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“Take off the shackles,” Nile said in a calm voice and demeanor that did not betray his quivering insides.

“Excuse me?” the Chief Agent said, his eyes showing surprise even through the helmet he wore. He and the other three Agents had their weapons drawn and at the ready. They were facing the shackled prisoner who was sitting down.

The prisoner was a vampire. Nile didn’t think he had ever been so close to one before. He felt terrified, but this was what he signed up for. He had a job to do and this was his opportunity to prove himself. This was his first vampire client. His dream of social justice would be recognized, one client at a time. He had studied the prisoner’s files and found no reason to keep him shackled and sedated other than the simple fact that he was a vampire. The shackles were big, heavy, and made with silver and other materials that weakened the vampire’s natural strength. They were blinking with various lights which indicated they were sending a silent impulse through the vampire’s body that kept him somewhat sedated.

“I don’t think you know what you’re asking,” the Chief Agent said with a nervous laugh.

“Sir, I have read his files. I see no reason to believe he is a threat,” I said. “This man has been charged with drug related crimes. He has not been charged with murder or assault.”

“He’s a fucking vampire,” the Chief Agent said. “A hundred and thirty years old. He could easily kill all of us in this room.”

“And for what purpose? To have more Agents rush in and kill him with a few rounds of your high tech silver bullets? That would be foolish. Take his shackles off and leave the room,” Nile said, determined to stand his ground. All of the Agents were taller and more muscled than he was, but he would not let them intimidate him.

“Listen to me, those things don’t think like you and me,” the Chief Agent said.

“That man’s name is Arden Vorrick. He is my client. I will not have him shackled up and sedated in this room. Outside these walls, you have all the power. But this is my consultation room. This room is for me and my clients and no one else. Please remove the shackles from Mr. Vorrick and leave,” Nile said.

The Agents looked at him in total disbelief. Nile stood as tall as he could, though he was only average height and the Agents towered over him. He was also aware that he was unarmed and dressed in a very expensive suit. He had neatly trimmed short black hair, brown eyes, and wore glasses. Everything about him screamed spoiled, rich, educated civilian. These Agents were not happy that he was commanding them to do anything. He was just a court counselor.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” the Chief Agent said.

“Sir, do I have to contact the judge in charge of Mr. Vorrick’s case and have him remind you of my client’s right to legal consultation in a private and non-threatening environment? He has not proved himself dangerous,” Nile said.

The Chief was pissed. “Fine. It’s your goddamn neck. Don’t be surprised when the fucker drains you dry first chance he gets.”

Nile stood tall and silent as the Agents surrounded the vampire. One Agent put a key into the shackles, punched in a code, and released them as the others stood by with their guns trained. The Agents backed out and the heavy door shut loud behind them (the Chief muttering something about “damn fucking liberals”). There was nothing in the room but a long table and two chairs. All gray and bolted to the floor. The walls were an off-white brick and the floors were concrete and painted gray. Bare florescent lights buzzed on the ceiling, one flickered every few seconds. There were no windows in this wing of the building because it was where they kept the vampires. Vampires were often deprived of sleep, forced to switch their day and night schedules to be more convenient for their human captors.

Nile was very aware that he was alone in a room with a vampire and that no matter what the files said, this was taking a risk. But it was one he felt necessary. He maintained his calm demeanor as he sat down in the chair across from the vampire. The vampire, Arden Vorrick, was about 6’2 (compared to Nile’s 5’10), well muscled, and of course equipped with fangs and supernatural strength. He had spiked black hair with striking white streaks, blue eyes, and was dressed in the standard gray prison suit. He looked no older than his early twenties, but he was of course much older.

“Well, you’re either bat shit crazy or you’ve got some real fucking balls,” Arden said grinning, his fangs showing.

Nile kept calm and sat down. “I am simply doing my job, Mr. Vorrick. Standing up for your rights.”

“Rights?” Arden said with a laugh. “Oh, you are fucking bat shit. Vampires don’t have rights, you asshole. That’s why I’m here.”

“Some of us disagree with how unjust the Agency treats you,” Nile said with a sincere frown. “We wish to change things. But big changes occur in small steps, Mr. Vorrick. We have to start somewhere.”

Arden burst into laughter. “Do you really think I’m that fucking stupid? That I’m going to believe that you’re here to help me just because of your little show with the shackles? Fuck you. If you aren’t a lying fuck, you’re a naive one. The Agency has been in power for the past fifty years, and I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the vampires being rounded up and burnt alive. I’ve seen them being starved and beaten. That kind of thing still happens sometimes, you know, in those…what do they call them? Correctional Facilities? Yeah, that’s a euphemism for blood farm. The only reason they don’t kill us as often as they used to is because they found out that draining us has its benefits. Our blood is used to make so much of the medicine, illegal drugs, and other shit you take for granted.”

Nile sighed. “Look, I know things are bad. That’s why I want to help you and others like you. To keep you out of the Correctional Facilities. And eventually work to close all of those down or at the very least heavily reform them into what they are supposed to be. Facilities reserved only for the truly dangerous to be locked away from society but not abused, drained, and murdered.”

Arden smirked, crossing his arms. “Big dreams.” He chuckled. “But so much in your world depends on a healthy supply of vampire blood now. The Agency has power and money and craves even more. Even if you do manage to get a few of us out of prison, it won’t make a difference. You’re a naive idiot to think otherwise. Let me guess…you grew up some spoiled privileged dick, got sent to some liberal university, and decided to get a law degree and change the whole goddamn world, right? You talk about social justice like you know all about it. Let me tell you, Rich Dick, you don’t know shit. I’ll bet you’ve never stepped foot in a Community in your life, have you?”

Communities were more or less reservations for vampires. Underground cities or neighborhoods housed in old sewer networks. They were rampant with pollution, crime, and poverty. Only the lowest of humans went there and many ended up dead. The borders of these Communities were patrolled heavily by Agents. As long as the vampires didn’t get out, they didn’t much care about what went on inside. Once in a while, they’d do a raid or two to keep up appearances. To make sure the vampires, who were forced into lives of crime, still had their evil image and the Agents still looked like the good guys. Arden had been caught in such a raid.

“I…have not…but I am appalled by them. And by the way vampires are treated in general,” Nile said. “I can help you. If you let me.”

“You don’t get it do you? You can’t help me. Do you think the Agents or any judge will take you seriously? You’re just a fucking token liberal. Someone to hire in order to make them look tolerant. But to keep on a tight leash,” Arden said.

His words struck a chord. Nile felt his face flush with anger. “Mr. Vorrick…I’m here to help you. Now let’s discuss our defense strategy.” He picked up a file on the table.

In a second Arden was leaning across the table, holding Nile by the shirt collar, his lips so close to Nile’s neck that he could feel the vampire’s warm breath. Terror shot through Nile and he cried out, his file scattering to the floor. The vampire’s lips touched his neck and he felt a sudden prick and a gentle caress of the vampire’s tongue.

Agents stormed into the room, shooting a taser at the vampire and causing him to jump back and hug the wall. He was crying out as the Agents surrounded him, subduing with more zaps and clamping the shackles back on.

“That’s what happens when you fucking trust a vampire!” the Chief Agent shouted at Nile as they dragged Arden away.

Arden looked up at Nile on the way out and despite his grimace of pain he managed a slight grin, fangs showing, and a wink. “Delicious.”

Nile was shaking. He could hardly stand up. He grabbed the chair to steady himself with one hand and reached up to his neck with the other. An Agent approached him.

“It’s just a tiny prick, Sir,” the Agent said. “You were lucky. Bastard was just teasing you.”

Nile just nodded.

“Did he hurt you anywhere else?” the Agent asked.

Nile shook his head.

“Better leave here. Go back to your office or home. Get some rest,” the Agent said. “Maybe consider a career change.”

Nile just walked out of the room. He made his way back to his office, locked himself in, took a deep breath, and tried to steady his thoughts. The vampire had fucking terrified him. He had also made him look like a fool in front of the Agents. Why would he act the way they expected him to and reinforce the stereotype? And Nile had been so sure he had no reason to fear the vampire. But then again, the vampire could have easily killed him, but he didn’t. No, he just touched his warm lips to Nile’s neck like a kiss as he barely broke the skin and gave a little lick. Nile shuddered at the thought of it. His skin had gotten goosebumps at that moment and it did so now just at the memory. It had been a terrifying moment, but also…something else. Nile was confused.

He sat in his chair and sighed. He tried to convince himself that though it had been a terrible first client experience, there would be other chances. He could not let one bad experience interfere with his overall mission. He was going to do some good in this world, he was determined. He tried to dive into work, but he was distracted. His mind kept going back to the vampire’s little bite and his skin would get goosebumps all over again. Finally, he decided to go home and take the rest of the day off.

Nile lived in a nice home in the better part of the city. It was spacious and beautiful with arched doorways and fancy chandeliers. It was a nice place and he loved it, but it was also too big for one person. There had been someone else when he bought it. But that was long ago. It had all went wrong and now he just wanted to be the lonely guy who never had time for anyone. Because the truth was he was terrified of heart break. One time he had given his heart to someone. Never again.

Nile made himself a drink and sat in his favorite black leather sofa. He picked up the tiny remote device and pushed the button. An image appeared before him out of thin air, clear as day. The local news was on. He adjusted the size of the image, the volume, and changed channels. He had a few drinks, a good dinner, and watched some of his favorite shows. By the time it was late enough for bed, he felt better about things. Tomorrow was a new day with new clients. Things would be better.

The rest of the week did go better. Nile did manage to help a few clients who actually listened to him. Things were looking up. He had not seen Adren Vorrick and that did not surprise him. The vampire’s stunt had surely taken away any rights or privileges, including that of legal counsel. Nile tried not to think about it. Arden had made his own decision after all. But…he did think about it, and if he thought about that little bite he got the goosebumps again.

It was late at night when he came out of sleep to the sweet warmth of a kiss on his neck. A nice little lick, teasing of the tongue. A warm body pressed up against him from behind. His eyes shot open.

“Miss me?” Arden said.

Nile could not speak. This was a dream. A nightmare. It wasn’t real.

“Yes, I escaped from prison. Never mind how. Just know that they were going to send me to a blood farm so I had no choice. I had to get away. I will not be hooked up to machines and bled over and over again until it eventually kills me,” Arden said.

“Wh–what are you doing here?” Nile said, too afraid to move even though he wanted to run away. He was completely naked (he slept in the nude) and could not be more helpless and vulnerable.

“I missed you,” Arden said. He reached over with one arm and held Nile closer. He kissed Nile’s neck and Nile felt a small prick.

“Oh God…” Nile said, wincing. “I’m going to die…”

Arden licked at Nile’s neck. “Die?” He laughed. “That’s so typical of a human. I expected better from you, Nile. Being the liberal that you are. You should know if I wanted you dead, I’d have killed you by now. No, I just wanted a taste. You’re so fucking delicious.”

“If you’re not going to kill me…what do you want?” Nile said.

“Turn to face me,” Arden said, lifting his arm from around Nile and giving him room to roll over.

Nile hesitantly rolled over and looked at the vampire. Even in the dim light coming through the windows, he could see the beautiful blue color of Arden’s eyes. And the longing within them. Then he realized the vampire was also naked.

The vampire leaned in close, his lips touching Nile’s in a gentle kiss. The kiss became deeper and more passionate. The vampire’s tongue snaked its way into Nile’s mouth and he gave no resistance. Whatever part of him knew this whole situation was both dangerous and absurd was hushed by his growing erection. He was shocked at how much he wanted, no, needed this. The vampire kissed him over and over, holding him closer. Nile gasped when Arden grabbed his erection and began stroking him in a gentle motion.


“Shh!” the vampire said. “Don’t worry about anything right now. Just relax. You want this as much as I do.”

“But…why?” Nile said. “Why…do you want me? I thought you hated me.”

The vampire gave him a fangy grin. “You can tell a lot about a person from a taste of their blood. I warmed up to you after that. Now are you going to keep distracting me with conversation or do you want me to fuck you?”

“I’m…sorry, this is just…unexpected…” Nile said.

Arden smiled, gazing at Nile for a moment as he continued stroking him. He slowly leaned in for a soft, sweet kiss. As their lips parted, the vampire whispered, “Just relax, Nile. I’ll take good care of you.”

Nile gazed down at the vampire, admiring his form and his massive erection. He reached down and stroked him, returning the favor he was getting.

Arden relaxed, closing his eyes for a few seconds. He smiled. “Mmm…such a gentle, warm touch.”

“You’re so beautiful,” Nile whispered. “You’ve got the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.”

Arden smiled wide, gazing at Nile again. “Yeah? Well, I could say the same about you.” The vampire kissed him again.

Arden was stroking Nile a little harder and faster now. It was maddening. Nile took his hand and placed it on top of Arden’s. “Please,” Nile said. “I don’t want this to end too soon.”

Arden let go his grip and kissed Nile again. “Sorry. Got a little carried away.”

Nile let go of Arden’s erection and reached up to run his fingers through the vampire’s spiked hair as he kissed him and held him close. “I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you,” Nile confessed.

Arden chuckled. “Yeah? What else have you wanted to do?”

“I’ll show you,” Nile said, giving the vampire a gentle push to guide him to roll over on his back. He then slid down the vampire’s body, kissing and teasing him along the way until finally he closed his lips around his cock. He felt Arden quiver beneath him and heard him moan as he began a slow steady sucking motion and teased him with his tongue.

“Mmm…you really know what you’re doing down there,” Arden said, placing his hands on Nile’s head, caressing his hair and holding him close. “Fuck…that’s amazing…” The vampire was quivering beneath him, at his mercy, and that excited Nile more, increasing his enthusiasm. After a few minutes the vampire whispered, “Oh goddammit…I don’t want this to end, but you’re gonna make me come…”

Nile gave him a lick and gently let go. Arden guided him back up his body. The vampire was flushed and breathing heavy. “Enjoy that?” Nile said with a smile.

“Fuck,” Arden said, grinning. “That’s the best head I’ve ever had. And Baby, I’m a hundred and thirty years old. I’ve had a lot of head.”

Nile felt himself blush. “Well…I’m glad I didn’t disappoint…”

Arden gazed at Nile, caressing his hair. “Disappoint? Hell no. You’re full of surprises.”

Nile blushed deeper and laughed. The vampire kissed him again with hot passion and rolled him over onto his back. Nile was beneath him, completely at his mercy. Even as the vampire was being gentle, Nile could feel just a hint of his true strength. Arden could easily crush him if he so desired. That the vampire was being so gentle and careful with him made Nile feel vulnerable, yet safe.

“I need you,” Arden said, spreading Nile’s legs and positioning himself between them. He used his fingers first and Nile gasped at the sudden sensation. “You’re tense,” Arden said. “Relax. I’ll be gentle.”

Nile stared up into the vampire’s beautiful blue eyes and made himself relax. He wanted this. More than anything. “I’m sorry…it’s just…been a while…”

Arden smiled. “Yeah…for me too…” The vampire withdrew his fingers and pushed himself gently into Nile. Nile gasped. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but then the vampire settled into a slow rhythm in just the right place and Nile lost himself in the motions. He reached down to stroke his own erection.

“You feel amazing,” Arden said, looking down at Nile. “Even better than I imagined.”

“So do you,” Nile whispered.

The vampire pushed deeper and harder, Nile stroked himself faster, moaning beneath him. He knew he couldn’t take much more, but he didn’t want this to end. He didn’t want to return to sanity and have to figure out what the hell this meant. He didn’t want to return to his normal life, he wasn’t sure it’d be possible. This bliss was too intense. They weren’t even finished yet and already he wanted more. Would the vampire leave him? But how would he stay? And why was he thinking about all this now? He forced his mind clear and focused entirely on the feel of Arden inside him, leading him gradually to an inevitable climax.

He was at that maddening threshold, just before release. He looked up at the beautiful vampire, his dark eyes pleading both for this to end and to keep going. The same ecstatic agony was reflected back at him and he knew the vampire could not last much longer and neither could he, he had to let go, he had to climax. He needed it more than anything. His growing pleasure started to drip from the swelling head of his cock. That provided a sweet wetness to his strokes that pushed him even closer to the edge. The vampire pushed harder inside him, hitting his sweet spot in just the right way.

“Oh God…oh, Arden, please…” Nile whispered.

“Fuuuck,” Arden said, breathless. “Please come, Nile, I can’t hold back much longer…”

Nile quivered as the climax hit him hard and sudden. He cried out loud and felt waves of pleasure rushing over his body as he spilled into his hand. The vampire thrust faster and moments later met his own release with a slow moan. Nile felt the gush of warm fluid inside him. He lay there breathless, staring up at Arden. They looked at each other, wide-eyed and out of breath, still locked in their position and trying to recover from those hard waves of ecstasy.

For two weeks Nile had been a madman. The normally stubborn yet peaceful lawyer was now a short-tempered pain in the ass. His secretary and even the Agents generally tried to avoid him. They did not know nor care what had brought on the change. They just wanted to stay the hell out of his way.

Nile sat alone in his office taking deep breaths as he found himself doing often lately. Struggling to clear his mind. There were moments when the deepest and most profound loneliness he could ever imagine threatened to swallow him whole and tears came to his eyes. That just pissed him off. Why should it be this important to him? The whole thing was ludicrous.

The more he thought about it the more it seemed like a dream. Like it was something made up that had never happened. But at the same time it was the only real thing that had ever happened to him. And that cold lonely realization threatened to tear his heart out by the roots.

“Will I see you again?” Nile asked, his heart stopping.

Arden gazed into Nile’s eyes. “As soon as possible.”

And he had been fool enough to believe it. Why? He had spent years building a wall around his heart. Entombing it away from the cruelties of love. He had perfected the art of the one night stand. No names. No questions. Just an orgasm, a thank you, and a goodbye. Things were simpler that way.

He had been unprepared for the vampire. The vampire had escaped from prison, appeared in his bedroom, and seduced him. In the madness of the moment he had made himself believe this was just another one night stand. And maybe that was what it was supposed to be. He barely knew this vampire at all. He only knew they had an intense physical desire for one another. But this was far different from the usual one night stand. Because this had been the most mind-blowing experience of Nile’s life. He had never known an orgasm so powerful and he had never felt so completely satisfied. Yet, the vampire left him wanting more. It was like he had tasted a powerful drug and was left struggling with an addiction. Craving his next fix. More.

But the vampire had disappeared. Nile had kept an eye on the Agency’s progress. There was no official record of Arden having been seen anywhere much less recaptured. This was a relief. But at the same time it reminded Nile of how well Arden would have to continue hiding. Perhaps Arden did want to see him but just couldn’t risk it yet. Or perhaps the vampire had never intended to come back. Maybe it had just been a one night stand.

But why go through the trouble? Why had the vampire come at all? Wasn’t the whole thing risky to begin with? Arden claimed to have wanted him after getting a taste of his blood. The vampire had drank a little from him after sex. But why go through so much trouble just for a snack and a lay? Why wouldn’t he have just escaped and gotten as far away from the Agency as possible?

This was ridiculous. It was interfering with his work, his life. He had to stop obsessing over Arden. He had to accept that it was a one time deal. Just an impulse. Just another one night stand.

Every day he had tried to convince himself of that. And sometimes, in the daylight, he could almost believe it. But it was when he was awakened at night by a slight noise that made his body tense, his heart pound, and his cock start swell with anticipation that he knew he couldn’t just forget it all. He had thought about finding someone to hook up with, but it was no use. He wanted no one else. Arden was the only man who had ever truly satisfied him and it seemed the only man he would ever desire again.

The sad reality was that the vampire had probably forgotten all about him. Maybe he was with another lover right now somewhere far away from here. Away from the searching eyes of the Agency. Maybe hidden deep in the bowels of the Community. Maybe he had been with several lovers. The thought stung his heart.

Why did he care so much about this vampire? And how long would it take for him to get back to normal?

The thoughts were constantly with him. If he was seeing a client or doing some other work the thoughts were still there churning away in the back of his mind.

He was glad when the end of the second week came. His dream job with its grand visions of social justice was a great disappointment. He remembered something Arden had said during his consultation.

“You don’t get it do you? You can’t help me. Do you think the Agents or any judge will take you seriously? You’re just a fucking token liberal. Someone to hire in order to make them look tolerant. But to keep on a tight leash,” Arden said.

It was becoming more and more obvious that this was true. And it sickened him. He had spent much money and several years of his life getting the education he needed for this job. His expectations had been way off. The world was a much crueler place than he realized. And his goal to change it just seemed silly. He felt like a child trying to build something from sand only to have the steady tide wash it back out to sea.

It was Friday night and he was damn sick of being angry and alone. He made his way to a bar. He had come here a few times to meet one night stands, but not tonight. Tonight he was coming for the liquor. And the forced social interaction. Maybe he could find sanity at the bottom of a glass.

Hallie’s Comet was a classy gay bar that towered over the city on a penthouse floor. It was made of glass and bright colors. Sleek and stylish with a breath taking view. The music was nice, the drinks were nice, and it would soon be filled with plenty of eye candy. Nile got there early and sat at a small table by the window. He ordered the night’s drink special which was called a Super Nova. It came in a tall glass. It released a foggy smoke, had bubbles, and turned various colors. He had no idea what it was made of but it was strong and it was delicious and that was all that mattered. He was on his second one when the crowd began to trickle in.

He was feeling refreshed. It was doing him good to be in a relaxing public environment. The liquor was a big help too. He felt a smile come to his lips. Maybe this was all just temporary insanity. Maybe he could get past this. Maybe life wasn’t as fucked up as it seemed.

Then there was recognition. He wished there had been a moment of ignorance. Maybe it could have lasted long enough so that he simply would not have noticed. He then wished that the tall blond man across the room had not seen him. And while he was busy making wishes, he might as well wish that the man beside him didn’t look so fucking beautiful. It was too late. The gray eyes had met his, for the first time in a long time, and it was too late to avoid confrontation. The only polite thing to do was to pretend this wasn’t a heart-shattering insult added to injury. That this wasn’t a death blow to whatever brief moment of sanity he had found. Nile forced a smile and thought of all his wishes. Well, shit in one hand and wish in the other, he thought. See which one fills up.

The blond man was tall, broad shouldered, and had not changed at all. Except of course, for having the beautiful new prize at his side. Those familiar lips curled into a polite smile and the gray eyes failed at concealing their awkward surprise. The man beside him looked like an underwear model. They were both dressed in beautiful sleek suits. Then Nile noticed the rings and he struggled to keep his smile as his heart shattered inside.

“Nile,” Everett said, holding out his hand. “I don’t believe it!”

Nile shook his hand, thinking about how odd it was that two people who had once been so intimate were now greeting each other in an awkward handshake. “Good to see you too,” Nile lied. He wished he could disappear. He had a wild fleeting fantasy of diving through the glass wall beside him and just falling away into the city lights.

“How are you?” Everett asked, his gray eyes showing a genuine sweet concern.

“I’m great,” Nile said, lying with all his might and hoping it was believable.

The beautiful man shifted his weight and looked from Everett to Nile in an awkward glance.

“Nile, this is my husband Renaldo,” Everett said. Renaldo. A face to put to the name at last. This was the same man Everett had left Nile for. And why not? Renaldo was fucking breath taking. Even in his spite Nile could find nothing wrong with the man.

“Nice to meet you,” Renaldo said with a smile, trying to make it friendly. Nile commended his effort and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you as well,” Nile lied. “So…what brings you two here?”

“Just on a night out,” Everett said with a shrug. He absentmindedly brushed his hair back from his face in a gesture that was painfully familiar to Nile. Amazing the little things you could forget. Things that when confronted with brought back a flood of memories. Flowers on the balcony. Rose petals on white sheets. An open bottle of champagne. Secret smiles and stolen kisses.

“Care to join us? We’re supposed to meet some friends,” Everett said.

“I’d love to, but I’ve got to get going. I just came by here to kill some time. I have to go meet my fiance at St. Francis. About time for his shift to be ending. We’re going to dinner and a movie,” Nile said, making the story up in an instant. He must have told it well because Everett looked impressed.

“Oh…wow…so you’re getting married?” Everett said. “Congratulations, Nile.”

“Yeah,” Nile said, resurrecting all he had learned back in his days in the college drama club.

“What’s his name?” Everett asked.

“Arden,” Nile said without a second thought.

Everett nodded. “He works at the hospital?”

“Hematologist,” Nile said.

“Wow,” Everett said with an approving nod. “That’s…great. I…really hope he makes you happy, Nile. You deserve that.”

Nile kept up his smile. “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Well, I wish you the best. It was really good seeing you,” Everett said.

Nile nodded. “You too. And nice meeting you…Renaldo.”

Renaldo gave a nod and tried not to look impatient. Nile privately commended him again for the effort.

“Well, I really need to go,” Nile said. “You two have a good night.”

“You too,” Everett said.

Nile walked out of the bar, went down the hall to the tiny white egg shaped elevator pod and thanked whatever God or gods there might be that no one else was in there with him. He looked out the round glass window and watched the city come up as he descended. Hot tears were streaming down his face.

As he stepped out of the building into the warm summer air he wiped his eyes and held his head down. One moment. One chance meeting and the dam he had spent years carefully constructing was bursting apart with a thousand memories.

The buzz of his liquor had worn off and that was a shame because he did not want to be sober. He was caught up in his thoughts, walking the way home. He had taken a cab to the bar, but he felt like walking now. He did not want the social interaction that was required of getting a cab. If he tried to give directions or small talk he might just vomit. He wanted to be alone.

The walk was just a few blocks, not too far. The streets were somewhat busy with the city’s nightlife, but not too cluttered. Enough for him to fall away unnoticed into the shadows. He rounded a corner to go through the alley that would lead him home. The shadows moved and they grabbed him from behind. His heart raced and adrenaline pumped through his body. He was getting mugged. He instinctively tried to fight off his attacker only to notice that his attacker was incredibly strong. He also noticed that whoever had him was not doing anything but holding him there. He was flailing and trying to fight, but there was no use. He was just wearing himself out. He stopped, breathing heavy, heart still pounding, and he tried to make sense of what the hell was going on.

“Done?” Arden whispered, shoving Nile against the wall.

Nile stared into the vampire’s blue eyes not believing that it was him. His heart felt like it was going to either stop or leap from his chest. He was still recovering from shock and could not speak. He was struggling to catch his breath.

Arden grinned and kissed him hard. He felt the vampire reach down and grope his crotch, caressing what he found. Nile relaxed, pinned between the vampire and the wall.

“Who the fuck was that?” Arden whispered. “Ex boyfriend?”

“You were in the bar?” Nile said.

“I’ve been following you all night,” Arden said, grinning, his fangs glinting even in the soft light. “So who was he?”

“Ex boyfriend,” Nile confirmed. “Used to be one of my professors in college.”

Arden raised a brow. “Ah. Interesting.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Nile said.

“You told him you were marrying a hematologist named Arden?” the vampire said with a laugh. “I’m flattered.”

Nile blushed deep. “I…it was…”

“Shhh,” Arden said, putting a finger on Nile’s lips. “I’m flattered by your lie.” He removed his finger and gave Nile a nice long kiss.

“Where have you been?” Nile asked when their lips parted.

“In hiding,” Arden said.

“Isn’t this dangerous? Being out in the city?” Nile asked.

“I hide well,” Arden said. “And the Agency is looking for me in the wrong places. They have false leads. This isn’t my first time running from them.”

“I…thought you wouldn’t come back,” Nile said.

Arden smiled and kissed Nile softly. “I wanted to come sooner. But I needed to lay low. Make sure the Agency was off my back.” He kissed Nile’s neck. “Mmm…the sweet smell of your blood.”

“You…can have a taste…” Nile said.

“Oh?” Arden said, grinning to reveal his fangs. “Would you like me to have a taste of you, Nile?”

“Yes,” Nile said.

Arden leaned in and gave Nile a tiny bite, barely breaking the skin. Just enough for a brief sample. He licked his lips. “Turn around.”

Nile turned around and the vampire held him against the wall, his arms over Nile’s, forcing his palms against the wall as if he were being arrested. “What if someone comes?” Nile whispered.

“It’s a dark deserted alley,” Arden said. “Nobody will come. Nobody can see us from the street. The traffic drowns out our voices. And these buildings are daytime businesses. Nobody at either of them this late.”

Arden reached down and spread Nile’s leg’s apart. He reached around and unbuttoned Nile’s pants, then carefully unzipped them. He slid them down gently along with his underwear. He took both hands, caressing Nile’s exposed cheeks. “Mmmm…you have such a hot ass.”

Nile couldn’t suppress a laugh. “Thanks.”

The vampire leaned against him, kissing his neck from behind, taking another small sip of blood. “You taste so fucking good.” He unzipped his pants and rubbed his hard cock against Nile from behind. Nile slid his hand down the wall. The vampire grabbed it and shoved it back to where it had been. “What do you think you’re doing, Nile?”

“I…just wanted to stroke myself,” Nile said.

“No. You stay like you are,” Arden said. He slid his right hand off of Nile’s and reached around him, grabbing his hard cock for him. “You’re at my mercy. You keep your fucking hands up and your legs spread.”

Nile shuddered at the vampire’s words and his touch. He stayed in place, surrendering himself. “Yes, Sir,” he said.

The vampire stroked Nile’s erect cock with his right hand and held Arden’s hand against the wall with his left. He stroked him in a steady gentle rhythm. “You’ve got such a nice long cock. I don’t think I complimented you on it last time.”

“Mmmm,” Nile said, closing his eyes. “Yours is nice too.”

Arden stroked him a little harder. “Yeah? I’m glad you like it. Because I’m about to shove it in you.”

Nile’s eyes widened and he gasped as the vampire penetrated him. “Fuck!”

“I warned you,” Arden said. “And relax. I rubbed a little lube on before I caught you. If you just relax it’ll go easy.”

Nile took a deep breath and relaxed, leaning into Arden. The vampire was still stroking Arden as he pushed into him and settled into a sweet steady rhythm. Nile moaned, squirming beneath him, sliding his right hand down again only to have Arden let go of his cock and shove his hand back against the wall.

“What’d I fucking tell you?” Arden said. “Stay as you are.”

“It feels so good,” Nile whispered. “I couldn’t help it.”

“Keep your hand up there or I’ll have to stop stroking you,” Arden said, moving his own hand back down to grip Nile’s erection. “Don’t you like what I’m doing? Am I not doing it fast enough? Is that the problem? If you want me to go faster or slower you fucking tell me. You don’t fucking move.” Nile moaned as the vampire thrust hard into him.

“So fucking tell me what you want,” the vampire said.

“Stroke harder,” Nile said.

Arden complied. “Like that?”

“Oh God, exactly like that,” Nile whispered.

“See? Isn’t it nice to relax and let me take care of you?” Arden said.

“Oh yes,” Nile said.

“Any other requests?” Arden asked.

“Bite me again,” Nile said.

Arden kissed Nile’s neck again, pricking the skin and taking very small sips. He played at Nile’s skin with his tongue. As he was doing this he stroked Nile a little harder and thrust into him really deep. Nile gasped and cried out. Arden let go, licking up a few more drops of blood. “How am I doing?”

Nile’s moan and the way his body quivered was answer enough. Arden slowed down to a more gentle rhythm in his strokes and thrusts and then slowly increased intensity again.

“It was torture being away from you,” Arden whispered. “After last time…I’ve wanted this ever since.”

“Oh God, me too,” Nile whispered back.

Arden moved his lips to the back of Nile’s neck, kissing the sensitive place just below the hairline and teasing the skin with his tongue. Nile shuddered and tiny goosebumps appeared, raising the hair on back of his neck. He moved up and kissed the back of his head, enjoying the soft dark hair against his face. He moved back to the side of his neck and teased Nile’s ear with a soft nibble.

“That feels so good,” Nile said through a moan.

Arden smiled, slowing back into a gentle rhythm. “Anything I can do to make it better?”

“Mmm no, this is perfect,” Nile said. “Just don’t stop. Ever.”

Arden thrust into him hard, slow, and deep, stroking Nile’s cock harder as he did. Nile cried out. Arden smiled. “You like it when I do that?”

“Yes,” Nile said, breathless.

Arden gave him a few more slow deep strokes, kissing his neck and nibbling at his ear. Nile quivered. “You’re so fucking delicious,” Arden said. “Your perfect body and your sweet blood. You fucking drive me mad.”

“Oh God, Arden…” Nile whispered, leaning into his lover, losing himself as Arden settled back into a sweet gentle rhythm.

“That’s it,” Arden whispered. “Give in. I’ll give you everything you need.”

“You’re amazing,” Nile said in breathless whisper.

Arden chuckled and kissed Nile’s neck. “You like it when I take control?”

“Yes! Oh, oh, God, yes,” Nile said, closing his eyes as Arden kept thrust into him a little faster.

“You like giving yourself over to a strong, powerful vampire?” Arden said, thrusting harder.

“Fuuuck, yes!” Nile said.

“Naughty boy,” Arden said with a grin.

“Oh please,” Nile begged. “Please..”

“Please what?” Arden asked, kissing the back of Nile’s neck. “What do you want?”

“I need to come,” Nile whispered, his body shaking with desire.

“Relax,” Arden said. “I’m going to make you come very hard, are you ready?”

“Please, God, please,” Nile begged.

Arden increased the intensity of his strokes and thrust deep into him over and over again, simultaneously biting Nile’s neck and taking a slow drink of his blood. Nile was lost in ecstasy. The entire world consisted of him and Arden. Nothing else had ever existed. There was no before this and no after. He surrendered himself to pleasure, letting it build up and throw him over the edge. Nile’s entire body tensed and all at once went limp as he quivered. Hot white pleasure spilled into Arden’s hand. Nile was screaming.

Nile woke, realizing he had fallen asleep. He had not meant to. He felt a sense of relief upon seeing Arden still laying beside him. The vampire was asleep as well. Nile looked at the clock. Still a few hours before Arden would awake and leave, going to wherever he spent the daylight. He gazed at the vampire lying there on his stomach, his face turned toward Nile. His lips were parted just enough to show a hint of fangs. The sheets were pushed down, barely covering his ass, and one leg was sticking out. His arms were spread upward, one underneath the pillow the other out beside it. Nile admired the pale skin and rippling muscles of the vampire’s body. He looked so beautiful in his sweet repose. Almost vulnerable. But that was a deception. Nile knew the vampire’s strength and power. Just hours ago Arden had arrived and without a word of greeting attacked Nile with a passionate kiss. That led to Nile being shoved into the bed, head down and ass in the air. He felt a stir of longing in his loins.

Nile smiled. He loved their nights together. The vampire came to visit as often as he could manage, which was more and more often as of late. The Agency had no clue where he was and there was a safe hidden entrance to the underground nearby that led him to whatever he went during the day. It was still a strange situation, but it seemed to be working quite well for them both. The past few months had been the best of Nile’s life.

A smile played at Nile’s lips and he felt a blush come to his cheeks. He felt a strange excitement at watching Arden sleep. The powerful vampire lying still and oblivious. Nile could take his time gazing at every inch of his lover’s beautiful form. He reached over, unable to resist the urge to touch the soft sweet skin. Just a gentle caress down his lover’s back. He paused as Arden shifted slightly and smiled in his sleep. Nile traced the vampire’s spine with his finger all the way down to the small of the back. He brushed the sheets down, exposing his lover’s beautiful firm ass. He splayed his finger and gently caressed both cheeks, a shiver of excitement coursing through his body. His cock was getting hard.

It occurred to Nile that out of all the times they had been together, Arden had always been the dominant one. Nile didn’t mind at all, he loved it when the powerful vampire took control. He loved giving himself over to Arden and being at his mercy. But he wondered what it would be like, just once, if the tables were turned. Could he be as dominant and delightfully rough with the vampire? Probably not. That wasn’t Nile’s style. No. But he could take control in his own way. He bit his lip, staring at the vampire. He had a hell of an erection and the sight and feel of Arden just lying there beside him was maddening.

Nile’s heart was pounding. He was somewhat scared that he would startle the vampire. If that happened, Arden might accidentally hurt him. But if it didn’t, if this worked, well it could turn out very nice for them both. So he took a chance and climbed over the vampire, straddling himself over Arden’s legs. He lowered himself down over Arden’s back, his cock pressed against the vampire’s ass. He kissed Arden’s neck. No response. He ran a hand down Arden’s side, caressing him. He kissed Arden’s neck again, then nibbled his ear. The vampire smiled. His eyes opened and he turned his gaze up to Nile.

“What in hell are you doing?” Arden said with a smirk.

Nile blushed, a grin spreading across his face. He sat up, straddling Arden. “Sorry…you just looked so beautiful.”

Arden’s smirk deepened and his blue eyes were shining. “Yeah?”

Nile smiled down at him. He moved to crawl off the vampire and Arden grabbed his arm with a gentle grip. The blue eyes looked disappointed.

“Where are you going?” Arden asked.

Nile smiled. “Giving you room to turn over.”

Arden smiled back at him. “Okay.” The vampire turned over, laying on his back and looking up at Nile with curiosity.

Nile positioned himself over the vampire again. Arden embraced him, pulling him close. Their lips met in a gentle kiss. “You don’t mind me waking you up?” Nile whispered.

“Mind? I never meant to fall asleep,” Arden said, his cocky smirk returning. “And I rather enjoyed being awakened that way.” He reached down, gently taking Nile’s erection into his hand. “So what are you up to? Because you’re definitely up to something.”

Nile gasped at the vampire’s touch. He smiled and kissed Arden again. “I…want to try something new.”

Arden raised a brow and gave a curious smile. “Yeah? What’d you have in mind?”

“I think it’s my turn to fuck you,” Nile said.

Arden’s eyes widened and a blush came to his cheeks. “My sweet little human wants to take control?”

“Yes,” Nile said, kissing Arden’s lips.

Arden smiled, his blue eyes shining up at Nile. “This should be interesting.”

Nile kissed Arden’s lips, chin, neck, and worked his way down the vampire’s body. He closed his lips over a taunt nipple and Arden gave a gasp. Nile gently sucked and nibbled as he ran his hands up and down Arden’s body. Nile moved from the nipple, giving it one last playful bite. He moved down the vampire’s stomach kissing and teasing the skin with his tongue. He kissed Arden’s hip and moved down to his inner thigh.

“Goddammit, you’re a tease,” Arden said, breathless.

Nile gave a small laugh. He nuzzled into Arden’s inner thigh, enjoying the heat of his body and the sweet smell of him. He was so close to his cock, his testicles, and his sweet tight hole. But he focused on the sensitive part of the thigh just below the groin, kissing, nibbling, and teasing the skin with his tongue. Arden squirmed and whimpered beneath him. Nile raised up, indulging himself in the view. Arden had tiny beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead. His cheeks were flushed and he was breathing hard. His cock had a raging erection and he was stroking himself.

Nile placed his hand on Arden’s, interrupting his strokes. Arden looked up with a mixed expression of frustration and curiosity. He allowed Nile to move his hand away. Nile moved up and kissed the head of Arden’s cock. The vampire quivered and moaned. Nile worked his way down the shaft with kisses and licks. He cupped the testicles, caressing them. Nile closed his lips around Arden’s cock and took him in, sucking hard in a steady slow motion.

“Fuck!” Arden said with a shiver. “Oh, God, Nile…” He placed his hands on Nile’s head, gripping his hair.

Nile moved his head up and down, caressing Arden’s head and shaft with his tongue. He took his time, giving it all he had, passion swelling in his heart. His own cock throbbing and begging for pleasure, but it was not time for that yet. Right now, he wanted to show Arden everything he was feeling.

“Oh God, Nile, I’m getting close…” Arden said.

Nile gently slid his mouth off of Arden’s cock and then slowly raised up to look at him. The vampire was breathing heavy, covered in a light layer of shimmering sweat. His face was red with passion. His blue eyes begging.

Nile positioned himself between Arden’s legs. His own cock was throbbing with hot desire. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself. He spread Arden’s legs and reached down to run a finger along his sweet entrance. Arden shuddered. The vampire was fighting himself, reaching down toward his erection, but hesitantly bringing his hands back up to his own chest. Finally, he gripped the sheets in frustration. Nile pushed a finger into his lover and Arden moaned beneath him.

“Oh God, Nile, I can’t take this,” Arden whispered. “Please, just fuck me.”

“Gotta get you ready,” Nile said, shoving his finger in and out.

“Goddammit, I’m a vampire, I can take it, now fuck me!” Arden begged.

Nile chuckled as he pulled his finger out and grabbed his cock. He lined it up to the vampire and gently pushed in. Arden moaned.

“Please, all the way,” Arden said. “I fucking need you.”

Nile thrust himself as deep as he could go, gasping at the warm, wet feel of his lover’s body around him. He was dizzy. He wanted to lose it right then and come, but it wasn’t time. He had to do this right. He took a deep breath. He settled into a slow deep rhythm. Then he leaned down over the vampire, their bodies close, Arden’s hard cock between them, caught in the motion. The vampire held Nile close, his fingernails digging into the sweet soft skin of his back. He reached up with one hand and grabbed the back of Nile’s head, pulling him in for a kiss. Their lips met in hunger, their tongues entwined. When they pulled away, Nile gave Arden’s lips a teasing lick. Arden pulled him in for another deep kiss. Their lips parted again and Arden’s blue eyes stared up at Nile in sweet, agonizing desire. Nile almost lost control.

Nile was still thrusting in a sweet deep motion. Taking his time, reveling in this new intimate feel of Arden’s body clenching around him. He reached up and caressed the vampire’s cheek. It was a sweet reverent gesture. Arden gazed at him with adoration and turned his lips to kiss Nile’s hand. Nile reached up to stroke the vampire’s soft hair. Nile leaned in for another kiss on Arden’s lips and then his cheek and neck just below the ear. He kissed the earlobe, tugging gently with his teeth. He whispered in the vampire’s ear. “You’re so beautiful.”

Arden shuddered beneath him. “Oh God, Nile…”

Nile raised up just enough to see the ache in Arden’s eyes. “I mean it, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You’re beautiful,” Arden whispered. “So sweet, so innocent…”

Nile thrust a little harder and faster now. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He was overcome with powerful emotions. This was not just about sex. It hadn’t been from the moment he had awakened and began to caress the vampire’s skin. This was so much more. His confession was at the tip of his tongue, but no…no not yet…it didn’t seem right to blurt it out in a moment of passion. He was showing his feelings right now. He would confess them later.

“I’m about to lose it,” Arden said, his entire body shaking with need.

Nile kissed Arden and then thrust into him with deeper strokes, concentrating on hitting that sweet spot with greater intensity. Arden’s muscles clenched tighter around him. The vampire’s nails dug into his back. Arden was close. The vampire was quivering all over, moaning, his eyes staring at Nile with longing agony. The vampire cried out, his back arched, nails scratching down Nile’s back. Hot white ribbons spilled from Arden’s cock, covering them both, bonding them in sticky sweet passion.

That was all Nile could take. He gushed inside Arden, giving the vampire everything, his seed, his heart, his soul. He cried out and let the vampire pull him closer. The stared into each other’s eyes in breathless surrender.

“Fuck,” Arden said. “That was…my God, Nile…”

Nile smiled. “Thank you.”

Arden looked at Nile, who was still deep inside him, and reached up to caress his hair. “Nile?”

“Yeah?” Nile said, smiling down.

“I love you too,” Arden said with a sweet smile.

Nile froze, his eyes wide. “How did…”

“How did I know?” Arden said. “You just made love to me. I’ve never been…worshiped like that.”

Nile blushed as he smiled. “You…love me?”

“I have since the moment I first tasted your blood,” Arden whispered. “I was just…scared to express it all. Hell, I was confused. I’ve never loved anyone before…not like this.”

Nile gently withdrew from Arden and laid down beside him. He gazed at the vampire, a smile on his face. “I’ve never been this happy before.”

Arden snuggled against Nile. “Neither have I.”

They lay there for several minutes, reveling in the sweet afterglow. Then Nile let out a sigh. “I don’t want you to leave. I wish you could stay here during the day.”

“I know,” Arden said. “I hate it when we’re apart.”

“I wish…things were different,” Nile said.

“Me too,” Arden said. “I wish you really could change the world. With all your innocent naive enthusiasm.”

Nile chuckled. “It was foolish wasn’t it? For me to even believe that it was possible.”

Arden raised a brow. “Foolish? No…I mean, I used to think so, but…I don’t think it’s a foolish dream. It’s a good dream. I only fear that it’s just a dream.”

Nile was about to respond when there was a loud noise. It took a moment for him to realize it was someone knocking at the front door. He gave Arden a fearful look. “Who the hell would be at my door at this hour?”

Arden’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t know…”

Nile got up and threw on his robe. “Hide yourself.”

“I’ll be watching,” Arden said, getting up and slipping his pants on.

Nile took his time getting to the door. He looked through the peephole, shut his eyes tight and then looked again. Yep. Still there. He had seen exactly what he had thought. Everett holding a half empty bottle of whiskey.

“The fuck?” Nile muttered. He opened the door. “Everett? What the hell are you doing here?”

Everett reeked of whiskey. He was disheveled and unsteady on his feet. “Nile…I gotta talk to you…”

“What the hell are you doing here?” Nile said again.

Everett pushed his way in, taking a drink. He looked around. “Place looks nice.”

“Do I have to ask again what the hell you’re doing here?” Nile said, crossing his arms.

Everett looked at Nile and a smile came to his lips. He looked him up and down. “You look hot in that robe, Love.”

“Love?” Nile said, raising a brow. “Everett…get the fuck out of here and go back home to Renaldo.”

Everett sighed. “He left me.”

Nile was stunned. “Um…well, I’m sorry to hear that, but…this is not where you should be. You’re drunk. Go home.”

Everett took another drink. “No…you gotta hear what I have to say…”

“Oh for God’s sake, do I have to call Agents to get you out of here?” Nile asked.

“Just…listen,” Everett said, waving a hand in frustration. “I fucked up, Nile. I never should’ve left you…I just got scared. And I thought I wanted Renaldo so I rushed off and married him, but it fell apart. It all fucking fell apart.” Angry tears were in his eyes. “And ever since I saw you in that club, I’ve been missing you so much more. And don’t give me that bullshit about a fiance. There’s no hematologist named Arden at St. Francis. Hell, there’s no male hematologists, the only ones there are women. I know you made it up.”

“Everett, you should go home,” Nile said. “Sleep this off. We can talk tomorrow after you sober up, okay?”

“No,” Everett said, his eyes narrowing. “I’m fucking sick of holding back.” He stepped closer to Nile, right in front of him, inches away from his face.

“Everett…what are you doing?” Nile said, backing away only to run against the wall.

“I love you,” Everett said, the smell of whiskey unbearable. “I miss you. Don’t you miss me?”

“Everett, please leave,” Nile said, trying to mask his growing fear.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had,” Everett said, reaching up to caress Nile’s face.

Nile batted his hand away. “Stop it!”

Everett paused, his expression going from bewilderment to hurt to anger. He took a drink of his whiskey. “What the hell’s your problem? There was a time when you were begging me to come back to you.”

“That was a long time ago,” Nile said. “And I’ve met someone else.”

Everett smirked. “Bullshit.”

“I’m in love with someone else,” Nile said. “So please, just leave.”

“Yeah? Where is he then?” Everett asked. He reached down and pulled Nile’s robe string.

The moment the robe fell open, Everett was jerked backwards. His whiskey bottle fell with a thud on the carpet, the brown liquid spilling out. Arden had Everett from behind, one arm around his chest and the other on his head, exposing his throat.

“Fucking hell!” Everett shouted, struggling to get away from his attacker. “Who the fuck are you!”

“You don’t fucking mess with my love,” Arden growled. His fangs plunged into Everett’s throat and Everett screamed.

Nile stood in shock, his robe still open. Blood was spilling out of Everett’s throat in red ribbons. Everett struggled and the flesh tore. Arden latched on hard and was slurping the blood as he growled. Everett was still screaming.

“Stop!” Nile shouted. “You’ll kill him, Arden! Stop!”

Arden’s eyes were full of pure hunger. He appeared not to even hear Nile’s cries. He kept drinking and Everett kept screaming. Everett’s face turned very pale and his screams began to subside. His eyes were still wide with terror.

“Stop!” Nile said, rushing over to Arden, trying to pull the vampire away. But it was no use. Arden was too strong and didn’t even seem to notice Nile.

Everett collapsed in Arden’s arms. Arden tore away from Everett’s throat, his face covered in blood. He licked his lips and there was a terrifying glaze to his eyes. Nile backed away. Everett fell from Arden’s arms into a lifeless heap on the floor. Nile looked at the wide open dead eyes and the blood and began to retch.

Arden’s eyes blinked and he shook his head. He looked at Nile puzzled. Nile backed away, falling down as he tried to get away from the vampire. He was retching. Arden was confused and started to reach out to Nile and then he saw Everett on the floor and the realization hit him.

“What have you done?!” Nile screamed.

“I…I was protecting you,” Arden said. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to kill him…I lost control. Oh God, Nile, I’m sorry. The blood lust…”

The vampire tried to wipe the blood from his face, he stepped toward Nile and Nile cowered away, vomiting on the floor.

“Don’t, please…” Nile whimpered.

“Don’t be afraid of me,” Arden said, tears streaming down from his blue eyes. “I’d never hurt you. I love you, Nile. Please don’t be afraid…please forgive me…”

The door burst open. There was shouting. Arden fell to his knees, convulsing from the tasers. The Agents put him in shackles. He didn’t fight them, he just stared at Nile with scared blue eyes.

An Agent had hauled Nile to his feet. He was talking, saying something about neighbors having heard shouts and screams. Asking who the dead man was, how the vampire had gotten in, if Nile was hurt, what had happened? Nile didn’t hear any of it. He watched Arden being dragged away. Their eyes locked on each other in agonizing silence.

The fear in Nile’s eyes had killed Arden inside. He gave the Agents no trouble. He refused to answer their questions. He endured their beatings in silence until they had gotten tired of him and brought him to the blood farm. He lay in a cold metal pod. Naked, sedated, and in shackles. Tubes violated his arms, one giving blood and the other taking it in set intervals. He lost all sense of time because most of the time he was simply unaware. There were dreams now and then. Dreams of longing, of pain, of things that once were. Mostly there was blackness. When he did feel something, it was despair.

Awareness came and he could see movement through the thick round window of his pod. An Agent’s dark helmet. He felt jostled as if he was being moved. Arden slipped blackness again. There were a few more moments of awareness, but they didn’t connect. There were only muffled sounds, moving lights, and then something dark thrown over the window. The sensation of motion, speeding up, changing direction, slowing down, stopping.

Agent Morris was sleep deprived. He did not want to be working the gate today, he wanted to be home. He wanted to fix things with his wife. They had been up half the night arguing again. This was getting to be too much. For God’s sake, they had awakened their daughter. It was time to take action. Maybe see a therapist or something. He took a deep drag of his cigarette as the black van pulled up. He sighed, unhappy about having been interrupted from his brooding. He walked around to the driver’s side window. The Agent inside handed him a code card. Morris scanned it. He hoped the Agent wouldn’t engage him in small talk and he was happy when he didn’t. Morris was in no mood to pretend this was a normal day. The scanner was taking a while. Damn technology, he thought with impatience. Finally the scanner beeped and the words “Clearance Granted” flashed in green. Morris handed the code card back to the driver and walked back to his guard shack. He pressed the button that lifted the barrier and the van drove away.

Arden was aware of hunger. It kept gnawing at him, persistent and growing. It interrupted the blackness and forced him awake. His mind was foggy. He was restrained and in darkness. Confusion set in. The shackles beeped and he felt the calming impulse. His eyes fluttered and he disappeared again.

“You stand back,” a woman’s voice said. “Let me give him the blood first. He’s starved. You’re a human. He’ll attack you. It’s as simple as that.”

Arden’s eyes opened and he saw light and a blur over him. The scent of blood brought him to full awareness of his hunger. He couldn’t move his arms, but he tried to get up. A bag was shoved into his face and he pierced it with his fangs, gulping down the metallic liquid. It was cold. But that did not matter. Once drained, another bag appeared. Three bags later, the blood lust was subsiding and his awareness deepened. There was a woman standing above him. A vampire. She had short blond hair and eyes that were almost lime green. He was in an underground bedroom, but not one that he recognized.

“You’re going to be all right,” the woman said with a smile.

“Who are you?” Arden asked. “Where am I?”

The woman was shoved out of the way and in her place was Nile, his deep brown eyes frantic and worried. He reached down to touch Arden, caressing his hair, making sure he was real.

“Nile?” Arden said, a flood of emotions and realization hitting him hard. This was real. He had been at the blood farm, but Nile had somehow saved him. “It’s really you?”

Nile leaned over and kissed the vampire’s lips, ignoring the blood, and then nuzzled his face into the vampire’s neck. He wept. Arden wanted to reach up and hold Nile, but he was still in shackles. The woman was standing off to the side now, a sad smile on her face.

“I’m so sorry,” Nile whispered through his sobs. “I’m so sorry for what they did to you, Baby, I love you so much, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t stop them, I tried, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get to you. Oh God, I thought I’d lost you. I thought you were dead. I missed you so much.”

“How long was I in that place?” Arden asked in a weak whisper.

“Two months,” Nile said, bursting into fresh sobs. “Two months it took me to get to you…there was so much planning. So much to do. I’m so sorry it took so long.”

“Two months?” Arden said. “I…don’t remember much.”

“That’s a blessing,” the woman said. “There’s more blood in the cooler. I’ll leave you two now…Nile, you know where to find me.”

“Yes, Rain, thank you,” Nile said through his tears.

Rain smiled. “You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help.” She left the room.

“Who is she?” Arden asked.

“A former client I helped out,” Nile said, raising up to look into Arden’s eyes. He caressed the vampire’s hair. “I contacted her and she helped me find this place.”

“Where are we?” Arden asked.

“In a Community,” Nile said. “Or…well, the outskirts of one. A few hundred miles west of home.”

“How the hell did you do this?” Arden said.

“It took a lot of money, planning, and patience,” Nile said.

“Why are you wearing an Agent uniform?” Arden asked.

“Had to disguise myself to rescue you,” Nile said.

“You saved my life,” Arden said, a smile coming to his lips. “You’re here and you saved me.”

“Yes,” Nile said, hot tears streaming down his cheeks. “I saved you, Baby.”

“Unlock these fucking shackles,” Arden said. “I need to hold you.”

“Oh! God, I forgot!” Nile said. “I’m so sorry!” He pulled a key out, put it in the the shackles, punched in a code and they released.

Arden threw them across the room, leaped out of the pod and grabbed Nile, holding him close. The vampire broke into sobs. Nile was startled. He had never seen Arden like this. The vampire was trembling. He was naked, weak, and vulnerable. Nile just held him, stroking his back.

“I’m sorry,” Arden whispered. “About killing Everett and scaring you…”

Nile choked back a hard wave of emotion. “You were trying to protect me. I understand that. I know you lost control.”

“I’ll never forgive myself for the way you looked at me…so much fear in your eyes,” Arden said.

Nile raised Arden’s face and looked in his eyes. “I love you. I forgive you. Let’s just move on from that horrible day. We’re together now and nothing will ever tear us apart again.”

Arden burst into sobs again. He kissed Nile’s lips over and over again. “I love you, Nile. I love you more than anything. More than life. More than blood,” he whispered. “I can never thank you for what you’ve done…I don’t know how…you’ve saved my life.”

“You saved mine first,” Nile said. “Everett was in a rage. He might have killed me. The Agents found a gun on him and a suicide note. He could’ve killed me and himself.”

“I’m glad I protected you,” Arden said. “I’m sorry I killed him, but I’d kill a hundred men and walk right back into the blood farm if it meant you would be safe. I’d do anything for you, Nile.”

Nile caressed the vampire’s hair. “I’d do anything for you, too, Arden.”

Arden smiled and kissed Nile’s lips, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, nose, and down his neck. He paused for a moment.

“Go ahead,” Nile whispered.

Arden pricked the soft skin and took a small drink. He healed the marks and raised up to meet Nile’s gaze again. He smiled. “Your sweet blood is the cure to all ills.”

Nile smiled. “Come here.” He led Arden over to the bed. They sat down together. Nile reached over and took a blanket off the bed. He wrapped it around Arden. “You look cold, Baby.”

“So…what happens now?” Arden asked. “You’ll…have to leave won’t you?” He looked down and sighed. “You’ll have to go home. And I guess I’ll be running from the Agency again.”

“The Agency thinks you are deceased,” Nile said. “That was part of the plan. They also think that I moved across the country.”

Arden looked up, raising a brow. “What?”

“We’re free from the Agency,” Nile said. “At least as much as anybody is.”

Arden sat in silence for a moment and then took a deep breath. “So I’m to live in this new Community then?”

“Yes,” Nile said.

“But…what about you?” Arden said. “I guess you found a home nearby? You can’t live in a Community, you’re a human. You’d get drained. I’m surprised you got in here without being attacked.”

“I have Rain’s protection and we’re only on the outskirts,” Nile said. “No one really knows I’m here.”

“You can’t hide here forever,” Arden said. “They’ll sniff you out. You’ll have to find a place above ground.”

Nile looked at Arden, his eyes somewhat sad. “You don’t understand. It took all I had to arrange this. I had to sell my house. Everything. Money got me the van, the clearance cards, the safe passage here. I gave up my home, my job. I have nowhere else to go.

Arden stared at Nile with shocked sadness in his eyes. “You really gave up everything to save me?”

“Yes,” Nile said, taking Arden’s hand. “And I’d do it all over again. It was worth it just to be sitting here next to you.”

“But…what are you going to do?” Arden asked, his voice a whisper.

“There’s only one answer to that,” Nile said, looking the vampire in the eye.

Arden was confused for a moment and then his eyes widened with realization. He shook his head. “No…no, Nile, you don’t know what what you’re asking…”

“I’ve made my decision,” Nile said. “And being with you is well worth it. Besides…weren’t we going to come to this crossroads eventually anyway? Might as well get it over with now.”

“You don’t understand!” Arden said, fresh tears welling in his eyes. “Nile! You’re asking to give up your humanity! Do you know what that means? It means you’ll be oppressed and in poverty forever. It means you’ll hunger for blood. You will crave it and become a dangerous animal when you’re desperate for it. You’ll be a monster like me…”

“You’re not a monster,” Nile whispered.

“Yes I am!” Arden said, sobbing. “Don’t you fucking understand that? Didn’t you see what I did to Everett? Do you think that’s the first time I’ve killed? I’ve torn people apart for less than what he did to you.”

Nile took a deep breath. “I know you’re not a monster. I love you. And I forgive you for Everett and whatever else you might have done in your past.”

Arden sighed. “You’d really give up your life and your humanity just to be with me?”

“Yes,” Nile said. “Because any kind of life without you is not worth living.”

Arden swallowed hard, looking at Nile, his blue eyes in agony. “Don’t ask this of me…I don’t want to take your humanity from you.”

“I don’t want anyone else to do it,” Nile said. “I want it to come from you.”

“Oh God, Nile,” Arden said, shaking his head. “You’re so innocent. So sweet. You have no idea what you’re asking of me.”

Nile took Arden’s hand. “I’ve agonized over this for months. I’ve made my decision. This is my choice.”

“You’ll hate me for it,” Arden said.

“I will never hate you,” Nile said.

“I don’t want to do this,” Arden said.

“You said you’d do anything for me,” Nile whispered. “Please…this is all I ask of you.”

Arden collapsed into sobs, his face in his hands. Nile caressed the vampire’s hair. Several minutes passed and finally Arden looked up, wiping his eyes. He took a deep breath and looked at Nile. His eyes were filled with heartache. He reached up and caressed Nile’s face. He kissed his lips.

“This is the only way we can be together,” Nile whispered. “Don’t you see that? It’s what I want. More than anything.”

Arden looked down and nodded. “I know.” He gazed back up at Nile. “I’m sorry for this, Love.”

“Please, just do it,” Nile said. “Make me yours for eternity.”

Arden managed a small smile. “When you put it like that…” He sighed. “I just hope…you don’t regret this…”

“Never,” Nile said.

Arden swallowed hard. “Okay…well…are you sure you don’t want more time to think this over?”

“I’ve had that time,” Nile said. “I am ready.”

Arden gave a nod. “Very well.”

“What…should I expect?” Nile asked.

“I’m going to have to drink a lot of your blood. Enough to weaken you almost to dying,” Arden said, the words painful to him. “And then you’ll drink from my wrist. After you’ve had enough blood, you’ll feel a lot of pain. Cramps all over. It’ll hurt like hell, but it’ll be over quick. And I’ll hold you the entire time. After that…you’ll be like me.”

Nile nodded. “Let’s do this.”

Arden held Nile close. He kissed him softly on his lips and then looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. He kissed down Nile’s neck and his fangs pierced the skin hard and deep. Nile cried out, but held on to Arden. Arden drank the blood in large gulps, tears escaping his closed eyes.

Nile grew dizzy and weak. He felt a surge of panic, but pushed it away. The vampire withdrew his fangs, healing Nile’s wounds and gently laying him down on the bed into the pillows. Nile looked up at him through his weakened daze, spots appearing before his eyes and his consciousness threatened to slip away. Arden bit into his own wrist and put it to Nile’s lips.

“Drink,” Arden said, caressing Nile’s hair.

Nile drank, at first having to resist the urge to spit out the hot metallic liquid, but after a few moments it wasn’t so bad. He kept drinking, feeling his strength return and grow. He felt invigorated suddenly. Arden pulled his wrist away. His wounds healed immediately. Arden laid down beside Nile and held him close, stroking his hair, kissing his head.

“It’s going to hurt soon,” Arden whispered. “Just let me hold you. It’ll be over quick.”

Nile nodded, snuggling closer to Arden and waiting for the pain to hit. He tried to push his fear away. The pain hit hard and fast. Nile cried out, squirming and convulsing. Arden held on to him tight.

“It’s okay, Baby, it’s almost done,” Arden said. “I’m so sorry, Baby. God, I’m so sorry…”

Nile’s muscles went rigid and then relaxed. All at once the pain was gone. Arden relaxed his grip. Nile slowly sat up and Arden sat up with him. Nile looked around. He felt like he was seeing a new world. He was bombarded with hundreds of new sounds and smells all at once. He covered his ears.

“Relax,” Arden whispered, putting his hands on Nile’s shoulders. “Just focus on me.”

Nile looked at Arden. He gasped. His lover was even more beautiful somehow. Nile was looking at him with new eyes. It felt like he was seeing him for the first time. “You’re a god,” he whispered, gazing at Arden.

Arden smiled. “Now you know how I see you.”

Nile blushed. His tongue brushed against new fangs. He was startled. He reached up and opened his mouth. He touched them. “Ow…” his finger was pricked and he pulled it away, a tiny drop of blood shining. Then it absorbed into the skin and the wound was healed. “Holy shit…”

“Yeah,” Arden said with a grin. “There are perks to this…”

Nile smiled, gazing at his lover. “This is…amazing. But I hear so much and smell so much…how does it not drive you mad?”

“You get used to it. Just focus your senses on me,” Arden said. “You’ll learn to sort them all out.”

Nile nodded. “Okay.”

“You need blood,” Arden said, reaching over to the cooler. He grabbed a bag and handed it to Nile. “Pierce it and drink.”

Nile held the bag in his hand and stared at it. “I’m…gonna drink this…”

Arden chuckled. “Well of course.”

“Doesn’t seem appealing,” Nile said. “I thought I’d want it more.”

“It’s cold cow blood, of course it’s not appealing. But it’s sustenance and that’s most of what you’re going to consume from now on,” Arden said. “It’s what they give us in Communities.”

Nile sighed. “Ah well. I’ll eat this for all eternity if it means being with you.” He smiled.

“That’s the spirit,” Arden said with a smirk.

Nile took a deep breath. “Okay, here goes.” He pierced the bag and the cold liquid flooded his mouth. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t particularly good either. At once he missed the sweet warmth of Arden’s blood. Still, he drained the bag and felt satisfied. He dropped the empty plastic to the floor. “Well…that was…not what I expected,” Nile said.

Arden laughed. “Don’t worry, love. You can always taste me for desert.”

Nile blushed. He looked at Arden, suddenly attracted by the vein on his neck. He licked his new fangs, nearly piercing his tongue.

Arden smiled. “You want to bite me?”

Nile grinned. “I think I do.” He paused. “Is…my blood still going to taste good to you?”

“Yes,” Arden said. “Always. And I can take a little more from you now without hurting you.”

Nile smiled. “That’s nice.” He took Arden in his arms, holding him close, kissing his neck. He paused. “How…do I…”

Arden laughed. “Just bite. Right where you are. It won’t hurt me.”

Nile kissed the skin and then bite, surprised at how easily his fangs sank in. He held Arden closer as the hot sweet liquid spilled into his mouth. It tasted so much better now. So sweet. He could drink this forever. It was the most delicious taste he’d ever experienced. He moaned a bit as he drank, his pants starting to feel tight.

“Whoa, slow down,” Arden said, gently pulling Nile off his neck. The wounds healed. “You’re a little too eager, Baby.”

“Sorry…you’re fucking delicious,” Nile said, licking his lips and fangs.

“Now you know how it feels when I bite you,” Arden said, smiling.

Nile reached down and unbuttoned his pants with a relieved sigh. “Oh, that’s better.”

Arden grinned. “Turned you on?”

“God yes,” Nile said, standing up to take his pants off. He took off the rest of the Agent uniform, ripping a few holes into the fabric in his enthusiasm and new found strength.

Arden chuckled. “You’ve got so much to learn.”

Nile smiled. “I’ve got you to teach me.”

“Sit down,” Arden said.

Nile sat down on the bed and Arden slid down onto the floor. He crawled on his knees and positioned himself in front of Nile. He grabbed Nile’s erect cock and stroked it gently from the base to the sensitive head.

Nile gasped. “Oh God…”

“You feel things more intensely now,” Arden said, smiling.

Nile looked at Arden wide-eyed. “Fuck…”

Arden nodded with a grin. “Oh, this is going to be fun. It’ll be like your first time.”

Nile smiled. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Then let’s waste no more time,” Arden said, taking Nile’s cock into his mouth.

Nile shuddered and gasped. Arden had never done this before, for fear of hurting Nile accidentally with his fangs. But now that Nile was a vampire, he was much tougher. Nile leaned back, supporting himself on his elbows. He gave a blissful sigh as the vampire took him into his mouth. He did feel the brush of fang, but oddly it was not unpleasant. It gave him strange shivers.

Arden sucked slow and hard, licking and teasing with his tongue. Just like Nile had done for him so many times. Nile grabbed his hair, pulling it tight. If Arden were human it would have hurt. Nile was going to take some time to adjust to his new strength. Arden focused on the taste and feel of his lover. He gripped Nile’s hips, bringing him closer. Nile moaned beneath him. Arden could feel the head of Nile’s cock swelling. Arden gently let go, looking up at his panting, wide-eyed lover.

“You okay, Baby?” Arden said with a smirk.

Nile quivered. “I…I damn near came…”

“You’ll get used to all this intensity,” Arden whispered with a smile. “Take a deep breath, relax.”

Nile closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He opened them and Arden was standing with a full blown erection. Just the sight of his throbbing hardness nearly sent him over the edge. Nile swallowed hard, breathed deep, and struggled to calm down. Arden guided Nile back farther on the bed. He crawled on top of Nile, their cocks rubbing together as their lips met.

Arden gazed into Nile’s eyes and stroked his hair. “You make a beautiful vampire,” he whispered.

Nile smiled. “Thanks.”

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