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A husband wants to know where all the white women in his conservative suburban town really go at night (NOT knitting circles and gin rummy!)


Rick’s wife Dina goes out nights and doesn’t come back until late – looking disheveled. She says she’s going to crochet and knitting circles or Tupperware parties or girl movie night or scrapbooking or Oprah book club night. But she always comes back so late and always seems so beat and exhausted, never even saying a word to him, just collapsing asleep. And she often stinks really bad, not taking a shower until the morning after sleeping in a while.

One night he follows her to see what’s really going on. She drives through the bad area of town and parks on the street. She walks down a block and down an alley. He doesn’t want to be seen, so he stays back and watches from a distance with his binoculars. As he waits he sees lots of other women from his neighborhood – his kids’ teacher, Miss Applebottom, their Church organist, the librarian, the cheerleading squad, his wife’s sister, their babysitter, etc., etc. He thinks maybe she’s telling the truth, after all, it is all women, but why drive so far out of the way to such a risky place?

He falls asleep in the car and is woken up in the morning by a basketball bouncing off his windshield. He’s harassed by a bunch of black guys and drives off. Looking down the alley, he sees nothing down there at all.

One day he accidentally finds rumpled up, stained slutty clothes stuffed in her bag she brings with her, instead of yarn and needles. He confronts her and asks what’s really going on.

She gives in and says, okay, she’ll tell him the truth. But she can’t describe it to him, she has to show it to him for him to understand. He says “let’s go”. She says it’s only open at night and there’s one other catch – only women are allowed in. But, she says, he’s always been a slim, kind of feminine guy, just an inch or two shorter than her and clean-shaven. She says they could take the day to go out and buy him some clothes and he could pass as a woman.

They spend the day shopping for clothes, she makes him try on really slutty stuff, g-strings and crotchless panties, picks out a wig for him, does him in really tacky make-up, pumps, a push-up bra, etc.

That night they head out. She takes him down the back alley, but they don’t go into any of the buildings. Then they turn the corner and he’s shocked at what he sees. Tons of anonymous black guys lined up in the alley doing all sorts of horrendous things to all the white women from his neighborhood that he saw before.

One woman recognizes Rick’s wife and walks over. To Rick’s horror, he recognizes her as Peggy, his boss from the bank he works at! He wants to run and hide, certain he’ll be recognized, but his wife holds him there. Peggy walks over, kisses Dina and asks who the new girl is that’s with her, sizing Rick up lewdly. Dina lies and says Rick (or, as she calls him, “Rachel”) is her friend from out of town and that it’s her first time. Peggy smiles and says he’s a lucky girl and calls Luke over, the ringmaster.

Dina explains to Rick that this is what the ladies call “Mandingo Row” – the black guys call it “Nigga Alley”. White women come here to be used and abused in anonymous, dirty, back alley sex. Luke comes over and Dina tells him that this is her “cousin” visiting from out of town and that “she likes it rough”. She pushes Rick to his knees and makes him suck Luke’s cock until he cums down his throat.

As Lucy pulled into the driveway at Marg and Paula’s home, she could feel the slick spot on the seat beneath her bare vagina, she quickly checked her make up to ensure she looked desirable for her mistresses. As per usual she had a moment of apprehension before getting out of the car to go inside. Torn by the knowledge of the shameful acts of degradation and humiliation she submitted herself to, it conflicted with her body’s new found addiction to gratuitous sexual stimulation.

Without letting her mind linger on the dramatic changes her life had undergone in the 2 months since her sexual enslavement to the two lesbians, Lucy got out of the car and went up to the door. She couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for her once she entered the house. Her body betrayed her arousal at the knowledge that it was a regular Friday evening session, which usually entailed the most excessive abuse of her once delicate body.

After ringing the doorbell and being invited inside, Lucy immediately began to remove her clothes, which had become customary for her on arrival at the lesbians’ house.

“Come through little slut, we have something very special in store for your pretty little ass today,” said Paula before correcting herself, “some things, I should say.”

She was amused by the look of trepidation which crossed Lucy’s face.

The two Lesbians had recently discovered Lucy’s concern for them playing with her asshole. It was primarily due to the fact that Lucy’s boyfriend, whom she still lived with (although with a significantly altered relationship), had taken to exclusively fucking her ass. He claimed her vagina was only good for lubricating his cock as it was too loose nowadays to provide any pleasure.

Privately Lucy was terrified that if they gave her ass the same treatment her pussy had received, she would no longer be able to satisfy Michael and he would leave her for the other young woman she knew he was sleeping with, much to her dismay.

So Lucy followed Paula down the hall to “Lucy’s bedroom” a room they had fitted out with a large bed and an assortment of equipment designed for sexual abuse and stimulation. As they entered the room Lucy froze in shock, there on the bed was Marg, surrounded by a horde of naked black men. After weeks of fucking, sucking, licking and fisting, it was not easy to surprise Lucy, she had experienced a lot around the cruel hands of these lesbians. But never before had a stranger been involved, let alone 8 big black men with fat black cocks as she now noticed.

“How do you like your surprise little piggy?” Marg asked.

Lucy was stuck for words, standing in silence.

“We thought you might have been missing cock since you’ve been spending time with us,” she added.

Truth be told Lucy had not been missing cock, becoming subservient to Michael, she was being fucked in the mouth or ass every morning and evening at home.

“Well don’t just stand there,” said Paula, giving her a hard slap on the ass. “Get on the floor and show these gentlemen how much you appreciate their presence by getting yourself ready for them,”

Lucy knew what this meant, it was a regular exercise, she moved to the middle of the room, lay down on her back and spread her legs so that her pussy faced the audience on the bed. She then spat onto her fingers and proceeded to massage it into her clit and pussy lips. Smiles spread and cocks swelled as Lucy closed her eyes and began to masturbate. She could feel their eyes examining her body as a hot rush of humiliation and arousal washed over her.

Within a minute her pussy was glistening and her pink labia began to open out revealing the tattoos of ownership on the inside of each cunt lip. The third physiological reaction that occurred was a result of the regular abuse her pussy endured. Her hole began to open, even before she’d slipped in 3 fingers to fuck herself. Before long it sat agape, an open red tunnel leading up inside her body, with ‘Marg’ and ‘Paula’ written on each side of the opening.

After watching in silence, one of the black men piped up, “Holy shit! That bitch is loose!”

This elicited a round of laughter.

“Okay boys,” said Marg, “I suppose you want to get started. Here’s the deal, listen up slut!”

Lucy looked up at them as Marg tipped a big packet of pencils onto the bed. She wrapped both hands around them, to hold the bunch and demonstrate its diameter of at least 3 inches.

“We’re going to play a game. From smallest to largest cock, all 8 of these men are going to fuck your ass until they cum. Your aim is to hold as much of their cum inside you until the end. Starting with these 30 pencils, every millilitre you manage to retain, one less pencil will be inserted into that tight little anus of yours at the end.

Lucy’s heart sank. How the fuck was she supposed to come out of this with an asshole that closed? Lucy’s helplessness set in, she knew there was no way of avoiding the treatment. So she gritted her teeth and set her mind to retaining as much cum as possible to reduce the abominable size of the bunch of pencils.

Before long Lucy was kneeling on the bed with her knees tied together and her bottom sticking out. Paula had set up the video camera on a tripod aimed at Lucy on the bed.

“Open up fuckhole number 3,” Marg said, that is what they insisted on calling her mouth. An appropriate name considering it was regularly used in the same fashion as fuckholes number 1 and 2. Lucy obeyed and Marg squirted 2 generous dollops of lube into her mouth. Lucy swilled it around her mouth. She hated the taste but she accepted it knowing that it was more comfortable for both parties when a dick was in her mouth, it helped them slip in and out of her throat.

In this state, the first and smallest of the 8 black cocks came up to her face. It was significantly fatter than Michaels cock which she was used to in her mouth and ass. She shuddered at the thought of increasing cock size.

With a deep breath she took the head in her mouth and pushed all the way down to the base, letting it stretch her throat open, ignoring her gag reflex. Aiming to lubricate the cock all the way down so it would slide in her ass that little bit easier, she bobbed her head up and down feeling the cock grow and stiffen.

After a few minutes the man pulled out got up to walk around behind her, pulling her hips back towards the edge of the bed, then without delay he slid his cock all the way in.

Lucy let out a groan as her anus was opened up. She could take a cock back there, but this one was bigger than usual.

He began to fuck in and out, gradually increasing the pace. Before long Lucy was moaning with each rapid thrust. She was unable to escape the sexual stimulation. With her legs tied together, the cock pressed her G-spot through the thin membrane. Her orgasm was rising. After a few final hard thrusts the man groaned and stiffened, pumping her ass with a load of semen. Lucy switched on, squeezing his cock as it withdrew, not letting any cum escape.

The next two men stepped up, one kneeling in front of her face, the other sliding his dick up her prelubed asshole. Lucy relaxed her sphincter again as the next cock pushed inside.

As the man behind her began to fuck, the man in front grabbed the sides of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. It was noticeably bigger as it slid down her throat.

By the time the 4th cock was ready to take her ass, Lucy was having trouble keeping herself closed. Before it was inserted, a dibble of cum escaped, rolling down between her pussy lips. Not to mention she was reaching fever pitch, she’d almost cum when the 3rd man ejaculated inside her.

The 4th man wasted no time. Once inside he set out at a rapid pace, pounding Lucy’s rear faster and harder than anyone before. Lucy began to squeal as her orgasm rose. She tried to hold off for as long as possible, hoping he would orgasm soon. It was no use, he just kept pounding her. He was jacked up on the image of his fat black cock stretching her as it slid up inside her slender hips and waist.

Then it happened, Lucy let out a scream as her ass and pussy clamped down in orgasm. It was so hard that mid thrust she literally shat out his dick with a glob of cum. But in the heat of the moment his dick dropped down a level and slid straight into her pussy.

Either he didn’t notice or didn’t care, because despite Lucy yelling, “ahh no, fuck my ass!” he continued to pound away. Lucy continued to orgasm and a few moments later he shuddered and came deep inside her. Lucy began to cry at the wasted cum as she felt it trickle out of her pussy. That was a whole lot more pencils in that were now going into her ass.

They rolled her onto her back, knees in the air and cock’s 5 -7 fucked her ass with abandonment one at a time. By the 7th load the increasing cock size and decreasing elasticity left Lucy with another problem, she could no longer close her asshole. So she had taken to reaching down one side to plug her hole with her fingers. This treatment had created quite a mess, 2 more orgasms, a gape and a full rectum meant there was plenty of cum that wasn’t staying inside her, it has leaked out to coat her fingers, bottom and bed.

After taking 7 cocks up her ass Lucy was nearly delirious when the 8th man stepped up to the plate. By that time she had familiarised herself with the men in the room. There was one surprise left in store for her. She had not yet seen the eighth man’s cock, suffice to say it was big, shockingly big. Lucy stared in fear and awe at the member as it came towards her. It went out of sight behind her knees as the man squatted slightly to line it up with her bottom. Then almost in slow motion she felt it press against her asshole, with a feeling of immense stretching she felt it slide up inside.

The thought that such a cock was now inside her horrified Lucy, she couldn’t believe that her asshole was able to accommodate it. It was the same horror she felt the first few times she’d had her pussy fisted. The certain knowledge that it would be forever far from virginal.

The man fucked her. Lucy lay there feeling him destroy her asshole, the only thing her boyfriend seemed to value. How could this be happening to her? She wondered. Then, before she knew it, the sensation of being overwhelmingly full of pounding dick caught up with her. She exploded in orgasm. Screaming with each thrust as he continued to fuck her.

As the 8th black man fucked her to orgasm he could feel her asshole becoming less tight with each thrust. Slowly but surely Lucy’s exhausted muscles gave up, leaving the stretched skin as the only thing holding sphincter to dick. Lucy felt this too, and with growing fear she realised her fingers may not be enough to hold the cum in. When he finally deposited his load in her, Lucy did the only thing she could think of to retain the precious contents of her rectum. She reached around and grasped the base of his cock and begged him not to pull out.

Everyone else in the room laughed at this wretched sight as the man slowly withdrew. His slick softening cock sliding through Lucy’s desperate fingers.

Marg adjusted the camcorder so that it framed Lucy’s ass, capturing Lucy’s final attempt at anal salvation, as the cock popped out, she shoved her four fingers and thumb up her ass to plug the hole. As she lay there whimpering, the camera recorded her humiliation as the cum leaked out through the gaps in her fingers and dripped to pool on the bed.

Her poor ruined asshole had one last ordeal to go through. But by this stage the number of pencils wouldn’t make much difference.

Note: This is part 6 of a series and it will make a lot more sense if you read them in order.

Chapter Six – Christmas Party Part Four

The dream returned, I was lying on my back on the beach, the chief, well, he looked like the chief, he was wearing the biggest head thingie and all the others stood by waiting as he knelt down to touch me. My hands weren’t tied anymore and I was naked. I felt the warm sand on my back as I laid there. I looked up into his eyes and I saw compassion. He looked like a wild native but his eyes told a different story. He reached down and pushed my hair out of my eyes. He touched my cheek softly and then ran his fingers down my neck and then his soft fingers ran lightly over my breasts, touching my nipples. I felt myself take a deep breath as his fingers lit up special feelings in my young body.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” A deep voice in my ears.

I opened my eyes and Mr. Bertrand was staring directly into my eyes as his fingers played with my nipples.

“Did you sleep well?” he said softly.

I nodded and then realized I did indeed sleep well. I felt like I had slept a week and I felt wonderful.

“Good, you had quite the night. Did you enjoy it?” He asked.

I wondered what he was asking, I did have an interesting night but I was supposed to be asleep when I was with him. I looked at him and tried to look confused.

“I don’t remember a lot.” I said.

He laughed. I was really confused now, I didn’t have to try.

“Baby girl, you don’t need to act surprised. I realize you were aware the whole time.” He said.

I was scared all of a sudden. Tony was going to be so mad.

“Relax, baby. It is ok. You were wonderful. In fact, I am honored that you kept as much composure as you did last night. Your little ass was pretty tight, that had to hurt a little.” He said.

I didn’t understand what was happening. I was so confused. I tried to figure it out but I gave up and just looked at him.

“Did it hurt sweetie?” he asked again.

I nodded.

“I thought so. And you kept playing dead just for me, through all of that?” He asked.

I nodded again. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

“You are so precious. So beautiful.” He said.

“Are you going to tell Tony?” I asked meekly, wondering what my punishment would be for losing the account for him.

“Tell him you were the most beautiful girl I have ever been with? Or tell him that you were not really asleep?” He said.

“Yeah, that part.” I said.

“Baby girl, I was going to sign with Tony regardless. I did enough research to know his company was going to be the best choice for me. You had nothing to do with it. Now, when he brought me in here and offered you up there was no way I wasn’t going to accept but it had nothing to do with the contract. There, now we both have a secret. You going to tell Tony?” He said and smiled.

I moved my head side to side.

“Good girl. That will be our little secret. Tony is a good guy and he has a good company but if he thinks he has to give me sweet things like you to get my business then I am not going to tell him any different.” He said.

I smiled at him. He looked at me and his hand moved to my belly and rubbed it. His touch felt so good.

“You are so precious. Let’s go get you cleaned up.” He said and swung his legs off the bed, stood up, and held his hand out to me.

I moved my head over and looked at him. He was naked and his body looked even bigger. His muscles rippled in his arms and legs. His chest was massive. But my eyes moved down and locked onto his cock. It was hanging there and it looked huge. It was not hard but it was still big. I reached over and touched it. He laughed.

“You like that cock, baby girl?” he said.

I nodded and wrapped my small hand around it. My fingers did not touch. It was starting to get hard.

“You keep that up and you are going to make even more of a mess in Tony’s bed.” He said.

I smiled at him and moved my hand off his cock and into his outstretched hand. He pulled me up slowly and I stood next to the bed. He started to walk and I suddenly lost feeling in my legs. I stumbled and he caught me. His arms felt so strong. He lifted me easily and carried me to the bathroom. I laid my head on his warm chest.

He sat me down on the toilet. The seat felt good, it was padded and warm. I didn’t realize it but my bladder started to empty immediately. I blushed and looked at him.

“Baby girl, you are even cute when you are peeing.” He said and touched my cheek, his cock hanging inches from my face.

It took all my control not to take the black cock in my mouth. I shook my head to clear it. Was the drink still impacting me or was I just turning into a cock whore? He turned and pulled the curtain of the shower. He turned on the water. I was still peeing, it felt like my bladder was a huge balloon all of a sudden. He stepped into the shower and looked at me. The water was hitting his chest and running down his muscles. He looked like a God. I had been fucked by a God. I felt a little shiver either from my bladder finally being empty or the thought of that huge cock hanging there being stuffed in my little butt.

He held out his hand and I stood up. I stayed still for a moment to make sure I wouldn’t fall down and then stepped into the shower. He closed the curtain and put his arms around me. My head only reached the middle of his chest. I leaned against him and felt his power as the warm water beat down on us both. I could feel the cock against my stomach. He let go of me and turned me so my back was against the water. He reached for a sponge and then soaped it up and washed my young body slowly and carefully.

His strokes were long and slow and very gentle. He ran the sponge over my legs and slowly up them. He then spread my legs a little and ran the sponge across my pussy and ass. He washed my stomach and boobs and then ran his soapy fingers all over my face, touching every piece of skin. I felt my body tingle with his touch, he was so gentle and was treating my body like a fragile trophy. He finished and then kneeled. He picked up my right foot and washed it slowly, he ran his fingers through my toes and washed each one. I felt a tingle run from my toes to my crotch and I shuddered. He laughed softly and then washed the other foot.

He stood up and grabbed the shower massage. He moved it over me and rinsed my body completely. He knelt again and then spread my thighs a little. He ran the water against my inner thighs and then moved it up until it hit my pussy. I gasped and grabbed the railings to keep from falling. My hips lurched forward as the warm water pelted my pussy, thighs, and clit. I was breathing fast and then the water was gone. I looked down just in time to see his smile before his face buried into my crotch. His tongue hit my clit immediately and I squealed. I let go of the railings and grabbed his head. I leaned back against the wall and held onto him as he made love to my pussy with his tongue.

My orgasm was special, I was already excited to be naked with such a lovely specimen of a man. I was amazed that I had taken that cock in my ass the night before much less my little pussy. So, I was already a mess before I stepped into the shower and then his soft manipulation of my body brought me slowly to the edge. His magic tongue was now the last straw. I had never felt that much pleasure all at once. It was like a huge wave and it swept over me. I screamed and held his head. I felt my body convulse and he grabbed my ass to hold me up. I shook for at least 20 seconds as I experienced the best feeling I had ever had in my young life. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my head leaned back against the shower wall.

I felt him stand and then the water switched. It was now hitting my chest and stomach but I kept my eyes closed and my head against the wall, trying to prolong the ecstasy. My little body was still shivering with pleasure when I felt him lift my right leg. I opened my eyes to see his cock was rock hard and heading for my open pussy. I grabbed it and held it in my hands. I pulled it forward and lined it up to my young pussy. The head touched my inner lips and I shuddered again. My body was on fire and I wanted more. I wanted this huge cock to be inside me. I pulled it into me and felt it slide into my small opening. I moved my hands to his hips and pulled him closer. He did not move, his cock only a couple of inches into me. I tried to pull him into me but there was no way I was going to move this man if he didn’t want to move. I felt his hand behind my left knee and my leg was pulled up. He was now holding me against the wall with my legs. I slid up the wall as he stood up. He must have been kneeling or squatting and I realized he had to be to get his cock on the same level as my pussy. I was now about four feet off the ground against the wall.

I put my hands on his massive biceps and felt his muscles rippling as he held me up. I looked into his face and he was smiling. It was a smile but it had a hint of danger in it. I was scared for a minute but then his face softened. I opened my mouth slightly and looked straight into his eyes.

“Fuck me, fuck me now!” I said in a forceful whisper.

His smile got real big and I felt him adjust his hands. I felt a slight pressure in my crotch and then he rammed his cock completely into me. I screamed as my insides opened up to accept him.

I felt the air rush out of my lungs as his stomach pounded against my chest. I was pinned against the wall by a giant black cock. I tried to say something but it came out as a gurgle as I tried to catch my breath. He pulled back and I felt my young pussy straining to keep him inside. He was almost out and then he rammed it home again and I grunted as he drove his cock up into my womb. I closed my eyes. I had had sex before but it became obvious that I had never been fucked before. I was getting truly fucked by this man, my little body was like a rag before him.

He pulled out and then slammed home again, my body sliding up the wall every time he powered into me. I leaned my head back.

“Oh God, please never stop.” I whispered in a soft voice.

He started a rhythm then and I was bouncing against the wall as his massive tool pummeled my teenage pussy. I hoped that this wasn’t the ultimate sex moment in my life but I couldn’t imagine how anything could be better than this.

I felt a little sadness at that thought but then decided to just lean back and enjoy it.

Mr. Bertrand fucked me hard for at least 5 minutes. Five minutes does not sound very long but when a humongous cock is pistoning in and out of your body it is an eternity. I felt him speeding up and then he pushed hard against me. I knew what was coming.

“Oh God yes, cum inside me. Fill me up. Yes, yes.” I heard my voice and he pushed harder.

I felt his cock spasm and then a deep warmth inside me. I knew my young womb was getting splattered with cum. He pushed into me two more times and then relaxed and leaned into me. His body felt so strong and warm as it pinned me against the wall. I could feel his heartbeat. His breath was in my ear and his breathing was slowing down. I felt his head move and he was now looking at me.

“Baby girl, you are fucking unbelievable. I have fucked hundreds of women and that has to be the hottest fuck I have ever had. Son of a bitch, I may have to adopt you.” He said.

I snickered at the thought of him as my daddy. I wondered for a minute and then realized he must be at least my Daddy’s age so that thought then took on a whole new meaning. He move forward and kissed me on the lips. His lips were soft and then he kissed me again and held his lips on mine. I opened my lips slightly and my tongue slipped out and ran lightly over his soft lips. His mouth opened and our tongues went to war. He kissed me for about a minute as his cock softened in my pussy. He was still pushing against me with this crotch so he stayed inside me. He broke the kiss slowly and kissed my lips as he pulled away.

I felt my body lowering and he placed me back on the floor of the shower. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him. I felt his hands on my head and he ran his fingers through my wet hair. I felt another shiver hit me and he chuckled. His hands left my body but I held onto him. I felt his fingers on my head and then realized he was soaping up my hair with shampoo. His fingers massaged my scalp and I moaned into his stomach. It felt so good.

He finished and grabbed the magic water again. He rinsed my hair completely and then rinsed my body, concentrating on my crotch for a couple of minutes, washing off the cum that was leaking out. I was holding onto the railing again wondering if I could cum again so soon. He pulled the water off of me before he took me that far and then I felt the water stop.

He stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. I stood there dripping, watching this majestic man run a small white towel over his wonderful body. He actually looked even bigger naked as I could see all of his parts and they were all perfect. His arms were massive and the muscles rippled as he moved. His chest and stomach were smooth and tight. His waist was small for his frame but his thighs were massive. I could see the muscles ripple in them also as he moved. I heard him chuckle and I realized I was standing in the shower just staring at him with my mouth open. What a loser.

He wrapped a white terrycloth robe around himself and held out his hand to me. I took it and stepped out of the tub onto the soft rug. He grabbed another towel and dried off my body an inch at a time. I closed my eyes as he ran his hands all over my body. I was in heaven as this Adonis touched me all over. I felt his hands leave me and I opened my eyes. He was holding out a red silk robe. I slid my arms in and he tied it around me. It felt very soft but it wasn’t very big. The bottom was only a few inches past my pussy and most of my thighs were visible.

“You are a vision, baby girl.” He said as he stepped back and looked at me.

I blushed and pulled the robe closed, embarrassed to be next to this perfect specimen of a man. I was just a little girl in the presence of this grown man and I felt very small.

“And you are precious because you don’t realize how beautiful and perfect you are.” He said softly.

I looked at him and then he turned me to face the mirror. I felt him pick up my hair and then I saw him start to brush it slowly. It was very wet and very straight as he ran the brush through. I looked a little like a drowned rat. He was smiling as he gently brushed my hair. I just relaxed and enjoyed the attention. I didn’t think I was worthy of this man’s attention but hey, if he was giving it I wasn’t going to ask any questions.

He finished my hair and then took my hand. He led me out of the bathroom and then out of the bedroom. We walked down the stairs and down some hallways. I was just following him blindly, willing to let him take me anywhere he wanted.

We entered a huge white kitchen that I hadn’t seen last night. Tony was sitting at the table reading the paper with a cup of coffee next to him.

“Good morning, sleepyheads.” He said without looking up.

“Good morning.” Mr. Bertrand said and sat around the corner of the table from Tony.

I stood at the corner of the table between them. Tony raised his head to look at me. He ran a hand across my ass and then down a little. He then ran it under my robe and rubbed my tight butt. I tried to relax.

“Did you guys sleep well?” Tony said to Bertrand as he rubbed my ass and thighs.

“Like a baby, Tony, that bed is wonderful and I had a nice warm teddy bear to hold onto.” He answered and glanced at me.

“I am glad, do you want some coffee?” He asked Bertrand.

“I would love some.” He answered.

Tony looked up at me as he ran his finger between my ass cheeks softly.

“Baby girl, can you run and get Mr. Bertrand some coffee and refill my cup?” He asked, holding his cup out.

I took his cup and scampered into the kitchen. My bare feet hit the cool tile and it felt nice. I found another coffee cup and filled them both. I walked back and stood between my men. They thanked me and took their cups.

“Baby, you can go get yourself a cup.” Tony said.

I did want a cup bad, my head was a little woozy. I got one and then returned to the table, standing next to them and sipping my coffee.

Tony was folding up his paper. He leaned back and took a drink of coffee. He was wearing a white terrycloth robe and it opened as he leaned back. I saw his cock resting on his thigh and my eyes locked onto it. It was not completely hard but not soft either. It was big but it looked so different than Nate’s. It looked really thick and I knew it could get a lot longer. It looked to be about 5 or 6 inches as it laid there and I looked at the veins running up and down the length.

“So Nate, you ready to talk business?” Tony said and my eyes snapped back up.

“Sure, Tony, but I am really hungry. What have you got to eat?” Nate responded.

“No problem. Baby girl, there are some eggs, bacon, and biscuits in the refrigerator on the top shelf. Can you go and whip up a breakfast for us? I know you can cook, your Momma brags about you a lot.” He said and smiled at me.

I pictured my Mom with a blindfold on and running her tongue up and down my pussy. I shivered a little at the memory. I turned and walked back into the kitchen. I did know how to cook and I loved to cook breakfast. Tony’s kitchen was spectacular. The counters were huge and the appliances were amazing. I had a complete breakfast prepared in about 25 minutes. I found some orange juice and made a pitcher. I made a plate for each man and carried them out to the table. They were scooping up papers and I sat the plates down in front of each.

“Wow, look at our little girl. She can make a mean breakfast.” Tony said and I beamed.

He grabbed me around the waist and hugged me to him.

“Very nice, sweetie. You do know your way around the kitchen. You are going to make a wonderful little wife to someone, a wildcat in the bedroom and a master in the kitchen. Baby, you may be the perfect girl.” He said and slapped my butt.

“Now go make yourself a plate and come eat with us.” Tony said.

I realized I was really hungry and scampered into the kitchen. I came back with my plate and the pitcher of orange juice. We laughed and ate until everything was gone. I leaned back in my chair with my coffee. I felt great, my belly was full, my pussy was satisfied, and my head was clearing up.

“It was nice doing business with you Nate. The car should be here around 11:00 to pick us up. That should give you plenty of time to catch your 1:00 flight. So what should we do with our two hours?” Tony said.

I glanced over at the clock and saw it was only 9:05. I looked back at Tony and Nate and they were smiling at me. My pussy tingled as I realized I was dessert.

“Baby girl, come over here.” Tony said.

I stood up and walked over to stand between them. Tony put his arm around my waist again and hugged me. He took his other hand and loosened my robe. It fell open and displayed my young body to Nate. He smiled and reached out to touch my boobs. My nipples were soft and he ran his fingers over them lightly. My body shivered under his touch and then I felt Tony run his hand down my leg and then up to my ass. He rubbed my cheeks gently as Nate squeezed my boobs. Tony’s hand slid between my legs from the back and I spread them a little.

“So Nate, did you get to sample this little butt?” Tony said.

“Fuck yes, that was one of the finest asses I have ever had.” Nate responded.

“You have no idea the restraint it took to not rip this little ass open but I wanted to save it for you.” Tony said.

“Well, I appreciate it. It was special but I am sure it is still pretty special.” He said.

“Yeah, I may have to sample it this morning. Baby, would you mind if I fucked your ass this morning?” Tony said and ran his finger up to my ass.

I nodded my head no and he smiled.

“Nate, did she show you her special little talent?” Tony said.

“What talent would that be?” Nate responded.

“Well, our little girl here is a champion cocksucker.” Tony said and slapped my ass.

“Really, I would love to see that.” Nate said.

“Baby, can you please suck Mr. Nate’s cock?” Tony asked like he was asking for an extra napkin.

I nodded and moved in front of Nate. He slid his chair away from the table and spread his legs. His robe fell off his thighs and I saw the majestic cock throbbing on his thigh. It was growing and it was now at least 8 inches long. It looked like it had more room for growth as I knelt between his legs. My hair fell over his thighs as I leaned over. I ran my hand over his cock gently and then down to his balls. I took both of my hands and cupped his huge balls. His cock jumped on his thigh. I kept one hand on his balls and moved the other to his cock. My hand looked so small and white compared to the huge piece of meat I was holding.

His cock was standing up now and I ran my little hand up and down slowly. I saw a small drop ease out of the head and I moved my mouth over it and sipped it off. I took the head in my warm mouth and sucked softly. I heard him moan and I knew I was doing well. I pulled off and looked at the cock in my hand. It was the biggest I had ever seen and I wondered how I was going to do this. I knew what Tony wanted but I wasn’t sure I could swallow this thing. I kissed the head lightly and moved my hand back down the shaft.

I opened my mouth and lowered my head over him. I slid down until he touched the back of my throat. Fuck, there was still at least 8 inches outside my mouth as I ran my hand up and down. This fucking monster was going to reach my stomach. I pulled back slowly, running my tongue under the cock as it moved out. I ran my tongue down the shaft slowly, kissing and sucking gently until I reached his balls. I pulled them up and then kissed them gently. They were covered in thick dark hair. I ignored that and sucked one of his balls in my mouth. I held it there and then let it slide out slowly. I sucked the other one and then moved my mouth back up the long shaft.

I reached the top and his cock was now rock hard. I felt his hand on my head and I looked up at him. He was leaning back and his eyes were closed. He opened them and looked down at me. I opened my mouth and sucked the head in, never losing eye contact. He smiled. I pulled back and took a deep breath.

“Get ready Nate, you are gonna love this.” Tony said.

I opened my mouth and slid down over his cock until it hit my throat. I got up as far as I could while on my knees and pushed down on him. I felt the cock enter my throat and I fought through my gag reflex. I pushed a little more and it slid more into my throat.

“No fucking way!” I heard Nate say.

I felt a surge of pride and challenge and then pushed hard down. His cock slid completely into my throat and my lips were pressed against his crotch. I felt the thick pubic hair on my nose.

“Son of a bitch! I have never seen that!” I heard Nate’s voice, filtered a little by the large cock embedded in my face.

I pulled back slowly and the cock slid out of my throat inch by inch. I let it slide out of my mouth and I took a deep breath.

“Baby girl, that is incredible. I have had $1000 hookers who couldn’t do what you just did. God Damn Tony, where did you find this girl?” Nate said.

I heard Tony laugh.

“Right in my own backyard, Nate. I have watched her grow up. I knew she was going to be a stunner even when she was little and it seems she inherited a little from her Mommy. I knew she was going to be special but she is even surprising me now.” Tony said.

I looked over at Tony and then back at Nate. I was still holding Nate’s huge cock, my saliva now coating the entire length. I looked at it carefully and was a little taken aback myself that I had just swallowed the entire thing. I was a freak and it seems that Tony had been grooming me my whole life to be just that.

“Baby, do that again.” I heard Tony and looked to see him holding a video camera now.

Great, I am going to be a star, I thought as I moved my mouth over Nate’s cock. I opened and then slid his entire length into my body in one stroke. I held him in my throat, his pubic hair tickling my nose, until I felt my breath leave me. I pulled off slowly and filled my lungs.

“Damn, that is unbelievable. Girl, you do that again and I am going to blast a load right into your little tummy.” I heard Nate say.

“Promise?” I said in my best little girl voice and sucked the head gently.

“Mother Fucker, Tony, how much for her? I want this girl on my cock forever.” Nate said.

“Nate, she is priceless unfortunately, but she is available for rent. I am sure we can work something out.” Tony said and laughed.

“Baby, do that one more time.” Nate said.

I smiled and slid my mouth over him again. I took a slow deep breath and then shoved my head down, driving his cock into my throat. I felt his hands on the back of my head, pulling me farther into him. His cock slid a little farther into my throat as I relaxed and let him control me. He pulled me harder and my face was now smashed against his crotch. I tried to relax but I was losing my breath. I felt him flinch and I felt a hot blast of liquid deep in my throat. I was starting to get a little dizzy and I felt another hot blast. I started to panic as my lungs screamed for mercy. I pushed hard against his thighs and I felt his hands release the pressure.

I pulled up off the cock with the last bit of energy I had. I felt him shoot a third load on the way out and it hit the back of my mouth. The cock slipped out of my mouth and the air rushed into my lungs. I coughed and sputtered as I tried to get my breath, the cum in my mouth flying out between my lips. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t. It slid out between my lips and ran down my chin. I felt it drip off onto my thighs but I couldn’t do anything about it as I fought to regain my breath. I felt hands under my arms and I was lifted into the air.

“Oh baby, I am so sorry. It felt so good and I couldn’t stop. Are you ok?” I heard Nate’s voice in my ear as he pulled my limp body into his arms.

I felt my lungs start to stabilize and my head clear up a little. He was still holding me.

“Baby girl, are you ok?” Nate’s voice again and he pulled me away to look at me.

I was able to focus on his face and he smiled. I nodded and his smile got bigger. He hugged me close and it felt so good to totally surrounded by this huge man.

“Tony, I am so sorry about that but I have never felt that before.” Nate said.

“Dude, I know what you mean. I almost killed her too when she swallowed me for the first time. It is hard to pull back.” Tony said and chuckled.

Nate pulled me up to sit on his lap. I was starting to recover and realized my chin and neck were covered in cum. I touched my chin and it was slimy. Nate grabbed a napkin and started to clean me up. I relaxed as he wiped up all of his seed off of my body. I even had drops on my thighs and chest. I still tasted him in my mouth and I swallowed again.

“There you go baby girl, good as new.” Nate said and I smiled and leaned over on his chest.

“Tony, you have a special one here. You make sure you take good care of her.” Nate said, running his hand over my head.

“Nate, I am figuring that one out.” Tony said and stood up.

Tony cleared the table of breakfast dishes and carried them into the kitchen. He returned and cleaned off the entire table. He walked over to me and held out his hand. I put my small hand in his and he lifted me up. I stood up between Nate’s legs, I looked down to see his cock resting on his thigh. It was glistening with my saliva. Tony led me over a few steps and then lifted me up and sat me on the table. He walked up to me and took my head in his hands. He kissed me softly on the lips. I wondered if he could taste Nate on me.

“Baby girl, you have been making us happy for the last week so now it is your turn.” He said and opened my robe.

He held my robe open and looked at my naked body.

“Beautiful.” Tony said.

He leaned forward and kissed my cheek, then my neck, then my shoulder. He nibbled on my ear and I shuddered. He chuckled and bit my ear a little harder. I moaned. He kissed down my neck again and then he slid my robe off my shoulders. He pulled it off my arms and it fell softly to the table, leaving me naked on Tony’s kitchen table. I had come a long way in a week. He kissed my chest above my boobs and I felt my skin start to vibrate. I loved being touched, much less kissed and this man was playing right into my weakness. I felt his hands on my arms and he ran his fingers down my arms.

His lips meet my left nipple and another moan escaped my lips. I closed my eyes and he sucked lightly on my nipple. It was now rock hard and he bit it softly. I put my hands down on the table behind me to keep from falling over as he played my young body. He moved over and kissed and nibbled on my left nipple and I felt my pussy spasm. I wanted his tongue between my legs so badly I could almost feel it already there. He kissed softly over each breast and then onto my tummy. I felt my body throb and I took a deep breath. His warm hands were now on my sides and he was rubbing up and down as his tongue worked down my pulsating stomach.

He slipped his tongue in my bellybutton and I moaned again. His hands moved down to my waist and then onto my thighs. My pussy was throbbing, this man was going to make me cum without even touching me between my legs. He kissed my stomach under my bellybutton, moving slowly towards the prize between my young legs. His hands gently spread my thighs and my legs opened wide for him. I was breathing a little faster, my orgasm was churning deep in my body, just waiting to erupt. I could feel it coming but I tried to hold back. I wanted to stay right here on the edge, my entire body felt like it was vibrating with pleasure and I wanted it to last forever.

His hands moved to my inner thighs and stroked them softly. He was teasing me. He knew I was close. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He looked cloudy as I tried to focus through my orgasmic daze. I blinked and he came into focus. He had an evil smile as he ran his finger across my sensitive thighs, coming ever so close to my pussy but never touching it.

“Tell me what you want little girl.” He said slowly.

I gasped and tried to speak. My mouth tried to form words but all that could come out was moans. He chuckled and put his hands on my shoulders. He pushed me gently and lowered me onto my back. I laid back and spread my arms. He ran his hands over my breasts, brushing my nipples, and then over my stomach. He moved down to my thighs and then to my knees as they hung off the table. He ran his hands down my calves and then to my feet. He massaged each foot and ran his fingers between my toes. I groaned in pleasure. I was his slave, at this moment I knew I would do anything he asked of me. His lips kissed each toe and I took a deep breath. I could see my chest rising and falling with each breath.

I felt movement and saw Nate’s face hovering over mine. He lowered his head and kissed my lips. I opened my mouth immediately and tried to draw him into me. His tongue slid between my lips and touched mine. I wrapped my arms around his head so he couldn’t escape. His tongue danced in my mouth and I kept trying to pull him deeper. I felt Tony’s fingers start to run up my legs and I moaned into Nate’s mouth. I kissed Nate even harder when I felt fingers on my inner thighs. I opened my legs wide, trying to draw Tony closer. I was just about spread completely open, gotta love that cheerleader flexibility. I felt his breath between my legs and I pushed my hips up off the table.

I held onto Nate, more for an anchor than anything else. I felt like my body was going to fly off the table at any minute. Tony was running his fingers across my spread thighs and breathing onto my throbbing pussy. I felt a hand on my tummy and then on my breast and I realized that Nate was now squeezing my right breast. My body was on overload under the control of these two men. He covered my breast with his huge hand and then squeezed. I moaned again and kissed him harder. I was so close.

Nate pulled his mouth away from mine and I opened my eyes. He was smiling at me and then he pinched my nipple. I gasped and thrust my head back. I was holding his shoulders and I squeezed him hard. His muscles were tight and firm. All of a sudden I felt Tony’s warm tongue touch my open pussy. I lurched up and tried to suck him into me. He had his hands on my thighs and held me down. I was moaning and moving my head back and forth as my orgasm crawled up my body. Tony ran his tongue around my open lips and then deep into me. I could feel his nose on my open lips as he ran his tongue deep. I was out of control now and could only hope they held onto me.

Nate pinched my nipple at the same time as Tony flicked his tongue across my clit. My orgasm hit me and I screamed. I drove my fingers into Nate’s muscles and my hips flew up off the table. Tony drove his face into me and sucked on my clit. I screamed again and lurched up as pleasure wracked my young body. I was thrashing my head and convulsing as Tony sucked my clit and Nate pinched my nipple and rolled it between his fingers. My body convulsed again and I screamed again. I was breathing fast and trying to regain control of my body. My shudders were slowing down. I tried to slow my breathing down but my body would shudder every few seconds.

Nate was now just holding my boob and Tony was rubbing my thighs. I came down off my orgasmic high and my body started to feel like a rag. Nate pulled back and I let go of his shoulders.

Tony stood up between my legs and I tried to look at him. My hair was in my face but I blinked and was able to focus on him. He looked me in the eyes and then sank his cock into my young pussy.

He went in easily and was now buried deep in me. It felt so good, so full, I stretched my arms out over my head as he started to fuck me. I could hear the sounds of him moving in and out of my soaked pussy. I was taking his huge cock like it was nothing. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths as Tony drilled my teenage pussy. He lasted about 5 minutes and blew another load into my womb. I wondered how much cum I had taken in me over the last week. I was trying to figure it out when I felt him pull out. My pussy was empty for about 10 seconds and then I felt another cock slide in. I spread my legs as wide as I could as Nate pushed his monster cock into my little body.

I felt him grab my knees and lift them up. He was pumping slowly and I moaned deep. He pulled my knees up farther and I felt my body open up more for him. He was even deeper in me. I was taking the biggest black cock I had ever seen into my small pussy and it didn’t hurt at all.

It felt so good, I wanted more. He was moving faster and I felt the rest of my body moving with his thrusts. My boobs were bouncing and my feet were flying around a little. I felt him push my legs up even farther and he drove even deeper.

I saw my knees close to my head. I saw my feet flying in the air as this huge black man dominated my little body. His cock was driving deep into me with every stroke. I heard our skin slapping together. I was getting fucked good. Not many teenagers could say they were truly fucked. I was now one of those people. He kept up his frantic pace for another 5 minutes or so and then pushed deep and filled me up again with his seed. He pumped three loads in me and pulled out. He lowered my legs and they fell over the table, dangling. I was a wreck. I tried to just breathe slow and try to recover. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

“Well, that was fun. You ok, baby girl?” I heard Tony’s voice and saw his face.

“Yes.” I whispered softly.

He laughed and kissed me softly on the lips.

“You rest for a little while.” He said and patted my forehead.

I closed my eyes and heard the clink of dishes and the sounds of conversation. I think I dozed a little as I realized how tired I was. Cumming like a truck and getting fucked twice can take it out of you I guess. I felt a touch on my stomach and my eyes fluttered open. Tony was standing next to me and he was moving the hair out of my eyes with his other hand rubbing my tummy.

“Wake up sweetheart. We have to get you cleaned up and get Nate to the airport.” He said.

I tried to get up but I couldn’t. He laughed at me. He slid his hands under me and lifted me up. I laid my head against his chest as he carried me up the stairs. He carried me into a bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. I sat there for a minute as he turned on the shower. I had already had a shower this morning but that was before I took a cum shot to the face and two loads up my pussy. Another shower wouldn’t hurt. He slipped off his robe and took my hands. I stood up and stepped into the shower.

He stepped in and immediately grabbed the shower massage and rinsed me down. My hair had almost dried from before now it had to start over. I could almost feel it curling up as it got wet. He held the massage on my pussy and spread my legs a little. It felt really good but my sore body couldn’t even think of cumming again. He then soaped me up good and rinsed me again. I was clean as a whistle. He handed me the soapy sponge and moved my hands down to his cock. I got the idea and soaped up his cock and balls. I ran my little hands all over his balls and up and down his cock. I could feel it hardening slightly as I massaged it. I had it all soaped up good and was reaching for the hose when he turned me around.

“Grab the rails baby. I need that little ass.” He whispered and I grabbed the metal rails on the wall.

He put his hands on my waist and pulled me back a little. I bent over slightly and spread my legs for balance. I felt his hands run over my butt and down my crack. He spread open my cheeks and ran his finger up and down my crack. I shivered. I felt his finger push against my ass and then slide in slightly. I groaned. He pushed his finger deeper and then pulled it out. I felt him drop soap over my ass and then his finger slipped into me again, this time a little easier. I tried to relax, hoping it would make it easier. I remembered when Nate shoved his cock up my ass last night, it did hurt a little and he had lubricated me pretty well.

My mind was preparing for Tony to fuck me in the ass when I felt his cock touch me. He lined me up and pushed into me. I gasped and held onto the rails. He pulled out a little and pushed again. I screamed a little as my little ass tried to open for this huge cock. It felt like I was split wide open but I knew he was only about halfway in. He pulled out again and drove a few more inches into my young butt. I tried to take deep breaths and he slid even more in. I prayed he was almost done. It felt like someone had shoved a cue stick up my butt. I took a deep breath and then felt Tony’s crotch touch my ass. He was all the way in.

I closed my eyes, took deep breaths, and Tony fucked my ass for about 10 minutes. He was slamming into me and I felt my ass jiggle with each stroke. He finally jammed deep inside and pumped his load into my bowels. He pulled out slow and I felt his cum dribble out and run down my leg. I stayed in position and Tony cleaned me up again. He pulled me up and hugged me as the warm water flowed over us.

He turned off the water and stepped out. I stood in the tub, dripping, my hair all over my face. He grabbed my hand and I stepped out. He dried me off and actually tied the towel around my hair. He led me out into his bedroom and sat me on his bed. My body was really sore, it felt like all of the fuckings of the last 24 hours were hitting me all at once. He dressed in a nice shirt and pants and then walked over to me. He stood in front of me and pulled the towel off my head. He dried my hair a little more and then ran a brush through it. He brushed my hair until it was untangled and hanging down around my face. I could see the ends curling up as it dried.

My disclaimer: This story is male-male in nature and involves forced sex, spanking, and pissing. If you’re not interested in that, please don’t leave negative feedback. Enjoy.

It was a brutally hot and humid day in the Midwest; a typical summer. I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and wash my car. It’s been a couple of weeks of relentless rain and storms and it’s taken a toll on the shine of my baby. Unfortunately, because of all the rain we’ve had this summer and the high temperatures, it’s horribly humid out. I’m always more horny in the summer than in the winter. The hot weather really makes my fantasies stand out more, not to mention my cock.

I brave the oppressive humidity and heat and head outside to wash my car. I’ve dressed somewhat sparingly, wearing only a thin, old, super tight t-shirt and short-shorts. I love my cut-off denim shorts, I made them from an old pair of worn-out jeans a few years ago and I wear them often, but not in public. They don’t hide much, but they make me feel sexy and it’s so hot out that when I’m wearing this outfit I get somewhat excited. It’s almost like I’m being an exhibitionist, even though I know that nobody will see me. My yard is fenced in so I could be naked and nobody would know the difference. My cock would hang out the bottom of my shorts if I let it, they’re that short. Sometimes, I do let it hang out, just to make me even feel more like an exhibitionist.

I pulled out my washing supplies and unwrapped the hose in the backyard and started spraying the car. I’ve already pulled my car onto the grass in the backyard in the shade to cool it off a bit. Every once in a while I ease up on the pressure of the hose nozzle and spray up in the air to create a cold mist to cool me off a bit. Of course, this makes me soaking wet. It’s ridiculously humid out and I was soaking wet from my own sweat anyway. But, like I said, I’m in my fenced-in backyard anyway so who cares, nobody can see me back here anyway.

My thin t-shirt is clinging to my upper body, showing off my hard work at the gym. I’ll never be a pumped-up muscle-head, but I’ve got just about no fat on my body and a few years of working out with pull-ups, running, and crunches have tightened my torso and I look pretty good if I do say so myself. My ass is pretty tight, too. Squats and lunges have done wonders for my figure-skater-like cheeks. With these short-shorts on, I think that I look hot enough to match the temperature.

As I’m washing the front driver’s side wheel, bending over scrubbing the tire with a brush, I hear some rustling and stand up and start to turn around but someone grabs me from behind! They’re almost crushing me with their bear hug around my waist. They’re bending backwards and my feet come off of the ground, their waist grinding into my soaking wet shorts and I can feel a bulge on my ass. I know they have a hard on and I also know that I’m in for trouble, unless it’s just a friend of mine goofing around. I don’t recognize the arms and hands around my waist and I try to wiggle free but there’s no way that’s happening, they’ve got an iron grip on me and they’re dry humping my ass through their pants.

It seems like minutes, but it’s probably only seconds before they finally speak. “Don’t do anything to cause trouble or you’ll get more trouble than you’ve ever wanted.” Now I know I’m in trouble.

I shout, “WHAT THE?! Who are you? What do you want? I don’t have any money on me. Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you say, just don’t hurt me.”

Being a young, single man who hasn’t been in a relationship for months, I’m always fantasizing about being taken by force and made into someone’s sex slave for the day. Could this really be happening? I should have been wishing to win the lottery, I didn’t know I’d have this much power over my fantasies. I probably caused this by wearing these skimpy clothes, but I didn’t think anyone could see me back here. Who is this guy? Do I know him? Is it the delivery guy? The post man? One of the lawn service guys? A painter? I have no idea, especially since I haven’t seen his face. I don’t recognize his voice either.

As my mind is reeling trying to think of who this could be and if it’s really a joke, he pulls my t-shirt up over my head and ties it so I can’t see and my arms are sort of flailing around. He pulls my arms behind my back and I hear velcro ripping apart and he takes my hands and ties them up with velcro straps behind me! I’m almost totally helpless and am now half naked in front of a stranger! Or, a friend? I don’t have a clue who it is, but oddly enough, I’m feeling twinges in my cock and feel like I’m going to start getting a hard on. That would be bad timing, then he’d know that I was getting excited.

He pushes me forward so I’m pushed against my wet car fender and pushes down on my back so I’m forced over the hood. Before I even realize what’s happening he’s slapping my ass through my wet shorts! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Owwww! Hey!”

He keeps that up for what seems like several minutes and I’m starting to get worried that the neighbors will hear. I should actually be hoping that the neighbors will hear and rescue me, but instead I’m getting turned on by this treatment and am now worried that he’ll stop and I’ll find out that it’s a friend who’s just messing around. In the back of my mind though, I’m pretty sure this is real and it’s not a friend but a horny stranger who’s planning on using me and abusing me. My sex slave fantasy is about to come true.

Two or three minutes of spanking my ass with my wet shorts still on, I can feel him unfastening them around my waist and he pulls them down! Now I’m naked, my ass, cock, balls, and torso are exposed but my head is still tied in that wet t-shirt so I can’t see anything. My shorts are around my ankles and he pushes on my left leg and I lift it up and he pulls the shorts off of that leg and pushes my legs apart. I’m still facing the wet car and my cock is sticking straight out above the fender and my balls are pushing into the top of the fender! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a more rock hard cock in my life! I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble for him to see how turned on I am. He’s obviously noticed by now though, since he’s behind me and I’m naked and blindfolded in front of him.

He starts in on my butt cheeks again. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.. it goes on for several more minutes and I know my cheeks are getting pinkish red and are becoming hot. He’s putting his hands on my cheeks and moving them around in circles with the palms of his hands. I can feel the air on my exposed asshole as he’s spreading my cheeks around, just playing with me like I’m a toy. I know that he’s probably getting a raging hard on himself treating someone like this. It’s not long before I find out that I’m right. I feel his hand rubbing up and down on my crack, up and down, up and down. Rubbing on my tender, tight hole with his middle finger as he rubs up and down. Then his finger goes in! I’m not lubed or anything so it’s a tight fit. He takes it out and starts spitting on my asshole to make it slippery. That really makes me feel dirty and nasty to have someone spitting on my asshole. I love it!

I can feel his finger in there again and it slide right in now that it’s slippery from his hot spit. He’s plunging it in and out and soon there are two fingers in there, then there! With three fingers in my ass, he starts spreading them apart, spreading my asshole open, gaping it wide open as much as he can. I’m embarrassed and turned on at the same time to have someone being this intimate with my most intimate area out here in the daylight in my backyard! The feeling of that spreading goes away for a few seconds and I hear a zipping sound. Oh-oh. I know what’s going to happen next, and sure enough, I feel his soft, pliable cock head pressing between my butt cheeks. He’s rubbing it up and down my crack, over my asshole. Stopping at my asshole but not putting it in, just rubbing it over and up and down and slightly pressing on my hole but not plunging it in.

I’m getting so turned on, I feel like I’m about to cum! My balls are pressed up against the car fender and my cock is sticking up over the hood, like I’m fucking something but there’s nothing there! And, this dirty stranger is rubbing his cock head up and down my butt crack and over my asshole! It’s a dirty feeling and I love it!

He keeps rubbing his cock up and down in-between my cheeks and before long I feel his cock head start to push into my tight, wet asshole. I’m worried that he’s got a huge cock and he’ll just ram it in there without any warning. But, he doesn’t ram into me, he just sticks his cock head into my asshole, pushing just a bit at a time, slowly entering me what feels like about an inch or two. I’m wondering what he’s doing. Is he teasing me? Because my cock couldn’t possibly be any harder and I couldn’t possibly be any more horny than I am with this treatment from a stranger! With his cock just a couple of inches in my ass he holds it there for a few seconds as he again grabs me around the waist and gives me a big bear hug again.

NOW I know what he’s doing! I feel his jets of cum start spraying up inside of my ass! He’s unloading his sticky mess up inside of me with just his cock head in my tight hole. He hasn’t even fucked my ass yet. Is he mad because he thought I was a woman with short-shorts on and he doesn’t want to fuck a man in the ass?

He finally stops cumming in my ass and slowly plops his cock out. Instantly his cum starts leaking out of my asshole, mainly because there’s so much of it and because I’m standing up, there’s no way I can clench my ass enough to keep it in there. He SPANKS my cheeks again and starts to rub his cum all over my ass and lower back. I can’t lie, it’s a great feeling being used by this dirty stranger as his sex toy. I hope he gets around to actually sticking his whole cock in me. I hope he likes fucking men so I can fulfill my fantasy. If not, at least I was awarded his load of hot cum, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had that feeling and I miss it.

I love the feeling of guys putting things in my ass and shooting cum in there and enemas and anything to do with using my asshole anyway they want to. Although, I’ve never been raped like this, by a stranger, anyway. A former lover raped me once. I think you could consider it rape because he forced his cock into me after tying me face down on a bed and tying my hands and feet together. We had an argument and I said, “fuck you!” to him. That didn’t go over too well.. Even though we were together, I wasn’t the one that wanted to be tied up and fucked. I wonder if that’s where my rape fantasy came from?

As this stranger is rubbing his own cum onto my ass and back, I hear another voice! Is this someone coming to rescue me? I don’t recognize that voice either, and I don’t recognize that laugh. What’s so funny, I think to myself. These two guys are laughing as the first one is still rubbing his cum all over me. My asshole is exposed to two strangers now! I hear the new guy say something, something like he wants in my ass, NOW!

Ohhhh, I feel a cock head on my asshole and this time it does go in! It goes in all the way to the hilt! WHOA! The fresh cum in there really make is slide in and out as he starts ramming it in me. My cheeks are being pressed up against his waist as he’s literally bouncing off of my ass with me bouncing against the wet car fender. I hear a different voice behind me and I know it’s the second guy who just got there! He’s already got his cock buried up my ass and he just got there! Was he watching from a distance, stroking his cock and getting ready for this? He’s really slamming into me, our sweaty bodies are making a slapping sound as he drives into me and slaps against my sweaty cheeks. He grabs my hips and starts speeding up and I can almost feel his cock swell in my ass! He starts shooting a huge load of hot cum up my ass while continuing to pump into me, almost creating a foamy mess in my ass. He’s churning both his cum and his buddy’s cum in my ass and making a mess of me. Wow, what a feeling.

Now there’s another cock in me, it has to be the first guy. He’s really fucking me hard, almost like he’s punishing me for not getting to fuck me first. He’s really slapping into my poor, abused little asshole for letting the other guy get in there first. I feel so dirty being used like this. My ass is now filling with a fresh load of hot sperm and it’s really shooting in there in shooting jets like a super-soaker water gun! What a feeling!

Now there are a pair of hands on my hips again and a cock is pressing into my slippery, dirty asshole. Only the head is in my asshole, not the whole thing. Is someone going to cum in me again with just his cock head in my hole? NO! It’s not cum! Someone is pissing in my ass! WOW! What a feeling, that sharp stream of hot fluid being sprayed up my ass! I’m being used as a toilet for this guy, now I really feel dirty and nasty. My cock has never been harder and it’s still hanging out there over the hot hood. We’re all sweating and slippery and my ass is especially slippery with that guy unloading a huge load of cum and then the other guy starts pissing up my ass!

He finally stops shooting inside of me and no sooner then he pulls out, the other cock slides in and starts shooting another load of hot piss in me! I’m so full of cum and piss that it’s sloshing out as he’s now pumping into my ass as he’s pissing! He’s fucking my ass and pissing at the same time. So much dirty mess is spilling out of my abused asshole and I really feel dirty and embarrassed knowing these strangers are looking at me and I can’t see them. They’re raping me out in my backyard in this oppressive heat.

I hear more laughing and feel a spray on me, they’re spraying me with the hose! They’re aiming right at my poor little asshole, spraying it right at my puckered rosebud! OHHHH!!! That doesn’t go on for too long, but pretty soon I feel more water on me, this time in big glugs. They’ve taken the nozzle off of the hose and are just hosing me down without the nozzle. The water is pouring on me and it’s still warm from the hose being outside in the heat so it feels great. Then I feel the hose being pressed up against my asshole and they’re slipping it inside of my ass! They’re giving me an enema out here with the garden hose! WOW, what a feeling. I’m being filled up, first with hot cum then hot piss, then with warm hose water. They keep the hose in me and I can’t take much more. The water is starting to leak out I’m getting so full. They finally turn the hose off but keep the end stuck up my ass. I know the water and piss and cum and shit will start shooting out of my ass as soon as they pull that hose out!

They keep the hose in me to plug my ass and they start pressing on my stomach, moving their hands over my abdomen and stomach to press the water around and make sure I’m cleaned out. Then the hose is pulled out and I can’t hold back, I start pressing everything out! My ass is like a geyser! Then the hose is pressed in me again and they turn the hose on and start laughing. Now what? They fill me up again and then turn the water off. As soon as they pull the hose out someone shoves their rock hard cock up my ass as I’m shooting out all of the water! They’re fucking into my ass and the water is spraying against their cock as they keep fucking into me. Finally, the water stops coming out but they’re still fucking and again, another load of hot cum is shot up my ass.

This goes on a couple of more times with each of them fucking my ass as water is shooting out of it. That must be quite a feeling, I’ve never done that before but I sure would love to do it to one of these guys if they’d untie me. More voices? I hear what sounds like two or three different voices, but it’s not English. It sounds like Hispanic accents. Who are these guys?! Are they bringing everyone in my backyard to abuse my asshole without me being able to do anything about it?! How long will this go on before I find out who these guys are? …

-This is a fantasy of a man (me) being forcefully taken by other men and contains some things that not all may want to read about, including spanking, anal sex, pissing, enemas, etc. If you’re not into this type of fantasy please don’t leave negative feedback. If this turns you on, please send me a message. It’s written in a casual style, not a heavy, formal writing style. That makes it seem more realistic to me. Thanks, and enjoy..

I just “met” you online a couple of weeks ago and invited you over to my house to get acquainted. I can do that now that I live alone again. My girlfriend recently left me. For three years she refused to let me into her ass and I tried everything I could think of short of forcing my cock into her ass. My anal fetish was so advanced that she also found out that I was corresponding with gay men in order to have some contact with others that shared my sexual interests and in some cases, my extreme fetishes.

You wrote me after seeing my profile and pictures and were intrigued by someone who seemed to have the same thoughts, the same dirty, nasty, thoughts, as you did. When you came to the door I can’t lie, I was very nervous. I was imagining all sorts of crazy things that could go wrong, the types of things that a person reads about every once in a while. You seemed like a nice guy with a dirty mind, though, just like me, so I took a chance that you wouldn’t be a violent wacko. I’m so glad that I answered the door that day, now I have an equally horny sex partner that matches, and in some ways exceeds, my own fetishes and does so in a way that’s forceful but not hurtful. I couldn’t ask for any more than that. It’s like you’re the clone of myself that I used to dream about.

We talked for a couple of hours, getting to know each other and talking about what turns us both on, in person instead of online. We both also have a couple of glasses of wine too many and we start stripping each other, almost unceremoniously. We’re acting like we both know almost exactly what the other person wants so why prolong the foreplay. It’s time to get down to business. It’s time to see how far each of us is willing to live up to the hype of our dirty online chats.

After we’re both naked and anticipating the evening, we rub baby oil on each other and you start chasing me around the room! What better way to really get acquainted?! I mentioned in several of my e-mails that I have a fantasy of being taken against my will, by more than one person even. a gang rape fantasy. And you know that I’m all about anal anything.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been so open and willing to jump right into things since I just met you. It’s too late now, we’re both naked and you’re chasing me around my house with a huge hard on! Your hot, slippery, fat, dick is hanging out as you’re trying to catch me as I run around the room, flopping back and forth. I can hear it slapping your legs as you chase me around the living room furniture, the island in the kitchen, up the back stairs in the kitchen and down the main stairs all the way down to the basement. I make my way to the small exercise room that I set up down there and you try to grab onto my as I run around the weight machine. Both of us are buck-naked and horny as hell and bouncing off of the big, over-stuffed furniture down there.

You’re almost catching me and the excitement is making both of our cocks stand at attention. We’re both rock hard and our cocks are swinging around as we run around the room. I turned the AC off a couple of hours ago and it’s in the mid-80′s in there now so we’re both slippery from sweating so much in addition to the baby oil that we rubbed all over each other to get things started. Both of us are oiled up, slippery, hot, and sweaty and as horny as either us has ever been, or at least I am, I just met you so I can’t speak for you, yet..

Every once in a while you’ll get close enough to me to reach out and SLAP my jiggling ass cheeks and try to grab onto me, but I’m just too slippery from the sweat and the baby oil. You jab at my asshole with your fingers as you’re running after me, too, sometimes landing on (IN!) the sweet spot.. YAAAA, right up my ass! You’re starting to get closer to catching me and you grab a handful of ass cheek more often than not. Maybe I’m getting tired, or maybe I’m so horny that I’m purposely slowing down.

Finally, you do get a grip on me and pull me down to the floor and lay me over an exercise ball that’s on the floor and tie my hands together with some velcro straps so I’m hugging that exercise ball, totally helpless, my shiny, slippery butt is up in the air and I’m guessing that it looks pretty inviting. Just being draped over that warm, vinyl ball feels good enough, but I know what’s coming next. You get on top of me; your hot, oiled-up, sweaty, slippery body is laying on top of mine. Your cock is between my legs and my butt cheeks and you’re gliding your cock between my clenched-up ass cheeks, just fucking my slippery ass cheeks, pushing them together as hard as you can. The big exercise ball is at the perfect height for fucking my ass when I’m draped over it. You slide your cock between my butt cheeks for a few minutes but the feeling is too much with the underside of your bulging, throbbing cock rubbing on my asshole and cheeks, and you finally SHOOT your hot, sticky sperm up on my back!

“AHRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! MMMMMMMMMMM…RRRRRRRRRR…” Your cum is shooting up and over my ass and onto my sweaty back! I can feel it splashing down in hot gobs against my sweaty, naked back and it’s running down into my ass crack. I feel you rubbing the underside of your spurting cock on my asshole and I know that feels so good. Ahh, your soft but still firm cock head is rubbing on my asshole, tickling it, teasing it, taunting it. You’re good at this game so far. I wonder what else is on the agenda for the evening. Little did I know that you had a fully-orchestrated session planned for me.


You start spanking my ass as I’m still draped over that big exercise ball, your cock still dripping cum on my legs and my back is covered by your still warm cum. I know that my ass is in the perfect position for spanking and fucking!


“Ass boy, get ready for a good spanking.”..


“OWWW!!.. hey!”

Then you start rubbing your cum, that’s still on my back, down to my ass and you’re rubbing it into my asshole! Pushing in as much as you can with your fingers. Probing the tight, little puckered hole that you’ve heard so much about. The hole that you were soon to know very, very well.

It feels so good, so nasty, so dirty, to have someone, anyone, especially a total stranger, rubbing and pushing into my tight hole. You’re trying to make sure my shit chute is good and slippery for what’s about to happen next. Your cock is nice and hard again from the excitement of spanking me and rubbing your cum into my poor little puckered love hole. You just touch your cock head on the rim of my ass and lightly rub it around on there in your own cum for a minute, making sure that it’s nice and slippery. The circular motions of your soft cock head rubbing around on my asshole as I’m tied up and helpless and draped over my exercise ball is almost too much. I can’t believe that we’re this far into things already after just meeting in person a couple of hours ago!

Then you lay down on me with your sweaty, oily, slippery chest on my slippery, sweaty, oily back and you put your legs on the outside of my legs as I’m still on the exercise ball. Then you slide your cock IN my ass, in one motion! The first time a cock has been in my virgin ass! Well, “virgin” if you don’t count the bananas and ring bologna and zucchini, etc, that have been in there over the years.


PUSH.. in it goes! Your fat cock slides up inside my ass right up to your balls, just like a snake going into a hole. You hold it there, pressing into me, laying on me with your full weight. You start pulsing your cock in my ass and in return, I clench my asshole at the same time. That’s the feeling that I’ve wanted to experience for so many years, even when I was seventeen or eighteen I’ve wanted to have someone put their cock in my ass. I don’t know where this fetish comes from, I’m just glad that you’re here to satisfy my cravings.

Then, you start in on a marathon ass-fuck session. You can go a long time now that you’ve already cummed so you just start pumping in and out, and in and out, and in and out, holding onto my slippery hips and slapping my ass.

“Rrrrrr.. mmmm.. ahhhh.. mmmm..” fuck, fuck..

“Rrrr..rrrr.. mmmmmm.. uhhhrr.. ass boy, I’m gettin’ close, you’d better get ready for a butt load of cum, literally.” You know that I love being talked to in the most dirty, nasty way, that really turns me on and you’re good at that, too. And, obviously you know how to fuck an asshole so there are two fantasies fulfilled so far. So far, so good.

I can feel you speeding up!.. You’re really slamming into my ass, slapping against my butt cheeks with your full weight, plowing into my asshole as far as your big cock will go! We’re bouncing up and down on that exercise ball and I’m helpless so you have to hold me upright so I don’t roll over. My feet on the floor behind me are the only way I have to keep myself from rolling over like a helpless turtle on its back.

“NOOO, that’s too fast and hard.”, I say, knowing that makes you even more horny when I pretend to resist. Then you get up off of my back and stand above me with just your cockhead still inside of my asshole, just keeping the tip of it in my tight hole, and you just LET LOOSE with your second load of hot, spermy goo, this time INSIDE my asshole!

“MMMMMMMM..RRRRR!!!!!!!.. ASS BOY! HERE IT CUMS, my hot, sticky load of cum, shooting up inside of your ass! Filling your dirty ass full of my sperm!!”..

I can feel your shooting hot cum hitting my insides and shooting up in my rear, filling me up! “UUUUUhhhhh.. mmmmmmmm… it’s so much, it’s filling my ass up, and it’s so hot and sticky! That feels sooo good, your hot sperm shooting up my poor, abused little butt hole…” I know that you love dirty talk too.

You finally stop jerking and shooting cum in my ass and I try to clench up my asshole as tightly as I can to keep it all in there. But, a dribble leaks out, and with that, SLAP!! “KEEP THAT HOT CUM IN THERE, ASS BOY!” So, you pick up a buttplug that you brought with you and you slide it in my ass to keep your warm cum up inside of me.

“Try this on for size, cum-lover.” Plop! In it goes. “Now it won’t leak out.” Then you start slapping my ass again and I hear the door open and hear someone else coming in the room. Then I feel a blindfold being put on me! What the? I’m being blindfolded and there are now two guys in the room and I’m still laying over this beach ball with my hands tied, my ass all full of sperm, and there’s now another stranger in the room! I barely know you yet and you’re already having other guys come over to my house? What’s next? I figure that you must have planned this with one of your friends but I have no idea who it is or what’s going to happen to my poor little ass next. Is it some homeless guy you picked up on the street; one of your friends? Who is it?! I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the gang rape fantasy.. but I’m still horny as hell so maybe it’ll turn out ok… it’s been great so far.

As I’m lying there still draped over that exercise ball, I feel a hand come down on my left ass cheek, SPANK!


Then another on my right cheek, then another.. Then it’s constant spanking and I know that my ass is becoming all red and hot and it probably looks great! It’s weird having this new stranger in my house though, I hope he’s not too mean or abusive to my poor little ass. You obviously told him about our chats and my fantasies and that I love all things anal. Hopefully he’s not some psycho but just another dirty, horny guy like you are.

“Uuuuuu.. OHHHH!” I feel a hand on the butt plug, the slippery fingers are gripping it, digging into my ass, and then I feel it turning inside of me. Someone’s turning the buttplug that’s jammed up my ass and they’re turning it around and around and they’re also spitting on my asshole with the buttplug that’s jammed in my ass! It’s getting so it’s slippery!.. What a dirty feeling, having two strangers doing this to me! Two nasty strangers spitting on my buttplug-filled asshole as I’m helpless and tied up and bent over my exercise ball in my own basement! Now these two guys know where I live. That’s either a very good thing, or a very bad thing. Sometimes a bad thing is a very good thing.

I feel something on my lips. It feels like a big sausage, but it’s all sticky. It must be your cock, the one you just rammed up inside my asshole, all full of cum and my own ass juice! I’m being forced to clean it off. And while I’m doing this, I feel the butt plug being pulled out, “EEEEEEEEoooowww..”

Then I feel another cock going up into my cum-filled ass, a different sized one! It feels great. This is only the second cock that’s ever been in my asshole! I’m blindfolded, my hands are tied around this exercise ball, and am being butt-fucked by some other stranger that I haven’t even seen yet! Talk about starting out my first fantasy session full speed!

I’m being forced to clean your dirty cock off at the same time this other guy is ramming his longer, but narrower, cock way up inside my ass! He’s bottoming out, pulling his snake all the way out and then crashing down onto me, and into me, with all his might! We bounce when he crashes into my ass and back.

Now BOTH OF YOU are slapping my ass! You’re in front of me with your cock in my mouth and the stranger is behind me holding onto my hips and forcing me back onto his cock; fucking my ass like there’s no tomorrow. You’re reaching back and spanking my ass and he’s doing the same from behind! I hope I don’t regret asking you to come over.

Well, I know that you’re rock-hard again because your cock is in my mouth, so I clench up my ass as much as I can, and I hear, “Ohhhhh noooooo.. noooo, Joe, I’m going to shoot my cum in this guy’s ass, NOOO! MMMM.. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, here it comes man, here’s my hot cum spraying up inside of your tight, little asshole!!!! I can’t stop!”..

Then I hear you say, “Do it man, let’s fill this guy’s ass with as much of our hot sperm as we can!”..

“Hey, you said your name was Jeff and he just called you Joe?!”, I ask.

“Whatever, man. Did you really think that I was going to use my real name?” Oh oh..

And with that, I feel another load of cum being shot up inside my poor little asshole, mixing with yours, being forced in my colon! His cock is so long that I can’t believe his cum isn’t shooting out of my mouth! It’s mixing with your cum that’s already in there and oh boy, I’m getting so full of hot cum now! The new guy is grabbing onto my slippery hips and really driving his cock in and out as he’s shooting his cum up in me, until he finally stops. I can feel him getting off of my ass and feel his still hard cock plop out of my abused little hole. Whew. I’m being raped by two total strangers! That’s what this is turning into, me getting gang raped by two strangers! I know I mentioned that was a fantasy of mine but I’m starting to wonder if things will get out of hand. I’m as dirty and nasty as they come but I don’t know what these two have in mind. And, being blindfolded and tied up so I’m helpless adds another dimension to things.

Well, the rest didn’t last for long, as now I feel your fat cock in me again, and you’re pistoning in and out like a machine! RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM, RAM.. Squeezing between my butt cheeks and driving deep into my pinkish-brown hole. In and out your fat, slippery cock goes, and it goes like that for a LONG time.. Oh no, not another cock at my mouth! It’s the stranger’s limp, cum-drenched, ass-juice cock now… Well, I’d better get to work on it.

Oh oh, is that the doorbell again?!.. I hear another voice, “Hey Joe, it looks like you’ve got this guy right where you wanted him, stretched over something with your cock pounding into his ass. Is this that guy you met on the internet? The horny, dirty, nasty guy? The guy who likes sweaty, sticky, stinky, shitty ass fucking and dirty talking and spanking and veggies and cocks and enemas and shit like that? I can’t wait to get my cock in this guy’s ass after you’re done with him. I’ve always wanted to find a nasty slave to rape. Get him good Joe, yeah, get him good. Your cock looks soooo good plunging in and out of that guy’s tight little hole.”

I don’t recognize the voice at all. Who is this guy now? Then I hear the other guy say, “Yeah man, this guy’s ass is super tight, and now it’s super slippery with all of our cum in there. It’s just like a bank vault, we’re filling it up but we’re not going to let any of it come out.”

I feel your cock stop pumping and feel just the tip of your cock in my ass again, so I know what’s coming! Literally, your cum is coming!.. And there it is! “RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!….. Ass boy, here’s another load for you, take it all, take all of this cum .. mmmmmmmmm… AHHHHHHH!!! RRRRRRRRR..” Jets of hot cum shooting up deep into my abused, gang-raped asshole. Another load of your cum is being unloaded in my bank-vault-ass-opening!

“Mmmmmmmm… It’s like getting a cum enema! I can feel your hot jets of cum being spurted up my ass, Jeff, or Joe, or whatever your name is!” I’m actually still enjoying what’s turned into a rape fantasy with three strangers abusing my tight shit hole. Speaking of that, I wonder if I’ll be able to shit for a week with the way these guys are packing it up my ass with their big cocks. Every time they ram their cocks into me and bottom out they’re packing my shit farther up my colon.

Oh oh, now it sounds like the new guy’s at my ass and he’s not fooling around. He just gets up on my back, laying on me with his full weight with his feet off of the floor, and he slides his fat little cock in my hole and starts humping! IN AND OUT it goes, then I feel him getting up and pulling out and the other stranger is in me with his bottoming-out long cock, and they’re taking turns! A couple of pumps, and then they switch. Seeing this makes you rock hard again, but that just means that all three of you are now doing this! Taking turns at my poor raped little ass!

And you’re all spanking my ass cheeks in-between raping me. Then I feel TWO cock heads at my little ass opening! “Hey, NO, Wait! My ass is too tight for two fat cocks pumping in and out of it at the same time!”

“Keep it down fuck toy, we’ll do whatever we want to you. Joe said you had a fantasy of being gang raped by dirty, nasty guys and we can do whatever we want to you. He told us to meet him here. He said that you’re our dirty sex slave for as long as we want and we intend on making the most of it before your sweet, little asshole becomes too stretched out.” I’m glad that the second and third guys are the ones struggling to slip their cocks in my asshole. There’s no way that your fat cock and another one would fit in me.

Oh no, there’s the door again, who could this be now!? “Hey Joe, this must be the place. And this must be the dirty, nasty guy you’ve been talking about wanting to gang-rape-ass-fuck for the last couple of weeks. He’s got a great-looking little ass, lying there over that bouncy exercise ball. I can’t wait to get my cock in there too! He’s got a figure skater’s ass, those are some hot cheeks. I can’t wait to bounce off of those sweet cheeks and pile-drive into that little asshole. Save some for me!”

“You’ll have your chance man. Right now, these two both have their cocks buried in his little asshole, but it won’t be long before we all pump our cum up there again. I hope they don’t stretch that tight hole out too much. Although, I was thinking of shoving my fist in his ass later so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if they did. We’ll find something to do to him for our pleasure. His hole is still super tight though, you’ll love it. We’re trying to fill him up with as much of our cum as we can. It’s already running out and squishing out between his cheeks when we pull out and then ram back in there. Why don’t you go upstairs and find some stuff to stick up there to mix with all of this cum. He said that he fantasized about being fucked with food in his ass. Mixing it and pushing it in his ass in a big, dirty, sticky mess. Maybe you shouldn’t have told all of your fantasies, man. I think they’re about to all come true whether you really wanted them to or not.”

This story contains themes of forced sexual activity. Pleased do not read if you are offended by or dislike such themes.


‘Oh Christ no. Please say it isn’t true.’

‘It is true. I tested three times. Same result every time.’

‘Oh God. What are we going to do?’

‘It’s not the end of the world.’


‘Don’t shout at me and don’t talk to me like that.’

‘I’m sorry Lou. It’s just, you know, we can’t have his child.’ Louise had just told Damon that she was pregnant. As Damon had not had sex with his wife for three months it was obviously not his. It was the big black man who had forced his way into their house six weeks ago and fucked Louise whilst Damon had to wait downstairs and listen to it all.

‘I know it is not what we wanted but it is my child too.’

‘Oh come on. He raped you. It’s not the same. Or did you want it to happen? I heard you cumming over and over again. You must have enjoyed it.’ Damon regretted that as soon as he said it. It was mean and nasty.

‘Fuck off Damon. I had no choice and you know it.’ Louise was pissed at Damon for saying it but she felt guilty that there was truth in it. Their relationship had deteriorated significantly over the last six weeks. Damon was constantly irritable; they argued a lot. It was getting them both down. Damon kept on pushing for them to move house; to get away from the gang who were terrorising them. Louise saw the sense in this but she did not want to leave her life, her friends and her job behind her. However, there was something else stopping her agreeing. That night six weeks ago was indeed terrifying, at least initially, but it was also the most intense sex of her life. She found herself wandering if and when it would happen again. It made her scared but she knew that she wanted it to happen again. This did cause significant feelings of guilt but it was also true that she could not have resisted the man who broke in. She had to fuck him or he would have fucked her and Damon up.

‘Look. All I am saying is that we don’t have to actually have the baby.’

‘How can you say that?’ She looked at Damon with disgust. ‘You are even more pro-life than me. You don’t believe in abortion in any circumstance. How can you suggest that I have one?’

‘This is different.’ Was all that he could mutter. He knew she was right. He was letting all of his deepest principles disappear. He was doing it because he did not want to face being reminded of his wife’s rape every day as he looked at the baby.

‘I know it is not what we planned but I am pregnant and I am keeping it. Okay?’

‘Okay. But you don’t have to keep it. You could, you know, get it adopted.’

‘No Damon. I cannot have a baby in me for nine months and then just give it away as soon as I give birth. That is not me and you know it.’

‘Oh God.’ Damon slumped into the lounge chair and put his head in his hands. Could his life get any worse?


Louise and Damon did not talk much over the next couple of weeks. Damon threw himself into his work and this suited Louise. He was really pissing her off. She knew he was badly affected by what had happened and the prospect of raising another man’s baby but she was still pissed at him. She still resented his weakness.

She was, however, beginning to get worried about actually having the baby. How would they explain that their baby would obviously not be Damon’s? It would be obvious that the father was a black man. They could not say it was the result of a rape because the gang would pay them a violent visit if they did. She also did not want to suggest that she had cheated on Damon and destroy her reputation. She did not know what they should do. Damon’s persistent suggestions about moving house were now beginning to make sense.

She heard him come through the front door. ‘Damon? I think we should talk.’

‘Look Lou. I am tired. I don’t want to argue.’

‘Neither do I. Just come here.’ He did as he was told. ‘I have been thinking. You are right. We should move.’

‘I have been saying that for ages for Christ’s sake.’ He was so grumpy these days.

‘I know, I know. It is just, well, the baby.’

‘Oh I see. You don’t want people to talk.’ He was being nasty. He said this with a taunting, almost mocking, tone.

‘Oh don’t be like that. I am sure you don’t want everyone to see you raising a baby that is obviously not yours but will obviously be mine.’ She rubbed her stomach just in case he did not understand what she was saying.

‘Well you are not going to get any argument from me. I will make the arrangements. There are transfers on offer at work. I will find one that is as far as possible away from here so we can protect your reputation.’ He was sneering.

‘You are being such a twat these days.’ Louise stormed off. Damon was annoyed with himself. He knew he was being a twat but he could not help himself. He did not know how to fix it.


Over the next three months Louise and Damon began to work on their relationship as Damon made arrangements for moving. They were taking counselling but it was tough to talk through their issues without actually talking about what happened. However, the simple process of doing something together to fix their broken relationship was in itself bringing them closer together. The prospect of moving away seemed to be having a relaxing effect on Damon. Louise guessed this was due to the fact that the gang would not know where they lived; they could finally get away from them. This thought caused Louise to have mixed emotions. She wanted it because she knew it is what Damon needed but she could not help regretting it because she wanted to experience the sexual intensity she felt at the hands of the huge black man.

She often wandered if they would ever pay them a visit again. She had thought it would have happened by now. She felt the longing between her legs. It had been six months now since her and Damon had made love; he was still impotent. At least they had started to kiss and cuddle again but she needed more. She knew she would have to wait until the baby was born.

Damon was a lot happier these days. They would be moving in a couple of day’s time and things with Louise were vastly improved. They could start a new life three hundred miles away. He had even come to terms with the prospect of bringing up another man’s baby. They had agreed that they would say it was artificial insemination that went a little bit wrong. Not a sophisticated lie maybe but it would do.

He looked out of their bedroom window and noticed a silver car a little way down the road. He was sure he had seen it before. He knew it did not belong to any of his neighbours. Maybe one of the desperate housewives was enjoying a bit a fun whilst their husband was at work. He laughed to himself and went to continue the packing for the big move.


The day of the move came two days later. Everything was packed and both Louise and Damon were excited about their new adventure. They dispatched the removal van and left their first marital home for the last time. As he climbed into their car Damon noticed that silver car again and chuckled to himself, imagining one of his frumpy neighbours bouncing up and down on some young virile cock whilst her husband was working hard.

Once inside he glanced over at Louise. Pregnancy was really suiting her. He marvelled at her curves. Pregnancy had made her ass and tits even bigger than they were before. You might say she was all tits and ass and hips; the very definition of womanhood. He smiled and they started chatting happily as they drove the six hour journey to their new life.

It was four in the afternoon by the time they arrived at their beautiful new house. The removals van was already there and they stated to unpack.

Two hours later, the removal men finally left. Damon was seeing them off when his heart suddenly skipped a beat. He saw that silver car again. Surely it wasn’t the same car, was it? He knew in his heart that it was the same car though. His belief was confirmed two seconds later as he felt a hard round object being pushed into his back and familiar voice in his ear.

‘Hello pissy boy.’ It was all Damon could do to avoid pissing himself in front of this man again. ‘Let’s go inside.’ The gun was removed from his back and they walked into the house and straight into the kitchen.

‘Oh my God!’ Louise exclaimed as she dropped the cup she was holding. She had fantasised about seeing this man again but thought it would never happen. Even so, she was surprised at how calm she felt. The gun pointed at Damon was not causing her to be in the slightest bit frightened; the tingling between her legs told her why. It was obvious that Damon was as frightened as the last two encounters, although he had an odd, almost determined, look on his face that she had not seen before.

‘So guys. Tell me something. What made you think it was acceptable to move house without getting our permission?’ Louise and Damon remained silent. This question enhanced Damon’s terror. They had pissed off this guy. ‘I am offended. This bitch is carrying my baby and you try and sneak away. What kind of shit is that?’

The huge black man was not on his own. He was again accompanied by the smaller black guy who had kept an eye on Damon whilst Louise was getting fucked last time they visited.

‘I mean. What made you think that I would let something like this happen? You know things about me that can get me into a lot of trouble. I cannot believe that you thought I would not keep an eye on you and that you could sneak away without me knowing. You guys are stupid.’

Damon’s knew the truth in what this man was saying. He was terrified at the thought of what punishment these men may meter out on them but he was determined to stay in control of himself this time.

‘Well it has been far too long since I have enjoyed the pleasure of sweet Louise. Can I assume that pissy boy here still has not managed to fuck you?’

Louise answered far too quickly for Damon’s liking. ‘No he hasn’t.’

‘I can’t believe how much of a pussy this man is. What the fuck do you see in him?’ Both men laughed heartily. ‘Can he get it up yet?’

‘No.’ Louise felt mean saying these things but knew she had no choice.

‘Good. Now you are carrying my baby he is forbidden from fucking you. I do not want anything to harm our baby.’ The smile on his face told Louise that this man was enjoying taunting Damon.

‘My problem now is this. I am so big that I cannot fuck you either. I do not want to hurt our baby. So, Damon. Tell me what we can do? I want some fun with your wife but I can’t fuck her cunt. Tell me what to do.’ The smaller guy was sniggering.

‘What? Don’t ask me.’ Damon muttered. He knew what they wanted him to say but he could not suggest what this man should do with his Louise.

The smaller guy stopped sniggering and punched Damon hard in the stomach. He bent over and held himself; he was in agony. He forced himself back up straight.

‘Boy. You know how this works. If I ask you a question you answer me. Now tell me. What shall me and Louise do?’

Damon looked the man straight in his eyes. ‘I suppose you want me to suggest she gives you a blowjob.’ Saying it almost made him throw up right there but he maintained control.

‘Hmmm. Nice idea. I think I will. The only trouble is we have done that before. Don’t you think we should try something new?’ He was loving taunting Damon. The situation was beginning to cause Louise to get aroused. She was worried about Damon getting hurt but she could not help desiring that impressive cock.

‘I, I, err, I don’t know.’ Damon did not want to suggest anal. That monster would rip Louise apart.

‘Oh come on pissy boy. You can do better than that.’

He had no choice. ‘You could try anal.’

‘Whoa. What are you talking about boy? Is this bitch an anal slut?’

‘No, of course not,’ Damon snapped.

‘Is she an anal virgin?’


‘Is that true bitch?’ Louise nodded. The thought of that massive rock entering her ass was beginning to scare her; it was far too big, she would be ripped. ‘Well pissy boy. You have seen the size of my cock. What makes you think she can take that in her virgin ass? What kind of idiot are you?’

‘Look. I don’t know what you want me to say.’

‘Hmmm. I see your problem. Now, I do like the idea of that sweet white ass getting fucked. That was a good idea pissy boy. But it is just never going to work with me trying to fit this in it.’ He grabbed his crotch. ‘So, what are we going to do?’

Damon just stared him in the eyes and remained silent.

‘Hey, I tell you what.’ The smaller black guy started talking. ‘How about I fuck her ass whilst she sucks your cock? Yeah, that will work. We just need to tie up this boy up.’

‘Damn! That is a good idea. You see, my brother here has a long cock. Not as long as mine but still very long. But he is much thinner. Perfect for breaking in virgin white ass.’ Louise felt oddly relieved. She was still worried about losing her anal virginity to a stranger but at least it would not cause the same damage as the huge cock that had made her pregnant.

The men made short work of tying Damon up. The men led his Louise away to the bedroom.

Damon remained calm. No-one knew, especially not Louise, but he had been planning what he would do next time these guys visited. Being tied up was not part of the plan but he knew he had quite a bit of time to try and get out of his bindings and implement his plan.


As Louise entered her new bedroom she began to get really nervous. She had never been interested in anal sex but now it was going to happen whether she wanted it or not. She felt terrible for Damon but she was sexually excited. She had not had a sniff of action for three months and she had been fantasising about the big black cock that got her pregnant every day since. She was unsure about this other man but he was equally as beautiful as his bigger companion; he was certainly sexually very attractive. She wandered if they were actually brothers or whether the word was just black slang.

Without being asked she slipped off her dress and underwear. They both looked at her and smiled.

‘Damn girl. We are gonna have some good looking kid. You are the prettiest white girl I have bred.’ Louise found the trash talk a bit of a turn on. She did not really know why; she should have found it completely demeaning.

The guys got undressed. Louise feasted her eyes on that huge black cock again. She felt the wetness between her legs at the sight of her fantasy. She looked over at the smaller guy and saw that his body was every bit as impressive as his brother. His cock was also beautiful. It must have been ten inches long; it was already hard; but it was maybe half the girth of his brother’s; she was relieved to see this.

‘Get to work bitch.’ Her instruction came from the smaller guy. She obeyed instantly.

Lou bent over and took the cock she had dreamt about every day for the last three months in her mouth. She devoured it hungrily. Straight away she was deep-throating; sucking enthusiastically. ‘Hey, you learnt some skills girl.’ The positive feedback mad her even wetter and she stated to gently suck all over the cock and the massive balls.

Suddenly she felt another two hands exploring her body. The smaller guy was rubbing her baby-filled belly before grabbing her milk-filled bulbous tits. He was rough and squeezed them hard. She could not complain as the huge cock was being forced deep into her throat; she sucked hard. She could not believe how turned on she was; she was pleasuring the cock of her dreams and was about to get used by another beautiful stranger.

She felt the smaller guy pull her ass cheeks apart slightly. Lou was very nervous; she braced herself for the pain. ‘Oww.’ She emitted a cock-muffled squeal as the smaller guy slapped her ass really hard.

‘Damn. This bitch has a black girl’s ass. I am gonna destroy this thing.’

‘Have fun brother.’

Louise felt the cock being pushed gently against her anus. The father of the baby growing inside her grabbed her head so that his cock was deep down her throat and she could not complain as his brother’s cock defiled her virgin ass.

‘Ummmph. Ummmph.’ This was all Louise could mutter as the ten inch cock was forced deep inside her ass. The pain was intense; worse than she expected. Her ass was being stretched more than it ever had before. She could feel it deep inside her. The pain was sharp and persistent. The cock stayed deep inside her for about a minute. He was waiting for her to relax slightly. Far too soon for her, she felt the cock start to pump her ass roughly. There was none of the tenderness of the last encounter with his brother. Her ass was getting well and truly fucked.

The pain continued relentless as her mouth and face were both being fucked hard. The brothers marvelled at her full bouncing tits and wobbling ass; she was a true pregnant beauty. The pain was making Louise’s eyes water. Tears were streaming down her cheeks but she was still feeling extremely horny and wet. She began to use one hand to finger herself. She had two fingers inside her pussy playing with her clit. She could feel the cock in her ass through her vaginal wall.

She gradually got used to the ever-present pain. Louise felt really dirty and naughty that she was enjoying having every hole filled. She was so incredibly turned on that she brought herself to orgasm in less than three minutes. Her body shuddered as she almost silently came hard. The two cocks kept on fucking her welcoming mouth and ass. She began to push back against the cock in her ass as she came down from her eye-watering orgasm. It still hurt like hell but she was really getting into having her ass destroyed by a big black cock.

Louise could tell the two guys were getting close. She could hear their breathing quicken. Then suddenly heard the man with his cock in her mouth shout. ‘WHAT THE FUCK?’ This was very closely followed by a quiet hiss-like sound and the man fell backwards.

Louise did not know what was happening. It was a split second before she realised that the father of her baby had been shot in the head. She felt the smaller guy pull his cock out of her ass just before she heard the second hiss-like sound and the smaller guy falling. Louise screamed.

As she turned round she saw Damon standing at the door with a silenced gun in his hand and a steely confident look in his eyes. Louise could not believe her eyes. Was this really the same Damon who had been so weak for the last six months? He suddenly seemed more of a man, more of a protector, more attractive.

‘Right bitch. You’ve had you fun with black cock. That’s over now. Get over here and suck my cock. Now.’ Damon sounded strong and authoritative. He felt full of confidence. He had taken control of his life back and he had finally got his hard-on back. Louise felt suddenly sexually excited by her husband; she obeyed without a word.

She pulled his pants down and started to suck his rock hard cock. It was certainly tiny in comparison to the two dead guys next to them but she was no less turned on. Damon had not had sex for half a year and so he came in her mouth in about two minutes. ‘Keep sucking bitch.’ She followed Damon’s orders. His entire length was in her mouth as she worked to bring his softening cock back to life. He held her head strongly, not letting her up for air. It had been so long and he was going to have his way, no question.

When he was ready to go again he pulled out of her mouth and turned her around so she was facing the two dead black men on the floor. Blood was quickly seeping into the carpet. It was a sickening sight but she knew Damon was in control and she wanted him in her so bad. She did not have to wait. Damon quickly forced his full length into her unbelievably wet pussy. He pounded hard and fast. It was almost as if he was trying to make up for lost time. He was trying to make up for lost time.

Felicia always seemed to be a sweet girl and was always very innocent. She was extremely beautiful and had a perfect body. DD breasts and a large bubble butt that gave any man a raging one just to see her walk. She had an hourglass shape with brunette hair and blue eyes to get lost in. She would always show her body off wearing tight clothes to and from the gym she works at. She was supper model height for a lady and was absolutely jaw dropping all the way around. What people didn’t realize was her wildly horny side.

Yes, Felicia was always horny and she never knew why. She never bothered to question it. Her boyfriend had just broke up with her after two years of pleasuring her and she didn’t know what to do without him. She would have to find a alternate release. She would masturbate but it never seemed to do the trick. She would soon learn her problems would be over soon.

To get to her gym she had to cross a college campus. This campus was the Shawnee campus. She always got turned on by seeing some of the sexy men who went there and even the ones who would work out in her gym.

It was any other normal day except Felicia wasn’t here to work out today. She planned to just fill out some papers and take some checks to deposit. Today she wore short jean shorts that showed off the very bottom of her ass and a pink thong and sports bra. She walked across campus as she got looks from just another every guy there. She loved the attention and even gave a couple of winks on her way to the gym. She unlocked the door and went inside to her office. It was closed on Sundays so no one would be there. She went into her office and sat down.

“God I really don’t want to do this” she said to herself as she booted up her computer. She hated doing this and keeps meaning to remind herself to hire someone to do it for her. Again she would likely forget. She went away filing papers and entering new members into the computer. Finally she would take the checks to the bank and return to finish up.

“What could I do to make this interesting” she thought and had a light bulb go off. She pulled her jeans down and moved her thong to the side. She opened and door and pulled out a butt plug. She lubed it up and slowly in and out got it to go farther and farther in. She moaned the whole time and finally it went in the full way.

“Ahhhh, that never gets to be an old feeling” she would wear it to the bank and back while walking the whole way. She pulled her shorts back up and walked out. She hoped someone might notice as the thought of their reaction turned her on. Well, more on than before. She walked the full half mile there not trying to hold her walk steady making it pretty obvious. She’d never done this before and kind of liked it. She then returned to the gym and found the front door wide open.

“Shit how did I forget to lock?” She asked herself. Then she realized her shenanigans made her lose focus. She walked in slowly after shutting the door behind her. It didn’t seem anyone was there and she walked to her office where she took her plug out and put it back. She finished up and left her office.

“Hello Licia,” someone said in the dark. She was startled and couldn’t see a thing. She knew only one person called her that and his name was Mark. She struggled to find the switch and turned it on to find ten guys all in the newly lit room. She fell backwards in astonishment.

“What the fuck are you guys doing? You know the gym is closed on Sundays,” she yelled in frustration and approached Mark.

“Sorry, we just thought we’d surprise you, ya know, be spontaneous,” he said as she got right in front if him.

“Well don’t do it again, you almost killed me,” she said, “What do you want anyways?”

“Ahhhh that’s the surprise,” and quickly two guy grabbed her arms and tied them above her head to a rope on the ceiling.

“Fuck Mark! What are you doing?” She yelled.

“Well we know how horny you get and thought we’d show you a good time besides we all graduate in a few months so we thought we would give you a parting gift.

“What are you going to do to me!?” She asked already knowing the answer.

“Shhhhh enough questions,” said another guy named Alex who pulled down her jean shorts. They were thought to get off with the extra size she has. They all pulled their shorts off leaving some naked and others with just their underarmor.

“Please don’t!” She yelled. Some thing was telling her not to do this as they removed her thong and exposing her most private areas. Her tan line appeared all around as Alex slapped her butt a few times.

“Mark will you do the honors?” He asked. Mark didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate as he was in black sleeveless underarmor. He rubbed her pussy as she became hot.

“Damn, you’re moist already!” He shouted as the others laughed. Mark was definitely the biggest she’d ever seen. He grabbed the back of her legs and pulled them around her as her arms kept her upper body in check. Mark played a little bit and rubbed his 10″ cock around her pussy lips. He plunged in as she let out a loud moan.

“Oh my god! You’re- you’re huge!” She cried out as Mark pumped in and out.. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her body was all in but her mind told her not to like it. His cock was so big and fat it spread her pussy wider with each pump. He then reached around and shoved three of his fingers inside of her asshole. He stopped and made her lick them clean before continuing. Alex came up behind her started to play with her asshole. He then removed her sports bra revealing her large breasts to everyone. He slapped them a few times and spit on her asshole. He put the tip of his cock onto her asshole and slowed plunged his way in.

“Hey guys, she prepared her asshole for us! What a good slut!” He said and slapped on of her titties. Mark leaned over and started to suck on them.

“Oh my god! Guys! Please! Stop!” She yelled at her double penetrators. She’d never done this before. Her body was slowly melting not it. Her juices pushed past Mark’s fat cock and drip onto the floor.

Alex and Mark found a rhythm and went in and out at the same time. She could barely hang on. She couldn’t as her tits were slapping together with each upward movement.

“Oh my god!” She cried out. Mark pulled out as her juices soaked the floor. Alex kept going which only made the orgasm more powerful and last longer, “Ah! Don’t stop! It feels so good! Fuck my ass! Fuck it harder!” Alex was pumping so hard his balls were slapping into her wet pussy. Alex almost came and didn’t want to shoot his load right away so he pulled out quickly. He let her down as she could barely stand up. They cut her lose a spend she fell to the floor in her post orgasmic rush.

“I want all of you to have a turn with me,” she said in between breaths. She got smirk on her face as she realized she was about to be gang-banged by all of these men. She licked her lips in lust as they all approached her.

Sophie wandered down the marbled corridor, checking the lights above the doors. She chose a door at random, and walked in. Again, there was a full length mirror on the wall, with which she checked her appearance, but there was no clue as to what might be on the other side of the door. She turned on the red light outside, her heart racing as she opened the second door. On entering, she found herself alone in a luxurious lounge, decorated in a very modern style. The floor was tiled black, with chromed décor around the room. A large red leather sofa was located in the middle of the room. A spiral staircase was situated in the corner, and the walls were covered in erotic art, which Sophie took time to enjoy.

It was very quiet, and Sophie wondered if she would be alone for long. She sat on the red sofa, looking at the paintings, her fingers casually stroking at her pussy. She didn’t have to wait long, hearing footsteps from the staircase behind where she sat. She turned and looked in amazement. Six men, all dressed head to toe in black latex, were slowly making their way down the steps. They were all of athletic build, Sophie could see their rippling muscles through the skin-tight rubber. Their faces were obscured by their latex hoods, which had holes only for their eyes and mouthes. They padded softly down the stairs in silence, their shaved, thick cocks and heavy swinging balls jutting proud from a small opening in the crotch.

“Hello boys!” Sophie gasped.

She lay back on the sofa, lifting her thighs wide apart, exposing her glistening cunt. The men lined up in front of her, identities made unknown by their gleaming rubber costumes. Their cocks bobbed erect as Sophie gave them a display of her pussy, her fingers disappearing into her moist crack. She pulled at her erect nipples, sending jolts of exquisite pain through them.

“Mmmmmmaaaaaaahhhhh,………that hurts so good!” she purred, knowing that she was about to be gang-fucked by the six horny guys.

She turned around, kneeling on the sofa with her ass high in the air and then slipped a finger into her asshole.

“I do hope you’re not going to ignore my tight ass, boys? I love a thick cock in my ass!” she groaned.

The men fell on her, fondling her smooth ass cheeks, her creamy tits that swung beneath, and rubbing their cocks all over her. One man began licking at her wet snatch, pressing his face hard into her crack from behind. His tongue darted and poked wildly from the hole in his latex hood. Sophie was surrounded by hard cock, she reached out grabbing one in each hand. She stroked each erect cock offered to her, squeezing the hard flesh. A man positioned himself in front of her face, offering her mouth his erect cock. A dewdrop of pre-cum leaked from the tip. Sophie quickly gathered it in her mouth, tasting the sweet juice.

“Mmmm…..delicious! I do hope there’s more to come!” she giggled.

The men constantly swapped places, rubbing, licking, and probing their way around Sophie’s body. She suddenly felt a cock pressing at the entrance to her hot pussy lips, and then he was inside her. He slid deep into her slick opening, her strong cunt muscles gripping his shaft. The man began to fuck her, driving his hard cock slowly up to the hilt. The room was filling with the moans of Sophie and the men, as they explored her body. She felt so horny, dressed still in her satin corset, stockings and heels, as she sucked greedily on the next man in turn. She knew that her body was about to be plundered hard by all of them.

Oscar was ready for more, his cock strained at his trousers, aching for release. He walked in the corridor, glancing at the lights above him. Only one was green, maybe it was an omen, he thought to himself. He went inside, eager for more fetish fun and games. Upon entering the anteroom, he was greeted by his friend, Michael.

“This is a surprise, my old friend!” said Oscar.

Michael greeted him with a slap on the shoulders.

“I wanted to show you this room myself”, replied the German, turning the wall switch to red.

Oscar was slightly confused, but desperate to know what lay in store for him. Michael opened the door for him, allowing him to enter. They walked into what looked like a cocktail bar, mirrors were located everywhere, and neon lights lit the room. A barman, wearing a black mask, served drinks from behind a dark granite bar in front of which were some chrome stools. On the stools sat together drinking cocktails, were two 19 year old, Japanese girls, dressed identically in school uniforms. They turned and smiled at Michael, raising their glasses. Michael ushered Oscar to a leather sofa opposite the girls. The petite girls, who could have easily been mistaken for twins, looked horny as hell to Oscar in their tartan skirts and white socks. The budding nipples of their small, pert breasts were clearly visible through their thin white blouses. He felt his cock growing rapidly in his trousers.

He sat down next to Michael on the sofa, not quite knowing what was going to happen next. The girls put down their glasses, and moved a little closer together. They started to kiss, passionately, each reaching for the others breasts. Oscar’s cock was now fully erect and recovered from his previous action, as he watched the girls intently. The girls reached under each other’s skirts, exposing their hairless cunts. The barman carried about his business, seemingly unaware of the show the girls had started. Oscar watched as one girl climbed up onto the bar, kneeling on her hands and knees. She pulled up her short skirt around her waist and said something to the other girl, who climbed up, joining her friend on the bar top.

“What are they going to do?” asked Oscar.

“Wait and see, my friend!” replied Michael.

The first girl spread her soft, young ass cheeks, inviting the other to lick at the pouting lips of her smooth cunt. She took up the invitation, lapping at her friend enthusiastically. She licked and sucked for all she was worth, gradually moving her tongue to the tight puckered entrance of the girl’s asshole. Oscar watched in amazement as the masked barman suddenly produced a large plastic funnel, and a two litre bottle of milk.

“What the……?” Oscar whispered to Michael.

The girl stopped licking momentarily as the barman gently pushed the tip of the funnel into the girl’s ass, which now lubricated by her friend’s saliva. She groaned as the taped tip went deeper into her, stretching her tight anal ring. She rested her head on the bar top, raising her ass high up in the air. She giggled and nodded to the barman. He began slowly pouring the milk into the funnel, and flooding the girl’s bowels. Oscar couldn’t take his eyes from the bizarre show. The barman continued to pour steadily, until the bottle was empty.

“How can she hold so much?” Oscar thought to himself.

The girl groaned loudly every few moments, as waves of gut cramps took over her. The barman went to fetch another bottle and returned to continue filling her ass. Her moans became louder, her stomach seemed swollen with milk, yet she seemed able to take even more inside her. Finally, she had reached her limit, shaking her head violently in submission. Still groaning in extreme discomfort, she carefully swapped positions with her friend. The barman removed the funnel, and a small dribble of milk escaped her milk laden bowels. The barman then repeated the process on the other girl, until they both had their asses pumped full of creamy milk. The girls were now groaning in desperate discomfort, stomach cramps gripping their insides, threatening to expel the milky fluid from their young asses.

Oscar turned to his friend, “This is about to get very messy, Michael!”

Sophie took hold of two men’s cocks, wedging both their glans into her mouth. She loved to suck cock, and having two in her hot mouth at the same time tasted absolutely divine. She caressed each tip with her tongue, feeling the men’s pulses through their rigid shafts. Pre-cum seeped from their piss-slits, which she rubbed over her mouth, making her pouting rouge lips even glossier. The men took turns at her pussy, thrusting wildly so their rubber clad thighs slapped against Sophie ass.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck me harder boys, fuck, fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed. “Fuck my dirty cunt, I want your cocks deep inside my dirty cunt, that’s it fuck me, oh yes please!”

She changed position to straddle a man lying beneath her. Her slick pussy slid down his upwards pointing cock until it was fully embedded in her aching pussy. Sophie rode him hard, her ass shaking and wobbling up and down as she ground into his cock. Suddenly she felt another cock, probing at her pussy from behind. Another man was trying to squeeze his cock into her dripping cunt! She felt a burning sensation as the second cock slid in alongside the other, the men groaning as they stretched her pussy wide. It was like having one enormous cock inside her. The men began thrusting in unison, driving Sophie wild with carnal lust.

“Fuck me, fuck my tight cunt, fill me with cock, oh yeah, fuck me, oh Jesus, that feels so fucking wonderful!” Sophie gasped, grinding her pussy onto the men’s cocks. She carried on sucking the two cocks in front of her, and had a cock in each hand, rubbing them furiously. She was now servicing all six of the men at the same time.

“Don’t forget my ass you dirty fuckers! Fuck me in the ass, I want all your cocks to fuck me hard in my filthy whore’s ass!” she obscenely begged to the rubber dressed men.

The man kneeling behind her withdrew his cock from her slippery pussy, and stuck a latex gloved finger into her hot vice-like asshole, finger fucking her while Sophie rode the other man’s cock.

“I’m cumming, aaaaaaah! Fuck yes! I’m cumming!” Sophie’s body went into spasms as her first orgasm ripped through her. Pussy juice leaked from her as she came hard, the finger in her ass triggering her sudden climax. After a minute or two, he felt Sophie’s ass loosen slightly, so he pressed his swollen cock head against her tight rear passage. She felt him enter her, the thick shaft penetrating her hot, dank hole. Her seemingly elastic sphincter stretched around him until he was balls deep in her.

“Fuck me now, both of you! Fuck my perverted ass, and my filthy cunt! Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!” she screamed. The men needed no telling, their cocks pistoning in and out, reaming both her holes.

“Give me a cock to suck, fuck my whorish mouth and make me gag!” she pleaded.

With a man knelt each side of her head, Sophie took turns to suck them alternately. She was going berserk with animal lust. Taking them so deep down her throat, her red lips were able to caress their shaved balls. She gagged violently as they roughly fucked her mouth. Stringy spit oozed from her mouth, slobbering over their cocks, making them glisten.

“Uuuugggghhh!” she gagged, feeling their wet cocks hit the very back of her throat.

The man lying beneath her withdrew his penis, and pushed it hard against her asshole.

“This can’t be happening can it? Surely there can’t be room in my ass for two thick cocks? ” She thought to herself.

She was so hot and turned on now, anything was possible. But sure enough, she felt her ass muscles expanding even further to accommodate the two men. Slowly he forced his way into her gripping, juicy asshole.

“Nnnnnnnooooooooooo……….wait…………uuuuh…..aaaah…..Fuck yes!” Sophie moaned as the two cocks invaded her burning ass.

The men fucked her furiously, plundering her tight asshole, seeking their vile pleasures. Two thick shafts of throbbing male flesh, deeply embedded in Sophie’s stretched ass hole, were driving her crazy. The hooded men frequently changed positions, each of them taking turns at her three fuck-holes, until they approached their orgasms.

“I want you all to cum in my ass hole, I want my slutty ass filled with your hot, slimy cum. Do you think you can do that, you fuckers?” Sophie begged.

The men silently nodded in response. Sophie lay on the floor, against the sofa with her ankles behind her head, so that she was partly upside down spreading her ass cheeks. With her ass hole pointing upwards to the ceiling, the first man pinned her down, straddling her upturned ass. Her once tight asshole was now obscenely gaping wide for all the men to see. The other five men stood in a circle around them, stroking their hard cocks, watching the other man began his anal assault on Sophie. He dipped his cock all the way in and began fucking her to his climax. It wasn’t long before he grunted, and came, spraying his slimy cum into her hot depths.

“Uuuuuh, that’s it, give it to me, fill me up with your sticky seed!” She groaned.

He quickly made way for the next latex covered man, who was going to deposit his load into Sophie. He too, didn’t last long, injecting his creamy mess into Sophie. She could feel her ass filling with hot cum. Each man took his turn, emptying his full balls of cum, until Sophie’s ass was brimming full of sticky white goo. Sophie rubbed furiously at her swollen clit, excited by her ass full of cum, she needed to orgasm so badly.

“Oooooh fuck yes, fucking hell yes, I’m cumming……yes I’m cumming now! Aaaaiiiiieeeeeeee!!!” she cried.

Her body bucked and convulsed, a fountain of girl cum sprayed from her pussy arcing through the air, splashing her upturned face and neck. She completely lost control of her ass muscles, sending a torrent of the men’s combined cum, flowing over her pink pussy lips and down the front of her purple corset, towards her voluptuous tits. Sophie sobbed, crying in ecstasy, she was covered in cum, and her pussy, mouth and ass had all been thoroughly fucked. The men stood paraded in a line, and made their way back to the spiral staircase, leaving Sophie to recover.

Oscar and Michael continued to watch the Japanese girls perform. Both men were feeling incredibly horny now, their cocks aching for relief. One of the girls on the bar began lapping at the others ass, digging her tongue into her cream filled hole, while fingering her own wet pussy. That was enough for the other girl, who was finally unable to contain all the milk trapped in her bloated rectum.

“Uh….. Uh…..Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” she squealed, releasing an explosion of milky mess, straight into the other’s face. The receiving girl came loudly, digging her fingers deep into her cunt, while her face was showered by the endless jet of milk. Milk went everywhere, mostly down the receiving girl’s front, drenching her white blouse. They changed positions, so that the girl with her asshole full of milk could take her turn to relieve her cramped guts. A second deluge of milk sprayed from her ass, which the other girl tried in vain to gulp down.

The two girls found themselves kneeling in a pool of milk on the bar surface, panting and gasping at their sudden relief. They beckoned Michael and Oscar to join them. The men stripped off their clothes, their hard cocks proudly erect. The girls climbed down from the bar, still soaking wet, and leant over the stools, offering up their ripe young asses. They faced each other, and began kissing again. Oscar gripped one of the girl’s hips, and without any hesitation, plunged his cock deep into her slippery ass. Michael did the same, shoving his thick German cock into the other girl’s back door. The girls whimpered and moaned as the men rammed their cocks into their slick, hot assholes over and over again. Oscar gripped tighter still, holding the poor girl in place. He fucked her savagely, drilling into her young ass without mercy, while Michael relentlessly pounded into the other girl, who was now wailing and crying.

“Fuck that ass, fuck that ass, go on my friend, fuck her hard!” encouraged Michael.

The room was filled with lustful groans and gasps, as the girls were fucked into oblivion. The barman, who until now had remained behind the bar, came in front and stood in between the two girls. His hard cock poked out from his black uniform, aiming it at the girls. He stroked his thick shaft until he came, gushing his steamy white cum over the girls angelic faces. The girls shared it between them, licking the oozing cream from their young faces. Oscar could feel his own climax approaching, his balls tightening until he reached the point of no return.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’ve got a big load for you sluts…..oh fuck!…Aaaaargh!” Oscar shouted.

He quickly withdrew from the girl’s ravaged ass, and sent his own cum spewing over the Japanese girls. Jet after jet of Oscar’s sticky cum decorated their faces. Michael did likewise with an explosive climax, sending his creamy jizz splattering over the girls already glazed features. There was cum everywhere, dripping down the girls chins, onto their already soaked blouses.

“Fuck, that was good Oscar, wasn’t it?” asked Michael, recovering.

Oscar grinned back at his friend with satisfaction. They picked up their clothes, leaving the girls exhausted and covered in cum.

Sophie went back to her bedroom, where there was no sign of Oscar. She stripped off her dirty lingerie, and soaked in the bath until her husband returned. She heard him enter the bedroom, and called to him.

“Well, how was that for you, my love?”

Oscar peeked into the bathroom, “Fantastic, dare I ask how your evening went?”

Sophie reminisced on her latest depravity. “Everything I hoped for, and more!” came her reply.

The next day, Oscar and Sophie had lunch with Michael and his wife, Katrina.

“Well guys, we hope your first night was enjoyable, yes?” asked Katrina, keen to hear about their erotic experiences.

The four of them sat in the large dining room reserved for guests at their country house. Oscar and Sophie opened up about their debauched experiences, recalling every sexy detail.

“And towards the end,” said Sophie, “Having both those hard cocks in my ass at the same time felt amazing, those horny guys in latex were insatiable!”

Oscar was similarly enthusiastic, “Having my cock milked like that by the nurse was just incredible! She was an expert at fisting me, I’d never felt anything like it before!”

Michael smiled at his old friend, “Yes indeed, she has very special talents, I’ll let you into a little secret, she isn’t employed by us. She stays here for her own pleasure as a paying guest!”

Sophie raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“You didn’t tell me everything about last night!” she joked with Oscar, “You mean to tell me you weren’t the dominant one for a change?” after Oscar had told his wife about being strapped down in the chair.

“Well,” said Katrina, “From what Michael tells me, Oscar was very dominant with the Japanese girls!” They all laughed, raising a glass of champagne in celebration of their first night. “Here’s to more surprises tonight then!” said Sophie.

Later on that evening, Oscar and Sophie prepared themselves for the fetish entertainment ahead. Sophie lay in the bath, shaving. She massaged the cool shaving gel over her steamy cunt, gently stroking the razor to make sure it was completely bald. Her fingers of one hand slipped inside her crevice, while her other hand reached to her nipples, pulling and pinching at them.

“Mmmmm……aaaah……… Oh God, I love pain…..oh God, that feels good…….I need pain……oh fuck…..Oh Jesus…..I need pain tonight, I need to be spanked, I’m such a naughty girl……Oh fuck……yes…….yes…..I’m cumming now, such a naughty girl……yes, I’m cumming…….Oooooowwwwaaaaaaarrrrgh!!!” she screamed.

She thrashed about wildly in the bath, spilling water over the side as she came hard using just her fingers, and her hot fantasies of punishment. Oscar heard Sophie climaxing in the bathroom, and it made his cock throb hard. He was more than eager to see what the night had in store for them both.

Matt and I had been friends for years, since high school I guess. We had been through lots of good times and bad times together, but nothing will compare to what happened after he got his divorce.

Matt cheated on his wife, not headline news or anything, but he got caught. After a long and drawn-out divorce, he had become a different person. I didn’t see much of him anymore, but occasionally we would meet for a drink or dinner. Matt would always choose the location, which seemed to be whatever seedy, run-down bar he was currently crawling into to hide his problems. The last time I saw Matt he had called me and asked if we could meet up. That evening over dinner, he informed me he was deep in debt from gambling and didn’t know what he was going to do. After a few hours of conversation and catching up, I excused myself and went home. I remember thinking that I wished I had something I could do to help him.

I was surprised this afternoon. I had just walked in the door from work and seen the missed call on my cell phone. I listened to the voicemail, it was Matt, asking me to meet him at 9:00pm and he left an address. He said it was important that I meet him, and then he hung up the phone. He didn’t sound like himself, but he had been a friend for a long time, so I decided to go. It was already 7:00pm when I got in the shower to get ready. I had looked up the address that Matt had left on the voicemail, and according to my GPS it was only 45 minutes away. I stopped to look in the mirror while toweling myself dry. I had never been a fan of my appearance, however I had been working out recently and had to admire the results. I am 5’0″ tall, 130lbs, long light-brown hair with highlights of blonde, green eyes, big breasts. I stopped to play with my breasts for a moment, as I continued to dry myself off; I lay back on the bed. Using the mirror in front of me, I watched myself. I slid my hands down over my stomach, then to my thighs. I couldn’t help myself, I was getting turned on. I started to play with my clit, then down to my tight little cunt. At 28 years old, I had had sex randomly, but my pussy was still very tight. I fingered myself for a moment, feeling how wet I had become. I could feel the orgasm building, getting warmer and more urgent inside of me, closer and closer. I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:30pm… shit. I was late. I stopped my play time and finished getting ready. I pulled on normal clothing, since I didn’t know what type of place I was going to. I figured, If I should be dressed up, Matt should have told me. I took one fast glance in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good, very short shorts, a low cut, white tank top that tied around my neck, and some flip flops. It was simple, but I still looked good. I was tan, silky-smooth legs, hair looked good… It made me want to finish what I had started earlier, but no time.

In the car, I punched the address into the GPS. While on the highway, out of curiosity, I hit the location button on the GPS and tried to see what the place was that I was going to. The GPS couldn’t find anything. I searched the address on my phone, again nothing was found. Oh well, I thought. There is no telling what the hell Matt is up to this time. I noticed the scenery as I drove on and on, looking like I was headed out to the middle of nowhere. The few houses I did see looked vacant and run-down. I pulled into the drive that my GPS had brought me to.

It was a commuter parking lot, mainly empty, but with a few cars parked here and there. There wasn’t a house or gas station in sight. I was in a parking lot, with dim street lights, surrounded by complete darkness. I started to notice the situation had become somewhat weird, when I noticed someone getting out of a black SUV parked behind me. It was Matt. I got out of my car and walked over to him. He didn’t look good. He had a black eye and some bleeding around his lower lip. His clothes were torn and dirty. I immediately asked him, “what the hell happened to you, and why are we meeting here?” Just before he answered, someone else stepped out of the darkness.

I looked from the stranger to Matt’s face, he looked scared. The stranger was dressed in black from head to toe; he even had a black ski mask on. Before I could do anything, before I could even think, the stranger pulled out a gun. He pointed the gun at Matt, and walked up to him. He held the gun to Matt’s head, and then began to speak. “Your friend Matt has gotten into a great deal of trouble. He owes my boss a lot of money. In order to ensure that money is paid back, we have been watching Matt’s every move for months. When we saw him meeting you for dinner last month we were very interested in you. When Matt didn’t make the deadline, we made our decision. You see, one way or another… we are going to get what is owed to us.” Just then, three more masked men walked out of the darkness, all dressed in black. They walked to me. I began to run, but was stopped by the sound of the gun, clicking to chamber a bullet, aimed straight to Matt’s temple. The stranger spoke again, “that’s a good girl. You are going to like tonight… or not, I don’t really care. One thing is for sure, if you don’t cooperate… Matt will die, and you will never be set free. We will own you, and do whatever we see fit with you, forever. If you do cooperate, both of you will be free. Depending on how well you cooperate, Matt may even be debt free.”

Two of the men grabbed my arms, holding them behind my back. I was crying now, and completely in shock. I couldn’t react, or struggle. The third masked man held out an opened bottle of water, but it didn’t appear to be water in the bottle. “Drink it”, he said. He held it to my lips, but I kept them closed tight. The stranger with the gun then slung his arm hard against Matt’s face, hitting him with the gun, causing fresh blood from his nose. “Drink it now”, the man repeated. I opened my mouth and swallowed the liquid. I could taste the chemicals in the water. The man kept pouring it into my mouth, so fast it ran down my cheeks before I could swallow it all. After the bottle was gone, I quickly felt strange. Everything got blurry, and the ground felt like it was moving. Then I was out.

I woke up, not having any idea how long I had been out. I was in a dark room, on a cold table. I was lying on my back. My hands were tied above my head, my legs tied into stirrups attached to the table. I was completely naked. My head had been secured to the table, and although I couldn’t see it, I could feel something cold on my neck, like glass. I tried to move, even just an inch, but it was no use. I had ties around my ankles, my calves and my thighs holding my legs open and into the stirrups, spread wide. I even had a rope around my waist securing me flat to the table. The table wasn’t long, just from my hands to my lower back, it felt as if my ass was not touching anything, but merely suspended by my legs. It was cold in here, and my nipples were extremely hard. I had no idea what had happened to me while I was unconscious. Did they rape me? I couldn’t tell, but since nothing was hurting I assumed not. I laid there for what seemed like an hour.

Then the lights came on. I was naked on a table that seemed to span between two rooms. The first room contained my head and the upper portion of my arms tied to the table. There was an enormous glass window creating a partition through which the rest of my body was sticking through into another room. There had been a hole cut out and the table stretched into that room to allow my breasts and everything below them on the opposite side of the glass. I could now see the rope surrounding my legs in many places. My legs were spread as wide as they could go, almost painfully.

In the room with my lower body I could saw what finally caused me to panic. The room was filled with dildos, cuffs, chains, butt plugs, suction devices, clamps… you name it. There were things in the room that I don’t even know what they are used for. There were also three video cameras, one in the corner mounted to the wall, and two on tripods. All cameras had red blinking lights, so I knew they were on and recording. I tried to move again, but didn’t get anywhere. I started to yell, whatever I could think to say.

The door to the room with my head opened and three men carrying a chair entered the room. Matt was then brought in at gunpoint, sat in the chair, and tied down and gagged. He tried to speak, and all I could make out was “I’m sorry.” One of the men came to me and put a ball gag in my mouth, I assume to stop me from yelling. Then they left the room.

About five minutes later, a door opened on the other side of the glass. A masked man entered, still dressed in black. He spoke, and I could hear it was the stranger from before. “I am going to get the party started, but you are in for a long night honey”, he said. Matt, behind me on the chair, began to struggle. He didn’t try that very long, realizing it was no use. The man grabbed what looked like small, clear tubes from a shelf. He placed one over my left nipple, and then attached a small black bulb. He then began squeezing the bulb, causing suction. I watched as my nipple sucked up into the tube, higher and higher. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he stopped. He pressed a release button, detaching the bulb and leaving the tube sucked to my nipple. He repeated this on the right nipple, so that both my breasts were being sucked. Next, he started to touch me. He rubbed on my stomach, my legs, and slowly worked his way to my pussy. Without any warning, he shoved two fingers deep inside me. The man looked up at my face, and smiled through his mask. Matt began to scream, muffled into his gag.

I knew why the man was smiling, and there was nothing I could do to hide it. I was soaking wet. My clit felt as if it were on fire. I could feel the raging urge inside my abdomen. I wanted to be used, hard… and even if I didn’t want to, I didn’t have a choice at this point. The man continued to finger my dripping wet cunt. He was very rough, fast and hard, but I liked it. The finger assault only lasted about thirty seconds and he stopped. The man turned and grabbed another clear tube, this time attaching it to my clit. He hooked the bulb to the tube and began sucking my clitoris. The pain and pleasure combined were excruciating. When he stopped, I could see my clit pulled inches into the tube. I could feel it throbbing, aching to be touched. I rolled my eyes as far as I could to look back at Matt, he had his eyes closed tight, trying not to see what was being done.

The man turned around again. When he came back, in his hand was a black round item with another bulb attached to the end. With no warning, he shoved it into my pussy. He moved it around, sticking it deep in. He then pulled it out and placed it to my asshole. I realized now, he was only lubing it up with my cunt juices. I started to wiggle and scream out in protest, but once again, it was no use. This time slowly, he worked the device into my ass. Pumping my hole back and forth, until I could feel the entire ball go in. He then began pumping the ball, making it bigger and bigger. I could feel the pressure and pain as the expanding ball inside my ass got to an unbearable size. He soon stopped and detached the bulb, leaving the ball in my ass.

My nipples were aching, pink and swollen into the tubes. My clit felt like it was going to explode. Now, I had a huge ball inside my ass. The man walked away and came back with a dildo, not to big, about average size. He slowly started working it into my cunt, back and forth. It felt amazing. My muscles were tensing up, and the orgasm was building inside of me. If I weren’t tied down, I believe I would have been rocking against him, begging him to fuck me. Deeper and faster he shoved the dildo in me, and I could now hear how wet I was. I felt embarrassed that I was enjoying this treatment. I didn’t want Matt to see me ready to cum while being violated like this. I looked back again and his eyes were wide open. I could see the crotch of his pants and the outline of his dick. He was hard as a rock. Then, the man stopped. He withdrew the dildo and left the table, leaving me disappointed. The fear inside me was clouded by excitement. I was so eager to cum, and at this point I didn’t care. I continued to lay there, naked, tied, gagged, with tubes sucking my clit and my nipples, and a plug in my ass.

Ten or maybe twenty minutes had gone by when the man returned. This time he was wheeling a cart into the room with something on the top of it, covered in a sheet. Another man entered the room behind him. This man also had a mask on. The man, who I believe to be the original stranger and the leader of the operation, spoke to the other masked man. “You know what to do, no mercy. I want you to change it out every time she has an orgasm like we talked about. Oh, and don’t worry… she is enjoying this, so you should have no trouble telling when she has an orgasm.” With that, the leader left the room. The remaining masked man started doing something with the thing on the cart. He had his back turned to me, so I couldn’t see what it was or what he was doing. After a minute, he started wheeling the cart up to my table and putting it in position between my legs. He locked the breaks on the cart. Then he removed the sheet. On the cart was a machine. The machine was big, with three different hydraulic pumps and what looked like a remote control. Each pump had a long shaft attached to it, and on the end of each shaft was a skinny black rod. The man got the machine into position, with the black rod at the end of one pole about an inch from my pussy. He then went back to the shelf and got a large dildo, it looked every bit of eight inches and thick. Next, he brought the dildo over and slid it onto the black rod, putting it in place to fuck me. The machine was moved closer and the rod was slid into my cunt. I felt completely filled up. I could feel the pressure of the dildo as it pushed on the ball in my ass. The man then turned the machine on using the remote control. It began to move the dildo in and out of my pussy very slowly.

As this was going on, the man turned back to the shelf and returned with some rope. He began to slowly tie rope to each one of the suction cups on my nipples. He then ran the rope through a metal loop on the celing and then down to the suction cup on my clit. He tied the rope to the cup on my clit and then pulled the rope tight. My tits were now stretched up off my body and into the air as far as they could go. My clit felt like it was being ripped off. I was now so very wet and excited that I was aching for an orgasm.

The man returned to the remote control. He pressed a few buttons and the whole machine started moving. The machine was still fucking me, however now the pump started turning slowly on a different axis, causing it to move the dildo in circles inside my cunt as well as in and out. This was all it took, and I began to cum. I writhed and jerked all I could, moaning into the gag in my mouth. I could feel the cum dripping out of my cunt and running down to my asshole. I looked back at Matt. He was still watching, and there was a wet stain on the crotch of his pants.

The man stopped the machine and moved it out of me. He then turned to the shelf and grabbed a bigger dildo. This one was black, about 9 inches long and very thick. He replaced the previous one with the new, bigger one, and then moved the machine back into place with the enormous cock in my pussy. He turned the machine on, but faster this time. This felt completely amazing. I had never had a cock so big, and I could feel it stretch my cunt open with every hard thrust. As I was being thoroughly fucked, the man hooked the bulb back to the end of the ball in my ass, and removed the air. He then withdrew it from my ass. Next he untied the rope from my nipples and clit suction tubes, and removed the tube on my clit. The rope, now only connected to my nipple tubes, was then ran through the loop on the ceiling and connected to a metal weight, maintaining the constant pulling tension on my tits.

My clit, still bulging and swollen was now his play toy. The huge dildo-fucking machine had me almost to orgasm all by itself, but the man made it so much worse. He spread my cunt open with one hand and with the other he was now tugging on his own cock. He squeezed my clit between his fingers and rolled it around. I began to cum again. My body was writhing and convulsing on the huge dick inside me, harder and harder. The man didn’t stop the machine this time, he just kept going.

My clit, so very sensitive after the suction and recent orgasm, was still being fingered and teased. The man’s erection was huge and bulging. I knew it wouldn’t be much more before he would cum. I looked at Matt, his penis was hard again. The man then stopped playing with my clit and climbed up on the table in one fast motion. He pressed the head of his hard dick up against my clit, and moved it in circles. He then gave a few more tugs to himself. He used one hand to spread my pussy lips apart as far as he could while I was being fucked by the machine. Then, he came on my pussy, directly on my clit. Warm cum ran from my clit down to the dildo machine in my hole. The man un-mounted me and put his dick away.

Then he stopped the machine. He went to the shelf and got another dildo, this one was the same as the one already in me. The man pulled some levers and pushed some buttons on the machine, moving another pump directly on top of the one that was currently in me. He placed the dildo onto the end of the rod, and moved it into position. Using my pussy juices and his own cum, he lubed the end of the cock, then slid it into my already filled pussy. The pain was unimaginable. I now had two, very large dicks inside one hole.

The man turned the machine on, slowly at first, then up to a faster and harder speed then before. The dicks seemed to be on alternate patterns, one thrusting in while the other pulled back. Both dicks were ramming deep inside of me, harder and harder. It began to not hurt as bad after a while. The man then went to the shelf again and this time returned with a vibrator. He turned it on and put it right on my clit. He then used the rope covering my abdomen to hold it in place. This was getting me hot again.

Two different dicks in my pussy, and my clit being vibrated was enough for me to go insane. The man watched for a moment, then turned the fucking machine to high speed. The dicks were fucking me so hard I felt like they would break through the other side. I had cum everywhere down there and I could hear it splattering with each thrust. The man also turned the vibrator on high, then he left the room.

I began quivering all over with orgasms, again and again. After each orgasm, my clit became so sensitive that I thought I would explode, but it just kept going. Matt was still watching me from behind, and had flooded his pants with cum again. Just when I thought I could cum no more, another man entered the room.

This one was shorter than the other two, but a stocky build. He shut the machines off. The man moved the third hydraulic ram into place and shoved it deep in my asshole. The cum that had ran all over my ass again and again made the toy enter much easier, but it still hurt. The combination of all three cocks made my bottom half feel like it was going to tear apart. He turned the machines on the highest setting yet. They were racing so fast it sounded like a machine gun. He left the vibrator off, so I all of my focus was on the three cocks pounding into me without mercy, all three on different rhythms.

While the pounding continued, the man untied my breasts and removed the nipple tubes. He massaged my nipples slowly at first, but then harder and harder. Finally he leaned down and bit the engorged, swollen tit. The man’s phone rang. He answered it quickly, listened and then said, “I understand.” The man hung up the phone and turned the machines off. He then took them out of my swollen and dripping cunt and ass.

Just as I had stepped out of the shower my mobile rang and so I hurried more than I probably should have to pick it up and almost slipped over as I entered my bedroom.

As usual I’d just missed the call, it was Julie, she’d left a message though so I put it on speakerphone as I dried myself.

“Hiya Sarah, it’s Friday night babe, let’s have a few cheap ones at the Legion then the Arches afterwards, see you in there, mwah!”

I grinned as I toweled and quickly blow dried my hair. That sounded like a plan, we’d both just finished our exams and were desperate for a good night out, well, I was desperate for some cock but a few drinks and a good laugh sounded good too.

The Legion may have seemed like an odd place for two eighteen year old girls to go on a Friday night, but it served the cheapest drinks in town and it was on the way to the club.

Normally I’m one of those lucky girls who doesn’t need much makeup, but tonight I was putting it on with a trowel. T for tarty, I thought as I applied the finishing touches a few minutes later, worrying only slightly that it was verging on prostitute.

I smiled as I reached for my old faithful, my red dress had seen more fuckings than an entire series of Gordon Ramsay, well…maybe not, but it had seen a lot and it always seemed easy to get the dried spunk off the material afterwards.

Picking out my favourite pair of stockings I pulled them up over my freshly shaved legs, delighting in the feel of the material caressing my skin, before pulling them up the extra inch or so and letting the elastic snap into place and hold them against the soft flesh of my thighs.

The black lace of my lucky knickers felt delicious against my freshly shaved mound, I couldn’t help but caress myself gently for a few moments after I had pulled them on, before sighing and squeezing my big boobs into my matching push-up bra and slipping the dress over my head and pulling it down until it just barely covered my curvy bottom.

I bent over and looked over my shoulder, flicking my long blonde hair out of my face so that the view of the full length mirror behind me was unimpeded. I smirked to myself when I saw my bum cheeks peeping out at me from under the hem of my skirt above my stockinged thighs.

Throwing on my perfume and red high heels, I picked up my purse and phone and headed downstairs.

‘Don’t wait up Mum,’ I called as I passed through the front door without waiting to hear a reply, it was time to get drunk and fucked.

It wasn’t far to the Legion but I still managed to get several offers from blokes on the way that I just wasn’t interested in, it felt nice to be wanted, but they were all a bit childish, I thought about pulling an older bloke, maybe in his thirties and a naughty smile crept across my features.

‘I’ll try my best,’ I thought to myself.

The Legion soon beckoned, it’s lights shining dimly in the night, I noticed a badly drawn poster announcing ‘Pool night at the Legion – tonite!’ taped to the safety glass of the battered old black door as I passed through in to the musty old bar area.

It was almost deadly silent inside, I tried not to laugh and then, for a split second worried that there was no one here…then I heard a pool ball strike another on its way into a pocket and smiled to myself.

I wondered how many times I’d get it in the hole tonight.

The Legion was a safe haven for all the old blokes in the area, no-one else really came in here, certainly no-one my age. Julie and I had only stumbled on the fact that they served very cheap drinks the last time we were out, forced into the nearest shelter by a torrential downpour.

I walked across the sticky red carpet, smiled at the old woman behind the bar and ordered a rum and coke, nodding when she asked me if I wanted a double as it was only one pound fifty.

She didn’t even bother to measure it, just pouring the rum from a large bottle standing behind the bar.

Sipping my drink I turned to look at the pool table while I waited for Julie. All the old men were either stood or sat around watching their cronies play, their huge bellies getting in the way of their shots and their joints creaking as they leaned over to take them. Not one of them looked under sixty five.

I noticed one or two of them cheekily eying me up and I gave them a smile.

‘Fancy a go love?’ one of them asked.

A brief chuckle rippled through his friends and I rolled my eyes.

‘I’m waiting for my mate,’ I said.

‘Just a quick one then, you can use my cue as well,’ this brought a few belly laughs, which, judging by the size of the bellies around the table should have been a bit louder really.

‘I’m not much good,’ I said as I took a few tentative steps towards the table.

‘It’s easy all you have to do is stick it in the hole!’

I joined in the laughter this time and snatched the cue he offered me with mock indignation.

‘Go on then, just a quickie,’ I laughed.

This comment brought raucous cheers from the old men and I blushed furiously, avoiding their eyes.

‘You break then my love,’ the old man smiled.

I finished my drink quickly, plopped the empty glass down on one of the little brown tables and leaned over the table to take my shot, only realising then that my dress was a little short for this and that all of the old buggers were suddenly standing behind me.

I reddened again, mishit the cue ball so badly it went straight into the middle pocket without hitting anything else and stood up with a jump feeling incredibly embarrassed.

The old men laughed and clapped as my opponent, grunting with the effort, bent over to pick the cue ball up and placed it back on the table in front of me.

‘Have another go,’ he chuckled.

I was about to protest when a fresh drink was pressed into my hand.

‘Here you go, this’ll help you relax.’

It was another rum and coke, but this time, judging by the taste and smell it was more like a triple or quadruple, I took a gulp and sighed as I bent over to take my shot once more.

The old blokes must have been getting a right eyeful, but what the hell I thought, they were only having a look. I wiggled my bum at them as I cued and broke off properly this time, to rapt applause.

‘That’s better,’ my opponent chuckled as he bent quickly to take his shot to the background of hoots and words of mock encouragement from his friends.

‘Go on Ray, sink the pink,’ one of them chortled and I reddened even further.

‘Dirty old bugger!’ I laughed.

Ray missed by a fraction, leaving the cue ball right in the middle of the table.

‘Less of the old,’ Ray chuckled as he passed me and I yelped as he pinched my bum.

I wondered whether it might be a better idea to leave now and wait for Julie outside but thought better of it, after all it was only a bit of fun, although I was a little surprised at myself for thinking so.

I realised then that the cue ball being in the middle of the table was no accident as I leaned over to take my shot, struggling to reach the ball, my dress riding up at the back.

Feeling more than a bit embarrassed, I tried to adjust my dress while I was in this ridiculous position and lost my balance, but before I could fall I felt a steadying hand on my hip.

‘Careful my love,’ Ray laughed, his voice coming from over my shoulder.

His hand stayed on my hip while I took my shot, even though it was now obviously unnecessary.

Somehow I managed to hit something and by sheer luck one of the balls went in.

The old men cheered and Ray patted my bum somewhat condescendingly.

‘Good shot,’ he laughed.

Feeling a little unnerved by his over friendly hand and still more than a bit embarrassed, I reached for my drink and found that it had been topped up and judging by the fumes that were coming off it, there was about half a glassful of neat rum in there now.

I coughed and spluttered as the drink burned its way down inside me and Ray’s hand returned, but this time to rub my back and give me a little pat.

‘You OK love?’

I didn’t know if it was all that rum but his touch was starting to feel quite nice now and all thoughts of leaving had vanished from my mind, so I nodded gratefully, smiling.

He smiled back and patted my bottom again before rubbing it gently and very briefly, ‘Your shot my love.’

The cue ball was easy to reach this time, but somehow I found myself bending over a little more than I should and taking a little more time over my shot than I normally would.

I heard someone whisper, ‘Oh aye that’s nice,’ behind me as I missed my shot and turned to flash them a quick smile when I stood back up.

It was nice to feel appreciated and I was more than a little bit drunk by now, they were just a bunch of old blokes who wanted to have a sneaky look at my knickers, ‘Where was the harm in that?’ I thought to myself as I watched Ray take his shot, his enormous belly pressing into the pool table.

The thought of his hand on my hip was making me feel slightly warm inside now, and on my bottom…

‘Your shot my love,’ Ray was smiling at me and I realised I was staring at his crotch.

He pretended not to notice and I quickly bent over to take my shot, making sure I gave them all a good view.

I frowned slightly at a half heard whisper behind me as I took it, it had sounded something like ‘Quick, give her some more,’ which I assumed it must have been as when I stood up again my drink was once more full to the brim.

I took another large sip and noticed a strange powdery texture to it.

‘I think I need a clean glass,’ I slurred and then giggled.

‘Ah you’ll be alright love,’ Ray chuckled as he took his shot and missed again. ‘Get it down you, it’ll loosen you up.’

Wondering briefly what he meant by that last remark I gulped the drink down and set the glass clumsily down again, jumping slightly as I felt something touch my bum.

‘How does that feel?’ Ray asked me, his hand now firmly planted on my right bum cheek, kneading it gently.

‘Nice,’ I beamed.

And it did, it felt very nice, I didn’t want him to stop. I continued to smile at him as I felt his hand move further across and slightly down into the valley between and noticed he was staring at my boobs.

Just then my phone rang and I jumped, Ray’s hand left my bottom and I looked round for my bag.

It was Julie.

‘Hi babe,’ she sounded upset.

‘Where are you?’ I slurred.

‘At the hospital,’ she groaned.

‘Oh my God are you OK?’

‘Yeah, well no, I slipped getting out of the shower and I think I’ve broke my ankle. Sorry I didn’t call sooner, are you OK?’

‘Yeah, yeah I’m down the Legion…oh I hope you’re OK, does it hurt much?’

‘It fucking kills babe,’ she forced a laugh. ‘You going to go down the Arches still?’

‘Yeah, yeah, I’m just having a game of pool with the old blokes.’

Julie laughed properly this time, ‘Watch them dirty old buggers Sarah, they’ll be trying to look at your knickers.’

I laughed back and we said our goodbyes.

‘Everything OK?’ Ray asked as I put my phone back in my bag.

I told him what had happened.

‘So your going on then now, or do you want to play a bit more?’ he asked.

I hadn’t really thought about it up until now, and now that I did didn’t really fancy the idea of going out alone.

‘I don’t know,’ I replied. ‘I suppose I could finish the game and then go home.’

‘There’s no rush is there?’ Ray asked and I felt his hand touching my hip again.

‘No I suppose not,’ I smiled. ‘But doesn’t this place close soon?’

‘Oh don’t worry about that love,’ Ray smiled, his hand creeping slowly back onto my bottom.

‘Deirdre let’s us stay as long as we want, we’ll have a lock in.’ he continued, nodding to the fat old woman behind the bar, who seemed to take this as a cue and waddled over to the doors, locking them quickly and drawing heavy curtains over them from either side.

‘Now, where were we?’ Ray grinned, his hand slipping gently between my buttocks.

I smiled back at him, gripping my cue tightly as I felt my balance waver for a second, my knees were trembling and I suddenly felt incredibly warm and wet between my legs.

‘I’m not sure who’s shot it is,’ my voiced trembled slightly as I felt his hand slip further down, his fingers now pressing the hem of my dress into my bum crack.

‘It’s your shot love, but as I said there’s no rush is there?’

I smiled and shook my head, just standing there, letting this dirty fat old man feel me up.

He stepped closer to me and my breath caught slightly as he moved towards me as if to kiss me, or so I thought, I wondered at my disappointment when he simply reached past me and picked up his drink.

‘My shot,’ I mumbled as I tottered over to the table, Ray chuckled quietly.

I bent to take it, it was a tough shot and I had to take my time aiming, but just as I moved the cue to hit the ball Ray pinched my bum again and I missed horribly.

‘That’s not fair!’ I squeaked as Ray and his cronies roared with laughter once more.

‘Couldn’t resist love,’ Ray winked at me as he moved round the table.

‘Two can play at that game,’ I thought as I hoisted myself up onto the table behind me and sat with my legs wide open.

I smiled as I watched the old man trying to concentrate on his shot with my knickers and stocking tops on full view and giggled when he eventually went in off.

‘Two shots to me,’ I cried almost falling over as I dropped from the table.

One of the other old men steadied me just in time and I fell into him, pressing my boobs into his chest.

‘Bloody hell!’ he breathed not taking his eyes off my cleavage.

I could feel something pressing into my thigh in return as he held me for a few brief moments and blushed when I realised he had a hard on.

Quickly bending over to take my next shot I tried to put it out of my mind, but realised I couldn’t, in fact it was all I could think about.

I glanced back at him again, his huge belly and big lump in his dirty grey trousers.

Turning my attention back to my shot I caught Ray’s eye and noticed him grinning at me knowingly, what was the old bugger going to do to try and put me off this time?

No sooner had I thought this than I felt the same lump pressing against me again, but this time it was pressing into my bum.

Before I could stop myself I moaned loudly much to the delight of the crowd of old men. The old man behind me began to grind his crotch into my backside, pressing mine deliciously into the table edge.

‘Let’s see who gets it in the hole first shall we?’ Ray laughed and his mates joined in.

My breathing had become ragged now as the old man ran his cock the length of my bum crack, vigorously dry humping me, making it almost impossible to hit the ball. But somehow I did and even more miraculously a ball went in to a chorus of mock boos.

I’d expected the humping to stop but if anything it got even more energetic. I tried to pull away, but the old man grunted and held my hips tight then I felt him shudder and gasp and knew he’d just cum in his pants.

The old men cheered and clapped and Ray came over laughing at the mortified expression on my face.

‘It’s only a bit of fun love,’ Ray said as he pulled me from his friend’s grip.

I felt his hand slide down my back and onto my bottom again as he propelled me towards the bar, it was all so wrong but I found myself liking the attention, or at worst just not minding it and couldn’t understand why.

‘Mix her another drink Deirdre, I’ll have a pint of Best, and while you’re at it put the porn on.’

The old woman behind the bar just nodded and pointed a remote over my shoulder. Had I heard right?

I looked round and realised I had as a large projector screen began to slide down the far wall, the projector was already running and as the screen dropped I could see that a girl not unlike me was being fucked hard on her bed by someone old enough be her granddad.

I felt Ray’s hand slip under my dress as I watched but didn’t move to stop him, even when I felt his fingers pulling at the waistband of my knickers and then sliding down across my bare bum cheeks.

‘Here you are my love,’ he said.

I turned and saw him pushing a drink towards me with one hand whilst the other was working its way down the crack of my bottom. My lips parted as he pulled me into his chest and I whimpered slightly as his tongue forced its way deep into my mouth.

I began to kiss him back gently and gradually we became more and more passionate. Feeling him turn and lean back against the bar, I realised that I had my back to his friends now and that he’s pulled up my dress so that they could all see where his hand was, but it felt so good I just didn’t care.

‘Shall we play a bit more or do you want to sit and watch the porno with us for a bit?’ Ray whispered in my ear as he ran his slimy tongue up the side of my neck. I just whimpered and buried my face in his chest as I felt his finger pressing at the wet hole of my pussy and, after some brief resistance, slide deep inside me.

‘Or should I just do you right here over the bar in front of everyone?’ he hissed. ‘It’s what you came here for isn’t it?’

‘Oh God,’ I whispered, my chest heaving as I tried in vain to lift my right leg and wrap it around him, instead just rubbing my thigh on his hip and feeling his bulging erection pressing into my crotch.

Ray obviously took that as a yes, as he suddenly spun me around and pushed me over the bar top. I was panting, my mouth open and face flushed as I looked into the eyes of Deirdre, the old barmaid. She looked back at me, lust written across her wrinkled features as Ray pulled my knickers down so roughly he made my head jerk backwards.

The next moment I looked in surprise as the old woman took a strong grip of my wrists and pulled me forwards over the bar top.

She laughed as I heard the sound of Rays zip lowering, then his belt buckle being undone and I cried out loudly when he thrust his cock straight into me with no warning.

The old woman held me tight across the bar as Ray began fucking me from behind, his huge belly resting on my back, his saggy skin slapping on my buttocks with each powerful stroke.

I could see him over my shoulder in the mirror behind the bar, his face red and sweaty, his lips curled in a vicious snarl as he took me hard.

‘This is what you came for isn’t it?’ he growled as he pumped me.

‘Oh fuck, yes, oh yes!’ I sobbed as my emotions got the better of me. His cock felt incredible inside me, I was so horny, it was the best fuck I’d ever had and we’d only just started.

‘Dirty little slag,’ Deirdre muttered and let go of my hands.

I gripped onto the beer pumps instead, grinding my bum back into Ray’s crotch and my pushing my cunt as far down his meaty shaft as I could.

I could feel the old man tensing as his strokes quickened and knew he was about to cum inside me and that sent me over the edge. The strongest orgasm I’d ever had washed over me, making my legs buckle and my hands relinquish their grip.

Deirdre caught my wrists just in time and held them in one hand, quickly pushing her other down the top of my dress and roughly squeezing my tits.

Ray thrust into me one last time and held his cock deep inside me as it throbbed and twitched, emptying his old balls into my willing young cunt.

My head dropped onto my arms, I could smell the stale beer mat and feel it cool against my hot skin as Ray grunted one last time before pulling out of me and wiping his cock in the crack of my bum.

‘Nice shag that love,’ he panted as I heard him pull up his pants. ‘I’ll have you again later.’

Loud cheers and applause erupted from his seated friends and I suddenly remembered we had an audience, I hid my face in my arms for a few more minutes as Deirdre continued to grope my tits roughly.

I could feel that my dress was around my hips and my knickers around my ankles, and now Ray’s cum was dripping out of my hole and down the inside of my thigh and knew they could all see it.

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