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Chapter 05 — Kathy

As Kathy swung through the front door of city hall in the small town that she lived in, she couldn’t stop the smug grin from planting itself on her full, lush lips. She couldn’t decide if this was her new favorite place, or if Don’s bed was. Either way, she intended to enjoy the day.

A couple of days ago, the city clerk, Sharon literally fucked everyone in the office, including the mayor. She had recorded the escapades on video and then emailed a few copies out. Sharon had then left the office, leaving behind a resignation letter and no one had seen her since. The mayor called Kathy yesterday to help out in city hall until the position could be filled. As her normal job over at the library was boring as hell, she was happy to oblige.

Kathy’s green eyes surveyed the room, taking in the occupants already there. Wanda sat at the counter chair, her soft brown hair newly cut into a neat bob that perfectly framed her face. To Kathy’s pleasant surprise, Wanda greeted her with a smile. As she rounded the counter, Kathy was able to see that Wanda was wearing a very flattering light yellow sundress.

Don had told her of Wanda’s admission to lesbianism and Sharon’s gift of a spa and new wardrobe, but this was a very nice change. The yellow dress fit snug across her bodice, showing a little skin but not too much, it’s flowing skirt stopping just above her knees. The new hair cut made her brown eyes look huge. Kathy thought the changes were just perfect.

“Wow, you look like a sunbeam, sitting there so pretty.”

“Thank you, and I totally love that outfit.” Wanda took in Kathy’s crisp white shirt tucked into pink and brown plaid pleated skirt. Her long, nearly waist length honey blond hair flowed down her back. “Going for the school girl look?”

“Just a little bit.” Kathy laughed, pleased that Wanda was being so friendly. “I skipped the white knee socks and pony tails, figuring that would be a little too obvious.” Both women shared a laugh and Kathy was completely amazed to see the flirting look on Wanda’s face. “Actually, I was going for the professional look. I guess I missed.”

“Only someone with a dirty mind would take it wrong. You actually look very nice. I’m happy you’ll be with me in here today. Old grump over there has to get the bills out and he’s just awful to work with on these days.” Wanda nodded over to Don already pecking away at his computer.

Kathy looked at her new lover. He was the utility clerk for the town and Kathy had learned that he loved ass fucking. His black hair still just a tad wet from his shower and she knew that was her fault. She had spent the night with him and their morning romp in the sheets caused them both to be a bit later getting to work than planned. Not that she minded one bit.

Looking back to Wanda she asked, “So what do you want me doing today?”

Shooting a glare over her shoulder at Don, Wanda replied, “Don says I need to learn how to be nice to customers and that you’re the best one to teach me.”

“You’ve been a hateful old bitch for too long Wanda; trust me you need help,” Don growled from his desk.

As Wanda opened her mouth to presumably blast Don for his words, Kathy stepped in quickly, “Don said you’d been going through some changes in your life and I’d be happy to help in anyway I can.” She smiled hopefully at Wanda, dearly afraid the two would start scrapping any minute.

Wanda looked back at Kathy and narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. Kathy grinned and after taking a careful glance at the front door to make sure no one was around, quickly leaned in a dropped a kiss on Wanda’s soft lips. “Come on, let’s seriously mess with people’s heads today,” Kathy whispered mischievously.

That certainly caught Wanda’s attention, her eyes widening in shock at the kiss. Thinking it over and looking into Kathy’s sparkling green eyes, she felt a newly discovered mischievous streak rose up. “Oh we could so do that.”

The morning progressed well with both women greeting and waiting on customers. They had great fun in lightly flirting with each other and most of the people that came into the building, men and woman alike. As the door closed behind another normally complaining customer, Kathy exclaimed, “God this is so fun! She was so confused by you she didn’t even have anything to complain about today.”

Wanda smirked. “There’s been a few people I’ve missed bitching at, but I gotta’ agree that this has been fun.” Tilting her head to the side a bit, she considered Kathy thoughtfully. Kathy leaned back against the counter and waited for Wanda. “So, ever had sex with a woman?”

As that wasn’t quite the question Kathy had been expecting, she was slightly startled. “Uh, umm actually yes, once.” She threw an embarrassed glance over at Don only to discover he had raised his head and was waiting for her answer. At his grin, Kathy ducked her head as a blush crept across her cheeks.

“Did you like it?” Wanda continued.

Seeing no way out of the conversation, Kathy decided she have to answer honestly. “Truthfully, it was okay. It’s not my thing, I didn’t get off on it, but I’m glad for the experience.”

“Would you want to do it again?” Wanda’s eyes twinkled as she waited for Kathy’s response.

“Uh, well…” Kathy stammered. Don burst out laughing and she threw a glare his direction. “To be honest Wanda, I don’t know. It’s not something I’ve really thought about. I know I’ve been all flirty today and that’s probably wrong of me. I was just having some fun.” Kathy was beginning to feel badly about her behavior of the past few hours.

Wanda grabbed Kathy’s hand and pulled her down the hall away from the public area. “Now I’ve made you feel bad; I’m so sorry. Please, this has been a really fun morning and I don’t want to screw it up by making you think you’ve done something wrong.”

Kathy shrugged, “I wasn’t thinking of your feelings.”

“Okay look, I’ve been a closet lesbian and hardcore, horrible bitch for years and just yesterday found out that I’m really bi instead. I have no idea how to act, no idea how to be who I am and flirting with you has actually helped me today. It’s let me know that I’m not a freak.”

“Bi? You like men? I’m sorry that’s probably too personal for me to ask. Hell Don shouldn’t have told me all that he did, it’s your personal business. But Wanda, you are not a freak. You’re a beautiful woman who’s finding her way in life. If I was into women, I would most certainly be into you.”

“Aww thank you.” Wanda hugged Kathy tight, enjoying the feel of Kathy’s large firm breasts pressing into her own. Just to play a bit, she slid her hands down and cupped Kathy’s rounded ass.

Kathy giggled and returned the favor, gripping Wanda’s smaller but still firm butt cheeks. “This may not be turning me on, but it sure is fun. Is it alright if we keep it up? I mean I’m not going to leave you like, sexually frustrated am I?”

As Wanda continued to hold and caress Kathy’s ass, she gave her a quick kiss. “Even if you did get me all hot and bothered, I’ve got new friends that will be happy to help me out. But just to let you know, I totally love to suck jizz out of a woman’s pussy after a man has cum inside her. So if you and Don get it on today, let me know so I can clean you up.”

Kathy gave a breathy moan. “God that sounds so hot.” The two women met in a long, hot kiss, arms wrapping around each other. As they pulled apart, Kathy sang, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.”

The two broke out in laughter and arm in arm, went back to work. They both met Don’s questioning stare with amused smiles. Wanda checked to make sure no one else was close by and quickly flipped up the back of Kathy’s skirt giving Don a glimpse of bare ass. Kathy jumped a bit at the sudden action and jerked her skirt back down. She looked at Don. They had only been together a very short time, but she recognized the glazed look that had come into his bright blue eyes.

Turning to lean over his desk, she pulled the front of her blouse down even farther so he could get a glimpse of her ripe melons. “I am having a wonderful time today. What would you think of me applying for Sharon’s job?” she whispered.

Don was unable to raise his eyes from the temptation so close at hand. With a hard swallow he whispered his reply, “Put those away before I take you to the back right now. You two are driving me insane over there. As much as I’d love to have you here all the time, I’m not sure my pants would survive.”

“Your pants?”

“I’m about to bust out of them my dick is so hard!”

His words caused Kathy’s damp pussy to flood with moisture. Turning quickly she asked Wanda, “Is it lunch time yet?”

By mutual consent between the three of them they decided to close for lunch and then all headed straight for the city clerks office. In seconds, Kathy had dropped her skirt and had her shirt open and was sliding back on the desktop. As she had once again skipped wearing panties, her cleanly shaved pussy glistened with juice as she spread her legs wide.

Don had his prick in hand in record time and was on his way to send it home. Wanda scooted up onto the desktop behind her and gently pushed Kathy’s bra out of the way. Leaning around, Wanda latched onto Kathy’s ripe berry nipple and began sucking. She pulled away just long enough to stare in surprise. “Strawberries! Wow.” Twisting around Kathy she went back to the tasty nipples at hand.

Only a few strokes after Don’s long pole entered Kathy’s tight twat, combined with Wanda’s mouth and hands on her large breasts and Kathy was erupting in orgasm. Copious amounts of fluid poured from her pussy as she bucked and moaned on the desktop. Wanda slid a hand down to flick Kathy’s clit and caused her to nearly scream in ecstasy.

Once she was able to breathe normally again, Kathy exchanged kisses with both Don and Wanda. As Don hadn’t reached his goal yet, Kathy turned her attention to Wanda and let him continue pumping that long slender prick in her hot box. Sliding her hand under Wanda’s skirt she found pretty yellow panties.

Pushing them aside, she carefully stroked her fingers over Wanda’s nicely waxed and soaking wet snatch. Wanda shuddered and latched her mouth onto Kathy’s, tongues sliding and slipping together. Being in unfamiliar territory, Kathy was cautious in sliding a finger inside of Wanda.

Gasping, Wanda quickly turned to face Kathy so they sat hip to hip and spread her legs open to assist Kathy. Putting a hand over Kathy’s, Wanda guided her fingers, showing her to stroke and fondle her dripping channel, entering and withdrawing fingers together. The two women twined around each other, kissing and rubbing whatever they could reach as Don continued to pound away in Kathy’s love tunnel.

Seeing all the female action caused Don to explode into Kathy’s hot cavern. Streams of jizz spurted from his cock filling Kathy’s tunnel as shudders wracked his body. Grabbing a handful of Kathy’s hair, he pulled her mouth back to his, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

When he finally finished oozing cum, Don gently slipped from Kathy. Wanda wasted no time in climbing off the desk and leaning down to start lapping the tasty juices flowing out. She sucked the cream from Kathy, trying to get every drop. Since Kathy could no longer reach Wanda’s crotch, Don lifted an eyebrow in question to her.

At Kathy’s nod, he slid his fingers into Wanda’s pussy. Gently stroking them in and out, working his fingers. Wanda moaned and sucked at Kathy even harder, using her own fingers to rub at the small but hard clit. Kathy moaned as another small orgasm swept through her. When Don pushed his thumb against Wanda’s puckered ass hole, she exploded in her own orgasm. Her knees nearly buckled and Kathy caught her up to her breasts, holding her close.

Don leaned over the two women and gave Kathy a warm loving kiss which she returned. Wrapping an arm around him, Kathy held both to her as best she could. “I’ve decided,” he announced. Both women turned to him in question. “I’m putting in a call to the mayor and if he doesn’t hire you to take Sharon’s place then I’m gonna quit and get a job at the library.”

“Oh yes! Me too,” Wanda added. “You have got to come work here. Screw the library. No wait, don’t screw the library, you have to come here and screw us every day.”

Kathy laughed weakly. “Guys, as much as I like the idea I’m beginning to be afraid that we’d kill each other with sex.”

“But damn, what a way to go.” Slapping Wanda’s ass, he added, “Come on girls get dressed and I’ll treat you to lunch. Even though its going to have the be the fastest lunch we can find.”

Just before closing that day, the mayor came into the office. Kathy gave him a nervous smile and nearly dropped the pen she was using. He went around the counter and chatted with Don while she finished what she was doing.

“Kathy, step in here with me a minute please.” Giving Don and Wanda hopeful looks, she followed Ray into the city clerk’s office. Seeing him settle behind the desk, Wanda took the chair across from him and smoothed down her skirt. Flashes of memory went through her mind of what happened on that desk top and she was grateful Wanda had taken the time to wipe it clean.

Kathy found herself in an impromptu interview of the job in question. Her college degree served her well as the mayor talked to her and discovered how qualified she actually was for the job. “You are seriously overqualified to be working at the library. The city is just wasting your talents over there.”

She blushed at the thought of what talents had actually been used in the room they were in. Mayor Ray caught the blush and quickly figured out what had caused it. “Do you think you’ll be able to work with Don and Wanda in the long term?”

Taking a deep breath, Kathy knew this was important to get right. “I know that a precedent has already been set and that if I was put in a position of authority over them I’d have to handle things carefully. But I really feel that there is enough mutual respect for each different person and their job, that we would all be able to work together just fine.”

Raising from behind the desk, Ray moved to lean against it, facing Kathy. He was a short man that had a ‘big man complex’ and was used to trying to bully people around. What Kathy didn’t know is that Sharon’s fuck had brought him back to earth and back to his wife. Ray wasn’t quite the same man he had been. “A precedent huh? So you all have been fucking in the office already? What if I said that you had to fuck me before you could have the job?”

Kathy stood as fury filled her. “Then I’d tell you to go fuck yourself and on my way back to the library, I’d call your wife and tell her what you just said.”

Ray chuckled, “Relax, I just wanted to see your reaction. You’ve passed this interview with flying colors. As long as the city continues to run smoothly, what happens in this office is up to you and you alone.”

“Really? Just like that? I have the job?”

Ray smiled reassuringly, “Just like that. It’s important to fill this position quickly and city council actually does prefer to do promoting from current employees rather than hiring outsiders. You are very qualified. I know you’ve worked here enough to have a good idea of the basics of the job, and I have a feeling that you’ll pick up the rest quick enough. It’s also very obvious that you get along well with Don and Wanda. And anyone that can get along with Wanda the Bitch deserves the job. I just hope you realize how tough its actually going to be.”

“Wow. Thanks. I hope I don’t let you down.”

“You’ll do fine. Terri and I will throw a ‘welcome to the job’ party for you in a few days.” He patted her on the shoulder and started to leave the room.

Kathy quickly grabbed him and planted a quick kiss on his lips. “I won’t fuck you but that’s a little bit better thank you. Call it the beginning of my campaign for a friendly office.”

“If that’s how you plan on thanking people, this will be a very friendly office,” he laughed then gave her butt a little pat as they headed out.

“Don, Wanda meet your new City Clerk. She will have the duties of office manager just like Sharon did which means she is your supervisor. I hope you all can work together with no problems.” With that, Mayor Ray gave a salute and left.

The sudden and complete silence that followed caused Kathy’s nerves to skyrocket. Don leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest. Wanda sat tapping her pen against the counter.

“What? Isn’t this what you guys wanted? Oh god don’t do this!”

With laughs, both jumped up and grabbed Kathy close. “That was so hard. I could hardly keep my face from cracking. It was Don’s idea.”

“We had already planned what to do if you made it or not. Welcome to City Hall, honey.” Don kissed her long and deep, his hand roaming over her ass. As their kiss finished, Wanda took her lips with her’s and slipped her hand up under Kathy’s skirt to give her bare ass a rub too.

“Oh hot damn! I sure know when the best time to come to city hall is,” came an exclamation behind them. The three turned to see Fred the street supervisor walking up the hall from the back. Fred had also caught Don and Kathy fucking in the hallway yesterday and had jerked off to the show.

Kathy knew that her new job involved keeping track of the field supervisors as well as the office. Stepping away from the group and brushing at her skirt she faced the newcomer, “Fred I’m the new city clerk. The mayor just gave me the job a few minutes ago. I hope we can work professionally together.”

Fred grinned. “As long as you don’t mind me looking at your rack, we can work together just fine.”

Kathy felt Don stiffen beside her. Wanda stepped up to Fred and jabbed a finger in his chest, “You can look at anything you want you big buffoon, but you will keep your hands to yourself unless otherwise invited.” Wanda wasn’t very tall or very roundly built and standing in front of Fred who was taller and very stocky made her look even smaller.

“I’ll take that deal. Long as I can look at you too sweetheart.” Fred caught Wanda’s finger in his hand and sucked it in his mouth.

Kathy watched Wanda’s eyes round in shock. She looked to Don for guidance and he just stood with his mouth hanging open. “Uh Fred, remember invitation touching only,” Kathy pulled Wanda’s hand from his grasp.

The two stood facing each other, neither making a move. Kathy squeaked a Don trying to get him to do something. “You’re the boss lady now” he whispered.

“Um, Fred why did you come into the office? Did you need something?”

“Well, I was coming in to see if those reports I turned in yesterday were okay, but when I found this pretty little thing here I got a bit distracted. I like a feisty woman. Please tell me you work here.”

Kathy frowned in confusion. “Fred, Wanda’s worked here for years.”

“Wanda the bitch! No way! This ain’t Wanda, she’s a hag and this here little lady is as yummy lookin’ as a pat o’butter meltin’ on a hot biscuit.”

With a gasp Wanda broke free and fled into Kathy’s office. Glaring daggers at Fred, Kathy followed. Once inside she took Wanda into her arms and held her while the woman shook with silent tears.

“He’s just an ass. Don’t give him the satisfaction, sweety. Whatever you were, you’re not the same person and you’re going to be a much better person for finding yourself. You don’t have to take that from the caveman out there.”

“But he’s right. I spent so many years fighting who and what I am. I was a horrible person.”

Kathy brushed Wanda’s soft brown hair back from her face. Dropping a quick kiss on her lips, she laid her cheek against Wanda’s and rocked her gently. The sound of a throat being cleared brought her attention to Fred standing in the doorway. She glared daggers at him, daring him to say the wrong thing again.

The strobe lights reflected off her glasses, obscuring her eyes. From my darkened vantage point across the room, I imagined I was invisible to her. I was caught off guard, then, when her lips curled up into a fey smile. Was she really looking at me? I felt a warm tingle build in my lungs.

She turned her head slightly, allowing me to see those dark umber irises underneath. They were, in fact, pointed directly at me. Her face was bathed in a blanket of crimson.

I smiled back at her weakly. She blinked, then looked away. I thought to divert my gaze as well, but somehow I remained transfixed. There was something oddly familiar about her, something that tickled the depths of my memory in a vague and increasingly vexing way.

I then noticed her getup. Her cloche hat was tipped just so. A lacy tank dress clung to her like Saran Wrap, framing her curves with tailored precision. Those pumps her feet were crammed into didn’t look cheap either, nor did the somewhat garish jewelry dangling from her neck and wrists. It all appeared so fussily considered. Pretenses aside, this was a dyke hookup party; that usually went without saying, but everyone knew that’s what it was at base. Dress-up was purely optional.

Still, I found this girl’s extra effort charming. It spoke to her youth, and looking at her, I was reminded of the days when I felt compelled to do the same. Like her, I once went the extra mile in my presentation, nitpicked every detail. I felt that if I could define myself with fashion, I wouldn’t have to actually explain myself to anyone. In more recent years I’d grown a bit cavalier, perhaps a bit too comfortable with myself. I didn’t have to doll myself up much anymore. These get-togethers drew a lot of regulars, and the women who shared my interests knew where to find me. I rarely went home alone.

Had this girl heard about me? Or was she just naively browsing, unaware of my reputation? I saw her clutch her plastic cup tightly and raise it to her lips. Watching her, it dawned on me that the light beaming down upon her perfectly matched the hue of her ensemble. Red on red, like a chameleon settling into its camouflage. And yet I the same, with my dark grey dress pants and black blouse, laying in the murky shadows.

She suddenly stood up, her head still turned away from me. I took note of her figure. She was fairly short, with a trim upper body and modest bust. From the waist down, things took on a more well-fed appearance, culminating in a rather prominent bubble butt. Even through the loose-hanging drape of her skirt, it was hard to miss. As she turned in profile, it jutted out at a crisp angle.

She took a few short and meandering steps towards me, pausing every so often. I saw her mouth move as if she were talking to herself. She hung her head now, stealing glances at me so quickly that I’d have missed them if I weren’t glaring at her as expectantly as I was. I slowly uncrossed my legs as she approached, and placed my hands on my lap.

As she wandered closer, I squinted, realizing that her long black hair was actually dreaded in places—a strange curveball, I thought. I noticed her raccoon-grade eyeshadow and excessive lip gloss. Glimmering studs ran through two sections of her nose. These details clashed with the abbreviated sophistication of her dress, though of course this was probably just another of her inspired calculations, and I found it charming all the same.

I felt caution creep in, however. At this proximity, I couldn’t determine her age. She honestly looked like she could easily be one of my daughter’s friends, and keep in mind my daughter hadn’t yet graduated from high school. Was this girl even old enough to be in the bar? You’d think the staff would have tightened up door security after last year’s incident, but the Friday bouncer remained notoriously lazy.

The girl’s large eyes glimmered up close, snapping with subtle mischief, topped by strong dark eyebrows. Inhaling dramatically, her lips parted slightly to reveal small, faintly yellowed teeth. She held her smile, stomach contracted as if she were waiting for permission to exhale.

I blinked. I wasn’t sure what to say. I nodded and flashed a grin. She relaxed her posture a bit.

“Hi, I’m Branda,” she said. I detected a curious spot of southern drawl in her speech. I took a quick sip from my cup, then flashed her a grin.

“Hi there,” I said, casually. “My name’s Cat.”

She blushed, looking me up and down. “Oh, nice. I like cats! Or is that short for something?”

“Catheryn, but I prefer Cat,” I said, finishing the last of my vodka tonic hastily and setting the cup on a nearby table. “Nice to meet you, Branda. That’s a pretty name.”

“Oh, thanks! Nice to meet you, too, hehe,” she muttered, bouncing on her heels a bit. There was an awkward pause. I could see her calves tense with each movement, and I noticed that they looked rather toned. I took a chance and seized the opportunity for conversation that they presented.

“Hmm. You’re not a cyclist by any chance, are you?” I asked, glancing down at the exposed portion of her legs. She paused, looked down, and then chuckled again.

“Oh, wow. You’re pretty observant. Um, well I’m not pro…I just ride my bike a lot,” she said, downing the last of her drink almost simultaneously. “Are you?”

I shook my head. “Me? No, I do a few laps around the reservoir on Sundays if I have the time, that’s about it. I should do it more often.”

“That’s cool. I’m a bike junkie. Been riding since I could ride!” she said with a grin. She stared at me as if wanting further validation, tensing her stomach again. I nodded politely. I could smell her cheap alcohol breath and it wasn’t particularly flattering. I also was now a little unsure how attracted I actually was to her; I can be quite fickle, I’ll admit, and something about her manner coupled with her less-than-ideal age was beginning to disappoint me.

“So…” she said, looking around. The bass of the trashy dance music rumbled underneath us dramatically for a moment before settling into an ignorable throb. I leaned back, my hands now on my lap. I took a deep breath.

“So!” I returned, smiling more exaggeratedly. I brushed a minuscule speck of lint off of my sweater for no particular reason.

“So, Cat. Who do you know here?” she asked.

“Everyone and no one,” I said. She tittered. I narrowed my eyes. “Hmm. If you don’t mind me asking, Branda, how old are you exactly?” I asked. I saw her calves bulge again.

Her eyes dodged around the room. I folded my arms and flexed my lips up to a sneer. She caught my cue and stopped, and then exhaled deeply.

“I’m sorry! I just don’t want you to think—”

“How old are you?” I interrupted, my patience waning. As cute as she was, I simply was not in the market for jail bait. I ran my fingers through my hair and stared her down severely.

“Uh, 21,” she said unsurely.

“21?” I asked, searching her face for some kind of clue. She quickly nodded.

“Yes, I am. I mean—actually, I’ll be 21 in about sixty seconds,” she said, looking at the large LED clock hanging from the upper balcony.

I glanced at it. 11: 58 flashed to 11:59.

“Is that so? I guess Alvaro gave you a pass tonight, then?” I asked, incredulous.

“Oh, you mean the door guy? Umm, yeah. Okay, I’ll be honest, I used a fake ID to get in, just because. But I’m going to get a real ID first thing tomorrow, promise!” she said, quickly looking around her to make sure no one overheard her admission.

“I see. Then happy birthday, Branda,” I said.

“Thank you, Cat!” she let out. She stood still, staring at the clock while crimping her fingers. Finally it flashed midnight, and a joyous peep escaped her shiny lips. “Yay! Alright, so I’m 21 now. That means…um,”

“Yes?” I said, exhaling deeply.

“So uh. I was gonna ask. Do you remember me?” she said, anxiously fiddling with her necklace.

I shook my head no. I wondered if she could see the soft lie in my gesture, the glimmer of stifled recognition in my eyes. She seemed undeterred, in any case. I did recognize her somehow, but the word “remember” implied something more than that.

“You don’t remember last Friday?” she said. She ducked her head down close to mine, her knotty hair swinging back and forth in tandem with the bling dangling from her neck. I mentally replayed my previous Friday night at the bar…

I remembered being approached by a woman approximately in her 40′s who introduced herself as Letitia. I’d seen her on the periphery for a few months, and we’d made some telling eye contact, but it took her some time to find her way to me. When she finally came up, we chatted for about five minutes, though I can’t recall what about.

Whatever it was aroused both of us, that much I know. I then guided her into one of the lockable bathrooms. When she turned quietly and bent over in front of me, we both knew why; as I’ve said, I’ve got a solid reputation. I pulled up her skirt to reveal her predictably bare bottom. It was flat and pasty like the rest of her, but I wasn’t feeling particular at the moment.

Approving of it, I slicked my fingers up with liquid soap from the disposer, and within a few minutes my fist was wrist-deep in her rectum. She orgasmed fairly quickly, leaving my fingers slightly soiled in the process, though this didn’t bother me. As I washed my hands in the sink, she stood in the mirror next to mine fixing herself up with a large smile on her face.

I remember that awkward moment where “Letitia” tried to kiss me, but I pried her off of me as politely as I could. I wasn’t in for that kind of thing. if she’d had asked around the bar a bit more, she would have known that in advance. I’m married, and I just do this for the release—I get enough kisses and hugs at home.

I could see the dejection in her eyes, and was a bit sympathetic to it, but I had my boundaries. To soften the blow, I told her that she could come back for another examination any time she pleased. I said it as sweetly as I could, even though deep down I wished she wouldn’t take me up on the offer; I’m not too fond of return customers unless they’re extraordinary. In any event, my encouragement seemed to hearten her a bit, though I sensed I may never see her again. She seemed to get the hint. She wasn’t there the night I met Branda, in the least.

That was my only strong memory from last Friday night, and this young Branda was definitely not anything like the woman in my recollection. So I could not for the life of me know why she would have any recollection of us talking previously. I shook my head to her question.

“No, dear, you must be thinking of someone else. I’ve never spoken to you before.”

“But, you have! Ms. Weiss, you have to remember me, I—”

“How did you know my last name?” I shot at her severely. My heart began beating faster.

“Oh…” she began, then bit her lip.

My mind started to race. The only person in the bar who I’d ever given my full name to was Lena, one of the bartenders. But she doesn’t work Fridays, so there’s no way this girl could have gotten it from her—or was there? I always figured that if rumor ever got out about me and my profession, Lena would be to blame. But that would go against everything I knew about her. Lena was as trustworthy as they come. Plus, I knew just as many potentially defamatory details about her life as she did about mine. In any case it didn’t make sense for her to blab to some random, clueless 20 year old.

“Tell me,” I repeated. “Tell me how you know my name.”

“I don’t know,” she said unconvincingly.

“Tell. Me,” I said, flexing my upper lip.

There were very few functions where she’d have access to my last name. Wait staff taking my credit at a restaurant, okay. Behind the counter at a DMV, okay. But I couldn’t think of many other legal ways. Or, more accurately, the only other way I could think of was so unfathomable that I merely did not even want to entertain it. And, then, the unfathomable came from her lips.

“Because…you saw me last week. In your office. You’re a doctor, right?”

I froze, then looked away. I wanted to deny it, but she was right. I was a specific kind of doctor, too: a colorectal surgeon. Proctology was (and still is) my calling in life, strange as it seems.

I shifted in my seat, lips pursed. I knew that my non-answer would tip her off, but I wasn’t about to out myself in public. I just waited for her to continue. She crouched before me and put both hands on my knees. Every muscle in my body tensed.

“You are. I know it! You saved my life…” she said. “You really did. You don’t remember?”

Suddenly I recalled who she was.

Last week at work, a young college-aged girl had come in with an emergency. She’d inserted a vegetable into her anus—a relatively small butternut squash, if I recall correctly, which is still fairly big by nature—and it had traveled so far up her rectum that she couldn’t retrieve it. I’d extracted plenty of anorectal foreign bodies in my time, so nothing about my initial interaction with Branda stood out in my mind.

When I’m at work, none of my kinks apply; I am all business, and details about one-time emergency patients usually exit my mind the minute they’re out of sight. But with Branda’s reappearance, it began to dawn on me not only had she enjoyed her medical experience, but she was stalking me for more, and this flustered me. It also had the strange side-effect of turning me on, which I found slightly disturbing.

Reflecting for a moment, I did recall sensing something strange in her demeanor during the operation, something oddly lascivious in place of where ordinary concern, fear or discomfort would have been a more normal response to the probings she’d undergone. But, again, when you see as many asses in one week as I typically do, you stop trying to psychoanalyze your patients and just get to the task at hand.

“Yes, I do,” I said curtly. “But whatever you have in mind, forget it. I don’t know how you found me here, but I don’t appreciate being stalked. Please, leave me alone.”

I saw her face immediately droop.

“But…” she began. “I’m sorry for stalking…I mean, all I did was follow you after work that day, but it’s not like I’m, y’know, hacking your emails or anything.”

“What?” I said, fighting the urge to stand up in outrage and cause a scene. The bar was only a 15 minute walk from my office, yes, but I never imagined anyone would trail me like that. I wasn’t exactly in the closet about being a lesbian, but I did want to remain discrete about my particular sexual practices as much as I could, especially since they correlated with my professional interests so closely.

“Wait, you mean you didn’t think it was hot?” Branda said.

“No,” I said.

I could tell she’d come too far to give up so easily. She took a step closer, daring to place a hand on my shoulder. “I mean, it hurt like hell…and it was really embarrassing, I’ll admit that,” she said. “But, come on. You didn’t enjoy…feeling inside, so deep. Feeling me stretch…”

“Oh god. Go now, dear,” I said, a twitch rolling up my spine. I pulled away, releasing her hand from me. “I think you’ve got the wrong person.”

I’d had a very distinguished professional career up to that point, and I wasn’t about to jeopardize it by talking to some tipsy college girl. I knew I had to put up clear boundaries, whatever her intent was.

“I’m sorry—” she let out, her eyes beginning to water. She began to turn away. Her sudden, almost innocent-seeming reaction took me by surprise, and almost made me forget how sketchy she was being.

“Wait, hold on,” I said in a hushed voice.

Why did I say that? I couldn’t tell. I’d just nearly managed to get her off of me, and yet I was calling for her to stay a moment longer. Maybe it was the alcohol, though I hadn’t had much. Maybe it was just the power of her charms working, as skeptical as I was.

I unthinkingly reached into my pocket, and pulled out one of my business cards. I pressed it into her hand. “Here’s my contact,” I said.

“Wh…what?” she said, confused. Frankly I confused myself as well, but arousal began to realize itself within me as those little dirty words flitted through my mind—”feeling me stretch.” I enjoyed hearing them spoken with that little country twang, falling from the mouth of this doll-faced little tart. connected them in my mind to the image of that fat, filthy veggie. My vividly soiled rubber gloves.

Other images came back to me—the pink rim of her elastic sphincter as it widened under the pressure of my dilator. The vivid details of the proctoscope as it traveled deep into the membranous darkness of her impacted bowels.

And then the smells—the heady fragrance wafting from her her gaping asshole, lingering in the air. The bittersweet scent of her sweat as it trickled down the small of her back, parting into two streams along the widely split ravine of her crack.

I shook my head, pulling myself back into the moment. When my eyes locked with hers again, I saw her in a totally different light. A green light.

“I can’t see you here. Come during business hours,” I said as calmly as I could, my mind swirling.

She looked at the card in her hand, then back at me, and finally a smile began to return to her face.

“Oh…so you mean, I should make an appointment?”

I nodded quickly. “Yes. Now go,” I said.

She bobbed her head in understanding, laughing nervously. “Oh, wow. Yes…Miss!” she said, turning on her heels. “I’ll…call…first thing Monday.”

I looked away, fearing someone would hear us. I’d developed a very good sense of when I was being eavesdropped upon, and a particular dyke hovering near me was well-known for being nosy. One thing about that bar was that everyone gossiped. I was walking on thin ice at this point, so I picked up my cell phone and pretended to busy myself. Branda thankfully got the hint, and by the time I looked up again, she was gone.

As of this writing, she hasn’t called.

I believe I’ll remember her as “the one that got away.” I didn’t even know I wanted her for certain until it was too late. That was over two years ago, so I doubt she ever will ever return to the bar.

I wondered, did she slip that veggie inside of her just to get the attention? Was this a pattern, and were there unsuspecting proctologists all over town who she secretly crushed on after painful extractions over the operating table? I may never know.

Perhaps never knowing is for the best. But in the wake of that bizarre encounter, I found myself taking more interest in my female patients, especially ones I suspected could be bi or lesbian. I began asking them about their lives more, something I’ve never done naturally.

I’ve never been an extrovert, but something about my experience with Branda bridged a gap for me I feel just slightly more invested now that I know my profession can, in fact, draw a few crazy moths to my flame.

Back at the bar, I’ve since decided to light up my murky little corner a bit. I bought a little red night light, and I plug it into the wall right next to my usual seat next to the bar.

It’s the same color red that Branda wore, and think I’ll leave it on until she returns.

The End

She had a six hour wait for her connecting flight to Hawaii. Because of a last minute booking and a short time period to get to the location, this was the only flight that was available. Two of that six-hour wait she spent browsing the shops and eating lunch in one of the restaurants. At three in the afternoon, the terminal does not have very many people populating it, only those that have a layover. The one good thing about the terminal being virtually empty is that no one was stopping her to ask for her autograph. She is getting bored but did not want to wander the shops again so she decided to check out the VIP lounge.

One of the lounges located in LAX is next to gate 70A in terminal seven. It is United’s Red Carpet Club and to enter you must be a member of the club. She takes out her membership card scans it and the door opens for her. When she enters the lounge, the concierge has her sign in and hands her a key to a storage locker to stow her carry-on bag. After coming out of the locker room, which is across from the concierge desk, she walks into the main part of the lounge. The place is well appointed; on her left is a sitting area with tables, chairs, sofas, and a HD television tuned to some sort of movie. Straight ahead is the bar and to the right of that is a small buffet with snacks, sandwiches, and a salad bar all of it complimentary. She walks up to the bar and gets the bartender’s attention, she is watching the movie.

The bartender walks over and says, “Good afternoon, Ms. Hewitt what can I get for you?”

“Good afternoon Samantha, what kind of bourbon do you have?”

“We have Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, Old Grand Dad, and Jim Beam.”

“Let me have a Turkey on the rocks. It’s a little early but it’s five o’clock somewhere.” She says with a smile.

“Sure thing, coming right up, in here it’s always five o’clock.” The bartender politely smiling at her little joke.

“Thanks Samantha.”

“You’re welcome and you can call me Sam.”

“Okay, thanks Sam, you can call me Love.”

While Sam is making her drink, she looks around the room and sees a tall, well-dressed black man standing by the window taking in the view. He is wearing a black suit that fit him like a glove, a pair of black dress shoes and a white button down dress shirt. She could tell even with the suit that he has a build like an athlete with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. When he turns around and starts walking towards the bar, she could see that he is very handsome with a shaved head, which suited him well. She watches as he comes closer and notices that he moves with grace like a cat and wore a red patterned silk tie that hung loose from the open collar around his neck. Involuntarily she licks her lips like a hungry person seeing their first meal in days. She could not believe she had not noticed him when she looked around the room before. Other than the bartender and concierge, he is the only other person in the lounge.

The bartender returned with her drink and said, “Here you go Love that will be twelve dollars please.” When she didn’t respond, the bartender knocked on the top of the bar to get her attention.

“Oh sorry, I was somewhat distracted.” she said, took out her credit card and handed it to Sam.

“Yeah, that tall dark drink of water would distract any warm-blooded female. Would you like for me to open a tab for you?”

“Yes that would be great. Do you know who he is?”

“All I know about him is his name. He introduced himself as Jonathan Douglas.”

“Okay thanks, Sam”

She took her drink walked towards the sitting area, as she passed him she smiled and said good afternoon. He returned the greeting and continued towards the bar. Glancing over his shoulder, he took note of her great hourglass figure and firm ass. It wasn’t one of those typical white girl asses; she has a little junk back there. As he got to the bar, he is thinking to himself that he would like to get some of that.

When Sam comes over to where he is standing, she asks, “What can I get for you, Jon?”

“Let me have another beer and the name of that lovely lady over there.”

“You don’t recognize her? That’s Jennifer Love Hewitt.”

“I know the name but never had a face to go with it. I’ve heard men talk about how pretty she is and now I know why.”

“Yeah, she is one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood. Here is your beer, and good luck.”

“Why did you wish me good luck?”

“Let’s just say I can hear the wheels turning. My advice is to just go up to her and start talking.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes it is, I’m betting you want to see her out of that dark red pencil skirt she has on.”

“Thanks Sam. By the way what’s the bet?”

“I’ll bet she has on pantyhose; if I’m right you have to buy me dinner at the Urasawa restaurant. If I’m wrong you get to fuck me until your heart’s content.”

“Done.” Then they shook hands to seal the bet.

As Sam walked away, he turned and leaned up against the bar and watched Jennifer find a place to sit and watch the movie that is playing. He took in the outfit she is wearing, the dark red high waist pencil skirt that ends just above her knees and matching short waist long sleeve jacket. Under the jacket, she has on a black lace blouse that hugs her breasts and body like a second skin. It didn’t seem all that cold in the room so he is surprised to see her nipping through the blouse and her bra. She must be wearing a soft cup bra for her nipples to be so pronounced. Her shapely legs are sheathed in a pair of sheer black pantyhose or thigh high stockings with black high heel shoes on her feet. He wants to find out which of the two she has on, pantyhose or thigh highs.

She found a chair positioned so she could see the television and the bar without being too obvious. He is standing by the bar with his elbows resting on the top of it checking her out which she didn’t mind because she is checking him out too. The first thing she noticed about him was the color of his eyes, a deep dark chocolate brown. His skin looks smooth and soft like well-tanned leather giving it a glow and color of stained walnut. The straight nose complimented his full lips, which sits above a dimpled chin that is part of what they use to call a lantern jaw. His somewhat thick neck flows into his broad squared shoulders and muscular arms. Even through his suit, she could tell that his wide expanse of a chest narrowed down to a trim waist with six-pack abs. At least she thought they would be that defined. She wants to find out if that is true.

Taking his beer with him, he walks over to the sitting area and finds a seat that’s a couple of chairs away from where she is sitting. He looks in her direction and says excuse me, can you tell me what this movie is about.

“Sure, it’s about a woman who works as a hotel maid that falls in love with a man running for a seat in the Senate.”

“Okay thanks. Ummm… what is your name, you look familiar.”

“My name is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Maybe you’ve seen one of my movies, that’s why I look familiar to you. I also have a series on television or maybe you’ve seen one of my music videos.”

“Nice to meet you Ms. Hewitt, my name is Jonathan Douglas but you can call me Jon. No I don’t think I have seen any of your movies, sorry.”

“You can call me Love, all my friends do. No need to apologize, I’m sure there are lots of people that haven’t seen my work.”

“You sound like a busy woman. I think I know where I’ve seen you before; it was on the cover one of those glamour magazines. What is your destination, are you going on vacation?”

“Yeah, I am sort of busy but I have enjoyed every minute of the time I’ve been performing. I wish I were going on vacation, I’m on my way to Hawaii for an audition.”

“Well it is unfortunate that you aren’t vacationing but Hawaii would be a great place to do a movie.”

“That is true. There are not many others places that could beat it as a work environment.”

She thought to herself, I love his deep voice. It reminds me of Dennis Haysbert’s voice, that smooth baritone that’s like music. For some reason his voice seems like it’s touching the most intimate parts of her body, making her nipples hard and her pussy moist. She didn’t understand these feelings she just met the man. Although she wonders if what they say about black men is true, the bulge in the front of his pants would give credence to the stereotype.

“Where are you going Jon and is it for business or pleasure?”

“I’m on my way to New York to scout locations for a movie I’m producing. So this trip is all about business.”

“What kind of movie are you producing an action or horror or maybe a romantic comedy, something that I might want to have a role in?”

“I don’t think you’d want to be in the kind of movies I produce, they are adult films.”

“What?! Really?! I have never met someone in the adult film industry. What’s it like making them and did you start out as a producer?”

He got up from his chair, moved to one right next to hers, and sat down. Moving closer to her, he could see she has honey colored eyes and deep dark brown hair that looked soft and shiny as silk. For someone as petite as she is, maybe five foot three, she has surprisingly large tits. After seeing her up close, he knew he would try to fuck her before her flight.

“I hope you don’t mind me sitting next to you, I don’t want them to over-hear our conversation.”

“No I don’t mind, I was hoping you would come a little closer. I was getting a little tired of trying to talk over the TV,” she said this with a flirty little smile.

“To answer your question, no I didn’t start out as a producer that came later. I started making adult films as an actor, after a while I became a director from there I began producing. Actors and directors make decent money but it’s the producers that make the big money. The industry brings in about fourteen billion dollars a year.”

“Wow, I didn’t know it is that big but I don’t see very many adult theatres anymore.”

“Yeah, most of the money comes from DVD sales, pay per view streaming websites, and membership websites.”

“That doesn’t answer my question about what’s it like.”

“There are people that think making porn is glamorous but it’s not. On a set or location, you have many people milling around which can be distracting. The lights are hot, there is sound equipment hanging over your head with the director telling you to get into uncomfortable positions.”

“That sounds like any movie set I have ever been on. There are even scenes where you have to take off your clothes.”

“Yeah, it probably does, the difference is that you may have to show your tits or ass and sometimes do a full frontal nude scene but in porn you must show penetration.”

“Do you think I would make a good porn star?”

“No, I don’t… I think you would make a great porn star. You are beautiful; you have large firm tits, and a great hourglass figure. I noticed your ass earlier when you were walking away from me that you have a very nice apple shape ass that has just the right amount of bump to it.”

“Jon you could turn a girl’s head if you keep talking like that. Are there any auditions you have to go to for adult films?”

“Not really auditions but there are casting calls.”

“What goes on at a casting call?”

“Casting calls are usually filmed interviews and sometimes there is sex involved.”

“Why would there be sex during those interviews?”

“The director wants to see if the woman can handle having sex while being filmed and determine how far the woman is willing to go.”

“So some women can’t handle the camera or won’t do what the scene calls for?”

“Yeah, you have to be a little bit of an exhibitionist to be a porn star.”

“If I were to go to one of your casting calls what would you have me do, besides the interview?”

“I could show you better than I could tell you but you have to play the part of an amateur porn star trying to break into the professional ranks.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

“How far are you willing to take this part you are about to play?”

“I want to know what a real casting call is like, that includes everything involved.”

“Okay, but that can be pretty hardcore.”

They finished their drinks and he asked if she would like another one, she said yes I would I’m a little nervous. He stood up, walked over to the bar and ordered a beer for himself and bourbon for her. When the drinks arrive, he asks Sam if there was some place he could lay down.

“Yes Jon, the club provides some rooms in the back for our members to take a nap in between flights. There are also showers back there if they want to freshen up.”

“That would be great, my flight doesn’t leave for another six hours and I am a little tired. I could use a nap until then.”

“You’ll have to get a key from the concierge for the room. So, are you going to get to see her out of that skirt?” She wasn’t buying for a minute that he was tired because of his flight.

He just smiles, takes the drinks and walks back over to where Jennifer is sitting. Handing her the bourbon he tells her about the rooms in the back and how to access them. She stands up and says that sounds like a wonderful idea; I could use a nap myself. They walk over to the concierge desk and request a room for each of them. The concierge hands them both a key and tells them there is a shower in the rooms. Jennifer goes into the locker room to retrieve her bag that has her make-up, hair dryer, and things to take a shower after her nap. After leaving the locker room, she heads to the room to prepare for her scene.

After getting his key from the concierge, he turns around as she is entering the locker room and says it was nice meeting you. She replies in kind and pushes through the door. Heading to the room, that the concierge gave him, he wonders if she’ll even show up. Upon entering the room, he sees a well-appointed room not as nice as some hotel rooms but nice enough for taking a nap. The room’s layout is similar to any motel that you’d have stayed in for any length of time. On his left is the bathroom with a tub/shower, sink, and toilet with towels hanging on a towel bar. Just past the bathroom are a double bed and two nightstands on the left wall. On the back wall is a table and chair with a lamp under a photograph of the LA skyline at night. There are no windows in the room and it is soundproofed to drown out the jet noise. He pushes the bed closer to the bathroom to have a little space between it and the chair. Turning the chair to face the bed, he removes his jacket and tie places them on the back of the chair, sits and sips his beer while waiting for Jennifer to show up.

Her room, which is right next to his, is just like his only in reverse. After placing her carry-on bag on the stand provided, she walks over to the chair sits down and places her drink on the table. She sat thinking on what she has decided to do and why. It is unbelievable that she basically asked him to fuck her. Yeah, it has been a few months; a few months more like almost a year that she’s had any dick. On top of that flying always makes her horny as hell. Although he is very handsome with a killer body and that bulge in his pants makes her knees weak, she is not sure she should be doing this. Then again, it would relax her for the audition in Hawaii. With the decision made, she slams down her drink in one swallow, stands up and heads for his room.

She is a little nervous, even though she has auditioned dozens of times before; she knocks on the door to his room. Even with waiting for her to arrive, he is surprised when he hears the knock on the door. He goes over and opens the door to let her in.

She says “Hi”, when she enters the room.

“Hello, good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon. Before we get started, I have to tell you I only have about an hour and a half for this interview. My flight leaves in about three hours and I’ll need to wash up before I get on the plane.”

“Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of time to get ready. The interview part will only take a few minutes.”

He walks over, sits in the chair, and has her sit on the bed. Pretend there is a camera in the corner recording the interview he tells her.

“Is this the place for the audition?”

“Yes, how did you hear about it?”

“From my agent she recommended this audition.”

“So you’ve had some experience in adult film?”

“Just a few amateur films and some photo shoots.”

“That’s good. How old are you, and what is your name? Most girls use a stage name for this kind of work.”

“I’m twenty one and my stage name is Ashley Love Ryder.

“What kind of scenes have you done and are there any scenes you will not accept?”

“What do you mean?”

“Have you done any girl on girl, blowjobs, anal, bondage, interracial or fetish scenes?”

“I have done blowjobs of course; I did one scene with another girl, some light bondage and no fetish or interracial scenes. I am open to just about anything but I don’t think I can handle scat and pissing scenes.”

“Being open to many different scenes will help you to get more gigs and make more money.”

“How much can I make?”

“Depending on the scene, anywhere from one thousand to five thousand a scene.”

“Wow, that’s not bad for a few minutes work.”

“No it isn’t. How tall are you and what are your measurements?”

“I’m five foot three inches and my measurements are thirty six double D, twenty six, and thirty eight inch hips.”

“Please stand up and take off your clothes slowly like a striptease. Not like a stripper but like you are enticing your boyfriend or lover.”

She stands up and slowly starts to remove her jacket, reaching behind herself to slide the sleeves from her arms, which causes her tits to protrude from her chest. With the jacket off, Jon realizes just how large her breasts are, she did say her breasts are double D, the blouse she has on can barely contain them. Once the jacket is completely removed, she folds it in half and lays it on the floor near the foot of the bed. She undoes the belt on her skirt, grasps the zipper pull on its zipper and slowly pulls it open. Turning around she eases the skirt pass her well-shaped ass showing it off to great effect. Jon is feeling the stirring of his cock as he watches the show and takes in the sight of her ass framed by the black lace trimmed French cut panties she is wearing. She steps out of the skirt, bends over and lays it on top of the jacket. He smiles because he has just won the bet with the bartender. She’d bet him that Jennifer was a pantyhose girl; he believed she would have on thigh high stockings. The bet is for dinner or a fuck, if she’d won he would have had to buy her dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town. Now that he’d won, her pussy would get a taste of long thick black cock meat. It has been a while since he’s had any Asian pussy. Knowing that Sam is not going to take his word for it, he takes out his phone and snaps a photo of her as proof that she is wearing thigh highs.

Grabbing the hem of her skintight lace top, she slowly pulls it over her head revealing her flat stomach and tiny waist. With her outer clothes removed, she only has her sheer black bra, see-thru French cut panties, lacy garter belt, and black lace top thigh high stockings to take off. Her body and her sensual movements amaze him; which is making his cock harden and throb with anticipation. It’s been a while since he’s been in porn that a woman has caused this kind of reaction in him; he believes he is falling in lust. She reaches up and grasps the clip on the front of her bra to release her beautiful double D breasts from their confinement. Swinging the bra from the middle of her chest to the side of her body, she drops her arms and lets it slide down them to the floor. She hooks her thumbs into the sides of her panties and begins to slip them slowly down her shapely legs bending over at the waist to step out of them. Arching her back as she stands up, forcing her tits to thrust out, she places her foot on the bed to remove her thigh highs.

He tells her to leave the garter and stockings on, and to stand facing him so he can get a good look at her. She asks if he wants her to keep the shoes on or take them off. Yes, he says, I like the way they make your legs look. Starting with her long deep dark brown silky hair and moving to her lovely hazel eyes he begins the journey of checking her out. She has a straight slightly upturned petite nose above full moist lips in an oval shaped face. Her long graceful neck transitions into wide shoulders that complement her hourglass figure. The nipples on her large firm breasts are a dusky pink color and erect, about an inch long and as big around as a dime. Her areolas are a little bit bigger than a quarter and slightly puffy which makes her nipples stick out even further. From her large tits, her body narrows to a tiny waist leading to her wide hips and flat stomach. Her pubic hair is waxed in the shape of a heart, with all other hair around her small pussy having been removed. He had to adjust his cock now that it is fully erect into a comfortable position, and continue with the assessment of her beautiful body. Her legs have the musculature of a dancer, thick thighs and well-defined calves that he couldn’t wait to have them wrapped around him.

While she is doing her slow striptease she is thinking, what the fuck am I doing? I cannot believe this is my idea. Yeah, it’s been almost a year since I’ve had a cock inside of me, and flying makes me horny as hell but to fuck a complete stranger is a little desperate. Although that bulge in his pants makes my pussy wet, my mouth water and my nipples hard, should I go through with it? Yes, it would take care of my sexual frustration, and my battery operated “friends” are just about worn out, so it would be good to give them a rest. Besides, I’ve never fucked a black man before and I want to see how big his cock is and if it’ll fit inside my tight little pussy. I did notice when he adjusted himself that the tip of his cock lay half way down his thigh, so that thing must be at least ten to twelve inches long. I can’t wait to have it sliding in and out of my pussy, forcing a massive orgasm out of me.

After checking her out and drooling all over her mentally, he says, “You are a damn sexy woman and I know of more than a few directors that would be fighting over you to cast you in some of their movies. The question is how you will perform under the watchful eye of the camera.”

“There is only one way to find out and that is to have me show you. Besides it’s not like I haven’t been in front of a camera before.”

“Yes, that’s true. Come here and we’ll get started with the performance part of the audition.”

As he slides his hips forward, he leans back in the chair and starts to undo his pants. She saunters towards him, kneels down in between his legs and helps him to free his massive cock. She gasps and says, “Oh my god, your dick is huge, I have never seen anything like it. How big is that thing?”

“It is ten inches long and two and a quarter inches thick when it was last measured.”

He stands up steps to the side, takes off his shoes puts them under the chair, slides his pants down and steps out of them then hangs them on one corner of the chair. Looking up at that magnificent black pole, she sees that it is already stiff and leaking pre-cum from the bulbous head. She licks her lips in anticipation of wrapping them around and getting a taste of that monster cock. After he returns to his seat, she grabs his cock and starts to stroke the shaft, and lick the salty sweet pre-cum from its head. She moans with pleasure as she closes her mouth around the tip and swirls her tongue over the opening of his engorged phallus. He groans and says, “Good god, you have a very talented tongue, now let’s see if you can fit it in your mouth.” In response, she opens her mouth wider and takes the head into the back of her throat making her gag. She backs off a little and begins to bob her head up and down on his meat stick.

With about a third of his cock in her mouth, she applies suction while twirling her tongue around the head and stroking his rod with both of her hands forcing a moan from him. Reaching down and grabbing the back of her head, he says, “That is very good, you definitely have skills in the blowjob department. Now I want to see just how much of my cock you can take down your throat. Open your mouth as wide as you can, and take a deep breath, please.” When she complies, he grabs the back of her head and slowly pushes down on it, forcing his cock into her throat. She starts to panic a little, when his cock slips into her throat and cuts off her air making her gag almost to the point of vomiting. With half his dick in her mouth, she struggles to extract him from her throat so she can breathe again.

He holds her on his cock for three or four seconds and releases the pressure on the back of her head easing his cock out of her throat. She gasps and coughs trying to get air into her lungs, when she recovers and is breathing normally she glares at him.

“What the fuck did you do that for? I couldn’t breathe.”

“It’s one of the things you have to learn to become a porn star. Some of the scenes you will have to do is deep throat your partner. Don’t forget you are playing the part of an amateur porn actor trying to break into the professional ranks. So are you Jennifer Love Hewitt or Ashley Love Ryder?”

“Okay, I get your point but warn me next time when you are going to do something like that and to answer your question, I am Ashley Love Ryder.”

“I did warn you,” I said, “Now I want to see how much of my cock you can take down your throat.” I warned you because I thought it would be your first time taking a dick deep into your throat.”

“You’re right about this being my first time but I didn’t recognize the warning because I like giving blowjobs so I was really into sucking your cock and wasn’t paying attention.”

“Then I am very impressed, with this being your first deep throat it’s impressive that you took half of my cock without vomiting. You have a natural talent for taking a cock deep in your throat; with a little practice you’d be great.”


She looked down at his saliva soaked cock grabbed it and began stroking it with both of her hands. As she stroked him she took the head of his monster cock in her mouth and started sucking it for all she was worth, making him moan with pleasure. She continued to suck and stroke him with one hand as she fondled his balls with the other. “Damn girl, that feels good, you keep that up and I’m going to blow my load,” he cried out. “Not yet, I want this cock inside me,” she said. Standing up with his dick in her hand, she forces him to his feet and walks over to the bed with him in tow. She turns around sits down on the edge and looks up at his muscular body with his six-pack abs, as she takes his long thick meat stick into her mouth again.

She knows now that she had it right about Jon having a six-pack and confirmed the stereotype that black men have large cocks. Not that it applies to all black men but there is some truth in stereotypes about any ethnic group, she thought to herself. Bobbing her head up and down on his dick, she grabs his ass and starts pulling him into her throat. Now that she knows what to expect, it is easier to take by opening her mouth, tilting her head back a little and relaxing the muscles in her throat. Inch by inch she took his cock into her mouth and down her throat until she had eight of his ten inches deep in her mouth and throat. She held him there, letting her throat muscles massage the head of his dick until she started to gag and cough around his cock, forcing her to back off. Gasping for air with tears running down her cheeks and ropes of saliva strung between her lips and his cock she grabbed his thick meat and started stroking it with her hands. She looked up at him and asked, “Is that better?”

“Damn girl, you are a quick study and yes that is worlds better. If I let you continue doing that, I’d be filling you with a load of hot jizz. Now it’s my turn to do you.” With her sitting on the edge of the bed, he knelt down between her thighs making her release his massive cock. Hugging her to himself, he hesitantly started kissing her lightly on the lips and fondling one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He could feel her nipple harden further as he deepened the kiss by opening his mouth and shoving his tongue between her lips forcing her to open her mouth. She responded to his kiss by seeking out his tongue with hers causing their tongues to intertwine and begin that back and forth dance of seduction. He removed his tongue from her mouth and started sucking and nibbling on her lower lip drawing a groan from her. While he is working her lower lip, she drew his upper lip into her mouth and did the same to him. Breaking the kiss he trailed butterfly kisses along her jawline to her earlobe and set out licking, sucking, and nibbling it making her squirm with pleasure.

Mmmmm, ahh, oohh she moaned as he continued his nibbling, kissing, and licking down the side of her neck. When he reached her shoulder, he started kissing along her collarbone towards the hollow of her throat. Her eyes fluttered closed from the intense sensations flowing through her body making her pussy drip with moisture. Once he reached the hollow, he slowly worked his way towards her left breast. She gasped when he began licking around the nipple on her titty and groaned as he took her rock hard little bud into his mouth. Applying suction and rolling her dark dusky rose bit of flesh between his lips, she reached up to grab the back of his head to keep his mouth on her nipple. He grabbed her arms, put them behind her back, and encircled her wrists in one of his large hands. She tried freeing her hands but his grip is too strong which seemed to heighten the pleasure she is feeling. As he is kissing his way to her other breast, he cups her left one with his other hand and rolls the nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing her to arch her back and whisper “Please, oh please.” Clamping down on her right nipple with his lips, he teases it with his tongue and gives it a gentle bite making her cry out his name in pure pleasure.

The teasing and fondling of her breasts is driving her crazy with lust, making her pussy hotter and wetter like there is a direct connection between them. She could feel the flow of her juices increase and a quiver low in her belly start, as he continued the ministrations of her nipples. If he’d touch her cunt right now, she is sure she would have a monster orgasm.

He released her wrists and pushed her torso onto the bed as he began kissing his way towards her bellybutton. The quivering down low began to subside and she groaned in frustration wanting him to take her over the edge. Once he reached her navel, he stuck his tongue into it and teased it for a minute or two causing her to squirm with anticipation of him going lower. She didn’t have to wait long before he is on his way towards her neither region. The muscles in her abdomen quivered as he kissed down to her vulva and licked around it making her insane with frustration and desire. He licked and kissed along the inside of her right thigh to the top of her stockings and back to her dripping pussy. He did the same to the left thigh making her pant with need.

She spread her legs wider to give him better access as he licked her from her vaginal opening to her large and engorged clit. Sliding his hands from her huge firm tits, he used his thumbs to open up her pussy lips and marvel at how big her clit has grown, it must be the size of a pencil eraser. As he is checking out her clit she whispers, “Please, please don’t stop, it feels so good.” Her words bring him out of his reverie and he licks her cunt again tasting the sweet and salty flavor of her juices. She arches her back and grabs his head when he flicks his tongue on her oversized love button. When he draws it into his mouth, applies suction while teasing it with his tongue, she releases his head, and grabs the sheets to knot them in her fists. “Oh my god, yes, that’s it, suck my clit, it feels so good,” she screams. As he works her clit with his tongue and lips, he slips a finger into her sopping wet cunt driving her wild. Slowly he begins to slide his finger in and out of her driving her to the brink of orgasm.

She could feel that tingle she gets at the base of her spine when she is on the verge, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she came. Moving her hips in time with the stroking of his finger, she cried out, “Yes, yes, right there, just like that, please, please, make me cum, I can’t take anymore, you are making me crazy.” Not yet, he said, as he stopped stroking her pussy and released her clit from his mouth. Leaving his finger inside her, he could feel her vaginal muscles clenching on it, telling him that she is just about to orgasm. Holding the folds of her cunt open with his left hand, he gently blows on her clit to bring her back from the edge of orgasm and slips another finger into her vagina. After a couple of minutes of calming her pussy he slowly starts to slide his fingers in and out of her and flicking his tongue across her clitoris working her towards her first orgasm.

Under his ministrations, she moans, “Oooooh, yes, that feels good, ahh, huh, eat that pussy; oh fuck, shit, oh my god, that’s so good!” Picking up the pace with his fingers he clamps onto her clit making her squirm with pleasure and lust. He could feel the walls of her cunt get slicker as her juices start to flow again when he found her g-spot and began to stimulate it bringing her closer to blessed release. Running her hands through her hair and writhing wildly on the bed caused him to let go of her clit to keep from hurting her with his teeth. He had her slide to the middle of the bed and climbed on it to lie beside her, so he could suck on her nipples. With his arm under her neck, he leans over and sucks one of her large nipples into his mouth making her gasp in pleasure. Sliding his free hand down to her wet cunt, he slips his middle and ring fingers into her and resumes stimulating her g-spot. Spreading her legs and rotating her hips in time with his fingers, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she was riding that blissful wave of orgasm.

He could hear her pussy make that sloshing sound as her juices began to pool in her vagina. When he picked up the pace with his fingers, she arched her back, lifted her ass off the bed and screamed when she squirted her pussy juice all over his hand. As the orgasm rocked her, she became vocal saying, “Oh my god, please, please, please don’t stop, aaahh, ooooohh, huuhhnn, I’m going to cum, that’s it, work my pussy with your fingers, shit, fuck that’s so fucking good, yeah, yeah, I’m cccuuuummmiinnggg!”

With the orgasm subsiding she lowers her body onto the bed pulling his fingers from her pussy and lies there panting as she tries to catch her breath. He pulls his arm from under her neck, rises up on his elbow, looks down at her, and asks her, “Are you ready for this long, thick, black cock meat?” She looks up at him, swallows and sighs to stop herself from panting and says, “Yes oh yes I want that cock inside me, my pussy is on fire.”

“Your wish is my command, but I have to warn you, by the time I’m done with you, I’ll own your pussy.”

“I doubt that, I am a very strong willed woman.”

“Okay have it your way, but you’ve been warned.”

With her on her back, he spreads her legs and kneels down between them. Grabbing her hips, he pulls her towards him and drapes her knees over his thighs. He reaches down grabs his cock and rubs the head along her dripping wet slit making her hiss through her teeth from the sensation. Once he had enough of her pussy juice on his fat cockhead, he begins feeding it into her tight wet cunt. After getting the head and part of his shaft into her, he stops when she gasps and says, “Oh my god, that’s a big fucking cock.” He holds his cock just inside her to let her get accustomed to the girth of it for a few moments. Feeding more of his thick shaft into her tight and wet hole stopping and starting until he has a little more than half his cock inside of her, he begins to slide it in and out of her. She moans with the exquisite pleasure and sensation of him filling her with his thick rock hard shaft. With every thrust, he drives his cock an inch deeper into her dripping fuck hole until he has most of his member inside her.

He starts to fuck her slowly with long strokes to make sure she can handle his cock. Looking down at her he says, “Damn baby, you have the tightest pussy I have ever fucked.” With her pussy beginning to open up, he picks up the pace a little making her moan in pleasure. She wraps her legs around his waist urging him to fuck her harder, wanting desperately to orgasm. Groaning with the pleasure he is giving her, she says, “No one has ever been this deep in my pussy, god I love it.” Feeling her pussy loosen further, he takes her legs from his waist, places his arms behind her knees and his hands on the bed beside her torso; slowly he drives his cock deeper into her wet hole.

Looking into her eyes he says, “If you think my dick is deep now, wait until I give it all to you.” She cries out as he sinks the last couple of inches of his massive shaft into her dripping cunt, “Oh my god that’s a big fucking cock, I can feel it stretching my pussy out.”

“Damn girl, you have a tight pussy, I can feel it milking my cock!” She screams as the head of his cock brushes her cervix sending a spike of pain and pleasure into her brain. This is something new to her; she had never experienced this mixture before, bringing her closer to the edge of orgasm. She realizes that the blending of the two is something she likes and could get use to every once in a while. With him pounding his cock into her, she began to lose the ability to think. His relentless pounding drove her over the edge into a mind numbing orgasm; she arched her back, grabbed his arms and screamed out her release. “Oh my god, don’t stop, I’m going to cum, yes, yes, it feels so fucking good, fuck me, yes pound my pussy, fuck meeeeeee!”

She moaned and groaned as she came down from the most intense orgasm she has ever had. “Ooooohh, nngh, aaaahhh,” was all she could articulate as her body relaxed and her mind returned from where it had gone. He slowed his pace to a stop and removed his arms from behind her knees, leaving his cock deeply planted in her wet pussy. She moaned and looked up at him and said, “Wow Jon that was amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever came that hard before.” Jon leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Hold on to that thought, I’m not done with you yet.”

“There’s more? I don’t know if I can take another orgasm like that.”

“I think you can, because while we’ve been laying here your pussy has been milking my cock.”

He kissed her deeply and pulled his rock hard cock from her cunt. She moaned through the kiss as his dick slid out of her. Breaking the lip lock he had on her, he knelt on the bed and had her turn over onto her stomach. Grabbing her by her hips, he pulled her up on her hands and knees and moved behind her. With his rigid penis in his hand, he rubbed the head of it, up and down her dripping wet slit. She hissed with pleasure as his dick contacted her over sensitive clit and vaginal opening. As he continued his stimulation of her pussy lips, she began to plead for him to put his cock inside her again. “Please Jon, stop teasing me, you’re making me crazy, I want that big dick of yours inside me now.”

“Are you sure? Just a moment ago, you said you couldn’t take another orgasm.”

“Yes, yes please give me some more of that wonderful black cock,” she said in a voice that is close to tears. With one smooth but forceful stroke, he slams his dick deep into her. She gasps and balls the sheet in her fists as his cock brushes the bottom of her love tunnel. Slowly he pulls out of her and rams it into her again, making her rock forward with the force of the stroke. Tossing her head back and crying out with pleasure, she reaches down and rubs her clit to increase the pleasure she is feeling. He continues the slam fucking a couple more times and buried his cock deep in her cunt on the last one. Breathing heavily from the assault on her pussy, she lowers her upper body to the mattress and says in a voice husky with passion “Jon, Jon, Jon your dick is so good it’s driving me crazy.”

I have stayed up late many nights because of you, and tonight is no different. You slip in and out of the shadows; in between the sheets of many lovers; and habitually flit through the pages of romance novels. I’ve been prowling the bookstores, the subways stations, and motel lobbies searching for you. Finally, I see you and I can’t even pretend to be suave. I dart across the street–jaywalking really–to get to you before you disappear for the remainder of the night. I’m addicted. I have to have you. Just a small whiff of your aspartame tainted breath; a nip at the skin just below your ear lobe; or light caress of your short and polished finger nails across my cheek as you teasingly say “my silly boy.”

I call out to you, while shoving aside dawdling passengers, and grab you by the elbow before you enter into the train station. You pull out the ear buds the hide the world from you. You tip your chin up arrogantly and then smile genuinely when you realize it is me. Although our woolen coats and scarves are a barrier, I swear I can feel your heart beating against my chest and the heat rising from skin. You don’t speak, but the way your body melts into our embrace tells me the whole weary tale. I wrap my arms fully around you and rest my chin on the crown of your head. “Let’s go,” you whisper into the folds of my scarf. “It’s been too long,” you say slightly shamefaced as you pull back and give me a lopsided grin that makes me chuckle. “Let’s,” I respond in the most polite tone I could muster. I wanted to scream “Fuck yeah.”

You’re dancing in front of me with no real rhyme or rhythm. It’s more of a lazy and impatient sway. Something to do with your body until we’re together. I like looking. I scoot to the edge of the arm chair, rest my arms on my knees and stare at your features–the voluptuousness of breasts, the soft feminine muscularity of your arms, and the round squeezability of your hips and thighs. “You look beautiful.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” Your joke cuts me to the core because its based in truth. However, when I say it to you, I absolutely mean it. It is is absolutely the truth.I wish I had paid attention in English Literature so I would be able to come up with a less pedestrian term.

“With you, I mean it.”

“Of course.” The doubt it your voice is palatable but I bear it. No one has commented on your beauty enough.

We’ve shed our outer clothes, and they lay in an almost post-coital heap by the front door–crumpled, on top of each other, sleeves intertwined. I run my finger along the rim of my glass, and imagine us a few hours from now in the same position. You sit on my lap and lay your head on my shoulder. I steady you by wrapping one arm around your plump waist. Maybe it is my male ego, but I could swear you just shuddered and purred. “What are you thinking?” Ah, the enemy of every man’s thought process.

“About you.” I squeeze you tighter and kiss you softly on the lips.

“Really?” You shift your round bottom on my lap and my cock stiffens. I see the devilishness in your eyes. God, you are such a tease. After I have my way with you, I will teach your ass such a lesson. “What about me?” You remove the glass from my hand and place it on the floor. You straddle me now–a leg over each side of my lap, and cross your arms behind my neck. Your delicate fingers traipse up the nape of my neck, and then grab a handful of my hair. You pull my head back so my neck is fully revealed. Soon, your mouth is hot on my skin–my jugular vein pulsing against the tip of your tongue. You roll your hips like a pro lap dancer, and I want to fuck you just like this. Hard. Fast. Deep and wholly possessing your body while you writhe on my lap.

“I’m thinking I want to go down on you.” The words are barely out my mouth before you are panting in my ear. You are so incredibly beautiful when you’re horny. “I’m good at it, you know?” Now, it is my turn to torture you. You stop squirming on my lap and give me a hard stare. You are incredulous. We haven’t been together that often, at least, not often enough for me to lose myself in your pussy. I’ve teased you before. We’ve promised such sexual delicacies in the past, but time is a cruel mistress. Most of our encounters have been quick screws in some closet, alleyway or somewhere….

“I’ve been told I’m excellent.” I lean in to kiss you. I run my tongue over your lips, suck the tip of your tongue delicately as though it were that sensitive clit of yours, and finally I ravage your mouth with mine. I hold your body close to me even as you try to pull back and struggle for air. When I finally release you, your hands fly up to your face. Your fingers gingerly flutter about your lips. I can see the hot rush of blood coloring your skin. You are an absolute believer now. I can read your eyes. You want my mouth on your pussy now.

“Do it,” you rasp. I push you backwards onto the floor and I’m on top of you in a flash. I unzip your boots, shove up that ungodly midi skirt, and press my face into your cunt. I don’t even bother to pull down your hose or panties before I start licking you. You are squirming beneath me. You want to get out of your underthings yet you don’t want me to stop licking. I solve the problem violently as my baser instincts takeover. My longing for you won’t allow for any niceties. I tear at the sheer hose with my incisors, and widened the hole with my fingers. I rip it from your body like a crazed killer. Your lower back and hips arch up as I pull it from you. Next, I pop the strings holding up the bikini panties. Your scream gives me pause.

I sit back on my haunches, holding bits of the destroyed underwear in my hand, and look down into those wide brown eyes of yours. What are they saying? “I’m scared” or “I’m orgasmic.” Suddenly, you give me a wicked grin and whisper “those were my favorite knickers.”

“You cheeky bitch. I’ll buy you a new pair. A thousand new pairs!” I don’t wait to see if you have a witty retort for I’m down between your thighs again. I inhale the hot musky scent of your cunt. It is damp and ripe from arousal and from being trapped in those pantyhose all day. I nearly cum in my briefs like a inexperienced school boy from the delicious smell. Speaking of cumming, I take to eating you for each moment lost in thought is one less moment my tongue gets be inside of you.

Jess knew Sam from work. Every Wednesday he would be there to have a meeting with the MD and she would always be on reception to greet him. They had known each other in this manner for 2 years now. They’d always gotten on well and seemed to have plenty in common. Jess was engaged to Michael, a simple man with simple tastes. He liked football, cricket and beer – but he was kind and generous. Jess and Michaels 12 year relationship, which started at university, was a comfortable one. It wasn’t exciting or sexy but it was stable. Lately Jess, who was now in her mid 30s, was starting to wonder if there was more to life than the 9-5 job and a curry on Fridays.

Wednesdays were Jess’ favourite day; she wore matching lace underwear and always wore her best perfume. At first it was a subconscious effort but later it was a necessity, she had to do it, she did it for Sam. Sam was in a relationship with Sarah who had no distinguishing features or personality traits but adored Sam and would do anything for him. He had always associated this with the sort of love he’d always wanted but maybe there was something more exciting in life, something more carefree. On Wednesdays he would kiss Sarah goodbye and drive with a little too much skip in his step to 100 South Street, where Jess, sexy Jess would be working on reception.

Jess had caught his eye the first day he’d landed the contract at Winston Brothers, she had the prettiest smile he’d ever seen and was always so friendly. He could tell she was self conscious though based on the clothes she wore, she clearly had a really hot body but covered it up and he couldn’t understand why.

One day, after his morning meeting with the boss, Sam asked Jess out to lunch.

“How about I take you to the Turkish place down the road and we can try it out for the sake of comparison.” Was his offer. Previously they would have had heated debates about the best Turkish restaurant or the best type of food or the best band. Their often intense but friendly debates were how they had gotten to know each other. Today was the first time they would be socialising outside of the office.

They arrived at the cafe and took a table in the corner. The table was tiny and they had to squeeze around various other people in suits on their fast business lunches. The smell coming from the kitchen was delicious but to Jess’ surprise her stomach was doing flips. She couldn’t understand it, it was just lunch, why was it exciting to her?

They sat down and ordered a mix grill to share with two beers. The beers were cold and clean tasting, Jess almost finished hers before the food arrived. Up until then she was trying to keep her ankles respectfully under her chair but she was getting uncomfortable so she put her feet out in front of her. Instead of giving her room Sam just put his legs either side of hers and let them rest on her. To the outside world it would’ve looked perfectly natural but to her it was an exceptionally intimate act. He squeezed her legs gently with his for a moment and her pulse raced as she feebly tried to eat the food in front of her.

The conversation was easy going and natural and they spoke constantly; of work at first then of topical subjects and music, theatre and of course food.

“Not hungry?” He asked as he had noticed her playing with the food on the plate.

“Um, I’m full actually, I think the beer filled me up, all those bubbles!” She replied, in truth her stomach wouldn’t let her eat. She felt 15 again with new hormones raging through her body. He had noticed her become a little flustered when he had put his legs around hers and was taking some pleasure in watching her trying to hide it. He enjoyed the feeling of touching her, even if it was in this small way. He didn’t have any agenda asking her out for lunch, not at first anyway; he enjoyed her company and thought it would be nice to get to know her better but sitting here opposite her, watching her play with her hair and hearing that amazing laugh, he had been getting strangely turned on. At one point she had smoothed her skirt over her knees and had lightly touched his leg. He pretended not to notice but enjoyed the feeling immensely. Was he imagining it or did she intend on touching him? She gave him a look with a sideward smile. They finished their food and paid at the till, splitting the bill.

Outside the café she started to automatically walk in the direction of the office.

“Actually,” Sam said, “My car is this way and I’m going to another meeting this afternoon.”

She turned back.

“Oh, ok then, lunch was really nice, thanks.” Jess replied, smiling.

“Yes, it was.” He said returning the grin, “Listen, can I have your mobile number? Just in case a work thing comes up or something.” He had already been getting his mobile from his pocket. She was thrilled by this and knew there was no work thing that meant he would need to contact her so it was obviously a personal request. They exchanged numbers and just before they went their separate ways, he leaned in and kissed her on her cheek with one hand on her waist. She smelt his aftershave and her stomach did another little flip. He lingered there a second longer then was necessary and at that moment they both felt a spark.

He walked towards town and she turned and walked towards the office, looking back once to catch a glimpse of that fine behind of his.

By the time she had arrived back to the office she’d received a text from him,

‘I really did enjoy lunch, we should go out again sometime. S’

A thrill rippled through her as she read the text back. Then she told herself to stop these silly thoughts. It was just lunch, with a friend, that’s it!

“Oh boy, I’m in trouble!” Sam said to himself as he sat in his car. The smell of her sweet perfume still lingered and his semi erect cock was resting like an anvil on his leg. The guilt kicked in now, and he thought of Sarah at home. “It was just lunch, with a friend.” He told himself, “Who I’d really like to fuck.” Oh, boy was he in trouble!

As they walked, they were intimately aware of each other, feeling the heat from the other without actually touching. Today was different to all the other days they had walked together from work, Sam to go to his car, Jess to get the bus home. Since their first lunch they had started to spend more time outside of the office together; mostly drinks with their colleagues but often just the two of them walking to their respective transport. Jess gestured to the cash point with a nervous grin and Sam stood a couple of feet back while she took her money out. Her mind was reeling; she desperately wanted to kiss him, to feel his mouth on hers and to have him do all those things to her that she had fantasised about in the shower.

Jess knew it was wrong, all of this; the sexually charged text conversations they had been divulging in recently and of course that stolen kiss at the Christmas party. She needed to make some distance between them, for all their sakes. That text exchange over the weekend had been playing on her mind, she couldn’t stop thinking about Sam, and couldn’t wait to see him on Wednesday for their walk from work. She felt an ounce of disgust in herself as she had remembered sitting next to Michael on the sofa while re-reading the texts from Sam and becoming increasingly turned on from it. She knew nothing more would happen between them, they’d both said that, but she still felt a twinge between her legs when he arrived that morning.

Sam stood on the street checking out Jess’ arse, he was thinking about what he could do to an arse like that and shivered with the thought of having his hands on it, biting it. The texts from the weekend had been going through his mind too. Sam hadn’t done anything with another woman since he’d been with Sarah and found this whole situation really exciting but even though he was playing cool around Jess, the texts had been getting to him. She said the naughtiest things in writing and he found it hard to associate this with the same person he knew in real life, he felt the urge to put the two together. One particular text came to mind and he realised he was getting even more turned on.

Jess was just about to turn around and tell Sam that the erotic texts should stop, that they should just stay friends when she felt his warm breath on her neck and his hands on her waist. She quickly turned around to face him and he kissed her with a tender yet fiery embrace. She shuddered with excitement and moved her body closer into his and kissed him harder. Their mouths enveloped as they hungrily bit into each other, their tongues feeling and exploring, their bodies pressed together, hands clinging.

Jess pulled away a few seconds later; they were still holding each other and both breathed heavily. What was she just about to say? Her mind was foggy for a moment until she remembered.

“We um, we shouldn’t do this.” She protested, her whole body quivering. She didn’t want to be saying those words; she hadn’t felt passion like that in a long time.

“No, we probably shouldn’t, sorry.” He replied. Neither moved.

“I mean, you’ve got Sarah.” Jess said, “And I’m with Michael, it would hurt so many people if we continued with this.” As she finally broke away from his arms.

“Yes, yes it will.” Sam said with the memory of Sarah at home. He didn’t want it to be true, but he knew it was. He took her by the hand and kissed it. As he did so, she looked at him, him at her.

“It would really be wrong though, wouldn’t it?” She said, not very convincingly.

“Wrong and… dangerous.” Sam managed in reply.

This word seemed to ignite a flame inside them both, the riskiness of it all turned them both on. Another second later he couldn’t help himself, his body was taking over.

Sam led Jess around the corner into a shadowed ally, they walked hurriedly for a few paces until he stopped and pushed her against the cool brick wall. At first she protested but then gave into him. He immediately kissed her and moved one hand under her T-shirt and onto her back; the other held the back of her neck, roughly pulling her face towards his. Her skin felt so soft and supple. They both gasped for air as they kissed, as if the lust was too great and it was taking the wind out of them. He pulled her long leg up to his side and slid his hand onto her arse. He pushed his already hard cock into her crotch and she moaned with the pressure she could feel between her legs – she could feel how hard he was for her. He kissed her neck and it drove her wild, making her bite her lip to stop her from shouting out.

Sam found her breasts under her T-shirt, her perfectly formed breasts trapped under a layer of tantalising lace. He could feel her pert nipple under the material and he pinched it lightly. She gave another moan and bit his earlobe in response as she moved her hand towards his throbbing, hard cock. A small rush of thrill went through her as she imagined him pushing inside her. Jess was aching for him and was getting wet with anticipation. Sam wanted to be inside her, to taste her, to make her scream. As if on cue, an older couple walked past them on the otherwise deserted road and gave a ‘tut’ of disapproval. This broke the spell.

It took them a few minutes to compose themselves and they straightened their clothes. Jess knew if they stopped now they hadn’t done anything really wrong and they could still carry on as if nothing had happened. Lust is addictive she told herself and even though it would be amazing to have him, it would certainly change things for them forever.

Just as these thoughts were going through her head and as if he had read her mind Sam spoke first. “How about I give you a ride home today?” He said.

“Michael will be there.” Jess said quietly.

“Well, I’ll drop you around the corner from your flat then, if that’s better.”

Even though she thought the same she couldn’t hide her disappointment. Sam tried to hide his grin; he’ll give her a lift home but he had other plans for her first.

“I’m not parked in the usual spot; I’m in the multi-storey today.” Sam said as he led Jess to his car. He couldn’t believe he was doing this but his body was screaming at him to do it, it was just his mind he needed to quieten. He had been thinking about sleeping with Jess ever since that first lunch together and since that kiss at the Christmas Party he wanted her even more, it had made it real. Sure, he’d tried to tell himself it wasn’t right and it wasn’t, but he didn’t know what to do anymore. He was feeling hard done by at home and he and Sarah hadn’t had sex in months.

They reached the multi-storey car park on the edge of town, the sun was dipping below the horizon and there was an orange glow as the final beams of the early October sun set. It was a mild evening.

“Second floor.” He said pointing to the stairs. He watched her walk up the stairs in front of him, getting an eyeful of her luscious buttocks and thighs. They were perfectly formed, with just the right amount of movement but also toned. He could tell she was wearing French knickers and wondered if they were lacy to match the bra. He couldn’t wait to take them off her.

Jess walked out into the car park level. “There are no cars.” She remarked, not turning around. This time he didn’t give it a second thought as he grabbed her from behind and put his hand on her stomach, slowly moving it down he rubbed her over her skirt and at the same time roughly massaged her breasts. This time she didn’t object. She threw her head back and let herself go.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” He whispered in her ear.

“Uh, I; someone might come in.” She said, taking some thrill in this thought herself.

“I don’t care, I just want you.” He said.

“I want you to; lick me.” She said with just a little hesitation.

Sam pushed her against the wall once more and kissed her full on the mouth. He held her arms above her head and relished in her futile attempts to release herself. Jess was fully enjoying being restrained, at this point he could’ve done anything to her and she wouldn’t have objected.

“I want to make you scream.” He said in her ear, and this made her tingle with anticipation. He got onto his knees in front of her, running his hands down her body as he went. He helped her out of those lacy French knickers with a knowing grin.

Sam teased her just a little as he rubbed his hands up her smooth legs and kissed the top of her thighs. She moaned as he teased her, she wanted to feel his tongue and pleaded with him to do it, to lick her. Her hands went to the side of his head, pushing him ever so gently to what she wanted him to do.

He didn’t keep her waiting for long; he buried his head between her legs and having found her clit, flicked it and massaged it with his tongue. Her knees almost buckled.

“Oh God, that’s it!” Jess exclaimed, barely able to hold herself up. He lifted her right leg and put it onto his shoulder as he slid two fingers inside her and curled them to meet his mouth. He kept moving in the same rhythm, licking her clit while pushing his fingers inside her. She was repeating his name and her hands grasped at his hair as she contorted and arched.

Jess went quiet for just a second before her thighs tensed and he felt the ripples go through her pussy as she climaxed. She cried out as the waves of orgasm wracked through her body. She had been pushing on the back of his head but now she put her arms above her head with her head thrown back, her mind was numb with the pleasure washing over her.

As the orgasm subsided, she panted and rested her cheek against the wall. He stood up and pulled her towards him.

“Christ; that was amazing.” She breathed into his ear.

“Thanks, I loved hearing you scream like that, I could do it to you all day.” Replied Sam, and he meant it. He couldn’t understand it when other guys refused to go down on a girl when it turned him on so much; to hear her make noises like that from what he did with his mouth.

They stayed there a few seconds more, while she recovered from what had just happened. “Now, I want you inside me.” She said to him as she rubbed him over his trousers. She was so wet for him, so ready for him. She undid his belt and reached inside his underwear for the treat that was waiting for her. She gently massaged the head and his breathing became shallow.

“Do you want to be inside me, Sam?” Jess asked softly between kisses, gently easing her hands into his trousers further and caressing him tenderly between her hands. She could feel that he was rock hard by this point and he felt as big as she had imagined. Sam could only manage a mumbled affirmative response. He felt in his back pocket for a condom and put into her hand; however, instead of putting it on straight away she held onto it. She felt a tingly thrill at being a tease and at this moment he was putty in her hands and she felt completely empowered.

“I want you inside my mouth first.” Jess said to him with a grin as she crouched down in front of him. There was nothing telling her to stop now, all she could think about in this instance was being with Sam. When she was level with his crotch, she kissed the sides of his cock while stroking it with her hand. She put just the tip into her mouth and wrapped her warm soft lips around it, sucking it like a delicious lollypop.

“Oh, that feels good!” Sam exclaimed, as his breathing quickened and his hands gently pushed her hair back from her face. His hands finally rested on the back of her head giving the slightest of pushes. As she teased the base with one hand, she cupped and massaged his balls with the other for a few moments before putting his length deep into her mouth. He grunted as he felt her warm mouth envelope him and her tongue massaged around the tip. She put one hand between his legs and grabbed his arse, pulling him towards her as if she couldn’t not get enough of him. He had to put his hands on the wall to steady himself.

Just then, as he was nearing the point of coming, she stopped and raised up to face him. She retrieved the condom and put it on him with some skill. Jess breathed heavily as he pushed her legs apart with his, then as if he had changed his mind he quickly turned her around so she was facing the wall. Jess gave a surprised yelp as he grabbed her at her hips and bent her over in front of him, pulling her skirt onto her back. She held herself up with her hands on the wall. He guided himself into her wet pussy, just the tip at first but then he pushed deep inside her. She gasped at the sudden rush as he thrust inside her repeatedly.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” She cried out. “Fuck me Sam!” Her explicit words took her by surprise.

“You feel so good, you’re so tight.” He stammered.

Jess arched her back so that he could drive deeper inside, she felt like she would be split in two and screamed out again as she felt the thrusts hammer through her pelvis.

“I’m; going to; come.” He gasped as he massaged her round perfect arse.

It took just a couple more thrusts before he felt the pressure in his balls build up and then the release as his orgasm pulsed through him. He let out a moan of satisfaction and a pant as his head spun, feeling dizzy for a moment.

“That was; great.” He managed to say, eventually.

He carefully pulled away and she retrieved her knickers that were flung across the floor.

“Jess,” he said as he did up his trousers, tucking in his shirt, “as good as this was, and it was really good, this can’t happen again you know, this needs to be a onetime event.”

It stung a little that he was saying this to her, when it was her idea all along to not do it at all. He still gave her a lift home and before getting out of the car, she turned to him and thanked him for the lift. Despite her boldness in the car park, she still blushed at the fresh memory and looked down at her hands with an embarrassed grin.

**The following is a work of erotic fiction in which all characters involved are consenting adults over the age of 18. Not intended to represent any actual person(s) and/or real events.**

She giggled as she tossed the recently removed bra at the object of her flirtation. His hard cock throbbed in his pants as he realized that the only thing between him and those gorgeous round breasts was the zipper of a hoodie. He smirked, hiding his arousal from her. Her eyes twinkled as she watched him, looking for a reaction on his face. He tucked the bra on the sofa next to him, not giving her the satisfaction of a sexual escalation just yet. As the tension simmered, they turned back to the basketball game on the television, both of them ignoring the third person in the room. The third one sat with a slightly bemused, but mostly annoyed, look on his face over the extracurricular flirtation, his intent clearly wanting to stay on the game.

At the next timeout, the bra’s temporary guardian stood, his intentions still guarded, and put the bra in his pants pocket while he walked out of the room and into the kitchen. “Ashley,” he called a few seconds later, “could you come in here please and show me where you keep your cups?” The double entendre amused him, but could seem a tame enough question when posed in his current location. As she demurely walked into the kitchen, he knew now was the time to act. He beckoned her with a silent finger slightly out of ear shot of the living room. He held up the bra, a sly grin on his face. “Do you want it back?” His words were but a whisper as his grin widened. She blushed, nodding silently. “Hmm. What do you have to trade?” She pulled out the pockets of her tight jeans, a sexy pout crossing her lips. She had nothing on her of any value, but he already knew that. “How about you unzip that hoodie and I’ll give it back?” She slowly cocked her head to the side, contemplating the deal, but the glow on her face let him know that she was definitely on the same page with him and that this was just part of the game. Her lithe hand went to the zipper tag and slowly she started to pull downward. As the front of the garment parted, she turned away from him, preventing him from seeing what he craved.

Gently, he reached out and put his hands on her hips, pulling her to him, her back to his chest. He ran his hands up under the jacket and caressed her sides as her head leaned back onto his shoulder. Her voice eked out a conspiratorial whisper, “What if he comes in here?”

He shook his head briefly even though she couldn’t see. “He won’t. He’d rather watch the game.” His hands swiftly moved up and cupped her heavy breasts, just taking in their dimensions. As he marveled at her soft skin, she drew in a sharp breath of arousal. Good. He wanted her to start feeding into the lust he was feeling. He kneaded her breasts, lightly rubbing his palms across her hardening nipples and eliciting a whimper of pleasure. Kissing her neck, he slid both hands back down to her hips, but then around to the button fly of her jeans. Plink. Plink. Plink. One by one, he undid the buttons.

“We shouldn’t,” she quietly cautioned, but made no move to stop him.

He could feel the heat coming from inside her jeans as his right hand plunged down the parting of the button fly. He easily slipped past the waistband security of her silky panties and down toward the source of the warmth. She tensed in anticipation, but sighed deeply when his fingers found the already damp folds of her vaginal entrance. As he rubbed two fingers across those sensitive lips, his thumb sought her clitoris and a sharp intake of breath let him know he found it. She turned slowly, leading him away from the living room and into the nearby bathroom without disengaging their connection. He closed the door behind him and turned on the light as she leaned forward on the sink, ready to be plucked like strings on a harp in the key of pleasure. His left hand returned upward and fingers cinched upon a nipple, rolling it slightly and tugging. She grunted and rolled her hips. This was actually happening and she was going to enjoy it. No sense in stopping now. As her hips rolled, her jeans slowly slid down to her knees. His left hand disengaged from her nipple, his right still strumming her wetness, and he tried removing the jacket. His awkward tugs at the cloth found to be insufficient, she took the job upon herself and tossed the hoodie over her shoulder. “Mmmmm, you’re getting into it,” he playfully chided, “I knew that good girl could turn bad.” She smiled into the mirror at him, her eyelids heavy with pleasure. A brief murmur of acknowledgement passed her lips as she bit back the sounds of ecstasy that she wanted to express, but couldn’t with the otherwise unsuspecting company in the other room. He removed his hand from her pussy, which elicited a disappointed sound, but she understood when he took both hands and pulled her panties down to join her jeans. Since she was barefoot, she went ahead and slinked free of her bottoms entirely, leaving her naked.

He guided her hands back to the sink’s counter and then dropped to his knees behind her, putting his mouth up to her wetness. His tongue caressed the lips his fingers had just been strumming and he returned a thumb to her clitoris. She let out a heavy exhale and her legs started to wobble. She couldn’t believe he was doing this to her while his friend sat in the next room, just feet away, but she was too turned on to care. She wanted to cum badly and she was going to let him provide that pleasure. As he continued his oral ministrations, he snaked his other arm up to caress her inner thigh, almost lightly tickling it. He wanted her nerves to be standing on end when he brought her to orgasm. He wanted it to be intense. He wanted to take her breath away. He wanted this entire erotic scene to be burned into her memory for years to come. He wanted it to be the reason she would silently masturbate in the shower or just before bed. He wanted it to lead to more moments like this when he could share his physical attraction to her. But he wouldn’t get ahead of himself. There was work to be done.

He began to make love to her with his mouth. Long, slow strokes with the flat of his tongue. Penetrating prods with the point of his tongue alternated with butterfly flicking of her clit. Her hips were bucking in earnest at this point, the culmination of the act getting close to fruition. Panting, she blurted out in a harsh whisper, “Please. Fuck. Ohgod. Ohgod! Make me cum!” It didn’t take much longer for him to oblige. He steadied her thighs with his hands as she shuddered through her weak-kneed orgasm. As she slowly returned from her post-orgasmic bliss, he playfully licked at her clit, causing her to give a tiny squeal and pull away. She turned around as he got to his feet. They met in a kiss, giving her a chance to taste what he just had been. He ran his hands along her naked body, indulging his skin’s craving of contact with her. It had been a torrid session, barely a few minutes, but surely they were being missed.

He broke their kiss and, just moments later, his friend knocked on the door and asked if everything was okay. He looked to his flushed partner and grinned from ear to ear as he assured his friend that things were just fine. Nature’s call came at a bad time, he explained. When asked where the gracious host had gone, she whispered to her lover the solution. “She told me she had to step out back to make a call,” he relayed to his sports-loving pal. This served the intended purpose and the curious friend went back into the living room to continue his view of the game. “I think that bought us some time,” he said quietly.

“What about you,” she asked, “You’re still dressed!” Her hand found the front of his pants and the rock hard cock being held back by the material and she purred. “Let’s get him out in the open so he can join the party,” she suggested as she manipulated the opening to his pants. He didn’t have to be asked twice and helped her lower his pants to his ankles. She grasped his scrotum gently and stroked it before taking hold of his rigid, hot cock. It was his turn to sharply inhale. “Oh, I think he likes it,” she teased, and he vocalized to the affirmative. Stroking his dick, she leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss his neck and his reddening left ear. “Do you want me?” Eyes closed, he whispered a yes in reply. Her talk turned bold. “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

He groaned. He had dreamed of this moment and he would not be denied with a rude awakening in an empty bed this time. He replied with “Of course I do.”

She laughed softly, but with wickedness. “Of course you do, what?” She continued to stroke his straining cock.

“God dammit,” he breathed, “of course I want you to suck my cock.”

She smiled. “Tell me, then.”

He blushed, but the words immediately came. “I want you to suck my cock.”

She smiled again, the pace of her stroke quickening, “Order me, baby. Tell me to get on my knees and suck you.” She was surprised that her own words were making her pussy wet again. The dirty talk was too much for her partner and, with a groan, he began to cum against her stomach. He clutched her to him as she continued to milk his balls of their contents, his hips thrusting forward with each wet spasm.

Slowly, his breathing returned to normal and he opened his eyes, looking down into hers. They saw it in each others’ eyes. This wouldn’t be the last time they would have an encounter. The ice had been broken and there was nothing but heat now. With some nervous giggles and playful kisses, they got dressed and decided to make separate returns to the living room. Once there, they had eyes on the television, but neither of them was really paying attention. They had other things to think about.

This is a work of erotic fiction, a joint effort between myself and another Literotica member named MsTexas. A simple back and forth posting created a meeting of the minds. Thank you for your time in reading; we do hope that you will enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed presenting it to you.

First, a little back story:

Nicole and I share a private catering business, sometimes we work together, other times not, depending on the size and requirements of the job. She and I, Paul, have been in business together for just over a year now. Our jobs take us to mostly residential locations, though there are the occasional halls for larger functions. Though we both have regular jobs, this venture is something we both enjoy doing. It was just a chance meeting one afternoon at a local coffee shop that we met. The place was crowded and I overheard a couple discussing an upcoming family event that they were dreading cooking and cleaning for. I mentioned to them that I was a chef, and offered my services for a nominal fee. That is when Nicole mentioned that she also did side jobs and offered to assist. The couple said they would like that, and asked if we could all meet to discuss arrangements. Phone numbers were exchanged, and Nicole and I sat down to decide the best course of action. As we talked, it was decided that we could make a very good team, and offer a good service that was missing in our town, at very reasonable rates.

So thus began a partnership of culinary delight.

As we pulled up to the house, we noticed how small it looked, “It doesn’t look like there is room for a party of 100 here,” I said to Nicole.

“Well, Paul,” Nicole replied, “I do think it will be a cozy party, I sure hope the guests know each other well, because if not, they sure will.”

We exited the catering van, and headed to the house, when the owners answered they seemed quite happy to see us. Letting us in, they explained that the guest would be arriving in about 8 hours, and that they had to make a trip to the airport to pick up some out of state friends.

We were lead into the kitchen/dining room so that we could set up and begin preparations. The couple departed saying that they would return in a couple hours.

This was at noon, and the party was scheduled for 8pm, so Nicole and I headed to the van to gather our equipment and food.

“Well Nic,” I said, “looks like we are going to be attached at the hip for this job, this is a small kitchen.”

“Good thing we make a good team then,” she said with a smile and gave a playful wink.

As we went about setting up the kitchen, we chatted about life in general. Having worked together for the last year, we both knew each other’s lives fairly well. Both of us divorced and not in any relationship. We were both trying to regain some sort of stability in life. We spoke comfortably with each other; we had built a very good friendship that enhanced our working bond.

About 30 minutes into our work, I was placing a cold cut tray into the refrigerator, not paying attention; I reached toward the counter to grab a bowl of what I thought to be olives, but instead got a handful of Nic’s butt.

“Oh my.” she said giggling.

Looking over and seeing where my hand was, I said, “Oops, sorry Nicole.” I gave a little squeeze before removing my hand.

“It’s quite alright,” she said with a slight wink, “Close quarters here, there is bound to be some touching, besides, it is kind of nice to be touched again.”

“Trust me,” I told her, “I know the feeling.”

We both smiled, while looking at each other. I leaned down and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Ok, back to work you,” she said, “we have people to feed here.”

We continued on with our tasks, now and then giving each other a bit of a eye brow lifted glance. At one point Nicole was bent down to take some Hors d’ oeuvres out of the oven, I stopped and just stared at her butt. I stood behind her and reached over her shoulder to get an item from the stove top, leaning into her a bit, I let my hips come forward just enough to lean into her ass. Startled a first, Nicole pushed back and gave the tiniest shake. I stood and stepped back, still watching her bent over, she stepped back and closed the oven door and placed the Hors d’ oeuvres on the counter, then leaned back into me. I brought my arms around her waist and pulled her back fully to me, bent down and kissed her neck.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, “Nice.”

At this point I am feeling quite aroused, so I turn her facing me, and give her a slow lingering kiss on her lips, her mouth parted slightly as she kissed me back. We broke our kiss when we heard the door open and voices in the other room.

“Wow,” I whisper, “just, WOW.”

We stared into each other’s eyes for a second, searching and wondering what just happened.

As we continued on with our preparations, playfully touching and teasing each other, we finally got all the tables set and ready for service. After cleaning the kitchen and storing our equipment we announce to the hosts that the event is ready.

“We will return at 10am tomorrow to clean up and settle our bill,” I explain.

I opened the door to the patio for Nicole and myself to leave. I let her walk out in front of me, as I followed a couple steps behind her; I really took in her beautiful body, very curvy and sexy in her black skirt and white blouse. She reached the van before me and was reaching in the back to secure some of the equipment. I could see her skirt rise up just a bit; as I was staring, she turned to look back and asked if I could give her a hand as she couldn’t quite reach the straps. I stepped a long side her, fastening the straps as she lowered her hands and in doing so one hand brushed quite blatantly over my crotch, almost causing me to pull the strap free from its mount.

“Payback Paul,” she said with a light laugh.

I closed up the van, opened the door for Nic to climb in and got in behind the wheel, looking at Nicole I said, “You are an amazing woman.”

“I’m just a woman,” she replied. “I’m just a woman!”

I shook my head, started the van and headed towards my house a few blocks away. We drove in silence; each of us seemed to be lost in thought. I backed into my driveway, pulling into the garage, as I turned to Nicole, shutting down the engine I asked, “Would you like to come in for some coffee, or a bite to eat?”

She looked toward her car parked in front of my house for a second, and said, “Yes, I think I could use a little something actually.”

Opening the door for her, we headed into my house, and into the dining room.

“Please, have a seat,” I said, moving some papers that were scattered on the table.

“Do you mind if I take off my shoes?” Nic asked.

“Please, dear lady, my home is your home, make yourself comfortable,” I replied.

“Such a gentleman you are” she laughingly said, adding, “Quite a job we had tonight.”

“The best catering I have done with you yet,” I said as I finished setting the coffee pot and turned to her. Meeting her gaze and looking deep into her pretty green eyes.

“Paul, I think I would really like to have a glass of wine, would you mind?” Nicole asked.

“Not a problem,” I said, opening the cabinet to get a couple glasses, “As a matter of fact, I think I will join you.”

I set the glasses on the table and brought out a bottle of blush, pouring a glass for the both of us.

“A toast to a beautiful partnership,” I said raising my glass.

“Indeed,” she said as our glasses touched and we both took a sip of wine.

Nic set her glass down, leaned back and stretched, “I am a bit sore and tight from tonight,” she said.

Watching her stretch, with her breasts straining against her blouse, all I could do was stare.

“I would be happy to rub your shoulders for you,” I offered.

Bringing her arms back down she looked at me and said, “That would be fantastic right now.”

In my haste, I got out of my chair a bit too quickly, bumping the table I watched in shock as both her glass and mine tipped over, as well as the wine bottle teetering back and forth, as I reached to catch the bottle, I heard her shriek as both glasses emptied themselves onto her lap. Grabbing at the bottle, I ended up pouring part of the wine right onto her white blouse. All I could do is look in horror at the red stains soaking into her blouse and the wine puddle in her lap.

“Oh, damn, Nicole, I am so sorry,” I blurted out. “Let me get you a towel.”

“Um, I doubt that a towel will be of much help,” she said as she started to laugh. “I think a shower and some quick laundering is in order.”

“Yes, yes,” I was saying, “please, go upstairs and use my shower, let me get your clothes into the wash right away before it stains.”

“Um, right, and you have clothes that fit me do you now Paul?” She asked with a smile.

“Well, no,” I said, “but there is a robe hanging in the bathroom you can wear while your clothes get done.”

With that she stood, unbuttoned her blouse and handed it to me. “Please get this in some cold water soaking before you wash it,” she said.

Reaching for the blouse, my mouth agape at the site of her standing there in her bra, I could only nod.

Turning she started to head for the stairs, leaving me to just stare opened mouthed.

Calling over her shoulder she said, “Paul, the blouse, soak it please.”

I quickly got out a bowl and filled it with cold water, placing the blouse into it, and swirling it around.

Lifting the blouse it was looking like it may be saved, if not I would happily replace it.

I heard the shower come on, letting my mind wander to a vision of Nic’s beautiful naked body. I started cleaning up the rest of the mess I had made, knowing that a carpet cleaning was going to be in order. Taking the rest of the bottle of wine and the glasses to the kitchen, I checked on the papers on the table, mostly contracts for upcoming catering jobs. Luckily nothing had spilled on them, I moved them to the counter and removed the tablecloth and liner, they looked salvageable, and so I put them by the washer, waiting to add them to the blouse. The shower had stopped by this time, so I changed the water in the bowl with her blouse, swirling it around some more, I lifted it from the water, still a slight pinkish tint I noticed as I held it up.

“I doubt that it will fit you,” she says standing there in my robe, with the remainder of her clothing in her arms.

“Please, let me take care of these for you,” I said as I took the clothes from her. “You go sit down in the living room, I will get these stared and join you.”

“Don’t forget the wine and I still want that shoulder rub you offered,” she told me.

I gathered up her clothes, taking the blouse over to the washer, added it to the tablecloth after spraying some stain lifter on it. As I set down her skirt, her panties fell out, picking them up I was about to add them to the washer, but I could not resist, so I put them to my face and inhaled, the smell was that of her and wine, somehow a very intoxicating aroma blend. I placed the panties in with the other clothes and started the washer, turning, I come face to face with Nicole, she was standing there with a hand to her mouth.

“My god Paul, that really turned me on to see that,” she said through her fingers, “it’s like I could almost feel your desire.”

“Are you ready for your massage?” I asked walking towards her. “Let’s go to the couch so you are comfortable.” Taking her hand I lead her to the living room and sit her on the couch.

I stand behind her as she sat down. I lowered the top of the robe and begin massaging her shoulders, she began to relax, breathing deeply and sighing as I worked her shoulder blades. Bringing my hands back up I massaged the back of her neck, then back down to her shoulders, the robe slips down more, revealing her entire naked upper body to me, her breasts are glorious, as I continue to massage her shoulders, I bring my hands forward and down to the swells of her breasts, lowering my head, I begin to nibble and kiss her neck and shoulders. Small moans escape her parted lips, I lean over her and kiss her open mouth, and her hands come up to hold my face as her tongue gently slips into my mouth.

Stepping around the couch, with lips locked, I sat next to her; bring my lips down her chin, past her neck I begin kissing my way to her breasts, kissing between them as I massage both with my hands, her breathing is getting deeper as take a nipple between my lips, licking it with my tongue. Slowly I kiss down her skin, kissing her belly as I pull the robe free, her naked body fully revealed to me, I run my hands down her sides to her thighs, my mouth continuing its journey downward.

Her legs part as my fingers lightly touch her pussy, I slide down to my knees in front of her, kissing her inner thighs as my fingers dance across her pussy lips, now moist with desire. I lean forward and kissed her sweet lips, letting my tongue slide between the folds, tasting the sweet nectar. Lifting her hips I place her legs over my shoulders, opening her flower to my eager tongue.

Nicole moans, “Oh God Paul, please.”

I let my tongue trail lower, my nose now rubbing her clit as it reveals itself to me, my tongue continues to travel down her, finding the tiny rosebud of her butt, easing the tiny opening with small probes, slowly inserting my tongue, a gasp comes from Nicole as she pushes back on my tongue. I slowly slide out of her tiny hole and dip back into her wet pussy, putting my tongue deep inside as my fingers return to her little nub or pleasure. My other hand roams down and my finger slides over her tiny butt opening, her juices are mixed with my saliva moistening her tiny opening as I slide my finger inside. Her body arches, pussy pressed hard to my face.

Moaning, she says, “yes, yes, oh my god.”

As I feel her hips lift and press harder to my face, I slide my finger slowly into her tight ass, just as I feel the tightness yielding to the new sensation, I feel the wetness soaking my mouth, and her ass clenching onto my invading finger.

As Nicole’s gasps and pants began to slow, she lowered her hips back to the couch as I continue to drink in the juices of her body. Removing my finger, I kissed her tiny hole and gave it a lick.

I looked up at her, her green eyes staring down at me, reaching for my face she pulled me up until my face was in front of hers.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, “kiss me now!”

I leaned to her lips, placing my lips on her soft lips, while her tongue immediately sunk into my mouth. Her hands worked on the buttons of my shirt, removing my shirt. Her hands roamed my chest, reaching down to my pants; she opened the button, and pulled down my zipper. Moving around I wiggled free of my pants, her soft hands reaching into the elastic she wrapped her fingers around my already hard shaft, stroking lightly as we kissed, pulling me to her, she slowly laid down, as I climbed up on top of her body.

“Oh Nicole,” I moaned into her mouth. As she pulled me to her moist opening, as my dick reached the opening I could feel her heat, I let her guide me in, and as she released my dick I slid slowly and fully into her.

“Oh my god Nicole, you feel so good,” I moaned between kisses.

“Mmmmm,” was her only reply.

Slowly our coupling continued, pulling out almost all the way, and slowly burying myself into her, our lips never separating, I reached my hands up to her breasts, her back arched to my touch. We slowly made sweet love, our bodies working as one, our lips locked as we moaned into each other’s mouths.

I could feel the churning within my balls, I began stroking faster and deeper, my tongue going deep into her mouth, I felt her hips lift to my thrusts, moaning again she cried out, “oh my god, again.”

As I started to cum, I pushed fully inside her, her hands holding onto my back, almost trying to pull me into her body, my chest pressed onto her breasts as I emptied deep within her. Letting our bodies slowly come down from our orgasms and leaving myself inside of her warm moist pussy.

I raise myself up, looking deep into eyes, I kissed her nose and told her, “Nicole, my god you are an amazing woman.”

“Just a woman, Paul, I am just a woman,” she replied.

“Well Nicole, you are an amazing woman to me, and I have a feeling that our partnership will also be amazing,” I whispered in her ear.

As we lay on the couch cuddling, kissing lightly, and just holding each other, she looked up to my eyes, “Paul, can I be your amazing woman?”

I looked into her eyes, “Nicole, that would make my life complete,” I told her. I then began once again kissing her lips, her chin, her neck continuing down onto her breasts, past the glorious mounds, I felt her hands on my head, actually pushing my head lower her breath becoming gasps, Nicole pushed my head until my lips reached her sweet pussy, at this point she held onto my head as I let my tongue dip back into the very warm wetness of her pussy. Licking, tasting our combined juices, running my tongue up and down her sweet slit, lifting her knees and opening up completely to my tongue, hands holding my head, her back arched, she groaned and shuddered.

“Oh my god, Paul, no one had ever treated me or my body like this, I have never felt this much pleasure in my life, you have touched feelings and parts of me that have never been touched,” she said between gasps.

“Nicole,” I said, “I told you that you are an amazing woman, I want to feel like the amazing woman you are.”

With that she rolled over and said, “well, you still owe me that massage.”

I placed my legs on either side of her butt, first massaging the beautiful globs of her ass, reaching up, rubbing her lower back. As I reached to her upper back and shoulders my dick was resting within the cheeks of her ass.

“Paul,” she said looking back at me, “just the massage for now, I am worn out, I want our first time to be special.”

“Nicole,” I replied, “this has been a very special time for us, you have made it special.”

“There is other special parts that you have awoken Paul,” she whispered, “that will be something for a special time.”

Our business has grown and flourished over the last few months, our catering jobs are actually netting us a much better income, of course I think the fact that we now live as a couple has a lot to do with it. I did end up replacing that blouse and skirt, we kind of forgot about them for the rest of the night.

The most memorable night of my life happened because I let the loneliness get to me. For a long time I’d done my best at staving it off, distracting myself, but that Friday night I couldn’t hold it off anymore. It felt like my solitude was being rubbed in my face. I learned an old friend of mine had gotten engaged. My brother called me up to talk about his new girlfriend. My friend Denise had been planning to come over and watch a movie with me that night, but instead called to cancel because she met a new guy and had made a date.

Of course I was happy for everyone, but deeper down I was bitter and felt alone. Where was my special someone? I’d been alone for three years, ever since my wife, Gloria, had left me. It was right after we’d had our daughter. Shortly after her birth, Gloria had decided she wasn’t ready to be a mother and disappeared. Eventually my lawyer tracked her down and had her served with divorce papers. It was uncontested. She just signed them and mailed them back. Which was fine by me . . . anyone who could leave her newborn with no attempt at contact wasn’t worth crying over.

Since then, I’d raised our daughter Gina by myself. With occasional babysitting help from my mother, that is. I wouldn’t change it for anything. My little girl, Gina, was the light of my life, and I had only to look into her eyes to see all the struggles were worth it. She was a precious, sweet little girl and I’d walk through fire for her if necessary.

On the other hand, there was a part of me not being fulfilled. In the three years since Gloria’s departure, I hadn’t gone on a single date. My life revolved around Gina and work. I had a couple of female friends, but no one I was interested in taking to the next level. For awhile that was by choice. I didn’t see the point in getting attached when she would just get bored with me or overwhelmed by life and take off. The more time that passed, though, the more I started thinking that I may be able to give dating a try. Unfortunately, I had no prospects. Work and home—those were my only two environments. I was in a rut.

On the Friday I’d gotten all the news about blossoming relationships, work went very slowly. Everything was frustrating me. I was tightly wound and about to explode. Once I finally got to the end of the business day, I picked Gina up from her day care and on a whim, I called my mother. She agreed to pick up her granddaughter and watch her overnight. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I knew I had to do something.

I returned to my to grab Gina’s overnight bag and not long after was waving to her as my mother pulled out of my driveway. I proceeded to shower, dress, and make myself presentable. I dabbed on some cologne from the dusty bottle in my bathroom, and looked myself over in the mirror. My hair had gotten shaggy, since I’d neglected to get it cut in several months. I was clean shaven for a change—usually I didn’t bother shaving except once or twice a week. I was wearing a nice, button down shirt, but also jeans. It was a novelty to wear jeans since I was required to wear slacks at work. I actually only owned one pair of jeans without holes in them. Other than that, there was nothing interesting or different about my reflection. I’ve never been spectacular in the looks department, but I had to admit I wasn’t bad. I’m about 6’2″ and slim. Chasing after a rambunctious three year old kept me from getting flabby, but I wasn’t very active otherwise, besides a self-crafted workout routine. I have a firm jaw, and my eyes are light brown—almost the same shade as my hair.

I left the house quickly, not wanting to get nervous and back down. I’d never been on an actual date, believe it or not, despite being 25. I’d met my wife not too long out of high school, where I hadn’t been popular. (Besides a brief fling with a girl who ended up moving away a couple months later.) We mostly just hung out, no real structured dates. Because of this, I wasn’t used to being out and about. I knew there was a bar pretty close to where I worked. I’d never been there, but I’d heard several of my coworkers talking about it. So that was where I decided to go. I figured it was early, so if this turned out to be a bust, I could always leave and try another place.

It was just starting to get dark as I left and drove the short distance there. (I lived about a ten minute drive from work.) I had no expectations for the night. If I did, it was just that I’d be lonely in a new place and after a few over-priced drinks I’d get so bored that I’d wander back home, heat up a frozen pizza and watch TV. Even though my brother and my guy friends claimed it was easy to pick up girls at bars, I had no clue how to even go about this.

As soon as I stepped into the bar I was struck by how dark and loud it was. Music was blaring and there was the rumble of voices all around. It didn’t take too long to get used to the dark, but the noise took longer. I surveyed the room and saw no one familiar. There were slick-looking guys everywhere, either clustered together, or alone and clearly hitting on girls. The girls themselves were a sight. All sizes, shapes and ages, many of them dressed in tight, revealing clothing. I could instantly see the appeal of places like this! None of these lovely ladies were remotely in my league, though. After tiring of looking around, I inched my way through the crowd to get to the bar. I ordered a beer and wandered off with it, making my way to the other end of the room where I could go back to surveying the inhabitants of this strange place.

I was surprised by how alone I felt surrounded by so many people. None of them knew me, and I wasn’t outgoing enough to strike up a conversation with anyone. So I stood alone, nursing my beer, watching the people milling about me. Everyone either had connections already, or were busy connecting with new people. I was baffled by how easy it looked. I tried in vain to work up the courage to approach someone, anyone, but chickened out each time.

I went and ordered another beer, and as I weaved my way through the drunken people, I caught a glimpse of someone I knew. At least I thought I did. I had to look at her twice to be sure. She looked so completely different that I was taken by surprise. I inched my way closer and took in the welcome sight of a familiar face.

Her name was Jenny and I’d worked with her for five years. I hadn’t even looked at her twice for the first few years. She was just part of the office; a quirky, nice lady who worked in the next room. After Gloria left, I’d taken more notice. At the Christmas party a couple of months before, she’d worn a form-fitting green dress with a short hem line. I think every straight guy in the office noticed her that night. Before she’d always been a dress shirt and slacks type, but after that she wore more revealing things. Still professional, but much nicer to look at.

After that night I’d started finding excuses to drop by her desk, or wander by the break room when I knew she was at lunch. I flirted a bit, as much as I could without being overly obvious about it, and I was pretty sure she had flirted back on a couple of occasions. We hadn’t become friends, but I’d wanted to. I was very awkward when it came to making friends. All I really knew about her was that she was a single mom, around my age, with a daughter a year older than mine, she was single, and she really enjoyed jogging.

Tonight she was decked out in a very sexy ensemble that made it so I couldn’t look away from her. She was wearing a tight black dress that showcased her curves. The hem was short, revealing her long, lean, bare legs. Her shoes were spike heels. There was a silver bracelet around her left ankle and a matching one on her slender right wrist. The dress itself was low-cut, showing off cleavage I hadn’t realized she had. Her short, straight brown hair perfectly framed her pretty face. Her makeup was expertly applied, highlighting her big, dark brown eyes, her long lashes and her wide, inviting mouth. She wasn’t my normal type—she was as tall as me in the heels, really tan, and slim almost to the point of being skinny. Usually I went for shorter women with more curves, but I had to admit there was something overwhelmingly sexy and elegant about her.

Her personality clashed with the impression of elegance, but not in a bad way. She had always been a cheerful, joking woman. Quick to laugh, always with irreverent and unexpected comments. Tonight, she seemed to be striking up random, drunken conversations with whoever she bumped into. Literally, in many cases. She was clearly drunk and boisterous, having a good time. A couple of guys were trailing after her, but she didn’t seem to be taking notice of them. I watched her for a bit, enjoying the sight of her cutting loose. At work she usually seemed tightly-wound, always racing around and jittery. At the bar she was flailing around and grinning. Just watching her made me forget my loneliness and I couldn’t help but smile.

She was getting closer to me and I tried to work out what I would say if she noticed me. Before she got to me, though, she was stopped by one of the guys that had been following her. If looks could tell me anything, I could tell immediately that this guy was a complete ass. He put one hand on her shoulder and the other on her arm, leaned in and whispered something into her ear. Right away her face crumpled, her smile vanishing. She tried to pull back and shook her head. He pulled her in closer, refusing to let her go.

Not even stopping to think, I set my drink down on somebody’s table and crossed swiftly to them. I plucked his hand from her arm and said loudly and calmly, “The lady said no, buddy.”

He turned and glared at me, but I barely noticed. I had wanted to deck him for making her smile disappear, but at the same time, Jenny turned to me, her face lighting up in recognition. “Dennis!” she shouted, throwing her arms around my neck and pressing her cheek to mine. She turned back to the guy who’d been bothering her, still clinging to me, and told him, “I’m with this guy. I TOLD you I have a boyfriend!”

The guy sneered at us and stomped away. The other hanger-on slinked off on his own, not wanting any trouble. Jenny turned to me, giggling and kissed me firmly on the cheek, making an exaggerated smacking sound. “My hero!” she said, almost dragging me to the floor with a clumsy hug.

I steadied us and smirked at her. “Boyfriend?”

She grinned radiantly at me. “Only for tonight.”

I nodded, matching her smile. “You got it. Someone’s got to watch over you. There’s too many creeps here. Need a drink?”

“Oh. My. God. I would LOVE a drink,” she said emphatically; she looked so grave and serious about it that I just had to laugh. She laughed along with me. Linking my arm in hers, I led her to the bar. She shouted her order to the bartender. I don’t recall what it was, but it was colorful and looked very toxic. She seemed to enjoy it, though. I picked up the tab and we took our fresh drinks to an empty table. One of those high, two-person tables where you have to sit on stools.

As she sipped her drink, I took the chance to watch her. I don’t know if it was the loneliness, the unfamiliar circumstances, or the alcohol, but everything about her was striking me as unbearably adorable. The way her cheeks sucked in as she drank from her straw. The way her long legs splayed out from the stool she was perched on. Even her freckles were cute.

“What is it?” she asked, and I shook myself, realizing I’d been caught examining her. She looked wary, like I was about to give her bad news.

“Oh, nothing,” I said, hastily. “You just . . . well, you look very pretty tonight. ”

Her eyes widened a bit and then she smiled, straightening herself up. “Why, thank you! I know you’re just being nice, though.”

“Not at all,” I reassured her. “You really do look great.” We almost had to shout at each other to be heard, so I scooted my stool closer to her.

She reacted by putting her hands on my thigh and leaning in to my ear. “So you won’t be embarrassed that I’m your girlfriend for the night?” she asked.

I smiled and shook my head, putting my hands over hers. We were so close, our noses were almost touching. “Not at all,” I told her sincerely. “What all does the job involve?”

She put her index finger to her lip and cocked her head, making a show out of pondering my question. “Welllll . . . you have to keep the jerks away from me. Give me lots of compliments. Make sure my glass is never empty. And,” she said, nodding at her half-empty glass, “if I have too many more of those, you might have to give me a ride home.”

“I think I can handle all that,” I replied, taking another drink from my bottle.

She giggled, saying, “In that case, you’re better than most of the guys I meet.”

“So, since I’m your boyfriend for the night, I take it you don’t have one otherwise?” I asked, the contact of her hand on my leg making me bolder. I knew the answer, but it seemed a good place to start.

She shook her head. “Nope. Between work and Annie, I don’t really meet many people.”

This led us into a comfortable conversation about our kids and a decision to set up a play date with them someday soon. After this, I noticed her glass was empty and set about remedying that. She trailed along behind me, clutching my arm as though she were about to blow away. After we ordered our drinks, I led her back to the table, my arm around her shoulder, as I’d noticed she was a bit wobbly from the alcohol. Her bare shoulder felt nice under my hand—soft and warm. It had been a long time since I’d been this close to an adult. It made my heart race. I realized suddenly that my loneliness was gone.

“I’ve never seen you drinking here before,” she said once we were back in our seats. The noise in the bar had increased along with the patrons, so she had to get her mouth up close to my ear in order to make herself heard.

I went to her ear to answer. “This is the first time. I was bored and lonely, so I figured I’d give it a chance.” As I pulled away, I had a crazy urge to nibble on her ear lobe. Of course, I squashed this urge down.

“Same here!” she said, excitedly. “I come by every few months, and usually with friends. No one was able to come with me tonight, but I didn’t want to sit at home. I’m soooo glad I ran into you!” She took a long sip of her toxic-looking drink and grinned at me. “You need to drink more. I’m WAY more drunk than you.”

I chuckled and said, “Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?”

She spluttered, choking on her drink. She looked startled for a moment, and then recovered, grinning. “Mayyybe. Would you hate me if I was?”

“No way!” I said. “It would save me the trouble of taking advantage of you.” I waggled my eyebrows, hoping she would pick up on the fact that I was joking. Mostly.

Instead, she just smiled at me strangely and leaned in to my ear, whispering, “Drink more.”

I turned to her, but she’d already returned to her drink, finishing it off. Wanting to oblige her (even though I still wasn’t sure just what was going on) I drained mine too. As I set the empty bottle down on the table, she said something that I couldn’t hear because she was turned away from me.

“What?” I asked.

Louder, she said, “You wanna hear a secret?”

“I like secrets.”

She opened her mouth to continue, then closed it again. Instead, she slapped the table and said with a pout, “Poo. Our drinks are empty.” She jumped up and grabbed my arm, practically dragging me to the bar. This time she ordered the drinks and led me back to our table. I was just along for the ride.

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes just drinking our drinks before I decided to remind her of what we were talking about. “You were going to tell me a secret?”

“Oh yeah! Secret,” she said, loudly. Leaning in really close to me, she put her finger up to her lips, saying, “Shhhhh!” I didn’t say anything, not wanting her to lose her train of thought again. I just sat and smiled mildly back at her, waiting. She leaned in close to my ear, steadying herself with her hands on my arm. Her lips actually brushed my ear as she said, “I have a crush on you.” She pulled back and sipped her drink through her straw, looking off into space. She appeared to be blushing (although in the dim lighting it was hard to tell) and she had a dopey smile on her face.

“Just for tonight you do?” I asked, my heart racing. By this point I’d begun to suspect that this night was about to turn out far better than I could have hoped.

“Oh no! Always,” she insisted, making wild hand gestures. “HUGE crush. Huge.” She punctuated the last word by poking her finger on the tabletop. She put her finger to her lips again and added, “Shhh!”

“I guess I have a secret, too,” I said, deciding to go for it. What did I have to lose? I leaned in, getting a whiff of her faint perfume. I whispered, “I have a crush on you, too.” She shuddered a bit, either from what I had said or from the sensation of my breath on her ear.

She looked at me, disbelief clear in her eyes. “Nuh uh!” she said, shaking her head. She was so cute it was overwhelming.

“It’s true!” I insisted. “Why do you think I keep coming over to your desk every day at work?”

“Because I’m really really helpful?” she offered.

“Well, yeah. But most of the time I make up excuses to come and see you.”

“You DO?” she asked. “You should have said something.”

I shrugged. “I’m shy.”

“So am I. Usually. Not tonight, though.” She grabbed my hand suddenly in both of hers and said, “I have an idea.”

She didn’t say anything else for several seconds, just kept looking down at my hand clasped in hers. Finally I prompted her, “What’s your idea, Jenny?”

She looked up at me, eyes huge. “You’re not gonna hate me?”

“Not a chance,” I said, as gently as I could while still being audible over the noise.

In a rush, she said, “We should hook up. You and me should.” I wasn’t sure I’d heard her right, so I stared blankly back at her. My lack of immediate response seemed to make her nervous, so she started babbling. “I mean, ’cause that’s what people do in a bar? And we’re both alone and you’re already my pretend boyfriend and you’re super hot and we both—”

I cut her off with, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

She looked confused and flustered by this question. “Um, what? Yeah, it’s a great idea. The best I ever had. Why?”

This made me chuckle. “I just mean because you’re drunk and I’m getting there. I don’t want you to be upset with me tomorrow.”

She made a little dismissive noise and waved her hand. “Pshaw. There’s no such thing as tomorrow. Not until there is.”

Maybe I was more drunk than I thought, because that made an awful lot of sense to me. “Are you sure this is what you want?” I asked, seriously.

“More than anything,” she replied, tone and face solemn. Her fingers were laced together on her lap. As I was weighing the pros and cons, she added, in the same solemn tone, “You’re super hot.”

That broke my serious mood, and I couldn’t help but laugh. After a moment, she laughed too, hers sounding a bit more manic than mine—probably due to nerves. When we had control of ourselves again, I whispered in her ear, “Let’s go somewhere quiet and see what happens.” She nodded back, grinning.

We made our slow way out of the bar, me choosing our path, and her clutching my arm tight. After what seemed like twenty minutes, we finally emerged into the cool and relatively quiet night. It was a relief after the hot, loud bar. I led her to my car, taking some extra time to make sure I was still alright to drive. I decided that I was. We stopped by the passenger door and as I moved to unlock it, she said, a little too loudly, “It’s quiet out here!” She clapped her hands to her mouth, startled by how loudly she’d said that.

“Yes, it is,” I agreed.

“So, what’s gonna happen?” Jenny asked, her tone softer, her wide eyes hopeful.

I couldn’t resist it anymore, so I pulled her closer, drew in to her ear again and whispered, “Something like this.” This time I didn’t stop myself from taking her soft earlobe between my teeth and biting down gently. She gasped and her hands gripped my arms tight. I dropped my mouth down and, as I’d often wanted to do, alternated gentle kisses and nibbles down the length of her graceful neck. Her gasps became moans. I lifted my face up to hers to see the reaction I’d caused and found myself attacked. She pressed her lips against mine and the resulting kiss was hot and frantic. I ran my fingers through her hair and down her back, feeling her hands moving up to my shoulders. I dropped my keys and found myself pushed up against the side of the car in her eagerness. Her long, lithe body pressed against mine and I held her tight, wanting to get closer still. At some point her tongue had invaded my mouth and started wrestling with my tongue. I was rock hard and wanted nothing more than to get her home and fuck her until we both passed out. I didn’t want to break the kiss yet, however.

I was soon very happy that I held out. A few more seconds into the kiss she suddenly moaned into my mouth. Her body stiffened against mine and her nails dug into my arms. She thrust her crotch into mine and cried out in pleasure. Instinctively, I pushed back, grabbing her ass and gripping it firmly. She shuddered against me, her cry drawing out into a long, satisfied moan. It was quite some time before she released me.

Jenny looked at me, eyes stunned, and mumbled, “How did you DO that?”

I chuckled. “I didn’t do anything. But at least now I know what’s going to happen.”

She smiled back at me, a dreamy look on her face. “Good. ’cause if that was just from a kiss, I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got.”

I fetched my keys from the pavement. With my hands shaking and my heart racing with anticipation, I somehow got the door unlocked and opened. Once she was safely inside I slipped into the driver’s seat and fired up the engine. I drove slowly, making sure we made it safely. It was only a few blocks, but knowing what I was heading home for made the time stretch out agonizingly. I glanced over and caught Jenny watching me drive with an intent look. “What?” I asked, amused.

She didn’t seem to be embarrassed to be caught staring. She just smiled back and replied, “I’m glad you agreed to this. I think this is something we both need.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed, taking the last turn to my street. After parking and opening the door for her, we strolled up the walk to my house, arms linked. My head was reeling. This couldn’t be real—this sort of thing never happened to me.

I let us into the house, locked the door behind us and slipped off my shoes. I turned and ran right into Jenny, who was standing and looking at me. I flipped on the hall light and was struck again by how stunningly beautiful she looked. I didn’t have long to admire her before she pounced on me. She threw her arms around my neck, pressed her lips into mine and her breasts into my chest. For the third time that night I found myself off balance as I was pushed roughly against the door. My hands went to her waist and I kissed her back, having trouble keeping up with her. We’d both been alone for a long time. It was inevitable there would be sparks.

I lost myself in the kiss for a bit and when I came back to myself, my hands had crept around to clutch her ass, and she was unbuttoning my shirt. When she got the last button undone, she pulled my shirt open and over my arms, letting it fall to the floor. My hands went back to where they were and hers travelled over my bare chest. My hands wouldn’t stay put, though; they wanted to touch bare skin, so I let them wander to the zipper on the back of her dress and pulled it down. Then I unhooked her bra, running my fingers down the bumps of her spine to feel where her skin dimpled in at her lower back. I reached up and pulled on the straps of her dress and bra. She broke our kiss and pulled her arms free of her clothes, allowing me to expose her breasts. I felt them before I saw them. I cupped one in each hand, relishing the first feeling of bare tits I’d had in three years. They were round and full, a bit bigger than a handful, but not that big. They felt heavenly all the same. She gasped at my touch and immediately started tugging at the button on my jeans, fumbling with it. I let go of my prizes to help her and was shocked to see her reaching under her dress and shimmying her panties down her legs. This was moving so fast that I doubted we’d even make it into the bedroom!

My suspicion was proven correct momentarily. As soon as I had my pants open, she grabbed my arms and dragged me to the carpet. We were going to fuck right in the hallway! I only got my jeans down to about mid-thigh when I found myself atop her. Her dress was hiked up to her waist and her panties were still hanging from one ankle. Before I could even take stock of the situation, her hands were on my ass, guiding my ready cock right into her sopping cunt. She was so wet that I glided right in. I looked down at her and she was looking back at me, wide-eyed and gasping. “Don’t hold back,” she begged, breathily. “Fuck me Dennis.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I pulled out and slammed back in, moaning deeply at the sensation. This inward thrust made her cry out, and desperate to make her come again, I continued my onslaught. Her eyes closed and her face was transformed with pleasure. I increased the speed of my thrusts and her cries became louder and more frequent. Within four thrusts she was digging her nails into my back as she gave voice to her orgasm. I stopped thrusting while she shook beneath me, afraid that if I continued I’d be brought over the edge and it would be all over.

When she came back to her senses enough to realize I’d stopped, she opened her eyes and murmured, “Don’t stop. Keep going. Just . . . pull out.”

I nodded and started moving again, tucking my hands under her shoulders for support. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her long legs crossed behind my ass. I increased my speed and we started moaning almost in harmony. I could tell she was getting near again as her volume kept going up. It was a useful indicator. By the time she reached another orgasm, I was fucking her as fast and as hard as I could manage, and felt my own release building. I’ve always had good control, so I was able to pull out before my climax fully hit. Once I was out of her, her legs clamped back around me, pressing my hardness into her belly. My cock spasmed and spurted between us, coating both our bellies with hot semen. She kept clinging to me in this way until long after our respective orgasms retreated.

Finally her arms relaxed and I pulled my head up, surprised by a sweet and gentle kiss. The kiss didn’t last long. Once it ended, she looked up at me with those big, beautiful eyes of hers and whispered, “Thank you. That was amazing.”

“Mmm. For me too,” I replied, smiling.

“Sorry I couldn’t wait ’til we got to your bed,” she said, grinning.

“I’m sorry I got you all sticky,” I responded with a chuckle.

“I’m not,” she said lightly, pushing me off of her. As she propped herself up on her elbows, her dress flopped down, getting in the pool of cum on her belly.

“Oh, your dress!” I said, helping her to pull it over her head.

She giggled, poking at the puddle of sperm and tracing her finger along it. “Don’t worry about it. The dress did its job. It got me here, didn’t it?”

I smirked. “Well, the dress and what was in it.”

She looked slyly back at me, bringing her finger to her mouth and licking it clean. “So . . . ” she said, repeating this process slowly. “My evening is . . . wide open. Want to show me your bedroom?”

I felt a shudder of lust go through me. My cock, which had started to soften, was quickly becoming erect again with anticipation. “Oh yeah,” I said, my voice thick. I helped her up and led her to my room. On the way, I ducked into the bathroom to grab a towel to clean us up with. Once we were clean, she sat on the edge of my bed, leaning back on her hands and stretching her legs out. She glanced down, seeming to remember that she was completely naked and on display. She quickly crossed her legs and rested her hands on her lap. This time I knew for sure she’d blushed.

To make things less embarrassing for her, I turned off the overhead light and snapped on the lamp I kept on my nightstand. I sat down next to her and traced one finger down her graceful neck and over to one smooth shoulder. She quivered from the sensation. Her hand gripped my cock suddenly and she felt her way up and down its length. (It was about six inches long when fully erect.) “Mmm, so hard again already,” she mumbled, licking her lips. I nuzzled her neck and nibbled on it, using my hands to move her thighs apart. I hadn’t had the chance to really explore her body yet, since things had escalated so quickly, but now I was determined to slow us down a little. My left hand continued to grip her soft thigh as my right crept down to her crotch. I spread her still-moist folds with my fingers, caressing the area with lingering motions.

“Ahhhh,” she breathed, leaning back onto her elbows and closing her eyes.

I worked my way up as I continued my ministrations with my right hand, moving around to her breasts, gripping and caressing one with my left as I kissed and suckled the other. Once both had had sufficient attention, I continued down, trailing kisses down her rib cage, to her sexily curvy belly, down to her crotch, which was my ultimate goal. By this time I was on my knees in front of her. I kissed outside her folds, running my fingers around the area and up into the small patch of pubic hair adorning her mound. I spread her lower lips with my fingers and lightly licked, sampling the taste. She let out a long, low purr of a moan and sank onto her back on the bed, spreading her legs wider for me and lifting her pelvis up to meet my mouth. I slipped my tongue down into her, sliding into her passage. It was the first taste I’d had of a woman in years and I was delighted. She smelled and tasted of sex, but her growing arousal soon overshadowed this with flowing juices. She tasted different from any other woman I’d gone down on—slightly sweet, but tangy. It was glorious. I ran my tongue up and up until reaching the protruding bump of her clit. As soon as I put pressure on it she cried out, grabbing the back of my head and pulling my face into her. Taking this as the not-so-subtle hint it was, I attacked her clitoris with my mouth and tongue, bringing her directly from one orgasm to another, even bigger one. Her cries became wild and her entire body lunged beneath me, her fingers gripping my hair painfully. My chin was drenched with her fluids, and it felt like her orgasm would never end. The second became a third and her fingers relaxed, her cries dwindled to moans and I pulled back from her, taking in the lovely sight of her splayed out on my bed, squirming and dripping, still feeling the after effects of three rapid-fire climaxes. Momentarily, she opened her eyes slightly, looking at me sleepily and content. “You . . . are fucking amazing,” she whispered.

I stood and slid open the drawer on my nightstand, taking out a condom. I asked, “You up for more? That drove me crazy.” I stepped forward, displaying my rigid member. I was aching to be inside her again. Going down on a woman always made me wild.

She sat up, a hungry look on her face. “Mmm, yeah. But it’s my turn.” She stood and snatched the condom from me. “Lay down, I’ll take care of you.”

I did as she asked and watched as she ripped open the wrapper and unrolled the rubber onto my cock. Her big eyes fixed on mine and she crawled forward until she was astride me. With no hesitation, she reached between her legs, aimed me and lowered herself onto my cock, taking my entire length inside. “Ahhh,” she moaned, biting her lip as she looked down at me. She rested her hands on my chest for balance and started moving, slowly at first, then faster, an adorable look of concentration on her face.

Worried about distracting her, but unable to resist, I reached up and clutched her breasts, caressing and gripping them. They felt so soft and round . . . they weren’t huge, but were much bigger than they looked through her clothes.

She cooed and looked down at me, her hair hanging down and tickling my nose. The look of concentration was gone, replaced with a shy one. “So, what do you think?” she asked.

It only took a second for me to figure out what she was referring to. “I think you’re incredibly sexy. And not just these.” I gave her breasts one more squeeze and slid my hands down her sides, over her hips and down to her bottom and thighs. “You have a great body,” I finished, leaning up and kissing her. The kiss quickly went from sweet to passionate. She stopped moving and grabbed the sides of my face, her mouth devouring mine. She let me go and sat up, pulling me mostly out of her, slamming back down to the hilt with a groan.

“Mmm,” I moaned. “You are ravenous, aren’t you?”

She bit her lip again and nodded, making a small incoherent sound. She leaned back down, angling herself atop me and started moving insistently her hands gripping my arms, moving mostly with her lower body. I gripped her hips, starting to move with her, trying to be careful not to throw off her rhythm. She started fucking me harder, pressing herself against me with every down stroke, and her panting moans matched this pace. I flexed my cock inside, both to make it as hard as possible for her and to hold back my inevitable orgasm. I wasn’t ready for this to end yet.

Thankfully I got a break, but still almost lost it due to how intense things became. With one last lunge she grew rigid against me, pressing our crotches together tightly, wrapping her arms around me and letting out another loud expression of pleasure. I threw my arms around her, holding her to me firmly, regulating my breath and trying to calm down as she trembled atop me.

Once it passed, we released each other. With me still nestled inside, her blissful look gave way to one of disappointment. “You didn’t?” she asked.

Again, I knew what she meant and smiled. “Not yet. Very close, though.”

She smiled back, relieved. “You take over. I think I overdid it a little.”

“My pleasure,” I said, waiting for her to climb off me before I sat up. She went to lie down and I stopped her. “Wait,” I said, putting my hands on her waist and showing her what I wanted. She moved with me, taking my cues perfectly. “Like this,” I finished, once she was on her knees.

She giggled, peering at me over her shoulder, her hair in her face. “I see. This should be good.”

“It will be,” I promised, taking position behind her. As I buried myself inside her, it struck me how natural all this felt. With my ex, we’d had trouble with this position, and having her on top was impossible. Our bodies didn’t mesh. It made any positions aside from missionary awkward and frustrating. Jenny and I were having no problems, however. I wasn’t sure if it was because we were closer in height or if our bodies were just a better fit, and really, it didn’t matter. It worked, that was all.

She leaned back into my every thrust, throwing her head back, her short hair flying. It felt incredible to get so deeply into her, and I found reserves of energy I didn’t realize I still had. Before long we were fucking with even more intensity than we had in the hallway. I realized I’d started making a growling noise, and didn’t bother stopping. I felt like an animal at that moment, so it seemed fitting.

“Yes!” she cried, bucking against me and voicing her pleasure. I loved how loud she was, and made a mental note to thank my mother for getting my daughter out of the house. I had a feeling we would have been more reserved and less wild if the house hadn’t been empty.

“Oh god,” she whimpered, already reaching another orgasm. “Don’t stop! Make me come again! Please . . . ” She didn’t have to ask me twice. I slammed into her hard, again and again, wanting to reach the end myself. With a groan that was almost a roar, I exploded inside her. She arched her back and howled in response.

Finally spent, I pulled out and sat back on the bed as she slumped face down on the mattress, panting and still shaking. After about a minute of recuperating, she turned her head to look at me, her hair messy and a sheen of sweat on her forehead. I could feel a layer of sweat on myself. That had been quite a workout. Gasping, eyes huge, she said, “God . . . you’re . . . the best. The fucking . . . best!” She rolled onto her side, putting her hand on my thigh and squeezing.

“I could say the same about you, Jenny. You’re a wild woman.”

She smiled. “So I had a good idea, then?”

“The best you ever had,” I replied, with a chuckle. I got up and disposed of the full condom. “You thirsty? I think we need a drink.”

She nodded. “Among other things. Where’s your bathroom?” I showed her on my way to the kitchen to open a bottle of wine. I was able to visit the downstairs bathroom during my trip. After a few minutes, we met back up on my bed, a glass of wine each. We sipped our wine and sat in silence for a bit. I noticed she was no longer hiding herself—she was sitting cross-legged on my bed facing me, which left me with a nice view of all her assets.

Maybe it was because of all the exertion, or what I’d drank earlier in the night, but the wine hit me hard. I noticed Jenny starting to sway a bit, too. We didn’t speak as we drank. We didn’t have to. The silence was companionable, and I think we were both musing on the unexpected events of the evening. After awhile I noticed she was running her finger along my bare leg and to my stomach, idly tracing my contours. She was following her finger’s path with her eyes and I was enjoying the attention. When she finally glanced up, I was smiling at her. She smiled back and cleared her throat. “Sorry, got distracted.”

“You’re pretty distracting yourself.”

She glanced down at herself and then finished her drink. I stood, took her glass from her, and set the two empty glasses on my desk. I sat back down and caught her yawning. “You tired?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she admitted, stretching.

“Maybe we should turn in?” I offered.

“I don’t want to,” she replied, a slight pout in her voice. I was struck again by how unbearably cute this woman was. Not just in appearance, but in mannerisms as well. “I don’t want it to be tomorrow yet.”

“Me either,” I agreed, touching her smooth shoulder and around to her back.

She looked up at me with her big, brown eyes and then looked back down at her hands. She whispered, “Did you mean that? Earlier, I mean, when you said I was sexy?”

“I did. And I still do,” I assured her.

“But I’m skinny—not curvy enough. My arms and legs are too long, and like sticks. And I could never get rid of this after the baby.” She squeezed the pooch her belly made while she was sitting.

I shrugged and gently said, “Everyone’s different. I think you’re sexy because of those things and more, not despite them. You have great proportions, and you’re graceful. As for your curves—you’ve got the right kinds.”

She giggled, a little self-consciously, and her eyes met mine for a second before she looked away again. “You’re very sweet,” she said, softly. “I swear, I couldn’t have picked a better pretend boyfriend.” She drew in a shaky breath and added, “Could I ask you for one more favor?”

“Of course,” I said, still idly rubbing her back.

“One last time? And like you were really my boyfriend. I . . . just want to see what it would feel like.” She finally met my eyes and she was wearing that shy look again. I smiled reassuringly at her, and in way of answer, I took her face in my hands and kissed her. It was a slow, deep and gentle kiss. It went on and on, and somewhere during it, she taken my hardening cock in her hand, caressing it.

Annie and I were on the way home from another fantastic trip. We’ve found a tropical paradise, a remote place with crystal clear water and great snorkelling. It’s a quiet place and is very relaxing. We’ve visited twice and are thinking of making it a regular escape from the cold winters of our home city. No – I won’t be telling readers where it is.

We’d returned from our favourite outer island to the main resort area. It was two nights there and then another boat back to the airport and home. We were checking in that afternoon and saying hello to some of the locals. I looked along the counter and saw a couple, younger than us, with their two young kids. They were rather attractive. Certainly I liked the look of the woman as she seemed to carry herself in a very sexy way. I guessed they were just arriving, maybe having a few days on the main island to start their holidays.

My eyes caught his and I smiled. He smiled back. I also noticed that he took a nice look at my Annie. I took another glance at the woman with him and we smiled at one another again. That’s when I decided I had to act on my hunch.

After lunch I figured they would be down at the beach with the kids. The snorkelling is not so great there but its an OK spot for kids. For sure they’d be heading out soon to one of the nearby islands where its quieter, there’s fewer boats and the family could relax a little more and enjoy the local wonders.

We exchanged a few looks and I tried to show enough interest – but not too much. She was pretty sexy but he had to be comfortable with it as well. Mind you, Annie got into the action as well and in the end there seemed to be enough flirting to know that we were onto a good thing.

At one point Sara, the wife, was down by the water with their youngsters, wrestling with their snorkelling gear. I casually approached Mark, the husband, and introduced myself. They were an English couple, mid 30s and the kids were aged 9 and 7.

Mark and I spoke only briefly. I was confident they’d agree to a proposal but I had to be careful not to cause a scene.

‘Annie and I enjoy having fun with new friends. We think the four of us could have a lot of fun. Would you both consider joining us after dinner?’

Mark knew what I was asking and he seemed relaxed about it. But they had the kids in tow. I offered to find someone at the resort who’d be able to arrange a babysitter. I know a number of the staff by name and theirs is a culture where kids are greatly valued and always well cared for. I didn’t want to pressure Mark but there were only two nights to make something happen. Annie loves chance encounters like that, especially if there’s a nice new cock involved. It would be the perfect way to end the holiday.

All the time Mark and I were speaking I could see Sara stealing glances at us. Later Sara confessed that Mark had mentioned he’d had the same thought when he’d seen us at reception. Sara had known straight away that she was interested. Mark explained that they were teachers and had needed to save hard for this trip. I wondered if being teachers also made it hard for them to indulge in other pleasures. It looked as if they were going to get more on this trip than they’d planned for.

Mark was tall and a little pudgy. Not exactly Annie’s type but he was good looking. She liked his black-rimmed spectacles. He had big hands and we all know what that’s supposed to mean.

Sara was quite tall as well, already well tanned and with short, dark hair. She had curves in all the right places and I liked the way she moved. Her backside was well rounded and I didn’t mind at all that she had a bit of meat on her bones. Her breasts looked like probably D-cup. The most important thing was that Mark and Sara were new to us and hopefully ready for the kind of fun Annie and I enjoy the most.

As usual, we’d been having plenty of good sex on this trip. The heat and the outdoor activities had kept Annie’s fire stoked. Seeing her slender body and her golden Chinese skin in the sun, watching her in and out of the water in her bathing suit, had been making my cock hard over and over again.

The second outer island we’d visited had only a few visitors and plenty of secluded places down by the water. It was humid and sticky but each night in the cooler air we’d gone and found ourselves a private spot on the sand. We’d fucked right there, in the open air with our towels underneath us and the bright stars over our heads. One night I’d sat in the shallow waves with Annie across my lap, my cock deep in her cunt and fucking until she’d needed no more. Another night I’d finished by shooting my cum all over her chest and tummy and then I’d massaged it all into her skin. We’d lain together panting as my cum dried on her and then entered the warm sea to wash her clean.

On that first night with Sara and Mark our fun was pretty much limited to dinner. They wanted to check us out a little more and we were happy with that approach. It was a nice way to spend an evening.

Mark had made sure to mention that he and Sara weren’t ‘heavy swingers’. It seemed they’d not done much more than same-room sex with some friends back in their university days.

I arranged things at dinner so Annie was next to Mark and I was next to Sara. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but gradually became more and more relaxed with my finding excuses to touch her hand. Annie and Mark were busy touching one another under the table. He was game, but I understood that he wouldn’t go further than his wife could handle.

We enjoyed their company and I especially liked Sara. She was quiet but not shy and I liked her strong English accent. She knew what was in the offing but had decided to play things cool for now. Maybe Annie and I seemed a little more hardcore than she was comfortable with. Annie likes to take the opportunity of a new cock on a regular basis but not everyone is like that. Still, I’d seen enough to find a pleasant challenge in Sara even if I didn’t get to fuck her.

The four of us took a short walk along the beach after that first dinner. Somehow Annie managed to get Mark’s arm around her. When I was sure that Sara was happy with that I placed my arm around her. I think they both enjoyed the attention they were getting from us. Sara even let me put my hand on her arse once we turned and headed back to the resort. Annie took the chance to give Mark’s cock a little rub through his pants (she told me later) and he’d acted a little shocked.

We split up and went to our separate rooms. Sara wanted to get back to her kids and I knew they’d de-brief one another. Annie and I quickly shed our clothes and she insisted I fuck her long and slow on the bed. I fingered her cunt while kissing and cuddling her until she came repeatedly. Later fucked her for as long as I could while I had two fingers gently massaging her arse hole.

At breakfast the next morning Mark quietly asked if they could see us again that night. ‘Dinner and maybe we can do something together after. If you and Annie still want to.’

We did. Mark repeated his caution that he and Sara didn’t ‘do a lot of this really’. I could see that Mark was very keen to have his way with Annie. So it was important that we didn’t rush Sara. Maybe having the kids so close was making her self-conscious. But she’d not protested when I’d felt her bum and I was keen to see if we could lower her guard.

We saw them a few times during the day but not much was said. We exchanged plenty of horny looks though, each couple eyeing off the other. Each of us knew the night ahead was all about physical pleasure.

That night at dinner the sexual tension was obvious. This time I slid my hand between Sara’s thighs and she didn’t resist at all. I managed to work her dress up high enough so I could feel the soft skin of her upper thighs. She was warm and smooth and seemingly enjoying my touch.

Mark was trying his best to be an attentive husband. I knew it was hard because there was no doubt that Annie was pressing herself against him and rubbing his cock under the table. She’d already told me it seemed like a good size and I knew the longer she was next to Mark the more she would want him.

We skipped dessert and took another short walk along the beach. It seemed the perfect way to make sure everyone was in the mood. There was a little spot that was screened from view by a rocky outcrop and some palm trees. We paused there, quickly making sure there was no-one close by who could see. Then we swapped as we’d done the night before and again Annie quickly had Mark’s arm around her. I followed suit with Sara, moving carefully as I still wasn’t certain how far she was prepared to go.

This time Sara seemed not to respond to me. I realised she wasn’t even looking at me. Instead her eyes were fixed on her husband and my Annie as they began to softly cuddle one another there on the beach. I moved behind Sara, my arms around her waist. Annie and Mark obliged with a small show, the two of them sinking to their knees and slowly kissing. They were holding one another, seemingly fixated on their new lovers. Sara didn’t move her eyes, not even when I pulled her closer to me, hoping she’d feel my stiff cock through her thin dress.

Now was the time when Sara would either call the whole thing off or surrender to the inevitable. I moved my hands up and softly cupped her big tits through her clothes. Again, I got no reaction. Sara was still captured by the sight of her husband making out with another woman. I could feel her breathing, though, and I could tell she was turned on.

I was just about to slip my hands inside her dress when I saw Annie whisper to Mark. I knew what that was about. Annie was ready to head back. I gave Sara a soft hug and whispered to her too. ‘If you would like to, now is a good time to come back to our room.’

Now Sara turned and looked at me. She looked gorgeous out there in the dim light and I could tell she was horny but nervous.

‘You and Annie do this a lot. I mean, you seem very experienced.’

‘We’ve done it from time to time.’ That was a small lie. ‘We have some regular friends back home.’

‘Mark told you, didn’t he, that we’ve never done this?’

I smiled, hoping she would get the message in the gloom out there on the beach.

‘We played around once, with friends,’ she went on. ‘We were in the same room. But I’ve not done anything like this since I was younger.’

That was perfect as far as I was concerned. I was enjoying that English voice of hers and I wanted to enjoy her body as well. ‘You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with,’ I tried to reassure her. ‘But I can tell you that Annie wants to be fucked by your husband and I think we both want to watch that.’

Sara turned her gaze back to the other two. I think she might have even gulped. ‘Yes I do,’ she breathed softly.

The other two were on their feet again, Annie taking Mark’s arm and almost leading him back along the beach. I felt my usual glow of pride at my Annie being so strong and confident. I took Sara’s hand and we followed behind them.

Minutes later the four of us were inside our room. Annie dragged Mark over to the bed, him content to let her lead. Myself and Sara took a position on the small sofa where we could watch and make-out ourselves.

Annie, turned-on by the warm night air and the prospect of a new cock, quickly stripped off her T-shirt and her pants. She was braless and wearing only lacy ‘boy style’ kickers. She was making me extremely horny just watching her so I was certain Mark would not be able to resist.

I’d been telling Annie how much I wanted to see this new guy suckle on her long, dark nipples. I always want to watch people enjoy her nipples. So she pulled his head to her chest while she groped between his legs. Mark obliged and latched onto one of Annie’s teats with his mouth, at the same time trying to help Annie remove his loose pants.

I was already cuddling Sara and things seemed to be going well. Just like on the beach, she couldn’t take her eyes off the other two. I took the opportunity this time to slide a hand inside her dress and gently fondle one of her tits. They were full and warm. Right then I wanted those big tits so badly.

On the bed Annie and Mark were groping one another with passion. His cock was free now and Annie had a firm grip. It looked a nice size and I could see it was as hard as steel. Annie would want him inside her very soon.

Mark had his hand down her knickers and I guessed his fingers were inside her because Annie would be sopping wet by that point. She loves the feel of flesh in her cunt. She even prefers fingers to toys. If Mark did things right he’d soon be rewarded with one of Annie’s shuddering climaxes.

Still Sara was watching them intently. As I was cuddling her close I could feel her breathing becoming faster and more shallow. All the more so since I was fondling her tits at the same time. I wanted to ramp up her arousal.

‘Look at them,’ I whispered to her. ‘Look at your husband and my Annie. This is why we play with other couples. I love watching other people get turned on by Annie.’ Sara just gulped. The sight on the bed was having a similar effect on her.

‘If we let them,’ I went on, ‘those two are going to fuck each other. They are going to fuck one another while we’re watching them.’ Sara gasped a short ‘yes.’ Her nipples were hard and soon she’d allow me access to the rest of her body. I leaned around and kissed her softly. Her lips responded but I knew she was still watching the other two on the bed.

‘Would you like to see that? Would you like to see our spouses fuck each other in front of us?’

‘Oh fuck yes. I wan to see what his big thing looks like inside another woman.’

‘Well Annie is not much of a watcher. She is more of a doer.’

‘She is so beautiful,’ Sara murmured. I smiled. Once again my Annie, with her sexy body and her sexy mind, had done the trick. She is beautiful and the sight of her having so much pleasure had finally convinced Sara that she did want to join in with us.

‘So are you.’ I assured Sara. ‘You are very sexy.’ Slowly I reached up and undid her dress. There was no resistance. In fact, Sara shuffled around so I could get the dress off completely. She was left wearing only a bra and what looked like a fairly skimpy pair of knickers. I decided to get the bra off as well. Two large, brown tits spilled out, probably D-cups and with thick nipples that were as hard as pebbles.

I heard myself moan and took her tits in my hands as our mouths met again. After two kids, Sara’s breasts were still firm and round, the skin so soft. Quickly I moved down and began to suckle on those gorgeous fleshy globes. Her nipples seemed to grow in my mouth. From the bed I could hear the sounds of Annie enjoying herself. Sara was watching them and I hoped she’d want the same.

Sara moaned a little herself once I started to flick my tongue over her hardened nipples. She even turned her body a little more towards me. Sara was getting comfortable. She began to pant her lust at me as I continued to enjoy her big tits. I wanted to fuck her so badly. All that wonderful sex with Annie had gotten me very heated up as well. Suddenly, having access to Sara with her tanned skin and her fleshy tits was starting to make me lose control.

But Sara still had her focus mostly on the other two. ‘She has such a nice bottom,’ Sara murmured aloud, staring at Annie. I had to agree about Annie’s pert little arse. I broke away from Sara’s big tits and looked over to the bed. Annie was now totally naked and murmuring her lust to Mark as he fingered her cunt. She was trying to keep his long cock in her mouth. That gave me an idea.

‘She’s sucking on his cock. You’re watching your husband’s cock being sucked by another woman. Do you like seeing that?’

‘Yes, I love it,’ she panted at me.

‘You like sucking his cock too, don’t you?’

‘I love it. Mark lets me do it whenever I want.’

Right then it all got too much for Annie and she started on her first orgasm of the night. Not too hard but a nice shuddering orgasm that would be coating Mark’s fingers with her juices. I had one of my wicked ideas.

‘You should go over and help Annie,’ I said to Sara. ‘Go on, go and help her suck your husband’s cock.’

Sara just looked at me now, as if a little unsure. Then she gave me a big grin. She was enjoying the show but she wanted to suck his cock as well. I nodded my encouragement and Sara slowly rose and moved to the bed. Annie saw her coming and gave me a quick look, watching for signs of jealousy.

‘That looked like a very nice orgasm of yours,’ I said to Annie. ‘Sara wants to help you give Mark a little fun in return.’

Fortunately, Annie is very good at sharing. She smiled and made room for Sara. The teacher was no longer so shy, not with a chance to suck her husband’s cock. Mark was looking a little incredulous. But everyone was very happy with our little arrangement. Annie helped Sara get into position and before Mark could say anything the two women were bent down over his rock hard tool. I couldn’t see much of what they were doing but it seemed like Annie was taking first turn with Mark in her mouth while Sara was playing with his balls.

I heard Mark swear something and groan loudly. He couldn’t believe his luck as the two women started to suckle noisily on his cock and his balls. For me the important thing was that both women now had their arses stuck out, as if they were being presented to me. It was too good a chance to pass up.

I quickly stripped and stood behind them, rubbing my hands over those arses and enjoying the contrasting sizes and shapes. Annie is tight and rounded, a delight for any arse lover. Sara had more meat and bent over like that she was very inviting. What was more, in that position her skimpy undies were covering even less than before. I could see there was a thick bush under there and some of her dark brown pubes were peeking out around the sides of her knickers.

My hands roamed across those butt cheeks and neither woman protested. So I let my fingers slip down into the two cracks and pressed forward to find two hot, wet slits.

Sara didn’t flinch at the touch of my fingers between her legs. She was warming up nicely. Sharing hubby’s cock with her new friend had obviously made her decision for her – she was going to play and she was going to be fucked. Annie knew what I was up to and she moved her hips back towards me, a slight moan escaping from her lips wrapped around a strange cock.

I didn’t want to distract the women from their mission. But I wanted to get my fingers wet. I slid two fingers inside Annie – easy enough as she was fully naked and sopping wet. I had to use my free hand to wrestle Sara’s skimpy knickers down. But by now quiet Sara had gotten a lot bolder. Maybe it was the fact that her husband’s cock was leaking pre-cum into another woman’s mouth. Whatever, Sara got up from Mark and swiftly discarded her knickers. I got an eyeful of her mature, sexy body as she moved in close to me.

We hugged quickly and I once more grabbed her full arse, this time pulling her closer to me. My other hand was moving down to her bush when I felt Sara’s hand grab my hardened cock. That was good. Sara wanted to get to business. She ran her hand back and forth along my shaft, stroking me firmly, sampling my erection. It was the first new cock Sara had experienced for a long, long time and of course I was totally at attention for her.

On the bed Mark was between Annie’s legs, his mouth moving straight to her hot cunt. Annie spread wide, confident of what was happening and what she wanted. Sara paused for a moment. What should she choose? She sat on the edge of the bed, amazingly holding my cock in her hand as she reached out and grabbed Mark’s rod. Was it a fantasy of hers to hold two cocks at once? Certainly it was double the pleasure for Mark as his wife stroked his cock while he pushed his face into Annie’s gorgeous cunt.

I stroked my fingers through Sara’s thick, brown bush and pressed against her swollen cunt lips. So nice! I went further and found her hard clit. Not wanting to waste time I started rubbing Sara’s clit and feeling the wetness oozing out from her hole. She moaned in my ear and I felt a tiny shudder run through her body.

Carefully I guided Sara into a new position, standing bent over the bed. She could better see the action between Annie and Mark and I could admire her arse and see her hot holes. I loved the fact Sara was willing to be exposed to me. Her heat guided my fingers back to her hole and quickly I pressed two fingers of my right hand into her, slow and deep. I found what I was after – plenty of hot juice pooling at her entrance and coating the inside of her tunnel.

At the touch of my fingers Sara’s head dropped to the bed. The teacher had been slow to start but now she was getting hungry. She stopped and turned to me. ‘Do you use condoms?’ she asked. I grinned. I’d been lusting after her lush English body since that first morning. Now Sara was hot and ready, nervous but wanting to be pleasured.

‘We usually have safe sex,’ I replied. ‘But Annie is on the pill these days so we don’t need to worry with couples.’ Sara gave me a look. ‘I had a vasectomy before I met Annie so we don’t have to worry about pregnancy.’

‘Oh,’ was all she said, smiling softly. She turned her head back to the other two on the bed. They were shifting positions again. Annie wanted something back in her cunt. ‘Your fingers,’ she instructed Mark. I thought I heard Sara gasp her agreement with the instruction. Straight away Mark put his mouth on Annie’s clit and his fingers back inside her tunnel.

With a little effort of my own I was able to manoeuvre Sara onto the bed on all fours. The two women were side-by-side now. Their hands were almost touching. Mark and I exchanged a quick look and he glanced over at Sara.

Straight away I had my face up close to her bush. It was dark brown, thick and wiry. In fact it was almost a forest and I was pretty excited to be heading in there. A lot of women get embarrassed if they think they have excessive pubic hair. Sara didn’t appear to mind and I was thrilled at the sight of her wetness glistening in there.

Next to us I could hear Annie beginning to moan continuously. It was a sure sign that Mark was on the job. I followed the lead and drove my tongue through Sara’s pubes and into her moist slit. Sara groaned and stiffened. ‘Oh fuck yes,’ she hissed. What woman does not enjoy being pleasured orally? Sara tasted good and her body was already pumping juices over my tongue.

Quickly I flipped her over to give myself better access to her steaming cunt. I dove straight in, thrilled by her thick bush and her gushing wetness. I was pretty excited myself and wanted to have all her luscious body. So I managed to reach up and grab those big tits. Gently I massaged them, taking the risk of softly pinching her nipples. Sara groaned louder and I saw Annie, now getting nicely worked up herself, reach over and take hold of Sara’s hand.

I made sure to give plenty of attention to Sara’s clit. It was a nice size, surrounded by a fleshy hood. In just minutes both women were cumming over and over. Annie was making her usual shuddering noises. Sara was grunting, a kind of animal sound. ‘Yes, yes,’ she panted aloud. ‘Right there. right there.’ Her clit seemed to swell under my tongue and her juices were all over my face as she thrashed around the bed in slow motion.

Satisfied that Sara had enjoyed a few shattering climaxes, I had another idea. It was a risk but we were all so worked up now I was ready to try. I clambered up on top of Sara and went back to suckling on those heavy tits. In between nipples I murmured my thoughts to her.

‘I know you think Annie is beautiful. Why don’t you help your husband with her? Why don’t you both play with her wet little cunt?’

Sara looked at me blankly. I know she understood but she looked very unsure about the idea. I just kept looking at her as I suckled, waiting for protest or agreement.

‘I’ve never done that before. I don’t think I’ll be any good.’ I’d already guessed that this was Sara’s first time to play with a woman. Still I wanted to push her if I could.

‘You will be just fine. Annie is so horny it only takes a touch. You and Mark can be a team and make her cum together. Enjoy yourself.’ Slowly Sara began to move closer to Annie. My woman was in her orgasmic delirium and hardly aware of what was going on around her. Mark was happy to play along with my impromptu plan.

We left Annie on the bottom with her legs lying wide open. I shuffled up to present my hard cock to her mouth. When she realised she just grinned and took me in her hand, ready to service me. Mark and Sara took up station at the other end, neither of them sure who would go first or whether to suck or finger the shaved cunt that lay waiting for them.

‘Annie loves the feeling of skin. Just do it Sara, slide a finger into that gorgeous cunt and make her squirm for us.’

Mark muttered his own encouragement. I didn’t know whether to look at Sara with her first touch of another woman or watch my Annie respond to the new sensation.

In a moment Mark had his mouth clamped over Annie’s clit with Sara’s fingers underneath him. She was doing it, she was touching Annie’s cunt, stroking the lips and feeling their swollen heat. I directed my cock into Annie’s mouth and softly urged Sara on. ‘That’s it Sara. Touch her the way you like it. Slide your fingers inside her and make her cum for us.’ Slowly Sara found her courage and, for the first time, actually touched and enjoyed another woman’s cunt. Annie began that gentle shuddering of hers. Her cunt was being eaten and now a strange finger was probing deeper into her hole. She was cumming before Sara had barely started.

I was feeling extremely turned-on by now, watching Sara while my cock was being expertly sucked by Annie. The newbie was at my command and following everything I told her to do. I was going to fuck her repeatedly before the night was done. But right then I had a more kinky idea.

‘I knew you’d be good with Annie’s cunt,’ I said to her. ‘See the way you make her cum? She’s gushing her juices into your husband’s mouth.’

‘Oh god,’ groaned Sara in reply. ‘I know just how that feels.’

‘Put your finger in her arse.’


‘Go on. You’re nice and wet now with her juices. Annie loves her bum being played with.’

‘I don’t think I can.’

‘You said you love her sexy arse.’ Sara just stared at Annie’s crack. ‘Its the same as playing with her cunt. Go on. You will be fine. Be slow and gentle and make Annie cum again.’

Sara gave no further argument. She slipped her hand further down Annie’s heaving body. Ignoring my own needs from Annie’s mouth, I went down there too, reaching underneath my woman to pull her arse cheeks a little wider. It was lucky she’d waxed before the trip so that Sara could see exactly where to aim.

‘Softly,’ I urged her. ‘Just press firmly and your finger will slide in. Then just gently fill up her bottom!’

Sara was totally inexperienced with group sex and she’d been expecting nothing more than to watch her husband pump his cock into Annie. But she was caught up in the heat of our shared lust. Sara quickly had the entire length of one finger inserted in Annie’s backside. This reluctant school teacher had been unsure about swinging and now she had her finger inside the bottom of her new sex partner.

Annie did not miss a beat as Sara’s finger slowly invaded her anus. Soon she was cumming all over again, only this time she was cumming hard and she lost control of her body as her usual shuddering engulfed her. It was beautiful. I love her for being so multi-orgasmic. And I knew what I wanted to do to Sara next.

She was on hands and knees to probe Annie’s bum hole and so I easily moved in behind her. My cock was rock hard and I could see her tight little hole nestled inside that mass of dark hair.

I didn’t bother with asking if Sara was ready for me. I didn’t ask her permission or warn her of what I was about to do. Instead I just stepped forward and aimed low. In a moment I had the tip of my shaft pressed against that forest and the hot stream it contained.

Sara groaned aloud and then she actually moved her hips back towards me. She badly wanted to be fucked even if it was by a stranger. Sara had gotten hungry for a cock inside her hole and there was no turning back.

I slid forward, savouring the wetness of her arousal. I only needed a coupe of strokes and my cock was buried deep inside this sexy English school teacher. Heaven!

Sara quickly forgot about Annie’s bumhole. No matter – I’d succeeded in twisting the innocent newbie. I was much more interested in the way her snug cunt was caressing my cock. Sara was enjoying it also, judging by the sounds she started making. I took a firm grip on her ample hips and began to deliver a series of long strokes, going from the tip of my cock till the point where my pubic bone was hard against her arse. Each time I pulled out she gasped. Each time I drove forward she groaned.

Sara was a truly lovely fuck and I appreciated her gift even more for the fact she’d waited so many years. I got off watching the flesh of her arse bounce and ripple with each of my deep thrusts. It made a lovely rhythm with her grunts and groans. She was being fucked by a stranger and loving it. I couldn’t see her tits but was sure they were swaying nicely underneath her.

Annie knew what she wanted. Usually she’d be the first to get cock and now she was telling Mark all about it. ‘Fuck me Mark. I need your cock.’

Mark himself was looking a little stunned to see his bride taken by another man. But somehow he heard Annie’s demand and quickly he was on top of her. He pressed his cock pressing against her fuck hole. Annie smiled that most sexy of smiles and let her legs fall further apart. I watched Annie reach down and place Mark’s cock inside the folds of her cunt just as I began to pound Sara.

‘Look Sara,’ I grunted. ‘Annie is getting her wish and Mark’s cock is inside her.’

‘Oh yes,’ she moaned. ‘Fuck her darling, go on,’ she called out to her husband.

‘Do you like it? Do you like seeing him fuck Annie?’

‘Oh god yes. I want him to ram his thing right into her.’

I looked for Annie’s reaction but she was already gone. Mark’s strong cock was stroking the inside of her cunt and Annie was ascending to her own version of heaven. A lovely new cock and a chance to play out her dirty desires. Annie was shuddering and Sara was grunting as the two women let their orgasms rip through their sexy bodies.

Sara’s cunt was delightful. It fit around my cock so well to start with. But with each orgasm she pulsated and squeezed around my shaft. She was made for long, slow fucking but there wasn’t much chance of that on this night.

I let Sara enjoy several powerful climaxes before it was time to change pace. I was saving myself for later, wanting to give her a very special ending to her first night of true swinging sex. I chose to go back to eating that hairy cunt and quickly positioned the good little English wife on the bed, on her back next to Annie. I pushed her legs wider and dove into her luscious cunt. She began to gush even harder.

Annie was just as hungry as I’d expected. She would show no mercy towards Mark. I heard her give more instructions as she reached up and grabbed his butt cheeks, shoving into just the right position. In seconds she was shuddering through another huge climax. When she’s in a frenzy like that Annie just needs to cum over and over and over.

‘Look at them Sara,’ I told her. ‘Look at them fuck while I eat your married cunt.’

‘Oh fuck, I am loving it. Fuck her Mark.’

Sara obviously enjoyed having her cunt licked. But Annie still needed cock. Soon she rolled Mark over and then climbed on top. I watched with delight as she squatted over the teacher and took his long, hard cock in her hand, guiding him to the right spot. With her trademark noise Annie impaled herself on Mark. Its an impressive sound. Then she proceeded to ride him deep and hard. Once Annie had been ‘missionary-only’.

Sara and I switched again, both of us eager to once more stuff her cunt with my swollen cock. This time she wanted the missionary position. To make her point she lay back and held her cunt wide open for me. Surely she didn’t do that every time she fucked. Sara was turning into a crazed woman. She looked sexy and wild, exactly the way a nice English school teacher should not look.

Mark spoke up then. ‘Sara, you’re letting another man fuck you.’

‘Oh Christ darling,’ she gasped between my thrusts. ‘You have your thing inside another woman.’

‘Fuck him good, my darling.’

‘Oh god, Mark. It feels so good with his big willy inside me.’

I just kept on reaming Sara’s tunnel. In this position I had a delightful view of her big tits as they shook and bounced under my assault. ‘Hold them,’ I asked her. ‘Let me have your nipples.’ Without question she did just that, presenting her married tits to her new lover. I couldn’t believe how sexy Sara was and how natural. Such a shame to have kept herself to her husband for all those years.

I chewed on her tits for a while as I continued to stroke in and out of her gushing hole. ‘Oh fuck! Oh fuck!’ she kept saying in that gorgeous English accent. Next to us I could hear Mark saying something similar to my Annie. She didn’t answer him but her guttural moaning told me how much she was enjoying his long cock.

But eventually Annie slowed things down. She’d guessed that Mark’s climax was getting close and she wanted to keep him hard for as long as she could. I wasn’t that far behind Mark. His luscious wife was still clinging to my cock with her cunt muscles and the sight of her tits wobbling under my assault was almost more than I could take. Discretion was the best course so I slowed my own efforts.

I leaned back, leaving my cock buried deep inside her. Now I could reach down to her bush and find that hardened clit again. She looked a little unsure. I thought she was about to protest. ‘Shhh,’ I said quietly. ‘Let me do this. I want you to really cum hard for me.’

Quickly I used my thumb to place some gentle pressure on that hard little nub. I moved myself so I could keep my cock buried deep inside her. I didn’t need to thrust, just keeping pressure against the underside of her pubic bone. That and the rubbing on her clit soon drove Sara into another orgasm, right over the edge as she thrashed and gasped loudly. How well this new adventure had turned out for her.

Finally we all took a short break. Though in truth it was more to give Annie a chance to really enjoy Sara’s large tits. She stroked and licked and sucked Sara’s flesh, as always feeling turned on by a big pair almost as much as me. Sara obviously didn’t mind the attention and happily held Annie in her arms while she enjoyed the feeling of a woman’s mouth.

But I know my Annie well and I knew that she’d be demanding more fucking very soon if we didn’t get back to pleasuring her. Not that I minded but I figured once Mark shot his load our new English friends would head back to their hut.

Slowly everyone got into new positions, Annie lying face down on the bed underneath us all. With a few nods and whispers I got our new playfriends to work massaging Annie’s arse cheeks while I kissed her shoulders and the back of her neck. It was slow and sensual and I knew it would keep Annie’s lust in check for a few minutes. It was kind of bad to make Annie the centre of attention for three people but I remembered how impressed Sara had been with that tight little bottom.

‘You have an incredible body.’ murmured Sara to my Annie. ‘I wish I had a backside like this instead of my huge one.’

‘I love your rear,’ protested Mark.

I quite liked it myself. ‘Hmmm. Sara you do look great when I am fucking you from behind. You don’t need to worry.’

At first Sara was just concentrating on stroking and kneading Annie’s pert butt cheeks. But after a short time I could see that her fingers were working deeper into the cleft between Annie’s cheeks. Soon she was stroking Annie’s bare cunt and softly moaning her enjoyment. I could hear much the same from Annie. When Sara decided to stick her fingers inside Annie’s cunt all four of us suddenly felt even more horny.

One thing had been missing from the night so far. I really wanted to feel Sara’s mouth on my cock. I knelt on the bed next to Sara and made sure my cock was right in her face. ‘I think I need your help to keep me nice and hard for you my dear.’ It was a lie and Sara knew it too. She smiled at me and licked her lips. Now it was her turn to suck on a big hard dick.

I shuffled in closer and Sara, without a word, opened her mouth to give me a nice, soft target. She left Annie’s cunt now and turned her attention to me. I saw straight away that she was not only an eager cocksucker but also a very skilled one. Mark was a lucky man. As the head of my cock passed through her lips Sara actually reached up and grabbed my arse cheeks with both her hands. She pulled me in close and already her head was bobbing up and down my shaft.

Her mouth was wonderful, all the more so because Sara was so obviously turned on by committing the lewd act in front of her husband. Was this what she’d thought of when the topic of group sex had come up the previous day?

‘Well, Sara, you’re very good at this. You really should not keep your talents to yourself you know.’ I think she tried to smile around my swollen cock.

Mark was watching and wanted to join in the banter. ‘I always think she looks great on her knees.’

‘You like sucking a cock, don’t you?’ I asked. She grunted her agreement.

‘You like tasting your cunt juices on my cock?’ Another grunt.

‘You’re loving having another cock to suck aren’t you?’ This time her response was a long moan.

Soon Mark also wanted more sucking of his cock and Annie happily resumed her duties. I didn’t really watch them but Sara did, from the corner of her eyes. This was what Sara had wanted, a chance to see her husband and another woman. How lucky was that guy? Well, actually, I kind of knew already.

The room was filled with the slurping sounds of two willing women devouring cocks. Sara could only moan each time I pointed out what was happening next to us.

‘Annie’s sucking his cock. Your husband’s cock. See the way he fills her mouth? See the way her lips have to stretch to fit him in?’ Sara’s response was to work feverishly on my cock. It was like a race to see who could make their cock come first. She sucked me deep and one hand gripped my shaft hard. At the speed of her bobbing she had no time to swallow and her saliva was spilling out and running down my cock. That made the sensation of her hand all the better. And her other hand was gently fondling my balls, as if she could squeeze the cum out of them.

I was enjoying having a married woman work so diligently on my cock. Especially because I had the self-control to really make it last. Mark, on the other hand, was finding all this was more than he could handle. Watching his wife suck dick, having Annie work on him at the same time, pushed him to the edge.

‘Oh god Sara. I think I am going to cum.’ That, too, was met with a grunt. I assumed Sara was telling him to go for it. I saw Annie smile around Mark’s cock as she waited for his climax, a little reward for her for pleasuring him so well.

‘Sara, darling. I’m going to shoot my spunk in her mouth.’ This time Sara briefly removed me from her mouth. ‘Go on sweetheart,’ she urged her hubby. ‘I think Annie wants your spunk anyway.’

That was very true. Now Sara and I were both watching, seeing Annie focussed intently on Mark’s shaft and taking it even deeper into her mouth. Annie always swallows and she didn’t want Mark to suddenly think he had to withdraw his cock. Her right hand was holding him firmly in place, stroking him fast, urging him to spill his seed into her waiting mouth.

Author’s note:

This is a story based on Glee. It takes place around Episode 14 of Series 4 and contains spoilers. Both the actresses and the characters in the story are over 18.


For Santana Lopez it all started with a look. It was so quick most people wouldn’t even notice, and honestly it probably didn’t mean anything. After all this was Quinn Fabray, so obviously it couldn’t mean anything, or she was getting her wires crossed again, because no way Quinn was checking out her boobs… and if she was it totally didn’t mean anything. And yet, a second after her gaze lingered ever so slightly on her body Quinn had told Santana she was rocking it in that dress and followed it up with a gentle touch to her arm.

Those three things echoed in Santana’s mind as Quinn finished her drink and then used her fake ID to get them both a refill. Then after Quinn had finished her second drink her gaze briefly lowered again which pretty much confirmed it… Quinn Fabray was hitting on her!

Santana was so dumbfounded by this revelation she could barely keep up with the conversation. She honestly hadn’t seen this coming, which actually made her feel a little stupid. Brittney had always said that Quinn was a baby unicorn, a.k.a. a closet lesbian, and Santana had always shot her down and as gently as possible told her she was wrong, but that had more to do with keeping Brittney safe from Quinn’s wrath. The truth was while normally Savannah could spot a gay from a gazillion miles away Quinn Fabray was the biggest ball of mixed signals she’d ever encountered. Sure, she seemed to have a massive girl crush on Rachel Berry and there were half a dozen looks, words or touches which seemed to suggest Quinn was at least bi, yet the blonde was so repressed and neurotic Santana would have figured Quinn would have never even indulged the idea of satisfying her ‘lebanese’ curiosities.

Here Quinn was though, blatantly checking her out, smiling coyly and even slipping compliments into the conversation. Quinn might as well be wearing a shirt saying ‘I’m flirting with you’ or ‘I like girls now’ or something like that. But that’s probably all it was. Flirting. Which made sense. Quinn was probably feeling down after her latest break-up and was clearly just looking for some attention. Any attention. It wasn’t like Quinn would take this any further. Would she?

Quinn wasn’t sure when it all started exactly. The simple answer was when her latest in a long line of relationships had ended. The difference was that on some level she had known this relationship was doomed to fail from the beginning, but the way it ended had still hurt. Still filled her with anger and frustration. Still devastated her. Not because he had been her one true love, he had been her professor for God sakes, but he or more accurately the relationship with him shone a big ugly light on her real problems. Problems she wasn’t willing or able to deal with right now. So, still in man hating mode, Quinn had made a plan. Drowning her sorrows didn’t work for her and neither had smoking it away or getting over a man by getting under another, not that she was in the mood for particularly the last one right now. Instead she would try something new. Something exciting. Something which would definitely take her mind off of her troubles, at least for a little while.

Of course simple answers are not always the right ones. In this case, no matter how much she might like to pretend otherwise, it was half right at best. The truth was Quinn had been bi-curious for as long as she could remember, and whether it all started with a weird energy exchange with Rachel or Santana simply being so God damn hot or whatever it didn’t matter to Quinn. All that mattered was that she’d never have a better excuse… chance, she’d never have a better chance than this.

Regardless of confusing vibes from boy crazy friends Quinn had one smoking hot lady friend who she knew was into girls and was single but clearly still in love with her ex-girlfriend who was currently dating a guy but it was obvious they were getting back together eventually, meaning she was perfect. Santana might be willing to fuck her but she wouldn’t want anything else from Quinn, so Quinn could get her mind off her troubles and finally put an end to her infuriating curiosities once and for all.

That was the plan, and Quinn had no doubt it would be just as successful as her plan to seduce Santana. Phase one, lay on the man hate. And hate in general. This allowed the two of them to reconnect and subtly laid the groundwork for what was to come. Phase two, flirting. Perhaps Quinn could have been more subtle about it but she was nervous and it seemed to work pretty well, Santana noticing every look, smile and touch she gave her and even flirting right back. Hard. Which was exactly what Quinn had been expecting, Santana treating this like they were in a game of gay chicken. At the same time though Santana allowed Quinn to be the one to push things forward into phase three, dancing. First as part of a group, then casually together, then finally Quinn found herself slow dancing with a girl for the first time and… and she didn’t have to lie to Santana. She liked it. She really, really liked it. So much so it seemed like hours before she finally moved on to phase four, asking Santana up to her room for a ‘drink’. That was partly because she was nervous, but mostly because she was filled with something she wasn’t sure she could or perhaps more accurately wanted to identify right now.

The worst part was exactly how the asking went down, Quinn tripping over her own words as she mumbled, “So… the party is winding down, and everyone is starting to leave and pair off, and I was thinking, I… I have a bottle of tequila in my room. We could go there, and get away from all these love sick fools and start really putting this disaster of a wedding behind us.”

Santana raised her eyebrows and subtly smirked in a way which made Quinn’s knees go weak and her cheeks flush red as the Latina asked, “Where’s your room?”

“On the fourth floor.” Quinn replied.

Smiling softly Santana took hold of Quinn’s hand then began dragging her out of the party, “Mine’s closer.”

And that was it. No discussion, no hint that Santana had any alcohol, no nothing. Of course Quinn didn’t really have any tequila. That was just a poor excuse, and Santana seemed to know it. Thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly, Santana didn’t call her on it. Instead she acted as if everything was normal, even putting Quinn at ease by mentioning the carrot top convention, a.k.a. the redheaded bridesmaids, the two long time friends finding yet more things they could mock about those pasty gingers as they stumbled their way up to Santana’s room, practically falling over each other they were giggling so hard.

Then all of a sudden they were inside Santana’s Hotel room and Quinn was pushing the other girl back against the door the second it was closed and pressing her lips against Santana’s. Which had been the plan all along yet Quinn was a little surprised by her own eagerness, although she only had about a second to contemplate it because that was how long Santana hesitated to kiss her back. After that Quinn wasn’t really able to analyse anything except how good Santana’s lips felt pressed against her own.

Briefly Santana had been worried Quinn would try and make some awkward small talk. She should have known better. Not that she really cared about such things right now. Not when Quinn Freaking Fabray was kissing her, and touching her, and fuck, even grinding up against her. Challenging her to do something about it, which Santana was more than happy to do.

After giving Quinn about a minute to try and back out Santana flipped them so it was Quinn’s back pressed against the door. Instead of panicking Quinn simply flipped them back and tried pushing her tongue into Santana’s mouth which kicked into high gear a battle for dominance which was more vicious than any fight they’d ever had, even that catfight they’d had back when Quinn had stolen Santana’s rightful place as captain of the Cheerios.

That memory fuelled Santana on as the two girls slammed each other back against walls, furniture and eventually down onto the bed, naturally Santana being the one to land on top of Quinn and pin the girl who used to boss her around to the soft sheets. Quinn tried to flip them but Santana held her in place, shoved her tongue deeper into the other girl’s mouth and slid her leg in between her thighs so she was rubbing the blonde’s centre through her dress. In response to this Quinn bit down on Santana’s bottom lip almost hard enough to draw blood. Santana countered by moving down to Quinn’s neck and biting the soft flesh she found there almost hard enough to break the skin.

It went on like this for quite a while, the two girls from the same part of the ‘bitch goddess’ spectrum going at each other more roughly than anyone they’d ever been with. Frankly it seemed like a new way to assault each other as opposed to a make out session, Santana swearing she’d probably leave this bed with more bumps and bruises than any previous fight with this other fierce tigress. Not that she had any problem with that. In fact it was very much a turn on, although it was making the urge to tear Quinn’s clothes to ribbons and fuck the other girl senseless almost unbearable, and the last thing Santana wanted to do was push things forward when Quinn wasn’t ready. That was why she held back, hoping Quinn would make the next move. Santana even let Quinn roll them over so the blonde was on top, but no luck. So eventually Santana made a move, first removing Quinn’s jacket and tossing it in the same direction her friend’s purse ended up.

Then Santana tried to remove Quinn’s dress, only to be stopped, “No! Under the covers first.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Santana rolled her eyes as Quinn got off of her and underneath the bed sheets. Quinn gave her a little glare and as she was too horny to bear the idea of stopping Santana relented, “Can we at least leave the lights on?”

There was a moment of silence, then Quinn lowered her gaze, reached over and switched on the bedside lamp. Realising this was probably the best compromise she was going to get Santana turned on the other lamp and then turned the main one on, barely taking her eyes off of Quinn the entire time. Quinn just watched her do this, then they stared at each other for a moment before Quinn started slowly and a little awkwardly pulling off her dress. It was followed by her shoes and underwear, Quinn not looking at Santana again until she was completely naked underneath the sheets, and even then it was hesitantly. Santana then smiled a smile which she had intended to be soft and comforting but ended up being more triumphant and wicked. To divert attention from that, and to more importantly move things along, Santana effortlessly stepped out of her heels and then slowly slid her dress off of her body.

Quinn was unable to take her eyes off of an underwear clad Santana, the Latina radiating confidence as she slowly moved closer to the bed, the entire time reaching behind her to undo her bra. Then it was undone and Quinn was getting her first real look at those surgeon given goodies. Sure, she’d seen them before from a distance in the Cheerios’ locker room, but this was completely different. Now she wasn’t stopping herself from staring Quinn turned into a drooling moron, not able to look away until Santana slipped underneath the sheets. Then the Latina slowly removed her underwear, tossed them out of the bed to join the rest of the clothes on the floor, and then slowly crawled up the bed so she was lying on her side next to the blonde.

“So Q, what do you wanna do now?” Santana smirked wickedly, more than half expecting to have two talk Quinn into continuing now they were both naked.

Instead Quinn lept on top of Santana, forced her down onto her back and kissed her, the moan both girls simultaneously let out having as much to do with their naked bodies pressed against each other for the first time as the kiss itself. Not that Quinn was sure it qualified as a kiss as like before things got really, really heated. Perhaps more so than before as this time Quinn was mostly unintentionally rubbing against Santana while Santana was mostly intentionally rubbing against Quinn, certain areas in particular making the rest of the blonde’s body feel like it was on fire.

All of a sudden Santana was sitting up, effortlessly lifting Quinn with her which was honestly a massive turn on. The fiery Latina had always been stronger than she looked, but Santana must’ve been somehow working out even more than when like the rest of the Cheerios she was at the mercy of Sue Sylvester, which of course was really, really saying something. Especially as she lifted Quinn without breaking the lip lock, Santana only finally breaking it so she could apologetically mumble, “Sorry Q, just can’t wait any longer, you know?”

Quinn was about to ask what she meant, then Santana brought her right hand down in between her thighs and all of a sudden it was a struggle for Quinn to think. She’d never felt this hot with so little foreplay before, but honestly Quinn hadn’t realised just how turned on she really was until Santana touched her down there, the blonde blushing furiously as it felt like her pussy was so wet and hot that she was going to melt the Latina’s fingers. Then Santana began gently rubbing her and Quinn let out a series of undignified moans which again had her blushing but she didn’t care. It felt too good to care. Then for the first time in her life Quinn felt another girl’s finger being pushed into her womanhood and her mind literally felt like it melted away and she just couldn’t think coherently anymore.

“Damn Quinn.” Santana whispered huskily around about the same time Quinn let out a sharp cry followed by a long moan which probably drowned out those two little words.

Probably better that Quinn didn’t really hear them as Santana wouldn’t want the other HBIC knowing that just touching the blonde’s pussy left the mighty Santana Lopez virtually speechless. It was just that Quinn was so tight, and hot, and maybe most importantly of all wet that for a little while Santana found herself just basking in the glory which was Quinn Fabray’s pussy. Or more accurately Santana found herself just basking in the glory which was being able to have her finger inside Quinn Fabray’s pussy, swiftly followed by being able to finger fuck The Quinn Fabray.

Slowly Santana’s finger began pumping in and out of Quinn, that digit practically working of it’s own accord as Santana’s body was obviously to inpatient to fuck the former captain of the Cheerios to wait for her brain to catch up. Of course when it did Santana just couldn’t keep the grin off her face, especially as Quinn was too busy moaning, groaning and whimpering to notice. Fuck, Quinn even began bouncing up and down in Santana’s lap, riding the Latina’s finger as if it was a cock, either real or the type Santana carried around in her luggage.

Santana quickly timed the finger fucking with Quinn’s movements so every time the blonde would push down she would thrust up, the girl who used to boss her around all the time screaming joyfully and slamming down even harder on her finger in response. In turn Santana increased the pace of her thrusts and began adding fingers into Quinn’s eager cunt. First one, then two, then since Quinn had given birth and all Santana added her pinky finger, bringing the total up to four. Four fingers slamming in and out of Quinn’s pussy, the red hot white girl taking them all with increasingly loud screams which were threatening to deafen Santana. Then for a few moments Santana thought that was actually going to be a thing, and that it was actually going to be worth it, Quinn screaming like a crazed banshee as Santana made her cum.

All it took was one swipe of Quinn’s clit with her thumb and the other girl was shaking in her arms and soaking her fingers in cum. Well, technically she was shaking in her arm, that one arm cradling the blonde’s back and desperately trying to hold her in place. It wasn’t easy, but Santana was used to having other girls quivering in her embrace, the brunette priding herself on not only being able to keep her balance but keep up the fucking. That’s what Santana did here, finding it ridiculously easy to make Quinn cum again and again just by continuing to slam her fingers in and out of the other girl’s pussy while rubbing her clit. Santana even got to cum herself thanks to Quinn being positioned just right so that every movement rubbed the Latina’s sex. Which was almost definitely an accident but it didn’t stop the fact that Quinn Fabray made Santana cum, that reality along with being able to make Quinn squirt her cum all over her fingers making Santana cum a second and a third time.

After that Quinn let out an extra loud cry, followed by a whimper, and then pushed Santana away. Santana could have held on if she’d wanted too, but she wasn’t so sure Quinn could take anymore. More to the point she wasn’t sure if Quinn would be comfortable snuggling with a girl. Hell, there was a very, very good chance Quinn wasn’t going to talk to her until she got the feeling back in her legs, then she’d revert back into ‘good little Christian girl’ mode, call Santana a predatory dyke and run all the way back to the safety of her dorm room. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that, but Santana was ready for it if needs be.

Running definitely didn’t feel like an option right now for Quinn as her legs, and most of her body, was filled with an oddly pleasant numbing exhaustion. Her throat was also sore from all the screaming, so really screaming at Santana wasn’t an option either. Which was a good thing as it took a few seconds for Quinn to be able to think rationally and quell most of the feelings of panic which were threatening to consume her.

Quinn reminded herself she literally asked for this. Went after it. Came here with a mission, and had simply completed it. Well, almost. There was still one final thing she had to do, and she was going to be cool, calm and collected when doing it. And she wasn’t going to freak out before or after it, because that would be crazy and be treating this like it was a big deal when it wasn’t, which is exactly what she had to tell Santana. Just as soon as she could talk again.

It wasn’t easy, especially as the only thing keeping Quinn conscious was she didn’t want to give Santana the satisfaction of making her pass out. Still, with her body buzzing with joy, Quinn couldn’t stop the next words from falling out of her mouth, “So, that’s why college girls experiment.”

Quinn almost blushed, but managed to keep that urge at bay, if only by giving into her urge to smile. It was the same story when Santana followed up with, “And thank God they do.”

“You know it was fun, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, but erm… I don’t know, I think for me this was more of a one time thing.” Quinn blurted out a little faster than she would have liked, but she was pretty sure it was convincing. Not that it was a lie, it was just Quinn had prepared for this moment, had gone over it a thousand times in her head and knew all her lines off by heart. It was just… she knew she could do better in the delivery.

“Look you don’t have to worry, I’m not going to show up at your house with a U-Haul.” Santana quipped back so fast Quinn almost didn’t exit her own thoughts fast enough to hear it.

Thankfully Quinn did hear it and she couldn’t help but let out a short, soft laugh. Partly because of the joke but mostly because she was relieved Santana wasn’t making a big deal out of this. Because it wasn’t. It was just a little friendly fun. One friend helping out another. That Santana realised that was even more relaxing than the afterglow of the orgasms, Quinn casually reaching over to grab a water bottle she assumed Santana had left there and take a sip out of it before continuing their conversation.

Not feeling the need to draw a line in the sand or anything Quinn’s next pre-planned line was simply, “So what happens next?”

Without missing a beat Santana suggested, “Well, you could walk out first… or we could make this a, two time thing?”

Quinn smiled softly, put the water bottle back on the table and slowly moved towards Santana. The Latina moved at the same pace, the two girls meeting in the middle for another make out session, this one slow and gentle yet still filled with plenty of passion.

Originally Quinn had figured it was a bad idea to stick around after she’d had sex with Santana and should leave or kick the Latina out, depending on who’s room they ended up in. However Quinn had suspected there was a good chance that she would enjoy giving into such taboo desires, and if she did she should be open to going back for seconds and even thirds, as long as it was all in the same night, that way she could thoroughly explore these curiosities and get them all out of her system. And since Santana was so understanding, and the sex had been so amazingly good, a two time thing sounded good to Quinn, especially when Santana’s lips were once again pressing against her own.

The second it became clear Quinn wasn’t going to freak out an almost blissful feeling of relief washed over Santana and she had been able to truly admire her handiwork. The messed up sex hair, the light sheen of sweat covering her body, that happy look the blonde was desperately trying to conceal at least a little bit but failing miserably, oh Quinn had never looked better. That Santana had been the one to leave Quinn Fabray in such a state was quite the ego trip, as was how easy it was to convince the little Christian girl to come back for seconds. Best of all Santana quickly positioned herself so she was back on top with Quinn writhing in pleasure underneath her, the Latina eventually moving her lips down to the other girl’s neck while her hands move down to her breasts, Santana’s ego growing three sizes as she once again topped Quinn Fabray.

During the rare occasions Santana had allowed herself to imagine a queer Quinn it had been impossible for her to picture the Head Bitch In Charge of McKinley as anything but a total top. The idea that Quinn Fabray might be a bottom was one of the biggest turn ons Santana had ever known, as was topping Quinn regardless what she might identify as if her brain wasn’t clouded in a sex haze. Wanting to keep Quinn in that confused haze Santana quickly went to work on her friend’s neck and tits, sliding her lips all over the soft flesh in front of them while her hands gently caressed Quinn’s rack. Obviously she focused on Quinn’s nipples, first with her hands then once she had made sure to leave at least one mark which would still be there by the morning Santana moved her mouth downwards so she could spend a few minutes worshipping the soft flesh she found there with her lips and tongue.

Strictly speaking Santana probably should spend a long time doing that, especially after pretty much skipping the foreplay the first time round. However because of her early impatience she had almost missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to go down on Quinn Fabray, and knowing that meant it wasn’t long before she just couldn’t stop herself kissing her way down the blonde’s flat stomach and positioning herself in between the other girl’s legs.

Briefly Santana considered throwing the covers off the bed. Surely they were past the stage Quinn needed them, and in her current position she was so deeply buried underneath them that oxygen was kind of an issue. On the other hand it felt like Santana was currently breathing in nothing but Quinn’s pussy, that heavenly smell currently making up for all other drawbacks, not that Santana was really dwelling on them as that smell drew her in, the young lesbian lowering her head and sliding her tongue out over the beautiful treasure before her. In fact when the flavour of Quinn Fabray’s pussy hit her taste buds Santana lost the ability to dwell on anything for a few long minutes, her body moving into autopilot as she savoured both the taste and the moment.

Quinn had the same problem. Not that she was sure that was the right word for it as pleasure was rarely a bad thing, and to be fair to herself a big reason why she had found it so enjoyable was no doubt because of the thrill of having another girl lick her pussy for the first time. That continued being a valid excuse throughout the pussy licking, and the earlier fingering, however in the case of both Quinn could not pretend the only reason she was feeling pleasure was because she was getting some kind of twisted thrill from breaking a taboo. Not when that feeling of pleasure rapidly increased to the point where Quinn couldn’t have hid her enjoyment if she tried. There was probably only a short window she could have even tried, and even then Quinn wasn’t entirely sure she could have succeeded, not when it was all so good.

That first lick had her crying out loudly, and the only reason the following cries were softer was because the intensity of the pleasure was less of a surprise. Then of course the pleasure increased with the speed and skill of Santana’s tongue work, Quinn’s cries of pleasure increasing in volume and being joined by moans, groans and whimpers. Just how loud and shameless those various sounds became a little bit worrying but Quinn did her best to switch off that part of her brain and just enjoy what was happening to her.

After all Quinn was supposed to be getting these curiosities out of her system, and how could she possibly do that without finding out what another woman’s tongue would feel like on her most private of areas? It was a little selfish, ok a lot selfish, but Quinn felt like she could go without tasting pussy herself. She was more curious about that than she would have liked, but Quinn was sure she could live without it. Another woman going down on her though, that was something Quinn had really wanted to try and so far it was better than she could have possibly imagined.

Still, Quinn probably shouldn’t stay much longer. She had reasons to go back to her dorm. Or reasons to get out of there. She couldn’t really remember which, or even what they were. Quinn just knew she had this overwhelming feeling to run a mile because there was something about the ecstasy she was feeling which was making her feel very unnerved. In her current state Quinn couldn’t really put her finger on it, she just knew she should leave after this. Even if at the same time Quinn was hoping it would never end.

Santana was also hoping this would never end, except there wasn’t an unnerving feel gnawing away at the back of her mind which she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Instead her brain was completely taken over by joy for a few blissful moments, any disappointments of being alone, unpleasant memories involving another blonde or worries that Quinn might run a mile at any second and never speak to her again melting away leaving Santana only with a tasty treat in front of her.

Unfortunately those thoughts did come back eventually when she became used to what was happening, but as long as Santana concentrated on what she was actually doing those things didn’t really bother her. How could they when she was going down on Quinn Fabray?

She would never say this to Quinn’s face but going down on the blonde was a huge thrill for Santana. Over the past few years life really dragged Quinn through the mud and yet she still came out the other side beautiful, intelligent and wonderfully snarky. And no matter what happened Santana couldn’t help but think of Quinn as the most popular girl in McKinley, the captain of the Cheerios and the biggest Head Bitch In Charge Santana had ever known. Hell, Santana used to be this girl’s minion and now here they were, Quinn lying flat on her back and moaning blissfully as Santana eagerly lapped at her friend’s delicious cunt. Plus Quinn used to be so strictly religious that she was president of their school’s celibacy club and while that was one thing about the blonde which seemed like a distant memory it was so incredibly hot to remember her like that right now. To imagine that version of Quinn watching in horror as her older self allowed another girl to lick her pussy.

Of course while all those things and more made this special to Santana she would have been blissfully happy right now if Quinn was a total stranger because damn, this blonde’s pussy cream had to be the best thing she’d ever tasted. Second only to maybe one other, but instead of dwelling on that Santana pressed her face as deep as it could go in between Quinn’s thighs. This allowed Santana to wrap her mouth around Quinn’s downstairs lips and begin eagerly sucking up those heavenly juices in between giving more concentrated licks. It also made sure Santana’s nose was pressing into Quinn’s neatly trimmed pubic hair, the combination of that and the sheet covering her head ensuring that the Latina was breathing in pure Quinn Fabray. Which Santana loved because it was incredibly intoxicating, but then Quinn grabbed hold of her brunette locks and shoved her downwards while wrapping those pale legs around her head, practically crushing her with those lethal thighs and causing oxygen to become a real issue.

Without hesitation Santana grabbed hold of the sheets and frantically pushed them off of her and Quinn only for the blonde to tense and exclaim, “Santana!”

“Oh come on Q, you’re way too hot to cover up.” Santana said, appealing to Quinn’s ego before adding truthfully, “Besides, I’d rather not pass out before I make you cum, thank you very much.”

“Please, OHHHHHH, oh Gawwwd, you’re, oh, you’re being melodramatic.” Quinn moaned, Santana suddenly pushing a finger inside her pussy momentarily distracting her before the blonde forced herself to continue, “Any mmmmmmm oh God yessssss, anyway aren’t, oh, aren’t you supposed to be tough?”

“I am.” Santana practically growled, ‘punishing’ Quinn by curling her finger upwards to make the blonde let out an extra loud cry of pleasure, “But I’m having way too much fun to risk it. And honestly, I am so done with having any part of you covered up. So unless you want me to stop the covers stay off from now on, got it?”

From her tone it seemed like Santana was expecting and perhaps even looking forward to a long drawn-out fight about this. Quinn wasn’t going to disappoint her, but just as she opened her mouth Santana once again proved she wasn’t above fighting dirty. On this occasion that meant another finger being pushed into Quinn’s wet and welcoming centre, Santana wasting no time in increasing the pace of the fucking while lowering her head back down to lick at the blonde’s clit.

This little combination almost caused Quinn to forget what had just been said. Luckily she did and was able to whimper, “Yes, mmmmm no, I, I mean ooooooh please, mmmmmm, oh, ohhhhhhh Gawwwd don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. More. Please, make me cum.”

Knowing she should probably just take the win Santana pushed, “So that means no more stupid covers, right?”

“Yesssss, oh God, fine, whatever, just do it. Make me cum. Ooooooooh, ohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd FUCK ME! Please Santana, oh Gawwwwd, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum, ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!” Quinn begged frantically before giving up on adding anything more coherent as Santana once again increased the pace, hurtling Quinn towards climax.

Swearing had been a big no-no for Quinn growing up and while she had become a little more relaxed about it and other issues she still rarely used vulgar language. Knowing this about her many of her exes had tried to make her swear during sex with mixed results at best. Quinn had suspected she wouldn’t be able to stop herself when it came to Santana, but she had figured she would save that kind of language for when she wanted to make Santana shut up and fuck her. This had seemed like as good a time as any and Quinn’s little plan had worked perfectly, the blonde no longer caring about the stupid covers or anything else just as long as Santana continued fucking her with such skill and passion.

If anything things seem to become even more passionate, although that was mostly because of Quinn. Or perhaps more accurately Quinn’s body as out of pure instinct the former president of the celibacy club began grinding her cunt against Santana’s face. As she was holding Santana in place with her hands and thighs there was nowhere for the Latina to go, Quinn basically using her former minion as a fuck pad. That fact made Quinn inwardly blush and she knew that if she remembered this later it would be a great cause of embarrassment but for right now all Quinn cared about was cumming.

In what seemed like no time at all Quinn got what she wanted, the blonde screaming almost hysterically as for the first time in her life she came in another girl’s mouth. Quinn had been expecting to cum on Santana’s fingers, something she vividly remembered doing moments ago and was almost relaxing as she knew what to expect. However at the last possible second Santana replaced her fingers with her tongue, one hard thrust of that wonderfully soft muscle being all it took to make Quinn cum harder than she’d ever cum before. That powerful orgasm was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Quinn’s mind melting away into mush as she was introduced to pure bliss which had to be what heaven was like.

Santana also felt she had found heaven on earth as she was currently feeling completely overwhelmed. That was mostly because of Quinn’s cum which was somehow even better than Quinn’s pussy cream. Which to be fair was what Santana had come to expect, but Quinn’s regular cunt cream had been so dreamy that she needed to see it to believe it. Or more accurately taste it to believe it. Either way tasting it had turned her into a starving woman who refused to remove her mouth from Quinn’s cunt until it felt like her sore tongue was about to fall off. Even then she just switch to using her fingers again, gluing her mouth back to Quinn’s twat every time the other girl was about to cum again just so she could swallow more of that precious liquid.

Of course the thing which initially overwhelmed Santana was shoving her tongue inside Quinn’s cunt. There were just literally no words that could possibly do justice to the feeling of Quinn Fabray’s inner walls clamping down on her tongue. Or the feeling of fucking Quinn Fabray with her tongue. Or making Quinn Fabray cum in her mouth. Or any of it really. Not that Santana really concentrated on such trivial things, or anything else for that matter, her mind melting just like Quinn’s to the point that both girls became completely mindless.

Luckily Santana had an awesome body which was totally capable of picking up the slack, her mouth, tongue and fingers working overtime to make Quinn cum over, and over, and over again until it sounded like the blonde was literally incapable of making a sound as she was so hoarse from screaming in pleasure. In the middle of all this Santana pressed a cream covered finger slightly south of where she was concentrating on and roughly pushed forwards, forcing her finger up to the knuckle inside Quinn’s clearly virgin ass. Which was more out of instinct than anything. Just something Santana was used to doing for her lovers to make them cum extra hard. And it worked. Santana wouldn’t have guessed it but Quinn pretty much went off like a fountain, the erotic feeling of it and her friend’s back passage practically crushing her finger because of it’s incredible tightness making Santana even more mindless, if that was even possible.

Weirdly enough Santana’s body was so preoccupied in what Quinn wanted and needed that she didn’t reach down to finger herself or even hump the bed sheets to climax. Given the state she was in all it would take was a little rubbing, or a little humping, and Santana would have gone off like a rocket, but for once it just didn’t seem to matter to her. Making Quinn cum was just too important for her to be even slightly distracted, a thought which unfortunately caused a distraction as once again Santana was briefly reminded of the other person who’s pleasure had been more important to her than her own.

While pushing that last memory away Santana noticed that Quinn wasn’t making any more sounds. Wanting to check she hadn’t knocked the other girl unconscious Santana reluctantly pulled her aching mouth and sore fingers away from Quinn, then lifted her head up and took a good long look at the beautiful blonde lying beneath her. It was touch and go for a few long seconds, then Quinn’s eyes slowly fluttered open and looked down at her, the usually wilful blonde looking downright bashful.

So of course Santana couldn’t resist rubbing it in, “Something wrong Fabray?”

“N, no. I’m fine.” Quinn insisted, trying and failing to sound like she meant it.

“Oh, I’m sure.” Santana smirked, crawling up her friend’s body so they were eye to eye again. Mostly so that Santana could show Quinn what a good job she had done covering her face in girl cum, “So, are you up for returning the favour?”

There was a long pause and then Quinn stammered, “I, I-”

“Because if not I have a mutually beneficial alternative.” Santana grinned, quickly rolling off the bed and heading to her travelling bag.

Although she didn’t hesitate Santana had an inward moment of doubt as this was pushing things a little far. Of course that moment of doubt was brief because this would probably be her one and only chance with Quinn and while she would totally love some head from the girl who used to boss her around it was more likely she could get the blonde to agree to this. Besides, she really, really wanted to do it.

So upon reaching the bag Santana opened it up, pushed her hand inside, and after rummaging around more to build up the tension than anything else, she pulled out her trusty strap-on dildo.

The look of Quinn’s face alone made it worth it, Santana unable to stop herself from grinning again as she said, “I know it’s been awhile but Puck is easily this big. And you did have a baby and all. So what do you say Quinn? Are you up for a little more? Or are you too tired?”

Quinn knew a challenge when she heard one, and when they came from Santana she almost never back down. Deflected was another story, however seeing that big dildo reinvigorated the blonde somewhat. True, it felt like if she let things continue she would suffer the indignity of Santana fucking her into unconsciousness, but in her current state it kind of felt worth it. Besides, it wasn’t like she had the energy to strap that thing on herself or go down on the other girl… and continuing to let Santana have her way with her was far from unappealing.

“Come on Q, please?” Santana pushed, “I can totally get off from fucking you like this and you wouldn’t have to lift a finger. I’ll even let you choose what position you want me to fuck you in.”

“How generous of you.” Quinn murmured dryly.

“What can I say, I’m good to my friends.” Santana smirked.

Quinn momentarily scowled at this, but she’d rather get that big toy inside her than argue with Santana so instead she considered what position to get into.

For the most part she had always been a traditional type of girl, and so had her lovers, but the point of tonight was to go against what was traditional for her. Besides, the last thing Quinn wanted to do was have to look up at Santana’s smirking face. In fact not being able to look at the other girl was preferable, so much so that Quinn found herself getting into a position she had only been in once before with Puck.

Too late she realised her decision to get on all fours would only inflate Santana’s ego and inevitably lead to unflattering comparisons to dogs. Most likely of the female variety.

Luckily for Quinn it seemed Santana was too preoccupied with actually wanting to fuck her to make the comparison, the Latina quickly strapping on the toy, getting onto the bed and pressing the dildo against Quinn’s entrance. Then of course Santana had to taunt, “You want this cock?”

Quinn blushed and gritted her teeth but swiftly replied, “Yes.”

Santana smirked, spent a couple of long seconds sliding the strap-on up and down Quinn’s still extremely wet pussy lips, and then ordered, “In that case… beg for it.”

Quinn opened her mouth to snap angrily at Santana, but her aching need to be fucked got the better of her, “Fuck me. Fuck me… please fuck me. Fuck me you AHHHHH FUCKKKKKK YESSSSSSS! FUCK ME!”

Honestly Quinn had expected Santana to drag this out so it totally took her by surprise when her former minion slammed forwards, driving the large strap-on dildo deep into the blonde’s pussy. Which was a good thing, because after only a few words Quinn was so frustrated she had been very close to hurling the type of soul crushing insults at Santana which would have totally ruined the moment and possibly led to another slapping match. Instead Santana’s strap-on ended up quickly sliding through Quinn’s hot hole like a knife through butter, the brunette’s thighs smacking against the blonde’s butt cheeks in what felt like no time at all. The sound of their flesh smacking together then quickly became a recurring theme as Santana began slowly but enthusiastically fucking Quinn.

The experience was unfortunately not without a stretching sensation which bordered on painful, however it was easily dwarfed by the pleasure Quinn felt from having her sex so filled with a big hard cock. Quinn could have almost pretended she was acting like a good little straight girl if it wasn’t for the soft, feminine skin touching her own, particularly those fingers which were digging into her hips and bringing back vivid memories of just how easily Santana had used those wicked fingers of hers to make her cum, something which Santana clearly wouldn’t struggle to do again now it was her strap-on which was inside Quinn’s cunt.

Another thing making it difficult for Quinn to pretend she was being fucked by a guy was Santana’s far too regular commentary, “Yesssss, that’s it Quinnie, take my dick. Take my big dick in your tight little cunt! Mmmmmmm yeah, take it like a good girl. Take it like a good little straight girl.”

Doing her best to ignore the other ‘Bitch-Goddess’ Quinn gripped tightly to the bed sheets while also burying her face in them. Not because she couldn’t think of about a billion bitchy comebacks, she could, but if she used any of them it might lead to Santana slowing the speed of the fucking or worse stopping it all together and Quinn couldn’t even handle the thought of that right now. Not when whatever initial discomfort she had felt was quickly becoming a distant memory as her already well fucked pussy adjusted to the size of Santana’s cock resulting in heavenly pleasure to flood Quinn’s body with every thrust.

An added bonus of hiding her face in the bed sheets was that it somewhat muffled her constant moans, groans, cries and even whimpers of pleasure. More to the point Quinn didn’t have to see the smug look on Santana’s face as she forced those sounds out of her.

There was indeed a huge smug grin on Santana’s face, but why the hell wouldn’t there be? After all, what self-respecting lesbian wouldn’t want to have a girl as scorching hot as Quinn Fabray bent over and screaming in pleasure from the skilled fucking she was giving her?

Quinn’s attempts to muffle her various sounds of pleasure were incredibly cute, Santana particularly loved making the perhaps now former HBIC whimper like a little bitch, but the Latina was hearing the other ex-cheerleader loud and clear. In fact Santana was pretty sure everyone else on at least the floor could hear them, if not the whole of Lima. Preferably the latter because make no mistake, Santana Lopez wanted everyone to know she was fucking the hell out of Quinn Fabray.

Santana wasn’t even using all her strength to pound Quinn’s pussy. Not yet anyway. Sure, what she was dishing out now was much rougher than the super slow thrusting Santana had started out with but it was still a fraction of what she was capable of and she really had Quinn on the edge of cumming, the only thing stopping the blonde from begging her for it being her own stubborn pride. Not that Santana needed to hear it, super hot as it may have been, especially as they could be here for hours if she waited. Besides, even her own awesome stamina had its limits.

So, why wasn’t Santana switching from skilfully to roughly fucking the hell out of Quinn’s cunt? Simple, the Latina was greedy. She’d pushed Quinn so far already to such great success that Santana just couldn’t stop herself from aiming higher. As in just a little higher from where her cock was currently plunging in and out of Quinn’s body.

Feeling deliriously desperate to cum Quinn was just about to force herself to softly beg Santana to make her cum when all of a sudden she felt the other girl slide her right hand from her hip to her butt cheeks. Santana gave the full, well rounded flesh a firm squeeze and then pulled one cheek out of the way so she could slid a finger along the stretched lips of Quinn’s pussy, almost but not quite touching the dildo that was pounding in and out of that tight hole. This momentarily confused Quinn, then she suddenly got it when that finger moved upwards to press against her butt hole.

Before Quinn could protest Santana slammed that pussy cream covered finger forwards, penetrating Quinn’s anal ring and burying that digit up to the knuckle in her forbidden orifice.

“Oh fuck Q!” Santana moaned, momentarily taken aback by the feeling of her finger practically being crushed before smirking and adding, “I didn’t get the chance to tell you this when my face was buried in your pussy, but damn girl, you’ve got a tight little ass hole.”

Gritting her teeth Quinn did her best to ignore the Latina, desperately hoping Santana would just finger her ass hole a little bit and make her cum. Truthfully she had known Santana would pushed the issue, but it was nice to have hope, if only for a few long seconds.

“Question is, is it virgin tight?” Santana smirked while gently pumping her finger in and out of Quinn’s ass hole, “I mean, your baby daddy was always trying to stick it up my butt no matter how many times I shot that little fantasy of his down, but I kind of doubt he was able to talk you into it. Trouty mouth probably doesn’t have it in him to even ask. And the less said about your other main squeeze Shrek Boring Missionary Position Hudson the better, so I guess that just leaves the geriatric teacher you were dating. So how about it Fabray, did you let a senior citizen pop your anal cherry?”

“No, and you’re not going to either.” Quinn spat, seeing where this was going.

“Come now Q, let’s not say things we don’t mean. Especially seeing as how I can keep this up all night.” Santana lied, “So if you want to cum anytime soon you might want to consider a little butt fun.”

Becoming enraged Quinn lifted her head up, looked back over her shoulder and firmly stated, “Tana, if you don’t cut that out and make me cum right now I’m going to slap you so hard that OHHHHHH GAWWWWD!”

Santana grinned widely, the moan of pleasure Quinn let out coinciding with the twisting of her finger inside her butt the sweetest music she’d ever heard, “So hard that you what Q? Speak up, I can’t hear you over the sound of your moans.”

Quinn would’ve liked to have angrily objected but she was too busy burying her face in the duvet to try and hide her shame. She couldn’t believe she had moaned like that from something so vile. No! She hadn’t. She wouldn’t do something like that. It was the strap-on cock, which even though it was no longer pumping in and out of her was still filling her pussy up so wonderfully, making Quinn feel so much pleasure that having Santana’s finger inside her ass was no longer bothering her.

Unfortunately for Quinn that theory was quickly disproven as in one swift movement Santana pulled the dildo from the blonde’s pussy and began increasing the pace of the finger fucking. Quinn still hung onto the idea that the cry she let out was from the movement of the dildo, which was mostly true, but that didn’t excuse the moans she let out a Santana continued fingering her butt.

After what felt like an eternity of this, but in reality was only about a minute or so, Santana offered Quinn a lifeline, “I’ll tell you what Fabray, how about you give me ten minutes to do whatever I want to this tight little ass hole of yours. And by whatever I want, I mean popping your anal cherry by shoving my dick up your ass. If you absolutely hate it after that I’ll pull out and fuck your pussy with my tongue or one of my other dildos or whatever you want. But, if I get you to moan while this dick is inside this tight little hole your ass is mine.”

Immediately Quinn opened her mouth to shoot down this horrifying proposal but her words were lost to the latest moan to escape her lips. She tried again but Santana just kept fingering her ass so hard that Quinn struggled to even form a coherent thought in her head. Oh how she needed to cum. She would do just about anything for it, even suffer such a gross indignity as being butt fucked. So after a few long seconds Quinn found herself whispering, “Five, ooooohhhhhh, five minutes and you tell no one.”

“Sure thing Quinnie.” Santana beamed, pulling her finger out of Quinn’s ass hole.

“And not another word out of you!” Quinn added quickly.

“No problem, once my dick is in your ass.” Santana grinned as she pushed one of Quinn’s butt cheeks to the side to grant her better access to the blonde’s butt hole, “Just try and relax. Make it easier for both of us to get my dick up your ass.”

Quinn blushed but did as she was told, relaxing as much as possible as she felt the head of the dildo pressing against her back door. Of course Santana couldn’t just shove it in right away and get it over with. No, the Latina had to drag it out, slowly pushing forward so Quinn had to feel every agonising moment of her ass hole stretching. Not that it was as physically bad as she feared, but it gave her time to anticipate the pain to come. At least when she’d had that car accident she hadn’t seen it coming. For her this was so much worse, because for Quinn Fabray a brush with death had nothing on humiliation.

Over the past few years Quinn had learned to redefine her understanding of humiliation as the world just seemed to drag her over the coals, however the moment Santana’s strap-on slid into her ass hole Quinn couldn’t think of anything she’d been through which was more humiliating than this. Santana Lopez had just taken her anal cherry, a fact which would haunt her for the rest of her days. This was a mistake. She had to stop this. She had to, “AHHHH!”

Despite her already pale complexion Quinn momentarily became even whiter before beaming redder than blood. Or at least that’s how it felt like to her as with only the second thrust Santana forced a cry from her lips which had a noticeable undertone of pleasure. And despite her best efforts those type of cries seemed to continue to escape her tightly pressed together lips, Quinn desperately gritting her teeth, pressing her face so deeply into the sheets she was almost suffocating herself, anything to stop her treacherous mouth from condemning her to humiliation even greater than the one she was currently submitting too.

While Quinn was in hell Santana was in heaven. Literally. As in obviously on her way to this disaster of a wedding she’d been hit by a truck or something because this had to be her own personal heaven. Granted it wasn’t what she’d imagined but what could possibly be a better way to start off an eternity in paradise than popping Quinn Fabray’s anal cherry? Especially right after taking Quinn’s lesbian cherry? Santana couldn’t think of a God damn thing, just like she couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than the sight of Quinn’s ass hole stretching widely around her strap-on. Well, maybe a few things just as hot but most of them involve bittersweet memories with a different beautiful blonde she didn’t want to dwell on now.

Instead Santana focused on the here and now which involved slowly inching her strap-on dildo into Quinn’s ass hole, a task which proved just as heavenly as taking Quinn’s anal virginity. Why? Because pretty much right from the get go Santana won the bet, Quinn letting out tell-tale cries of pleasure right from the get go. Then Santana officially won the bet. She and Quinn both knew it, but it wouldn’t be the first time Quinn had been a poor sport so Santana decided to make sure the evidence was indisputable. She did this by grabbing a firm hold of her friend’s hips with both hands and beginning to pull out of her. Then she pushed into her. Then out of her, and into her again, the process repeating itself until Santana was fucking Quinn’s ass at a steady pace.

Fucking Quinn’s ass. That’s what Santana was doing. She was fucking Quinn’s ass. Ass fucking the almighty Quinn Fabray. Fucking the little church girl in her ass. Fucking the former president of the celibacy club up the butt. She was butt fucking the head bitch in charge of McKinley high, ass fucking the head bitch in charge of the Cheerios, anally fucking the head bitch in charge of the Unholy Trinity. The biggest HBIC Santana had ever known other than possibly herself was currently face down and taking Santana’s strap-on cock up her ass.

Santana was so overwhelmed by these proud thoughts that she almost missed Quinn beginning to moan uncontrollably. Luckily for Santana no matter how much Quinn tried to hide them her moans were almost deafening, as were her groans, cries and whimpers. And sure, there was still a little undertone of pain for a while but shortly after Santana’s thighs began smacking into the other girl’s butt cheeks every sound out of Quinn’s mouth was of pure pleasure, the pale blonde clearly enjoying the ass fucking almost as much as the caramel skinned brunette was.

This fact caused Santana to become so lost in fucking Quinn’s beautiful butt that she completely lost track of time and sodomised the other girl far beyond the agreed upon five minutes. The upside was Quinn had been moaning in pleasure long before that five minutes was up, something Santana reminded herself when she finally noticed the time. She was also very willing to point that out to Quinn, even though it didn’t seem like the former Cheerios Captain was in any condition to argue much of anything. Still, Santana figured it was only right that she informed Quinn that she had lost the bet. And by ‘right’, Santana meant she desperately wanted to rub it in.

Unable to hold back any longer Santana gloated, “Looks like you lose Fabray. Mmmmm yeah, you’re the loser of our little bet, and I’m the winner. That means your hot loser ass is mine. Mmmmmm, all mine. Gonna fuck your hot ass hard and deep, turn your virgin back hole into my own personal fuck hole because as of right now your ass is mine! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh fuck, Quinn Fabray’s tight little ass hole is all mine! Toda la mina! Toda la mina! Su agujero de culo poco apretado es todo mío!”

Seemingly losing her God damn mind Santana started endlessly yammering on in mostly Spanish, Quinn getting the idea that from the words she could understand that it was probably better that the horny Latina wasn’t simply speaking English. It was less embarrassing this way, especially because Quinn was in no condition to offer any sort of retort. She hadn’t been for some time now but things had escalated to the point that Quinn wasn’t sure she could have strung a coherent sentence together if her life depended on it.

In addition to what appeared to be mindless trash talk Santana had increased the pace of the butt fucking until the sound of her thighs pounding into Quinn’s butt cheeks was deafening, as was the blonde’s screams of pleasure from having her butt hole so savagely slammed by the other girl’s strap-on dick. The brutal contact of flesh on flesh was so hard Quinn felt like she was getting spanked, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t care. Not when such an intense ecstasy was flooding her body, making Quinn lift herself up onto all fours and begin slamming herself back against the rectum wrecking thrusts like a shameless anal whore.

Truthfully Quinn wasn’t shameless. In fact she had never felt so ashamed and humiliated in her entire life, but that only seem to enhance the exquisite ecstasy she was feeling. There was just something so wonderfully perverted about enjoying an act she had always thought of as degrading and disgusting, and even though Quinn knew she would hate herself for it later, and sort of hated herself for it now, she couldn’t help becoming an eager participant in the anal sex. In doing so she felt like a total slut, far more than when she had cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend, or had sex with a teacher, or anything else. She also felt more submissive than ever before, a feeling Quinn had felt on occasion and never liked, but now? Now she couldn’t get enough of it. She couldn’t get enough of any of these feelings and she wanted more. More, more, more.


Quinn hated having to beg like that but it proved totally worth it as Santana made her cum like a rocket seconds later, the Latina finding a way to hammer her former cheerleading captain’s ass hole even harder than before and making her cum easily as hard as when she had gone down on her. Maybe even harder. Honestly it was hard for Quinn to tell as her first anally induced orgasm melted her mind until she was only aware of her untouched pussy spasming around nothing, her ass clutching down tightly onto the toy cock Santana was effortlessly slamming in and out of her butt hole, the brunette’s thighs smacking off her ass cheeks and most of all the rush of euphoria she was feeling from all this hard back door assault. Then Quinn had her second anally induced orgasm, quickly followed by her third and fourth which caused her to lose awareness of everything around her, the poor blonde once again reduced to a quivering wreck by Santana Lopez.

Ass fucking Quinn Fabray to multiple orgasms was one of the proudest moments of Santana’s life. Maybe the proudest. After all making Quinn cum was an achievement, as was becoming possibly the only girl who would ever get her fingers and tongue inside the former HBIC of McKinley, however that would have never have happened if it wasn’t for Quinn throwing herself at her. To be fair she would have probably never been able to butt fuck Quinn either however Santana had been able to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and achieve something no guy had ever done, or possibly would have done, and it was like the biggest boost to her ego ever.

Having Quinn Fabray on her hands and knees in front of her, slamming her ass back against her, taking every inch of her cock inside her ass with every thrust, feeling Quinn’s juicy ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs, hearing the other girl screaming joyfully from being fucked in the ass, it… it was beyond words. Santana could literally think of no words which could do justice to the paradise she was currently in while pounding Quinn’s ass with every ounce of her strength. The best she could do was simply acknowledge the fact that even though the base of the dildo was ramming against her clit with each thrust it was only icing on top of the giant cake which was fucking Quinn Fabray in the ass.

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