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He came to me in the night. It was always in the night. In the daylight we both pretended that there was no nightly visitation. But he was highly sexed, and since my mom died, he came to me often at night. He waited until I’d turned eighteen, but after that, he came for me.

“Dad . . .” I murmured, still only half awake.

“Shush. Take this.”

I was on my back and he was straddling my chest with his knees and leaning over me, holding my arms out and above my head with strong fists encasing my wrists. I felt the tip of his erect cock at my lips and I opened to him, and we both moaned quietly in the dark as he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth, hardening it and arousing him further—and slicking up his tool for what he’d do later.

When he was sufficiently aroused, he moved his knees and lips down my chest and belly and swallowed my balls as his hand went to my cock. His hand went to join the other to cup and raise and separate my butt cheeks as his mouth went to my entrance. His hand on my cock was replaced by one of my own, and I lay there, looking dumbly toward the window, watching the wind sway the branches of the willow tree, and stroking myself. For a moment I had the sensation of someone being there, watching us, but I had shut my systems down. I didn’t care and my senses weren’t on alert. I was trying to transport myself to someplace else altogether.

He pulled my sleeping shorts—all that I was wearing—off my legs.

“Turn on your belly.” The voice was low, raspy, needy.

“Dad . . .” I murmured again. It was all I could manage, and I knew it had no effect.

“Turn on your belly, son.”

With a sigh of resignation, I did as he commanded. I always did as he commanded, whether day or night.

A heavily muscled arm went under my lower belly and lifted me to my knees, while a palm between my shoulder blades pushed my chest down on the cool sheet. He was crouched over me from behind, his thighs encasing mine. I felt the stretch and filling of the entry. But no pain. There hadn’t been pain, really, for months. My channel was fit to his cock now. He just slid up into me as I gasped slightly and groaned the almost nightly possession by him.

One of his fists went to the wrist of my left arm and pinned it to the bed above my head. He let me have the use of my right hand—he’d done so for nearly two months now—and I moved it to my cock and began stroking it again to the rhythm of his fucking cock.

He moved his other hand between gripping my waist and pinching my nipple and turning my head toward his face when he brought it down to my head. When he did that, we kissed, deeply, his tongue invading and searching my mouth cavity. This was something else that had only entered the ritual in the last month or so.

My lips freed, I once more turned my head and gazed at the window—and once more had the sensation of someone or something pulling away from it out there as I turned my head. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated again on not being there.

The nature of pretending I wasn’t really involved in what was happening to me in the night had changed in the last month or too also—and it scared me. In the initial months, I had zoned out to deny it was happening. Now I was zoning out because I was beginning to need it—to look forward to it each night.

Of course he really wasn’t my dad—not my biological dad—and nothing that he was doing was something I could report him for, something I could stop, short of fighting him, which, considering our differing sizes and physical power, was a comical notion. And leaving was something I couldn’t do, at least not yet.

My real dad had died when I was eleven, and Tyler had been with us for six years now, arriving a little more than a year after Mom was widowed. I say us, but he really was only with “us” for a bit more than five years. My mom died six months ago. She had been sick for some time before she died, and I think she understood Tyler’s interest in me before she went. But by then she was too far gone to do anything about it. She seemed to be hanging on mostly to be there until I got old enough to leave the house and go on my own.

My real dad’s death and her own quick decline there at the end had bollixed up that idea, though. I’d worshipped my real dad, and his death had been a real blow to me. I just shut my life down for nearly a full year though—and that included school work. So, I was set back a grade. And, so, when mom died, I was no more than a week past eighteen, but I had a year and a half more to go in high school. And what were almost Mom’s last words to me stuck.

“Stick it out until you graduate high school, Chris,” she’d said. “Promise me you’ll get your high school. Then go in the service for a while or something. Get away from this. But promise me you’ll get your high school in first. A man can’t do much of anything without that diploma.”

And so, I promised.

And the way it worked out with Tyler wasn’t wham bang, either. It was gradual. He worked me. He seduced me. And he was smart. He waited until I was eighteen. And when he finally had me, there I was, an adult, and not able even to claim rape. And the longer I stayed, the less anyone would care what I let happen to me. They would have asked, “Why didn’t you just walk?”

Well, I didn’t walk, because I promised my mom I’d get in that last year and half of school, and I didn’t have any other good options. I had no living family left, and I had no means really to live out on my own. I didn’t mind the idea of signing up for the military—I was leaning toward the Navy—but it stuck in my mind that one thing my mom had asked me to promise to do was to get that high school diploma before leaving.

And, as I’ve said. Tyler was clever. And he took it slow so that by the time I really was over the edge, it was done.

It had started the day after I turned eighteen. Mom was in the other room, dying. She’d been to the hospital and was back, under Hospice care, to die at home. I was keyed up and confused and into self-denial and wanting to make it all go away—transport myself to some fantasy land—and because I was a teenager with raging hormones, that meant a flashlight and dirty magazine and beating myself off in the middle of the night.

Which was all fine, but Tyler found me that night, right after my eighteenth birthday. I was terrified and paralyzed in place when he found me. But he came into the room and was calm and sat down on the side of the bed and told me all sorts of mumbo-jumbo over how it was normal and understandable under the circumstances. And while he was talking and holding my attention, he had his hand on my cock. When I noticed and flinched and began to object, he shushed me, reminding me that Mom was just in the other bedroom and that, although what I was doing was normal and understandable, it wasn’t something we wanted to worry her about.

“So, just lay back, and I’ll take care of it.”

And so I did. And he did. And I was surprised at how much different and better it felt when someone else did it.

Three days later, the night before Mom died, Tyler was back and sweet talked me into letting him take care of my fears and tensions again. And this time he ran his other hand over my body as he was slowly jacking my cock off.

When we came home from Mom’s funeral, I was a basket case, and Tyler sent me to my room and told me to try to get some sleep. But I couldn’t and I couldn’t stop crying. And Tyler came into my room and sat on the bed and hugged me close and soothed me with his calm, soft voice—which was really something coming from such a big, muscular man—and with his hands patting and stroking me here and there. He had my cock out of the fly of my sleeping shorts before I knew it. And I was in such a state that I didn’t care—in fact it was comforting. And this time he didn’t relieve me with his hand. He did it with his mouth.

Mom was dead now and there was only Tyler. And he’d already given me a blow job. And I was already eighteen and had promised my mom I’d stick it out through high school. And not only wasn’t I thinking too straight, but I was a teen with raging hormones and Tyler was giving me release and pleasure that, though I knew it was evil and not right, was overwhelmingly hard to resist.

Everything was fine during the day. Tyler was a coping single-parent dad by day. Fitting in getting me to school and being there during my ball games and other activities while still holding down his job. I took up more of the cleaning and cooking duties, but Tyler was hanging in there on those as well. And we said nothing during the day of what was happening at night. The dark covered all of our sins.

But he was coming to me more often at night now. And he cajoled me into taking head, and one night he introduced a dildo into the ritual as he was sucking my cock. The first time I just thought it was his thumb, which he had started strumming rim of my hole with while sucking me, but it wasn’t—it was a dildo. And the second time I knew it wasn’t a thumb—and that it hadn’t stayed at the entrance. By the time he fucked me with his cock, he had me asking for it. And I was over eighteen, and with nowhere else to go.

And now it was four months later.

Tyler had just been to visit me the night before. But he was here, at the door, tonight, as well. I’d heard it. He’d had a video on out in the living room. A male porn film. He was standing at the door, breathing heavily and giving me a scary stare. He was stark naked and had a raging hard on. I was sitting on the floor, on the thick cushion I’d taken off the overstuffed chair in my room; my back to the bed; earphones in, with the music set to something I liked to listen to before I went to bed; and doing my last-minute homework. I already was in my sleeping shorts.

Tyler was on me like a flash, grabbing my wrists with his hands and pushing my arms back on the bed. His cock was assaulting my mouth, pushing my head back on the bed as well. And I was gagging and gasping as he face-fucked me.

Then he pulled me up on my feet and kicked the cushion out into the middle of room as he was stripping off my sleeping shorts. He pushed me down on my shoulder blades on the cushion and grabbed my hips in his hands, and pulled my pelvis up into his crotch and my hole onto his cock, and started fucking down into me with long, deep strokes, thrusting down with his cock, while he pulled my pelvis up into him. Pushing me down as he moved his hips back and then pulling me in again as he thrust forward.

He was fucking me with a fury as he’d never done before, and I hooked my legs on top of the flare of his butt and hung on for dear life, my soothing “go-to-bed” music still playing in my ear from the earphones.

Above the sound of the music, I could hear the sound of the sex. Grunting and groaning and moaning in harmony, but above that, a plaintive cry of “Oh, shit, oh yes, oh gawd yessss, Fuck ME!”

I was shocked—and scared—at the realization that it was my voice.

* * * *

By this time, Tyler wasn’t the only one fucking me. By now, I knew what was done was done—and that I didn’t mind it when I wasn’t thinking real hard—and was thinking why should I give it away just to Tyler for free. I was scraping together whatever money I could to help my escape from here, which was coming within a year. I kept the money in an old can out in the rafters of the storage shed in the back yard.

I figured I knew where I would make some money off this. And I was right.

For years, Mr. Collins, a bachelor living in a house twice as large and tidy as ours just down the street from us, had been giving me the eye and trying to make friends with me when I walked past his house. I wasn’t so dumb that I didn’t know what his interest was—and there were whisperings going around the neighborhood and at school that bore this out.

All it took to get him to come out of the house was for me to stand out on the front walk by his white picket fence one day and look around like I had nothing better to do than stand there. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he sauntered out, acting like he had a reason to be on the move and “accidentally” noticing I was there and coming to the fence to greet me.

“Hi there, Chris,” he called out in a chipper voice. “Great day, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah, it is,” I answered. “Might rain tonight, though. The rains will be heavy this summer, they say.”

Mr. Collins was trembling like a Chihuahua on speed at this string of words from me. It was more in total that I’d ever said to him in all the years he’d been living in the neighborhood. He literally wagged his tail as he came out to the fence, obviously thrilled that I was still standing there.

“Yes, it’s good for the flowers, though.”

“Nice flowers,” I said. “And you got a gardener to take real good care of them, I see.” I was searching for words. The gardener was kneeling at the rose bed that lined the front porch of the house. He was facing away from us, an Hispanic, I guessed, maybe in his thirties. An outdoor worker. I wondered if he could hear us—and if he could understand English if he could.

“I try to keep the grounds up,” Mr. Collins said, his voice full of pride. “Say, I was real sorry to hear about your mother. I—”

“Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Collins. You’re a nice man for saying that.” I turned my eyes on him and smiled.

He practically melted on the spot with pleasure. He had his hands on top of the fence and they were trembling. I put a hand up there too, trying to make it seem like a natural move, and I could see him shudder as our hands touched each other.

“Nice house too. Real nice house. Big. Bet you have lots of rooms in there. Bet you have some nice things in there.”

“Would you like to see inside sometime?” Mr. Collins asked. His voice sounded so hopeful that I felt kind of sorry for him.

“I’m not doing much of anything now,” I said. I tried to keep my voice low, because I could see that the gardener had turned his head toward us—that maybe he was listening to us.

I thought that Mr. Collins was going to melt down to a puddle on the spot at the prospect of getting me in the house.

The gardener looked up from the rose garden as we passed and gave me a tentative little smile. I wondered if he figured any of this out. But then I didn’t care. He was just a gardener.

“How’s school and the baseball going, Chris?” Mr. Collins asked me as we entered the foyer. I walked right on into the living room, which showed that Mr. Collins made a whole heap more money that my stepdad did. “I’ve always been interested in how the kids of the neighborhood were doing.”

“Yeah, I know you have, Mr. Collins. I’ve seen how you watched me over the years. Well, I’m here now. And I’m over eighteen.”

He turned his head toward where I was standing in the living room, surprised by what I said and by the hard tone I’d taken when I said it. And there I was, standing in the middle of his living room, with my fly open and my dong hanging out and cupped in the palm of my hand. I was kind of proud of my cock, and Mr. Collins seemed pretty impressed too. He went to his knees with a loud moan and began sucking my cock in a way that assured me that, as suspected, I probably wasn’t the first neighborhood boy who had visited this house.

We were naked on his bed with him stretched out behind me and stroking his cock inside me from the rear as I propped my knee up on the bed to give him better access when I told him what the deal was: “$15 for you to suck me; $25 if I suck you. $50 for a fuck; $60 for the whole package.”

He didn’t object and signed up for the next visit to be on my way home from school three days hence. My stepdad didn’t get home from work for nearly three hours after my school finished for the day.

The gardener was in the front garden the next day I visited Mr. Collins, and he turned his head and gave me a little smile again when I reached the stairs to the porch and started climbing. I instinctive smiled back, a little nervous because he was there, and because I couldn’t think of a plausible reason to be approaching Mr. Collins’s house by myself if the gardener asked. But he didn’t ask.

The door was slightly ajar when I got to it, and I heard a faraway voice call out from upstairs. “Come on in. It’s open. I’m upstairs.”

I went in and began to climb the stairs. Half way up I stopped dead in my tracks and let out a “Holy shit.” I began to turn to flee the house, when Mr. Collins said probably the only thing that kept me there.

“$75. I’ll give you $75. And you won’t be doing anything special or different. This is for me. This is to make it more interesting for me.”

I turned back and looked up at him again. He was wearing women’s lingerie. A black lace bra, with matching panties and black mesh stockings and black stiletto heels. He also had on a red-haired wig, and his face was made up like a baby doll, a mean slash of shiny, deep-red lipstick across his mouth. He was talking in a funny, high voice like he was playing some sort of game. And I guessed it was pretty obvious that he was.

“It’s no different for you, honey,” he repeated. “It’s just me. It’s just what I like. $75, OK?”

He didn’t look all that bad as a woman. Younger even. And he wasn’t fat; he had good muscle tone and firm arms and legs. A flat belly and a nipped-in waist.

If I closed my eyes. . . . And it wasn’t like I had to get it up. He said it would be no different. And he had topped me earlier, although for the money, I was willing to try going either way.

I started walking up the stairs again, and as we crossed the hall to the master bedroom, I was impressed on how well he walked in the heels. I guessed he’d done this a lot.

“Please take your clothes off and sit on the side of the bed,” he said.

I watched myself—and him/her in the mirrors as I stripped. That was the thing I’d remembered the most about his bedroom from the other day. The mirrors. He had them everywhere. It had been arousing to me to see myself being fucked no matter how I turned my head. I assumed that the mirrors were there because he found it amusing as well. He wasn’t bad looking for an old guy and was a good cocksman—or so I thought, only having Tyler to compare him with. But I thought Tyler must be good at it as much as he was fucking me—and I knew he and my mom really went at it before she got too sick to enjoy it. And, surprising, Collins was as good at it as Tyler was, although he must be at least ten years older than Tyler.

We didn’t do it just like we had the first time. This time Mr. Collins spent more time in setting it up—and he had an extra fetish thing going with the lipstick. The color was something that rubbed off easily. Collins made a point of paying attention to nearly every inch of my body with his lips, and I could see that the lipstick was rubbing off on my skin. And he got up every once in a while and renewed it, so that it was always leaving fresh lip marks.

I found quickly that the panties had a slit in them in front, so that his cock came out without having to remove the panties. I sucked him and then he sucked me, being careful to leave distinctive lip-shaped red markings on my cock. He followed this up with lip attention to the rest of my body, and then he had me lay on my back on the edge of the bed, and he came between my thighs and fucked me to mutual ejaculations while we watched ourselves and each other in the mirrors. Although I had been worried about being able to get it up, the setting was so exotic and he was such an expert cocksman that I didn’t have any trouble at all. The mirrors helped too.

Afterward, Mr. Collins made me stand in front of a full-length mirror and he took photos of the artwork he’d done on my body with his ruby-red lips before he let me shower and gave me four twenties and told me to keep the change.

I had a pretty busy extracurricular activity schedule at school and on the baseball mound, but I did have Tuesday afternoons free, and Mr. Collins signed up for that time slot. He must have had quite a closet, because he was wearing a different set of lingerie each time—and a different shade of lipstick.

Tuesday’s must have been one of his set days with the gardener too, as he was always there, kneeling by the roses and giving me a little nod and smile when I mounted the porch stairs to Mr. Collins’s front door.

* * * *

I rather enjoyed the fucking with Mr. Collins, and it worried me that I did, but the money was too good to deny myself and put the brakes on this stuff. At $80 a week, my tin can in the storage shed was going to need company soon. I’d made it to late summer. One more year, my senior year, and I could just walk away from here—and with some serious cash in my pocket. I’d put it all behind me, or so I thought.

I was getting old enough now to accept that I was just fooling myself. I began to become obsessed with the women’s lingerie—and wondering about it in connection with my nights with Tyler. I have no idea what caused me to do it, but one afternoon, when rain had wiped out a baseball practice and Tyler wouldn’t be home for hours, I stole into the master bedroom and started browsing through the drawers in my mother’s bureau. Tyler had done nothing about getting rid of her clothes.

I found her intimate lingerie in one of the lower drawers and I took a pair of black lace panties back to my bedroom and stripped and put them on and walked around the house for a half hour. It didn’t give me quite the thrill I thought it might, but just the idea of how I wanted it to make me feel made me hard.

And then Tyler went four nights without visiting my bedroom. I didn’t think he was doing this on purpose at the time, but now I think he did. Now I think he wanted me to take that last step. The first two nights I luxuriated in a full night’s sleep. The third night I couldn’t sleep and kept looking at my door, waiting for it to open and for Tyler to slip into the room and into my bed. On the four night I was in a stew, wondering what was wrong, why he wasn’t coming.

On the fifth night I could take it no longer. I padded out of bed, stripped off my sleeping shorts, and slipped on the black lace panties I’d purloined from my mother’s drawer.

Tyler was awake, on his back, no doubt waiting for me—although I didn’t know it at the time. I climbed onto the bed and straddled his pelvis. He laughed and pulled my face down to his and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I could feel his cock come alive. He moved his hands over my bare torso as we kissed and then down to my hips, and I felt the jerk in his cock and heard the low gasp when he learned I was wearing lace panties. He let me know he enjoyed that a lot—but he didn’t enjoy it so much that it prevented him from gripping the flimsy material covering my buttocks on both sides and rending it apart with a low ripping sound and then settling my channel on his cock through the slit he’d made.

He laid there, providing the ramrod, and smiling up into my face as I did all of the work, riding his cock in undulating waves. When he had shot his load up into me, he laughed his ultimate victory over me, the fulfillment of my conditioning.

Later, in my own room again, I couldn’t sleep. I had come in the panties in Tyler’s room and he’d kept them as a trophy, so I was in my sleeping shorts once more.

It had already rained once and then stopped, and I could hear the splatter of precursory rain drops once again on the window. They were promising quite a storm tonight.

I liked watching storms, and Tyler’s laugh at the conclusion of our sex had awakened me to what he had conditioned me to do—that final step of me coming to him, wanting it, and willing to do all of the work to get it. This depressed me, and for the first time I wondered if staying around to complete high school was going to be the end of it—whether I could break away from Tyler even after that. And, even more depressing, I was beginning to doubt if the high school diploma was the real reason I was staying around—whether I wasn’t completely under Tyler’s spell now.

I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed and took a Coke from the refrigerator and walked out onto the front porch, just in my sleeping shorts, to welcome the coming storm and to try to force my racing brain to be lost in watching the thunder and lightning show.

I had finished the Coke and gotten tired of waiting for the storm to arrive. I turned to go back into the house, but I was grabbed from behind and tossed out into the yard. I landed on the wet grass and someone was on my back, his knee in the small of my back, and my hands were pulled behind me and being tied off. A burlap sack was pulled over my head and I was roughly pulled up and frog marched across the yard, tossed into the back seat of a car, and, after doors slammed, the car was on the move.

I have no idea how long we drove; I was too stunned by the sudden assault to keep any sort of track, but the car eventually stopped after a particularly bumpy ride at the last. I could hear the pattering of rain on the metal roof. The storm was starting. I heard a door open at the front of the car—and slam shut—and then one of the doors to the rear seat opened, and I almost tumbled out of the car. Strong hands grabbed me, though, and lift and tossed me toward the other side of the car. Someone was in the back seat with me. His chest was pressing in on mine—he was bare-chested, so I knew it was a man, and heavy muscled and slick with sweat. I heard and felt the ripping of my sleeping shorts—and heavy breathing. Whoever it was was too agitated to just pull my pants off. I was wedged, facing up, in the back corner of the seat. The seat was wide and plush, I figured some older model car—something American and from the 60s, maybe.

Rough hands were forcing my thighs apart and raising my legs, and the man was between my legs, and I screamed as a cock far thicker than either Tyler’s or Mr. Collins’s split me and forced itself deep inside my channel and I was being furiously fucked. He bit into my nipple and I cried out in pain again. I began to sneeze from the dustiness of the sack over my head. I tried to suppress it, thinking, “No, please don’t take the sack off, please don’t take the sack off”—knowing that if he did I would see what he looked like. And if he didn’t care if I knew what he looked like, then . . .

I couldn’t suppress the sneezing, though, and also began to cough. And the sack was drawn off my head.

It was Mr. Collins’s gardener.

“Why?” I cried out.

He backhanded me across the face and growled, “Shut the fuck up.”

And I turned my head toward the window in the passenger door I was wedged up against and watched the storm roll over us. There was thunder and lightning aplenty, and it seemed like each clap of thunder and flash of lightning was accompanied by a ramrod splitting me asunder. Each time the thunder clapped, I lurched at the thrust of his cock inside me, each time thinking he couldn’t go further down inside me, widen my channel with his monster tool any wider, but, with each thunder clap, he did.

He fucked me with intense purpose and abandon, and I moaned and groaned at how much fuller and more intense his taking of me was than Tyler’s and Collins’s fuckings were. He wanted me and drilled me in ways they hadn’t done, moving deep inside me, relentlessly fucking, making me writhe and whimper and cry out, afraid of what came after this, and then, because he was at it so long and so deep, afraid that this was the last of me—fucked to death. I had ejaculated a long time before he exploded and fell on top of me, sweaty and panting. Holding me tight, his breathing becoming less ragged but his cock coming back to life inside me the longer he held me there.

The second fucking, in consort with the abating of the thunderstorm into a gentle rain, was slower, more methodic and longer, with his hands now searching my body more, as if assuring himself that I actually was here, that the snatch and furious fuck that went before were real, not just one of the longing wet dreams that had driven him to do this.

When he was finished, he covered my head with the sack again and went over the front seat back into the driver’s position while I whimpered, exhausted and taken as neither Tyler nor Mr. Collins had ever done with me.

We drove on for a half hour or more, and I sensed when we turned off asphalt and onto gravel and then, eventually onto dirt—probably mud now. The last quarter of a mile or more was on jarringly rough road.

I was bundled out of the car, across uneven dirt, and up onto a wooden porch—which I discern because I was barefooted, and then through a door which was closed behind us. I heard two bolts being thrown on the door and the scrape of a key in a lock. The sack was jerked off my head again.

He had prepared for me. This wasn’t a casual snatch. We were standing in a log cabin that was about twenty feet square. The windows were all shuttered from at least the inside. There was a double bed in one corner and chains were welded to the wall above the headboard. At the loose end of the chains were wrist clamps, and this was where the gardener herded me—over to the bed, where he pushed me down on my belly. He untied my binding and turned me over on my back on the bed and forcing my wrists into the wrist clamps. The chains attached to the walls were short, and I couldn’t move my hands below my shoulders as I lay on the bed.

The gardener stripped off his wet jeans and his briefs and came down on the bed, forcing his knees between my thighs and sliding them under my buttocks. Then he thrust his cock inside my channel again, and fucked me for a third time—long and hard, with animalistic noises like he’d been building up to do this for months and hadn’t had sex in the meantime.

He said nothing to me, didn’t answer my whimpered questions or respond to my pleadings. If he hadn’t told me to shut up in the car in half-decent English, I would have thought there was a language barrier between us. There certainly wasn’t any other barrier between us.

He got out of the bed and padded around turning off lights. I had only a brief opportunity to see what was there, while he was doing so. Just one room. A small kitchenette area over on the front wall by the door we’d come through. This bed was in one back corner and a raised tin square about three foot square was in the other back corner. A shower head was on the wall above this. A toilet was set in the wall at one side of the open shower square and a white porcelain sink on the other. Thus, the room was completely exposed. There was an old couch with the stuffing coming out. A small desk against the front wall, on the other side of the door from the kitchenette—with a laptop computer on it—a round wood table with three mismatched straight chairs in the center of the room, and an overstuffed chair that didn’t match the couch.

Just this one bed. When he’d turned out the lights, he came back to the bed and stretched beside me and almost instantly started to snore. It took me longer to go to sleep, and shortly after that, he was waking me again, turning me on my belly—with my chained arms crossed above me—and straddling my hips and fucking me again.

When I woke in the morning, he’d changed the chains. They were longer now, enough so that I could get out of the bed and stand and walk maybe three feet from the bed. There was a hunk of bread and a cup of cold coffee on the nightstand next to the bed and two tin bowls on the floor below that. One was about a third filled with water and there was a sponge floating in it. The other was empty and had a half of roll of toilet paper in it. I could pretty much tell what both of those bowls were for.

The gardener was pissing in the toilet on the other side of the room. He was still naked, as, of course, was I. I listened as he emptied his bladder in a long, steady stream going on for almost a minute.

I wolfed down the bread and drank the coffee as the gardener moved to the sink and brushed his teeth and shaved. He still looked like an Hispanic to me. But he had a well-worked body, muscles bulging on muscles, and his cock and balls were hanging heavy. He was taking side glances at me as I sat on the edge of the bed and chewed on the bread, and I could see that he was getting hard again.

So, I wasn’t surprised when he put his razor down when he’d only half shaved and came over and grabbed for my legs while I sat on the bed. I slapped at his hands as best I could and told him no as emphatically as I was able, but he just stunned me again with a backhanded slap across my face that snapped my head to one side, and roughly grabbed my legs, tipping me back on the bed, and crouched been my thighs and fucked me to his ejaculation.

When he was finished with me, he just left me there, my heels dug into the corners of the bed and my legs spread and trembling, and me moaning softly, and went back to his shaving. He took a shower, dressed in his gardening work clothes, and was gone for the rest of the day.

The first thing he did when he returned to the cabin that night was fuck me again. He obviously had been building up to this and looking forward to it for some time. After that, he usually didn’t do it more than once a day, but he never got tired of doing it.

When the first weekend came up, he brought out some red lace panties he had been keeping hidden somewhere, put a slit up the middle of them in back with a knife, and forced them over my legs. He then sat on the edge of the bed, forced me onto his lap and cock—through the slit in the panties—with me facing away from him and stroked my cock through the material of the panties until we both had come. He hung the torn panties with my cum in them on the bedpost, where they remained for a week. I now knew that he’d been peeping on me at Mr. Collins—and probably at my own house too while Tyler was fucking me.

And I now also knew what had prompted this elaborate scheme.

I stayed with Julio—for after the first few weeks I ascertained at least that much about him, that his name was Julio—for thirteen months. I knew it was thirteen months, because he had a calendar hanging above the desk and he delighted in marking off the days. He delighted even more in the first few weeks he held me captive in marking off each time he fucked me. And there were more of the latter marks than the former.

Slowly, over the initial months, he lengthened my chains in stages of trust. The longest addition, permitting me full access to the cabin so that I then could shower in the corner stall too and go to the toilet properly and have access to food and drink was the night I woke him up and straddled his cock and fucked myself on him. That was a watershed of him believing I wanted him now and that he’d won me over.

He took the shutters off the windows soon after that, and I discovered we were in the deep woods, with a clearing for a power line not far in front of the cabin and railroad tracks in back. I’d already ascertained that a train ran by somewhere near at three set times a day, as it was about the only sound of life outside the cabin I’d heard for two months at that point. It didn’t escape my notice either that the train ran slow in this section of the forest.

By that time I’d figured I was here for good—or at least until something drastic happened. No one had come for me; there was no hint that anyone was looking for me. And I thought that figured. I was over eighteen. The school system couldn’t touch me if I’d decided just to drop out. And Tyler wouldn’t come looking for me; he would just have figured that I’d had enough and had cleared out that night I disappeared. I had screamed obscenities at him the night I’d left—mad, frustrated, and angry that he’d tricked me into coming to his room on my own for the fuck and begging for the fuck—and taking all responsibility for it. Tyler would neither wonder at me leaving that night nor want anyone to look into my disappearance too closely.

So, I was on my own. And seeing the effect of initiating the fuck on Julio—which I had tried as an experiment—had given me hope of being able to work on his vanity. I was making use now of what Tyler had taught me in his conditioning—he had taught me to move from one frame of mind to another just by gradual reconditioning. In Julio’s case the method could still be sex, which Julio was obsessed with, but the goal would be developing a level of trust that would, I hoped, eventually set me free.

I made him believe I couldn’t get enough of his cock now—and I admitted even to myself that it was, indeed, a very nice cock. I went after him and gave him master head, something he’d never had done before, and more often than not I was initiating the sex—and complimenting him on what a great lover he was. I asked him to bring more lacy and silky panties, and we repeated the fetish that he seemed to enjoy so much.

Increasingly, he was giving me little freedoms and favors here and there. And I was showing appreciation for them and doing my best to convince him that I was here by choice now.

Then, purposely, I went into a blue funk. He, of course, asked me why, noticing that my end of the lovemaking had become lethargic. I told him I was bored—and wanted to use the Internet. He said that wasn’t possible. I cried and pouted and told him that I wanted to study—that I could complete my high school via the Internet by taking GED—general education diploma—classes on line. He told me he couldn’t really trust me alone on the Internet, and I said, he could use the keyboard and I’d just sit there and do the class work.

He wanted good sex again, so he gave in to me. I started working on a GED on line to complete my last year of high school—thinking that if nothing else in life I could try to fulfill the promise I’d made to my mother. And, in turn, I gave Julio great sex again.

After a month of acting as intermediary for my studies, Julio got bored and let me do the classes myself. I was careful to stick to only that on the Internet, though, as he tested me several times to make sure that was all I was doing. And I gave Julio really great sex, thinking of inventive positions that he’d never even dreamed of before.

I had him convinced in the first eight months that I couldn’t live without him, that all of the police in the state couldn’t close in on the cabin and pry me from his bed.

The chains came off completely. But I was still naked. Julio had never permitted me to wear a stitch of clothes. That was one hedge on me not going anywhere. He had locks on the doors of the drawers and closet he used for his clothes and he kept them all secure.

For a couple of more months he still locked me in the cabin and shuttered the windows, using the outside shutters, when he went to work. I gave him no reason to think I’d even thought about trying to escape, and I always had my legs open for him, begging for it, when he came home.

He was the world’s greatest stud. I couldn’t go five hours without a cocking by him and by him only. I made him believe that.

I had complete freedom of the cabin and its environs for a full month during which he laid many a scheme to catch any sign that I’d tried to leave him.

At the end of that month, I completely finished my online GED work. I went to a virtual graduation ceremony, without inviting Julio to it or telling him that I had finished the work—and had a graduation certificate waiting for me on line for whenever I wanted to download it.

The next day, a Tuesday, while Julio presumably was pruning Mr. Collins’s roses, I put on trousers and a T-shirt of Julio’s that I had kept out of the wash and Julio hadn’t noticed were missing when he’d locked his clothes away, dug the pair of old boots out from under the bed that Julio had thought he’d taken to the dump with other trash, and held my breath until I heard the whistle of the train somewhere down the track, where it blew its whistle three times a day at almost exactly the same time.

Jill brought enough cash to pay for a taxi there and back, and of course, buy a couple of the largest realistic dildos ever made for the inflated thousand-dollar price.

It had started raining on the way to the bookstore. She was glad she had worn a pair of old high-heeled sandals, but wished she had brought an umbrella.

She waited a moment before stepping out of the cab, hoping the rain would die down.

The taxi driver said he would have to turn the meter back on if she stayed in his cab much longer. She asked if he had a newspaper – anything to keep her hair dry – and he handed her a three day-old copy of the Times.

As if on cue, the rain fell harder and the wind blew faster as soon as Jill stepped out of the taxi. She held the paper above and to the side of her head, managing to keep her face and hair dry, but little else. Her white blouse was plastered to her skin.

She shivered as soon as she walked through the door.

Jill stood on the floor mat just inside the door, water dripping from her blouse and skirt.

This wasn’t the statement she had in mind.

She had wanted to make every man in the store drool over her, but she especially wanted the rude store owner to get an eyeful.

Instead, she looked like she fell in a swimming pool and managed to keep her head above water. She was drenched.

The rude store owner was nowhere in sight, either. A short black woman was behind the counter in his place.

“You lost, white girl?” the black woman asked, “or are you trickin’?”

Shivering, Jill managed to explain the story of the bachelorette party and the remaining party favors she was yet to buy.

“Yeah, that T.J. is an asshole, sometimes,” the black woman. “Sorry about that and all. He not all there, ya’ know?”

Jill smiled, shaking.

The black woman pressed a button and spoke into a microphone on the counter. Her voice carried to the back of the store, “Dee, you got your gym bag here?”

“Iris, I told you I ain’t going to the gym in this weather,” a voice answered.

“Well, bring it up here. I might need some of yo’ stuff.” Iris added.

Iris looked at Jill. Where Iris was short, black, and very heavy around the butt and legs, Jill was tall, white, and slender but curvy in all the right places.

“You sure you not ho’in?” Iris asked.

“Positive. Married, mother, real estate agent. I just want to buy those toys and go home.” Jill answered. “This was just to get into T.J.’s head so maybe he wouldn’t be so mean. So much for that idea, huh?”

“Well, look at you, though. You gonna get pneumonia in those clothes. Dee, here, has sweatpants and a sweatshirt you can wear if you want to try to give your clothes a chance to dry a bit.” Iris took the gym bag from Dee, the patron from earlier.

Jill looked at Dee. “You work here?”

“Yeah, sometimes.” Dee answered. “The rest of the time I’m a fireman. This isn’t glamorous or nothin’, but sis’ needs me to keep the trouble out, so I do.”

“Well, that’s very nice of you.” Jill shifted. “Dee.”

“Dee, why don’t you sho’ Red to one of the booths so she can get out of her wet clothes?” Iris saw the look on Dee’s face, and then added, “So she can change into your gym clothes while they dry.” Dee frowned slightly.

“I’m gonna see where T.J. put those two dildos.” Iris walked to the back of the store.

An elderly black man entered the store while two middle-aged black men walked out. Another two men exited the video booth area as Dee showed Jill to a vacant viewing booth.

“Ever been in one of these?” Dee asked.

“No, why?” Jill lied.

“Well, you have to be careful. Sometimes the floor can be slippery. Mostly from guys beatin’ off and not having the courtesy to nut in a hanky or somethin’ like dat.” Dee explained. He opened the door for her.

Jill walked inside, taking the clothes from Dee, and then closing the door behind her. Elsewhere, she could hear tokens dropping into video machines, and movies begin playing, skipping, and playing again as the occupants changed channels.

She heard someone enter the video booth to her right and caught a glimpse of an eyeball peering through the waist-high hole in the wall between her booth and his.

A moment later, someone entered the booth to Jill’s left and immediately deposited several tokens into the viewing machine. She bent over and looked through the hole on the left to try to see the movie the occupant was watching.

The occupant to her left had unzipped his pants and was quickly stroking himself to erection as he watched a tanned goddess get slapped in the face with a fat, flaccid black dick. The tanned blonde then leaned back while the large black man squatted over her face. The blonde in the video licked the underside of the man’s scrotum, and then licked around his anus before finally plunging her tongue deep inside his hole.

“Wow.” Jill said quietly. “I’m not sure if I should be grossed out or turned on.”

Jill’s clothes were still dripping wet, creating new puddles in the video booth. She stood up and peeled off her wet clothes, including her bra. Jill put on the sweatshirt first, and when she could see that it was as big as a dress, she folded the over-sized sweatpants.

She had already added to the mess on the floor, so she didn’t think a little more water would hurt anything. She wrung out her shirt and bra, and rolled her skirt several times until most of the water was out, then spread everything on the back of the single chair in the booth.

She bent over to see how the occupant was coming along on her left only to find the booth empty and the video screen cycling through previews. She hadn’t brought her purse, so she tucked her driver’s license and money in her bra. Thankfully, only the outside $100 bill was wet.

She carefully stepped to the right side booth. An eye continued to watch her. He probably watched as she undressed, and who could blame him? Video is one thing, but she was a real-live redheaded white woman, barely out of reach.

Jill wondered what Iris and Dee would think of her if she went out to buy some tokens. Surely, they must have been wondering what she was doing in there. Maybe they figured she was afraid to walk out in oversized sweatpants, sweatshirt, and slinky high-heeled sandals.

“Psst.” Jill whispered to the staring eye.

There was no response.

“Psst. Can I buy some tokens from you?” Jill asked.

The eye blinked and then the occupant stood up. Jill looked back at her door.

“Hey…” Jill started.

“Be quiet.” The occupant’s voice sounded familiar. “I’ll get you all the tokens you want, but you have to be quiet.”

“Dee?” Jill asked.

She was answered with the sight of several tokens being dropped through the hole and falling onto the wet floor. She reached her hand through the hole and felt a very large hand grab hold of hers. She then felt a role of tokens pushed into her hand.

She carefully pulled her hand and tokens back through the hole, stood up, and clicked toward the video screen. Jill watched as the previews cycled. When she was satisfied there was material worth watching, she deposited the entire roll into the coin slot.

She stepped back toward the chair and sat on the folded sweatpants. She selected the tanned blonde video that the left occupant had been watching.

The blonde was having her pussy stuffed by a fat, but not particularly long black cock. The girl looked barely twenty years old, but the black man could have been in his fifties. Judging by the blonde’s pigtails, “old black man does little white girl” seemed to be the intended plot of the story. It worked for the guy that had been in the booth on the left, so it worked for Jill.

There were no windows or window ledges in this particular booth, so Jill had to hold her feet up as she began fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her abdominal muscles rippled as she raised her legs and leaned back.

She found her rhythm and felt her clit swell under her fingers.

There was a knock at the door.

Jill stood up too quickly and almost slipped. She felt dizzy. Could she still be drunk?

She pulled the sweatshirt down around her hips, not realizing she was only barely covering her pussy.

It was Dee with a bag.

“Here, I already paid for them. Said I would, so here.” Dee whispered.

“I can pay you. I brought money.” Jill said.

“No, it’s okay, as long as you keep doin’ what yo’ doin’ and don’t mind if I watch.” Dee said with the sound of hope in his voice.

“I don’t mind.” Jill took the bag and looked inside. Two dildos and another roll of tokens were barely visible. “Thank you, Dee.”

Jill closed the door and hung the bag on the doorknob. She slid the sliding latch to lock the door, but knew it was really just there for looks. A soft breeze could probably blow the door open.

She reached into the bag and found the elusive toy that had caused so much trouble. It wasn’t very wide, but it was eighteen inches long. The box claimed it had a realistic foreskin, floating balls in the sack, and the shaft had something called “jack-o-matic” action. She turned the box over and could see that – with batteries installed – the shaft shortened and lengthened, requiring the user to simply hold it steady and the toy would do all the pumping.

“I’ll save that one for later.” Jill carefully put the box back in the bag. She reached for the other one, which was only a foot long in comparison, but as wide as her forearm.

It had no moving parts, but was beautifully sculpted. Jill quickly pulled it out of its carton and sat back in the chair.

The blonde in the video was alternating between having the fat cock fill her pussy, to having it fill her mouth. Jill rubbed the toy up and down on her pussy, rotating it until the entire head and shaft was slick with her wetness.

As the old man turned the blonde over and mounted her from behind, Jill eased the head of the toy inside her pussy. She could see eyes looking at her from the left and right holes. In the background, dozens of other video machines were having tokens simultaneously deposited in them.

Jill licked her lips and pushed the toy inside her farther.

The screen suddenly went blank.

Light from the adjacent booths was just enough to see the bag hanging on the doorknob. Jill reached inside and pulled out the other roll of tokens.

Before depositing the roll, though, Jill decided to really give Dee and the other occupant a show and removed the sweatshirt.

When the video screen came back to life, everyone watching her was treated to Jill’s full breasts, shaved pussy, curvy legs and pretty feet in high heels.

Everyone included the man on her left, Dee on her right, the other video booths, and Iris, watching at the front of the store – all thanks to a hidden security camera.

In the back of the store, everything was captured on videotape.

Jill sat back down and rubbed the wet dong on her breasts before placing the toy in her mouth. She was no stranger to the taste of her own wetness, and licked the entire shaft.

“Mmmmm.” Jill said, looking at Dee’s staring eye. She had no doubt he was stroking his large, thick cock in the other booth, and that seemed to turn her on even more.

She pushed the toy back inside her pussy while her other hand feverishly rubbed her clit.

In the video, the blonde was now on top of the older black man, facing away from him, and toward the camera. Jill knew these were actors, and the girl was being paid to look like she liked being fucked by this fat black dick, but the girl didn’t looked like she ever went to acting school.

She was either a natural actress, or she was really enjoying the fuck she was receiving. The possibility that the girl may have been on drugs never entered Jill’s mind.

Jill pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and deeper, but she couldn’t bring herself to orgasm. She finally withdrew the toy from her aching pussy and clicked over to the hole on the right.

“Dee.” She whispered. “Come in here.”

She put the toy and her wet clothes in the bag and unlocked the door.

Dee quietly stepped inside.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He had just broken up with his college girlfriend, and hadn’t gotten laid in three weeks. He almost never masturbated, and his balls were telling him he was overdue.

“I don’t have a condom – they don’t make them big enough.” Dee said.

Jill’s pussy gushed with anticipation. “Tell me you’re clean. No diseases, right? You’re a good fireman?”

“I’m clean, little lady.” Dee answered, placing his large hands on her waist as he bent down to kiss Jill on the lips.

Jill opened her mouth, inviting his large tongue as she guided one of his hands to her pussy. Dee gently pinched her clit before sliding a finger inside her.

“You sho’ are wet, little lady.” Dee said between kisses.

“You’re making me wetter.” Jill confided.

Even Iris was getting turned on watching her brother finger this skinny white girl.

Jill reached down and felt the outline of Dee’s swollen cock through his pants.

“It’ll get bigger.” Dee said as he slid a second large finger inside Jill’s pussy. His thumb gently rubbed her clit as his fingers pressed up, rubbing in time with his thumb.

Her orgasm took her by surprise.

Jill came hard, soaking Dee’s hand as her legs went limp. Dee reached back and held her up, cupping an entire ass cheek in his hand. His large forefinger brushed against her anus.

Jill barely caught her breath before she bent over, trying to figure out how to undo Dee’s belt.

“You don’t have to do that, little lady.” Dee said.

“I want to.” Jill said, kissing him as she struggled with his belt.

“Dat bitch in heat,” Iris said, watching the little monitor under the counter.

The pay-per-view patrons in the other video booths likely thought the same.

Iris could hear the tokens cascading into the coin slots of the video machines and smiled.

Dee pushed Jill back while he undid his belt. He opening his fly and lowered his pants, never taking his eyes off of her. She looked whiter than she actually was with her red hair, soft overhead blue-white light, deep-red painted finger and toenails, and black high-heeled sandals.

When Dee lowered his silk boxers, Jill gasped. His flaccid tool resembled two soda cans in a black sock. Only the head of his shaft looked normal and familiar, being only slightly larger than her husbands.

Jill’s heels clicked as she carefully approached Dee. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do next. She had just wanted to see his manhood.

Now that she had seen it, she wanted to touch it.

She kissed Dee with an open mouth, which he quickly filled with his tongue. Jill reached down, trying to hold his thickening shaft with one hand. She was surprised by it’s weight.

Dee cupped one of Jill’s breasts, pinching her nipple harder than she thought he would.

“It’s not for show.” Dee said as Jill rubbed herself on his clothing.

“What’s not for sure?” Jill asked, panting.

“I mean it’s not for looks. When I take it out, it’s to use it.” Dee looked down at his half-erect shaft.

Jill could barely put her hand around it. As it swelled, her thumb and forefinger were separated by at least two inches.

Jill squatted in front of Dee and lifted his large dick to her lips. She licked the shaft, and even spit on it a few times as she had seen in the movie she was just watching. Her mouth would only open so wide, though.

“I want to make you come. I really do. But I can’t get it in my mouth.” Jill panted, trying her best to stroke his larger-than-life black cock.

“Then get it in your pussy.” Dee said, less friendly. He sat down in the chair, his wet tool bobbing up slightly.

Jill’s clit throbbed as she thought about Dee’s manhood filling her like no man had ever done before.

Dee handed her another roll of tokens and she put all of them into the machine.

When she turned around, Dee had taken off his shirt.

He had a few tattoos, but what she really noticed were his muscles. His chest was big, his arms were big, and his waist was a rippled mess of muscle.

She could see eyes peering at her from the adjacent video booths.

She turned her back to Dee and stepped backwards, straddling his lap.

Jill bent over, reached down, and guided the head of his large cock to her pussy. She grunted and exhaled but was wet enough to fit half his length inside her. She leaned back against his massive chest and placed one of his hands on her breasts and the other on her clit. Jill then attempted to lower herself on him further.

Jill watched as the tanned blonde in the video was doing the same thing to the old black man, except she had her feet on the man’s knees.

Jill carefully kicked off each sandal and placed each foot on Dee’s large legs. This allowed another two inches inside her, and she fucked herself harder.

“My poor husband. This black dick is three times the size of his.” Jill thought to herself, but only for a second. The thought went away as she felt the first wave of another orgasm overtake her.

She bucked hard against Dee and drenched his balls.

Iris manipulated the joystick so the little security camera could focus on Jill’s pretty feet, shapely legs, flat stomach, and hairless pussy. Iris paused for a moment on Jill’s large clit, but became confused when Jill suddenly stood up. Everything went out of focus.

“What the hell she doin’ now?” Iris said to herself, not realizing she had been squeezing one of her own nipples.

Jill stood up, making sloshing sounds when her feet hit the floor as well as when Dee’s hard dick popped out of her stretched pussy.

“I ain’t finished, yet, little lady.” Dee said, proud of the fully erect black statue on his lap.

Jill turned to face him. She bent over and licked her juices from his shaft, down to his balls. She licked under his scrotum, around his legs, and then up to his chest. Jill sucked on his nipples, then his neck and finally his mouth.

She dug her knees under his armpits, while come and water dripped from her toes.

Jill fed him her breasts, and then eased her soaked pussy onto his erect shaft. There was no need to hold his slick cock as he penetrated her. The head easily found her stretched opening. She lowered herself further and when she had about half his length inside her, began rocking her hips fore and aft.

“Is this better?” whispered in Dee’s ear.

Dee reached down and took each of Jill’s ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed hard. Jill winced in pain as the shock of it allowed another two inches of his cock inside her.

“You tell me.” Dee whispered back.

Jill teetered between pain and pleasure as she continued to rock her hips back and forth. As she arched her back, her clit made full contact on the top of his shaft.

Jill panted, then whimpered as she could feel herself on the brink of another orgasm. Dee was barely breaking a sweat.

“You’re gonna fuck me all night, aren’t you?” Jill gasped.

“I’d say you’re doin’ all the fuckin’ little lady,” Dee smiled and kissed her.

He put a middle finger in Jill’s mouth, and Jill sucked on it as best she could between breaths. Her back and chest were drenched with sweat, and her hair was matted on her forehead and neck.

Dee reached down and spread Jill’s ass cheeks.

Moans filled the room as a few of the occupants in the other video booths reached orgasm.

Jill was expecting another painful squeeze followed by Dee’s massive dick splitting her in two.

Instead, she was introduced to his wet middle finger penetrating her asshole.

Jill came instantly, but not without yelling, “Fuck! Yes! Fuck!” at least a dozen times.

Her pussy tightened around Dee’s shaft but her anus remained inviting as he continued to finger her butthole.

Dee’s load was substantial. Come instantly oozed from Jill’s pussy around his cock.

Iris’ camera zoomed in on Dee’s finger still inside Jill’s asshole.

Upon first sighting of Samantha Marbalene, Tony gave his initial rundown of her. This was routine with every girl he saw—whether he was looking at her to judge sexually or not. He liked to think of himself as a high-classed man, not a low-life scumbag who checks out every girl he sees. But for as long as he’s known himself sexually, he cannot simply look at a woman and not her assets. He keeps his thoughts to himself, of course, but it doesn’t stop him from thinking.

Samantha took a seat in the front row of the lecture hall. She wore cutoff shorts, a low-scoop, black tank top, All-Star converse shoes, and had her short, blonde hair pulled back with a black headband. A glorious red flower pinned next to her temple. She was tanned with a faultless frame, sparkling deep blue eyes and a smooth face. There wasn’t a doubt in Tony’s mind that she was perfect. The tops of her mounds on her chest poked through her hugging top, her legs were long and muscular, luscious as she crossed them in her desk. A flat stomach hid beneath her clothes, and she had a single star tattoo on the top of her arm.

Her eyes flickered up to his as she got out her notebook and set it on her desk. A flash of a breath-taking smile flitted at her lips before they went smooth and pursed again and she looked down. Tony took a deep breath to corral his thoughts, but immediately his mind went off on a thousand different erotic fantasies of her. How could she be sitting there so nonchalantly and not notice the dazzling beauty she brought with her?

His first sighting of her sent a surge of desire through his body, that sizzled in his cock threatening to bulge out of his pants. Perhaps the most desirable part about her was that she was completely forbidden—off-limits in the most frustrating way. She was a student, maybe twenty years old at the oldest, and delicately innocent in this world.

Tony hastily recomposed himself and stood at the head of the lecture room right on the hour. The large class of 300 students grew quiet and their eyes gazed on him. He felt like he’d done this routine a thousand times before—first day of classes—but having Samantha Marbalene sitting in a front row desk, watching him incessantly, made everything seem new. For a moment he was at a loss of words, especially as his eyes accidentally brushed over hers for a moment and the fantasies throttled his thoughts. He turned to the whiteboard and wrote out his name.

“Professor Lipton,” he announced. “No substitutes, please. I once had a student call me Iced Tea. Never again…”

A couple of snickers broke out across the classroom. Tony couldn’t help but notice Samantha smiling at his joke. A powerful wave of desire coursed through him again but his eyes wavered before it could take control of him. He paced the room with a marker behind his back.

Tony was a well-loved professor at the university—known for making students feel at home and relaxed with his witty jokes and marvelous sense of humor. Usually, a biology lecture would be gravestone boring. But with him teaching it, a lightness floated about the room and students eagerly awaited his classes. He took pride in that. He liked his job.

Every student filled out a sheet that outlined who they were and what they were majoring in. Most of the time, Tony wouldn’t get around to reading half of them, but he knew he’d look up a particular one as soon as he had the time. He watched diligently from his podium as Samantha filled hers out and dropped it off on the front table before leaving elegantly through the back doors. Tony watched her round, perfect ass disappear through the doors.

Once she was gone, he impatiently waited for the other students to leave, and as soon as he was alone, he sifted through the stack of papers until he found hers at the bottom of the pile. She had curly, neat handwriting that scribbled across the page in black ink. He folded the paper and tucked it into his bag. Tony hardly recognized this sort of behavior—rarely does a random girl catch his eye like that. And never to this sort of obsessive degree. He wondered whether he would start developing a fetish with crushing on his students, and he shivered at the thought.

Regardless of his morals, he got back to his large apartment in downtown and took out Samantha Marbalene’s paper from his bag. He watched the curve of her letters and he was instantly reminded of the curves of her body. A craving from deep inside his gut longed for her. He didn’t understand why she had captured his attention so fully, but it was clear that he would do anything to have his way with her. And in reality that probably won’t happen—she’s a student. What sort of erotic fantasies about a student come true? Tony will soon find out…a lot.

The first month of classes went by in a hazy blur. Tony concentrated on lecturing the students about principals of biology and evolution and before he knew it the next test was right around the corner. He assigned a five-page essay due the day of the test.

And when home alone at night, Tony would think about Samantha Marbalene. She always sat in the front of the classroom with a luxurious wardrobe that thoroughly enhanced her beauty. She would smile occasionally but Samantha was a peculiarly quiet girl—she didn’t converse much with the other students. And by the few questions she’d answered in class, Tony’s concluded she’s astoundingly intelligent. There’s no doubt in his mind that she will ace the upcoming test. It only turned him on more to her. Hearing her voice on those rare occasions, seeing her diligently taking notes and paying attention to what he had to teach, and her profoundly beautiful body was translating into an animalistic craving for her Tony couldn’t ignore. When he’d think about Samantha Marbalene alone at night, his cock would be stick stiff, throbbing to the point of surging pain, and even the most erotic and vigorous masturbation wouldn’t completely satisfy him.

He tried watching porn again to get his mind off of Samantha, but it wasn’t the same as when he was younger. All he wanted, all her hungered for, was her and nobody else.

The next day, Samantha didn’t show up to class. It consumed him with disappointment and worry for her—she never ditched class. He trudged his way to his office in the next building and sat down at his computer, preparing to go through the hundreds of e-mails in his inbox. He was interrupted about ten minutes later by a knock on his door.

He turned and there stood Samantha Marbalene, standing in the doorway to his office. He froze for a second before recomposing himself. She was as beautiful as ever, wearing a blue t-shirt that stopped halfway down her mid-drift and revealed a few inches of delicious tan waist. She also wore a short, frilly white skirt with a pair of sandals. Her eyes watched him, blinking innocently, with those sparkly blue eyes.

“Hello Professor Lipton,” she said in that rich voice, sounding like golden honey in the air. Tony found his mouth watering watching those pink-frosted lips move. “I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the upcoming test.”

Tony cleared his throat. “Of course, have a seat,” he said, waving to the chair across his desk. Samantha smiled sweetly, tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as she clutched at the strap of her bag over her shoulder and sat down on her pretty little ass. Damn, Tony wished he was that chair and he imagined how it’d feel to have those round, bony ass cheeks wiggling in his lap. His cock throbbed under the desk with the thought. “What can I help you with?” he asked.

Samantha folded her hands in her lap and stared relentlessly at him. There was s light pink flush in her cheeks. “I didn’t totally understand the stages of mitosis material you covered. You mentioned something about crossing over but I didn’t catch what exactly that was. It’s been bothering me.”

Tony just smiled to her and flipped through some folders until he found the printed PowerPoint slides describing and illustrating crossing over. He handed the packet to her and diligently went through each process. It wasn’t so simple as teaching a lost student about the material, because it was Samantha. As Tony talked, he couldn’t but notice she didn’t once look down at the papers in front of them, she just watched him. When he finished, Samantha thanked him shyly and tucked the papers away into her bag. Tony leaned back in his chair but carefully hid the protruding tent in his pants from her view.

“You’re a really good student, Samantha,” he said. “I missed you today in class.”

Samantha bit her lip endearingly with a sheepish smile and her cheeks turned pink. His dick was suddenly even harder, if that was even possible. “Oh…I was writing the essay.” She nodded her head as she met his eyes. “I’m writing it on twins, actually.”

“Really?” he asked, raising his eyebrows impressively. “Why twins?”

“I had one once,” she said. Tony leaned forward again with interest. “But she died when we were infants. We were born connected, you know? The stages of mitosis got screwed up in the womb and we had the same skull fused together. My sister had to die in order for me to survive, or the other way around.” She leaned forward and pulled back some of her shiny, short blonde hairs on her skull and revealed a bumpy pink scar along her scalp. Tony nodded with interest.

“Fascinating,” he concurred. “I can see why you’d want to write about it.” He paused, eying her.

“I brought it with me…I was wondering if you’d want to read it?” she asked. He nodded, fingering her to hand it over.

“Of course, I’d be happy to,” he said. Smiling eagerly, she dove into her bag and pulled out her essay, handing it over. He flipped it to the first page and read it all the way through as she waited patiently for him to finish. As he read the last sentence and looked up, she was smiling in a much-too-unfairly seductive way. His cock still throbbed with yearning in his pants and he began to feel a dribble of precum coat his underwear. Slowly, he set the papers down, just watching her.

“It’s very good,” he said. Samantha smiled even brighter.

“Thank you,” she purred. She took her papers back and stood up to leave. “Anyway, I’ll leave you be. Thanks again, Professor.”

She was at the doorway when Tony felt like a rubber band snap into his face. He didn’t know why all of his morals suddenly flew out the window behind him but he called at her. “Samantha, wait!”

She swung around, her eyes open and curious.

“I’d like to talk with you,” Tony said, waving to the chair again. Samantha closed the door and took a seat without question.

“About what?” she wondered.

“About you.”

He really couldn’t believe he was being honest with her. Why was he dooming himself to revealing his true feelings?

Samantha tilted her head and smiled innocently. “What about me?”

“You’re a very fascinating student,” Tony supplied lamely. “I’d like to know more about you.”

“Okay…like what?”

“Where are you from?” he started.

“Ohio,” she said. “Went to high school there and everything. Moved out here to study biology.”

“Good choice,” he said. She giggled under her breath shyly. “Are you enjoying it here?”

“Very much so.”

“Friends? Boyfriend?”

Samantha chuckled with a pink flush in her cheeks. “I’ve made a few new friends, but no boyfriend, no. I don’t think I’m the boyfriend type, actually. Too busy and all that.”

Tony grinned triumphantly and he hoped it didn’t come off that way. If it did, Samantha didn’t notice and her innocent expression didn’t change. He tried to come up with another question but he found himself just laughing without anything to say.

“What?” she asked with a giggle.

“Uh…” He rubbed his forehead with his hand. “Samantha, I…”

Both went quiet for a while and he chuckled a few more times.

“I’m very attracted to you,” he admitted.

Samantha giggled once before her expression turned to one of a surprise. But it wasn’t a disgusted surprise, she actually raised her eyebrows with a sly smile. “What?” she asked again.


“You’re attracted to me?” she repeated. Tony sighed and nodded, meeting her eyes as he swung back his hair.

“Yes. Very,” he said. Samantha held a placid expression for a while until it exploded into a very sexy, intrigued curiosity. Her eyes flickered over him as she was gaining bravery with that knowledge. He couldn’t move. He expected her to feel uncomfortable and excuse herself from the suddenly tense room, but she did the opposite. She leaned in closer to him, still smiling.

“Well, I think you’re hot,” she said softly, seductively. Her eyes flickered downwards until they met his fascinated eyes again. “All the girls who take your class fantasize about you. Even me. I mean, you’re young and you’re attractive…” Tony thought Samantha was innocent. He found out he was sadly mistaken of that fact.

“I’m easily ten years older than you are,” Tony blurted. Samantha looked sideways at him with fake hurt.

“I just turned twenty, thank you very much.” Tony looked upwards with a smile and nodded his head from side to side in thought.

“Alright, eight then,” he admitted. Samantha giggled as she stood up from her chair. She checked to make sure the door was shut and there were no windows (none besides the one that faced the wall of trees and bushes outside) before she strode over to his side of the desk. As soon as she rounded the corner her eyes glanced to his bulge and fixated there as she licked her lips

“Just say no if you want me to stop,” she murmured softly as she approached him. He said nothing so she continued. “I’m really wet…” She stuck her hand down the front of her skirt, into her panties, and when she pulled it back out her fingers were glistening with her abundant juices. Tony nearly came right then and an animalistic growl escaped from his throat. He couldn’t help himself and reached forward and grabbed her thighs, pulling her on top of him on the chair. To finally feel her skin, to feel her on top of him, his hands on her precious body, Tony felt a distinct tightening in his balls that fired a full erection in his pants.

Samantha’s pink lips found his and she played with him sensually before he parted her mouth and explored her tongue with his own. She tasted sweet like honey. A little tangy, too, like his favorite fruit. She moaned delicately and his hands clutched her waist before pulling up her shirt and releasing her breasts from her bra. Her shirt and bra fell to the floor and her breasts dangled loosely in front of him. She clutched at his hair as he leaned forward and sucked one pointed coral nipple into his mouth and played with the hardened tip with his tongue. She gasped with delight as he bit playfully and continued to flick with his tongue. He released her breast and found her mouth again as he settled her on top of his desk.

Breathing hard with arousal, they both scrambled impatiently to get the objects on the table out of the way. A box of pencils fell to the floor and scattered right as Tony reached under her skirt and rubbed against her amazingly soaked silk panties. Samantha threw her head back with a cry as he stroked faster. He pulled her panties down to her ankles and touched her sweet, wet folds of her pussy with his hands. He opened her lips and rubbed delicately at her red, beaded clit with his index finger. As he flicked and tapped in circles her cries grew increasingly louder with an approaching climax.

“Put your fingers in there,” she asked, her voice coarse with desire and lust. She grabbed one of his hands and put his fingers in his mouth. She moaned as he lubed one of his fingers with his spit and carefully penetrated her tight, clenching pussy hole. It was so hot and moist and alive in there and he longed to have his cock penetrate that cave and have her muscles milk around his shaft.

He slid his finger in and out of her, slowly and first and then he increased speed and Samantha writhed on the desktop, gasping in pleasure as her pussy muscles continued to take him in and clench around his fingers. He found her clit with his tongue and flicked a few times before taking it between his lips and licked incessantly, unleashing a torrent of pleasure to her. Her body shook with her orgasm as her strangled cries pierced the room. Her hands knotted into his hair and pressed his face closer to her as he continued to lick her pussy and finger fuck her.

“Tony!” she cried. He was surprised she used his first name. Had she rehearsed this? “Oh, Tony!”

Her muscles tightened in her pleasure around his fingers and her hips rocked erotically against his face as her orgasm continued for another moment or so. Her pussy tasted sweeter than her mouth as her juices dribbled out around his fingers and around his tongue. She breathed heavy, shaky breaths in the aftermath of her orgasm and he removed his fingers and surfaced his face. He needed to be inside her—he longed for his achingly throbbing cock to feel what his fingers felt. She shimmied out of her skirt and tossed it aside as Tony slid his pants down his legs and finally unleashed his stiff cock to fresh air. It twitched with the new room it had to expand and grow even larger. Samantha watched it with interest as he rubbed it once with his hands before he aimed it towards her eagle-spread legs and pressed his precum-coated head into the sensitive entrance of her pussy.

He pushed his way inside her extremely tight hole and she moaned in pleasure at each stroke. Her muscles clenched at him and he groaned loudly as he began to thrust lightly in his lusty hunger. Her pussy expanded and tightened as he thrust and the wildly hot and moist cave had his balls squeezing tighter and tighter and a growing heat began at the back of his spine. Samantha looked up at him with her eyes wide with lust and her mouth open in a moan and surprise as his balls and thighs slapped against her ass. He increased the speed of his thrusts and Samantha’s mouth fell open in ecstasy and she came hard, her body thrashing as fantastically as her pussy muscles around his cock.

“Ohhh, Samantha,” Tony groaned under his breath. “God, Samantha…so fucking beautiful.”

She squeaked wordlessly in response.

Tony felt his release spurt inside her, again and again, as his seed burst up into her pussy and she milked him with her orgasm. The heat from his spine shot forward through his cock with his last stream of spunk into her crevice. He groaned in release as she moaned softly, shaking in her aftermath. He removed his cock of her hole and it was covered in cum and a few streams of it dribbled out of her hole and down her ass and pooled on his desk. It was fucking hot.

He rubbed his softening cock as his balls loosened again and his penis lost its stiffness. Samantha got up from the desk and bent over, exposing her white, luscious tushy to him. He grabbed those incredible soft ass cheeks and licked at the entrance to her anus. She moaned and her knees quivered as he teased her with his tongue. He inserted a finger into her pussy and lubed it with cum and then rubbed it all along the opening to her asshole. The rose-shaped muscles of her sphincter loosened and he gently poked his wet finger into her hole up to the first joint. He poked her, in and out, until she loosened completely and she was gasping in content, pleasure, and arousal. She began to shake, her thighs twitching.

Tony’s cock hardened again within a moment and eagerly he stood up and eased his dickhead around the opening of her anus and tickled her sphincter. She moaned a whine as she reached back and stroked his cock once with her hand and then guided him towards her anus and had him penetrate her.

“Fuck me there,” she pleaded. “Fuck my ass.”

He pushed his way inside and started to slide against the walls of her ass. She gasped in pain and pleasure and slowly her muscles relaxed and she was groaning energetically with each of his thrusts. Feeling her white-hot muscles around his cock was heaven, the smooth interior of her ass sucking at him and giving as he shoved deeper each time.

The Ranchero was a bull-riding bar, complete with sawdust and peanut shells on the floor and a twangy country and western voice singing a “girl done gone up and left me” song assaulted a raucous crowd of men from the rafters. The basement club was set smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, but you’d never know it was there—unless you were a gay male, cruised, and liked both riding and talking the bull.

It was a place where guys could project themselves out of the canyons of skyscrapers by putting on their jeans and checked shirts, red bandanas, cowboy boots, and ten gallon hats and exchanging their workday martinis for mugs of Coors beer and a slug of chawin’ tabbaca. And it was a place where cowpokes could mill around and tease each other about riding, and horse hung, and free ranging and might even wind up hooked up for a personal little rodeo.

Those gathered around the bar and sitting in the straight-backed wooden chairs around the oak barrel-based tables wedged up to the edge of the show platform put up a cheer as a voice announced over the loudspeaker. “Time for the bull.” There were cat calls and yodels as the voice continued. “First up is our own Jake—just to show those of you just in off the range for the first time how it’s done. Then you can try your own hand at it if you want. $30 a ride, unless you do it with just chaps and a jock, in which case it’s $10 and any tips you get.” An even louder roar met this announcement. “And, oh by the way, if it’s Jake you want to ride rather than the bull, that will be $100.” The place went wild.

The house went dim and spots came up on the center platform, on which stood—dominating the entire club room—a mechanical bull.

Cheers were renewed as Jake came out from in back of the club and sauntered toward the mechanical bull. He was wearing just a red thong and reddish-brown chaps, a red bandana, a ten-gallon hat, and spurred boots.

The bull began to rock gently as Jake approached it, and he swung up easily into the saddle. Jake was a sandy-haired lad of no more than eighteen or nineteen. Lithe but hard muscled and smooth skinned. Not an ounce of baby fat and a sheepish “oh gosh” grin that made him look inviting and vulnerable all at the same time.

And could he ride a bull. It wasn’t long before the bull was tossing this way and that way, but Jake held the saddle and swung his ten-gallon hat above his head. He put on an awesome show, mesmerizing the guys gathered around him, jaws dropped to chests, as they followed the undulating of Jake’s bull-worked muscles and dreamed their little dreams.

Jake looked out over the crowd. Times like this he liked picking out the faces, liked looking for the best-looking guy in the crowd and of what he was thinking as he watched Jake ride the bull. Was Jake turning him on, making him think of how much he wanted to ride Jake? This is what Jake did this for—not for the money—but for the thoughts of turning these guys on, of having a room full of horny, good-looking guys, all wanting to fuck him.

One face out there arrested his attention. Not the youngest or best looking of the faces Jake had focused on during the ride. And not adoring and drooling. More intense, more possessive, harder. Jake shivered and pulled his gaze away from that face, looking for what he really liked. But he found he kept returning to that face, which remained immobile, staring him down, pulling him in from across the crowd.

Jake was done, once more taming the bull, and while the voice over the loudspeaker cajoled someone from the crowd to try riding the mechanical device, Jake moved toward the back of the club through an avenue of fans, which parted for his progress as he walked like he was a victorious fighter returning to the dressing room after a knockout. As Jake walked, men were touching him, and talking to him—some dirty, some with admiration, some calling out phone numbers and related propositions—and several were slipping ones and fives in the waistband of his thong. All Jake could see, though, was that one face in the crowd.

If there was more action for him after a bull ride, Ted would be waiting at the back area door with the john and the c-spot in his hand. Nothing like that tonight, though, so Jake pushed on through the beaded curtain separating the club room from the back area warren of corridors and rooms, some of the rooms outfitted with beds in a bunk room motif.

Jake took in a ragged breath as he was walking past the fuck rooms toward his own dressing room when he saw a figure emerge from the shadows. The face from the crowd. Three fifties in his hand.

There was no need to ask what the man wanted, and no reason to haggle. The three fifties said it all. Jake gave the man a look and a nod and the man fell in behind him as Jake continued walking, not to his dressing room now, but to one of the other rooms.

Jake was down on his knees in front of the guy in one of the bunk rooms, unbuttoning his trousers and pulling out his cock and giving him head, as the guy flicked Jake’s shoulders and back with a short riding whip, between bouts of taking Jake’s neck in his gloved hands and squeezing his thumbs up into the flesh under Jake’s jawbone until he felt dizzy. It was just a flick with just a hint of sting, but Jake knew it would get more involved than this. The look in the face had told him this. The three fifties told him this. But this was the way it was occasionally.

There were plenty of lengths of rope around, carrying out the motif of the cowboy bar, and after the guy with the face produced another fifty, Jake had nothing to say about having his wrists bound together in front of him through the wooden slats at the foot of the bed, and the guy, breathing heavily now, standing behind him and whipping the riding whip around his body—on his chest, across his back and buttocks and the backs of his thighs, while fingering his hole greedily with searching, stretching gloved fingers.

Jake’s eyes did go wide, though, when his bandana was stripped off him and roughly forced between his teeth so that the only sounds he could make were muffled grunts and groans as the lash increasingly bit into his tender skin.

He went up on his toes and widened his stance with an internal scream when the guy’s dick thrust up inside him, and he writhed about under the combined fury of the whip and the fucking, bucking like the bull he had just ridden, but with as little effect on the strength of the cocking by his rider as he had had with the mechanical bull. A length of rope was whipped around his neck, and he arched his back toward the source of the heavy breathing—not voluntarily or even by instinct, but because the rope was cutting into his flesh, forcing his neck back, wishboning his body. Another length of the rope was whipped over his head and around his neck the rope was being knotted . . . and pulled tight.

The dick inside him was thrusting in deep jabs . . . up into the center of him. Jake was gagging and coming, his eyes were bulging, he couldn’t breathe. Jake’s legs had gone to rubber; he couldn’t support himself. He was held up by the power of the other guy’s thighs under his. The guy with the face was panting hard and making guttural noises, and above all else—the pain, the tight straining back of his torso, gagging and lack of breath—Jake felt the guy with the face coming as well—in short, powerful condom-sheathed bursts and jerks deep inside him.

But neither the bucking or the tightening of the rope lessened. Jake couldn’t breathe. He just couldn’t . . .

About 6 months ago I joined a gym because I have never had a very masculine body and now that I just turned 21 it was time to finally get off my butt and try to build some muscle. That is where I met my girl friend Brook who stands 5′ 9″, has a fantastic body and a gorgeous face. She looks like Tia Carrere who was in Wayne’s World and True Lies but in my opinion much hotter. I have always had a thing for hot asian girls so when she walked up to me, my jaw almost dropped. I could not believe she walked up to me and started a conversation. Not only did she approach me, she asked if I wanted to grab a bite after working out. I agreed to meet her in an hour and could not help but to stare at her tight ass as she walked back across the gym. She turn and looked back and caught me staring and gave me a smile. Now I had the energy to lift more weight than I had ever lifted before. It still was not very much weight since I was a still a novice at working out but at that moment I felt like an champion body builder.

After working out I quickly showered and I met her in the lobby of the gym. She said she knew the perfect place to go so we got into her BMW convertible and we went to a quiet restaurant with very few customers. That was nice because we were able to talk and get to know each other. Since we were really hitting it off I asked why she approached me and not the big guys at the gym. She gave an evil smile and said, “Guys with long hair turn me on and I prefer guys who are lean. They are more flexible and are much more fun in bed.” I could not help myself from blushing and when she noticed that, she smiled even more and said, “I am so glad we met, I am gonna have so much fun with you.” Being naive, I had no idea what she meant but I was having such a good time, I really did not care. We did not sleep together that night but with in a week we were dating and started an exciting sex life. I have always been shy so even though I had just turned 21, Brook was my first girl friend. Also I do not have a lot of confidence since my dick is smaller than average only being a little over four inches fully hard.

Before I mentioned I did not have a masculine body. The truth is, I actually have kind of feminine features and had been teased most of my life for my looks. I love having long hair and would never change that but I was sick of being called a girlie boy and almost every other name they could come up with. Along with wanting to build muscle, I also hoped I might meet a girl at the gym. I just never dreamed I would actually meet someone so quickly.

Not before long I moved in with Brook. She is only 25 and already has her own Internet based business. I don’t fully understand what the business does, but it is successful enough that she owns her own 4 bedrooms, 3 baths rooms house with a hugh back yard. If anyone would have bet me a year ago that I would be living with a beautiful girl in a real nice house and was extremely happy, I would have bet what ever I had and told them “No way, that will never happen.”

Brook is really into eating healthy and working out so she put me on a very healthy diet and works out with me. I was surprised at the exercised she has me do. Mostly she taught me yoga and pole dancing. When we did any other exercises, they were the same exercise most of the girls were doing instead of the stuff I saw the guys doing. At first I resisted the yoga and especially the pole dancing but she told me that since I was new at working out, I had to build a foundation and work on my flexibility prior to getting into the heavy workouts. At first I felt really silly pole dancing especially since she made me wear heels for the extra tension it puts on the leg and ass muscles. It was really good workout and I could definitely feel I was getting in shape so continued to do what she said.

Not only did I do what she said when it came to eating and working out, she really took charge our relationship and our sex life. I am so in love with her, I will do anything she wants. She is very kinky and we experimented with many different fetishes. We tried a lot of different roll playing scenario’s and sex in public places. She turned me on to anal play where she made me wear a butt plug or she uses her strap-on on me. She even made me suck on her strap-ons and dildos. At that point she had not dressed me up yet except for the heels she made me wear when I pole danced. We both like BDSM and I tried being in charge by tying Brook up, teasing her and spanking her but it was quite obvious that I was not very good at that. She knows how to and loves being dominate. I now truly believe I was born to be submissive.

One day Brook inserted a medium size pink vibrating butt plug in my ass, sat me in a chair and tied me up securing my arms and my upper body to the back of the chair. Then she secures my legs to the legs of the chair. She started to give me a slow sensual hand job. Her hands and my cock was covered in lotion and she was messaging my balls switch off from stroking me and gliding her palm in circular motion around the head of my cock. She would also vary the speed of the plug. She kept me close to cumming for almost an hour and was driving me absolutely crazy. Every now and then, she would get me so close, she would let go and just watch my dick twitch and ooze out a little pre-cum. Then Brook told me she was going paint my toes before she would let me cum.

Even though I did not have a choice, I agreed to letting her do it. I knew it would make me feel silly but I trusted her and knew kinky things pleased her. I figured no one would know and we had already tried so many different things, I thought, what the hell. As Brook placed a foam separator between the toes on my feet, she told me she had a bunch of different colors and I had to pick the color she would use. If I picked the same color she had in mind, I would get a special treat. I looked at the colors and figured she either had the bright red or the pink in mind so I told her I picked either of those two colors. She smiled and advised me her choice was one of the colors but since I did not pick one color, I would have to beg her to paint my toes in the color I chose. As I thought about it she started to tease my dick again but this time with her mouth. She sucked just the head of my dick in and swirled her tongue around it. I let out a moan and she stopped and said if I didn’t beg soon, she would tease me for at least another hour before I could cum. I suddenly started begging her to paint my toes Pink and she asked why I wanted her to paint my toes pink. From some of our past roll plays I thought I knew what she wanted to hear. I started saying, “Pink is a cute color and even though I am already cute, pink toes will just make me even more cute.” Brook then made me promise to do what ever she wanted if she would paint my toes. Once again, being putty in her hands, I did just that.

Brook whispered in my ear that while she did my toes, she wanted me to tell her how much I have wanted her to do this and how horny it makes me to have my toes painted. As she started to paint my toes, she asked me guiding questions. I found myself saying how I have never really felt masculine and painting my toes has been a dream of mine for years. She took her time doing my toes and commented how she could tell how much this was turning me on. As I was agreeing with her I started to realize it did turn me on a little bit since I never lost my erection.

As I look back, a lot of our pervious sex and experimentation with roll plays has conditioned me to say what she wanted to hear but obvioulsy at the time, I had no clue. I also had no idea how much things would change over the next few months. After my toes were painted a dried, she said she had something that would be a perfect accompaniment to my toes. She told me to closed my eyes as she walked away. When Brook returned, she untied me, removed the plug and slid something over my feet and then up my legs. I felt like it was a pair of underwear. She had me raise my hips off the chair and she slid them fully on. I opened my eyes and looked down to see I was wearing a pink pair if women’s panties that matched my pink toes. This is the first time she has feminized me and I did not think she would be into doing that. Suddenly I had some very mixed feelings. I felt silly and embarrassed yet at the same time it was made me horny and naughty. Brook asked me to walk across the room to a pole and dance for her. Now I felt really silly but I placed my hand on my hip, placed my left foot directly in front my right foot and walked crossing each foot over the other like that down to the pole. Then I started to some of the dances she had taught me. I looked at Brook and could see how happy this made her which made me want to give her a real good show. After a few minutes she applauded and threw a dollar at my feet. I slid down doing a split which was easy after all of the yoga a dancing classes and picked up the dollar. Brook then clapped her hands and then she handed me my jeans. She told me we were going away on a trip right now and to get dressed. When I started to look suprised and started to speak, she placed her index finger on my lips and giving the “Shhh” sound. Her finger stayed on my lips, leaned forward and she said whispered in my ear, “You picked the right color and I have a big suprised for you. Keep the panties on and finish putting your clothes on so we can go. We are going on an adventure and you are going to cum harder than you have ever before.” I tried to find out where we were going and what was going on but she just smiled and said it would ruin the surprise. As I was getting dressed Brook left the room for about ten minutes. While she was gone I got dressed and walked over to a full length mirror and looked at myself trying to see if I had panty lines showing. As far as I could tell, nobody would have a clue I was wearing panties and pink toes to match. Brook returned, kissed my very passionately and then walked me out to her car. I was wondering where we were going on and then I realized we were pulling up to the airport. She pulled into long term parking and I asked what was going on. “You will see so trust me. I have taken care of everything. You are about to be pampered like never before and take our relationship and sexual fantasies to a whole new level.”

I started to get worried that since she had just painted my toes, made me wear panties and then go out in public, she might completely feminize me. Then I thought if she did, it would be in a hotel room in private. She would never do anything to hurt or embarrass me.

She got out of the car and went to the trunk pulling out 2 medium size rolling suitcases. She handed me one handle and told me to follow her. I kept asking questions and finally she stopped in her tracks, started straight into my eyes and sternly said, “I love you and want to give you this adventure more than anything. I have gone way out of my way to plan this so if you care anything about me, you will quit with the questions and just enjoy the trip.” She had never talked to me like that. It made me feel small the way she spoke to me but also made me feel bad I was ruining her plans. As she continued to walk I lowered my head and followed her.

As I started to catch up to Brook, she stopped walked and turned to me. “I’m sorry about how I talked to you but I have put a lot of thought and time into making the best and wildest few days of your life. You should know by now, I know what you truly want and I plan to give you an experience you will never forget. I love you and I will never let you get hurt. You have to trust me and you will end up doing some things you might think you don’t want to do at first but if you trust me and do what I say, you will find you will love it. Will you promise me you will do what I say no questions asked?”

I looked her and said, “I have to admit this all scares me but I do love and trust you with all of my heart so yes, I promise.” I still had no idea how wrong I was when thought I knew how far she might take this.

Brook smiled and said, “Thanks, you won’t regret it. Now stay here while I check our bags.” As she walks away I wonder what she has planned but I figure she is just gonna take me to a new place and have crazy sex in a hotel room. What I don’t know is where and for how long. She comes back and said, “I will hold

The tickets and we are about to fly first class to San Francisco. I told you that you were gonna be pampered baby so let’s go to the through security so we can go to the lounge and have ourselves a drink.”

I followed her to the security line and suddenly got real nervous. I have never been on a plane and had heard but completely forgot they make people

removed their shoes going through security. I see the security officer picking people at random and I turn to Brook and asked, “What if they pick me? Everyone will see my painted toes.”

Nonchalantly she said, “Everyone is not here and who cares if they see your toes, you don’t know them and you will never see these people again of god sake.”

Even though she is right, I become real self conscious and pray as I walk through the line I don’t get picked. When I don’t get picked and just walk through, I am completely relieved. We walk down the hall see lounge. We walk in and she has obviously done this before. She tells me to grab us a couple of seats and she goes to the unmanned bar and pours us each a whiskey. I’m in awe watching how comfortable she is at all of this. Like I said before, I have never been on a plane much less traveling first class. As she handed me the drink I told her how I could get use to this. She smiled, clinked our glasses together and took a big drink. I sipped mine and she just looked at me and told me to quit acting like a girl and drink up. I’m not sure how to take that but I follow suits and gulp down the rest.

Brook leaned into me and asked, “Now, how did it make you feel when you thought people would see your pinky toes?”

“Terrified.” I replied.

“But you got through it didn’t you. You did not let the fear hold you back. I find that would help bring you out of your shell which I find real sexy. Almost as sexy as your toes and matching panties.” Brook let out a big laugh and a wicked smile. ” I’ll get us another drink.”

I started to think I’m over my head here but after my second drink I started to loosen up. We heard the call for our flight and she led me out of the lounge and past all of the people who have booked a coach seat on the plane. We sat in the comfortable seats and relaxed as the rest of the plane filled up. I was relaxed from the drinks and enjoyed being there when we got the pre flight instructions. They mentioned that we were flying to Atlanta and advised us how long it should take. I asked if we got on the wrong flight and she replied, “I didn’t book a direct flight and we switch flights in Atlanta but don’t worry, we are flying first class the whole way.”

The flight and landing went real smooth. We exited the plane and walked into the main portion of the airport. We walked around for a while and I kept picking at my ass trying to adjust my panties. Brook laughed and said, “That’s not very lady like so go into the rest room and adjust yourself. I found a stall and even though I’m in a stall, I got nervous that someone might see throughout the small crack by the stall door as I undid my pants. A humiliating feel came over me and I quickly adjusted my panties and pulled my pants back up as quickly as possible. Feeling relieved no one saw, I walked back to Brook who was waiting outside. As we headed to the next terminal to catch our connecting flight, I realize we now have to go through another check point. My heart started to speed up again once again hoped I would not get picked to take off my shoes. This time I did get picked. I started to freeze but Brook grabbed my hand and said, “Who gives a fuck what they think. Show your toes and be proud.” then she lead me towards the security guard.

What she said did not take away the fear and humiliation but gave me enough courage to remove my shoes and socks and walk through. I heard gasps and snickers and I walked through security. As I passed through I felt completely humiliated. Brook kissed me and told me she is proud of me and advised me that even though my face looked upset, the bulge in my pants said otherwise. I suddenly realized that getting humiliated turns me on and as I thought back to when I adjusted in the bathroom, I was hard then too. I just did it so fast I didn’t realize at the time. My mind struggled with the new realization that it turns me on to be humiliated. As we walked to the next lounge I figured out that Brook is right. She knows more about what I want than I know. I can’t believe a few hours ago I was getting one of the best hand jobs I had even gotten and now I’m wearing pinky panties and just took my shoes off so a bunch of strangers got to laugh at my pinky toes nails. Now I thought that my perception about her feminizing me privately in a room might be an under estimation.

I looked at Brook trying to figure all of this out in my head. She looked back at me and could see I was angry and confused. Sweetly she said, “Look, it was about a one in five chance you would have to take off your shoes. Like I said before, you don’t know them and they don’t know you. Your confused because you feel I did this to you even though I have told you that I would never hurt you. Well at the same time you got angry, your dick got hard as a rock. You were teased and humiliated all your life but this is very different. You are being humiliated by someone who loves you and in a sexual way. You love it when I give you pain but would hate it if someone just came up and punched you. What you have to realize is I know what you don’t. I know what you truly want but if I didn’t force you to do it, you would be too afraid to see it for yourself. Like I said earlier. Trust me and do anything and everything I say.” That is when she leaned across the table and once again passionately kissed me. Once again I melted and started to feel bad I was even mad at her.

From that moment we started to hold hands and I started to relax again. We got on our next flight and from all of the drinks and emotional ups and downs, I dosed off. I was woken up by Brook with a soft kiss and I was still buzzed from the earlier drinks. We got off the plane and got our luggage. As we were walking out of the airport we were met by Linda, a close friend of Brooks that I had never met. She was almost as hot Brook. She had long blonde hair, a tight body and huge boobs. She smiled, shook my hand but then grabbed Brook and hugged her. They started to walk out talking and I just followed. We walked up to a stretch limo and the driver took our bags and placed them in the truck. Linda and Brook climbed in first and sat on the back bench seat. I climbed in and sat on one of the side bench seats. Linda handed each if us a shooter and made a toast. “To old friends, new friends, and to new experiences. What a wild ride it will be.” We clinked glasses, slammed our drinks and then they both laughed. As I wondered what the toast meant, Brook whispered something into Linda’s ear and they both laughed. Thats when Linda smiled at me and said, “Okay, let me see em.”

Feeling defensive I looked at Brook and asked why she said anything. She gave me a stern look and reminded me I that agreed to do was to do what ever she said. I could tell she was getting pissed so I tried to play it off by telling her she has not told me to do anything. She looked at me a said, “I will not stand for you to making me look bad in front of any of my friends. You will do anything I say and anything Linda says. She is like a sister to me and by not doing what she says is an insult to her and to me.” She then turned to Linda and said, “He is all yours.”

My name is Yasmin Scott and it was my first day of college.

I walked through the grand stone entrance to the college and looked around at my future, all I had was two suitcases and my old friend Lucy by my side, I felt the nerves flutter like butterflies inside my stomach. Lucy turned to me and said “so where are you staying?” I looked at the piece of paper in my hand and it said in bold letters, ‘Yasmin Scott, Sennen Johnstone, Building 12, Room 202.’

I turned back to Lucy, “over in building 12″

“aww that sucks I’m in Building 6, over the other side of the campus” she replied “well I’ll catch up with you later” and after a quick hug she turned and walked off.

As I walked across the campus the nerves left me a little bit, I am 5 feet 5 inches and have 34D breasts on a curvy body, and with my blonde hair and blue eyes I was drawing, much to my pleasure, a lot of male attention.

I finally made it over to building 12 and climbed the stairs to my room, I paused outside my door and glanced at the slip of paper in my hand, what was protocol here? Did I knock on my own door? Eventually I decided to stop being such a baby and pushed open the door to my new home, and almost passed out with shock.

Standing at the end of one of the two beds was the girl I took to be Sennen Johnstone. She was about 5 foot 7 and I’d guess she was a 32C, she had the perfect body, slim and tall, with tattoos of swallows on her hip, and her hair was a shiny raven colour, and when she looked up I was pierced by her Hazel eyes. And I knew all of this because she was in just her underwear.

I instantly stammered some apology and tried to turn out the door, but she just walked up to me, unclothed as she was, and shook my hand,

“you must be Yasmin? I’m Sennen.” her voice was clear and high.

“Err hi, yer I am” I managed to finally get out, then Sennen just looked down at herself and went back to the bed, and her clothes, making some comment about her only just arriving and it being colder up north. And with my cheeks blazing red I started to unpack my stuff.

That evening I got to know Sennen really well and she seems like a really nice person, and as we had talked long into the evening I was glad to finally get into my bed. But just as I was starting to fall asleep I heard a rustling next to me, accompanied by the occasional small moan. Of course I was embarrassed beyond believe and promptly rolled over and covered my ears until I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was more hectic than I could of imagined, tours of the campus and learning my way around dominated my morning, and by the time I plonked myself down in the cafeteria I was so tired I didn’t even realise my friend Lucy sit down beside me.

“OMG I have been doing some digging and you are going to looove what I found out.”

I gave Lucy a despairing look, she was always one to gossip,

“I overheard some people talking about some Sennen Johnstone girl yesterday, and I thought to myself, hang on isn’t that Yasmins roomie? So I decided to listen in and you will never guess what I found out!”

I had kind of zoned out of Lucy chatter by now but her next words snapped me out of my reverie.

“She’s a dyke! Like proper full on apparently!”

I just stared at Lucy in mute disbelief, I know Sennen came across as a bit crazy, but as a lesbian? No way. I turned to question Lucy further but she had already jumped up and was probably running off to divulge this new piece of gossip to someone else.

That whole afternoon I couldn’t stop thinking about what Lucy had told me, and even Sennen said I was more reserved that evening.

But it wasn’t until I was in bed that night that things got weird again. Again I heard those tell tale noises from the bed only a few feet from mine, but instead of just rolling over, I listened. The rustling was getting faster and the moans getting loader, until there was a long shuddering breath and then silence. I felt my own hand then slide down my body until I came to my soaking wet panties. I quickly snatched my hand away and rolled over. I was going to have to ask Sennen some very serious questions in the morning to sort my own head out.

In the morning Sennen and I were sitting at the breakfast bar munching on some cereal, when I finally plucked up the courage to stammer out,

“Sennen… Are you a lesbian?”

She slowly turned round to face to me,

“what did you say to me?”

I looked down at my spoon and very quietly managed to reply,

“well, do you like girls?”

Her cereal bowl smashed into the size of my head quicker than I could blink, sending milk and cereal flying everywhere. I fell sideways off my stool and sprawled on the floor. Then there was unimaginable pain in my scalp as my face was wrenched upwards by my hair.

Sennens eyes were no longer the kind Hazel I had grown accustom to, but were as hard and cold as slabs of stone,

“you will learn you little bitch” she growled, and then I just had time to see the heavy wooden chopping board come towards my temple as my world went black.

When I woke up my head was throbbing to the extreme and even opening my eyes was a chore. I felt disorientated and nauseous, but realised I was in the bathroom just in time to grab the toilet seat and throw up. I eventually managed to stand up and look at myself in the mirror. I was an absolute mess. The right side of my face was covered in a thin sheet of blood, but after I cleaned myself up, was relieved to see it was only from a tiny cut on my temple.

My next thoughts were of escaping, I tried the door and the window, and managed to shout myself horse crying for help, but nothing worked.

I sat for hours in that bathroom, not knowing the time other than the fact it had gone dark outside, I was hungry beyond believe and my head still hurt, when all of a sudden the door was pulled open.

And there stood my captor, she was dressed in a purple and black corset, fish net stockings and 5 inch heeled boots. And even in my terrified state I had to acknowledge that she looked magnificent. In one hand was a long whip and in the other a set of steel handcuffs. I jumped up and sprinted towards the door, and just as I got past her she lashed the whip, and it felt as if my back was on fire. I fell to my knees and again the whip cracked, driving me face down onto the floor. And then as the cuffs where clicked painfully onto my wrists I heard a whisper in my ear,

“rule number 1, don’t try to run.”

As I was pulled upwards I got a first proper look at our tiny room, there were candles everywhere, the two beds had been pushed together and to one side, and had chains secured to each bed post. And in the middle of the room were two chains with manacles hanging from the ceiling, while below them was a pair of steel boots that had been bolted to the floor. And I knew I was doomed.

I tried to struggle free from Sennens iron grasp, but I just received another whip blow to the back of my thighs so I stayed still. She marched me over the steel boots and hinged open the front half.

“feet in” I was commanded, and I knew as soon as I didn’t I was going to get another blow from the whip that was twitching in Sennens hand. I turned round and stepped back into the giant boots,

“Ah the bitch is learning” Sennen crooned as she swung the front closed and put the padlocks in place. Now my legs were encased up to my knees in cold, solid steel.

Then each of my arms were grabbed and forced into the manacles, leaving me stuck in the middle of some sick star jump. Sennen then walked, long legged and sexy, over to a tool bag in the corner. She drew out a long bladed knife, that even to the naked eye looked razor sharp. She raised the knife like a dagger and came towards me.

I shut my eyes and screamed. I thought that my lot was up, but then I felt the blunt edge of the knife slide from my breast bone to my crotch. Slicing through my t-shirt and bra. Then she moved with quick efficiency, and using the minimum of cuts to completely remove my clothing.

“Ah that’s better” Sennen said as she smiled. I opened my eyes to find myself shivering and naked in the candle light. She sauntered over to me and placed her hand straight onto my shaved pussy and started playing with my clit, then she kissed and bit her way from my neck down to my tits, were she started caressing my nipples with her tongue. No matter how hard I tried I felt my pussy getting wet and my nipples getting harder by the second.

“So you are a dyke? Interesting… Well now we are over the first hurdle your training can begin”

“But I’m not a lesb…” I went to reply but an orange ball gag was stuffed into my mouth.

Sennen then reached up and extended both the chains, causing me to topple forwards until they stopped me again, suspending me with my ass sticking in the air. I heard her walk back over to her tool bag, and when I glanced through my steel clad legs I saw her poised just behind me with a giant cock strapped around her waist.

This thing was huge, bulging and veiny it must of been about 10 inches long, with a girth to match. I felt the head of it press against my pussy as Sennen started talking.

“Rule number 2, I fuck you how I want, when I want.” And with that said she thrust her hips hard forwards. I gasped around the gag as that huge cock filled me. I could feel it stretching the Walls of my pussy and forcing itself deep inside my hole.

Then the fucking really began. I could feel all the ridges on that huge cock as it was pumped in and out of my pussy.

‘Rape. That’s what this is’ I thought as I was relentlessly screwed from behind, but even though I knew I was getting no choice in this, it felt so damn good! The feeling of all the contours of that giant dong being forced deeper and deeper inside me soon had me moaning.

“Ah the little slut likes it” Sennen said as she franticly pounded my hole, “now remind me of rule 2″ And she pulled the gag from my mouth.

The first thing that left my lips was a moan of pure delight, I then felt a stinging pain on my ass as Sennen slapped it with all her force.

“I said rule number 2 bitch!” she shouted as she slapped my ass again.

“You can fuck me whenever you want” I managed to get out between moans.

“No!” she screamed, and pulled the cock out of my pussy and placed it against my ass hole,

“I can fuck you whenever, and HOWEVER I want!” And again she lunged forward with her hips.

I felt my ass split as that giant cock forced it’s way into my shit hole, and I screamed. The pain was terrible, a pain even worse than death itself. And I was given no rest as Sennen started pumping her hips with the same ferocity that she fucked my pussy with. I thought the pain was never going to end, I could feel blood running down the inside of my thighs and tears wet on my face, but eventually, even though the pain didn’t get any better, there was something else there apart from the pain. My sobs slowly turned into moans as my ass carried on getting pounded. By now Sennen was also rubbing my clit and playing with one of my nipples as she fucked my ass.

I soon began to feel a pressure building in my crotch, I was being fucked furiously and my screams seemed to bounce of the walls. It wasn’t long before a brain shattering orgasm overtook my senses, leaving me shaking in my bound position.

Sennen laughed as she pulled the cock from my ass, leaving it open and gaping,

“You little fucking slut” she said as she slapped my ass, “you loved every second of that didn’t you bitch.” I couldn’t even reply I was so confused.

“Right bitch,” Sennen continued, “remember rule number 1″ She moved around me un doing all the locks and clasps until I was again standing on my own two feet.

“right bitch, over to the bed” I wanted to say no and run for my life, I could feel my body swaying towards the door. But some primal instinct was drawing me towards that bed. Was this me finally accepting my fate? Or was I just curious to see what pleasures where coming next? Well for whatever reason, I slowly sauntered towards whatever plan Sennen had in mind for me….

Our life was really nice.

We met as childhood sweethearts, married in our early twenties, had two great kids who were now almost independent, and money was fine. I ran my own real estate business and my husband, Steve, had a great job doing what he loved, working in football. He travelled a lot during the season, and this year, as the kids had both basically moved out, I found myself feeling slightly lonely for the first time in my life.

As my daughter and her boyfriend left after having dinner with me, I relaxed on the couch but could not find anything interesting to watch.

I looked around the room, and realised that I was in fact, bored!

I spent the next hour or so doing some mindless housework, and then, deciding to take advantage of the peace and quiet, I switched on my pc and started to check emails from work. As I sat there working away, an email popped into my mailbox. It was from John, my husband’s best friend. I normally wouldn’t have even thought of looking at it, as it was meant for Steve, my husband, but the subject of this particular email intrigued me. It said, “Hot XXX”.

My mind was a confusing mix of thoughts. I knew it was from one mate to another, and that I probably shouldn’t open it, but with Steve interstate till the following Monday, six days away, I decided to open it and see what my husband’s best mate was sharing with him.

When I opened the email there was a comment from John.

“Mate, I know your Mrs is not into this stuff, but check it out and see if you don’t get a hard-on watching this chick fuck. I’ve stroked out three orgasms already imagining it was you and me banging this babe! Enjoy……and remember, it’s your turn for our next highlight!”

There was a blue link under the message and it was titled: Mandy serves dinner and more.

I digested the message first. What did he mean by the part about me not being into this stuff? Did Steve want me to do something weird? What on earth did he mean, “…imagining it was you and me banging this babe?” Had my husband and his best mate done something I should know about?

Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the link. It popped up a porn site called Redtube, which I had never seen or heard of before, and on the screen was a big “play” icon. The title of the clip was as stated, “Mandy serves dinner and more.”

I sat back as the movie started playing, and my eyes almost popped out of my head as the movie played. Ten minutes later, I discovered my fingers buried between my thighs as I sat at my computer desk, the woman on screen completely naked apart from some amazing high heels, a monstrous penis pushing into her pussy from behind.

I had never, ever seen anything like this movie, and I was shocked. My mind raced about why the boys had shared with each other such a thing. Why were they imagining it was them having sex with this woman? Had they actually done anything like this without me knowing?

As the movie continued, I found my hands getting very hot as they stayed squashed between my thighs. The woman, Mandy, was now on her knees sucking both the large, and I mean LARGE, cocks between her lips, trying to jam them both in her mouth at once. Then, in a scene that I assume was fake, she lay one man down, and climbed on top of him, pushing his huge penis inside her, before the second man moved in behind her, and then, as she kept yelling, “OOoh yes, that’s it, fuck my tight arse,” I suspect he actually pretended to fuck her in the arse. It looked amazingly real, but I know things can be faked very well these days.

The movie ended when the two men suddenly pulled their very large penises from their positions, lay the woman down, and then came all over her face. Yes, I said her face! They actually sprayed her face with cum at the same time, and Mandy amazingly tried to actually lick and swallow some of their white gooey cum.

I quickly switched off my computer, feeling very flustered, and went to the shower. Once under the water, my hands drifted to my breasts, and I found them swollen, my nipples tingling.

I had no idea why such a disgusting scene had affected me this way, and as I drifted off to sleep that night, my mind was a mess of confusion.

The next day was Wednesday and I had no appointments apart from a meeting just before lunch. I decided to go out for lunch and as I sat at the cafe eating my chicken and avocado sandwich, my iphone beeped indicating a text message.

It was John, my husband’s best friend who had sent the movie to Steve.

The message read, “Christine and I wondered if you’d like to have dinner tonight? John said it might be nice to take you out. You free about 7.00? If so, we’ll pick you up. Ok?”

Nothing about the movie.

I have to admit I was feeling a little lonely, so I thought it would be great to catch up with them, even with Steve out of town, so I texted back that I would love to have dinner with them.

A minute later came John’s reply.

“Great. We’ll pick you up at 7.00pm. Our treat.”

I left the office early that afternoon and headed home to get ready. The problem was, that damn movie was still playing on my mind. I wondered if Christine had ever seen it? Or, even worse, had John ever let her do anything like that girl had done in the film? Then, remembering the comments attached to the link about the two men wanting to do it I was again totally confused. I switched the clip on once more, and watched in pure amazement at the woman and the two men fucking. This time though, I tried to figure out if it was actually real or fake. I could not see how it might have been faked, but surely women weren’t able to take two penises inside them at the same time like that?

I showered and dressed, and found myself ready about thirty minutes early. I was wearing a pair of jeans, and a nice new pink angora sweater that was rather tight. I had a pair of heels on that Steve loved, but that I always thought were a little high. I put my blonde wavy hair up in a bun and added just a touch of pink lipstick.

I sat on the couch for a few minutes to wait for Christine and John to arrive, but then found myself walking back to the computer. I clicked on the movie link again, and this time I had a reason. I had decided to find out more about the sex that was depicted in the movie.

On the right hand side of the screen were some other clips that I was able to click on. The first one showed a woman with two men but this time they only put their penises in her pussy and mouth, and then ejaculated all over her breasts as she played with them. I smiled, thinking that the Mandy movie was indeed faked, and sat back relaxing a little as I opened another clip.

My eyes almost exploded from my head!

This clip, way, way more raunchy than the Mandy clip, astonished me.

The girls in this clip was called Belladonna, and she had some tattoos. However, it wasn’t her tattoos that shocked me. It was what she did in the movie that stunned me and left me speechless. I swear with all my heart that in this clip, Belladonna had sex with four men at the same time. I have no idea how she did it, but it was clear that two men had their penises inside her vagina at the same time, before a third man pushed his own penis into her arse, and I have no doubt this was real, as she actually screamed as the head of the penis pushed inside her before the fourth man roughly forced his penis into her mouth. The four men had sex with her until she was covered in sweat and squealing in what I can only assume was pain. Just as she started to have what I assume was an orgasm on the three penises, almost biting off the one in her mouth, the doorbell rang!

I was totally flustered.

I hurriedly switched off the computer, and answered the door. It was John.

I must have looked unsettled, because instead of his usual smiling greeting, he looked concerned, and said, “Hi, Dee. Everything…um……you ok?”

“Yes, yes,” I said, not knowing where to look.

“Come in. Just let me grab my purse and keys.”

Dinner was lovely and we had a lovely time chatting and eating as old friends do. Just after dessert Christine excused herself to go to the bathroom.

“So, Dee. What was going on when I picked you up? You looked like I caught you in the middle of something.”

I didn’t know what to say, but my mind wanted me to find out more about why he had sent the movie to Steve.

Worried that Christine might come back and hear us talking, I whispered quickly.

“I happened to find that movie link you sent Steve in an email yesterday. Where did you find such a thing? How do you know Steve would want to see that?”

He sat back, obviously a little shocked that I had found it in the email.

“Ooh, my god. I’m so sorry. You weren’t meant to see that! It’s just some fun that Steve and I share….you know, blokey stuff. I’m embarrassed now! Sorry you had to see that.”

Just then Christine returned and we dropped the conversation. The evening ended well and as they dropped me off home, John got out to escort me to the door.

Kissing me on the cheek he whispered in my ear, “I’ll ring you tomorrow and explain everything, ok?”

That night I could not resist switching the computer back on and looking at more of the movie clips. I watched all sorts of filthy, nasty sex scenes, and I think by the time I fell asleep in bed at about one o’clock, my mind was shocked by the things I had seen. I awoke at about four a.m., my fingers of my right hand buried in my pussy, and I wondered how and why they were there. I didn’t really get back to sleep and when I arrived at work, I knew I had to get through the day without thinking of the sex that I had uncovered in the last twenty-four hours or so.

It was Thursday night and I was exhausted when I got home. I showered and had some dinner before falling asleep on the couch with the TV on.

I awoke with a jolt as there was someone at the door. Wearing only my dressing gown, I stood up, tightened the belt and went to see who it was.

It was John.

I invited him in and we had a coffee and chatted about the email, the movie clips, and why they shared things like that. John explained that he and Christine had been interested in kinky movies for a long time, but that Steve had recently been asking about porn and so John and Christine had shared some of their favourite sites and movies with him, without me knowing.

I was hurt and confused.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me? Why does he need this stuff? Is something wrong with me? Don’t I give him enough sex?”

I started to cry, more out of confusion and hurt at not being told about all this earlier by my husband or best friends than anything else.

John spoke for a long time.

He explained that he and Christine had watched pron for a couple of years, and they found it enhanced their marriage. He told me Christine had never had sex with any other men, but that she fantasized about what they saw in the movies, and that she had a few sex toys that she liked to use to pretend other men were fucking her when they had sex.

I was shocked.

He went on to say that Steve had asked him about some of the sex and porn when they had been drunk one night, and that the email was the first movie he had sent Steve.

I assumed from that comment that Steve had not actually seen any of the porn then, because I had answered them email and he was interstate still.

John finished by explaining that he was very sorry I had been exposed to all this, and that he hoped it wouldn’t come between our friendship, as that was very important to Christine and he.

I assured him it wouldn’t and we kissed and hugged and he left, before I went to the computer and opened the movie site again, my mind full of different thoughts.

That night I slept well, but I had a wild dream that was very vivid. In it, I was in bed with two men, and I ended up doing lots of nasty things that I had seen on the computer the night before and again this night. I actually fingered myself to orgasm in the middle of the night when I woke up covered in sweat, the images of large “cocks” implanted in my brain.

It was Friday morning and Steve was due back on Monday night.

At work that day I was sitting in my office when my mobile phone beeped. It was a text message from Christine.

“Dee. John told me you found his message for John with the movie link. Soo sorry! I hope you don’t think anything wicked. Free for lunch?”

I was, so I texted back, and we met at the ‘Shepherd’s Pie’ a lovely little bakery near my agency office. Christine worked two blocks away and so we often lunched together.

During lunch we had a fascinating conversation where I learned a lot, no, a LOT more about my best friend and her husband. She was much more willing to share the specific details of their porn habits with me, and by the time we finished lunch, I was flabbergasted! Not only did I learn that they watched porn, but Christine also told me she had once had a threesome with two strangers while John sat back and watched, playing with his “cock” as she described it while the two men made her have orgasm wilder than anything she had ever imagined.

Back in the office that afternoon, I was unable to concentrate at all, and I ended up leaving early and heading home. On the way home though, I pulled into a shop that Christine had told me about. It was called ‘Sexyland’ and was a massive sex toy, movie and lingerie and kinky clothing store. I was terrified walking in alone, but when I entered, it was really bright and open, and the girl behind the counter greeted me like an old friend, so I relaxed a little and felt a bit calmer as I began to look around.

I was wearing my usual office attire, black pencil skirt, heels and a white satin blouse. Underneath was my standard skin coloured bra, and my hair was once again up in my trademark bun, with some small hoop earrings. As I walked to the closest section, I was taken aback by the footwear that was on display. Boots that must have gone up to a woman’s pussy, heels that seems seven inches high, and platform sandals with incredibly spikey heels were everywhere. Every colour, style and size were available. I wondered what Steve would think if he were with me. Would he want me to buy anything? Would he be shocked? Would be encourage me to be a devil?

The next section was toys, and my god I was stunned. There were vibrators, dildoes, funny looking cone shaped things that I didn’t understand at all. I spent almost thirty minutes in that section alone before moving on to the video section, where DVD’s showed every imaginable act being performed. My nipples started to throb in the DVD section as I read some covers and looked at the amazingly graphic images on the front and back of the cases. Finally I went to the kinky clothing section and found myself wondering what my body might look like in several of the sexiest outfits.

By the time I was ready to leave, I was incredibly confused by my feelings. My body was on fire and my head was spinning.

Back home, I showered and freshened up, then jumped on the computer and explored the Redtube site some more. Before I knew it, it was two a.m. and I was totally horny from watching kinky movies of men and women doing things I had never even imagined. I went to bed and fingered myself to an amazing orgasm imagining three men were filling me with their dicks, before splashing that gooey cum all over me.

It was mind-blowing and the next thing I knew my mobile was beeping and the sun was up!

Picking up my phone, there was a text from John.

“So, sexy. Chris tells me you know what a kinky couple we are! Only joking. What u up to today or tonight?”

I texted him back.

“I am in shock. You’re deviates. I’m relaxing. Why?”

“Wondered if you want to come to a party with us? Sexy but fun. No pressure.”

That message set me back a moment. Party? Sexy? Pressure? What was he on about?

I dialled Christine’s number, hoping she would clear it up for me.

No answer.

Reluctantly I dialled John’s number, and when he answered, my nipples pulsed as I asked him what he meant about the party.

John spent a good ten minutes telling me how it was a sexy fancy dress party, where people just danced and had a good time in erotic costumes. He promised me it was nothing more than that, and that Christine had been a couple of times before and really enjoyed herself.

I decided to see for myself, and agreed to go with them. John said I had to wear something sexy or erotic, and he would pick me up at eight.

Hanging up the phone, I wondered what the party would be like. Then, I wondered what on earth I would wear! Steve had always said my jeans were sexy, but I knew this was a whole different ball game based on what John had told me.

I decided to head back to Sexyland and this time do more than window shopping.

The day flew by as I shopped till I dropped.

When I got back home, I emptied my parcels all over the bed and sorted through them. I wondered what Steve would think if he walked in that moment, with well over $1500 of assorted sex toys, lingerie, shoes and DVD’s sprawled out on our bed. His tame, shy wife had splurged and bought herself her first vibrator, a dildo, a jelly dong that had a suction cup on the bottom, which apparently sticks to the table or chair so you can ride it! I also bought a pair of spiked heeled sandals and some thigh-high boots, and a leather outfit that was stunning. It had a tiny, and I mean T-I-N-Y leather skirt, suspenders, stockings, a leather bustier and elbow-length gloves. There was a matching g-string panty made from satin.

The most interesting to me though was the DVD I had bought which featured a series of movies where the husband watched the wife being fucked by one or more men with incredibly large penises. I still struggled with the word, “cock” as described in so many of the movies I had looked at in the shop today.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon watching the DVD and by the time the doorbell rang and John greeted me with a kiss, I was totally aroused but ridiculously nervous and a little scared.

I had worn a black coat over my outfit for warmth, and kissed Christine on the cheek when in the car.

“I’m soooooo glad you’re coming!” she said. “John told me you were coming and I thought he was joking. You’ll have a great time, and trust me, you won’t be lonely, THAT’S for sure!”

A short time later we arrived, and I was surprised to see it was a large house. I guess I was expecting a club or something, but we entered and once inside we took off our coats. John wolf-whistled when I disrobed, and a guy behind me rubbed my bum and smiled at me, which made me jump.

I needed a drink for sure, and so we headed to the bar which was set in this really large room with a billiard table at one end. I stuck really close to Christine and John until we found some bar stools and John went to get the drinks. I took a moment to look around and counted about twenty people in all.

“So, what did he tell you, Dee?” asked Christine.

“He said it was just a fun party where we dance and have a good time, but dressed sexy.”

She laughed, which made me a little more nervous if that was possible.

“Well, he’s right in one sense. We do dance, and we DO have a great time. Just remember, don’t do anything you don’t WANT to do, and say ‘NO’ if you ever need to. That’s a house rule here to keep everyone safe and happy.”

I wondered what she was on about to be honest, but as I looked around and saw the crowd building with amazing looking people wearing all sorts of kinky outfits, I also started to get a little apprehensive.

“So, what have you done in the past and where DID you get that incredible outfit?” I asked Chris.

She was wearing a pink tube dress that was amazingly tight and was strapless, showing off her incredible boobs.

“Well, let’s just say that I’m not quite as innocent as you think I am. I go with the flow, if you know what I mean.”

I had no idea what she meant, but John arrived back with two champagnes and a beer, and the music suddenly lifted to a level that made basic conversation difficult.

When we finished our drinks, Chris took me by the hand and lead me out for a dance, whilst John went to get another round. We were dancing together and trying to talk over the music, when a young man came between us and asked me to dance.

I was a little flustered as I had not danced with another man in years!

“Go on, he won’t bite!” said Christine.

“That’s true” said the guy, “Unless you want me to of course!”

I laughed nervously as he took me by the hand and lead me away a few metres before we started moving to the beat together. He was a good mover, and I enjoyed being a few inches taller than him in my thigh high boots too! Steve is a lot taller than me, so it felt nice to be so tall for a change.

After a couple of songs, I starting to relax when John came over and passed me another champagne.

“We’ll be back near the bar. You o.k. here for a while?” he asked politely.

I was pleased my husband’s best mate was looking after me so well.

“I’m fine. Thanks!” I said, before switching my attention back to the young guy I was dancing with.

I lost track of time a little, until my guy asked me if I wanted another drink. I accepted his offer and he took me by the hand. I jumped a little when he did that, but then figured it was innocent enough as we walked back towards the bar area.

As I was standing behind him as he ordered our drinks, another man came up behind us and I felt him a little too close for my liking. There were about eight people standing near me, and this guy just stayed there, and I wasn’t certain at first, but it felt like his cock was pushing against my thigh above the top of my boots.

Luckily my dancing partner turned around and passed me a champagne, and we moved away, passed my pressing guest behind me back towards the dance area.

I was a little hot and somewhat flustered and so my drink didn’t last long.

I was starting to get a bit lightheaded from the drinks, and so I suggested we get some fresh air.

We walked out to the large outdoor patio area which had a wonderful view over the hills in the distance. Leaning against the rail to steady myself a bit, I glanced past the guy I was with and noticed a woman was being fondled by two guys, right in front of us! She looked me in the eye, smiled and then leaned left and tongue kissed the guy to her right, ad his hand openly reached under her dress!

I was a little shocked.

“Relax, honey. That happens all the time here. Just go with the flow!”

I smirked as I had heard Christine say those exact words minutes earlier!

Anyway, shortly afterwards another girl came out. She was much younger than me and she asked my guy if he wanted to dance. He raised his eyebrows and looked my way, asking if it was ok for him to leave me.

“I’ll be fine!” I said, “I’m a big girl.”

In truth, as he left, I was totally freaked out, scared and more than a little tipsy. In fact, I found myself really leaning on the railing as I watched the woman and the two guys get pretty serious not more than a few metres away!

As I stood watching, the woman was alternating her lips kissing her two men. They both had their hands under her very short dress by now, and were clearly both fingering her. My mind drifted back to the movie I had watched the days before and I wondered if they were both fingering her pussy or if she were letting them be dirty and play with her behind.

My mind was getting foggy with arousal watching the three get it on, and I found myself glued to the spot, my pussy starting to throb, my nipples hard and poking at the front of my bustier.

Before long the woman dropped to her knees, and I watched transfixed as she pulled their cocks from their small shorts and began to suck them both! It was a very sexy sight, and I felt some droplets of pussy juice start to form in my g-string as I watched the amazing woman suck off the men, who continued to play with her boobs they had pulled from inside her dress.

I watched for a few more minutes until I realised what was going to happen, and I think I panicked a little. The woman stood up, and as one guy got in front of her and sucked on her nipples, her hand rubbing his now very hard cock, the other guy moved behind her, pulled his shorts off and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. The woman was going to let this man fuck her! I knew that she was probably also going to let the other guy fuck her, and suddenly my mind snapped and I wondered what the hell I was doing!

What would Steve think? What would my kids think? Why was I standing there watching, my pussy on fire?

I left and walked quickly inside, hoping to find Christine and John, but they were not in the big room, and as I looked at the people dancing, I decided to try to find them and calm down a little.

Finding a hallway leading off the main room, I decided to see if they had gone down there. A few metres down the hallway was a door which was open. I glanced inside and was shocked to see two men kissing! They were both wearing leather pants with nothing on top, and as I recovered from the initial shock of their erotic display, I enjoyed a moment watching as they explored each other’s muscle bodies with strong hands. They had amazing abs and I was surprised just how my body reacted. I was flustered and found my heart racing as I watched them kiss and rub each other. I found myself somehow wanting to join them and explore their wonderful bodies, but then sensibility took over and I moved on down the hall.

The second room had the door closed, and I pressed my ear against it to see if I could hear Christine or John’s voice.

The only thing I heard were muffled groans and moans, and again my nipples went hard as the sexuality of the noises got to me. I knocked quietly, but received no answer, apart from a small yelp from one of the people inside.

I decided to see what was happening in there, and slowly turned the doorknob until it was open and I peeped inside.

I froze.

There, on the bed, on her hands and knees, with John sitting on the bed having his cock sucked, and another very large man fucking her from behind, was Christine!

My eyes must have almost popped out, and my mouth shot open in a huge gasp as I saw them fucking with this stranger.

John saw me first, and he smiled as Christine managed to keep sucking his cock as the man behind her pushed in and out, rocking her body back and forth with each thrust.

I walked a couple of VERY nervous steps inside. I had been friends with these two for years, but had never seen them have sex. Gosh, I don’t even recall ever seeing John naked! I’d showered at the gym with Chris, but that was it.

As I managed to calm myself enough to take in the detail of what was on display in front of me, I noticed John had a large, no, a HUGE dick.

Christine’s mouth was struggling to get around it, let alone suck it all the way down her throat the way my Steve loved me to do to him. The man behind Christine also smiled at me, and in a show of eroticism, he reached forward and cupped Chris’s boobs in his hands and then jammed his dick into her really, really hard and deep. It made her pop John’s dick from her mouth and I was stunned at just how long it was as well as how fat it was. I had never seen a bigger dick in real life, and my pussy immediately twitched.

Christine looked in my direction and she had a look of shock on her face too. I’m not sure if it was from the guy fucking her so hard, or the fact that I was standing there watching her being fucked by two men!

“Hi, Dee. Enjoying the party? I sure am! Why don’t you come and join us? There’s plenty of man to go around!”

Her face was wickedly sexy and I was shocked at how slutty my husband’s best friend’s wife was behaving, but when I saw the size of her husband’s dick again, I almost was tempted to take her up on her offer!

However, Steve’s face flashed before my eyes and I knew I should get out of there and leave them to party without me. I ducked backwards without saying a word, and then closed the door, leaning against the wall for a moment to catch my breath and regain my senses. As I stood there, my heart racing, I heard a loud “smack” and then a squeal as I presume they got back into the rhythm of fucking all together once more.

I waited a few more moments until my brain was clear and I decided suddenly that I needed to go to the toilet. My head was spinning from what I had just seen, but my bladder was also needing some attention. I quickly found the bathroom, and then, locking the door, pulled down my skirt and g-string, and sat down to relieve myself.

A few minutes later, all freshened up and having washed myself clean, surprised by just how wet I was, I dried my face and hands and unlocked the door.

Just as I opened it to leave, the two men I had spotted kissing earlier pushed inside the bathroom and almost bowled me over!

I squeezed past them, their amazing hard bodies rubbing against my nipples, and the electric charge that pulsed through me was stunning. My pussy throbbed again as my nipples shot to hardness before I had the chance to even get out the door.

My mind was full of madness. What was happening to me? Why was I here at this orgy? What would Steve think?

I turned right down the hallway, not wanting to go past the room where Christine was being screwed by John and the other man, and found another door at the end of the hallway. Nervously, I decided to peek inside, and as it was open, I could see everything in the room clearly.

I froze once more, but this time my legs propelled me forward into the room, even though my mind was saying stop.

Against the wall on one side of this room a woman wearing a tiny little dress and high heels was pinned between three men. The men were fondling her breasts openly. They were kissing her, fingering her, and I thought for a moment they were raping her. But then, just as my pussy pulsed and my nipples ached once more that evening, I realised she was LETTING them ravage her. She was WANTING this wanton sex attack.

Suddenly one man ripped her dress completely from her body, and her large breasts shook with the force of the dress being torn off, and she yelped a little as the other two men pinned her and roughly squeezed and bit her nipples.

I was frozen.

The men either side of her pulled her legs apart and began to finger pussy. I watched amazed as two sets of fingers disappeared inside her pussy and then pumped in and out repeatedly until she was totally soaking wet down there and moaning as if she was about to cum. The third man was kissing her, his tongue clearly visible flickering in and out of her mouth as he roughly pashed her and explored her breasts as the two others continued to finger fuck her relentlessly.

As I stood transfixed, my hand dropped to my skirt and subconsciously lifted the front, pulling aside my g-string until my fingers found my clit. It was swollen, and I rubbed it until the wetness from my pussy smothered my fingers as the three men continued their assault on the woman who was obviously enjoying being the centre of attention of these three hunks.

The guy in the middle stopped kissing her long enough to turn and watch me a moment, as his two mates continued to finger fuck the woman. Looking me in the eye, he reached for the woman’s right breast and gave it a firm squeeze, causing her to moan loudly at the touch.

I flicked my clit harder, feeling the heat rising in my pussy as I watched the show. Without warning, the man in the middle let go of her breast, and as the two man fingering her removed their juice covered fingers, one turned her around side-on and lifted her leg to gain access to her pussy. My fingers flickered even faster, my clitoris throbbing now as I watched the guy now behind her push his cock into her pussy, as the other man forced her head down to suck on his extremely hard cock at the same time.

The third man was by my side now, and I shivered as his hand touched my shoulder, the heat of his fingers causing me to gasp as I watched the woman being fucked with long, deep strokes as she tried her best to suck the cock in her mouth. I adored watching her boobs shake and bounce with each thrust of the cock in her pussy, and as the man next to me watched me watching the other three fuck, he suddenly made a move that shocked me and excited me completely at the same time.

Without warning he grabbed the top of my bustier and jerked it down, flipping my boobs free with such force that the nipples flicked over the edge of the leather material, making me gasp once more as the swollen nipples poked outwards inviting touch from the stranger.

But he was not finished yet.

Reaching roughly under my short, tight, black miniskirt where my fingers were playing with my clit, he found my g-string panties, and in one go, ripped the completely from my body.

I was unable to move as his hands found my boobs, my eyes fixed on the fucking in front of us, his hands squeezing and fondling my boobs with force. Suddenly his mouth was on my right breast, and as I felt his teeth start to nibble at my nipple, his fingers forced their way into my soaking wet vagina.

Steve and I met in high school, and no other man and touched me this way since our youth. I was shocked, not only at the way this man was fingering me and sucking my tits having never met me before, but at how my pussy was ridiculously damp, and my legs were parting almost automatically, allowing the stranger to push his fingers further into my pussy as I grabbed his head and jammed my boobs further into his mouth.

Across the room the woman was really being fucked now, and I was completely turned on by what was happening to her, and to me.

My legs were about a foot apart now, and the fingers inside me were making me hotter than I had been in months. The mouth on my nipples was gorgeous, rough, sloppy but magnificent, and when he dropped to his knees and started flicking my clit with his very talented tongue, I knew I was going to climax very quickly.

And so it was, as the woman across the room pushed back and jammed the cock in her pussy deeper in her pussy, I came on the face of a man I had never met. A man who was treating me like a slut, licking my cunt in public in full view of the three lovers in the room with us.

I came, and came, and came, until my legs actually gave way and I dropped to the floor on top of my licking lover, his tongue refusing to be dislodged from my cunt until I rolled off him, the shaking and quivering of my wild orgasm finally ceasing.

There was a rug in the middle of the floor, and as I started to come down from my orgasmic high, I rolled onto the rug and looked up to see what the three lovers were up to. I was astonished because the woman was now on her knees, only two or three metres away, and both men were pointing their cocks at her mouth, stroking them furiously, and she was lapping her tongue at their shafts, begging them to cum in her mouth!

A week ago I had never really watched porno movies. Now, here I was, on my back, having just been licked to orgasm by a complete stranger after he had ripped off my panties and bustier, watching a woman being fed cum by two strangers.

It was intense.

Suddenly the first guy started to spurt cum from his cock held tightly in his fist, and as he pumped the white goo from his cock, she lapped it up and actually swallowed it! Before she had finished gulping down his large load, the second guy spurted onto her chin, tongue and cheeks, and she used his cock like a spoon to scoop all the cum into a pool on her tongue, before making sure she swallowed all his load down too, finally poking out her tongue to show she had been a good girl and swallowed the lot.

My hands were pinching and pulling my own nipples as I watched this amazingly erotic, disgusting scene unfold before me.

The sudden realisation of what I was involved in hit me, and I got up, gathered myself together and left the room, much to the annoyance of the man who had just made me cum. I’m sure he expected a fuck, or at least a return orgasm from me, but I couldn’t stop thinking of Steve, and how I had kind of cheated on him just now. I walked quickly from the room and headed back down the hallway to the main room.

When I got to the bar and ordered myself a drink, I realised John and Christine were probably still in the room back down the hall, where I had seen John’s large cock and Chris being fucked by the stranger.

“Thank goodness I didn’t let that guy fuck me,” was all I could think.

As my drink arrived I sipped from it and headed back towards the hallway. I had decided it was time for me to go home and resume my ‘normal’ life, and wanted to let John and Christine know that I would catch a cab, presuming they were still having a wild time.

I found the room where I had seen them before, but this time only Chris was there. John was nowhere to be seen. Christine, meanwhile, was being royally fucked by a different guy than I had seen fucking her earlier, and instead of sucking John’s large cock like before, her head was now buried between the thighs of a wonderfully dark skinned asian woman, who was leaning back moaning in pleasure as Chris licked her pussy!

I was learning more about my husband’s best friend’s wife all the time at this party!

I was also learning that my own sexuality was a mess.

Once again I started to feel arousal, and my nipples started to pulse as I watched Chris being fucked really hard as she licked the woman’s clit at the same time. My pussy itched and throbbed once more, even though I had orgasmed only a few minutes ago thanks to Mr Stranger.

I was a confused bundle of nervous energy, and I once again found myself unconsciously entering the room to watch my friend being fucked and giving oral sex at the same time.

As I sipped my drink I realised that the scene before me was totally turning me on. Was I wishing it was me? Should I join in and go crazy? What would Steve think? Was I sick?

Before I had a chance to answer my own questions, a hand reached under my skirt from behind and squeezed my ass.

“Fuck I love watching her being fucked!”

It was John, and his hand felt amazingly hot as he pushed lower and reached under me to find my pussy, still wet, and my lips slightly open from my orgasm.

My mind said to stop him.

My legs parted.

My instinct told me to run.

My nipples told me to turn my head and kiss him.

I turned my head and kissed him, a deep, tongue-locking kiss that made our hands reach up and go crazy exploring each other.

My left hand reached low. I was on a mission.

I had to feel that large cock. I wanted to squeeze it, feel it, taste it, fuck it.

My mind said NO!

My hand and pussy overruled, and within seconds I was fondling the biggest cock I had ever felt or seen, as John continued to tongue kiss me, his fingers now pumping up and down in my vagina, my legs wide apart as we both watched his wife sucking a pussy while being fucked on all fours.

I knew I was about to cheat on my husband with his best mate, but at that moment, after spending such a week, and ending up being licked to orgasm by a complete stranger in a room watching a woman being double fucked, I didn’t care.

For the first time in my life my carnal instinct took over.

As I glanced away long enough to see the guy behind Christine pull his cock out and swap places with the guy fucking her face, I positioned John’s wonderful cock in place of his skilful fingers, at the opening of my sopping wet vagina.

Riley didn’t realise what time it was. His eyes slowly opened, thankful they didn’t have to adjust to bright glaring sunlight like they often always had to most mornings. He whimpered softly, feeling the background headache accumulate into a pounding throb at his temples.

He drowsily sat up in bed, feeling his muscles ache from what little sleep he had and what a lot he drank the previous night. He couldn’t even remember how many he had, but from his guess, a large amount from how rough he felt.

He almost jumped a foot in the air as he felt a hand wrap itself around his wrist, stopping him from getting up to get dressed.

“Come back to bed.” A dim yet sultry voice told him.

“I can’t.” He mumbled out tiredly, although inwardly wanting to stay – just to catch up with his sleep was all he felt like doing, let alone anything other than that.

“Not even for a few minutes?”

He only just realised how nauseous he felt. A tiny sick feeling sank into the pit of his stomach, but he knew it wasn’t intending on staying there for very long.

“Not when I’ve got to work and I’m running late.” Who was that, that happened to be in bed with him anyway? He sharply turned round, finding himself gazing into a pair of bright, clear green eyes. “How did you get here?”

“Don’t you remember anything about last night?” The well-formed brunette gazed up at him seductively, running her hand up his slender yet slightly muscular arm.

“How did you e-end up in my bed?”

“You took me here.” She smiled naughtily, her voice taking on a saucier tone.

He ran his hands through his dark bangs, still failing to remember.

“Now come on. Lie back down so we can carry on where we left off.” She wrapped an arm around him, in an attempt to force him back down in amongst the bed sheets.

“No.” He sat on the edge of the bed, dead set on getting up. He might have already been trying to get out of his job, but it didn’t mean he shouldn’t work. “I’ve got to go to work…sorry.”

It wasn’t long before Riley found it impossible to work. It didn’t help when he had a pounding headache and an unsettled stomach, but the exhaustion and lack of sleep had settled in and he had to take time out.

He fished around in his back pocket for the picture of Tamsyn – the fact that he’d gone and slept with someone else behind her back left him with a slight heaviness in the pit of his stomach.

And it wasn’t because he’d cheated on his own girlfriend, of course not. It was because he was confused.

Confused what to feel, confused what to be doing about it…so many things were sticking out in his mind and he didn’t know how to go about dealing with it all.

Maybe he was what he thought he was.

Warning- this story depicts a graphic scene. Do not read if sensitive to violence or sexual crime.

Forced Entry

He must have been standing in the darkness of the hallway when she came in, because he tackled her hard when she paused and knocked her onto the bed, landing on top of her and never giving her a second to think or struggle. The surprise was enough to make her scream, though, and she started screaming loudly and trying to fight out from under him. He grabbed her by the throat, then, and backhanded her hard.

“Shut up, bitch,” he screamed at her through clenched teeth, but it didn’t do anything to quiet her, so he squeezed her throat hard and choked her until she didn’t have enough breath to scream anymore and then he eased up.

“You fuckin’ stupid country people never think to lock your doors. I bet you start locking them now,” he sneered at her. She was across the bed on her back and he was sitting on top of her, pinning her down.

“Please, don’t hurt me. Please, you can take anything you want,” she begged him.

“Shut up. I already own everything you have ever since I got in your back door. What I want is some fun.”

“NO,” she yelled at him and began to fight. Initially she was able to push him hard enough to unbalance him on the soft mattress, and she began trying to crawl out from under him. He came back up quickly and shoved her retreating back, forcing her onto her stomach and climbing on top of her again. She began screaming, again, and he slapped her hard in the back with his hand, knocking the breath out of her.

“I fuckin’ tol’ you to SHUT UP! There isn’t anybody close enough to hear you anyway.”

She continued struggling and fighting him, so he grabbed a fistful of her hair and shoved her face into the pillow. He opened the flick knife next to her ear so that she could hear it. At once she lay still and something like a sob escaped from her throat.

“The more you struggle the more it just makes my dick hard,” he told her.

He put his hand between her shoulder blades to hold her against the mattress and climbed off of the top of her, instead turning to face her feet and straddling her again facing the other direction. He was sitting with his full weight on her shoulders with his legs pinning her arms.

“Now, you just do everything I say and you’ll come through this with nothing but memories. Otherwise you’ll have some nasty scars.”

He slid the knife under the waistband at the back of her jeans and began hacking through the jeans and her cheap, imitation leather belt. A blind panic struck her then and she began struggling again, kicking and wiggling under him and trying to move, but he pulled the knife through the belt and then waited while she tired herself struggling. When she gave up he put the knife under the cut part of her jeans and continued slicing through the fabric in a diagonal across the right cheek of her ass until he had cut several inches of the pant leg at the back of her right thigh. He did the same with her jeans across the left cheek, then folded her jeans open like a babys’ diaper, then cut off her maroon panties and threw them across the room.

When he tried to climb off the top of her she began fighting, again, this time with the renewed vigor of a panic-stricken woman, terrified and about the be raped. He had managed to keep her face down, but she was able to move a foot or so on the bed and get her arms free. He brought his left knee down on the back of her left elbow and pinned it there, then grabbed her by the hair, again, and let her feel the point of his knife under her right ear.

“Just right there, cunt…I could cut you right there and you’d bleed to death, and I could finish fucking you before you got cold.”

“Please, you don’t have to do this,” she pleaded with him, her voice muffled in the pillows. “I don’t even know what you look like. I couldn’t tell the police anything.”

He ignored her and began unbuckling his pants with one hand while still holding the knife against the tender skin under her ear. She began sobbing, again, and he tugged at the cut material of her jeans to fully expose her ass.

“Damn, bitch, you have a fuckin’ beautiful ass. I don’t think this is going to take long.” He worked his mouth into a pucker and gathered some saliva, then drooled a mouthful of spit so that it fell on her tiny, puckered asshole. She understood what he was going to do at last and the blind panic seized her again. She bucked and struggled in spite of the knife he held against her ear. He held his shins and feet across her calves and held her down from behind with his knife hand, and then forced her face into the pillow until she was gasping for breath and too weak to struggle further. When she had settled down he gathered another mouthful and spit in his left hand and rubbed it on his dick.

She was sobbing again, resigned to the rape she was about to endure as he spread open her ass cheeks and laid the head of his cock against her asshole. Without giving her a chance to breath he suddenly forced his cock into her ass and she screamed as the head of his dick forced open her asshole.

“OH GOD, that FUCKIN’ HURTS,” she screamed. “My ASS!”

He continued shoving, forcing his cock into the tight sphincter of her colon as she screamed, bucking against her now and then as he buried his cock to the hilt in her tiny asshole. She screamed more and cursed him.

“FUCKIN’ COCKSUCKER, THAT HURTS! YOU FUCKIN’ ROTTEN BASTARD! You won’t get away with this they’re going to catch you!”

“The won’t catch me before I shoot my wad up your pretty asshole. Now fuckin’ shut up and let me enjoy this.”

She broke into sobs again as he pushed himself into her, then yanked a pillow from underneath her head and began stuffing it under her hips to prop her ass higher. When he was satisfied with that he began pounding his cock into her ass, each time pulling it more than halfway out and then shoving it deep again so hard that his pubic bone hit the crack of her ass. He ripped the tee shirt off of her back and then unfastened her bra so he could grope her breasts.

“Come on, honey, move around a little. I like it better when they struggle a little.” He grabbed her nipples and began pinching and twisting them, until she cried out and began flinching. He bucked harder against her ass, slowing down now and then to push his rod especially deep and relish the feel of her ass around his cock and the feel of her tits in his rough hands. Suddenly, instead of pounding hard and fast against her ass she felt him slow down, as if relishing every stroke and he suddenly grabbed her shoulder and pushed himself hard into her and groaned a long groan. His body spasmed and jerked, and then he tensed his body and rocked back and forth like he was balancing on her ass.

He relaxed, flattening his body against hers and he lay across her back. He lay against her for several minutes, spent and exhausted. She stirred enough to turn her head and look at him.

“Was that a good one,” she asked?

“Oh God, yeah. You deserve an academy award, hun, once or twice it sounded like you were actually crying.”

“I wasn’t crying, I was coming!”

“Well, you deserve a fuckin’ academy award. Did I hit you too hard?”

“No, I keep telling you that you can hit me as hard as you want, as long as you don’t break anything. You know I can’t come unless it hurts.”

“Oh geez…,” he rubbed his head, “you made me come so hard my head hurts. I think I must have shot about a quart of come up your ass.”

She grinned at him. “Yeah, it feels like it. The knife play was good! I started coming almost as soon as you flicked it open, but you owe me a new pair of jeans!”

“Gladly,” he said. “That was fuckin’ amazing. What do you want to do now? Do you want to watch television?”

“HELL NO, I don’t want to watch television, I want you to tie me up and fuck my pussy.”

“Oh, baby, I don’t know if I’m up to that yet. You tire me out when you struggle that much.”

“Well, then just tie me up and stick a dildo in me. I’ll bet your next paycheck you’ll get hard by the time you do that.”

He rolled toward her far enough to kiss her on the cheek. “Where the hell did I ever find you, I must be the luckiest pervert in the state.”

“You didn’t find me, I FOUND YOU. If I hadn’t heard your stupid ex complaining about leaving you because you wanted to do play rape all the time I wouldn’t have known where to look.”

“Baby, you could have found a million guys that wanted to play rape with you.”

“I know, but they wouldn’t appreciate me as much as you do.” She smiled at him and there were love lights in her eyes that seemed oddly out of place, like a Hell’s Angel carrying a teddy bear.

“Do you want me to use the gag on you.”

“Yeah, I love feeling helpless.” She sat up and kissed him full on the mouth. “But, honey, even if you gag me…I promise I’ll scream just as loud.”

He reached under the bed and pulled out a coil of rope.

I felt weird after that rally. She was happier than ever, though, and I admit what she’d done, and what had happened, was a big sexual kick. I loved her more than ever, she was wild, she was fun!

Nothing more happened for a good while, at least I don’t know if she got up to anything while out at work or whatever, in the meantime. We went to a couple more parties and another rally, and she didn’t seem to do anything again. I found it strange she wouldn’t discuss what had happened, even though I had decided to accept it and she knew I had gotten excited.

Anyway, later in the year we went to a rally organised by a bigger, more serious club. I was a bit nervous about it, as they were the sort of people nobody messes with, certainly not the likes of me, just an average Joe. It seemed mostly okay, though, and I got quite pissed in the afternoon. She was going round collecting donations for a certain charity. All of a sudden, she seemed to be hanging out with two of the senior club members, giggling at their flirtatious comments.

I heard one of them say, “You’ve got a cracking little arse there!” She giggled and said thanks. Then the other one leaned and whispered something in her ear. She looked over at me, then she went bright red as he said, “How about it?”

She came over to me and told me to wait at the bar for her, she just had a business matter to see to. I was drunk and happy, so I just nodded without asking any more, and anyway, what could I do, cause a fuss with those big club guys? No, I don’t think so.

I was very disturbed when a bloke near me whispered to his mate, “They’ve asked for her arse!”

“Fucking hell! That one everyone fancies, that little corker of a looker? Everyone I know fancies her. Wish I was one of them blokes, I’d eat a mile of hers just to get to where it came from! I’ve seen a pic of her naked, she’s fucking delicious!”

They watched her as she left the bar tent with the two big bikers, her sexy bum creased tight in her jeans, and disappeared among the crowds of people…

NO! Surely they didn’t mean what I thought they meant! Occasionally she liked a finger up there but she’d always frowned and seemed offended if I asked her about anal. I couldn’t believe she’d let them do that, it was torture enough for me to accept she had vaginal sex with the guy I’d seen her with before.

I was told after a while where she was, her friend pointed the tent out. It was a big tent on an incline at the end of the field. They had metal music playing, and over the top I could hear her saying something. It sounded like “My my, my my.” As I approached, I could distinguish it better. She was saying “My arse, My arse!”

I didn’t go in. They were obviously screwing to the music, her and her new friends. Now and then I heard the blokes grunting appreciatively. It’s hard to say how I felt. Her friends all knew too. I got very aroused, it was sick but horny. Somehow animal like in a strange way. Very rude, obscene even but earthy and sexual. I could hear the biggest guy with the shaved head, who had taken the mickey out of me when they had chatted her up. He was groaning lustily in appreciation. “Woarrrgh, Woarrrgghh!”

I could hardly take it in, they were having sex with my girlfriend in there. She’d allowed them to buy her for an afternoon, for donations to the charity. The people there all knew and nobody really cared!

Suddenly one of their mates was beside me, grinning at me. He went to the tent and lifted the door aside and watched my reaction a while before going in. For a few moments I saw it.

She was in there naked and bent over. One guy sat pulling her long hair and having his dick sucked by her. Now I also saw why the other one, who had taken the mickey out of me as he chatted up my girlfriend was growling so lustily to her. Yes, you have guessed it. He had his big hairy dick lodged firmly up her arsehole! I could see she’d been shagged already, there were blobs of spunk stuck in her thick dark pubes. She had a dildo in her beautiful pussy which he was flicking his thumb at as he fucked her up the bum. The sexual act she said she didn’t do, she was letting these more powerful, high ranking men finally do to her. They had far outranked me and persuaded her.

The big sod was smiling and groaning. “WOAAARGHHH YES! WOARRGHH, YOU SEXY LITTLE BITCH!” He really enjoyed her chocolate starfish, shoving his shaft all the way in and watching it pull out again. She was smoking, a cigarette too with one hand, and tickling his mates balls with the other as they had her rudely. They ignored me but she looked at me, her pretty eyes shining and full of lust. She blew smoke over the sitting guy’s cock.

The big bully having her wrong hole began his verbal ritual to her again, and I realised this what what I’d heard part of from further away. He said “Where’s by big dick?”

“My arse!” She answered.

“Where do you want it?”

“My arse!”

He pulled apart her ripe cute little buttocks with his thumbs, and growled again. “Got your bum in the end, didn’t we! Everyone wants to shaft your shit hole and we won the contest!”

The big dirty bastard teased her again in rhythm with his thrusts. “Your bum, your bum, your bum!”

She gasped loudly and dropped her cigarette as the other one splattered some of her face cream on her tits, her big dark nipples standing up excitedly. He squeezed her boobs and shoved his dick between them. She blushed, and jiggled them around his cock, obviously loving the treatment and humiliation of what they did to her. I recognised the sounds she made as she neared orgasm. “You dirty bastards! I can’t stop myself!” she moaned.

The guy sodomising her smacked her ass hard and laughed. “Titty bum bum, titty bum bum!”

Before he shut the door, the guy who’s passed by me pulled his pants down, letting his cock out. It was hard and huge with an onion like knob end that throbbed at her. I shivered as he taunted her. “Get ready girl, because this is going everywhere before I have your arse as well!”

My cock was standing up stiff in arousal and humiliation at this incredible scene.

I stayed rooted to the spot, looking at the closed tent door and hearing the sounds. Yes, she was having a big climax, I could tell.

Part three to follow if you want to hear more.

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