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Following her honeymoon life starts to assume more of a normal routine for Andrea, well as normal as you can get when you are a shemale t-girl in a family with 4 lesbians.

Kate finds a shy new boyfriend and asks Andrea for help with him.

But can Andrea’s idyllic lifestyle continue indefinitely, in this story things events take a nasty turn…


After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was adjusting well to a life living with Jane’s lesbian lovers, now also my lovers. On a combined business trip and visit to my friends, Jane and I went to California where we ended up having fun with my employer Liz as well as Trish and Sandy, ending up with me sucking Trish’s dick. And later, despite my initial reservations, I took her dick inside me.

Later my sister Jill, who I had not seen for almost 2 years, came over in advance of the wedding along with her lesbian lover Ashley, and I ended up fucking and getting fucked by both of them. Just before the wedding I met Jane’s brother John and his girlfriend Ally and had my first experience with a man, as I did not consider Trish to be a man.

The wedding was the best day of my life, where I was finally married to the four beautiful women I had come to love so much Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, and they all loved me, we all loved each other. On the wedding night as we lay together I really felt that this was where I belonged, the bride of four beautiful brides.

The honeymoon was wonderful, but when it was over all of us were looking forward to establishing some sort of normal routine as a legally joined family.

In my work on the new application for the Psynphone that I was doing for Liz, I had reached the point where we were ready to do a beta test on the product, and Liz had decided that a good place to conduct the beta test would be at our university campus so that I could supervise the application performance on a day to day basis.

All campus based students would be given the opportunity to participate in the test and if they agreed they would be given a free Psynphone along with an allocation of talk time and a monthly data allocation.

Liz had asked me to suggest a non-technical person to help me administer the test, who had to be a security minded person, given what would be some of the selling points of the new application, and I had suggested Jenny, who Liz had readily agreed to. Jenny was happy to take on this work as she would be handsomely rewarded for spending a few hours a week administering the tests.

So we had gathered the family together and Jenny was handing out the phones to each one of us. Then we were told to all strip off our tops, Jenny stripped off her own top as well. We could keep our bras on, much to Jane’s disappointment.

Then Jenny went round applying a small adhesive patch to each one of us, as close to the heart as possible, explaining what they were. “This is a tiny piece of miniaturized technology is a heart monitor and is designed to monitor stress and health levels as well as general heart condition. There is a blue tooth connection to the Psynphone.”

Jenny continued, “Andrea will explain how this monitor is used in the application.”

I continued, “The heart monitor serves two purposes, firstly for people who are at risk of heart attack or even those that are not known to be at risk, the Psynphone will automatically call an ambulance and notify designated contacts when certain characteristic heart rhythms are detected. The application will also allow hospitals to remotely monitor the heart monitor while an ambulance is on route so that paramedics will have up to date information on the person’s condition.

Secondly the monitor is also capable of detecting when the user is under high stress because they are being attacked or otherwise in severe distress, this will cause the Psynphone to automatically call the an ambulance and police as well as notifying designated contacts.”

At this point Jenny commented saying, “I think right now the last function is particularly important for us given recent news that 5 women have been violently raped in this area. And to this end I also want all of you to sign up for self defense classes just in case.”

After this I went on to explain the other features of the personal organizer features and social networking front end, explaining that each of us would complete a 15 minute survey at the end of each week documenting their experience in using the application.

Later that week Kate came to visit us and brought her new boyfriend with her, Allen, he like Kate was 18 years old. Allen appeared to be a very shy guy, which was surprising in a way given how outgoing Kate was. Jane and I could see that Kate really needed to talk so we excused ourselves saying we wanted Kate’s advice on fashion and retiring to the bedroom.

Immediately Jane asked Kate, “Did you fuck him yet.”

“No,” Kate replied, “I really want to, but he is shy and I really don’t want to screw it up with him as he is such a lovely person.”

“So,” asked Jane, “What is it you like so much about him?”

“He is so kind and considerate,” replied Kate, “I feel so safe with him, I feel that I can talk to him about anything and never be judged, I just wish he wasn’t so shy around me. It is like he is holding back, like he has some insecurity even with me, and that bugs me. I just want him to feel able to completely be himself with me whatever that might be.”

“Do you want me to talk to him?” I enquired, “Back when I was a guy I was quite shy, I didn’t feel secure, perhaps I can help him.”

“Would you,” replied Kate, “I would really appreciate that.” And with that she gave me a big hug throwing her hands about my neck.”

We, the family, invited Kate and Allen to spend the evening with us and after consuming food and quite a lot of alcohol, the girls were watching a program about makeovers for women that seemed to make Allen embarrassed for some reason. Noticing Allen’s discomfort I asked Allen if he would help me with the washing up, and he jumped at the opportunity.

Once we were in the kitchen I started chatting with Allen about Kate, saying what a wonderful person I thought she was. Allen was heartily agreeing with me saying how she was so easy to speak to and so friendly.

As we talked I noticed that many of Allen’s movements had a feminine appearance being very attuned to such things myself. And as we made small talk I observed that Allen was not very interested in ‘manly’ things, knowing what I knew about Kate I began to understand why she might be attracted to Allen.

So I said very casually, “So have you fucked Kate yet?”

In response to my question Allen’s face became as red as a beetroot, he floundered a little, obviously taken back by the directness of my question. I could see that he was struggling to hide his anger at me for asking such a direct question but he simply whispered his answer, “No.”

Explaining myself somewhat I continued, “Because Kate is a very spontaneous person, I am sure she wants you to fuck her, she must have dropped you many subtle hints and some not so subtle at all.”

“Well yes,” Allen replied, “she often invites me in for coffee after we go out, but I am always making excuses saying I have to leave. One time she really got mad at me so I agreed to stay for a few minutes, but when she started touching me a lot I made an excuse again saying I had to leave.”

“Don’t you like Kate?” I asked, “Don’t you find her attractive? Don’t you want to fuck her?” Knowing as I said these things that there was nothing that Allen wanted more than to make love to Kate.

Allen replied, “Kate is the greatest person I ever met, she is incredibly attractive, and I would love to fuck her, as you put it.”

Some of his anger was beginning to show as he said these last words. This was exactly the reaction I wanted, it was only by him really getting in touch with his suppressed feelings that he would do what he desired to do as far as Kate was concerned.

Allen continued, “It’s just that I am afraid that I will fuck things up between us, Kate and I that is? I have no experience sexually, I’m afraid she will not want to see me again.”

Suddenly my tone became a bit harder as I said to Allen, “You expect me to believe that?” Then after leaving a dramatic pause I continued, “Sure you probably tell yourself that you are worried about your performance so you don’t have to think about what might follow, but there is more to it isn’t there. I doubt at your age you have problems getting an erection and you probably whack yourself off at least twice a day, probably five or more times.” Allen’s skin reddened as I said this.

“You know what a kind and accepting person Kate is.” I continued relentlessly, “You know that she would be patient with you because you know how much she wants you.”

“There is something else isn’t there?” I said sternly, for the first time worrying if I was pushing the poor boy too far.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Allen broke down and started to cry, and all I wanted to do was comfort him, so I put my arms around him allowing him to cry onto my warm breast. He felt reassured by my warmth and after letting him cry for a while I took his head in my hands wiping his long hair away from his eyes.”

Then suddenly I gave Allen a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Allen, whatever it is you can trust me.” And as Allen looked back at me he could see the sincerity in my eyes, so suddenly he confessed what he had been hiding.

“When I am alone I like to wear women’s clothes.” Allen said.

“Knew it,” I said to myself, all the feminine gestures, not being preoccupied with things that interested most men, his sensitive emotional characteristics all made sense now.

As he finally said it, he looked frightened, almost as if he expected me to react with disgust or worse laugh at him, this, only moments after he had been sure he could trust me.

I said, “And you feel ashamed of yourself for this?”

“Yes,” Allen replied, “I mean it isn’t normal is it?”

“What is normal,” I came back, “normal is a very relative term. So do you want to stop it?” I continued.

“Yes,” Allen replied earnestly, “particularly now I am seeing Kate, but it is hopeless. I have tried to stop it in the past, but I always start doing it again, sometimes I feel most at home when I am dressed as female, it’s hopeless, I’m hopeless.”

Again he started crying and I pulled him back against my warm breast finding the feeling of his warm tears on my breast was producing nurturing feelings, and surprisingly erotic feelings, I guess it was just the effect of him being vulnerable with me.

“You know what I think?” I asked.

“What?” Allen replied.

“I think that Kate would be really pissed at you if you tried to suppress this side of you. It is part of you and helps make you the caring, sensitive, emotional person that you are, the person that Kate loves.” I continued.

“You think so? Allen asked.

“I know so,” I replied, “I think there is something you should know,” I continued, “I am a T-girl myself, a shemale.”

I could see the idea was not sinking in, so I made it as clear as possible, “I’ve got a dick.”

“B-b-but, that’s impossible,” Allen replied, “You must be winding me up, nobody could look more womanly than you.”

With that I pulled my panties down and lifted my skirt, saying, “Satisfied,” as Allen looked at my semi-hard cock.

“You know,” Allen said, “even when I see your dick clearly displayed I cannot think of you as anything other than female, but I guess you have heard that before.”

“Oh all the time,” I said.

“Look,” I said, “I happen to know for a fact that Kate doesn’t have any problems with a guy who has a feminine side, quite the opposite in fact. When I come to think about it, it was probably subconsciously picking up on the fact that you had a feminine side that drew her to you in the first place.

But right now you first need to concentrate on accepting yourself and becoming comfortable with who you are in your feminine form and I can help you there, but you have to trust me completely, what do you say about us meeting up together in a few days so I can help you explore your feminine side.”

“Thanks,” said Allen, “I would really appreciate that.”

I noticed that Allen was already looking much more self confident, and after we returned to the girls to playful banter about what we may have been up to together, Allen sat next to Kate and I could see that his whole attitude with her was much more confident. He was more outgoing and even rested his hand on her leg when they spoke.

Kate had a big grin on her face, she looked like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

That night as Kate and Allen left us, Kate whispered in my ear, “I don’t know what you said, but thank you.” She squeezed my hand as she said it.

I whispered back, “The best is yet to come, believe me.”

So it was that Allen arranged to meet up with me later that week in our apartment.

When I answered the door, the other girls were out at university except for Jane who did not have classes that day. Jane was at a local café, nearby waiting for my call.

As I led Allen to the bedroom he looked a bit pensive, so I started with some general chat to put him at his ease.

“So how has it been with Kate?” I asked.

“Great,” replied Allen, “since I opened up to you about my cross dressing, I feel I can be much more myself with her. We even kissed one time, and I touch her we hug and stuff all the time now.”

“Did you guys made love yet?” I inquired.

“No not yet,” replied Allen, “I think she wants it, but I keep putting her off before things go too far. I want, I want…”

“You want to feel more comfortable with yourself before you take the next step with her.” I supplied.

“Yes,” Allen said. “I want to explore who I am more.”

“Well you have come to just the right place,” I said, “that is exactly what we are going to do.”

“So,” Allen inquired, “How are we going to go about this? How do we proceed?”

“Well,” I replied, “You are going to meet your alter ego, the side of yourself that you have been suppressing for so long, and first that means taking a long bath, so you can smell sweet and remove all that body hair, not that you have much to speak of.”

So it was that I got Allen to strip naked and get in the bath, to put him more at his ease, I just put on a short bathrobe myself, I chuckled to myself when I noticed Allen’s dick hardening as he saw me in just my short robe.

As Allen bathed and applied the hair removal cream, I sprung my surprise on him.

“Look Allen,” I said, “transforming you will take quite some work, and it would go much more quickly if somebody could help me with you.”

Suddenly Allen looked frightened, “I-I’m not sure about that, I feel safe with you, but somebody else, I’m not sure I could do it.”

At this point I replied sternly, “You said you would trust me completely, and besides you are going to have to tell other people about this sometime, Kate will have to know for example, being open about who you are with people you can trust is very important in the process of self acceptance, the sooner you start the better.”

“OK,” Allen replied, “If you vouch for this person.”

“Don’t worry, I trust her implicitly.” I said. “So it’s ok if I have her come along?” I reiterated. It was important that he felt happy about me bringing somebody else in to help with his transformation.

“Yes.” Allen replied.

On Allen’s confirmation, I called Jane, “It’s ok to come now.”

Jane arrived more quickly than I would have thought possible, eager to help in the transformation, quickly enough to catch Allen while he was naked, just getting out of the bath.

“OOOh,” said Jane always direct, “You do have a nice bod Allen, and you look sooo good with that smooth hairless skin, your skin is so supple and soft, just like a woman, but oh my you have a lovely cock, I’m sure that would feel lovely inside me.”

At Jane’s words Allen reddened and he quickly grabbed for a towel to cover his private parts.

After rubbing himself down with a towel I passed Allen a short bath robe like the one I was wearing, and so as not to look out of place Jane also put on a similar bath robe.

We sat Allen down on a chair and I got to work styling Allen’s long blond hair into a very feminine style while Jane gave him a manicure and a pedicure, painting his nails a bright red color.

I then went on to work on Allen’s face, working on his makeup while Jane went to select some clothes for him.

When I had finished with his face even he would have had trouble recognizing himself in the mirror.

Jane, knowing what we would be doing had thoughtfully gone out and bought some breast forms and a gaff for the transformation.

And as Jane was putting the breast forms in place with a mild adhesive, Allen became a little alarmed, “How permanent is this stuff?” He asked.

“Don’t worry,” replied Jane, “this glue is only temporary and there is a solvent to break it down when you want to remove the breasts.

As Allen put on a red panty and bra set that Jane had laid out for him I noticed that he was getting an erection even with the gaff he was wearing. Finally he slid into a pair of strappy shoes with 4 inch heels and Jane helped zip Allen into the tight fitting red minidress. It was only at this point that we let Allen see himself in the mirror.

As Allen looked at himself his Jaw dropped, he reached and touched himself on the breast, at first he even seemed unsure that he was looking at himself.

“Oh fuck, I’m beautiful,” said Allen, “thank you so much guys, I would never have believed I could look this good.”

Then he turned to Jane, “What do you think?”

Jane replied, “You look totally passable, no one would ever guess you were a guy looking at you. But then as you begin to get used to being like this you will start to realize that when you are like this you are not a guy, but rather a beautiful girl.”

At this I could see the pride in Allen’s face.

Jane continued, “You also look totally fuckable, I would fuck you right now if I didn’t know that you want Kate to be your first.”

This again caused Allen’s to turn red, but less so than before, he was beginning to become more confident and less embarrassed as time went by.

Jane continued, “But we can’t call you Allen anymore when you are like this, have you ever thought of a feminine name for yourself.”

“No,” replied Allen, “up till the day I confessed to Andrea, I was just completely ashamed of this aspect of me.”

“Well how about Alice,” Jane supplied, “it sounds similar to Allen so it would be easy for you to remember.”

“Alice,” Allen repeated, “I like that name, and I think it fits me, after today I certainly can identify with ‘Alice in Wonderland’.”

Now it was time for our next surprise for Allen/Alice.

“Well Alice,” Jane continued, “how would you like to come out to a lesbian bar with us?”

“L-Like this,” Allen replied very anxiously.

“Well at the bar I am thinking of, I don’t think they would take too kindly to you if you went as a guy,” said Jane, “and besides you will pass as a girl no problem, and if anybody did spot that you are a t-girl it wouldn’t be a problem as there are quite a few trannies who go to this bar and they are always welcome.”

Jane and I had discussed taking Allen, now Alice, out before hand, but I played along pretending the suggestion was new to me.

“Now wait a minute Jane,” I said, “Alice is still new to all this, it is her first day dressed and fully made up as a girl, and her first time ever dressed when she has not been alone, and you want to take her out like that. Aren’t you rushing things a bit.”

I could see that Allen/Alice was looking at me with relief, glad that I had stepped in on his/her behalf.

This story is a transsexual fantasy.

It still amazes me when we consider the mysterious effects that occur at the subatomic level, and it has been suggested that matter itself can be morphed by subatomic effects. Quantum effects are still not really understood by scientists and maybe never will be, with new effects being discovered like super conductivity and super fluidity that the old Newtonian style cause and effect physics simply cannot explain.

All we can say with any certainty is that there are things in this universe which are beyond our understanding, maybe nothing is exactly as seems…


“Imagine starting to believe in yourself and your infinite possibilities. Imagine believing you deserve everything you want out of life. Imagine getting everything you want out of life.

Once you apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ everything is possible.”

My name is, or should I say was, James (now Jamie), and there I was, a 30 year old guy, who was a virgin, sharing a New York, rent controlled apartment with a 25 year old lesbian, Ashley, and she was a hot looking lesbian at that.

Ashley, although a lesbian had started to help me explore my feminine side, and it was becoming clearer to me with each passing day that Ashley was starting to fall in love with me as a woman.

I had mixed feelings about this because although from the moment I laid eyes on Ashley I fell for her, I felt that in the end our relationship could only ever be a disappointment to Ashley as I was not a biological woman.

Then in a surprise gesture Ashley had paid for a very expensive therapy for me called deblock therapy, and this therapy was supposed to help me realize my true potential.

Now it appeared that the result of deblock therapy was going to be fame and fortune way beyond my expectation and it was all happening so fast.

My launch as a major New York artist had been spectacular and at the same time I had been thrust onto the New York social scene mixing with celebrities and people in entertainment, due in large part to Annabel (my artistic agent) and her expert promotion of my inspired art.

My success also appeared to hinge on the fact that ever since the deblock therapy, my body, attitude and mannerisms were becoming ever more feminine, so much so that I was introduced to New York society as a beautiful woman in a lesbian relationship.

Suddenly I was stirred from my thoughts by Annabel, she was telling me that my interview and shoot for a major women’s magazine would be very important in helping my career as an aspiring artist and increasing my exposure to New York society.

The piece would focus primarily on me as a person and new artist. Some of my artwork would be displayed, but equally important would be a photo shoot of the beautiful Jamie in the high end fashion promoted by the magazine.

Annabel was enthusiastically saying, “When women read, this piece and see your picture in beautiful dresses, they will want to be like you, look like you and dress like you.”

So the next day I waited at the offices of the publisher of the Magazine, I was feeling a little nervous so I had brought Ashley along with me, also believing that she could help if I needed any help changing clothes. Obviously I did not want anybody to see my bulge.

Earlier that morning Ashley had spent a long time applying very little makeup and selecting casual clothes, I was wearing a flowery halter top with ruffles, light pink Capri pants that came half way up my calves and strappy white pumps with three inch heels.

I had asked Ashley why she took so much time over achieving what was a very casual look, and she explained that as the interview included a photo shoot, I would be dressed by the magazine’s wardrobe department in clothes by high end fashion designers, so there was no point in going dressed formally.

However the impression we needed to create was that even dressed informally I looked like a bomb, “We are trying to create the impression that you get out of bed and throw some clothes on and look impeccable.” She said.

“But that’s ludicrous,” I said, “nobody just casually throws on clothes and looks impeccable.”

“It’s all part of the game,” Ashley had said, “they know that you can’t just throw your clothes on and look perfect and they know that we know it, but the thought that subconsciously enters their minds is that if you spend that much time to look casual, how much time would you spend if you were dressing yourself formally, and that gets you respect.”

I thought for a moment about the effort that had gone into my formal presentation as an artist to the New York elite, the facial, manicure, pedicure, hair styling etc, all the trouble with clothes and jewelry and I started to see what Ashley meant.

“Sometimes it’s hard work being a woman isn’t it?” I had said.

“Yes it is,” Ashley had replied, “particularly when you are in the public spotlight like you are going to be.”

Before I left the house that morning I looked at myself in the full length mirror, “Well I certainly passed the fuckable test I told myself, I would definitely fuck me.”

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the arrival of a pretty 30 year old sub editor. “Good morning, you must be Ms Williams, the woman said, “My name is Joan.”

“Please call me Jamie,” I replied, “and this is my partner Ashley.”

“I must say Jamie,” said Joan, “my editor told me that you were beautiful, but in the flesh you are much more beautiful than she described, I can see why she wanted me to do a piece on you.”

Then Jamie looked over at Ashley, “You are very beautiful also, the two of you make a very beautiful couple.”

If I was not mistaken, I noticed a look of lust in Joan’s eyes. I was beginning to understand that Ashley and I often had this effect on women.

As expected my makeup was done by a professional makeup artist and the look was specifically designed to be photographed. My long platinum blond hair already looked good, so only a touchup was required.

Then Ashley helped me get into the first of the designer dresses, a sky blue summer dress with a belt and short pleated skirt. Ashley said I looked great and Joan certainly liked how I looked when I went for the photo session.

As the photo session proceeded, Joan, asked, “Is this your first photo shoot?”

To which I replied, “Yes, why do you ask?”

“Because you seem new to this, yet you seem almost like a model the way you can give us just what we want, you must be a natural.” said Joan.

Later I changed into a short strapless black minidress with a tulle skirt and shiny black pumps with 4 inch heels. The lust in the eyes of both Joan and Ashley was very clear.

I stayed in the black dress for the interview, where Joan asked me a few questions about my art and my life with Ashley. Then when the interview was over I was allowed to keep the black dress.

That night back at Annabel’s luxury apartment, when Annabel saw me in the short strapless dress with the sexy tulle skirt she said she wanted to fuck me, it was also clear that Ashley wanted to feel me up and have me eat her out, but I said, “Let’s eat first I’m starving.”

Later in the bedroom Annabel stripped me and threw me on the bed, and then stripped herself and impaled herself on my 7 inch dick. Ashley also stripped quickly and sat on my face, reaching down to grab my now well developed tits in her hands pinching my nipples firmly as I thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy.

“Oh Jamie your tits are so beautiful,” cried Ashley, followed by, “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh,” as I tongued her clit to bring her to orgasm.”

Annabel cried, “Hmmm, I just can’t get enough of this beautiful cock on a beautiful girl.” then biting her lip said, “Oh fuck I’m coming.”

Annabel and Ashley both came together but I stayed hard to give these beautiful women 3 more orgasms myself before coming very powerfully inside Annabel.

A few days later the piece about me came out in the women’s magazine.

Annabel was very pleased with the result, there was the written article but Annabel was more interested in the pictures. There were pictures of my art, pictures of me with Ashley and Annabel at my opening and finally a two page spread of me in the sundress and the evening dress.

“WOW,” Annabel enthused, “this is so good, and you look brilliant in those dresses Jamie. This is just the sort of incredible publicity that money just can’t buy, and the dress designers will be pleased also because you look just perfect in those dresses Jamie. It is definitely a WIN WIN situation.”

Over the next few days Annabel was working on promoting me in the art world and starting to prepare for my national tour in a few months time by getting me recognized at a national level. And while this was going on Ashley’s current season on Broadway was coming to an end.

It was during this period that Jeff’s twin brother Alex came to town. Not only did Alex look like Jeff, but also like Jeff he was a real gentleman and really knew how to treat a lady well.

One night Ashley, Annabel and I met up with Jackie, Jeff and his brother Alex at a night club, and the moment Alex was introduced to Annabel I saw there was a spark there. It was not surprising therefore to either Ashley or I when Annabel went off with Alex.

Both of us knew that Annabel, while she loved our threesome, was just biding time with us until she actually met a guy who was sensitive, gentle, secure in himself and manly. And if he was as similar to Jeff as he appeared to be then Alex appeared to have all these qualities. I mean even I was attracted to Alex a little just as I often found myself attracted to Jeff nowadays.

The real bombshell came when Annabel told us that she had been invited on a 2 month cruise by Alex and suddenly realizing that she might have met her soul mate in Alex, she accepted. That left Ashley and I alone together, it left me without anybody to fuck me and give me head, and more important as far as I was concerned it left Ashley without pussy.

Annabel was very quick to assure me that when she came back from the cruise she would have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming national tour of my art work, she even promised to get together with us from time to time for some sexy fun, but Ashley and I knew it would not be the same now that Alex was in her life.

After Annabel left for her cruise, for the first few days, Ashley and I were fine. Ashley was performing the last few nights of the run of her play. And with the money from selling some of my artwork plus Ashley’s advance for this run of her play, we moved into a new apartment with a view out over the harbor and splashed out on a new BMW.

Once we started to settle down to a routine however, and particularly after the closing night of the run of Ashley’s play, it became clear to me that Ashley was missing pussy. Don’t get me wrong Ashley loved me eating her out and sucking her tits, and she loved sucking my tits, but it wasn’t the same for her not being able to give pleasure to another women through her pussy.

The issue was exacerbated because both Ashley and I had stopped doing our waitress jobs because of the income we were making from selling my artwork and Ashley’s acting respectively. Also all the activity associated with the launching of my career and Ashley’s nightly performances had meant that we had simply not had the opportunity to continue waitressing. Now however with Ashley particularly having time on her hands, she had time to reflect on what she was missing by not having Annabel around.

One highlight was when we got really drunk one night with Jackie and Jeff and all went back to our apartment.

I fucked Jackie doggie style while she ate out Ashley, and then Jackie sucked me off while Ashley ate her out and all the time Jeff was jerking himself off watching us together. As before Jackie told Jeff to spray his cum all over my now C cup tits and again she licked Jeff’s cum off my tits, but this time she took my face in her hands and kissed me hard pushing some of Jeff’s cum into my mouth.

Now she lay down on the bed and got Jeff to lie down next to her. Jackie was really drunk and she suddenly said she wanted me to suck Jeff’s cock, she said she wanted to see me do it since the first time she had seen me with tits (at that time girlish A cup tits).

Then Jackie said, “What about you Jeff, are you ok with it?”

“I’d love it if Jamie sucked me,” he said, “I can’t think of her as anything other than a girl now anyway.”

I was saying, “I don’t know Jackie I feel a bit weird about it.”

Then Jackie said, “Ashley only gets to eat me out if you suck Jeff off.”

Then Ashley said, “Please Jamie I need this.”

There was no denying Ashley’s need and I really wanted her to have this, but I still hesitated.

Then Ashley said, “I’ll let you fuck me, when we are alone.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, was this Ashley saying this, my lesbian girlfriend, that she would let me put my dick in her. Then I thought that the following day she would try to get out of it, and I would let her of course, but right now I knew she was sincere and that indicated just how great her need must be.

I looked at Jeff, since my body had started to change I was finding him attractive, his 8 inch dick looked very beautiful to me right now in my drunken state. Gingerly I stretched my long tongue out towards the head of his dick.

Suddenly I was aware that Jackie and Ashley were still, they were looking at me in fascination.

The head of the dick felt smooth to my tongue, it was stiffening quickly, the sensation was interesting, but what was really turning me on was the way in which Ashley and Jackie were looking at what I was doing, the knowledge that what I was doing was turning them on.

Gently my tongue flicked around the head of Jeff’s dick before I finally took the tip in my mouth, I sucked slightly, causing Jeff to moan in pleasure. Raising my eyes to look at Jeff as I gently sucked his cock I saw that his eyes were closed, he was surrendering himself to the sensations I was giving him.

Flicking my eyes towards Ashley and Jackie, I could see that they were both biting their lips in concentration, so I impulsively sucked harder pulling Jeff’s dick further into my mouth causing both the girls to moan and Jeff to moan louder.

After sucking further and letting his dick out of my mouth a little and sucking again I soon got a rhythm started and as I did now Ashley aggressively started to bite and suck Jackie’s pussy, clearly watching me sucking Jeff was making her more aggressive, I don’t think I had ever seen her so turned on.

Then as I continued to suck off Jeff Ashley brought Jackie to a shuddering orgasm, I had never seen Jackie come so fast or so hard, I was sure a lot of it was because of seeing me suck Jeff.

Now Ashley and Jackie got into the 69 position and brought each other to mutual orgasms several times before Jeff finally announced her was going to cum.

Now Ashley and Jackie exhausted from their mutual activity split and I took the opportunity to wank Jeff until he came all over Jackie’s tits.

This time it was I who licked the cum off Jackie’s tits before giving her a long kiss where I pushed the cum into her mouth. As I did this, she took my rock solid dick and slid it into her, and it wasn’t long before I came. As I looked at Ashley while I fucked Jackie, I saw a look I had never seen in her eyes before. Did she want to be fucked?

After I had come inside Jackie, Ashley aggressively pulled me over towards her and thrust my face into her pussy hard, telling me to suck her clit and push my tongue inside her.

While I was doing this Jeff was fucking Jackie doggie style, and both Jackie and Ashley when they came, came very hard, and were shaking for minutes afterwards.

Finally Ashley pulled my head to her bosom, encouraging me to gently suckle her nipple, and like that we fell asleep.

The following morning Ashley prepared a special breakfast for me of omelet followed by Belgium waffles.

She said, “I want to let you know that I really appreciate what you did for me last night, sucking Jeff off so that Jackie would let me eat her out. I also want to let you know that seeing you suck him off was a real turn on for me, even though sucking dick is something that I would never do.

I guess somehow you doing that made you look so girly. You might have noticed how turned on I was by the way I ate Jackie out.”

Then Ashley continued, “When I promised that I would let you fuck me I meant it you know, but you have to promise you will trust me however weird things might get.”

“I trust you.” I replied, not knowing what she meant but knowing that I trusted Ashley implicitly.”

That day Ashley had her acting class and I was working on my latest piece of art. As I worked on my art I thought about what Ashley had said, what did she mean by, “However weird things might get.”

That night in bed I was particularly tender with Ashley, licking her body all over but paying particular attention to her tits, ass and pussy. She came a total of nine times and we fell asleep with Ashley suckling on my tit.

The following morning I woke up and tried to get up, but suddenly became aware that I was tied to the bed.

Looking around I found that I was on my back and my arms and legs appeared to be bound to the corners of the bed by rope, and a pillow had been pushed under my ass to lift it slightly.

“What the fuck,” I thought to myself. I assumed that it had to be Ashley, but why?

If realizing that I was tied up seemed strange however, this was nothing compared to what I saw next.

Ashley entered the room naked except for a large strapon dildo, it must have been at least 8 inches in length and very thick, and there was a piece that pushed against her clit so that she would also get stimulated when she used it on somebody, I realized that that somebody would be me.

Now Ashley opened a drawer and took out a tube of lubricant.

I looked at Ashley, my eyes questioning her but she said nothing. Quietly Ashley approached, and now she started to lube my ass up, I opened my mouth to speak but she put her finger to my lips telling me to keep quiet.

Now she started pushing one and two fingers into my ass and moving them around, surprisingly I found this stimulation quite nice, moaning slightly.

Now Ashley started to lube up her strapon dildo and as I looked at its girth I thought to myself that this rubberized dick was just too big for me.

Suddenly Ashley started pushing the massive dildo against the entrance to my ass hole and I was pleading with her asking, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?” but Ashley just pushed harder.

Then with all Ashley’s applied pressure the head of the dildo entered my ass, and the pain was excruciating. Tears were rolling down my face and I was pleading desperately now saying, “Please take it out Ashley, it’s too big, it feels like it’s ripping me apart.”

But as Ashley continued to push ‘her’ plastic dick into me the pain was even greater for me and I noticed a look of lust on her face. This was a side I had never seen of Ashley before and it was frightening me.

Now the plastic monster was filling me completely and it hurt like hell, there was slight relief when she pulled it out a little but then she pushed it back in hard causing me to cry out in agony.

As Ashley fucked me it was clear that it was turning her on and the stimulation to her clit was causing her to respond sexually. She grabbed my tits hard as she fucked me and she was looking into my eyes saying, “Take it bitch.”

It was giving me a lot of pain and I was crying like a baby, Ashley knew I was in pain and yet she was clearly enjoying the sensation. Looking into her eyes I also saw anger as she pounded into me, and I was saying, “Why are you doing this to me Ashley?”

Dad sat across from me at the table and shoveled oatmeal into his mouth more out of habit than for nourishment. Dark circles under his blue eyes confessed a lack of sleep. His constant sad expression made him look older than his forty-seven years. It didn’t help that his hair had rescinded back to his ears. Worry had thinned his once bulky frame. He had been in a declining emotional state since my mother had left us last spring.

The day after I graduated high school my mother packed her suitcases and left to find herself. She said that she had devoted her life to my father and to raising me and now that I was grown she was going to live for herself and that didn’t include my father or me for that matter.

My father had been forced to sell his business and our house and the profits divided with my mother to settle the divorce. Even my college fund had fallen victim to her lawyer and now I went to the local community college instead of to the university I had planned to attend. I still lived with Dad in a small two bedroom townhouse apartment.

Dad had gotten a job with a former competitor. He was miserable with it, but at forty-seven there weren’t many opportunities available. Looking across the table at me, he said, “The company Christmas party is tonight. So you’ll have to make your own plans for supper.”

“No sweat, Dad. I’ll order pizza or go out with some friends. Maybe you should take a date.”

Dad laughed bitterly. Frowning he said, “Even if I could find a woman at the last minute, I’m not ready to date. I don’t think I’ll want a relationship with a woman ever again after your mother broke my heart.”

Outside an automobile horn honked. I looked out the window and spotted the white hybrid with the “Save the Planet” bummer sticker and said, “That’s Britney, I have to go.”

“Study hard, Alex and learn something new,” my father teased me then mussed my hair with his hand. His fingernails gently scraped my scalp as he continued, “And, get a haircut.”

I pushed my glasses back up my nose and looked deep into my father’s blue eyes. The sadness they reflected filled me with emotion. I blinked to keep from tearing up. I paused before opening the door and gave my father’s six foot frame a hug. I said, “Bye Dad, try to have a good day.”

He nodded stifling his own emotions, “Yeah Alex, you too.”

Thunder clapped in the distance. I ran to the waiting car hunched under my backpack. The smell of rain danced on the static electricity that filled the air. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. A change in the atmosphere was being heralded. Yeah, a change was definitely coming.

“Hey, Britney,” I said as I threw my backpack in the backseat and climbed into the compact car.

The big-boobed blonde smiled at me and said, “Hey, yourself.”

Britney put the car in gear and eased into traffic. She wasn’t my girlfriend. She was just a friend that was a girl who drove me to school since I didn’t have a car. She pushed the car’s lighter and placed a cigarette between her full lips. After her cigarette was lit, she pursed her lips and blew a stream of smoke. Instantly the car was filled with a bluish haze.

I coughed and waved by hand in front of my face in an attempt to clear the smelly smoke. “Why do you smoke so much?”

“Because it pisses my father off,” she answered, blowing smoke.

“Well, your father isn’t in this car right now.”

“Okay, okay, don’t be such a pussy,” Britney said snubbing out her cigarette. She sped up the on ramp to the highway and headed north to the community college.

Sitting in silence, I thought about my dad. He had fallen to pieces since my mother had taken off. He was barely holding on to his job due to his demoralized state. His boss had already reprimanded him twice for tardiness and chastised him for a lack of initiative. While I had tried to give him emotional support, there was only so much a son can do. He needed a woman I concluded.

I met Britney in the Student Union for lunch. As I chewed on piece of pizza, I mulled over my father’s dilemma. With a sudden inspiration I glanced at Britney, who came from a wealthy family, and asked, “Can I borrow some money?”

“What for?”

“I want to hire an escort for my dad.”

“Wow. Can’t your dad hire his own hooker?”

“It’s not like that, but no he can’t. He’s nearly broke. My mother financially cleaned him out with the divorce. I think he needs a woman to boost his morale, he’s been really depressed. I just think if he had a date for his company’s Christmas party, it would cheer him up.”

Incredulously, Britney asked with a smirk, “And you think the best way you can help your emotional shattered father is to hire a hooker to be his date for a company function?”

“Not when you put it like that,” I replied with a grimace. I choked on my own emotions. After clearing my throat I added, “I need to do something.”

Britney looked me directly in the eye and said, “You be his date.”

Thinking that she was joking, I laughed.

“I’m serious. You be his date to the party.”

I was taken aback. Frowning, I said, “My father’s not a homosexual and neither am I. Besides that’s kind of incestuous.”

“Incestuous? Maybe, but the reason incest is taboo is to prevent sexual abuse and since you’re eighteen and a consenting adult I don’t see it as a big deal.”

“How about this for a big deal, my father and I are not homosexuals.”

Britney laughed then said, “I’m not suggesting you be a homosexual. I’m suggesting you be a woman for your father.”


“At present nobody loves your father like you do, right?”

“Okay,” I agreed with a nod.

“So does your dad simply need a woman for a sexual release or does he need a women to give him a physical expression of love?”

Furrowing my brow, I thought for a moment then responded, “You’re talking about the difference between sex and making love. So sure my father needs to make love.”

“Your father is not a homosexual, therefore to give him what he needs, you have to become a woman.”

I stared at Britney as I digested what she was suggesting. Shrugging I said, “I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“Google Twiggy on your smartphone,” directed Britney before biting into her sandwich.

I did as she instructed. After I found the Internet entry on Twiggy, I read it out loud, “Twiggy was the world’s first supermodel, known for her androgynous looks, large eyes, thin build and short hair.”

“Does it have a picture?”


She took a sip of her soda then said, “Twiggy was 5’6″ weighed 112 lbs. and had a 31-23-32 figure, with an androgynous sex appeal.”


Britney shot me a Cheshire Cat grin and said, “So, at your height and weight, I can make you look just like Twiggy.”

I glanced down at the photo on my phone and asked, “How?”

Britney smile again then said, “Skip your afternoon classes and come home with me. I’ll show you.”

For a moment I studied Britney’s expression to judge her sincerity. My stomach churned with nervousness, as I thought of my father’s downward trajectory. I took a leap of faith and nodded my head.

After we arrived at Britney’s apartment, she took me by the hand and led me inside to her bedroom. She sat me at her dressing table and stood behind me like a beautician. She went to work teasing my hair with a brush. Her large breasts bounced beneath her shirt to the tempo of her flailing arms. She took a pair of scissors and gave my hair a few snipes. Looking at my reflection, she said, “There, a perfect pixie. I’ll add some red highlights to spice up your hair and get the attention you crave.”

Bewildered, I remained silent.

She went into the bathroom and handed me a shower cap with tiny holes in it. She ordered, “Put this on. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I complied and heard Britney rummaging around in the kitchen.

She returned with some kind of paste she had whipped up in a bowl. After handing me the bowl, she pulled strands of my brown hair through the tiny holes of the shower cap. Once she was satisfied that she had enough strands, she took a small paint brush and applied the paste to the strands of hair. She explained, “This is a paste made from cinnamon and water with a bit of lemon juice. We’ll let this set while I put your face on.”

Britney scooted me around on the bench and began applying some kind of cream to my face. She talked as she worked, “Always moisturize first, you’ll thank me later for that advice, dry skin needs to be hydrated with a creamy foundation before you apply concealer or blush.”

She put down the foundation and picked up concealer. She dotted the peach-colored concealer onto the dark areas under my eyes. Exchanging the concealer for blush, she lightly brushed it on my cheek bones, “That will add some pop. Now to set you face,” she spritzed my face with mineral water.

Britney stepped back and studied me for a moment then reached for the eyeliner. “Now your face is in place, we need to highlight your eyes and lips. I like to apply eyeliner first, then the eye-shadow.”

She applied a light pink lipstick to my mouth, “Never highlight your lips and eyes at the same time. You’ll look like a clown. I highlighted your eyes with a smoky eye-shadow so we’ll go with just a very light red gloss on your lips.”

Finally, she pulled the shower cap off my head and quickly brushed my highlighted hair into place. A satisfied smile painted her face. Her voice trembled with excitement, “All finished. What do you think?”

I turned around on the bench and faced the mirror. My mouth fell open, I didn’t recognize myself. Usually when I looked in a mirror I saw a nondescript looking guy, but now I saw a beautiful woman. I choked, “I can’t believe it. Is that me?”

“I knew you’d pass for a woman, Alex,” Britney said then she asked, “So do you want to be your father’s date?”

I looked back at my reflection and just nodded.

With a commanding presence Britney said, “Okay we have a lot to do and short time to do it. So let’s get started. I want you to take a bubble bath right now, not a shower. Women find something spiritual about a bubble-bath. I’ll light some aroma therapy candles for you.”

With a silent nod, I followed Britney down the hall to the bathroom. She threw a scoop of bath salts into the bathtub before turning on the water. Once the tub began to fill and bubbles began to rise, she lit several candles. She instructed me, “First, wash your hair, but don’t get your face wet and ruin your makeup. Then, I want you to shave all your body hair…pits, pubs and legs. Got it?”

Nodding, I stripped out of my clothes. I couldn’t believe how excited I had become. My penis had always been small and it was difficult for me to think of it as a penis while sporting feminine makeup. I squeezed it with my hand and felt it pulsate with excitement. Talking to myself, I said, “I’ll think of you as my big clit instead of my small pecker.”

Turning off the water, I slipped beneath the bubbles and quickly washed by hair, careful to keep my face out of the water. Resurfacing, I inhaled the aroma from the candles then used a luffa instead of a washcloth, it felt more feminine to me. I didn’t have a lot of body hair so in no time I had shaved my pits, my pubs and my legs.

Closing my eyes, I just soaked. My mind raced with questions: Could I pass for a girl in public? What if I didn’t? Would I embarrass my father? Would he think I was a freak?

Inhaling deeply, I caught the calming scent of lavender. I began to understand what Britney had meant when she said bathing was a spiritual experience. With a half grin, I recalled the time I caught my father and mother having sex. It was about two in the morning and I had gotten up to get a drink of water. I heard moaning coming from their bedroom. Stopping in the shadows, I watched as Dad thrust his hard cock in out of Mom’s pussy. I remembered his look of satisfaction as he filled her pussy with his cum. I wondered if I could give him the same gratification and grew excited.

I focused on the image of my father’s big hard cock glistening with sex secretions. Sucking on my middle finger, I imagined that it was Dad’s hard cock. After a couple of minutes, I raised legs out of the water and rested them on the edge of the tub. My legs were spread just like Mom’s had been when she had received my father’s throbbing cock.

Shyly, I slid my wet finger up my ass. My anus clamped down hard on it. My big clit pulsated and wept pre-cum. I gave myself just a couple of seconds to adjust before I slowly withdrew my finger. When just my fingernail remained inside me, I jammed my finger back inside myself. With a moan, I increased the tempo of my fingering. I stimulated my big clit, as I now thought of it. Water sloshed on the floor as my body writhed in the tub. Hot cum spewed over my belly in a torrent. I actually barked my release and cried, “Dad! Dad!”

There was a knock on the bathroom door as I came down from my climatic height. I pulled my finger from my ass, then choked, “Yes?”

“Alex, let me in,” said Britney from the other side of the door.

Quickly, I let the water out of the tub, grabbed a towel and mopped up the puddles from the floor. Britney’s impatient knocking hurried me along, but it still took two towels to soak up all the water. I wrapped another towel around my waist and opened the door.

Britney entered the bathroom like a whirlwind. She placed some items on the vanity then spun around ripped the towel from my body.

“Hey!” I objected covering my crotch with my hands.

“I need to see you,” Britney’s voice was as firm as her grip as she pulled my hands away from my body. She had me turn completely around as she inspected me. Then she said, “Very good, nice and smooth.”

My face still felt heated from my blush, but I nodded. “As a boy you have a tiny penis, but an enormous clit for a girl. I once read an anatomical study for my biology class that described the penis as a big clitoris that has been pulled out of the body. The clitoris becomes erect just like a penis, and has nerve endings in it just like the head of penis and if stimulated results in climax. The only real difference is the penis contains the urethra.”

She handed me a bottle of baby oil and said, “Rub that on your legs and pubic area to keep from getting razor rash.”

With the lid down I sat on the toilet and did what I was told. I asked, “Do you really think I can pull off being a girl?”

“I can make you look like a beautiful girl and I can teach you all the techniques girls use to hide their flaws but, in order to be a girl you have to act like a girl. To act like a girl you have to think like a girl.”

“So how do girls think?” Then I blinked and asked with an incredulous pitch, “And what flaws do I have that need to be hidden?”

Britney chuckled, “That’s exactly how a girl does think and that’s the exact tone she would use.”


“Women are much more conscious of their looks than men. It’s the primordial rules of attraction. Women instinctively know that it’s their looks that first attract a mate. So when anything is said about our looks we pay attention.”

Understanding, I nodded and asked, “And my flaws?”

“Where to begin, you’re flat-chested, you have several chin whiskers and you’re more androgynous than feminine.”

“Oh.” Britney’s words hurt me more than I thought possible. I whined, “So I look like a freak.”

She hooked her finger under my chin and pulled my head up forcing me to look into her eyes, “Alex, we’ll either fix or hide your flaws. All women do. We’ll take care of your whiskers with tweezers. And, we’ll highlight you’re beautiful almond eyes to draw attention to your face and away from your boobs. You do have assets we can highlight, like your eyes and legs and that tight little butt. You will be beautiful I promise.”

I whispered,”Thanks. It’d nice to be good-looking for a change.”

Britney nodded and handed me a pair of pink panties. “Put these on.”

I slipped on the cotton panties and turned my body so I could see how they fit in the bathroom mirror. My butt cheeks peeked from the leg holes. I smiled at my reflection. My butt did look good in the tight pink material. I felt my big clit twitch.

“Just like a girl.” Britney smiled at me. She noticed the soaked pile towels in the tub and asked, “Why did you use some many towels?”

I mumbled, “I sloshed water on the floor when I was bathing.”

“Were you masturbating?” grinned Britney knowingly.

Red-faced I nodded.

“I’m sure you’ve masturbated before and haven’t made such a big mess. Why this time?”

“Uh, I was thinking…thinking about my father…and what it might feel like to…to be penetrated by his cock,” I choked with blood pounding in my ears. My confession left me dizzy and flushed.

Britney’s grin widened into a smile, “So you fingered your ass and experienced the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had, right?”

“Yes! I never felt anything like it when I jerked off like a boy.”

“You discovered your G-spot. All women have a G-spot on the inside wall of the vagina and when it is stimulated, the orgasms are incredible. Your G-spot is your prostrate and you just happened to massage it when you were climaxing.”

Britney slapped my ass playfully, “Go to my room, Alex, we have a lot to get done and we’re running out of time to do it.”

I squealed with elation and ran down the hall chased by Britney, who popped my ass with a wet towel. Giggling with schoolgirl giddiness, I slipped into red and white candy stripped tights that Britney dug out of her chest-of-drawers, followed by a wrap-around denim skirt and a too large gray sweatshirt.

Handing me, my own tennis shoes Britney said, “You’ll have to wear your shoes. You have a neo-grunge look. Not very fashionable, but you are passable for a girl.”

“Really? You think I really look like a girl?”

Britney smiled, “Yeah in an androgynous sort of way, but by the time I get done with you at the mall you’re going to be a beautiful maiden.”

“It would be nice to look beautiful. I get so tired of being plain.” I said with a smile.

She grew serious, “Alex I can make you look like a girl, but you going to have act like a girl.”

“How do I act like a girl?”

“Remember to act like a girl by not acting like a boy. Such as making sure you sit down to pee.”

We both laughed.

“And you’ll need to feminize your attitude as well as your actions.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. There was so much to remember.

As we walked outside to her car, Britney said, “Sexy doesn’t reflect your looks as much as it reflects your attitude. Just like Twiggy, plus-size girls like Anna Nicole Smith were considered sexy because of their attitude.”


“Yeah, a here I am bitches attitude. You can like me or not, I don’t care, this is who I am.”

Nodding with understanding I said, “Okay.”

As we drove to the mall Britney continued her feminization instruction. “Alex, you need to talk like a girl. I did some quick research on the Internet while you were in the bathtub. The trick is in the pitch and tone of the voice. The female voice is just one third of an octave higher than that of a male. But, the most important thing is to speak like a female using the word choices females use.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Pretend I’m your father and ask if you can be my date for the party.”

Raising my pitch slightly I said, “Dad, can I be your date to the party?”

“Your pitch is perfect, but most girls call their fathers, daddy not dad.”

“Okay, Daddy, can I be your date for the party.”

“Perfect,” said Britney as she pulled into a parking space at the mall.

The first store she herded me towards was a shoe store. She had me try on several different styles of high heels, everything from a five-inch stiletto to an inch-and-half kitten heel. She correctly surmised my awkward walk would give me away and settled on a pair of black leather boots that hit me just below the knee with a three-inch wedge heel. She said, “You don’t have time to learn to wear high heels, but you should be able to navigate on the wedge heels of these boots and they’ll accentuate your butt and make it appear more feminine.

I looked at the price tag and objected, “Brit, I can’t afford these boots.”

“Don’t worry about it. If I’m going to dress you, I’m going to pay for it. Actually, I’m putting it on my father’s credit card, so he’s paying for it. Consider it an early Christmas present from me.”

I shrugged and followed Britney to the next store, a lingerie store.

She took me back to the fitting room saying, “Nothing makes a woman feel sexier than her lingerie. Choose your lingerie with the man in mind, it’s part of the teasing that leads to the pleasing.”

I nodded as she handed me an alluring sheer black lace camisole with lace trim along the neckline, hem and straps. My nipples harden as the material caressed my chest. The hemline fell just above my navel, so sexy. A matching black lace garter belt and a pair of black lace thigh high stockings followed.

The frustrated look on my face told Britney I needed help figuring out how to put them on. She stepped into the fitting room and showed me how the hook and eye snaps worked. Handing me the stockings, she informed me the proper way to caress them up my legs.

By the time I had them up to my thighs and attached to the suspenders, my big clit was leaking excitement. Lastly, I slid a black lace thong up my legs. The feel of its dainty fabric against the bare flesh of my pubic area and its snugness in the crack of my ass made my big clit want shoot its delight.

“Ouch!” I cried out as Britney smacked the head of my clitty. The sting made it softened immediately.

She countered, “I’m sorry Alex, but you need to tuck your genitals. A woman doesn’t have testicles and you need to have a flat panty-line.”

“You don’t have to be so brutal,” I seethed with a glare.

“I’m sorry we just don’t have a lot of time to transform into a girl.”

I nodded, “What do I need to do?”

She pulled out her Smartphone and quickly found an Internet entry that she had bookmarked earlier. Pointing at my testicles, she read, “When you were born your testes were hidden away inside your abdominal cavity, and at some point they descended into your scrotum. There is no reason the testes can’t be slipped back up inside the abdomen. So spread your legs and squat.”

I widened my stance as far as possible just as Britney instructed.

She continued to talk me through the procedure, “Now press your fingers into the base of your scrotum, you should be able to feel the opening into your abdominal cavity.”

“There it is,” I confirmed.

“Okay that’s where your testicles are going. Now press your fingers against one of your testes and align it with the hole and pop up it into your abdomen. Keep your fingers flat so that you are distributing pressure evenly across your entire testis.”

In quick succession my testicles followed each other up into my abdomen. I could feel them bulge just above my pubis. I was thankful that it had not been a painful procedure.

Britney smiled at me, “Okay, pull your penis tightly back between your legs. This will act as a sort lid closing off your abdomen enough to keep your testicles inside. The thong should be tight enough to hold your penis in place.”

“Very nice,” said Britney patting my pubic area.

I looked between my legs surprised at the smooth feminine panty-line and grinned wickedly. With my intimate apparel needs met, I put the skirt and sweatshirt on over my sexy lingerie. Despite the baggy clothes I did feel sexy in the lingerie just like Britney said I should.

Once my new boots were on my feet, I followed Britney to another store. She quickly browsed through the racks until she found just the right dress for me. She handed it to me and as we walked back to the fitting room and said, “If you feel confident about your look, you’ll feel sexy. Red is not only a holiday color it’s a sultry color, just perfect for you. It will make your complexion appear warm and golden.”

As soon as I was in the fitting room, I slipped into the red velvet dress. It was an above the knee mini that had an o-neck with long lantern sleeves. After I put my knee high boots back on, I wrapped a thick black belt, Britney had found for me, around my waist. Teary eyed I gasped at my image in the full length mirror and with elation said, “Wow. I can’t believe it’s me.”

Britney had me turn a full 360 degrees to get a look at my appearance from all angles. She nodded her approval, “You look simply gorgeous.”

She added a black purse that matched the belt and boots then paid the clerk. Since I now wore the dress, she asked for a shopping bag for the items I had been wearing. Leaving the store, she said we have one more stop to make and led the way to the next store. She instructed, “Now for accessories, remember Alex accessories make the outfit.”

We charged into the jewelry store. Since there was no point in piercing my ears, Britney found a pair of clip-on earrings. They were black crystal chandelier earrings that were an inch wide and five inches long. They practically touched my shoulders. Noticing my frown she said, “We’re calling attention to your lovely face and away from your flat-chest.”

Nodding with understanding, I giggled.

She placed a wide two-inch black lace choker around my neck. It had a large red rhinestone mounted in a delicate filigree in its center. She smiled and said, “It’s not only lovely but it will hide your Adam’s Apple, even though it is small. It’s the small things that usually give you away.”

“One last item,” said Britney stopping at a kiosk in the middle of the mall that sold acrylic fingernails. She found held several different sets of red nails to my dress until she found a set that matched.

I splayed my fingers on the counter while the clerk quickly glued the artificial nails over my chipped and chewed natural ones.

Meanwhile, Britney had slipped into a nearby drug store and purchased some items for my purse to include facial tissue, lipstick, a compact, hairbrush and a small bottle of lubricant. She returned to the kiosk and placed the purchases in my purse and paid the clerk.

As we walked the length of the mall to the entrance, Britney taught me how to walk sexy, mainly by trying to put my feet in the same footprint while rolling my hips. She cautioned, “Don’t look at your feet.”

“Damn it,” I cursed after catching the heel of one boot with the toe of the other and stumbling.

Her grin reassured me, “You’re doing better than you think. You just need to walk with an attitude.”

“What kind of attitude?”

She put her hand on her hip and strutted, “An I know I’m hot,kind of attitude. An attitude that says I know all the girls want to be me and all the guys want to fuck me.”

I mimicked her moves.

She laughed and said, “That’s it.”

We got outside and the rain had turned to snow. We got into Britney’s car and she started the engine. She let it warm and gave me another lesson on how to be a girl. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a kiss. She overcame my resistance by stabbing her tongue into my mouth. For a moment our tongues wrestle until she pinned mine. She broke our kiss and said, “That is how a man kisses.”

“And this,” she softly brushed her lips across mine, “Is how a woman kisses. Feel the difference?”

I nodded then softly brushed my lips across hers. “Like this?”

“Very good,” she whispered before she once again plunged her tongue into my mouth.

Outside the car a crowd of onlookers clapped their approval of our performance. I turned red-faced as Britney put the car in gear and pulled out of the parking lot. We drove to the restaurant hosting my father’s company’s Christmas party.

As she drove Britney continued her tutorial on how to be a girl. “You probably won’t get all your father’s cock in your mouth. Wrap your hand around the base of this cock. Your fist is at least three inches that leaves the top three inches of his cock for you to suck on. Your dad won’t mind because that’s the part of the cock with all the nerve endings.”

I silently nodded. Butterflies in my stomach did loop-to-loops as I wondered what my father’s reaction would be to my appearance.

“You’ll want to swirl your tongue around the head of his cock and stick your tongue in the piss slit. It drives my boyfriend wild when I do that to him. Of course you know that,” continued Britney.

I shook my head negatively and admitted, “No, Brit, I don’t. I’ve never gotten a blowjob. In fact, the only time I had sex it was disaster. I got so excited that I shot my wad before I could get my cock into her pussy. It was embarrassing.”

Britney flashed me a sympathetic look and said, “That’s too bad. I hope sex with your dad is better for you. I won’t lie to you, Alex, anal sex is going to hurt the first time. The first time I had cock jammed into my ass I thought it was going to rip me apart. But, once the pain subsided I found it quite enjoyable in a decadent kind of way. You’ll need to use plenty of lube and remember, a girl was made to me penetrated.”

“I so want to be my daddy’s girl,” I said with a lusty confidence.

We pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant where the party was to be held. I said, “Thanks Brit, I appreciate you doing all this for me. I know I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“It’s been my pleasure. If you love your father so much that you’re willing to go through all this for him, maybe I ought to rethink my relationship with my own father.”

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves then opened the car door and headed to the restaurant. A wave of reassurance washed over me as Britney accompanied me. Once inside I asked the hostess the location of the company party.

She pointed down the hall to a private room.

Britney nodded and said, “Wait here, I’ll go get your dad.”

I nodded and to busy myself, I took the compact and lipstick from my purse. After flipping the compact open, I looked at my feminine appearance and still quite couldn’t believe it was me. I popped the cap off the lipstick and brought it to my lips. My hand was shaking so much I couldn’t apply it. I bit my lip to steady my resolve and focused on my father’s need instead of my fear. I puckered my lips and rolled the lipstick along my lips.

A couple of guys saw my smooth move and one commented to the other, “Did you see that? She can wrap those lips around my cock anytime.”

I chuckled and took his lewd comment as a compliment. My father arrived with Britney just as I finished painting my puckered lips. He did a double take then his mouth opened and closed a few times before he was finally able to ask, “Alex?”

“Yes, Daddy it’s me,” I said using my practiced higher pitch.

“What the…”

“Can I be your date tonight?”

My father continued to blink rapidly then he shook his head and asked, “Alex is this your way of coming out?”

A sense of calm filled me and I reached for my father’s hand. I looked directly into his eyes and said, “No Daddy, I’m not gay. I just want to be your date.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You needed a date for this evening and I wanted to be that date, so Britney helped me change for you. Okay?”

“Sorry, I just need a minute to process everything,” he said rubbing his hand through his thinning hair. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily. His voice cracked with emotion. “You’ve transformed yourself into a beautiful woman. I would be honored to have you as my date tonight.”

Taking my father’s proffered arm, I winked at Britney conveying everything was fine and she gave me an easy nod as she exited the restaurant. I escorted my father to the party.

We strolled into the festively decorated private room. In the corner was a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. At the piano in near the bar someone played Christmas Carols. The CEO of the company and his wife welcomed us like family as we walked in and insisted that we pose for a photo with them. There was a table of appetizers and an open bar, complete with a bartender. My father ordered a generous whiskey and a wine cooler for me.

Daddy greeted his peers with handshakes and introduced me as his date. Several offered me flirting smiles and others shrewdly winked at him. He gulped down his drink in a single swing and ordered another one while I took dainty lady-like sips. He smiled at me and asked, “Why?”

“Because I love you, Daddy. I know you’ve been depressed since the divorce and I thought a date might cheer you up. And, since you made it perfectly clear you had no intention of asking a woman out on a date, you left me no choice, but to become a woman for you.”

Daddy’s forehead wrinkled as he mulled my words over. He shrugged and said, “I appreciate you going to all the trouble and you do make a lovely woman by the way.”

“I’m glad you think I’m an attractive woman, Daddy…,” I said taking a jumbo shrimp and dipping it into cocktail sauce. Looking directly into his eyes, I sucked the sauce off of it and breathily said, “…because I have every intention of physically pleasuring like a woman.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped for air. His reaction made me giggle and pleased me greatly.

After an hour of good cheer we were invited to take our seats amongst the different tables. Daddy put his hand on my waist as we made our way to our table. Slowly, he slid his hand down my waist onto my butt possessively. Primordially, he was warning every other male in the room that my ass belonged to him. Smiling, I felt wanted and protected at the same time.

The CEO snuck up behind us and waved a mistletoe sprig over our heads. Chuckling, he said, “I think these two are obliged to kiss.”

While the guests hooted and clapped, Daddy hesitated for a moment, I nodded then closed my eyes as he leaned in and kissed my lips. His lips were hard and held a dreamy intensity. His tongue invaded my mouth, letting me know how much he hungered for me.

I returned his tongue with reckless abandon, receiving his tongue like I wished to receive his cock. My senses reeled. I was shocked by my own eager response to my father’s kiss.

He broke the kiss and looked at me with lust-filled eyes and a flushed face. The crowd applauded their approval and I blushed with arousal.

The wait-staff invaded the room bringing in the first course of our holiday feast, butter lettuce salad with walnuts and grapes emulsified in oil vinaigrette. The CEO gave a toast and we ate. The main course was prime rib, creamed spinach, and parsley potatoes. It reflected the jovial spirit of Christmas.

After dessert was served, employees took turns in a white elephant gift exchange. Each chose a wrapped gift from under the tree or took an unwrapped item from the previous person while everyone clapped and yelled jokes. It was pretty wild, it was friendly, and it was Christmas. Daddy started with a $50 gift card, but ended up with a pair of argyle socks. He didn’t seem to mind as he laughed hardily, the first time in ages.

The evening ended with the CEO passing out bonus checks to the employees on the way out the door. As he handed each an envelope he said, “Just to show our gratitude.”

Daddy wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we exited the restaurant. As soon as we were in the car, I threw myself into Daddy’s arms and kissed him shamelessly. Hotly, my tongue probed his mouth. Suddenly, he broke the kiss by pushing me against the passenger door and I clung to it panting. He said, “This isn’t right, Alex.”

“Why, Daddy?”

“It’s incest, it’s taboo Alex. It’s a double taboo because you’re my son.”

“Daddy, I love you and I want to physically express that love to you. Like a woman would, let me your woman tonight. There’s a motel right across the street. Let’s get a room and just make love.”

He glanced across the street then with an impatient huff he nodded his head. Putting the car in gear, he drove to the motel. He parked and went into the lobby to get a room while I sat in car and freshened my make-up using the vanity mirror.

I took the key card from Daddy and led him by the hand to the motel room. Looking over my shoulder I smiled at him, he was mesmerized by the oscillation of my buttocks beneath my dress. I put a little more wiggle in my walk for him, it made feel sexy and feminine.

Once we got to the room, I lightly slid the card across the lock and it released. I pushed the door open and pulled Daddy inside by his tie. Flipping the light switch bathed the room in glowing lamp light.

I turned to Daddy. With a wanton grin, I grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head then tossed it into a chair next to the bed. I stood before my father in my sexy black lace lingerie and leather knee high boots. The combination of leather and lace made me feel sexy.

Daddy watched in silence as I walked slowly towards him seductively swinging my hips. His eyes roamed down my body and he licked his lips. Impishly, I smiled at him before wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him with passion. Gently, but firmly he squeezed my bare buttocks melding me into his body.

I could feel my father’s very erect cock pressing against me through his trousers. I slid his blazer off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then I unbuttoned his shirt, planting a kiss on his chest as I undid each button. Soon his shirt joined the jacket on the floor. Dropping to my knees I unzipped his trousers and his cock sprang out.

It was on my knees getting ready to take my father’s cock into my mouth that I experienced that wonderful connection that comes between a man and woman during the most intimate of moments. Looking up and seeing the wonderful half-smile on my father’s face as I stroked his hardening cock with both hands filled me adoration. I loved that look on his face.

Tentatively, I kissed his cockhead. I looked deeply into his eyes as I sucked his cock into my mouth. I could tell by the way his cock throbbed in mouth and pulsated against my tongue how much he is aroused. But it was his eyes that let me know how much he loved me.

Treating his cock like a delicious candy cane to savor, I sucked him. Each lick and suck got him harder. I lavished love on his cock as I slid up and down on his shaft. I paused to lick the top of his cock with a flick of my tongue. Then I focused on gently sucking just the tip of his cock.

Daddy broke the silence of the room with extraordinary moans of pleasure. Looking up into his eyes, I felt an incredible love connection to him. Stroking him lovingly made his orgasm achingly close. With a groan his hips bucked wildly into my fist towards my mouth.

My hands worked his shaft over and over, beckoning him to cum in my mouth as he got closer and closer to orgasm. The look on my father’s face was amazing, I’m his and he is mine in this incredible moment of pleasure. I felt the jets of his warm, creamy cum flood my mouth and I captured every sweet drop of his passion.

From my knees I smiled up at my father and showed him that he had, indeed, filled my mouth with cum. Then I swallowed, a look of pure pleasure crossed his face. I licked the few drops of cum drooling from his cock as it grew soft.

Daddy helped me to my feet and hugged me tight. His fingers danced on the bare skin of my exposed buttocks. “Alex, I love you so much. You’ve become my naughty girl.”

“I love you too Daddy,” I said reluctantly breaking our embrace. I slowly slid my thong down my stocking clad legs, revealing my pretty pucker to him. I paused briefly bent over to let him enjoy the sight. Then I stepped out of my thong and climbed on the bed and placed my head on the mattress, arching my butt up in the air.

Daddy finished stripping and crawled on the bed with me. Tenderly, he kissed my butt cheek. He spread my ass cheeks and I clutched the bed sheets for all I was worth as his tongue rocketed into my pucker. Moans of ecstasy flowed from my mouth. He sucked hickeys on my cheeks then teased me with long, slow licks along my crack. Lovingly, he circled my anus with the flickering tip of his tongue. His hands massaged the round globes of my butt as his tongue worked its magic.

I woke the next morning to a kiss on the cheek, “Hey sweetie, I’m heading into work early. I left a little note for you on your dresser. See you tonight at the mall.” Opening my eyes I watched Ashley walk out of the bedroom and leave for work.

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and realized I was still wearing her panties. Did last night really happen? I rolled out of bed and hopped in the shower. When I got to my dresser, I saw her note,

“Hey sweetie, This pair is a little big on me so I thought it might fit you better. Not the fanciest but should be enough to get you through the day. We’ll get more tonight! See you at the mall after work! Love, Ashley”

I opened my dresser drawer to find that all my boxers were gone and, in its place, was a solitary pair of red cotton panties. I was a little puzzled. I had assumed that the sissy play would stay in the bedroom but Ashley appeared to have a different idea. I shot her a text asking where my boxers were, but, with no other options, I slid on the panties tucking my soft cock down into them. I turned and admired my ass in the mirror…I guess they did hug it well I thought to myself. I finished getting dressed and went off to work. That morning I got a response from Ashley that simply read “You don’t need them anymore, remember! If we’re going to do this we’re going to do it my way and do it right. Let me know when you leave work and I’ll meet you at the mall.”

The workday was long and I was reminded of Ashley every time I went to the bathroom and saw the panties. I avoided using the urinal for fear of someone seeing them. Sliding them up still got me a little turned on but I’d distract the mind to avoid a sexual harassment lawsuit at work. I texted Ashley to let her know I was leaving and she suggested we meet in front of one of the department stores. When I arrived she was waiting there with a smile, “How’s my sweet sissy today? How was your first full day in panties?”

“It was good but I had to sit down when I went to the bathroom. I didn’t want anyone to see. I didn’t think I’d be wearing them all day. I thought we’d just be doing this in the bedroom.”

“I told you that if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do this the right way. It’s all or nothing. I didn’t think I’d come home yesterday to my boyfriend wearing panties. Now c’mon and let’s have some fun with this!”

“Ok, I’m sorry…I agreed to this and you’re right!” I said with a smile, “just try to be a little discreet in the store. I don’t really want them knowing this stuff is for more, ya know.”

“Oh, stop. No one is going to know and who cares if they do!”

We walked into the mall and she directed us to the lingerie section in the department store.

“They have some stuff here if you want. It’s a little cheaper but not quite as sexy as a Victoria’s Secret. Do you have a preference?”

I was uncomfortable having this conversation with other people around us, “Ummm, I don’t care. Let’s just get something and get out of here.”

“Stop being like this,” she reached for my hand “we’re doing this together and no one is paying attention to you. Now…do you want to check Victoria’s Secret? They probably have a bigger selection.”

“Ok…sorry…yes, that sounds good.”

Off we went through the mall, still holding hands and talking about the work day. All I could think about was the awkwardness I would feel inside Victoria’s Secret.

“How many are we buying today?”

“How many what? Panties? Well, I figure you probably need about 10 pair so you’re not constantly washing them, then you’ll also need some bras and maybe some other stuff so you feel extra sexy in the bedroom. I figure I deserve a thing or two since I’m doing this with you too.” she said smiling and looking up at me “it’s not like you don’t have the money.”

Ten? Bras? This was starting to add up but I had to admit that I was a little excited. The thought of doing it a little more often with a willing participant turned me on. We walked into the store and I was a little overwhelmed with all the options. Fortunately, Ashley knew her way around.

She looked at me “I was thinking a few lacy pair, since you seem to like those, and these french cut might look good on that ass of yours.. Maybe a thong or two but I’m not sure how they’ll fit you down there…you might…um…spill out. Have you ever tried one?”

Feeling a little awkward discussing it in the the store, I said softly “Um, ya, it’s harder to wear one but we could try a couple.”

“Ok cool…what colors? I was thinking some nice pastels for you and maybe a hot pink!” she said smiling.

I smiled, blushing a little, “Ya, those sound good.”

“Sizing will be tricky. I’m thinking medium but you might need a large…oh miss, can you help me a second?”

I was horrified. Asking for help?! I stood there hoping she wouldn’t notice my face blushing.

“Yes, what I can I do for you?”

“I need to buy some panties, but they aren’t for me. My…friend…is actually probably about his size. Do you think a medium would work?”

Smiling and looking at both of us “Ya, I think a medium would be good. If it won’t embarrass him too much you can hold them up to him too” she chuckled.

“Oh, thanks! Probably a 36 for a bra, right?”

“For someone his size, probably a 36 or maybe a 38. If you wouldn’t be too uncomfortable I can measure you but you’ll still have to guess on the cups.!”

My face went beet red, “They aren’t for me!” I blurted out.

Ashley laughed, “why don’t you just measure him to be safe”

I lifted up my arms and she measured across my chest, “Looks like a 36 would probably work, but it could be snug. Do you have an idea of what her cup size might be?”

“Hmmm….pretty small…probably an A but could do a B if you don’t have it in stock.” Ashley replied while smiling at my discomfort with the situation.

“Well, let me know if you need any help in picking stuff out” and she walked to help someone else.

My face was clearly red now, but at least it was over. I took a deep breath and looked at Ashley, “I thought you said you’d be discrete.”

“Oh stop…we needed sizing anyway. You didn’t want to have to come back and return stuff. I said it was for a friend. If anything you made it worse with your red face and tone. Now come on…let’s find something sexy little sissy.” she said with a smile.

Ashley was pretty good at finding stuff and would just ask my opinion. I generally just agreed with whatever she found but was growing more comfortable and would occasionally suggest colors. Each item she would hand to me to hold on to…I lost count of what we had. When we were wrapping up she approached a mannequin with stockings, garters and bustier.

“We should get two of these…one for me and one for you!”

She looked for sizes and selected hers in black and turned “something lighter colored for you…pink?”

“Sure, that works. We have a lot of stuff…surely we don’t need much more.”

“Hmmm…well, might need a few more bras because I worry those will show through your shirt at work.” she whispered at the end.

“Show through my shirt?”

“Well, ya, I wear one all day…so are you. When are you going to understand this isn’t a one time or every now and then thing. If I’m going to have a sissy for a boyfriend I want you to immerse yourself as much as possible. Now let’s look for something over here that won’t stick out as much.”

“Why don’t we leave this at the counter and they can start ringing it up. They have some cute PINK loungewear I want for around the house and you could use a few things too.”

“Loungewear too? How much are we going to spend? I already have gym shorts to wear around the house.”

“Stop whining. I told you this wasn’t going to be cheap so open your wallet and appreciate that I’m doing this with you and obviously those gym shorts aren’t going to cut it anymore. We’ll just get you a couple pair of shorts and tank tops. They might be snug but we’ll get you on a diet and working on your figure.”

Diet? I thought. I started to question if this was going too far. I thought I would hold on to at least some of my manliness.

Ashley grabbed two pair of pink shorts and a couple for herself. “These will be cute for you!!” she whispered then grabbed a couple tank tops. “Perfect…let’s check out.”

The total came to a mind boggling $450. I couldn’t get over how expensive it was, but Ashley had a smile as we walked out. Shopping with her had made me both turned on and little apprehensive. I didn’t realize how far she wanted to take it

“I can’t wait to get home so you can try some of this stuff on! Maybe I’ll put on something sexy for you too” she said.

“Me too,” I smiled “it’s a real turn on that you’re so into this.”

She gave me a peck and we got in our cars to head home. My heart was racing as I drove home. As painful as the shopping was, I excited to try on my new stuff. My cock was already starting to get hard thinking about it.

Ashley beat me home and I found her in our bedroom unloading stuff into my dresser. “Here,” she said “Start by trying this on.”

She handed me a satiny pair of hot pink panties with lace trim and a matching bra. I disrobed and slid on the panties while she helped me with the bra in back “you’re going to have to learn to put this on yourself. Now…you’re not that hard right now. Can you tuck yourself in between your legs? It would be nice if there wasn’t a bulge.” I did as I was told though I knew I’d be popping up again once I got hard.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “there’s my sissy” she said as she stood behind me, rubbing my ass in the panties. “You get comfortable on the bed while I put on something we got today.” She disappeared into the bathroom.

She emerged wearing a sexy black lacy bra and thong set complete with stockings and garters.

“Wow” I said “you look so hot right now.”

“Mmmm…good” she said smiling “that’s the point. Now let’s put a little of this on your lips to take things a further little sissy.”

She reached out with some pink lipstick and put it on my lips. “Good, now come here”

She leaned forward and we began making out, my hands on her body and her hands cupping my bra and reaching in to pinch my nipples.

“I think you need more practice with your tongue” she said as she gently pushed me on my back and began straddling my face. She moved her panties to the side and I buried my face between her legs. Her thighs against my cheeks as she moved her hands through my hair, moaning, “Mmmmm, nice and slow.” I could taste her getting wet as she moved her hips against my face a bit, moaning louder as I watched her begin to squeeze her breasts over her bra, “Let me turn around and give you a little attention.”

She turned around and leaned forward on her knees, lowering her pussy to my face, “Keep going” she said as she began rubbing my cock through my panties, noting some precum “Hmmm…looks like you’re getting wet too.” I continued going to work on her pussy when she asked me to pull my legs up a bit as she slid her hand into my panties.

“I think you’ll like this,” she said with a smile, “and don’t act like you haven’t done it before,” she said as I felt her finger rub the outside of my asshole.

She was right and I couldn’t deny it, “How’d you know? I just tried it once…”

“You’re wearing panties, so of course you’ve fingered your ass and I doubt it was just once. Now just relax and don’t stop paying attention to my needs.” She moistened her finger and slid it back into my panties and against my hole, gently working it in. I moaned a bit as her slender finger went in. “We’ll get some lube for next time but I thought you’d like a little tease,” she said as she rubbed my balls with her other hand, sliding it in a bit deeper.

With my cock in her face I kept wondering if she would take it out and go down on me. I was so turned on and aching. I finally asked, “You’ve got me so hard and turned on. You could slide me out of the panties if you want to play with my cock a little while you’re down there.”

She took her hand off my balls and pushed her pussy in my face, “I told you that was staying in your panties where it belongs. You need to understand that while you’re wearing panties that your little dick gets less attention. You need to learn how to please and learn new ways to receive pleasure.” She slid her finger out of my ass, sitting up and moving to the night stand. “You’ve got me pretty worked up,” she said as she got her dildo out and handed it to me. She got on her hands and knees, “Take me from behind with it. It’s a position we never got to do much since you slip out but I know it feels so good.” Another reminder of my lack of size, but I took it in stride getting behind her perfect little ass and rubbing the head against her pussy. She looked back at me, arching her back and pointing her ass in the air, “Mmmmm…fuck me hard.”

I loved the dirty talk but couldn’t help but wish it was directed at me and not the dildo. That said, I loved watching her and helping her get off. I truly enjoyed giving her pleasure. I slid the dildo in slowly, “I said hard sissy!” she barked, “Make it hurt.” Words I had never heard, or thought I would hear, from her only turned me on more as I began aggressively fucking her with the dildo, deep, long strokes. “Oh goooooddd, so good,” she moaned, “Get your face in my ass and lick it.”

I hesitated. This was something I hadn’t heard her ask for before “Oooohhh, just do it now!” Her orders turned me on so much, I buried my face between her cheeks, rolling my tongue around her hole. “Oh, god, don’t stop…fuck me harder.” My arm was getting tired as I worked harder on her hole, getting it wet. “Slide your finger in,” she beckoned “I want your finger in my ass too” she whined, moaning louder as I slid my moist finger in her ass. I couldn’t believe this girl was such a freak in bed as we typically only did missionary in the past. “Oh god, don’t stop, I’m going to cum” as she moaned and screamed, her body tensing and trembling before relaxing. I slowly pulled my finger and the dildo out, rubbing her ass a bit before moving up towards her.

“Oh my god. That was so good. I haven’t been fucked like that in a while!” she said as she leaned in to kiss me hard. “It was so good. You’re the best. You want to clean my dildo off again like last time?”

I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. I was a little taken aback, “I’ve never seen you in the bedroom like this before. It’s really hot.”

“I guess there is a side of me you haven’t seen before and maybe I’m learning about myself a little too.”

“I wish we could have done some of this stuff before without the panties. I’d love to try anal.”

“It’s a little late for that now…you’re already in panties. Also, you’ve never really been, like, a manly man, for me to think you’d be able to make me cum like that or be able to fuck me hard in my ass.” I was a little perplexed and let down. I think she could tell. “Oh sweetie…it’s not your fault. We’re doing it together now and that’s what counts! Now show me how you clean off the dildo, just like last time.” I opened my mouth and she took the dildo, sliding it in as I wrapped my lips around it, “There you go…good sissy.”

She removed the dildo from my mouth and went on, “Now I know you didn’t get to cum today, but you need to learn a little discipline. Girls don’t always cum when they have sex and I’m willing to bet you haven’t made many girls cum with your cock in the past. Therefore you need to learn you’re not going to cum very often. I promise you that you’ll get to cum at some point, but, in the meantime, I don’t want you playing with yourself. Hands off. I’ll decide when you’re ready.”

I wasn’t sure how long I could make it especially considering how turned on I still was. My balls were aching. Would she really know even if I did?

“Ok, I’ll do my best.”

“No, not your best. Tell me you won’t do it. That’s for me to decide now, not you. It stays in your panties, remember.”

“Yes, sorry, I won’t.”

“Ok good! Throw on your new pink shorts and top and let’s cuddle on the couch. You wore me out!”

I didn’t know what to do about David. He was my best friend and after years of teasing me, he had opened up a pandora’s box of getting me to crossdress. Now I’m supposed to go as his date, as Angelina Jolie, but the host of the party, Ben, a real gentleman, wants me too. I wish I could be Ben’s date, but I don’t know how to escape from David’s grip.

“Allison, I’m here!” It was David knocking at the door. “Open up you little slut!”

“Shhh David, not so loud! I don’t need the neighbors hearing!”

“What are you doing dressed as a guy?”

“David, it’s 2pm. The party is not for hours. I’m just hanging out.”

“not anymore. Go get ready. You’re coming as my date and I’ll sit here all day watching college football if I have to.” David doesn’t leave anything up to chances.

“Why did you bring a suitcase?”

“You’ll see Aly. Go put on your little makeup in the bathroom.” I rolled my eyes. I was partially upset that he just ruined whatever rest of a guyish Saturday afternoon that I had in store for myself. On the other hand if someone is telling me to go put on some makeup, they certainly don’t have to ask me twice.

As I started putting on foundation, I heard David rolling his suitcase into my bedroom. I walked in to take a look and he threw all my button down shirts and dress pants into his empty suitcase.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making sure you don’t run off with Ben.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well Allison if you ever want to make it to your day job as Alex again then you’re going to have to have to play by my rules. Alex’s clothes will be safe with me.” I gasped and did not like this one bit. “Don’t even try grabbing the suitcase. I’m much stronger than you. Now go paint your dainty little finger nails a nice red color and think about how you’re going to pleasure your man later. I own you now Allison.” I started getting hard in my shorts and knew I had to change into my panties. I was just worried whether this would be my last time I ever wore boxer shorts.

I went back into the bathroom to put on my makeup and a tear started rolling down my eye. I loved dressing and all, but I don’t know where David is going with all this. I love dressing as a girl but I want to have the choice to pick out a guy for myself. It sounded like David was still busy packing more of my guy stuff away.

“what are you doing out there”

“just replacing Alex’s underwear with Allison’s new panties. All your Alex clothes is now in my suitcase.”

“David you’re such a prick!” I said this as I’m applying my eye liner and wearing a bra and panties.

“haha I know!!”

“Go sit on the couch!”

I heard him wheel the heavy sounding suitcase back to the living room. While David was making himself at home eating popcorn and watching the game, I got myself all glammed up. I made my eye liner dramatic as Daphne taught me and I applied eye shadow and lipstick and lip gloss. I applied lipstick far past my lips to give the illusion of Angelina’s volume.

My heels were 4 inches high and patent. My dress was long and black. My wig was long and dark dark brown. My silicon enhances underneath my bra made me feel so feminine. I snapped a selfie of myself and sent it to Daphne. “thanks for being my BFF. xo”

I came out and strutted as I approached David on the living room couch. “Wow your lips really look like Angelina’s.”

“Thanks”. I blushed.

“I can’t even believe you used to be sad pathetic Alex and now you’re hot as hell.”

He got up from the couch and embraced me with both of his big arms. His right hand cupped my feminine little ass and his left hand tucked some of my hair behind my ear and he began missing me. I felt magical.

For a couple minutes the making out was hot.

“get on your knees and open my zipper.”

I willingly did and through his boxers poked out his raging hot penis. I started sucking it.

“Oooh that feels so good!”

I started licking fastly the bottom sensitive part of his cock and he looked to be in ecstasy. He was getting harder and harder and I was licking his pre-cum when suddenly he stopped.

“halftime is over. Game is resuming. Sit back up here.”

“I was a little devastated. He suddenly was ignoring me for the game. As I sat next to him I noticed I was so hard from what had just transpired and desperately wanted to jerk myself off.

Unfortunately my cock was buried under my long dress and control top pantyhose, so I couldn’t even get to it if I tried.

Regardless, I started stroking the area as I was so horny thinking about having David’s cock in my mouth.

“Na ah ah Allison, as he waved no with his finger. I don’t want you making any mess in your outfit.”

We just sat there and every so often he’d look back at me. It was clear, though I enjoyed crossdressing, that this was all about David and that he was trying to morph me into his cd slave.

In the meantime he didn’t even kiss me. He just placed his hand on my pantyhose-clad legs and felt them up every so often. “you haven’t painted your nails!”

I got up to go search for my press on nails.

“No Allison you need to paint your actual nails. Show me some commitment.”

I guess I had no choice. I sighed and sat down.

But the intoxicating fumes of the nail polish made me feel a lot better about everything. I’m glad I have David as a friend. He literally spotted in me my inner girl before I saw it in myself.

After the game, David got ready in his tux as Brad. “ok, game’s over lets get going. Touch up your make up. I can’t wait till we win first prize!”

We left in David’s car and he put his full suitcase in his trunk.

We got to the party. The music was thumping. Jay Z was playing. The house was filled with twenty-something party goers.

David immediately knew a lot of people and was introducing me “and this is my significant other Angelina.”

One friend exclaimed “Oh David, you always get the prettiest girls!”

I just stood there graciously and smiling while David chatted with all his friends. A couple of them I knew as Alex, but none of them recognized me all dressed up

Then I saw Daphne and walked toward her.

She screamed, “hey girl! Ben’s been asking for you!”

“But what do I do about David?”

“Who cares about David!”

She grabbed my hand and brought me to Ben.

As I approached him, with his sapphire blue eyes, I forgot how gentlemanly he was. His hair was parted, gelled and had a 1950s pompodoire. He looked so dapper in a cream colored blazer and black Bowtie. He was clearly going for a 1950s look.

“hello Lady”

“hey Ben”

“you look stunning tonight”

“and you look so handsome as always”

“can we have this dance”

“of course”

He immediately went to the DJ and had the Rihanna song stopped. The entire party stopped what they were doing, and after three seconds, the music changed to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way you Look Tonight”.

The whole crowd parted ways and made a large circle around us as Ben and I danced romantically. He had one arm behind my back and one hand holding my hand and holding him in tight.

A minute into the song he began to kiss me sensuously, with everyone watching. I was afraid to see if David was watching.

Suddenly the music was halted. David grabbed the microphone and said “ladies and gentleman, Ben is dancing and kissing with a dude.” he then speedily walked over to me and yanked off my wig. I felt so humiliated.

The silence felt like it lasted 10 minutes as everyone gasped.

Then Ben, grabbed the wig from David’s hand put it back in place of my head and took the mike.

“Well, she’s hot anyway!!”

the crowd cheered and he cupped my face in his two hands and started kissing me. “I knew all along babe”

The music returned to thumping pop and R&B, and after a couple more minutes of dancing he whispered in my ear “hey, let’s get out of here.”

we took my hand and led me upstairs and into his bedroom. He lit two candles and put on a slow jazz song on his Mac and started kissing me. “you do look beautiful and I want to treat you like the lady you deserve to be treated as.”

I kissed him and kissed him. He moaned whenever I kissed him beneath his neck. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. His cock was long and hard and I started to suck on it for a couple minutes.

Wait I want to pleasure you too. I want to fuck you slow and sensuously so you enjoy it. He pulled my dress off, grabbed some scissors and cut a whole in my pantyhose. He then laid me on my back, took out a condom and put it on and then bathed it in tons of lube. The lube got everywhere! I got so excited in anticipation. He stood in front of me while I laid on my back and looked me in the eye, took my pantyhose clad legs over his shoulders and entered his cock within me. For a second it hurt, but all that lube made it feel so nice.

Are you comfortable?

Yeah, keep going.

He slowly started to penetrate back and forth. It felt great, my cock was so hard. I could see that Ben noticed it and he put his hand inside my pantyhose and gave it 2 or 3 strokes.

“my my, looks like you’re enjoying this as much as I do.”

He kept pounding me and it felt incredible.

“Allison, I’m getting close!” So was I.

“you’re going to be my girlfriend, right?” He asked as he was pushing faster.

“you’re going to get dressed up for me and love me and were going to love each other right? He was pounding even faster.


“Good girl, Allison!” and then he came.

“Oh fuck yeah! You take it so well Allison and you’re so pleasant. We’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

I was so hard I reached into my pantyhose and panties and stroked myself a couple times.

“Good girl, I want to see you cum!” I immediately came endlessly.

It felt so good. We both lied down on Ben’s bed and he held me all night long. I was still in my bra, panties and pantyhose and it felt so right.

The next morning I woke up to a picture text from David. “Say goodbye to Alex!”. The pic showed his suitcase having been thrown in the river.

Then Ben came up from behind, wrapped me in his arms, kissed me on my cheek and said “what’s up dear?”

Even though David had just thrown out any remnant of my clothes as Alex, I felt so good and knew that things would be all right.

It all started when I accidentally came across a site called “Literotica.” I am not sure what I was looking for but was interested in sex and passion, since my wife decided over twelve years ago that she did not like sex or at least with me. So, seven months ago, I turned to Literotica online to discover what pornographic stories were like. After many hours of reading about lesbian sex, frigid wives made to have horny sex, forced lesbian, forced wife into slut sex, I was curious about how or why straight guys turned into cock-sucking, sperm loving, anal pussy poked sluts.

Now you got to know that I have always liked girls and women. I like their bodies, their hair, their hips, their lips, their eyes, their thighs, their neck, their breasts, their tummy, their pussy, their legs. I love their softness, tenderness, their attention, touch and passion.

I don’t think I ever consciously thought that I wanted to be a woman.

However, in the back of my mind, I wondered what it would feel like to wear their panties and slips, to be desired and touched.

I always liked seeing women naked. I am small boned, thin (most of my life), been told I have a nice ass, and I have very little body hair and never could grow a mustache that looked like a mustache. My older brothers use to tell me I should have been a girl. As I passed fifty and gained a little weight, my chest formed small breasts. I have always needed to be hugged, held, caressed and kissed. I craved intimacy. I need the attention of touch.

I never thought a naked man was attractive, in fact, I thought that their genitals and bodies were ugly. But after reading in Literotica about straight guys who were forced or blackmailed into giving blowjobs for the first time, or taking a cock in the rear for the first time then learned to like it, or forced to swallow loads of cum and become addicted to it or reading about the enjoyment received from being another man’s bottom and cock-sucking whore, I began to fancy being a bottom to a big guy’s top.

Having read those forced gay stories about how a turned straight wanted to please a man, feel a touch, passion, physical intimacy or wearing ladies things, after several months of reading, I would drift through the ladies shops in the department and discount stores. After some weeks, I started just looking at lingerie and then I progressed to touching and thinking about buying ladies undies.

Many weeks into my reading and self brainwashing, I worked up the courage to ask a sales clerk how to determine what sizes women wore for articles of lingerie such as slips, thigh high stockings, panties, baby doll pajamas, chemises, bras, etc. The silky, satin feeling of these female garments was fantastic and I wonder again what it might feel like to have them and wear them.

One afternoon, I was running a pair of white silky panties between my thumb and fingers, enjoying the touch, and fantasizing, when behind me a deep voice said, “I’ll buy those for you if you will let me see you in them.”

Embarrassed, I turned to see a very tall man in his forties, weighing perhaps 60-70 pounds more than me, standing about four feet directly behind me. He was dressed in business casual and appeared to be a professional businessman. This stranger with dark hair, brown eyes and a square jaw line on a nice but masculine face was looking at me. I am six feet tall and I had to raise my head to look at his face.

No one knew of my interest in ladies under garments or my self-induced fantasy. I just stood silently staring up at him for a few heart beats. Then I said, “Oh, no, I was just looking for a gift for my wife.”

“My offer still stands,” he said in his radio deep voice. “Are you sure they are for your wife or yourself?”

This was crazy; I was caught, fortunately by a stranger. I was embarrassed but part of me that had been practically brainwashed by all the stories of straight guys loving being a bottom, the taste of male love juice and the organism that comes from being repeatedly anally penetrated by a man was saying, “Do it. Do it!”

In a low voice I said, “If I agree, you mustn’t

tell anyone, I would be so ashamed.”

“I was looking at you from behind as you were trying to be so sneaky about touching those panties, I thought you would look good in them.” the tall stranger said. “Now that I see your face and front, why don’t I buy you a slip to go with the panties? What size should I buy for you?”

“Some weeks ago, a sales lady said that someone with my waist, hips and chest measurements would be a size 2x or 3x. I have never bought ladies lingerie before, so I’m not sure how they might fit. ” I quietly replied.

“Let’s get the 2x size, I would rather they fit you tight than loose, he said.” “You pick the panties and slip from the racks, hand them to me and follow me to the checkout stand. OK?”

“Yes,” I almost whispered as I quickly looked around to see if someone I knew was watching, pulling the white panties and slip from the rack. He took the slip and panties from me. We headed to checkout.

“Oh, wait a minute, he declared, “You will need a woman’s razor specially designed for shaving legs, under arms and other private areas. You will want some make up, like mascara, lipstick, perfume and an enema kit that you can reuse as needed.”

“What, are you crazy, I did not agree to anything but to let you see me in the panties and slip? I can’t pretend to be a woman.”

He just held up the panties and slip and said, “You know you want this, now is you opportunity. I find you attractive and if you pick up those items and use them, you will look sensational in the lingerie. “Meet me at checkout,” he said in a commanding tone, as he handed me back the slip and panties.

I went to the cosmetics aisle and selected a red shade of lipstick, some dark mascara, skin lotion and perfume. In the drug department, I found the razor and shaving cream for women, but I had to ask a clerk, where the enema bags and items were. I thought she looked at me a little strange, so I mumbled, “This stuff is for my wife, and she couldn’t shop today.”

I walked toward the checkout counters and saw him towering above everyone else. He saw me coming, smiled and motioned for me to get in line next to him. He held a bag of something that he had just purchased.

As we stood in line to checkout, I was nearly red faced with embarrassment holding the white slip, panties, make-up, lotion and the enema supplies. This was wrong and crazy.

Why was I feeling excited?

He paid and as we walked toward the door he asked if I knew where the Willow Valley Apartments were and I replied that I did. He said that when we got there, I had to follow him close through the entrance so the security gate would stay open as we went through together bumper to bumper.

As I followed him, I realized I did not even know his name or if he was insane, or a stalker, killer of older married men who touched women’s panties? I thought about what if someone finds out that I dressed in a slip and panties for another man and told my wife or my friends?

I kept following and driving.

As I approached the apartment entrance and pulled close to his back bumper, he was punching in a security code to open the gate. We drove through. I followed him to one of the many complexes and his apartment was near one of the complex pools. He parked, took all the bags we had purchased from his car and waited for me to come to him.

As I climbed from my car, he said, “Take your packages and follow me to the elevator.”

I did as I was told and as we waited for the apartment elevator, he dropped the bag that he had purchased before I met him at the checkout stand. The contents came out and I saw two cucumbers about the same length 7 or 8 inches, but one was at least an 2 inches in diameter and the other was maybe an inch and a half wide. He politely asked, me to pick them up and put them back in the sack and carry them in with my two bags. I could only imagine how those vegetables might be used.

The elevator arrived. We entered and as it ascended to the sixth level, the tall man said, “When we enter the apartment, you will take off all your clothes, place them neatly on a chair in the living room and stand in front of the couch. Don’t say anything and don’t move unless I tell you, got it?”

By this time the doors of the elevator opened, he put his arm around my shoulders and walked me to his front door about four units from the elevator. He unlocked the door, opened it and placing his arm around me again, escorted me through the front door. He switched on the lights.

He took the sacks from me, placed them on a coffee table and pointed to an arm chair next to a large stuffed couch. He crossed his arms and looked at me and gave me a silent command as he pointed and wave his arm to tell me to proceed.

I have never underdressed in front of a man who was not either a doctor, or in a gym class at school. I was nervous, self-conscious and little excited, too.

I did not make a show, I sat in the chair untied my shoes, took off my socks, stood up, took off my Izod knit shirt, my blue jeans and folded them up and put on the arm chair. I was standing in my boxers, in a strange apartment of a stranger, who offered to buy me panties if he could see me in them.

I placed my thumbs and fingers in the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles, having already bent over; I lifted one foot and then the other. It occurred to me that from his vantage point I was displaying my back and my naked ass, as I bent over to pick up my boxers.

I placed my underwear on the pile of clothes in the arm chair in his apartment.

Buck naked, nervous, embarrassed and becoming horny, I walked about eight feet toward the expensive stuffed couch and stood four feet from the couch.

From behind me he said, “You can call me John that is not my real name, but you will call me either John or Sir. Do you understand?” As he said this, he walked by me slowing, running his hands across my exposed hips and softly squeezing my right ass cheek, patted my butt and sat down on the coach.

“Yes, John, I understand.”

“When you are with me, you will respond to the name “Sweetie” because you have a sweet sexy ass and small girly breast. What is your name?”

“Sweetie, my name is Sweetie, John.”

“Walk over here and stand directly in front of me, Sweetie.”

I took one and a half steps toward the sofa. John’s eyes, nose, mouth and face were slightly higher and nearly aligned with my genitals. I was slightly aroused, but my nervousness and fear kept me from being hard.

As he reached out and began squeezing my breast and pinching my nipples, something no one had ever done, he leaned in and kissed then sucked both my breasts. It felt strange, erotic and good all at the same time. When he bit on my nipples I felt a tingle of pain and pleasure I had never had.

He proceeded to run his hands down my stomach and over my thighs, as he worked on my small breasts. I was hard. He stopped pleasing my breasts and said, “Sweetie, when I take my hands away from your dick and your balls, I want you to go into the third door on your left with your bags.

I was excited by his sucking and kissing my breast, by his slowly masturbating me. Someone was touching me and wanted me for their pleasure. I needed attention and to be touched all my life. I wanted more. He was gentle rubbing and massaging my balls and penis as he was speaking to me.

“I want you to take a quick shower and shave all hair from your neck down to your toes. From what I see, you won’t have much to shave anywhere. Sweetie, have you recently shaved your legs and crouch?”

It was obvious that I had, so I said, “Yes, sir, I did about two weeks ago, while having a fantasy about this very moment.’

Continuing to slowing play with my now enlarge dick of 5.5 inches and balls, he ran his hands around my thighs to my lower hips and began squeezing and rubbing them. He rubbed my dick with one hand and with the other John began to run his index finger into my butt crack.

He then moved his hand from my hips and crack moving his fingers to my anus. He pushed against my anus with his index finger, never penetrating just teasing. He teased my ass with his probing for several moments, and then John moved that finger to my lips and told me to lick it and suck it.

As he massaged my engorged dick, I licked and sucked his index finger. I kissed it up and down, licking nail to hand, sucking in all into my wet mouth. I thought I heard myself moan a little.

He told me that he was going to push that finger into my ass and I had better get it good and wet. John said that I should suck his finger the way that I was going to suck his dick, after I showered, shaved, used the enema bag, put on the make-up, perfume and modeled the slip and panties.

After a few minutes of sucking his finger, while he played with my dick and balls, he pulled his index finger from my mouth and pushed it slowly into my ass. It did not hurt. He pushed in up to where his finger met his hand.

He had big hands and larger than normal fingers. His index finger was more than four inches long and slightly more than an inch wide. John pushed his finger in and out of my rectum slowly. In and out, in and out, in and out, slow then fast, fast then slow, in and out.

It felt invasive but it felt good. It did not hurt. I could feel my cock reacting. I had not had physical sex for over a decade. No one had touched me in an intimate way for years. I loved the attention, the feeling, the stroking. I was so close to Cumming.

Then unexpectedly, as I was beginning to hump his finger, he pulled his finger out and stopped touching me.

“Sweetie, he said softly, go get your shower, do your maintenance and come back dressed in your lingerie and make-up. Come back in here. I will be waiting. Make sure you shave all your hair especially around your dick, balls and ass. Look sexy for me, Sweetie, now go.”

I did as he instructed. Since I had shaved myself before, it did not take me long. As I soaped myself in the shower, I almost paid too much attention to my erection. I have had only hands on sex for too long and wanted another person to assist me to share my passion’s product with me.

Enemas were an experience I had as a small child with constipation problems. My mother would use a large rubber water bag with a four foot tube like hose with an end attachment. She placed Vaseline on the attachment, which was as narrow as my little finger, and pushed it three or four inches in my butt hole. She then released a clap and the water rush into my butt from the rubber bag that she held high.

The item before me was a model forty years advanced, but worked on the same principle, except it had a plugging device that forced the soapy solution into my ass. The instruction said to hold it in for five or ten minutes. I waited until I felt crapping and was no longer able to retain the quart of liquid.

I cleaned up and thought to put skin lotion on and place a generous gob up my rear, just in case.

The only time I wore makeup was when I was in high school or college plays and I put it on or someone else put it on me. I remember some of the techniques, but I had never applied lipstick before now. I watched my mom and my wife put lipstick on, so I had a good idea how to do it.

The red lipstick made my lips look fuller. I looked in the mirror and looked away. I wasn’t even close to being pretty. I looked like a naked guy with make-up on. I needed a wig or plastic surgery.

Finishing my self criticism, I took the tags off of the white satin panties and pulled them up my smooth legs, hips and genitals. It felt great. Size 2x was too small.

The panties were very tight around my waist. My hips were visible as were my balls and cock. My hips looked like a girls butt in the white panties. The garment felt soft, silky… sexy.

I reached for the white slip, somehow white seem coincidentally appropriate. I it pulled over my head? Tugging the slip over my shoulders was a little difficult, but it came down over my breasts, stomach, panties and thighs.

The slip was so tight my small breasts actual tented the material across my chest. My “breasts” were about three inches long and two inches high and stood out about an inch. My small, quarter sized nipples were elongated like a football and pushed against the silky satin.

Looking in the bathroom mirror, I could see curves in the right places, except for the bulge of my frontal package.

Somehow, the silky panties and slip made me feel feminine and sexy.

I wanted to be possessed and desired, touched and bonded intimately with another person all of which was lost to me in marriage by my mate’s unilateral decision not to be sexually intimate. Her fault, my fault, she decided, “No more.”

I took another quick look in the mirror and walked to the living room with as sexy a walk that I could with one bare foot in front of the other take short steps.

As I came into the living room and headed to stand in front of the couch, the satin fabric of my panties and slip sent chills through me. I began to become erect. Have you ever run silk or satin across your naked crouch? Well, you know the feeling.

John was sitting on the sofa in a bath robe. He was sipping some sort of drink and turned to watch me waltz in and station myself in front for him.

“You look so sexy,” he said. “The slip clings tightly to you and makes your breasts and ass stick out great.” “Here, put this on and pose for me” he said as he handed me a long, red hair wig.

I took the wig and placed it on my head and shaking my head back and forth causing the hair to move a few inches below my shoulders.

“Go over to the entry closet and look at yourself in the mirror. You look beautiful and so feminine.”

I walked over to the entry closet, walking sexy and purposefully trying to sway my hips. I open the closet door and a light automatically came on as I turned to look in the full length mirror on back of the door. Wow! What a change? I knew who I was, but didn’t.

I was attractive and could pass for female. The red hair wig flowed over my shoulders and bangs covered half of my forehead. I unconsciously began to run my hands over my chest, stomach, hips, thighs and back again.

“Come over here and pose for me,” John commanded. “I want to see you in your panties.”

I did my best sexy walk, swinging my hips as I walked the twenty feet or so back to the couch where John sat with a tent formed waist high on his robe.

I couldn’t believe that I was turning him on that I was sexually appealing to him or anyone. After twelve years of sexual rejections, I lost all confidence in ever appealing to any person again. Was I hot and hard!

As I reached the sofa, he put out his arms and I went straight to sit on his lap and his hardness. I felt his hard dick pressing against my butt. He wrapped his large arms around me and began moving his hands all over me, especially my breasts and thighs.

He leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. I never had a man kiss me on the lips. I hesitated until he began rubbing my cock that had caused the tent in my slip. I kissed back. It wasn’t that horrible. As he began to french me, I began to like it and returned tongue for tongue.

I wasn’t in control, John was. During all this, I felt his concrete cock pushing into my panty coverage ass crack.

He began to run his hands down my stomach and over my dick and on to my thighs, squeezing them. He slid his hand under my slip and proceeded to caress my balls and cock through my panties.

John pulled up my slip and brought it up carefully over my head. He leaned down and began to kiss my nipples and gently bite my nipples. I actually heard myself groan in pleasure as he administered to my breast with his tongue, lips and teeth as well as massaging my cock and balls.

“Stand up,” he said. “Turn around” “Those panties really look sensational on you, Sweetie.” “Back-up.”

I backed up feeling my calves against the sofa. John placed his hands on my panty covered ass and rubbed and smoothed imaginary winkles out of the material covering my ass.

“I am going to place one of the cucumbers you saw up your love channel, your new pussy. Before I take you, I don’t want to hurt you, so I am going to stretch your channel to eventually accommodate my dick. You will hold your cheeks together so the cucumber doesn’t slip out, while you are sucking my cock. Do you understand?”

“Yes, John, I will hold it in my ass while I am sucking your cock.”

“Good, now bend over.”

I bent over and felt him pull my panties down. A moment later, I felt pressure as he pushed a lubricated finger into my love canal. He began stroking in and out as he did before I took my shower.

After a minute or two, John removed his finger and inserted the narrower cucumber into my ass. It was wider than his finger, but not by much.

I could feel my rectum stretching, but felt no pain. He pushed the eight inch long, 1.5 inch wide vegetable into my willing rectum. He went slow pushing in a few inches then pulling back a little, pushing in more, then pulling back, pushing more and pulling back.

Within a minute, John had all but two inches of that cucumber in my ass and was fucking me with it. It felt great!

After three of four minutes, John stopped, pulled up my panties and said, “Hold that with your ass, turn around, get on your knees and give me a blow job.”

I turned got on my knees, held my cheeks tight around the cucumber and put myself between his legs. “I have never given any man a blowjob. I am not sure I can do a good job,” I confessed.

“Just do what you did when you sucked my finger and think about what you would want someone to do for you if they were sucking your cock. Place you hands on my cock through the robe. Now hold it and stroke it.”

I place my hand around a man’s dick for the first time in my life. He was huge. John was at least 2.5 inches wide and maybe eight inches long. I could barely wrap my fingers around his cock. I stroke him through his robe. I liked holding his dick and stroking it. For five minutes or so I stoked him slowly, squeezed his cock ever other stroke.

“Open my robe. Place your nose against my balls and breathe deeply. Take in my scent. Smell what a man smells like. Lick me as you smell my balls and taste me,” he said.

John had a decisive masculine odor, like a locker room after a long hard game filled with sweaty men. The wrinkle skin around his balls was stretched almost smooth and had hair all over. His balls tasted tangy and hairy.

I did not like looking at naked men, thinking they were ugly with the dangle between their hairy legs. Now, I can’t say I like the look, but the texture, taste, smell and touch were exciting.

After five minutes, I don’t know precisely, John said, “Lick my shaft and kiss it tip to balls.”

I was yearning to do just that. I was turned on and wanted to share passion and sex with someone. I licked John’s cock wet and kissed sucking kisses on the sides of his long, thick shaft. I frenched it with my tongue and lips.

I wanted to suck it and French his penis hole. I wanted to do everything I had read in Literotica as to how to suck cock.

It was as if John could read my thoughts through my desperate efforts of licking and kissing. “Now,” he said. Suck my cock, Sweetie.”

I almost forgot about my teeth scratching his dick’s slick skin when I eagerly place my lips over his cock’s head. I licked and sucked. I wrapped my tongue around his head. I pushed the tip of my tongue into his hole, as I sucked. I took perhaps five inches into my mouth, licking and sucking all the way, while holding and tickling his nuts.

After only a minute or two, John said, “You are doing so great! That feels incredible. Try for more.”

I love the feel of his cock in my mouth. It was hard, but soft. His cock was smooth and stout. His dick tasted slightly different than his balls.

I was moving my mouth over his staff up and down, fast then slow, slow then fast, up and down, as I was sucking and licking. I pressed myself to go down on John even more, but after another inch, I began to choke.

I had never deep-throated anything or anyone. I tried and had maybe six and a half inches in my mouth when I gagged as I sucked him into my throat.

“You are doing great for your first time. Are you sure this is your first time. Keep doing what you are doing.”

I wanted to please John, but I had no experience or practice deep-throating, so I licked and sucked and move my head up and down on his cock, while massaging his balls. This up and down, tonguing and sucking went on for 20 minutes or more.

I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to cause a person to have and share an organism with me. His balls seemed to swell as I sucked his massive cock.

“I going to cum, Sweetie, take in all. Shallow it for me. Oh, oh oh, aaahhhhhh.

John shot his cum into my mouth. I swallowed cum for the first time after he filled my mouth. He came so much more than I have been able to do in many years.

For the first time I tasted another man’s love juice. I have tasted my precum and weak, diluted sperm drippings during self gratification sessions after fantasizing about this very act.

But John’s cum was full of sperm. It had substance, even small chucks like a few bits of soft small cottage cheese in a sea of cum fluid. His cum tasted a little like salt water, yet slightly sweet and thick, not bad. I liked it.

I had made a man have organism in my mouth and cum. I liked it.

He came five or six times, as I continued to tongue, suck and swallow.

Before I swallowed the last shot of cum, he said, “Open your mouth and let me see my cum in your mouth.”

I opened my mouth and pushed out my tongue on which puddled a teaspoon full of his juice. He grabbed me and pulled me close to his face.

“Let me see you swallow.” I slowly pulled in my tongue, shut my lips and gulped down his cum.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, hugging me tightly and said, “That was tremendous, Sweetie, that was one of the best blow jobs I ever had. You will need plenty of practice, if you want to deep throat me and tickle my cock with your throat by humming or swallowing while my dick is in your throat. Would you want to do that?”

I was thrilled that he praised me, that he had sexual fulfillment from my oral administrations. I replied, “Yes, John, I would love to learn and deep-throat you whenever you wanted. I love sucking your big cock, feeling it stretch my lips and mouth. I like the taste of your cum and giving you pleasure. Thank you.”

“Well, Sweetie, your sucking my cock was worth more than the price of a pair of panties. Of course, you can do it again. But there is something else that I want to do, as soon as I gain my erection.

I want to fuck your boy pussy and cause you to come without touching your dick. Would you like that?”

I did not know what to say. Suck a giant cock was one thing but having it shoved up my ass is another.

“Yes, I think I would love it. But after seeing and feeding your cock into my mouth, I see the wisdom of your wanting to stretch my rectum. I am afraid your hard dick might tear me.”

“Oh, no, I don’t want to hurt you. Is that cucumber still in your ass? Take off your panties and bend over and let me use the cucumber in you. Get on your hands and knees, spread your knees apart and place you head on this pillow that I am placing on the floor.”

I got off his lap, took off my panties and assumed the position of bowing down, head down on a pillow.

John got on the floor behind me and slowly pulled the inch and a half, 8 inch vegetable back. He squirted some skin lotion on the green shining shaft of the cucumber and pushed it back in up to seven inches. He pulled it back and pushed it in, back and in, in and out.

He created a rhythm that felt strange but pleasant. He switch hands every once and a while and kept up the pace, alternating between fast and slow, deep or shallow.

Minute, after minute, I lost track, but I notice at some point I was humping that cucumber in an alternate cycle. As he pulled out I pushed in and as he pushed in I pulled back. I was moaning with lust, too.

Something was happening to my prostate and balls, I was beginning to develop love fluids and just before I came, John stopped and pulled the first implement of stretching from my butt. “Oh, please don’t stop, please,” I pleaded.

‘It’s Ok. I saw that you were really getting into the fucking and humping. I am glad you liked it, but we got to stretch you some more.

I am going to insert the larger cucumber. It is slightly smaller around than my cock by perhaps 3/8′s to half inch. (If you ever had something pushed into your rectum, 3/8′s to a ½ inch is huge.) This larger cucumber will stretch you and you may feel the stretch this time. I will go slowly. Tell me when or if it hurts.”

“John, before you start, may I have a glass of water or something to drink? The only drink I’ve had is swallowing your cum.”

“Sweetie, I am so sorry, you are right. I am so excited about making love to you that I forgot my manners. I will get you something and have a drink myself.”

After a few minutes, John returned with a large drink for me in one of those plastic, 32 ounce cups. He had a glass of some liquor or liquid.

When I took a drink it tasted kind of like Gator aide with something else in it. I gulped down about a third of the drink and asked what he put in the Gator aide?

John said, “Oh, did you like that special drink that I made for you?

“Yes, it kind of tangy when I swallowed, but it tasted OK. What is it, gator aide? I asked”

“No, according to some studies it is a better energy drink and it’s natural. I pissed in that cup to almost half full and then put ice cubes in it to make it cold. Take several more big swallows, Sweetie, and then we’ll resume stretching your boy pussy for me.”

Well, I was somewhat shocked, but I swallowed his cum, I swallowed a third of the cup of piss, already and I said it tasted Ok. So, I drank down another eight to ten ounces, got back on my knees and assumed the position.

“That’s a sweetie, Sweetie. Here we go.”

I felt the lubricated rounded smooth end of the large two inch plus cucumber being pushed against my ass bud. John pushed it slowly but firmly and steadily as the green monster began to enter and pass into my rectum.

It was stretching me, I could feel it taunt against resistant tissue, but it was not really painful, but it hurt a little.

“That’s it Sweetie, take it. Let it stretch you. Think about my cock entering you. Think about how much you want me to fuck your boy pussy. Think about how good it will feel. Think about having an organism from my fucking you.”

John’s words distracted me. They fed my many months of fantasies. I felt the massive vegetable go deeper and deeper into me. It felt tight. I felt my love channel stretching. I felt my sphincter taking the girth of the two plus inches as it slowing pushed into me.

“It’s almost all the way in, Sweetie. You took at least seven inches. You look kind of sexy with an inch of a large green cucumber sticking out of your love shoot. You took it well.

“You have been so marvelous since you agreed to let me see you in panties. You look so sexy, so feminine, and so desirable. You give great head and with practice you will be a great deep throater. How does it feel, Sweetie?”

“Oh, John thank you for telling me how well I am doing and how much you like and want me. Those are words and feelings that I have craved and needed for many years. I love your taking sexual pleasure and satisfaction from me. I think giving is receiving. My ass is sore, but not painfully. I can feel my rectum being stretched and my sphincter fighting to squeezing the pressure away. Thank you again for wanting me. I hope I am pleasing you.”

“Of course you are. You just needed someone to want you and take pleasure from your body as you receive pleasure. I am glad I caught you touching those panties and happy for your inner desire to be touch, kissed, and give pleasure. You will see what incredible passion, pleasure and sexual release you will experience soon.”

With those encouraging, flattering words, John began slowing fucking me with the large cucumber. As he slowly pulled it partially out of my canal, he squirted more lubricant on the cucumber and pushed in back in. In and out, in and out, in and out, he pumped me and pllowed me. He picked up speed and for some length of time he sawed at me with the cucumber.

As I got use to the size and the motion, once again I began to hump back and forth. I hummed and moaned. I panted and gasp for breath. Oh, it felt incredible. I have never felt anything with which to compare this feeling. I knew if John kept this pace I was going to cum on his carpet.

The thought jinxed my need and John stopped and slowly withdrew the large implement of transition.

“Well, do you think you are ready for me? How was that and how do you feel?

“Please hold me, take me, and make love to me. Let me feel your stiff, stout, shaft in my boy pussy. I want you in me. I need this love sex. I need to share my satisfaction with you and you with me.”

John moved in beside me and put his arms around me and held me. “I will make you mine. White panties and a white slip is a symbol of your being taken for the first time. I will have your cherry and come deep, deep into your love channel. Do you want me to take you?’

“Now, I pleaded. Please I thought about this, fantasized about this moment for months and subconsciously probably for years. I need to be taken. I need to give and receive sexual release. I need to be desired and taken. You chose me, thank you. I need this. Yes, please!”

This man picked me up off the floor and carried me like a bride over the threshold into his bedroom.

He placed me on the bed, took off his robe and for the first time I saw John completely naked. He looked strong, masculine, attractive, and sexy.

This hunk wanted me. He had a large chest which was very muscular. John had hair on his chest, arms and legs. He was much hairy than I ever was. He had powerful legs and a small flat ass.

He was a naked guy that I was staring at. After his prior touches, kisses, massages and my tasting, smelling his balls and cock and swallowing his scrumptious cum, I like what I saw. I needed him to want me and to take me.

“I am going to sit on the edge of the bed and I want you to straddle me, placing your knees on each side of my thighs. Once in position, I want you to lower yourself on to my cock, so you can gauge how much and how fast you want to push my cock into your boy cunt. Can you do that?”

As John repositioned himself on the edge of the bed, I thrilled, “Yes, oh yes, that would be so nice. Thank you for this gesture of not wanting to hurt me. I promised to please you. Are you ready for me to squat over your beautiful cock?”

I came around to the edge where John sat with the back part of his knee and hips on the bed and his lower legs against the side of the bed. I climb on to the bed with my knees touching next to his lower waist or upper hips.

As I hovered there, He leaned in and kissed me as he wrapped his strong muscular arms around me for support.

I lowered myself on to his eight inch, 2 and a half inch thick, strongly erect and hard as steel cock. His dick head past my crack and tickled my anus. I push down with some determination and John’s well lubed cock pressed through my sphincter muscle.

John was very wide, but the stretching did its job. There was a little smarting, but not really pain. I pushed on and three inches of John’s giant dick slid in.

He kissed me and said, “O, o Sweetie that feels sooo good. You are so tight.”

I continued pushing my boy cunt onto his cock slowly but steadily. I was pushing myself to a new way and sexual fulfillment for John and me.

In two of three minutes, maybe more, or less, I was sitting on John’s thighs. His dick was pressing inside me and I felt filled. I was stretched more than ever, but I loved it.

“Sweetie, Oooo, Sweetie, Oh, this is indescribable. Let’s hold here until you are ready for motion and a good fucking. What are you thinking, Sweetie? How do I feel inside you?”

“John, John, I never experienced this before. I have never sucked cock; swallowed cum. I have never been fucked. You have taken my innocence. I feel so sexy. I feel so wanted. I feel like I am giving you pleasure and receiving in return. I am smarting, but have no pain. Your strong arms around me feel wonderful. Your concern for how I feel moves me deeply.”

With those words, I begun to push up and off his cock and then let myself down. I slowly began to fuck myself and John as I moved up and down on his large swollen cock.

After five or ten repetitions, I increased the length of pulling in and out and the speed of doing it.

John began to move on his own, bouncing in and out, in and out. He rotated a little as he bounced up and down inside my pussy.

While we stroked and bounced together, John began to kiss and suck my breasts and nipples.

I did not know until that afternoon that my nipples were an erogenous zone on my body. John bit my nipples again and again.

Oh, the combination of his manificent cock plunging in my ass and sucking and biting my nipples was ecstatic and electrifying.

While bouncing and fucking, kissing and biting my nipples, he moved one hand on to my swollen dick, at this point maybe six inches long.

Being fucked by John increased the size of my erection. He began to masturbate me. Wow!

What an experience and flood of feelings and passion! We moved together for a very long time or short time. I was lost in passion.

John said, “I am going to come in you, but I want to do that in the missionary positions. Ok?”

“You can have me anytime, anyway, anywhere, I declared. John you are so wonderful, I never thought someone would be intimate with me in any way and especially sexually intimate with me again.”

“I want you to lift yourself off of me and lay on your back with pillows under your hips with your knees drawn up close to you chest and leg spread wide, he instructed.”

I did as he asked and lay there waiting, wanting, needing him to enter me again and cum inside me.

He crawl between my knees and placed his large hands on each side of my chest between my breasts and arms. He entered me. There was no resistance. There was no pain. It was marvelous to be taken.

Then he began to move. He thrust forward and back. His dick was like the steel rod on a locomotive’s wheel, plunging back and forth, back and forth inside my, his love cunt.

I moved with him. We were a pumping machine and then…

He came. He came hard and often. I would feel the impact of his cum hitting the walls of my canal.

He panted and groaned. He kissed me deep and long and I came too.

I don’t know how but as he spurted within me, I came. I shot sperm and juice, not much, but more than I ever had while servicing myself. I came on my stomach and his. Our movement smeared it around on our bellies, legs and chests.

Filled and fully spent, we just lay there, both exhausted. His once rock hard dick slip from my ass, but John held onto me, kissing and petting me and me him.

There was a price I paid to be here and to have this. I could not find the intimacy I craved at home. I could not have a woman. I just did not want to be rejected by a woman, any woman, again.

My mind and focus changed. If I could be sexy and desirable, if I wore panties and lingerie would someone want me? The Literotica stories poured gasoline on my fire, printed fantasies and thoughts imprinted my brain and changed my drive.

Chapter 1

The dimly lit room brightens in flashes of red and blue from outside the window as the sluttily dressed transwoman kneels over the body of her victim, crying, after she just slit his throat open from ear to ear, and still stroking his deflated penis as the door to the apartment is kicked in and the police rush into the room.

“Freeze! Drop your weapon and put your hands on your head. You are under arrest.” The detective orders.

The sluttily dressed, crying transwoman lays her X-Acto knife on the bed beside her victim, then she places her hands on her head as ordered as a uniformed officer grabs her hands and cuffs them behind the transwoman’s back.

“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to you by the state. Do you understand your rights?” The uniformed officer asks.

The crying transwoman nods.

The detective looks over the transwoman and gets on her radio. “Would someone bring up a blanket, we can’t take the suspect into custody in this condition?” The transwoman is wearing a vertical vinyl stripped vest top with horizontal chains connecting the vinyl strips, and on her bottom half she’s wearing an ultra mini skirt that exposes the bottom quarter of her butt cheeks in the back and her penis hangs past the bottom edge of her skirt in the front. Her balls would have hung below the edge of her ultra mini skirt too if she had any. A black vinyl garter belt is holding up her fishnet stockings which recede into her thigh-high, vinyl, four inch heeled boots. The transwoman’s hair is in a messy slut style which is held up with excessive amounts of hairspray, but from the looks of her it’s hard to tell how much of her hair is being held by the hairspray and how much is being held with drying semen.

On the radio again, “are the CSIs here yet?” the detective demand with disappointment in her voice. “I could kick the ass of the jackass who put those dumb-ass crime scene shows on TV, those CSI jackasses let the shit go to their heads, and their work suffers as a result. In those dumb-ass shows they always know everything right off the tops of their heads, never have to research anything and our CSI jackasses think they can do the same thing.” The detective sighs. “Fucking retards.” The detective face-palms herself and sighs again, now off of the radio, just speaking openly to the uniformed officers in the apartment, “I remember the last case, the CSIs arrived on the crime scene, seen what was apparently drugs in neat lines on a glass coffee table and one of those retards puts his finger in it and taste it like they do in those dumb-ass shows and movies, I had to terminate his dumb-ass on the spot for contaminating a crime scene and being under the influence of illegal narcotics. Fucking dumb-asses”

Just then the detective’s radio crackles to life, “Lieutenant, the CSIs are here.”

“Okay, send the mouth breathers up,” the detective instructs.

The officer on the radio chuckles, “I’ll make sure they don’t forget their crash helmets too,” the officer laughs.

A few moments later the CSIs come up to the apartment, the lead CSI comes into the room like he owns the place and starts barking out orders to the uniformed officers. “Okay, everyone out, the CSIs are here to process the crime scene.”

“Jackass!” The detective shouts. “Did you forget your fucking place? Did you forget who’s primary investigator on this scene and what the fuck that means?”

The head CSI steps towards the detective, “no, I didn’t forget my place, we are here to process the crime scene and you and your officers are in the way, now vacate.”

“You evidentially forgot your place. I’m the primary investigator, even if you out ranked me, which you don’t, as primary I have authority over you, so don’t come up here and act like you run the show because you don’t, it’s a team effort, no not just the CSI team, the entire department is the team, so fuck-off.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry lieutenant. What can my team do for you?”

“That’s better.” The detective sighs with relief. “I need one of your technicians to photograph the suspect before we take her downtown.”

“Okay, lieutenant.” The lead CSI gets on his radio, “Angie, we need you to bring up the XLR to document the suspect.”

“On my way, lieutenant Biggs,” Angie replies on the radio.

A few moments later a young girl dressed in black mini skirt, a white poet shirt, a black vest, and six inch heels, with her black hair styled in little girl pigtails shuffles into the apartment with the XLR camera.

“What the fuck is this shit?!” The detective exclaims. “Ever heard of a dress code?”

Knowing that the detective is referring to her, Angie says, “but Lieutenant Biggs doesn’t enforce the dress code for our team.”

“Missy, you’re not just working for your team, you’re a CSI technician, that means that you work with other teams on crime scenes too, on this scene I’m Primary and I do enforce the dress code. This isn’t NCIS, you’re not Abby.” The detective pauses. “Get off my crime scene, go home and put on a uniform, I say a uniform because I’m pretty sure you don’t have casual business outfit, but in off chance that you do, you may come back in a casual business outfit that complies with the dress code.”

“I don’t have to listen to you, you’re not my boss, Lieutenant Biggs is my boss and he says I can wear these clothes.”

“Wow. Really?” The detective asks in mock disbelief.

Lieutenant Biggs face-palms himself. “Angie, on a crime scene the primary has authority over everyone on the scene, so while you’re on her crime scene she is your boss, and if she wants to enforce the dress code she can. And the detective can reprimand you for insubordination, and she probably will.”

“But not everyone can do this work, we shouldn’t have to adhere to anyone else’s rules.” Angie protests.

“Honey, with all of the colleges offering CSI as majors and with those CSI shows pushing the popularity of being a CSI, you’re a dime a dozen, easily replaced, so use some logic, you’re not that special, well, maybe Special Olympics Special, but not special like you think,” the detective states.

Angie gasps with shock. “I’ll be back.” Angie leaves to comply with the detective’s orders.

“Hey, you can leave the camera here.” Lieutenant Biggs reminds Angie.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot I had it.” Angie hands the camera to Lieutenant Biggs and leaves the crime scene to change her clothes.

“You know, you really should enforce the dress code for your team too, because you never know who you may be working with who will enforce the dress code, but I can see why you don’t want to enforce it, she is a nice piece of eye candy,” the detective observes.

“Yeah she is,” Lieutenant Biggs says as his eye roll back in his head.

“Knock that off Lieutenant! No day dreaming of hot lesbian sex on the job. Get over here and photograph the suspect for me so we can get her cleaned up and taken downtown for interview,” the detective orders.

“Yes Ma’am,” Biggs complies.

The photographs are taken, the suspect is cleaned up, the officers wrap a blanket around her, take her down stairs, and load her into a squad car to be taken downtown.

“It looks like the suspect is a prostitute, her john brought her to his apartment, they had sex, and after she got him off, she pulled out an X-Acto knife and slit his throat from ear to ear,” the detective observes.

“Yeah, it looks like he bled out pretty well, the pool of blood on the mattress and his skin color suggests that he lost about six liters of blood, so his heart was pumping pretty good at the time, she must have slit his throat right at the point of orgasm, so death would have been pretty quick, less than five seconds,” Biggs observes. “She must have just killed him, he’s still warm.”

“Yeah, she called it in herself, and was still stroking his penis when we kicked through the door.”

“Sick bitch.”

“Oh yeah.” The detective walks around the apartment and notices a cellphone on the bathroom sink. With gloves on she picks up the cellphone and sees that it’s still connected to 911. Not wanting to contaminate the evidence, she talks into the cellphone, holding it out from her face, “this is Lieutenant Lisa Spires, primary on the scene, the scene is being processed now, the suspect is in custody, you may disconnect now.” The display on the cellphone displays that the call has ended. Detective Spires hands the cellphone to Biggs, “bag it and tag it.”

Detective Spires looks around the apartment once more. “Okay, I’m off to interview the suspect, you have the scene, Lieutenant Biggs, please, no showboating, do your job, make sure your team does their job. I don’t want another suspect released because your team fucked up the evidence.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Chapter 2

Lieutenant Spires walks into the observation room where her assistant is preparing to record the interview.

“So how is she doing?” Lieutenant Spires asks.

“She just stopped crying, she seems to be okay now, obviously still upset over the incident. What happened?” The assistant detective asks.

“It was a real mess. She fucked her john and evidently at the point of orgasm, she slit his throat from ear to ear with an X-Acto knife,” Spires explains.

X-Acto knife?”

“An artist tool, used for cutting illustration and photo mounting boards, and model makers use them to cut styrene sheets. The only reason I know this is because my ex-boyfriend was an art major, and he used X-Acto knives all the time.”

“So the suspect is an artist or a photographer?”

“It would seem so, I didn’t see any indication that the X-Acto knife belonged to the victim. We’re you able to get an ID on the suspect?”

“Not yet”

“Has she lawyered up?”

“No, she just didn’t want to talk to anyone but the lead investigator.”

“Okay, well, I’m not going to waste anymore of our time.” Detective Spires walks into the hallway, then opens the interview room door, she walks in and closes the door.

“So what’s going on tonight?” Detective Spires questions the suspect.

“Too much, unfortunately,” the suspect responds.

“You can say that again. For the record, what is your name?”

“My legal name is David Goldberg, but I prefer to go by Davida.”

“Okay, Davida. What happened tonight?”

“Well Ma’am, what happ…”

“Please, I’m Lieutenant Spires.”

“Sorry, Lieutenant Spires. What happened tonight started about three years ago.”

* * * * *

Three years ago on a hot summer day David, a young man is walking down the sidewalk on his way to the local convenience store to buy some snack food for an evening of watching some DVDs he’d just rented.

“Hey, check out that bitch,” a young black man says motioning with his head at David walking down the sidewalk.

“Yeah, look a her swing those hips,” another black man on the porch observes.

A little while later as David returns from the convenience store one of the black men on the porch shouts out to him, “hey, you, come here for a moment.”

David stops and looks at the guys on the porch, each with a forty ounce of malt liquor in their hands. “What’s up?” David asks.

“You. We have some extra forties here, just want to know if you’d like to hang out and party with us tonight.”

“Hey, thanks anyways, I don’t drink beer or malt liquor.”

“We have some wine coolers too. We’ve seen you around the hood before, think you’re a pretty cool cat and just wanna hang out.”

“Okay, that seems pretty cool.” David walks up to the porch and one of the guys hands him a wine cooler. David cracks open the wine cooler and takes a sip.

“What’s your name?” One of the black men asks.

“I’m David, nice to meet you.” David extends his hand to shake the black man’s hand. The black man shakes David’s hand tenderly like the shaking a woman’s hand.

“Nice to meet you too, I’m Tyrone.” Tyrone says looking David up and down. “This is my cousin Derek, his boy Terrence, and my homey Tom, and his boy Dwayne.”

“Nice to meet you all,” David greets and takes another sip of his wine cooler.

“Nice to meet you too, honey.” Tom says.

David gives Tom a strange look.

“Don’t mind Tom, he calls everyone, honey, sometimes I think he has a little sugar in his tank.” Tyrone jokes.

“Fuck you, man.” Tom says. “I ain’t no fag.”

“David, do you mind if we smoke?” Tyrone asks.

“No, it’s your place,” David answers.

Tyrone pulls out a joint, lights it, takes two puffs and with a strained voice from trying to hold the smoke in he asks David, “do you want some of this shit?”

“Nah, I’m good, thank you anyways,” David says.

“Good, more for us,” Tyrone smiles. “Lets go inside and crank up the jams.”

David and the others follow Tyrone into the house, Tyrone turns on the stereo and starts playing the CD Nemesis – Munchies for Your Bass. Tyrone sits in the black leather recliner, Tom sit on the left side of the couch, Derek sits on the right side of the couch, Terrence sit in the other recliner, and Tom pats the space between him and Derek on the couch to offer a seat to David there.

The group continues to lounge, listening to heavy bass music, drinking and smoking weed.

“How are you feeling, Davi-da?” Tyrone asks noticing David starting to sway.

“Pretty good,” David slurs. “Pretty numb.”

“That’s good, we want our guests to feel good.” Tyrone smiles.

“Oh God!” David jumps to his feet and makes a dash for the front door and violently vomits off of the porch. David comes back into the house. “I think that’s it guys, when you start puking up your toenails, that’s it.”

“Okay, I just hate to see alcohol go to waste, you mind finishing that wine cooler off before you head out?” Tyrone asks.

“Okay.” David sits back down between Tom and Derek and takes a sip of the wine cooler, and Tyrone picks up a remote control, points it at the TV and a porno starts playing.

On the TV screen is a scene with a blonde haired white girl getting gangbanged by five very well hung black men.

Tom drapes his arm over David’s shoulders, “what do you think of that, pretty hot, huh?”

Looking at the scene, “Oh yeah, I love seeing a girl take what she needs,” David slurs.

“I agree,” Derek says as he begins to gently play with David’s erect nipples, in a daze David doesn’t seem to even notice.

“Take that big black cock you whore.” David slurs at the screen as Tom pulls out his cock, grabs David’s hand and places it on his rock hard cock.

David instinctively begins to stroke Tom’s engorged penis, he looks down at this hand and sees the cock in it and jerks his hand away.

“Aw, don’t be like that, honey,” Tom pleads.

David, on the verge of losing consciousness, looks at Tom.

“Don’t be scared, Honey, you’re not gay, you’re just a whore like that girl on the TV,” Tom explains.

David rolls his head and lean towards the TV and sees the blonde woman getting ass-fucked, throat fucked, and jerking off two other black men.

Tom grabs David’s hand again while David is watching the TV and places David’s hand on his cock again, and again David’s hand instinctively begins to stroke Tom’s cock. David flops back into the couch and look down at this hand working Tom’s cock and jerks away again.

“Aw, come on, Honey. You’re too timid. It ain’t going to hurt you, unless you want it to.” Tom smiles. “You’ll love it if you try it.” Tom pauses. “Smell your fingers, tell me what you think.”

David bring his hand to his face and sniffs his fingers, the pheromones from Tom’s cock goes up David’s nostrils. “Mmm.”

“See, I told you you’d love it. Why don’t you sniff my dick?” Tom pleads.

David looks at Tom’s penis with disgust, but obediently bends downs and sniffs at Tom’s cock.

“How does that smell?” Tom asks.

“It smells…” David draws out the last word, “good.”

Over taken by the strong pheromones from Tom’s cock, David starts to rub his face all over Tom’s cock.

“That’s a good little whore,” Tom encourages. “Why don’t you see how that dick taste?”

David licks up and down the length of Tom’s cock and finally takes the tip of Tom’s big dick into his mouth.

“That’s a good whore, suck that cock girl,” Tom says.

David really gets into sucking Tom’s cock and doesn’t notice Derek behind him until Derek starts to pull David’s pants down. David panics and Tom reaches down and tenderly take’s David’s head in his hand and looks into his eye. “Shhh, it’s okay, no one is going to hurt you.”

David inaudibly mumble with Tom’s dick still in his mouth.

“Shhh, no one is going to hurt you. You need this. Davida, we’ve been watching you for some time now, and it’s obvious to us that you’re really a dirty little whore stuck in a man’s body. We aren’t going to hurt you, just showing you what you’ve been missing out on by denying to yourself what you really are deep down.” Tom explains.

Derek get’s David’s pants down and begins to massage David’s ass cheeks and David continues sucking Tom’s big dick. Derek teases David’s butt-hole with his finger and David thrust away from the finger.

“Now cut that out girl. I understand this is all new to you, but you don’t have a pussy to fuck yet, all you have is that ass, but trust me, once you try it you’re going to love it and want more of it.” Derek explains.

Tyrone and Terrance gather around David and each put and hand on his back, gently caressing David to ease him as Derek continues to tease the outside of David’s butt-hole

“Take it easy, relax. Just try it for a couple of minutes, if you don’t like it Derek will stop.” Tyrone says with a comforting voice. “Okay?”

David submits and reluctantly nods. Derek gently eases his saliva lubed finger into David’s ass, David’s face scrunches up with discomfort. After a moment the discomfort passes and David goes back to sucking Tom’s cock and before long David begins moaning like the dirty little whore he really is on the inside and begins to buck his ass back against Derek’s hand.

“See girl, I told you you’d like it,” Derek says. Derek spits on David’s asshole and begins to ease a second finger into David’s ass. David lets out a high pitched moan.

“Relax that ass sweetie, again, we don’t want to hurt you, I have to stretch your ass out with my fingers because I want you to feel what my cock feels like fucking you, but right now you’re too tight for it, so relax and let your ass get stretched out a bit.” Derek says.

David continues sucking Tom’s cock and begins grinding his ass against Derek’s hand.
Derek feels that David’s ass is loose enough for another finger and slips an third finger into David’s hungry asshole. David quickens the pace, fucking himself fast back on Derek’s hand.

“This dirty little whore is going to love my cock in her ass, look at her go.” Derek observes. Derek slip a forth finger into David’s ass and David nearly blacks out from the pleasure of feeling his ass so stretched out and used. Derek continues to work his fingers in David’s ass for a few minutes, then he pulls his fingers out, then using the index and middle fingers from both hands, Derek gently stretches David’s ass as far as he can without hurting David. “Oh yeah, you’re ready for my cock.” Derek pulls out his engorged cock and gently pulls David by his hair around to look at his cock. “Baby, why don’t you give this a kiss before I stuff this in your sweet ass?”

David looks at Derek’s cock and bends around to kiss the tip and lick the dew drop of precum off of it, then David wraps his lips around the tip and slurps as much of Derek’s delicious precum out as he can.

“That’s good little whore.” Derek encourages as he pulls his cock out of David’s mouth and pushes David’s face back towards Tom’s saliva slickened cock. Derek grab’s David’s ass cheeks and slides his hot cock up David’s crack and watches David’s hungry ass twitch, begging to be fucked by that big cock. Derek spreads David’s ass cheeks open and pushes his cock into David’s asshole.

David comes up off of Tom’s cock, “oh, God.” David exclaims as he feels the big cock stretch him open and deeper than Derek’s fingers could go. “That cock feels so good in my ass,” David drunkenly slurs. David’s overcome by the pleasure and his drunkenness and passes out.

Several hours later David wakes up, feels a little sick to his stomach, he feels like he has to go to the bathroom, but notices as he rolls over that it isn’t feces that he feels in his ass, it’s something stuck in his ass. David gets a hold of the object and pulls, but is doesn’t want to come out, so David pulls harder and finally with a pop and a wet gush David pulls free a rather large butt-plug and he feels a thick liquid rush out of his insides. David looks down to see what appears to be about ten or so ounces of semen that gushed from his asshole.

David thinks to himself, “those guys must have had a lot of fun with me when I was passed out. Time to go.” David struggle to get to his feet and looks around the pink room, there is a vanity with makeup and grooming utensils, and pink bed, everything in the room is intensely girly except for a metal door, a door that looks like it belongs in a prison. David walks over to the door and notices a weight on his neck and realizes that he has on a metal collar with a metal chain connected to a metal loop coming out of the middle of the floor. David sits at the vanity and looks at the collar and notices it has a lock on it, he can’t take it off. Then there is a knock at the metal door, David turns to look at the door, the door opens and Tyrone is standing there holding a bowl.

“Good morning princess, I hope you slept well.”

“What the fuck are you doing, let me out of this collar now!” David demands.

“Now princess, that’s no way to speak with your new master.” Tyrone says calmly.

“New master, what the fuck are you talking about?” David demands.

“Look closely at your collar.”

David turns and looks at the collar in the mirror, there is an engravement on the collar that reads, “Tyrone’s Slave.” A feeling of dread washes over David.

“Please let me go, I’ll forget the whole thing.”

“Sadly I know you would forget the whole thing princess, but we are doing this for your own good.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not sure if you remember this or not, you were pretty drunk, but last night we told you that we’d been watching you for sometime and knew that you’re really a woman trapped in a man’s body, but more than that, not just a woman trapped in a man’s body, but a woman who deep down is a dirty little whore, and if we let you go, yes you’d forget the whole thing and go back to your sad miserable life pretending to be the man that you really aren’t, so we are going to keep you here until you get so used to being our dirty little whore that you wouldn’t possibly think of ever going back to pretending to be a man again.”

David puts his head in his hands and starts to cry.

“That’s it princess, cry, let it all out. Today is the first day of the rest of your life as a woman. From now on you will only ever be referred to as female and since your name is David, we’ll go with the name Davida.” Tyrone pauses for a moment. “Davida, I’ve brought you your breakfast, but you’ll probably turn your nose up to it, but this is your last free meal, so don’t waste it by dumping it out. You see you’re a little chunkier than me and the boys like, so we’ve put you on a diet, a high protein diet. Again, this is your last free meal, you’ll have to earn your meals from now on.”

Tyrone places the bowl on the vanity by Davida, Davida looks into the bowl and sees what looks like about ten or so ounces of semen.

“High protein diet. You need to loose a bit of that flab, but this won’t be the only thing you’ll eat from now on, just for the time being until we get your weight under control.” Tyrone looks and notices that Davida had pulled her butt-plug out. “We can’t have that princess. You’ve got to leave your butt-plug in, that’s part of earning your meals. A good little whore loves cum, so we will fuck your ass and pump you full of sperm and put a butt-plug in you to keep our sperm in your ass until your body absorbs all of it. That’s how whores get addicted to cum. You can swallow cum, but your stomach acids destroy it before it can be absorbed, but when pumped up your ass it by passes the stomach acids and gets absorbed by your guts and cum is addictive when absorbed by your insides, soon you’ll be begging to be pumped full of cum like a good little whore.”

Davida continues to cry. “Please let me go, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want this life.”

“Yes you do princess, you just don’t realize it yet, but deep down you do. I’ll prove it to you. You will let us fuck you, you will let us addict you to cum, your only other option is to starve yourself to death, which you won’t do. If you aren’t really a dirty little whore deep down you would chose to starve to death over allowing yourself to become addicted to cum, and if you do that, so be it, but I know you won’t starve yourself to death, because you are a dirty little whore, you’re just in denial, but soon you’re going to be craving cum and begging for it.” Tyrone pauses. “I’ll leave you your breakfast, don’t let it get too cold now, I’ve heard it doesn’t taste very good when it’s cold.”

Tyrone leave the room and Davida continues to cry.

Chapter 3

Three days have passed and Davida hasn’t given into drinking a bowl full of semen, Tyrone checks on Davida every so many hours, he doesn’t want her to starve to death.

Tyrone enters the pink room.

“How are you doing princess, are you hungry enough yet.”

“I’m very hungry, but I don’t want to eat sperm.”

“But you know, good little whores eat sperm, and you’re a good little whore. You know you’ve thought about it, you know you want to bend over and spread your ass for us so we can fill you ass with cum, then feed you some cum too.”

“Okay, okay, I need to have something to eat, even if it’s just your cum.”

“That’s a good little whore. Now beg for it like a good little whore, I want to hear you beg us to fuck your ass and cum deep inside of you.”

Davida gets on all fours on the bed, bends over with her ass in the air, and twist around so she’s on her should looking back at Tyrone and she starts to finger her asshole. “Please fuck my ass, my ass needs to be pumped full of your hot manly sperm.”

“Derek, Tom, Terrence, get down here, this little whore is ready to fuck!” Tyrone shouts. Tyrone steps up to Davida and fingers her asshole. “See girl, that’s another reason I want you to keep that butt-plug in, keeps your ass stretched open for us so we don’t have to waste so much time loosening you back up.”

“Okay, I’ll keep it in.”

“Good girl.”

Derek and the others trample down the basement steps and enter Davida’s room, seeing Davida’s ass in the air and hearing Davida moaning with pleasure from Tyrone finger banging her asshole, the guys look in awe.

“Damn Tyrone, you were right, she is going to be a good little whore.” Derek observes.

Tyrone stops finger banging Davida when he’s comfortable that she’s loosened up enough for some big black cock, he begins to undress, as do the other guys.

Tyrone step up towards Davida’s face, “worship my cock, whore.”

Davida grabs Tyrone’s eleven inch cock and rub it all over her face, savoring the manly scent of his pheromones. Derek grabs Davida’s ass cheeks and begins tongue fucking her butt-hole Tom and Terrance step up to Davida’s upper half and have her to jerk-off their dicks while she continues to suck-off Tyrone.

Tyrone grabs Davida by the back of her head and her throat and begins fucking her face and thrusting a little deeper with each stroke trying to work past her gag reflex to cock train her to be able to deep-throat huge dicks. Davida gags and tears up, but keeps working on Tyrone’s dick. Tyrone lets Davida breathe for a moment, then thrust is cock back, “relax sweetie, you have to relax to let me stretch open your throat like we did your ass because a good whore can take a throat fucking without gagging, so we’re going to get you used to that too.”

Davida nods and finds herself loving her hoe-training, she’s discovering that she really loves pleasuring men, submitting to their will and learning to be a good little whore for them.

Derek stands up from licking Davida’s ass and glides his ten inch cock into her cock hungry ass, and before long Davida is not only finding herself bucking back against his cock but is also finding herself pressing forward trying to take Tyrone’s dick deeper into her throat because she sincerely wants to please her men.

Davida lets go of Tom’s and Terrance’s dicks and grabs Tyrone’s ass and in one firm push of her legs and a hard pull she takes Tyrone’s cock balls deep into her throat.

“Oh God, you dirty whore,” Derek exclaims as he loses control and rams in deep and hard as his cock twitches and spasms, white washing Davida’s insides with copious amounts of sperm.

After Derek finishes pumping his cum into Davida’s ass he lifts her ass into the air and carefully pulls his cock out so that his sperm won’t ooze out of her gaping, used hole. Tyrone and Derek trade places.

“Clean the cum out of my cock, Bitch,” Derek orders as he spanks Davida’s face with his spent cock.

Davida takes the tip of Derek’s dick into her mouth and sucks and licks at his dick slit. She looks up into Derek’s eye with the tip of his dick still in her mouth, sucks hard and pulls back making a popping sound as his dick pops out of her mouth, she sticks her tongue out to show Derek the droplets of his sperm on her tongue then she closes her mouth and swallows. “Mmm, yummy,” Davida says.

“This little bitch isn’t going to need a whole lot of hoe-training, she’s a fucking natural,” Derek observes.

Tyrone starts pounding away at Davida’s ass, Derek step away to let Tom up to fuck Davida’s face, and Tom just ravages Davida’s throat, but he pulls out every so often to let Davida breathe before ramming his thirteen inch cock balls deep back down her throat.

Davida gyrates her hip to grind on Tyrone’s cock and flexes her ass muscles to milk Tyrone’s dick and Tyrone loses control and floods Davida’s ass with white, hot sperm. Tyrone slowly pulls out as Tom pulls his cock out of Davida’s throat and Tom replaces his cock in Davida’s ass as Tyrone walks up to Davida’s head to have her clean the cum from his spent dick, and with out any prompting Davida takes Tyrone’s dick into her mouth and sucks the remaining semen from his dick, then she smile and shows Tyrone his cum on her tongue, blows a cum bubble, and swallows. “Yummy, I love the taste of cum,” Davida says.

Tom had been on the verge of orgasm for sometime, it was taking every ounce of his will power to keep from cumming right down Davida’s throat, so a few thrusts into Davida’s ass and Tom lets out a roar as he floods her intestines with more hot, thick sperm, this is before Terrance could even get his cock into Davida’s mouth.

Seeing that Tom is spent, Terrance goes back to Davida’s ass and Tom carefully pulls his dick out of Davida’s cum flooded fuck-hole. Terrance quickly rams his cock into Davida’s ass before any cum and gush out and Tom move up to Davida’s face so she can clean his cock up. Davida locks her lips around the crown of Tom’s cock and sucks, squeezing from the base of his cock with her hand and slurps out every last drop of Tom’s cum, then she smile and giggles as she shows Tom her yummy sperm treat on her tongue as she rubs his cock all over her face, then Davida swallows Tom’s cum. “I never knew sperm could be so yummy. I love the taste of cum,” Davida says.

Terrance pounds away at Davida’s cum filled ass with wet plunging sounds as Davida motions for Derek, Tyrone, and Tom to come back up to her so she can taste their dicks again.

“Damn, you are going to be the best little whore we’ve ever hoe-trained,” Tyrone says.

Davida milks Terrance’s dick with her ass muscles and before long Terrance groans out a roar and adds more sperm to Davida’s intestinal tract.

Tyrone, seeing that Terrance is finished grabs the butt-plug and walks over to Davida’s ass and presses the butt-plug against Davida’s ass as Terrance slowly pull his dick out, and Tyrone quickly rams the butt-plug into Davida’s ass trapping about five or so ounces of sperm in Davida’s well fucked ass.

“Oh, I can feel your sperm sloshing around inside of me.” Davida says as she lays on her back and rubs her cum filled tummy.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Tyrone asks.

“Yes, I never knew sex could be this good. I’ve had sex with women, I have a girlfriend, but I never knew it could be this good, but I really do need to get back home to my girlfriend.”

“Sorry princess, the days of you fucking women is over, you are our whore to use and pimp out as we please,” Tyrone explains.

“But she’ll be worried sick about me,” Davida pleads.

“I’m sure she is, but really, she needs a MAN, not a whore, and eventually she’ll move on and be happier with a real man than she ever was with a whore pretending to be a man.” Tyrone pauses. “I’ll be right back with your breakfast.” Tyrone leaves the room and the other guys follow.

A few minutes later Tyrone walks back into Davida’s room with a large bowl.

“Princess, it’s been three days since you’ve eaten anything, we don’t waste our whore’s food, so we froze it and kept adding to it over the past three days, so you’ve got a lot of freshly microwaved cum to slurp down,” Tyrone says as he passes Davida the warm bowl of cum.

Davida looks into the bowl and sloshes it around, she sniffs, “it definitely doesn’t smell as good as it does fresh from the dick, ” she observes. “Kinda smells a bit like bleach.”

“I told you I’ve heard that it’s better fresh, you’re not the first whore we’ve trained and you won’t be the last.”

Davida tips the bowl up to her lips and takes a little taste of the cum. “It’s not as bad as I was expecting, but it is better fresh.” Davida tips the bowl back up and takes a full sip. “Not too bad at all, but maybe that’s just because I’m so damned hungry.”

“No sweetie, it’s not too bad because you’re a cum loving whore.”

* * * * *

Back in the interview room at the police station the interview room door opens, the assistance detective hand a file to the Detective Spires. “Sorry for the interruption,” the assistant says, then he leaves, closing the door behind him.

“Hold on for a moment,” Detective Spires interrupts Davida’s story so she can read through the file.

“Okay, Lieutenant Spires,” Davida complies.

Detective Spires reads through the file, then she stops and looks at Davida, “are you the David Goldberg who went missing about three years ago?”

“Yes, Lieutenant Spires, that’s what my story is about. But the way I see it, David Goldberg didn’t go missing three years ago, David Goldberg died, and Davida was born.”

“This Tyrone you mentioned, would that be Tyrone Anderson?”

“Yes, Lieutenant Spires.”

“So Tyrone Anderson and his gang kidnapped you, rapped you, and forcibly feminized you?”

“No, they held me against my will, but that was for my own good. They never rapped me, I was willing, I loved having sex with them, but they did forcibly feminize me, again, that was for my own good.” Davida looks down and pauses. “You see, sometimes transgender people are so caught up in pretending to be the gender that society tells them that they should be because of the genitals that he or she was born with, and caught up with living the expectations of their friends and family that they deny to themselves who they really are deep down and end up living a sad miserable life and many are in such denial that they don’t even know why they are so sad and miserable, that was me; and Tyrone, Tom, Derek, and Terrance really set me free, but they had to hold me against my will to do so.”

“Didn’t they try selling you?”

“No, they did tell me that was their intent at first, but they seen how passionate I was with having sex with them. I was their best whore, so they kept me for themselves, but they freed me. Over the period of the first year they kept me chained up in the basement, but I willingly fucked them, they told me it was my ‘hoe-training,’ but I knew and they knew the truth, the truth was I wanted to fuck them and they knew it, they had seen that deep down I was a woman who needed to submit, to be used and abused, but that use and abuse was role play really. They never would have hurt me, they were helping me to know who I really am, but yes, their original plan was to sell me to some pimp to the whored out on the street, but not against my will, they knew I’d love being whored out and just needed to be motivated to see it myself, but when they realized how much I started to love them, they started to love me, and they never sold me, they never pimped me, they gave me all of the love, not just sex, actual love that I need and sex too and I became their very willing, live-in girlfriend, but they just called me their whore, because they knew that excited me a bit. More than a bit to be honest.”

“Well Tyrone and his gang were arrested, tried, and convicted of human trafficking, one of their ‘whores’ got away and pressed charges.”

“Yes, that was Molly. She is a whore. She works the corner of Main Street and Divide now.”

“Yes, their brainwashing turned her into a whore.”

“No, deep down she was a whore, just in denial like me at first. If you’d seen what I’d seen you’d know she was a whore too before Tyrone or anyone else had any influence on her. I was the one who picked her out from what I’d seen.”

“What did you see with Molly?”

“Molly would talk to guys and unconsciously play with herself in front of them. Not like she’d start rubbing her clit or anything that blatant, she’d put her hands behind her back while talking to a guy and start running her fingers up and down her ass crack. When she’s catch herself doing that she’s play it off like she had an itch and scratch her butt cheek, but before long those fingers would find their way back to her sexy butt crack. That girl was subconsciously craving some dick in her ass. Sitting down with her at a party she’d lay back in her seat with her hand on her tummy just under her breasts and would start fidgeting with her nipple with her thumb, and be completely unaware that she’s doing it because she’d still be doing it when I started talking with her. I think Molly’s problem was that Tyrone and his boys are black, I think if they’d been white Molly would have willingly submitted to them. Why else would she have escaped and pressed charges against the boys and not press charges against me?”

“Okay, so how does all of this fit in with you killing your john?”

“After Molly pressed charges and Tyrone and the boys were arrested, the police investigated and found their connections, and not all of the pimps Tyrone dealt with were as nice as Tyrone was, so more of the girls who ended up with truly abusive pimps came out against Tyrone and the boys and now they’ll be in prison for the rest of their lives. I love them, they are my boyfriends, I can’t live without them, so I decided to go after some of those abusive pimps, give them a little pay back, so that hopefully I could be put in prison for life with my boyfriends.”

“Wow.” Detective Spires pauses. “One count of murder will get you twenty-five to life.”

“Yes, I know, that’s why I also killed Doctor Deacon Schlong, the pimp on Twenty-fifth Street, Danny Boy Long on Hamilton Avenue, and Silicon Slick Bootsie on Guinness Street.”

“If you’re serious about killing all of those people, you’re damned lucky we no longer have the death penalty here.”

“Yes, I know, Lieutenant Spires. I hated killing anyone, but I had to be with my boyfriends, and they way I see it those abusive pimps deserved it.”

In addition to the standard “horrible twisted shit from the depths of Feo’s mind, viewer discretion is advised” warning, I must also give a “psychedelic trip inspired by Satoshi Kon, will probably confuse the hell out of you at first” warning. (If you don’t know who Kon is, I’ll compare it to Inception instead.) Anyways, if I’ve done my job right, it should start making sense by the end of the first chapter. As always, comments and criticism are welcome.

Chapter 1: The Illusionist

Sandra watches herself in the mirror as she pulls the mask from her face. Her reflection is beautiful, stunningly so, and she blows a kiss at it before she hides it again. But this is a lie.

She takes the mask away again, and her reflection shows empty blackness, no face to be found. In this manner, she’s intimidated more than a few criminals. This, too, is a lie.

Once more she unmasks, as she does every night, forcing herself to confront the truth. She runs her hand across the scarred ruin . . .

– — – –

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! The alarm radio jolted Sandra awake.

“The Crimson Five have gone missing after a confrontation with an unknown foe. As yet, it is uncertain whether they are still alive . . .”

As if by habit, Sandra reached out and felt for a mask on her bedtime table. It was only after she failed to find one that she realized she’d been dreaming. I need to stop listening to the news, she thought, punctuating her resolution by hitting “snooze” harder than was strictly necessary.

It hadn’t taken long after the dreams began for her to move a mirror to the wall beside the bed. She checked it now, proving to herself that her face was the same as ever.

Pretty as a mask, she caught herself thinking, and it’s all mine. Not a blemish to be found. It’s no wonder I’m so scared of burns . . .

She shut herself up and lay back in bed, resting until the alarm went off again.

– — – –

Sandra’s inheritance had been sizable enough that, so long as she lived cheaply, she’d never have to work. She’d long ago done the math, concluding that marrying and raising children would not mean living cheaply, but thanks to two modern miracles–nightclubs and birth control pills–that did not preclude her current lifestyle.

She always slept until two in the afternoon, but she waited for the clock to strike six before she made her grand entrance. By then, the dance floor was already crowded, couples shifting and breaking apart minute by minute as she watched.

A leggy blond girl had briefly separated from the boy she’d come in with. “Might I have this dance?” Sandra asked loudly, and more quietly she followed up with, “Don’t ruin the moment.” She led the confused blond through a slow, romantic dance, and she finished with a kiss before releasing her. A little girl-on-girl should draw men’s eyes quite nicely, she thought.

She wasn’t sure what made her pick him out from the crowd, standing alone at the edge of the dance floor and quietly sipping a drink. He was handsome, after a certain fashion, with pale grey eyes and the figure of a runner, but it seemed that no one other than her had given him a second look. For just a moment, his eyes met hers, but something in them forced her to look away. I’ll make him my target for tonight, she decided.

She danced with quite a few good-looking boys and girls before she made her way over to him, but he didn’t seem at all surprised to be chosen over them. He’d already set his drink aside, and he didn’t seem so much as buzzed as he introduced her to a dance she didn’t recognize. “Was that good enough for you?” he asked once the song had ended.

“You move as smoothly as you dress,” she replied. “There’s something about you that really draws a girl in–I still haven’t figured out what. Perhaps I could solve your mystery more easily in a more private setting.” (This was not as great a risk as might be assumed–were he to try something untoward where no prying eyes could see, he would find that she was stronger and more vicious than she looked.)

“I doubt you could solve all my mysteries,” he said, and she suspected he wasn’t joking. “But you’re right, this place is a little loud. You seem like a lovely girl, and I’ll gladly follow where you lead.”

– — – –

Back at her condo, she decided their conversation would go best accompanied by light music (lighter than the dance tunes at the club, at least.) Unfortunately, her antique record player had finally given up the ghost, and the first thing she found on the alarm radio was the news. “Tonight’s retrospective on the missing Crimson Five will begin with the Enchantress. This mysterious illusionist has seldom been seen without a comedy mask, and is the only one of the Five whose true name and face are still unknown . . .”

She was a little too hasty to turn off the radio. “You don’t like supers?” the grey-eyed man asked.

“Every time I hear about them, I have strange dreams,” she replied. “What’s it matter to you? Are you–” A metaphorical light bulb shone over her head. “You are, aren’t you? People only notice you when you want them to.”

“I’ve never been the type for tights,” he told her. “I am merely a sort of weaver. I assure you that my threads cannot control your actions, only draw your interest.” There was a hint of levity to his smile. “I didn’t even need them to draw it now.”

“What’s your story, then? How’d you get to be this way?”

To her surprise, he answered. He described a life spent in loneliness, always wondering what other people truly thought. He told her what it felt like when he first made his way into someone’s mind–how it hurt to learn how much she hated him. He spoke of the search he’d undertaken to find and help others like himself.

“You interest me, Sandra,” he finished. “I’ve watched you, both awake and in your dreams, and I’ve seen how deep your pain goes. I wasn’t expecting to reveal myself this early, but I’d rather make the offer now than lie to you. Sandra, how’d you like for me to make your sorrow go away?”

“How would you do that?” she asked, her tone lascivious.

“It begins like this,” he replied, kissing her square on the lips.

It would not be true to say that the sensation was indescribable–it was quite similar to what she associated with a tongue across her breasts. To have that same feeling on her lips, though, was as strange as it was wonderful. He changed focus to her cheek, then down to the hollow of her neck, and wherever he touched, pleasure followed.

Her dress hit the floor, soon followed by what little she wore underneath. He knelt as his tongue trailed down her body, stopping in a familiar place and circling counterclockwise. “Keep doing that,” she sputtered between gasps, “and I might collapse.”

He pulled his tongue away and looked up at her, his grey eyes merry. “Do you want me to go?”

“If you’ve got anything I’d rather not catch, now’s the time to tell me. Otherwise, get those pants off and hop into bed.”

As she lay back, he paused at her entrance. “Tell me about your dreams,” he said. “Keep talking as long as you can.”

“There’s this girl,” she began, “who used to be pretty. She was caught in a fire” (at that, he entered her), “and she wasn’t so pretty anymore. People saw her as pretty–that should not feel this good–but it didn’t always work–that really should not feel this good–so she put on a mask–” With that, her words became unintelligible.

They lay motionless together, him on top of her. “What were you afraid of?” he asked.

She racked her brain. “I don’t remember. I was telling you about something, just a moment ago, wasn’t I? Something I’m better off not remembering.”

“I’m happy to have helped you,” he told her as he withdrew. “I’m afraid there are other places I need to be, but I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

– — – –

Five bodies lay on a concrete floor. A grey-eyed man knelt beside the nearest, pulling off a comedy mask.

Had her illusions remained, he might have seen a thousand things, from a flawless Venus to a creature of nightmares. But now that she was caught in an illusion of a different sort, he could see her as she truly was, and lay a kiss upon her ruined lips.

“Sleep, my bride, and dream of me. Be happy in your world of dancing and drinking. Be only Sandra, and forget the life in which you were called the Enchantress.”

His time was limited, of course. So long as the others retained the hopes and fears from which their powers stemmed, there would always be a risk that they would break free. Sandra herself had come dangerously close to waking before he’d taken away her memories.

The dream weaver stood, and turned his attentions to the next in line.

Chapter 2: The Strongman

“All right, chump, hand over your wallet.”

Julian takes in the ski mask, the gun, and the bravado. “You’re trying to mug me? Seriously?”

“Don’t talk back to me, little man! I’ve killed plenty of jackasses like you for talking back!”

“No, you haven’t. This is your first mugging, isn’t it? You’re standing way too close.” He crushes the barrel of the gun in his hand. “Besides, all the criminals around here know better than to mess with me.”

It doesn’t take much to reduce the mugger to panic. Within two minutes, he’s repeating after Julian: “I’ll never break the law again . . .”

– — – –

“Wake up, Julian! You know the Master will fire you if he catches you sleeping!”

Julian groaned and opened one eye. It appeared that he hadn’t even taken off his shoes before collapsing into the armchair. “If he fired me, then I wouldn’t have to vacuum this mansion anymore. Is there even anything left to clean?”

Lucas was all smiles once he was certain Julian was awake. “Of course, silly! You haven’t gotten any of the dust under the furniture! Now hurry and get up–I need to get back to scrubbing the toilets before I’m seen!”

Once Lucas was out of sight, Julian stood and took another look around him. The vacuum cleaner was still plugged in, the furniture was still old and absurdly heavy, and the floor was still an infuriatingly fragile wood that marked at the slightest provocation. Julian had no desire to be lectured again for scratching it, so he once again made an effort to tilt the armchair forward rather than sliding it.

“One, two, three . . . Damnit!” I hate being scrawny.

It seemed that Lucas’s intervention had been well-timed, because a quiet cough soon alerted Julian to a presence behind him. “Overwhelmed?”

Authority is a funny thing. Julian often told Lucas that it was ridiculous to call their employer “Master”–”We’re servants, not slaves!” He promised himself nightly that on the next day, he’d stride confidently up to the Master and greet him as “boss.” And yet, whenever he looked into those pale grey eyes . . . “Not at all, Master. I was just planning what to do next.”

“It’s late, far past the time you should be done. Go home, and sleep–you’ll have your plan in the morning.”

At the time, all Julian thought was that he was grateful not to have been fired. “Thank you, Master.”

The Master left him with one last word of advice. “You don’t always need to use your head, if you can get someone else to think with his.”

– — – –

Julian awoke to the sound of a refrain that was almost familiar. “Get up, Julie! Work starts in an hour!”

“Suck my dick, Lucas.” Julian wondered once more why he’d ever agreed to share an apartment with him.

To his surprise, Lucas laughed. “First time I’ve heard that metaphor from you, Julie.”

“I say that all the . . .” This was when Julian finally realized how high his voice had gotten. “Damn it, I’m still dreaming, aren’t I?”

Lucas was starting to get irritated. “Maybe you’re dreaming that you finally learned to drive. I’m sick of being late because of you.”

Julian rolled out of bed in a less-than-dignified manner, then stood and faced Lucas. “Definitely a dream. Two big things give it away.” He grasped Lucas’s right hand, pressing it firmly against the dream-body’s chest. “Might as well have some fun tormenting you, though.”

Sure enough, Lucas looked horrified. “Julie–are you all right?”

“Are you really this much of a dweeb, or do I just dream you this way?” He let go of Lucas’s hand to strip off the dream-body’s nightshirt and bra, and sure enough, Lucas didn’t look away. “You just keep getting redder and redder. Any more of this, and you might . . .” He put a hand to Lucas’s pants. “Explode.” This is gay as hell, he thought, but if it’s just a dream, who cares?

“Julie, you’re not well–” Lucas didn’t get to say much before Julian tackled him to the floor. The dream-body’s lips were against Lucas’s lips, and the dream-body’s breasts were against Lucas’s chest–and then Lucas shoved, and the dream-body’s head smacked against a wardrobe.

That hurt, he thought. It doesn’t normally hurt when I’m dreaming . . .

– — – –

Julian didn’t bother to knock before barging into the study. “What the hell did you do to me?” he demanded. “How did you even do it?”

The Master didn’t so much as stand from his chair. “I lent you the tools with which to solve your problem,” he replied. “What you did with them is your own concern.”

“Damn you! Me and Lucas–I’m never going to live this down!”

“Who’s vacuuming under the furniture?” the Master asked.

“Does it matter who’s vacuuming under the damn–”

“Lucas is.” The Master didn’t raise his voice, but he didn’t need to. “And who do you think will be cooking dinner tonight?”

“. . . Lucas will?”

“And, provided you let him touch those lovely tits beforehand, who do you think will clean the toilets the next time you’re assigned to do so?”

“Lucas will.” Julian was surprised to find himself laughing. “He’s that easy to control?”

“There are greater powers in this world than the strength of arm you revere, and I am happy to pass this one to you. However, there is a complication. So long as you think of yourself as a man, you can’t remain a woman forever. Your body will change back unless you can somehow affirm your femininity.”

“I’m already wearing maid clothing . . .” Julian put two and two together. “Oh hell no!”

“It should only require your mouth. I’ll volunteer myself if you’d rather not do it with Lucas.”

Julian could feel his body already shifting, breasts slowly shrinking away. Yet he stood his ground. “No way!”

“The past won’t change, you realize. It will merely be differently tinted.”

“I’m not doing it!”

“If you don’t, Lucas will still remember that you tried to force yourself on him–as a man, no less.”

That managed to shut Julian up.

“We won’t be interrupted in here.” The Master stood from his chair. “Kneel in front of me. Take as long as you need to prepare.”

Within a minute, the Master’s pants were around his ankles, and Julian was nervously running his hand up and down an implement he’d never expected to find dangling in front of his face. It obediently hardened under his touch, and once it passed level, he rewarded it with a lick. Maybe this won’t be so bad, he thought.

“You don’t have to be so scared,” the Master told him. “Go on, take it into your mouth.”

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Julian let his lips close around the tip, only moving it a short way inside. As he built his confidence, he began to clean away the precum that slowly dribbled out, savoring the strange flavor.

When he trusted that the Master was off guard, he forced the organ as far into his mouth as he could manage, and a few seconds’ sucking was rewarded as the Master gasped in surprise. Unfortunately, it was also rewarded by a thick blast of cum that very nearly choked him. He reached the wastebasket under the master’s desk just in time to cough most of the cum into it. “Worth it,” he gasped.

The Master’s shocked expression turned to a smile. “It’s not often someone manages to break my self-control. You really are incorrigible.”

“I can’t say I changed my mind about guys,” Julian told him. “I liked toying with you, but it wasn’t really sexy for me.” Julian pondered that for a moment. “I’d love to see you do to yourself whatever you did to me. We could have a lot of fun together, girl-on-girl. Just one thing . . .”


Julie knelt before him once more, and she licked away what cum remained on his cock. “Make sure you still taste this good next time, boss. It’s not normally sweet like this, is it? This is the first time I’ve liked cleaning something.”

“I’ll be back before nightfall,” he promised. “Have fun with Lucas while I’m gone–but not too much fun.”

– — – –

“Not a dream,” Julian mumbled. “Really not a dream.”

The grey-eyed man smiled at that–what sort of a dream weaver would he be if he couldn’t mimic pain and pleasure? A job well done, he thought. I can’t believe he thinks I’m powerful enough to change his sex. I wonder, though, is he merely resentful, or did I miss something about Lucas? I’ll try him right after I check on Sandra–

For a moment, he didn’t recognize her.

The scars are gone! She looks the same as in the dream! The grey-eyed man had never before used a dream to change someone rather than punish them, and he wasn’t sure what the implications were if the body could change with the mind.

Well, I know one implication. He smiled lecherously at Julian’s body. Those lips will soon be just as kissable in this world as in your dream. Lucas can wait, at least for now–I have another experiment to try.

Chapter 3: The Beast

She’s alone in an alley, long after sundown. She’s been too successful, and too careless in hiding the bodies–few of the humans are brave or foolish enough to walk alone now.

The wait is intolerable, but at last she smells one, slowly coming her way. She waits for him to enter the shadows, and then she leaps–

She can’t see what she hits, but it feels like a brick wall. When she regains her senses, the barrier surrounds her, holding her in an invisible cage.

“In the name of the Crimson Four, you are under arrest on suspicion of murder.” His tone loses its edge as he examines her. “I don’t know what you are, but I hope you can understand me. Believe me, I want to help you–”

– — – –

“Wake up, Margaret,” Al told her. “You’re having another nightmare.”

She lashed out with knife-sharp claws, but even in darkness, he knew her movements before she did. He began to recite a calming mantra, and she matched it in growls that slowly turned into words as her snout receded. When fangs and fur had gone away, she laughed, almost hysterically. “Living dangerously again, Alvin?”

“You’re the one who insists on having these dreams,” he replied. “The least I can do is help you through them.” He’d been nothing but patient throughout their courtship, understanding of the fears that often threatened to transform her, but she knew he was tired of having to sleep in a separate bed.

She had no desire to restart the familiar argument. “Well, I’ve had enough of them for tonight. Put me to sleep again, my dear sandman, and make sure that I don’t shred the mattress this time.”

She couldn’t see his smile, but his tone was soothing. “No more nightmares tonight, I promise. You’ll wake up fully rested for the big day.”

“Way to make me less nervous, Al. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to do it, but it’s such a big step, you know?”

“They say you know you whether you really love someone when you see them at their worst. I’ve been seeing your worst for almost a year now, and if I haven’t fled in terror yet, I never will.” His grey eyes glowed white as he called on his power, and his words followed her off to a peaceful sleep. “I love you, Margaret, and I’m nothing but happy to share the rest of my life with you.”

– — – –

“We are gathered here today, in the presence of these witnesses . . .” Lucas spoke with such solemnity, it was difficult to tell that both his speech and his officiant’s license had been obtained off the Internet. Thankfully, he kept it short. “. . . If any object, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“Who do you think’s going to object?” Sandra asked. Margaret had no family, Al wasn’t speaking to his, and they’d managed to duck the paparazzi. Al was the only person in the church who wasn’t a member of the Crimson Five.

“If there are no objections,” Lucas continued, “then it is time for the happy couple to recite their vows. Alvin, do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?”

Al was looking snazzy in a rented tux. “I didn’t know what I’d found when I first met Margaret. I was still new to my powers, and to the dreamscape, and I was drawn to the strange sorrow that haunted her. In the time that has passed, I have learned much from her dreams, and I am happy to have helped to ease her pain.” Margaret’s shifts in size prevented her from wearing a ring, but Al had found a jeweled armlet that was just slightly overlarge. Julian passed it to him, and he slipped it on her arm. “Now and forever, I do.”

“Margaret, do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I was barely more than an animal when I was captured. I have all of you to thank for believing I could be redeemed. Lucas, thank you for letting me join the Crimson and turn Four into Five. Sandra, thank you for showing me that I didn’t have to hate myself. Thank you, Claire, for treating me just the same as everyone else, and thank you, Julian, for razzing me whenever I fell too far into woe-is-me. Above all, thank you, Al . . .” Suddenly, the words she’d prepared seemed inadequate. “Thank you for seeing me as I am,” she found herself saying, “and for loving me nonetheless.” Claire took this as the cue to hand her Alvin’s ring, so Margaret cut her speech short. “Now and forever, I do.”

“You may now kiss the bride.” Lucas’s grin was of the sort Julian would have described as “shit-eating.” “Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to say that.”

“Do you really want to do this?” Al asked. He was well aware by now of her fear of being touched.

“Worst case scenario, I transform and the shock collar knocks me out. When I wake up, my dress will be ruined and all the wedding cake will be gone. Best case scenario, we’ll make a memory that will last forever. Let’s give it a try.”

His lips met hers, and she stiffened. She could already feel flesh and bone rearranging, nails and teeth growing sharper and sharper. His scent hung in the air . . .

His scent. His calm, reassuring scent, without so much as a hint of fear in it. She pulled away to breathe it in, then dove back into the kiss.

They separated to find the others watching them intently. “So, cake?” Julian asked.

– — – –

“I want to try kissing you again,” she told him, together again at home. “Sleeping with the collar off has helped me learn to control myself. We can’t have a real wedding night, but we ought to be able to do something.”

In lieu of a verbal response, Al jabbed her hard in the stomach.

“Ow! Damnit Al–” She caught the transformation at her ears, and recited a mantra until it reversed. “See? I’m getting better already.”

Al took a moment to think. “How long can you hold yourself at about halfway?”

“Pretty long. Lucas’s been letting me go on more patrols lately. He’s always got me collared–after what I did, the cops would blow a gasket if they knew I could take it off–but I can just do the nose or the claws if I need to.”

“There’s something I’ve been thinking of trying, and tonight’s as good a night as any. To start with, I’ll need you at halfway.”

Six seconds and a few shifted bones later, she bared her teeth in mock-ferocity. “Halfway ithn’t tho bad,” she told him, “though the fangth are a problem.”

“Okay, try kissing me. I’ll stay completely still.”

The kiss was very nearly successful. The taste of his lips was sharper than normal, but she found that she enjoyed the flavor, and his scent reassured her as she pressed against him. Unfortunately, her teeth were also sharper than normal, and one drew blood as it snagged on his lower lip. She hastily backpedaled before temptation could strike.

Al rubbed at his lip. “That could have gone worse,” he told her. “Now, let me take the collar off you and stand back. I want to see if you can control yourself at full strength.”

“Are you crathy? If I hurt you . . .”

“If you charge at me, I can put you to sleep before you reach me. You’ll probably crash into the wall, but nobody ever said therapy didn’t hurt.”

She attempted a melodramatic sigh. “Go ahead.”

She took the time to retract her claws and remove her clothes before she changed. She’d been naked before him often enough, and she had no desire to rip such an expensive dress. She moved the armlet slightly to compensate for increased muscle mass, and once he’d removed the collar, she called upon the change.

He looked her up and down (mostly up; bloodthirsty beasts don’t know enough physics to care about conservation of mass.) “I’ve never seen you hold still in this form before. You look like a cross between a dog and a cat.” At that point, he remembered that he was supposed to be evaluating her mind rather than her body. “You doing all right so far?”

She couldn’t respond very well without lips, so she just gave an obedient whuff. Actually, she was doing far better than fine–she could smell his blood stronger than ever, but she wasn’t having control problems at all. I wonder . . .

“I’m thinking we’ve done enough for today. We can try some more tomorr–”

She interrupted with the most plaintive whine she could produce.

“We’re better off not rushing this. Neither of us want to get burned–or clawed, as the case may be.”

Like Hell you do. The smell of blood was far too strong–he’d properly simulated its nature, but not its quantity. She approached him slowly, arms out in a nonthreatening gesture, and sure enough, it stayed constant with distance. You put me to sleep for this “therapy,” didn’t you? I wonder how much of this was a dream?

“I guess if you really want to–mmph!” She lifted him off his feet, pressing his face into her breasts, and she didn’t let him go until they were both in the bedroom. He’d explained her pathology to her more than once–when she was frightened, she turned into the beast, because the beast wasn’t frightened of anything. Now she was the beast, and the beast was her, and even if it was just a dream, she wanted to be touched while the feeling lasted.

He seemed a little dazed at first. “This is furrier than I thought our first time would be, but you seem like you’re still in control. If this is what you want . . .” A lewd gesture demonstrated that this was in fact what she wanted, and he removed his clothes just in time before she would have torn them off him. You may be littler than me, she thought, but you dream big in at least one department. Score! She bent double to take it in her mouth . . .

“Yeouch! Cat tongue!”

Well, her claws were even worse-suited for the job, and her tail was too stubby to be of any use. She flopped back on the bed, face up and legs spread. I am a beast, she thought, savage and monstrous, and I know how to skip to the important part of things.

Her hymen had torn in some long-ago incident, and her overtaxed body hadn’t ovulated in years. His entry to her entry was a simple affair. This is ridiculous, she thought, watching him bob between her legs, but it feels pretty nice. I could get use to this– His upwards-reaching hands finally found her breasts, human and charmingly squeezable under a thin layer of fur. Wow. I could really get used to this.

She came slightly after he did, yowling with pleasure, and the wondrous scent of their union threatened to overwhelm her. They lay motionless together, happy in the moment, and his only response as she shrank in on herself was to kiss her when her lips came within reach.

“How much of this was real?” she asked when she was human again.

“Uh, what?” he replied, already beginning to panic.

“There’s no need to lie. I can’t be angry with someone who’s filling me up so nicely. Our marriage–was that a dream too?”

“It was what I wished our marriage could be like. What it would be like in a better world.”

“How about our courtship? Was that a dream?”

“We couldn’t love each other in reality. Too many things stand in the way.”

“Do I even know you?”

“No, not yet.” Al seemed to be trying to sink into the ground, but of course, this only pressed him closer to her. “Listen, everything about the Five, that’s true, and everything about you as well. I was the only lie in it.”

“I figured that much. But you owe me another lay. In real life this time.”

“What? But–why–”

“Did you really think you could cure me in one dream? I’ve got maybe three minutes before I start flipping out again about being touched. But I do think you helped me a bit, and I’d like you to do it again.”

“. . . Thank you.”

“You know, Al, this could be the beginning of something beautiful.” She smiled wickedly. “Or it could be the beginning of something really, really fucked-up. I can’t think of a worse thing to do with dream powers than sex under false pretenses, but it was at least good sex under false pretenses.”

Rather than respond to that, he simply vanished, leaving her alone with the smell of sex and fulfillment.

– — – –

“Can’t think of a worse thing to do, can you?” he asked, looking at the smile on her dreaming face. “I’m sorry. I wish there was a place for us somewhere.”

So long as she was happy in the world of her dream, she’d never struggle against it hard enough to wake up. It was a simple matter to adjust her memory of what had happened, wiping the slate clean.

Julie‘s coming along nicely, he thought, casting his gaze to shapely breasts and luscious lips. Just two more brides, and the Crimson Five will cease to be.

Chapter 4: The Runner

She doesn’t recognize the man who’s waiting at her front door. “Good afternoon. My name’s Lucas. You’re Claire, aren’t you?”

“Congratulations. You got my name right. That’s better than most of the newsmen. Is this about my abilities?”

“Well, possibly. I’m not exactly sure what your abilities are–”

Before he can finish his sentence, she’s already behind him. “I’m fast. Really fast.” She smiles in a mockery of sweetness as he turns and gapes. “I think of it as the power to not waste time. I’m sick of talking to reporters, so please go away.” She opens the door to go inside . . .

“I’m not a reporter, Claire. Listen, I have abilities too. I’ve used them on behalf of the police for the past year, and they’re thinking of making a task force–”

She lets the door swing closed. “You want me to be a superhero?”

He flounders. “Well, not exactly. We’ll be more like a police auxiliary, called in to deal with situations they can’t handle. We probably won’t be stopping bank robberies–I’m the only one of us so far who can block bullets–”

“I’ll do it. I’ve been waiting for this for years.”

“I trust I don’t need to warn you that this will be dangerous–”

She knows she ought to let him finish a sentence, but she’s too excited to do so. “Everyone marches slowly towards death. What matters is that we use the time we’re given. A life of heroism, even if short, counts for more than a life wasted in inactivity.”

He gives her a weird look. “How very morbid.”

– — – –

The statue returned to awareness once more in the presence of her sculptor.

She only thought clearly when he was around–when he left the workshop, her mind dissolved into a froth. She’d been able to see him once he’d carved her eyes, but she could not move to ask him the questions she wondered–things like How can I think? or Why do I dream? or Why do I know about things I’ve never seen? Still, she knew that she loved the grey-eyed man who’d given her shape, and she hoped that in some way, he loved her as well.

He’d long since finished the rough work, and the outline of her body was clearly apparent. Today’s job was the last of the sanding, revealing the femininity that belied her granite construction. When he was finished, she would be the perfect ornament for a garden walkway.

She would never tell him so, even if she could, but she enjoyed the way it felt to be stripped of surface imperfections. She was no fragile marble girl, to shatter at a harsh touch! As he worked his way down her legs, she remembered the hard days of labor that had given her eyes and ears, arms and fingers, and, yes, even breasts and vulva (the latter not quite hidden by her hand.) She thought of the shock of intimacy the day when, slightly drunk, he’d kissed her lips, his warm flesh against her cold stone. Above all, one thought hung in her mind: For him, I’ll be the best statue I can be.

Within a few hours’ time, she was perfect down to her toes, standing nude upon a plinth shaped like a tree stump. “Praxiteles himself couldn’t have carved you better,” the sculptor told her. “I almost hate to sell you, but you’ll fetch a fine price.”

If she could have, she might have vomited, messily soiling her carved perfection. Or perhaps she would have screamed, combining shock with rage in equal measure. She might simply have leapt from her plinth and wrapped her arms around him, crying and begging him to please, please, not give her to some rich stranger. She cursed her immobility as she merely stood and watched him walk away.

When he was gone from the workshop, her thoughts dissolved once more, but a thudding impact jarred her to her senses. She’d fallen forward from the plinth, and her head was filled with a sensation she dimly recognized as pain.

She stood on legs of flesh and bone, and stared at hands that moved under her control. From somewhere in the depths of her memory, a word came to her: Galatea.

She knew it wasn’t her real name. She had the vague sense that it wasn’t even close. But it was the only name she could remember, and she repeated it to herself as she crept from the workshop, speaking quietly so that her dear sculptor would not hear her.

– — – –

She made it three blocks, walking through city alleys at nighttime. “Well hello, little lady,” the strange man said, all but licking his lips as he and his three friends looked her over. “Did you swim in the river, and did someone steal all your clothes?”

“Leave me alone,” she told him, “or else tell me where I can find shelter. I can’t go back.”

“I know just how a sweet little thing like you could earn some money,” he said. She turned to run, but his friends were far faster, and she found herself rudely immobilized. By the time her mind could protest the impossibility, they had her down on the ground.

They took turns, and when they were done, they tossed a twenty-dollar-bill on her body. She ripped it in half once she’d regained enough presence of mind to notice it.

– — – –

The sculptor didn’t seem at all surprised to see her at his front door, bruised, bloodied, and dirtied. “You see now what the world is like, don’t you?” he asked. “Every friendly face is just waiting to betray you.”

“I’m not . . .” She struggled with the words. “I’m not pure anymore. Not the way you carved me.”

“It’s all right,” he told her. “All can be forgiven.” He led her back into the workshop, and motioned her to the plinth.

No sooner had she taken her position than she felt the change. It was less sudden this time, just a little tingle in her feet that left them hard and immobile. She looked down to see granite colored like flesh, almost as real as life, but she looked up again hastily–it was important to maintain the proper position.

The change crept up her legs, and between them, clearing away blood and other fluid. She found herself laughing at the feeling, and the sculptor smiled to see her mirth.

“Get up here,” she told him, while she could still speak. “This is too good not to share.”

He was clearly caught off guard. “I’m sorry, but I still have things I must do.”

“Things more important than me? It’ll be wonderful, I promise.” The sensation reached her breasts, and she barely kept her focus. “We’ll kiss forever in each other’s arms. When someone finds us, they’ll put us in a museum, and everyone who passes by will know what true love is. Hurry up–there’s not much time left.”

“I love you, but I can’t stay with you forever. Life doesn’t work that way. I’ll keep you as long as I can.”

The hardening of her lips prevented her response. He watched her until her eyes stopped moving, and then he turned to go.

She leapt from the plinth, slamming him against the wall.

“What? But–how–”

A granite fist split open his cheek. “You just want a statue!” she screamed. “You don’t really care about me! You’re just like those men!”

“Please, calm down–”

She hit him again and again, and the whole world shifted.

– — – –

“Sleep!” the grey-eyed man choked out, and hard fingers let go of his neck as Claire collapsed into another nightmare. It wouldn’t keep her down for long, but it would give him enough time to think.

You made me bleed, bitch! he thought, putting a hand to his face. You’re going to suffer for this.

He dragged her body next to Lucas’s. I’ll have you two share this dream. Quick and dirty, and not even you’ll be able to escape it.

Chapter 5: The Defender

“You ever wonder why supers don’t get married?”

“Don’t distract me, Sandra. This is important.” They’re just offstage at a political rally, and Lucas is in charge of protecting the keynote speaker. Neither is particularly happy to have to listen to him drone on, but Lucas believes in the importance of appearing professional.

“Pfft. You could do this in your sleep. You were daydreaming about Claire again, weren’t you?”

“I’m still trying to figure her out. It’s like she’s always happy and sad at the same time.”

“It really makes me think. Most folks marry by thirty, right? You’re thirty-three, but you look young for your age, and you’d have a shot with her if you tried. Yet you can’t even tell her you like her. Margaret’s probably never getting married. I’m probably never getting married. Julian’s marriage lasted six months before he got divorced. What gives? Are we all that fucked up?”

He winces to hear Sandra swear, but he’s long since given up telling her to stop. “Maybe it’s a matter of society. A lot of normal people are still scared of what we can do, and dating other supers brings up even bigger issues.”

“Those artificial supers in the leaked docs a few months ago were ordinary folks with families, and I hear some of those cultists who claim they get powers from meditation marry each other. It’s only us naturals who die single. Look at how many issues we each have, and it becomes chicken versus egg–are we this crazy because we’re supers, or are we supers because we’re this crazy?”

A bullet deflects off the invisible shield Lucas has placed over the speaker, and the crowd descends into chaos. Both of them know that now is not the time to talk.

Both of them know that when the crisis is over, he’ll think about her words for a very long time.

– — – –

<Sandra hasn’t noticed you yet,> the voice said.

My second submission I would love to get feedback. If you are underage or this is illegal where you are from, why are you on this site?

Jared looked nervously about as he opened the plain red door and stepped inside. He had never been here before but heard that this brothel catered to his kinky desires. Jared was a submissive and a bit of a masochist. He walked up to the counter, took a deep breath and rang the bell.

A tall busty blonde sashayed to the counter. Jared stammered out “hello” She smiled back and asked what she could do for him. Jared said he was interested in a BDSM session. She pushed a button a buzzer sounded and Jared opened the inner door. “Follow me” she said.

She led him down a dark hallway and opened a door. Jared entered. The room had a couch, a refrigerator and a coffee table under a pool of light. The madam looked him over; Jared was five foot ten, with a slender build, green eyes and red hair. She asked him to sit down. Once they were both seated. “Tell me what you would like in a BDSM session” She said as she looked into his green eyes.

Jared couldn’t meet her gaze as he replied “I want to be treated like a bitch by a dominant woman. I want to be tied up and feminized and then fucked just like a woman.” This had been Jared’s fantasy since he was a little kid. When Jared masturbated he always saw himself as the female.

The madam replied with a smirk. “I have just the woman for you. This won’t be inexpensive. It will be your wildest fantasy fulfilled however. “

As Jared paid the madam she clapped her hands and the lights in the room turned up. As Jared looked around he saw a pair of stocks, Saint Andrews Cross, spanking horse, full medical exam table with stirrups and a metal cage. On one wall hung all kinds of whips, strap-ons, humblers and speculums.

The madam told him to remove his clothes and step over to the cross. Jared complied with a bit of hesitation. The madam told him that she would not hurt him as cuffed his ankles and wrists. She said “I won’t hurt you, that is Mistress Becky’s job” With that she stepped away from him and the lights in the room went out.

Jared did not know how long he hung on the cross. It was dark and there were no lights. He was starting get nervous. He didn’t know what he had got himself into. Finally he heard the door open. A woman stepped into the room. She stood in a circle of light that followed her as she walked towards Jared. She was absolutely beautiful. She was dressed in a sparkling red dress and wore a matching red sparkling witch’s hat. The dress hugged her curves and showed a lot of cleavage. The way she walked was pure eroticism in motion. She got close to him and looked him up and down. Jared felt his cock rise to the occasion. She looked down at it and smiled. Then Becky said “You will do nicely. So you want to be the bitch and then get fucked like one?”

Jared started to say yes but his voice betrayed him and it came out as a croak. “That will do.” She said. She spun in a circle and said “Did you know I am a witch? You just gave your permission”

“Permission to do what?” Jared asked

“Why permission to be turned into a bitch and then fucked mercilessly” She replied. “Now enough talk, time to get started. I bet you thought witches had green skin, warts and black clothes?” Jared nodded. “Not all of us. Some of us are erotic witches who just happen to own brothels. We are always on the hunt for new talent. It is not often that the new talent searches us out.”

Jared was clearly confused. His heart rate was off the charts along with his blood pressure. “Enough of that.” Witch Becky said as she passed a hand over his face. Jared’s pulse smoothed out and his blood pressure came down. “I am only going to do what you requested. Besides, look at yourself. You are obviously excited.”

Becky reached down and caressed his throbbing cock. Jared felt her soft hands stroke him but then felt himself go numb. He looked down and where his manhood used to reside was a bright yellow banana and a pair of red cherries. She grasped the Banana and pulled. Jared felt a tugging and then a sharp pain as the banana parted from his crotch. Becky smiled stepped back and slowly peeled the banana. She held it up to him and said “Eat it”

Jared took a bite chewed and then another, soon the banana was gone. Becky then plucked both cherries from him. She placed them in his open mouth. Jared chewed and swallowed. She smiled again and said “much better. Bitches do not have cocks and balls”

Jared was shocked as he looked at his smooth crotch. Becky reached out and with her long red fingernail reached between his legs. He felt the nail just forward of his butt hole. She shoved the nail into his perineum and pulled forward. It burned and hurt like he was being cut with a knife. Jared screamed. She smiled at him and said “that was the worst part. You did fine.” Tears rolled down Jared cheeks.

Becky walked to the refrigerator. She opened the door and bent over. Somehow her heart shaped bottom no longer had any effect on Jared. She dug in the refrigerator, placing things in a small basket. She walked back and placed the basket out of Jared’s sight. When she came back she was holding two chicken eggs. Becky said “I can’t create, I can only modify. The closer something is to what I want it to be. the easier it is to do. “

Becky took the two eggs and one at a time pressed them into the slit she had cut with her fingernail. The eggs were cold and Jared could feel them move up into his abdomen. They slowly attained body temperature. She pulled out an olive and placed it at the top of his new slit. Cold at first it warmed up much faster. Before Becky released it, she gave it a little squeeze. Jared felt an electric jolt go through his body. Becky smiled at Jared.

She reached into the basket and pulled out two large cantaloupes. She smiled at Jared again and placed them on his chest. As she held them in place Jared watched them turn to skin and blend in with his fair skin. Once again she reached into the basket and came out with a pair of cherries. These she placed on Jared’s big jugs.

“Now for the rest of the details” Becky purred. She took her hands and placed them on Jared’s head. “Male pattern baldness will never do.” Jared felt hair on his shoulders. She passed her hands over his face and then worked her way down to his feet. Jared felt more of his body weight on his wrists as his feet left the floor. His waist narrowed and hips flared.

Witch Becky looked at him and said, “Jared is not a proper name for someone who looks like you. How does Julie sound? I think Julie will do nicely. You have had a big day. Go to sleep little girl” Julie passed her hands over his eyes and Julie fell into a deep sleep.

The room was dark when Julie woke up. She no longer hung on the cross. Instead she was strapped over a padded horse. In a position that could best be described as doggy style. The door opened and Becky walked back in. She picked up her basket and set it in front Julie. “Are you feeling better now?” Becky asked.

Julie said “yes. What did you do to me?”

Becky replied “I did what you asked. I turned you into a bitch. A hot little bitch, which men will pay to use and abuse. Before that can happen, I need to help you finish off your fantasy. That was to be fucked like a bitch, right”

Julie started to reply; Becky just said “shush. I will show you what you use that mouth for. Strap-ons are boring. They are also cold and they don’t shoot the nice thick cum you adore. So I need to do some modifications to myself.”

She then pulled off her dress and stepped out of her panties. She stood before Julie in all her naked glory. It had no effect on Julie. Becky reached into her basket and pulled out a twelve inch long summer sausage. She placed this on her pussy. Julie watched as it turned into a huge erect cock. Then Becky took out two oranges. These she placed under the base. They turned into big set of low hanging balls. The massive cock started drooling pre-cum.

Julie felt her pussy start to warm and get wet. Becky watched her reaction and smiled. She looked down at Julie and said “You know what to do” Julie couldn’t touch the cock restrained as she was. She craned her neck and licked it from balls to tip. Julie ran her tongue around the head. Then opened her mouth and slid her mouth down the rigid shaft.

Becky cooed “that is nice. Make it a nice wet sloppy blow job. You can’t get all the way down can you? Not strapped in like you are. Let me help.” With that Becky grabbed Julie’s head.” She slowly started fucking her face. With each thrust the massive meat slid farther in. Finally Witch Becky ended up with her low hanging balls against Julie’s chin.

Julie had fantasized many times about sucking a big meaty cock. She could not however believe her body’s reaction to it. She could feel her pussy drooling. Her clit was throbbing. Unbelievably she was breathing just fine. Witch Becky was really fucking her face and moaning louder and louder. The cock started to pulse. Becky pulled back so she could deposit her load on Julies tongue. Julie tasted the salty creamy load and started swallowing as fast as she could.

All of a sudden Julie’s body started to tremble. Her pussy was convulsing and she was in the throes of a whole body orgasm. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She felt her pussy gush. She was a squirter. Julie passed out.

Five minutes later she was awake again. She felt hands on her ass and a tongue running along her slit. Julie let out a low moan. She was getting wet and her pussy felt hot. Julie felt Becky’s hands move and sensed Becky standing up. Becky leaned over and Julie felt her hot breath in her ear. “This is going to hurt. Every girl goes through this when they become women. I will try to be quick”

Julie felt Becky’s man meat sliding up and down her slit. It was probing her new hole. It would ease in and stretch her a little then pull back. After several thrusts she felt the head all the way in her hole. Becky was telling her to relax. As Julie breathed out, Becky thrust forward and buried the massive cock to the hilt. Julie screamed as Becky’s missile tore through her brand new hymen.

Julie felt the pain slowly going ebbing away as a tear rolled down her cheek. Becky reached around cupping Julie’s big titties in her hands and tweaking her nipples. Becky cooed in Julie’s ear, “Just relax, I won’t do anything more until you are ready”. Finally Julie nodded her head. Becky started stroking her big tool in an out. Julie felt her new cunt getting wet. Then her pussy started to convulse. Clamping down on the cock and causing Becky to moan. Her orgasm started as a tingle in her clit and then turned into a tsunami rolling through her body.

Julie’s clenching hot wet pussy was doing its job on Becky and she couldn’t hold on any longer. Becky filled Julie’s pussy with hot cum. Julie felt the cock pulse and the hot man juice filling her up. Her orgasm was still coming in like the tide. She was moaning and panting. Her pussy was squirting. She was seeing stars.

As Julie was coming back to reality, Becky was stroking her back. “Well there is one thing left. Let me get out the lube. Becky squeezed the lube out into Julie’s ass crack. She started working the lube into Julie’s tiny butt hole. Julie winced as two fingers slid up her ass. Then Becky poured the lube all over her big dick. Then she pushed it against Julie’s rosebud. Julie tried to relax as the massive invader stretched her. Unfortunately no one can relax that much.

With a final push the head popped in. Julie gasped as it slid further up her virgin poop chute. Finally Julie felt Becky’s massive balls hitting her pussy lips. In and out Becky sawed her meat back and forth. Julie felt like she was being impaled by a telephone pole. Then her pussy started leaking again. The orgasm washed over her. Becky had cum twice already. She really pounded Julie’s tiny ass. Then she felt her cum boiling in her big balls. Julie felt her ass expand as Becky emptied her load in her ass. Finally Becky’s cock went soft. Julie felt the rapidly deflating cock slither out of her greasy ass.

Julie laid there on the horse still strapped down. She felt Becky’s cum dribbling out of her pussy and ass and little mini orgasms still quaking within her. Becky said. So how did you like getting fucked like a bitch? Was it everything you hoped for?”

Julie thought about it. “It was so much better, than my fantasies. Can I stay like this?”

Becky replied there is only one way. “You have to stay here and work as one of my girls. You will get fucked every day by multiple guys. You will be tied down and whipped. You will be a bitch forever.

Julie smiled and asked, “When do I start?”

My two best friends and I were walking through the mall, as we did most Saturdays. We lived in a pretty small town, so this was the closest thing we had to entertainment outside the house. We passed through the women’s clothing stores, taking a shortcut to get to our favorite food stand. After ordering, we sat down in the corner of the hall, minding our business.

That’s just the type of people we were, and for that matter, our entire town. Greg sat on my left and Mark sat across from me as I watched them each devour a foot-long. I, on the other hand, was working my way through a salad. Mark had good reason to be hungry, though, because he had had football practice earlier, and you’d expect the captain to get quite a workout. Mark was one of the best receivers for the team, as he was tall, fast, and ripped. Mark was probably the toughest guy in our school, in fact, and could get any girl he wanted, which has always made me wonder why he hung around with Greg and me. Greg and I weren’t horrible people, we just weren’t his build. Correction, I wasn’t. Greg was much taller than me as well, and he worked out occasionally, he just wasn’t Mark. I didn’t consider myself gay, but Mark and Greg just had bodies that you noticed. They had fabulous abs and chests, and were both generally pretty large below the belt. I’ve been forced to shower with them after gym and I’ll admit I’ve snuck a peek, but only for comparison and curiosity. I, in contrast, was short, skinny, and slightly feminine. No one has ever said anything to me directly, but I knew that my hips were curvier than most men’s, and my chest seemed to be a little heavier for some reason. I’d never said anything about it, and I’d done a pretty good job of covering it up.

We wandered through the mall a little more, then sat down on a bench facing another women’s clothing store.

“There is absolutely nothing to do any more, we’ve done it all” sighed Mark.

“We need to get out of this town before it drives us insane,” I added. We sat there for a few more minutes, with apathetic faces.

“Hey, look at her,” Greg said, pointing to a poster of a model posing in one of the clothing stores. “She looks like Ethan!”

“Shut the hell up,” I said, mildly insulted, as she was a pretty hot model.

“Yeah, you’re kinda right!” exclaimed Mark. “Ethan’s even got girly hips just like hers.” I realized now that maybe they weren’t so unnoticeable.

“They’ve got the same hair, too!” Greg was really starting to believe in this. To be honest, though, my hair was quite long for a boy, blonde and curly like a girl’s, but that had happened naturally. “Hey, look, they even have that outfit in the store. Mark, do you think we sh…”

“No!” I interrupted Greg before he said anything stupid. “I can see where you’re going with this and it’s not going to happen.” I was a pretty straight guy, I had never thought about getting dressed up in women’s attire. The whole thing seemed crazy to me. Then again, I had had some sexual fantasies involving guys with their dicks out, but that’s normal, right?

“Yes, Greg, that’s exactly what I was thinking,” Mark said with a sly grin on his face.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, because I’m not doing it. That’d be so gay!”

“No, it would just be an experiment, to see if you’re a woman!” Mark joked a lot about me being smaller than the two of them, but this went too far.

“No, that’s ridiculous,” I said, but the two men were already on their feet, and all three of us knew that I wouldn’t be a heavy burden to carry into the store, so to save some face, I helped myself up and made my way over, with no other choice. I lost all free will whenever the two of them walked on either side of me. Mark even put his hand on my shoulder letting me know that he was in control. I felt like I was becoming their toy.

“You go stand near the changing room, I’m going to find the outfit for you,” Greg said, a little more excitedly than I thought he should be. “God, this will be too good!”

Once they had found what they needed, they forced me into the changing rooms with the clothes on my arm.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” I scream-whispered. “Lingerie? What do I need this for?” I said as I held a bra and panties in either hand.

“It’s to complete the effect. Just put on the clothes, show us, then we’ll be done. You’re the only one making this last longer than it has to,” Mark called out from the other side of the changing room. I figured he was right so I stripped down and put on the clothes. First, I slipped on the white nylon panties with the lace trim. They actually felt really comfortable, and wearing them almost felt natural to me. I moved around in them and smiled to myself as I felt the soft material rub against my skin. After, I put on the skinny jeans, which actually happened to accent my curves quite well. Then, I slipped on the white lace bra, one the matched the panties. B-cups, I noticed, almost appropriate for me, as I felt my breasts being lifted up and sustained by the bra. Lastly, I put on the red silk blouse. It was so wonderful to feel this soft material all over my chest. I even hugged the blouse, not realizing what I was doing. Then, when I noticed, I almost disciplined myself, telling myself it was wrong. But if it was, why did I feel good doing it?

“Almost done?” chuckled Mark. I heard Greg laughing to himself too on the other side of the curtain.

“Yeah, I’ll be right out,” I said in a feminine way. Why did I say that? I was still mad at them, but I calmly agreed to show myself for them.

I stepped out of the changing room and their jaws dropped. In front of them now stood a hot blonde teenager. She had great curves and a decent rack. I put my hand on my hip and posed for them, then did a little spin so they could see the full package. What did I just do? I thought to myself. I was dumbfounded at myself for actually enjoying this. But the boys loved it.

“Wow, Ethan,” Mark said, with his jaw still hanging down. “You don’t look anything like the model. You’re way hotter, dude.”

“Yeah,” Greg agreed. “You look like a regular girl!”

“Really? You think so?” I started to blush. What was happening? “Can I just get my clothes back now?” I said, trying to regain my masculinity. Then, Greg and Mark stepped into action. Mark grabbed my arms and held me back while Greg took my regular clothes from me and shoved them in his bag. Fortunately though, my phone fell out. Then, the two of them ran off, leaving me dressed in the store clothes, with nothing to change back into. I didn’t want to scream, or that would draw attention to me, which was one of the last things I needed. I stood them, with my jaw mimicking theirs from a minute ago. I had absolutely no idea what to do.

Then, I turned to look at the mirror on the wall. I really enjoyed what I saw. Even I started to believe it was a girl staring back at me. I pulled another pose and smiled at my reflection, and the girl smiled back. It felt so natural to be dressed like this; I was starting to enjoy it and if given the chance, wouldn’t change into my boy clothes just yet.

Then I started to think about what was happening. Here I was, trying on outfits in a women’s clothes store, and having fun with it. I think I even let Greg take my clothes away. I hadn’t protested all that hard when Mark was trying to restrain me. In fact, I actually liked the male attention I was getting when Mark held me and the way his big hands felt on my arms. With that thought, I started to question my sexuality. Were those really innocent glances at their cocks in the shower?

I sat down back in the changing room, seriously questioning myself, when I heard my phone ring.


“Hey Ethan, enjoying your new outfit? Mark and I both had a feeling you would love it.” It was Greg.

“What the hell is wrong with you two? What am I supposed to do now?” I snapped back into my usual male persona.

“Please calm down, act more ladylike,” Greg chuckled. “I thought ahead so there’s no need to worry. The clothes are already paid for, so you can just leave like that, any time you want.”

What was going on? What did they want from me? Here I was, a straight high-school guy, dressed in women’s clothes, about to walk out into the public pretending to be a girl. This couldn’t get any crazier. Occasionally I had to refer to myself as a guy in drag. This would have been reassuring if I had actually been able to convince myself I was telling the truth.

I eventually gathered enough courage, put on a pair of black ballerina shoes that were also paid for, and walked out. As I passed by people, I gave my best feminine smile and nodded at them. They smiled and nodded back. I even got a few men to watch me leave! I couldn’t believe I was actually pulling this off.

I suddenly felt like I mattered. Being the smallest of our trio, I got nearly no sexual attention. Whenever we went out to find girls, it felt like I would always be pushed to the side so the girls would have a better view of Mark or Greg. But now, I felt like I had the power. My frame wasn’t meant for a guy, and it showed. The men who watched me leave obviously liked what they saw, and it felt good to have someone think about you like that.

Once I got out of the store, I was suddenly aware that I had no idea where I was going. To avoid looking stupid, I just kept walking straight, and started to wonder around the mall. I pulled out my phone and called Greg, but there was no answer. Once I hung up, I was about to put my phone away when I got a text. I looked at my phone and opened it. The message read, “How’s your little outing going? You seem to be quite comfortable dressed as the opposite sex ;) . I’ll call you when I feel I want to give you back your normal clothes. P.S. We can see you!” It was from Greg, and he was taunting me. All I wanted was to get out of these clothes and away from the public. But not just yet, I needed a little more time being appreciated by the opposite sex. I mean same sex. I don’t want appreciation from the same sex, I thought. Again I had referred to myself as an actual girl. These changes in how I thought of myself were starting to happen way too often, and I didn’t even catch all of them because of how natural it felt.

Realizing the guys were watching, I quickly spun around and looked for any sign of them, but I couldn’t find them. Since I had nowhere to go, I decided to sit down at a café.

I gave my order for some tea, and then went back to anticipating the phone call. I hadn’t done it consciously, but I had just pulled off a perfect female voice, and the waitress didn’t notice a thing. Perhaps I was quite a natural at this. Suddenly, I remembered my wallet was with Greg, and I had no way to pay for my drink. I was nervously anticipating the waitress to come back with my tea, knowing I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

“Here you are, Miss.” She had called me Miss! Secretly I was ecstatic. I felt so accepted all of a sudden, but then I remembered my situation.

“I’m so sorry, but I think I’ve forgot my wallet,” I pleaded.

“I can’t serve you if you don’t pay.”

“Please, just one drink, I’ll pay double next time!”

“Sorry Miss, but you need to pay for it now.”

“But I… “

“I can pay for it,” said a voice that was sort of familiar, “as long as you stop harassing this pretty girl for her money.” I turned my head, only to see Ken, a guy from my school. He sat two rows in front of me in history but other than that, we had never seen or talked to each other before. To be honest, I was flattered that he had offered to pay, and that he had called me pretty. “Do you mind if I take a seat here?”

“Sure,” I answered, smiling and blushing as I did.

“You have a very familiar face.” I started to panic; I thought my life would end there. “What’s your name?”

Shit, I hadn’t thought this far ahead. What was I going to do? If I stuttered he would get suspicious, and I was thinking of any name quickly. “Alice,” I said, lightly relieved I was able to come up with a fake name.

“Just Alice?”

“No.” I tried to laugh it off. “Alice Johnson.” Damn, that was probably the fakest name he’d ever heard. I was almost sure he would expose me right then and there, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I didn’t even think he was paying attention. He was staring at right at my chest. It didn’t even bother him that it was obvious. After a few seconds, he snapped out of it and looked at me looking at him; he could tell I wasn’t too happy about that. Was this what it was like for women every day? Did I do that? Wait, why did I care if he was looking? I’d got nothing to hide, I reminded myself. I found myself having to try to remember that I was a guy; I had gotten pretty much into my new role, and I had noticed that I got some pretty positive feedback from some of the guys while walking through the mall.

“Nice to meet you, Alice, I’m Kenny Ronnard. I recognize your face but I’ve never heard that name before. Do you live around here?”

“No, I live upstate.”

“Of course, none of the girls here are that pretty. Then how come I recognize you?”

I knew that this was so wrong, but I flirted back. “Thanks, we don’t have cute guys like you where I’m from either.” What did I just say? I was a straight guy on the wrong end of a prank. This was getting out of hand, but it was just getting interesting. We chatted for a while, and he kept flirting with me the whole time. I meant it when I said he was cute, and I could feel there was something between us. We talked and laugh for some time, until his phone rang. After he answered it, he put his coat on.

“Sorry, but I have to go now. I really wish we could do this again some time. Do you think I could get your number?” What was I going to do, give him my real number? What if he already had my number? Then I’d be completely exposed. I was enjoying my time with him, and to be honest, I was pretty upset when he told me he had to go.

“Sure, I’ll put it in your phone.” He handed his phone to me and I went right to my own name. Luckily, he didn’t have my number so I put my real one in. “There you go,” I said smiling “Call me.”

“Of course” he said, as he left the café. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, and had no vision for the future, or what might happen if one of his friends had my number, or if my phone went off next to him when he wanted to text Alice. I was too happy to think about anything else. I just wanted to be accepted as a girl, and maybe even get a boyfriend. Girlfriend! Dammit, what was going on?

A couple minutes after I finished my drink, I got a call from Greg. About time, I thought to myself.

“Enjoyed your day at the mall?”

“No, where the hell are my clothes? You assholes just left me with nothing to change into!” Again, I had to abruptly switch genders.

“Don’t you realize that was kinda the point?” Greg said. Obviously I did, but I was still too furious at them.

“Just give me my clothes back now!”

“Why? You seem to be having a good time, remember we can see you.” My face went white, they had seen me flirting with Ken just then, and who had even touched my leg under the table. I wonder if they had seen that too.

“Nothing happened, we just talked” I sounded like a girl talking to her father.

“Hey, I’m not mad; you can do whatever you want. We’re not your parents.”

“Well, what I want to do is go home and change.”

“Sure, we’re on our way to the parking lot, and we have your clothes with us. Meet us there in less than ten minutes and we’ll give you back your clothes.” The parking lot they were talking about was quite a walk, and the time window they gave me wasn’t very large. I would have to walk straight through the mall, in plain sight. The halls were very open with little to hide behind, but I guessed Greg had planned it like that.

Worrying about what might happen wasn’t going to help, so I decided to just go. As soon as I left, my heart started beating ten times faster. There were a few guys watching me from behind, their stares were heavy. I felt myself slip back into a more feminine role. I swayed my hips and kept my head up. I knew they would like that. I continued like this all the way to the car, catching a few double takers on the way

When I finally got there, I saw Greg and Mark smiling from ear to ear.

“How was your date?”

“Just shut up and give me back my clothes now. You’ve had your fun, now we’re done.”

“Ah, c’mon Alice.” Greg said. They both laughed. “Look at the way you’re walking, dude. You’re a real girl, I’m telling you!”

“Goddammit, that’s not funny. So what was I supposed to say? Ethan?”

“Fair enough, here are your clothes.” They handed them to me, but for some reason I didn’t really want to take them. I held them in my hands almost with a look of disgust.

“Um, I think I’ll change at home.”

“You want to wear those clothes a little longer? Maybe we did you a favor,” said Mark, quite fascinated with this discovery.

“Shut up, it’s just because I don’t know what bathroom I could use.”

“Yeah, right.” I’ll admit that was a pretty lame excuse, but I really wanted to keep wearing these clothes for just a little bit longer. .

The drive home was a little awkward, as three guys had left for the mall, and two were coming back with some blonde they had found. I didn’t mind, I was still admiring the fabric of the blouse and the tight jeans that just hugged my curves. I could see Mark was checking me out in the rearview mirror. If I hadn’t known any better, I’d have thought he wanted me to stay dressed like that too.

When we finally pulled into Greg’s driveway, I sprinted from the door to the bathroom. I stripped down and was about to change when I noticed my underpants. They were almost soaked with my pre-cum! I hadn’t even ejaculated or gotten hard, but I had been leaking like a faucet. Impossible, I thought, I’m not gay! I don’t like this! But the proof was there.

I quickly changed back into my boy clothes before the guys even got into the house.

“Man, it feels good to be out of those weird girly clothes,” I said as I exhaled in relief, but the two of them weren’t convinced. I’m not sure I was convinced either.

“I don’t know, you seemed to enjoy it as a girl; I even started to forget it was you at the café,” said Mark.

“Yeah, it could have been any other girl,” added Greg.

“No,” said Mark, “She was too hot to be just any other girl; she was at least an eight!” I blushed at that, I couldn’t believe I would get anywhere close to an eight as a guy, but as a girl, I was beautiful.

“Enough jokes already, can we just order some pizza and forget about it?” I pleaded.

“Sounds good,” said Greg as he took out his phone. “I’ll get three large.”

Once Greg was on the phone, Mark pulled my arm towards him and whispered to me “I wasn’t joking, I genuinely thought you looked amazing, better than any girlfriend I’ve ever had. I just want you to know that.” With that, he let go of me and walked over to the kitchen. What did he mean by all that? I got that he thought I was hot, but comparing me with his girlfriends, did that mean he was thinking of me in a sexual way? Did he want to have sex with Alice or Ethan in drag? I was so confused.

We watched TV together while we waited for our food. Greg sat in an armchair and Mark and I slumped down on the couch together. I had a feeling he was staring at me, so I looked over, and sure enough, he was. What was with him? When I looked back again he was pulling on his pants, telling me his balls were all twisted. I could tell though from the bulge in his pants he was trying to hide an erection. Why would he get hard, though? We were watching the afternoon news: the weather girl hadn’t even come on yet.

The rest of the night went on as usual, we ate, talked, and played video games until we passed out somewhere on the floor. Except this night, I couldn’t fall asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about my outfit, and how it looked, so I got up and went to my bag. I took out the blouse and felt the silk in my hand; it felt lovely. I grabbed the panties, bra and jeans and got dressed up again, I just couldn’t help myself. I ran my hands down the sides of the blouse, and then down the jeans. I felt so feminine and started to pretend I was a real girl. A real girl needs makeup, I thought to myself. I found my way into Greg’s parents’ bedroom. I opened a drawer, revealing his mother’s makeup closet. Eyelash curlers, skin cream, powders, I was in over my head so I just went with the basics. I grabbed some blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. I applied each one carefully, and with each one complete, I looked more and more like an actual girl. The mascara and eye shadow really brought out my eyes, and when I looked back into the mirror, I saw a gorgeous blonde, with the most desirable face. The lipstick and blush only made it better. I played around with some facial expressions in front of the mirror, and then went downstairs to put the clothes away. But when I walked down the stairs, I saw Mark blocking my way.

“I knew you liked it,” said Mark, “You didn’t have to give that guy your real number, but you did. Your phone has been going off for a while, you know.”

There was no way of hiding it from Mark or from myself, I loved it. I put my head down in embarrassment.

Mark walked over to me until our bodies were inches apart.

“Is that makeup, Alice?”

He used my feminine name. He wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was actually his best friend. I preferred that he did though, it would ruin the moment if he didn’t.

“Yeah, I wanted to look a little prettier, is that a problem?” I said in the most innocent, flirtatious way I could.

“No, I quite like it. It really brings out the girl in you.”

“Thanks for noticing actually,” I said, smiling up at him.

“I’ve been noticing you a lot since this afternoon. Ever since you put on those clothes I’ve thought of you as someone else, like you’re a real girl, and a beautiful one at that.”

“That’s the point, I thought I’d try being a little girly for an afternoon, and it turns out I love it.”

“But that was just the tip of the iceberg today, honey.” Did he just call me honey? “There’s so much more to being a woman, like pleasing your man for example.” With that, he grabbed my arm and pulled me in close. Then our lips met, and it was amazing. I had never kissed a man before, but I’d realized now how much I have been missing out. I’d never felt this way kissing a girl before; Mark had something that none of them had had.

I put my arms around his neck and he grabbed my back as we pulled our bodies into each other. We held each other close together while embracing in a passionate kiss, and stayed like that for a minute or two. Mark started to move his hands down to my butt and caressed my cheeks. He was such a passionate lover. He moved his hands all around my backside, and I let him. I just started playing with his tongue every time it went into my mouth.

As this continued, we pushed harder and harder into each other. I felt his erection press up against my waist. I swear it felt a foot long through his pants. I rubbed up against him a few time then moved one of my hands down from his neck and started massaging his tool. I felt it through his boxer shorts, and then pulled them down with my other hand. I broke the kiss to admire it, as I tilted my head down. For the first time in my life, I was looking at an erect, veiny cock. It may have not been as big as I estimated before, but I would still probably need both hands to reach around it. I put one of my hands on it and slowly started jerking him off as we resumed kissing. His hands began to explore my chest, as he started unbuttoning my blouse. With each button, a little more of my chest and the white lace bra were revealed. After the front was completely open, he moved his hands onto my breasts. I was worried that he would be disappointed, but to my surprise, he said they were just perfect as he moved his mouth around my nipples. Mark started sucking gently on them, giving me an occasional gentle bite. I knew this shouldn’t turn me on, but for some reason my body was very responsive.

“Before we take off all our clothes, let’s move this to the bedroom,” Mark whispered to me.

“Sure, but which one?” I asked. We could have gone to the master bedroom, as Greg’s parents were out for the night, but we weren’t sure if they would come back. Then, there was Greg’s room, but we both knew that if we did it in there, he would catch us. Instead, we went to his sister’s room.

We walked hand in hand to her room, and as soon as Mark had the door closed, we embraced again. His sister had a reputation for being a little promiscuous, and even we knew at least a few guys that had been in this room before. Fortunately, though, this worked out well for us. I was looking for condoms around the room as I knew she would have some, when I stumbled along her lingerie drawer. In it was every naughty girl’s dream. Bra, panties, stockings, garter belts, handcuffs, and even a whip! I looked around some more and found matching bras, panties, stockings, and a garter belt. I pushed aside the whip and thought, “Maybe some other time.” Mark went to the bathroom during this, so I wanted to surprise him when he got back. I quickly pulled off everything I was wearing and put on the lingerie, complete with pair of black heels I found under the bed. I adjusted the bra and stockings a little then got on the bed and lay down in the sexiest pose I could pull off.

When he opened the door, his jaw fell. There, on his friends sister’s bed was a hot teen slut, waiting to get fucked. Also, he would be the one who got to take her virginity.

“Alice, wow, you look amazing,” said Mark, while stepping closer to me. “You are absolutely beautiful,” he said as he put something down on the bedside table.

“Thanks,” I smiled nervously, not knowing what to do next, but Mark did.

“We are going to have fun tonight,” he said, as he leaned in for another kiss. We sat on the edge of the bed together with our hands exploring each other’s bodies. Mark was clearly more experienced than I was, and went where he wanted to. I let him feel my breasts again, then my ass. He moving quite fast, and started to rub my thigh, slowly getting closer to my panties. Before he could get close enough to feel the wet spot I had created in panties, he moved his hand down again. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I was almost sure that Mark was trying to pretend he was with a real girl the whole time.

Then, Mark stood up and pulled off his pants and underwear, revealing his enormous cock. I gasped silently when I saw it; mine would be overshadowed by this thing!

“You know what I want,” Mark said with a grin on his face. I moved off the couch and onto my knees in front of him. There I was, face to face with his monster cock, and my lips only inches away from it.

Up until this afternoon, this situation would have sounded ridiculous and weird to me, but now, it felt like my fantasies had come true. Despite posing as a woman the whole day, sucking a dick felt like it would be my true induction into womanhood (or at least sissy hood). I grabbed the head and squeezed a little bit of pre-cum out the tip, then moved my head forward and licked it off. Now I knew there was no going back.

I savored the taste for a little, then wrapped both my lips around the head and started going down the shaft. At first, I only went down a couple of inches then pulled back up. I started jerking him every time I pulled my mouth off his dick, and then I would just squeeze tightly when I covered it with my lips again.

I made use of my tongue as well. Whenever Mark’s tool was inside my mouth, I would swirl my tongue around the head, then stick the tip of the tongue in his pisshole and try to get out as much pre-cum as I could. I think I started to develop an addiction.

I kept getting a little bit better at fitting him in my mouth, as I could get around 6 or 7 inches inside. Amazingly, though, this still wasn’t all of it. When Mark got fed up with my teasing pace, he grabbed my hair and shoved my face on his cock. He started thrusting his hips back and forth into my mouth, as I became a fuck toy. I acted as a rag doll would in this situation and let him take control. He then grabbed my hair with both his hands and got even more dominant with me. I loved to be used like this, and I loved his dominant attitude.

“C’mon, slut, suck it! You’re about to get a mouthful of cum, ready to swallow.”

“Uhhh,” was all I could get out after that. When he called me a slut, I swear I almost felt the panties rip apart to let my cock free. The name turned me on so much. I didn’t know it would, but I quickly realized that I loved it. After that, I chose to assume the role. I did want to pleasure Mark, and he was doing quite a good job of getting that out of me. I was hornier than ever with his dick in my mouth, so this was probably for the best. He was what I suppose most women look for in a lover, and I was getting the first-hand experience. I told myself that I was lucky to able to receive his cum. Ethan was gone now, Alice took over, and she was all woman, a submissive, slutty woman.

Mark started groaning, and then suddenly, I felt a hot stream of cum shoot into my mouth. I almost choked, so I decided it would be better just to swallow, rather than try to savor the taste. He kept cumming, and soon my mouth began to overflow. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but there was just too much. Some started dribbling down my chin, and then Mark pulled out as he resumed shooting, but now on my face. He only had a couple of pumps left, but they were strong ones. Once he finished, I felt like a glazed donut.

I stayed on my knees for a little bit, until I knew Mark had finished. I kept my eyes closed and started to move the cum around in my mouth a little, enjoying my first gift. But the appreciation was short lived.

“Clean it up now,” Mark said with a commanding attitude. I moved over on my knees to meet his cock. It was still covered in cum. I moved my mouth back on it, and licked it clean. I sucked the cum back into my mouth and swallowed, licking my lips as I did, which Mark noticed.

“Wow, I’ve never seen a girl do that. You are a real slut, Alice.” Mark said, smiling.

“Thanks” I smiled back at him. To be honest, that was probably the best compliment I’d ever received.

“Give me a second, then I’ll be ready for the real thing.” The real thing? I was nervous, and got butterflies in my stomach, or maybe that was the semen. I’d played around with a dildo before, but never imagined it as a man penetrating me. On one hand I was inexperienced and about to be fucked by my best friend, on the other, though, I was his girl who he was going to fuck regardless of what I said. I decided not to disappoint him, and let Alice take control again. She would know what to do.

“Lube me up,” I said as got down on all fours in front of Mark. He grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table and squeezed a generous amount it his hand. He rubbed his cock a little, covering it, then put some more on his finger and pushed up against my asshole. One finger went in and felt the walls inside. Then another went in. All I could I could do was gasp. As soon as the third finger went in me, I took a quick inhale.

Soon after his initial penetration, Mark started to finger-fuck my ass. He kept his fingers inside me for a while, moving them around and exploring, then pulled them nearly all the way out and shoved them back in me. Every time he did this, I would moan, and eventually he got impatient with the foreplay.

“Enough, I need the real thing now,” Mark said, but it could have just as easily been me.

“I’m ready when you are, baby.” With that, he pushed the tip of his lubricated dick up against the inside of my cheeks. After a little fidgeting, he got the tip inside me. I let out of soft moan from the pain, but that quickly changed to pleasure. Mark was blessed with what he had down there and made it clear to me. He slowly pushed into me, and my moaning got louder. Then he stopped, and I thought I had been able to fit all of him inside me without having to rip my cheeks apart, so I exhaled. That’s when he told me he only had half of it in.

“But baby, I feel so full already, I won’t be able to take any more,” I pleaded with him.

“I’ll go slowly and we’ll just see how much you can take.” Mark pulled his dick out until the head rested at the opening. He pushed back in and spread my sphincter for a second time. “See, nice and easy,” he said as he went back and forth slowly, but only ever going a maximum of half way.

I had no problems with this. All the pain stopped and it became pure pleasure. We got into a good rhythm together as I started to push back against him once he was pretty deep in. This was probably the limit for me, since it was only my first time, but unfortunately, pushing my ass towards him must have meant something else to him.

Mark grabbed onto my hips started thrusting much harder. I felt a little pain from this but there was too much pleasure involved for it to matter. Apparently, though, he had had enough with this halfway stuff, and with one unsuspecting thrust, he shoved his cock deep inside me. I screamed out as he hit my prostate. I felt like there was football trying to get inside me. I wanted to tell him this was too much, and that I wasn’t ready.

I started to say, “Mark, please…” but as I said this, he thrust into me once again, ending my sentence there with my own gasp. This just made it worse. Now he thought I wanted it harder. It was so big and it split me so wide, but at the same time I loved it. I couldn’t tell if my moans were getting louder and louder because of the pain or because I knew an orgasm was building fast. As soon as Mark moved his hand down to my tiny little boy clit, I knew which one it was.

“Alice, you’re practically leaking down here.” It was true. Once he felt my little thing, he knew that I had been consistently leaking pre-cum since his first finger went in me. He played with my balls a little, then grabbed on tight to my little cock and started jacking me off in rhythm with the fucking. This was the first time that Mark had touched my dick. He wanted to believe he was fucking a girl at first, but I think now it just didn’t matter any more to him.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” I screamed out every time he went balls deep. I never even knew something could be this deep inside me. I started moving back onto his dick again during the thrusts, and felt maximum penetration. I could hear and feel his balls slapping me, and his bush grazing my smooth ass. “Oh Mark yes!” I moaned out.

“Say my name, bitch.”


“Louder,” he commanded.

“MARK!” I screamed, as his dick went all the way in another time. “Oh, yes!”

“Tell me what you need.”

“I need you to fuck me hard, Mark.”

“Tell me what you want, bitch.”

“I need your cock deep inside me.”

“What?” he asked, as he stopped with the just the tip inside me.

“I need your big cock all the way in me.”


“I need you to shove your cock deep inside my ass and make me your bitch!” I screamed. What was I saying? All the lust was blinding me as we just kept fucking as roughly as we could.

With that, though, he pulled all the way out then rammed himself all the way inside me. I couldn’t contain myself. I screamed out another “Yes!” probably the loudest thing I’ve ever uttered in my life. I was completely oblivious to the fact there was someone else in the house trying to sleep, and with all the noise we were making, the whole neighborhood could probably hear us. But I was soon reminded of this.

“What the fuck?” I looked up and froze. It was Greg. He was standing at the doorway of the room. He was looking down on his two best friends doing it on his sister’s bed. I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like for him. “Who the hell is she?” he said to Mark. Oh, my God, I thought to myself, he hasn’t realized that the girl is actually the same girl he left in the changing room earlier today. He walked over to get a closer look. Mark had stopped fucking me, but he was still inside me.

“HOLY SHIT! ETHAN?” Shit, I was done, my life was over. I thought I was going to have to move far away from here and never see anyone again, so I went to my last-resort option, as I knew denial or convincing wouldn’t help.

“Quiet down and my name’s Alice, not Ethan.” I said as I got off the couch and let Mark slip out of me.

“What the hell is going on?” Greg said angrily.

“Relax, Greg,” said Mark. “Alice is best cocksucker in the country. She’ll give you whatever you want, you can just stick it in her mouth and she’ll suck you off!”

“No fucking way,” he said, but I could tell that he was lying through his teeth. Also, I got a good look at the bulge in his pants when he realized it was me. It was obvious Greg wanted it as bad as I did, but I stayed silent, letting Mark talk for me.

“C’mon, we’re having a great time.” Mark said as he turned and pointed at Greg’s pants. . “Seems like someone’s getting excited.”

“Well, that’s just because I thought it was a girl before.”

“Oh really? So now you know and I don’t see you getting any softer.”

“How about we take a closer look? Alice, take off his clothes.” I got down on my knees and pulled down his boxer shorts. His erection sprang out to salute me. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started to rub it up and down. I did this not because Mark told me to, but because I wanted to; it’s just that I needed his permission first.

“Well, it’s clear you’re turned on by all of this, so why don’t you just accept the invitation so Alice and I can get back to where we left off, and you can get a blowjob.” I knew that would work, especially seeing how Greg hadn’t gotten laid in months now. Mark had handled the situation quite well.

I got back on my knees in front of Mark as he pushed back into me. I moaned a little more as he slipped back into me and resumed his brutal assault on my ass. Greg got on the other side of the bed and got on his knees in front of me. I inched forward, with his cock leading the way until it sat just before my lips. I extended my tongue towards the tip and licked the head. Greg nearly came right there! I put the whole head in my mouth and started playing with his balls too. He pushed himself deeper inside me, and I just let him. I even encouraged him with my tongue as he did. Greg grabbed my head and started to face-fuck me. I had nothing to do but play with his balls now: he was in total control. I stayed like that, on my knees, with my mouth open and my ass being fucked. I was almost motionless, because once Mark went in Greg would back up to my lips. I became their fuck puppet.

I moaned into Greg’s dick as Mark shoved all the way into me, then swirled my tongue around Greg’s as he forced his cock into my mouth. The two of them worked in unison to have always at least one penis deep inside one of my holes. I loved it. There was nothing else I wanted at the time, but Mark gave it to me.

Mark could no longer contain himself and he started grunting, getting progressively louder.

“Oh, uhh! Get ready, I’m cumming, baby!” he said as he started shooting into me again. He held his dick all the way in during his orgasm. I felt the warm, gooey cum cover the walls of my ass. I felt completely full now; I didn’t want it to change. There was so much cum it started leaking out of my ass. Mark recovered eventually and pulled out. There was a popping noise and I felt something start trickling down my thigh. I didn’t want to lose it, so I quickly let go of Greg’s dick in my mouth, and spun around, allowing him to take me from behind.

“We’re going to do this right, baby.” Greg said as he looked at my waiting ass. He flipped me over onto my back, then grabbed my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders. He now had complete access to my ass and could even use my legs as grip to thrust even harder, which he did. With this new position, my own dick was in view now. Greg noticed it was sticking straight up in the air, still coated with cum, and started to jack me off. I was thankful for that, as I had been silently crying for release.

Greg started thrusting much harder than before, giving it all he had. I started moaning again, as my mouth was free for the first time since Greg had entered the room. I got louder and louder with each thrust, and was getting pretty close to my own climax. Then, out of the blue, Greg came buckets into my ass. Again, I felt full, with man-juice being pumped into me. It was nice and warm like before. As he exploded in orgasm, I knew that this was something I could get hooked on.

All this sent me to my own climax, as I shot my own load. There was now three different men’s semen in or on my body, and I loved it. I didn’t stop shooting for a while, and during this, Greg kept jacking me and held himself inside me. Once I caught my breath and Greg pulled out, I pulled my panties back up, and could feeling a wet patch start to form.

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