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SUMMARY: A wife is convinced to try swinging to save her marriage.

NOTE 1: This is a Halloween 2013 Contest Story…I hope you enjoy…although it is long Halloween story that starts plot heavy before ending in my longest sex scene to date.

NOTE 2: As always, a great big thanks to the one, the only MAB7991 for editing my stories. Another thanks for goamz who seems to somehow catch whatever MAB and I miss.


In every marriage there are ebbs and flows, how a couple deals with these ebbs and flows defines their marriage. With over 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it is no surprise that many couples cannot overcome the plethora of challenges that constantly come their way.

Matt and I were recently in one of those ruts that not only caused strain in our marriage but damn near ended it. Our solution, although unorthodox, saved our marriage and although I don’t recommend it to everyone, for us it changed everything.


Matt and I had been married over thirteen years (both of us are superstitious by the way) and after years of trying had learned we could not have children. We had applied two years earlier to adopt, but that process only added to the exhaustion that was our lives, as we dealt with red tape from all directions.

The recession hit us hard and my husband even harder (I won’t get into the details, but we lost a lot of money and Matt, although he didn’t lose his job like many others, he was demoted). Being a nurse, my job was relatively secure due to the shortage of qualified nurses. Matt had to work more hours for less pay, while I took extra shifts to make up the financial difference. In the end, financially we ended up about the same, but our lives were way more exhausting and stressful, resulting in little or no time for each other.

Before the recession, we went on yearly trips that seemed to rejuvenate both our personal and sexual lives. It had been three years since our last trip, we were in more than a rut, we were in a gigantic meteor pothole, and I wasn’t sure we could get out.

We hadn’t had sex for over three months and even that time was anti-climatic for me. We were a couple going through the motions and our relationship desperately needing a boost.

In years past we had sex every couple of days and experimented with a wide variety of sexual positions and locations. Now it was always the missionary position and always in our bed…again the rut was deepening.


I was complaining to a colleague at work during a double shift.

“I haven’t had sex for three months,” I whined rather matter-of-factly.

“Oh my God,” my younger co-worker Jessica responded, “If I don’t get my pilot lit every couple of days I am one cold bitch.”

I laughed, “Always the poet.”

Jessica shrugged and quipped. “But seriously, what the fuck…pun intended.”

“Life,” I shrugged.

“Life is what you make it,” she replied using the terrible cliché quote.

“How high school prom,” I quipped.

She smiled naughtily and quipped back a dreamy look in her eyes, “Aaah yes, my high school prom and first threesome.”

I spit out my coffee when she declared her naughty sexual secret.

She continued, “Ever since then I have never been a one cock woman.”

“B-b-but you’re engaged,” I stuttered.

She shrugged, “So.”

“You cheat on him?” I questioned.

“Oh no, no,” she chuckled, before responding like she was talking about the weather, “He is usually a part of the threesome, orgy, gangbang or whatever.”

“You’re shitting me,” I replied, assuming she was just yanking my chain.

“I’m not shitting you and truth be told I have a solution to your and Matt’s sexual rut,” she retorted.

I stared at her still trying to wrap my head around all this information. She had always been rather open with her sexual exploits, but this was very deep into the too-much-information zone.

“You need to come to a swinger’s party,” she casually announced.

“A swinger’s party?” I repeated, mindlessly, the information coming too fast and furious for my somewhat conservative values to comprehend.

“Yes, the next one is on Halloween,” Jessica explained.

“How often do they occur?” I asked, still in shock.

“Depends,” she shrugged, before adding, “sometimes there are special parties, like Halloween, but the first Saturday of every month is the usual meeting time.”

“You are serious?” I asked, finally accepting that she was not pulling my leg.

“Deadly,” she smiled, her hand grabbing mine.

“Wow,” I uttered.

She added her tone suddenly dripping with sexual innuendo, “And I would love to ‘wow’ you like you have never been wowed.”

“Excuse me,” I replied, shocked by her sudden predatory overture.

“Everything is possible at a swinger’s party,” she purred, moving so close to me that I could almost taste her cherry flavored chap stick.

I stammered, “I-I-I could never do such a thing.”

Her finger went to my lips and she leaned towards my ear, her warm breath heating up my dormant oven. “I would bring inconceivable pleasure to you and,” she paused as she bit and lightly tugged on my ear.

I let out an uncontrollable soft moan.

“Your husband,” she finished, her hot breath lingering in my ear and triggering a sudden wetness in my vagina.

Suddenly considering the ludicrous suggestion, I argued, weakly, “My husband would never agree.”

“Really?” she asked, moving away from my ear. I was surprised by the wave of disappointment that rushed through me suddenly. Her smile was playful and yet implying so much. “Your husband wouldn’t mind watching you in the throes of girl on girl passion? Or having his choice of at least a dozen hot women to pleasure him?”

I tried to make a joke out of it. “Well what guy wouldn’t want that?”

Jessica let my question linger before finishing, “So if you’re interested, I can get you in, but there are requirements.”

“Like what?” I asked, curiosity killing the cat.

“Are you sure you want to know?” she teased.

Before I could answer, the intercom crackled and announced, “Ms. Kraun to room 1402. Ms. Kraun to room 1402.”

Jessica shrugged, “Well, we will have to continue this conversation later.” Then she shocked me by leaning in and kissing me quickly on the lips but with authority.

Just as quick as her lips were on mine, she was gone and I was left alone a mental muddled mess. I couldn’t deny a spark chilled my entire body when Jessica briefly kissed me. I was shocked by the kiss and confused by the sensations I was feeling. Before I had time to really deal with all this information, I looked up at the clock and realized I was five minutes late for my shift. Ignoring the spark kindling in my vagina, I left the locker room and headed out to my work station.


The next eight hours were crazy and I didn’t have any time to consider the invitation Jessica had offered. I was grabbing my stuff to head home when Jessica entered the locker room.

My face instantly felt warm as I relived our last brief moment of unexpected intimacy, I suddenly felt like a giddy insecure teenager again. Jessica asked, as she began unbuttoning her shirt, “So do you still want to know about the party expectations?”

I barely heard her words as I watched her undress like a horny teenage boy would do, even though I had seen her changing many times, it felt like my first.

“Earth to Trudy,” Jessica teased as her final button was unbuttoned.

“What?” I asked, rattled by my sudden obsession with seeing her breasts, considering I had seen her breasts in a bra many times before.

“What were you thinking about?” she asked knowing exactly what I was thinking, as she began pulling down her skirt.

“Oh-oh-oh nothing,” I stammered, even as my red face betrayed my words.

Her mischievous smile returned as each word slithered out of her mouth with sexual venom breaking down the last remaining walls of my propriety. “You can’t stop thinking of my offer, can you, sexy?”

Being called sexy was another rush as the sweet terms of endearment from my husband quit around the same time the market crashed. I stammered, “I-I-I guess.”

With her skirt on the floor, she bent down like a porn star, giving a perfect view of her thong covered ass encased in white pantyhose. Although I was not a lesbian and had never had more than brief lingering thoughts and rare naughty dreams, I was suddenly mesmerized by Jessica’s body. Jessica seemingly knowing the impact she was having on me, held her perfect pose as she turned her head to look at me staring at her and asked, “Like what you see, Trudy?”

Only able to speak with a stammer, I answered, “I-I-I-um…”

Thankfully, Jessica saved me from my blithering idiot rambling and asked, as she stood back up, “So I assume you want join us next Saturday?”

My moral conscience still lingering deep inside overcame my carnal desire that was simmering at the surface and begging to be dealt with. “I could never cheat on Matt.”

Jessica, grabbing a pair of jeans from her locker, countered, “Who said anything about cheating? Our group is very much against cheating. Every member is married or in a serious relationship. Both man and woman in the relationship must agree to all the rules of the group and can only join as a couple.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster as I continued to check out Jessica’s perfect body as she slowly slithered herself into the tightest jeans ever made.

She continued talking, oblivious to my staring or just used to it based on her perfect body and looks, and explained, “Our group believes that monogamy is a hindrance in a relationship as everyone, regardless of your morale fibre and your love for your partner, will fantasize about others. Usually these fantasies will consume you and either you cheat and betray your spouse or you mentally cheat every time you are intimate with them.” She paused, her perky breasts still on display for me in her skimpy black lace bra, “Thus we strongly believe our swinger’s group actually saves marriages.”

I joked, trying to be casual about an idea that seemed more logical and appealing the more I learned, “Your slogan could be: saving marriages one fuck at a time.”

Jessica’s smile disappeared and she said, suddenly her tone cold, “Don’t be flippant and judgemental Trudy. I was trying to be helpful.”

As she grabbed her shirt from her locker, I quickly apologized not wanting to insult her. “Wait! Sorry, Jessica, I was being sarcastic. It is how I deal with situations I am uncomfortable with.”

Jessica turned back to me, her shirt in her hand, her eyes softening, “I am sorry too. I don’t tell many about Eddie’s and my swinger lifestyle, but thought it could really help you. Plus I find you very attractive.”

“You do?” I questioned, both confused and turned on.

“Yes I do, sexy,” she smiled.

“How did you and Eddie get started in the group?” I asked, wanting to know everything.

Jessica offered, “That is a long story. Let’s go out for a drink.”

“I am way too tired to be going to a bar,” I yawned.

“Did I imply I was asking you?” she asked her tone suddenly firm. Before I could respond she added, “We are going for a drink and I am not taking no for an answer.”

“Ok,” I agreed distracted by her putting on her blouse and her rather authoritative tone.

“You’re not changing?” she questioned, content with my answer.

“I usually just go home after work and hit the shower so I don’t bring extra clothes,” I explained.

She turned back to her locker and pulled out a blood red blouse and handed it to me. “I have a few outfits in here depending on what I may be doing later. Your skirt is fine, but we can’t be going out with you in a stained nurse’s smock.”

Before I could even respond she was pulling my scrubs off me, revealing my tiny breasts in my sports bra (I found a sports bra more practical for the job…comfort had always came first with me).

“A sports bra,” she smiled, adding, “I hope you are less practical at home.”

I shrugged, “I am more a sweats and t-shirt kind of gal.”

Jessica dressed me like I was her living Barbie Doll and said, “Well, I hate to be critical sugar, but being married doesn’t mean you quit working hard on your relationship. If you don’t dress feminine and if you don’t feel sexy, then your man will quit trying to.”

“I suppose,” I whispered, as she buttoned up the slightly see through blouse on me.

“No, I suppose. I am not saying the swinger’s group is right for you, but even if it isn’t you need to do more work on your side to rekindle the fire in your marriage.”

Suddenly guilt overwhelmed me. I had been blaming Matt for our lackluster passion, but in just a few words of wisdom from a colleague I realized I was just as much to blame. I replied, “You are right, Jessica. I have gotten lazy.”

“It is easy to do,” she replied, supporting my realization, “But it is just as easy to fix.”

I joked, “I may need a whole new wardrobe.”

“Well one thing that always relaxes me is shopping for clothes,” she smiled, “let’s go, the malls are open for a couple of more hours.”

“Now?” I asked.

“No time like the present,” Jessica pointed out and added, “plus I need a new outfit for next weekend’s Halloween party.”

“Are they always themed?” I repeated, curiously.

“Yep, every party has a theme. Last month was a superhero theme to celebrate the opening of the Avengers movie and the month before was a BDSM party.”

“Oh,” I replied, too nervous to ask what a BDSM party was. We were heading to the parking lot before I asked, “So next is a Halloween party?”

“Yes, actually, it will be a perfect time to join as you can kind of create a slut persona and still hide behind a mask if you are nervous,” Jessica revealed as we reached her car. “We’ll take my car.”

The mall was only a few minutes’ drive, but enough time with traffic to allow her to tell me about how she joined this exclusive club.

“So first thing you should know is Eddie and I had been involved in a couple of threesomes before we became actual swingers. We had tried two guys and one girl and two girls and a guy, but we both had the fantasies of a foursome or moresomes. Anyways, as you know Eddie works for the city in economic development and at last Year’s Christmas party, not this past Christmas but the one before that, we were quite drunk and ended up in a free for all sexual extravaganza with two other couples at the office Christmas party.”

Jessica paused to look at me while at a red light. She could tell I was enthralled by her every word. She smiled, adding, “It was fucking amazing. It was my first double penetration and I became addicted.”

“You took it in the butt?” I asked, astonished.

“Fuck yeah,” she replied like it was what everyone was doing, adding, “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

The light changed and she turned her eyes back to the road as she continued the story. “Anyway, once all the men were all spent I recall saying how I still wanted more, but none were capable of fulfilling my need. As we were leaving, one of the wives’ handed me a card and suggested I give her a call and the rest is history.”

“Wow,” I said, the whole story so unbelievable, yet clearly the truth.

“Wow, indeed,” she echoed as we arrived at the mall.

Silence lingered between us as we exited the car and made our way into the mall. I followed her into a store called Lace and Grace, a store I had walked past a trillion times, but never entered.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the store (because of its intimate products, it is a closed door shop) was a wall of toys. The only toy I had was a vibrator I had bought in college at a sex party and it really wasn’t big enough to properly satisfy me.

Jessica noticed my bug-eyed look and guessed. “Let me guess. You have one vibrator that you have had since before you were married.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“You scream sexually repressed, my dear,” she dead panned.

I winced at her accurate assessment, and trying to shed this image asked, “And what would you suggest my guru of pleasure.”

She smiled at me and said, “Be careful what you ask for, honey. I’d have you wearing a butt plug to work to prepare you for the party, if I had my way.”

“Oh my God,” I gasped at her frank response.

“That is exactly what you will be screaming over and over at the party,” she quipped, grabbing my hand and leading me to the wall of self-pleasure.

I remained silent to avoid digging a deeper hole than I was already in, as I stared at so many inconceivable sex toys I didn’t even know where to start.

Jessica teased, “We are not here for these, but clearly you are thinking of upgrading your meager toy collection.”

I again stammered, “No-I-um just can’t fathom the purpose for some of these toys.” I pointed to one that actually had a drill handle, “Like what is this one for.”

Jessica quipped without hesitation, “To literally drill you.”

“Apparently,” I replied.

Jessica reached for a smaller toy. She handed me the box and said, “This is a must have for any sexually needy woman.”

“A we-vibe?” I asked, looking at the rather small contraption.

“It may be small but it gives the best sensations,” Jessica smiled, “while one part teases your pussy the other pulses on your clit.”

“Wow,” I mindlessly replied thinking about how awesome that would potentially feel.

“Wow, indeed,” Jessica said, “plus with a pair of tight panties you can wear it while you are out and about.”

“I would never….”

“Never say never, sweetie,” Jessica recommended, reaching for a much bigger toy, “because if I have my way I will be using this on you next Saturday.”

She handed me a long dildo that had heads at both ends. At first I couldn’t fathom what it could be used for until Jessica explained, “It’s a double-ended dildo so we can fuck each other, pussy to pussy.”

My face must have been ruby red as she added, taking back the long toy, “Just kidding…probably.” She shrugged and dragged me to the bras and shocked me again when she cupped my breasts and asked, “34b?”

My facial expression a mixture of shock at being felt up and her very accurate appraisal, I nodded, “How did you know?”

She shrugged, “It’s a gift.”

She scanned the many different bras all of which were sexier than any I currently owned before grabbing three and ordering, “Go try these on.”

I took the bras tentatively and went into the small changing room. I put on a lacy white push-up bra that definitely enhanced my small breasts. It was like the breast fairy had waved her magic wand and given me the breasts I had always dreamed of having.

As I admired my new breasts, I was startled when Jessica walked in unannounced. “Nice. Isn’t it amazing what one tiny piece of lingerie can do for you?”

Although suddenly feeling vulnerable in only a bra, I feigned confidence. “It makes me look like I have breasts.”

“Nice, firm, appetizing breasts,” Jessica complimented.

“I suppose,” I replied, feeling awkward from the compliment.

“Turn around,” she instructed.

I did and felt her unhook the bra and toss it on the bench. She reached and grabbed a second bra and dressed me like I was again a full-sized Barbie doll.

Her hands on me was awkward, yet sensual, causing an undeniable stirring down below.

Once the light blue bra was on, she spun me around to face the mirror and said, “Cute, very cute.”

I looked in the mirror and had to agree; it was cute and somehow made me look younger.

I felt Jessica’s hands expertly unclasped the bra and felt her hot breathe on the back of my neck which caused more tingling down below and made my nipples go as stiff as diamonds.

Her hand never leaving my back, she reached and grabbed the third black bra and put it on me. I wondered if she saw my erect nipples and flushed face. Did she know the impact she was having on me?

Once on, she twirled me around and said, “Wow. Every girl needs a sexy black bra.”

“Is that so?” I asked.

“Look for yourself,” Jessica said, pointing to the mirror.

Turning around, I looked at myself and again I had to agree it accentuated my breasts in ways I didn’t think was possible.

“Now a nice black fuck me dress, some stockings and heels and men will be drooling over you,” Jessica complimented, before adding with a mischievous smile, “and some women too.”

She let her last words linger before leaving me alone in the room to change.

My panties were very damp and I had to quickly calm myself down from my surprising reaction to Jessica’s touch and got dressed.

I returned to the store and Jessica had a basket with panties and pantyhose.

She explained, “Whether or not you join us on Saturday you should have some naughty undergarments. I love it when I am out with Eddie in a sexy, but appropriate cocktail dress, but underneath I’m wearing thigh high stockings, a thong and a lacy bra. Or as I like to say: dress like a lady on the outside and a slut underneath…since in my opinion I am both. I also think all women want to be seen as both deep down, but most are to insecure about their bodies or too worried about what society might think.”

Trying to impress her, I said, “Well, then I better take that toy you showed me.”

She smiled and joked, “You may make a good slut yet.”

“As good as you?” I quipped back.

“Well, I have never….” she joked back, her hands on her hips all diva-like.

Ten minutes later I had spent over 250 bucks, had three new bras, six new thongs, four pairs of thigh high, a new vibrator and a we-vibe.

Ten minutes after that we were at a lounge with some wine and we chatted about work, patients and men’s bizarre fascination with sports. Finally, both on our second glasses, and me already tipsy due to being overtired, the conversation returned to the swinger’s party.

Jessica asked, “So do you think you are interested in the swinger’s party?”

“It may be the wine, but as of now, hell yeah,” I replied, wine always loosening my morals.

“Well, I already told you about the couples’ only piece and our monogamy philosophy, so the last piece is the loyalty test,” she revealed.

Curious, I asked, “What is the loyalty test.”

“Well, you become the submissive slave of the person who brought you for the night,” Jessica said, an unreadable smile on her face.

My pussy leaked into my panties at the thought and my cheeks returned to ruby red.

I was about to speak, when she added, “Just kidding…unless you like that idea.” After a pause, she explained the real rules. “But seriously…To guarantee complete loyalty and secrecy, you will each be expected to perform an act that will be videotaped.”

“Oh my,” I gasped, already pretty confident Matt would never agree.

“If you somehow betray the confidence of the group, the video goes viral,” she explained.

“What did you have to do?” I asked.

She smiled, clearly fondly recalling her loyalty test. “I had to blow three guys and allow each to come on my face and then I had to fuck myself with a cucumber.”

“Oh my God,” I gasped again, “I could never do that.”

She smiled, “Oh yes you could.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied, although the idea had my pussy tingling.

“I can tell by the look on your eyes, you’re already thinking about it,” she correctly assessed.

“Well a girl can dream,” I smiled back, the wine and conversation together stirring up a longing I had long lost.

Jessica surprised me yet again, “I want to fuck you so badly.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Seriously,” she said, “I want to devour you whole.”

Such flattery had me tingling as did the idea of Jessica devouring me whole. Seeing I was rattled by her upfront behavior and yet not rejecting it, she added, “I have a plan.”

“You do?” I asked, curiosity again getting the better of me.

“Yes, you and Matt are going to come to our house this Friday for a fun night of drinking, cards and fun in the hot tub.”

“We are?” I asked, my head spinning with the possibilities such a night would hold.

“Yes you are and I won’t take no for an answer,” she said confidently.

“Ok,” I agreed tentatively, unsure what I was really getting myself into, yet just as excited about the possibilities of the unknown.

Her sexy smile had me overwhelmed, “And then we will let the chips fall where they may.”

We finished our wine and headed home the possibilities of Friday night both exciting and scary.


All week I tried to bring it up to Matt, but I could never get the courage. We did have sex once, but as usual it was literally anti-climatic. He agreed, very reluctantly, to go to Jessica’s on Friday. The more I thought about Jessica and the swinger’s party, the more excited I got at the possibility.

Friday came and because the weather was so amazing we sat in their backyard, had a barbecue and a few drinks. The good news was that Matt and Eddie really seemed to get along as they talked football, baseball, muscle cars and the stock market. Jessica and I let them chat as we went inside to get changed for the hot tub.

Jessica asked, once alone, “Have you put any more thought into my offer?”

“Too much thought,” I replied.

Jessica’s sexy smile returned. “Is that so, do tell.”

My face went red at what I had obviously implied. “I am going through major withdrawal,” I admitted, before adding, “we had sex once since our chat, but I had to wait till after he fell asleep to finish what he didn’t.”

“And what were you thinking about,” she purred, her tone dripping with innuendo.

“Lots of things,” I vaguely answered.

Jessica moved in front of me, her seductive eyes pulling me in. “Was I in your fantasy at all?”

I stammered, nervously and excitedly, “Y-y-yes, you were.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned in a way that I can’t properly explain but had my knees weak, my body trembling and my pussy tingling. “Let’s go change into our bikinis, sexy,” she suggested, grabbing my hand and leading me to her room. I followed like a lovesick puppy.

As soon as we reached her room, she discarded her clothes and was standing in front of me naked. Smiling at me, obviously knowing the impact she had on me, she asked, “Like what you see?”

I replied, my cheeks giving away any pretense her nakedness was not affecting me, “I can’t believe how tight your body is.”

She shrugged, “I was born this way.”

“You don’t work out?” I asked, incredulously.

“Only up and down on Eddie’s pole,” she smiled, before adding, “and of course I do have a monthly marathon.”

“You are so bad,” I teased.

Bending over, giving me a perfect view of her ass, she reached for her bikini. Turning around and walking towards me, she said, “You can be bad too.”

Reaching me, I waited in anticipation for her kiss. Her lips grazed mine, before moving to my ear, “All you have to do is say yes.” She bit my ear lobe, tugged it teasingly and ordered, “Now get changed, it is time to amp up this night.”

I nervously undressed as she watched. Once naked, she praised me. “Trudy, you have a damn fine body. All the men will be fighting over you tomorrow.”

I blushed, thrilled by the compliment, but didn’t believe it. “As if, I can’t even get my own husband to fuck me,” I sighed.

Her tone changing, she scolded, “Don’t you dare play the pity card. Men need variety, whether it is more than one woman or different positions or whatever. It is your job as a wife to keep him happy just like it is his job to be romantic.”

“Well if that is the case we would both be fired,” I quipped.

“Well, let’s go save your job,” she smiled, moving in and kissing me. I was suddenly weak in the knees as I melted into her.

A moment later, she broke the kiss and asked playfully, “You ready to take this show live?”

“Oh my God, I don’t know,” I wavered.

“What is the worst that is going to happen?” the sexy bombshell asked.

“Um….” I paused, unsure the answer.

“Exactly,” Jessica confirmed. “Your marriage is in trouble and I am going to help you save it by fucking you. Now get in your bathing suit.”

Before I could respond, she left me alone stunned by her last declaration. Anxiety overwhelmed me as I got into my bikini and prepared for the unknown.

Five minutes later all four of us were in the hot tub drinking and chatting as if we were lifelong friends. After a few minutes, Jessica’s hand appeared on my leg causing me instant excitement and trepidation. Was she really going to do something with my husband right there? The answer came seconds later when her hand slowly moved up until it was between my legs gently teasing my pussy lips. I was thankful I was under water so she couldn’t tell how wet she was making me.

The next few minutes I tried to continue to be involved in the conversation, but was distracted by Jessica’s touch. Suddenly, Jessica said, “Let’s play a game.”

Matt said, “What game?”

“Truth or dare,” Jessica revealed, her finger moving inside my bikini.

I gasped as her finger penetrated me.

Matt noticed, “You okay?”

“Y-y-yes,” I stammered, as Jessica begin to slowly fill my pussy with her finger. “I just haven’t played truth or dare since I was a teenager.”

“I’m game,” Eddie said, knowing where his girlfriend was going.

“Me too,” Matt agreed.

“Well, I guess I have no chooooice,” I said, stretching the last word as Jessica wiggled her finger now completely in me.

Matt gave a confused look, while Eddie gave a knowing one which somehow turned me on more.

Jessica started, “Trudy , truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I said, scared of what she might dare me to do.

Jessica considered for a minute before asking, “When did you last have sex?”

“Tuesday,” I answered, thankful for an easy question.

“Matt’s turn,” Jessica announced all chipper.

“Dare,” he shrugged.

Jessica said, “This is for both of you men. I dare you to throw your trunks onto the deck.”

Eddie shrugged and quickly took the dare while Matt looked surprised. Once he noticed Eddie had done it, he followed suit.

“My turn, I guess,” Jessica smiled. “Matt ask away.”

“Truth or dare,” Matt asked, his eyes continually lowering to Jessica’s voluptuous breasts.

“Dare,” Jessica answered.

“Tit for tat, I think, I dare both of the ladies to discard their bikinis,” Matt dared.

Jessica laughed, as she turned to me, her finger sliding out of me, and reached behind me to take off my bikini top. My body trembled at her touch as she joked, “Let’s show the boys tit for tat.”

Once she released my breasts from the bikini top, I moved my hands, suddenly feeling brazen, and leaned my naked breasts onto her and removed her bikini as well. Once off, our breasts were crushed together and I turned to my stunned husband, who I bet didn’t think we would take off our bikini tops, and smiled my tone dripping with sexiness, “Is this tit for tat or tit for tit enough for you.”

Matt was indeed surprised, but Eddie took control, “You only half completed the dare, ladies.”

Jessica ordered, “Stand up, my dear.”

“Really?” I asked.

“A dare is a dare,” Jessica shrugged.

“Okay,” I agreed, nervous and excitement two emotions bouncing inside me.

I stood up and Jessica kneeled in front of me and pulled the string that unfastened by bikini bottom. She let my bottom fall into the hot tub and lingered there, my long neglected hairy cunt directly in her face. I didn’t dare look at Matt, instead concentrating on staring at the beautiful younger women who I was completely enchanted by.

“You need a trim, my dear,” Jessica finally quipped, before standing up and turning to Matt, “Would you like to do the honours?” I quickly sat back down so my cunt was no longer on display, although my breasts were only partially covered by the bubbles.

Matt was flabbergasted, yet, like me, he avoided making eye contact with his spouse, instead just getting drawn into the beauty that was Jessica. He tugged the string and her bikini bottom quickly joined mine in the water.

Matt couldn’t pry his eyes off Jessica’s cunt, I am not even sure he blinked, until she turned around towards me and said, “Eddie loves my cunt shaved.”

I stared, like Matt, at her cunt with awe. I had never shaved mine before. Sure I had trimmed it, over a year ago truth be told, but never liked the idea of a razor so close to my pussy. Yet, feeling promiscuous and naughty, I wisecracked, “Well I guess it makes it easier to eat.”

“Want to find out?” Jessica asked.

The moment of truth was at hand. This time I looked directly at Matt. He gave just the slightest of nods giving me permission to do it.

Jessica straddled me on the hot tub, most of her body outside the tub, taking control as I continued to hesitate, said, “I dare you to eat my cunt, Trudy.”

I took a breath for confidence, before I leaned forward and took the dare.

I heard Jessica order, “Matt, please hold me up so I don’t fall.”

I assumed Matt did, what guy wouldn’t touch her naked body given the opportunity, as I tentatively licked her pussy. I imagine the taste would have been much different if she hadn’t been in a hot tub, as there was literally no taste at first. As I licked, moving my tongue back and forth between her pussy lips, I began to taste a wetness that I was responsible for…which was exhilarating…knowing she was getting sexually excited because of me. I just tried to do what I like having done to me, which is to be warmed up with slow licking, lubricating my pussy lips, followed by an aggressive attack on the clit.

Once I took her clit in my mouth, she moaned, “That’s it Trudy, you are a natural pussy licker.”

A chill went down my spine, even as I was quickly brought back to the reality that I was eating a pussy while my husband held up the woman.

“Matt,” she asked coyly, “do you like watching your wife eat pussy?” I tensed up as I waited to hear his response. Was he turned on? Mortified?

“Y-y-yes,” he stammered, after a brief pause which relaxed me instantly as I sucked her swollen clit between my lips.

“Good, because I plan to use your pretty wife to pleasure me on many occasions now that I know she is such a submissive little thing,” Jessica explained, seeing just how far she could push my bewildered husband.

“Fine with me,” he replied, clearly taken by Jessica’s personality and sensuality just like I had been.

“Gooooood,” Jessica moaned, her breathing getting more erratic. “Because I have naughty plaaaans for yoooooou twoooooooooo,” she screamed, as she grabbed my head and pulled my face deep into her cunt.

A gush of cum exploded out of her and onto my face. I eagerly licked her unique exotic taste that had me instantly realizing I would drop to my knees to taste from her delicacy with the snap of her fingers…any time and any place.

Eventually, she let go of my head and asked, “Did you enjoy eating my cunt, Trudy?”

“God, yes,” I admitted, no longer even remotely worried about playing innocent for my husband.

“You were very good at it,” she complimented.

“Thank you,” I replied, although it sounded strange coming out of my mouth.

She then asked Matt teasingly, while looking at me, “Is that your cock poking my ass, Matt?”

Matt stammered, “I-I-I guess, s-s-sorry.”

“Truth Matt. Do you want to fuck me?” She asked, turning her head around to look at him.

I couldn’t see his face from my submissive position still between Jessica’s legs, but knew he was trying to decide how to answer.

I pushed him by reminding him, “Honey, it’s truth, so just tell the truth.”

Jessica added, “Yeah, I need to know if you are going to fuck me or if Eddie is.”

Eddie added, “I told you we were swingers earlier man, she is yours for the taking.”

“Yes, I want to fuck you,” Matt finally admitted, a hunger in his voice I had not heard in a long time.

“My pussy or ass?” She asked.

“Both,” Matt answered quickly, like me no longer worried about his significant other but about the moment.

“Well don’t just stand there, fuck me,” Jessica said, moving beside me, on her knees in the hot tub.

Matt, again like me earlier, avoided eye contact with me, as he moved behind her. Unfortunately, her cunt was still in the water so I couldn’t see him penetrate her, but I did watch his facial expressions which told me he was in.

Jessica then ordered, “Trudy get your cunt in front of me now.”

I didn’t need to be told twice as I got out of the tub, moved in front of her, sat back down and spread my legs excited to have two men watch me get eaten.

Jessica said, “This cunt needs a good trim, Trudy.”

“Anything you say,” I answered without hesitation.

“Those are an interesting choice of words,” Jessica purred.

I stared directly at Matt who finally was looking at me and said, “Well, almost anything.”

“Almost anything is a pretty big scope,” she pointed out as my husband fucked her.

“So it is,” I playfully agreed.

Jessica turned to Matt and said, “I am not your wife, don’t make love to me, fuck me, force my face into her neglected cunt.”

I wondered if Matt caught the shot at him, but I didn’t care. I loved him, but I needed this. Jessica returned to my cunt and dove in.

She licked my pussy lips slowly at first like I had, although it was difficult as her whole face was also pounded into me as Matt shifted to fucking her.

I watched a Matt I hadn’t seen in almost a year as he pounded her and even began to talk as he slammed his cock into her simultaneously slamming Jessica’s face into me. “Is this hard enough for you?”

“Harder dammit,” she replied, clearly enjoying my husband’s cock slamming into her.

Eddie laughed, “She is insatiable and impossible to please.”

“That’s not truuuue,” she moaned, “I just make you fuckers work for it.”

I glanced at Eddie who was sitting on the side of the hot tub watching his girlfriend in a threesome that didn’t include him. His big cock was rock hard and seemed to be pointing directly at me as if beckoning me.

Taking control, I said, “I’ll take a rain check on that sweet mouth of yours Jessica. I see something else that needs attention.”

Jessica smiled, knowing instantly my intent, “Tit for tat.”

I laughed as I moved towards Eddie and his cock, “Indeed tit for tat.” But first I moved to Matt and kissed him. Breaking the kiss, I whispered, “I want to see you pound her ass too.”

“Oh the things I do to please my wife,” he joked.

“Remember those words,” I quipped back as I moved to Eddie, dropped to my knees and wordlessly took his stiff rod between my lips.

“About fucking time girl,” he groaned as I didn’t waste any time with pleasantries and took six inches of his cock in my mouth. I wasn’t sure I could take all eight but I was sure willing to try.

I bobbed up and down on Eddie’s cock for the next couple minutes slowly taking more and more into my mouth. Jessica’s moans were consistent and a constant turn on as she even moaned sexier than me.

I almost had all of his cock in my mouth when he ordered, “Ride me, slut.”

I had never been called a slut before during sex. Although I wasn’t a feminist by any stretch I had always hated the way that word was used so liberally. Matt knew how much I despised it and never used it. Yet, this time it only turned me on. At the moment I was a slut giving in without hesitation or consequence to my sexual desires. I quickly obeyed, getting out of the hot tub and awkwardly straddling his missile. I also hated being on top, being more a missionary, doggy style or on my side type of girl, yet again just doing as I was told enhanced the sexual stimulation of the already steamy situation.

I lowered myself slowly and moaned loudly as I took his cock in me. From this position I could ride Eddie and watch Matt fuck Jessica.

Jessica finally ordered, “Sit on the edge of the hot tub, boy toy.”

I laughed slightly at Matt being called a boy toy. Of course, he didn’t hesitate as he was now sitting directly across from me and was watching me get completely filled by a cock two inches bigger than his.

His cock, like Eddie’s, was saluting the ladies, as Jessica replicated my position straddling over my husband. The one big difference is she slowly took Matt’s cock in her ass. I watched both in awe and envy, at just how easily she took a cock in her ass. Being ass fucked had always been a secret fantasy of mine, but other than my fingers, and a very epic failure when I was drunk in college, which had resulted in it only being an exit hole.

“Ever fucked a woman’s ass,” Jessica asked once Matt’s cock had completely disappeared inside her.

“Noooooo,” he groaned, clearly in euphoria at what was currently happening to him.

Watching Jessica slowly riding my husband’s cock turned me on and I began bouncing up and down on Eddie’s long, thick rod which filled me completely. Each downward bounce reached new depths inside me bringing new sensations of pleasure to flow through me.

In only a couple of minutes of getting his cock milked by Jessica’s ass, Matt grunted and warned, “I’m going to come.”

Jessica hopped off his cock, and began furiously pumping his cock. “Do you want to come on my face?”

“Yeaaaaah,” Matt groaned, something else I didn’t ever do, realizing just how vanilla I really was.

Eddie meanwhile ordered, “Tighten that cunt of yours around my cock, slut.”

“Kkkkkk,” I moaned, my orgasm close as I tried to focus on milking his cock all the while watching the scene directly in front of me. I tightened my cunt as best as I could, trying to really ride his clock fast, my orgasm building quickly.

“Aaaaaaaaaah,” Matt grunted as he sprayed his cum onto Jessica’s open mouth and face.

“How long have you been holding that big load, stud?” She asked, as five streams of cum covered her face.

“Too looooong,” he replied, just as Jessica deep throated his cock that had just been in her ass.

The nasty scene was too much for me, as was my pace and the glorious big cock inside me and I screamed, “Fuuuuuuuck, I’m comiiiiing.”

Eddie lifted me up, keeping his cock in me, lowered me back onto the edge of hot tub, and began really fucking me hard. The deep rough pounding as my orgasm was trembling through me unlike any I had ever experienced before had me babbling incoherently, “oh God, yes, fuck, I love your cock, use me, ahhhh, yes, shiiiiit, I’m your sluuuuuuuuut.” I couldn’t believe I had called myself a ‘slut’, yet that is exactly what I felt like at the moment and it was an exhilarating feeling.

A couple of minutes later, my orgasm finally subsiding, Eddie demanded, “Finish me off with those pretty cocksucking lips, slut.”

I quickly obeyed, reluctantly allowing his cock to slip out of my well fucked cunt and took it in my mouth. I hungrily bobbed back and forth trying to finish what I had started earlier, attempting to take all eight inches of his thick cock into my mouth.

“Yes, take it all like a good little slut, Trudy,” he groaned.

That was all the encouragement I needed to take the last half inch into my mouth.

Jessica complimented, “Shit Trudy for a sexually repressed woman you really are eager.”

“How bad do you want my cum, slut?” Eddie asked as he pulled out and began pumping his cock.

I didn’t hesitate wanting nothing more than to allow him to cum wherever he wanted to. “I have never wanted anything more in my life, sir.” I didn’t realize I said ‘sir’ until it was too late, but thankfully no one said anything.

“Does your wife let you coat her pretty face with your jizz?” Eddie asked Matt.

“Never,” Matt replied his tone implying he figured I should.

“Are you going to let me shoot my full load of cum all over your pretty face?” Eddie asked as he looked down at me.

Annoyed by Matt’s comment, I replied, “Come anywhere you want, my face, my tits or my cunt.”

“What about your sweet little ass?” He questioned.

I stammered, realizing I had painted myself into this corner, “I-I-I have never done that before.”

Eddie said to Jessica, “well we know what her initiation will be.”

“That we do,” Jessica agreed, moving to her boyfriend’s cock and stroking it for him. “Open wide, Trudy.”

I obeyed, opening wide for the cum I was craving.

Seconds later, but it felt like an eternity, his first robe of cum shot out like a cannon hitting me on the forehead. The second hit between my eyes and the third directly in my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the limited sample as more sprayed onto my neck and tits.

“We can’t be wasting Eddie’s cum,” Jessica smiled, her face coated in Matt’s juice as she leaned forward and licked the cum off my breast and then moved up my neck. Her hot breath got me hot again as she slowly moved up my body to retrieve her boyfriend’s cum. My body shivered at her touch as she moved to my lips and kissed me. It started tender, but soon we were kissing like two teenagers first time, never wanting it to end. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths even as our hands explored each others’ bodies.

When we finally broke apart, the men had filled up the drinks. Sitting beside our significant other, both of our faces sticky with cum, Jessica said, “So Matt, do you want to come with us tomorrow as our guests?”

“Where to?” he asked.

“A swinger’s party,” she answered.

Matt choked on his drink.

Jessica and Eddie both laughed.

Jessica explained in detail everything she had told me, with Eddie adding the odd piece of information. I moved my hand under water and grabbed his cock which was stiff again. I stroked him as he listened to everything.

Jessica finished by adding that I had told her about how our marriage had become sexually stagnated and that she had suggested the swinger’s party as a remedy.

I said, trying to soften the wording, “I just said that we had lost the creative spark we used to have.”

“I guess we have,” Matt agreed.

“So are you in?” Jessica asked.

“Do you want to do this?” Matt asked me.

“If you do,” I replied.

Matt said, “I can’t believe that I didn’t want to come here tonight.”

“You weren’t expecting to watch your wife dyke out, take her friend’s ass, and be offered to join a very exclusive swinger’s group?” Jessica joked.

“I was thinking more feigning caring while wishing I could just be at home watching the ball game,” Matt answered back, before joking, “but this was okay too.”

“Fucker,” Jessica said playfully.

“Takes one to know one,” Matt quipped back, my old witty husband suddenly back from the abyss.

“So I’ll take that as a yes,” Eddie said.

“Fuck yes,” Matt agreed.

A rush of excitement coursed through me as I moved on top of him and slowly straddled my husband’s cock.

“You slut,” Jessica said.

“Takes one to know one,” I retorted repeating my husband’s line.

“Just one question,” Matt asked.

“Anything,” Jessica said, as she straddled Eddie.

“What will be the initiation?” Matt questioned.

“No guarantees,” Eddie answered. “I am guessing once Jessica tells the head Mistress that your wife is an anal virgin she will be determined to change that travesty.”

“And me?” Matt asked, seemingly okay with his wife getting sodomized by a stranger.

“Ever sucked cock?” Eddie asked.

“God, no,” my husband gasped.

“Just kidding,” Eddie laughed, before adding, “There are a few bi-men in the group. Anyways, they have a few women who desperately love to get laid and you will fuck one or more of them.”

“Sounds ok,” Matt shrugged.

“I fucked a seventy year old,” Eddie revealed before adding, “and then had to lick my cum from her pussy.”

“Your fucking with me again aren’t you?” my hubby asked nervously.

“Nope, it is critical that the evidence they have on you is so incriminating that you would never betray the group,” Eddie explained.

Jessica asked, as her big tits bounced up and down, “Still in, stud?”

“If my wife is in, I am in,” he said.

“I’m all iiiiin,” I moaned, as I bounced on his cock.

“Then get off his cock right now,” Jessica ordered.

“But I’m close,” I protested.

“No sex until tomorrow night. We need you horny as hell and need your hubby with as many loads as possible to shoot,” Jessica said. “The women in the club are insatiable.”

“So it seems,” I said, as I reluctantly got off Matt’s cock.

We chatted for a while before getting dressed and agreeing to meet at 8:30 at their house to go together to the party.

On the drive home, I refrained from just lowering my head and sucking his cock while he drove. We didn’t talk at all as we drove in silence both pondering the night we just had and the evening that lie before us.


The next morning I woke up late and was surprised to see that Matt was gone. On the kitchen table was a note:

My slut wife,

I have to go to work for a while. I also will pick up outfits for tonight. I also expect you to trim that cunt of yours.

Love Matt

I smiled and laughed. He was trying to be forceful seeing how it worked for Eddie and the reaction I had. Yet, he finishes with ‘Love Matt’…obviously he still has some work to do at bring more aggressive, yet he is also so adorable.

I was so thrilled that it went so well yesterday. The night could have ended our marriage and yet instead, just like Jessica said, it seems to have saved it. Crazy, but true, swinging had rekindled our marriage and tonight was an opportunity to really spice it up.

I followed his command and trimmed by pussy which took a lot of time. I considered shaving completely but decided against it, as I had always liked the natural look. The floor was a mess and I felt slightly ashamed that I had let it grow so ragged.

Jessica called to confirm we were still on for tonight and asked what I was wearing. I admitted I had no idea and learned she was going to be a slutty pirate wench.

The day ticked by at a snail’s pace, until Matt arrived home at 4:30.

“Hi, honey,” I called out.

“Hey?” He greeted back.

“What did you buy me?” I asked, like a kid on Christmas morning.

“So eager,” he teased, before adding, “Just like last night.”

“I couldn’t believe how liberating it was, especially after I knew you were game,” I said.

His tone turned serious, “If we do this we must promise each other that it is just sex.”

“That is what it is,” I comforted him. “I love you and love you even more after last night. I trust you enough to know that last night was just sex, as will be tonight, and that you would never do such a thing without me.”

“Nor you me,” he smiled, kissing me.

“I love you,” I whispered, when the kiss ended.

“I love you too,” he replied.

“I so want to fuck the shit out of you,” I said, horny again.

“I think that may happen to you tonight,” he joked.

“That is a bit nerve wracking,” I admitted, my ass instantly clenching.

“As is whatever they have planned for me,” he added.

“High risk for high reward,” I joked.

“Indeed,” he laughed.

“Soooooo…what did you get me?” I asked, fluttering my eyes like a child whose dad always brings them a present home from a trip.

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” he said. “But first I need a shower and then food.”

“Supper will be ready in twenty-five minutes,” I announced.

“Great, what we having?” He asked.

“Your favourite,” I smiled.

“You haven’t made that forever,” he said.

“You hadn’t deserved it,” I quipped.

I finished preparing supper; we ate and then watched Wheel of Fortune like we usually do. Finally it was time to get ready; I had been dying with anticipation for hours to know what he had thought would be a good costume for such an evening.

“Come up in a couple of minutes and I will have your outfit laid out for you,” Matt said, standing up.

“Make it one,” I countered. “The suspense is driving me nuts.”

“It will be worth the wait,” he promised before leaving me.

I waited a minute, probably less than that, before heading to our bedroom. As soon as I saw it on the bed I should have known…he was making his childhood fantasies a reality. I could only assume he was going to be Batman. I, it seemed, was going to be Catwoman. This Catwoman outfit was a snug fit and very impractical for the party we were going to…although I liked the idea of wearing a mask…my real identity concealed making me much more comfortable in front of a group of strangers.

I was looking at the vinyl outfit when Matt came out, as expected, in a Batman costume. I have to admit he looked fucking hot.

“Like the outfit?” He asked.

“Yours or mine?”


“Well you are definitely save-me-from-the-villain-and-be-rewarded-with-the-fuck-of-your-life,” I answered flirtatiously.

“And yours?” He asked.

“It looks very tight,” I answered.

“Put it on,” he instructed.

“Yes, Batman,” I smiled.

I got undressed except for bra and panties when Matt said, “completely naked.”

“Hmmmmmm, is Batman trying to seduce me?” I asked, as I allowed my bra to hit the floor.

“Maybe,” he smiled, as I got out of my underwear.

I reached for the vinyl outfit when he ordered, “Thigh highs first.”

Grabbing the thigh highs I hadn’t noticed at first, I teased, “You and your nylon fetish.”

“You and your not wearing them for me,” he pointed out.

I had always thought his fetish strange. I used to wear them all the time when we were younger, but rarely wore them since I wore pantyhose every day at work. Hinting at my submissive side which he was finally catching onto after all these years, I said, “I’ll wear them all the time.”

“Really?” He asked.

“I’ll walk around the house only in thigh highs and heels if you wish,” I continued, as I slid the first thigh high up my leg.

“This is new,” he said.

“All you have to do is treat me like I am your everything and I will become your everything,” I said, stretching my nylon clad leg towards him.

He took it in his hands and kissed my toes.

I teased, “Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

He laughed, “Oh I can finish it all right.”

“No orgasms until tonight, stud,” I teased, moving my foot away before putting on the second stocking.

Once on, I stood up and grabbed the outfit. I realized there was a zipper in the front that could be pulled down to get at my breasts and as I pulled it onto my body, tougher to get on than the tightest jeans I used to wear in high school, I realized the outfit was crotchless. I gasped, “Matt you can’t be serious.”

“As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect,” he smiled.

“I can’t go in public like this,” I said, mortified of our neighbours seeing my cunt or ass.

“I wasn’t really asking your opinion,” he shrugged. “Now finish getting dressed.”

Half of me was pissed and wanted to slap him across the face, while the other half was turned on by his sudden confident and in control demeanour.

I obeyed, even as my face flushed. Once on, I added the belt that completed the ensemble, well besides the mask.

“Fuck you look hot,” Matt complimented.

“Do I look hot or are you fantasizing about the chick that played the part all those years ago?” I asked.

“No, this is all you,” he said.

My face again flushed, but this time with flattery. “Oh you know just what to say.”

“One more thing,” he said.

“What else could I possible add to this?” I asked.

“Heels,” he said.

“You bought me shoes?” I asked stunned.


“How can you kinda buy me shoes?”

He handed me a box and I knew instantly. He hadn’t bought me shoes, he had bought me boots.

I opened the box and gasped yet again, he bought me five-inch ‘fuck the shit out of me boots’. I hadn’t worn heels larger than two inches in years. “You want me to wear these?” I asked before adding, “Theses just might kill me.”

“If you’re playing the role of slut tonight you should dress the part,” he said.

“So I’m a slut now,” I asked but with a smile.

“You’re my slut,” he countered, his hand moving to my already very wet cunt.

“That I am,” I moaned at his touch.

“Now put on the boots,” he ordered, before waiting a few seconds and adding, “slut.”

“Yes, Master,” I joked.

“Master, I like that,” he smiled, his finger sliding inside me.

“You are going to make me come if you don’t stop,” I warned.

“Then I better stop,” he said, pulling his finger out, but surprising me by pushing it into my ass.

“What the fuuuuuuuck,” I gasped, stunned by his sudden penetration.

“Just getting you ready for tonight,” he smiled, as he pulled his finger out.

“Get the boots on,” he said firmly and left the room.

I watched him go, wondering if I had opened Pandora’s box even as I pondered what a cock would feel like in my ass.


I scurried to the car, scurry being a subjective term based on how many times I wobbled in my boots, petrified someone would see me. I had my mask on too, which somehow made me feel more anonymous.

We didn’t talk on the drive, each of us contemplating the night ahead.

Arriving at Jessica’s place, I again quickly walked up the driveway and to her door. It seemed like an eternity before the door was opened, not by Jessica but Eddie, who complimented me, “Wow, obviously you are hoping to make an entrance.”

“Just wearing what Matt told me to,” I shrugged.

“Good choice, man,” Eddie approved.

“Might as well make another fantasy come true,” Matt said.

“Come on in, Jessica is changing again,” Eddie said.

“Again?” I asked.

“She learned Miranda was coming dressed as a school girl and now Jessica has to up the slut factor,” Eddie explained.

“Slut factor?” I asked.

“Those are her words not mine,” he said, before adding, “Can I get you a drink?”

“Please,” Matt and I both said at exactly the same time.

We were on our second drinks when I heard Jessica ask, “How do I look?”

I turned around and my mouth dropped open. She was in a Minnie Mouse costume. She looked ridiculously hot with the ears, a skirt so short you could see the lace top stocking of her mocha stockings and she had on six inch open-toe heels. Minnie Mouse of course didn’t wear a red micro skirt, a white half shirt that barely held in more than half her voluptuous breasts or a red half shirt that covered her arms and neck. Disney would roll in his grave, but every man alive would be rock hard and any girl dripping wet.

“Oh God Trudy, you look fucking delicious,” she complimented when she reached us.

“Care for a taste,” I teased, opening my legs and revealing my crotch less area.

“You little slut, are you trying to out slut me?” she asked.

“Just learning the ropes from the best,” I teased, my finger opening my cunt for her, the second glass of wine already loosening my inhibitions. “So the offer still stands.”

“I will definitely take a rain check,” she smiled, kissing me. Breaking the kiss, she moved to Matt and kissed him too. “You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said.

“You look amazing,” Matt said.

“I try,” Jessica shrugged. “So are you guys ready for the night that changes everything?”

“I think that was yesterday,” Matt joked.

“Oh that was just the appetizer. Tonight you will get the full course meal,” Jessica replied.

“Should we have another drink before we go?” Eddie asked.

“Maybe two,” Matt joked.

“Or seven,” I added, the closer the clock ticked to our rendezvous, the more nervous I got.

“No turning back now, sexy,” Jessica said.

“Not turning back, just filled with anticipation and trepidation,” I explained.

“I understand,” Jessica nodded.

We ended up having two more drinks, me already past tipsy, and then got ready as Jessica pointed out, “We need to get there on time. No one is allowed to play until the initiation is over.”

“Oh my, will everyone be watching?” I asked.

“Yep, you too are fresh meat and they will all be conniving who gets first shot at you two,” Jessica added.

“Fresh meat,” I laughed nervously.

Eddie added, “The odds of you not getting fucked by every guy there is pretty slim.”

“How many is everyone?” I asked, Eddie’s prediction only adding to my growing anxiety.

“It’s Halloween so almost everyone will be there, so at most fifteen couples” Eddie answered.

“Don’t worry, two of them will be more into Matt if he is willing to swing that way,” Jessica added.

Matt coughed, “There is gay action?”

Jessica shrugged as if it was no big deal, “There is everything action. But you can always say no, but trust me they will be eyeing you, especially if they learn you are straight and a back door virgin.”

“I would never do it with another guy,” Matt said.

“As I told your wife just a few days ago, never say never,” Jessica warned.

Eddie added, “It’s kind of reverse sexism. Two girls is hot, two guys is disgusting.”

“You have been with a guy?” Matt asked.

“A few times. It’s not really my thing, but it is a nice change of pace every once and a while,” Eddie said rather casually.

“Don’t be modest Eddie. Eddie is a great cocksucker and looks fucking hot getting fucked in the ass,” Jessica said.

“I think we have said too much,” Eddie said, not remotely embarrassed by Jessica’s revelation. “We don’t want them having second thoughts.”

“Fair enough, but I must clarify who took your sexy butt’s virginity?” Jessica asked.

“You did with a strap-on,” Eddie admitted, not a hint of shame in his tone. Suddenly I wandered what it would be like to watch a guy get fucked by another guy, or for me to fuck Matt in the ass…wouldn’t that be the ultimate tit for tat.

“Shit, we need to go now,” Jessica said.

The guys sat in the front, Jessica and I sat in the back seat. As soon as the car was in motion Jessica pulled me in and kissed me. We kissed with sweet tenderness for the first few minutes our lips never breaking contact. But the longer the kiss lasted the more passionate it became. Our tongues danced, our hands groped, both avoiding our cunts, as we warned ourselves up for the party that was about to start.

We didn’t come up for air until Eddie said, “Think you two dykes can take a long enough break from molesting each other to walk into the house.”

“Not enjoying the show?” Jessica asked.

“Of course, but looking forward to the main attraction,” Eddie smiled.

“Touche,” Jessica nodded, leaning down and kissing my pussy once before moving away.

“To saving marriages one orgy at a time,” she declared.

I laughed as we got out of the car and headed towards the ridiculously big house, not a house, more of a mansion. A chill went up my spine at the thought we were really doing this…really going to have sex with strangers, join an exclusive group of couples that were swingers. My pussy was getting wet at just the thought of what was about to transpire.

Matt held my hand and whispered just before we reached the door, “Having second thoughts?”

“Second, and third and fourth,” I replied, squeezing his hand.

“I love you, Trudy,” he said.

“I love you too,” I replied, stopping to kiss him.

“Ready for the beginning of a whole new world?” Jessica asked.

“Ready as I will ever be,” I replied, as Eddie knocked on the door.

“Welcome to the rabbit hole,” Jessica smiled as the door was opened by an Asian maid dressed in a normal maid’s outfit.

“Good evening,” the maid greeted.

“Good evening, Keiko,” Jessica said, kissing the maid on the cheek. “This is Trudy and Matt, our special guests for tonight.”

“Nice to meet you,” Keiko bowed.

“You as well,” I said, kissing her cheek like Jessica did.

“Please sign these waivers,” Keiko said, handing me a clipboard.

Jessica, seeing my confusion, explained, “Just waivers promising you will never reveal anything that happens here including names…kind of like what happens at the party stays at the party.”

I nodded, signing the papers without reading them; Matt did the same.

“Follow me to the initiation room,” Keiko said.

We followed her down a hallway and to a room with video cameras and a bed. A chill went up my spine as the reality of what was about to happen became very real.

Jessica said, “Once your initiation is done you can join us downstairs.”

“You’re not staying?” I asked.

“I will be downstairs watching on the big screen,” she smiled, kissing me hard.

Soon Matt and I were alone in the room. Matt and I held hands both of us nervous and unsure. A couple of minutes later, we heard a woman’s voice announce over a speaker. “Good evening all. Tonight will be a very special Halloween party. Today we will be adding two members to our group if they pass the initiation. Good evening, Trudy and Matt.”

“Good evening,” we both said to no one.

“You understand this will be filmed and released on the net if you were ever to reveal anything about our group?” She said all business.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I nodded nervously.

“We are going to try something different tonight,” she continued. “You two will be together for the initiation.”

“Ok, Miss,” Matt agreed, his body trembling.

“Matt you are going to go to the other room and choose three men…these three men will fuck your beautiful wife while you watch and help,” the voice instructed.

“Yes, Miss,” he said, giving my hand a squeeze.

I watched him leave as I waited with a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

Time ticked by so slowly as I waited for the inevitable. It was probably only two or three minutes before three men, all completely naked walked into the room. All three were our age and decent looking and without a word they walked over to me and started kissing me.

The female voice said, “Jessica mentioned you have never had anal sex. That may dear will change as you get triple teamed by these three men. Matt you will guide each cock into one of your wife’s three holes. There is lube on the counter there for her backdoor pleasure. Have fun, and welcome to the family.”

I was instantly overwhelmed as my neck was kissed by one man, while another unzipped my costume to suck on my tits, and the other dropped to his knees and began licking my pussy. I just stood there and allowed my erogenous zones to be lit on fire while closing my eyes to avoid seeing my husband watching.

After a couple minutes of triple attention, I was led to the bed and ordered to get on all fours by the dark haired gentleman. I obeyed, my pussy already on fire, ready to do whatever it took to join this club, yet nervous to know my husband was watching.

“Come put my cock in her mouth,” the blonde whose cock was suddenly in front of my face said.

I watched as Matt moved to me, paused briefly, before grabbing the guy’s smallish five-inch cock, yet the thickest I have ever seen, as he guided it between my lips. I, of course, opened my mouth and took in the stranger’s cock. I sucked it intently, swirling my tongue around his wide rod, trying to impress him and anyone else who might be watching.

“That’s it,” the blonde man groaned.

Just a few words of encouragement and I felt a chill up my spine. A few bobs later and I felt my body lifted up as someone slid underneath me. “Lower your wife on my cock,” I heard someone say, although I couldn’t see, as my mouth was still full of cock.

Yet, I felt myself being lowered onto a big long cock. I moaned on the cock in my mouth as my cunt was filled. I began to ride the cock in my pussy while continuing to suck the cock in my mouth. I fell so slutty, so sexy and so exhilarated all at once.

After starting slowly, I began to ride the cock in my pussy with reckless abandon all the while bobbing back and forth on the small thick cock, easily taking both cocks all the way inside me. Even as I did, my orgasm beginning to build, I kept waiting for the third cock. I wanted it; I needed it; I craved it. Taking the cock out of my mouth, I begged, “Matt, I need a third cock, baby.”

“Okay,” he said, reaching for the lube as I took the blonde man’s cock back in my mouth.

A moment later, I felt a warm liquid poured down my ass crack and I moaned again as I felt a finger rubbing the lube around my virgin asshole.

“Put my cock in her ass,” I heard the third guy say as I felt firm hands on my hips that held me from riding the cock already in my cunt.

I tensed; knowing that even with all the lube a sharp pain was assumedly coming.

I took the cock in front of me back in my mouth and reveled in my first ever triple penetration. “Hold her ass cheeks open,” a voice said and I assumed it was Matt who pulled them apart just as the stranger’s cock began pushing and trying to break through my tight back door.

At first, it refused to be allowed entry, but as more lube was poured on my ass I felt my ass widen and the cock slowly slip inside and continued to push forward and slowly my ass opened up and allowed the stranger to slowly sodomize me.

The pain was instant and yet I wanted more. I wanted to be used as a slut; I wanted to put on a show for all the stranger’s currently watching me; I wanted Matt to get turned on watching me get triple teamed. I wanted it all.

“Aaaaaah,” I babbled, letting the cock in my mouth slip out.

“Just relax,” the guy behind me said.

“Okaaaaaaay,” I said through clenched teeth.

Ever so slowly, like a turtle running a race, his cock went deeper in the unknown depths of my ass. The pain continued to burn, yet the euphoria of knowing I was being watched, somehow dulled it.

“Shit, you are tight,” the guy behind me groaned.

“You’re my first back therrrrrrre,” I explained.

“Well, I am honored,” he said, caressing my ass.

The cock in my ass went deeper inside my virgin back door causing such contrasting sensations of pleasure and pain that I wanted more. His cock not all the way in me, I tried to be like a porn star in the movies as I tried to pleasure all three cocks at once. It was awkward at first, as I pushed back taking all the cock in my ass. I screamed, “Holy fuuuuuuuck,” as my ass cheeks met his body.

“Shit girl, you took it all,” the owner of the cock in my ass said.

“I wanted it all,” I moaned, even as a pain burned through me. Then I began to fuck myself on the cock in my ass, simultaneously deep-throating the cock in my mouth, while the cock in my cunt just lingered there a constant reminder of my triple penetration.

Matt spoke for the first time. “That’s it baby; take all those big cocks my little slut.”

Somehow that turned me on more and I continued the slow process of getting into a rhythm of taking all the cocks in me. First a cock buried deep into my ass, then another deep into my mouth, it was the most exhilarating sensation of my life and I didn’t want it to end.

As I enjoyed the slow building pleasure, the voice on the intercom announced, “Matt, you have one more task.”

“Yes, Miss, anything,” he said.

“You will eat your wife’s pussy after James comes in her,” she announced.

“Okay,” I heard him agree, even though his tone implied his dislike.

The owner of the cock in my ass, demanded, “Faster, sexy, let’s see that tight body of yours really get a work out.”

I moaned in response on the cock in my mouth, my mind thinking the same thing, as I tried to oblige by going faster. I wanted all his cock in my ass and I slammed back onto him reaching new depths in my no longer virgin ass, before moving forward and easily deep-throating the cock in my mouth. I bounced back and forth like a tennis ball, the pleasure overwhelming as the triple penetration was easily the greatest sexual thrill of my life. Suddenly, the cock in my cunt, began slowly moving his hips and the triple sensation hit even harder. The cock in my ass and cunt were different, yet complimentary pleasures and I knew my orgasm was going to hit soon.

Suddenly, I heard, “I’m coming,” and was rewarded with a load of cum down my throat. I eagerly swallowed it all while continuing to ride two cocks.

When the cock in my mouth left, I babbled, “Oh God yes, I love your cocks in me.”

“Lean forward,” said the guy underneath me, as I looked into his sexy blue eyes.

I did and soon both cocks inside me were thrusting simultaneously creating a pleasure unlike any other. My orgasm about to burst, I babbled like a dirty slut, “Oh God, harder, fuck my cunt and ass harder,” and “Oh shit, I feel so full,” and “Deeper, make my ass yours,” and finally, “Oh God, I’m comiiiiiiiing.”

My whole body trembled with such intense pleasure, I couldn’t hold myself up and I collapsed onto the stranger underneath me.

The guy whose cock was in my ass, leaned over me and even as my orgasm cascaded through me and continued pounding my ass hard, creating an everlasting pleasure of an orgasm that refused to end.

Suddenly I felt my ass being filled with cum, yet another thrilling sensation that brought new chills throughout my body. When he pulled out I could feel cum slip out of my ass, feeling both hot and slutty.

To my surprise, the guy underneath me flipped me over and began fucking my cunt hard and deep.

A second orgasm began building instantly as this gorgeous younger man fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked. It wasn’t love making, it was carnal lust both of us being drawn to the moment of sexual fulfillment.

Staring up at him, I begged, “Pound me, sexy, fill my cunt with your big cock.”

He smiled, “Your wish is my command pretty lady.”

He grabbed my legs, leaned them back towards me until my ankles were beside my ears, and reached a depth I didn’t know was possible inside my cunt.

“Oh fucking Lord,” I praised, “you are so deep in me.”

My legs burned as he stretch me in ways I never knew I could stretch and yet his body leaning on me as he slammed deep into me was all I cared about.

My second orgasm was on the rise and I begged, wanting to feel him come in me when I came, “Don’t stop, I’m so close, fill my cunt with your cum when I come.”

“I’m close to,” he grunted, sweat dripping down his forehead, both of us getting a major workout.

“So close, fuck, I’m waiting for you, baby, fill me up, fuck, come now baby, come for your slut, my cunt, my cunt, my cuuuuuuuuuunt,” I screamed as I felt his cock unload its cum into me and I let go of my own orgasm that was begging to be released.

His cock shot rope after rope of his seed deep in me, even as my own juices tried to flood out. Our simultaneous orgasms made it even hotter, and as he moved up a bit, I let my legs wrap around him to keep his cock in me until my orgasm subsided.

“Shit,” I said, my body finally collapsing onto the bed.

When he pulled out, I was surprised to feel someone else move between my legs. Looking up I saw Matt look up at me before he leaned forward and began licking my well fucked cunt.

I moaned, “That’s it baby, lick my cunt,” even as I felt my cum and the stranger’s cum leaking out of me.

After a few minutes of his licking me, a third orgasm began to rise and I grabbed his head, knowing we were being watched. I wanted to put on a nasty show, so I pulled him into my cunt then began rubbing my cunt up and down on his face.

“Oh yes, baby, lick all that cum out of your wife’s cunt,” I demanded, excited by putting on a show.

My third orgasm, although much smaller than my last two, squirted out onto Matt who had licked and sucked my cunt throughout the whole ride.

Finally, I pulled him up to me and kissed him hard. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too,” he replied with an ear to ear grin.

Jessica walked into the room and broke up the intimate moment when she said, “Enough fucking lovey dovey shit. Come and meet the rest of the group.”

She took my hand, pulled me up and added, “Fuck that was hot by the way.”

“I tried to put on a good show. Did you really enjoy watching me getting the hell fucked out of me?” I asked trying to look as slutty as possible.

“Oh yeah and it made me so hot I had to get fucked while watching,” she revealed.

“Who fucked you?” I asked curiously.

“Martin, our one black guy who has a huge ten inch cock,” she revealed.

“Yummy,” I half drooled yet another fantasy I had never fulfilled…a black guy.

“Oh don’t worry; he will have a load for you. He is twenty-one and can go all fucking night,” she explained.

As we walked down the stairs, I said, “I can’t believe it was less than a week ago that you first mentioned this club.”

“When you couldn’t stop drooling over my body,” she quipped back.

“Well if you wouldn’t flaunt it so much, you could turn any straight girl gay,” I smiled.

“Aaaah, you say the nicest things,” she laughed.

The moment we entered the room, Matt right behind us, a pretty redhead, dressed as a nurse ironically, grabbed Matt and said, “You’re mine, sexy.”

He looked at me and I nodded, “Have fun, baby.”

“You too,” he said, as he was led away by the sexy redhead.

Jessica led me out into a huge room where a variety of sex acts were currently going on. I watched the crazy orgy that was under way. I saw the redhead bobbing up and down hungrily on Matt’s cock, I saw a bed in the middle of the room on which I recognized Miranda Collington the news weatherwoman from TV, dressed as a slutty school girl, sucking some guy’s cock, while a woman was between her legs licking away.

I saw an older man dressed in drag bent over getting fucked by a younger guy dressed as a fireman which somehow turned me on.

I saw three women in a circle eating each other’s cunts all in various costumes in complete disarray, and there was a chubby woman with the biggest tits I have ever seen bouncing up and down on a cock which made her massive breasts bounce around like basketballs.

Lastly, I saw Eddie giving a guy a hand job, while a girl was sucking his cock. My voyeuristic awe was disrupted when Jessica whistled and all the men and women stopped and looked up.

Jessica said, “Everyone this is Trudy and over there getting blown by Carrie is her husband Matt.”

“Hi Trudy and Matt,” a chorus of people said.

“Be sure to introduce yourself to our new members throughout the night,” Jessica said, as she led me to the black man who was sitting by himself.

“Trudy, this is huge cock, huge cock, this is Trudy,” Jessica offered.

The black man whose name I already forgot laughed, “You have such elegance with words, Jessica.”

I looked at his cock, not even erect, and gasped at its beauty.

Jessica shrugged, “What can I say your big cock takes my breath away.”

The black man said to me, “Hi Trudy, I’m Martin.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said, trying to look into his eyes and not his cock.

Jessica laughed, “Enough with the small chat and more with the sex. On your knees, you nasty little slut.”

I didn’t need to be told twice as I fell to my knees and took the semi-erect thick black cock in my mouth.

His cock was so big, so thick; it took a while to get adjusted to his size. The thrill of feeling it grow in my mouth was exhilarating as was knowing the lingering taste on his cock was Jessica’s cunt juice. I hadn’t had him in my mouth three minutes before I felt hands on my hips and a cock slide inside my cunt.

Looking behind me, I saw a guy I vaguely recognized dressed as Superman. He smiled at me and said, “Hi, I’m Curtis.”

“I’m Trudy,” I replied, returning to the black cock and realizing that it was Miranda’s much younger 19-year-old husband she had just married in Vegas last year…in a rather scandalous relationship.

Curtis took his time slowly fucking me, while I did the same to the juicy black cock in my mouth. I don’t know how long I was sucking and fucking before I was consumed by a need to feel a black cock inside me.

I looked up at him and said, “Want to fuck me?”

“Looks like you’re already being filled,” he smiled.

“I have another hole back there,” I smiled.

“You are insatiable,” he chuckled.

I looked at Curtis, and said, “Just changing positions stud.”

“No problem,” he smiled. “I know when I can’t compete.”

“Oh, I want you too sexy,” I purred, as I stood up and saw he had a nice cock himself.

I got out of my heels, turning my ass towards Martin as I straddled him, slowly lowering my ass onto his massive cock, then positioning my stocking-clad feet a top his thighs as I tried another first…the reverse cowgirl position.

“Shit, that’s creative,” Martin smiled, as I slowly lowered myself onto his cock.

“Aaaaaaaah,” I moaned, as his cock slowly widened my ass, the cock definitely wider than the one that had broken my anal cherry.

“Go slow, sexy,” he suggested, while Curtis watched patiently.

I looked at him and said, “Don’t you go away, I want you in me too.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he smiled, as a couple of inches of black cock slowly made its way inside my ass.

As I continued slowly lowering myself on the big cock, a woman in her forties walked over to me, dressed in a Marilyn Monroe famous white dress, the same voluptuous breasts, and said, “I’m June, welcome.”

I recognized her voice instantly as the one over the speaker earlier and said, through clenched teeth, “Nice to meet you, June.”

“You as well,” she smiled, before kneeling before me and taking my clit in her mouth, while simultaneously reaching out and stroking Curtis’s cock.

I gasped at her sudden touch as I slowly took more of Martin’s cock in my ass. My goal, as ludicrous as it seemed, was to get all ten inches of him inside me. This was my night to slut it up and I was going to be the biggest slut I could possibly be.

After a few seconds, June stood back up, kissed me, my own pussy juice on her lips. When you’re done with these two, I expect you to come and find me, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied without thinking.

“Mistress, I like that,” she smiled, unzipping my costume and pulling it off my shoulders to release my small breasts. “That’s better.”

She then sauntered away.

“You aren’t trying to take it all are you?” Martin asked.

“Go big or go home,” I joked, “both literally and figuratively.”

Curtis, stood up on the couch, and surprised me by shoving his cock in my mouth. “Keep me hard, slut.”

I loved being called a slut; I loved having two cocks in me; I wanted to have three again; I wanted it all. I moaned on his cock as I continued my slow progression down the big cock.

Martin groaned, “Shit you have the tightest ass ever.”

I took the cock out of my mouth and teased, “It won’t be once you are done with it.”

“That true,” he laughed

Curtis ordered, “Get back to sucking, slut.”

“Sorry, sexy,” I smiled, before taking his rod back between my lips.

“Getting close, just a couple more inches,” Martin groaned a minute later.

Deciding I wanted it all in me, but not sure I could take any more, I decided to just take the pain that would surely come as I lifted up and collapsed hard on his cock.

“Mother fuuuuuucker,” I screamed, as all ten inches filled my ass creating an intense burn that ripped through me.

“Holy shiiiiit,” Martin grunted as well.

I just sat with his cock in my ass for a couple of minutes getting used to being full like I couldn’t explain. While I adjusted to having ten inches of cock in my ass, I continued to bob back and forth on Curtis’s cock.

Just as I was about to begin slowly riding the cock in my ass Curtis grunted and shot his load down my throat. I eagerly swallowed all his cum, his taste and texture different from the last load I swallowed. When he pulled out, I joked, “Couldn’t wait to fuck me?”

“Not with a mouth like that,” he smiled.

“Well that was super,” I quipped making a joke about his costume.

He laughed as he walked away.

Just as quickly as Curtis left, another man in his early fifties joined us. Dressed as Dracula, he replaced him. Without a word he placed his smaller six inch cock in my mouth. I began sucking slowly as I began to move up and down ever so slow on the big cock in my ass.

The next few minutes I slowly rode and sucked cock, the pain finally now just a numbing reminder while the pleasure continued to slowly grow inside me. Suddenly Dracula, apparently a quick shooter, came in my mouth without warning and pulled out, walking away as quickly as he came (pun intended).

Now it was just Martin and I and I began to pick up the pace of riding his cock. I noticed others watching and I again wanted to put on a show. I began bouncing up and down on his big cock, each downward thrust taking all ten inches of his glorious cock in my no longer virgin ass. I fucking loved it and knew a cock in my ass would be a regular thing from now on. I also knew my fourth orgasm was building, but would need extra help in crossing the finish line.

Seeing the redhead watching me, obviously having swallowed Matt’s load, I said, “Get over here and lick my cunt.”

She smiled, walked over and without a word buried her face between my legs as I bounced up and down. It must have been awkward to eat me as I rode a cock, but shit her tongue was like a magic wand.

Her tongue was the magic I needed as my orgasm began bubbling and I landed hard on his cock, grabbed her face and held her in my cunt until my orgasm hit.

“Fuuuuck, eat my cunt,” I screamed.

She licked and licked and in seconds my unprecedented fourth orgasm rushed out of me and onto the redhead’s face.

Exhausted, my legs weak, Martin still having not come, ordered me onto the couch on all fours and I obeyed slowly. Once in position, he went behind me and filled my ass again, this time he was in control of the fucking. His firm hands held my hips as he buried his cock into me again and again. The redhead, wanting a piece of me too, moved onto the back of the couch, spread her legs and said, “By the way, I’m Tiffany.”

“Nice to meeeet you Tiiiifany,” I whimpered, as Martin hammered his cock into me.

“Return the favor, Trudy,” she ordered and I leaned forward burying my face in her slightly hairy bush.

Trying to lick a pussy while your ass is getting reamed is very challenging, but I desperately tried.

After a few more minutes of getting ass fucked by Martin’s enormous shlong, he groaned, “I’m about to come,” and surprised me as he pulled out and rammed into my cunt.

Seconds later my cunt was sprayed with his cum as I continued licking Tiffany.

Martin’s cock slowly continued in my cunt making sure he had deposited every drop inside me while I now could focus on the delicious pussy in front of me. I sucked on her clit, I probed her pussy lips with my tongue and once her moaning increased I slid two fingers inside her wet cunt and fingered her to an orgasm.

Her juices flooded out of her as she screamed, “Yessssssssssss, fuuuuuuuck.”

I kept her clit between my lips as I eagerly got her off and tasted her sweet nectar. Once done, I sat up and kissed her, and for a couple of minutes we made out like high school teens.

Finally breaking the kiss, I said, “I am supposed to go and see June.”

“Hmmmmmm,” Tiffany smiled. “You’re in for a treat.”

“I am,” I asked, as Martin finally took his cock out of me.

“Oh yes, she has the sweetest pussy in the world,” Tiffany revealed.

“I don’t know, yours was pretty fucking heavenly,” I said playfully.

“As was yours,” she smiled, “although it seems to be leaking right now.”

I laughed, “Martin comes buckets.”

“That he does,” Tiffany agreed.

“Where is the washroom?” I asked, needing to go pee and clean myself up a bit.

She pointed to the far end of the room and I said, “It was great to meet you Tiffany.”

“You too, Trudy” she said kissing me one more time before moving onto the floor and taking Martin’s cock, shiny with my pussy juice, in her mouth.

As I walked to the washroom, I looked at the variety of sex acts currently undergoing. The guy dressed as Batman who was earlier sucking cock was now getting his ass fucked by a larger older man dressed as a pirate. I wondered what it would be like to watch Matt suck a cock or get fucked.

Elsewhere, Jessica was getting double teamed by two men, one dressed as Fred Flintstone the other as a sailor, a cock in both her mouth and either her ass or pussy. Eddie was getting sucked by a chubby older woman dressed as Wilma Flintstone. Also on the center bed, a chubby woman, now naked, was getting triple teamed by two women with strap-ons and a real cock in her mouth. Everywhere there was sucking and fucking, moaning and dirty talk echoing throughout the room.

Reaching the washroom, which strangely didn’t have a door, I was surprised to see a very cute blonde, no older than twenty, completely naked and sitting by the toilet dripping wet. I didn’t catch on at first until Curtis walked in and instantly began urinating on the pretty blonde.

I watched in awe at something that had never once occurred to me. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of his pee in her mouth as possible. I couldn’t believe it.

Once Curtis was done, he turned around and saw my astonishment and shrugged, “It’s her fetish.”

“She likes being peed on?” I asked bewildered.

“Yep,” he shrugged, leaving me alone with her.

The blonde, not remotely ashamed by the bizarreness of it, said, “Hi, I’m Tabitha.”

“I’m Trudy,” I offered, still unable to fathom this current situation, but I was going to pee on myself if I didn’t hurry. “I really need to pee.”

“Straddle my face,” she offered.

“I couldn’t?” I said.

“Please,” she said, a hunger in her eyes similar to mine for Jessica’s pussy or Martin’s cock.

“You sure,” I said, still tentative.

“Yes, please,” she said.

I walked to her, needing desperately to pee, and figuring what the hell. I noticed the plastic underneath her was already kind of wet. I barely made it to her when I started peeing, a bit down my leg before hitting her directly on the face. She moved her head and put her lips on my pee-hole and drank it directly from the source. I couldn’t believe how strangely erotic it felt to be peeing in a stranger’s mouth. She swallowed my pee eagerly and once done she surprised me again as she licked my cunt.

I don’t know why it turned me on, but watching this piss covered pretty stranger licking my cunt had my engine starting to rev yet again.

After about a minute, she moved away and said, “Thank you, Miss.”

“No, thank you,” I smiled down at her.

Noticing I had gotten some pee on my costume before I reached her, I took it off leaving me in only my thigh high stockings. No longer caring about protecting my identity and truthfully finding it kind of cumbersome, I also took off my mask. ‘Catwoman had been unleashed’, I thought to myself.

After washing my leg from both my urine and Martin’s cum, I waved goodbye, “Until next time.”

“I look forward to it,” she smiled, just as the guy dressed as Fred Flintstone walked in.

I returned to the orgy and looked for June. I didn’t see her at first, but I was surprised when I saw Matt getting head from the gay or at least bisexual Batman. I had to laugh as I watched Batman giving Batman head. He saw me and shrugged before he put his hands on the back of cocksucking Batman’s head clearly close to shooting his load down another guy’s throat.

Looking around more, I saw Jessica, her face coated in cum, as three men surrounding her finished a bukkake.

“Over here, dear,” I heard a voice call out and turned to see June. I saw a girl dressed as Snow White between her legs while three more people, a guy dressed as Iron Man, a girl dressed as a slutty nun and last in line was Miranda Collington, her hair still in pigtails, her schoolgirl costume ridiculously hot.

Once reaching them, confused why there was a line, Miranda noticing my confusion said, “There is always a line for June’s nectar.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised that when there were so many choices for sex that anyone would wait in line.

“Trust me it is worth the wait,” Miranda said. “By the way, I’m Miranda.”

“I know who you are,” I smiled, shaking her hand. “I’m Trudy.”

“I know who you are,” she smiled back.

I was about to ask how, but June interrupted us, “Are you enjoying yourself my dear?”

“Immensely,” I admitted, looking at her voluptuous breasts, no longer in her Marilyn Monroe costume.

June tapped on Snow White’s head and the eager pussy licker looked up. June smiled at her, “Sorry my dear, but time for our newest member to have a taste.”

The woman, in her mid-thirties, reluctantly got up, grabbed the guy behind her and said, “Come fuck me, Charles.”

I watched him follow her to a nearby love seat and she pushed him onto the leather love seat and lowered herself on his cock.

“Come taste me, my dear,” June said, very softly yet firmly.

“Yes, ma’am,” I obeyed, lowering myself between her legs.

“What? No Mistress?” She asked.

“Sorry,” I smiled, “how may I serve you Mistress?”

“Hmmmm, you really are a delicious addition to our little group,” she smiled.

“It doesn’t look so small,” I said, looking around to the plethora of sexual acts going on.

“Come taste me,” she repeated. I leaned forward, her pussy full of pubic hair. Yet, I was instantly drawn by the exotic scent that was captured by her pubic hair. Her scent was unexplainable; yet so addicting I was enveloped with hunger. I tentatively used my tongue to part a path to her pussy and as I tasted her wetness, created by Snow White earlier, I was drawn even deeper into her. Like her scent, her taste was an indescribable mixture of exotic fruits and spices. It was as if God had created the perfect taste and put it inside this woman’s cunt.

What started as tentative licks, soon transitioned to hungry, desperate lapping as I couldn’t get enough of her teasing taste and wanted to taste her fullness by making her come.

“That’s it my pet, lick your Mistress’s cunt like a good girl,” she moaned, her fingers going through my hair.

I moaned in agreement, as I continued to lick her like my life depended on it, I was totally mesmerized by her soft gentle voice.

“You are a natural little cunt licker, my pet,” she purred.

Such a compliment only turned me on more knowing I was pleasing her.

My nose was buried in her wet pubic hair and my tongue in between her pussy lips as I continued pleasing her, wanting to get her off.

“Don’t forget my clit, my dear,” she reminded me a couple of minutes later.

I obeyed, taking her very hard clit between my lips. On contact, her breathing increased and she moaned, “That’s it my pet, get your Mommy off.”

The strange incest reference although strange somehow turned me on even more as an image of my beautiful mother popped into my head. I tried to push it out as I swirled my tongue around her clit, flicking and licking, flicking and licking until her breathing increased even more and her moans implied she was close.

“Oh yes, my dear, make Mommy come,” she said between moans as I continued to flick and lick her swollen clit. Sensing she was near orgasmic explosion, I slid two fingers inside her wetness and found her g-spot.

Her hands pulled my face hard into her cunt as she screamed, loud enough to wake the dead, “Fuuuuucking yeeeees.”

Her cum was unleashed in a powerful wave that crashed hard onto my face as I hungrily opened my mouth to catch all her exotic juices. Fireworks went off inside my taste buds as her taste was even more heavenly than anything I had ever tasted. She came and came a never-ending cascade of waves as her juices flooded out of her and into my eager mouth.

I could barely breathe, and all I could do was lick and suck and take her cum in my mouth and on my face.

Finally, she let go and I looked up at her, my face drenched in her exotic juice, “That was amazing my pet,” she purred.

“Thank you Mistress Mommy,” I replied without even thinking.

“You’re a keeper,” she smiled.

“I have never tasted anything like you,” I gushed, as my own cunt began leaking.

“So I have been told,” she smiled. “Your hubby just got his I assume first guy blow job.”

“I know, I saw him getting sucked,” I said. “That is the biggest surprise of the night.”

“Not Tabitha?”

“That was surprising to,” I admitted.

“What about your triple initiation? Martin’s huge cock? The taste of my cunt?” she listed.

“All amazing,” I agreed.

“Well go meet some more people my pet and don’t forget Mommy,” she smiled, leaning in and kissing with such gentle tenderness I melted into her. At that moment I was hers, I would obey any command in order to taste her again, to be with her.

As if sensing my weakness for her, she smiled, “I know my dear, you’re mine.”

“Unconditionally, Mommy,” I whispered to her like a child.

“I would love to see your husband with a dick in his mouth or ass,” she said.

“Understood,” I said, not sure how I was going to convince him but wanting to please the exotic, hypnotic older woman.

“Good girl,” she smiled, patting my head.

A rush of juice leaked out of me from her praise and approval.


I didn’t make it five feet before Jessica grabbed my hand, her face still sticky with cum from her earlier bukkake, and said, waving the dildo from the other day she purchased, “Ready to put on another show?”

“Always,” I smiled deviously, being the centre of attention becoming an addicting rush and eager to see if a fifth orgasm was possible.

She led me to the centre of the room, where the showcase bed existed and pushed me onto it. Joining me, she said, “Ready to fuck ourselves?”

I looked at the long, but flimsy dildo and asked, “How?”

“Oh you are in for a treat,” she smiled as she moved to me and moved the plastic snake up and down my pussy lips before slowly slipping it inside.

“And what about you?” I asked, as I moaned.

“Oh just wait and see,” she smiled, moving her legs scissor like between mine and inserting the other end in her cunt. “Now slowly move your body towards mine while holding the dildo so it keeps going deeper into you?” she ordered, as a few others gathered around to watch.

I obeyed, and soon our bodies were closer and closer together, the dildo going deeper into me. Eventually, through a bit of awkward adjustments from both of us the last couple of inches of the long rubber snake disappeared inside our cunts.

People clapped and Jessica smiled, “Ready to really put on a show?”

“That wasn’t the show?” I asked, impressed at what we had accomplished.

“Not even close,” she smiled, as she grabbed my hands and intertwined our fingers. “Now move your ass up and down, sexy.”

A bit confused at the purpose until I did it. She did the same and soon our cunts were bumping into each other making the long snake inside both of us move around in all directions causing new yet even more exhilarating sensations.

“Faster,” Jessica demanded, once we both got used to the creative position.

“Your wish is my command,” I purred.

“I bet you say that to all the girls who bring you to a swinger’s party,” she teased, her big tits bouncing around, her costume long gone except for her thigh highs.

“I guess that’s truuuuue,” I moaned, as the snake inside me somehow pushed its way deeper.

We writhed on each other, our pussy lips kissed again and again until both of us were breathing erratically, sweating profusely and near apocalyptic bliss.

“Commmme, Trudy,” she demanded.

“You fiiiiirst,” I replied.

“Same time,” she compromised.

“Whenever you arrrre ready,” I agreed.

“Three,” she moaned, our bodies slamming into each other with urgency.

“Two,” I counted down, knowing I was about to burst in milliseconds.

“One, come,” she screamed as we both climaxed on the big snake from fucking each other in front of all these people.

We grabbed each other and pulled each other close as we both trembled with euphoria.

Finally, we let go and both fell backwards spent, the dildo slipping out. Unfortunately, there was no rest for the wicked, as both of us had men get on top of us and filled our cunts with their cocks.

College Road Trip

“May I help you sir?” The motel clerk was a pleasant looking middle aged woman. She seemed unusually perky considering it was almost midnight.

“I’d like a room for two, please.”

“King or two doubles?” she asked.

I took a quick glance out the glass doors to make sure she couldn’t see my passenger in the car. I deliberately parked just out of view.

“King, please.”

What would she think if she knew that I, a 45 year old happily married man, had an 18 year old boy in the car? And what was I thinking? Did I really believe anything was going to happen tonight with Brandon? Should I change my mind and get the two double beds? I knew that would be the right thing to do but I left it as it was. Hopefully, Brandon wouldn’t mind. I paid with a credit card, took the key card, and walked out to the car.

Brandon was the son of a family friend. My wife and I moved in across the street from them about five years earlier. Brandon’s parents had recently been divorced and his mom got Brandon and the house. She and my wife became good friends over the years. Now Brandon was off to college. His mom wanted to drive him down but it’s an eight hour drive each way and she was in the middle of closing a very important deal at work so, she couldn’t get away. I am self employed and make my own hours, so the wife volunteered me. I didn’t mind, I liked Brandon and enjoyed his company. The plan was to drive up the day before and stay in a motel. That way we could get Brandon moved into his room the next morning and I could get back home in the afternoon.

The problem was that I had recently found out Brandon was gay. That he is gay is not the problem, that I know about it and can’t stop thinking about it is. Over the last few I had been curious about being with another man. I’d never so much as touched another man’s penis or even seen one erect, except in porn. And, since finding out about Brandon, I’d been fantasizing about sucking his cock. It had become an obsession. Now that there might be an opportunity, I had no idea how to approach it. I couldn’t exactly just ask him, “can I suck your dick?” What if he freaked out and told his mom. She would have then, most certainly, told my wife. All I could do was take it slow and see what happened.

Brandon was half asleep with his head on a pillow leaning against the passenger window when I got back to the car.

“I’ve got some bad news. They only have one room left and it has a king sized bed,” I lied.” If you want, we can drive a little further and see if we can find a room with two beds.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” he said. “We’ve been driving forever and I just want to get to bed.”

We had gotten a late start and hit bad weather and heavy traffic. The eight hour trip turned out to take eleven. I was relieved he didn’t want to look for another motel but nervous about what to do next.

The room was a typical motel room with a king sized bed, TV, and a small desk. The sink and vanity was in an open alcove at the far side of the room with the toilet and shower behind a separate door. I decided to walk across the street to the convenience store to get some beer; liquid courage.

“That’s sounds good, do you mind if I have one?” Brandon asked.

“You don’t think your mom will mind?” I immediately regretted putting myself in the adult chaperone mode, especially since we hit it off so well on the drive down.

“Nah, she lets me have wine with dinner all the time. Besides, I’m going to college; I think she knows I’m going to have a beer every once in awhile.”

I left to get a six-pack, aware that it might be just what I need to break the ice. Brandon had a runner’s build but only weighed about 120 lbs. One or two beers might be all that was needed to loosen him up.

When I returned, I was disappointed to find that Brandon had changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt. He apparently planned to go to bed fully clothed. We both grabbed a beer and Brandon flipped on the TV. I finished half my beer before announcing I was going to take a shower, stripping down to my boxers before going into the bathroom. I was hoping to see some kind of response from Brandon. He glanced at me and I thought I saw him sneak a peek at my crotch but I couldn’t be sure. It was probably just wishful thinking. I kept myself in good shape but what are the chances an 18-year-old would find a guy my age attractive.

By the time I got into the shower I was horny as hell but I resisted the urge to jack-off. I knew that was probably the only relief I was going to get but I was still holding out hope that something might happen with Brandon. I stepped back into the room with a towel wrapped around me. I was able to calm my cock a little but it was still semi-erect and the towel barely concealed it. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put on clean boxers in front of Brandon. After all, we were two men and it wouldn’t be that unusual to change in front of him. I dropped my towel to the floor and pulled out a clean pair of boxers from my bag. I was turned to the side, giving Brandon a good view of my cock without being too obvious. I’m average sized, about six inches and not very thick. I don’t know if he was impressed, but Brandon was definitely staring straight at it.

I put on my boxers, grabbed another beer, and crawled under the covers. I noticed that Brandon had grabbed a second beer. He also wanted to take a shower but, to my disappointment, went into the bathroom to get undressed. He grabbed a third beer and took it in with him. The alcohol couldn’t hurt, I thought. I considered ordering some porn but thought that would be too obvious and just watched the news instead.

By the time Brandon got out of the shower I had drifted off and was startled awake. I watched him at the sink brushing his teeth, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Brandon had long, straight dark brown hair that reached just below his collar. His skin was olive, making him appear Mediterranean. He had a muscular back but a small waist. The tight fitting towel showed a tight ass leading to thin but strong legs.

Brandon turned off the light above the sink and walked to the side of the bed. I could just make out the outline of his dick under the towel before he turned the lamp off, leaving only the light from outside, peeking around the curtains.

“How was the shower?” I asked.

“Nice and hot,” he said. “I needed it to warm up, it’s freezing in here.”

“You want me to turn the temperature up on the thermostat?” I offered.

“No, I’ll be fine once I get under the blanket.”

Brandon took off the towel and threw it on the floor. I could barely make out in the dim light that he wasn’t wearing shorts. He got under the covers and lay on his left side with his back to me. That wasn’t a good sign and there was also way too much space between us. I was resigned that Brandon did not share my fantasy. My cock was rock hard and poking straight up creating a tent in the covers. I rolled onto my side facing Brandon and decided to wait for him to fall asleep so I could quietly beat-off in the sheets.

Brandon’s breathing seemed to grow steady after about fifteen minutes. I feigned stretching and reached out touching him with my right hand, letting it rest on the small of his back. If he woke up, I would just pretend to be sleeping. Suddenly, he shifted and mumbled something about being cold again and then scooted backwards so that he was only inches away. I moved my hand to his waist. He was so close, I could feel his body heat. I realized that if I moved forward an inch or two, the head of my hard dick would be touching his butt, but I didn’t dare.

Was he awake? I couldn’t tell by his breathing but he was laying perfectly still. Under the guise of being asleep, I let my right hand drift to his stomach. If he stirred I would just roll over and he would assume it was done unintentionally. I slowly moved my fingers feeling his thin stomach hairs on his tight abs. Then I felt his hand on mine. I froze, still unsure if he was asleep. After being frozen with his hand on mine for a few minutes, I felt Brandon’s hand pushing mine downward to his groin, down past his soft pubic hair to his fully erect cock. I lightly put my fingers around it. I gripped it slowly, still unsure if he was awake or possibly dreaming. I moved my fingers up his shaft and felt a drop of pre-cum on the tip. Then slowly moved my hand back down and slowly massaged his nearly hairless balls.

Brandon grabbed my hand and wrapped it tight around his shaft and slowly directed it up and down. I took the hint and slowly started jacking him. He moaned lightly and I knew he had to be awake. I moved closer until my dick was pushing against the crack of his ass and continued stroking his shaft. Brandon rolled over to his back and threw the covers off, allowing me better access to his body. I could see the shadow of his dick, hard and slightly curved upwards towards his chest. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste him. I moved up on my left elbow and grabbed him with my free hand, guiding his crowned staff to my mouth. I licked the head tasting his pre-cum then slid my tongue slowly up and down the shaft, bathing him in my saliva. Then I took him until my mouth. His shaft felt like silk wrapped around hard wood. It was thin enough for me to easily get into my mouth. I slowly took him deeper and deeper until I felt the head at the back of my throat. My nose was pressed against his pubes and I realized I had him completely in my mouth. I was proud that I wasn’t gagging at all. It was hard to believe how natural it felt to have a cock in my mouth.

Slowly, I bobbed my head up and down, gliding my lips and tongue along his shaft. I could tell it was having the desired effect on Brandon as his breathing got heavier. I alternated between sucking and licking as I massaged his balls. Brandon lifted his pelvis to meet my mouth as he held my head. My own erection was harder than ever as I came to the realization that I was a cock sucker. Gay, straight, or bisexual, I was actually sucking a cock.

I felt his manhood pulsate just as Brandon warned that he was cumming, releasing his grip on my head so I could pull away. But I couldn’t, I had to have his sperm in my mouth. Brandon grunted and moaned and I felt his body spasm as he came. The first spurt came as I had him deep in my mouth, splashing against the back of my throat. I adjusted so the head was just inside my lips allowing the second and third spurts to shoot across my tongue.

Brandon reached over and flipped on the lamp as I continued to lick and suck on his penis, doing my best to clean-up every last drop of cum. Then Brandon opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. He must have placed it there anticipating, or at least hoping, that something might happen between us.

“I want you to fuck me Steve,” he whispered.

“Okay,” was all I could say.

Brandon squeezed some lube on his hand and then spread it over my erect penis. Then he handed me the tube and rolled onto his stomach. I knew what to do. I spread his ass cheeks and squirted a little directly on his love hole. I rubbed it in, using my fingers, slipping one and then two fingers inside.

He raised his butt slightly and spread his knees, signaling that he was ready. I pressed my cock head against his rosebud and pushed forward. With a little effort the head slipped in. I took it slow, pushing in a centimeter at a time, pushing in and then pulling back before pushing in a little deeper. Brandon moaned in pleasure. Soon my cock was buried in his ass. I started pumping rhythmically. It was so tight, I could see why some people preferred anal sex to vaginal.

With my hands on his hips, I pumped harder and harder. Brandon had his face turned to the side and I could see the pleasure he was feeling with every stroke. I reached around to grab his cock and found it hard as stone. The feel of his cock and the look on his face only heightened my arousal. Soon, my primitive side was taking over; my sole purpose in life was to cum deep in his ass. By then, Brandon had pushed my hand away and was jacking himself off. Then my orgasm swept through me and I shot load after load deep inside Brandon. I couldn’t remember the last time I came so hard and so much.

Brandon came in turn and buckled beneath me. I collapsed on top of him and kissed his neck. Seeing his smooth face and long hair, it was easy to picture him as a girl. As my dick softened I rolled onto my side and Brandon did the same. We fell asleep spooning with my hand resting on his now flaccid dick.

I woke up early and decided to take another shower. As the hot water flowed down my body I thought about what had happened. Had Brandon liked and wanted it as much as I had, or did the alcohol make him give in. He had at least three beers, maybe four. He had to have been at least a little drunk. I dreaded the thought that last night was a one time occurrence, or worse, that he would think I took advantage of him.

I was startled when the shower curtains opened. Brandon stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. Then he dropped to his knees and gave me a slow passionate blowjob, one like I had never had before. I came in his mouth and Brandon swallowed every drop.

We washed each other rubbing soap over every inch of our bodies. When we were done I picked up Brandon and carried him to the bed, still soaking wet. I threw him on the bed and devoured his cock. I couldn’t get enough of it, sucking and licking his rod and his balls, tasting every inch. Like a starving man eating his last piece of bread, I savored his cock knowing that it might be a long, long time before I would have it again.

Brandon came all too soon and I knew we had to get going. We had breakfast at a restaurant next to the motel and then made the ten minute drive to campus. We talked about college, Brandon’s future, the weather, and anything but what had happened. After we carried all of his things to his dorm, Brandon walked me back to my car. He gave me a long, tight hug. I felt my cock getting aroused and wondered if people nearby could tell that we were lovers. I realized I was being paranoid, anyone would just assume we were father and son saying goodbye.

About a week later, Brandon’s mom was visiting and I asked about him.

“It’s funny,” she said. “when he left, he made it clear he wasn’t going to be coming home often, maybe not even for Thanksgiving. Now he wants to come home for Columbus Day weekend. I think he misses his momma.”

Somehow I knew, Mom was not who he was missing.

Chapter 02: The Wrong Club Aftermath

I grabbed at Keon’s arm, and he pulled me closer. Sliding his hand down into the back of my pants, he grabbed an ass-cheek and said, “Let’s get this ass home so I can clean you up!”

Guess that means that I wasn’t going back to my place after all…To tell the truth, I could barely stand up. My legs felt like jelly, so I had to lean on Keon to keep from falling down.

When we stepped out into the open air, I felt the full effect of all the drugs we had been doing hit me, all at once. I thought that I was blissfully out of it before, but in the fresh air I started to swoon. The lights seemed brighter than usual and all had a hazy glow, as if my glasses had fogged. Not that it mattered, since it was hard enough for me to even remain standing.

Keon helped to steady me with his hand on my ass, but I could sense that his mind was starting to ‘wander’ as well. He was rubbing in small circles, working his thumb against my hole as he used his other hand to adjust the expanding cock in his pants.

Neither of us cared that we were out on a public street. It was too late for much traffic, but I don’t think that it would have mattered if the streets were packed.

His big thumb rubbed all over my hole as he hugged me to him. It felt phenomenal, and I couldn’t help but push back every time his finger found its mark. My ass was leaking the cum that Jay had left inside me, coating the fingertip with lube. On the fourth or fifth pass, Keon’s thumb popped right in, and he pushed it all the way inside me, eliciting a moan with the sudden intrusion.

I treated his thumb like a little cock, and started humping back into his hand, hungry for more. He took the hint, and started kneading my ass with his palm as he continued to fuck my ass with that thumb. I was amazed at how deep it went, and could only focus on the indescribable feelings as it moved inside me. We weren’t even walking anymore…I just ran my hands everywhere I could reach on his body as he practically lifted me off the ground with his powerful grip.

We must have been making quite a scene, because the horn of a passing car shocked me to consciousness, and I blushed at their catcalls as it drove past. Keon gave me a quick kiss, and started pushing me in the right direction. With his thumb still working wonders, it was only his hand and our momentum that was keeping me moving. I was so blissed out that I couldn’t see even if I’d been able to keep my eyes open. It wasn’t just the lights…I just found it so hard to concentrate on anything more than the physical pleasure I was experiencing. I hoped it would never stop.

Keon kept up the fingering of my asshole all the way back to his place. I think that it was a couple of blocks, but it was a complete blur. He shifted his hand to push me up the stairs to his place.

At the door, Keon turned me toward him, sliding out his thumb as he kissed me hard. My back was pressed against the door, and it was the only thing holding me up as I surrendered to the kiss. In my heightened state, it felt like his kiss was passing through my whole body…That his questing tongue could reach deep inside me while I teased and licked it with my own.

We just stood at the front door, key already in the lock, making out like high school kids. Our hands were all over each other as we continued to kiss passionately. He found my hole again, and this time slid two fingers inside me. He was moving them an inch at a time, slowly spreading me. I could feel Jay’s cum continue to run out around his fingers. It made me wonder just how much he shot up inside me…

Keon’s fingers had me moaning around his invading tongue, and I thrust back to get more inside me. At this point, I was running on pure lust. My hands roaming everywhere they could reach, as if they had a mind of their own. I couldn’t focus on anything beyond the physical sensations, and it was overwhelming.

I almost passed out from the sheer ecstasy, but Keon must have sensed it, because his hands left my body for long enough to finish opening the door and guide us both inside.

Keon started tearing at my clothes before the door had slammed shut. I figured out what he was doing, and helped his getting me completely naked. As he took off his shirt, I wrapped myself around his naked torso, feeling the heat of his skin, and explored using my lips and tongue. He was moaning uncontrollably as he writhed under my attentions.

When I got to his nipples, he pulled me tighter into his embrace. His powerful arms felt like they could crush me, but I was loving it! I let out a soft moan to let him know as I continued to nuzzle.

The extra vibration must have been too much, because he grabbed my head in his hand and pulled my mouth to his for another deep kiss. His tongue penetrated my mouth like his cock had earlier. It felt powerful as he started to really thrust into my mouth with it. I just massaged his invading tongue with my own, and continued to moan into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by this huge man having his way with me. I sucked on his tongue as his other hand snaked down my body…cupping my ass cheek, and rubbing my slippery hole with his thumb.

I leaned back onto his thumb, and he took the hint, sinking it deep inside me. I moaned around his tongue as he massaged me with that big digit. It felt like a small cock with a mind of its own, seeking the most sensitive points inside me.

There was so much cum inside my ass that I didn’t even notice when he swapped his thumb for two fingers, but I sure did when he started spreading me wider. I knew what he wanted, and so did I. I moaned around his tongue as he continued to devour me. I couldn’t concentrate on anything beyond the pleasure he was giving me…from both ends. The drug haze had me so blissed out that I could only press myself into his embrace, trying to pull him closer.

Pressed against him, I could feel his cock against my leg…It was hard, but hanging across my thigh. I reached down and grabbed the shaft, feeling the heat of it. I slid my hand towards his balls, and cupped them…rolling them around in my hand as Keon moaned into my mouth.

He suddenly broke our embrace, and dragged me deeper into his house. I half-registered the obviously feminine decor in the master bedroom as we went straight into a bathroom. I felt a brief pang of jealousy, as I wondered who Keon’s woman might be.

I didn’t dwell long, because we entered an opulent bathroom, and as Keon stopped to turn on the six shower-heads of the giant bath, he told me that it was time to get us all cleaned up. I took that as a hint, and dropped straight to my knees on the plush bath mat, pulling his cock to my mouth, and sucking the head into my mouth. There was a huge drop of precum that had been seeping since we had walked in, and I greedily drank it down.

Keon groaned and fell back against the wall, grabbing my head in both hands. He slipped my mouth off of his cock, claiming that he needed to breathe, so I just started licking it all over. I licked my way down the underside, and rested it against my face as I buried my mouth in his balls.

I was driving Keon crazy, and I could tell that he couldn’t decide whether or not to stop me. I wanted to taste more. I wanted him to cum in my mouth again. I don’t know where these urges were coming from, but I knew that tonight wouldn’t be the last time I sucked that cock. It was gorgeous, and throbbing against my face as I licked and stroked it.

The room was starting to steam, so I slid my way back up Keon’s body…dragging my tongue along his torso as I rose. I couldn’t stop stroking that hot cock, as he led me into the shower by pulling me along.

The pulse of the shower was a whole new world of pleasure. My skin felt like it was alive for the first time…Tingling all over, as the water hammered from all directions, I felt like I was the recipient of a thousand simultaneous massages. It was like a tropical storm of driving warm spray. I could only stand there with my eyes closed, taking in the overload of physical stimulation.

Suddenly, I felt another stream against my body. My eyes fluttered open to see Keon directing his semi-hard cock at my torso and crotch…a stream of piss flowing hard against me. I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed the squirting cock, and directed it toward my mouth. The taste of his cum had made me curious enough to dive for whatever was coming out. I let it splash over my face, and then pointed it at my cock as I stood back up to face him. The stream tapered as his cock started to throb under my attention.

Keon was obviously turned on by my little show, because he grabbed me by the ass, and pulled me into another deep kiss. I just kept stroking his cock, and submitted totally to his embrace.

He told me there would be plenty of time for me to play after we finished cleaning up. What he was really telling me was that I was turning him on way too much. The feeling was more than mutual.

I let him soap me all over, which felt AMAZING with those big hands scrubbing every inch of my skin. I leaned harder against his hands whenever he’d touch a particularly sensitive part. He was better than I at resisting temptation, and brushed aside my efforts as he made sure to get me all lathered up.

I tried to do the same for him. Feeling his slippery body as I soaped him up was driving me insane. I reached around him, to scrub his back, and pressed my soapy body against his. I started sliding up and down, enjoying the sudsy sensations, and soon lost myself. I was cleaning the same part of his back for what seemed like hours as I ground myself against him. Feeling his soapy cock rubbing against my own had me harder than ever, and I humped up against it.

He laughed at my enthusiasm, and steadied me for a quick kiss. I sought out his tongue, but he was teasing me, pulling just out of my reach. I jumped up, and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself up to his face. His laughter quickly stopped as he gave in to my kiss. This time, it was me driving my tongue into his mouth. He wrapped me in his arms, kissing me back. It was the first time I had become the aggressor, but I just couldn’t help myself. I had never felt anything like it, and wanted to make sure that I savored every facet.

He directed us under the spray, and rinsed us off as we continued to make out. I stayed wrapped around him, as he angled us where he needed to wash away the last of the suds.

Once he was done, he let me down gently, and grabbed a bottle of lotion from a shelf. He spun me around, and squirted a huge glob into his hand…He smeared it across my back, and started to rub it in with both hands. It felt so good that I couldn’t do anything more than lean into his powerful touch.

I closed my eyes as I felt his hands move down to my ass, continuing to spread the lotion as he went. Of course, he couldn’t resist spreading more inside my ass, and soon he was pushing both thumbs inside me, feeding in as much of the lotion as he could. I arched my back, and let out a low moan to let him know I enjoyed what he was doing.

He moved one hand around to my cock, making me realize how hard and throbbing I was at the moment. I had completely forgotten about my own hard on as he was working his marvelous hands all over my body. He started to stroke it at the same time as he started stroking his cock along my ass. His cock must have been covered by the same lotion, because it slid so easily along my crack. Before I realized it, we had a good rhythm going with my humping against his sliding cock as he stroked my own cock in time.

Each time the head brushed against my hole, I felt a little rush, and humped back a little harder. Keon must have taken the hint, because he stopped the sliding, and started to push the head directly against my hole.

Between his earlier finger loosening and the lotion, it wasn’t long before I felt the head stretching into my outer anal ring. Keon was gentle, but firm, as he pulled me against the bulbous cockhead. I was scared, but so incredibly turned on, that I knew that there was no question in what was left of my mind. I wanted it…More than that, I needed that huge cock inside me!

I arched my back to signal him on, and leaned harder against his cockhead. He grabbed my ass with both hands, taking a cheek in each hand and spreading them as far as he could as he pulled me backwards. I felt it pop in, and quickly jump a few inches deep inside me. I made a high pitched squeal, and then a deeper moan, as I felt my asshole adjust to this sudden invasion.

When he felt me relax a bit, he told me to push my ass out to try to let him in. I did as I was told, and felt the next couple of inches slide in easier, making me feel even more full than when Jay had fucked me earlier. Luckily, the lotion had done its job, and despite its thickness, I felt his cock sliding in with almost no resistance.

With only six or so inches inside me, he grabbed my face with his hand and turned me half around so that he could kiss me as his cock throbbed in my hole. I leaned back as far as I could, keeping my back arched to make it easier to handle the monster moving inside me.

Keon leaned down and slid his hands down my thighs, almost doubling us over, but when he got to my knees, he grabbed them from behind and lifted me as he straightened himself up. Before I knew what was happening, he was standing with me in the air, supported only by his hands under my knees and his cock in my ass. He used my weight to slide me down that enormous fuckstick, lifting me slightly, and then dropping me down further onto his cock each time. I couldn’t believe it, but he was filling me deeper than I had even thought possible.

He turned us slightly, and told me to open my eyes. When I did, I could see somebody thrashing his ass wildly on the top half of what was obviously a huge black cock. His cock waved obscenely in front of him, as he jumped all over the larger man’s penis. It was hypnotic, and took me a few moments to realize that it was me. Looking down, I saw that I had a long way to go on my journey down Keon’s giant tool.

I was drawn into the show that I was putting on for both of us in the mirror as I writhed against him. It turned me on even more to watch his cock as I slowly fit more and more inside me. I writhed and squirmed, feeling it fill me deeper. His groans, and the hot breath against the back of my neck urging me on.

I was determined to get it all, but with a few inches to go, I found myself unable to sink further. That didn’t stop me from grinding all over that hot cock as I arched myself against Keon, allowing him to kiss and suck on my exposed neck, which was driving me wild. I reached down, grabbed the base of his cock, and used it to stir it in slow circles deep inside me as he raised used my legs to continue to slide me up and down. I was his fuck puppet, powerless in his grasp.

Keon was getting a little carried away too, and found it hard to support us both. He kneeled down, and set me on my knees in front of him on the padded bath mat. Moving his hands back up to my hips, he used this new position to start giving me a proper fucking.

At first, it was slow but powerful strokes, each one driving a little deeper than the last. I could feel him back at the point I couldn’t get past on my own, but then felt it yield as he continued past my natural resistance. My moans silenced and my mouth formed a solid O as I could feel him filling me so deeply. I wanted to scream out, but couldn’t make a sound as his it pushed even deeper. I thought it would be painful, but it was as if he was pushing me to a new level of pleasure.

Soon, I could feel his balls pressing against my own as he ground his crotch into my ass. I felt like I could pass out from the combined pressure and pleasure of that amazing piece of meat that filled me so completely. It was well over a foot of cock, and I could feel my insides rearranging to accommodate his girthy length.

Once completely inside, he leaned over my back and started kissing my neck again. I leaned my head up against his, and tried to watch him in the mirror. He smiled at my effort and gave a little pulse of his cock, letting it move inside me.

He asked if I was ready, but didn’t even wait for an answer as he started to slide his cock slowly out of my abused ass. Once the head got to the rim, he slammed it back in all the way, making me cry out. He slid it out a little quicker, and slammed it in just as hard, eliciting another deep moan. Quickening the pace of his withdrawal, he kept up his furious assault on my formerly virgin asshole.

It brought me back to reality for a moment to realize that I was eagerly bucking back on over a foot of solid black cock, helping this gorgeous man fill me with his hot meat. Only a few hours ago, I hadn’t ever even thought of kissing a man, but now I couldn’t get enough of whatever this man wanted to do to me. I was his for the taking, and would have told him so, if I could manage anything more than a grunt as he continued to drive his cock inside me.

I soon lost myself completely to the sensation of that giant cock sliding in and out of my now well-used ass. He had obviously added a little more lube, or my ass was even looser than I had thought, because now I couldn’t even feel the pressure of his expanding me…Just the insane pleasure his cock was giving me. No woman had ever made me feel this way, and I knew that none could. I had found myself on the end of this monster cock, and there would be no turning back.

I went wild, shaking my head as I moaned and thrashed all over that cock. Feeling it batter my insides until I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore. I could feel Keon expanding a bit more, as his cock throbbed even harder inside me.

He told me he was going to cum, and asked if I wanted it inside me…I found my voice enough to let him know just how much I wanted him to fill me up with his cum.

He needed no further encouragement, and started to pick up the pace, slamming into my ass so hard that it echoed off the walls. I was blissed out, and moaning incoherently as I squeezed my ass around his invading cock. I wanted to squeeze the cum right out of him.

It must have worked, because with a mighty wail, Keon began to unleash his torrent inside me. I could feel it shooting deep inside, splashing and filling me up.

That was all it took to push me over the edge, and without touching myself, I started to have the biggest orgasm of my life. My first spurt felt almost as powerful as Keon’s as I saw it shoot past my face…He continued to pound my ass as he filled me up, his pace becoming erratic as he tried to control himself. My orgasmic spasms couldn’t have been helping with that as they continued to milk his cock inside me.

I felt it continue to jerk inside me, as his orgasm dribbled to a stop. My efforts to grip him inside me, only served to push him out quicker. I gave a disappointed sigh as I felt his cock slip free and slide down against me. Trying to keep as much of his cum inside me as possible, I tightened as much as I could…But my ass wasn’t as tight as it was earlier, because now I couldn’t stop it entirely from dribbling out.

Keon leaned over and kissed me, driving his cock against me as he pulled us both up until we were kneeling back to front. His softening cock, dripping more cum, slid across my ass, almost making me wish he’d slide it back inside. I humped against him as he turned my face towards his for a kiss.

We were still on the floor, me half twisted, as we made out and groped each other, when I became aware of a slow clapping that brought me back out of my sexual haze.

I looked up to see a luscious brunette, leaning against the doorway, obviously having enjoyed our performance. I don’t know when she got there, or how much she saw, but her face was flush, and she was hiding a sizable bulge in her tight, figure-fitting dress.

My craigslist post was short and simple. I wanted an older male to give me a massage and be open to exploring more. Well, to be completely honest, I wanted to do the exploring, the older man I fantasized would just need to be safe, patient, and willing to take control.

Needless to say, I received tons of responses. Something about a 38 year old seeing a top male for a massage garners lots of responses–go figure. Well, after combing through my inbox I settled on one guy in particular–Jonathan. Jonathan was 58, had his own massage table, and was completely into giving massages and seeing where they lead to. He had a good looking face, a bit of a belly, and from his pics, at least 7 inches of manhood when fully erect. I kept going back to his pics, and realizing that him being older and having a bit of a belly was a huge turn on–something staring from underneath his stomach, cock and balls got me super aroused.

After many emails back and forth, we agreed to meet up on a Friday night after my live in girlfriend was visiting her parents back in Ohio. Living in New York City, I felt fairly certain that hooking up with a guy and not seeing them ever again was a fairly good bet. We agreed that I’d meet him at his place on the upper west side. I picked up some beers in the bodega by his building with my heart beginning to creep into my throat. I rode the elevator up to his floor after he buzzed me in, floor number 18 of a 23 story building. I left the elevator, turned right and I heard a door being unlatched and before I could even compose myself Jonathan was opening the door standing in a bathrobe with his hair wait and freshly combed.

“Hi Josh, c’mon in.”

He swung the door open wider and I walked into a very nicely decorated, dimly lit living room with a massage table in the middle.

“Wow. Nice space.”

“Thanks! Let me take those beers from you. Would you like one now?”

“Definitely.” He went to the kitchen, popped open two beers, and took one over to me.

“Cheers,” he smiled at me.

“Cheers,” I replied. “To trustworthy strangers,” I added with a wink.

Jonathan invited me to sit down on a love seat across from him. We made some small talk about the city, and what we did for a living. I polished off my first beer and asked if it was okay if I helped myself. He said go ahead, make yourself at home. When I walked into the kitchen I realized that I was moments away from receiving the erotic massage I craved for as long as I could remember. With my second beer open, I felt like I floated into the living room with my knees weakened from my nerves.

I gathered up my will and sat right next to Jonathan, clearly sending him a sign I was ready.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, turning toward me.

“Dizzy, excited, and willing.”

“Well, let’s start our massage here. Why don’t you sit on the floor between my legs so I can rub your neck and shoulders.”

All I needed to hear was between my legs to get me fully erect and nearly ready to shoot my load into my jeans. I complied and got myself comfortable sitting on the floor.

He began by assessing where my knots were, digging in and turning me into jelly. My neck, my shoulder blades, my upper arms were all given a once over. He tapped me and told me to stand up and move to the massage table.

I was so relaxed, and so hard I could have cared less when he told me to get naked and lie down. I stripped, and I could tell that Jonathan liked my 6 inches of manhood as his bathrobe was tenting forward.

“Lie down on your stomach.”

I complied, somewhat hopeful he would just tell me to lie on my back so I could see him and reach for him when they moment was right.

He started in again on my neck and back, only this time his cock was just inches from my face. He belt from his robe was draped over my head, caressing my hair and neck each time he reached down my back.

I heard him step back and suddenly a bottle popped open.

“Oil or lotion?” he asked.

“What’s your preference?”


“Great.” I said, feeling the precum leaking out of my cock.

He applied a very generous coating of oil, clear down my back and into my ass crack. I felt it drip down my crack down my taint and onto my balls.

He began to rub me with more of a purpose now, harder and going lower down my back. He was standing off to the side of me now and I could tell his cock was head high with my face, and his hands worked their magic to the top of my ass cheeks. He deeply rubbed my globes, occasionally parting my cheeks and glimpsing my rosebud.

In my fantasies all I wanted was a rub down that lead to me blowing him, ass play did not figure into my mind. Which is all the more reason I was surprised when I began to have the involuntary response of arching my hips to him, seemingly inviting entrance for him to probe my asshole.

He didn’t need much prodding before I felt the occasional finger graze my rosebud, with me puckering and arching each time. He finally paused his index finger over my hole and said, “Is it okay to go deeper?”

At this point, I nearly thrusted my ass so high and so hard I could have engulfed a fist.

“Yes–please,” was all I could muster and I let out a soft moan as he slowly slid his finger deep and gently inside of me. My entire body shuddered with his entrance and I turned my head to see his bulging robe.

I couldn’t wait any more. I spread his robe, took his cock out and went to work, taking him as deep as I could muster. His pace quickened inside of me as did mine–slurping and sucking and jacking his cock into me as best I could. I wanted his come in my mouth and down my throat immediately. It took maybe three minutes of him thrusting in and out of me when he began to tense up and we both began to come, rope after rope–him blasting my mouth and me coming into the table.

Spent, and with him now draped over me, I cleaned his cock as he stroked my hair.

“You can come back anytime.”

I removed his cock and kissed the head.

“Thanks,” and I squeezed his cock to get one last drop.

For anyone who cares Tahryn is pronounced ‘taa-rin’, with a long extended vowel at the beginning. All main and sexually active characters are over 18. I do not condone violence of any kind. Wolf rules are very different from human rules.


What did you do with a dead werewolf? Contrary to common medieval lore you stay the shape you died in, so it was left to Deoran and David James to bury the body of Philip Tanner. Deoran had been surprised to be called on, even more surprised that right now Degan Canon, the alpha of South Sea, was meeting with his mate to decide his future. And he didn’t get a say in the matter. It was all very startling really. But yet, here he was deep in the woods, helping to dig the grave of the red-brown wolf who Kurt Ulrich had killed.

Kurt Ulrich. The very thought of the boy made him shudder involuntarily. Kurt could only be described as a boy is the barest sense of the word, and as a man only in a very oblique manner. The youngest pack enforcer was all wolf. It hadn’t been hard to see it in him, the need to know his place, to exert dominance on someone he considered weaker than himself. His mind was sharp and complex, but with one very simple aim. Know your place. Deoran knew that his place was definitely under Kurt, that was a wolf too powerful to be challenged, as Philip Tanner had discovered way too late to save his own hide. Deoran had seen wolves die of lesser injuries, and Philip must have been pretty strong too to last as long as he had.

There had been a small vigil for the family and a few friends, but wolves didn’t like the scent of their dead, and most had stayed away. They would be morning now in the comfort of the Tanner’s house, a traditional wake that was strictly for pack members. Alex Tanner, his wife and son, would not be able to mourn their son publicly for a while, possibly even years. Deoran hadn’t that he knew so much about what happened when a wolf died, moving from place to place, doing odd jobs for packs to stay on their good side had left him with the knowledge he’d rather not have had. And then there was what had happened to Bruno…

Deoran snapped at himself for thinking too closely about his past, well, at least that bit of his past, and turned back to the task at hand. Young dead wolves were buried and the lie was told that they had gone away to study, abroad usually. The National Council dealt with the rest. Papers were forged, acceptance letters and student records created, and then there was just the usual game of waiting for a plane to crash or a ship to wreck or a minor rebellion to break out. Passenger records were forged, personal items miraculously recovered to show the evidence of that person’s death, and the family was ‘told.’ Then they could mourn in public, to cry and wail for their loss. It was not a pleasant system, but it had kept their secrets for years, and as the technology got better and better, so more and more complicated did the lies. Most of the South Bank pack worked somewhere in the human government system, in was no secret that many were very high up, and forging these records never seemed to be a problem for them. It was like the secret service of werewolves.

The grave was dug, nice and deep. Burying a wolf was easier than burying a human, mostly because of the lack of coffin, and together Deoran and David lowered in the sheet wrapped body.

Feet lying on the tarmac. Blood in fur.

Deoran shook himself, raising an eyebrow from his companion as he began to throw soil back into the grave. The red head gave the other wolf a small smile, appropriate for the situation. When the grave was about three quarters full, David obviously decided that it was OK to start a conversation.

“So, you and Aliza then?”

“Yeah.” Deoran smiled again to remember the heat of their mating, the fast desire and flame warmth that had risen from him the moment that their play-fight had turned into seduction. The ochre-brown wolf’s teeth in his throat, letting him know that he was being claimed just as furiously as he had fucked her. “What’s she like?”

“I’ve never seen a scent work so fast,” David shook his head and dusted off his hands, “You must have been sitting down all of two minutes before she came and grabbed you. I’m not sure that’s what Degan meant when he said ‘be welcoming’ huh?” David began to pat the earth over the grave, “Aliza is one of the lads really. Very independent. She works with Carson sometimes, you know the big guy with the oil stains? He’s a mechanic. The rest of the time she works in deliveries and packages. Drives stuff all of the shop. What about you? You mentioned the school?”

“Yeah. I teach English. Mostly. I do substitutes and cover and supply and all that stuff.”

“You like it?”

“All of the rubbish behaviour, none of the marking.” Deoran shrugged, “It’s a life.”

“So will you and Aliza be staying here then, or will you returning to your pack?”

“It’s her decision.” Deoran tried to smile again, but the reminder that he had no pack stung. He’d had a pack before, when he was a little younger than Kurt was now, and everything had been so…

The scent of blood and motor oil. The light fading from green eyes.

Deoran pushed the thoughts away. He’d not had to try so hard to block out his past in years, since the last time he was living this close to a pack. Being around other wolves just made everything come flooding back, and Deoran had never learnt to swim in the waters of his past. The grave covered, and the soft mound covered in rocks and a layer of fallen leaves, the two werewolves started back down the hill towards the pack lands. Deoran felt that he should be running in the other direction. David James was apparently in negotiations, and Deoran could see why. The company was easy as they walked, conversation light and silences un-awkward. Deoran wondered if things hadn’t gone so wrong, that his life might have been like this.

Maybe life can be like this now… He was mated. Aliza’s attack on him had been unexpected and unexplained, at least until afterwards. They had lain side by side in her bed the previous night and Aliza had explained about the scent that had driven her nuts, was totally shocked that he couldn’t sense it the way she did, and then had ridden him hard into oblivion. It had been an excellent contrast to his normal evenings. The big problem was that Aliza was going to want him to be a wolf more. Much more than he was now. Once a month would not be enough for a woman in a pack where changing was daily business.

Running through the woods. Barking. The road. The screech of tires.

Deoran shook himself again as he and David emerged from the woods. Aliza was waiting for them in the back garden of Degan Canon’s house. She was holding a set of house keys. She didn’t look so happy. The key’s jangled.

“Degan getting you to move into the free house?” David spoke first, and hefted the shovel from his shoulder to the ground.

“Yes.” Aliza’s reply seemed rather terse, “He just wants everyone to be together.”

“Is that bad?” Deoran couldn’t decide which way he wanted that answer to go. He’d spent so long avoiding anything that looked like settling down roots.

The wet slap of a body hitting the road.

But really, he liked the idea of here, this place, this woman to whom he felt an incredible draw, as though she was the sun. He went to Aliza’s side and was only slightly surprised when she wrapped her fingers around his own.

“I suppose not.” She smiled and it was like the world lit up for Deoran, he could feel his old self seeping back in already, “We’d better go get your things.”


Chaska stood at the stove, stirring her biggest saucepan with her largest hand carved wooden spoon, one hand on her hip. Her father sat at the long table, watching her. A tense uneasiness had fallen over the house. Everyone but Isla walked around Tahryn and Kurt on egg shells. The latter hadn’t left their room except to shower and use the bathroom since his arrival, though Noakes had come on Sunday afternoon and checked on his stitches and proclaimed him to be healing nicely. Now it was Monday. Tahryn had skipped school and stayed home with his injured mate, had been conspicuously absent at meal times and Chaska could tell that her father was not happy. And she knew why.

Chaska knew she shouldn’t, but she was great at overhearing things. Tahryn had argued with Dick Smith about who was responsible for Kurt now that he was an Ulrich. Apparently Whelan now felt threatened by his own son. Chaska knew that Kurt and Tahryn could live here long term, but a little while would have been nice. Chaska liked seeing her brother’s secret smile. Chaska tapped the spoon on the side of the pan and turned back to her spice rack. Lavender sea salt, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, coriander, mustard seeds and then a big dollop of honey into the lamb, onions and apricots. She stirred the tagine and then turned to look at her father.

“Am I particularly fascinating when I cook?”

“Something is different about you.”

“Ooh we’re being cryptic today are we?” Chaska knew that she did normally tease her father quite the same way as she usually did with Tahryn, but Whelan’s tense attitude annoyed her, it was so unlike the way he usually was.

“You smell different.”

“Do I?”

“Yes. Come, daughter, talk to me.”

Chaska stopped stirring the stew and went to sit down across the table from her father.

“You don’t love Tahryn any less do you Dad?” She’d decided that the best thing to do was ask her father outright.

“Of course not sweetheart. I love him just the same. But he’s a man now, nineteen with his own mate. He will want his own space too.”

“But I like having Kurt here.” That comment went unanswered. “So am I a woman now too?”

“Chaska,” Whelan shook his head softly, “You’re only just eighteen.”

“But I have a mate too.” And there it was, slipped out as though it was no big deal, like it didn’t matter.

“What are you talking about?” Whelan Spencer’s eyes had gone hard and wild, “Who? How? When?” He was up in seconds, walked around the table and grabbed Chaska’s arm, pulling her to feet. He sniffed deeply, “WHO?”

“Dad!” Mehran stood in the doorway looking at the scene with horror. “Let go of Chas.”

Her little sister’s shock snapped their father’s from his strength, and Chaska fled. Without thinking about it, she found herself pressed against the door in her brother’s room. Tahryn wasn’t there, but Kurt was sitting up in bed, pillowed and cushioned, and he managed to wave at her with his good arm. He was healing well, the cuts to his face no longer dark and sharp, but soft, like a scar from bramble bushes rather than teeth,

“You smell like food. Did you bring food?”

“Not yet.” Chaska’s heart thudded and she sat on the edge of the bed without really hearing anything Kurt said.

“Why do you smell like Jene?”

There was a long, long silence.

“Oh my god.” Kurt shifted himself further forwards in bed, and Chaska noticed that he could put some weight on his splinted arm, “You and Jene…” Kurt walked his good hand across the sheets and Chaska took it automatically, “When did this happen?”

“Don’t feel bad. You were away and then getting sort of beat up at the time” Chaska sighed and smiled with her lips sealed at her brother’s mate, her mate’s best friend, “She took us home and we…well.” She shrugged, “It was amazing.”

“I’ll bet. So why’d you arrive in here looking like a scared bunny?”


Kurt nodded and growled, but only once, and low.

“He doesn’t like me much.”

“You outrank him.”

“So does Tay.” Kurt spoke like this was common knowledge.

“It makes him nervous.”

“So you still going to be the alpha female your brother says you are?”

“Who knows?”

“Well are you still a good cook?” Kurt grinned, very human, and looking hopeful.

“Fine, fine. You’re not good at this whole tact thing are you Kurt?”

“Nope.” Kurt looked sort of proud of that.


Tahryn sat on the edge of the bath, leaning against the tiled wall with his hand dangling into the slowly rising water. Apparently his life had decided at some point over the last few weeks that not all the parts of his existence could be happy at the same time. Either he and Kurt were locking horns over things that no longer mattered and his home life was great; or he and his father were at loggerheads without really knowing why, but Kurt was sweet and delicious and let Tahryn kiss him whenever he wanted. Tahryn knew which of these situations he enjoyed the most. And Kurt hated baths, which when you thought about it from a dog’s perspective was sort of natural, but showers were too hard. Standing for too long hurt his mate, and Tahryn couldn’t bear to see him suffer.

Tahryn finished running the bath and walked back across the hallway to what he was starting to think of as ‘their’ room, rather than his, and was surprised to find Chaska sitting with his mate on the bed.


“Hey Tay,” came the chorused answer. Chaska stood, squeezed Kurt’s hand and kissed his cheek before she vanished.

“What was that about?”

“Your sister’s in love.”


“Uh-huh.” Kurt looked unbelievably smug, a dog with a joint of lamb.

“With who?” Tahryn folded his arms and tried to look menacing.

“With my sister.” Kurt answered cryptically.

“With Jene?” It took Tahryn a few seconds to work out who Kurt meant, but then he laughed, “That’s excellent!”

“Makes us all a little family huh?”

“Yup. Come on, bath time.”

“Really?” Kurt whined, looking every inch the little pup that Tahryn thought of him as when he wore his human form.

“Yes, pup. Come on.” Tahryn lifted him bodily from the bed. Kurt kicked at him ineffectually, and by the hand that went around the back of his neck, Tahryn knew that the skinny boy in his arms didn’t really mean it. ‘I love you.’ He sent the thought to Kurt and had the pleasure of watching the other blush rose-pink. “I can’t wait until I can see inside your head too.”

“Well you’re going to have to,” Kurt winced as Tahryn set him down the bathroom and twisted to examine the wound on his thigh, “I’d break if you screwed me now.”

Tahryn knelt and unwound the bandages from Kurt’s hip, exposing the rough crescent shaped scar where Phillip had done his very best to tear the flesh from his body. The flap of skin had been big enough not to atrophy, and like all of Kurt’s wounds was healing well. It would only be another day or so and then Kurt would either have to give in or come up with some other excuse not to be with him. Tahryn’s thoughts were interrupted by being splashed. Kurt looked angry.

“How could you think that?” Tahryn realised too late that he hadn’t been guarding his mind, “You think I’m just letting you touch me because I’m injured?”


“I want to be with you.” Kurt didn’t look at him when he spoke, but watched the floor carefully, his feet narrow and pale on the brown stone tiles, “I have to fight myself every time in order to say it, but it’s true. I want to be with you. The wolf me does too, just not in the same way.”

“The wolf you?” Tahryn made sure he repeated the words slowly. He had never heard Kurt refer to the human and wolf being anything other than the same thing. It seemed as though the least split wolf he’d ever known was now reversing his sense of self. Tahryn hoped that he didn’t push it too far.

“Tay…” Kurt looked so utterly dejected that Tahryn decided not to continue with the line of questioning. He stripped off his shirt to help Kurt into the bath and smiled when Kurt grabbed his arm and curled it to his chest. “Believe me.”

“I do.” ‘Can I get in with you?’ Tahryn directed the thought as a question, too scared to say it out loud. Kurt looked so unsure that Tahryn wondered if he was ever going to get an answer, but eventually Kurt nodded. The big blond stripped off the rest of his clothes and stepped into the bath. He sat, reached up and by degrees, lowered Kurt down onto his lap, chest to spine and shoulder blades. Kurt weighed more than he had a month ago, but less than he had before his injuries. Tahryn ran his hands over Kurt’s chest, the muscles still defined from being underweight and having a wolf metabolism, and Kurt shuddered as he exhaled. From his pinned position in the tub, Tahryn found soap and rough sponge, he’d invested in the all-natural soap that Kurt liked during the month when his mate hadn’t been really talking to him, and began to spread lather in slow circles over Kurt’s chest and belly. The wolf in his arms shuddered as his fingers brushed his navel, his skin still soft and smooth under Tahryn’s fingers. But Kurt didn’t pull away, the desire not to be submissive losing out against the kisses which Tahryn was planting along his throat.

Soft brown lips worked their way to the spot below Kurt’s ear, where jaw joined neck and nipped gently. Kurt moaned and squirmed in his lap and Tahryn chuckled in his head and began to lick and bite at the spot where his last mark was already fading fast.

“I can hear you thinking in there you know.”

Tahryn thrummed against his mate, knowing that Kurt had heard his thoughts, that he wasn’t guarding them and that with the proximity and the amount of body contact between them, Kurt couldn’t help but listen in to his desire’s. He let the sponge float free and moved his fingers across Kurt’s skin and growled in surprise to find Kurt’s fingers digging into his thigh, his other arm propped on the side of the bath, the splint denying him as much movement.

‘I want to touch you.’ Tahryn coloured his thoughts with love and desire and the image of Kurt writhing in pleasure. Kurt let out a low moan as Tahryn continued to work in the love bite on his neck, drawing new blood to the surface, and nodded gently. Tahryn smoothed his fingers over Kurt’s skin under the water and found the tapered length of him already half hard and twitching, begging for his touch. Tahryn smirked and wrapped his hand around Kurt’s erection, moving his fist gently in the water, little splashes lapping against the side of the tub. He could feel the fight that Kurt was putting up, and it made him proud, and stupidly pleased that Kurt was wanting to be here with him, and sad that he was still struggling in order to do so. He licked the column of Kurt’s throat and used his other hand to turn his boy’s neck and found Kurt’s tawny gold eyes blown, filled with lust and wanting.

“Hey pup.” Tahryn kept his voice low, hearing the husky notes that were tied to the erection pressing between their bodies. Kurt moaned as his thumb rounded the tip of his cock and pressed gently to the slit, “Oh you like that huh?”

Kurt groaned again, and kissed him. It was, pretty much, the first time Kurt had initiated something in human form and Tahryn decided not to question the beautiful pale boy in his arms, but delved into his mouth as Kurt opened up to him. Kurt was warm, and wanting, his tongue duelling in Tahryn’s mouth, and by the time they broke the kiss both boys were vibrating with need. Tahryn traced Kurt’s lower lip with the pad of his thumb and has the pleasure of seeing his mate smile.

‘You’re beautiful.’

Kurt frowned and Tahryn kissed the little lines that formed between his eyebrows.

“You are beautiful. I’m gonna keep saying it until you believe me you know.” Tahryn squeezed gently and brought Kurt’s attention back to his crotch. The frown vanished as other emotions took centre stage and Kurt moaned and twisted, half wanting to get away, and pushed himself back into Tahryn’s chest. Tahryn wrapped his arm over Kurt, touching the soft skin of his belly, loving the way Kurt submitted to him, lost in his own pleasure. His cock was very pink, and Tahryn enjoyed the contrast in colour’s between their skin as he stroked Kurt, the six inches of pointed flesh vanishing into his big fist. The timbre of his mate’s breathing changed as he sped up, Kurt’s fingers dug into his thigh, his leg tensed, and his own cock begged for relief and he ignored it, focused on Kurt. Pale knuckles gripped the outside of the bath, Kurt’s head was thrown back against his shoulder and he panted and squirmed, the rose pink blush spreading across his cheeks as Tahryn’s hand moved faster. Tahryn pressed the boy to his chest, his free hand stroking his belly and chest, touching at his nipples and making him yelp.

‘Fuck, you’re sexy.’ Tahryn made sure that Kurt heard him and bit softly at the skin of Kurt’s shoulder as his boy’s breath hitched. Kurt was close, all the muscles of his abdomen tense and defined. Tahryn pinned him down, stopped him from curling up to hide the blush and the shame as he gasped. Kurt gritted his teeth and groaned, his heat beat super-fast against Tahryn’s hand and he rocked violently and half snarled as he came.

“Oh god that’s hot.” Tahryn slowed his movements and began to rub the length of Kurt’s still twitching cock with his thumb, spreading his seed over his skin. He moved to the splashes of thick white seed that decorated Kurt’s flushed skin and then lifted his hand to taste him. Kurt tasted like he smelt, like nature and vitality and ozone, and Tahryn loved the thick feel of his come on his tongue. Kurt looked like he wanted to curl up into a ball and die of shame, so Tahryn kissed him until the look passed and curled his arms around the boy in his bath and hugged him hard. Kurt shifted against him and the movement freed Tahryn’s cock from being trapped between them and his erection sprang up from underneath Kurt and nudged at his softening member.

“Fuck I keep forgetting how big that it.”

Tahryn chuckled at his mate’s words. He was dying for release, but he kept himself guarded, there was no good to be done by Kurt feeling pressured. He could feel the warmth and wellbeing from Kurt, the scent of love and satisfaction which for now at least had blocked out the pain, and was staving off the humiliation of being dominated. Tahryn knew that he didn’t fully understand, he loved getting fucked by Kurt when they were wolves, there was nothing better than having the big black beast pressed over his back and driving him out of his mind with the force of his lust. Except maybe now, having his Kurt in his arms gleaming with contentment. It was a shock when those narrow fingers touched at the head of his own erection, swollen and red and jutting out from the water. Tahryn bucked in surprised and Kurt drew back.

“Jesus, don’t stop.” Tahryn felt his heart practically explode out of his chest as Kurt’s hand returned. Never had Kurt tried to touch him, not even when they’d lain in bed together right after he’d been injured and more than willing to be submissive. Now Kurt traced the length of his erection with his fingers, his exploratory touch so soft and dangerously sweet that it drove Tahryn clean out of his mind. Kurt’s weight on him was not enough to force him to be still but he tried not to buck into Kurt’s innocent grip. Kurt could only use one hand on him, but when he finally wrapped his fingers around the girth of Tahryn’s cock, he gasped and gripped onto Kurt’s hips with white knuckles. Kurt sat up in his lap a bit more, trying to see what he was doing, and Tahryn ran his fingers down his spine.

“Am I doing OK?” Kurt’s question was accompanied by a twist as he moved his hand up Tahryn’s shaft that made the big tan wolf dig his fingers into the flesh of Kurt’s shoulder. He couldn’t form a coherent sentence, but his thoughts were loud as a drum being struck.

‘Oh dear god yes. Keep going, fuck!’ That seemed to do the trick because Kurt began to grip harder, move a little faster and Tahryn couldn’t keep his hands off of his mate, fingers running over the bumps of his spine, the muscles of his back and abdomen, the hollow where his spine met the flesh of his lower back. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, the sensations of his mate around him, in his head as well, were too good. There wasn’t time for a warning, but Kurt didn’t pull back and Tahryn came with a drawn out groan, thick ropes of come splattering up of Kurt’s chest and neck. Kurt twisted in his lap and the sight of his mate covered in his seed made Tahryn’s head spin.

Kurt blushed and looked slightly guilty as he dipped a finger into Tahryn’s essence and then painted it very deliberately on his tongue, watching Tahryn’s reaction as his eyes dilated.

“You have any idea how hot you are?” Kurt blushed and Tahryn pulled his mate against his skin, “I’m so fucking proud of you.”

“Really?” Kurt looked up at him puzzled, “Isn’t that kinda weird?”

“Not for us pup.” Tahryn took the opportunity to kiss his mate, tasting himself in Kurt’s mouth, “We’re just fine. How do you feel.”

“Good. Is that bad?”

“Nah.” Tahryn traced the fading scars on Kurt’s face. There would be hairline marks in the pale skin but nothing more, Kurt was either lucky or blessed, maybe both; most people would probably never even notice them. “We should get cleaned up though.”

Tahryn washed his mate down and tried not to think about Kurt’s arse when he did so. Getting up and out of the bath was slightly tricky, but Kurt managed to stand unaided, though he couldn’t walk by himself. Tahryn wrapped towels around both of them and put his arm around Kurt’s waist to lead him back to their room. Isla was sitting on the bed, which had become miraculously freshly made, waiting for them. Her nose wrinkled when Kurt sat down next to her, but she hugged him anyway.

“You two smell… similar.” Isla knuckled Kurt’s hair then took the towel Tahryn had had draped across his shoulders and used it to start drying him off, “You look better. You’ve been making out in the bathroom.”

“Isla!” Tahryn gaped at his sister’s forwardness as she towel dried his mate, “You can’t say things like that?”

“Why not?” Isla turned back to Kurt and smiled at him, “And anyway I was talking to him.”

“Thanks little bit,” Kurt reached out and ruffled her hair, and then stared at his arm. He was using the splinted one.

“You really are feeling better.” Isla grinned, “Dr Noakes is downstairs waiting on you. Chaska is serving dinner. You wanna get dressed today?”

“Alright.” Tahryn was surprised that Kurt agreed, but he grabbed his own jeans and found a jumper while Isla fussed over his mate. It was good to see Kurt happy, even better to know that he and Kurt had, well not fucked in the bath tub, but at least… Kurt was blushing and Tahryn could feel his mate in his head, listening in. He smiled at the floor and did up his fly, shrugging the hem of his jumper into place. It was the fluffy touchable one again, the one that he wanted Kurt to love and snuggle up to. Kurt let Isla fuss over him, she helped him to dress in a pair of Tahryn’s clean jogging trousers and put his arms through the wide sleeves of an oversized t-shirt. Tahryn was amazed that Kurt let his little sister do things for him, brushing his hair even, without making a fuss. Apparently Isla didn’t feature on his wolf’s hierarchical scale, and that was sort of interesting.

Isla lead the way downstairs, and Tahryn walked one step in front of Kurt, supporting his mate and using any excuse to touch him. Kurt hadn’t been downstairs since they’d arrived, but he seemed much better and it helped when they got there that Noakes and Whelan were sitting down already. Kurt jerked his chin in recognition and Tahryn sort of nodded, but the tension was thick like molasses in winter. Chaska filled the space with chatter and called for Mehran and it was a slightly uneasy company who sat down to eat. Tahryn took the head spot at the table, pulled Kurt’s chair around so that his mate was nearly in his lap, and Isla slipped in next to Kurt. Chaska served everyone and then sat on Tahryn’s other side. Tahryn could practically smell the divide across the table. The gamma of the South Sea pack was caring but uneasy in the presence of wolves who were aligning themselves differently. Something had changed, and Tahryn could feel it.


Noakes kept Kurt and Tahryn in his peripheral vision as he ate. Chaska had still served him and Whelan first, and he had seen the set of Tahryn’s shoulders change. Degan’s worries had been correct, and now Kurt had gone from being an asset to a problem yet again. Between him and Tahryn there was nothing stronger, and both of the boys showed alpha traits, both human and wolf. Noakes had worried about Tahryn from the time he had arrived and instantly taken over the younger half of the pack. Degan could have handed over to him, if it hadn’t been for the issue with Kurt. No one in South Sea would accept the big black wolf who sucked at pretty much all forms of human communication as their alpha. It wouldn’t work. Everyone expected Doug to take over from his father in law when Degan stepped down. Willis was a good beta and he wanted to stay that way.

Noakes looked over Kurt while he ate, without making eye contact. While he was fairly certain that Kurt wasn’t in a position to challenge him right now, Noakes was not betting his health of Tahryn’s ability to restrain himself. The mate of an alpha who was himself dominant, it was a recipe of a lot of fighting and a lot of loyalty. Kurt was healing well. He wasn’t using his damaged arm but he was leaning weight on it, which was a good sign. It seemed that Kurt would be fine it not too long a time. Noakes ate, chatted genially to Whelan and Mehran, and smiled and thanked Chaska for the food. Tahryn and Kurt looked like they were in love, and weren’t really talking to anyone.

“I’m going to need to examine you,” Noakes was talking to Kurt but he looked at Tahryn, the big blond was the dominant one when they were human, and that arm was possessive, “I want to see how well the injures are coming, and see about those stitches.”

“I took out the other ones,” Isla sounded genuinely pleased with herself and Noakes wondered straight away what her test scores were like in the sciences. “Is Kurt going to have scars?”

“Not as badly as he would have if you hadn’t taken them out. You did good.” Noakes got up and gestured to Kurt, “You reckon you can walk as far as the lounge for me Ulrich?”

“Yeah,” Kurt stood unaided, but his walk was stiff and it wasn’t long before he was clinging to the wall for support. Tahryn was up in an instant, arms under Kurt to hold him up and he walked. There was something so intimate between the two of them that it was almost painful to watch. Noakes collected his little black medical bag and went to the sofa where Kurt was now reclining. Tahryn hadn’t moved away from him.

“I need to examine him,” Noakes repeated, “You’re sort of in the way.” Tahryn growled, but moved around to the head of the sofa while Noakes set up. Kurt groaned as he removed his shirt. The cuts and scrapes to his chest were now just fading marks, no worse than scratches left by fingernails. Noakes unwrapped the bandages from around the splint and began to walk his fingers up and down the bones. Kurt hissed and snarled at the pain and Noakes saw Tahryn’s muscles bunch. “Hold up there big fella. I’m just doing my job. If you think you can do better than me go ahead.” Tahryn backed off, “Better. Let me work.”

The bones was healing well, knitting back together with no obvious issues. The face looked good too, Isla really had done a good job with the stitches, and Noakes doubted that the scars would be bad. He washed down the arm with an antiseptic wipe and re bound it with just one steel splint. Surgery wasn’t a great option for werewolves. surgical pins and plates were rejected by the body when it changed, and while Kurt would have healed fast if he’d stayed wolf, he would have been much harder to communicate with. Plus his fur wouldn’t have grown back any quicker and Noakes would have had to shave a fair bit of him.

“You’re doing much better.” Noakes finished with the bandaged and pinned the end, “You can take it off to wash now, but make sure you don’t re-wrap it too tightly,” he directed the comment to Tahryn, “Or you’ll risk squashing the bones as they heal alright?” Tahryn nodded, “So let’s have a look at the hip.”

Kurt groaned as he rolled onto his side. Tahryn growled when Noakes pulled down the baggy trousers, and Noakes narrowed his eyes.

“Do you want me to fix him or not?” Noakes was angry now. It was one thing to be possessive, but quite another to threaten everyone who came near your mate. Soon enough Tahryn was going to have no friends left.


“You cannot bark at everyone Tahryn Ulrich.” Noakes turned to Kurt’s hip and the big ragged curved wound which was now straining against the stitches, “Right now you are going to need all the friends you can get.” He began to snip the stitches in Kurt’s leg, pulling them out with tweezers. Kurt growled and he found Tahryn’s hand pretty quickly. It was sort of nice to see the dominant wolf actually relying on his mate for once. Once all the stitches were out Noakes cleaned the wound and checked over the edges. Kurt was healing well all round it seemed. He pinned the wound with steri-strips and then patched over a new pad, securing it with tape. “Change this when it gets wet,” Noakes handed Tahryn and little bag of sterilised pads and a roll of tape, “And he should be fine.” He turned back to Kurt and re dressed him while he spoke, “I know it hurts, but get some exercise, the more the better. The muscles in your leg are just seizing up and that’s what’s causing most of your pain now. You’ll be up and running by the end of the week.”

“Can I change yet?” Kurt looked so hopeful that Noakes nearly said yes.

“Friday, and not before.” Noakes smiled with closed lips, “We’ll see your big black self at the meet Ulrich.” Noakes got up and closed his bag, “Tahryn? Walk with me a minute.” Noakes expected the big tanned young man to refuse, but was pleased when Tahryn came along with him. He walked out of the house and into the cooler air of dusk. It wasn’t summer yet, and the spring was still developing. The trees that lined the cul-de-sac were gently unfurling their leaves and coming out in bloom. Noakes closed his eyes and inhaled. The world smelt like Kurt Ulrich did, nature and the wetness that came with things growing. It was good. Tahryn leant against the tree outside his house and folded his arms, Noakes let the dominant stance slide. It was not his place to start challenging Tahryn.

“Degan is worried. You should know that. Alpha’s talk to each other.”


“Are you or Kurt going to challenge Degan for alpha?” Noakes decided to come out with the question straight away.

“No!” Tahryn’s exclamation was so vehement that Noakes knew that it had not even crossed his mind, “Is this about what Kurt said to Murray Hill?”

“Partially.” Noakes measured his words carefully, “Between the two of you…”

“We’re too strong to challenge,” Tahryn finished the sentence that he’d left hanging, “How long have we got until Degan does something?”

“I’m not sure. He likes Kurt, so that helps you. Murray Hill is unlikely to talk to anyone about it so that’s alright. It sort of depends on National Council and whatever they decide to do with the information that Kurt killed Phillip Tanner, and whether any other wolves decide to step up to challenge Degan on the basis that he is too weak to control you two.” He paused, “Before the end of the summer.”

“You know that Chaska and Jene mated?”

“Yeah, Whelan told me. He’s not happy.”

“Are they at risk too?” Tahryn shifted his weight from foot to foot, and Noakes could see that he’d been human too long, he was straining to run now that he could feel the world around him.

“Perhaps, due to their alignment with you, and Isla. Your mate and little sister seem pretty dependant on each other.”

“Oh Christ.” Tahryn ran a hand through his hair, “I can’t do this. It would kill Dad to break up the family.”

“You might not have any other choice.” Noakes shook his head sadly, “You and Kurt are in this for life, either way. I severely doubt you’re going to be spending the rest of your teenagers years as members of South Sea.” He touched Tahryn’s shoulder gently, “Go for a run, go howl at the moon and tear up an animal if it helps you think. I’ll send Willis over tomorrow to get Kurt started on rehab exercise. You go back to school.”

“But I don’t wanna leave him.”

“You can have too much of a good thing Tahryn.” Noakes patted him and turned away to walk across the road towards his own house. He hoped that he was wrong, but he knew he wasn’t. Kurt’s days were just as numbered now as they had ever been, from asset to danger in the time it had taken him to kill Phillip Tanner and his mate had gone from ranking but respectful to full on alpha wolf.

He was not wrong.


Willis didn’t bother to knock on the Spencer door. There was no point, everyone was out, a winning combination of school and work. Everyone except.

“Morning Kurt.” Willis threw a hoodie at his charge. It has been hell to get the day off work to deal with him, but Carson was going to take the rest of the week, so it wouldn’t be too bad. Willis had gotten off lightly with a ‘family emergency’ and since a werewolf’s family extended to his whole pack it wasn’t exactly a lie. Kurt was lying in bed with nothing on but a sheet and bandages and he groaned at Willis’s intrusion.

“I had hoped Tay was joking.”

“No such luck kiddo. Get up.”

“I’m in pain.” Kurt pulled on the hoodie, wincing as he did so, “Why are you here?”

“Rehab Ulrich. Get up.”

Kurt grumbled but got up. Noakes had been right, he was healing well. Kurt found sweat pants and got dressed. Shoes were harder, Tahryn had different sized feet, but Kurt did up the laces extra tight and put on extra socks. He was shaky and panting by the time they got downstairs, but he leant on his knees instead of the wall. Willis waited for him.

“You alright?”

Kurt growled.

“Easy buddy.” They walked out back and Willis saw Kurt staring longing at the forest, like a man denied food and water in the desert. “No turning today kid.”

“The wolf wants out. It’s been ages.”

“‘The wolf’,” Willis make little finger quotes in the air when he spoke, “What’s up with you Kurt?”

“Nothing.” Kurt’s stance was suddenly tight and angry, his voice sharp, “Leave it.”

Willis sighed but did nothing. He and Kurt walked around the garden and he could see the skinny dark haired boy fighting to maintain an image of strength. That was a good thing, he’d work harder, heal faster. By the second time around the garden Kurt was keeping pace easily. Willis led Kurt into the woodland and saw his muscles go instantly slack. Just being close to nature and territory made him feel better.

“How’s the face?”

Kurt fingered the now sealed cuts without wincing.

“Good. Not too ugly?”

Willis frowned. Since when did Kurt care about his human appearance?

“So where are we going?”

“For now we’re just going to walk. Degan wants us to go check out the territory boarders and do some other stuff.”

“Alright.” Kurt shrugged, and an easy silence settled between them. Noakes had said that Tahryn and Kurt were generally uneasy, but Kurt seemed the way that Kurt had always been around him. They were equals. And maybe that was the problem.

Mostly, Willis was worried about what Kurt had said about ‘the wolf.’ The boy had gone from being totally wolf to spilt right down the middle, and it seemed that those two sides weren’t talking to each other. But the exercise was good for him, and the farther they went, the easier Kurt seemed to take it, it wouldn’t be long until he was fully healed.

The pack houses were right on the northern edge of the town, the rest of the quaint little settlement between them and the sea. Pack boarders stretched along with the lie of the land, to the motorway in one direction and to the river north and west. The big loops that wound through the valleys made for a great natural barrier, even though there wasn’t a single pack between them and the north of Kent. The hills levelled out once you got into the national park land, and the going was easier. When they reached the edge of the territory Willis began to jog down the gentle slope and was pleased when Kurt followed without complaint. It was nowhere near as fast as they would normally go, slow even for a human pace, but Kurt kept up and drew level as they reached the flat valley floor. They were three miles from the coast, four from home as the crow flies, and the world stretched out all green and wet before them, the glacier shaped landscaped dotted with sheep and cows. There was a gravel track the traced the winding patterns of the river, one of the few places in the south of England with oxbow lakes.

“When was the last time you were off pack land?”

“Never. This would be the first.” Kurt looked slightly shifty, knowing that he was no longer ‘home.’ How on earth the kid was going to cope leaving home for good was a mystery to Willis.

“How are the muscles?”

“Sore. Fine.” They were back to walking now, and Kurt was rubbing the knuckles of his injured arm with the other hand. “Willis why are we out here?”

“Property. There’s a camp site for sale that Degan wants us to look at.” Willis hoped that would be the end of the questions, but it wasn’t.


“Who can say? More money coming into the pack, new businesses. There’s a bunch of you who are all going to need property soon.” Willis smiled, “Chaska and Jene, now that I did not see coming. Aliza and Deo are going to have the empty house.” He was very careful not to mention the previous occupants, “Degan is talking to National Council about expanding the territory out west.”

“Right,” Kurt looked roughly suspicious, “I miss being a wolf.”

“Well you’re making a good human.” Kurt snarled at the comment, “Fine, fine. Tell me about you and Tahryn. All better?”

“Yes. No. Getting there.” Kurt sighed, and unconsciously went to rub his neck. Willis raised an eyebrow at the mark there, “I want to run. Please?”

“Sorry Kurt, doctor’s orders.” He paused looking out over the river at its widest point, “Tell me about this ‘the wolf’ thing. It doesn’t sound so good.”

“It’s the only way.”

“Kurt…” Willis turned to the boy to find him sitting on the side of the path, feet dangling over the edge, “The only way for what?”

“For Tahryn. I want to give him what he wants, and I wanna have what I want and it’s just all too confusing.”

“So you’re gonna be two people instead?”

“It’s better than shouting at each other all the time. I hate fighting with him, it hurts.”

“Alright, alright.” Willis lay a paternal hand on Kurt’s shoulder and was surprised when the boy covered it with his own, “I’m not going to pretend to understand. Now let’s go look at this property OK?”



They got back just as Tahryn’s little blue Triumph Spitfire pulled up outside the house. Kurt ran to his mate, desperate to be back by his side pretty much since the moment he’d been able to scent home. Tahryn wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him up against him much more roughly than he had the previous day.

“Heya pup.” Tahryn’s voice was so low it was practically a vibration and Kurt swallowed and pushed the wolf right to the back of his mind to be called ‘pup’ in front of people. Isla, Mehran and Chaska all appeared out of the car behind their brother and waved. “Missed you.”

Tahryn’s words made Kurt’s mind cloud instantly with lust, rational thought getting pushed out of the window a little bit.

“You too.”

The cool soft scent of Jene interrupted them.

“Kurt where’ve you been all day?”

“Out.” Kurt sounded a little guarded.

“Lord we have to buy you a phone boy.” She smiled at Tahryn and waved to Chaska who was standing in the doorway to the house, “I was going to take you shopping. I don’t suppose your mate wants to join us.”

“More shopping?” Kurt sighed, he should have known. The longer he spent being human the more indulgent Jene wanted to be. The wolf rankled and snarled, but Kurt shut him up. You idiot, what are you doing… Kurt shook himself and tried to summon a smile, Why try and be human? Just go for a fucking run already.

“You wanna go?” Tahryn’s voice was almost overridden by his thoughts which Kurt received loud and clear, ‘God but I want to see you try on lots of clothes. And take them off.’

“Alright. Can I shower first?”

“Meet you in half an hour boys?” was Jene’s rejoinder before house vanished with Chaska. The boys followed her into the house.

Twenty minutes and a very difficult to concentrate shower later Kurt stood in jeans and a t shirt and let Isla wrap and splint his arm. It hardly hurt now, but Noakes had been very specific. Tahryn had worked out a good lie if anyone asked, sprained while biking in the forest, which also explained the now healed scars on his face. They look like day old scratches, rather than overly healed four day old fangs marks.

“You’d better bring me something back.” Isla was glaring at him. Apparently she was losing kudos with her friends because of Kurt’s long absence from school. “It’s not fair, I never get to go anywhere fun with you guys.”

“Isla it’s shopping. It’s not fun.”

The girl that Kurt was coming to think of as his sister rolled her eyes.

“Boys!” she muttered, “How do I end up with the only gay brother who doesn’t like clothes?”

“Sorry little bit. I promise I’ll take you running when you change. Whenever you like.”

“You’d better.” Isla wrapped her arms around his neck so tightly Kurt thought for a moment she meant to heard him. The wolf half of his mind snarled and he stamped on it. “Go. They’re waiting you.”

Kurt got into the front of the car with Tahryn, the girls in the back seat. His mate grabbed his hand when he changed gear and Kurt felt that sweet delicious snake in his chest coil more tightly around his heart. Why had he waited so long to be human and give in? It was so damn good. The whole drive Kurt kept pushing down the wolf in his mind. Every wide smile and possessive touch made the dominant black beast snap and snarl and want to rip Tahryn’s hand off. It had been way too long. He wanted out, to run, but Noakes had said no, and being alive and human in the here and now was so nice. Except for every time something that Tahryn did rankled the wolf.

In the shopping centre Kurt swallowed down bile as Tahryn grabbed his hand and the four of them giggled their way through the shops like any totally normal bunch of teenagers. Jene led the way to the store where she had taken Kurt before, familiarity made him relax a little more, but the wolf was on a tight lease. Unsurprisingly Tahryn went for the men’s clothes that were colourful and loud. T-shirts with big print and graphic logos, jeans which made Kurt think of the humans who fancied themselves as surfers and rock stars. With the blond hair and tan skin Tahryn really did look like that. Kurt smiled when he was asked for his opinion, anything was better than that silly timber wolf t-shirt, but he could feel his level of tolerance shrinking. When Jene and Chaska pushed a bundle of clothes into his arms and turned him in the direction of the changing rooms he had to try really hard to focus.


Mary James sat down on the little chair just outside the changing rooms and leant back against the wall. Being over a week overdue was very trying, but it was nice to have Layla Davies to talk to, full of questions about what the next seven months would hold. Mary found it slightly odd that the girl hadn’t known she was pregnant, she had known straight away when her body changed. No wonder she and Carson had been moody with each other; they had smelt the difference in themselves and reacted to it. Now everything was sorted, due to Kurt’s incredible sense of smell, and she was taking Layla shopping for maternity clothes, not that she was showing yet. She was young and keen.

“I am not wearing this!” Mary looked around the changing room, which was empty, to the curtain at the end of the line near the other door where the voice had come from. A voice along with the scent of damp moss and wet bark.


The skinny dark haired boy stuck his head out of the cubicle and stepped out to see her. He was wearing a pair of blood-brown cords and holding a t-shirt.

“Hey Mary.”

“Look at you all shining and smiley. Tahryn here?”

“Yeah. He and the girls are trying to pick clothes for me. I am so not wearing this.” He held up the shirt, which was black with big bold pink lettering ‘likes boys.’

“So I see.” Mary smiled to herself, “Jene picked it out?”

“Yes.” Kurt looked grumpy, folding his arms across his chest. “What are you in for?” Kurt referred to shopping like it was prison.

“Layla,” Mary shrugged, “She and Carson are much happier now. You did well. That’s some nose.” She looked Kurt up and down as she spoke. His arm was bandaged with a single splint and he looked pretty healthy for someone who had been at death’s door four and a half days ago. He looked subtly different, less hard and sharp, the angles of his body no longer wired in aggression.

“Thanks. How are you and the little one?”

“Well, he seems pretty happy in there really. Doesn’t wanna come out.” Kurt folded the shirt and headed over to where she sat. He dropped into the seat next to her and sighed.

“How do you stand not shifting for nine months? I’m so glad I’m not a girl.”

Mary chuckled.

“You can’t shift, it’s not like I can even try. But I really wish he would come on out of there now. It’s been too long.”

“You know it’s a boy?”

“No. Just guessing. Why?” Mary cocked her head and looked at Kurt as he leant against the wall. Being half naked in public wasn’t such a big deal for werewolves, but she could see the tension in his neck and shoulders.

“Smells like a girl. Softer. I could be wrong.”

“You never are.” Mary took the shirt from him and shook it out, refolding it neatly. It was true, she was vaguely sick of being pregnant, although she didn’t dare admit that to anybody, even to her pack sisters. People would look down on her. Kurt wouldn’t. He looked good, but exhausted.

“Pup?” Kurt visibly tensed at the sound of his mate’s voice, his shoulders rising. Mary could almost see his hackles rising. He bared his teeth to the floor, “Oh there you are. What’s up? Hi Mary.”

Tahryn was carrying another few hangers, and Mary could feel the tension slack off again as Tahryn drew near. Jene and Chaska were giggling not far behind him. Kurt stood and the uneasy feeling seemed to leave him, the tautness vanished and he moulded against his mate. Layla chose that moment to appear with an armful of clothes and Mary felt the barrier between them. The teenagers seemed vaguely unaware of the split, but looking at them together, they seemed like a little pack all of their own. Things were changing in the pack.

The werewolves all exchanged pleasantries, and Kurt was hustled back into his ordinary clothes. They group left with a selection of the things Tahryn had been holding and Mary and Layla were left in the changing rooms holding the shirt Kurt had rejected.

“You feel that?”

“Yes.” Layla raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow, “You reckon they realise it yet?”

“On some level,” Mary put her hands on her hips, trying to relieve the pressure of the baby on her bladder, “Kurt seems fractious.”

“Well if his mate is calling him things like that in public… I’d have a hard time adjusting too.” Layla rubbed her abdomen distractedly. “Hey are you OK?”

Mary exhaled hard, pain radiated up from her abdomen.

“I think maybe she’s ready to come out.”

“Now?” Mary had the surprising pleasure of seeing the trim little solicitor panicked, “Oh crap.”

“Call David, tell him to get the bag, then call Dinah. Baby’s a-coming.”


Kurt sat on the bed and watched Tahryn put away his new clothes. The sight of his clothes hanging with his mate’s made him somehow happy. Tahryn’s clothes were bigger than his, brighter. Kurt had managed to stick just to things that came in black, grey and the darker shades of reds and blues. They were easy to pick out on Tahryn’s loud wardrobe. He could hear Tahryn thinking, it was nice.

‘Is it too soon? Can I ask him that yet? What if he says no?’

Kurt decided he didn’t like the flavour of those thoughts too much. He wanted Tahryn to be happy. The wolf in his head snarled at him. The fuck is wrong with you? You cannot actually want to do this? Kurt shook himself and slipped off the bed. His trip out with Willis had been useful, instructive even, and he felt so much better than he had the previous day. Well enough to…? Kurt stayed on his knees, moved across the carpet and sat back on his heels as Tahryn turned around.

‘What are you doing down there?’ The question in Tahryn’s head was not framed by his mouth. The wolf snapped and growled, but Kurt pushed it back again. It was harder now to do it, to keep the wolf caged, and being on his knees didn’t help that much, but the big wide-eyed expression on Tahryn’s face was too good to miss out on.

“Jesus Kurt…” Tahryn’s voice was low and breathless, “Are you sure?”

Kurt didn’t trust himself to speak, so he nodded and reached out for Tahryn’s fly. His hands shook but he managed the zipper and Tahryn helped him ease the jeans down over his hips. Tahryn, like most wolves, did not bother with a great amount of underwear. Christ that’s huge… Tahryn’s cock was proportioned like the rest of him, big and tan, nicely flared at the end and thickening up quickly. Kurt reached out and touched him. What he’d done in the bath had been experimental, interesting, and oh so fucking sexy. Kurt wanted to avoid thinking about what it meant for his dominant side to be on his knees in front of Tahryn.

“Oh pup…” Tahryn’s voice was a low rumble, husky blue eyes wide and boring into his skull. His thoughts were almost incomprehensible, images of want and need too coloured and clouded with lust to make any real sense. Kurt wrapped his hand around the base of his mate’s erection and twisted his hand as he drew up the length in the way he knew that he liked on himself. Tahryn hissed and every muscle of his abdomen tensed, deep tan ridges which Kurt leant up to kiss. The blond trail of hairs that lead from navel to groin intrigued him and he licked and lapped at the different textures. When Tahryn’s big hand landed in his hair he vibrated with the effort it took to keep the wolf pinned down. He moved down and kissed the join where Tahryn’s muscles changed, his cock pulsing along with his heartbeat.

Tahryn’s visual instructions were much clearer now that the main shock was over and Kurt followed the pictures he was being sent, images of himself with his lips wrapped around Tahryn’s cock. Apparently Tahryn thought he was beautiful because he glowed in the visions. He gave the head of Tahryn’s member an experimental lick, felt his mate’s whole body jerk in response and then kissed the tip, wrapped his lips around the fat pink glans. He looked up. Tahryn was staring down at him like he was… God or something, his chiselled lips open and wet, panting with need and lust and desire.

It was awesome.

Kurt licked again at Tahryn’s member, even though the size of it scared him a little bit, and then went back to softly sucking. It was not totally comfortable, and having to use half his mind to squash the wolf down was distracting, but Kurt was enjoying himself too much to really care about the big black wolf which snapped and snarled. He was proud when he managed to swallow enough of Tahryn’s cock to feel it bumping against the back of his throat. It sort of hurt, but it was sort of good, so he kept going, intoxicated by the taste of his mate, which was just as good as his scent; spicy sweet and full of the flavour of the hot sea. How Tahryn had ended up smelling so good was a mystery to Kurt, but right now he didn’t care. The way that Tahryn gasped and moaned, his fingers in Kurt’s hair never pushing, was way too interesting. Tahryn’s breathing changed, became really shallow and irregular and Kurt hummed to himself in satisfaction. He’d done well, he was good at this, he’d done well.

The fuck is wrong with you? Done well? You’re a bloody lap dog.

The voice of the wolf in his head was so strong and loud and himself that Kurt instantly pulled back, recoiled by what he was doing. He stood, his knees shaking and cramped from so long in one position, but before he could pull away and think of placating the wolf, Tahryn grabbed him, arms around him all possessive and dominant, and kissed him hard until he was dizzy.

“Fuck that’s awesome.”

“It is?” Kurt tried not to show that he was wrestling to stay as a functioning human shaped object.

“I want you.” Tahryn’s growl was half an octave off a command. His hands pushed at Kurt, pressing through his barriers and stripping him effectively of his clothes. Tahryn’s skin was searing hot, and as he pushed Kurt back against the bed the smaller boy realised that his grip on the rabid feral canine in his mind was not as strong as perhaps it should be.

“Wait… Tay.” Kurt didn’t know what to do. He was so far above pleading for anything. Normally he just did or took whatever he wanted if he thought he was strong enough. Now Tahryn had him pinned against the duvet and was kissing his way across the soft skin of his stomach, growling low, happy and possessive. “Tay…don’t…”

“Oh pup…” Tahryn’s voice was a command whether he meant it or not and Kurt panted as his self-control was ripped from him, his mind leashed. It didn’t matter, he wanted to do it, to please his mate, to experience the pleasure that Tahryn so clearly felt when he submitted as a wolf. They were all good reason s to want to have sex with his mate. But he was scared. He was no longer crushing the wolf down, everything was being held by Tahryn. What was going to happen when he let go?

Tahryn turned him over, big hands gentle and firm all at once and Kurt wanted to scream and cry at the same time as Tahryn squeezed his butt, one finger touching at his entrance. He had no tail to pull in front to guard himself, and because he couldn’t think of anything to say or do, he did nothing. Tahryn’s breath was hot and wet on the back of his neck. Talking to him between kisses, telling him he was beautiful. Kurt couldn’t focus. The wolf was right there under the surface, just waiting to punch through and hurt something. Tahryn wasn’t concentrating on what he was saying, and the command slipped. Kurt spent half a jagged breath on the verge of going feral and shredding everything in sight before he won the fight with the wolf.

“Can I fuck you?”

It was a shock to be asked permission, lying on his front with Tahryn’s hands over him, the weight of the taller young man holding him down, but Kurt twisted to look over his shoulder and Tahryn was all gold and blue like the sun on the sea and Kurt nodded even though he was petrified.

“Remember to breath.” Tahryn whispered the words against his skin and Kurt felt the wet head of his mate’s erection press at him, seeking entrance to his body. Wanting them to be joined fully. The wolf growled and snapped, being on his knees was one thing, but there was no twisting this situation in order to be dominant. Kurt held on for dear life, then exhaled as Tahryn pushed.

It hurt, it was too big and Kurt was sure he was going to die from the pressure of Tahryn’s huge cock trying to work its way into him. He wanted to scream, and fought the urge, bit his lip and tasted blood. The tight ring of muscle clenched, then spasmed, and it seemed that Tahryn ploughed in for his whole length in one go. And there was the thought that changed everything for Kurt and the big dominant wolf who was sick of being pushed around in the back of his mind.

‘Oh fuck that’s good….I wonder if he would let me pull his hair…’

The words sprang straight into his mind, bypassed the normal junctions of tolerance, lust and desire and speared into his instincts like a bullet between the eyes. The under developed human emotions were not enough to counter the overwhelming presence of the dominant wolf brain and Kurt found himself finally losing control. He held out for so long, but the wolf had been in full and total possession of him all his life, and five weeks of humanity were not enough to fight back against a canine who’d spent his whole life practicing the game of dominance.

He shifted.

The spasm removed him from the bed, Tahryn’s cry of shock ringing in his ears as the tight pressure around his arousal vanished. Kurt, his brain at war with himself wasn’t even there, his black furred form running on auto pilot as he snapped, snarled, flattened his ears and fled. Tahryn had learnt, he was quick, and his hand closed around the wolf’s hind leg as he dove off the bed. Kurt turned and snapped at his limb. Pain seared through his mind as his fangs cut the flesh of his mate. Tahryn screamed, Kurt shrieked, the high otherworldly noise of an animal in pain.

My girlfriend and I had been dating for a few years, and the sex had gotten a little slow. We were still doing it a lot, but it just wasn’t as exciting as it used to be. Then one night, after a few drinks, that topic came up, and it turned out she was feeling bored with our sex life too. Even though I had been thinking the same thing, that is not something a guy ever wants to hear. We both agreed something had to be done. After talking a little longer she asked me what I wanted in the bedroom, and though I was reluctant to give a straight answer, she finally got it out of me. I told her I wanted to have a threesome with another girl, pretty standard fantasy for any guy. She must have been expecting that, because she didn’t have much of a reaction, not even the “Ew, gross! I don’t want another girl in our bed!” which is the reaction women typically give to that sort of thing.

Instead, she sat quietly for a second, then said, “OK, but I would have to have some conditions.”

I thought about this for a second, then asked “Well, OK, what are they?”

“Well, first of all,” she started, “there has to be something in it for me, too.”

“OK….Like what?” I asked. I didn’t know where this was going.

“Well, another cock would be a good start,” she answered.

“Hahaha” I laughed nervously. “You mean like a strapon, right?” I asked, knowing that wasn’t what she meant.

“No, like another guy, so I get to have some fun too.”

“That’s what I was afraid of,” I said. I didn’t know how to feel about that. Little did she know that I wanted the same thing she did. I had never told her, or anyone else for that matter, but I was a closet bisexual.

I don’t know exactly when it came about, but for many years I had been into guys, and especially into sucking cock. Around the end of high school I started playing with my ass, just a finger or two once in awhile when I was in the shower or jerking off. Over the last several years my ass play had progressed to where I now had a large toy collection, and would play my ass all the time, sometimes three or four times a week, sometimes a couple times a day. I loved it, and had everything from small butt plugs to foot long vibrators that I would ride for hours.

Then, while I was in college I got in a little deeper and decided I wanted to start sucking cock. I had fantasized about it for a long time. I loved getting a good blow job, and watched plenty of porn, and figured I had to give it a try. I went to a few hookup sites online, and spent months looking for a guy worth sucking. It finally worked out and I got to suck my first real cock. I still remember it like it was this afternoon, remember going up into this guy’s bedroom and getting my favorite deepthroat porn movie going on his computer. I was nervous as hell, my heart was going so fast it was about to burst out of my chest. Still not sure if I could get myself to go through with it, I kept my eyes on the video and slowly rubbed my cock through my pants, feeling my cock grow stiff, as my desire to feel a cock in my mouth became unbearable. I reached over and began stroking his cock through his gym shorts, feeling it grow and grow in my hand. My cock isn’t very big, but I’ve certainly seen my fair share in the movies, and this guy was huge – easily 8in, thick and rock hard. I stared down at his cock through his shorts and he stood up, dropping his shorts down to the floor and leaving his beautiful, stiff, shaved smooth cock swinging gently a few inches in front of my face.

He gently touched my head, pulling it toward his waiting dick. “Come on dude, you know you want this dick,” he said.

I took one more look at the girl on the computer screen and saw her smiling devilishly as she jerked the cock and flicked it with her tongue. I knew then i had to have a cock in my mouth, and looked over at the big swinging dick in front of me. I thought to myself, “Well, this is it,” and before I could second guess myself again I leaned in and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He let out a moan of “oohhhh god yeahhhh,” just like I would have if the roles were reversed. I cupped his balls in one hand and began working his cock in and out of my mouth, rubbing the bottom of it with my tongue while gently rubbing his balls. I took it deeper and deeper, pushing it to the back of my throat then pulling it all the way out and playing with the tip, before diving back down on it. He pulled back a few times, grabbing my hair and holding my head in place with one hand while using the other hand to slap my face with his cock.

I went at it for half an hour or so, doing all the things I always wanted girls to do to me when they sucked my dick. I licked up and down the bottom of his dick, starting at his balls and licking up to the head, then changing direction and swallowing his cock as deep as I could, all in one motion. We changed positions a few times, moving around until we found the angle where I could almost get his whole cock down my throat. He started to moan and buck his hips up toward my mouth while I sucked him deep and squeezed his balls. I knew he was about to cum and I wanted to take it on my knees, with him standing up to shoot it in my mouth. I tried to pull off his cock and tell him this, but right as I started to he grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock down my throat. Surprised, I gagged and jerked my head back just as he let out his biggest cry of “HOOOLY SHIIIIT..AAAAHHHHHH TAKE THAT LOAD BITCH!!” I gladly did as I was told. I finally got the feeling I had been looking for for years, the feeling of a big hard cock exploding loads of hot sticky cum into my mouth. He squirted again and again, and I tried to keep it all in my mouth so I could savor the flavor and the feeling. As I felt the warm salty juice spread around my mouth I knew I had fallen in love with sucking cock and would have to do it again

I stood up and wiped some extra cum and spit from around my mouth while he laid on the bed. He looked up and said “Holy shit dude, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had.”

“Well thanks,” I replied, “I liked it too.”

“We’ll have to do it again sometime,” he said, still apparently too blown away to stand up off the bed.

“Well what are you doing tomorrow night?” I asked. Turned out he was available the next night, and I went back for a repeat. We did it the night after that too. I went from never having touched another guy’s cock to sucking dick and swallowing cum three days straight. I loved it. I loved pleasing him, knowing how good my mouth felt on his cock, and feeling how good his cock felt in my mouth. Unfortunately after that week our schedules didn’t work out for awhile and we lost touch. I lost his e-mail and we never met up again after the first three times.

Now as I lay next to my girlfriend in bed I began to feel like I might get to take a cock once again, knowing it would be infinitely better with her enjoying it too. Of course, I still hadn’t mentioned that we were going to have to share the other guy. The question was, should I tell her I wanted cock too, or just let the scene play out and hope she wanted to see me take cock as much as I wanted to see her go at it with another girl?

Summary: Seeing a big black cock in sauna turns straight married man.

Note: This is a Nude Day 2013 Contest Entry.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991,Leanne and Goamz for editing this story.


I went through my mid-life crisis recently, but instead of buying a Porsche or a 800 inch flat screen TV or fucking my twenty-two year old secretary (although it was tempting) Instead I decided to get back in shape. I was an athlete in high school and college, but in my thirties work, family and neglect have added a few more pounds than I was proud to admit. So now in my early forties, I bought a year membership at a fitness club, knowing I was way too cheap not to use it if I paid for it.

I went after work a few times the first week but it was way too busy and by the time I got home it was almost seven…the evening already half gone.

So the second week I shifted to morning workouts. There were only a few people there and it was more of a relaxed atmosphere. By Wednesday, I was getting into a routine and I pushed myself to get to the next level. Unfortunately, my body ached and even after fifteen minutes in the hot tub I was kind of stiff and decided to hit the sauna.

I had been in the sauna maybe a minute when a well-built black man, probably in his late twenties, sat directly across from me. He was made like a football linebacker with tattoos everywhere. I didn’t mean to look, but his legs were wide open, and his large black cock was dangling right in front of me. I had heard black guys were hung; but had never put any thought into it until the moment one was right in front of me. Even flaccid, it was bigger than mine when it was completely hard. I didn’t mean to stare, but I was in such awe of its length and girth I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“You’re new here,” he said, distracting me away from his large package.

My face felt flush at the thought of being caught staring at a man’s cock, but thankfully I could blame the hot sauna for my red face, and not my embarrassment at staring at his cock. I replied, “Yes, well I worked out last week after work, but found it too busy and I was too tired from the long day at work.”

“It is much quieter here in the morning,” he agreed.

“I am enjoying it much more,” I answered, doing all I could to not be drawn back down between his legs, an invisible magnet seeming to be drawing me down. “Plus I feel more refreshed and energetic all day.”

“It is a great way to start the day,” he agreed. “What do you do for a living?” He asked.

“Banker, stocks and bonds,” I replied. “You?”

Ignoring my question, he said, “That’s a pretty stressful job.”

“It can be,” I shrugged, just as the door opened and another man walked in. He seemed surprised to see me as he stopped looking unsure.

“It’s okay, he is new and doesn’t know the rules yet,” the black man said.

The mid-fifties man still seemed unsure what to do, which baffled me.

“Either in or out, cocksucker,” the black man ordered, his soft friendly demeanour suddenly changing.

It was like watching something in slow motion. I know I had heard the words correctly, yet I couldn’t quite accept I had. I stared as the older man walked over to the black man, dropped to his knees and took the huge cock in his mouth.

The black man continued talking as if he wasn’t getting head in a sauna in front of a stranger, as if it was a natural every day thing. “So banking is a pretty stressful job. What do you do to relieve the stress?”

“I don’t know, watch TV, read, work out,” I shrugged and joked, unable to avert my eyes from the scene right before me.

“Sorry, what is your name?” He asked.

“Jim,” I replied, “you?”

“Doug,” he replied. “Married?”

“Yep,” I replied, showing the ring, “twenty-one years.”

“Marriage a bit stale?” He asked.

“It can be, like all marriages,” I shrugged, answering all his questions for some reason.

“You suck cock, Jim?” He asked.

Pulling my eyes away from the blow job, unaware I was again staring, I stammered, “W-w-what?”

“Do you suck cock? Or are you just curious?” He asked.

“Sorry, I’m straight,” I clarified.

“You sure?” He asked, implying I wasn’t.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” I replied, even as my cock began to harden, thankful I had put the towel over me when originally sitting down. “I should get going,” I said, beginning to get up.

“Sit down Jim,” Doug ordered, his tone instantly shifting again from friendly to authoritative.

For some unexplainable reason I obeyed, and I am not usually one who obeys orders.

“I just need to make sure you know the rules of the morning sauna, Jim,” he said, his voice again friendly.

“I didn’t realize there were rules,” I said, trying to act casual during the very awkward situation.

He chuckled. “In the morning very few people come, although many that do come really come.”

I didn’t completely understand what he was saying, but did get the ‘really come’ reference as I watched the live gay act right in front of me, my cock betraying me.

“You see the morning ritual is a mixture of people working out and people getting worked on if you get my drift,” he continued.

“I am catching on,” I joked, my cock continuing its rise, even as I begged it to behave.

“I doubt you noticed but there are colours on the side of the door outside. Each has a specific significance. Blue means the sauna is currently empty, which it was when you first came in here. Yellow means someone is in the sauna but is actually using the sauna as a sauna like you were assumedly doing.”

“Y-y-yes, I was, I mean I didn’t know there were rules,” I said, again desperate to defend my manhood.

“So I see,” he smirked, seeing the tent growing under my towel. “Anyways, green means someone is waiting for a blow job, black means someone black is waiting for a blow job, purple means someone is inside waiting to give head, while orange means someone is inside waiting for some backdoor action.”

“Oh my, that is pretty complex,” I joked, continuing to act casual about the whole strange experience.

“Lastly, if you see red you are being warned that the sauna is in use like it is right now,” he finished.

“I see,” I said.

“Do you?” He asked, “It is important you understand the rules.”

“It’s pretty straight forward,” I replied.

“Nice pun,” he laughed.

“So I should just avoid the sauna, is that what you are suggesting,” I said.

“Unless you want to suck, get sucked, fuck or get fucked,” he clarified.

“I don’t think so,” I said, although I couldn’t remember the last time I got a blow job. Looking at the older man bobbing up and down, I wondered briefly if gay men sucked cock better than women.

“I have heard that before,” he said, a smirk on his face.

“Oh I am pretty positive. So these are some rather unorthodox rules,” I said, before asking, “How do people know these rules and not end up walking in on a…situation?”

“Word of mouth,” he replied, laughing at his own pun. “Of course, over time it gets a reputation. Kind of like Cohen’s Pub for the ladies.”

“What about Cohen’s Pub?” I asked, which I knew by reputation was a sports bar in a seedier part of town.

“White sluts, usually married white sluts, who want black cock go there. The color of their nylons defines what they are into,” he explained.

“Wow,” I said, even as an image of my wife going to such a bar popped into my head, “apparently you learn something new every day.”

“That we do,” he chuckled.

“I need to get going,” I said, trying to hide my now fully erect cock from being seen.

“Go ahead,” he smiled.

I stood up, my tent impossible to conceal. “It was nice to meet you Doug.”

“You too, Jim,” I said. As I reached the door, he added, “When you change your mind I will be here same time, same place, but it is first come, first serve, and I stress the word serve.”

“I am not gay,” I re-confirmed.

“Either is Samuel here,” Doug pointed down. “Are you, Samuel?”

“No sir,” the older man replied, as he took the big black cock, which I got to briefly see fully erect, out of his mouth. Just as quickly, the black cock disappeared in the older man’s mouth.

“You see, Jim, most white men like yourself are just a trigger away from becoming a cocksucker,” he said, the words ludicrous and yet his tone confident.

“Trigger?” I questioned, curious about this theory.

“Yes, a key moment where the idea or opportunity to cross a forbidden line occurs. I imagine yours just occurred today,” he said.

“How so?” I asked, even though I should have left right then and there instead of allowing myself to be drawn into this ridiculous theory.

“You are straight and have never had sex with a man, right?” He said.

“Correct,” I nodded.

“It has probably never seriously even crossed your mind that you may one day crave a cock in your mouth, has it?” He continued.

“Agreed,” I replied, continuing to stay firm, even as I continued to watch the older man bob up and down on Doug’s big cock.

“And I imagine your sex life with your wife is predictable, boring and nowhere near frequent enough in your opinion,” he said, sadly completely accurate.

“It is fine,” I replied, not wanting to admit he was correctly pegging me.

“Fine,” he chuckled, “that is a non-descript word if there ever was one. The reality is right now your cock is stiff and ready to shoot and you are in complete denial to the reason why.”

“I’m in denial now?” I replied, annoyed by his smug assessment of me. Sure I was hard, and sure watching a guy with another guy getting a blow job turned me on, but that didn’t make me gay.

“You will leave now pissed at what I said. You will go to work and do your daily blah routine, but in the back of your mind will be this,” he said, standing up, his cock slipping out of the older man’s mouth.

I stared at it against my will. It was so thick, so long, so dark and yet undeniably I was drawn to it. I had never in my life seen a black cock, nor had I ever in my life considered a cock to be juicy, yet there was no other way to describe his cock. My mouth salivated and my head got light, which I could blame on how long I had been in the sauna and not a sudden desire to…to…to…suck cock.

His cock swayed like a hypnotist’s watch, unable to look away from his big black monster. “Ready to cross the line, cocksucker,” he asked.

Being called a cocksucker pulled me out of my daze, even as a chill went up my spine. I was suddenly desperate to get out of there, I stammered, “I-I-I got to go.”

He laughed as I rushed out of there, “See you soon.”

I quickly got dressed and hurried out of the gym. As I drove to work, I tried to understand what had just transpired.

Why had I gotten hard?

I wasn’t gay.

Why couldn’t I stop staring at his big black cock?

I wasn’t gay.

Why did my mouth water at seeing the full length and width of his juicy cock all wet with another man’s slobber?

I wasn’t gay.

Why had I just called a cock juicy?

I wasn’t gay.

Why could I still see his cock so perfectly in my head?

I wasn’t gay.

Why was my cock still straining to get free in my pants?

“I am not gay, I am not gay, I am not gay,” I repeated to myself.

At work, I was able to focus on my work until the early afternoon when another co-worker, James, a younger black man, was in the bathroom when I was. I was taking a piss when he moved to the urinal beside me and pulled out his cock. The first thing that popped in my head was ‘I wonder if he had a big cock too’. I desperately tried to finish urinating, but my eyes began to move to look down over the divider between the urinals and get an answer my question. Before I knew it I was staring at my co-worker’s cock. As soon as I got a good look, which confirmed the rumour that black men are hung, I stared back at the wall. I finished peeing even as my cock began growing.

Back in my office, I cursed myself, praying he didn’t notice me glance at his smaller than Doug’s but still very thick and long cock. I locked my office door and decided to just jerk off. I figured once I shot a load, I could focus properly. It was like when I was in college and fucked an unattractive chick: I rationalized, while horny, a mouth is a mouth and a cunt is a cunt. However, once I shot my load in or on her, I was mortified by my lack of judgement.

I pulled my cock out, closed my eyes and began pumping. I usually stroked myself fantasizing about Janice my blonde big breasted twenty-two year old secretary, or Allison another co-worker who was a fiery redhead with the tightest ass ever, or Mrs. Walker, my daughter’s long-legged English teacher. Yet, as my balls began to boil, it was Doug’s big, juicy, black cock that popped in my head. Horny as hell, I allowed the fantasy to get me off.

“Come get your treat, cocksucker,” Doug ordered, his big cock lying flaccid between his legs.

I walked over to him, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

“That’s it cocksucker, suck me the way your wife used to suck yours when she was young,” he ordered.

Remembering when Susan used to deep throat cock suck and swallow, I bobbed hungrily taking more of his thick cock with each forward bob.

“Good boy,” he moaned, as I took all his cock in my mouth.

I moaned back on his cock, excited that I was pleasing him.

My cum sprayed up in the air like a missile launch as my orgasm exploded out of me, an orgasm way more intense than any my usual quick stroke fantasies. I shook my head, quickly cleaned myself off and put my cock away.

Thankfully, having come, I again thought the idea of blowing a man was ridiculous; although I was embarrassed the idea got me off in the first place, I was once again able to focus on work.

That night at home, I vaguely listened to my wife, Susan, ramble on about her day, was reminded that my daughter’s high school graduation was in a week and stammered when she asked, “How was your day?”

“I-I-I um fine,” I answered, laughing at myself as I remembered Doug’s definition of ‘fine’,

“You sure?” Susan asked, noticing me babble.

“Just a long day and my body is a bit sore,” I said, which was true.

“Did you use the sauna after your workout?” She asked.

“Yeah for a bit?” I said, deciding not to tell her what I witnessed.

The rest of the night was normal. At bedtime, I tried to get some action with Susan, but she said she was too tired. As I lay in bed, I pondered if I should go workout in the morning. Deciding I would just avoid the sauna, I wasn’t going to let some stranger change my routine which I had began to enjoy.


The next morning, I arrived at my regular time and worked out with only a couple others in the gym. Doug wasn’t there, although I didn’t recall seeing him working out the last time either.

My workout done, I was going to the locker room when, like a magnet, I was drawn to the sauna.

Walking towards the sauna, I saw a chubby black man from behind take the orange card out and put the red card in. My cock began to rise at the thought of what was about to happen in the sauna, as I tried to remember what orange meant. I pulled open my phone to check as I typed them all in yesterday out of amusement. He was going to be fucked in the ass by some guy! I shook my head at how surreal this all felt as I headed to the locker room.

As I headed to the locker, I felt a strange sense of disappointment even though I had no intention of going in the sauna. Yet, as I got dressed, an undeniable growing hunger filled me. My cock was again hard at the thought of what was occurring in that sauna right then. Once dressed, I decided fuck it; I went to the far bathroom stall to shoot a load, thinking a quick pump and shoot would get me focused on my work today.

I was furiously pumping my meat when I heard footsteps and then Doug’s voice in the stall beside me. “That you, Jim?”

I froze. I considered lying, I considered not speaking, but in the end I answered, “Yeah.”

“You jerking off?” He asked.

I stammered, “N-n-no.”

“I think you are. I think you went to the sauna and saw it was being used and were disappointed. But it got you hard, even though you don’t know why, do you, Jim?” He said, completely summarizing my current emotional state.

“No, I don’t,” I admitted, just as I noticed a hole in the panel between us.

“I know why,” he said as his big, thick, cock snaked through the hole. “You crave black cock. You didn’t know you did, but once you saw mine yesterday it is all you have been able to think about, isn’t it Jim?”

I stared at it, now just inches from my face, looking even bigger up close. Like Pavlov’s dog, my mouth instantly watered as if I was conditioned to salivate when I saw a juicy black cock.

“Did you masturbate yesterday after seeing my cock, Jim?”

“No,” I lied.

“You’re lying to me, Jim. I can hear it in your voice. Be honest Jim, you masturbated yesterday didn’t you?” He asked again.

“Yes,” I admitted, embarrassed.

“And you thought about my cock, didn’t you, Jim?” he asked, his tone implying he already knew the answer.

“Yes, fine, that doesn’t make me gay,” I frustratingly answered.

“I never called you gay,” he clarified, his cock staring me in the face. My mouth was watering as if his cock was a juicy steak.

“What else would I be if I sucked cock?” I asked.

“A straight cocksucker,” he answered.

“That isn’t gay?” I asked, moving closer to his cock to take a closer look.

“No, you are gay if you only suck and fuck men, Jim. You don’t just suck and fuck men do you, Jim?”

“Of course not,” I said, his logic making strange logical sense in my confused mind.

“I can feel your hot breath on my cock, Jim,” Doug pointed out. “It’s okay, Jim, I know what you want, what you need. Just go ahead, Jim. Get rid of the curiosity that has overwhelmed you since yesterday. Accept that you are hungry for black cock and submit to your natural born submissive desires,” Doug said, his words somehow sounding logical.

I knew this was it. The moment that would forever change who I saw myself as sexually. The moment I stood up and walked out proving my straightness or the moment I leaned forward, crossed the invisible line of straightness.

“Now or never, straight cocksucker,” Doug ordered. “There are lots of other white straight boys who would beg to be in your position right now.”

Being called a cocksucker somehow turned me on. The thought of sucking his cock took over my every thought. I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took the thick, juicy, semi-erect black cock head in my mouth.

“That’s it, Jim,” he purred. “Worship my cock like you have craved to do since you first saw it.”

Somehow the absurdity of his words soothed me. His dick in my mouth, I suddenly wanted to please him, to worship him, to be his good straight cocksucker. I swirled my tongue around his mushroom top, loving the rare times my wife would tease me with her tongue.

“Making love to my cock, are you?” He chuckled. “How long have you been holding back these repressed desires? You are obviously a natural born cocksucker.”

Again his words were ridiculous, but all I cared about now was his juicy cock in my mouth. I took more in and marvelled at how it hardened in my mouth like magic. A sudden pride washed over me knowing his cock was becoming iron stiff because of my mouth. I only had maybe a quarter in my mouth and wondered if getting all of it in my mouth could even be possible.

He moaned as his cock became fully stiff which sent a chill of excitement up my back. I couldn’t believe I was sucking a cock, a black cock, in a public bathroom and yet I couldn’t imagine not doing it now. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth, it felt so natural so fulfilling.

“Do you like my cock in your mouth, cocksucker?” He asked a couple of minutes into my slow back and forth bobbing, as I attempted to adjust to taking more of him in my mouth.

My neighbor across the street asked me to help him move some dirt to his backyard, which he had delivered and dumped in his driveway. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and, being the good neighbor, I walked across the street to tell him that I would give him a hand. My wife was going out of town to her cousin’s house to spend the night and do some shopping. I thought I would have the weekend to myself to watch porn and jackoff, but I still had plenty of time for that.

My neighbor was a cop, 6 feet two inches tall; age 48 same as me; very hairy with muscles that will take your breath away. I took my five foot six inch self-home to put on some shorts, work boots, and a tank top then went back across the street. We hauled dirt for about 3 hours, in 95 degree weather. Frigin sweating like a pig, no pun intended.

We finally finished about 3pm. Dave thanked me for all the work. He said he ordered a pizza, and would could grab a couple of ice cold beers and relax in the hot tub. Dave had a nice big jetted hot tub with a large closed in gazebo in his backyard, which he made totally private. That sounded like a plan, so I told him I would go back to my house, grab a towel, and change into a bathing suit.

Just then the doorbell rang and the pizza was already here. Dave paid for the pizza and told me the pizza would get cold if I went home to change. He told me to go in the spare room and grab a suit from the top drawer of the dresser while he set things up in the spa room.

Rather than walk across a hot black street I decided the quickest way to that spa, and a cold beer, was to take Dave up on his offer. I went into the bedroom and pulled off my sweaty dirty clothes. When I opened the drawer I was a little surprised to find various sized speedos, but they were all white. I guess he had them there for guests. I thought, ‘What a nice host.’

I looked through the suits for my size. The closest size I could find was a 30 inch waist, a bit small for me. I grabbed the suite and slipped it on. It was snug and did not leave much to the imagination. I looked down and was thankful that I shave my cock and balls so the hair is not poking out the sides. I grabbed a towel and went out to the spa.

Dave had cold beers and the pizza waiting. As he passed by me he said, “I’m going to make a quick change into my suit, go ahead and grab a slice of pizza and a beer, and jump in the spa.”

I downed half the beer, grabbed a slice of pizza, a plastic plate, and stepped into the hot bubbly water. I hung over the edge and ate the first slice. Even though the gazebo was like a sauna from the hot spa water, it felt very relaxing.

Dave came back wearing a pair of white speedos as well. Except his suit was more of a pouch in the front, that was losing the battle to hold back his very full package; it was high cut on the sides exposing his hairy thighs and ass cheeks. His chest was matted in a nice tuft of reddish brown hair with large nipples jutting out, at least a half inch, through his dense forest of chest hair. I thought I was a hairy guy until I saw Dave.

I love rough nipple play and my wife has worked my nipples so that they are always sensitive and sticking out about a half inch as well. My thoughts raced through my mind, ‘he must like his nipples worked over just like me.’

I finished my slice of pizza and Dave asked if I wanted another. I stood up out of the water to hand Dave my plate, when I realized that a white suite turns transparent when it gets wet, so I quickly dropped back down in the water and submerged myself to hide my see through suit.

Dave put another slice of pizza on my plate and handed it to me, along with a fresh cold beer. As Dave joined me in the water he turned his back to me to balance himself down the steps and that is when I noticed that his suit was more like a g string and his ass cheeks were fully exposed. I followed the string of his swim suit from around his waist down through his ass crack. His suit disappeared into the crevice of his ass, and a tuft of thick reddish brown hair covered the string completely.

We took the last few bites of our pizza and tossed our plates to the side table. Dave got up to get us another beer. Dave’s suit also became very see through. As he stood up, his cock was right in front of me and very visible as his wet suit clung to his cock.

To avoid staring, I laid my head back to enjoy the heat. I was getting hard sitting next to this hairy god like guy. My emotions were running wild. I have never looked at a guy like this before, yet here I am married and checking out this guy. I can feel my heart racing in my chest.

I know I like being submissive in bed with my wife, letting her take the lead in sex. I love when she rides my cock, pulling hard on my nipples, until I shoot into her. Then she turns around and sits on my face and tells me to, “Clean up your mess, you cum sucker. Make sure you lick every drop of your hot gooey cum out of my pussy. I want to see cum on your face when you’re through.”

That kind of talk usually gets me horny for the next round of sex. I love the taste of my own cum and I have wondered what another guys cum would taste like. My head was spinning from the beer and thinking about sex with my wife.

I watched Dave’s ass the entire time he was out getting the beer. He would bend over to grab the beers from the cooler, or pick up a dropped napkin, his ass was fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. Was he putting on a show for me?

I was so hard my cock was poking out the top of the suit. Thank goodness for the bubbles to hide my hardon. Dave came back in the tub, but instead of sliding into the water he just sat on the side and dangled his feet. His cock was getting hard and his balls were squeezing out the sides of his suit. Not that the suit was hiding anything, it was totally transparent. My breathing was getting shorter and the beer was making my head lighter.

We talked about stupid stuff until Dave brought up sex. He said he had some porn and that he usually sits out here and watches it on the TV he had in the corner. I hadn’t even notice it before. This gazebo had everything, a bar with a couple of stools, a ledge that wrapped around three sides of the spa, fogged out windows to let the light in, and now a TV with surround sound speakers in every corner. He asked if I wanted to watch some. I figured that that was my plan anyway this weekend, so I said “Sure.”

Dave grabbed the remote off of the counter and turned it on. The first seen was a man and women in a living room watching porn. Standard porn movie plot, get horny watching porn then they get naked and down to business. Dave sat on the edge of the spa rubbing his cock. I was doing the same, but kept hidden under the water. I kept stealing glances at Dave and his cock.

I was knocked from my trance when the doorbell rang on the TV, the couple that was now doing it doggy style in front of their TV had to stop to answer their door. The guy tried to hide behind the door to answer it, it turned out to be a UPS driver with a “package”, the driver said he needed to get a signature.

The woman came to the door and asked the driver in. Of course the driver came in seeing that the woman was naked. She ushered him in and pulled his pants down revealing some nice hairy legs and a nice limp cock that she immediately started sucking.

Dave reached over and grabbed a couple of fresh cold beers before he slipped back into the water, taking the seat right next to me. I didn’t think much about that since the seats were facing directly at the TV. I had to down the last third of my beer to accept the new bottle from him.

Dave put his beer in one of the built in cup holders, then he put his hand around my back and easily guided me off the seat and pulled me in front of him. With my back facing him he continued to guide me in between his legs, “Your muscles look so tight from all the work today, let me rub some of that tension out of you as a big thank you for all your help.”

As he was talking to me my body drifted through the water and I felt his strong hands start to knead my neck and shoulders. My head was in a cloud, the beers were hitting me hard and fast. His hands felt so damn relaxing. Who doesn’t love a good massage?

My body was all tingly feeling. My breathing was heavy. My cock was so hard it felt like it was stretched to the max. My head was cloudy, I couldn’t seem to focus. I could hear the sucking and slurping sounds coming from the TV. Why couldn’t I focus?

I felt Dave moving behind me, getting in a better position to continue my massage. First he stopped massaging with his left hand, he moved his body behind me, and then I felt his hand return to giving me my massage. He repeated the process with his right hand. My head was getting heavy, I felt like it would roll off my shoulders.

My head was in a daze. The heat, dehydration, the hot water, the steam, the beer, it made sense that I felt like this, I guess? Here I am a married guy, nearly naked, getting a massage from another guy that is also nearly naked, watching porn, and enjoying it. What is going on?

Dave’s soothing voice relaxed me more as he softly spoke into my ear, “Just let it happen. Let the feelings go. Enjoy the warm water, my hands massaging the aches and pains of your muscles. It feels good doesn’t it? You don’t want to leave do you?”

I could feel his breath against my ear and the roughness of his day long beard scratching against my shoulder as he spoke to me. I felt so secure in this man’s hands. I felt, more than heard, myself answer, “It feels so good, please don’t stop. I am not going anywhere.”

Dave’s hands moved down my back, his big furry legs coming around and wrapping around my torso. Somehow I didn’t feel pinned, I felt a more comfort feeling. Instinctively, my hands went to his legs and stroked them a couple of times. What was I doing?

Dave moaned in my ear, “That feels good. You like feeling my legs around you don’t you Tony? You’re nice and relaxed now.” I felt hypnotized. The hair on his legs felt good against me and I let my head fall back resting on his shoulder. I sat there enjoying the touching and comfort in his arms.

I looked up at the screen and the husband had crawled over to the UPS man and started to suck his cock with his wife. Dave let a moan and expressed, “Oh ya suck it, that is so hot. You like the movie Tony?”

I responded breathlessly as I told him, “Ya this is really hot.”

Dave leaned into me, pressing his furry chest against my back, his hands glided along my sides and I felt his thumbs slide into my suit. His warm, soft, lips pressed against my ear, “Oh you like what you’re watching? You like to watch a guy sucking another guy’s cock?”

My head was spinning in lust and beer as I just kind of nodded a ‘yes’ as I was trying to focus.

With that David, gently lifted my ass off the bench seat and slid my suit down to my knees. He then used his foot to grab my suit and pull it down and off of me. The water and bubbles from the jets flowed over my hard cock and balls adding to my massage.

“There doesn’t that feel better? Just relax and enjoy the massage and movie.” Dave reached across my chest and lightly started to rub my right nipple, slowly doing circles around the hardening nub. I pushed myself back against

Dave’s chest and I let out a moan, or more like a whimper, of pleasure.

Dave leaned into me and started talking softly in my ear again, “Mmmm, you like your titties played with don’t you baby?” My nipples are so hot wired that once my nipples are played with my wife knows I will say and do anything she wants, seems like Dave picked up on that as well.

“Look how nice and hard your titties get when I play with them. Mmmmm. Oh ya baby you like that don’t you? You want me to play with your titties? You want me to play with you like the guy on the TV don’t you?” I looked up to see the UPS guy getting rimmed by the husband as the wife was sitting on his face. I gave another little boy whimper and my hand moved to Dave’s leg to give him a squeeze of assurance.

My head was spinning, I wanted to be touched. I wanted to shoot my cum. I wanted to please Dave. I’m married and I was letting myself be seduced by a man. I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t do anything to stop it. I wanted to be seduced like a girl on her first date. My hands were rubbing up and down his furry legs as I continued to watch the movie.

“That feels nice. I like when you touch me, do my hairy legs turn you on boy?” He started to pull on my nipple a little bit and I lifted my ass up off the seat, pressing my back harder against Dave. I could help but to moan in ecstasy. Dave took advantage of that and put his hand under my ass, resting a finger against the tight opening to my boy pussy.

When he released the pressure on my nipple I came back down feeling his finger pressing firmly in the crack of my ass. “Feels good doesn’t it boy? You want to be my little boy and play with me, is that what you like?”

Flashes of seeing my dad naked as he walked out of the shower to get dressed, his big hairy body and giant cock swaying from side to side was my first time I saw a naked man. Here I was in the arms of a naked hairy man. I wanted to be his little boy and him my daddy.

I nodded yes, my nipples were giving me away and I just wanted to be touched by him. Dave used the hand under my ass to lift me in the water, at the same time he pushed his finger in my boy pussy, just a little bit, as he was turning me towards him. He lowered me onto his lap. The water made me feel like a little boy being lifted by his daddy.

I came to rest just above his naked cock, feeling his hardon pressing against my cock. When he did all that moving around during the massage, that’s when he must have taken off his suit. I wrapped my arms around Dave’s neck. He pulled me into him so that he could suck on my nipples. I felt his mustache against my chest and his lips suck in my nipple.

I started whimpering and moaning like a bitch in heat. Dave seemed to know what I liked and started to gently bite my nipple. Dave pull on my nipple with his teeth and stretched it out a couple of inches. “Oh ya that’s it bite my tits hard daddy, work them hard please oh please.” Oh god I started getting into this, my mind was somewhere else.

I leaned back and started to grind my boy pussy against his hard cock. I wiggled and moved until I could feel the head poking against my hole. My wife fingered me a few times and I really loved the feeling. I think she didn’t like the fact that I enjoyed it so much so she doesn’t do it anymore. But now I wanted more than just a finger.

Dave continued to swirl his tongue around my hard nipple. His teeth clamped down into my skin as he sucked my tit in his mouth. My hands were behind his head, running my fingers through his hair. When I felt his teeth sink into my flesh, I grabbed onto his head and pushed it to my chest. My ass was gyrating against Dave’s hard cock.

My body was on sexual overload. My head could no longer make decisions. I only drank three beers I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I could not control myself, I wanted sex. I wanted sex from Dave. A MAN. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him to make love to me. No, not make love. I wanted raw rough animal sex.

Dave pulled off of my nipple and pulled me to him. I hugged him tight. I felt his warm mouth against my ear, “Oh yes Tony. You are so hot baby. You want this bad don’t you? You want more, you want me to fuck you don’t you?”

I was rubbing my hands all over his back and head, feeling his strength and power over me. I felt my cock flex and press into Dave’s stomach.

My nipples were on fire from the chewing they just went through. I wanted more. Dave’s cock head was demanding entrance to my tight hole.

Yes I wanted him. “Yes,” was my only response.

“Tell me to make love to you. Tell me what you want. Tell me you want to feel my cock in you.

Let it go. Tell me your desires.” Dave whispered in my ear as he continued to lick and suck on my earlobe.

“God yes Dave. Please fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you shoot hot cum inside me. I want to taste your cock. Please, oh please, fuck me.” I lost any will to fight him off. I wanted to be this man’s fuck toy.

Dave pinched both my nipples hard. They were already sensitive from the great chewing session they both endured. David sent me to a new height of pain and pleasure as he grabbed my hard red nubs and rolled them around between his fingers and thumbs. He gave them a slight tug, pinched them tight, and then gave them a hard twist. I screamed out in pain and ecstasy, “UUGGGHHHH, YES! THAT FEELS SO GOOD. HARDER, PLEASE PINCH THEM HARDER.”

David looked into my eyes, “You’re mine baby. I am going to take my big dick and fuck your tight little boy pussy and you’re going to love it. I am going to stretch your pussy with my cock until I fill that tight ass of yours with man cum. That’s what you want, to be fucked by a man’s cock?”

“Yes, yes, fuck me Dave. I need it so bad. Fuck me, stretch my pussy open. Shoot your hot cum inside me.” I was begging to be fucked by this man’s cock.

Dave lifted us out of the water and he sat on the edge of the spa. He spread his legs open and I slipped back in the water until my face was even with his cock. “Suck it boy. Taste your first cock. Lick the head that will be pushing into that tight hole of yours.”

My first close up look at a cock. Not just any cock, but the one that is also going to fuck me for the first time. His cock was bigger and thicker than mine. I grabbed onto the shaft, my fingers could barely make it around the thick shaft. I could use both hands to grab onto the shaft it was so long.

His head flared out beyond the thickness of his shaft. It was pinker than his white shaft. The shaft had bulging veins protruding along its length. There was a clear drop of precum seeping out at the tip. He had a thick bush, of the same reddish brown hair, at the base of his shaft.

His balls hung really low, probably from the hot water of the spa. His balls were totally shaved smooth, and each of them just a little smaller than a golf ball. I was mesmerized staring at this big cock, until I felt the pressure on the back of my head pulling me closer to his cock.

Just before Dave’s cock pressed into my face, my mouth opened up wide and my tongue flicked out like a snake as I licked the tip of his cock. His precum was smooth and slick as I used my tongue to smear it all over his cock head.

Dave sucked in a breath through his gritted teeth, “PHWWW! Ya baby that’s it lick that head.

You’re my little cock sucker now. That’s it suck that man cock. You like having a cock in your mouth don’t you Tony? You need a real man to show you what good hot sex is. Ya, that’s it lick my shaft up and down.”

I pushed my tongue against his spongy cock head. I could smell and taste the cleanliness of the chlorine from the spa. I concentrated more on the feel of his cock. My mouth opened up as wide as possible, trying to avoid rubbing my teeth against his cock head. I could hear Dave calling me a cock sucker and urging me to suck his cock. I wanted to please my man.

I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, exploring every inch and vein along its length. His cock head was hot and soft. It continued to drip clear cum. I licked it up like a cat does with a saucer of milk. I could finally taste his cum, sweet, not at all bitter like I expected. I jacked his cock a couple of times milking his cock for more cum.

Dave grabbed my head and pulled me off his cockhead and pushed me down to his balls, “That feels so good, but I don’t want to cum yet. Lick my balls. Feel how full they are, they are going to really fill you up.”

Author’s note: While it isn’t absolutely necessary, you might wish to read part one to find out how we got to this situation. Or, not. It does explain some potentially confusing things, though. I think this is a bit hotter than part one, though being too close to it, I could be wrong. We were both adults. No one was harmed in the writing of this story, though a lot of self abuse did occur.


I awoke to Jim’s voice saying, “What are you still doing in bed?”

“Huh? What are you doing here?” I was lying on my stomach hugging my pillow and was still groggy so I didn’t even try to raise my head.

“I beat on the door but you didn’t answer so I came in to make sure you were alright. I thought we were going fishing today.”

“I had an exhausting couple of days and conked out. Fishing?”

“Didn’t Debra tell you? I mentioned it to her before she left and she said you’d probably want to go. She said she’d tell you and you’d call if there was a problem.”

“Oh. No, she didn’t mention it. She must have forgotten in the rush.”

“Damn! I thought it was a plan.”

“Oh, sorry, I got to bed late and just didn’t get up this morning. I didn’t know I was supposed to call you.”

“Well, what else are you going to do today with Debra gone? C’mon! Might as well haul your ass out of that bed and let’s go. I have the boat hooked up and ready to go!”

Shit! I was suddenly very aware of what I was wearing under the covers! I could feel the panty stuffed bra under my chest and the erotic caress of the stockings against my thighs and legs. Those damn panties were still wrapped around my thighs, too. No way was I getting up with Jim in the room!

“Uh, OK. Why don’t you go push the button to start the coffee pot and I’ll be out in a jiffy.”

“Good idea. See you in a couple of minutes, then.”

Whew! I heaved a big sigh of relief as Jim headed out of the bedroom. I’d just dash into the bathroom and strip the stuff off, real quick.

But Jim heard the sigh and apparently thought it was a snore. He came back to the side of the bed and said, “Hey, I heard you snore. No going back to sleep, now! Haul your lazy butt out of the bed right now!”

“OK, OK, I wasn’t snoring. I’ll be right out.”

“Damn right! I’ll go when you get out of bed. Up!”

“I’m getting up now. Go start the coffee.”

“Riiiiight. I’ll go when your ass is out of the bed!”

“Umm. I’m not wearing pajamas. Go ahead. I’m awake.”

“Since when did you become shy? Who cares?”

Jim grabbed the sheet and blanket and, with a mighty heave, tossed them all to the foot of the bed. His eyes widened in shock.

Shit, shit, shit!

“Damnit! You just had to do that, didn’t you?” I didn’t move because I certainly didn’t want to show him more than he could already see. Besides, I had a case of morning wood.

“Uh. Yeah. I guess so…” He gave a little laugh. “I gotta admit; you definitely aren’t wearing pajamas! Ooooo, and your panties are in the naughty position, too!”

“Yeah, now get out of here! I’ll see you when I get out there, and we’ll go fishing.”

Jim started for the bedroom door again and I raised my head to watch and started to move, but he suddenly reversed directions and came back to the side of the bed. He put a hand on my shoulder and the other on my lower back over the back of the garter belt, holding me down but not hard. He sat on the edge of the bed without moving his hands.

“Not so fast! It looks like you had other plans today. Why should you change them just because I thought we were going fishing?”


He shifted his elbow and forearm to where his hand had been on my shoulder and leaned down close to my ear and said softly, “Yeah. You know? A little bird told me…little wifey bird…yeah…that’s what it was. A little wifey bird told me that another little wifey bird told her some things about you. Interesting things.”

As he was saying this, the hand at my lower back softly drifted lower, caressing my ass in a very deliberate way.

“Uh? What are you talking about? What are you doing?”

“Yeah, told me several very interesting things as a matter of fact.” He continued to caress my backside, running a finger gently up and down the crack. I unconsciously and automatically tilted my pelvis, lifting my rear into the caress in the process and let out a soft gasp. He ran his hand down underneath me, over my balls and to my morning hard dick. “Well, at least one of the things the wifey bird told me certainly seems to be true!”

Shit again! I certainly hadn’t meant to respond, but I had been caught unexpectedly and hadn’t had any time to think about any of it. Trying to explain that it was only morning wood would only make things worse. “What the hell are you doing?” I practically shouted in my embarrassment.

“Testing some things I heard awhile back.” He said just as softly as before. “Seeing if they are true. At least one is. Let’s check another.”

He raised his hand and brought it down in a firm swat across the nearer butt cheek. He raised it again and swatted the other. But this time I automatically met his swat with another lift/tilt of my hips.

I thought to myself, “Damn! Stupid! Jerry what is wrong with you?” as he took another swat. I automatically met it too!

Jim sat back upright and said in a louder, firmer voice, “Yep. Looks like another interesting thing is true, too!”

“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled again and started to get up. But he leaned firmly on my shoulder and back with his forearm and started swatting hard and fast, going all over my sit spot and upper thighs.

“Hold still! I told you, I’m checking out some information that I got, to see if it is true!”

“Hey! Stoppit!”

“I don’t think so!” He switched back to caressing and, once again, ran his hand down under me. I couldn’t help myself! I rose up again so he could run his hand all the way under and caress my even harder cock. I moaned, involuntarily.

“Yeah! Another thing I heard is true!” He started spanking me again moving rapidly from cheek to upper thigh, to other thigh, to cheek, covering my ass in sensuous heat. Damn! No doubt that he had my number. So it obviously hadn’t been a one way revelation session between the wives! They had both told secrets that they should have kept!

Jim stopped spanking and started caressing again and leaning down towards my ear again said, “We can still go fishing in a while if you want, but right now, why don’t you just move over here across my lap?”

What’s a caught out spanko to do?

“Well, get off me, then.”

He did and dropped his legs off the edge of the bed. I was totally embarrassed but found myself crawling over the lap that was thus made available. He pushed one leg off his lap and wrapped one of his over it and leaned his forearm into my back again, thus pinning me neatly and without another word, started spanking me again. He spanked away, 40 or 50 swats, not particularly hard, but eliciting a nice warm glow on my bottom before stopping to caress my ass again. He ran his fingers up and down the crack, the palm of his hand over the curve of my butt cheeks, then back to the fingers up and down the crack, pushing into it gently, teasingly until I thrust up to allow the fingers more access to the depths therein.

“I didn’t notice the toys on the bathroom counter before.” He commented. He could easily see into the bathroom from his seat on the edge of the bed. “I guess that makes the third thing I heard true, too. … Hey? Did your wife discuss some kinky things about Celia and me, too?”

“Um. Yeah.”

“And did she suggest that you should try something with me about it?”

“Yeah. Yours, too?”

“Yep. Kept pushing it, too. What did you tell her?”

“I told her I had no interest in men and that there was no way I was going to jeopardize our friendship over something like that.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much what I said, too. It looks like the ladies have been conspiring!”

“Sure does!” I was still face down over his lap, of course, and he started spanking again. My butt was nice and warm from the previous round but it still felt like a warm up spanking, not a very hard spanking. I gave in to the whole thing and just gave him the best presentation I could for his swats. After quite a few more swats; I wasn’t counting; he started the caressing again. “So do you feel like our friendship is in jeopardy?”

“Not really.”

“OK, then here comes some more!”

“Wait! My bladder is about to burst. I’ve gotta pee first.”

He let me up and I shucked the panties on the way into the bathroom.

Jim must have read my mind. “Hey! Don’t take anything else off! No point in trying to hide it now and I like it; looks good.”

“Um. OK, I guess.”

When I was finished with the toilet I stopped and brushed my teeth and splashed some water in my still sleepy looking face before walking back out of the bathroom. Jim hadn’t moved and had sat watching me at the sink. Thankfully the commode was in a little alcove out of sight, though we had seen each other pee on many occasions; there are restrooms around every tree at both our places. Our wives used to joke that Jim and I didn’t need bathrooms.

Anyway, instead of going back over his lap I reached behind him and grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and started pulling it up. He raised his hands so I could get it off. Then I grabbed a hand and pulled him to his feet.

“Your jeans are really uncomfortable in a tender spot!”

I knelt and unbuckled and unbuttoned his jeans, swatting his hands away when he reached to do it himself. Looking up at him I unzipped them and pulled them down. I caught the motion of his cock springing out at the edge of my vision. I looked down at it. I’d seen it many times, of course, but never like this. I took it in both hands, looked back up and said, “No underwear?”

“None. The jeans were actually getting pretty uncomfortable in another tender spot, too.”

Looking back at his crotch, I cupped his balls in one hand while I slowly and gently stroked his firm rod. His eyes drifted closed and he mumbled, “Maybe we should have listened to the wives a long time ago.”

“Maybe.” I agreed.

He was pretty much the same size as me, maybe a tad shorter and fatter, but not much of either. The biggest difference was that his was straight and mine has a slight but definite curve to the left, the legacy of much self abuse during my developmental period when I had discovered that I could make myself feel amazingly good even before I could ejaculate and well before it was big enough to get my whole hand around. Squeezing it with a thumb and finger while I masturbated caused it to curve slightly to the left as it developed and grew. Damn, there I go again, drifting off from the story!

As I looked at Jim’s erect dick I felt a totally unexpected urge to take him in my mouth but just didn’t quite have the nerve to do it. I let go and stood back up and pushed against his chest, causing him to sit back onto the bed.

I looked him in the eye and said, “Debra spanks a lot harder than you do.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it.”

“I wouldn’t want to bet on it either. No marks other than redness, allowed, mister.”

“No marks”, he agreed. “There’ll be a lot of redness, though.”

“Yeah. I imagine so.” I turned sideways and started to slide between his legs when he said, “I know you must have some paddles or something. Get them.”

I went to the closet and grabbed all the spanky toys from the box and, returning to the bed, dumped them onto it.

Jim picked them up one at a time and evaluated them, testing their feel. It took a little while. There were about fifteen of them.

“Which are your favorites?”

I picked up a couple of the paddles and a strap cut from an old belt and handed them to him.

“Ohhh Kayyy, back into position, then.”

I pushed his left leg against the bed with my body, flopping my upper body over it. I separated my legs so he could lock me in again and he put his free hand between my shoulder blades. “Here it comes.” He announced, and started right back in. But his right leg was in the way a little bit so he paused and pushed me up on the bed a little more before locking me back in. Both of his legs were between mine but from opposite sides, the left wrapped around my left from the front and his right around the same leg from behind. I was well up on his left leg, my hard dick trapped between me and his knee. I could feel his erection against my hip. Once I was positioned to his satisfaction, he started right back in again, without comment.

But this time, he built up very quickly to a very hard spanking. I started squirming so he leaned across my back without slowing or stopping the rain of slaps on my backside.

“WOW!” “OUCH!” I yelped but he still didn’t slow or stop.

Finally I just couldn’t stand it anymore and really started bucking, trying to get up. “Enough!” I yelled. “STOP!” “STOP, STOP, STOP, stop, stop, stop, stop! No more!”

But he just ignored me and kept the flaming storm roaring all over my seared ass.

All the bucking and pleading was completely ignored until I finally stopped bucking as the endorphins kicked in and I reached the zone. Now he could spank me all day; it hurt but I no longer cared. It hurt so good!

So, of course he stopped. I moaned. But he didn’t let me up. I moaned again as he started caressing my very hot bottom. Once again he started working his fingers up and down the crack, alternating with flat palmed caresses over my whole behind. When his fingers went back to the crack I opened my legs to allow more access. He accepted the offer and lightly ran a finger across my sensitive anus, before switching back to whole ass caresses. I felt his weight shift and started to move but he held me tight and soon I heard the familiar snap of the cap on the lube bottle; he had leaned over to retrieve it from the nightstand. Cool drips invaded the space between my cheeks. The fingers came back and started gently probing.

“Should be clean.” I mumbled. “I did enemas last night.”


A finger began probing the tight opening in earnest. I noticed his cock was very hard against my hip. The finger pushed insistently so I relaxed and it slid in easily. The invader slid in and out several times before curving to massage my prostate. I moaned loudly; I was totally and unashamedly lost in pleasure. Another finger was added, then another. I was moaning uncontrollably now but was too gone to care. He was stretching me to the limit with each inward thrust, passing firmly over my prostate each time, and then withdrawing almost all the way when I bore down and pushed back. I was grinding against his knee.

Then, without warning, he pulled his fingers out and left me totally empty and bereft of pleasure.

He gently assisted me up onto the bed. I grabbed a couple of pillows and put them under my pelvis as I lay face down across the king sized mattress. He said softly, “Don’t move.” and walked into the bathroom. I heard the closet open and he returned with a couple of towels. He swatted my ass and I thrust it upwards in acceptance of another spanking, but he said, “Raise up so I can get a towel under you. I rolled over to the side instead and watched him as he spread the towel over the pillows and bed. He was as hard as I was. He looked at me and patted the towel and I got the message, moving back into position.

But this time he grabbed my iron bar erection and kept it from being trapped under me, aiming it downward. He gave me a dozen or so firm swats and I heard that snap again. This time the lube was applied to my dick with a warm, slippery hand. He stroked it a few times but stopped just before I came.

“You know what happens next. Got a condom?”

“No, but unless you’ve messed around with someone other than your wife…”

“Not in 16 years.”

“Twelve for me. Don’t sweat the condom.”

I heard the snap again but this time he was lubing himself.

“Do you think this is going to ruin our friendship?” He asked.

“Too late to worry about that! Just, get on with it for Chrissake!”

He laughed. “Yeah.” I felt him move into position. The soft tip of his hot erection invaded the space between my cheeks and slid around before locating its target.

“I can’t get in.” Jim said. “I’ll squash you. You’ll have to get up on your knees.”

“No, lay on me. Fuck me!”

I felt his weight come down across my back, his breath warm in my ear. I felt his weight shift as he moved a hand to guide himself and I raised my hips as much as I could to meet him at our mutual need. His cock pressed firmly at my sphincter and I bore down to allow entrance. Suddenly it slid in, setting off fireworks in my whole body.

“OH, YEAH!” we both moaned, simultaneously.

He slowly worked it in to the hilt and we both groaned again.

I felt him relax his weight onto me and the hand he had used to lube and steer his manhood into me came up and wrapped around my shoulder after pausing to wipe the lube off on the towel. The other hand was already gripping the other side. I tilted my ass back to thrust onto him as deeply as possible. I could feel his rough pubic hair against my hot, well spanked ass. He slowly withdrew almost all the way before reversing direction and slowly pushing in as deep as he could get.

We both moaned again. He did it again, and again, slowly increasing the pace. We were both making noises of pleasure almost constantly now. I pushed myself up enough to work my arm and hand under me so I could reach my still very slick, very hard erection. His hands slid around under me and under the cups of the bra and his weight eased but didn’t go away as he transferred some of it to his elbows. He started pinching both of my nipples, sending hot sparks down to my dick, which was now firmly in my hand.

He made a couple more long, deep strokes and suddenly blurted, “Oh, Jesus! I’m going to come! Come with me!”

“Unh! Yeah!” It was a grunting whisper as I felt the familiar sensation of impending orgasm.

Suddenly it swept through me and I was crying out loud with pleasure. I knew he was coming, too but I was too overwhelmed to pay much attention. I know I wasn’t the only one making a lot of noise but, beyond that, I knew very little except the slow, hot explosion that swept from deep within my groin outward through my whole body. Finally the waves of pleasure began to calm and Jim’s motions slowed and ground to a halt. His full weight collapsed onto my limp body and he remained planted in my bottom. We both just lay there, too exhausted from the huge orgasms to do more than just gasp for breath.

Wow! If it is always like this, why aren’t all men gay? Or at least bisexual?

Finally our breathing slowed and Jim’s rapidly shrinking ass pleasuring wand slipped from its nest. I twisted my body and dumped him onto the bed beside me so I could breathe a little easier, but neither of us opened our eyes or moved for several more minutes.

Finally I cracked one eye open and rolled so I could see him. He opened his eyes and shut them again. I noticed a deep red flush come up his face and into the ear that I could see. He started to move away.

I was embarrassed, too, but I put a hand out and stopped his movement.

“You’re embarrassed? Man that was amazing! You should be taking a bow!”

He opened his eyes again and sniggered and we both burst out in uproarious laughter. When it finally ran down he said, “Thanks. I didn’t know what to say.”

“Yeah. Me neither, but what the hell; my best guy friend just screwed me over and I loved it! Fuck you too, buddy!”

We burst out laughing again.

“Look, I gotta admit , that was better than coffee, but I think I really need some.” I started to get up and looked down at my sticky hand still in my sticky crotch. “I think I need a shower, too. You’re chickenshit if you don’t join me. But I’m gonna start the coffee first.”

One Friday after work, Bud joined a younger couple who were pretty good friends of his at a local pub to enjoy a few brews and catch up on what he and they had all been doing. He was approaching the half-way point in his fifties while his friends were respectively just past forty (him), and Julie, she was in her late twenties.

Hermano was a sculptor and Julie mainly took care of their home, gardened and was working on a few college courses as a part time student. Julie looked like the reincarnation of Ingrid Bergman. She was as tall as Bud, with beautiful blonde hair down to her waist, perfectly shaped long legs that seemed to reach from the ground she was standing on to the sky. Bud had known Julie since she had been fifteen, and though the thought had crossed his mind, any male would have to be dead or a strict homosexual to not see her and not at least think of sex, he hadn’t really considered trying to be with her. Because she was so young when he first met her, though already fully developed right up to the perfectly modestly large breasts that were as perky with no signs of the slightest sag, she had always remained a child in his mind. Thus, though they rapidly became tight friends, somehow they had just seemed to connect, Bud merely was an outside observer, and occasional advisor to Julie as she grew into an adult, and experienced the normal sometimes happy and sometimes troubled relationships with the men lucky enough to become involved, even if ever so briefly, in her life. Bud had been the classic father, or wise uncle figure in her life ever since she was fifteen, till now as she was approaching her landmark thirtieth birthday.

Hermano was a ruggedly handsome Latino of Cuban descent and though he was slightly shorter than both Julie and Bud, his muscular stocky build made up for any inches he lacked in the height department. After a few years of brief relationships with a reasonable number of men, Julie more or less settled down when she and Hermano met and became an item. They had been together for almost five mostly happy years by the time this story took place and for all practical purposes were a married couple, lacking only the paperwork. Hermano was totally in love with Julie and his love was returned by her. However if Julie had learned anything prior to meeting Hermano, it was that she LOVED sex. Julie loved all kinds of sex, and of course had her pick of sexual partners both male and female. Since they had gotten together, Julie’s promiscuous tendencies had almost, but not entirely, gone into remission. The increasingly rare occasions when Julie “cheated” on Hermano were the cause of the rare times trouble reared its head in their otherwise perfect paradise.

Hermano didn’t get too upset when he was cuckolded by a woman (or two) who were as likely, if not more so, to hit on Julie as any man with a functioning hormone in his body. When you get right down to it, everything about Julie, her beauty, her sweet nature and her ravenous sexuality that could be felt by people a block away who never had and never would even see her naked, much less touch her.

Bud imagined like most men, Hermano’s only complaint then was that he hadn’t been invited to participate, or at least get to watch. He thought this was because her lesbian adventures were usually, if not always, with dyed in the wool full time lesbians, who were as likely to hit on her as almost everyman in town and some passing through. The idea of having a man around gawking or ‘eek’ getting his dick involved in the proceedings was a non-starter with these women. Looking back, maybe this aspect of her sexuality contributed to Bud’s own relationship with her. She never seemed to have any desire to try to convert some straight wife or girlfriend to the Sapphic way of life, but gay women tended to hustle her as hard as men. Years before she had first discovered that women too wanted to get naked and crazy with her and it took her no time to realize she was attracted to them back. She like anyone, male or female, growing into their sexuality, found this difficult to resolve in her own mind, especially as she had grown up in a extremely red-neck region where most folks considered anyone involved in ‘exotic’ sexual practices, pretty much anything beyond yer basic missionary man on top stuff with the lights off, should be rounded up and be locked up or shot.

Indeed looking back, it was her confusion with bi-sexuality that probably helped her friendship with Bud grow even closer, because she was so comfortable with “Uncle Bud” and couldn’t go to any of her red-neck parents or relatives who would most likely set up an exorcism or at least somehow have tried to beat this devil of the love forbidden out this most beautiful creation of their genetic line that mostly produced spawn that could have served as the subject matter of a documentary version of “Deliverance.”

So when she came to “Uncle Bud” to help her with her newly discovered gender identity crisis, he knew it would be a great help if he told her right out front that he also was attracted to both sexes and had also been tortured for years, wondering if he was gay, and if he was, was that okay. He had eventually come to realize that he wasn’t gay because he liked women too much, including having sex with them, and they seem to like him too. On the other hand, he couldn’t be a doctrinaire heterosexual or Straigt8. because he liked cock way to much and had learned first hand that assholes feel and taste just as good on both men and women – Bud simply put his arm around her shoulder more in a fatherly than sexual way then and told her,

“Sweetheart, the first thing you gotta do is relax and trust me for a minute or two, cause I think I really understand how you feel and hopefully can help you work it through much faster than the time it took me to finally deal with it.”

“What do you mean Bud, the time it took you?”

“Well Julie, you probably have no idea, that I had what I imagine was very similar mental and emotional turmoil in my younger days. In my own case, I think it all started in earnest when I read “A Season in Hell” by Arthur Rimbaud. It is true there was a boy school mate in elementary school that I had feelings toward, though I only realized years later that they were probably sexual somehow and my family moved clear across the country from when he and I were in about fifth grade, and I spent the first few months out west really missing him. Myself and my family didn’t move to get us apart, nothing ever happened between us except for playing baseball, riding our bikes and raiding all the fruit trees and berry bushes in the neighbourhood every summer. Once we were 2000 miles away for months I was haunted by idealized memories of him and constantly dreaming up scenarios where I would get to see him again.”

“I finally realized that no, I’m not gay, but then I’m not straight either because as much as I like, and I do like, women, I may also enjoy cock as much or more than many of the women in this town or anywhere. My first response to these urges was to double down on my pursuit and capture of women and then even starting a family, but then occasionally the urges toward men and cock would win out and I would enjoy being with a man, and then feel guilty for some time afterward, sort of a post-coital dip, magnified. As time went by I became gradually more comfortable, to the point where I now think bi-sexuality is really natural, and would be the default orientation if it wasn’t for all the religious crap laid on us, from a time when perhaps reproduction was more important to the survival of our species. Today it is one of the threats to our continued existence. Now I acknowledge to friends, but don’t flaunt the fact that I am bi-sexual, and I have to admit it took me many years to get as comfortable with that as I am today.”

Once Bud got disclosure out of the way he said,

“Julie, relax, for starters for a beautiful woman like you it should hardly be an issue because, frankly, even the straightest men rarely have a problem with same sex action, if it is between two women, though they do resent those women who have absolutely no interest in their cock anymore. A pair of beautiful lesbians getting it on is not only rarely a problem, but a fantasy they cherish, especially if the heat of their passion (with him in the room) leads to both of them using his cock as a sex toy. The majority of men not only tolerate it, but would think they had died and gone to heaven if their wife or girlfriend brings her girlfriend home to share with him.

I hope I haven’t bored you readers with all this background, but I felt it was necessary to help if you understand who everybody was, before I tell you what happened that night.

After a few drinks together Hermano said,

“Hey Bud, Julie made a wicked stew that is up at the house simmering in the slow cooker, would you like to grab some beers and come up to the house for dinner? We could whip up some biscuits and a salad and listen to some music or watch a video.”

Bud said, “Well Hell, I’ve been working since seven this morning and my only other option is to go home and hope I have something in the fridge that I can throw together, so count me in.”

So they went up to Julie and Hermano’s house and continued the evening with some good eats, and a bottle of wine and more beer. Later on though, things took a turn for the worse as suddenly Hermano became increasingly angry about some previous indiscretion of Julie’s and his love turned into possessiveness which led to increasingly ugly verbal abuse of Julie and finally exploded into outright physical abuse as he slapped her around a bit and then pushed her into the corner of a counter which really bruised her lower back and she slid down the cupboard and laid there in pain on the kitchen floor. All of a sudden, Bud didn’t really want to be there, but at the same time, he didn’t want to leave and leave Julie in a situation where she could be even more seriously injured. Bud had already tried to pull him away from and off of her a few times, and it didn’t seem likely that he was likely to quit unless he somehow magically passed out.

So, feeling kinda weird, because it was his house, with Julie in full accord, Bud told Hermano that he just had to leave, or they would have to call the police to come and remove him to prevent Julie from getting more seriously hurt. After a bit of pushing and shoving between Hermano and Bud, they finally managed to get him out the door, without having to get any law enforcement types involved and Julie and Bud sat down and basically heaved a sigh of relief and tried to catch their breath.

Julie was feeling sore from being slapped around and being pushed into the sharp corner of the kitchen counter and asked Bud if he would mind if she went and soaked in the bathtub for a while to hopefully mitigate the soreness in her back and elsewhere, and he said go ahead. Bud sat on the couch and fired up the television and flipped around the channels while drinking a couple more beers, which led to a need to have a piss. Their house had only the bathroom where Julie was soaking in the tub to relieve her soreness so he politely knocked on the door and asked if he could come in to use the toilet, just to have a piss. Julie replied, “come on in, I’ll just close the shower curtain around the tub so we’ll both have some privacy. “

So he walked in, past the tub containing Julie’s beautiful body, which he had never seen naked, but had seen enough of in a bikini to realize he would enjoy seeing it. After all the beer Bud had had this evening, when he unzipped his fly and let his piss fly, the sound of his piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl was like a miniature fire hose. Shortly after the piss started flowing Julie stuck her beautiful face though the shower curtain and ordered Bud to STOP, so as a guest in her home, and being the polite kind of guy, he squeezed his cock and stopped the flow, even though there was still a large amount of piss swelling his bladder anxious to escape. Once he had staunched the flow Julie said “come here Bud” and while he was standing there squeezing his cock to hold his piss back with a puzzled look on his face, she slid the shower curtain back, rose to her knees in the bath and in a commanding tone of voice pointed to the bathroom floor next to where she was kneeling in the tub said “right here, right now.

Still confused, he meekly went over and, still squeezing his cock to hold back his piss, stood before her. She then started licking the tip of his cock and ordered him to stick it in her mouth. So still squeezing the base of his cock, he allowed her to wrap her lips around the head and then watched as she slid her lips down the length of his member until they were up against his fingers that were holding his bladder’s contents in. Julie then moved back far enough to mumble, “okay – go ahead and finish pissing now, here – in my mouth, please”, which took Bud by surprise, but he did have to go, and Bud had to admit, she was the finest looking urinal he would ever be privileged to use.

Then she pulled Bud’s hand away, that was holding back the flow, and slid her lips up to the base of his cock, which was still soft and small enough for her to easily accommodate without any gagging, though it was starting to grow bigger. It didn’t take long till Bud was able to relax enough to release the floodgates and send a powerful stream of piss virtually straight down her throat. His hot piss came so fast and furious that soon some started dribbling out of the corners of her mouth and running down her beautiful body into the bathwater. “Whew,” said Bud when his bladder was empty and she, still on her knees in the bathtub that had somehow been instantly turned into the fanciest toilet on the planet ran both of hers hands through her lovely waist long blond hair to get it out of her face. Bud certainly couldn’t think of her as the lovely young 15 year old “child” that she had somehow managed to remain in his mind anymore.

“Jeepers Julie” said this former foster father/uncle figure, “that was really a surprise, but I guess you’ve really grown up. I mean, that is really kinda kinky!”

Julie said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet, why don’t you take off your clothes and step into the water, sit on the rim of the tub and let me give you a first class blow job, and since I know you have had a cock or two in your mouth over the years, we can compare notes after I do you.”

Now being an adherent of the philosophy of Zorba the Greek, who said something like “one of the greatest sins a man can commit is when a woman invites you into her bed, to refuse,” Bud immediately stripped down, barely taking the time to deal with things like buttons or zippers and stepped into the water and sat on the rim of the tub and gazed at this facsimile of Ingrid Bergman who had already taken what seemed like a gallon of his hot beer fueled piss down her throat and now wanted to suck as much cum out of his dick as possible. What was there not to like about where he was sitting?

She then commenced to lick the inside of his thighs, and work her way to his ball sack and put first one and then both of his balls in her mouth, for starters. It didn’t take Bud long to figure out Julie must have done this before – I mean, suck a cock. She also proved that she could easily swallow his whole eight and a half fat inches as she rammed her lips against his pubic bone and then withdrew to the tip and occasionally even far enough to let it fall out of her mouth so she could gaze up at him and smile.

Now Bud was no certified expert, but he had received enough blow jobs from both men and women, not to mention performed blow jobs himself on many men with many happy endings to be able to assert that Julie had learned and practiced enough to be in the elite class of cocksuckers. She obviously wasn’t into just making him come and getting it over with – as she would pull back just before he was ready to explode, to smile at him and lick his balls or even come up and bite his nipples. Obviously she could feel in her mouth and with her hand often on his balls when he was ready to come and would retreat until his impending climax would subside so she could suck his cock longer. She seemed to be as tuned in to his impending climax as he was himself. Definitely a woman who enjoyed performing fellatio as much as the lucky recipient of her ministrations

Finally, after at least a half hour, if not more, though as they say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” which Bud definitely was, she decided it was time to let all the cum she had been helping to build up wherever cum is stored prior to ejaculation explode into her mouth. This time, instead of pulling back when she felt the telltale tremors of his dick in her mouth, signaling the impending deluge she merely pulled back far enough so that the onslaught of cum would arrive in her mouth, rather than deep in her throat where the head of his dick had so recently been so that she could enjoy the taste of the bounty he squirted into her mouth in great quantity. She tried to hog and savour every drop of the cum she so richly deserved but Bud shot so much so hard that some it dribbled out of the corners or her mouth just like his piss had done earlier.

Julie then took her mouth off his happy cock and gave him the most beautiful smile imaginable and then after swirling his cum around for a while and showing him how full of his seed was her mouth swallowed every drop with a big gulp.

Things were pretty quiet for a few moments, as both of them were somewhat exhausted, though she had been doing all the work for the better part of an hour. Bud was basking in a space that satisfaction is too weak of a word to describe and she too was still on her knees in the bathwater that now contained some of his piss and cum smiling at him like the cat that had just eaten the canary. Amazingly, she seemed to catch her breath before he did and said “I hope you aren’t going home now, Bud.”

He said, “Wow honey, I certainly didn’t expect any of what just happened.” She replied “I wanted to thank you for your help with Hermano, he has been violent with me before, but never when anyone else was around, and never quite so brutally. Besides I was horny and to tell the truth I’ve had a crush on you ever since I was so young you would have been sent to jail for touching me. So, will you stay with me tonight just in case Hermano comes back, and I also would like to now make love with you, cuz after using my mouth on you I’m even hornier. I’d probably have to go out and find a cock, any cock, if you won’t stay………

Bud, considering he thought she had already made love to him by letting him use her mouth as a urinal and then using her lips and tongue for so long with such gusto and gleefully swallowing one the biggest ejaculations of his lifetime, for a moment was almost confused by her invitation.

But Bud’s inner Zorba kicked in and he said sure, so they went to living room to grab their smokes and then a bottle of wine from the kitchen and then crawled under the covers of the king size bed in their bedroom and began a night long exercise in making love every which way imaginable. Julie sucked his toes, sucked his cock some more and drove her tongue, fresh from his ass down his throat. He too licked her beautiful body all over and inserted both his tongue and his amazingly resilient cock into every orifice she had that would accommodate either. By the time he had deposited gradually diminishing loads of cum in first her ass, then her mouth again, then into her cunt, and once again in her ass for good measure the sun had come up. They giggled, cuddled and chatted briefly between sexual exercises and with sunlight streaming through the bedroom window, they finally fell asleep, she with her lips wrapped around his well worked soft cock and her legs wrapped around his as she rubbed her nipples on his thigh and her well used vagina on one of Bud’s feet.

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