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“Do you want a hand to get that upstairs?” I asked Zoë, as she struggled to pick up the boxes.

She smiled and nodded.

“If it’s not too much trouble.”

I returned her smile and picked up two of the packages.

“For you my dear Zoë nothing is too much trouble.”

I went to the foot of the stairs but she went to the lift doors.

“It’s quicker this way, and almost everyone else has gone home.” She said, “And you don’t get to stare at my ass for three floors.”

I shrugged, okay, I thought, it’ll only be a short trip, and followed her into the lift. As the doors closed I felt the first twinges of panic, but turned and tried to hold a normal conversation with the blonde beauty.

“Going anywhere nice for the bank holiday?” I asked, my voice squeaking a little. If Zoë noticed she gave no indication, just shaking her head.

“No, I have to stay in and organise this.” She heaved the box in her arms and sighed. Perhaps I should describe her as she watched the floor indicator. Her medium length blonde hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. The glasses she was wearing had slipped partly down her nose, which she wrinkled in an effort to push them back up to her blue-green eyes. She was wearing a loose black jogging top over a fairly tight white t-shirt, and as usual her black slacks followed the curves of her ass perfectly. It looked as if she was wearing her favourite boots as well. The doors opened and I breathed a sigh of relief. Zoë must have heard and glanced across at me but said nothing.

“Which way?” I asked.

“Through the double doors and then left.” She said. We went along corridors and through open plan offices now empty of anyone else. Finally we reached her desk. “Here will do.” She said, putting her box down. I put the two I was carrying next to them. “Could you wait a while and walk me to the car park?” Zoë asked. Having heard that no female staff were supposed to walk this distance alone it seemed like a reasonable request, so I agreed to wait. She fiddled with a few things on her desk, turned her computer off, put some things into her bag and nodded to me. “Okay, lets go.” She led the way back to the lift; I followed slightly behind taking the opportunity to watch her ass sway as she walked. She knew me too well.

We reached the lift again and Zoë strode straight in. However I was still a little wary and had to steel myself to enter this box on a chain for a second time in twenty minutes. As I got in the doors closed and Zoë pressed the floor button. I didn’t notice which button she pressed but the lift went up not down.

“Shit!” I muttered.

“What’s the matter?” Zoë asked.

“We’re going up; someone on a higher floor must have called the lift.”

“No. I did it.”


“I knew it! You don’t like being in here do you?”

“Frankly, no. It’s too small and too high up.” As I finished my confession the lift stopped and the lights went out. “Oh fuck.” Was all I could say as the dim emergency light came on.

“Don’t worry they’ll soon get us out.”

“Who will? It’s the Friday before a bank holiday. Everyone’s gone home and nobody will be here until Tuesday, and that’s three days away.” I was starting to shout as panic took hold. Zoë didn’t seem too bothered but I was. I began to pace the lift muttering to myself. Suddenly Zoë took my arm and pulled me to her, planting her lips on mine, stifling my cursing. Her hands went behind my head and held me until I began to relax. I put my hands on her waist and let her kiss me. She moved her head down, resting her forehead on my nose. I put my hand under her chin and lifted it. “Thank you.” I said. “I needed that.” I kissed her on the forehead as her arms came between our bodies. I kissed her on the nose as my hands dropped to her ass and pulled us together, her arms moving back around my head. I kissed her on the mouth and our tongues entwined. I kissed her beneath her chin and she undid the zip on her jogging top. Now I could see the outline of her bra beneath her taut t-shirt. Zoë took a step backwards and made as if to take the garment off. “Wait.” I said. “What if they do come and rescue us?”

“They won’t.” She stated. “I’d already clocked out when you arrived.”

“What about your car?”

“What car? I can’t drive.”

“You little minx, you had this all planned didn’t you?”

“Well, except for the power cut, yes.” She shrugged and then pulled the shirt over her head, the milky white globes of her tits appearing above her white satin bra. Then she slowly unzipped her slacks and eased them down her legs revealing the matching panties and also that she was wearing stockings too. I watched entranced as she slipped the slacks over her boots, stood up and dropped them on top of her other clothes. “Your turn.” Was all she said. Very quickly I pulled off my works uniform, boots and all. I was about to drop my boxers when Zoë spoke.

“No. Let me.” She squatted in front of me and hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts. Slowly she eased them down, releasing my now erect dick, which waved in front of her face. Zoë waited until I’d stepped out of them before wrapping her lips around the end of my knob. I leant back against the wall, dropping my hands onto her blonde head, tousling her hair as she moved along my cock with her tongue, licking at my balls before enveloping the head once more with her mouth. She held the cheeks of my arse and pulled me to her. I responded by thrusting into her throat and then held her head with my hands, moving it in rhythm with my thrusts.

All to quickly I could feel the climax building in my balls.

“That’s it. I’m coming!” I gasped out. Zoë took me from her mouth and wanked me for a second until I shot off. The great gobs of white spurted out, hitting her chin, her neck, and her chest, beginning to run down between her tits. I collapsed against the wall, my knees shaking.

“Now it’s my turn.” Zoë said, standing up. “I want to see you lick this off me.”


“You heard.”

I wasn’t sure whether to be disgusted or not, but began to comply. I licked my own spunk from her face and her chest, but couldn’t get my tongue beneath her bra. She unclipped it, dropping it to the floor. I cleared her tits of come, then began to nuzzle at her nipples, finally sucking almost all of one tit into my mouth, cupping the other simultaneously.

“Lower.” She breathed. I trailed my tongue down her belly, toying with the ring in her navel, before reaching her smooth silk panties, now bearing the signs of her rising excitement. I moved my hands down, pushing them under the waistband and down over the cheeks of her ass, before pulling the back of the now sodden garment down. The front I gripped between my teeth and eased down over her hips to just above her knees. Zoë stepped out of her knickers, now only wearing her white suspenders and stockings and her black boots. She leant back and pushed a finger into her cunt, bringing it out and tasting her juices on it. “Try some.” She said. I knelt before her and began to lap at her pussy, pushing the folds of flesh aside, licking deeper and deeper, my hands fondling her butt. On an impulse I crouched lower and began to lick her asshole, pushing my tongue into the puckered starfish. Zoë gasped in surprise and then moaned with pleasure. I stood up and positioned my cock at the entrance to her love channel. She lifted her leg as I pushed in, balancing on the other. I supported her raised leg and then lifted the other, pushing her against the wall as extra support. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer. As I thrust in and out she stuck her tongue in my ear, teasing it with her teeth. Then as her orgasm hit her she began to cry out. I stifled her with my mouth, still pumping in and out. Zoë went limp in my arms. I stopped fucking her. “No, keep going.” She gasped. I laid her gently on her back, and then resumed my position between her legs. As I entered her again Zoë began to respond again, bucking against my stroke. Quickly she came again. As she shuddered in orgasm for a third time, I could feel myself beginning to come for the second time. I pulled out of her snatch and crawled up to her face, still stroking myself. Zoë opened her eyes as I placed my knob on her lips. She opened her mouth and I came into her throat. The great gobs of come spurted out and vanished down her throat. I lay back, exhausted, as the almost equally naked Zoë cuddled up to me.

She began to run her hand through the hair on my chest.

“You’re not tired are you?” She asked.

“A little.” I replied. “I could really do with something to drink.”

She reached for her bag, and pulled out a bottle of water.

“You can have this for a price.”

“What’s the price?”

“I want to fuck you.”

“Isn’t that what just happened?”

“No, I mean fuck you with this.” She pulled something else from the depths of her bag. It was a strap-on.

“I don’t think I’m that thirsty.” I said cautiously.

“Huh! Typical man. Can dish it but can’t take it.”

“Just give me the water please Zoë.” She threw me the bottle. As I swigged from it I watched her put the strap-on on. She pulled some KY jelly from the bottomless bag and greased the plastic tool jutting from her mid-section. I found this strangely erotic and my dick began to stiffen for a third time.

Zoë glanced up.

“Changing your mind?” Anything for a weird life, I thought, nodding my head. “Just lie back.” The blonde temptress said. I did so. Zoë raised my ass off the floor putting her multi purpose bag underneath me. Then she knelt between my legs, the tip of the dildo touching just below my balls. “Just relax.” She said leaning forwards, applying pressure. The cool feel of the plastic in my arse was a surprise. My cock immediately grew to full size, and Zoë clasped one hand around the base and began to use it for leverage.

“Oh, fuck. I never thought of anything like this before.” I gasped. “Wouldn’t it be better from the other angle though?”

“Okay turn over.” She said, slapping me across the ass. I flipped over onto my knees, and Zoë repositioned herself, and then thrust the plastic cock into my arse once more.

She kept going for several minutes before I groaned.

“Zoë, stop! Exciting as it is, I’m never going to come this way, are you?”

She shook her sweat-covered head.

“No.” She admitted.

“So now it’s my turn to fuck your ass.”

“Oh, alright then.” She said, a hint of disappointment in her voice. I felt the dildo pull out of my butt, and then saw it beside me as Zoë dropped it on the floor. “But we’re going to do it my way. Lay back down.” A little puzzled, I did as I was bid. My cock was pointing straight up. Zoë crouched over it, facing me and then slowly lowered herself onto it. She began to ride me, carefully at first and then giving in to her lust and speeding up. Considering I’d already come twice my third climax didn’t take long to arrive. It was probably the sweet tightness of Zoë’s ass that did it, and not the recurring thought that I might like to let her try my ass again. As I shuddered so did Zoë, collapsing across me, my cock still in her ass, sweat running down her nearly naked body. I curled up around her and we drifted off to sleep.

Naked, it was too chilly to sleep for long. After an hour or so, I woke up and pulled on my boxers and shirt. Then I began looking at the lift ceiling, and around the doors. My movements must have disturbed Zoë.

“Bored with me already?” She asked.

“I just thought that there might be some way out of here.” I replied, turning round. Zoë had picked up the strap-on and was looking thoughtful. “You know you can’t get me off with that.” I said.

“Can’t I?” She said, reaching once more for her bag. She took out a lingerie shop carrier, and opened it, taking out a pair of black hold-up stockings and a see-through black negligee.

“Well if you’re going to wear them….”

“I was thinking you should wear them, as you’re the one getting fucked.” I didn’t know what to say, but the thought suddenly made me horny again. “I see you agree.” Zoë smirked, as my cock peeped out from my boxers. She stripped me again and then pulled the stockings up my legs. “Those really need shaving.” She said, a wicked glint in her eye.

“You haven’t got a razor too have you?”

“Unfortunately no, now put this on.” She said, handing me the nightie. I was suddenly overcome with the whole perverted feel of everything. “All right bitch, on your knees.” I knelt before Zoë as she had knelt before me. “Suck.” Was all she said. I wrapped my mouth around the plastic cock as Zoë face fucked me. “Turn around.” She commanded, slapping my butt. I obeyed. I felt her squirt more KY around my ass and rub it in. Then she held the cheeks of my ass apart and thrust the dildo in. My dick was already fully erect, but it seemed to grow even bigger as Zoë began her onslaught. As she fucked my ass, she reached around and grabbed my cock, beginning to wank me in rhythm with her thrusts. My god, it was great! I took over the hand job from her, allowing Zoë to concentrate on her timing.

“Oh yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck me!” I cried out, as she began to slap my ass as she screwed me. “Oh fuck! I can’t stop, I’m coming!”

“Wait! ” She commanded, and then rolled me onto my back. She dropped her mouth to my throbbing dick and wanked me into climax. Once more I came, but this time stronger than ever, shooting spunk all over her face. Zoë smiled at me. “Very good slave. You may clean up the mess.”

“Thank you mistress.” I said as I licked my come from her face.

“Then you may dress in your clothes, but you will also wear your stockings, and then I will release us from this lift.” We both dressed quickly, with me covering my stockings with my trousers and socks. Zoë then just flicked a switch and pressed a button and the lift resumed its descent.

“Excuse me mistress, but how did you know what to do?” I asked.

“This happened before, and the caretaker explained how to reset the lift to us.”

“Then you did plan everything?”

“Yes slave now be quiet, and I will take you home and explain your duties.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

It was a cloudy rainy dusk. I had taken a job working in a women’s shoe store to try and make ends meet. Today I was beginning to think I made a huge mistake. It seems the gray day and the ability to buy on line is keeping people shopping at home.

I was left alone in the store all day, and pretty much could have read War and Peace uninterrupted. I stepped outside for a moment looked up and down the empty street and decided to close up early. I walked back in the store and began counting out the day’s lack of receipts when the little bell on the door jingled.

Standing in the doorway were two women. One in a long “London Fog” coat, the other was wearing a white blouse slightly shear, a medium length skirt with a slit up the front and slingback open toed heels with a dark red toe nails. Both of them had captured my attention and they knew it.

The woman in the shear blouse had dark nipples, visible through the white as if she rouged them before getting dressed.

“We just got pedicures and need new shoes.” She said.

I stared.

“You’re open aren’t you?” She continued.

‘Yes Yes I am…” I stammered and invited them into the store.

They walked to the back. The one in the coat never spoke a word; she just silently stood while the other sat. I knelt before her. She raised her leg. The skirt fell away at the slit. I could swear I saw a glimpse of bare pussy.

“Take off my shoe.”

I looked up.

“It’s what you do isn’t it?”

Again, I stammered, in awe at the beauty and power of this woman and the slender foot before me.

“Maybe we should just go somewhere else”

“No.” I responded “Please.” and gently took her foot into my hand.

She smiled as I took off her shoe, a gentle scent of spring rose to meet my nose, left over from the pedicure no doubt.

“Please?” she said. A wicked grin swept across her face.

“I have been here before; I’ve seen you work. I know what you really want.”

I was a little confused and admittedly a lot turned on by this woman. Still trying to be the salesman I regained what little composure I could muster and jokingly.

“I want to make you happy.”

“Yes you do” She smiled.

I reached for the sizer.

“No. Make me happy.”

I looked up, again confused. She pointed her foot.


I hesitated a moment. She put her foot down and reached for her shoe.

“Maybe you don’t want to make me happy.”

I don’t know what came over me. Suddenly I felt like I had no self-control. I gently put my hand on her foot, stopping her. I raised her bare foot to my mouth.

“That’s a good boy.” She said. “Make me happy”

I started slowly at first sucking and licking each toe. Glancing up I noticed her skirt had slipped away and as I suspected, she was not wearing any panties. Her shaved pussy was visible now. She placed her finger at the slit and slowly drew it up along its length. A drop of dew glistened as her lips parted and swelled with rising excitement.

I knew it couldn’t just be from the toe sucking I was administering but I didn’t stop to question. She slipped off her other shoe and placed it in my crotch.

“Nice” she said. “Take off your pants”

I stood to oblige and she pushed me back down.

“Don’t stop sucking.”

So with her foot still in my mouth I struggled to remove my pants. She seemed to enjoy this and giggled.

Once I had my pants off, she stroked my hard cock with her other foot while I continued manipulating each of her toes with my tongue. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch.

“Eat.” She ordered.

I obliged. Licking and sucking her pussy like a starving man at his last supper. She pulled my head in tight and wrapped her legs around my ears. She began bucking more and more wildly I couldn’t pull away even if I wanted to.

Suddenly she pushed me away. I fell on my ass. My hard cock sticking up in the air like a salute. I almost felt silly. She dropped to her knees before me; the warmth of her mouth enveloping my stiffness quickly changed that. I had never felt anything like this hot mouth and lips wrapped around my cock before. I was lost in the pleasure this woman was giving me.

Suddenly I heard her moan and buck forward slightly. This wasn’t from me. I opened my eyes to see the woman with the London Fog coat sans coat standing above.

She had reached around and unbuttoned the shirt of my oral giver and pulled her shirt off, freeing the most perfect breast I had ever seen. London Fog’s were slightly smaller but the nipples were magnificently erect. I scanned down the goddess before us and noticed a small tube in her hand. She had poured a generous amount of lube on my oral mistress.

I noticed between her legs, a rubber penis. She placed it at the ass of the women on my cock and pushed. With each push, The woman sucking my cock took more of me down her throat. I almost came right then and there. The idea that this woman was sucking me off while another woman was fucking her in the ass was more than I could process. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

In unison both women spun around me without missing a beat. I was now looking directly up at a wet pussy, and a rubber cock sliding in and out of a beautiful ass.

London Fog spoke for the first time.

“Don’t you cum.”

I didn’t know if she was talking to her, or me but I couldn’t stop and I blasted a load into the hot mouth wrapped around my cock.

Apparently she was talking to me. Angrily, London Fog pulled the rubber penis from the magnificent ass, grabbed some kerchiefs from a display rack and deftly wrapped them around my wrists.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

” Making you mine” she said.

She tied the other ends to the chairs. Before I could respond the naked woman, who so expertly sucked me off, sat on my face. I continued to lick and suck this beautiful pussy not really aware of or caring about what else was happening.

Then I realized that my legs were being pulled over and my ankles were tied to the same chairs as my wrist. The first woman stepped up and off my face. Here I was tied and fully exposed and vulnerable. The two women looked me over for a moment, then turned their attentions on each other as if I wasn’t even there.

They laid down in a sixty-nine position and the woman who so expertly sucked my cock was now getting eaten out by the woman with the rubber penis. She pushed the rubber penis up and returned the favor. I watched in amazement as my cock responded involuntarily to this hot scene.

After a few moments, they sat up and turn their attention back to me. London Fog handed the other woman a small strap, which was then placed around the base of my cock and tightened. The first woman stepped over my face and slowly lowered herself down onto my face again. I began licking again this now familiar pussy. When Suddenly I felt the cold gel of lubricant on my ass. I struggled, but my moans were muffled inside a wet pussy. My ass high and exposed I couldn’t do anything. The woman on my face then slid down between my body and upturned legs, she placed my cock at the entrance to her hot pussy and began sliding down my stiff shaft.

I felt the tip of the rubber penis at the entrance to my ass. I cried out in fear but the pleasure was too great. With push of the woman on me the woman behind me slid the rubber up my back entrance.

“You will learn to obey me and you will be mine.”

I was engulfed in pleasure. Lost in sea of flesh that enveloped me and the latex that filled me. I was no longer a man, but a tool of pleasure to be used and had by these women.

In and out, the woman behind pumped me, up and down; the woman on top milked me. My balls never felt as heavy and full as they did now. My mind was one big mass of pleasure nothing was real anymore. Every touch was pleasure multiplied.

“You are mine, slut” echoed in my ears.

Moaning and groaning grew louder. The woman on top cried out that she was cumming, her pussy gripped me like a vice. The woman in my ass pushed deeper. Suddenly the woman in my ass pulled out leaving me wanting. She pulled on the ties and my legs fell down. The woman on my cock moved to my face.

The woman behind stepped over my cock and swiftly shoved it deep into her pussy. I cried out in pleasure, never had I felt a pussy so tight. She bucked wildly now gripping my stiffness within her pussy. I buck madly unable to cum.

In seconds my mouth was flooded with pussy juice. A moment later, my cock was also drenched as both women came on me in a flood of overwhelming excitement. London Fog slowly rose off of me. My cock was still hard, pointing straight up, the strap preventing me from shooting. Both women got down close to my cock and gripped it with their hands stroking me, watching me beg to cum for them.

“Look at me” London Fog said. “Look me in the eye”

I looked in her eyes and was lost in her beauty and strength. The other woman again began to stroke my cock. I had to cum soon. London Fog, never taking her eyes from mine, wrapped her fingers around the tip of my cock and expertly squeezed and slid her hand up and down while the other woman fondled my balls. The other woman expertly flicked the strap releasing my cock. In seconds I came like a geyser. Shooting ropes of cum high in the air, arcing, landing on my chest

London Fog scooped up a small pool of my cum, placed it on the lips of the other woman, they kissed.

Then she did the same to me. She stood and put her coat back on while the other woman got dressed. London Fog turned to me. She untied my wrists, handed me a small piece of paper on it with an address

“Midnight, you belong to me.”

The two women left leaving me naked, spent and horny for more.

So, I am a closeted cross dresser. I have never had the nerves or really the chance to explore my fetish with someone. So one day I decided to just cruise the on-line ads. I saw an ad posted by a Fem Dom. As I read the ad, with all fetishes listed, I see “crossdressing”. I thought why not, I’ll reply. So I send an email explaining my fetish. I didn’t really expect to get a reply, but I did.

After a few emails we had decided to set up an appointment. We had discussed that I would bring panties, stockings, a garter belt and a see through nightie top.

I show up at the agreed time, we met in the drive way and chatted for a minute. She then took me around the property to a small building. I guess you could say it was like a dungeon, but not the dark creepy kind of way. There was a bed, a small table and chair, a window with curtains. Quite comfortable actually.

She has me lay out the items that I had brought on the bed. She also had a few items. She sits in the chair and tells me “get completely naked. Pose for me and slowly turn around”. So I’m all the way naked, she gets up and walks around me. She pulls the curtain from the window, “turn around slowly again”. It was so exciting knowing that someone could possibly see me!

She has a long silk gown, she has me put it on. She also has a wig for me to wear. Along with a little make up and some nice red lipstick.

She has me get naked again. Leaving on the wig. She gets up and walks behind me as I stand there naked. She bends down, running her hands from my ankles to my neck. Not missing a single spot. Slowly running her finger along my ass crack, gently breezing by my cock and balls.

She then grabs me tight from behind, whispers in my ear, “your going to get fucked, and like it”.

She sits back down in the chair, and instructs me to slowly and seductively get dressed for her. First the panties, black lace thongs. ” I want you to lay them on the floor and step into them. Then bend all the way over and slowly pull them up. Now turn around, put your leg up here next to me and slide on those black stockings”. As I was sliding on the stockings she was rubbing my legs and crotch area. Oh it was so nice. I then slid the garter belt up the same way as the panties. Next was the black see through nightie.

Now the outfit is complete, and the fun starts. She says “get on the bed, on all fours”! She smacks my ass, then gently rubs it. She continues to run her hands over my dressed body.

She then tells me “get on your knees. Take off my pants”. As I pull the pants down, I see a nice hard strap on. She slapped my lips with the cock and slowly put it in my mouth. I was so excited now! She kept going back and fourth, put her hands on my blonde wig and pushed my head on the hard cock. I enjoyed taking that hard thing.

She then had me get back on the bed, ass up with my head in the pillows facing her. She grabbed some lube and starting massaging my ass, working her way to the center. She said “relax” as I felt something cold pushing against my ass.

She worked the toy in slowly, going deeper and deeper each time. It felt so good, the toy going in and out of my oiled ass.

She asked “are you ready”? With excitement of what would happen next as I nodded my head yes. She turned around and pulled out a bigger strap on! I was ready and didn’t even know it. She gets behind me , my ass is still up in the air with my knees on the bed. She slapped that big hard strap on against my ass cheeks and slowly slid it over until it was directly on my hole. She spread my cheeks apart and slowly pushed the cock in. Apply a little more lube, she started going faster, deeper, faster, deeper. Before I knew it she had her hands on my hands on my hips and was pounding my ass! It suprisingly felt very good, being taken like that.

She said, “it’s time to roll over baby, lay on your back and put your legs on my shoulders, pull your panties to the side and slide forward placing your ass right against my hard cock”! So I did, she slid it in again, this time going much slower, pulling the tip almost out and pushing it right back in. While she was teasing me, her hands were up and down my stockings, grabbing my ass cheeks and brushing over my exposed cock.

At this point I can’t hold back, I said “I’m Cumming” in a small girlish whisper, and it went! That was the best orgasm I have ever had.

This story is true, oh so true and I hope everyone enjoyed. Please let me know

A Mistress tests her slave’s devotion

My Mistress addressed me.

“I have an ambition to get an article published in a learned journal, slave, and I need your help in some research I plan to do for that purpose.”

“Would you like me to help you write the article, Mistress?”

“Certainly not, slave. Don’t get ideas above your station. I need you as the subject for some physiological and psychological tests I wish to conduct.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“The article will be about the paradox of masochism. Pain is a warning from the brain that we should avoid doing the thing which causes it. And yet the masochist seeks pain. He puts himself into a painful situation in order to demonstrate his subservience to his Mistress. He wants to suffer for her. He needs to show that his love for her makes him able to overcome the pain she inflicts.”

“A common misunderstanding is that a masochist enjoys pain. Pain hurts a masochist as much as it hurts anyone else. He does not enjoy the pain; he enjoys the fact that he is suffering it for the sake of his Mistress.”

“What form will your research take, Mistress?” asked her slave.

“The simplest way of measuring a male’s pleasure is , of course, via his penis. In my research the subject – you – will be titillated (for purely scientific purposes) in order to encourage an erection. Then the cane will be applied. The behaviour of the subject’s penis in this situation will provide the data for my research. I shall make notes recording which has the greater influence on the subject: the physical discomfort of the cane or the psychological act of subservience. Do you agree to take part in this experiment?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

She sat on the sofa and had the slave kneel before her. She raised the hem of her gold silk dress and allowed her slave a glimpse of lacy stocking-tops and the alluring satin beyond them.

“You may touch yourself, slave. Masturbate.” he was told.

After about a minute or so she spoke again.

“Let’s have a look, slave. Yes, that’ll do. Move to the whipping-bench.”

She followed him, selected a cane and delivered a stinging cut. The slave gasped.

“Stand up!”

She put down the cane and picked up her pencil and pad. She spoke her notes as she wrote them

“After first stroke, erection maintained at more or less full strength.”

She put the notebook down and picked up the cane again. The slave knew that this is his cue to bend over the horse once more.

Another powerful stroke was delivered. The next notes read:

“After second stroke: down to about half-mast.”

“After third stroke: barely erect.”

“Well, that does not say much about your love for your Mistress,” she laughed. “Scared of by a little caning, eh?”

“Excite yourself again, slave, so that we can move on to the next stage of my research.”

Clinically she continued to experiment on her hapless guinea-pig. Several painful stripes were added to his buttocks, before she went to her desk to write up her notes. The slave was ordered to continue with my household chores. He was naked on my hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor, when the doorbell rang.

“Answer that,” commanded the Mistress. He hurried to her desk and respectfully enquired, “Naked like this, Mistress?”

“Of course.”

He went to the front door, not knowing who the caller was, but grateful that at least the garden was totally secluded and no-one other than the caller would witness my naked humiliation.

He opened the door and there stood Anna, a close friend (and occasional lover) of his Mistress. Anna was wearing tracksuit and trainers and had clearly jogged over to visit her friend, since she was out of breath as she spoke.

“Do you always answer your Mistress’ door dressed like that, slaveboy?” she laughed.

“It was at the order of my Mistress,” he explained, standing back to let Anna into the house.

Anna entered the house and, glancing at the slave’s striped buttocks, commented, “It looks as if you have not been behaving satisfactorily for your Mistress.”

“She has been using to in some clinical research she is conducting,” he explained.

“And you have arrived at the perfect moment to help me with my next experiment,” said the Mistress, greeting her friend with a significant kiss on the lips.

“What form does the experiment take?” asked Anna after the embrace.

“The topic is man’s enslavement to his penis. My slave claims he is totally devoted to me, his Mistress, to the exclusion of all others. I will have him lying on his back and I want you to squat on his face. If he gets erect as a result of that, it will show that his penis is ruling his better judgement. Are you on for that?”

“I don’t want your slave staring at my pussy,” complained Anna.

The Mistress replied that the simple solution would be for Anna to keep her panties on during the exercise.

“O.K. then,” replied Anna, “but perhaps I had better take a shower first. I worked up a bit of a sweat running to your house.”

“No need for a shower!” laughed Mistress, “It will make the experiment all the more interesting. But I will mention your recent exercise in my study notes.”

The Mistress then organised the experiment. The slave was ordered to lie on his back on the floor. Anna peeled off her jogging trousers and lowered herself on to the slave’s upturned face. Her white cotton panties were indeed soaked with her sweat.

As she settled on his mouth, his nostrils were assailed with the mixed aromas of sweat and the delectable acid sweetness of the pheromones that cause the primal desire in the male of the species.

While Anna in her sweaty panties settled on to the slave’s face, her friend was observing the physiological reactions of the subject’s penis.

“Typical man,” she cried in triumph. “Says he loves only me. Then when a woman unknown squats on his face – despite the fact that her panties are soaked in sweat – up comes his cock-jerk reaction.”

She tapped her pen on the half-erect penis.

“End of Experiment Two” she declared and added

“Thank goodness for women,” smiling at Anna.

“Anna, let’s you and me go upstairs and have a bath together as a prelude to our love-making. Slave, bring some chilled Champagne and two glasses to the bathroom.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“More experiments tomorrow,” she promised.

“I set forth a very simple list of tasks for you, stupid whore. Why is it you cannot even manage to get these accomplished in the allotted time? I think you must enjoy being punished, I think today we are going to have to dissuade you of any such notions.” You can feel the anger emanating off of me as I press your face into the floor. The tightness of my grip, and my ireful tone guarantee this will not be an easy afternoon. Trepidation and mild fear make your cock surge into hardness and I laugh cruelly at your reaction, delivering a stinging slap to your dangling scrotum.

“What a little fucking slave bitch you are. Taking cock up your ass like the best of whores, sucking down gobbets of cum, I allow you all your disgusting perversions and how do you repay me? By lazing about all day, wasting my time!” Again, several short punctuating slaps to your balls, these bringing tears to your eyes.

“Yet here you are, bent over; face in the ground like a worthless, useless cum-dump enjoying the shit out of having your balls slapped by a women. In fact, I spoke out of turn. Who’s balls are these Simon?” Here, I roughly grab your sac into my hand my grip just tight enough to begin hurting. My tone is imperious as I continue. ” Answer, you fucking worthless slut.”

“Yours, Mistress.”

“At least you got something right. Now, precisely why wasn’t the list completed by the time I returned?” The list had actually been quite impossible to finish in the allotted time, but you dared not imply that I was being unfair. Shame and trepidation vie for the lead in your twisting stomach.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I tried really I did.” I make a derisive sound and pull a slotted paddle from a ring on my belt. Three hard blows fall onto your exposed ass, leaving splotchy red marks in their wake and your chest heaving.

“Not good enough fag-bitch. Why didn’t you finish your chores?” You pause for a moment, your mind spinning, trying to come up with the proper response. “To long.”

More burning wallops follow this pronouncement, until you are choking down quiet sobs; your ass on fire. My hand reaches down to caress your welts, adoring the shuddering breaths you draw in. I lay the paddle across your heated skin, watching you twitch in apprehension at the touch of the wood.

“Shall we try this again? You are a stupid worthless slut useful only as far as my humor extends, I gave you a list of chores this morning with the admonition that they would be completed by the time I returned. They were not, explain this to me, cock.”

“Mistress, please.. I..I spent the whole…” Your stuttering, pathetic explanation is cut short as I resume punishing your ass, making sure some of the paddles strike your exposed scrotum. You dance beautifully beneath my chastisement and my cunt fills with liquid fire at your whorish reaction- hard cock bouncing up and down to your gyrations.

“Pathetic slut.” The paddle lights fires across your skin every time it descends.

“Stupid whore.” With every burning imprint the litany of your worthlessness continues.

“Useless pencil-dicked pervert.” Your face feels as hot as your cherry-red ass with your continued humiliation; perfect shame, only fanning your fierce erection.

“Cock-sucking bitch.” Again and again the paddle falls, each swat punctuated by a litany of your failings.

“Incapable of pleasing me… Fails the simplest of directives… Worthless fucktoy… Unable to answer… a simple question.” I pause in my diatribe; chest heaving, my face flushed with desire. The flagging pain finally catches up with your senses and you are barely able to catch your breath, as you moan piteously. “Such a wonderful sound, perhaps now you find yourself capable of answering?”

“Yes Mistress, please. I am fucking worthless. Use me, punish me. I am nothing more than a cock-sucking slut. I didn’t work hard enough to please you. I am a useless lazy cum-dump and I deserve your punishment. Please.” I tangle my hand through your hair; painfully, proprietorially.

“Finally you understand, pet. Now that we have that cleared, I believe your punishment can begin in earnest.” You shiver as I begin to fondle your welted ass, my fingers finding your wincing hole with little difficulty. I continue to hold your head, as I explore your body with the ease of familiarity. Causing pain and pleasure in equal doses; until your unsure whether the noises you’re making are a whimpering plea for me to stop or to continue.

“Since, you so obviously enjoyed your own inability to come up with a suitable response, I have come up with a wonderfully fitting way for you to spend the time, while I prepare for our evening.” I lead you over to the stairs, motioning for you to precede me along the banister-wall. Gauging the railing rising above your head, I indicate you should stop. “Hands above your head, naughty boy and you had better keep them there.”

Your eyes are curious but you say nothing, as I turn and start up the stairs. Some where above your head I stop, and you feel leather cuffs being secured over your wrists. Your arms are pulled somewhat painfully, as I affix the straps to the post; forcing your to rise up on your tiptoes. You hear me make my way up the remaining stairs and into the bedroom.

Your wait of a few moments seems a great deal longer when strapped naked to a wall in the living room, almost dangling from a stair railing. Your already punished ass, at first welcoming the cool wall, now was beginning to sweat and itch because of it. You hear me descend the steps and I enter your vision as I approach, a tangle of black leather and metal in my hands.

“I expect you shall do better obeying this directive, then the last. It’s fairly simple, I so thoroughly enjoyed hearing you debase yourself earlier I would like it to continue while I get ready.” I gesture to the straps and glinting metal, in my hand. “This wonderful contraption will ensure your weak little cock maintains a pleasing aspect for my amusement.”

You feel me begin to stroke your cock, your head falling back against the wall. It doesn’t take long before it is fully erect. I slide a metal ring over your cock, then three more follow in rapid succession all connected by a thin leather strap with a small ring at the end. The cage fits snugly over your hard cock and isn’t in the least torturous. I produce a small clip with a weight attached to the end and a little bell. These go onto the end of the cage and pulls your cock down slightly.

“Now if your cock softens that weight will pull it down, the bell will sound, and you will have failed. Which I would make you regret immensely. Try to be creative now, while voicing your humiliation.” I take myself back up the stairs.

Careful to follow my instructions implicitly, you pitch your voice loud enough that it carries up to my waiting ears. I adore listening to you humiliate yourself for my amusement knowing that your cock is raging hard from the twisting shame in your gut.

“I am your fucking useless slut, Mistress.”

Your mind tracks the beads of sweat as they trail down your skin, you feel your cock begin to soften at the lack of attention you’re paying it. The weight on the tip begins to slip dangerously low and you feel your heart begin thundering. Quickly you scrabble to regain the strength of your erection, your mind tearing through the most recent humiliations inflicted on you.

“Please Mistress, please punish me! I don’t deserve to lick the cum from your holy cunt.”

Your sagging cock begins to return to it’s former glory as you relive sucking cum from a juicy cock. Adoring every second of your own remembered debasement; the added weight of the silver cage gripping your dick mercilessly, almost feels like a hand.

With a mind of their own, your hips jerk forward into the air; the salty sting of sweat against your welts, adds the needed fire to your waning desires. You pull against your bonds uselessly, only reenforcing your state of helplessness- driving home your much needed subservience. Hopefully for your sake, not to belatedly, you remember your charge.

“I beg you Mistress, use me; make me your whore. I beg to serve you, properly.”

You hear the sound of shower spray from the bathroom upstairs and allow yourself the luxury of picturing my grace. Your abused cock fills the confines of metal and leather encasing it, mentally tracking the fall of water from my breasts; down the flat of my stomach. You ache to wash me, soap my soft skin- adoringly caress every inch of my body, worshiping me with your fingertips. The actuality of your punishment descends, denied the very service that defines you. Shuddering, you continue your verbals abuse.

“I will do anything you ask, let me please you Mistress. I am your cunt-sucking slut.”

I take my time, continuing to shower. The minutes stretch by broken only by the sound of your occasional humiliating outburst, seemingly lost into the emptiness of the house. A feeling of repetitious ineffectuality grips you at around the hour mark, and your last self-deprecation falters and falls almost soundlessly.

Suddenly, hanging suspended from the stair rail, you feel silly. No passersby, noticing your subservience. I, deaf to your continued humiliation, proving your presence unnecessary to my daily rituals. Nothing, save your imagination, maintains your erection. Your devotion to me lagging once again, your cock sinks weakly it’s reaction only hastened by the spreading numbness in your bound hands.

You feel the cage slipping from the head of your half-flaccid cock, and you almost let if fall; toying with the idea of your mysterious punishment. Attention is attention after all, and you are a pathetic slutty cock. The pervading silence acts as a warning system to my arrival, recalling your drifting attention and the words pour from your dry lips; the reality of my ire waking your shrinking prick.

“Mistress, please.. I’m sorry… I need you Mistress… I’ll be your good boy. Please…”

Your head falls to your chest, with the answering silence. Your much-needed response not forthcoming, your tiny cock continues it’s withdrawal. The sounds of my heeled tread down the stairs revives you in no time flat, your voice when it sounds is as full of humiliation and dejection as you can manage to make it.

“I’m nothing more than your cum-tasting bitch, teach me my place, Mistress. I beg to learn to please you.”

I come to a stop before you, and you’re careful to keep your gaze locked on my heeled pumps. You caress them hungrily with your eyes, wishing you could kiss their strapped-feminine perfection. Delicate chrome 6in heels angle my foot impossibly, but only add to the beauty of my line; every toe lovingly painted with perfect tiny patterns, the lustre of my skin reflected in the high-shine of my patent shoes.

“That will be quite enough, Simon.” You feel my hand grasp the base of your cock, my nails biting into the skin of your scrotum as I cup your pride fiercely. “I noticed you managed to somehow, not ring the bell; despite your flagging attitude and lack of exuberance. You may regard me now, whore”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

You raise your eyes slowing drinking, in my attention like a thirsty slut. The play of light across my skin warms it’s hue slightly, softening my ivory complexion; though still stark against it’s black leather covering. A single line of sandy hair graces my otherwise shaven, tight cunt. As is my preference to wear, the black corset accentuates my curves, hugging my body like skin. Tiny red laces accent the boning, each ending in small rose; you drink in the smell and sight of my leather clad form, a mixture of shiny patent and natural.

My dusky nipples are easily visible through the thin fabric of my white shirt, and already hardened to small peaks. You follow the lines of my collar bones, easily distinguishable, to the hollow of my throat, where you can see my pulse fluttering. The angles of my chin cocked just so, to regard you with lazy irritation evident. My full lips, the lower one always almost on the edge of a pout, colored a delicious shiny red; reflecting the light. The curve of my cheek, small straight nose up to my smokey green eyes, framed by slightly arched brows. My waist-length blonde hair is piled on top of my head in a nest of curls, seeming almost haphazard for the time it took to accomplish.

To busy trying to pour every ounce of chastised submission into your own gaze, you fail to notice my palm approaching your face. As a result the hard slap catches you unawares, snapping your head to the side and leaving a burning hand print across your cheek.

“What is it exactly you crave cock-sucker? Is it the attention? Do you need an audience for your humiliation and abuse, you pussy bitch? I believe I have the perfect idea of how we might find exactly the kind of attention you so desire.”

The black permanent marker against your skin feels strange as I mark the words onto you. From the mirror behind me your are able to make out what I am writing, albeit backwards. In stark letters against your skin is the following message.

My name is Simon.

I am a SLUTTY attention WHORE.

Please PUNISH me.

I have been a bad little CUM-SUCKER.

Heat stains your skin, the blush crawling from your groin and flushing the background of your message, adding an adorable humiliated highlight to the black script.

“Turn around and face the wall.” My voice almost purrs at you, satisfaction deepening my alto pitch further. You step forward and pivot on your toes, before pressing your cock into the wall. I resume my writing on your back, starting between your shoulder blades and ending at the crack of your ass.

“Perhaps one of your tormenters will take pity on you and tell you what the back says, however you might find asking them a bit of a hardship. Face me again.”

I kiss you deeply, capturing you tongue with mine, teasing your soul up form the tips of your toes to coil in the base of your, once again rock hard, cock. You whimper into my mouth, trying to mold yourself against me; pleading my favor.

A cruel smile curls mischievously across my lips as I release you and step back, placing an O-gag firmly in your mouth. I reach up and loose the cord tying your hands above you, allowing them to fall limply to your sides.

On your wrists and ankles I affix leather cuffs with clips attached to the rings, and fit you with a studded cross piece for your chest, featuring a single inch diameter O-ring, as well. You watch in dismay as I pull out a pair of chaps and indicate that I expect you to don them, while I look on in delighted amusement.

You glance up from buckling the chaps to see me pulling on a red, black and white plaid skirt, I retrieve a riding crop from somewhere on my person and poke it at your chest in emphasis.

“I should let you know I will be very angry if you lose your cage before we arrive at our destination and I free your cock to your tormenter’s discretion. You may nod your understanding.” You nod slowly your eyes beginning to widen at the understanding I intended to parade you about in public dressed as such.

“Don’t worry dear, I do plan to preserve some of your prized illustrious identity. The piece de resistance.”

I slide the gimp hood over your head almost lovingly, considering it’s implications and what the evening still held in store for you. Though you can still see, most of your peripheral vision has been cut off; making you feel as if you had blinders on. The darkness heightens your sense of claustrophobia, making your heart palpitate and your skin feel clammy within the stifling hood.

“Now turn back around and present your more interesting parts to me.” You turn around and bend over at the waist, spreading your ass open for my view. Initially the lube is cold, but quickly warms to your skin. You grunt so adorably at the first feel of something shoved into your ass, just like a little piggy; this time was no exception, as the large plug penetrates and stretches your hole.

“Stand and turn.”

“I motion for you to follow me out the front door and into the waiting night.

You are too nervous and intelligent to contemplate trying to question me about our destination and for the time, I seem to be concentrating on driving. At the first light we come to however, I turn my attention on you; my focus making your cock twitch re-actively.

“You’re lucky I allowed you to sit in the front on the ride there, you perverted cunt-licker! I can guarantee I didn’t do it for the titillating conversation, the least you can do is entertain me and perhaps some other curious on-lookers. Why don’t you take off the toy and stroke that useless prick of yours for awhile.” I return my attention to the road while you follow my directive and begin fondling yourself in full view of the passing traffic.

Your already swollen cock doesn’t take long to flush a deep purple and start oozing precum from it’s tip. I wait until I can hear you panting beside me like a bitch in heat before I address you again.

“Feed me some of your pre-cum from your fingertip.” You slide your finger up your cock, collecting some of the salty moisture gently on your digit; before depositing it gently on my waiting tongue.

“Mmmm, good boy. More.” We go on like this for a time, slowly milking your cock and depositing the nectar into my mouth.

“Enough, you filthy slut. Let go of your little cock, it’s had enough fun; pleasure my cunt.” You slide your hand across my thigh as I let my legs fall open, granting you access to my soft pussy. You hand delves into the folds of my skin with ease, separating out my clit and dipping into my slick hole smoothly.

You work your middle finger into me like a thin cock, utilizing your dexterity to caress the inner wall of my channel, while the pad of your thumb stimulates my full clit.

I feel you begin parting and teasing at my cunt lips lightly rubbing and pulling on them. In the brief illumination of the occasional vehicle’s headlights, you can tell my skin is starting to flush with building pleasure.

You let your other hand rise to my chest to engulf one of my breasts. My hard nipple is unmistakable beneath my shirt and your grip finds it with ease, giving it a deft twist as a hiss of pleasure escapes my mouth.

As you work to bring me to an orgasm, I focus again on the road in front of me. Something catches my attention off to the right and I turn; meeting the gaze of a very interested looking party. The car has two men in it, probably hung far better than you, my pathetic little fuck. I say as much to you drawing your attention to the car beside us.

“Button down my shirt and take out one of my breasts to worship for these gentlemen, bitch” You free my C-cup tit to the night and and place your gagged fuck hole over my hard nipple; flicking it with your tongue.

“I didn’t say stop playing with my cunt whore, can’t you multitask? I’m the one that’s driving for fuck’s sake” Your hand resumes it play with my sopping cunt, building up the pressure with your skilled hands. “Let them see my breast now pet, you wouldn’t want to disappoint.”

You sit back up, and begin tweaking my wet, pebble hard nipple;much to the delight of the two men in the car next to us. I let my mind overflow in the moment, the dirty Mistress being fondled by her perverted, little bitch, slave boy for a couple of strangers on the road. Your fingers, continuing to drive into my cunt and flick my clit pushing me further to the brink.

You see my hands flex on the steering wheel right before my orgasm strikes in full. Normally one to soak up every second of pleasure sexual gratification brings, when I am driving such isn’t the case. I keep my eyes open and transferring from the road to the roads other occupants, loving that they can tell I’m cumming for them.

I really had to put my foot down to get the hubby agreeable to move our activity from the safety of the house to public places. He was extremely reluctant and worried about being discovered. After trying to coax him along I finally had enough and told him we were going to proceed so he needed to get over it and soon!

For the first few episodes I drove to secluded locations in the country or I would take him to a remote part of a public park near the house. The first time I simply pulled off the main road and proceeded about a mile on a dirt road. Here I had him get out of the car get naked from the waist down and bend over the trunk of the car. There he remained with the thermometer in his butt while I admired the scenery.

On a subsequent visit to the same spot I laid a blanket about 50 feet from the car. I told him to take off all his clothes, then sent him back to the car to fetch the kit with the thermometer and KY jelly. When he came back as I sat in a lawn chair I had him stand in front of me turn around and bend over. After lubing him real good I inserted the glass instrument. I made him time the procedure. Every minute or so I would give the rod a little twist and push it in and out of his bottom a few times. After four minutes I slowly pulled the thermometer out and allowed him to dress.

The first urban location was in a parking garage. He was extremely nervous- worried that security cameras would detect what we were doing. I just laughed.

When parked I had him lower his pants as he sat in the passenger seat. I then had him get on all fours with his butt facing me and his face pointing toward the passenger-side window. I abruptly pulled down his underpants and made him spread his ass cheeks for me. I purposely kept him in this position with the thermometer sticking out for a long time hoping someone would walk by. Eventually two women did but they were not close enough to make out what was going on in our vehicle.

One day I had him come to my office. I closed the door and drew the blinds. It was at that point I announced my intentions. He was very worried someone would walk in. I told him he was being difficult and I was getting tired of him acting like a cranky child.

He reluctantly complied with my request and pulled his pants and underpants down to his ankles. I made him stand that way while I retrieved the thermometer and a jar of KY Jelly. I then had him lay across my knees as I sat at my desk. After inserting the thermometer I made a telephone call keeping him in position throughout the call. I pushed the rod in and out in a playful way and also twisted it around inside of him. When I pulled the thermometer out he practically leaped to his feet to retrieve his clothes.

I planned a subsequent office rectal temperature taking event for a time I had a conference call. When I explained what I intended and what I wanted him to do he started to protest. After listening to his sheepish complaints I announced that if he didn’t hop to it I was going to call my secretary in to take his temperature. He knew I was serious.

It wasn’t long before he was totaled naked and up on his hands and knees on my conference table. I took the thermometer out of me desk went over to him waiting in position on the table for me and inserted the instrument deep into his anal passage. This is how he remained during most of the conference call. His expression was priceless.

Near the end of the conference call I motioned him to come over to my desk and got the point across I wanted the thermometer to remain inside him. It was hysterical watching him climb off the table while trying desperately to hold the instrument in his bottom. When he finally got over to me I turned him around and gave the rod a good twist. I had him lean over my desk for last few minutes of the call.

By far the most erotic experience to date for me and by far the boldest was in the doctor’s office. He was scheduled for a complete physical with my doctor friend….the same doctor from chapter 1 who came to the house to see him that sparked my interest in rectal temperature taking.

She asked me if I wanted to sit in on his exam. When I said yes he was not very thrilled and made a feeble protest that both of us dismissed instantly. As the three of us sat in her office the doctor commented about our rectal temperature taking play. She asked how it was going and if the pointers she and her nurse had given him helped. She went on to say she would pay particular attention to him back there during the exam.

Well, I must say the exam in and of itself was a turn on. Not only did he have to submit to the very attractive female doc, his wife was going to observe the entire proceeding and the doc was assisted by a very young and very attractive nurse. For the initial part of the exam he was permitted to leave on his underpants. It wasn’t long into the exam though when she got them off. He remained nude for the remainder of the exam.

I was also surprised at how thorough she was. My interest really piqued when the nurse got him up on the exam table and positioned his legs in stirrups similar to those used for a gyno exam. I almost burst out loud laughing when she told him to scoot down toward the edge of the table- what is good for the goose is good for the gander. His legs were wide open giving the three us an unobstructed view of his genial area and butt hole.

I next got to witness him have to endure the lady doc stick her fingers up his behind after looking the outside of his rear passage over very closely. The look on his face was priceless. He was beat red. Whether she was doing it for my benefit I don’t know, but she talked to me through this entire part of the exam and asked him many questions related to our temperature taking that he meekly replied to. At one point she asked the nurse to spread his hind quarters so she could explain to me where he was most sensitive to the thermometer or any other object going in and out.

At the conclusion of the exam the doctor told him to put on his underpants, and then she escorted us back to her office. When we were seated she began going over the results of the exam. During her comments she mentioned there was some redness right at his anal opening. I expressed surprise because I was following her instructions both using a liberal amount of KY jelly and making sure his butt hole was open wide before sticking in the thermometer.

She looked perplexed. With that she had him stand up between us and pull down his underpants. After making him spread his ass cheeks for our inspection, she explained and visually showed me the area that was irritated. She went to the phone and asked the person on the other line to bring in a rectal thermometer. Soon a middle aged nurse entered. She both stared and smiled at the scene of the poor fellow standing between us disrobed except for underpants pulled down to his knees.

When the nurse had gone the doctor asked me the most frequent position I put him in to take his temperature. When I mentioned over my knee she asked if I wanted her to demonstrate. Even if I didn’t I wanted to see what she had up her sleeve. I eagerly said by all means. It was priceless. I almost could not believe it when she pulled her chair over and directed him across her lap. He had utter despair on his face as he very sheepishly got in position. She first grabbed his underpants and pulled them completely off handing them to me. She then with one hand spread his cheeks wide to the point he flinched. She proceeded to talk me through the dos and don’ts as she inserted and withdrew the instrument from his behind.

When she was through with him she patted him on the butt and told him he could get up from her lap. I handed him his underpants that he quickly donned. He was then sent back to the examining room to fetch his clothes. I made some additional small talk with the doctor then quickly made my way to the examining room.

Once in the examining room I pulled out a thermometer and smiled at him. He was so humiliated at the time he simply asked what position I wanted him in. I proceeded to take his temperature in three different positions, bent over the exam table, on the exam table with his legs in the stirrups and on all fours. What an incredible experience.

In chapter 3 I will review our experiences when I invited girlfriends to participate in the fun.

She reached over for the bottle of lube again and applied another generous amount to his ass. She needed him to stay relaxed and open, which meant well lubricated.

She was delighted by his reaction to her taking of him. It gave her a bigger sense of power and she was truly enjoying it.

She removed the earplugs and she made sure he heard her, “You are a dirty little Pet aren’t you? A good Pet too, made sure you were ‘ready’. You like your Mistress fucking that ass and making it mine.”

‘Oh Mistress, don’t stop, please!” He was begging again and it was strange even to him to hear himself begging for more of this.

He had never thought he could enjoy something like this, but was persuaded immediately. It felt amazing having her take him completely. She was gentle enough for his first time but forceful enough to keep her control over him. He was in another world for the time being; his own fantasy world and she was ruling it.

“You like it faster, don’t you?” She teased as she increased her speed.

“Oh Yes please!” He cried.

“You like it deeper, don’t you?” She asked him as she buried the vibrator to its base.

Again all he could do was cry out, “Oh Yes!”

“I think I’m going to like having an ass-slut to play with and use.” She remarked as she again pounded him. Then out, and again into him, she shoved the rubber toy.

She liked watching and hearing his reaction. She thought he might be proving to like it a little too much and slowed down. She was still pumping her new power in and out of him just slower now.

“Bring your ass up off the pillow as far as you can.” She ordered.

He obeyed and tried to raise himself. When he was clear of the pillow, she pulled it out from under him and reached for his cock.

The first feel of her hand on his cock since she entered him almost made him explode his cum without his control. He managed to fight back the impulse but almost lost it still.

She could tell how sensitive he was and wanted to take full advantage of it.

She squeezed his cock then dropped it. She moved to release him of his bonds for a while.

She warned him as she untied him, “You will keep the vibrator in place and not let it slide out as you move. Do you understand me?

He answered in a ragged breath, “Yes Ma’am.”

She stood behind him at the foot of the bed, “Good. Now, raise on all fours and bring that ass of mine back to me.”

SMACK again across his cheeks while he still felt the buzz of his infallible intruder.

“Mmmm” He sputtered as he did as he was told.

“Now stop and stay there. Remember, don’t let that slide out.” She reiterated her warning.

She stepped around him and climbed onto the bed. She 69′d herself under him.

He almost jumped back from her as he could feel her so close to his throbbing cock. He wanted to feel her so bad. Taste her if he could be so lucky. Her smooth wet pussy was right in his face and he couldn’t help but want to dive into her creamy center.

He had to ask, he knew. He managed to get the words out but did not wait for the answer. His tongue was licking her erect clit.

She allowed it as she fully took him into her mouth and slid him right down her throat. He moaned around her pussy as he buried his mouth deeper into her.

She was still sensitive from his previous pleasing and he could tell by her jump at the contact. She returned the oral pleasure on his shaft eagerly. The faster he moved, the faster she slid him in and out of her mouth. Her tongue pressing as she slid.

Her hand reached up and tapped the foreign object still being held inside him. The jolt sent his tongue deeper into her.

He could feel her thighs flex around his head and knew she was close to another powerful orgasm. He wanted her to let go of it all over his tongue and face. He lapped and swirled his tongue around her until she squeezed him hard and moaned out.

She had one hand pumping in and out of him harder and her other one pumping his cock with matched speed. She wanted to feel his cock explode and taste it run down her throat but she stopped her hand pumping his cock and pulled out his invader in the same instance, just at the last moment before he expelled his load.

She moaned loud through her own orgasm as she denied him of his. He stayed at his task of sucking her pussy through her entire release not wanting to lose any of her sweet nectar. It was too sweet to lose a drop.

His own was starting to subside some while his balls still felt the weight of needing to release. He continued to service her through his agony, hoping he would please her well enough to deserve his own relief. He focused on her reactions and could tell her sensitivity was getting to the too intense point. He started to feel her clinch and flinch away from him.

He tried to continue but felt her hands reach under his body and almost throw him off of her. She had to recover for a few minutes. She needed to catch her breath and take in the intoxicating aroma of sex in the air.

They both lay there for what seemed like hours. Their heavy breathing was the only sound with a few light moans to break the rhythm. The hours, in fact were only minutes and she was ordering her Pet to replenish their drinks.

He was still rock hard and did not feel like moving until he felt relief but it was an order. If he did not follow it, relief would definitely be nowhere in sight. He removed his blindfold, then scrambled to his feet and returned with the drinks as required.

He found her sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him. She had a sly grin on her face and he smiled at the thought and puzzle of what she might be up to now. She was showing him a new force he had not seen and he was turned on despite and due to, his frustration.

He reached out her drink to her and knelt in front of her on the floor. He was once again drawn to her stocking feet. He sipped his beverage slowly, his eyes fixed on her toes wiggling at him.

She reached her foot up to his swollen balls and rubbed them gently. He jerked away at her touch again. He was still so sensitive he could not help it. Her toes felt cold and amazing. It was just a reflex to the sensation.

She dropped her foot and responded to his retreat, “You will not touch my feet again tonight.” She took a sip of her drink as she glared at him waiting for his retort.

He dropped his head in shame. He drew from his glass and reached over to sit it on the stand. As he brought his arm back, he grabbed her feet and begged her, “Please Ma’am, please! I am sorry. Don’t deny me your beautiful feet too!” He wanted to rub them and feel them in his hands. He tried to lift them to his mouth and she pulled them back quickly.

“I said no more tonight.” She repeated sternly. “Go stand facing the wall and wait for me.”

He rose in front of her and turned towards the inner wall. He stood to the wall and held his arms up and out to his sides. His legs were spread just slightly and his head was again lowered.

She enjoyed her drink for a few minutes letting his curiosity fill his head for a while.

He heard her walking around and rummaging in her bag of torture.

She walked up behind him and he felt a sharp sting across his backside. Another one followed, then another. He stood there and took each thwack and didn’t make a sound. She finished only when satisfied with the pink she had left on his cheeks with her crop. She left him standing there and went for a smoke. He was still standing at the wall when she returned. “Lay on the bed face up and spread out your arms and legs.” She had no hint of kidding in her voice.

He obeyed without a sound.

She finished off by placing his four limbs in the restraints again. She positioned the blindfold around his eyes again. Once he was ready for her, she climbed on top of him and leaned forward.

She placed her wet pussy right over his hardening cock then rubbed it barley touching it. She rocked on him for a few minutes getting him even harder. She could feel her juices soaking him as she slid back and forth on him.

She rose herself off of him and knelt beside him on the bed. Her fingers around his cock, she started to pump him. She started slowly and increased quickly. She made him grow and flinch until he almost couldn’t stop himself. SMACK as soon as he reached that point across his balls made it easier to subside the urges. She continued this agonizing pattern for a cruel period of time. She would make him reach that edge and deny him the pleasure of exploding.

She leaned in to him and warned him, “You are not to cum tonight at all. If you are obedient the remainder of the night, you might get some reprieve in the morning.” She kissed him hard before he could say anything back to her.

She ceased and maneuvered herself between his legs. Her hands were rubbing and massaging his piece, then her talented throat swallowed it. She used her gift to bring him to the edge multiple times.

He felt as if he would black out from the frustration and the pain starting from the build up in his aching balls. He did not want to defy her at all but he was too weak to resist her torture any longer. He released his entire load down her throat the next time she lowered her head on him.

She felt his final spasm before release and then tasted the sweet surrender of her submissive. She heard him trying to keep from screaming as she finished milking him and refused to let go when he hit the point of sensitivity he hated.

He thrashed against his bonds to no avail. He jerked and begged her to let go of him and let him start his repentance immediately. He knew he had directly disobeyed her and the price would be a high one to pay.

She released him and said nothing as she got up from the bed.

She collected herself and some things around the room. She could hear him continue his pleadings while she walked around and changed her clothes into her sleepwear. She returned to him after a while.

She removed the blindfold and glared at him. ‘Looks like our night is over early My Pet.” He could hear the disappointment in her voice. He knew she was very unpleased with his lack of control, but not sure to what extent. This would not be the last he heard of this insubordination.

She reached up and untied one hand then settled down on the other bed. She turned out the lamp and left him there for the night.

The Morning After…

His shame was still first on his thoughts when he awoke and heard her already up and moving around the room.

He immediately expressed his remorse again and again.

She continued to gather her things and pack for the drive home.

He knew she was still disappointed and moved to help her gather the remaining items. When she had everything together and was ready to leave, she turned to him.

She smiled and told him she still had a wonderful time and would enjoy planning his punishment for their next encounter. She leaned and kissed his smile as she turned for the door to leave him.

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