she is, while she’s lapping away at a nice juicy pussy like the lesbo ho she is. Aaaaaah fuck, no, not just a slut or a ho, mmmmmmm, tutor girl is a little lesbian fuck toy. Tutor girl is my little lesbian fuck toy. Isn’t that right Hales?”

“Yes, I’m your little lesbian fuck toy Brooke. I’m Brooke Davis’s little lesbian fuck toy.” Haley said submissively, only briefly moving away from Brooke’s cunt to deliver this message before going right back to work on the wet love hole in front of her.

“And you’re Peyton’s little lesbian fuck toy too aren’t you?” Brooke grinned as she glanced over at Peyton, and then frowned as Haley just nodded in response, “Tell her tutor girl. Tell my girlfriend what you are.”

Wasting no time Haley pulled her face out from between Brooke’s legs to look behind her at the blonde, “I’m Peyton Sawyer’s little lesbian fuck toy. I’m Peyton Sawyer’s and Brooke Davis’s little lesbian fuck toy.”

“Good girl, ohhhhhh, good little lesbian fuck toy. You can go back to licking my pussy now.” Brooke told her friend, guessing Haley would’ve probably done so anyway, the only difference being that after her words Haley blushed a little before burying her face back in Brooke’s twat. Grinning and stroking Haley’s hair again Brooke looked over at Peyton and said, “Mmmmmm, Hales looks so good between my thighs, don’t you think P Sawyer?”

“Uh-huh.” Peyton replied nonchalantly, her focus still very much on Haley.

Peyton was just as surprised as Brooke how quickly and easily it had been to get innocent little married girl Haley James Scott on her knees licking pussy. Also just like her girlfriend Peyton was enjoying it, although not nearly as much. This was mainly because she was reaping the benefits of Haley’s tongue, which if Brooke’s moans were anything to go by was doing a great job, but honestly Peyton was feeling a little jealous.

This was something she’d agreed to do, and it was beyond hot to see her sweet, innocent friend with her head in between her girlfriend’s legs, but at the same time Brooke was her girlfriend. Hers. So the jealousy was a natural reaction, one which Peyton couldn’t really help, or ignore. But she knew Brooke loved her and this was just a little meaningless sex. Well, not meaningless. More like, educational sex. She and Brooke were tutoring tutor girl, showing her there was more than just the ‘normal’ type of sex Nathan Scott had to offer. Or at least they would if Brooke ever untied her.

Of course Peyton knew that her girlfriend had no intention of untying her any time soon, not when Brooke had Haley James Scott’s mouth and tongue all to herself. So Peyton just watched and enjoyed it the show which was in front of her and tried not to think about how much she’d like to join it.

“Fuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk yeeeeeesssssss yoooooouuuuuu fuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg dyyyyykkkkeeeee!” Brooke screamed as Haley suddenly pushed her tongue inside her cunt. After this initial reaction the pleasure didn’t necessarily decrease but Brooke recovered enough of her wits to groan, “Yeeeeesssss! Fuck me you nasty little dyke bitch! Fuck my pussy with your little lezzie tongue! Oh, mmmmmmmmm, yes, tongue fuck me like the good little lesbian fuck toy you are Haley. Tongue fuck me good. Mmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, just like that, ohhhhhhh, fuck! Ha, if only your husband could see you now.”

These last words, more than any other Brooke had used, cut through Haley like a knife. They made her imagine what would happen if Nathan stumbled across her in between Brooke’s thighs in the same way she had found Peyton going down on Brooke. She could just picture the look on his face. The betrayal. Oh, how she’d rather the ground swallow her up than for that to ever happen.

Of course Haley was betraying him right now. She was cheating on him. She had cheated on him before with the same woman she had been frantically tongue fucking up until a few moments, and even as these horrifying thoughts went through her body she ached to continue the tongue fucking. But it was more than that. She needed too. Haley needed to keep fucking Brooke Davis, so much so that after only a few seconds of thinking about her husband Haley couldn’t stop herself from beginning to thrust her tongue in and out of Brooke’s pussy again, which of course only had Brooke grinning in triumph.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you tutor girl? The thought of your husband seeing you like this? Him seeing your face in between my legs. Licking my pussy. Fucking it with your tongue. I wonder what he’d think?” Brooke questioned thoughtfully, pausing for a few moments to let Haley’s thoughts run wild before adding, “I bet he’d love it. Mmmmmmm, I bet he’d just love to watch his innocent little wife tongue fuck another girl. What guy wouldn’t? Ha, mmmmmmmm, bet he’d even, oh, ask to join us. But we won’t let him. Ohhhhh, no, just you Hales. He can watch us fuck if he asks real nicely, ooooooohhhhhhhh and I bet you’d love that wouldn’t you? Mmmmmmmm, that way you wouldn’t have to feel so bad about loving my pussy so much. But you shouldn’t feel bad Hales, mmmmmmm, it’s not your fault you’re a cunt craving whore who can’t keep her mouth and tongue to herself. No, you clearly need to eat pussy. Mmmmmmm, yeeeeesssss, well go ahead, eat my pussy you fucking dyke! Oooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss! Oh fuck! FUCK! EAT ME YOU FUCKING LESBIAN WHORE! FUCKING EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY! FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!”

At this point Haley had realised the only way she was going to get Brooke to shut up was to fuck her to a screaming orgasm. Or at least that was the only thing Haley could think of in that moment, and maybe if she was lucky she could fuck Brooke so hard she’d be too overwhelmed by pleasure to be able to keep talking about Nathan, or at least not coherently.

It took a while and a lot of effort on Haley’s part but when she began curling her tongue to attack the other girl’s G-spot Haley finally achieved her goal of turning Brooke Davis into an incoherent babbling mess.

Unfortunately Haley couldn’t quite shake Brooke’s words and now she had this picture of her husband cheering her on as she tongue fucked another girl to orgasm. Nathan was far too straitlaced for anything like that, but having a fantasy version of him happily encouraging her to eat pussy was oddly comforting. It helped that fantasy version and had a raging hard on that promised Haley a nice hard fucking, and thanks to Brooke’s sensual moans, the words of the other brunette, and most of all the sheer thrill of eating pussy had Haley feeling like she could cum just from going down on Brooke Davis.

While Haley didn’t cum even when she started humping the floor like a bitch in heat Brooke came almost violently, her screams almost deafening the other two girls as she thrashed around in her seat. As a result it was difficult for Haley to remain in place but somehow she did, and she even managed to make Brooke cum a few more times, twice with two of her fingers pumping in and out of the other brunette as she sucked on her clit, and one more time after that as she was greedily sucking the girl cum out of her cunt.

Just when Haley was done swallowing down the latest batch of girl cum Brooke reached down with both hands, grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her back roughly. Haley cried out in protest, partly because of the pain of having her hair pulled, but mostly because she was being denied Brooke’s sweet pussy. The kiss Brooke gave her somewhat made up for it, but Haley still wished she was back in between Brooke’s thighs, at least until she heard what the other brunette had to say next.

“Wow tutor girl, that was amazing.” Brooke said huskily after she pulled away from Haley’s lips and licked her own, getting another taste of her own pussy juice which was covering the whole of Haley’s pretty little face as well as lingering inside her mouth, “Are you sure you’ve never eaten pussy before?”

“I, I’m… I’m sure.” Haley stammered, her old self coming back as a huge blush filled her cheeks, “I’ve never done that before.”

“Well you should definitely do it a lot from now on. That pretty little mouth of yours shouldn’t go to waste on just one cock.” Brooke said, reaching out to slide her fingers slowly down her friend’s stomach, obviously building the anticipation as Haley’s mouth opened in a silent cry which turned into a very loud moan as those fingers reached Haley’s wet pussy and began gently sliding over the soft flesh, “And this yummy little pussy shouldn’t go to waste on just one man either. Especially not such a selfish dick as Nathan.”

“He’s, ohhhhhh, he’s not selfish.” Haley moaned, but lost her train of thought when Brooke’s fingers suddenly slammed inside of her causing her to cry out joyfully.

“Maybe not anymore, but can you honestly say that he can lick your pussy like I can? That his cock makes you feel as good as my tongue? That he can make you cum like I can?” Brooke asked, smirking as she gave Haley a little chance to respond, the other girl only blushing and lowering her head before lifting it again and crying out happily as Brooke began finger fucking her again, “Didn’t think so… well trust me, I know a girl who can make you cum just as hard with her tongue as I can, a girl who deserves to taste your yummy little cunt. So be a good little lesbian fuck toy and go and sit on my girlfriend’s face. Shove your wet little pussy in her face and feed her cunt hungry dyke mouth your yummy girl juices directly from the source.”

“Brooke I… I… I’ve never done that before.” Haley said, blushing again despite the fact she was being fucked by another girl and should have really been beyond embarrassment.

“Really?” Brooke said, sounding amused and intrigued, “Never?”

“N, no.” Haley blushed.

“Huh.” Brooke frowned, “Nathan’s become quite the prude… unless, you’re the prude.”

“Well, I, I… I just always thought it would be weird.” Haley blushed even more.

“Oh it’s so not.” Brooke said before moving in closer to whisper in Haley’s ear, “Here, let me show you. Or should I say, let Peyton show you.”

Giggling softly Brooke finally removed her fingers from inside of Haley’s cunt and used her other hand to grab hold of her friend’s hand and guide her over to where Peyton was still tied up. Then she literally gave Haley a friendly little push in the right direction.

Looking incredibly unsure of herself Haley crawled onto the bed, awkwardly and slowly climbing over Peyton’s body, the whole time desperately trying not to step on her friend. So when she managed to get into position kneeling above Peyton’s head Haley felt weird but powerful sense of pride. However that weird but powerful sense of pride was quickly taken away from her when she heard Brooke call out, “No, the other way. Turn so you’re facing her pussy.”

Haley grumbled softly as she awkwardly turned around, quickly apologising every time she tread on Peyton as she got into the position Brooke wanted her in.

“Very good.” Brooke said encouragingly as she got into position kneeling beside Haley, gently kissing the other girl’s neck before whispering in her ear, “Now slowly lower yourself down until your pretty little lezzie pussy is pressed against Peyton’s lips. Make sure not to relax your weight down on top of her and smother her with your cunt… at least not yet.”

These words made Haley blush but she obeyed them, lowering herself down with a quickness that made a lazy snail look like a racing car at top speed, the whole time carefully studying every slow movement she was making.

Brooke and Peyton found this both incredibly endearing and slightly annoying. Endearing because of how much Haley seemed worried and nervous about hurting Peyton and the situation in general, annoying because they both wanted the real fun to start again, especially Peyton.

The last thing Peyton wanted to do was to selfishly push her nervous friend but she had been forced to watch from the sidelines as both the other two girls had cum, the whole time wishing to be part of it. Sure, Peyton wanted to cum but Brooke could be a real clit tease so Peyton was used to being cruelly kept on the edge for a very long time. So just the opportunity to taste Haley was more than enough to make Peyton’s mouth water in anticipation.

Unfortunately Peyton was made to wait for what felt like an eternity. Fortunately the waiting eventually ended, and when it finally did and Peyton felt Haley’s pussy lips pressing against her mouth she didn’t hesitate, the blonde’s tongue shooting out to slide over her friend’s wet cunt.

Haley cried out joyfully, her body lifting ever so slightly at the sudden attack of pleasure. Peyton followed, the blonde jerking her head upwards so she could give the other girl’s pussy another lick, and then another, and then another, and then another.

Gently, and probably unknowingly, Haley bounced up and down for a few long moments, never moving out of reach of Peyton’s eagerly lapping tongue. Then Haley seemed to settle down, resting gently against Peyton’s face and surrendering to the pussy licking the blonde’s tongue was giving her.

Peyton had been in this position with Brooke sitting on her face quite a lot recently and she had grown to love it. To be almost smothered in the smell and taste of Brooke Davis was like heaven to Peyton, and while this and any other experience could only be second best with a girl who she wasn’t in love with, this still mark something very important, and very hot for her.

This confirmed Peyton wasn’t just gay for Brooke. She hadn’t really thought she was, but Peyton hadn’t known for sure until the moment she tasted Haley’s sweet pussy. Of course Peyton still didn’t know for sure whether she was bisexual or if any previous interest in guys like Lucas and Nathan were just a result of her desperately trying to stay in the closet and she was in fact a complete and total dyke. In this moment she was leaning towards the latter, but Peyton didn’t want to concentrate on her own sexuality as much as she wanted to concentrate on the task at hand, namely licking Haley’s pretty little pussy.

While part of Haley had been trying to convince herself she might just be gay for Brooke and Peyton it was pretty much a losing argument. Sure, she was more attracted to them than any other girls, but the first time she had seen them together had awoken something inside Haley she didn’t know was there, her lesbian side. It was pretty hard to deny she had one at this point, especially as she was moaning in pleasure from the feeling of the second ever girl to lick her pussy.

So this pretty much confirmed Haley was at least bi too, and, like Peyton, Haley couldn’t help wonder if she had been fooling herself all this time with her marriage to Nathan and supposedly attraction to other boys all just to hide the fact that she was gay.

Luckily Haley was rescued from these thoughts by a rough feeling of pressure on her right nipple, the sensation causing her to gasp out and focus on a grinning Brooke Davis, “You like it, huh tutor girl? You like sitting on my girlfriend’s face? Feeding her your yummy dyke pussy?”

Haley moaned, blushed and nodded her head as Brooke started gently playing with her nipple.

“Yeahhhh, I knew you would. I knew a little lezzie slut like you would just love this.” Brooke said lustfully, reaching out to grab the other nipple so she could play with that too, “Riding another girl’s face, rubbing your cunt all over her as she fucks you, covering her in your hot lezzie cream… and soon you’re going to cover her in your dyke cum, aren’t you? Yeah, you’re going to cover my girlfriend’s pretty face in your dyke cum, and I’m going to help you.”

With that Brooke lowered her head and latched her mouth onto one of Haley’s tits, roughly suckling on the nipple for a few moments before moving to the other. This unsurprisingly caused Haley to moan even more, her volume only increasing when Peyton, probably because of what Brooke was doing, wrapped her lips around Haley’s pussy and began gently sucking.

The sensations of two knowing, female mouths worshipping her body was almost too much to bear. Then when tongues were added to the mix, Brooke using hers to swirl around Haley’s nipples, and then Peyton sliding hers deep into Haley’s pussy it became too much to bear.

“Ohhhhhh, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, I’m going to cuuuuuuummmmmmm!” Haley moaned briefly before crying out in pain as Brooke roughly twisted her nipples.

“BEG!” Brooke growled, “Beg for permission to cum you dirty little lesbo slut!”

“Please, please, please can I cum? Please Brooke, mmmmmm, I need. I need to cum. Ohhhhhh please let me cum.” Haley quickly begged, “Your little lesbian fuck toy needs to cum so bad Brooke, ooooooh mmmmmmm, please let your little lesbian fuck toy cum.”

“Beg Peyton too. Make sure she knows how much you want her to make you cum.” Brooke demanded, now once again playing with Haley’s nipples gently.

“Peyton, Peyton please, make me cum.” Haley quickly begged, searching her brain for whatever she thought the other two girls wanted to hear, “I want to make me cum so bad. I, mmmmmmmm, I, I… I want another girl to make me cum. I, oh, I really want another girl to make me cum, mmmmmmm, prove I’m nothing but a slutty little dyke so I can be a good little lesbian fuck toy for you and Brooke. Please, please make me cum, please maaaakkkkkeeee meeeeeee cuuuuummmmmmm, oh please!”

“Ok Peyton, you can make her cum, but just once!” Brooke said firmly before pressing her lips to Haley’s, swallowing the other girl’s screams as Peyton made her cum.

Haley had been on the edge for so long that all it took was one thrust of Peyton’s tongue to make the tutor cum, Haley shaking wildly in Brooke’s arms as she covered Peyton’s face in girl cum. Of course Peyton did her best to swallow as much of the yummy liquid as she could, but there was just so much of it, and the way Haley was shaking made her pussy rub against Peyton’s in a way which made sure the blonde was practically drowned in sweet girly cream.

To enhance Haley’s orgasm Brooke squeezed roughly on her friend’s nipple with her thumb and index finger while the rest of her fingers massaged the soft flesh of Haley’s tits. When she sensed that Haley was coming down from her high Brooke broke the lip lock, quickly kissed her way down her friend’s body, undid Peyton’s handcuffs and then whispered, “Don’t make her cum again until I make you cum.”

The moment she finished speaking Brooke began to kiss her way down Peyton’s body, pausing for a little while to lick, suck and gently massage her girlfriend’s boobs, then slowly kissing down the blonde’s flat stomach to the juicy little treat in between her legs.

Once she reached her destination Brooke didn’t hesitate in sliding her tongue out of her mouth and over the soaking wet lips of Peyton’s pussy. Nor did Brooke hesitate in repeating the action, the cheerleader captain beginning to gently lick her fellow cheerleader’s cunt while above her another member of her squad writhed happily on the blonde cheerleader’s face.

Brooke smiled with pride as she heard Haley moan, “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssss lick me. Lick my pussy. Oh Peyton. Oh, mmmmmmmmm, lick my hot lesbian cunt! Ooooooooh Goooooodddddd Peyton, make me cover your pretty face in my lesbian cum again. Oh please, mmmmmmmm, make me cum like a little lesbian slut. Oh God, I’m a lesbian, I’m a lesbian for you and your tongue Peyton, mmmmmmmm, oooooooh, I’m your little lesbian fuck toy, ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, mmmmmmmm, fuck my naughty little dyke cunt with your hot lesbian tongue, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy Gooooooddddddddd!”

Innocent little tutor girl Haley James Scott would have probably never, ever used such foul language if it wasn’t for Brooke Davis. She definitely wouldn’t be riding another girl’s face like a shameless lezzie slut either, so it was safe to say at this point Brooke had successfully corrupted the once shy geeky girl. But while it was easy for Brooke to get lost in that triumph she had a job to do, and that was the greatest job she’d ever had, giving the girl she loved pleasure.

So Brooke did her best to block out Haley’s moans and concentrate on licking Peyton’s pussy. However as she began concentrating on that simply licking at the soft wet lips wasn’t enough. She needed to give Peyton more pleasure, and she needed more of her girlfriend’s delicious pussy juice. Luckily Brooke knew how to get what she needed.

Peyton cried out joyfully into Haley’s pussy as her own pussy was invaded by her girlfriend’s tongue, Brooke thrusting as deep as she could and then beginning to gently tongue fuck the blonde. That gentle tongue fucking quickly turned into Brooke slamming her tongue in and out of Peyton’s cunt as hard and as fast as she could, finally giving Peyton exactly what she wanted.

Before Haley had arrived Brooke had teased Peyton for almost an hour. At the time Peyton had loved it. She had dreams of Brooke making slow, gentle love to her for years and Peyton treasured every single moment of it. But by the end she desperately needed to cum, and while she had enjoyed watching Haley surrendering to Brooke’s seduction and eating Haley’s pussy every moment of it and felt like sexual torture because she needed to cum so bad. And now she was finally getting fucked hard by Brooke’s tongue Peyton knew she wouldn’t last long.

Wanting to make sure Haley came Peyton copied Brooke’s actions and began slamming Haley’s fuck hole with her tongue as hard and as she could, the blonde grabbing a tight hold of the round little butt cheek she had been lovingly fondling ever since she had been uncuffed to make sure Haley didn’t thrash around too much while she was fucking her.


Haley continued to try and beg Peyton to fuck her but her words dissolved into incoherent gibberish thanks to the mind melting orgasm that rocked her body. That orgasm was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, each one as powerful as the last, her entire world dissolving into nothing but pure ecstasy.

Peyton wasn’t quite so fortunate as even though Brooke easily made her cum she felt compelled to continue fucking Haley. That proved incredibly difficult as thanks to all the buildup Peyton’s first orgasm was so powerful it nearly knocked her unconscious. It definitely succeeded in making her feel like she couldn’t continued fucking Haley even if she wanted too, but even as she was practically gushing girl cum all over Brooke’s face Peyton couldn’t help thinking how the whole point of this little threesome was to fuck Haley so good she wouldn’t be able to stay away from them, wouldn’t be able to stop from becoming their little lesbian fuck toy. A couple of climaxes would have probably done the trick, but Peyton knew if she continued she would be able to bag Haley for sure. So Peyton pushed through the ecstasy she was feeling so she could continue making Haley cum.

While Brooke wasn’t receiving the same amount of pleasure Haley or even Peyton was receiving she was still having a hell of a time. In a way Brooke loved giving her girlfriend pleasure even more than she loved receiving it, and there was no other way Brooke liked giving the girl she loved pleasure more than being in between Peyton’s thighs and eating her sweet pussy. Brooke had always loved giving guys head, but she loved going down on Peyton more. She also preferred swallowing Peyton’s cum, and there was a lot of it, so much so that even after she switched things up so that she was finger fucking Peyton’s cunt while sucking on her clit it wasn’t long before Brooke switch back to the tongue fucking so she could gulp more delicious girl cream down her greedy throat.

Brooke managed to convince herself to switch back and forth between fucking Peyton with her fingers and fucking Peyton with her tongue for a while then came the really difficult task of convincing herself to pull away. That was always a difficult task for Brooke, but considering her own body was burning for attention she was able to convince herself to pull away so she could get ready to fulfil one of her biggest ever fantasies. First however she couldn’t resist moving up and kissing Haley again, the formerly innocent tutor girl not hesitating in passionately returning the kiss.

Even in her barely conscious state Haley knew she was tasting Peyton’s cum and pussy cream on Brooke’s lips. She was tasting the cum and pussy cream of her second ever girl, and she wanted more. Haley wanted to taste Peyton’s cum and pussy cream from the source.

What Haley didn’t know was that Brooke was only too happy to give her the opportunity.

When she broke the kiss Brooke asked huskily, “Did you like that tutor girl? Did you like tasting my girlfriend’s cum on my lips?”

Haley nodded eagerly.

Brooke grinned, “Would you like some more? Would you like some more of my girlfriend’s cum you greedy little dyke?”

Again Haley nodded eagerly.

“Well then here, have some more you greedy little dyke slut!” Brooke growled, grabbing a firm hold of Haley’s hair and pushing her down so her face was in between Peyton’s legs, “Eat my girlfriend’s pussy you little lezzie bitch. Eat that fucking cunt and make my girlfriend cum in your dyke mouth. Make her cum like she’s made you cum. I wanna see you and my girlfriend 69 and make each other cum like the pair of lesbian sluts you are!”

Brooke’s words were unnecessary as the second she pressed Haley’s face down against Peyton’s cunt the innocent little married girl began eating pussy like the rug munching slut Brooke had successfully turned her into.

The sight had Brooke beaming with pride, and tingling with lust, but while she was sure to always keep at least one eye on the show she was sure to set up the next part of the night’s activities before sitting back and watching her girlfriend and her friend fuck each other senseless.

Haley and Peyton weren’t aware of Brooke moving around nearby. They weren’t aware of anything except the delicious pussy juice they were greedily swallowing, the fact that they were using their mouths, tongues and fingers to get as much of that pussy juice as possible, and the pure ecstasy they were feeling as they fucked each other through orgasm after orgasm.

It was like heaven for both of them. There was no guilt over cheating on their partners, no confusion about their sexuality, and none of life’s other little worries. There was only pleasure.

Both girls wished they could have stayed like that forever, of course all good things have to come to an end.

Inevitably exhaustion kicked in, and the more Haley and Peyton found themselves getting tired the more the orgasms seemed to become almost painful. Soon it felt like every part of them was tired and sore, and no matter how hard they tried to continue they just couldn’t.

When Haley finally rolled off Peyton it was a relief for both girls, the two of them laying there in a panting heap for several minutes.

For a moment Haley thought she was going to pass out, then she heard something which gave her the strength to sit up and look over at Peyton lustfully, that being her blonde friend moaning, “Ohhhhh Brooke…”

Apparently Brooke had taken it upon herself to clean up any remaining cum from Peyton’s thighs and pussy, the blonde writhing on the bed as the seductive brunette dipped her tongue inside her cunt a few times before kissing her way up her body to her lips.

Once she reached her destination Brooke hovered her lips less than an inch away from Peyton’s, paused in that position for a couple of seconds, then just smiled wickedly and slid her tongue out over Peyton’s cheek. Brooke then began gently licking and kissing Peyton’s face, cleaning up almost all of Haley’s cum and pussy juice from her girlfriend’s pretty face. She would have got all of it but when Brooke was almost done Peyton captured Brooke’s lips with her own, making the head cheerleader completely forget what she was doing in favour of making out with the other girl on her squad.

The make out session lasted quite a while, Haley wondering if she should quietly leave and let her friends have the rest of the evening to snuggle. But before Haley could convince herself to get up Brooke broke the kiss, grinned and said, “You know what I want now baby?”

“Uh-huh, and I’m cool with it as long as Haley is.” Peyton replied with a soft smile.

“Don’t worry babe, you leave tutor girl to me.” Brooke grinned wickedly.

Brooke then looked over at Haley, stared at her for a few seconds, and then slowly crawled over to her, that wicked little grin of hers never leaving her face which worried Haley a little.

“W, w, what do you want?” Haley stammered.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head tutor girl.” Brooke said, pausing to slide her tongue over Haley’s thigh, “Just give me a second to clean you up and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Haley wanted to insist that Brooke tell her now, but she was too busy softly moaning and whimpering as Brooke’s tongue slid all over first her right, then her left thigh, then her pussy lips. By the time Brooke’s tongue was sliding inside of her cunt again Haley didn’t care what Brooke wanted because she would give her anything if Brooke gave her more of this wonderful pleasure.

Sadly the pleasure didn’t last for long this time as once she was done cleaning up any left over cum from Haley’s pussy Brooke moved up to Haley’s face and clean that of Peyton’s cum. Having Brooke licking and kissing her face was a little weird, but Haley welcomed the kiss that followed it, the young tutor quickly becoming lost in her latest lesbian lip lock before Brooke broke it and grinned at her.

“You remember this, don’t you tutor girl?” Brooke questioned, reaching over slightly to grab the strap on dildo which was lying nearby and then holding it up in front of Haley’s face.

In response Haley nodded, gulped and then asked, “Are… are you going to fuck me with that?”

“I’d love too.” Brooke said, her eyes lighting up before then adding with a sigh, “But Peyton said if you agree to our little proposal we should save using toys on you for a different night. That way we don’t overwhelm you or whatever.”

“You know I’m right about that sweetie.” Peyton said as she finished tightening the other strap on cock Brooke got out around her waist.

“Maybe. But no toys for you doesn’t have to mean no toys. So, if you just want to relax and watch, or even go home, that’s cool. As you might remember, Peyton’s really good at fucking me with a strap on. But…” Brooke paused, and then suddenly sped up her words, “I always wanted to try a little DP action, so I was hoping you wouldn’t mind being one of the pieces of bread in a Brooke Davis sandwich. Just the bottom piece which doesn’t have too move around. Please?”

Despite Brooke talking quickly Haley heard everything the other girl said perfectly and found it intimidating and nerve wracking, and yet very exciting.

After a few long seconds of lip biting Haley replied with a soft, “Ok.”

Brooke beamed happily and said, “Lift your hips.”

Haley frowned for a moment, then blushed slightly as she realised why she needed to do that. It wasn’t as awkward as she thought it would be though. One moment Haley was lifting her hips and the next Brooke had strapped the cock around her waist and was greedily sucking on it.

Before Haley even got the chance to lower her head back down Brooke was bobbing her head on half of the dildo, and when Haley lowered her hips Brooke didn’t let the fake dick get away, the cheerleader captain making sure to keep the cock in her mouth the whole time.

Not long after that Brooke was allowing the head of the dick to slid down her throat so her lips could reach the base, the brunette cheerleader deep throating the big dildo with ease.

Haley had always tried to ignore the rumours about Brooke, or at least choose to believe those rumours were blown way out of proportion, but after watching her friend bob her head up and down the entire length of that big shaft it seemed pretty clear that the rumour about Brooke being the best cock sucker in Tree Hill must have been true. She was certainly better than Haley, and the young tutor couldn’t imagine how anyone could be better.

As if she was reading her thoughts Peyton suddenly said, “She’s a great cock sucker, isn’t she?”

“I, I guess.” Haley stammered.

Removing her mouth from the cock Brooke said in a more than slightly exaggerated offended tone, “You guess?”

“No, no I didn’t mean it like that. You’re an amazing cock sucker. The best ever. Really, I…” Haley rapidly replied, worried she had offended her friend.

“Relax tutor girl. Relax and breathe. I’m just messing with you.” Brooke reassured with a smile.

“Yeah, no need to tell Brooke how great she is at sucking cock.” Peyton said dryly, grinning at Brooke as she glared at her, “But sometimes it feels like she does seem to be reminded those aren’t the type of cocks which will give her a yummy treat if she keeps sucking on them long enough. Those are the type of cocks she just needs to get a little wet before fucking.”

“And suck clean after fucking.” Brooke added with a grin.

“True, but Haley’s cock is more than wet enough for your slutty little pussy, so if you don’t start taking that dick inside your hot little cunt soon then I’m going to go get some non-edible lube and cover my cock in it. That way you won’t get to suck my cock while riding Haley’s.” Peyton threatened softly.

“Spoilsport.” Brooke grumbled before splitting on Haley’s strap on dick and then quickly crawling up Haley’s body.

After positioning her pussy over the dildo Brooke reached down and grabbed the shaft, making sure it was firmly pressed against her wet and ready love hole before sliding down. She let out a long groan of pleasure as the first few inches of the strap on easily slid into her, Brooke waiting a few seconds as she enjoyed the initial penetration before slowly but surely sliding the rest of the way down.

“MMMMMMM, I’m ready for your cock now P Sawyer.” Brooke moaned, and then just to clarify added, “Bring it over here so I can suck it. Please? Please give me your big cock. I wanna suck on your big fat cock.”

“Well, only since you asked so nicely B Davis.” Peyton murmured, positioning herself so she was kneeling in front of Brooke with the dildo pressed only a few inches away from the other girl’s lips.

Brooke wasted no time in greedily swallowing the head of the fake cock, those soft lips of hers sliding up and down the shaft as, not for the first time, Peyton wished the cock was real.

Peyton was as happy with herself as she’d ever been. A big part of that was being with Brooke who made Peyton feel wanted, loved, and sexy in ways previous boyfriends never had. She had absolutely no real desire to be a boy, but Brooke was such a passionate and dedicated cock sucker that whenever Peyton found herself watching her girlfriend sucking on a dildo the blonde couldn’t help for the briefest of moments wish she could know what it was like for all those boys Brooke used to suck off.

These thoughts of course led Peyton to feelings of jealousy, which luckily quickly passed as she reminded herself that Brooke was hers now. Brooke Davis was now her girlfriend, just like Peyton had always secretly wanted her to be, and it didn’t matter how many cocks Brooke had sucked, or how many boys she had fucked, or even how many times she intended fucking Haley, because Brooke was hers and that’s all that mattered.

Of course if Peyton wanted to keep Brooke happy she would have to make sure to fulfil all her slutty little desires, which under the current situation was very, very easy.

“That’s it you dirty little slut, suck that cock!” Peyton said, hoping to fulfil her girlfriend’s desire for dirty talk, “Suck that cock you nasty little cock sucker! Suck it like you used to suck all those boys. Suck my cock while you’ve got Haley’s dick inside your slutty little cunt! Mmmmmmmm, yeah, take both those cocks like the slut you are!”

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m a slut. A nasty little cock sucking slut. A nasty, filthy little whore who loves taking two dicks inside her at the same fucking time!” Brooke moaned after she took the dildo out of her mouth and began gently jerking it up and down as if it was real, “Mmmmmm, I’m a dirty slutty whore who loves taking dick in her pussy and in her mouth at the same time. Oh yeah, I love the feeling of Haley’s big dick inside me as I suck your fucking cock Peyton!”

“Well why don’t you bounce on it baby? Why don’t you ride Haley’s cock while you’re sucking mine? Show me and Haley what kind of a slut you really are?” Peyton challenged.

“MMMMMmmmm yeah, gonna, ooooooooh, mmmmmmmmm, yeeeeessssssss, sooooooooo goooooodddddddd!” Brooke moaned shamelessly as she started bouncing up and down on Haley’s strap on dick.

Instead of concentrating on trying to say something coherent Brooke simply stuffed Peyton’s strap on back into her mouth and started giving that fake dick an even harder, wetter blow job.

Brooke salivated on the toy, allowing her saliva to drip out of her mouth and down the shaft only to catch up to her spit by sliding her lips all the way down the cock, taking the head of the man-made meat into her throat so she could get her lips wrapped around the base. She repeated this several times in between fucking her throat on Peyton’s cock, while she slammed her pussy up and down on Haley’s dick.

Being with two guys at once had always been one of Brooke’s hottest fantasies. Of course outsiders of being with Peyton threesomes in general were a big part of Brooke’s fantasies, whether it was boy-girl-girl, boy-girl-boy, or all girl. Living out her all girl fantasy had been amazing, with Peyton no less, and technically she still was, but equipping her girlfriend and friend with strap ons meant that Brooke was getting to fulfil her boy-girl-boy fantasies too.

Sucking on a cock while bouncing up and down on another was just as hot as Brooke had imagined it would be. Her pussy was so wet from watching Peyton and Haley go at it, and from going down on Peyton herself, but there was barely even any uncomfortableness when she took the dildo strapped around Haley’s waist inside her. And when she started moving up and down the pleasure had been incredible, and it had only got better with every bounce. The feeling of the cock in her mouth only heightened Brooke’s enjoyment, however as much as this was a dream come true there was another hole on her body she wanted Peyton to stick her cock in, a hole which would give Brooke a lot more pleasure when it was filled and fucked than her mouth.

So, after a long while of enjoying the feeling of cocks filling two holes, Brooke took her mouth off Peyton’s dick and moaned, “Please P Sawyer, fuck me too. MMMMMMMM, FUCK MY ASS! Oooooooh, fuck, ohhhhhhh, fuck my slutty little ass. AAAAHHHH, ohhhhhhh, fuck my butt hard and deep. Please, mmmmmmmmm, DP me, DP my slutty ass!”

“Sure, just let me go get the lube.” Peyton said, quickly moving off the bed.

“Awww, come on baby. I can’t wait that long.” Brooke whined, “Just shove that wet dick up my slutty ass. I’m so horny and your big dick is so wet it’ll just slide right in.”

“Maybe next time.” Peyton said, quickly grabbing a bottle of anal lubricant from out of one of her drawers and then returning to the bed.

Without needing to be asked Brooke had stopped bouncing, lent forward and stuck her ass out as far as she could to allow Peyton to lube and then shove her strap on in her ass. Clearly not content just wait around for Peyton to do that Brooke had also started kissing Haley, the perhaps now once innocent married girl happily kissing back with no hesitation whatsoever.

Peyton couldn’t help just watching the pretty sight for a few moments, her eyes darting back and forth between Brooke and Haley making out and her girlfriend’s inviting ass, before eventually kneeling down behind Brooke and beginning to cover her fingers in lubricant. Once they were well coated Peyton quickly pushed one of her fingers inside Brooke’s butt hole, the other girl moaning as the finger entered her back passage with ease.

“How does that feel baby?” Peyton asked curiously.

“Fucking amazing.” Brooke moaned as she quickly broke her kiss with Haley, “I can feel your finger rubbing against Haley’s cock. Mmmmmm, fuck, it’s almost like there’s nothing between them. And it feels so fucking goooooodddddd! But I want more. I want your cock in my ass. Mmmmmmm, please Peyton, stick that big fat cock up my fucking ass and fuck me. Ohhhhhh, I wanna get both my slutty fuck holes fucked sooooo bad!”

“Patients baby, just let me stretch your ass hole out a little first. Then I’ll fuck you. I promise.” Peyton said softly as she pumped her finger in and out of Brooke’s back door.

“Mmmmmm, hurry it up baby. Please, oooooooh, I wanna get double fucked!” Brooke moaned softly, loving the feeling of pleasure she was getting from the finger fucking, even if it wasn’t stretching her ass as much as she would have liked.

Peyton did start stretching Brooke’s ass a lot more though as she added first a second finger, then a third, and then finally a fourth, twisting them around inside the brunette’s butt as she thrust these fingers in and out of her back passage. With each and every additional finger Brooke moaned in pleasure, and while Peyton knew her girlfriend well enough to tell when she was hiding a little pain and discomfort the blonde also knew from past experience the pleasure Brooke was receiving far outweighed anything else. However this wasn’t exactly like all the other times she had fucked Brooke’s ass, so Peyton was in no hurry.

Besides, it wasn’t like Peyton wasn’t used to ignoring Brooke’s begging. She did it all the time, and Peyton knew while Brooke might claim to hate it it made the eventual pleasure of getting what she wanted all the sweeter.

So Peyton took her time finger fucking Brooke’s ass, switching between slow thrusts to pounding her fingers in and out of her girlfriend’s butt hole, sometimes gently twisting and curling those fingers inside Brooke’s bowels while at other times moving around inside the other girl’s rectum as hard and as fast as she could. Peyton finger fucked Brooke’s butt until she thought her girlfriend was ready to take her strap on cock up her ass. Then she anally finger fucked Brooke some more, wanting Brooke to be practically desperate to get that fake cock in her ass before she actually gave it to her.

Eventually Peyton felt Brooke’s begging had become desperate enough so she quickly pulled her fingers out and replace them with her strap on after she had used her left hand to squirt a little lube all over it. Once the head of the dildo was pressed firmly against Brooke’s butt hole Peyton asked, “You want this cock in your ass baby?”

“OHHHH YES! GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK! SHOVE YOUR BIG COCK UP MY ASS P SAWYER OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!” Brooke cried out joyfully as she felt the dildo finally pushing through her ass hole, “Oooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me. Oh Peyton, fuck my ass.”

Brooke sighed in relief as she felt her butt hole snapping closed around the head of the large cock. She then moaned joyfully as her greedy back door swallowed inch after inch of dildo with ease, Brooke experiencing no pain whatsoever as the first few inches entered her rectum. Taking the rest of the strap on wasn’t quite as easy, but the pain was minimal.

It always had been for Brooke. Ever since she had lost her anal cherry Brooke had found she could take a nice big dildo up her butt just as easily as she could take it in her pussy, and taking it in the ass made her feel like such a dirty little slut she often preferred anal. Sure, there were times Peyton would make love to her pussy with a strap on which was so amazing Brooke would literally be brought to tears with the pleasure, passion and love she felt, but this wasn’t about making love. This was about naughty, slutty, three-way lesbian sex, and Brooke intended to enjoy it.

This is story is mostly about the pleasures of a beautiful young women and the discovery of her new intimate desires to have men submit to her. Her name is Riley and she is the definition of the perfect combination of sexy and cute. She was only 18 when this story took place, had stylish short dark hair, big gorgeous blue eyes, sensual lips, amazing large D-cup breast, sexy hips, a perfect round butt, great legs and all this with a sweet young innocent face. Although she was anything but innocent…

Her best friend was Tyler, her most recent ex-boyfriend. They dated seriously for nearly two years and was each others most serious relationship. They found that they loved each other but didn’t share many interests which just created too much stress for both of them. Tyler was a very handsome guy, a few years older at 22, about average height, short blonde hair, dark brown eyes, maintained a very nice athletic physique, a nice butt that she loved to grab and very thick 8inch penis. They were very adventurous in the bed room and loved to push each others’ kinky limits. The both of them would regularly enjoy tremendous sex together which could last all day and night. After they broke up Tyler desperately missed the incredible sex and also still maintained some romantic feelings for her which he attempted to keep hidden. Not very successfully as Riley knew him too well and saw past the act. She had similar feelings for him as well but she knew they weren’t compatible in the long term so she didn’t want to complicate things and was set on maintaining a normal friendship.

Riley was a very sexual being even though some times she would attempt to deny it. After just few casual dates, flings and one nighters with others she met a very attractive man that sparked her interest. His name was Tom, he had just turned 21, had wealth from his parents, was very tall, dirty blonde with blue eyes and had a nice strong masculine build. It wouldn’t be long till she surrender into temptation. Around the the third date he went over to her place to drink a few cocktails and just “hang out”. She had dressed up in a sexy little dress as she planned on giving him a good tease but this would be night she wouldn’t be able to control herself. By the time they were finished with their fourth drink Tom couldn’t resist himself and was all over her. He was saying and trying every move he could think of to have her but she loved to tell men no and make them struggle. After about an hour of making out in her bed and his hands attempting to go places only to be pushed away, when he finally made his way up her dress he found himself a very nice soaking wet reward. She got a big smile and knew it was time for a new game to begin.

Even though she knew had complete control over him she was mentally so turned on by his large masculine size. She had decided that she wanted to be submissive for him and give him a night he would never forget. He saw her big smile and quickly removed her now very damp sexy little black thong. He aggressively went back to kissing her and began to work his fingers deep inside her. It felt so good she couldn’t help but to moan into his lips. As she continued to moan he slowly worked his way down her neck, to her breast that he was infatuated with, then he finally made his mouth down between her legs. She was so wet and tasted so sweet. She was ready and wanted more, she pulled his head up to her mouth for a kiss and began to undress him. She already had her dress off by the time he was pulling off his pants off. She was ecstatic to find he had as nice of a penis as her ex-lover Tyler, in fact the second he had his boxers down she put him on his back and took him into her mouth. She started off slowly working his shaft with her mouth till she forced his dick down her throat. She gently took turns sucking his balls then deep throating his cock. She felt him place his hand on the back of her head and began thrusting into her mouth, she didn’t mind at all as she loved to be fucked in her mouth. After she had enough though she climbed on top of him, gave him a deep kiss and lined herself up to ride him.

She slowly slid her way down his big dick into her eager wet hole. His hands explored her amazing body as she gave him the ride of his life. He got more aggressive and started to roughly fuck back into her and spank her ass. She collapsed on top of him to suck on his neck then whisper in his ear “please fuck me hard’. He didn’t hesitate and flipped her onto her back with him still inside her. He moved her legs over his broad shoulders and immediately started to fuck her deep and hard. She could barely breathe it felt so good, she even grabbed his ass to pull him into fuck her even harder. He couldn’t control himself for long and soon exploded all over her, mostly landing over her breast. When he asked if she wanted a towel she told him no and that she wanted his cum to dry on her as she slept. They fucked several more times through out the night and at point he had her screaming to be fucked harder while she was on all fours with his dick deep in her tight ass. When he came he didn’t pull out and came deep inside her ass which she had no objections to.

Eventually they both passed out from exhaustion. When she finally woke up she noticed Tom was still sound asleep and wanted to thank him for a great night of fun. She pulled the covers away and started to suck his dick till he woke up. She didn’t stop till he finally exploded in her mouth. She looked back up at him and smiled before swallowing his load. When he finally attempted to get dressed to leave for work she stopped him and told him that she was on the pill and there had only been one place he hasn’t cum inside of yet. He was more than up to the challenge and fucked her long and hard before cumming deep inside of her. He quickly had to leave to get home to get ready for work. Her body was spent and stayed in bed naked, filled and covered in his cum. She woke a few hours later with a text from Tyler saying he was on his way over to pick her up for their brunch plans that she had forgot about. Before she had time to think about getting ready it was too late and he was knocking at her door.

She wasn’t too worried to let Tyler see the state she was in as she was quite confidante that he would worship her body no matter what it was covered in if she asked him to. She threw on just a bath robe and let him inside. He came straight from the gym after finishing a tough work out. He had a little bit of sweat on him and he wore a sleeveless shirt in an attempt to impress and seduce her. It kinda worked as she looked him up and down and thought to herself he was looking pretty sexy. The moment quickly faded when he saw her got close to her and could immediately smell sex all over her. He was hit quickly with mixed emotions from disappointment, jealously and even arousal. He had told her before while they were dating that he had often fantasized about her sleeping with other men and she was curious to see his reaction now in person with her obviously just finishing a long night and morning of intense sex. She could see the mixed emotions on his face but tent starting to rise in his shorts clearly gave away he liked what he saw. He confusedly asked if anyone was their. She laughed and said no not right now, she then apologized for forgetting about their plans. He said it was okay, it looks like you had a pretty rough night and let out a little laugh. She quickly added a good rough morning as well which he just shook his head as they both had a laugh.

She could see him start to turn red and his dick grow even harder in his shorts. This really started to turn her on as she thought how nice it was that someone thought she was so sexy even after being obviously roughly fucked by another man. She got a grin just thinking about the power and control she must have over Tyler. She loved the thought of being completely worshipped. Riley without initially saying anything made her way back to her bedroom she then shouted for him to come join her. He was puzzled and a little worried but did what he was told. When he entered the room she was sitting in her bed with her laptop. He asked her what she was doing and she responded by asking “aren’t you curious what he looks like?”. He laughed and said “your crazy but sure why not”. He sat down next her on the bed while she brought up his facebook page. He couldn’t deny it, he was a pretty attractive big guy which made him a little more jealous and a little more turned on.

She then started to give him the play by play of what happened last night and told him what an excellent lover he was. It was obvious that Tyler was enjoying the story and Riley really started to get into bragging about her great night. She teased him some about how she knew he would be jerking off to her story later. He didn’t bother to deny it cause they both knew she was right. She started get really horny telling him the dirty details. She started to think about how wonderful and naughty it would be if she could get Tyler to submit to her after having sex with another man. She gave herself to a big strong man just a few hours ago but now she wanted to make Tyler her little bitch. Have him follow her orders, for her amusement and pleasure. She wanted the best of both worlds for her dark desires. She knew looking at him that is exactly what she could have. She decided it was time to turn his hyper-sexual personality against him. She wanted to keep him as best friend but also transform him into her pet for her dominate sexual satisfaction needs. Should would have both and it seemed like the perfect time to make it happen.

Without saying a word she leaned in and gave him a deep passionate kiss. She pulled back and smile ask him if he liked the taste of Tom’s cum. She smiled and let him know that she had sucked his dick and swallowed his cum earlier that morning. She knew he was bi-curious and wouldn’t freak out plus more importantly she knew she had him completely under her spell. He just nodded his head and said yes then thanked her for kissing him. She laughed how pathetic it sounded but loved it. She went back to kissing for a while till she had enough from him. Then she directed him to get off the bed and undress so should could enjoy looking at him. His dick was hard as a rock which she teased him for enjoying this so much. She got wetter every time she called him name in an effort to degrade and humiliate him. All of this only made him harder and more desperate to want to please and worship her. It didn’t take long an without much of a fight but Riley knew that Tyler was now her little bitch.

She decided to take it further and unwrapped herself from her robe revealing her stunning naked body that was cover in Tom’s dry cum. Tyler wanted to leap on top of her then but she stood up and instructed him to drop to his knees and kiss her cute little feet. He did without hesitation. She smacked his ass hard and told him that he forgot to thank her for the opportunity to kiss her feet. He quickly corrected himself, thanked her and went back to following orders. She then told him to beg her to be allowed be her bitch. He did so with great enthusiasm, promising to do anything she asked of him. This gave her a huge smile and informed him that she would demand total devotion and that him being allowed to serve her would be his only reward for submitting to her. He agreed and told her that he was her little bitch and would do anything for her.

She crawled on to the bed shaking ass in front of his face to tease him. She then laid down on her stomach and said she was really sore from all the rough sex with Tom and needed a long back massage. He was a quick learner and crawled over kissed her back and thanked her for letting her massage before he began. He was very good with his hands and enjoyed this for quite some time. When she was ready she rolled gave him a kiss and said had so much dry cum all over that needed to be cleaned up. He assumed she wanted him to shower her but she corrected him by saying “No, your my bitch and your going to clean all of Tom’s manly cum off of me with your tongue”. Before he even thought about protesting she added “you know want to taste a real mans cum, especially one that fucked me so good”. At that point he nodded his head and told her thank you for allowing him to lick her mans cum from her body.

He was obsessed with her body, she was so sexy to him. He didn’t particularly care the the taste of cum but didn’t mind it. He did love how submissive it made him feel to do this for her, he really enjoyed her having this power of him. It took him longer than he thought as there was so much dry cum that was difficult to get off but neither of them minded. She loved the power and feeling of being worshipped and he loved to do it for her. She was so horny now but she was way too sore for sex. She then remember that Tom had just came inside not to long ago. She brought Tyler’s head up for another kiss and told him that Tom had made her pussy very sore and came inside her earlier this morning. She pointed him down to the tasty treat between her legs.

He loved to eat her out so much, loved the taste of her and everything else about it. Now though he would be eating another man’s cum from her and he loved it. She retold her stories with Tom and how she was thinking of him and how she wanted him to think of Tom having his way with her while he genteelly ate her out. He could clearly taste Tom’s cum inside her which made him work even harder to pleasure her and clean her at the same time. She even brought pictures up on her phone to look at Tom and show to Tyler as he eat her out. She asked him if he would like to suck Tom’s dick and let him cum in his mouth after he fucked her. He told her yes that he would like that, she laughed and called him a good slutty little bitch, that made him really happy. Riley loved to be eaten out so this lasted for well over an hour with zero complaints from Tyler. She eventually had him lay on his back so she could sit on his to get any last drops of cum he might have missed. Tyler loved this the most, it made it easier to eat her out, he also just loved to have such a beautiful women sitting on his face and she allowed him to grab around sexy body. She even moved her hips up so he could eat her ass while she retold him how amazing it was when Tom fucked her in the ass really hard. His dick was rock hard the entire time and looked like he was ready to explode any second.

She told turned around on his face so she could grab his dick and jerk him off while he continued to eat her ass and pussy. His face was covered in hers and Tom’s juices. She it didn’t take much but she would keep building him up then stopping to drive him crazy. It made him want to go mad but he kept telling him self that he needed to obey her and right now he was her toy for her amusement. Eventually she let him cum into her. After he came though she kept stroking him very hard till he couldn’t take it anymore. She really enjoyed torturing him after he had orgasmed. She eventually hopped off his face and said “good little bitch clean after themselves now be a good bitch and lick all of your cum out of my hand”. There was a lot but he did exactly what he was told and thanked her. She gave him a good hard smack across his face when he was done and just laughed. After all the extra friendly fun she was exhausted and wanted to take a nap. She handed him her wet panties she had on with Tom last night and told Tyler to put them on and clean her room while she slept. He said thank you and went to work. When he was finished he crawled into bed with her to snuggle till she woke up.

When they woke they both had a huge smile on their face from what a great time they had. They agreed that they both had enough for the day though and decided to go have a late lunch. They didn’t talk much about it the rest of the day and just hanged out like normal good friends just as Riley wanted in the beginning. They remained very close friends and where always there for each other but they also found out that they both could have some extra fun stuff sometimes that most other good friends couldn’t share with each other. It would be considered very strange to most but it worked very well for them. Stay tuned for more adventurous stories from this very odd friendship…

Derek kissed my lips softly and tenderly. His nude body loomed over my own as I laid on my back on the bed. My firm 34B tits were being cupped in his hands. He squeezed softly at first then became much rougher as the seconds went on. I stared into his bright blue eyes as his teeth made their way to the soft pale flesh of my nape. He brushed some of my red hair aside to get a better grip on my neck’s skin. I moaned and twisted in pleasure.

He leaned up, his rock hard seven inch cock pushing against my already damp pussy. My eyes admired his arms and his six pack abs. His body covered in tattoos; a major turn on. My body only slightly covered but enough to get him turned on as well. His eyes traced my body as he grabbed his cock in his hand. He pushed the head of his dick against the lips of my pussy. My teeth sunk down into my lower lip in anticipation.

“Tell me you want it.” He said with a glare. His voice stern and masculine. I smirked at him, pinching my own erect nipples.

“Please, daddy.” I said in a whisper. My eyes taunted him with a flirtatious stare.

Derek smirked at my respond. It was exactly what he was wanting to hear. He pushed the head of his dick in but pulled it out. Oh he knew how much I love being teased.

My hips thrusted upward, trying to encourage him to slide more in. He didn’t give in so easily though. He rubbed the head of his smooth cock over my clit. My eyes closed and I moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” He sneered.

My head nodded as I let out another pleasurable moan as he thrusted a few inches of his cock inside of me. My mouth dropped opened and my eyes opened. My hazel eyes staring into his own blues. Another moan came forth as he slid even more in. He went slowly, teasing me still, making me crave his cock.

Finally I had enough of the slow and tedious thrusts. My hands pressed hard on his lower back, forcing him inside of me. This time I let out a much louder and longer moan. MY eyes closed and my body tensed as I felt all seven inches of his cock slide inside of me.

Derek did not take long to thrust hard and fast. As I began to scream he placed a hand over my mouth to shut me up. It hardly worked and I moaned and screamed into his palm. This only turned him on more and his thrusting became much more rough. His other hand reached for my throat. He held me down tightly, forcing himself deep inside of my now soaked pussy. I felt his cock stretching me open and I screamed, wanting more and more. I could feel his balls slapping between my legs.

I thought this would be it. I figured he would cum in this rough missionary position, but I was wrong. So, so, wrong. Not that I minded when he slid out of me and tossed me onto my hands and knees. He slapped my ass and sent me lurching forward. I put a hand out so I wouldn’t hit the wall in front of me. I looked back at him and sneered. Pushing my ass higher into the air and putting my face sideways on the pillow, I waved my ass side to side. Now I was taunting him.

Derek’s fingers slid inside of my drenched pussy. He rubbed my swollen clit for only a brief moment to tease me before rubbing my own juices on my asshole. I knew exactly where this was going. Having only had anal sex twice before my body tensed up. He could sense it as he rubbed more of my juices on my back door.

“Calm down, baby.” He cooed as he slid an index finger inside. My asshole was tight and the feeling of his finger only caused discomfort. He watched my eyes clench shut and my mouth too.

“Relax.” He whispered again.

With a gulp I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I knew the trick to anal not hurting was to relax and I did my best. Red locks of hair stuck to the back of my neck from sweat and my hazel eyes stared up at the powerful man behind me.

He rubbed the head of cock against my asshole. He pressed very, very slowly. I felt my asshole being stretched wide and it was a feeling of pain and discomfort. I let out a whimper of pain and clenched my eyes shut. My teeth gritted together as he went inch by inch inside of me. I couldn’t help but to whimper and gasp as I felt my back hole being stretched wide by his rock hard cock.

“Oh yeah, baby. I’m in.” He said between heavy breaths.

I couldn’t bear to open my eyes quite yet. The discomfort of his cock inside of my ass hadn’t gone away. Especially when his hands squeezed my hips and he began to thrust in and out. I felt him slide out a few inches and then back in. His breathing was heavy from excitement. I tried not to squirm as I felt the cock stretching by back end wide open. Four inches out, four inches in. He repeated the motion slow but began to go faster and faster.

“Ah!” I screamed out as his thrusts became rough. He beat into it with no remorse. My body rocked back and forth and he grabbed my hips tightly, forcing me to eat his cock up with my now burning asshole.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, baby. You like that don’t you, slut?” He asked between heavy breaths and groans of pleasure.

“Oh.” I managed to moan. “Y-yes.”

Tears formed in my eyes as my asshole became red. The burning feeling didn’t seem like it would go away. Then suddenly I noticed him slow down and pull out. I was surprised for I hadn’t thought he came yet. Nope. Different position. I should of known.

Derek sat down, his back against the wall, and patted his lap. I thought he wanted me to ride his cock with my pussy which craved his cock. But as I got on top of him he pulled me forward, closer to him, and slowly set my asshole above his cock’s swollen head.

Closing my eyes and with a loud scream “ah” he pushed me down. Once more my asshole was forced to eat his entire rock hard cock. He held my hips again and lifted me up and down.

“Come on baby. Ride it.” He groaned.

Wanting to please my man I did just that. My knees rested on either side of him and my hands pressed into the wall above his head. I forced myself up and down, my asshole burning still as it remained stretched by his cock. I gasped and screamed as tears dripped down my cheeks. I felt like I was being ripped apart as he forced me down harder than I had planned.

His hands reached up and his thumb and index fingers grabbed my nipples. He pinched them so hard I had to scream. Using my nipples to control me, he lifted me up and down. I followed his motions, wanting him to cum now!

“Oh daddy!” I screamed after a long moan of discomfort. My eyes were closed but the tears managed to continue to fall down my cheeks. I was panting, trying to ignore the pain in my back end.

“You’re gonna cum first.” He groaned.

One of his hands reached up to grab my throat. He kept moving me up and down and I followed. My hips moving in circles as well. His other hand went between my legs and in between us. His index finger found my swollen clit and relentlessly he rubbed. His finger moved fast and pressed hard into my clit.

“Ah! Oh! Oh, yes! D-d-daddy!” I screamed. My mouth dropped open to breathe easier and my eyes opened. I stared up at the ceiling as I continued to hump up and down on his thick seven inch cock. The burning in my asshole began to fade as my pussy got the pleasure it craved.

Next he shoved his index and middle finger inside of me. I moaned loud. Without realizing it I began to ride his cock even harder. I screamed loud as I felt that cock stretch my asshole even more. I moved up and down, enjoying the pain mixed with the pleasure. And to make matters better his thumb continued to massage my clit fast and hard. It wouldn’t be long till I reached my climax.

Another three minutes of pain and pleasure mixed anal sex, I felt my legs tightening. I closed my eyes and moaned loud and long. My body began to shake, my legs twitching, my thighs tight. My pussy began to pulse around his fingers as my juices leaked onto them. I couldn’t help but to sit down hard on his cock. I felt it slide deep up inside of me and let out another scream. Just as I did I felt Derek tense up too. His body also needed release. I could feel his cock stiffen and he wrapped his arms around my waist, letting his load shoot up inside of my back door.

We held each other for a moment, panting and completely pleased. My body still shook slightly from the pleasure of the orgasm.

“I love you.” He said, pulling away to kiss my lips softly.

“I love you too.” I panted. I began to rise, feeling his cock slip out inch my inch. Somehow, I had a feeling I’d be craving that cock in my asshole more often…

“So you see,” Allison sighed as she gave a slow, shallow thrust with her hips, “if you manage to not sleep with Melissa before midnight, Melissa has to sleep with Hannah-”

“Any sex act I want for two hours,” Hannah corrected.

“And I don’t know about you, but I want to see Melissa and Hannah together,” Allison grinned.

Blake reached up and cupped Allison’s breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently as he watched her body ease up and down, back and forth on top of his.

“What makes you think I’d just jump in to bed with Melissa anyway?” he laughed, “last time I checked I had a girlfriend.”

“I know, and I trust you,” Allison replied, “but-” she winced as he arched his back and lifted her off her feet.

“But Melissa can be very persuasive,” Hannah said. She was standing under the cascading water, gently massaging her stretched and sore arsehole as she watched her friends make love on the wooden bench.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Blake laughed. “So what happens if she manages to suppress my fidelity, what does she win?”

“Hannah has to let Henry give it to her in the arse,” Allison smiled, looking across at her friend.

“And that’s bad?” Blake checked, looking from one girl across to the other.

“By all accounts Henry is fairly large,” Allison nodded, “large enough to make Hannah think twice about where she’d want to put it.”

Hannah was thinking about it, as her finger traced around her aching ring. Taking Blake in there had felt spectacular once he’d stretched her open, she’d felt so full, so animalistic, so fucking good. Now the prospect of Henry penetrating that tight little hole didn’t seem so bad, she was still unsure about it but as she dipped a finger inside herself and the other hand eased down and applied two digits to her clit, she couldn’t help but squirm at the thought of having Henry’s monster slowly sliding in and out of her.

“Besides,” she said absently, “I could have Henry any time I want, this will probably be my only shot at getting Melissa.”


Down by the river Melissa stood up and stretched, Henry and David watching her from the pool, her lithe form on display for them as she watched their reaction from behind her shades. She bent over and snatched her flimsy summer dress off the ground, dropping it on over her shoulders and sauntering away back towards the campsite.

Henry and David watched her go, both wondering why she bothered with the dress after lying around naked for so long, especially as the dress barely covered her at all.

“Would you?” David asked.

“I have,” Henry replied with a confused look, “you know that.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Why? Wouldn’t you?” Henry asked.

“I’ve got something to say about that,” David gulped, uncertain about whether or not to continue.

“Oh yeah?” Henry replied, raising an eyebrow, expecting a torrent of explicit filth to come pouring from David’s mouth.

“I have been,” he said quietly, watching Melissa disappear over the fence.

“Ha! In your dreams maybe,” Henry replied.

“I swear, I’ve been sleeping with her for weeks,” David said, turning to his friend.

“Bullshit,” Henry replied.

“She doesn’t want anyone to know, so you can’t tell anyone, she’s amazing.”

“Can’t you see it’s just pathetic that you have to lie about stuff like that,” Henry laughed.

“I’m not lying, I slept with her last night, she likes me to put it in her butt.”

Henry roared with laughter.

“Now I know you’re lying,” he said, slapping his friend on the back.

“I’ll prove it,” David said as he pushed his friend away, “I’ll prove to you that Melissa fucks me.”

David swam to the edge of the pool and pulled himself out, grabbing his towel and giving himself a quick dry before walking away and leaving Henry alone.

David looked towards the camp as he approached it, hoping to spot Melissa still loitering around. He had to get her to admit to sleeping with him, it wasn’t fair that he had to keep such a secret, he’d beg her. He couldn’t see her anywhere and wondered where she’d got to, she must have really moved fast to put so much distance between herself and the pool so quickly.

Melissa had run to the camp, her bare feet virtually silent in the grass, none of her friends were out which worried her, she’d checked the tents, listening carefully at each one before her gaze was drawn towards the shower block. She crept up on it now, glancing back at the tents and seeing David wander between them, what the hell did he want?

She stood outside the low brick building listening to the splashing water and the incoherent snatches of conversation. There was definitely at least two voices: Hannah and Allison, but was there- ah, there it was, the deeper, quieter sound of Blake’s voice. She crept in a little way, still hidden by the dogleg in the entrance, but now out of view of David should he look in her direction. She peered around the corner, looking in through the steam, making out two bodies on the bench and a third further away, just a pink figure under the shower by the far wall. She watched the two figures on the bench, clearly it was Blake lying on his back and Allison slowly riding him. So that was Hannah’s plan: keep Blake occupied.

“Mind if I join you?” she announced loudly as she marched in, pulling her dress off over her head.

Allison turned quickly and looked as Melissa walked around the bench, dropping her dress on Blake’s feet as she went and headed for the water.

“I’ve been down by the pool for hours,” she said, turning on the shower beside Hannah and sweeping her hair back as it soaked. “David and Henry have been staring at me, I just feel so filthy, y’know?”

Hannah, Allison and Blake all stared at her as she took the soap in her hands and worked up a lather, caressing her whole body and washing it all off.

“Of course having the three of you watch me is completely different,” she laughed.

Allison leaned down, turning Blake’s face back towards her own and pressing her lips to his, smiling inside as his hands stroked up her thighs and on to her hips.

“Keep fucking me,” Allison whispered in his ear, “it gets me wet when she watches us.”

“How about when you’ve finished over there you come and satisfy me again,” Melissa said loudly, stroking her firm little breasts as she moved her eyes from the couple to Hannah. “He’s going to fuck me,” she hissed quietly through the water, “there’s no way you and Allison can keep him to yourselves until midnight.”

“We’ll see about that,” Hannah replied.

“Also, letting Allison in on our bet is low, even for you,” Melissa snarled. She turned and watched the couple again, they were staring in to each others eyes as Allison ground herself down on Blake, his hands up on her breasts.

“They look good together, don’t they?” Hannah smiled, “there’s no way you’re going to get between them.”

Melissa stepped closer to Hannah, reaching out and resting a hand on Hannah’s hip, looking up in to her eyes.

“Look at my body,” she purred, “every inch of it, glistening, wet, firm, I’ve got fingers and a mouth that can drive you wild and my cunt tastes like heaven. You want it, don’t you?” She watched as Hannah’s eyes fought her lust, desperately trying not to stare. “You’re not getting it, Blake is though, oh God he’s going to be all over me, and then-” she dropped her voice until it was almost inaudible, sliding her hand up Hannah’s flank and on to her breast, smiling as Hannah closed her eyes and gasped at the contact, “and then, Henry’s going to be all over you, that big fat shaft of meat fucking your innocent virgin arse.” Melissa thumbed Hannah’s nipple briefly, noticing her thighs squeeze together.

Hannah pictured herself in a sandwich between Henry and Melissa, her fingers drifting unbidden back to her pussy.

“At the stroke of midnight I’m going to push your pretty little face in to my pussy,” she sighed, not a scrap of malicious tone in her voice, more a promise, between lovers.

“I’ll bet Allison won’t let you fuck her arse,” Melissa called to Blake, her hand moving away as she saw the look in Hannah’s eyes.

“Oh,” Hannah whispered, “I should probably mention, he’s already done that with me, just so you know, it was good.”

Melissa turned back quickly.

“You had him-”

“In my arse? Yes,” Hannah grinned, happy to have put one over on Melissa. “God it felt good, Allison was watching us, she likes watching me and her boyfriend.”

On the bench Allison arched her back and looked over at Hannah and Melissa under the showers, wondering what they were talking about between Melissa’s calls to Blake.

“You want to fuck Melissa in the arse?” she asked Blake quietly, tensing her body and squeezing his cock.

“No,” he breathed, “I just want to fuck you.” He couldn’t keep the thought from his head though, that lithe little temptress putting her knees by her ears and smiling as he pushed himself through her impossibly tight back-door.

“You can do whatever, to whoever you like, as long as you don’t fuck Melissa,” Allison hissed, “I know you want to see her with Hannah as badly as I do.”

They both looked up as Melissa stormed away from Hannah, grabbing her dress as she went, and disappearing back out in to the blazing sunlight.

“What did you say?” Blake asked as Hannah wandered over to the bench.

“I told her I wasn’t an anal virgin any more. I told her you’d done me, and that Allison loved watching us. She didn’t appreciate that news too much, I can’t imagine why.” She laughed and returned to her shower, dipping her fingers between her lips and masturbating as she watched her friends make love.


Melissa pulled her dress on over her head, immediately making it transparent, she reached the fire circle and looked around for something to kick, cursing her bare feet as she realised she’d come off worse no matter what she aimed for. How the fuck had she been beaten by Hannah? It wasn’t fair, she always got her way, that was how it was supposed to be.

“Are you OK?”

She turned on her heel and for the first time saw David sitting on one of the logs, holding a bottle of beer.

“I’m fine,” she growled dismissively.

“Good, I wanted to talk to you about us,” David said.

Melissa looked around quickly, checking none of their friends were around.

“There is no fucking us David,” she hissed, “you know the deal, we never mention this.”

“But I wanted to-”

There was the sound of a car horn honking and both looked up. A beat-up old car was bumping across the field, a girl leaning out of the window waving and shouting.

“Not fucking now,” Melissa growled between gritted teeth, “just not now.”

Melissa turned and ran to her tent, throwing herself face-down on to her makeshift bed and screaming silently in to her pillow. The guys from the village arriving was the last straw, she really didn’t need visitors now.

David ducked down and slunk to his tent too, he wasn’t in the mood for being friendly, he just wanted Melissa to acknowledge him, to talk to him. He’d let Henry and the others deal with their guests, he just wanted to be by himself and think for a while.


Henry had been laying on the boulder drying out when he heard the car approaching, remembering at once that the girls from the village were coming over. He jumped up and jogged back to the camp site, eager to greet them. They were standing in a group looking around when he reached them, five of them, holding a couple of crates of beer between them.

“Hi,” he said happily, holding out his hand to the one girl he recognised, “Amy, it’s good to see you again.”

“Henry, right?” Amy replied, beaming as she reached up to give him a big hug.

“I don’t know where the others have got to, there were at least two more here a minute ago,” he laughed, “I’m sure they’ll be back soon, come on, let’s get comfortable. Let me help you with those.”

He stepped past Amy and took one of the crates in his arms, leading the way down to the ashes of the fire.

They all sat down and Amy went around the circle introducing everyone:

“This is Emily, Dan, Steph and Laura,” she said, pointing at each of them in turn.

“Emily, Dan, Steph and Laura,” Henry repeated. “got it, ask me again when I’ve had a few,” he laughed. “I don’t know where everyone else is.”

“I have something for David,” Amy said, “my mother wanted me to give it to him.”

Inside his tent David listened to the voices, remembering what Amy looked like, his mind told him to get up, go be sociable, but his body refused, he wasn’t in the mood for that right now, he wanted to sort things out with Melissa.

“Here they come,” Henry said, nodding past the visitors as Blake and the girls made their way over from the shower block.

Noticing the car they looked up and hurried over.

“Sorry,” Allison said as they neared, “sorry, we were just taking a quick shower, it’s so good to see you all.”

They exchanged hugs and introductions, Allison noticing a few of the girls looking Blake up and down.

“Henry where’s Melissa, and David for that matter?” Allison asked.

“I don’t know,” Henry replied, “I kind of thought they might be with you.” He immediately remembered the claim David had made and wondered if it might be true.

“Shall we get a fire going?” Hannah said, clapping her hands, “Er, Blake, can you come and help me collect some more wood?”

She pulled the reluctant Blake off his seat and walked with him up across the field.

Melissa lay on her back listening to the group, she’d been coming to terms with having to sleep with Hannah, it wasn’t even so much that she objected, at least Hannah seemed to be an enthusiastic and generous lover, it was more the idea that she’d lost the bet, she never lost. She heard Hannah ask for Blake’s help, they were going to get firewood, where was it they went for firewood? She hadn’t gone to get any since they’d arrived, someone else always did it, but they’d all been talking about where to find a lot, where had it been? The small copse behind the shower block, that was it, out of sight of the camp and perfect for an ambush. She crawled from her tent and darted around behind it, her heart beating hard in her chest as she wondered if anyone had seen her.

She watched Hannah and Blake walk up towards the shower block and vanish from view behind it. This was her chance, a reprieve, a shot at proving Hannah wrong. She quickly ran up to where Blake had gone, waiting to hear the shouts from her friends sitting at the camp but none came. She stopped, leaning against the brickwork of the shower block, catching her breath and grinning as she planned her next move.

“We need a lot,” she heard Hannah say, “I don’t want to have to come back up here when it’s dark.”

Melissa looked around the corner and saw the pair slowly moving further apart. The copse was thick and twisted, it wouldn’t be hard to confront Blake without Hannah seeing, she’d just have to be quiet. She crouched down and moved stealthily between the trees, trying to get ahead of where Blake appeared to be walking. She found a tight knot of trunks and leaned against them, waiting for Blake to pass, lifting one foot and pressing it back against the rough bark, sliding her short dress up her thigh and bunching it around her waist.

“Blake,” she hissed as he moved a few meters in front of her.

Blake turned quickly, dropping most of the dead branches he’d picked up.

“Melissa what the hell?” he said.

“Shh, I just wanted to talk,” she giggled.

“Which is why you’re naked from the waist down?” Blake replied, lowering his voice without even realising.

“Well it’s just that I’m so wet, I don’t know why, since you fucked me I haven’t been able to get you off my mind, nothing seems to satisfy me, I just need you back in me again.”

“Nice try,” Blake replied, cursing his traitorous cock as it swelled in his shorts, “but Allison and Hannah told me about the bet.”

“Did they really, what did they tell you? Did they tell you that if I manage to sleep with you then all three of us have to be your naughty little fuck toys for the rest of the week? Did they tell you that we all have to do whatever perverted thing you want us to? I bet they didn’t, did they? See, I want that Blake, I want to be yours, I’ll do anything for you, I’ll let you abuse me with your big cock in any way you want, all you have to do is fuck me before midnight and then you’ll get all three of us.”

She moved away from the trunk, her dress dropping back down to cover her soft mound, she stood, a hand on Blake’s shoulder as she whispered to him.

“If you want to you can fuck my arsehole and then fuck Allison’s while she licks your cum from mine. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Watching your sweet girlfriend get down and dirty. All you have to do-” she dropped to her knees, her palm rubbing Blake’s cock through his shorts, “is stick it in me.” She lowered her open mouth to the bulge and bit it lightly.

“Oh god,” Blake moaned, feeling the warmth and pressure on his swollen head.

“Blake!” Hannah shouted from a few feet away.

Blake and Melissa both turned.

“Don’t even think about it,” Hannah said, stepping forward and pulling Melissa to her feet with one hand. “I swear to god Blake that if you fuck her you’ll be playing solo for the next month.”

Hannah’s sudden appearance shook Blake out of his lust-driven submission, he stepped back away from Melissa and adjusted his shorts.

“I wasn’t going to,” he said defensively.

“Melissa get the fuck out away from him,” Hannah said, pushing past her and gripping Blake’s shoulder to lead him away.

Melissa watched Hannah take Blake back down to the camp then followed, heading straight back to her tent. She’d get another chance, she was sure of that. There was no way this was over yet. She’d wait until later, she’d make sure they needed more firewood, Blake would go, Blake always went, it was a guy thing, she’d follow him, next time Hannah wouldn’t get in the way.


The group sat around the fire talking, they were well on to the second crate of beer. Henry had offered to drive back to the pub with Amy to fetch more but Hannah had refused to let anyone go anywhere near a car in their drunken state.

“When the beer’s done I’ve got something a little more special,” Amy had winked, “if Hannah is OK with coming with me to my car to fetch it?” She joked.

Hannah had agreed and accompanied Amy to collect a few bottles of spirits.

Amy had watched the group open the bottles and pass them around, smiling as they did.

“I’m going to find David and drag him out here,” she announced quietly, hoping no one would notice her leave, then stopped and leaned across to Blake sitting beside her. “Blake? Blake, which tent is David’s?” she asked, her hand on his knee.

“It’s the second from the end,” Blake replied, “what did you have in mind?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Amy giggled, turning on her seat and quickly creeping away in to the darkness.


David lay on his back staring up in the darkness, the happy sounds filtering through to him. He’d heard Melissa join the party, she’d walked from her tent straight past his, she must’ve noticed he wasn’t at the fire.

There was a sound outside his tent and he sat up, leaning back on his elbows, wondering if it was Melissa come to make amends. The zip slowly ascended, the shadowy figure outside remaining hidden until the last moment when she ducked her head in.

“Hi David,” Amy smiled, “mind if I come in?”

David looked at the huge grin and the big pair of tits in the uniform white tee shirt that Amy wore.

“Sure,” he said, moving to sit up and make room for his guest.

Amy moved in to the tent and sat cross-legged opposite David.

“Why aren’t you out with the rest of us?” she asked.

“I’ve just got a lot on my mind,” he replied, “I’m not really in the mood for drinking and laughing.”

“That’s a shame,” Amy sighed, “I’ve been missing you.”


“Of course, also, I have something I’m meant to give you.”

“What is it?” David asked, his mind suddenly racing.

“This,” Amy smiled, leaning across a kissing him softly.

“Oh, OK,”David said.

“That was from my mother, you made quite an impression on her, she wanted me to tell you that any time you’re back in the village you should call in on her.”

“Oh, OK I will,” David replied, not sure how to respond.

“There was something else too,” Amy said slowly, her eyes begging David’s to look up at her.

“What?” David asked.

Amy knelt up, leaning towards David and kissing him again, her hand on his shoulder pushing him on to his back until he was forced to straighten his legs out either side of her knees.

“My mother told me to suck your cock,” she giggled, reaching forward and tugging down his shorts. “And I always do what my mother tells me.”

David stared as Amy stripped him below the waist and took his rapidly swelling member between her rosy cheeks.

“Oh god,” he sighed as he watched the blonde curls bob up and down.

“Put your hand on the back of my head,” Amy smiled, looking up and slowly pumping David’s cock with her fist.

David pushed her head back down, guiding her movement with his fingers in her hair. He’d gone from lovelorn to getting sucked off in the space of five minutes, god it felt like getting blown by an angel.

Amy locked her lips tight around his shaft, feeling every vein throb as she dragged her mouth up until just his purple head remained inside her. She swirled her tongue around it and probed his slit, smiling to herself as he gasped, his hand suddenly disappearing from the back of her head as he stretched his arms up and arched his back.

“Did you enjoy fucking my mother?” she asked, suddenly withdrawing her mouth and grinning up in to David’s staring eyes as she pumped him slowly. “Guys usually do, she’s obviously pretty good at it, you’ll have to let me know which of us is better though.”

“Fuck,” David gasped as Amy lowered her mouth back on to him.

She sucked hard, suppressing her gag reflex as her lips reached the base of his cock and his head bumped against the back of her throat. Slowly pulling back she followed her lips with her thumb and forefinger wrapped partially around his shaft.

“I bet all your friends have enjoyed this cock,” she grinned, lapping at his head.

David shook his head.

“No? Why not?”

“I, uh, I don’t know,” David replied, wishing Amy would stop teasing.

“You haven’t slept with any of those girls out there?”

“No, well one,” David winced as Amy’s tongue flicked against the underside of his aching head.

“I’ve messed around with most my friends, in one way or another,” she replied with a frown. “In the winter when there’s no tourists around there’s fuck-all else to do ’round here.”

“You mean you’ve fucked-” David groaned, suddenly cut-off as his mouth hung open.

“The girls and Dan? Of course, well mostly it’s just been us fingering each other with the girls. Why? D’you want to watch me and one of them sometime?”

David nodded silently as Amy’s mouth spread in to another devilish grin and she sucked him back between her lips again.

“I’m going to cum,” he groaned, feeling the pressure rise as Amy snaked her tongue out and trailed it up the underside of his shaft.

“You want to cum in my mouth?” Amy asked, withdrawing all contact with his rigid pole as it twitched skyward, glistening on the cusp of eruption.

David nodded almost imperceptibly as Amy teased a single finger across his head.

“Maybe later,” she said, nodding, her face suddenly solemn.

“What th-” David gasped, his eyes wide as Amy held her sweet lips and tongue just inches from his impatient manhood.

“I don’t want you to cum just yet,” Amy replied, her breath tormenting his cock. “I want you to fuck me first,” she nodded thoughtfully, a playful look passing across her face.

David sat up and watched, fighting the urge to finish himself off with his hand as Amy knelt up and slowly stripped. Finally she crawled her naked figure back towards him, pushing him back down from his raised position. The immediacy of his need had faded a little but it was obvious that it wouldn’t take much to have his orgasm galloping back.

“Now, all you have to do,” she began, “is close your eyes,” she whispered, her voice drifting up as she moved down his body, “and,” her breath flowed around his swollen and oozing head, “catch me!”

Amy was already crouched outside the entrance to his tent by the time David’s eyes had shot open and he’d sat up. She flashed a huge grin at him and disappeared. David flung himself out of his tent and scrambled to his feet as he watched Amy’s naked figure race along the row of tents and past their friends at the fire. He was after her in a shot, the open-mouthed faces a blur as he focused on the naked figure, pale in the moonlight, tearing across the campsite towards the river.

At the fire the friends turned to one another with a mixture of confusion and drunken giggles. Allison had moved on to Blake’s lap after watching a couple of the visiting girls eyeing him up and turned to him now, knocking back the last couple of inches in her bottle.

“Skinny-dipping?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with desire.

By the time Allison and Blake had made their way from the fire to the pool, accompanied by their friends and guests, David had dived in after Amy. The group assembled on the boulder and watched as David caught her and she pulled him in to a tight embrace, their bodies shimmering, pale in the moonlit water.

“Last one in’s a chicken,” Allison laughed, quickly pulling her top off over her head and turning to Blake as she pulled at her jeans. “I want you in this river, right now,” she hissed.

Naked she jumped in, David turned at the sound, apparently seeing the others for the first time but quickly turned back by Amy’s hand on his cheek.

Blake stripped down and followed his girlfriend in to the water.

“Come on,” Allison called up to Hannah, “join us.”

Hannah shuffled her feet, she’d just about plucked up the courage to swim naked with Melissa and she was just about ready to shed her clothes in front of the rest of her friends, but doing so in front of a group of relative strangers was awkward.

“Let me help you,” Dan said as he took her hand.

Hannah turned and looked at him his eyes staring back and telling her exactly what it was he wanted.

“OK,” she mumbled quickly, letting him reach down to grasp her tee shirt and lift it up off her body.

She stood still, watching as he pulled his own off, then his head moved, his eyes following Melissa as she sauntered past dropping her clothes, swaying her slender hips and diving off the rock. For a moment Hannah gritted her teeth, furious that another boy found Melissa so much more appealing, then her cunning kicked in.

“How’d you like to watch her and me together?” she whispered, leaning close to Dan and dragging his eyes back to her body.

“You and, er…?”

“Melissa. Yes, the two of us, fucking,” Hannah replied, her voice all but breaking as the thought of it ignited her lust again.

“I didn’t know you were both in to girls,” he replied, turning again as Henry was led to the edge of the rock by Steph and Laura, the three of them naked.

“She’s not,” Hannah grinned, but she will be, trust me.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, shrugging its straps down her arms and dropping it to the rock.

“I don’t understand,” Dan said, his attention now fully on Hannah.

“We had this little bet,” she explained, pulling at his belt, “if I can stop her from fucking Blake there, she has to sleep with me.”

“It looks like Blake’s got enough to be getting on with already,” Dan laughed.

“Mm-hmm, Allison knows about the bet, she wants to see me and Melissa together too,” Hannah nodded slowly.

“So, what do I have to do to get a seat at this performance?” Dan asked.

“Keep Melissa occupied until midnight,” Hannah replied, “tell her you’d rather be with her than me, she’ll love that.”

Dan turned and looked for Melissa in the pool, she’d made her way over to Blake and Allison and was talking to them, evidently much to Allison’s annoyance.

“OK,” Dan nodded, “I’ll do it,” he grinned.

“I bet you will,” Hannah laughed, she watched as Dan shed the rest of his clothes and jumped in to the water.

Watching the group of bodies spread out across the dark water Hannah smiled and pushed her jeans down her legs, leaving them in a crumpled heap as she stepped out of them, turning to push them away from the edge. A little way back one of the visitors was sitting on the rock, her chin on one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.

“Not swimming?” Hannah asked, suddenly feeling very undressed in front of the girl in her jeans and hoodie.

“Not in the mood,” she replied.

“It’s Emily, isn’t it?” Hannah said crouching by the girl’s feet.

“Yeah,” Emily sighed, her eyes flicking up and down as she took in Hannah’s curvy figure.

“What’s wrong Emily,” Hannah asked.

“Nothing, well, no nothing.”

“Tell me,” Hannah said softly, “everyone else is having fun, what’s got you down?”

Hannah turned and followed Emily’s gaze across the pool.

“You wanted David?” she asked as she turned back quickly.

On the opposite side of the pool, away from everyone else David had Amy up against the rocks, her legs were evidently wrapped around his hips as they kissed.

“Not quite,” Emily replied.

“What then? Oh,” Hannah said, realisation hitting her, “Amy.”

Emily nodded and looked down at the ground.

“You don’t think it’s, I dunno, wrong?” she said quietly.

Hannah moved to sit next to her and leaned down.

“I’m uh, well let me put it this way, between Amy and David I’d have Amy any day,” Hannah said happily.

“You mean?” Emily asked.

“I like girls, yeah,” Hannah smiled.

“But you and Dan were just-”

“I like boys too,” Hannah giggled. “So you’ve got yourself lusting after your friend and let me guess, while she’s happy to entertain you from time to time, she’s also always away with someone else, a boy.”

“She does seem to get around,” Emily sighed.

“How about I fill in, for now?” Hannah asked.

“How’d you mean?”

Hannah was already kneeling up and stretching her leg over Emily’s seated figure, bringing herself down to straddle her.

“Oh,” Emily gasped, dropping her bottle as Hannah took her hands.

Emily allowed her hands to be placed on Hannah’s breasts and she instinctively began squeezing them.

“Mm,” Hannah sighed, “why don’t we have our own little party up here?” She lowered her head as Emily tipped hers back to look up, their lips met and within seconds their tongues were thrashing against one another.

“You’re too dressed,” Hannah moaned in Emily’s ear.

“So are you,” Emily replied, her hands slipping down Hannah’s back and under the waistband of her underwear.


Allison rolled her eyes as Melissa told Blake again how good fucking him had felt and how she needed it so badly. She looked up and saw Hannah, pretty much naked, standing and talking to someone then moving down and out of sight. She looked around the pool and counted the bodies in the water, nine including herself, so aside from Hannah there was one other person absent. She tried to recall the names and faces from around the fire but couldn’t, Melissa’s stupid voice was distracting her.

“Maybe I can help?” that voice was new, Allison looked across.

The new boy Dan was treading water behind Melissa. She turned to face him.

“You said you needed it so badly,” Dan said flatly, “maybe I can help with that?”

“Uh, no I’ll be fine, thanks,” Melissa said incredulously.

“Oh, well she said you’d probably say that,” Dan sighed.

“Wait, who said what?” Melissa snapped.

“Your friend, er, Hannah, she wanted me to mess around with her but as soon as I saw you I knew what I wanted. She said I had no chance, I guess she was right.” Dan shrugged his shoulders and turned.

“No! Wait,” Melissa said quickly, “where is Hannah now?”

“I don’t know, still up on that rock I guess,” Dan replied.

Melissa turned in the water, looking Blake up and down before turning back to the new boy.

“I guess I can spend fifteen minutes proving a point,” she grinned, “come on. Dan, isn’t it?”

Melissa gave Dan a peck on the cheek and led him away.

Blake and Allison watched them go, both about to speak when Dan turned quickly as Melissa disappeared. He smiled and gave them a wink before turning and hurrying after Melissa.

“What the fuck was that about?” Allison laughed.

“No idea,” Blake shrugged, “still, at least that leaves us in peace.”

“Looks like David’s enjoying himself,” Allison said, looking across the pool.

David was against the rocks, Amy hidden from view in front of him, just her legs visible as to distorted pale lines as they wrapped around his waist beneath the surface, slowly rising and falling as he thrust his hips. The sound of Amy’s low moans echoed across the pool.

“How about it?” Allison asked, looking up in to Blake’s eyes as she moved against his body, her firm nipples pressing in to his chest.

“How about what?” Blake teased.

Beneath the surface Allison’s fingers wrapped round his cock, pulling it gently.

“Well if you don’t know I’m sure I can find someone who does,” she teased, releasing him briefly.

“Actually, I’m not sure you can,” Blake said looking around.

David and Amy were screwing on the far side, Melissa and Dan had disappeared back on to the boulder where apparently Hannah and one of Amy’s friends were and Henry, Blake scanned the pool.

“Where’s Henry?” he asked.

“I saw him jump in with those two girls, er, Laura and Steph,” Allison replied, looking around.

A murmur caused them both to turn and look up on to the bank behind them. A few meters away Henry lay flat on his back, his long, hard cock pointing straight up at the stars as Steph lay one side and Laura the other, one slowly stroking his shaft, the other other fondling his balls and taking turns to suck on his swollen head. All three bodies wet and inviting.

“So,” Blake said, eyes wide as he turned back to Allison, “Henry’s otherwise occupied too.”

“Looks like he’s enjoying himself,” Allison grinned. “Well seeing as there’s no one else available I suppose you’ll just have to do then.”

She grinned as Blake wrapped his arms around her back and lowered his head to kiss her shoulder. His cock was hard in her hand now and she slowly pumped it between their bodies, it’s heat radiating in the cool water. Reaching one arm back she found the rocky edge of the pool and lifted herself slightly, feeling Blake’s strong arms take some of her weight and guide her back down holding her still as the hot tip of his cock slipped between her lips.

“Don’t tease me,” she pouted.

“Wait,” Blake groaned, torn between the sensation of Allison’s lips teasing the tip of his cock and what he had in mind.

“What is it” Allison asked.

“Want to watch them while we do it?” Blake whispered, nodding at the three figures lying on the bank.

“Mm, I’ve had my eye on the blonde since they got here actually,” Allison hissed, her eyes innocent as they looked up in to Blake’s.

“Laura?” Blake replied.

“Mm-hmm,”Allison nodded.

“Oh really?” Blake grinned, “she’s got a a good pair of tits on her, hasn’t she,” he whispered. “Like Hannah’s.”

“What can I say, I have a type,” Allison’s eyes glinted in the moonlight, her pussy twitching as she talked to her boyfriend about the stranger they both wanted to fuck.

“What about Steph?” Blake asked, helping Allison to turn around, holding her hips as she rested her elbows on the smooth rocks of the bank.

“I wouldn’t say no,” Allison giggled, feeling Blake’s hard cock edging up the inside of her thigh as he moved behind her and pulled himself closer.

“They certainly don’t have a problem making hot girls out here, do they,” Blake sighed.

Laura had half of Henry’s monster cock in her mouth, her hand on his balls as Steph licked and kissed the base of his shaft. Both girls were lying on their sides, one leg up, bent at the knee as their fingers mashed between their wet lips.

“I wonder if they’ve ever fucked each other,” Allison groaned, closing her eyes as Blake nuzzled his way across her shoulder and on to her neck.

“I can imagine they have,” Blake whispered.

“I bet you can,” Allison replied, “I expect you can imagine them doing all kinds of things.”

“Oh yeah,” Blake laughed quietly.

“Tell me,” Allison sighed, squirming back against Blake’s cock as he pressed it up against her pussy.

“I bet they have a strap-on,” Blake whispered in Allison’s ear.

“Mm, that’s good,” Allison smiled, resting her chin on her folded arms as she watched the two girls play with her friend.

Blake gave a push up with his hips and entered his girlfriend, her tight pussy opening up for him and accepting him with a brief squeeze.

“I think Laura there likes to bend Steph over and give it to her hard,” he said picturing it as he watched the girls masturbating as they sucked his friend.

“You think?” Allison asked, “I see one of them on her back while the other rides on top,” she grinned, “hands up cupping the others tits, slowly fucking.”

“No way,” Blake replied, holding Allison’s hips as he found a nice steady rhythm to his thrusts. “Look at the way Laura’s sucking Henry’s cock, she’s holding back, she likes it hard.”

The pair watched, silent except for Blake’s light grunts and Allison’s soft moans. Laura had pulled back from Henry’s cock and now Steph was sucking on his head. Laura dipped her head down and began sucking Henry’s balls, one hand immediately diving back between her own legs.

Blake slipped his hands down and cupped Allison’s buttocks, groping them briefly and wondering if she was as willing to try a little anal as Hannah was.

“Maybe someday, but not now and definitely not here,” Allison said, lifting her head to turn and look over her shoulder at her boyfriend.

“What?” Blake asked innocently.

“You were thinking about my arse,” Allison replied.

“How d’you know that?” Blake laughed.

“Trust me, I know,” she said.

Blake pulled back and gave a deep thrust, penetrating his girlfriend fully, biting below her ear as she straightened up and tipped her head back.

“Fuck that’s good Blake,” Allison groaned.

“You’re so tight,” Blake gasped, “I love it.”

He kept sliding in and out, his pace slowly increasing. On the bank Steph had got up and was straddling Henry’s cock, Laura holding it upright as they pushed it’s bulbous head between her labia. She lowered herself down slowly, Henry’s big hands on her hips to steady her. Laura leaned closer, obscuring Blake and Allison’s view. Steph’s hand dropped on to Laura’s head, guiding it as it became apparent that Laura was licking at Steph’s lips as they stretched around Henry’s shaft. Steph closed her eyes and moaned, Laura looking up and laughing as she spoke, then Steph’s body slipping right down on to Henry. The cry of discomfort was audible.

“Mmm, I’d love to suck on Laura’s clit while she sits on your cock,” Allison moaned quietly, “I bet she’s delicious, when you’ve fucked her I want to clean you with my tongue.”

“You want me to fuck her?” Blake grunted, his eyes fixed on Laura’s wet pussy, glistening in the moonlight.

“God yes, I want to watch you make her scream then drink your cum from her,” Allison hissed, meeting each of Blake’s thrusts, pressing her hips back and loving how he felt entering her with hard, sudden, stabs.

“I love it when you’re filthy,” Blake gasped in her ear, leaving himself buried in her as she writhed on him.

“Well I like being filthy for you. Next time you fuck Hannah in the arse I’m going to blow you as soon as you pull out of her, I want the taste of her arsehole filling my mouth.” Allison lifted her legs underwater and pushed her feet against the bank, swinging her body down to meet each of Blake’s ascensions.

It was coming up to Saturday night, which means my usual late night game of poker with a few of my mates. We did this every Saturday for as long as I can remember. It was just an excuse for us to talk woman and get drunk, sometimes even win some cash.

Maybe I should tell you a little about myself and my life. I am mike 23, average build average job. What wasn’t average was my girlfriend. She really is a true stunner. On the short side maybe 5, 2 but has a figure to die for. She is a size 8 petite little thing but has amazing tits. 30DD but on her small frame they are huge.

We have an amazing sex life, at least 3 times a week. The great thing about Danielle is she’s so shy and really doesn’t like to show herself off, so not many people know how dam sexy she really is.

On Saturdays she usually goes out with her friends for the night and gives us our house for the night. After all she doesn’t want to hear guy talk with a house with 5 guys all drunk. Unfortunately this particular Saturday her friends cancelled on her last minute an her mum was away so she had no choice but to stay home. It was ok though she agreed to stay out the way. We wouldn’t know she was even there she assured me.

Since her friends had cancelled so late Danielle was nearly ready to go out. She had on a lose skirt about 4 inches above her knee, killers heels and a pink blouse. The blouse was tight across her huge tits as was everything she wore, yet it still covered her up really well. She hated attention when she went out.

There was a knock on door just as I was taking the bin out so I asked if she minded just letting them in. Danielle hesitantly walked towards the door knowing what she was wearing and there were 4 probably drunk men on the other side. She opened the door and in walked the guys. I noticed all eyes on her sexy figure. Just as she turned to walk away from the door a gust of wind blew and whipped her lose skirt right up to reveal a very tiny pink thong on my girlfriend’s ass. At this point every lad cheered and whistled at the awesome sight before them. Danielle grabbed it down and ran straight up the stairs and out of sight. The lads still cheering an clearly all excited from the unexpected flash from the usually covered up Danielle.

I went upstairs to check she was ok. Danielle was in the bedroom sat on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. Its ok don’t worry I told her they will forget about by the time they sober up. Anyways you should be pleased they all enjoyed the sight of your sexy ass. I kissed her an joined the guys downstairs.

I made some drinks an sat at the table to get the poker game started. The guys kept saying what an amazing ass my girlfriend has. And it was starting to get me excited I could feel my dick twitch with the thought of others seeing Danielle’s ass in that sexy little thong. But the game had started so had to concentrate as I didn’t really have any money to lose tonight.

As the game progressed I seen my chips dwindle to next to nothing. I was nearly out the game when I drew an amazing hand. One I knew I couldn’t lose with. But as the stakes got higher I ran out of cash to throw in. I asked the guys if I could owe them the difference as I really didn’t want to throw this hand away. Dave one of the guys got a look in his eye I hadn’t seen before. A sort of mischievous look. When he came out with it. How about if we lose you win all the money. I thought great but what’s the catch. When he said it I nearly choked on my beer. I was expecting to have to wash his car for a month or mow his grass. But no he said instead of cash I could bet cloths. I thought what the hell kind of game is 5 guys playing poker naked. But that’s when he continued. It wasn’t my clothes I would be betting it was Danielle’s

I knew there would be no chance in hell that Danielle would agree to it but I had to try. After all I couldn’t lose. I went upstairs to find Danielle still say on the end bed watching TV. I sat next to her and explained the situation I was in. her answer was no chance. I told her I had used our savings to play with tonight and I would lose it all if I didn’t stay in this hand. She knew we couldn’t afford to lose them. An I assured her I couldn’t lose. We both walked downstairs, Danielle looking very very nervous. But the guys just cheered at the thought of seeing her for real this time.

We all shook hands and that was that the bet was done. For me to stay in the hand Danielle had to take off a piece of clothing an put in with the chips. She looked terrified but I Simply told her take off your shoes and then the game will end and we will win. Danielle gingerly took them off placing them on the table. I was about to turn my cards over when Dan raised it again. . SHIT how could I stay in now, I tried to protest an say that was unfair but they all just laughed and said that I knew what was needed to stay in the game. Danielle’s face dropped as she tried to walk away. I grabbed her arm as all the lads proceeded to tell me we shook so a deal is a deal. She had a tear rolling down her cheek as she started to unbutton her blouse to a room full of wolf whistles.

As the last butted was undone the blouse sprung open to reveal a matching lace pink bra just like the thong. She turned around an dropped it off her shoulders. The room was now silent. Danielle held her arms over herself trying to conceal her huge tits from the 5 pairs of eyes as she turned around to face everyone.

I have never seen her so red with embarrass meant in my life. I was he only person she has ever slept with an even the other person to see her naked. Yet here were 5 drunken guys ogling her huge tits while she stood in front of us all in just her skirt an bra. A part of me wanted to cover her up yet my dick twitched with excitement.

At least this was as far as it would go now an Danielle could soon cover up knowing she has just saved our money. But dived raised again. THE BASTARD I thought. Again what could I do? By now Danielle was crying but she herself knew we couldn’t lose that money. The guys started to shout for her skirt to come off. Her hands were shaking so bad she couldn’t pull the zip down. Quick as a flash John lunged forward an yanked the skirt to the ground to an round of cheers and whistles.

She slowly stepped out of her skirt as john picked it up an placed it on the table. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My shy humble girlfriend was now stood in a tiny thong an bra in front of 4 men all ogling her curves. She tried her best to cover herself to no avail.

At this moment Dave suggested a quick end to the game. An offer Danielle would kill for at this moment. How about if you win, you get the cash, plus £50 from each of all an most of all she gets her clothes back. But I knew there would be a catch. And if I lose? If u lose Danielle strips naked right here and you have to watch while all 4 of us fuck her silly in every hole till she can’t take anymore. And while you watch u have to film your shy girlfriend suck and fuck every one of us. My first reaction was no chance is that happening. There is no way Danielle would let this happen; After all she has only ever fucked me in her life. Yet she is expected to fuck 4 guys at the same time like some kind of porn star. Even though I was angry at what might happen I could feel my dick getting hard. The thought of my shy girlfriends with my friends dick buried in her tight pussy excited an angered me at the same time. I wanted to keep her as mine an only mine but my dick wanted other things.

I took Danielle into the kitchen so I could speak to her. In the kitchen Danielle slapped my face for what I had made her do. She straight away told me not to make that bet as she couldn’t fuck them all. I gave her a hug an explained once more that we couldn’t afford to lose that cash. I could tell from the look in her eyes she knew this too. It didn’t help the fact that she didn’t want the consequence of me losing to happen. I assured her that it would all be over soon enough as there was no way I could lose with the hand I had. Danielle said that she trusted m.

Walking back into the lounge where the guys looked on in anticipation I couldn’t help but notice her tits bounce as she waked. She had given up trying to cover up an almost accepted that fact she was stood nearly naked in front of 5 guys for the first time in her life. The guys clearly still loving the sight of her 30DD tits and sexy ass in that tiny thong. Even started to squirm to adjust their growing dicks.

I told them that it was a deal but they were not to hurt her in any way as I was the only person she had slept with. Danielle blushed and turned bright red as the guys looked on in even more anticipation. They started saying crude things like mmmm can’t wait to feel that tight little pussy of yours and to see them huge tit bounce.

We all turned our cards over at the same time an at that point my heart sank. I had lost. There was one hand that could beat mine and Dave had it. I couldn’t believe it and neither could Danielle. She was crying with her head in her hands. She knew exactly what was about to happen. She was about to be fucked harder than ever before by 4 of her own boyfriends mates. The guys could not contain the excitement. I tried to plead with the guys but I was getting nowhere and whether I liked it or not I had made the deal. John asked where I kept my cam cored. I told him it was in the top draw in our bedroom. As he went up the stairs to get it a thought entered my head. Also in that dray was a dildo I had bought for Danielle for them extra sexy nights. We hadn’t used it often as it was about 8 inches and very fat. She really straggled to get even half of it into her tight pussy.

Just then john came down the stairs an just as I thought he wasn’t just holding the camera. Sure enough he placed the huge dildo on the table and said now now who’s a naughty bitch, I think we would all like to see you fucked yourself with this bad boy. Danielle’s face dropped, things where going from bad to worse for her. I sat on the chair an started to camera. I pointed it at my crying girlfriend as she started to undo her bra. She slowly dropped it to the floor to expose her mammoth tits. They looked even bigger now an she was clearly a little excited. Her nipples where’s standing up aching to be sucked. Next she lowered her thong an stepped out to reveal her beautifully shaven pussy. Danielle stood naked in front of 5 guys all with the mouth open at the sight. Paul a big muscle man stepped towards her an cupped her huge tits an quickly sucked on the. Danielle gasped at the new hands on her. He pushed her back onto the table an lowered his mouth to her naked pussy. Danielle couldn’t help but moan as he licked an sucked her clit. Danielle almost lost in the moment seemed to forget the audience but soon remembered as john handed her the huge dildo and told her to fuck her pussy for the camera. Danielle placed it at the opening to her now soaking pussy an slowly pushed it inside. A few mins and Danielle was starting to get accustomed to the huge size and was starting to fuck her harder. I had never seen her use it herself an now had my pants down rubbing my dick at the sight. The other guys soon followed and where all stood naked with their dicks in their hands.

Danielle lost in moment didn’t notice that 2 guys now had the dicks right next to her face as one forcefully pushed his 7 inch dick into her open mouth. Caught by surprise she had no option but to suck it. The other guy lifted her hand to his own dick as she started to stroke it. Her eyes now wide open john stepped up an pulled the dildo from her an replaced it with his own medium size dicked. He rammed forward an buried it in her pussy. She screamed in pain even through the dick in her mouth. Getting into a rhythm soon she was being fucked while sucking a dick at the same time. What a sight but nothing could compare to what I was about to see. All 4 guys took turns fucking her now well used pussy and mouth.

She was pulled from the table an lowered to the waiting dick on the floor, it slipped easily into her pussy an her mouth was soon full too. I noticed Dave who had the biggest dick. Easily 9 inches long positioning him behind her. He soon had his dick placed to the opening of her sweet arsehole. Danielle tried to protest but just as he pushed his huge dick into her virgin ass. Her mouth was filled with cum. She swallowed what she could but her face an tits where sticky with cum. An was soon being covered once more by the 4th dick.

I couldn’t wait no more I placed the camera on the chair not wanting it to miss a thing an soon had my own dick in her mouth. Danielle was in so much pain from the double fucking she was getting she didn’t even notice it was my dick she was now sucking.

With all her holes now filled with dicks Danielle was screaming in both pain an pleasure and I loved every minute of it. The dick in her pussy soon filled her with more cum and so did the one in her ass. She rolled off into a heap on the floor. Cum running down her legs an ass. She was crying from the fucking she had just sustained but that was not the end for her. I lay back as Danielle ass was lowered on to my raging dick. Wow her ass was tight and I was soon fucking it for all its worth her pussy soon filled an so too her mouth I couldn’t believe the sight. We call cum again in her ass pussy an mouth.

The guys thanked me and told me what a fucking good fuck my girlfriend was an soon dressed and left. Danielle was still on the floor with cum covering her. Her ass and pussy bright red an gaping from the brutal fuck she had just had. I carried her to bed but remembered the camera.

I spent the next 2 hours watching it my girlfriend being fucked my 5 dicks for the first time in her life.

This is the second part of the story, the first part is covered in chapters 1-3 which should really be read first if you want an introduction to the characters.

This series is my first submission so comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.


Dave was awoken by movement beside him. Through bleary eyes he saw Sarah climbing into the bed.

She must have gotten changed at some stage during the night as she was wearing her string pyjama top, but curiously no bottoms. As she snuggled back up into his embrace he felt the cool, bare skin of her ass cheeks grind gently against his morning wood.

But Dave’s mind was distracted. In his waking haze he had temporarily forgotten what had happened last night but the memories had started flooding back and each one injected a fresh dose of shame.

He had gay sex. Well not exactly sex and not exactly gay but there was no denying the fact that he was given an orgasm by and gave an orgasm to another man. And as much as he tried to he couldn’t bury the fact that he immensely enjoyed the experience.

What did this mean? Was he gay? He must at least be bisexual, right?

No. It was a mistake. He was obviously a lot drunker and hornier than he realised last night and things had gotten out of hand. Nothing like this would ever happen again, that was for sure. Now he just had to try and put the whole incident behind him.

Sarah’s continued grinding forced him out of his thoughts. Looking down at her half naked body, an idea struck him. He reached around and started groping one of her breasts through the thin cotton top, she groaned softly obviously satisfied with the results of her grinding.

But Dave didn’t stop there, he let his move swiftly down Sarah’s torso. He could feel the steady breath of Colleen on the back of his neck but this only strengthened his resolve. He was going to fuck his beautiful girlfriend right now, he was going to fuck her hard and he didn’t care that Colleen was still here.

In fact, he was glad, this was not only was he proving his straightness to himself but to all three people who had witnessed his slip up last night. This was exactly what he needed to start putting this all behind him.

Dave’s fingers combed through Sarah’s pubes and he stopped only momentarily to tease her clit before plunging two fingers deep inside her. She was already soaking wet. With his fingers sliding, almost frictionlessly past her slick lips, Dave attacked Sarah’s neck, kissing and sucking at every inch of skin in between her ear and shoulder.

Sarah’s moans were pretty much continuous by now and it was only a matter of time before Colleen was woken up. Dave had been trying not to think about what he was going to do when that happened, he was trying to focus all his energy on Sarah, but eventually he wouldn’t be able to ignore it.

It started with a twitch then he could feel something up against his thigh. He had felt Colleen’s body pressed to his, spooning him, since he had woken up but this was different.

The touch of her body was soft and cottony, she must have changed into pyjamas with Sarah, but this was a different texture, smooth and kind of sticky. It was skin.

The sensation of skin on skin moved slowly and steadily up Dave’s inner thigh. It seemed to be spurred on by each of Sarah’s deep moans.

Dave was disgusted with himself. He knew he should move, get away from the penis tracing a path up his leg and concentrate on fucking Sarah. But each twitch of Colleen’s cock sent a shiver of excitement up his spine that he just couldn’t force himself to pull away from.

As the cock slid higher and higher up his thigh his arousal grew deeper and deeper until it finally hit a dead end and prodded softly against his ass. Dave almost came and he couldn’t convince himself it was due to Sarah’s dry humping.

He needed to do something fast, to stop this devolving into a repeat of last night and ruining his plan. He roughly flipped Sarah about so that she was now facing him. A naughty grin spread across her lips at this uncharacteristically aggressive move.

Now he could appreciate her full feminine form, and reassure himself of its beauty. Her neatly trimmed bush, her curvy hips, her deep cleavage and the erect nipples poking through her top, her long neck, pouty lips and finally those big, wide eyes.

He took a second to take it all in before desperately locking lips. Sarah returned the kiss enthusiastically as Dave’s arms embraced that gorgeous body. Everything seemed to be going according to plan now, even Colleen’s persistent erection or her hands starting to caress his back couldn’t take away from this passionate embrace.

Sarah eventually broke the kiss. Her hand slid slowly down Dave’s torso as she nibbled on his ear and whispered to him;

“You are amazing baby. I spent the entire night dreaming about what happened last night. When I woke up I’d soaked right through my bottoms.”

Her hand had reached his crotched and she gripped his cock firmly.

“So I need you to help me out by making those dreams a reality. Please. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

He knew then it was useless to keep fighting. He could never resist Sarah’s naughty damsel-in-distress act. He knew he would do whatever she asked and he knew he’d love every minute of it.

She rolled him onto his back and straddled his hips. Her face broke into a devilish grin as she slid Dave’s cock into her soaked pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she reached the hilt and she just sat there, completely sated for a moment, softly groaning to herself.

She sat perfectly upright on Dave’s cock, her arms which were extended straight against his stomach pushed her breasts together as her head lolled backwards and swayed slowly left to right.

This moment of meditation did not last long however as her lust and horniness took over. She started pounding herself down on Dave’s crotch and when she had gotten into a steady rhythm She crawled forward and grabbed a hold of Colleen who was snuggled up by Dave’s side.

Dave could now see that Colleen had indeed changed into a pair of Sarah’s pyjamas, she wore a light cotton top, which was slightly too small for her and left some of her stomach showing.

She was obviously still conscious of her lack of breasts and had opted to leave her bra on in a somewhat successful effort to appear maintain a more feminine shape.

A pair of shorts were doing a terrible job of covering her erection, her cock had extended beyond the extremely short legs and pushed itself almost fully outside the shorts.

Dave hadn’t gotten a decent look at her cock yesterday but he saw it in its full glory now. He reckoned it was a bit smaller than his, but not by much, and was completely smooth. Sarah had obviously gone a bit further than just waxing Colleen’s legs last night not stopped.

He watched it resting on his leg and knew he should be repulsed but he wasn’t, not in the slightest. In fact he was becoming strangely intrigued and drawn to the cock. It was a bizarre feeling, he’d never thought sexually about another man’s dick before.

But before these desires could manifest into something physical Sarah had leaned across him, blocking his view before locking her lips around Colleen’s mouth and Dave’s thoughts were lost to the erotic, lust-filled kiss between the two girls.

Without breaking the kiss Sarah slowly encouraged Colleen to kneel up so that she could maintain a decent pounding rhythm on Dave’s crotch. Colleen swung a leg over Dave’s body and the two girls embraced fully, the pyjama tops were discarded so that their hands could grope at every inch of skin.

Sarah grasped Colleen’s exposed cock and went to work, Dave could feel the gentle tapping of her balls on his stomach, they had too must have fallen out of the shorts.

Colleen’s fingers eventually found their way to Sarah’s clit, Dave felt extra pressure on his cock inside Sarah. He moaned loudly as Colleen switched between massaging Sarah’s clit and the base of his cock. The girls had broke their kiss and Colleen started sucking hungrily on Sarah’s nipples.

Overcome with horniness, Dave clawed at Colleen’s shorts and, after some awkward shuffling, between them they managed to get them off. He gave her cheeks a gentle squeeze before gently inserting his finger in between them.

This, however, did not go down as smoothly as it had last night. Colleen gave an uncomfortable grunt and pulled away from his finger.

Dave jerked his hand back and started apologising to her. Maybe she too was experiencing second thoughts on what had happened last night. He was quite worried that he screwed up royally now.

Colleen turned to face him and noticed his concern. She didn’t say anything but shook her head to tell him to stop apologising. She grasped his hand and brought it up to her mouth, took the index and middle fingers together and wrapped her lips around them.

Maintaining eye contact the entire time she began to sock and lick the fingers, twirling her tongue around them, covering them in saliva. The feeling sent shivers down Dave’s spine.

After a few minutes of this she slowly drew the fingers out through her pursed lips then, turning back around, she guided Dave’s hand back to her ass and helped him push inside her. With the added moisture and Colleen’s more experience guidance they went in much more easily sighed in appreciation.

Dave began to push in and out of the ass, building up a steady speed. After a while Colleen started to push backwards on the bed, her ass moved closer to Dave while her back arched further, thus giving him easier access.

Eventually her ass was just below his chin and without even thinking Dave leaned in and started to kiss the smooth cheeks. This drove Colleen wild and she pushed back harder against Dave’s fingers.

At the same time Colleen’s head was moving lower down Sarah’s body. She left a trail of kisses down her stomach before reaching her clit. Dave could feel her tongue lapping against the base of his cock as she kissed, licked and sucked at Sarah’s pussy.

A few seconds of this was all that Sarah could handle. She erupted in deafening orgasm that seemed to last forever.

Her groans of pleasure wouldn’t cease and she was forced to roll off Dave and away from the intense pleasure. She lay on the bed next to Dave and Colleen groaning and twitching.

Dave and Colleen became a touch concerned about her.

“You OK there sweetie? Need me to…” Dave asked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…” she mumbled in between moans and gulps of air.

“Do you want me to do any….”

“No, no, no, no, no, no…”

Dave and Colleen exchanged a glance and started to giggled at Sarah as she lay there completely incapacitated. Eventually she regained control of her limbs and got shakily up from the bed.

“I’m OK, I’m OK.” she said as Dave and Colleen made moved to help her.

“I’ll be fine in a minute, I’m just going to go to the bathroom to compose myself.”

She made her way to the en suite and as soon as the door closed Dave and Colleen fell back onto the bed in fits of giggles. In fairness, she had literally asked for it.

Eventually the giggling subsided.

Colleen started to tug at her pyjama shorts which were stuck awkwardly halfway down her legs. Dave lay back watching her struggle with the shorts, she was still not completely over her morning drowsiness and was somewhat tired and disoriented after the rigorous pleasure she’d just received, so the task was more difficult than it would ordinarily be.

He was overcome with how cute she looked as she wrestled with such a minor task. Rolling over, he kissed the back of her neck and let his hand rub gently across her ribs and down to her hip. Colleen shivered and became more desperate in her bid to discard the shorts.

Dave was having immense fun distracting her and proceeded to suck on her neck, tickle her back, snap the strap of the bra which she had yet to discard, anything he could do to tease her and prolong her adorable struggle.

Eventually Colleen managed to kick the shorts off and immediately diverted her full attention to retaliating against Dave. She jerked her neck violently away from his lips and spun around to face him. Grabbing him roughly by the ass cheek, she squeezed their bodies together while attacking his lips.

Dave was genuinely startled by the ferocity of her passion as her tongue pushed further into his mouth and her nails clawed at his ass and back. He quickly recovered and matched her passion in both tongue play and groping.

Colleen shoved him onto his back and straddled his thighs. With one hand she grabbed the back of his neck and then traced a ticklish line with her tongue up his chest until she reached the opposite side of his neck. She locked her lips onto the skin and started to lick, suck and nibble. Dave was particularly vulnerable to hickeys, his eyes rolled back and he let out a long deep moan.

Colleen must have been quite turned on by this as she started to rock her hips, their stomachs pressed together and she rubbed her cock in between them. Dave’s cock was getting a similar treatment as a result, in fact he noticed Colleen seemed to be manoeuvring into a position such that her cock was pressing firmly up against Dave’s.

He was almost sure this was intentional but tried not to think about it, mainly because it felt good, ticklish and a bit sticky but overall quite nice, and he didn’t want to have to justify enjoying it to himself.

He heard the bathroom door open and looked over to see Sarah entering the room. She paused at the door, initially shocked by the erotic scene in front of her. For a second Dave thought he may have crossed a line by engaging with Colleen without her present but then that devilish grin appeared on her face and he knew she was anything but angry.

She disappeared back into the bathroom, reemerging a second later with a bottle of lube. Locking eyes with Dave and her grin spread as she made her way back to the bed. She climbed up behind Colleen, over Dave’s legs, and started to massage Colleen back. She said nothing but maintained eye contact with Dave, the glint of arousal in her eye was not hard to miss.

Sarah reached her hand under Colleen and pried her body away from Dave’s so she could get to her chest, using the small gap to grope and pinch at Colleen’s padded bra. This drove Colleen crazy and she sat up, pushing back into Sarah’s waiting arms. She craned her neck around and the two girls embraced awkwardly but passionately as Sarah continued to massage Colleen’s ‘breasts’.

Dave was just lying back enjoying this display, his hand lightly stroking Colleen’s thighs. But Sarah didn’t let him stay idle for long, while kissing Colleen she grabbed Dave’s hands and guided them to Colleen’s bra, encouraging him to take over the massage, which he did enthusiastically.

With free hands then Sarah found the bottle of lube and squirted a dollop onto her hands. She broke the kiss so she could look Dave in the eyes as she reached around Colleen’s hips, grabbed her cock and started stroking it slowly. Then she reached her other hand around and started stroking Dave’s cock in the same rhythm.

Dave could feel Colleen’s balls gently rubbing against his own on the downbeat of each stroke, he let Sarah know exactly how good this felt with a look of pure ecstasy. But Sarah wasn’t done there, after a few strokes she brought her hands together so they were encircling both cocks simultaneously.

Now the underside of Dave’s cock was rubbing up against the underside of Colleen’s. It felt wonderous. The slight awkwardness of the earlier dry humping was removed thanks to the lube so the cocks rubbed softly against each other as Sarah’s hands glided over them. On top of that Dave could feel every pulse and twitch of Colleen’s cock which opened up a whole new world of pleasures.

With all this new excitement Dave had forgotten that he was supposed to be massaging Colleen’s breasts, she reminded him by grabbing his hands tightly and mashing them into her chest as she started her high pitched moaning. Dave too started making noise, he was getting close, this felt amazing.

Sarah was watching them both intently and Dave noticed that her devilish grin had not left her. He soon found out why. Sarah waited until they were both right on the edge and then stopped dead.

“Sorry sweeties. You don’t get to come yet, I have much more in store for you first.”

With that she placed a hand on Colleen’s back and encouraged her to lean forward. As her bra-covered breasts brushed up against his chest Dave met Colleen’s lips with his own, one hand went to the back of her neck while the other combed through her hair as he welcomed her back into his arms.

Suddenly, he felt Colleen squirm and she grunted into the kiss, this was followed by a long, deep moan which reverberated down his throat. He felt vibrations pounding up though her body and she moaned a little louder with each one.

Dave guessed that Sarah had found Colleen’s asshole and had wormed a lubed up finger or two inside her. Colleen started to rock her body in rhythm which Sarah’s fingering which caused her cock to rub up against Dave’s again. The lube, which now covered their cocks and stomachs, made this much noisier than it had been earlier which would have been funny if it wasn’t also a much more pleasurable sensation.

Sarah did not let this continue for long however, she shifted Colleen up slightly and manoeuvred Dave’s cock out from between her legs so that Colleen was now straddling Dave’s waist with his cock resting up against her ass cheeks.

Sarah engulfed his slightly softened dick which promptly brought it back to full attention. As her tongue swirled around his shaft Colleen’s did the same in his mouth and it was his turn to moan into the kiss. He could feel lube and saliva dripping from his balls as Sarah slurped away. Both her hands must have been put to use on Colleen because she seemed to be trying to control the blowjob using only her lips which felt clumsy but incredibly hot.

As Sarah pumped away at their ass and cock, Dave and Colleen broke their long, deep kiss in favour of short, hard pecks on the lips separated by groans and moans as they stared intensely into each others eyes. They smiled giddily at each other each time a kiss went off course due to Sarah’s vigorous pounding on Colleen’s body.

But such rigorous sucking and fingering quickly took its toll on Sarah. Dave’s soaked cock slapped against Colleen’s balls when Sarah’s lips eventually slid off it. He could hear her gulping down air as she tried to catch her breath, a long exhaled sigh from Colleen told him that Sarah had also pulled out of her ass.

Colleen rested her head on Dave’s chest, she too needing to catch her breath. He stroked her hair and leaned his head back to relax himself. He was quickly surprised however to learn that Sarah was not completely tired out as he felt a hand start to toy with his cock.

This was no handjob however, Sarah’s fingers were spreading the slick mixture of saliva and lube evenly around his dick. For once Dave could tell where this was going next and he was all for it, he had committed fully at this point and there was no way he was backing out now.

He felt tiny hairs tickling his sensitive head, Sarah was guided his cock across Colleen’s freshly shaven skin drawing a path of lube down her lower back and through the valley of her cheeks before reaching the hole. She paused there for a second, right on the precipice with Dave’s foreskin pressed tight against Colleen’s rim. She was obviously giving Dave the opportunity to raise an objection before continuing.

The sensation of the cock pulsing at her hole had caused Colleen to stir from her dozing, she had pushed herself up and was staring Dave in the face once more. She too was clearly giving Dave the chance to back out but her eyes were pleading with him, begging him to go that one step further.

Dave didn’t need any encouragement and decided to give a clear sign of his committal. While maintaining eye contact with Colleen he raised his knees so his feet were flat on the bed and then pushed slowly but firmly upwards with his hips.

There was a good deal of resistance at first but with Sarah helping hand and the vast quantities of lube the tip made steady progress until the full head was inside. Colleen and Dave held their stare for the entirety of this process and as Dave began to gently slide further inside her Colleen kissed him tenderly on the lips, stroking his cheek with one hand as she did so.

Dave’s head was buzzing. He was fucking another man. 24 hours ago the idea of engaging in what he was doing would have repulsed him but now it felt so right. And so good. He loved every bit of it.

Colleen looked gorgeous, as hot as any girl he’d been with, including Sarah. Her face, even with smeared make up and frizzy hair, was still cute as hell. Her slim body was smooth and soft touch, the push up bra even giving it just enough shape to complete the look.

Her ass gripped his cock so tightly he swore he could feel the vibrations from her heart beating. He even enjoyed the tickling of her unbridled cock, flopping around between their stomachs.

Horny as this all made him however, Dave tried not to get carried away. He made sure his penetrations were slow and shallow at this early stage so as not to hurt Colleen.

She, on the other hand, had other plans all together. Sitting up straight, with clenched eyes and an open mouth she forced herself down hard onto Dave’s cock, burying him up to the hilt. Dave yelped in pleasure and surprise and Colleen’s face broke into a sly grin.

She fucked with long, forceful strokes, sliding nearly the full length of Dave’s cock with each bounce. The sound of her deep groans was broken by the gentle slapping of her hard cock on Dave’s stomach.

Sarah climbed up beside her boyfriend. After a long, playful kiss she draped her arm across his chest and snuggled up against him. Cheek to cheek they lay there enjoying the show being put on for them.

Colleen stared down at the two of them as she pounded away, she massaged her imaginary breats, liked her lips and made ludicrously sexy, pouty faces in between giggles and moans.

Eventually Dave couldn’t contain his horniness any more. He needed to be in control. Surprising both the girls he suddenly sat upright, one arm swung around Colleen’s back as he locked his lips around her surprised mouth. With the other arm he lifted his hips up off the bed and twisted his body around flinging Colleen onto her back with him on top of her.

They landed with a slap of skin and a creak of bedsprings, his tongue still in her mouth and his cock still in her ass. Colleen lay there in shock for a few seconds while Sarah chuckled beside her, she knew well what it was like to be on the receiving end of that move.

Dave kneeled up straight, grabbed Colleen tightly at the hips and just let loose, pounding away as hard as he could at the ass beneath him. Colleen’s groaning reached deafening levels, she was basically screaming in pleasure at this point and had to bury her face in her hands to try to keep some composure.

Sarah lay back, watching her boyfriend intently. Her body had finally recovered from her earlier orgasm so she reached her hand down and started to gently pleasure herself to scene unfolding in front of her.

Her fingering sped up as her horniness slowly increased in intensity, eventually she decided she was ready to get involved again. She lowered Colleen’s hands from her face and leaned in for a kiss. Encouraged by this, Colleen twisted slightly so she could more easily massage Sarah’s clit while Sarah’s own fingers were busy plunging deep into her pussy.

Dave was almost salivating at this sight and it prompted him to fuck even harder. Colleen’s cock now slapped wildly against his stomach, it had of course being doing this the entire time but the increase in speed brought it to Dave’s attention. Looking down at the two girls he realised that Colleen was the only one not being directly pleasured. She seemed to be enjoying the fucking immensely but, as a guy, Dave still couldn’t imagine enjoying sex fully without having your cock stimulated.

So he took another bold step, crossed another line. He released his grip on Colleen’s right hip and slid his hand down to her crotch. Then with a solid determination and a good deal of clumsiness he awkwardly caught hold of her cock.

It was still drenched in lube so his hand almost slipped off straight away but he managed to secure his grip and concentrated on settling into a rhythm with his fucking. Dave had thought this would come more naturally considering the number of times he had done it to himself but then he was used to holding it from the other side. His thumb pressed over the ridge on the underside of Colleen’s cock as his first finger reached the bottom of the head.

Earlier he had thought that Colleen’s cock was of a similar size to his own but with it in his hand he could tell that it was actually a good deal smaller, he guessed the shaven pubes made it appear much bigger to the eye.

He started with long, slow strokes. Watching hypnotically as the foreskin was pushed up and down around the head and the lube dribbled slowly over his fingers. After he got into a good stroking rhythm he managed to break his trance and returned his gaze to the show the girls had been putting on for him.

They, however, had stopped. Sarah and Colleen were both just lying there staring at him with shocked expressions. The trio had been pleasuring each other for a long time at this point but this was the first time Dave had engaged in an activity which addressed the reality that Colleen was not actually a woman. It was clear for the first time that Dave was not just ignoring Colleen’s penis, he was embracing it. Literally. And the girls realised this.

Dave knew himself that this was a big step. He could no longer justify everything he’d done by telling himself that, viewing Colleen as a girl, nothing had been outside the realm of heterosexual sex. He wasn’t sure if this exactly constituted gay sex but it certainly wasn’t straight sex. And he was perfectly fine with that, he was having fun, why not go further?

However he had not expected this to have such a profound effect on the girls. It looked as if Colleen was actually going to cry, her lip quivered slightly and her eyes seemed very watery. If it wasn’t for the massive smile plastered across her face Dave would have been worried.

For Sarah this seemed to be the kick her sex drive needed to get back into its highest gear. Her eyes had a beastly, hungry look in them and she actually licked her lips subtly before jumping at Dave. She ravished him with short aggressive pecks on the lips before swinging her arms around his neck and sliding her tongue into his mouth, kissing him long and hard.

Without breaking their tightly lock lips Sarah then swung her leg over Colleen. She scooted back slightly, dragging Dave’s lips with her, and placed her dripping pussy just over Colleen’s face. Colleen needed no encouragement and promptly buried her tongue deep within Sarah’s lips

Dave had to lean forwards as Sarah pushed down hard against Colleen’s face. He continued to pound away on Colleen’s ass as Sarah’s tongue invaded his mouth for progressively longer and more passionate kisses leaving them both gasping for breath in between moans and grunts.

Dave felt some fumbling by his hand and looked down to see Sarah lacing fingers with him so that she could help with the handjob. It was somewhat awkward to get into a nice stride as they were coming at it from opposite sides but once they figured the angles out it started to work quite well. Their fingers slid over each other and their hands meshed together as they pumped the shaft, they locked eyes with each other again before desperately resuming their passionate kiss.

Dave could feel the pressure building, he was nearing his climax but Colleen beat him to it. The addition of Sarah’s hand on her cock had pushed her over the edge, she squirmed beneath Sarah’s legs and bucked against Dave’s cock, her screams of pleasure muffled by the pussy over her mouth.

Dave felt a splash of wetness strike him on the chest and begin to trickle down to his stomach. It caught him by surprise and he pulled back to see cum splashing Sarah’s boobs and dripping down over his and Sarah’s fingers. Colleen’s cock continued to twitch and leak for several seconds, each twitch coincided with a tightening of her asshole which pushed Dave closer and closer to his climax.

Sarah climbed off Colleen’s face, which right now wore a dazed but contented look, and lowered her head to Colleen’s crotch. Dave felt a tickling sensation as she lapped and sucked the cum from both his fingers and Colleen’s cock.

He finally reached his climax. Grunting loudly and gripping Colleen’s hip tightly, he rammed into her once more and came as deep inside her as his cock would reach. Colleen was already completely spent at this point but the force of the ejaculation caused her to emit one last moan of pleasure.

He let Sarah lick the cum from his chest while he wriggled free of Colleen ass. The tickling of her tongue was relaxing but he had to stop her when she lowered herself to his newly freed cock, it was too much for his aching member to handle. Instead they collapsed on the bed next to Colleen.

Dave was about ready to blackout. He was exhausted, his muscles were burning and his head was spinning. The girls, on the other hand, were not ready to take a break yet. Colleen rolled to Sarah’s side and lowered her fingers to her pussy as she pushed her tongue through Sarah’s cum coated lips.

Sarah’s moans brought Dave out of his trance and he kicked himself when he remembered that only himself and Colleen had cum. He was so overwhelmed by his orgasm he was neglecting his girlfriend of hers.

Shaking his head he summoned the last of his energy and moved over to Sarah’s other side. Colleen was still monopolizing Sarah’s mouth so instead he settled for locking his lips on her neck while his hand snaked around her hips to join with Colleen’s.

Sarah slowly moved her attention between the two, letting Colleen and Dave alternate between sloppy kissing and hickey giving. This continued for some time, it usually took a good deal longer for Sarah to reach a second orgasm but it didn’t feel tiring or strenuous for any of them. Taking it slow they all felt extremely at ease, the whole affair was sensual, relaxing, even somewhat romantic.

Sarah started to groan more frequently. Dave felt Colleen’s hand move from Sarah’s clit, it slid slowly over his fingers and reached down below where his hand was. Sarah pulled her lips away from his to inhale sharply and Dave felt some extra pressure on the back of his knuckles as Colleen’s finger entered her asshole.

Dave looked to make sure Sarah was ok with this, she was groaning and breathing deeply but she gave him a nod to affirm her approval. However she needed room to breathe and so gently pushed Colleen and Dave’s heads together. Colleen rammed her tongue into Dave’s mouth as Sarah’s fingers gripped their hair tightly.

Colleen’s finger pressed up against Dave’s through the thin wall separating Sarah’s ass and vagina to provide the most bizarre sensation Dave had ever felt. He could only imagine what it was doing to Sarah, though her yelps of enjoyment gave him some indication .

Colleen quickly guided him into a more efficient rhythm, with them alternating their strokes into Sarah. The kiss was broken relatively by Colleen who drew back with a look that clearly showed she was thinking some very dirty thoughts.

She flicked her eyes downwards, obviously indicated to Dave to follow her gaze. He look a glance at Sarah’s body where Colleen had motioned towards. It was hot, sweaty and writhing in pleasure but Dave didn’t understand what Colleen was getting at.

Looking back to her she gave him the same indication, this time lowering her head to the spot and running her tongue across Sarah’s breast before staring back up at Dave with begging puppy dog eyes. It finally clicked with Dave, Colleen’s cum was still smeared down Sarah’s chest and stomach from earlier and she wanted him to help lick it off.

Dave froze up, his fingers stopped moving inside Sarah. He wasn’t prepared for this step. It was, perhaps, silly but even after fucking Colleen, even after giving her a handjob and even though he knew he was tasting both her and his own cum on Sarah’s lips, even after all that this seemed like a step too far.

He knew it would be erotic for Sarah and maybe, one day, he could build up to that but right now he just wasn’t able to bring himself to go that far and he was slightly ashamed of his cowardice.

Sarah noticed his hesitation, and even in her near orgasmic, disorientated state she quickly worked out what was going wrong. Thankfully she gave Dave an out, grabbing him roughly by the neck she diverted his attention back to her and enveloped him in a fiery kiss.

Dave, desperate to make up for disappointing her, returned the kiss with equal fervour. His fingers moved with a renewed vigor and Colleen struggled to keep pace as his palm slapped against Sarah’s clit.

Not surprisingly it did not take much longer for Sarah to reach her climax. It was not as intense as her last orgasm but it was as much as her exhausted body could handle. Her long exhaled moan cracked and warbled with her still shaking body.

Colleen and Dave gently removed their fingers from Sarah as Colleen finished licking up the last of the cum. Then, smiling contently, Sarah buried her head in Dave’s chest.

Sarah started to fall into a post-orgasm snooze and Dave looked apologetically over at Colleen.

‘I’m so…’

‘Don’t. Please don’t apologise, I understand.’

‘But I just…’

Colleen gave him a look that said, in no uncertain terms: ‘Shut the fuck up. It’s ok.’ Dave took the advice, opting instead to reach out to her, pull her close and give her a long, deep kiss.

He realised that he could clearly taste cum on Colleen’s breath. It didn’t taste good but for some reason it didn’t seem to bother him, though the thought of actually licking it off Sarah still did. Was this just something he’d never be able to do? No, he told himself. He would get over it, next time he’d make himself take that step. He felt he owed it to both Sarah and Colleen.

Then a thought struck him, would there be a next time? It hadn’t occurred to him that this might be a one night stand deal. He had been making the assumption that the girls would want to do this again yet they hadn’t given any indication of this.

Dave looked nervously down at the two girls quietly dozing beside him, their sweaty bodies intertwined together, Colleen’s bra the only piece of clothing between them. Considering he was originally so reluctant about the whole ordeal, Dave couldn’t believe how worried he now was that he may not get to experience this again.

He tried to push the thought to the back of his mind as he pulled the duvet over their exposed skin and started to drift off. However, his snooze was not as peaceful as the two contented girls next to him. His mind was plagued with worries and fear, was he about to lose the paradise he had just found?


Thanks to everyone who has followed the story up to this point. You guys are awesome, the support has been really amazing.

Unfortunately I think updates are going to come a little less frequently from now on, I’m swamped at the moment and I also want to try my hand at some shorter pieces. However there is definitely more to come, I’ve some ideas for where the story is going next, it just may take some time to actually get it down. I’ll try not to take too long.

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