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It was a warm night in June. The moon was hidden by low hanging clouds that allowed only the light of a few stars to sneak through; Still, the parking lot was aglow from the lights of the truck stop and from the dozens of trucks that were parked in rows on the hot asphalt. The air smelled of diesel exhaust and the sound of those big engines echoed across the parking area. This particular truck stop was well known as a place where local hookers plied their trade. That, of course, was why we were there. I was with my best friend, Jenny Pickford. I was dressed in knee high black boots, a short black skirt and a sinfully sheer lace top that well accented my 32 C chest. My dark red hair splashed casually over my shoulders and drooped to the middle of my back. I had more makeup than I would normally think of wearing. There were several lubricated condoms in my clutch purse. My knees were shaking and I was so nervous I was afraid I would puke, but I steeled my nerves, knocked on the door of the truck and asked the man if he wanted a date.

He looked me over slowly, undressing me with his eyes before asking me, “How much?” I told him, “Twenty.” He invited me into the cab of his truck. It was a big truck with a large square hood and a sleeper with strings of lights on the top and bottom. At the front of the hood was a silver swan. The inside of the truck looked like leather, but other than the seats I was sure it was vinyl. The dash was made to look like wood. The seats had air valves on them which made them go up or down. The truck smelled a little like stale body odor; as did he; but there was some kind of citrus scented air freshener that attempted to make the truck smell better. There was a large stick shift between the seats and a plastic tube of dim blue lights across the back wall of the sleeper. There was also a refrigerator and a microwave in the sleeper, so the truck had more amenities than some hotels. The bed was actually full sized and somewhat mussed up. I was pretty sure the sheets were only changed when he went home to his wife.

Why was I there? I wasn’t a pro or some desperate junkie needing a fix. I was from a middle class family. I carried a 3.75 GPA in high school. No, this all started because Jenny Pickford and I started talking about dares at a slumber party. It was an “I will if you will” contest of willpower and nerve. Jenny had just climbed up into a blue Volvo. There was no way I could back out and let her win. I wasn’t going to let her call me a chicken even if I was scared. I had never engaged in casual sex but I certainly wasn’t a virgin. I had lost my virginity when I was 16. That was a year earlier.

The trucker handed me a twenty which I nervously put into my clutch purse. Maybe I was selling myself too cheaply, but I wasn’t sure I’d get the nerve to knock on another door if I got turned down. I gave him a smile and stepped back into the sleeper. As he followed, I peeled off my lace top and sat it aside. My hands were shaking as I reached for the latch to my skirt, but if I didn’t go fast I’d loose my nerve. I loosened the skirt and let it fall to the floor. When I sat down on the edge of the bed to remove my boots, he told me, “Leave them on.” His eyes were locked on my body with lust. Other than the boots I was naked now since I hadn’t worn either a bra or panties. As I moved to lie on my side on the sweat stained sheet, I gave him my most seductive smile.

He peeled his T shirt off and dropped it on the floor. I never asked him his name and he never asked mine. I would have lied, of course. He looked older than my father. His hair was thin and gray. He had a bad comb over and a pot belly. As he stepped out of his jeans I could see that he had graying pubes and a fat cock which was mostly erect. He wasn’t shy about grabbing me by the back of the neck and pushing that cock into my mouth. I accepted him with faked eagerness, despite the fact that it tasted like sweat. I reached out and stroked him as I sucked on him. He started to thrust into my mouth, but I had my hand there to make sure he didn’t gag me. After a moment I’d sucked his cock clean and there was just a hint of pre-cum coating my taste buds. His cock was growing harder in my mouth. I could feel his fingers tightening in my hair, pulling it. This guy obviously had no interest in gentle love making. He’d paid for a whore, and he was going to fuck me like one.

I have to admit that despite being scared as hell, I was turned on by the whole adventure. I reached down and casually traced a finger over my labia. My finger slid easily over the moisture that was forming on my soft skin. He watched me of course, so I wiped my finger over my nipples to make them glisten. For an older guy he could sure get hard. He wasn’t hung like a porn star or exceptionally long but he was thick enough that his cock was beginning to make my jaw hurt.

I took a condom from the packet and put it on him. I’ve heard of hookers who would put the condom in their mouths and sneak it on while they were blowing the guy, but I never developed that skill and I certainly never considered myself a hooker. After all, this had nothing whatever to do with the money. This was all about showing Jenny that I had the guts to go through with it. I did know how to put a condom on. I had experience with two boyfriends who believed it was bad karma for the man to do it. Maybe they were just lazy.

The man joined me on the bed and lifted my left leg up, then my right. His thick hands slid under my knees and he pushed my knees back against my shoulders. I could feel the tip of his cock against my opening. Since his hands were occupied and I certainly didn’t want him sliding one inch further south, I reached down and guided him into me. When the tip was just inside me he paused for an instant before pushing the entire length into me with one hard shove. The suddenness of it made me cry out. If I could have moved I would have jumped. Suddenly I was impaled by a fat old cock that had just purchased the right to fuck the hell out of me. The truck driver was going to make the most of that right.

With my knees against my shoulders all I could do was to grip the sheets. He began to slam into me with a vengeance. I know that I was in the middle of 40 tons of steel and freight, but after a few hard thrusts I could actually feel the truck rocking from the forcefulness of this man’s actions. I fought the desire to close my eyes and turn away. Instead I looked into his eyes and pretended I was enjoying every hard thrust. He was literally beating the hell out of me in that sleeper. My previous boyfriends were athletes who could fuck sometimes for ten minutes. This guy was still power fucking me twenty minutes later. Every time he got close to cumming he stopped to change positions and then continued. The only break I got was when I was riding him, and even then he grabbed my hips and slammed me onto him roughly.

Eventually he placed me on my stomach with a pillow under my hips. He was holding my wrists to the bed and pounding at me from behind. I felt the sensation that I had to pee and I knew his cock was hitting my G spot. Despite the fact that I was getting sore, I felt the pressure building inside me. I needed to cum and this was the perfect position. I even kind of liked that fact that he was pinning me down and being rough with me. It made my submissive side come out. I whimpered and moaned as he manhandled me. I was getting closer to orgasm by the second. He kept his rhythm until I completely lost control. I screamed into the pillow as my body convulsed on his cock. It was my greatest orgasm ever!

I could feel his cock throbbing as well. He slid out of me and pulled off the condom, then pushed his fat cock into my mouth and began to stroke rapidly. Almost before I realized what he was doing the first jets of cum hit the back of my throat. I gulped it down and tried not to think about the rather unattractive man who was feeding his cum to me. I was never especially fond of the taste. His cum was thick and the flavor was obviously influenced by coffee and cigarettes. It left my breath smelling like chlorine.

He rolled over and lay on his back as I got dressed. We said our goodbyes and I climbed back out of the truck. The night cool air felt good as I sucked it into my lungs. For a moment I stood there thinking about what had just happened. My pussy still throbbed and I cold almost still feel that thick cock inside me. There were other girls wandering around. These were the pros. The truckers call them “Lot Lizards.” I wanted to keep a wide berth of them since my dare took away from their business.

My footsteps seemed to echo off the trucks as I started back toward my car. It was dark outside I was feeling particularly vulnerable. I was way out of my element here. When I was nearly back to the safety of my car where I had planned to wait for Jenny I saw her walking toward me. She had a tall black truck driver on either side of her and a fresh fucked glow on her face.

“Hey, Nikki, I’ve been looking for you,” she said. “I’ve got some new friends who are dying to meet you.”

I looked at her and then at the two black men with her. They both looked like they were in their early forties. I would soon learn that they were brothers, just a year apart. Abner was the older of the two. His arms were huge. He had the look of someone who had been lifting weights all his life. He must have stood about six foot six, which made him a giant compared to me at five foot two. His black hair was cut short. His shirt was partially unbuttoned revealing a furry chest. His brother was named Bryon. Bryon was as tall as his brother but with longer hair. He was much leaner. Both of the men had tattoos which suggested to me that they’d either been in gangs, had done some time in prison or both. Between them was Jenny; a short haired blonde trouble maker who was about three inches taller than me.

“Come on. You’ve got to see this sleeper,” Jenny said when we’d all been introduced. “This thing’s huge! It’s like a house inside.”

The truck was hooked up to a moving company trailer and sure enough, it was huge. The sleeper alone was twelve feet long. I was very nervous about stepping into the cab with these men. It wasn’t that I was prejudiced because I wasn’t, despite the years of listening to my father rant about nearly everyone who wasn’t Catholic and Caucasian. It was more the fact that they just looked like they could be rough. Maybe it was the tattoos. I agreed to take a peek, but just to have a look. I said that we had better hurry home. I reminded Jenny that my parents would be home soon and that we had BETTER be there. They wouldn’t actually be home that night at all, but that was the cover story we had agreed upon.

The sleeper was like an apartment. It had a bathroom and shower, a full kitchen, its own generator, its own air conditioner, satellite TV, a very good stereo system and a table that folded down into a full sized bed. It was all trimmed in oak. Indirect lighting gave a seductive glow to the inside of the sleeper. Very noticeably at each end of the bed were three tie down rings; one on each side and one in the middle. They looked like they were used for tying up girls, not tying down cargo.

“This is incredible,” I said. I felt more than a little uncomfortable at the moment. “But we really have to be going.”

“No, we don’t have to go anywhere,” Jenny assured the two men. “As long as we’re home by morning, we’re cool.”

I looked at her as if I’d been betrayed. Jenny just smiled back at me. “Relax, Nikki,” she said. “You’re too uptight. I’ll be here. Besides. The guys are paying us a hundred each for three hours.” She’d already taken the deal without asking me? I just wanted to go home. “I’ll take Abner first,” she said.”

With that she turned and gave the older brother a deep soul kiss. I was searching for the words to protest. For an instant I was too stunned to speak. Then Bryon was behind me. His hands wrapped around me. His right hand lifted under my short skirt to rub over my uncovered flesh. His left hand gently massaged my breasts and tugged at my nipples. He was kissing my neck and grinding his bulging jeans against my ass. I knew these guys were trouble. I knew I should run, but I just stood there; getting more turned on by the second. I closed my eyes for a moment as Bryon caressed and kissed me. When I opened them, Jenny was in front of us on her knees slobbering all over the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I have to admit that the sight of that turned me on. I could still escape, but that window of opportunity was quickly coming to a close. I knew I should go, but I couldn’t quite pull myself away. When Bryon slipped his finger into my pussy, I let out a soft moan and leaned back against him. I wasn’t going anywhere. The anticipation of what was going to happen during the next three hours had me both scared and squirming in anticipation. My father would be so ashamed of what I was about to do he would never forgive me if he ever found out. What was left of my innocence was about to be ripped away. At the moment, I couldn’t wait to see it go.

Bryon began to pull my top off. I responded by lifting my arms so he could easily pull it off. Then my skirt dropped to my ankles and I too was on my knees, seeking out his cock. When I took it out of his pants I gasped in surprise. It was even bigger than Abner’s. It felt like it weighed five pounds. I shuddered in anticipation of feeling this monster inside me. Could I even handle a cock this big? I lifted it and teased my tongue around the tip before putting it in my mouth. It was definitely a jaw stretcher. I used plenty of saliva as I stroked and sucked him.

Bryon’s cock got thicker and harder in my mouth. I took it out and ran my open mouth and tongue up and down the length of him, and then lightly stroked it as I slobbered over his balls and sucked on them. He was getting more and more aroused. I was stalling a little. I could feel myself getting juicier by the moment and I was going to need a lot of lubricant to get his cock inside me.

Jenny got up and mover over beside me. She put her arm around my shoulders so I slid mine around her waist. The two brothers stood side by side while we knelt there, sucking their cocks. Then they stepped back and switched places. Suddenly I was sucking Abner’s cock and Jenny was sucking Bryon. The amazing thing was that I wasn’t even put off by the idea. I guess I had already determined that whatever happened just happened. I turned and gave Jenny a long, sexy kiss. I thought that the two of us kissing over a hard cock was sexy as hell, so we gave each of the guys a little teamwork as we kissed and slobbered over their cocks, double teaming them one at a time.

The two guys went to lie on the bed, with their heads at opposite ends. Jenny climbed up first and lowered herself on to Bryon’s cock. I was fascinated as I watched it slowly disappearing inside her. Then it was my turn to climb up on Abner. I whimpered out loud as I stuffed myself with that huge cock. It seemed to go up inside me forever. When we were both fully impaled Jenny gripped my hair, pulled me to her and gave me a deep kiss. That took me by surprise, but the guys liked it so I just went with it. We began to make out as we rode the two large cocks. She slid her hand down my stomach to my clit, so I returned the favor. I had never considered having sex with another girl, but this was different. This was a show we were putting on.

After a few moments Jenny and I were both pretty well worked up. We rode the now slick cocks and continued to tease each other. I leaned over to suck a firm nipple into my mouth. I could taste Jenny’s sweat on my tongue. She had nice breasts; bigger than mine and full, with dark nipples that got very hard when sucked. I was getting close to another orgasm and I wanted to cum with Jenny. Her reactions told me she was getting close as well. The guys were saying something, but neither of us paid them any attention. We were slamming our bodies on hard cocks and rubbing each other’s clits. We came at about the same time. Jenny and I kissed and rubbed tongues as our bodies lubricated the thick cocks that we had impaled ourselves on.

We switched partners after that. I knelt down to lick Jenny’s fluids off Bryon’s cock while she did the same with Abner. Then we climbed up on our respective cocks and the show resumed. We had to stop a couple of times because the guys nearly came. It was too early for that.

Eventually Abner pulled Jenny down so that she was lying on his chest. Bryon stood beside the bed and pulled her over enough so that she could suck his cock while Abner fucked her. I wasn’t sure what they were doing until Bryon tossed me a bottle of KY Liquid and told me to put it in her ass. Jenny whimpered something around the cock in her mouth, but I wasn’t sure if it was encouragement or a protest. I put some of the lube on my finger and applied some directly to her anal muscle. It felt strangely erotic to slide my finger into my friend’s ass. Jenny moaned as I added more lube and continued. I worked my finger around to pull at her muscle so that when I added a second finger it would be easier. Then I put my fingertips together and worked three fingers into her ass. I could feel her cumming as I twisted my fingers around in her ass. Abner was slowly rocking into her pussy and Bryon was pumping his cock back and forth into her mouth.

Bryon pulled back and slapped his cock over her face, then moved to where I was. Before I got off the bed he had me work the lubricant onto his cock. I put plenty of lube over his thick shaft and rubbed it in, then moved aside. He told me to hold Jenny’s ass cheeks apart. I did, and it gave me a close up view of his cock forcing into her tight ass. She squirmed and whimpered as he pushed it deeper, all the while begging him not to stop. I thought at that moment that Jenny was crazy. The guys weren’t going to leave me out of the mix so I was told to climb up and straddle Abner’s head so he could lick my pussy while they double teamed Jenny. Since Jenny and I were then facing each other, we caressed each other’s breasts and made out. I reached down and very gently ran my fingertips over her clit as Bryon fucked her ass roughly. She must have liked it, because after a few moments she came so furiously I was afraid she’d injure herself.

Abner gave out a string of profanities and began to cum in Jenny’s pussy. He held her tightly by the hips and pulled her onto him as he erupted inside her. When he was finished, he pulled out of her and slid out from under her. Bryon rolled her over onto all fours and slid his cock into her wet pussy. As he prepared to cum in her, Abner had me sit me down on the floor. I had no idea what he was up to at the moment. Then Bryon shot his load into Jenny’s pussy to mix with Abner’s. After a few final thrusts and a number of obscenities, he pulled out and pulled Jenny off the bed. Then I knew what their plan was. Jenny stood above me in a partial squat as I let the men’s cum fill my mouth. Then we shared a long, cummy kiss before I resumed the position and finished licking her clean. I was just licking up cum so it really didn’t matter that I was licking it out of my friend’s pussy… or so I told myself.

The guys needed a break. We did too, but we were on the clock. While the men relaxed and drank a beer, Jenny and I climbed up on the bed and began to 69 each other. This time it wasn’t about licking up a guy’s cum, it was about pleasing each other and making the guys hot. I have to admit that I very much enjoyed it. I liked it enough that I decided we would have to do this again when it was just us. Jenny’s tongue drove me wild. She was much better at this than I was. I tried to do the things to her that she was doing to me, and she obviously liked it as well. When she slid two fingers into my pussy to massage my G spot, though, she wouldn’t let me touch hers. I guess she was still pretty sensitive.


By the time we’d walked halfway to the lake, Linda (who’s put her bikini top back on) and the guys stopped talking and froze, looking at me as if I were a gunfighter striding ominously into a Dodge City saloon. I realized I could ruin everybody’s vacation with a single word, but I had no desire to do that.

As I reached our blanket, Terry began to say something. I put my finger to his mouth to stop him and then backed away a bit and untied my bikini top. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Linda was removing hers as well now, and Kathy was pulling off her t-shirt.

I kissed Terry on the mouth, then pushed him down and lay next to him, kissing him again, my tongue inside his mouth. I rubbed my sensitive nipples against his chest hair, and felt his cock straining against his bathing suit.

I could hear Kathy and Linda moan, and Carl grunting softly, and knew our friends were making out as well.

Terry reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling my wet pussy into his hard cock. I could feel him grinding against my pussy lips.

If my bikini bottom hadn’t been lined, everybody would be able to see how I was soaking it with my juices.

I wished Terry would reach inside my bikini bottoms and grab my bare ass, but I knew he’d be afraid to do that after my reaction earlier. I’d have welcomed it right now, though. I wanted his hands on my skin, and his fingers working their way down and touching my hot pussy. Let everybody hear me cum: at the rate they were all moaning and groaning, they wouldn’t be very far behind.

Linda and Larry were the first to jump to their feet. “We’ll see you guys later,” Larry said as they began walking quickly back to the house. Linda hadn’t taken the time to put her bikini top back on, so I guess they weren’t even thinking about whether the B&B hosts would see her. For that matter, Larry’s erection must have been quite a sight as well.

Terry was dry-humping me pretty seriously right now. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his bathing suit and began easing it down, wondering how low he’d let it go before he stopped me. I wouldn’t have minded feeling his hard, naked cock pressing against my bikini bottom.

I was just beginning to feel his coarse pubic hair rubbing against my lower belly when he said, “Let’s get back to our room.”

We started to get up, then noticed that Carl and Kathy were gone: they must have returned to the building without saying anything.

So we were alone here.

I pushed Terry down onto his back, and pulled his bathing suit off with a single jerk. His cock was standing straight up like a flagpole.

I pushed my bikini bottoms down my legs and kicked them off, then straddled Terry until the head of his cock was rubbing between my pussy lips. I thought about teasing us both for another few seconds, but we’d both just gone through ten minutes of the most intense foreplay.

I pushed my body down hard, driving Terry’s cock deep into my pussy. We were naked outside, in the warm sun, by a beautiful lake, fucking. I don’t think I’d ever been more aroused.

I began thrusting my body down against Terry’s, as fast as I could and as hard as I could. It felt as if he was going deeper inside me with each stroke. If his cock weren’t so hard, I’d probably be hurting him.

I heard myself grunting as well as groaning. It was loud, and I knew the sound was probably carrying, but I didn’t care. I wouldn’t care if our friends came back, if our parents showed up and began watching us, if the Pope were standing right next to us.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck,” I kept saying.

I’m pretty sure I screamed when I came, and I know I felt dizzy for a moment, but I never stopped fucking Terry as hard as I could. Finally Terry began to cum — I don’t know how he lasted as long as he had — and he seemed to just cum and cum and cum some more. I slowed my fucking motions, because I didn’t want to hurt him as his cock softened.

But when he finished cumming, he was still hard.

He took a few seconds to catch his breath, then said “Get on all fours.”

I moved myself into the doggy position, feeling naked and exposed, my bare ass and pussy in view of anybody who might be coming over from the house, Terry’s cum dripping out of my pussy, my small tits hanging down. I loved it.

Terry moved behind me and slowly, very slowly, eased his hard cock into my pussy, a pussy slick with both my juices and his cum. He fucked me gently for 15 minutes, and I had several small orgasms — I’d already had my big, screaming orgasm for the afternoon — and after Terry came, we kissed, then got dressed and went back to the house.


We took the bus into town the following morning. Kathy and I headed to a small clothing store we’d seen last time She wanted to buy herself a bikini: she wanted a two-piece in case we had another topless-bathing session, and she didn’t want to have to borrow Linda’s bikini bottoms again. Linda was off to a quilting store a few blocks away. The guys wanted to check out a handmade furniture store (Larry was into woodworking) and a fishing supply store.

I was in the market for some cute summer clothing. The last couple of days had made me feel sexier than I had for a while, and I wanted some new clothing to show it off better. I was wearing a flirty sundress today, the same one I’d worn that time when Terry had had his way with me in the movie theatre, and I was looking for more of the same.

I didn’t get a chance to try anything on, though, because every few minutes Kathy was calling me into her dressing room to check out another bikini. She didn’t like how any of the tops fit her — few bikini tops were made for her bustline — and finally I convinced her that since she’d probably only wearing the bikini on occasions when she’d be removing the top, it really didn’t matter all that much. She decided on a suit with a top that fit better than the one she’d borrowed from Linda, but which still covered only the front of her breasts, leaving a lot of the tops, bottoms and sides exposed. The bottom covered her ass and pussy decently enough but it was very high-cut, with little more than a string’s-worth of material around her hips. She could wear this as a two-piece without being cited for indecent exposure, but she’d certainly attract a lot of attention.

She paid for the suit, and then left for the quilting store.

Back in my own dressing room, I pulled off my sundress and put on a pair of cotton shorts I’d picked out. I wasn’t sure about them: they were comfortable, but they might have been a bit too short for a woman my age. I looked at myself in the mirror, naked except for a pair of short-shorts, my socks and my sneakers: not as eye-catching as Kathy, perhaps, but not at all bad for a woman less than two years from her thirtieth birthday.

I heard the door to the shop open. “May I help you, sir?”

“I’m looking for my wife,” I heard Carl tell her.

“Carl,” I called out, “can you come in here for a minute? I want your opinion on something.”

There was a hesitation, then “Go ahead,” the shop girl said.

Carl opened the dressing room door just enough to slip in, then closed it behind himself. Then he noticed me and backed away a bit. “Um… you don’t have a shirt on.”

“Carl,” I said, “you’ve seen me topless yesterday and the day before. I think it’s okay for you to see my tiny titties at this point.”

“I guess so,” he said.

Of course, it was a bit more awkward here just the two of us, enclosed in a small room, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me.

“So what do you think?”

“They’re very nice,” he said, but he seemed to be glancing at my tits. The nipples were getting hard and sensitive. They knew I was standing half-naked in a changing room with a man who wans’t my husband.

“What’s very nice?”

“The shorts,” he said quickly. “They look good on you.”

“Not too small?” I asked, referring to both the breasts and the shorts.

“They’re perfect,” he said.

“Thanks,” I told him, then pushed them down my legs and threw them onto the bench. I knew I was pushing things — but after all, he’d seen me wearing nothing but my bikini bottoms yesterday, and my panties covered a lot more skin than they did.

I pulled on a short skirt, which turned out to be shorter on me than I’d thought. “I don’t know…” I said.

“Turn around,” he said.

I turned.

“No,” he said, “not unless you’re okay with… uh… your panties showing every time you move.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I guess I’m too old for miniskirts anyway.”

I started to pull them off, and stumbled. Carl grabbed at me, caught me at my upper chest just to the sides of my breasts, then almost dropped me as he let go of me as if he’d burned his hands and tried grabbing me again at the waist.

“Sorry,” we both said at once.

I got the skirt off without further incident and said “One more,” changing into the sundress I’d picked out. It had very narrow straps, and was a little shorter than the one I’d been wearing, with a bit of a v-neck that would have shown some cleavage if I’d had any to show. I spun around in front of Carl, and he gave me a thumbs up.

I was just starting to take it off when I heard the salesgirl say “Ma’am, if you’ll send your husband out, I have the other item you asked about. I found it in your size in the back.”

My husband? Well of course, why wouldn’t she think Carl was my husband, after he came in here looking for his wife and ended up in my dressing room?

Carl opened the door slightly, grabbed the bikini she’d found, then closed the door again. As I stood there in my panties, we both looked at the bikini: it was one thing for Carl to watch me changing into the shorts and skirt and sundress, because he’d already seen me wearing this little — but I’d have to get completely naked in front of “my husband” to try on the bikini. No, that wasn’t going to happen.

“I think I’ll wait on the bikini,” I called out to the salesgirl. Damn, and I really liked it. I was tempted, but I also knew it was probably a very bad idea.

I adjusted my sundress and we left the dressing room and I paid for the shorts and the new sundress. I thanked Carl for his help and we were just getting ready to leave the store when Terry walked in and said to the salesgirl, “Hi, I’m looking for my wife,” and then noticed me and said “Oh, there you are.”

The salesgirl looked confused, and I led Terry and Carl quickly out of the store before she could say anything.


We’d all planned to meet back at the lake after lunch; but when Kathy, Carl, Terry and I arrived, Linda and Larry were already there. Larry had his camera out — photography was his hobby, and he had some expensive equipment — and he was shooting portraits of Linda standing topless by the lake. “Hey there,” he said, barely looking at us. “Why don’t you girls keep your tops on, which is a sentence I never thought I’d say, and I’ll get some nice photos of you alone, then some with your guys, and I can e-mail them to you when we all get home?”

“Aw, why do we have to keep our tops on?” Kathy asked.

“So you can share your vacation photos with your parents,” Larry said.

“Have you seen Kathy’s new bikini?” Carl asked. “I don’t think we could show pictures of that to anybody’s parents. Ouch,” he said as Kathy smacked his arm. “That bruise is going to show up in the photo, you know. Everybody’s going to know how mean you are to me.”

I have to admit I felt a bit jealous: I’d planned on wearing a hot new bikini this afternoon too, but of course I couldn’t tell anybody why I’d had to leave it behind.

Larry took dozens of photos in all — thank God digital has replaced film — of Kathy, me, Carl and Kathy, and Terry and me. When we were done, Terry said to Larry “What about some of you and Linda together? I know my way around an SLR.”

“Sure, thanks,” Larry said, as Linda put her top back on.

After Terry had taken a bunch, I took off my top and said to him “Now some of me that we CAN’T send to our parents.”

“Are you sure?” Larry asked. “It wasn’t just the parent thing. I figured you’d feel funny about me having half-naked photos of you. I mean, I’d send you copies and then delete them from my disk, of course…”

“I trust you,” I said. “You’re not planning to post there all over the Internet, are you?”

“Of course not,” Larry said.

“Just kidding. Are you okay with this?” I asked Terry.

“Sure. I’d love to have some dirty pictures of you for my private collection. I think we’re better off with Larry taking them, though: it’s his camera and he knows what he’s doing the best.”

I posed for maybe a dozen photos, from silly, to attempts to be sultry ( I don’t really do “sultry”) to outright sexual — or at least a sexual as I can get when a friend is taking the photos and other friends and my husband are watching.

Larry took a dozen of Kathy, and then said, “I have an idea for a shot: Carl, get in the photo. Kathy, get in front of him, facing him, and give him a hug. This way the camera sees you’re only wearing bikini bottoms, but your breasts aren’t showing at all, so we get sexual but not R-rated.”

He took a few of these, and then had Terry and me copy the pose.

“Any other ideas?” Larry asked. Linda called Kathy and me over and told us what she had in mind. Kathy and I put our tops back on, and Linda took the camera from Larry and said, “Now it’s your turn. Just stand over there.” He stood by the lake, Kathy and me at his sides. “We’re going for the James Bond look, with the two girls in bikinis draped over you.” We each hung onto one of Larry’s arms. “Now Larry,” Linda said, “look suave. You’re 007.”

“I’m Bond,” he said seriously as we pressed our bodies against him. “Larry Bond.”

“Perfect,” Linda said,” snapping a couple of shots.

“Good morning, Miss Moneypenny,” he said as Linda snapped two more shots.

“Last one.” Linda said. “You girls are ready?”

“Ready,” we both said.

“Three… two…” Just as Linda said “two,” Kathy and I each grabbed a side of Larry’s bathing suit and pulled it down to his ankles. “One,” Linda said, taking the shot.

‘Hey,” Larry said.

“Why should only you have souvenir photos?” Linda asked, giggling. She zoomed in on Larry’s erect penis. Kathy and I were getting an eyeful as well (figuratively speaking).

“Linda,” Kathy said, “you might need a much wider lens for this.”

“3D lens, more likely,” I said. Actually, neither Kathy nor I knew anything about camera lenses, but we were amusing ourselves. Also, neither one of us wanted to blurt out what was really on our minds: “Holy shit, that is a huge cock.”

Fortunately, Carl and Terry both thought it was hysterical that their wives had exposed Larry’s cock. We hadn’t thought about it, but they might not have been to happy about our plan.

“I’m sorry dear,” Linda lied, walking over to us and handing me the camera. “Let me help you.” She knelt down, grabbed Larry’s bathing suit and eased it back up his legs. His cock was almost in her face as the bathing suit was almost all the way up, and she gave the tip a quick little kiss before she tucked it into the suit.

“You did not just do that,” Kathy said.

“Did what?” Linda asked.

“You kissed his cock,” I said. “I saw it too.”

“No I didn’t.”

I don’t think she even realized she’d done it. I handed the camera to Terry. “It’s okay, that was totally hot kissing his cock in front of all of us. Give us a replay, then. Let’s see what it is you thought you did. Maybe we’re wrong.”

“Uh… sure,” Linda said, taking Larry’s bathing suit back down to his knees. Clearly he thought he should have a say in all this, but he also knew he’d just had his cock kissed and was willing to have it happen again.

Linda began pulling the bathing suit back up again, as Terry snapped photos. Just before she tucked Larry’s cock inside again, she gave it a kiss; then she froze. “Shit, you’re right, I must have done it without thinking about it.”

“Hold that pose,” Terry said, and Linda brought her mouth back to the tip of Larry’s cock. We could see it beginning to throb.

I could see a glint in Linda’s eye. “Would this make a better photo?” she asked Terry, wrapping her lips around the head of Larry’s cock and giving it a slight suck along with the kiss.

“Yes, definitely,” Larry said.

“Want to see something impressive?” Linda asked Kathy and me.

“Sure,” we both said.

Linda knelt directly in front of Larry and slowly took the entire length of his cock into her mouth.

Terry was filming the entire blowjob.

Yes, it was sexy as all hell, but I wanted him to pay attention to me and give me some attention. I took my top off, then slid my bottoms down my legs and off, very aware that I was the first of us girls to get naked in front of the whole group. Hard to believe a couple of days ago I was afraid to take off my shirt.

I stepped between Terry and the blowjob he was filming, which was the first he noticed I’d taken everything off. Not only wasn’t he angry, but he adjusted the camera’s focus and began photos of me nude and outdoors. Nobody had ever taken photos of my pussy before, and somehow knowing that these photos would be in Larry’s camera made it even hotter.

I turned, letting Terry take some pictures of my ass, and then told him to put the fucking camera down and fuck me. He replaced the lens cap and placed the camera carefully onto Larry and Linda’s blanket, while I laid down on my back on our blanket. He stripped off his bathing suit on his way back to me, and slid his cock into me, no foreplay necessary for either of us.

I had the sudden crazy thought that if I’d known a few hours ago that Carl was going to see seeing me naked, I’d have been able to try on that damn bikini all.

It was hard, noisy sex, and the fact that our friends could hear us made it even hotter. somebody at some point must have picked up the camera again because when Larry showed us the photos, there was a perfect shot of me cumming.

I never got to see Larry’s huge cock shoot its semen down Linda’s throat; when I glanced over at them again, Linda was lying on the blanket, completely naked, her legs spread, Larry’s face buried in her shaven pussy, working his tongue over her clit. It was so hot watching this: I felt as I were being fucked and eaten at the same time.

I’d never cum like this before. My orgasms were coming so close together, it was like one long orgasm that never ended.

Terry was still hard; but we’d had sex so many time over the last couple of days, it was taking too long for him to cum — and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pushed him off of me. He didn’t understand at first, but then I got on all fours and told him to do something we’d been discussing for months: “Fuck me in the ass,” I told him.

I hoped it worked, since Terry really needed to cum. His cock was dripping with my pussy juices and his precum, though, so I knew he should be able to get inside my virgin asshole.

His cock slid in with no problem. He went slowly. It hurt a little at first but it was also hot, very different from having a cock in my pussy, but sexy in a different way. As it began to stop hurting, I told him to fuck my ass harder. I could feel it: I was going to cum again from Terry’s cock in my ass.

In this position, we could both watch Carl fucking Kathy just a few feet away.

Finally, making a noise that sounded like he was being strangled, Terry came, shooting his cum into my bowels. And feeling this for the first time, I did cum again — differently than before, but still intensely.

He pulled out of me slowly and we both lay back on the blanket, exhausted. Larry and Linda were also done, and Larry was holding the camera, recording Carl and Kathy’s lovemaking for posterity. Then Carl closed his eyes and, sighing, came into Kathy’s pussy.

When it was all over, we all lay on our backs, on our respective to towels, exhausted and feeling more than a little bit awkward. It was difficult to make eye contact with one another with the distraction of all those cocks, breasts and pussies.

It was almost Sunset and I was doing a load of dishes when I heard the knock at my door.

“Fuck,” I muttered to my empty kitchen, my arms covered up to my elbows in soap and dishwater as I exhaled and blew little bubbles everywhere, crying out to whoever it was at my door, “Just a minute…!”

I could have swore I heard another timid knock at my door as I shook the soapy film from my hands with a few sharp snaps of my wrists and strode to the door, expecting Jehovah’s Witnesses or some neighbor that would only deign to talk to me only when asking for some random thing.

Instead, I opened the door to find my friend May sobbing, a river of tears cutting a channel down her smooth brown cheeks. Her olive shaped amber eyes were normally alight with wit and laughter, but now were swollen and red from crying.

“I’m sorry Ethan- I would have called bu-but…” She broke down, and she looked exhausted, wounded and defeated.

“Don’t worry about it,” I gently took her by the shoulder and pulled her into my house, away from the prying eyes of my elderly neighbor and the Summer heat. It was damn hot out and in addition to tears, May was drenched from not only sweat but some unknown substance- a red stickiness contrasting with the deep, dark brown of her face, neck and and arms. It even managed to cling to her shortly cropped, thick curly hair as well as the black of her over-sized Pink Floyd t-shirt.

“Sit here, I’ll be right back,” I said firmly but gently, and though she would have said something smart-ass at me telling her what to do- in her state she just collapsed, like a puppet who just had it’s strings cut into my aged but comfortable reading chair. I got us both ice water and towels so she could get off the sweat and whatever it was on her and I my hands still wet from doing the mostly completed pile of dishes.

Bawling sobs ripped through my apartment and with a shaky hand she accepted the large glass with her surprisingly strong grip, taking several heavy drinks of the refreshingly cold water.

I sat there silently- waiting for her to speak. My eyes were intent on her face. She usually looked me in the eye, strong and confident- but today she looked down, broken. It was sad to see. She numbly wiped at the unknown crimson spatter mingled with sweat from her caramel skin, and rubbed at the patina of snot above her thick, purple lips. Wracking sobs shook her body as I could see her white, but slightly crooked teeth show through a pained grimace. To say May’s ancestry was mixed would be an understatement- her ancestry was comprised of black, Korean, German and a Hodge-Podge of a few other random nationalities. She was pretty, but fell just short of being beautiful- She’d probably look stunning in a dress, but it’d take a a million dollars AND a SWAT team to get her into one. She was the quintessential Tomboy, from the brazen way she spoke, to being able to spot me at the gym down to the way she kept her curly hair- black and dyed with red highlights and cropped short in a relaxed style that was unintentionally flattering.

If my gaze were to wander down, I’d see what was probably quite the body hidden underneath those baggy clothes- petite, muscular and voluptuous- but I didn’t…

Really, it was because that would have been a moot point really. May was gay and a total fucking butch. Gayer than the whole YMCA discography- in fact we met through a former girlfriend of mine, Abby. Abby was “bi-sexual”. Though I think it was just term for Abby being unable to commit to anything- even the gender of her sexual partners. As she did with me, Abby decided for some random reason- maybe because it was Black Friday or something, that she liked dick again and moved to Toronto with some dread-locked stoner guy who spoke French and sold hemp products out of this head shop. It was rather sudden, leaving May not a little hurt, not unlike how Abby had had left me when she got together with May.

I remember wanting to be bitter at May when I first met her, but I couldn’t help but enjoy her easy, honest smile, the way she always said what was on her mind, and her infectious laugh.

Ironically- it chapped Abby’s ass that May and I got on as well as we did. I think May was supposed to be something to flaunt in front of me for whatever stupid reason. I have to admit, I enjoyed robbing Abby of that.

Instead, we got to talking about how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was often overrated off the mat and from there, why Metallica should have quit after The Black Album, finally to why Fosters was still decent beer in spite of the hate.

So, long after Abby had departed for the Great White North, May and I kept talking. We were platonic friends, obviously, despite her having a great rack and an ass that could make even baggy, thrasher jeans look good. As far as I was concerned, she was off the market- not even remotely interested nor ever would be. I have plenty of other women friends who were hetero and we weren’t dating or fucking. The tried and trite “Let’s just be friends”, as long as it was offered sincerely, never stopped me from actually being friends with a woman. It was the same thing with her- I didn’t weird things up by hitting on her, and I didn’t hit on her girlfriends. We worked out like we were just two dude friends. Unlike my other women friends, May had the additional perk that my hetero chick friends didn’t in that we could go look at tits together.

Four months ago May had met this chick in her Women’s studies class who kind of reminded me of Abby. Sure, Carmen was Abby’s physical polar opposite- short where Abby had been tall. Carmen was a dark skinned Latina where Abby was about as Irish as Corned Beef and Cabbage- her skin like milk and freckled with cinnamon. Carmen was curvy where Abby was slender. It wasn’t her body type or skin tone that made her another Abby but the same, juvenile need for attention and a ruthless ability to apply histrionics and manipulation to get it.

I remember laughing with May one night over some beers after work a few weeks ago and she told me how Carmen thought I was gay.

“Really?” I blinked,”Why would she think that?”

“Yunno- I asked her the same damn thing,” May responded after thinking on it as she took a deep swig from her gold and blue can of Fosters,”You know what she told me?”

“What?” I asked- I mean I bathed and used deodorant and I laughed at Mrs. Doubtfire but I wasn’t exactly Metro or anything. Why would I ping on her gaydar?

“He never hit on me” Carmen said,” May replied, looking at me pointedly,” You believe that shit?”

We both had a good laugh at that. It wasn’t that Carmen wasn’t fuckable, she was. I might have been El Juero Blanco, but I was equal-opportunity. However you wanted to slice it, Carmen was my buddy’s girl. Regardless of what May wore underneath her Fruit of the Loom’s she was still my bro, and I would never violate the “Bro Code” like that, No IF’s, AND’s or BUT’s. I recall thinking back on it, and something about that struck me as just arrogant on Carmen’s part. I told myself I was probably just reading too much into things- and May really liked her and I did the best I could to be a good wing man.

My other friends gave me shit (As I’m sure some of May’s dyke buddies gave her shit for hanging out with a straight dude) for hanging out with a “dyke” but I’d fuck with them back, “Jim, you’re just jealous she gets better poon than you.” And it’s true- she had some great taste in women- well, at least in the way of looks. I couldn’t really fault her for the inability to see past a pretty face, especially since we had shared at least one pretty, albeit shallow girl. I had learned my lessons and was pickier now, better able to see the telltale red flags than May was.

Now May was here, in tears.

“So May, what happened?” I asked, absentmindedly scrubbing at an errant spot of dish soap drying on my hairy forearms. May just wasn’t prone to this crying shit- even before during her other breakups. she was as much, if not more of a dude, than I was. Something was different about today, and even if it felt a bit awkward, I’d do my best to be there for my friend.

“Fuck Ethan…” She exhaled sharply then breathed in after, letting out a loud sigh, “I think Carmen…I think she left me.”

I almost wondered aloud, “How can you THINK someone left you?” but I caught myself, instead I just gave her a “go on, I’m listening” look.

“Carmen had picked me up from class and I just wanted to go home- it’s hot and all. I was fucking tired, but she wanted to go out drinking and dancing. We had talked this morning about just having a nice quiet evening together tonight- we hadn’t gotten to see each other all that much. Of course that started us to fighting about stupid shit. You know, how she seems to think that I was cheating around on her, I was pissed she kept asking- you know I’m not, and I was tired of having to keep justifying myself to her. It made me think that maybe there was someone else- the thief is the first person to accuse another person of pick pocketing, right? God, it was so fucking embarrassing how we were all Jerry Springer at the stoplight as people in the cars next to us just kept giving us funny looks.”

I winced as she paused for a breath. I’ve been witness to one or two of those fights, and honestly, I was surprised they didn’t end up in knock-out drag out sessions where the cops had to be called.

“Yeah, I hate that shit too, man.” Abby had been prone to hysteria, she had this fetish for pulling these epic-ass tantrums in public…The last person I dated was more sedate, but prone to the passive-aggressive bullshit. That wasn’t much better. I swear, there were times I wished I was fucking gay- until I found out from May that gay dudes liked to play the same bullshit games. No tits and vag for the same drama? No fucking thank you.

“My sister CeeCee had called from her boyfriends phone- you know how we were planning Mom’s birthday? Carmen was giving me the third fucking degree, and just flipped out and knocked the phone out of my hand.” This couldn’t have happened but forty minutes ago, and understandably, this was hard for her to talk about.

“Christ,” I muttered- I didn’t like where this was heading and I was afraid for my friend.

“I fucking flipped out Ethan. I yelled at her…” She confessed in a quiet voice,” I just couldn’t…I was hot and tired and just fucking fed up, you know? I told her to pull over.”

I gave her a “I don’t blame you” look. Someone grabbing something out of my hand or knocking it out was enough to make me want to swing on someone too, tits or no,” What’d you do?”

She looked at me, her hands shaking so much I had to take the now empty glass from her hands before she dropped it and her voice shuddered and hitched,” I told her that I was fucking tired of this…this princess bullshit. I love her Ethan- but fuck, it’s just day in and day out. Does everything have to be fucking Vietnam with these bitches?”

“It shouldn’t have to be, dude,” I said with a shrug,” But should and shit begin the same way for a reason.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” May answered, her teeth grinding together in anguish and a bitter cast warping her normally pretty features,” She- told me to get the fuck out of the car- but first she JUST HAD to tell me that she had met someone else- some bitch from her work and because she hadn’t fucking gutted me enough, she threw her Slurpee in my face.”

“What a fucking cunt.” I muttered. What was it with some women? Not enough that they twisted the knife in, but they had to cover it in salt and then break it off inside too? That wasn’t quite fair- I’ve been my own kind of dick to women too, and I’ve seen my dude friends do some petty shit that wasn’t anywhere near necessary. Part of growing up for both genders, I guess.

“So…I don’t have my phone and you were ten minutes away. I was praying…that you were home. I just- you’ve always been there to talk to.”

I was supposed to go out and play darts with some guys at work- but I had a feeling that May was going to need me tonight.

“I’m gonna need to place to crash tonight Ethan- I just don’t feel like going home.” She looked almost sheepish when she asked.

“Don’t even sweat it bro. Mi casa, Su casa.” It was kind of a running joke with each other we always called each other shit like “Dude”, “Bro” “Man”- I guess it also made the gender issue a bit easier to deal with.

She sighed in relief and sadness,” Thanks man. I just- I’m just so fucked up.”

“I’ve been there. You were there for me when I needed it too May. I was gonna go out tonight-”

“Oh no…” May said, crestfallen,”I didn’t mea-”

I waved my hand dismissively,” -It’s just some buddies from work. I spend enough time with their sorry asses all week long anyway. I was just saying, let me give them a call to cancel. Do you wanna take a shower and get all that crap off of you?”

She nodded gratefully and said,”…Yeah.”

“Right on. There are guest towels on the rack and a spare sponge.”

Through her tears, she started to shake her head in mock dismay,”You’re such a fag, Ethan.”

There was my buddy May, tough as nails and able to talk shit with the best of them,”Shut the fuck up and go wash that bee cum off your face, you asshole.”

She laughed despite her grief and went to go shower. I called my work buddy to cancel- but it turned out to work out just fine, one dude almost forgot his wife’s anniversary and the other one had a hot date last minute. I made up the couch for her and got some clothes that I hoped would fit her, one of my white undershirts and some brown drawstring sleepy pants left over from Passive-Aggressive girl who was about May’s height, but far more slender. I thought they would fit…maybe- most of my clothes were just too big for her.

I went to go set it in front of the door as I heard the sound of the shower running, and I before I knew what was happening, I saw the door cracked and tried to look down as quickly as I could- but it was too late to keep me from getting a decent look.

May wasn’t facing me, I saw her from behind. She always wore clothes that understated her figure in over-sized baggy shirts, loose jeans and shorts that nearly reached her shins, but I had always guessed that she was built like a brick-shit house- you know, solid but also curvy? I wasn’t wrong- she was muscular and I could see her back, complete with a tattoo of two rainbow colored female symbols wreathed in thorny roses, her arms were well toned but probably her best feature was a full ass that looked like two brown cantaloupes held up by short, unshaven muscular legs, ending in strong, but shapely calves. She was bending over, pulling down what looked like grey boxer briefs giving me a brief flash of kinky black pubic hair and poking under the cleft of plump pussy lips. Her breasts were full enough that I could see them from the side- even a hint of a large, milk-chocolate colored nipple. She didn’t shave, but that never bothered me. I always joked that I wouldn’t make a woman shave her legs if she didn’t make me shave mine. At the sight of my friend’s nudity, I looked away blushing like a fucking kid. It was like looking at your buddy at the locker room in the locker room, or taking a peek at another dude’s dick while you were pissing in the urinal- you just didn’t do it.

“Uh…May, I uh…” God, I was stammering, my mouth dry as I tried to push the image of what I just saw out of my mind.

“What?” She yelled, tears still in her voice.”I can barely hear you over the water.”

“I left you some clothes Br-bro.” That last word was hard to get out as I clapped my hand over my eyes,” Give me your shit and I’ll throw it in the washer.”

One of her small, sinewy arms thrust her clothes to me and I almost gingerly accepted them from her, doing my damnedest to not touch her chonies.

I threw them into the wash, trying to ignore the the scent of her- sweaty, but still very much healthy woman.

“Don’t be a fucking perv,” I admonished myself under my breath as I poured in some soap and started the machine.

She showered for a good long time. That red gunk was everywhere and probably a bitch and a half to get out. Not to mention I would have needed to get clean on an emotional level after something like what happened with her and Carmen.

May emerged from her shower to the sight of me frying up some steak and potatoes. Her hair was gleaming and wet the red highlights shining, my white shirt clung to her bra-less breasts like a second skin, hanging over what was a tight and toned stomach. Even the brown sleep pants fit too tight to make me feel comfortable in my platonic-ness.

“What?” She asked, giving me that “..the fuck you looking at, buddy?” look.

“Nothing man,” I lied and cleared the nervous lump from my throat,” Grab a beer, and grab me one too.”

“Do I look like your bitch, fucker?” She asked, playfully.

“No, just a plain ol’ bitch.” I laughed,”You still like your steak charred?”

“Yeah, I eat it like a human being, not how you do, practically like it’s fucking red wings.” She shot back. I could tell she was still tore up, but this is what she needed right now. May wasn’t some little flower that needed to be stepped around and she liked that I never treated her like that.

“Damn straight Red Wings, pearl applicator, string and everything” I shot back, pressing her steak onto the flat pan my own oozing delicious red on a bed of potatoes.

“You’re so fucking gross Ethan.” She said making a sour face, but laughing as she went into my fridge and dug out two beers, popping the caps off with twist of her hands. She was shaking less I noticed- that was good.

“Says the fucker that eats charcoal.” I shot back, smirking.

I threw her clothes into the drier for her, and joined her in the living room where we sat, eating on the couch that I had made up for her. We ate and drank beer as we watched “Hang ‘em High”, typical guy fare, and from that we watched another Clint Eastwood gem “Gran Torino.” We both loved that movie- we had watched it so much that we could quote every grouchy old racial slur from that old cracker’s snarling lips. By the time that movie was done, our dead soldiers had become a whole unit that went MIA.

I felt my head swimming as we laughed. I found it harder and harder to not to look at May’s bouncing tits as she chortled at lines we had both heard over a dozen times before. At the end of this gruff, but poignant movie we heard Clint Eastwood’s gravelly voice trying and failing badly to croon out the song at the end credits- that part always set us both howling. I tried to focus on laughing as I felt myself swell and harden in my pants to the sight of May’s nipples making stiff points in the thin cloth of the white tee-shirt. I told myself it was just her natural reaction to the cold, and to stop being such a jerk about it.

“Christ…,” I muttered to myself as I could see the outline of her large areola clearly showing through the thin white material.

“What?” She asked and saw what I was looking at and looked down as if she forgot they were there herself.” Yeah- I have tits, so fucking what?”

“No you don’t” I said trying to keep my face- and my priorities, straight,” And you have a cock bigger than mine.”

She looked at me and snorted, even that course expression not diminishing her beauty.

I stood up on woozy legs and almost fell, but caught myself with the edge of the couch. I winced as my shoulders gave a twinge from the sudden jarring, causing me to wince and inhale sharply.

“What’s the matter?” May asked, her eyes only slightly more unfocused than mine.

“Nothing…” I said, trying to rub the soreness out of my back. I had overworked at the gym today and because it had been a long day, my body was complaining, the little slip causing a murmur to turn into a loud complaint.

“C’mere.” She beckoned me to sit next to her on the couch. Something in me told me this wasn’t a good idea…

“No May…I should just get some sleep.” I protested.

“Don’t be a pussy, Ethan,” She told me and that settled it, I just wasn’t in the mood to argue myself out of a back rub, especially with how sore I was.

I sat down in front of her, and I tried to ignore how good she smelled as her hands, small but rather strong, wrung the tension from my back even in a way that both hurt and felt good at once.

“Oww…” I winced as she pinched my neck particularly hard,” What have you been doing with those ham hands of yours May- crushing rocks barehanded?”

“Don’t be such a fucking baby, Ethan,” May admonished.

I shook my head and let her continue to work aching shoulders and neck, then continue my back and arms and tried to ignore the nagging lump in my pants that refused to die.

I had to admit, I felt so much better.

“Now, my turn.” She told me and I shrugged in an almost resigned fashion- fair was fair I guess.

I gave her a very similar massage to the one she had given me, kneading out the massive knots of her tension as I tried to position my embarrassing hard-on away. I couldn’t help but feel like I was back in Junior High.

I tried to ignore the way her bare neck with those little hairs that were goose-pimpling at my touch sloped into her shoulders and how my shirt showed the slope of her bare cleavage…

“C’mon…don’t be such a pushee.” May almost complained.

“Pussy?” I corrected her as I dug my hands into her firm, brown flesh.

“Yeah…” She moaned. Christ… What was I doing? She obviously didn’t like me that way. This was just two dudes helping each other out. That’s how I had to think of it, I wasn’t queer.

It was a bittersweet mixture of shame and pleasure I got from handling her firm, healthy body. She felt so warm and she smelled way too fucking good.

Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have had those last two beers…

May turned around to say something and before even I knew what I was doing I kissed her and her eyes just opened for a bit, her lips were full and sweet, tasting of beer and a musky, cloven taste.

I pulled back and she looked at me with surprise and shock- and what looked like anger.

“God May…I’m so- I’m fucking sorry,” I stammered and I swear I thought she was gonna knock me out.

She just stared at me with this expression on her face, her jaw set and her amber eyes almost flashing…I cursed myself.

“Ethan, you dumb fuck! May is gay, and not to mention, this is your bro- and you fucking made a move on her when she needed you to just list…”

She grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me back hard, aggressive. Her tongue was long and agile, sweeping the back of my teeth as she held me to her.

That did it, I couldn’t hold back anymore. One of my hands snaked under the white tee she was borrowing and went to one of her free hanging tits. God they were huge and hot in my hand and she moaned into my mouth when I rolled the turgid point with my fingertips.

I felt her hands cup my ass and squeeze roughly, which I kept hard despite a desk-job, from hours at the gym and even more time on the mat during Kyukushin practice. I had caught female co-workers checking it out, but May was the last woman I ever counted on appreciating it.

I kept mauling her tits and she pushed my back down full onto the couch, but really, it was hard to tell which of us was the aggressor. I didn’t mind when a woman took charge, but this was crazy.

I could feel how wet May was even through her shorts and my pants as she kept rubbing against me as if she was the one with the cock.

I felt one of her hands grab the back of my neck and I moaned as I felt her warm mouth, with it’s full lips kiss my neck as her tongue, wet and skilled lick my neck in a way that must have drove her girlfriends wild- it was working just fine on me too. I didn’t mean to, it was an accident, but when I my hands dipped into the cleavage of her ass, rubbing her through the thin barrier of the brown cloth. I could almost feel her asshole twitch and spasm through the prison of the pajamas. May moaned breathily again and bit into my neck, the scent of her arousal spicy, primal and strong filled the room.

“God…I love it in my ass,” She admitted huskily in my ear, even in my dulled, drunken state my eyes widened and my cock twitched at her confession.

I felt her hands rubbing along my front and I could almost feel the internal struggle inside of her mind as she felt my cock hot and throbbing against the prison of my jeans. I knew May had tried having sex with a dude once back in High School- that’s when she truly knew she was gay. It was as if she kept hoping to find a pussy there that just wasn’t gonna be- but she was so turned on that she almost didn’t care.

I felt her other hand roam downwards to slip the brown shorts over the meaty flesh of her ass- her skin and the fabric almost the same rich coppery hue. I looked down over her the shapely landscape of her shoulder and back as she moaned into my neck.

Fuck, I was going to have hickeys from hell from this, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give a fuck right now.

My fingers found the the sexy pucker of her asshole, almost trying to swallow my questing fingers like a hungry little dark mouth, her sex drooling onto me.

I felt her hand boldly unzip my jeans and I swear, I felt like the chick as she brazenly yanked my pants down as my cock, hard as steel drooled twitching at the feel of her hard stomach. May nearly had a six-pack, and it was covered in a light spattering of hair leading from her crotch up to her bellybutton, a little swath, her skin like velvet over the surprisingly hard muscle. Her pussy already sopping wet, soft and hot on balls that were already hot and churning with my seed.

I rubbed her asshole in little circles and she moaned even louder, biting onto my neck as she yanked my pants all the way down and off my feet, pausing only to pull off her shirt. If her tits looked good from the side, they were fucking masterpieces from the front and up close. Even hanging down onto my broad, hairy chest they looked full and supple, each capped with large nipples slightly larger than the size of the last joint of my pinky like hard brown little rocks, the wide chocolate aureola puckered as they rubbed against my own heated, pale skin.

“Fuck May,” I moaned as one of her short-nailed fingers found my nipple, twisting it just enough to elicit a spark of pleasure-pain.

She was beyond worked up, enough to ignore the fact that I didn’t have tits or a vagina- as she worked her full, tapered hips up and down the shaft of my cock. Her clitoris, as large as her nipple rubbed up and down the shaft, to the underside of the flaring, drooling mushroom tip of my cock.

Thankfully I was just sober enough to realize that I didn’t have a condom by me, and because she was a lesbian, despite this crazy fluke- she probably wasn’t on the pill.

“May…” I started,

“What?” She hissed, irritated in any possible distraction from the fulfillment of her lust.

“Dude, I don’t wanna get you knocked up.” I choked out.

I heard her say in a surprised tone, as something she normally didn’t have to even consider during sex dawned on her,”Oh yeah…”

She bent down to take my nipple in her full lipped mouth and I felt her hand work my drooling shaft- her awkwardness with my gender was more than made up for by her enthusiasm. My hand continued mauling her breast as my finger worked it’s way into her now un-resisting hole, naturally lubricated with just the juices by her own arousal. She suddenly bit my nipple causing both of us to moan.

My beautiful, seemingly unattainable lesbian friend- peered into my eyes, her own beautifully angular amber ones were lidded with lust. She seemed to pause as her eyes rolled back in bliss as the finger probing into her ass got up to the second joint. It was my turn to shudder as she rubbed my throbbing hardness with the palm of her hand, the surface a strange yet delightful combination of calloused roughness and softness.

She held my hand to her ass, and I worked my finger in and out, sexy wet sounds coming from that sweet, hungry little hole as she brazenly slid her hips to my face and I saw the plush blossom of her sex open, slick and wet, her clitoris reminded me disturbingly of a small cock as she placed her sopping nest of kinky black hair onto my face.

“Eat my pussy.” It wasn’t a request so much as a command and I complied, and her hand kept working my cock with her fingers and palm as I humped into the sheath she created with her fist.

For a guy I wasn’t bad at eating pussy, and May’s was delicious. If she thought my technique could use work, I didn’t hear it. My buddy certainly wasn’t complaining as I licked and nibbled and sucked around her full dark pussy lips in concert with the finger I was rhythmically probing into her small pucker, pausing to occasionally bite the inside of her thighs as they gripped the side of my head almost crushingly. I heard her moan and cry out like a cat in heat as I took the flat of my tongue and licked up the wet channel in broad, flat strokes, working the stiff thimble of her clit with the tip of my tongue, working to drink in the heavy liquid flood of her tangy juices.

I felt her hands scratch up my belly and take a hold of my nipples, flicking and pinching them softly, causing me to moan huskily into the folds of her sex. I slowly pulled out the finger probing her ass and she moaned in frustrated disappointment until I grabbed her hips and positioned her so my tongue could explore the channel of her firm ass and she screamed and bucked on my face.

“Ethan…you fucker. Eat my motherfucking ass…” May grunted in forceful encouragement,”God…your tongue…it feels…fuck- it feels fucking magic. SHIT!”

I felt the pucker open and spasm at the intrusion of my tongue and I could taste her the tangy copper of her ass- not unpleasant. I was enjoying myself at least as much as May was.

She rode and bucked on my face as I held her fast to me, snaking my tongue up the wet, tight channel and her hand snaked down to my cock again, smearing the slickness of my pre-cum around the head with her thumb.

“Jesus…fuck…” May keened as she stopped herself just short of cumming one of her feet accidentally knocking over a half-full bottle of beer onto my carpet.

She pulled off of me and looked at me, her angular amber eyes smoldering with lust as she pulled my face to her, kissing me and moaning as she tasted herself on my tongue.

Her hands were roaming on my body and I know I was bucking up against her and she pulled her full lips off of me looking into my eyes and she almost looked down,” Ethan- I want you…”

“What?” I asked, as my thick fingers went back to to play with the sopping, spasming pucker of her asshole, while she moaned and pressed against me, trying to get the digit to return into that tight, hungry hole as she could.

“I want you…”She blushed deeply, causing her caramel skin to turn an even darker shade”To…fuck my ass.”

Even with the high amp of her lust, she looked at my cock nervously, like a kid that was about to get a shot at the doctor’s, but knew that if she did, she’d get to go out for ice-cream after.

I felt her tongue, long and purple, furtively dart from her mouth, licking the unfamiliar territory of the head of my cock and I moaned. She got bolder slowly, her turn to elicit moans from me. Despite my only slightly sober state and the live-wire state of my arousal I knew we were going to have to take this slow.

I stayed still, the only parts of me that moved were my cock which bobbed and throbbed of it’s own accord, teased by the timid licks of her shy tongue, goaded by the fullness of her lips, encouraged by the heat of her breathing. My hand which soothingly stroked her back, neck and cheek like a half-wild mare that was about to bolt.

May clumsily, but effectively, took the thick head of my cock into her mouth, and gave it wet little sucks, echoing throughout my living room in concert to my moans.

My hand went from her cheek to run through the short bob of her curly ebon hair streaked with crimson, the fingers scratching at her scalp causing her slight sucks to become bolder. She bravely tried to take more and more of my thick hardness into a mouth that had only most likely fellated strap-ons. I swear that’s what I heard her say to herself, to give herself some peace of mind as she sucked on me and to my credit, I have great control over my ability to cum- which was good, because May was a damn quick study. When she was satisfied that my cock was wet and slick enough to enter into the tightness of her asshole, she pulled off me. I noticed that she licked her lips curiously, undecided but not entirely repelled by the taste of my lubricating pre-cum. Her hips were twitching almost of their own accord as she bucked and twitched in need.

May propped herself up on her elbows and held her ass up into the air as she looked back at me, her eyes wild with desire and need, her sex drooling down her legs and the little brown eye of her ass winking and pulsating with need.

“Fuck me…Fuck my ass now Ethan.” She commanded.

“I thought you were the top May?” I said, smirking as her her lust filled eyes burned into mine. I know- probably not the time to fuck with my buddy but Christ, I wasn’t some passive punk either,”I didn’t know you liked to catch.”

She gritted her teeth in need and irritation as she looked back at me and spat,”What’s the matter Nancy? Not man enough to fuck me in the ass? Angie was…”

“Oh, May, you asshole!” I thought vehemently,” You had just HAD to fucking go there, didn’t you?”

When I strode up to her and lined up the head of my cock over the grasping tightness of her ass she looked at me like the cat who swallowed the canary and smiled in anticipation.

“C’mon you punk, fuck my ass like you have a dick” May goaded” Show me what a man doe-”

She wanted to go with that game huh? She howled in lust and pain as I just shoved in all of my thick rod and I could feel her body tense.

“Fuck you Etha..” I cut her off with another hard thrust. She moaned and grimaced, obviously enjoying the rough trade,”God…fuck…”

God, her ass felt so good and tight around my cock and I fucked into her with strong, bone-jarring thrusts.

“C’mon bitch…don’t be a pu-pussy,” May grimaced,” Fuck me harder!”

I grabbed her hair, the short curls sprouting from between my thick fingers as I brought my spare hand onto her flexing, shuddering ass with a loud slap. She moaned and felt her ass grip my cock like a tight, wet sucking mouth, the sounds of our fucking echoing throughout the apartment as I bent down to her straining neck and bit hard.

May was panting like a bitch in heat now and she was meeting my strokes now with her powerful hips.

I growled into her ear and then bit her neck with a brief, sharpness again,” Who is the fucking bitch now, huh May?”

She bit her lip and moaned, and she cried out with a wet little whimper as I fucked her, my heavy, cum-laden balls slapping against the sopping delta of her cunt. When she stayed silent I roughly yanked her hair even more tightly and slapped her ass as I felt her sweet, hot tightness grip my cock desperately.

She muttered something under her breath.

I put my all my weight on top of her strong back and she supported us both as I pinned her, plunging all the way into her asshole and I gripped one of her firm breasts, shuddering and slapping with the force of my fucking and pulled on it, twisting the nipple.

“Tell me bro, who is the motherfucking bitch May?” I gruffly asked again, my breath hot in her ear.

“Fuck- fuck you FAAAAAG!” She huffed, screaming when I roughly pulled on her tit again, this time with crushing force,” GOD…god…okay Ethan-Okay!”

“What?” I asked, I was gonna make her say it…she wanted to say it, but this game was part of the experience.”Whose the bitch here, taking all my cock up her ass like some little punk, her cunt drooling onto my carpet?”

She shuddered, reacting to the graphic, rough words paired with the equally rough stimulation and she surrendered,”…Me.”

“Me what”, May?”I slammed into her again stretching her ass out, I didn’t realize that May was a switch like this. “What are you.”

She moaned huskily as I switched my cruel grip to her other swollen, engorged tit, my hand pulling on her hair like a bridle,”…a bitch.”

“Say it louder,”I nearly screamed into her ear, delighting in the soft cushion of her ass, and the delicious raw primal female scent of her,”WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU MAY?”

“YOUR BITCH…ETHAN FUCK…I’M YOUR BITCH!” She yelled and then moaned submissively.

“Fucking right you are!”I hissed into her ear,”What do I have in that greedy little asshole of yours right now May?”

She whimpered, tears of pain and joy streaming down her smooth brown cheeks.”Your cock.”

“What May?” I taunted her with pulling out just a bit and I felt her hips anxiously try to push it back into her.

“YOUR COCK!” She cried as beads of sweat poured down her smooth brown forehead.

“What am I doing with your bitch ass May, what is my cock doing?” I bit and sucked on her ear while pulling her hair and she arched her back, the tight ring of her asshole almost painfully tight on my thick, thrusting rod.

“You’re…fuck…you’re breeding my fucking bitch ass,”She admitted, a slave to her lust and my force,”You’re breeding my bitch ass and it feels so fucking- AHHHH- So fucking good!”

“That’s fucking right,” I said,”You want my cum up your little fucking bitch ass May? Does my sexy little bitch want a nice hot scalding load in that tight little fucking hole.”

“Yes…God…yesssssssss….” She confessed, shuddering hot and wanton under my weight.

“Yes what? Ask nicely!”I yanked her hair again, and she moaned,”Say it real fucking nice this time, you fucking dyke.”

“Can..please…can this bitch have your cum in her ass?” She begged, moaning softly, lost in the pleasurable pain of it.

This was some kinky shit..Way more rough than I was used to, but if there was ever a time to be more open to new things, it’s when your lesbian buddy had your cock in her ass begging you for your cum.

“NICER BITCH!” I yelled, grateful I had good soundproofing, my hips slamming into the full, lush firmness of her ass cheeks.

“Please…please…please…please can this bitch have your cum Daddy…please…I’ll be such a good bitch for you.” She was desperate now, white hot in her need.

“Since you asked so nicely…”I grunted,”But you don’t get to cum until I do.”

“Okay, okay…please Daddy, fuck my bitch ass, fill my punk bitch ass full of cum. Please…I’ll suck your cock after, I’ll clean it off like a good little fucking queer!’ She arched her hips enough to free one arm and sat upright, one hand mashing her tit, mashing her tit with one hand the other hand fondling my heavily swinging nuts.

“Please,” She whispered hotly into my ear,” You can pump my faggot ass full of cum and I’ll suck your cock SOOOOO goood…just for you Daddy….oh God Ethan you feel so good in my bitch ass. Breed my fucking hole… please?”

When I heard her husky voice whisper into my ear, her long tongue snaking out to wriggle in my ear as she begged for my cum, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I bit into her neck causing her to cry out, her asshole to tightening and spasming on my cock. I growled and let loose rope after rope of my scalding cum into the tightness of her hole.

“Fuck Daddy-So…So…Fucking good!!!!”May panted and I kept thrusting, my cock bottoming out into that sweet, tight yielding hole,”Nut all in my faggot ass Daddy, I’m gonna…gonna…!”

I reached down and mauled the large, swollen heavy tit she as she worked her own even more roughly as I reached down and pinched her fat juicy cunt lips and plucked the tip of her swollen raspberry of a clit as I thrust deep into her asshole, my cum still spurting into her tight, luscious ass.

Lisa slammed the taxi door and stumbled out onto the pavement fighting nausea with long deep breaths. As the taxi pulled away, she leant her hands on her knees and spat into the gutter. Another hundred yards and she’d have thrown up in the back of the cab. That would have made the evening very expensive.

She looked at the house, the curtains were drawn in the front room, but a chink of light betrayed that her boyfriend was still not in bed.

Lisa stared at her watch and tried to focus. It was ten past three at the end of a very long night. She had met her friends in town before Jeremy had got back from the football. They had moved from bar to bar and finally to a nightclub and with precious little to eat, Lisa was as drunk as she had been for a very long time.

She wrestled her key from her clutch bag and watched as it slipped from her fingers and tumbling in slow motion bounced on the driveway. She stood and stared at it glinting up at her before bracing herself against the door and bending down to retrieve it. She searched for the lock, leaning against the door with one palm to steady her hand, her frustration building as she aimed and missed repeatedly. When she finally slipped the key into the lock, she turned it and the handle simultaneously whilst leaning heavily against the door, causing her to stumble into the porch.

Once in the hallway, she kicked her shoes into the corner and dropped her bag at the foot of the stairs. She took a couple of deep breaths and although the room continued to spin, she finally felt her nausea begin to retreat. Jeremy waved at her from the sofa as she walked into the living room.

“Good evening?” He said with a smile as she stumbled into the room.

“Not bad.” She giggled. “Although it could get better with a good seeing too. Jackie dragged some lucky bloke into a taxi, so she’ll be enjoying a good fuck, so, I figure why not me.”

She stood just out of arm’s reach and started to drunkenly gyrate in front of Jeremy, running her hands down her sides, then when she reached the hem of her dress, pulling it up as she danced, giving Jeremy an eyeful of her candy pink panties beneath.

Jeremy watched her with a mixture of amusement and intrigue as she stumbled drunkenly in front of him before she slipped her dress off over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

She continued to dance, with the occasional step to steady herself, in matching underwear, before unclipping her bra and tossing it to the floor. She cupped her breasts in her hands and pushed them together, slowly massaging them, enjoying the sensation of her nipples hardening against her palms.

Finally she hooked her fingers beneath the waistband of her knickers and slowly drew them down her thighs, before letting them fall to the floor and kicking them into Jeremy’s lap.

Her thin strip of blonde public hair was not enough to hide her excitement, her moist lips already swollen and dark pink in contrast to her pale hair and skin.

“Show me your cock.” She slurred. “I’m hungry.”

As she knelt down on the carpet, Jeremy unzipped his jeans and wrestled them off over his thighs before Lisa grabbed them in both hands and tugged them off, throwing them onto her pile. Jeremy’s cock sprang to attention and kneeling over him, Lisa grabbed it in her fist and fed it between her lips.

She sucked his swollen cock hungrily, salivating as he filled her mouth each time he bucked his hips towards her until his whole dick shone with her spit as it ran down his shaft and coated his balls.

She sucked and slurped him noisily, groaning in satisfaction as she felt his hand entwine in her long blonde hair and push her even deeper onto his manhood.

“Take it baby.” He moaned. “Take it all in.”

Lisa jumped as someone grasped hold of her hips. Suddenly her pussy was full of cock. She wriggled and writhed against the invasion, but Jeremy had her head pinned securely in place and whoever was behind her held her tightly as he thrust his cock deep inside her.

She tried to squeal but Jeremy’s cock filled her mouth. She bucked and struggled as she tried in vain to wrestle free, but the more she struggled the harder she was fucked, her thrashing and gurgling translating as enthusiasm.

She tried to think who was behind her, his cock was thick and stretched her wide and whoever it was used every last inch until she could feel his swinging balls slap rhythmically against her thighs.

Finally she felt Jeremy’s grip on her hair relax and she fought herself free, spitting out his cock and staring up into his face.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” She shouted at him, but further protest was cut short as the man behind her grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it hard, snapping her head back as he fucked her, drawing a gasp from her lips.

“Great fuck Jez.” She heard him say giving away his identity. It was Thomas, one of his football buddies. Well if Thomas is here, where the fuck is Danny she thought. The two were so inseparable she had wondered if they were gay – although at least Thomas seemed to have disproved that theory.

With his cock filling every inch of her tight pussy, she realised she was about to come, but despite her rising pleasure, she still struggled against the unexpected violation.

She was suddenly aware of Thomas’ shortened breathing and he began to fuck her in short rapid strokes, still tugging on her hair to emphasise each thrust. She sensed he was about to come and the thought of Jeremy watching her being fucked by one of his friends made her feel cheap and used — even it is was by someone she had always fancied and secretly thought of fucking on more than one occasion.

As Thomas’ orgasm approached, he relaxed his grip and as soon as she felt it, she threw herself to her left and felt his cock pop out of her pussy.

Despite her drunkenness, she was on her feet in an instant. She aimed a badly targeted kick at Thomas and when she missed, she very nearly lost her balance and tumbled on top of him, but after a drunken stumble she finally managed to maintain her balance and stumble around him.

“You fucking bastards.” She slurred. “You dirty fucking bastards.” Her drunken mind searched in vain for something else to shout. “Who the fuck do you think I am? You fucking bastards.” And with nothing else to say she stormed out of the room and staggered upstairs.

When they heard the bedroom door slam shut, Thomas looked guiltily across at Jeremy.

“Ooops.” He said with a shrug.

“Don’t sweat.” Jeremy replied. “She’s shit-faced. I doubt she’ll even remember anything in the morning. Hey, it was worth a try. Another beer?”

“Aren’t you going to see if she’s okay?”

“She’s probably unconscious already.” Jeremy replied with a shrug.

“Beer it is then. I’ll get them.” Tom said getting to his feet. “You get dressed, I don’t want to stare at that all night.” He laughed pointing at Jeremy’s still erect cock. “Where the fuck’s Danny anyway?” He said as he headed to kitchen.

As Jeremy pulled his jeans back on he could hear Lisa crashing around upstairs, then it all went quiet. Danny reappeared with Thomas and they sat around with a beer, chewing the fat as they had been doing before Lisa’s arrival.

Lisa crawled naked onto the bed, her head spinning every time she closed her eyes. Despite her outburst, her pussy was so deliciously wet, her sticky juices clung to the insides of her thighs.

She thought about Thomas’ cock. It was bigger and somehow harder than Jez’s – a lot bigger in fact, she thought as her hand crept down between her thighs. She parted her lips with her thumb and gently rubbed her clit, instantly feeling her pleasure rise and suddenly a little disappointed she’d not let Thomas finish what he’d started — she’d been after a good fuck after all, she could remember saying so, and Thomas had not been the only one on the brink of orgasm. Lisa watched her fingers work in the gloom, still unable to close her eyes and within moments her orgasm washed satisfyingly over her whole body, cleansing it of any remaining anger at what Jez had allowed to happen. She closed her eyes to enjoy the afterglow of her pleasure and fell almost instantly asleep in a lazily spinning room.

About twenty minutes after Lisa fled upstairs Jeremy drained his beer and stood up.

“Come on you guys.” He said crossing the small living room in several purposeful strides. “I’ve got an idea.”

He led them both upstairs to his bedroom. As expected Lisa was naked and unconscious face down on top of the duvet, the room reverberating to the sound of light, drunken snoring.

“Grab that.” He said to Danny, pointing at a video camera on the top of the tall chest of drawers, before carefully rolling Lisa onto her front.

As Danny focussed the camera on him, Jeremy slowly parted Lisa’s legs and delicately ran his tongue along the length of her pussy. Her lips were still slick with cream from her earlier excitement and his tongue split them easily until he found her clitoris. He teased it briefly with the end of his tongue before closing his mouth around her lips and sucking them greedily, feeling them swell in his mouth.

Meanwhile, with the added bonus of a camera to perform for, Thomas knelt over Lisa and licked all around one nipple until it stood pink and proud before turning his attention to the other.

Lisa moaned in her sleep but her gentle snoring continued. Danny took the opportunity to capture every inch of her taut body for the camera, focusing on both Thomas and Jeremy as they worked on different parts of her.

Thomas discarded his jeans and straddled Lisa’s body, pushing her tits up together around his cock. Danny filmed as Thomas rocked back and forth, his cock popping out the top of Lisa’s cleavage each time he thrust his hips forward.

Lisa’s snoring stopped, and both Thomas and Jeremy paused briefly to see if she had woken, but after letting out a stifled groan, her heavy breathing resumed.

Thomas moved further up Lisa’s body. A drop of semen bubbled on the head of his cock and he wiped it across Lisa’s lipsticked lips leaving a smear of cum glistening on them.

Thomas changed position and titled Lisa’s head to one side, pushing his cock against her lips. He felt her teeth against his flesh and gently squeezed her cheeks to see if she would open her mouth. Her lips parted slightly and Thomas slipped the head of his cock into her mouth, and as he rocked back and forth gently, Danny captured on camera as more and more disappeared between her lips.

“Help me roll her off the bed.” Jeremy said moving away from Lisa’s glistening pussy. Danny put down the camera briefly whilst Thomas reluctantly pulled his cock from her mouth.

They carefully arranged Lisa so she was kneeling on the floor, bent over the bed. Jeremy knelt behind her and pushed his achingly hard cock into her dripping pussy, easing it all inside her until his balls were crushed against her thighs. He fucked her slowly in long strokes that used every inch of his length and as he withdrew he could see his cock glistening with her cream.

Tired of being third in the queue, Danny stripped down whilst Thomas took control of the camera, crawling around on the floor like a pro to ensure he got all the best shots.

Jeremy fucked Lisa until his balls were ready to blow, then reluctantly withdrew and stepped away.

Danny did not wait for permission, but instantly slipped into the space that Jeremy had vacated, pushing his swollen cock into Lisa’s pussy.

Fucking her with short stabs of his cock, he lacked Jeremy’s patience, seemingly eager to fuck her quickly and get his piece before they were caught. So as Thomas continued to film, the sound of Danny’s balls slapping against Lisa’s thighs filled the room.

“No cumming.” Jeremy said, watching Danny from the other side of the room. “You may very well have the pleasure of fucking her, but no one shoots inside her. Clear?”

Both men nodded and Danny withdrew almost instantly, a look of pained frustration on his face. Jeremy took the camera from Thomas, who immediately stripped down and took Danny’s place.

Kneeling between Lisa’s stretched legs, he eased a full nine inches of rock hard meat deep inside Lisa’s cunt. As Thomas withdrew for the first time, he ran his thumb along his shaft until it glistened with her cream and the second time he pushed his cock inside her, he rubbed his lubricated thumb all over her ring. Thomas had known Lisa for almost five years and had always fancied her, so was determined not to waste his long-awaited opportunity.

He tensed slightly as a groan escaped Lisa’s lips and her pussy contracted around his cock, gripping it like a vice. Until now the moans had been random, but now they came every two or three thrusts and Thomas wondered if she was on the verge of waking up. Judging by what happened earlier, he suspected they would be in for hell-fire if that happened.

As he fucked her he managed to slip his thumb inside her ring to the first knuckle and each time her pussy gripped his cock, her arse clenched his thumb even more tightly.

Lisa teetered on the brink of orgasm and had been having the most amazing dream about being screwed from behind with the biggest cock that stretched and filled her to the very limit. As her mind swam drunkenly back into focus, she could hear softly spoken voices around her, but the feeling of fullness continued.

“I’m cumming.” She moaned softly, making all three men jump, but Thomas continued to fuck her slowly. “Don’t you dare stop.” She ordered.

Thomas held her hips and pushed his cock inside her in half strokes, only withdrawing in part before pushing it all the way back in, using his length to the greatest effect ensuring that Lisa was always full.

She moaned again, willing her orgasm to hit her, desperate to feel her own pleasure. As she woke slowly and became more aware of the room, she began to realise that it wasn’t a dream at all. Whilst her drunken mind was finding it very difficult to connect with reality, she was sure she was awake and positive there was a massive cock stretching her wide. She was also conscious of the muscles in her arse in spasm, continuously working to eject something inside it.

“I cumming.” She moaned again. “Faster.”

Thomas responded by increasing his tempo until his huge balls swung lazily against her thighs. As Lisa continued to regain awareness, she accepted she was actually being fucked and that it wasn’t a dream. But who was fucking her? She had been sharing a bed with Jeremy for almost five years and whilst their sex-life had always been strong, there was no way the magic wand inside her was his, it was huge. It was long and thick and wonderful.

“Turn me around and fuck me to my face.” She groaned eager to see who was using her for pleasure. It suddenly crossed her mind that maybe she’d scored whilst out with the girls and for the first time, she opened her eyes and was relieved to find that her own bed and familiar duvet cover swam into brief focus before the room started to spin and she clamped them shut again.

She was man-handled onto the bed and lay on her back. She felt someone climb back between her legs and braced herself. She felt her pussy stretched wide as the huge cock eased gently back inside her until she was full and happy again.

She could feel the man’s breath on her face as he leant over her and slowly, she opened her eyes.

“Hello Thomas.” She purred, looking up into his face. She had wondered if it was him. He was treating her so gently and almost making love to her, trying to tease an orgasm out of her rather than force her into one. She knew Thomas had always fancied her. She could tell by the way he spoke to her, how different he was around her than when he didn’t know she was there and by the way he constantly undressed her with his eyes whenever they spoke.

He smiled down at her as he continued to thrust himself inside her and Lisa wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in deeper.

“I’m cumming.” She wailed as her orgasm finally exploded, washing over her body until every nerve tingled and her legs quivered. When her orgasm finally subsided, she reached up and kissed him, nibbling briefly on his lips. “Put your cock in my mouth, my pussy needs a rest.” She said and felt instant relief and yet also disappointment as he slipped his cock from her stretched and tired box.

Swapping ends, Thomas walked around the bed and slipped his hands underneath Lisa’s shoulders and pulled her gently backwards until her head lolled over the edge of the bed.

Lisa came eye to eye with his cock for the first time. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around it, her hand barely able to enclose it, and she guided the tip between her lips, instantly tasting her own pussy as she greedily sucked around his sensitive glans.

Thomas gently slid the first few inches of his cock inside her mouth and as soon as he felt her tense, he held it momentarily before easing it back out. He ran his head all over her lips and when she gasped and opened wide, he slipped it back into her willing mouth.

Danny wasted no time in seizing his chance. He clambered onto the bed between Lisa’s legs and slipped his hands underneath her knees. He draped them over his thighs as he knelt and roughly pushed his cock into Lisa’s pussy. She gasped out loud with surprise, but it was muffled as her mouth was full of Thomas. This was not what she had expected, but the cock that now pummelled her was so much easier to accommodate.

In total contrast, Danny fucked her roughly and quickly. He held her thighs tightly, his thumbs digging into her flesh. He was grunting like an animal and as he leant over her she could feel drops of sweat dripping off his hair onto her chest.

Lisa wondered if this is what Danny’s girlfriend had to put up with or if she was just getting special treatment. But she decided to just let him get on with it whilst she concentrated on sucking her way into Thomas’ heart, eager to eat as much of his nine inches as she could manage.

Jeremy watched through the lens of the camera as his two best friends fucked his girlfriend, her shoulder-length blonde hair stuck to her forehead and face as she worked up a sweat.

Danny was gasping and red-faced almost as if he was keen to get it over with, whilst in contrast Thomas seemed eager to fuck Lisa for as long as possible.

Danny bucked and thrust pushing Lisa across the bed and ever deeper onto Thomas’ cock, leaving her gasping for air and her jaw aching and sore.

“I’m fucking cumming.” Danny grunted and Lisa was relieved to feel him pull his meat out of her, having him fuck her was one thing, but having his mess inside her was something else completely.

Jeremy zoomed in on Danny as he sat astride Lisa’s hips and pumped his cock in his hand, grunting at the last second as his cock erupted, splattering his hot semen all over Lisa’s full round breasts and flat stomach.

Danny took the camera from Jeremy and leant against the wardrobe watching Thomas slide his cock as far as he could into Lisa’s mouth. Suddenly, she looked up to where Jeremy was climbing onto the bed.

“Well, if you’re going to have a go too, I want this one back in my pussy.” She said, still gripping Thomas’ cock in her fist.

Danny filmed as Thomas lay flat on the bed and Lisa enthusiastically straddled his cock, guiding it back inside her with her hand and sinking down onto it with a satisfied groan.

She slid up and down on his cock, controlling the depth of his thrusts until she felt comfortable again with his size and had all of him buried inside.

Lisa’s whimpers grew to satisfied groans as Thomas brought her to a second orgasm which left her flushed and every part of her body tingling.

She leant down and kissed him hungrily, pushing her tongue into his mouth, never once taking her eyes off his.

Blake lay in the darkness, his eyes still closed, his breathing slow and even but his mind very much awake, he hoped he was doing a passable impression of a sleeping person. He’d woken about ten minutes ago, there’d been no particular reason, none that he was aware of anyway, and he’d been about to reach across to his phone to check the time when he’d heard whispers, he’d frozen, listening carefully, Allison’s voice and Hannah’s, behind him. He’d feigned discomfort, mumbling incoherently and rolling over, the voices had stopped abruptly and he knew better than to open his eyes right away. He’d waited, his patience rewarded with the eventual return of the whispers and giggling, and then, then he’d felt safe to crack open his eyes.

At first he couldn’t see anything, just the dark form of a body on its side, very faintly silhouetted against the fractionally lighter side of the tent. From the size he decided the body must belong to Hannah. As his eyes grew accustomed to the low level of light he began to discern more. A hand slipped over Hannah’s hip, its thumb toying with the top edge of her underwear while the fingers splayed out across her buttock, gripping it firmly before slipping down lower. There was a brief mutter and the hand disappeared, Hannah raising her leg and placing her foot flat on the ground, her knee bent and her thighs now spread. The hand reappeared on her panties, the fingers pressing in to the soft shape of her lips. She moaned happily and Blake wondered if she was pleasuring his girlfriend with the same treatment.

He watched Allison’s fingers rub back and forth between Hannah’s lips, slowly, patiently, until they pulled the damp cloth aside, the exposed lips, clearly wet. Allison went back to work, curling one finger up and eliciting a gasp from Hannah. Allison fingered her for a short period, Blake watching the action, his imagination providing a crystal clear image based on what little he could see and the moist sounds he could hear.

Fuck it was hot, he knew his girlfriend and Hannah got up to this kind of thing, he’d specifically given it his approval, but he didn’t expect to watch it happen, and doing so while they were unaware made it all the sweeter. There was a strong urge to slip his boxer shorts down and move up behind Hannah, ease it in to her while he looked down over her shoulder at his girlfriend sucking on those big tits. Maybe Allison would go down on Hannah once he’d finished, bury her head in Hannah’s flooded pussy, lick it all out while he fucked her too?

A mutter from Hannah brought him back to the present events and his eyes refocusing on Allison’s fingers as they moved away from Hannah’s pussy, sliding up under the tight confines of her underwear and stopping on her butt. There was another mutter, a giggle and Hannah seemed to move fractionally, then freeze, Allison’s hand shifting in her panties, then a groan.

“Damn that’s good,” Hannah said, probably a little louder than she intended to.

Allison mumbled a reply.

“Mm-hmm,” Hannah said, her head nodding.

Allison’s hand slipped away and a moment later Hannah’s body lifted fractionally and the underwear was pulled down, her legs bending and a hand reaching to push the twisted, wet material off her feet.

“That’s better,” she giggled rolling on to her back.

“On your stomach,” Allison ordered clearly.

Hannah rolled over once more, bringing her closer to Blake, he closed his eyes quickly, waiting for the sound of the movement to cease before daring to open them again.

Hannah lay flat on her front, her head pillowed on her folded arms and thankfully turned away. Blake let his eyes drift down the side of her now naked body, Allison straddled her knees, she was still dressed in the tanktop and thong she had been when she and Blake had lay down together earlier that night. Her hands were on Hannah’s thighs, slowly ascending until her thumbs ran parallel up over Hannah’s butt, stopping and pulling her cheeks apart. Hannah mumbled something in to her arms.

“I know you do,” Allison giggled, moving her hands, turning one and probing between Hannah’s cheeks with a finger.

Hannah groaned, seemingly trying to lift her hips off the ground.

“Try this,” Allison hissed, shuffling backward on Hannah’s legs and pulling her up by her hips.

Hannah raised her butt off the ground, bending at her waist to take her weight on her knees and chest.

“That’s better,” Allison sighed, her hands back on Hannah’s arse as she stared at the tight puckered hole and warm, wet, swollen lips presented below it.

Blake wished he could sit up, kneel beside his girlfriend and get a good view of the decadent act she was about to perform.

Allison lowered her head kissing each cheek before straightening up. Her hands stroking up and down Hannah’s thighs and cheeks, one finger, then two, dipping between her lips, lubricating themselves in Hannah’s sticky, sweet mess, frolicking inside her all too briefly, eliciting moans and giggles of enjoyment. Then Allison pulled them free with a slow, wet sucking sound.

Hannah mumbled again.

“In your arse?” Allison teased, her fingertips rising and toying gently around Hannah’s tight little hole.

Blake watched as Hannah tensed her body, Allison smiling broadly as her arm moved forward slowly.

“Ughn,” Hannah grunted, “ugh god, fuck, that’s good.”

“You like my fingers in your arse?”Allison giggled.

“Fuck yes,” Hannah growled.

Blake wished she was facing him, he wanted to see her expression as his girlfriend finger-fucked her back-door.

“Deeper Ali,” Hannah moaned, “deep- fuuuck!”

Allison giggled again, one hand gripping Hannah’s cheek hard while the other pushed forward with equal ferocity.

“Mmm,” Allison groaned, obviously enjoying herself, “I love the way you take my fingers.”

“I’m your little arse-whore,” Hannah laughed.

“Damn right,” Allison replied.

Blake was surprised by this side of her, he knew she didn’t have any qualms about taking control but she seemed to be getting off simply from inflicting pleasure on Hannah. Her hand moved with a steady rhythm now, each of Hannah’s grunts of discomfort and joy followed by a tight sucking sound. Blake watched as Allison’s hand on Hannah’s cheek fell, a moment later Allison tipped her head back, her mouth wide open as she silently cried out in pleasure. She looked forward again and lowered her face to Hannah’s arse, biting her cheek before licking it, lust taking over her actions as she pulled her fingers free and replaced them with her tongue.

“Oh dear god yes,” Hannah gasped, lifting her head and looking back over her shoulder.

“Head down,” Allison hissed, looking up from her feast.

Allison snuffled and grunted, her nose pressed in to Hannah’s crack as her tongue danced around the hole, tracing the ring, skipping across it before finally diving in, prising it open and plunging as deep as she could.

Blake felt himself strain in his boxer shorts, thankful that a blanket offered a little in the way of cover. Allison was so going to get it so hard when Hannah left.

Allison reached out her free hand, slipping it under Blake’s blanket, running hastily up his thigh until she found his aching cock. Blake remained silent, not sure if Allison was aware of his fully conscious state. Her hand reached inside his boxers and closed around his shaft, tugging it firmly, uninterested in enjoyment, obviously just desperate for the feel of his thick shaft.

Hannah was panting in to her folded arms, her grunts of pleasure becoming whimpers in an ascending crescendo.

“I love how you, uh fuck, I love how you tongue fuck me,” she moaned.

“You love it, don’t you,” Allison growled, raising her head to look over Hannah’s cheeks, “you love it in the arse, soon I’ll have to wear a strap-on for you, fuck this tight hole with a big rubber cock.”

“Oh please, yes,” Hannah cried as Allison dropped her mouth back down.

“How would you like to have me in your butt and my boyfriend in your mouth?” Allison panted.

“Blake?” Hannah asked, trying to feign surprise through her discomfort and arousal.

“Mm-hmm,” Allison hummed in to Hannah’s arse. “Come on,” she suggested, lifting her face once more.

Allison moved back from Hannah, pulling her hips around until she knelt facing Blake. She crawled over and knelt beside Hannah, making a show of carefully lifting Blake’s blanket.

“He’s pretty big,” Hannah moaned seeing the straining tent in Blake’s shorts.

“You want to see?” Allison sighed, stroking her fingers across his head through the thin fabric.

“You’ll wake him,” Hannah replied quickly.

“Not a chance,” Allison reassured her, “like I said, dead to the world.”

Allison pulled the front of Blake’s shorts down, he immediately felt her breath on his swollen head and her fingers wrapping around him, gently massaging him up and down. He’d closed his eyes as soon as Allison had suggested to Hannah that she move, now he wished he could watch as his girlfriend and Hannah toyed with his cock. He felt another hand on him, around his base, slowly creeping up, nudging the first up and away. A hand cupped his balls, squeezing them gently, then a new sensation: warm and soft, tugging on them slightly and then wet.

“Where d’you learn to do that?” Allison asked as Hannah suddenly gasped for air. “I want to try.”

The feeling returned, then the hand around his cock disappeared, only to be replaced by the familiar and breath-taking sensation of a pair of lips descending his shaft and a tongue lapping at his head. Fuck it felt good, he wanted to groan, to cry out, to at least open his eyes and watch as these two goddesses licked and sucked him up and away to heaven.

“What d’you think?” Allison asked, the caressing of Blake’s balls stopping abruptly.

“I want you to get back there and stick your tongue back in my butt,” Hannah groaned, her breath swirling around Blake’s head.

Blake sensed Allison moving away but thankfully Hannah’s mouth stayed right where it was, rising and falling on his throbbing cock. A few seconds later Hannah grunted, gasping around Blake as she sucked him, mumbling something. Then the feeling was gone.

“This is so good,” Hannah whispered, “having you and your boyfriend at once.”

Hannah’s mouth returned, it’s movements rapidly becoming uneven as Allison’s tongue-fucking rocketed her towards a climax. She panted, her tongue slapping against his head, one hand pumping him discordantly.

“Fuck, yes, yes, that’s it, just… UH FUCK,” Hannah cried.

Blake wondered how the hell she thought he’d still be asleep and risked opening his eyes a fraction, witnessing her bucking through an orgasm, her eyes shut tight, her body up on one hand and her knees as her free hand gripped his cock, her big sweaty breasts swinging beneath her body as she came hard on his girlfriend’s tongue.

“Fuck,” she breathed again. “That was- oh Jesus, no please no more- uh fuck!”

Behind her Allison jammed her two fingers back in to Hannah’s arsehole, tickling around the impossibly tight ring with her tongue while she fucked her fingers in and out.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, mm, yeah Ali, please keep- oh god,” Hannah hung her head, all thoughts of Blake’s cock now forgotten as she swept up towards the crest of the next wave. “Fuck, yes, shit, yeah, in my cunt too, put them in my cu-” she gasped, “-unt. Fuck me Allison, you have no idea how good this is.”

Hannah lowered her mouth once more, sinking it back on to Blake’s length. He felt as if he’d explode in to her throat, desperate to open his eyes wide, kneel up and watch the scene properly. Fuck it sounded nasty, he wondered if Allison would be willing to put on another performance with him in attendance, she clearly seemed to have a degree of control over Hannah, so presumably the choice was hers.

Hannah’s mouth disappeared from Blake’s cock again, her gasps and whimpers reaching an inaudible pitch as Allison pushed her over the edge of another precipice.

“God damn, fucking hell, yes,” Hannah finally managed to groan, falling sideways on to her hip.

Allison mumbled something and hummed appreciatively before breaking in to giggles.

Blake listened again as the two girls moved about the tent, whispering and giggling together. How they thought they could indulge in such behaviour without waking him was beyond him, but he was pleased they thought they could. He risked opening his eyes again and saw Hannah, now re-dressed, lying on top of Allison, their lips mashed together and Allison’s hands groping Hannah’s butt through her underwear.

“That was,” Hannah began, a huge grin on her face, “fucking, spectacular,” she laughed quietly. “We definitely have to do that again.”

“No doubt,” Allison agreed.

“I better get back to my own tent before we wake your boyf,” Hannah giggled, letting Allison pinch her butt hard.

“I’ll see you in the morning, sweet dreams,” Allison replied.

Blake closed his eyes again as Hannah began to move, listening as the zip rose and fell again, the shuffle of Hannah on the edge of the groundsheet outside and then the quickly disappearing sound of her feet in the grass. Then Allison moved, seemingly getting closer until her could feel her body touching his shoulder. After a while, when she hadn’t moved for a minute or two, Blake risked opening an eye. Cautiously he peered down the length of his body, scooting his eyes over to Allison’s beside him, she was laying on her side, that was good, he could causally throw an arm over her. His eyes continued up, his head having to move a little, her breasts bulged in her tanktop, but her position looked odd. With a mumble that he hoped would suggest a natural waking he moved his head and followed the line of her figure up. She was reclining on one elbow, her head resting in her hand as she stared down at him with a sly smile toying on the corners of her lips.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked, unable to stop the hint of a smile from breaking in to a huge grin.

“What?” Blake murmured, hoping the dumb act would work.

“I know you were awake, I hoped you would be, listening and watching Hannah and I. Did you like it?”

Blake looked down guiltily.

“I thought getting her to blow you was a particularly sweet touch on my part,” she whispered, “aren’t I good to you.”

Blake couldn’t stop himself from grinning.

“The only problem is,” he began, “she didn’t finish the job.”

“You cheeky fucker,” Allison laughed as Blake nodded down at his erect cock. “There’s nothing I’d like more than to suck that,” she purred, “well, not much more. Right now though I want it deep inside me.”

Allison sat up, pulling her underwear down quickly and leaving it at her feet before rolling on to her hands and knees and wrapping her fingers around Blake’s length again.

“All I could think of while I licked Hannah’s arsehole was having you buried in me.”

She stroked him up and down, his erection quickly returning to it’s full glory.

“You really knew I was awake?” Blake asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Allison nodded slowly.

“That’s so hot,” he groaned.

“I thought you’d enjoy it. Next time I want you to have a proper view though, I love eating Hannah and the thought of having you by my side while I do it makes me want to cream myself.”

Blake sat up and put his hand behind Allison’s head, for a moment she thought he was going to push her mouth down to his cock and a spark of desire flickered at the idea of reluctantly submitting. Instead he pulled her forward, pressing his mouth to hers and drawing her in to a long, slow kiss, his cock swelling impossibly as he thought of the nasty things he’d watched his girlfriend do.

Allison rolled on to her back, pulling her boyfriend with her, spreading her legs as she looked up longingly in to his eyes. He pushed his boxers down and kicked them off, his cock oozing and leaving a slick patch at the top of Allison’s mound as he lowered his body to kiss her once more.

“Did you like it when I sucked your balls?” Allison asked innocently.

“Oh that’s what that was,” Blake smiled, “yeah, having you and Hannah both on me at once was mind-blowing.”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind doing that again,” Allison sighed happily, “I know I wouldn’t.”

Allison lifted her legs, crossing her ankles over the base of Blake’s spine and pulling him lower towards her waiting pussy.

“That’s all for another time though,” she whispered, “right now can we just fuck?”

Blake lowered his hips, gazing in to Allison’s eyes as he blindly guided the head of his penis to her swollen lips, dipping his body to brush over them, bringing himself up to graze her clitoris and smiling as she groaned and shuddered at the sudden contact. He repeated the movement, loving the way she bit her lip and smiled with her eyes closed.

“Put it in me,” she whispered, reaching her arms up and loosely interlocking her fingers on the nape of his neck.

Blake pushed forward, feeling his head ease through the narrow opening and in to the hot, moist interior. He slipped deeper in, slowly, relishing the feeling of Allison’s velvet caress on every inch of his member. Every nerve ending screamed at him to thrust hard but something in his body betrayed him, holding back, wanting to savour every moment. He wondered what it must feel like to push his cock in to an arsehole, how tight it must be, he considered if Allison would respond favourably to such a suggestion and then immediately realised he’d have a better shot with Hannah. He was about to voice such thoughts to Allison when she sighed, wriggling back against his penetration and smiling up at him sweetly.

“It got me so wet doing that with Hannah,” she confessed. “I fingered myself a bit, but knowing that you’d make love to me later made me want to hold back. I want you to make me cum.”

Blake eased himself back out, feeling Allison’s lips cling tightly to him until just his head remained inside her. Leaning down he kissed her softly, trailing his lips down to her ear and then her neck, brushing over her soft skin, his tongue sneaking out and licking gently, tasting the salt of her dried sweat and listening as she gasped with each flick of his tongue on her throat. As he went he pushed his thick cock back in to her, feeling her give him a welcoming squeeze. He slowly gyrated his hips, feeling Allison push back against him, grinding herself on his intrusion.

“Fuck that feels good,” he groaned, unsure of how long he’d last after what’d happened already that night.

“You like it?” Allison purred.

“Mm,” he nodded with a huge guilty smile.

“Wait a second then,” she replied, pushing him up with her hands on his shoulders and uncrossing her feet from his back.

Blake leaned back, his head still dipped between her puffy lips and watched as his gorgeous young lover lifted her legs, closing her thighs around his cock. She held her legs aloft with one arm behind her knees, and smiled out from behind them.

“Now,” she groaned eagerly.

Blake entered her fully once more, her knees bending over his shoulder as he turned his head and kissed whatever skin he could find. Fuck it felt good, she opened up around him and closed tight as he entered.

“Mmm,” she moaned happily, “that’s nice, fuck me like that.”

Blake wrapped an arm around Allison’s legs, leaning forward and resting his other hand on the ground beside her shoulder, bending her legs back over her body. Every entrance now brought him closer to the climax that boiled up ferociously inside him, he could already feel that it would be big.

Allison reached down and pressed a single digit between her closed legs, landing it directly on her clit and circling it quickly. Her own climax had been lapping away since she’d reached out for Blake’s cock, her tongue buried in Hannah’s arse, slowly rising, each peak on the road to the summit causing a flutter in her stomach, now the summit was in sight though, looming over her, tipped with the white crest that she longed to feel.

“Kiss me,” she ordered, parting her legs and reaching up to pull Blake down by his neck.

Blake fell forward, his mouth opening and accepting Allison’s tongue as it thrashed against his. Her legs now bent, one over each of his shoulders, she moaned with every one of his thrusts, his balls knocking against her and the wet slap of skin on skin. She imagined how it’d be to get fucked by Blake like this while Hannah sat on her face, her creamy interior spread open to be devoured, Blake leaning forward to lick at Hannah’s arsehole just as she had done. Fuck Hannah would love that, two mouths on her at once, one tongue in each hole.

Blake felt Allison tense around his cock, her body locking up, holding him tight inside and feeling as if she’s break him off.

“Uh fuck,” she grunted, “nearly there, don’t stop.”

Blake felt Allison’s pussy relax and swung back out, swirling his head at her entrance before plunging back in.

“Oh yes, Blake, fuck me, god that’s good, mmmyes,” she groaned, her mouth open, her eyes staring up in to his.

Blake fought back the insistent urge to cum, desperate to see his girlfriend moan and writhe in ecstasy before he poured his seed in to her. He looked down, his eyes slipping in and out of focus, her bright face staring back, her cheeks flushed red, her mouth hanging open, her dark hair stuck to her forehead with sweat, and those beautiful eyes.

“Harder,” she breathed, “please?”

Blake found the energy from somewhere to piston himself in and out, causing Allison to buck beneath him, cries of ecstasy ringing out, certainly waking everyone of their friends in the other tents.

“Fuuuck!” she screamed, “yes, ohdeargod fuck! That’s it Blake, yes! Cum in me, yes, yes YES!”

Blake blinked as sweat dripped from his face on to the squirming body of his girlfriend below, her breasts, still inside her tanktop, thrust up as she arched her back against their simultaneous orgasm. He felt himself tense, pulse and gush inside her, her pussy massaging him, seemingly milking every drop of his semen from his manhood. He grunted, his hips still moving with slow, shallow thrusts.

Allison smiled up at him, her hands once more around his neck, pulling him down and kissing him slow and deep.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had,” she groaned.

Blake fell off her, rolling on to his back, his engorged cock, red and drenched in a mix of his cum and Allison’s own juices, still pointing skywards.

“Fuck,” he sighed, his bare chest rising and falling as he gulped down air.

“That was amazing,” Allison said, rolling on to her side and running her hand across his sweat-soaked skin.

Blake turned his head to look at her, her face incredibly bright and perky in contrast to how he himself felt.

“Tired you out a bit did it?” she giggled.

“Fuck,” Blake groaned, “yes.”

“Well you relax then,” Allison whispered. “Get your breath back. I’ll prepare you for round two.”

Blake watched in amazement as Allison got to her knees, pulled her tanktop off over her head and lowered her mouth on to his aching cock, taking it all in and sucking it softly. He groaned and closed his eyes, letting the unfulfilled beast of his lust begin to stir once more.


As usual Hannah was awake early, in the bakery staring at the yawning boy as he fetched her order, her hands drumming on the steering wheel as she slowed and turned off the road and on to the dirt track back at the campsite. She made a pot of coffee and sat at the fire circle drinking it, her eyes fixed on the row of tents, specifically the last in the line, Melissa’s. She hoped, no, she expected to see one of the boys come crawling out of it any moment. Then she’d know who was giving it to Melissa on the quiet, who she was letting put it in her butt. Hannah thought about this, wondering how long Melissa and this guy had been together, how long he’d been entering through her arse, what it felt like. She was beginning to realise that watching Melissa’s tent was a stupid idea given that Melissa was always up late and if she’d managed to keep this guy a secret for this long, presumably it wasn’t by doing careless things like letting him sleep in her tent all night.

There was the familiar sound of a tent opening and Hannah’s eyes darted up and down the line, it was Melissa’s, Hannah held her breath, her mug of coffee frozen halfway to her mouth. A movement and then a head poked out and looked up, it was Melissa.

“Morning,” she hissed quietly as she walked briskly along the line of tents. A huge grin on her face.

“You’re up early,” Hannah said accusingly, looking past her to her tent, wondering if a guy was still asleep in there.

“Yeah, I had a really good night’s sleep,” Melissa replied brightly, sitting on one of the logs and plucking a blade of grass from a coffee mug.

Hannah turned to face her, letting herself relax uneasily. This was unexpected, but then as it concerned Melissa she probably should’ve expected precisely that. She lifted the pot and poured the coffee for Melissa, wondering how to start talking to her.

“I get to you, don’t I?” Melissa said, sipping her coffee.

See, unexpected. Only Melissa could so openly start talking about an on-going and unspoken feud like that, like it was something between two completely different people.

“I don’t, no, what d’you mean?” Hannah replied hesitantly.

“Basically? That you don’t like me very much.” Melissa’s eyes locked on Hannah, not in a threatening way, more like the way a child would focus on a bug.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t like you,” Hannah replied quickly.

“At least not to my face,” Melissa laughed.

“No, no not at all, I think sometimes you’re a bit…”

“A bit what?” Melissa asked, ducking down to try and catch Hannah’s reluctant eyes again.

“I don’t know, sometimes you seem a little cold, a bit unaffected, is that a fair statement?” Hannah looked up at Melissa, hoping she hadn’t hurt her feelings.

Melissa seemed to consider this appraisal, taking another long pull on her coffee and savouring it. She was taking too long, she hadn’t replied, she hadn’t even made any sign that she’d heard or understood what Hannah had said. Finally her eyes came back down and stared back at Hannah.

“I guess that’s fair,” she replied at last, “I wish it wasn’t true though.” She cast her eyes down.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, it’s just that sometimes it’s like you work in a whole different set of rules to the rest of us.”

“Like how?” Melissa asked, holding out her mug for more coffee.

Hannah lifted the pot and poured more without even thinking.

“Well, like yesterday,” she began. “When Allison and I came back and you were with the guys, I got pissed off because you had all their attention-”

“That’s hardly my fault,” Melissa replied defensively.

“No, absolutely, but it pissed me off, and then ten minutes later you were in my tent telling me that Henry was ready,” Hannah let the last word hang, her expression making it clear what an odd series of events it’d been.

“What’s wrong with that? I mean, it was a nice thing for me to do, right?”

“Well, yes, it was kind of nice, I suppose, but weird Melissa, normally people don’t do things like that. And I suppose it kind of confuses me when you do.”

“Maybe you just don’t know me well enough then?” Melissa suggested, “I mean if you were used to it then it wouldn’t confuse you, right?”

“I suppose not,” Hannah conceded, frowning.

“C’mon then, you need to get to know me better.” Melissa got to her feet and held out her hand.

“Where’re we going?” Hannah asked.

“Morning dip,” Melissa replied.

“It’ll be freezing,” Hannah warned, downing the rest of her coffee and standing up.

They began walking down towards the river, their bare feet quickly drenched in the dew and leaving wet footprints as they sauntered across the boulder and stood looking down in to the clear water.

“D’you want me to swim naked?” Melissa asked bluntly.

“What?” Hannah replied.

“I know you like girls too, I just figured maybe you’d enjoy me being naked.”

“OK, that’s another example,” Hannah replied.

“But I’m offering to do something I think you’ll like, that can’t be a bad thing.”

“No, but it’s a bit weird and it confuses people, well me at least,” Hannah said, turning to face Melissa.

“So if I hadn’t asked and I’d just done it?”

“That would’ve been better, still a bit weird and confusing, but better, at least then I wouldn’t know you were consciously behaving in a way designed to please me.”

“What’s wrong with doing things just to please people?” Melissa asked, starting to get a little exasperated.

“Nothing, but most people don’t do that, they have motives, they do things to please people because they want those people to do things for them.”

“Well, yeah, obviously I do things because I want other people to do things for me,” Melissa said, “I mean, if I swim naked because I think you’ll like it, then I hope that in return you’ll like me more and be nicer to me.”

Hannah had no idea of how to respond, she stared dumbfounded at Melissa until she turned to face her.

“What?” she asked.

“You do things like that so people’ll like you?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

“Melissa of course I like you, we’re here camping together. We may have our disagreements and apparently wildly different ways of looking at the world, but I do like you.”

“Good, can we swim now?” Melissa didn’t wait for a reply, she pulled her tee shirt off over her head, wriggled her shorts down her legs with her panties and stepped out of them.

Hannah got a brief glance at the nymph before she dived off the boulder in to the freezing water.

“Fuck that’s cold,” Melissa laughed as she surfaced, “come in.”

Hannah stripped down to her underwear, leaving her clothes in a neat pile, then collecting Melissa’s and piling them neatly too, one eye watching the nude figure distorted by the movement of the water. She straightened up and stood at the edge of the water.

“Not getting naked?” Melissa asked.

Hannah shook her head.

“Why not?”

“I’m not really comfortable doing that,” she replied, wishing Melissa were a little closer so she didn’t have to shout.

“No one’s going to see except me,” Melissa said, drifting closer, “and if I can do it, you definitely can.”

“What d’you mean?” Hannah asked, her forehead furrowing.

“Well, with your body, you’ve got no reason to be shy, but mine-”

“Don’t give me that,” Hannah replied, actually a little annoyed. “You’re body is perfect.”

“Ha! I don’t know if you noticed but I have no tits,” Melissa laughed, her hands cupping the pert little swells on her chest. “I’d kill to have a pair like yours.”

“Now I’m really not sure that I should get in there with you,” Hannah laughed.

“Just get your underwear off and get in here,” Melissa giggled, “it’s so much nicer doing this naked.”She lay on her back and drifted away staring up at the sky, apparently having said her last word on the subject.

Hannah watched, wishing she could see the world as Melissa did. Fuck it, she thought, reaching back and unhooking her bra, dropping it on the rocks and pushing her underwear down her thighs, kicking them off and leaving them halfway across the boulder. With a run and a scream she jumped in to the pool, plunging in to the frigid water, surfacing to a cheer and a round of applause from Melissa.

“Damn it it’s cold,” Hannah cried, a huge grin on her face.

“You’ll get used to it,” Melissa smiled, making her way over, “and doesn’t it feel good to be naked?”

Hannah conceded that it did feel nice to be able to enjoy the water without her restrictive underwear on. She still felt a little self-concious though, floating around nude, her body on full display to anyone who wanted to look. She caught Melissa’s eyes scrolling up and down but tried to ignore it.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I envy your breasts,” Melissa said at last, seeing Hannah’s slightly displeased look. “I can see why guys like them, they’re just so inviting.”

“Er, thanks,” Hannah mumbled, wishing she could hug herself and cover up.

“Why does that make you feel uncomfortable?” Melissa asked.

“Because you’re you. I’d expect a guy to be checking out my boobs, and I can accept an honest critique from another woman, but, well, you’re you?”

“I don’t understand,” Melissa replied.

Hannah sighed and tried to think of a way to explain herself that wouldn’t offend.

“OK,” she began, “you’re perfect, your body, your hair, everything, it’s all perfect. Right? So if you’re commenting on my body I have trouble seeing it as anything more than one of two things.”

“And what are those two things?” Melissa asked, having managed to keep up so far.

“Well, either you’re saying stuff to be bitchy-” Hannah held up her hand quickly as Melissa’s mouth dropped open, “-or,” she said, “or, you want to, I don’t know fool around, or something.”

“Can’t I just appreciate something that looks good?” Melissa replied, uncertainty edging her words for the first time in all the years Hannah had known her.

“But that’s exactly it, I don’t really ever hear you give compliments, and if we’re talking about something looking good, you’re the ultimate example.”

“So you assume I must want to sleep with you then?” Melissa asked bluntly, daring Hannah to back out of her own thought process.

“No, well, I don’t know,” she sighed.

“Do you want to sleep with me?” Melissa added, her eyes refusing to let Hannah’s move away.

“Honestly?” Hannah asked, stalling.

Melissa nodded and released Hannah’s eyes, watching them flick down below the surface of the freezing water.

“Objectively, yes, I would enjoy enjoying your body,” Hannah breathed, her eyes slowly finding the courage to drift back up to Melissa’s.

“So,” Melissa said quietly, eager to phrase her next sentence correctly, “if you want to sleep with me, and you think I want to sleep with you, why aren’t you making a move on me?”

“Because, like I said, objectively I want to sleep with you, if you were a stranger for example, it’s not as simple as just liking someone’s body and wanting to jump in to bed with them.”

“So you felt you had a special connection with both Henry and David yesterday when you fucked them?” Melissa saw the wince flash across Hannah’s face and wondered if she’d gone too far.

“That was, different,” Hannah looked away.

Melissa drifted closer, her hand reaching out under the surface for Hannah’s hip, stroking her softly and ducking down to look up in to her eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean, just, sorry,” Melissa whispered. “Don’t worry about it, everyone gets like that, they do things they don’t necessarily feel great about in the cold light of day, but at the time it felt great. Am I right?”

Hannah nodded slowly, surprised at how insightful Melissa was capable of being.

“I get that too, when I just need to have someone, my ability to spot a bad idea goes out the window and before I know it I’m screaming their name, then thirty seconds later I’m wishing I hadn’t just lost my favourite knickers to the dark ground of the park.”

That got a flicker of a smile from Hannah.

“I bet you don’t have to deal with nonsense like that sleeping with other girls though, right?”

“I guess,” Hannah nodded.

“It’s all gentle love-making somewhere comfortable.”

“Not necessarily,” Hannah replied, a little defensively.


“No, well, tents aren’t comfortable, we also did it up there,” she turned and pointed to the rocky outcrop high above the pool.

“What you and Allison?” Melissa asked.

Hannah nodded, slightly proud of having impressed Melissa when it came to her sexual exploits.

“What’s it like?” Melissa asked.

“What, sex up there? Actually it wasn’t that uncomfortable.”

“No, I mean, sex with another girl,” Melissa asked, her usual bold expression staring back at Hannah.

“It’s nice,” Hannah replied.

“Well, yeah I kind of thought you might enjoy it, but how’s it different, I mean other than the obvious things like not having a cock stuck in you.”

Hannah laughed.

“Well firstly having another girl stick a toy in you feels so much better than doing it yourself, relinquishing control of your pleasure like that. I mean with guys it’s usually about reaching a goal, isn’t it? They want to get to an orgasm as quickly as possible, right?”

“I guess most do,” Melissa frowned as if the thought had never occurred to her before. “Although there was one guy, let’s just call him an older gentleman, he was far more interested in making sure I enjoyed myself. I kept my climaxes quiet because I figured that once he thought I’d cum he’d make a race for the finish himself. We fucked all afternoon before he told me he loved holding back while I rode endlessly on pleasure.”

“Right, but generally,” Hannah replied, “but with Allison it’s about every moment, every touch, I mean yeah, sometimes you just want to feel that orgasm explode,” a guilty smile crossed Hannah’s face briefly.

“And with a guy, once it’s exploded there’s a bit of tidying up to do,” Melissa laughed.

“Yeah, something like that, and then the desire is gone, isn’t it?”

“Usually, yeah,” Melissa nodded.

“OK,” Hannah said, feeling a lot more comfortable after sharing with Melissa, “my turn to ask a question.”

“Fire away,” Melissa replied.

“You’re, let’s say experienced, right?” Hannah began.

“You mean I’ve fucked a bunch of guys? It’s not that many.”

“Well, anyway, my question is, did you uh, ever try, y’know, anal?” Hannah asked, the final word creeping out like a disobedient child confined to its bedroom.

Melissa nodded, her face stern.

“Not good?” Hannah asked.

Melissa’s frown cracked and broke in to a huge grin.

“I got you,” she crowed. “No, yeah, I’ve done that, once or twice, I keep it for someone special, it’s good though.”

So whoever was in her tent last night was considered ‘special’, Hannah noted.

“Why? You want to try it too?” Melissa asked.

“I’m not sure, I mean just between you and I, sometimes I stick a finger up my arse and it feels so good-”

“Oh, you have to get someone to lick it for you,” Melissa interrupted enthusiastically, “that’s fucking amazing.”

“But what about having like a penis in there, isn’t it really uncomfortable?” Hannah asked.

“If you take it slowly, make sure he’s gentle, it’s not too bad, also obviously you’ll stretch and get used to it.”

“So you think I should?” Hannah asked.

“You only live once, why not give everything a try,” Melissa purred, her eyes almost imperceptibly flashing down to take in the sight of Hannah’s inviting breasts beneath the surface.

Hannah gulped hard and took a breath, preparing herself to make a suggestion.

“Come on, let’s swim,” Melissa blurted, suddenly diving down and speeding away through the water.

Hannah watched Melissa’s sleek figure move deep in the pool, half thankful that she’d been spared the opportunity to make a fool of herself, half furious that she’d found the courage only to be denied at the last second. With a laugh she dived under and turned to spot Melissa, following her around the pool and surfacing at the far side.

“Henry went down on me right here,” Melissa announced proudly, her hand resting on the lip of rock.

Hannah imagined what it must’ve been like for Henry, floating in the water, confronted by Melissa’s flawless thighs, spread, olive skin framing her lips, that little flicker of pubic hair she’d noticed, then burying his face in what was surely a delectable pussy. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling herself twitch as her desire squirmed at the thought.

“Have you ever had sex with Henry, I mean besides here?” Hannah asked, her hand beside Melissa’s on the lip.

“Well there was here, and when I blew him and Blake together,” Melissa replied, unable to keep the grin from her face.

“Yeah I heard about that,” Hannah said, “I bet they both loved that.”

“Actually Blake wasn’t to keen to share my mouth with anyone,” Melissa sighed.

“You’re lucky you got him before he and Allison became an item,” Hannah replied, “he’s well and truly off the market now.”

“You think?” Melissa laughed, “I can still have him any time I want.”

“No way, he’s faithful, you’d never get him to cheat on Allison.”

“I can have him today if I want,” Melissa laughed.

“You think? Before midnight?” Hannah replied.

“OK, let’s make a deal, if I can get Blake to fuck me, you have to, I don’t know, give anal a try.”

“OK, no big de-”

“With Henry,” Melissa added quickly.

“Are you insane?” Hannah laughed. “And if you can’t?”

“Then I have to, fuck it, then I have to sleep with you,” Melissa shrugged.

“You mean-”

“Yes, sex. Not that that’s going to happen, you’re so getting Henry’s fat cock up your arse.”

“Wait, if I’m getting fucked by Henry then I think if you lose you shouldn’t get away with just having to sleep with me, let’s say your have to do anything I want for, how about two hours?”

“Anything sexual you want?” Melissa asked, “and I get to watch you and Henry.”

“Yeah, OK, and you have to fuck Blake before midnight,” Hannah clarified.

“OK, today, before midnight,” Melissa agreed.

Both girls fell silent for a moment, thinking over what it was they faced, doubt and anxiety tingeing their thoughts, and neither willing to admit to themselves that whichever way Melissa’s attempts with Blake went, they were cautiously willing to face the consequences.


Blake and Allison were seated by the ashes of the fire when Melissa and Hannah returned, the other boys having apparently woken and downed mugs of coffee before heading to the showers.

“That’s fairly unusual behaviour for them, isn’t it?” Hannah asked.

“Maybe they’re fucking each other,” Melissa giggled, “I’d hate to be on the receiving end of Henry’s cock in that scenario,” she laughed, her eyes glinting as she glanced at Hannah.

“They said they wanted to be ready for our guests this evening,” Allison replied, shaking her head with a smile at Melissa’s flight of fancy.

“They think they’re getting lucky, don’t they?” Hannah asked.

“I think we’re all getting lucky,” Melissa said with a grin.

“You’re very perky this morning,” Allison said, turning to Melissa.

“I’ve just got a feeling it’s going to be a good day,” Melissa smiled.


The day dragged on, Melissa took her book and went to sunbathe by the river, evidently unconcerned about the time ticking away, Henry and David were more than happy to follow her now that she’d become a part-time nudist. Allison told Blake he was welcome to go gawp too if he liked. Blake preferred to lay in the grass staring at the clouds and watching as Hannah and his girlfriend busied themselves around the camp, thinking over the events of the previous night.

“You should watch out for Melissa around Blake,” Hannah hissed as they cleared away the pile of coffee mugs.

“What? Why?” Allison replied, giggling as she whispered loudly.

“I think she’s going to try and get him to sleep with her again,” Hannah answered, wondering if warning Allison was somehow against the implied rules of the bet.

“What makes you think that?” Allison asked.

Hannah hesitated, unwilling to go in to any more detail, then she realised that Melissa would undoubtedly use any means to win and that Allison and herself were best friends was a gross oversight on Melissa’s part.

“We made a bet,” she hissed, her eyes flicking up at Blake.

“What kind of bet?” Allison asked.

“She said she could still fuck Blake even though he’s with you, I said she couldn’t.”

“What? Oh thanks Han, you’re a great friend aren’t you?” Allison replied angrily.

“Sorry, it just kind of got to a point where she had me cornered, and she has to do it today, before midnight,” Hannah sighed.

“So you set the sexiest, most desirable person we know on him,” Allison said through gritted teeth, nodding towards her boyfriend.

Hannah nodded slowly, hating how angry Allison was.

“And what happens when she gets him?” Allison asked.


“You said it was a bet, what are the terms?”

“If she wins I have to let Henry fuck my butt,” Hannah winced.

“Ha! And if she loses?” Allison laughed doubtfully.

“I get to sleep with her,” Hannah replied quietly.

“Y’know what? I almost hope she wins,” Allison snarled, turning and walking away.

“Allison wait!” Hannah called, quick-stepping to keep up.

Blake sat up and watched as Hannah went after Allison, wondering what they were fighting about. He was sure they’d sort it out, girls were always arguing and bitching about one another only to be best friends again five minutes later, weren’t they? He hoped they’d sort it out, the possibility of a repeat performance of the night’s entertainment was very conditional on them staying friends. He wondered if he’d ever get a chance to fuck Hannah, with Allison’s willing approval of course, having all three of the girls during the trip would be quite an achievement. He felt himself swell at the thought of his girlfriend cheering him on while Hannah bounced up and down on his cock, doing it right here in the camp, under the blue sky, his personal harem wandering around naked, just waiting for him to want them.

“Allison,” Hannah said again, grabbing her friend’s arm, “listen. Now you know it’s no problem to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Allison turned and scowled at Hannah.

“All we have to do is make sure we don’t leave Blake alone with Melissa.”

“And how do we manage that?” Allison asked dismissively.

“Maybe he’d be more interested in taking a shower with you?” Hannah suggested.

Allison seemed to consider this, there was no way that she could keep Blake in the shower block for the next, she checked her watch, for the next ten hours, but maybe she could keep him fully satisfied for that long.

“OK,” Allison said, a smile creeping over her face, “but you’re going to have to help me with this, it’s the least you can do.”

“Help you how?” Hannah asked.

“Come with me,” Allison replied, grabbing Hannah’s arm and pulling her back towards Blake. “You have to do whatever I want, OK?”

“OK,” Hannah sighed, beginning to think that Allison was overreacting a bit.

“If you don’t I swear I’ll hand Blake over to Melissa personally just so I can watch Henry rip you in half. Blake,” she said innocently, coming to a stop by Blake’s feet and casting a shadow over his closed eyes.

“Yes?” Blake replied, opening his eyes and gazing up at Allison’s sweet smile, Hannah stood beside her looking worried.

“I was going to take a shower and I was wondering if you could wash my back for me?”

Blake was on his feet like a shot.

“Sure,” he replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

Allison took his hand and began leading him to the shower block, Hannah walking beside them.

“I hope you don’t mind if Hannah comes too,” Allison said softly, “she needs her back washing as well.”

Blake immediately felt himself throb in his shorts, both of them, he was going to get both of them, naked and soapy.

Hannah looked past Allison to Blake, seeing his broad smile and wondering if Allison had any idea how eager she was to get under the water with him. She wondered how far Allison would take it.

Blake followed the girls in to the shower block and was naked before they’d pulled their tops off over their heads. Allison giggled at his eagerness, taking his hand as soon as she was naked, pulling him over and standing close to him as he turned on the shower, her erect nipples brushing against his firm chest and his proud manhood pressing against the soft skin of her stomach.

“Come and join us,” Allison said as they turned to watch Hannah strip slowly.

Blake’s eyes fixed on Hannah’s big round breasts, watching them swing as she sauntered over, no wonder his girlfriend couldn’t resist her. She stepped under the water, standing behind Allison, tipping her head back and letting her hair soak. Allison’s hands were on Blake’s chest, her eyes looking up at him as he stared past her at Hannah.

“They’re magnificent, aren’t they?” she whispered, bringing Blake’s gaze back down.

Allison reached up and pulled Blake’s head down to her’s, drawing him in to a drawn out kiss, her tongue slowly exploring his mouth, trying to hold off the more urgent of his advances. Hannah ran a pair of lathered hands up Allison’s back and on to her shoulders, pulling her away from Blake enough for their kiss to break. Allison looked up at him and smiled, then turned in the cramped space between his and Hannah’s naked bodies, looking up at her other lover and accepting Hannah’s mouth as it lowered to her own.

Blake watched, his girlfriend and Hannah finally locked in a passionate kiss right here in front of him, fully aware of his presence, unabashed, in fact positively eager for him to watch. He put his hands on Allison’s hips moving even closer behind her, having to push his thick shaft down so that it strained up against her butt cheeks. Leaning in he softly kissed her shoulders, his eyes always looking up, focusing on the glimpses of the girls’ lips and tongues massaging each other as their heads turned this way and that. His hands drifted up Allison’s ribs until they brushed the underside of each of her breasts, aware of Hannah’s opposite, mashed against Allison’s. Allison ground her butt back against him and he pushed his fingers on, easing them between the four glistening orbs of flesh to cup Allison’s, Hannah’s hard nipples evident against his knuckles. His mouth curved up on to the side of Allison’s neck, giving little bites and licks as she mumbled and moaned in to Hannah’s mouth.

Allison pushed her butt back against Blake again, this was better than she’d ever imagined it could be: her boyfriend and Hannah all over her simultaneously, two mouths caressing her, four hands on her body, and everything that was still to come. She tipped her head aside and pressed her lips to Hannah’s throat, inviting her to do the same. Hannah’s mouth fell on to her neck beside Blake’s, both of them dancing across her skin planting endless kisses and licks with the occasional soft bite. Reaching up from Hannah’s hips she took hold of Blake’s wrists and pulled his hands from her breasts, turning them and directing them on to Hannah’s, feeling his fingers turn beside her own until his hands and hers, interlocked, groped at the huge wet tits.

Hannah groaned on Allison’s neck, feeling twenty fingers press in to the flesh of her breasts. Her mouth was beside Blake’s now, both of them open as tongues and teeth explored the firm curve of skin, she could feel every time Blake licked. She moved her mouth closer to his, timing her licks to match his until every brush of their tongues caused them to touch. She felt him groped her harder, move his head back a little way and lick at a different angle, his tongue keeping the same rhythm and at the end of each lick flicking up past hers. She looked up from Allison and saw Blake’s eyes locked on her, their next lick brought their tongues a little closer, a definite pause for a fraction of a second as they slipped up past one another. The next lick found their tongues slithering past one another on Allison’s wet skin, their eyes never breaking contact. Finally they both licked, the passing of one tongue by the other bringing them fully together, sliding slowly in to each others mouths as they turned their heads and joined in a cautiously eager kiss.

Allison felt her two lovers kissing beside her head, felt her pussy twitch at the idea and found Hannah’s fingers, as if reading her mind, suddenly appear on her lips, two opening her up as a third pressed gently but determinedly inside her.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped, dropping her own hand to Hannah’s mound and rubbing two fingers over her lips.

Hannah shifted her lips, grinding herself against Allison’s touch, begging her with every movement to penetrate her desperate pussy.

Allison stepped back, forcing Blake to step back with her or fall on his arse. Hannah was left standing under the water, the hands on her body gone. Allison turned, her hands back on Blake’s chest as she gazed up in to his eyes.

“Hannah wants me to make her cum, but she’s been a bad girl this morning so I think she’d better do something nice for us first, don’t you agree?”

Blake nodded, certain that whatever it was Allison had in mind he’d enjoy it.

Allison pulled him back under the water, standing beside him and looking Hannah up and down.

“On your knees,” she ordered, almost unable to keep the begging desire from her voice.

Hannah dropped down, squatting on the tiled floor before the couple, her eyes at once fixing on Allison’s delectable pussy in front of her. Allison leaned back against the tiled wall, spreading her legs a little and beckoning for Hannah to move closer. Hannah eagerly ran her tongue up Allison’s thigh, heading straight for the dripping lips at the apex of her perfect legs.

Blake watched, his cock so hard it felt like it’d explode as Hannah went to work on his girlfriend’s pussy, thrashing her tongue against it before burrowing in, her nose grazing Allison’s clit and eliciting moan after moan.

Allison pulled Blake closer until his rock hard manhood brushed through the tangled curls of Hannah’s wet hair. She ran her fingers in to the curls, grabbing a fistful and pulling Hannah’s head back, turning it a fraction and guiding it on to Blake’s cock. It happened so quickly that Blake found himself engulfed between lips and cheeks and tongue before he knew what was happening. Allison pulled him down in to a kiss, one hand on the back of his head while the other forced Hannah back and forth on his cock. She broke the kiss and smiled up at Blake.

“You love sucking my boyfriend’s cock? Don’t you?” she snarled, stifling a giggle as she jerked Hannah’s head again. She pulled it back and turned Hannah’s head up to face them, her mouth hanging open as she filled her lungs.

“Fuck yes,” Hannah panted.

Allison pushed her back on to Blake’s cock, let her suck for half a second and then dragged her head across, pushing it on to her pussy once more. Hannah switched technique without missing a beat, feeling Allison squirm down on her tongue and knowing that for all the bravado she could still make her do whatever she liked. She was enjoying this though, the mock domination, playing along with being forced to pleasure both of them, fuck she wanted to feel Allison cream herself all over her lips then turn and have Blake paint her mouth and tits with every drop of his cum. That was her goal: to have Blake cum for her rather than for Allison.

Blake reached up and held on to the shower head for support as he watched his friend alternate between eating his girlfriend’s pussy and sucking his cock, he was close now, he knew he’d be emptying his balls in the next few minutes no matter what. Every movement of Hannah’s mouth caused him to groan, his manhood twitching and throbbing unbearably.

“Fuck,” he gasped as she pulled off him again, her eyes flicking up to his for the briefest of moments, a look of focused, desperate lust burning in to him.

Allison turned to see the pained expression on Blake’s face and held Hannah’s mouth firmly on herself, wanting to see Blake slide away from the peak of his climax before letting his ascent start once more. She watched as Blake visibly fell away from his impending orgasm as it became clear Hannah’s mouth wasn’t about to make a sudden return to pleasure him.

“Not yet,” Allison whispered to him, “but soon Blake, I prom- uh fuck that’s good.”

Hannah had slid two fingers deep inside Allison’s pussy, her mouth now caressing Allison’s engorged clit.

“Oh fuck Han, wait, wait,” Allison writhed at Hannah’s touch, the two fingers brushing Allison’s g-spot, beckoning her closer and closer to her first orgasm. Allison fought against the rising tide, desperate to hold off her climax, to keep control firmly in her grasp, but Hannah’s touch felt so good, and having Blake at her side, watching, fuck, his hands now on her breasts, his fingers pinching her nipples, damn it felt good.

“Han wait,” she pleaded, “not yet, please?”

Hannah ignored Allison’s cries, determined to make her cum, knowing that once that first wave had broken Allison would do whatever she asked of her, and there was something she had in mind, something she needed badly.

“Come on Ali,” Hannah snarled, “cum for me, cum on my fingers,” she spoke between laps of her tongue over Allison’s clitoris. “Say my name, say it!”

“Please Hannah,” Allison whimpered.

“Good girl, now cum.”

“Oh fuck, yes yes yes,” Allison reached out and pulled Blake’s mouth to hers kissing him awkwardly as he leaned over Hannah’s crouched form, then pushing him down to suck on her tits.

Blake latched his lips around first one firm nub and then the other, they pointed towards the ceiling, moving as each jolt of Hannah’s hand bounced Allison’s breasts. He gazed up and saw her tipping her head back against the wall, her smooth throat curving up to her face wrapped in ecstasy. Her gasps and pleads to Hannah now coming almost silently as the wave grew impossibly high, Hannah’s hand nearly a blur between Allison’s thighs, just the very tip of her tongue making the softest flicks against Allison’s clit.

Blake felt Allison’s body tense, Hannah’s mouth suddenly forcing its way back on to her quivering lips. Allison looked down at Blake, her eyes wide and pleading for release, then she came, her body bucking on Hannah’s mouth, her hand clutching one of Blake’s to her breast, groping herself as she panted open-mouthed, her other hand reaching down and grabbing Blake’s cock, jerking it violently, wanting him to cum too.

“Uh fuck me that’s good,” she moaned, another tremble shaking her body as Hannah drew her fingers out and pulled her tongue the length of Allison’s wet lips.

Hannah got to her feet, leaving Allison leaning heavily against the wall. Turning to Blake she put her hand around the back of his neck and kissed him deeply, sharing his girlfriend’s nectar with him, letting his hands instinctively reach out and hold her body, her hand stroking his cock gently, rubbing more of Allison’s juice up and down its length. Then she turned from the kiss to face Allison, smiling at her.

“Now it’s my turn,” Hannah purred, stepping closer to Allison, putting her arms around her friend’s waist and sharing a slow kiss with her.

Blake watched his girlfriend sucking on Hannah’s tongue, clearly enjoying her own delicious taste. Hannah leaned down to Allison’s ear and whispered something, the pair then turning to look at Blake and grinning. Hannah turned to face the wall, shuffling her feet back a little and bending at the waist. Allison stood behind her, and slowly got to her knees, one hand trailing down Hannah’s bare thigh while she held Blake’s gaze.

“Come and watch,” Allison said calmly, smiling as Blake moved closer.

Allison rubbed her hands up Hannah’s thighs, slowly up and on to her butt, giving both cheeks a squeeze.

“Hasn’t she got the sexiest arse you’ve ever seen?” Allison asked, turning to look up at her boyfriend. “It’s just so perfect.” She caressed the pair of fleshy cheeks and pulled them apart.

Lowering her head she kissed across one buttock to Hannah’s crack, sneaking her tongue out and sliding it up the tight valley to the small of her back.

Blake noticed Hannah lower a hand and then saw two fingers appear on her swollen labia, one pressing between them and entering herself before withdrawing and spreading them. Without moving her mouth away from its continuous attending to her arse, Allison raised a hand up bringing her fingers to Hannah’s wet pussy and slipping two inside. Hannah released her spread lips, letting them envelope Allison’s knuckles.

She couldn’t believe it. He had given her one of his shirts! It was a graphic tee with a big Storm Trooper popping out against the grey fabric. The Empire Strikes Back was printed in purple next to the image. She loved it not only because Star Wars was her favorite series, but because he had given it to her. She always felt a twinge of attraction to this boy. She was unsure why, though. He was balding at twenty-three, a bit on the chubby side. It must have been his personality. He was sweet and funny and genuine. He brought out the nerd in her, which she loved. But she could never be with him. Just for the fact that she him more as a brother figure; it would be to weird.

But that didn’t stop her from bringing the fabric of the shirt to her face and gently inhaling his scent. She never really paid attention to the way he smelled before. The shirt smelled sweet, sort of like cherries. She did recognize the scent though, from when they would hug. She inhaled the sweet scent again and felt a twitch in between her legs.

She had been horny since she had gotten out of the shower nearly six hours before. She had even masturbated, but that had only made things worse. So she sighed and got dressed and then went over to the guys house. He sat playing video games and she watched while she did miscellaneous things on her laptop. When it was time for her to leave he gave her the shirt. He claimed it was to small for him, and she said it would fit her perfectly.

And now the scent of his shirt was driving her pussy wild. She tugged off the top she had been wearing and replaced it with his. The smell enveloped her as she pulled it over her head, causing another twitch from below. She smoothed her hands up and down her torso, fondling her breasts and tugging at her nipples. Her breathing got heavier and her pussy got wetter. She let herself glide one hand down her stomach and under the waist band of her lace underwear. She couldn’t believe how wet she was! Her finger circled around her clit and then moved up and down her slit. She teased herself until didn’t want to take it anymore. She slid a finger in her slick entrance. She let out a quiet moan and moved her middle finger back and forth inside her. Her other hand had found its way pass the lace and was now rubbing her hard clit. A light layer of sweat had formed on her skin as her arms and fingers increased and decreased their movement.

At one point the fingers inside her began to cramp. She pulled them out and licked them clean, savoring her sweet juices. She reached over to the side of her bed where she kept her “personal” items: condoms, lube, and her trusted purple vibrator. It was a simple one, with five settings, plus a little nub sticking out for clitoral stimulation. She usually didn’t dare use it when someone was home, but she needed it tonight.

She grabbed a soft towel from her clothes hamper and placed it under herself. Then she grabbed the bottle of lube. This lube was her favorite. It had a cool to warm formula which always made her insides tingle, and it smelled like mint. She squeezed the minty gel onto the vibrator and rubbed it around with her finger. She turned the toy on the lowest setting and moved around her begging entrance, slowly pushing it in. She had to bite her lip to suppress the moan that the new sensation and fullness caused. She moved the toy in and out, she switched to the third speed at one point. But she needed more. Her body was writhing and she knew she was close, but she needed something else.

That’s when the lubed up finger slid past her pussy and down to her ass. Nervousness struck her. She was never this horny, never this desperate for pleasure. But she poked at her asshole. Using the lube and her own juices, she got the tip of her middle finger in comfortably. She moved it in short, slow strokes. That was exactly what she needed. She turned the vibrator up to the last setting and started simultaneously pumping her two holes. The triple stimulation was what she needed. She nuzzled her nose under the shirt that smelled like cherries. The shirt that had began all of this. The shirt that was going to be what she breathed in when she came. She let her last moan escape and her insides clenched against the toy and her finger. She switched the vibrator off and slowly removed it and the finger from her ass. She whimpered from the emptiness.

She smiled down at her new favorite shirt.

The End.

NOTE 1: This story was written for a fan. Hope you enjoy, Dani!!!

NOTE 2: Thanks to Estragon for his copy editing.

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Valentine’s Day Threesome

It started so innocently, like I things often do, I suppose. Linda and I were having our monthly visit at our usual Wednesday coffeehouse, when our conversation veered to her new relationship.

“He is so amazing,” Linda glowed, continuing, “I have never met anyone like him.”

I was thrilled for her. It had been a while since I had seen her even remotely happy, never mind ecstatic. “I am so happy for you.”

In the next five minutes I learned everything there was to know about him. She finished, by adding, “And he is insatiable in the bedroom.”

Frank discussion of our sex lives was nothing new, when there was something to talk about. “He is, is he?” I queried.

“Fuck, yeah,” she smiled. “For a forty year old he still fucks like he’s twenty. Every time I think he has shot his last load in me or on me, he shoves his cock back in my mouth and we are back at it. After a night with him my mouth, pussy and ass are aching.”

“Ass?” I questioned. That’s something both of us have always believed was a one way passage.

“I know, I know,” Linda replied, reading my mind, “but you got to do, what you got to do to keep your man.”

“Really?” I asked, my look of disbelief impossible to hide.

She smiled, “Don’t judge, Dani, until you’ve tried it. I was surprised at how good it eventually felt. I actually came from getting my ass reamed.”

“Ass reamed? Really, Linda, you can’t be serious! What has gotten into you?”

She joked. “Lorenzo’s cock, over and over. Plus, I am forty. Finding a good man at our age is like finding a needle in the haystack, so I opened myself up sexually and not only am I keeping my man, I have never been so sexually satisfied in my life.”

“OK, OK,” I said, admitting defeat, and deciding to have fun with it, like we usually did about everything. “Hey, I have not seen you this happy since…well I can’t remember when. So if taking a cock up your ass is what it takes to make you happy, I say ass-fuck away.”

“Now you are just making it sound dirty,” Linda replied, with a smile.


“Cat-loving loner,” she retaliated.

“Hey, cats are cute and never leave me,” I defended.

“True, but when was the last time you got laid?”

“Too long,” I sighed, “maybe I am the cat-woman.”

“Well I do have a proposition for you.” Linda smiled, provocatively.

“This sounds interesting,” I replied, instantly curious.

“Lorenzo’s fantasy is a threesome,” my best friend announced.

Silence lingered as I processed this information and concluded she was implying I be the third. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. At first I didn’t love the idea, but concluded if it is going to happen, I want to control it.”

“Oh,” was all I could say. My best friend of twenty years was suggesting a threesome with her boyfriend, a guy I had never met. It was so surreal; I was literally at a loss for words, not something that usually happens to me.

Silence again lingered, before she asked, tentatively. “So, is that a yes?”

“I don’t know,” I paused, a mixture of excitement, trepidation and nervousness tossing and turning in my brain. I hadn’t been laid in a while and this was a sure thing. Yet, there is no going back after a threesome with your best friend…it is kind of like dating a co-worker; if things go astray it forever changes the relationship.

“Trust me,” Linda purred, her smile the troubling one that landed us in loads of fun situations back in the day.

Without any real thought, I answered, “Fuck it. Why not? I’m in.”

Linda was thrilled. “Awesome. I will make the arrangements ASAP. I should warn you.”

Suddenly worried, I asked cautiously. “What is it?”

She leaned in and whispered, “He has a fucking huge cock.”

“How big is big?” I asked, a bit worried, a bit curious.

“Almost ten,” Linda informed me proudly.

“And you took that in your ass?” I gasped.

“Not all of it…originally. I’m not a slut.”

“Oh God no, you are not a slut,” I mocked, having been the audience for her very detailed and lengthy accounts of her numerous sexual conquests.

“Takes one to know one,” she countered.


“Oh and there is one more thing,” Linda added, the house of cards seeming to keep getting higher and higher.

“What?” I asked.

“He’s Italian,” she revealed.

“Oh no!” I mocked again, “the deal’s off.”

“I’m just saying he is not really good with the whole social graces thing in the bedroom. He is the man and I am the woman and that is very clear.”

“Hmmmmm,” I purred, “A rugged man.”

“A dominant man,” Linda corrected.

“Well, at least he won’t be asking for directions,” I joked.

“Definitely not. He will be giving them.”

“Still in,” I replied, looking more and more forward to the event. “Wait, you must have a picture of him.”

She reached for her phone and handed it to me. He was in a suit and tie and was very good looking. “Oh my, he is a handsome one. He doesn’t look 40.”

She smiled, clearly happy with my assessment. “And he doesn’t fuck like he is 40 either.”

“Together we can wear him out,” I confidently predicted.

“We’ll see,” Linda replied, “I haven’t been able to yet.”

“So when do you want to do this little rendezvous?”

“Valentine’s Day,” she replied.


“Really, really. It will be a great present for Lorenzo and you won’t be alone or on some disastrous blind date.”

“True.” I pondered, realizing it was actually a good day. The last two Valentine’s Days had been utterly fucking depressing. “Ok, Valentine’s Day it is.”

“Awesome,” Linda said, reaching over and giving me a hug, which she had done thousands of times, yet this time it seemed different. “So, here is the plan. Lorenzo and I are going out for supper at The Brooklyn and then to a Broadway show and lastly to Duelling Pianos for a night-cap, before going to the hotel room we rented at the La Capri. I have booked a table for you at The Brooklyn, and got you a ticket to the show already.”

“Wow, you have really put some thought in this, haven’t you?” I replied, impressed before a sudden realization hit. “Wait. How did you know I was going to say yes?”

Linda smiled, “I’m your best friend, silly.”

We went through the logistics and times before finally going our separate ways.

That night, I fucked myself with my biggest dildo imagining the night that lay ahead.

A few days later…Valentine’s Day 2012….

Through the days that followed, I flipped back and forth between going through with this crazy idea and backing out. But in the end, I decided to do it for two reasons:

1. I desperately needed to get laid…my insides were shrivelling up from lack of use, quite frankly.

2. I didn’t want to back out on Linda. I had always followed along during her many crazy adventures in high school, college and adulthood; there was no reason to back down now.

I dressed up for the part. I wore a red lace bra and matching thong, mocha thigh highs, four-inch heels and a black cocktail dress that made my blonde hair really stand out. On the outside I looked elegant and proper, while underneath I was dressed to tease and please.

A supper for one on Valentine’s Day would usually be a humiliating ordeal, but knowing what lay ahead made it tolerable. I had two glasses of wine and flirted shamefully with the waiter, who was young enough to be my child. He flirted back, which only enhanced my desire to be fucked.

The play was an amazing local production of Guys and Dolls. I had a great seat at the front, but could not see Linda or Lorenzo anywhere. I also had two more glasses of wine. Any last minutes doubts faded as the wine lubricated my need to get laid.

I made it to Duelling Pianos a little after midnight, and Linda and Lorenzo were at a table with a bottle of wine. I sat at the bar, in clear view of the couple, and made sure to position myself so they both got a good long look at my silk stocking-clad legs. A fifth glass of wine went down smoothly and I ordered a sixth when my best friend, dressed in a fire engine red cocktail dress, black pantyhose or stockings and five-inch heels, sauntered over and sat beside me.

“Fancy meeting a girl like you in a place like this,” she greeted with a playful smile.

“I bet you say that to all the girls you want to fuck your boyfriend,” I quipped back.

“So you are still game, I see.”

“Six glasses of wine worth, and if I don’t fuck your boyfriend, I will probably end up fucking every guy here.”

“Even that old dude checking you out?”

“Sure, my pussy doesn’t care who fucks it right now. It just needs to be fucked, hard.”

“Fuck Dani, you are getting me wet. Follow me,” Linda said, grabbing my hand. “By the way, for tonight your name is Brittany.”

“Really? Brittany? All Brittanys I know are mindless bimbos,” I protested.

“Exactly what you are tonight,” Linda replied.

The statement confused me, but I eagerly followed her and was soon at the table with her even more handsome in real life boyfriend. Linda said, “Lorenzo, this is Brittany.”

Lorenzo smiled, took my hand, and said, “Nice to meet you, Brittany.”

“Likewise,” I replied, trying to sound sexy.

Linda explained, “Lorenzo, this is your Valentine’s Day present.”

“What is?” he asked, confused.

“She is,” Linda said, pointing to me.

I smiled, attempting to be provocative. “She said your fantasy is a threesome and she offered me two hundred bucks to make that happen.”

He was speechless. Which I am guessing doesn’t happen to him too often.

Linda grabbed him by the hand and said, “Let’s go back to our room.”

Lorenzo recovered quickly and took control. He stood up, tossed a hundred on the table, wrapped his arms around both of us, like some studly pimp, and led us out of the bar, across the street, and to the hotel.

Once in the room, Linda opened the complimentary wine, poured us all a glass and, when handing me mine, ordered, her tone surprisingly dominant, “Do as I say, Dani.”

I nodded in agreement, confused by her tone, but horny nonetheless.

Linda sat with her boyfriend on the couch and demanded, “Do a strip tease dance for us.”

I looked at her, surprised, but her don’t-mess-me glare prevented any questioning and I began to dance for her, awkwardly. After a couple of minutes of staggers, I sauntered over to her and she unzipped me. Standing still, I allowed the dress to fall off me.

“Nice,” Lorenzo grunted.

I smiled at the caveman compliment and spun around to continue my dance. I squeezed my breasts together and leaned forward, giving both a lengthy look at my 34b cleavage, although they were much smaller than Linda’s large d-cup breasts.

I spun around and in one quick flash unclasped my bra. Spinning back around, I tossed it at the couple.

I sauntered over to Lorenzo, and trying to do my best Olivia Newton-John from Grease attitude at the end of the movie, I asked, “Can you help me out of these…stud?”

He put his big strong hands on my hips and ruggedly pulled my thong down and off.

I lifted my leg to Linda and Lorenzo ordered, “Keep the stockings on, slut.”

I flinched at being called a slut, but obeyed, surprised at the tingling down below.

Linda stood up and demanded, “Unzip me.”

I stood up and slowly unzipped her dress, attempting to make it sexy. She allowed it to fall to the floor and instructed me, “Unclasp my bra.” I obeyed, unleashing her massive and still stunningly firm breasts from their restrictive barrier. She turned around and her fully erect nipples were in full display. Although I’m not a lesbian, my mouth watered uncontrollably.

She looked directly into my eyes and opened her legs, and demanded, “Get on your knees and take off my panties, slut.”

Her name-calling surprised me, but I again obeyed falling to my knees and again felt a tingle down below. My hands quivered slightly as I slowly pulled off her thin silk panties. I tried not to look, but like when you drive by an accident you always glimpse or gawk curious to see I don’t know what, I took a quick peek at my best friend’s vagina. It was completely shaved, unlike my trimmed pussy and it already had a slight shine to it.

She noticed and asked, “Like what you see, dyke?”

“W-w-what?” I stammered, looking up into her eyes.

“You were salivating looking at my pussy. Obviously you are a dyke,” she sneered, her smile a warning to not blow this.

Being drunk and horny, I figured fuck it and continued to role play the slut she wanted me to be. “Your cunt looks delicious, ma’am.”

“Ma’am. I like that. Well why don’t you find out?” she offered, falling onto the couch and spreading her thigh high covered legs.

Already on my knees, I barely had to move to obey her suggestion. Moving between her legs, I paused. Not because I was suddenly having second thoughts, rather because I was suddenly feeling like a lesbian and wanted to please her. I wanted to lick her pussy. I wanted to get her off. I wanted to get him off too. I leaned forward and extended my tongue onto the pussy of my friend of over twenty years. The taste was subtle sweetness and I slowly licked, enjoying the pleasant taste.

Within seconds of pleasing Linda, her moans began as did her dirty talk. “That’s it slut. Eat my pussy.” A couple of minutes later, she asked, “You love my cunt, don’t you?”

I moaned an affirmative reply, each lick getting me more addicted to her sweetness.

She demanded, “Tell me how much you love my cunt, slut.”

I was surprised how turned on my pussy was by her demeaning treatment of me. Wanting to play her game and keep her happy, I looked up and answered, rather submissively, “I love your sweet cunt, it is so fucking delicious.”

“I have heard that before,” she smiled at me and winked to Lorenzo.

I watched her flirting until she demanded, “Well, get back at it, dyke.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied and returned to pleasuring my best friend.

Determined to get her off soon, my knees a bit sore, I slid a finger inside her very wet pussy and began licking her puffy lips faster and faster. Her breathing increased, and a couple of minutes later, sensing she was close, I added a second finger and began flicking her clit with my tongue. Each flick had her twitch and her breathing got heavier and heavier until the scream I was anticipating and working towards burst out of her. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, fuuuuuck,that is so fucking good. You are such a good little cunt-muncher.”

Oddly, I felt a chill of a thrill go up my spine at being called a good cunt-muncher. I felt giddy with excitement at pleasing her. I quit flicking her clit and moved to cleaning her pussy of the flood of juices I had caused.

Once Linda had recovered from the orgasm, she stood up and instructed, “Wait here.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, remaining in my subservient position.

I watched as she went over to her suitcase and I gasped when she pulled out a strap-on cock. A big strap-on cock. I watched in stunned silence as she put the strap-on on her body. Her devious smile, one I had seen so many times before, was this time aimed at me.

Once on her, she walked over to me and asked, “Ready to get fucked, slut?”

As my muddled mind tried to comprehend what my best friend wanted to do to me, my very needy pussy spoke for me. “Yes, ma’am, I am dying to feel your big cock in my cunt.”

Smiling, she ordered, “Get on the couch and spread your legs, bitch.”

Thrilled to be off my knees, I scurried onto the couch and eagerly opened my legs. I didn’t care anymore who or what fucked me, as long as I was fucked hard.

Linda moved between my legs and rubbed her plastic cock head up and down my already wet pussy lips…teasing me ruthlessly.

I moaned, and pleaded, desperate to feel my pussy filled, “Shove that big cock in me.”

“Are you my slut?” my best friend asked.

“Yes, dammit, now shove that big aaaaaaaaahhhhh fuck….” I agreed and demanded, before being rewarded with one big thrust that filled me completely.

Her cock buried in me, she just sat there and I began to bounce back on the cock, literally fucking myself. She purred, “That’s it slut, fuck yourself like the whore you are.”

I moaned in agreement as I began to fuck myself faster, the desire to orgasm overtaking my every thought and action. I bounced back, taking the whole cock inside my fiery hole, my ass bouncing onto my best friend’s legs. Soon I was huffing and puffing and I screamed as I came all over my best friend’s long fuck-toy. I quit fucking myself as I enjoyed the orgasm spreading through me and felt a hand slap my ass before Linda began fucking my still pulsating pussy. The sensation was enthralling and my heavy breathing continued.

I looked up and saw Lorenzo, who had apparently filmed my first lesbian experience with a camcorder. It should have mortified me, yet somehow it only made the night hotter. I moaned into the camcorder, “When am I going to get your big cock, stud?”

He promised, “Soon, slut, very soon.”

My orgasm long gone, Linda pulled her strap-on cock out of me and shoved it roughly in my mouth. She face-fucked my mouth demanding, “Clean your whore juice from my cock, slut.”

I had no choice as she violated my mouth with the toy. My juices tasted sweet, but the plastic toy was less than thrilling.

Finally, she pulled out and before I even had time to close my mouth, I was staring at the biggest cock I had ever seen. Ten inches and thick; I stared at it like I was looking at a foreign object.

His sexy Italian voice got me wet. He demanded, “Don’t just stare at it, suck it like the fucking whore you are.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Again incredibly enjoying being treated like a slut, I leaned forward and engulfed my best friend’s boyfriend’s super-sized cock.

He instantly moaned, “That’s it cocksucker. Faster.”

I obeyed, bobbing up and down as fast as I could, eager to get his first load out of him. It wasn’t a fancy blow job and I didn’t do any of my feminine tricks, instead I just sucked and sucked like I was fucking him with my mouth. A few minutes of this hardcore sucking and I suddenly felt his hands on my head and he pumped his cock in and out furiously for a few seconds before coating my mouth with his cum. He kept pumping long after every drop of his cum had slid down my throat. Shockingly, his big cock stayed erect, unlike the last few men I had been with.

He pulled out and lifted me up upside down and began licking my pussy. The blood rushed to my head, but the overpowering aggressiveness of Lorenzo and the unique position was exhilarating. I grabbed onto his legs and his erect missile was staring me in the face, so I did what any good, horny slut would do, I took it in my mouth. Although incredibly awkward, I slowly sucked on his big stick as he licked my pussy like a man does…random and lacking focus. After a couple of minutes of this unique position, he lowered me on the couch, sat down and ordered, “Straddle me, slut.”

Desperate to be fucked and feel his big cock in me, I didn’t hesitate a second as I climbed on top of him and slowly lowered my pussy onto his stiff cock. Only half his cock was in me when he suddenly thrust up, filling me completely. I let out a scream, “Aaaaaaaaaaaah fuuuuuuuuuck.”

“Now get riding slut! We are not making love, we are fucking,” he ordered.

Obliging, his big cock filling me so completely, I began to ride his cock like one would ride a bucking horse. Each bounce down filled my pussy like it had never been filled before. It was only after a few minutes of bouncing on his delicious cock that I came. As I leaned forward, allowing the orgasm to spread through me, he began thrusting up into me, enhancing the orgasm, and I screamed, “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-fuck-yes-yes-yes-God.”

This is the 8th installment of the Kyle Series. The Kyle Series is the true story of my first love. I appreciate all of the ratings, comments and feedback – good or bad.

After Kyle splooged and Dave had gotten his fill of touching and tasting me we all laid on the bed sexually spent. I couldn’t remember being more sexually satisfied. Dave got up and muttered something like, “I gotta go.”

“Um, hey Dave, can I have your number? Are you alright? Do you want to talk or something?” I said to him. I was a little worried about him because I knew his mind had to be going crazy with thoughts of his first sexual experience. I didn’t want him to feel as if we were throwing him out and didn’t care about his feelings in all of this.

“I appreciate everything you two have done for me. I don’t know if I ever would have gotten up the courage to make something like this happen on my own. I would love to get together some time to talk. I would even be up for some more fooling around.” Dave said. He was smiling the whole time.

I was really happy to see the little fellow smiling. I took that as a good sign he was going to be just fine. He wrote his number on a post-it on my desk. I assured him I would call tomorrow and we could get together and chill. I showed the clothed Dave out with a hug and warm smile. When I returned to the bed Kyle was propped up on his elbow with an accusatory look on his face.

“Did you enjoy it?” Kyle asked.

“I did Kyle. I have never busted a better nut. I can’t thank you enough for being cool with this. I love you so much.” I said looking into Kyle’s eyes. The problem was he wasn’t really looking back at me. He was looking at me but it was as if he was looking past me. His eyes were glazed over and his mouth held tight as if he were eating something sour. A long silence passed.

“I am sorry Levi but I can’t go along with it again. I truly do love you. I love you the person. I love your smile. I love your sense of humor. I love that you are so smart. I love you so much I will not share you. I would take a bullet for you…” Kyle was saying as I interrupted him.

“You would take a bullet for me but not a shot in the mouth for me? Forgive me but that makes no fucking sense, Kyle. I love you to. I would rather just have sex with you than a fuck boy. You have left me no fucking options. You won’t get me off and I can’t get off with anyone else. Where does this leave me you selfish asshole?” I think this was the first time I ever yelled at Kyle. I was the calm and collected one in the relationship and he was always the talk first and think later guy. What the fuck was happening. My mind reeled. Was I in the middle of breaking up with Kyle? Was he breaking up with me?

Tears welled up in Kyle’s eyes. I only saw Kyle cry twice in the entire time I knew him and once was after a really bad fight with his parents before we even dated. His dad had kicked him out of the house; it was a whole big thing that got sorted out later. The second was of course when he almost failed out of college and was confused about our gay relationship. Here Kyle was crying for a third time and he said, “I want more than anything to want to be everything you need, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t explain it. I can’t justify it. I am not even attracted to a single other guy. I have never even thought of being with another guy. I just love you. Does that make sense?”

“I don’t know Kyle. I mean, what are you saying? Are you saying that if it wasn’t for me you would be straight? I turned you gay? This is all my fault?” I wasn’t yelling anymore but my tone was one of anger. I was angry. I may have started something with a drunken blowjob but he was the one that continued everything from there. I have always been honest with him about everything. I didn’t want to listen to some shit about how he wasn’t gay. I mean, he had to be gay right? We are lovers.

“I am not saying anything is your fault. I don’t blame you for anything. You are the greatest friend anyone could ever have. You have been my best friend forever. We have everything in common. You are the greatest boyfriend anyone could have. You take care of me emotionally, mentally and of course physically. I don’t really bring anything to this relationship.” Kyle said clearly willing himself not to cry.

“I don’t know what to say, Kyle. I love you. You bring you to the relationship. I love you. I love you for the some of the same reasons you love me. You are smart, funny but most importantly I trust you implicitly. I love that you are so strong and strong-willed. I love you fucking me; I love blowing you. We just need to walk away from each other, sort this out and meet back here tonight to talk. Is that fair? Is that a deal?” I asked.

“I think that is a great idea. I am scared of what you are thinking. I am fucking frightened at what I am thinking. I’ll be back here tonight by 10:00 p.m. Remember, I love you. Please think about that too. I love you.” Kyle said.

Kyle and I both dressed, hugged, a quick peck on the lips; and off we went in separate directions from our door – our future together was unsure. The love of my life walking away from me and I walking away from him with hopes we could meet in a couple of hours and work it out. Tears streaked down my face. Before I knew it I was halfway across campus. I was walking toward the Student Union. I guess I could grab a coffee and find a quiet spot and just mull it all over.

I tried to reason out the current situation but I kept remembering wonderful times Kyle and I had spent together. I remembered the days we spent together when we were just friends working on cars, shooting guns, and talking all night. I remembered the first night he took me out on a date and fucked me later that night. I just sobbed. It was like all of the memories in my life that I truly treasured were centered on Kyle. I couldn’t lose him. I couldn’t let him go. I couldn’t live without him. He has to be in my life forever. I was getting my sobbing under control. Deep-breathing and calming myself into a rational state of mind when my phone rang. It was a number I didn’t recognize. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone but what the fuck I answered it anyway, “Hello.”

“Hi, Levi, it is Dave. This isn’t too weird to be calling you already is it?” He asked. I immediately heard a voice in the background.

“What are doing faggot? Calling your fudge-packing boyfriend?” The voice said. It must be Dave’s asshole roommate.

“Shut up Rick!” Dave shouted.

“Dave? Are you still there?” I asked.

“Yeah, sorry. My roommate just walked in and as I said he loves to hate me.” Dave replied in a voice so weak it made me furious.

“What is your dorm number?” I demanded to know.

“Umm, I am in 214. Why? You aren’t coming here are you?” Dave asked.

“Be there in 5 minutes.” I said and hung up the phone. I started running toward the dorms. I was emotionally unstable at the moment and I wasn’t going to allow this bullshit. I had never met Rick but it didn’t matter how big he was; I was ready to beat the fuck out of someone.

I approached the door and knocked loudly and rapidly. Dave opened the door.

“Is he still here? Get out of the way!” I yelled.

Rick emerged into view from his bed with a quizzical look. He was a little taller than me but no clear physical match. He was lean but I could tell he was lacking any of the serious muscle tone I possessed. Rick asked, “Are you the tough queer; the man in the relationship? I know Dave has to be the bitch.” He chuckled at his own dumbass joke.

In the small dorm room I only had to take 4 steps to reach him and I punched him in the stomach as hard as I fucking could. Rick doubled over and all of the air left his body. He coughed and sputtered. Gasping for air he stood and looked right into my eyes. I saw fear. I grabbed a handful of his t-shirt and threw him to the ground. He was lying on his back looking up at me still gasping for air. I dropped down, one knee on each side of his chest. I grabbed a handful of his hair to keep him from looking away. I cocked my other hand back and balled it into a fist and just held it there.

“Listen to me very closely mother fucker. I have no intention of causing your death right now even though I could. I don’t even plan to hit you again if you stay still and listen well. Firstly, if you say anything remotely ignorant to Dave again I swear on everything holy I will be back and I won’t stop beating the fuck out of you until my arm is tired. Secondly, if you report this I swear I will go to the college and make sure you are expelled for all of the derogatory comments you have made regarding fags. The university doesn’t look kindly on hatemongers. Finally, I will start a blog about how great you suck cock. I will make sure everyone on campus knows how much you like swallowing mine and Dave’s cum. Do you understand me?” I said all of it in a calm voice with a tone that showed I wasn’t joking in the least.

“I am sorry, Dave. I will never be an ass to you again.” Rick said while looking into my face like a frightened rabbit. I looked up at Dave. He was still standing in the same spot just staring. He moved his eyes to meet mine and he smiled. That smile warmed my heart.

“I am going to get up now and Dave and I are going for a coffee. Take the time alone to think about what we discussed. Thank you for being reasonable.” I said with a smirk.

I got off of Rick and nonchalantly walked towards Dave. I put my arm around his shoulders and guided him through the doorway. Neither of us looked back at Rick. “Problem solved Dave.” I said.

“I can’t believe you just did that. I would be mad if I thought you made things worse, but I truly believe you scared the fuck out of him so bad he will actually follow through with his promise to leave me alone. It feels good. I do hate that I am such a pussy someone else had to fight my battle for me though.” Dave said.

“You are kind of a pussy Dave but that is okay. Everyone has a role to play in life and yours isn’t kicking ass. There isn’t anything wrong with that.” I said in a quick reply. I was pretty sure Dave was picking up on the fact that my mind was miles away from the current conversation. I had made no headway in the situation regarding Kyle but I was enjoying the heat coming from Dave’s body. I steered us to the elevator and pushed the fifth floor. “Want to come back to my room?” I asked.

“I guess. Are you wanting to mess around again already. To be honest you don’t seem quite with it right now. It seems like you have a lot on your mind.” Dave said.

“I decided I don’t want a coffee. I want a beer. It just so happens Kyle and I have a 24 pack in the fridge. You are going to sit in my room and drink it with me. I really want the company. I also need a sounding board. I want you to help me work through something. Is that all okay with you? Can you spend the evening with me?” I asked with a tone of desperation in my voice; partially on purpose. I didn’t want him to say no. I guess I was using a little manipulation but I just couldn’t be alone and I didn’t want to call one of my close friends because Kyle and I had the same friends and I didn’t want to discuss any of this with them.

“Umm, yeah I guess. I was going to get a head start on homework but it can wait. I don’t know a lot about a lot so I am probably not someone you should ask for advice.” Dave said in his same weak voice.

“Stop it! Fucking stop it! You are a person. A valuable fucking person. It is one thing to let an asshole like your roommate rag on you but you can’t put yourself down and expect anyone to respect you. For fucksake. Look at yourself once in awhile. You are fucking adorable, I can tell you have at least half a brain; maybe you are small so fucking what! Get over it and find some confidence.” I said heatedly. We approached my dorm room and I unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door. I looked back to motion Dave in and he was looking at me wide-eyed. “Dave, I am sorry. I know all of that was inappropriate to say. I don’t want to blame it on my current situation to justify what I said. I am sorry. Please come in.”

Dave stepped up to me and put his hand on my waist. He leaned in said, “You’re right about everything you just said.” He walked into the mini sitting room/kitchenette outside of the bedroom and grabbed 2 beers from the fridge. He opened one and handed it to me and popped the top on the other and started to chug. I followed suit and started to chug as well. The beer was going down perfectly.

“So Dave, Kyle and I may be finished. Your thoughts?” I just threw it out there so he knew what the topic of the evening would be.

“Oh my God. This is entirely my fault. I could tell he hated me. I went through with everything anyway because I wanted to touch you so badly. I killed someone’s relationship because of my own wants. I knew it was a bad idea…” Dave was rambling and muttering.

“Stop, stop Dave. Nothing is your fault.” I said. I then took the next half hour to explain to Dave the dichotomy of Kyle’s and mine relationship. I gave the background for how he came to end up in our bed. I drank two more beers and he polished of another during my explanation of the current situation.

“You said you loved him like 10 times in the last 30 minutes. I don’t see the problem. You are going to end your relationship with the guy you love more than anyone in the world because he won’t blow you? I would give anything to love someone and have them love me back. I don’t care if we ever had sex of any kind as long as I had someone there with me.” Dave said.

“Oh come one Dave. That is settling for something less than you deserve. People can have both. You can have both. I should be able to spend my time with someone I love and have sex with them. Kyle gets all of the love he wants and all of the sex he wants.” I said.

We continued to talk. We guzzled more beer. We were down to 10 beers left. I think I had 8 and Dave was on number 6. I was feeling it. It hit me all at once. I know Dave was starting to get pretty drunk as well. Fuck it. I was going for it. “I have a proposal for you Dave. You aren’t budging on your stance and I am still unsure as to whether I can give up getting off for the rest of my life to be with Kyle. Let me fuck you. I have never done it. After I experience it I will be better able to decide on how important the sex aspect is to me. Are you in?” I asked.

“Oh, I want it. I want it really bad but I think I have done enough damage to your relationship. I can’t be part of your infidelity.” Dave said in a sad tone.

“It isn’t cheating. Kyle and I picked you out together to be the person I got to experience sex with. Only I blew in your mouth before I could get to your ass. So, it isn’t cheating at all. It is just the completion of our agreement. So, what do you say?” I asked.

“Do you have a condom?” Dave said with a smile.

“Get your clothes off you hot little fuck.” I said with nothing but lust coming over me. I went to the bedroom and grabbed the lube and a condom out of the nightstand. I turned around and Dave was standing there smiling. He dropped to his knees and began unbuckling my belt. I pulled my Polo over my head. Dave pulled my pants and boxers down in one swoop. I kicked off one shoe and the pants off one foot, then the other. Dave was kneeling before me and he grabbed my cock in his little hand. I stared down at his naked body. I gave all inhibitions the shoulder and decided to live the moment. “Put it in your mouth. Get me hard for your ass.” I said.

Dave kissed the tip of my cock once before wrapping his lips around my stirring cock. He let out a moan and removed his hand as he descended on my cock. I placed my hand on his head. He had really soft hair and a really hot mouth. I was going to be rock hard in no time. I loved the feeling of his spit on my cock. I loved the sucking feeling on my cock. It was such an amazing feeling. I was rock hard. “It’s time. Do you still want to be fucked by me?” I asked.

“Tell me again how bad it is going to hurt.” Dave said.

“It is going to hurt a lot at first but I promise you will begin to enjoy it before long. Lie on your back on the bed. Bring your knees to your shoulders.” I instructed. Once Dave was in the position I rolled the condom on my cock. I grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a bunch on my fingers. I placed a finger on Dave’s waiting sphincter. I started to massage his tight anal ring. “Just relax.” I said

Dave was breathing hard and every now and then a moan would escape. I was taking my time feeling Dave’s asshole. Then I slipped a finger in. A gasp came from Dave. I started to finger fuck him very slowly. I loved how hot he was inside. My finger was on fire. I loved the feeling of how his ass muscles were constricting on my finger. After a couple minutes I slipped in a second finger. I continued to fuck him with my fingers. I could feel his ass was looser than when we started. I had a pretty decent sized cock but it wasn’t overly fat or anything. “Are you ready?” I asked.

“Oh God, Levi. I want it so badly. I have to know what it feels like. Please, just be easy with me.” Dave said.

I placed my covered cockhead at the entrance of his hot hole. I steadied my dick with one hand and started to push against his tight hole. He gasped for air. He let out a cry of exclamation. I was in. I was in a cute guy’s ass. I was only about half way in and I felt nothing but ecstasy. “Are you alright?” I asked.

“It hurts so bad. I like it, but it hurts. Go slower.” Dave said.

I continued to push into his Dave’s ass. The hot tightness of him was positively intoxicating. It took about 6 minutes but I was finally balls deep in this cute little guy. “It feels so fucking amazing. Are you still okay?” I asked.

“I am okay. It still hurts a lot.” Dave said.

I began to withdraw my cock. “Ohh, no, no. Leave it in. Pulling out hurts really bad.” Dave said.

“I’m not going to pull it all the way out. I am going to start moving back and forth. It is the only way to get you loosened up enough to enjoy it.” I said.

I pulled out slowly until just the tip was left inside Dave. I started a slow fucking motion in Dave. I pushed all the way in and pulled half way out and repeated that for about 5 or 6 minutes. I could feel Dave’s ass finally begin to stop resisting. His anal ring had finally stopped clamping down on my dick. I had never felt anything more pleasurable. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh my God, it is just like you said. It feels so good. I don’t want you to ever stop.” Dave moaned.

“I’m sorry Dave but our time is short. I am going to blow any minute.” I said. I started rocking in and out and thrusting wildly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at sex yet. I was a virgin after all. I wasn’t holding any sort of rhythm. I was in and out and all over the place. I was feeling something so amazing I couldn’t believe everyone wasn’t doing it all day. It was pure pleasure in the rawest form. I gasped and screamed as I came.

Dave yelled and grabbed his cock. He started spewing cum after just stroking his cock a couple times. I couldn’t help it. I was coming to the end of my climax and I just had to do it. I leaned in and planted my lips right onto Dave’s. My tongue darted into his mouth. He kissed me back. I thought of one thing and one thing only and did it. I wrapped my hand around Dave’s throat. He moaned into my mouth. I finally understood why Kyle did that to me.

Exhausted and satisfied I rose up breaking the kiss between Dave and I. I slowly pulled my softening cock from Dave’s ass. I just looked down at him and I realized I hadn’t made my decision any easier by fucking Dave. I collapsed on the bed next to Dave. I realized I just did something to Kyle he would never do to me – I cheated on him. A glance at the clock killed my buzz. It was 9:48 p.m.

By the time I wake up, Luke is already awake, still naked on my bed and slowly stroking his cock with an impish grin on his face.

“I can’t stop thinking about last night,” he says softly. I even woke up with a hard-on this morning.”

Of course the situation is the same with me, even my cock is hard. He starts stroking it faster and I see precum drooling from his cockhead. He looks over at my hard cock, pointing up through the blanket and uncovers it.

“I see you are still hard from last night too,” he says.

He licks his lips and leans down to suck on my foreskin. Then he pulls the skin back, revealing my swollen cockhead and I watch it disappear into his mouth. As he sucks my cockhead, one of his hands grips my shaft and gently strokes it. His other hand moves over my exposed thighs and starts tugging on my balls.

Luke bobs his head slowly up and down my cock, taking in a little bit more into his mouth with each slow plunge. By the time he has taken more than half of my cock into his mouth I grab his head with my hands. He grunts and starts sucking harder, moving his head a bit faster on my cock. When he stops suddenly, I start pumping with my hips, keeping my cock moving in and out of his mouth with the same rhythm as when he was in control. My hands clench tighter at his head and before I know it, I have two fistfuls of Luke’s hair. I speed up a bit and start moving my cock faster and deeper into his mouth.

Luke’s hands move toward my hip and then around behind my ass cheeks. I feel pressure from his hands, which make my cock sink a bit deeper into his mouth. He pulls with even more force and I feel my cock sink almost all the way down my friend’s throat. At the same time, one of his fingers slip into the crack of my ass while a hand squeezes my balls. I inhale deeply as he starts pushing his fingers into my asshole. I thrust forward not sure about his finger going into my ass and as a result push deep into his throat. He gags and the feeling of his throat muscles spasming around my cockhead tips me over the edge.

My cock spews a load deep down his throat causing him to gag and cough, making it better for me. I let go of his head and he pulls back with a big gulp. My cock, still pumping cum out, plasters his face before he opens his mouth to take my cock back into his mouth.

When he finishes he looks up at me, wiping the cum from his face. He reaches down and smears it around his asshole and then rolls over to get onto his hands and knees with his ass pointing at me. He slips his hand behind and slips a finger into his asshole and starts to rapidly finger fuck himself. I stroke my cock, spreading his saliva and my cum all over my cockhead and shaft, readying myself for what is to come next.

Luke pulls his fingers from his asshole and reaches back with both hands, gripping his ass cheeks to pull them apart. I’ve fucked women in the ass before, but never another man and I can’t lie to say that I am excited by the opportunity to do so now. I move up behind him, still stroking my cock. Then I feel Luke’s hand, first on my balls then grabbing my hard cock. He gets a tight grip on my shaft and I feel him move his body around some before feeling some pressure against my cockhead. He pushes back against me as he wiggles his ass.

A second later, my hands are holding Luke’s hips and I am pushing my hips forward. A second after that I feel an incredible tightness squeeze my cock. Luke is panting as I feel the constricting ring of heat begin to give and more of my cock being enveloped in the tight, squeezing softness of his ass.

“Oh fuck,” Luke says stained. “Push more.”

As he says those last two words, I do exactly that and he backs up. I feel a huge pop as my cock slips through fully. Luke lets out a grunt and I have never felt anything so incredible in my life. Not even any of the women I’ve fucked in the ass have felt this way. I can feel the ring of muscle clenching around my cock. It is hot and wet.

Luke takes a deep breath and pushes back again, taking more of my cock. I tighten my grip on his hips and as I pull him roughly back to me, I thrust my hips forward. We both moan loudly as I bury my cock deep into my friend’s ass. Once I am fully in, I pull back and thrust forward. He backs up on my thrust and seems to take more of me into him. I can feel my cock being squeezed tighter than I thought possible. We both grunt each time I thrust my cock in deep.

“Oh fuck me!” Luke cries out. “Harder!”

I fuck him harder, giving him all I have. I am pounding my cock so hard and deep into him and he takes everything I dish out, even fucking back at me with as much force as I am into him. I can hear his excitement in her ragged breaths.

Then suddenly he shouts, “I’m going to cum!”

A moment later it is like his asshole has gotten hotter around my cock. I drive it deep, pushing as deep as I can and I feel his whole body go hard. My hands slide from his hips and around to his stomach. I pull him up and press his back tight against my stomach as I push my hips up against his ass, pulling his whole quivering body down on my cock. His asshole grips my cock like nothing before. I can feel his whole body twitching against me and then I feel a spurt of his cum on my arm and that is all it takes. My grunts are deep and loud. I try to shove my cock even deeper into Luke’s ass as I start to shoot my load. My balls tighten up even more and I shoot a couple more big shots up his ass.

By the time I am finished, I realize that I have him pulled right up against me and I am kissing, licking ad even biting at his shoulders and neck. I stay there on my knees with Luke’s body tight against me and my cock deep in his bowels. He turns his head so that we are face to face and he kisses me tenderly, using just his lips and tip of his tongue.

“That was awesome,” Luke says to me between kisses and as he speaks I feel him squeeze his asshole around my still mostly hard cock.

Suddenly, my cock starts getting hard again and I start rocking my hips again, moving my cock around in him. Before I know it I am fucking him again. A couple seconds later Luke pulls off and lies on his back with his legs spread wide. My body is on top of his, with my cock pressed against his asshole.

“Fuck me again,” he says.

I slip back in easily and start to slowly move my cock in and out of him. In this position, my cock doesn’t get as deep as when I took him from behind. I shove my cock a bit harder and deeper into Luke’s ass and he closes his eyes and grunts a bit. I grab his legs and push them up to his chest, which means I can drive my cock deeper into his body.

“Fuck me! Harder!” he yells.

Once again, Luke cums first. I can feel his eruption causing his whole body to squeeze my cock. Feeling the hot globs of cum on his stomach and my chest turn me on even more. It is only a second later that I am shooting my own load into him. I drive my cock as deep into his ass as I can and when I feel Luke’s hands on my ass cheeks, trying to get me deeper inside him, I start spewing even more cum.

I collapse on top of him as I try to catch my breath. As I slump over him, his legs slip down and he wraps his arms around me. I can still feel his body tensing a bit around my cock as it finally starts to go soft. I then feel it slip out of Luke’s dripping asshole and when it does, his arms tighten around me and he nuzzles his face into my neck.

“We’re going to have to do this every weekend from now on,” he whispers into my ear.

I can’t disagree with him. Next weekend I wanted him in my ass.

It was late as Joe and Liz left the store, Joe locking the door behind them. They had been working together for several months, friends for years, and tonight they planned to eat together at Joe’s apartment before Liz went home. They arrived a few minutes later, tacos in tow, and Joe turned on a dim lamp as they ate. When they finished, Joe went to his computer and began checking his mail.

“This bra is bugging me,” Liz said suddenly, sparking Joe’s interest. “I’m going to take it off.”

Moments later, Liz had slid the bra from under her shirt, and Joe couldn’t help but glance at her large, perky breasts straining against her tight t-shirt. Liz moved around the table and sat in a chair next to him, somewhat oblivious to his glances. She leaned in, her left breast brushing against his arm slightly. He felt his cock stirring in his pants and glanced at her sideways. She looked at him, curious.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “but I just can’t stop looking at your breasts knowing that you don’t have a bra on.”

Liz smiled and tilted her head down a little, looking at her friend through her eyelashes.

“Well, in that case…”

Liz rose and slowly slid her shirt over her head. Her tits bounced a little as the fabric pulled away from them. Joe spun his chair to face her and pulled her to him by her hips.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” he muttered as he ran his tongue over one of her erect pink nipples. Liz groaned and ran her fingers through his hair for a moment before sliding her hands down to unbutton her jeans. She slid them down her legs until she was standing in front of Joe in nothing but a lacy green thong and a pair of rainbow-striped knee-high socks. Joe moaned a little against her nipples, wondering if she had planned this. She knew how much those socks turned him on.

Liz leaned down flicked her tongue over her friend’s ear, moaning as he bit her nipple gently, his other hand moving to rub her clit through her thong. “I want you to eat my pussy,” she whispered in a sultry tone.

Joe wasted no time and slid her soaked thong off of her, leaving the socks on. He didn’t move his mouth from her breasts, licking all around them, moving between nipples now as he cleared the table’s contents to the floor and picked her up by her ass.

He laid a now writing Liz on his table and kissed his way down her stomach. He spread her legs far apart and placed the tip of his tongue against her clit, and she moaned more loudly. She didn’t care if his neighbors heard; she wanted them to hear how well he was pleasing her. He hungrily began licking and sucking on her clit, sucking the juices off the folds of her lips. She gasped and put her hands on his head, squirming under him and whimpering slightly. He laughed a little bit, and she smiled slightly, knowing how much he loved eating pussy. She brought her hips up, fucking his face while he slid his tongue in and out of her tight cunt, then sliding his tongue up to lick tight circles around her clit, sucking gently. She pushed his head deeper into her cunt and screamed as she climaxed for the first time, her pussy cover Joe’s lips and chin with her cum.

After she came down, she pushed him away slowly, slid off the table, and said seductively, “My turn. I’ve always wanted to show you how awesome I am at giving head.”

She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and undid his belt, one hand rubbing his throbbing cock through his slacks. She slid his pants and underwear down, freeing his thick, hard cock. She admired it for a moment, fingertips tracing up and down the shaft gently, before sliding it all the way to the back of her throat, her one hand at the very base of the shaft as the other played with his balls. He moaned deeply and put his hands on the back of her head, gently thrusting his hips against her hot mouth.

Liz removed her hand from his balls and brought it down to rub her swollen clit as she sucked hard on his cock. The feeling of his dick in her mouth was better than she had ever imagined, and she had imagined it many times over the years. She slid her mouth up and down the long shaft, sweeping her tongue around the head, sliding her mouth off and jerking him with one hand while she licked and sucked his balls, taking one and then the other into her mouth and sucking gently. She stroked him faster, matching the pace she kept with her clit. After a moment she pulled her mouth from his balls and licked up the underside of his dick, sucking gently where the head met the shaft, and slid him down her throat again as she brought herself to climax.

“Oh, fuck, Liz, I’m so close,” Joe said, tilting his head back as she fucked him with her mouth. Hearing those words, Liz pulled away and grinned at him.

“Not yet,” she said softly. “I have something special in mind first.”

She stood up and led him by his hand to the bedroom. She pushed him roughly onto the bed and climbed on top of him, facing away from him as she slowly lowered her dripping pussy down his pulsing cock. They both moaned loudly as he entered her, and she continued playing with her clit as she started bouncing up and down on top of him. His moans increased as she began screaming his name as she came multiple times, her cum running down his dick as she rode him hard and fast. Just as Joe thought he was going to cum, Liz suddenly stopped and slid off of him.

“Now I want you to fuck me,” she told him, directing him to switch places with her. He scrambled up and she lay down, putting her legs together and bending so that her feet were over her head.

Joe placed the head of his cock against her dripping cunt, teasingly putting the head in her tight hole and then pulling back out, doing this a few times until she was begging to have his dick inside of her. He slammed into her with such force that she came once more, screaming and grabbing at the sheets. He slid his cock hard in and out of her hot, tight cunt, and she constantly screamed, begging him to go harder and deeper until he was buried to his balls in her dripping pussy. Once again, he could feel his orgasm mounting, but she stopped him once more.

“Fuck me in the ass,” she whispered. He nearly came at just that, but he looked at her with concern.

“Are you sure?” He asked. He knew she had never done it before, just as she knew he loved it. She nodded.

“I want you in my tight little ass,” she whispered. “But don’t cum. When you’re ready to cum, I want you to jerk yourself until you cum on my tits.”

Joe’s eyes widened as he ran a finger around her tight asshole, eliciting a small moan from Liz. He had no idea she was so into sex. He had known, of course, that she enjoyed it, but not like this.

Her pussy was so wet that its cum had completely covered her ass, and Joe’s cock was still dripping with it, leaving her ass nice and wet and ready to take his cock inside of it. He went slowly, inch by inch, gauging her reaction as he inserted more and more of his dick into her. Her ass was so fucking tight, squeezing his dick hard, and he could barely contain herself. She began to moan, and he reached one hand between her legs to rub her clit as he started thrusting gently.

“Do you like it?” He asked gruffly, wanting desperately to fuck her tight ass even harder. She moaned in response.

“Fuck, Joe, I love it. Fuck my ass, oh fuck yes,” she whimpered, her clit swelling against his fingers.

Joe began moving his dick faster, and Liz began moaning harder, screaming at him to fuck her hot little ass. His fingers moved fast against her clit, and soon she arched her back slightly and came against his hand. The muscles in her ass contracted, and Joe had to pull out quickly to keep from cumming.

Liz whimpered at the loss of his cock, but he quickly pulled her to her knees. She squeezed her tits together, looking at him hungrily, and said,

“Oh, fuck, Joe, cum on my tits. Shoot your hot, sticky load all over me.”

Joe stroked his cock quickly, but it took only a few seconds before tremors wracked his body and his cum shot hard from his dick, covering Liz’s perfect breasts. She moaned and clearly came at the feeling, and Joe felt himself cum even harder at the sight. He milked his cock as the cum kept flowing, giving him the most intense orgasm he could remember. After what seemed like forever, he gasped and collapsed on the bed. Liz lay down next to him, idly tracing her fingers through the cum on her tits, occasionally bringing a finger to her mouth and licking it clean.

“Worth the wait,” she said breathlessly as they both fell asleep.

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