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My eyes shot fully open as I felt the head of his cock pop into my ass. I heard a loud moan as I felt him slip slowly, inch by agonizing inch, into me. It took me a moment to realize that it was me moaning as my eyes focused on the water in the clean, white bowl in front of my face.

I had snapped into full consciousness suddenly, but it still took a few moments for my brain to slip completely into gear and ask the most important questions: where the hell am I? Who is attached to the baseball bat sized cock that’s now starting to slowly fuck me?

The first question was relatively easy. I’ve never been fucked over a toilet before, but I’ve certainly used enough toilets to recognize the porcelain bowl I was leaning over. I’m not at home because my bathroom has a carpet floor, and I can feel that I’m kneeling on tile. Besides, I’m reasonably certain that I’m in a public toilet as I can feel the part in the front of the toilet seat digging into my stomach. Does anyone have a u-shaped toilet seat at home?

I still don’t remember how I got here, my head is screaming, and the world is swimming in front of my eyes. Still, I pick my head up for a moment to look and see who is behind me. I catch a glimpse of metal piping in front of my face, and graffitied, beige partition to my left. Definitely a public toilet. But, when I turn around, all I see is a huge, calloused hand. He had quickly moved his hand off my hip, and he pushed my face back into the toilet bowl before I could get a look at him.

I grunted as he slammed into me even harder now. His right hand still on my hip; his left hand now firmly holding my head on the toilet. Thankfully, he seemed content to let me rest my head on my forearms on the back of the toilet seat. The limited view I’d had of his hand, and the force that he was fucking me with left little doubt that he was strong enough to put my face in the water if he decided to do so.

I remember heading out to a bar earlier this evening. The bar was a couple blocks over from my hotel, but it had looked interesting enough to try having a couple drinks at. Besides, I never like hanging out in the hotel bar. You never know who’s around, and if I do get lucky, I don’t want word to filter back to the office that I’m using these trips to meet men.

The bar was dimly lit with a few tvs in the corners playing various sporting events. I remember picking a seat at a table in the corner, and sitting back with a bottle of beer to watch a football game. That’s where my memory starts to break down.

I remember being approached by a tall, muscular guy with short, dark, spiky hair. He was wearing a nice, blue striped shirt and khaki pants. He was exactly my type, physically, and I remember the impression that he was very friendly. I only remember bits and pieces of our conversation, but I definitely remember wondering why he was making such an effort to get me drunk as he bought shot after shot of tequila. I remember admiring his ass as he walked back to the bar for more shots one time, and wondering to myself how much longer he’d wait to invite me somewhere more quiet.

I hear myself moaning again as he’s fucking me. The water in the toilet is starting to slosh around he’s pounding into me so hard. He’s not moving quickly, just incredibly forcefully. He pulls out until just the very tip of his cock is still into me. Then, he slams into me in one move until I can feel his pubes grinding into my ass. He pushes so hard into me that I get the feeling that he would push his cock right out my belly button if he could. He twists his hips around a few times, grinding himself into me as hard as he could, then slowly, so incredibly slowly, he pulls out until just the tip was left in me again. He was constantly changing his rhythm. Sometimes I would gasp in surprise as he slammed back into me before he was done pulling all the way out. Other times, he would leave just the tip in me for so long that I couldn’t resist whimpering a little, wanting him back inside me.

I certainly couldn’t complain about his technique as he fucked me. He felt incredible. Now, if only I could remember who it was, I could really enjoy this. Well, I would enjoy this if I knew who he was, and if we were somewhere safer. I didn’t enjoy the thought of being caught like this in an unfamiliar bar that hadn’t even given off a vibe as a gay bar, though given the circumstances, some gay men obviously hooked up here. More importantly, I tried to keep my mind off the activity that usually took place on the toilet that my face was now mashed into. I’ve bent over a counter once or twice before, but never a toilet. I was usually so much smarter and more cautious about the guys that I let get into my pants.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I knew that it was the man in the blue shirt from the bar. I was certainly ready to let him fuck me even without him getting me this drunk. Or had i been drugged? I’ve never had my memory this trashed before. Was it Steve? No, Paul sounded right. Maybe Mike? God, I have no idea what his name is, if it’s even him. I felt like such a slut.

I felt his right hand running up my naked back as he fucks me, and I suddenly wonder where my clothes are. I can still feel my socks on my feet and up my calves, but I don’t think that I am wearing anything else. I don’t even feel my shoes. I gasp as he pounds into me particularly violently, and I struggle to remember what happened to my tie. I liked that tie.

I don’t remember anything between doing tequila shots with… let’s call him Steve… and having his cock in my ass. Based on the slight taste left in my mouth, I assume I sucked him at some point tonight. At least I hope it was the guy fucking me and I haven’t acted like even more of a slut than I realize.

Shit, I hope he’s wearing a condom. I don’t let guys fuck me bare, but I don’t even remember him taking my pants off, I certainly don’t remember getting a condom onto him. I’ve never hoped that a guy went through my pockets without my permission before, but if he had, he at least would have found the condom I always keep in my back pocket when I go out.

He’s been fucking me for what feels like hours now. He must be close. How the hell am I going to get him to pull out. It’s still risky, but it’s at least slightly better than letting him cum inside me bare, isn’t it?

I felt his weight shift as he put both his hands on my shoulders and leaned down over me. He wasn’t really fucking me anymore. More like grinding into my ass, his cock all the way inside me, as he leaned down far enough to whisper into my ear. I could feel his hot breathe on my cheek as I hear, “does it turn you on to know that I’m going to cum in your ass?”

I did my best to shake my head. I was still too drunk to trust that words would come out properly.

He chuckled in my ear for a moment as he continued to grind into me. “Oh really? So this slut does have boundaries after all. You’re willing to bend over in a public toilet for a guy you just met, but you draw the line at letting me cum inside you?”

His cock picked that moment to find a particularly good spot in my ass, and I just moaned.

“Ok then, so you don’t want me cumming inside you.” He pulled out and slammed all the way into me. “Does it turn you on to know that you don’t have a choice?”

I whimpered as I realized that he was right. He felt like a bodybuilder. I probably didn’t stand a chance under the best of circumstances. There was no way I could fight him off from this position while I was still so drunk or drugged or whatever.

“Please?” I managed to croak out.

I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as he just laughed again and resumed fucking me.

“Please.” He just kept fucking me. Faster now, clearly getting ready to cum. What would get his attention? “I… want to feel you… on my ass. Please”

He just laughed again. “Pull out of this sweet ass just to cum up your back? Not a shot.”

Terror swept through me. Sure, maybe I’ve been a bit slutty over the years, but I always play safe. I’m obsessive about not letting guys into me unless they’re wearing a condom. I know one time is probably no big deal, and he’s already in me bare, but I was drunk and emotional. I slumped down into the toilet, going limp. “Please,” I almost sobbed. “Anywhere else.”

My heart leapt as I heard, “fine. I wouldn’t want to be accused of forcing you or anything.” My heart quickly sunk back down as his next words came out, “I guess I could be convinced to pull out if you really like to take it on your face.”

I hate cum on my face. It always feels so demeaning, and it’s impossible to clean off. The most recent guy who’d done it to me had shot straight into my eyes. It burned like hell. Asshole. I can’t let… Steve… cum inside me bare though. A little pain and humiliation is better than HIV or hepatitis.

“Fine, yes. You can cum on my face.”

He didn’t even break his rhythm as he kept fucking me. “Like I said, I can be convinced if you really like it on your face. You’ll have to do better than that.”

He was only pulling part way out now before grinding back into me. He was fucking me fast and hard, and his breathing was getting heavier and heavier. I was running out of time. “Please sir. I want to watch you cum. I want to see that massive cock finishing for me. I want to feel you all over my face. I would do anything to feel your cum on my face.”

The world was still fuzzy and swimming in front of my eyes, but the thought of him cumming in me bare was sobering me up fast. The horror of having to explain a positive test to my wife was like a shot of ice water directly to my brain. I can understand how people lift cars off of babies now.

He didn’t answer me. He just grabbed my hair and pulled me back off the toilet. I felt my ass gape as he pulled out. He used my hair as a handle to spin me around and put me on my knees in front of him. I felt the cold porcelain of the front of the toilet digging into my back. The tiles under my knees now damp from my sweat.

I was face to face with his penis. I caught a glimpse of the odd, cherry red color of his cock before my eyes slammed shut. I was still too drunk for my stomach to handle that spin maneuver, so I shut my eyes and concentrated all my effort on not puking on this guys crotch.

My drunken brain finally registered what that bizarre color on his cock had been as I felt him drop the used condom on my forehead. I didn’t even care about how I was going to have to clean my hair; all I could feel was the slimy part of the condom draped down the middle of my forehead. He’s been essentially raping a guy drugged or drunk into submission in a public toilet, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he’s an asshole. At least he wasn’t in me bare like I’d feared.

I hear him grunt loudly, simultaneous with a thick rope of cum splattering up over my nose, my right eyelid, and surely back into my hair. He grunts again. Another rope of cum lands further down the right side of my face, on my cheek and forehead. By the fourth or fifth grunt, I feel the tip of my cock running along my upper lip as he gives me a cum moustache. Again, asshole.

He pushed his cock between my lips as much as he could. I knew what he wanted, but I was done pleasuring this ass. His cum is cooling all over my face and in my hair, I can’t open my eyes because there’s cum on my eyelids, I feel his slimy, used condom across my forehead, and all I can taste on his cock is the latex and lube from the condom. He’s lucky I’m avoiding puking on him, there’s no way I’ll be sucking his cock any more.

He gives up after a minute, and I hear the stall door open. I reach up to rub the cum out of my eyes so I can open them, but he is gone by the time I can see anything. He didn’t even say goodbye. I feel so… used.

I shakily get to my feet, and I can see myself through the open stall door in the mirror above the sinks. I’m a mess. Naked, with cum all over my face, and an obviously used, cherry red condom draped across my forehead and back into my hair. My ass is sore and still gaping slightly, my face feels revolting, and I just want to go home.

I look around for my clothes and find my white undershirt, my grey pants, and my black shoes scattered all over the floor of the bathroom. I have no idea how we didn’t get caught with the amount of noise we were making and my clothes all over the place. The pockets have been emptied on my pants. My cell phone, wallet, and keys were all gone. I didn’t even care at this point. I just wanted to go home. My nice shirt, boxers, and tie were nowhere to be seen. I really liked that tie.

I did my best to use the sink and paper towels to wipe the cum off my face. I got my face reasonably clean, but my hair was hopeless. I just had to move quickly through the bar and back to my hotel room to get the rest of the way cleaned up. The bar was dark, and it must be night time outside by now, so I had some hope. The brightly lit hotel lobby would be humiliating, but there wasn’t much I could do about that at this point.

I steadied myself against the door for a moment. Then, I pulled it open and stepped out into the bar. Immediately, I could see that something was wrong.

The man in the blue shirt was nowhere to be seen. No one else was at the bar or at the tables either. All the tvs were off, and the place was almost deserted. There were two hulking bouncers standing at the door with their arms crossed. Between the bouncers was a large, older white guy. Where the bouncers looked like pure muscle, he looked like he hadn’t seen a gym a day in his life. He was probably 6 inches shorter than the bouncers, but still taller than me. He glowered at me as I walked toward the door.

My heart sunk lower and lower into my stomach as he stared me down. I knew what was coming, my face burning with shame. He just silently stared me down as I got closer and closer to him. He was rooted to the spot, not moving out of my way. I stopped, two feet away from him with no way to get by him and the bouncers. Then, I heard the two most terrifying words I’ve ever heard in my life.

“Have fun?”

I stared at his feet with no idea what to say. My ass still sore and the room still spinning from the drinks. I had cleaned myself as best as I could, but I still felt like I had hot cum all over my face as he stared at me. I had thrown the condom away, but I felt like I could still feel its slime cooling across my forehead.

“Nothing to say for yourself? A gay hooker’s been working my bar for months now. Harassing my customers, fucking up my bathroom, getting me in trouble with the cops. You wouldn’t have any idea about that either, would you?”

Hooker? Months? I’ve only been in town for a few days, and I certainly didn’t get paid for what had happened back there. I looked at him and shakily said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh really? So you weren’t just fucking in my bathroom?”

I stared at his feet again, my face burning in shame. I mumbled something so incoherently and quietly that even I didn’t know what I was trying to say. I flinched as his hand came out toward my face. He didn’t hit me though. Instead, he reached a finger out and ran it along my hairline. When he pulled it back, we could both clearly see the glob of cum on the tip of his finger.

Each bouncer silently plopped a massive hand on each of my shoulders, and I fell to my knees in front of them. I could feel the tears running down my face as I looked up at what was clearly the owner from on my knees. He had his phone in his hand, dialing what I could only assume was the police.

“Please.” I begged. “Please don’t call the police.”

The phone was at his ear. My life flashed before my eyes. My wife finding out, getting fired from my job, my friends and family hearing it reported that I was accused (even falsely) of being a prostitute.

“Yes, this is Mr. O’Neil of O’Neil’s bar and grill. I’d like to report that I’ve made a citizens arrest. Sure, I’ll hold.”

“Please,” I sobbed. “I’ll do anything.”

The owner just raised his eyebrows at me as he reached to the front of his pants and lowered his zipper. The phone was still up to his ear as he said, “you have until I’m off hold to convince me.”

I crawled across the floor to him and lowered his pants to his ankles. His hard cock fell out of his pants and onto my face. He tasted musky as I took him into my mouth as enthusiastically as I’ve ever sucked a cock in my life. He wasn’t my type at all, and he smelled like he hadn’t had a shower all day, but unemployment and divorce were even less my type.

I hadn’t been sucking him for more than a few moments when I heard him on the phone again. “Yes? No, it looks like I actually don’t have anything to report now. Yes, it looks like he’s decided to pay up. I apparently just needed you to scare him a bit. Thanks for that. Oh yes, it looks like he has a long night ahead of him, but I think we’ll be able to solve this as private citizens.”

My heart sunk as I heard about my “long night.” I just wanted to go home. I tried to concentrate on the cock in my mouth, but I couldn’t help noticing the bouncers lowering the blinds and starting to rub their own crotches.

I heard him on the phone above me again after a long pause, and the gravity of my situation really began to hit home. “Yes, of course you can come by anytime tonight, officer. I’d be happy to have him do some work for you or any of your squad. Of course I’ll call back if he decides to resist any more. Let me know when you’re going to drop by, and I’ll have him ready.”

I tried to focus on the taste in my mouth, his gray pubic hair in front of my face, the bead of sweat starting to trickle down his inner thigh. Anything but the situation I was in.

I felt his hands on my head when he hung up the phone. “It looks like you’ve convinced me. You’ll be repaying me and my staff for all the trouble you’ve caused. I’d move quickly too if I were you. I’ve heard that Officer Daniel and his squad can be quite vicious when they catch a whore like you. Do you understand?”

I tried to ignore the now naked bouncers on either side of me and the terrifying thought of what was in store for me as I redoubled my efforts on the owner’s cock.

I’ve had to do a lot of travelling and working away from home in the past month. I’m writing this stuck alone in a hotel room.

I was very lucky to have been “picked-up” by a very handsome flight attendant (who like me is also Asian) when I was going up to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. At first it was just a one-off hook up — but he was happy to try Watersports and has found he likes it a lot. I think partly because he seems to be naturally able to pee with an erection (which I had to learn how to do),

We can only meet up at his apartment for a short time when we both happen to be in town at the same time — but after our first time I brought him a present of some waterproof mattress covers and sheets (more fun than the bathroom)..

Last Saturday afternoon I had sneaked away from my family to see him — I made sure I had a very full tank. He lives quite far out and it’s a long taxi ride — so long I did end up doing a small amount of piss in my jeans on the way there.

He opened the door — totally naked with a full erection. He’s a bit taller than me, uncut but slightly shorter and thicker erect penis that doesn’t point up as much as mine does. I was late — he joked he’d had to masturbate to stay hard enough to hold his piss in — his penis twitched when I pointed out the damp patch on my jeans. I bit a Viagra tablet in half for us then took my top and shoes off.

He licked my neck and ear then we kissed for a while — I undid the fly buttons of my jeans while he got a towel to stand on. With a struggle he managed to get his penis in through the front of my pants — on the same side and above mine. My penis was aching being bent to one side and desperate to piss — I rubbed our double bulge in my jeans. He was playing with my nipples as we deep kissed.

After a while I took the tube of lube out of my pocket — put some on my fingers and reached round and into his ass crack. He moved his legs a bit apart — I felt for the right spot and pushed two fingers into his body quite fast. He groaned into my mouth as I felt his hot piss spraying inside my jeans right on the head of my penis.

We were both moaning in pleasure still kissing — I felt near to orgasm — the incredible hot wet feeling on my balls and of his pee trickling down the inside of my legs. His hand squeezed the wet crotch of my pants as he managed to stop his stream.

We grinned at each other as I undid the top button of my jeans — freeing our penises — pulled my pants down and kicked them aside. For a while we stood looking down as we stroked each others penises and balls. He kneeled down and took my penis in his mouth — my balls were aching — so tight they’d almost disappeared. I tried to push but couldn’t piss for him — then I said to lets have a break for a drink.

His bedroom is small (even by HK standards) — his king sized bed only just fits — one side against the wall. He’s got a big mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed. We sat down on the bed — cross legged facing each other — drinking and playing slowly with our own penises as we talked about what we’d been doing since we last met. I felt a wave of desperation — clenched my ass tight and started to masturbate myself much more quickly.

He smiled at me as I moaned — I felt my bladder relax — my piss shot up into the air — landing on his leg. I mostly stopped my stream – still leaking a small amount I told him to lie on his back.

I laid on top straddling him so our penises were touching squeezed between our bodies as we kissed again. It felt so awesome as I let go a big spurt of piss between our bodies – both of us moaning — he said to lets do 69. As we got into position lying on our sides — seeing the wet patch on the clean white sheet made me excited.

The faint smell of piss from his crotch was gorgeous — he’s got a beautiful penis — I pulled back his foreskin to reveal his pink penis head. We just sucked each other — not using our hands. I heard his muffled moan then his piss spurted into my mouth. I closed my lips round his penis and let my mouth fill — then sprayed it back round his penis and over his balls. I tried to piss in his mouth as well — but the taste of his had made me too horny.

We carried on sucking — both using our hands as well now — letting each other know to stop just before we got too close to cumming. It was quite a while — I can’t remember which of us suggested a drink break. My penis felt like it was throbbing with lust — his naked body looked so beautiful.

His skin is lighter than mine at the moment (it’s the end of winter in HK while I’ve still not lost my Australian summer tan). He had a pink flush all over — his nipples were rock hard and I could see his penis twitching from his heart beat.

This time we quickly drunk our drinks — then lay down stroking each others bodies as we talked. We were both breathing heavily and also switched to talking in English (all Cantonese before). I said how hot and cute he was — he said much the same to me.

He said something like “Lick my Ass Bitch”. He kneeled on the bed on all fours — cross ways so he could see us in the mirror. I got behind him — put my penis against his puckered hole and wet it with a spurt of piss — then I sprayed the back of his balls. I kneeled down behind him and rimmed him while using one hand to play with his penis.

He loves being rimmed — I blew on his hole – as I pushed my tongue in he pissed on my hand — I smacked his ass cheek quite hard. Then he said he was going to fuck me — told me to lay on my back. I held both my ankles — he kneeled down and sucked my penis then licked my balls – I felt his hot breath on my ass then his tongue pleasuring my anus — he is really awesome at rimming. I could see his ass in the mirror — very smooth with a slight red tinge where I’d smacked it.

Sadly we don’t do bareback together — I’ve promised my partners not to with others – plus he’s equally as careful. He put on a condom and put lube on my ass and some on my penis. He got between my legs and guided his penis then pushed. I relaxed my muscles — my piss spurted out as he thrust his penis deep inside me. I just used my finger to rub the tip of my penis — felt the hot piss on my chest running down my sides and beneath my back.

I loved watching his face as he was fucking me slowly — I kept myself just on the edge. It wasn’t long before he started to moan — then thrusting wildly – in the mirror the muscles of his sexy ass pumping hard — he yelled out that he was cumming.

His face was flushed as he withdrew from my body — I lowered my legs and he got on top of them kneeling with his balls squashed against mine. I could see his white cream filling the tip of his condom — he gently stroked my penis. I played with my nipples — my heart was pounding. He smiled at me and moaned — his condom ballooned with his light yellow piss — thin strings of white semen floating in it.

I reached down and masturbated his penis inside his piss filled condom. Piss was leaking out onto his balls then I pulled his condom off. His hot piss and cum flooded over our balls — a small dribble of piss still leaking out of his penis. Warm urine trickling round my balls — pooling in my ass crack. The amazing feeling as I started to orgasm — my muscles pumping. My first spurt went right over my head — I was still ejaculating as he climbed off my lap, I moved further down the bed while he picked up a butt plug — then he kneeled over me 69.

A few drops of piss from the wet black hair on his balls landed on my face as he put his penis in my mouth. He started sucking my penis — I reached down to my ass — collected some of the lube still there on my fingers. He smelled so good — a mixture of sweat and pee — his sexy balls and ass right above my face. I reached up and slid my finger into his ass — he let go a thin stream of piss in my mouth — I swallowed some and let the rest run down my cheek.

I felt the delicious ache in my penis as my urge to piss built up — I told him I was ready. He slowly pushed the big black butt-plug into my anus — intense relief and pleasure as I felt my piss spurting out into his mouth. His lips sealed around me till he had a mouthful –he let it back out over me just as my ass was being stretched.

My hot piss was running down around the butt-plug — I squeezed tight round the butt-plug’s narrower base as I struggled to stop myself urinating. We were both sucking hard and using our hands on each others penises as well. Using Viagra seems to work best if you keep on going after you’ve cum. This butt-plug is just the right shape for self fucking (sort of double cone) I lifted my knees. I pushed it almost out — making me do a small spurt of piss — then squeezed my anus to make it come back in.

I’d managed to get three fingers into his ass so I could reach his prostate using my other hand as well as my mouth on his penis. He was groaning as he sucked me — took his hand off my penis and used it instead to fuck me with the butt-plug. He climbed off me and put a condom on my penis — then he squatted over me with his back to me and guided my penis inside him. He switched to kneeling and bounced up and down on me. I liked seeing my shaft entering his ass and also able to see his face in the mirror.

My penis was starting to get less hard — I said to he could be my wet doggy (he’s born in the year of the Water Dog). I didn’t try to stay inside while we changed position — he kneeled as I put more lube on the condom and masturbated myself hard again. I slid in easily and started fucking him hard — I pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the head of his penis with my lubed hand.

We were looking each other in the eyes in the mirror as I kept pounding his ass. His knees had small pools of piss round them — a couple of times I used these to wet my fingers to stop the lube drying out. I got close to cumming again. I pushed on the butt-plug till it popped out of my ass then I started cumming. I leaned forward over his back — now I could feel my legs were very tired. I asked him if he’d cum — he said not yet.

I got him to sit cross-legged facing the mirror then I sat behind with my legs either side of him. We were both sitting in small pools of piss — now getting a bit cold round my balls. My penis was starting to go soft in the condom — I got up close to his ass — reached round to masturbate him with one hand — the other holding the condom on the base of my penis.

My hand masturbating him was quite tired — I smiled at him in the mirror as I relaxed and my soft penis started urinating in my condom – which began bulging out between our bodies. He said it was nice and warm. – I was surprised how much piss I had left. I saw the dreamy look in his eyes and let go of the base of the condom. My fresh Piss gushed out between our bodies making the pools of urine we were sitting in warmer. He moaned — only shooting three or four small spurts of semen.

I flopped down on the only fairly dry part of the bed left. He kneeled between my legs both of our penises were soft. His penis is much larger than mine when soft — almost the same size as when he’s erect — while mine is much more of a grower. He aimed his penis at me — I closed my eyes as he started pissing full stream — first on my face and hair then moving down my body ending up spraying my penis and balls.

I started to get an erection again — quite often we do cum three times — he looked down and smiled — but said he was tired and sore — I’d been a bit rough with his penis.

He lay down beside me and licked the piss from my face — the freshly soaked sheet was still quite warm. We kissed softly till the sheets got too cold, I helped him get the waterproof cover off the bed and into the bath — quite difficult to not spill any in such a small bedroom. His shower is over the bath — so we stood on the sheets while we took a shower together.

We soaped each other down — I got an erection and started masturbating myself while he was soaping me — we did play around a bit but by that time I had to get going.

The last time I’d left a spare set of jeans at his apartment — so wore these to go home. As I got dressed he stayed naked — I saw him getting an erection again just as I was about to leave. That made me get hard as well — I really wanted to stay — but I had to meet my family in a restaurant and it would be suspicious if I was late. We kissed goodbye.

We proudly present the first in a series of unjustly neglected underground classics of erotica, revived and reinterpreted for your entertainment and pleasure by Tristan Trotsky, a noted dilettante of decadent literature.


Erotica is wonderful. The only genre of literature with the potential to produce a directly observable physical change in the reader. Inevitably I’ve always been engrossed by it, always an obsessive collector and consumer of its more obscure and esoteric examples. Within my extensive library there are shelves of intimidatingly dour hardbacks. Below them are rows of yellowing thumbed paperbacks, dog-eared books with garish faded covers. But there are also publications of a more dubious nature. Nastily-printed underground porn-novels. These are the secret tales from my forbidden library…

One that particularly appeals to me is ‘Maximo Urge’s probably pseudonymously-written ‘The Random Rod’, a kind of Victorian pastiche of Charles Dickens, Henry Fielding, and the Marquis de Sade, in which the impoverished peasant farmer of a large country estate falls behind on the rent for his hovel, and offers the sexual services of his slow-witted but enviably well-endowed nineteen-year-old oldest son — Roderick Random, in lieu of payment. So, a disreputable and morally questionable text, certainly, yet scrupulous in its assertion that each character portrayed, and every sex-act so graphically described, is by and carried out by those above the legal age of consent.

Of course, sex is the cause of it all. Raging irresistible overwhelmingly lustful sex. It opens as Roderick slips his rough peasant shirt off and drops his britches as his father has instructed, then climbs into the hip-bath naked as an old crone begins to sponge his well-muscled form. He faces the wall of the candle-lit hovel in a bashful agony of embarrassment as he hears conversation from outside, voices raised in anger. Then the two men engaged in the conversation enter and sit at the nearby table, his father pleading his poverty to Squire Fleshpole. He hears the Squire’s steel-trap voice threaten eviction. The old woman begins sponging his naked buttocks, allowing water to trickle down over their firm tight roundness. His father is pleading now. The woman’s fingers trail over Roderick’s testicles and involuntarily his large penis stiffens to half-erection. She indicates he should turn to face the centre of the room, and he does so slowly, the water swishing, his heavy cock swaying lazily. His hands clasped loosely behind his back. The Squire, a man of late middle-age, is staring at him as the sponge begins dribbling water over the youth’s stomach, trickling it down over his genitals so it ripples along the full length to drip from the tip like urine.

‘I hear you’re prepared to accept a token in lieu of payment’ his father cajoles.

‘What have you in mind?’ On cue the crone fondles Roderick’s cock, pulling it taut, as if offering it to the Squire. His little piggy-eyes become bloodshot-ruddy with greed as they fasten on the youth’s generous gift, his yellowed tongue licking his dry lips appreciatively. Then she squeezes the veined shaft so hard the bulb bulges redly from its foreskin sheath.

His father gulps, ‘You have a fondness for comely young men. I heard you fucked Seth down the meadow?’

The Squire nods, ‘Bah, a whelp, squealed at each thrust.’

‘He won’t’ he nods at his naked son. Roderick smiles as the crone demonstratively wanks him, running her fist up and down its inflamed length. The Squire’s interest increases in exact proportion to the more the cock swells, grows, and becomes perpendicular.

‘And this item of barter is… virgo intacta?’

‘To the best of my knowledge, yes. He has a brother, Richard — a year younger, and only just ripe. They may have fondled, you know how these youths are. They can’t keep their hands off each other’s bits. But beyond that, no… he is yours to break in.’ He tactfully omits the uncles and cousins who took their pleasure with Roderick during lazy breaks in the harvesting. Or the village boys who delighted in him after evenings drinking the highly-potent ‘Saint Phallus’ local wine.

‘In that case, don’t bother clothing the trade merchandise’ his eyes bugging out of his head as he speaks, lasciviously rubbing his own itchy crotch, ‘I’ll take the item as it is, in lieu of what you owe me,’ nodding his mat-haired warty head in assent.

Naively accepting the arrangement the amiably docile youth steps out of the hip-bath, dries himself negligently, and follows his new master. Stepping outside the hovel into the sunshine, the Squire mounts his black stallion and trots briskly off towards Fleshpole Manor. Without a backward glance the naked youth lopes behind him on big peasant feet, barely breaking into a sweat. A brisk mile’s canter sees them reaching the courtyard where Roderick stands wide-shouldered and narrow-hipped, his blonde hair a curly-tangle of tousled whorls framing his broad square-chinned face, glistening, his chest heaving only slightly with exertion. A uniformed manservant emerges to take control of the horse and lead it away towards the stables, taking a lingering opportunity of pruriently eyeing the Squires latest acquisition all the way up and down, then halfway up again. Roderick smiles. But the servant’s attention is firmly fixed, not on his face, but his conspicuously eye-catching groin. Fleshpole snaps his fingers impatiently, and Roderick follows him into the crumbling Gormenghastian once-Stately Home, with the naked youth gawking in a state of awed silence as he’s led through the dusty reception hall, up the curving staircase beneath ancient faded paintings of aristocratic ancestors in regal pose — one as a General, another as a Roman Emperor presiding over attentive nude male slaves. One is done as a hunting scene, but it’s not a stag the huntsmen pursue, but a naked young man. Turning right at the top of the stairs they hurry past rusty suits of armour and coats of arms, then along long corridors with threadbare carpets, spaced by secretive doors.

With feverish urgency Fleshpole shuffles Roderick through one heavy oak-panelled door into the nearest bedroom, the Squire’s pants already around his ankles, an impressively engorged cock released and twitching in the air. He begins by getting the measure of his new possession. Feeling up Roderick’s equally aroused cock with both hands, drawing the foreskin back to uncover the silky-moist purple glans, tracing the forking path of blood-vessels up the richly-pigmented shaft, detecting its pulsing reaction to his attentions, the blood pounding within its aching stiffness, squeezing the fat balls until tears of milky fluid weep from the gaping eye. Then — as if in some fast-forward movie sequence, he sets about relieving Roderick of what he’s been assured is his oral virginity.

Pressuring the younger man down onto his knees, using his legs to wedge Roderick back up against the coverlets, the Squire uses his cock-head to part the youth’s pursed lips, then slowly but firmly skewers his face with half the full not-inconsiderable length of his fleshy pole. Looking down with satisfaction, yes, this merchandise is going to earn its keep. When the youth shows no discomfort he slides a further quarter of it in, still no spluttering or gag-reaction, just a drool of spittle coursing down his chin, so he thrusts the final length in, deep-throating him so that Roderick’s nose is crushed out of shape by the pressure of his hairy gut, and his heavy oval balls are squashed in straddling either side of his windpipe, close to the adam’s apple where the glans of his cock must surely be lodged. Roderick wriggles a little and makes a gurgling noise. Nothing more. Fleshpole holds the position with an obscene chortling, before inching back sufficient to allow the youth to work on his cock-head with rasping tongue, lips and slurpy suction. Every now and then the older man nudges back in as far as the epiglottis, in a series of sharp cock-jabs, enjoying the answering squelch in the syrupy mess of oozing saliva, and the impact of his swaying hairy balls on the youth’s throat. But no matter what he does, the lusty youth orally affixed to his groin, sucks enthusiastically throughout.

After enjoying such exquisite attentions for long minutes he withdraws, the bulbous knob slithering out in a slithery torrent of gooey pre-emission and drooling spit-strands. He tips the compliant Roderick over the end of the four-poster bed, knees his legs apart, and takes what he assumes is his anal virginity too by plunging balls-deep into his yielding arse, with a satisfied grunt and only the saliva as lubrication. Roderick’s tackle free-swinging and flapping up and down, in a circular motion as he’s fucked, strands of dribble dancing and spinning from its tip, his firm young bottom quivering as he receives the slam of each deep stroke. The furious rutting speeds towards climax, until the Squire feels his balls tingle and his toes curl, gripped by the spasms of impending discharge racing through his scrotum to burst in stream after stream of spunk into the warm tightly-enveloping rectum in a messily explosive extended mutual orgasm. Gasping in breathy growls, with Roderick mewling as the gooey white tide floods him, using his sphincter-muscles to milk the shaft buried in his ass, as he’s wracked by his own wildly spurting ejaculation. The Squire holds still, deep in the youth’s bottom, both of them exhaling heavily. The only other sound is the clock tick-ticking, and the buzzing of two flies attracted by the pools of shimmering slimy stuff the younger man has deposited onto the coverlets.

If the sensual tongue-play of his blow-jobs or the ease with which he takes cock up his rectum betrays some practised expertise, his new master certainly feels no necessity for complaint. And over the coming weeks it’s not that Roderick proves an unwilling pupil, far from it. He’s as enthusiastic about being fucked as his owner is to fuck him. And the Squire continues to regularly exact his pleasures to the full, as he considers his right under the agreement.

Roderick is also systematically debauched by the other members of the aristocratic family. By lecherous octogenarian Grandfather Fleshpole, in garish lipstick with his long white hair tied back in bunches. He needs long sessions of oral and visual stimulation — with a naked Roderick obediently bending over sucking his unresponsive flaccid member, the rancid smell of the old man’s nakedness enveloping him like a filthy cloak, as the youth’s prominently presented bare bottom is mildly flagellated by a smirking valet, until the old man’s withered wrinkled penis eventually stiffens, until it’s sufficiently firm to bugger him. Which, eased in with the valet’s guiding help, he does with mad cackles of delight. When, finally, there’s a sad trickle of semen from the aged penis the valet is instructed to stand at the open casement-window and blow a long celebratory blast on a hunting horn to announce the achievement to the world.

Then there’s Fleshpole’s foppish effeminate son Aubrey, given to wearing ruffled shirts like Byron, who imagines himself romantically bonded to Roderick, empathising with the humiliation of his pain in ways that largely express themselves in long mawkish poems and long spermy afternoon sixty-nine sessions in the intimacy of his four-poster, their sweat-soaked legs firmly entwined. Licking the daubs and smears from other’s faces after they’ve ejaculated there, the dribbling trails of what Aubrey calls ‘rich male-elixir’ strung like webs spun by a drunken spider. ‘When the oldsters are dead and gone, I will inherit all of this’ he says wistfully, ‘but I’m only twenty-four years old, how long must I wait, Roderick, how long…?’

Then there’s the rest of the staff. The manservant who first approvingly appraised Roderick in the state of nature upon his initial arrival at Fleshpole Manor is one of two randy well-hung valets, who take advantage of him whenever the opportunity arises. Roderick proves to be accommodating, in every sense of the word. He cheerfully endures their persistent cruel attentions giving a snatched blow-job during a chance encounter on the landing, or a hurried butt-fuck without pleasantries in the ornamental walled garden. He’s always keen and obliging. During their evenings together in the servants’ quarters below stairs the pair delight in devising erotic games to inflict on Roderick, tossing a coin for who takes ‘head’ or ‘tail’ before jointly enjoying him between them. Then setting each other competitive targets for number of copulations, strange positions and odd locations to be consummated within a set period of time. Due to the binding nature of the contract signed by his father, and due to his own agreeable amenable nature, Roderick is incapable of refusing any of them, taking it all in his stride, accepting each pounding of his bottom and vandalising of his gullet as part of the entertainment. The decisions are not his to make.

Throughout it all, he’s trained and disciplined in every possible permutation of sexual techniques, proving an adept, compliant and very enthusiastic pupil, never less than eager to please. Roderick is also presented to weekend guests for their erotic use, and broadens his range of sexual experience while pleasuring a series of weird characters. This is one ‘boy blue’ who certainly blows some horn! Yet he adapts easily to his new life. After all — sometimes dressed as a valet, most-times not dressed at all, it proves easier, more enjoyable and more plushly luxurious than backbreaking toil on his father’s farm.

The long drowsy-warm English summer passes in a pleasant blurry fug of insistent male nudity and sexual intoxication. But the deciding incident that will bring change to his circumstances inevitably follows. The highlight of the season is Fleshpole’s Perverted Garden Party. Beneath the spreading chestnut tree, between an archery stand and a coconut shy the two valets strap a naked unprotesting Roderick onto a vaulting ‘horse’, his bottom raised and greased, his legs wide-spread, with an elaborate comic cardboard horse’s head placed over his own head, and stirrups conveniently positioned to raise and give better access to the appealingly presented rectal orifice. They position a sign overhead announcing ‘Ride A Cock-Horse’. Then, in a gay carnival atmosphere as a string quartet dressed in Pierrot-costumes play lively gavots, enthusiastic guests line up to ‘ride’ him in a particularly excessive series of sexual bouts. His mouth is taped shut so he’s only able to moan as they begin. How many? Roderick ejaculates himself as the third cock slides in, lubricated by the copious emissions left there by the previous two, and he soon loses count. Some are bigger, some smaller. Some come almost immediately. Others take longer. Truth to tell, some gentlemen, having enjoyed the hospitality of his warm anus, circle the other events, sampling thick wedges of sponge-cake dripping with strawberries and clotted cream, along with the dainties, cheese and wine on offer, then return for a second indulgence between his buttocks. Cackling Grandfather Fleshpole has the valet’s position his chair opposite so he can watch each anal thrust through his binoculars, clapping his hands gleefully at each ejaculation and messy withdrawal.

As evening approaches, and the guests finally disperse, a concerned Aubrey releases Roderick, who is understandably unsteady on his feet, and helps him into the big house, up the stairs to the fop’s room where he lays Roderick on the silken coverlets of his bed and carefully sponges away the trickles of sperm leaking from the well-used anus, pausing only to daub a particularly opulent smear on his index finger and taste it critically, like a connoisseur. Then he sympathetically massages ointment into the aching orifice. When this intimate action inevitably results in erection Aubrey crouches and tearfully consoles his friend’s meaty rosy manhood orally, which curtails conversation for a full ten minutes, after which — wiping his mouth, the fop breaks off to broach a subject close to his heart.

‘Daddy’s gone too far this time, subjecting you to such beastliness’ his voice husky with emotion and just a hint of sperm. ‘If only it could always be like this, just you and me’ he leans over to kiss the messy tip of Roderick’s twitching erection, running his tongue beneath the foreskin rim, and sucking the glans briefly between his full lips… then releasing it again. ‘I know what we’ll do. Just the two of us. We’ll go away. We’ll leave here together. Run away to London.’ There was a goose-feather that had come adrift from the pillow. He uses it to caress up and down Roderick’s scrotal sack, circling the fat oval shape of each testicle. Roderick groans and squirms in pleasured response. ‘At first we can find a garret-room to share and you can get a job, until I find a publisher for my poems, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Then I’ll be feted and lionised by the literary establishment and we’ll live on absinthe and quail’s eggs garnished with fresh-sperm. Oh, it’ll be so wonderful.’

Roderick makes no reply, his only reaction is a sharp inhalation of breath as the full length of his penis disappears down Aubrey’s greedy throat, as he sets about bringing to a spermy climax what he’s already begun. So it’s decided, the two ‘lovers’ are going to run away from such awfulness together, to share a new life in London. Things become even more ludicrous as they steal away to seek their fortune. Aubrey has the kitchen staff prepare a hamper packed with buns, boiled sweets, iced fancies and a bottle of the potent ‘St Phallus’ wine. Roderick carries the hamper. After several miles of wandering in the endless forest beyond the estate Aubrey decides it’s an appropriate time to stop and eat. Roderick lays out the cloth on the short grass and arranges the contents of the hamper across it. As they eat, Aubrey’s mind is already crawling with unease, taking fright at the prospect of losing his allowance. Filled with scary forebodings, glancing nervously this way and that, Aubrey begins to change his mind about abandoning his life of wealthy leisure. But first they share the wine, passing the bottle back and forth, drinking it from each other’s mouths. And Aubrey’s resolve drifts as the wine, piquantly bitter, begins to take effect.

With mutual arousal, they slide each other’s pants down and off to release their firming erections to bounce free, hungry for each other’s bodies. Naked beneath the canopy of rustling foliage they embrace each other, pressing their firm cocks together, then jousting them like swordplay, laughing as they slap audibly up one against the other. Aubrey reaches down and takes both cocks in his hand — although the span of his fingers are unable to meet around their combined girth, pressing and squeezing them together pleasingly, massaging the two lengths in single long joined strokes. Then, as they sit together, Aubrey plucks a buttercup and carefully weaves it into Roderick’s pubic hair. So Roderick strings a daisy-chain and garlands it around Aubrey’s balls.

Taking the game a step further Aubrey teasingly plucks a glacè cherry from atop an iced bun, balances it on the head of Roderick cock trying to slither the foreskin up around it, then takes both in his mouth, devouring them. Roderick smoothes butter-cream from a fairy-cake up and down the length of Aubrey’s cock, then sucks it clean. This escalates into a final intense mutual oral indulgence, their naked sixty-nine interlocked bodies rolling over and over across the crumb-strewn cloth, sucking and slurping ravenously until they drink their fill of each other’s spurting ejaculations. A little breathless and sated from the intensity of their intimate games, Aubrey gazes with melancholy wistfulness into Roderick’s dark eyes. Knowing they must part. ‘Farewell to thee my star-crossed Love, take care’ he says, kissing his fingers, then the fop fretfully puts his clothes back on, and tearfully takes flight, flouncing back to Fleshpole Manor, leaving the bemused Roderick alone.


I was swimming alone in when I noticed he jumped in the lake and was slowly paddled toward me with his prefect white smile and beautiful brown eyes that were fixed directly on mine. I realized in that moment that I was in love with my friend. How it happened, I didn’t really know. Here we were on the Fourth of July with all of our close friends, swimming in a State Park lake when everything changed. No one else seemed to notice. I felt like my entire body was going to explode. It was the summer after graduation and I was suddenly head over heels in love….with Ashley? After what I did when we first dated, there is no way he will love me. What am I going to do? I want him to love me back! He is giving me a really odd look and a giant smile. He knows. I think he is feeling this too. Oh God, I think he may take me right here in public. I hope I don’t mess this up!


For the past few weeks I can’t stop thinking about Blake. Blake is one of my best friends. The truth is, with our history I never really thought I would think of him romantically ever again. Sure, he is really cute and his blue eyes are magical. But, it is Blake. One of the six friends I hang out with everyday. He and Nathan have been fucking for years and even after Nathan moved, I just never really thought about Blake other than as my friend. I do remember a fuckfest weekend with him after we first met but, that was ancient history. Really, he is my smart friend that was accepted in a Masters Degree program who likes politics and loves NPR. I just can’t stop looking at him.

Jason was in town for the holiday. At his suggestion, we all came to this State Park for the Fourth of July. I sat next to Blake on the drive down and I know I kept making my leg touch his. I have been flirting with him. What the hell is wrong with me? Thank God he is so clueless! Then there he was in the middle of the lake, all alone, in one of those stupid innertubes (blown up plastic rings) that Jason brought. I grabbed another innertube and paddled toward him. I can’t help but stare. Damn that boy is cute. His blond hair, perfectly straight smile, killer blue eyes and that is just what is above the water. I am staring at him and must look like a stupid fool. Is he really looking at me like that? I think he wants me too. I must be dreaming. No, he wants me and this connection is strong. Oh My God, Blake loves me! I smile so big, I can’t help it. I am actually in love with Blake!


Ashley and I dated for about a month when we first met at college a few years earlier. I remember my roommate Nathan and I walking across campus checking out all the hot guys. This was our primary activity when not in class or fucking each other. When I spotted him coming down the library steps I nudged Nathan and said, “Look at that!” We both ogled the 6′ 2″ tall mixed race hottie and said a silent prayer that he was gay. A few days later, Nathan and I ran into him and his friend outside the Student Union. Our pray was answered as our collective gaydars were screaming at full alert. The four of us sat down on the luscious green grass and chatted. I was drawn to Ashley’s wide smile and near flawless lightly tanned skin. The only exception was a light scar just above his eyebrow. The imperfection was somehow sexy. After only a few minutes, I knew I wanted this guy to take me. Knowing Nathan, so did he. The question was who was going to get him?

The other problem was the fourth member setting on the grass. We had learned that Jason was Ashley’s best friend and on-again, off-again bisexual boyfriend from his hometown. At the moment, they were off-again. However, Jason clearly exhibited a subtle possession of Ashley when he saw how both Nathan and I were looking at him. In another situation, I am sure both Nathan and I would be fawning all over Jason. He was an attractive guy in the military with a tight body and taming a bisexual was a challenge either of us would enjoy. However next to Ashley, it was impossible for Jason to garner any more attention than politeness required.

After a few minutes, both Jason and Nathan had to leave for class. Both men were clearly displeased with the idea of leaving Ashley and I alone. When Jason stood he was the first to voice this displeasure when he said to Ashley “Weren’t you going to talk to your professor? She is in the building next to my class so we can walk together.”

Seemingly unaware of Jason’s true intention, Ashley looked up and said, “That’s ok, her office hours don’t start for another hour.”

Seeing that Jason’s attempt didn’t work, a still sitting Nathan cocked his head and said to me, “Blake, don’t you have a book that you need to return to the bookstore? You said today is the return deadline so I bet the line is going to be really long. I don’t want you to forget.”

I narrowed my eyes and saidsarcastically, “Thanks for your concern Nathan. I will make sure it gets returned.” I knew full well that my book return was the least of Nathan’s worries; he just wanted to make sure I didn’t get any private time with the new hottie.

Sharply turning his head to me Ashley excitedly responded, “Hey Blake, I have a few books to return too. I dropped this stupid Math class and want the money back. My parent’s paid cash so I can pocket it. Can I go with you?” Jason glared down at Nathan for providing me this great opportunity.

“Of course, that will make standing in line much more enjoyable.” I said with a huge smile as I shot a quick look at Nathan.

Stammering at the situation Nathan suggested, “We should all get together later. Why don’t you to come over to our apartment tonight?” Desperately trying to make sure he had another opportunity to bed Ashley.

“Sure, I would like to see your place.” Ashley said as he looked at me to answer Nathan’s question.

“Sound great. I have to go to class or I am going to be late.” Jason said with very little enthusiasm. There was no way he was letting Ashley go to our apartment alone.

With much regret, Nathan stood up to leave with Jason. He gave me a look that I knew meant ‘don’t you fucking touch him until I get a chance’. I just smiled feeling like a giddy schoolgirl and said, “See you guys later.”

As the two young men headed off to class, I smiled and looked at Ashley. He was staring at me and said, “You have a really beautiful smile and your eyes are so blue.” Without any control blood rushed to my face as I blushed. This exquisite man was complementing me. My smile grew larger as I looked into his slightly almond shaped brown eyes. I swear he had the perfect combination of every feature on Earth.

“I am not sure my smile or eyes can compete with yours.” I flirted back. With that, his smile widened until I could see every perfectly white tooth. This man had me.

Ashley stood up and offered his hand to help me stand. It was the first time I touched the beautiful man and electricity shot thru me. I actually needed his assistance since my knees went weak. Once I was standing, I hated that he broke our contact. When he released my hand, I knew my life would not be complete if I did not touch him again. We smiled and started walking across campus to the overpriced bookstore. We talked about our childhood and coming to terms with being gay. He asked how long Nathan and I had been together and I laughed. “Oh, we are just friends.” He showed me another wide smile and I felt my knees go week again. As we talked, I learned that Jason joined the Air Force and that had caused the problems between Ashley and Jason. Ashley wanted to live his life as an openly gay man and Jason could not. He explained that he and Jason talked about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the repressive policy was a compromise that first allowed gay people to serve in the military. It said Jason could “be gay” but Jason could not actually do anything that let others know he was gay. Ashley was tired of the secrecy and wanted to be openly loved. When I listened to Ashley talk, I started to have some compassion for Jason. His dream was to serve his country but the rules prevented him from openly being with Ashley. I, thankfully, was not bound by those rules.

Within an hour of talking to the beautiful man, I was captivated. When we stood in line at the bookstore, I could not resist asking him about the scar. I reached over and gently brushed it with my finger and asked, “How did you get that scar? It is so sexy.” Electricity shot thru my body as I touched the stunning man again. I blushed when I realized how forward I was being.

Ashley laughed then looked shy before he said,”It is really embarrassing. When I was 16 my 11 year old sister told me she was ‘in love’ with Jason; I got angry and I told her he was my friend and he would never be in love with her. She thru her Ken doll at me and it cut me right above the eyebrow. I started bleeding like crazy. My parents freaked out and took me to the emergency room. Turned out, I didn’t even need stitches. It was just a superficial cut. So I am a gay man with a scar on his head from a Ken doll. Embarrassing, don’t you think?”

“Thank God she didn’t throw an Easy Bake Oven, you might not be so hot today.” I joked.

Ashley smiled as he roughly said, “You think I am hot?”

Again my body betrayed me as I blushed every shade of red possible. “Yes, I do.” I said softly.

“You are pretty hot yourself. Would you like to go out with me?” Ashley said in a confident voice.

“Yes.” It was the only word I was allowed to say before the pushy cashier called for me as I was at the front of the return line. I returned my textbook and received money back on my debit card. I noticed Ashley was next to me talking to another cashier as he received a few hundred dollars in return for his books. I looked and him and wondered how I managed to get this sexy man to flirt with me. He smiled and winked at me. My knees went weak knowing he wanted me.

As we walked out of the bookstore, Ashley leaned over and kissed me for the very first time. My cock got rock hard. I thought “this is so fucking hot!” Although I was out, I was shocked at his public act. Once I felt those lips on mine, I wanted more.

Ashley and I said goodbye; he headed back to his dorm and I went back to my apartment with Nathan. When I drove home, I thought about how much fun I had with Ashley. Standing in line to return something is never fun but, today I wish the line would have been longer. I could not wait to see him again. Thankfully, Nathan has invited Ashley and Jason over that night. The two of them were not going to be happy that Ashley asked me out on a date.

When I got home, Nathan was already there. He was sitting on the couch watching TV. We did our usual thing, talked about the news and our favorite shows. Nathan said he was horny and wanted to fuck. This was our relationship, very direct and non-emotional. I thought for a second about Ashley but the truth is that Nathan and I have been fucking almost daily for years. It had just been part of my daily life. He was my best friend and fuck buddy. So, I told him how hot I think Ashley was as that I got a date. Although a little disappointed that he didn’t get Ashley, he told me about a new guy he met named Jeff. They planned to go out the next day. Nathan had stripped off all his clothes and was stroking his 9 ½ dick. “Are you ready to get fucked?” Within seconds Nathan had me on my back and taking his large bare member into me. My legs were wrapped around his back as he trust his large cock into me. Nathan and I fucked regularly so we had worked out a rhythm that allowed both of us to cum simultaneously. No man has every found a way to massage my prostate like Nathan. Moments later he screamed “now” as we both had cum shooting out of our bodies. When I was in the bathroom wiping away Nathan’s cum as it dripped out of me down my leg, I told myself that Ashley was great but we were far from committed. Most likely, he and Jason were doing the same thing just across town. Young gay men are all about sex and I have to say I loved it! At least I had not fucked an anonymous guy I met at a glory hole.

Later that evening, Ashley and Jason arrived at our door. Ashley was wearing a blue vintage t-shirt and shorts. The t-shirt clung tightly to his body forming a perfect V. My mouth watered and I may have actually drooled. Ashley held a bottle of wine and said a little formally, “thank you for inviting us over”. He handed the wine to me even though Nathan was the one that made the invitation. When I took the bottle, my fingers touched Ashley’s. The same shock struck me just like every time I had touched him. I felt a little odd holding the wine since I knew none of us were twenty-one. How did Ashley get the wine? I smiled and invited them both in.

The night was fun. The wine had loosened us all up. We learned more about each other and found that we were becoming friends. Jason was actually a nice guy that I would like to have as a friend. Ashley and I were flirty but not inappropriate. Nathan had tried to flirt with Ashley a few times but was quickly and appropriately rebuffed. I knew that Ashley was mine. That night we made plans to go on our first date the next day.

Ashley and I had started dating. We kissed at every available opportunity and the sex was fantastic. I learned that Ashley was a swimmer in high school. The boy could bend and contort his body in a way that I had never encountered. I remember vividly the weekend he came over to my apartment for us to spend together. Nathan had gone home to visit his parents so we had the place to ourselves. The minute I closed the door he pushed me against the wall and took my mouth. The kisses were passionate and demanding. Our hard cocks were grinding into each other thru our tight jeans. When he pulled back both of us panted for air breathing like we just ran a marathon. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the sofa. “I guess dinner is out.” he joked. Then frantically our mouths reconnected. At the same time, we were both desperately trying to remove the other man’s clothes as if they were on fire. Our hard bodies crashed against each other as we stood naked in the living room. I started kissing my way down his firm body until I reached his 7 ½ inch hard cock. As I kissed my way to his hip I gently blew hot air around his shaft. He let out a moan and I knew I had him. I gently nibbled at his balls and then continued kissing my way down his sculpted legs. Thanks to Jason, I had learned that Ashley had a major foot fetish. It wasn’t really my thing but I knew how to turn him on. As I kissed his tight calf muscle, I worked my way toward his pleasure zone. When I reached his right foot I gently touched the tip of my tongue to the soft skin. His body jerked in response. I slowly worked my tongue across the bridge of his foot toward his big toe. In a quick motion I surrounded it with my lips and began my best cock sucking replication. Ashley’s body was lashing around the sofa loudly moaning incoherent noises. He looked and sounded like a man possessed by a demon. Finally, he screamed, “Blake stop it’s too much!!” Rapping my tongue around the large toe one last time, I sucked hard before hearing a loud pop as my mouth pulled away.

“Like that?” I asked with a naughty smile.

Half dazed, he looked at me and said, “If you can do that to me with just my toe I may die when you suck my dick.”

“Let’s find out.” I said as I swallowed his cock. His upper body shot up from the sofa unable to control his movements. I worked my way down his hard shaft until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He had the most fragrant masculine scent that that made me ravenous. I used my tongue to wrap around his shaft and lick at the place his shaft met his balls. Then pulling back, my head began to bob on the full length.

Ashley breathlessly panted, “Blake stop..huhuh… or …huhh..I am going to..huuuh..cum.” I stopped. His breathing still heavy, I lowered my face to my real target. His tight little hole was so magnificent. I had to taste him, to claim him. Moving slowly toward the target I gently blew at his opening. It twitched in response. The corners of my mouth turned slightly up as I lowered my head. Licking very lightly around the outer edges of his precious hole, I heard him moan again. Working my tongue in a circular motion ever closer to my ultimate goal, I finally plunged my tongue in as hard and strong as possible. Again, Ashley’s back bolted from the sofa and he let out a noise that was obscene. I fucked my mouth into him over and over. He tasted like Burberry body wash laced with thousands of pheromones. His body was now under my control. “Blake, fuck me, I can’t take this anymore! I have to have you inside me. ” Ashley screamed. “Please fuck me!” he begged.

Working my way up his body so our faces were sided by side, I grabbed my hard cock and placed it at his entrance. Snapping open a small bottle of lube, I coated my cock with it and fingered some in his slightly dilated hole. Pressing the head of my cock into his opening he gasped as it breached his tight ring. “Are you OK?” I asked in a quiet voice. He nodded. “Tell me if it hurts. I don’t want to hurt you.” I said.

“No, it feels good. Just go slow. I want this!” Ashley countered.

My seven inches slid into him and soon I could feel my balls flush with his hard ass. I leaned down and kissed his luscious lips. “Fuck me!” Ashley said in a deep demanding tone. With that, I happily obliged by beginning to move in and out of his tight grip.

“Damn, you are so tight.” I said. He smiled at me and then squeezed the muscles surrounding my dick. It was so strong I thought he might pull my dick from my body.

“Aaawww” this noise came from deep within me. My thrusts into him became more forceful and fast. I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. “Ashley, I am about to cum.” When I said this, I reached to stroke his hard member.

“Don’t, I’m too close.” he pleaded. I stopped before touching his throbbing dick. I continued to pump into him with my cock pounded his prostrate. After a few more thrusts he began to orgasm. He shot his first load well past the sofa and onto a nearby wall. His spasms caused me to near the point of no return.

“I am going to cum!” I screamed.

“Cum in me!” he begged. Normally, I am not so reckless but with Ashley I was enraptured. I thrust a few more times and then exploded inside him. The world turned nearly black and I lost control of my body. I could feel my dick releasing my seed into him. Each release made me loose even more of my motor skills. I collapsed onto his sweaty cum soaked chest and breathed hard unable to move. When the haze slowly lifted, I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and smiled.

“You are amazing.” I said.

He gave me that beautiful white smile and said, “I never shot without touching it before. You are amazing.”

I pulled myself from him and felt a rush of my white fluid leave his body and deposit itself on the leather sofa. “Shit, we need to clean up our mess.” I laughed. Getting up, I went to the laundry room and came back with a spring scented towel. Before cleaning him up, I leaned over and licked some of his cum from his coated chest. “No point in wasting it.” I said with a slight smile. He laughed. I then cleaned the rest of his hard stomach and chest then moved to his well used opening. He looked at me shyly but I said, “I made the mess, the least I can do is help clean it up.” He shrugged and laughed softly. I rubbed the towel around his precious opening and then cleaned the leather couch.

“Don’t forget the wall.” Ashley said with a huge smile.

When I walked a few steps to the wall and started to wipe up the dripping juice I said, “I have never seen anyone shoot so far.”

“Me either.” He replied with a slight grin.

That was the start of a sex crazed weekend. Before it was over, I had cum inside Ashley eight times. Once I took him with his head and shoulders on the floor and back nearly straight in the air while I was standing up. I received plenty of his dick in my ass as well. Between the cuddling and kissing, he released his seed inside me at least six times that weekend. That doesn’t even count all the blow jobs and mutual masturbation. We were two horned up college guys in our prime. I had even sprayed some air freshener before Nathan got home because I was certain the apartment reeked of cum. That was without question our best weekend, the first time we dated.

After a few weeks, it became obvious that this was only going to last for a short time. Ashley and Jason seemed closer and Nathan and I started fucking like crazy. Both of us were bailing on plans and our kissing sessions were less frequent and less passionate. Like most of the gay guys at our school, Ashley and I were happily screwing our way thru the population and ours was just another in a long line of short flings. After a few weeks, we were at a campus hangout when he told me, “We need to talk.” These are words that to every American, especially young gay men, mean one thing. Disappointed that he was going to dump me, I left the establishment to join Ashley in the parking lot near his car.

Before he could say anything, I had looked at him and said, “I don’t think this is working. We need to move on.” I was not going to be the one that got dumped. Nathan would have given me so much shit if that had happened.

Looking somewhat shocked, Ashley said, “I was thinking the same thing.”

Seeing his expression I wanted to take back my words but, it was too late. Did he want to tell me something else besides “it is over”? After everything, I still don’t know. It was a great few weeks. I always liked Ashley and we had remained friendly after our spilt. At the time, there were many more beautiful young men on campus whose bodies I also wanted to enjoy, and I did.


My freshman year in college had been an exciting new experience. When I was accepted to the large state university, I was excited. Then Jason told me he was accepted to the same school. I could not have been happier. I thought maybe we would be together free from the BS of our hometown. Those plans were crushed when Jason told me he had decided to join the Air Force. I guess I should not have been surprised since he was in the Air Force JROTC since 10th grade. I had hoped that he would pick me over the Air Force. Who was I kidding, that had always been Jason’s dream. But I was mad, no mad it too kind, I was pissed the fuck off. That bastard had been dating with me for years but still chose the Air Force over me! I was done with him. I want to be with a guy that is out and proud. I was not looking for a flamer mind you, just a guy that was comfortable with his sexuality.

I had noticed these two guys walking around campus. One was this 5′ 10″ cute blond guy. I assumed the other was his boyfriend. They were always together and I jacked off more than once thinking about them fucking. When I came out of the library one day I noticed they were staring at me. I knew I was hot so let them look.

Later that week, Jason and I had lunch in the Student Union. He was trying to convince me that we could still be together but that we just had to keep it between us. I told him he could go fuck himself because I wasn’t hiding for anyone.

After we calmed down, we left to walk around campus. It was then I spotted the couple I had been fanaticizing about. They both stopped and introduced themselves. This first one to speak was Nathan. He oozed sexual energy and seemed to be a big flirt. Then Blake introduced himself. It was then that I saw his eyes. They were so blue it was like looking into the Caribbean Sea. My cock twitched when he looked at me and smiled. God, could there be a more perfect creature? We sat down and all talked for half an hour. Then Jason and Nathan both had a class. Jason reminded me that I was planning to visit with one of my professors about my lab assignment. I told him that her office hours weren’t until later that day. For some reason, he seemed really pissed off.

After that, Nathan reminded Blake that he needed to return a book. I was so glad he mentioned that it was the last day for returns because it completely slipped my mind. Blake was a little rude when he said he would make sure the book was returned but, I just assumed that there was something going on between them I didn’t understand. I turned to Blake and said, “Hey Blake, I have a few books to return too. I dropped this stupid Math class and want the money back. My parent’s paid cash so I can pocket it. Can I go with you?” After I had said it, I was really embarrassed. I was hoping that Nathan wouldn’t get mad that I asked to go with his boyfriend. Blake smiled at me and nothing else mattered. When Nathan invited Jason and I to their house that evening I thought everything must be ok. Looking at Blake, I was quick to agree just so it didn’t seem like I was trying to take Nathan’s man. Even thought I was! Jason agreed to go but seemed pissed off; I was used to that. There was no way he wanted me anywhere near these two hot out guys.

After that Jason and Nathan walked away, I stood up. Blake was a little weak kneed from sitting so long. When I reached down to help him up I was surprised to feel a jolt of lighting from touching him. “You have a really beautiful smile and your eyes are so blue.” I said without thinking of the consequences. I told myself that I had to stop. He had a boyfriend and I didn’t want to be that kind of guy.

“I am not sure my smile or eyes can compete with yours.” Blake said to me. I wasn’t sure what to make of him. Was he trying to have an affair with me? I could deal with that!

As we walked, Blake was riddling me with questions. He was so cute! I asked him how long he and Nathan had been together and was shocked when he started laughing. “Oh, we are just friends.” The hot blond responded. I thought my heart might jump out of my chest. They weren’t boyfriends? They weren’t boyfriends!!! He was mine now!

“What about you and Jason?” He asked in a sober voice. I explained that we were together at one time but Jason decided that the Air Force was more important than I was. I talked about how miserable “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” made our lives. I just wasn’t willing to be in a relationship like that.

We were waiting in line when Blake reached over and ran his finger just above my eyebrow. Shivers went thru my entire body. Why was this cute boy touching my forehead? “How did you get that scar? It is so sexy.” Blake said then his face turned red. Did he just say I was sexy?

I was stammering, oh my God, this was so embarrassing. Please, I didn’t want to tell the hot boy about my Ken doll scar. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me. There is no way he was ever going to see me as sexy again. I was going to tell him, oh God no. “It is really embarrassing. When I was 16 my 11 year old sister told me she was ‘in love’ with Jason; I got angry and I told her he was my friend and he would never be in love with her. She thru her Ken doll at me and it cut me right above the eyebrow. I started bleeding like crazy. My parents freaked out and took me to the emergency room. Turned out, I didn’t even need stitches. It was just a superficial cut. So I am a gay man with a scar on his head from a Ken doll. Embarrassing, don’t you think?” I was trying to be as self deprecating as possible. Why did he want the Ken doll story? His face looked amused. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, I had hope.

“Thank God she didn’t throw an Easy Bake Oven, you might not be so hot today.” His words made me stop breathing. Oh My God, he just said I was hot!!! My head was reeling. He thinks I am hot!!! He thinks I am hot!!! Was I brave enough to call him out?

I willed all the strength I had inside me and smiled when I said, “You think I am hot?”

His reaction was spectacular. He turned so many shades of red I thought he might bolt for the door. His voice shaking he said, “Yes, I do”.

In my head I was screaming, “OH MY GOD!”, when I was in control of myself I put on my strongest voice and said, “You are pretty hot yourself. Would you like to go out with me?” I was so shocked that I actually did that. I my head I yelled, ‘Go Ashley!’

Just then the cashier called him forward; he was looked at me and said only one word, “Yes!” I wanted to scream and do a little dance. I tried to control myself but it was hard. This little hottie was mine. When the next cashier called me forward I was standing next to Blake. He looked so serious. The lady handed me my cash and I winked at him. He looked like he was about to fall over. It made me laugh. I wanted to kiss him so bad.

We walked out of the bookstore together and I wasn’t willing to wait any longer. I grabbed him and kissed him with everything I had. Blake seemed shocked but I could tell he was pleased.

Walking back to my dorm I was so excited about the day. When I got to our room Jason was waiting a little pissed off but clearly horny as hell. He was only wearing tight bikini underwear that showed his entire hard length. I was never able to resist him with his shirt off and dick hard. There was a part of me that felt wrong for wanting Jason so soon after leaving Blake. I just met this guy; I didn’t make any commitment to him my mind rationalized. When Jason lunged for me I did not resist. He had me on my back with my legs in the air within seconds. Jason wasn’t into foreplay. He just took me. His cock rammed into my body as he forcefully fucked me. There was no romance anymore, this was pure sex. My body responded like it always had. Pleasure rushed over me as Jason thrust his cock into me. I was panting like a dog in the hot sun. “I am about to cum baby!” Jason moaned. He grabbed my cock and started pumping in time with his thrusts. My cum exploded from deep with my body as I heard him groan as he released his load inside me. He pulled out and went to the bathroom without a word.

“You still want to go to those fags house?” He said from the bathroom. My blood was boiling. Why the hell did I let this guy fuck me?

“Yes and their names are Blake and Nathan. Since you just had your dick in my ass, you really are in no position to call anyone a fag.” I angrily screamed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Jason said with a contrite grin. “So, you really want to go over there?”

“Yes, I am going and since you were invited, I guess you can too.” I replied. “Only if you can get one of your Air Force ROTC buddies to get us some wine. I am not going over there empty handed.” My anger was palpable.

“Ashley, I am really sorry. I was wrong for what I said. Let me see if I can get someone to hook us up. Give me 20 minutes.” Jason said with an honest tone.

“Ok.” I let the anger drain from my body. All I really wanted was to impress Blake. Bringing a bottle of wine would make me seem sophisticated.

After a few minutes, Jason burst thru the door and said, “See, I always come thru for you.” I smiled but was hardly impressed. Jason’s stupid friends could always get what he wanted. Too bad they couldn’t accept him for who he really was. The bitterness of that consumed me again but only for a minute. I thought of Blake and a smile came back to my face. That pretty boy and I were going to fuck if it was the last thing I did!

When we were on the way to Blake’s apartment I looked at Jason and said as firmly as possible, “Do not fucking embarrass me or be rude to them. Seriously, you will jeopardize our friendship if you act like an ass tonight. I like this guy and you are not going to get in the way.”

“Damn, dude! Calm the fuck down. I know how to behave myself. I am not a child.” Jason spat back. “I am not going to do anything to piss off your new little girlfriend.”

“Fuck you, he is two inches taller than you and judging from the bulge in his pants his dick is probably that much longer too. Pretty sure he is all man!” I couldn’t resist attacking Jason’s manhood. It was his source of pride.

Jason didn’t say another word. We drove in silence as we crossed the cozy college town. When we arrived, I turned to Jason and said, “I am sorry. I just really like Blake and want to make a good impression.”

“Ashley, it’s fine. I said a few things too. It’s kinda hard for me to see you chasing some other guy. I know I made choices you can’t live with. Believe me, I am sorry. Let’s just go have fun and see if we can’t make some new friends tonight.” Jason said in a serious but resigned tone.

When I knocked on the door, Blake opened it. Standing there he was wearing some loose fitting running shorts and a tight t-shirt that showed off his magnificent chest. ‘Would it be wrong to touch his chest?’ I thought briefly before pulling myself together and handing him the wine. I felt that same rush thru my body as our fingers touched. Words had come out of my mouth but I have no idea what they were. He looks slightly puzzled but smiled widely and invited us in.

We had fun! I sat next to Blake and noticed our knees kept touching. We would smile at each other and keep talked. Nathan, I learned, was a big flirt. Not just with me but with everyone. It seemed like he couldn’t help himself. Jason was laughing and I could tell that we could all be friends. The only time Jason embarrassed me was when he mentioned I had a foot fetish. I nearly died. It was ok though; Blake looked at me with a crooked smile and said, “That sounds interesting.” I hoped it meant that I would find out just how interesting he found it.

When the evening ended, I pulled Blake aside and asked, “So you still want to go out with me sometime?”

He smiled and said, “Why don’t we have lunch tomorrow at the Student Union and spend the day together? If that works for you?”

“Hell yes that works for me.” I replied like an idiot before I could think.

He just laughed and said, “I get out of class at 12:30. Want to meet around 12:45?”

“See you then sexy.” I replied as he had another cute blush across his pale skin.

The next day I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I was watching the clock counting the minutes until 12:45. When the excruciating wait was finally over, I bolted to the Student Union. After a few minutes Blake arrived. We grabbed some pizza and found a quiet corner table to talk. From the moment we sat down the conversation flowed smoothly. We both seemed to want to know everything about the other man. It was almost 3:00 before either of us realized the time. “Hey, I have a book to drop off at the library then maybe we can walk around the park. I am really having fun just getting to know you.” Blake said with a sweet smile and heartfelt tone.

“Sounds great, I haven’t been to the park yet.” I said as we gathered our belonging and headed out the closest exit. We walked the short distance to the massive library. I had only been there a few times and mentioned that to Blake.

“Oh, let me show you around. There are some really beautiful reading rooms if you know where to look.” Blake said as we walked thru the entry toward the return counter. He dropped his book and look at me, “Follow me.” He reached out his hand and I willingly held it. It was so nice to be with someone that wasn’t hiding his attraction to me. We crossed the main floor toward a set of staircases I only vaguely recalled. He bolted us up one of the staircases and opened the door into this massive three story room that ran the length of the library. It was covered in dark wood paneling and had rows of wood tables. There were only a few people in the room. He turned to me and said quietly, “Isn’t this beautiful”.

“Yes, I had no idea this was even here.” I replied in honest surprise.

“I have more to show you.” We moved down the hall toward another small staircase. It looked nearly abandoned and rarely used. After climbing only a few stairs, he turned and pushed thru a tiny door. I had to duck to avoid hitting my head. When I got thru the door we were standing in this space crammed with books that seemed to go on forever. “These are the ‘stacks’. I guess they are books that are rarely used. I had to come in here one time to find a really old political science book. Other than that, I have never needed anything from here. It was a little creepy coming alone. I am pretty sure most people have no idea they are here. Follow me.” He said as we walked to the center of the area and found a metal staircase. We climbed four more flights until we were at the top. The whole time we never saw or heard another person. It was weird. He walked me to the corner by a stain glass window. Expecting him to tell me about the window I was shocked when he pressed me against the wall. He had the dirtiest look on his face as he reached for my belt. Quickly, he managed to have my jeans and underwear around my knees. This blushing beauty turned into a cock whore as he enveloped my length. He was bobbing back and forth and using his tongue to encircle the shaft. It was so much better than anything I ever experienced with Jason. I tried desperately not to moan, afraid we would be discovered. Before long, I was unable to prevent a massive orgasm from overtaking my body.

“I am going to cum.” I said as quietly as possible. This seemed to encourage him as his rhythm increased. My knees went week as I coated his throat and tongue with my seed. I had never done anything in a public place before; Blake certainly knew how to create memories.

“I have wanted to do that since I first discovered this place. I almost forgot about it until I was giving you the little tour. Hope you don’t mind.” He smiled wickedly.

“God Blake, that was fucking amazing. Can I try you?” With that he unzipped his fly and let his beautiful 7 inch thick cock out of its restraint and into my mouth. I worked him with all the skills I had learned. It didn’t take long before he exploded inside my mouth. His cum tasted slightly sweet. I was in heaven.

Post orgasm, we both heard voices in the maze below. We realized we better zip up and get out of there before we got caught. It was fun but, explaining it to the Dean and our parents wouldn’t be. We rushed out of the stacks back to the main floor and out the door. When we were outside we both burst out laughing.

The first few weeks were a blast. I even spent a whole weekend with Blake where we released so much cum I was surprised that both of our balls had not shrunk to the size of green peas. Even at 19, I never imagined my body could produce that much seed.

As the weeks passed, things kept coming up that caused plans with Blake to get cancelled. I was a little disappointed but Jason was happy to help me out in the sex department. From what Nathan was proudly telling anyone that would listen, it seemed Blake and I dating had not stopped the continual fuck session that was Blake and Nathan. Believe me, I was not really upset by this. Blake was great but the electric shocks from his touch had diminished to only a week pulse. Even our make-out sessions seemed to have lost some of luster.

When I saw Blake at a local hangout, I was surprised he hadn’t invited me to come with him. I decided to confront him. If we were dating then the least he could do was acknowledge me when I was in the room with more than just a smile. Walking over, mad but planned on seeing if he was free this weekend and wanted us to make plans. I walked over and said, “We need to talk.” His face looked like I had just slapped him. What the hell was his problem?

As we walked to the back parking lot before I could say a word he looked at me and said, “I don’t think this is working. We need to move on.” When he saw the complete shock register on my face his features softened and he looked almost like he wanted to take it back.

Stammering to not look like a fool, I replied, “I was thinking the same thing.” My brain was reeling. That mother fucker just broke-up with me! I walked away still in shock. It wasn’t like I was in love with him. Our eyes had never met expressing undying love like in some cheesy romance movie. But still, the fucker didn’t have to dump me. We were having fun, at least I was. Oh well, I guess that was that!

Considering the size of our town and the limited gay population, I ran into both Nathan and Blake frequently. After a few weeks, it was pretty much all forgotten and we would acknowledge each other and chat as friends. We didn’t really hang out one-on-one but in a group we were always pleasant. I had quickly realized that if I stopped talking to every gay guy I slept with my circle of available friends would soon dry up.

Meeting Mark during my holiday at the west coast of Denmark had confirmed that I enjoyed male sex very much. Our first time together was wonderful, in spite of how much it hurt to take his huge cock up my still inexperienced ass. I also enjoyed the brief encounters we had in the subsequent week, but I count my last day with him in the summer house as our second intimate meeting. Maybe because I had several new and very revealing experiences which increased my understanding of what I preferred when being with a man.

We met Friday afternoon, another rainy day made for indoor activities, and Mark had the stove going. I had been the one to suggest that we could take turns deciding what to do. As I had no doubt what Mark would wish for (his monster dick fucking my poor asshole), I had other plans. After we had taken a shower together to get nice and clean, we cuddled up in the only double bed in the cottage. We kissed and caressed each other gently, slowly; both of us aware of the fact that we had plenty of time to enjoy the sex we wanted.

“I’m going to miss you, Anders,” Mark whispered with his face against my hair.

“Me or this?” I asked, running my hand up and down his already very enthusiastic erection, making him moan softly. “Fuck Mark, I’m going to miss your delicious body,” I went on, “and I’m really glad we met.” Mark actually blushed, he kissed me and tried to say that he was the one who should be grateful that I had introduced him to man sex.

Soon he was trying to have me reveal my plans for our time together. I stalled and teased him by running my hands over the soft skin of his slim body, pretending that I couldn’t make up my mind. I even got up and went into the kitchen to get two cans of coke from the fridge. I placed them on the bedside table, while Mark looked questioningly at me.

After a bit more kissing, playing with his nipples, and stroking his fascinating cock I sat up, smiled at him and finally admitted what I wanted. “Do you remember the first night, where you offered to let me cum in your mouth?” Mark nodded and the tip of his cheeky tongue appeared, tracing the luscious contours of his lips. “I want you to lick me and suck me until I come in your mouth.”

“Will you do the same for me?” he asked huskily and with a beseeching look on his cute face. He blushed and dropped his eyes. “When you made me come that night, it was the first time I tried oral sex — I mean altogether and not just with a man.” He glanced at me and looked relieved when I didn’t seem to find his admission strange or funny. “It was the most wonderful orgasm I had had until then. If you let me cum in your mouth, I have the feeling I might like it even better than fucking your ass.”

“Yes of course I’ll return the favor,” I said and kissed him, “and the cokes are in case we don’t like the taste.” I pulled him closer, and one hand returned to his thick rod, while I used the other to fondle his pert butt.

Mark reciprocated enthusiastically and whispered “Who goes first?” I couldn’t help laughing a bit about his eagerness and replied that we didn’t have to take turns, at least not in the beginning. I shifted to lie the other way, and Mark moaned when I ran my tongue around the engorged and exposed head of his manhood. He immediately enveloped my dick in his warm, wet mouth and began sucking and licking. As I had expected, having a huge and very hard cock in my mouth while being fellated myself was a major turn-on, and I knew I would want to do it as often as possible.

In fact, it was even better than just being sucked off, and I think Mark agreed with that. Both of us were still learning how to pleasure another man, and when one of us tried something new, which felt particularly good, he would immediately have it done back at him. Very effective and inspiring. Mark seemed to find particular pleasure in having his slit teased with the tip of my tongue, and soon rewarded me with drops of precum. Our hands played with balls, buttocks, and every sensitive spot in between.

Because Mark’s dick was so long and thick, I couldn’t fit very much of it into my mouth, when we were in the 69 position. After a while I alternated between sucking on the head and licking up and down the length of him. When I had him in my mouth, I would rub the wet shaft with my thumb and two fingers on either side of his cock. This treatment drove Mark wild, and he had to ask me to take a break. I went back to licking from the tip of his cock to the base, and at one point my tongue ended on his scrotum. Mark’s reaction showed his appreciation.

So while he was sucking me and working on taking my whole length, I explored new territory by nibbling and licking on his sack. When I sucked one of his balls into my mouth, Mark almost went through the roof. He groaned loudly, his dick jerked against me, and his whole body trembled. “Ah fuck, Anders, that feels awesome. More… ahhh” I repeated the fondling with lips and tongue on his other testicle, and he certainly gave every sign of liking my inventiveness. As I let go of him, I had to remove several pubic hairs from my mouth.

“You know, Mark, this would be more fun if you were shaved down here.” He mumbled his assent around my dick, and a lubed finger wormed its way into my ass. His skilled tongue circled my glans, and then he slowly went down on me. His soft lips caressed my shaft all the way to the base and back up, and when the tip of my manhood met his throat, I could feel him swallow. A few repeats of this treatment, and I suddenly needed a time-out.

We moved apart, and Mark sat up and smiled at me. He pushed me flat on my back and kissed me. From my mouth he went on to kissing and licking my upper body, and I just relaxed and enjoyed the felling of his lips and tongue and fingers on my neck, chest, shoulders and arms. Mark returned to my mouth, then kissed my forehead, eyelids, nose, cheek. His tongue tickled my ear, travelled down my neck and played for a bit in the hollow at the base of my throat. He left a wet trail down my breastbone to my navel, while his hand played with my nipples.

When his mouth suddenly jumped to one nipple and sucked it hard, I couldn’t help crying out and pushing up against him. Mark carefully pinched the hardened nub on the other side with his fingers, and I realized that the slightly rough play fuelled my lust immensely. I was getting desperate as Mark painted wet circles on my stomach on his way to my aching, needy dick. His tongue teased me with small licks on the exposed head, moving down the shaft to my scrotum. When he reached it, he carefully sucked my balls into his mouth one at a time. I enjoyed the feeling, but I liked it better, when he moved back up and encircled the tip of my manhood with his sweet lips.

His knees nudged my thighs further apart, so that his fingers could play with my tight star. Fuck, I was turned on when I looked down and met his blue eyes, intent, happy, and filled with craving. Somehow the thought that Mark didn’t just do this to get me off, but that he enjoyed it too, was the last straw. I thought I would pass out from pleasure, when my blond lover finally slid his wet mouth all the way down and simultaneously rammed two fingers up my ass. I had no idea why, but it felt divine, and I think my incoherent cries and arched back revealed as much.

Mark almost went a bit crazy at my reaction. He fucked my butt with his fingers and my dick with his lips and tongue, sucking hard as his head moved up and down. I whimpered and writhed and begged and tried to suppress the orgasm which was approaching much too fast. But there was no stemming the tide, and all I had time for was a warning cry of “Stop or I’m gonna…” Mark ignored me, or maybe he was even encouraged, as he moaned excitedly, and I had no way of resisting the wave of ecstasy washing over me.

Afterwards Mark told me that he had felt my dick grow slightly bigger and stone hard, and as the first contractions started in my anus, he stopped moving and just sucked me rhythmically. I roared as I blew my load in an intense and prolonged orgasm, filling Mark’s virgin mouth with my cum. In fact, this was also a first for me, though I had been too embarrassed to admit it, even when Mark bravely proclaimed his lack of experience. No one had ever given me a full blow job before, and as Mark sucked and swallowed and milked me with his free hand, I reveled in the fantastic feeling.

Finally, he let go of me, after he had made sure to get every drop of my cum, gently licking as my manhood slowly went soft. Mark sat up and grabbed one of the coke cans, popping the lid and drinking, while looking at me with a slightly proud and possessive gaze. I just lay there, dazed and almost worn out from the intense experience. My first coherent thought was a worried ‘Fuck, hope I can live up to that.’ I had to work some saliva into my mouth, before I could say anything. Somehow I knew that I didn’t have to tell Mark how good it had been, so all I could come up with was: “What’s it like to get sperm in your mouth? Did it taste nasty?”

Mark shrugged: “No, not really, I sort of liked the taste. And it was actually a huge turn-on to feel you spurt. But afterwards it’s a bit greasy and strange, so it was a good idea to have a drink ready.” He was leaning back against the wall and still sipping from his coke, and I reached over and caressed his thighs. I was very much aware of his erect and throbbing manhood proclaiming his need for my attention. Strangely enough, I was still horny, even though I had just come, and of course I also felt I owed him a favor. Mark spread his legs, and I rolled over and got in between them.

Kissing and licking his soft inner thighs, I made my way up to his groin, where I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. Mark groaned and I looked up at him. He had placed the coke can on the bedside table, and he was panting with glazed eyes as I worked his large testicle with my tongue and stroked his leaking cock with one hand. Yep, no doubt about it, Mark had a thing about having his sack and balls fondled. I got up on my knees, and Mark slid further down, so he was on his back. I forced his legs up and apart, exposing his sweet spot.

Mark whimpered when my fingertip circled his puckered rose, as my mouth descended on his cock. I sucked his glans, which was wet with precum, and then I tried to take as much as possible of his huge manhood into my mouth. I did my best to suck him, but soon my jaw was aching from holding my mouth open enough to take his girth. During the necessary breaks I grabbed the lube and got to work on his enticing little hole. One finger, then two and after a while I managed to get a third finger into the game. I fucked him gently, but when he started begging, I rammed all three fingers up his ass, hard.

With my free hand I stroked his shaft, and my mouth feasted on his engorged head and as much of his impressive length as I could manage. Mark writhed under my assault, and within moments he cried out. “Yes, oh yes. I’m coming.” I took a deep breath, and just as well, because seconds later he filled my mouth with thick, sticky semen. I tried to swallow, but the taste was awful and made me gag. I managed to stay put, until his ejaculation was over, then I removed my head and spat his cum into the paper towels that we had luckily laid ready on the bed. I sent Mark a guilty look as I grabbed the half empty can of coke and got rid of the disgusting, fishy taste in my mouth.

But he just lay there with a sated smile, as I withdrew my fingers from his tight butt, and cleaned us up, squeezing the last bits of semen from his still half erect cock. After a trip to the bathroom for a quick wash, we got dressed and relaxed in front of the TV before fixing some food. I tried to apologize to Mark, but he just laughed and said he didn’t care that I couldn’t swallow his spunk, because coming in my mouth had been awesome anyway. “I liked your plan, Anders, and enjoyed both parts of it very much.”

Later in the evening we were both ready and eager to continue, and as expected Mark suggested that we took turns fucking each other. But he still managed to surprise me. “Anders, I’d like to fuck you without a condom, and I want to you to do the same, so that I can feel you come inside me.” I just sat there, speechless, and stared at him, because even though the thought had crossed my mind, I wasn’t sure he’d trust me enough for that. After all, Mark had been a virgin in relation to male sex and much less experienced with girls compared to me. And in any case there were other advantages to using rubbers, less mess and more hygienic.

Suddenly I realized that Mark was looking at me with a worried frown, waiting for an answer. I quickly collected my wits and nodded, and after a couple of tries I managed a hoarse. “Yes, I’d like that very much too.” He sent me a delighted smile and dragged me off to the shower. To my amused surprise Mark gave me a packet of disposable razors and asked me to shave him. I was a bit apprehensive, because I was afraid I’d cut him, especially on the loose skin of his scrotum. But he insisted, and so I spent quite a while carefully getting rid of every single hair in his groin.

Luckily his buttocks were already smooth, but he had me remove the sparse growth in his butt crack. I was reminded of the nice sight of Michael’s smooth anus, when I had prepared to fuck a man for the first time. “You’re gonna look even more delicious and sexy, when I’m done, Mark.” He turned his head and gave me a happy smile. When I had finished, we got into the shower, and Mark was delighted with his new look, but also a bit embarrassed. Especially when I pointed out an unexpected side effect: “Shit, your cock and balls look even larger now! You might want to reconsider, if you don’t want guys to run away screaming at the sight of the nude monster.”

Mark slapped my butt and told me to stop teasing, then he groaned as I stuck my tongue in his ear, while I fondled him. “Mmm, I can’t wait to suck your balls and fuck your smooth little ass hole.” This time Mark was the one to insist that we cleaned up really carefully, and I had no objections. I loved shoving my soapy fingers up his butt and hearing him moan, while I felt his tight anus squeeze my invading digits. Mark certainly seemed to like this game too, both ways, and when we had finished, we were so horny we barely managed to dry ourselves before rushing back to the bedroom.

Neither of us needed more foreplay, and I grinned appreciatively as Mark climbed on the bed, on hands and knees, and wriggled his cute butt at me. I grabbed the lube and sat behind him, but when I parted his buttocks to expose his beautiful pucker, my instinctive reaction came as the biggest surprise of the evening. For both of us, I believe. I leant forward and kissed the sweet, enticing star which had already given me so much pleasure. Mark’s gasp was loud, and all by itself the tip of my tongue slid out to tickle the entrance to paradise.

I knew he was as squeaky clean as could possibly be achieved, and indeed as I licked Mark’s anus and down the hairless butt crack towards his balls, all I could smell and taste was a faint trace of soap. As promised I nuzzled and licked his newly shaved scrotum and sucked on his balls, and of course it was much nicer to play this game now. Mark whimpered and spread his legs wider for me, I could see his huge cock jerk and feel his thighs tense with arousal, as I munched on his nuts. Much as I enjoyed his reaction, I wanted to get back to the fascinating spot between his cute cheeks.

Soon I was kissing and licking the tan rosebud and trying to figure out what was going on. ‘Three months ago I had never even considered the possibility of gay sex, and here I am with my tongue between the buttocks of a man. A guy I’m soon going to allow free access to fuck and fill my ass with cum. But first I’ll get to stick my naked dick into this tight little butt.’ The thought exited me even more, and I pressed my tongue harder against Mark’s pucker. Suddenly his sphincter gave way, and the tip of my tongue entered the promised land.

Mark was going wild; he was shaking and almost mewling with the need to come. As I worked his anus with my mouth and fondled his balls with my hand, he couldn’t stand it any longer. His right hand encircled the thick shaft, and before I could stop him, a few swift strokes of his impressive manhood sent Mark headlong into bliss. His cum went everywhere as he exploded, and all I could do was dive back in and kept teasing the sensitive ring of muscles as it contracted in time with his spurting. ‘Well, that was another successful first,’ I thought with a smirk.

When Mark finally collapsed on the cum stained sheet, I sat up and looked at the shaking, sobbing, sated little sex kitten, he somehow resembled. The shapely legs were still spread, and the hole I was eager to fuck was almost as wet and glistening as a woman’s pussy. Maybe this silly flash thought was what inspired me to turn Mark over on his back and get between the soft thighs. I grabbed the forgotten tube of lubricant and slicked my aching manhood, before adding more lube and pressing two fingers into the pliable, accepting entrance to my lover’s body.

Suddenly Mark seemed to realize what was going on. His blue eyes flew open and met my gaze as I leaned over him. He didn’t object, but lifted his head and followed my dick with wide eyes, as I grabbed it and positioned the head of my manhood against his slick hole. It was harder to gain entry in this position, but he helped me by spreading his legs and holding his buttocks apart. We both noticed how his still half erect cock pulsed against the suntanned sweat covered stomach and began to regain awareness. When Mark looked back up at me with his cute, innocently pleased smile, I just had to kiss those luscious lips.

At the end of another long, passionate kiss (damn, he was getting good at that) I straightened back up and began pushing my hips forward. We both moaned as I slid into him, fuck that felt absolutely amazing. I had to remind myself to breathe, so I wouldn’t black out from the pleasure of having his tight tunnel slide over the exposed glans and down my shaft as I buried myself inside Mark. When I was fully entrenched, I lowered myself down on top of him. The hard pole of his manhood rubbed against my abs as I made small movements with my hips, while we French kissed.

Mark wrapped his arms and legs around me and pressed my body against his. He moaned and moved his hips impatiently, clearly asking me to take him. “Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want. I’m gonna fuck you hard and come inside you,” I murmured and slid my hands underneath him, so I could grab his buttocks. I started out slow, reveling in the close contact between our bodies and especially the sensation of Mark’s thick shaft between our sweat slick stomachs. Most of all I enjoyed the hot sheath of his asshole enveloping my naked dick as I possessed him.

There was absolutely no doubt that Mark liked the new position I had managed to come up with, and I regretted not thinking about doing him this way before now. But I suppose we did fairly well in spite of being both inexperienced, and in any case it was also quite fun to explore the fascinating possibilities together. Thinking back I have no doubt that Mark’s personality played a major part in the immense pleasure I got from being with him. As I pushed up and placed my hands above his shoulders, in order to pin him and go at him, his enthusiastic expression and the innocent trust in his blue eyes made me very appreciative.

“Well Mark, seems you enjoy spreading your pretty legs for a man and get fucked like a girl.” My whispered teasing made him blush, but he returned my grin with a grateful smile of his own.

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