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Sitting on the third floor balcony of my university gave me a confidence I had never felt anywhere else. Freshman year I had come up here during a formal event and watch the stars rotate until they dimmed away to the rising sun, and waves of students would spill out into the parking lot, many of which did nothing but rest up against the side of their truck and simply caress each other with their tongues. But watching that from up there, I felt like God.

That same day, Twenty minutes after everyone had left, I was waiting for my roommate, Kyle, watching for her on the balcony, and occasionally looking into the woods to check on Tam, my best friend. She was a player, and after the dance, she was the first out with a burly senior, his dirty blond hair drenched in sweat. He had her up on his waist, maneuvering his eyes around her face to get to his car, his tongue all the while slipping through her mouth like a probe. He reached his car and couldn’t manage to pull out his keys. He stepped forward into the woods, throwing Tam into the trees, and following after her.

Right after them came Paul, the captain of the swim team. I have been a straight man since, well, since forever, but the first time I questioned it, the first time I fantasized about a man putting his dick inside of me, it was with Paul.

I had imagined him coming up to me in the bathroom and tapping my shoulder. I turned, and he whispered into my ear, “I want to fuck you.” I watch him unbuckle his belt, and as I feel the tension of it taking too long, I reach for the zipper and snap it down, tearing the belt in half. He pulls off the jeans and grabs my hair. He jerks me towards his dick, the helmet of it hitting my teeth initially, but as I begin to taste it, my tongue flicking across the tip, his soft moans commencing, I begin to like the flavor.

I start small, taking it literally like a lollipop. I suck on it hard, stacking up the pressure, my tongue teasing the slit in his dick. Then, I pull it down through my throat. I can taste the chlorine on it, he’s just come back from a swim practice.

I start blowing him faster, more intensely. His moaning is loud, and he starts taking off his shirt. I run one of my hands up his chiseled abs, feeling every crevice, giving every muscle a story, feeling his entire front side. Then I take my other hand and slide it up his legs to his thick, red balls. I squeeze them gently, his moaning intensifying. Then I slide my hand under his arch and slowly take a finger, sliding it up into his muscular ass. He jumps at first, but upon my second re-entry, his moaning gets louder. I continue to blow him and finger him, his hands still tightly grappling my hair, pushing me back and forth, his waist jutting in and out.

“I’m, ah… I’m-!”

I begin to move back in anticipation of his ejaculation, but he throws me to the tiled floor of the bathroom before I can react. he quickly grabs the top and bottom of his balls, and with the other hand, grabs his cock, then pulls his waist in and stays there for a few seconds, his face showing so much pleasure, his muscles rippling in his stomach. Then he stops, a single drop of cum slipping off of his dick. He sighs, then looks up at me. “Time to fuck,” he says, then grabs my hair again. He pulls me up and begins to tear off my clothes, the takes anchor with my head once more.

Without aiming, without protection, and only with the lube of his spit, he throws me onto the floor and falls on me, his dick sliding up deep inside my ass. I scream in pain, wanting it to get out, but then it goes from a throbbing pain to a growing pleasure, and my scream transforms into a loud sex moan. He pulls out then does it again, and again, and again, all the while taunting me: “You like it like that don’t you bitch? You like riding my fucking dick.”

All I can reply is with a loud “Yes! Yeah! oh, yeah!”

For what seemed like a heavenly forever, he plows me in the bathroom, my knees scraping against the tiled floor. He reaches his arms around me and grabs my balls and dicks, then lifts me up until he is tilted back, then he drops me. I fall onto his dick and it shoots up inside of me faster and farther than before. We let out the same scream at the same time, but then he lets out a “Yes…” and I can feel something warm inside of me. He pulls out quickly and sprays his sperm across my body. I run to it and lick it off his dick, tasting Paul before the dream is gone.

When I saw Paul from up on the balcony, I only had one instinct: to run after him. I caught up with him in the parking lot, and after tapping his shoulder, he teetered to the left and right, then turned to me. He’s was drunk.

“Hey, kid, you want to give me a blow job?” his words slurred for so long that before he says blowjob, I screamed, “Yes!” then jump as I heard the end of the sentence, and then he grabbed me and brought me to his car.

We jumped inside, and he started to unzip his pants.

‘Here comes the monster.’ I thought, and I smiled widely.

The smile crashed into a frown as he pulled down his pants, and a four to five inch ERECT penis is sitting in his lap. I’m incredibly disappointed, but I do it anyways.

The blowjob is awkward, his dick in my mouth reminding me of the texture of a thin, small, glass bottle of coke with a condom slid over the top. After four minutes, I took my lips from his waist, and leaned up to ask, “You wanna fuck?”

“Who’s dick is bigger?” He replied.

Instantly, I pulled out my NON-erect six inches of meat, and he quickly leaned down to suck it. “Lets go do this,” he whispered to me, beer on his breath, and we left the car and fled into the woods.

One things was right about my dreams, at least: He had an amazing ass- inside and out.

I’m traveling again, in western Canada this time. On the way there I stopped at a little “pioneer village” sort of thing in a small town and it was totally deserted except for me walking around by myself. And, as usual, I started to get horny. It never fails; I always start fantasizing when I’m alone outside like this, thinking and hoping that something might actually happen.

I was checking out all of all the little “old west” buildings, like the post office and the bank and the barber shop, etc, and I kept thinking how great it would be if someone, or one of the mannequins, would come out of the back and just grab me and pull off my shorts and push me over a desk and spank and fuck my bare ass right there! Since it was totally uninhabited by anyone other than myself I was tempted to bring some hand lotion with me and just find something to shove my cock into or jerk off or something; I was SUPER horny. My cock was getting pretty hard, poking the material out in front of my shorts and it would have been embarrassing if anyone else would have been there, but it was just me.

I went down the wooden boardwalk in front of all of these little buildings, poking my head into them to see what was in there. Some of them had old, dusty mannequins in period garb. A postmaster and a banker and a barber and a couple of dusty firemen were all there looking at me it seemed like. I kept thinking about pulling my cock out and pretending that I was jerking off in front of someone, that they wanted me to do that for their own sexual gratification, to see me jerk off and shoot my cum onto the wooden floor or the dirt floor. I couldn’t help but press down on my cock, it felt so good.

When I got to the Sheriff’s Office I went in and there was a little entry area with an old desk and a wooden swivel chair like a Sheriff might have had and also some desk items like pencils and ink pads for old quill ink pens and things like that. There was a two-cell jail like you’d imagine in an old west movie and this one had a couple of dusty “criminals” in one of the cells. I couldn’t help myself, I got in front of them so my ass was facing them and bent down over the dusty desk and started humping it! I was so horny I couldn’t help myself. It was extra exciting thinking about those two mannequins being in there, watching me.

I was really getting into this little fantasy of mine when all of a sudden; I heard something and felt hands on my waist as I was still bent over that desk!!! I tried to get up but they held me down on the desk! It was one of the mannequins! It was actually a couple of young guys dressed in old, dusty clothes pretending to be mannequins. My mind was spinning; I was trying to think of what to do, what was happening, what was going to happen. He forced me down harder onto desk and started slapping my ass, giving me a spanking through my short pants which I still had on. I could tell that he still had his old, dusty gloves on and it was making a “WHOP WHOP” sound when he slapped my ass. Finally, he pulled my stretchy shorts down exposing my naked butt cheeks. Just like my fantasy, except this was really happening! The other guy dressed as a mannequin came around the other side of the desk and held me down so the guy in back could take his gloves off and give me a good spanking with his bare hands. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SPANK, SPANK..

All I could think of to say was, “OUCH! Hey, what the, you guys are real?! I thought you were mannequins or I never would have come in here!”

The guy behind me spoke, “You thought we were really mannequins? Yeah, likely story. We knew you really wanted this from how you were acting. Rubbing your cock, bending over in front of us and humping that old, dirty desk. You deserve this and we can’t wait to really give you everything you deserve for teasing us so much. Keep it down visitor guy and you won’t get hurt, we’re just going to have some fun with you. You were looking at us as we were standing there pretending to be mannequins, but we don’t even work here, we’re just two dirty, horny guys that hang out here and force ourselves on unsuspecting people and fuck them, and I’m ready now!! Look at my cock sticking straight out of this costume! We could tell that you were fantasizing about being raped by two old west characters.”

The guy in front of me let me loose and the guy in back grabbed me and sat down on that wooden swivel chair and put me over his knee with my naked ass sticking up in the air and he started spanking me again. He was really getting into it, I could feel his cock getting bigger under his old, scratchy wool costume. My cock was hard as a rock and was rubbing on that scratchy costume and I was about to cum all over the place when he finally stopped spanking me. He started spitting on my asshole, then the other guy walked over and they both were spitting on my asshole. I could feel the warm, slippery spit covering my poor little tight asshole. I felt fingers rubbing my asshole and then fingers were poking and probing into my little hole. I can’t lie, it felt great to be used and abused by these strangers in this fake old west village on this hot day.

They seemed to be having a great time using me as their dirty little sex toy like this. I had no idea what was on their minds but I was sure that they were going to at least fuck my ass that day. They were sliding things in and out of my ass, things from the office like the barrel of a big quill pen, the handle of the old broom that was all full of cobwebs, anything they could find that might fit in me. I was still bent over the scratchy wool suited lap of one of them and the other one was standing in front of me with his raging hard on pokng out through his old, dirty costume! He grabbed my head and started literally fucking my throat!

“Mmmm.. bbb.. mmbb.. mmm…” was all I could muster with that fat cock between my lips. He held my head so his cock stayed in my mouth and the other guy stood up and bent me over that wooden swivel chair and started to lick my asshole! Right after they both just spit on it. That’s so nasty and dirty.. I think I’m going to like these guys. I was so close to cumming but he kept just tickling my hole with his experienced tongue. It felt SO good. He must have liked licking my sweaty, spit-covered asshole and I’m glad that he did. He finally started rubbing his cock head over my slippery, spit-covered freshly-licked asshole. That felt so good to be used by these two dirty strangers and now I was finally going to be fucked!

He didn’t rub his cock head on my rosebud for long before he started to push, and then he said, “Mmmm.. oh man, you’ve got such a tight, sweet little asshole.. ohhh that feels so good, man, I’m almost all the way up your ass. Can you feel me? Can you feel my fat cock spreading your butt cheeks and going all the way up your ass? I’m hitting bottom, does that feel good when my soft cock head bottoms out way up inside of your tight hole?”

They both still had their dirty, dusty wool costumes on and when he hit bottom in me it felt soooo good. That rough material was rubbing on my smooth butt cheeks and back as he hunched over me and started fucking into my ass like a spider monkey. He put one leg up on the desk to get in even deeper as he slam-fucked my poor little innocent ass. He was fucking into me like an animal; grunting and slamming in all the way, hitting bottom and then pulling out all the way and SLAMMING in to the hilt again. His cock head was all shiny and slippery from just slamming through my winking little puckered hole. I couldn’t believe that he was lasting so long, fucking my tight ass like that.

Meanwhile, I was just feeling the first jets of hot cum hitting the back of my throat as the other guy started unloading his sperm in my mouth. It was so hot and so thick… “Mmmm.. bbb…. it’s so thick and warm.. so creamy and hot..mmm..” was all I could say as he was shooting his cum in my mouth.

He kept his cock in my mouth for awhile as I kept sucking on his softening cock and tried my best to get every last drop of that sweet, salty sperm off of that thing. As I was still cleaning off the one guy, the one fucking my ass started really speeding up and slamming home. Then, he grabbed onto the sides of my cheeks and pushed them together with his cock buried up my ass and I felt his cum start shooting in my colon!! Wow! It felt like a sharp stream of warm water being shot up my ass!

“Ohhhhhh, I can feel your cum! You’re shooting your dirty, hot cum deep up my ass!”

“Hey, shove your cock in his mouth so he doesn’t talk so much, we don’t want anyone else to come in here, Jim. We would get in trouble again if anyone else were to come in here as we’re forcing ourselves on this guy’s naked and sweaty body. Remember the last time we got caught fucking some visiting stranger, and he had his wife with him too; her asshole was almost as tight as this guy’s is.. mm mmmmm.. It was great fucking them both up their asses as they were on their hands and knees tied together right next to each other.. oh man… Going between their two assholes like that.. uh uhh uhhh uhhhh mmm… I think this guy’s ass is even tighter then that guy’s wife’s asshole was and you thought her ass was tight!.. mmm mmm mmm mmm uuhh hh… wait until you get in this guy’s asshole, wow…”

“You don’t have to tell me again, Steve. Keep sucking my cock, you unfortunate, unsuspecting old-west-town visitor. I bet you didn’t expect to see us come to life and grab you and strip your clothes off and start fucking you?! You’re not the first one we’ve forced to be our sex slave in this deserted old dusty, dirty tourist town. This time of year it’s literally a ghost town here. They keep the buildings open all day but nobody ever comes in here. We sneak in here with these old costumes on just hoping some hot guy or gal comes in here so we can grab them and force our cocks into them and shoot our sperm into them.. Uhh.. your mouth is so hot.. it feels soooo good wrapped around my sweaty cock.. mmm. ..mmm… Luckily it’s hot out today and you had stretchy shorts on so it was easy to just grab them and pull them down.. Your sweat and our spit makes your asshole even more slippery too.. oh uhh..”

“Bbbb.. wait, your.. bbb.. mmm.. cock is jammed.. mmm bbb.. in my throat.. ggg.. bbb.. Mmm mmm.. ahhh ahhhhhh.. mmm mmmmm mmmmm.. rrrr ohhhh ohhhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“I’ve got to try that little ass out, spin the chair around.”

So even though your cock isn’t totally hard yet you both spin the chair around and you grab onto your cock and try to squeeze it through my tight little shit hole. It’s like a snake, your cock head is trying to penetrate my tight man cunt and you keep pressing, farther and farther up my shit chute. You start fucking even though you’re not rock hard but hard enough. It feels great to feel your nice, soft cock head spear me and then the full feeling of your fat cock stretching my abused little hole out.

“AAHHHH!!.. WAIT! Your cock is getting bigger back there in my ass!! uuuuuu.. it’s SO tight it just barely fits back in my asshole when you pull it all the way out and shove it ALL THE WAY IN again up to your balls!! AHHHHHH! If it didn’t feel so good I’d be worried about being raped by two dirty, horny strangers and forced to have my poor little butt violated and get all stretched out like this.. rrrrr.. owww owwww.. man that monster cock is HUGE!!.. uuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuu uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhggggg I’m glad it’s so slippery.. like a huge snake sliding between my tight buttcheeks and up my asshole! yowww! wow.. mmmm mmmm mmmm.. uuu uuuuuu uhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhnnn.. ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh..”

“Suck my cock visitor guy, suck it good.. uhhh that feels so good, your mouth is so hot.. he’s done this before, Steve.. he seems to love sucking my cock even though I just had it fucking in and out of his sweaty, dirty asshole.”

SLAP! SPANK!! “Look at those little cheeks bounce when I slap them! They’re getting all red and hot from the spankings.” SLAP! SPANK!

“That looks good, but it’s not as good as this guy’s super tight little asshole feels wrapped around my dick, it’s like a velvet glove.. mmm mmmm mmmmm.. it’s like his asshole is sucking my dick like his lips are sucking your dick.. ohhhhhh, I can’t take much more, it’s been way too long since we’ve gotten to rape some visitor’s tight ass when he didn’t expect it at all.. mmm mmmm AAAAAHHHHHH.. here it comes visitor guy!! I’m going to ram my cock all the way up your ass and shoot my wet, sticky, hot sperm up your tight little ass!!!! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH! RRRRRRRRRR…. I’M CUMMING!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… uuu uuu uuhhh uh uh uh uh uh… mmm.. oh man, what an ass this guy has, you’ve got to fuck this guy’s asshole again!”

“Hey, wait! I can feel your hot jets of sperm shooting up my ass! It’s like a hose is shooting hot water up my ass! Let me up!.. Some dirty strangers just raped my poor asshole and shot their hot, dirty cum up my ass!! I just walked in here to see the building and the mannequins, I didn’t know that I’d end up being raped and abused by strangers in costumes posing as mannequins!!”

“Look out, I’m going to slide my cock up this visitor guy’s asshole before your hot, slippery sperm starts leaking out!.. look at your cum ooze out.. Here comes my cock visitor guy.. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. ohhhhh, what a tight little ass this guy still has!!! Look at my cock squeeze between these little round buttcheeks and up this pink hole, sliding in with your cum leaking out at the same time.. mm mmm mmm.. He’s the tightest so far, even tighter then that guy’s wife like you said.. uuhh.. mmmm.. uuu uuu uuu rr rrrr .. Ohh mmm.. mmmmm.. mmmm.. rrrr.. We’re lucky that these raped guys always end up loving this forced sex so much that they never turn us in for just grabbing them and spanking and raping their asses.. They usually come back for more when they’re in the area they love getting raped so much by costumed strangers in a crusty old building like this… mm mmm mmm mmmmmmm.. oh what an asshole he has! AHHHHHH! I’m cumming already! SHIT! AHHHHHHH MMMMMMMmmm rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrr RRRRRRRRRRRRRr! Take this fresh cum you horny visitor bastard!! AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHh RRRRRRR..”

“Hey! Don’t you cum up my ass too! There’s too much cum up there now, it’s leaking out and running down my legs.. uuuuu uuuu.. hot, sticky sperm is oozing out of my ass and dripping down my bare legs.. my ass is so full of hot, sticky cum.. mmm mmmm.. owwwwwww.. your cock is so big.. I feel like I have to shit your cock is so big.. uhhh uhhhhh.. shooting your dirty cum up my poor little butt.. uhh…”

“It’s your own fault horny visitor guy, walking in here with your little shorts on and eyeing us up and not knowing that we were real. That’s how we know that guys are fantasizing about getting raped by old west characters. I’m so glad we thought of this. We know you were fantasizing about something like this really happening, looking at us for so long and looking at our crotches, and then rubbing yours right in front of us! We can’t help it when that happens, you asked for this by wearing those pull-off shorts and rubbing your crotch like that.. mm mmmmm ohhhhh man, what a tight bugger he is.. uuuu uuuuuu uhhh uhhhhhh uhhhhhh mmmm mmmm.. my cock is still hard… just like last week with the husband and wife, they were starting to get horny and were talking about what a kick it would be if we were real.. and that’s when we grabbed them and forced them back here to be used and abused.. they loved it too; they’ll be back..”

“Owwwwwww.. Noooo.. your cocks have unloaded so much sperm up my ass!! Uhhhhh.. I won’t be able to shit for a week it’s so packed up there by your fat dicks.. mmmmmm.. it feels good though.. I can feel your hot cum still leaking out..”

“HA! I knew it, this guy loves getting raped too, just like the others did! Look out, I’m going back up that dirty asshole! Let’s go get a couple of the other guys, I know they’d love to fuck this guy’s tight little cum-filled asshole too. Maybe they’re not having as much luck as we did by having this guy come into our hot little building first. They always share their visitor’s asses with us… rrrr rrrrrrrr rrrrrrrr.. I’m really banging into this horny visitor guy now; my balls are really SLAPPING against his as I ram into his ass.. holding down on his slippery, sweaty hips, slapping his dirty, sweaty, cum-covered buttcheeks, looking at this little pink asshole swallow my huge plunging He’s clenching his asshole! I knew he was a dirty bastard, milking my cock like this. We just pulled his shorts off, and being the dirty, horny bastard that he obviously is, he wasn’t wearing any underwear, so we just pushed him down over this old dirty, dusty wooden swivel chair on display here.. mm.. mmm and started taking advantage of him.. MMMM RRRR.. After cumming once I can go forever.. uhh uhh uhh m mmmm mmmm mmm rrrrr RRRRRRRRRRR.. fuck. rrrrr.. I’m going to fuck this guy for an hour or until someone pulls me off and rams their own cock up this ass..”

“What did I get myself into by coming in this empty building?!.. mmmmmm mmmm HEY, that’s too fast!.. yowwwww!.. uhhhhh uhhh uhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhh.. hh hh hh hh hh hhhhhh hh hh hh.. uhhh uuuuuuuuuuu.. my ass.. uhh uhh uhh uhh.. I’m too full of hot sperm now!.. noo.. uhh uhh uhh.. hh hh hh hh hh hh.. nooooo..”

“Hey Steve, here come the guys from the old firehouse display, and they have that little fire hose.. I wonder what they want to do with this visitor guy?.. uhhh mmm mmm”..

Chapter 7 – “This is how it feels to be fucked by a real man!”

I hung suspended in the sling, spread-eagle with my privates displayed like a two dollar whore. He had restrained my hands above my head, denying me any modesty or protection. My legs were spread wide and hoisted into stirrups, laying bare my ass cheeks which now were smeared with lube. My ass-hole was exposed, having just been primed and stretched open by several large dildos. Aroused but also frightened I watched his hand slowly move up and down the length of his cock as he applied a generous layer of lube. The girth of his cock so thick, the grip of his hand could not reach all the way around the shaft. He pressed the head of his cock against my anus, it was cold from the lube. An icy shutter ran through my body reinforcing my sense that a major turning point in the storyline of my life was about to happen.

It was clear to me now that my life up to this point had been a sham. I had merely been going through the movements of living a life. Much like an actor playing the role expected of him by his audience. Never completely comfortable in the role, it had caused me to become shy, reserved and unusually modest regarding my body. However the raw, naked connection between the two of us was so intensely intimate, there could be no acting or falsehoods here. As if for the first time, my heart had suddenly come alive in my chest, erratically pounding out my fear.

Since the first day I met Jim, he had been determined to shove his massive cock up my asshole. For weeks he had been attempting to stretch me open by cramming increasingly larger dildos into my asshole. Unexpectedly tonight he had become frustrated with the delay, announcing “I’ve had enough of playing with these toys, your hole is long overdue to be filled with my cum. It’s time to fuck the hell out of you.” Jim’s sudden tantrum unnerved me, undermining the little confidence I possessed. I was worried, I suddenly felt like a virgin unexpectedly presented with a lover’s huge endowment. It had been a struggle to take Jim’s collection of dildos up my asshole, it was difficult to imagine how I could be fucked by his massive cock without being split apart. I searched Jim’s face for any sign of reassurance. His dark eyes clouded with lust and booze, offered me no comfort.

I was overwhelmed, much like the first night I met Jim. I had been so nervous and sexually inexperienced, it had taking Jim only moments to both subjugate and sexual arouse me. After sitting me at his feet, he stuffed his large hairy balls into my mouth then seduced my body and mind with only the sound of his voice. That is when my fascination with this charismatic leather-man and his porn-star sized cock began. My fascination soon developed into a kind of obsession, bordering along the lines of a devout worship of his magnificent phallus. These last few weeks, it had become increasingly difficult to play my role as the good boy when my every waking moment was filled with the memories of the touch of his leathers against my hot naked flesh, the pungent smell of his cigar and the sweet, sweet taste of his cum.

“You look frightened!” Jim suddenly declared. He was squinting down at me in the sling, studying my face for clues to my state of mind. This was my opportunity to voice my hesitation about having my ass-hole ravished. Yet, I found myself unable to speak, too afraid of what might come out of my mouth. If I angered Jim and he kicked me out, I knew I could never return to play-acting my way through my old life. Fluctuating between two unthinkable paths, I lay there as a limp and speechless as a half deflated blow-up sex doll.

Jim smiled down at me then skimmed his leather gloved hands gently across my chest, the touch of his soft leathers against my skin calmed me instantly. He pinched my nipples between his finger tips, gently at first but soon he increased the force. Pressing his finger tips harder and harder into my flesh, he bent down close to me. I could smell the strong smell of liquor on his breath. Wrapping his lips around my left nipple, he sucked it into his mouth then began to dig his teeth into my flesh. I closed my eyes and relaxed as his gentle nippling on my tit increased in intensity. I involuntarily arched my back and released my breath, letting the sensation of both pleasure and pain flood out into my body.

Suddenly with a quick forward movement of his hips, he plunged the head of his cock into my anus in one sharp violent jab. A shock wave of pain rippled throughout my body, just like I had taken a punch. My mouth flew open as a rush of inward air sucked a scream back down my throat. Abruptly there was no air in the room, no thought in my head, only a intense increasing pressure as my ass-hole was being wrenched open.

My hands clawed out into the air, grabbing onto the straps of the sling. I tried to pull my body backwards into the sling and off Jim’s cock. I managed to crawled backward a few inches as I sucked enough air into my lungs to cry out, “No, No, Stop!” Despite my pleads, Jim bit down harder into my nipple as he continued to bulldoze forward into my asshole. My anus being no match for Jim’s battering ram of a cock was forced to stretch out under the mounting pressure. I screamed out “It’s too big, it’s too big!” as Jim’s corona, the projecting ridge that encircled the base of his cock-head reached my anus ring. Jim’s corona was thick and hard, roughly callused from years of friction. With one final shove Jim squeezed his corona through my anus ring, it felt like sandpaper against the tender flesh around my ass-hole. I experienced a very slight relief as my anus contracted slightly as it sunk into the narrower neck of his cock. Jim’s cock-head was now fully inside my asshole, it was like being impaled on the end of a heavy metal spike.

Jim slowly released the pressure of his teeth on my flesh, letting my sore, wet nipple drop from his mouth. He straightened up and said almost jokingly, “Do you really want me to stop?” He wore that wicked little smile, the smile that meant he was again testing his ability to manipulate me. Sex with Jim was a continuous power struggle. He was determined to expand my sexual boundaries, always wanting to know how far I would debase myself to please and obey him. Dominating me gave Jim the adrenalin rush that made his cock throb. If my domination included ways to sexually humiliate me, his immense cock grew all the harder.

“You show up naked at my door each week. No matter how badly I abuse you, no matter how many loads of cum I dump down your throat or how many toys I shove up your ass, you keep coming back.” Jim stated in a calm, cool matter of fact tone. Then raising his voice with each word he added, “Tell me why boy, why you keep coming back for more?”

“I don’t know, Sir. I just…want…need…” I stammered. Unable to voice a response under the stress of his stare and the pressure of his cock staked into my asshole, my voice trailed off into silence.

“I’ll tell you why you’re tied to my sling with your ass in the air, your balls strung up like punching bags!” to emphasize his point Jim smacked my balls with the back of his hand, sending a shock wave of pain rippling though my body.

“Your happy little life means nothing to you, you wear it like a fucking disguise to cover your own deeply seeded need to be controlled.” he paused letting the impact of his statement take it’s effect. Meanwhile his hips forced his cock further into my ass, putting enormous pressure on my anus to expand. “You come to me because you can drop your disguise of being the good little boy. There is no one here to judge your actions as amoral or obscene, no one to assign guilt or whose shame you must endure.”

“You think your desire to be dominated makes you a victim, makes you weak and powerless but you’re wrong. It takes strength to withstand the kind of pain and humiliation I administer!” he said as the increasing girth of his cock’s shaft stretched out my anus. It felt like my anus had been stretched to it’s limit but I knew Jim’s cock well, there was still so much more girth to come. I gripped the straps of the sling harder, preparing myself for that was to come next.

“If you have the guts to stick it out, you might discover your self-worth in being a submissive! Now, you don’t really want me to stop, do you?” he said with a smile. I heard the sling creak as Jim’s body weight shifted forward. I remember my whole body tensing, my eyes and mouth stretched wide open as if they also needed to absorb the great lump of flesh that was about to invade my body. I trembled uncontrollable, reacting to the continuous physical force being exerted to push my body beyond it’s limits.

Jim bent down, laying his body down on top of mine. His body weight pressed me deep in the sling as our bodies interlocked. My nostrils filled with his liquored breath as I lay there struggling with the pain. His hands slid over my body then up my arms to grip me tightly by the wrists, reinforcing his intention I was not going to escape from him.

For a moment the caress of his smooth leathers gloves against my skin distracted me from my suffering but then I felt Jim’s hips push forward as his cock sank further into my ass. I held my breath as there was a brief battle between the thickest section of his cock’s shaft against my anus ring, I knew I could not win.

I rocked back and forth in the sling, gripped by an overwhelmed desire to flee but trapped under Jim’s weight, I could barely move an inch. The strain upon my ass-hole to extend beyond it’s limits kept growing as more of Jim’s massive cock penetrated further into me. Inwardly I screamed out as the volume of hard cock flesh expanded my insides to where the pain and pressure began to consume my body. It felt that soon there would be nothing left of me but physical and emotional suffering.

“It drives me crazy when I see that look on your face.” Jim said. I watched the words come out of Jim’s mouth but I could not hear them. I was already escaping from my body, removing myself from an unbearable situation. Abruptly I was across the room, a voyeur spying on a depraved scene of the strong overpowering the weak, the old corrupting the innocent.

Clad in only leather boots, chaps, vest and gloves, an older man was bend over a younger man. His leathers were old and wore from years of hard wear, much like his body. He had the body of a lifelong labourer, his muscles once bursting with youth and strength were now long and lean, depleted by the ravages of time. His face was a roadmap of his years of hard living which had etched deep lines across his features, they had not yet completely erased the traces of a once handsome face. He was forcing his beast of a cock into the ass of a young man who was bound naked and spread-eagle in a rubber sling. The leather man was smiling but his dark eyes betrayed him, this was not a joyous smile.

The young male in the sling, gave the impression of being much younger than his years. His hairless body was small with narrow hips. His chest, arms and shoulders still on the brink of blossoming into early manhood. His dishevelled dark hair was a striking contrast to the pale, milky tones of his skin. He still had the blush of youth on his plump crimson cheeks which with his full, rose coloured lips contributed to his youthful appearance. However, his most striking feature, the one that captured your complete attention was his large azure blue eyes. One glance into his clear, bright eyes was to be lost in a cloudless sky.

He had the type of remarkable and angelic looks that drew out the generosity and kindness in people, assuring him a easy, carefree life. There was however also a dark side to his enticing appearance. It acted as an aphrodisiac to the kind of men whose uncontrollable desires drove them to pursue, seduce then corrupt the innocence and the beautiful, therefore tarnishing it’s radiant glow forever.

I watched as the leather top pulled his hips backwards only to tighten his muscular ass cheeks and jam his hard cock forward, squeezing it between the lily white ass cheeks of the trapped boy. I watched him smile as with each stroke his massive cock sank deeper into the boy’s ravaged, pink hole. I watched the expressions of suffering distort the boy’s handsome face that accompanied each of the top’s cruel thrusts.

A striking display of lust, power and domination as well as one of pain, vulnerability and degradation. Difficult to witness yet impossible to turn away from. A scene of such raw capitulation, where the dominate man breaks down the boy’s self-esteem one stroke at a time as his over-sized manhood reshaped the boy’s ass-hole into his own personal fuck hole. It would not take long before the boy viewed himself as little more than cum-bucket, a receptacle only worthy of being abused, fucked and filled with spent cum loads from every man who desired him.

Despite my discomfort at witnessing this scene of such violation, it was so mesmerizing I could not look away. The raw, naked intimacy of the two males seduced my full attention, drawing me to them. I was difficult not to admire the energy and the virility of the older man with his throbbing fuck tool, a phallus worthy of a Greek god. While watching his coarse omnipotent cock repeatedly disappear into the boy’s cherubic like butt, I developed an empathy with the dominate male. I sensed that this was not an assault but one of nature’s beautiful contests. Violation being part of the natural order was no doubt brutal but not tragic. What could be more understandable then the survival of the strongest? What could be more natural then the instinct to spread your seed by breeding the conquered? It was for this very reason, cultures all over the world had worshiped the phallus for centuries.

It was while I watched this exhibition of the eternal sexual battle play out, a powerful urge rose up within me. I recognized my life-long urge to be physical and mentally dominated by strong and powerful men. I’ve battled with this compulsive desire all my life. Seizing hold of me once again, I offering up no resistance to my nemesis. Allowing it to crush me under it’s dark embrace. After witnessing this display of sexual violation, I no longer equated willing surrender to superior forces as defeat. I knew that I could no longer play the role of the good boy, no longer would I suppress my desire to surrender myself to an alpha male. Instead I would spread my legs and offer up my ass for breeding as tribute.

The moral code of “does and don’t” which I had faithfully wore like a heavy yoke around my neck, was useless to me now. Corrupt and rotten, it dropped from my neck, falling into dust at my feet. Released from this righteous burden I stood up erect and tall with the sudden confidence that “I alone” directed my life. With my dark urges pointing the path ahead, I took my first cautious steps into my new role. No longer enslaved by my guilt, I began my transition into being a free submissive. Behind me I abandoned the dead weight of my inhibitions, having dragged them along with me far too long. I stepped closer towards the boy in the sling. Envying his initiation, envying those magnificent powerful thrusts being lunged into his tight, pink hole. I looked into the depths of his azure blue eyes and recognized myself.

In the blink of an eye, I was back tied up to the sling and looking up into Jim’s face. He had released my wrists to grab me by the ankles so he could pry my legs apart. The next thrust of his battering ram of a cock into my asshole came with the full force of his body behind it. I suppressed a scream as his cock hammered it’s way into my hole. Shock waves rippled into my gut and through my body knocking the air from my lungs.

I knew the next assault would be as forceful and cruel as the last but I braced myself, gulping down a breath of air then released it slowly as the next thrust come at me full force. Jim soon established a rhythm, each forward thrust would slam into me with such force it would send my body briefly into the air before falling back into the sling. He would then withdraw his cock until his corona with it’s hard raised ridge sat scraping against the tender flesh of my anus, ready for his next attack. There were moments between thrusts without Jim’s cock inside me I felt empty and hollow inside but they were short lived as each thrust was soon followed by another.

My subjugation continued with each thrust, he pounded into me the fact I was nothing more than his fuck-hole. There were moments when I began to panic, certain I was going to be split in two as he penetrated further down into my fuck tunnel. I am sure Jim recognized my moments of distress but he did not stop riding me, only smiled down at me and redoubled his resolve. His strokes were coming at me so fast and hard, I knew it was not enough to mentally surrender to Jim, my body had to become more receptive and absorb the force of Jim’s endless fucking. I released my grip on the sling and allowed my body’s weight to drop down further into the sling. It was then that I realized how exhausted I had become fighting against each of Jim’s lunges.

I took a breath and tried to release my over strained muscles, allowing my body to relax and melt into the sling. The sling began heaved wildly up and down. It was not long before I was seeing stars before my eyes as the room began to spin around me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on absorbing the force from each thrust as it knocked into my butt. With my eyes closed I could clearly distinguish Jim’s rough corona scraping back and forth against the tender flesh of ass-hole, a sensation of friction somewhere between torture and ecstasy.

This sensation of friction was followed by the pressure from the girth of Jim’s broad shaft as it penetrated into my hole. Jim’s shaft was rock hard and so absurdly thick it exerted incredible force against the inside walls of my hole. It felt like my body was being pried open from the inside. My straining flesh forced to surrender and then to submit to being stretched beyond it’s limit to accommodate Jim’s increasing demand for deeper access into my hole.

Seeming without end, the invasion in my body continued. The ordeal of having my ass-hole overstuffed with his hard hulking pulsing cock, overwhelming all of my other senses. I understood that with each bulldozing stroke Jim was forever perverting me by expanding the limits of my cavity. I knew that he would not stop until his cock was ball-deep in my hole. I felt my weary body go limp as any last remaining resistance and tense disappeared, my flesh yielded to Jim’s unstoppable lust for control.

Sensing my body’s surrender, Jim slowed the tempo of his strokes, no longer slamming his cock into my body. He began toying with me, teasing me by gradually penetrating bit by bit, inch by inch ever further into my fuck hole. Continually and deliberately testing my receptiveness to his thrusts. The massive volume and considerable weight of Jim’s meaty cock burrowing into the depths my body was like being invaded by a great beast.

One moment, it was as if was possessed by Jim’s demon cock as he stuffed my hole until I felt I would burst. Only in the next moment, to feel abandoned as he withdrew his cock, leaving me cold, empty and yearning the return of his tormenting cock. It was maddening; back and forth, in and out, advance then retreat, pain followed by pleasure.

I could feel my body heat raising up in me, Jim’s relentless fucking had caused the smouldering mental turmoil within me to ignite, it burst into a searing blaze. A cleansing flame swept through my body, fuelled by the dry, stale remnants of an un-lived life. The flame consumed everything, left in it’s wake only an aching, charred shell remained.

Richard’s bathroom was smaller than Alex had expected. As he was pushed through the door the shame he was feeling from their previous session mingled with the draft of cold from the bathroom to inspire fear. What was he doing here? This had already gone too far.

Just turn around, thank him or something, and leave. Take your clothes and leave.

Before he processed the thought properly he heard the click of the bathroom door closing and became aware of Richard stood behind him, and then reaching around him to start playing with his nipples. Gentle pinches felt electric and Alex knew he couldn’t go anywhere. He pushed his ass into Richard’s hardness.

‘That feels good, daddy.’

Richard reached past Alex and flicked the shower on. It was a cubicle, large, but not a 2 person unit. He spun Alex around and spat on his chest, then massaged the saliva gently into each of Alex’s nipples. He worked 2 fingers into Alex’s mouth.

Alex was in heaven. He felt like a slut. He’s already been marked by his daddy, the traces of Richard’s cum still present on his face was a reminder to him that he was nothing but a slave to his daddy’s cock. He wanted to be used. He needed his body to be an object for daddy’s pleasure.

Richard pushed Alex into the shower cubicle, Alex almost tripping and falling against the tiled wall. He became intensely aware of the biting cold of the tiles, and the violent heat of the water. As he cried out from the mix of temperatures, Richard had bent down and started to suck on his cock.

‘Feed daddy’, he growled, ‘feed daddy little bitch.’

Alex had received blowjobs before, but nothing like this. He felt out of control and dizzy, fighting to keep standing as Richard began to probe his ass with a finger.

‘I’m going to fuck this little hole, boy. You’re going to beg me to fill your ass with daddy’s meat.’

Alex could feel his second orgasm of the day building up inside him as the realisation of his submission drifted into his head. He had no choice but to surrender himself now, and was desperate to fill his daddy’s mouth with cum, to give himself to him.

Richard pulled off Alex’s cock as he began to feel Alex on the verge of orgasm, not wanting him to cum yet. He spun Alex round and bent him over, his asshole spread before him. The butt plug from their earlier session was removed.

Alex was positioned so the water from the shower was falling directly on the back of his head, and was lost in a haze of submission and pleasure as Richard spat on his cock and Alex’s hole, and began to push his cock inside.

Alex was aware of the spit on his ass, and was pleased Richard had done that rather than use any kind of lube. Alex had fucked himself with a vibrator before, and used lube, and it felt somehow mechanical and impersonal. This was a statement, another mark on Alex for him to know who he belonged to.

He was surprised that the sensation of being fucked was not painful. Richard’s first movement into Alex’s ass had been slow and deliberate, pushing as far as he could go. Now he fucked powerfully, dominantly, and Alex was lost in the sensation.

‘Fuck me daddy, fuck your whore’

He didn’t know if he was saying it or just thinking it. The hot water bead down on his head, somehow adding to the feeling of submission. The pleasure was mingled with humiliation and degradation. His daddy had spat on him, all over his body, and taken him like a piece of meat. But that’s what he wanted. He wanted daddy to take him and pleasure himself with him, with no regard for Alex’s pleasure.

‘I need your cock inside me daddy.’

Alex needed more than that. He wanted to be filled with Richard’s seed. It was the final act of dominance that he wanted from his daddy. He wanted to know after the experience that no matter how much shame and regret he felt, daddy’s cum would still be in his ass. He wanted to be able to put his fingers in his ass later and taste it, knowing he’d been made a slave to his daddy.

‘Cum in your little whore’s ass daddy. Fill me, please fill me.’

‘You’re going to take my cum in your ass boy. You’ll always be daddy’s little slut boy.’

Alex could feel Richard’s cock tensing. It was the same tension he’d felt with the cock in his mouth earlier, and knew that daddy’s present to him was coming.

Richard grunted, and groaned loudly as the intensity of this orgasm outdid his earlier one. Alex tried to clench his ass around Richard’s cock, desperate to feel all of the orgasm in his ass and milk as much of his daddy’s cum as he could. He felt the warm liquid shooting deep into his ass, and gasped in pleasure.

‘Yes daddy! Thank you daddy, thank you for fucking your slut boy.’

Richard left his cock buried in Alex’s ass for a few seconds longer, wanting to feel the rest of his cum oozing into Alex, before withdrawing and allowing Alex to crawl out of the shower and collapse on the bathroom floor. He pulled Alex over, and took his cock into his mouth once more. Alex lay on the floor, aware of the feeling of cum in his ass and Richard’s mouth sucking on his cock, his tongue licking down the shaft and taking his balls into his mouth.

‘mmm… Suck my cock daddy. Suck your boy’s cock.’

‘Give me your cum boy, I want your whore cum in my mouth.’

Alex had already been close to orgasm from Richard sucking his cock earlier, and felt himself just moments later explode into his daddy’s mouth, shooting hot jets of cum and shaking in pleasure. He lay dazed and sated, and exhausted.

He became aware of Richard’s lips on his own. They parted his, and with a flick of his daddy’s tongue, Alex’s cum came dripping into his own mouth.

‘Thank you daddy,’ Alex muttered, smiling. ‘I hope I’ve been a good little slut for daddy today.’

The final part of the ‘Butt Monkey’ series of stories by Robert Furlong



>> I wanted to add a message to this final part of ‘Butt Monkey’ to say, firstly, thanks for reading and following my story (especially if you’ve very kindly messaged me to express your appreciation) and, secondly, to find out if you would like me to write a sequel.

>> ‘Butt Monkey’ started out as a fairly straightforward three-parter called ‘Football Match’ about a divorced guy who finds he enjoys rimming another man and gets into a regular ‘arrangement’ with him. I found that I enjoyed writing the story and liked the characters I’d created so much that I kept adding additional chapters to it and gradually fleshed it out with a more involved plot. By the time I started uploading the story, it had grown to thirty parts.

>> My question to you is whether you’d like me to continue writing Robert’s bum-related adventures or whether I should write something else. I have ideas about what I’d like to do with a possible sequel, but I’d like to know that there is interest to hear more of Robert’s stories before I get started on them.

>> So, please, if you have time, could you let me know if you’d like to hear more from Robert and his enjoyment of the male rear? If you would like a sequel, what did you enjoy about ‘Butt Monkey’ – which parts worked for you and which parts didn’t? Did you prefer his one-off encounters or the ongoing storyline? Did you like the humour and character development or would you rather have more eroticism?

>> Looking forward to hearing from you!


Having dropped Jake off at college, I had the decadent thrill of making the drive back home instead of continuing towards work as I normally would.

I’d kept today appointment-free so I could ‘work from home’ as I had a lot of things in the house I needed to catch up on before the Christmas rush. Apart from anything, I needed to get the Christmas tree out from the shed and decorate it, as Jake had made it abundantly clear in recent years that he had no interest in it. I wasn’t sure why I bothered myself: force of habit, I suppose.

I planned to fire off the odd e-mail during the morning and put together a spreadsheet on the Coventry project mid-afternoon to make it look like I was slaving away at my desk.

Don’t work hard — work smart, management liked to tell us. So that’s what I would be doing today.

When I got home, I fetched the Christmas tree from the shed and all the Tupperware containers full of our various decorations. The cat stared at me as I stacked everything up in the living room, no doubt musing on what an utterly pointless human ritual I was performing. I couldn’t help but agree with him.

As I was starting to assemble the tree from its various parts, I heard my mobile phone beep with a text message.

It must be Jake. Nobody else ever texted me.

“hey dad. srted u out xmas prez this am. hop u like. u owe me. ;)

I managed to work out that he was telling me that he’d bought me a Christmas present during the morning. I’d thought he was in classes at college. Perhaps he’d been ordering things from Amazon on his phone while the teacher wasn’t watching. He wouldn’t be able to mess around like that next year when he was in lectures at university.

I sent a message back.

“What are you talking about? What present? Dad x”

He always told me off for signing off Dad — “It comes up on the bloody phone automatically!” — but I continued to do it just to irritate him.

I got on with putting the tree up, draping tinsel across its branches and hanging silly baubles on the ends of them, and after a while his reply came in.

“wont spoil sprize. u owe me big tho! ipad big! :P

I hoped this wasn’t like the time he’d bought me a balloon ride for my fortieth birthday, choosing to forget, in his haste to provide me with a meaningful ‘special’ present, how phobic I am about heights. It had taken me months of pressing buttons and having some computerised answering system keep cutting me off before I got the money back.

As I took the fairy lights out from the container and found that they’d inexplicably managed to tie themselves up in knots since last year, I wondered if Jake had gone and bought me one of those ‘Kindle’ things. He was always telling me that I “needed” one even though I couldn’t see what use I would have for such a contraption. If he had, he would be wasting his money and I wouldn’t be buying him an iPad or anything else for doing something so stupid.

I started hanging the lights around the tree, realising I should have put them on before the tinsel and baubles, and noticed that my neighbour Paul in the house opposite was letting a young guy in through his front door. I wondered if it was the boyfriend of one his daughters: they were both at university and each vacation they would invariably bring home with them the most amazing looking young men imaginable. I so envied Paul in having such handsome lads staying over: to be able to admire their cute bubble butts straining in their underwear each morning while they waited outside the bathroom; to have the chance to rifle through the laundry in their rucksacks while they were out Christmas shopping and enjoy a leisurely sniff of their most secretive scents.

It would amuse me to be in Paul’s place and to pleasure myself with my nose sniffing hungrily at the smell of a part of my daughter’s boyfriend which she herself would have no interest in at all. How delicious it would be to climax at the thought of enjoying intimacy with a part of his body which she would have given barely a second glance.

Paul saw me looking over at him so I smiled and threw him a small wave. In return he threw me a mischievous grin and a thumbs-up, just like had when he’d seen me bringing Bradley home with me. Seeing the way he was behaving with the lad he’d brought back — how physical he was being with him — I began to wonder if, perhaps, we had rather more in common than I’d previously suspected.

He let the lad into the house and followed him in, glancing around as if to see who else was watching him.

I seemed to vaguely remember seeing Paul heading into the park toilets after I’d emerged from them smelling of the cum and bum of the lad who worked at Asda. Perhaps Paul had gone there for similar reasons as I had, and might even have picked up the young lad he was with today from there. I wondered if his wife knew what was going on and where she was when he was getting up to such escapades.

After a couple of minutes, as I was fixing the gold Saint Niklaus star to the top of the tree, I saw Paul in his bedroom. He looked at me again, a knowing smile on his lips, and then hastily drew the curtains.

I chuckled to myself. It’s all been going on, right under my nose, and I had no idea.


Later on, after lunch, when the tree was fully decorated and looking as ridiculous as it always did during its three weeks of being cursorily displayed, there was a heavy knock at the door.

Thinking it might be the postman whose bum can look quite appetising in his Royal Mail trousers, I glanced out of the window.

There was no sign of his red van, though: just a plumber’s van was parked up outside our front garden. I hadn’t phoned for a plumber; he must be at the wrong address.

I went to the front door, expecting to have to give directions to some lost tradesman but when I opened it, there was a familiar face outside.

“Hello, big boy,” a deep voice said with an infectious smirk.

“Guy!” I gasped. He looked amazing with his hair cut short and a day’s stubble on his chin. “Wow! Just… wow!”

He laughed; his teeth looking beautifully white and clean. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Yes, of course,” I stammered, making way for him to pass me.

I closed the door and we grinned at each other. He seemed to have lost a bit of weight — his face looked more angular and chiselled — and he was taller than I remembered.

“I saw your Jake this morning as I was dropping Simon off at college,” he said. “He told me you were skiving off work today.”

Adopting a professional tone, I said, “Actually, I’m working from home. In fact, I’ve had a very productive and enterprising morning putting our Christmas tree up.”

He chortled. “He said you’d be in if I called round and that… well… he thought you’d be pleased to see me.”

Oh, Jake — you wonderful son! What a fabulous idea for a Christmas present — so much better than last year when he’d given me a pack of socks, a copy of Wayne Rooney’s autobiography (for some reason) and an air freshener for the car.

“Do you fancy a drink?” I offered. “Maybe a whiskey… you know… for old time’s sake?”

I couldn’t believe how attractive he looked. He was wearing a plain white shirt, his dark chest hair spilling over the undone top button, and a tight pair of black jeans which showed off his prominent bulge.

“Bit early in the day for me, mate. I wouldn’t say no to a beer, though, if you’ve got one.”

I went to the fridge and he followed me.

“Jake said you’d had some cowboy in checking out your pipework.”

I looked up at him, not catching his drift, while I pulled a can of beer from the bottom of the fridge. Then suddenly I realised what my son had been alluding to and couldn’t help but grin. “Yeah… that’s right… kind of.”

“He said you might appreciate having a second opinion… a more… you know… experienced pair of hands…”

“Did he indeed?” I laughed.

Dear me, Jake. How to make your own dad sound like a tart. Next, you’ll be putting an ad in your college newspaper: Jake Furlong’s dad likes it up him; will take on all-comers; appointments necessary at peak times.

I went to the cupboard and took out a glass. As I was pouring Guy’s beer into it, he asked, “So would you?”

“Would I what?”

I was so excited at Guy being here that I couldn’t remember what the question had been.

“Would you appreciate a second opinion?” he asked.

I turned to him and smiled, and then passed him his drink.

“Very much so.”

He grinned and nodded like he hadn’t seriously expected any other answer.

He walked back into the hallway, to the foot of the stairs, and looked up them towards the bedrooms. “Reckon we might as well get on with it, then… no time like the present, or so they say…”

“Bloody hell, Guy!” I laughed, wondering if the bulge of his crotch signified how horny he was feeling. “Let me at least pour myself a drink first!”

He laughed back. “Well, hurry up, mate. I’ve been waiting for this for ages. I thought you might have phoned, or got a message to me or something.”

I walked back over to the fridge with a wine glass, surprised that Guy had been thinking of me since the night at the hotel. “There was nothing stopping you from calling me.”

“Don’t be a dick, Rob — of course there fucking was!” he laughed. “You were totally freaked out… after we… you know. You said you didn’t want to do anything else like that.”

I grabbed the wine bottle and poured myself a generous helping.

“Well, okay. But I made it pretty clear in the petrol station that I was a bit more willing.”

“Even so,” he said, taking a drink from his beer, “it would have seemed weird if I’d started phoning you up and stuff. I didn’t want to freak you out again.”

I took a drink from my glass. It felt worryingly pleasant to be drinking so early in the day.

“Okay, fair enough,” I agreed. “But I’m not freaked out any more. I’ve kind of… well… moved on a bit, shall we say.”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “Jake made that pretty obvious. That’s why I thought it’d be okay to turn up like this.”

I smiled, leading the way upstairs. “Feel free to come round any time, Guy.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” he chuckled, following me up.

“You can hold me any way you like, mate,” I replied and he laughed more loudly.

When we got to my bedroom, he said in a low voice, “The thing is, Rob: I’m horny as hell. I haven’t had a bird in months. The last time I blew my nut was with you in that hotel, if you can believe it.”

I started taking my shirt off, surprised that he’d held out so long. He’d told me that he wasn’t a fan of solitary masturbation, but even so… three months was pushing it.

“I need a hole to spunk into, mate,” he spelled out, seeing me take my shirt off and starting to follow suit unbuttoning his. “I’m fucking desperate.”

I walked over to the window, intending to pull the curtains, and saw Paul from across the road staring over at us from his bedroom window. From what I could see of him, it looked as if he was naked: he was certainly not wearing anything on his upper half. He smiled over at me revealing my own bare chest for him and I threw him a thumbs-up. He’d be able to see Guy undressing behind me just as I could see his younger companion getting dressed behind him.

He grinned more broadly and threw me a thumbs-up back.

I decided I’d leave the curtains open.

Guy sat down on my bed and started undoing the laces of his black work boots.

“I don’t want to sound pushy, but I’ve just got to have a fuck, mate,” he went on. “I want it bad. You can lick my backside and do whatever the hell it was that turned you on so much that night, but I’ll warn you now that I’m gonna need to bum you this time, Rob. No two ways about it, mate.”

I smiled more broadly at him, amused by his playground use of the word ‘bum’ as a verb.

“I mean, from what your Jake hinted at,” he continued, “I kind of figured you’d be okay with that. But I still want to make it clear: I’m gonna need to use your hole, Rob. Full on, if you know what I mean. If that’s a problem you better tell me now, otherwise I’m pretty much gonna expect you to bend over for me.”

He stared over at me as I pulled my shoes and socks off, his face intently serious with lust and desperation.

I liked him being explicit and virtually begging me for sex and wanted to prolong it a bit longer.

“What is that you’re asking for, Guy?” I asked, suppressing a smirk. “I don’t quite get it. You need to be more direct, mate.”

He pulled off his boots and stood up to yank his socks off. “I want to get my rock hard cock, Rob, and I want to shove it right up your splayed, hairy arse. Is that clear enough?”

I smiled. “Oh, right. And then what?”

He allowed himself to smile back in spite of how sexually tense he clearly was. “I want to slam it in and out of your tight little brown hole until you’re wanking yourself off at how horny it makes you feel, and then I want to shoot my spunk right up into your bowels.”

After laughing at how explicit he was being, I said, “Hmm… how to respond to such a tempting offer?”

He peered over at me, more serious again, undoing his belt and fly.

I hitched the front of my trousers and underwear down so that my hard-on sprang up, aroused to nearly full size by the prospect of its little brother round the back being so roughly penetrated by Guy’s excitement.

I brandished it towards him, pulling my foreskin back across my plump, purple head, and yanked my big, heavy bollocks out so they hung over the front of my trousers, flaunting how fat and how hairy they were.

“Is this response unequivocal enough for you?” I asked.

I realised with only mild surprise that I felt a complete lack of self-consciousness to be exposing my large genitals towards Guy like this; in fact, I was smirking as I paraded myself for him.

He stared at my erection for a second, as if unsure as to me my meaning, before his expression softened and he grinned broadly back at me.

“Yeah?” he asked. “You’re up for it?”

I nodded. “Absolutely. Let’s do it, Guy!”

He looked at my cock again as I pulled my trousers off. “Jesus, Rob. I’d forgotten how fucking hung you are! You hide it too well, mate!”

As he was pulling off his jeans, I told him to leave his underpants on. Like the ones he’d warn in the hotel, they were another cheap pair of briefs from a pack: the washed-out stripy design was being stretched to near breaking point by the thickened rod of his erection and the almost obscenely bloated paired mounds of his balls. His cock was directed diagonally upwards towards his hip, and a patch of the flimsy material was dark and wet from the ooze dribbling out from its gratuitously swollen helmet-shaped head.

“Why do you want me to leave my pants on?” he asked with an innocence which I found charmingly endearing.

“Because I want to sniff the material which has been next to your arsehole all day, Guy,” I explained. “I might even want to lick it.”

“Fucking hell, Rob!” he laughed. “You really have changed. You’d have died with shock if I’d have suggested something like that in the hotel room.”

“I’ve… er… played around a bit since then,” I admitted.

“You’ve had your face stuck into other men’s arses?” he asked.

“Among other things, yes.”

He grinned and rubbed the swollen rod of his cock through his underpants, like he was excited by the idea of me getting intimate with other men. “You’ll be getting me jealous, next, Rob,” he laughed.

I wondered what he meant — whether he was jealous of my experiences or jealous of the other men who I’d had them with — but I let it go.

I pulled off my briefs and had Guy get onto the bed on all fours with his legs wide open and his semen-straining balls making large twin bulges in his stretched underwear between his legs. I went up behind him and knelt on the carpet so that my face was level with the hard round cheeks of his backside. Then I reached forwards and nuzzled my face into the heat of his crack, smelling the day’s sweat from his backside on the damp material of his briefs and drinking in the richer odour lower down, right where his crude, manly hole would be lurking.

The smell was enticingly familiar: just like the proverbial blast from the past. I sniffed at the back of his briefs in short, rapid bursts, feeling like a horny dog as my cock throbbed upwards in its ardent appreciation.

“I didn’t wash back there before I came over, mate,” he warned me. “I kind of figured you’d want to lick my bum again and that you’d prefer it… well… ‘rough and ready’.”

“Too right,” I sighed approvingly, and deeply inhaled his deliciously pungent scent where his briefs had been riding up against his hot, moist ring nestling among the coarse hairiness of his cleft.

It seemed the original bum that I’d rimmed was still by far the best. Guy’s wonderfully rich and carnal scent just had something about it — some unknown earthy musk that he alone produced — that made my nerves crackle with excitement and my cock harden to an almost painful size.

I relished removing his underpants slowly, peeling them down gradually to expose his beautiful smooth buttocks and the alluringly forested valley between them. All the time, I was licking around his slimy hole and sniffing as deeply as I could into his hot, manly arse-crack, afraid even to touch myself in case I might climax so early.

I pulled back from him and removed his briefs completely, telling him as I did so, “This is what it’s like to be rimmed, Guy.”

“Yeah?” he asked stupidly, and I jabbed my tongue as hard as I could into the middle of his clenched anus until it yielded for me with a gasp from its owner and I worked myself up into his obscenely flavoursome rectum.

He called out, “Oh, God, yeah!” as I rimmed his gaping arsehole confidently and hungrily, forcing myself as deeply into him as I could. He pushed his large, muscular buttocks back against my face to meet the urgent thrusts of my eager tongue and I felt waves of pleasure washing over me at being connected again so intimately with this big, horny man.

I reached round to masturbate his pulsating cock while I jabbed my tongue in and out of his hole and he groaned in enjoyment, bucking his hips back and forth to match the rhythm of my tongue and my hand.

“Eat it, mate!” he called out. “Stick your tongue up my arsehole!”

And I smiled against his cheeks, having every intention of complying in full.

He seized my head and ground my face into his backside, pushing my tongue deeper into him so that the strong acrid taste of his bowels became even more overpowering. I lapped vigorously at everything he could give me, finding it incomprehensively delicious on a purely animal, sexual level while at the same time being fully conscious of how base and vulgar it was.

He grabbed my hair and used it to slam my face back and forth at his hole, all the time calling out to me to lick him and eat him; to taste his dirty shitter; to feed on his stink.

Unlike rimming Bradley, which had been intimate and sensual, rimming Guy’s much more crudely-flavoured and overwhelmingly masculine arse seemed raunchy and uncouth. And, God, did I love it!

He let my head go and I fell back from him, releasing his cock which I’d been clumsily wanking as I’d rimmed him.

“I don’t want to rush you, mate,” he called back to me, breathlessly, “but I’m gonna really need to fuck your arse pretty soon. I need this up you, Rob, seriously! I’m aching for it…”

“In a minute, Guy,” I told him, my mouth poised at his spit-soaked arse-crack. “You’ll have your turn.”

I wanted to tease him some more: to make him wait a little longer for what he so wanted to do to me.

I ducked back in to lick his swollen, hairy balls and to enjoy the sharper taste of his sweat and testosterone on them. They were enormous: even bigger than mine get when I let them over-fill with my pent-up semen. I loved pressing my face into them, feeling their bloated hardness and imagining so many sperms inside them so desperate to make their escape, and sniffing the little trench between their extruding mounds where the smell of his maleness was strongest.

Then I switched position to push my head between his legs from underneath and licked in quick, short jabs along the thickened shaft of his throbbing cock before taking the oozing head of it fully into my mouth. As I’d expected, he greatly enjoyed me sucking on his organ and grabbed my head with both his big hands, holding it steady while he fucked my face. I basked in the salty taste of his juices dribbling down my throat and the sour smell of his sweaty pubic hair, faintly reminiscent of a urinal, as it tickled my nose with every thrust he made.

“Come on, mate,” he called down to me again. “I’m fucking desperate for your bum around my knob. I’ve been hard as a rock since your lad said you’d be up for it.”

I pulled off his cock and smiled up at him.

“Come on, Rob,” he implored. “I need it up you. Bend over for me… let me use your arsehole like a pussy!”

I laughed. “You have such a way with words, Guy!”

He didn’t laugh back. His face was pale and his forehead was dripping with sweat: his hands were trembling, he was so intensely sexually agitated. There was to be no more messing around.

I got onto the bed properly with him and grabbed my lube and a condom from my bedside drawer, thanking my foresight for having bought in a variety of sizes. Guy tore the wrapper open and unfurled the rubber sheath down his length in one swift and well-practised movement and, after applying a squirt of gel to my hole, I got on all fours in front of him.

“You’re a mate, Rob,” he grunted. “I so fucking need this.”

He shuffled up behind me on the bed and wordlessly nudged my legs more widely apart with his knees. Then he grabbed his over-excited tool and lined it up against my hole, feeling his way with his fingertips.

He muttered, “Not quite Mr Tight Arse now, are you?”

I giggled, enjoying him referencing my widening hole. Soon I hoped to be Mr Massively Gaping Arse.

He pressed his cock-head against my ring and, feeling me open up for him, shoved his whole organ right the way up inside me with one surprisingly abrupt thrust. Unlike with Bradley there was to be no tentative easing in and seeking reassurance: Guy needed to fuck and that was all that was in his mind.

I gasped with a combination of shock and delight. “Jesus, Guy! You don’t mess about, do you?”

“Oh, God!” he called out at the pleasure of feeling a warm, tight tunnel clamping around his organ. He sighed and I could hear in the strength and the feeling of it how much he’d been needing this.

He grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me in earnest: his rhythm at once rapid and his technique rough.

“Oh, God!” he cried out again, his pace getting quicker. He moved his hands to my shoulders to lever me against his swollen manhood and started driving himself frantically in and out of my hole.

“Oh!! Fucking yes!!” he shouted, ramming himself in and out of me so hard that his heavy, over-sized balls slammed against my thighs so fiercely that I thought it must surely be painful for him. If it was, though, he ignored the discomfort and ploughed on undeterred.

Within a few short but incredibly intense seconds, he was shuddering and gasping and I felt the heat of his semen squirting up into the condom deep inside my bowels. His bollocks, which had been so bloated with his seed, were finally getting to empty themselves.

As his orgasm had subsided, he collapsed on top of me and we lay together, his big hairy chest heaving against my sweating back, as the squirting of his cock slowly abated.

“That was… er… prompt,” I said from under him, feeling somewhat disgruntled.

“That’s the one I needed, mate,” Guy explained, his cock still hard and throbbing inside my rectum. “Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready for another one we can both enjoy.”

He pushed himself up from me and slid his cock out of my backside with a crude, noisy slurp. He pulled the condom off and laughed at how full it was with his hot, white seed.

“My balls feel about two stone lighter,” he joked. “If I hadn’t have had this on, you’d have had sloppy shits for about two weeks!”

“Ugh, Guy!” I chided him. “Don’t be vulgar!”

“You liked me talking dirty when you had your face in my arse,” he retorted, wrapping the spent condom in some tissue.

“That was different,” was all I could manage to explain myself.

He stood up, stretched noisily and let out an involuntary fart.

He grinned over at me sheepishly. “Oops! Sorry, mate. Good job that didn’t happen when your face was back there!”

“Too bloody right,” I agreed. That would have been well and truly over-stepping the mark.

He glanced out of my window. “Do you know your neighbour’s watching us? That bloke opposite.”

I nodded. “I’m hoping at some point he might give me a similar show in return.”

Guy chuckled. “Do you want to give him something else to watch now?”

“You mean you’re ready for another go already?” I asked.

He looked down at his cock, still hard and upright in spite of the white dribble of semen still oozing from the long, puckered slit at its tip. “Yeah… aren’t you?”

“Yes, of course. But I’m not the one who just produced about a quart of cum.”

“That was just… you know… an easing of the pressure inside my bollocks, mate. A biological thing. Now we can have some fun.”

I got up off the bed.

“Let me top up our drinks. Then we’ll go for round two.”

“Sparkin’, mate!” he grinned and I headed downstairs.

As I poured our drinks, I thought about Paul in the house opposite. I’d gone round to his house a few years earlier to tell him about some tiles which had fallen off his roof. He’d got me to help him up into his loft — he didn’t have a loft ladder — and had slipped halfway up, pushing his backside into my face. At the time it had seemed like an accident, but now that I thought back, I wondered if it had been deliberate. He’d certainly lingered there, with his bum pressing into my face and I’d been surprised that he hadn’t pulled away quickly with embarrassment. Perhaps he’d wanted to see if I became aroused at the idea of rimming him, years before I was even aware that such an activity existed.

When I got back to the bedroom, Guy and I sat on the bed enjoying our drinks and the casual intimacy of being naked together.

“Thanks for letting me use your bum, mate,” Guy said appreciatively, his cock still hard as he drank from his beer glass. “I really needed it.”

I smiled over at him. “Yeah, I sort of spotted that small detail.”

He chuckled. “I just so fucking needed a hole to nut into.”

“Any time, Guy,” I told him, taking a drink from my wine. “I enjoyed providing one.”

He looked at me in surprise. “Yeah? What your Jake said… I sort of assumed it had just been… well… a bit of turn-taking…”

“It was,” I nodded. “But I found that I like it both ways.”

He grinned, no doubt anticipating future opportunities, and his cock stiffened further.

“That’s good to hear, Rob.”

I shrugged. “I pretty much assumed when we agreed to go to another match in the New Year, you’d expect some action.”

“Yeah, but I wasn’t sure how far you’d want to go. I thought we’d probably have a wank together and you’d want to do your weird thing licking my arse, but I didn’t want to assume any more than that.”

“Actually,” I said, “when we stay over in the hotel — the four of us — would you be up for me and you having a double bed like this? It’d be much more fun.”

I wanted to sleep with him. After spending the night with Bradley, I wanted to have Guy’s eager erection grinding into me in the small hours: for the two of us to wake each other up in our horniness and to couple up silently for a quick perfunctory fuck in the dark; for us to just go at each other, hot and sweaty, thrusting and gasping, until we both climaxed wordlessly and then fell back onto the bed to sleep again in our own abundant mess.

Guy wasn’t keen, though. “It’d seem a bit gay, mate. I’m not into stuff like that.”

“Yeah, I know, and neither am I,” I countered. “It’d just give us more space for sex than a couple of twin beds would.”

“I don’t want Simon seeing that we share a bed, Rob. I mean your lad’s pretty cool about us getting up to stuff together, but Simon would be totally freaked out.”

I thought back to how he and Jake had masturbated together at the sounds of their fathers’ sex in the hotel. His son, I suspected, wasn’t as innocent as he liked to believe.

“We could push two single beds together, if you like,” he suggested, “and then separate them again in the morning. I wouldn’t mind that.”

“As long as we’d sleep together,” I insisted.

He looked over at me, taking a swig from his beer. “You’re not getting weird on me, are you, Rob? Getting stupid feelings and stuff…?”

His eyes were suddenly guarded.

“Of course not!” I laughed as if it was the most stupid thing I’d heard. “I just like the thought of you getting hard in the night and your cock working its way between my cheeks for a quick one.”

He grinned back at me. “Oh, right — yeah, that’s okay. I’d be up for that.”

It’s not like I want to snuggle up to your big, hairy chest in the night, I thought. Or to wrap my arms around you and feel so secure to be sleeping with my face nuzzling into your back. Nothing like that.

“There was a lad called Robin on the rig,” he went on, “who’d sometimes get into my bunk with me in the night when he was lonely. It’d be like that, I suppose.”

I smiled. Lucky old Robin. “Exactly,” I agreed. “Just like that.”

“Right,” he said abruptly, putting his half-drunk pint glass back on the bedside table next to him. “Pass me another condom and assume the position, Mr Furlong. Head down, arse up.”

“Isn’t it my turn? Don’t I get to have a go on you this time?”

Guy laughed. “No way, mate. I don’t let blokes shaft my shitter. No way in hell.”

I smiled. He was like the spirit of Christmas personified: so eager to give and so disinclined to receive.

“That’s not very fair, though,” I said.

“That’s the way it works, Rob. Take it or leave it. I don’t let guys do bum stuff to me — well only you with your tongue, but that’s it. I mean, I’ll do stuff for you in return — I know how the game works.”

“What sort of stuff?” I asked.

“I dunno,” he shrugged. “I’d offer to suck your cock but you said back-along you didn’t like it…”

“Actually,” I said. “I’ve discovered that when men do it, it kind of works for me.”

He laughed at that. “Yeah, it’s funny, isn’t it, how blokes give the best blow jobs? Okay, then… I’ll suck your cock if you’ll let me fuck you again. How does that sound?”

I grinned back at him. If I could work it cleverly, I might manage to wangle rather more than a cock sucking.

“Sounds like a deal,” I agreed.

He had me lie down on the bed and nuzzled his face between my legs.

“I don’t know how much you’ll like this,” he warned me. “Blokes on the rig seemed to either love or hate what I do.”

My cock was quite floppy and he held the shaft of it upwards and licked the large pink head of it.

“It tastes okay,” he said, moving his tongue around inside his mouth as if examining the flavour. “Mmm… a bit saltier than most dick-juice… not that I’m an expert, like.”

He took the top few inches into his mouth and gently sucked at my slit, teasing my precum from it. Then he worked his lips downwards, managing to consume the top six inches or so of my large organ, and moved back up again, establishing a slow but firm rhythm back and forth.

My cock gradually enlarged in its appreciation of the sensation of his mouth. It wasn’t as expert and luxurious a blowjob as that which Bradley had been able to provide me with, but the gentle sweeping action of Guy’s mouth was pleasant enough for me to enjoy. There was far more of the warm wetness around my cock that had put me off oral sex for so many years, but not enough for it to be unpleasant.

Guy kept working my shaft, seeming to enjoy the way my organ was stiffening inside his mouth and licking thirstily at the flow of liquid that was oozing from its head. His lips kept making loud smacking noises betraying how hard he was sucking at me, and I wondered if it was this that some of the men on the rig hadn’t enjoyed: the sensation of such strenuous suction around one’s organ was, to say the least, a little odd.

He pulled off and asked with a grin, “How do I rate as a cocksucker, then?”

“Top of the league, mate,” I smiled. “But not in the way you mean.”

He laughed and I asked him instead to lick my balls while I masturbated: that would be more pleasant, I thought, and would take him nearer to where I hoped he might go.

He moved down and lapped at my large paired nuts like they were a couple of especially generous servings of ice-cream. He coughed when my pubes tickled the back of his throat and I gently worked my foreskin back and forth, enjoying the sensation of his face slowly moving down between my legs.

“Yeah,” I called out to him. “Lick the base of my balls, Guy… where it’s hot and sticky…”

He moved down further, lapping at the sweatiness between my legs, his nose pressing between the raised mounds of my bollocks. I grabbed his head gently and moved him further down, so that his tongue was licking along the hairy ridge underneath my balls.

“Yeah,” I said to him. “Right down there…. right between my legs…”

His chin was between my cheeks and he pushed still lower, his tongue homing in on the place where I wanted it to be. My hole was gaping open for him, still stretched and swollen from the pounding his cock had so briefly given it earlier, and I wanted him to taste it; to revel in my strongest and most intimate flavours.

My hand was growing faster on my cock in anticipation of where he was headed.

I pushed his face lower, more firmly than before, and his tongue teased even further into the deepening furrow between my cheeks, getting closer… still closer…

But then abruptly, he pulled back and looked up at me.

“I’m not doing that, Rob! I know what you’re after and there’s no fucking way!”

“Go on, Guy,” I implored, my hand slowing on my expectant shaft. “Please… you’ll love it…”

“I’m not doing it. End of. I know you’re into it, but I’m not.”

“Just try it… just once…”

“I’m not putting my mouth on your arsehole, Rob. It’s not gonna happen.”

“Okay, so just put your face there for a few seconds… just to see if you like the smell…”

“It’s your fucking shithole! What’s to like?”

“It’s not like that, Guy — not when you’re up close to it. It’s really sexy… really hot…”

“It’s not happening, mate,” he insisted, shaking his head.

“Okay. Just for a second… literally one second… and if you really hate it, if it really is so grim to you, just pull away and I’ll never ask for it again. I’ll never even mention it again.”

He hesitated, wavering.

“Please, Guy… I’d love it so much…”

“Literally one second?” he asked.


“My nose or my mouth?”

“Your nose.”

He nodded uncertainly. “Okay… since it’s so important to you. But if I throw up, you have to clean it up.”

I smiled. “No problem.”

He pushed his sceptical face between my legs again and homed in on my arsehole, red and dilated from his earlier intrusion. He pressed his nose towards the swollen ring and tentatively sniffed its indelicate scent. I expected him to pull away immediately, without taking the time to appreciate it fully, but he didn’t. He held his face there, inquisitive, and sniffed again, more strongly.

And then — oh heaven! — I felt the tip of his tongue curiously teasing between my cheeks, working its way gently and hesitantly towards my inflamed and puckered anus. He gained confidence from the allure of my taste, and pressed inwards more firmly.

I wanted to call out to him but I didn’t dare at the fear of frightening him off. So I just lay there and let him explore for himself the intoxicating flavour of my most secretive spot. He reached my hole and gently licked around it, pressing his tongue in more assuredly as he enjoyed the strengthening pungence he was discovering.

Then he pulled out of me and looked up at me, grinning. “Okay, you win. It’s fucking well hot! Jesus, mate, my cock’s dripping!”

It was indeed oozing copiously as it throbbed demandingly, straining upwards towards his stomach.

“Rim me, Guy,” I commanded him. “Rim my arsehole.”

He grinned more broadly. “You just try and stop me!”

He knelt upright, grabbed me by the thighs and hitched my legs over his shoulders, holding onto me with both hands. Now that he had my splayed arse full-on in his face, he plunged his tongue into my hairy cleft and licked roughly and hungrily at my swollen ring, grunting in pleasure at the sheer strength of my taste.

I reached forwards and grabbed his cock, the head of it bloated and shiny with his excitement, and wanked him rapidly to intensify his pleasure. With my other hand I tugged at my own organ pointing stiffly downwards across my stomach almost reaching my chest, so that I was gratifying us both with the same rhythm.

My balls bobbed around, smacking Guy on the forehead as he darted his tongue in and out of my bowels, slavering at my hole with the delight of what he was tasting.

He pulled out of me, briefly, to tell me: “Fucking hell, mate, this is awesome!”

And then, after plunging back in and feeding on me some more, called out again: “I couldn’t understand why you were doing this in that hotel! Now I fucking get it, mate! It’s better than eating muff!”

He went in yet again and rimmed me with clumsy abandon — his technique unrefined and his stubble chafing painfully against my cheeks — but nevertheless I pounded my cock with excitement as I rubbed it with his own.

In spite of his unsophistication, the sensation of his tongue inside my swollen hole was thrilling: the way I was so tender and stretched open from his cock vastly intensified the feel of him licking around my ring and working himself deep inside me. I gasped and writhed in pleasure at what was far and away the most exhilarating rim-job I had so far received: the methodical ministrations of the tailor in the clothes shop and even Bradley’s confident and accomplished tonguing both paled into insignificance compared what Guy was doing to me.

After rimming me energetically for a few exquisite minutes as I thrust my arse onto his face and wanked us both off with long, rapid strokes, he pulled out of me and almost threw me back onto the bed.

“Right, come on, mate,” he gasped impatiently. “Let’s see if I’ve got something a bit bigger that can stretch you even wider.”

I grinned and clambered across the bed for a condom. This time I wouldn’t need any lube: I was sopping wet back there.

“You know, that’s a secret fantasy of mine,” I revealed to him, as I passed him one over. “For my arsehole to be massive — so stretched and inflamed you’d be able to see through my trousers.”

“Yeah?” Guy laughed, rolling the condom down his shaft. “That’s pretty weird.”

“What would you do if you saw a guy like that — with a hole so wide and puckered you could see it through his trousers, making a bulging ring between his cheeks, when he bent over?”

Guy laughed again. “I’d think he was a total fucking bum whore. And I’d say ‘Hello, mate! Nice to meet you!’”

“Exactly,” I laughed back. “Imagine all the attention! I’d love it!”

I got on all fours again — Guy seemed most familiar and comfortable with that position with men — and he squatted behind me, still chuckling at the absurdity of my fantasy. “I’ll do my best to make you look like a bum whore, then, Rob. I’ll stretch your arse as wide as I can.”

He pushed himself into me again and we quickly established a nice, steady rhythm together. It was remarkable how well we worked as lovers like this: him enjoying the pleasure from his thrusting cock; me almost squirming from the sheer thrill of having his organ sliding in and out of my arse.

I just wished he’d be more reciprocal about sex: that was my only misgiving. I wanted to have my turn on him, just as Bradley and I had been so versatile together, but Guy had made it disappointingly and categorically clear that such things were currently off-limits. Perhaps in time he I would be able to persuade him, as I had with him with rimming me, that it would be worth broadening his horizons; but not just yet. I didn’t want to push things between us too far too soon.

Instead, I asked him over my shoulder, “Do you like fucking a man’s arse, Guy?” as we worked against each other; him slowly increasing his pace, like a train heading out of the station, and me pumping his shaft by jabbing my bum back to meet his thrusts.

“I’d go for a hot, wet minge any day, mate,” Guy replied with his voice becoming breathless. “But another bloke’s arse makes a pretty good stand-in.”

“It’s totally different, though, isn’t it?” I asked, unsure how I felt to have my bum being used masturbatorily as a substitute vagina.

“It’s much tighter,” he said, gasping a little. “That’s the best thing about it.”

“Is my arse tight, Guy?”

He laughed as he ploughed on, his hips getting steadily faster. “Yeah, but I could tell straightaway you’d had it up you before. That I wasn’t the first bloke to come in through your back door.”

I smiled, working my arse back against him. The train was heading into open country, both pistons pumping with quickening force.

“He was a big lad, wasn’t he?” Guy asked. “He had a fucking big cock on him.”

“He was, Guy, yes. A big, thick cock and a massive pair of nuts.”

He started ramming me yet faster and harder, enjoying the image of me losing my anal virginity to such a well-endowed man.

“And you loved it, didn’t you?” he grunted. “You loved getting your arse shafted by such a huge donger of a dick!”

I laughed, pushing back harder onto him. “I did, Guy, yes! I fucking loved having him up there… his massive cock… buggering my arse… faster and faster!”

Guy laughed again and I peered over my shoulder at how we looked in the mirror. We were spectacular: me on all fours with my legs widely splayed and Guy behind me, his hands gripping my waist. His big, muscular arse was flexing as he pounded his cock in and out of me, the lower part of his hairy crack still moist with the hair clumped together from my spit.

His hips were making loud slapping noises as they thumped against my bum-cheeks and his balls were whacking against mine, our paired testicles slapping together, with every rough stroke he made.

“And what about me, Rob? Do you like it when I bum you, Rob?” he asked, as if he could be in any doubt of the answer. “Do you having my fat cock screwing the shit out of you?!”

“I fucking love it!” I called back to him.

He pulled me upright so that we were kneeling together and then wrapped his arms around me so that I could feel his hairy chest against my back. His cock was still ramming in and out of me, the smell of our sex — of my ravaged hole — becoming stronger in the room.

He worked one hand down to my cock and wrapped his fingers around it.

“Jesus, mate, you’re fucking hung!” he told me, gently masturbating my foreskin back and forth across my bloated cock-head.

“Do you like it?” I asked him, panting with excitement.

“Yeah!” he laughed. “It feels hot… fucking a guy who has a big, fat cock…”

He took his hand off my shaft and groped further down at my large, swollen balls stretching my scrotum like a couple of overly-ripe tangerines. With a woman, I’d have been embarrassed that my testicles were of such a large size, but I felt Guy smile against the back of my neck at the feel of them, pumped up with my semen and enlarged still further by my excitement at having him thrusting inside me.

“… fucking a guy with a massive pair of knackers,” he grunted, fondling the paired mounds of my bollocks with something approaching admiration.

He returned his hand to my cock and started wanking it, his other hand gently playing with my right nipple.

“It feels manly…” he went on.

“My cock?” I asked.

“No,” he grunted. “Fucking you like this… fucking a guy who’s so hung…”

I laughed. “Why does it feel manly?”

“You’ve got this huge shaft of a cock on you,” he grunted, “and this rock hard pair of ding-dong bollocks… you’re such a fucking horny bloke, Rob… so it figures, doesn’t it… I must be even more of a horny bloke to be the one who’s porking you…”

I laughed again. It was ridiculous but it kind of made sense.

“Well, I must be pretty manly to be getting fucked by you,” I said.

“How do you make that out?” he asked.

“You’re a rough, hairy guy with a big, slamming cock… I’d have to be pretty tough to be able to take it like I am…”

He liked that. “Too true, mate,” he laughed. “There’s many a bloke who couldn’t… who had to pull away…”

He pushed me back down and repositioned his knees inside mine, then grabbed my hips hard and started driving his full length in and out of me in long, swift thrusts. His big, meaty balls whacked against my thighs so loudly and so roughly that I was amazed it didn’t hurt him.

In spite of his cock being smaller than Bradley’s, Guy’s rugged technique and his determination to use every inch of his manhood to its full potential, made him a much more exciting and impassioned lover.

I gasped into the duvet, “Oh, yes! Fucking yes! That feels so good!”

I hoped my neighbour across the road could see this.

Guy grunted in his pleasure, raised upright behind me with his large, hairy chest heaving and sweating as he hammered himself in and out of me with all his strength. He was pulling my arse onto his impaling shaft, forcing it as deep into me as he could push it while I writhed in pleasure below him. I wasn’t even touching my cock: that was irrelevant now. All of my pleasure was coming from my rectum being filled so deeply by this man’s throbbing excitement, only to have it quickly withdrawn and then rammed back into place again, each time with greater and quickening ferocity.

But then he stopped, panting for breath.

He gasped, “I don’t suppose you can work a fart out past my cock, can you, mate?”

“What?” I asked into the duvet, thinking I must have misheard.

“Can you fart for me, Rob? A great big manly butt-fuck fart?”

“No,” I said, flatly. What the hell was he asking me to do that for?

“Go on, mate,” he implored. “I love when a bloke farts when I’m fucking his arse really fast. When he can’t stop himself. And I can feel them pushing out of him… right around my cock…”

“No,” I repeated. I didn’t want to get into doing stuff like that.

Guy repositioned his knees, leaned forwards slightly and I heard a loud rasping noise from behind him.

He laughed triumphantly and then grabbed me more firmly and resumed his buggery.

“There,” he panted, his cock hammering even faster in and out. “I let one out for you.”

“You dirty fucking sod,” I told him, although I couldn’t help but smile.

I doubted he allowed himself to be so vulgarly expressive when he was having sex with a woman. And yet I liked the fact that he was treating me as he would one of his mates and that his attitude with me as another man was so relaxed and blokeish. It was almost like we were splayed out together in front of the telly watching a match; him swigging his beer and letting out farts, with few, if any, inhibitions.

He pulled me back upright so that my back was against his hairy chest and stopped his thrusting. He grabbed my cock with both hands — one up near the head and the other near the base — and told me to pump his cock with my arse.

I started moving my hips back and forth while he held himself still and I gasped at the exquisite feel of working my chute up and down the shaft of his cock while my foreskin was tugged back and forth by the grip of his fingers.

“Is that nice, Rob?” he panted against the back of my neck. “Is that nice having my big hands wanking you off while you work my cock with your big wide arsehole?”

I grunted in pleasure, my hips bucking faster. “Christ, Guy — it’s so fucking good!”

What was it about sex with guys?! Every time I thought I couldn’t feel any more sexually ecstatic, along would come another position to top the last.

I’d thought that straddling Bradley’s cock had been the best thing I could ever feel, but now being between Guy’s cock and the tunnel he was making with his hands — thrusting my hips back and forth while I was simultaneously fucked and wanked — felt even more incredible.

If only sex with Debbie had felt a fraction of this good.

“Oh, that reminds me, Guy,” I called back to him breathlessly.

“Yeah?” he panted, squeezing his fingers tight so I could fuck through them like I so wanted to fuck his big, muscular arse.

“I’ve met a woman… we’re dating… kind of.”

“Nice one, mate,” he gasped, his breath panting hot against the back of my neck. “What’s she called?”

“Debbie,” I called back, pumping his cock with my rectum as I slammed in and out of his tightly-clenching hands. “She’s nice.”

“Fucking great news,” he grunted. “I’m made up for you.”

I increased my rhythm faster, pumping his arse rougher and harder, making full use of his hands as a substitute for his bowels. He gasped, “Does she know how much… you like it up the bum…?”

“No,” I panted back. “I think I… kind of… forgot to mention it…”

He chuckled, matching the bucking of my hips with powerful thrusts of his own. I could feel the sweat from his large, hairy chest trickling down my back.

I pounded yet faster and harder, my distended bollocks slapping up against his hand with every powerful thrust of my engorged cock.

“Christ, they feel full, Rob,” he gasped, fondling my scrotum as it struggled to contain my semen-straining balls bobbing around inside it. “When did you last empty them?”

“This morning,” I panted, chuckling. “Before I woke Jake up.”

He laughed against my neck, squeezing my balls between his fingers as if impressed by their quickly-recovered size. “You’re a walking spunk factory, mate!”

I craned my head around so I could see his face and we grinned at each other as I drove my arse rapidly back and forth on his cock in time with his hips. I moved my mouth towards his and made to kiss him but his smile immediately vanished and he pulled away: that was clearly a step way too far.

Instead, he muttered, “Don’t get funny with me, Rob,” and then pushed me roughly back down so that I was on all fours again, my face pointing forwards and my mouth well away from his. He grabbed my hips firmly and started fucking me as fast and hard as he could.

I wondered if this was why he liked the doggy position with men so much: to avoid the intimacy of face-to-face contact and the possibility of his lips touching those of his male lover.

He slammed in and out of me with an almost frenzied energy so that my whole bed was heaving and creaking in a cacophony of squeaking and thumping. I remembered making love to my wife countless times on this self-same bed: it had never once been as rough and as noisy as the way my gaping and swollen arse was being buggered by Guy.

“I’m on the home straight!” he breathlessly informed me. “Feel free to nut whenever you want!”

I grabbed my cock and started wanking myself as quickly as I could.

For some reason I noticed the time on my bedside clock: Jake would be getting home and the bedroom door was wide open. He’d get to see his dad being butt-fucked again; this time from behind by his friend Simon’s big, sweaty father.

“Your neighbour bloke’s wanking off, Rob,” Guy gaspingly informed me. “He’s looking over at us… his hand’s underneath the window… but you can see what he’s doing…”

Before I could reply he let out another loud fart.

“Oh, Jesus, mate, sorry!” he grunted, his hips somehow becoming even faster and more furious, cracking against my buttocks like a gun salute.

Again, before I could reply, he said, “You don’t wanna do one for me, mate. Go on… fart for me, Rob!”

Mindful that he’d acceded to my request for him to rim me in spite of his reservations, I let my bowels relax and squeezed some gas out past his cock. It made a low, rasping noise as it vibrated around his thrusting organ before being expelled.

“Oh yeah!” he cried out and then, sniffing the air greedily, “That’s fucking well nasty!”

He slammed his chest down onto my back, gripping me as close to him as he could as his cock pistoned frantically in and out of my hole. We were both dripping with sweat and stinking from our sex, our bodies heaving together like a single, thrusting organism as we shuddered towards our mutual approaching climax.

“Do another for me, Rob! Fart around my cock!”

I let another one go, much noisier and moister, and he started whimpering against my neck. His wildly driving cock thickened to its fattest girth, stretching my hole to its widest, and I felt his hot seed filling the condom deep inside me as his hammering balls discharged themselves for only the second time in three months.

“Fucking hell, Guy!” I called out. “This is so hot!”

I pushed myself towards my own climax and within seconds my own load started shooting across my duvet. My arse was munching on his cock the way it does when I orgasm, the muscles squeezing and unclenching around his still-pumping shaft with my anus clamping tight in rapid spasms. He cried out, his own climax intensified by it, as if his cock was being milked for every last drop of its semen by the pulsating contractions my rectum was making.

When we had both spent ourselves, I sat upright with him still inside me and we stayed like that for a minute or so, his wet hairy chest heaving against my back and his cock softening up inside my bum. His arms were around my tummy and his knees were around my thighs and it felt truly wonderful to be together like that: both of us recovering from the pleasure we’d derived from each other; two men catching their breath from being as intensely sexual together as it was possible to be.

I wanted Jake to come in and see us like this: to see how beautiful we looked with our two male bodies still entwined together, basking in the after-glow of our sex. I wanted him to see us so intimately connected with one another; how much I was enjoying the delicious sensation of having this larger, more muscular man’s organ slowly softening inside me as it nestled between my cheeks; how fraternal it felt to have our gratified balls nuzzling into each other through our hairy scrotums as they dangled, shrivelled, beneath us. I knew full well that the room would stink of our passions and how crude the thick ribbons of my semen would look flung like yoghurt across the bed, but I still desperately wanted my son to see this moment so he would know how harmonious two spent male lovers could look together.

But instead, Guy pulled his floppy cock out of my bum with a squelch and, as seemed to be his habit immediately post-climax, laughed.

“That was a fucking good session, mate. I never got up to anything like that on the rig.”

Wiping up my mess, peeved that I’d let the duvet cover get so stained that it would need washing, I asked him, “What was it like, having sex on the rig with other men?”

“As you’d expect,” he replied, pulling off this condom and adding to the first he’d scrunched up in the tissue paper. “Secretive and quick. Hand-jobs being traded in store cupboards; blowjobs behind machinery. And, yeah, the odd bum-job here and there in the dark when no-one was looking.”

“And obviously you enjoyed a few ‘bum-jobs’ yourself?”

He nodded, wiping his cock off as his white juice continued to trickle from its slit. “Only with blokes like you who enjoyed taking it and didn’t demand the same in return. If they’d settle for me giving them a hand-job or a blowjob, I’d be in there. That’s always a good deal in my book.”

“You told me in the hotel you’d never had anal sex with a man,” I said.

He smiled, yanking his briefs up. “Come on, Rob, you seemed so uptight about stuff. I would never have guessed you’d end up like this, putting it about like a backstreet tart. Christ, when I met you that first night, you were like some prim and proper maiden aunt, blushing at the sight of my cock in my underwear. Now look at you: you’re like… I dunno… the Butt-fuck King, or something.”

I smiled. It was always good to have titles to add to the CV.

“If you’re trying to charm your way into having a third ride on my back,” I quipped, “you’re out of time — Jake’s due back any second.”

He laughed, pulling on his shirt. There were no blushes from my side of the room now; only the cheeks of my arse were scarlet and that was from being battered by his hips.

“He did us both a favour, setting this up for us,” Guy said, sitting on the bed to pull his jeans on over his feet. “Whatever it is you’ve been getting up to these past few months, he’s definitely on your side.”

“He’s a good lad,” I agreed. “He’s been brilliant about… well… everything.”

“It must be weird for him, though” Guy said, pulling his socks and boots back on. “Finding out your dad’s into blokes as well as birds. I don’t know what Simon would do — probably have a stroke or something.”

I didn’t tell him that I suspected that, after catching me being pleasured by Bradley, Jake had had quite a few strokes of a different kind.

As we were going back downstairs and I was showing him out, I repeated that, while we’d definitely go to a match in January, he was also welcome to pop round at any time. I didn’t want him ending up with painful balls and so much sexual tension that he was almost making himself ill; not when he had me a stone’s throw away so eager to accommodate him.

He smiled and thanked me. His eyes were warm and his smile genuine. For the second time I felt the urge to kiss him but here in the hallway I managed to suppress it.

“I’ll definitely pop in over Christmas,” he said. “Bring your Jake a little thank-you prezzie.” And then, glancing over at the Christmas tree, “Ooh… nice tinsel and baubles, mate.”

I chuckled. “They’re here whenever you want them, Guy.”

*Author’s note-This belongs to me. I hope you enjoy, this is my first story in the Gay Male genre but I hope it suffices. This will be posted on under xxxArtemisDawnxxx and under ArtemisDawnXXX on a different site. -_-*

‘…’ thoughts

I have always been confused of my sexuality. It was one of those things I used to lie in bed and think about, wondering if there was something wrong with me. I grew up in a small town right in the track of what people call, “The Bible Belt.” I was taught from an early age that homosexuality was a sin, and throughout my 18 years of life, I was always right in front of the crowd bashing any queer that walked into our towns clutches. But through it all, there was that voice in the back of my mind saying…’What are you doing Bobby? You’re just like them.’ I never acknowledged that voice.

Until he came. Liam.

It was our senior year, and I finally turned 18, and I couldn’t wait to get done with high school and head off to college with my football scholarship, it gives me a free ride as long as I keep a B or better average. I have a good life, proud parents, a future sports career, and a hot girlfriend who I plan to marry. All in all, it’s the best I could think of, other than that nagging in the back of my mind.

The nagging, the constant nagging, noticing boys in the locker room after practice, and the fact that the attraction to my girl seems to be fading fast. I want to be with her, if for any reason than just to be normal.

I don’t want to be a faggot.

Class is about to start now, it’s in the middle of the day, just before lunch, everyone is eager to eat and get out of class. The teacher walks in and scans the classroom, we’re all silent. Salt and pepper hair, slim but slightly muscular, his mouth quirks up to the side slightly before he speaks.

“Class we have a new student, this is my son Liam Dickinson.” We look to a door and a boy walks in. I have to keep my mouth from dropping open when I see him, short dark brown hair, he’s tall, almost as tall as my 6’6, he has a lanky build. His face is chiseled, a slight cleft in his chin, high cheek bones and full pink lips, a slight blush rising on his cheeks. His most startling feature are his bright lavender eyes.

My girl, Angela, who is sitting a few rows up is also ogling him. She looks back and me and sees me staring, I haven’t taken my eyes off him since he entered, and when I look at her she’s looking at me strangely.

‘Fuck. I hope she doesn’t think anything.’

“Do you have any questions for Liam before we start.”

A few people raise their hands, and Liam points to one boy up front. “Why did you just start your senior year? It isn’t like you just moved here.” We all look at Liam, and I stare at his perfect mouth as he starts speaking, his voice is soft but deep.

“I was home schooled since middle school when we moved here, I decided to come back this year to celebrate my last year.”

Another hand was raised and Liam took it. “Why did you start to get home schooled then, why not earlier?”

“That’s when I started having problems with my classmates. They found something out about me that they disagreed with, then we moved here, but my mother decided to home school me so another incident wouldn’t happen.”

Angela tentatively raised her hand and he pointed to her. “What kind of problems happened for you to have to move and be home schooled?”

Mr. Dickinson shoots a look at Liam, and Liam glances at him and shrugs.

When Liam looks back at us he had a new light about him. “Well, my “problem” was,” his voice is dripping in sarcasm as he speaks the word “problem,” “is that I’m gay.”

His voice lingers longer than it should, the class gets real quiet, and a dark veil shadows his Father’s eyes as he looks down and sighs deeply. “Does the class have anymore questions for Liam?” He asks quietly, when no one answers he gestures to the seat for Liam to sit. It’s the one right next to mine.

Everyone looks at him as he makes his way to his seat, he sits quietly and class begins.

*** I enter my room after taking a shower. It was a long first day, and tiring, and I have a heap of homework to do before I can even think about sleep. Its already 9, and I’m exhausted.

I groan as I pull my bag onto the bed, I sit there in nothing but my boxers as I pull out the books and papers I need. ‘Its gonna be a long night.’

So. Very. Long…

*** I wake up, sweat dripping off of me and a horrified expression on my face. ‘What the hell was that?’

My books surround me, some on the floor from where I kicked them off when I fell asleep. My hands come to my face and I wipe off the sweat. I sit there and wonder what the hell made me dream that.

I was in my room alone doing my homework, when I decided to lean back and stretch, all of a sudden the book in my lap is replaced by Liam. He’s there caressing my bare thighs, my boxers on the floor, as he smiles up at me, my hard cock waving in front of his face.

I smile at him and grasp his hair and moan as he runs his tongue up my shaft slowly. One hand drifts down and cups my balls gently, before he goes and sucks on onto his mouth, the other hand now running his nails gently on my thigh.

“Oh please baby, suck on it…” I groan as he continues teasing my sensitive testis. He then runs his tongue slowly up, going to the head, he gives me a little wink before he plunges down fast, taking my whole 7 inch length into his mouth, going down his tight little throat.

He swallows around me, bobbing his head, going back to where my head almost leaves his throat before plunging back down. His tongue swirls around my shaft, as he protects it from his teeth. One hand is squeezing my nuts, while the other is stroking my chest.

“Shit, I’m about to cum.” I scream at him and he picks up the pace, swallowing me down frantically before I can’t take it anymore and I explode.

The first two shots go directly down his throat, the next into his hot mouth, and the rest on his face and chest as he pulls back off me. When I’m done, his mouth is still bulging with cum, and his face is covered in it and dripping down. Some is in his dark hair, one eye closed, the other looking at me with bright, seductive eyes as he swallows my load and smiles. I lean forward and kiss him passionately my hand traveling down to his…

And that’s when I woke up.

My dream, no nightmare, or is it a dream…? I don’t know, but while a reminisce, I stroke the hard-on I woke up with, and when I realize, I can’t stop, I’m to far and I want release. Thinking of Liam sucking me off got me this way, and I try to shake it off, trying to think of Angela doing it instead but Liam keeps drifting back. ‘Is he that skilled in real life.’

The thought of finding out sends me over the edge and I muffle my scream with my hand as I shoot my jizz across my bed, some landing on my books.

My face is bloodshot as I clean up my load, putting my sheets into the hamper and getting clean ones, and wiping the cum from my books. “I’m not attracted to him.” I say over and over, but the back of my mind knows that this mantra is feeble.

*** Every time I see Liam in class I always think about the dreams I have the night before, they keep progressing, him sucking, me sucking, thankfully we haven’t fucked though. I’m afraid to sleep because of the dreams, but I eventually pass out and dream the things I keep fearing.

Then one day at the end of school, I see a crowd of students surrounding something in the parking lot and cheering. I walk over and go to the front of the crowd, expecting to see some freshman getting pounded on by a senior. Instead…

Liam is surrounded by 5 guys, and another guy holding him with his hands behind his back, and on his knees and the others kick him with all their might in his stomach and groin.

He’s screaming with pain, and I see some teachers pass, but they do nothing. ‘How can they ignore this?’ Because he’s gay…’ The sympathetic part of my brain screams.

“Hey Bobby, wanna join?” One of the guys yell at me, a friend from the football team, Mark. I’m about to agree when I look at Liam. He’s looking at me, desperation in his eyes, eyes that are telling me to please help him. I shake my head at Mark and he shrugs. “Fine, more of this fag for us.” He says and turns back, rearing his leg to kick him again.

Everything goes in slow motion, I run and tackle Mark onto the ground, then getting up and going after the guy holding Liam.

“Bobby, what the hell are you doing? Are you protecting this faggot?” He says as I help Liam to his feet, I see he’s grateful. “Are you a queer too Bobby?”

My head snaps back to him. “N-no, I’m not.”

He laughs. “You’re a fucking faggot aren’t you. All this time, I wonder what Angie will think.” I feel anger boiling in me, anger at Mark, anger at me and especially anger at Liam.

I feel it building up to a crescendo. “Faggot!” Mark screams, when I turn and punch him full in the face. He falls to the ground and I straddle his waist and start punching his face repeatedly. “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’M NOT A DAMN FAGGOT! I’M NOT GAY! YOU’RE THE QUEER NOT ME, YOU AND HIM! EVERYONE BUT ME!”

It takes all the guys who were beating on Liam to pull me of Mark. Everyone stares at me quietly. Then I see Angela, a look of horror on her face. I try to go to her but she turns and runs to her car. The crowd then disperses, Mark’s friends helping him away. I hear footsteps behind me.

“Thank you.” Liam says quietly.

I turn my head in his direction, I can only imagine how my face looked, but he immediately backed up, a look of fear on his face. “Fuck you.” I say quietly and walk away.

*** A few weeks after that incident, the whole school now thinks I’m gay, and that me and Liam are a thing. No one listens. I’ve lost everything, all because I helped that fucking homo. I hate myself even more due to the fact that the back of my mind is happy about it now, saying I’m starting to accept my homosexuality.

It makes it worse because everyday Liam tries to talk to me, making everyone glare and laugh. Angela looks at me with hate and sadness. I was going to marry her, I loved her…didn’t I?

“Bobby…why won’t you talk to me, you defended me, and now you act like I don’t exist.” Liam says softly to me. I glare at him. “I hate you, you fucking queer, that’s why. You ruined my life because I felt sorry for you.

He stares at his desk and says quietly. “I didn’t ask you to help me.”

I fall quiet, but I don’t want to listen to his truth, or the truth in the back of my mind. ‘You’re falling for him Bobby…’

I clench my fists to were the knuckles turn white against the strain.

‘Fucking faggot.’

Later that day, a the end off class I go to my locker to switch notebooks. When I get the one I need, a guy with his hood pulled up and over his face grabs it and runs down the hall heading down the stairs. I give chase, yelling for them to give it back, I chase him to the bottom where he turns to the right and goes behind the stairwell. He has no where to go behind there, he’s cornered. Stupid freshman.

As I corner him he drops the book and pulls back his hood. Its Liam.

“What the fuck? Liam…?” His name rolls off my tongue like honey and I stop talking. He puts his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of another way for me to talk to you alone. You don’t want to go near me and I know you don’t anyone to see us talking either.”

I feel anger boiling. “You’re right, I don’t want to fucking talk to you, I’m just going to grab my book and leave, you’re lucky I don’t beat the shit out of you.”

He smiles slightly. “You’ve already had that opportunity and you didn’t take it. I don’t think you want to hurt me…in fact I think you like me…”

My face gets hot. ‘Does he know…?’

“Lies. Everything you say, just lies. I don’t like you, I hate you, no loath you, I wish you’d die you gay ass fuck.”

He drops his hands and walks slowly over to me. “I think you do like me…Bobby, and I…I like you too, and I want to thank you for rescuing me before.” He closes in and before I can react his lips press to mine.

They’re warm and soft. He presses slightly closer, he smells so good, and his taste is divine, like some kind of fruit. He wraps his arms around my neck as he deepens the kiss, and his tongue starts to enter mine.

My fist goes back and I punch him with all my might. He falls to the floor clutching his jaw, he has tears in his eyes as he looks up at me. I just stare at him, breathing heavily, before I turn and run, leaving my notebook, and a heartbroken boy.


Liam hasn’t been to school since then, I heard that he’s been sick. After the first week, which was spent avoiding question on why my “boyfriend” wasn’t there, it got quiet and they started leaving me alone.

Than one day, I see a note attached to my locker. It’s been the norm since I fought Mark, notes calling me gay, and giving crude descriptions of what me and Liam “do” together.

I open is carefully and I’m surprised. It’s a note telling me to come to 567 Cherry Blossom Avenue. No name or anything, and I don’t know who lives there, but some part of me feels as if I know and that I should go. I shake my head and throw it away.

*** I keep receiving the notes, everyday, and still haven’t figured out who they are from. I’ve decided, I’ll go so I can figure out what this about.

*** I walk up the walkway to the big colonial, surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs. It smells fantastic. There is no car in the driveway…is anyone home?

I go and ring the doorbell, and I hear distant footsteps before the door is opened.


“You came.” He smiles at me, those beautiful lips quirking upward. He’s wearing nothing but a towel and his hair is wet. His bare chest is a sight, muscular, but not scarily so. I’m more muscular than he is.

“Why the hell did you ask me here Liam?” I’m shuddering as I stare at him…he looks so…

“I wanted to say sorry, and to spend sometime with you, to get to know you.”

“Oh fuck this.” I turn to walk away and he grabs me. “Please.” He says softly, I feel a need to protect him and I step closer to him. ‘Why…why does he look so…hot?’

“Liam, I.” I say softly. “I can’t do this with you, it’s a.” He cuts me off. “Sin? Not everyone believes like that you know. I don’t, I believe everyone is equal, no matter what. That there isn’t a deity above cursing us into “hell” just because we love someone, no matter who it is.” I stare at him transfixed…’Not a…sin. How can that be…doesn’t God damn faggots…Homosexuality is…’

“God wouldn’t damn his most precious creation just because he or she loved that of the same gender, love is love, doesn’t matter with who it is with. I may not believe in your God, but I believe he wouldn’t do what the Bible says he does with so called “sinners.”

He pulls me in the house with him.

“Bobby…I love you.”

I stare at him. Love? How can he love me, after I treated him like I did. Tears come to my eyes and he wipes them away.

His lips find mine again, they were just like they were the last time, only this time, I let him. He wraps his arms around my neck again, and mine go around his waist. Such soft skin. ‘Can he love me?’

We pull away, that’s when we notice that his towel dropped, and my mouth follows it.

His dick is glorious, about the same length as me, and almost as round as a soda can, the head is a light purple with all the blood rushing to it, he looks delicious.

I feel tightness in my pants as my own erection grows when I see how embarrassed he is. ‘He didn’t plan this…but I want…’

He goes to cover himself and I grab his hand before and he looks at me surprised. “What are you…?” He starts to ask before he gasps as I grab his shaft. I smile at him and ask coyly, “Don’t you want me?”

“I don’t want to force…” I silence him with a kiss and stroke his shaft slowly. He starts moaning and gyrating his hips, then he pulls back. “Follow me.” He says quietly and turns around and I follow. He takes me to his bedroom, its covered in artwork and it appears to be his. His bed is huge, along with a flat screen on the wall and more furniture here and there. I see another door close to the far left hand corner. ‘Bathroom?’

Before I can ask, he kisses me deep and starts unzipping my pants. My heart starts to race with nervousness and want. I’ve had sex before, but never with another man, just with Angie. My heart skips a beat for Angie, I hurt her, just because I was afraid to come to terms with myself, but here, in this moment, I’ve never felt happier.

He pulls out my cock and her cheeks deepen in color, he’s so cute, and I want to take him here and now, but I also wanna go slow, if just for his sake and not mine. He pushes me back onto the bed and he falls on his knees in front of me. ‘Almost like my dreams…’

He gives me a small smile and gently runs his tongue across the head. A tingling sensation shoots through my spin and kidneys and I let out a soft gasp. He runs his tongue from the base to the tip, repeating the process over and over, going faster each time. My hand goes to the back of his head and I grip his hair tightly and he moans when I do, going even faster in licking me.

I’ve had Angie blow me before, it was pretty good, but I ended up just jerking it and blasting it on and in her mouth, but Liam was different, there was a finesse she didn’t have, plus, she wasn’t…well HIM.

Just then, after one final lick he takes me in quick and all the way until I hit the back of his throat. A short scream escapes as I grasp his head with both hands now, forcing him deeper. He starts bobbing his head quickly, running his tongue in circles around my shaft. Its soft, wet and warm, his teeth gently scraping every now and then sending electric jolts up my cock and into my brain making it go blank.

I feel myself getting closer, and I feel him shimmy my pants the rest of the way down and he starts massaging my balls. They tighten against my body as I start reaching my peak.

He goes faster, taking me down completely down his throat, swallowing around me spasmodically. He keeps me there, but keeps going up and down fast, getting me to were he can take a breath, and then shoves me back in.

Just then I feel a moist finger near my ass. He gently strokes it, then slowly pops his finger in to the first knuckle. My eyes clamp shut as I shoot jet after jet of my cum into his mouth. He takes it all with pride, swallowing down ever last drop. He pulls back, smiling.

I look at him in a daze, then lean forward and crush my lips to his. He moans, and I moan with him. I taste my cum, salty, and a bit bitter, but actually good.

I pull him up on the bed with me and straddle him. I quickly take off my shirt and go back to kissing him. I feel my cock hardening and it start to press against his. Our dicks rub together as we passionately kiss. I feel precum leaking out of me in globs and mixing with his. I can see that it’s covering his pubic mound, and some of his lower belly.

I into his eyes, unsure of what to do. He smiles at me. “Go into the bathroom there, in the medicine cabinet is a bottle of lube, go get it.” I nod and climb off him, giving him a kiss before I go. I go to the bathroom, finding its almost as big as his bedroom, a huge tub that has to fit at least 8 people, and a shower off to the side. I go to the cabinet and search, its in behind a bottle of peroxide, and I grab it and go back to Liam.

I stop short when I see him, his face is towards me, his mouth open in a pleasurable “o” and his eyes are heavy lidded as he lays with his ass in the air and his face in the pillows. He’s stroking his cock and I see precum leaking and making a stain on the bedsheets.

“You know what to do now right?” He asks jokingly as I walk over, uncapping the lid. I climb on the bed and get behind him, putting some lube into my palm, I put the bottle down and dip a finger in the goo. I touch it gently to his ass and he shivers.

Dr. Clearwater stood against the rail, knees knocking, obviously terrified. I held the rifle pointed at him. “You took my sister,” I screamed this. “I should kill you now.”

“Wait.” It was Logan’s voice. My finger, which had been on the trigger, relaxed just a little.

“He’s mine.”

I shook my head in frustration but backed down. “If you so much as move, Doc. If you even flinch…”

Logan came forward. He was bloody and beaten and obviously having trouble moving. We were on the bottom floor of the oil rig, and we were almost done. With this place, with Omni, with everything.

Behind me I could hear Rick, Leo and Marketa holding off the attackers. They didn’t seem inclined to come down, especially since we had given Rick all of our grenades, and he tossed one every now and then. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the Andromeda making her way to us, maneuvering around the other two rigs.

“Now, Dr. Clearwater. Do you remember me? You thought I was dead, didn’t you?” Logan advanced on him, holding out a hand.

Dr. Clearwater looked at me in terror. “Please help!”

Logan only chuckled. “My friend, here, see, he’s a good man. It would have been good if he’d finished you before I found you. He would have just put a few bullets in your head and you’d have been dead.”

He walked until he was only a few feet away from the doctor.

“But me, I’m not like that. I’m what you made me.”

“You’re wrong, Logan.”

“Oh?” His head turned slightly to me.

“I’m not such a good man. If I was, I’d shoot him now and spare him – whatever you are going to do to him.”

Logan smiled darkly. “You see? Everyone can learn.” He placed his hands on Dr. Clearwater, and the back of my head tingled as I felt Logan’s psychic powers surge. Dr. Clearwater screamed and the color drained from his skin. He collapsed into a heap.

“Now you’re probably wondering what I did. All I did is ruin your nervous system. So you can’t do anything but lie there and feel pain. What should I do with you?”

“You could leave him,” was my suggestion. “This whole place will be going up in ten minutes.”

“That’s a thought.” Logan faltered and nearly fell and I realized how weak he was. I slung my rifle and went to his side. He leaned on me heavily, and smiled into my eyes. “That was the last one. I found the other two doctors.”

I nodded. “Good. Now what?”

“Take me to the panel. Put me in front of it.”

I half-dragged, half-carried him to it and laid him in front of it and knelt by him. “And now?”

“Turn that wheel.” I began to do so, and I felt him sag a little.

I looked at his bloody, beaten face. He smiled weakly at me, and I returned the smile. “So, do you have room for a bitter, jaded British man on that ship of yours?” and my eyes widened. I hadn’t been sure I would be able to convince him to leave this place. He had seriously considered dying here. And I had promised him I would let him make his choice.

“Always,” and just then I heard a shot ring out. Blood welled up on his chest and his body jerked. “Logan!”

I turned my head. It was Downing, the son-of-a-bitch who had been chasing us for months. Twice he had come upon us, unexpectedly, and both times it had been a hard fight to get clear of him. The second time we had shot him several times and he still survived.

The third time he came upon us we had been in a highly populated area and neither of us were able to draw our guns. It was this time that he told us about Logan’s dead wife and child. “Your boy cried for you, Logan,” was what he had said. “And he was told you were disappointed in him.”

I hated the man.

“I found you, Logan,” he yelled gleefully. He leapt down the stairs and I desperately covered Logan’s body even as Downing fired again. Indeed this time the bullet hit me. My armor took it, though – it was only a pistol round.

“Tasha! Now!” And my friend didn’t hesitate. She drew the alien gun and shot him through. Downing staggered back, eyes wide. She shot him again.

I turned back to Logan. Working fast, I got his armor opened and got the wound staunched. He was bleeding a great deal, and needed proper care. Our eyes met.

I had tears in mine. “It’s not fair.”

He smiled at me ruefully. “It never is.”

“Hold this. Keep your hands here.” I said, putting his hands to the wound. I picked up my rifle, my beloved G36, and turned and went after Downing. Tasha had used all three shots from the gun on him. Amazingly, he was still trying to rally himself, despite having three holes right through him.

“That was my friend!” I fired a burst at him. He wasn’t wearing armor and holes opened up in him, bleeding through. That was the thing with the alien weapon – it instantly cauterized the wound. A regular gun was better in some ways, but Downing had been shown to be able to protect himself from regular bullets, and the stunning power of the alien weapon could not be argued with.

“And you took my sister.” I was in tears now. All this way, all this time, Logan helping me get Jeanne out, and in the end Logan had finally agreed to come with us and not die here – and now look what had transpired. And it was this fucker’s fault.

In a rage I emptied my entire clip in him. He was hanging halfway over the railing now and as I said, he wasn’t wearing any armor. Without any of his powerful abilities to protect him, he was nearly cut in half by the rounds. As I watched, his body slipped into the water, into the waves.

And in that moment I made my decision. I was not Downing. I’d been working very hard on being a good leader, and I’d gotten my group this far. I turned back and went back to Logan and bodily picked him up.

“You’re getting out of here,” I said. “I’m not leaving you behind.”

“You’re a bloody fool,” he responded.

“I know.” I replied.

“The bomb…” he said. Logan was the only one who could trigger the psionic bomb.

“Rick has alternatives.” Rick had C4 and explosives, just in case Logan hadn’t made it this far.

“My way…is the best. Once I trigger it, we’ll only have minutes to get away.”

“I know that.” I shouted to my group. “Get to the boat! Now!” They all began to disengage and headed for the boat. I half-carried, half-dragged Logan with me, running as fast as I could. I was a big guy, and Logan was slim and lithe, but I was tall and lanky rather than overly built, and I still struggled with his weight.

He looked at me, his blue eyes troubled. Putting his hand to his head, he concentrated and I felt the power swell around me. “Done.”

I nodded, and drew on the last of my strength. I made it to the edge of the rig and climbed onto the edge. “Leo! Get ready to catch us!”

The huge Samoan stood up in the boat. “Come on, assholes!” I tensed my legs, and together, we sprang. With Logan in my arms, I barely made the boat, but it was enough for both of us to go crashing into Leo’s arms.

I put Logan down on the bottom of the boat and began trying to stabilize him as our other friends made it onto the boat. He was bleeding his life out.

Everyone got on the boat and we began to flee as the psychic bomb set off the regular bombs, as planned. But even as I struggled, I felt Logan breathe his last. He went limp in my arms.

“Tasha!” I shouted. “He’s dying. Get the paddles!” I began to give him CPR, compressing his chest, and breathing for him. It was an agonizing minute before Tasha came running up with the shock paddles. I cleared the area and shocked him. Once was enough, and Logan came back to me. To us. He coughed and sputtered and weakly threw up. I cleared his airway. I knew he couldn’t sit up to throw up properly. He lay back, panting.

“You’re a bloody…” and then half-smiled, perhaps remembering he’d already called me a bloody fool. I laughed.

“What am I, Logan? What am I?” But he didn’t answer. I looked up to watch the last of the explosions as we sailed away. Putting my arms around Logan I lifted him up so he could see.

“Look, asshole. There’s Omni, burning. That’s the last of it.” And he watched, and I watched, as the company who had taken my sister, and who had killed his wife and his baby boy, burned, with nothing remaining.

My sister Jeanne met us when we got back to Edinburgh. She took one look at me and burst into tears, throwing her arms around me. I knew I looked bad, but by then I had stabilized Logan, and with mine and Tasha’s care, both of us were looking better.

At Edinburgh most of us parted. Rick took Jeanne home with him to our parents. Their relationship had started on the road, and I hoped things worked out well for him and my sister. I knew he would take care of her.

Leo took his little girl home, and Marketa went with him. In the end it was just me and Logan left together.

I don’t know if Logan had had other plans or had even thought about what he would do if he survived taking down Omni. I just overrode everything he had to say and took him with me on the Kingfish. On the journey we’d acquired sponsors, and one of the sponsors had provided us with a yacht. It had been our home and our primary method of transportation for a long time. I imagined six months or so sailing around the Caribbean would make anyone feel better. After that, we would see. He could decide to go on his way.

Logan was badly hurt. I thought he would recover, due to his psychic abilities, but it still took a while. I took him to a doctor in Miami who no doubt thought the wound was due to gang warfare.

After they patched him up, I came into the hospital room to see him. He was awake, and smiled weakly at me. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hey asshole, you should learn to duck.”

“Thanks a lot. Prick.” This was how we went back and forth, affectionately.

“Doc says it was an inch below your heart. I guess Downing was slipping.”

“He probably got excited when he saw me.”

I laughed. “He was probably so excited he came in his pants. He’s wanted to see you for a while.”

We both chuckled, and then, “Can’t you get me out of here? I think they’re all done.”

“They want you to stay for a few days.”

“I don’t care. I’ll get better on the yacht.”

“All right. I’ll get the doctor. You’ll have to sign yourself out.”

We did so, and the doctor, while clearly not happy about it, signed Logan out. “He’ll need help. He’s still very weak.”

“I can take care of him.” The doctor looked at us dubiously but shook his head. “Fine. Sign this. And this.” And they took us to the door with a wheelchair and made sure he got in the cab safe and sound. I took him back to the yacht.

Three weeks went by. I helped Logan when he really needed it, though I could see it hurt his pride to accept too much help. Thankfully he could stagger about by himself, so he could at least use the bathroom on his own, but he needed help getting in and out of his clothes. Being in the Caribbean, though, in the summer no less, we managed to get by with no shirts most of the time. Both of us grew brown and happy in the sunshine.

One night I went in to see Logan. I’d given him the second largest cabin, the VIP cabin, and I had the main cabin. They were across the hall from each other.

The Kingfish was quite a large vessel. She had three decks. The upper deck, or flydeck, contained a wheel and an open dining area, as well as two deck chairs. The second deck, or main deck, contained a tidy kitchen, the main dining room, another wheel, and a back deck to easily slip in and out of the water. I managed to swim in the blue ocean almost every day.

The lower deck was the deck with the bedrooms. I had my own bathroom, and he would have shared the guest bathroom, if we had any guests. When our ship was full we had held ten people with ease, so it was enormous for the two of us.

It was late evening when I knocked, and when he responded, went in to see how he was doing. He was stretched out in his bed, not asleep, looking at the ceiling. Behind him his pillows were propped up so he was half-sitting up, his hands folded across his belly. His eyes flicked to me immediately when I came in and stayed on my face. He was clearly tired, but I checked on his wounds every morning and evening.

I sat down on the chair in his room, close to his bed. “How are you feeling?”

“Really, really good, surprisingly, despite being shot.”

“Ah, well I think that’s your natural healing proclivity.”

“Yeah, well, it’s got to have some advantages.”

“Let me look at your chest.” Without really waiting for him to respond, I opened his bandages. We’d sort of gotten used to this now, and he was accustomed to my bossiness.

The wound was dramatically healed, far more than three weeks’ worth. I shook my head, ruefully. “I wish I had that kind of healing.”

He was watching me, and as I examined him, his hand came up and gripped my wrist. I blinked, surprised. He rarely touched people voluntarily, did our Logan.

“I’ve been meaning to say thank you, Jared.”

“Thank you? For pulling you out against your will?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, that. And everything else. Jeanne says you saved my life in more than just that.”

“Oh?” We hadn’t talked too much about that day.

“Yes. She says you gave me CPR? And you’re the one who gave me the shock paddles?”

I nodded. “It would have been stupidly ironic for you to die after I worked so hard to get you off the ship, under fire no less.”

“Speaking of which, when did you decide I was getting off the ship? I thought you said you were going to respect my wishes.”

I couldn’t help but notice he still had ahold of my wrist. As he held it, he moved his fingers to gently rest on the pulse point. His fingers were long and slender and graceful.

I smiled. “If you would believe it, it was when I was killing Downing.”

“Oh?” His fingers moved gently on my skin again, and I felt something stirring in my soul, something unexpected. Suddenly my skin felt hot and tight under his gaze.

“Yes…I mean, here I was, killing this guy, less than human, he was an animal at best. Naw, that’s an insult to animals. And it was at that moment that I realized truly who I was. I wasn’t leaving any of my group behind. I know we said we would respect your wishes, and we always did, so…” here I reached across and put my other hand over his, sandwiching it between mine.

“I decided it was time for you to respect mine.”

We sat like that for a long moment, and I felt the air slowly changing between us. Suddenly the already small room felt even smaller, devoid of air almost.

He lowered his eyes before he spoke again. “Jeanne says that you breathed for me. I mean, that you gave me mouth-to-mouth.”

I nodded. “Only about a minute.”

His eyes came up to meet mine for a second, and then darted away, like slippery little blue fish. “Did you mind?” His voice was barely over a whisper.

“Mind? No…I didn’t really have time to think about it.”

“Was it unpleasant?”

“Uh, you didn’t throw up in my mouth or anything horrible, but it wasn’t the greatest, no.”

Now he closed his eyes as he laughed. “Thanks for doing that, too.” His voice was a murmur, and I realized he was falling asleep. I watched him, as he sank into peaceful slumber, his hand still lightly looped around my wrist.

Are you wondering why I would do such a thing? Why I would stay with him and not disturb him? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Why else would I take such good care of him? I knew he had had a wife and a son, thus clearly he liked women, so I never made a move. But somewhere along the line, I’d fallen in love with him. I don’t know when it happened. He was just so cool, and calm, and put together all the time. It started out with respect, then admiration, and somewhere along the line I caught myself thinking how much I’d like to kiss him, or slip his cock in my mouth, or even just hold him in his bed as we slept together.

It hurts, when you’re a gay man in love with a straight one.

I listened to his breathing become smooth and steady, and his face relaxed. When he was fully asleep, I gently extricated my hand and went upstairs to the flydeck. I took my seat at the wheel and took us out into the blue, blue waters, thinking of my situation.


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As a final note, in my fantasy world men aren’t afraid to show off their bodies or wear clothes that accentuate their assets. The world has long since accepted this; rarely are boxers and board shorts ever worn.




After spending most of the afternoon with my Dad at the Pines Motel, I was finally dressed and on my way to the boat. Given the state of my suit and dress shirt, I had changed into gym clothes. My cover story was that after the interview, I had gone to the gym and worked out not realizing what time it was.

I watched the upscale shops and old oak trees sweep by me as I gunned the engine towards the marina on the north shore. The boulevard was light with traffic, and I let the jeep chew up the road. Thinking about Lorenzo, I had to smile. While part of me was happy for my mother in finding a guy like Lorenzo, I was completely jealous. There was nothing I could do to stop myself from crushing on him.

They met while my mother was vacationing in Italy, and when her time there ended; Lorenzo came back with her. While most women would leave their foreign affair overseas; bringing Lorenzo home extended her adventure. She brought him home like you might bring home a pair of Prada loafers, or some Murano glass. It’s not that I thought she didn’t care for him, but it wasn’t love. Recently divorced from her second husband, I thought a boyfriend would be the farthest thing from her mind.

Lorenzo’s youth and virility were clearly central to the relationship, but I think she was equally charmed by the mental and social stimulation he provided; everyone was, and I was no exception. The youngest son of an aristocratic family, he was the artistic type.

While appreciative of her gifts, he had always known and experienced luxury so he wasn’t flabbergasted by her extravagant lifestyle. Lorenzo indulged with her, as her equal, and sometimes exposed her to new delights she hadn’t yet discovered.

When I first saw Lorenzo, I was hooked. I hadn’t thought much about my attraction to men before, thinking maybe it was a phase. Even though my first time wasn’t with him, seeing Lorenzo, I knew. I would always be a sucker for a gorgeous man.


After graduating from boarding school, Mom was taking me to dinner with her new boyfriend at the Marina. It was a really beautiful May night, warm enough to wear short sleeves, but breezy enough for light pants.

On our way to the hostess station to announce our arrival, we passed the bar. With a casual stance, this tall blond adonis with broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist, took my breath away. Dressed in a crisp blue linen button down, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top two buttons open, his naturally light tan skin was accented subtly. The whitest trousers I have ever seen graced his thighs, hinting at a firm bubble butt and a prominent bulge. When his light green eyes met my hazel ones, I could have creamed my briefs.

“Lorenzo! Ciao Bello!” My mother suddenly called out at my shoulder.

With a wave, my steamy wet dream crossed the room, a twinkle in his eyes. Kissing my mother romantically, he turned and held out his hand to me.

“You must be Rod, it’s so good to finally put a face to the legend!” Lorenzo’s voice seemed to caress and stroke every syllable as it left his mouth. The kind of voice that could recite the phone book and be absolutely captivating.

I hadn’t blushed since I was a kid. Yet with Lorenzo, I was always blushing. It started that night when he teased me about all the things my mother had told him about me. It wasn’t mean or anything, just him being playful. That was just the kind of person he was. He had a charming mischievous streak that was tempered by a warm attentiveness. It seemed to me that Lorenzo sought not only to enjoy his own life, but to see the people around him enjoy theirs as well.


Finally, I was parking the jeep and noticed my phone buzzing beside me. I picked it up and read a text from my mother.

MOM: Have a migraine. Enjoy some ‘male bonding’ with Lorenzo. He picked you up some things in case you forgot to bring a bag. CU tomorrow.

I totally forgot that tonight we were supposed to spend the night aboard the “Toy,” and felt like a total jack-ass that my mother and her boyfriend already figured I’d forget and planned accordingly.

Sighing, I got out of the jeep and threaded my way through the cars in the parking lot, and showed my ID to the security guard on duty. Walking along the docks, I spotted the luxurious sailing yacht the Toy, and caught her skipper stretching. Lorenzo was dressed in a pair of high cut, but loose red shorts with a clingy white polo over it. Facing away from me, I loved how his stretch was causing his taut but bubbly ass to strain against the material. As I got closer, he turned towards me more. The hem of his shirt rode up, revealing his lower abs and his sexy adonis belt. The late afternoon sun was backlighting him, suffusing his sun-kissed skin with a sultry glow. The sight of him like this caused my prick to twitch in my black nylon basketball shorts.

I walked slowly to enjoy the view as long as possible, but the stretch finished all too soon. Seeing me, he raised a hand in greeting. As I came closer, Lorenzo called out to me.

“Ciao, Rod! You made it.” His genuine smile was sweet and warm.

“Wouldn’t miss it.” I smiled nervously at him.

“I see it’s good I picked you up some things, you forgot our excursion was an overnight, yes?” Lorenzo’s eyes shimmered with playful mirth.

After I stepped aboard, Lorenzo pulled me into a “man hug” complete with the hand shaking and the back slapping. Pulling back he looked at me over the rims of his tortoiseshell sunglasses and smiled appreciatively at me.

“Go below and change, I will get us past the breakwater.”


Lorenzo’s boat was what I would call an “old money ship” because it wasn’t the biggest or flashiest one in the marina but it was easily the nicest. What it lacked in size and outward panache, it more than made up for in the details. Below decks had three staterooms, two aft and one forward. In the center was a lounge with a fully equipped galley that was larger than most Manhattan kitchens.

With Lorenzo it was always about the details. All the wood was teak and shined to a warm golden hue. All the fabrics were an off white with pale blue stripes. The fixtures were all well crafted and of superior quality. It all felt very grand without feeling overdone.

Going down below, I went towards the bigger of the two aft staterooms and saw a note on the door saying “Wasn’t sure what you’d like so I bought extra.” Opening the door, I saw the bed covered with bags of all shapes and sizes. Letting out a chuckle, I started going through the bags.

The first bag I opened revealed some brand new Sanuk boat shoes, probably better for the ship than the ankle socks and trainers I was currently rocking. The next few bags were plain white tee shirts in a few different styles, but they were all the right size. So were a couple of pairs of shorts. Finally I got to the underwear and swimsuit bags, and had to smile. Lorenzo had bought me enough underwear and swimsuits to go on a week long cruise. To be fair, both underwear and swimsuits ran the gamut from mild to wild. But more wild than mild. The first swimsuit I pulled out was a laced up pair of blue Sauvage square cuts, the next was a distressed flag brief by Clever, the last was a racy turquoise speedo that revealed as much as it concealed. All the underwear was either bikini briefs or skimpy hip briefs.

Deciding to up the ante, I got out a pair of scissors and got busy on the shirts and shorts.


When I finally made my way up on deck, I could feel the ship smoothly tacking at a brisk clip. Using the handrail for support, I shaded my eyes and saw Lorenzo. The blonde Italian was behind the wheel, and though it was hard to tell where his eyes were looking, his slack jaw gave me a good idea.

I made my way back towards him smiling as I went. In my time below, I took the loosest of the plain white tees and had cut off the sleeves, making huge arm holes. The neckline was now a rough v shape, and I also trimmed off a bit off the bottom so it barely skimmed the top of the cut offs. When Lorenzo bought them, the shorts were on the modest side of provocative. After my scissors had done their work, they hinted more than they hid, and teased more than they tamed. I wore the Sanuks until I was able to get to my seat, at which point I got rid of them.

Sitting on the chair beside Lorenzo’s, I spread my legs out and away from us. I showed off my tan legs, highlighting the tone I worked hard to achieve. The way my legs were spread, it was clear if he were sitting opposite me he could have gotten an eyeful of what I was wearing underneath. Stretching my arms, I felt the thin cotton ride up, and hoped my mother’s boyfriend got as good view as I got earlier.

Lorenzo only smiled, regaining whatever composure he had lost. We made small talk for awhile, which caused me to relax a bit. But I also started to like the guy more as I got to know him better.

As we talked, I asked him about his art, which everyone raved about but I hadn’t seen. Lorenzo was self deprecating about his own work, saying it was a pleasure to make art, but so many others were better than him. For years, he told me, his dream had been to open a gallery.

By this point we were entering the quiet inlet that he had discovered shortly after arriving to the states. A natural sandbar kept the expanse of water clear of debris and small sharks, and the terrain that bordered it left a small sandy beach that was all but nonexistent in high tide. With practiced efficiency, Lorenzo had the sails taken in and the ship anchored just off the sandbar.

Watching him scramble across the deck, first getting us moored and then making his way towards me, I was reminded of how young he was. It was one of the harder parts of accepting their relationship, Lorenzo was at most five or six years older than me. Standing in front of me grinning, it was impossible to ignore.

“Relax, make yourself at home. I’m going to start on dinner.”

“Do you want me to help?” I asked

“No, no. It’s a small galley; I’d be all over you.” His enigimatic smirk got me blushing again.

Having made me blush, he clapped me on the shoulder with a wink, and descended belowdecks to make our dinner at sea.

As Lorenzo began to cook down in the galley, I listened as he put on some soft music. Chris Botti, I thought to myself. I moved to the foredeck, and found the deck loungers a little wet. Stretching out on the white lounger, I actually liked the cool wetness of the fabric along the skin of my legs.

Closing my eyes, I laid back and pillowed my head on one arm. Slowly drifting in and out of a doze, I thought back to the Fourth of July. Letting my right hand drift across my thigh, up over the denim of my crotch; I remembered it was scorching hot.

My mother and sister were off at the market picking up extra party stuff and charcoal, leaving Lorenzo and I alone in the house. It would be at least an hour before they came home.

A cool breeze blew across my skin, but thinking about what I saw that day had me getting warmer. My hand trailed up my body, threading its way under my shirt, pressing it up. Teasingly, I traced the edge of my left nipple.

I was emptying the dryer and folding stuff in the laundry room when I looked out on the yard. From that vantage point, I could see most of the pool and accompanying deck. Where I stood, it would be hard for anyone to see into the small room. Just glancing up, I saw Lorenzo pulling himself out of the pool.

As the afternoon sun attempted to warm my exposed skin, a salty breeze caressed it. With the crisp air hardening my nipples, I dragged one leg across the other, luxuriating in the contact. Letting out a soft sigh of pleasure, I delved deeper.

Sun kissed arms flexing as they propelled the tapering body out of the pool. Water sluicing down his back in streams before I saw his strikingly black speedo clad ass break the surface. Somehow or another, he twisted and stood gracefully. In profile, as he slowly turned, the curve of the swimsuit seemed barely able to maintain its grip of his luscious ass. Towels forgotten now, I cursed him for wearing a black swimsuit. All it did was flatten out any contours in the pouch from this distance.

Moaning in remembered frustration, I laid my head against the cushion, allowing my left hand to trail down my chest, angling for the top of the cutoffs. Squeezing harder on my sensitive nipple, I dragged my nail across it before going for my right one. My other hand wasn’t slacking off either.

As I watched, Lorenzo straddled a chaise lounger and sat with his legs spread out, a foot on either side. From my hidden view, I watched as he played with his nipples. My mother’s boyfriend let his hands slide down his perfectly tanned washboard stomach, the tips of his fingers slid under the waistband of the black speedo.

I popped the button of my cutoffs, and stroked the flesh just above the waistband that was now peeking through. Another pleasing twist on my nipple, sent an electric shock of pleasure directly to my concealed cock. Digging my fingers down under the waistband, my fingers glided through my closely shorn pubic hair.

Yearning for a better view, a closer look, I watched as my wet dream began to stroke his cock. I wished I could see more, maybe to tell if he was cut or uncut. I pretended that I could see the head of his meat, popping out of his fist on the downstrokes. Soft red lips moved, moaning out what, I couldn’t hear. The shorts I was wearing were getting tight as I watched this private show.

Extracting my hand from my cutoffs, I slowly stroked the bulge my cock was creating. Looking down I could see a wet spot forming as my precum bubbled up from the memory.

I watched as he lifted up a bottle of suntan oil and poured a copious amount into his open palm. Setting the oil aside, his dry hand slid in under the waistband of the speedo. I imagined those fingers were rolling his balls around. The oily hand was now working his meat, I couldn’t see how big his cock was, but by the way his hand gripped it, it looked thick. Thicker than me.

My hands were teasing all the right spots and I was hard and dripping. Looking behind me, I decided to take the risk. I was too horned up not to. I pushed the material aside, and poured suntan oil over the head of my big cock. As I began to work the slick, oily substance into my skin, coating my shaft, I went back to my memory.

Standing in the laundry room, I kept absentmindedly stroking my aching cock inside my cargo shorts. The sensation of the silk of my green striped boxers rubbing against my sensitive glans was intoxicating. As I watched Lorenzo work his piece, I imagined that it was his hand working my cock instead of his own.

Precum began to mix with the suntan oil making my cock extra slippery. Licking my index finger, I brought it down to my nipple. Swirling it around the rim before I firmly squeezed it between my fingers. As I did, my cock belched out more precum, adding to the mix I was stroking with.

I couldn’t help myself, I unzipped my shorts and fished my cock out of my silk boxers. Trying to think of what I could use for lube or something, I saw in amongst the stuff that just came out of the dryer was a pair of Lorenzo’s skimpy speedos. Fingering the light material, it was still warm, almost hot to the touch. They also had an almost slick feel to them, and a wet look besides in a deep blue.

As I swirled my fingers around the corona of my cock, I tightened my fist for the downstroke. Twisting them around my shaft as I rose back up, I squeezed my glans hard, pumping more precum into my fist for another tight down stroke.

Wrapping the slinky material of Lorenzo’s speedo around my cock almost got me to shoot on the spot. Turning my attention back to my wet dream outside, I pumped my cock into and through the steamy hot material. Groping myself, I imagined that that warmth was Lorenzo’s hand, no mouth engulfing me whole.

He was so close to me, Lorenzo was practically under my ass, cooking dinner. I had to be quiet. Biting down on one fist, I pumped my cock into the other one like it was an exquisitely tight mouth. I watched the head pop out of my fist over and over again, until my eyes rolled back into my head.

Lorenzo was really working his cock hard now. I could see his fist was a blur, and his other hand groped his nuts that were still teasingly hidden by the black swimsuit he wore. The way his speedo rolled over my shaft, gripping it, tangling it up in delicious silky warmth was causing my toes to curl. I wouldn’t last much longer.

My teeth almost drew blood as I bit down on my fist. I could feel my climax building in my sack. Any second, just another few strokes.

I was leaking like a faucet all over his speedo, I could feel my balls tightening up. Fuck his mouth was glorious. Watching his full lips moaning out by the pool, I couldn’t hear what he said but I imagined those full lips were wrapped around my cock right now, sucking the life right out of me.

Hearing Lorenzo assembling and plating our dinner was too much. I exploded all over my chest; great geysers of cum erupting across my abs up to my pecs.

Two car door slams signaled my mother and sister’s return. But it was like a gunshot for my nerves. Maybe Lorenzo heard it too because his whole body seized as we both began to spurt. Blowing my load into the hot speedo, saturating the material, it felt like I was marking my territory. Footsteps getting closer to the laundry room, I calmly threw the speedo into the washer with some of my clothes I was going to wash. Folded my dick back into my boxers and zipped up my shorts.

At that moment, I heard Lorenzo begin to walk up the steps from belowdecks. Hurriedly I dragged a towel across my cum coated chest, deciding I would deal with it later.

“Dinner is served!”

When I heard Lorenzo coming up the stairs behind my back; I quickly zipped up my cutoffs, and let my shirt drift back into place. I hurried to sit down, hopefully hiding the rapidly deflating, but satisfied, bulge in my shorts before he noticed.

Lorenzo came up from the galley carrying a tray laden with food and wine. Laying it across the table situated in the on deck lounge in front of the steering wheel, we sat down to eat.

Fresh focaccia, still warm from the oven, sat in a basket beside some olive oil. In front of each of us was pasta primavera with a colorful array of vegetables and beside it, thinly sliced skirt steak.

“You like beef, yes?” Lorenzo smirked at me, and I felt myself blushing.

“Yeah, I love meat!”

“Good, I have plenty more.”

For all his teasing, Lorenzo was an excellent cook, and the wine was refreshing. Although my focus wasn’t really on what I was eating, but on Lorenzo. Always Lorenzo. Fucking Lorenzo. Not much conversation intruded on the quiet eating and stolen glances. From time to time, as the boat moved, our legs would brush under the small table. Each moment of contact sent shocks of excitement and pleasure through me.

At last, Lorenzo looked up to me with a smile as our plates were largely empty. “Why don’t you go for a swim? After I get this all put away, I will come out and join you.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

Standing up, I moved to the the rail, and tossed my shirt to the side. For a moment I reveled in how my skin looked in the slow onset of dusk. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t meet them — lest I lose my wine suffused courage.

“Don’t take too long,” I said as I turned away from him. The sound of my voice was huskier than it was a moment ago.

With that, I went for broke. I unbuttoned the top button of the cut offs, and sank the zipper down. In one smooth move, I slid the frayed denim shorts down and off, bending slightly with my ass in the air. Hearing a breath taken behind me, I stood and moved to the railing. I wasn’t wearing one of the provocative swimsuits Lorenzo had picked out for me to wear.

Expecting to have been waiting for my father at the pool at the Pines Motel, I had packed my skimpiest bathing suit. Which when I left there this afternoon, I decided to wear as underwear. And decided to wear swimming this evening.

The pale yellow “aqua jock” rode low in front, the soft pouch cradled my semi hard cock and shaved balls loosely. As I adjusted the straps which framed my still milky white ass cheeks, I knew I heard a sigh. Having delayed long enough, I stepped over the rail and jumped overboard.

Plunging into the water feet first, I was happy to see the water wasn’t too deep or too shallow. Surfacing with a splash I laughed in pleasure. The feeling of the cool water sluicing across my chest and caressing my ass without fabric in between was exhilarating.


I was floating on my back, and had been for a awhile. The boat lights had come on, as the sun was easing itself down for the night. I stroked the skin above my cock, softly rubbing my hand over the material of the water jockstrap. Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat above and beside me and I looked up.

“Do you think I can still join you, or is it too late?” Lorenzo called from the side rail.

My prick plumped up at the possible double meaning to his words. Then as I looked up, I could see my mother’s Italian boyfriend, shirtless lit up by the fiery setting sun, the purple sky and the boat lights accentuating each muscular curve, until my eyes settled on his waist.

Slung low on his hips was a shimmering matte gold speedo, which glowed with the last rays of light. How his delicious ass filled out the back end of the suit was almost as exciting as the front. Even in this surreal light, I could see the bikini brief was stuffed with his genitals. The slinky material almost seemed overwhelmed by the weight of their burden.

“No, it’s not too late.” I called out.

He nodded as if I had granted him permission to more than just swimming, and I suppose I had. Lorenzo was at the rail, stepping up and smoothly diving into the water. When he surfaced, he did so behind me with a small splash. Twisting in the water, I watched as he slicked back his formerly blond, now light brown hair.

“Race you to the sandbar!” Lorenzo challenged me.

Having been on my school’s swim team, I went off instantly. My arms and legs working in tandem to propel me faster and faster to the sandy barrier. Getting in the zone, I didn’t look for or check on my competition. When my feet hit the smooth sand of the bar, I reached my hand up. With a fistful of sand, I cleared the water and saw Lorenzo just coming up now.

“I won!”

“You cheated.” Lorenzo smirked at me in the fading afternoon light.

“I did not, don’t be a sore loser.”

“Fine, fine.” Lorenzo playfully sighed in defeat.

“So what do I win?”


Lorenzo leaned in, and brushed his lips against mine, gently at first. Tentatively I slipped my tongue out, grazing his full lips that tasted of salt. When our tongues connected, he moaned deep in his throat, and pushed me down against the sand. As we kissed, he straddled me, our wet bodies sliding against each other. Finally, I brought my hands low, and lower still down his back until I could caress his exquisite ass.

Breaking the kiss, Lorenzo pulled back, looking me in the eyes and smiled. He dove in at my neck, his mouth licking at my skin, nipping at my flesh. His hands were raking up and down my chest, tickling my abs, and stroking my chest. Growling lightly against my neck, his hands reached out, searching for my arms. His warm wet hands rubbed down my shoulders, following the curves of my arms until he had my wrists pinned up at right angles.

“Flex for me…please…” Lorenzo whispered hoarsely.

Without thinking, I started to flex my biceps for my mother’s boyfriend. Swooping in, he kissed and licked my arm muscles as they moved beneath his wet tongue and seeking teeth. I was so turned on, but as he moved to the other arm, I felt cold lying there on the wet sand. I tried to hold it in, this was my fantasy coming true.

And then it happened.

My traitorous teeth began to chatter in my mouth, causing Lorenzo to stop.

“Let’s go back to the ship and get you warmed up.”


Standing on deck, dripping water where I stood, I didn’t know what to do. My fantasy felt like it was within my reach; but what if it didn’t live up to my dreams?

As I over analyzed the situation, I felt Lorenzo wrap a thick towel over my shoulders and chest. With his chin resting on my shoulder, and his arms encircling me, I felt myself tremble slightly. A shiver from the cold, or a shiver from the touch, it wasn’t entirely clear to me.

“I should have done that so much sooner. “

“But…” I started to interject.

“Shh…let me finish…okay?” I felt him kiss my neck gently, and I couldn’t think clearly anymore, let alone speak.

“There is something about you, Rod.” His whisper broke the silence “I’ve felt this magnetism to you since I saw you at the Marina bar, that first night I met you. Then I saw you on the 4th. Watching me stroke off, did you I know I could see you?”

I began to sputter, but again, he kissed the sensitive skin on my throat, stilling me.

“I saw you checking me out after I got out of the pool. So I decided to give you a little show, but I had to get off. Knowing you were there, watching my every move made me so hard.”

I felt his tongue dragging along my throat to the skin just below my ear, shivering slightly, I grabbed his arms and pulled them tighter against me.

“When I started stroking off, I got so hot knowing you were watching me. I moaned out your name, and fantasized about you doing to me what I was doing to myself. Nothing could stop me then.”

“Tonight… I wanted you so very much; but only if you wanted me too. I gave you so many outs, so many ways to end this before it ever began. But every time you declined to take them, every time you flirted back; it reassured me that you felt the same way I do”

“What about…what about… Mom…” It came out of my mouth as a reluctant sigh.

“She is a great lady, and I care for her. Really, I do… but she doesn’t care about my being bisexual or sleeping with men, if I am safe.” He paused for a second,”and I never had this chemistry with your mother.”

I felt him pressing against my bare ass, his wet speedo clad cock nestled against the cleft of my ass. The towel stopped just above the small of my back. Lorenzo’s fingers slid gently across my abs, one hand up to one of my nipple, the other lower still.

“Seeing you in this…” Lorenzo snapped the waistband of the pale yellow aqua-jock, the sound was loud in the night air. “Drove me mad with lust.”

“I wanted to join you then and there. But I took my time, I thought maybe I was wrong.” Lorenzo continued, his fingertips stroking my abs lightly.

“But I couldn’t live with myself, if maybe I was right, and did not pursue you.”

Lorenzo felt so good behind me, the feel of his plump cock, barely contained by his abbreviated swimsuit, which felt so slinky against my ass. This is what I wanted tonight, but I wasn’t as sure as I was at the Marina.

“Let’s just lie down for a while down below. If you want to stop, or don’t want me at all, just say so, or walk away.” Lorenzo whispered softly.

I shivered as I felt the cool air on my backside as he pulled away from me. I wanted nothing more than to feel his body pressed against mine, but I paused. A slight pang of guilt still present despite his reassurances. Despite all of that, the way his wet speedo clung to the curves of his hips and ass, drove many doubts from my mind.

It was several minutes before I went below decks myself. Standing in the lounge, equidistant from the forward and aft cabins, it brought new meaning to the adage about rocks and hard places. Either direction was a choice I would have to live with permanently. Going forward would change my relationship forever with Lorenzo. Going aft, I would never know what might have been.

Placing one foot in front of the other, step by step, I began slowly walking towards my decision. I adjusted the straps of the jock as I went, until finally I was at the stateroom door. Leaning against the door jam, the towel dropped and pooled around my feet as I asked the question.

“Do you think I can still join you, or is it too late?”


The forward cabin was dimly lit from the moon and the starry sky reflected on the waves. I could see Lorenzo laying on his back, bare chest faintly dappled by the flickering light, staring up at the ceiling of the luxurious stateroom. His light green eyes turned to look at me, and he cracked a small smile. Instead of speaking, he just lifted up one edge of the coverlet as his answer.

Before I could change my mind I sat on the bed, and scooted in beside him. Down came the sheet, and with it, his arm wrapped around my chest, drawing me closer. My back pressed against his chest, I sighed. At that moment, I put aside who we were, what our lives were like, I just absorbed his lightly furred chest pressed against my smooth back. The way his legs tangled in my own, and how his speedo covered cock pressed at the cleft of my ass.

Lorenzo’s lips and tongue soon worked their way into the hollow of my throat. I could feel him nuzzling and sniffing at my hair as he went. Finally, his lips latched onto my earlobe, nipping it slightly before he breathed gently into my ear.

“Stop me or slow me down if I go too far, too fast.”

I couldn’t speak anymore, could only nod my head in understanding. Whether he knew it or not, at no point tonight was I going to slow him down, let alone stop him. I expected many things, but what happened next was a total surprise. Lorenzo gently rolled me onto my stomach, and lifted the blanket off of us. Goose pimples suddenly covered my skin in the cool room. Leaning down by my ear, gently stroking my shoulder, Lorenzo whispered to me.

“I will warm you up soon, I promise.”

I heard a cap being popped and was disappointed, and a little worried. I wanted more than just fucking with Lorenzo, and I was scared because I had never taken a cock in my ass, and Lorenzo looked very thick.

“Lorenzo…I’ve never… Um … Taken before…”

“Then we don’t have to. Stop me anytime you feel uncomfortable. Right now, I just want you to feel good. This is about you right now.”

I felt him drizzle something warm across my shoulders, and part way down my back. Once he had straddled me, he began working the oil out from my shoulders, down across my arms, one at a time. Soon my skin was glistening on both arms, and the room was enveloped in the scent of cinnamon and clove. When he dug into my shoulders and back, I sighed at how good it felt. Slowly, so very agonizingly slow, he worked his way down my back, inching closer to my ass. Just as his fingertips were brushing under the waistband of my swimmers jockstrap, he pulled away and moved to my feet. I hadn’t realized fully how much I wanted him to touch my ass cheeks until he didn’t.

I giggled as he touched my insoles and between my toes, jerking on the bed slightly.

“Ticklish, huh? Going to have to remember that for later.” I could hear him chuckle evilly as he said it.

His magic fingers repeated their slow progress from my right foot all the way up to my inner thigh before starting on the left. I was so hard, and so desperate for him to touch me at my center. Yet he wasn’t rushed as he worked his talented fingers into the muscled grooves of my legs, ferreting out any pain or soreness that lingered in my body. By the time he reached my upper left thigh, my body was half melted and half electrified. The smell of cinnamon and clove, mixed with the entire experience was leaving me feeling drunk on my lust.

“Turn over onto your back” was Lorenzo’s whispered request.

Although I had never been so frustrated in my life, I rolled over. Then I blushed, as I felt the head of my steel hard cock pop above the wide waistband of the pale yellow jock. Why I felt embarrassed was beyond my comprehension, but I was with Lorenzo. Which meant I was ticklish and prone to blushing.

“Is that for me, Rod? Because of me?”

Lorenzo’s voice was soft as he bent down and lightly brushed his lips across my exposed glans. Those lips that were so kissable were like velvet being run across the head of my cock. Achingly aroused, my dick pumped out a drizzle of precum in response to his ministrations.

“As tasty as that is, I’ll have to come back to that later.” He chuckled as he sat back on his haunches.

My eyes slid upwards, taking in the toned thighs, up to the obscenely packed speedo, up his tanned chest to his smiling face. Taking the oil up in his hands again, Lorenzo upended it over my chest. A line of the oil poured between my shoulders and down my pecs to my abs. His methodical massage continued, running his fingers along my arm muscles, Lorenzo bent to kiss each bicep when he finished an arm.

Spreading the oil across my clavicles and down my pecs, I enjoyed the view he was treating me too. On my back, I could watch Lorenzo while he worked me over. Those bright green eyes were focused upon his large yet graceful hands and the sensuous massage I was being given. Looking further down, I saw his chest expand and contract with his breath under a downy blond patch of hair between his pecs.

Smiling, Lorenzo swirled a finger around first one nipple and then the other. They quickly became hard eraser points. Seeing this he pinched them at the same time, causing a strangled moan to emit from my lips. Shaking his head, he continued the massage down my body, his hands luxuriating in each ab of my four pack.

When his hands skipped past my crotch again, I let loose a moan of frustration. My hands reached for him, to tug him to me, just to touch him. Anything, it didn’t matter to my lust crazed mind. But Lorenzo was on me in a flash. Lightly pinning my wrists on either side of my head he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Going somewhere, bello? What’s your hurry…we have all night…just enjoy it”

With that I watched him go back on his haunches, the matte gold speedo distended with his thick dong. Following my gaze, Lorenzo laughed.

“You have that effect on me… but it can wait.”

For all his talking about waiting, the leg massage wasn’t as deep or as thorough as the backside had been. When he was finished, Lorenzo flipped me onto my stomach again, as gently as he could, but his desire was getting the best of him too. I heard, but didn’t see, him get off the bed. By the sounds of it, he took off the speedo; rustling material and clearly stepping out of stepped out of them. I didn’t have long to think about it because he was back on the bed and spreading my legs wide.

His first touch, palms squeezing my ass cheeks, felt scalding hot. In spite of my earlier fears, I lifted my ass up, for his inspection, his use, it didn’t matter so long as he touched me there. Rolling the flesh of my tight butt beneath his slightly calloused hands had me wriggling under his touch.

“Do you want me to stop or slow down? Just say the word…”

As he finished speaking, he spread the half globes of my rear, exposing my hole to the cool air of the cabin. Lightly blowing across my rosebud, his mouth moved from the top of my crack down to my taint. Driving a shiver down my spine, I couldn’t think let alone speak.

Again he dragged his wide flat tongue from my lower back, down to the jock pouch that was cradling my churning balls. One hand snapped a strap on my jock causing me to jump a little and him to snicker. Back and forth his tongue worked my trench, skipping the hole however. Now all I wanted was to feel his tongue on my cherry hole. Bucking against him, my hands helping to pull my cheeks further apart to give him access.

Just as I thought I was about to lose my sanity, I felt his tongue swab a circle around the rim. Spiraling closer and closer to the center like water down a drain, his tongue swirled around my ring. Finally I felt the hard point of his wet tongue press fully against my hole.

“Oh, fuck!!” I gasped.

Waves of ecstasy seemed to radiate from it, some were directly synced to my dick, but everything started to tingle. Pressing his lips against my rim, I could feel Lorenzo’s tongue burrowing deeper into me. Darting back and forth, the hard little muscle kept on fucking me with short jabbing strokes. The pleasure was maddening, I could feel my diamond hard cock belch out more precum onto the very sheets I was clenching in my fists.

Feeling him pull back I whimpered, pressing back, trying to find his tongue. His hands stroked my ass, sliding under the straps he took them in hand and yanked. Combed cotton jerked across my dick, rubbing me with sweet friction.

“Mmm, your ass is so sweet, Rod…did you like your rim job?” He coyly teased me.

“Oooohhh fuck, why did you have to stop…” My voice was husky with lust.

“Because I’m not done with you yet.”

With surprising manual dexterity, without even watching what he was doing, Lorenzo had my cock out the side of the jock pouch. Moving beneath me, I looked down and saw his beautiful blond head come up between my legs and blow all along the length of my cock.

“Lorenzo, please let me suck your cock…. I-I really want to…I’ve dreamed of doing it…”

“If it will bring you pleasure, bello, anything.” Was all Lorenzo said as he shifted so that his pelvis was under my face, and I could rest some of my weight on his chest.

The blond downy hair that trailed between his pecs became a thin line before coming down to his pubes. The pubes were trimmed very low over his dick, while the skin at the base of it and his balls were smooth and soft to my exploring touch. I gently stroked his scrotum, letting my eyes take in his monster. While not as long as my prick, his was the thickest I had ever seen outside of porn. Due to his girth, his foreskin only covered only the lower 1/3 of his glans.

“Wow,” I whispered in wonder, “I don’t know how much of this I can take…I’m sorry, I’ve never seen one this girthy.”

“Hey..hey.. Do what makes you happy, whatever you do, it’s going to make me happy, I promise.” His hands gently stroked my flanks.

With that said, Lorenzo kissed the head of my dick, and lapped at the piss slit, flicking all of my precum into his mouth. When he moaned softly, it seemed to vibrate my cock in his warm mouth. I quivered in pleasure. I could feel him smiling around my dick as he sucked in more of it, tracing his tongue over my flesh inch by inch. Foregoing his fat dick, I began tongue bathing his balls.

Once they were dripping with my spit, I sucked one ball into my mouth, then the other, and finally I tried to get both in my mouth, but that didn’t work so well. So focused was I on his sack, I didn’t hear the pop top on the lube, I just felt a slightly cool gel caress my hole on the tip of a finger. I thought it would freak me out, but I just sighed with pleasure and lifted Lorenzo’s heavy cock to my lips.

The finger was applying light pressure to my hole, gently teasing the outer ring, massaging it as his hands had worked my knotted shoulders earlier. As before, the tension slowly washed away, only to be replaced by a relaxed pleasure. Until his finger penetrated past my sphincter, than my ass seized. It wasn’t so much pain as discomfort. Leaving his finger where it was, he began slurping loudly on my cock, taking half of my cock deep into his sweet mouth. My cock belched out more precum thinking about whose lips were wrapped around my pole.

As I began to relax, I started lashing my tongue up and down his shaft, soaking it with my spit. A sweet pearl of precum bubbled up on his immense helmet shaped cock head, and I swooped in to lick it up. Where mine always tasted salty, Lorenzo’s was almost sweet and creamy in texture. As I started to suck the head into my mouth, I felt not one, but two fingers slipping in and out of my ass with ease. Sensations I never knew existed were rolling across me, all from my ass. I knew from the guys I had fucked in the ass that their asses were hot zones of pleasure, but I never quite realized how good it could feel.

When Lorenzo added a third finger, I closed my eyes, trying to shut out the pain. But once again, he was stroking my abs and thighs, caressing my ass cheeks as he murmured quietly to me.

“Shhhh, baby, just relax… I promise it will feel good in a second… Just relax….”

Eventually the pain subsided, and I relaxed a little, and started sucking his cock again. Try as I might I could only get a few inches into my mouth, so my hand went grasping out for the lube. My fingers closed around the tube, and I squeezed out a bit too much along the length of his cock. I giggled around his cock as I smeared the excess around his balls, inner thighs, a little even made it on to his taint. Which caused his dick to leak more precum into my mouth.

“Baby…” He chuckled “I don’t think I’m going to go that deep.”

In response, I twisted my hand around his shaft, smearing the gel around it, with a stroke upwards. At the same time, I swirled my tongue under his foreskin, eliciting a quiver of pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmm” was the only answer I received, as Lorenzo was worshipping my cock, sucking most of it into his mouth, and the head slipping in and out of his throat. Now his three fingers were spreading out from each other when they weren’t fucking me. I was in sensory overload when I felt his other hand reach up and twist my nipple. I spat out his cock and groaned out,

“Fuck…no…Lorenzo stop… I’m going to shoot any second.”

Good to his word, he stopped his oral and nipple assault, and stilled his fingers, even if he left them in.

“How fast can you get it up again?”

“Umm, if I’m super turned on? Ten, maybe twenty minutes?”

Lorenzo laughed in his silky sexy voice. His fingers began to saw in and out, and when they were plunged deep inside he spread them out as far as they would go. His lips pulled back, he nibbled lightly on my glans. The fingers of his left hand stroked my chest lightly, before sliding down, and slowly circled the base of my cock. With a feather light touch, he began to stroke my cock.

“Then let it go. Let me swallow it down my throat. Unless spraying it over my body would turn you on more?”

Talk about hard decisions.

“I want to spray it over your chest.” I whispered, almost shyly.

“Okay, then get over here and straddle my waist.”

I thought for sure he was going to take his fingers out of my ass, but once I was in position, he sank all three fingers into me, causing my to shudder. Batting my hand away from my cock, he started to stroke me in earnest. It didn’t take long before I was rushing towards climax.

“Ohhhh…mmmm….Lorenzo, I’m cumming, Lor-enz-ooooo”

Cum erupted out of my cock like it had never done before. It was as if my cock had become a canon, and every rocket that exploded out of my cock caused me to almost see stars, the climax was so intense. As I came, I could feel Lorenzo jerking me deftly, pumping out every ounce I had. The way he twisted and played with my cock had his whole chest coated in white stripes of fresh semen. At last, the final aftershocks dissipated, his fingers slipping from my ass. I laid half on him, half off, temporarily drained of energy. Looking down, I saw Lorenzo smile. Dragging a finger through my jism he brought it to his lips and licked it clean.

“Not bad, but you should eat more fruits.”

I don’t know why, but a blush was creeping up my throat again. It prompted him to chuckle, and smear some of my cum across my abs.

“Do I make you so uncomfortable? You realize how much I’ve wanted you too, don’t you? Don’t be so nervous around me — you can’t offend me. I hope I haven’t offended you?”

There was a tenderness in his voice, in his touch, I had never known before. All the times in the past, sex was a purely physical act meant to do no more than to scratch an itch, to relieve some build up. But with Lorenzo, it was elevated, somehow. It all still worked the same, was still intensely pleasurable, but deeper. I suppose everything Lorenzo touched, he made it more profound in a way.

“You have, actually.”

“I have?” Lorenzo’s light green eyes showed concern.

“Yes, you have.”

“Rod, I’m sorry — I … tell me what I can do to make it right?”

“Well. You can get your fingers back in my ass and finish prepping me to take that baseball bat you call a cock.”

A rueful smile was all I got in return as he rolled onto his side. Then his fingers slid back into my rectum. As his fingers sawed back and forth, in and out of my ass, we kissed each other lightly. Stroking my cock slowly, Lorenzo had me in the palm of his hand; but never let me fall. All too soon the exquisite twisting digits, that would spread apart periodically, left again.

I watched fascinated, as Lorenzo applied lube to his cock, jerking it up and down, up and down. The sound of the package on the condom ripping open sounded loud in the room, as the whiff of latex filled my nostrils. While I had rolled a condom down my cock loads of times, including earlier that day, the way Lorenzo sheathed his cock was erotic. After pouring a more moderate amount lube onto my hand, I smoothed the slick gel all over his hard as steel dick, and hoped it would be enough.

“The best way to start is to ride it, later we can get creative and try other positions, but especially with bigger guys, riding is best. You can set the depth and speed of things until you get used to it. For me, I’m just happy to be the one to be here with you; even if we stop.”

I didn’t trust myself to speak, only managing a nod. Straddling Lorenzo’s hips facing away from him, a knee on either side of him, I raised myself up a little. Without urging, he used his hands to support me in this slightly awkward position. Taking his heavy cock in hand, I found my asshole and guided the helmet shaped head to rest against my rear entrance.

“Just ease your weight down on it a little and push out … ” I could see him struggling for an elegant word.

“Like I’m taking a crap?” I grinned over my shoulder at him.

“Yes, like that.” He smiled back.

Taking a deep and calming breath, I started to lower my weight and push out with my ass muscles. Feeling his spongy head was kind of sexy. Pressing down, it slipped past my hole, causing Lorenzo and I to laugh a little. But with a sense of purpose and stranglehold on his dick, I pressed the big head into my hole and almost screamed.

If I thought three fingers had been difficult to get through, I wondered if I could get past the head. A baby’s arm holding an apple was an understatement for how it felt. It felt like a bowling ball. Tears pricked my eyes and I was glad he couldn’t see my face. I felt one of Lorenzo’s warm hands stroke my flanks.

“Take your time…it’s okay… we have all night, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” I chuckled.

The tension in the air eased a bit as we both shared a laugh. I managed to get the head past both portals without dying, but then I sank too fast. Tears welled up in my eyes in pain and I frowned in frustration.

“Shhh… bello …. take it easy…”

“I just want it all, I want to show you…”

“Hey… tonight is about you, this is about you. You have nothing to prove.”

Holding myself in position on my heels with Lorenzo’s hands holding my ass, I wanted him deep inside me, but was nervous about getting there. I guess I clenched my ass muscles because Lorenzo let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Mmm… that feels so good baby, mmm you’re doing so good, only about half more to go.”

With this encouragement, I took another inch. The burn emanating from my backdoor wasn’t too bad when I rested a few seconds. We continued the push-stop-adjust-repeat process for a while. When at last my balls were resting on Lorenzo’s, I sighed deeply.

“Fucking hell …. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this full in my life.”

“Oh Dio! Ci si sente così bene!”

Lorenzo’s sultry exclamation was followed by his curling his toes and his ass lifting off the bed. Taking a breath for a moment, I swatted his ass cheek playfully.

“Hearing you speak Italian is hot, but I don’t speak it.”

Pitching forward, I held onto his thighs and lifted up, sliding more than half of his dick out of my hole. As every latex covered inch of ridges, bumps and veins rubbed against my anal walls, sparks of pleasure shot through me.

“Mmm … that’s it, bello … ” his soft murmurs were getting me even more excited.

Plunging back down, my balls slapping against his skin, my entire being fixated on the shocks of pleasure my body was taking from it’s contact with this enormous dick. I rose up and fell, smoothly taking the whole length with relative ease. The girth still caused me some trouble at first if I went too fast.

“…mmmm…Holy Shit!”

Lorenzo had suddenly rolled us over and was withdrawing his cock from my hole. As I fell back, I felt his deft fingers cradle my head so I wouldn’t bang it on the bed frame.

“Too close…too hot…” He rasped, discarding the condom.

Pressing his body down on top of mine he rubbed our chests and cocks together, which definitely caused my cock to twitch. As his face left my neck, I pulled his face in and kissed him.

Tracing my tongue across his lips, my eyes drifted closed and I was once again overwhelmed by just touching Lorenzo. My tongue slid across his lips, brushing sensuously over his, my body quaked with need. With a growing heat, our kiss intensified. Dueling for dominance, tongues lashing, lips bruising in their pressure. Just when I thought I could cum just from his lips on mine, Lorenzo began to slide down my body.

“Everything about you…tastes so good…” He whispered.

Lorenzo’s lips dragged down across my jaw line, following the hollow of my throat; bathing my skin in little nips and licks until he came to my nipples. Arching my back under his touch, he twisted pulled on my eraser sized nipples until I was gasping for air.

“It’s so hot to watch you respond to my touch.”

Every word he spoke was caressed by his sexy accent, but augmented in a wonder I knew was special to me. Watching his face descend past my navel, I felt my cock pump out some precum onto his chin.

“Mmm… that’s it bello…” Lorenzo whispered.

He scooped up the cum on a finger and fed it to me, anointing my lips with it before he sank the digit past my lips. It tastes bitter and salty, but it was so erotic. Making eye contact with him, I began to nurse his finger.

Grinning, Lorenzo swooped down, and took my cock into his mouth. Rolling his tongue across the swollen head of my leaking glans, it was hard to keep eye contact with him. Moaning around his finger, I watched his handsome face take more and more of me in.

I couldn’t help it, my eyes drifted closed in pleasure. As soon as my lids closed, I felt Lorenzo pull on my balls, causing my eyes to fly open. Shaking his head, he swirled his tongue all along the ridges of my cock and gently rolled my balls between his fingers.

Letting my cock slip from his mouth, Lorenzo came up my body slowly, running his hands across my chest, until his face was nestled into the crook of my neck. Breathing across my ear as his teeth dragged themselves gently across my earlobe, my cock twitched as it rubbed against his.

“Come on lover, I want to see your face when we make love.”

Pressing a soft kiss against my lips, he didn’t see the effect of his words on me. Recovering, I watched as he rolled over onto his back, taking the lube and pouring a generous amount on his cock, working it in. As Lorenzo reached for a condom, I took it from his hands.

“Let me?” I whispered.

“Always, whatever you desire…”

Taking the condom in my hand, I tore it open with my mouth. When my hands began to roll the latex sheath down his girthy prick, I heard him gasp.

“I love it when you touch me…”

Smiling, I straddled him again with a knee on either side; but now I faced him. Taking a little more lube, I brushed it across my still relaxed hole, and hoped it would be enough. With his hands resting on my thighs, Lorenzo smiled up at me.

Returning his smile, I positioned his cock against my back door and pressed against it. I looked up at the ceiling during the initial penetration, willing myself not to tear up again. It still felt like a bowling ball was trying to get up my hole, but I held it together. Besides, my attention was focused on what I found on the ceiling and the idea it gave me, so the pain wasn’t so bad.

“Oh god almighty… so tight…” Lorenzo exalted softly as I slowly slid down the full length, my balls resting on his abs.

Resting for a second with my ass pressed down against his lap, I pressed my hands against his chest, running my fingers through the dried streams of my cum. Getting a grip on his pecs, I slide up his thick shaft. Again the pleasure exploded across my body in waves.

“Oh fuuuckkk yesss…” I hissed.

Pulling out as far as my position allowed, I plunged back down, savoring the ecstasy of re-entry before rising back up. Over and over, I rode his cock up and down. But I wanted so much more, knew there had to be more pleasure in this.

“Shiiiitttt, your asssss is soooo sweet!”

Twisting Lorenzo’s nipples as I repositioned my feet so they were flat on the bed, so I could change how much I could take in a stroke. Watching what I intended, I felt warm hands grasp my ass, giving me more support. Hands on my knees, I rose up higher than before, impaling back down the length of his fat prick.

“Goddamnit….I want MORE.” I growled.

Looking over my head, at the brass bar, I lifted my hands up, and gripped it between my fists. Smiling down at Lorenzo, I dragged my body up like I was doing chin ups. When I felt his glans about to leave my ass, I sat back down heavy, grinding my cheeks across his trimmed pubes.

“Like that baby?” I grinned madly.

Before he could answer, I was rising all the way up again before I was dropping back down onto his steely erection. Lifting myself up again, I clenched my ass tight together, the whole way up his cock. My cock belched out a stream of pearly precum as I felt every single bump and ridge of his cock as it slowly left my ass.

“Ah Dio, yesss…. I love it… unnnghhh”

I watched in satisfaction as I saw Lorenzo’s head twisting back and forth, his hands still on my knees. Looking over my shoulder, I saw his toes curling in pleasure. Unclenching my ass, I rode back down, and repeated my clenching as I lifted myself up and down.

“…I never…knew…it could…be sooooo….goddamnit….good…” I groaned in pleasure.

Whimpering I felt my grip loosening from sweat and fatigue. Just when I thought I was going to lose my grip, Lorenzo had wrenched his body up, quickly teasing a nipple between his lips. While pleasing my chest, his arm slid up my back slick with sweat until he had a grip on my shoulders.

Our chests pressed together, I felt his lips meet mine. Bruising each other’s lips, I could feel Lorenzo’s hips begin flying upwards, fucking me as we fell back on the bed.

Twisting, Lorenzo rolled us over so I was on my back. His dick never left my ass, and he kept on thrusting as he assumed a position like he was doing push ups. I spread my legs as far as I could, looking up into his light green eyes, sweat dripped off our faces with exertion.

“Cum with me, Rod… tell me when you’re close…”

Lorenzo had moved a hand wet with lube and sweat, encircling it around my rock hard shaft. His warm palm and fingers felt like a tight orifice I was fucking as he pounded into my ass.

“JESUS CHRIST!” I bellowed

At that moment, I felt Lorenzo’s unbelievably thick cock slam against what had to be my prostate, not once or twice, but repetitively. It felt as though he was trying to fuck it right out of my mouth. With every press, it felt like minor orgasms were erupting through me.

Eyes locked on each other, I didn’t need to say I was close. He knew, just as I knew he was closing in on his climax. Clenching my ass around his cock, working it like I had when I was riding it minutes ago. His remaining arm collapsed to his elbow, he brought his lips down to me again, his hand a blur on my shaft.

The moment our tongues connected, I moaned. Feeling his dick buried up my ass, his hand all over my cock, his tongue on mine, Lorenzo’s sweat mixing with mine, crashed down on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Hitting my zenith, I felt his first shot of cum dump into the condom, it was so forceful; and the first jet of my orgasm hit us on the chin. I wrapped my fingers through his hair, clinging to his body as another round of shots burst from our cocks. Wet hair slipping through my fingers and slick tongue exploring my mouth, I moaned my soul into his.

His hips never slowing, Lorenzo fucked each shot of cum into the condom, deep inside my ass, as hard as he could. Finally, as my balls expended the last of their load across our chests, his dick slowly started slipping out. All strength having been sapped from his limbs, Lorenzo fell on top of me.


The invitation had hung on the refrigerator for months. Even though I originally had no real desire to drive clear across the state to go to the ten year reunion of my high school graduating class, something kept me from tossing the announcement into the trash when I received it. Between being a late bloomer that was totally in the closet, and not fitting into any of the popular or even the ‘acceptable’ cliques, my high school years hadn’t been the best ones of my life. Seeing the notice each time I raided the fridge though, made me think that it might be just interesting enough to go and see how much people had changed. I finally sent in a confirmation at the last minute.

As I made the long journey to the hometown I had all but abandoned since going off to college, I permitted myself to think of the impression I wanted to make. There had been so many changes since being a senior ten years prior. I was no longer the short, pimpled-faced kid few people paid much attention to, but thanks to a growth spurt my freshman year at college, I was now six foot tall. The face had cleared up and matured into what was considered to be fairly handsome. My formally scrawny build was now well filled out and accented with flat abs and hard pecs thanks to hours at the gym. Good genes graced me with still having a full head of thick, dark hair. The glasses I had always worn had long ago been replaced with contacts and made my hazel eyes stand out. Everything that had been wrong in high school changed to combine into a rather nice package that made me look, at 28, like I was still in college.

On the other side of the coin, I also snickered to myself as I drove about the possibilities of discovering that the hottest chicks would all now be plump…or worse. The idea of all the cheerleaders, homecoming queen candidates, and country club girls looking like the before picture for a Weight Watcher’s commercial was just too sweet an idea. Almost as good as walking in and finding that all the stud jocks and pretty boys would now be sporting big beer guts and rapidly receding hairlines. Remembering back to some of the teenage experimenting that went on during sleepovers and campouts, also had me making a mental list of which former classmates I intended to drop the ‘Oh and I’m gay too,’ line on…some for pure shock value and some because I wanted to see the reaction from former circle jerk buddies. The closer I got to the old hometown, the more I was getting into the idea of the reunion being a fun time.

* * * * *

The gathering was being held at the Holiday Inn on the outskirts of town. I could have stayed at my parent’s house for free, but decided to spring for a room the night of the event. It made more sense to do that than to worry about counting drinks or having mom grill me if I didn’t come home at what she considered a reasonable hour. I even considered the unlikely possibility of hooking up with an old buddy in making the decision. No matter how old you get, moms still waited up for you and I wasn’t dealing with it on the night of the party…or the next day if I happened to get lucky.

After checking in, I took a short nap and followed it with a quick shower. The notice had said to dress casually, so I decided on a preppy look with a pair of khakis and an American Eagle polo. Once I had the hair all in place and satisfied at the reflection in the mirror, I headed for the lobby. I wanted to just sit and watch for a while as people came in instead of registering and start mingling right off the bat. It was all part of the game to me…seeing how many classmates I could recognize and how many might identify me without a name badge on. By the time the party room was half full, I had been able to establish who was who only about 50% of the time. Similarly only three people had come over to me with any idea of who I was. Yes, it had only been 10 years, but most of us had changed enough that instant recall wasn’t happening easily. Finally, I went to the sign-in table, obtained my name tag, and entered the noisy room.

The first thing that was even more apparent now that I was in the middle of the mix, was that some people had changed dramatically and others very little. The class president; who had been one of the pretty boys in high school; now looked like he had aged 25 years with a near bald head and wearing pants that had to have at least a 44″ waist. The class nerd still had a nerd look, but it came with honor now that he was an associate professor at Harvard. All the cheerleaders were bunched together gabbing…and from the looks of all of them, talking mostly about how to shed the pounds after popping out a couple of kids. One of the former ‘Plain Janes’ was attracting a lot of attention thanks to being dressed in a very tight cocktail dress and showing off cleavage to rival the Grand Canyon and what had to be enough silicon to float a battleship. Some of the other guys had changed little other than minor telltale signs of aging. Some…not surprisingly, mostly the jocks…were looking pretty sad compared to the athletic image they had a decade earlier. Other surprises included finding out that the biggest juvenile delinquent during high school, was now an attorney, and the biggest space cadet had become a minister…and now married to the former class slut!

The other major thing that became quickly obvious, was that the clique atmosphere had almost disappeared. Certainly there was still some of it going on, but all in all, most everyone seemed to be honestly making the effort at getting to know each other again and without the silly games that had been so prevalent back when who you hung out with mattered more than who you were. I was actually enjoying the experience even though I pondered why we had to be older to actually appreciate people we had shared so much life with growing up. I had just gotten into a good discussion with a friend I hadn’t seen since graduation, when he muttered, “Oh look…the Queen Bitch has arrived.”

I turned in time to see the one person that I expected…and secretly hoped…to have changed the most working her way through the crowd. Beth Crosby had been the ultimate country club bitch in high school. Stunningly beautiful, rich father, head cheerleader, homecoming queen, yearbook editor, lead in the senior class play, prom chairman, and an attitude to match it all. If you weren’t a part of what she considered ‘her class of people’ you didn’t exist. And now; ten years later; she still looked as good as ever and dressed the part. My friend grumbled again. “Bet you $50 that when she makes it over to us, she brings up how she was head cheerleader at state the year they won the Orange Bowl. She will never give up on playing her little high school games.”

I would soon discover that was not only a good prediction but that she also still had that air of superiority too; just used it a little more cunningly now. I turned my back to the small crowd that was following her around and changed topics with my friend. The respite from seeing the one girl I had actually despised in high school was short lived though.

Without even bothering to say ‘excuse me’ or anything else polite, Beth suddenly injected herself into our conversation. Her little entourage was right there too. After staring at my name tag, she put on as fake a smile as she could muster and declared, “Why Steven…it’s so good to see you. It’s been forever since we spoke, hasn’t it been?”

I rolled my eyes since no one except my grandmother ever called me ‘Steven’ and also because the few words she had just uttered probably exceeded all the ones combined she had ever said to me back in high school.

She did the same barely stealthy glance at Tim’s tag and gave him a similar bullshit banality. Without pausing for either of us to offer anything back, she launched into what seemed to be a prepared speech detailing her life since high school and centering mostly on her success at college as if being head cheerleader for a Big 10 team actually mattered out here in the real world. Droning on she added, “And then of course, like any fairytale romance between the cheerleader and quarterback should be, Jeff and I got married and all was going to be perfect when he was drafted by the Bengals.”

The slight pause she took was welcomed since I was busy admiring the fine ass of who I assumed was the ‘Jeff’ she had been speaking of. His back was to me and I was never a football fan, so I had no clue who he was.

“Then came the terrible injury during the third game of his second season,” she began again. “The damage to the knee was just too great and he had to give up football for a career in business.” Her newest hesitation was evidently so we could all commiserate with her. All Tim and I did was roll our eyes at each other.

“Oh honey,” she declared as she tapped Mister Sweet Cheeks on the shoulder, “I want you to meet some very good old friends of mine.” Turning back to us, she lastly offered, “Have you guys ever met a real NFL player before?” The patronizing smile on her face was one that made you want to slap her.

Just as I was ready to walk away before I told her what I really thought, hubby Jeff turned and automatically stuck out his hand. The words ‘Hello’ were barely off our lips when the expression on both our faces changed.

Mine went from smile to grin and finally to full blown smirk.

His began with a smile but morphed quickly to a look of sudden recognition and followed with one of instant fear.

It was obvious to the two of us that we both realized that this wasn’t the first time we had become acquainted. It had been under much different circumstances, but neither of us had changed much since that fateful night back when we were both college seniors. We were the same height, had similar builds, his blond hair was still as full as mine, and the deep blue eyes I remembered were drilling into my hazel ones…much the same way they had in the gay bar we met in when I had gone to Capital City for a party weekend. The only difference this time, was they were begging me to remain silent instead of to be taken back to my motel room.

* * * * *

I was sitting alone at a table off to the side later and watching the crowd. Tim had wandered off after I refused to tell him why I had broken up laughing after getting away from Beth and Jeff. As much as I would have loved to have destroyed little Miss Perfect Life, I couldn’t bring myself to out poor Jeff. Instead, I was now reliving the memories of that wild night with him at Motel 6. What had began as some overly playful groping and kissing at the bar, had transformed into a passion-filled night that ranged from serious sixty-nining one time to him pleading with me to fuck him later. When we parted company the next morning, I still had no idea I had just spent the night with the star quarterback of State University’s football team. I laughed to myself again realizing that until just a few minutes ago, I still hadn’t known that fact!

Several times I caught sight of Jeff glancing at me as if he was keeping track of my movements in the room. Probably worried that I was telling the world his little secret, I imagined. I smiled at him once when he held his gaze a little too long, but he made no attempt to come talk to me. I wasn’t going to make the effort either but I did keep an eye on him too…mainly because he was still one hell of a fine looking man. After thinking several times how I would still love to blow his wife up with the story, I got up to get another drink but decided to take a quick pee break first.

There was a line waiting outside the nearest bathroom so I wandered down the hall to where I knew another one was near the pool door. I was the only one in there, but still used one of the stalls out of habit. Just as I was zipping back up, I heard footsteps and water being turned on at a sink. When I pulled the stall door open and stepped out, that fine ass of Jeff’s was the first thing I saw. He was bent over the sink washing his hands, but looked up into the mirror above as I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t ascertain exactly what the expression on his reflected face meant, but shrugged and moved to the sink next to him. I finally broke the uneasy silence with, “Well isn’t this just a little awkward, Jeff?” and a grin.

“Oh you think so, do you?” came first. “I’ll show you ‘awkward’ Steve,” followed immediately.

Before I could react, I was being shoved back towards the stall I had just exited. As Jeff pushed me through the door, I cried out, “Hey man…CHILL!”

“I intend to do a lot more than ‘chill’ you,” spilled out as he kicked the door closed and pinned me to the wall. His eyes were blazing like hot coals in a barbeque.

I balled up my fists preparing to do battle best I could. Suddenly though, instead of being punched like I had expected, Jeff plastered his body against mine and drove his tongue in my mouth. Any fight in me wilted instantly and I succumbed to his forcefulness. Our hips grinded together while we kissed and the wandering hands that came next soon found the erections we had both developed.

Jeff eventually pulled back from my lips and grinned. “Not quite what you expected?” he asked.

“Well no…but I’m sure not complaining either,” I replied with a huge smile attached.

His hand kept working the bone in my khakis as he spoke. “I have dreamed for six years of finding you and be able to get together again. You were the hottest fuck I ever had.”

“Sure wish you had found me, Jeff. That night with you has never been forgotten either.” I was toying with his zipper and wondering if maybe a quick blowjob was all we could have. “Finding you at my class reunion was the last place I would have imagined ever seeing you again.” I paused before adding, “And being married to Beth of all people!”

“Fuck her,” he spat out. “She was nothing but cover for me all through college and I got trapped into the marriage when the pros started showing interest in me.” His eyes looked up to the ceiling. “It was stupid but all I could think of to keep rumors from starting.” When his eyes returned to mine, he began tugging at my belt and lustfully whispered, “Gawd, do you have any idea how bad I want you right now?”

“Probably as much as I want you.” My hand unzipped him and slid inside his fly to squeeze the hard lump hidden behind the soft cotton of his briefs. “But this sure isn’t the place for us to have our own reunion if we want one to really remember.”

Jeff first moaned as I caressed his cock and then offered, “No it isn’t, but what option do we have?” His hand worked its way down inside my waistband and boxers at the same time and grabbed my rod.

I felt his thumb smearing my pre over my mushroom and gave up my own groan of pleasure. “Depends on how much time you can get lost for…I have a room down at the end of the hall.” The grin on my face widened as I wiggled my fingers through the opening in his underwear and teased his flesh pole.

Jeff’s smile grew wide also. “That may be a lot easier than you think, stud. Beth and her little cheerleader gang are all into reliving their glory days at this point. A quick trip back through that crowd just to be seen, and I doubt if she would miss me for at least an hour. It wouldn’t be the whole night, but can sure get enough time to make things as interesting as we want to.” As if to seal the deal, he then pressed his lips back to mine and sucked my tongue from my mouth.

When I finally peeled him from my lips, I mumbled, “Let’s get back then and set it up. Especially before you have me leaking any more and creating a wet spot that cant be missed!” I oozed another large wad from my slit as he snickered and squeezed my cock hard one more time.

When Jeff pulled his fingers out of my pants, my man jam was shining on the tips. He raised them to his lips and seductively licked it off. “Oh yeah! Just as sweet as I remember,” came with a happy grin. “Hope you still cum in gallons ’cause my tonsils need fed bad.”

I fondled his bare cock once more and then dragged my hand from his fly. As I zipped him back up I quipped back, “Only when I have your mouth working me like an automatic milking machine.”

We finished adjusting our bulging boxes best we could and then Jeff opened the stall door. With a huge grin, he offered, “As Al Bundy used to say, ‘Let’s Rock!’”

* * * * *

It had taken virtually no effort for Jeff to be able to extract himself from Beth’s clutches. She had pretty much already shown him off to everyone at the party and gleefully waved him off when he said he was going outside for air for awhile. Just like back in high school, it was all about her and her trophy husband had already served his purpose. Jeff and I only stayed around long enough to not be obvious at disappearing together.

For some reason I was feeling a little nervous as I slipped the key card in the slot of my room door. Jeff pawing at my ass in the deserted hallway wasn’t helping. Part of it was from anticipation, but another part was that I usually avoided the situation I was in…being with a married man. I always enjoyed a good romp in the sack, but normally drew the line when I saw a wedding ring. With Jeff though, it was different somehow. Certainly the memories of the one other time we had hooked up were center stage, but the idea of stealing him away from the biggest bitch at the reunion was in play also. When the door popped open, I shuffled through it with a little apprehension still nagging at me. The room was dark except for the light coming from the partially open bathroom door.

Whether Jeff had sensed my slight mood change or not, he quickly drove it to the deepest recesses of my mind by pushing me against the wall and dropping to his knees. The hallway door clicked shut at the same time he clumsily began undoing my pants. When I felt them and my boxers slide down my thighs together, he looked up and throatily gasped, “I haven’t sucked cock in almost five years and want yours right now.”

Before I could suggest moving to the bed first, he had swallowed my thick tool completely in one rapid motion. I hugged the wall with outstretched arms to keep on my feet as his mouth worked me in a frenzy. My knees were quivering as he flicked and licked and slurped my throbbing seven inches as if it were an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. During his oral attention to me, I managed to interrupt him long enough to snake his polo up over his head and let it drop to the floor. He may have aged six years but the hard pecs I found with my hands sure hadn’t. When I pinched both nipples between my fingers, he moaned and swallowed my cock clear to the root and back to the head several times. Just as his tongue tip began fucking my piss slit, I yanked him up from the floor. “You are going to make me blow way too quick,” I whimpered to his face.

The grin on Jeff’s face was devilish. “Maybe that would be a good thing,” he replied. “Then when I keep you hard and get you to plow my ass, your stamina will be longer.” His palm continued working my bone as he added, “It’s been six years but if I remember correctly, you are good for more than just once or twice.”

The grin had now morphed to a lusting smirk. His busy hand left my cock and used both to begin tugging at my shirt to get it off. After he tossed it aside to join his on the floor, he kicked off his shoes, unzipped and pushed his slacks down and stepped out of them. He sauntered towards the bed and as he flopped down he ordered, “Finish getting naked and then get your fine body over here with me.”

I watched him intently as I slipped out of my shoes and wiggled my feet free of the khakis and boxers that had been bunched around my ankles. I felt one of his socks hit me in the head as I bent down to yank mine off. I stepped on the other one as I took three long strides to the bed. The bathroom light was just enough for me to be able to stand beside the bed and look down at his nude torso splayed before me like an all-you-eat buffet. I let one hand drag sensuously across his large erection and move to cup his balls as I crawled in with him. “I can’t decide whether I want to suck your cock, chew on those huge nuts, eat your ass, or just start with a good all-over tongue bath,” was my observation.

This story has been a labour of love for me. I had requested the help of editors but non seemed to want to commit to helping me so I was left with no other choice than to self edit.

The basic theme of the story has a connection to my own experiences although the story it self is pure fiction. Any similarities to anyone living or deceased is purely coincidental.

I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 — Caring for Donald

London had just woken up and people were bustling about in the rush hour. It amused Tommy that he was just coming home when everyone else was starting work. He was on his way home after a night caring for a sick elderly woman and he was tired. That was his job, he was a carer, not working in a home but for the rich and elite who could afford care at home. Tommy liked it, it paid well and as a fully qualified nurse he got a better rate.

As he continued his journey home it’s then he saw him, a young man in his twenties walking his way. He was slim with jet black hair, his jawline strong and defined. His mouth featured a set of plump rose coloured lips framed by a pair of dimples that would most definitely become more pronounced when he smiled. His eye’s were like dark brown pools that seemed to draw you in as they glistened in the sun. To Tommy it was the most handsome face he had ever seen, well, since his first love.

Their eyes locked and neither of them could look away as they passed, it was as though they recognised each other. Tommy definitely had the distinct feeling they had met before.

It wasn’t unusual for Tommy to attract attention, he still looked good for his age and at forty one, most would say early thirties. His natural blond hair was soft and his boyish looks often courted the interest of both male and female alike. His body was still lean too, he hadn’t put on an ounce of fat throughout his life. It always flattered Tommy that he would receive such interest but he never paid it much attention, until now.

They were both lost in their stare at each other when the young man slammed into a lamppost. Tommy gasped as the young man fell on his back. Tommy ran over.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

“Ow!” The young man cried holding his hand on his forehead.

“Let me see,” Tommy said and pulled the hand from his face. Blood poured from a fairly large cut.

“Ooh, thats nasty. Come with me, I can clean that up for you. I’m a nurse. My apartment is just round the corner,” Tommy suggested.

“Thanks,” the young man said as Tommy helped him to his feet.

This was a first for Tommy, he never ever invited strange men back to his apartment but there was something about this guy that was so familiar.

Inside, the young man sat on a couch holding a handkerchief to his head. Tommy appeared with a bottle of antiseptic and dressings. He dabbed the cut with cotton buds, the young man yelped from the stinging.

“What’s your name?” Tommy asked.


“Really? It’s not often I meet someone with the same na…” He trailed off as a feeling of deja-vue overwhelmed him, “wait, we’ve met before, haven’t we?”

“Yes, this isn’t the first time you’ve rescued me.”

“I’d hardly call it a rescue,” Tommy suddenly remembered, “It was years ago, you were being chased by some other kids.”

“That’s right,” Thomas replied, “Ten years to be precise, I was fourteen. You were very kind to me, as you are being now.”

Tommy laughed, “It’s my job, I’m a…”

“Nurse, yes, you said already.”

“You never did tell me why they were chasing you.”

“Because they found out I was, er, am gay.”

Tommy looked at him a little shocked, he’d never met anyone so open and confident about their sexuality before, but then again this was London in the sixties and times were changing fast.

Tommy studied the young man in front of him, those large brown eyes seemed to draw him in, almost hypnotise him. Suddenly he felt an attraction that he hadn’t felt for years. His head became light, his heart raced and he got an erection, he was very very hard. He knew, however, he would never let anything happen between them, he was celibate and that’s how he wanted it to stay. He was never going to let go of that first love he had when he was younger, no one will ever take that away from him.

As he knelt in front of Thomas he felt the air become sexually charged with his confession.

“That’s a bold thing to admit to a stranger,” Tommy said nervously.

“I don’t consider you a stranger,” Thomas replied, “you were so nice to me I knew it would be ok to tell you. Besides it’s not illegal anymore.”

Tommy knew what he was referring to, the year was 1967 and just that week the UK government had made sex between men legal. “Yes but there are still a lot of people out there that don’t understand.”


They fell silent for a while as Tommy cleaned Thomas’s cut. Thomas looked around, “So, are you married?”

“Are you hitting on me?” Tommy teased.

Thomas blushed, “No I’m not, honest, it’s just that I see you’re wearing a wedding ring.”

“Oh, yeah, I wear it to keep stalkers like you away.”

Thomas laughed but he seemed to be really happy to hear that Tommy was not married. As he laughed Tommy noticed his eyes seemed to sparkle, his dimples deepen and his perfect white teeth dazzle him. It reminded him of his first love.

“Have you ever been married?” Thomas asked.

“Almost, but I chickened out at the last minute.”

Thomas’s mood changed from joy to sadness, surprising Tommy somewhat.


“Well I just didn’t think I was ready,” Tommy said using his stock answer for anyone that ever enquired into his marital status.

“Or is it because you loved someone else?”

Tommy gazed at the young man in shock, how could he have possibly known? He seemed to be very very perceptive.

“Well now you mention it there was someone else.” Tommy smiled.

“A man?” Thomas asked beaming.

Tommy almost fell back on his ass. “What?”

“I know you’re gay.”

Tommy choked, “I-I-I’m sorry?”

“I knew you were gay the moment I met you, especially the way you looked at me in the street earlier.”

Tommy placed a dressing over Thomas’s cut, “Well that’s as maybe but I don’t go sleeping around with just anyone you know.” He snapped. In fact he didn’t sleep around with anyone full stop.

“Neither do I you know. I really am not trying to hit on you.”

Tommy felt a bit silly about being on the defensive, “No, of course not.” he said as he cleaned the rest of the blood from Thomas’s face.

Thomas look around the room, “Nice place you have here.”

“Took years to get it like this.”

Thomas noticed a photograph of a man holding a baby, it’s in a frame, but the edges of the photo were singed. He studied it in his hands.

“Where did you get this photo?”

“Oh, it was sent to me by some people in America, why?”

“This is him, isn’t it?”

Again Tommy was astounded by his perceptiveness, was there no end to it? Normally he would just deny it but there was something about Thomas’s charming personality that he felt comfortable with. For some reason he couldn’t explain he felt okay telling him the truth. “Yes, he was my first and only love.”


Tommy nodded.

“You’ve never been with anyone else since?”

Tommy shook his head.

“Wow,” Thomas gazed at Tommy, “you still love him, don’t you?”

Tommy took the picture off him, “He was a very special man, I don’t think I could ever love anyone else,” he said dreamily to the photo. “Anyway,” he said snapping out of his trance and returning the picture to its place.

“What would you do if you met him now?” Thomas asked.

“That’s not going to happen.”

“Why not?”

“Because he’s dead,” Tommy stood, “would you like a coffee or something?”

Thomas appeared confused and shocked. He stood too.

“Er, no thanks. Are you sure he’s dead?”

“Yeah, the people who sent me the photo said that he died with his wife in a fire.”

Thomas went silent for a moment, he seemed to be thinking, “I have to go, but first I need to ask you a favour. Are you freelance?”

Tommy was half expecting a further barrage of questions but this change of subject surprised him.

“What, nursing you mean?”

Thomas nodded.

“I do a fair bit, yes. Why?”

“My father is dying, and quite frankly the nurse we have now is useless. I’d like to hire you, will you come round tomorrow morning, it would mean the world to me.”

“Well, I don’t know, I have a lot on my case right now.”

“I’ll pay you well, shall we say £5?”

Tommy was going to say forget it as five pounds for a shift was a bit of an insult, “An hour,” Thomas added, Tommy’s eyes widened, he was stunned at such a figure.

“No? How about £10 an hour?”

For that kind of money Tommy would gladly cancel his other cases, “Ok, what time?”

“10 a.m, here’s my card.”

He handed Tommy his business card, then kissed him on the cheek. Although Tommy wasn’t used to such a show of affection, especially from a man, it felt wonderful, like a butterfly kiss.

Thomas made his own way out leaving Tommy feeling a bit stunned. He picked up the photo and wondered why Thomas showed such an interest in it. He looked at the business card, Thomas Richardson, suddenly he realised he had just been sitting with the son of Donald Richardson, the wealthiest, yet most elusive business man in London.

* * * *

Park Lane, with its magnificent Victorian buildings and expensive cars, was the favoured haunt of the elite and wealthy. Tommy had only passed through this street once before and he wondered what secrets lay behind the walls and doors.

He looked at the address on the card and quickly found the building, one of the largest in the street. He walked up the steps to the large black doors and pulled on a brass lever. Shortly the doors opened and he was greeted by the butler, an elderly gentleman of about fifty-five who carried himself with an air of gentry, walked with grace and spoke clearly and slowly without the slightest hint of emotion.

“Good morning sir, Mr Anderson I presume?” Theodor asked.

“That’s correct.”

“Please enter,” Theodor said.

As Tommy moved past him into the hallway he gasped.

“It has that effect on many that visit for their first time,” The butler said.

The black marble floor of the entrance hall sparkled with gold speckles like tiny stars, or was it copper? A splendid staircase split into two and curved to each side of the room. The ceiling, awash with intricate plaster mouldings and carvings looked like a work of art. But the thing that really caught his eye was the massive chandelier. It had an unimaginable amount of glass in it, how the ceiling was strong enough to hold it was beyond belief.

“This way please sir.”

Ascending the stairs they eventually came to a pair of double doors opening into a plush bedroom with white chiffon curtains, Georgian wardrobes and a large four- poster bed. Enough light streamed through the gaps in the shuttered windows to illuminate the room.

On the bed lay a frail looking man, gaunt, his eyes sunken into their sockets and his hair falling out in clumps. An oxygen tank fed him via a tube through his nose and an intravenous drip was connected to his arm. Donald Richardson had his eyes closed and seemed to be sleeping.

“Oh you must be my replacement,” A female voice said with a strong Irish accent.

Startled, Tommy turned to see a nurse who must have been just behind the doors. She held out a clipboard so he gracefully took it from her.

Theodor made the introductions: “This is Thomas Anderson, Thomas this is Nina Macintyre,”

“Please call me Tommy,” he said holding out his hand.

“Everything you need to know is on there.” She shook his hand, and pointing to the clipboard, said, “His next medication is due at 3:00pm.”

“How long does he have?” Tommy asked.

“The doctors are amazed he’s lasted this long, should have died two months ago according to them.”

Then, as abruptly as she had appeared, she was gone, “Wow! That was short and sweet,” Tommy said.

“I believe the twenty-four hour shift she has just finished my have something to do with that.” Theodor surmised.

“I will take my leave, sir, Mr Richardson is quite keen to see you.”

Tommy nodded and the old man gracefully closed the large doors behind him.

Tommy walked over to the windows and opened up the shutters to allow more light in the room. He sat on the bed and while taking Mr Richardson’s pulse studied the sleeping man, there was something vaguely familiar. It was hard to judge his age for in his current condition he would look much older than he really was. Tommy had seen this before, his condition seemed to be in its final stages, he guessed the poor soul wouldn’t be around for much longer.

The doors opened again and Thomas came into the room.

“I’m so glad you came,” Thomas said.

Thomas stood by the bed and took hold of his father’s hand.

Tommy couldn’t see any resemblance in them but then Mr Richardson was so gaunt and pale.

“He should have been dead months ago but it’s like he’s hanging on, as though there’s something he needs to do,” Thomas said.

Tommy didn’t say anything, he wondered how the poor man could do anything in his current state. He gazed at Thomas, he could see the love in his face for his dying father. This was the part of his job he hated most, seeing grief and worry in the faces of the patients, family or loved ones. He had learned years ago not to become attached to his patients or their families, it was a cold necessity that helped him do his job, otherwise he would have quit a long time ago.

The young man leaned in and kissed his father on the forehead, tears welling in his eyes. Tommy did his best to ignore it and proceeded to take Donald’s pulse again, having lost concentration when Thomas had entered the room.

“I’m sorry,” he said, wiping his eyes.

“No need for apologies,” Tommy replied.

“Would you like me to leave?” he asked.

“No, you’re fine. I’m just making a few notes, and checking his medication. You’re welcome to stay,” Tommy said, “besides it would be better for him to see a familiar face when he wakes up instead of a complete stranger.”

Thomas had a smirk on his face, Tommy ignored it as part of the young man’s quirky nature.

“You know you never finished telling me about your first and only love. I would love to hear the rest.” Thomas said.

“What? I can’t do that,” Tommy replied, a little embarrassed.

“Please, I really would love to hear it.”

He stared into Thomas’s big brown eyes and couldn’t refuse. He had never told anyone about his first love, it was a secret he kept only to himself. Perhaps it might be okay to tell someone; to share it. Tommy walked to the window and sat in one of the two armchairs. Thomas followed.

“Well, it all started in 1944.”

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