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The next morning when I awoke, all I saw was beautiful, naked bodies strewn around in all manners of collapse. I walked outside and Mike was sitting at the picnic table sipping a coffee.

“Coffee’s on,” Mike said, “Lets go get you one.”

“Even though they are all unconscious, they all looked totally delicious, don’t they?” I commented.

“Have you noticed how satisfied the guys cocks look? Passed out and laying there naked, their cocks look so wonderful. I swear they are smiling,” Mike smirked.

I looked at him and asked, “Do you enjoy cock too Mike?” He looked at me, grinned broadly and nodded affirmatively.

“Damn, I am glad to hear that. My mouth has been watering trying to figure out how I could get my lips around your hot cock myself,” I exclaimed.

He told me he figured I did too because no couple could be as hot as we were without me having had a cock or two in my mouth.

I laughed. “Does Tracy know?”

“She loves watching me with a nice one in my mouth, and elsewhere.”

I told him Connie simply loves watching me too. She gets so hot, she can cum just watching.

“I wish these guys were, can you imagine the fun we’d have. The girls are all bi and now we’ve got them turned on to anal and double penetration. Do you think it would freak them out?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” Mike stated. “Well, we’ve got some of the guys awake, better go and see who needs coffee.”

“No matter what Mike, before you leave, I want some of that cock…okay?”

“I can’t wait…and I want yours too.”

We opened the door of his coach and yelled to the guys, “Who wants coffee?”

They staggered over and climbed inside. “How is everyone this morning?

They grinned and said last night was the greatest night of their life. I laughed and said “Oh hell, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“How long have you guys known each other,” I asked.

They replied that they have known each other for many, many years.

“I wondered because you didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with each others nakedness. When we first met you on the road, you had no qualms getting naked in front of each other.”

They told me that they had seen each other naked many times, in gym class and elsewhere. I asked them where elsewhere was.

Bob explained that one of their fathers had a stash of x-rated DVD’s and they had been jerking off to them for a few years. They said they were really hot and they loved to get together and jack off together to them.

I asked them, “Have you ever touched each others cocks.”

There was a stunned silence and the young guys all turned red. Finally, Phil admitted,”We have jerked each other off.”

“Did you enjoy having another guys hand on your cocks?” They all nodded that it was so very hot.

By now, Mike and I noticed that all four had raging hardons.

“Have you taken it any further guys? I mean have any of you tasted each others cum? What about sucking each others cocks?”

They stammered no when Mike inquired why they all had hardons right now? They just looked at us but it seemed they were afraid to say anything.

“Gary, they all have gorgeous, hot hardons right now. I bet they all have wanted to get their cocks sucked by their friends. What do you think?”

“I agree, from the looks of their boxers, I know it.”

“Well guys…are we right?”

They look sheepishly at one another but they all nod in agreement.

Get your shorts off guys….Mike and I want to show you something.

They stood and their boxers fall to the floor. Four magnificent rigid cocks sprang out, standing proud and hard. Mike and I got naked and our cocks join in. I look at Mike and he is licking his lips as am I.

I take my hand and grabbed Mike’s cock and point at the delicious mound of precum that was leaking from his terrific cock. “Do you see this…it is called precum. Have any of you ever tasted this? It is delicious. Well…have you?”

They all nodded that they have but said they had never tasted anyone elses.

I asked, “Would you like to taste it now?” They said they did.

I told them we’d would show them and sank to my knees. The tip of my tongue swirled over the tip of Mikes fine cock.

The sight of this made their cocks harder than ever before.

They were all leaking huge amounts of precum. Eyes were wide open in amazement as my tongue and lips covered the tip of Mikes hard, hot cock. My hands caressed his swollen ball sac as I gently licked and sucked the sweet precum from his fine cock.

I looked at the guys and they were all stroking their hot cocks. “Fuck, that is so hot!” they exclaimed.

“Try it guys. Lean over and lick the tip of each others cock. Taste their sweet precum, I know you are going to love it.”

They look at each other, first Jim then Randy leaned over and Mike and I told them exactly what to do.

Jim leaned into Phil and Randy bent over to Bob. The sounds of soft moans wafted into the air as they each took turns extracting the sweet clear liquid from the tip of each others cock.

When the precum was gone, they sat up. They each had a smile on their faces and told us that they each had secretly wanted to try that for a long time.

We told them that was just the beginning. I took Mikes cock again and ran my hands all over it. They watched as my hands caressed his cock. I took his cock and with my index finger, I placed it just under the head and held his cock tight to his stomach, fully exposing the soft, sensitive underside of his hard cock.

I got back down on my knees and licked Mikes balls. My tongue lavished pleasure to him as I lifted his balls and swirled my tongue around and over his tight sack. As I moved up and his rigid shaft met my mouth and tongue, they watched as my tongue flattened and I began long strokes up the underside of his cock bringing him as much pleasure as possible. The guys watched in amazement as Mike’s cock responded to my tongue. I took my finger away from the tip and his engorged dick sprang into my waiting face.

The look on the guys faces told me they knew what was coming as I opened my mouth and took Mikes delicious cock into my mouth. Mike began to slowly fuck my hot mouth as my tongue swirled along the sensitive underside. The guys sat there in amazement, stroking each other as they watched me suck Mike deeper and deeper into my mouth.

“This is so fucking amazing!” Jim gasped.

“Watch this,” Mike stated as he felt himself hit the back of my throat. The guys saw that about three inches of his cock was still not in my mouth. “My cock is at the back of Gary’s mouth. It can’t go in any farther, can it?”

I grabbed his ass and relaxed and opened my throat. Mikes cock began to sink fully into my throat.

“Holy Fuck!”, they exclaim as my lips are tight into Mikes pubes. “That is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“If you think it is hot, you have no idea until it is you doing it to your buddies!”, Mike exclaimed. “Cocksucking, like fucking and eating pussy properly, is an art form and I can tell you this, Gary is an artist.”

Mikes cock is still in my mouth as he continues telling the guys how good it is and that if they are going to be really please their women, they need to know how to do this properly because many women really get turned on by it.

I pull Mikes cock from my throat and look at the guys. “Well, what do you think?”

The guys agreed that it was smokin hot.

I ask them if they want to try it. They are already stroking each other and they laugh, “Hell yes”.

“If you do exactly what I did to Mike, to your buddies and they do it to you that way, you will all thoroughly learn to love the taste and texture of any hot cock.” I told them. “Now, just like you did with the precum, give it a try.”

Phil and Randy slid off the sofa and onto their knees. Mike and I gave them pointers as they experienced their first male to male blowjob. Bob and Jim were the first to receive the oral ministrations and they closed their eyes and lay back and enjoyed. Phil and Randy were good students and it seemed to be totally turning them on from the way their cocks were swelling up.

There was some gagging but they learned how to avoid that pretty rapidly. We watched as they licked and sucked the cocks before them. We told them to touch their balls gently while you suck them.

“Do to them exactly what you enjoy yourself. Make them feel good just like you want to feel. It is your first time so don’t worry if you make a mistake. That happens at first but it’s okay.” Mike told them.

“Don’t make them cum yet.” I said. “You’ll have plenty of time later today to taste lots of sweet cream. Now switch places.”

The guys changed places and we gave the other guys the same pointers as they eagerly sucked their friends. They were good students and the new ones were just as eager as the first two. Their enthusiastic mouths were working nicely on their friends tall firm cocks. There were lots of moans and groans as it was obvious that they were all enjoying each other tremendously.

I looked across to my coach and saw Connie and the girls coming towards us. As she approached, she saw me and I put two fingers to my lips to tell her to be quiet but to come in. Connie stopped and told the girls to be very quiet and Tracy quietly opened the coach door and they silently walked in and saw what was going on.

Connie and Tracy smiled broadly and the girls stood there, first in shock and disbelief, then amazement and finally, grinning broadly.

Maria was the first to speak and what she said was memorable. “Without a doubt, this is simply the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t stop guys, suck those cocks. My pussy is gushing. Oh yes, swallow those beautiful cocks. Fuck, look at my nipples they are hard as a rock. I am fucking love this!”

The guys stopped what they were doing, embarrassed, as hell, but at her words and the enthusiastic response from the others, the guys heads went back to the cocks before them.

I looked at the girls and explained that it was only fair as the girls could do all of us but the guys were limited to just the girls.

They all nodded in agreement, never a one taking their eyes off the hot cocks sliding in and out of the boys eager lips. In a heartbeat, all bathing suits were gone and the girls were face first into sweet pussy and ass.

The boys continued changing places, sucking, licking and tasting sweet cock while the girls licked each others twats with a renewed gusto.

Connie came over to me and Tracy to Mike. They were grinning like Cheshire cats. “I can’t believe this but holy fuck, I’m so fucking horny now baby. Thank you!”, she gushed as she planted a wet one on my lips. What else have you taught them?”

“This is it…so far.” I whispered. “The day is young yet and they are eager so I’m sure they will learn more before this day is out.”

“So how did this start?” Tracy asked.

“Gary started asking them some questions and based on their answers he showed them some things on me. They got so turned on that they wanted to try it themselves.” Mike replied. “Oh God, he is a fantastic cocksucker Tracy…Oh Fuck, he is good, I can’t wait to really get it on with him.”

Tracy smiled warmly, leaned over to me, pressed her body tightly against mine and sank her tongue deep into my throat. This gorgeous creature was all over me as she looked up and into my eyes. “I didn’t think it could happen but today promises to be better than before.”

“Fellas, I want to show you something.” I said as I grabbed two of the women and took them over to the guys on the sofa. The two with cocks in their mouths stood up and left two very, very hard men sitting there.

I grabbed Maria and Paula and took them to Jim and Phil who were seated and spun them around facing backwards towards the guys. “Sit on their cocks girls.” They sank their tight twats onto the rigid men and slid down. I told the Bob and Jim to get down and lick the cocks and clits as the men fuck the girls. The guys, now eager for cock, dove in and gently started licking the hot, protruding clits and hard cocks as they sank deep inside the girls.

The women had never experienced a cock inside them and lips on their clits simultaneously. They screamed in ecstacy. The guys dove in enthusiastically. Tammy and Jill began to frantically suck Bob and Jim and everyone was in heaven.

I looked over and Mike’s fingers were in Connie’s dripping pussy as were mine in Tracy. We watched silently as they explored, tasted and moved on to new heights. They changed places repeatedly until everyone had experienced each amazing position. As instructed, the boys had not cum yet. A good thing because this was going to be a long day.

When everyone had tried every position, Connie announced that she needed breakfast. She opened the door and walked bare assed over to our coach with Tracy in tow. The girls looked shocked until Mike said, “It is a Monday morning, the park is empty and if anyone sees us…fuck em. Literally and figuratively.”

I laughed and headed out the door, my hardon taking the lead.

The girls laughed and headed over to help make breakfast.

Mike and I made fresh coffee and headed out to the picnic table with the guys. The cool morning air felt good on our naked bodies. “Well guys, how do you feel?”, I asked.

They each said they felt strange and different but they really liked the feeling but that they were not as good at it as I was. I told them that would come. They asked how I took all of Mike that deep into my throat.

“When his cock hit the back of my mouth, I took a breath, totally relaxed and opened my throat so he could sink his cock down my throat. When you try it, you will gag but if you really relax and keep trying, you get the hang of it. Practice and you will get good. Think of it this way, you are just turning your throat into a vagina.

“When you are home, you will have all the time in the world to practice on each other but, in the meantime, just enjoy each other.”

Mike and I explained that we had more yet to teach the guys.

“The girls sure enjoyed what you were doing”, Mike exclaimed.

They nodded in agreement.

Inside my coach, the conversation was so hot. The girls were oozing as they talked about how hot it was just watching the boys suck cock. Maria said she damned near came right on the spot. Tracy said she always loved watching Mike with a cock in his mouth or up his ass.

“Up his ass…Oh wow, that is so hot. Does Gary like being fucked too?”, Maria asked.

Connie explained that I love men and women equally. “He adores a hot cock in his ass and his mouth and when he gets started, he can’t stop.

“When it happens, I can’t stop cumming. The sight of a man impaled on a cock on either or preferably both ends drives me simply wild.”

Tracy agreed and said Mike is the same way.

“How do we get these guys to enjoy it in the ass, Maria asked?

Tracy smiled and said, “When you are sucking them, lube up your fingers and start finger fucking their ass. Get them used to one finger and then two and then three and they will beg for more.”

Connie laughed and stated that she is betting that Mike and Gary are telling the boys about that right now. She laughed loudly and Tracy took that bet.

Outside, Mike was telling them that there is no feeling in the world like having a cock in your throat and one in your ass. The guys eyes widened and said they had only seen that kind of thing at the porno theater.

“Does it hurt in your ass?” Phil asked.

“Initially yes but if the girls know what to do, they will loosen up your ass for you. To be honest, when a cock hits your sphincter the first few times, it is going to hurt like hell no matter what. The pain will be extreme the first time but it only lasts a few minutes however, if you want to try it, here is a little secret for you. When you feel a cock hit your sphincter, bear down on it like you are going to the bathroom. It will open your ass and the cock will slide in. Once it is in, you stop fucking and let it rest and get accustomed to having a cock in there. After about a minute, your body will relax and you will be able to slowly start fucking it.”

I told them, “If you are the one doing the fucking, it will be the tightest and hottest fuck you ever had. If you are the one being fucked it will give you a totally different type of orgasm. It will be an entire body orgasm and it will blow your mind.”

“After you are finished fucking a guys ass, make sure that you suck their cock and let them powerfully cum in your mouth, unless they have already cum from someone else sucking them while they are being fucked,” Mike explained. “After I am fucked, I cum like a freaking racehorse.”

“Plus, if you want to try it, I have something to really make it special. Ahhh breakfast is served”.

The air is warm, the bounty of nakedness and the underlying lust is inspiring. We laughed and commented on what happened earlier. The girls reiterated that they were so turned on and the guys said that their lust level had notched up so far it wasn’t funny. They agreed and each expressed their feelings and the consensus was that they all thought that stuff like this only happened in movie theaters and that they would never experience it themselves.

“I feel so free now.” Paula exclaimed. “I have always been proud of my body and now, I am not ashamed of my feelings. From the time I discovered boys, I have had fantasies but I never acted on them. As I got older, the girls and I experimented and we loved it but even though I have always craved this, I never had the guts to act on it until now. For years, my pussy ached for the thrill of what I’ve experienced here with you guys. You have no idea how much I love you.”

Maria and the rest agreed.

“Mike and Gary have taught us some new things and from what I now know, there are a few things yet to learn,” Phil giggled. “And I for one, am anxious to learn.

The other guys nodded in agreement and Connie looked at me questioningly.

I unobtrusively held up one, then two and then three fingers. She smiled and so did the other girls. They had seen what I had done. I didn’t know what the girls had talked about inside or if they would even have a clue.

Leave it to our sweet Maria to burst out and say, “Oh WOW, you’re going to try anal too. You’ll love it, I adore it. Don’t worry guys, we’ll help you. We know what to do to make you feel so good.”

The guys froze dead in their tracks. Their eyes wide. “It wouldn’t bother you if we did it?” Bob inquired.

“Bob, when we walked in on you guys earlier, seeing you sucking a gorgeous beautiful cock got me so wet I came right there and then. The very thought of me being able to lower my steaming hot pussy onto your wonderful mouth, lean over and suck your hot cock while watching another cock drive deep inside you had me cccummiing again!” Tammy stuttered as she had a climax right then and there.

“Personally, if what I think is going to happen, happens, I want all of you to be familiar with anything and everything erotic. Look, speaking only for myself but women can search ten lifetimes and never find such wonderful guys like you. I’m not about to let any of you go!”, Jill gushed breathlessly.

There was a chorus of agreement amongst the women and the guys just smiled happily.

After coffee and fresh rolls, we headed to the pool for a refreshing dip. Of course, we all wore our suits on the way to the pool. As we got there, the park manager rolled up on his golf cart and motioned Mike and I over to him at the gate. We greeted him warmly and he returned the greeting.

“I noticed you having breakfast in the nude this morning and that you don’t have any worries as the park is indeed empty. If anyone does come in, we’ll put them on the exact other side of the park. I couldn’t help but notice that the women were, indeed, some of the sexiest I have ever seen. We envy you.”

“We?, Mike asked.

“My wife and I,” he explained.

We invited them to join us if they wanted.

“I doubt that you would enjoy what my wife and I enjoy and besides, they are in our late 50′s and You are so much younger.”

Mike and I laughed and asked him if he meant we wouldn’t like an older bi couple and he just stared at us.

He kinda gulped and said, “Yes.”

We assured him that we were all bi and not to worry.

“Besides I noticed your blonde, statuesque wife when we checked in and she was definitely smoking hot. You look in shape and have a great personality too. We’d love to have you join us.”

He said he’d ask his wife and let us know in a few minutes.

We went back to the pool and called a quick meeting. We explained the situation and they all agreed that that would be wonderful.

Mark, the park manager came back in a few minutes and told us his wife was completely into it. Apparently she had seen us as well.

It seems the guy who is on the desk is someone they play with and they told him to keep our part of the park completely private.

A few minutes later, this tall, gorgeous Scandinavian blonde pulled up on her golf cart and introduced herself and Inga. She headed to the pool where we introduced her to Connie and Tracy who were already licking their lips at the sight of this woman.

Mark grabbed my arm and asked, “How did I know he was bi?”

“You couldn’t keep your eyes of Mike’s or my packages.” I laughed. He grinned broadly, licking his lips.

I looked and Inga stood there, naked, statuesque and pierced on both nipples and her delicious labia. I slipped out of my suit and my cock sprang to attention. As Mark undressed, Connie and Tracy stared in amazement at his truly enormous cock. It had to be about 10 inches and thick as a baseball bat. Mike and I saw that and smiled and knew our asses were gonna get a workout.

Inga walked over to me, threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. My hands held her magnificent breasts while my fingers began playing and teasing her nipple piercings. She inhaled sharply and stuck her tongue deeper into my mouth.

I felt her hand drop and fall to my very stiff cock and my fingers began to pull on the clit ring so prominently displayed. She was already wet and she sunk to her knees and looked deep into my eyes. “Darling, let me officially welcome you to our park”, she cooed as her lips opened and she began to lick my cock expertly.

I leaned back and allowed this goddess to have her way with me. I glanced around and Connie and Tracy were working on Marks enormous pile driver. Everyone was naked and everyone was fucking, sucking and having fun.

Inga played with my ass, sticking her fingers deep into my aching asshole. Her hot mouth wildly sucked and toyed with my cock.

Mark came up behind her and reached in and caressed her wonderful tits. He sank to his knees and began to play with her hot pussy. His fingers slipped inside her and his hand was filled with her sweet wetness. He pulled her up and sank his gorgeous cock deep inside her.

With each thrust, her mouth drove deeper onto my inflamed cock. Her mouth was a miracle. Her tongue fabulously playing and teasing my hot cock.

Mike pulled out and sank lower and began tonguing her sweet hot asshole. She moaned and pushed her fabulous ass hard against his tongue.

When she was totally wet, he sank his fingers into her flowing pussy and then into her inflamed ass. She moaned around my cock and wiggled her ass deep onto Mikes fingers. Mike took his engorged cock and slid it into her Inga’s tight ass. She let out a sigh and he felt his cock head move into her willing ass.

He looked at me and said that he was in. I pulled them both towards me and slid my cock deep into her insatiable pussy. Her vagina clamped down on my cock as Mike began a rhythmic stroking.

I felt his cock on top of mine through the thin membrane of her vagina and ass as we doubled this goddess. My hand tugged on the clit ring as she shoved her tongue deeper into me. Mikes rhythm built up steam and our collective breathing began to increase and the friction between our cocks made them swell enormously.

We drove our cocks as deep as possible, as fast as possible and Inga let out a shriek that could wakened the dead. Her hips started bucking and thrashing about on our poles as wave after wave of pure bliss washed over her.

Mike and I kept pumping. I felt him swell further against my own engorged cock and I knew we were about to blow magnificent loads deep inside her hot, demanding body.

His thrusts increased rapidly and I felt his cum travel along his long cock and spewed into her savory asshole. The erotic bliss of his cock unloading inside her made my cock explode in a fountain of sweet, salty cum as I creamed her succulent pussy.

“Fuck my ass!” she screamed. “Fuck my hot ass and fill my pussy you bastards! Don’t stop reaming me and filling me. I want your cocks, oh yes, more cocks, fill my greedy twat with your hot cum!” she demanded.

I bit her nipple and she erupted and her body flew in every direction as she rode out this spectacular orgasm.

She kissed me deeply as Mike pulled out of her ass and she got up from me, wrapped her arms around Mike and kissed him passionately. She sank to her knees and took his hard cock deep into her mouth and licked him clean. She turned and did the same to me.

Inga walked over to the others at the side of the pool and began touching and kissing and fondling all of them.

They all returned the favor and soon her body was a sea of hands, lips and tongues. She was on her back, licking pussies, sucking cocks and asses. This hungry bitch was devouring everything in sight. The boys took their turns fucking her hot cunt while the girls ate her pussy after each guy went after her. Her lips, her tongue, her nipples and her clit were lavished in so much pleasure. The boys did her ass repeatedly and they doubled her repeatedly. Inga was truly a bitch in heat.

Tracy looked at Marks huge cock and said to Connie, “I don’t think I can take him in the ass.”

Connie grinned, ” I sure can baby. Let him fuck your cunt and I’ll let him have my ass.”

Mark took Tracy and slid his cock into her tight, hot twat and grinned as she began to ride his hard hot, massive cock. She was stretched so wide and her clit rode deliciously along the entire length of his hot, hard shaft. She absolutely loved his cock and she rode him relentlessly.

Connie was right beside them, touching them, teasing them and pleasing them as their bodies melded into one another. Connie straddled Marks face and brought her wetness to his eager lips. His strong tongue dove into her repeatedly as she began to ride his face. Connie leaned over and kissed Tracy as Marks cock pounded her twat and his tongue drove Connie wild.

“Oh Connie, his cock is so enormous!”

“Can’t wait to get it into my ass baby.”

“You are not going to get this inside your ass!”

“You just watch me baby. Ride him, ride him hard and deep.”

“If he gets any deeper, you’ll be sucking his cock!”, Tracy laughed. With that, she went back to seriorly riding him hard and fast. She felt her own orgasm building and when she went off, it was like a Roman Candle. She rocked and rode him hard as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her breathing became ragged as this massive orgasm overtook her. His cock picked up the pace and he thrust in and out of her aching cunt while she rode him mercilessly. He squirmed and his hips bucked as he shot his enormous load deep inside Tracy’s aching body. She felt every spurt, every ounce of his hot cum as it flowed down his shaft and into her velvety tunnel.

Connie got off Mark’s face and steadied Tracy as she recovered.

Mark collapsed as Connie’s lips descended upon his sweet cock. She licked him clean and turned her attention to Tracy, whose pussy, by now, was overflowing with his sweet sperm. She began to lick and noticed that everyone was watching. She motioned them over and they all came near. “Jim darling, lick Tracy’s pussy to begin with, let all the guys lick Marks sweet cream out of her. I have a cock to suck and my ass needs his cock.”

Jim eagerly dove into Tracy’s twat, his tongue getting his first taste of spunk and he loved it. He licked and sucked until Phil pulled him off. While the guys were greedily cleaning Tracy, Connie began to harden Marks cock.

“Please fuck my ass Mark darling,” Connie murmured as she took his hardening cock deep in her mouth. He moaned pleasantly as her mouth opened and his enormous cock entered her mouth. Everyone’s eyes widened as his cock slid effortlessly inside her hungry mouth. He was big and she loved it. As his cock slid into her throat, her face fell fully to his belly. Her tongue and throat worked to fully harden his cock.

When he was steel hard, she pulled him from her throat and held his cock against her tight ass. She sank down on it. Inch by inch she fell. Her ass stretching and accommodating his massive missile. She looked at me and I smiled as that lewd look crossed her face. Deeper and deeper she sank on him. There were gasps from the others as finally, she was impaled fully on his hot cock.

Mark was in for the ride of his life as I walked to him and offered him my cock. His mouth opened and he swallowed my cock. What a great cocksucker. Mike fucked his face next as did all the guys.

Tracy, composed now and completely clean stood and stared in amazement as she saw his mighty cock completely inside Connie. Connie began to ride that mighty pole with total lust. She rode it up and slammed it back in repeatedly. She began to shiver and shake but that only increased her momentum. Her ass was a blur as Marks cock drilled her fully and completely.

Her complexion changed color, turning pink then red as she approached a mighty orgasm. Marks own was completely in sync as he grabbed her hips, arched his back and exploded deep inside her. She ground her ass hard on his cock as she screamed, “Harder, oh deeper, fuck my ass Mark, faster. Don’t stop, my ass is on fire. Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fill me, oh fuck yessssss!”

Connie spasmed and convulsed on Mark as his balls exploded and he drove a torrent of hot cum deep inside of her. She collapsed on him and kissed him deeply as his cock softened inside her. She tasted the me on his hungry lips and she reveled in the wonderful mixtures to taste. Her body, bright red, was so satisfied.

As his cock slid from her ass, we helped them up and took them to the deck chairs. They were both wobbly but smiling. Mark steadied himself and walked to the pool where he jumped in and cleaned his cock. He came back, pulled out a cigarette and inhaled deeply. Maria and the other girls sat around him, stroking his legs and softly touching his cock.

Inga began another round of hot blowjobs as the girls began to sweetly suck Mark as far as they could. It was a lot more like a lot of licking and sucking of his balls but he loved it as he played with their tits and pussies. He licked each pussy and brought each girl into a gushing climax which he gladly swallowed deeply.

When he was ready to cum, he had the girls kneel before him and he shot his load onto their waiting tongues. They rolled his sperm around in their mouths and swallowed deeply. They moaned and cheered as his enormous cock exploded. They truly enjoyed it.

Mark and Inga thanked us and headed back to work. We thanked them again and again and told them we were so happy to have met them.

Suddenly everyone was starved for food so we headed back and miraculously several pitchers of margarita’s appeared as the girls made sandwiches and salads.

“Inga’s body is amazing” Tammy said as she sipped her drink. “On the other hand, that cock of Marks is awesome.”

Tracy looked at Connie, “Speaking of that, how did you take all of that cock in your ass? He would have torn me apart.”

I burst out laughing and told everyone that although he was really big that Connie had taken two much larger than Mark.

Connie blushed, “We were in NYC many years ago and we met this really nice man in a bar in the Village, He was tall, lean and highly educated. He was news director for a major news service. He commented on how sexy my outfit was and as we got to know him, he told us his lady would love to fuck both of us. Since we were in the city to fuck our brains out, we agreed to meet her and he took us back to his apartment. She was hot and Gary enjoyed her but when Michael dropped his pants, I freaked.

“I had never had a cock like it in my life. I could not swallow it at all. His girlfriend taught me what to do. She taught me how to deepthroat. It hurt at first and then it became easier. To tell the truth, I got so turned on by his cock and the power it gave me, to know I had done it. When he fucked me, it was amazing. So full and so hot. He wanted my ass and I was not sure I wanted that but we were incredibly buzzed so I tried. I did it and it hurt like hell going in but once it was in, the feeling was awesome. So much cock, so long, so hard and so good. He was gentle at first and then he became powerful. I came so hard.”

“But he was small compared to the biggest one, right hon.” I giggled.

Connie blushed, “We belonged to a wonderful nudist club and they had a great indoor pool with a bar and tables and chairs all around the pool. Gary was sitting with his back to the bar. I was facing the bar and I saw this guy standing there. I told Gary I wanted a drink.”

He got up and went to the bar, got us a couple of rum and papaya’s and came back to the table. He sat down and said he felt sorry for people with deformities.

I laughed, “If he can use it as good as it looks, every woman in this place is in serious trouble.”

Over time we got to know him. Everyone called him Hydro Bob because his cock was like an electric pole.

“Anyway, it is a really good story from both Gary’s and my perspectives but suffice it to say, I did take all thirteen inches of the most massive hot cock I have ever had. It was twice as thick as Marks.”

“I had to go to Walgreen’s and buy her an inflatable do-nut for her to sit on. She could barely walk for a week and it took a month for the smile to get off her face. Yes, the Party at Hydro Bob’s was memorable for sure.” I told everyone.

“You lucky bitch,” Tracy said as she leaned over and kissed Connie deeply.

I took a long sip of my drink, noticed a sea of very hard cocks and anxious ladies. I got up and went into the coach and came out with a canvas bag.

“Gonna get good guys…that’s Gary’s toy bag. Whoopee” Connie grinned.

I rummaged around and came out with tubes of Astroglide and four new medium sized dildos. I went back in and brought out a gray cardboard box. Mike walked over, picked up the box. I snatched it from him, He grabbed it back. He opened it looked inside and grinned. “It’s gonna be a fanfuckingtastic day.” Tracy and Connie grinned as they recognized it but the others had no idea.

“Ladies, it is time to play 1-2-3″, Tracy exclaimed. The girls yelled and whooped it up and the guys all grinned and said they definitely were into it.

Each gal grabbed their guys and began so suck them and get them hard. Connie and Tracy brought them the lube. With their fingers slippery, they each shoved a finger home and began to slowly fuck their man. The guys seemed to enjoy the feeling one finger brought and the girls slid a second one in. Soft moans were heard as they felt the second finger inside them. The ladies kept sucking and finger fucking their guys. The guys seemed to be enjoying this as each one was grinding their ass gently on their ladies fingers. When their third finger entered, the moaning became louder and deeper.

“Don’t make them cum girls, just fuck them nice and slow.” Connie instructed. “Move your fingers in nice and slow and stretch their virgin asses a bit. Now, touch their cocks but don’t suck them. Work your fingers in and out and spread your fingers. Get them ready for more.”

The girls worked on the guys for a few more minutes and then they took a break. The guys said that they enjoyed the feeling. Mike told them that if they enjoyed the feeling now, they were going to love the feeling in a few minutes.

While they were relaxing and the girls were explaining what was coming, Mike and I unsealed 12 fresh bottles of Rush. When we were finished, we asked if any of them knew what poppers were. No one did. We explained and handed them each a bottle.

Connie and Tracy damned near broke our arms grabbing theirs from us. We told them not to open the bottle yet and also not to leave them uncapped. Tracy showed them how to use them and then Connie arranged all the girls on top of the picnic table. Then the guys were told to pick a girl, any girl and to sit and get ready to eat some fine, hot pussy.

Mike and I got into this with them while our ladies joined the other girls. The guys were first instructed not to use their bottles but the girls were told to take a big hit, hold it in and let the feeling wash over them. They did and as the incredible feeling began to take them away, the guys began and as soon as tongues met pussies, the air was filled with screams of pure bliss. The women squirmed and writhed and pushed their hot twats into our faces. They flushed and screamed and moaned and yelled and begged for more.

The guys met their demands but had no idea why the girls were so responsive.

“Okay guys, same positions but now, you all take a good hit. Hold it in and then enjoy,” I said.

The guys took their first hit while the girls did the same. It was a good thing the park was empty because the shrieks of wanton lust were deafening. The guys licked and sucked with such a gusto. Labia’s were opened, licked, tugged and pulled. Clits were explored, teased and loved. Asses were licked and prodded and heads were held tight as wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss caused the table to walk away of its own accord.

As the effect wore down, they all changed position and the guys got on top of the table. More hits all around and the guys felt their first popper blowjobs. Their faces told the story. Never in their lives had they ever experienced such a wonderful feeling. The women went into total sexual frenzy. They gobbled their cocks deep, lavishing the most wanton greed as they swallowed our fine cocks.

Connie and Tracy were going wild as was everyone else. Little Maria was impaled on Mikes hot cock and he was getting his ass greased royally.

I reached down and grabbed Jills tits and crushed them in my hand. She moaned wildly and sucked harder. She was such a great looking lady with lips of pure honey. She sank her fingers into my ass as her throat massaged my hard cock. She felt my pending explosion and looked deeply into my eyes. My hips slammed into her chin, my balls banging her neck franticily. I took another hit and felt my stomach tighten, my balls lift and I shot a glorious load into Jills hungry mouth. She never took her eyes from mine, she opened her throat and drained every single drop of cum from my swollen cock.

One by one, each man creamed the ladies and they gobbled up every last bit of the hot, sweet spunk. Heavy breathing ensued as everyone tried to catch their breath. The park was now full of wide eyes people with the biggest shit eating grins on their faces.

Drinks were poured, smokes consumed and eventually blood pressures returned to normal.

Little Maria began teasing me, dancing around me, touching me and playing with her tits. She squeezed them together and the pointed nibs looked so inviting. I cleared off the table and lay her lengthwise, pulling her to the edge. I opened her legs and sank my face into her inflamed cunt. Her clit was the size of a small cock and my tongue swirled around it.

Sitting on the third floor balcony of my university gave me a confidence I had never felt anywhere else. Freshman year I had come up here during a formal event and watch the stars rotate until they dimmed away to the rising sun, and waves of students would spill out into the parking lot, many of which did nothing but rest up against the side of their truck and simply caress each other with their tongues. But watching that from up there, I felt like God.

That same day, Twenty minutes after everyone had left, I was waiting for my roommate, Kyle, watching for her on the balcony, and occasionally looking into the woods to check on Tam, my best friend. She was a player, and after the dance, she was the first out with a burly senior, his dirty blond hair drenched in sweat. He had her up on his waist, maneuvering his eyes around her face to get to his car, his tongue all the while slipping through her mouth like a probe. He reached his car and couldn’t manage to pull out his keys. He stepped forward into the woods, throwing Tam into the trees, and following after her.

Right after them came Paul, the captain of the swim team. I have been a straight man since, well, since forever, but the first time I questioned it, the first time I fantasized about a man putting his dick inside of me, it was with Paul.

I had imagined him coming up to me in the bathroom and tapping my shoulder. I turned, and he whispered into my ear, “I want to fuck you.” I watch him unbuckle his belt, and as I feel the tension of it taking too long, I reach for the zipper and snap it down, tearing the belt in half. He pulls off the jeans and grabs my hair. He jerks me towards his dick, the helmet of it hitting my teeth initially, but as I begin to taste it, my tongue flicking across the tip, his soft moans commencing, I begin to like the flavor.

I start small, taking it literally like a lollipop. I suck on it hard, stacking up the pressure, my tongue teasing the slit in his dick. Then, I pull it down through my throat. I can taste the chlorine on it, he’s just come back from a swim practice.

I start blowing him faster, more intensely. His moaning is loud, and he starts taking off his shirt. I run one of my hands up his chiseled abs, feeling every crevice, giving every muscle a story, feeling his entire front side. Then I take my other hand and slide it up his legs to his thick, red balls. I squeeze them gently, his moaning intensifying. Then I slide my hand under his arch and slowly take a finger, sliding it up into his muscular ass. He jumps at first, but upon my second re-entry, his moaning gets louder. I continue to blow him and finger him, his hands still tightly grappling my hair, pushing me back and forth, his waist jutting in and out.

“I’m, ah… I’m-!”

I begin to move back in anticipation of his ejaculation, but he throws me to the tiled floor of the bathroom before I can react. he quickly grabs the top and bottom of his balls, and with the other hand, grabs his cock, then pulls his waist in and stays there for a few seconds, his face showing so much pleasure, his muscles rippling in his stomach. Then he stops, a single drop of cum slipping off of his dick. He sighs, then looks up at me. “Time to fuck,” he says, then grabs my hair again. He pulls me up and begins to tear off my clothes, the takes anchor with my head once more.

Without aiming, without protection, and only with the lube of his spit, he throws me onto the floor and falls on me, his dick sliding up deep inside my ass. I scream in pain, wanting it to get out, but then it goes from a throbbing pain to a growing pleasure, and my scream transforms into a loud sex moan. He pulls out then does it again, and again, and again, all the while taunting me: “You like it like that don’t you bitch? You like riding my fucking dick.”

All I can reply is with a loud “Yes! Yeah! oh, yeah!”

For what seemed like a heavenly forever, he plows me in the bathroom, my knees scraping against the tiled floor. He reaches his arms around me and grabs my balls and dicks, then lifts me up until he is tilted back, then he drops me. I fall onto his dick and it shoots up inside of me faster and farther than before. We let out the same scream at the same time, but then he lets out a “Yes…” and I can feel something warm inside of me. He pulls out quickly and sprays his sperm across my body. I run to it and lick it off his dick, tasting Paul before the dream is gone.

When I saw Paul from up on the balcony, I only had one instinct: to run after him. I caught up with him in the parking lot, and after tapping his shoulder, he teetered to the left and right, then turned to me. He’s was drunk.

“Hey, kid, you want to give me a blow job?” his words slurred for so long that before he says blowjob, I screamed, “Yes!” then jump as I heard the end of the sentence, and then he grabbed me and brought me to his car.

We jumped inside, and he started to unzip his pants.

‘Here comes the monster.’ I thought, and I smiled widely.

The smile crashed into a frown as he pulled down his pants, and a four to five inch ERECT penis is sitting in his lap. I’m incredibly disappointed, but I do it anyways.

The blowjob is awkward, his dick in my mouth reminding me of the texture of a thin, small, glass bottle of coke with a condom slid over the top. After four minutes, I took my lips from his waist, and leaned up to ask, “You wanna fuck?”

“Who’s dick is bigger?” He replied.

Instantly, I pulled out my NON-erect six inches of meat, and he quickly leaned down to suck it. “Lets go do this,” he whispered to me, beer on his breath, and we left the car and fled into the woods.

One things was right about my dreams, at least: He had an amazing ass- inside and out.

This is a story about my first bisexual experience, but before I get into the details of what happened, let me explain myself a little bit first:

I am a 26 year old married man that has been married to a beautiful wife for 3 years. Our sex life has been incredible! I have always wondered what it feels like sexually from the woman’s perspective since I first started having sex myself. My wife has slowly been opening up sexually a little at a time. Although we haven’t gone too crazy yet she has opened up to anal sex. That was a bit of a process and I would love to write about that story sometime but that is when my curiosity all began.

My wife enjoys anal sex and anal play a ton! She has had some of her strongest orgasms during anal sex or with some type of anal play of some sort. That whole idea of wondering what sex feels like from the perspective of the female started making me wonder what anal sex would feel like for me? My wife more recently has been really slow at opening up to new things so the idea of having her fuck me with a strapon kind of went out the window. I was starting to go that route but it was just taking too long. I turned to chatting with women online about the idea of a strapon and also with men.

It was hard to find a woman that was really into the idea of a strapon so I ended up chatting with guys more! Through talking with them, a strapon would not feel the same so it was a good idea I was open to the idea of a guy fucking me instead. After a while guys started asking me to get on cam for them and it didn’t take too much asking for me to just go for it. I started getting on cam for guys and stripping down for them. The first time I cam on cam for a guy I knew that I was really turned on by the idea of a guy fucking me. One guy that I was on cam with told me about a cam site where you go on there and your cam is open to anyone that wants to view you. I made an account and started viewing things that I never have seen before. And then I got on cam myself!

I turned my cam on and it took a little bit until I had a viewer that was actually typing to me but eventually he came. An older man in his 50′s! He told me I would be a dream if I were physically there in front of him with our age difference. And that is where it started, me not knowing what this man looked like or who else would be viewing me, and him along with everyone else being able to see all of me. He asked me to stand my 5’10″ frame up and I listened, and listened to every command that he had. As he told me to start stripping the clothes off my 155lb athletically built body more viewers started to come. The more that came, the more aroused I became.

The last piece of clothing to come off was my boxer briefs. As the waist band slid past the tip of my cock it sprang to life. All 7 inches of my cock was pumped full of blood and in full view of the 20 people now viewing. Knowing that my profile said I was married, the man asked me to get some of my wife’s things. I slid her whole drawer of panties, bras, and lingerie out from the dresser and laid it on the floor in view of the cam along with some of her pictures. Showing the viewers some pictures of my wife brought the excitement level even higher. Then the man asked me to start showing off some of her things.

One by one I showed different combinations and then he asked me to stop at one particular one. It was a long see through mesh lingerie top that had a built in bra and went down to the ass with garter snaps at the bottom. The man, knowing my wife had a similar build to me, asked me to put that on for all to see. There was close to 100 people viewing as I slid the top on, slid on the matching panties, pulled on some thigh high nylons, and fastened the garters.

There I was, wearing a set of lingerie my wife had worn in front of me to arousal many times seeing her in it, but now it’s me wearing it arousing some 100 guys. Everyone was making comments as I moved about in different positions in front of the cam. Seeing my ass bent over in my wife’s lingerie heightened the arousal even further. My ass actually looked pretty hot in this outfit. Then the man thought it was time to take it a step further.

The man asked me to find something cock shaped to pretend it was his cock. After searching and thinking I found it! I was going to use the handle of a tool and put the tool in a vice. I brought it back to the room, put the vice on the floor and tightened the tool into the vice with the handle facing upwards. There it was, this man’s ‘cock’ in the middle of my bedroom. There was about 150 people viewing as the man asked me to get on my hands and knees and suck ‘his’ cock. The comments were flying as I tried to take the tool deeper and deeper pretending it was this man’s cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further, the man asked me to go get some lube.

As I spread the lube that I use to fuck my wife’s ass, and would now be using it to fuck mine, the now 200 people watching were commenting like crazy about the outfit, me sucking the tool and now that I was going to put it in my ass. I loosened the vice and tipped the handle so it was pointing away from the cam. The man asked me to take ‘his’ cock deep into my ass. I unsnapped the garters and slide the panties down. I got down on my hands and knees with my open ass facing the cam and positioned the lubed handle at the opening of my ass. As I felt the end of the handle touch my asshole it sent shivers down my spine.

The tip of the handle popped into my virgin asshole. As I let out a moan the men typed their cheers telling me to take it further and further. As I plunged my ass deeper and deeper the moans became louder and more full of pleasure. They were watching this handle fuck my ass like it was them fucking me doggy style. When I was at the height of my pace and taking it deeper than I thought I ever could, the man asked me to stop to reposition.

I loosened the vice and tipped the handle to the air. Now I squatted down on the handle as I faced the cam with my hard cock facing them as well. I squatted down on the handle as the men watched the handle disappear into my ass. I was stroking my cock as I rode up and down on this older man’s ‘cock’. I was moaning louder and louder and then it happened. My cock exploded and I shot my load all over the bedroom floor with over 300 men watching me on cam and with a tool handle deep inside my ass. As my orgasm settled and I slide off the tool, the man asked me to lick up my cum. I squatted down and stuck my tongue out, and licked my cum from our wood floor. The men all thanked me and slowly left as I cleaned up.

As I shutdown my computer and started putting my wife’s clothing away, I knew that this would not be the end of it. I knew that I needed to take it further. Please let me know if you want to hear part 2 and my first time with a man!

Editor’s Note: this story contains incest content.

NOTE 1: A special thank you to Estragon and Goamz86 for editing this lengthy multi-chaptered journey.

Curiosity: Fucked the Straight Guy

I can’t explain for the life of me when I suddenly became curious. I mean I am 44 and have never found any man remotely attractive. Oh sure, I can tell when a man is good looking, the same way I am sure my wife knows when a woman is attractive…that doesn’t make her a dyke. That said, whenever I had quality alone time, which was often because I traveled for work, I often imagined sucking a cock or taking a cock up the ass. I had no interest in fucking another guy, yet the thought of getting fucked became an obsessive an unhealthy obsession.

In all truth, the obsession happened completely by accident. I was reading stories online on Literotica, like I often do, when I began reading a new author I really enjoyed. She wrote in a variety of genres that really turned my crank like lesbian, group, incest, and loving wives. After flying through her entire portfolio in a few stroke-filled days, all that was left were her gay stories. I can say in all truth, I had never read a gay story, oh sure some stories had gay sub-plots and so forth, but I had never consciously chose to read a gay story. Yet, curiosity got the best of me (a very ironic pun I agree), and I clicked on one of her stories. I read them all in one night and somehow shot a full load while reading them.

The next night, I did what I often do when I like a story; I went to the end and clicked on some of the similar themed stories. Every story was about some straight guy, who had never even considered a guy sexually, ending up on his knees sucking cock and inevitably taking a cock up his virgin butt. In almost all cases the straight guy was shy and submissive while the other was a dominant who ridiculed and verbally abused him…in many ways it felt like my marriage…minus actually having sex. I read a variety of similar stories:

-A straight guy who picks up a hitchhiker and before he knows it is having his faced used like a pussy.

-a straight guy who walks into a bathroom at a bar and accidentally walks in on a scrawny white kid sucking a black man’s large cock…a few days later the straight white guy is begging to suck the black man’s impressive rod.

-a straight guy is at a gym and goes into a sauna where an older man suggests the straight guy is a closet faggot…the straight guy denies it adamantly, yet soon he is a submissive little plaything for this older man.

I couldn’t help it, but after reading these stories what started as an intriguing fascination of ‘oh my God who would do that’ became a compulsive obsession with becoming a cocksucking faggot.

I searched for glory holes in towns I was traveling to, I read personal websites and asked a lot of questions under a newly created username bottomcurioushusband which I think was a very true descriptor.

I asked questions like:

I am 44 and suddenly curious about sucking a cock, yet I am married and straight. Has anyone else had similar desires? Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis.

How would a man who has never had anything in their ass actually go about preparing it for a hypothetical first time bottom experience?

I received many answers, some great advice and a couple of offers to meet some of the responders, which only increased my taboo desire to try it.

I went to an adult store while on a trip and bought anal lube as advised, and the smallest anal toy I could find. I rushed back to the hotel, excited to try it, flipped open my computer, pulled up one of my favourite gay submission stories, undressed and got ready. In advance, I lubed the small two-inch toy and placed probably way too much lube on my puckered anal entrance. As I read the story, my cock became rock hard quickly and I slowly pushed the toy inside me. There was resistance at first, but it quickly weakened and I felt a rush of adrenalin at having something, albeit really small, in my ass. It didn’t hurt; on the contrary, I wanted more. I tried pushing the toy deeper, but it was all in and my mood shifted from excited to frustrated. I leaned onto my back and wiggled the toy in my ass as my free hand began stroking my erection. I continued reading the story as both hands moved quickly and in less than two minutes I was shooting cum straight up in the air.

After cleaning the toy, I decided I would return to the store tomorrow and get a bigger toy. Over the next couple of days, I bought and tried progressively bigger toys, getting accustomed to things in my butt. Each time I got off from pleasuring my ass, I craved more…I craved the real thing.

About a month later, after having experimented with a wide variety of toys in my ass, including walking around all day with a butt plug in my ass; fate made my curiosity a reality. I was in a rather posh hotel when it happened. I should note I am decent looking and in great shape for my age; I had just finished working out when fate intervened. I was in the gym shower washing away my sweat when a younger guy, probably no more than twenty, joined me. Since my fascination with sucking a cock began, I have often taken quick glimpses of every man I could. No one had seemed to notice…until now.

I looked and saw a decent sized cock, semi-erect, attached to the pretty boy. He dripped rich kid prep. I didn’t glance any longer than a couple of seconds, but he seemed to notice.

“Hey old man, do you like what you see?” he asked, with a slight smile.

“Excuse me?” I responded, attempting to be oblivious to his implication.

He chuckled. “I am pretty sure you were checking out my package.”

I stammered, my face flushed, “N-n-no, I wasn’t.”

“Too bad,” he shrugged, grabbing his cock and stroking it slowly.

No matter how much I tried to look away, I couldn’t take my eyes of the growing cock. He continued this until all eight inches, two more than my cock, were fully erect.

“For a guy who isn’t a faggot, you sure are drooling over my meat,” he assessed accurately.

I stammered, hypnotized by his stiff rod, “I-I-I have never done anything like this before.”

“Hmmmm…a straight faggot. I love it.” He chuckled again.

I continued to stare at his erection, my own cock now erect too, as I winced at being called a faggot.

“And for a straight man, your cock is telling a different story.”

Suddenly, I realized I was in my own erotica story. I stood frozen, wanting to drop to my knees but unable and petrified of someone walking in. My resistance as weak as the French were in both World Wars, I questioned, “What if someone comes in?”

“We were the only two working out this morning and if they do all they will see is a straight man, oh a straight married man, sucking his first cock.”

My red face went redder as he noticed my wedding ring. I said nothing, but continued staring at his erect cock.

He finally gave me an ultimatum. “Cocksucker, I don’t have all day. Either get on your knees and suck my cock like it is obvious you want to or stop drooling and I will go wake up my girlfriend for a morning quickie.”

I hesitated only briefly before falling to my knees in front of this confident young man. I looked up and saw his smug smile that only made the embarrassment that much greater…yet, I desperately wanted to feel his cock in my mouth.

I took it in my hand and slowly moved up and down tentatively until this nameless stranger said, “I can stroke my cock myself old man, get sucking like the faggot you are.”

Accepting that his words were true, and that detached fantasy had become a living reality, I opened my mouth and leaned forward.

As soon as my mouth was wrapped around his cock, he moaned, “That’s it cocksucker, make your dream come true.”

I was tentative at first, but did to his cock what I liked having done to mine. I swirled my mouth around his cock head, creating extra saliva to attempt to bathe his cock…like my wife used to do before we were married. After creating this lake of lust, and hearing his moans increase, I got more confident and began bobbing back and forth.

“That’s it faggot, take all my cock,” the hung stranger moaned.

Suddenly determined to get all eight inches in my mouth, I continued bobbing back and forth, each time taking a little more in my mouth.

“That’s seven, cocksucker, only one more inch.”

Although I wasn’t sure I could take more in my mouth without gagging, I pushed myself further.

“There you go, sissy, you did it. You got all eight inches of my meat. Now get me off.”

Eager to taste my first load of cum, I furiously bobbed on his cock like a slutty teenage girl, not the forty-four year old married father of two I was.

“I’m getting close, faggot,” he grunted, which had my free hand going to my cock. I pumped my cock quickly while keeping a similar pace on his cock. A minute later, I heard a grunt and felt him spray his cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the salty seed that was way less unpleasant than I expected. I continued to suck his cock, although slower now, milking the last of his seed.

I heard a door open and I quickly stood up, my face of shame branded on me. The unnamed young man I just pleasured smiled and complimented, “For a first time, you are a natural.”

I didn’t respond as an older man walked in. My erection still in full view, I attempted to cover it, which only made what I had just done even more obvious.

The younger man shut off his shower and said to the older gentleman, “He is a great cocksucker, if that floats your boat.” As he left, the young man said, “Thanks for the blow job, faggot.”

My face was redder than Hell itself as I wanted to flee, but then I would be in the same room as him again.

The old man shook his head in disgust, making me feel even dirtier, and he headed towards the sauna.

I finished my shower, realizing I still had a full head of shampoo, while oddly savouring the lingering after taste of my first mouthful of cum. My cock refused to shrivel and I eventually grabbed a towel and hurried to my room.

Once inside, I replayed the events of my first gay experience, as I furiously beat off. Now alone in my room, my shame disappeared and I was eager to do it again. I suddenly felt like a teenager after losing my virginity…I was addicted.

Sadly, my job called and I had to head off to work, my neglected cock begging for attention.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see my unnamed stud again, even though I made sure to be in the gym at the same time the next day. I returned to my family with a dark secret, and an even bigger craving to do it again and again.

It was two weeks later, two excruciatingly long weeks later, before I was on the road again. Confident that it was no longer just a lingering curiosity but now a burning craving, I searched for gay bars and glory holes, and stiff cocks in Atlanta. I even flew in a day early, lying to my wife (my whole life was becoming a lie), to start my hunt for cocksucking opportunities.

I checked in and headed over to a gay dance bar I read about online. It was infamous for being a great pick up joint. I arrived early, ordered a double rum, and surveyed the bar. Even though I craved sucking cock, I still didn’t find men attractive. It wasn’t like when I was single and on the prowl for pussy…then I scanned the club, choose my prey and turned on the charm (sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t).Now, I didn’t even know where to start.

I sat at the bar for a few songs before this built man, probably thirty or so, asked, “First time here?”

“Y-y-yes,” I stammered, suddenly feeling insecure in comparison to this Greek Adonis of a man.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he offered.

“S-s-sure,” I managed to agree. He snapped his fingers and the bartender quickly poured me another double and a beer for my godlike stranger.

When both had our drinks in hand, he said, “I’m Greg.”


“So what brings you to my little establishment?”

“You own this place?” I asked amazed.

He shrugged as if it was no big deal, “Yeah, have since it opened in 2008.”

“Wow,” I replied.

“So you from here?”

“No, I actually live in a suburb outside of Boston.”

“Cool. I have always wanted to go. Why you in the wonderful city of Atllanta.”

“For business,” I offered.

“No pleasure?” he smiled, flirtingly.

Shy, but hungry, I replied, “Well, maybe some pleasure.”

“Greg, there is a fight in the bathroom,” a flamboyant and screamingly gay waiter Interrupted.

“Don’t go anywhere, Evan,” he said, squeezing my leg and disappearing into the growing crowd of the bar.

I was a crazy mixture of extreme excitement and turbulent trepidation. I was eager, desperate even, to suck another cock yet the thought of maybe more was downright scary. The thought of getting fucked was still intriguing, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for it yet, even though I had prepared my ass as best I could.

I finished my second double and the bartender smiling knowingly, had a third ready instantly. I smiled back shyly.

A few minutes later, my third double half done, Greg returned. He continued our conversation as if he had never left. “So, first time here, from the great big north, married, yet at a gay club…you are an interesting fella Evan.”

He paused, finished his beer, and continued his assessment. “Based on your shy demeanour, you are a gay virgin, but curious. Am I right?”

“Yes and no,” I whispered.

“Well, now you got me curious. Let’s continue this conversation somewhere a bit quieter.” He didn’t ask my opinion, but grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. We went through a door and into a room that was nicer and bigger than my hotel room. He went to the bar, topped up my drink, and suggested I join him on the leather couch. He pressed a remote control and six TV’s came on. They were all security cameras spread throughout the bar.

I scanned them and originally saw nothing of interest, until Greg said, “Can you see that?”

“What?” I asked, searching for whatever he was fascinated by.

“Camera 5. There is a dude under the table,” he pointed out.

I looked closer and indeed he was right. A stunned, “Wow,” escaped my lips.

“So back to your last statement, ‘Yes and no’.”

I blushed, but gave a short version of my one and only cocksucking experience.

“And you have craved sucking another cock every since then,” he assessed.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“But you don’t want to be fucked?”

“I don’t know,” I honestly answered.

“But you do want to suck my dick?”

I admitted, “Yes.”

“How badly?” he asked while standing up.

“Desperately,” I replied, embarrassed but hungry.

He unbuckled his pants and his cock sprang out. It was smaller than my first in length, but he made up for it in girth. I stared at it like I did my first naked girl.

“Don’t just stare at it, Evan, quench your thirst.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Four doubles had me intoxicated, but I would have done this stone cold sober. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked just his thick mushroom top. I swirled my tongue around it, I treated it like it was the best tasting lollipop ever and I wanted it to melt in my mouth. Slowly, I took more in, once I got used to its substantial width. He moaned, always saying my name, which because of the taboo act was just as naughty as being called a faggot. “That’s it Evan. Worship my cock. You love my cock, don’t you?”

I briefly took it out of my mouth, my desire to please now controlling me. “Yes, Greg, your cock feels so good in my cocksucking mouth.”

I returned to sucking as he continued, “Evan, you are a natural born cocksucker and in time you will make a very good bottom.”

I moaned a ‘thank you’ as I began to pick up the pace.

He demanded, “Tell me you love my cock more than your wife’s pussy.”

That wasn’t even going to be a lie. I replied, “I love your cock way more than my wife’s ironclad locked-down cunt.”

“Do you know who else has a cunt, Evan?”

Confused, I quit sucking and looked up from my submissive position.

He smiled, “You do, don’t you Evan?”

Realizing his implication, I played along. “Yes, sir, I have a tight little cunt.”

“Show me your cunt, Evan,” he ordered.

My eyes went big, but while my mind processed the order, my hands were already fumbling with my pants. He watched, amused, as I struggled to get undressed.

Once naked, he bent me over and spread my ass cheeks. “Wow, you have a pretty little cunt, Evan!”

“Thank you,” I replied, although it sounded absurd.

“Do you want to have your cunt fucked, Evan?” he asked, as I felt a finger slide inside my virgin cunt.

For the second time I could make my fantasy a reality, but once I said yes there was no turning back. It was one thing to suck a cock, it was another entirely to allow a stranger to take my anal cherry. Yet, the words out of my mouth were all that mattered. “Yes, please fuck my pussy.”

“You want me to be your first?” he asked, while pumping my ass with his finger, while wiggling it around, loosening me up for his thick rod.

“Yes,” I moaned, suddenly wanting nothing more than to be fucked. To be treated like a slut. I begged, “Make me your bitch.”

He slapped my ass and added a second finger inside my virgin butt. He explained, “A virgin pussy like yours needs to prepped for my cock or else you may tear.”

I moaned, “Yes, get me ready for your thick rod.”

His fingers in my ass had me delirious with craving. Somehow he spun them around, slowly widening my ass, gaping it open, as I had read about in some online stories. “Getting closer,” he promised.

“Oh god, please, I want your cock so bad,” I whimpered, like the submissive bottom I wanted to be.

He chuckled, “You are one eager little virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I have wanted this for awhile,” I admitted.

“Beg for it, Evan.”

Desperate to please him, desperate to feel his cock in my ass, I begged, “Please take my anal virginity, fuck my virgin pussy, make me the bottom I crave to be.”

His fingers left my ass and I felt empty. I looked back to see him coat his cock with lube and go behind me. “Are you ready, Evan? Ready to get your tight cunt reamed?”

I could feel his cockhead and I pushed back like the horny slut I was, “Oh god yes, make me your bitch, your slut, your faggot…aaaaaaaaaaaah fuck oh my God.” He slowly pushed forward widening my ass in a way I couldn’t begin to explain. The pain wasn’t intense, but it was definitely there. I grit my teeth and just allowed the buff stranger to slowly get my ass used to his girth.

He explained, “Your pussy is probably burning a bit right now, Evan. Don’t worry, it will dissipate in a bit and it will turn into a pleasure you have never experienced before, but have desperately craved.”

I whimpered, through gritted teeth, “Kkkkkkkk.”

Every time he pushed deeper into my no longer virgin cunt, I thought I was filled to the most I could possibly take, but then I would feel him go deeper in me. I continued to whimper like a school-girl for an eternity. The burn wasn’t going away as promised.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight Evan. I could stay in it forever,” he complimented.

My next words surprised him as it surprised me. “Oh god, Greg, please start fucking me. Use my pussy.”

He obliged, although he started slow. He warned, “Just so you know Evan, there was still another inch yet to fill your pretty little pussy entirely.”

I couldn’t believe it. Another inch. There was no way I could fit his whole cock in me. I moaned though, ignoring my insecurities, “Oh God, I love your cock in my pussy.”

“The second I saw you at the bar all timid, I knew what you wanted…what you needed…what you craved.”

As promised, the burning slowly shifted to a pleasure unlike any other. My whimpers gone, I moaned, “Yes, I needed to be fucked like the little girl I am.”

“Hmmmm, since you are a girl,” he grunted, “we should give you a girl’s name.”

The idea made my cock flinch with excitement. “Yes, rename your bitch,” I eagerly moaned. A new name meant a new life, one where I could be who I wanted to be.

“Let’s see, all we have to do Evan is take away the n and what to we got?” he asked, making me say it first.

He was now sliding his cock in and out quicker, although never completely going all the way in. I moaned, a haze of excitement and submission, “Eva, my name is Eva.”

“Good girl,” he purred and stunned me by pulling out.

Like an addicted crystal meth addict, I bellowed, “Noooooo.”

He chuckled as he went to the closet. “If you are Eva now, you should dress the part.”

I stayed on all fours, legs spread open, easily the worst position to ever be caught in, waiting submissively.

He returned with a red wig and stockings. He handed them to me and ordered, “Put these on and return to your position, Eva. I will be back in a couple of minutes.”

“You are leaving me here?”

He smiled, “Already needy. You may really have already become Eva.”

I flushed red again and after he dressed and left, I stared at the stockings. I didn’t even know how to put them on properly. Being alone gave me time to reconsider what I was doing. This becoming a girl had never been part of my fantasies, yet obeying his requests was a major turn-on. I began to put the stockings on, when the same flamboyant waiter from earlier walked in. I quickly tried to cover myself.

“Greg sent me in to make sure your feminization was going ok,” he announced, walking over to me.

“He did?” I asked dumbfounded.

The gay waiter smiled. “Yes, he will be back in a few minutes.”

“Oh,” I replied, disappointment washing over me.

“First time in stockings?” he correctly assumed.

“Um-yeah,” I replied, my frustration at putting on the stockings building.

He fell to his knees and took the crumpled stocking. “Here, let me help.”

I watched as he rolled the stocking onto his hand expertly and slowly put it on my foot and up my leg. His soft hands on my legs had my cock begging for attention. He replicated the slow procedure on my other leg. Once done, he stood back up and grabbed the wig. Once it was on, he smiled and said, “With a little make-up you would make a pretty girl.”

What should have been a major insult instead excited me. He went into the closet and returned with a make-up bag. He then sat on the couch beside me and as he called it, “Put my face on.” He put eyeliner, blush and lipstick on.

Once done, he stood up and looked me over. It felt incredible awkward, as if I was a piece of meat. He smiled, clearly impressed with his work, and said, “Greg will love you.” Without another word he left, leaving me alone and half-dressed as a girl.

Being alone was excruciating as I just waited, like a late night booty call, for him to return. I caressed my own stocking clad leg. I had always liked the silky feel of stockings even though my wife had long quit wearing them for me. It was almost an hour, my cock long since tamed and flaccid, before Greg returned.

He apologized, “Sorry for taking so long, but I am a bit short staffed tonight.”

I mumbled, “It’s ok.”

He smiled, walking over to me, “Oh my, Alex made you fucking gorgeous.”

I blushed at the strange compliment. “Thank you.”

“Are you ready to finish what we started, Eva?”

I nodded as he dropped his pants again. I took his semi-erect cock back in my mouth, preparing it for my pussy. He moaned, “That’s it Eva. Get my cock nice and hard for your tight pussy.”

I moaned, eager to make exactly that happen. My ass felt empty and I craved having it filled again. Feeling Greg’s double-wide grow in my mouth and knowing it was because of me, was a huge turn-on. One it had grown to its fully erect size, I changed my style. Unlike the last time when I slowly pleasured his cock, this time, I bobbed on it back and forth furiously.

“Good girl,” he purred as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

Without instruction I resumed my submissive, ready-to-get-fucked, position. He lubed his cock again and returned to finish the job he started. He placed his slippery stick at my pussy and slowly re-entered me. The burning sensation immediately returned, but it was a much number pain than his first penetration.

I let out a whimper as he pushed deeper into me, my pussy eagerly attempting to open for him. “You are so fucking tight, Eva,” he grunted, his hands on my stocking-clad ankles. “And I love a girl in stockings.”

He suddenly stopped and asked, “Are you ready to have your pussy really fucked, Eva?”

“Oh god yes. Please fuck me like some cheap slut,” I begged, wanting nothing more.

“Get ready, this first stroke is a doozy,” he warned, bucking his hips forward.

I screamed, an intense pain shuddering through me as he filled my ass, my pussy, with all his cock. He again just held it there, his cock entirely inside me, allowing me to get used to it, as the pain slowly faded. He explained, “Eva. Your pussy may be the tightest I have ever felt. I just want you to stay there and get accustomed to the feeling of a big, hard, cock inside you. How does it feel?”

I whimpered, “It still hurts, but yet feels so fucking good.”

“Just relax, the hurt will go away and the sweet pleasure will take over,” he advised.

I obeyed, just allowing my ass to get used to being full. He continued, “You are so pretty, Eva. If I threw a dress on you and sent you out there you would be devoured whole. You would be sucking cock after cock after cock, while your tight pussy got drilled over and over and over again. Would you like that, Eva? To be a gangbang slut?”

Every word he said only made my decline to utter cock submission more appealing. I suddenly envisioned being taken in both holes, being used by man after man. Finally, I replied, actually wanting such an incomprehensible thing to happen to me, “Oh yes, I would love to be fucked over and over again. But first, please, fuck me. I am ready.”

“Are you sure?”

“I have never been surer of anything in my life. Please fuck my ass,” I begged.

“You mean your pussy?” he corrected.

I played along. “Yes. My pussy, my cunt, my fuckhole…please pound me like the little girl I am.”

Suddenly, I felt him begin to slowly move in and out of my ass. Each almost pull out and emptying of my ass, was soon replaced by his full manhood. The feeling of empty and full was the most thrilling and frustrating feeling ever.

I wanted it harder…I wanted it faster…I wanted it deeper. I begged, “Don’t make love to my pussy, fuck it. Fuck it hard.”

This seemed to surprise him, but he obliged and began quick hard thrusts. He grunted, “Like this, slut?”

I huffed and puffed, unable to complete a sentence, the mixture of pleasure and pain clouding my brain. “Oh-yes-aaaaah-fuck-god-fuck-yes-aaaaah.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckled as he continued his piston like pumping of my clearly no longer virgin back end.

My cock felt stiffer than I ever felt it before, yet I was stuck in the eternal vastness of orgasm limbo. I wanted to come so bad, yet nothing happened, even though my cock was constantly feeling intense pulses of pleasure.

He pounded my pussy for a long time before warning, “I got one of the patron faggots to blow me while you were getting feminized, Eva. I am not even close yet.”

“Aaaah, good,” I squeaked out, “I don’t want this to end.”

“I need a break; you bounce back on my cock, Eva. Fuck yourself like a good little slut.”

I obeyed, like the good little slut I wanted to be, as I bent back and began bouncing back and forth, taking his cock even deeper in me. A pain returned briefly, but quickly subsided as I fucked myself on his beautiful cock. I could feel his balls slap on my ass with each backwards thrust, each thrust a constant reminder I was being fucked by a guy. I bounced back on his cock forever, until he finally picked me up, flipped me on my back, grabbed my legs together, leaned forward and hammered me from a new intense angle. I don’t know if he went deeper, but from this position, the sensation was completely different. I closed my eyes until he demanded, “Look at me when I fuck you, Eva!”

I opened my eyes and watched him. Perspiration dripped as he pulverized my pussy.

A few more minutes in this new submissive position and he began grunting more and he asked, “I’m close Eva. Where do you want my cum?”

Without hesitation I answered, “I want to taste you. Please come in my mouth.”

He quickly pulled out and shoved his cock in my eager mouth. He surprised me by holding my head with both hands and began to face-fuck me. He grunted, “Get ready, Eva.”

Seconds later I was swallowing my second ever load of cum. The taste was completely different, yet oddly similar, and I eagerly savoured every drop. Once spent, he pulled out and asked, “Do you want to come?”

My raging hard-on spoke for me. “Oh god, yes.”

He fell to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He deep throated me easily and in less than thirty seconds I warned, “I’m going to come.”

He kept sucking and as soon as he shoved two fingers back into my gaping ass, I sprayed his throat with my cum. He didn’t slow down until long after I was done.

Finally, he stood up and smiled, “So did you enjoy yourself?”

Exhausted, yet still craving more, I replied, “It was way better than anything I fantasized.”

“You will be sore tomorrow,” he warned.

“I imagine so,” I replied, unable to get used to the emptiness in my ass.

As he got dressed, he suggested, “and if I were you I would give yourself time to recover. The biggest mistake a newbie makes is allowing his ass to be fucked too much before it is accustomed to the pleasurable violation.”


“Yep. Trust me I have a fair amount of experience in bottoming virgins like you, although I have never felt such a tight ass as yours.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I replied with an awkward smile.

He said, “If you lived here, I would regularly top you.”

“I wish,” I honestly replied.

“I need to get back to the club. Feel free to stay here till you are recovered. But be warned, Alex was checking you out.”

“He was?” I asked, not used to being checked out.

“Trust me. I imagine he had to restrain himself from gobbling your cock when he got you ready. He loves guys in drag.”

“Oh,” I replied, dazed.

“Keep the stockings. They look really good on you.”

He disappeared and I was alone and strangely craving more cock to suck. I kept the stockings on, but dumped the wig and got dressed. I returned to the club and got a lot of strange looks.

An older man, probably fifty, said, “Well, aren’t you pretty?”

I suddenly realized I still had make-up on. I was embarrassed and quickly went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I was looking at myself in the mirror when the older man reached around from behind, grabbed my cock and said, “Follow me, pretty boy.”

I mindlessly followed him into a bathroom stall. As soon as the door was closed, he pushed me onto my knees and dropped his trousers. “Is this what you want, pretty boy?”

I didn’t answer but instead took his smaller five-inch cock in my mouth. The smaller cock was a pleasant change and I easily deep-throated him. All I wanted was to feel his cum spray down my throat so I sucked his cock eagerly ignoring my usual foreplay tease.

Within a couple of minutes he was moaning, “That’s it pretty boy, I’m almost there.” A few seconds later I was swallowing his cum, which although not as sweet as my last two, quenched my thirst.

Once done, he buckled himself up and said, “Thanks pretty boy.”

I remained on my knees as he left the stall quickly.

Exhausted, I quickly washed my face and left the club.

The next day was all day meetings, followed by a supper with a new potential client. The whole evening my brain played tricks on me. I wondered if his cock was big. I wondered if the twenty-year-old waiter would allow his tip to be a blow job. I wondered how long I had to wait before getting the thrill of a cock in my ass again. When I excused myself to go the bathroom, I glimpsed at the guy beside me taking a piss.

He noticed and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I stammered, “N-n-nothing,” and quickly looked away embarrassed.

Back at the table, I couldn’t believe how much I craved a cock in my mouth. Every guy I saw was a faceless potential cock. Yet, I was still way to uncomfortable too actually aggressively offer my eager cocksucking services.

That night I ended up jerking off in my hotel room, before returning to the bland existence of suburbia.

The next six months I became more confident in myself and had sucked men, young and old, in over a dozen cities and had my bottom tapped eight more times. Being on the road, I left my vanilla existence behind. Living the double life was exhausting and I constantly stressed trying to balance my home life with my newfound sexuality.

Ironically, it was while at home during summer vacation that the two lives collided. It was while at home that I became the personal faggot for one of my son’s baseball teammates…but that is an entirely different story.

Curiosity: Got Him a Black Teen Top

In part one, my curiosity got the better of me and I had my first cocksucking and later my first bottom experience. Having a job where I traveled a lot allowed me to begin to have a whole new life. On the road, I was a faggot who loved sucking cock and being a bottom to complete strangers. It was exhilarating, but the emptiness I felt when at home when I had to live the father, husband vanilla life was becoming harder to do. I craved cock like someone craves nicotine. And just like when quitting smoking you go through withdrawal, I was going through withdrawal too.

I mean I love my kids. Actually, if it wasn’t for them I would have left my wife years ago. I still love her, I just don’t love-love her. The thrill is long dead. I mean she is still quite attractive, but the sexy, naughty side of her died after my daughter was born. She went through some serious postpartum depression and her vagina and sexual appetite shrivelled up like a raisin. We were going through the motions now, having sex a few times a year and just biding our time. My daughter was going into grade twelve and would be turning eighteen in a couple of months while my son just ended his first year of college. I was actually considering ending the marriage, the charade of my duel existence becoming too much. When at home, I constantly craved cock and wasn’t sure how much longer I could resist my growing need to suck cock and was I willing to risk everything to quench my thirst for cum…when my problem was solved for me.

It was at my son’s ball game when it began, innocently. I was watching the warm-ups when I noticed the outfielder, grabbing his crotch to adjust himself. Instantly, I wondered if the rumours were true about black men and their cocks. He was a tall, built, black man. Curiosity got the better of me and I spent the majority of the warm-up watching this black teenager. He adjusted himself twice more during warm-up and I assumed it was because his big black cock didn’t fit his jockstrap. Or at least that was what I was imagining in the cocksucking fantasy I was currently having.

The game started and in the bottom of the first the black boy was called to the on deck circle. His name was Jimmy Jones I learned and he warmed up like a batter on deck does. As he reached down to pick up his bat he adjusted himself. When he moved back up he was eye-to-eye with me. I quickly looked to the field casually. He went to the plate and doubled in the first run. While at second, getting his lead he adjusted himself again and looked over to where I was sitting. I didn’t think there was any way he could get a clear look at me from there, but I was suddenly self-conscious. I considered leaving as my secret desires had to remain under the surface, yet I couldn’t leave my son’s first game, even if he was on the bench. The next couple of innings went rather normal and I realized the thought that some 18-year-old kid could tell my secret was absurd…yet the next time he was in the on-deck circle he definitely looked directly at me and adjusted his package. I blushed as I tried to hide my growing hunger by looking away. I resisted the temptation to look back until he was at bat. I watched him from behind, his tight young ass seemingly wiggling at me, for me. Just before he stepped into the batter’s box, he turned around and looked directly at me, through me. Again, I quickly looked away, like a shy school-girl.

Two pitches later he homered, giving his team a 3-1 lead. He made the same moves for the rest of the game. He grabbed his crotch a few more times, I thought he looked directly at me a few more times and I quickly looked away a few more times. It had become a game of cat and mouse and I was clearly the mouse.

Up 12-3 in the eighth, Jimmy was replaced by my own son, which seemed rather ironic. My son grounded out to end the inning, unfortunately. The game ended 12-4 and I went to meet my son. On my way there, I saw a smug Jimmy walking towards me. His smile stayed until he reached me.

“Did you enjoy the show?” he asked.

I replied, acting as manly as I could considering I badly wanted to see, touch and taste this young man’s cock, “It was a good game.”

“Not that,” he said, shaking his head, his smile going wider, “Did you enjoy my show?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, feigning not to understand the implication.

Just then my son showed up. I said, “It was a good game, Simon.”

“Thanks Dad, but I didn’t do much.” He shrugged.

“Win as a team, lose as a team,” I countered.

Jimmy added his two cents’ worth, “Yes, we need back-ups too Simon. People to help keep the starters motivated.”

It seemed just a little condescending on the surface, yet, I briefly pondered if he was implying something sexual based on our very brief interactions.

An awkward pause followed before my son said, “I’m going to take a quick shower before we head home, ok.”

“Sure, sure,” I said, nervous and excited to be alone again with this confident teenager.

My son left and Jimmy asked, “So does he know?”

“Know what?” I asked, playing dumb.

“That his Daddy is a closet queer?”

“I am not!” I adamantly denied.

“You can seriously look into my face and tell me you don’t want to taste some chocolate?”

He asked, grabbing his crotch again.

Even though my words denied his assumptions, my stiff cock and red cheeks couldn’t hide my lust. I finally said, fighting my eagerness to taste the chocolate, “I need to go.”

He grabbed my shoulder and leaned into my ear, “Look faggot. I know, I always know, when some supposed straight guy is really a queer. And you are definitely a queer, aren’t you?”

“I-um-I,” I stammered, rattled by his aggressiveness.

“Look daddy. There are lots of white faggots eager to be my little fuck-toy. If you want the privilege, tell me now!” he demanded.

I didn’t make eye contact but whispered, “I do.”

“You do what?” he asked, forcing me to say it.

“I want to be your fuck-toy,” I admitted, humiliated, but added, “but please not here.”

“Fair enough, no one else needs to know you’re a faggot. But I do want to sample my merchandise today.”

“Kkkkkkkk,” I whispered, my mouth salivating over the thought of tasting his chocolate meat.

“I expect to meet you here at ten tonight, understood faggot?”

“Yes,” I submissively agreed.

“Good, don’t you dare be late, cocksucker,” he warned before leaving.

I stood there frozen for a brief time before quickly adjusting my stiff cock and going to the car to wait for Simon. In the car, I briefly pondered the potential hazards of my new predicament. On the one hand, I desperately wanted to taste him, to suck my first black cock. Plus, his confident manner only enhanced my eagerness to submit. On the other hand, it was easy to get away with it hundreds or thousands of miles away, but in my own backyard the risk of getting caught increased exponentially. Also, he knew my son. The slippery slope was getting increasingly slick.

Simon showed up and I decided to inquire more about Jimmy. But first we talked ball. “So, you just missed a double on the foul ball.”

“Yeah, then I grounded out,” he sighed.

“Hey, the best players only get on base 3 out of 10 at bats,” I pointed out.

“Well, the problem is getting ten at bats,” he replied, clearly frustrated. He had been a starter his whole life and I was surprised to see him on the bench, although this was Division 1 ball and much more competitive than high school.

“You just got to pay your dues,” I replied.

“I suppose. It’s just this Jimmy kid rubs it in all the time.”

“How so?” I asked, concerned for my son.

“Calls me the back-up, the white kid, or makes jokes like Simon says ‘sit on the bench’. Juvenile crap, but it does get old pretty quick. What was he talking to you about?”

I lied, “I just told him nice home run.”

Silence lingered as I realized the guy who I wanted to submit to was bullying my son. I decided I wouldn’t meet him.

That night, although tempting, I resisted and stayed home.

The next afternoon, I returned from my jog to see that Simon had a few teammates over in our backyard swimming. I noticed Jimmy, his smug smile unreadable in his intent. I also noticed he was wearing a tight blue swimming Speedo that professional swimmers wear and it did little to conceal his deadly weapon…a weapon that could be my downfall.

I greeted, “Simon you didn’t tell me we were having company.”

Simon said, “Well practice was long, it was so hot and Jimmy suggested we come take a dip in our pool.”

“He did, did he?” I replied, suddenly really worried about his intentions.

Jimmy jumped into the conversation, “I hope you don’t mind Mr. Winston.”

“Oh no, no. That’s why we put the pool in, to cool down,” I replied, realizing the innuendo I just set up.

Jimmy quickly retorted, taking the set-up, “Well, I definitely needed to cool down,” his sexual innuendo only caught by me.

Desperate to get out of this awkward situation, I said, “I’m going for a shower. After I am done, why don’t I throw some burgers on the barbecue?”

“Sounds great,” Simon agreed.

I disappeared into the house and to the bathroom for a really, really, cold shower. While in there, I tried to figure out how to play this. I figured he wouldn’t make a scene in front of his teammates so I would just act normal…whatever normal meant nowadays.

Out of the shower, I dressed and went to the kitchen to grab the burgers. I quickly marinated them and went to turn on the barbecue. Everyone was in the pool but Jimmy who was lying on a lawn-chair, his impressive package even more showcased than before. You could see the complete outline of his large stick. I tried not to stare, tried not to salivate, but it was like my eyes were being pulled by a magnet.

Jimmy noticed me staring, yet again, and stood up walking smugly to me, as was becoming the norm, as I scurried to my barbecue. I fired up the barbecue and hurried back to the kitchen, assuming he wouldn’t follow. I was wrong. He followed me in and instantly said, “So you stood me up, faggot. That will be one punishment.”

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me. Each disobedience equals one punishment. Although, you will never know when I will give it,” he confidently explained.

“Jimmy enough,” I said. “This is not going to happen.”

“Daddy-faggot, you were drooling so much out there, I thought you might crawl between my legs and suck me off right then and there in front of your son,” he smiled, adjusting his package in his skin tight Speedo.

I stammered, “I-I-I was not.”

He laughed. “Y-y-you were too. You can’t even look away now.”

He was right. I couldn’t take my eyes of the bulge so beautifully displayed in his tight blue Speedo. I shifted from denial to begging, “Please, stop.”

“Stop? I am just getting started. Training you to be my personal fuck-toy will take some time. The training begins now with your first punishment,” he explained, walking to my fridge. I watched stunned as he pilfered through my fridge until he said, “Excellent.”

He closed the fridge and walked over to me. He glanced outside before walking behind me and demanding, his voice powerful and strong, “Don’t you dare move, faggot-daddy.”

I stood frozen, confused, and yet as his hand slid inside the back of my shorts, I felt my cock flinch. I felt something cold between my ass cheeks, and with one push the cold object was in my ass. My face was red as shame overwhelmed me, yet my now stiff cock stopped any pretence that I didn’t enjoy it. The cold chill was numbing in a way I can’t explain.

He treated me condescendingly. “Good boy. This will stay in your ass until I tell you. Is that understood daddy-faggot?”

I ignored his question, asking, “W-w-what is in me?”

“A baby carrot, and it stays there all day, a reminder that you are my bitch. Is that understood?”

“Please, we can’t do this.”

“You are a faggot that craves cock. I need a white boy to deposit my seed. It is perfect,” he assessed.

“But you are my son’s friend,” I weakly protested, grasping at straws of morality.

“Simon is not my friend. He is my back-up in ball, nothing more, nothing less.” Jimmy added, “And to make this sale permanent, you should probably sample the goods.”

“What?” I asked in a stupor, both eager to submit and yet petrified to submit.

He pulled his tight Speedo down and released his almost ten-inch black snake. I stared at it in awe. It was way longer than anything I had sucked or fucked before. He smiled, “You have the same impressed look most white faggots have when they first get an up-close look at my meat. Now take a closer look.”

His big hands were on my shoulders as he pushed me onto my knees. I forgot I was at home, I forgot my son was just outside and I forgot my wife could be home any second as I stared at the biggest, most delicious looking cock I had ever seen.

Jimmy asked, “So faggot, can you still resist it?”

I didn’t even pretend to resist as I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. “Good boy,” he moaned. I bobbed eagerly on his big stick, for less than a minute when the front door opened. I quickly stood up and Jimmy said, “That was just a sample, daddy-faggot. But you understand I own you now, right?”

I nodded, ashamed, yet accepting it as the gospel.

“We will talk later, slut,” he smiled, squeezing my cock, and covering his chocolate stick just before my wife walked in.

Her usual blah look faded and she lit up as she greeted, “Jimmy. So nice to see you again.”

“You as well, Mrs. Winston. You look more beautiful every day,” he flirted shamelessly to my wife right in front of me.

I noticed my wife take a quick look below and the look in her eyes was obvious. She quickly averted her eyes, and turned to me. “How was your day?”

My wife glanced back at Jimmy as he went back outside, as I answered, “Just another day.”

The carrot in my ass was a constant reminder of what had just occurred. My wife and I briefly chatted before I headed out to make burgers while my wife got the toppings and condiments ready.

The next half hour life was pretty normal, other than the vegetable in my ass, of course. It is odd how quick you get used to something lodged in your butt. It wasn’t until I sat down to eat that I let out a little yelp in front of my wife and all the boys. My wife asked what was wrong and I said I just hit my funny bone, which wasn’t possible, but she didn’t catch on. I saw Jimmy smile, he and I the only ones who knew the real reason for my girly squeal.

After supper, I was cleaning the barbeque when Jimmy whispered in my ear, “That is the girly squeal I expect to hear a lot in the future, my faggot.” The way he stressed the word ‘my’ sent a chill up my back. It was clear I was going to be his bitch. As he went to leave and join the boys downstairs for some Xbox marathon he slapped my ass, pushing the carrot a little deeper into my ass, which only made me want it to go deeper yet.

I couldn’t sit still, and not because I had a carrot in my ass, but rather because I was anxiety riddled as I worried what Jimmy might do in my house and excited about the thought of tasting more of Jimmy’s cock.

A couple of hours later, Jimmy came upstairs and said, his sweetness dripping with deceit, “Thanks for the hospitality Mr. and Mrs. Winston.” He sounded like such a mild-mannered young man it was hard to believe he had been such a Dom just hours ago.

My wife, only seeing the gentleman, or, based on her smile, maybe she saw the same thing I did, a hung young stud, replied, “Oh, you are welcome here anytime you want, Jimmy.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Winston,” he smiled, “I may take you up on that offer.”

Once he was gone, I realized the carrot, I was currently sitting on, could not be taken out without his permission. Just as I was thinking this my cell rang. I got up and grabbed it. The number was not familiar, but that was not uncommon because of my job. “Hello.”

“I expect you in my car in five minutes.”

Before I could respond he had already hung up. I had no idea how I was going to make a believable excuse to meet him.

“Who was that?” my wife asked.

“Eddie,” I quickly lied, “He asked if I could come help him move a couch downstairs.” Eddie was our neighbour and we often helped each other so this was a believable short-term excuse.

“Ok,” she said and went back to reading some romance novel, which was quite ironic.

I quickly got ready and left the safety of normality for the completely unknown, but exciting world of submission. I walked to his car and quickly got in as if I was jumping into a getaway car. Once inside, he smiled, “That was quick. You are one eager little queer aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied letting go of any remaining inhibitions I had.

“Tonight, I am in a hurry, so you have five minutes to get me off or I add a new punishment.”

I looked up and he said, “Well, don’t just stare at me like some lovesick school girl, the clock has started.”

In a flash, I was fumbling with his zipper and pulling out his mostly erect cock. I ignored the fact that I was in a car, in front of my house, and devoured his cock. I sucked it eagerly and passionately, desperate to make him happy, get him off and get the salty reward I craved. I was no longer a husband, no longer a father, I was a cocksucker and it made me feel so good. As his moans increased, a chill went up my spine knowing it was me getting him excited. I never slowed down, taking over seven inches of his cock in my mouth. It wasn’t my usual slow and simmer blow job, but the end result was just the same as I felt his salty seed spray into my mouth, coating my throat. He came more than any other man I had pleasured, but I was able to swallow it all. I kept sucking, hungry to get any remaining cum, until he finally lifted me off his cock.

“Damn boy, you are on eager cocksucker. You still had a minute to spare,” he said, seemingly impressed, which strangely made me proud.

His aftertaste lingered in my mouth, as I silently waited for him to say something.

Jimmy put his cock away and asked a completely out of the blue question. “Your wife will be at work tomorrow?”

“Yes,” I answered, unsure why he was asking.

“And your daughter is at camp?”

I pondered how he knew that, but I answered, “Yes, she is a camp counsellor all summer.”

“Good,” he smiled, before asking an even odder question. “Does your wife still have her wedding dress?”

“Yeah, I am pretty sure she does,” I considered, recalling it in the corner of her closet.

“Good. I expect you wearing it, a pair of your wife’s panties and white stockings and be on your bed at one tomorrow afternoon,” he revealed.

“What?” I asked stunned. “Don’t you have practice?”

“We do, but the coach and I have a special agreement,” he said, his smile making it obvious that the special agreement included the fact that he was fucking him too.

“Coach Carter?” I asked, incredulously. He was my coach twenty-five years ago and the most intense guy I ever met. His wife was the school principal. It just didn’t seem plausible.

“Oh yeah,” Jimmy chuckled. “I knew I could turn him queer the first time I was in the shower. He saw my cock and it was only a matter of time.”

“He was straight then?” I asked.

“As an arrow,” he smiled, “but one look at my cock and he began his descent into faggothood.”

“I can’t believe it,” I said mindlessly, unable to comprehend Coach Carter, my hero growing up, being a faggot…like me.

“Oh yeah and he squealed like a little girl the first time I plugged his ass. Although I may need you to teach him how to suck cock, he still hasn’t really got the hang of it.”

I was mortified at the thought of Coach Carter knowing about my indiscretions. “Please no,” I whispered.

He laughed. “You don’t still think you have any say, do you?”

“No, but it can’t get out that I….” I paused not sure how to describe myself.

“Am a cocksucking faggot who craves my cum?”

“Yeah,” I agreed, ashamed and yet turned-on by the harsh humiliation.

“Now get out of here, faggot!” I began to leave, and he offered, “You are free to take the carrot out.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

He laughed hard, “You are welcome faggot,” and drove away.

I returned home, his sweet taste still in my mouth…craving more.

As soon as my wife was gone for work the next morning, I searched her closet for her wedding dress. It was hung up in the back corner like I recalled. I pulled it out and lay it on the bed. I searched her drawer and found a pair of white panties, but couldn’t find any white stockings. I had my own pair of beige stockings from back in Atlanta, but that was it. So I quickly drove to the mall and bought a pair of white thigh highs. The girl gave me a slightly curious look, but didn’t say anything.

Returning home around 11:30, I waited an hour for Simon to leave before rushing up to my room to get ready. I got naked, showered again quickly and got dressed. I had worn my other thigh highs a few times under my clothes to feel more girly, which was a turn-on for some reason, so I now knew how to put them on properly. Once on, I pulled my wife’s panties on, barely, leaving no breathing room for my erect cock. I sat on the bed and rubbed my own silk stocking legs. It got me even more excited as I stood up and got my wife’s dress on. Being a big, showy, dress it had lots of room to it. Fully dressed as a bride, I nervously and excitingly waited for Jimmy to arrive.

He showed up fifteen minutes late. The moment I opened the door, he smiled. “Well, aren’t you pretty?”

“Please come in,” I said, embarrassed to be potentially scene by any passerby. I quickly closed the door once he was in.

“Let’s go to your bedroom, faggot. It is time to christen you as my fuck-toy,” he announced.

My ass tingled with the thought of being filled. I led him to my room and he ordered, “Get my cock ready, slut. The first load goes down your fairy mouth.”

I obeyed eagerly, pulling down his pants and underwear and taking his cock in my mouth. Not in a hurry this time, I began by swirling my tongue around his mushroom top, creating saliva to bathe his cock.

He approved, “Yes, my slut, worship my cock.”

I continued the tender treatment, slowly going a bit deeper as time progressed, until he ordered, “Suck my balls, homo.”

I had never done that before. I reluctantly took the delicious chocolate stick out of my mouth and slid my tongue down his base to his somewhat hairy balls. I gently took one in my mouth, unsure the protocol for ball sucking. When he didn’t complain, I found the other ball and replicated the pleasure procedure. I went back and forth a couple of more times before the black stud instructed, “Now suck my cock until you can get the whole thing in your sissy mouth.”

I wasn’t sure I would be able to get all ten inches in my mouth, but I was determined to try. I returned to his beautifully stiff cock. I began slowly bobbing on his cock, each forward movement going deeper as I took more and more of his cock in my mouth.

“Good, cocksucker,” he moaned, my constant rhythm on his cock clearly working. As I continued taking more and more of his cock in my mouth, I got more and more excited. “Only a couple more inches, faggot,” he pointed out.

I didn’t slow down as I continued my quest to deep-throat his long cock. Unfortunately, before I could get the last inch in my mouth, I felt cum coat my throat. It surprised me and I gagged a bit, losing some of his cum. I made a quick recovery, extracting any last specks of cum before he pulled out.

He pointed to the floor. “You spilt some of my precious seed.”

Without hesitation, I dropped to the floor and licked up his spilt cum.

“Fuck you are one eager queer. How long you been a pipe-smoker?” he asked.

Still on the floor, in a completely subservient position, I retold my coming of age.

“Wow. And now you are a white sub for black cock.”

I didn’t say anything as he finished getting undressed. He pulled out a camera from his bag and said, “Say cheese, cum-lover.”

“Please don’t!” I pleaded, covering up my face.

“That is one punishment,” he scolded, his tone of authority clear. “Now look up at me and smile like the queer sissy you are.”

Defeated and horrified, I obeyed, looking up, but my smile was fake.

He noticed, saying, “I want a real smile. I bet the best way to get that is by fucking your white ass.”

He pulled me up, led me to the bed and demanded, “Pose.”

I did a few poses as instructed before he asked, “Does your sexy wife have any toys?”

Knowing they were probably for me, I answered, “Yes, in the second drawer.”

He retrieved my wife’s blue vibe and demanded “on all fours, my bride.”

I obeyed, awkwardly, as the dress was long and flopped everywhere. Once in position, he went behind me flipped up my dress, and took pictures of me in my wife’s panties. He took off the panties and without any lube or warning, shoved my wife’s vibe up my ass. I let out a surprised scream, which quickly shifted to shrieks of pleasure as the quick pulses teased my ass. Once in, he turned it on high and took more photos. Moving in front of me, he took more pictures, my facial expressions unable to hide the pleasure the toy in my ass was giving me. He shoved his cock back into my mouth and took even more pictures. I was petrified of what he intended to do with them, but it no longer mattered, I was his bitch.

A couple of minutes later he pulled out and asked, “Are you ready to have your ass fucked, princess?”

Wanting nothing more, I answered eagerly, “Oh god yes, fuck my ass with your big cock.”

He went behind me and pushed the vibe in deeper as he asked, “Who owns you?”

I let out a loud yelp and answered, “Yooooooou do.”

“And you will suck who I tell you to?” he asked, testing his authority over me.

“Yes, I’ll be your perfect cocksucker,” I answered, willing to do anything to feel his long black cock in me.

He pulled the toy out of my ass and put his hands on my hips. “And you will fuck who I tell you to fuck?”

I could feel his cock between my cheeks. I wanted it, needed it so badly I would promise him anything. “Yes, sir, I am your faggot to use as you please.” So immersed in my submission to the black teenager, I didn’t care about future consequences but only feeling his cock in my ass.

I felt him push forward and into me and I thanked him profusely. “Oh yes, thank you for fucking me. Use me as you wish.”

He began pumping away in my ass as he said, “Do you want to suck off Coach Carter?”

“If you want me to,” I replied, the thought of sucking my former hero suddenly a turn-on.

“Do you want me to take you to our college glory hole where you can suck cock after cock after cock?”

His cock deep in me now, I moaned, “Oh fuck yes, take me to a glory hole, or bend my ass over the hole so others can fuck me.”

He laughed. “You are such a queer. What if I just took you to a party, blindfolded you, and allowed both your holes to be used all night?”

The thought was crazy, the thought was humiliating and yet it was all I suddenly wanted. “Oh yes, Jimmy, make it happen.”

“I am almost all in you, my faggot. Think you can take the last two inches?” he asked.

“Make me take them,” I replied, desperately wanting to feel all of him. “My ass is yours. Do with it as you please.”

“Good girl,” he grunted and in one hard thrust forward filled me deeper than I thought possible. A sharp pain shot through my body, but quickly dissipated as he began pounding my ass mercilessly.

“Oh yes, yes, your cock feels so fucking good,” I moaned.

He continued to ravish my ass for another ten minutes, the only sound me huffing like a school girl until he pulled out, flipped me onto my back and in seconds coated my face with his cum. I opened my mouth to catch as much as I could, but most hit my chin, cheek, forehead and hair. Once done, he ordered, “Don’t move.”

I obeyed and he returned and took pictures of me dripping with cum in my wife’s wedding dress.

He began getting dressed and said, “You have officially been christened as my faggot. Always have your phone on in case I need to deposit a load, is that clear?”

“Yes,” I replied, and he was gone.

Over the next week, he fucked me two more times and I loved it, although the fear of getting caught was always there; a forbidden taboo that only seemed to enhance the thrill.

It was the day before my holidays were done and I was going to be heading out to Washington for a few days that my secret life was revealed to my family…but that is an entirely different story.

Curiosity: My Son too?

I was driving Simon to his game, a couple of days before I was to leave on a trip, when he said, “Dad, how do you deal with bullies?”

“There are still bullies at your age?” I asked.

“Yeah, the last week, Jimmy has gone from annoying to downright rude.”

“How so?” I asked, concerned about Jimmy’s intentions.

“Well he had me massage his feet after games, he mocks my manhood all the time and has started calling me names and implying things.”

“Like what?” I asked, even though I already knew deep down.

Simon put his head down, clearly embarrassed. Finally, he said, “He calls me Mini-cock and started calling me faggot yesterday. He asks why I always stare at his penis.”

I was suddenly angry, although I had no idea how to deal with it. I texted Jimmy that we needed to talk, but he didn’t reply. I didn’t see Jimmy until he texted me the next day at lunch and said, “I will be there in an hour, assume the position and leave the door open.”

Our last two times, I was instructed to be in stockings, panties and a different dress of my wife’s. Each time he had took pictures, had me swallow the first load and then he pounded my ass, finishing each time by coating my face. I needed to confront him about my son, but didn’t know how.

I got dressed as expected, this time in a pink flower pattern and waited in the living room. My wife was at work and Simon at practice, so it was safe. When I heard the door open, I quickly got in position, which was on my knees, hands behind my back.

He walked in, dropped his shorts and shoved his cock in my mouth without a word. Unlike the last few times, this time he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. It was all I could do to not gag on his big, stiff cock. He was close to coming, I think, when the door suddenly opened.

I quickly took Jimmy’s cock out of my mouth to see my son at the door, his mouth dropped open.

Simon said, “Dad?”

I quickly stammered, “S-S-Simon I can explain.”

Jimmy laughed. “That I would like to hear.”

I realized I had nothing and shifted to an apology. “Ok, I can’t explain. Sorry, son, I-um….”

Jimmy interrupted, “Your daddy is a faggot; a horny cocksucker; a fairy that loves nothing better than my big cock up his butt. Isn’t that right, queer?”

Mortified and humiliated, I admitted, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Jimmy questioned.

“Yes, I am your faggot.”

“My bitch?”

“Your bitch.”

“My cocksucking cum deposit?”

Unable to look my son in the eye, I repeated, “Yes, your cocksucking cum deposit.”

“As is your son?” Jimmy said, throwing me for a loop.

“What?” I asked, looking up at Simon.

Simon stood frozen and confused, his red cheeks implying his own guilt. Jimmy explained, “Oh, don’t worry Daddy, he isn’t a cocksucker yet, that will happen in a couple of minutes. But like I knew you were a closet queer, I know your son is one too.”

Attempting to protect my son, I said, “Leave my son out of this.”

“Are you questioning me?”

I froze.

“I didn’t think so. Get back to sucking my cock while I talk with your son.”

I didn’t move at first, but unable to disobey Jimmy, I gave in to my weakness and took his cock into my mouth in front of my nineteen-year-old son.

Jimmy explained, “Simon, you are like your dad, you just don’t know it yet. Right now you are watching your dad sucking my cock and you are not repulsed, but rather intrigued. Am I right?”

I couldn’t see Simon with my mouth full of cock, but Simon’s lack of denial worried me.

Jimmy said, “Simon, you’re a faggot. Accept it. Is your cock hard right now? It shouldn’t be unless you are a faggot.”


“Take off your pants, Simon,” Jimmy ordered. A few seconds later, Jimmy said, “Good boy, now your underwear.” I was mortified at what he was making my son do, yet all I did was keep sucking his cock like a good fairy. A couple of seconds later, “You are solid stiff, Simon. Why?”

He finally spoke, “I-I-I have no idea.”

“Come join your dad,” Jimmy ordered.

I heard footsteps and my son was on his knees beside me.

Jimmy said, “Watch your Daddy suck cock. He is a natural cocksucker. Soon you will get your chance to smoke from my pipe.”

Having my son watch me should have been the most horrifying thing ever, yet somehow it seemed to turn me on even more. I sucked his cock slowly, letting my son see me make love to Jimmy’s cock with my mouth.

A few minutes later, Jimmy pulled out of my mouth and offered it to Simon. Simon looked at me so confused, maybe looking for help or a way out of this situation, but instead I said, “Suck Jimmy’s cock, son. Become a faggot, like daddy.”

Simon looked at me one last second, his respect of me as a protector gone, and opened his mouth. Jimmy slid his cock inside my son’s mouth and said, “Good boy, Simon. Now go nice and slow. Get used to my cock in your mouth; it will be there a lot. When your dad is gone, you become my cum deposit.”

I felt ashamed allowing my son to be dragged in to the sexual depravity that I had succumbed to, yet I had no choice. I was helpless against Jimmy’s cock; I would do anything to have it, including apparently giving my son to him. As he said earlier, he owned me and it was true.

I watched my son struggle with sucking his first cock and offered assistance. “Take your time son. His cock takes time to get used to.”

Jimmy agreed, “Listen to your sissy daddy, faggot, you will be doing this a lot.”

Simon slowed down.

I instructed, “Use your tongue and swirl around his delicious lollipop. Treat it like you would a lollipop.” I pulled the cock out of my son’s mouth and said, “Let daddy teach you.” I extended my tongue and swirled it around Jimmy’s mushroom top. I then closed my mouth and did the same thing.

Handing the erect missile back to my son. “Now you try.”

It was bizarre. The last time I handed him a stick after showing him how to use it was when we first went fishing, yet now I was teaching him to suck cock. It was so wrong, so very wrong, yet it turned me on just the same. My son copied what I had showed him. Jimmy approved, “That’s better, sissy. You may become a good cocksucker like your daddy, yet.”

For a few minutes, Simon slowly worked on Jimmy’s cock. I watched intently, taking the odd glimpse of my son’s reasonably sized, fully erect, six-inch cock.

Jimmy noticed and asked, “Is daddy hungry for his son’s cock?”

I quickly denied, “No, no, that is wrong.”

“But teaching your son how to be a cocksucker is ok?” Jimmy pointed out.

I blushed, having no answer.

“Crawl between his legs and let him feel what a great blowjob feels like,” Jimmy instructed.

I briefly considered saying no, but I knew he would make me in the end and I was hungry for cock, even if it was my son’s. I obeyed, my son moving his legs apart to allow me access to his rod, clearly eager to be blown even if it was by his father. Once in position, I did my usual blow job special. As soon as his cock was in my mouth he was no longer my son, but a delicious cock that could quench my thirst for cum. A couple of minutes in, my son shot his cum down my throat. I kept sucking, knowing at his young age he wasn’t shrinking anytime soon.

Jimmy followed a minute later. “Here it comes, faggot. Here comes your first load of cum, the first of so many.”

I quickly moved up and watched like a proud father of a son who hits his first home run as my son got his first taste of cum. I was jealous of my son…he was lucky. If only I had found out how good it was to taste cock when I was eighteen. I wasted so many years of a vanilla life.

Some cum dripped down my son’s face and I instinctively scooped it with my finger and put it in my mouth. My son stared at me with a look of confusion at what had occurred and I imagined how good it felt.

I comforted, “There is nothing to be ashamed of, son.”

Jimmy added, “Yes, we need cocksucking faggots, just like we need slutty chicks, isn`t that right, daddy-faggot.”

I sighed, “Well, that is one way to put it. But Simon, if you are like me you loved the thrill of power you had when his cock was in his mouth. You decided when he came.”

Simon finally spoke. “But I will be the laughingstock of the team.”

Jimmy said, “It can stay a secret as long as you obey like a good sissy.”

I added, attempting to relax my clearly insecure son about his newfound sexuality, “Simon. You are not a freak. You are special.”

Jimmy added, “Yes, my special personal fuck-toy.”

I sighed, hoping to relax Simon, but I continued, “Don’t be ashamed. It took me forty-four years to find out who I am. You are finding out about your sexuality way younger. You are lucky. And, it is 2012, not 1955. People come out all the time.”

“You haven’t,” Simon pointed out.

I paused. “True, son. It is complicated. I am still married and in love with your mom, even if it is a platonic love. I would hate to break her heart, or crush your sister.”

“Talking about breaks, this break is over, and it is time to break someone’s cherry,” Jimmy said.

Simon’s eyes went bigger than a cute kitten.

Jimmy ordered, “Daddy-faggot, get the lube.”

I quickly went upstairs to my hidden supply and returned, finding Simon on all fours like a puppy, his still erect cock dangling in the breeze.

Jimmy instructed, “Rim your son first.”

My fully erect and ignored cock begging for action and doing all my thinking, I eagerly obeyed, crawling behind my son, spreading his tight ass cheeks and I began rimming his virgin puckered hole. After I coated it with saliva, I struggled to push my tongue inside. I barely broke through, but his restrictive hole slowly opened up.

“Finger your son, you incestuous fag,” Jimmy ordered, continuing the verbal humiliation that only got me hornier.

I said, “Son, this will go way easier if you relax.”

“Kkkkkkkk,” he whimpered clearly nervous.

I lubed my finger generously and slowly pushed forward. My son let out the slightest of moans as his ass allowed its first violator. Once in, I wiggled around a bit, attempting to begin the gaping process. Each movement had my son making girl-like sounds.

Jimmy chuckled, “He even moans like a girl.”

Simon’s face went redder, so I slid a second finger in to distract him from the humiliating words being shot at him. Simon let out a loud squeal and said, “Oh god, Dad, that hurts.”

“It’s ok, son, the burn is only temporary. Once your ass gets used to opening up, the burn will fade and a pleasure unlike any other will consume you,” I advised and promised.

I continued the slow push forward, the slow wiggle, and the slow gaping. I asked, “How you doing, son?”

“Better,” he answered.

Staring at his tight ass, I suddenly was obsessed with being his first. My next words I think shocked all three of us. “Jimmy. May I please be the first to fuck my son?”

Jimmy laughed. “You want to take your own son’s virginity?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“What do I get in return?”

“Anything you want,” I answered, willing to do any sexual perversion he would later make me do.

“Deal. But remember you said anything,” Jimmy warned, a smile so devilish I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he had in mind.

“Understood,” I replied, adding, “You own me, Jimmy.”

“Excellent. Go fuck your son. I will film it for posterity,” he announced, pulling out a camcorder from his bag. I looked at him shocked and he explained, “I planned to film you today, but this is even better.”

Way past having any moral concerns, or worrying about what he might do with the tape, I reached for the lube and generously coated both my cock and my son’s ass.

Jimmy ordered, the camera on, “Simon, tell Daddy what you want.”

Simon clearly past caring, like his father, feeling my finger back in his ass, “I want to be fucked.”

“Where?” Jimmy asked.

“In my ass,” Simon moaned.

“By who?”

“My dad,” my son admitted.

“You mean your Daddy?”

I pulled my finger out and moved my lubed cock in position as Simon begged, like I had my first time, “Oh god yes, Daddy, fuck me. Make me a faggot like you, Daddy.”

His naughty mouth was hot and I pushed forward, breaking my son’s anal cherry. His girl-like whimpers only made it hotter as I slowly pushed forward.

“Oh god Daaaaaddy, you are filling me up.”

“You like Daddy’s cock in your ass?” I asked.

“Yeeeees,” he moaned, taking my whole cock.

Once fully in him, I paused, letting him get accustomed to a cock inside him. After a few seconds, he begged, “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me like you like getting fucked.”

Almost busting a nut right then, I obliged, slowly moving in and out of his tight ass. Every push forward allowed a girly whimper out of him and I knew I would not last long in my son.

Getting used to a cock fucking him, he begged, “Harder daddy. Fuck your son. Drill your sissy. Oh yes, harder daddy. Treat me like a slut.”

His begging was too much and I knew I was going to come soon. A minute later, I pulled out and he whined, “Noooooooo,” as I quickly moved to his face and pumped my cock.

He opened his mouth like a good trained sub and caught the first spray of his daddy’s seed. The second spray hit his nose and forehead. The third landed on the floor. He leaned forward and took my cock back in his mouth. I moaned, “That’s it my sissy son, clean Daddy’s cock that just took her cherry.”

He moaned and swirled his tongue around my cockhead like I had taught him earlier. Jimmy put the camera down and sauntered confidently over to my kneeling son.

Jimmy positioned himself behind and said, “Well, your Daddy got you prepared for a real cock. Are you ready sissy?”

“Yes, Jimmy, shove your big black cock in me,” my son begged, taking my cock out of his mouth.

I went to the camcorder and filmed my son getting fucked. Jimmy pushed forward, going balls deep in one single thrust, and Simon let out a scream so loud I was worried the neighbours might have heard.

Jimmy grunted, fucking my son mercilessly, “Whose bitch are you?”

“I’m your bitch, Jimmy,” my son huffed.

“Who will you always obey?” Jimmy questioned.

“You Master, I will obey you always,” my son squealed.

My cock flinched at the thought of Master, instantly beginning to rise again.

“Master, I like that,” Jimmy smiled, sweat dripping off him as he really hammered away at my son.

“Yes, you own me and Daddy,” Simon admitted. “I don’t care who knows, Master.”

I was in awe at my son’s ultimate submission.

Jimmy’s smile got big. “I have such plans for you sissy, such big plans. What about your girlfriend, sissy?”

“She’s yours, Jimmy. I know she has been checking you out. It is obvious,” my son offered.

“You will set it up so I can fuck her?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeeeees, anything you want, Maaaaaster,” Simon screamed, completely in sexual delirium from the pleasure in his ass.

Both focused on what was happening, Simon continued whimpering like a school girl and Jimmy never relenting as his sword split apart my son’s ass. Five minutes, became ten, which became fifteen before Jimmy grunted and clearly filled my son’s ass with his dominant seed. My son quaked, his legs wobbled and I watched as he shot his own load on the floor without his cock ever being touched.

As Jimmy pulled out, he said amused, “Wow, you are the greatest faggot of all. I have never fucked a queer who has shot his load without being touched. Daddy you better clean that up.”

I handed Jimmy the camera and fell to the ground and slurped up my son’s cum from the floor.

Eventually, Jimmy got dressed and asked, “Simon, why were you even home, didn’t we have practice?”

“It was cancelled. Didn’t you get the text?”

Jimmy grabbed his phone, smiled, “Well, so it was.”

Based on his tone, I suddenly realized Jimmy had set this up. “Well, I am off,” Jimmy, looking at his two still erect naked faggots. Looking at our stiff cocks he said, “You two are insatiable.”

Once he was gone, Simon asked shyly, “Dad, can I um, well….”

I said asked, “You want to fuck your Dad, do you son?”

“Yes,” he sheepishly whispered.

“Son, my ass is yours whenever you want it,” I said, standing up and bending over the couch. “But my knees are killing me.”

My son stood up, went behind me and paused.

I begged, “Son, shove that big snake in me. Fuck your Daddy. Make me your bitch.”

It was as if a switch turned on my son. He shifted from submissive bottom to dominant top. He pushed forward and filled my ass. “How does my cock feel, Dad?”

“Amazing son.”

“I can’t believe you are a fucking fairy Dad,” he grunted.

“I’m your fairy, son. Use me whenever you want,” I offered.

He fucked me hard and said, “I jerk off two or three times, Daddy. Now I have two tight holes to use, don’t I?”

“Yeees, son,” I moaned.

Simon having come twice, I was in for a long ride. It was over twenty minutes of pounding and verbal humiliation as he called me a ton of names: faggot, whore, sissy, pussy, slut, cocksucker, homo, daddy-faggot and more and I agreed with every one of them. Finally, he grunted and felt his warm seed fill me.

“Take my cum, slut,” he grunted.

I replied, “Fill your slut with your juice.”

Once spent, he pulled out and saw my stiff cock ready to burst. Shifting again to girly, he asked, “Does Daddy need to come?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

He grabbed my cock, and began pumping it. “Do you want me to suck you, Daddy?”


“Beg, Daddy.”

“Oh God son. Please suck Daddy’s cock.”

Simon took my cock in his mouth and practiced his newly acquired skill. In less than two minutes of him bobbing up and down on my rod, I warned, “I’m about to cum, son.”

In the ultimate reversal of any other gay sex act I had ever been a part of or read about, he pulled out, bent over and begged, “Come in my ass, Daddy.”

I didn`t think twice, I quickly shoved my already quivering cock in his already cum-filled ass and in four fast strokes deposited a second load of cum in my no longer straight son’s ass.

Eventually, we collapsed on the couch. Simon’s phone rang a couple of minutes later and it was Carrie, his girlfriend. Simon grabbed his clothes and left to talk to her while I sat on my couch wondering just how I was going to keep this house of cards from tumbling down. I also wondered about the word ‘anything’. Jimmy’s devious grin told me that he already had something in mind and it could be any number of humiliating things.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how one would perceive it, the house of cards was about to fall completely down and every part of my life would be forever changed…but that is another story….

Curiosity: My Wife Three?

I was gone for a few days, when I bottomed two different strangers to quench my constant need to submit. I craved Jimmy’s cock as well as my son’s, who had deposited a load of cum in my mouth in the airport bathroom before I flew out.

The flight home arrived on time, a rarity in my many travel experiences, and Simon was there to pick me up. As we waited for the luggage, Simon motioned to the bathroom where he quenched my thirst. His salty seed aftertaste in my mouth, we drove home and he told me about Jimmy taking him to a glory hole to practice. I instantly wanted to go to, wondering where a glory hole even existed in our city. Simon admitted he swallowed over twenty loads of cum and had had his ass fucked by the owner…an older woman with a strap-on. Envious, I prayed I was going to have my first glory hole experience very, very soon. He had also sucked Jimmy before each game and Jimmy kept hinting that Simon would soon be giving the whole team the pre-game pleasure.

We arrived home and I was exhausted. Simon carried my bag in and I went up the stairs to my bedroom, where I heard the clear moans of my wife. Curiosity, which had gotten me into many predicaments, got me in one more. I peeked into my room and saw my wife, in her wedding dress, bouncing up and down on Jimmy’s cock. Her eyes were closed but she was clearly enjoying riding on Jimmy’s big black pogo stick. I stared in disbelieve realizing the ‘anything’ from his earlier conversation was my wife.

I should have been furious, but instead my cock rose and it was jealousy that I felt instead. That was my cock she was playing with. I couldn’t believe my logic. I wasn’t mad at him fucking my wife, I was mad I would have to share him with my wife.

Jimmy asked my moaning wife, “What are you going to tell hubby when he gets here?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” she moaned, bouncing rapidly on his cock, seemingly taking all ten inches in her cunt.

“Are you going to tell him that your cunt belongs to me now?” he questioned.

“Yes, if that is what you want,” she moaned.

“And that he can only fuck you if he gets permission from your Master?”

“Yes, I don’t want his pathetic little cock anyway, Master, I only want yours,” she moaned, my humiliation growing.

“Well, and the other big cocks I will make you fuck,” he added.

She opened her eyes giving away a hint of fear, yet her words showed none. “I’ll fuck whoever you make me Master. I didn’t know I could feel this good.”

“Your husband doesn’t get you off?”

“Not like you do,” she screamed, her orgasm hitting her hard. She had never come from fucking in our whole sex life. Only from being eaten. The shame continued to build.

“That is three already, you have a trigger pussy, slut.”

“Give me more, Master, I want him to see me be fucked by a real man,” she begged, not knowing I was hearing every word of my belittlement.

“Get on all fours, slut,” he demanded. “It is time to take ownership of your third and final hole.”

This was where she would stop. No way would she allow him to fuck her ass. Not in a million years.

She got off his cock, onto all fours so she was facing the door, and asked, “Please be gentle, Master. I have been wearing the plug like you ordered for the past three days, but your cock is so much bigger.”

Butt plug? Three days? That was right after I left.

“Don’t worry, cunt, soon you will be taking ten inch cocks in all three holes at the same time. We just got to get you used to it,” Jimmy said casually. Jimmy grabbed lube that was on the night table and coated his cock and went behind my wife. He pulled out the plug and tossed it aside. My eyes went big. She had a wide plug in her ass for three days? I don’t know if there was anything that could surprise me anymore.

“Beg for it, bitch!” Jimmy ordered.

“Oh, Master, fuck my ass, take my anal cherry. The one place I had refused my husband, I will not refuse you. Don’t be gentle, Master. Fuck me like you would any of your teenage sluts.”

Jimmy looked directly at me through the tiny crack in the door and smiled. He pushed forward, never breaking eye contact with me as he took my wife’s ass. As soon as he penetrated her virgin ass, my wife got animated in ways she never had with me. “Oh yes, Master. Your cock feels so good in my ass.”

Jimmy said, “Good evening, Mr. Winston.”

Caught, I walked into my own bedroom. My wife looked at me and instead of feigning any sort of explanation; she smiled and began bouncing back on the cock in her ass.

“Slut, tell your husband who owns you,” Jimmy demanded, even though I already knew.

“Honey, I am sorry, but Jimmy here is my Master. He owns my cocksucking lips, my white pussy and my no longer virgin aaaaaaaaaaass,” she moaned as she bounced further back on Jimmy’s ten inch tank. “Oh god, Master, it feels so good.”

“Get undressed, faggot,” Jimmy ordered.

My wife’s head turned back to me. Ignoring her confused look, I began getting undressed. Jimmy explained, “You are not my only slut, Theresa.”

“W-w-what?” she stammered, both out of shock and because a ten-inch cock was buried between her ass cheeks.

“Go ahead faggot, tell your wife the truth,” Jimmy ordered.

Now naked and my cock fully erect, I admitted my infidelity and my sexual deviance, “I’m sorry too, Theresa, but Jimmy made me his bitch a couple of weeks ago.”

My wife gave a look so appalling I felt like a complete loser. Jimmy held Theresa’s ass and said, “Don’t judge Theresa. He refused me the first time I offered my big black snake, unlike you.”

“But he fucked a guy,” she said, repulsed.

“So are you,” Jimmy pointed out.

“It’s not the same,” she said, glaring at me. Which I thought was ironic since she was on our bed, in her wedding dress, with a cock in her ass.

Jimmy defended me. “Oh Theresa it is all semantics. Each of you submitted to me because you wanted to…needed to. Plus, you had your lips wrapped around my cock the moment I offered it to you. So can you really judge?”

“But my husband is a faggot.”

“I fucked him. Does that make me a faggot?” Jimmy questioned.

“I-I-I don’t know,” she answered, clearly confused.

Jimmy did three quick hard pumps in my wife’s ass. My wife screamed in pleasure.

“Tell your husband about submitting to me,” he ordered.

Her face went red, but her icy glare at me showed she was furious at me and ignoring her own indiscretion. “Will you keep fucking me, Master, while I tell my faggot husband about the best sex I have ever had?”

“Sure, slut,” he agreed, returning to slowly fucking my wife’s ass.

She moaned, attempting to hurt me. “Fuck, Master, your cock is so much bigger than my husband’s. It feels so fucking good in my tight ass. Do you like his cock in your ass too, honey?”

Her sarcastic tone at the word ‘honey’ hurt, but I answered, “Yes.”

“Are you enjoying watching him take my ass for the first time?” she moaned.

“Yes,” I again sheepishly replied.

“You know he owns me now, faggot,” she said.

“Yes, he owns me too,” I admitted.

“Tell him, slut,” Jimmy ordered, slapping her ass.

“Well, Jimmy stayed over the night you left for a Xbox marathon with Simon. All evening, Jimmy would come up for snacks and chat with me always adjusting his cock. Twice in the kitchen he touched me casually and I felt a spark down below. I assumed it was all innocent until a few hours later when I woke up and his cock was tapping on my lips. I woke up alarmed and saw a naked Jimmy and his super cock staring at me. He said that Simon was asleep and it was time for me to be the white slut for black cock I fantasized about. My conscience debated for about ten seconds before I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. His first load filled my mouth. His second load filled my unprotected cunt.”

Jimmy finally added, “Because what am I doing with you?”

“Breeding my white cunt, Master,” she moaned.

It was my turn to be angry. She was willing to allow herself to get knocked up by an 18-year-old black teen. The public humiliation if she gave birth to a black child was the ultimate degradation.

“You want him to knock you up?” I asked.

“Yes. I want to carry Master’s seed. I will never deny him,” she answered, before adding, “Apparently just like you.”

That shot was tough to argue.

Jimmy broke the silence and the frozen glares we both were giving each other. “Look, you are both my sluts. To make it official, get over here, faggot.”

I went to the bed. He pulled his cock out of my wife’s ass and into in my mouth. He explained, “Faggot, your wife is now my slut. This bed is our bed. When you are home, you can sleep on the coach or on the floor in our room or wherever. You are to obey every order your wife gives and can only have sex with her if you get permission from me first. I am your Master and your wife is your Mistress. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master,” I said, taking his big cock out of my mouth, my life beginning to unravel.

My wife asked, “But what about Simon?”

I went red and Jimmy said, “Funny you should ask about that.”

He grabbed the remote control and pressed play. On my 46 inch TV was the replay of me begging to fuck my son.

“Oh…my…God,” my wife said to no one, her eyes glued on the screen.

I watched in detached awe as I saw myself taking my son’s virginity.

“You fucked our son?” she asked, glaring at me.

I looked down, ashamed. Jimmy said, “Don’t judge, slut. You are about to fuck him too.”

“What?” she said, shocked by this revelation.

“Simon,” Jimmy called and explained, “You see, Theresa, I don’t just have two Winston sluts…I have three.”

“No,” she said in disbelief, just as Simon arrived in the room.

He stuttered, “M-m-mom too?”

“Get undressed, faggot,” Jimmy instructed.

My wife for the first time showed reservation. She said, “Please Jimmy, not with my son. That is wrong!”

The video of me fucking my son still playing, Jimmy said, “No son, no Master.”

My wife was clearly considering her options. Jimmy seeing my wife hesitating pulled his cock out of my mouth and in one straight stroke filled my wife’s ass. “Are you having second thoughts, my sweet slut?”

“Aaaaaah, no Master,” she moaned, any bout of morality she was having gone as all she cared about was the raw feeling of a cock in her ass.

” No, Master, what?” he asked, stopping while lodged deep in her.

“No, Master I am not having second thoughts,” she moaned, trying to push on our Master’s 18-year-old cock.

“Simon come over to Mommy,” Jimmy ordered.

My wife went as red as Snow White’s apple as she watched her son’s stiff cock coming towards her.

“Ask me for permission to suck your faggot son’s cock,” Jimmy ordered, as he began fucking her ass again.

She looked at him, pleading with her eyes, but not getting the same reaction she always got with her whipped husband. Finally, she begged rather convincingly, “Master, may I please suck my son’s big cock?”

“You may, slut,” he agreed.

My wife took our son’s cock in her hand and hesitated. Jimmy stopped fucking her ass, but as soon as my wife’s lips wrapped around our son, Jimmy returned to fucking her.

I watched in voyeuristic awe at my wife sucking our son’s cock, just like I had done a week ago. Although tentative at first, once she got going she bobbed on his cock like the slut she used to be. Soon she and Jimmy were in unison, my wife going forward as Jimmy rammed his rod inside her and backed off his cock as Jimmy retreated from her ass. The fucking and sucking lasted for five minutes before Jimmy demanded, “Simon, lay on your back.”

He obeyed.

“Straddle your son, Mommy,” Jimmy instructed.

My wife so horny now that she no longer cared who was filling her, she quickly straddled her son and engulfed his cock. Without instruction, she began riding her son’s cock, still in her wedding dress, although it was slightly torn. She rode him like a bucking horse, for a couple of minutes before Jimmy got in position and returned his cock to her ass. The double fucking continued for an eternity. My son looked to be in heaven; isn’t it every boy’s dream to fuck his mother? My wife’s moans were louder than I had ever heard and when she came I thought the roof was going to come down.

“Oh my god, Master, you have made me such a slut, a mother-fucking slut. Oh yes, oh yes, I’m coming Master, your whore is coming.”

Jimmy and Simon got thrusting in both her holes as the orgasm seemed to pulse through her forever.

Simon moaned, “I am close too Mommy.”

Jimmy quickly pulled out, flipped my wife on her back and thrust into her cunt while she took her son’s cock back in her mouth. Simon’s mom sucked his cock furiously and was rewarded with her son’s cum.

Almost simultaneously, Jimmy grunted and asked, “Are you ready to be bred, my white whore.”

She pulled her son’s cock out of her mouth and begged, “Fill me with your cum while my sissy husband watches. Fill my womb with your dark seed.”

Jimmy grunted and coated my wife’s pussy walls with his baby juice.

Once he was done, he pulled out and ordered, “Come clean your wife’s pussy, cuckold!”

I eagerly crawled between her stocking-clad legs and buried my face in her cum-filled pussy. My wife smiled at me and said, “Clean my pussy, faggot. Tell me whose cunt this is.”

“It’s Master’s cunt,” I answered, between licks as I cleaned her pussy.

“And whose bed is this?” she asked, continuing the ridicule.

“Yours and Master’s,” I begrudgingly admitted.

Simon got up, still hard, while Jimmy joined my wife in what use to be my spot. He kissed her passionately while I found the last remnants of his cum.

Jimmy asked, “Do you want to see your cuckold husband get fucked?”

“Yes,” she smiled deviously.

Jimmy asked, “Simon, ready for more?”

“Yes, Master,” he said.

Jimmy ordered, “Sit on the chair. We are going to let Daddy ride you.”

Jimmy obeyed and I walked over and straddled my son, my shame no longer a factor. I had never done it this way before so it was awkward at first to get him in, but once my son’s cock broke through, I was in heaven. I slowly began bouncing up and down on my son’s cock slowly taking more in me. I looked to my bed and saw my wife cuddled in the arms of our 18-year-old Master. The white and black contrast was strange as was her smug smile. We had both cheated, with the same person and yet I was the one humiliated. Yet, instead of frustration, I was incredibly satisfied. I was soon taking all of my son’s cock in me and moaning like a bitch.

She continued her humiliation of me. “He moans like a dog in heat.”

Jimmy laughed, “Well, he is a bitch in heat. He will suck or fuck any guy.”

” He sure isn’t fucking me anymore,” my wife announced.

I ignored their ridicule and focused on my son’s juicy cock filling me. I rode him until my legs were sore. Finally my son got aggressive, bent me over and began fucking my ass. He asked, “Mommy, can Daddy be my plaything?”

“Of course, son. He is yours whenever you need to be pleased.”

“Can I fuck you again, too?” he asked eagerly, while ravishing my ass relentlessly.

“If Master says it is all right,” my wife smiled.

Jimmy agreed, “You can fuck your Mommy anytime you want, but only I can come in her baby maker. You may fill her ass or mouth, understood?”

“Yes, Master. Thanks, Master,” he grunted, seconds before shooting his load up my ass.

Once done, he pulled out, walked over to his Mother and gave her a good night kiss. Although it was not the type of kiss you usually see between a Mother and son. Simon grabbed his clothes and left.

“You may sleep on the floor tonight, faggot.” My wife scoffed at me.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, cum slowly leaking out of my ass.

“Mistress, I like that,” she smiled. “That is what you will call me from now on.”

“Understood, Mistress,” I said, crawling to the foot of the bed.

As I tried to fall asleep in my new humiliating position, I felt the bed start shaking again and my wife’s moans began. “Yes, baby, fill my womb with one more big load of your spunk.”

I listened for another twenty minutes to my wife moaning and talking dirty until she was filled one last time by our Master’s seed.

This became the routine when I was at home. Jimmy fucked my wife a couple times a day, I usually cleaned her pussy and Simon usually fucked me. Simon did take me to a glory hole where the two of us father-son bonded by sucking over fifty cocks…both of us ending the night so full of cum we could barely move. We also both got fucked in the ass by the owner’s strap-on while sucking cock.

It was a couple of weeks later that I got the surprise of my life. The doorbell rang and I opened it and was staring at my parents who had just showed up for a surprise visit from twenty hours away. Meanwhile, upstairs Jimmy was fucking my wife…but that is an entirely different story.

Curiosity: Not My Parents Too?

The next week was a whirlwind of humiliation. I was forced to take all my things out of the master bedroom and was sent to live in the spare bedroom in the basement. Jimmy had taken over what was my bedroom and been living there since he stole my wife.

I was making lunch for my wife and Jimmy while he fucked her up in their bed, when the doorbell rang. I was hoping for some action myself from Jimmy, but since moving in, he had spent the majority of his time with my wife, much to my chagrin.

So when I opened the door, expecting some charity or something, I was left mouth opened and stunned. I was staring at my parents at my front door; my parents who lived twenty hours away; my parents who never showed up unannounced; my parents who rarely ever left their home. I stammered, “W-w-what are you two doing here?”

My burly ex-military Father walked in asking, “Is that any way to greet your parents?”

I quickly followed them in and said, as loud as possible, “Theresa, my parents are here.”

I heard shuffling and my wife call back, her voice showing a hint of panic, “What a surprise. I will be down in a minute.”

As I wondered how we would deal with Jimmy, I asked, giving my Mom a hug, “And what brings you two here?”

“Can’t we just stop and visit?” my Mom asked.

“Of course,” I replied, trying to act casual. “It’s just this is a very unexpected surprise.”

My Dad laughed. “I told you Maggie, Evan isn’t good with surprises.”

My Mom smiled, “That’s ok. The look on his face was worth it.”

I smiled back, knowing the real reason I had the look I had. I was in complete panic. I asked, “How long are you guys in town?”

“Oh, just overnight, we are heading up to Canada for our trip, remember,” my Mom explained.

“I remember that, I just didn’t realize you were driving the whole trip,” I replied, briefly recalling them talking about a trip to Canada. “It’s a pretty long drive.”

My Dad shrugged. “We have all the time in the world.”

My wife came down the stairs, her face still flushed, but acting like her normal hostess self. “Maggie. Doug. What a glorious surprise.”

She hugged them both and invited them into the kitchen. She gave me a nod upstairs and I took that as go see Jimmy.

I excused myself and went up to what used to be my bedroom. Jimmy was dressed, but once I arrived, he ordered, pulling down his pants, “I hadn’t come in your wife yet, so my barrel is fully loaded.”

I quickly closed the door and protested, “But my parents are down stairs.”

“Is that my problem? My problem is your parents interrupted me shooting my dark seed in your wife’s very fertile box.”

“If I do this, will you keep this a secret?”

“Probably,” he smiled. “I can even allow you the privilege of sleeping in your own bed, to keep the charade of your pretty suburbia life believable.”

“Thank you,” I replied, falling to my knees and taking his fully loaded gun in my mouth. I tasted my wife’s pussy juice on his rifle and I was eager to feel his bullets slide down my throat, I bobbed eagerly, taking almost all his cock in my mouth with each bob.

He moaned, “That’s it faggot. Suck your Master’s cock while your slut wife hosts your Mom and Dad.”

The thought of my Marine father seeing me like this was utterly mortifying in a way even worse than my son and wife learning of my sexual perversion. I continued the rapid sucking for a couple of minutes before I triggered his gun and felt his constant fire shooting at its eager target.

Once done, he pulled out and said, “Cover me and I will sneak out the front. But remember, covering for you will come at a cost.”

“What cost?” I asked, nervously.

“Oh, we will see,” he smiled, although his devious smile implied he had already concocted a plan for me.

I went downstairs and into the kitchen and made sure my parents stayed there while Jimmy sneaked out of the house.

The next few hours were visiting, talking about their trip, my job, the kids and so forth. I was just beginning to relax when my Dad returned from putting his suitcases in the spare room.”

“Son,” he asked, “Why are all your clothes in the spare room?”

I panicked, but my wife stepped in, “We are just getting ready to renovate the bedroom and thus we have just begun shuffling our clothes out.”

“Oh,” he said, relieved, clearly worried that his son was having martial issues…’if he only knew’ I thought.

A few minutes later, Simon and Jimmy walked through the front door, both sweaty from baseball practice. Simon I assumed knew of his grandparents’ arrival, but acted surprised. “Grandma, Grandpa, What a surprise!”

After getting hugs, he introduced Jimmy, shocking all of us in the process. “Grandma, Grandpa, this is my boyfriend, Jimmy. Jimmy, my grandparents.”

Jimmy, acting all innocent, greeted, “Hi, it is very nice to meet you.”

He shook my Dad’s hand, and hugged my Mom, all while I watched things slowly unravel. My Dad gave me a look of disapproval and shock.

As soon as they went downstairs, my Dad went on the offensive. “Did you know about this?”

“Yes,” I admitted, although I was as surprised as he was.

My wife intervened, saying, “Maggie, let’s go get some groceries for supper.”

My Mother was more than happy to get out of the crossfire.

My Father continued, ignoring the women’s goodbyes. “And you are allowing it to happen?” he asked, his drill sergeant attitude back in full force.

“What can I do? He is twenty and old enough to accept his sexuality,” I said, standing up to my Father.

“Well, if he was my son, he would be out of here,” my Dad adamantly announced.

“Really?” I asked, anger beginning to build. “If I had told you I was gay would you have kicked me out?”

“In a heartbeat,” he confidently replied.

“This is 2012 Dad. People have come to accept people for who they are,” I fought back. Not so much standing up for my son as I was for myself.

“I thought he had a girlfriend,” he replied, ignoring my argument.

“He does,” I retorted.

“What?” he responded, flabbergasted.

“He is bi, Dad,” I explained.

“Are you kidding me? How did you let this happen?” he questioned, blaming me for my son’s sexuality, which was ironically true, but not how he was accusing it. “If he was in the military when I was in charge he would have been sent home…in handcuffs.”

“There were no gay men in the military when you were there, Dad?” I asked.

“God, no. Queers avoided the draft and ran away to Canada,” he said, showing his prejudice.

I didn’t want to get into an ideological debate about the Vietnam War; we had already agreed to disagree on that long ago. Instead, I said, “What if your grandson was in the military, would you kick him out?”

“Of course,” he stubbornly argued. To him things were black and white and there were no shades of grey or any other color.

“Well, as often is the case Dad, we will have to agree to disagree.”

“Oh no, no. This isn’t something I can just ignore. You have allowed my grandson to become a faggot,” he continued in a rage.

After being called a faggot over and over, I had accepted that I was indeed one. But the way my Dad used the word like it was toxic had me boiling.

Suddenly Jimmy entered the room, wearing only the same speedo that had worn for my downfall. “Evan didn’t allow Simon to be a faggot. Your grandson simply is a faggot.”

“Excuse me?” my Father replied, glaring at Jimmy.

“It’s quite simple, sir. The first time Simon saw my big cock I knew he was a cocksucker,” Jimmy calmly explained.

“Don’t you dare use such language in my son’s house!” my Father roared as I realized amusedly that Jimmy was about to turn my Father. I also noticed my Father glimpsed at the beautifully outlined package in Jimmy’s too tight speedo.

Jimmy smirked, his confidence oozing through him, “Do you know what else I am sure of?”

“What is that?” my Dad asked through gritted teeth, while quickly taking another look at Jimmy’s concealed weapon.

Jimmy continued the slow reveal that had me nervous both and yet oddly excited. I had never saw eye-to-eye with my militant Father and the thought of Jimmy putting him in his place, something I could never do, was very exciting. Jimmy said, “That you are just like your son and grandson.”

“Well, of course,” my Father agreed, slowly being reeled into a trap he would not be able to get out of.

Jimmy laughed, “No, no, I mean you three are all exactly the same.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” my Father questioned, clearly perturbed by this young boy’s game. Yet, my Dad was also unable to resist glimpse after glimpse at Jimmy’s wrapped present.

“Just like Evan did and just like Simon did, you are about to submit to me, because you are a cocksucker just like them,” Jimmy revealed.

My Father looked at me confused and asked, “What the Hell is he talking about, Evan?”

Before I could respond, Jimmy snapped his fingers and, instead of responding to my Father’s question, I walked over to my Master, fell to my knees and took his massive cock in my mouth.

“What the fuck?” my Dad asked, not in a rage anymore, but instead his tone hinted at bewilderment.

While I bobbed on his cock like the cocksucking faggot I loved being, Jimmy explained, “Isn’t it obvious? Your grandson is a faggot, your son is a faggot so in theory you must be a faggot too.”

“How dare you speak to me that way!” my Dad replied, although his voice wavered showing weakness. The brittle shell of discipline and manhood was cracking.

“You can pretend to deny it. But I know the truth. Your eyes and the bulge in your pants don’t lie. You want to suck my cock just like your son and grandson regularly do,” my confident Master taunted, the big fish being slowly reeled in.

“I have had enough of this,” my Dad said, turning to leave.

“Stop!” Jimmy demanded, his voice showing an authority I was use to hearing from my Father. “Good boy,” Jimmy said a couple of seconds later, his tone instantly back to coddling. “Come join your son,” Jimmy offered.

I slowed my cocksucking, completely frustrated I couldn’t see the power struggle currently going on.

Instead of the unwavering judgmental confidence my Father had early displayed, the words out of his mouth were soft and weak. “I can’t.”

“Why?” Jimmy asked. “You can ignore your growing desire to submit to me. You can walk away and leave tomorrow for your trip to Canada or whatever, but you will always wonder.” Silence lingered for a few seconds, the only sound in the room my slobbering over Jimmy’s rod. Finally, Jimmy said, “You don’t have a lot of time. Your wife will be back in a bit. It is now or never.” Silence again lingered, before Jimmy gave the final ultimatum, pushing the envelope. “On your knees now, faggot. Your queer son here will eagerly swallow it all. He isn’t a big fan of sharing.”

A moment later, I felt my Father’s presence beside me. An unseen smile crossed my lips, only hidden from the cock in my mouth.

Jimmy pulled out of me and my Dad’s eyes were huge. He said, almost to himself, “It’s so big.”

“So I have heard,” Jimmy smiled, offering his cock to my 64-year-old Father. He tapped his black snake on my Dad’s still closed lips. Jimmy purred, “Go ahead, become a cocksucker like your son and grandson.”

My Dad looked at me, his eyes seemingly pleading for help, a complete 180 from where he stood just minutes ago. I gave him no relief, no out, instead saying, “Go ahead, Daddy, you will love it.”

He turned away from me, his eyes showing a fear I had never seen in him before, and he returned his stare to Jimmy’s stiff cock.

Jimmy sighed, “Look old man. We don’t have all day. Your wife will return soon and do you want her to see you becoming my faggot?”

Again he used the word ‘my’ like he had earlier with me weeks ago.

The fish on the hook, my Dad offered one last, pathetic, resistance. “I-um-can’t….”

His babbling was quieted when Jimmy pushed his cock in my Father’s mouth. “Suck it faggot,” Jimmy demanded, showing his sudden power over the ex-military man.

I watched in voyeuristic glee, my Dad finally on the losing end of a battle of stubbornness. He tentatively moved his head up and down on Jimmy’s sword.

A couple of minutes into the sucking, Jimmy said, “Old man, this is not your first time sucking cock, is it?”

My Father reluctantly answered, “No, it’s not.”

“Yet, you were just lambasting your son for allowing his son to be a pipe smoker.”

“I know, I know. It is a thing long in the past. Being in the middle of nowhere, with only men, well things eventually happen.”

“Well, it is no longer in the past, faggot. Get back to worshipping my big black rod,” Jimmy demanded.

Hearing that my rigid Father was also a faggot liberated so many things. I wasn’t some black sheep; I was just like my Father. My own cock was rock hard and for the first time in my life, I was considering fucking my Father. Jimmy seeing my devilish smile, somehow able to read my mind, said, “Does Evan want to fuck his Daddy?”

My Dad froze, his mouth half full of black cock.

“Yes, Master,” I replied, “I would love to fuck my Dad.”

Jimmy asked my Father. “Did you participate in ass-fucking as well?”

“I fucked some men beneath me, but I never had it done to me,” he admitted.

“So you are a virgin. Delicious!”

Talking about my Father like he wasn’t there. “You want to break your Dad’s cherry, like you did your son’s?”

My face was red at the revealing of yet another secret to my Father, but I answered, “Yes, let me take my Dad’s virginity. Let him feel the great pleasure of being a true faggot.”

“Who can argue with that?” Jimmy agreed. “Get back to cocksucking, old man.”

My Father, his face beat red, returned to giving his first blow job in years.

I stood up, thankful to be off my knees, and Jimmy suggested, “Get the lube. We will not have time to gape him like we would like to.”

My Dad froze again briefly, while I rushed upstairs to my former bedroom to get the slippery grease. I returned a minute later, and my Father was now sans his shorts and underwear, still sucking Jimmy’s cock, his old balls and sack and fully erect cock swaying in the breeze.

I went behind my Father and after greasing my pole, I generously coated his virgin hole.

Jimmy said, “I just texted Theresa, I told her we need at least half an hour.”

I nodded and suggested, “Dad, this will be way easier for you if you relax.”

Jimmy took his cock out of my Father’s mouth and called, “Simon, come and join us.”

Simon quickly came up from the basement, also just in trunks, and stared surprised at what he saw. “Wow, you did it,” he said to Jimmy.

My Father looked down, his humiliation extreme.

Both Simon and Jimmy watched as I slowly pushed forward. Briefly I was blocked, his anal entrance protesting the violation I was about to commit, but slowly, it opened, allowing my cock entrance in the forbidden zone.

My Father whimpered as I slowly broke through his final resistance. I promised, “There will be an unpleasant burn at first, Daddy. But once you get used to it, the burn will disappear and a sweet sensation like no other will emerge.”

“Kkkkkk,” he grunted, clearly in the burn phase.

I continued my slow push forward and Jimmy offered to Simon, “Your grandpa looks hungry. Why don’t you go feed him?”

Simon discarded his trunks and revealed his fully erect cock to his Grandfather he had feared his whole life. He shoved his cock into his grandpa’s mouth and watched his dad fuck his grandfather.

Finally in, I sat there lodged deep in his heat wave. It was tighter than any ass I had fucked and the power I finally had over him was the greatest feeling I have ever felt. Slowly, I began slowly moving in and out and my Dad clearly was in the burn slowly fading phase as his whimpers began shifting to moans.

Simon didn’t last long in my Father’s mouth pumping a full load down his throat. Simon joined Jimmy on the couch, slowly stroking the big black cock, while they both watched the incestuous act. The thrill of power increasing, I began to pick up the pace and watched as he moved to the third and final stage, sweet pleasure and his moans turned to squeals. I hoped he would beg, but he just took it as I increased the pace now slamming into him with each thrust forward. I took no mercy as I pounded my Dad’s virgin ass, wanting him to know it was me in charge. The hardcore pounding lasted five minutes before I coated his ass with my cum. His girly moans continued throughout until I finally pulled out of him, my cum slowly leaking out of his no longer virgin ass.

Jimmy grabbed Simon’s head and Simon devoured the big chocolate lollipop. My Dad remained in position like the submissive queer he had just become and I went to the window to make sure my wife and Mom had not returned.

Jimmy stood up and using my cum as lubricant shoved all ten inches of his python in my dad`s ass. My dad squealed like a wounded pig, his ass being torn apart by ten inches of meat. Jimmy pounded my dad mercilessly, my dad continuing whimpering with each thrust forward. A few minutes of the onslaught and Jimmy pulled out and sprayed my dad`s face with his special sauce.

As Jimmy recovered, Simon took Jimmy`s cock in his mouth, slowly slobbering on his Master’s cock, Jimmy said, “You need to cum, don’t you old man?”

“Yes,” my Dad admitted; the first words he had said since I broke his cherry.

“Tell me what you are?” Jimmy demanded.

“A faggot?” my Father quietly admitted.

“What else?” Jimmy questioned, showing his dominance.

“A cocksucker.”

“Who sucked his grandson’s cock,” Jimmy pointed out.

My Dad remained silence, his shame written all over his face.

“Be good today and I may let you come later. Now get dressed, Theresa just texted that they will be home in a few minutes,” Jimmy finished.

When the ladies returned there was no evidence of the fiery argument that was going on when they had left or the faggot orgy of sorts we had just had. My Mom seemed relieved; she hated confrontation and had spent her whole life being walked on by her husband because she couldn`t stand up for herself. My wife, with one look at Jimmy, knew exactly what had occurred while she was gone. The smile my wife returned showcased how happy she was; she had always hated my Dad.


After supper and some TV, we decided to play cards. All six of us played, while liquid courage slowly broke each of us down, setting up the potential for a crazy night.

Sexual harmless innuendo had been thrown around the table all evening and by eleven, everyone was three sheets to the wind. This was the perfect time for Jimmy to get the one person there he had not conquered. I was protective of my Mom, yet I could tell, like my wife, she loved the attention Jimmy had been giving her all night: compliments that started harmless and became more sexual, constant touches…the Jimmy treatment…. It was obvious my Mom, like the rest of us, was falling under Jimmy’s hypnotic aura. When my Mom went to the washroom, Jimmy waited a moment and then said to the table, “I may be a while.”

My Dad, realizing Jimmy’s implication gasped, “Not my wife too.”

Jimmy smiled, ignored the question, instead giving an order, “Old man, get under the table and pleasure your grandson. Faggot, get under the table and get your wife ready for my baby maker.”

Both of us looked at each other, but said nothing, instead falling to the floor to commit another humiliating act of obedience.

A few minutes later, my wife came on my face and my son shot his load down his grandfather’s throat and we returned to the table. I wasn’t surprised that Jimmy and my Mother had not returned.

My wife suggested, “Let’s go continue this evening in the living room. I have a surprise for you all. Let’s see if Master has added another conquest.”

We all followed, each curious for different reasons. My wife loved my Mom and saw her as more of a Mother than her real Mother. My son loved his grandma as she was the picture girl for perfect grandma: great presents, awesome cook and a heart of gold. My father probably couldn’t fathom his gentle wife submitting to another man. Lastly, I spent the majority of my early stroking career fantasizing about my Mother who was drop dead gorgeous when I was young and even at sixty-two was still very attractive and in amazing shape. In truth she was a trophy wife for a decorated military figure.

My wife clicked on the TV remote and changed to our auxiliary channel and we were watching my Mom, bent over the toilet, holding onto the sides for dear life, her pantyhose pulled to her ankles, her dress flipped up, as Jimmy pounded her from behind.

My shy Mom, my quiet meek never standing up to my Father Mother, was moaning in wild ecstasy and saying words I had never heard come out of her mouth. “Oh fuck. I can’t believe I’m doing this. But, fuck, shit, it feels so good, fuck. Oh my God.”

My Dad was watching, his mouth dropped open, as Jimmy replied, “It’s ok, sexy. Very few can resist my big snake. Your daughter-in-law worships it every chance she can.”

I tensed up. I was petrified of my Mom knowing about the whole charade, but Jimmy surprisingly kept that secret.

My Mom ignored the declaration, as she couldn’t stop talking in her state of delirious pleasure. “Fuck, Jimmy, I have never felt so full. I’m so close.”

“Come for me, sexy,” Jimmy said, all suave and sweet, a side I had never seen from him.

“Oh God, harder, deeper, harder. Oh God, yes, yes. Jimmy, I’m there, I’m there, I’m theeeeeeeeeeere!!!”

We all watched in perverse silence as our sexy Mother, wife, grandma and Mother-in-law quaked through an orgasm. Her whimpers echoed in surround sound around us and Jimmy never slowed down as he continued pounding my Mother. “Fuck, Maggie. I just pray my wife is this sexy and tight at sixty.”

“Oh thank you, Jimmy, aaah, I can’t handle it much more,” she whimpered, the pleasure clearly overwhelming her.

We all watched the sixty-year-old shy woman fall to her knees like an eighteen-year-old slut and devoured the big black cock. Watching my Mom suck cock was one of the most exhilarating moments ever.

Jimmy looked directly up at the camera and grunted, “Fuck, you suck cock better than all my other sluts.”

Shame hit us all I think, but not one of us took our eyes off the riveting sight.

Jimmy pulled out. My Mom, like a good porn star would do, opened her mouth awaiting her special gift. Jimmy obliged and exploded a full load of his cream on my eager Mom.

Summary: Straight white, black stud, cheerleader, nerd & submission

Note 1: Although a rather unorthodox love story…this is a Valentine’s Day 2014 Contest Entry because I wanted to try something different and because I believe love can occur in so many ways.

Note 2: Choosing a category for this story was a struggle as the more I wrote the more the story took on a mind of its own. It was suppose to be a typical interracial gay story where a straight white protagonist submits to black cock, yet as the story evolved, the plot thickened and the themes took a mind of their own.

In the end, this is a love story…although the most bizarre love story of all time. The story includes gay interracial sex, public humiliation, lesbian sex, threesomes, pegging, and romance.

I hope you enjoy but please note that this is one of my more unorthodox stories even though it has all my usual kinks.

Themes: I originally was going to put this in gay, and then considered a variety of options:

-interracial because of interracial sex

-fetish because of the wide range of kink in this story

-transsexual and cross dressing because there is cross dressing

-romance because at the heart of the story when it is all said and done it is about love

-group sex because on more than one occasion there are three or more people involved

-novella because of its length

-but in the end I choose anal, as the story has quite a few anal scenes between just men, and men and women with anal sex as the underlying bond that ties the characters together.

Note 3: Thanks to mab7991, Wayne and goamz86 for editing this crazy tale.

The Craziest Love Story Ever


The saying the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time is all about perception.

Right or wrong, being where I was, when I was, forever changed my life.

I was a senior, I had turned eighteen in January and it was the third day of varsity basketball tryouts. After an intense practice, I showered and headed home. It was an hour later that I realized, in my state of exhaustion; that I had left my iPad in my gym locker. I was going to just leave it there overnight, but it had my notes for my biology project that I needed to work on tonight.

I hopped in the car and drove back to school hoping there was still a door unlocked. I wasn’t surprised to see coach’s car in the parking lot as he lived and breathed basketball. I was surprised to see Derrick’s car still there though.

Derrick was a senior transfer student who had just moved here a couple weeks ago, just in time to play basketball. He was six foot two, naturally gifted and black as night. He was confident, arrogant and yet there was no doubt he could back his cockiness on the court. Although there was something off about him, he definitely was a strong addition to our already very good team.

The gym door was still unlocked thankfully and I headed to the locker room, figuring I would stop by coach’s office and chat with him briefly if he was available. As I got close to his door, I heard Derrick’s voice and stopped dead in my tracks.

“That’s it coach, you’re a natural cocksucker.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. It just didn’t seem possible. Coach was married to my guidance councillor, a women all us guys jerked off to. I didn’t move, just kept listening to the surreal sounds of someone, supposedly coach, slobbering on a cock.

A minute later, Derrick asked, “Do you like sucking my big black cock, cocksucker?”

Coach stammered a moment later, “I-I-I’m not g-g-gay.”

“I know that, you have one fox of a wife. Do you think she would like my black cock too?” Derrick asked.

“Please, don’t bring my wife into this?” Coach pleaded.

“I’m just saying if a so-called straight man like yourself can’t resist this delicious black meat, how could a hot slut like your wife ever resist it?” Derrick gloated.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing or the reality that my cock was rock hard and dying to be let loose.

“Please, Derrick?” Coach pleaded the tone of his voice weak and desperate.

I couldn’t resist, I had to see it with my own eyes. I quietly moved to the door which was opened just a couple of inches, curious to see the unbelievable.

“Please what, cocksucker?” Derrick asked.

“W-w-we can’t keep doing this,” Coach replied.

Looking into the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes, even after everything I had heard. Coach was on his knees in front of his desk, completely dressed, while Derrick was standing in front of him, his huge cock pointing directly in coach’s face.

“You were the one begging to suck my cock yesterday,” Derrick said, before adding, “and again today.”

“I didn’t beg,” coach protested.

“Really?” Derrick asked his tone amused. “Tell you what coach. If you don’t want my cock in that pretty cocksucking mouth of yours, let me know; I have tons of others who are eager to swallow my load. But if I walk out this door, my cock is off limits to you forever.”

There was a long silence as coach seemed to be considering his options. Finally, coach asked, “Can we please keep this between just you and me? I could lose my job.”

“You sure weren’t thinking about that when you dropped to your knees and gobbled up my cock in the shower yesterday,” Derrick pointed out amused.

“I-I-I don’t know what happened to me, I just couldn’t resist it,” coach replied, obviously unsure himself why he did what he had done.

“It’s obvious coach. You’re a straight faggot,” Derrick said, the strangest oxymoron I had ever heard. He continued by explaining, as he shoved his long thick cock back into coach’s mouth, “You see, lots of white guys think they are straight but once they see a big juicy black cock something awakens in their brain and everything they thought they knew about themselves is changed in an instant. It was obvious in your eyes the moment you looked down and saw my cock.”

Coach was bobbing back and forth hungrily, apparently agreeing with the absurd assessment.

My hand, with a mind of its own, began rubbing my cock through my grey sweatpants.

Derrick ordered, pulling his big black cock shiny with coach’s’ saliva cock out, “Tell me what you are coach.”

“Please, don’t make me say it,” the coach pleaded still trying to avoid even more humiliation than he was already enduring.

“Cocksucker,” Derrick snapped, his tone suddenly firm, “Say it, now.”

“I’m a-a-a cocksucker,” Coach blurted out.

“To all cocks, or just black cocks?” Derrick questioned stroking his hard on.

“Just big juicy black cock,” Coach responded, his eyes never leaving the black python in front of his face.

“Beg for my cock, cocksucker,” Derrick ordered.

Coach didn’t hesitate this time, didn’t plead for help, instead answered, “Oh God Derrick, I need your big black cock in my mouth. Please let me suck you until you shoot your hot cum in my-my-my cock sucking mouth.”

Derrick shoved his cock back in coach’s mouth and began fucking it roughly. “You understand I plan to fuck that pretty mouth of yours anytime I have a load to shoot.”

Coach moaned loudly on Derrick’s cock, his free hand rubbing his own cock through his shorts.

The gay scene was turning me on unlike anything ever had before as I rubbed myself frantically unable to take my eyes off of coach getting his face fucked.

“And don’t think I only want that mouth of yours, a good cocksucker usually also has a super tight man cunt that is dying to be filled,” Derrick revealed.

I let out a gasp at both Derrick’s new declaration and the fact I had just began coming in my pants.

Derrick looked directly at the office door and seeing me asked, “Eric, are you enjoying the show?”

I stammered, “S-s-sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude”, as Derrick held coach’s head and continued fucking his mouth as if it was a natural thing to be caught doing.

“Get in here and close the door,” Derrick ordered.

“I-I-I need to go,” I stuttered, desperate to get out of this awkward predicament.

“Get in here now,” Derrick said, firmly. “I am almost done with coach here anyways.”

I obeyed, going in and closing the door.

“Here it comes coach,” Derrick announced a minute later, his cock gliding in and out of coach’s mouth like a well-oiled piston. He pulled out, wanting, it seemed, to put on a show for me and show his dominance over coach, by shooting his cum all over coach’s surprised beet red face.

Coach didn’t look my way, just kept his mouth open as cum covered his face. “I saved that whole load for you coach,” Derrick said, as he reached for a phone on coach’s desk.

“Please no,” coach again pleaded, not wanting photographic evidence of his cock sucking submission.

“Look at me, cocksucker,” Derrick ordered, his cock still fully erect.

Coach obeyed, still ignoring me, as Derrick snapped a few pictures.

Turning to me, Derrick took a picture of me and said, looking down at my cum stained sweatpants, “I see you enjoyed the show, Eric. What got you off, thinking of fucking coach’s mouth or replacing him and sucking my cock?”

I was ashamed at being caught with cum stained pants, but I didn’t have an answer to his question. I wasn’t gay, I didn’t want coach, my idol the past three years, to suck me and I had no interest at all of sucking Derrick’s cock. I answered, trying to sound manly and straight, “I just never saw sex live before.”

Derrick laughed, his tone implying he didn’t believe me, as he put his cock back in coach’s mouth. “Clean me off, coach.”

Coach slowly moved back and forth, his redder than the reddest apple cheeks showing his utter humiliation at being caught in the act.

“How long were you watching, Eric?” Derrick asked.

“J-j-just a few minutes,” I replied, desperately trying not to look at coach with a mouth full of cock, yet the gravitational pull downward was becoming impossible to resist.

“So you heard my straight faggot theory?” He asked, smiling wide.

“Kind of,” I replied.

“I imagine you were too busy jerking off and imagining it was you with a big black cock in your mouth to really listen and think straight,” Derrick responded, chuckling at his own pun.

Mortified by his statement, I protested, “What? God, no. It was just such utter racist nonsense I didn’t bother to listen.”

Derrick laughed hard. “We’ll see, I have heard many straight white boys and men say such things, trying to be a man, trying to convince themselves they are not eager white submissive cocksuckers. Yet they almost always, without exception, end up on their knees declaring their hunger to please me. Isn’t that right, coach?”

Derrick pulled his cock out of coach’s mouth and waited for a response.

Coach still couldn’t look at me as he whispered, so quietly I couldn’t hear his response.

“Speak up, cocksucker, we have a guest,” Derrick demanded.

“Yes, Derrick, your cock is impossible to resist,” Coach admitted.

“And you want it in your ass next time don’t you?” Derrick pushed.

“Please, not in front of one of my players,” Coach weakly pleaded.

“He already saw you suck cock, heard you declare yourself a cocksucker and is looking at you now with your face covered in cum, it’s a little late for dignity and decorum,” Derrick pointed out. “Do you want my cock again?”

“Yes,” coach whispered.


“My mouth.”


“My ass,” Coach admitted, humiliated.

“Your virgin ass?” Derrick clarified.

“From a real cock, yes,” Coach answered.

“What does that mean?” Derrick asked, confused by the answer.

“Sally has fucked me in the ass before with her strap-on,” Coach admitted, humiliation piling up on humiliation.

“Mrs. Murphy pegged you, that is delicious,” Derrick said, amused. “You really are a faggot.”

For a moment there were no words. Coach still sat on his knees refusing to look up; I was watching it all wordlessly my eyes constantly betraying me as I took glimpses of Derrick’s cock; Derrick meanwhile was seemingly contemplating what next.

Finally, the silence was broken as Derrick turned towards me, his cock still hard and now pointing directly at me, said, “I need to get going soon. Beth is expecting some chocolate tonight. But I could always use another pair of white cock sucking lips to dump a load in. Do you want some, Eric?”

“What?” I asked distracted, looking into his eyes. “No, I am not gay.”

“They never think they are,” he laughed, as he pulled up his shorts, apparently going commando.

“When you change your mind, and you will change your mind,” Derrick confidently said, “Let me know.” He patted coach on the head, “See you tomorrow, cocksucker,” and left.

Suddenly it was only me and coach and it was even more awkward than when Derrick was there, at least then he was in control of the conversation and the awkwardness was about him.

Finally, after an eternity of silence, I said, “I’ve got to go,” and rushed out of the office forgetting completely about my iPad.

I got to my car and just sat there trying to make sense of everything I just witnessed. It made no sense. Coach was married; coach was a man’s man; coach was my idol. Everything in my life that made sense an hour ago was now upside down. Why did watching the homosexual act get me hard? Why did I masturbate? Why did I obey Derrick? Why didn’t I stand up for myself and coach? These and a million other questions bounced inside my head as I drove home.

Once home, I tried to do my homework but it was to no avail, my head was just too full of the shocking development to think about chemistry.

Suddenly exhausted, I got ready for bed and crashed rather quickly.


That night I had the strangest dream. I was at the NBA draft, a common dream of mine, where I was drafted first overall by the New York Knicks. This too was a common dream of mine…what happened next was new though. As I stood up and started to shake hands with everyone around me every hand I shook was a big black cock. They came from every direction before I woke up in a sweat.

Shaking my head, I tossed and turned the rest of the night trying to understand what had just transpired.


The next morning I wondered how I would be able to look Coach or Derrick in the eyes. My plan was to avoid both of them throughout the day, which wouldn’t be that hard as I didn’t have any classes with Derrick and coach only taught two classes. Unfortunately, there would be no avoiding them at try-outs.

I wasn’t at school ten minutes when I was paged by coach to meet him in his office. I cursed to myself wondering how I could look him in the eye knowing what I now knew. I made my way to his office and knocked on his door…flashbacks to last night flooding back to me.

As Coach yelled, “Come in,” I shook my head to get the visual out of my head and entered his office.

“Please close the door, Eric,” he requested, which I did.

“Take a seat, son,” he offered, like he always had during the hundreds of times I had been in this office talking basketball, NFL football and life. Coach wasn’t just my coach, nor was he just my idol, he was the father I never had, my own ditching mom and I when I was three.

I sat down and he began. “I am so sorry about what you witnessed last night.”

I interrupted, trying to comfort him, “Coach what you do on your own time is your business.”

He said, standing up, “Eric, I have never done anything with a student in my life before two days ago and trust me I have had opportunities.”

Coach was a good looking, well built man and I knew for a fact of plenty of girls who would quickly lift up their skirts for him.

I again said, “Coach, it is none of my business.”

Coach sat on his desk facing me and said, “I just want you to know how sorry I am. You should never have to see such a thing.”

“I was surprised,” I admitted, “but I have to ask what made you do it?”

He sighed. “That is the question I have asked myself on continuous loop since I first submitted to him two days ago.” After a pause, he continued, “It’s not like I haven’t seen a lot of cock before, playing ball all those years I saw many naked teammates and most were black. Yet, I never once thought of them that way, and trust me, I knew some were very, very gay and eager to turn me. But I was always a chicks only kind of man.” He paused again, unable to really understand himself what had changed just two days ago. Finally, trying to make sense of it while he talked, he continued his explanation, “One minute I was walking past the shower, a minute later I had a cock in my mouth, a student’s cock.”

“It just happened that quickly?” I asked.

“It really did. He turned around just as I was walking by, his cock already hard as he had been soaping it up and he said, all confident and smug, ‘Like what you see coach?’”

Coach continued, “At first I laughed, his cock all covered in sudsy soap, I thought he was just being his usually cocky self. But then he put his hand on his cock, stroking it hypnotically while he sauntered over to me and said, so soothing and confident, ‘Go ahead coach, I know you want to.’ My head was spinning with the whole ‘what-the-fuck-is-happening’ thought and before I had time to respond he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me to my knees. I would like to say I fought it, protested or at least made a feeble attempt at resistance, but as soon as his cock was directly in my face my mind became mush and all I could think about was his big black cock. When he placed it at my lips, I robotically opened my mouth and took his cock between my lips and well the rest I guess is history.”

“Coach, it’s okay,” I said, although I wasn’t sure that was truly the case.

“I could be fired or charged if this gets out,” he pointed out.

“I’m not going to tell anyone, Coach,” I reassured, “although I don’t understand what happened, even after hearing what happened and seeing what happened, you are my coach, my mentor and nothing will ever change that.”

“Thanks, son,” he said, standing up and pulling me into a hug.

Strangely, as he hugged me I wondered briefly if he would suck my cock. Once the embrace was done, my cock beginning to grow again against my own wishes, I quickly said goodbye and headed to class.

The rest of the day went by like high school days do: a surprise quiz, a terrible science video, another new math equation we will never use and yet another collection of non-rhyming poems that we had to find metaphors and similes and not be allowed to just enjoy the poem.

At lunch, I hung with my best friends and my girlfriend Karen and it wasn’t until I saw Beth walking by that I remembered Derrick’s words of going to save a load for her later. Was Derrick fucking Beth? He didn’t seem to be much of a bluffer so I assumed it was true, yet Beth was in all advanced academic classes, already accepted to some elite music program on a all paid scholarship and not one to be seen at parties. It seemed so unlikely that Derrick and Beth would ever cross paths never mind get to know each other enough to end up fucking.

Beth was cute like Mandy Moore playing Jamie in ‘A Walk to Remember’ which was sort of why she dressed plain, always in long skirts and old fashioned blouses although she always wore pantyhose which I had noticed, it was/still is, my fetish. She often inadvertently seemed to tease me by sliding her stocking clad feet in and out of her flats all throughout class. Karen never wore nylons other than with her cheerleading uniform and thus Beth was often the one I fantasized about while under the sheets alone. The more I thought about it the more ludicrous it seemed that Derrick would be fucking her, yet it wasn’t any more ludicrous than the fact that he was using Coach as his personal cocksucker.

“Earth to Eric,” Karen said, squeezing my hand.

“What? Oh, so sorry, I’m kind of out of it today,” I said, which was definitely the truth.

“So it seems,” she said. “Are you coming over tonight after practice…my parents are gone for the night and I will be home alone.”

Karen was sexually insatiable, which is of course any high school boys’ dream, but it was hard to do much with her other than sex. She was rather vapid in regards to academics and thus always talked about superficial things like pop music or shoes. During the election last year she asked who that black guy was. My heart sank, but she was so hot, so good in bed, that it was usually easy to ignore. Did I plan to marry her? God, no! But she was a good time throughout high school.

I glimpsed back at Beth sitting with a couple other girls and imagined her on her knees sucking Derrick’s black cock. She is so pasty white and Derrick as black as night it would be a crazy contrast.

“Is that a yes?” Karen asked, her tone implying she was annoyed.

“What? Yes, of course,” I replied, suddenly turning on the charm. “Tonight you are all mine.”

Just as quickly as she was annoyed with me, she was smitten again as she kissed me and slyly squeezed my cock under the table. “I’m going to even wear something special tonight just for you.”

“I can’t wait,” I said, even as I took a sideways glance at Beth.

We finished lunch, and I returned to the monotony that is learning. Usually, I would be counting the seconds until I was on the court, yet today that was not the case. I knew I would eventually have to be face to face with Derrick and I really had no idea what to say.

Thankfully, the practice went like it usually did no hint of anything different. The coach ended the practice with a speech and saying the first cuts will be posted on the wall in fifteen minutes and a reminder of our after school pre-season game tomorrow night. Being a veteran I wasn’t worried about being cut, but I was curious which of the young players Coach thought could be key players in our journey to state. We lost in the semis last year and with six seniors this year we figured to be a threat to go all the way, especially with the addition of Derrick.

I went to the locker room and suddenly was paralyzed. I had showered after practice every day since my freshman year, yet now all I saw in my head was coach sucking cock. Yet, I knew I couldn’t look like yesterday fazed me to Derrick who implied I may be a cocksucker too. So I got undressed, grabbed my towel and headed to the shower. Of course, nothing happened in the shower and I was just leaving when Derrick walked in.

“How’s the water?” He asked me.

“A little cold,” I shrugged.

“I may need something to warm me up,” he quipped back, the innuendo only obvious to me.

Standing firm on my straightness I countered, “I hope you don’t freeze then.”

He laughed, as he finished, whispering in my ear, “It’s only a matter of time, cocksucker.”

Flushed and pissed off, I stormed out of there, got dressed and headed straight to Karen’s to prove my straightness to myself.

I texted her I was on my way and she texted back saying to just come in and come straight to her room. Wondering what her surprise was and desperate to get laid, I sped there and quickly made it to her room. She was under the covers.

“Get naked, stud,” she said.

I didn’t need to be told twice.

“Already rock hard, what have you been thinking about?” she teased.

“You on all fours begging to be fucked,” I answered, I loved fucking her from behind.

“I have something a little different planned for you tonight,” she smiled playfully.

I began moving towards her but she said, “Stop and Close your eyes,” she said.

I did as requested curious as hell.

I heard her move off the bed and walk towards me. “No peeking,” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me to the bed.

“Lie on your back, but keep your eyes closed,” she ordered.

I again did, dying to know what she had in mind. As I mentioned earlier, she was pretty sexually aggressive. She gave me a hand job in a pretty packed movie theatre on our first date, finishing by sucking my cum off her hand; she rubbed my cock under the table with her foot the first time she met my parents for dinner; she sucked my cock while I drove her home including when we went through a drive through; she made me finger her in the library at school; she fucked me in the boys’ washroom after school one day. Anyways, the point is she was always full of surprises.

As I lay on the bed, I felt her join me and a moment later I felt her feet, her nylon covered feet, stroking my cock. I moaned as I opened my eyes to see she was completely naked except for a pair of black thigh highs.

She smiled, “You like?”

“Fuuuuck, yes,” I moaned, the stocking sensation feeling so good. I had jerked off with my hand in Mom’s stockings before, but this was way different…in a good way.

“I thought you would,” she said coyly, as she moved her feet up and down my stiff cock.

I joked after only a minute, “I am not going to last long like this.”

“Are you going to come all over my stocking feet?” She asked, continuing her sensual foot job, putting a bit more pressure on my rock hard rock.

I moaned in response.

“Do you want to come on my feet, baby?” She asked.

“God, yes,” I moaned, my balls beginning to boil.

“You’ve already come on my hands, face, tits, belly, pussy and ass I guess my feet seem like a natural next spot,” she teased, reminding me of all the different ways she had got me off.

I quipped, “Don’t forget down your throat and in that sweet pussy of yours.”

“I guess the only place left is in my ass,” she smiled, pumping her legs furiously, teasing me about the one thing we had not yet done.

“Shhhhhit,” I grunted, the naughty innuendo the final push needed to let my cock erupt as my cum shot in the air and then onto her feet.

“So you want to fuck my ass, do you?” She teased, once I finished coming.

“That is a dangerous question to answer,” I said, still out of breath.

She moved her cum covered toe to her mouth and licked my cum off it.

Karen was a cheerleader and a gymnast and ridiculously flexible, but this was a new moment of hotness.

“I love your flexibility,” I said.

“Go open my drawer,” she said, as she scooped some cum off the sheets.

I quickly did, curious what else she could have in store.

It was a butt plug and lube. I returned to the bed with a questioning look.

“Do you want to fuck my ass?” She asked again.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Right here, right now?” She questioned, her hand moving to her cunt and rubbing her clit.

“Anything you want,” I said, my cock never shrinking after my first load.

“I was hoping you would say that,” she said, reaching for the butt plug and lube. I watched her lube it up as she explained, “I had this in my ass all day today, preparing myself for your big cock, baby.”

“Oh, God,” was all I could muster in response, imagining her at lunch sitting beside me or walking down the hallway with this four inch plug in her ass.

“But I want you to do something for me too,” she said.

“Anything,” I said, willing to do just about anything to get her ass.

“Bend over, baby,” she smiled.

“What?” I asked.

“Bend over, you said you would do anything,” she said, her hand giving my cock a tug.

“T-t-that’s for me?” I stammered, Derrick’s promise to Coach suddenly popping into my head.

“It is now,” she smiled. “Now bend over.”

“I-I-I don’t know,” I hesitantly said, suddenly worried that it would make me gay.

“Baby, if you want my ass, I want yours,” she said, her tone implying that this was the deal, take it or leave it.

I hesitated, but my cock was doing the thinking, and I ended up moving onto my knees. I felt warm liquid between my ass cheeks as she said, “I have been thinking about this all day, baby.”

“Plugging my ass?” I asked.

“Both of us taking each other’s ass,” she said. “I considered buying a strap-on, or borrowing one from one of the girls, but I figured that might freak you out.”

“Other girls,” I asked, focused more on that then what was about to happen to me.

“Honey, almost all the girls in my gymnastics’ club are either full out lesbians or at least bi,” she revealed, as I felt the plastic toy pressing between my ass cheeks.

This was news. She had never mentioned any interest in other girls before. I asked, “Have you played with them?”

She pushed the plug and I let out a small yelp as the butt plug slipped into my ass. “That is for me to know and you to find out. How does that feel baby?”

“Strange,” I answered, which was true. A slight burn occurred at first, but overall it felt natural.

“Fuck I wish I would have borrowed the strap-on,” she said, as she stared at me bent over.

“In not sure I’m ready for you to fuck me,” I said.

“Well, I’m ready for you to fuck me,” she countered as she stood up, tossed the lube to me, walked over to the wall and bent over. Looking back at me still on my knees, “What are you waiting for?”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I stood up, the plug in my ass shifting, but staying in me, I grabbed the lube and went to my bent over girlfriend. Reaching her, she said, “Lube that cock of yours generously and also my ass, baby.”

“Sure,” I agreed, quickly pouring excess lube on my cock. My hand coated, I moved between her ass cheeks and lubed her pretty butthole well.

“Fuck my ass, baby,” she said.

“As you command,” I replied, moving behind her.

“You understand I want to fuck your ass too one day soon,” she said, as my cock moved between her ass cheeks.

Not really listening, but focusing on the task at hand, I agreed, “Sure thing.”

“You will let me fuck your ass?” She repeated, as my cock poked at her rosebud.

Again my brain on auto-pilot, I agreed, “Yes, you can have my ass.”

“Goooo slow,” she moaned, as my mushroom top squeaked past her tight entrance. “Your cock is a lot longer and wider than that plug I wore all day…in class…at lunch…at cheerleading practice.”

The listing made my cock flinch and she giggled, “You like thinking of me with a plug in my ass don’t you?”

“It’s fucking hot,” I agreed, as I slowly pushed deeper into her ass. It was so tight I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull out.

“Does your cock in my ass feel hot?” She asked.

“My cock anywhere in you is hot, but this is so fucking tight,” I replied, the plug in my ass poking a bit deeper in me as I pushed forward.

“Fuck, it burns baby, I’m burning for you,” she moaned, even as her body trembled.

“Do you want me to go deeper?” I asked. “I’m only half way in.”

“Yes, baby, I want all of you in my ass,” she replied, sounding as if her teeth were clenched.

I continued the slow push forward, my head suddenly going to imagining Derrick’s cock slowly going into coach. “Fuck,” I said, annoyed.

“What, baby?” She asked.

“Nothing baby, your ass just feels so fucking good,” I said, which was true as I tried to get Derrick and coach out of my head.

Yet, as I pushed further I wondered if the thing about Beth was true, had he fucked her, taken her ass? My mind envisioned Beth dressed in her usual conservative school attire, in the boys’ locker room, bent over and getting fucked by Derrick’s cock.

Karen moaned. “Slowly fuck me now, baby. I want you to fuck my ass.”

Karen’s words brought me back to reality and I held onto her hips and began slowly pulling back out. It was so tight my whole cock tingled with pleasure.

“Back in, baby, slam it into me,” she begged.

I did, and as my body collided with hers, she screamed, “Fuuuuck, shiiiit.”

I grunted too, as the plug in my ass readjusted itself in me, “Ohhhhh God.”

“Now pound me, Eric, fuck my ass hard,” she demanded.

Imitating Derrick, I asked, completely out of character for myself, “You want all my cock, slut.”

As soon as I said it I was mortified, yet her response eased my concern that I had gone too far. “Yes, fuck your slut’s ass, fuck it hard and deep.”

I obliged as I began fucking her ass. Perspiration dripped off me, as I thrust deep into her again and again. Each hard thrust my body slammed into hers had the plug in my ass poking into me. The double sensation was very stimulating and my head again played tricks on me.

I imagined that instead of a plug, it was Derrick fucking my ass as I fucked Karen’s; in essence I was the middle piece of a sex sandwich both giving and getting thick meat. As soon as the thought popped into my head, I shook it out focusing on being a dominant man.

“Beg for my cock, bitch,” I demanded, again a derogatory word I would normally use.

“Oh yes, Eric, fuck my slut ass, make me your cum hungry bitch. You have come in my mouth and in my cunt baby; I want this load of yours to explode in my ass.”

“I can make that wish a reality, my little ass slut,” I grunted, continuing to fuck her ass harder than I ever had before.

“Oh shit, oh yes,” she moaned, “it feels so goooooood.”

“What does slut?” I questioned, getting turned on in this new dominant persona.

“Your cock in myyyyy ass,” she screamed, holding herself up with one hand as she moved her other to frantically rub herself.

“Only dirty ass sluts come from getting ass fucked,” I teased, even as I began to feel my balls boil.

“I guess I’m a dirty ass slut theeeeeen,” she moaned, before shifting to screaming, “because I’m about to come from getting ass-fuuuuuuucked.

I kept fucking her hard as her orgasm coursed through her.

“Oh yes, keep fucking your slut’s ass,” she demanded, as she babbled, “so good, best, ev-ev-ever, fuck, god, soooo, shit, can’t quiiiit comiiiing.”

Suddenly her legs gave out and she fell to the ground.

“Shiiiit,” she whimpered, as she fell onto her side.

I pulled her up onto her knees and shoved my cock in her mouth and fucked her face. She slobbered and gagged a couple of times as I roughly fucked her face, my own orgasm near eruption. I asked, pulling my cock out of her mouth, “Mouth or ass, slut.”

“Fill my ass,” she answered, getting on all fours.

I quickly got behind her and filled her ass with one deep hard forward thrust.

“Mother fucking Chriiiiiist,” she screamed, as I learned from this angle I could go even deeper into her ass.

“Beg for my cum, Karen,” I ordered, as I continued to drill her ass.

“Oh God, come, come, come, in my, my, my, asssss,” she struggled to beg, the mixture of pleasure and pain obvious.

Suddenly Beth bent over taking Derrick’s cock popped back into my head and my balls erupted and I shot my second load deep into Karen’s ass.

“Yeeeeeees,” Karen moaned, “Fill my ass with your cum.”

I continued pistoning in and out of her ass until every last drop of my cum was unloaded. Pulling out, I ordered, “Clean me off, slut.”

Her orgasm done, I worried she would not be so friendly to name-calling, but she quickly turned around, still on her knees and deep throated my cock.

As she did, she surprised me as she moved her hand and pushed the butt plug deeper into my ass, my whole body moved forward and my cock went so deep down her throat she gagged and fell backwards.

Laughing, she said, “Apparently you have an ass reflex.”

Laughing back, I pulled her up, “Looks like you have a gag reflex.”

“I never had complaints before,” she pouted.

“Nor will you again,” I said, kissing her hard.

We kissed for a couple of minutes before she said, “We should probably get dressed. The parents will be home in half an hour.”

I reached behind to pull out the plug but Karen said, “Keep it in baby. I want that ass nice and ready for me.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, the idea of a butt plug in my ass kind of gay.

“Deadly,” she said, spanking my ass. “You did me, I get to do you.”

“Is that so?” I asked, her brief submissive behaviour gone.

“Tit for tat or in this case ass for ass,” she shrugged.

“But it’s kind of gay,” I said, Derrick’s big cock again popping into my head.

“Only if you think of it that way,” she shrugged, keeping the thigh highs on under her sweats.

“How so?” I asked, getting dressed myself, the plug still in me.

“I am a girl and you are a guy, thus it can’t be gay,” she said, rather matter-of-factly.

Her logic made sense. It can’t be gay if I am having sex with a woman. “When you put it that way, I guess it isn’t gay.”

“Sucking a real cock is gay, sucking my cock will be fucking hot,” she said, a twinkle in her eye.

“Why do you want to fuck me?” I asked, the timing so strange after all I saw recently.

“I want to do everything with you,” she admitted, kissing me, her hand squeezing my cock.

“Tough to argue that logic,” I gave in.

“Good, tomorrow night I plan to take your cherry,” she said, talking in a deep voice, trying to act manly.

“Don’t you ever use that tone again,” I laughed, thinking it was strange to hear her talking of taking my cherry.

“Tomorrow after the game, your ass is mine,” she said, slapping my ass directly where the butt plug was.

“Fuuuuck,” I yelped, the plug going where it wasn’t supposed to go.

“And keep it in until you get ready for the game,” she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” I joked, as I followed her downstairs.

“Mistress, I like that,” she said.


I hurt myself twice, forgetting the plug was in my ass when I got in my car and when I fell on my bed to go to sleep. Oddly, as I lay in bed, I wondered what it would be like to have the toy in my ass moving in and out. I moved my hand to my ass and moved the toy in and out of my ass. I can’t explain it but the feeling was indescribable. I wanted more. I wished it was longer so it would go deeper. Closing my eyes, I tried to imagine Karen with a strap-on fucking me from behind. I pumped the small plug in and out of my ass while simultaneously stroking my suddenly rock hard cock.

Pumping my cock while I tried to fuck myself, I continued envisioning what Karen had planned for Saturday night for me. I imagined me on my knees, as she again in sexy thigh high stockings slowly fucked my ass. I fantasized her telling me how hot it was to see me with her cock in my ass and how she planned to fuck me all the time. I moaned in response as my own orgasm began to boil. I imagined her moving faster in my eager ass when suddenly there was a deep hard thrust and I screamed and heard Derrick’s voice, “That’s it my straight faggot. You love big black cock up your man cunt don’t you?”

I whimpered, “God yes, I love your cock in my man cunt,” just as my cock erupted spewing my cum all over my sheets.

Opening my eyes, I gasped at the words I said out loud; mortified my parents might have heard me. I quickly pulled the plug out of my ass, wiped it off with my socks, and went to my bathroom.

Looking in the mirror I was mortified at how Derrick kept getting pulled into my sex fantasies, even during sex with my girlfriend. I just had the most amazing sex of my life and yet images of Derrick popped into my head while I fucked Karen’s ass. I’m not gay, or bi, or curious, I said to myself. I need to focus on basketball and Karen. In the end, I thought even though my mind was playing tricks on me, the key was I stayed a man if these strange situations continued to arise, which they did the next morning.


I had just got out of the shower, my usual early bird self, when I got a text from coach, which wasn’t unusual.


Please come over to my office ASAP to discuss the game.

Knock three times.

I often met with coach before the game so this wasn’t new, but knocking three times was strange. I hoped it was just game talk, but a feeling in my gut told me Derrick was up to something.

I pondered whether to put the plug in my ass, but decided not to, mostly because I didn’t have any lube and well it was really gay.

I drove to school and headed straight to coach’s office, mortified that I already had an erection. Why? What was turning me on? Reaching the office, I was surprised to see Beth there.

“Hi Beth, what are you doing here?”

“Just waiting for Derrick?” She answered sheepishly.

“Are you two dating?” I asked, the thought still seeming ludicrous.

“Um, not really,” she said, clearly embarrassed to be asked such question.

Wanting to know more, I asked, “What is not really?”

“He doesn’t want to label it,” she answered, avoiding eye contact.

“Beth, don’t let him use you, you deserve someone as special as you,” I said, thinking that perfect someone would be me.

Ignoring my nice guy routine, which wasn’t so nice since I had a girlfriend, she said, “I am supposed to watch the door.”

“For what?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered.

I repeated, “Beth you are a very special, pretty girl. You deserve to be treated like a lady.”

“Go in,” she said, still not making eye contact.

Sighing, I said, “If you ever need to talk, I’m a great listener.”

Her tone biting suddenly, “Don’t you already have Karen?”

“I’m just trying to be a friend,” I said, knowing that Karen has never been nice to her. Karen is hot, Karen is a nasty nympho, but Karen is also an elitist bitch who bullies those below her.

“Go,” Beth said, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

I walked in and wasn’t remotely surprised to see coach bent over his desk as Derrick fucked him. Derrick called out, “Get in here Beth.”

Beth sheepishly came in too.

“Lock the door, slut,” Derrick ordered.

She obeyed, her face so red with shame I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“I thought you would like to see Coach take it in the ass for the first time since you obviously enjoyed watching him suck my cock” Derrick said confidently.

“Derrick I am not playing your game,” I said firmly. I turned to leave but heard voices outside the office now.

“You can pretend Eric, but you are a straight cocksucker just like coach here,” Derrick said smugly, as he slowly fucked Coach.

Coach moaned, clearly enjoying the cock in his ass, but kept his eyes closed obviously mortified to be caught in such a compromising situation…again.

“You see, Coach loves it. You white guys are all the same. At first you think you are straight, but once you see a big thick black cock your brain begins to wonder. At first you are in denial, like you are right now, but I bet you have already had my cock pop into your head. Wondered what it would be like to have a big black cock like mine between your pretty little lips,” he assessed.

I was mortified by his correct assessment of the thoughts in my head, although I thought his black cock theory was ludicrous. I interrupted, “Derrick, you’re full of shit.”

“If I am full of shit, you won’t be hard right now,” he said, continually fucking coach’s ass while talking to me as if it was a natural thing to do.

My face went red as I realized I was indeed rock hard, something I couldn’t explain.

He laughed, “You got hard watching me fuck Coach’s ass. Do you wish it was you bent over the desk? Beth, pull out Eric’s cock to see if he is hard.”

“Please, no,” Beth gasped, surprised by the demand.

“It wasn’t a suggestion,” Derrick said.

I could have stopped her, I should have stopped her. Yet Beth being my secret crush, I was instantly focused on her touching my cock and not the fact that I had a girlfriend, or that she would show off my hard cock.

Beth moved slowly towards me as Derrick explained, “It’s ok Beth. Eric has had the hots for you forever.”

I wondered how he could possibly know such a thing.

“On your knees, slut,” Derrick ordered, continuing to fuck Coach.

I was in awe as I watched Beth, her face red with shame, drop to her knees and fish out my cock. I moaned as her warm hand wrapped around my cock.

“Is it hard, slut?” He asked.

“Yes, hard as a rock,” she answered, not looking at me or him.

Derrick said, “My hypothesis again proven correct. Do you want Beth to blow you Eric?”

I should have said no, yet her hand on my cock, looking down at her in her submissive position, I couldn’t resist, “God, yes.”

“Go ahead Beth, show him how you can get an ‘A’ in cocksucking too,” Derrick ordered.

Beth suddenly looked up at me as if pleading for help, but I said, getting pulled deeper into Derrick’s sick power game, “Get to sucking Beth.”

Beth looked back down and took my cock in her mouth. I briefly felt guilty, but once she swirled her tongue around my cock my guilt faded. I don’t know how she did it, but she created a wavelike water sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I groaned and Derrick laughed, “She has quite the technique, doesn’t she?”

“God, yes,” I whimpered, knowing I was going to come shamefully quick.

“Her ass is the tightest I have ever fucked if you want a piece of that too,” Derrick offered, before focusing on Coach, whose whimpers had been getting louder, “Beg for my cum in your ass faggot.”

Coach obviously was too far gone to care that two students were witnessing his humiliating sodomy as he instantly answered, “Oh God, fill my ass with your cum Derrick, my white ass is yours.”

The desk began moving as Derrick slammed harder into Coach. For some reason watching Coach get fucked and hearing him moan really turned me on, and I grabbed Beth’s head and began fucking her face trying to replicate the deep hard thrusts of Derrick. My whole cock was shoved in Beth’s mouth, her slobbering sounds only turning me on more.

Looking up, Derrick somehow had his phone out and was either taping or taking pictures of me.

“Fuck Derrick,” I sighed, realizing he had evidence of my unfaithfulness to Karen.

“Never know when such visuals can come in handy,” he shrugged, before again shifting to a whimpering like a school girl Coach and saying, “Here it comes, coach faggot.”

Coach moaned, “Yeeeeeees, fiiiiiiill myyyy asssssss.”

I watched in voyeuristic awe as Coach got an ass full of cum. My own cock flinched and I shot my load down Beth’s throat.

Derrick laughed, “You came watching Coach get his ass fucked…deny it all you want Eric, but you are my next cocksucker, my next man cunt.”

“Never going to happen,” I confidently said, pulling my cock out of Beth’s mouth, my seven inches dangling.

Pulling his cock out of Coach’s ass, his ten inches swayed confidently, and although I tried to look away it was like a gravitational pull kept my eyes locked on it.

“Slut come and clean me,” Derrick ordered.

Beth scurried like a famished woman in the desert and eagerly took his big black cock in her mouth.

Derrick asked, again as I watched, “Sure you don’t want a taste?”

“Never going to happen,” I said, pulling my pants up.

“Never say never,” he laughed, as he pulled his cock out of Beth’s mouth and pulled his pants up.

“Beth are you hungry for my cum?” Derrick asked.

“More than anything,” she said, looking like a vapid slut and not the academic genius she was.

“Go suck my cum out of Coach’s ass,” he ordered.

I thought Beth would recoil, but instead she crawled straight to coach and buried her face in his ass.

Derrick took a couple pictures as he explained, “Once you get a taste of black cock you will do pretty much anything to have it again. Isn’t that right, Coach?”

“Yes,” he admitted, his tone dripping with shame.

I laughed, realizing he was probably right based on what I had just witnessed, “So it seems.”

“One taste Eric and you will be hooked too,” he said confidently.

Watching Beth move her face up and down hungrily sucking out Derrick’s cum I was in awe of Derrick’s power.

I was about to say something when there was a knock at the door. Derrick snapped his fingers and Beth quickly stood up. Coach quickly stood up too, fumbled to get his pants up and sat down in his chair, his eyes big with fear and shame.

Derrick unlocked the door and said, “We’ll chat later Coach.”

“Sounds good,” Coach replied, as his wife entered the room.

“Hi, Mrs. Murphy,” Derrick greeted, walking out the door.

“Hi Derrick, Eric, Beth,” she greeted, her facial expression confused that Beth was in an early basketball meeting and the boys’ locker room.

I asked, trying to act casual and keep up the image of a meeting, “Anything else Coach?”

“No Eric, we will see how the game plans works,” he said, covering well himself.

I grabbed Beth’s hand and led her out.

Once out of earshot she gasped, “Oh my God!”

“That’s what I thought too when you sucked my cock,” I said, suddenly wanting more of her.

“I can’t believe he made me do that,” she said.

“I can’t fathom how you ended up in this predicament,” I countered.

“It’s a long story,” she said, before adding, her tone suddenly sultry, and shocking, “There is much more to me than meets the eye.” She subtly squeezed my cock before walking away, leaving me hard and wanting more.


The rest of the day was the same old, same old, other than every time I saw Beth I imagined her mouth around my cock giving me the best blow job I have ever received. At lunch, guilt washed over me as Karen rubbed my cock underneath the table, unaware of my betrayal.

Karen whispered in my ear part way through lunch, her hand firmly on my cock, “I can’t wait to fuck you, baby. You are wearing your plug for me right?”

“I couldn’t get it in without lube,” I replied back, not admitting I really had no interest in wearing one.

Her hand left my cock instantly and she quit talking to me. Although she was a complete slut in the bedroom, outside of it she always expected others to obey her. Knowing there was no way to make her happy other than to do as she says, I whispered, “It’s in my backpack if you have anything to help get it in.”

Her anger shifted and she turned back to me, “Can I put it in you now?”

“Not here,” I joked.

“Of course not, rendezvous spot, five minutes?” She asked, although it wasn’t a question.

Trying to keep her happy, I countered, “Make it four.”

She squeezed my cock and said her goodbyes to her friends; I did the same a minute later and headed to meet her. I saw Beth was talking to Derrick at a doorway and not wanting to get involved in that conversation I turned and took another way around.

Karen, being Karen, had convinced the principal that the cheerleaders needed their own room like the football players had, and as I mentioned, what Karen wants, Karen gets. The room was used for meetings, changing and so forth and often for blow jobs or quickies for me.

Once in the room, she dropped to her knees, pulled down my pants and said, “I think there is time for a snack.”

I totally enjoyed her love of sucking cock. She would often just suck me off, swallow my load and expect nothing in return. She was the perfect girlfriend and yet even as she bobbed up and down on my cock it was Beth who popped into my head when I closed my eyes. At first it was her on her knees sucking my cock, then it was sucking cum out of coach’s ass and then it was her taking Derrick’s cock in her pussy.

Even though I had already come once, the constant images of Beth flashing in my brain had my balls boiling rather quickly and I shot a second load of the day, this time down Karen’s throat.

Once done, she was back to business, “Bend over baby.”

“I feel like your bitch,” I joked, even though I knew it wasn’t really a joke.

“Tonight you are,” she said, as she surprised me by spreading my ass cheeks and licking my ass.

“Oooooooooh,” I moaned like a girl, surprised by how good it felt.

A minute later, I felt warm lube coating my ass as she spoke, with a confidence just like Derrick, “I plan to take that ass of yours tonight, right here after the game.”

“H-h-here?” I stammered.

“By the time you change, shower and talk to coach, all the girls will be gone, or waiting in the parking lot for the boys,” she said, as I felt the toy between my ass cheeks.

“If you say so,” I agreed, hoping to prolong this situation a bit.

“Beg for this in your ass,” she ordered.

“You got to be kidding meeee,” I replied, as she slapped my ass.

“Now, bitch,” she ordered.

“Please put that plug in my ass,” I quickly begged, shocked by her aggressiveness.

“You mean your man cunt,” she corrected.

My eyes went wide at hearing the same words Derrick had used and yet I answered as expected, “Yes, please fill my man cunt?”

“Tonight I’m going to fuck you completely my little slut,” she purred as she pushed the small toy in me.

I whimpered, the thought both a turn-on and a turn-off.

I couldn’t believe how easily I acquiesced to her, particularly after she was so submissive to me last night. Yet, once it was all the way in me, she slapped my ass pushing the plug deeper in me and said, “Get dressed and don’t you dare take that out of your ass until game time.”

“Okay,” I again joked, as I pulled up my pants.

“And when we are alone, it’s Mistress,” she ordered.

“Okay,” I repeated, my ass full and wanting more, yet my shame of being bossed around overwhelmed me.

“Okay, what? She asked, her tone terse.

“Okay, Mistress,” I answered immediately.

“Good,” she said, pulling me in and kissing me hard and giving me one more slap on the ass.

The rest of the day was fine, once I got used to sitting cautiously and not moving much with a toy in my rear.


It was last period, with Mrs. Murphy, Coach’s wife that things got weird again. Beth is in this class also and I hadn’t heard a word of the teacher’s lecture, as I drooled over Beth who continually slipped her stocking-clad feet in and out of her shoes. I noticed her toes…which were painted blood red. A couple of times she looked back at me and smiled as if knowing the impact she was having on me.

When class was done I wanted to talk to her again, but she left with a couple friends, plus I wasn’t sure what I would say to her, so I just let it drop.

I was heading to my locker; I had an hour before we needed to be back at school to get ready to go to the game, when I heard Derrick’s voice.

“Eric, I need a favor,” he said.

My whole body tensed at what he may need. I turned around and asked, acting casual, “What do you need?”

“A ride home. I forgot my uniform in the laundry,” he said.

Continuing to act like I would have before I learned what I learned I said, “Sure, ready to go now?”

“No time like the present,” he said and we went to my car.

We actually talked basketball on the walk and the beginning of the drive. I had dropped him off on the Monday before so I knew where he lived; it was about a twenty minute drive.

Once out of the school area, he asked, “So did you enjoy Beth?”

I sighed, “Let’s stick to talking about the game.”

“But, I need to know. Beth wants to know if you were happy with her cocksucking,” he said.

“I’m sure she didn’t say that,” I said, even as her lips wrapped around my cock returned to my head.

“She really likes you,” he said.

“Isn’t she your girlfriend?” I asked.

“I am not a one girl guy. I have half a dozen eager to take my load, but Beth was special in her innocence and eagerness. Taking her from an innocent virgin to a cock hungry slut was a lot of fun,” Derrick explained.

“How?” I asked, my own cock rock hard and dying to know how Beth ended up in her current predicament.

“Like I said,” he began, as he pulled out his cock, “once you get a taste of the black side there is no going back.”

“Put that away,” I snapped, as he wrapped his hand around it and slowly made it grow.

“It’s just a cock,” he said, adding, “If you are as straight as you say you are this isn’t a big deal.” He stressed the word big, which made me flush.

“Whatever,” I said, not getting myself pulled into his game.

“So did you enjoy Beth?” He asked again.

“Yes fuck, but I can’t believe I cheated on Karen,” I admitted.

“She will rip your balls off if she finds out,” he said, stroking his cock.

“Is that a threat,” I asked, looking at him and without meaning to looking down at his growing cock.

“No, no, just a fact,” he said. “Oh sure, I could blackmail you to suck my cock, but I know it is only a matter of time before you are eagerly bobbing up and down on it.”

“Fuck off, Derrick,” I said, as we stopped at a red light.

“Go ahead, grab it,” he a said, “you know you want to.”

I refused to look, knowing that even though I wasn’t gay, there seemed to be a magnetic pull leading me towards his cock.

“Look at it, Eric, it’s nice, big, and ready for your lips,” he said, his confident demeanor oddly soothing.

I shouldn’t have looked, but yet I couldn’t resist and took a look at his now firmly stiff ten inch cock.

I stared at it, unable to take my eyes off it, now so close to me. My mouth watered my sudden desire to have it in my mouth growing even as I screamed inside to resist. Thankfully, a honk told me the light had changed and I returned my eyes to the road.

Derrick laughed, “Saved by the horn.”

I didn’t respond as I focused on the road and having the strength to not look back down.

“Beth likes you, by the way,” Derrick said.

“Seems she’s more into you,” I replied.

“That’s just natural selection she can’t resist me, but she has had a crush on you forever. She just doesn’t think she can compete with Karen,” Derrick explained.

It was so strange, his cock was out, he wanted me to suck him, yet he was also seemingly trying to set me up with Beth at the same time. I scoffed at the natural selection theory, “I don’t believe there is a sexual hierarchy.”

“You’re in denial,” he said, as we reached another red light. “You know you want my cock, you are using every ounce of strength to hold onto the last remaining threads of your straightness. Go ahead, Eric, just reach over and grab it.”

Resistance suddenly seemed futile. I figured I would just touch it, and then return to driving, but that isn’t what happened. Once it was in my hand, I felt like my hand was magnetically attached to it. His cock was so much thicker than mine, and it felt so warm in my hand.

“That’s it, Eric,” Derrick soothed. “Just enjoy it in your hand.”

The light changed and I kept my hand on his cock as I continued driving. Derrick continued the Beth conversation as if there was nothing odd with the fact that I was holding his cock. “You see Eric, you and Beth will end up with each other or people like you, that is just the way society works, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love the life that so many white people fantasize about, submitting to black cock or pussy.”

It was so absurd to listen to his words and yet as he spoke them they made sense as well. My hand was on his cock, I had let Beth blow me and unknown to him I had a plug in my ass. “So I should marry a white girl, that has submitted to black cock?” I asked, unable to let him know of my conflicting emotions.

“In essence…eventually you two will settle and this wild time of black submission will fade, but it will always be a lingering effect,” he said, as if he was some philosopher.

I let go of his cock to pull into his driveway.

“Ready to submit to your hunger?” Derrick asked.

My response betrayed me as instead of protesting I asked mortified, “Here?”

“In the car?” He laughed, “Maybe a quick suck to wet your appetite.”

I froze looking down at his cock. After all the denial, it looked so appetizing, so juicy and I hungered for it.

As if reading my mind, he said, “I can see it in your eyes, Eric. You have an insatiable hunger to lean down and take it in your mouth, yet the unrealistic expectations of society are holding you back. Eric you want my cock, you need my cock, and it is only a matter of time before you accept this.”

I continued staring, the invisible line between straight and not-so-straight fading.

“Make a decision Eric, if you’re not willing to take my load, I need to text my cheerleading cocksucker to take my load,” he explained.

“Who?” I asked, still unable to take my eyes off his big, hard cock.

“Just a slut, they all are,” Derrick said, “at least for big black cock.”

I looked out the window, we seemed rather secluded, but I couldn’t do it here in my car.

“Now, Eric, taste it,” Derrick said, reaching for my head.

He gently guided me down and I didn’t resist at all, falling slowly like a leaf in fall, until my face was in front of his cock. With no time to think, I just opened my mouth and took his cock in as natural as opening my mouth to eat.

They say when you meet the one you just know, and my feelings right then were exactly the same. I just knew, like he said I would, that I was meant to suck his cock. It felt so natural between my lips, his erection so hard that I suddenly wanted, needed to please him.

“That’s it, Eric, take your time with my big snake,” he said, I imagined him smiling smugly over adding me to his cocksucker harem. Yet, I didn’t care. I wanted more of his cock in my mouth and I began to slowly bob up and down on it.

“Let’s take this inside, cocksucker,” he ordered, now having got me drawn into the thrill of pleasuring him.

I sat up, suddenly embarrassed by what I had done and being called a cocksucker, and said, “I can’t believe I did that.”

“Follow me inside,” he ordered, putting his cock away and getting out of the car.

I didn’t move, knowing if I did I would be unable to resist his cock.

Just before he closed the door, he said, “Eric, I gave you a taste, if you don’t come and finish what you started, I will never give you a chance again. It’s now or never, cocksucker.”

He closed the door and headed to his house. I wanted to just drive away, I wanted to stand up for myself like a man and yet after a brief, futile resistance, I got out of the car and headed inside to suck cock.

In his house, he was sitting on the couch, his pants at his ankles watching sports highlights. “So what is it cocksucker?”

I whispered, ashamed by my own weakness, “I want to finish what I started.”

“Finish what?” He asked, not looking at me, but at the television.

“Sucking your cock,” I admitted, the words tasting like vinegar out of my mouth.

“Well, don’t just stand there cocksucker, get on your knees and crawl to me,” he ordered, still not looking at me.

I felt cheap, I felt humiliated, but the hunger to have his cock back in my mouth overruled my emotions and pride. I fell to my knees and crawled to him. Reaching his feet, I looked up and saw he had his phone out. Had he taped my whole crawl towards him?

“Tell me what you want,” he said, the camera pointing directly at me.

“Please don’t tape this,” I said, even as I remained on my knees just inches from his cock.

“This is not for blackmail or show, just for my own personal collection,” he said. “Now answer me Eric, what do you want from me?”

I didn’t want to answer, but his massive python directly in front of me had such a hypnotic power on me I just had to have it. I whispered, “To suck your cock.”

He laughed, “You are in advanced English, you can do better than that.”

He tapped my lips with his cock and I instantly opened my mouth to take it. “So eager, cocksucker, but answer my question first.”

So enthralled by his cock, so famished to have it in my mouth, I answered like a complete slut. “I want to take that immense, black succulent python between my lips.”

“And be a cocksucker?” He asked.

“Yes. Your cocksucker,” I added, knowing I would only do this for him.

“Go ahead, cocksucker, become a straight faggot,” he smiled.

I winced at the word faggot, but my need to have his cock in my mouth overruled everything else and I leaned forward and took it between my lips. At first I just slowly swirled my tongue around his mushroom top in awe of its width. Slowly though, trying to create saliva like Beth had done on my cock I moved up and down the first few inches.

“Shit Eric, you’re a natural at this,” he groaned, which somehow turned me on more knowing I was having that sort of effect in him

I continued bobbing back and forth eager to get him off, although not wanting this moment to ever end. You remember your first home run, you remember your first kiss and I was going to forever remember my first time sucking black cock.

A few minutes later, time seeming irrelevant, Derrick said, “Fuck Eric, you really love my cock, don’t you?”

I couldn’t resist as I admitted, “I fucking love it.”

“I knew you would, cocksucker,” he said, before adding, “But we need to get going pretty soon or we will be late for the game. So sit up.”

I did, but still on my knees.

“I’m going to fuck your face,” he announced.

“O-o-okay,” I said nervously.

“Open up, slut,” he ordered and shoved his cock in my mouth.

Although he didn’t shove all ten inches in my mouth, he pumped his cock furiously between my lips and I just focused on not gagging and breathing. Strangely, sitting there being used for someone else’s pleasure really turned me on. I just shut my brain off, shut off my morals and was used as a cum bucket.

“I’m going to come down your pretty throat, cocksucker,” he grunted before seconds later I felt his salty seed explode in my mouth. I gagged a bit but swallowed all his seed. The taste was unexplainable, but one I knew I would want again.

As he pulled out, he asked, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Do you want my cock again?” He asked.

“Yes,” I again admitted.

“Do you need to come?”

“God, yes,” I said, my cock ready to burst for reasons unfathomable to me.

“You got hard sucking black cock and swallowing cum?” He questioned a smile on his face.

Shame washed over me as I admitted, “I guess so.”

“I thought you were straight,” he continued, pushing the knife of humiliation deeper into my back.

“So did I,” I smiled for the first time.

“Then what are you?” He asked, as he put his beautiful cock away.

“Your cocksucker,” I admitted, now understanding all his theories.

“My faggot?” He pushed.

“Yes, whatever you want to call me,” I agreed, knowing I would never say no to him again.

“Good faggots you know also take it in the ass,” he clarified.

I stammered, even though I liked the idea of Karen fucking me, his cock was too big, “I-I-it’s too big.”

“I’ll train that man cunt of yours first,” he said.

I laughed, thinking of the irony that it was already being trained without his knowledge, “I’m not sure.”

“Don’t worry, I am,” he said, before adding, as he made a call. “Slut are you home yet?” After a pause, “good get your ass over here as soon as you get home…and hurry.”

“We will be in a hurry when the slut gets here so get your pants off,” he said.

“Who? Beth?” I asked, baffled.

He laughed, “Oh no, this cougar is one eager little black cock loving slut.”

“How many do you have?” I asked, in awe of his prowess.

“Girls or guys?” He chuckled.

“Both,” I asked, wanting to know how I fit into this picture.

“Over two dozen women and you’re faggot number six,” he said.

“What other guys?” I asked, curiosity taking over, as I got out of my pants and underwear.

“I don’t turn straight boys and tell,” he laughed.

“Do I know them?” I asked.

“Yep, one is even on the team,” he revealed as he noticed my butt plug, which I had got so use to I forgot it was there.

“Is that a plug in your ass?” He asked for the first time surprised.

Shame again hit me as I stammered, “Y-y-yes, Karen made me.”

“That is fucking priceless. I knew she wore the pants in your relationship, but I didn’t know she also had the cock,” he laughed.

“It’s not like that,” I tried to defend.

“How is it then?” He asked.

“She let me fuck her ass last night, but only if I promised her mine tonight,” I explained.

“And after seeing coach get ass fucked you were eager and curious,” he added.

“It was before that,” I corrected.

“Well, I guess you’re already being trained to be a faggot,” he said, just as there was a knock at the door.

“Come in, slut,” he yelled.

A voice I recognized instantly as our cold as ice principal Mrs. Anderson, as she said, “I thought you would be headed back to school for the game by….”

She stopped when she saw me half naked in front of her.

Derrick said, “Eric here is all hard after giving me his first blow job.”

My face went red at the thought of my principal knowing I sucked cock, although obviously she had submitted to him too.

“You can’t be serious?” She questioned, her tone firm like she always was in school.

“Knees now, slut,” he ordered.

“Derrick this was between you and I,” she said.

“Did you mistake this as a conversation where you have any say?” He questioned. “I don’t fuck and tell but all my subs are free game amongst each other.”

“This is going too far,” she continued her defiant behaviour.

“Either do as you’re told or leave slut, but if you leave you will never get my cock again,” he threatened, his tone firm.

After a brief delay, her resolve dissipated, just like mine had earlier, and she whispered, “What do you want me to do?”

“I was just going to get you to suck my new cocksucker’s cock, but now that you were so difficult I think he gets that cunt of yours,” he said.

“I’ll suck him,” she said, moving to me and dropping to her knees. She took me between her lips and began bobbing quickly. I couldn’t believe our chubby, pretty, huge tit bitch principal, was also under his spell.

After a minute of sucking, “Derrick said, “Lift up that skirt of yours and beg Eric to fuck that cunt of yours.”

“Please, just let me blow him,” she pleaded.

“You have five seconds to have that cunt ready,” he threatened.

Defeated, she pulled up her skirt, revealing she too was in thigh highs and was not wearing any underwear. She bent over the couch, a humiliated look in her eyes.

“Beg me, slut,” I ordered, suddenly feeling powerful over the ice queen bitch.

She glared at me, looked at Derrick before saying, “Please Eric fuck my cunt.”

Hearing the ice queen use the word ‘cunt’ was hot and yet unreal. I slid my cock in her surprisingly wet cunt and groaned, “Shit, she is soaked.”

“She is the biggest slut in our school and yet no one knows,” Derrick said.

Horny as hell, I slammed my cock into her colliding with her wide ass. After a couple of minutes, Derrick said, “I’ll be back in a few going to get my uniform and take a piss.”

“Sure,” I said, loving hearing the moans of Mrs. Anderson as I pounded her from behind.

Her early resistance faded as she begged, “Harder Eric, fuck me harder.”

I obliged as I slammed into her with full force making her scream.

“Oh God yes, Eric, hammer my cunt,” she continued.

“I thought you didn’t want my cock in that wet box of yours?” I asked, shifting from submissiveness a few minutes ago to dominant.

“Just fuck me,” she moaned, her whole demeanor changing from ice cold to hellish hot once her cunt was filled with my cock.

“Tell me you’re a slut, Principal Anderson,” I ordered.

“Just fuck me,” she repeated, although her tone was her usual bossy one.

“Do as you’re told,” I ordered, trying to be firm like Derrick, as I slapped her fat ass.

“Fuck Eric,” she whimpered, before adding, “Fine, your principal is a dirty fucking slut. Is that better?”

“A contradictory bitch,” I added.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Who wants to get ass fucked,” I continued.

To my surprise, she replied with a smile, “You really are a dirty boy, Eric.”

“Beg to have your ass fucked,” I ordered, pulling out and moving my cock to her back door.

“Oh God Eric, fuck my ass,” she pleaded, actually moving her ass back onto my cock.

As my cock slowly penetrated her ass she pushed back, I added, “You mean your fat ass?”

“Yes, dammiiiiiit, fuck my fat ass,” she moaned as my cock disappeared into her.

“Man I wish everyone knew that the ice queen was a fucking ass slut,” I said.

“Oh God,” she moaned as her ass cheeks made contact with my body all my cock now in her.

“Ride me slut,” I instructed, eager to watch our chubby but pretty principal fuck herself in the ass with my cook.

“Yes,” she eagerly agreed, beginning to move back and forth.

“Yes, what?” I asked, my cock being milked so well I had very little time left to enjoy my principal.

“Yes, I love your cock in me,” she moaned, as she continued bouncing on my cock.

A few more strokes and my balls bubbled and I pulled out, pulled her by the hair to my cock and pumped it vigorously. Without instruction, she opened her mouth wide like the cum slut she was. My first rope of cum shot right into her mouth as did the second. The third and fourth hit her black blouse, my white gooey cum a cool contrast.

She took my cock back in her mouth and cleaned my cock.

Derrick said, obviously back downstairs, “We got to go.”

“Get yourself off, slut,” I ordered.

“A submissive and a Dom,” Derrick chuckled.

I shrugged.

Principal Anderson, obviously hungry to get off, laid back on the floor with no shame and began rubbing her clit.

Derrick said, “Lock up when you are done, slut.”

“Yeeeees, Massssster,” she nodded as her orgasm got close.

I wanted to bury my face in her cunt, but resisted knowing we had to get going. I said, “Next time I want to taste that cunt of yours in your office.”

“Okkkkaaaaaay,” she moaned, as her orgasm hit.

Back in the car, I asked amazed, “Is there anyone you can’t get?”

“Not yet,” he shrugged.

“I can’t believe I did what I did,” I said, as I began driving.

“Sucking cock or fucking Principal Anderson?” he asked.

“Both,” I admitted, my life changing so much after catching him in the act with coach a couple of days ago.

“Well, I got another surprise for you yet,” he said.

“What would that be?” I asked.

“Do you like Beth?” he questioned.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“You would choose her over Karen wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“It’s not that black and white,” I said.

He laughed, “That is an ironic answer.”

I laughed back, “I suppose it is.”

“So who would you choose?” he asked.

“I like them both,” I admitted, the conversation still surreal considering what he had just made me do.

“Ok, Karen is hot, probably amazingly kinky in bed and a complete bitch outside of it,” he properly assessed.

“Very accurate,” I concurred.

“Beth is more cute than hot, will be as kinky as you train her to be, and yet has the biggest heart in the world,” Derrick said.

“When you put it that way it seems pretty obvious,” I said, him ironically making it rather black and white.

“Or to put it another way, not that you are ready for it, but who could you imagine marrying down the road?” he asked.

“What are you the guru of love and bisexuality?” I joked, this conversation just so surreal.

He laughed, “Truthfully I am just about getting laid and lately turning white guys, but Beth is special…even more special than you know”

I agreed, “There is something about her I have always been drawn to.”

He smiled, clearly knowing something I didn’t, “After today I am quite sure you two are meant to be.”

“Why is that?” I asked, thinking sucking another guy’s cock not something that usually woos the ladies.

“Trust me, I’m right,” he said, as we pulled into the school parking lot.

“Karen will rip me a new one,” I said.

“She already plans to tonight,” he joked.

“Touche,” I laughed.

“Well you have a choice to make my little cocksucker,” he said.

My face blushed again as I wondered could I really have Beth? After fifteen minutes of somewhat normal conversation, there it was again. “Can you not call me that?” I asked.

“I won’t in public, but when it’s just us two you are still my cocksucker,” he said adding, “Unless, of course, you don’t want to have it in your mouth again.”

I sighed, “No, I want it again.”

“Right now?” he asked.

I did truthfully, but looking at the clock we were already ten minutes late. “We’re already late.”

“It’s okay, I have something on coach,” he joked, grabbing his crotch before getting out of the car.

We won the game rather handily 88-56 and on the court nothing had changed. I was still the man. Could I be both a dominant and a submissive? It seemed so replaying the day.

I decided after the game, I would tell Karen we were through. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I would avoid getting fucked in the ass, although part of me wanted to try it.

The plug in me all day and yesterday causing a growing curiosity to feel what it would be like, yet the reality was I still wanted to keep the facade of being a man’s man…despite my obvious hunger for Derrick’s cock.

Yet, like everything else this week, things didn’t go according to plan.


I went to meet Karen with the plan to break up with her, but ended up getting a lot more than I bargained for.

I texted her:

We need to talk.

She responded back almost immediately:

You know where I am.

I sighed knowing just how hard this was going to be. I liked Karen a lot; she was everything a teenage guy could ask for, yet that was no longer enough for me…I wanted more than just sex and I could get that with Beth. Knowing Beth liked me, even though she was Derrick’s submissive, overpowered everything else. It was strange but somehow Derrick’s strange Cupid like advice had me thinking of a future with Beth…even though we both had submitted to Derrick.

I knocked on the door and Karen called out, “Come in.”

I took one more deep breath before heading into the verbal slaughter I knew was coming once I broke up with her.

The first of the domino of surprises that still awaited me that night started when I learned Karen wasn’t alone.

Entering the room, I was surprised to find Karen was on a bench legs spread open and even more surprised to see another cheerleader, Skye, on her knees licking Karen’s pussy.

“Hey baby, here is your answer to do I play with girls,” she smiled.

All my resolve to break up with her vanished as I watched every straight guy’s fantasy, of two girls playing with each other.

“Come join us, baby,” she moaned, “Skye wants to watch.”

My eyes went big at the thought of another girl, a classmate, watching me get sodomized.

“R-r-really?” I stammered.

“Sure, she is very eager,” Karen moaned, pulling the brunette deeper into her pussy.

I watched the lesbian action for a minute or two my cock growing instantly.

“Give me your cock, baby,” Karen demanded.

I walked over, tentative, having Skye there making me uncomfortable and excited at the same time.

As I stood in front of her, Karen quickly fished out my almost fully-erect cock and began sucking.

As she bobbed, I glanced down to watch Skye licking Karen’s pussy. Skye was moving her head sideways while her tongue remained extended. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen in person.

Skye, although not as beautiful as Karen, but she was a solid nine and had the tightest ass in the school. Like Karen, she was a complete bitch to the unpopular kids, a stereotypical cheerleader in every sense of the word.

I suddenly wondered if Karen was going to let me fuck Skye.

I also noticed there was a cheerleading outfit and thigh highs on another bench, which I thought was curious.

Karen allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth as she put her hands on the bench she was sitting on, closed her eyes and allowed the orgasm that had been building to flow through her.

Watching a woman’s facial expression immediately before the orgasm hits and during the brief euphoria that follows is super sexy…especially because they are so vulnerable during this moment of pleasure no longer worried about looking perfect.

Opening her eyes, a minute later, Karen asked, “Ready, baby?”

“For what?” I asked, glancing down at Skye, implying I wasn’t comfortable to do what we had agreed upon with a witness.

“To get ass fucked,” she said bluntly.

Skye looked up, her face coated with Karen’s wetness, and upped the ante, “And to take my ass.”

My cock flinched at Skye’s words.

“I think he likes your proposal,” Karen said looking down at Skye, before turning to me and adding, “But first we need to get you in costume.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned, distracted by the thought if fucking Skye’s perfectly curved ass.

“If I’m going to fuck you like a girl, you need to be dressed as one,” she said.

“I didn’t agree to that,” I protested.

“I wasn’t asking your opinion,” she replied, her bitchy tone on full display.

“Plus, it will be twice as hot that way when you take my ass,” Skye said. “You do want to fuck my ass, don’t you Eric?”

What does one say to such a question when your girlfriend is right beside you? I looked for help from Karen.

She shrugged, “I’ve fucked her ass already, but she has yet to have a real pulsing cock in her ass and I offered her your cock.”

“That was awful nice of you,” I quipped.

“I know,” she smiled, before ordering, “Now put on your uniform, I even bought you nylons since you love them so much.”

“On you,” I pointed out.

“I think you will look very sexy in them,” she countered.

“Show him that ass for motivation, Skye,” Karen ordered.

Skye got off her knees, bent over so far she touched her toes and Karen moved over and flipped up Skye’s skirt.

“Do you like?” Karen asked.

Skye’s ass was pantyhose clad and sans underwear, but with a hole exactly where her rosebud appeared. I stammered, “I-I-I-love.”

“Good, now get in your costume,” Karen demanded again.

Any doubts about doing as she said dissipated when I glanced back at Skye’s inviting pantyhose clad ass. I moved the few feet to the cheerleading outfit and got undressed.

Once in my underwear only, Karen ordered, “Those too.”

I obeyed, my stiff cock pointing directly at the two sexy, slutty cheerleaders both still in their uniform…although only Skye still had on her mocha pantyhose.

“Now it’s time for you to become my pretty little slut,” Karen purred.

The name calling did not turn me on, but the thought of fucking Skye whose ass was begging for attention, kept me obedient. I put on the ridiculously tight sweater and the skirt.

Karen then suggested “Skye, why don’t you come and finish dressing up our little slut.”

“Hmmmmmmm,” Skye purred, finally moving from her obscenely impressive flexible bending, and moved to me. “Sit down, slut.”

I obeyed, slightly ashamed that my cock was so hard when I was being treated so demeaning by my girlfriend.

Skye took the first thigh high and kneeling before me rolled the stocking up and slowly, like a snail meandering, moved up my leg. Her breath hot, wet and so near my cock had me ready to do whatever I had too to get her ass.

Finally, the top of the first thigh high reached my thigh. “Is this for me?” she asked, squeezing my iron stiff cock.

“All for you,” I replied suavely.

Skye asked, looking at Karen instead of me, “Can I have a taste?”

“Go ahead, get it ready for that ass of yours,” Karen said.

I watched as another woman put their mouth around my cock. If this was a porn movie it would be criticized as being even too farfetched for porn.

It was less than a minute, before she allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth as she grabbed the other stocking. She repeated the slow process slithering the stocking up my leg. She joked, “Next time we better shave our little girl.”

Being called a little girl should have made me embarrassed, yet at this moment it turned me on. I was theirs to do as they pleased.

Once the second stocking was on my leg, she sat up, grabbed my cock and pulled me up from the bench.

Turning to me, Skye asked, “Ready to fuck my ass with that big cock of yours Eric?”

“If you insist,” I joked.

She bent over, gripping the bench to balance herself, her pantyhose clad ass right in front of me.

Karen moved to us, handing me a tube of lube. She grabbed Skye’s ass and ripped at the seam of her crotch creating a gaping hole for my erect cock. Karen then lowered herself in-between Skye’s legs and buried her face in-between Skye’s ass cheeks. My cock flinched at the nasty erotic sight even as my mind wondered to Beth burying her face between coach’s cum-leaking ass. Beth. I was going to dump Karen today and instead I am dressed as a girl, getting ready to fuck another girl’s ass while eventually getting my own ass fucked. My life was officially out of control.

“That’s it, eat my ass,” Skye moaned.

Karen eventually stood back up, took the lube and poured some between Skye’s ass cheeks.

Turning back to me, she poured lube on my cock, then stroking it. “Ready, baby?” Karen purred.

“Yes, baby,” I replied, Skye’s ass begging me to fuck it.

“Go ahead, my girl, fuck my slut,” Karen said.

Hearing her call Skye ‘her slut’ made me smile, not remotely surprised that Karen was the one in control in their lesbian relationship.

“More than ready,” I agreed, as I moved behind Skye and positioned my cock at her puckered back door.

“Shove it in, Eric,” Skye demanded.

I obliged the demand, pushing my cock slowly inside her back door. It was so tight yet I kept pushing my cock deeper.

“Fuuuuuck,” Skye whimpered, my cock widening her ass.

“You like that?” I asked, as the last inch of my cock filled her ass.

“Fuuuck, so much bigger than Karen’s cooooock,” Skye whimpered.

“You’re super fucking tight,” I groaned.

“Tighter than me,” Karen questioned.

I looked back and saw she was now wearing a black strap-on cock, of course it was black…although thankfully a lot smaller than Derrick’s massive rod.

“Ready to be in a cheerleader’s sandwich,” Karen asked, her hand stroking her fake cock.

Karen looked stupidly hot with a cock hanging between her legs and any lingering doubts I had about allowing her to fuck me and take my anal cherry had disappeared.

“Whatever you say, Mistress,” I replied, getting into the submissive act.

“Good answer, Erica,” she said, pouring lube on her black cock.

My face blushed at how she changed my name from masculine to feminine with just one letter added to my name.

“Yes, you will be Erica for the rest of the night, is that understood, slut?” she asked me, the question rhetorical.

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed, as I began moving my cock in and out of Skye’s ass trying to maintain my manhood while preparing to really allow my feminine side to be exposed.

“Good girl, Erica,” Karen purred, the tone she gave whenever she got what she want…which was always.

Skye moaned, “Fuck Erica, you are such a bad, bad, giiiirl.”

“As are you,” I grunted back just as I felt Karen’s hands on my hips.

“Relax, slut,” Karen ordered.

My cock deep in Skye’s ass, I waited for the inevitable. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Beg for me to fuck your ass, Erica,” she ordered.

Feeling the plastic toy between my cheeks, I begged, curious to feel what it was like to get ass fucked, as I continued to fuck Skye, “Please Karen take your slut’s virgin ass.”

“Don’t you mean cunt, my little sissy?” she questioned as lube was poured between my ass cheeks.

“Yes, Mistress, fuck my cunt with your big cock,” I begged, the words sounding as ludicrous as they were.

“Good girl,” Karen purred as I felt cock begin to push forward.

I clenched my teeth as even the cockhead of her cock was wider than the toy I had yesterday. My cock remained buried deep in Skye as Karen began her journey deep into me.

The pain was sharp, yet my cock in Skye’s ass numbed the pain. I just allowed Karen to sodomize me like a little girly slut.

Eventually, my ass was filled and I was literally sandwiched between two hot cheerleaders.

“How does it feel, Erica?” Karen asked, her tone telling me she loved this.

The burn in my ass was not fading, yet I couldn’t deny the reality that it felt good to have my ass filled. I wanted to feel now what it felt like to get fucked…like a girl. I answered, “Good.”

“Just good?” she questioned, feeling my ass full I wanted more.

“Please fuck me,” I begged, wanting to feel what it felt like to be fucked instead of the one doing the fucking.

“Your tight little cunt?” Karen asked, obviously turned on by my feminization.

“Yes, fuck my tight cunt,” I begged.

Karen’s hands squeezed my hips, conversely I squeezed Skye’s, and I felt the slow pull out of her cock and then back in; as she slowly fucked me, the pain faded away and a strange pleasure replaced it. It was indescribable; it wasn’t intense like having Beth’s mouth on my cock, but it was a tingling pleasure that created goose bumps throughout my body.

After a couple of minutes of getting slowly fucked, I wanted more. I wanted to be pounded, to be used. I finally said, “Harder, Mistress.”

“My little bitch really wants her cunt fucked hard, doesn’t she,” she teased.

“Oh God yes,” I moaned like a girl.

“Let’s make this a real sex sandwich,” Karen said. “I want you to bounce back on my cock and then slam forward into Skye.”

“Your wish is my command,” I agreed.

Although awkward at first, as I slowly got used to the rhythm, I began to get fucked and fuck. I filled my ass with Karen’s cock and then filled Skye’s ass with mine.

The two sensations, polar opposites, created a sexy equilibrium that was impossible to explain. My cock and ass, equally receiving pleasure that contradicted themselves, created a balance of pleasure that was euphoric and yet not climatic (yet another oxymoron).

“Faster, Erica,” Karen ordered after a couple of minutes.

“Yes bitch, fuck my ass harder,” Skye demanded.

The next few minutes were pure sexual perfection. In a smooth rhythm, I slammed into Karen’s cock filling my ass deeply, my cock almost leaving Skye’ ass, then I slammed forward penetrating her as deep as I could with my cock.

Skye and I took turns whimpering from getting ass fucked, our breathing getting heavier until I knew I was going to come.

I warned, “I’m going to come soon.”

Karen ordered, “Fill my slut’s ass, Erica, while I fuck you to orgasm.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, burying my cock as deep as I could into Skye.

I remained buried in her ass, as Karen began fucking me hard. Each forward thrust somehow pushed me to new uncharted depths in Skye and simultaneously it seemed to milk my prostate.

“Fuuuuuck,” I grunted, a couple of strokes later as I shot my load in Skye’s ass.

“Fuuuuuck,” Skye screamed herself as she frantically rubbed her clit bringing herself to orgasm.

Neither Skye nor I moved for a minute as we allowed our orgasms to flow through us. When Karen finally pulled out of me, my ass felt surprisingly empty. I had never come as hard as I had just then.

I pulled out of Skye and watched my cum leak out of her back door.

Shifting back into the dominant mode I was in when I took Karen’s ass yesterday, I ordered, “Go get my cum, slut.”

“From princess to king?” She smiled, still wearing the cock that had taken my virginity.

“Get licking, don’t you dare waste any of your king’s cum,” I ordered with a smile.

Her smile faded away as she ordered, “No, I think you will retrieve your own cum from Skye’s ass.”

“Pardon,” I stammered.

“You’re my bitch tonight, Erica. Now eat your cum,” she ordered.

Her glare and cold tone startled me but I obeyed, dropping to my knees between Skye’s ass cheeks and stared at my white goo.

I felt a hand on my head that pushed my face into Skye’s ass and my cum, “Get eating, Erica.”

I had no choice as I sucked my own cum out of Skye’s ass.

Was it humiliating? Yes.

Was it disgusting? Kind of.

Did it turn me on? Yes.

“Now my little faggot,” she ordered, already impatient with my lack of obedience.

Obeying, like I always did in the end, I lowered myself and tentatively licked Skye’s ass. I had never tasted my own cum, although I had been curious about my own taste. It was quite different from Derrick’s taste, not necessarily better or worse, just different.

A few seconds later, I felt a hand on my head push me into Skye’s ass cheeks as Karen said, “I told you to eat her ass not make love to it.”

I extended my tongue and licked Skye’s rosebud and my cum that was still leaking out of it. The act was so humiliating, so gay and yet my cock was growing again in spite of it.

“Like the taste of cum, Erica?” Karen asked a minute later.

“Ìt’s okay,” I shrugged, not wanting to admit that I actually enjoyed the taste of cum, although it was the taste of Derrick’s cum that popped into my head.

Skye stood up and said, “Sorry, but my legs are cramping.”

Karen laughed, “Well that was fun.”

“Orgasmic,” Skye quipped.

“And you?” Karen asked, pulling me up and kissing me.

“It was…” I paused, before adding playfully, “a little give and take.”

“That it was,” Karen laughed back.

“Can I get undressed?” I asked, suddenly self-conscious of my girlie attire.

“I suppose,” Karen said, as she sat back down and ordered, “Skye come and get me off again.”

I was getting undressed when there was a knock on the door, followed by Derrick’s voice, “Are you done banging your girlfriend, Eric. It’s time for just the guys.”

“Nice,” Karen said, “banging.”

“I did get banged,” I joked, as I finished taking off the dress.

“Keep the thigh highs on, Erica,” she ordered, as she held Skye’s head between her legs.

“Really?” I asked, protesting, “I’m going out with the guys.”

“Do you plan to get naked with them?” she asked.

I thought to myself, ‘Good chance’, yet answered, “Good point,” and pulled my jeans on over the silk thigh high stockings.

“Hurry up or I am coming in there,” Derrick called out.

Skye went to move her head obviously not wanting to be caught in the act of lesbian submission. “Keep licking slut.”

“Be right there,” I called out.

“Be a good girl,” Karen joked as I finished getting dressed.

“Yes, Mistress,” I joked, thinking I would possibly be doing exactly that, my cock undeniably hard at the thought.

I headed out, slipping out the door to not reveal the lesbian action still going on, wondering what Derrick had in mind for me. Even after fucking Skye in the ass, getting ass fucked myself and all the other sexual conquests I had been a part of, both giving and receiving, today, I was already growing again with anticipation of pleasing Derrick again. I really was a straight faggot.


Once back in the hallway, I walked around the corner and saw a smiling Derrick who asked, “So I am guessing you didn’t dump the ice queen.”

“She isn’t so bad,” I said.

“To you and her posse,” he said.

“I suppose,” I shrugged. “I can’t fathom how I can break up with her and not have her crush me. Breaking up with her is social suicide.”

“Unless you catch her cheating on you,” he said.

“Ironic, since I have already cheated on her,” I replied.

“True, but she doesn’t know that,” he said. “Is she alone now?”

“No, Skye is with her,” I admitted.

“Kinky little fuck isn’t she,” he smiled.

“Thinking of the ass fucking I just took, I said, “You don’t know the half of it.”

“Want me to fuck her?” he asked.

“Pardon?” I asked, surprised by his bluntness, although I shouldn’t have been.

“My bitch cheerleader is Skye; I could easily walk in there now and I bet within five minutes your girlfriend would be on her knees sucking my cock,” he said confidently.

“I don’t know,” I said hesitantly.

“Give me your phone,” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Now,” he said.

I did and he instructed, “In ten minutes return to the room to get your phone you accidently left in the room. I am pretty sure you will catch us in the act. Play the devastated boyfriend card and storm out.”

“You can really get her in ten minutes?” I asked.

“Guaranteed,” he confidently said as he texted someone on his phone.

I would have doubted him but I had seen him in action. I watched him walk back the way I just left and waited. I realized I had just chosen to let the guy who had turned me now go and fuck my girlfriend. I also realized I was okay with it if it meant I could end up with Beth when everything was all said and done. One day had changed everything and yet I wouldn’t possibly change a thing.

It was the longest ten minutes of my life, yet when he didn’t come back out a couple minutes after walking in on Skye assumedly still eating Karen, I assumed he was well on his way to turning another white girl to black cock. Oddly, instead of being devastated that my girlfriend was cheating on me, I was jealous that it wasn’t me sucking his cock. I couldn’t deny it; I wanted it in my mouth again. I wondered if I could take all his cock in my ass like coach had. I pondered how Beth and I could have a relationship with the baggage that went with our submission to the same guy.

Tentatively, I went to the door and listened. I couldn’t hear anything and wondered if he was successful. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked in on Karen, bent over, getting fucked from behind by Derrick as Skye was underneath her seemingly still licking her cunt…which meant theologically Derrick was in Karen’s ass. Karen’s sounds were a mixture of moaning and whimpering, clearly she was still getting used to the big cock in her ass.

Hearing the door open, she turned to me and her mouth dropped open.

I stared at her pretending to be shocked even though what I was really thinking was again ‘was if I could take all his cock in my ass’.

I stammered, “W-w-what the fuck are you doing?”

Derrick answered for her, “S-s-she is taking a cock in her tight ass.”

“You fucking bastard,” I snapped.

“Sorry man, I can’t control who wants my chocolate stick,” he said as he continued fucking her.

“Karen,” I said, feigning devastation.

“I-I-I’m sorry,” she struggled to get out as her ass was filled with cock.

“Stop fucking him then,” I demanded, playing the wounded card as well as I could.

“I-I-I can’t,” she moaned, as she grabbed Skye’s shoulders to keep her balance from the extreme ass reaming that was now happening.

“Whatever,” I said, getting angry like I had seen in the movies, “Have the slut, I had her first,” and stormed out.

I went to my car unsure what to do when I was shocked once again. Waiting at my car was Beth.

I walked over to her and said, “Hi, Beth, what are you doing here?”

“Derrick called me to say you and I had a date,” she said confidently.

“Really,” I asked.

“Do we?” she asked.

“I think we do,” I smiled.

“Good, because I am not taking no for an answer,” she said, leaning in and kissing me.

I was in awe. Shy Beth was hitting on me. I melted into her. When Karen and I kissed it was passionate and sloppy; this kiss sent electric shockwaves through me. It was tender, it was passionate, it was urgent and it was perfect.

When the kiss was finally broken, she said, “My parents are out of town this weekend; do you want to go to my place?”

“I’ll go anywhere you want to go,” I said, knowing the difference between lust and love with just one kiss.

“Good, because tonight you’re mine,” Beth said, her hand squeezing my cock.

“Yes, Mistress,” I joked.

“Hmmm, you will be my bitch tonight?” she asked, rubbing my cock, the words out of her cute lips so hot.

“I’ll obey unconditionally,” I said, willing to do anything to be with her.

“Well, getting Derrick to fuck that slut of yours was pretty good proof of your willingness to be mine,” she said.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Derrick texted me,” she said. “He said you would be single by the time I got here.”

Richard’s bathroom was smaller than Alex had expected. As he was pushed through the door the shame he was feeling from their previous session mingled with the draft of cold from the bathroom to inspire fear. What was he doing here? This had already gone too far.

Just turn around, thank him or something, and leave. Take your clothes and leave.

Before he processed the thought properly he heard the click of the bathroom door closing and became aware of Richard stood behind him, and then reaching around him to start playing with his nipples. Gentle pinches felt electric and Alex knew he couldn’t go anywhere. He pushed his ass into Richard’s hardness.

‘That feels good, daddy.’

Richard reached past Alex and flicked the shower on. It was a cubicle, large, but not a 2 person unit. He spun Alex around and spat on his chest, then massaged the saliva gently into each of Alex’s nipples. He worked 2 fingers into Alex’s mouth.

Alex was in heaven. He felt like a slut. He’s already been marked by his daddy, the traces of Richard’s cum still present on his face was a reminder to him that he was nothing but a slave to his daddy’s cock. He wanted to be used. He needed his body to be an object for daddy’s pleasure.

Richard pushed Alex into the shower cubicle, Alex almost tripping and falling against the tiled wall. He became intensely aware of the biting cold of the tiles, and the violent heat of the water. As he cried out from the mix of temperatures, Richard had bent down and started to suck on his cock.

‘Feed daddy’, he growled, ‘feed daddy little bitch.’

Alex had received blowjobs before, but nothing like this. He felt out of control and dizzy, fighting to keep standing as Richard began to probe his ass with a finger.

‘I’m going to fuck this little hole, boy. You’re going to beg me to fill your ass with daddy’s meat.’

Alex could feel his second orgasm of the day building up inside him as the realisation of his submission drifted into his head. He had no choice but to surrender himself now, and was desperate to fill his daddy’s mouth with cum, to give himself to him.

Richard pulled off Alex’s cock as he began to feel Alex on the verge of orgasm, not wanting him to cum yet. He spun Alex round and bent him over, his asshole spread before him. The butt plug from their earlier session was removed.

Alex was positioned so the water from the shower was falling directly on the back of his head, and was lost in a haze of submission and pleasure as Richard spat on his cock and Alex’s hole, and began to push his cock inside.

Alex was aware of the spit on his ass, and was pleased Richard had done that rather than use any kind of lube. Alex had fucked himself with a vibrator before, and used lube, and it felt somehow mechanical and impersonal. This was a statement, another mark on Alex for him to know who he belonged to.

He was surprised that the sensation of being fucked was not painful. Richard’s first movement into Alex’s ass had been slow and deliberate, pushing as far as he could go. Now he fucked powerfully, dominantly, and Alex was lost in the sensation.

‘Fuck me daddy, fuck your whore’

He didn’t know if he was saying it or just thinking it. The hot water bead down on his head, somehow adding to the feeling of submission. The pleasure was mingled with humiliation and degradation. His daddy had spat on him, all over his body, and taken him like a piece of meat. But that’s what he wanted. He wanted daddy to take him and pleasure himself with him, with no regard for Alex’s pleasure.

‘I need your cock inside me daddy.’

Alex needed more than that. He wanted to be filled with Richard’s seed. It was the final act of dominance that he wanted from his daddy. He wanted to know after the experience that no matter how much shame and regret he felt, daddy’s cum would still be in his ass. He wanted to be able to put his fingers in his ass later and taste it, knowing he’d been made a slave to his daddy.

‘Cum in your little whore’s ass daddy. Fill me, please fill me.’

‘You’re going to take my cum in your ass boy. You’ll always be daddy’s little slut boy.’

Alex could feel Richard’s cock tensing. It was the same tension he’d felt with the cock in his mouth earlier, and knew that daddy’s present to him was coming.

Richard grunted, and groaned loudly as the intensity of this orgasm outdid his earlier one. Alex tried to clench his ass around Richard’s cock, desperate to feel all of the orgasm in his ass and milk as much of his daddy’s cum as he could. He felt the warm liquid shooting deep into his ass, and gasped in pleasure.

‘Yes daddy! Thank you daddy, thank you for fucking your slut boy.’

Richard left his cock buried in Alex’s ass for a few seconds longer, wanting to feel the rest of his cum oozing into Alex, before withdrawing and allowing Alex to crawl out of the shower and collapse on the bathroom floor. He pulled Alex over, and took his cock into his mouth once more. Alex lay on the floor, aware of the feeling of cum in his ass and Richard’s mouth sucking on his cock, his tongue licking down the shaft and taking his balls into his mouth.

‘mmm… Suck my cock daddy. Suck your boy’s cock.’

‘Give me your cum boy, I want your whore cum in my mouth.’

Alex had already been close to orgasm from Richard sucking his cock earlier, and felt himself just moments later explode into his daddy’s mouth, shooting hot jets of cum and shaking in pleasure. He lay dazed and sated, and exhausted.

He became aware of Richard’s lips on his own. They parted his, and with a flick of his daddy’s tongue, Alex’s cum came dripping into his own mouth.

‘Thank you daddy,’ Alex muttered, smiling. ‘I hope I’ve been a good little slut for daddy today.’

*Author’s note-This belongs to me. I hope you enjoy, this is my first story in the Gay Male genre but I hope it suffices. This will be posted on under xxxArtemisDawnxxx and under ArtemisDawnXXX on a different site. -_-*

‘…’ thoughts

I have always been confused of my sexuality. It was one of those things I used to lie in bed and think about, wondering if there was something wrong with me. I grew up in a small town right in the track of what people call, “The Bible Belt.” I was taught from an early age that homosexuality was a sin, and throughout my 18 years of life, I was always right in front of the crowd bashing any queer that walked into our towns clutches. But through it all, there was that voice in the back of my mind saying…’What are you doing Bobby? You’re just like them.’ I never acknowledged that voice.

Until he came. Liam.

It was our senior year, and I finally turned 18, and I couldn’t wait to get done with high school and head off to college with my football scholarship, it gives me a free ride as long as I keep a B or better average. I have a good life, proud parents, a future sports career, and a hot girlfriend who I plan to marry. All in all, it’s the best I could think of, other than that nagging in the back of my mind.

The nagging, the constant nagging, noticing boys in the locker room after practice, and the fact that the attraction to my girl seems to be fading fast. I want to be with her, if for any reason than just to be normal.

I don’t want to be a faggot.

Class is about to start now, it’s in the middle of the day, just before lunch, everyone is eager to eat and get out of class. The teacher walks in and scans the classroom, we’re all silent. Salt and pepper hair, slim but slightly muscular, his mouth quirks up to the side slightly before he speaks.

“Class we have a new student, this is my son Liam Dickinson.” We look to a door and a boy walks in. I have to keep my mouth from dropping open when I see him, short dark brown hair, he’s tall, almost as tall as my 6’6, he has a lanky build. His face is chiseled, a slight cleft in his chin, high cheek bones and full pink lips, a slight blush rising on his cheeks. His most startling feature are his bright lavender eyes.

My girl, Angela, who is sitting a few rows up is also ogling him. She looks back and me and sees me staring, I haven’t taken my eyes off him since he entered, and when I look at her she’s looking at me strangely.

‘Fuck. I hope she doesn’t think anything.’

“Do you have any questions for Liam before we start.”

A few people raise their hands, and Liam points to one boy up front. “Why did you just start your senior year? It isn’t like you just moved here.” We all look at Liam, and I stare at his perfect mouth as he starts speaking, his voice is soft but deep.

“I was home schooled since middle school when we moved here, I decided to come back this year to celebrate my last year.”

Another hand was raised and Liam took it. “Why did you start to get home schooled then, why not earlier?”

“That’s when I started having problems with my classmates. They found something out about me that they disagreed with, then we moved here, but my mother decided to home school me so another incident wouldn’t happen.”

Angela tentatively raised her hand and he pointed to her. “What kind of problems happened for you to have to move and be home schooled?”

Mr. Dickinson shoots a look at Liam, and Liam glances at him and shrugs.

When Liam looks back at us he had a new light about him. “Well, my “problem” was,” his voice is dripping in sarcasm as he speaks the word “problem,” “is that I’m gay.”

His voice lingers longer than it should, the class gets real quiet, and a dark veil shadows his Father’s eyes as he looks down and sighs deeply. “Does the class have anymore questions for Liam?” He asks quietly, when no one answers he gestures to the seat for Liam to sit. It’s the one right next to mine.

Everyone looks at him as he makes his way to his seat, he sits quietly and class begins.

*** I enter my room after taking a shower. It was a long first day, and tiring, and I have a heap of homework to do before I can even think about sleep. Its already 9, and I’m exhausted.

I groan as I pull my bag onto the bed, I sit there in nothing but my boxers as I pull out the books and papers I need. ‘Its gonna be a long night.’

So. Very. Long…

*** I wake up, sweat dripping off of me and a horrified expression on my face. ‘What the hell was that?’

My books surround me, some on the floor from where I kicked them off when I fell asleep. My hands come to my face and I wipe off the sweat. I sit there and wonder what the hell made me dream that.

I was in my room alone doing my homework, when I decided to lean back and stretch, all of a sudden the book in my lap is replaced by Liam. He’s there caressing my bare thighs, my boxers on the floor, as he smiles up at me, my hard cock waving in front of his face.

I smile at him and grasp his hair and moan as he runs his tongue up my shaft slowly. One hand drifts down and cups my balls gently, before he goes and sucks on onto his mouth, the other hand now running his nails gently on my thigh.

“Oh please baby, suck on it…” I groan as he continues teasing my sensitive testis. He then runs his tongue slowly up, going to the head, he gives me a little wink before he plunges down fast, taking my whole 7 inch length into his mouth, going down his tight little throat.

He swallows around me, bobbing his head, going back to where my head almost leaves his throat before plunging back down. His tongue swirls around my shaft, as he protects it from his teeth. One hand is squeezing my nuts, while the other is stroking my chest.

“Shit, I’m about to cum.” I scream at him and he picks up the pace, swallowing me down frantically before I can’t take it anymore and I explode.

The first two shots go directly down his throat, the next into his hot mouth, and the rest on his face and chest as he pulls back off me. When I’m done, his mouth is still bulging with cum, and his face is covered in it and dripping down. Some is in his dark hair, one eye closed, the other looking at me with bright, seductive eyes as he swallows my load and smiles. I lean forward and kiss him passionately my hand traveling down to his…

And that’s when I woke up.

My dream, no nightmare, or is it a dream…? I don’t know, but while a reminisce, I stroke the hard-on I woke up with, and when I realize, I can’t stop, I’m to far and I want release. Thinking of Liam sucking me off got me this way, and I try to shake it off, trying to think of Angela doing it instead but Liam keeps drifting back. ‘Is he that skilled in real life.’

The thought of finding out sends me over the edge and I muffle my scream with my hand as I shoot my jizz across my bed, some landing on my books.

My face is bloodshot as I clean up my load, putting my sheets into the hamper and getting clean ones, and wiping the cum from my books. “I’m not attracted to him.” I say over and over, but the back of my mind knows that this mantra is feeble.

*** Every time I see Liam in class I always think about the dreams I have the night before, they keep progressing, him sucking, me sucking, thankfully we haven’t fucked though. I’m afraid to sleep because of the dreams, but I eventually pass out and dream the things I keep fearing.

Then one day at the end of school, I see a crowd of students surrounding something in the parking lot and cheering. I walk over and go to the front of the crowd, expecting to see some freshman getting pounded on by a senior. Instead…

Liam is surrounded by 5 guys, and another guy holding him with his hands behind his back, and on his knees and the others kick him with all their might in his stomach and groin.

He’s screaming with pain, and I see some teachers pass, but they do nothing. ‘How can they ignore this?’ Because he’s gay…’ The sympathetic part of my brain screams.

“Hey Bobby, wanna join?” One of the guys yell at me, a friend from the football team, Mark. I’m about to agree when I look at Liam. He’s looking at me, desperation in his eyes, eyes that are telling me to please help him. I shake my head at Mark and he shrugs. “Fine, more of this fag for us.” He says and turns back, rearing his leg to kick him again.

Everything goes in slow motion, I run and tackle Mark onto the ground, then getting up and going after the guy holding Liam.

“Bobby, what the hell are you doing? Are you protecting this faggot?” He says as I help Liam to his feet, I see he’s grateful. “Are you a queer too Bobby?”

My head snaps back to him. “N-no, I’m not.”

He laughs. “You’re a fucking faggot aren’t you. All this time, I wonder what Angie will think.” I feel anger boiling in me, anger at Mark, anger at me and especially anger at Liam.

I feel it building up to a crescendo. “Faggot!” Mark screams, when I turn and punch him full in the face. He falls to the ground and I straddle his waist and start punching his face repeatedly. “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’M NOT A DAMN FAGGOT! I’M NOT GAY! YOU’RE THE QUEER NOT ME, YOU AND HIM! EVERYONE BUT ME!”

It takes all the guys who were beating on Liam to pull me of Mark. Everyone stares at me quietly. Then I see Angela, a look of horror on her face. I try to go to her but she turns and runs to her car. The crowd then disperses, Mark’s friends helping him away. I hear footsteps behind me.

“Thank you.” Liam says quietly.

I turn my head in his direction, I can only imagine how my face looked, but he immediately backed up, a look of fear on his face. “Fuck you.” I say quietly and walk away.

*** A few weeks after that incident, the whole school now thinks I’m gay, and that me and Liam are a thing. No one listens. I’ve lost everything, all because I helped that fucking homo. I hate myself even more due to the fact that the back of my mind is happy about it now, saying I’m starting to accept my homosexuality.

It makes it worse because everyday Liam tries to talk to me, making everyone glare and laugh. Angela looks at me with hate and sadness. I was going to marry her, I loved her…didn’t I?

“Bobby…why won’t you talk to me, you defended me, and now you act like I don’t exist.” Liam says softly to me. I glare at him. “I hate you, you fucking queer, that’s why. You ruined my life because I felt sorry for you.

He stares at his desk and says quietly. “I didn’t ask you to help me.”

I fall quiet, but I don’t want to listen to his truth, or the truth in the back of my mind. ‘You’re falling for him Bobby…’

I clench my fists to were the knuckles turn white against the strain.

‘Fucking faggot.’

Later that day, a the end off class I go to my locker to switch notebooks. When I get the one I need, a guy with his hood pulled up and over his face grabs it and runs down the hall heading down the stairs. I give chase, yelling for them to give it back, I chase him to the bottom where he turns to the right and goes behind the stairwell. He has no where to go behind there, he’s cornered. Stupid freshman.

As I corner him he drops the book and pulls back his hood. Its Liam.

“What the fuck? Liam…?” His name rolls off my tongue like honey and I stop talking. He puts his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of another way for me to talk to you alone. You don’t want to go near me and I know you don’t anyone to see us talking either.”

I feel anger boiling. “You’re right, I don’t want to fucking talk to you, I’m just going to grab my book and leave, you’re lucky I don’t beat the shit out of you.”

He smiles slightly. “You’ve already had that opportunity and you didn’t take it. I don’t think you want to hurt me…in fact I think you like me…”

My face gets hot. ‘Does he know…?’

“Lies. Everything you say, just lies. I don’t like you, I hate you, no loath you, I wish you’d die you gay ass fuck.”

He drops his hands and walks slowly over to me. “I think you do like me…Bobby, and I…I like you too, and I want to thank you for rescuing me before.” He closes in and before I can react his lips press to mine.

They’re warm and soft. He presses slightly closer, he smells so good, and his taste is divine, like some kind of fruit. He wraps his arms around my neck as he deepens the kiss, and his tongue starts to enter mine.

My fist goes back and I punch him with all my might. He falls to the floor clutching his jaw, he has tears in his eyes as he looks up at me. I just stare at him, breathing heavily, before I turn and run, leaving my notebook, and a heartbroken boy.


Liam hasn’t been to school since then, I heard that he’s been sick. After the first week, which was spent avoiding question on why my “boyfriend” wasn’t there, it got quiet and they started leaving me alone.

Than one day, I see a note attached to my locker. It’s been the norm since I fought Mark, notes calling me gay, and giving crude descriptions of what me and Liam “do” together.

I open is carefully and I’m surprised. It’s a note telling me to come to 567 Cherry Blossom Avenue. No name or anything, and I don’t know who lives there, but some part of me feels as if I know and that I should go. I shake my head and throw it away.

*** I keep receiving the notes, everyday, and still haven’t figured out who they are from. I’ve decided, I’ll go so I can figure out what this about.

*** I walk up the walkway to the big colonial, surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs. It smells fantastic. There is no car in the driveway…is anyone home?

I go and ring the doorbell, and I hear distant footsteps before the door is opened.


“You came.” He smiles at me, those beautiful lips quirking upward. He’s wearing nothing but a towel and his hair is wet. His bare chest is a sight, muscular, but not scarily so. I’m more muscular than he is.

“Why the hell did you ask me here Liam?” I’m shuddering as I stare at him…he looks so…

“I wanted to say sorry, and to spend sometime with you, to get to know you.”

“Oh fuck this.” I turn to walk away and he grabs me. “Please.” He says softly, I feel a need to protect him and I step closer to him. ‘Why…why does he look so…hot?’

“Liam, I.” I say softly. “I can’t do this with you, it’s a.” He cuts me off. “Sin? Not everyone believes like that you know. I don’t, I believe everyone is equal, no matter what. That there isn’t a deity above cursing us into “hell” just because we love someone, no matter who it is.” I stare at him transfixed…’Not a…sin. How can that be…doesn’t God damn faggots…Homosexuality is…’

“God wouldn’t damn his most precious creation just because he or she loved that of the same gender, love is love, doesn’t matter with who it is with. I may not believe in your God, but I believe he wouldn’t do what the Bible says he does with so called “sinners.”

He pulls me in the house with him.

“Bobby…I love you.”

I stare at him. Love? How can he love me, after I treated him like I did. Tears come to my eyes and he wipes them away.

His lips find mine again, they were just like they were the last time, only this time, I let him. He wraps his arms around my neck again, and mine go around his waist. Such soft skin. ‘Can he love me?’

We pull away, that’s when we notice that his towel dropped, and my mouth follows it.

His dick is glorious, about the same length as me, and almost as round as a soda can, the head is a light purple with all the blood rushing to it, he looks delicious.

I feel tightness in my pants as my own erection grows when I see how embarrassed he is. ‘He didn’t plan this…but I want…’

He goes to cover himself and I grab his hand before and he looks at me surprised. “What are you…?” He starts to ask before he gasps as I grab his shaft. I smile at him and ask coyly, “Don’t you want me?”

“I don’t want to force…” I silence him with a kiss and stroke his shaft slowly. He starts moaning and gyrating his hips, then he pulls back. “Follow me.” He says quietly and turns around and I follow. He takes me to his bedroom, its covered in artwork and it appears to be his. His bed is huge, along with a flat screen on the wall and more furniture here and there. I see another door close to the far left hand corner. ‘Bathroom?’

Before I can ask, he kisses me deep and starts unzipping my pants. My heart starts to race with nervousness and want. I’ve had sex before, but never with another man, just with Angie. My heart skips a beat for Angie, I hurt her, just because I was afraid to come to terms with myself, but here, in this moment, I’ve never felt happier.

He pulls out my cock and her cheeks deepen in color, he’s so cute, and I want to take him here and now, but I also wanna go slow, if just for his sake and not mine. He pushes me back onto the bed and he falls on his knees in front of me. ‘Almost like my dreams…’

He gives me a small smile and gently runs his tongue across the head. A tingling sensation shoots through my spin and kidneys and I let out a soft gasp. He runs his tongue from the base to the tip, repeating the process over and over, going faster each time. My hand goes to the back of his head and I grip his hair tightly and he moans when I do, going even faster in licking me.

I’ve had Angie blow me before, it was pretty good, but I ended up just jerking it and blasting it on and in her mouth, but Liam was different, there was a finesse she didn’t have, plus, she wasn’t…well HIM.

Just then, after one final lick he takes me in quick and all the way until I hit the back of his throat. A short scream escapes as I grasp his head with both hands now, forcing him deeper. He starts bobbing his head quickly, running his tongue in circles around my shaft. Its soft, wet and warm, his teeth gently scraping every now and then sending electric jolts up my cock and into my brain making it go blank.

I feel myself getting closer, and I feel him shimmy my pants the rest of the way down and he starts massaging my balls. They tighten against my body as I start reaching my peak.

He goes faster, taking me down completely down his throat, swallowing around me spasmodically. He keeps me there, but keeps going up and down fast, getting me to were he can take a breath, and then shoves me back in.

Just then I feel a moist finger near my ass. He gently strokes it, then slowly pops his finger in to the first knuckle. My eyes clamp shut as I shoot jet after jet of my cum into his mouth. He takes it all with pride, swallowing down ever last drop. He pulls back, smiling.

I look at him in a daze, then lean forward and crush my lips to his. He moans, and I moan with him. I taste my cum, salty, and a bit bitter, but actually good.

I pull him up on the bed with me and straddle him. I quickly take off my shirt and go back to kissing him. I feel my cock hardening and it start to press against his. Our dicks rub together as we passionately kiss. I feel precum leaking out of me in globs and mixing with his. I can see that it’s covering his pubic mound, and some of his lower belly.

I into his eyes, unsure of what to do. He smiles at me. “Go into the bathroom there, in the medicine cabinet is a bottle of lube, go get it.” I nod and climb off him, giving him a kiss before I go. I go to the bathroom, finding its almost as big as his bedroom, a huge tub that has to fit at least 8 people, and a shower off to the side. I go to the cabinet and search, its in behind a bottle of peroxide, and I grab it and go back to Liam.

I stop short when I see him, his face is towards me, his mouth open in a pleasurable “o” and his eyes are heavy lidded as he lays with his ass in the air and his face in the pillows. He’s stroking his cock and I see precum leaking and making a stain on the bedsheets.

“You know what to do now right?” He asks jokingly as I walk over, uncapping the lid. I climb on the bed and get behind him, putting some lube into my palm, I put the bottle down and dip a finger in the goo. I touch it gently to his ass and he shivers.

Dr. Clearwater stood against the rail, knees knocking, obviously terrified. I held the rifle pointed at him. “You took my sister,” I screamed this. “I should kill you now.”

“Wait.” It was Logan’s voice. My finger, which had been on the trigger, relaxed just a little.

“He’s mine.”

I shook my head in frustration but backed down. “If you so much as move, Doc. If you even flinch…”

Logan came forward. He was bloody and beaten and obviously having trouble moving. We were on the bottom floor of the oil rig, and we were almost done. With this place, with Omni, with everything.

Behind me I could hear Rick, Leo and Marketa holding off the attackers. They didn’t seem inclined to come down, especially since we had given Rick all of our grenades, and he tossed one every now and then. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the Andromeda making her way to us, maneuvering around the other two rigs.

“Now, Dr. Clearwater. Do you remember me? You thought I was dead, didn’t you?” Logan advanced on him, holding out a hand.

Dr. Clearwater looked at me in terror. “Please help!”

Logan only chuckled. “My friend, here, see, he’s a good man. It would have been good if he’d finished you before I found you. He would have just put a few bullets in your head and you’d have been dead.”

He walked until he was only a few feet away from the doctor.

“But me, I’m not like that. I’m what you made me.”

“You’re wrong, Logan.”

“Oh?” His head turned slightly to me.

“I’m not such a good man. If I was, I’d shoot him now and spare him – whatever you are going to do to him.”

Logan smiled darkly. “You see? Everyone can learn.” He placed his hands on Dr. Clearwater, and the back of my head tingled as I felt Logan’s psychic powers surge. Dr. Clearwater screamed and the color drained from his skin. He collapsed into a heap.

“Now you’re probably wondering what I did. All I did is ruin your nervous system. So you can’t do anything but lie there and feel pain. What should I do with you?”

“You could leave him,” was my suggestion. “This whole place will be going up in ten minutes.”

“That’s a thought.” Logan faltered and nearly fell and I realized how weak he was. I slung my rifle and went to his side. He leaned on me heavily, and smiled into my eyes. “That was the last one. I found the other two doctors.”

I nodded. “Good. Now what?”

“Take me to the panel. Put me in front of it.”

I half-dragged, half-carried him to it and laid him in front of it and knelt by him. “And now?”

“Turn that wheel.” I began to do so, and I felt him sag a little.

I looked at his bloody, beaten face. He smiled weakly at me, and I returned the smile. “So, do you have room for a bitter, jaded British man on that ship of yours?” and my eyes widened. I hadn’t been sure I would be able to convince him to leave this place. He had seriously considered dying here. And I had promised him I would let him make his choice.

“Always,” and just then I heard a shot ring out. Blood welled up on his chest and his body jerked. “Logan!”

I turned my head. It was Downing, the son-of-a-bitch who had been chasing us for months. Twice he had come upon us, unexpectedly, and both times it had been a hard fight to get clear of him. The second time we had shot him several times and he still survived.

The third time he came upon us we had been in a highly populated area and neither of us were able to draw our guns. It was this time that he told us about Logan’s dead wife and child. “Your boy cried for you, Logan,” was what he had said. “And he was told you were disappointed in him.”

I hated the man.

“I found you, Logan,” he yelled gleefully. He leapt down the stairs and I desperately covered Logan’s body even as Downing fired again. Indeed this time the bullet hit me. My armor took it, though – it was only a pistol round.

“Tasha! Now!” And my friend didn’t hesitate. She drew the alien gun and shot him through. Downing staggered back, eyes wide. She shot him again.

I turned back to Logan. Working fast, I got his armor opened and got the wound staunched. He was bleeding a great deal, and needed proper care. Our eyes met.

I had tears in mine. “It’s not fair.”

He smiled at me ruefully. “It never is.”

“Hold this. Keep your hands here.” I said, putting his hands to the wound. I picked up my rifle, my beloved G36, and turned and went after Downing. Tasha had used all three shots from the gun on him. Amazingly, he was still trying to rally himself, despite having three holes right through him.

“That was my friend!” I fired a burst at him. He wasn’t wearing armor and holes opened up in him, bleeding through. That was the thing with the alien weapon – it instantly cauterized the wound. A regular gun was better in some ways, but Downing had been shown to be able to protect himself from regular bullets, and the stunning power of the alien weapon could not be argued with.

“And you took my sister.” I was in tears now. All this way, all this time, Logan helping me get Jeanne out, and in the end Logan had finally agreed to come with us and not die here – and now look what had transpired. And it was this fucker’s fault.

In a rage I emptied my entire clip in him. He was hanging halfway over the railing now and as I said, he wasn’t wearing any armor. Without any of his powerful abilities to protect him, he was nearly cut in half by the rounds. As I watched, his body slipped into the water, into the waves.

And in that moment I made my decision. I was not Downing. I’d been working very hard on being a good leader, and I’d gotten my group this far. I turned back and went back to Logan and bodily picked him up.

“You’re getting out of here,” I said. “I’m not leaving you behind.”

“You’re a bloody fool,” he responded.

“I know.” I replied.

“The bomb…” he said. Logan was the only one who could trigger the psionic bomb.

“Rick has alternatives.” Rick had C4 and explosives, just in case Logan hadn’t made it this far.

“My way…is the best. Once I trigger it, we’ll only have minutes to get away.”

“I know that.” I shouted to my group. “Get to the boat! Now!” They all began to disengage and headed for the boat. I half-carried, half-dragged Logan with me, running as fast as I could. I was a big guy, and Logan was slim and lithe, but I was tall and lanky rather than overly built, and I still struggled with his weight.

He looked at me, his blue eyes troubled. Putting his hand to his head, he concentrated and I felt the power swell around me. “Done.”

I nodded, and drew on the last of my strength. I made it to the edge of the rig and climbed onto the edge. “Leo! Get ready to catch us!”

The huge Samoan stood up in the boat. “Come on, assholes!” I tensed my legs, and together, we sprang. With Logan in my arms, I barely made the boat, but it was enough for both of us to go crashing into Leo’s arms.

I put Logan down on the bottom of the boat and began trying to stabilize him as our other friends made it onto the boat. He was bleeding his life out.

Everyone got on the boat and we began to flee as the psychic bomb set off the regular bombs, as planned. But even as I struggled, I felt Logan breathe his last. He went limp in my arms.

“Tasha!” I shouted. “He’s dying. Get the paddles!” I began to give him CPR, compressing his chest, and breathing for him. It was an agonizing minute before Tasha came running up with the shock paddles. I cleared the area and shocked him. Once was enough, and Logan came back to me. To us. He coughed and sputtered and weakly threw up. I cleared his airway. I knew he couldn’t sit up to throw up properly. He lay back, panting.

“You’re a bloody…” and then half-smiled, perhaps remembering he’d already called me a bloody fool. I laughed.

“What am I, Logan? What am I?” But he didn’t answer. I looked up to watch the last of the explosions as we sailed away. Putting my arms around Logan I lifted him up so he could see.

“Look, asshole. There’s Omni, burning. That’s the last of it.” And he watched, and I watched, as the company who had taken my sister, and who had killed his wife and his baby boy, burned, with nothing remaining.

My sister Jeanne met us when we got back to Edinburgh. She took one look at me and burst into tears, throwing her arms around me. I knew I looked bad, but by then I had stabilized Logan, and with mine and Tasha’s care, both of us were looking better.

At Edinburgh most of us parted. Rick took Jeanne home with him to our parents. Their relationship had started on the road, and I hoped things worked out well for him and my sister. I knew he would take care of her.

Leo took his little girl home, and Marketa went with him. In the end it was just me and Logan left together.

I don’t know if Logan had had other plans or had even thought about what he would do if he survived taking down Omni. I just overrode everything he had to say and took him with me on the Kingfish. On the journey we’d acquired sponsors, and one of the sponsors had provided us with a yacht. It had been our home and our primary method of transportation for a long time. I imagined six months or so sailing around the Caribbean would make anyone feel better. After that, we would see. He could decide to go on his way.

Logan was badly hurt. I thought he would recover, due to his psychic abilities, but it still took a while. I took him to a doctor in Miami who no doubt thought the wound was due to gang warfare.

After they patched him up, I came into the hospital room to see him. He was awake, and smiled weakly at me. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hey asshole, you should learn to duck.”

“Thanks a lot. Prick.” This was how we went back and forth, affectionately.

“Doc says it was an inch below your heart. I guess Downing was slipping.”

“He probably got excited when he saw me.”

I laughed. “He was probably so excited he came in his pants. He’s wanted to see you for a while.”

We both chuckled, and then, “Can’t you get me out of here? I think they’re all done.”

“They want you to stay for a few days.”

“I don’t care. I’ll get better on the yacht.”

“All right. I’ll get the doctor. You’ll have to sign yourself out.”

We did so, and the doctor, while clearly not happy about it, signed Logan out. “He’ll need help. He’s still very weak.”

“I can take care of him.” The doctor looked at us dubiously but shook his head. “Fine. Sign this. And this.” And they took us to the door with a wheelchair and made sure he got in the cab safe and sound. I took him back to the yacht.

Three weeks went by. I helped Logan when he really needed it, though I could see it hurt his pride to accept too much help. Thankfully he could stagger about by himself, so he could at least use the bathroom on his own, but he needed help getting in and out of his clothes. Being in the Caribbean, though, in the summer no less, we managed to get by with no shirts most of the time. Both of us grew brown and happy in the sunshine.

One night I went in to see Logan. I’d given him the second largest cabin, the VIP cabin, and I had the main cabin. They were across the hall from each other.

The Kingfish was quite a large vessel. She had three decks. The upper deck, or flydeck, contained a wheel and an open dining area, as well as two deck chairs. The second deck, or main deck, contained a tidy kitchen, the main dining room, another wheel, and a back deck to easily slip in and out of the water. I managed to swim in the blue ocean almost every day.

The lower deck was the deck with the bedrooms. I had my own bathroom, and he would have shared the guest bathroom, if we had any guests. When our ship was full we had held ten people with ease, so it was enormous for the two of us.

It was late evening when I knocked, and when he responded, went in to see how he was doing. He was stretched out in his bed, not asleep, looking at the ceiling. Behind him his pillows were propped up so he was half-sitting up, his hands folded across his belly. His eyes flicked to me immediately when I came in and stayed on my face. He was clearly tired, but I checked on his wounds every morning and evening.

I sat down on the chair in his room, close to his bed. “How are you feeling?”

“Really, really good, surprisingly, despite being shot.”

“Ah, well I think that’s your natural healing proclivity.”

“Yeah, well, it’s got to have some advantages.”

“Let me look at your chest.” Without really waiting for him to respond, I opened his bandages. We’d sort of gotten used to this now, and he was accustomed to my bossiness.

The wound was dramatically healed, far more than three weeks’ worth. I shook my head, ruefully. “I wish I had that kind of healing.”

He was watching me, and as I examined him, his hand came up and gripped my wrist. I blinked, surprised. He rarely touched people voluntarily, did our Logan.

“I’ve been meaning to say thank you, Jared.”

“Thank you? For pulling you out against your will?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, that. And everything else. Jeanne says you saved my life in more than just that.”

“Oh?” We hadn’t talked too much about that day.

“Yes. She says you gave me CPR? And you’re the one who gave me the shock paddles?”

I nodded. “It would have been stupidly ironic for you to die after I worked so hard to get you off the ship, under fire no less.”

“Speaking of which, when did you decide I was getting off the ship? I thought you said you were going to respect my wishes.”

I couldn’t help but notice he still had ahold of my wrist. As he held it, he moved his fingers to gently rest on the pulse point. His fingers were long and slender and graceful.

I smiled. “If you would believe it, it was when I was killing Downing.”

“Oh?” His fingers moved gently on my skin again, and I felt something stirring in my soul, something unexpected. Suddenly my skin felt hot and tight under his gaze.

“Yes…I mean, here I was, killing this guy, less than human, he was an animal at best. Naw, that’s an insult to animals. And it was at that moment that I realized truly who I was. I wasn’t leaving any of my group behind. I know we said we would respect your wishes, and we always did, so…” here I reached across and put my other hand over his, sandwiching it between mine.

“I decided it was time for you to respect mine.”

We sat like that for a long moment, and I felt the air slowly changing between us. Suddenly the already small room felt even smaller, devoid of air almost.

He lowered his eyes before he spoke again. “Jeanne says that you breathed for me. I mean, that you gave me mouth-to-mouth.”

I nodded. “Only about a minute.”

His eyes came up to meet mine for a second, and then darted away, like slippery little blue fish. “Did you mind?” His voice was barely over a whisper.

“Mind? No…I didn’t really have time to think about it.”

“Was it unpleasant?”

“Uh, you didn’t throw up in my mouth or anything horrible, but it wasn’t the greatest, no.”

Now he closed his eyes as he laughed. “Thanks for doing that, too.” His voice was a murmur, and I realized he was falling asleep. I watched him, as he sank into peaceful slumber, his hand still lightly looped around my wrist.

Are you wondering why I would do such a thing? Why I would stay with him and not disturb him? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Why else would I take such good care of him? I knew he had had a wife and a son, thus clearly he liked women, so I never made a move. But somewhere along the line, I’d fallen in love with him. I don’t know when it happened. He was just so cool, and calm, and put together all the time. It started out with respect, then admiration, and somewhere along the line I caught myself thinking how much I’d like to kiss him, or slip his cock in my mouth, or even just hold him in his bed as we slept together.

It hurts, when you’re a gay man in love with a straight one.

I listened to his breathing become smooth and steady, and his face relaxed. When he was fully asleep, I gently extricated my hand and went upstairs to the flydeck. I took my seat at the wheel and took us out into the blue, blue waters, thinking of my situation.


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After spending most of the afternoon with my Dad at the Pines Motel, I was finally dressed and on my way to the boat. Given the state of my suit and dress shirt, I had changed into gym clothes. My cover story was that after the interview, I had gone to the gym and worked out not realizing what time it was.

I watched the upscale shops and old oak trees sweep by me as I gunned the engine towards the marina on the north shore. The boulevard was light with traffic, and I let the jeep chew up the road. Thinking about Lorenzo, I had to smile. While part of me was happy for my mother in finding a guy like Lorenzo, I was completely jealous. There was nothing I could do to stop myself from crushing on him.

They met while my mother was vacationing in Italy, and when her time there ended; Lorenzo came back with her. While most women would leave their foreign affair overseas; bringing Lorenzo home extended her adventure. She brought him home like you might bring home a pair of Prada loafers, or some Murano glass. It’s not that I thought she didn’t care for him, but it wasn’t love. Recently divorced from her second husband, I thought a boyfriend would be the farthest thing from her mind.

Lorenzo’s youth and virility were clearly central to the relationship, but I think she was equally charmed by the mental and social stimulation he provided; everyone was, and I was no exception. The youngest son of an aristocratic family, he was the artistic type.

While appreciative of her gifts, he had always known and experienced luxury so he wasn’t flabbergasted by her extravagant lifestyle. Lorenzo indulged with her, as her equal, and sometimes exposed her to new delights she hadn’t yet discovered.

When I first saw Lorenzo, I was hooked. I hadn’t thought much about my attraction to men before, thinking maybe it was a phase. Even though my first time wasn’t with him, seeing Lorenzo, I knew. I would always be a sucker for a gorgeous man.


After graduating from boarding school, Mom was taking me to dinner with her new boyfriend at the Marina. It was a really beautiful May night, warm enough to wear short sleeves, but breezy enough for light pants.

On our way to the hostess station to announce our arrival, we passed the bar. With a casual stance, this tall blond adonis with broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist, took my breath away. Dressed in a crisp blue linen button down, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top two buttons open, his naturally light tan skin was accented subtly. The whitest trousers I have ever seen graced his thighs, hinting at a firm bubble butt and a prominent bulge. When his light green eyes met my hazel ones, I could have creamed my briefs.

“Lorenzo! Ciao Bello!” My mother suddenly called out at my shoulder.

With a wave, my steamy wet dream crossed the room, a twinkle in his eyes. Kissing my mother romantically, he turned and held out his hand to me.

“You must be Rod, it’s so good to finally put a face to the legend!” Lorenzo’s voice seemed to caress and stroke every syllable as it left his mouth. The kind of voice that could recite the phone book and be absolutely captivating.

I hadn’t blushed since I was a kid. Yet with Lorenzo, I was always blushing. It started that night when he teased me about all the things my mother had told him about me. It wasn’t mean or anything, just him being playful. That was just the kind of person he was. He had a charming mischievous streak that was tempered by a warm attentiveness. It seemed to me that Lorenzo sought not only to enjoy his own life, but to see the people around him enjoy theirs as well.


Finally, I was parking the jeep and noticed my phone buzzing beside me. I picked it up and read a text from my mother.

MOM: Have a migraine. Enjoy some ‘male bonding’ with Lorenzo. He picked you up some things in case you forgot to bring a bag. CU tomorrow.

I totally forgot that tonight we were supposed to spend the night aboard the “Toy,” and felt like a total jack-ass that my mother and her boyfriend already figured I’d forget and planned accordingly.

Sighing, I got out of the jeep and threaded my way through the cars in the parking lot, and showed my ID to the security guard on duty. Walking along the docks, I spotted the luxurious sailing yacht the Toy, and caught her skipper stretching. Lorenzo was dressed in a pair of high cut, but loose red shorts with a clingy white polo over it. Facing away from me, I loved how his stretch was causing his taut but bubbly ass to strain against the material. As I got closer, he turned towards me more. The hem of his shirt rode up, revealing his lower abs and his sexy adonis belt. The late afternoon sun was backlighting him, suffusing his sun-kissed skin with a sultry glow. The sight of him like this caused my prick to twitch in my black nylon basketball shorts.

I walked slowly to enjoy the view as long as possible, but the stretch finished all too soon. Seeing me, he raised a hand in greeting. As I came closer, Lorenzo called out to me.

“Ciao, Rod! You made it.” His genuine smile was sweet and warm.

“Wouldn’t miss it.” I smiled nervously at him.

“I see it’s good I picked you up some things, you forgot our excursion was an overnight, yes?” Lorenzo’s eyes shimmered with playful mirth.

After I stepped aboard, Lorenzo pulled me into a “man hug” complete with the hand shaking and the back slapping. Pulling back he looked at me over the rims of his tortoiseshell sunglasses and smiled appreciatively at me.

“Go below and change, I will get us past the breakwater.”


Lorenzo’s boat was what I would call an “old money ship” because it wasn’t the biggest or flashiest one in the marina but it was easily the nicest. What it lacked in size and outward panache, it more than made up for in the details. Below decks had three staterooms, two aft and one forward. In the center was a lounge with a fully equipped galley that was larger than most Manhattan kitchens.

With Lorenzo it was always about the details. All the wood was teak and shined to a warm golden hue. All the fabrics were an off white with pale blue stripes. The fixtures were all well crafted and of superior quality. It all felt very grand without feeling overdone.

Going down below, I went towards the bigger of the two aft staterooms and saw a note on the door saying “Wasn’t sure what you’d like so I bought extra.” Opening the door, I saw the bed covered with bags of all shapes and sizes. Letting out a chuckle, I started going through the bags.

The first bag I opened revealed some brand new Sanuk boat shoes, probably better for the ship than the ankle socks and trainers I was currently rocking. The next few bags were plain white tee shirts in a few different styles, but they were all the right size. So were a couple of pairs of shorts. Finally I got to the underwear and swimsuit bags, and had to smile. Lorenzo had bought me enough underwear and swimsuits to go on a week long cruise. To be fair, both underwear and swimsuits ran the gamut from mild to wild. But more wild than mild. The first swimsuit I pulled out was a laced up pair of blue Sauvage square cuts, the next was a distressed flag brief by Clever, the last was a racy turquoise speedo that revealed as much as it concealed. All the underwear was either bikini briefs or skimpy hip briefs.

Deciding to up the ante, I got out a pair of scissors and got busy on the shirts and shorts.


When I finally made my way up on deck, I could feel the ship smoothly tacking at a brisk clip. Using the handrail for support, I shaded my eyes and saw Lorenzo. The blonde Italian was behind the wheel, and though it was hard to tell where his eyes were looking, his slack jaw gave me a good idea.

I made my way back towards him smiling as I went. In my time below, I took the loosest of the plain white tees and had cut off the sleeves, making huge arm holes. The neckline was now a rough v shape, and I also trimmed off a bit off the bottom so it barely skimmed the top of the cut offs. When Lorenzo bought them, the shorts were on the modest side of provocative. After my scissors had done their work, they hinted more than they hid, and teased more than they tamed. I wore the Sanuks until I was able to get to my seat, at which point I got rid of them.

Sitting on the chair beside Lorenzo’s, I spread my legs out and away from us. I showed off my tan legs, highlighting the tone I worked hard to achieve. The way my legs were spread, it was clear if he were sitting opposite me he could have gotten an eyeful of what I was wearing underneath. Stretching my arms, I felt the thin cotton ride up, and hoped my mother’s boyfriend got as good view as I got earlier.

Lorenzo only smiled, regaining whatever composure he had lost. We made small talk for awhile, which caused me to relax a bit. But I also started to like the guy more as I got to know him better.

As we talked, I asked him about his art, which everyone raved about but I hadn’t seen. Lorenzo was self deprecating about his own work, saying it was a pleasure to make art, but so many others were better than him. For years, he told me, his dream had been to open a gallery.

By this point we were entering the quiet inlet that he had discovered shortly after arriving to the states. A natural sandbar kept the expanse of water clear of debris and small sharks, and the terrain that bordered it left a small sandy beach that was all but nonexistent in high tide. With practiced efficiency, Lorenzo had the sails taken in and the ship anchored just off the sandbar.

Watching him scramble across the deck, first getting us moored and then making his way towards me, I was reminded of how young he was. It was one of the harder parts of accepting their relationship, Lorenzo was at most five or six years older than me. Standing in front of me grinning, it was impossible to ignore.

“Relax, make yourself at home. I’m going to start on dinner.”

“Do you want me to help?” I asked

“No, no. It’s a small galley; I’d be all over you.” His enigimatic smirk got me blushing again.

Having made me blush, he clapped me on the shoulder with a wink, and descended belowdecks to make our dinner at sea.

As Lorenzo began to cook down in the galley, I listened as he put on some soft music. Chris Botti, I thought to myself. I moved to the foredeck, and found the deck loungers a little wet. Stretching out on the white lounger, I actually liked the cool wetness of the fabric along the skin of my legs.

Closing my eyes, I laid back and pillowed my head on one arm. Slowly drifting in and out of a doze, I thought back to the Fourth of July. Letting my right hand drift across my thigh, up over the denim of my crotch; I remembered it was scorching hot.

My mother and sister were off at the market picking up extra party stuff and charcoal, leaving Lorenzo and I alone in the house. It would be at least an hour before they came home.

A cool breeze blew across my skin, but thinking about what I saw that day had me getting warmer. My hand trailed up my body, threading its way under my shirt, pressing it up. Teasingly, I traced the edge of my left nipple.

I was emptying the dryer and folding stuff in the laundry room when I looked out on the yard. From that vantage point, I could see most of the pool and accompanying deck. Where I stood, it would be hard for anyone to see into the small room. Just glancing up, I saw Lorenzo pulling himself out of the pool.

As the afternoon sun attempted to warm my exposed skin, a salty breeze caressed it. With the crisp air hardening my nipples, I dragged one leg across the other, luxuriating in the contact. Letting out a soft sigh of pleasure, I delved deeper.

Sun kissed arms flexing as they propelled the tapering body out of the pool. Water sluicing down his back in streams before I saw his strikingly black speedo clad ass break the surface. Somehow or another, he twisted and stood gracefully. In profile, as he slowly turned, the curve of the swimsuit seemed barely able to maintain its grip of his luscious ass. Towels forgotten now, I cursed him for wearing a black swimsuit. All it did was flatten out any contours in the pouch from this distance.

Moaning in remembered frustration, I laid my head against the cushion, allowing my left hand to trail down my chest, angling for the top of the cutoffs. Squeezing harder on my sensitive nipple, I dragged my nail across it before going for my right one. My other hand wasn’t slacking off either.

As I watched, Lorenzo straddled a chaise lounger and sat with his legs spread out, a foot on either side. From my hidden view, I watched as he played with his nipples. My mother’s boyfriend let his hands slide down his perfectly tanned washboard stomach, the tips of his fingers slid under the waistband of the black speedo.

I popped the button of my cutoffs, and stroked the flesh just above the waistband that was now peeking through. Another pleasing twist on my nipple, sent an electric shock of pleasure directly to my concealed cock. Digging my fingers down under the waistband, my fingers glided through my closely shorn pubic hair.

Yearning for a better view, a closer look, I watched as my wet dream began to stroke his cock. I wished I could see more, maybe to tell if he was cut or uncut. I pretended that I could see the head of his meat, popping out of his fist on the downstrokes. Soft red lips moved, moaning out what, I couldn’t hear. The shorts I was wearing were getting tight as I watched this private show.

Extracting my hand from my cutoffs, I slowly stroked the bulge my cock was creating. Looking down I could see a wet spot forming as my precum bubbled up from the memory.

I watched as he lifted up a bottle of suntan oil and poured a copious amount into his open palm. Setting the oil aside, his dry hand slid in under the waistband of the speedo. I imagined those fingers were rolling his balls around. The oily hand was now working his meat, I couldn’t see how big his cock was, but by the way his hand gripped it, it looked thick. Thicker than me.

My hands were teasing all the right spots and I was hard and dripping. Looking behind me, I decided to take the risk. I was too horned up not to. I pushed the material aside, and poured suntan oil over the head of my big cock. As I began to work the slick, oily substance into my skin, coating my shaft, I went back to my memory.

Standing in the laundry room, I kept absentmindedly stroking my aching cock inside my cargo shorts. The sensation of the silk of my green striped boxers rubbing against my sensitive glans was intoxicating. As I watched Lorenzo work his piece, I imagined that it was his hand working my cock instead of his own.

Precum began to mix with the suntan oil making my cock extra slippery. Licking my index finger, I brought it down to my nipple. Swirling it around the rim before I firmly squeezed it between my fingers. As I did, my cock belched out more precum, adding to the mix I was stroking with.

I couldn’t help myself, I unzipped my shorts and fished my cock out of my silk boxers. Trying to think of what I could use for lube or something, I saw in amongst the stuff that just came out of the dryer was a pair of Lorenzo’s skimpy speedos. Fingering the light material, it was still warm, almost hot to the touch. They also had an almost slick feel to them, and a wet look besides in a deep blue.

As I swirled my fingers around the corona of my cock, I tightened my fist for the downstroke. Twisting them around my shaft as I rose back up, I squeezed my glans hard, pumping more precum into my fist for another tight down stroke.

Wrapping the slinky material of Lorenzo’s speedo around my cock almost got me to shoot on the spot. Turning my attention back to my wet dream outside, I pumped my cock into and through the steamy hot material. Groping myself, I imagined that that warmth was Lorenzo’s hand, no mouth engulfing me whole.

He was so close to me, Lorenzo was practically under my ass, cooking dinner. I had to be quiet. Biting down on one fist, I pumped my cock into the other one like it was an exquisitely tight mouth. I watched the head pop out of my fist over and over again, until my eyes rolled back into my head.

Lorenzo was really working his cock hard now. I could see his fist was a blur, and his other hand groped his nuts that were still teasingly hidden by the black swimsuit he wore. The way his speedo rolled over my shaft, gripping it, tangling it up in delicious silky warmth was causing my toes to curl. I wouldn’t last much longer.

My teeth almost drew blood as I bit down on my fist. I could feel my climax building in my sack. Any second, just another few strokes.

I was leaking like a faucet all over his speedo, I could feel my balls tightening up. Fuck his mouth was glorious. Watching his full lips moaning out by the pool, I couldn’t hear what he said but I imagined those full lips were wrapped around my cock right now, sucking the life right out of me.

Hearing Lorenzo assembling and plating our dinner was too much. I exploded all over my chest; great geysers of cum erupting across my abs up to my pecs.

Two car door slams signaled my mother and sister’s return. But it was like a gunshot for my nerves. Maybe Lorenzo heard it too because his whole body seized as we both began to spurt. Blowing my load into the hot speedo, saturating the material, it felt like I was marking my territory. Footsteps getting closer to the laundry room, I calmly threw the speedo into the washer with some of my clothes I was going to wash. Folded my dick back into my boxers and zipped up my shorts.

At that moment, I heard Lorenzo begin to walk up the steps from belowdecks. Hurriedly I dragged a towel across my cum coated chest, deciding I would deal with it later.

“Dinner is served!”

When I heard Lorenzo coming up the stairs behind my back; I quickly zipped up my cutoffs, and let my shirt drift back into place. I hurried to sit down, hopefully hiding the rapidly deflating, but satisfied, bulge in my shorts before he noticed.

Lorenzo came up from the galley carrying a tray laden with food and wine. Laying it across the table situated in the on deck lounge in front of the steering wheel, we sat down to eat.

Fresh focaccia, still warm from the oven, sat in a basket beside some olive oil. In front of each of us was pasta primavera with a colorful array of vegetables and beside it, thinly sliced skirt steak.

“You like beef, yes?” Lorenzo smirked at me, and I felt myself blushing.

“Yeah, I love meat!”

“Good, I have plenty more.”

For all his teasing, Lorenzo was an excellent cook, and the wine was refreshing. Although my focus wasn’t really on what I was eating, but on Lorenzo. Always Lorenzo. Fucking Lorenzo. Not much conversation intruded on the quiet eating and stolen glances. From time to time, as the boat moved, our legs would brush under the small table. Each moment of contact sent shocks of excitement and pleasure through me.

At last, Lorenzo looked up to me with a smile as our plates were largely empty. “Why don’t you go for a swim? After I get this all put away, I will come out and join you.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

Standing up, I moved to the the rail, and tossed my shirt to the side. For a moment I reveled in how my skin looked in the slow onset of dusk. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t meet them — lest I lose my wine suffused courage.

“Don’t take too long,” I said as I turned away from him. The sound of my voice was huskier than it was a moment ago.

With that, I went for broke. I unbuttoned the top button of the cut offs, and sank the zipper down. In one smooth move, I slid the frayed denim shorts down and off, bending slightly with my ass in the air. Hearing a breath taken behind me, I stood and moved to the railing. I wasn’t wearing one of the provocative swimsuits Lorenzo had picked out for me to wear.

Expecting to have been waiting for my father at the pool at the Pines Motel, I had packed my skimpiest bathing suit. Which when I left there this afternoon, I decided to wear as underwear. And decided to wear swimming this evening.

The pale yellow “aqua jock” rode low in front, the soft pouch cradled my semi hard cock and shaved balls loosely. As I adjusted the straps which framed my still milky white ass cheeks, I knew I heard a sigh. Having delayed long enough, I stepped over the rail and jumped overboard.

Plunging into the water feet first, I was happy to see the water wasn’t too deep or too shallow. Surfacing with a splash I laughed in pleasure. The feeling of the cool water sluicing across my chest and caressing my ass without fabric in between was exhilarating.


I was floating on my back, and had been for a awhile. The boat lights had come on, as the sun was easing itself down for the night. I stroked the skin above my cock, softly rubbing my hand over the material of the water jockstrap. Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat above and beside me and I looked up.

“Do you think I can still join you, or is it too late?” Lorenzo called from the side rail.

My prick plumped up at the possible double meaning to his words. Then as I looked up, I could see my mother’s Italian boyfriend, shirtless lit up by the fiery setting sun, the purple sky and the boat lights accentuating each muscular curve, until my eyes settled on his waist.

Slung low on his hips was a shimmering matte gold speedo, which glowed with the last rays of light. How his delicious ass filled out the back end of the suit was almost as exciting as the front. Even in this surreal light, I could see the bikini brief was stuffed with his genitals. The slinky material almost seemed overwhelmed by the weight of their burden.

“No, it’s not too late.” I called out.

He nodded as if I had granted him permission to more than just swimming, and I suppose I had. Lorenzo was at the rail, stepping up and smoothly diving into the water. When he surfaced, he did so behind me with a small splash. Twisting in the water, I watched as he slicked back his formerly blond, now light brown hair.

“Race you to the sandbar!” Lorenzo challenged me.

Having been on my school’s swim team, I went off instantly. My arms and legs working in tandem to propel me faster and faster to the sandy barrier. Getting in the zone, I didn’t look for or check on my competition. When my feet hit the smooth sand of the bar, I reached my hand up. With a fistful of sand, I cleared the water and saw Lorenzo just coming up now.

“I won!”

“You cheated.” Lorenzo smirked at me in the fading afternoon light.

“I did not, don’t be a sore loser.”

“Fine, fine.” Lorenzo playfully sighed in defeat.

“So what do I win?”


Lorenzo leaned in, and brushed his lips against mine, gently at first. Tentatively I slipped my tongue out, grazing his full lips that tasted of salt. When our tongues connected, he moaned deep in his throat, and pushed me down against the sand. As we kissed, he straddled me, our wet bodies sliding against each other. Finally, I brought my hands low, and lower still down his back until I could caress his exquisite ass.

Breaking the kiss, Lorenzo pulled back, looking me in the eyes and smiled. He dove in at my neck, his mouth licking at my skin, nipping at my flesh. His hands were raking up and down my chest, tickling my abs, and stroking my chest. Growling lightly against my neck, his hands reached out, searching for my arms. His warm wet hands rubbed down my shoulders, following the curves of my arms until he had my wrists pinned up at right angles.

“Flex for me…please…” Lorenzo whispered hoarsely.

Without thinking, I started to flex my biceps for my mother’s boyfriend. Swooping in, he kissed and licked my arm muscles as they moved beneath his wet tongue and seeking teeth. I was so turned on, but as he moved to the other arm, I felt cold lying there on the wet sand. I tried to hold it in, this was my fantasy coming true.

And then it happened.

My traitorous teeth began to chatter in my mouth, causing Lorenzo to stop.

“Let’s go back to the ship and get you warmed up.”


Standing on deck, dripping water where I stood, I didn’t know what to do. My fantasy felt like it was within my reach; but what if it didn’t live up to my dreams?

As I over analyzed the situation, I felt Lorenzo wrap a thick towel over my shoulders and chest. With his chin resting on my shoulder, and his arms encircling me, I felt myself tremble slightly. A shiver from the cold, or a shiver from the touch, it wasn’t entirely clear to me.

“I should have done that so much sooner. “

“But…” I started to interject.

“Shh…let me finish…okay?” I felt him kiss my neck gently, and I couldn’t think clearly anymore, let alone speak.

“There is something about you, Rod.” His whisper broke the silence “I’ve felt this magnetism to you since I saw you at the Marina bar, that first night I met you. Then I saw you on the 4th. Watching me stroke off, did you I know I could see you?”

I began to sputter, but again, he kissed the sensitive skin on my throat, stilling me.

“I saw you checking me out after I got out of the pool. So I decided to give you a little show, but I had to get off. Knowing you were there, watching my every move made me so hard.”

I felt his tongue dragging along my throat to the skin just below my ear, shivering slightly, I grabbed his arms and pulled them tighter against me.

“When I started stroking off, I got so hot knowing you were watching me. I moaned out your name, and fantasized about you doing to me what I was doing to myself. Nothing could stop me then.”

“Tonight… I wanted you so very much; but only if you wanted me too. I gave you so many outs, so many ways to end this before it ever began. But every time you declined to take them, every time you flirted back; it reassured me that you felt the same way I do”

“What about…what about… Mom…” It came out of my mouth as a reluctant sigh.

“She is a great lady, and I care for her. Really, I do… but she doesn’t care about my being bisexual or sleeping with men, if I am safe.” He paused for a second,”and I never had this chemistry with your mother.”

I felt him pressing against my bare ass, his wet speedo clad cock nestled against the cleft of my ass. The towel stopped just above the small of my back. Lorenzo’s fingers slid gently across my abs, one hand up to one of my nipple, the other lower still.

“Seeing you in this…” Lorenzo snapped the waistband of the pale yellow aqua-jock, the sound was loud in the night air. “Drove me mad with lust.”

“I wanted to join you then and there. But I took my time, I thought maybe I was wrong.” Lorenzo continued, his fingertips stroking my abs lightly.

“But I couldn’t live with myself, if maybe I was right, and did not pursue you.”

Lorenzo felt so good behind me, the feel of his plump cock, barely contained by his abbreviated swimsuit, which felt so slinky against my ass. This is what I wanted tonight, but I wasn’t as sure as I was at the Marina.

“Let’s just lie down for a while down below. If you want to stop, or don’t want me at all, just say so, or walk away.” Lorenzo whispered softly.

I shivered as I felt the cool air on my backside as he pulled away from me. I wanted nothing more than to feel his body pressed against mine, but I paused. A slight pang of guilt still present despite his reassurances. Despite all of that, the way his wet speedo clung to the curves of his hips and ass, drove many doubts from my mind.

It was several minutes before I went below decks myself. Standing in the lounge, equidistant from the forward and aft cabins, it brought new meaning to the adage about rocks and hard places. Either direction was a choice I would have to live with permanently. Going forward would change my relationship forever with Lorenzo. Going aft, I would never know what might have been.

Placing one foot in front of the other, step by step, I began slowly walking towards my decision. I adjusted the straps of the jock as I went, until finally I was at the stateroom door. Leaning against the door jam, the towel dropped and pooled around my feet as I asked the question.

“Do you think I can still join you, or is it too late?”


The forward cabin was dimly lit from the moon and the starry sky reflected on the waves. I could see Lorenzo laying on his back, bare chest faintly dappled by the flickering light, staring up at the ceiling of the luxurious stateroom. His light green eyes turned to look at me, and he cracked a small smile. Instead of speaking, he just lifted up one edge of the coverlet as his answer.

Before I could change my mind I sat on the bed, and scooted in beside him. Down came the sheet, and with it, his arm wrapped around my chest, drawing me closer. My back pressed against his chest, I sighed. At that moment, I put aside who we were, what our lives were like, I just absorbed his lightly furred chest pressed against my smooth back. The way his legs tangled in my own, and how his speedo covered cock pressed at the cleft of my ass.

Lorenzo’s lips and tongue soon worked their way into the hollow of my throat. I could feel him nuzzling and sniffing at my hair as he went. Finally, his lips latched onto my earlobe, nipping it slightly before he breathed gently into my ear.

“Stop me or slow me down if I go too far, too fast.”

I couldn’t speak anymore, could only nod my head in understanding. Whether he knew it or not, at no point tonight was I going to slow him down, let alone stop him. I expected many things, but what happened next was a total surprise. Lorenzo gently rolled me onto my stomach, and lifted the blanket off of us. Goose pimples suddenly covered my skin in the cool room. Leaning down by my ear, gently stroking my shoulder, Lorenzo whispered to me.

“I will warm you up soon, I promise.”

I heard a cap being popped and was disappointed, and a little worried. I wanted more than just fucking with Lorenzo, and I was scared because I had never taken a cock in my ass, and Lorenzo looked very thick.

“Lorenzo…I’ve never… Um … Taken before…”

“Then we don’t have to. Stop me anytime you feel uncomfortable. Right now, I just want you to feel good. This is about you right now.”

I felt him drizzle something warm across my shoulders, and part way down my back. Once he had straddled me, he began working the oil out from my shoulders, down across my arms, one at a time. Soon my skin was glistening on both arms, and the room was enveloped in the scent of cinnamon and clove. When he dug into my shoulders and back, I sighed at how good it felt. Slowly, so very agonizingly slow, he worked his way down my back, inching closer to my ass. Just as his fingertips were brushing under the waistband of my swimmers jockstrap, he pulled away and moved to my feet. I hadn’t realized fully how much I wanted him to touch my ass cheeks until he didn’t.

I giggled as he touched my insoles and between my toes, jerking on the bed slightly.

“Ticklish, huh? Going to have to remember that for later.” I could hear him chuckle evilly as he said it.

His magic fingers repeated their slow progress from my right foot all the way up to my inner thigh before starting on the left. I was so hard, and so desperate for him to touch me at my center. Yet he wasn’t rushed as he worked his talented fingers into the muscled grooves of my legs, ferreting out any pain or soreness that lingered in my body. By the time he reached my upper left thigh, my body was half melted and half electrified. The smell of cinnamon and clove, mixed with the entire experience was leaving me feeling drunk on my lust.

“Turn over onto your back” was Lorenzo’s whispered request.

Although I had never been so frustrated in my life, I rolled over. Then I blushed, as I felt the head of my steel hard cock pop above the wide waistband of the pale yellow jock. Why I felt embarrassed was beyond my comprehension, but I was with Lorenzo. Which meant I was ticklish and prone to blushing.

“Is that for me, Rod? Because of me?”

Lorenzo’s voice was soft as he bent down and lightly brushed his lips across my exposed glans. Those lips that were so kissable were like velvet being run across the head of my cock. Achingly aroused, my dick pumped out a drizzle of precum in response to his ministrations.

“As tasty as that is, I’ll have to come back to that later.” He chuckled as he sat back on his haunches.

My eyes slid upwards, taking in the toned thighs, up to the obscenely packed speedo, up his tanned chest to his smiling face. Taking the oil up in his hands again, Lorenzo upended it over my chest. A line of the oil poured between my shoulders and down my pecs to my abs. His methodical massage continued, running his fingers along my arm muscles, Lorenzo bent to kiss each bicep when he finished an arm.

Spreading the oil across my clavicles and down my pecs, I enjoyed the view he was treating me too. On my back, I could watch Lorenzo while he worked me over. Those bright green eyes were focused upon his large yet graceful hands and the sensuous massage I was being given. Looking further down, I saw his chest expand and contract with his breath under a downy blond patch of hair between his pecs.

Smiling, Lorenzo swirled a finger around first one nipple and then the other. They quickly became hard eraser points. Seeing this he pinched them at the same time, causing a strangled moan to emit from my lips. Shaking his head, he continued the massage down my body, his hands luxuriating in each ab of my four pack.

When his hands skipped past my crotch again, I let loose a moan of frustration. My hands reached for him, to tug him to me, just to touch him. Anything, it didn’t matter to my lust crazed mind. But Lorenzo was on me in a flash. Lightly pinning my wrists on either side of my head he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Going somewhere, bello? What’s your hurry…we have all night…just enjoy it”

With that I watched him go back on his haunches, the matte gold speedo distended with his thick dong. Following my gaze, Lorenzo laughed.

“You have that effect on me… but it can wait.”

For all his talking about waiting, the leg massage wasn’t as deep or as thorough as the backside had been. When he was finished, Lorenzo flipped me onto my stomach again, as gently as he could, but his desire was getting the best of him too. I heard, but didn’t see, him get off the bed. By the sounds of it, he took off the speedo; rustling material and clearly stepping out of stepped out of them. I didn’t have long to think about it because he was back on the bed and spreading my legs wide.

His first touch, palms squeezing my ass cheeks, felt scalding hot. In spite of my earlier fears, I lifted my ass up, for his inspection, his use, it didn’t matter so long as he touched me there. Rolling the flesh of my tight butt beneath his slightly calloused hands had me wriggling under his touch.

“Do you want me to stop or slow down? Just say the word…”

As he finished speaking, he spread the half globes of my rear, exposing my hole to the cool air of the cabin. Lightly blowing across my rosebud, his mouth moved from the top of my crack down to my taint. Driving a shiver down my spine, I couldn’t think let alone speak.

Again he dragged his wide flat tongue from my lower back, down to the jock pouch that was cradling my churning balls. One hand snapped a strap on my jock causing me to jump a little and him to snicker. Back and forth his tongue worked my trench, skipping the hole however. Now all I wanted was to feel his tongue on my cherry hole. Bucking against him, my hands helping to pull my cheeks further apart to give him access.

Just as I thought I was about to lose my sanity, I felt his tongue swab a circle around the rim. Spiraling closer and closer to the center like water down a drain, his tongue swirled around my ring. Finally I felt the hard point of his wet tongue press fully against my hole.

“Oh, fuck!!” I gasped.

Waves of ecstasy seemed to radiate from it, some were directly synced to my dick, but everything started to tingle. Pressing his lips against my rim, I could feel Lorenzo’s tongue burrowing deeper into me. Darting back and forth, the hard little muscle kept on fucking me with short jabbing strokes. The pleasure was maddening, I could feel my diamond hard cock belch out more precum onto the very sheets I was clenching in my fists.

Feeling him pull back I whimpered, pressing back, trying to find his tongue. His hands stroked my ass, sliding under the straps he took them in hand and yanked. Combed cotton jerked across my dick, rubbing me with sweet friction.

“Mmm, your ass is so sweet, Rod…did you like your rim job?” He coyly teased me.

“Oooohhh fuck, why did you have to stop…” My voice was husky with lust.

“Because I’m not done with you yet.”

With surprising manual dexterity, without even watching what he was doing, Lorenzo had my cock out the side of the jock pouch. Moving beneath me, I looked down and saw his beautiful blond head come up between my legs and blow all along the length of my cock.

“Lorenzo, please let me suck your cock…. I-I really want to…I’ve dreamed of doing it…”

“If it will bring you pleasure, bello, anything.” Was all Lorenzo said as he shifted so that his pelvis was under my face, and I could rest some of my weight on his chest.

The blond downy hair that trailed between his pecs became a thin line before coming down to his pubes. The pubes were trimmed very low over his dick, while the skin at the base of it and his balls were smooth and soft to my exploring touch. I gently stroked his scrotum, letting my eyes take in his monster. While not as long as my prick, his was the thickest I had ever seen outside of porn. Due to his girth, his foreskin only covered only the lower 1/3 of his glans.

“Wow,” I whispered in wonder, “I don’t know how much of this I can take…I’m sorry, I’ve never seen one this girthy.”

“Hey..hey.. Do what makes you happy, whatever you do, it’s going to make me happy, I promise.” His hands gently stroked my flanks.

With that said, Lorenzo kissed the head of my dick, and lapped at the piss slit, flicking all of my precum into his mouth. When he moaned softly, it seemed to vibrate my cock in his warm mouth. I quivered in pleasure. I could feel him smiling around my dick as he sucked in more of it, tracing his tongue over my flesh inch by inch. Foregoing his fat dick, I began tongue bathing his balls.

Once they were dripping with my spit, I sucked one ball into my mouth, then the other, and finally I tried to get both in my mouth, but that didn’t work so well. So focused was I on his sack, I didn’t hear the pop top on the lube, I just felt a slightly cool gel caress my hole on the tip of a finger. I thought it would freak me out, but I just sighed with pleasure and lifted Lorenzo’s heavy cock to my lips.

The finger was applying light pressure to my hole, gently teasing the outer ring, massaging it as his hands had worked my knotted shoulders earlier. As before, the tension slowly washed away, only to be replaced by a relaxed pleasure. Until his finger penetrated past my sphincter, than my ass seized. It wasn’t so much pain as discomfort. Leaving his finger where it was, he began slurping loudly on my cock, taking half of my cock deep into his sweet mouth. My cock belched out more precum thinking about whose lips were wrapped around my pole.

As I began to relax, I started lashing my tongue up and down his shaft, soaking it with my spit. A sweet pearl of precum bubbled up on his immense helmet shaped cock head, and I swooped in to lick it up. Where mine always tasted salty, Lorenzo’s was almost sweet and creamy in texture. As I started to suck the head into my mouth, I felt not one, but two fingers slipping in and out of my ass with ease. Sensations I never knew existed were rolling across me, all from my ass. I knew from the guys I had fucked in the ass that their asses were hot zones of pleasure, but I never quite realized how good it could feel.

When Lorenzo added a third finger, I closed my eyes, trying to shut out the pain. But once again, he was stroking my abs and thighs, caressing my ass cheeks as he murmured quietly to me.

“Shhhh, baby, just relax… I promise it will feel good in a second… Just relax….”

Eventually the pain subsided, and I relaxed a little, and started sucking his cock again. Try as I might I could only get a few inches into my mouth, so my hand went grasping out for the lube. My fingers closed around the tube, and I squeezed out a bit too much along the length of his cock. I giggled around his cock as I smeared the excess around his balls, inner thighs, a little even made it on to his taint. Which caused his dick to leak more precum into my mouth.

“Baby…” He chuckled “I don’t think I’m going to go that deep.”

In response, I twisted my hand around his shaft, smearing the gel around it, with a stroke upwards. At the same time, I swirled my tongue under his foreskin, eliciting a quiver of pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmm” was the only answer I received, as Lorenzo was worshipping my cock, sucking most of it into his mouth, and the head slipping in and out of his throat. Now his three fingers were spreading out from each other when they weren’t fucking me. I was in sensory overload when I felt his other hand reach up and twist my nipple. I spat out his cock and groaned out,

“Fuck…no…Lorenzo stop… I’m going to shoot any second.”

Good to his word, he stopped his oral and nipple assault, and stilled his fingers, even if he left them in.

“How fast can you get it up again?”

“Umm, if I’m super turned on? Ten, maybe twenty minutes?”

Lorenzo laughed in his silky sexy voice. His fingers began to saw in and out, and when they were plunged deep inside he spread them out as far as they would go. His lips pulled back, he nibbled lightly on my glans. The fingers of his left hand stroked my chest lightly, before sliding down, and slowly circled the base of my cock. With a feather light touch, he began to stroke my cock.

“Then let it go. Let me swallow it down my throat. Unless spraying it over my body would turn you on more?”

Talk about hard decisions.

“I want to spray it over your chest.” I whispered, almost shyly.

“Okay, then get over here and straddle my waist.”

I thought for sure he was going to take his fingers out of my ass, but once I was in position, he sank all three fingers into me, causing my to shudder. Batting my hand away from my cock, he started to stroke me in earnest. It didn’t take long before I was rushing towards climax.

“Ohhhh…mmmm….Lorenzo, I’m cumming, Lor-enz-ooooo”

Cum erupted out of my cock like it had never done before. It was as if my cock had become a canon, and every rocket that exploded out of my cock caused me to almost see stars, the climax was so intense. As I came, I could feel Lorenzo jerking me deftly, pumping out every ounce I had. The way he twisted and played with my cock had his whole chest coated in white stripes of fresh semen. At last, the final aftershocks dissipated, his fingers slipping from my ass. I laid half on him, half off, temporarily drained of energy. Looking down, I saw Lorenzo smile. Dragging a finger through my jism he brought it to his lips and licked it clean.

“Not bad, but you should eat more fruits.”

I don’t know why, but a blush was creeping up my throat again. It prompted him to chuckle, and smear some of my cum across my abs.

“Do I make you so uncomfortable? You realize how much I’ve wanted you too, don’t you? Don’t be so nervous around me — you can’t offend me. I hope I haven’t offended you?”

There was a tenderness in his voice, in his touch, I had never known before. All the times in the past, sex was a purely physical act meant to do no more than to scratch an itch, to relieve some build up. But with Lorenzo, it was elevated, somehow. It all still worked the same, was still intensely pleasurable, but deeper. I suppose everything Lorenzo touched, he made it more profound in a way.

“You have, actually.”

“I have?” Lorenzo’s light green eyes showed concern.

“Yes, you have.”

“Rod, I’m sorry — I … tell me what I can do to make it right?”

“Well. You can get your fingers back in my ass and finish prepping me to take that baseball bat you call a cock.”

A rueful smile was all I got in return as he rolled onto his side. Then his fingers slid back into my rectum. As his fingers sawed back and forth, in and out of my ass, we kissed each other lightly. Stroking my cock slowly, Lorenzo had me in the palm of his hand; but never let me fall. All too soon the exquisite twisting digits, that would spread apart periodically, left again.

I watched fascinated, as Lorenzo applied lube to his cock, jerking it up and down, up and down. The sound of the package on the condom ripping open sounded loud in the room, as the whiff of latex filled my nostrils. While I had rolled a condom down my cock loads of times, including earlier that day, the way Lorenzo sheathed his cock was erotic. After pouring a more moderate amount lube onto my hand, I smoothed the slick gel all over his hard as steel dick, and hoped it would be enough.

“The best way to start is to ride it, later we can get creative and try other positions, but especially with bigger guys, riding is best. You can set the depth and speed of things until you get used to it. For me, I’m just happy to be the one to be here with you; even if we stop.”

I didn’t trust myself to speak, only managing a nod. Straddling Lorenzo’s hips facing away from him, a knee on either side of him, I raised myself up a little. Without urging, he used his hands to support me in this slightly awkward position. Taking his heavy cock in hand, I found my asshole and guided the helmet shaped head to rest against my rear entrance.

“Just ease your weight down on it a little and push out … ” I could see him struggling for an elegant word.

“Like I’m taking a crap?” I grinned over my shoulder at him.

“Yes, like that.” He smiled back.

Taking a deep and calming breath, I started to lower my weight and push out with my ass muscles. Feeling his spongy head was kind of sexy. Pressing down, it slipped past my hole, causing Lorenzo and I to laugh a little. But with a sense of purpose and stranglehold on his dick, I pressed the big head into my hole and almost screamed.

If I thought three fingers had been difficult to get through, I wondered if I could get past the head. A baby’s arm holding an apple was an understatement for how it felt. It felt like a bowling ball. Tears pricked my eyes and I was glad he couldn’t see my face. I felt one of Lorenzo’s warm hands stroke my flanks.

“Take your time…it’s okay… we have all night, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” I chuckled.

The tension in the air eased a bit as we both shared a laugh. I managed to get the head past both portals without dying, but then I sank too fast. Tears welled up in my eyes in pain and I frowned in frustration.

“Shhh… bello …. take it easy…”

“I just want it all, I want to show you…”

“Hey… tonight is about you, this is about you. You have nothing to prove.”

Holding myself in position on my heels with Lorenzo’s hands holding my ass, I wanted him deep inside me, but was nervous about getting there. I guess I clenched my ass muscles because Lorenzo let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Mmm… that feels so good baby, mmm you’re doing so good, only about half more to go.”

With this encouragement, I took another inch. The burn emanating from my backdoor wasn’t too bad when I rested a few seconds. We continued the push-stop-adjust-repeat process for a while. When at last my balls were resting on Lorenzo’s, I sighed deeply.

“Fucking hell …. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this full in my life.”

“Oh Dio! Ci si sente così bene!”

Lorenzo’s sultry exclamation was followed by his curling his toes and his ass lifting off the bed. Taking a breath for a moment, I swatted his ass cheek playfully.

“Hearing you speak Italian is hot, but I don’t speak it.”

Pitching forward, I held onto his thighs and lifted up, sliding more than half of his dick out of my hole. As every latex covered inch of ridges, bumps and veins rubbed against my anal walls, sparks of pleasure shot through me.

“Mmm … that’s it, bello … ” his soft murmurs were getting me even more excited.

Plunging back down, my balls slapping against his skin, my entire being fixated on the shocks of pleasure my body was taking from it’s contact with this enormous dick. I rose up and fell, smoothly taking the whole length with relative ease. The girth still caused me some trouble at first if I went too fast.

“…mmmm…Holy Shit!”

Lorenzo had suddenly rolled us over and was withdrawing his cock from my hole. As I fell back, I felt his deft fingers cradle my head so I wouldn’t bang it on the bed frame.

“Too close…too hot…” He rasped, discarding the condom.

Pressing his body down on top of mine he rubbed our chests and cocks together, which definitely caused my cock to twitch. As his face left my neck, I pulled his face in and kissed him.

Tracing my tongue across his lips, my eyes drifted closed and I was once again overwhelmed by just touching Lorenzo. My tongue slid across his lips, brushing sensuously over his, my body quaked with need. With a growing heat, our kiss intensified. Dueling for dominance, tongues lashing, lips bruising in their pressure. Just when I thought I could cum just from his lips on mine, Lorenzo began to slide down my body.

“Everything about you…tastes so good…” He whispered.

Lorenzo’s lips dragged down across my jaw line, following the hollow of my throat; bathing my skin in little nips and licks until he came to my nipples. Arching my back under his touch, he twisted pulled on my eraser sized nipples until I was gasping for air.

“It’s so hot to watch you respond to my touch.”

Every word he spoke was caressed by his sexy accent, but augmented in a wonder I knew was special to me. Watching his face descend past my navel, I felt my cock pump out some precum onto his chin.

“Mmm… that’s it bello…” Lorenzo whispered.

He scooped up the cum on a finger and fed it to me, anointing my lips with it before he sank the digit past my lips. It tastes bitter and salty, but it was so erotic. Making eye contact with him, I began to nurse his finger.

Grinning, Lorenzo swooped down, and took my cock into his mouth. Rolling his tongue across the swollen head of my leaking glans, it was hard to keep eye contact with him. Moaning around his finger, I watched his handsome face take more and more of me in.

I couldn’t help it, my eyes drifted closed in pleasure. As soon as my lids closed, I felt Lorenzo pull on my balls, causing my eyes to fly open. Shaking his head, he swirled his tongue all along the ridges of my cock and gently rolled my balls between his fingers.

Letting my cock slip from his mouth, Lorenzo came up my body slowly, running his hands across my chest, until his face was nestled into the crook of my neck. Breathing across my ear as his teeth dragged themselves gently across my earlobe, my cock twitched as it rubbed against his.

“Come on lover, I want to see your face when we make love.”

Pressing a soft kiss against my lips, he didn’t see the effect of his words on me. Recovering, I watched as he rolled over onto his back, taking the lube and pouring a generous amount on his cock, working it in. As Lorenzo reached for a condom, I took it from his hands.

“Let me?” I whispered.

“Always, whatever you desire…”

Taking the condom in my hand, I tore it open with my mouth. When my hands began to roll the latex sheath down his girthy prick, I heard him gasp.

“I love it when you touch me…”

Smiling, I straddled him again with a knee on either side; but now I faced him. Taking a little more lube, I brushed it across my still relaxed hole, and hoped it would be enough. With his hands resting on my thighs, Lorenzo smiled up at me.

Returning his smile, I positioned his cock against my back door and pressed against it. I looked up at the ceiling during the initial penetration, willing myself not to tear up again. It still felt like a bowling ball was trying to get up my hole, but I held it together. Besides, my attention was focused on what I found on the ceiling and the idea it gave me, so the pain wasn’t so bad.

“Oh god almighty… so tight…” Lorenzo exalted softly as I slowly slid down the full length, my balls resting on his abs.

Resting for a second with my ass pressed down against his lap, I pressed my hands against his chest, running my fingers through the dried streams of my cum. Getting a grip on his pecs, I slide up his thick shaft. Again the pleasure exploded across my body in waves.

“Oh fuuuckkk yesss…” I hissed.

Pulling out as far as my position allowed, I plunged back down, savoring the ecstasy of re-entry before rising back up. Over and over, I rode his cock up and down. But I wanted so much more, knew there had to be more pleasure in this.

“Shiiiitttt, your asssss is soooo sweet!”

Twisting Lorenzo’s nipples as I repositioned my feet so they were flat on the bed, so I could change how much I could take in a stroke. Watching what I intended, I felt warm hands grasp my ass, giving me more support. Hands on my knees, I rose up higher than before, impaling back down the length of his fat prick.

“Goddamnit….I want MORE.” I growled.

Looking over my head, at the brass bar, I lifted my hands up, and gripped it between my fists. Smiling down at Lorenzo, I dragged my body up like I was doing chin ups. When I felt his glans about to leave my ass, I sat back down heavy, grinding my cheeks across his trimmed pubes.

“Like that baby?” I grinned madly.

Before he could answer, I was rising all the way up again before I was dropping back down onto his steely erection. Lifting myself up again, I clenched my ass tight together, the whole way up his cock. My cock belched out a stream of pearly precum as I felt every single bump and ridge of his cock as it slowly left my ass.

“Ah Dio, yesss…. I love it… unnnghhh”

I watched in satisfaction as I saw Lorenzo’s head twisting back and forth, his hands still on my knees. Looking over my shoulder, I saw his toes curling in pleasure. Unclenching my ass, I rode back down, and repeated my clenching as I lifted myself up and down.

“…I never…knew…it could…be sooooo….goddamnit….good…” I groaned in pleasure.

Whimpering I felt my grip loosening from sweat and fatigue. Just when I thought I was going to lose my grip, Lorenzo had wrenched his body up, quickly teasing a nipple between his lips. While pleasing my chest, his arm slid up my back slick with sweat until he had a grip on my shoulders.

Our chests pressed together, I felt his lips meet mine. Bruising each other’s lips, I could feel Lorenzo’s hips begin flying upwards, fucking me as we fell back on the bed.

Twisting, Lorenzo rolled us over so I was on my back. His dick never left my ass, and he kept on thrusting as he assumed a position like he was doing push ups. I spread my legs as far as I could, looking up into his light green eyes, sweat dripped off our faces with exertion.

“Cum with me, Rod… tell me when you’re close…”

Lorenzo had moved a hand wet with lube and sweat, encircling it around my rock hard shaft. His warm palm and fingers felt like a tight orifice I was fucking as he pounded into my ass.

“JESUS CHRIST!” I bellowed

At that moment, I felt Lorenzo’s unbelievably thick cock slam against what had to be my prostate, not once or twice, but repetitively. It felt as though he was trying to fuck it right out of my mouth. With every press, it felt like minor orgasms were erupting through me.

Eyes locked on each other, I didn’t need to say I was close. He knew, just as I knew he was closing in on his climax. Clenching my ass around his cock, working it like I had when I was riding it minutes ago. His remaining arm collapsed to his elbow, he brought his lips down to me again, his hand a blur on my shaft.

The moment our tongues connected, I moaned. Feeling his dick buried up my ass, his hand all over my cock, his tongue on mine, Lorenzo’s sweat mixing with mine, crashed down on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Hitting my zenith, I felt his first shot of cum dump into the condom, it was so forceful; and the first jet of my orgasm hit us on the chin. I wrapped my fingers through his hair, clinging to his body as another round of shots burst from our cocks. Wet hair slipping through my fingers and slick tongue exploring my mouth, I moaned my soul into his.

His hips never slowing, Lorenzo fucked each shot of cum into the condom, deep inside my ass, as hard as he could. Finally, as my balls expended the last of their load across our chests, his dick slowly started slipping out. All strength having been sapped from his limbs, Lorenzo fell on top of me.

The penultimate part of the ‘Butt Monkey’ series of stories by Robert Furlong


It’s not every day one gets caught by one’s own son being anally pleasured by another man, but that’s how Saturday had started out for me.

I’d woken rather later than I usually would, a consequence of a very eventful evening with Bradley which had gone on well into the small hours, and had staggered out of bed to make us both a coffee with the time approaching ten.

Just as when we’d got into bed, it felt odd to be waking up with another man lying next to me in my bed, snoring gently and with his stubble coming in thick. I’d looked at him for a few minutes from my own pillow, serenely asleep and with a half-smile on his lips as though he was still basking in the satisfaction of the twin orgasms he had enjoyed before we’d slept.

I’d spent my first night with another man alongside me, the two of us having used each other quite strenuously for sex before we’d slept. Although it felt strange to be waking up next to a member of my own gender, it also felt surprisingly pleasant; I had to accept that I now shared my bed with men as well as women.

As I got out of the bed and straightened the duvet over Bradley, I noticed underneath it that his large cock was prominently erect. Mine was too: we both were sporting similarly-sized morning stiffies.

It was good to know that, like me, he woke up horny. I hoped that after I’d woken him, we could masturbate together — or perhaps more — and I wouldn’t feel guilty asking for morning sex from someone who was so obviously aroused. With the vast majority of women I’d been with, my ex-wife especially, morning sex had always been a matter of strongly expressed inconvenience. If we’d had sex the night before, like I had with Bradley, there was no point even asking. I was the only one of us who ever seemed to wake up feeling randy and usually I was forced to tend to myself in the privacy of the bathroom.

With Bradley — and with most men, I expected — some kind of sexual release in the morning was probably regarded as standard fare. Whether we were just able to manage a hasty tug together or we could run to something more involved, I assumed that with a member of the male sex in my bed, most mornings would start with matching erections which would bring with them opportunities for sex; perhaps even expectations of sex.

I’d pulled on my dressing gown and had made us both coffee. Then I’d brought the mugs back to bed with us

He awoke as I lay back down next to him.

He stretched noisily, his armpits bristling with his thick, coarse hair, and then took a grateful gulp from the mug I’d placed next to him.

“Morning,” he grinned, his voice sounding husky.

“Good morning, Bradley,” I smiled back.

“How do you feel?” he asked. “Any regrets?”

“None at all. What about you?”

“Of course not,” he shrugged. “But, then, I’m used to doing this kind of stuff.”

He took another slurp from his drink.

“Is it okay?” I asked him. “I had to guess how you might like it. I thought, with you being a beer drinker, you’d have a sweet tooth and would probably take sugar.”

He chuckled. “I’ve been shagged by Miss Marple.”

“Was I right, though?”

He laughed again. “As it happens, yes. Sounds like a lucky stab in the dark to me, though…”

“Well if it was, it wasn’t the only one,” I chuckled. “Having never shared a bed with a man before, I hadn’t realised how much… well… jabbing goes on in the night.”

I vaguely remembered, through the veil of my sleep, that Bradley’s excitement had been prodding into me several times during the night. At one point, I seemed to remember half waking up with it throbbing against my hip and oozing precum onto me, a sensation which I’d found so pleasant that my own slumbering organ had quickly roused and assumed a similar state.

He grinned at me, taking another drink. “It wasn’t all one-sided, mate. You were humping my bum-cheeks at one point.”

“I can’t believe that,” I laughed. But then, vaguely remembering grabbing him to me and sliding myself up and down between his firm, round buttocks, added, “Well, maybe just a bit.”

“It made me so horny, I almost asked if you fancied quick one!” he laughed.

I looked over at him, surprised. “Really? Does that happen when you sleep with guys? In the middle of the night, I mean!”

Such things had been practically unknown when I’d spent the night with women. If I’d ever have woken Linda up for a quick one in the night, I’d have found myself unceremoniously castrated.

He chuckled. “When we’re both up for it, yeah — of course it does!”

I marvelled at the thought of it, gaping at him in disbelief. Was there no end to the advantages of having a male lover?

He laughed again at my expression of incredulity.

“Only a quick one, mate, like I said. A little wank together… maybe a quick suck of my cock, if you’d be up for it… something for you, but I don’t know what since you’re not into being sucked –”

“You could finger me while we were wanking off,” I cut in.

He smiled. “Yeah… that kind of thing. Just a quick one in the dark to keep us both going ’til the morning. Where’s the harm in that?”

I grinned back at him. “Absolutely! I never knew other people woke up in the small hours with thoughts like that. Especially after two orgasms.”

He smirked over at me, remembering his impressive double climax. “You’re with a bloke, now, Rob. You should remember that whatever goes for you, pretty much goes for me too.”

I nodded, pleased to know that sex in the middle of night was deemed acceptable between two males if one happened to wake up horny and found the other in a similar state.

We took a few drinks from our coffee cups and then Bradley raised his side of the duvet and looked at himself under at. Then he looked back at me and said, feigning contrition, “I think — in the absence of any fun during the night — my boys might need a bit more attention now.”

I raised my side and did the same. “Hmm… I think mine might too.”

“Would you be up for a round two?” he asked.

“Yeah!” I grinned, before reminding him, “Except in your case it would be round three, of course. What sort of thing did you have in mind?”

I rather liked the idea of us kneeling together, chest-to-chest, and masturbating both our cocks together. I’d like to feel our pairs of big, swinging knackers banging together and I’d like to kiss him again, something which I’d found surprisingly arousing the previous evening.

But Bradley had other ideas.

“I was thinking, maybe,” he began, “you might like a repeat of what we did last night — when I was in front, taking your cock from behind. Except this time, maybe, we could change places, so you’d be in front.”

“Wow, yeah!” I exclaimed, grinning at him. I hadn’t thought he would want to anything too strenuous first thing in the morning, but since he did, I was very happy with the prospect of finally getting to feel what it was like to have a man’s organ inside me.

He grinned back and the duvet rose up a little as both our cocks started throbbing.

I raised it and sniffed at the warm, moist air underneath it. I’d always enjoyed the strong, sexual scent of my own aroused cock but now that there were two under there, the combined odour from our erections was so much more intense. I inhaled it, savouring the sharp, virile whiff of our exposed swollen cock-heads, both of us slick with our precum, and the thicker, cloying sweat from our hairy scrotums, each of us rising prominently with the twin mounds of our already-replenished balls.

I turned to say to Bradley with a grin, “It smells very sexy.”

He took a sniff under the duvet himself and announced, “The manly whiff of a pair of horny, oozing cocks.”

“And two pairs of big, sweaty bollocks,” I added.

“And a couple of hot, sticky arseholes, ready for some fun,” he finished with a laugh.

I chuckled but I wasn’t sure I could quite smell those, although I was sure, once we got started, I probably soon would.

As he was expecting to bugger me, I thought it best to go to the toilet as thoroughly as I could before we started while Bradley made us both more coffee. When I got back to my bedroom, he’d returned with two fresh cups and had switched the clock radio to a station which he obviously liked but I didn’t know. Some nineties-sounding soft-rock track wailed out sounding tinny and vaguely unpleasant.

“How do you want me?” I tried to ask over the noise.

“Uh?” he grunted, unable to hear me.

I walked over to him and turned the music off.

“I was enjoying that,” he complained. “I like music during sex. A nice, smooth ballad with a woman; something with a bit more kick to it when I’m with a guy.”

I switched it back on but set it to a lower volume.

“Okay, so how do you want me?” I repeated.

He smiled and turned the volume up a bit louder. It was louder than I liked it, but at least we could hear each other over the top of it.

He gestured towards the bed and said he’d like me to get on all fours. I assumed he was indulging me because I’d told him I like the doggy position. As much as I was attracted to the position, I wanted to try something different.

“Why don’t you lie this way,” I suggested over the noise of the music, “on your back. Let me do the hard work.”

I preferred to stay in control during my first taste at being fucked. I’d read something on the internet about some receiving men acting as “power bottoms” and I was intrigued by the concept.

He smirked and shifted his position on the bed, lying across it, and gestured for me to squat over his face.

I smiled back at him, liking the idea. This was the position Guy had been when I’d first discovered the unexpected (to say the least) appeal of what lurked in the hairy crevice behind his balls, and it appealed to me that I would finally get to experience what he had that night.

Bradley’s cock was largely floppy as I clambered over him and straddled over his face, but as soon as lowered my big, hairy ball-sack down onto his nose and mouth, I was pleased to see it begin to steadily stiffen.

He grinned up at me and then took first one of my swollen testicles into his mouth before moving across to the other. It felt odd to have him licking at my balls and I found my cock wasn’t responding the way that Bradley’s was. I think somewhere, deep in the back of my subconscious, there was some deeply rooted fear preventing me from being able to fully relax with another man’s teeth so close to such a vulnerable area. I’m not saying that I thought he was going to bite me: I just felt inexplicably uncomfortable to have another male — on some primitive level, a potential competitor — slavering away at was, after all, the seat of my own masculinity.

I don’t think it helped, either, that the DJ was chatting away on the radio. Music I could tolerate; listening to some guy harp on about last night’s ‘X Factor’ while I was having my balls sucked was just too off-putting.

Thankfully, another track soon started up and, as if on cue, Bradley pushed himself backwards on the bed to nuzzle into the hairiness just behind my balls. Eager to guide him on his way, I eased myself forwards a little, and bent further downwards to open up my cleft. He moaned in his appreciation, and I felt his tongue licking up at the ridge between my balls and my hole.

Now this was starting to work for me!

My cock rapidly began to lengthen and thicken at the feel of his tongue licking teasingly close to my puckered entrance, and I watched it rise steadily upwards from my balls as it developed in size.

Bradley’s cock was also growing and moved across his stomach like the second hand of a clock as it stiffened and thickened until the swelling head of it was level with his belly button.

When his tongue had reached the furrowed ring of my anus, he circled it a couple of times and then surprised me by pulling back.

“Cor!” he laughed loudly, over the noise of the music. “You taste as strong as hell!”

“Oh God,” I cried out, pulling up from him. I thought I’d been meticulously thorough in my cleanliness after using the toilet. “I’m so sorry, Bradley!”

I’d avoided using soap as I knew he would want to smell me rather than Imperial Leather, but perhaps warm water had not been enough.

But Bradley wasn’t disgusted: instead, he grabbed my thighs and pulled me back down onto his face.

“No,” he called up to me. “It’s not like that! It’s just so raunchy… so much more intense than last night… you smell as horny as fuck!”

I smiled, relaxing a little. “Are you sure?”

His tongue reached up and tasted me again. It circled my hole, like a searchlight searching for whatever it could find, and then jabbed more firmly in the middle of my ring. Anticipating what he wanted, I relaxed my anus slightly to allow him to enter. His tongue pushed up inside me, easing warmly into my passage like a plump, round worm.

I gasped with the delight of feeling him inside me, although the concern that he might pull out and start gagging was still forefront in my mind.

I opened my ring a little wider and he pushed in more deeply, licking and tasting my most secretive tunnel. I could feel his breath hot against my hole and his nose inhaling deeply in my hairy crack.

My cock hardened and rose upwards to full size, and I pushed myself more firmly against his face. I didn’t want to touch myself and risk ending this exquisite pleasure far too soon.

He grabbed the tops of my thighs with both hands and reached up with his tongue into my rectum, becoming more confident the deeper he got.

Then he pulled out again and for a second I feared my taste really was too strong for him.

“If you’re still wondering if I’m sure?” he asked, “take a look at my cock!”

It was rising upwards from his stomach, gently pulsating at full-size in mid-air. Its head was a deep crimson colour and a dribble of ooze gently wept from its slit making a small puddle on his belly.

I relaxed in the knowledge that the taste and smell of my bum were having this effect on it and I smiled at the sight of how aroused he was.

I couldn’t get over the fact that men were so expressive during sex. There was no trying to second-guess the effect of each caress and kiss: with a man, his excitement was prominently — and in Bradley’s case, very prominently — displayed.

I loved sex like this: it was so open and straightforward.

“You taste amazing,” he went on, as the track on the radio ended and another started up. “Your arse is so hot and delicious. I want to rim you as deeply as I can and then I want to fuck you, Rob. I want to fuck you so hard that the two of us will be sweating and squealing like two dirty fucking pigs!”

I smiled, enjoying having him talk to crudely to me.

“Get your tongue stuck back up my hole and eat me out,” I replied, keen to continue the theme. The word ‘manstink’ came back to me from having heard it long before and I was eager to use it. “Feed on my manstink, Bradley! Fucking wallow in it!”

Lowering my arse back down onto his face, I felt his mouth smile against my cheeks as he worked his tongue back into me. I made my hole gape open for him and he plunged himself deep up inside me, revelling in the crudeness of my innards by lapping greedily and sucking strenuously.

I reached down and angled his cock upwards towards me. And then, while he rimmed me so fervently and intimately, I bent down and sucked just as hungrily at his cock-head. It throbbed in my mouth, grateful of my attentions, and fed me with its ooze of nutritive precum which I gulped down appreciatively. I felt like I was a baby taking milk from a bottle, except this was another man’s large and bloated cock that I was so ardently suckling at.

I loved being with him like that: me feeding on the gently oozing dribble from his mushroom cock-head; him eating so vigorously at my widely gaping arsehole. It was as if we were nourishing one another: two men taking sustenance from each other’s heaving bodies.

Sensing his excitement growing and fearing he might climax early as he had the previous night, I nuzzled down into his sweaty, hairy bollocks, licking and sniffing them and enjoying the knowledge that the seed inside them which was making them swell like over-ripened plums, would soon be squirting upwards inside me.

I couldn’t remember ever feeling so aroused and turned-on.

Sex with Bradley was so different from anything I’d ever experienced with a woman; the two things were barely comparable. Our bodies were so surprisingly — and yet so comprehensively — compatible that I couldn’t help but wonder why I’d never had the sense to do this before. As men, we were both ravenously hungry for sex and, as men, we were both able and equipped to provide seemingly endless pleasure for each other.

Why had I wasted so many years trying to impress women only to receive mere snippets and scraps of their attention? Why had I stayed with Linda so long, when all she’d given back was the occasional disgruntled morsel of affection?

Sex with another man was sex as it had been meant for me. Why had it taken me so long to discover that?

I pushed deeper between Bradley’s legs and sniffed at the opening of his moist, hairy arse crack. His odour was strong and pungent and I felt my cock throb in anticipation. Just sleeping next to me in my bed overnight had enlivened and revitalised his scent back here, and I plunged my face between his cheeks, inhaling as deeply as I could the frank, manly flavour of his amazing backside.

My tongue quickly found his extruding, bulging ring, and I licked at him breathlessly. Like he had with me, I found his taste far stronger and more intense than it had been the previous night. Perhaps it was a morning thing; perhaps male anal glands are more active overnight.

I drove into him again and we rimmed one another together: two men being as intimate together as it’s possible to be. As I lapped at his hole and felt him feasting on mine, I doubted if sex could feel any more exciting.

We were two men with our tongues slurping at each other’s arses; with our fat, hairy balls throbbing against each other’s chins; with our rock hard cocks aching and dribbling against each other’s chests: surely this was heaven!

He pulled back from me and I did the same to him, loving the sensation of having the smell of his bum on my nose and mouth.

I really wanted to fuck him again but now it was his turn to be pleasured. This was all about Bradley’s cock; Bradley’s manhood.

I looked down at the erection that was going to take my anal virginity. It looked big and thick and almost scarily inflamed, but I was ready for it.

I was ready to give myself to him.

Perhaps I would have preferred if this had been Guy beneath me, about to give me my first taste of male penetration.

But no. This was Bradley. This was how it had worked out. There was no point dwelling on regrets.

He struggled out from underneath me and reached across for a condom.

He said, “How do you want to take it, big boy?”

‘Big boy’. Guy had called me that.

I covered the memory with a smile. “I want to sit on your cock, Bradley.”

He smiled over at me. “I thought you’d want it doggy style.”

“Maybe next time,” I suggested. “But this time I want you to see my cock when you fuck me. I want you to see how excited I get.”

He grinned more broadly. “If you’re sure you’ll enjoy it. I don’t want to be staring at your cock growing soft. Kind of puts a guy off, you know?”

I smiled back. “I don’t think there’s much fear of that.”

He surprised me by leaning forwards to kiss me. After a brief but quite intimate kiss, he said, “In that case, I’d love to. You have an incredible, beautiful cock, Rob, and it’ll really turn me on to look at it while I’m fucking you.”

He unrolled one of his condoms down the thickened shaft of his cock. A new song started up on the radio. I recognised it from having heard Jake playing it in his room.

“In any case,” he went on. “This way, I get you kiss you while we fuck. There’s nothing like kissing a guy while you’re ploughing his arse.”

“I’d like that,” I agreed. “I’d like that a lot.”

I was surprised at how much I felt the truth of that statement.

After I’d lubed myself up, he lay down in the middle of the bed and directed his cock upwards with his right hand.

I squatted over him, smiling down at him, and then clumsily positioned my anus over his cock-head which felt improbably huge and swollen as it pushed between my cheeks.

“I don’t know if it’s going to fit,” I warned him.

“It will,” he said. “Just pretend like you’re taking a dump.”

“Ooh, you’re so romantic,” I joked and he grinned up at me.

I relaxed my arsehole as much as I could and pushed myself down onto his upright cock. The head of it slid into me with a satisfying squelch and I exhaled loudly and involuntarily.

Bradley looked up at me, concerned. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” I called out, “Christ, no!”

I let his cock slide further into me, easing up into my innards much further than my finger had ever been able to reach.

“It feels incredible!” I gasped down at him. “Absolutely amazing!”

He smiled at me. “It’s about halfway in. Are you sure you’re happy for it to go further?”

I pushed down to take another couple of inches of him. “Fuck yeah!” I cried out. “I want all of it! I want all of you inside me!”

My hole was being stretched open to a circumference it had never experienced and the sensation of having to dilate so wide to take another man’s organ into me was sending shivers up my spine and making my heart race.

Bradley chuckled, enjoying my surprise at how much pleasure he was giving me. “Turns out you’re a bit of a bum boy, Rob!”

I grinned back down at him, panting for breath. “I think we both… could have guessed that!”

‘Bum boy’. If only I had discovered this when I’d been a boy. The number of lads in my year-group whom I could have had fun with!

My cock strained upwards, its head fattened so hard it was sore, with precum trickling downwards from the slit. The veins were writhing prominently along the thickened shaft, making bulging knots which pulsed as they pumped my organ up to its massively overfilled, throbbingly painful size.

Bradley reached up, wanting to fondle my towering erection, but I pushed his hand away. “Not yet,” I told him, still gasping for air. “Not until… you’re right inside me.”

I was feeling so excited by having a man’s cock bore upwards inside me that I was concerned if he were to touch my own I might climax across his chest and face. Indeed, I was so aroused I could imagine me having such a powerful orgasm that my semen would shoot right over him and hit the opposite wall.

I squatted further down onto him and he bucked his hips up to ease himself completely up into my bowels. The music on the radio seemed to grow louder; perhaps my senses were being distorted by the pleasure I was feeling.

“Jesus Christ!” I called out in a voice which was probably too loud. “How fucking amazing is this?!”

Bradley chuckled. “You’re going to get a taste for this, aren’t you?”

I smiled back down at him, feeling his cock throbbing and filling me up as if in time with the rhythm of the track on the radio. “Too fucking right! Jesus, mate… why didn’t I try this years ago?”

“You’re doing it now, Rob” he said. “That’s the main thing.”

I was still irritated at myself for all the lost opportunities — the wasted years — but I tried to put the squandered past out of my mind for now and focus on the oh-so-wonderful present, while allowing myself to look forwards to what might lie in the future.

I had Troy fixed up for a date quite soon; and Duncan the car repair guy might call in one afternoon. And then there was Guy pencilled in for a football match in the New Year. I wanted all three of them to do this to me. I wanted to feel the different sensations that their diversely shaped cocks would make inside me; I wanted to know how dissimilar their variously sized balls would feel against my buttocks

And I wanted to meet more men — lots more men — who would enjoy doing this with me.

Christ, I wanted every male I met who was capable of getting a hard-on to be joined with me like this!

I just loved this sensation of having a man so physically connected to me, as deeply and intimately as he could be inside me. And I loved that we were together like this not as lovers, but just as two male friends. When he left, I could have another guy around to enjoy sex with him and there’d be no guilt, no recriminations, no aftermath at all. If I told Bradley what I’d done, next time we met, he’d no doubt enjoy hearing all about it and would tell me about other encounters he’d had since we’d been together.

I straightened my knees slightly to raise myself up from him, enjoying the sensation of his thick shaft sliding along my rectum. Then I lowered myself back down to him and let out a gasping involuntary sigh.

“Aaah! Jesus, that feels good!”

I did again a couple of times, panting with delight at how amazing it felt to be pumping his cock with the muscles of my arse. I looked down at him, grinning and gaping at him, and he beamed up at me as he enjoyed seeing how excited I was to have him inside me.

“All these years, Rob,” he chuckled, “you’ve wanted to be some guy’s bum chum and you didn’t even know it!”

I laughed back at him, still gasping at the waves of pleasure I was experiencing.

Some guy’s bum chum? More like some Guy’s bum chum. Yes, I’d be well up for being that!

I worked myself up and down his shaft with a steadily developing rhythm, trying to match myself to the music from the radio. Then he held my thighs and told me he would take over. “Now you’re loosened up, let me do the hard work, mate.”

I squatted over him, a good six inches or so above the base of his cock. My balls hung down, feeling fat and heavy in my stretched scrotum, and were being tickled by his pubic bush.

He grabbed onto my hips to hold me steady and then started slowly fucking me by thrusting his hips upwards.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Fantastic!” I gasped.

It was indeed intensely exciting to feel him sliding right up into me, filling me up with his long, thick shaft. I loved the sensation of his throbbing cock-head, burrowing back and forth so deeply inside me, and the feel of his balls slapping against my arse cheeks as he pushed himself as far into me as he could go.

“Are you ready for me to go faster?” he asked.

“Go for it!” I commanded.

“Right,” he grinned. “I am so desperate for a fuck, mate! I am so ready to fucking bang your arse!”

“Well, go ahead and fuck me! Fuck me as fast and as hard as you can!”

Now that was something I never thought I’d hear myself say.

He grinned at me more broadly and grabbed my hips more firmly. Then he started pounding in and out of me, bucking his hips upwards to make slapping noises against my buttocks. The odour of his exertions began to fill the air: the smell from his cock as it pumped up and down; still subtle, but undeniably anal in its pungence.

He was doubling the rhythm of the music: each beat of the song was matched with two thrusts of Bradley’s long cock.

I yelped with delight and worked myself against him, wondering why it had never occurred to me how empty my arse had been all my life without another man’s cock buried inside it. It felt so full and so right to have Bradley organ inside me. I felt, if it makes sense, sexually complete.

I laughed down at him, “Come on, man! You’re holding back on me! Give it all to me!”

He laughed back up. “You want it full-on! Okay! You fucking got it!”

His rhythm intensified so that he was hammering in and out of me like a piece of machinery. Now he was pumping three times faster than the music; four times, even. The smell from my arse was growing stronger and more obvious: cloyingly musky with a crude, raunchy bite to it.

“Oh God!” I cried out. “Jesus Christ that feels so good!”

He laughed again and I saw him sniffing at the air.

“Can you smell that?” I asked, as the carnal odour of my rectum washed over us in waves. “How fucking hot is it?”

He laughed a third time. “It’s the smell of mansex, Rob! It’s the best fucking part of it! It’s as hot as fuck!”

He continued pounding my arse and his face became more serious. Sweat was pouring from his forehead and he was panting like a dog.

“I’m getting close mate,” he gasped. “I’m gonna cum any second!”

I grinned down at him, relishing the thought of feeling him climaxing inside me. I wanted his thick, manly spunk to overflow from the condom and splash up, hot and wet, onto my buttocks as he hammered himself back and forth.

“Go for it!” I urged him. “I’m close myself.”

Which was bizarre considering I hadn’t so much as touched myself.

He surprised me by craning his neck forwards and reaching his mouth upwards to my cock, taking the top few inches into him. In spite of my reservations about having my organ sucked, I let it slide in and out of him as I worked my arse in time with his frantic, pummelling shaft.

His mouth was well-practised and he knew exactly what to do to pleasure another man. He held his lips wide open and used the tip of his tongue to tease the sensitive lobes underneath my cock-head. The unpleasant sensation I’d expected — of having my cock enveloped by a warm slimy mouth — was replaced by something entirely different. I found it surprisingly enjoyable to rub the swollen head of my cock against the soft ridges along the roof of his mouth and to have his tongue gently tease me as I thrust back and forth.

As I watched my shaft sliding in and out of his mouth, pushing deeper with every stroke, I realised I was finally enjoying a blowjob! I was finally enjoying having my cock sucked!

After all these years, all it had taken was for another man to do to me what he obviously enjoyed having done to himself. Bradley understood my cock completely and knew exactly what to do to arouse it: even, as it turned out, better than I did myself.

I started thrusting in and out of his mouth, his tongue teasing my cock-head as my organ swelled back to full size and recovered from my initial misgivings about being sucked.

I laughed down at him, amazed at what we were doing.

“Suck me off! Go on, mate! Eat my cock!”

Something else I never thought I’d ever hear myself say.

He sides of his lips formed a smile with the thickened shaft of my organ slurping in and out between them.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be riding his relentlessly thrusting cock, slamming my arse against it so much faster than the rhythm of the music, while my own was sweeping in and out of his mouth.

The stink from my bum was now crude and intense: harsh and powerful in both our nostrils; amplified by our heat and out sweat. I was desperately aroused by it, my heart pounding in my chest even quicker than Bradley’s cock was pounding at my arse.

It was the smell I’d been seeking for so long: the smell of my arse being roughly buggered by a cock as big as my own; the smell of male-to-male sex at its most passionate and intense; the smell of men being joined together as intimately as is possible — one man’s big, thick cock being consumed over and over by another’s hot, raunchy arse.

Suddenly I felt my balls starting to tingle and gestured urgently that I was within sight of my climax. I was giving him the opportunity to pull away if he wanted to, but he stayed put and, if anything, licked at me more furiously.

My balls started spasming as they pumped my seed upwards and he drank the heavy flow of it as it surged from my slit. My orgasm was, as always, extravagantly plentiful and he struggled to gulp fast enough to keep up with the surging gushes. Some — though not much — spilled down his chin and onto his chest, but most of it managed to slide down his throat.

I felt for my poor sperms again, excitedly thrashing around as they were propelled towards his stomach, oblivious to the acidic end that awaited them.

Once my climax had subsided and still thrusting his cock in and out of my bowels, he reached up and kissed me so I could taste my own semen, salty and bitter, in his mouth. Our tongues wrestled together as I eagerly licked my juice from his and we looked into each other’s eyes, revelling in the sexual abandon we were experiencing together.

When he pulled back from me, we grinned at each other. He stopped bucking his hips and pointed at my backside, impaled on his thick shaft as it reached upwards. He licked his lips and I knew what he meant.

I pulled off him and he peeled off the condom, tossing it onto the floor. He started masturbating quickly as I squatted over him, letting him eat from the swollen, gaping hole he’d just fucked so vigorously.

When I felt his tongue pushing into my rectum through my sore and sensitive ring, an unexpected second wave of excitement hit me and, much to my surprise, my cock started spewing again. My second climax was more measured and far less copious than my first, but I looked down at myself, marvelling at my body doing something it had never done before and fascinated by the second gushing of white liquid which was slowly belching from my cock-head.

I reached between my legs, grabbed the back of Bradley’s head and ground my arse down onto his eager face. I wanted him to tongue me as deeply as he could; to reach up into my bowels and taste me at my strongest.

He was eager to comply, lapping at my hole and feeding on my rectum, as he wanked himself as quickly and roughly as he could. Within seconds his orgasm was splashing against my back and I looked over towards the mirror so I could see him erupt.

Straight into the eyes of Jake who was staring at us from the bedroom door, his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“Jesus Christ,” I called out over the noise of the music, and tried to pull myself away from Bradley. Not understanding, he grabbed my thigh, determined to savour having his mouth on my behind while he was climaxing, but I yanked away from him more roughly.

Jake backed off, his face stunned, and turned to head downstairs.

I got off the bed and switched off the radio. I heard a car setting off down the street; probably my ex-wife after dropping Jake off.

Jake was downstairs clanking bottles and pouring himself a drink from the fridge.

“My son,” I said to Bradley, my voice raspy. “He’s come back from staying with his mum and was in the doorway.”

Bradley looked horrified and sat up on the bed. His semen was still tirckling from his cock, blissfully undeterred by this unexpected turn of events.

“How long was he standing there?” he asked. Like I would be able to give him an exact duration.

“I dunno,” I replied. “I just saw him when you started cumming.”

“Maybe he didn’t see very much,” he suggested, hopefully.

“Whatever he did see was far too much,” I countered.

I pulled on my dressing gown and left Bradley clearing up. I went downstairs and found Jake in the kitchen, drinking a coke.

“Christ, Jake,” I said. “You could have knocked!”

“I did!” he snapped. “And called up several times. The radio was on loud… I thought you must just be lying in bed reading the paper or something.”

“You knew I had a guy staying over with me.”

“Well, there was only your car on the drive, so I figured it mustn’t have worked out or he’d gone. It wasn’t like I deliberately came upstairs to catch you out.”

What he said sounded plausible and I felt my anger abate. It wasn’t, after all, as if he would ever intrude intentionally on something so personal.

“In that case, Jake, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you and that you saw what we were doing.”

“Don’t be,” he shrugged, taking another drink from his glass. “I’m not a little kid.”

“How long were you standing there?” I asked.

“When I first opened the door you were on top of him… sort of getting it both ways… I dunno what you’d actually call it. I should have backed away but… well…”

He seemed to want me to finish his sentence off for him or at least suggest where he might be going with it, but I held back, shrugging to show I had no idea what his “well…” might presage.

Seeing that I was going to offer no help, he went on, “I mean, it wasn’t something I would have wanted to see, but once I actually saw the two of you together… I suppose I began to understand why you’re into to this stuff.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just saying that… you know… I might not want to try it for myself… well, not anytime soon… but just that I can see the appeal.”

“You found what we were doing attractive?” I asked, incredulous.

“Not the fact it was you, of course,” he said. “But what you were doing… I mean, the way he was up your butt and you were in his mouth…yeah… it looked pretty intense. Pretty amazing, actually. That’s why I kind of stuck around longer than I should have.”

I just stared at him, unsure of what to say.

He laughed. “Come on, dad, I’m not saying I don’t like girls — but then, neither are you — I’m just saying… you know… having seen the two of you together that I understand how a guy can enjoy being… well… erotic with another guy.”

“But you saw those lads at scout camp,” I reminded him, “and the stuff I was looking at on the internet. You didn’t find that erotic, did you?”

“No,” he admitted. “But it was seeing you guys together… kissing and being so… well… intimate, I suppose. And the smell of you both… yeah, that was it… the sweaty, sexy smell…”

“I think it was a bit more than sweat, Jake,” I added dourly.

“I realise that,” he said. “Like I said, I’m not a little kid. But the smell was kind of hot too. At first, when I saw what you were doing, I was like, ‘Whoa! Get me out of here!’ But then, there was that smell and all the spunk… and, well, the way you were together… it had an effect on me… you know…”

He’d been aroused when he was watching us. My own son had grown a stiffie at the smell of our sex: by the strong, masturbatory odour of two men’s cocks; the heavy stink of sweat from our big, hairy balls; the acrid whiff of our erupting semen; and — most potently — the crude, pungent bite of my arse thickly smeared down the length of Bradley’s large cock.

When I’d seen him there in the doorway, I’d fixated on his dumbstruck face: perhaps, if I’d looked a bit lower, I’d have seen how much his jeans were bulging outwards in their own, unanticipated, response to the male version of sex we were performing for him.

I heard Bradley upstairs, walking across the landing and closing the bathroom door.

“So who is he?” Jake asked with an expectant smirk.

“Just a guy from work. He works in IT.”

“And is he gay?”

“No,” I replied. “It doesn’t really work like that. I don’t want to get into something serious with another bloke, so I found someone similar to me: straight but with an eye for… er… wider opportunities.”

Jake chuckled at my turn of phrase. “It doesn’t get much wider than the opportunity you were giving him.”

I allowed myself a smile.

“But aren’t most guys like that?” Jake asked. “Isn’t that how male sexuality is supposed to work?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, men are supposed to be on the look-out for any opportunities that might come their way, and a lot of guys aren’t too fussy about the form it takes. We did about it in biology class: something about the male wanting to spread his genes.”

“Maybe that would explain it. I don’t really know, Jake.”

I heard the shower click on upstairs as Bradley figured out how it worked.

“Can I meet him?” Jake asked.