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Monday night is my favorite night of the week. That’s because Monday is game day. Every Monday from seven to eleven our club meets in the ballroom in the rec center to play board games, card games, night games or even console games. I’m game master of the club, and own forty-six of the seventy plus board games we play and know how to play almost all of them. My roommate, roommate to be, and friends all come play with us, and our club has been nominated for club of the year on campus. We usually get twenty to thirty people every Monday and have special events from time to time.

The president of our club is Jennifer and I’ve had a crush on her since my freshman year from going kayaking with her. She taught me, mostly anyway, how to do an Eskimo roll in the kayak. That’s where you flip over in a kayak so your torso is underwater and you turn it back over using only your body and the paddle for torque without getting out. Learning is a bit of a challenge given that the whole time you try and practice it you are forced under water and either have to succeed, be helped to turn over by someone, or panic and swim out filling the kayak with water. Jennifer helped to turn me over many, many times and I’m not sure even then how much I kept her there to help me or just to have her there.

Being in her swimsuit, in a tight bikini top I couldn’t help but notice how good she looked. She had medium long hair, tight stomach, good-sized tits, and a beautiful face with an almost constant smile or laugh. She actually was sort of a tomboy and despite her good physique she wore swim trunks and played as rough as the other guys in the pool. She would ram your boat and tip you over if you let her and was one of the first picks for polo. Given she goes to an engineering school where the ratio is at best 3:1 guys I guess you sort of have to play rough to be good. Unfortunately she was a year older and I was far to shy at the time to do anything but enjoy her company and after the kayaking sort of fizzled I lost contact with her for almost a year.

Seeing her again at the club presentation day last fall I immediately joined Board and Gaming Club. Not only was playing games one my favorite things to do, it meant I got to spend time with her again, which was a definite plus.

My first few meetings I got to know a lot of people and I found out just how many different board games there are. I had always been an avid gamer, and I have played many board games, all the standard ones: Monopoly, Sorry, Life, Scrabble, Battleship, Risk, and many card games. I was even state champion at Bridge in high school. But the first few weeks I played a new game every week, some I’d never even heard of before. Mario, the card game, the one that actually inspired the franchise; Stock Ticker, a game of playing the stocks with a group of people all given same starting money to see who can make the most in an allotted time; Settlers of Catan, one of our staples, a game to rule the island of Catan by building the most economic network to build an empire; and many more.

Every week I would go to see these people and play games with them and quickly we became friends. But outside of game night we still had a very large workload. Being physics major I have one of the hardest majors at the school. I went to the library between classes quite often because it was easier than going home and it increased my chances of actually getting work done. Jennifer too went to the library to work and I always said hi as I went passed her to find an outlet for my laptop. Her hair was so pretty everytime I passed her and she always smiled when she saw me.

Working up my nerve I would go and sit with her at the table whenever she was alone to work with her. This usually meant I didn’t get much work done, as we tended to talk too much to pay attention to what we were doing.

With the start of the new semester our schedules changed and I found she had lunch every day the same time as me. Besides becoming a very prominent member of the club and having real issues to talk to her about we were good friends by now and I often had lunch at her table with her friends. More and more I was aware of how beautiful she was despite her frumpy clothing.

For some reason I still don’t understand she wore the baggiest clothing and was the height of nerd. She wore a knit wool hat with tassels and a black baggy sweatshirt with loose jeans. Even up close it was hard to tell how good she really looked, her face being the exception. Being a very bubbly person she was always smiling and had a very good laugh, even when she was down somehow her face was still lit up. She never wore make-up had no need to, her face was smooth and she got very rosy cheeks when she was cold.

I wanted very much to ask her out and my crush had done nothing but grown since I kept spending time with her. Conversely, our friendship was very good and she spent a lot of time with me as it was and I didn’t want to risk it with a date gone badly and the awkwardness it would mean. Still she was one of the hotter girls I’ve met and she loved to play games as much as me, I couldn’t just let her slip away.

Meeting her again in the library I sat with her and started to do my circuits homework. She was an electrical so I figured she could help me, besides it was an excuse to meet with her. It was Monday so I figured we could do this between now and game night. Sadly, my stupid analog class was so over my head it was over her head and she was a year ahead of me in that field. So our ‘study time’ turned into her playing with my phone and me watching, helping, and playing Lux (basically risk) on my computer. She played angry birds and rush hour on my phone until around five. At which point I suggested food, she was going to just go home and have dinner, but I managed to convince her to go to Chipotle with me instead. A double win to be sure because Chipotle was now both delicious and enticing enough to get her to go out with me.

We walked back to her house to get her car and go since she needed her wallet and she lived only a few blocks down the hill and across the creek. After a pleasant dinner she dropped me off at my friends and told me she’d meet me at game night later.

A week or so passed since our quasi-date and it was our three-day weekend. We had Monday off, rather than miss game night I suggested to the club we have game day at my house instead. Twelve hours plus of solid games and fun all day Monday and into Tuesday morning. We set up my friend’s projector in the spare room pointing it at the ceiling for an extra twist to play Portal on, and all the Rock Band stuff in the living room. We sort of regretted the Rock Band stuff thou, because our group has the worst singing of any group of people I’ve ever encountered. But despite our bad tune we have much fun all day.

Jennifer and I went to get the pizza and another drum-set from goodwill since our pedal broke. But another person came with us so I did not get time with her alone. When we got back we made her play portal since for some reason she hadn’t and I lay next to her taunting her as she played.

Night came and we set-up Halo on both our Xbox’s and Jennifer, me, and another person from game night played on the one in the spare room. We played zombies mostly and I being rather good at it started to taunt Jennifer with Jennifer hunting. Whenever I was zombie, or especially if she was zombie, rather than play the game normally and run, I hunted her and taunted her by telling her what I was going to do. How close I was, where I’d come from, and what gun I’d use. After a while merely saying her name made her jump.

Despite my warnings I still was very good at hunting her and she grew angry with me and took my hat from me. This is something people don’t generally do as I get it back one way or another and people don’t cross me in that. But instead of snatching it back from her I countered and took her hat. I had worn her hat once before and the smell of her hair had infused itself into the hat and smelled very good. She had a sort of fruity shampoo or something and the smell was rather distinctive to her. I felt it was a worthy trade and continued to hunt her while smelling her hat.

Twice more she came to our house that week to play games with us and help on our random craft day. Craft day was needed because one can only handle so much calculus and I at least needed to get out my artistic side. We made among other things a giant gummi bear by melting down gummi bears in a make shift double boiler and pouring it into a honey bear. The bear was a massive win, and is still very delicious.

That Saturday I texted Jennifer to see what she was up too and she replied work but she up for anything after seven. Getting up my nerve I said she should go out with me then. After a rather long pause, which was rather intense on my end at least, she finally said yes she’d go.

Our date went good as far as I could tell. We went and played mini golf first. She lost horribly on the first nine but managed to do much better the second half. It was a relief because I would have hated to tell her she tripled my score so I only told her she won on the back nine by one point. Next, we had Chinese food and went to go see Tangled in the theater. Being nerds and the only people in there, we made fun of the movie as we watched it and were laughing most of the time.

After the movie we went back to my car and discovered I didn’t have my key. We looked and retraced our steps but it was lost and we couldn’t find it. Since I only lived about a mile from the theater anyway we walked back to my house to get my spare from my roommate since he drives me more often than I drive anyway. It was snowing and we were playing in the snow as we walked. She couldn’t slide as far as me but she was good conversation as we walked and talked.

We both were avid fans of Calvin and Hobbes who I commonly associate with Jack (the narrator) and Tyler Durden from Fight Club. Jennifer was not a fan of Fight Club and had no interest in knowing the many similarities between the two. How Tyler was a recreation of Hobbes, as Calvin grew up and found himself crushed as the perfect happy life he was promised turned out to be a shallow meaningless existence.

Rather than get into the details we agreed to disagree. Walking past the dealerships between my house and the theater we drew on the cars covered in snow. Games of tic-tac-toe, man with hat from XKCD, random messages, and we cleaned all the snow off one car in the middle of the lot for the random.

Walking back to my house we decided since the snow was so good we wanted to play in it more. We built the Calvin and Hobbes head peeking up over the hill, like a giant poking his nose over with his fingers to the sides. It stayed there for almost a week before it melted, which here is rather significant. Making it was fun, and I loved to sculpt and have been front page of the paper twice for my snow Lincoln and snowman protest relief. After an hour or two Jennifer was frozen, she had kept kneeling in the snow and her legs were all wet and frozen. So we went inside to warm up and had apple cider.

She changed into my shorts and stripped to her tank top under her other shirt. I gave her my blamange, which is a giant white puffy feather blanket. It gets its name from the Monty Python sketch, but needless to say, it is awesome, very comfy, and very warm. She curled right up into it and drank the cider but her cheeks stayed red. Suggesting we watch another movie we decided on The Chronicles of Riddick as she had never seen it before and was a huge fan of Vin Diesel, not in small part because he plays D&D.

I got my feather pillow that was really a three-in-one giant pillow to support us as we watched the movie and we lay on my bed under the blamange. My computer on my desk is a 27″ iMac and has a screen big enough to function as a TV. Rather than mess with the transfer to my external and setting it up on my Xbox for the living room this was easier. My roommate watched the movie with us and I held Jennifer lightly as we watched. After the movie was over it was getting very early even by my standards and I didn’t want to get up. Jennifer was not as pro at morning activity as me and simply lay there as the credits finished and the screen went dark from inactivity.

I couldn’t sleep, not with her in my bed this close to me, and it appeared she was not asleep either. We moved so as to lie in the bed long way rather than across it as we had for the movie. For the next length of time, I’m not really sure how long, we played a very subtle little game. First she would roll over and get closer and then pull back. Then I would roll to hold her and then thinking she was asleep pull back. She would then lay her head on my shoulder and I would pull close to her. All our movements were intentional but apparently random as if made during sleep. I commented as such after a long time saying how pro we were at sleeping. She laughed and agreed saying she hadn’t slept any either. I told her to lie on her side then so I could hold her properly.

She did and I spooned up to her and draped my arm over her pulling her to me as we lay under the covers. Her legs were so smooth against mine, her hair so sweet in my face. I felt very relaxed as I held her and many a night have I longed just for that simple hold. But given the situation I wanted more.

My hand holding her stomach was just brushing the underside of her tit. Squeezing ever so softly at first I massaged the area just underside her tit. She did not protest the massage but kept me at first from moving higher. My massage grew slowly more insistent and I pressed up and she released and I finally held the soft tender breasts I so worshiped for some reason.

They felt so large in my hands yet tender as I felt her sigh as I pressed and rolled them. This was my favorite part; her reactions to my touches were far more satisfying than the touches themselves. After awhile I slid my hand down to the bottom of her shirt. She knew what I was doing and quickly helped me to pull her shirt out of the way as I slid my hand back up her naked torso back to her now more exposed tits. Her body was warm and she moved to feel my hands more as them played along her body. I did my best to push her bra out of the way and gripped her naked tit feeling her moan softly as I did so.

Emboldened by my success thus far I slid my hand down over her legs, my shorts, and rubbed them. She had to know where I was headed but didn’t seem to protest the movement. Moving my hand to between her legs I felt her jerk as I slid my fingers up her slit though the fabric.

Holding myself back I kept my hard cock off her, somehow it felt wrong to unnerve her with it pressing to hard to have her right then. I wanted to pleasure her, to feel her pleasure and if the time came then move forward. For now I kept my hand to her pussy and my other still fondling her tit. She was quiet as I rubbed her but her enjoyment was obvious. She kept her head craned back mouth slightly open, her breathing was elevated with her pulse and I felt her jerk from time to time went I circled her clit.

I wanted to get my hand inside the shorts to get closer to her pussy, to feel the dampness I knew was there. I wanted so very badly to feel her cum, to shake in my arms, to cry out. I felt her, hoping to go further, but she held my hand down. Everytime I tried to move it she pulled it back to her pussy, I thought at first it was because she didn’t want it to leave, but given her insistence and not letting my hand above the waistband I knew my advances were finally being stopped. Finally she said the clothes were staying on today and to play with the top instead.

Disappointed, I nonetheless submitted to her request, as it was after all the first date and she had done far more than I had expected already. Rolling her over and holding her to me I told her to kiss me then. We kissed and held each other until 10ish in the morning and talked about all sorts of things from religion to the stupid circuits to how amazing she felt against me. But she said she had to go and get to church, I was not a fan of seeing her leave for such a reason, but I drove her home anyway getting stuck three times in the massive snow left from the night before and ice underneath it.

Time passed and nothing seemed to have changed between us, I thought she was happy with our date and I could not wait for the next one. But it was test time and we were both very busy trying to pass our respective tests.

After a week or so my friend from home, a couple years younger texted saying he was coming to tour the school. We decided to greet him with a bafing fight. Bafing is basically foam sword fighting, with wooden, PVC, or carbon fiber cores and a noodle duck taped on the outside. Jennifer came with us and it just so happened we were the first to arrive at the field in the middle of campus. She told me out of the blue that while Saturday was a lot of fun she didn’t want to go out with me. Shocked and rather hurt I was left to just go with it as my friends started to show up and we never had a chance to talk about it at the time.

For the next four hours we had our sword fight, got smoothies and toured my friend around the campus. It was very surreal having her there, having dumped me and yet we were acting as if nothing had happened. This feeling didn’t really fade over the next several weeks. She showed no signs of discomfort being around me all the time, in fact seemed to be spending even more time than usual doing stuff with me. Albeit we were never really alone for it, she came to my house three times that week and played games and planned the events for E-Days with me.

Having to see her became more a chore than a pleasure because as fun and beautiful as she was, I could not hold her, not be with her in that way. I could do nothing about it and yet there she was over and over staring me in the face. I can’t decide if I would feel better or worse if she had given me a reason but I really did not want to take no for an answer.


This weekend my friend was moving in and Jennifer agreed to come over and help us after her party. From what I was told it was a Kahlua and ice cream party and she got to our house very late. My new roommate was almost moved in but Jennifer got cold from some combination of the chilly evening and the ice cream and she found my blamange and curled up in it. She must have been rather tired and feel asleep very quickly in the warm embrace of the blamange.

My roommates both left shortly there after, both going home for the weekend. Leaving me here with the sleeping Jennifer, now in my bed. This was too much for me, I had been pining after her for the last weeks more than ever and now she was in my bed, no one home. At the beginning of the year I had gotten rope in the chance I had need for it, I was quite handy with it from scouts but all it had been used for so far was tying my cardboard boat to my car to bring it to the race. Now I had a use for the rope that was much less innocent.

Jennifer had fallen asleep in my bed of her own volition, and she had ‘slept’ with me once before. Some part of her wanted this and I was not going to let it slip between my fingers again.

I was careful to measure out the rope I needed before moving Jennifer at all. I made four parallel loops for her wrists, and set up the rope to be adjusted from the side. This part of the rope I secured to the headboard of the bed. This would make it so I held her wrists apart, without any chance of her escaping or losing circulation to her hands. Her legs would be more difficult and I was only able to attach the rope to the footboard legs and would have to wait until I removed the blanket to continue. For her face I grabbed a clean sock. Also grabbing a pair of scissors for cutting her clothes and the ropes if need be.

Grabbing the ropes I looked down at her, was I really going to go through with this? I mean it was everything I wanted, but what happens if she flat refuses? No she walked into this willingly, she just needed a push. She would come around one way or another. Besides the ropes were already tied.

I pulled her left hand out first and slid it into the loops. Reaching across she stirred as I slid the second set of loops over her right hand. Jennifer attempted to pull her hand back, meeting resistance she murmured, “What, hey, what’s going on?” Not wasting any time as she was waking up quicker than I expected I pulled the ropes on her arms tight and forced her to lay flat as her arms were pulled apart and held straight out.

“Shhh, don’t move,” I stoked her smooth hair and willed her to clam down, “just go back to sleep you’ll feel very good soon.”

Taking her momentary lull as good fortune I slid down the bed and yanked her shorts off before she knew what was happening. This was too sudden and she kicked out as I slipped the shorts off. Grabbing one leg I slid the loops I had set-up over her ankle and tightened it down. Too tight, she would be sure to lose circulation but for now I needed her immobile. The second leg was more difficult than the first but I managed to wrestle it down and into the binding as well. Jennifer was by now yelling out in protest and finishing binding her I shoved the sock in her mouth.

This was very effective at muffling her shrieks and I returned my attention to her bindings. If I loosened her ankles she might be able to escape but if I kept them tight she would lose circulation. I wanted neither, so I improvised and tossing the blamange aside I wrapped a second rope eight times around her leg, four above the knee and four below. Repeating this on the opposite leg I brought the two ends together on the left side of the bed having gone underneath with the right one and used a double taught line hitch to pull her legs apart. This spread her legs but over strained her ankles even more, free to loosen them I did so and finally got her bound in a stable, hopefully comfortable and secure binding.

Jennifer resisted her bindings and kept trying to yell out past the sock but her efforts were futile. I couldn’t help but stare at her tight body, as she lay there helpless. I knew I was turned on by bondage but seeing her in my bed helpless to my every desire was more than I ever imagined. Her chest was heaving, tits pressed against her tight tank top.

Those tits had been haunting me since I first saw them in the pool but even more so having massaged them not more than a month ago. They were just sitting there waiting to be held, fondled, sucked, anything I want to do to them. I jumped into the bed and Jennifer moaned in protest and turned her head away as I gripped the full of her right tit and drove my face between the delicious mounds.

They were so warm and soft, my brain was in overdrive as I lay there and fondled her. I had one of my best friends tied down, most likely terrified of me and I was in ecstasy. I was in a state of pure childish delight playing with her tits, and yet was also contemplating the ramifications of my actions. I was split in the scene, one part of me stood there watching myself and judged. I was a perverted little freak tying down my friend just to play with bits of flesh on her chest. Yet what lovely pieces of flesh they were. I could feel her heart race, her chest rise with each breath, and the vibrations of her moans of protest all while massaging her tit with my hand.

Sliding my hand down I reached up under her shirt and slid my hand along her chest. It was smooth and I could feel her ribs under her skin and couldn’t help but bring my cock against her leg. She tried to jerk away from me but my bindings were strong.

“There’s no need to fight it. Just lay back and enjoy it, I know you will. I’ll make sure of it.”

I pulled her bra aside under shirt and grabbed her naked breast as I said this and she looked away from me again. Feeling her bare skin was even more erotic than it had been through the shirt and made sure to rub the tit good. I knew she would like it, all that tension needed to be loosened. Having a good set of tits like hers it was a fair amount of weight to carry around even inside her bra. Those muscles and tendons would feel good from a deep tissue massage no matter the circumstance the rub was given. Besides it meant more time to play with the curves I so wanted to feel for so long.

I knew she liked this part and even being tied up and forced into it I could feel her resolve cracking as I continued to rub her fears away. She even looked up longingly when I pulled my hand away. But, when she saw me reaching for the pair of scissors her tension and fear immediately returned and she again fought at her bindings.

“Shhh, I told you not to fight it. Your shirt is in my way and I really want to play with your nipples. Don’t fidget or I may actually cut you.”

This made her lie absolutely ridged and she held her breath puffing her chest out even more than normal. Her eyes were clamped shut and she tried to turn away. I wanted to toy with her, draw the scissors along her stomach and tickle her with them, force her to fear them but she might flinch and I didn’t want to stab her, not with scissors anyway. I merely cut up along the center of her shirt, a simple white tank top probably only a couple bucks. The chest underneath on the other hand was anything but.

Clipping the straps on the shirt I pulled it out from underneath her and put the scissors to the side. Her body really was amazing, I had felt it and knew how smooth and even it was and I’d seen it before in the pool. But this was different; her arms outstretched open to my embrace and tits pushed out by the air in her chest and one out from under her bra.

I fell down to her side and held her close to me. I wanted to feel as much of this body against me as I could. I pressed my head against her the nape of her neck and inhaled the beautiful scent of her hair. I slid my hands along the taught skin over her midriff tickling her belly button and up to her exposed tit. I ran my hand over it admiring how perfectly round it was cupped in my hand. She moaned again and tried to pull away from me.

“When are you just going to admit you are enjoying this? Your nipples are already hard and I bet your starting to get wet down there.”

At the mention of her pussy cried out and pulled at her bindings even harder.

“Relax, I’ll play with that later. For now I said I was going to play with your nipples. Stay to the top, I remember.”

I tried to remove her bra without leaving her neck. Her hair was so intoxicating; I was almost content just to lay here holding her with the scent of her hair. But her bra was proving rather difficult. I could unclip it just fine but I could not get it off. I didn’t want to cut it because it might cost more than a few bucks so I was trying to undo the strap but I was just blindly fumbling. Ah well, I was going down there anyway; I took one last intake of that sweet hair and slid my face back to her soft pillows. Not a bad trade overall and now seeing the strap I was able to get it undone soon enough and pulled her bra out and threw it aside.

Returning my attention to what I was laying on I found to my delight her nipples were still hard. She really was enjoying this even if she wouldn’t admit it yet. But those nipples were just begging to be sucked and I had no reason not to oblige them.

I could feel Jennifer’s moan as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and it seemed conflicted between the pleasure of the suction and the circumstances of the attention. No matter to me however, she was enjoying it and I was in a position to make her enjoy it more. Sucking it further into my mouth I swirled me tongue on her nipple. It was both rough and tender to my touch, I wanted more of it. Grabbing her other nipple with my fingers I pinched her nipple as best I could while still holding her tit with the rest of my hand.

Working my tongue back and forth and my hand massaging her other breast Jennifer’s heart began to race again but I had a feeling it was an entirely different reason this time. As much fun as it was toying with her nipples her panties were too inviting to pass up.

Just as before, Jennifer was turned on enough by my foreplay with her tits to let me slide my hand down between her legs. I caressed the inside of her legs with my hands, she must had just shaven them as they were silky smooth and warm to my touch. Her panties her white with pastel dots, not quite bikini style but close and very form fitting. Sliding my hand over her pussy the first time I felt her jerk at the touch but not overtly protesting the caress.

At this point even if she had been screaming in terror I would have been turned on by feeling her in such a private place. To feel her jerk and buck under my hand, but no she was actually beginning to enjoy the touches and I still held her tit to my face.

Bringing my hand to a rest cupping her I felt just how warm she was, if her legs were warm it did not compare to the heat her pussy was giving off through the panties. This was very comfortable for both of us and I lay and enjoyed the feeling. Her breast pressed up against my face, her bound body helpless to my movements, and her pussy on fire under the pressure of my hand gently pulling up.

“Don’t worry, this time you don’t have to feel guilty about it. I’m in control here, and you can just lie there and enjoy it. I know you enjoyed it last time, and this time you will even more. You can be sure I will.”

She was strong willed I had to give her that, her body clearly wanted this, but her mind still was not willing. I started to massage her outer lips through her panties, given how much I enjoyed the feeling I guessed she would not hold out much longer. Her lips were soft and fluid and I could feel her shiver as I ran my fingers along her slit. Her breast still pressed to my ear I watched her stomach rise and fall and she tried to remain clam. Pushing with my middle finger I forced her panties and my finger deeper into her folds pulling the fabric tight against her now swollen lips.

“This is about where we got to last time wasn’t it. I really can’t imagine how you managed to stop me before,” and I sucked her nipple in my mouth again causing her to shudder and moan in protest, “but this time since you so nicely came back I think we should move on.”

Pulling my hand back I slid my fingers under her waistband and along the tops of her hipbones. She shivered and pulled at her bindings fairly hard, it was a good thing the knots were firm. Sliding my hand down I kept my hand to the very right side of her crotch. I could feel her blood pumping in the veins; she was still fighting the bonds trying to get out. Her efforts were in vain and she gasped and twitched as I danced my fingers over her naked pussy.

Even my subtle little touches were sufficient to feel the dampness there that had already spread to her panties leaving a dark spot on the clean white fabric. Dancing my fingers back over her pussy I circled my finger around her outer lips. She was now whimpering behind the sock and I watched with great fascination as my hand contorted the fabric of her panties. I spread her lips with my fingers and felt the heat of her pussy as I toyed with the even softer inner lips. Circling up my fingers found her clit hidden in her pink folds.

Jennifer was unable to ignore my touches when they found her clit and her body jerked in response to my flicking it.

“That’s right, twitch my beauty. Let my fingers bring you to another world. You are going to cum for me right here.”

She whimpered at my words and tired again to close her legs to keep out my probing fingers. Drawing my self away from her soft mounds and smooth skin I reoriented my self to between her legs. I was forced to remove my hand, but despite her immediate relief with my hand leaving she cried out and struggled as she saw me moving to put my face right between her legs.

From this vantage point I could not only see how damp her panties were getting, but smell her sex in the air. The damp panties clung to her folds and were now semi transparent. Pulling close I inhaled the scent of her, choosing to exhale deeply I breathed hot air on her pussy. She moaned and pulled at her bindings trying to pull away from me.

Bringing my hands around to her stomach I bent my head down and kissed her pussy. It was so sweet and from the moment I tasted it I had to have more. Grabbing the near string edges of her panties I pulled up tightening the triangle of fabric over her pussy and pulling it taught. She moaned, and I don’t know whether it was from pain, pleasure, or some combination of the two. I pulled as hard as I could up on her panties and her clit was pinched between the seams the fabric cutting in to her slit. I reached out with my tongue and licked the clit under strain and I felt her twitch and try to scream out.

This was too good and I licked her clit again. Her sweetness was soaking through and around the panties and I lapped it up. Licking the length of her pussy I could hear Jennifer start to breath rapidly. Letting go of the left side of her panties I reached for the scissors. Going against my better judgment I trailed the scissors along her body. Sliding them over and around her breasts and even down over her pussy. Thankfully, she suffered her spasm internally and when I went to trim the now strings that were the sides of her panties they came off without a single scratch.

I had pulled her panties pulled so hard, they still clung to her pussy as if for dear life. Pealing back the soaked panties I watched in ecstasy as she twitched and caused her tits to shake everytime the panties slipped and came loose. Goddamn she was beautiful, her naked body now lay before me spread eagle. My cock was pulsing against my leg and it strained to be free from my boxers. Her body was lean and smooth; pale from being under all her clothing it was now mine for the taking. Her hair was wavy today and her eyes were very hard to read, unsure was the best I could describe them as. Glancing down her body I found her tits again and saw her nipples where still hard and the left looked a little raw from my sucking and nibbling.

Scanning down her stomach I ran my hand over her again and her belly jerked at the tickle. Her pussy was not shaven but it looked as if it had been trimmed some but looked perfect the way it was. I ran my fingers over the soft hair and spiraled it around my finger. Bringing my finger lower I brought it back into her pussy and rubbed it around. Moving to her clit I circled and flicked it watching her jerk her head from side to side. Pulling my hand back I slapped her pussy with a wet smack. She jolted and whimpered at the punishment.

“Oh does that hurt?” and I slapped her pussy again. She nodded as tears formed in her eyes. “You want me to kiss it to make it feel better?” and I slapped her pussy again, this time making sure to land squarely on her exposed clit. She nodded again and was now crying into the sock.

Sinking down I placed my mouth on her pussy my nose on her pubic hair and inhaled. This was just as sweet as the hair on her head and feeling her moan as I kissed her pussy made it even better. Reaching around I grabbed two handful of her ass and pulled my face deeper into her now sucking her clit into my mouth. Unable to see I felt her shoulders buck and imaged her soft tits rippling to the vibrations.

Releasing her tight ass cheeks I moved my hands up her body and found her tits. Meanwhile, I tongued her clit and fast as I could and felt her legs shake as she tried to close her legs giving her a reprieve from my oral assault. No such reprieve was in order and instead I moved my hand away from her tit and brought it back to the lips of her pussy. I heard her try to murmur something but it was lost behind the sock. Sliding my fingers over her lips for only a few seconds more I drove two fingers as deep as I could into her now dripping cunt.

She screamed behind her gag and I felt her try and shift her pussy away from the penetrating fingers. This only caused her to slid her pussy along my fingers while I continued to tongue her clit. I brought my other hand down from her tit and held her stomach in a vain attempt to keep her still. But from the punishment of my fingers and tongue on her clit Jennifer was now unable to keep still. Her body rocked and bucked at my stimulation unable to escape more pleasure.

Rather than piston my fingers in and out I probed her pussy. Pressing and massaging everywhere I could reach. Her muscles were strong and fought hard against my fingers but soon fell to the pleasure my fingers gave. I found a spot that was rougher than the other surfaces and it responded as I pressed on it. Jennifer moaned and bucked even harder at this new pressure. Whatever I found was beyond her control and I rubbed it and pressed it feeling it swell and get, if possible, even warmer.

“See I knew you would like this. Look at your body shake; you can’t believe how good this feels. You are going to cum for me right here, right now. And you are only going to stop when I am satisfied because you can’t do anything to stop me.”

Jennifer was beyond a response of any kind and merely whimpered as she started to breath so fast I was worried she might pass out. Putting my mouth back on her clit I sucked it into my mouth and flicked it back and forth. My hand was now dripping from my fingers buried in her pussy. After several more moments of ecstasy I felt her pussy clamp on my fingers. It was all I could do to hang on to her and keep my mouth on her clit as her body shuddered and bucked. She had been holding back this orgasm and now it was free it sent her body out of control.

I refused to let her down from her high and keep massaging her and sucking on her clit. Her legs shuddered and my bed creaked from the force of her pulling on the ropes attached to her legs. From what I could tell her orgasm kept triggering and I refused to stop pleasuring her and the muscle spasms set off more. After I felt she could take no more I stood up and looked back at her still twitching body. Reaching down I held her tear-strewn face. I took out the sock and kissed her, she didn’t really engage in the kiss but she did not pull away from it either.

“That’s more like it. Now you catch your breath and I’ll be back in a minute. I have to go get some things you stay right here.” I smiled at her and walked to the door, “oh and don’t try and scream or anything I don’t want to put the sock back in and I’m guessing you don’t either, it would be more uncomfortable the second time I assure you.”

Once I left the room I couldn’t help but do a little dance. I had made Jennifer cum for me, felt her cum over and over and she was still there waiting for what I was going to do next. I was like a kid in a candy store, everything looked so good and I wanted everything there was to offer. I could do anything I wanted to her.

But what was I going to do next. As much as I liked bondage and seeing girls toy themselves I was not all that equipped. I didn’t have any dildos or vibrators just lying around and I doubted if either of my roommates did either. Plus that would just be awkward for everyone.

Well come to think of it I did have one thing that vibrated, my electric toothbrush and I had several spare heads so I didn’t mind using one. Watching her get off was more than worth a spare head in my opinion. Excited I rushed in and grabbed it, replacing the batteries to make sure it was at full speed.

What else could I do to her to get her off? Scanning the kitchen I saw my back scratcher laying on the counter next to the bar stools. I wasn’t all that into pain stimulation but the way I forced her to submit by slapping her pussy was a definite plus. The long bamboo stick with a curved end meant to scratch would be a perfect cane to smack her with. I grabbed it too.

Now that I had the makeshift cane my mind whirled to the various things I could do to inflict pain in erotic ways. A zipper made of clothespins would do the trick and I had plenty for the clothesline outside. I gathered up a bunch and got some string from the rummage door to string them together. While I was there I saw a bunch of chopsticks and they gave me an idea, I grabbed them and some scotch tape too.

Carrying my new found arsenal of pain and pleasure I walked back to my room.

“Oh my god what are you doing? Here just untie me. I promise I won’t tell. You made me cum and it felt really good but I just want to go home now. Please just untie me and let me go.”

“Jennifer, I’m disappointed I thought you were just warming up to this. As you might have guessed, telling me it was good then saying no without even a reason doesn’t work so well.”

“It really was good but please just untie me I want to go home.”

“Lucky for both of us I don’t have to take no for an answer this time. Unlucky for you that is not what I wanted to hear. That said you haven’t screamed out so that’s good for you.”

Working my way over to the bed I spilled out the things I gathered onto the bed and a couple of clothespins made their way to Jennifer’s stomach. She tried as best she could to sit up and look at them.

“What are those here for, what are you going to do to me?”

Now there was just a hint of panic in her voice and her eyes darted from one item to the next.

“Well what ever I do, I would make sure you keep from screaming. You might not like it if you do scream out.”

Saying this I bent down to kiss her again pulling her face in. I slid back from the kiss pulling her lip with me holding it in my teeth. I grabbed the first clothespin and trailed it along her smooth body. Up over her face and across her eyes as she closed them. She shuddered as I circled back down and around her nipple.

“Oh you want it there do you? Good choice I think you nipple could use a little pinch.”

Jennifer cringed and her face squeezed together as her nipple was clamped by the wooden clothespin.

“Hurts a little doesn’t it?” She nodded keeping her face tight to hold back any sound, “Oh you want another one for the other nipple?” This time she shook her head. I reached for the back scratcher and ran it up her leg to her pussy. “Are you sure you don’t want another one?” She nodded more vigorously and the clip shook as her tits rocked from the motion. “mmmh, that was the wrong answer I’m afraid.” Pulling the scratcher back I flicked it down on her pussy, not too hard but hard enough to show her I was serious. “Now were you sure you didn’t want another clip?” Again she nodded though not as vigorously this time. I slapped her pussy again, harder this time.

“That is really too bad cause this one looks so good on you. You know I think we should put it on anyway just to see how good it looks.”

Putting it on I grabbed each of her tits. I would never get over how good they felt and looked, so warm in my hands, and smooth to the touch. The clothespins on her nipples covered part of the areola and made her entire tit more taught. I knew how much more sensitive they were becoming from the stressed blood flow so I reached up and twisted the pins slowly and she whimpered.

Grabbing the pile of pins I started to loop the string through each one so they were connected a little over an inch apart. I set up two rows of pins and laid them across her chest.

“What a are you doing. I don’t want any more. Stop. Let me go.”

“Well if you insist. We can hold off on the pins because you’re in luck. There is something else I wanted to do first.”

This seemed to unsettle her more than reassure, but she remained quiet hoping probably, not to egg me on even more. I grabbed the toothbrush and brought it to her clit. Even before it was on she jerked at the touch.

“Remember I said not to scream.”

Turning on the brush Jennifer bucked immediately. Her pussy was still sensitive from my tongue and the vibrations were right on her ultra sensitive clit. Jennifer bit her lip and was already humping the brush involuntarily. I laid the brush down and it stayed leaned on her pussy. Jennifer had her head back and her eyes closed but the brush was doing work and no matter what she did it stayed and sent her wild.

I was able to step back and watch the scene, and while not quite as good as feeling her react, watching her body jerk and shake the pins swinging wildly on her tits was well worth it. My cock was hard against my boxers again and the room was getting hot from all her motion and from how turned on I was getting. I took off my clothes and join her in being naked. Free now, my cock twitched with her body, I had to have her soon.

“You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to see you cum and now look at you. My own personal little cum slut, your so good I want to give you a treat.”

Jennifer either didn’t hear or wouldn’t respond because she seemed blissfully unaware of me until my balls settled on her chest after straddling her. I grabbed the brush and positioned it so I pressed directly on her clit.

“Cum for me my little slut, you like this brush I can tell,” She nodded, “I want to feel your body shake as you cum for my little brush.”

Her body was twisting as best it could underneath me and I felt my balls slide across her chest. My cock was rock hard and I pressed the brush harder, and jerked myself at I felt and heard her moan. Her head was rocking back and forth her arms and legs straining, she was close.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum. It feels so good; the brush on my pussy, and you straddling me like that. Fuck my tits, I want your hot cock between my tits.”

Not waiting an instant I pushed my cock between her mounds of warm flesh and pressed them together. Sliding my cock out and back we both groaned from the sensation. After a few pulses I slammed hard using my weight to press her tits together. She gasped and I slammed home again. Her tits were so smooth and soft my cock slid between them as if it were meant to be there. Meanwhile Jennifer was almost hyperventilating from both my thrusts and the brush still pressed against her clit.

“Now that’s a good girl.”

I paused in my thrusting and pulled the clips off pulling her nipples with them until they snapped off and Jennifer yelped at the sudden release.

“Mmmh, now I told you not to scream and since your being such a good girl lick the pre cum of my dick and we’ll forget this little incident ever happened.”

“Don’t make me do that. Just hold my tits, they feel so good around your cock.”

I put my cock back between her tits and positioned my tip right up near her face. I grabbed her nipples again.

“I agree they do feel very good but there is still pre-cum on my dick and I want you to have it. You tasted so very good; you never know you might like it. And besides,” I said while twisting her nipples, “you don’t have much of an option.”

Jennifer strained and bit her lip as I twisted her tender nipples. The brush was still buzzing on her pussy and she looked pleadingly back at me one last time. I responded by thrusting slightly and twisting her nipples a little more. She winced and turned and put her tongue out and licked the underside of my tip. She licked very cautiously at first but feeling my grip loosen, as I was lost in the pleasure she licked more confidently. Soon my head was clean and she pulled back.

“There its gone, now can I please go these bindings are so constricting.”

“It seems you still don’t understand how this works. But as long as you don’t scream it will be alright.”

“I’m not gonna scream just let me go and it will be…”

I smacked her pussy with the back scratcher. Fine if she didn’t think she would scream then I thought it was time for some more fun with clips. Moving to her right I smacked her pussy again and shut off the brush. Grabbing the first string of clothespins I started to attach the pins on her left breast. Working my way down I attached four to her breast and kept going down her side pulling the skin up to put in the clip. Moving to the right I repeated the procedure on her right breast and side.

Her entire chest was now covered in the little pins but she kept quiet. I grabbed the brush again and turned it on pressing it to her clit. Leaning down I pushed my tongue into her pussy and swirled it around as the brush vibrated her clit. She moaned and her pussy clenched but she remained quiet. Sitting back up I reached for the pins I had tossed aside that were previously on her nipples.

Pulling her pussy lips apart I brought the first clip up and clamped it on the left side of her pussy right next to her clit. She bucked and moaned as I attached the clip. Attaching the second clip to the other side further exposing her clit her eyes started to water.

“You’re a tough little girl aren’t you? You like having all these clips on you. I guess I’ll have to find something better for your nipples cause I’m out of clothespins.”

Jennifer whimpered again but otherwise continued to remain silent. She was now involuntarily shaking from the brush on her clit and all the pins shook with each jolt. Taking the chopsticks from before I broke each in half, then using two halves I one end using tape. Once attached at one end I put it on her nipple and squeezed it together sliding on a tape ring on the end. By sliding the tape closer I could pinch harder than any of the clips. I reached over and attached the second clamp and as I finished Jennifer blurted out:

“Alright I get it, it hurts a lot. And my pussy is on fire. But you can’t make me scream, please I have played your little fantasy just let me go.”

Oh Jennifer, I thought, how wrong you were. Moving myself to over her head I looked down over her body. Wrapping the string around my hand I braced and yanked as hard as I could pulling all the clips on her right side off at once. Jennifer responded by screaming and bucking, as I’m sure she came. My cock twitched as I watched her body shake from secondary orgasms, the right side of her chest red where the clips were torn off.

“My little cum slut I told you not to scream, or I’d have to make sure you couldn’t. We don’t want to wake any of the neighbors up.”

Tears steaming from her eyes she looked up at me, “Please stop. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, it was too much. Just let me go, please just take these things off.”

“Take them off you say?” Her eyes went wide as I braced and tore off the left clips.

She screamed again and her body rocked from the force of her sensations.

“I just told you not to do that, and you did right away. I guess we’ll have to keep you from doing that.”

I grabbed her jaw and too weak to fight it she opened her mouth.

“Now suck my cock.”

Weakly she licked the tip and grabbed the head with her lips. From my gentle pressure she sucked the cock into her mouth.

“That’s right take my cock in your mouth. Suck it in. Deeper.”

Pushing hard I forced my cock a little deeper in her mouth. After not too long she moaned and tried to pull off my cock. I pulled out and she gasped gulping air down stands of saliva still attached to my cock. After a few seconds to let her catch her breath I forced my cock back in her mouth.

“That’s right take all, open up and feel my cock on your throat.”

At first her mouth constricted but as I slid the tape closer to her nipple, tightening the makeshift clamp, she opened up. Again I pulled out to let her breathe and then forced it back in, all the way this time letting my balls rest on her beautiful face. She started to gag and her head and throat shook on my cock. I reached down and tits causing her to twitch as the chopsticks moved.

“Hold it, hold it, this feels so very good. Ahhh.”

After a few more seconds I pulled out and bent down and I pushed my face on her pussy and tongued it. She gasped in surprise and I took the opportunity to drive back into her mouth. This time I stayed shallower and fucked her face as I devoured her pussy. I gripped her ass and pulled her pussy into my face. My cock felt so good in her throat and her pussy tasted oh so very good. I could feel myself getting close and I drove my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh my god. This is amazing. Stick your tongue out, I want to feel your tongue on my balls.”

Amazingly she managed to get her tongue out and massaged my dick with it as I went in and out of her face my balls just tapping it with each thrust. Her pussy was warm and dripping and I knew she was getting close too. I could feel my balls tightening, but I held on for a long as I could, savoring every second of her dripping holes. Unable to hold back any longer I exploded into her throat, pushing in all the way. This set off her too and her body started to shake again. I gripped her and pulled her close to me my cock still buried in her throat and was in a state of euphoria was she gagged and shook around my cock, which was even more sensitive having just cum.

After her orgasm finally died out I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rolled back so my head was next to hers. For the next couple minutes she panted face slightly blue from the lack of oxygen. I again buried my self in her hair and hugged her body my cock pressed up against her side.

“Wow, that actually was amazing. You cock was so big in my mouth, and your cum inside me like that. It made me cum so hard. Are you just going to toy with me or are you actually going to fuck me. I’ve been laying here naked and you have had your cock all over me. You can’t just leave me hanging like this.”

I’m glad she could not see my face when she said this; my childish glee at her request to fuck her was impossible to contain. It was my eventual goal of course to fuck her but I had not even though to hope after tying her down and putting her through all this she would ask for it so willingly.

I climbed up and got between her legs rubbing my cock on her still dripping pussy.

“Well since you asked so nicely, I’ll see what I can do.”

Not waiting to go slow I pushed my cock into her and held it all the way in.

“Ahhhah,” she cried out, “its so big, your fingers didn’t open me up like this.”

Her pussy was so tight around my cock and as I slid out of her I could not belive how good it felt. I started to thrust in and out of her and watched her tits as they rippled from the impacts.

“Its…so…good,” she stammered between thrusts, “fuck me…faster”

Gripping her hips I started to piston in and out her body covered in sheen of sweat, tits now bouncing wildly. After a couple of minutes I had to look away from her, it was just too good. She was so beautiful, and still helpless to my fucking her. And I could just keep this up as long as I wanted, she was all mine.

“Harder, harder, fuck me until I can’t think anymore. Oh my god!!”

“Oh my GOD! Your body is so freaking hot. You’re going to make me cum.”

“Wait, no. Don’t cum in me! Please you don’t have a condom or anything. Don’t cum inside me or I will scream. Just cum on my tits or face. Please, please don’t cum in my pussy.”

“If you’re sure that’s what you want.”

“Yes, yes it is oh thank you. Hey what are you doing? You’re just going to let me go now?”

As she was talking I pulled out of her pussy and moved so my cock was between her tits again and began to untie her the bindings on her hands. I took the rope and repositioned her and retied it so it held her arms to her sides. The right arm I positioned so her fingers could reach her pussy and the left so it was on her right breast.

“No, I’m not done with you yet. I thought you might like to move your arms. Only catch is now you are going help me now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you can start by playing with yourself. I want to feel you as you masturbate yourself.”

I resituated myself so I was right behind her and wrapped my hands around her pushing her hands her and began to massage them.

“That’s right, my little cum slut, rub yourself off.”

I gripped her left tit and pulled her to me. I kissed up the back of her neck. She moaned and her head rolled back but her hand kept moving on her pussy massaging it. It was probably very tender especially where the clips were.

“You like it don’t you, your nipples and pussy so tender from all this punishment. You can’t wait to have me back in side you. Don’t worry I have a solution to our problems. I’m sure you love it.”

Rather than respond verbally she rolled her head back and moaned. I kissed her hard holding her close to me cock throbbing on her naked body. Her breast squeezed in my hand and my other massaging her inner thigh. Her hands were still moving and as I slid my hand up to her crotch she twitched in my arms.

“That’s right, it sucks doesn’t it having someone this close unable to do anything but wait.”

I slid my hand further into her crotch and circled her asshole. This time she shivered, whether from anticipation or fear I’m not certain.

“So agonizingly close, you want it so bad and yet fear the repercussions.”

Pressing my finger on her hole my finger slid into her ass, lubed up from her dripping pussy. She froze in my arms, but I waited until her body relaxed massaging her tit and willing her to loosen with my kiss. “But just like me it’s happening. All this anticipation and the big finale is in sight.”

Pushing two fingers in I felt her winch, but her hand started to move again. Her body was on fire and as I continued to stretch her ass she started to breathe heavier and heavier. She now had her two middle fingers in her pussy palm up against her clit and was rocking with the motion of our fingers. I couldn’t wait any longer and I lifted her up so the tip of my cock was positioned against her asshole.

“Wait, please I need more time. We can do this just not yet, I don’t want too.”

“I’m done waiting for you, its clear to me we both want this and your really in no position to argue. Oh and this time I do expect you to scream.”

Letting go, her body fall on my cock I drove up into her ass. It was so tight; my cock all the way into her ass was almost unable to get blood flow. I could feel every artery as my heart attempted to push blood through.

“Ahhhhhhhh. Fuck you. Your so fucking big, you’re going to tear my ass in half. Stop it, it is too much.”

“And knows the part where you help me. See you’re going to cum for me.”

“I won’t cum for y…”

Thrusting in her ass hard I said, “No you are going to cum for me, and you are going to rub yourself off while we fondle you and my cock is deep in your ass. Isn’t that right?”

I rolled my hips a little and pulled hard on her nipples. She still refused to start rubbing again so I reached for the chopsticks. I placed it back on her nipple, the one not in reach of her hand and started to slide the tape in. About half way she submitted.

“Please, not again my nipples are so sore. I’ll do anything just take it off.”

“I told you to rub your self off, I want to feel as you cum in my arms with my cock in your ass.”

She started to move her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“See now that wasn’t so bad.”

I slid the tape tighter on her nipple.

“Stop I’m going, I’m going.”

I slid the tape a little more, now almost all the way down her nipple was turning purple.

“Oh I know, and I approve. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this. Your nipple is just a reminder, at least for the present.”

Jennifer was now biting her lip but her fingers were still moving, slightly faster now. Her other hand she was squeezing her nipple. Her ass was so tight around my cock; I held her to me and closed my eyes as she started to warm-up once again.

“You dirty little cum slut. You like my cock so deep in you. You feel every pulse, you want more, you want me to fuck you. You want me to pound your ass, while you play with your clit. You want this as bad as me, you’re so hot right now you might even want it more.”

Steve opened the door to Crossings and quickly stepped inside. His heart was racing as he pulled off his sunglasses then tucked them into his jacket pocket. As his eyes adjusted to the dimly lit store, he nervously ran his fingers through his graying hair.

Crossings was a small shop in the basement of an old office building in downtown Syracuse that sold lingerie for men and other cross-dressing specialty items. They also carried a wide variety of toys, including one of the largest collections of strap-on toys in the area.

Steve looked around and was happy to see he was the sole shopper. He didn’t even see a sales clerk, which made him even happier. Having a sales clerk hovering over him would’ve made him even more nervous.

As Steve made his way to the ‘toy room,’ he paused to look through some of the lingerie. He was there to get Miss. Chloe a new toy for her birthday but it wouldn’t hurt to do some window shopping while he was there. After all, he would never actually wear any of it.

He lightly fingered a silky pale pink camisole with delicate white lace trim. It was so soft and feminine. Steve blushed when he realized he was starting to be turned on. “It’s only because you’re picturing Miss. Chloe in it,” Steve thought to himself.

Happy with his excuse, he moved onto the stockings and shoes. He never would have believed there were so many different kinds of stockings—regular, fishnet and thigh-highs in a dozen different colors. He loved seeing Miss. Chloe in them but couldn’t imagine wearing them himself.

He moved to the shoes and his size. Steve traced the heels on a pair of five-inch tall stilettos that were his size then put them on the floor. He slipped his sock-covered feet into them and groaned in pain. His calves protested against the muscles being stretched in this new way and he quickly stepped out of them He returned them to the shelf and continued on to the ‘toy room.’

Steve stepped through the curtains that divided the two sections and found himself surrounded by hundreds of cocks of various lengths, thickness, colors and materials. He’d never seen so many in one place before.

“Damn,” he muttered.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” a feminine voice said from behind him. Steve spun around and came face-to-face with a short plus-sized woman with long red hair, brown eyes with gold flecks and huge breasts. She was wearing a tight-fitting black dress with a plunging neckline that showed off most of her breasts.

“Yes, it is,” Steve answered and quickly looked at the ground.

“Welcome to Crossings. My name is Jessica. Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“I’m looking for something special, maybe a one-of-a-kind,” Steve answered keeping his eyes averted. “It is going to be a birthday present.”

“I know just what you’re looking for,” Jessica replied. “I’ll be right back.”

Before Steve could say anything more Jessica was gone. He was relieved not to have to keep averting his eyes but how could she know what he wanted when he’d not even told her what kind of item he was looking for.

While he was waiting, he looked at some of the strap-ons. He’d heard about them but had never seen one in person. Steve was fascinated with how they connected and made it look like the wearer really had a cock of their own.

“Here you go,” Jessica said as she came up behind him again. Steve turned around and his mouth fell open. She had the pink camisole, a pair of matching panties, a pair a breasts forms, and a black wig. He was speechless.

“That’s not what I am looking for,” Steve said when he was able to speak again. “I am looking for a vibrator or dildo.”

“You said you wanted something one-of-a-kind. Now strip so we can see if these lovely things will fit you,” Jessica commanded.

“Excuse me?” Steve replied. He wasn’t sure what sorts of drugs this woman was taking but there was no way he was going to be stripping in front of her in the middle of a store then putting on those girly things.

“The door is locked and we’re alone,” Jessica assured him.

“I am not a cross-dresser,” Steve protested. He had wondered about it but not enough to try it and certainly not enough to do it.

“Listen boy,” Jessica said in a very commanding voice, “I do not have all day. You will strip now or I will be calling your Mistress.”

“Huh? How?” Steve asked. Jessica held up his cell phone.

“Now strip.”

Steve swallowed hard. He would be completely screwed if she called Miss. Chloe. She had him cornered.

“Please Ma’am, I can’t do this,” Steve pleaded.

“Do you think I’ve never seen a boy with an erection?”

Steve blushed. It was true. He was rock hard and his cock was straining against the front of his jeans. The combination of her words and the clothes were overpowering.

“If I have to tell you again I will call her,” Jessica said sternly as she flipped open the phone to access the phonebook.

“Fuck!” he thought. Steve closed his eyes and removed his jacket, letting it fall on the floor next to his feet. He quickly slipped his T-shirt over his head then unfastened and removed his pants, dropping them onto the floor with his jacket. He stood there in front of her with his underwear, socks and shoes still on.


Steve’s face turned a bright red as he removed his shoes and socks then finally his tighty whities. His cock was sticking straight out and dripping precum. He was so embarrassed but he had no choice.

Jessica set everything down on the glass display case and opened up the package with the breast forms in it. She pulled them out then walked around the counter. She rummaged around for a minute then pulled out an electric razor.

“I’m not going to shave your whole chest that will take forever with all that fur, but just enough so that the breasts will stick to your skin. You can finish shaving later,” Jessica said as she turned on the razor and started to remove his chest hair.

It was an odd feeling but not unpleasant. He had been hairy since junior high so it was strange to see his chest bared. When she finished there were two boob-shaped hairless areas on his chest. She used rubbing alcohol to clean the skin then exposed the adhesive and placed them over his nipples. They were heavy and he found himself leaning forward slightly.

“Stand up straight,” Jessica scolded and Steve straightened his back. “Now, put these panties on.”

Steve took the silky panties and carefully stepped into them then pulled them up to his upper thighs. He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to get them over his hard cock. Jessica decided to have some compassion and pressed his cock against his stomach so he could pull the panties up the rest of the way.

Her touch sent shivers through his body and even more precum oozed out of the tip. He was happy the front panel of the panties had a special pocket for replaceable pads to soak up the precum and keep the front of the panties dry.

“Oh, that’s perfect. Your clit is properly tucked out of sight,” Jessica cooed. Steve bristled. He knew he didn’t have a huge cock but it was certainly bigger than a clit. Jessica laughed at his reaction. “Don’t worry boy, when you’re in lacy panties your cock is going to be referred to as a clit—regardless of its size.”

“Oh,” Steve said then blushed at his lack of knowledge. He prided himself as being someone in the know and it was an odd experience to be so out of his element.

“Put this on, being careful not to rip it,” Jessica directed. Steve took the camisole from her and carefully pulled it on over his head. The soft fabric glided over his head and down his body, covering his new breasts and pretty panties.

Steve looked down at himself and saw the cleavage then groaned. He blushed and closed his eyes as he lost control and orgasmed, spilling his cum all over the inside of the panties.

“Oh my,” Jessica said then laughed. “When was that last time that happened?”

“About 25 years ago,” Steve said. He was unable to look at her he was so embarrassed.

“I guess we can forego the wig,” she said then led him to the mirror. “Look at the naughty boy.”

Steve looked at himself in the mirror and blushed again. It was him, but it wasn’t. He cupped the breasts and squeezed them. They felt so real.

“Now comes the fun part for me,” Jessica said. “Bend over that bar and close your eyes. Do not open them until you are told.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Steve walked to the bar and bent over it then closed his eyes. His pantied-ass faced the middle of the room.

Suddenly he felt two hands caressing his ass then the panties being pulled down. He sighed with relief as his cock was able to breath again. The hands massaged his ass then one hand slipped between his legs to play with his balls.

Steve moaned as his cock started to harden again. The hand that had been on his ass slid around his hip and the fingers wrapped around his cock. “Oh god,” he groaned. When he was fully hard again the hand disappeared then he felt something cold squirt on his ass crack.

“Wait! What are you doing?” he demanded as he tried to pull away. Jessica slapped his ass hard. Steve had been trained well enough to know that a slap like that meant it was time to behave.

A finger slid through the gel on his ass then pressed against his ass hole. He fought the urge to pull away but failed miserably. The hand fell across his ass again, even harder. Steve cried out in pain and stopped moving.

He’d never had his ass played with before and wasn’t sure it was something he wanted. Then again, he’d never thought he would want to be dressed as a woman and he’d already spilled his cum all over the inside of the panties that were now around his ankles.

The finger pressed against his ass hole and slipped into it. Ever so slowly, it was pushed further and further in until it was completely buried. “Oh fuck,” Steve whimpered.

He was shocked at how it was making him feel. His cock was oozing precum again. The finger stretched the tight tunnel and lightly rubbed against the prostate gland, causing Steve’s cock to twitch.

“Are you ready for it?” Jessica asked from behind him.

“For what?” Steve asked nervously.

“This,” she said and suddenly there was a dildo being pushed into his ass.

“Please … oh god … it is too big,” he groaned. The cock continued to push into his ass until it was completely inside. Then ever so slowly, it started to move in and out. Steve didn’t know what to do or think, all he knew was much more of the anal action and he was going to explode again.

Steve felt someone kneel before him and start to suck on his cock. He moaned then opened his eyes to see who was beneath him. It was Jessica. If she was there, then who was fucking his ass? The cock started to move faster as Jessica deep throated him. Steve tried to keep himself from cumming but it was too much for him.

“I’m about to cum,” he warned.

“Come for me bitch,” Miss. Chloe ordered. Steve reacted to the voice he’d heard say the same thing hundreds of times. He exploded in Jessica’s mouth and his ass tightened around the fake cock in his ass.

“Oh Miss. Chloe!” Steve cried out as he came more than he had before. His cum flowed down Jessica’s chin and landed on her exposed breasts. When he was done, she stood up.

“Clean your cum off me,” she ordered. Steve licked the cum off Jessica’s breasts as Miss. Chloe pulled the cock out of his ass.

“I think this will do nicely,” Miss. Chloe told Jessica. “You can wrap it all up.”

Jessica winked at him then went to the cash register to ring all the items up.

“You may stand up and turn around Stephanie,” Miss. Chloe said to Steve. He stood up and turned around. “Oh, how lovely! I should have done this sooner.”

Steve blushed as his mistress caressed and played with the fake breasts. She smiled then kissed him.

“Now that is a birthday present! Thank you so much,” Miss. Chloe said. “Change back into your other clothes and give the stuff to Jessica to put in a bag. Then we’ll go home and we can have my favorite birthday sex.”

Steve smiled and quickly undressed then pulled on his regular clothes. He was so happy Miss. Chloe had taken his anal virginity. They’d talked about it before but it had never happened.

“$235.13 please,” Jessica said. Steve handed her his credit card and watched as she slid it through the machine. A few minutes later, she handed him a slip to sign. Steve finished the transaction and picked up the bags.

“Happy birthday Chloe!” Jessica said as she hugged his mistress.

“Thanks Jess,” she replied then led Steve out of the store.

When they got home Steve gave Miss. Chloe the best birthday sex ever, then they talked about him spending more time dressed as a woman. That night Steve fell asleep a very happy man.

“Give it back,” yelled Kimberly, chasing her little brother down the hallway.

He was running with her journal open in front of him. His sister was nineteen years old and she still wrote in a journal, how pathetic. Though in defense of Kimberly, her little brother was eighteen years old and still was immature enough to sneak into his big sister’s room and steal her diary.

“Come on you little creep,” she hollered.

“You’ll have to catch me first,” he replied.

She chased him down the stairs. They crashed through the living room, knocking over a lamp in the process. Then they flashed through the kitchen where their mother, Mason, was standing over the sink washing dishes.

“What’s going on you two?” She asked, but they were out the door and in the backyard before she could even finish her sentence. She watched them through the kitchen window, practically adults and still wrestling with each other, rolling around on the ground like a couple of toddlers fighting over a toy.

Kimberly had developed nicely, beautiful long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes that could gaze you into a trance, and a body that most women kill for. Perfect, full and succulent breasts that bounced with every step she took protruded out from her chest. Her hips were wide and seductive, and she had an ass that was just the right size: not too small or flat, and not too big or flabby, just the perfect little bubble-butt, as some might say.

Jeffrey, on the other hand, was a completely different story. He was eighteen years old and he looked like he was still right smack dab in the middle of puberty. Pimples still covered his oily face; only a little peach fuzz was all that grew out from his chin, and he was still as afraid to talk to girls as a fourteen-year-old boy. Obviously his mother wasn’t going to come right out and ask him the question, but there was no doubt in her mind that this kid was still a virgin.

I mean for God’s sake what does he care what his sister writes in her diary? And why in the hell is a nineteen-year-old woman still keeping a journal hidden in her room?

Then the rolling around outside stopped and Jeffrey let out a high-pitched squeal.

Mason, concerned for her son, ran out the back door and into the yard, where she could get a better look at them and see what had happened.

Her jaw dropped at what she saw.

Sweet young Kimberly, the innocent and perfect daughter, had her little brother on his back with her hands on his knees holding his legs spread apart and the heel of sneaker grinding mercilessly into his ball sack.

“I warned you,” she hissed.

Jeffrey whimpered something inaudible.

Appalled, Mason yelled, “Kimberly!”

She let go of her brother and spun around, her innocent hands behind her back, while he curled up in the fetal position, whimpering like a little puppy dog.

“What on earth is going on out here?”

“It’s his fault,” Kimberly snapped back. “I told him that if he didn’t give me my journal back that I’d make him pay. He started it, mother. He was taunting me. For Christ’s sake I’m a nineteen years old! I deserve a little-”

“Shut-up,” interrupted her mother, her voice quiet and stern, no longer yelling. “You go into the house. I’ll deal with you later.”

Kimberly sighed, rolled her eyes, threw her hands in the air, and stamped along the yard back into the house, like a toddler marching down the hall and off to her room after a temper tantrum.

Mason watched her until she heard the back door shut, her eyes like that of a hawk, then she relaxed and knelt down beside her son, still curled up and whimpering. She stroked his hair and said tenderly, “Are you okay my baby boy? She really hurt you down there, huh.”

He nodded, tears quietly running down his cheeks.

“Okay,” said his mother, “Why don’t we get you up and get you inside, get a nice bag of frozen peas for your ball sack, and have a little chat with your sister about what she did to you, okay honey?”

He cradled his swollen manhood, whimpering on the ground like a puppy dog.


“Kimberly?” Mason called from the bottom of the stairs.

There was no response.

“Kimberly!” she said again, shouting this time.

The innocent and perfect little Kimberly came out from her pretty pink bedroom, stood at the top of the stairs, and in her schoolgirl voice said, “You called for me mother?”

“Don’t play games with me young lady,” said Mason. “You did something really awful today, you know that? Do you understand how much pain your brother is in, how painful it is for a man to be hit there?”

“He started it-”

“And you didn’t even just hit him,” interrupted her mother, “You twisted your sneaker with all of your body weight on his poor little balls. You could have irreversibly damaged his testicles like that, you know, could have prevented him from ever being able to have children. Do you think that’s a fair exchange? His nuts for your Goddamned journal?”

“Yeah well I don’t think he deserves to have children. He’s a rotten little brat.”

“Kimberly!” shouted her mother, appalled at what she was hearing.

“It’s true,” little miss perfect persisted, “Besides, I didn’t hurt him THAT bad; you’re so exaggerating. I just gave his pathetic little marbles a taste of the bottom of my shoe, and he SO deserved it.”

“Is that really what you think, that you didn’t hurt him very much?”

She put her hands on her hips at the top of the stairs and rolled her eyes.

“That is IT young lady,” raged her mother. “You come down those stairs this instant!”

Kimberly yawned, unimpressed, and said, “I’m actually kind of tired, mom.”

“Right now young lady!”

The little princess sighed and nonchalantly replied, “Fine.”

Her mother watched furiously as she leisurely strolled down the stairs.

“Come with me,” said Mason, grabbing her daughter by the wrist and dragging her down the hallway and through the living room.

“Ouch mother! You’re hurting my wrist,” whined Kimberly. “Please let go or at least loosen up your-”

Just then they entered into the kitchen.

Kimberly couldn’t finish her sentence. Her jaw dropped. Sitting at the kitchen table was her little brother Jeffrey, naked from the waist down, gently rubbing ice cubes on two incredibly swollen and blue lumps that were protruding from his crotch. He was in so much pain, his eyes clenched shut that he didn’t even hear or notice his sister and mother come in.

“So, young lady,” said Mason, “Still think you didn’t hurt him very much?”

She just shook her head, her mouth open wide. Then, getting a hold of herself, she said quietly, “No . . . I . . . I didn’t know they were so sensitive.”

“The poor thing,” said her mother, rubbing her hand on her daughter’s back.

They both stood there for a few minutes, watching poor little Jeffrey rub ice cubes up and down his swollen nut sack. Then, wanting to give him a little privacy, and figuring that her daughter had learned her lesson, Mason said, “Why don’t you go back upstairs, sweetie, okay? You said you were tired . . . and you look tired . . . I’ll help Jeffrey upstairs shortly and we’ll all go to bed and put this incident behind us.”

“Yeah,” said Kimberly numbly, staring sadly at her brothers testicles.

Then she brought herself to look away, which was quite painful, and walked out of the kitchen. When she was halfway down the hallway, trying to get the image out of her head, Kimberly’s mother jogged lightly out from the kitchen and down the hall to meet up with her daughter.

“Kimberly hold on a second,” she called.

She stopped in the middle of the hall and waited for her mother.

Mason leaned in close to her daughter and whispered, so that Jeffrey couldn’t here, “Honey do you think you could do me a favor?”

“Sure mom, what is it?”

“Well, I’m worried about how Jeffrey is going to be through the night. I’d like to check on him every few hours, you know, to make sure that he’s okay. And I was wondering, since your room is right next door to his, if you could just get up a few times in the night and check on him? You’d save me a lot of trips up and down the stairs in the middle of the night.”

“Sure, mom,” said Kimberly, feeling good about her task. Taking care of her little brother would help to dull the guilt that she was feeling for being the cause of his painful predicament.

“Thanks honey,” said her mom, kissing her on the cheek and sending her off to bed.

“Goodnight,” Kimberly called down to her mother as she climbed up the stairs.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” said Mason heading back toward the kitchen.


Kimberly woke up in a daze, feeling around for the alarm clock on her nightstand that she had set to go off every two hours. The beeping stopped. It was in the middle of the night. She got out of bed, putting on only a soft plush purple bathrobe over her naked body and a pair of pink fuzzy slippers over her feet.

She stumbled through the darkness of her room, flashlight in hand.

Then, when she got into the hallway, she turned the flashlight and pointed it straight ahead. Her vision was blurry from having just woken up so she gave her eyes a quick rub, and then headed next door toward her brother’s bedroom.

Just before opening the door she stopped herself; there was a sound coming from the room.

Jeffrey whimpering.

She felt a pang of guilt slam into her stomach, instantly waking her up.

Then she gently turned the handle of the door, opening it just a crack, and softly called to her little brother, “Hey Jeff, are you okay?”

The crying stopped. Then in a voice scratchy from crying, he responded, “Go away.”

Kimberly stepped into the room and flashed the light on her brother. His face was wet with tears. Then she reached around in the darkness for his light switch on the wall and, once she found it, flipped it on. Both of them had to squint their eyes for a moment to adjust to the brightness. Then she stepped in further and sat at the edge of his bed and said again, “Are you okay?”

Jeffrey was naked beneath his covers. His chest visible, a few strands of black hair covering the acne that ran down his chest, up and around his neck, and down his back. “What are you doing in here?”

“Mom wanted me to check on you,” she replied.

“Yeah well I don’t need you to check on me; you’ve done enough already.”

She sighed and said, “Look Jeffrey, I really am sorry about what happened . . . things just got out of hand is all, and besides, if I had known how sensitive they were to you then I most certainly wouldn’t have done it, honest Jeff.”

“Yeah,” he said, thinking about what she had said.

She looked at him for a moment, and then she looked around his bedroom. Posters of swimsuit models and female celebrities with perfect bodies covered his walls. Assortments of hand lotions were lined up on a shelf, which Kimberly figured he most certainly didn’t use for his hands. Then she looked back at her brother, forced a little smile, and asked, “How are they doing anyway?”

“A little better I guess,” he replied reluctantly. “Their not as swollen as they were earlier.”

“That’s good,” she replied. Then she remembered how swollen they were when she saw him in the kitchen. The image disturbed her. Wanting to really make sure that she didn’t do any serious damage she asked, “Can I see?”

He gave her a disgusted look and said, “What? Why would you want to see? You’re my sister Kim; that’d be too weird.”

“Come on,” she persisted, “I saw them earlier. I saw EVERYTHING earlier.”

“You did?”

She nodded.


“I was in the kitchen when you were rubbing ice on them.”

“You were?”

She nodded.

“Man,” he said, his face flushed with embarrassment. “You must think I’m pretty pathetic then if you, you know, saw EVERYTHING.”

She gave him a concerned look and asked, “Why would you say that?”

“You know,” he said, his eyes lowered to the covers. “Because of my size.”

She chuckled and said, “Oh please, Jeffrey. I’m not so judgmental that I’m going think you’re pathetic just because you don’t have a huge cock. Besides, I didn’t even get a good look; I was too distracted by how swollen your balls were. I just want to make sure you’re okay is all, you know? You’re my brother, Jeff.”

He sighed and, pulling the covers aside, said, “Fine.”

Kimberly looked down at her brother’s swollen package. He was right, his penis wasn’t particularly big, but she wouldn’t say it was small, more like average. She told him this much, causing him to blush. Then she examined his nuts. They were much, MUCH, less swollen than earlier, but they still looked like they were awfully sensitive.

“Does it hurt when you touch them?” She asked.

He shook his head and said, “No. It’s more of a ghost pain, like a dull throb . . . I’m not sure how to explain.”

She nodded at him and then began poking and prodding at them, rubbing them gently her hands, seeing if anything felt different. Her eyes being so focused on the ball sack that she was massaging, she didn’t notice Jeffrey’s growing erection until brushed against her wrist.

Quickly, she stood up and backed away from the bed.

Jeffrey covered himself back up and said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just–”

“No,” she interrupted. “Don’t worry about it; it’s not your fault. That’s supposed to happen.”

They both kind of nervously chuckled.

Then, after a brief period of awkward silence, Kimberly said, “It didn’t look small to me.”

Jeffrey sort of perked up at this statement, looking like his old energetic self for the first time since the incident, and said, “Really? I though it was, you know, pretty small.”

“Are you kidding me? Why on earth would you think that?”

He shrugged, “Just from things that I’ve seen.”

She smiled and, teasing like, asked, “And what kinds of THINGS are these?”

“I don’t know, just some things.”

She laughed, “Jesus, Jeffrey. What are you afraid that I’m going to run downstairs and tell mom if you say the word ‘porn’?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “It’s embarrassing, you know?”

“Well it shouldn’t be,” she said. “I watch it too sometimes, you know. And besides, you can’t compare yourself to those guys. Their cocks are freak show big. Believe it or not those things wouldn’t even feel good; they’d just hurt. The girls on those websites are actors, you know? They only pretend that it feels good. Trust me, Jeff, you have a good size, a perfect size actually.”

“Yeah well how would I know . . .?” he said, referring to his virginity. “I’ve never even seen a girl naked, in person I mean.”

Kimberly thought about this and, figuring that it wouldn’t be such a big deal, said, “Well you could see me naked, if you want I mean. I don’t know if you’d think that’d be too gross or anything, I am your sister after all, but I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to see, you know? It wouldn’t’ be a big deal to me or anything . . .”

Jeffrey though about this and then said, “Yeah.”

“Yeah it would be gross or yeah you’d like to see?”

Nervously, he said, “Yeah I mean I don’t, like, want to or anything; you’re my big sister, you know? But I am kind of, uh . . . curious I guess.”

She laughed, “So is that a yes?”

He nodded.

Slowly and seductively, playing around like, she slowly slid her robe off. First it slipped softly over her shoulders, and then quietly passed her breasts, and finally dropping silently to the floor above her slippers.

Jeffrey gulped loudly.

Kim laughed and said, “Like what you see?”

“Yeah,” he said numbly, sliding one hand beneath his blankets.

“What do you think you’re doing down there?” She asked, just teasing.

“Nothing,” he replied quickly, as if she didn’t know.

“Psh,” she said. “You don’t have to hide it Jeffrey. I’m doing this for you to, you know, make up for what happened today. I want you to feel better. We can consider this making ourselves even.”

He cleared his throat and said, “Can you, uh, come a little closer?”

“Sure, I guess so,” she said, moving up beside the bed.

Jeffrey let his mouth hang open slightly. Since he was reclined slightly on the bed, his head was level with his sister’s neatly trimmed blonde bush. And her thighs looked so nice, thick and muscular, but not too muscular, and her breasts, they were so supple. He continued stroking his cock beneath the blankets.

Then, feeling bold, Kimberly lifted the covers off of her brother.

He didn’t protest, though he stopped stroking once he was exposed.

“No,” she said, looking down at his erection, covering his swollen balls, “Not a bad size at all.”

He chuckled.

“Would you like me to . . .?”

Jeffrey’s eyes widened, he looked frightened. “Would I like you to what?”

She laughed, “I don’t know. Do something, you know? I’m just trying to make it up to you; we don’t have to do this at all if you think it’s too weird.”

“No,” he blurted. “I mean, no I don’t think it’s too weird. Not no I don’t, uh, want to.”

“Okay,” she said, smiling down at her helpless little brother. “So what do you want me to do?”

He thought about this and then, in a robotic voice, said, “Whatever you think is, uh, appropriate.”

“Psh,” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed beside him. “Come on Jeffrey, your imagination can’t be THAT boring. I mean geez you spend half your day up here jerking off. Trust me, I’m not going to judge you or anything; just tell me what you like, you know, what your fantasy is. What turns you on the most?”

Jeffrey thought about this and then said, “Anal.”

Kimberly’s smile dropped down into a frown. She looked at him with a cringed face and said, “Anal?”

He nodded. “Yeah . . . why, is that, uh, too much?”

“Well,” she said, putting her hands in her lap and biting her lip. “It’s not that it’s too much, so to speak, it’s just that, well, quite frankly anal sex just doesn’t feel very good. It’s very, very painful, to me anyway.”

“But it would feel good to me,” he said in his defense. “At least . . . I imagine that it would, you know? I’ve never had any kind of sex before, so what do I know.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “Guys seem to enjoy it. But I mean that’s my butt, Jeffrey. Do you have any idea how painful it would be to have a cock as thick as yours shoved up there?”

“I don’t know,” he replied bitterly. “As painful as what you did to me today?”

That familiar pang of guilt hit her in the stomach. Then, quietly, she said, “No I guess not.”

They sat there in an awkward silence, each with their own thoughts.

Then Jeffrey asked, “So, uh . . . would that be, uh, all right?”

She sighed. “Yeah I guess so.”

His eyes lit up and his cock began bobbing up and down in anticipation of his sister’s tight, sweet, hot asshole.

“But just this very one time, okay? And this will be it; we’ll be even after this.”

“Definitely,” he replied quickly, not wanting her to change his mind. “We’ll be completely, totally even after this.”

“AND,” she said, lifting a finger, “You have to promise to stay out of my room from now on.”

He nodded, “Absolutely, Kim. Anything you say.”

“All right,” she replied nervously, a twinge of fear in her voice. “Let’s do this and get it over with.”

“Right,” he said. He sat up from the bed; cock gripped hard in his hand, and said, “I’m ready when you are.”

“What are you crazy? You can’t just put it in like that.”

“Right,” he said, shaking his head. “What am I thinking?”

Jeffrey got up from the bed and grabbed a bottle of lubricant from his dresser. He squirted an enormous amount into his palm and rubbed it up and down his shaft vigorously, the excess lube dripping down onto the floor. Then he looked at his sister and said, “Okay, now I’m ready.”

She shook her head and said, “Silly boy. You can’t just rub it on YOU. I don’t produce any fluids in there, so you have to rub it in ME too, coat the inside of my ass with it, you know?”

Chitra, My Servant

(Sri Lankan story)

This was happened during the period that my wife was delivering her second baby. Some complications were aroused then she had to stay at the hospital for special medical attention. This caused big difficulties to the day to day work at home because we have another child at the age of two years to look after carefully. And I had to go my office which was 5 to 6 km away from my house, every day. As a solution to this problem we had decided to find a servant. We had hard time to find a suitable servant, fortunately at last we could find out a Tamil girl from upcountry.

Most of the Tamils in up country were employed as house servants in the main cities of the country. They were keen to do any difficult jobs that assigned to them. The girl we found was brought by wife’s brother through the contact of one of his friends. However she came two months before the hospitalization of my wife. Her name was Chitra, at the age of 21 years. She was dark but looks good. She had long dark hair up to his waist. And I guessed that she had average bust and slim body with round curved butt.

It was obvious that she was very shy girl and especially very scared to speak with me. She didn’t talk with me one or two ward unless it was necessary. Wife was also didn’t tell anything to her do behalf of me. Wife did every thing what I wanted when it was necessary such as ironing my dresses and preparing meals bring to the office. Anyway I noted that Chitra purposely refrained from affairs. But my thoughts admired her behaviors and appearance. She always wore long skirts and blouses. Most of the time there was a small silver colour chain around her right ankle. When she was walking it made sound of chime.

One day when I came back from the office and I went to up stair where the master bed room was. I just opened the window shutter to get fresh air before I changed the cloths. Then I heard water running sound on the ground of backyard of the house. I just peeped through the gap of window frame and shutter. It was delightful scene. It was unexpected; Chitra was having a bath using the shower fixed out of the house close to parapet wall. Chitra didn’t go to bathrooms in side of the house, because she thought that it was not good to use the bathroom of her master’s. So normally I didn’t see that she was bathing because she did those personnel things before I came back from the office. This unexpected scene was caught because of my early arrivals to home. I wanted to observe this incident clearly. So I started to look at her to get better view of her figure not knowing her that I was there.

The aerial view of the scene made good look of her figure. The running water from head to down the cloth got wet and it projected her sexy figure keenly. She had worn a plain cloth putting a knot to keep over her boobs. She started apply soap along the upper part of body with holding the loosen cloth by one hand. It showed her beautiful round firm boobs very well. Her nipples were erected. When she applied soap on boobs they jumped here and there nicely. My dick was got bulged. I squeezed my tool with my left hand looking at this live show. After that Chitra started apply soap on her thighs by holding loosen cloth. The bubbles ran down along the thighs. Round thighs were beautiful and very sexy. Once, the cloth unveiled showing her bush through the slit. I anticipated seeing her secret. It was thick dark bush. My dick tried to come out from my pants Again she applied soap on her bum. How lucky I was to see her round booties. She ran her fingers between the cleavage of ass cheeks to apply soap on her asshole area. Finally she applied soap on her pelvis area. All along the way when she moved, the chime of the jewelry around her ankle made accordingly.

I remembered several time when I was carrying my child, she came and took the child as it was her duty of looking after our baby. All the time when I gave the child to her, I kept my palm on her bum and pressed purposely. She excited all the time when I did that but she didn’t tell utter a word as well as no complained to the wife. The clue was that no harm from her if I moved forward.

As I told when my wife was in the hospital, one day I came home from the office early to prepare the stuff to bring to the hospital during the visitor’s time of 5 to 6 evening. When I came to home, I saw that Chitra was keeping the baby on her lap letting her get to sleep on the sofa in the visiting room. I went direct into the master bed room on the up stair. And I changed the cloths and had a wash from the attached bathroom and came down wearing a red colour T-shirt and three quarter trouser. Normally, I didn’t wear underpants when I was at home to make comfortable myself.

When I came to the visiting room, Chitra and baby were not there.

Then I called ” Chitra….Chitra ” with the intention of making a cup of tea for getting refreshment.

“Sir…I am coming…….” Her voice came from up stair through the baby’s room.

Then I went and stopped at the doorstep of the room. She was keeping the baby on the bed and to make her comfortable she arranged the pillows around her. When I shouted Chitra’s name again, baby had opened her eyes. Therefore, she beat on to the pillow with her palm softly to sleep the baby again. I observed her from the entrance of the room. She was bending over the bed. Her round ass projected towards door side. She was wearing a orange colour T-shirt and ankle length long, small flowers printed green colour skirt. I could see the hem of her panty embossed over the skirt. I felt uncomfortable and it was little hesitation how she would react if I went to touch her.

Anyway I got courage and reached behind her. Similarly I bent over her and put my right hand around her over her bending body. I too started to beat the pillows with my hand. She got very excited with this unexpected incident. She was unable to shout because of sleeping baby. I realized that she was very uncomfortable with sudden invasion of me. I noticed that she tried to refrain from touching of my body. At the moment baby got to sleep well again.

Chitra cried.” Sir…please…..!!!!

“Shhhhhh …” I stopped her. “Don’t make sound, baby will wake up ”

She had no choice. She tried to creep back to get rid from me. I didn’t allow her to escape. I put my right leg crossing her back. She was helpless at the moment. Again she pleaded.

“Sir…please let me go…” I just pushed my knee between her legs. She gasped with excitement.

“Sir…..please….if Madam gets to know this….She will kill me…..Therefore, let me go Sir ….please.” She pleaded.

I thought that only problem of her was that wife would get to know this. Otherwise she was willing to do so.

I explained her “Don’t worry Chitra…she will not get to know…you don’t scared about that”

I pushed my knee further between her legs. She just responded by spreading her legs bit. Her breathing was heavy. I touch her small boobs over the T-shirt She shivered with the fear and ecstasy. I fondled her boobs massaging with passionate manner. The first time I heard her cry with pleasure “ah..ah..ah…”

I asked from her ” Chira ..Shall we go to other room?.”

She didn’t tell anything. Without telling any word she raised up her body. I too had to standup with her same position just behind her. I didn’t keep away my hands from her boobs. I started to caress her earlobes and behind the neck by my lips.

“OH….uh….uh…aha…” Chitra moaned with pleasure.

Her height was up to my shoulders. Therefore, I can play with her easily. When I was kissing her neck she leaned against my body and arched her head on to my left shoulder. Then I kissed her cheeks and neck softly. I could hear her heavy breathing and she raised her right hand and put around my head and pulled toward her mouth.

I went out from the room pushing her leading to out master bed room with same position. We stood in front of the huge dressing table facing the mirror. She was very shy to look at the images on the mirror. She was gazing her eyes towards the floor. I stated to fondle her boobs looking at the images on the mirror. She raised her face with closed eyes. Then I kissed her lips roughly and parted her sexy lips and put my tongue into her mouth. She started to play with my tongue with her one. Same time, I squeezed her boobs playfully. I felt that hers well round booty was pressing against my groin area. My dick had come to maximum strength of it. I put my both hands under the T-shirt that she was wearing. And found firm boobs. She had worn a bra. I cupped my hands on them and fondled. Still my lips were on her mouth. I rolled up her T-shirt and her responded stretching her hands up. I removed her top. She was wearing black cotton bra. I squished her boobs over the material and I saw that she opened her eyes to see this very captivate move of her.

I just asked from her. “Chitra ….are you happy…?”

Her reply was only nodding her head and closed her eyes again with pleasure morning. “ohoooo yeaaaah….”

Then I pulled down her printed long skirt. And she stepped out kicking off the skirt away. I found that she had worn underskirt too. It was transferring material. Therefore, her panty was visible through the skirt. I hurried enough to remove her underskirt. Then she was only with bra and pink colour panty. She had very sexy figure and very young age. Her round thighs were pressing together. I could see the wetness of pussy had absorbed by the panty. I just kept my hand over her pussy while my left hand was on her boobs. I parted her thighs to examine how power of her wetness. Wonderful, the cotton panty had got soaked just like a little child had put pee on his panty. I applied her pussy juice on my fingers and kept close to nuzzles of me, to feel aroma of most delicious fluid in the world. It gave very sweet smell. I held fingers very close to her mouth and touched her lips; finally I put my fingers into her mouth letting her to taste her own pussy juice.

Next, I unhooked her bra behind. Then she slid off the straps over the shoulders letting the bra drop on the floor. I had been waited quite long period impatiently to see these round firm nice boobs. Her dark nipples had hardened and stiffed tits were extended more than half inches in length. It was fine to suck and play. Actually I was lucky to play with those natural boobs. I put the hands surrounding her and started to play with her boobs. Still we were standing position in front of the mirror. She was crying with pleasure and fantasy of sex playing. I pulled her nipples and twisted them with forefinger and thumb.

“Oooooh …so….gooood sir….” She murmured. I shook her boobs by pulling nipples forward.. Oh……God…….ohohohoh…..uuummmm..”

“Chitra” I called her name very lustful way.

“See how beautiful your boobs and see how lucky there are in my hands.”

Her nipples were well erected towards the mirror. “Chitra just open your eyes and see”

She opened eyes bit. The eyes were looked crazy with fantasy. I just took her hands which were around my head. And slowly I kept palms of her both hands on her boobs. I started to fondle her boobs keeping my hands over her hands. I guided her to get fun by playing with her own boobs.

And I asked her” Chitra… Girly…. enjoy yourself with your boobs.”

Still her eyes were closed. I slowly took my hands off from her boobs. My hand teased down to her naval. “Oh” it was wonderful to see that she started to play with her beautiful boobs by touching and pulling the nipples. It was really fascinating even to see the image through the mirror. I just reached to her pussy covered with cotton pink panty. It had been got wet with dripping down pussy juice of her. Then I put my right hand into her pelvis area and found her well grown thick bush. I teased here and there with my fingers. She moaned with sudden pleasure of lower part of her body. “Ohhhh …ahhhhh…mummmmm…”

She arched her waist and pushed her bums against my crotch. My dick was at maximum erection point. She rotated her back pressing on my dick over my three quarter trouser. I slipped down her panty up to her knee.

“Oh No….Sir…please… don’t” She held my hand to stop go further. I realized that she was afraid that I would destroy her virginity.

I explained her softly. “Chitra I told you … that I don’t want to make problem to you….don’t worry girly…if I do a wrong thing, it will be a problem to me as well as you. So please believe me… I don’t want to make problems…..” She released her grip on my hand.

Then I rolled her panty down to her ankle. She came out of the panty letting it on the floor. She was fully naked in front of the mirror. Her beautiful sexy figure delighted me. She again started to play with her boobs; meanwhile I began to touch her pussy from behind of her. I ran my fingers over her outer lips and inner lips then came to her clit. It was projected. At very first touch, she started to moan.

” Oh…myyy..God….shshshs….mmmmm..ah…” her mouth had opened with this sensation.

Her pussy juice had become to pour down. It was really wet area. I just slid into her pussy hole with my middle finger. “Oh no Sir…” She tightened her thighs together.

” Chitra ….. I told you as I promised …I don’t do anything wrong….” I promised her again. I just wanted to taste her sweetness on my fingers. It was really sweet fluid. Again and again I did so.

I turned her around to face to face position. I rolled up my T-shirt and removed over the head. She could see the hair on my chest. Without any invitation she started to stroke my chest and ran her fingers through my hair on chest. She kissed my chest and nipples and started to suck nipples like a slut. I just lowered my body and started to lick her well firm boobs and tip of the tongue ran over her bud on the boobs and moved tongue circling the tit.

Finally, I took her nipples into mouth and sucked very gently. Both tits got harden and erected. She cried with pleasure again. “Oh …..Sir….suck…me….it is really Goooood…….I like …..It. Ooooooooh… suck me….hard…Sir…oh.. Oh… ah…” I sucked hardly and nibbled her huge buds. “Oh… really good sir…you are killing….me…” She got breath heavily.

Then I took her boobs each into my mouth just like vacuum machine works. Half of her delicate globe went into my mouth. This pressure made her mad. She ran her fingers over my head and hugged me tightly. We embraced together little while. I rested my hand behind her on her booty and started to squeeze her bums. She ran her hands down to the waistband of my trouser. Her hands crept into touch my dick and pushed down the short on to the floor. Now, we were both naked. My six inches tool was erected and pulsed with glittering header. Chitra’s eyes were delighted by looking at my dick. I closed to her and we hugged together tightly to feel our hot rampage of sex. It was really hot feelings.

To get closer I put my dick between her thighs. She wrapped my dick with her luscious thighs. I kissed her lips and played with her tongue. After that I took her hand kept over my dick, she started to stroke my dick with her both hand. Dick got real comfort between her tender palms. I pushed her down on her knees. She was really playing with my throbbing dick and balls. She caressed and kissed my prick delicately. Still she didn’t take my dick in to her mouth. I kept my hand on her head and pulled towards the prick. Puzzle was on her face to do next.

“Chitra, suck me and enjoy” She opened her lips little, I pushed dick into this narrow entrance. Big header entered ruthlessly. Her mouth was filled with this throbbing tool. And it went to maximum point. She was uncomfortable to breath and took out and started move her head back and forward along the dick. This blowjob made me mad. She was very keen of doing that. Oh …Chitra …you are so…good…suck… me ….suck me…baby…” I could see all the moments lively through the mirror image. Oh it was wonderful; this black beauty knelt down at my feet and sucking her master’s dick. It was delightful posture to see.

After little while, I let her to stand and again we hugged together and kissed passionately. I pushed her backward to the bed and she sat beside on the bed. She took my dick into mouth, to suck again. She dried the juice had come out of my dick. I let her to lie down in the bed on her back. And, legs were raised into air. The chime of the chain around her ankle made sound whenever she moved her position. Now it was easy access to her pussy. I knelt down on the floor and opened her legs. She responded spreading her thighs to either side. Her pussy had puffed and greatly got wet for next encounter. I started to kiss her both thighs, feelings were like run over velvet.

Thereafter, I started eat her cute pussy, fondling with my tongue. I departed her pussy lips and licked her hot spot tenderly. She started to cry and raising and moving her back. “Ohhhhhhh…..Mmmmmu Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…..Sooooooo…..good…………….Sir…oh …oh…oh… I can’t…..I can’t….” She shrank the bed sheet and hit on the mattress with her fist. I came on to her clit. I gave her wonderful tongue treatment as I know every woman have no turn from this point. She came to maximum when I was licking her pussy and nibbling her clit. She screamed. “Ohhhhh….I can’t ……Sir…..Ohhhhhhh..Iam cummmmming…oh…oh…” She exploded her sweet juices; those came out of her hole. I tasted some fluid and let drain that slippery saliva up to her asshole. I applied that fluid with my middle finger and insert into her asshole. She raised her head to see this unexpected invasion and she had never got this kind of experience. She surprised by her thoughts that her master was poking her asshole with finger. Actually it brought her more and more pleasure. I moved finger in and out along the passage. Again she started to cry with pleasure. She thought, this would be end of sexy act happened today with her master. I felt that wall of the anus getting relaxed and tight entrance got relaxed. I entered one more finger and another. She screamed loudly with pleasure. “Ooooooohh……ooooohhhhhh….” She responded widening her thighs and rising up her booty.

“Chitra” I called her softly.

“Sir…..” she looked at me hesitation.

“You know, that your asshole is ready for entering my dick” I said that with not sure of her will. She astonished and pleaded. “No…it will hurt me Sir…It is too big sir… please and you know that I am going to marry very soon. So I have to concern about my virginity too…Sir we will stop now…please… “

“No…Chitra …It doesn’t hurt you…..I will apply some cream if you are scared….and do you know? I don’t like to hurt you……” I explained her again and again


She nodded her head to give her permission but her eyes showed her fear ness. While she was lying on the bed, I reached to the dressing table and took a tube of baby cream which was among the verity of cosmetics belonged to my wife. I squished baby cream onto my palm and looked at her. Her eyes were closed but her hands were playing with boobs and nipples. I knelt down again near by her. “Chitra,” I called her. “Sir…” She murmured like that she was in a dream. “Raise your legs up…” She followed and let me to do what I wanted. I applied enough cream in and out of her asshole. Naturally, head of my dick was bigger. I applied some cream on my dick. It looked gorgeous and signing. Holding her legs up, I put tip of the dick at the entrance of her asshole. She cried again. ” Sir… please… Don’t hurt me… Do it slowly sir….” I said.” Chitra… Don’t worry about …. I know how to that… will be more happy than we did so far…” I just pushed slightly to expand her asshole entrance. It entered little bit. Chitra shouted with little pain but she didn’t refuse to do so.

Ellis stood warily before the judge. His crime was small but this was a small town. Crime was an insignificant concern in Sparklewater. Ellis knew the reason for that was because Sparklewater had the reputation of swift and particularly harsh punishment. So swift in fact that Ellis had been tried and convicted in a matter of days. All that was left was sentencing. That matter was up to the judge. Ellis’ case was heard before a judge known to be intolerant and heavy-handed with his sentencing.

That had Ellis scared. He was a young man of 19 years and his only crime was petty theft. He understood that it was the wrong thing to do but Ellis appealed to the judge for leniency.

In a crude underground facility only miles away…

Her full lips wrapped around the hardened mass. It swelled bigger and freely leaked precum. She swallowed the musky liquid and sucked hard on the thick pipe. Her lips and tongue worked until the large shaft and equally large balls exploded with copious amounts of potent ejaculate. She let the purple head slip from her lips, it shrunk back down to her thighs. The giantess threw her head back against the stone wall with frustration. This was empty satisfaction for the sex-crazed, mountainous shemale.

The giantess’ name was Tess. She was seven feet tall with impeccable posture and ample curves all the way around. Her long red hair and rosy cheeks hadn’t lost their luster after all these years in the crude imprisonment.

Tess was a giant shemale who lived with her people on a peaceful island somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. The shemales had one great love. They loved to fuck. They loved to make men and make them their property. This worked well for generations on the island. They got their fuck dolls one of three ways. Either through a shipwreck or a boat that saw their fires and went to explore. The last way took some initiative. Nearby passing ships were targeted by the shemales’ boats. They forced entry and took all the men they fancied back to the island. Then they really got to know them.

Tess smiled to herself about the way things used to be. That’s before their population of men dwindled. Fresh butts became harder and harder to come by. This split the peaceful community. Eventually, shemales preyed on one another. It was akin to cannibalization. They had no other choice. It was friend against friend in a fight for dominance which left the other submissive. Their aching cocks wouldn’t let them stop. They needed the carnal satisfaction that only another could provide.

The shemales finally devised a plan which would make everyone happy. They set sail for another land where the men were plentiful. That brought them to America. The giant shemales eagerly surveyed the land and found many men of all different colors and sizes. Their cocks grew and leaked precum at the sight of such a beautiful land

Tess pulled a man off the street and dragged the screaming snot into an alley where they could be alone. That great feeling didn’t last long as the giant shemales were ill-equipped to defend themselves against the police. They were captured or killed in the process of capture. Tess had gathered three men for herself by the time she was captured. She found herself underground in her present situation very soon after that. They starved her. Starved her of the only thing that mattered to a giantess like her. Booty.

Back at the courthouse where Ellis waits to hear his fate…

The judge peered out over his half rim glasses at Ellis. The judge had a sour look on his face which seemed to soften as he looked at Ellis, or so Ellis thought. This gave him some confidence that maybe the judge would indeed be lenient.

The judge explained the charges against Ellis and then spoke, “I sentence you, Ellis Johnson, to one night in the Sparklewater facility,” he added, “for extreme punishment.”

The words reverberated through Ellis’ head. One night? Ellis thanked the judge and practically skipped back to his holding cell. Just one more night. He could do that standing on his head. Ellis elected to skip dinner as he decided he’d wait until he could eat at home. Ellis sat alone in cell as the sun began to set.

Two guards unlocked his door and informed him of his transport to the the Sparklewater facility, for extreme punishment. The transport took less than a half an hour before Ellis found himself outside what looked like the entrance to a basement. He looked around for any identifying marks. One of the guards kicked some dirt off a sign which reach “Sparklewater Facility, For EXTREME Punishment,” Ellis instinctively gulped. The other guard unlocked his handcuffs.

They hefted a backpack out of the car and threw it into his arms. Ellis almost fell backwards from the heavy bag. “Take that in case it’s hungry.”

“I think food will be the last things on its mind,” the other guard remarked and they both laughed. Ellis tried to ask a question but the heavy doors were unlocked and he, along with the backpack, were unceremoniously pushed inside. Ellis fell from there about ten feet and landed on the backpack. He looked back up just as the guards were shutting the doors. “Say hi to the ol’ gal for us,” the other added, “We’ll be back for you in twelve hours.” They closed the doors and the light from outside was extinguished.

Ellis adjusted his eyes to the low light that was available inside here, whatever here was. He blinked repeatedly before pushing himself up. The ground was just dirt and sand. He wiped it off his hands and heard a sound from deeper within the cave-like place.

Tess had heard commotion from ground level. She thought it was nothing until the doors opened. She might have tried escape again but the doors were just above her amazingly tall reach. Then she heard a drop. Tess prayed it wasn’t food as she quietly hurried over. Her heart began to pound as she saw the man they had thrown down. He was still adjusting his eyes to the light. She got a good look at him from the darkness. He was more a boy than a man. Tess didn’t mind that one bit. Her giant penis began to expand within her loincloth.

“Who’s there?” Ellis asked with more than just a hint of fear in his voice.

There was no answer.

Tess continued to size up the new arrival. Most of his body was hidden by a prison uniform but that would be gone soon, she told herself.

Ellis saw a spark and squinted his eyes to see a fire being lit. Shadows still cast over the lighter of that fire though and Ellis’ legs felt too much like jelly for him to walk.

“Who are you? Can you tell me more about this place?” He asked.

Tess remained quiet. She finally lit the little fire which filled the cave-like underground facility with a new light. She stepped out of the shadows and stood before the boy.

His eyes traveled up the impossibly large, sculpted legs of a woman and immediately bulged out at the sight of her tented loincloth. The flimsy piece of cloth did little to conceal her obscenely large bulge. Ellis opened his mouth but no words came out. His eyes followed her stomach up to the swell of her huge breasts, encased tightly in another piece of cloth. His eyes fixed on them for a moment but he was still speechless. Finally, he nearly had to look all the way up to the ceiling to see her face. Her feminine, stern face and long reddish hair, which draped over her ears.

Ellis thought that she didn’t look old. Her body was nubile and her face was wrinkle-free but she didn’t look young either. Ellis really didn’t know what to make of the giantess looming over him. Her face was stern but her eyes seemed very pleased. Tess took a step forward and noticed the backpack.

Food. It’s laced with something that makes me sleep so they can fish him out in the morning, Tess thought.

Tess bent her knees and leaned down, she still towered over the much smaller Ellis. Her piercing eyes cut through him, “You’ve been a bad boy? Haven’t you?” Her nose crinkled.

“Wha… what?” Ellis’ mouth was dry and it was a struggle to sputter out the word.

“That’s who they throw down here. Bad boys. I don’t know why. They throw down tough guys and just plain assholes.” Tess looked him over more carefully from her closer vantage point.

“I’m not as selective as I once was. It doesn’t look like that would be a problem with you. I like what I see.” She smiled her first smile at him.

It did little to put Ellis at ease. Her gaze made him uncomfortable. “I stole… stole something. The judge sentenced me to a night here. I mean, this is the right place?” He wondered aloud.

“Oh yes. It’s the right place. So you stole something? I knew you were a bad boy. These tough guys find themselves here and they aren’t very nice to me. They scream and curse. It only gets worse when they realize what I want.” Tess told Ellis calmly.

“What is that? What you want.” He asked.

Tess lewdly grabbed her swollen, giant-sized organ and gave it a squeeze as she spoke, “Just you. More than want. It’s what I need.”

Ellis inched backward until he found himself against the stone wall directly below the two doors he had fallen through. His face went red and he shook his head but couldn’t speak.

Tess made up the room by scooting closer to him, “What’s your name?”

Ellis peered around the room but didn’t see any way to escape. He could try to run, but where? She was massive, he couldn’t defend himself. It looked like she could wrestle a bear. He couldn’t go through with what she wanted though. That was preposterous. He was straight, after all. She had to be mad.

Tess smiled more warmly this time, “I’m Tess. Now go on and tell me your name.”

He thought for a second and answered, “It’s Ellis.”

Tess smiled again and reached out to him. Ellis pulled back until his back was flush with the cold stone.

Tess seemed exasperated, “I’m trying to work with you here. It’s not something I have to do. There are things that I need. I’ve explained that to you. I don’t want to hurt you to get them. Okay, Ellis?”

He didn’t answer, looking away.

She spoke again, “All those bad boys. Those those tough guys. The big mouths I was talking about before. They have something in common. Each and every one of them. No matter if they refused me, or fought me, or screamed for help, I got what I needed from them in the end. All of them. I’ll get what I need from you too. Which way is it going to be? Are you going to fight me?” She ran her big paw down his arm.

Ellis shook his head no and was met with another smile. “Maybe you aren’t such a bad boy after all, or just a smart one. Now I want you out of these clothes.” Her last sentence wasn’t said as sweetly and felt more like an order.

Ellis reluctantly complied and stripped the prison uniform off his body. Tess licked her lips slowly, “That’s more like it.” Her hungry eyes wandered over his body. “Oh my, what a sweet little body. You don’t grow much hair do you?” The giantess chuckled.

Ellis felt very exposed, being naked in front of this giant woman he had only met ten minutes ago. Was she even a woman? She had the body of a woman, a gargantuan body, and then she had that equally massive bulge. Ellis didn’t know what to make of it.

“I want you to turn around and show me that ass of yours.” Tess told him.

Ellis barely heard her as he began to wonder who this she-man really was and where she came from.

Tess suddenly grabbed his narrow shoulders and shook him violently with a force that he thought might break his neck. She let him go as quickly as she had done it. He had never been manhandled like that and dropped on his hands, his head dizzy.

“You follow my orders. Do you understand? Make me do something like that again and it will be worse. You HAVE to listen to me or this night is going to feel like an eternity.” I wish, she thought to herself.

His dizzied head weighed the options and he realized that he had to listen for his own sake. Whatever she wanted, he had to comply. It was the only way he’d survive the night. He knew it was true. He couldn’t fight this mountain of a woman or the humongous cock between her thick legs.

Ellis shook his head yes. She made a pointing gesture to the wall. Ellis turned around and bent over for the giant shemale.

Tess’ eyes locked in on Ellis’ supple butt cheeks. They were spread just about an inch from Ellis’ being bent over. She could just get a shadowy glimpse between the two globes. “Use your hands and pull your butt cheeks apart. Do it now.” She told him.

Ellis’ embarrassment and shame were evident on his face as well as his body. His entire body seemed to redden at the intrusion but he did as she instructed him and gently spread himself open for her.

Precum leaked through the loincloth. Her stiff erection begged for attention. What Tess saw was worth more to her than all the gold in the world. Food, money, even her old shemale friends meant nothing to her. This was all she needed. Ellis’ treasure was exposed to her. Everyone had this treasure, but they were rarely if ever as beautiful as this boy’s, Tess thought to herself.

She eyed between his boyish butt cheeks. It was just too pretty. His wonderful little crack. The texture and deep pink coloring of his anus. Tess let out an excited whoop which startled Ellis.

“Turn around before I get ahead of myself.” She ordered.

Ellis obediently did as he was commanded and turned to face her, his eyes lingered on the bulge under her loincloth which seemed to have grown, if that was possible.

Tess undid the tie on her loincloth and the flimsy cloth fell down her thighs. A huge, hard cock sprung up and pointed right toward Ellis. It was easily a foot long and so thick that he didn’t think he could even get a hand around it if he tried. Spiderweb veins lead up her shaft to the purple, wet tip. Two giant balls nestled up to her thick, sculpted thighs. Ellis swallowed hard.

“First things first. Show me how honored you are to be here with me.”

He pulled his eyes from her cock and looked up at the giantess kneeling next to him, “Please. I’m not trying to disobey. What do you want me to do?”

“Kiss it.” She said promptly. Tess lifted herself up to her feet. The giant cock was only inches from his mouth when he sat up on his knees.

Ellis inched forward and gave the incredibly hot, wet tip a little kiss, pulling back quickly. A string of precum followed his lips back. Tess chuckled, thrusting her hips out toward him and pressing her big cock head against his soft lips again. She maneuvered her cock and painted his lips with the precum like she was applying lipstick. Ellis closed his eyes but didn’t pull away.

“Open up.” She told him.

Ellis looked up the giant form of the shemale and looked into her eyes with a pleading glance. She looked back at him with fire in her eyes. He knew better than to disobey and slowly opened his lips.

She pushed the tip of her cock, stretching Ellis’ lips open wider, and managed to fit half of the tip inside. Ellis swallowed the precum. Her cock tasted like it hadn’t been washed in a while but it wasn’t pungent to his taste buds. The spongy consistency was unique. It was hard as a rock and soft and warm in his mouth at the same time. He struggled as she pushed the rest of her tip inside him, with a moan.

The tip filled up nearly all of his oral cavity. Her hips rocked back and forth rhythmically. The slit continued to produce more precum which he quickly swallowed.

“Now suck,” she added, “Use your tongue.”

Ellis’ tongue crept over the hard mass and he started a swirling motion around the big head.

“Oh… boy. I haven’t had my cock sucked by someone other than myself in… oooh suck it. That’s a good little cocksucker. I know exactly what to do with you…” She cooed.

Tess’ rhythmic rocking became faster and harder as Ellis struggled to stop gagging on her huge meat. She grabbed his head in a frenzy, sending her cock deeper inside his mouth.

“I’m going to make you a deepthroater! Yeah… you’ll like that…” She trailed off.

Ellis’ hands pushed against her thighs but she was too strong. Tess didn’t even seem to notice his reluctance and wouldn’t have cared anyway. She pushed the meat deeper into his sucking mouth. His mouth caved in as he tried to expel the intruder but that just made it more pleasurable for Tess, whose eyes were closed tightly at the time.

“Now you know. You’re all mine. Tess’ property. You won’t be stealing anything anytime soon. Just suck this cock. Yeah.” She told him.

He choked on the massive shaft as it forced its way into his throat. Tess roared in pleasure, which was the only warning that she was about to cum. She thrust her hips against his face while using her hands to pull him closer as the explosion hit. More than half of her cock was in his mouth and at least a couple inches down his throat.

Volley after volley of the hottest, stickiest cum shot from her cock down his throat. Ellis felt like he might pass out but couldn’t get free of the massive cock. He was forced to swallow every drop. Tears ran down his cheeks from the sheer pressure of her cock as she spent the rest of her load, crying out in intense pleasure herself.

Tess pulled her massive shaft from his mouth. Ellis fell to the floor, gasping for breath. She grabbed her discarded loincloth and used it wipe up the cum and spit mess that was left on her half-hard cock. “Thanks for that, sweetheart.” She laughed.

Tess was the happiest she’d been in as long as she could remember. She skipped around the underground room as Ellis struggled to catch his breath. Cum was leaking down his face and onto the dirt floor. He felt like cum was even leaking from his ears. What he hadn’t swallowed was everywhere. He was a sticky mess. This wasn’t the kind of cum he produced either. His few dribbles were nothing in comparison to Tess, who could paint his entire body white with the stuff.

Tess threw a rag at him and told him to clean up. He did as she ordered and cleaned his face off. They didn’t speak. She’d glance over at him with a big smile and blow a kiss if she saw him looking. A couple minutes passed and Ellis finally recovered from giving his blowjob.

“Alright… you’ve gotten what you want. Let’s just sit here and wait for the sun to rise so I can get out of here.” He told her.

She looked puzzled. “You’ve got a lot of nerve, haven’t you?” Tess snarled at him, “I figured I had worked that out of you. I guess there’s still more to be done. I’m up for it. Come over here. Now.” She commanded him.

Ellis crawled closer to her on the other side of the room. Her body was lit up by the fire, her massive cock lying against her thigh, still impressive. Tess patted the ground next to her and he moved there.

Tess pulled the cloth of her top off without a word. Her full breasts spilled out. They floundered against each other until finally settling on the ground. The sight gave Ellis an erection. Tess noticed and smiled, “Does my bad boy like what he sees?”

Ellis slowly shook his head yes.

“Kiss me.” Tess told him.

He tentatively moved closer and planted his lips on her cheek. Tess laughed loudly, the way her voice could fill the room startled Ellis.

“That of all places is where you choose to kiss? You just gave my cock a sucking and now you’re acting wholesome. Don’t be so coy, my darling Ellis.”

Ellis kissed the giantess’ full lips. Tess quickly wrapped her arms around him and pushed her oversized tongue into his mouth. Their tongues wrestled for a minute (hers won) before she let him go. Ellis kissed her shoulder and then the side of her big breasts without prompting. He was shocked to look down and see Tess’ cock rock hard again.

“Now comes the most fun for me, Ellis. This is going to hurt you, my sweet. I can’t say it won’t. Just listen to me and we’ll limit the pain together. You have to listen to me. Do as I say or I won’t be responsible for my actions.” She warned him.

The sun cooked Beau’s broad shoulders as he pushed the lawnmower across the yard. Clad in cargo shorts and sneakers, Beau tramped through the grass, sweat sliding down his back. His shorts hung low, revealing the very top of his meaty ass. He stopped, wiping his brow. Beau surveyed his surroundings. At his mother’s insistence, the 18-year-old was spending the summer at his aunt’s country house to keep out of trouble.

His aunt had devised a number of tasks in order to keep the boy busy and keep his behavior problems in check. His task today was to mow the lawn. What would have been a twenty-minute task at his mother’s house in the suburbs was a day-long affair on his aunt’s sprawling property. He had already been at the task an hour and a half and wasn’t even halfway finished. Beau put his hands on his hips and looked out at the vast lawn. His buff form was bronzed from all the time he had spent in the sun in the week since arriving at his aunt’s. Not only were his chores largely outdoors, he showered at least once daily using his aunt’s only shower, located in the backyard.

His initial hesitation at being completely exposed outdoors had been tempered by the scorching temperatures and the relative solitude. At this point he thought nothing of his mother’s sister-in-law seeing him naked, and the only other person to cross his path as he bathed had been the gruff, towering man who apparently lived down the road. Beau still thought of how the man had commanded him with practically no effort. The mark the man’s strong hand left on Beau’s bare ass had remained for a day. Thinking of it, Beau absent-mindedly rubbed his soft ass where the man had struck him. Beau was dripping with sweat to the point that his already-low-slung cargo shorts were a millimeter away from revealing the dark hair that surrounded his impressive cock.

“Fuck this,” he said, through labored breaths. He looked at his phone; 1 pm. No messages, of course; he got no service here. Beau wasn’t used to taking on his share of responsibility for the upkeep of a house. It was simple to him: if he didn’t want to do something, he didn’t. It was bad enough he had to spend his summer in the middle of nowhere; he wasn’t about to spend it getting heatstroke doing a bunch of stupid fucking chores. The lawnmower sputtered and stopped as Beau turned and walked across the front yard.

Rounding the corner to the back of the house, Beau kicked off his shoes. He turned the spigot of the outdoor shower, releasing a stream of cold water cascading onto the stone platform below. In one swift motion, Beau dropped his shorts and boxers and stepped atop the platform. He gasped as the cold water hit his neck and shoulders, falling down his toned body, his long, thick cock and his round, tight ass. His cock swung slightly as water droplets landed on it. He hung his head under the stream, letting the water wash the sweat away.

After a minute, Beau shut off the water, grabbed his shorts, and walked naked back to the house. He showered outside so often now that he thought nothing of walking around the house and the yard without clothes, his cock hitting his muscular thighs as he walked. He could swear he occasionally caught his mother’s sister-in-law letting here eyes linger on his cock. He didn’t blame her. It wasn’t infrequent that a friend of his would comment on what they thought was a massive hard-on in Beau’s shorts. “I’m not hard,” he’d reply. “I just have a huge dong.”

In his bedroom, Beau picked out a T-shirt and his other pair of cargo shorts, thankfully clean. He checked for clean boxers and found none. Briefs it was. He pulled up a pair of white Hanes, which barely constrained his cock. He finished dressing, slipped on a pair of flip-flops, and headed out the door. In his brief time in the country, Beau had discovered a bar within what passed for walking distance in this town. An hour’s walk down the road and he could at least get drunk; they never carded in this place, and Beau looked older than he was anyway. He began his walk down the dirt road and lit a joint he had rolled using weed he bought last time he was at the bar. Living in the middle of nowhere had its occasional privileges.

It was dark when Beau sauntered up the gravel driveway of his aunt’s house. He swayed as he walked, too drunk to even attempt a straight line, a bent cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. He had fallen a few times on the walk back, and it was all he could do to keep upright now. His time at the bar had been relatively uneventful. He had pounded back beers and tequila shots with some locals, and unsuccessfully hit on the couple women who had ventured into the bar. Drunk off his ass, he hadn’t been particularly smooth. Beau spit out his cigarette and stumbled as he walked in the door, and laughed to himself.

“What on God’s green earth do you think you’re doing, young man?” His aunt’s voice caused Beau to clumsily swing around. She sat in the living room staring at him, fire in her eyes.

Beau tried to stand up straight, but the room kept spinning. “Err… uhhh… heyassssSarah.” His words slurred hopelessly. He leaned against the wall.

She stood up and walked toward him. “God dammit! Look at you! Not only did you not finish your chores, which landed me in a world of shit with the appraiser when he came by this afternoon, you’re drunk as a goddamn skunk. Here I promise your mother I’m going to keep you out of trouble this summer, and you’re getting shit-faced with… well, I don’t even know where the fuck you were.”

“Mmsorry,” mumbled Beau. He attempted to slide off his flip-flop and landed on his ass in the process.

“For god’s sake, get up here.” The woman lifted the boy to the best of his ability. “Damn, you’re heavy.” She guided the boy back to his room and spilled him onto the bed. His long legs and big feet hung off its edge. “You stay there and sober up. Don’t think we won’t talk about this tomorrow.”

Beau tried to respond, but instead threw his head back and passed out, the room still spinning.

“Whu-h?” Beau sat upright. “Augh…” He rubbed the back of his head, which was pounding. He looked down at himself. Still dressed in last night’s clothes, a single flip-flop hanging off his left toe. “The fuck…?”

He tried to remember the night prior. He could recall being at the bar, drinking beer and doing shots, maybe talking to some locals, although it was a blur. He vaguely remembered walking back along the dirt road and… oh, shit. The confrontation with his aunt. “Fuck.” He couldn’t remember exactly what had been said, just that she had been angry. Stumbling out of bed, he walked out of his room into the kitchen, wondering if she’d be there waiting for him.

It was empty. On the counter sat a note.


Beau put down the note. “Fuck.” He rubbed his forehead. At least she didn’t give me any chores, he thought. Padding about the kitchen, he fixed himself some food and coffee, and threw back a handful of aspirin for his aching head. Must’ve drank a fucking shit ton, he thought to himself. He knew he’d have to deal with his aunt eventually, but this was hardly the first time he had been in trouble. Her fault for making me do her bitch work, he thought.

Having taken some time to nurse his hangover, Beau walked back to his room. He lifted his shirt over and off his head and ran his hands over his smooth chest. Shower, he thought. He dropped his shorts and briefs, wrapped a too-small towel around his waist, and walked out the door to the backyard shower. He dropped the towel and started the water. Standing under it, he could feel his headache subsiding. Another few minutes of this, he thought, and he may be able to bear the harsh glare of the sun in his eyes. He groaned slightly, looking forward to getting back inside and crashing until his aunt got home.


Beau heard. His eyes went wide as he recognized the voice.

“You are twice as dumb as I thought you were, and you are fucked besides.”

Beau turned cautiously. Henry. The man who a week prior had warned Beau from antagonizing his aunt again stood before him. Beau made a slight gesture toward covering his huge cock with his hands, before remembering where that got him last time and leaving his arms at his side. He unconsciously pushed his shoulders back and stood a bit straighter. “Hen – S-sir…”

“Oh no, not near good enough. You stand at attention when I address you, boy.”

Beau stood straight, wincing as his head throbbed. Looking down, he took in his visitor. Henry was tall as he remembered. Elevated by the platform, Beau looked down at him, but standing on even ground the man easily eclipsed Beau. Unlike last time, Henry came bare-chested. Beau could now see what he only got a hint of last time. Henry was built. Years of hard manual labor had given the man a massive, rock-hard body. Beau noted how different it was from his own; Beau’s body came from hours in the gym, from vanity. A life of backbreaking labor had sculpted Henry’s. Even where Beau and Henry had similarly-sized muscles, Beau thought that the man looked like he could break Beau in half if he wanted. The broad, solid chest was covered with a coating of brown hair, with a smattering of grey, matching the short, salt-and-pepper hair atop his head. The man wore jeans over massive legs, and work boots. Sweat dripped from the man’s grey temples onto the coarse stubble that covered his face, and his bare chest glistened. Beau wasn’t sure how old he was, but he appeared to be about forty.

“I thought that I made myself clear last time I was here.” The man’s voice boomed. “You do not fuck around with your aunt.” He stepped forward, his face inches from Beau’s chest. “So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call from her yesterday afternoon, hysterical, begging me to come over and finish mowing her lawn so that she doesn’t get fucked when the appraiser comes over. ‘Course, I’m happy to help out Sarah, but then she told me why she needed my help.” Fucking punk, thought Henry. All the same. Still, Henry knew how to break his type.

Beau had first been startled, but now he was tense and, he admitted to himself, fearful with the large man yelling at him when Beau was naked and vulnerable. Also a concern was the fact that Beau’s cock was centimeters away from touching the bare skin of the man’s chest.

“She needed my help because you,” Henry punctuated this last room with a sharp poke in the middle of Beau’s hairless chest. “YOU skipped out on your chores! Off getting fucked up some way or the other, I’d bet. Is that it? I said, was that it, boy?” Another poke.

Beau had to shift to keep his balance every time the man’s massive hand touched his skin. “Yes, sir. That was it, sir. I was at the bar. Getting drunk.”

“Fuckin’ layabout piece of trash. You think you’re gonna pull that shit on my watch? You think I’m not going to teach you a lesson?”

Beau had it. It was bad enough this creep was interrupting his shower. Bad enough that his shouting was aggravating Beau’s headache. Bad enough that he was manhandling Beau’s naked body. But if this asshole thought he was going to come over here and treat Beau like a bitch, he didn’t know whom he was dealing with. “Listen, old man,” said Beau, surprisingly himself with how forceful he managed to make his voice., “You think I’m going to punk out like a little bitch because some old-ass fucker doesn’t have anything better to do that fuck with me, you can just go to fucking hell. Now get the fuck out of my face, and get the fuck out of here!” Beau stood, his chest heaving. He stared into Henry’s eyes.

Henry didn’t move a centimeter. The older man’s hands were on his hips. His breathing didn’t change an iota. The expression on his face was intense, yet almost amused.

“I said fucking leave!” Beau swung his fist at the man. He had been in dozens of fights before, and he won them all. Other guys knew not to fuck with Beau unless they wanted to get their asses kicked, badly. He had sent guys to the hospital with broken bones. If this old man wasn’t going to listen to him, he was going to put him down.

Beau’s fist connected with Henry’s jaw. Henry staggered back slightly. Beau stood, still on the platform, arms at the ready, cock swinging between his legs. He breathed heavily, his eyes wide. The man had his head turned to the side, and a hand in front of it. A red drop fell onto the man’s hairy chest. Shit, thought Beau. Maybe I broke the dude’s jaw, or knocked out a tooth. Beau smiled broadly. The man spit on the ground. Beau shouted, “Not so tough now, are you, fucker?”

“Heh. Hah!”

Beau dropped his fists slightly. His look of glee was replaced with confusion.

The man dropped his hand and looked at Beau. He smiled from ear to ear. A trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth down his chin. He continued to chuckle. “Hah! Boy, I do not know where you are from, but that was the weakest, pussiest punch I have ever felt in my life. Fuck, your aunt could lay a stronger one than that on my jaw. Fuckin’ Hell, you do need me to break you in. Make you a man.” Henry stepped forward again. “Now, remember, boy, this’s for your own good.”

Beau didn’t have time to move before the man landed a blow square on Beau’s cheek. Pain exploded across Beau’s face. He blacked out for a moment as he flew off the stone platform and landed square on his ass in the grass. He fell back, his back and head hitting the ground, his legs outstretched, his cock flopping on his stomach. His head spun. He sat staring at the sky for a length of time he couldn’t determine. He knew he had to get up. The boy turned on his stomach, resting his weight on his elbow, and attempted to raise himself on his knees.

Suddenly, an irresistible weight fell on Beau’s back. He felt rock hard, sweaty muscles and coarse hair pressed into his back. He felt hot breath and hard stubble against the back of his neck. An arm like steel cable wrapped itself around Beau’s neck, putting the boy in a headlock. Beau felt a powerful hand on his ass, forcing his lower body into the ground. “What the fu-”

Henry cut off the boy’s words by tightening the headlock slightly. Henry beamed. The boy’s actions cracked him up, his arms trying desperately to pry Henry’s arms off him, yet not budging Henry a centimeter. “Now, you’re going to listen to me, boy. I know your type, like I said. Big, buff stud. Got all the girls screaming when you fuck ‘em with your big-ass dick. Yeah, I saw that thing. Bet you it impresses those girls. Not me, though.” Henry chuckled. It was almost cute how he could feel the boy’s muscles squirming beneath him. “See, I’ve been around the block. I know what separates a boy from a man. You’re about as useful as a horse and not half as smart. But I’m gonna make you better, boy. I’m going to make you a man.” He lightened his headlock.

Beau exhaled. He breathed heavily. He was using all his strength to try and get the man’s arms off him, and he couldn’t even manage to make Henry struggle. Beau didn’t know how this was happening. He had never physically been at anybody’s mercy. “Help!”

Henry laughed. “You forget where you are? Shit, you’re so dumb maybe you did. Nobody’s gonna hear you out here. Now, you play along here, you can learn something, and it’ll be better for you.”

Beau put all his strength into trying to push Henry off him. Beau succeeded in rising to his hands and knees, but Henry remained on top of him, an iron grip on Beau’s body.

“Gonna be like that, huh? No difference to me.”

Beau felt a hand that could have been carved from granite reach between his legs and firmly clutch his balls. Beau froze.

“Told you, boy. To me you’re just an especially dumb farm animal. If that’s how I gotta treat you, so be it.” Henry emphasized his final statement by squeezing the boy’s hanging balls. He snickered at the boy’s exclamation.

Beau’s mind raced. Think through this, man, he thought to himself. You’re on your hands and knees like a fucking animal. You gave this old dude your best shot and now he’s fucking owning you. He’s literally got you by the fucking balls. Christ, this hurts. Just play along for now, Beau. Get him off you, get your balls free, then wait until he turns his back and kick his ass. What’s that noise, anyway. Almost sounds like he’s spitting in his hand. “Ahh!”

In assessing his situation in his hangover-plagued mind, Beau hadn’t been paying attention to Henry. All he knew is that he suddenly felt something pressed… there. Beau felt something huge pressed against his asshole. His eyes went wider than ever in his life. He tried to yell, but was stopped by Henry’s arm around his neck.

“I told you, boy, ” the man said, “Your big dick may impress those little girls back home, but not me. You know why, boy?” Henry, smirking, leaned his head down next to the boy’s ear.

Beau could feel hot breath on the side of his face. The 18-year-old was trembling.

“Because I’m bigger, Beau.”

Beau shouted as he felt something huge penetrate his hole. He had never had anything up there, ever. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. He was being invaded. He could feel it sliding deeper and deeper inside. “Please!” He shouted. “Please stop!”

“Hah!” Henry chuckled. “You could’ve prevented this easy. Not my fault you had to be such a fuckin’ punk. Now, what you’re feeling now is my cock, lubed up and sliding into your sweet ass.” Henry gave Beau a full-strength slap on the ass, and grinned both at the yelp that issued from the boy, and the bright red handprint he left on the boy’s creamy, white, smooth ass. “It’ll feel better if you relax, boy. And you’d better, because I’m not even halfway in.”

Beau wanted to keep shouting, but knew that nobody would hear him. They were too isolated, and his aunt wouldn’t be home for hours. He could barely process the feeling inside his ass. The man’s cock felt like a fucking flagpole. It was huge. How could it not be in all the way? This man was bigger, faster, stronger than Beau, and his cock was bigger than his, too? What am I supposed to do, he thought. I can’t get him off me. Can’t shout for help. Is he right? Should I just relax? Beau’s thoughts went blank as he felt the man’s cock drilling deeper and deeper into him. He heard himself shouting. At one point he felt the huge tool hit something inside him, and Beau could swear that his shouting started to sound more like… moaning.

“There ya go,” said Henry. “Knew you’d come around. I’m almost all the way in you now. Trust me, once I start fucking you, you’re gonna forget all about the pain.”

“Y… you’re going to fuck me?” Beau could hear the fear and exasperation in his voice. He felt tears running down his cheek. It seemed like a stupid question when he thought of it. After all, Henry’s dick was buried in his ass already. But Beau never thought he’d be getting fucked by a dude at all, let alone be totally owned by some old guy.

“What was that?” Henry finally pushed himself entirely inside the boy.

Beau groaned loudly. “You’re going to fuck me… sir?” His voice was meek.

“Yes,”, said Henry. “Yes I am. It’s a learning experience. You see, you think the world revolves around you. You think you can walk all over everybody. You don’t answer to anybody. You gotta learn different. If you’re going to be a fucking little punk, then I’m gonna teach you that you belong to me.” With that Henry pulled his cock back and again sank it deep into Beau’s ass. “Trust me, when I’m done you’ll thank me.”

Beau lowered his head. He had never heard himself make the noises he heard coming from his mouth as the man again and again slid his cock in and out of Beau’s tight ass. What started as a slow, deliberate pace to Beau’s first fucking was speeding up. He became aware not only of the huge tool destroying him, but the older man’s hips slapping against his ass.

I grew up as a normal American boy…. Air Force brat, moved around a lot… finally settled in Atlanta. I played sports, liked and pursued girls, got into and out of trouble. Every once in a while though, I went through some gay sex fantasy phases. I’d think about it, masturbate to thoughts of it, and even played with my asshole while jerking off on occasion. But these phases would be short lived… a few days here and there throughout the year, all while I’d be in relationships with girlfriends and such. This went on through jr. and sr. high school, and through my two years in college. After college, I hung out in Atlanta for a few more years. And, the fantasies continued.

One of my favorite things was to look at the local independent news paper- Creative Loafing. It had personal ads in the back for people to hook up. I’d read through them every week and have fantasies about the one that stuck out the most…. Ironically, it was about the ads of men claiming that their cock stuck out the most! As a young man in my early twenties, I always seemed to enjoy the thought of being with older men… older, well-endowed men. See, I’m not packin’ a huge cock. It’s about 5 ½ inches and average thickness. Ever since I saw my first porno, I envied the large penis. So, in my mind, I gravitated toward what I didn’t have…. BIG cock. By this time, I’d already invested in a couple dongs and dildos for play. I’d cram them up my ass and fuck myself real good while jerking off. It was great, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be fucked by a man… someone else controlling the fucking…. Not my hands doing it.

After a rather nasty break up with a girl,… OK, I got seriously dumped… heart broken and all, I didn’t want much to do with chick for a little while. I resumed my gay fantasies after a pretty long hiatus. I grab and paper and glanced over the ads. Boy, did one sick out.

SWM- 50 yrs old- WELL hung- seeking younger newbie to show the ropes- N. GA Mountains- BOB.

It also listed his phone number- this was before the internet had come on full swing. So, after a couple nights of thinking about it, I decided to pick up the phone and call the number. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say. He answered the phone and I weakly spoke:

“Is this Bob?

He replied, “uh, yes it is. Can I help you?”

I said, “Hi. I’m calling about your ad in the paper, the personal ad?”

I could tell that he knew I was nervous. He was very calm and patient with me. He assured me that I had nothing to be nervous about because nothing would happen that I didn’t want to happen, in that conversation or beyond. He asked me why I was calling and I told him about my fantasies mainly involving thoughts of older men that were well hung. How I was primarily straight but was in between relationships and figured it might be a good time to act on some fantasy. I told him that his ad seemed sincere and that’s what I needed…. He assured me that he would be nothing but kind, gentle, and patient with me. So, after a few more short phone conversations, I finally asked what I could expect in an encounter with him considering that I knew nothing about gay sex. Bob, then told me how me might introduce me. He said, “Well, I’d love for you to come up to my cabin here in the mountains. We could have a drink and chat, but I usually like to just get down to the fun. I’d like to initially just please you, and not ask much of you. Obviously if you wanted to do things to me, I’d be open to that, but most of the first- timers that I’ve been with have been so over-whelmed that it’s better for me to lead. I’d probably start by undressing you, and rubbing my hands over your body. I’d be pretty quick to get my mouth on your cock. I’d certainly love to eat out your ass and then if you were up for it, I’d love to fuck you.”

“Wow” I said. “You make it sound so easy, and laid back. When can we meet?”

He said, “What are you doing tonight?”

I couldn’t think of anything. I was off work the next day. I really had no reason to not do it other that fear…. And I wasn’t going to let fear get in my way. So I told him that I’d come up there. He sounded thrilled with himself that he had not scared me off and that me was gonna possibly get some action that night. He told me that his cabin was a little off the beaten path and that he meet me at a gas station in a nearby town and let me follow him to his cabin. We planned on meeting at 8:00. I spent the rest of the day just dreaming about what the night might hold. I showered and was very careful to clean myself very thoroughly. I dressed fairly casual not thinking that we’d be out in public or anything. I grabbed a couple condoms from my drawer just incase he didn’t have any, and just incase it actually went as far as him fucking me. When it was time, I hopped in my truck and headed up to the mountains.

The whole way up, about a 80 minute drive, I was so nervous…. half way talking myself out of doing it, and then, remembering how long I’d been waiting to do something like this. I finally reached the town where I was to meet Bob and started looking for the gas station. As I approached it, I had one last mental freak out before telling myself, “You got this, and you’re gonna love it!”

I parked my truck and waited. With each approaching pair of headlights, I wondered if this was the one. Finally, Bob arrived, pulling up right next to me and smiling in a very understanding kind of way. He knew that this was a big step for me. He said, “Follow me. Once we get to my driveway, you can get into my truck and I’ll drive us up to my cabin. It’s really steep and with it being dark, it would be hard for anyone to manage the drive up.” I nodded and off we went. It was about a 10 minute drive of a nerves roller coaster. After I got past the thoughts of “is this guy an axe murderer?”, I couldn’t help but wonder how big his cock really was. He described it as large and pleasing but didn’t get into specifics. His break lights snapped me from my train of thought and we slowed down to his property. I took a deep breath, grabbed my back pack which had a change of clothes, and some toiletries and such in it, and got out of my car. I locked up and hopped in with Bob. It really was dark out there and I had no idea how he managed to get up that hill so quickly, all while rubbing my leg and then my crotch. I didn’t even know that I was hard until his hand touch me. He said that he was glad to see that I was excited about being there.

Once we got up to his place, we got out of the car and it seemed like in no time at all we were climbing up his stairs inside to his bedroom. I needed to use the restroom after the drive, and did but then it was his show. He was ready. He knew that I had never been with a man and was excited to get first crack at me. He slowly walked over to me and hugged me. He tried to kiss me but I shied away. I didn’t really want to kiss… for me, that’s for the ladies.

He slowly removed my shirt and began rubbing my body. He licked my nipples and they were hard in an instant. I was shaking with nerves and excitement. He grabbed my belt buckle and unfastened it to free my shorts. As they dropped to the floor, he followed them. He tugged at my boxer shorts and my cock popped out to be greeted with a grin. I was shy about my smallish cock but he said, “this is perfect for sucking.” And then in one foul swoop, he took it in his mouth to the base… It was right then that I knew that I was in for a treat.

By reading this story you agree that you are at or above legal age in your location.

Certain sexual activities depicted in this story are safe only in fictional Literature.

Be safe. Use a Condom.

This is the story is a work of total fiction.

Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.

All feedback is appreciated.

I’m Campbell Dalton a 21 year old College Junior at Vanderbilt University. My Studies are heavily concentrated in Business and Finance but I haven’t a clue as to what my profession will be. My passion since childhood has been swimming, I was good enough at the high school level to earn a college swimming scholarship and fortunate to chosen by Vanderbilt. A VU degree will get you to the front of the line in almost every Corporate personnel department in the country.

I’ve enjoyed my time at school and the biggest surprise has been how much I like the city. To almost everyone Nashville conjures up guitar playing rubes with twangy voices crying in their beer about lost love. While that idea is spot on for the Country Music industry, that’s only a small part of what this this city has become. It isn’t too large but it’s as comfortable as that pair of sneakers in your closet that you rescued every time your Mom put them in the trash. Being from Atlanta, GA. I thought I wouldn’t like it here, but now I might stay here after college. It’s Atlanta that I don’t really care for anymore. The growth explosion since the 1996 Olympic Games has ruined the city for me.

I am the youngest of the three children of Cortland and Suzanne Dalton. Cortland II , 25, is my older brother and Suzannah Caroline, 23, is my dear sister. Corty, as I’ve called him ever since I could talk, is engaged to Elizabeth Anne Deaver but they haven’t set the date yet. Suze, my sister is working at an Atlanta Law Firm and dating a lawyer and a doctor.

Adding more proof to recent research, I am the second son and I am gay. My Coming Out to my family when I graduated from High School was the biggest non-event in our family history. Both parents said, that they stand with me and love and support me as they always have. Suze, my sister, thought it was so cool to have a gay little brother. Cortland just smiled and said…

“you dog, does this mean I have to warn all my friends about you?”

“no Corty, the ones I’ve seen you with don’t have anything at all to worry about from me.” I replied.

Corty howled laughing. “you’ve only been out two minutes and already making catty remarks.”

Corty and I got along great now that we were both grown ups. We enjoyed each others company and really had a good time together as long as we stayed away from competitive sports. It was dog eat dog when we were playing against each other in anything. Neither of us took losing very well and it was especially bitter to lose to your brother. Luckily, we could leave that in the locker room and it didn’t spill over into our interactions with each other. I was very lucky and extremely happy that my being gay did not affect our friendship. Yeah, my big bro is my friend and that’s so cool. Corty sees it as his job to get me laid. He tries to get me hooked up every time we go out together.

“Yo, Cam… there’s a live one at two o’clock”, or “Dude! would ya look at the package that stud’s swinging!”

The trouble was, he was nearly always right. Corty really had an eye for the type of men I like. I’m still a bit shy and awkward talking about guys I like with Corty. He has threatened to bring one of his hand picked guys over to meet his gay little brother, if I don’t get off my butt and make a move on someone. God help me, my brother’s my pimp!

Sometimes I wondered if Corty was living out his own desires for men through me. I decided that I would have to talk to him about that someday soon before he got married. Regardless, I knew that he would marry and be the dutiful son that the II after his name demanded. It’s his nature to do the right thing, not make waves and to hold a true and steady course. Almost the exact opposite of his little brother.

With me away in Nashville we didn’t see much of each other but a couple of times a year he’d come up by himself and we would have a great time together. We always made the Vandy-UGA football game, he’d come to Nashville one year and I went to Athens with him the next.

I knew I was gay in high school but I am still a virgin. I’ve grown to be 6’2″ tall, 160 lbs. light brown hair and brown eyes with a slim, well toned swimmer’s body. I was pleased with my looks even here at Vandy where it seemed that every other male student we met was as handsome as a GQ cover model.

We were in the first semester of my Junior year and I was really stressed with studying for exams and competitive swimming. While at the library working on a paper I felt natures call and headed for the Men’s room downstairs. As I entered I heard a groan then a stall door flew open and a guy ran by me and out the door. I looked back to the stall and there stood Cullen Fortson, his pants and shorts around his ankles and his very substantial cock, shiny and wet, bobbing in the air.

Cully, as we all called him, was the friend of a friend and we were together every so often just hanging out with the guys… I turned to leave and he said…

“Campbell, don’t go, …please..”

My heartbeat raced when I saw Cullen standing there with his big cock bobbing in the breeze.

Cullen and I ran with the same crowd most times. We were cordial but never had a private talk or interacted other than as a part of a group. In my personal opinion Cullen was the most handsome man I had ever seen. I was not alone, he attracted women like a bee to honey.

Over the past two years we had sort of eyed each other every chance we got. Nothing really but we both had caught the other staring, I know I was secretly wishing to hook up for my first hot sex session. I can’t begin to guess what Cully was wishing for. At college we were constantly with other male companions so those of us who were inclined to be attracted to men were extremely careful not to appear to be gay in any way.

I was content with just looking at him, I was not in his league looks wise. I know I’m not a troll by a long shot but when Cullen is around I feel like the ugliest man alive. No one can compare to him in my eyes, when Cully walks by, men and women turn to watch him. Guys like him have their pick of the crop, that is partly why I was so stunned at walking in on his ‘blow job’.

“Cully, I’m sorry for the interruption…uh, really … I need to pee…..badly.”

and I stepped over to the urinal.

I heard Cully straightening his clothes. When I was finished and drying my hands he said…

“Cam..let me explain….”

“Cully…you don’t owe me any explanations…your sex life isn’t my business. Really all I saw was you with your pants down and a big shiny wet cock swaying in the breeze. If you ever need any one to verify the fact, I can truthfully swear that you’ve got a big one!”

Cully grinned and reddened in a blush.

“Still, Cam I’d like to talk to you about this if you’ll let me..”

“Cully…it’s stays right here, I will not tell anyone about what I saw, that’s a promise.”

“He let out a big sigh, thanks Campbell, I appreciate that. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m gay. You are the only one at school that I’ve told. I’m not even sure why I told you. I guess I just want you to know what it’s like to have these desires that have to be satisfied in dark rooms. Clandestine meetings that are never talked about. I’d never seen that kid that high tailed it out of here when you came in. I was at the urinal and he reached over and grabbed my cock and I let him give me a blow job. Part of one anyway.”

I laughed at that last part. “Sorry Cully, he left you high and dry didn’t he.”

“yeah, back to a hand job again tonight.”

“Poor guy, it sort of makes me sorry I for you.” I said.

Cully smiled at me and I said…

“but not that sorry….you’ll have to take care of it yourself, Dude.”

“Cam…I didn’t mean…I,…aww shit…no you got the wrong idea….damn..I’m sorry.”

“take a deep breath and relax Cully. I’m just jerking your chain here, giving you a hard time. I would have probably done the same as you…I don’t know if I could turn down an offer of a blow job either… I know it sure does get horny here all of the time.”

“Campbell will you let me take you to dinner, I’m getting hungry, and we’ve never really talked much, I’d like to get to know you.”

“Sure. I’m hungry too, let me get my things upstairs and I’ll meet you out front.”

As I headed back to the library to get my things all I could think about was Cullen’s huge cock. His was the first I’d ever seen hard other than my own. Cully was a great looking man, dark brown hair, Emerald Green eyes, about 5″9, 140 lbs. and a killer cock as I had just found out. My uneducated guess is it that it’s close to 9 inches long and 6 or 7 in circumference. It’s really Big!. I knew what I’d be jacking off to tonight. I could feel my cock swelling and tried to force Cully’s handsome face, torqued body, little round butt and that great big cock from my mind.

He was waiting as I came out and we headed off to his car.. He drove us out West End Ave. to the Belle Meade Buffet. I turned my back more to the door so I could see Cully as he drove and we talked. As I looked at him I became aware of his profile which made me get hard. Damn, he is too effing handsome for my own good. I thought about his trim hot body, hoping that his chest was as thickly furred as his legs. Long silky brown hair below the knees and shorter and curlier on the thighs. A good looking hairy man turns me on like crazy!

As we ate he started talking again about the scene at the library…

“I am ashamed that you saw that Campbell. I should have better control of myself. I’m really lucky it was you instead of Campus Police. It’s hard to say no when a guy has your dick in his hand asking if he can suck it.”

I could feel the blood rush to my face, If he only knew that was exactly what I longed to do to him. I was blushing again..

“shit, I’m so sorry Campbell, I shouldn’t be talking like this to you and over our dinner too. Sometimes I just don’t think ahead.”

We finished and were driving back to campus when Cullen asked…

“Cam, you ever had a guy give you blow job?”

“No…never…uh..I’ve never had one at all. What’s it like?”

“it feels so good but you have to be there, there’s just no way to describe it.”

“so Cully, when did you know that you were gay?”

“I was thirteen, the older brother of one of my friends talked me into jacking off with him. We had just started when he told me to close my eyes and not open them until he said to. I closed them and the next thing I knew he was sucking my cock. It felt so good. He didn’t finish me off but asked if I’d suck him. I knew I wanted to. When I took his cock into my mouth I just new that it was what I wanted. I’ve never looked back.”

“But Cully, you’re a handsome guy you could have any girl in school.”

“Cam I’m gay, I don’t want any girl. I want a guy like you, athletic, tall and handsome as he can be.”

“y… think I’m handsome? don’t you ever look in a mirror? You are the most handsome guy I know!

“Yes, Campbell, I think you are handsome, and to me you’re about as sexy as a guy can be. Sorry, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but it’s the truth. If you were gay I’d be after you big time.”

I know I was beet red again, blushing like crazy. Cullen Fortson thinks I’m handsome and sexy too! I wanted to tell him I’m gay. I don’t know why I couldn’t say it, it just wouldn’t come out of my mouth. He looked over at me and said…

“Oh damn it…Cam, please don’t get all uptight … I’m not trying to put the make on you. I really do like you and want you to be my friend …shit..why can’t I keep my mouth shut, I’m sorry Campbell..All I’ve done tonight is apologize to you!”

“ did take me to dinner!” I said.

Cully gave me this incredulous look and then burst into laughing, I laughed too and we were soon roaring, letting all the tension between us flow out with the laughing. He punched my arm…”

“you’re a goofy little shit…Thanks Campbell, we’re going to be good friends, I can tell.”

We were back on campus and were walking to our dorm rooms. We stopped at the place where we would go our separate ways to our rooms.

“well, this is it, I guess. Thanks for the dinner Cully, and I meant what I said earlier. I wont tell anyone about the library.”

“thanks again Cam, guess I’ll go finish what he started”

“Cully if you want to talk more or just hang out, you can come to my suite. No roommate this semester.”

“Really, I’d like that, I’ve really enjoyed your company tonight. We can continue getting to know each other, Great.”

My heart was racing, why did I ask him too my room? I guess I knew the answer. He’s gay, and maybe the best looking man I’ve ever seen and he thinks I’m sexy. I guess I want something to happen. Who am I kidding, I know I want something to happen! Tonight!

In my suite we both had to pee really bad. I started to pee in the shower stall when he said we’d share the toilet and moved to one side.

“you’ve already seen what I’ve got and at it’s best too. Now I get to see yours.”

I went red as a beet again. I couldn’t even look at him or his cock. I was so afraid I would get a boner. It didn’t help, I felt my cock thicken, I looked up and Cully was staring at my face, not my cock. That did it, I went fully hard. His eyes bored into mine. I started trying to put my cock back in my pants but it wasn’t going to fit with a hard on. Cam glanced down at my movement then quickly back to my eyes.

“I’m sorry Cully. You looking into my eyes made me get hard.”

“That’s okay Cam. Every guy’s cock has a mind of its own, that’s for sure. Besides, now we’re even, I’ve seen you hard too!”

We finished and went back into the room, I pulled off the sweatshirt I was wearing and wore only a tee shirt and jeans. I toed off my Weejuns and went barefoot.

“If you want to get comfy feel free Cully.”

As he pulled off his polo pullover I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His tee shirt rode up with the pullover and I saw his rippled abs and flat stomach and he was covered in dark silky hair…

YES! My cock twitched and I jumped, it had never done that before. That glimpse of Cullen’s hairy

torso would feed my Cullen Fortson jack off fantasies for many weeks to come. Seeing him standing there in a tee and jeans with his dark hair mussed, he was the sexiest man I’d ever seen. I started getting hard again. He noticed, and smiled.

We lay on the two beds facing each other. He started asking about my home and growing up. After I had related my life story to him he asked…

“So Campbell, when did you know you were gay?”

I was stunned and couldn’t talk for a moment. Then I decided, NOW CAMPBELL, tell him now. I was up and pacing back and forth.

“er…I… was my freshman year in high school. I SAID IT! I actually said it. gosh I felt so much better.”

“What?…Cam…do you know what you just said to me?”

“Yes, I told you I’m gay too.”

“Really!…I was just jerking your chain… teasing…gosh..are you really gay?”

“Yes, I really am….but, I’ve never been with anyone…only my family knows…and now you. I’ve never done anything with a guy, it’s tough to admit that I’m 21 and I’m still a virgin.”

“Wow…Cam…what I said earlier..I really did mean it.”


“I said if you were gay I’d be coming after you I meant that, still do. When you’re ready to have sex with a guy, if you want to do it with me, I sure want to be with you. Like I said, you’re my kind of man.”

“Cullen…I think I’m ready now. There’s no one I would rather be my first than you. I just don’t know what to do. Will you show me Cully, I’m new at this.”

Cully sat up on the edge of the bed facing me and he smiled, opened his legs, hooked a finger in my belt loop and pulled me between his legs. Smiling up at me, he unbuttoned my top button and like any good pair of 501′s the slightest tug opened all the fly buttons magically.

Cully’s eyes got big when he saw I was going commando. He pushed the 501′s off my hip and they fell to the floor I stepped out of them, kicking them aside. Cully smiled at my muscled thighs and stiffening cock. When he stood and pulled my tee shirt over my head, a gasp escaped his throat…

“Oh wow! Cam, I didn’t know…oh my god! you are so ripped! wow!..your body! That’s so hot! Cam…you’re… uh…y…you are so beautiful.”

he stammered as he ran his hands over my rippled abdomen, awestruck, he looked at my face and then back to my smooth chest and abs..

“your body is so smoking hot! Damn, who would have guessed this?”

“I’m a swimmer, Cully, remember? The whole team looks like this.”

Cully laughed…”I know those guys Cam…and no one else on the swim team looks like this!”

He said as his hands were all over my chest and stomach. He asked that I turn around and I heard his groan as his hands cupped my butt.

“yeah, well ..okay..I guess, you really like my bod, huh?”

“Oh yes, Sir. Cam those body suits you wear in swim meets hide all this. I really like your body a lot. I don’t mean this in a bad way, Cam…but I never guessed you had a smoking hot body like this under your clothes…yuummm…WOOF!”

I laughed at his ‘woof’ thinking it was cute and was flattered that he liked my body so much.

“No other guy on that team can hold a candle to you. There may be some with more muscle but none who look as good as you do. Oh yeah…it’s’re really hot Cam…a real turn on. I have to take off these pants now Cam…you’ve got me so hard I’m hurting down there.”

Cully stood and before his hand touched his top button, my fingers were there undoing the button and in one move I pulled Cully’s pants and shorts down to his ankles. Cully’s cock sprang up and slapped his belly then back down to hit my cheek as it bounced around. I nearly ripped his tee shirt off him. I could hardly believe my eyes, one glance at a naked, hard and very hairy Cullen took my breath away. He was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. My body trembled and a deep moan escaped from deep within me. I felt my testicles rising up…oh no…this can’t be… no …no…NO!

“Oh my god…Cully…I can’t stop it….oh no

…no…ooohhh! uuunnnggghhh! Ohmigod.”

Standing there in my dorm suite looking at a very naked Cullen not three feet away absolutely made me cum without either of us touching the other. I didn’t touch my cock. The orgasm was intense. The first spurt of my cum made a splat sound on Cully’s abs. Two more followed in almost the same exact place. I fell back onto my bed. Mortified that he saw the effect he had on me and ashamed that I had so little control. I hoped he wasn’t upset. It probably happens all the time to him. I was reluctant to look at him, my eyes had been clamped shut since my first volley of cum was fired.

“C…C…Campbell? are you okay there Cam?…man that was just the hottest thing I have ever seen. To have this tall, gorgeous swim team stud stand in front of me and get his nut and watch him shoot his cum three feet in the air to hit my stomach. Way Hot Campbell, TOO HOT!

“Cam…I gotta get my hands on you…I need to touch and hold you Campbell. I’ve never been with anyone like you. I could cum just looking at you.”

“!..don’t do that yet Cullen? One of us is enough. I’m so sorry I blew like that but looking at all of you like that…I knew I never see or be with anyone as beautiful as you again. I’ve never had anything make me cum before without being touched. Not even a wet dream. Now I want to learn, I want you to teach me how to make love to a man, to you.”

“Cam, I want to touch you, feel you, yours is the hottest body I’ve ever seen this close. I’ve just gotta play with it, lick those abs and nips. I promise I wont forget about that big beauty of a cock you’ve got there. It’ll be ready for another round soon. I’m not going to tell you what I want you to do. I will tell you if something hurts or I don’t like it, I don’t want you to stop, just try something else. The same goes for you, tell me to stop if you don’t like anything I do. This is all about pleasure and enjoying each other.

I want to hold you and press our bodies close together, I’ve never lain in bed and held a man in my arms. It’s always been wham bam and done before I had a chance to enjoy it. I really want to make love to you Campbell. I’ll be kissing you all over, especially your lips. If it gets to be something you don’t want to do just say stop and I will. I want your first time to be magical Campbell. I want you to never ever forget this night.”

I nodded giving my okay, too nervous to trust my voice. As Cully kicked out of the clothes at his feet I ogled his perfect body, hardening my aching cock even more. Cully was almost as ripped and sculpted as I am. He has a slightly pumped chest, stomach rippled and hard as a board, he had that wonderful sexy dark fur covering his pectorals and a thick treasure trail splitting his abs, past his navel and into this thick neatly trimmed pubic hair. I took my time and just drank in his image now before me. Cullen was beautiful all over. At 5’9″ and 140 lbs. he was thin but firm and wiry. His body was almost all muscle with no fat on him anywhere. His body was perfectly proportioned except for that outsized cock.

A little time in the weight room and he’d be as ripped as me. He turned and bent to pick up his clothes and my hard cock twitched again as I looked at his cute little round and furry bubble butt. In my fantasies I dreamed of a body like his, a cock like his and a handsome man like him.

I lay down on the bed and patted it, inviting him lay down beside me. Immediately I felt his heat, I turned on my side making more room and to be able to look at him and he did the same, I noticed that we both had very hard cocks. I smiled at him…

“okay Cully, I’m all yours, you’ll have to tell me what you want me to do, this is all new to me but I want to learn. I want you. Do what you wish with me, I’m yours tonight.”

Cullen’s hand started roaming my chest. There is very little hair there except for the patch between my pectorals and the thin trail of hair that led from there to my navel and beyond. When Cully’s fingers pinched a nipple I moaned deep in my throat. He moved one leg to cover mine and his knee rested against my testicles. I shivered in anticipation. He raised his arm and put it on my side and around my back, then pulled me close and our bodies touched together.

ELECTRIC! That moment our bodies touched was like fireworks exploding inside my body, goose flesh ran rampant over me, shivers ran up and down my spine. My arm went around him and I automatically pulled him closer, we were touching from chest to toes. He looked into my eyes and I stared back at him, trying to fathom his thoughts.

Slowly, he or was it me, leaned closer, we were so close I was breathing in his breath. His eyes closed but I kept mine open waiting, wanting to see what came next. Then our lips touched and it was my tongue ran along his bottom lip seeking entry to his mouth, When he opened his mouth and our tongues met, fireworks exploded again. I tingled from head to toe. Cullen moaned deeply molding his body more tightly to mine.

I was home, I knew that this was what I’d been missing. Nothing in my fantasies about this moment when I was jacking off could have prepared me for just how magic this feeling was. Our groins ground together our cocks dueling to see which could coat the other with the most pre-cum in the shortest time. Finally we broke apart to gasp in air. Both of us were totally surprised at the intensity of that shared kiss. Cully couldn’t speak…he just stammered incoherently.

Somehow I had taken control and it was me feeling his body, running my hand down his back and cupping his perfect furry cheek. I ran my other hand down his chest, over his abdominals and on down to grasp his hard cock in my hand causing him to give a little yelp of surprise. The feel of his cock in my hand was wondrous. The size of it, the heat, the silky skin covering his steel hard unyielding shaft. My thumb roamed over his glans, prompting another deep groan from him. As Cullen opened his eyes mine stared straight into his.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before? I never dreamed you’d be like this Cam, you’re wonderful!”

“So are you Cully, Believe me I would have remembered this. Yes this is the first time I’ve ever touched a man sexually and it is just about the best thing that I’ve ever experienced. This is so hot! You’re so beautiful inside and out. I can hardly believe Cullen Fortson, the hottest, best looking guy on campus is in my bed with me.”

Cully’s hand had encircled my cock while I was speaking. He slowly jacked it as he listened and I aped his movements. Our eyes met again and I kissed him with an hunger and passion I didn’t know I possessed. I had to have him, this kiss was more insistent, harder, more masculine, driven by my passion, my lust. I never knew I could want a man so much. When I pulled away I was exhilarated, Kissing a man was so very intense, sexual pleasure flooded my body.

Man Sex! This is me. This is what I want. I became the aggressor, I rolled atop Cully’s body, grinding my cock into him and lightly bit a nipple bringing out a loud moan from within him, I reached and took the back of his neck in my hand and pulled his lips to mine and my tongue probed deeply into his mouth, gliding over his teeth, tickling the roof of his mouth with the tip of my tongue and his cheeks. I nibbled at his lips, biting just hard enough to surprise him, never to hurt him.

My lips traced from his ear to his neck leaving little kisses there, then over to a shoulder, a lick and kiss there. My tongue traced down into the little valley created by his collar bone kissing, and licking his sweet smelling skin. Not knowing what I should do I decided that I would do the things I thought would feel good. I was on autopilot I just started doing things and felt lucky that he liked it. Cullen began to moan and move about on the bed.

I became his sensual lover, doing my best to arouse, please and tease his delicious body. I raised his arm and buried my nose in his armpit, sucking in the aroma of man, then licking and laving the curls there with my tongue.

Down his chest my hands and lips trailed fire onto his skin as they traveled ever downward toward his neatly trimmed pubic hair. At his crotch I inhaled again, his man scent filled my nostrils, a scent his alone, his scent that sent a river of blood surging, throbbing into my aching cock, as the sweet taste of his groin lingered in my mouth.

I sucked and licked at his crotch and Cullen thrashed about moaning and calling out my name. His calling my name while he was so aroused only fueled my desire as I took his dripping cock in hand. I looked up into his eyes as my tongue snaked out and licked the dew drop from his slit. His body shuddered and I quickly plunged my mouth onto the first cock I would ever suck. Cully lost all control as his body and legs tensed and he filled my mouth with my first taste of a mans semen.

His cum was my prize. A different taste to be sure, but not at all disagreeable. I knew that taste aside, making him ejaculate in my mouth was something I would want to do over and over with Cullen. I couldn’t swallow it fast enough as it dribbled off my chin onto his testicles. As the flow slowed and I gently nursed at the softening cock I chuckled when I realized what I had just done. I had just finished the ‘blow job’ I interrupted earlier!

I felt a gentle tug on my shoulders as Cullen pulled me up into an embrace and a long soulful kiss. When we parted, I was a bit embarrassed and had a shy look on my face because I had never been the aggressor in anything ever. It was a total surprise to me and to Cullen too.

“Cam… got into you…you did that like you’ve been sucking cock forever. Why..what made you do that? Please, don’t get me wrong, I truly loved all that you did it was just such a complete surprise to me.”

I gave him a shy smile…

“me too Cully, I’m just as surprised as you are. Your hot furry body really turns me on. It just seemed like what I was supposed to do. Caught up in the moment, it just came naturally to me. I hope that this stays just between us please. I’m not ready to come out on campus yet.”

“your secret is safe with me Cam. I’m not ready for that either. I only hope we can do this again, and again and again.”

“tonight was my first time, I will never forget this. Thank you Cullen, it was so much more than I have ever dreamed of. Thank you for being my first Cullen. I get the feeling that any future partner would be a downgrade for me. I started with perfection”

“me too, Campbell, maybe we just ought to stay with each other” He said half jokingly but I think we both knew that this was special. This was different.

“You’re the fourth man I’ve been with in the five years since I came out. But Campbell, you are the only man who has ever made love to me. That’s what you were doing, that wasn’t just sex, that was making love. And Mr. Dalton, I’m pleased to tell you that you aced the course in making love to Cullen Fortson.

I’ve never felt a passion like we just shared, you took control and made me feel an excitement sexual pleasure that I have never known. You are a special lover Campbell. uh..Cam…uh.. you do know that this is just halfway over.. right? My turn now you sexy stud, I get to ravage your smoking hot body. I can hardly wait.”

“Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about that. Making love to you and your body was such a turn on for me that all I could think about was getting you off. I hope I like receiving half as much as I liked giving pleasure to you Cully.”

“Trust me Cam. You’re gonna like this, I guarantee it.”

“Cullen, as long as it’s you doing it, I know I will like it.”

I jumped up and stepped into the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth to clean Cullen’s stomach and testicles of the pre-cum and what had dribbled from my mouth. As I gently cleaned his body, Cully smiled and gently traced his hand up and down my chest and stomach letting the back of his hand bump into my still hard cock. He took the washcloth, folded it over and wiped my chin and mouth then pulled me down into another long soulful kiss.

Gasping for air we broke apart. Cully pushed me onto my back and rolled to lay atop my anxious body, hard cocks dueling as they ground into each other. Oh good god, I love the way his hairy body feels against my skin

He attacked my nipples, one with his mouth and the other with his fingers bringing a roar from deep within my chest. Inching down, his lips and tongue explored each and every ripple on my abdomen. Cully’s breathing came in gasps as he worshiped my body. His lips moved to the hard love handles over my hips and tongued each of them. Moaning I spread my legs to give him more room as he continued his loving trip down my body.

Just when I was ready to feel my cock in a man’s mouth for the first time, he bypassed it and dove onto my testicles sucking in both and rearing his head back to pull hard on my sac. His stretching the inner cords there brought a low, guttural growl from me followed by thrashing and flailing my arms and legs.

“ohmigod Cully…oh that feels so good”

Cully had a twinkle in his deep green eyes as he released my sac…

“turn over Cam” he instructed.

I lay there spread eagle, face down with Cullen laid out on my back. It felt so good I wiggled my body a bit trying to get more of his skin touching mine. I sighed at his wonderful fur tickling my skin.

“oh Cully, this is so good…you feel so good on me …ooohhh yes…”

Cullen stretched his arms out over my arms and our hands clasped. He moved his hips very slightly pushing his hard cock along my ass crack. Rubbing his body against mine. Kissing and licking the back of my neck, below my ear, he slowly moved down the back side of my body. Tracing my muscled lats that veed down to my slim waist. Moving farther down, his vision was filled with my hard little butt. He let his tongue trace along the crack all the way to my sac again. Rising, he blew a breath across my furry cheeks and watched as they pimpled in goose flesh.

Holding each cheek he gently spread them and moved his face in and stabbed his tongue into the wrinkles there. My body was shocked when his tongue licked at my opening, I raised to my knees and groaned as my hips went wild for his tongue. This only pushed my core tighter to Cullen’s mouth as he tongued, kissed and laved my butt.

I was all over the bed, arm and legs flailing, moans and groans coming in gasps. Cully saw my testicles rise to firing position and he quickly withdrew his mouth and began stroking me gently with his hands. Letting me recede back from the brink of orgasm. Cullen moved and lay on his side and I turned to him, shivered and pulled him into a tight embrace. I stared into his eyes, somehow I thought I could pull him into me with my eyes. Finally he closed his eyes and lay his head on my shoulder with his lips touching my neck and he let out a sigh of contentment.

We rested only a few minutes until Cullen was on the move again. He gave me a little peck on the lips and said..

“you’re gonna love this!”

He moved quickly to sit on his knees between my legs. He reached for my cock, pulled it to his lips and looked up into my wide eyes as he sank my considerable 8″ long cock in his throat all the way to it’s base. His throat massaging my cock and filling me with more unknown new sensations.


This was my first time to feel my cock in any mouth, but to have it in Cully’s was heaven, he took it all, his nose buried in my crotch as I moaned and grunted and never wanted this feeling to end.

He pulled back to the glans and circled it with his tongue and plunged back down, back up, swirl, plunge down. Cully’s passion settled into the ancient rhythm known to men who love men the world over. Bobbing, twisting and plunging, deep throating my cock. He had me writhing in ecstasy as he devoured me. Cully slowed allowing me to ebb back, then he plunged back into that rhythm that vibrated my entire being.

This feeling in my cock and balls was all that existed in my world, I felt it coming, that deep tingle in my testicles and the rush of semen up the shaft of my cock and into the waiting throat of my handsome companion. Spurt after spurt I emptied myself into Cullen’s eager mouth. Yelling, laughing, roaring…

“suck me, suck me, take it all.”

The reality far surpassed any notion I had of what my first time would be.

As I fell back exhausted Cullen suckled on my softening cock, his head lying on my hip, his hand cradling my testicles. When he had returned to kiss me and lay beside me I said…

“Oh Cullen….you were so right…thank you…I never dreamed sex could be like this….”

“Cam, there’s more. You probably wont believe it but there more that feels even better than this. We wont do it tonight. But if you’re willing I want us to do this again. Let me show you what else I can do to make you feel even better that what we just did.”

I looked into Cully’s eyes, seeing a fear there I hadn’t seen before. Was he afraid I would reject him! Me say no to another night like this? Say no to him? Not very damn likely!

“Yes Cullen, we’ll do anything you want, is tomorrow too soon?”

I said as I cupped his face in my hand and gently kissed him. I wanted to reassure him that we were okay. No need for his fear. We would do this many, many nights.

He let out a big sigh of relief…

“no it’s not too soon, if anything it’s too long to wait but we have to. We’ve had a good workout tonight. We need the rest.”

Cully got up and headed for the bathroom. When he came back he went to his clothes and started to put on his shorts..

“What are you doing Cully?”

“Getting dressed to go back to my room”

“Oh…er… ah…I was hoping you would stay and sleep with me”

“Really Cam?”

“yes, really,…Cully. I like the way you feel against me. I like the way you kiss me, there’s going to be a long list of things I like about Cullen Fortson. But most of all I just want to be with you. Please stay tonight”

“oh gosh..Yes! I’d love to be with you and to sleep with you Campbell.”

Cully dropped the shorts and leaped back to the bed. I turned him and spooned to his back pulling him close into my arms. As we snuggled up, I bent down slightly and kissed the top of his head. The way he felt against my body, my arms holding him to me…it all felt so right. Cullen’s smaller body molded perfectly to my taller one. Our bodies were touching from feet to our cheeks. We were sexually drained, physically exhausted, emotionally fulfilled and excited beyond reason. This was supposed to be!

“Good night you sexy man and thank you Cam, you are a fantastic lover.” Cullen whispered.

“ha, just look at what I had to love on, that fur, your hot body and that killer cock got me all worked up, not to mention the kisses from those perfect lips. mmmm WOOF! you are the hottest, sexiest man I know Cully.”

I smiled again and snuggled up closer and held Cully tightly as we drifted off to sleep. Just before dawn, I woke with my cock in Cully’s mouth again. I stretched and moaned…

“oh that’s so nice, what a way to wake and take on the world. Ooooo you do that so good Cully.”

“I’m truly inspired Cam. I’ve never been fortunate enough in my few experiences to have someone who looks like you do, feels as good as you and there’s something else to..we just seem to click… we’re more than just the two of us.”

He dove back onto my hard cock with a fury, back into that rhythm he knew so well, plunge down, back up, swirl, plunge. I was helpless, just hanging on to the bed as he worked his magic on my cock.

“OOOOHHHH CULLY! CULLEN NOW, NOW, aarrrggghhh! OH, OH, OH, oh, oh…that feels so good. so good, oh Cully you’re so good…”

He crawled back up to kiss my lips and hold me as I floated back to earth from my orgasmic high.

“oh Cullen, you do that so well, I could get used to this very make me do things I didn’t know I could do.”

“I told you that you inspire me Cam. I want to pleasure your body anytime you’re willing. I go a little crazy loving on you. you’re so special”

I was absent absentmindedly stroking Cully’s back rubbing up and down slowly. I let my hand roam lower and cupped one melon shaped cheek in my hand, caressing and rubbing.

“any more of that and I might not be able to wait until tonight Cam. I’ve got a special treat for you tonight remember.?”

“I remember Cully, only I find it hard to believe that you can top what we did last night and just now.”

He chuckled deep in his throat…

“have faith Campbell and trust me, I haven’t steered you wrong yet have I?”

“uh uh, I’d have to say that you’re steered me perfectly, Cullen. You’ve aced your course in loving on Campbell Dalton, for sure. Lets get some sleep, okay, good night”

“sounds good, good night Babe…oh no…shit…I’m sorry Cam that just slipped out. I’m sorry.”

“calm down Cully, it’s okay. it’s no big deal, Okay”

“sure Cam, everything just feels so good, that just slipped out. thanks for being such a good guy.”

“I know…you too Cully, now let’s get to sleep….good night…….Babe.”

Cully giggled, then I joined in and we had a good long laugh and even some playing and tickling and cuddling both drained and fulfilled we drifted off to sleep. A great end to a great evening together.

My alarm sounded at 7:30 am, slowly we stretched and rubbed against each other and fought off the impulse to reach for the other and make love again. I watched as Cully dressed and a smile spread across my face.

“so Babe, what time are you going to be free tonight?”

Cully flushed, embarrassed by his faux pas from last night. He looked sheepishly to Cam and said,

“I’m really am sorry I said that last night…it just came out accidentally. I was just so comfortable with you all night and so thrilled when you wanted me to stay. That was the best night of my of my life. You were fantastic. I’ve had sex before but you made love to me. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget last night either and hopefully tonight will be even better for you, for us……uh..oh yeah, my last class is over at 4 and I have to do some research at the library…and no not in the Men’s room! I got all I need there last night when I got you. I should be free by 7, how about you?”

“Swimming is the last thing on my list every day and I’ll finish tonight about 6. You want to have dinner together Cully?

“Sounds like a plan, where do you want to eat Cam. Want to go to Ireland’s?”

“We can be naked together here until tomorrow morning or later. Tomorrow is Saturday and I don’t have any classes do you?”

“none for me” Cully replied

“great that means we can stay naked until Monday morning, you think you’re up to that?”

“Cully, how about this. Lets meet here at my room, I’ll order a pizza and we can stay here, naked until Monday. “

“I’m in. I’m not leaving you until you tell me to go away and stay away. A weekend naked with you! Ye-ow!”

Cullen leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips good bye as he started to leave but I grabbed his arm, spun him around and slammed the door in one motion as I stuck my tongue down his throat and hugged him to me. He put his arms around my neck and held on as my kiss rocked our minds and bodies. When we broke from the kiss we both were trembling, taking ragged breaths and staring into each others eyes. Cully spoke first…

“Campbell, when you look at me like that it scrambles my brain, I can’t think straight and all I want to do is be in your arms. After tonight, we need to spend some time getting to know each other with our clothes on, okay. Those eyes of yours are nearly lethal, you may have to wear shades tonight, and anytime we’re together for a while. I don’t trust myself when you look at me like that. You know the feeling when you’re on a roller coaster and go down that first hill, your stomach does that flip as you fall downward, well that’s what your eyes do to me when you stare at me like that. Cam, I gotta run or I’ll be late for class…here’s my cell number text me yours. I gotta run, bye….Babe”

I stood there staring at the door Cully had just closed. I chuckled at that parting shot of Babe” from him. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower, started to take off my shorts then realized that I was still naked after our sex session…no it wasn’t sex, Cully had said we made love. That seems to be a more accurate description for me too. I stepped into the warm spray and let it soothe my body.

I wished Cullen was here, it would be fun to take a shower with him and I could just imagine where that would lead to. I finished up, dressed and headed out for breakfast. As I sat and ate alone again I wished Cully was there to talk to. Suddenly a thought came to me and I flipped open my phone and called my brother Corty.

“Hey Little Bro, what’s going down in Music City?”

“aw, nothing special, just your little brother losing his virginity last night. Other than that, it’s Dullsville here.”

“WHAT! You finally did it…that’s great little bro just became a man! Judging by your tone I’m guessing you had a good time. Who’s the stud that took your cherry bro”

“Oh Corty, I never knew sex could feel so good. His name is Cullen Fortson and he’s from Louisville, a Junior like me and he’s about the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. He thinks your little bro is ‘handsome and sexy as all get out’ his exact words.”

“you really sound happy Campbell…this guy must be something special.”

“yeah, he is. He’s coming back to tonight and we’ve got all weekend to fool around. He says he’s got a special surprise for me tonight. I’d be very, very happy with a repeat of last night. Corty, I can’t stop grinning. I feel so good.”

“Hey bro, as long as he’s the right guy, there’s nothing wrong with falling for your first partner. Just go with the flow, you’re a smart guy. You’ll know if he’s for real or not.”

“Yeah,. I do..he’s the real deal Corty…you’re gonna like him, I just know it. I’ve got to head out now, I just had to let you know my news. I’m glad you’re my brother Corty. I love you… I gotta go, later..oh be sure to say hi to Mom and Dad, Liz, and Suze for me…bye.”

As the day progressed I found myself wishing for Cully to be with me just about every time I was alone. This was strange, just yesterday Cullen was a friend of a friend who I barely knew but after what we shared last night, I knew him as I knew no other person. I craved his presence. That’s why I stared into to Cully’s eyes so intently this morning. I was looking for something, some reason for the feeling I have of needing to be with him.

Cullen said that we needed to spend some time together with our clothes on. I guess this is what he meant, I just want his company for a while… well I already knew I wanted to be with him a lot longer than just a while.

Cullen was a wreck, he knew he had fallen hard for Campbell last night. It was crazy, just a few hours together and he never wanted to leave Cam’s side. Those eyes, staring, searching his soul. He was so afraid that Cam would see how he felt about him in his eyes. He was afraid that he would scare Cam away if he let on how much he cared already. The hours dragged by so slowly, this was the longest day of his life. Every time he opened a book his eyes saw the words printed there but his mind saw Cam’s face, his body, how he felt with Cam pressing against him, kissing him. Oh god, I’ve got to stop this. I’ll lose my mind if I can’t stop thinking about him. He forced himself into the research routine. The harder he concentrated the sooner he would finish and could be with Campbell.

At 6:55 p.m. Cully knocked on my door, almost before the last rap of his knuckles I jerked the door open and pulled him in by his arm, shut the door, wrapped him in my arms and kissed him like I hadn’t seen him in a month. As we broke from the kiss, I saw the astonishment on Cully’s face.

“I’m sorry Cully, I didn’t even say hello before I attacked you. It’s just this feeling I’ve had all day, every time I was alone, I thought of you and wished you were with me. I know it sounds weird but I missed you all day. We don’t even know each other really, other than the physical part we got to know very well last night. You were right this morning Cully, we do need to spend time together with our clothes on. I have this need to know who your are, everything about you…it’s maddening.”

“I think it’s a great idea Cam. Who knows, we might become good friends.”

“But I want us to be mo…uh…oh forget it for now….Why don’t we got out to eat Cully. We can start our fully clothed friendship now. What do you feel like eating.”

“Cam, honestly I’m starving for a good meal, do you like the Elliston Place Soda Shop? Great home style cooking and I need meat and veggies. Last night sapped all of my energy reserve. You were a real tiger in bed, I never expected that we would end up as we did.”

“It was like you said Cullen, I was inspired. The feel of you in my arms and against my body was the best feeling in the world. Granted, it was all a new experience for me but one I know I want to do over and over again, mmmm you’re just too sexy…babe!”

Cully smiled, “you’re never going to let me forget that are you?”

“Well….er…the thing is …I kinda like it Cully…a hot guy like you calling me babe is a big turn on. I don’t mind it at all. It tells me that maybe you care for me for more than just the sex, at least that’s what I want to believe. I don’t want to get all mushy and stuff….but I really do like you and want to know you better both in and out of bed. I hope that doesn’t freak you out. If you need me to back off just say so….I just want you to know what I’m thinking.”

Cully’s voice was shaky as he replied…

“Campbell, honestly it does freak me out…but in the best possible way. I’m freaked out that we’re onto the same line of thought here. I couldn’t think straight, no pun intended, all day. You filled my thoughts every time I opened a book or tried to study. I do care for you more than just the sex and I care for the sex a lot… believe me. You absolutely rocked my world last night. I’m hoping that I can rock yours tonight.”

After eating it was still a long while before dark So I drove us out to Percy Warner Park off Old Hickory Blvd.. We walked a bit and then sat down on the hillside overlooking the steeplechase racecourse. We sat and talked occasionally touching a shoulder or knee for emphasis, then soon there was constant contact as our legs touched together while we talked. We both felt a need to be physically connected …it was mutual and very comforting. We talked for hours about all topics, mostly our families, our lives and what we wanted after college. As the night darkened, I stood, held out my hand and pulled Cullen to his feet, I looked around then gently kissed him. As we turned to walk back to the car, I put an arm around Cully’s shoulder. Cullen’s arm circled my waist and he tucked three fingers inside the waist band of my jeans and we held each other close as we walked to the car.

Back at my room we started making out again, the kissing, hugging and we even lay on the bed fully clothed and talked more, stopping to kiss and hug and then more talk. We were both so comfortable that we napped a bit. It was Friday night and we had all day tomorrow and Sunday if they wanted, to be together.

Cully woke at a little after 10 p.m.and kissed on me a while to wake me up.

“Get a move on you sleepy slug. I’ve got things I want you to do to me and you need to be awake to do all of them.”

He pulled me from the bed and started undressing me, I reciprocated and soon we stood naked, each admiring the body before him. In unison our bodies moved together and we embraced.

“Ooohhh there it is, that’s the feeling I’ve been missing all day, us naked and me holding you tight, that’s just what I needed Cam.”

“..oh Cullen you are so sexy….look how hard you have me already!”

“you ain’t see nothing yet, babe!”

Cully pushed me to the bed, opened the bag he had place there when he arrived. He opened a tube of lubricant and gently coated my hard throbbing cock. He told me that he wanted me to…

“lubricate my butt Cam. I need some heavy lubing to take your fat cock in me.”

When he felt me add a fourth finger to the ones stretching his hole he knew he was ready.

“now Cam….do it now…..put that big fat cock up my ass….I gotta have it in me….now!”

I lubed my cock one last time as Cully flipped onto his back.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I want to watch your handsome face as you feed me your cock, Cam. I want you to take me and make me yours. I want you inside me Campbell, I need you to cum in me. Make me yours Cam, take me.”

I knee walked into position as Cully guided my hard cock to his opening.

“Do me…Campbell…do me.”

I gently pushed as Cully pulled on the back of my thighs, when my cock popped through his anal ring I stopped as pain flashed across Cullen’s face.

“on no, I’m hurting you, I’ll take it out”

“NO…NO.. stay in, this will pass. just stay in me, please..try to hold it still….come here babe, kiss me, ooohhh yeah, no one has ever kissed me like you do, you’re so sexy Cam …oh babe, see, it already feels better… push in slowly now….0h god, you’re big…I love it …you’re filling me up…oh Cam! You’re inside me…..Cam…..oh!” Harder Cam, harder.”

I was startled as I slid my cock into the blast furnace heat that was Cullen’s butt. So hot, so tight.. the head of my cock tingled with unknown sensations and I sank into the depths of Cully’s butt. I watched Cullen’s face as the grimace of pain eased into a look of surprise and then pure pleasure. When I ground my cock into his groin Cully’s eyes flew open in triumph.

“YOUR MINE CAM! …you’re inside me…. I have you now….fuck me Campbell, fuck me good, ride my hot butt…it’s yours…take it…fuck..Cam! do it. oh, oh harder do it harder oh yes… yes …your so good…so full…fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck me please. Oh yeah that’s it…ride me Cam….ride Cully, ride me hard!…big cock … give me your big cock, deeper..oh. Harder, FUCK ME, HARD, that’s it, do it,”

I had never experienced any feelings like this, Cullen’s complete surrender to my cock inside him drove me to fuck him faster, harder…how could anything be this good….Cullen’s ass was insatiable the deeper I drove in, the more cock that ass wanted from me. I looked into Cully’s eyes, they were beginning to get a glazed look, the pleasure had taken him to another place…his only thought was getting more of my cock deeper inside his ass.

“CAMPBELL..I’m gonna cum…..cum with me..Cam I’m gonna shoot….fill me up CAM .. CAMPBELL!!! oh god CAM! uuunnnggghhh! ”

Then it happened, I rushed headlong toward orgasm and joined Cullen at the brink. Our ejaculations were nanoseconds apart.

“Oh Babe, I’m gonna shoot with you..Cully, here it comes, I’m cumming too. Oh Babe, oh my god good..Cully…oh Cully…ooohhh!

I woke atop Cullen’s chest and gently slid off onto my side and lay there looking at his handsome face, waiting for him to open his eyes.

“I must be dreaming. I’m afraid to open my eyes, afraid I’ll wake and this was just a dream. Who knew that Campbell Dalton was so fucking hot and such a lover!”

“Cullen, I’m right here beside you, you’re not dreaming.”

“Yes I am…real life can’t be as good as this …don’t make me wake up…”

“Okay, Cully, you sleep and dream….I’ll just go find some who’s awake to kiss and hug and make love too. Have a good nap babe.”

That did it, Cully’s arms wrapped him in a hug and his eyes flew open wide….

“you’re a mean little shit….you’d leave me here in your bed and go find someone else to play with!”

“No, I didn’t budge an inch but I got those beautiful eyes open, didn’t I? You were right you know Cully.”

“about what Cam?”

“we’re gonna have to do that again tonight! You think there’s any possibility I could get you to do that to me Cully?”

“yes Cam, whenever you’re ready, I will.”

I stood and pulled Cullen with me as we headed for the shower.

“This morning after you left I was in the shower thinking how much fun we could have in here together. Come on in and play with me Cully.”

We stood under the water, Cully in front with my arms wrapped around him…we each soaped and stoked the others body, taking care not to spend too much time on the cocks and balls saving that for another shower. Now was all about getting prepared for my first time being fucked.

“this feels good but we need to clean up and get out before you get all pruny and ugly.” Cully said.

“what… you wont fuck me if I’m pruny and ugly? Jeez Cullen, that’s just plain cold”

“you better hurry up and get out of here before I fuck you standing up against that wall. Oh Cam…just so you’ll know, I don’t kiss pruny, ugly men!”

“That did it, I’m outta here Cully, come on .”

As we dried off, I kept sneaking glances at Cullen, we were becoming friends on top of the fantastic sex, making. Also I just liked looking at him, he’s a handsome fucker but he doesn’t act like he knows it, and it doesn’t take long to get me stiff just looking at that body and face…he is one seriously hot, sexy stud!….WOOF…indeed.

I finished first and ran to the bed and laid down after drying off. Naked and atop the bed covers. When he came out of the bathroom he stopped and just stared mouth agape at my lying there for him. I hoped I looked even half as sexy as he did to me. I gave him a smile and held my arms open for him. As he neared the bed I reached out and pulled him onto my chest, pinning him there..

“Cullen, I’m not letting you up until you kiss this pruny, ugly man..”

His smile slowly faded into a very serious look as his eyes searched mine, looking at me intently, then his lips gently touched mine in a soul searing, emotionally charged kiss. My body betrayed me and I trembled as goose bumps ran over my flesh. He had a knowing little smile as he saw my body react to his kiss.

“you’re a sexy man Campbell Dalton, a wonderful, handsome, sexy, hunk of man.”

“Can’t help it Cully, your kisses make me crazy, make me do things I never dreamed of. You’re the sexy one to me. When you’re ready I need to feel you inside me. I want you to feel like I did when you gave yourself to me. You were in my power, completely giving yourself over to me, but at the same time you were my most treasured possession and I felt the need to protect and shelter you, and love you. You were totally mine. It was so awesome.”

As we lay there, him on my chest my arms around him I felt more content, more satisfied than at anytime I could remember. I was lost in my thoughts of him and how he made me feel when the ringing of Cully’s phone startled us. He got up, dug it out of his jeans and flipped it open… “it’s my Dad..I better take it…”

“Cullen said ‘Hi Dad!’ then his face paled and he looked strickened….I’m on my way Dad…I’ll be there as soon as I can…”

“Oh god, Cam…it’s my Mom….heart attack… Dad’s with her at the ICU..I’ve got to go home. Right now!”

Cully was from Louisville, Ky. about a three hour drive. He was so shaken I knew he shouldn’t go alone.

“Let’s get dressed, you run up to your room grab what you need and come back here. I’m driving you home…no arguments…Cully…you can’t make this trip alone. That’s final!”

Cully started to the door but turned and swept me in to a tight hug to his body…

“Thank you Campbell….I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

I grabbed my shaving gear, clean shorts an extra pair of Jeans and a couple of pull over shirts and was waiting with the door open when Cully returned. On the way to the car I ran down my mental check list with him and he seemed to have what he needed.

In less than 20 minutes after he got the call we were on I-65 headed north. He was quiet, I figured he was scared out of his mind. I tried to get him talking about her and the good times to take his mind off the situation. The traffic was brisk but moving well about 10 miles over the 65 MPH speed limit. In about and hour we drove through Bowling Green and kept on heading north.

Cully talked to his Dad twice while we were on the road and he knew that his Mom was now stable, talking and in good spirits which let my Cully come back to me. He was his old self, smiling, watching me and even held my hand for a long time. I couldn’t let him know that I had been driving for two hours with the boner from hell. So hard it ached. We pulled into a rest area for a stretch and pee break and I got to rearrange my self and the boner was ebbing away. When we were on the road again Cully asked.

“did that trucker back there give you that boner, Campbell?”

“No, as a matter of fact you’re responsible for it. I’ve had it for over two hours, just being with you this long without touching or kissing. I’ve got to teach it how to behave when we’re not in the bedroom. When you’re around it only knows to be “hard as stone”.

He reached over into my lap…

“I can fix this for you..just let the seat back a bit and let me love on you a while Cam.”

“No, no, no…not in the dark..too dangerous. You know how you affect me Cullen. I could run off the road, or wreck us…and you might bite it off!. Then you would leave me, alone and dickless..I can’t take that chance Cullen, I could handle being dickless but I’m not sure if I would survive without you.”

When I looked at him he had the most astonished look on his face, mouth agape, eyes wide open.

“Campbell…do you realize what you just said?”

“oops, sorry, I shouldn’t have blurted that out here on the highway…it’s just….well…you get to me Cully…make me do and say the damnedest things. Do you have any idea just how much I care for you Cullen?

He grabbed my hand in both his and squeezed it tightly, I saw him swallow hard a time or two before he spoke.

“yes, I think I do now. I think do Campbell.”

We rode on silent for a while still holding hands. As we neared the city he called his Dad again and asked what exit to take and found out that his Mom had been moved to a private room out of the ICU. He was visibly relieved.

Having never met his parents, I stayed in the waiting room while he went to his Mom. About 15 minutes later Cully and his Dad; it had to be his Dad, they looked so much alike, came to me. Cully introduced his Dad as we shook hands and his Dad thanked me for driving Cullen home. They both pulled me with them saying his Mom wanted to meet me too. I reluctantly went along. As I neared her bed his Mom opened both arms and pulled me into a hug.

“Thank you Campbell for looking out for my son. Cullen can get too excited sometimes and I was so relieved when his father told me that a friend was driving him up here. You’re a good friend Campbell Dalton. I want her number so I can call you mother and tell her what her son has done.”

I was beet red from blushing, I felt the heat in my face. I looked over at Cully pleadingly…

“might as well give her the number now, Cam. she’s going to get it one way or the other. I’ve seen her work a week to get a phone number she wanted.”

He held out his hand for my phone…

“just press 101, she’s on speed dial”

As she dialed I excused myself, I couldn’t stand here and listen to her brag about me to my Mom. Cully stepped out with me, his hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks…Dad told me she had been wanting to talk to your Mom ever since she learned you were driving me here. She’s always done this to my friends. If anyone is nice to me she has to tell their Mom about it. Oh, by the way, they know I’m gay and Dad’s already asked if you were “my young man”…I told him no, but I sure was hoped you would be some day.”

I know I turned crimson again. He was almost laughing at my how red I had become in my embarrassment. I smiled at him, took a deep breath, look into his eyes and said…

“Okay then, Cullen. Let’s go back in there and tell them the truth .”

“the truth? what are you talking about Cam?”

“The truth Cullen ..that yes, I am your young man!”

“What…you can’t mean that, Cam.”

“Oh but I do meant it Cully. I’m certain of it. I know it’s sudden, but the way you’ve made me feel for the past 36 hours, I just know… this hasn’t happened to me before, how am I to know if it would ever again…I’m not throwing what we have away. I’m certain it’s more than just sex… you said that first night…we have a connection that makes us more than just the two of us…when you’re ready…I’ll be waiting… I’ve fallen for you head over heels …Babe!”

Right there in the corridor outside her room Cullen hugged me and kissed me…

“I fell for you Friday night. I’m ready now Campbell, I want to be with you.”

Beaming like the Cheshire Cat we entered the room. His Mom was saying…

“here he want to speak to him…just a sec…” as she handed me my phone.

“Hi Mom, how’s Dad? Great.. yes Ma’am I know, yes Ma’am, sure, okay, yes Ma’am…tell Dad I love him, love you, yes Ma’am I will. Bye.”

Cullen and his Dad both laughed, his Mom shot them her ‘one raised eyebrow’ look.

“sounds just like a call to my Mom, verbatim” his Dad said,

“me too” said Cully

“Don’t you two make fun of Campbell being a good son, talking politely with his mother. He said he loved them too…did you hear that Cullen!”

“MOM!… I always tell you guys I love you.”

“I know son, I just want you know that others do it too” she said.

“Now, what’s going on…you two looked like the cat that ate the canary when you walked in just now, what gives? Talk to your mother Cullen.”

“MOM! Not now, okay….!”

“Cully let me. I’ll tell them, I really don’t mind and I’m about to burst wanting to tell somebody!…Mrs. Fortson, Mr. Fortson….I just told Cullen out in the hall that I wanted to be his boyfriend. I guess we’re officially dating, that’s what the big smiles were about.”

Both of his parents broke into smiles….his Dad shook my hand and patted me on the back and his Mom opened her arms for hugs. First me then her son.

“I must say Cullen that you’ve matured and have finally developed good taste. That school has been good for you. This is a fine young man here, you treat him right, you hear me?” she said.

“yes ma’am, I hear you and I surely will treat him right.”

Mr. Fortson pulled Cullen into a bear hug and I heard him whisper….

“I really like him son. I’m happy for you.”

We left to go eat soon after and returned to give Mr. Fortson a brief break. He planned to sleep there in her room tonight so Cully and I would be in the house alone. On the way to his home he had me stop and he ran into a drugstore and back out quickly. I guess my look made him say…

“I had to get some supplies for tonight. We have unfinished business in the bedroom if you remember.”

“wow, we’re gonna do it at your folks house?! That’s kinda hot Cully!”

“Now that you are officially my boyfriend I think there’s going to be a lot of things that are hot going on. By the way, the way you took over and told my folks about us was so cool. You earned points big time with both Mom and Dad not to mention how great it made me feel.”

“Dad wants us to go on back to school, she’s due to discharged on Tuesday if all goes well and they don’t throw her out early for bossing the nurses around. He said he’s taking some time off to be with her and that they’ll be fine. So we can leave in the afternoon, Okay.”

“Sure, sounds like a plan babe.”

Cully gave good directions and we pulled into their drive in just a few minutes. Inside we both wanted a shower so we ran upstairs and Cully showed me his room. He turned and kissed me with all the heat he had, my knees were weak. We fell onto his bed and made out like high school kids.

It was just after 7 p.m. and I suggested that we take his Dad a good meal, the food in hospital cafeterias is the pits, everywhere. We went to the kitchen and found fresh leftovers that looked very good and we took enough for his Mom to have a few bites too.

His Mom and Dad were surprised when we walked into the room and his Dad gave me a look of thanks for bringing the food. We sat and chatted for about 30 minutes and then went back to the house.

This time we did make it to the shower and I told him that I was going to get pruny and ugly as Cully called it. He kidded me about it and I told him I was just picking up where we left off in Nashville.

“Okay but let’s skip the pruny part, it takes to long, you can get pruny after I fuck your perfect little round ass”.

As we stood there drying off Cullen was watching me, I could see his cock harden as he watched. It was amazing seeing it rise to its full nine plus thick inches and point to the ceiling.

“Campbell, you really don’t have a clue as to what a gorgeous sexy hunk of man flesh you are, do you!”

“Nah..I bet you say that to all the guys your about to fuck Cully”

“that’s really a true statement Cam. Since you’ll be my first!”

And only I hope; I said to myself. to him I said…

“All I know is the most handsome man I’ve ever known wants to be with me, Cullen Fortson! That’s an incredible feeling itself. Not only is he the most handsome, he has a body that can make grown men cry, and a cock to rival a stallion. And he’s promised to stick in me tonight.”

“Come to bed Campbell, I need to love on you now.”

Cully was so gentle with me, everything he did was planned to insure that I got the utmost pleasure from his touch. He began a massage starting with my shoulders, by the time he had a hand on each cheek of my ass I was moaning and panting with desire. I raised up onto my knees and laid my chest on the bed as be began to tongue and lick my ass.

Following his tongue, I felt his finger applying the cool lube to my anus. Slowly he pushed and probed and finally a finger slowly entered my bowels. More lube, more fingers, more moaning from me. With four fingers pistoning in my ass I knew it was time. I turned to my back and lifted my legs holding them to my chest. More lube for his cock, more for my ass. He stuck the tube into my opening and squeezed a generous dollop into me then leaned in to kiss me.

“Cam…push on my thighs to get me to stop, pull on them to get going into you again, say stop and I’ll pull out, Okay.”

I nodded, apprehensive of what was to come. Cully kissed me, rubbing my skin, saying sweet things in my ear, nibbling my neck, all designed to get me to relax. Having him hover over me closely I felt the sensuous tickle of his hairy body just before our skin met. That felt so good and made me eager to have him on me, in me.

In the midst of his talk and touching his hips pushed and the head of his cock slipped past my anal ring. The pain was intense and my body went rigid but his stroking, kissing and hugging soon had me wanting him deeper into me as I pulled on his thighs. There was pain but there was pleasure too, an overwhelming fullness that almost equalized the pain.

As Cam pulled me deeper into him the amazing heat inside his body was unexpected. The head of my cock was assaulted with new sensations that made me wild with desire. I watched Campbell’s face as my cock continued the long slow slide into his bowels. I could see the pleasure winning out over the initial pain. I ground my groin into his pubes his eyes opened, awe and wonder crossed his face, then a low sensual moan escaped from within him. He was pulling harder on the backs of my thighs.

A man’s sexual pleasure has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter how deep, how hard, how intense the penetration, it is never enough.

Cully shiftd positions and there was a new feeling and I was confused as I felt these new sensations that made my cock pulse and throb. Cully was stroking against my prostate gland with every thrust and retraction of his cock. I gave vent to jagged, soulful grunts and began to ride on his hard cock. I sighed, I moaned and yelled…

“that’s it Cully fuck me, oh god yeah, what a feeling..fuck me Cullen fuck me, fuck me oh. FUCK ME, come on Cully, we’re gonna cum, come on..CULLEN, CUM WITH ME CULLEN,..OH BABE OH.”

As Campbell called my name it happened, with one violent thrust we both went over the edge. Cams legs and body went rigid and I ground as hard as I could into his pelvic bone, burying every centimeter of my cock as deep into him as I could get.

“CULLEN I feel your cum in me, I feel every drop ohmigawd…I”M CUMMING, CULLY…OH GOD… CULLY OH…OH… FUCK ME CULLEN…OH Oh oh god! Oh Cully, oh Baby, my Cully…hold me Cully. hold me…oh man…ummmm…you’re mine baby…your mine

We lay there, Cully slid from atop my chest to lie beside me, both of us gasping for air and stupefied by the intense emotional and sexual orgasm. Neither of us could remember words let alone speak them. As the burn gradually left our lungs we moved and held each other, knowing that we would slowly drift back to reality together.

Finally I opened my eyes and lay there just looking at Cullen. His breathing was back to normal, his eyes were still closed and there was a little smile on his face. The orgasm we had just experienced was so full of emotion in addition to the sexual satisfaction. Cully stirred in my arms and settled back closer than before, his eyes opened and he gave me a big smile then said…

“told ya so, didn’t I”

“you just said I’d like it, you didn’t mention that it’s like the best feeling in the world ever.”

“so Campbell, do you think you’ll want to do that again sometime?”

“oh, I don’t know Cully…finding someone else who would want to do this may take a while. It could be a long time before I get to do this again.”

Cully bolted upright into sitting position..

“listen you shit…you’d better be joking or you can leave right now.”

“Whoa…calm down Cully…I’m teasing you babe. You know you’re the one. You do know that, right. You know that you are the one guy for me, right Cullen?”

“See what you do to me Cam…those eyes scramble my brain…yes I know…I know you make me crazy. I know making love with you is so far beyond anything I’ve ever known that is scares the hell out of me. I know that we could be falling in love with each other and that really scares me and thrills me all at the same time. I know that this weekend with you has been what I dreamed of when I thought about my life, about meeting the one perfect person that would fulfill all my dreams and fantasies. I know I want the ‘happily ever after’ story for us.”

“Yes, babe I know you do, I want all those things too, and with you. And we will have them Cullen, we will have them all. Isn’t it strange that you can know someone for years and never really know them. And how weird is the way we finally got together. It’s all part of some master plan. I know without a doubt that you and I were meant to be together. I know I have found my one true love. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him gently, tenderly…

“I love you Cullen. With all me heart and soul I truly do love you.”

Cullen had a look of disbelief on his handsome face…

“this is really happening… Oh Campbell, me too, I truly do love you, you’ve captured my heart in just three days. Now we’ll have a lifetime to be together and to love each other. We’re in love!”

It is getting late Cully, we need to sleep now, We’ve got to drive back to school in a little while. Are you going to stay with me until we find a little place off campus, please say yes.”

“We’ll see, I may have other offers you know.”

“Okay, now who’s the shit! We’re getting a place together. That’s final too. Other offers, huh.. over my dead body!”

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day for our drive back to school. Blue skies, puffy white clouds and Cullen by my side. We had visited with his Mom and Dad, sent his Dad home for a shower and change of clothes. And soon after his Dad returned we hit the road.

Once back in Nashville, we stopped to eat and then went back to Campus. We both needed to do some laundry and had reading to catch up on. We sat in the Laundromat reading. Sitting there side by side, studying was no problem, but let one of us get out of sight and the other couldn’t concentrate on the book at all. We hoped that this would get better the longer we were together. The laundry was finished, folded and on hangers and we went back to my dorm. With everything put away we stood looking at each other.

I laid down on the bed and held out my hand to pull him in with me. We lay there, fully clothed, just touching, feeling good just being together. We showered and went to bed a little after 8 p.m.. We were tired but not so tired as to skip what had become our favorite thing to do. I moved to caress and kiss Cullen all over.

I was slow and gentle, wanting to make love to him more sensually, not so frantic and desperate as our first times were. This was a familiar love making. I knew what he wanted now and I loved doing it for him. I marveled at his body and that magnificent cock that I could do with as I pleased. With lots of lube covering his cock and more in and on my ass I straddled his hips and slowly guided his cock into my ass.

It took a full five minutes before I ground my butt into his pubic hair. At last I had all of him in me. Deep with in me. I bent forward and pulled his head up until my tongue entered his mouth. After a long kiss I sat up and began to ride that wonderful cock. I don’t know which of us got more pleasure from my riding that hard flesh. I began to circle my hips as I ground to his pelvic bone, wanting more cock inside me.

New sensations surged through my body. This was different and I loved it. Cully was thrusting up to get it all in me. throwing his cock at me. Thrusting, stabbing, grinding, thrilling me to new heights.

All to soon I felt my testicles tighten and rise up readying to shoot onto Cully’s chest and stomach. His moans became whimpers and he neared the edge. I was almost wild, bucking and riding that hard cock, grinding as hard as I could, I couldn’t wait any longer, semen shot out of my cock in a long continuous stream covering his stomach and chest and then I felt his cum spray the walls of my rectum and I shot more cum onto him. He filled my ass with his sperm, it was running out of me and down his shaft and onto his testicles.

I fell forward onto his chest, still impaled on that thick column of man meat. I now knew what it meant to be thoroughly, fucked. There was an ache in my ass and testicles that would be with me for a day or two. Every time I felt that ache it brought a smile to my face. He had fucked me so well!

The semester seemed to fly by and it was exam time. Cully and I had finally found our groove for studying. We sat opposite each other at the desk in our room and let our legs and feet do the touching. We were both good students and when grades were posted we were both near the top of the class.

We already had an off campus apartment rented for next semester and our senior year. Some of our mutual friends were surprised when Cullen and I roomed together. We both told our friends that we found out that we were compatible and were both good students and neither wanted the distraction of a party guy for our last year roommate. Whether they bought it or not, I didn’t care. A few of them could handle the fact that we were lovers, a few couldn’t so we just let it be.

‘Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.’ I thought to my self. I couldn’t remember where I had heard it before.

With summer coming up we were concerned about being separated by the necessity of having to find summer jobs. Mr. Fortson, Cully’s Dad called in a couple of favors and goth both of us summer jobs at Churchill Downs Racetrack. We worked with the maintenance crews doing repairs, painting, and what ever else was needed. Making the deal even sweeter, the Fortson’s let us have the apartment over their garage for the summer rent free. Plus we ate his Mom’s home cooking nearly every night. I saw more of my brother Corty that summer than I had in three years. He loved going to the races and he thought Cullen and his folks hung the moon. They really got along great. He told me once that I had hit the jackpot as far as my life partner was concerned.

Thanks to Cully’s Dad we each made $6,000.00 in

3 months with some overtime work just before the Derby and near the end of the meet. That more than took care of our housing and food expenses for the year. Our new home was a small stone Guesthouse in Hillsboro Village. Very private and within walking distance to school, perfect for two intimate roommates.

Our landlady, Gretta Asher, was a widow who thought we were just the sweetest two young men she had ever seen. We did her yard work for her in exchange for lower rent and at least twice a week there would be freshly baked cookies, a cake, or a pie setting on the stoop as a gift from her. She also liked to have us come to dinner at her house. Cullen found out that she didn’t cook for just herself and went out to eat a lot. He loved to cook and soon she was eating with us almost every night. She dearly loved our company and we kept her from being too lonely. One night as we lay in bed, Cully propped up on an elbow and asked…

We meet at the station, in true romantic style, it’s raining and it’s dark, I don’t have a jacket, so you put yours round my shoulders and we run over the road, laughing at me trying to run in heels we get into the restaurant, curled up in a booth in the corner, candles on the table and the rain bettering the window, you’re touching my hair and my face as you talk to me, my hands been resting on your leg for a while now an it’s slowly creeping upwards as you make me laugh harder.

I’m getting closer and closer to you as you tell me I have beautiful eyes. With the raining battering outside you suggest that maybe with the rain and all we should just get a room here. After a few more drinks, I agree and you go to book it, I meet you back in reception and you finally look at me properly in high black shiny heels, a little black dress and long cream mac.

As we get in the lift you look at my chest leaning against the back wall and walk over, opening your legs just enough to pin mine shut and against the wall you put your right hand on my cheek and tell me that you’ve been dying to do this all night, putting your other hand just behind me left hip you pull yourself into me and kiss me, you Tongue rolling over mine as you hold my head still to push your lips firmly against mine as you taste the wine off my Tongue, you tilt your head further till I moan a little as you pull away and gently bite my bottom lip as you move down to my neck, sliding your hand further up my back so you can feel my chest pressing against yours as you grind your pelvis into me letting me know that you’re already hard and that you want me, your hand slides down to my ass as your mouth travels to my cleavage, your Tongue desperately exploring the creases on the top of my boobs.

Just as your getting to where my skin meets my dress the lift door pings and opens.

You spin me round to walk out in front of you, you can feel you cock throbbing and as we walk to our room, you feel the horniness rush thro you and before you put the key in the door you use your pelvis to pin my up against the door, sliding you hand over the bare tanned skin of the leg you run it up the outside of my thigh as I finally let my hand fall to where your cock isno throbbing and straining against your jeans, I squeeze my finger together to wrap round the head and gently work your foreskin just slightly back a little, your pre cum helps me run your boxers over the head and down to the vein underneath that makes you lean back a little and purr with pleasure as your hand slides round my thigh and closer to my pussy, you can already feel the heat coming from my tight wet lips just starting to ooze with juices.

I reach round behind me and turn the key in the door; I walk backwards with my hand still on your belt buckle as I pull you into the room.

I take a few steps back from you and hold you at arm’s length as I reach round and unzip my dress, in one motion I let it fall to the floor and step out of it, I’m standing in front of you, black shiny high heels, black lace see thro thong, total shaved pussy and a black lace bra, you walk towards me and kneel down, lifting my right leg on to your shoulder you kiss the inside of my thigh, you can taste that it’s been wet and the juices taste sweet and creamy, you roll your tongue up my leg till you get to the seam of my thong and you lick along it with the point of your wet desperate tongue, you flick over where my moist pussy lips and pressed against the lace and start to suck the juices from the lace, tasting my dripping pussy lips and hearing me start to breath deeper with each lick, sliding you hand under my pussy you on to my ass, you pull you face closer to where I can feel your nose almost rubbing off my clit.

My hand running through your hand, its changed from running through your hair to pulling and tugging as I slide up on the desk and open my legs a bit further while you start running your finger underneath my thong, gently tickling the outside of the lips, I’m so wet that they practically part themselves as you run your finger over my clit and without teasing me you hook two fingers up inside me and flick right under my g spot, not on it but just so I can feel it, at the same time you stand back up and lean over me, your fingers still inside me, your face still wet, you kiss me as you lick your lips.

I’m pushing you back up with my nails running down your back as you take your fingers out and bring them to my mouth, you put your hand on my chest and hold my head as you slide the two fingers all the way into my throat.

As I taste my sweet juices off your dripping fingers, I undo your belt, and let your jeans fall to the floor, I slide off the desk and walk you backwards to the bed, you lying on your back, boxers almost ripping with the tension of your pulsing cock under them, I pull them down and start to lick the exposed head as I run my fingers along the top of the foreskin, at first I gently twist the top of the shaft, you’re already wet with white creamy pre cum oozing out, I work your foreskin back over the bulging head and I sink my head down till my nose is touching your stomach.

I hold you hard swollen cock deep in my mouth and clenching the back of my jaw to hold the head tight inside me. I can hear a gentle moan as you take hold of the back of my head and tell me that you want your cock in every one of my holes tonight and that you’ll fill each and every one with hot creamy spunk.

I start sliding my wet mouth up and down your hard shaft, catching the vein underneath with my tongue as I come up, I take you in my hand and twist my hand from the base of your cock up to where the head meets my mouth, your cock still wet from being in my mouth, I hold your foreskin back tight and squeeze my hand up and down licking the vein and swirling my tongue round the head and over your slit.

You’re getting so hot watching my blue eyes stare up at you as I suck your huge cock that you can’t wait much longer and pull my hair till my lips meet yours, your hard cock tickling my pussy lips, it would be so easy to slide inside my tight creamy cunt but instead you sit up, your cock trapped between your legs and the underside of my pussy, for a second I grind back and forth to move the foreskin on your even harder cock. You slide down the bed till your feet are on the floor and lift me by the hips till you can slide me back down on to your cock, in one move my pussy stretches and your hard cock swells as it tears my tight hole open, your head pushing it to its limit as you place me back down and still holding my hips you use me to wank off your massive hardon,

I’m leaning back to get you in even deeper and as you thrust really hard you get feel your cock head hitting off my back. I stand up, still inside me and hold me up against the wall as you keep thrusting hard into my tightening hole, you run your warm tongue over my hard nipples and suck them into a little bite.

You can feel my g stop with the head of your cock and you can tell that if you keep going like this, it won’t be long time I shower your cock with sticky cum but you’re not really to let me cum, not yet.

You lift me off your cock and kiss me so hard that you can feel my knees weaken, you spin me round and push me over on to the bed, lying on your side you pull me up beside you, your cock rubbing off my ass, I can feel you rubbing your hand up and down your shaft and its do wet with juicy pre cum that your rubbing it over my tight asshole, as your teasing me with you pulsing cock end, you reach round and rub just above my clit, I’m so wet that you almost slide inside me. You feel my hand come down to meet yours and I flick me finger firmly over my clit and circle my sweet pussy as you push your dripping cock into my ass, me pushing back against you as the head stretches my asshole to slide inside me I let out a really loud moan but whisper, “oh fuck me, yeah, right there, right there, fuck me so hard it hurts, oh my god, angel, that’s so fuckin good”

Hearing my talk like that makes you so much closer to cumming and you can feel your balls tighten as you pound my ass, pulling me by my hips, you spin over so you’re lying on your back and still in my ass your pulling my down all the way onto your hard shaft, me squatting over your cock so you can watch it sliding in and out my pulsing ass.

You feel the swell that tells you that you are about to cum, but not in my ass, you want to watch your hard filthy cock shooting creamy cum all over my body and make me cum at the same time.

You slide me off you cock and pull me to the edge of the bed, put my legs up and knees bend you slide three fingers inside my tight greedy cunt and start flicking so hard you can see my biting my lip, hard, your determined to make my squirt all over you, at the same time your wanking over my tits but you have other plans for you hot load of cum. As you flick your fingers so quick inside me, I start to buck my hips and rub my clit so fast that when the massive wet squirt of cum shoots out of me, it hits my fingers and soaks you chest, the feeling of my cum drenching your cumming cock, you shoot a load of cum into my waiting mouth, hitting my cheek and running of my chin, the next one hitting my boobs as you lurch forward with the pleasure of it, you’ve got one more and you slide your cock into my creamy soaked pussy, I’m pushing you away cause I’m so sensitive from cumin but you grab me by the hips and fuck me so hard that I scream your name and you unload a stream of sweet fucking hot cum inside my cumming pussy, you have to fight so hard to stay inside me, the pressure of the cummuing is pushing your cock out and eventually it wins.

Sending you collapsing on top of me as you put both hands on my face and look my in the eyes, pulling me closer you say, give me five minutes babygirl and I’m gonna fuck you senseless in that huge bath.

Summary: A young lesbian soccer coach seduces a rich upper class mother.

NOTE: A special thank you goes to Steve B for his editing suggestions and Estragon for his exhaustive copy editing work.


Layla loved summer: the hot sun, the sandy beaches and the soccer season.

Layla was 21 years old and had just finished her second year of college on a soccer scholarship.

To pad her resume and because she loved soccer, Layla had volunteered to coach one of the girl’s advanced training camps.

Layla was a jock in every sense of the word. She was tall, slim, small breasted, 34b, and had long tanned legs. Her blonde hair was always in a ponytail and her eyes were a hypnotic aqua blue.

She was also a lesbian and had known and accepted her sexuality since she was a teenager. Although she looked sweet and innocent, her looks were incredibly deceiving. If ever the old saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ was true, Layla would be the perfect example. Behind that sweet facade was a domineering seductress. This should not be a surprise. She was an extremely aggressive player on the soccer field; her behaviour in her personal life was no different. She was captain of her varsity soccer team and thus always in charge; not surprisingly, she also had to be in charge of her love life.

In truth, she got most aroused not by being physically pleased, but instead by having her white lovers, her sexual playthings, submit unconditionally to her. The problem she had was that all her submissive playthings were young, inexperienced and dumb. They were no challenge and thus after the initial thrill of having some uppity chick pledge allegiance to her perfect body, little thrill came from having them submit. Oh sure it was fun and diabolical to crush some stuck up sorority bitch and make her beg to lick her ass or seduce and awaken the sexual beast of some shy, reserved southern belle, but the thrill faded fast when they actually submitted and at best were adequate lovers. Then fate intervened….

Clara Walsh had lost her husband two years ago in a car accident and was raising her teenage daughter Maddie by herself. Clara had not even considered another man and her only sexual fulfillment was her six inch dildo, the same one she had pleasured herself with back in college. She had no idea of the technological advances in the erotic toy industry.

Clara received a large sum of money from her husband’s life insurance, and spent her days writing her novel. She also made sure to spend as much time as she could with her 18 year old daughter, who would be going to college in the fall in New York, thousands of miles away from her.

Clara had raven black hair and green-blue eyes, that seemed to change based on her mood. She was short, at 5’2, and had large, only slightly sagging 40d breasts.

Maddie, her shy daughter, had joined the soccer team at the urgent and constant harassing encouragement of her gym teacher who said she had raw untapped potential. Much to Maddie’s astonishment, she loved playing soccer. No one was judging her flat chest, no one knew she used to be fat, had braces and acne and no one knew about her dad’s death. She got a fresh start; a chance to create a new persona….

Mrs. Sammantha Jones was one of the most powerful women in the city. Her husband was CEO of a major bank, and she was the trophy wife. She was head of the PTA of her daughter’s school, head of the parent/grad committee (that just happened) and was chair of her local co-op home association. She spent hours maintaining her perfect body, at all costs. She worked out daily and had very expensive, but impressive, implants. Although in her mid-forties, she looked and dressed much younger. When she and her 18-year-old daughter, Tiffany, were together, most assumed they were siblings. Sammantha dressed as a rich trophy wife should: dresses, heels, stockings, jewellery, all the accoutrements. She always looked perfect and always attempted to be the center of attention.

As usually is the case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Tiffany had the same red hair; the same sweet seductive green eyes; and the same bright smile and Angelina Jolie lips. Tiffany also had the same ‘I am better than you’ attitude and the same diva complex. Tiffany tried out for soccer for one reason and one reason only: boys. At her high school, soccer was second in popularity to cheerleading. So, of course, Tiffany was captain of her cheerleading squad and goalie of her soccer team. She was incredibly flexible and quick, but, playing goalie she didn’t have to do all that exhausting running. Much even to her surprise, she not only liked it, but was damn good. The goalie was the heart of the team and thus so was Tiffany.

The first week of camp was all work and no play. Actually, the balls didn’t even come out till Wednesday. It was simply a gruelling week of intense physical tests. Layla believed she knew who the real soccer players were based on the first week. True players don’t bitch; they just work their asses off. After day two, Layla had already concluded that the girl with the most potential was Maddie. She worked her ass off and never let down for a second. Such dedication greatly impressed Layla and the naughty side of Layla wondered if Maddie would make a good little sub.

On the contrary, after about twenty minutes of the first day, Layla also knew who the biggest pain in the ass was going to be. Tiffany sauntered onto the field like it was a runway and complained instantly about Layla’s ‘endurance is key to victory’ philosophy. She even went so far as to suggest that she should get different treatment because she was a goalie. If Layla thought Tiffany was bad, her mother was even worse. As she repeated on numerous occasions, she had paid very good money for her daughter to get the best soccer camp and hadn’t paid all this good money to watch her daughter run. Layla played nice to her face, but was already considering her as a great MILF to seduce and control. She was bossy, bitchy and stuck-up, the type who, Layla had learned, desperately needed to be broken. Layla had learned early in her sexual prowls that the more confident and dominant a girl acted in public, the more likely it was that she was sexually weak. Layla looked at the mother-daughter pair and wondered how much fun it would be to Domme them both. Layla smiled deviously as she thought about it.

Week two saw their first game, and Layla surprised many when she didn’t start Tiffany, but the weaker, but harder working, Sally. Tiffany had a meltdown and her mother a similar one in the stands when she realized her precious was not in goal.

Layla, though, just smiled through it all, her decision having a double purpose. First, to make a statement to Tiffany, her mother and the team: hard work pays off and Layla played favourites to no one. Secondly, just to fuck with Tiffany and her mother, and to create the conflict that would trigger Mrs. Jones’ journey to becoming her submissive little MILF slave.

To make matters worse for young Tiffany, Sally played extremely well, making a few big saves in a 2-0 victory.

Maddie was the offensive star with a brilliant individual effort that scored their first goal and set up Carrie for their second goal, late in the match.

If Layla looked forward to crushing the Jones girls, she was also greatly intrigued by the sexy, shy and reserved Mrs. Walsh. Layla couldn’t explain it, but there was something remarkably sexy about her. She dripped sweetness like maple syrup, yet had a raw sexiness that Layla felt certain was just lying dormant, dying to break free. Layla envisioned a much different seduction with this sweet, innocent MILF.

As expected, when the game ended, Mrs. Jones was chomping at the bit to have a discussion with Layla. Layla coolly listened as Mrs. Jones lambasted her in front of other parents and spectators. Layla remained calm until the MILF, or as Layla now called her MIPD (mom I plan to dominate), finished her one sided rant, before politely smiling. “This is not the place for this conversation.”

Mrs. Jones continued her verbal assault until Layla’s smile faded and she said loud enough for all remaining, which was pretty much everyone, “Mrs. Jones, last time I checked I was the coach of this team. So if you don’t like how I run the team and the camp, I am sure Mr. Quincy would be willing to refund your money.”

As Layla expected, Mrs. Jones was not used to having someone talk back to her and was speechless.

Layla, knowing she had won this tiny battle, turned to her young team and congratulated them on playing a great first game. She finished by discussing a new tradition that already existed in football, the game ball. Layla explained that after each game, a game ball would be awarded to a member of the team who best represented true teamwork. Layla, looking directly at Tiffany, handed the ball to Maddie. Maddie looked like she had won the lottery. Tiffany’s cheeks went a flaming red that matched her long hair. Layla, toying with the rich bitch mother, turned around, smiled and winked at her. Daggers were returned. Layla turned her back once again on the pretentious mother-cunt and visited with her players.

Ten minutes later, Layla began to head to her car when she saw Mrs. Walsh in the background, patiently waiting for her daughter. Layla walked over to the shy woman. Layla started the conversation. “Mrs. Walsh, your daughter is one great soccer player.”

“Thank you, Layla,” she replied, beaming like a mother should when her daughter makes her proud, “and please, call me Clara.”

“Ok, Clara,” Layla obeyed, “I assume she gets her hard work and determination from you.”

The beautiful MILF or MIPS (mom I plan to seduce as Layla referred to her in her seduction plan), shyly responded, “I don’t know about that. Her father was the athlete.”

“Oh, too bad he wasn’t here to see her one-girl show today.”

Clara’s whole demeanour changed. She whispered, “He died a couple of years ago.”

“I’m so sorry,” Layla consoled, now feeling slightly awkward. She leaned in and gave Clara a big friendly hug. “If there is ever anything I can do for you,” Layla began, before giving a slightly suggestive tone, “and I do mean anything….”

Clara smiled back at Layla, oblivious to any innuendo.

Layla backed up, smiling softly. “I do know one thing she got from you.”

“What’s that?” she asked, curious.

“Maddie may not get her athletic ability from her mother, but she definitely gets her beauty from you.” Layla winked, just as she had to Mrs. Jones, but with a completely different subtext.

Mrs. Walsh blushed, and watched the pretty soccer coach walk away. Clara was not gay nor had the thought ever even crossed her mind, until now. She stared at Layla’s tight ass in the soccer shorts until Maddie arrived.

Layla returned to her car and was not slightly surprised to see Mrs. Jones waiting for her, still clearly foaming at the mouth. Layla put on her fake smile. She opened, her tone confident, “Mrs. Jones, I hope this isn’t still about your daughter not starting today.”

Mrs. Jones’ face gave in slightly, not used to not getting her way with her bully tactics. She continued her aggressive approach, “I spend good money for my daughter.”

Layla’s smile faded and she spoke with authority. “Look Sammantha, it is way too fucking hot to sit out here and argue with you. If you want to continue this, get in my car now and we will continue this conversation at my house.”

Before the bitch could respond, Layla began to get in her car. Mrs. Jones, not one to lose, hesitated briefly, but got in the car of the young soccer coach.

Layla smiled, knowing she had the bitch exactly where she wanted her. Once on the road, Layla began the conversation, “Sammantha, it is ninety degrees today, and you are wearing pantyhose. That is fucking crazy.”

Sammantha glared at the foul-mouthed college girl. She hated explaining herself to such a nobody, but she explained anyway, not attempting to hide her condescending tone. “Upper class people like myself dress up at all times.”

“You can dress up and not wear man-pleasing pantyhose.”

The MILF sighed, “Not that it is any of your business, but these are not pantyhose, but rather thigh highs.”

Although Layla knew the answer, she asked anyways, “What are thigh highs?”

Answering with a dramatic sigh, “They are like pantyhose, but only go to your thigh.”

Layla ordered, “Show me.”

The dominant tone of the young girl startled Mrs. Jones, but none-the-less she complied, her attitude still dripping with contempt. She lifted up her dress and revealed the top of her thigh high stocking. “See, this is what fashionable upper class women wear.”

Layla, her tone equally full of disdain, responded, “Really, I thought those were what sluts wore.”

“Excuse me?” the rich MILF asked, aghast at being called such a name.

“Slut, whore, tramp, the terms are interchangeable,” Layla smirked.

They arrived at Layla’s dorm. Sammantha Jones’ voice went shrill, “How dare you speak to me that way?”

“What way, Sammantha, truthful?”

“I have had enough, take me back to my car,” the insulted woman demanded.

Layla laughed while she placed her hand on the MILF’s leg, taking the risk she was sure would pay off. “Look Sammantha, it is obvious you want me to fuck you.”

“What?” the MILF sputtered, shocked by the blunt accusation, yet she didn’t push the pretty blonde’s hand away.

“You heard me,” Layla clarified confidently, before adding another shocking accusation. “Maybe you are a dyke like your daughter.”

Offended, Mrs. Jones defended her daughter, “Tiffany is not gay.”

Layla laughed and slid her hand just slightly, but under the skirt of her next submissive. “Sammantha, there are three things I am very good at. The first is anything to do with soccer. The second is being able to tell when someone is a lesbian or lesbian curious, often before they know, like your daughter.”

“You have no proof she is a lesbian then,” the mother said confidently.

“No, but I can get some, I imagine,” Layla replied, even more confidently.

Attempting to be adamant, yet clearly distracted by Layla’s hand now moving slowly up her leg, “She is not gay. She is dating a college boy.”

“So,” Layla teased, “you are a married woman who is about to come into your daughter’s coaches’ house and submit to her completely.”

“What? I am not,” the pretty MILF defended just as Layla’s hand reached her very damp pussy.

“Why are you so wet, Mrs. Jones?”

The mother stammered, realizing the control was shifting, “I-I-I am not.” Layla shut up the confused woman by shoving her tongue in the MILF’s mouth, while at the same time sliding a finger inside the bitchy woman’s cunt.

Sammantha didn’t break the kiss and rather moaned into the mouth of the soccer coach. She couldn’t explain it, but she was suddenly helpless and completely subdued by the pretty college girl. She let out a sigh when Layla broke the kiss and moaned as she felt a finger pump in and out of her long-neglected pussy.

“I will only ask this once Mrs. Jones. Do you want to come to my room?”

Reacting without thought, the horny confused MILF answered, “Yes.”

Layla stopped finger-fucking the horny bitch and explained, “If you enter my dorm, you need to understand you must obey every instruction I give.”

Suddenly Sammantha was nervous, but horniness and curiosity got the better of her. “I understand.”

Layla quickly finger-fucked the MILF for a few more seconds before pulling her finger out. She sucked the juice off her fingers, “Not bad for an old bitch.” Layla saw the fury in the facial expression of the powerful mother, yet was amused when no words followed. Layla ordered, “Follow me.”

Mrs. Jones sat frozen, stunned by the shocking turn of events. She was infuriated with the treatment she had received from this social nobody, yet an overwhelming large part of her was turned on like she hadn’t been in a long time. So although the dignified reaction was to just walk away from this crazy situation, she instead got out of the car and followed her into the dorm. She kept her head down while she passed a couple of other college girls. She again briefly thought of turning and walking away, yet her body had a mind of its own, and right now it was doing the thinking.

Once in her dorm room, Layla quickly peeled off her clothes and, once naked, ordered to the sexy MILF, “Mrs. Jones, get on your knees.”

Sammantha reluctantly obeyed, oddly mesmerized by the co-ed’s perfectly tanned body.

Layla smiled at the quick obedience of her new slut and explained, “I’m going to have a shower, follow along and wait till I am done.”

Humiliation burned through the powerful woman, but she reluctantly began crawling to the young blonde’s bathroom. While Layla was in the shower, Mrs. Jones replayed the afternoon in her head and no matter how she did, she couldn’t imagine how she ended up in this bizarre predicament or why she didn’t just get up and leave. She wasn’t a lesbian. She had never even considered another woman in a sexual way before today. Yet there was something drawing her, almost against her will, to the pretty, confident co-ed. She couldn’t explain it but she felt the need to obey the blonde goddess and to submit to her. Although she hated admitting it, the dominating attitude of the co-ed had turned her on and the quick fingering had her near orgasm in only a couple of minutes. As soon as she saw her daughter’s coach naked, she desperately wanted to touch the girl’s small firm breasts and to smell the scent of her shaved pussy. Sammantha shook her head, desperate to get these naughty ridiculous thoughts out of her head. She was brought back to reality when she heard her name.

“Earth to Sammantha. What are you thinking about?” a dripping wet and naked Layla asked.

Sammantha looked up from her knees and was awestruck with the young girl’s body. Sammantha worked out for hours every day and her body couldn’t even begin to compare with the co-ed’s. Looking into her eyes and realizing she was to speak, she answered honestly, “I was trying to figure out why I was here.”

Layla chuckled, “Well, that is obvious. You want to be my slut.”

“I do not,” the MILF responded, insulted at the verbal degradation.

“You don’t?” Layla asked. “You are in my dorm room, on your knees waiting for me to get out of the shower, so I think that qualifies as you being a slut.”

The rich upper class woman stammered, “I- I-I….”

“Is slut too extreme? Would you prefer dyke?”

Sammantha gasped, “I am not gay!”

“If you say so, slut. This game is getting old. You want to please me. Say it!” Layla demanded.

The dazed and humiliated MILF was not used to being bossed around. She wanted to defend herself and put this young nobody in her place, yet the words out of her mouth expressed the opposite. “Yes, I want to please you.”

“And you are a dirty rich slut who needs to be disciplined by me,” Layla continued the verbal onslaught.

Mrs. Jones wondered when the humiliation would end as she reluctantly agreed. “Yes I am a slut who desperately needs to be disciplined.”

“So you agree you need a Mistress?” Layla asked.

The word shocked her. She stammered a reply, “Um, I don’t know.”

Layla ordered, her voice flaming hot with anger, “Get up and leave, Mrs. Jones, I don’t have time for this insubordination.”

Mrs. Jones was startled as Layla walked out of the bathroom. She got off her numb knees and followed the co-ed she had just offended. The words that came out of her mouth shocked her. “I am so sorry, Layla, I don’t know what to say.”

Now half dressed, Layla dismissed the confused older woman, “Just leave. I will have one of my loyal obedient sluts take you home.”

Mrs. Jones stood dumbfounded while Layla made a call on her cell.

“Slut, get your ass over here now,” Layla ordered and just as quickly put her phone down. She looked at the MILF she was playing like a fiddle and asked, “What are you still doing here? If it is about your daughter, tell her if she wants to start, she better start working as hard as everyone else. One of my good obedient lesbian sluts will drive you home. Go wait at the front entrance. Now get the fuck out of my dorm room.”

A stunned and speechless Mrs. Jones walked out of the dorm.

Like an obedient child, she waited to be picked up by some stranger.

Meanwhile, Layla yelled, “Come in, Melody.”

A short, brunette entered the room and immediately fell to her knees, as she had been instructed to do anytime she was in the private presence of her Mistress.

Layla smiled and handing her car keys to her sub, she ordered, “Downstairs there will be a pretty older blonde. Please drive her home. If she talks to you, feel free to explain our relationship.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the pretty slave obeyed, taking the keys and leaving the room.

Layla smiled while devilishly pondering the afternoon’s events. If she was right, and she usually was, Mrs. Jones would come to her tomorrow. Oh, how she loved the thrill of the chase!

Melody went downstairs quickly and walked up to the older woman, saying, “Follow me, ma’am.”

Mrs. Jones, now desperate to get away, quickly followed, and soon they were back on the road. Mrs. Jones gave Melody the address of the soccer field where she left her SUV, as if Melody were her personal driver, and turned her eyes to the road.

Melody, the sweetheart she was, attempted to start a conversation with the rattled stranger. “How do you know Layla?”

Sammantha glared at the unknown co-ed and responded tersely, “None of your business.”

Melody ignored the ignorant tone and said giddily, “Oh, you are one of her subs too?”

“God, no,” the snotty MILF bitch responded, “I am not some dumb lesbian bimbo.”

Melody was offended by the woman’s demeaning words and drove in silence the rest of the way. Once at the soccer field, Melody taunted the woman, “You know ma’am, if Layla decides she wants you, you will be hers.”

“That is absurd,” Mrs. Jones responded.

Melody’s smile returned, her tone dripping condescending sweetness, “If you say so, ma’ am.”

Mrs. Jones could tell the girl’s smug smile was condescending, and quickly got out of the car and slammed the door. The car drove off and a still very rattled Mrs. Jones got into her SUV. When she returned home, Tiffany asked where she had been. The still rattled mother lied to her daughter, explaining she had gone for a massage.

Tiffany asked, “What are we going to do about Coach?”

Mrs. Jones shocked her daughter and herself, “Tiffany, stop being a spoiled brat and start working hard like every other girl on the field.”

“Mother,” Tiffany began.

“No, enough Tiffany. You are eighteen years old and it is time for you to fight your own battles for yourself. Do you understand?”

Tiffany, almost in tears, never having been yelled at by her mother, nodded her head in understanding.

“Good,” Mrs. Jones responded, calming down, “you are the better goalie Tiffany, but Layla expects you to work as hard as everyone else does.” Exhausted, Mrs. Jones hugged her daughter, something else she rarely, if ever, did and went to have a much needed shower.

That night, Sammantha tossed and turned, replaying the absurd events of the day in her head over and over. Why had she obeyed the harsh instructions of the young girl? Why did her pussy get so wet while in the presence of the young co-ed? Why didn’t she stand up for herself? Lastly, why was she so fucking horny? She masturbated herself to sleep, the thought of submitting to her daughter’s soccer coach replaying over and over in her head.


Next day at practice, Layla was happy to see a very different Tiffany. She didn’t complain and worked her ass off. Layla rewarded her with praise, “That’s much better, Tiffany.”

Layla also noticed that Mrs. Jones was greatly distracted throughout the practice, which made Layla smile.

When practice was done, Layla told the girls to have a good weekend, relaxing before Suicide Week: three games and three practices in six days.

The girls groaned and headed their separate ways. Layla asked Maddie, “What you doing this lovely weekend?”

Maddie, usually shy, couldn’t hide her excitement. “Two friends and I are going to the lake for a girl’s only weekend.”

“Very cool. Well, have fun,” Layla replied while thinking to herself that means her mother will be home alone. A variety of ideas floated in Layla’s head until she was distracted by the voice of Sammantha Jones.

“Layla, may I speak with you?”

Layla couldn’t believe the polite tone the overbearing mother used. Layla turned around and smiled, “What can I do for you, Mrs. Jones?”

There were only a few people still left, but Mrs. Jones spoke in a whisper, “I would like to discuss yesterday.”

“I see,” Layla responded thoughtfully.

“In private,” the MILF added, nervously.

Layla said, “My dorm is off limits today, there is some big reunion thing there.”

Mrs. Jones offered quickly, “We can go to my house.”

“I am not sure you understand what I expect from you,” Layla told her.

Mrs. Jones responded, shyly, “Yes, I do.”

“You do?” Layla asked, before leaning into the Mom’s ear, “I expect a hundred percent obedience. I expect you to be my personal slut.”

Her hot breath teased the older woman’s ear and a soft bite of the earlobe allowed an eager whimper to escape.

“Yes, I understand.”

Her tongue in the once bitchy woman’s ear, Layla added, “If I come to your house, I own you. Your mind and body are mine to do with as I please.”

The humiliated mother nodded her head in understanding.

Layla continued, “In public you will now call me Miss Layla and in private Mistress Layla. Is that understood, slut?”

Layla thought ‘slut may be pushing it’, but the defeated mother replied, “Yes, I understand Miss Layla.”

Layla smiled at the complete submission of this once high and mighty bitch. “What about Tiffany?”

“She is already on her way to San Diego with her boyfriend.”

Layla chuckled, “Soon she will accept that she is a dyke, just like her mommy.”

The new MILF sub went even redder, but didn’t say anything.

Layla asked, “And what about Mr. Jones?”

This time it was the MILF’s turn to laugh bitterly, although Layla noticed a tinge of hurt in it. “He is in France till the end of the month.”

“So we have the whole house to ourselves all weekend?” the dominant coach queried.

“Yes, Miss Layla, except for the maid,” the soccer mommy confirmed.

“Hmmmm,” Layla mumbled deep in thought. “All right, I need to go home and pick up a few things for your training.”

Mrs. Jones’ face flinched just a tad at the word ‘training’ and waited further instruction, like a good sub should.

Layla got Mrs. Jones’ address and whispered one last time in her ear, “By the end of the weekend, you will be a very different woman.” She bit the older woman’s ear hard and turned and walked away.

Mrs. Jones stood paralyzed until after her new Mistress had disappeared completely. As she slowly made her way to her SUV, she wondered what she had just got herself into. While her brain contemplated the long term consequences, her pussy juice began to leak through her thin thong.


Layla arrived a couple of hours later at the mommy-bitch-turned-obedient sub’s house with a duffle bag of toys and other essentials. She knocked on the door and was greeted by a black maid.

Layla asked, “What is your name?”

The older black woman, probably on her 40′s, responded, “Tamara, ma’am.”

Layla entered the mansion and was briefly awe-struck by the massive estate. She asked, “Does Mrs. Jones treat you well?”

Her facial expression betrayed her words, “Yes, she is a good boss to work for.”

Layla didn’t push it yet and asked politely, “Tamara, could you please tell Mrs. Jones that Layla has arrived?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the chubby black maid responded politely.

Layla surveyed the room while she waited. After a couple of minutes of waiting, Mrs. Jones arrived. “Welcome, Miss Layla.”

Layla smiled, “I think your personal residence counts as alone.”

Mrs. Jones looked at Tamara, “You are dismissed, Tamara.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Tamara replied gratefully.

Layla waited patiently, allowing her new sub this last minute of public propriety. Once Tamara had left the room, Mrs. Jones looked nervously to the confident co-ed, “Welcome Mistress Layla.”

“This is a very impressive home, slut.”

“Thank you, Mistress Layla.”

Having had enough of the pleasantries, Layla ordered, “Take off your dress, my mommy slut.”

A small wince escaped the proud woman, but she obeyed the young woman’s order.

Layla walked over to the MILF or MIPT (Mommy I Plan to Train) and inspected her body. “For an older bitch, you have kept in amazing shape.”

“Thank you, Mistress Layla,” the half naked mother of one shivered.

“Let’s see those tits, mommy dyke,” the soccer coach ordered.

Shaking slightly, the rich mother unbuckled her bra and released her large firm breasts. She now stood in front of this pretty soccer coach in only her nude stockings, thong panties and four inch heels.

Layla pinched the woman’s nipples. “Why aren’t they hard, slut?”

Sammantha whimpered and answered clearly embarrassed, “They never get erect.”

“Really?” Layla asked, pinching harder. “Never?”

The MILF winched from the sharp pain. “Not since I had the implants, Mistress Layla.”

Layla moved around behind the older woman and stunned the woman with a sharp hard slap on her naked ass, the thong not covering any of the woman’s still impressive rear. “Fuck mommy-cunt, how many hours a day do you work out to keep this body in shape?”

“Three, give or take, Mistress Layla,” the humiliated redhead responded, tears now rolling down her face.

“Does your husband fuck you in the ass?”

“Yes, on occasion, Mistress Layla.”

“Do you like a nice hard cock in your ass?”

“Only when I am drunk, Mistress Layla.”

“Take off your thong, mommy whore,” Layla instructed.

Sammantha took off the thin piece of fabric, now standing in only her thigh highs and heels.

Layla inspected her new sub’s pussy. The cunt was completely hairless and her lips had a sweet shine to them. “Your pussy seems wet, mommy tramp. Why is that?”

“I don’t know, Mistress Layla,” Sammantha replied.

“Really? You have no clue?” Layla questioned.

“I can’t explain it, Mistress Layla, I wish I could.”

“You are so adorable in your complete upper class dignity,” Layla mockingly accused. “Take off my shoes for me, slut.” Layla lifted her right foot up and allowed the rich woman to be the maid for once. The woman’s hand shook slightly. Once the shoe was off, Layla lifted her left foot and the MILF repeated the order. The humiliation continued as Layla insisted she also remove her sweaty socks. The MILF complied. Layla, smiling deviously, commanded, “Clean my feet with your mouth.”

Sammantha Jones, one of the most powerful women in the city, looked up at the college co-ed with a look of disgust. Layla could see the woman on her knees contemplating this order. Layla’s smile did not falter, and soon Sammantha broke eye contact and took Layla’s toe in her mouth.

Mrs. Jones tasted the salty sweat of the girl’s foot that had presumably been in running shoes all day. The scent was disgusting and the taste awful, but she obeyed the nasty and humiliating task. Used to being in control, she knew exactly what the co-ed was doing to her. She was making it very clear who was in charge and seeing just how far the MILF would fall. Once done with the first foot, Mrs. Jones heard the cocky voice of the co-ed, “What about the soles of my feet, slut?” Anger bubbled inside the rich upper class woman, yet she obeyed the utterly humiliating task.

After both feet had been adequately cleaned to the liking of the young Mistress, she ordered, “Let’s go to your bedroom. I want to fuck my new whore in her own bed.”

The new submissive slave began to get off her already sore knees.

“Not so fast, slut. Lead the way. But do so on all fours.”

The MILF dropped back to her knees, her face as red as a burning fire. She began the lengthy crawl to her bedroom.

Layla grabbed her duffle bag of goodies and followed her new sub. Her grin seemed permanently burned to her face. She had dominated many women over the years, most with ease, but this one was already becoming her favourite because of her uppity I-am-better-than-you attitude.

Sammantha was mortified at her treatment by the pretty co-ed and even more mortified by the fact that she not only allowed it to happen, but couldn’t resist. Her knees were killing her and crawling like a dog in her own home was humiliating. Once she reached her room, she stopped. She didn’t know why, but she did. She soon heard the voice of her Mistress complimenting her, “Good slut, you are a fast learner.”

Layla walked to the king-sized bed and undressed. Soon she was completely naked. On all fours, Sammantha was in awe of the perfect body of her Mistress. Although the soccer coaches’ breasts were small, they worked with the rest of her perfect body. Layla asked, “Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Yet, you so eagerly submitted to me. Curious,” the blonde beauty pondered.

The older redhead pondered it as well. It made no sense. Yet, there she was on all fours, in her own house, eager to do just that. Eat her first pussy.

“Crawl to me.”

The MILF did as she was told, her pussy leaking slightly. Once she reached Layla, she looked directly up and was inches away from the girl’s pussy. The girl’s scent already lingered in the air. Layla asked, “Do you want to eat mine?”



“I don’t know.”

“You are going to have to do better than that. My pussy is a delicacy and needs to be treated as such. A rich bitch like you probably pays a good deal of money for a special delicacy. So I will ask again, cunt. Why do you want to eat my delicacy?”

The frustrated, confused and horny mom really had no idea, but she just said what she was feeling. “I can’t explain it. I have never found another woman attractive, usually only a threat. I have never liked being told what to do, but I can’t resist anything you say. There is something about you that I am drawn to. All I want to do is please you.”

Layla smiled, opened her legs a bit, and said, “Please away.”

The inexperienced MILF moved closer and extended her tongue. Other than tasting her own juices off her fingers, or more times than not off her husband’s cock, she had never tasted another pussy. Much to her surprise, her Mistress’ pussy had a very pleasant taste: sweet and tangy. The more she lapped at the appetizing juice, the more she wanted it. She wanted to bury her face deep into the young girl’s delicious pussy, but could not from the awkward position of her kneeling and the co-ed standing.

Layla, on the other hand, purposely chose this awkward and power position. It was incredibly hard to come this way and watching a rookie pussy eater attempt to please in such a position was always entertaining. Layla allowed the new MILF slut to lick her pussy for ten minutes in complete silence other than the odd moan, before she asked, “So, do you like being my little lesbian slut?”

The mother couldn’t believe her response, “Yes, Mistress, I love being your lesbian slut.”

Layla moved onto the older woman’s bed and spread her legs. “Get your ass up here and finish what you started.”

The MILF slut obeyed and quickly her head was buried between the lovely soccer coach’s legs. Now in a much more comfortable position, Sammantha could get much deeper with her tongue. She opened up her Mistress’s pussy lips with her tongue, trying to get deep into her cunt. The juices continued to flow slowly out of the young girl’s pussy and Sammantha, determined to get the young co-ed off, slid a finger inside the girl’s pussy.

Layla screamed the instant her pussy was penetrated, “Oh yes, my slut, finger fuck your Mistress. Make me come.”

Mrs. Jones frantically pumped the girl’s pussy with her finger while at the same time licking the young girl’s clit. She really had no idea what she was doing, but decided to focus on the clit, because that was what worked when her husband was going down on her. It seemed to be working, as the co-ed’s moans began to get louder and more constant.

“Yes, keep fucking me, slut. You will make a good addition to my little harem of whores. Fuck, fuck, finger-fuck me deeper, deeper, yessssssss.”

Sammantha felt the girl’s legs tense up and seconds later felt the gush of cum she had eagerly been craving ever since she first tasted the beautiful pussy. She eagerly lapped and lapped, attempting to get as much of the girl’s cum as she could. She didn’t stop until instructed.

“Stop slut,” Layla ordered, “I need a few seconds to recover.”

Sammantha laid subserviently, between her Mistress’s legs, waiting for further instructions, her face dripping with cum. Seconds ticked into minutes before the young Mistress spoke. “Get on the bed on your back, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the MILF obeyed, hoping to get some much needed satisfaction. The co-ed went back to her bag again and quickly returned with it.

Layla grabbed the MILF’s arms and like a veteran cop had her new slave handcuffed to the bed in less than ten seconds. The look of fear in the MILF’s eyes was priceless for Layla. Layla reached in her bag of tricks and pulled out a small green vibrator. She turned it on low and slipped it inside the MILF’s already very damp cunt. The new slut let out a loud moan. Layla smiled while she continued the light bondage by tying her new slut’s legs together, pushing the toy completely inside the horny mommy. Once done, Layla leaned in and kissed her pretty redhead slut. The slut kissed back, already writhing from the toy doing her thing inside her. Layla broke the kiss and announced, “I’ll be back in an hour or two. Don’t you be going anywhere.”

The bound MILF begged, “Please don’t leave me like this. Where are you going?”

“Out,” Layla shrugged and left the slut bound and with a toy lodged inside her.

The MILF called out for Layla, but eventually quit. The buzzing down below was really getting her horny, a constant buzz, yet not enough to get her off. Resigned to her fate, she tried to move around so she could make herself come. Unfortunately, no matter how she moved, she couldn’t get to the next level. Frustration built inside her.

Meanwhile, Layla had not actually left but was in Tiffany’s room snooping. Layla searched for a diary, but there was none to find. She went onto the young girl’s computer and chuckled when it had no password protection. The first thing she did was search the sites she had recently been on. She was a Yahoo junkie it seemed. She also recently visited a site on soccer goaltending. Going back a few days Layla found what she was looking for. One site she was regularly on was called Literotica. As Layla continued scavenging through the different stories the young redhead goalie had recently read, she smiled. As expected, the majority of the vast majority of the stories were lesbian stories: Bedding the Babysitter, Training Teacher, Soccer Moms, and Presidential Powers. She seemed to like submissive characters and Layla smiled knowing that she would be an easy prey if she wanted…and she wanted. Layla went downstairs and got herself a glass of wine. She flipped on the TV and turned to a soccer match between the Americans and Germans. It was still scoreless with ten minutes left. Layla watched the end of the match that ended in a draw. She hated that. In her mind, there would be no shootouts, just straight overtime until someone scored. It might take hours, but that is what happens in hockey and she sure couldn’t see why a soccer game couldn’t be the same. Endurance and fitness were the two keys to success and soccer and it ticked her off when fate would decide the outcome after a lengthy game. She shut off the TV, went to the fridge and grabbed an impressively thick and long cucumber, some whipped cream, and a bottle of wine. She grabbed a couple of wine glasses and made her way back to her bound submissive mommy.

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