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As Lucy pulled into the driveway at Marg and Paula’s home, she could feel the slick spot on the seat beneath her bare vagina, she quickly checked her make up to ensure she looked desirable for her mistresses. As per usual she had a moment of apprehension before getting out of the car to go inside. Torn by the knowledge of the shameful acts of degradation and humiliation she submitted herself to, it conflicted with her body’s new found addiction to gratuitous sexual stimulation.

Without letting her mind linger on the dramatic changes her life had undergone in the 2 months since her sexual enslavement to the two lesbians, Lucy got out of the car and went up to the door. She couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for her once she entered the house. Her body betrayed her arousal at the knowledge that it was a regular Friday evening session, which usually entailed the most excessive abuse of her once delicate body.

After ringing the doorbell and being invited inside, Lucy immediately began to remove her clothes, which had become customary for her on arrival at the lesbians’ house.

“Come through little slut, we have something very special in store for your pretty little ass today,” said Paula before correcting herself, “some things, I should say.”

She was amused by the look of trepidation which crossed Lucy’s face.

The two Lesbians had recently discovered Lucy’s concern for them playing with her asshole. It was primarily due to the fact that Lucy’s boyfriend, whom she still lived with (although with a significantly altered relationship), had taken to exclusively fucking her ass. He claimed her vagina was only good for lubricating his cock as it was too loose nowadays to provide any pleasure.

Privately Lucy was terrified that if they gave her ass the same treatment her pussy had received, she would no longer be able to satisfy Michael and he would leave her for the other young woman she knew he was sleeping with, much to her dismay.

So Lucy followed Paula down the hall to “Lucy’s bedroom” a room they had fitted out with a large bed and an assortment of equipment designed for sexual abuse and stimulation. As they entered the room Lucy froze in shock, there on the bed was Marg, surrounded by a horde of naked black men. After weeks of fucking, sucking, licking and fisting, it was not easy to surprise Lucy, she had experienced a lot around the cruel hands of these lesbians. But never before had a stranger been involved, let alone 8 big black men with fat black cocks as she now noticed.

“How do you like your surprise little piggy?” Marg asked.

Lucy was stuck for words, standing in silence.

“We thought you might have been missing cock since you’ve been spending time with us,” she added.

Truth be told Lucy had not been missing cock, becoming subservient to Michael, she was being fucked in the mouth or ass every morning and evening at home.

“Well don’t just stand there,” said Paula, giving her a hard slap on the ass. “Get on the floor and show these gentlemen how much you appreciate their presence by getting yourself ready for them,”

Lucy knew what this meant, it was a regular exercise, she moved to the middle of the room, lay down on her back and spread her legs so that her pussy faced the audience on the bed. She then spat onto her fingers and proceeded to massage it into her clit and pussy lips. Smiles spread and cocks swelled as Lucy closed her eyes and began to masturbate. She could feel their eyes examining her body as a hot rush of humiliation and arousal washed over her.

Within a minute her pussy was glistening and her pink labia began to open out revealing the tattoos of ownership on the inside of each cunt lip. The third physiological reaction that occurred was a result of the regular abuse her pussy endured. Her hole began to open, even before she’d slipped in 3 fingers to fuck herself. Before long it sat agape, an open red tunnel leading up inside her body, with ‘Marg’ and ‘Paula’ written on each side of the opening.

After watching in silence, one of the black men piped up, “Holy shit! That bitch is loose!”

This elicited a round of laughter.

“Okay boys,” said Marg, “I suppose you want to get started. Here’s the deal, listen up slut!”

Lucy looked up at them as Marg tipped a big packet of pencils onto the bed. She wrapped both hands around them, to hold the bunch and demonstrate its diameter of at least 3 inches.

“We’re going to play a game. From smallest to largest cock, all 8 of these men are going to fuck your ass until they cum. Your aim is to hold as much of their cum inside you until the end. Starting with these 30 pencils, every millilitre you manage to retain, one less pencil will be inserted into that tight little anus of yours at the end.

Lucy’s heart sank. How the fuck was she supposed to come out of this with an asshole that closed? Lucy’s helplessness set in, she knew there was no way of avoiding the treatment. So she gritted her teeth and set her mind to retaining as much cum as possible to reduce the abominable size of the bunch of pencils.

Before long Lucy was kneeling on the bed with her knees tied together and her bottom sticking out. Paula had set up the video camera on a tripod aimed at Lucy on the bed.

“Open up fuckhole number 3,” Marg said, that is what they insisted on calling her mouth. An appropriate name considering it was regularly used in the same fashion as fuckholes number 1 and 2. Lucy obeyed and Marg squirted 2 generous dollops of lube into her mouth. Lucy swilled it around her mouth. She hated the taste but she accepted it knowing that it was more comfortable for both parties when a dick was in her mouth, it helped them slip in and out of her throat.

In this state, the first and smallest of the 8 black cocks came up to her face. It was significantly fatter than Michaels cock which she was used to in her mouth and ass. She shuddered at the thought of increasing cock size.

With a deep breath she took the head in her mouth and pushed all the way down to the base, letting it stretch her throat open, ignoring her gag reflex. Aiming to lubricate the cock all the way down so it would slide in her ass that little bit easier, she bobbed her head up and down feeling the cock grow and stiffen.

After a few minutes the man pulled out got up to walk around behind her, pulling her hips back towards the edge of the bed, then without delay he slid his cock all the way in.

Lucy let out a groan as her anus was opened up. She could take a cock back there, but this one was bigger than usual.

He began to fuck in and out, gradually increasing the pace. Before long Lucy was moaning with each rapid thrust. She was unable to escape the sexual stimulation. With her legs tied together, the cock pressed her G-spot through the thin membrane. Her orgasm was rising. After a few final hard thrusts the man groaned and stiffened, pumping her ass with a load of semen. Lucy switched on, squeezing his cock as it withdrew, not letting any cum escape.

The next two men stepped up, one kneeling in front of her face, the other sliding his dick up her prelubed asshole. Lucy relaxed her sphincter again as the next cock pushed inside.

As the man behind her began to fuck, the man in front grabbed the sides of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. It was noticeably bigger as it slid down her throat.

By the time the 4th cock was ready to take her ass, Lucy was having trouble keeping herself closed. Before it was inserted, a dibble of cum escaped, rolling down between her pussy lips. Not to mention she was reaching fever pitch, she’d almost cum when the 3rd man ejaculated inside her.

The 4th man wasted no time. Once inside he set out at a rapid pace, pounding Lucy’s rear faster and harder than anyone before. Lucy began to squeal as her orgasm rose. She tried to hold off for as long as possible, hoping he would orgasm soon. It was no use, he just kept pounding her. He was jacked up on the image of his fat black cock stretching her as it slid up inside her slender hips and waist.

Then it happened, Lucy let out a scream as her ass and pussy clamped down in orgasm. It was so hard that mid thrust she literally shat out his dick with a glob of cum. But in the heat of the moment his dick dropped down a level and slid straight into her pussy.

Either he didn’t notice or didn’t care, because despite Lucy yelling, “ahh no, fuck my ass!” he continued to pound away. Lucy continued to orgasm and a few moments later he shuddered and came deep inside her. Lucy began to cry at the wasted cum as she felt it trickle out of her pussy. That was a whole lot more pencils in that were now going into her ass.

They rolled her onto her back, knees in the air and cock’s 5 -7 fucked her ass with abandonment one at a time. By the 7th load the increasing cock size and decreasing elasticity left Lucy with another problem, she could no longer close her asshole. So she had taken to reaching down one side to plug her hole with her fingers. This treatment had created quite a mess, 2 more orgasms, a gape and a full rectum meant there was plenty of cum that wasn’t staying inside her, it has leaked out to coat her fingers, bottom and bed.

After taking 7 cocks up her ass Lucy was nearly delirious when the 8th man stepped up to the plate. By that time she had familiarised herself with the men in the room. There was one surprise left in store for her. She had not yet seen the eighth man’s cock, suffice to say it was big, shockingly big. Lucy stared in fear and awe at the member as it came towards her. It went out of sight behind her knees as the man squatted slightly to line it up with her bottom. Then almost in slow motion she felt it press against her asshole, with a feeling of immense stretching she felt it slide up inside.

The thought that such a cock was now inside her horrified Lucy, she couldn’t believe that her asshole was able to accommodate it. It was the same horror she felt the first few times she’d had her pussy fisted. The certain knowledge that it would be forever far from virginal.

The man fucked her. Lucy lay there feeling him destroy her asshole, the only thing her boyfriend seemed to value. How could this be happening to her? She wondered. Then, before she knew it, the sensation of being overwhelmingly full of pounding dick caught up with her. She exploded in orgasm. Screaming with each thrust as he continued to fuck her.

As the 8th black man fucked her to orgasm he could feel her asshole becoming less tight with each thrust. Slowly but surely Lucy’s exhausted muscles gave up, leaving the stretched skin as the only thing holding sphincter to dick. Lucy felt this too, and with growing fear she realised her fingers may not be enough to hold the cum in. When he finally deposited his load in her, Lucy did the only thing she could think of to retain the precious contents of her rectum. She reached around and grasped the base of his cock and begged him not to pull out.

Everyone else in the room laughed at this wretched sight as the man slowly withdrew. His slick softening cock sliding through Lucy’s desperate fingers.

Marg adjusted the camcorder so that it framed Lucy’s ass, capturing Lucy’s final attempt at anal salvation, as the cock popped out, she shoved her four fingers and thumb up her ass to plug the hole. As she lay there whimpering, the camera recorded her humiliation as the cum leaked out through the gaps in her fingers and dripped to pool on the bed.

Her poor ruined asshole had one last ordeal to go through. But by this stage the number of pencils wouldn’t make much difference.

It was Wednesday night and Vanessa was working her shift in the ‘Red Rose Club’. It was a good night and she was in full slut-mode. Her latest john was just leaving after giving her an extra tip for her exceptional service. The flame-haired beauty stood at the bar with a smile across her face while she took a short break sipping on a glass of water.

When her eyes fell onto the clock, her smile turned into a sour expression. She hastily grabbed a bottle of beer and a cigar from behind the counter before she tottered to the backdoor in her pink platform ankle boots.

Today, her club outfit was nothing more than a tacky excuse of clothing. It was a mini strapless dress with a zipper front. The cut was so low that her round, juicy melons almost tumbled out. And the hem was so high that her ass cheeks peeped out underneath. The sides of the mini dress were studded with triangular cutouts. All in all, her outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination. The bright pink colour gave the outfit the special skanky touch. Even her lips were painted bright pink and extremely glossy. The glaring colour stood in stark contrast to her dark red hair making Vanessa look as cheap and trashy as possible.

The backdoor let directly onto the club’s parking lot. Before Vanessa stepped out of the door, she braced herself by taking a deep breath. She pushed the beer bottle down her cleavage so that it got stuck between the tight fabric of the mini dress and her massive juggs. She pulled the hem of her pink dress up and thrust the fat cigar into her pussy. Then she clasped her hands behind her head and flexed her back. Finally, she was prepared to step onto the parking lot.

It was time to meet her special customer. He came to the club every Wednesday at this hour and expected Vanessa to greet him at his car. The ginger slut had to walk to the opposite end of the parking lot to reach an old, rusty pickup truck. The whole lot was lined with junk. She even had to sidestep some bulky garbage on her way.

The stunning redhead was doing an awkward walk as she had to scuttle forward with her back flexed and her legs spread. She had to be careful to keep the bottle from dropping out of her top and the cigar from slipping out of her pussy. But she wasn’t allowed to use her hands to hold them tight.

With every step, the stogy slipped out a bit further. She tried her best to squeeze her pussy muscles and hold on to the cigar. But to no avail. Halfway across the parking lot, it was about to slide completely out. Vanessa frantically looked around the place. The ginger slut caught sight of a cast-off, rusty bed frame. The bedstead had been propped against the wall. She thrust her crotch out and tried to press the cigar end onto the frame to push the stogy back up her snatch. She failed miserably as the cigar slipped off.

Vanessa had to hump the bed frame repeatedly. Each time, she only managed to push the cigar a few inches up her cunt. It was such a cringe-worthy act that it made her grunt noisily from embarrassment. She had to grind her snatch five times against the bed frame until her cunt muscles had regained their tight grip on the stogy. The flame-haired beauty couldn’t believe that she was voluntarily humping a nasty, rusty bed frame in a public parking lot. But she couldn’t bear disappointing a customer.

When she finally reached the truck, Vanessa positioned herself in front of it and waited for the driver to step out. She had to stand underneath the bright club illumination presenting the cigar and beer bottle and showcasing her tits and pussy in the process. It was late in the evening and there were plenty of cars cruising through the redlight district. People were either on their way back home from the strip clubs and sleazy bars or roaming the streets for a quick fuck. The ravishing slut with her obscene whore-decorations was completely bathed in the club lights. She was on full display. In the dark night, she stood out like an illuminated advertising. So she easily attracted the attention of the drivers.

The special customer took his time. The wait seemed to last forever. Plenty of cars honked making the ginger slut shiver with embarrassment. Several drivers pulled over, winded down their side windows, and hollered at the bold whore.

Finally, the guy got out of the truck. It was Roy Tucker, the security guard from the country club who had discovered Vanessa’s secret ‘Red Rose Whore’ identity during the slut-battle against Maria.

Several weeks had passed since that Saturday night. Ever since, Tucker used his knowledge to blackmail Queeny Ho. Each Wednesday, he visited the ‘Red Rose Club’ at the same time and Vanessa had to entertain him for a full hour. She loathed these meetings. But it was the price she had to pay for his silence.

He knew that there was nothing Vanessa feared more than being exposed as a cheap, common whore in the country club. This club was the place where she lived out her posh, arrogant lady-self. This club acted as the counter weight to the “Red Rose Club” keeping her in balance. This club was her meeting spot with Steve. Her entire reputation as ‘Miss Arrogance – the queen bee of the country club’ would be destroyed by Tucker revealing his knowledge to any member.

Pavone had agreed to these special Wednesday meetings. He didn’t care who fucked the slut as long as he paid the full price for the one hour service and a special tip for the public use. He called it a perfect example of customer loyalty and even used Tucker as a figurehead of a satisfied customer to advertise the slut-battles.

Obviously, Tucker had decided to make full use of his free ticket and increase the humiliation factor. Last Wednesday, he had given Vanessa specific instructions how to greet him from now on.

These orders were the reason why the ginger slut stood in the bright lights of the parking lot. By now, her public display was not only causing a commotion on the street, the guests inside the club had taken notice and gathered at the backdoor. A whole crowd had come together to watch the slut’s public disgrace.

When Tucker finally stepped out of his truck, the smoking hot redhead turned a pirouette presenting her inviting curves. She opened the zipper and exposed her big, ringed funbags. She had to tightly squeeze her massive boobs to hold the beer in place. The sudden striptease made the crowd cheer and whistle.

Tucker grabbed the cigar and pulled it out of her pussy. Vanessa quickly reacted and opened her mouth. He pushed the stogy between her lips making her suck all her cunt juices off. Only after she had cleaned it extensively, he lit the cigar.

Tucker puffed on it for a few moments giving the spectators the chance to ogle Vanessa’s tits and pussy. The line of cars passing by and honking seemed endless. With each hoot, her embarrassment increased another notch. A pimped pickup truck made a direct u-turn and drove straight onto the parking lot. It came to a halt next to Tucker’s truck. Four young guys stepped out and whistled admiringly. They were obviously sloshed and too drunk to walk straight.

“Hey, can we get a feel of those bodacious tatas?” one of them slurred.

Tucker simply nodded. He yanked the beer out of Vanessa’s cleavage, leaned back against his truck and watched the four young drunks surround the flame-haired knockout. Their hands groped her slender body. Of course, her full, ripe melons and juicy pussy were their prime targets.

Vanessa’s face was flushed with shame. She was barely able to keep still. She felt like a piece of cattle getting inspected. She was used to show her assets to the club guests. But presenting her charms to random passers-by and getting groped in the open street felt embarrassing as hell.

She yearned for Tucker to take action. Finally, he shooed the young guys away and wedged the beer bottle back between her voluptuous knockers. With his free hand, he grabbed Vanessa’s dark red hair. He pushed the ginger slut down making her kneel on the cold, dirt-stained concrete.

“Crawl back into the club, fucking bitch!” he instructed.

Vanessa opened her mouth to protest. Crawling across the junk-strewn parking lot was the last thing she wanted to do. Before she had a chance to utter a word, Tucker emphasised his order by kicking Vanessa’s butt. It immediately stifled any protest. With a whimper, the smoking hot redhead began crawling over the coarse concrete. It wasn’t easy to crawl with her back straight while cupping her voluptuous juggs and pressing them together to hold the bottle in place. She crawled as fast as she could while Tucker walked next to her puffing on his cigar in a totally laid-back manner.

Vanessa wasn’t fast enough for his taste though. So he kicked her ass again. The ginger slut almost fell forward and dropped the bottle. She winced out loud again. Publicly crawling across a dirty, junk-strewn parking lot while holding a bottle with her tits was humiliating enough but getting her ass kicked was even worse – especially as she was getting watched by a horde of horny guys. She tried her best to keep up with Tucker’s pace but received two more boots to the butt.

The club guests had formed two lines in front of the backdoor. The ginger slut had to crawl right through the corridor between these lines to get inside the club. Of course, the customers exploited this situation. Vanessa didn’t have a chance to protect herself from the grope attack. She felt an innumerable number of hands on her juggs and ass cheeks. Everyone tried to paw at the slut’s fucktits or slap her butt. Some of the guests became so bold that they gave her another kick in the ass. The only thing that kept her from tumbling over was the hands fondling her boobs.

There was a loud chorus of cheers and whistles when she had finally made it inside. Tucker didn’t stop though. Instead, he walked straight to Vanessa’s whore room.

Arriving in the small, shabby room, Tucker immediately slumped into the old, scuffed recliner. Once again, he yanked the beer out of Vanessa’s cleavage and kept it for good.

Vanessa knew what he expected of her. Her face turned beet red when she slipped a bundle of dollar notes out of the waistband of her pink thong and counted the bills. Then she put enough bills onto the table to pay for an hour with the ‘Red Rose Star’.

It was one of Tucker’s most beloved humiliations. Pavone insisted on getting his money and Tucker refused to pay himself. So he made Vanessa pay her own hard earned cash to get used by a guy she deeply despised. She was still paying off the disciplinary fee to SEP and Mark controlled the cash she got from Pavone. So she didn’t have much money left to spend on her precious fashion clothes and designer accessories. It only made it hurt that much more to pay this lowlife sleazebag of a security guard for fucking her.

“Always nice to use you, bitch!” he smirked when Vanessa handed the money over to him.

While he took another sip from his beer, she started dancing in front of him. The slender, big-titted beauty gyrated her hips and shook her round butt for Tucker’s viewing pleasure.

From time to time, the ginger slut bent forward and stuck her curvy ass into Tucker’s face. She remained in this position until the security guard spilled some beer over her ass cheeks. Each time, Vanessa shuddered from the sticky feeling on her backside but picked up her dance nonetheless. The beer got her ass wet and shiny so it looked even juicier than before. The jiggling, glistening butt cheeks were an extremely inviting sight.

Tucker didn’t move though. Instead, he simply kept on puffing his cigar and enjoying his beer. Vanessa knew that he expected some nastier action from his perverted fuckslut.

“Get on the bed, bimbo bitch!” Tucker confirmed her assumption.

The stunning redhead quickly obeyed. She stripped off the dress. Now, she was naked except for the pink thong. She got on all fours kneeling down onto the cum-stained mattress. Her round, wet ass cheeks seductively winked at Tucker.

“Look at that! Queeny made a mess in her panties, you stupid bitch!” he pointed out the wet spot in her thong.

Ever since Tucker had found out that she was no posh lady but a cheap hooker acting like a decadent diva, the security guard enjoyed mocking her with the nickname that was prominently tattooed onto her lower back. It only reminded Vanessa of all the things she had to lose if she disobeyed him.

“Time to strip’em off! Rip those panties off with your mouth!” he ordered.

Vanessa turned around and sat down onto her ass. She looked at the security guard with a confused expression on her face. He was right. Her pussy was dripping wet. The public disgrace had heated her up. But did she take his point correctly? For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.

“Get cracking, queeny!” Tucker barked impatiently. “Snatch those panties with your slutty mouth!”

Vanessa hadn’t misheard. Still, she had no clue how to fulfil his order. The ginger slut closed her eyes. The security guard knew exactly how to degrade her. Not only did she have to pay to get used by him, now she had to abuse herself for his amusement. She only knew too well that this mistreatment would not only hurt but also turn her pussy into a lava stream. A fact that was even more embarrassing.

Hesitantly, she grabbed the pink waistband and pulled the sides up giving herself a wedgy. Meanwhile, she bent her head down trying to grasp the thong with her teeth. She failed. She wasn’t able to hunch enough.

“Hurry up, queeny!” Tucker edged her on. “Are you too dumb to strip off some panties, you stupid cow?”

Vanessa gathered all her power and tugged on the thong again. She pulled her panties up as high as possible. The bottom front got bunched up into a thin string. It split her cunt lips and dug painfully tight into her soft, sensitive pussy.

“Ooouuuhhh!” Vanessa shrieked.

Her poor pussy felt like it was getting stabbed. The stinging pain was unbelievable. She was close to tears. Still, the flame-haired knockout had a task to fulfil. She had a reputation to defend. She couldn’t afford to fail. So she hunched and bit down. This time, she caught hold of the thong!

“Ouh! Ouh! Ouh!” the redhead squealed.

The pressure on her pussy was almost unbearable. Her snatch assumed an angry red colour. The thin strip mercilessly spread her pussy apart and showed off every little detail. Her pubic mound looked like a deep crevice that was cleft by a thin, pink river.

Her hunched posture was so uncomfortable that Vanessa couldn’t hold it for long. She pulled her head up while keeping the waistband between her teeth. This increased the strain on her cunt so much that her ass was lifted off the mattress.

“Ooouuuhhh!” Vanessa shrieked and the thong slipped out of her mouth.

With tears in her eyes, the ginger slut bent her head again. With one mighty drag, she gave herself another extreme wedgy.

“Ouh! Ouh! Ouh!” she was babbling with anguished cries by now.

But she continued pulling until she managed to snatch the panties with her teeth again. She began lifting her head causing the string to dig even deeper into her delicate cunt and pull tightly against her sensitive clit. Her butt frantically bounced around on the mattress. It looked like her crotch was humping the bunched up string. Vanessa performed a wild dance for Tucker.

All the time, the security guard remained slumped in the recliner with his beer and cigar. He was totally relaxed while watching the obscene show in front of his eyes. From time to time, he laughed out loud amused about another convulsive move of Vanessa’s twisting body.

The flame-haired knockout felt faint. The pain and pressure became intolerable. But every stab on her clit also caused an electric jolt in her loins. She couldn’t believe how much this self-degradation aroused her – especially as it was happening in front of the loathed security guard.


Vanessa jerked her head back as far as she could and gave a final powerful tug.


The lacy fabric gave way and ripped. The tear started near the top of the left side and went down to the crotch area.

“Aaaooohhh!” Vanessa let out a loud grunt.

It started as a gasp of relief and ended as a groan of lust – a fact that didn’t stay unnoticed with Tucker.

“Hehehe! Who’s enjoying this more – you or me?” he teased her. “Show me what a horny slut you are and make yourself cum!”

Vanessa groaned out again. Her poor snatch didn’t get a second to recover. She spread her legs as wide as possible to present her unclad, ringed pussy. Her cunt glowed in angry red colour. But it also glistened wetly.

The flame-haired beauty threaded the red-nailed index and middle finger of her left hand through the silver pussy rings and spread her cunt lips open revealing her inner pink flesh. Then she drove two fingers of her right hand into her puffy cunt.

“Mmmhhh!… Fuck!… Ooohhh!…” she started moaning immediately.

On Tucker’s command, she added two more fingers. Her pussy lips tightly grasped the four fingers when she started driving them in and out while rubbing her thumb over her delicate clit.

Almost her entire hand was up her pussy. She felt so full and stretched. But at least, her yearning cunt got stuffed with something. It felt so good that she started pounding her fingers deep into her fuckhole with forceful thrusts. Each stroke made a slurping sound and lifted her ass off the mattress. Even her thighs began twitching from the strain.

Meanwhile, Tucker finished his beer. Vanessa was so focused on her own pleasure that she didn’t even notice. He stood up and walked over to the bed. There, he grabbed the redhead’s hand and pushed it out of her dripping gash. The four fingers slipped out with a loud slurping noise.

“C’mon queeny!” Tucker scoffed. “Let’s stretch out that snatch!”

Vanessa looked down between her legs. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Tucker had inverted his arms and pressed the knuckles of each hand tightly together. He had formed a spear with eight fingers. The ginger slut fully expected to be impaled right then and there. But he simply held his hands in front of her cunt and waited. He didn’t move at all.

By now, Vanessa was in a dazed state of mind. The degradations in the parking lot and the rough treatment by Tucker had awakened a sexual craving that had grown into a burning urge. The lust in her loins was driving her crazy. Right now, she was willing to do anything to add more sensations to her yearning cunt. She didn’t even care any longer that she was giving her best to please the loathed security guard.

“Aaahhh!… Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!… Argh! Oh! Argh!”

Vanessa broke out into a litany of screams when she lifted her crotch and speared her poor, yearning pussy. She engulfed Tucker’s eight fingers with her warm flesh. Her cunt lips got stretched beyond their limits and the redhead felt more than overstuffed. Tucker even opened his hands. It caused a feeling like a huge wedge was driven up her cunt.

Under the pressure, Vanessa began kicking her legs like a baby. The flame-haired beauty went wild on the bed. She rapidly opened and closed her legs and frenetically pushed her ass up and down the mattress. All the while, she screamed her lungs out.

Despite her struggles, she was merciless to her pussy. She was in a sexual frenzy and couldn’t stop anymore. She worked her cunt like never before and gave her snatch a superior reaming.

Upping the tease, Tucker pulled his fingers out of Vanessa’s yearning cunt. She whined and strained to reach it. She desperately needed her gash stuffed.

“Ooohhhh!” Vanessa sighed when Tucker shoved his eight fingers back up her dripping fuckhole.

She humped the spear for a couple more minutes until her shrieks turned into one long cry of pleasure. She slumped down onto the bed. A mind-blowing orgasm overwhelmed her. The electric jolts exploded all over her body and left her unable to move.

While the flame-haired knockout panted for breath, Tucker’s fingers slipped out of her pussy. A breeze of cold air rushed into her wide open fuckhole. The sudden chill abruptly stopped Vanessa’s orgasm and cut it short. It had been a tremendous wave of pleasure but it had been too short. The fire was still burning in her loins. The ginger slut still craved to get her cunt filled.

She threw her legs up to her face and reached around either side of her ass. She pulled her ringed pussy lips apart presenting her angry red snatch in its full glory. She wanted Tucker to thrust his cock up her pussy.

“Please sir, this cunt is leaking for you.” she begged the security guard. “Please sir, fuck this wet hole!”

But Tucker didn’t react to her pleads. Instead, he grabbed her hair and turned her around so she was kneeling in doggystyle in front of him.

“You want that pussy stuffed, you greedy bitch?” he asked and Vanessa quickly nodded. “Then show me what this cunt can take!”

Vanessa instantly reacted to this challenge. She was in such an aroused state that she was completely driven by her lust. The flame-haired beauty pushed her face into the dirty, cum-stained mattress and stuck her ass high up into the air. Then she reached back with her red-nailed hands. She pressed her knuckles tightly against each other and folded her hands back. This way, she imitated Tucker’s spear and drove eight fingers up her snatch in one go.

Her thrust was so powerful that it pushed the air out of her lungs and dragged her body forward a few inches. Her fingers went deeper than Tucker’s had ever been. For a few seconds, the redhead was out of breath. Only then, the pressure of the immense stretching registered in her mind making her squeal.

Tucker laughed about the lewd display in front of his eyes. Vanessa was left totally helpless with both arms stretched behind her back and both hands deeply buried in her own fuckhole. She basically looked like a corded parcel. There was only one way for her to move at all. She had to thrust her hands up her cunt like a piston to drag her body forward.

“C’mon queeny bitch, haul that slutty ass over to this side!” he instructed her after he had walked around the bed to the opposite side. “Give your cunt a major workout!”

Vanessa didn’t need another request. The thought of dragging her body over the mattress by pumping her pussy sounded incredibly degrading. But it was exactly the treatment her body craved in its aroused state.

She pulled her eight fingers out of her pussy until the red-nailed fingertips were all that remained inside her fuckhole. Then she gave another mighty push. She grunted and her body edged forward another notch.

With Tucker holding his cock in his hand at the other end of the bed, it looked like he was dangling a carrot in front of her face. And that carrot obviously was a force of attraction for the ‘Red Rose Whore’. It had to be so valuable for her that she was mercilessly slaving away at her pussy to get her slutty mouth on the stick. Vanessa felt like she had been reduced to a plain cock junkie.

She quickly put up a rhythm of pumping her poor, overstretched pussy like a piston. With each thrust, her body got dragged ahead and the ginger slut grunted along. She groaned as much from the effort as from the sensations on her cunt. Still, each thrust only pushed her body forward a few inches. So it took her endlessly to move over to the other side of the bed.

Tucker had a ball watching his queeny bitch work her ass – or rather her pussy – off to reach his cock. It took her almost five minutes and she had to take several breaks to catch her breath. It was a huge effort but eventually she made it. Finally, her lips were on his cock.


Vanessa received an appreciatory slap to her ass. Tucker then turned her body around treating her like a plain object. As a result, she presented her stuffed, leaking pussy to him. Tucker pulled his hard cock out of his pants. He hadn’t gotten any release yet and he was about to change that. He ran his cock up and down her crack and moistened his cockhead with some pussy juice. Then he positioned his cock at the wrinkled entrance to her backdoor.

Vanessa trembled nervously. Her asshole had already seen some action today. But with eight fingers up her cunt, her ass had tightened back up for good. She was so stuffed there was barely any space left. She didn’t dare to pull her hands out though. Instead, she tried to brace herself for the oncoming anal attack.

“Umph!” she grunted when Tucker finally drilled his cock through her sphincter.

The impact was so forceful that Vanessa’s entire body got pressed into the mattress. Tucker immediately began pounding the redhead’s tightly compressed ass chute. He hammered his cock up her ass pipe at full tilt. Her helpless, constrained body bobbed up and down the mattress with each thrust to the squeaking sounds of the old bedsprings.

“Ooohhh! Fuck!… Uuuhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Vanessa was reduced to a babbling mass of flesh.

Tucker exploited the redhead’s helplessness and grabbed her hair. He pulled it back and used it like reins. This way, he was able to pull the ginger slut’s body back and ream her ass even harder.

She was so tied up that she was left immobile and totally at Tucker’s mercy. She could do nothing but take the anal pounding. The flame-haired beauty was shoved around the mattress at the security guard’s will. The defencelessness in combination with the stretching of her cunt and plugging of her ass created a raging whirlwind of excitement inside of her. She was reduced to utter animalistic grunts. It was too much for her to handle and another huge orgasm erupted in her loins. She couldn’t control herself any longer so her body trembled and rocked around the mattress.

She barely noticed Tucker pulling his cock out of her asshole and turning his queeny bitch onto her back. A second later, he sprayed an enormous wad of white, creamy cum all over her face and chest. She remained lying on the bed when he left the room. Her entire body was drenched in sweat, her ass was sticky with dried beer, and her chest and face were glazed with gooey spunk. Tucker had turned her into a sticky, smelly mess of human waste. But he had also put her body into a state of ecstasy. She had received a massive workout and was left wrecked. Fortunately, it was late in the night and no other customers were waiting to fuck the whore.

The Wednesday meetings with Tucker stood in stark contrast to the remaining week at the ‘Red Rose Club’. Vanessa’s career as the ‘Red Rose Whore’ was at an absolute peak. After winning the slut-battle several weeks ago, she had become the talk of the town among men. Every guy was raving about the ravishing knockout that acted like the dirtiest slut ever. Each day, the ‘Red Rose Club’ was bursting at the seams with customers.

Along with her reputation, the treatment by the customers had changed too. She wasn’t their human cum dumpster any longer. Instead, they treated her like a superstar – the only girl able to fulfil their darkest sexual fantasies.

Vanessa felt more admired than ever before. She truly felt like a star. Every time she stepped into the ‘Red Rose Club’, an elating feeling swept over her body. A feeling she wouldn’t want to miss anymore. All she craved for was to deliver some nasty performances for her customers to further increase her stardom. She simply loved the admiration and attention she aroused.

Pavone had decided to cash in on Queeny Ho’s new popularity. Each day, Vanessa opened the night with a strip show. Then Pavone held an auction. Each round, a different service was on the line and customers had to make bids to fuck the whore. Some services were particularly popular and caused fierce bidding wars between the johns.

Saturday had become the official night of the ‘Slut-Battle’. Some pornstar was invited and a show-off between the two sluts was staged. Each one performed a sex show to prove what a nasty, depraved fuckwhore she was. And after both shows, the audience voted the winner. Those ‘Slut-Battles’ had become immensely popular. By now, tickets had to be bought in advance. In return, each ticket owner was allowed to fuck the winning whore after the show-off. As a result, Saturdays turned into nasty gangbangs more often than not for Vanessa.

Her new superwhore-status had even caught Stanton’s attention. SEP didn’t use her as the office whore any longer as Maria was performing the job of motivating the six partners. But they had found another way to use Vanessa. The dust over the newspaper report had settled so they made good use of her new popularity. They utilized the ginger slut as a deal-sweetener for new clients. Every time they closed a deal, she was offered as a signing bonus and had to meet the clients on her free Friday evenings.

Apart from her live as hooker, she made great progress with Steve. The two were meeting regularly by now. There was definitely more than a flirt going on between them.

The next Monday, they had been shopping all afternoon long. Vanessa had gone for a look that was elegant and sexy at the same time. She wore a combination of an anthracite v-necked blouse and anthracite knee-high skirt with a broad, black belt around her hips.

Steve had proven his generosity and bought some elegant designer outfits for Vanessa. She had a few hours left before her shift at the ‘Red Rose Club’ was about to start. So they decided to have a nice dinner at the country club.

On their way to the clubhouse, Vanessa remembered her previous run-ins with Tucker at the club. She had come into conflict with him over and over again. She couldn’t help it but his lecherous, brute hillbilly behaviour simply drove her up the wall.

Vanessa had to admit that she had been a pain in the ass whenever she had run into him. She had always been intent to let him feel the full extent of her overbearing arrogance and prove her superior status. With a shudder, Vanessa realized that this wasn’t the case any longer. Her status to Tucker had been completely reversed. By now, she was nothing more than his playtoy. Fortunately, he hadn’t approached her in the country club yet. He was too clever to risk his leverage for a quick relief in the club. He was intent to use her as long as he could.

When Steve and Vanessa arrived at the entrance, they had to stop the car at the barrier. As always, a guard was sitting inside the security booth. He had to control their membership cards before opening the barrier and letting them in.

Today, Tucker was sitting in the booth. He didn’t show any reaction when Steve stopped the car and handed their cards over to him.

“Excuse me Ma’am,” he suddenly addressed Vanessa. “There seems to be a problem with your card. We have to issue a new one.”

Vanessa immediately blushed. She instantly understood his intention and it made her shiver. He was up to something! She felt panic welling up inside of her. Somehow, she had to make sure that Steve wouldn’t notice anything! Her mind was running wild but her nervousness kept her from thinking straight. Time was running out on her.

“This will take some time.” Tucker suddenly told Steve. “You can go ahead and drive inside. Mrs. Laren will follow in a few minutes.”

Steve nodded. He didn’t suspect anything unusual. He simply arranged with Vanessa to wait for her in the lounge. The moment Steve’s car was out of sight, Tucker’s behaviour changed abruptly.

“Inside, queeny!” he barked at her.

Hesitantly, Vanessa looked around to check if anyone else was watching. She knew that there was no sense in arguing with that mean bastard. And his voice clearly told her that he didn’t allow any objections.

With her heart beating in overdrive, she stepped into the cubicle. For a security booth, it was a rather large room as it offered a work space for two guards. As soon as Vanessa had stepped inside, Tucker let the shudders down and put a sign on the door that read ‘Back soon’. On the one hand, this calmed Vanessa down a bit as no one would be able to take a look inside. On the other hand, it clearly told her that nothing good was coming at her. She was at a loss. She didn’t know what to do. Five seconds later, this problem was solved when Tucker yelled at her.

“Down on all fours, fucking bitch!”

Vanessa had been out shopping for fancy clothes. She was standing in the country club. She was in full lady-mode so she wasn’t able to control her first impulse. Her contempt for the fat, potbellied hillbilly set in.

“Shut the fuck up, you sleazy lowlife!” she snarled at him. “Don’t talk to me like that in the country club!”

Of course, this outburst of disobedience didn’t go well with Tucker. In a heartbeat, he was up on his feet towering over the flame-haired beauty. He grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her down onto her knees. He yanked her blouse open causing her luscious juggs to fall out and pushed the hem of her skirt up to expose her naked bottom.

It all happened so fast, Vanessa didn’t stand a chance to react. She was too staggered to fight back. So she simply followed Tucker when he started to walk around the security booth. He used her hair like a leash leading Vanessa on all fours like his dog.

“You love acting like the biggest bitch ever, don’t you? You love showing us staff members what a posh lady you are, right? You love getting on our tits!” he stated.

“You wanna be a bitch? From now on, you’ll be my bitch – my dirty dogbitch!” he exclaimed.

Vanessa’s head was spinning. She couldn’t process everything he was saying so quickly. She was too scared of anyone walking inside the booth and seeing her crawling around the floor to object. So she nodded weakly.

“Guess, I will call you ‘Queeny – the dirty dogslut’ from now on!” he chuckled. Then he began explaining new ‘club rules’ to Vanessa.

“You stupid dogslut will come to this security booth every second day in the afternoon. Inside this cubicle, my dogbitch is only allowed to crawl on all fours with her tits and ass exposed!”

Each rule made Vanessa wince. Tucker didn’t care though. Instead, he immediately began putting the new rules into practice by taking his dogslut for a walk in the booth. Vanessa only hoped that he wouldn’t lead her outside of the room.

“On arrival, my dogslut will immediately crawl underneath the countertop and deep throat my cock while clasping her hands behind her back!” Tucker continued explaining the rules.

“Whatever I do or wherever I move, that cock will stay down your slutty throat until I’ve shot my load down your gullet!”

“And as long as my dogbitch stays in this booth, she will not speak at all. All she will do is bark in response to orders!” he finished his introduction.

“Do you understand the rules, queeny bitch?” he inquired.

Vanessa was too confused, baffled and overwhelmed to react. It was all going too fast for her to process.


Vanessa received a resounding slap to her right cheek. The burning pain made her wince once again and instantly reddened her face.

“Does ‘Queeny – the dirty dogslut’ understand the rules?” Tucker barked emphasising each word.

His tone didn’t leave any room for doubt. Vanessa had to react. She didn’t want to earn another slap to the face. Her mind was spinning from all the information. She didn’t know how to behave correctly. On the off chance, she opened her mouth.

“WOOF! WOOF!” she barked.

And a cold chill ran down her spine. Her lady-self was totally gone by now. She felt like ‘Vanessa – the posh lady’ had stepped out of her body and observed the degradation of ‘Queeny – the dirty dogslut’ from the outside. She definitely didn’t feel like being in the country club. She had reacted on autopilot and her submissive side had kicked in overcoming her arrogant lady-self. She had acted like a true dogbitch and it had obviously been the reaction Tucker had waited for.

“Oh well, seems like this dogslut is learning quickly.” he said showing his satisfaction.

Then he sat down in his swivel chair and ordered the ginger slut to kneel in front of him with her ass facing him.

“C’mon dogslut, pant for me! Let that tongue hang out of your yapper and pant!”

Vanessa sobbed. She felt like crying. The degradation Tucker was dishing out was more embarrassing than anything she had done before. Acting like an obedient pet was worse than being reduced to a sheer sexual object or getting disgraced in public. Having to do so in her precious country club only added to the humiliation.

It became clear that the visits to the ‘Red Rose Club’ had only been the prelude. Tucker had increased the degradations each time. Now, it was time for the next step. He was expanding the use of his fucktoy to the country club. Now, it was payback time for all the scoffs and sneers she had directed at him before.

“Can’t hear nothing!” he reminded the redhead of her task.


Vanessa gave her best impression of a panting dog while sticking out her tongue.


Out of the blue, a hard object hit Vanessa on the right ass cheek catching her totally off guard. Behind her back, Tucker had produced a plastic fly swatter and lashed it onto her bottom.

“Ouuhhh!” Vanessa exclaimed almost reaching back to rub the fresh red spot on her buttock.

“Keep on panting, queeny bitch!” Tucker harshly snubbed her.

Vanessa hastily restrained herself from reaching back and continued with her humiliating task.


With her tongue hanging out, drool started gathering in her mouth. It began running out and trickling to the floor.

“Well! Obviously, my dogslut disobeyed me when prancing in here. So she’s gonna get ten slaps with this swatter.” Tucker told the flame-haired beauty while showing her the fly flap.

“And she’s gonna count the slaps with barks. It’s one bark for the first, two for the second and so on.”

Vanessa howled in between the panting. By now, she knew that Tucker wouldn’t give her any leeway. She had to endure being turned into a will-less fuckpet to keep her cover for the country club intact.




Her ass cheeks quickly turned red while her butt performed an obscene dance in rhythm with the swatter slaps. Her hips swiftly darted from right to left in futile attempts to escape the blows while her ass meat frantically jiggled and wobbled.




Vanessa felt like she was burning up with shame. The slaps with the plastic fly flap weren’t really harsh. The fact that she had to bark out loud and pant in between was far worse. The embarrassment was only increased by her fear of being discovered. What if a club member walked by the booth and heard her barking? What if anyone saw her walking out of this room putting two and two together?

She felt like the humiliating swatter-spanking never stopped. But eventually she sensed her hips starting to turn her snatch towards the fly flap. She was unconsciously trying to get her cunt hit! The degrading spanking aroused her. Vanessa’s pussy was yearning to get touched by anything.

She began moaning in between the barks – a sound that didn’t stay unnoticed with Tucker. He ran the edge of the flap along her pussy slit making Vanessa groan. Her hips were wriggling to the touch.

“Hehehe!” he teased his dogbitch. “Seems like someone’s enjoying his new role as fuckpet!”

Vanessa couldn’t believe how easily she was embracing Tucker’s abysmal humiliations. But her body was a junkie for degradations. It was hardly surprising that it reacted to this utter debasement with agitation although it was happening in her precious country club by the loathed security guard. Or were those two factors only contributing to the excitement? Vanessa was too aroused to ponder this question at the moment.

As Michael walked up to the door of a very impressive looking house he wondered what to expect this evening, he had been told by his girlfriend Lucy, the night before, that they’d been invited to dinner, at the home of one of Lucy’s work colleagues and her female partner. He was interested to say the least; he’d never really met full blown lesbians before, not that her felt prejudiced towards them. In fact he was determined to treat them normally.

He had noticed Lucy’s car in the street, and was happy to know she was already there, thus avoiding any awkward introductions. So, Michael rang the doorbell.

It was answered by a lady who introduced herself as Paula, whom Michael knew was Lucy’s colleague and vaguely recognised from a few of his girlfriend’s work functions.

“Please come through,” she said. “This is my partner Marg,” she added as the walked into the kitchen. Michael couldn’t see Lucy but thought nothing of it as he made polite conversation.

“You must be wondering where you’re girlfriend is,” Marg said, “She’s just tied up with something at the moment. Please, follow me. I’ll show you.”

Michael followed as the three of them walked down the hallway to a closed door. As they got closer Michael could hear Lucy saying things. He couldn’t make out what she was saying and assumed she was on the phone. His suspicion was aroused when, instead of just opening the door, Marg stopped and turned to face him, a serious expression on her face.

“Michael I need to warn you, what you will see might shock you, but please understand this is what she wants,” she said.

“Ummm, ok,” he replied. He had absolutely no idea what to expect. He just couldn’t fathom what required a warning before he could see it, particularly if it involved his girlfriend.

Without time to think Marg opened the door and they stepped into a bedroom. It was fairly well lit and what Michael saw took his breath away.

In the centre of the large bed was a woman on her knees, her face and chest pressed into the mattress, with her legs apart displaying her vagina and round bottom. That was not all; her hands were reaching back, each grasping a cheek, spreading her butt to show a slightly open pink asshole. Her vagina was obstructed by the base of a flesh coloured thing, which Michael thought was a large dildo, except this one had a hose sticking out of it with a round ball pump hanging on the end.

He recognised that body as Lucy but he couldn’t accept that this was his girlfriend on display, in such a lewd position. What destroyed his uncertainty was the meek voice of the woman. “Please… please fuck me. Please do it.” It was undoubtedly her.

“Lucy!” he gasped with a look of shocked confusion on his face. He turned his questioning eyes to the two Lesbians standing next to him. “Please understand Michael, she has been coming to us for quite some time,” Paula lied, “it was only last night that we found out she had a boyfriend.”

“Lucy!” he called.

“She can’t hear you,” Marg said, “she has earplugs in and you can see she’s blindfolded.”

“We didn’t know what to do when we found out about you, so we decided to make you aware, to at least offer you the opportunity to leave her and get on with your life. The other option is, we continue as before but involve you so that she may stay with you, even still live with you, but visit us when she needs to.” Paula stated. “She is our slave.”

Michael just stood there, he was beginning to feel anger rise inside him, and he felt hurt as if she’d been cheating on him. But he got a hold of his emotions and began to think.

“So she enjoys this?” he said.

“She craves it,” said Paula allowing an evil grin, “she’s a slut, you can hear her begging for it.”

Paula watched Michael’s expression darken as he began to realise that his girlfriend was indeed a slut, she knew he would be blaming Lucy for any hurt he felt. Their plan was going famously; they knew that once they’d invaded the poor girl’s home and turned her boyfriend against her, she would be completely theirs.

“Listen to her Michael,” Paula prompted, “I think it’s time to give her what she wants and to take what you deserve.”

In the meantime Lucy had remained as she was, her hips gently humping the air as she begged to be fucked.

Michael could not deny the sight was turning him on, and without much deliberation he began towards the bed, undoing his pants and stroking his hardening cock.

He knelt on the bed and shuffled up behind the exposed Lucy. As she felt movement on the bed she began to whimper, “Please… please… I need to cum.”

Michael reached for the base of the dildo and began to firmly pull out, but it didn’t move as expected. Instead of sliding out, Michael watched as it stretched her inner lips out informing him that the dildo was significantly bigger up inside her vagina. He would have cringed if he knew how wide her pussy was currently being stretched. Lucy groaned.

As Michael held the expanded dildo out from Lucy’s pussy he noticed two things, one, she was shaved completely smooth, something she’d never done for him. Number two was more shocking, on the inside face of each outer labia, were two names written in an elegant script, ‘Paula’ and ‘Marg’, one on each side. Michael knew immediately from the raw redness around the writing that these were tattooed into her delicate skin, and fresh.

“Let go of the dildo Michael,” Marg said, “as you can see her cunt belongs to us now. You’re welcome to use her other holes.”

Michael knew what she meant. He rose up onto his knees and held this tip of cock at the entrance to Lucy’s back door. Michael had never experienced anal before and he savoured the exquisite feeling as he slid all the way into her pre-lubed asshole. Lucy let out a cry and Michael began to thrust in and out of her clenching sphincter.

Lucy could feel that this was not a rubber cock attached to Marg or Paula as she’d expected, this was a real cock, a man. She already had fears about Michael arriving for dinner before the ladies had finished with her. Surely this could not be her boyfriend in her ass. But with no eyesight nor hearing, she could not be sure. She didn’t even know what time it was. So, strangely she hoped that Paula and Marg had brought in some stranger to fuck her. She didn’t want Michael to see her like this. A thought did occurred to her, if it was Michael, then she wouldn’t have to worry about hiding the changes that had been made to her body, namely her pussy, both inside and out.

But all thoughts left her mind as Michael picked up the pace. The pleasure coming from her ass and stretched pussy mounted. “Harder! Harder!” she cried as he pounded into her, driving her to the orgasm she needed.

Michael got into a rhythm, fucking her hard, using the bedsprings to bounce her back against his cock. It was the sort of fucking that would produce a sore asshole.

All of a sudden Michael felt her clamp down on his cock and stop thrusting back against him as she screamed her orgasm and fell forward to lie flat on the bed, but there was no stopping him as he gripped her hips and slammed into her spasming hole another twenty deep strokes before exploding inside her, filling her with cum.

When Michael pulled out, her hole remained open momentarily, revealing a deep red tunnel with white sperm dribbling towards the entrance. Then it closed, squeezing out a glob of cum.

“Look at the mess she’s made on your cock,” said Paula, gesturing towards Michael’s shrinking penis, which glistened with lube and cum. “She’ll clean it for you if you give it to her.”

Michael moved round to her blindfolded face and poked his cock against her lips. She immediately opened up and took it in her mouth, sucking it clean. Michael could feel her tongue roaming over his cock. His cock began to harden.

As his dick hardened, Lucy began to suck in earnest; with a cock in her mouth she was insatiable.

Michael began to settle into his developing blow job, so Marg took his hand and put it on the back of Lucy’s head, forcing her down on his cock until he felt the head slip into her throat. He soon got the idea and took hold of a fistful of her hair and began using her mouth the way he wanted. It started with alternating deep throat and regular oral with just the head in her mouth. But the ferocity slowly increased.

By the end Michael was gripping her head in both hands and fucking her throat, while slack jawed Lucy gagged and vomited slime and saliva so that it hung in roped from her chin. Finally Michael felt his orgasm approach and pulled her to the base of his cock one last time to spurt a load of cum right down her throat. It was at this point that Marg pulled the blindfold off and Lucy opened her tear streaked eyes to look up into Michael’s face as she felt him cum down her throat.

Michael looked down at her, with her face pressed into his pubic hair, there was no love in his eyes just a look of disdain as he pulled her off his cock, did up his pants and walked towards the door. Lucy felt used, lower than a girl whoring for drugs.

“Michael, please..” whimpered Lucy, not knowing what to say. She regretted saying anything when he turned around, she could see the hurt in his eyes.

Michael stared at Lucy, absorbing the image, his adorable girlfriend, his pride and joy, reduced to a piece of flesh begging to be fucked.. by anyone.. “filthy fucking slut” he said under his breath, his heart hardened against his once tender feelings towards Lucy. “I’m going to the pub bitch, you’re right where you belong.”

Eyes downcast, Lucy began to wimper, oh how she wanted to run after Michael and beg him to take her home, but she she couldn’t get up, her spirit was broken, plus with the ridiculous dildo still up her, she couldn’t catch up to him anyway.

The front door slammed as Michael left, Lucy looked up, her tear stained — cummy — slimy — pretty face shining in front of Paula and Marg.

“There there little piggy, don’t cry, I’m sure Michael will have you back. After all, he’s a man, he just wants a pretty thing to put his dick in.”

“That’s right,” agreed Marg “you just try a bit harder and I’m sure he’ll fuck you again, and if you make it good, I have no doubt he’ll let you stay. It will be just like before”

Their twisted logic confused Lucy, but they were right, she would do anything to keep Michael, she still loved him more than ever.

“Suppose you better stay here tonight, give him time to calm down.” said Marg “We were just going to put on a movie anyway.”

After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, Lucy found herself, still nude, on a cushion on the floor, the abominable dildo still inside her. There was a small plate of food in front of her and both Marg and Paula were seated either side of her, though up on the couch rather than the floor. The two older lesbians had decided on Titanic, as the film started, hungry Lucy began to tuck into her food and relax, at least she could enjoy the movie.

Lucy had just put her plate down when Marg piped up, “mind clearing the dishes honey?”

“Oh,” Lucy quickly picked up her plate, stood and stacked Marg’s then turned to collect Paula’s.

“Ah I almost forgot,” said Paula, handing Lucy her plate, and taking hold of the pump attached to Lucy’s dildo.

Lucy stood between them holding the plates, she looked down past her flat tummy, to the hose running to Paula’s hand. She had stopped thinking about the dildo inside her, had become accustomed to it’s girth. Paula slowly squeezed, Lucy began to breath deep as the stretching resumed. Two more slow pumps and Lucy couldn’t help but notice her belly bulge out ever so slightly.

“Much better, just give them a rinse and pop them in the dishwasher” Paula smiled.

Lucy left with a slight waddle, the pump hose dangling between her thighs.

By the time Lucy had returned, her cushion had moved between Paula’s legs, the woman’s vagina sat at the edge of the couch, open and glistening as Paula gently fingered herself. “Come and make mumma happy little pig.”

Lucy knelt on the cushion, bent her head and began to lap Paula’s clit.

Lucy didn’t get to watch much of Titanic, she estimated about a third of the movie had been spent facing a vagina, her tongue was tired… her pussy was wrecked, Paula had not forgotten about the pump up dildo inside her and had consistently added air pressure to it. Throughout the movie Lucy’s belly expanded.

As the credits rolled, Lucy slouched on her cushion, unable to sit up straight with her pussy so full. “Well time for bed,” yawned Marg, “we’ve all got work tomorrow. What shall we do with the cunt?” she turned to Paula.

Paula laughed, “she sure looks half pregnant. I wonder if she can push the baby out”

Lucy looked at her developing belly, she gave an experimental squeeze, feeling pressure at the bottom of her pussy, it was definitely largest in the middle, the entrance to her hole was still too tight to squeeze the dildo out. “I think it’s too big to come out,” Lucy piped up.

“Might have to stay in over night”

“No please,” said Lucy, stretched to capacity “I can’t sleep with it in, I need to work tomorrow.”

“Well if it must come out, I guess we’ll need the chair,” Paula headed for the bedroom, “Come along little fuck pig.”

Paula pulled the chair from the cupboard, unfolded it and set it at the foot of the bed. It was a toilet seat, U shaped, on a frame, like disabled people might put over a normal toilet if they cannot sit on a low seat.

Marg brought over the tripod and camera, setting it level with the seat, “first time she’s laying an egg, better get it on camera.”

Lucy was scared of what she was seeing and hearing but all Lucy thought was to grit her teeth and do what the women told her to do.

“sit on your nest little hen, it’s time to lay an egg.” Paula teased, as she led Lucy in front of the camera.

Lucy shivered and straddled the seat on her tip toes, then sat. “Ooh!” her eyes bulged, her legs dangled. In the centre of the shot hung Lucy’s cunt. The base of the dildo poked down about 3 inches below her clit, pulling cunt lips with it, the hose and pump dangling. From the base the flesh coloured shaft clearly widened, ballooning out, as it went up between her lips, and presumably beyond, stuck inside her.

The magic of the chair, which Paula and Marg had witnessed before, was simple, the same as a toilet. Any pussy and asshole hanging through the seat were automatically spread, and most importantly they hung, relaxed. Thus allowing a stretched hole to open as wide as it possibly could.

Lucy sat in the chair, feeling it’s effect, plus the weight of gravity and her own weight pushing the round dildo down and out. She could feel immense pressure at her hole, making her pussy bulge out as it hung there. Rising and falling ever so slightly, in time with her breath.

Lucy knew what she had to do, she wanted this thing out of her, she began to push. It hurt. The dildo inched downward, with each effort, stretching her more as it went. Lucy started to realise how much bigger her vagina must be up inside. She felt constipated, like she was squeezing out a big shit. Except it was her vagina and much bigger. She kept her anus clenched, she didn’t want any surprises popping out by accident. As she squeezed and squeezed Lucy began to wonder if this was how childbirth felt.

Lucy pushed, her upper body tense as her muscled sqeezed down, the entrance to her pussy felt stretched beyond belief. She looked down, the dildo had progressed, her cunt lips were taught around the bulge, approaching the size of an NLF ball. Her whole vagina hung lower than it should. “NNG FUCK,” she pushed hard, watching, it protruded another inch, but snuck back up when she relaxed. Again and again she tried, but she just could not push it any further.

“I can’t,” she conceded finally, her face red with effort. She sat there and began to cry.

“Don’t cry little hen, I’ve got just the thing that will help. Some gravity!” said Paula with too much enthusiasm. “Marg, do you have the hook that goes on this?” Paula left the room.

Marg walked over and squatted in front of Lucy’s pussy, gently the began to unscrew the hose and hand pump from the base of the dildo. The valve in the base kept the dildo firm. In Marg’s other hand Lucy saw a little silver hook, with the same screw on end as the pump, she felt Marg gently screw the hook onto the base of the dildo.

When Paula returned she was carrying a bucket and a jug of water.

“Ok little hen, since this is your first time, this should help get the egg out.” Paula explained as she hung the bucket, by the handle, on Lucy’s hook.

Standing aside so the camera could see, Marg began to pour water between Lucy’s legs, letting it stream over her clit and lips and splash into the bucket. It began to fill.

Like a steam train departing the station, the dildo began to chug downwards, paying no heed to Lucy’s vaginal muscles. Lucy looked down, her mouth agape in a silent scream as it emerged, bit by bit.

The tension. Lucy’s entire being was focussed on the lips of her once tight little friend. She was shocked, in awe, no longer feeling the pain. Her sacred entrance was now the girth of a coke bottle. When would it end? She felt so wide, so stretched, beyond belief. When would it pass? The dildo was not moving. Lucy looked. The bucket had hit the ground. Stopped.

Lucy screamed, long and loud. Frantic she grabbed the dildo and yanked it out. With a slip and a splash, it dropped into the bucket. Lucy sat in the seat shaking as she stared at the thing that had come out of her. It was fat.

The camera captured a different angle. Hanging on screen was a hole, swollen flaps hanging agape, about the width of a dainty wrist and an angry red. Her pretty pussy would never feel the same again.

Scene 1 – The Invitation

Louise hadn’t been sure about coming to this school reunion, not sure at all. She hadn’t been anywhere near her old school for over 20 years, didn’t really know anybody there anymore – and to be honest, she didn’t have much desire to meet any of her old friends anyway.

Life had changed for Louise in the 20 or so years since she had left school. She had become successful in business, and was now quite the prim and proper conservatively dressed business woman. Just over 5 foot tall, she had one style and it worked for her, simple black dresses which complemented her shoulder length hair, her deep brown eyes, her smiling face and her figure which was always discreetly hidden under her too high necklines and her knee length hems. She had gloriously full breasts and a pair of shapely legs which just gave a hint of what else was under that dress, not that anybody would know.

At school things had been different, Louise had enjoyed the attentions of many men, but that was all history now, she didn’t even remember any of it.

Louise had bumped into Andy by chance in a railway train travelling home from London after a business trip. She had no clue about who the good looking man was across the carriage, who kept glancing at her, she was quite carried away working on her laptop, listening to rap on her headphones. As the train pulled out of Basingstoke, he switched seats to be opposite her.

“Excuse me” said Andy, “aren’t you Louise, who used to go to school in Leeds? I’m Andy, I was Head Boy there, we were never in the same class, but I’m sure I recognise you.”

“Pardon” said Louise, ” what are you talking about?”

“Yes, it is you” laughed Andy, “how could anybody forget your smiling face and voice. How are you? It must have been years since any of us have seen you.”

“Do I know you?” replied Louise, ” I’m dreadfully sorry, but I don’t have the best memory in the world”

They got chatting, Louise didn’t really remember who Andy was, but he was good company, dressed like her in business attire, handsome and was clearly successful and dare she admit it, he was quite charming. Nevertheless, she played along for around 30 minutes and pretended that she knew him as they chatted until he got off at Southampton.

“Oh” said Andy as the train pulled into his station, “are you coming to the school reunion in 5 weeks time?”

“I wouldn’t think so” replied Louise, “I haven’t been back for years”

“It’ll be fun, give me your mobile number and I’ll text you the details, quite a few of our year group will be there. You’ll never believe it but 4 of our old teachers are still there too, they’re a good bunch, you’ll like them” said Andy.

Louise was a bit flustered by the whole conversation and scribbled her mobile on a scrap of paper and gave it to Andy as he got off.

“Bye” he said, “hope to see you in a few weeks then” he said as he opened the door and got off the train.

Louise kicked herself, “Why did I do that” she asked herself as the train pulled out of the station, “I don’t know him, I don’t think I remember him, why on earth did I give my mobile?” Still she reasoned that she would be unlikely to hear from him again and even if she did, she could ignore any texts. Reassured, she dozed off for the rest of the journey.

Scene 2 – The Pub

“Any of you remember Louise?” asked Andy at the pub.

He was with a group of his mates back in Leeds, Dave, Trevor, Keith and Dan were all teachers still at the school for over 25 years, all married, but not happily ever after. Chris was there too, he had been Andy’s friend at Uni. They made an unlikely group of 6, 4 in there 50s, 2 much younger, but they used to go out once or twice a month.

“I don’t either really”, said Andy when he got no reply, “I think she may have been a bit of a goer at school, but I never got a go – so to speak. Nowadays, she looks great, but there’s not much chance even of a flirting look let alone anything else, definitely little Miss Proper now.”

“I’m always up for the challenge” said Dave, “there’s nothing quite like taking a good sensible looking woman, and transforming her into a crazed slut desperate for cum and a good fucking, you know that! What does she look like?”

“5 foot, smiling face, brown eyes, shoulder length hair………” said Andy

“Cut the poetry” said Keith, ” you know what we want to know”

“Ok, ok. I didn’t even get a glance at her breasts, but under that dress, I suspect they are a good 36+, certainly large enough for us to share” he laughed. ” Legs were shapely, slightly tanned, her knees were slightly apart, but I didn’t get a view of her panties”

“She wouldn’t be wearing them for long if she ever met us!!” said Dan chuckling.

“Nice red lips, mouth the right size and shape” continued Andy

“Yes, yes and her bum??” said Chris, “you know what I like”.

“Didn’t get a chance to see” said Andy, “but hey, you lot might, I invited her to the reunion. If we play our cards carefully, we could find out what is hidden beneath that dress. If we are really smart we might even get to party with her”.

“Nice dream Andy”, said Trevor, “she won’t come just on the basis of seeing you, she needed a real man, like one of us to invite her. Shame though, I could do with some girl licking my dick, it’s been a while, never mind.”

Scene 3 – Getting changed

Why had she done this, Louise kept thinking to herself. This really wasn’t her scene at all. But when she got the text from Andy, whom she’d met on the train, she found herself agreeing to go.

She was in the North anyway for a few days, everybody thought she’d be at a business dinner, but tonight she’d be back at school. To be honest, she was a bit intrigued by Andy, he had been rather a distant Head Boy, the sporty sort really who hung around with the boys. She’d never had a long conversation with him until the train the other week.

She chose her clothes carefully. It was roasting hot, the hottest night of the year so far. The reunion was at a local hotel and she thought that all of her ex-friends would dress up. She decided to go for simple. As she put on her underwear she looked at herself in the hotel room mirror. She wouldn’t normally wear plain white underwear, but tonight she had bought some, a simple lowish cut bra and small panties, both made from a silky and smooth material. She looked great, she thought. Louise always got turned on by the sight and thought of being naked anyway, but the white set off her skin just right. Her breasts showed a touch more than she was used to and her small white pants looked full. She pulled the pants aside and looked in the mirror, “wow” she thought, the white of the pants contrasted against the pink of her skin, the dark hair of her pussy and the hint of red lips within, glistening with her juices. She looked hot, and felt hot.

“This won’t do”, she thought, “late again”. She slipped on a red blouse, a new black skirt which was loose and flowing, just above the knee and a pair of black heels. “Not bad”, she thought and noticed that as she walked across the room, the skirt was a little more flowing and higher then she would normally wear, you could glimpse her thighs as she walked – she saw this in the mirror and smiled inwardly.

“Must go” she thought and left for the party.

Scene 4 – Arrival

They were chatting at the bar, as usual, but hadn’t started drinking yet, there was time for that later.

Dan saw her first. “Who or earth is that?” he asked the group, “this place is full of middle aged women, and look at her, what a stunner, she must be in the wrong place”.

“That’s Louise, I told you about her the other week” said Andy, “I wasn’t really expecting her to show, but there she is”.

Keith looked over at her and greedily looked at her tits. “Ok gang, we need a plan, Andy you go and talk to her, keep her company, nice and friendly. She doesn’t seem to know anybody else yet. Don’t try anything though, we’ll play this nice and slow. I think we’ll have a little entertainment with Louise by the end of this evening, what do you lot think?”

“I’m in” said Trevor.

“Me too” and Chris and Dave at the same time.

Dan just looked at her across the room, imagining his cock was already being encased by those lips and pumping in and out of Louise’s mouth.

“He’s in too”, smiled Keith. “Right Andy off you go, we’ll soon be seeing what this little girl is made of”

Scene 5 – Introductions

“Hi Louise, you made it! What a great surprise” said Andy as he walked to her.

She turned, looked up at him and smiled “Andy I think you might be the only person I know, how can that be?”.

He bent down, and kissed her on the cheek, and as he did so, took a swift glance down her blouse. She only had two buttons undone, so the view was restricted, but he could see the start of what promised to be a nice pair of tits. Full, pink and ready to be sucked.

“You look great” Andy said, “I wouldn’t have recognised you from 20 years ago”.

“You look great yourself”, said Louise, and she meant it. She felt a little flustered again, she felt surprised and a little ashamed that this man whom he hardly knew was having an affect on her. She felt a little guilty about her husband, who thought that she was at a business dinner, but here she was, back in her past, on her own – and feeling a more than a little horny.

She had no time to reflect though, Andy took her by the shoulder and pulled her to where the rest of the gang were.

“Do you remember any of these?” he asked, as he introduced Dave, Trevor, Keith and Dan. “They were teachers at the school, and sadly still are!!!”

“Hi guys”, said Louise, “sorry but I’ve a dreadful memory, I don’t remember any of you!!!!! Did you teach me?”

Dan laughed, “We’re all too old to remember anything nowadays, so don’t worry we won’t be offended”

Trevor whispered to Dave, “we may not have taught her then, but we’ll teach her a few things tonight…..”

Keith said “would you like a drink?”

“No thanks” said Louise, “I don’t drink”

Again Trevor muttered to Dan “you might be drinking my cum by the end of the evening, young lady”.

Dan smiled, “yep, I think so”.

Keith decided to speed things along a bit. Chris came over and Andy introduced him to Louise. As her turned to say hello, she bumped into Keith who quickly and expertly undid another button on her blouse. Now you could see the top of her bra and her gorgeous breasts peeping out of the top. Dave stared down at her and inwardly licked his lips, he imagined sucking on one tit, whilst someone sucked on the other.

Louise was surrounded by the six men, Andy was young and fit, as was Chris. The others were clearly older, but they were still good looking. She was enjoying herself as she chatted in the middle of the circle.

The room was getting busy and there wasn’t much space. People were having to jostle in the noise as the disco stared, way too loud. The men, took the advantage of a quick touch here and there, a hand on her arm, a brush past her bum, nothing obvious, nothing she noticed. Neither did she notice another button get undone, so the her bra and the top of her soft creamy tits were now on display.

Keith said “have you ever been back to the school?, it’s changed a bit, but somethings are the same. Its loud here, why don’t we go to the school and show you around. Have you ever been inside the staffroom?”

“OK, that sounds fun, I don’t know anybody here anyway” said Louise who was flustered again. It had been ages since a group of men had paid any attention to her.

“Come with us then”, said Dan, “we’ll go in my people carrier”. He led the way out of the room.

A number of people turned to look as they left. They saw what Louise had missed. They saw a woman, blouse half undone, bra on display, leaving with 2 men and 4 teachers, all proudly displaying enormous erections in their trousers. “I hope she likes sex” said one girl to another, “because like it or not, she is going to get quite a bit tonight”

Scene 6 – The staffroom

“Is this it?” asked Louise “it’s a bit small”.

“Well us teachers have a hard life”, said Trevor. “Sit down here, you’ll be more comfortable”.

There was a sofa, room enough for three, in front of a coffee table where Louise guessed that during the day there would be lots of books stacked ready for marking. She sat in the middle of the sofa, Chris and Andy sat either side of her, Keith sat on the other side of the table. Trevor, Dan and Dave sat on seats at the back of the room out of the way, but with a good view of what what about to happen.

Andy and Chris had chatted to her in the car, about her life, what she liked, she felt comfortable with them and enjoyed chatting with them. It was no surprise when Andy put his arm around her shoulder and drew her towards him. The others pretended not to notice and talked amongst themselves, all the while stealing glances.

Andy kissed her on the lips, he tasted good, she thought and let him.

After a few minutes, Chris began stroking her leg, Andy the same. Louise didn’t seem to notice, or if she did, she didn’t object. They stroked her legs and then pulled them apart slightly, to give Keith a view of her legs and pants, white, small and maybe a little bit damp he thought. The others watched silently, beginning to stroke their cocks through their trousers.

Andy took Louise’s hand and guided it to his cock. He was hard, he was desperate, she was losing control of her actions and began a slight rubbing up and down, stroking his cock, pulsing in her hand, as they kissed. Chris began kissing her neck and ear, she moaned slightly. He undid the rest of the buttons of her blouse. Her tits looked great in her silky white bra. Trevor motioned to Chris and Andy to pull her legs wider apart, they both gently guided her knees apart as far as they would go, Louise’s response was moan again and to begin rubbing Andy’s cock harder.

“Would you like to lick my cock” whispered Andy into Louise’s ear. It was more a statement than a question.

She looked into the eyes of the former Head Boy and nodded. “Will you do what I tell you?”, asked Andy. Again she nodded, oblivious to the others in the room.

“Get on your hands and knees on this coffee table and face me”, he said. She complied, her skirt riding up her things, not quite exposing her panties.

Andy stood in front and dropped his trousers and pants, his cock stood out and pointed right at he face. She looked, it looked gorgeous, a shiny head with a bead of pre-cum forming at the end. “Lick it” Andy commanded. She stuck out her tongue and licked the head all over before taking his helmet into her mouth and sucking.

The others all looked on with desire and then Keith acted. He stood up, unfastened her skirt at the waist and pulled it up her body to bunch around her midriff. He pulled her legs apart and then pulled her pants aside. Her pussy was on full show to all the men, but she hadn’t noticed, or didn’t care. He had a pair of scissors and cut her pants off, then pulled her hairy cunt lips apart to show the boys what was on offer. She looked gorgeous, pre-occupied in sucking Andy’s cock, but with her cunt pulled apart to show her inner flaps, pink and inviting, her arse also looking a tasty treat.

Andy said to her “do you want my cock inside you?”. “Yes” she longingly replied. “Well, here’s the deal” he said, “I will, but not til my friends have had some fun first…..”

She realised in shock that her pants had gone and she was on full display to all of them. She froze to the spot, too scared to speak, and only just made out Keith say “let’s fuck her boys, fuck her hard and make her drink our cum”, she heard the cheer though as her cunt lips got pulled wide apart and someone started licking her clit.

Scene 7 — Demarcation

“Stop, stop”, said Andy, “let’s sort ourselves out here and see what we’ve got. Hold her in place whilst I have a look”.

Dan, Dave and Trevor held Louise’s arms and legs spread on the coffee table, she was still on all fours, with her blouse undone, skirt up at her waist, and black heels on. Her pants were on the floor, cut into two pieces.

Andy came and looked closely at her cunt and her puckered asshole. He licked gently, tasting both holes — and smiling.

“Right you lot”, he said, ” get your clothes off and stand in a line over there”.

They obeyed him, took all of their clothes off and stood in a line together, leaving a space for him in the middle. He did the same and joined them.

“Louise”, he instructed, “look at what you are about to get”.

She looked at them. Chris and Andy were in the middle, both were slim, 5ft 11 ish, fair hair, not very hairy bodies, pink skin, but most importantly, both had cocks, average length, but standing up proudly. They had both rolled their foreskins back and both had red helmets, glistening in the light. Their cocks looked gorgeous, and despite her predicament, Louise was desperate to touch, hold and taste them.

The others were a slightly different prospect….4 older teachers, shorter in height, a bit paunchy around the middle and very hairy, even with their cocks standing to attention they were a rather less appealing prospect.

“Stand up and take all your clothes off in front of us”, commanded Andy. What could she do? She could run, she could fight, she could scream, but….. those two gorgeous cocks, she really wanted them.

Louise stood up, removed her blouse and just stood there in bra and shoes. “Hurry up and take your fucking bra off, we want to see your tits” said Dan. She reached back and undid the strap and let her bra fall to the floor.

Her tits were large, full and made to be sucked. Her nipples were a dark pink and stood out slightly. All the men drooled at the prospect of grabbing a handful of her breast. Her legs were apart, pert bum sticking out at the back, her pussy was hairy at the front, but from where they were, they couldn’t see her the entrance to her holes.

“Find me something to write with”, Andy said to Dan. He found a stick of red chalk. Andy walked over to Louise and drew on her. A band around her left leg, just above the knee. Then he repeated by drawing a band in red chalk around her right leg at the same height. “What are you doing?” asked Trevor.

Andy didn’t reply, but then drew a band around Louise’s waist, just below her belly button.

She stood there, marked up with chalk, just wearing her heels.

“Here are the rules”, Andy said to the others, “if you don’t like it, fuck off now and leave.

“Trevor, Dan, Dave and Keith. Louise is ours, Chris’s and mine. You can have the parts of her body above the waist and the legs below the knee. The bits in-between the chalk lines, her groin, her bum, her pussy, her thighs, these bits are for Chris and I only”

“You must be joking” said Trevor.

“Nope” said Andy, ” that’s all that’s on offer tonight. Take it or leave it.”

“Why are the knees and calves ours?” asked Dan

“Easy” said Chris, ” can’t you guess? So that two of you can hold her legs spread apart whilst I fuck her up the arse”.

Louise heard this and shuddered, she had never been taken anally before, she had no idea what this would feel like.

Keith shrugged his shoulders “beggars can’t be choosers, come on Dave, you grab her left tit and I’ll have her right tit. Let’s get on with it……..”

Scene 8 — And so it starts

They pulled me over to the sofa, two of them held me down and started sucking on my tits. They sucked my nipples into their mouths and teased them with their tongues. Then they tried to suck more and more of my breasts into their hungry mouths until they each had a mouth full of titmeat.

I was on the sofa, two either side of me devouring my breasts and then I felt my legs being spread again. A tongue began lapping my cunt with a wild fury. Up and down on my clit, the rasp of its surface stimulating me. Faster and faster it went, and I began to lose it. I shut my eyes.

It was our last night together. In many ways, I look back on it with regret, we had had so much fun. On the other hand, it was the most erotic night I have ever had, one I will never forget.

We still saw each other at work afterwards, but she never, ever mentioned it, or showed any kind of affection afterwards. I was mystified and heartbroken and didn’t know how to ask, how to make it better.

When the DVD arrived, it all became clear. She had just moved on. I was no longer the centre of her affections. It was clearly as hot a night for her as it was for me.

Let me start at the beginning. I’ll tell you all of it, all that I can remember.

The Club

We, or more accurately I, decided that we would go to the club that so many had been talking about at work.

We were both married, but to other people. We are both in our 30s and had been having an affair for a few years. Who I am is immaterial to this tale, it was all about……. well let’s call her Sarah.

Sarah is in her thirties, has deep brown eyes that light up her face and draw you deep within. She is 5ft 1ish, brown shoulder length hair, lovely large breasts which she keeps hidden, gorgeous legs and a beautiful bum. A size 14 on top and 12 down below I would guess. She is beautiful and so hot, but dresses very conservatively.

To everybody else, she might appear a prude, friendly but with no sexual overtones. But with me, she was dynamite.

We left work together and took a cab to the Club in the West End. I won’t tell you the name, or where it is, you’ll have to discover for yourself. We were both in business attire, Sarah was wearing a simple black dress, buttons down the front, a slit up the back, just above the knee. Black heels. It was summer, so thankfully no tights! As I was to found out later, black bra and small black pants completed the attire. She also had a black cardigan on, as she often did.

We went into the ticket area and asked for a table for two. The receptionist asked if we were members and we said no. She explained that we could go in for the main show, but there was a members only session afterwards at 1am and we would have to leave before that started. She did say though that there was a special charity auction at the end of the main show tonight, which she did recommend staying for.

We bought our tickets and went in.

It was a funny place inside, quite small and intimate. Around 100 seats set at tables of 2 or 4, a couple of larger tables were also set. The tables were arranged around a slightly raised square platform in the middle, so that almost all the seats were next to the platform or one table back. On the platform there was a microphone, a table, some chairs, that was it. It was lit like a stage though and above it at around 8ft from the ground, there were a number of very large TV screens – 8 in total.

We took our seats and settled down to enjoy the evening. There was a singer, who was a bit rubbish, a comedian who made us laugh and a magician. It was almost like you would imagine an old style cabaret to be. We had a meal, I had a couple of glasses of wine, Sarah stuck to her usual non-alcoholic drinks.

It was a good night, but nothing special. Near 11.30pm one of the staff came up to us an asked if we would like to stay for the special charity auction. We thought “why not”, and then she asked if Sarah could assist in handing out some prizes “it’s always nice to see a fresh face here’ she said. Sarah could hardly disagree, so she politely accepted.

The house lights went up a touch, and for the first time we could see the whole room. About 100 people, some couples, some groups of men and on one table three stunning women. One was late twenties probably, over 5ft 6, blondish hair, tanned long bare legs, pert breasts sticking proudly out. She was with two young brunette girls, both 18 probably, very petite. They all wore short matching red dresses made of a light material and which only covered up half of their thighs, the front was a v cut down to their breasts and I’m sure they weren’t bothering with bras. One light breeze and that flimsy material would reveal quite a lot.

Sarah was escorted up on the stage and was introduced by the host, who’s name was Rob. She was smiling, enjoying herself and looked great.

The first auction was straightforward, a bottle of vintage champagne. The bidding was fast and it went for £40 to a smart businessman. He went up to collect the prize, which Sarah presented to him and she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Three men, all staff, brought up their chairs and sat at my table with me, one sturdy looking man on each side, built like bouncers. “Hi” they grunted, I just nodded, slightly intimidated.

The next round was for a hotel break for two. Again a man from the same won and went up for his prize. Sarah gave him the voucher and again a kiss on the cheek.

Sarah was getting hot in the lights up there and motioned to me to come and get her cardigan. Rob saw and said, “Sarah is getting warm up here, who would like to bid for her cardigan”. I was shocked and made to get up, but the man on my right side placed his arm on my shoulder and said “you just stay right where you are”.

Sarah was surprised, speechless, but Rob started the bidding, “£5″ came a shout from the back, “£10″, “£15″, “£20″ came the bids from around the room, many tables joining in. Before she realized what was happening, her cardigan had been sold for £45.

The winning bidder was around 55, he came up to the stage, Rob asked Sarah to remove her cardigan and give it to the man with a kiss on the cheek, “don’t worry” he whispered, “its all for charity”. Sarah didn’t know what to do, but 100 pairs of eyes were on her and she took it off, handed it over and gave it to the man with a kiss as requested. The crowd applauded.

“Next up” said Rob, “a French kiss from our lovely assistant here, tongues allowed, 10 seconds maximum”.

The crowd cheered, Sarah look stunned, the bidding started. My stomach churned, this was awful, but exciting at the same time. I decided to join the bidding and shouted out at £20, but one of the three men said, “you can stay if you sit still and keep quiet, otherwise you’re out of here pronto”.

The bidding rose to £80 and a man went up to collect, Sarah was frozen to the spot in terror, so Rob stood behind here and held her arms by her side as the man proceeded to kiss her lips, attempting to prise open her mouth with his tongue. Under the probing, her lips opened slightly and in went his tongue, just a bit. Few could see it as they were too far away, but I noticed it. “10 seconds is up,” said Rob and the man left the stage and went back to his table to cheers from that group.

“Tonight’s charity is a very deserving cause” said Rob, “for every £50 in cash which I get in the next 5 minutes, one button on Sarah’s dress will get undone. There are 8 buttons, so ladies and gentlemen, if you can rustle up £400 between you, you will all get to see her underwear. There are 100 of you, so that’s only £4 each, best bargain ever!”

A loud cheer and 2 minutes later £400 was up on the stage.

Sarah looked scared, trembling, but hadn’t run off or tried to argue.

The two 18 year old girls in red dresses went up to the stage and each took one of Sarah’s arms and held them up, her body in a crucifix shape. Rob went over and undid all buttons slowly, from the top down, until they were all undone and you could see her black bra and her small black panties.

Again a cheer went up and I began to hear some of the comments from other tables. “Look at those tits”, “lets see that bum”, “looks like she could do with a proper man”.

A shout came from the back “£200 if she gets her fucking dress off”.

“Now, now” admonished Rob, “this is an auction, you would want to short change those needy people which the charity serves would you? Bidding please to remove and keep this dress”.

Again the bids kept coming fast and one man won at £450.

The two girls kept hold of Sarah as he came to the stage, removed her dress and then asked her for his winning kiss. To my horror, she kissed him, very politely on the cheek and said “thank you”. What on earth was going on here?

The screens turned on and there was a camera somewhere in the room, which focused on Sarah’s face. She did look hot, standing in the middle of these people wearing just a black bra, pants and heels. The comments got ruder “get those fucking tits out”, “show us your arse”, and worst “that belly looks like it needs a good cock or two stuffed up inside it”. My cock was rock hard. Even if I could stop it, I don’t think I would have done, not now. I was desperate to see what happened next……….

“Sarah, can you help us a bit by just popping one foot up onto this chair”, asked Rob.

She was bemused but tried to do as he asked, she toppled a bit though, her tits wobbling as she did and she said to Rob “is it Ok if I take my heels off?” “Of course”, he replied, thinking that he could auction them to serve pervert later, for now, he wanted to seize the momentum whilst Sarah was still compliant.

Sarah kicked off her shoes and placed one foot on the chair, the other foot was still on the floor. It was a bit of a stretch.

Up on the screens it became obvious why. The flimsy material of her pants were stretched too tight over her cunt and you could just see the start of her pubic hair at either side of her gusset. The camera zoomed in and the crowd seemed to take a collective intake of breath.

“That cunt looks a big one”, “I bet those lips are meaty”, “look she has a wet patch”, came the comments behind me.

“WHO WANTS TO SEE HER TITS???” shouted Rob.

The bidding was furious, £500 was raised quickly and one of the girls removed her bra. Sarah just stood there, topless, nipples proudly standing out whilst 100 people gaped at her gorgeous breasts. She must be a 36 or a 38, either way, fantastic to lick, suck and squeeze. She looked fabulous.

The stunning woman, who’s name was Amy apparently, walked up to the stage. God, she was beautiful. She was clearly well known here and got a cheer. She said to Rob. “No bidding for the pants, I’m having them”. Maybe Amy was in charge, Rob just nodded.

Amy walked to Sarah and looked her right in the eyes at a very close distance. They were so close, they must have been sharing each other’s breath.

Then Amy bent down, and removed Sarah’s knickers slowly, her face level with Sarah’s pussy. From the angle I was at, I was sure that Amy’s nose must have brushed against Sarah’s hairy pussy. Amy took the pants and walked back to her table. Sarah just gazed at her.

“Turn around Sarah” instructed Rob. She did a twirl and the whole room saw her cute bum.

“That is one fuckable woman,” said someone on the next table.

“There are many needy children in this world” said Rob, ” you can help some of them right now if two of you pay £300 each to suck her tits, right now, here onstage”. That took less than 10 seconds. Two young men, bounded up and handed over the money. They knelt down in front of her and the two girls who were still holding her arms each took a tit in their hand squeezed it so that the nipple stood proud and offered them to the boy’s two hungry waiting mouths. Once the boys had latched on, the girls let go.

Right up on stage, within 20 feet of me, the love of my life was getting her breasts sucked hard by two strapping young men. I almost came in my pants.

After a minute, Rob motioned to the men to sit back down. The camera focused in on the engorged nipples, wet with spit.

“Last but one round before the public show finishes tonight. Later for members only, our luscious Amy will show us everything – and a bit more besides. Open bidding, who wants to lick Sarah’s cunt??”

Well maybe they hadn’t expected it, because the crowd went wild. £500, £600, then up to £800, over £1000. A fat, late 50′s businessman paid almost £1500 and proudly walked up to the stage. The two girls pulled Sarah over to the table. They placed her bum on it and then pulled her over onto her back. She was on the table, face up, legs facing the crowd. A camera focused in on her pussy area as the girls lifted her legs high and wide, spreading her hairy cunt open for all to see. Then they each took a pussy lip and pulled it open. Up on the screens, you could see everything. Her stretched open pussy, the pinkness contrasting with the brown hair around it and her clit peeking out, all soaking with her juices. The girls held her legs and pussy lips as the men bent down, examined his prize and then licked furiously at the tasty cunt before him.

Sarah came on the spot. She shuddered in obvious orgasm. So did I.

The licking went on for 4 minutes. Then Amy strode back up the stage and pulled the man away. She looked into Sarah’s eyes again and then bent down and stuck her tongue right up Sarah’s cunt. On the camera you could see Amy twist her tongue round Sarah’s clit and thrust in and out of her hole.

“Our last round tonight is for the gentlemen only, so hands off Amy and get back to your seat. Our highest bidder will get his cock stroked by Sarah, until he cums over her tits, who’s up for that!!!!!” exclaimed Rob.

Clearly, quite a few had already cum in their pants, so the bidding was less frenetic. A 40 year old guy won, went up, dropped his pants and removed all his clothes. The sight of Sarah getting off of the table, onto her knees in front of him was too much to bear, I got hard again. She stroked his cock with one hand, what a glorious sight. It was too much for the guy though, he came too quick with the lamest cum shot you had ever seen, it didn’t even get on Sarah’s skin anywhere, just kind a few drops on the floor. Quite a disappointing climax, so to speak.

“That’s all everybody, the private show will start shortly, tonight’s star is our own Amy, with friends” said Rob, “thank you all for coming and could I ask you all to give a big round of applause for Sarah”. The crowd cheered, and started leaving. I was lifted up by the three men around me “that means you too mate, Rob will make sure that your friend gets home Ok tonight, you’re out of here.”

I was ushered to the door and kind of shoved out in the cool night.


Next day, Sarah didn’t turn up for work. She didn’t answer my call, or my texts. I thought she might be tired after the night before, or unwell. Three days later I was really worried, what had happened? Did she hate me? Was she ill?

On the Monday, she turned up for work as usual, was friendly and polite to everyone, but very standoffish towards me. I must have really offended her, by taking her to that club I thought. I tried to corner her in the stairwell, but she just shrugged her way past me, avoiding my eyes all the time.

It was only two weeks later that I understood. A DVD disk got posted though my door, no cover, just a disk with a Post It on it “I hope this explains. S”

I poured a glass of wine that evening and put the disk in the DVD player wired up to my 40 inch TV. What I witnessed shocked me to the core.

The first ten minutes were a very edited version of what had happened during the auction, it showed Sarah removing her clothes, getting her tits and pussy sucked and giving a guy a rubbish hand job.

The next scene must have been taken after most had left. There were around 12 people there, Amy, her two assistants and around 9 men. Sarah was in a dressing gown on the stage. Rob was still holding court.

“These 3 are the cameramen, over from the Putney camera club tonight”, Rob said “you focus on her head and mouth, you on her pelvic area”. To other he motioned, “you have your special camera, only use it when I tell you”.

The lights were turned up, loud music started and a title screen appeared. “Sarah”, it said simply. Clearly there had been a change of plan about this “private” show.

“Get her in position” Rob commanded. Four of the men removed her gown picked her up, laid her back on the table and lifted her legs up like they were in stirrups. Her bum was hanging over one end of the table, her head was hanging back over the other end.

“Right” he barked “let’s give the girl the fucking she deserves. Amy, do you have the stuff, bring it here”

One of Amy’s assistant came over with a little box. She gave a nose spray to Rob, who inserted it in one nostril at a time and sprayed once, he then opened her mouth and sprayed it onto the roof of her mouth. Then she got out a syringe and phial of a clear liquid. “Distract her” said Rob and then injected the drug into the fleshy part of Sarah’s bum cheek, about 3 inches from her anus. I was stunned.

“What was that for? ” I shouted at the screen, at the same time a member of the group asked the same question. “The injection is to help her relax a touch, the spray affects her sense of taste”, explained Rob to the questioner, “she’ll lap up your cum like you’ve never seen before and she’ll be desperate to have anything at all in any cavity in a few minutes.”

With a smile, he joked “lights, cameras, action!”

All the men stripped down, except the 3 cameramen. There were 6 cocks standing upright, all ready to fuck my girl. Two of the men were huge, over 6ft 6 inches and their cocks were massive, not long but wide. Two of the cocks were already leaking pre-cum and they went first.

One man went straight for it, no more prevaricating. He pushed back Sarah’s legs further and then pushed his cock straight up her sweet pink arsehole. It went up in one go, all the way to the hilt. Sarah moaned, she did occasionally do anal, but not first off and not so roughly. He started thrusting in and out, at a reasonable pace. You could see Sarah’s belly move each time it went in.

The next man was even less kind. He held Sarah’s head and let it dangle back over the edge of the table, so that her mouth naturally fell open. In went the head of his cock, firmly down to the back of her throat, making her gag. He then also started thrusting in unison with the man pummeling her arse. A face fuck was the only adequate description.

Sarah’s large tits started swaying up and down as her body took the thrusts. Two other men held them and started pinching her nipples, pulling them out, distending her breasts. Then each of them squeezed each breast with two hands to make the nipple swell up and then placed their mouth over them. I couldn’t tell if they were sucking, licking or even biting, but boy did it look good.

The two cameramen were good. You could see her mouth lips and her pussy lips cling to each cock as it was withdrawn. But cameraman number 3 was yet to star.

All four men stood back, from Sarah’s ravished body. A title came on the screen “Sarah – A Cock’s View”. What did this mean I thought??

The 3rd cameraman got his camera out, very unusual. It looked like a test tube, dildo shaped, made of clear glass or plastic with two wires coming out the end. He flicked a switch at the end of one of the wires and a light went on in the tube.

The camera shot changed and you could see very little, just some blurred shapes. The cameraman must then have taken position and then you could clearly see Sarah’s face with someone’s hand holding her jaw open. In the tube was a camera and a light. Then the tube went in her mouth and you could see in great detail, the inside of Sarah’s mouth, her teeth, her tongue, the gums, the tonsils at the back. All lit up by the light and captured on the screen by the camera. It was gross and wonderful at the same time. It must be what a cock would see if it had a different kind of eye!

The camera explored her mouth for a few minutes and then moved to her cunt. First off you saw a different shot of the camera entering her vaginal passage, taken by one of the others, then you saw the image from this outrageous device. It pushed open the inner lips of her pussy and thrust in, past the ribbed area of her cunt, all the way up to the slit of her cervix. Again he thrust it in and out, sometimes going too hard and brushing up against her cervix, causing her to shudder every time.

Enjoy the first few chapters for more background on this story.

I ran Joslyn a bath. She stripped off her shirt, and climbed into the tub. I sat on the edge, swirling the water with my hand.

“So…” she sighed deeply, leaning back and closing her eyes. “Is it always this good?”

I laughed gingerly. “Well. I guess it depends on how good your partner is.”

“Oh. You are good. Very, very good.” She sank into the tub so that only her face was out of the water.

I stared at her body again. My pussy was still aching, waiting to cum. She was so peaceful as she rested in the water, letting go of all that tension that had built during her orgasm. There were so many things I wanted to do to her, and for her to do to me. I got lost in imagining, and she took me by surprise when she spoke.

“Do you think I’ll ever be that good?”

“Certainly, Babygirl. You just have to learn.”

“Will you teach me?” She was looking at me now, intent in her eyes.

“Yes, ma’am,” I smiled. “Whenever, whatever you want.”

Joslyn relaxed a bit longer, as we made small talk. Eventually she got out as the water was starting to get cold.

“Brrrr!” she shivered, reaching for a towel and rapidly attempting to dry off. “Can I get in your bed? Y’know… just to warm up?” She was already making her way to the bedroom.

We climbed up into bed and cuddled. She ran her hands over my body, more in an explorative way than sexy. She really liked my breasts, cupping, squeezing, batting. Then, she wriggled down under the covers, and took my nipple into her mouth. She began suckling on it, as if she were really trying to make me lactate.

“Hold on, hold on…” I gently pushed her away. “You aren’t actually going to milk me!”

“Am I doing it wrong?” she looked up concerned.

“Start slow, go easy, use your tongue,” I instructed.

She went back to my tit, cupping it from below. She sucked on it softly, then ran circles around my areola, shrinking into my nipple. Then she flicked it back and forth with the tip.

“That’s good,” I said, sucking in my breath.

She reached over to the other breast and squeezed hard, groping and mauling it. Then she tweaked my nipple until it was hard. She kept working over the other one with her mouth, and I could feel my pussy growing hot with anticipation. I think she was able to read my mind, because her hand left my tit and slipped between my legs. She used her whole hand to rub my pussy, massaging my clit with the heal of her palm.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes and trying not to explode right then.

She lifted her head, sucking my nipple hard and taking it with her. When there was no more give, it popped out of her mouth and slammed back into my chest. She removed her hand from my groin, and began sucking on two fingers. I nodded, encouraging her to continue. Joslyn split my lips open, rubbing my clit and around my inner labia.

“That’s good, keep going.” I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me.

She rubbed and rubbed until my entire pussy was soaking wet with my juices.

“Play with my clit a little.” She had a hard time making good contact. “Why don’t you go take a look.”

She crawled under the covers as I lifted my knees, spreading my legs and laying them on the bed, so that she could have good view. She pulled back my lips and began rubbing my clit again. Just as I thought I would burst right then, she would change the pattern and I’d start all over again.

“Pull back my hood,” I reached between my legs, showing her what I meant. “Then my clit is fully exposed. Remember it is incredibly sensitive.”

She took the hint and licked her fingers again, leaving plenty of saliva behind. She reached down and pressed her fingers onto my hard nub, applying pressure, but not moving. Then, she started to tease up and down, left and right. She leaned down and took my clit into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the entire area, sucking it deeply into her mouth. She ran her tongue flat against it in big laps before flicking it gently.

“You’re doing great,” I said, brushing the hair away from her face. “Now, put your fingers inside me.”

Joslyn kept working over my clit while she put the tips of her index and middle fingers right at the opening of my pussy. Slowly she began to push into me. She slipped in and then pulled out a bit, then further in and out a bit, and continued until she was knuckle deep. She lapped at my clip and gently began pumping her fingers in and out of my wet cunt. It felt great, but I needed more.

“Use another finger,” I urged her. “You’re doing excellent.”

She pulled her two fingers out, and then inserted three. I moaned slightly and bit my lip. She was still going slowly and while her tongue was doing an amazing job, I really needed to get fucked.

“You can go harder. Give me a good fuck!”

She lifted her eyes and looked at me as if to ask if I was sure. I most certainly was, I nodded at her. She dove back onto my clit, and started to plunge deep and hard into my pussy with her fingers. She had found my g-spot, which was becoming swollen, preparing me to cum. I began pumping my hips against her and knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m so close,” I hissed through my teeth. I gently grabbed the back of her head. “Give me another finger and really fuck me hard!”

She sucked hard on my clit as she drove all four fingers into my cunt. She pounded me and I bucked my hips against her in rhythm. She sank her tiny hand into me, and I could feel her knuckles rubbing against my bulging g-spot. She turned her hand back and forth while pounding me. I held on as long as I could, and then I felt like the dam broke. I thrust my hips off the bed and pushed her mouth onto my clit. Her hand thrust in and out while my pussy squeezed hard on her. And then I came, moaning loudly. I squirted hard and Joslyn sat back quickly. I sprayed her tits and stomach. She stopped and pulled her hand out in shock.

“What was that?!” she yelled?

“I’m squirting!! I’m cumming!!” I yelled back. “Don’t stop!”

She shoved her fingers back into my cunt and pumped hard again. I let the tension built up and told her to pull out, and again, I squirted, spraying her. She laughed and went back in for more. This time, she sucked and licked on my clit while she fucked my sopping wet cunt. Again, I was on the verge of losing it, and told her to pull out. But she didn’t, she kept thrusting and licking. I was shaking, trembling below her and screaming. Just when I thought I would pass out, she pulled her hand out just past the knuckle, leaving her fingers in me. I squirted again, but she didn’t sit back. She opened her mouth and took my spray in. She kept fucking me with just her fingers, forcing my spray to pulse and continue much longer than I thought possible. She drank every drop she could, then lapped at my soaking pussy when I was finished. She slurped my juice off me as I dropped my hands and felt my blood pumping through my veins. Eventually she flopped on the bed next to me, using the sheet to wipe off her hands and face.

“Whew!!” She said. “That was fricking amazing!!”

“You are absolutely right!!” I sighed. “I don’t think you need much instruction.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m glad I did good.”

“You did very good, Babygirl,” I laughed, pulling her to me. She cuddled against my breast again. We slept, embraced like that, for what felt like only a few hours.


I awoke suddenly, not really sure what did it, but certain I had heard something. I brushed the hair away from Joslyn’s face; she was still sleeping, nuzzled on my breast. I heard something in the doorway and turned to see Zach standing there. He shook his head and scoffed, walking away. I carefully slipped from under Joslyn and chased after her brother. He had dropped his stuff in a chair in the living room and was digging through the fridge.

“Again?” he said as he closed the fridge. He looked me up and down, and suddenly I realized I was still naked. He smirked and walked to the couch, flopping down.

“Yeah…” I said, sitting on the other side of the couch, curling myself to cover my nakedness.

“Tell me about it,” he pulled his limp cock out of his shorts and leaned back into the couch.

“What?!?” I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Tell me about it. Tell me about fucking my sister.” He began running his hand back and forth against his cock.

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this.” I pulled my knees closer to my chest.

“You don’t have a choice,” he looked over to me. His eyes were stern, his facial expression matched. For a second I was actually fearful of him. I swallowed hard.

“Okay,” I closed my eyes and did my best to recant the events of the day.

Zach continued to rub his dick, which was now hard and pink. Soon I finished my story and opened my eyes. He was looking eagerly at me, licking his lips and holding his massive cock for display. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“So, you like it big?” he laughed. I nodded. He scooted next to me. He pulled at my legs, exposing me. His hand ran up my leg and stopped on my pussy. He leaned in to my ear and whispered. “Then let me give you ‘BIG’.”

Zach started rubbing my pussy with his whole hand. I had gotten wet from reliving my excitement with his little sister, my step-child. He spread my lips and began fondling my clit. I moaned quietly, pinching my mouth closed in an effort to keep from waking Joslyn. She was sleeping in just the other room. I had worked so hard to gain her trust; I couldn’t allow her to see this.

Zach sensed this and stood up. He took my hand, and led me upstairs to his room. I stood shyly, trying to cover myself. He stripped off his swim trunks and t-shirt, revealing his chiseled body. He took me into his arms, pressing his body against mine. He kissed me hard and deep. It was one of those kisses that I could feel throughout my body; it made me melt. For a minute I felt something stirring in my belly, like the first kiss of young lovers. When Zach pulled away from me, my eyes were still closed. He pushed me back onto the bed. He grabbed my knees and yanked me across the bed so that my ass was at the edge. He dropped to his knees in front of me.

He began licking my pussy with vigor I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. I tossed my head back and moaned. He rubbed his hand on my pussy, covering it with my juices. He slid two, then three fingers into me. He thrust in short, hard, quick strokes. I pushed my hips against him, forcing him in deeper. He inserted another finger, reaching the knuckle. I moaned, gripping at the sheets around me.

He continued to flick and lick and suck on my clit as he drove his hand into my sopping wet cunt. He rolled his fingertips, folding them onto themselves. At this point, his thumb was jabbing me in the leg and the hilt slammed into my pelvis. I wriggled my hips, trying to reposition his hand. He stopped licking, and looked up at me.

“It hurts,” I said softly.

“Let me fix that.” He sucked his thumb, leaving his fingers inside me. Then he pulled out, rolling his fingers back out to an extended position. He squeezed his fingers together, making a wedge shape. He tucked his thumb into his palm and slowly began sliding it back into my hole. I growled as he stretched my pussy. I pulled my knees up, planting my feet on the edge of the mattress, my heels against my ass. Gradually Zach worked his hand into my cunt, easing the knuckles past my opening. He managed to get wrist deep and held his position.

“Big enough?” He asked gingerly.

“Yessss…” I hissed.

He gently pumped, only about an inch at a time, back and forth. Then slowly he began to rotate left and right, his knuckles running across my swollen g-spot. I reached for a pillow to contain my moans and screams of pleasure. As my muscles relaxed and became used to the presence of his fist inside me, Zach began to thrust a little harder, farther. He turned his hand and my cunt made slurping noises. I toyed with my nipples, pinching and rolling them in my fingers. My hips began to buck slightly, and I breathed heavily.

Zach lurched at my clit again, frantically lapping at me while he plunged his fist into my cunt. He pounded away at me. My muscles resisted his hand exiting and pulled him back, making delicious noises each time. My orgasm built, creating a tension deep within my belly. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder, pulling my ass to his collarbone. He continued pumping and twisting inside me and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer.

“I’m, I’m, ahhh… g-g-g-oing to cum!!” I managed to stammer. “I’m going to…unh!…Squirt!”

“Awesome!” He leaned back, fucking me harder, deeper with his fist. “Don’t hold back, Ma! Fucking cover me with your cum!”

For some reason this was enough for me to lose it. My hand shot to my clit and I rubbed ferociously as an orgasm ripped through my body. I screamed through clenched lips and Zach tore his hand from my cunt as I sprayed him with juice. I shook and trembled, clamping my legs together and covering my pussy with my hand. Every muscle in my body was tense, draining the energy from me. When the contractions in my cunt ceased, I dropped my legs and arms across the bed. I took in several deep breaths, sighing loudly. I lifted my head and saw Zach sitting there, a big goofy grin on his face.

Jane knew all of my sexual fantasies, as I knew hers. We had been together for fifteen years and still led an active sex life. We were no prudes or shy about the subject and over the years had taken part in various threesomes and group sex.

December the twelve. Myself and Jane had decided it was a good night to get a couple of bottles of wine and divulge in a night of fucking and sucking. A night of dressing up and acting out one of our fantasies.

We opened the first bottle of wine, Jane drank one glass and as she refilled told me she was going for a bath. I flicked on the TV and settled down, I knew she would take her time but it would be worth it.

Jane always wanted to play boss fucks secretary, I was sure she had a thing for someone at work but I didn’t care to much, if she wanted to fuck him or her, she could as long as it was out in the open, we had always agreed if we fucked anyone else we would not keep a secret. Deceit wreck marriages not sex.

Forty minutes later, Jane returned to the room, she looked hot. A knee length, black, pencil skirt hugging her thighs and stretching around her fantastic arse, I had always said her arse was her best feature. A deep burgundy blouse, with the top two buttons undone to reveal a small amount of her cleavage, a black waistcoat that matched her skirt completed her top half . Her legs were encased in black fishnet stockings, she looked gorgeous. Her dark brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and she wore a pair of glasses to finish the look.

We acted that I was the boss in a foul mood. I stomped around shouting, Jane stood there looking innocent as she seductively pushed the end of a pencil into her mouth. I continued my rage and threw a pile of papers onto the floor. Jane squatted down picking up the papers, her head level with my crotch. She then slipped forward, her mouth banging against my trousers and hitting my swollen cock. The only way she could stop herself falling was to grab onto my arse. It only took her a few seconds to regain her balance but her mouth had a great effect on my cock.

Jane stood back up. “Sorry Mr Jones, I fell, I couldn’t stop myself.” Her eyes looking down, never leaving the bulge in my pants.

“That’s not good enough, Miss Taylor. Look what you’ve done to me. Look at my cock its all hard. What are you going to do about it.” I yelled at her, she didn’t speak as I continued. “I’ll tell you what your going to do. You are going to take my cock and suck it, then I am going to fuck your pussy and when I am ready, I am going to cum in your dirty little mouth. Do you understand.” Jane didn’t move.

I walked around her looking her body up and down before reaching out and taking hold of a breast in each hand. A soft moan left her mouth as I started to massage her tits and I then proceeded to undo her waistcoat and remove it. I was so turned on I couldn’t take the time to open the buttons on the blouse, so I took a firm grip on the material and gave it a good yank. One by one the buttons popped of revealing her bra clad cleavage, her skirt was soon added to the growing pile of clothes on the carpet.

Jane stood unmoving, her bra and panties were a mixture of silk and lace, the silk a deep red, the lace black, as was her suspender belt that held up the fishnet stockings. I loved lingerie, for me there was nothing better than a woman in a sexy bra and panties, with stockings.

Although Jane loved sex she had her limits. She didn’t like anal, she said she just didn’t enjoy it. Jane was also funny about sucking cocks, she didn’t mind the sucking and loved to eat cum but she wouldn’t take more than a couple of inches of flesh into her mouth. She didn’t like to gag or have her airway blocked. I accepted her limits but she knew I would love to do much more.

Without instruction Jane fell to her knees and released my cock before gently sucking the head. It was amazing, her soft lips gripping the shaft, her tongue swirling across the head flicking at my hole. My knees were shaking as I held onto her head. I wanted to thrust my full eight inches deep into her throat but with great restraint I managed to keep in to a couple. Jane knew this so didn’t tease me for to much longer.

Jane pushed me onto the sofa and climbed onto me, slowly forcing her cunt down the length of my cock. She was an expert and fucked me like a pro, bringing me to the point of orgasm but not letting me cum. She continued to do this as I sucked and squeezed her tits until she knew I was on the point of no return. Jane jumped off my cock, her hand going around the shaft and her mouth going over the head. She simultaneously wanked and sucked and seconds later I exploded into her mouth. Jane wasn’t going to waste a drop and swallowed my sperm as fast I could shoot.

Satisfied with the load I had delivered Jane moved up and we shared a long kiss, I could taste my sperm and her pussy, a very nice combination.

Tired we went to bed and lay there talking, when suddenly Jane blurted out. “I want to give you a special Christmas present this year. For the next twelve days I am going to bring home a slut for you to use, to bring your fantasies to reality.” She was really drunk, so I took this statement with a pinch of salt. I don’t even think she knew twelve women that I would want to fuck. We fell asleep cuddling.

On the first day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a cock eating bitch upon her knees.

I woke early, my head fuzzy from the previous nights wine. I had a busy day at work, so I quickly got dressed. Jane had the day off, I left her sleeping.

I couldn’t keep my mind on the job, what Jane had said last night would not leave my head. A slut each day for the next twelve days. I planned who each one would be and what I would do to them .but only made it to eight. I couldn’t think of anymore woman Jane knew. It must have been the drink talking.

Finally the day ended and I travelled the thirty minutes home. I opened the front door and as I entered I could hear the sound of female laughter. I quickly took off my coat, it couldn’t be happening, could it. Had Jane brought me a slut to fuck.

I almost stumbled into the living room, who could it be? To my disappointment it was Helen, my Wife’s work colleague. They were sat on the sofa, a pile of files on the coffee table told me this was a work visit. My hardened cock immediately deflated.

I liked Helen, although younger than my wife, only twenty four, they held a similar position in the company. I couldn’t call Helen beautiful, she was distinctly average in looks. More make-up and a colour on her mousey brown, shoulder length hair would make a vast improvement. Her body was quite good, a size twelve but with nice curves.

Helen did look totally fuckable, the white blouse stretched across her ample breasts, the above knee skirt half covering her nylon clad legs. I had never thought about fucking Helen but now my cock was starting to have a reaction. It was then they noticed me.

“We wont be long, about ten minutes.” Jane said to me. “Could you open a bottle of wine please.” I notice that there was already an empty bottle and two glasses.

I brought in the wine and sat down in the chair, directly opposite Jane and Helen. They were talking about a case but it had a light-hearted edge. With lots of giggling, I think this was more the wine that they had drank, rather than what they were reading.

From were I was sat I had a good view of both of their legs, I could feel a twitch in my pants. Helen slightly adjusted her position, I was sure I could see stocking tops and a hint of white material, that must be her panties. My cock was starting to grow rapidly even though I knew there was no chance of fucking with Helen.

They had both downed another two glasses of wine before they finally finished with the file and relaxed back into the sofa. I don’t think Helen had realised her legs had parted further, I now could clearly see that her panties were white, they looked to be cotton with a small blue flower pattern.

Another glass of wine. Although I was involved in the conversation most of my attention was at Helen’s crotch. I took in her every movement, sometimes she revealed more, sometimes she revealed less but whatever she did was having an effect on me.

Jane’s next words hit me like a bombshell, ending my hopes of fucking Helen. Jane’s speech were starting to slur. “Darling did you know Helen was a lesbian?” I didn’t know what to say, I sat there open mouthed.

Helen giggled loudly, as did Jane. The wine was taking effect. “Not a proper lesbian.” Said Helen. “I’ve just gone off men. I hate having a cock rammed into my pussy or arse.” She laughed again. “But I do miss sucking a cock, I do like my mouth filled and I love the taste of cum.” Jane joked with Helen that she couldn’t take to much cock in her mouth without gagging and didn’t really like to suck cock. I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say so I sat in silence, seeing were the conversation was going, my cock rock hard.

Another mouthful of wine and Helen was telling Jane how she had once taken a full cock down her throat and how the mans balls had bounced of her chin. Jane then told Helen that it was one of my fantasies to fuck a mouth that way. I noticed Helen’s hand had fell onto Jane’s knee.

Jane’s hand moved on top of Helen’s, I thought she was going to push it away but she didn’t, she slowly drew it up her leg, her skirt riding higher. It was then I realised what was going on, Jane was going to do whatever she had to, to get Helen to do what she wouldn’t. She was going to get Helen to swallow my cock.

Helen’s hand was on the material covering Jane’s pussy, I could see Helen move her fingers, trying to find a way into the red lace panties. Jane always wore red when she was feeling slutty. It was then Jane brought proceedings to a halt. She stared into Helen’s wanton brown eyes and barely louder than a whisper said to Helen. “You can do what you want to my pussy if he can fuck your mouth.

I could see Helen was already turned on, her breasts heaving against the cloth of her blouse, her erect nipples poking though her bra, I hoped she wouldn’t be able to turn down the chance to abuse Jane’s willing cunt.

Helen spoke. “As long as its only my mouth.”. She moved her head forward and kissed Jane’s lips, Jane responded, I could see their tongues intermingling. Jane moved her hand off Helen’s, giving the younger woman full access to her pussy.

Helen didn’t waste any time, her fingers disappeared into Jane’s panties and as Jane stiffened, I knew Helen’s fingers were deep in her cunt but I couldn’t see how many. The kissing stopped soft moans now leaving Jane’s mouth, I was still sat on the chair, waiting for instructions, I didn’t want to do anything that would bring this to a premature end, so I sat and enjoyed the show.

Jane had soon lost her panties and her legs were splayed wide as Helen dived tongue first in her cunt. A could hear the slurping sounds as Helen licked, sucked and bit Jane’s clit and pussy lips. Jane’s moans were getting louder and louder, I could tell she was close to Cumming, her thighs clamping Helen’s head, her hands trying to pull the girl further into her pussy.

I had a fantastic view of Helen arse as she was bent forward on her knees, I was tempted to rip off her skirt and panties and stuff my aching cock deep into her bowels but I managed to stop myself.

Helen started using her fingers, I could see three pumping in and out of Jane’s cunt. Jane came noisily but Helen didn’t stop until she had lapped up all of my wife’s juices, finally rising and sharing a deep kiss both enjoying the taste of Jane’s cum.

I don’t know when it had happened but I realised I had my cock in my hand, slowly wanking my straining penis. Helen was squeezing Jane’s tits as the kiss continued, Jane responded doing the same to Helen. Soon Helen’s blouse was open and then taken off completely, followed by her skirt.

Now Helen looked amazing, her matching bra and panties complementing the stocking clad legs. The girls stopped having another glass of wine. Moments later Helen spoke. “I want you to eat my pussy while I eat his cock.” She said to Jane, Jane willingly agreed.

I stripped as Jane laid on her back, on the floor, Helen removed her own panties and kneeled above her, pussy spread wide over her mouth. Jane’s hands clamped onto Helen’s arse. The look on Helen’s face told me that Jane wasn’t wasting anytime and was eating her cunt.

“What you waiting for?” Helen said to me, in-between her soft moans.

It took me two steps and my cock was at Helen’s lip, she dipped her head forward taking almost half my cock, without any effort. I pushed forward as she gripped my hips. Looking down, I could see almost six inches were inside her mouth, it was then she started to gag, I loved the sounds that were coming from her throat, I tried to push more but she was at her limit, it would need more work before she could take it all. Helen pushed at my legs and I started to withdraw my cock, it was followed by a large amount of saliva. With only two inched remaining inside, she then pulled me back in, she wanted me to fuck her throat.

I didn’t hesitate, I started to buck at her face, careful not to go too deep to soon, more of that glorious gagging noise, I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. I was getting into a good rhythm and seemed to be going deeper at ever stroke until I finally felt my balls hit her chin. I paused for a moment, Helen started to make a weird gurgling sound, I pulled my cock completely from her throat, more saliva and drool followed, she had a river of the stuff running down her chest, soaking her bra covered tits.

“Don’t stop, fuck me harder.” She almost begged me, I didn’t expect that reaction from her.

I used Helens mouth like a dirty cunt, driving my cock as far as it would go, the withdrawing until only an inch remained. Faster and faster, harder and harder, my cock slid between her lips, I could feel Helen’s orgasms as I was getting close to Cumming. I knew Jane was having a treat down below.

Suddenly the pressure built to a crescendo, I grabbed both hands full of Helen’s hair and drove deeper than I had before into her tight restraining passage. Tears were now pouring down her face but I didn’t slow. I exploded down her throat, jet after jet of hot semen pouring from my cock. I didn’t let go of Helen’s hair for a good few seconds, keeping deep in her throat and then pulled my cock from her mouth.

A mixture of spunk and saliva dripping from her chin as she fell forward gasping for air. Helen soon recovered and wobberly getting to her feet put her arms around my neck and clamped her lips to mine

. I loved the strange taste of mixed saliva and cock juice, as our tongues entwined, I felt Jane squeeze my arse, I know this was her telling me that it is over. I broke the kiss.

“That was amazing.” Helen said to me, Jane looked gorgeous her face was covered with Helen’s juice, I gave her a quick peck on the lips, I would clean Helen off her later.

Well had all soon dressed. “I must go, I’ve got lots to do before bedtime.” Said Helen, she gave Jane a deep kiss and then did the same to me. “We must do it again sometime,” She shouts closing the door behind her.

On the second day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, her niece’s arse for me to eat out.

Before I left for work Jane had told my that her Niece Demi would be visiting at tea time and for me to keep her company till she returned home. Jane then said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes that she would be home at precisely six thirty and she wanted to catch me and Demi engaged in a sexual act. She told me that I would have full control of the situation and it was up to me to seduce the girl by whatever means.

My cock was rock solid all day as I tried to complete my shift at work, it was even harder in the car on the way home. Four twenty, Demi was due to arrive at five. As soon as I entered the house, I bounded up the stairs and had a quick shower. Once back down stairs I soon had two glass and a bottle of Bacardi on the coffee table and waited with anticipation.

While I waited I pictured Demi in my mind. Tall, with long dark hair, slim with a small tight arse. Demi was twenty one but looked seventeen, she was always loud and talkative with her bubbly personality.

As the clock struck five the doorbell rang. I knew it was her, my cock sprang to life and I almost ran to answer the door. Standing there she looked fantastic, dressed in a short red mini-skirt which was no more than a belt and hardly covered her hips. Her tight white t-shirt clinging to her upper body, exposing the shape of her small tits and erect nipples.

Demi gives me a massive smile her bright white teeth perfect between her lush, red lipsticked, lips. We said our hello’s and went into the living room, I sat on the chair, Demi on the sofa. I explained to her that Jane was going to be late and that I was to keep her entertained till she came home. I said Jane would call when she had finished and then it would take her about ten minutes to get home. The scene was set.

We sat making small talk for about five minutes and then I asked Demi if she would like a drink, she said yes, I offered her a Bacardi from the table and she again said yes. I poured the two drinks but before mine had reached my lips she had drank hers.

“God I needed that.” She said. “That’s the first drink I’ve had for a week and I still have three more days till I’m out on Friday.” I told her to help herself to another which she did, this one didn’t last much longer. Demi was starting to relax and sunk back into the sofa as she sipped her third drink.

I asked her about Rob, her boyfriend, she said they had split up a couple of weeks ago and she wasn’t seeing anybody, she was sick of relationships and just wanted to be free and enjoy herself, my night had just got a lot easier.

As she continued to drink and talk, she moved her legs like Helen the night before but there was no way Demi could not flash her panties. They looked like soft blue cotton, I kept on looking at her panties, does she know? She keeps moving her legs. I stand up to refill my glass, I pretend to stumble and land on the sofa next to Demi. She breaks out in laughter, I do the same. “Its my age.” I tell her and laugh again.

“Don’t be daft, your quite fit for your age.” She tells me, I take my chance and rest my hand on her knee. She leaves it there for a moment and then reacts pushing my hand off and again laughing.

We carried on talking, laughing and joking, she changes her position slightly, I’m sure I can see a wet patch on her panties. I try again but this time put my hand high up, touching the hem of her skirt. She tries to push my hand away again but this time I hold it firm.

I’m sure she wants to be fucked, I again take a quick glance between her legs, there is definitely a darker patch on her panties. I look into her eyes, I can see she wants me, I throw caution to the wind hoping it won’t backfire.

I lean forward and try to kiss her. Demi backs away, I tell her I want her, she says no chance but my hand is still on her leg and she’s not moving it away. I push her skirt up higher exposing her panties more. I tell her I know she is excited, she is wet. Demi looks down and sees the spot as I move my hand onto her material clad cunt.

I again lean forward to kiss her, this time she doesn’t move, as my lips connect to hers, she kisses back. I slowly move my hand from her pussy, I can smell the aromas of her juices as I push my hand under her t-shirt and feel her A cup tits and her rock hard nipples I keep on kissing Demi, its now more intense, I massage her tits, twisting her nipples, I can feel her gasps with each movement I make.

I use my other hand to go under her panties and spread her lips, slowly I insert two fingers into her cunt, she is so wet she take them with ease. Demi fumbles with my pants but soon pulls my cock free from its prison and slowly wanks me as I pump her pussy..

I know I don’t have long, ten minutes before Jane is home and I need to be fucking Demi when she arrives. I get Demi to stand up and I pull her panties to her knees.

She turns round and lowers herself onto my cock, still seven minutes to go, I hoped I could last that long. She sinks her cunt slowly down my cock until all eight inches are buried inside her. I don’t fuck Demi, I just let her ride my swollen cock, her arse is bouncing off my stomach. I reach around taking a breast in each hand, Demi seems to like it when I squeeze hard. I take a final look at the clock, my time is up. Jane storms into the room screaming.

“What are you doing you little fucking cunt? That’s my husband.” She slaps Demi hard across the face. Demi tries to stand but cannot move with the grip I have on her tits. Jane slaps her again. “What will your fucking mother say when I tell her I found you with his cock stuffed up your tight little pussy?” Demi tried to stammer an answer but no recognisable words left her mouth.

I could see Jane was looking down at my cock buried in the tight cunt, I saw a smile pass quickly over her face. Demi was in a panic trying to remove my cock but the movement had an adverse effect causing me to shoot my spunk deep into her soaking wet pussy.

Jane had seen what had happened, a look of horror on Demi’s face. “You’ve made him cum you dirty little whore.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, I never wanted him to fuck me it just happened.”

“What just happened? You managed to sit on my husbands cock and make him cum in your dirty cunt but you didn’t mean to, it just happened.”

Demi’s head dropped, she had no more answers but Jane continued. “Well get off his cock, you little slut.” I released my grip on her as she stood. Sperm dripped from her opened pussy lips covering my cock and balls. As Demi moved her panties dropped from her knees to her ankles, as she again started to mumble an apology.

“Don’t think you are going anywhere until you have cleaned up this mess.” She told the girl.

“I’ll get a towel.” Was Demi’s reply.

“No you will clean it with your tongue bitch.” Jane moved and grabbed her by the hair. “Or I will phone your mother right this minutes and tell her what a dirty slut you are.”

Demi dropped to her knees, her tongue working quickly as she tried to lick all the spunk and pussy cream from my cock. Jane had hitched her skirt up around her waist and was furiously wanking her clit. I knew she wouldn’t be able to last long before she filled her black lace panties full of her cum. Jane let out a loud gasp, her legs turned to jelly as she almost fell.

I knew the time was now coming the time when I would get to eat Demi’s virgin arse.

“Good girl.” Jane told Demi.” You can stop now.” Demi did as she was told. “Time to get you cleaned up now.” She told the younger girl and Jane laid on her back, on the floor. “Get you pussy over my mouth so I can clean all of the dirty spunk out of your cunt.” Demi didn’t move. “Now bitch or face the consequences.”

Demi moved slowly, straddling Jane’s head and then dropping to her knees, lowering her pussy into her Aunties mouth. Jane was good at licking pussy and soon had Demi moaning and grunting in delicate gasps.

It was my turn to take over, I bent over and removed Jane’s panties and spoke to Demi. “It’s about time you paid Auntie Jane back for cleaning your dirty pussy.” I told her.” She has cum in her panties and her pussy is all sticky.” Demi looked at Jane’s open lips and without further encouragement started to feast.

I moved behind Demi, I could see Jane’s tongue working fast in her cunt, her exposed arsehole ready for me to take. I moved in slowly, I didn’t want to rush after waiting for so long. As my tongue came into contact with Demi’s muscle her whole body convulsed, I knew she had cum in Jane’s mouth.

I could wait no longer and plunged my tongue as far as I could ram it into the virgin hole, I heard Demi squeal and start to buck but I kept a tight grip swirling my tongue around. I pulled my tongue out of her hole and quickly replace it with two fingers. My saliva had lubricated her hole enough for my fingers to work easily. Again I used my tongue, her muscle had relented slightly make her hole wider, given my tongue more space to work, again she convulse, surly she hadn’t cum again so soon. Finally I withdrew, I had completed what I had set out to do and it was as good as I hoped it would be.

Demi was soon dressed and left the house after Jane reassured her that her mother would not find out that she was a dirty slut but told her she may have to do a repeat performance. Jane kissed me, both of us sharing the different tastes of Demi, she asked if I had enjoyed the young woman, I told her I had. We fucked like rabbits for the next couple of hours thinking of Demi before heading to bed and fucking some more.

Could tomorrow be any better than this, I didn’t think so.

On the third day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a blonde who would squirt upon my face.

Wednesday already, the week was flying by but today work seemed to pass slowly, all I could think about was what Jane had in store for me tonight.

I was surprised when I walked into the living room, Lindsey, a local primary school teacher was sat in the corner chair, there was no sign of Jane. Surely Lindsey wasn’t going to fuck me, no way could Jane have arranged this.

Lindsey was cute, dark well tended hair, which dropped beyond her shoulder. I couldn’t make out her size or curves, the long ankle length skirt and baggy jumper obscured any view of shape or flesh. What was Jane thinking? Then it hit me Lindsey must be here for some other reason.

I mumbled an hello, Lindsey did the same in reply and continued to tell me Jane had popped upstairs and would only be a minute. Lindsey looked uncomfortable, her face was a little flushed and she seemed nervous, sat up straight with her hands on her knees. What could she be doing here, we didn’t have children and as far as I knew she was not one of Jane’s associates.

Jane stormed into the room, she was dressed to kill, wearing a midnight blue and black Basque trimmed with lace, matching panties and stockings but between her legs was a massive cock, it must have been twelve inches. Looking closely I could see it was a strap-on.

“I have a nice little slut for you tonight darling. This bitch has been taking class A drugs and getting fucked when she’s off her head. I’m sure her headmaster would love to know. Do you give them to the children? Or do you only take them when you are getting your dirty little holes filled.” I couldn’t believe Lindsey was like that, this demure girl a drug taking slut.

“Its not like that, I’m not like that, I only take them because I have to.” Tears filling her eyes.

“Are they prescription? Do you get them off the doctor?” Lindsey shook her head, Jane continued. “No you have to get them off a scummy dealer. Do you want to lose your job.” Again Lindsey shook her head. Jane was getting good at blackmail. “I heard a whisper that your pussy squirts when you cum.” Jane then said holding the giant strap-on and simulated wanking the cock.

“How did you hear that?” Lindsey wouldn’t even look at Jane.

“I have my sources.” Jane laughed. “You better be better dressed under those clothes, I hope you heard me when I told you what my husband liked.” Again Lindsey nodded. “Well you better start your dance then.” Jane said turning on the CD player, I was in heaven again.

Lindsey stood and started to slowly gyrate, moving her body to the music. She slowly removed her jumper and dropped her skirt, she was instantly transformed. The timid teacher now looked the ultimate party slut. She definitely knew how to dance seductively and now that she was only wearing a boned pink Basque, laced up the middle of the embroidered material, with tiny matching panties and suspenders dropping down to hold up her white stockings. She was amazing, so sexy, she was how I imaged a cage dancer in a top night club, Jane had done well.

I don’t know how long it lasted but my eyes would not leave Lindsey’s body. When she was fully clothed she looked more chunky but now she had the look of an athlete but with a nice sized chest. My gaze was finally broken when I heard Jane’s voice.

“I want you to strip my husband, not too fast, you had better make sure he enjoys it slut.” I wanted to rip my own clothes off and fuck this woman now but decided to let Jane’s plan run its course.

Lindsey moved over to me and started to unbutton my shirt and rubbing my chest, she then pulled my shirt off completely and started to lick my nipples. I was getting to the point of exploding, Lindsey certainly knew how to turn someone on. She continued to lick and suck my nipple as she unfastened the button on my trousers and then pulled the zip down. My pants fell to the floor as she started to massage my cock and balls through my boxer shorts.

Lindsey stopped for a moment giving me chance to kick off my shoes and get rid of my trousers before she dropped to her knees and continued her massage. She then tried to suck my cock and balls through the tight material of my underwear, her mouth was amazing. I knew she had done this a lot before and was not the virgin I thought she would be.

As she pulled down my boxer shorts and moved to take my cock in her mouth Jane brought proceeding to a halt. I gave Jane a stern look, she gave me an evil smile. Jane told me to sit in the chair and told Lindsey to give me a lap dance. This was something I had never had but had always wanted.

I sat down and was followed by Lindsey, the music was slow, I didn’t know the song. I sank back into she seat and Lindsey straddled my legs, seductively moving her sexy body. Jane acted like a madam telling me I could not touch the dancer, I was extremely hard, I wanted to reach out and have my fill. Lindsey seemed to have been lap dancing all her life, she was a natural. Freeing her tits from the Basque, she pushed them into my face and grabbed the back of my head. She rubbed her breasts hard into my flesh before climbing up me and replacing her tits with her lace clad pussy. I could smell her cunt juice as she ground her crotch furiously into my open mouth, I tried my best to push my tongue into her cunt but the material of her panties was to tight, although I could taste her juices. Again as I was enjoying myself Jane stopped the action.

She told Lindsey to stand up and then told me to remove her panties, I did, making sure I felt her soft flesh folds of her pussy. She then told Lindsey to suck my cock, she did dropping back to her knees. She was an expert, she licked the shaft, took my balls into her mouth and sucked deep onto my cock. I closed my eyes, lost in ecstasy when without warning Lindsey bit into my flesh. My eyes darted open and I was about to yell out when I glimpsed the cause of her actions. Jane had buried the twelve inches of her strap-on into the woman’s cunt. My cock left Lindsey’s mouth as she screamed. I had to take a look and could see about three quarters of the rubber cock was inside her. Jane withdrew slightly, taking a firm grip on Lindsey’s hips and the drove the cock back in. Lindsey mouth was wide open as she continued to yelp, which only served to make Jane fuck her harder. I took a hand full of hair and forced Lindsey’s mouth back onto my cock and I started to fuck her face, suppressing her screams, which were now turning to a gagging noise.

I was close to Cumming, Jane could tell and shook her head at me, I pulled Lindsey’s head off my cock, as Jane stopped fucking her and started to speak to me. “As I said earlier, this little slut squirts when she cums. I want her to squirt on my face while you fuck her arse and then she can squirt on you while I fuck her arse with this. She said waggling the twelve in rubber cock in Lindsey’s face.” Do you think your arse can take it slut.”

Lindsey nodded saying. “I’ll try my best.”

We moved Lindsey to the centre of the room, she positioned herself on all fours. We spent the next five minutes working on Lindsey’s arse. Myself and Jane took turns rimming the woman and then finger fucking her anal opening with one, two, then three fingers. Her sphincter started to relax and expand, Jane was satisfied and told me to fuck her arse.

I pushed the head of my cock against her hole, there was still a lot of resistance, Jane spat on her arse and finally my cock entered her, she was so tight inside I wondered if she had ever been arse fucked. It took a minute or two before my cock was fully inserted and I slowly began to fuck her.

Lindsey immediately began to react, moaning and gasping, then she started to act like a real slut. Shouting obscenities, telling me to fuck her harder, faster, deeper. Jane hand disappeared towards Lindsey’s cunt, I guessed she was rubbing her clit. Lindsey’s moans were getting louder the more I fucked her.

“I’m Cumming, I’m cumming, I gonna cum.” Lindsey squealed, Jane swiftly moved to the floor, putting her mouth under the woman’s cunt. One more unearthly noise and Lindsey’s pussy exploded over Jane’s face. I couldn’t see what was happening but my imagination ran wild, making my cock spew its load deep into Lindsey’s bowels. Jane came out from under Lindsey, her face soaking wet, as was her hair, how much had she cum.

I pulled my cock out of Lindsey’s arse a trail of my cum followed and ran down to her pussy. Jane moved around to Lindsey’s arse her tongue lapping at my cum before disappearing into her gaping hole. She then stood up pulling Lindsey with her and engaged in a long, lingering kiss, I couldn’t tell which one of them was enjoying it the most.

When the kiss ended Jane sat in the middle of the sofa, her cock standing out proud. She told Lindsey to come and sit on the cock, Lindsey did. Even though her arsehole had been stretched by my cock it took a while before the head of the strap-on disappeared inside her anal cavity, she worked her tight arse up and down the cock for the next couple of minutes but was still struggling, taking a little more than half its length. Her moans were again reaching a crescendo, I didn’t need any instruction, dropping between her legs and sucking on her clit. I inserted two fingers into her pussy, frigging her as fast a I could.

Lindsey’s hips were bucking wildly and I was caught by surprise as her pussy again exploded. It was as though she was pissing, the stream of cum covering my face completely. I opened my mouth drinking as much as I could, her juice was like nectar and the more my fingers moved the more juice her pussy spewed out until she was spent. I removed my fingers and inserted my tongue, lapping up every drop.

When I finally stood I cold see an enormous smile on Lindsey’s face and as I looked down I could see she had taken the full twelve inches in her arse. We all took turns in the bathroom cleaning up and then it was time for Lindsey to leave.

“Can I come back again?” She said her eyes pleading. We all agreed would we meet again soon.

On the fourth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a juicy arse to rest my fat cock.

Thursday evening, we always went to the rugby club to meet friends and have a few drinks, tonight was no different. We arrived at our usual six o’clock, we always left by nine, with it being a work night.

The usual crowd were already there, Annette and Peter, Karen and Phil, Mark and Fiona. We said hello and I took a drinks order from everyone and moved to the bar. Phil and Mark soon joined me and gave me a hand carrying the drinks to the table.

My head was all over the place, Jane had not fulfilled any of my fantasies today and now we were here I couldn’t see how she could. We had the usual banter, the lager and wine flowed, the night was going well. At seven thirty Phil announced he had to leave, he had to work away for the next couple of days.

After goodbyes Karen walked him to the door, I couldn’t take my eyes off her denim clad arse. She wasn’t petite but didn’t carry too much weight. Her best feature was her arse it was magnificent, how many times had I thought about plunging my cock deep into her hole. That was it! Jane was going to let me fuck Karen’s arse but how had she managed it?

It was my turn at the bar again, Jane came with me. “Have you guessed who is your slut for tonight?”

“Yes but how are you going to get Karen to let me fuck her arse?”

“Its already arranged, I found out she has been fucking Mark and I told her if she doesn’t want Phil to find out, she will fuck you tonight.”

I bent forwards giving Jane a big kiss. “Thank you.”

The drinking ended, we had phoned a taxi. Jane asked Karen if she wanted dropping off, I could see the reluctance on Karen’s face as she said yes.

Jane told me to sit in the back with Karen, she told Karen not to stop me doing anything I wanted. Karen’s face was full of fury but didn’t object. Jane sat in the front chatting with the driver, I could see her open her legs slightly, flirting, distracting the drivers attention away from the back of the cab.

I leaned over to Karen and whispered in her ear, with a new found confidence. “Do you know how many times I have thought about fucking you arse, How many times my cock has been hard at the thought of your pussy taking my cock. How many times I have cum and wished it had been in your mouth.” I took hold of her left breast, squeezing it roughly. “I am going to fuck you so hard tonight, I am going to make you beg me to stop but I wont.” I moved my head round and tried to kiss her, her lips remained tightly closed. I wasn’t bothered, I would make her pay later.

Minute later the taxi dropped us off and we entered the house. I poured everyone a drink, Karen sat on the sofa scowling when Jane spoke to her. “He has watched your arse for the last four years, every time you left you seat, when you went to the bar, when you went to the toilet, every time you stood up I knew his cock was hard. Tonight I am going to give him what he wants, he is going to fuck you or you can go back to Phil, I’m sure he will divorce you and he is your financial lifeline. Its your choice but if you stay you will join in, you will not hold back, you will enjoy yourself.”

Karen necked her drink and asked for another. “It will only happen this once and then you will forget about me and Mark.” Jane agreed, telling her. “When you leave us tonight, I want you to be a total slut, I want you to love cock and cunt, I want you to be desperate for more.”

I sat one side of Karen, Jane the other. I kissed her and this time she responded. As I moved my lips away they were replaced by Jane’s, Karen’s eyes went wide but she responded. Jane broke away.” I’m going to fuck you too.” A broad grin on her face.

As I watched Jane opened the buttons of Karen’s blouse to reveal purple bra. “That’s a nice colour for a slut.” Jane told her before pulling the bra down and revealing her ample breasts. Without pausing we both bent forward, each taking one of Karen’s tits into our mouths. Karen nipples were the biggest I had ever known and felt like a small cock in my mouth. I sucked hard and then started chewing, I guessed Jane was doing the same by the sounds leaving Karen’s mouth.

My hand moved down Karen’s body towards her pussy, as I reached her cunt I found Jane had beaten me to it and already opened Karen’s jeans and had I finger deep inside her, Karen was wet and my finger soon joined Jane’s. We both finger fucked her for the next few minutes. Then I got up and poured us all another drink as we striped off all of our clothes.

We sat back down, Karen really seemed to like Jane’s attention and they were soon kissing again, Jane’s finger easily slotted in Karen’s cunt, as Karen pushed hers into Jane, feeling like a spare part I had to decide what to do. I had always wanted Karen’s arse so I pushed my arm under her rump, my fingers probing, trying to find her hole. Karen squirmed, I was sure she was trying to force her arsehole onto my fingers. It didn’t take long before I found her tightness and with no objections I forced a digit deep inside her cavern.

Karen moved around, Jane’s fingers falling from her cunt, she soon had her mouth on Jane’s pussy lips, I had free access to Karen’s arse. I pushed in a second finger, ramming them in hard, fucking her hole. I see Jane tense, she’s cum again, too soon, I hadn’t finished on Karen’s arse but Jane moved to suck Karen’s pussy, my fingers fell from her arse.

I sit back watching the action, its not long before Karen cums into Jane’s mouth, I want to taste her juices but Jane has other ideas. Jane stops licking her cunt and tries to kiss Karen, she says no, Jane is covered in her pussy juice, I grab Karen’s hair and force her to kiss Jane, she eventually parts her lips, I think she likes it.

Its my turn, I drop down and eat Karen’s cunt, I bite her clit and finger fuck her arse, its not long before she cums again, I love pussy juice.

Karen is still on her hands and knees panting as I move behind her and without waiting force my cock into her arse, to my surprise her muscle gives way without much force and I slip my eight inches easily into her. I start to increase my pace, till I’m fucking her hole with all my power, her moans are stifled as once again she has her face buried in Jane’s cunt. Karen thrusts her arse into my cock with every stoke I make, its to much and I blast my cum, sooner than I wanted to, deep inside Karen’s bowels.

.As I pull out of her arse my cock is replaced by Jane’s fingers and she scoops a large dollop of spunk from Karen’s leaking hole. Swiftly one of Jane’s hands take a handful of Karen’s hair, as she force her cum filled fingers into her mouth. Karen has no chance to resist but borks as Jane roughly makes her remove all of the sperm. Jane then removes her hand, forcing Karen to kiss her. I wanted to share the taste of cunt, arse and my cum but I had no chance of pulling Jane away.

Minutes later Jane says she needs the toilet, she tells Karen to clean my cock and get me hard again. Karen takes on her task with gusto, her tongue caressing every in of flesh, my cock and balls getting a massage with her mouth. Karen was on her knees her hands holding onto my arse cheeks as she forced my hardening cock down her throat. Karen didn’t see Jane enter the room but to my shock and surprise Jane now had the twelve inch cock, she had used on Lindsey strapped between her legs.

I didn’t need any instruction, I released my cock from Karen’s mouth and taking a handful of her hair I forced her head to the floor causing her arse to point upwards. Jane was quickly on her knees behind Karen and I could see her forcing the rubber cock inside the helpless woman. I couldn’t see which hole Jane had entered but which ever it was it had Karen screaming, begging Jane to stop but Jane ignored her pleas and continued to fuck Karen, getting faster and deeper with every moment that passed, until Karen let out an almighty wail, she had cum on Jane’s cock.

As Jane pulls her cock out of Karen I can see Karen’s cunt gaping wide open, I now knew which hole my wife had been fucking and I dropped down to drink her juices but Jane didn’t let me feed for long. Jane had removed the strap-on and told Karen to put it on, Karen looked excited as she secured the cock over her cunt.

Its Jane’s turn to drop onto her hands and knees, Karen kneels down behind her, I can tell Karen has never used a strap-on before as she fumbles with the cock, trying to push it into Jane’s eager pussy, I reach down to give her an hand and soon we have the massive rubber cock sliding deep into my wife’s cunt. Karen seems to like it and starts to bang Jane hard, I think she wants to make her cum. My cock is once again rock hard and with nowhere else to go, I stand and put my cock in Karen’s mouth, she eagerly sucks and I start to fuck her face.

Karen is gagging and choking as I pump my cock in and out her mouth, Jane is screaming as Karen continues with her hard fucking until Jane collapses forward, she’s cum and cannot take any more and the same time my cock explodes in Karen’s throat and I deliver a massive amount of sperm. As I take my cock out of her mouth Karen shouts out in elation.

Karen is now ours.

We all have a drink, regaining our energy and composure. Its Jane’s turn to wear the strap-on. She sits on the sofa and tell Karen sits on her. Karen doesn’t waste any time and soon has the cock stuffed up her cunt, leaning forward to kiss Jane as the fondle each others breasts. I was amazed at the sight, Karen’s pussy lips stretched to their limit over Jane’s massive cock, Her arse gaping, inviting me to enter, I couldn’t resist and slowly pushed my cock into her waiting hole. Karen now had twenty inches of hard cock inside her and she was loving every moment. Jane wasn’t able to move much, so I started to fuck Karen’s arse, lots of moaning followed, both girls lost in ecstasy. I continued to fuck Karen’s arse, withdrawing till only the head of my cock remained inside her then thrusting my whole length inside her arsehole, two more minutes and I couldn’t hold back as my cock once again ejaculated its load, filling Karen’s arse. Jane continued to fuck Karen’s pussy as I pull my cock from her arse, Karen lets out a loud whimper.

Jane then orders me to clean Karen’s arse, I do, filling my mouth with my cum and the cream of her arse, Jane then tells me to share it with Karen. Again I do as I am told but this time Karen doesn’t resist my kiss, she revels in it, wanting to share my juices and tastes. Karen then pulls away from me she wants Jane to share my orgasm. As she kisses Jane Karen forces her cunt down hard on the cock in her pussy, faster and faster until I hear a loud gasp, she has cum again.

We were all knackered, Karen gets dressed, myself and Jane stay naked. Karen says goodbye telling us, that even though her pussy is sore, she is going to fuck the taxi driver on the way home. I know that this is not the end with Karen.

On the fifth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a nice puffy, hairy, ginger cunt.

I had never fucked a ginger cunt but not through the lack of trying and it had always been one of my fantasies. Jane had called me earlier, telling, me that her boss Rosemary had split with her long term partner and was in pieces. She told me that she had invited Rosemary to the house to console her. Jane then told me that this would be my chance to fuck the elusive ginger pussy, as Rosemary was very vulnerable but I would have to find the way to do it, as it could make work awkward.

I quickly went to the off-license and selected a very nice case of red wine. It can only help, I told myself. Not long after I had returned home, Jane and Rosemary came into the living room. Jane told me to get her boss a drink and she would make us all a sandwich.

I asked Rosemary if she would like wine, she said yes. I could tell by the redness of her eyes it hadn’t been long since she had been crying. The situation was a little awkward and I didn’t really know what to say, the last thing I wanted to do as set her off again, so I remained silent as I poured the drinks and moments later Jane returned with the food.

The snack soon disappeared as did another wine refill. It as then Jane’s mobile rang and she dropped me a bombshell. “That’s my Sister, her cars broken down, I have to pick her up and take her to her house. Should only take me thirty minutes.” She then turned to me. “I’m sure you can entertain Rosemary till I get back.” Jane had given me the opportunity but how in the hell was I going to fuck this woman, one wrong word and she would be an emotional wreck.

Jane left, I tried to make small talk with Rosemary, wracking my brains on how I would make my move. I carried on talking looking her up and down. She wasn’t really my type, a bit to big boned for my liking but she was ginger. Rosemary was smartly dressed in her work clothes, a blue knee length skirt and a cream blouse, holding in her ample breasts, her legs covered in nylon.

Even though I wasn’t physically attracted to this woman my cock was rock hard, the more I looked at Rosemary the more I wanted to fuck her. Our glasses were empty again, I forgot about my hard-on as I stood to top up the wine. Shit, she must have seen it, I was waiting for her reaction but she stayed silent till I returned to my seat.

“What is wrong with me? Why do I always pick a bastard to be with?” She asked.

Was this my chance. “There’s nothing wrong with you, any man would be lucky to be with you.” She gave me a soft smile.

“Thanks but we both know that’s not true.”

I had to do it now and take the risk or the moment might pass. “I think you’re fantastic, how could anyone not want to fuck a body like yours.”

Rosemary laughed. “Your drunk.” She said.

“I might be tipsy but my cock is still hard from looking at you.” I stood up the bulge in my pants straining at the material.

Rosemary leaned forward and opened the button on my trousers and pulled them down with my underwear. She ignored my cock and attacked my balls with her tongue, then taking each ball into her mouth. She was like a wild animal, the pain I was feeling was starting to take over the ecstasy. Finally she relents and moves to my cock, wanking it furiously her tongue licking the head.

I had to stop her, I could feel the cum building but I wanted to fuck her first. I tried to pull away but she held me in her vice like grip, her free hand grabbing my sack and giving it a hard tug. I couldn’t stop myself, my cock exploded its juices over Rosemary’s face, she didn’t try to suck or swallow my sperm, she seem content to let it drip down her chin and onto her blouse.

As the last jet left my cock I pushed her backwards, pulling her skirt up, over her hips and parted her legs. My mouth was soon sucking her cunt lips through the pale green lace of her panties. I could taste her pussy as I tried to push my tongue through the material until finally I gripped them and pulled them down. I massive shock as waiting for me, the biggest mass of pussy hair I had ever seen and the same colour as her hair on top.

I ploughed into her bush, the hair looked wiry but was as soft as silk. My mouth soon found a way past as I sucked her large cunt lips into my mouth, giving them a good chew before my tongue worked its way past and into her wet pussy. Her hairs tickling my nose but I plunged deep inside gouging on her, her thighs squeezing my head.

Rosemary seemed to enjoy the work my tongue was doing but finally she pushed me onto the floor, I was on my back but soon her pussy was once again pushed into my mouth. I then felt that wonderful sensation, she was starting to suck my cock. She certainly know what to do, flicking her tongue across the head of my cock, licking the shaft and then sucking deeply again, a process she continued to repeat till my cock was at its full length again.

I continued to eat her pussy, Rosemary spasms and jerks her body my tongue is thrust out of her cunt and lands against her arsehole, I take the chance and push it in, Rosemary squeals but doesn’t pull away, she remains still for a few moments and then starts to work her arsehole against my mouth, she wants my tongue to fuck her tight hole.

I’m in heaven, I hope Jane doesn’t come back too soon, I want more of this bitch.

Finally we have to break for some air, we see Jane sat in the chair, Rosemary looks shocked.

“Don’t mind me.” Jane says and puts her hand inside her panties.

I climb on top of Rosemary, she takes my cock with ease as I fuck her in the missionary position. I start to fuck her pussy hard, she is still half dressed, as I continue to drive my cock into her, she is crying out in ecstasy and then she cums with a howl. I turn her around taking off her blouse and bra. I fuck her from behind and finger her arse, my fingers are soon followed by my cock. I fuck her arse for a couple of minutes, till it is stretched enough so that when I remove my cock it was still gaping. I then gave a few strokes in her pussy and a few strokes in her arse. She was enjoying this process of cunt and arse, her huge tits bouncing so hard, I’m sure they were causing earthquakes in china.

Jane was still playing with herself, giving me encouraging smiles and tells me to cum in Rosemary’s arse I push my cock back into her tight hole, she is thrusting back to meet my stroke. Rosemary bangs my cock harder than its ever been banged before, she’s screaming in ecstasy. Its to much for me, I erupt into her arse, I hear Jane whimpering, I know she is close to Cumming.

Jane gets up from the chair and onto the floor, she tells Rosemary to squat over her face. What a sight, my cum dripping from her arse into Jane’s mouth, her tongue making sure that no drop is missed.

Jane tells me to leave them and go upstairs, I did. Jane joins me later but doesn’t mention what happened after I left the room, I don’t ask.

On the sixth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a bondage bitch with big tits.

I always met the lads for a few beers on a Saturday afternoon and I returned home not long after three. I walked into the house and heard Jane call me from the kitchen. As I entered I was in for a massive shock. On the floor was Donna, the young blonde solicitor we had used when we purchased the house.

The surprise on my face making Jane smile. “Meet today’s slut.” She said to me. Donna was securely tied up. She was in her mid twenties but I could tell by the lines of her body she kept herself fit. “Do what you want to her, she’s yours to abuse.”

Donna was wearing a little black cocktail dress, her legs covered in nylon I couldn’t see if they were tights or stockings. She was laid on her stomach her hands behind her back secured with handcuffs, her ankles were also restrained with a set of the cuffs and bent backwards were a third set of cuffs connected to the other two. It was impossible for her to move, trussed up like a turkey. I moved around to look at her face, a red ball in her mouth held in place by the black leather strap which fastened round her mass of blonde hair, stopped her from making too much noise.

I took hold of Donna and flipped her onto back, her arms and legs tucked under her slim body. The look on her face said she was feeling pain but at the moment I did not care, I wanted to see what she had on under the dress.

She tried to squirm her body, I think trying to get comfortable but the noises from her throat told me it wasn’t working. I undid my trousers and quickly took them off and the rest of my clothes soon followed.

Jane sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, reading a magazine as if nothing untoward was happening, I knew her pussy must be wet and screaming out for a good fucking but for now she was going to let me do what I wanted to this slut.

I slapped Donna’s tits through the dress then roughly grab at them twisting and squeezing, then slapping again. They felt bigger than they looked, I was losing all self control.

Forcing my self to stop, I moved round and dropped to the floor, close to Donna’s bended knees. I pushed her dress up, they were tights. The tights covered a nice pair of pink panties, my favourite colour. I moved my mouth and sucked Donna’s pussy through the nylon and the satin of the panties. I don’t know how much she could feel of this but it was having the desired effect on me.

As much as I loved the feel of nylon I wanted to taste her cunt juices, without care I ripped at her tights, they easily came apart in my hands, without stopping I pulled her panties down as far as they would go and thrust my tongue into her hole. Donna continued to struggle, from the pain or what I was doing to her cunt, I didn’t know but I wasn’t going to stop till I had my fill. After a couple more minutes the woman began to spasm, her body was almost jumping off the floor, she was going to cum, I sucked with all my might on her clit and with a tremendous jolt and a deep gargling in her throat her pussy burst into a torrent of flavour. I was so good I had to bury my tongue into her hole, when I withdrew, I took her clit back into my mouth and bit down hard. I could again hear the gargled scream masked by the ball gag but I still continued.

Jane eventually stopped me and told me to lift the girl onto the table, which I did easily, with Donna’s head hanging over the edge. Jane the produce a rope and tied one end tightly around Donna’s neck, the other around the table leg, so she was unable to move her head. I could see the rope digging into her throat but it still allowed her to breathe. Jane took off her skirt and panties and removed the ball gag from Donna’s mouth but immediately replaced it with her pussy. She pushed her cunt down hard on Donna’s face wanking her clit against vigorously against the woman’s nose. Jane bends forward a delivers a hard slap against Donna’s pussy lips, continuing to rub her own pussy hard on the woman’s face. Jane roughly pushes two fingers deep into Donna’s cunt and then squeals as she cums in her mouth.

Jane almost falls off Donna’s head her legs turning to jelly, she flops back down on the kitchen chair. I don’t waste a minute replacing Jane’s pussy in Donna’s mouth with my cock. Without care I force my cock as deep as it will go, about six inches and then I start to fuck her throat. As I pump in and out I can see massive amounts of salvia leaving the corners of her mouth running up her nose and into her eyes before making it to her hair line, leaving black trails of mascara. I unabatedly continue with my thrusts, I can hear her chocking and gagging but I know I’m not going to stop until I pump my cum inside her.

Jane had regained her composure and the sight of me fucking Donna’s mouth was again turning her on, she move round and pulled Donna’s restrained legs apart as far as they would go and pushed her head into her cunt. Donna’s body was convulsing, had I gone to far, I didn’t even know if she was still breathing but my cock was on the brink, moments later it exploded. I pumped stream after stream of spunk deep in her throat, my balls against her nose, then I pulled out.

I took a moment before I heard the woman gasp, then a large amount of sperm ejected from her mouth, covering the top half of her face. More gasping and gulping of air, then a scream, Jane had made her come. When Jane lifted her head, her face was glistening with Donna’s pussy cream. She looked gorgeous, I cant resist and have to kiss her.

It wasn’t long before I had regained my erection, time was getting on and I knew I didn’t have much time left. I wanted to fuck Donna’s pussy before it was over. She was wet and sloppy and took my cock with ease. I banged her hard for the next fifteen minutes, I thought her screams might disturb the neighbours but no one knocked on the door. Jane was sat watching when I finally filled Donna’s cunt with my cum. I let my cock deflate inside her and when I pulled out Jane told me to get a shower, I did and when I came back Donna was gone.

I later found out that Jane had pictures of Donna in various sex acts and had blackmailed her, telling her she would post them on the internet and ruin her career.

On the seventh day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a submissive girl’s arse to abuse.

I arrived home from work as usual and walked into the kitchen, to my surprise Jane’s sister-in-law, Ann, was kneeled on the floor. She was dressed in black silk lingerie with stockings. I had an instant erection, I had always thought about fucking Ann but never in my wildest dream did I think I would fuck Jane’s brothers wife. Jane was nowhere to be seen.

I always thought Jane knew something about Ann but she never told me what it was. It was then Jane stormed into the room, dressed in almost identical lingerie to Ann but in white, she spoke to me. “What do you think of today’s slut.” She didn’t give me time to answer. “Ann has been very naughty and needs to be punished.” A look of fear spread across Ann’s face.

Without waiting Jane strides over to Ann and grabs her by the hair, she then slaps her face twice, not hard but hard enough to sting and bring a cry from the woman. Jane then tells me to slap Ann. I look at her, thirty years old, she is not very tall but has a nice slim body. Her tits are small but adequate and her blonde hair held back in a ponytail.

I do as Jane asks but not too hard, Ann’s eyes are pleading, it turned me on. My cock was staining against the skin, stretching to a place I had never been before. I was going to enjoy this bitch. Jane then slaps her twice on her left cheek, a bit harder this time, then pauses for a moment before delivering ten consecutive hits to the right of Ann’s face. Ann screams out as Jane takes a handful of hair and she bends down to kisses Ann’s lips.

As she breaks away Jane goes mental slapping in a random sequence, left tit, right tit, left cheek right cheek. She must have delivered fifty blows before she finally stopped, tears streamed down Ann’s face. Jane didn’t waste a moment, again grabbing Ann’s mass of hair, she pulled the girl on all fours around the room before stopping and slapping her face again.

“You are my slut, my bitch you will do everything I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Ann shouted out but to slowly for Jane, who slapped her again. I had never seen this side of my wife before, she was normally gentle and slightly submissive but now she was an evil twat, a true dominatrix.

Ann had a true look of fear on her face, scared of what was going to happen next. Jane ordered her to crawl around the room again on all fours, she asked me if I liked Ann’s arse, I said I did, Jane told me it would be mine later if I wanted it, I did, I wanted to fuck her hole more than I wanted to fuck anything before.

Ann came back to us, Jane told me to pull her hair, I took a hand full but I wasn’t rough enough to please Jane. She pushed be away, taking my place and ragged Ann’s head for all she was worth, Ann’s screams fell on deaf ears. “Like this.” Jane told me. “Make her the slut you want her to be.” She than ordered Ann to take off her bra, she did without waiting.

Jane moved behind her, I could see her mind ticking. Jane’s right hand came from behind chloe and clamped around her throat, squeezing the breathe from her body, I could see Ann’s eyes starting to roll but instead of letting go Jane used her other hand to find Ann’s nipple and twist without mercy. Finally Jane let go of her throat, Ann gasped for air but Jane didn’t stop and found her other nipple. Twisting, nipping and pulling on the erect nipples had Ann yelping in-between breaths.

She then proceeded to force four fingers in Ann’s mouth and started repeatedly spiting into the stretched hole. Jane must have thought I was feeling left out, Ann was making unnatural gagging noises as Jane continued to finger fuck her face. She told me to suck Ann’s tits, I did, they were small but I managed to fill my mouth. Her skin was so soft, it tasted so sweet.

Jane eventually took her fingers out of Ann’s mouth and retook hold of her hair. “Bite them fucking tits.” She ordered me. “Make the little cunt scream.” I didn’t dare say no, so I bit down with all my force. Ann almost passed out with the pain but I didn’t stop moving from one breast to the other and back again. When I stopped I could tell that Jane was pleased with my work. Red raw marks covered Ann’s tits but Jane didn’t stop pulling her around she started to slap the again.

Ann wailed and didn’t stop for long seconds, I realised she had cum, the bitch actually liked this and Jane must have known. “Clean out her pussy.” Was all Jane said to me. I pushed my way under Ann, juices were dripping from her cunt. I didn’t waste any time, pulling her panties to one side and ploughing my tongue in and out of her willing hole.

I couldn’t see what was happening, I then heard Jane tell Ann to lay on her back, her pussy left my face, I wasn’t finished I wanted more. Ann quickly changed positions,. Jane moved and squatted over Ann’s face and then pushed her pussy down covering Ann’s nose and mouth. Moments later my suspicions were confirmed, Ann’s body started to convulse, her hips bucking, she couldn’t breath. My thoughts were not for her health but to get my head back between her legs, which I did. I was like being caught in air turbulence but the juices flowed from her cunt. I had to firmly grip her arse to avoid being thrown off. Ann came again, my mouth couldn’t contain the flood, Jane stood up.

The time passed too quickly, Jane had continued with her torment of Ann, my fingers and tongue had penetrated each one of Ann’s holes. Jane decide the time was coming to end this session. She removed her panties and told Ann to make her cum with her mouth.

Ann’s body was a pattern of red hand prints and bite marks, she didn’t want anymore so swiftly she moved between my wife’s legs and immediately started to suck her cunt. Jane managed to tell me to fuck Ann’s arse before her moans of pleasure started.

Ann’s arse parted quite easily, my earlier tonguing and fingering had done its job. My cock slipped into Ann’s anal cavity and I fucked her with all that I had. I knew I couldn’t’ last long at this rate but there was no way I was going to stop. I heard Jane and Ann yell simultaneously as I pumped Ann’s arse full of spunk. We had all cum together.

“Get ready and fuck off out of my house.” Was all Jane said to Ann, she took my hand and pulled me to the bedroom. “Did you enjoy that?” I nodded yes and we fell exhausted into bed.

On the eighth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, an open mouth for me to piss in.

Jane told me that tonight would be very special, she had ordered Beth, the Priests daughter to attend our house. I was intrigued, she had ordered her to attend, how had she managed this?

I quizzed Jane but she told me I would find out later and that I would be doing something really dirty, something that I never thought I would do. Beth was only twenty and had always seemed naïve, when I had met her in the past. She had attended functions with her Father, that we had also attended. Always prim and proper, the girl was one of the politest people I had met and now Jane was telling me I was going to fuck her.

Precisely at seven o’clock the doorbell rang and Jane answered the door but didn’t come back. A couple of minutes passed by before I heard her voice asking me to come into the kitchen.

Beth stood there, a look of real fear in her eyes. Dressed in a grey pleated skirt and a tight pink T-shirt which showed the outline of her small breasts. He dark hair tied back into a pony tail, she looked extremely fuckable, I wanted my cock inside her as soon as possible. What had Jane said to her? What was I going to do to this girl. My cock was rock solid and ready for action, when Jane started to speak.

Do you remember Beth.” Jane asked me, she knew I did so I nodded, not speaking. “Beth is going to be our slut for tonight, aren’t you Beth.” The girl took her time but nodded her compliance. Jane looked at me before continuing. “Beth has been a dirty little girl, she has been letting the boys fuck her dirty pussy but she didn’t use any protection. She fucked one to many cock and ended up pregnant.

Beth went to the doctor and had an abortion. Can you imagine what that would do to her Father, a Catholic Priest. It would go against all he has ever believed in, it would destroy him.” How in the hell did Jane find out all this information.

Beth was almost crying, I didn’t care I only wanted to know what Jane was going to make me do to her. Jane walked over to me kissed me and squeezed my cock. “Darling.” She said. “Beth would like you to fuck her throat and cum in her mouth.” That sounded great but what she said next shocked me. “And when that spunk is running down her throat, I want you to piss all over her, I want you to piss in her mouth, piss on her pussy, piss on her arse and in her hair. I want you to use Beth like the dirty slut she is.”

Tears were now streaming down Beth’s face as Jane told me to undress. “Do you like his cock Beth? Have you ever seen one that big.”

“No I don’t like it, I have only ever seen one before and that’s the one that put the baby inside me.” Beth blurted out.

“Down on you knees.” Jane ordered her. “Suck that cock, NOW!” Beth did as she was told, she was gagging before she reached the second inch of my penis. I was so worked up I couldn’t wait, I took hold of her head and started to fuck her dirty little mouth. She gagged and tried to pull away and even through I could fit less than half my cock in her stretched orifice I banged it like I would a pussy

I loved the noises Beth was making and drove me to fuck her harder, I knew I would cum soon. Jane had a wide smile on her face, she seemed to enjoy me fucking this girls face. All to soon the pressure became to much and my cock spewed down the choking girls throat. I was still Cumming as my cock left her lips, my remaining sperm covering her face as she gasped for air.

My cock was starting to go limp when Jane told the girl. “He will now start to piss, you will drink as much as you can but if I don’t think you are trying hard enough, I will be straight on the phone to your Father, Jane give me another huge smile.

As much as I tried I couldn’t make myself piss, Beth stayed on her knees, her mouth open waiting to be filled with my urine. I strained and strained, then finally a few drops left my cock dripping down into Beth’s mouth. She recoiled, a look of disgust on her face but with one look at Jane she moved her head back to my cock. This spurred me on, a few more drops followed by a tiny slow stream. I thought Beth was going to throw up as she swallowed her first mouthful of piss, she retched but managed to keep it down. Her mouth was soon filled again, to much for her to handle and my piss was streaming from the corners of her mouth.

I could see that Beth was trying her best, I pushed my cock into her piss filled lips as I could feel the jet subside. To my surprise I could feel Beth’s tongue working on my cock end as she drank the last drops.

Jane roughly pushed me out of the way, pulling up her skirt, revealing her panty less bald pussy, almost immediately a flood of liquid left her cunt, the torrent covering Beth’s face. The girl had no chance of gulping the vast amount of piss Jane was producing and her clothing was quickly soaked.

Jane’s pissing soon stopped and she ordered Beth to stand up with her legs apart. I crawled between Beth’s spread legs, my mouth inches away from her sweet smelling, white cotton panties. “Start pissing.” Jane tells her, Beth looks scared but I soon see a wet patch start to appear. Suddenly her panties are soaked and the liquid starts to pour through, I try to take it all but I have no chance and its running down my face, covering my body. I was so turned on and wanted more, I pull her panties to one side the powerful stream now hitting me direct. I move my mouth till it is covering her squirting cunt lips. So much urine enters my mouth, I almost choke but I wont pull away. As suddenly as it had started the torrent stopped but I couldn’t, my tongue ploughing into the girls cunt, trying to extract every drop of her discharge. I felt Beth tense and squeal suddenly my mouth was filled with a new sensation, the little slut had cum but who was I to complain, more for me to devour.

Finally I stand up, I see a wicked smile on Jane’s face. “I’m Sure Beth would like you to share her dirty juices with her.” I grabbed the girls hair and forced my tongue in her mouth, I could feel she was disgusted but I didn’t care. Minutes later Jane stopped me. “Why don’t you fuck the slut before she has to go, you can have which ever hole you want. Is that alright with you Beth.” I knew she didn’t want to but Beth nodded, remaining silent.

I wanted her perfect arse, I turned her around and pushed her forward her peach shaped bum coming level with my cock. I knew she would be tight as I lifted her skirt and pulled down her soaking wet panties. There was no way I could get my cock inside her without lubrication, I dropped to my knees and using my hands spread her arse cheeks, exposing her small anal opening.

My tongue went to work, she was tight, very tight and I had a struggle even to get the tip inside. I decided I would not get my cock in yet so pushed one finger inside her and with a bit of pressure it was soon knuckle deep. I could hear Beth crying. I began to furiously fuck her arse with my finger, her cries were now screams, her muscle was loosening so I entered a second finger and kept up the hard fucking.

Pulling my fingers out I decided she was ready to be fucked but as I pushed the head of my cock against her sphincter I knew I still had a lot more work to do. It was long minutes filled with begs of mercy and screams before my entire length had entered Beth’s arse. There was something about this girl that pushed me to fuck her hard. I took her arse at the same rate as I took her mouth earlier. My hips worked like a piston, her arse reacting with every stroke. At one point I pulled out, I wanted to see her, her arsehole looked massive as it gaped with the thickness of my cock. Moments later I was back fucking her hole and could feel the spunk ready to blast again.

Jane was watching and knew I was at my limit. She told me to dump my cum over the girls face, I did but only just. Beth had her mouth closed, my sperm went everywhere, in her eyes, in her hair and one jet blasting across her left cheek and across her ear.

I didn’t want it to end as Jane brought proceedings to a close. Jane told the slut to pull up her panties, which she did and then Jane drags the girl to the front door. Beth is soaking wet with urine and still covered in cum.

“You had better find somewhere to clean up before your Father see’s you, slut.” Jane pushes her out of the door.

On the ninth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a teen I could fuck In every hole.

Jane had recorded a conversation she’d had this morning with the office junior. I had met Ashley once before eighteen year old, with a fantastic body that gave you an instant erection. Her pale baby face looked so innocent but her body language said different.

She played the recording “If you want to keep you job, I will be your trainer, your mentor, I have a lot of say when it comes to staff. People listen to me but if you want me to help, you must do as I say without question. Some of it you will like, some of it you wont but that’s life. Think carefully before you answer because the first time you say no to me, I will not help you anymore, I will not help you keep your job. If you do as I say you could have a good career at this firm.”

Jane knew I would love to fuck a petite eighteen year old, I always commented when we were out, on what I would love to do to a tight little body. I think Jane was turned on when I spoke about it.

Ashley had agreed and said she would do whatever Jane wanted, tonight would be her test, I really wanted this young girl to take my cock in every hole. The doorbell rang at seven, I was sat in the chair, reading the newspaper and pretending not to notice what Jane and Ashley were doing.

Jane had a pile of papers set out on the coffee table and was going through them with her young student. I heard them talking about performance charts, assessments, targets and so on. After about twenty minutes Jane asked Ashley if she would like a drink, she said yes, then she asked me the same question, I said I would have red wine.

Jane brought the drinks and went back to the papers with Ashley, I knew I had to be patient and see what Jane had lined up for tonight. Another ten minutes passed when I heard Jane change the subject to appearance. She was telling the girl how clothes gave people different perceptions about a person.

“Stand up, let me look at you.” Jane told Ashley. “With what your wearing I would say you look young and naïve and would not be able to give me a great deal of help. You don’t look as though you would competent to complete an important job. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t do the job but that is how people would see you.” Ashley asked her what was wrong with her clothes, Jane took a good look at her before replying.

“You don’t have any appeal to people, you clothes are too plain, you need people to want to look at you, feel attracted to you, want to come and be with you. Do you understand.”

“Not really.” Said the puzzled looking girl.

“I try again.” Said Jane and called for me to sit beside her. “Lets get a second opinion.” Ashley looked uncomfortable with me eyeing her up and down, I hoped she couldn’t see how much my cock was pushing through my trousers, I guessed Jane was getting wet between her legs.

It was my turn to talk. “When I walk into an office I feel more relaxed if there is an attractive, sexy woman to greet me, I know it sounds sexist but that’s the way the world is. Your blouse is not right, its fastened too high and it’s a bit to baggy to show off your curves or cleavage.” Ashley was turning red, I could feel the embarrassment radiating from her face. I carried on. “Skirts can be sexy long or short. A long tight one can really show off your shape or a short one can show your legs and really grab a persons attention, yours is somewhere in-between and those woollen tights don’t look good.” I thought Ashley was going to turn and run.

Jane reached behind the settee and retrieved a large bag, which she then handed to the girl and spoke. “I told you I would help as long as you do what I tell you. Lets go and try these clothes on and see if we can change his mind.” Jane smiled at me as Ashley said her thanks for the gift.

When they came back I could tell they had been drinking, Ashley seemed a lot more relaxed and giggly as she came and once again stood in front of me. Ashley does a twirl.

Ashley was now wearing a below the knee, skin tight black, pinstriped skirt, which had a split on the left side, which rose to the top of her stockings, I could see the tiniest glimpse of flesh. Her tight white blouse, enhancing her average sized tits, unbuttoned far enough down to give a nice view of her cleavage. The black high heels made her look taller and the make-up job Jane had done made her a lot more attractive.

Jane throws some papers on floor and asks Ashley to pick them up, then she asks me what I think. I’m now getting a fantastic view of her breasts, I’m brazen and say. “Wow. That’s a massive improvement and your starting to have an affect on me.”

Ashley gives the papers back to Jane , she then picks up her wine and has a big gulp, she’s loving the attention. “What do you mean having an effect on you.” She laughed again.

I stood up. “Look I said pointing down.” I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head, they went so wide. “I did that to you?” She said, she couldn’t be that innocent I thought to myself.

“Sit down and put it away.” Jane laughs and pulls me back down. “You don’t want to scare the girl.” Ashley joins her laughing.

“That’s a good start, sexiness will help you your job. Another way would be to help my husband with his hard-on, after all you made him like that.”

“I don’t know if I can, I have never done anything like that before.” Oh my god was she a virgin.

“Have you never been with a man before.” I asked her, she didn’t speak but shook her head.

Jane butted in. “Remember once you don’t complete a task, I can no longer help you.” She then ordered me to take off my trouser, I did and sat back down. “I want you to wank his cock.”

Ashley nodded and without any further encouragement dropped to her knees. “I might not be very good at this but I’ll try.”.

Her hand looked tiny against my cock, Ashley touched it with apprehension and then cupped her hand around the shaft. Slowly she wanked the flesh up and down, I moved my hips in rhythm with her movements, when Jane spoke again. “Ashley use your mouth I think you will both enjoy it more.” She didn’t have to be asked again and her lips were soon covering the head of my cock. She starts to suck me but by the noises it was more of a slurp that a suck, her teeth were catching flesh and a couple of times I have to stop myself shouting out in pain but I was enjoying every moment. Ashley was very amateurish but it was very, very good.

After a few minutes Jane stopped Ashley and told me to stand up. “Watch me.” Jane said to the girl as she joined her on her knees. “Try and cover your teeth with your lips.” She demonstrated taking three inches of my cock, moving it in and out of her mouth. “You try.” Ashley did, it was so much better, I could tell she wanted to please Jane. “Don’t try to take too much to soon, you need to work your mouth and throat if you want to get it all in.” Ashley was a bit to overenthusiastic and took four inches of my solid cock, it was too much for her and she spat my penis out coughing, Jane reassured her it was alright and we had another glass of wine.

“Would you like to see Ashley’s underwear.” Jane then asked me, yes came my eager reply.

Jane whispers in Ashley’s ear, I can’t hear what’s been said. Ashley stands in front of me and starts to speak. “Do you really want to see what’s under my blouse?” I nod my head, she undoes a button. “Do you want to see my tits trapped in my bra?” I nod again, the bitch is trying to tease me. She undoes the next two buttons. “Do you want to wank over my cleavage?” She opens the last button and removes her blouse, she then squeezes her tits together. “Do you like what you see?” Again I said yes. “I suppose you want to see my panties?” I didn’t have time to answer before her skirt was on the floor.

Ashley stood there in her matching cotton white bra and panties with black spots. – Her tits looked amazing and I could tell from the little bulge in her panties that her pussy was not shaved. With no instruction she again goes to her knees and starts to suck my cock. Jane tells her to use her hand and play with my balls, she does. Ashley continued to suck and play, she had taken half my cock and as I watched her head bobbing and the pressure built in my cock I knew I couldn’t last long.

Jane could tell by my actions I was going to cum but she told Ashley not to stop. Jane tells her to be ready for my ejaculation, I take hold of the girls head, no way was I going to let her stop now. I grunted loud as I started to pump my sperm, I could feel jet after jet leaving my cock, I could hear Ashley gagging slightly and Jane telling her not to swallow any of the semen.

I finally pull my cock from the girls mouth, spunk runs from the corners of her mouth, dripping from her chin

Jane quickly moves to Ashley and kisses her. Jane want to share the cum and Ashley doesn’t object. The kiss lasts for almost a minute and when Jane breaks away she says to me. “Your turn.” I had gotten used to the taste of my own cum and moments later my tongue was in Ashley’s mouth. Ashley was eager to share with me, the kiss was intense, I never wanted it to end but it did.

We again filled our glasses Ashley sat on my knee as we talked, I was already feeling movement again in my cock. Ashley said she like the taste of cum and would love to suck more cock.

Jane told Ashley to stand again and this time for me to remove her bra and panties, she said I could touch and feel Ashley while I was doing it. I stood and walked behind the girl, she was petite. I put my arms around her feeling her breasts through the soft material of her bra. I then fumbled with the clip, eventually releasing her tits and removing the bra. I moved back to her front and stooped to gently suck each erect nipple. and then I knelt down and slowly pulled her panties down. My face was level with a carpet of wispy hair, I don’t think she had ever shaved, it wasn’t thick hair or to long. I couldn’t stop myself and pushed my face against her pussy, her legs parted slightly as my tongue snaked out. From the position I was in I could only make the tip of my tongue come into contact with her cunt but it was enough to taste her, my hands went to her arse as I tried to draw her further in, a soft moan left her lips. The position was impossible, I pulled her round and then pushed her to the sofa. I then parted her legs, I needed to eat her pussy.

I roll the folds of pussy flesh between my lips and then plunge my tongue inside her cunt. I had only lapped a few times when her thighs squeezed my head and she exploded into my mouth. I drank in the taste and aromas of her cum, I was in heaven as I continued to feast.

Ashley looked scared as I moved my cock closer to her cunt, Jane reassured her it would be alright. I could feel her wetness as my cock touched her lips, she was tight, very tight. Ashley tensed as the head of my cock enter her, I could only get an inch inside, too much resistance. I gently rock my cock in and out of her pussy, eventually her cunt relented and slowly began to devour my penis. Finally she took my whole eight inches and I started to fuck her. She was a screamer, every thrust I made brought more gasps and yells. I wanted to fuck Ashley hard and by her movements she was not going to stop me. I was now slamming my cock into the girl without mercy, my balls banging off her arse, her screaming getting louder until her whole body tensed and she let out a mighty wail, she had cum on my cock, I slowed to a stop and withdrew from her pussy.

Jane was like lightning and was down eating Ashley’s cunt before I had made it to my feet. She used tongue and fingers on the girl. Ashley’s moans started again and again she came, Jane lapped up every drop before sharing it with me.

My cock was still raging, I tell Jane to get on the floor, on her back. I then get Ashley on all fours leaning in from Jane’s right side so her mouth can reach my wife’s pussy. I tell Ashley that I am going to fuck her arse, I warn her it will hurt when I push my cock into her virgin hole, she says its alright, that she trusts me, she tells me I can do anything I want to.

I tell Ashley to lick Jane’s bald cunt, she does, Jane immediately starts to moan. I bend down and start to lick Ashley’s arse, its going to need a lot of lubricating if I am going to fit my cock in. Next I insert a finger, it is tight but I managed to get it knuckle deep. I hear Ashley gasping as I start to fuck her hole with my finger. I tell her to do the same to Jane’s cunt.

Jane could hardly feel Ashley’s tiny finger move into her cunt and she told her to try two, then three and then four. Jane was fucking the girls hand and then grabbed Ashley’s thumb, pushing it in beside her fingers, she had taken the whole fist. This was to much for me and I pusher my cock head against the girls arsehole. I didn’t think it would ever go in, I pushed, bucked and forced her muscle but it would not budge. I heard Jane yell as she came on Ashley’s fist, I used all the hardness of my cock and with a mighty thrust pushed through the barrier and in her hole. An unearthly shout left Ashley’s mouth but I didn’t want to lose the momentum and continued to force my cock deeper. Ashley continued to scream and had removed her hand from Jane’s pussy, my cock now pumping away. The tightness of her bowels was to much for my cock and a few strokes later, I filled her with my semen. Ashley was gasping for breath, as was I and we collapsed on top of Jane. For some unknown reason we all rolled around laughing, I could only guess it was the wine.

We all spent the next hour licking and sucking each other, cleaning cum and pussy juice from cock and cunt. We all shared lingering kisses as our fingers explored every hole until finally it was time for Ashley to leave. Jane told her to wear the clothes for work and that she would be taking a lot more cock.

Ashley gave wicked smile as she left.

On the tenth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a reverse gangbang with a group of three.

I took a phone call at work, it was Jane. “Bad news.” She said. “I have to go to a meeting and its an overnight stay, so I cannot be with you tonight. I have arranged a surprise but I wont be there to supervise. You will have to take control.” She hung up, I tried to call her back but she didn’t answer. FUCK.

I arrived home, nobody was there. I take a shower, still no sign of anyone. I make myself a snack and eat it, nothing. I decide to have a lager and watch TV, just as I sit down the doorbell rings, I answer. It’s Sue, the next door neighbour.

“Jane told me to come round for a cuppa.” She said. I explained that Jane had been called away, she said that was alright and she would have a drink with me.

Sue was a good neighbour, always there if Jane needed a chat. She had just turned forty, we attended the party, a nice body but her face was not good looking. Her nose was, to be nice, large, her blonde hair scraggly but her tits were large and well shaped. Surely Jane couldn’t want me to fuck Sue.

We walked into the kitchen, I tell Sue to take a seat, she sits but tentatively, I ask if she is alright. “Yes.” She relies. “But before Jane left she rimmed my arse and stuffed a large butt plug inside, she said you were the only one who could remove it.” I had an instant erection as Sue stood and bent forward, her hands on the table.

Without waiting I move behind Sue and lift her skirt over her arse, she has a nice arse, I drop my trousers and underwear. I had never wanted to fuck Sue but now I wanted to more than anything else. The sight of her white panties, with a hump were her arsehole should be, encouraged my cock to even greater lengths. I quickly pulled them down to reveal the black end of the plug. My hand dropped to her pussy, she was soaking wet, I wanted to fuck her cunt while she still had the plug in her arse.

Sue didn’t object and there was no resistance as the head of my cock entered her cunt, a couple of thrusts and I was ball deep inside this slut. She pushed back towards me, meeting each stokes of my cock, I could feel the hard plastic through the soft tissue between her arse and cunt, she yelped each time I was fully inserted. Minutes later I had to stop, I wanted her arse.

I took hold of the end of the plug and lightly tugged, I was well embedded. Taking a firmer grip I gave it a hard, sustained pull, finally her sphincter relented and the plug started to come out. I couldn’t believe its size, how could she have fit that in her arsehole and still walked. It was about seven inches in length and at least two and a half across, Sue let out a sigh of relief as the last of it left her hole. Her arse didn’t contract, it was gaping open, I had to stick my tongue in, she tasted amazing.

Sue’s arse eats my cock as I fuck her with all my might. I can feel the tension building, I’m again out of control and cannot stop myself, I cum in her arse. Then from nowhere Demi walks in, I pull out of Sue not knowing what to say. Demi pushes me aside and drops to her knees, her mouth spread over Sue’s open arse. Demi looked amazing, all in black, Bra, panties and stocking, She lapped noisily at Sue arse, I could tell Sue was enjoying every moment until Demi left her and stood up, she came over to me.

“I want more.” She said, kissing me deeply, the effect of my own cum and Sue’s arse in my mouth was making my cock grow quickly. She stopped and spoke to me. “Look at my bum.” I did, she also had a butt plug in her arse.

Sue laid on the floor and Demi joined her going down on her cunt, her tight little arse pushed in the air. I wasn’t going to fuck her pussy, I wanted her arsehole. I pulled her panties aside and removed the butt plug, Jane must of bought a job lot, and again easily replaced it with my cock. Again I couldn’t hold back and s soon pumping my meat deep into the girl’s arse.

Demi was moaning and panting loudly but didn’t stop working on Sue’s pussy, I continued to fuck Demi’s stretched hole as hard as was physically possible. The butt plug had opened her so she could easily take my full length. Something caught the corner of my eye, my head spun around, my god, it was Ashley. She walked briskly over to me dressed in all white lingerie.

Ashley bent down and whispered in my ears. “Fill her arse with your spunk so I can lick it all out.” She then kissed me deeply. I had no control and my cock exploded into Demi. I knew I had delivered a large load of cum. I slowly pulled my cock from her arse, Ashley, like lightning, was down on her knees as I stood, my cock didn’t stand a chance and it disappeared down the young woman’s throat. Ashley easily took my shrinking cock, wanting to taste it more than to eat it.

Ashley quickly cleaned of the cum from my shaft and then buried her face into Demi arse. What a sight, Demi eating Sue’s pussy, Ashley eating Demi arse. From Ashley’s position I could see she also had a butt plug and I wanted to join in the action. I pulled Ashley’s soft white panties over her arse and down to her bended knees. The wide flat end of the black plug was resting against the flesh of her bum cheeks. My tongue was soon pushing its was towards her arsehole but the plug end was restricting me. I wanted my tongue in her hole and removed the wedge from her anus, Ashley let out massive sigh of relief. My mouth covered her hole as my tongue probed inside, she tasted really good.

It then came to me, Jane knew I wanted a reverse gangbang, they were all going fuck me, I would fuck them, we all fuck each other. My cock was getting hard again at the thought of all this pussy and arse, when suddenly Ashley spasmed, I push two fingers into her cunt, she was so wet she must have orgasmed. I hear more screams, I guess the others had cum as well. We all collapse into a heap and regain our composure.

My cock is rock hard again, all the girls have discarded their lingerie and we are all now naked. I sit and Ashley joins me pushing her arsehole onto my cock and without my resistance she began to sink down until she had taken my whole shaft. Slowly she works my cock with her hole, sliding up and down, Sometimes all the way up, sometimes only half way but at the end of each stroke she was fully embedded on my cock.

I hadn’t took much notice what had been going on around me and was shocked when I saw Sue and Demi both wearing massive strap-on’s. They were kissing and fondling each others breasts, then they stood watching Ashley fucking me.

“Lets see how much of a slut Ashley really is.” Sue said to Demi.

Sue moved in front of Ashley, pushing her back onto my chest, my cock seemed to go even deeper inside the girl. My view was obstructed but I could feel the huge rubber cock penetrate Ashley’s pussy lips and push into her cunt. There was no way she could take both dicks. Sue was determined to fuck Ashley hard, Ashley started to scream out, I couldn’t move.

“Shut her up.” Sue ordered Demi, Demi did as she was told and forced her strap-on into Ashley’s mouth. Furious gagging, chocking and drooling followed. And the way Sue was thrusting, I guessed Ashley’s cunt had taken the fake cock. Every time Demi removed her cock from Ashley’s mouth I heard her gasp for air and beg them to stop before the sounds started again and her head banged against my shoulder.

“That’s enough.” Sue shouted. “Now do it to him.” This couldn’t be real, she wasn’t going to fuck my mouth.

I can see Demi has an evil grin on her face as she pushes the head of the cock between my lips, it is wide and stretches my mouth to its limit. She swiftly pushes it deeper, I cant take it and try to move my head but it trapped against the back of the sofa. Demi wont stop and pushes in another inch, there is no room in my throat for me to gag or even to breath, she pushes in more of the cock, I almost pass out but know I will have my revenge.

Demi then slowly pulls it out. “Do you like that you cunt.” She says to me. “Now you know what it is like to have a fat cock stuffed down your throat.” Without giving me chance to reply she starts to thrust into my mouth.

Demi spends the next few minutes fucking my face, the saliva pours from my mouth, the gagging noises getting louder, I think I was start to enjoy what she was doing to me and I knew I would do it to her later. Sue was still fucking Ashley, my cock still buried in her arse. My cock soon fill Ashley’s bowels with my sperm and by the noises she was making she had had a massive orgasm.

We stopped and all had a drink, all the girls looking totally fuckable, it didn’t take me long to recover and the worried look on Demi face told me she knew it as time for me to take revenge. I get Demi onto her knees and taking a fistful of hair in each hand, I push my cock into her mouth. I fucked Demi’s face without inhibition, slamming my cock in as hard as was possible, ignoring the pain I was causing her, ignoring her screams. I looked over and Ashley was doing the same to Sue. I came loudly, roaring as I pump jet after jet of hot cum deep into Demi’s throat. I hold my cock as far as it will go into her mouth. Demi’s body is jerking as she tries to struggle, her eyes looking at me pleading but I wont relent until finally I feel her starting to go limp. I withdraw and she is gasping for breath, she might think twice before she tries to face fuck me again but I hoped not.

I was exhausted as the girls dressed and said their goodbyes, Demi and Ashley left hand in hand, I’m sure their night was not over, Sue kissed me deeply, squeezing my deflated cock, She then left.

“I’ll see you again.” Was all she said, I still don’t know how Jane talked her into it.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a strap-on bitch to fuck me in my arse.

I was exhausted when I returned home from work, the past ten days were starting to take their toll on my body. I entered the front door but before I could move, my head was covered and everything went dark. I could only guess it was some sort of bag that was causing my blindness and as a knew Jane would have a slut for me I played along with the game.

I could feel two pairs of hands on my body as my clothes were being ripped away, I could hear cloth tearing and buttons popping. I was soon stood there naked, except for the bag. My hands were roughly pulled behind my back and I could feel them being secured tightly with a rope.

A hand grabbed the shaft of my cock, I knew it wasn’t Jane’s it felt too small, and pulled me forward. I yelped out, the hand pulled me a little to hard.

“Shut the fuck up.” A voice spoke, I knew the voice but couldn’t place who’s it was. Suddenly the hand twisted my cock causing me to shout out again.

“I told you to shut the fuck up.” A hand smashed against my left cheek. The pain stung across my face as I struggled to free my hands from the rope but it was to tight, I was helpless.

“I will fucking kill you when I get out this.” I screamed out, again a hand struck my face, then I was brutally pulled forward again by my penis.

A few more steps and I was brought to a halt and the bag was removed from my head. I looked at the little blonde slut in front of me, it was Nikki, Jane’s best friend. I knew Nikki was a dirty bitch, always wanting to try something new. Many nights when Nikki had visited I listened to her and Jane talk openly about Nikki’s sex life. Nikki was twenty seven and had the perfect model body, a body any man would desire. Nikki wasn’t shy and was proud of what she had done, I don’t think there was much she hadn’t.

Nikki always teased me in front of Jane, telling me how much she would love to fuck my cock and the perverted things she would do to me in bed and after the teasing the two of them always roared with laughter at my bulging hard on but it was never taken any further, with the one exception, when we had once shared a caravan with her. That night Nikki and Jane consumed a massive amount of wine and they had given me a drunken blowjob, I still wank over that night when I had filled Nikki’s mouth with cum and she shared it with Jane.

I couldn’t see Jane she must be behind me but I heard her voice. “I know that every time I touch your arse you get a good sensation, you cock gets a little harder and you fuck me more intensely. So even though you may think this is not one of your fantasies, I know it is.”

“Do you like this you bastard?” Nikki bawled out, roughly rubbing her hands across my face, squashing my nose from side to side. “Answer me you cunt.” She screams at me and spits in my face.

“Fuckoff.” Was all I could think to say, my mind was racing, were was this going?

Nikki slaps my face hard again, I yell out but she has no mercy, she grabs my hair and as I try to shout she again spits but this time it goes past my lips and into my mouth.

“Jane told me you liked being a twat to all the sluts she give to you, Now its your turn bitch.” I wanted to murder her but my cock was bigger than it had ever been. Jane comes into sight and pulls up Nikki’s flared blue dress to reveal that she is wearing a ten inch strap-on. Nikki continues to taunt me. “I am going to stretch your arse when I ram my cock into you, I am going to fuck your hole until you pass out.” She slaps me again. “Bend over bitch.”

I knew Nikki was a bit extreme when it came to sex but I would never of guessed that this good natured, petite woman could be so dominant. I refused to do what she said and remained bolt upright. Before I knew what was happening her foot had made contact with my testicles. I only had time to yelp before I fell to the floor. Nikki was instantly in front of me forcing her rubber cock into my mouth. She pushed it in and held it there as she spoke.

“Next time I tell you to do something, you will do it fast or I will fucking choke you with this cock.” I needed to breathe, I couldn’t answer her or move my head. I felt a great sense of relief when she finally withdrew from my mouth and with Jane’s help they pulled me back to my feet, my face was burning, my balls were throbbing.

Nikki didn’t care, she grabbed my cock, pulling the foreskin back as far as it would go and with her other hand slapped the end hard. I was going to shout but I knew that would only get me another hit, I bit my lip and remained quiet.

“Good boy.” Nikki said to me. “You can have a treat.” She dropped to her knees and took half my rigid cock in her mouth. She started to suck, it felt so good, then without warning she bit hard into my flesh. I couldn’t stop myself, I screamed out tears in my eyes, I was sure my cock was bleeding. Then she bit again, another scream left my mouth. Nikki bit me three more times, I reacted the same with each one.

“Did you like your treat?” She asked me. Shit if that was what I got as a treat I didn’t want a punishment so I nodded.

Nikki moved behind me, slapping and squeezing my arse cheeks, I still had no idea what was going on but I knew it was going to be rough. Suddenly I can feel a finger working its way towards my virgin arsehole, the finger doesn’t stop and pushes inside me and slowly starts to fuck my hole.

“Is this how you did it to Beth the other night or were you a lot rougher.” Nikki jammed her finger deep in my arse, as far as it would go. “Well I’m not going to be gentle with you, I am going to fuck your arse hard, I want to make you suffer.” She then tells me to get on my knees. I look at Jane before I comply, her panties are around her ankles and she is furiously rubbing her pussy.

Nikki pushes me forward so my face is on the floor, my arse stuck up in the air. I feel her hands part my arse cheeks, exposing my defenceless hole. I’m anticipating the cock entering me, I’m ready for the pain but it doesn’t come, instead I feel Nikki’s soft tongue push its way inside my arse. There was no pain only extreme pleasure. Nikki’s hand came around, taking hold of my cock and wanked me as her tongue continued with its work.

It didn’t last long enough, I wanted to cum but she wasn’t going to let me yet. Jane yelled out loud, I had forgotten about her wanking in the chair. Nikki stood and quickly made her way to Jane, I couldn’t get up but managed to move slightly to see what was going on. Nikki had shed her dress, now wearing only her underwear. Her bra and panties seemed to be black silk. Her head was buried between Jane’s spread legs, Jane was gasping, Nikki seemed to be good at every sexual act.

Nikki left Jane’s pussy, her face glistening with my wife’s juices. “Because I’m in a good mood I’m going to lubricate my cock with you wife’s cunt juice.” Nikki slams her cock deep into Jane’s pussy, Jane yells out in ecstasy as Nikki continues to pump her with the solid ten inches. The share a kiss before Nikki removes her cock. “Your turn.” She says to me, an evil grin on her face.

I feel the head of her cock pushing against my arse muscle, Jane’s cum making the entry easier but the hurt Nikki was causing me was immense. I knew she was not going to be gentle but it took me by surprise when she thrusts the whole ten inches into my arse. I almost passed out with the excruciating pain. Without pausing she began to fuck me intensely, slamming her cock without any thought of mercy into my ever expanding hole. I could hear her heavy breathing as she was working up a sweat. The pain I was feeling was now turning to pleasure. I wanted more ,I wanted this girl to take me to new heights.

“Harder, fuck me harder.” I begged Nikki, she did her best to oblige.

I was about to cum when the bitch pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty, was this the end of my arse fucking? I didn’t need to worry, Nikki released the ropes from my arms and flipped me onto my back, pushing my legs in the air. She quickly re-entered the cock into me and I again screamed out in pleasure. I don’t know how she’s managing to do it but Nikki has the cock deep in my arse, fucking me like a stream train, while her had is furiously wanking my cock.

I cannot stop myself, the pressure in my cock had built to a crescendo, I explode, my cum shoots length of my body, the first stream hits my chin, the large amount soon running down to my neck. Nikki kept on pounding my arse, The second jet fired straight into my mouth, I tried to spit it out but there was to much and it started running down my throat. The third and fourth landing across my face, it seems like I will cum forever. Then finally the last left a trail from my chest to my cock.

Nikki stopped fucking me and started to pull out, I realised that I didn’t want her to, I loved having my arse fucked but before I could say anything the cock was gone. Nikki was soon licking my stomach, her tongue tracing its way up my chest, devouring every drop of cum. Until finally her lips met mine, she stared into my eyes, she knew I wanted more but so did she, she wanted my cum, Nikki was now eagerly lapping at my face and neck, sucking in every morsel till she collapsed on top of me, Jane soon joined us and we all kissed and cuddled.

“Next time you can fuck me.” Nikki said before she left.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, her sister to fulfil my fantasy

We woke early on Christmas day, I was always excited and loved to open presents. The last one I opened was a cock ring. I want you to use that today on our last slut, it will make your cock even bigger.

She then shocked me. “I know you have always wanted to fuck my sister, I have seen you staring at her arse, trying to look at her cleavage whenever she bends. I know its one of your fantasies while you are fucking my cunt and arse, I know you sometimes wish it was her. Well, Emma, Paul and Ann are Cumming for dinner today.” I didn’t know what to say, had I been that obvious that I wanted to fuck Emma,. Jane just smiled.

All our guests arrived and we settled in the living room, the alcohol was soon flowing, the atmosphere full of merriment. Jane said she had to pop around an elderly neighbours to check she was alright, she said she wouldn’t be to long but Joyce could talk for England.

We continued the celebration after Jane had left, my gaze was mainly aimed at Emma. Jane’s blonde sister was no virgin, her tight body had been with plenty of men since I had known her. She seemed to change boyfriends every couple of months, never finding the right one to settle down with.

Emma says she needs to pee, I watch her tight arse as she disappears upstairs to the toilet. I know that this might be my only chance to get her alone, so I make an excuse to leave the room and follow Emma upstairs. I move towards the toilet door, it is pushed over but not fully closed, I can hear Emma pissing. This may backfire but I had no other choice if I wanted my slut fuck today.

I dropped my trousers and kicked them away, then I pulled my cock free from my boxer shorts. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, as I entered I closed the door behind me. Emma face was a picture of shock and she moved her hands to shield her pussy from my view but I had already had a sneak peek. No stopping, I moved to Emma, my cock in hand, before she had chance to say a word my cock was pushing against her lips. This was it my twelfth slut! A long moment passed then I felt the warmness of her breath on the end of my cock, this was followed by the feeling of her soft lips parting and her mouth slowly moving along my shaft.

I didn’t rush Emma let her take her time. She was good using her tongue to work on my sensitive zones. I noticed her peeing had stopped as she used her hand along with her mouth. Her actions were speeding up, she was having a major effect on me and I knew I would soon cum. Not wanting to yet I had to pull away.

“I want to fuck you Emma.” Was all I said to her, pulling her from the seat and into the bedroom, next door. I quickly removed her skirt, her panties were still around her ankles. We fell onto the bed kissing, I couldn’t wait, I rolled on top of Emma, my cock quickly finding its way through the folds of her cunt lips and into her wet and sticky canal.

I started to fuck her slowly, continuing the kiss, I had fantasised about this for too long to rush. Emma responded, gyrating her hips against my pelvis. Emma was starting to quietly moan, I was having to hold myself back, the cum was building as the pressure increased.

I rolled over, pulling Emma with me, keeping my cock deep inside. Now on top Emma again started to work her hips, she was leaning forward, her tits pressing into my chest through her tight top, my arms were around her neck.

“What the fuck is going on?” Paul burst into the room. “You bastard that’s my sister.”

I kept a tight hold of Emma pulling her tight into me, she was unable to move. I had to think quick. I looked up at my Brother-in-Law. “What’s wrong Paul, I’m only doing what you have dreamed of doing for years. I’ve seen you looking at her arse every time she gets up and I saw you looking at her tits every time she bends over. I know you want to fuck her more than I do and I want to fuck her a lot.” Paul’s face beamed a beetroot red, I knew I was right so I carried on. “Do you like to see your sister with a big cock stuffed up her pussy?” I thrust my hips up, arching my back. “Is her arsehole wide open? I bet you would love to fuck her arse now, wouldn’t you?” I didn’t need an answer, the bulge in his pants told me all I need to know. “Emma cannot move, I have hold of her tight, so if you want to stick your cock in your sisters tight hole, now’s your chance, you may never get it again.”

Paul’s mind was instantaneously made up, his trousers were gone in a flash and I lost sight of him as he moved behind Emma. I didn’t know how Emma was going to react, being arse fucked by her Brother. I slightly released my grip and she looked into my eyes, the grin on her face told me that she wanted to fuck Paul as much as he wanted to fuck her.

Emma suddenly gasped, I knew Paul was trying to enter her, then I could feel his cock rubbing against mine through the thin membrane between her pussy and arse. The sensation of his cock pushing deep into Emma’s bowels almost sent me over the edge. Paul started to bang his sisters arse, he showed no love or compassion as he pummelled her hard. Tears were running down Emma’s face but I could tell she didn’t want the fucking to stop. I was unable to move but the anal pounding Paul was giving Emma’s arse was forcing her pussy to bounce up and down the shaft of my cock. I was at my end and my cock burst into life, spewing its seed deep into Emma’s cunt, seconds later I head paul grunt and knew he had done the same in her arse.

I felt the weight of Paul lift off his sister and Emma rolled off me, her eyes were still dilated with the pleasure she had just received. I could see traces of cum leaking from her cunt and arse when an idea struck me.

I grabbed Emma’s legs and rolled her up, her arse and pussy in the air, her knees bent towards her head. I turned to Paul. “I want you to get your wife up here and I want her to clean your cum out of your sisters arse with her tongue.”

“No way, no fucking chance is Ann going to know about this.” He didn’t know what a slut his own wife was and as I heard no objection from Emma, I was going to have some fun,

“Not only is Ann going to know about it, if you don’t get her up here now Councillor Stevens, all your colleagues at the town hall may have some new gossip.”

Paul was fuming, I thought his head was going to explode with anger but he knew he had no choice, he swiftly pulls on his pants and disappears downstairs. Emma tells me how excited she is, she has never had her arse rimmed and had never had any form of sexual contact with another woman.

Paul returns a minute later with Ann in tow, as they enter the room I could see Ann’s face was a mixture of surprise and confusion.

“Tell her, Tell her what you have done.” I almost shouted at Paul. He was silent. “Come on tell your wife how you have just fucked your sisters arse and filled it with your dirty cum.” He still didn’t say a word.

I knew Ann for the slut that she was but it was obvious her husband didn’t, she gave me a look and I wordlessly replied she was going to play along if I didn’t reveal her secrets.

Ann now had a look of despair on her face as she spoke. “You, you fucked that slut, she is your sister you dirty bastard.” Ann slaps his face hard.

I look at Paul and quietly say to him. “You know what you have to do.”

Ann’s still ranting at Paul and attempts to strike him again but he catches her arm and spins her round so her back is towards him. He then grabs a handful of her hair. “Yes I fucked her arse, it was fantastic, I enjoyed every second of it and the I filled her with my cum and now your going to clean it all out of her.” Ann screamed as Paul bent her forward and forced his wife’s face into his sister leaking arsehole. Ann tried to struggle but her husbands grip was firm. “Get it all out you fucking bitch.” He screamed at his wife. I couldn’t see what Ann’s mouth was doing but the expression on Emma’s face said it was good.

I moved behind Ann and pulled her skirt up, rubbing my hands over her arse cheeks, this seemed to wind Paul up even more but he didn’t object. I then push my hands between Ann’s legs, I can feel how wet her pussy was through her soaked panties. I knew she was a dirty cunt but she must be loving this.

“That’s enough.” I said to Paul. “She must have got all that spunk by now.” He let go of Ann’s hair and I removed my hand from her cunt. Ann looked at me and smiled before looking at Paul with a frown.

Paul turned to go. “She’s done what you wanted we are leaving.”

“You are not going anywhere you fucking dickhead until I tell you that you can. Do you fucking understand me?” He stopped in his tracks. “You have just fucked your sisters arse and then forced your wife to suck your cum from her arsehole and you think you can walk away as if nothing has happened, you fucking moron.” Paul now looked shocked, he was like a rabbit trapped in headlights. “You have always wanted to eat your sisters cunt, I bet you have wanked about her more times than I can count. Get over hear and you can fucking lick my cum from Emma’s pussy.” I knew he wouldn’t do it without further persuasion. “Or I will get my fucking phone and let Jane know what the fuck you have been doing.” Ann was beaming, this was her revenge on her husband.

With trepidation he bent forward, his mouth slowly making its way to Emma’s gaping cunt. He knew he had no choice and took a breath before diving in. Again Emma’s face told me he was doing it good.

Knowing that her husband cannot see her Ann drops to her knees and pushes her mouth over my cock, forcing as much in as she could. Paul continued to eat his sister, by the hardness in his pants he must be enjoying it. Ann mouth is working like a jackhammer and within a minute a deposit a load on sperm in her mouth, she stands and share it with me, the kiss lasted almost as long as the blowjob. Emma squealed out in delight, her brother had made her cum..

We all dressed and made our way back to the living room, were I poured drinks. I told everyone Jane would be home soon and that they had all better enjoy the rest of the day.

We were sat in relative silence, the only sound was the TV. Suddenly we herd the front door slam, Jane was home. She came bounding in, full of Christmas cheer. “What’s up with you lot?” She said jovially, no one spoke.

I looked around everyone, nobody was going to speak, so I broke the silence.” Hi love, did you get Joyce sorted.”

“Yes everything is done, I can now settle down and enjoy the day. What have you been up to.” I could see the look of fear on everyone’s face as I poured my wife a drink and replied.

“Just the usual darling, I fucked your sisters pussy while your brother fucked her arse until we filled her full of cum. Then Ann cleaned the cum out of her arse, after that Paul licked my cum out of his sisters cunt while I face fucked his wife and pump my sperm down her throat.” They were all speechless, no one had expected me to tell Jane.

Jane had a look of disgust on her face, they were all waiting for her to explode but she kept her voice calm as she began to speak. “How could you, how could you all come to my house on Christmas day and fuck each other.” They were all getting ready to defend themselves as she continued. “Without me being involved,”

I suddenly realised Jane has set this all up so she can fuck her brother and sister.

The look of relief on their face was priceless a Jane shrugged out of her dress and moved over to sit between Emma and Paul. “I so glad you two got it together, I know you have wanted to fuck for a long time and so have I.”

Jane turned and kissed Emma, her had dropping to Paul’s lap, caressing his swollen penis. She then kissed Paul and again back to Emma. The three of them undressed and caressed each other while me and Ann each sat in one of the chairs and enjoyed the show.

Emma and Jane both sucked Paul’s cock, then Paul licked their cunts in turn, then the girls tongue fucked each others pussy’s. My cock was at bursting point watching the siblings sexual activity, I looked over to Ann, it seemed to be having the same effect on her.

I moved to Ann and quickly removed her clothes and then mine. I quickly manoeuvred her into a sixty-nine position and munched on her delicious wet cunt as she throated my cock. I didn’t care what Jane and her family were doing, I was having my pleasure with Ann, she was such a dirty little slut.

The room was filled with moans and groans, I could her people having multiple orgasms but all my attention was on Ann, I sucked her arsehole before fucking it hard and then her pussy was given the same treatment. Ann rimmed my arse, sucked my cock, licked my balls and we finished with her on top of me, her expanded arsehole banging my cock ball deep, until I filled her bowels with cum. Exhausted I sat back into the chair and Ann cuddled into me, we again watched the sex that was happening, we knew the brother and his sisters had waited a long time for this and were going to make it last as long as possible.

I must have nodded off and when I woke they were all gone, there was only Jane. She came over and kissed me before saying. “Merry Christmas, I can’t wait for the New Year’s party.”

Home for the summer, well part of it anyway, and boy was it hot out. I’d forgot how humid it got at home compared to at school. Just over 80˚ and it was sweltering, too hot to do work without dripping in sweat. But the lawn at home grew so fast, unless it was mowed once a week it got entirely out of hand and the mower would jam on all the grass.

I always mowed barefoot; it felt so much more comfortable than wearing shoes or sandals so my feet always got rather green after several hours of mowing. Today I was listening to the Invisible Man. It gave me something to do rather than just pace. The invisible man is a prick; he took stray cats and experimented on them until he made one invisible, then rather than pay rent he turned himself invisible. Arrogant as they come he assumed he was now invincible and went out in the world naked only to discover it was cold and people didn’t avoid invisible people. So he had to clothe himself pretending to be a burn victim while he tried to become visible once again. He soon ran out of money and eventually turned to crime, again believing he was invincible tried to instill a ‘reign of terror’ and ended up getting killed.

I stopped when the book finished and happened to be in the northwest corner of the yard next to our trampoline. Despite the weather over the years it was still in good condition, no doubt protected some by the pine trees that surrounded it. I swept the needles off and lay down, it really was hot out and I was in no hurry to finish the lawn. So many times did I lie on this trampoline and stare at the clouds pass overhead. The trees shaded the trampoline so other than a small window from eleven to noon the sun didn’t shine on the trampoline directly so it was cool in the shade. I could still do all the tricks I taught myself on it, flips forward and back, aerials, donuts, kip ups, and all the best spots to get the most spring.

My sister was a gymnast for a while and while I never really got a chance to be one, we practiced together and I could do everything she could except touch my toes. I was just considering bouncing around for a while despite the heat when I heard someone walking up.

“So you’re back for the summer too?”

It was Lydia my neighbor. I never really got to know her very well. She only lived on the other side of a small forest between our house and the road but I rarely saw her. We didn’t go to the same school and the trees were more than enough to completely block the view from our house to theirs. She must have heard the mower and come to see who was mowing or something. I wasn’t complaining. Lydia was a year younger than me, between my sister and me and the last time I saw her was probably between eleventh and twelfth grade and she was very wiry then. Since then she had stayed very lean but her chest had filled out some and her hair was smoother than before.

“Yeah, got back last week actually. Where did you end up going?”

“The U of M, I didn’t want to be far from home.”

“How do you like it?”

“Fine, I guess. I’m glad its over though, now I can work on my tan without having to study.”

I couldn’t help but think how I would like to see her lay out tanning. Her shirt was so tight and I could make most of the features on her body and that there was no bra line.

“Well you can tan right here if you want, I just finished mowing that part of the lawn, the grass is very soft.”

“Alright, why not.”

She pulled out her iPod and lay down in the grass. I stood up from the trampoline and walked back to the mower. It was odd seeing Lydia like this, she very rarely came over, let alone of her own volition. In fact the last time it was for a neighborhood party. We both played on the trampoline at that party. She was amazingly tough; we got rather brutal in our “fights” on the trampoline, winner was the last one standing. I remembered actually kicking her full in the chest and even winded she still refused to let me win. Blood was about the only thing that stopped us, and not just a bloody nose. It was a little hard to imagine that the babe tanning on the lawn was the same tough girl from that party. After an hour or so I finished mowing the lawn and walked back over to Lydia.

She asked as I walked up, “you remember when we fought on this as kids? What did we call them?”

“I think they were Cheeto Championships or something stupid like that.”

“They were really fun, no one plays that hard with me.”

“Yeah, you were really tough back then.”

“What do you mean back then?”

“You still think you could play?”

“Play, I’d win just like I did then.”

“Oh, really. That sounds like a challenge to me.”

We both got on the trampoline and bounced around a little warming up. I definitely sank deeper than I did when I was younger, the trampoline might too have gotten weaker.

“Same rules as before?” I asked.

“No leaving and first to be down for more than 3 bounces loses.”


Lydia did not waist any time and got a good bounce going and started to time her bounces to draw strength from mine and make mine weaker. Straight attacks were used but this was a game of timing, pull their feet as they bounce to high so they can’t land, absorb their bounce so they crumple on landing, even change direction and force them off balance. Lydia now had a new advantage, as I was sure she was aware. Her unbound tits bounced with each jump and I was all too fascinated with their progress.

“Your timing is off, you distracted by something,” she said as she bounced close to me.

“Only lulling you into a false sense of security.”

“Really?” she landed in a squat and absorbed her jump just as I fell into her trap. She absorbed the force of my fall as I landed and she took all my power and launched into the air causing me to stumble and almost fall, “see I thought that was something you avoid.”

Damn she bested me; even with my weight advantage she stole my jump. I would have to get her back for that. She was jumping too high and her jumps were easy to time as she had so little control on her fall. I moved so I was right in front of her and grabbed her legs pulling them up as we went in the air, forcing her to land on her back. Then landing about the same time I squatted to absorb my landing and she bounced back up into my forearm as I planned. Her body wrapped around my arm and she dropped back to the trampoline.

“Ahhhhuhh, my stomach. I’m done, pick me up.”

Great now I’ve done it, I basically beat up a hot chick into leaving. I reached out to grab her hand but before I knew what was happening she was pulling me down into her foot. I had barley enough time to twist and keep from being kicked in the groin before she flipped me over and hopped up.

“The pathetic sissy girl, works ever time.”

Okay now I was pissed, she only got to play cry wolf one time. Next time she will have wished otherwise.

Prancing around she taunted, “You know I think we should raise the stakes. When I win, you have to mow my lawn too.”

“And what about when I do?”

“That’s easy, you don’t.”

As we circled each other I knew what I wanted to win. This tough little girl was going to be my prize. She was wearing dark blue shorts; higher than her knees but not overly short they nonetheless hugged her ass and I wanted a piece. As we passed close I smacked her ass. She didn’t comment but I saw her close her eyes and her head leaned back as I hit and she inhaled. I timed the jump and stole her jump smacking and lifting her ass as I launched into the air.

“You naughty boy, you keep spanking me and I haven’t even done anything wrong.”

“Its cause you like it.”

This time I pushed her chest making sure each hand came into contact with her tits. She fell from the force of the push but got right back up. It must have hurt but she showed no signs of pain as usual. Rather she jumped at me and tried to push me over. I countered by catching her, falling backward, and bouncing back up and spinning her so her back was to me. Grabbing both her tits I said in her ear, “you can’t help but throw yourself at me, can you?” and threw her away. She rolled and got back up, her face slightly red.

We circled again and this time she came from above feet first. Managing to dodge I reached up and grabbed her shirt so I pulled it with me and as she fell and I bounced up. She was not prepared for this at all so I pulled her shirt right up over her head and off her arms. Tossing it on to the lawn I turned to her and said, “whoops, I guess that fell off the trampoline. If you want you can surrender and get it.”

“I’m not going to let you win like that cheater. You took it off you go get it.”

“Well I like it off, and if you won’t get it I guess the game continues.”

I sprung at her and again pushed her down feeling her soft tits against my palms as I forced her down. She got up and took a deep breath, as I must have knocked the wind out of her. She bounced around, her tits bouncing with her. I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched her. I smacked her ass again, she moaned aloud this time but I soon found out it was too effective a distraction and doing a backflip over me she kicked my back and forced me down.

“Can’t focus with a sexy little college chick bouncing around can you? I guess you will just be stuck mowing my lawn wishing you had this.”

Nothing hurt other than my pride I jumped back up. Yes I was going to have her all right; this little bitch was going to be mine. But first she had to learn her place.

I circled so she had her back to me bouncing around her so she could not face me. Jumping forward I grabbed her again pressing my body to her still bouncing I held her body. My hand was on her tit and my other hand pulled on her crotch pulling her into my cock.

“Actually I am going to have you. But you’re going to beg for it first.”

“I won’t beg.”

“Won’t you?”

I slid my hand inside her shorts and grabbed her panties. We had slowed our bounce and jumping suddenly I lifted her panties up pulling them into her pussy.

“If you won’t beg you will jump.”

Stopping myself I lifted her panties pulling now with both hand lifting her almost off the ground and forcing her to jump. When she fell back down they pulled on her and made her cry out.

“Jump again, this pussy is mine and I want to all warmed up.”

Again she was forced to jump to relive the pressure only to have it spike as she came back down. Again she cried out body recoiling from the shock.

“Is that all you got, I got better wedgies in grade school.”

I severely doubted this but I did my best to lift her off the ground and by jumping, managed to so. This made her winch and moan.

“Time to take off those little shorts off unless you want to keep jumping?”

She unbuttoned her shorts and they slid down and she kicked them off the trampoline near her shirt.

“That’s right, my little slut. For being such a good little slut you get to jump again.”

I pulled up and she jumped and as she came back down I jumped to maximize the force on her. I could actually feel the panties tear some as she landed and Lydia cried out again tears now in her eyes.

“Does it hurt, here let me rub it, it will feel better soon.”

I slid my hand over her pussy and massaged her outer lips. She moaned again winching and her head fell back on my shoulder. Massaging her lips for only a few seconds I pulled her panties out of the way and pushed my fingers inside her. Lydia started to move her ass sliding it along my cock and pushing my fingers deeper in her wet pussy. Pulling hard on her tit one last I moved my hand to her throat. Squeezing I restricted her air and pulled her close to me, with my fingers I moved faster and rougher bouncing slightly from the force.

Despite the muffling from her throat being restricted she made out, “You’re going to make me cum … don’t stop.”

“I didn’t hear you ask permission,” and I tightened my grip on her neck, again increasing my tempo on her pussy.

“Mmmh,” she managed through my chock hold, “let me hhhh cum.”

I slowed my fingers and she moaned trying to rub her pussy on my fingers, “what’s the magic word?”

“Please. Please don’t stop I’m so close.”

“That’s getting better.”

“Please, sir. Please let me cum.”

“Good girl.” With this I threw her back down. “Now undo my pants and suck my cock.”

She looked back at me and stood up. “You prick I was going to cum and you stopped.”

I slapped her face and she fell back to the ground. “You will cum when I tell you too cum. Right now I said suck my cock.”

Face red either from my slap or embarrassment she crawled over and started to undo my pants. My cock was rock hard and popped right out when she pulled my boxers down. Without further hesitation she put her whole mouth over my head and sucked on it. Her tongue rolled around and she even grabbed her tit as she sucked the head.

“Now that’s better, ahhh yes suck that cock.”

I ran my fingers through her hair feeling the smoothness against my hand. Reaching the back of her head I started to apply pressure and forced her lower on my cock. I kept pushing and her head sank lower and lower on my cock. She wasn’t even resisting now and I felt my cock on her throat. I was now pulling her hair to keep myself sane, she started to gag but still did not push back. I sank my cock all the way in balls pressing against her chin and held her there. Her hand was on her pussy and her other pulling on her tit. I quickly pulled out of her off my cock, strings of saliva hanging from the tip and she gasped for air, chest heaving.

I circled around her running my hand through her glorious hair. Yanking back on it I pulled her head so it was vertical. I slapped her face with my cock.

“You suck cock good, but I want to see you play with yourself more. Cum for me while I fuck your face.”

Forcing my cock back down her throat I set my balls on the bridge of her nose pushed her down into the trampoline making her bounce back on to my cock. Already she was gagging but her hand was squeezing her nipple so hard her gingers were white and her hand was inside her pussy. Still she didn’t push back, her body was gyrating and she was moaning around my cock. I pulled out and rubbed my cock all over her face. Pushing it back in I slapped her face again.

“I told you to cum for me. I’m not going to take this out until I see you cum.”

This seemed to excite her more than anything so far so I drove into her even harder. Her tits were bouncing all over the place and her hand was soaked from her pussy juices. Suddenly she was screaming around my cock and the trampoline was wet a she sprayed it. Yanking my cock out I slapped her again.

“Look what you did now. You got the trampoline all wet.” I forced her down, “lick this shit up.”

Walking around her she seductively licked up her juices. She wasn’t just tough; she really liked it rough. Walking around her I took off my sweaty shirt and rolled it up, ready to snap it like a towel.

“Please Sir, I’m licking, I’m licking, don’t you like my ass in the air like this.”

“You are enjoying this too much I think, clearly this is not a punishment enough so I though you could use some encouragement to wipe that ridiculous smile off your face.”

I smacked her testing to see how hard she could take it and she merely squeaked out a moan of pleasure. Swinging back I smacked again much harder, and leaving a painful looking red slash. She moaned again.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

I snapped her again on the other cheek and she pushed her ass up at me.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

This time I snapped her tit and caused it to swing back and forth under her. This actually caused her to inhale but she continued in the same tone.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

Exploiting her visible unease I snapped the same exact spot on her tit harder this time. Her response was a bit more biting this time.

“THAnk you sir, may I have another.”

Moving to her other side I snapped her again on the other tits aiming for the nipple. Before she could respond I rushed in close and pulled on her nipple.

“I don’t appreciate this attitude, you are enjoying this still. How am I to punish such a naughty girl?”

I stood and lifted her panties pulling on her so hard her knees came of the ground. I dragged her across the trampoline and throwing her down I straddled her almost naked body. Sitting my full weight on her she looked up and me and giggled.

“Are you going to ravage me now big boy?”

I slapped her face again and she just smiled.

“I said you were going to beg for it and I meant it. But I’m only human and I admit that these tits you have been taunting me with need attention.”

I took her hands and tied them behind her head with my shirt to the pole.

Grabbing my shorts and making sure to rub my cock all over her face in the process I reached into the pocket. Inside I pulled out a small fishing packet, full of line, lures, weights, and hooks. This actually caused a flicker of fear in her eyes. Seeing this I pulled the largest hook out on a small amount of string and swung it in front of her.

“What’s that I see, is our tough little girl afraid of a little piece of metal. You’re wearing earrings after all. What could there to be afraid of? Your nipples would look good with a ring, or a lure even; you could really tease the boys then. No, well maybe your clit, I hear girls have orgasms getting it pierced.”

She was clearly uncomfortable now wiggling around under my weight.

“Going somewhere? I seem to remember you trying to get me to, what’s the word, ah yes, ravage you only moments ago.”

Bending down I suddenly took her nipple and bit it and grasped a full of her other breast in my hand. She moaned and inhaled now I wasn’t sitting on her chest. I sucked it as hard as I could into her mouth. Her tits were very soft and I could pull them very far from her chest. The more rough I was with her the more Lydia seemed to squirm and moan. I was unrelenting; I sucked, pinched, bit, squeezed, slapped and fondled her tits until she gave in.

“Oh my god, my pussy is dripping. Play with it please I am so close.”

I paid no attention to her and continued to play with her nipples, until I reached over and grabbed some fishing line. Wrapping one nipple I pulled and Lydia squealed in pain as I cinched it tight.

“I see I am finally getting through, not so tough are we.”

Pulling on her nipple with the line I pulled her tit over and Lydia tried to roll with my pull. I stopped her and held her down with my hand. Grabbing the other nipple I tied another knot trapping it. Forming a loop I made it so the two were connected by one piece of line. I yanked on the line and it gave the desired effect.

“Oh my god! Fuck me fuck me fuck me! My nipples can’t take anymore. I want you inside me.”

I slapped her again.

“Use your manners I will fuck you when and how I damn well please.”

Saying so I yanked her panties off, which were soaking as she claimed and stuffed them in her mouth. Her pussy was beautiful, it was slightly red so enflamed as it was and visibly wet. She was shaved bare and her lips looked so inviting.

“You will not cum until I say you can or I send you home without this cock or your clothes understood?”

She nodded and I bent down and licked the inside of her leg right next to her pussy. Lydia let out an unintelligible cry and bucked. I licked the other side for a similar but more subdued response. Gripping both ass cheeks I pulled the full of her pussy onto my face kissing her lips and inhaling her sweetness. I then licked around the outside of her lips pressing my tongue in ever so slightly. I circle clockwise then counter-clockwise and ended on her clit. I spread her lips with my fingers and paid special attention to her clit and flicked it back and forth with my tongue. Lydia’s torso was unbelievably erotic at this point her whole body undulating and moving in response to the pleasure I was giving her. When I bit down on her clit she spit out the panties and begged.

All characters contained within are entirely fictional; any similarity to any real or fictional person living or deceased is totally unintentional. Do not read this story if you do not enjoy reading about consensual sexual activities of an exhibitionist nature. Otherwise read on……


A new month has begun and the Easter holidays lay ahead of me, a whole four days of freedom from the usual routine of work. On the one hand I’m lucky because I’m one of the few Prison Officers who has been granted the whole weekend off (favouritism I have heard muttered by some), on the other hand having four days off with nothing planned seems a waste of time when I could be earning double time. But as they say all work and no play makes Sam a dull guy so I will just have to find something to occupy my time, starting with housework and ironing tonight so I don’t have that chore hanging over me for the rest of the weekend!


Well diary, I have had a more interesting day today than I thought I would, or perhaps curious would be a better term.

This morning first thing I jumped into the car and paid a visit to the local supermarket and stocked up with some groceries, I don’t know if I’m being paranoid but I am sure that I caught more than one person giving me the eye up. It got to the point that I stopped and checked my reflection out in the shop window. No, everything seemed in order, just my usual jeans, trainers and tight fitting muscle top. Okay, I know that my physique has improved since I started at the prison but I didn’t think it was that much improved! The other thing which has occurred to me is that perhaps I am developing what I have heard called ‘gaydar’, that is being able to sense when another guy is interested in you.

When I was bent over one of the freezers trying to decide which pizza to have tonight, something made me look up and straight into the eyes of a cute looking shop worker, he must have been all of eighteen with big blue eyes and a thick mop of blonde hair. He flushed bright red having been caught in the act of staring at me and gave me a weak smile in an attempt to cover up his embarrassment. I winked in response and gave him a broad grin before looking back at the pizzas on offer. When I had made my choice and looked up again, the young lad had disappeared. Feeling a little disappointed I silently chided myself because he was far too young for me – I was old enough to be his father!

Then as I was queuing up at the checkouts, I was lost in idle thought when something caught my eye and as I looked over to the next till a guy, perhaps in his thirties gave me a sly smile before quickly looking away as his wife looked up from what she was doing and spoke to him. I was so surprised I failed to respond and stood there in a daze, until a loud cough behind me brought me back to reality and I started to unpack my shopping onto the conveyor belt. Finally the checkout girl was all touchy feely and overly friendly. Enough was enough! I had to get out of there quick before anything else happened…..

Back home, having unpacked and made myself some lunch I felt bored and lonely. Refusing to give into this self-defeating frame of mind I decided it was time for some company, and I knew just the place for it – the leisure centre. It’s always guaranteed to be busy; I could get some exercise and was bound to bump into someone I know. Which is exactly what happened and led to an interesting meeting with Jason (Aaron’s best friend, who went to the stag do).

I paid the entrance fee and made my way to the male changing rooms as normal, found the locker I had been allocated and followed the routine I always do. Call me OCD if you like but I have always done it since being in the army. I opened the locker; then removed my trainers and socks before stuffing the socks into the trainers and then into the locker; off came my jeans to be folded neatly and placed on top of the trainers; next my muscle top and finally my boxer shorts, again both were neatly folded and placed into the locker. Standing there comfortably naked I retrieved my towel and swimming trunks, placed them on the bench, then put my sports bag into the locker, spun the combination lock and turned back towards the bench. As I reached for my trunks I heard my name called and looked over in the direction of the voice. Walking briskly towards me was Jason with a Cheshire cat smile on his face; reaching me he dumped his bag on the bench, gave me a great big bear hug and a hearty slap on the back, seemingly oblivious to my state of undress.

I coughed loudly to draw his attention to the situation as a couple of guys were beginning to stare and I was feeling distinctly uncomfortable.

“Sorry Sam!” Jason chuckled stepping back, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you but I am just so pleased to see you. I’ve been meaning to catch up with you ever since Aaron’s stag do but I’ve lost your mobile number and felt a little awkward asking the other guys for it again.”

As I listened to him I donned my swimming trunks and slung my towel over my shoulder before replying “I didn’t know you had my number in the first place, not that I mind you having it, I’ll give it to you now if you wish.”

“Oh that would be great! Let me just get a pen out of my bag and I’ll make a note of it” he replied doing exactly that.

Closing my eyes to aid concentration I gave him my mobile number and got him to repeat it back to me for accuracy, only then did I ask him what he was doing here.

“I have been putting so much weight on recently that Aaron and his dad has started to pull my leg about me getting fat and no longer being a babe magnet. They suggested that I follow your example by getting out and exercising more, which is why I am here. I thought I would start off gently by doing some swimming, gain a bit of confidence and see if there’s anyone who can give me some guidance on doing things the right way. That’s why I’m glad to have bumped into you. You’re exactly the right guy for the job, that is, if you don’t mind…..”

“Well, I’m flattered naturally, that you feel I’m the man for the job” I replied, a little surprised by what I had just heard “but I must warn you that I’m only an amateur and not qualified as a sports physiotherapist. I can tell you what’s worked for me and what hasn’t; then the rest will be up to you. Anyway, you don’t look overweight to me.”

“Oh I am, believe me” Jason retorted with a frown. “You’ll see in a moment.”

Without further ado he removed his Jacket, slung it on the bench and then started to remove his jumper.

“Before you go any further Jason, have you located your locker yet?” I asked with an amused smile.

“Oh shit, no I haven’t! Thanks Sam. See I know I’m going to be in good hands….. Now where is it? Ah there it is. That’s handy; it’s only a couple away from yours.”

Having opened the locker Jason threw in his jacket and jumper before his shoes, socks and jeans joined them. He paused momentarily standing in just his T-shirt and pants, then apparently having summoned up the courage he removed his shirt, threw it in the locker before slowly peeling down his pants and stepping out of them. As he stood up straight again his huge cock swung pendulously from side to side above his hairy balls.

I could not help myself but to whistle appreciatively and mutter “You sure are a big boy!”

“I know, this is exactly what I meant” Jason responded prodding and poking at his developing beer belly.

I chuckled before saying “Okay your stomach could do with a little toning up but that wasn’t what I was referring too….”

By now Jason had put on his Speedos but his ample package was still very evident for all to see (should they wish to look), he glanced over to me with a strange expression on his face before it lifted to be replaced by a smile and a slightly camp “All the girls say that!”

In a more serious tone he asked me to have a look at him and let him know what parts of his body I thought he needed to pay attention to and then did a slow pirouette with his arms lifted slightly. I deliberately took in every part of his body; his muscled hairy legs, slightly prominent beer belly, his hairy chest and arms were decently proportioned, his bum was masculine in it’s squareness as was his jaw line. He wasn’t classically handsome but all the same was very pleasing to the eye and was sporting a trendy haircut and razor thin goatee and beard. I was slightly envious of the fact that he could sport that style of beard due to the blackness of his hair whereas my hair had always been too pale a brown to carry off such styling, made all the worse by the increasingly common white hairs.

“All in all” I announced “you’re not in bad shape, you’ve just got to lose that tummy of yours. Cutting out the beers and junk food along with some decent exercise should sort out in no time. Now shall we go for a swim before we get done for loitering?”

We spent the next hour in the main pool alternating between serious length swimming and getting our wind back breaks treading water and making small talk. By the end of the hour we were both exhausted and glad to stand for a few minutes under the invigorating hot showers. While we were towelling ourselves dry and dressing once more we talked more about the exercises he should be doing on his own.

“Well, what are you doing tomorrow for exercise?” Jason asked casually.

“Oh, I shall probably do a couple of laps of gently jogging around the park, but that will be all. Why? Would you care to join me?” I replied just as casually.

“Would you mind? I haven’t done any jogging for years. Well not since school at least.”

“Of course I don’t mind. You know where I live, just call round, say 10.30am and I’ll break you in gently, so to speak” I said with a smile.

“You’re on! See you tomorrow then.” Jason said clapping me on the shoulder and headed for the car park.

I went in the opposite direction having walked to the leisure centre from home. Well, I only live a mile and a half from there; it seems crazy to drive that short distance to a place you’re trying to get fit in! Twenty minutes later and I was back home again with my mind focused on locating all of the men’s fitness magazines and books I had stashed around the flat and never quite got round to reading. If I am going to be a fitness coach I must at least sound like I know what I am talking about!

So my Friday night has not resulted in me being down the pub as usual talking to Tom and Mike in the Kings Head over a pint or two of beer, instead I have had my face stuck in umpteen magazines and books formulating a fitness routine for Jason.


Woke this morning bright and early with the sun streaming in through a chink in my curtains, lay there listening for a few minutes to the cheeping of a couple of sparrows on my bedroom window ledge before passing traffic drowned them out. Oh the joys of living in central London I thought to myself, one day I hope to be able to move out into the suburbs and away from the traffic and pollution. In the meantime I am enjoying the facilities and convenience that living here offers, who knows one day….

Having got up early I had time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and pop down to the newsagents to fetch the daily newspaper. I was still reading it when there was a ring on the doorbell, leaving the paper open where it lay (to make it look more casual) I answered the door to a bright eyed and bushy tailed Jason, wearing jogging bottoms and sweatshirt, clearly raring to go.

“Come in, come in young man” I greeted him with a smile.

“Morning Sam, I hope I’m not too early.”

“No you’re right on time, I’m actually running a little behind time, so please make yourself comfortable while I just get my running gear on” I said as I wandered into my bedroom and retrieved a pair of shorts and a muscle top from my chest of drawers. I quickly shucked my tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt, throwing them on the bed and was in the middle of putting the muscle top on over my head when I heard Jason’s voice close behind me asking if he could use the toilet before we go for our run.

Not turning round I said “Sure, of course you can. It’s the door straight in front of you.”

“Thanks.” He replied.

Strange I thought; I’m sure he’s been here before so he should know where the toilet is. Shrugging my shoulders I thought no more of it. I quickly pulled on my shorts and was tying up the laces of my running shoes when Jason returned. Without further ado we made our way out of the block of flats and over to the park where our run would start in earnest.

Poor old (or rather that should be ‘young’) Jason, he was clearly out of shape and by the second lap of the park he was flagging. I looked over at him, he was red faced, sweat was pouring down his face and his gelled crest was distinctly wilted, his shirt looked like it had been in a wet T-shirt contest. Finally the ordeal was over for him as we reached the park gates and I told him he could stop and take a breather. His expression was a picture, there he was totally exhausted and here was I nearly twice his age scarcely panting.

“Let’s go home Jason, you’ve earned a rest, how about you have a hot shower when we get back to sooth your tired muscles before we look at some exercises you can do before next weekend.” I said as briskly as possible.

Jason didn’t have the energy to say anything; he simply nodded, stood up straight and tried to match my pace as we made our way back to the flats.

In the bathroom I showed him how to operate the shower, where the soap, towels etc were kept and left him in peace while I laid out the light lunch I had prepared earlier on the kitchen table. I was just pouring the fruit juices out when I heard the noise of gently padding feet behind me, turning round I saw the naked frame of Jason walking in with just a towel wrapped round his waist, his lunchbox was making a distinctive bulge at the front.

“Does that feel better?” I asked, doing my best to keep my eyes off his crotch.

“Yes thanks, I almost feel ready to go again!”

“No I don’t think so, one run per day is quite sufficient that is unless you wish to injure yourself. I thought we would have a light lunch and then I will show you those exercises before you leave.” I said as I handed him a glass of apple juice.

“Sure, sounds good to me” he replied, making himself comfortable at the table and quickly started tucking into the salad and French bread.

When we’d eaten sufficiently I ran through the sit ups, press ups, squats and stretching exercises demonstrating each one to him. As I was showing him each one I got the distinct feeling his mind was elsewhere and asked him if this was the case. A little embarrassed he admitted he was a little distracted but wouldn’t divulge any further information so I didn’t press him as it was none of my business.

“Okay, let’s see how much you have taken on board what I have said. Please join me down on the floor and I want you to do some press ups.” I said in the best coach voice I could muster.

“I know how to do that.” He responded.

“You might think you do but I want to be sure that you are doing it correctly.”

With a sigh he laid down on the floor, feet towards me, head away and started to do a couple of press ups.

“No you’re doing it wrong” I admonished him. “Your feet should be a foot apart to give yourself greater stability and place less strain on your wrists. Try it again please.”

He did as requested and started once again, this time I had a good view between his legs and could see his balls swinging gently with each movement. I could just make out his cockhead hanging just below his balls. My cock twitched a little at the sight.

“Okay, that’s fine. Now let’s see you do some sit ups. I will hold your feet to provide you with stability, say do five for me.”

Not saying anything, he simply sat in front of me with his feet flat on the floor; knees bent and then lay back on the floor with his hands behind his head. If I thought the previous view was good, then this one was fantastic! Jason’s towel had slipped under gravity down from his knees to around his waist fully exposing his cock, balls and arse crack. I couldn’t help but lick my lips in response. As he carried out the sit ups he kept his eyes focused on the wall behind my head, only when did he complete all five sit ups did he look down and realised that his towel had slipped exposing his assets.

“Sorry Sam, I didn’t mean to give you an eyeful! It’s my fault I should have got properly dressed and not been lazy by keeping just this towel on. I hope I didn’t offend you in any way.” He said as he quickly stood up and rearranged the towel to cover himself once more.

“Hell no!” I replied “I’ve seen it all before, both in the army and more recently in the prison service. Nakedness has never bothered me, don’t give it another thought. I often walk round here naked when I’m alone, though not so often when I’m in company!”

“Cool! It’s just that some people are bit stuffy when it comes to men’s bits, for example my girlfriend. How she hates the sight of my bits on display except when we’re having sex, says they’re disgusting. Me, I can’t see what’s wrong with them personally.”

“No, I can’t say that they look wrong in anyway. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and if I remember correctly you didn’t seem too averse to taking your kit off during the stag do!” I remarked with a chuckle.

“True. But it’s amazing what a little bit of alcohol in your system can do for your courage! I hope you don’t mind Sam but I really must be going now. It’s nearly 2pm and I said I’d meet Kirsty at 2.30pm, if I’m not careful I’m going to be late and she doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

“That’s fine with me. I think to be honest we’re just about done; I can see that you know what you’re doing. Run along and get dressed, I don’t want you to get into trouble on my part. Regarding ongoing training, how about we go swimming on Sundays and do jogging on Mondays and Thursdays. How does that sound?” I asked. “That way you get a couple of days rest in between each activity.”

“You’re the fitness boss. I’ll do whatever you recommend.” Jason replied as he hurriedly put on his rather damp and sweaty running gear.

“Next time we go running it might be worth bringing a change of clothing; that way you won’t have to put on those rank sweaty clothes afterwards.” I suggested.

“Good idea, I should have thought about that. Right oh, will do, I’ll see you on Monday then? Will it be okay if I bring Aaron with me next time? It’s just that he said if everything went well he would like to join us.”

“Sure, more the merrier” I replied and shut the front door behind him.


Dear diary, sorry about not writing an entry yesterday but nothing happened. Literally! It pissed down with rain all day, spent most of the day lounging around on the internet and watching old movies on the TV. Waste of a day, I guess but I enjoyed it in a way…..

Back to today, went for our planned jog round the park with Jason and Aaron. This time Jason was more prepared, they both had a change of clothing and like me they wore shorts and muscle vests for coolness. To be frank neither were particularly fit and this time they were exhausted after one lap, so we had a five minute break slowly walking before picking up the pace again. The dynamics with the three of us was different and I felt more like a father out with his two sons; slightly distanced as the two guys are such close mates.

Back at my flat we took it in turns to have showers. Jason went first, then Aaron and finally me. Jason, as ever took the lead by returning from the shower wearing just his towel as he had on Saturday. Aaron looked slightly surprised and looked at me in askance.

“It’s fine by me, as I’ve already told Jason I run a relaxed house here so wear what you please or not as the case may be. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with” I said.

“You’re cooler than dad you know.” Aaron called out on the way to the bathroom.

“Really? I always thought Tom was a laid back guy.” I said to Jason who by now was sprawled out in my arm chair.

He must be comfortable in my presence I thought to myself because the position he has assumed leaves him totally open to view and he must know this. While the towel was still wrapped round his waist, one leg was draped over an arm and the other was lying straight ahead. His balls hung low almost touching the seat with his cock draped over one thigh held in place by the towel.

“He is, except when it comes to matters of the human body or sex, then he gets all prudish big time” he replied.

“Oh ok.” Was all I said as I distracted myself with preparing lunch and drinks.

By the time I had finished laying up the table Aaron had returned wearing a towel wrapped tightly round his waist and walked over to the window commenting on the views I have from the flat.

“As you’re back now, I’m just going to have my shower. I’ll be back in five.”

Nearer ten minutes later I walked back into the room feeling refreshed and a lot more fragrant! Deciding to be one of the lads I also wore just a towel, after all I have to live up to the rules I had set out.

Sitting round the table, lunch was a relaxed affair, the main topic of conversation being Aaron’s wedding, honeymoon and how they had been getting since their baby had been born two weeks earlier than expected. I wondered if Aaron’s keenness for the keep fit was to get some ‘me time’ away from mum and baby. I kept this thought firmly to myself.

Two hours later I had my flat back to myself having arranged to meet them on Thursday evening for the next jogging session. I spent the rest of the day trying to get the image of Jason sprawled out in my chair out of my mind, it was a task I found very difficult!


First day back on the shop floor, so to speak, and it was all systems go from beginning to end. As ever we did hand over first catching up on events over the bank holiday weekend. It seems that on the whole the prison was quiet with the inmates being calmer; it might just be something to do with the fact that a large number of them had shot their loads either inside Jarek or over the shower floor. The only person who hadn’t calmed down was Jarek, after spending most of Friday and Saturday inside his cell he had finally surfaced and kept asking when I was back on duty.

Despite being offered assistance by the other prison officers he wouldn’t talk to them, insisting that he only wanted to talk to me. Flattering I’m sure, but I was a little apprehensive about what a previously angry young man wanted to say to me who’s just been publicly fucked and fisted for two hours. Well he would just have to wait until the prison wing rounds had been completed.

Finally mid-morning I walked onto E-Wing with George and we went from cell to cell checking in on the inmates, I didn’t see any sign of Jarek until I walked into his cell. He was lying sprawled out on his bed, naked obviously because this was now his permanent state of affairs, reading a girly magazine. He was surprised by our sudden arrival and looked distinctly uncomfortable.

“Come on Jarek, look lively” George boomed out “you know you have to stand to attention when your room is being checked.”

“Er, do I have to Sir?” Jarek responded, flushed with embarrassment.

“Yes” was our simple answer.

Reluctantly he closed his magazine, climbed off his bed and stood up straight. The reason for his reluctance was obvious; he had a hard on which he was doing his best to cover up with his hands. Being the considerate people we are we chose to ignore this fact and proceeded to inspect his room. Once we were finished I turned to Jarek and asked him what he wanted to talk to me about.

“It’s embarrassing Sir, is there anywhere I can talk to you in private?” Jarek asked.

“What’s wrong with talking here?” I responded.

“Well, I need your advice and I want to show you something of a personal nature. You’ve been straight talking with me and I will trust what you say.”

“Okay, let me finish the morning rounds, I’ll then be back and we can talk in private in one of the interview rooms.”

“Thanks Sir”

With that George and I resumed our rounds which we completed without further incident. Before I collected Jarek I cleared it with Max to make sure that it was okay to use one of the medical interview rooms. His response was positive and appeared pleased that I had gained the confidence of a previously troublesome inmate, I was free to use any room that Richard wasn’t planning to use.

With the formalities over with I went over to E-Wing and escorted Jarek back to the main building and into one of the spare interview rooms. My impression of him was although he was still clearly a force to be reckoned with judging by the other inmates’ reactions, the angry fire burning in his eyes I had seen previously had gone. In its place was a concerned expression and just possibly a little bit of maturity.

Closing the door behind me I gestured for him to sit on the examination couch while I pulled up a chair and sat down opposite him assuming as relaxed a posture as possible.

“Right Jarek, how can I help you?”

Jarek made no immediate reply. He sat on the edge of the couch, legs slightly spread with his hands gripping his knees and feet gently swinging backwards and forwards. He studied his feet intently for a minute or two before looking up at me.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days, okay since my night in the stocks, and I have some questions I want answers to but I don’t know where to look for them or who to ask.”

“Well” I answered slowly. “How about asking me any question you might have. If I have the answer I will be honest with you, if not then I will investigate and come back to you. How does that sound?”

“Okay, I guess. The first question I have is; my girlfriend, Marita, has a visiting order and wants to see me but how can I let her see me like this? She will want to know why I’m naked while the other inmates are clothed. What am I supposed to tell her and how far do I go with the explanation?”

“I think you will find that when members of the public visit you will be provided with suitable clothing. In fact I am sure management have bought in specially designed boiler suits for inmates who have been permanently prohibited from having personal possessions. That way she’ll be none the wiser and you won’t have to tell her anything, unless you want to that is.” I advised him.

“In what way are they special?”

“They are all in one and don’t have any pockets into which items can be smuggled, if you catch my drift.”

“Yeah yeah” Jarek sighed. “My next question is, after my night in the stocks, is that quits? When do I get my clothes back?”

“That’s an easy question Jarek. You won’t be getting your clothing back until the end of your prison sentence. You know from the rules. You lost the right to have clothing after your second infringement; you went on to commit two other infringements resulting in the stocks. The only time you will have any clothing will be for visitors.”

“Mmm, shit. I thought that might be the answer.” Jarek said scowling.

“How have you adjusted to being naked?” I asked, trying to get him to open up and express his inner feelings.

“At first I hated it, found it degrading and felt that everyone was laughing at me. It made me feel very angry and I wanted to fight anyone who reacted in any way to my nakedness. It is only during this weekend I have come to realise that it is only myself I have to blame for my predicament. I was given enough warnings and I chose to ignore them in my pride and bravado. Having been in the stocks and endured what I had to endure, my nakedness seems less significant now and something I am beginning to accept. To be honest I have other things on my mind.”

“What things are those?” I asked becoming curious as to what those might be.

“During Thursday and Friday last week my arse and throat were very painful, I didn’t want to eat or use the toilet it was that bad.”

“Did you notice any bleeding?” I was now getting concerned.

“Not that I saw, if I had I would have called for the doctor straight away I can tell you. But by Saturday things were getting back to normal and Sunday everything was fine except for one thing.”

“And what is that?”

“My turds are now like horse dollops and I’m sure my arsehole is bigger than it was before. I want you to check it for me to make sure that it is still in working order. I know I got fucked up the arse that night and I know some of the guys are pretty big but I’ve never heard of a guy’s arse stretching so much just from being fucked!”

Well I had to smile to myself, he didn’t have a clue that he had been fisted at all, no wonder he was surprised by the looseness of his hole!

“Regarding the size of your turds, it’s probably a side effect of the stretching your rectum and anus recently experienced. As long as there’s no bleeding when you go to the toilet then I wouldn’t worry about it, you may find that they will shrink in size as your hole tightens up again. Have you tried pelvic floor exercises?” I asked trying to maintain a serious and concerned demeanour.

“I don’t even know what they are” he replied, “nor do I know if my hole’s working properly. Will you check it out for me please?”

“If that’s what you want, then sure. Okay, let’s do it. If you would please climb up on the couch, get on all fours with your head resting on your hands. While you do that I will get prepared.”

“Yes Sir” was all he said in response.

Turning round I opened desk drawer and retrieved a box of latex gloves and a small can of Crisco. Slipping on a pair of gloves I opened the can of Crisco and turned back towards the couch to find that Jarek had obeyed my instructions and assumed the required position.

“Okay Jarek, I would like you to help me here. Please reach behind you and using both hands pull your cheeks apart, you may need to spread your legs a little to stabilise your position. It will make it easier for me to assess your hole.”

Jarek made no comment but did as he was asked. It was a sight to behold, he arse cheeks glowed white under the harsh lighting. His balls swung freely and like his crack were virtually hairless. His cock was flaccid and diminutive in size; clearly he wasn’t finding the situation erotic. I stepped up to the couch and took a closer look at his anus. It didn’t take an expert to see that it had seen a lot of action! The hole was fully closed but the puckered skin was distinctly pink and enlarged.

I took a small glob of Crisco and smeared it all round the rim, already I could feel that the muscle tone was laxer than would normally be expected.

“Please try and relax, I’m about to assess your anus’s elasticity. I will be as gentle as I can, let me know if it gets painful or uncomfortable.” I said as I started to insert my index finger, up to the first knuckle to start off with.

Getting no response from Jarek or resistance from his ring I slowly and gently inserted the whole finger until it could go no further.

“How does that feel? Any discomfort?” I asked.

“Fine, no discomfort at all” came the calm reply.

I withdrew my finger and then introduced a second finger and inserted both fully with virtually no resistance; however I did notice he shifted his weight a little. Again I asked the same question and got the same answer, so I withdrew the two fingers and introduced a third having applied some more Crisco to his slightly open hole. As I pushed the three fingers in up to the hilt I saw him shift around again, not saying anything with my free hand I felt between his legs and found that his balls had tightened and his cock was now a raging hard on! Deciding he was enjoying it so far I took it to the next level. Again I withdrew the three fingers and started to introduce the fourth.

As a method of distraction I said “I am very impressed with you Jarek, your whole attitude turnaround is remarkable considering what you were like when we had our first encounter in the Governor’s office.” All the time I was slowly pushing the fingers in deeper and deeper.

“What do you mean?” Came a slightly breathless reply.

“Well, for a start you were very unhappy with the thought of another man simply touching you let alone having anything as intrusive as this done. Today you seem very relaxed and are taking it in your stride. What’s brought about this change in you?”

By now all four fingers were in as far they could go, I let them rest there for a minute so he could adjust to the intrusion.

“I dunno really. As you say at the beginning I found the very idea repulsive and against everything I have ever been taught. But having spoken to other guys and experienced things I didn’t think possible my viewpoint has slowly shifted. What has surprised me the most is that some on the experiences are pleasurable, even this one I guess. Does this make me gay? Because I still fancy and miss Marita like crazy.”

I withdrew the fingers and noted that the hole was slow to close; I smeared some more Crisco round the hole and plenty on the whole of my fist up to the wrist. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought to myself. I coned my fingers and thumb then gently started to push them inside. Again to keep up the distraction I hesitated as the fingers started to enter his hole before replying.

“I’m glad you’re finding this pleasurable and I am close to letting you know the findings of my assessment. No, I don’t think it makes you gay at all, simply more in tune with your body. I think it’s important that you keep Marita close to your heart because you will need her when you are released. Now, tell me, are you feeling any discomfort?”

By now my hand was in up to the widest part of the hand, I stopped pushing while I awaited his answer and again to allow for its accommodation.

“Umm, only a little, a bit like near the end of my time in the stocks. It doesn’t hurt, I just feel full. Yeah that’s it, like when you’re bursting for a dump. I think I’m about to shoot my load any time soon. How many fingers have you got inside? I’ve lost count while we’ve been talking.”

As he asked this question, his ring gave up its slight resistance and the whole of my hand slid smoothly inside until it was buried up to the wrist.

“Aaaaaargh! I’m cumming! Eeeeeergh!”

Jarek’s cock shot three large globs of spunk over the couch, all the time his ring spasmed and gripped my wrist tightly. His body shook several times and then he slumped forward until he was lying flat on the couch. As my wrist was still being firmly gripped I had no choice but to go with him, finally the anal spasming eased off and so did his grip. Pulling my hand out slowly it exited with a quiet plop leaving a ruined hole behind. I unpeeled the gloves and threw them into the bin and wiped my wrists clean of a little bit Crisco and juice, then sat back down in the chair to wait for Jarek to come round from his dazed state.

After a minute or two he lifted his head and looked at me with slightly glazed eyes.

“Jeez, I haven’t experienced an orgasm like that since the night in the stocks! Sorry about the mess Sir. Have you come to a conclusion about my hole and exactly how many fingers did you have up me? Was it two or three?”

“Hey, don’t worry about making a mess” I replied “the couch cover can be washed later. I’m glad you enjoyed the experience, like I said before it’s a real turn around as far as I’m concerned. In answer to your question, yes I have the results of my assessment and what can be done about it. As to how many fingers I used, it was more than three; in fact I was able to insert the whole hand.”

“What do you mean your whole hand? That’s not possible! Are you really saying that you’ve been able to fist me? I’ve seen it done in a couple of blue movies but I always thought it was fake. Tell me you are kidding me, right?” Jarek fired at me all animated now.

“No I’m being completely serious. By the description you gave me towards the end of the assessment I strongly suspect that you were fisted during your time in the stocks, which is why your arse was so sore afterwards. Clearly no permanent damage has been done although there are obvious side effects which may be a good thing or not depending on your view point. There are a couple of exercises to tighten your anal ring if you wish or you can leave it as it is to allow easier entry in the future.”

“I’m sorry Sir, but I really don’t believe what you’re saying is possible. It would surely have hurt me if you had; all I felt just now was a little discomfort but nothing more, then an incredible fullness before I orgasmed.”

“Okay. I hear what you say but I have been honest with you. I’m going to ask you to do something, will you trust me? If you do as I say then you will have your proof.”

“Yes Sir, of course I trust you.”

“Right, get up on your knees facing away from me and put one of your hands behind your back.” I instructed him.

Once he was in position I took hold of his hand and covered it liberally with Crisco, then brought his hand down to his crack, he had to twist slightly to do this but not very much.

“Next I want you to concentrate solely on the sensations received from your fingers, keep your anus relaxed at all times.”

“Okay.” Was all he said.

I coned his fingers for him and guided them towards his open hole and pushed them in until his first knuckles had disappeared.

“Now keep pushing your fingers in until you meet any resistance.”

Looking at his hand I doubted if there would be any resistance as his hand was smaller than mine, sure enough, in less than a minute his hand had disappeared from sight up his rectum. He looked over his shoulder with a startled expression on his face, I noticed with a grin his other hand was at the front and was making jerking movements.

Within a few minutes his body was jerking and crying out he orgasmed for a second time. Once he had finished he pulled his hand out of his backside leaving a hole very slow to close. Grabbing a large wad of tissues I helped him clean himself all over until he was gleaming clean once more. His expression was hard to define; partly of satiation and partly of amazement.

“I believe you Sir, I apologise for having doubted you. Fuck, I can’t believe how good that feels! I don’t suppose there’s any chance I could try it out on you is there?”

“In a word no, for several reasons; firstly, it wouldn’t be ethical on a professional front. You came to me asking for advice and guidance, which I have given as your prison officer. To go along with your suggestion would cross the professional boundary and potentially cause both of us problems by blurring the basis of our relationship. Secondly, on a personal front, and this is to remain just between the two of us. I’ve only ever been fucked up the arse once and that was in the line of duty, so to speak.” I replied a little gruffly.

“Sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to speak out of turn, you don’t have to give me an explanation after all I’m the inmate and you’re the officer.” Jarek said suddenly all petulant.

“Look there’s no need to be like that. Personally I like you, but I think it’s best to keep things simple and I am just being honest with you as I have always been throughout our interactions. Right back to business, now you know the reason for your hole’s condition did you want to tighten it up or leave it be?” I asked.

“I think I’ll leave it be for the time being if you don’t mind, I can see that there may be some advantages to being able to accommodate large objects, at least I won’t have to fear advances from any of the larger endowed prisoners!” he said with a chuckle before adding “Oh, and by the way it doesn’t change how I feel about Marita you know.”

“Of course not, now if that’s everything I think it’s time we got you back to your cell before they think you’ve done a runner.”

With that I escorted him back to E-Wing and went for lunch, I was famished as well as parched (too much dribbling I think!). After lunch I submitted my report to Max detailing what had been said, what happened and the results before resuming my normal duties for the afternoon which passed without incident.


Dear diary, another interesting day at the office and one that has given me much to think about! This morning I turned up for work as normal, made myself a coffee and checked my pigeon hole for mail. Normally it is empty but this morning there was an official looking envelope with just my name on it. Sitting down on a nearby chair I tore open the envelope to see a note from Liam asking me to see him immediately at the beginning of my next shift.

Having spoken to George and asked him to go on the morning prison rounds without me (showing him the note as I did so) I made my way up to the Governor’s office and knocked on the door wondering what he wanted to see me about.

“Come in!” called the familiar voice of Liam.

As I walked in and smiled in his direction he gestured for me to sit down at the desk in front of him, I was a little surprised to find that there was only the two of us in the room with no sign of Max or Adrian. When I made a comment to this effect I was told that this was a confidential meeting and was to be kept secret until a definite outcome had been reached. I was intrigued by this statement and asked him to elaborate.

“Okay Sam, I will explain. Do you remember the post-punishment meeting we had with Tyler? You do? Good. Well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since then and the report you submitted to Max yesterday crystallised the matter for me and I’ve decided to put my plans into action but I wanted to run them past you for your input. I have decided to create the role of ‘Volunteer Punisher’, one for each wing, they will be responsible for the implementation of inmate punishment under the new rules introduced in March under the close supervision of the Volunteer Co-ordinator. It will serve two purposes, firstly it will free up our own officers and secondly it will lock our tougher prisoners into a role which should restrain their more unruly tendencies.”

“Right Sir, but where do I fit in your plans and why do you need my input?” I asked, still none the wiser.

“Well, I am seriously considering making you the Volunteer Co-ordinator. If you are interested in this role I will elaborate further, there’s no pressure but I am very impressed with your attitude and popularity with the inmates. I believe you are an ideal candidate.”

“Thank you, it’s fair to say that I am interested but what is involved and will it affect my normal duties?” I replied deep in thought.

“Once I have assessed your training needs and brought you up to speed, then you will be responsible for the selection, training and supervision of the volunteer punishers. You will also be responsible for their punishment should they break the rules of their roles. As you are no doubt aware the prison philosophy is to lead by example, so we will expect you to do so too. Your behaviour must be exemplary while on duty and be able to perform all the tasks you expect the inmates to do. I have drawn up for your reference a manual outlining the volunteer role and the sexual activities they will have to be adept at. As to it affecting your normal routines it is impossible to say at this stage as we have no idea about the amount of time the role will require. This is something we can assess as we go but there’s no need to worry, we have no intention of overloading you!”

“Sounds good to me, I’d love the opportunity to increase my experience and value to the prison service so please count me in. Is there any chance of seeing the training manual?”

Beaming broadly Liam reached behind him and pushed a posh looking presentation black folder with my name on it, I guess they had every intention of me taking on the role. I guess my ambition must be a little predictable?! Opening the front cover I scanned the introduction and turned to the volunteer role section and started reading avidly. From the corner of my eye I could see Liam watching me with a slight smile on his face, ignoring it I carried on reading. I was intrigued to read that the volunteer’s uniform was to be simply a red beret and a leather belt worn around the waist to which attaches two small tubes, one of KY and the other Crisco. No other items of clothing are permitted.

Looking up I asked “Will I be expected to wear this uniform and what about the inmates who are not permanently naked?”

“Absolutely not, your uniform is that of a prison officer, that doesn’t change in any way. As to the inmates, if they want to be volunteers then they have to wear the uniform, there will be no exceptions on this point. The uniform is designed to set them apart from the other inmates, be distinctive but at the same time not give them too much authority. After all compared to prison officers and the majority of inmates they will still be virtually naked.”

I nodded my understanding and carried on reading through the manual, I was just getting to the section about sexual activities when the phone rang breaking my concentration. Liam spoke on the phone for a couple of minutes, hung up and announced that events had overtaken us

“Please feel free to take the manual and read it at your leisure when you get home, but please keep it to yourself as the contents are confidential. I have scheduled your assessment for first thing tomorrow morning, I will get Max to reschedule your morning timetable to accommodate the assessment. Okay then? I’ll see you tomorrow morning in Richard’s consultation room”

With that the meeting was clearly over so I stood up, shook Liam’s hand and made my exit with my folder under my arm. I discreetly put the folder into the boot of my car for reading when I get home and went back to work.

This evening I made myself comfortable and read the manual from cover to cover. It was very well written and covered all the areas I could think of when it came to the volunteers and the role. However when it came to the sexual activities expected to be carried out I couldn’t believe what I was reading, it was very graphic and left nothing to the imagination! I must admit I was sporting a hard on until I remembered that Liam had told me that I would be expected to be an expert in all areas of the manual both on the giving and receiving as I would be training the volunteers.

Ho hum! I could always back out but that would be the coward’s way, after all I have been happy to undertake some of the activities listed in the manual so why not go with the flow and see how far I can stretch my boundaries? Not only that, my standing in the eyes of Liam and his team would be diminished and possibly jeopardise my shining new career. I went to bed wondering what tomorrow would bring.


Oh diary, where do I begin? It has been one hell of a long and exhausting day. Starting at the beginning would be the best place I guess, here goes.

Got up early, showered and shaved in preparation for my assessment with Liam, had breakfast and got to work twenty minutes early. I clocked on, checked my pigeon hole and then made my way over to Richard’s (the prison doctor) consultation room in the medical centre. Knocking on the door I waited for an answer as I could hear muted voices on the other side. Finally I heard a “come in” and I opened the door and went in to be greeted by Liam and Richard who were sitting round Richard’s desk discussing what looked like a medical form much like we had completed for the inmates during the post punishment sessions.

“Ah do come in Sam, sit on the couch for a moment please while I explain what this morning’s assessment is going to consist of” Liam said looking up from the paperwork.

I did as I was told without comment.

“Did you read the manual I gave you yesterday?” Liam asked.

“Yes Sir, from beginning to end. It certainly made for interesting reading and quite an eye opener!” I replied smiling.

“Indeed! I’m glad you liked it. Richard is going to do the usual medical checkups on you, we will then assess your body’s capabilities so we can determine what exercises you will need to undertake in the following days. Okay so far? Good. As before all we ask is for you to trust us, follow instructions and know that whatever you are asked to do is for your own benefit. Right let’s make a start. Firstly, would you please remove all of your clothing; you can place them on the chair in the corner and then stand facing us by the couch.” Liam said with a deadpan face.

I remembered what he had been like during the interview process and how he could change from being affable one moment to very hard and stern in the blink of an eye. He wasn’t the Governor of the prison for nothing! So without hesitation I disrobed as quickly and efficiently as possible, neatly placing my uniform and underwear where indicated. In less than two minutes I was standing in front of the couch, naked as the day that I was born with my hands behind my back (well I wanted to appear as relaxed as possible).

Richard then spent the next ten minutes going over my body with a fine tooth comb (I don’t mean literally) noting down every statistic, measuring my heart rate, blood pressure, peak flow etc. You name it he checked it with great care and fed the results back to Liam who faithfully wrote them down on the form. When he was satisfied he left the room for a moment before returning with a familiar contraption. I gulped quietly to myself, it was the portable colonic irrigator and I had seen this device in operation only nine days ago on (or rather in) Jarek so I knew what was coming next!

“Sam” Richard said “please turn to face the couch and bend over resting your elbows on it, then spread your legs apart as far as is comfortable.”

I did as I was told without saying anything, what was there to say?

Before long I felt greasy fingers feel between my cheeks and explore the length of my crack before finding their target, my anus. Then with one deft movement I felt a glob of grease being pushed inside and a couple of fingers massage my ring before they too were pushed up my rectum. I groaned in spite myself and was told by Liam to relax as much as possible, it would make it a lot easier for me if I did.

I was just getting used to the intrusion when I felt the fingers being removed to be replaced by the cold metal douching tube making my hole twitch in response. I looked over my shoulder out of curiosity; the tubing looked a lot smaller than it felt! Richard looked up at me and winked before returning his concentration to the task at hand. He switched the motor on and the irrigator started humming and vibrating, within seconds I felt warm water flow up into my rectum. Just when I started to feel full, the flow reversed and the water/faeces mixture left my body before the tube was pushed further up inside me, from the feel of it my inner ring had been breached and the tube travelled up into my bowels. It felt strange, not exactly painful but not comfortable either. I can only estimate that this went on for about fifteen minutes before Richard announced that the whole of the tubing had been inserted and no more faeces was coming out. He then slowly withdrew the tubing, I was relieved when it finally left and my hole was once more free to close up.

“Well done Sam, that went very smoothly” Liam announced, stepping over to me as Richard removed the machine from the room. “Now I would like you to climb up on the couch, lay on your back, bring your knees up to your chest and hold them in position using your arms.”

“Yes Sir.” I said and did as I was told.

“How are you feeling so far?” Liam asked as he snapped on a pair of latex gloves and started to grease them up.

“Okay, a little exposed. It’s not the first time I’ve been in this position Sir, Richard can vouch for that.” I said trying to sound as confident as possible and grinned in Richard’s direction.

“He’s right” Richard confirmed. “I had him like this just about a month ago in fact.”

“Good. I am now going to assess your anal ring’s tightness. You are of course familiar with the process because I know you have carried out those tests yourself on the inmates during the post-punishment assessments. I won’t waste breath explaining them to you, I am going to get straight down to business, so nice steady breaths Sam, try to relax and enjoy the experience!” Liam said chuckling as he smoothly slid one finger up my exposed rectum.

I didn’t actually find one finger uncomfortable; I guess being fucked by Sayeed put paid to being tight in a virginal way. I closed my eyes and practised relaxation methods in head which helped enormously when Liam inserted two fingers, there was distinctly less room available for them. He is skilled at his art I thought because I expected him to immediately try for three fingers but no, the two fingers slowly rotated and pushed in and out of my hole relaxing my ring remarkably quickly. As I felt three fingers attempt an entrance all thoughts of mantras and relaxation methods flew out of the window, I was now getting curious about the action going on at my backdoor. Lifting my head I looked between my knees to find that I couldn’t see very much as my cock and balls were neatly blocking my view so I let my head fall back onto the couch. All the while those three fingers were rotating and pushing inwards but my ring was now at full stretch and I was groaning loudly in protest.

“How much have you got in there because I don’t think I can take any more Sir” I asked with a slight trace of worry in my voice.

“I have currently got three fingers fully inserted but don’t be alarmed I am stopping there, for today at least. We have a lot of work to do on your hole to get it in shape for the task ahead. There’s just no way you can train the volunteers at present, this because you cannot demonstrate all of the techniques and you will risk serious injury if you attempt to. Starting from tomorrow morning, you are to come straight here at the beginning of each shift and we will start your training in earnest. Do you have any questions?” Liam asked as he withdrew his fingers, removed his gloves and wiped his hands on some tissue.

“No I don’t think so.” I replied quite truthfully.

“In that case, you’re free to wipe yourself clean, get dressed and return to normal duties for the rest of the day. Don’t forget Sam, none of this is to leak out yet.” Liam announced all smiles now.

“Thank you, I won’t forget.” I replied rolling of the couch and walked rather stiffly over to the box of tissues to wipe my bum clean of all the grease before getting dressed as instructed.

Back of the prison wing George tried fishing to find out what I had been doing but despite his best attempts I managed to avoid any slip ups and evaded his traps. Eventually he gave up and the day carried on as normal. At long last my shift was over and all I wanted to do was to have a long hot shower and vegetate in front of the TV with a beer or two or maybe surf the internet for an hour or two.

It wasn’t until I was halfway home that I remembered that I was supposed to be going jogging with Aaron and Jason, damn! Perhaps they might cancel and I will still get to have my evening on the couch after all. No such luck! At 7.00pm on the dot there was a ring on the bell and I opened the door to be greeted by two grinning young men telling me I must be getting past it as I took so long to answer the door. Past it indeed! I’ll show them I thought to myself. While they sat in the living room watching the TV I quickly got changed into my running gear, then we were off for a deliberately brisk jog twice round the park. Mission accomplished, I had two exhausted young men panting like there was no tomorrow by the end of the jog, while I had hardly broken into sweat.

“Never mind boys” I said with just a very slight smug tone in my voice “I’ll get you as fit as an old man like me before much longer.”

“Ha ha ha” was all they could manage between gasps for breath. Walking back to my flat we had to stop a couple of times due to cramps and stitches but eventually we got there and their mood lifted a little. As I turned the key in my door they were back to being their joking selves.

I let them shower first like I did on Monday, this time Aaron went first as he had to get home early to baby sit. By the time Jason returned from his shower with as usual a towel wrapped round his waist, Aaron was dressed and flying out the door with a “See you guys on Sunday at the Leisure Centre, bye!”

I decided it was time for my shower and invited Jason to make himself comfortable while I took my shower, he accepted my invitation with a nod and sat down on the sofa with the TV remote control. Five minutes later I was in the shower soaped up and just about to rinse off when there was a knock on the bathroom door and before I could call out I heard the door open.

“Sorry Sam, I know you’re having a shower and I really hate to invade your privacy but I’m bursting for a pee and I can’t hold on any longer. Do you mind if I quickly use the loo? I won’t be a minute.” Jason said with a pleading tone in his voice.

What could I say? He was already in the room.

“Sure go ahead Jason. Just be careful where you look, you might see more than you want to!” I said trying to be as jovial as possible as I rinsed the soap out of my hair and eyes.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ve seen loads of naked men, don’t forget I’ve always played loads of team sports and you get to see plenty in the changing rooms afterwards.”

I carried on rinsing off, I kept my eyes closed because I have this hatred of getting soap in my eyes (have had ever since I was a kid). By the time I turned the shower off I had expected the bathroom to be empty again, but no Jason was still very much present and was even offering me my towel! At a little loss for words I simply took the offered towel with a smile and started to dry myself off. There was little point in pretending modesty when he had just about seen everything there was to see. I couldn’t help but have the feeling that he was enjoying seeing me naked so I asked him outright.

“Jason, do you always hang around in the bathroom when someone is having a shower?”

“Guilty your honour!” he said without hesitating. “Unlike Aaron’s old man, mine is very liberal. Ever since a kid we, that is my dad and brothers, have always been very relaxed about our bodies, none of us think twice about walking into the bathroom when another is having a shower or using the loo. Okay with my mum it’s a bit different but then she has her own en suite bathroom which makes things a lot easier. She’s even used to us walking around the house naked, okay that’s normally after a night on the tiles or during hot weather admittedly. I guess that is why I feel so comfortable here; you and dad are very similar in some ways. I hope I haven’t made you feel uncomfortable by acting like this and please don’t say anything about this to Aaron because he wouldn’t understand and he’d only get the wrong end of the stick.”

“Fair enough, I hear what you’re saying, however I would prefer that you be upfront about things like this, people can get the wrong idea you know.”

“Okay Sam, I hope I haven’t offended you at all.” Jason said contritely.

“Offended? No not at all. Surprised? Well, yes I guess so.” I replied as casually as I could manage.

Well, I suppose I must be a bit of an exhibitionist (as if you hadn’t guessed by now) and decided that I would play a game with Jason to see if my feelings were correct or if he was being totally genuine and innocent in his actions. Having towelled myself dry I sprayed some deodorant on and then walked out of the bathroom, still starkers heading towards the kitchen. Behind me I could hear Jason’s footsteps following me not too far behind. Judging him to be visual range I opened the fridge door and reached in for a couple of cans of beer which were on the bottom shelf at the rear. In order to do this without crouching I had to spread my legs a little and bend at the waist, unfortunately this action exposed my hole and my tackle dangled nicely in the space between my thighs. I heard a stifled murmur so having hold on the cans I quickly stood upright and turned round in one smooth movement, catching Jason by surprise. There he stood, leaning against a work counter, feet crossed at the ankles, towel around his waist and just the beginnings of a tent pole!

“Would you like a beer? Can I offer you anything else?” I asked as innocently as possible.

“Anything else?” Jason replied, voice raised just a little. Something must have been lodged in it because he had to clear his throat before continuing “What do you have in mind?”

“Dunno really, I’ve got some chips in the freezer, or I can do us a salad. Actually, if you want to have a look in the cupboards and let me know if there’s anything you fancy. Personally I’m going to have a salad as I have to watch my weight these days, I don’t want to get belly or fat bum!” I patted both as I said this.

I sensed a deflation in him as he realised I wasn’t suggesting what he thought I had. His towel still had a slight tent pole but he ignored it as he stood up straight and said “If a salad is good enough for you then it’s good enough for me, after all it’s me who needs to lose the weight. Look at you, there’s not an ounce of fat on you anywhere!”

Smiling in acknowledgement I set about preparing a ham salad, not giving my nakedness another thought but making sure that I struck suggestive poses wherever possible. Jason didn’t say anything untoward but his tent pole never went down one little bit. Once we had eaten we moved into the living room and watched the 10 O’clock news on ITV. I sprawled out on the sofa, making sure that my tackle was nicely displayed and Jason sat in the armchair, for some reason he seemed to have trouble concentrating because out of the corner of my eye I noticed he kept glancing in my direction. After the news he decided that he needed to be getting home and so retrieved his clothes and got dressed before bidding me good night. Poor boy he just couldn’t help but look at my body one more time as he shut the door behind him, on the other side of the door I was grinning to myself knowing that my intuition had been right all along.


Last day of the week thank God! My poor hole will be getting a rest for a couple of days, from prying fingers at least.

Richard and Liam were waiting for me in the consultation room as I arrived, and it was straight down to business. I was told to strip and assume the position for being cleaned out. I won’t bore you with the details but it was exactly the same process as yesterday, although a little easier as I knew what to expect. The I was told to hop onto the couch but this time stay on all fours with my head on my hands (actually this position was identical to the one I got Jarek to assume last Tuesday).

It wasn’t long before I felt latex covered fingers tickling my anus, making me wriggle a little before I felt the familiar sensation of cold Crisco being pushed into my hole and smeared all round it. First one finger went in, then two, all the time they were rotating and massaging the anal ring. Their movement was hypnotic and I was almost in a trance when I felt a third finger join them. I shifted my weight a little and was asked if I was okay, all I could do was respond with an affirmative grunt. The three fingers massaged their way for what seemed an eternity, my hole was getting looser and I was just beginning to feel restless when they were withdrawn and I was told to climb off the couch and stretch my body for a minute while Richard fetched the next piece of equipment. Did I say piece of equipment, more like a cross between an item of clothing and an instrument of torture!

As I was limbering up, touching my toes and then the ceiling etc, Richard walked back into the room carrying what looked for all the world like a leather thong. I said as much to him and he nodded in agreement.

“You are right Sam. That is exactly what it is, although not one you are able to buy in Marks & Spencer! I just have to connect the attachment and we’re ready for your first fitting.”

Fitting for what? I asked myself. I didn’t have long to wait before I found out. Richard reached into a drawer and pulled out a box of what looked like black rubber objects, light bulb in shape with a metal screw thread at the neck end. There followed a brief discussion between Liam and Richard before an agreement was reached and the required object selected. Richard then picked up the throng and appeared to screw the “light bulb” onto the narrow part of the thong. Sometimes I can be so thick because I still didn’t have a clue about what was coming next! When he was satisfied that all was in order he knelt down on the floor and asked me to stand in front of him facing away, which I did. He then asked me to step into the outstretched thong, which I did, only then did it occur to me what the bulb was for.

“Please pull the thong up to your waist and maintain that position.” Richard instructed.

I did as I was told, then I felt a hand reach between my legs and take hold of the bulb before placing it against my anus and gently pushed it upwards. It felt bigger than it looked and was certainly bigger than the three fingers I had just accommodated.

“Spread your legs a little and push out as if you’re about to drop a log.” I heard Richard advise from behind me.

Well that paints and interesting picture I thought, but again did as I was told. All I can say is it worked, by spreading my legs I ended up squatting slightly and as I pushed out I felt Richard apply more pressure. In less than a minute the head of the bulb made its abrupt entrance into my rectum and my ring clamped shut tight around the neck.

“Aaaaaargh! That hurt!” I groaned.

“It’s okay, your ring will calm down in a minute or two, it’s just not used to stretching that extra bit” Liam assured me. “What we want you to do is to wear this thong when you go to bed each night, leave it in place all night and then remove it in the morning, okay?”

“Um, yes, okay I guess. Can I take it out now?”

“Is your anus still aching?” Richard asked.

“It is a little, I also feel very full like I need a crap badly.” I admitted quite frankly.

“In that case you need to keep it in a little longer to allow your body to adjust to the intrusion. Please climb up on to the couch and lay down on your front as if you’re going to have a massage, then RELAX.” Liam instructed.

As I lay there relaxing doing my best to ignore the object within, I felt fingers slip underneath the thong and explore the boundary between the neck of the bulb and my ring. For a couple of minutes they massaged all the way round several times before withdrawing and grasping the neck. I then felt the bulb being gently tugged, then pushed in further, wiggled around and then the cycle started again.

“How does it feel now?” Liam asked as Richard continued his ministrations.

“Okay actually thanks, I no longer feel any discomfort at all which I am surprised about” I replied.

“Good, that is progress indeed. We’re now going to take it out now so just relax and as before push out gently.” Liam said.

It came out with a plop, slightly uncomfortable but certainly not painful like it had been going in. I was then told the training session was over, I could clean myself up and get dressed. As I was dressing Liam reminded me that I was to wear the thong & insert the bulb each night until the next training session on Monday. Then it was back to work, this time George didn’t bother asking where I’d been as he knew I wouldn’t say.

This evening just before bed time in the privacy of my own bathroom I tried to insert the bulb again. Although I was using the same grease that Richard had given me, this time it just seemed so much harder! No matter how I tried it just wouldn’t pass my golden gates. I was getting very frustrated. Then I recalled the trick about squatting and pushing out at the same time, I am so glad no one was there to watch, it was all rather undignified. There I was squatting over the toilet with rubber bulb in one hand, the rest of the thong in the other hand to prevent it trailing in the water and me pretending to have a dump! Mind you, once again the trick worked, in it popped as quick as you like, but boy did I break out in a sweat and groan. It wasn’t so much painful more like a throbbing toothache which slowly faded away. With the bulb inserted I stood up and pulled the thong on and made my way to bed. What I do in the name of duty…….


Dear diary, if I am honest I thought today was going to be one of those unremarkable days but actually it ended on a high note so I guess I can’t complain.

Woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep, I had totally forgotten about the thong and bulb so was a little confused by the feeling as I normally sleep in bed with just a T-shirt on.

Went to the bathroom to remove it using the same trick as last night, I was surprised to find that my ring really didn’t want to let go of it but after a bit of huffing and puffing it shot out along with a load of shit behind it – major yuk! Not the best sight or smell first thing in the morning; I retrieved it from the pan and gave it a very thorough washing along with my arse which felt strangely loose. It was, I could easily stick two fingers up inside with no problem or lube!

Having recovered from that shock I got dressed, shaved, had breakfast and went shopping for the mundane things in life like food and groceries. Then home to more mundane things like housework, washing and ironing.

By late afternoon I was totally bored so I called Tom to see what he was up to. He said he was glad that I had called because he and Chrissie were entertaining Mike, Aaron and his wife Sally, Jason and his girlfriend Kirsty this evening and if I could join them it would make the numbers even. I leapt at the chance to have dinner with my two best mates, they’re always good for a laugh and Chrissie is lovely as is Sally. Kirsty I don’t know but knowing Jason she is bound to be pretty and educated. We chit chatted for a while before Chrissie came on the line and begged me to come as we hadn’t seen each other since the wedding, that was settled then!

Eight O’clock on the dot finds me knocking on the front door, which opens to reveal a laughing Chrissie (already half cut) holding a glass of red wine. She squeals in delight (that’s Chrissie for you) and gives me a hearty one-handed hug before dragging me inside and shutting the door behind me. By the sound of it I’m the last to arrive as the house is buzzing and rather noisy. I tell Chrissie that she is one swell looking lady in that little black dress, which only causes her to giggle all the more and informs me that my smooth tongue and an eye for the ladies hasn’t changed one little bit over the years (if only she knew the half of it!).

The sound of our voices in the hallway attracts attention and Tom sticks his head round the living room door, shouts hello and tells me to join the crew in the living room while the ladies finish preparing dinner. I do as instructed and as I walk into the room I am greeted by a united “hello” from Mike, Aaron and Jason all trying to offer me a can of beer or glass of wine. Holding my hands up in mock surrender I take a can of beer and proceed to make small talk with them until dinner is announced.

Dinner (or rather a three course banquet) was truly scrumptious, for starters it was homemade potato and leek soup with croutons. Main course was roast duck breast served with a medley of green vegetables, rosti potato cakes and a rich port sauce. For dessert homemade vanilla ice cream marbled with dark chocolate and a raspberry sauce followed by the obligatory coffee and mints.

It was during the coffee round that attention turned towards me and I received a good natured grilling over my current job as a prison officer. I talked about my role and the inmates I came into contact with (without revealing their real names) and some of the incidents that I had encountered. I successfully managed to avoid mentioning the sexual nature of some of my encounters and the new prison rules etc. I also managed to avoid any reference to the fact that I was no longer 100% heterosexual in my thoughts or activities. After what seemed like ages the attention turned to physical fitness and finally Kirsty came out of her shell. She thanked me for taking Jason under my wing, although he has only just started his training with me she has already noticed a difference. He has started to eat more healthy food, drink less alcohol (this night being an exception) and has been religiously doing all of the exercises I had given him. She thinks in the right light she can make out muscles underneath his belly! This brings resounding laughter from all except Jason who pulls a hurt expression before throwing me a sly wink. Then Sally nudges Aaron and makes it clear that he has no room to laugh as his middle is beginning to spread! Tom regains control of the situation by expressing the fact that really all the guys in the room (except me, of course) could do with a little more exercise and less girth round their middle, perhaps Mike and he could join the rest of us on Sunday at the swimming pool and see how they get on. I thought this was a splendid idea, but what about the ladies though? By the end of the conversation we were going to be a group of eight in the pool on Sunday, I wonder if we can get a group discount?

I finally staggered in through my front door at about 1.30am (technically Sunday I know but I don’t count it being the next day until I’ve been to bed and woken up again) and was all set to collapse into bed when I saw the rubber bulb waiting on the side for me. I ummed and aahed over it, thought sod it one day won’t make any difference, then changed my mind and picked it up on the way to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet and emptied out as best I could then greased my arse up and also the bulb. Perhaps it was the alcohol in my system or my deadened sense of time but it (the bulb) seemed to disappear up inside me more easily and quickly than I expected. It did have one unexpected side effect, it gave me a raging hard on as it gently rubbed and banged against my prostate from the inside. There was no way I could go to bed like this, so with one hand feeling the neck of the bulb and my ring clamping hard round it, and the other wrapped round my cock I jacked myself of to a pretty earth shattering orgasm over the bathroom basin. Deciding now enough was enough I really needed to get to bed I washed myself off (and the basin), pulled up the thong and made my way to the bedroom where I quickly succumbed to oblivion.


If I’m honest diary, today didn’t actually start until about 11.45am when I woke with a jolt to the sound of my phone ringing about six inches from my ear – not a good way to start the day if you’ve got a little bit of a hangover….

I was just a little groggy when I picked up the phone and mumbled a hello down the line only to be greeted by the chirpy tones of Chrissie.

“Morning Sam! I just thought I’d give you a quick call to make sure you got home safely & that we’re still on for the swimming session this afternoon. How’s the head this morning?”

“Urrr morning Chrissie, I think, what time is it? Yeah got home okay and yes I’ll be there at the leisure centre at 2pm as agreed! My head is still on my shoulders but feeling distinctly tender, I guess that will teach me to finish up that last bottle of red with you… how’s your head by the way?” I asked as I came to, slowly.

“I’m just fine, thanks” Chrissie assured me “must get on, still got some clearing up to do before we meet up. As to the time, it’s nearly mid-day. See you shortly, byeee!”

And then she was gone. Just as well she woke me up as I didn’t have all that much time to get spruced up etc. First things first, into the bathroom to shower and remove a certain object. Crikey, my arse must be getting like a bucket because it’s getting easier to take the bulb out, I didn’t have to squat over the toilet and strain, I simply started to squat down and as I did so it popped right out with little discomfort. Curiosity got the better of me, I just had to assess the damage to my hole, not only did two finger slide right on up inside with no trouble but so did three! Progress indeed, I’m sure that Liam will be pleased. However I had no time to dwell, I quickly showered and shaved before getting dressed and packed my bag with my swimming gear.

I got to the leisure centre just before 2pm to find Jason and Kirsty waiting outside for me and the others; we made small talk and recounted the events and conversations from the previous evening. Throughout our conversation I monitored discreetly Jason’s behaviour towards me, but he acted impeccably and not once did he act in anyway other than being Kirsty’s partner, to my relief. Ten minutes later the others had arrived and we made our way into the changing rooms.

With the five of us (Tom, Mike, Aaron, Jason and myself) getting changed it was a very relaxed affair, even Tom seemed at ease and managed to joke around as we undressed and got into our swimming trunks. Privately I had to agree with Tom, both he and Mike were carrying a decent sized spare tyre round their middles. They will definitely need to go on a diet and exercise regime before they can join Aaron, Jason and myself jogging round the park on a Tuesday and Thursday. An hour later after a mixture of hard swimming and relaxed messing around in the water the eight of us are sitting round a table in the cafe overlooking the swimming pool. I was lost in thought when I felt a sharp nudge in my ribs bringing me back to the present.

“Well Sam, what do you say? Are you up for it?” Aaron asked with a slightly exasperated tone to his voice.

“Up for what?” I asked in all innocence.

“Having a last lad’s night out this Friday before we cut out all the booze and grub as part of our diet and fitness regime” Tom explained.

“Yes, sounds good to me. Is it down the Kings Head shall we make it a special night and go into town?” I asked the group in general.

“Oh it’s got to be town if it’s going to be our last night out for a long time!” Jason cried out all enthusiastic like a big kid.

“That’s decided then” Chrissie announced “girls we’re going to paint the town red too! Kirsty and Sally, get your thinking caps on, we have four days to plan our night out.”

Shortly afterwards the conversation naturally dried up and we went our separate ways.


Back to work already, oh how the weekends pass so quickly. The alarm clock went off and I swung into action on autopilot, even removing the rubber bulb from its night time lodging in my rectum had become part of my routine. I hate to admit it but I could insert and remove it with ease….

At the prison I made my way directly to Richard’s consultation room and knocked on the door before walking in to find that Richard was alone. He greeted me with a warm smile and explained that it would just be the two of us to start off with as Liam had been called away at the last minute but he hoped to join us later. With the preamble over we got straight down to business, I stripped naked and Richard cleaned me out thoroughly using the portable colonic irrigator. Then having climbed onto the couch, kneeling on all fours in the usual position Richard examined my anus to assess my progress with the rubber bulb. I felt him smear the Crisco round my hole and then fingers moving around the outside and inside of it. The movement was constant and I had difficulty keeping a track on how many there were and what they were doing, it all became a pleasurable blur.

“Well Sam, I can see that you have followed our instructions and the result is very pleasing indeed. You should be proud of your achievement, your progress is excellent.” Richard announced as he withdrew his fingers from me.

“Thank you Richard, I must admit it was not easy at first but by this morning I really become accustomed to it and I was even finding its presence pleasurable in a weird kind of way. When you say I have progressed, by how much and what is the target you have in mind?”

“I’m glad you are finding the insertions pleasurable, that is one of our objectives, you will then be able to pass this knowledge on and be able to demonstrate it to the trainee volunteers at the appropriate time. As to progress, on Friday morning you were just able to take three of Liam’s fingers, however this morning you were able to easily accommodate three of my fingers and so I am moving on to the next step of your training. By the end of this morning I expect to be able to insert at the minimum four fingers, but hopefully depending on your ability and willingness to stretch I will be able to insert the whole of my hand into your rectum. Then for the next couple of mornings we will be working on depth before moving onto width. How does that sound? I bet you’re glad you asked that question now aren’t you?” Richard said with a hearty chuckle.

“Mmm I think I will reserve judgement on that for now, if you don’t mind. To be honest, I’m not in a position to protest; after all I’ve had my fist up Jarek a couple of times now. He’s survived the experience intact and even seems to enjoy it despite being straight.” I replied looking over my shoulder at him as I spoke.

“Okay, shall we carry on then? Before we do, are you comfortable or do you need to stretch your legs because it may be some time before we can stop again.” Richard asked.

It was a good idea so I climbed down off the couch and did a number of stretching exercises under the watchful gaze of the doctor. After five minutes I climbed back onto the couch and assumed the customary position.

“Sam, I’m going to start stretching your anal ring further than it’s ever been to date, so relax as much as you possibly can. If at any time you feel pain you must let me know immediately. Discomfort is to be expected but pain is a big no no, do you understand?”

“Gotcha, I will do.” I mumbled with my face half buried in my hands.

Almost immediately I felt more Crisco being packed into my rectum and then pushed further inside by a couple of fingers, I could feel the grease softening and melting because it’s presence seemed to diminish gradually until I could no longer sense it. Unlike the fingers! There were definitely three fully inside me constantly twirling around, pushing in and then pulling out and repeating the whole cycle. I gave up counting after the fifth cycle and my mind began to wander all over the place. I was broken out of my trance with the sound of the door opening and Liam’s voice greeting us both.

“So guys, how is the patient doing?” Liam asked laughing at his own joke

Richard, without slowing or stopping his hand movements in any way, proceeded to discuss his findings and plans at great length. It was all very technical and made me feel like an object or piece of stock, as a result I quickly lost interest and started drifting away again. That is until I felt a hand reach beneath me and take hold of my bollocks, giving them a quick massage before moving onto my erect cock. I didn’t even realise I had an erection.

“So Sam, I see you’re not adverse to the treatment the good doctor has been administering, this is excellent news and I hope you are as proud of your progress as we are. You will make a very good Volunteer Co-ordinator, as you have a prison officer, your can do attitude has not gone unnoticed I can assure you. Just out of interest, do you know how many fingers are currently in your hole at the moment?” Liam asked.

I tried to count Richard’s fingers which were still moving round in their usual cycle but my anus had become so desensitised that I had no option but to guess so I said “Three?”

“No, Richard actually has four fingers fully buried inside and from where I’m standing I don’t think it will be much longer before his thumb will be joining the other fingers.”

“That’s good” was all I could think of to say.

After what seemed an eternity I began to feel a new sensation in my rectum, it was one of fullness and my ring felt tight like it hadn’t felt since the day I was fucked by Sayeed. Richard’s hand had stopped its motion and was stationery, no, that’s not quite true, it was moving very slowly if at all in the direction of my rectum. My ring was finally putting up some resistance and so he applied a little more force to his pushing resulting in me moving a little up the couch.

“Sam” Liam said with a serious tone to his voice. “I want you to breathe deeply and do your best to relax as much as possible, we’re almost there.”

“Yes Sir.” I said through gritted teeth as it was getting distinctly uncomfortable now.

Then all of a sudden as I was doing as I was told, it hit me like a tidal wave, drawing an “aaaghh!” from my lips, my ring gave up its resistance and allowed Richard’s coned hand to slide inside, as it did so his hand balled into a fist and my ring clamped shut around his wrist.

“Jeez! Is that really your fist inside me?” I growled.

“Oh yes, it certainly is.” Richard confirmed “I’m going to hold it still so that you can get accustomed to its presence then I’m going to move it around and I want you to tell me how and what you feel okay?”

“Okay” I said panting heavily “For a start it felt like my ring was on fire, then I felt I desperately needed to go to the loo. Both of these sensations are fading now leaving me feeling very full down there but not unpleasantly so. As you move your hand around I can feel it both from the inside and also the outside which seems very strange indeed. Ah, now you’ve just brushed my prostate because I’ve felt a surge of blood to my cock which had started to go soft again.”

“Excellent feedback Sam, you’re really in the zone now. Keep those memories secure because you’re going to need them when training the volunteers so that you can tell them what to expect.” Liam said before continuing “In a few moments Richard will start to withdraw his fist, there may again be some discomfort at the point of exit, but as with the rubber bulb the more you do it the more you get accustomed to it and the less discomfort there will be.”

Richard then added “Start breathing deeply, relax and imagine you are going for a dump, push a little but not too much. Ready? One, two, three here we go.”

“Eeeeeeyooow!” I cried as Richard’s hand was released from my hole, leaving it gaping wide before it slowly closed up again. I collapsed slowly onto the couch in exhaustion, sweat pouring from every pore in my body. I laid there motionless, my mind was all over the place as if I’d had too many pints on a Friday night, however my peace was abruptly disturbed a couple of minutes later by a pair of hands pushing my thighs apart and then exploring the crack between them. Before long once more I felt fingers exploring my hole and then smoothly glided on inside; my poor ring was too exhausted to put up much resistance. At the same time Richard lifted my hips and slid a pillow underneath me to raise my bum slightly into the air and provide Liam with easier access to my hole.

“Well done Sam, that’s it, push out a little, welcome my fingers. Great! That’s now four fingers inside, let’s tuck that thumb in behind them and see if you can take my hand too.” Liam encouraged me.

I backed onto the invading fingers as best I could while pretending I wanted to evacuate my bowels, the technique seemed to be working because before very long I felt the cone of his fingers getting wider than ever and then came that sticking point when the widest part is reached. That moment seemed to last forever but then with a momentary burning sensation his fist slid inside me with my ring closing slowly around his wrist. I reared up in response but this time was able to keep the desire to growl almost within, just a little bit crept out between my gritted teeth.

“Excellent work!” was all Liam said in response before saying “Right then, I’m going to pull out now and then that’s today’s training session over with. I know I’ve said it several times already, but very well done Sam, I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks Liam, it would be great if we could call it a day, my arse is getting a little sore now!” I said quite sincerely.

Five minutes later after a bit of pulling and puffing (on my part) Liam’s fist vacated my rectum to my relief and I was provided with several wads of paper towelling to wipe myself clean of all the grease which had been smeared over my nether regions. As I did so Liam asked me to take some time out of the normal routine today and draw up a plan and schedule to select the six Volunteer Punishers out of the prison community ready for presentation to him in the morning. No pressure then! As I got dressed back into my prison uniform Liam reminded me that this is still highly confidential so no talking about it, he didn’t want the inmates to get wind of it before the prison is ready to roll it out. I agreed that I would keep it strictly to myself.

Back on the prison wing George asked me if I was okay as I seemed a little quiet, I grimaced and said that I had a stomach ache (which was true). He was genuinely concerned and said that I should take a break after the rounds had been completed this morning. I took him up on his offer as this would be an ideal way to somehow draw up a “beauty contest” come competition to select the six “lucky” volunteers. By the time I returned to work I had at least half an idea about what I was going to suggest, the rest of it I would think about tonight, which I did over a large pot of coffee and all distractions excluded i.e. no TV, the answer phone twitched on, my mobile switched off and the door bell disconnected. There was no way I was going to be disturbed!


It was a late night last; I was up until 1am putting the finishing touches to my presentation until it was polished to my satisfaction, so when the morning alarm went off I wasn’t really ready to get up and face the ordeal waiting for me at work. But like the trooper that I am I got up and was actually a little early for work, down to the traffic I’m afraid not my superhuman speed.

I will cut out the repetitive bits diary, after all you know that each day this week I will be going straight to the consultation room where I will be cleaned out and fisted by either Richard or Liam or both in order to ‘educate’ me. Actually this morning it was only by Richard and his sole mission was to get my anal ring totally used to being stretched wide by a fist, so for thirty minutes he methodically pistoned his fist in and out of my hole until it no longer caused me any discomfort and in fact I was actually beginning to enjoy it despite myself and the situation I was in. All too soon it was over and after withdrawing his fist for the last time Richard showed me techniques for closing my hole up again as if nothing had ever happened. I was impressed and my regard for Richard has increased immensely as a result.

Dressed once more I made my up to the Governor’s Office and knocked on the door, decidedly nervous and holding my presentation folder under one arm.

“Come in!” Liam called out.

As I opened the door and strode in trying to appear confident I was in for a shock, I was expecting to be making my presentation to Liam. Instead I was greeting by the smiling faces of Liam, Max, Adrian, Archie (the prison officer who had greeted me when I arrived for my interview) and George.

My face must have been a picture as I stopped in my tracks and stammered out a “Hello guys, I wasn’t expecting to see you all here this morning.”

After he had stopped chuckling Liam said “Sorry Sam, sorry about the lack of warning about your audience. I decided that you were nervous enough about doing the presentation without having the added pressure of knowing that you would have an audience too. You are no doubt wondering why the others are here.”

“Yes Sir, I am more than a little curious after all that you have told me.” I said quite frankly.

“As you know Max and Adrian are my deputies and business partners so are always included on major decisions like this volunteer business. Archie is here because he is an ex-union representative and his experience will be invaluable in ensuring that all we do is legal and above board i.e. make sure that the relevant rules and regulations are adhered to. Finally George is here as a witness and will be taking minutes for the meeting, he has also been part of your assessment to see if you kept your vow of silence. I am glad to learn that not one drop of information has George received from you and so you have passed that test with flying colours. Right then if everyone would like to make themselves comfortable Sam will start his presentation.”

Gulp here goes I thought!

“Okay, please bear with me for this is the first presentation I have done in a long while so I apologise if I appear a little nervous.” I said after clearing my throat a couple of times. I looked down at my notes to give myself breathing space and time to gather my thoughts before continuing.

“My assignment has been to establish a method to find six Volunteer Punishers, one for each prison wing. It will allow us to identify which inmates have the drive, desire, ability and the right attitude to carry out this important function. After a lot of consideration I realised that it will need to be a combination of management selection and peer selection, you know a bit like the TV show ‘X-Factor’ except the voting public will be fellow inmates. This is how I envisage it will run.

Week 1:We announce the competition and make it clear that it is open to all willing applicants with the auditions being held in the Chapel. The method of selection will be by answering questions, those that get the answer wrong will be eliminated; inmates who answer correctly go on to the next round of questions. By the end of the evening the number of applicants will be whittled down to twenty four applicants.

Week 2:This week each contestant will be given a task to complete which lasts all week. At the end of the week the inmates will vote on who carried out the tasks most successfully. Twelve inmates will be eliminated by the voting to leaving twelve remaining contestants.

Week 3:This week it steps up a gear. Each contestant now has to don the uniform of a Volunteer Punisher and start training in all aspects of the role. During the day they will learn the theoretical aspect of the role; then in the evening the contestants will receive training in the practical aspects in the Chapel’s punishment room. The whole session will be watched by the inmates in the auditorium area and at the end of the training session the inmates will vote off the least favourite or capable contestant. This will be repeated each day until there are seven contestants left.

Week 4:The final week sees the volunteers carrying out their duties for real, each day they will be moved to another wing so that all inmates can assess them in action before the final vote at the end of the week.

That gentleman is the outline of my selection process. Do you have any questions or concerns?” I asked.

“Thank you Sam” Liam spoke up “that was well presented and I like your idea very much. However I do have a question, you mention management selection but I can’t see where in the weekly elimination schedule our influence can be exerted.”

“That’s a good question Liam” I replied smiling. “My intention would be that ahead of the competition we will select a number of inmates who we consider suitable, meet with them in private and feed them the right answers so that they will make it through to the final twenty four. It is then down to them if they make it to the final.”

“I like it!” Max announced “A cunning way to get our favourites into the final, yet we will appear to be totally open in allowing the inmates to democratically choose their punishers.”

“Well said Max, I think we should run with this one” Adrian said thoughtfully “What does everyone else think?”

There was a unanimous decision to accept my proposal so it was signed off by Liam there and then. Next came the nitty gritty stuff, sitting round the meeting table we thrashed out the timetable, the design and wording of the competition, the questions to be asked at the audition round and what the tasks the contestants would need to complete. Last on the agenda were the inmates we would like to see included in the final twenty four contestants.

After much discussion and at times heated debate, the twelve inmates we agreed that should be included were Tyler, Flick, Eduardo, Dinesh, Jarek, Tony, Bert, Darren, Carl, Martin, Gus and Sayeed. The timing for the individual briefings would be within a couple of days of the posters going up. It would be done discretely so that no one, least of all the inmates would suspect that anything untoward was going on. The posters will be put up on Friday 16th April 2010 so that the inmates have the weekend to discuss and think about entering the competition. With that agreed the meeting was over and it was back to work for us, however with most of the morning gone it was a just short stint for me before my shift finished.

I got home and the first thing I did was to step into the shower with a cold can of beer, I wanted to wash the last traces of the grease from my body that tissues just simply couldn’t do along with the accumulated sweat from my pre-meeting nerves. With the beer warming my insides and the hot water pounding my body all my cares and thoughts about today’s events slipped away down the shower’s plug hole.

Towelling myself dry I turned my attention to this evening and the impending arrival of Jason and Aaron for our jog around the park. The two lads arrived a little later, dropping off their change of clothing and we made our way to the park. I decided to be kind to them tonight and started the jog off gently only starting to pick up the pace in the latter half of the lap. Just to add a little pressure to the exercise I engaged them in conversation while jogging, they quickly sussed my tactics but I wouldn’t allow them to let the conversation drop. At the end of the first lap I let them catch their breath while jogging on the spot before we carried on with the second lap, as it happened they led the way and I let them dictate the pace which I didn’t mind in the least. Who would? I had two pairs of pert buttocks straining beneath running shorts, muscular thighs and arms pistoning back and forth in unison. They were a sight for sore eyes indeed! By the end of second lap I came to the conclusion that their level of fitness had increased perceptibly. I kept this thought to myself as I didn’t want to boost their egos too much! To extend the exercise I insisted they jog back to my flat much to their moaning.

As they staggered up the steps to my front door I was chuckling inside, the sight of their sweat soaked clothes and bedraggled appearance was a far cry from their normal cock sure attitude that comes with guys in their prime. I unlocked the front door and held it open for them, as they passed by all I could smell was very sweaty bodies – Yuk with a capital Y!

“Right you two, no lounging around on my nice clean furniture with your sweaty, dirty clothes until you have showered and changed. I mean it. Run along while I sort out some refreshments.” I said before walking off and headed for the kitchen to raid the fridge for fruit juice and whatever I could find to eat.

A minute later I heard the shower running and the familiar sound of Aaron whistling floated in from the bathroom, it was such a trivial domestic sound that it caught me by surprise when I started to wonder what it would have been like if I had had children with my ex-wife. I was still thinking about it when I heard footsteps behind me and a “can I do anything to help?” brought me back to the here and now with a jolt.

Looking in the direction of the sound, the sight that greeted me made me lick my lips in reaction, I caught that action in mid motion and discreetly pulled my tongue back in. There stood Jason as cocky as ever, smirking, stark bullock naked, framed by the doorway using the lint to hold onto. I took a moment to take in his physique, his hairy muscular legs and finally his cock which was standing at half mast and bobbing to erection under my gaze.

“Jason, what on earth are you doing?” I asked in mock exasperation.

“I’m only doing what you told me to do.” He replied, walking into the kitchen and standing rather close to me. “After all you did say that you didn’t want us touching your nice clean furniture with our dirty clothes. I thought I’d prevent that from happening by making sure they were out of harm’s way from the start. Did I do wrong then?”

“Noooo, I suppose not” I replied.

“And you did say that you run a relaxed joint here, did you not?” he continued.

“Yes, this is true. Okay okay, now that you’re here why don’t you help yourself to a drink while we wait for Aaron” I suggested trying to keep my voice on an even keel and resist running my hands over his pert buttocks.

Thankfully Aaron joined us within a couple of minutes with his towel firmly wrapped round his waist, he did a double take at Jason’s nudity before shaking his head and wryly commenting “have you no shame boy?”

Laughing Jason said “None at all, now that you’ve finished hogging the shower I can perhaps use it myself!”

As Jason disappeared into the bathroom Aaron turned to me and asked “Doesn’t his antics bother you at all?”

“No, not really” I replied “If anything, he makes me laugh and he reminds me of myself when I was his age. Why? Does it bother you?”

Aaron was thoughtful for a moment then said “Yes, I guess it does. He is so brazen in the way he flaunts his body, okay he’s not bad looking but why does he have to do it so much?”

“Well, if you got it flaunt it I guess is the rule that he’s working by. To be honest you both have great bodies and are decent looking so I am a little surprised that you are not more like Jason.” I said sitting down at the kitchen table with a glass of orange juice in one hand.

“I’ve got Dad to thank for that, he’s instilled in me a conservative view of exposing my body and it’s very hard to overcome.”

“I find that if you want to overcome a mental block then the best way to do this is to face it and do the very thing you find hard to do.” I said in the most fatherly tone possible.

“So in my situation if I want to be more like Jason what should I do?” Aaron asked seemingly puzzled by my latest statement.

“Simple” I replied “remove your towel and let it drop to the floor. Remain naked until Jason returns and it’s time for you to go on your way. I will ignore your nakedness like I did with Jason, I am sure that you will find that before long you will feel more relaxed. The more you practise being naked, the more comfortable you will become with your body.”

“Are you serious? What just drop my towel? Okay, if you say so, but don’t tell dad will you. I don’t want him to think I’m queer or anything.” Aaron said with just a touch of edginess to his voice.

“Yes, yes and of course I won’t. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to but I just thought it would help. After all at your stag do you stripped off in public happily enough.” I said shrugging my shoulders and took a sip of my juice.

“That was different, I was drunk and I got swept up in the moment. Right now I’m stone cold sober but I hear what you’re saying. I guess, we’re in private and no one’s going to see or say anything, so here goes.”

Taking a deep breath Aaron unfastened his towel and let it drop to the kitchen floor but kept his crown jewels covered with his hands. Standing there a little self-consciously he looked at me for approval.

“That’s all very well but my towel is getting dirty on the floor so please pick it up, fold it neatly and put it on the side over there please, then why not come and sit down at the table and have a juice with me. That way you will still be naked, getting accustomed to being so but not feeling like you’re on display all the time.” I said, deciding that I would not let him get off the hook so easily.

Sighing, Aaron did as he was instructed, picking up the towel and folding it necessitated him uncovering himself and as he walked back to the table I got a good view of him and his tackle. Although his hair was a blonde (dark straw if we’re being accurate) his body hair and pubes were several shades darker, made all the more striking by his naturally fair skin. Whereas Jason was a very big boy (10 inches by my reckoning at the stag do), Aaron was more your average guy which I wonder is perhaps part of his modesty problem. He made a good attempt of appearing relaxed but it was clear that he was relieved to be sitting down covering his modesty.

I let him be and we made small talk, I was good as my word and made no reference to his nakedness. Jason sauntered into the room, still naked and flushed red all over from the hot shower. He looked a little startled at the sight of Aaron sitting at the table without a stitch of clothing on and started to smirk.

“Less of that young man, it’s all very well for you to flash your tackle around without a care in the world but not everyone is as confident as you. Aaron is trying to overcome his shyness and you laughing at him isn’t going to help. We’re taking it one step at a time and the first goal is to get him accustomed to being naked.” I admonished him and then smiled encouragingly at Aaron.

“Thanks Sam, I appreciate your support. Jason, as my best mate, I would also appreciate your support, this is not easy for me as you well know.” Aaron piped up.

Putting his hands up in the air in mock surrender Jason said “Okay guys, I get the message and I am sorry for not being more supportive. A thought has just occurred to me, this is a safe place for us to be naked without judgement as we’ve already discussed previously. Why don’t we make it a rule that whenever we come over clothes are not permitted and we all have to be naked, that way Aaron will get all the practice he needs and won’t feel the odd one out. What do you reckon?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me” I nodded in agreement. “What about you Aaron?”

“Yeah, sounds cool to me, it will make things easier for me…. I guess. But no word of this is to leak out right?”

Both Jason and I nodded in agreement before I said “Well that’s sorted then, perhaps I can go for my shower now then.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something Sam?” Jason asked; then added in response to my quizzical expression, “You are still wearing your running gear, if this is a clothes free zone; they need to come off NOW!”

Chuckling at his impudence I nodded in agreement, stood up from the table and proceeded to remove my trainers placing them under the table where I normally keep them. Then I peeled off my muscle vest, pushed down my running shorts, leaving just my jock strap to go. Then in one smooth movement I pushed them down too, stepping out of them I put all my dirty washing into the washing machine before turning round with a smile on my face and arms spread wide and saying

“Are you happy now? I think this is enough for one day, I could do with a shower and you guys have got women to get home to, so get dressed and vamoosh. I will see you on Thursday.”

A little while later I had my flat back to myself and enjoying my second shower of the day. As the soap suds rinsed away I slowly stroked my cock thinking about Jason’s hot body and all the ways I would like to ravish his body given half the chance. Just as my imagination had me on my knees, with my hands wrapped round his waist and my face buried between his cheeks licking his tight little heiny hole, my balls decided it was time to unleash their load sending several jets of creamy spunk arching across the shower to hit the glass shower door and slowly slide their way down.

Recovering from my intense orgasm I looked down at the slug trails with disgust and quickly showered the congealing cum down the drain. And that diary brings the end to a very tiring day indeed.


Compared to yesterday, today was average really. Well average that is if you call having your boss stick his fist and half his forearm up your arse! No word of a lie, I kid you not, by 10am this morning I had been cleaned out and prepped by Richard. Okay Richard had been loosening up my hole ready for Liam who then using his experience pushed his fist further up my rectum than I thought humanly possible. Apparently he had found breaking the resistance of my inner rectal ring a challenge, but one that he was up for, and eventually succeeded in doing. Unable to stifle the groan I growled like a grizzly bear, face flushed red and sweat pouring down my face my inner ring opened up and his fist slid on by up into my bowels. Only the width of his muscular forearm prevented him from going in all the way to his elbow. I looked down between my legs (I was laying on my back with my arms wrapped round my knees) with an expression mixed with awe and horror at the sight of his arm half buried inside me, while Liam had a look of pure angelic rapture.

“Sam, you are a star do you know that? I have never worked with a guy who is so willing to explore his boundaries and push far beyond them. I have seen you in action as a fisting top, now I have seen you in action as a fisting bottom and I am very impressed indeed, you are so versatile. There is absolutely no way that I will consider any one else for the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator.” Liam said with a great deal of pride in his voice.

“Thank you Sir, I guess I have the army to thank for being able to push personal boundaries but I’m really not sure what the benefit of having your forearm buried in my butt will be in my role as Volunteer Co-ordinator.” I asked as politely as I could.

“It’s not so much the actual act you understand, although it must be said you have a very fine arse, but it is more of a test of your willingness to put your trust in me. Your level of trust is commendable, I couldn’t ask for more” Liam responded and at the same time started to slowly withdraw his arm and fist.

As my inner ring was breached by his hand I arched my back in response, groaning as I did so. Some part of me must have enjoyed it as my previously flaccid cock slowly engorged with blood until as his fist finally slipped out of my anus my cock was fully erect and bursting to erupt. My ring must have been slow to close because I could feel cool air flowing into my rectum before being expelled as my rectum closed up along with my ring. I lay there relaxing with my eyes closed for a moment, I was about to get up when I felt something warm and wet enclose my cock’s head.

Startled I looked up to see Liam’s head slowly descending on my cock until he had swallowed the whole of my shaft in one smooth move, then slowly and lovingly his head started to bob up and down. Jeez it felt good! I let my head slink slowly back on to the couch, closed my eyes and gave myself up to the sensations of the gorgeous blow job I was being given. Finally with my hips bucking wildly I could hold back no longer and I gave into the impending orgasm. Load after load of jism shot out of me and straight down Liam’s throat, not one drop did he let slip out and he didn’t stop sucking until my cock had run dry and receded to its flaccid state once more. I looked up at Liam in askance.

“Sam, it’s the least I can do considering how you have accepted without question all that I have asked you to do. I wanted to show you that as far as I am concerned this is a two way street and I have an inkling that it was an acceptable payback for you.” Liam said with just a trace of a smile on his face.

“Yes Sir, it was an unexpected bonus that’s for sure!”

“Right then, before we get back to normal duties is there anything you want to talk to me about?” Liam asked quite casually.

“Actually, there was as it happens. I know we agreed that we would speak to our preferred candidates once the posters have gone up but I’m concerned about timescales and I just can’t see us getting through all the candidates in time without suspicions being aroused. I am hoping that you will allow me to start talking to them today” I said as I cleaned myself up and started to put my uniform back on.

“Sam, you’re in charge of this venture now, if you think that’s the right thing to do, then go for it. All I ask is that you keep me posted on events or if you encounter any problems. Okay?”

With that the training session was over and I headed over to the prison wings and pay the first candidate a visit, namely Flick on A-Wing. Since the 48 hour removal of personal possessions punishment Flick had been true to his word, he had behaved himself and not got into any more trouble, thereby keeping his possessions and clothing in the process. However he had lost none of his cockiness and as I walked into his cell closing the door behind me it was very much on show in his mannerism and posture.

After he bantered with me about why I was paying him an unannounced visit I got straight down to business and explained about the purpose of my visit. I outlined the role of the volunteer punisher, broadly what would be involved and that we actively wanted him on board. Once Flick made it clear he was interested I gave him a run down on the questions that would be asked so that he would have the correct answers to get through the qualifying round. As he never asked about the uniform I kept quiet on it remembering his reaction to being stripped naked for his punishment. I decided that he could cross that bridge when he got to it. My final comment was for him to keep his mouth shut about our little meeting and to remember to register his application when the posters were put up on Friday. Flick’s mind was racing with the possibilities as I walked out of his cell.

On to B-Wing where I met just the person I was looking for playing snooker with a fellow inmate, who was just about to pot a red ball. Taking the opportunity while Tyler was waiting to play his turn, I walked up to him and whispered in his ear.

“Tyler, I know you’re playing snooker but I need to have a private chat with you right now in your cell, alone. It will be only for a few minutes and then you can continue with your game.”

Tyler frowned for a second, glanced at me but seeing that I was being serious nodded once in agreement and told his play mate that he would be back in a minute to continue the game. As Tyler was a force to be reckoned with there was no argument from the other guy.

As I followed him up the metal staircase to his cell I could not help but admire his muscular frame and jet black skin which had the optical effect of making him look like a moving obsidian statue. On entering his cell I closed the door behind me, turning round I was faced with the vision of Tyler sprawled out on his bed, hands behind his head, legs spread and his python of a dick snaking across one thigh. His balls hung loosely down between his legs. Despite my best intentions I could not help but look at them remembering the day that I had managed to accommodate the whole of his mammoth cock down my throat. Tyler chuckled loudly before inviting me to do the same thing again for him.

“Thanks for the offer” I replied “and as flattering as the invitation may be, I am here on official business not for personal pleasure. How have you been getting on since you voluntarily surrendered your clothing?”

“Oh man, I’ve been having a ball!” Tyler laughed again. “At first I was quite self-conscious, I know that might sound strange coming from me but it’s true I really was. It’s one thing when you are stripped as a punishment, you have no choice in the matter, but after the post-punishment meeting I voluntarily gave my clothing away in the hopes of becoming a volunteer punisher. I had to come up with a plausible story as to why you’ve kept my clothing and I’m not kicking up over it as the other inmates expected me to do. After a few days it was old news and the guys stopped asking me questions and simply accepted that I was going to remain naked from now on. It was made easier after Jarek’s antics because suddenly I was no longer the only inmate to be permanently naked. Now no one takes any notice except those that are either gay or trying to usurp my position as top dog on this wing.”

“Go on” I urged “I feel a story waiting in the wings just waiting to be told!”

“Do you remember how I told you when you first raided my cell that I had trouble getting any form of relief in this place?” he asked.

“Uh huh, I sure do”

“Well that isn’t a problem anymore. There’s a young lad on this wing, I’m sure you know him because he’s received the 48 hour no clothing punishment too, by the name of Gus. He’s very self-confident and easy going.” Tyler said.

“I think I know the guy, he looks very similar to Jarek but his hair is paler.” I asked pretending to be uncertain.

“That’s the guy!” Tyler agreed nodding with a smile before continuing “It must have been the day he got stripped as punishment I first really got acquainted with him properly so to speak. I was sitting in the canteen during our lunch break, chatting as normal to a couple of old timers when Gus walks over with his lunch on a tray and sits at our table opposite me. I don’t take much notice because up till now we’ve moved in different circles, however mid-way through his lunch he makes out that he’s dropped his fork and crawls underneath to retrieve it, or so I think.”

“What happens next?” I ask, genuinely curious.

“The next thing I know is a pair of hands pushing my knees apart and a pair of warm wet lips kissing my knob end. I don’t know who was shocked the most; me, my knob or the guy I was talking to! I looked under the table in surprise while my cock rapidly stood to attention under Gus’s expert administrations. No word of a lie he had swallowed the whole of my cock down to my balls within thirty seconds, and oh boy the feeling was out of this world! His head was bobbing, my body was sawing and I couldn’t help by groan with pleasure. All too soon I could hold off no longer and with a shudder my balls exploded jism down his willing throat. He only came up for air when my cock ran dry and was back to its normal size, then he resumed his position at the table without looking at me, with fork in hand and continued eating his meal cool as a cucumber.”

“Now that’s what I call a lunchtime treat!” I laughed.

“From that day on any time that I’ve wanted to dump a load I’ve only had to nod in his direction and I get to plunge my cock either down his throat or up his arse. Tell you what though, he’s a dirty bugger, he’s even got me to shove my fist up his arse right in up to my elbow! My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets he got me to do it. I didn’t think it was humanly possible, but he’s shown me otherwise on several occasions since then. So I’ve got myself a regular little bitch now and I couldn’t be happier. Well that’s not strictly true, I wonder when I’m going to hear about this volunteering business otherwise I’m going to think someone’s having a laugh at my expense and I won’t be very happy if that’s the case” he said throwing me a menacing frown.

“Actually that’s what I came to talk to you about….” I said and then spent the next twenty minutes going through the details of the selection process, the auditions, questions, tasks etc. I got him to repeat the questions and answers so that there would be no mistakes made preventing him from being a finalist. I left him lying on his bed looking like the cat that got the cream.

My final visit of the morning was to C-Wing where I bumped into Eduardo enjoying a cigarette by the main door. This made things easier for me because I invited him to join me for a short stroll round the exercise yard where I made small talk before doing the whole sales pitch on the volunteering, after only a minute or two’s thought he decided he was definitely up for the challenge so I gave him all the other necessary information before leaving him to finish his second cigarette while I went off for lunch.

After lunch I headed off to D-Wing in search of Dinesh, where I found him in the general lounge area reading “The Times” newspaper under the finance section.

Laughing I said “Planning your next big scam Dinesh? You do realise that you’re going to be inside for several years yet don’t you?”

“Oh yes Sir, but I can always dream and a man has to have plans for when he is released you know.” He said looking up at me and smiling.

“Indeed, you’re right. Do you have five minutes to spare, I have a proposition for you which you might find interesting.”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere as you’ve pointed out and this paper can wait, so fire away you have my attention” Dinesh said with a deadpan face.

I was getting polished in my presentation and in no time at all I had another volunteer in the bag and so it was off onto my next target, Jarek in E-Wing.

Jarek was also eager to be a volunteer, the only question he really had on the subject was the matter of a uniform. He had been hoping that he would get some form of clothing back but as previously explained to him; that simply wasn’t going to happen. The closest thing he will get to clothing is either the boiler suit for visiting times or the red beret and leather belt. Other than that he was up for the competition and hopefully become the one doing the giving rather than receiving for a change.

My final target for the day was Tony from F-Wing, I found him in his cell busy writing a letter which he quickly turned over on my entrance to the room. As I shut the door behind me he began to look concerned and asked

“Is there anything wrong Sir? I don’t recall being warned about an impending visit from management.”

“There isn’t and there wasn’t, but relax, I’ve come about a matter which might be of interest to you.” I said in my best conspiratorial tone.

“I’m all ears Sir, carry on then”.

Tony is a very astute guy, he grasped all the things I said instantly including the things I hadn’t said, such as the uniform. When I explained it to him he asked if he could wear the beret and belt as well as the usual jeans and T-shirt. I explained it was all or nothing and that he would have to forgo the pleasure of wearing clothes if he wanted the prestige of being a volunteer punisher. After much umming and aahing he finally decided that he would give it a shot, he had nothing to lose (other than his clothes) and it might be a laugh.

Once that visit was over I rejoined George to do the final round of the day before making my way home feeling mentally exhausted. I was pleased to get home and veg out for the evening without having to do anything or say anything to anyone.


No rest for the wicked as they say, back to work early the next morning and straight into Richard’s consultation room to be cleaned out and stretched to within an inch of my life. Today instead of depth Richard and Liam were going for width, by the end of the session they managed to squeeze two hands into my butt at the same time. Now this was going some and was not at all enjoyable for me compared to the other exercises. I was distinctly sore by the end of the marathon session and my anus took quite some time to close up again. But at least I would be able to take on the biggest hands, such as Tyler’s, should the need arise Liam and Richard assured me. Thanks, I think! All morning my bum throbbed, only easing off as it got to lunch time.

In an attempt to take my mind of the aching I threw myself into speaking to the other six candidates left on my list to talk to. Deciding to get the hardest sell over with first I made my way to A-Wing looking for Sayeed, I really wasn’t looking forward to this one because he’s a tricky devil and with him you really have to read the small print, as I have found out to my cost!

As the prison rounds had just been completed and breakfast a distant memory, most inmates were in their cells getting prepared for their daily jobs, whatever they may be. Sayeed was no exception, as I walked into his cell he was donning his outdoor overalls ready for his shift on the prison farm. He looked mildly irritated to see me but I chose to ignore it. I shut the cell door behind me and asked him to sit down.

“Is this absolutely necessary Sir? I’m going to be late for my shift and don’t want to get into trouble with the farm manager because of an unexpected interruption to my schedule.” Sayeed had definitely got out of his bed on the wrong side this morning.

“There is no need to take that tone with me Sayeed, what I want to talk to you about won’t take long and it is in your best interest to think about seriously. If the farm manager asks where you’ve been you can say that I called you into a meeting on behalf of the Prison Governor; that should keep him off your back. Now shall we start again with a little less attitude?” I asked in a very reasonable tone.

“Ok fair enough, sorry Sir, what was it you wanted to speak to me about?” Sayeed asked in a more conciliatory tone.

I outlined the volunteer punisher’s role, placing more emphasis on the mentoring and fatherly roles than the sexual activities as I knew it would appeal to his sense of morality and social consciousness. I deliberately left out any mention of a uniform, at this stage he knew nothing about it and it would only scare him off. He sat there silently deep in thought, occasionally throwing a guarded look before finally speaking.

“I will certainly give this idea a lot of thought but I have some questions which I would like answers to before I make up my mind either way. Firstly why have you asked me, what is in it for you? Secondly, why must I keep it secret? Thirdly, giving me the answers ahead of the audition is cheating; doesn’t it make the competition unfair?”

“Good questions” I replied “clearly there’s no pulling the wool over your eyes! Firstly, we, the management selected you for your social standing with the wing. We want someone that the other inmates can look up to. Secondly, you must keep it a secret because the posters don’t go up until tomorrow and we don’t want news to leak out ahead of time. Thirdly, yes technically you could call it cheating but it won’t make the competition unfair. The only advantage you will have is in the first round auditions where it is questions and answers. It will be whittled down to twenty four contestants, including yourself, after that if you become a volunteer punisher then it will be down to your hard work and merit. It’s entirely up to you, personally I think you will make a great volunteer but it is your decision.”

Sayeed was silent again for a couple minutes before finally agreeing with my reasoning and confirmed that he would be willing to participate in the competition and would abide by our rules. Thanking him for his time I left without delay to allow him to get to the farm without being too late.

Next port of call was B-Wing and a far easier customer, Gus, the guy who was now Tyler’s fuck buddy amongst other things. He was a push over, I appealed to the tart in him making sure I highlighted all the sexual perks that came with the role, I didn’t even have to mention the uniform for him to be sold on the idea. The only difficulty I had was to get him to understand that he had to keep our meeting secret from everyone, especially Tyler of all people!

After leaving Gus I made my way over to C-Wing and met up with Bert, an old timer in his fifties with just three years to go before his release. Despite his years he kept himself fit and was considered by management as being a very stable character generally popular with the inmates on the wing. Personally I get on well with him as we have a similar sense of humour and outlook on life. I was straight with him about the volunteer role, the pros and cons and why I was asking him to consider the position. Like Sayeed he considered it for several minutes before giving a “tentative maybe” then changing his mind to a “yes, okay”.

From Bert it was on to Darren, Carl and Martin on D, E and F-Wings respectively. Although all three men were physically very different; temperament-wise they were generally level headed, laid back with good sense of humours but didn’t take fools gladly and wouldn’t take shit from anyone. In fact perfect candidates for the roles! With a little bit of sales patter I had them all in the bag and my mission was complete. Twelve candidates of the management’s choosing which will give us a fifty fifty chance of getting the right guys into the volunteer roles.

I was behind time when I got home, I had barely half an hour before Jason and Aaron were due to arrive so it was a dash into the bathroom, quick strip wash and change into my running gear before they rang on the door bell raring to go. If I’m honest my mind was elsewhere throughout the two lap jog round the park and before I knew it I had two guys beefing at me that I hadn’t let up in the pace or giving them a half way breather like I normally did. I was a little unsympathetic in my response pointing out that they were here to get fit and lose some weight, no pain no gain! It did however bring my attention back to the task at hand and I was more focused from there on.

As I walked up to my front door and put the key in the lock Jason reminded us of our agreement made on Tuesday evening about clothing being banned within my flat. We all nodded that we remembered and promptly stripped off our running clothes once the front door was safely shut. As I wore the least clothing I was the first one naked, I picked up my sweaty clothing and put them into the washing machine. On my return Jason had by then stripped naked and was busy trying to cajole Aaron into removing his final piece of clothing, his pants.

“I hear what you’re saying Jason and yes I know I agreed to do it but I just don’t feel comfortable stripping completely when I am all hot and sweaty.” Aaron said with a slight whine to his voice.

Taking control of the situation I said “That’s fine Aaron, keep your pants on until you have your shower, then once you’ve had your shower come back to us with your towel on. Then if you feel comfortable you can take it off or leave it on whichever is good for you. At the end of the day you need to take it at a pace that is right for you.”

“I would prefer to do that if you don’t mind, I won’t feel so pressurised so may be more relaxed about it.” Aaron said smiling in my direction before walking towards the bathroom, as he passed Jason he stuck his tongue out in an exaggerated manner.

Both Jason and I laughed in response, shook our heads and made our way into the kitchen where we waited in our customary fashion making small talk until Aaron returned with towel wrapped firmly around his waist. I went next for a shower, during which I hatched a plan to give Aaron a goal to aim for regarding his acceptance of his naked body. So while Jason had his shower I discussed my idea with Aaron about building his self-confidence, to my surprise he was actually receptive to it. To cut a long story short we agreed that in the summer we will as a group (Tom, Mike, Jason, Aaron, Chrissie, Sally, Kirsty and myself) take a trip down to Brighton and do some sun bathing on the beach, more specifically the nudist beach! Something to look forward to, not sure how we’re going to broach the subject with the others though…….


D-Day for me at work, the day my project starts for real. Thankfully I no longer had to attend Liam’s training sessions so my arse got a rest at last! This morning the posters went up all round the prison advertising the auditions that were going to be held on Monday 19th April in the Chapel and I think it’s fair to say that there was a great deal of interest judging by the reaction of the inmates and the conversations that could be heard all over the wings. Some guys were serious others were in it for a laugh, but none had a clue about what really lay ahead. Apart from twelve inmates who had at least some idea about it. During the morning and afternoon prison rounds I was fielding questions left, right and centre. In the end George gave up on me leaving me to answer the questions while he carried on doing the cell inspections.

It was exciting thinking that my project was about to be launched but I was more than a little nervous because I need to pull it off big time otherwise my reputation will be in tatters. Not that my colleagues have any doubt about my abilities or ambition, so I can at least take comfort from that.

By knocking off time I was glad for the peace and quiet of my car whilst driving home and then my beloved flat, which has always been a sanctuary for me when the world comes crowding in like it did today. Not that I’m going to be in for long as tonight I’m out with the lads for that final food and drink binge before Mike and Tom do some serious dieting and exercising care of yours truly.

So diary, that’s all from me for one day as I have to get ready, put some smart clothes on spruce myself up before meeting the others in town. I don’t think I will be in the mood for writing when I get home later.


Oh my God! Oh my God! I can’t believe how this weekend has panned out…. if someone had told me what was going to happen I would never have believed them, in fact I still have to pinch myself to believe it.

Friday night in town went pretty much as expected, lots of food and far too much beer and spirits were drunk but we did have a brilliant time. Everyone was in good spirits but by the end of the night Jason was by far the drunkest in the group, so much so that Aaron and Tom both said that Kirsty would go mental when she sees the state of him.

“No shee woooon’t, she lovesh me sho mush” Jason protested.

“Not in that state she won’t!” Tom chided

“Well what are we going to do with him until he can sober up?” Aaron asked, suddenly concerned about his best mate.

“I can shleep at Shams flat, he’sh got a shpare room” Jason announced and then proceeded to hic up loudly.

“Um, I guess he can do. I mean I do have a spare room so he could kip down in there. Once he’s slept the alcohol off he can go home and do some making up with Kirsty” I said appearing to think things over.

“That’s settled then” Tom agreed. “Thanks for taking the burden on, I really don’t think Chrissie would have appreciated me bringing a drunken Jason home. We had too much of that when they were younger!”

“No problem, glad to be of service.” I smiled all the while hoping that Jason wasn’t going to throw up everywhere.

Waving the other guys off I steered Jason through my front door and half pushed, half guided him into my spare bedroom/office and plonked him onto the bed. I removed his shoes and made sure that he was comfortable before closing the door behind me.

By now I had the munchies again, alcohol has that effect don’t you find? I made myself a coffee and was standing in front of the fridge peering inside trying to decide what I fancied eating when I nearly jumped out of my skin. A pair of hands had snaked their way round my waist and met in the middle, at the same time a lager laden mouth breathed on the back of my neck before planting a firm kiss on it. I stood there rigid before exclaiming

“Jason, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” and pulled away at the same time, turning to face him.

“Something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time!” Jason replied in a husky voice, he didn’t seem to be drunk anymore.

Before I could react he stepped up to me, with one hand he pulled me towards him and with the other he held the back of my head so that I couldn’t pull away. I opened my mouth to speak and found it instantly covered by his hungry mouth. His tongue darted out and thrust its way past my lips (which had started to close in reaction) and proceeded to ravage my mouth mercilessly. I was so taken aback I did nothing to resist, it felt so strange having a masculine mouth kissing me, I have only been kissed in this way by women in the past. Desire inside me ignited and my hands left my side to explore the body pressing into me, I pulled him closer to me, I could feel his erection through his jeans pressing into my equally erect cock which was straining to be released. I started to kiss him back, pushing his tongue into retreat before thrusting my tongue into his mouth. I don’t know for how long we kissed but my lips and chin were starting to get stubble burn – a first for me. Our hands became more desperate in their exploration and if my cock got any harder I was going to explode!

Jason must have read my mind because without saying a word he stepped away from me, his eyes were full of lust and his chest was heaving. Then he took my hand and still not saying anything pulled me out of the kitchen and effectively dragged me into my own bedroom. Once inside he pushed me backwards onto the bed where I lay sprawled out wondering as to what would happen next. I didn’t have long to wait to find out because he dived onto the bed landing between my outspread legs and expertly undid my jeans before yanking them down around my knees along with my boxer shorts. Standing up for a moment he pulled them off me entirely before jumping onto the bed again and taking my throbbing cock in his hand.

Looking along my body and into my eyes he whispered “You don’t know how many times I have dreamed of being in this situation. I’m going to savour every minute of this”

Not knowing quite how to respond I smiled encouragingly and dropped my head back onto the bed. Delaying no further Jason started to lick the shaft of my cock as if it were a lollipop coating it liberally with saliva before moving onto my cock head. I raised myself up onto my elbows to watch him; his eyes were closed as he slowly and smoothly swallowed the whole of me right down to the base. I had to concentrate so hard on not cumming there and then, I thought of mundane things until I was under control before I could relax and enjoy the expert blow job I was receiving. The sight of his handsome face bobbing up and down, lips wrapped round my shaft was a sight to behold and I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t long before I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. My hips began to buck and my head dropped back down again on to the bed just as my cock exploded sending jet after jet of jism down his willing throat. I was panting heavily from the orgasm but he was totally unfazed as he carried on sucking my cock until it had gone soft, only then did he reluctantly let it drop from his mouth. I thought he had finished with me but no, not by a long chalk. Without missing a beat he started licking and mouthing my balls, at the same time his hands reached out for my legs, once he had hold of them he pushed them up and back towards me. Understanding what he wanted I wrapped my arms around my knees to hold them in place. His tongue then travelled down from my balls along my crack until its goal was reached, my hole. He licked and lapped at my ring, in and out it darted round and round until even I could feel it relaxing and welcoming the intrusion.

While he was occupied down below I managed to gather enough thoughts to think about lubrication and remembered that I still had some of the Crisco Liam had given me, in my bedside drawer. Reaching across the bed I managed to open the drawer and retrieve it without Jason losing a stroke.

“Jason mate, you might want to use some of this” I said offering him the opened tub.

“Sure thing Sam, I have just the thing for that” Jason replied with a chuckle and immediately took a glob of it and greased up his cock.

Then throwing me a wink he placed his cock at my entrance and slowly pushed. Bearing in mind my recent training at work he had no problem getting past my ring and his cock, despite being a whopping ten inches in length, quickly disappeared inside. When he was in as far as he could go he took hold of my knees, pushed them aside and leant forward intent on kissing me. I reached out and pulled him towards me at the same time wrapping my legs around his waist to keep him buried inside me. We kissed passionately for the longest of times, finally coming up for air he gave me one last kiss before he nuzzled and bit my neck and shoulders as he started to slowly fuck me. He might be young but he was certainly experienced and/or talented in the art of fucking! He had the knack of hitting my prostate with every stroke and boy did he have stamina. On and on he fucked me gradually gaining in pace and force, I was loving every single moment of it. My head was rolling on the pillow with groans escaping from my lips in time to his thrusts and my legs tried to pull him ever closer to me until his balls were at risk of being swallowed too!

As they say, all good things must come to an end and with a grunting cry Jason’s body went rigid, spasmed several times before he collapsed exhausted onto me panting heavily. I kissed him tenderly on the cheek and held him in my arms while he got his breath back. My legs released their grip and I stretched them out straight again which caused Jason’s now subsiding cock to slip out of me dribbling a little bit of after-cum across my thighs. We laid there motionless for several minutes without saying anything, however his body pressing into mine aroused my cock from its slumber and I decided it was my time to show this youngster that an old man can still have a few tricks up his sleeve.

So I reached across him to where the Crisco tub sat abandoned and took a generous handful before rolling a sleepy Jason on to his front and spreading his legs. He made protesting noises but I played deaf and started to smear the Crisco along his crack and pushed some inside his anus. Now I understood his concerns for his ring was tight and he knew the size of my cock. He must be an anal virgin; I smiled to myself and thought ‘I’m going to have one tight hole to fuck tonight!’ In view of this fact I took extra care and attention to warming up his hole. First I inserted one finger and stroked his prostate which persuaded him that this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Then when he was relaxed with one finger I introduced a second finger and so on until I could get three in. By this time he was raring to go so I climbed on top of him, supporting myself with my elbows and slipped my cockhead just inside his ring. He reared up in reaction and his ring clamped down tight. I remained stationary until he released his grip and then gently applied pressure pushing my cock inside inch by inch. Finally I was fully inside, what a gorgeous feeling to be inside a tight hole, not only that the view before my eyes was hot too. Jason was lying with his head on his hands which accentuated the musculature of his back, further highlighted by the shadows cast by the hallway light. I was having difficulty remembering how I ever found a woman sexually attractive, but then again it’s like comparing day with night. Both are very different but each beautiful in its own way. Back to the task at hand and I quickly became consumed by the passion of the moment and was fucking Jason’s arse like there was no tomorrow. Again all too soon I climaxed and shot my load deep inside him before rolling him onto his side, lying spooned together with me still up him. I never lost my erection and five minutes later I was ready to go again, this time I took it more leisurely and as I slowly fucked him I reached over and stroked his cock until he had another erection. Somehow by coincidence or good luck we climaxed at the same time, my sheets definitely needed to be changed now! Finally our lust was spent for now and we drifted off into sleep.

It was early the next morning when I next woke up, the sun had just risen and was streaming in through the windows; I never had the sense last night to close the curtains. Jason was still asleep looking positively angelic, oh how deceptive that man can be I thought to myself. I guess this is the sight Kirsty must see most mornings, the thought of her brought up pangs of guilt and it took the edge of the post-sex glow I still had about me. Mentally I shrugged my shoulders, it takes two to tango and he was the one who had initiated the action, I certainly had no intention of spilling the beans to Kirsty or anyone else. Jason is a big boy (literally) and can choose his own path, who am I to judge?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes lying in bed watching the man I had shagged the night before. Deciding I was hungry and definitely needed a shower as a certain present deposited the night before was about to make an exit, sooner rather than later. I crawled out of bed as quietly as possible so as not to disturb sleeping beauty and tiptoed to the bathroom. First port of call the toilet, then into the shower to wash off the smell of sex, and finally have a shave.

Twenty minutes later I was in the kitchen brewing a pot of coffee and grilling some bacon for a sandwich when I heard the shower running so I set the table for two and put some more bacon under the grill. By the time I was buttering the bread and pouring out the coffees Jason sauntered into the room, towel wrapped round his waist and hair all tousled.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked brightly.

“Yeah, like the dead thanks. Is that bacon I can smell? I’m starving!” Jason replied casually as he sat down at the table and poured himself a cup of coffee.

This whole situation was so surreal, in my kitchen sat a man young enough to be my son, who I had known virtually all of his life, and had a girlfriend of his own yet sat here as if this was the most natural thing in the world. It then occurred to me that this can’t have been the first time he had been in this type of situation. Sitting down opposite him I passed him his round of bacon sandwiches and as I ate mine I planned what I was going to say to him.

However Jason beat me to it by thanking me for breakfast and for taking care of him so well last night. Taking care of him had more than one meaning I smiled inwardly. He asked if I had any objections to him calling Kirsty to let her know that he was fine and would be home later. I shrugged my shoulders and said “Be my guest”. He stood up and wandered into the living room to retrieve his mobile before returning and sitting back down at the table once more. With his cup of coffee in one hand and his mobile in the other he quick dialled Kirsty and chatted away to her for about ten minutes. Oh boy was he a smooth operator, he had her eating out of his palm in no time and I’m not even convinced that he actually apologised for not going home last night. At the end of the conversation he swore that he loved her and would be home by lunchtime.

“You’ve done this before haven’t you?” I casually asked taking a sip of my coffee.

“Done what? Had sex with a man or been unfaithful to Kirsty?” he asked with raised eyebrows.

“Both. Does she know that you bat for both sides? Or that you have been unfaithful.”

“No one knows that I do on either counts and that’s how exactly how I want it to stay” he responded giving me a hard stare.

I held my hands up in mock surrender before bursting out laughing stating “I’m not judging you Jason it’s just that last night came as a bit of a surprise, a very pleasant one granted, but a surprise none the less but this morning you seem totally relaxed and gave a very polished performance which led me to suspect that you’ve done this before.”

“You caught me fair and square Guvner” Jason replied with a sly smile.

“So tell me what made you pull that stunt last night? You weren’t as drunk as you were making out were you? Why pick me, I’m old enough to be your father and there are plenty of young guys out there who’d be more than willing to take your cock whichever way you want it.” I said in all seriousness.

“Like I said last night, and I meant it, I have wanted to get you into bed for so long I have forgotten a time when I didn’t want to. Ever since I was about fourteen years old I have fancied you like crazy. I used to hang onto every bit of information I could get when you were in the army and I was so jealous of your wife thinking she was in bed with you each night. You have no idea how many times I have just wanted to touch your body or have you hold me in your arms. I can remember listening to the conversations Aaron had in school and if there was any suggestion that you would be going to his house I would find a way to gatecrash the barbecue or party.” Jason admitted quite candidly.

I was silent for a moment before responding. “I don’t know what to say, I never had a clue that you felt like that and if I had known I probably wouldn’t have been very receptive in those days. I was too busy being a man’s man at the time and no one was going to say that I was anything other than a real 100% heterosexual alpha male. It’s only since I have worked as a Prison Officer that I have even contemplated that there could be another side to me that hadn’t been explored. Thinking about it I do seem to remember you being on the scene a lot when you were a teenager, we simply put it down to you and Aaron being inseparable buddies.”

“Yeah” Jason replied, deep in thought remembering the past “we were and still are I guess. It has been very hard sometimes keeping these feelings hidden from view and a couple of times it has nearly slipped out but as far as I am aware no one suspects my bisexuality. I love Kirsty very much and I want to be with her, but there is this other side of me which needs to be satisfied at the same time. Up until now I have been having one night stands when I get the opportunity but I have grown tired of these casual and sporadic sessions which somehow no longer feel as satisfying as they once did. I guess if I was honest I would like to find a guy who loves to have sex with no strings attached.”

Again I thought for a moment before replying “So let me get this straight in my head, you are looking for a guy who is prepared to have sex with you on an ongoing basis but is happy to keep it secret and isn’t looking for a relationship with you? I guess it would help if you liked the guy too?”

“Got it in one! Any ideas on where I should look for this guy?” Jason asked raising one eyebrow.

“Well……. I suppose if you are having trouble finding someone I guess I could help you out in the meantime. I love sex, am not looking for a significant other; we get on okay and can keep my gob shut. What do you reckon? The other bonus is that you have an excuse for coming round here as I’m now your fitness trainer.” I said trying to sound matter of fact as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

“Great minds think alike! If you’re up for it I definitely am but I’ve just realised the time, if I’m not careful I’m going to be late and that is something Kirsty does NOT like.” Jason said closing the discussion on the subject by jumping up and heading for the bedroom to get dressed. Within ten minutes he was flying out of the door with a promise that we will have to this again real soon. Yeah yeah I thought, where have I heard that before?

The rest of Saturday was spent flitting between surfing the internet, watching the Sports Channel and reluctantly doing mundane chores round the flat.

Sunday was pretty mediocre if I’m honest, went to the leisure centre for the weekly swimming session with the guys which was very surreal as Jason acted perfectly in character as if Friday night had never happened. I don’t honestly know if I was relieved or disappointed, either way tomorrow (Monday) has been looming large in my mind.


The atmosphere in the prison today has been electric; it only found a release in the evening when it was time for the auditions in the chapel. Standing on the podium with Liam, Max and Adrian at my side I looked out over a sea of expectant faces and began my speech welcoming each and every contender for the six positions of Volunteer Punishers. There must have been nearly six hundred men in the room as it was standing room only (all the chairs had been removed earlier in the day). Having explained the rules of the audition tonight I asked the men to hold their competition passes in the air for without a valid pass they will be excluded from the competition and escorted from the chapel immediately

“Right folks!” I called out loudly “let’s get the competition under way. Okay, listen up. For starters it’s a simple yes or no for the answer. Question one, do you think that by being a volunteer punisher this will give you authority over other inmates? You have five minutes to make your mind up.”

For a minute or two there was silence then slowly a whisper was heard and then more as inmates decided to discuss the whispering got louder and louder until I had to shout for silence in the room.

“Okay guys, times up. Put your hand up in the air with your pass clearly showing if you think the answer is yes.” I announced. Around two thirds of the room put their hands up.

“All the yes’s are to move to the left side of the room where Liam is standing and all the no’s are to the right where Max is standing. Please do so as quickly as possible so we can keep to the timetable.”

For a couple of moments there was a swirling mass of bodies as the inmates divided into two groups. George and a couple of other officers patrolled the divide to ensure that there were no sneaky jumpers after the results were announced. As the inmates quietened I announced the correct answer.

“The correct answer to this question is – YES – you will have authority over other inmates. You will follow directions from the prison staff and be given certain powers which will be confirmed later in the competition. All those that have answered incorrectly are now to leave the chapel by the main door and surrender your passes to Liam as you go.”

There were groans of disappointment from the ‘No’ group but they followed the instructions and slowly filed out of the room leaving four hundred inmates in the competition.

“Question number two.” I called out “Do you have the right to humiliate in public an inmate who has broken the prison rules? Again this is a yes or no question and as before all the yes’s to left and no’s to the right.”

This time the room was split fifty fifty, the correct answer was ‘no’, after the yes’s had left the room two hundred inmates remained and the questions continued.

“Question number three. If an inmate approaches you for advice or assistance regarding anything providing it’s legal are you obliged to help?”

Again the room was evenly split, the correct answer was ‘yes’, once the no’s had left the room one hundred inmates remained.

“Question number four. Once an inmate has broken the rules and the punishment initiated, do you have the right to engage in any sexual activity of your choosing and whenever you want? Same as before this is a yes or no question with all the yes’s to left and no’s to the right.”

The room was deadly silent, the inmates looked stunned and then a few started to grin wickedly at the thought of the question’s implications. This didn’t stop them from being indecisive and it took longer for the dividing up to finalise. In the end it was split with sixty saying yes and forty saying no. Yes was the correct answer so we were left with sixty inmates, the chapel was now feeling decidedly emptier.

“Question number five. If we told you that the uniform of a volunteer punisher consists solely of a red beret and leather belt with no other clothing being permitted, would you be prepared to comply with this requirement?”

This time the reaction from the inmates was more animated and I heard a few gasps, whistles of astonishment and a couple of “no ways!” but surprisingly at the end of the dividing there were thirty five yes’s and twenty five no’s. I had been expecting a lot fewer yes’s considering what had been asked, but I was relieved to see that the twelve inmates I had primed were still in the running.

“Right guys, we’re now down to thirty five and there are only twenty four can go through to the next round. This is going to be your first challenge. Scattered around the prison in the public areas are twenty four white envelopes, inside will be a red ticket with ‘VP’ embossed in silver. The twenty four men who successfully find the envelopes will be the ones going through. After I say go, you are free to search for them. On your marks, get set, go!” I cried out.

In one surge the thirty five men raced out of the room determined to be the ones to find the tickets. Once the chapel was empty Liam came over to me and congratulated on how well it had gone so far. I smiled an acknowledgement, inside praying that the rest of the competition would run just as smoothly. It took about five minutes for the first contender to come back in the room and about half an hour for the twenty fourth to stumble back into the chapel clearly exhausted having scoured the prison for the last remaining ticket. On his entry the chapel door was locked behind him, with a note outside advising the other eleven men that they were out of the competition.

“Okay guys; the first selection round is now over and this is where the hard work begins! Starting from tomorrow and continuing until Sunday you will be split up into six teams of four. Each day you will be on a different wing carrying out specified duties. Then on Sunday the rest of the prison inmates will vote for who they feel undertook the duties most willingly and most successfully. The twelve with the most votes will go through to the next round. Any questions so far? No? Okay, then I’ll explain a couple of rules. You are free to reject the tasks set you but by doing so it will immediately disqualify you from the competition, equally if you decide that this competition isn’t for you then you are free to leave at any time. That’s all for now, you are free to leave and return to your cells, get a good night’s sleep because the next six days are going to be hectic for you. In the morning you are to report to the main reception where your instructions will be published. Good night gentlemen.”

There as a small round of applause from the inmates and prison staff, to whom I bowed before we all left the chapel and went our separate ways.

Back at home, I flopped onto my sofa mentally exhausted from today’s events and took my time enjoying a cold beer letting my mind go blank. I was only roused from this state by the sound of my mobile phone bleeping to let me know a text message had arrived. Sod it! I thought to myself but couldn’t resist seeing who it was. It was Jason, just asking how my day had been – if only you knew – and shall we have another session after swimming on Sunday 25th April as Kirsty is off to visit her best friend in Manchester that day and will be staying overnight. I text back saying that sounded a great idea and to make sure he had a good night’s sleep because he was going to need it….


I was in even earlier at work than usual, I simply had to make sure that the instruction leaflets had been printed correctly, that I was in position and prepared for when the twenty four contestants arrived at the main reception. I was idly chatting to Andy, the security guard on reception when they started turning up en masse. It was like being hit by a tidal wave! They were full of enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to see what tasks they were to be set, I wasn’t sure if they would be so happy when they saw what was required though.

I spent the next ten minutes explaining that they will be given a number of tasks which everyone will have to participate in and complete to the best of their ability. The other inmates will be watching their every move and at the end of the six days will be voting for the contestant who has most impressed them. I then read out the daily tasks to them:

1.Assist with the cleaning & maintenance of the prison facilities.

2.Assist the prison officers during the daily cell inspections.

3.Befriend new arrivals, help them settle in & offer assistance where required.

4.Befriend inmates who are having difficulty socialising, help them network & offer assistance where required.

They were quiet for a few minutes while it sank in before Sayeed put his hand up and asked politely what the purpose of these tasks was.

“As ever Sayeed, you ask a very pertinent question” I said smiling broadly to him and the others in turn “and I am happy to answer it. Task one involves you doing chores which others normally refuse to do or do so unwillingly, thereby proving your ego and pride is not going to be a barrier to your progress. Task two requires you to distance yourself from fellow inmates sufficiently to help the prison officer search the cells, sometimes against the inmate’s wishes. Do you have the integrity to do this? Task three, this is a demonstration of your social skills and ability to relate to others who may be feeling vulnerable. Finally, task four. This will involve you dealing with inmates who will already be known to you, so you will have to overcome any personal prejudices you may have about that person as well as using the same skills as for task three. Any questions?”

No one answered so I split them up into the six teams making sure that any guys from the same wing were split into different groups. I then sent them on their way having explained in greater detail what they need to do but that a large part of it will be down to their own initiative and reminded them that their every move will be watched by the inmates. Then to add just a little bit of pressure I said that I would be round doing spot checks at random times of the day which brought a collective groan from them all.

I spent most of the day doing exactly that and catching up with the other officers making sure that the contestants were doing what they were supposed to be doing (which I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were doing, but it is only their first day).

This evening I actually enjoyed going for a run with Aaron and Jason, it was great to be doing something that didn’t require a great deal of thought (apart from making sure that I wasn’t going too fast for them). After our cooling down exercises and walking back home I commented on the fact that I could see improvements in their fitness levels and perhaps we ought to up the ante a little by doing two and a half circuits. Surprise, surprise this brought groans of protest from them but as their coach my word goes so as from Thursday we will be jogging further. I also dropped in the fact that I will be doing a physique check after the showers to ascertain if they have been doing all of the exercises I set for them.

After we had all had showers it was time for the physique inspection. As was now customary Jason and I were naked but Aaron was still hiding within his towel, not for long though. With Aaron watching while sitting on the sofa I got Jason to stand up straight in the middle of the lounge with his hands down by his sides looking forward. I then took my time examining him from head to toe making positive comments whenever I found an improvement in his muscle tones and reduction in his fat layers. I then focused on areas requiring attention. Giving Jason a sharp but playful slap on the bum I told him to make himself comfortable as it was now Aaron’s turn.

With a sigh of resignation Aaron stood up and assumed the same pose Jason had and I repeated the procedures that I had done with Jason. In all fairness both of them had made good progress and said so, this brought smiles and thanks from them. While Aaron was momentarily distracted by the compliments I until his towel and whipped it away before he could protest. I continued with my inspection pointing out that the towel had impeded my progress and simply had to go! Jason decided to go one better and retrieved the towel before putting it into the washing machine so Aaron had no choice but to join us in nakedness – he’s a little devil, that Jason! Aaron was rather petulant for a few minutes following this stunt but eventually got over it and by the time they dressed to leave he was relaxed enough to take his hands away from his crutch and behave more normally.


Work has been a little surreal today, the contestants have moved on to another wing as instructed getting on with their tasks with little supervision, so there has been little training for me to do. The feedback I have been getting has so far been positive, although it is too early to say if it will have lasting effects on the prison system. I could almost believe that it was business as usual except that we had some volunteers in helping us out.


Dear diary, nothing much to say. Today was much the same as yesterday, the only difference is that Liam called me in to his office for me to give feedback which I did in as balanced a way as possible. Even running tonight with Aaron and Jason was par for the course. Aaron summonsed up the courage to drop his towel part way into the evening which I acknowledged with a smile and nod. Jason thoughtfully made no issue of the matter.


Sorry for not having written for the last couple of days, with nothing going on there doesn’t seem much point in writing anything. Today has been different, in fact a first for me, I have been to a Sauna for the first time! Me at forty five, going to a gay sauna of all places….. but I am getting ahead of myself (as usual).

As I read the Sunday paper over breakfast a text came through on my mobile, it was Jason, cancelling our session no doubt I humphed to myself. But I was wrong, the message actually read:

“There’s been a change of plan. Kirsty wants me to wave her off from Euston Station so I can’t go swimming. Meet me outside Euston Station at 3.30pm and we can go into town. Please say you can make it. Jase xx”

Mmm I thought to myself, sounds interesting so I text him back agreeing to meet him as arranged. In the meantime I had a swimming session to attend. Due to time constraints I would have after the swimming session I took a change of clothing with me to the leisure centre. I paid to hire a locker overnight acting as casually as possible so as not to attract attention to my plans. Afterwards I quickly donned my clean change of clothing and made a discreet exit heading for the tube station. I was running five minutes late when I arrived at Euston to find that Jason was already waiting for me. I went to apologise for being late but from the expression on his face it was clear that he was simply relieved that I had turned up at all. I asked him what the plan of action was for this afternoon and evening. He refused to divulge any information saying it was all taken care of and that I should just relax and enjoy the experience. Fair enough so I let him have his way.

Our first port of call was Leicester Square, more specifically the cinema where we watched the recently released “Alice in Wonderland” which was very well made but a little on the weird side. I kept this last thought to myself as Jason clearly loved every moment of it (perhaps it’s an age thing). From there we walked over to China Town and enjoyed a sumptuous three course meal in an expensive looking restaurant, all paid for by Jason despite my protests to pay my half. Finally stuffed with food beyond comfort levels we sought refuge in a coffee house in Soho and watched the world go by chatting about anything that came to mind. Finally when I thought we were going to call it a day the final surprise was revealed, well, only as we walked up to the front door actually. In bright rainbow neon lettering were the words ‘Manzone Sauna” – there was no way you could mistake what this establishment was! I looked at Jason in surprise and asked him if this was where we were headed, indeed it was and without further delay we went inside.

Not knowing what to expect I looked around me studying every detail, at first glance it looked very much like a hotel main reception with a butch looking guy in his early sixties manning the desk. As Jason paid our entrance fees he gave me a curious glance up and down, stopping momentarily at crutch level before smiling briefly at me and handing us a couple of white towels and locker keys. He asked if we had been before and offered us a tour of the facilities, but Jason politely declined as he had been here several times already. He headed straight to the only door available and indicated that I should follow him, as we got to the door the receptionist pressed a button and a buzzer sounded releasing the lock on the door. On the other side of the door was a small changing room with lockers along one wall, on the opposite wall stood three doors, one with a sign saying ‘rest room’, one with ‘showers’ and the other ‘amenities’. Wasting no time we stripped off our clothes and wrapped the rather small white towels around our waists before locking our clothes away and walking through the amenities door and into the corridor beyond which had several doors on either side.

“So Sam what do you fancy trying first?” Jason asked with a smile “They’ve got a steam room which is hot and wet, a sauna which is hot and dry, a Jacuzzi, a massage parlour and exercise room.”

“Well I don’t fancy the exercise room” I replied “we get enough of that already, nor the massage parlour. I think I will try the sauna first.”

The heat hit me as I opened the door, it was like walking into a furnace and I could feel sweat bursting out of every pore as I stepped inside. The lighting was dim inside, provided by one solitary red light bulb, but it was enough to make out the two tiered slatted wooden benches running along each of the walls. There were already five men in the sauna, ranging in age from late teens up to early seventies and all were wearing the obligatory white towels. In one corner stood the heater with what looked like hot pumice stones, adjacent to it was a metal bucket of water and a ladle for putting water onto the stones. As I walked down the aisle between the benches I tried to make visual contact with the guys but most had their eyes closed or were staring down at the floor, avoiding eye contact. The only one who did look up was a young lad who appeared to be in his late teens who smiled shyly at me, if you ignored the spots he was cute in a goofy sort of way. I felt a tap on my shoulder and with a very pointed look on his face Jason indicated where we should sit. Strangely the seat I was offered was out of eye line of the youth, I mentally shrugged my shoulders, if Jason wanted to be jealous over a smile let him.

Jason and I chit chatted for a few minutes but it was just too hot to talk so the conversation died out and we sat in silence soaking in the heat and feeling the sweat trickle down our bodies. After what seemed an eternity Jason admitted defeat and we escaped into the relatively chilly corridor to cool down. I decided that I needed to wash off the grime and sweat from my body before I did anything else so I headed back to the changing room and straight through the door marked ‘showers’. It was just as I expected, a communal shower area much like the leisure centre except for the fact that here they provided soap and shampoo! Hanging my towel up on a convenient clothes hook I stepped over to the nearest shower head and turned the tap on. Eeeek! The water was cold but quickly warmed up and I lathered myself up, as I did so I heard the shower head next to me start to run, glancing over I saw Jason doing the same thing. Boy was he a sight to behold and the sight of him washing was somehow erotic, so I asked him if there was anywhere more private that we could go and you know…..

“Easy tiger!” Jason laughed “There’s plenty of time for that later, just chill out, we’ve still got the steam room and Jacuzzi to go yet. It’s my turn to choose, so I think the Jacuzzi is next followed by the steam room. Come on old man.”

With that he turned off the shower, picked up his towel slinging it over his shoulder, not bothering to dry himself and opened the door to the changing room. Only then did he look to see if I was following, which I was just a couple of steps behind. The Jacuzzi room was actually quite busy with about four other guys already sitting in the bubbling water and another couple standing around talking while idly watching the others. Luckily there was enough room for us to squeeze in although it was a bit cosy (okay, sardines might be a better description!) I sat down gingerly not wanting to slip and make a fool of myself and I noticed that Jason did much the same. He quickly settled back and closed his eyes enjoying the sensations the bubbles were causing. I however was more curious about the fellow occupants of the Jacuzzi and casually looked round the pool. Just regular guys really I thought to myself, as I did so I felt a hand slide it’s way slowly up my thigh to my groin and then over to my crotch. Startled by this development I glanced over the owner of the hand, who looked at me with a tentative smile and pleading expression. I would have put him in his early sixties, not bad looking for a man of his age and then seeing that I wasn’t about to punch him his smile broadened before he looked down and concentrated on exploring my body. I spread my legs a little to allow him easier access, his fingers by now had hold of my balls and were gently rolling them, my cock was rapidly rising to attention and the head was just poking up above the frothing water. I expected the hand to stroke my cock but instead the hand went lower and I felt a finger trace the outline of my anus before very gently pushing the tip just inside my hole drawing a satisfied sigh from my lips.

“Do you like that? I can give you something better if you would like” the owner of the finger whispered trying to be discreet as possible.

“Yeah I guess I might. How do you fancy a little company? I’m with this gorgeous guy so we come as a pair.” I replied, sounding out his sincerity.

By now Jason had focused in on the conversation and seeing the state of my cock put two and two together instantly. Raising one eye brow he looked at me with a grin and said “you don’t waste time do you?”

“Nope” was all I said in response before turning back to the guy and asking “Well?”

The guy must have thought he’d died and gone to heaven because he had a big grin on his face and said he knew just the place to go. Five minutes later we were in one of the ‘rest rooms’; designed apparently just for this type of activity. There was a single bed sized couch covered in black plastic along with two armchairs covered in the same material. Beside the bed was a coffee table with a lamp and a big bowl containing condoms and sachets of lubricants. We didn’t waste time with pleasantries like closing the door behind us or asking names but got straight down to business.

Having seen the size of our cocks the guy decided that he wanted to be bottom after all so Jason pulled on a condom, then bent the guy over the couch before lubricating his hole and shoving his cock up him, sparing him no mercy. The poor guy cried out and wriggled trying to escape his ordeal without success. As Jason hammered away I climbed up on the couch and kneeled before the willing victim, taking hold of his head I impaled him on my own throbbing erection. I stopped for a moment to allow him to adjust to it before I started to fuck his face. Jason told me not to come and as soon as we felt like we would then we were to stop and swap places. Before long this is exactly what we had to do! I could feel pressure building up in my balls so I called time and we swapped positions. As I slipped on a condom I asked the guy if he was okay, with a slut happy grin on his face he said that he was indeed.

This time Jason sat in one of the chairs while the guy was on all fours with his head between Jason’s legs, slurping with great gusto on the naked cock in front of him. I knelt down and slid my cock easily into the guy’s sloppy hole and started to steadily fuck him. Behind me I heard the creak of the door opening and saw the young guy I had previously seen in the sauna peering through the doorway unable to believe his eyes. I motioned for him to join us and do whatever feels right for him. Needing no second telling the youth stepped inside and quickly lost his towel, his cock was resembled him, long and slender with a nicely shaped head. He stood in front of me with his cock half mast, with one free hand I guided it into my mouth and sucked it into life. It grew before my eyes but although it was nice and long it wasn’t as hefty as Jason’s, just as I was getting into the rhythm of sucking it he pulled away and walked over to the bowl picking up a condom and sachet of lubricant. He quickly donned the condom and knelt down behind me, pushing me forward a little before applying the lubricant to my hole. Just from the way his fingers moved I could tell he was no novice and sure enough before I could think of saying no he had gently and smoothly slid his cock deep inside me and was slowly beginning to fuck me as I fucked the guy in front of me. I guess this is what they call a meat sandwich; it was certainly a novel experience feeling my cock buried deep inside an arse while a cock was stuffed up mine. I looked over to Jason, told him it was such a great feeling that he might like to try it too. So there was a brief interruption while we rearranged ourselves. Jason stood up put another condom on, then willing guy crawled half onto the chair while Jason reinserted his cock up his hole, I then shuffled forward and pushed my cock up Jason’s hole, finally I felt the youth’s cock slide back inside me. For the next five to ten minutes this human daisy chain groaned and grunted before one by one we shot our loads and collapsed on top of the person in front. This impromptu orgy came to a natural end when youthful guy and willing guy made it clear that they were going to have their own private party and wandered off to another rest room for some privacy.

I smiled at Jason and then said “I don’t know about you sunshine, I have had a great time here and it’s been a real eye opener but I am bush whacked and would like to call it a day.”

Jason’s smile wavered momentarily before being fixed back in place “Sure thing old man, there’s always another time? Shall we go for a shower and then head back to yours?”

“Come on don’t be like that Jason, I’ve got work in the morning and I don’t want to be too late in getting to bed. Of course we can do this again, I’ve really enjoyed myself. Would you like to stay overnight?” I asked.

Jason laughed and raised his hands in mock surrender “Okay okay! You win and how could I refuse when you’ve made such a tempting offer?”

Taking charge of the situation I took him by the hand and forcibly led him back to the showers where we thoroughly washed off the stale smells of sex and the sauna in general. As we stepped back out into the street I was reminded of the children’s story ‘The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe’, this is how they must have felt stepping through the wardrobe having left Narnia behind.

Two hours later I was laying in bed with Jason snuggled up against me, head on my shoulders with one arm draped across my chest sighing in contentment. I don’t like to admit it but I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, for I had shown Jason that between the sheets not only can I be a rampant beast but I can also be a considerate lover. We had fucked each other in just about every position possible and swapping roles several times, I don’t think I have one drop of spunk left in my balls! I simply held him tight against me enjoying the moment, not wanting to break the spell. Somewhere along the line we must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew was the alarm going off and the morning rush was underway……….


First task this morning was to collect up the votes submitted by the inmates via the ballot boxes on each wing, then take them to the Governor’s office for counting and verification by Liam.

By mid-morning the twelve contestants through to the next round were: Tyler, Flick, Eduardo, Dinesh, Jarek, Tony, Bert, Darren, Carl, Martin, Gus and Sayeed. Okay folks I guess the cynical reader might say that it was all a fix but I swear to you the voting was absolutely free and the counting was not fixed in any way. I just like to think that the management got it right first time round…..

I quickly printed out the list of remaining contestants and put up the notices on each wing stating that training will begin in the chapel this evening after dinner and the twelve contestants will be given their new uniforms. The whole prison was quickly buzzing with the news and it continued throughout the afternoon right up until the time I began my welcoming speech, only then did it go quiet.

The contestants sat in the front row of the auditorium waiting to be called up one by one. Tyler and Jarek were the easiest as they were already naked and in fact they ended up wearing more than they started with! But the others were a different story. After those two Flick was next, I called him up on to the stage congratulating him on making it through to the next round and presented him with his red beret and leather belt. Shaking my hand and thanking me he made to walk off the stage as had Tyler and Jarek before him. I called him back and explained that as a volunteer punisher his uniform was the beret and belt, nothing else was considered appropriate and he would have to surrender his clothing immediately or forfeit his place in the competition. He narrowed his eyes at me momentarily, said nothing before grinning mischievously and started to undress handing to me each item of clothing until he stood there naked in front of me. Only then did I give him permission to don his uniform and return to his seat in the audience. Looking down into the audience everyone was enjoying the spectacle except for the remaining nine contestants who were less than happy with what lay ahead but knowing they had no escape route without forfeiting their place in the competition. One by one they collected their new uniform and surrendered their clothing, surprisingly once on stage they acted with good grace and didn’t show any of their real feelings. When all twelve were dealt with I called them back up on stage and lined them up in a row facing the audience.

I then made my final speech of the evening “Gentleman, before you stand the final twelve contestants all vying for the six positions of volunteer punisher. For the next five evenings we will ask you to sit in this auditorium and watch the practical training sessions taking place next door. At the end of the evening we will ask you to vote for the contestant who you consider to be the least capable or willing. The training will be filmed totally live and you will be able to see and hear everything as it happens, there will be no faking or trick photography, what you see is what is happening.”

Then turning to the contestants I said “Let’s get the show on the road, we will now make our way next door and start the training.”

There was a short round of applause which subsided into whispering conversations as I led the twelve guys off the stage, down the aisle and through to the training room. Inside waiting for us were James, Max and George positioned behind the video cameras along with Richard who was preparing the shower area. I pointed to a spare couch and told them to remove their berets and belts and place them on the couch as they won’t be needed. Briefly glancing at the cameras they did as they were told before joining me in the shower area.

“Okay guys, tonight we are going to focus on personal hygiene both externally and internally. During the course of this evening Richard and I will be demonstrating the cleaning methods that are to be used on a daily basis when you are carrying out your role a volunteer punisher. Then following the demonstration ALL of you will undertake the cleaning methods, I don’t need to remind you that every move you make is being recorded and scrutinised by the audience next door and any reluctance may cost you dearly in this competition.” I told the men who were standing in a semi circle round me.

As I allowed this information to sink in I started to remove my prison uniform, folding it neatly and passing it to Richard who stood ready to take it from me. Finally I stood in just my boxer shorts, then smiling at the others I pulled them down and handed them to Richard too. I was now as naked as the rest of them.

“Firstly, and I’m sure you all know how to do this, I am going to show you how to wash thoroughly. There is nothing more important than personal hygiene especially as you will be virtually naked twenty four seven. Then afterwards I am going to show you how to clean yourself out internally too.” As I announced this I walked over to the shower unit and turned the shower on, adjusting the flow until it was an ambient temperature.

“Come closer because you all need to see this.”

The guys shuffled forward positioning themselves so that they could all see me properly. I then spent the next ten minutes showing how to soap up every part of my body including my crack, balls and under the foreskin. Then I demonstrated how to rinse the soap off again afterwards. By now Richard had joined the group with a small pot of Crisco in one hand and when I nodded in his direction he turned the shower off and prepared the douching tube for me.

“Right guys, now comes the fun part! I am going to wash all the shit and detritus out of my rectum so that should a cock need to find its way up my arse it won’t come out covered in the brown stuff. You can laugh if you want but I expect this to become part of your daily routine and I will be doing routine inspections of your rectums to make sure you are doing this a matter of course. Richard will explain what he is doing and what you need to remember when it comes round to your turn because you will be practising the method on each other.”

I glanced round the group to gauge their reaction to my announcement but with the cameras in close proximity they were careful to keep straight faces and merely nodded in the right places.

Having connected the douching tube to the shower Richard explained to the contestants that the water flowing through it must be just above a trickle and be around body temperature, too cold and it will cause cramping and too hot will burn. Then the tube needs to be greased up and so does the anus. With that he indicated that I was to join him facing away from the contestants, then, I was to bend over at the waist with my hands pulling my cheeks apart.

Out of the corner of one eye I could see a camera moving in for a close up and out of the other eye I could see the guys also moving in for a close up. Then with that I felt the familiar touch of Richard’s fingers greasing up my hole and gently inserting the douching tube. It was at that point I heard several gasps from the guys as they realised that this would be happening to them very shortly. In a strange way I was enjoying all this attention until I felt the pangs of a bloated rectum full of water and faeces. I was told to hold it as long as possible by Richard before being given permission to evacuate the contents down the nearby toilet. This process was repeated three times, after which Richard was satisfied I was fully cleaned out.

Standing up straight I thanked Richard for his assistance and asked who wanted to go first. As no one volunteered straight away I randomly selected Eduardo and asked him to take my place in the shower area and assume the same position that I had a few minutes ago. I knelt down behind him and savoured the view of his glowing white cheeks in contrast to his brown back and legs, as he pulled his cheeks apart his ring glistened pinkly and opened very slightly. I took the tub of Crisco from Richard, placed it on the floor before smearing a glob of it around his ring and just inside, when I was satisfied he was greased up sufficiently I took the douching tube, greased that up and inserted it into Eduardo’s rectum drawing a quiet groan from his lips. As water flowed into him I gently massaged his ever increasingly bloated stomach, explaining what I was doing all the while, then when he could take no more I pulled the tube out and let him sit down on the toilet to release the water. The force in which it flew out made us all laugh releasing some of the tension in the room. Then it was time for Eduardo to assume the position again and the process was repeated for another two times before the effluent ran clear from his backside.

Deciding it was best to take charge I didn’t ask for a volunteer, instead I selected Dinesh, Jarek and Gus in that order because I knew that they had to be familiar with the process as they could all accommodate fists and there was no way to be able to do this without being cleaned out first. Sure enough they took the cleaning out in their stride and were comfortable enough with it to crack a couple of jokes with the other guys while it was going on. Then it was Tony’s turn and he was the last of the easy ones, all the remaining guys had only ever had a finger up their bums!

That was about to change, starting with Sayeed, I had a score to settle with him and he was going to be a tough one to crack. But crack he did, having seen five guys before him being cleaned out with no difficulty pride would not let him back away from this challenge. So after I crooked a finger at him as Tony rejoined the crowd he assumed the required position and obediently spread his cheeks wide. Once again I was given the treat of seeing his tight pink anus nestling amongst the black hairs of his crack. Not giving him time to react I started to grease up his hole with a generous amount of Crisco, I took my time in doing so savouring the chance to get my fingers up his arse. Slowly but surely his resistance broke down and I was just able to insert two fingers into his virgin hole, after some more warming up and words of encouragement he was sufficiently relaxed to be able to comfortably accommodate the two fingers. Deciding he was loose enough I inserted the douching tube, I made sure that there was enough of the tube up there that he knew what it felt like to have a cock inside him. He was panting from the exertion and I could see that his face was flushed as well as his neck and shoulders. Reaching underneath him, I accidentally brushed against his genitals and was surprised to find that he was erect, considering his attitude during his post punishment meeting this was not the reaction I had been expecting. However I kept my thoughts to myself and concentrated on the task at hand which was to massage his expanding stomach. All too soon he was fully loaded with water and I allowed him to empty himself out into the toilet under the watchful gaze of the other guys and the cameras. As with the preceding guys I cleaned him out a further couple of times before releasing him for his ordeal.

Flick and Tyler were next and just like Sayeed were anal virgins so they took some breaking into! With Tyler he was definitely a crowd puller (possibly because of his reputation) and when the douching tube was pushed inside more than one guy clapped and whistled. Flick was a different matter, he was more concerned with image and once he realised that he wasn’t about to lose face he readily submitted to the anal intrusion. Of the four remaining guys Bert, Darren, Carl and Martin only Bert seemed to show any reluctance in being cleaned out and he deliberately hung back until last. From my point of view it was game up for him, he had been the only one of the twelve guys to show any hesitation or reluctance, but that would be for the audience outside to decide not me, management no longer had a say in the matter.

Finally some two hours after entering the training room all twelve contestants had been cleaned out, allowed to don their uniforms again and were standing up on stage waiting for the results of the voting. I had to give the contestants credit, they all walked back up the aisle with heads held high and when other inmates called out to them they waved back in response with grins on their faces. They gave no sign of any tension as they waited for the votes to be counted. After five minutes of waiting with baited breath Liam handed me an envelope, I opened it with great ceremony and read out the one word written on the paper within the envelope – Bert. There was deliberately no indication of the number of votes he had got, it was sufficient for him to know that he was no longer in the competition. After a short thank you speech by Bert he removed the beret and leather belt and handed it to me as he was required to do. He stood there expectantly waiting for his clothes to be returned. I informed him that all the contestants clothing had been confiscated as soon as the training session had commenced and was locked away within the Governor’s office for safekeeping. Unfortunately this meant he would not be able to gain access to his clothes until tomorrow morning when the offices were open again. In the meantime he would have to remain naked until then. Consider it a booby prize for being voted off I suggested with just a trace of a smile. There was nothing he could do except shrug his shoulders and leave the stage with as much dignity as he could muster to the applause of the audience. As he left the room I closed the meeting by confirming once again that the next round would take place at the same time tomorrow here in the chapel where things will be taken to the next level.

I didn’t get home until late that evening and as I sat eating my supper I realised that I would not have time this week to join Aaron and Jason for their Tuesday and Thursday runs. I sent them both a text message from my mobile informing them that for this week only due to work commitments I would not be able to join them in their runs but they were not to use that as an excuse to avoid doing it! Aaron replied within minutes saying that it wasn’t a problem and that he’ll see me at the leisure centre as normal at the weekend. Jason however didn’t respond until much later, in fact I was just about to turn my phone off when his message arrived. He said that it was okay with him but hoped that I wasn’t getting cold feet with him after the weekend. Stupid boy! I thought to myself, I was a little more tactful in my reply however. I assured him that there was no way I was getting cold feet and it was simply down to being on late shifts all this week. He then came back asking if he could stay over tomorrow night as Kirsty was still away? Not having the energy to argue I agreed to his request, if I’m honest I was just a little bit pleased with his eagerness to sleep with me again.


Dear diary, I’m going to skip the boring bits of today and jump straight to this evening’s training session in the chapel. It was slightly different tonight in the fact that Adrian was acting as compere in the auditorium whilst I and the contestants went straight to the training room next door and as before they removed their uniforms putting them to one side. As with last night James, Max and George were the camera men and Richard acted as shower assistant.

Standing in front of the eleven contestants I explained to them that the first task of the evening was to clean themselves inside and out. They were expected to do it without assistance as they had been shown how to do it the previous evening. No one made a move until they heard the creak of a video camera moving, this seemed to jolt them into action and this time Tyler took the lead and stepped up to the shower and made a great show of soaping himself up and then rinsing himself off. It was hard not to stand and gawp at him, as I’ve mentioned before he is pure beefcake, black as coal and hung like a horse. Then, not bothering to dry himself he bent over spreading his legs a little and greased up his little puckered hole. Next he took the douching tube, adjusted the flow of water through it and the temperature before carefully sliding the tube deep inside him. He remained in that position until he felt enough water had flowed inside before removing the tube and squatting over the toilet. On my instruction he hovered over the seat so that I (and the cameras) could see the colour of the effluent. Naturally on the first clear out it came out brown but by the third clearout it was clear.

Not wanting to be out done Flick announced that he would go next. As he showered I could not help but watch his dragon tattoos move as his washed himself, they were quality tattoo s and seemed to have a life of their own. Before long he was cleaned out and it was then the turn of Gus, then Carl and so on until all eleven guys were done.

While the last few guys were busy cleaning themselves out I went to the metal cabinet and retrieved eleven dildos of average cock size along with five tubs of Crisco and placed them all on a nearby couch ready for the next stage of their training. Calling them over I told them that as adult males we knew that they had experience in the art of fucking in an active capacity, however in the role of volunteer punisher they may be required to participate in man to man sex in a passive capacity. The purpose of the next exercise is to introduce their anus and rectum to having an object i.e. a cock up inside them, and as a responsible organisation it is safer to do it this way than to allow them to be fucked by another inmate without having any prior experience. As I was talking I looked round the group I could see a couple of faces looking worried, one was Sayeed (no surprise there!) and the other was Martin. I mentally made a note of this to ensure they got special attention from me.

I then went on to say that I recognised that some guys had already got experience of having cocks up them and if they didn’t mind they would take the bottom role to start off with so the others could be taught the correct technique for inserting the dildos. There were no objections and I didn’t expect any given the nature of the competition so I asked Eduardo, Dinesh, Jarek, Tony and Gus to get down on all fours on the floor facing away from us with their heads on their hands. This had the effect of raising their bums in the air and exposing their holes to us, what a sight indeed, five puckered holes waiting to be stuffed. Next I instructed Flick, Tyler, Darren, Carl and Martin to collect a dildo each and a tub of Crisco and then kneel down behind a hole of their choosing. Sayeed asked me why he had not been included, I explained that I already knew that he was experienced in stuffing holes and that I wouldn’t insult his intelligence by getting him to do this exercise. His pride was intact with this assurance and he nodded his understanding. Walking over to the group I told them to liberally grease up the holes in front of them all round the outside of the ring and then to take another glob of grease and push it inside the anus with two fingers and smear it all around as much as possible. Next they were to grease up the dildo and place the head of it at the entrance, tell the recipient to breathe deeply and relax before very slowly and gently pushing the dildo inside. Keep pushing until the dildo is fully inserted up to the silicone balls, place your hand on the base of the dildo to keep it in position and let it sit there for a couple of minutes before slowly pulling it back out. I told them to leave just the head inside and then push it back in again, then, with the other hand they were to reach between the recipients legs and take hold of the cock. Next while they slowly fuck the bottom they are to stroke the cock and wank off the recipient until he cums, only then can the dildo be removed. I asked them if they understood the instructions, I simply got nods of agreement as the five guys were concentrating on the tasks at hand. It was reminiscent of a porn film watching the five guys in a row being fucked with the dildos and wanked off. After about five minutes I heard Tony grunting and then the distinctive splat of jism hitting the tiled floor, I told Darren to remove the dildo and clean Tony’s hole up using the tissue I handed to him. Watching Darren do so I noted that Tony’s hole closed up quite quickly indicating that he obviously doesn’t get that much bottom action inside! A couple of minutes later Eduardo came, followed by Gus, Dinesh and finally Jarek. However their holes were slower to close up (as I expected) because they saw more action and were capable of taking larger objects. Whilst their holes remained open I pointed out to the “tops” that this was a good sign and indicated that the bottoms were completely relaxed. Now that they were all cleaned up I announced that it was time to swap!

The “tops” were a little hesitant in kneeling on the floor but after words of encouragement from the “bottoms” they did indeed swap positions. Eduardo now knelt behind Tyler, Dinesh behind Carl, Jarek behind Flick, Gus behind Martin and Tony behind Darren. I told Sayeed it was now time for him to join the other “bottoms” and that I would be taking care of him today. He threw me a quirky smile in response before assuming the same position as the others. I asked the new “tops” if they had any questions and reminded them to take extra care with their “bottoms” as they were relatively virginal, all shook their heads before starting to grease up the waiting holes. Confident that they knew what they were doing I focused on Sayeed’s hole before me. Following my own instructions I greased up his hole and pushed two fingers inside, he reflexively gripped my fingers before relaxing again. I then replaced my fingers with the dildo and as the head pushed up inside him I am sure that I heard him sigh. I let him get adjusted to the intrusion before sliding the rest of the dildo up his rectum. As I started to fuck him with the dildo I reached between his legs to find that he was already erect and his cock was throbbing. It didn’t take many strokes of the dildo to bring him to a growling climax and a large puddle of jism lay on the floor beneath him. I removed the dildo, wiped him clean and congratulated him on doing so well. He looked over his shoulder and smiled weakly.

When my wife first introduced me to her college friend Lucy, Lucy explained that many Koreans take an “American” name. I didn’t and still don’t know if this is true or not. Lucy was an odd woman. She was extremely talkative, barely 5 feet tall, pudgy in a lumpy sort of way, highly intelligent, and if the stories my wife told me could be believed, she was a total slut. She and Lucy had gone to the same college and apparently raised hell together. My wife Jen loved to tell me sordid stories from her past, usually while she was giving me a hand job. Some of those stories included Lucy.

Lucy had come and visited us a few times over the years and while she and my wife had a kinky history, we agreed never to bring Lucy into our lifestyle. Jen just didn’t want to know Lucy in that way. It didn’t bother me much. I liked Lucy but really wasn’t attracted to her at all, which is why I’m all the more surprised I fucked her behind my wife’s back. Quite literally.

It started fairly unintentional. Lucy was down from Michigan visiting us between internships. We’d spent the night at home, grilled out, and had a few drinks. At about ten o’clock I started getting tired of watching those two lushes pound away margaritas so I said my good nights and left them to their drunken snickering. I feel asleep right away like I always do and didn’t stir till I felt my wife get into her side of the bed sometime later. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep for undetermined amount of time before I felt a weight on the bottom of the bed. I opened my bleary eyes and looked down to see my wife crawling on the bed. I laid there and sleepily and hoped she’d come to bed horny and wanted to fuck. I couldn’t see much but she crept up a bit and started to pull down the covers. I felt her hands on my chest and my cock started to stiffen as her hands went to my underwear. She drunkenly fumbled with them before I had to help her pull them down. I folded my pillow in half and leaned back as her tiny hands started roughly pulling at my dick. Normally Jen wasn’t this clumsy even when she was drunk. I almost said something but then I felt her hot mouth on the head of my cock and I decided all was forgiven. I raised one bent leg and settled back as her wet warm mouth worked it’s way up and down on my rock hard cock. I dropped a hand to the back of her head and I noticed that her hair felt a little more coarse then usual. She quickly ducked away and started to suck on my balls with her left hand jerking my cock. Signing contently I glanced to my right and noticed a shape in the bed next to me. My first thought that it was one of our dogs that snuck in but I realized with a sudden horror that I could make out my wife’s sleeping face not two feet from me. It took a second for my sleep and sex addle brain to figure out that it was Lucy down there with my balls in her mouth.

I sat up quickly in bed in shock when suddenly Lucy lunged forward and kissed me full on the lips with her wet mouth. I smelled the tequila and sour mix full force as her mouth opened up and her tongue attacked my lips. I firmly shoved her back on her chubby ass. “Are you fucking crazy?” I asked.

“Shhhhh. It’s okay.” Her words were slurred.

“Lucy get the hell out of here before Jen wakes up.” I whispered at her angrily. She giggled a bit at this.

“She’s drunk.”

“Yes and so are you. Now get out of our room.”

“Aww you know you liked me sucking your cock.”

“Out now before I toss your drunk ass outside.”

“Jen didn’t tell me you were a faggot.”

I didn’t think. I swung my legs out of bed, grabbed her by the top of her pudgy arm and yanked her out of bed. Her feet could barely keep up with me as I shoved her ass down the hallway back to the guest room. We must have been quite a sight. An ugly, chubby, Asian woman getting accosted by a naked man with a rock hard, curved cock. I shoved her into her room and she half fell against the bed. Then I turned and started to head back to my room.

“Oww. You fucking asshole.”

I whirled on her furiously and I could feel the heat rolling off my shoulders. There was a little more light in this room and I realized how pathetic she looked half hanging onto the bed, her short nightgown up around her chubby middle. Without knowing what I was doing I strode back into the room, and I’m ashamed to say I was pleased by the fact she shrank away from me, before I grabbed her and heaved her on the bed. The next thing I know I’m spreading apart her legs roughly and I buried my face in her hot crotch. I attacked it angrily and slurping, almost chewing it. Her hands reached down but I shoved them away and bent her legs at the knees. I held her like this and found her clit and tongued it for a few moments before sticking my whole tongue in her wide pussy. I tongue fucked her hard and I felt her coarse thick pubic hair crunch up against my nose.

She was starting to moan loudly and I climbed up and kissed her sloppily and rough. Our tongues greedily found each other and her hands went back to my cock until I leaned back and slapped them away. Her ugly little face looked confused for a second before I ripped her night gown and took one of her lumpy tits in my mouth. Her nipples were hard and long and I greedily alternated sucking and biting them. She flapped her legs open underneath me and I reached my right hand down and rubbed the outside of her lips before sticking my two middle fingers into her forcibly. She gasped at this and again I felt her hands on my head before I grabbed them with my free hand and pinned them up behind her head.

“No. You lay there!” I whispered at her hatefully. I kissed her roughly while I finger fucked her hard. I pulled my fingers out and rubbed them around her clit before putting three of them back into her.

“Your such a slut. You want to get fucked, then I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck your gaped pussy.” she started grunting and pushing her hips down against my hand.

“That feels so good, fuck me.” she cried as I bent down and started sucking her misshapen tits again, then I stuck my pinkie finger into her hot slit. I pistoned my hand all the way up to my knuckles in her pussy. I’ve always been happy with my average length, slightly bent and thickish cock, but I knew Lucy was so stretched out it would feel like fucking a wet grocery bag. There was no way I was going to fill that and with a quick glance around the room I had an idea.

I pulled out my slick hand and climbed off of her. I walked over to the dresser where she had spread out all her things. I grabbed a plastic bottle of hair spray product that was about two and a half inches in diameter. I looked over at her and noticed her sit up a bit with what might have been concern on her face.


“Shhh.” I replied knocking over a few things before finding the lotion bottle I was looking for. I took a few long pumps of lotion then spread it liberally on my dick. Then I took a few more and spread it all over the base of the lotion bottle. I looked up at her and saw some realization in her eyes.

“Turn around and lay on the bed.” She hesitated for a second before she swung her lumpy ass over the edge of the bed. Her short thick little legs were spread wide, and I took my lotioned hand and rubbed up and down her pussy.

“Pull your ass apart.” I said and she reached back and spread her ass cheeks with her small dimpled hands. I saw her dark asshole against the paler flesh and I ringed it a few times with my middle finger. She put all her weight on the bed and moaned. With my free hand I took the lotioned up bottle of hairspray and pushed it into her pussy. It went in easily. She moaned a little about it and my other hand kept roughly fingering the outside of her asshole. I raised one leg and put my foot on the bed beside her hip and took my hand from her butt hole and used it to help glide my greased dick into her pussy. I felt the hair spray bottle try and come back out as my dick pushed against it, but I held it and my cock in place. With my cock on top of the bottle I began to fuck Lucy from behind.

“Oh shit. Oh God. That’s it.” She moaned as I pumped her roughly. It did feel good. Her hot pussy stretched tight on the top of my dick and the cool hard hair spray bottle on the bottom. I looked down and saw her asshole scrunched up against my cock and I let a long line of spit drop from my mouth into her ass crack. Reaching down with my free hand I grabbed the back of her black hair and pulled her head back.

“You like that you slut? You like creeping into my bedroom and sucking my cock with your best friend sleeping next to me?” I pounded her hard as I whispered fiercely into her ear.

“Yes. Give it to me. I feel so full right now.” I responded with letting her head flop back down to the bed and grabbing her by the hips and fucking her like I was trying to kill her. Somewhere along the way the bottle of hair spray fell out, but I continued to pump away in her loose pussy until I felt ready to explode.

I grabbed my cock and pulled out. I leaned forward and pushed it’s head against her asshole and squeezed tight before sending thick ropes of cum against it. I pumped it with my fist, breathlessly, and I felt her push back against my cock and fist. I kept jacking it and gasped as her greedy asshole almost swallowed the tip. The heat from my cum and her wide open pussy rubbed against the knuckles of my fist.

I backed away wobbly legged. Lucy stayed where she was on the bed, a gaped, wet mess. Spent, I leaned back against the dresser, unsure if I should say anything or just go back to bed. When she spoke it surprised me a bit.

“I didn’t come yet.” She said as she wiggled her ass at me. I stood there for a moment before resigning myself to turning around and finding the bottle of lotion again.