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DISCLAIMER:// My boyfriend and I started writing these stories for each other a while ago. He challenged me in the beginning to write the most kinky story I could think of. You’ll see what came of it. He’s also posting his stories on his account. I’ll update this with what it is soon enough.

No, none of these events have actually happened. They are pure fantasy concocted by my loverboy and myself.

Story 2: Fellatio

Another time, another place. You can feel that it’s cool in this room, but you cannot see a thing. All you can do is use your other senses to figure out your current location. You can smell the heady scent of vanilla and lavender close by, but you can’t tell from what. You’re tied up naturally. Though this time I’ve been more thoughtful and wrapped the cuffs with rags so they don’t chaff so bad. You feel a soft breeze caressing your skin. It’s warmer than the room is and causes goosebumps to rise over your skin. The scent of vanilla and lavender grows stronger. You can hear the soft padding of footsteps across the soft-ish floor. If you shift enough, you’ll notice that they’re tatami (rice mats). They’re perfect for cushioning your kitty knees. Your ears twitch, trying to find the sound again, but it doesn’t sound again.

The scent is extremely strong though. You keep looking around, sightless, your ears twitching. “Rachel?” you mewl. “Are you there?” Something touches your ear. Something warm and soft. A finger? Yes, a finger. My finger? Perhaps. “Rachel?” you implore again. Both of your ears were tweaked now, perhaps as an answer. You strain against you restraints. “Please! Tell me if that’s you.”

Something shifts in front of you and you can feel the air move downward. You feel fingertips on your nose, trailing down to your lips and over your chin. Soft lips touch your cheek as the fingers continue to trail even farther downward. You notice then that you are naked once more. Your cock twitches. “Rachel,” you mewl again, straining against your bonds. You want to make sure it’s me. You want to remove the blindfold so bad. Too bad you can’t. Lips keep kissing, nipping softly on your skin, moving toward your lips. Ten digits slide over your fuzzy chest, tracing patterns through the black fur. The lips skip yours and move up the other side of your face. You can feel your cock rising as the fingertips get closer and closer to it. You groan at a particularly sharp nip to your cheek. You shift in jerking motions, trying to get away or get the person teasing you to pull the blindfold off. You whine, pulling away, but each time finding that you can’t escape. Resistance is futile. You have yet to realize this, of course. “Let me see you,” you whisper when the lips find your earlobe and suckle on it gently. “Please, let me see you. I have to know…”

You feel a smile against your where your cheek and ear meet. The being still says nothing. You don’t know if it’s male or female, just that it smells of sweet vanilla and lavender. You can tell now that they’re so close to you. The fingers feel rather feminine though. They are slim and tiny, obviously feminine or perhaps Fae. You doubt you have a fairy in the room with you. Something about the touch is familiar. You think you know who it is, but you’d have to feel with your hands, taste with your tongue or see with your eyes to be sure. She isn’t going to let you do that quite yet though. She finally pulls away with a tiny giggle, leaving you aching for more. You let out a whimper, ashamed to be wanting to be touched so much and even more ashamed that you are sent into a spell of whimpering and desiring to beg and plead for more. You grit your teeth instead, growing angry with yourself and the woman who is so insistent on teasing you. You let out a growl, glaring into the thick blanket of black that the blindfold provides you. “Who the hell do you think you are?!” you shout, really rattling the chains as you strain and pull against them. “Who do you think you are that you can string me up like a prisoner and blindfold me then tease me like that?!”

You feel the female’s presence close up again. The scent fills your nostrils again as she leans close. Her hair brushes softly against the juncture between your neck and shoulder. You shiver. Your sense of touch is amplified since one of the other ones is blocked. You feel her breath against your ear, hot and sweet. It’s like she’s tempted to say something, but decides not to, instead touching your shoulders gently and pressing her lips to your jaw. She kisses downward this time, licking the muscles of your neck with a thick, hot tongue. She finds your collar bone and you can’t really remember why you were mad now. Everything in your mind goes hazy except for one feeling: lust. You want this woman, even if you don’t know who she is. She’s driving you insane. Your insanity is of course making this even harder to go through. You fight your bonds more. It’s obvious that you want out. She just giggles softly. Her maddening fingers slip lower, teasing the line of your hip bones. Your cock starts to strain and twitch. Why won’t she touch you? Why won’t she kiss you!? You’re beyond frustrated and keep letting out noises that indicate this. A grunt, a hiss followed by a pleading whimper. “Woman, please…” you say softly. Your collar is starting to really kick in now. You’re beginning to turn more uke.

The woman doesn’t like this. She stops what she’s doing and reaches up to take your collar off. You let out a loud hiss as the change happens and you’re returned to your human form. The lips find your chin, nipping and sucking for a moment as the hands, soft and silky against your skin, return to your hips. The bell jingled softly as it fell to the floor. You gasp softly as she kisses down your chest. She rubs her hands down your thighs. You suddenly realize the size of her hands match mine. Rage boils inside of you. “It is you! You little –” You cut yourself off with a loud gasp. The woman’s mouth has closed around your cock. She didn’t even try to play with it first, she just went for the goal. You hiss in a breath and pull on the chains. You can hear the sucking of her mouth as she moves up and down. Her fists closes around the remaining part of you and strokes in rhythm. You definitely recognize the mouth and the hand now. It is me. “Rachel…” you moan, flopping against the chains. Your cock is aching from its engorgement of blood and I’m the only thing that can ease it.

I apparently get bored of sucking on you and move away for a moment. “Don’t!” You fight the chains again in an attempt to grab at me. Unfortunately, that is a fruitless and futile effort. Well, that’s only natural since you’re chained up in iron cuffs. “Rachel…” you say softly. You sound sad and needy.

You hear rustling on the mat in front of you. “So you figured out it was me for real?” you hear my voice ask. “I figured you would after I sucked your cock a little bit.” I reach up and touch the blindfold, as if tempted to take it off, but I leave it where it is. Instead, my hands run down your body. I touch your shoulders and sides before slipping around and groping your taught ass. “I’m tempted to try other things…” My hands slide lower and into your crack. You shiver as they get lower and lower. Finally, I touch the tight bud of your asshole. Your breathing hitches, but otherwise you don’t react. “Would you like me to play with your asshole?” I ask softly. You don’t answer me. I kiss the corner of your lips as I continue to touch and gently prod at it. “No answer means yes,” I murmur, taking your lips with mine in passion and heat as my finger pushes against your hole. It doesn’t give though. So, I finish my kiss, licking your lips when I’m thoroughly done with you. I pull completely away from you and you hear something squish. You don’t know what it is, but you feel my hand, slick with something, rubbing your hole again. I’m kneeling in between your legs, you can feel mine brush yours softly as I shimmy closer. With one hand, I rub your thigh. The other, has found its way back behind your balls from underneath this time. This lubrication makes it easier to push inside.

You groan. “What are you using?” you ask, your voice thick with lust. “To make it easier?”

You can almost hear the grin in my voice. “How sexy would it be if I said it was my own juices?”

Your sphincter clenches tightly around my finger as your hips buck. “Very sexy,” you gasp. You let your head loll back on your shoulders as I continue to push my finger inside. I pump it slowly a few times before easing it back to the opening. A second finger joins it, pushing slowly inside. I ease my fingers up inside of you until they reach their hilt. They wiggle around a little bit, as if looking for something. They find your prostate and your hips buck. A soft whimpering moan escapes your lips.

“Perfect,” I purr, leaning down to kiss your cock. You moan again as I slide you into my mouth. My free hand moves to encircle the base of your cock. I can already feel you thickening up as I suck, stroke and massage. I’ve apparently found one of the ultimate guy-pleasers. You buck against the chains, grunting and thrusting into my mouth. I let you, for now at least.

All you can do is feel pure sensation. You can’t see anything, but you can hear and feel every little thing that I’m doing to you. Slowly, in little wafts, my scent joins the smell of vanilla and lavender. “Engh! God! Rachel, let me fuck you,” you gasp, struggling even more now. “Please let me fuck you!”

I stop what I’m doing for a moment and look up at you. I let my hand fall away from your penis, leaving my fingers plunged deep into your asshole. They keep wiggling as I reach up and remove the blindfold. “No, you can’t fuck me. But I will let you watch.” Your eyes blink open and I slip your glasses onto your face, adjusting them so they sit right.

You can see my bare back since I’m leaning down so far. I’m naked, of course. You aren’t really paying much attention to my back though as I lean back down to suck your cock. You watch with rapt attention, I notice as I look up every so often. Eventually, I’m staring up at you, waiting to see you orgasm. Your face starts to scrunch up as your breathing gets more choppy. Your breath hitches in your throat as your mouth opens up. You struggle to keep looking at me, but you find you can’t. I feel your cock bulge and I pull my face away quickly. My fingers wiggle wildly against your prostate as the first jet of cum erupts from your member. I let out a gasp as the first jet hits my face. Another string comes and lands on my chest. I open my mouth as you look down again and aim your cock toward my mouth as it bursts again. All of this seems to be occurring in slow motion. I moan for you, not relenting on my milking of your cock and your prostate. By the time you’re completely empty, I’m covered in your hot seed. I fall back on my ass, withdrawing from you completely. I feel naughty and bad for what I did to you. My hand touches my face, touches your cum. I bite my lip and look up ate you. I’ve already swallowed what managed to make it into my mouth. I lay back on the rice mats below us.

You’re watching me, knowing exactly what I’m going to do. I scoot back a little bit so you can see me better. I love that look of complete attention you’re giving me. My fingertips move from my face down my body, drawing patterns in the cum covering me. My nipples are standing up proudly and I tweak them a few times before groping myself. I let out a sighing moan, continuing to watch you as you lick your lips.

I continue on in silence, sliding my hands down until they reach the parting of my thighs. I draw my knees up and lay my legs open so you can see everything and just how glistening wet my shaved pussy is. I watch you groan and lick your lips a few times. My fingers find my clit. I start to rub slowly, loving your eyes on me. I’ve always enjoyed masturbating for you, this time is no different. It always feels more intense when you can see me or hear me. I love teasing you like this. I’d love to feel your hands on me now, but that would be too risky at this point. You’d begin to wonder more about how you ended up here and what was going on. You’d begin to question if these were not dreams after all. This would not do. I enjoyed making you my sex slave far too much.

After a while of teasing myself, I’m rubbing furiously at my clit as my other hand finds itself finger deep inside my pussy. I’ve squeezed two inside, imaging it’s really your cock, which is beginning to stand at attention in front of me again. I bite my lip, refusing to let a moan escape, but it does anyway. My breathing is uneven and shallow. You can see the expression that I usually get just before I orgasm. Frustration, desperation… I stare up at you, continuing to rub and fuck myself. “Eric,” I breathe, my breath hitching in my throat on the last syllable. “I love you.” Then my orgasm crashes over me.

Covered in cum, still twitching from my own orgasm, I stand up and stand in front of you. Leaning down to your level. I kiss you softly. “Thank you lover. Time to wake up.”

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I had just got off the 4 train and 125th when I saw this nice ass standing in front of me on the platform. She was leaning against one of the many columns. Just above her low rider denim jeans was exposed hip and back skin– there was a tattoo that was only partially visible. Above that was a tight short tee that left little to the imagination.

I went and stood next to her and I saw that she was a pretty, light-skinned Puerto Rican mami. She looked at me and I flashed my pearly whites. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head, making my dick get harder and harder. As the 6 train pulled into the station I stepped closer to her to take in her scent. I was intoxicated by the perfume she was wearing.

“You smell real good, what are you wearing?” I said as she leaned off the column to step into the car. She turned to look at me then grinned from ear to ear.

“It’s called A-mo-rooge!”

“I love it.”

I was standing right behind her at this point as the doors closed right behind me. I leaned against the doors as the train pulled out of the station. My eyes casted downward toward her phat ass and wide hips.

“What the hell is that tattoo? It is some word!” I thought to myself as I gazed at her body. I leaned forward.

“I don’t mean to sound creepy, but what does your tattoo say?”

She leaned her head back and said “Emily! Lift my shirt and see.”

Man you ain’t got to tell me twice. I lifted her shirt a little and saw a beautiful tattoo. “By the way, my name is Five.”

“I didn’t ask you for your name. And what kind of name is five?”

“I thought it was only right since I know yours and I was just fondling your clothes.”

She stepped back a little and brushed her ass against my dick. Emily turned her head a little and I could see a smile on her face. “So, is “Five” your real name or a street name?”

“I was born on May fifth at five in the afternoon. You figure it out.” I let my hands rest on her left hip.

“Why are you touching me?” I looked around to see a couple of people looking at us. “I don’t even know you she whispered.”

“Why were you rubbing your ass on my dick?”

“Because I could see you staring at my ass and licking your lips.” I looked up and into glass of the door across from us. “You want me to stop?”

“No. I wanna take you home and fuck the shit out of you?” I placed both hands on her ass and hips while whispering into her ears.

“What are you working with Five?” She ground her ass into my crotch harder. At 5’7″ this girl’s ass crack was right on my balls and dick.

As the train pulled into the Hunts point station I said “What stop are you getting off at?”

“Parkchester. What about you?”

“Parkchester also!”

Ten minutes later we were running down the steps at the Parkchester stop. She grabbed my hand and said, “Come, let’s go to my place before my folks get home.”

“How old are you ma?”

“I’m nineteen. How old are you?”


We walked into a private house a block from the station and started kissing each other fiercely before the front door closed. It was 3:45. Emily pulled me up to her room and started pulling her shirt off. She ripped my clothes off. When we were naked I grabbed her 36C breasts and started licking and sucking them. Her nipples were smooth. I could feel it getting hard in my mouth as my lips cover her nipple. I bit it just hard enough and it turns her on. She likes her nipples bitten. I did not stop with sucking on her nipple. I ravished her breast then I heard a little moan followed by “ohhhh” as I bit her nipples.

I pushed her down onto her full-sized bed and started kissing her down to her belly-button. I licked and sucked her, making her tremble with pleasure. Emily pushed my head south, and I was soon licking the hell out of her clit. I licked those sweet pussy lips and stuck my tongue into her sugar walls and tasted her nectar. My right index finger explored her butt-hole and my thumb replaced my tongue in her pussy. After about fifteen minutes and five orgasms, I stood up and grabbed my meat in my hands. She looked at my cock and licked her lips.

“Wow. How big is it?”

“Big. About ten inches.” She measured me against her palm and smiled real wide.

“You’re right. You’re the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

With that Emily opened her mouth and slipped it over my dick. Her mouth was hot and wet and she started moving it back and forth on my ten inches. Emily was moaning and moving faster and faster. I was getting weak in the knees and grabbed onto her head and fucked her mouth with everything I had. Emily opened up wider and deep-throated my member. I felt the tightness of her throat wrap around me. Emily pulled me out and sucked my balls into her mouth. She licked the shaft and ball until they were completely wet. She went back to sucking me and after five more minutes my climax came and I erupted into her mouth pulled out and blasted those last two emissions onto her face.

We layed down for a while and gave each other massages. I was 4:30 when Emily felt my cock poking her ass while I was finishing up my massage. She reached into the bottom drawer of her night stand and pulled out a condom, opened it, popped it into her mouth and flips over and rolls into onto my dick with her mouth. Emily turned around again and I just grabbed those hip and rammed my dick into that pussy. She squealed in pain because she was very tight. After a while that turned to pleasure.

“Oh God you are fucking huge. Fuck me harder. Ohhh! Ohhh!”

“You like this dick?”

“Hell yeah.” She started pushing back against me for me to fuck harder. And fuck her I did.

We were going at it for about 15 minutes when I started playing with her asshole. I stuck my thumb in and wiggled it around for awhile.

“Can I get in there?”

“No. You’re too big. You gonna rip me open.”

“We can lubed it up real good and give it a go.” After ten more minutes fucking and trying to convince Emily to let me fuck her in the ass, she finally gave in. She retrieved some KY from her drawer and I lubed her and myself up real well.

“I’ve only tried this once before with someone much smaller so please be gentle.”

I placed the tip of my cock at her puckered hole and pushed slowly. Her ass opened up and accepted me. She relaxed at more of the ten inches was able to go in. After a while I started fucking her ass for all it was worth. Emily was moaning and I was groaning. We both climaxed at the same time and collapsed in a heap. At about 5:30 thirty Emily’s phone rang. It was her mother telling her to meet her at the train station to help with some packages. We rushed out of the house and walked down toward the station. We exchanged numbers and I kissed her one last time and went home. I was definitely gonna hook up with this girl again.

I opened my phone book and place her number inside. I flipped open my Palm m500 and added it there also. I put stars next to her name as she joined the list of many shorties that I have bagged over the past nine years. I was up to 200.

I had this really good friend named Kendall who also had a friend named Rashan. Well, Rashan had this really fine ass girlfriend named Denisee. Kendall is a real bullshitter and I didn’t believe half of the wild stories he told, so I just ignored his comments about how wild Denisee got when she got drunk. He told me how Rashan was the type of guy that only wanted it about once or twice a week and Denisee wanted it once or twice an hour. Rashan was a soft brother that got picked on a lot. How he eneded up with this girl no one will ever know. Since she was a “good little girl” she couldn’t really cheat on Rashan, but if you got her drunk, she would do anything and not feel guilty about it.

One day Kendall told me he was going to prove to me how wild Denisee really was. He had arranged for us to meet her at the local Chinese restaurant for pizza and beer (which we would sneak in of course). When she met us I noticed that the dress she was wearing was really unusual in that it was made almost exactly like a raincoat, buttons down the front with a belt around the middle. I also noticed a lot of cleavage and her shapely calves.

We sat down in the back and ordered our food. When I took out the beer Denisee said that she didn’t want to drink any because she didn’t like the taste. Well, after our food arrived Denisee gave in and poured herself a glass of beer. When we were done with the food, we were also done with the beer and Denisee had only had one glass. Kendall pulled out three more Coronas from his knapsack and convinced Denisee that the only way for her to drink with us was to “chug” each glass so she wouldn’t taste it so much. After “chugging” about six or seven glasses of beer, Denisee was being as sweet as can be. She had unbuttoned two of the lower buttons on her dress so that she could move her legs enough to play footsie under the table with me. As we were leaving, Denisee called out to me. She was standing by the bathrooms, which were hidden from view of the customers, and when I turned she opened up her dress and showed me a braless cutout corset with garters and stockings. Her nipples were about the size of a quarter and looked like Hershey’s Kisses in the cool evening air. Her bush was a dark brown that looked like the hair was very thin or recently trimmed. About then I realized that we were in the middle of a city with about 100,000 people in it and it was still daylight at 8 P.M.

Nothing else happened that night, but Denisee and I became drinking buddies for several weeks. One evening about 4 months later Denisee called me and invited me and my bottle of rum over to her apartment for margaritas. She said her parents had gone to the Poconos for a wedding and wouldn’t be back for three days. I quickly showered, dressed, hit the liquor store and was at her apartment in about 30 minutes. When I got there I thought something was up because Rashan was working night shift and Denisee’s older sister was out for the rest of the night with her new beau. Denisee made the mistake of letting me make the margaritas and I loaded about a cup of rum into each one of the drinks. After our third round Denisee was feeling real loose.

Our casual conversation suddenly turned sexy when Denisee asked if I had liked her lingerie that night at Ting Juo’s. I said that I loved lingerie but had trouble finding women who were into it as much as I was. When Denisee heard that I loved lingerie she offered to give me a fashion show of her lingerie collection. I quickly agreed and she disappeared into the bedroom to change.

The first outfit she came out in really knocked my socks off. It was a basic white bra with frilly lace across the top edge of the cups. The lace was cut just low enough to expose the top half of each perky brown nipple. She was wearing white garters that rode perfectly across her slender, full hips with four long, lacy straps leading down to her white stockings. The stockings were the sheer white kind that sparkle in the light and she was moving around a lot to produce the best possible effect with the little light available. She was wearing white lace panties that were no more that two triangles of cloth held together by lace straps. The front panel was transparent enough that I could see her dark bush and a hint of pussy lips. She really knew what she was doing because she had put her panties on over the garters so she could take off her panties without removing the garters.

The fashion show didn’t get any further then because Denisee sat down next to me and started kissing me. Being fully clothed and in the arms of this brown-eyed beauty while she was only clad in her underwear was more than I could stand. I got up and started to undress when Denisee said “Let me do that for you.”

Denisee undresses me but made it a point not to touch me. She laid back on the couch and handed me a vibrator that had magically appeared in her hand.

“Do me with this,” she said. I took the vibrator from her and turned it on, adjusting the speed to a very slow, humming speed. I started out on her nipples and when they got good and hard I pushed the cups of her bra down to expose them to my tongue. With one nipple in my mouth and my left hand on the other, my right hand moved the vibrator around her crotch and upper legs.

After about five minutes of playing this way I started to move the vibrator into her cunt. I slowly tickled the outer lips of her pussy with the tip of the vibrator and watched as her pussy unfolded like a lovely flower. The vibrator was already slick with her pussy juices that were leaking out of her like a lake draining so I pushed it slowly up into her pussy. I kept pushing until all eight vibrating inches were buried in her cunt. We moved into a sixty-nine position so she could suck my cock and I could lick on her clit while I diddled her with the vibrator.

I finally removed the vibrator from her pussy and decided to get down to some serious cunt lapping. I shoved two fingers of my left hand up into her pussy and started to dig around until I found the magic spot. Once I had done this I sucked her clit into my mouth and pushed up on the spot. Denisee started squealing and bucking like she was being electrocuted and pussy juice coated my face and my arm down to the elbow. Suddenly Denisee stopped thrashing about and just lay there breathing rapidly and deeply. Without any warning at all Denisee pissed all over the couch but didn’t seem to notice or to wake up. After about five minutes Denisee woke up and was really embarrassed about peeing on the couch. Apparently she was totally knocked out by the series of multiple orgasms. When she got her composure back she said, “You can do anything you like.”

When I heard this I was ecstatic. I first shoved my hard dick (I still hadn’t come yet) up her juicy cunt and then shoved a finger up her asshole. After ten minutes of slow fucking and several orgasms by Denisee I lifted her legs over my shoulders. From this position I withdrew my cock in a long slow stroke that made a popping sound when it finally came out. Denisee whimpered for me to put it back in her when I pulled out but I had other ideas. I put my cunt juice-slickened dick right up to her anus and began to push. Denisee was obviously no stranger to anal sex because she relaxed and shoved right back until my balls hit her ass. Then she started bucking and I started pushing. This time the strokes were long, hard, and fast. Denisee grabbed the vibrator off the floor and pushed it into her cunt with such savage force that I thought that she might hurt herself. The vibrations were too much for Denisee and she came twice real close together then I was ready to come. Denisee stopped me and told me to come in her mouth so I withdrew my dick and, with her legs around my thighs, shoved it into her mouth. With Denisee sucking on the head of my dick, one hand playing with my balls and one finger of her other hand up my asshole I came what seemed like gallons. Denisee drank it all down like a pro and then complimented me on my lovemaking.

I saw Denisee regularly and more kinkily for several more months and then she finally made a commitment to be true to Rashan and as far as I know she hasn’t broken it. She always knows that if she wants anything in the way of sex she can call me.

This continues the story from chapters 1 & 2 and introduces some more D/s elements. I would again like to thank Hatsuda for his editing expertise and encouragement.

The bed was empty when I woke next morning, but I could smell coffee brewing. I threw on a gown and ambled down to the kitchen where Mum was fixing breakfast. I padded up behind her and wrapped her in my arms from behind, kissing her behind her right ear.

“Morning, gorgeous,” I whispered.

Mum turned in my arms. She looked rather drawn and hesitant, but still managed, “Morning yourself, handsome. Look Jesse, we need to …”

I put my finger against her lips, doing my mindreading act. “I agree; we do need to talk, but breakfast first. I’m starving.”

“Okay honey, but I want you to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me.”

“Me too, Mum, I’m desperately and helplessly in love with you, and nothing you can say is going to change that. I want you to know that you’re not only stunningly beautiful, you’re smart, funny, elegant, you have a magic personality, a body to die for, and, oh god, are you sexy. I’m totally smitten.”

Her face relaxed and she kissed me, warm and sweet with the tip of her tongue just stroking along my lips, and I returned the compliment. Mum smiled and said, “Now let me go you big ape or we’ll never get breakfast. I couldn’t bear to have a starving lover.”

I sat and read the paper, making fatuous comments about the news headlines, until we had breakfast, exchanging small talk. Then we cleared up, and I took Mum’s hand and led her into the lounge.

“Okay, Mum, about last night. Will you go first?”

“Oh Jesse, this is so hard for me; it’s something I wanted to keep hidden from you because I feared that you would think I was some kind of deviant or pervert and not want to be with me any more. I felt so vulnerable, but then you forced it out of me … no, that’s not fair – I found myself in a place where I couldn’t hide any more and I needed to let it all out.”

“Mum I …”

This time it was her turn to put her finger against my lips.

“Please, honey, I need to tell you, and it’s best for me if I let it all go at once, then you can make your judgement.”

I was about to comment but thought better of it and I let it go.

“Jesse, I’ve known for a very long time, for ever, I think, that there’s some kind of submissive element in my makeup. When I was a child, my father was a strict disciplinarian, and I knew I had no choice but to obey him. That led me to believing that I couldn’t think for myself and I had to obey. You’re studying psychology, so you’d know about that sort of thing.”

I nodded, but again kept quiet.

“Jesse, I’m very good at what I do professionally. That’s not conceit; it’s a recognition of my own strengths in a particular field, and I’m very confident of my abilities in that area. It’s stressful and getting more so, but I can handle that sort of stress. When it comes to my emotional life, though, I’ve always been a mess. I have no confidence in myself, and I’ve so needed someone I can trust absolutely so that I can let go of all my inhibitions and be who I want to be. I need to be able to surrender myself to someone I can rely on and give that person complete control over me, and let go of all my responsibilities in my emotional life. Not all the time, maybe, but when we are together and I can submit to you. Perhaps that can also help to build my resilience to deal with my professional stress.”

I had read something of the nature of dominance and submission, and a fully formed understanding came to me that my beautiful mother loved me far more than just as a mother. What was more, she wanted to please me and would do anything I wanted. At the same time, I knew that I loved her deeply and wanted to be with her. It also started to dawn on me that being able to dominate my beautiful, sexy mother and to have her willingly submit herself to me was extraordinarily potent and, potentially dangerously intoxicating. Even as we sat and talked, my stiffening cock let me know how exciting this was.

“Honey, the idea of being able to give up responsibility for myself and to have you take control is my reward. I can abandon myself to you completely, give up all responsibility and even ‘be nothing’. I wouldn’t have to ‘be myself’ but just allow you to take control of my body and my mind.”

“Oh god, Mum, do you realise what you are saying?”

“Yes, Jesse, I’ve given this a lot of thought; it’s been with me for most of my life, and it’s only now that I can start to let it out. You see, my love, my first need is for someone I can really trust.”

“Does that mean that you couldn’t possibly submit to someone that you didn’t have an intimate emotional connection with? Someone, perhaps who is a “professional” dominant?”

“No, never, Jesse. You are the only person I can possibly trust at this depth to accept my surrender and keep me safe. Just being able to let go and put myself wholly into your hands is a huge satisfaction for me, and, depending on what you do to me, I think it would also be incredibly sexy.” She smiled, pouted and blew me a kiss.

“Wow, Mum, this is unbelievably hot, but you need to understand that I have no experience as a dominant. Even so, if we’re able to really communicate with each other and learn as we go, we could really make this work. I know that I will need to listen to what you need to tell me and to read all the other signs from you. If that is really what you want, then I do, too.”

“You’re right, we can learn together and I’m completely certain there won’t be any problem with this, Jesse my love. I trust you totally, and you can do absolutely anything that you want. “

“Mum, please be careful – you’re giving me a blank cheque to do anything I like.”

“Yes, honey that’s just what I am doing,” she replied without a trace of hesitation.

“Okay, Mum, but we need to establish a few boundaries.”

“No, honey, I trust you totally.”

“Hmm. Okay, so you will do everything I say?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Yes, of course.”

“You will suck my cock?”


You will let me control your orgasms and not cum until I allow you to?”

“Ooh yes.”

“Let me use your arse?”


“Let me tie you up and caress your whole body?”

“Yes.” Mum started to shiver with anticipation.

“Spank you?”


“Cum on your face and tits?”

“Yes.” Her shivering increased.

“Make you have sex with another woman?”

“Oh, I’ve never thought about that, but, yes if it pleases you, and if it was someone that I felt okay with.”

“Not good enough, Mum. If it was some old tramp that I picked up off the street?”

Her voice now became quiet and low. “I guess so, if that’s what you want.”

“Publicly humiliate you?”

Her voice now became hoarse and tears started to form in her eyes. “Yes.”

“Brand you, pierce you or have you tattooed?

“Yes.” Her voice was now even quieter and broken with tears.

“Share you with other men for their pleasure?”

“Yes, if that is what you really need.”

“Make you have sex with animals?”

“Yes.” Her voice was now so low that I could hardly hear.

In my arrogance, I barked, “Louder, mother, I didn’t hear you!”

“Yes”, she screamed through her tears, seemingly without hope.

Mum stood in front of me, her head bent down, her shoulders slumped and tears rolling down her face, a picture of misery. Then it suddenly hit me with almost physical force. This gorgeous, sexy yet vulnerable woman had offered herself to me without any limits, and I had just pole vaulted over any reasonable boundaries and abused our relationship to the point where my words had caused her anguish and pain. How could I possibly justify the demands I had just made?

I moved slowly towards her and took her hands in mine. “Oh god, Mum, I am so very sorry – could you ever bring yourself to forgive me?” I said with my voice now starting to choke up.

Now she completely astonished me as she looked up with an expression of amazement on her face. “Oh no, Jesse, no, you must NOT blame yourself for this. I was the one who insisted that there should be no limits and that boundaries weren’t necessary. You tried to persuade me and I wouldn’t listen. I got so distressed because I realised that there were some things that I couldn’t face but I couldn’t say ‘no’ because I’d given you carte blanche to do as you like.”

I looked at Mum and suddenly started laughing. “Oh dear, oh dear, Mum, we are a prize pair, aren’t we? I love you so much and I wouldn’t do anything to harm you.”

Mum laughed through her tears in reply. “I bet I love you more. So there!”

“Hmm, I don’t know about that, but we’ve got the rest of our lives to find out who loves who the most.”

She came into my arms and pressed her body closely to mine. I could feel the swell of her beautiful tits and the hard points of her nipples thrusting into me as she ground her pussy against me.

“Jesse, master, please take me. I want you so much.”

“Okay, my pet, just allow me a few more words, then I’m going to fuck you so hard my cum will squirt out of your ears.”

“Ooh, yes, please darling, that sounds really good.”

“First, though, Carole, let me say that I find the whole idea of bestiality totally repulsive. I’d rather cut my own cock off than submit you to that.”

She laughed. “Oh no, don’t do that. I need him urgently; what would I do without your lovely cock?”

“Well, I’m sure you won’t have to find out. As well, I’m totally selfish and I have absolutely no intention of sharing you with any other guy. I do have this fantasy of seeing you with another woman, though, but it MUST be someone who you find attractive.”

Mum shivered in my arms, this time with pleasure and made little murmurs of encouragement.

“As to marking you in any hard way, I would hate to see your gorgeous body defiled, so piercing, branding, tattooing or anything else like that is out of the question.”

“Even if I want someone to tattoo me with a little sign that says ‘property of Jesse’,” she laughed.

“Yes, even that. Now don’t interrupt, slut, your master is talking.”

“Yes sir,” she replied meekly, but with an undertone of laughter.”

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, I won’t publicly humiliate you either – that would be quite unfair as I know you have a high profile in some very straight circles.” My mind tripped over the idea of a straight circle, but I continued, “Even so, I wouldn’t be averse to a little private humiliation, kept strictly behind closed doors. I see you being naked with a collar and a lead, and a vibrating butt plug with an artificial tail attached to it, and I could lead you around the house with you on all fours.”

Mum gave a very passable imitation of a dog barking. “Ooh yes, then I really could be your little bitch!”

“Master, I know you’ve got some other things to say, but I’m just about coming apart at the seams. Would you be really kind to your slut and take her to bed and give her the hard fucking that she deserves?”

I needed no further encouragement, and within a few minutes we were naked on her king size bed.

“How do you want me, master?” she gasped.

“On your back, spread your legs and pull your ankles up to your shoulders.”

“Mmm yes, please, don’t take too long” she whimpered.

I had seen a damp patch on the gusset of her panties as she had hurriedly stripped, but I needed to check how ready she really was. I stroked my right index finger along her slit, from her puckered arsehole along her moist and excited inner lips to her clit, now standing proud from its sheath. She gasped as I did so, shaking and quivering in anticipation. This time I knew no preliminaries were needed, and I lined up my rigid and throbbing cock with her glorious cunt, just resting the head lightly on the entrance. This made her moan and push her hips forward in an effort to get me into her hot hole.

So as not to disappoint her, with one solid thrust I impaled my shaft into her steaming wet cunt. Her pussy muscles grabbed at me as I did so and she screamed with the overwhelming sensation of being filled with cock. I started with long slow thrusts, almost (but not quite) withdrawing my cock from her, which caused her to gasp with need.

“Take it all, slut,” I demanded, “you wanted it hard, and that’s just how you’re going to get it.”

I then changed gear, using short, fast, hard strokes that caused her to thrash around on the bed and fling her head from side to side. I knew that neither of us would last very long, and I heard her gasps turn to moans.

“Oh god yes, master, fuck your bitch and make her cum. Do me as hard as you can. Oh yes, more, more, more, please don’t stop, I’m so close to cumming.”

I changed again with long hard thrusts that stroked across her clit and she started to come apart. At the same time, I could feel my balls drawing up and the tingling at the base of my cock told me I would cum at any moment. The velvet vice of her cunt squeezed me as I continued my increasingly feverish thrusts. I knew that I couldn’t hold back for much longer and slammed into her with my balls slapping against her arse. My cum raced up my cock and I shouted in joy and triumph as it flooded into her.

That was enough to send her over the top. She screamed incoherently and her nails raked down my back as ecstasy overtook her and her floodgates opened. She first went into a violent spasm, then howled as the orgasm overtook her, and she flooded my cock with her love juice. I stayed with her legs on my shoulders until my cock shrank and oozed out of her soaking pussy, releasing a trickle of our combined juices.

I rolled over and moved up the bed and took Carole in my arms, kissing her softly. To my surprise and delight, she disengaged and slid her soft silky body down mine until she was able to take my shrunken cock in her mouth and lick me completely clean.

“A good slut should always make sure her master is clean and tidy”, she whispered and moving back up my body, snuggled her head into my neck. Then she playfully wiped her fingers across her ears and laughed. “No cum, master – maybe I wasn’t quite good enough for you.”

“Slut or no slut, Mum, I love you so much I sometimes feel like bursting when I’m close to you. You are so damned sexy that I can get a first grade hard on just thinking about you.”

“Really?” she replied with laughter again in her voice. “Well, don’t let it go to waste. Just tell me and I’ll find something inventive to do with it – better still, show me,” she giggled.

We returned to the kitchen and sat drinking coffee.

“Mum, there are a couple of other things we need to sort out. First, you need a safe word so that if I do anything, repeat anything you don’t like, I will stop. Guaranteed.”

“Okay, honey, – what sort of a safe word?” She hesitated and then laughed. “I know, how about ‘turnip’?”

“Turnip?” I queried, “Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Honey, neither of us is likely to scream in the height of our passion, ‘oh god, give me more of your beautiful turnip,” she laughed.

“No, I can see that, or to say, ‘Mmm, you have such a beautiful turnip’. No that should work very well. The other thing is that it would help to have some sort of signal to know when you’re feeling submissive, when you just want to laugh and play and fool around, and when you’re serious and in full on ‘mother’ mode.”

“Okay, Jesse, do you have any ideas?

Well, yes, I do, but it might be a little inconvenient for you.”

“Try me and see.”

Well, when you have your hair up in a French roll, I’ll know you are really serious and no messing about. When your hair just flows freely around your shoulders, I’ll know you want to play or for us to just be together and enjoy each other’s company. And if you wear it in a pony tail, I’ll know you want me to dominate you. How does that sound?”

Mum stroked her hand across her head, with her hair down to her shoulders. “Sounds good to me – let’s try it out.” Then she stood and came to sit on my lap. “Now stop talking and kiss me, Jesse.”

Which we did, a long, sweet kiss with our tongues lazily swirling together, enjoying the sensuous feelings and sense of belonging to each other.

“One last thing, Mum,” I said ignoring her shaking her head with her eyebrows raised to heaven. “I’d like to keep calling you Mum when we’re close together like this and also when the situation is formal. But I’d also like to call you Caroline sometimes, particularly when we’re close and hot and sexy.”

“Okay, but don’t forget that I want to be your slut, honey. When you dominate me, you can call me slut, bitch, tramp, whore or anything else you choose and it will actually help me to know that I have given myself to you to be your plaything. Then I can feel free.” With this, she kissed me again, hard and needy, with her tongue deep in my mouth. “I love you, Jesse/master, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life proving it to you.”

We spent the rest of the day in a wholly domestic scene, talking, playing, laughing, kissing, and for me, enough studying to salve my conscience. We made love softly and gently that evening, delighting in each other’s bodies, and both of us slept soundly.

I woke early the next morning (Sunday) with a powerful morning woody, pressed hard into the cheeks of Carole’s sumptuous arse, and I knew then what direction we were going to take. Carole woke slowly, yawned and wiggled her arse against me.

“Mmm, morning sweetie, apart from the obvious, how are you feeling this morning?”

“Great, thanks Mum. So great, that I want to ask you something. Later, I guess as your dom, I might demand it, but first time I’ll ask; I’d love to take you up your gorgeous arse.”

Mum stiffened a bit, but said, “Okay Jesse, but …”

“What’s the problem, Mum?”

“Well, I’m not exactly an anal virgin, honey; Denzel took me there just once. He just shoved his cock into my arse and it was so brutal it hurt like fire. I screamed in pain; I thought he was trying to split me in half, and I never allowed him to do it a second time. He wasn’t happy about it, but I wasn’t going to go through that again.”

“Hmm, yeah, I can understand that. Now, I’m not an expert, but I do know that we need to do some preparation. I need to stretch you, gently but progressively, and you need to be able to relax your sphincter muscle. We need to get some practice in so that we can both enjoy the real thing.”

“Okay, honey.” Mum was rather uncertain, but I pressed on.

“First things first, I feel like a shower, and I love showering with you.” Mum grinned, and I continued, “I’ll be happy to wash your hair for you, then I’ll start by using just one nice soapy, slippery finger in your butt.”

We were soon in the shower; I shampooed her hair and she coo-ed appreciatively. Then we soaped each other thoroughly with lots of giggles and sensuous touches. I used the hand spray to spray warm water into Carole’s open pussy and she squealed with delight. “Ooh you are a bad boy, but that is so nice.”

“Okay, sweet cheeks, now let’s see how we go with your arse. Hold onto the rail, spread your legs and bend over as far as is comfortable.”

I could see her little brown puckered hole and bent down to run my tongue across it. Carole gasped and panted, “Ooh yes that feels so good,” but then gasped even more as I rolled my tongue sideways and pushed it gently into her arsehole.

“My god, what are you doing?” she screamed.

“What does it feel like?”

“It’s so different. I didn’t even imagine that this could be possible, it feels so naughty but so good,” she moaned.

“Okay, now I’ll try again, and just see if you can relax the muscle and let me in a bit further.”

This time, Carole consciously relaxed her sphincter a little and I was able to get my tongue a bit further in. She squealed and gasped with pleasure.

“Now let’s go to the next step.” I soaped my hand and gently inserted my index finger into her anus. I could feel the muscle tensing, and stopped.

“Oh god, Jesse, please be gentle – I’m so scared. Your tongue was nice and soft and squishy, but I’m not sure about your finger.”

“Carole, try to consciously relax the muscle. I won’t hurt you – remember ‘turnip’ – but I want to see if I can just get one finger all the way in. Trust me, Mum,” I attempted to calm her fears, then gently inserted my finger again. I stopped as she gradually relaxed her sphincter, and I pushed in to the second knuckle.

“How’s it going sweet cheeks?” I asked.

“Okay so far – not bad at all.”

I pulled out until just the tip of my finger was inside her, then slowly pushed in until my whole finger was buried in her sweet arse. Then I gently moved my finger backwards and forwards and side to side, slowly stretching her anus.

“Ooh Jesse, this is a strange feeling – strange but nice. I think I might get to like you playing with my butt like this.”

“Good, Mum, now let’s see what happens if I take it up a notch,” and I slowly introduced a second finger.

“Jesse, my love, please be careful – I don’t know if I can take any more.”

“You know the rule, Mum, just relax and let it all happen,” and I bent and bit her on her right cheek. The surprise of this deflected her concentration from her anus, and I was able to slide in another finger to the second knuckle.”

“You cheat,” she gasped but didn’t try to pull away. I slowly got the second finger completely into her hole and using them both, started to spread it a little more widely.

“Oh yes, honey, that’s not nearly as bad as I feared. In fact it’s quite exciting even though it is a bit uncomfortable.”

“I tell you what, Carole, if your balance is okay, let go with one hand and just stroke your clit while I stretch you.”

“Mmm – oh god that feels so good. Oooh yes, … oh Jesse, I want you so much and I don’t care whether it’s up my arse or in my pussy.”

“Patience, you hot little bitch, we’ve still got some preparation to do, and she moaned in disappointment as I withdrew from her arse. I slapped each cheek and she squealed and took a half-hearted swing at me. I caught her arm and pulled her to me, wet with the shower still running and kissed her hard, our tongues duelling. I then released her just enough to find her tight, hard nipples and pinched them to make her squeal again.

“Jesse, if you keep doing that I won’t be responsible for my actions. I’m likely to attack you and rape you and …”

“Mmm perhaps it might be a good idea to dry off. But hold that thought – it might be fun to persuade you to try to rape me.”

“Jesse, you’re incorrigible,” Carole laughed, and we enjoyed mutually drying each other with big thick warm towels.

We moved into the bedroom and she lay on the bed looking a bit apprehensive.

“Don’t worry too much, Mum, I think the worst is now over.” I produced a bottle of anal lube and a tapered butt plug. I had Carole get up on all fours and spread her legs, then squirted lube onto her hole and onto the plug. Then I gently inserted the plug into her arsehole and reamed it around.

“Oooh, slowly please Jesse, give me time to adjust.”

I slowed and withdrew the dildo then dribbled some more lube on it and inserted it again. This time I increased the penetration but continued to move the dildo around, gradually stretching her even more.

“So, how does that feel, my special anal slut?”

“Jesse, I can’t believe it. It feels so different but so right; now I can’t wait for you to replace that lump of plastic with your real live rigid hot cock.”

“Okay, gorgeous, you asked for it.” Removing the butt plug, I squirted some more lube on my cock and lined myself up behind her luscious arse. I placed the tip of my cock against her rear hole and then pushed gently as it started to slide in. I had expected what happened as she tensed her sphincter now that this was real and not just practice.

“Carole, my darling, I adore you and I certainly don’t want to harm you. So just relax the muscle and let me in, and I promise I’ll be slow and gentle – to start with.”

“Mmm, ooh yes, please take me easy, not too fast, I’m still a bit scared.”

I moved my cock gently into her sweet arse, not knowing how long I could keep going at this slow, deliberate pace that was driving me towards my own delicious orgasm. Carole now able to completely relax her sphincter and I was soon able to bury the whole of my cock in her arse, up to my balls.

“Oh god, Jesse, you’re all in now, aren’t you? It feels so good to have you buried in my arse; now please, my darling master, fuck me and make me cum.”

I was now able to move steadily into and out of her soft, sweet arse, taking progressively longer strokes and gradually speeding up.

“Mmm, ooh, aargh, yes, yes, more, harder, ream my arse out you motherfucker. Do me good and don’t stop.”

Then I reached round and started to stroke her soaking wet pussy, flicking her engorged clit. As before, in the shower, this drove her to the brink of delirium. She screamed and shouted my name and my hand was covered in her love juice. “Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, don’t stop, just fuck my arse until I collapse. This is SO good I can hardly stand it.”

By now I was also getting close to a raging, roaring climax. “Yes, Carole, you beautiful bitch, I’m almost at the point of no return. Cum with me.” She screamed and then I pinched her clit which caused her to clench all her muscles, trapping my cock in a soft hot grip that seemed as if it would never let go. Her scream turned into an animal howl of ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her, and that was enough to take me into orbit and I shouted my climactic rapture as I shot load after load of my cum deep into her rectum.

We both collapsed sideways and gradually my limp cock slid out of her arse as we lay panting and gradually recovering. Suddenly, Carole said, “Jesse, just stay there for a minute,” and she disappeared, returning shortly after with a bowl of warm water and a face cloth. She gently wiped my cock clean and asked me, “May I please wipe over my arse, too, master?”

I nodded agreement, but said, “But not your pussy.”

Carole looked puzzled, but did as I asked. When she was finished, I slid down the bed and licked her pussy clean of all the divine love juice that had gathered during her orgasm. Then I moved back up the bed and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of her own juices.

Carole looked at me with half closed, smoky eyes. “There aren’t the right words to describe how I feel right now. I just know that you are a wonderful, wonderful man, and you can have my arse any time you like.”

“Thank you, gorgeous, I think that’s the best gift anyone has ever given me – well, the second best anyway – I’ll never forget my 21st birthday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m helplessly in love with you and my main goal in life is to make you happy.”

She laughed, a happy gurgling sound, and cuddled up close to me, her warm, soft hands caressing my body, and I did exactly the same. Then, to the surprise of both of us, we both fell asleep.

I woke about an hour later, with Carole resting on an elbow, looking at me with a smile on her face. “I love looking at you when you’re asleep. You look so peaceful.” Then, “Now get up lazybones – we need breakfast to keep our energy up.”

“That’s not all I want to keep up,” I growled playfully and jumped towards her. She shrieked and ran for the kitchen.

Later that day, Mum appeared with her hair in a pony tail. “Master, I would be so grateful if you can show me how much you care by dominating me and treating me like the slut I am.”

“Yes, I think that can be arranged. You will go to your room and strip, then return wearing only black thigh high stockings and 5″ heels. Put on slutty makeup, with blood red lipstick and gloss, and bring with you a long silk scarf. Is that clear?”

“Yes, master,” she whispered and left the room. A short time later, Carole returned, dressed as I had demanded.

“Carole slut, you look so beautiful and so desirable.”

“Thank you master, now what may I do to serve you?”

“First of all, strip me, slowly, letting your hands wander over my body.”

“Ooh yes, master,” she enthused and took each item off slowly, stroking and caressing me, so that by the time she slid my boxers to the floor, my cock was hard and straining upwards.

“Excellent, Carole slut, now stand in front of me, then kneel so that your arse rests on your heels. Then hold your hands behind your back.”

She did so, and I moved behind her and tied her hands with the scarf so that she could not move them.

I returned and faced her, moving close to her so that I could feel her warm breath on my cock. “Now, take my cock in your mouth and lick and suck me until I am ready to cum. Then I shall pull out from your mouth and cum over your tits.”

“Oh master, that would be so good. But I so want to taste your cum.”

“Do what you’re told, slut, and suck my cock.”

She stuck out her tongue and licked around my cock head, covering it with saliva. Then, as I moved forward, she took my cock into her mouth, working around the sweet spot under the head and running her tongue up and down the shaft. Then she started to suck on the head, gently at first, then harder as we both became more excited. Carole whimpered and gasped in pleasure and anticipation as my cock swelled and throbbed in her thrilling mouth, and I moaned as I felt my climax start to grow. “Oh god, you beautiful bitch, you are bringing me to the verge.” Her agile tongue continued its work until I knew I had to pull out to finish this little scene.

I pulled my straining cock from her frantic, searching mouth, and pointing it directly at her hard, aroused nipples, with a few quick strokes along my shaft I came in an explosive, boiling climax. I had never experienced an orgasm like this, and my cum splattered hard over her nipples. This was partly a result of Carole’s expert mouth, partly from my sense of domination over her.

Carole moaned deeply and tried to struggle against her bonds. I hadn’t told her about the final part of this little scene, as I wiped my fingers across her tits, causing her to squeal and whimper as I flicked over her nipples. I then offered my fingers to her mouth, and she sucked them in voraciously, almost as if she was trying to devour my cock, and she took in every speck of cum on my fingers. I then removed the scarf from her wrists, but told her to stay kneeling.

“Now you can lick my cock clean, and stroke my balls while you do so.”

“Oh yes, master, thank you, thank you, thank you, that was wonderful. You taste so good, I just don’t want to stop. I could live on your cum and nothing else.”

I smiled. “I don’t quite think so, but you are so beautiful and you suck my cock so well that I’m almost tempted to let you try.” With that, I took her hands and pulled her to her feet, holding her close to me while her soft sweet curves moulded against my body and she purred and made small soft noises of ecstasy and contentment.

“Oh master, now I know I truly belong to you. You have marked my soul with your orgasm, and it will live with me forever.” With that, she pulled my head down to hers and we kissed, a long, deep, sweet, sultry kiss, both our mouths full of the other’s tongue, and murmuring softly to each other. As we broke, I looked deep in to my mother’s eyes, and saw a mixture of wonderment and total devotion in them. I hugged her fiercely so that she squeaked, then almost ran from the room.

The next few days passed in an ecstatic mist of pleasure, sex and, almost incidentally, work. Rather surprisingly, we both found that, knowing the pleasure that we had discovered in each other, the work part became easier and we were both able to concentrate better.

On Wednesday, Mum arrived home as I was slumped in a lounge chair, reading study notes. She looked exquisite, dressed in a tailored dark green silk suit with a white blouse, medium black patent heels and made up in a slightly understated way. Her hair was, of course, up in a French roll.

Mum sat in a chair opposite me, slowly crossing her gorgeous slim legs with a whisper of nylon, with the skirt riding up so that I could see plenty of her creamy thigh.

“Oh Mum, you dreadful tease. You’re doing that quite deliberately, aren’t you?”

“Doing what, darling?” she asked, with apparent naivety, although the effect she was aiming for was quite obvious.

“Showing off your lovely legs in a way that any red blooded male would find hard to resist. You look good enough to eat – in fact I think I might just …” as I jumped out of the chair.

“Down boy,” she said and gave me a quick cool kiss. “There’s something serious I’ve been meaning to talk to you about, and I can’t do it if we’re locked in a hot, passionate embrace.”

“Okay Mum, go your hardest – what have I stuffed up now?”

“No, honey,” she laughed. “Nothing like that. It’s just that I’ve been thinking about selling up here ever since Denzel moved out. I’d like a fresh start, but I don’t want to do it if you’d rather stay put. After all, this must be the only home you can remember.”

I got up and crossed the room, wrapping my arms lightly round her. “No, Mum, I don’t care where we are so long as we have each other and I can be at least this close to you and often a lot closer.” I returned her light kiss, then, “I agree – it won’t hurt to rid ourselves of the lingering shade of Denzel and find a place that isn’t tainted by him. What did you have in mind?”

“Thank you, Jesse. Well, the house market in this area is pretty buoyant at the moment; I don’t want to move interstate, partly because of your studies and partly because I’m in line for a promotion at work. I thought we might look for a place with a little bit of land in the outer suburban area but with good road and rail access to the city. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan, Mum. I wanted to talk to you, too about a little project that I have in mind, as I was thinking about turning what was Dad’s room into a photo studio.”

“Okay with me, honey.”

“Mmm, but if we wait until we move, I can set it up properly. You see …,” and here I allowed a wolfish grin to cross my face, “I’d like to take some glamour photos of you. It’s all part of a fantasy I’ve had for a long time to have you model lingerie for me, teddies, negligees, tiny little panties, shelf bras, stockings, heels and all sorts of other goodies.”

Mum grinned. “I knew there had to be an ulterior motive, although I really like the idea. Strictly on the understanding that this is just for you, I’d really enjoy modelling, and I’d love to pose for you any way you like.”

“Ooh yes gorgeous, now let me start you off with some nice hot positions,” as I slid towards her.

“Hold your horses, you sex crazed boy,” she laughed. “Don’t forget, my hair’s up and I need to change.”

I blew her a raspberry, then tried to settle back to some study.

A few days later, on the Sunday morning, I woke to find the bed empty but I could hear movement downstairs. I ambled into the kitchen, and Mum was there with her hair in a pony tail. She looked at me with a look of absolute subservience, then knelt on the floor and kissed my feet. I was surprised at this, but just managed to say, “You may stand.”

Carole stood in front of me and said, “Master, I’ve done a very bad thing, and I need to be punished.”

I took a short while to adjust, but my cock was starting to show a distinct interest. “I see. You’d better tell me what it is that you’ve done so I can decide on a suitable punishment.”

She looked down and said in a low voice, but one that was quite easily heard, “I’ve been using a butt plug to relax my arse for you, but didn’t ask your permission to do so. I’m so sorry, master; I won’t let it happen again, but I do need to be punished for this.”

“Very well, slut. On this occasion I will be generous and let you decide what your punishment should be. What do you think about that?”

“Oh thank you, master. I believe that my bottom needs to be spanked, and I would be most honoured if you could be even more generous and do it with your hands.”

“Yes, slut, I think that would be very appropriate. Now, how many strokes would be a fitting punishment for your indiscretion?”

“Perhaps ten, if that would be suitable, master?”

“A little too light. I think twelve strokes on each cheek would serve well.”

Carole gasped but said nothing.

“First you will strip to black lace panties and your smallest black bra. Then you will return to this room, knock on the door and ask if you may enter. If I allow you to do so, you will crawl across the room on your hands and knees and beg me to punish you. Is that clear?”

“Yes, thank you master,” she murmured and left the room.

My mind was in a whirl at this development – it followed what we had already talked about, but for it to actually happen, for my gorgeous mother to submit herself to me and beg to have her bottom spanked was something new and exquisitely exciting. A short while later, there was a gentle tap on the door. “Yes”, I stated in a flat, neutral voice and the door opened with a voluptuous vision standing in the doorway.

“Master, may I please enter?”

“Yes, slut, now crawl across the floor and beg me to punish you.”

Carole dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to where I was sitting with her raised arse swaying seductively. “Master, please forgive me for not asking your permission to stretch my arse. I know I need to be punished for my own good, but please forgive me, I beg you.”

“Yes, slut, you will be forgiven after you have received your punishment, and if you are a good girl during your spanking, I will have you straddle me and fuck you hard.”

“Oh yes, master, thank you so much. I will be a good girl while you spank me and not struggle or try to stop you.”

“Very good, slut, now stand so that I may inspect you.”

She rose to her feet, but kept her eyes lowered.

“First, fold your hands behind your head so that I can get a better view of your beautiful tits.”

She did so, but I realised that her bra was obscuring my view. “Hmm, now come here and turn round so that I can remove your bra.”

She did so, and I unclipped her bra, which fell to the floor. I took in the sight of her glorious pink/white bottom, so perfectly shaped and barely covered by the filmy, flimsy panties. I was almost salivating at the thought of her over my knee with her bottom at my mercy, and my hands able to wander over the soft sweet curves.

“Now turn round again.”

This gave me an uninterrupted view of her superb, firm, perfectly shaped tits with nipples that were hard with arousal and standing out like bullets from her dark areolas.

“Are you ready to be spanked, slut?”

“Oh yes, master, I can hardly wait.”

“Then come here and lay yourself over my knees with your bottom in the air,” which she did, quickly and with perfect placement. I almost drooled at the sight of her two perfect globes in front of me, at my mercy. I stroked her bottom, squeezing the cheeks to test their fullness and ripeness.

“Now, I am going to spank your bottom, and alternate each spank with caresses and squeezes, until it is a hot bright pink. She trembled with excitement and I knew it was almost time to start.

“First, though, slut, I want you to stroke a finger outside your panties along your slit. Then show me your finger.”

She did as she was told and turned slightly to hold her finger up to me. I took it in my mouth and licked it slowly and sensually.

“Just as I thought –your pussy is already leaking love juice. You are getting very excited and longing to be punished, aren’t you?”

Sherri spotted him in the receiving line.

There he was standing out like an African Adonis. He was moving slowly towards her. Sherri held her breath. She had to meet him!

“Sherri! Sherri! I’m talking to you.” Sherri’s attention snapped out of her dreamy fog. It was her sister, Veronica. It was her wedding. In fact, it was Veronica’s third wedding.

“I need you to find papa. I can’t find him,” Veronica said.

“I’ll check on him!” Sherri said. She knew where he would be. She found him in his study with three men. They didn’t look like wedding guests. With papa, it was always business first, she thought.

“Excuse me, Papa. Veronica needs you,” Sherri said as respectfully as she could. He nodded. Sherri hurried back to Veronica’s wedding reception.

A matronly woman stopped Sherri in the hallway.

“Pardon me, is this not Veronica’s fourth wedding?” She asked.

“Actually, her first was annulled. It doesn’t count,” Sherri said smiling.

“Oh, that’s right!” the woman said.

Sherri hurried back to the reception. She was right! The talk seems to be, “Why was Veronica wearing white on her third or fourth wedding? The simple answer was that Veronica has no shame!” Sherri thought.

Sherri found Veronica eating a slice of wedding cake. “Oh no, Veronica is going to put back on all of those 30 pounds she lost before she found Aldo,” Sherri thought to herself.

“Papa is in the office talking. He’s coming,” Sherri said and added in a sing-song voice, “You have cake on your chin.”

Veronica frowned and wiped it away.

Sherri looked around. She spotted him on the other side of the pool. He looked in his early thirties. He was taller than anyone her Italian family. Sherri guessed he was six-foot-four. He was trim and fit. He was wearing a neatly tailored black brocade African style robe that flowed down to his black patent-leather shoes. He was clean shaven and had a sexy Obama-style haircut.

“Are you with the groom?” Sherri asked.

“No, actually, the groom is with the bride. I’m just here as a friend,” he said smiling. “Pardon me. I’m joking of course. I am an old college chum of his. My name is James,” he said.

“I’m the bride’s sister. I’m Sherri.”

“Yes, I spotted you in the reception line. Then you were gone.”

Sherri laughed.

“It’s a long story,” Sherri said. She opened her purse and pulled out a blunt and placed it in her lips. He offered her a light. She lightly touched his hand and looked into his eyes as she set her blunt to flame. She took a deep toke and exhaled slowly.

“Do you think this will work out? Oh, I shouldn’t ask that question.” He looked embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed! The simple answer is: Does he have money?” Sherri laughed. She took another toke and slowly exhaled.

James laughed.

“A woman cannot be too rich or too thin. Isn’t that what they say?” James said.

“There are other factors.”

“I can only imagine.”

Sherri made a side step to put her body between the guests and James. She reached down and felt his manhood through his robe. It started growing.

“Some things shouldn’t be left to the imagination,” Sherri said looking into his eyes.

“I would love to discuss reality with you sometime,” James said smiling.

Sherri released his now fully erect member. She offered him the blunt. He took it and pulled in a deep toke. She reached into her purse and pulled out a business card and handed it to James.

He looked at it. It read simply, “Sherri A.” Her cell number was below.”

“I’ll call you,” he whispered.


Sherri got into the car with her husband, Stewart, 55. He was thick in the middle and balding on the top. He pulled out into the street and settled down to driving home.

“Why are you so sullen?” Sherri asked. It was an accusation. She knew that her accusations always made him angry.

“I SAW YOU TALKING TO THAT … THAT MAN BY THE POOL! You were throwing yourself at him!” Stew said.

“Settle down! You are always so jealous. He’s an old business associate of papa’s. Do you want me to tell papa you disapprove of his business associates?” Sherri knew how to get to Stew. He had no money. Papa set him up in business. Papa had to rein him in once before. Sherri knew it.

“There is no need to bring papa into this,” Stew said suddenly his voice was different.

Sherri had all the money. If she threw him out, he would be practically penniless.

“Let’s talk about something different. Don’t you think Veronica looked ravishing in white?” Sherri said. She was teasing him.


Sherri walked out on the patio and adjusted a chaise lounge into the sunlight. She was going to get some morning rays. She sat down and spread her long, shapely legs on the lounge. She was 39 and a mother of two grown children. Her body was fit. Her hair was dark brown. Her hazel eyes were wide set on her narrow face. Sherri placed a blunt to her full red lips and lit it. She took a deep toke and held it a while before releasing it through her nose.

She checked her cell phone.

“Why hasn’t he called,” she thought and added, “Maybe I came on too strong.” She dismissed the notion and put her cell phone down.

The phone rang. It was Veronica.

“Hi!” Sherri said.

“Hi I’m on the way to Jamaica!” Veronica said excitedly.

“Great! Are you having fun?”

“Yes! Listen. I met this gorgeous hunk in the ship’s lounge.”

“Already playing the field? Veronica!”

“I keep my options open. We went back to his cabin and had some fun if you know what I mean.”

“What about Aldo? How did you get rid of him?” Veronica had a sudden vision of Aldo being pushed overboard. Her mind watched Aldo splashing around as he was receding in the distance.

“He got seasick. He hasn’t been out bed.” She laughed.

Sherri laughed.

“Just to make sure he doesn’t suddenly get over it, I slipped him a sedative.” Veronica laughed again. “I got to go. Call you later!”

Sherri put the phone down and picked up the latest issue of Vogue and started turning the pages.

The phone rang again.


“Hi. This is James ….”


Sherri looked in the mirror and put the lipstick to her lips. She wanted her lips to be bright red. She wanted her eyes to be accented with mascara and a little bit of blush on her cheeks.

She slipped on a pair of stylish lacy-top hose, a thong, and a camisole not unlike those displayed in Vogue. Lastly, she put on a short miniskirt and a top that accentuated her 34DD’s.

She slipped into a pair of red patent leather pumps with micro stiletto heels. Lastly, she parted her hair and brushed it back so that it hung down off of her shoulders.

She got into her red SL-Class Mercedes and lowered the top. It was a 45-minute drive to the location that James selected.

It was a café in a business district. James met her outside and escorted her to a patio. He gave her a kiss before holding the chair for her.

“Glad you could make it,” James said smiling. He was dressed in a long flowing robe. It was tie-dyed blue and white. It was semitransparent. She got glimpses of his loose pants under his robe. The front panel was gold with embroidery around the edges. The embroidery design circled his neck, and the cuffs of his sleeves and trousers. He wore a similarly colored hat with gold embroidery around the base.

“Oh yes! I am too. This is very nice. Do you live nearby?” Sherri asked. She sat down and displayed her shapely legs for him while he sat down.

“Yes. I live in an apartment on the fourteenth floor.

The waiter came and James ordered red wine.

“The wedding was nice,” James said.

Sherri laughed.

“It more like a meltdown, you mean,” Sherri laughed again.

“I thought the repartee by the pool was very interesting. It’s been on my mind,” he said smiling.

Sherri’s ruby red lips touched the glass. Her eyes looked over the rim of the glass at him before sipping the wine.

“I captured an image of something I wanted to explore further,” Sherri said without changing the expression on her face.

They finished their wine, and James got up and took her hand. Together they got on the elevator. They stepped off on a floor and walked to his two-level condo decorated in African art and nude women. The women were in all stages of undress and engaging in sexual activities with African chieftains.

On the floor and the walls were more erotic objets d’art such as giant phalluses and women’s busts.

James dropped a DVD on the player. A 120-inch high-definition TV screen came alive with images of a tall African male and a classy blonde woman in a sensual modern dance to the rhythm of drums.

James brought her a drink in a metallic gray goblet. It was darker than any wine she had ever seen.

“What is it?” Sherri asked.

“It’s a special ceremonial potion used to prepare temple prostitutes for servitude,” James said, looking into her eyes. “It is derived from blood, wine, and some roots ….” His words trailed off as if there were other ingredients that he did not want to speak.

She put the goblet to her lips. The bouquet was wine. She let the liquid touch her lips. She let it flow through her lips to her tongue. It was chilled and tasted like red wine. She took a small sip.

“Take another sip and follow me,” James said. “… and then the novice candidate for temple prostitute is led to the first station.” James motioned for Sherri to follow. They stood before the mask-head of a temple priest-god.

“She takes another sip of the potion,” James said. Then she proceeds on to the next station. Sherri felt suddenly compelled to obey his descriptions as if they were commands. Again she put the goblet to her lips and sipped.

“Then she is adorned with the headdress of servitude,” he said as he placed the headdress of bones and beads on her head.

“Then she moves to the final station,” James said. His voice was deep and almost imperceptible.

It was a six-foot high erect phallus with the balls resting on the ground. A honey-like liquid began to ooze like pre-cum from a hole in the tip.

“She tastes the liquid on the phallic-god and takes a sip from the goblet.” James whispered.

Sherri was strangely compelled to obey. She touched her tongue to the golden-honey fluid on the phallus tip. It was bitter. Then she took a larger sip from her goblet to wash away the bitter taste.

James moved closer to her ear.

“Taste it again,” James whispered.

Sherri put her tongue on the honey-like ooze. It was not as bitter as before.

Take another sip,” he whispered.

Sherry again put the goblet to her lips and sipped the potion.

She was beginning to feel strange. Her peripheral vision was distorted and out of focus. She took another sip from the goblet.

“Place the goblet on the table,” he whispered.

Sherri tried to put the goblet down, but her vision was too distorted. It took three tries to put the goblet down.

Sherri turned to look around the room. When she turned back to James, she saw a black man in a hideous multi-colored tribal mask. She blinked and the vision went away. She saw James. He surrounded her with his arms and body. Their lips met. Her mouth was open to receive his lips and tongue. Their juices mingle.

Her body trembled as his hand roamed over her body at will. She gasped when he slipped her top over her shoulder and let it fall down. Sherri unbuckled his belt and slipped his zipper down. James unzipped her skirt in the back and let it drop to the floor. James gave a kick to rid his feet of his sandals and pants. Sherri unbuttoned his robe and reached her hands to touch his skin.

James reached around her body to unhook her bra, letting it drop.

His hand found her smooth slick cunt. His finger dipped into her love canal which was hot and wet like molten lava. He used the wetness to lubricate her clitoris.

Her tiny hand surrounded his 10-inch phallus and gently squeezed. His manhood responded by growing in her hand. Knowing that she had a sensual effect on this man, Sherri began to tremble.

James laid her on the wide circular sofa. Her svelte body contrasted with the black leather.

“Are you the African god who has come to possess me?” Sherri said teasingly.

“Yes!” James said. He was serious, Sherri thought.

“Then will you hang me on your wall as a trophy?”

“Yes, but you must complete the ritual.”

“I will satisfy my African god.”

“Will you kneel before me?”


“Will you obey my every command?”


James lay back. His enormous phallus was standing erect. A large drop of clear pre-cum glistened in the light like a jewel atop an idol.

“Be my fellatrix. If you please me, I will allow you to be in my harem,” James whispered. It was surreal.

“Oh yes master!” Sherri said.

She put her little hand around the shaman-lover’s black serpent. She pushed back the foreskin and exposed the one-eyed demon-snake ready to spit hot, sensual semen-venom.

“Suck it!” It was a command.

Sherri suddenly felt like an innocent temple virgin. “Will one taste change my world?” she thought.

Her mouth covered his cock head. She was producing an enormous amount of saliva which ran down his shaft and covered her hand. Her tongue traced the underside of his cock from the hilt to the tip. Her cheeks sank in as the pulled out and sucked.

“Oh!” James moaned.

Sensing James’ pleasure only heightened Sherri’s pleasure. She was deriving pleasure from giving pleasure. She felt James’ hand push her off. He pushed her back, spread her legs, and lay in her saddle. She felt like an unholy receptacle ready for the evil snake to enter her being and change her forever.

James positioned his cock at her nether lips. Her vulva was swollen and red. Her labia were extremely sensitive. Her clitoris was extended and erect.

It was like a dream or an illusion. Was it real, she thought? She imagined that he positioned his magical rod against her clitoris and rubbed gently.

“Oh!” Sherri moaned.

James worked his magic member against her clit head. His profuse pre-cum was providing more than enough lubrication.

“Oh, James please make love to me. Make me your slave!” Sherri moaned.

“Take it and guide me in!” It was a command.

Sherri took his magical morphing serpent and aimed it at the soul of her pleasure. James pushed. Both felt Sherri’s cunt release.

Sherri moaned as the torrid tool penetrated the depths of her pleasure pit. He began a rhythm which Sherri sensually mimicked with the thrusts of her pelvis. The tempo became faster and faster.

She felt it rising out of her clitoris. Like a vortex with her clitoris in the center. Swirling … spinning … like a whirlwind. Higher and higher she ascended. Her cunt was like liquid fire. Her mind suddenly snapped back to reality. James’s cock was exploding inside of her. It felt like hot liquid lava!

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” Sherri screamed. Her cunt was contracting.

James moaned.

Slowly her fire cooled from white to red hot. His cock remained stiff inside of her.

Sherri felt pleased. Pleasure is giving pleasure, she thought. Her only thought now was to give James pleasure with no assurance that he would reciprocate.

James pulled out and stood up. He reached for a blunt and lit it. He took a deep toke and exhaled slowly. Sherri rolled over on her back and closed her eyes.

“Get up and clean my cock!” It was a demand which Sherri was eager to obey. She got on her knees and placed his slick, slimy cock head in her mouth. The taste was a sensual mixture of semi-sweet cum and raw female cunt. The memory of this moment and taste of the sex was to be seared into her mind for a lifetime.

“Get dressed and fix your makeup, too,” James demanded. Sherri obediently dressed and fixed her makeup. She started to comb her hair.

“Comb your hair straight back!”

She combed it straight back, but it looked like a mess. James took a long, gray linen cloth from one of his art displays. He wrapped it around her head and over the lower portion of her face. Only her eyes were uncovered. James led her out. They got on the elevator and got off in the parking garage.

He walked up to his gunmetal gray Mercedes and stopped.

“Open my door,” he commanded.

“What?” Sherri said.

“You are my slave. Open the door for your master.”

Sherri obeyed. James sat down. She closed his door and walked around and got in the car. It seemed so natural. There was no other action she could have taken once she heard James’ voice give a command.

She got in and closed the door.

“Pull your skirt up and show me your cunt,” he said.

Sherri pulled up her skirt revealing her lacy top hose and her black bush. He drove for a while to a strange place and parked on the street.

“Open my door!”

Again she got out and opened his door.

He took her hand and led her into a tattoo parlor. James removed the portion of the cloth that covered her face below her eyes. They sat down and waited while the tattooist finished another customer. The other customers stared at Sherri. A reddish blush glowed on her cheeks.

“You look fresh-fucked. Do you feel ashamed?” James said to her loud enough for everyone in the shop to hear.

“No. I don’t feel ashamed of being fresh-fucked.” she said.

“What are we going to do?” Sherri whispered.

“Don’t talk. I will decide what you do. You will obey,” he said.

The other customers watched Sherri and occasionally glanced at James who sat stoic. Finally, the tattooist escorted her to the table which was in full view of all the customers.

“I want this woman to bare my mark. It will be a tribal mark on her lower back. I want a special mark on her back, and my initials on the back of her neck. I want a stud in her tongue and barbells through her nipples,” James said.

It was a veritable market basket of tattooing. The tattooist knew it was a big order that would make him a lot of cash. It was late afternoon before he finished.


James dropped her off at her Mercedes. Sherri drove home with her new skin illustrations tingling, her tongue feeling strange, her nipples numb, her cunt dripping cum, and her clitoris stiff and sensitive.

Sherri arrived home and went straight to her bedroom. She removed her clothes and stood before the mirror. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue. It was a stainless steel stud and was far enough back that it was not noticeable.

“Hi my name is Sherri. Hi my name is Sherri. My name is Sherri,” she said to test her speech with the tongue stud. It made her speech difficult. She was dropping syllables. It sounded sexy, she thought. “Now I’ve got to work on it,” She thought. She didn’t care if Stew discovered it or not.

She turned to get a look at her lower back. The multi-colored tribal weave looked sexy. She raised her hair and used a hand mirror to get a good look at the initials on her neck. She saw JM in green letters outlined in red. Then she noticed that further down her back was his special mark, “I Fuck” in vertical letters. The lettering went from between her shoulder blades to the center of her back!

“Oh! My god! How could I ever wear anything backless in public,” she exclaimed. Her mind retraced the event.

“Why did I do it? What was in that goblet? Was I drugged?” Sherri concluded that she was completely aware of what she was doing.

Her mind went to the wonderful sensual love making. She reached for a blunt and lit it. She took deep drag and exhaled slowly. As she thought back to James. Her hand went to her clitoris.


That evening Stew was absorbed with a baseball game and beer. She sat on the couch and read Cosmopolitan. She thought about showing him her tongue stud but decided against it. She went to bed at 9 O’clock. Stew came in at 10. He put his hand on her thigh in an attempt to cuddle. Sherri shoved his hand back.

We have to go out. Really, we would both prefer to stay in but it’s a work function and we have to at least make an appearance.

I leave the bathroom in a towel having dried my hair and applied my minimal makeup immediately after my shower, and appear in the bedroom doorway.

You are standing in front of the full length mirror wearing your open dress shirt and your trousers — unbuttoned and unbelted, but zipped. I watch you button your shirt from the bottom, slowly covering your flat tummy, your chest, and then the cleft at your throat. You tuck the shirt in then close the trouser button and belt. I admire your long back and broad shoulders as you reach for your tie, still unaware of my presence.

You slip the tie on and I watch your beautiful hands tie it and smooth it down your chest and stomach. I love your hands; the length of your fingers, the definition in the knuckles and wrists, the size and strength of them and the deftness with which you do everything. They are truly man’s hands and I find them very erotic.

You reach for your suit jacket and see my reflection in the mirror. You turn and smile at me.

“You look wonderful already,” you say and I laugh at the sweetness of the comment.

I walk toward the closet to retrieve my dress and stand on my toes and lift my face to kiss you on my way past. Our lips meet softly and you lean into the kiss making it linger longer than I expected. I sigh as I step back and you grin at me as you wrap one arm around my waist and pull me to you. You lower your lips to mine in a firmer kiss; a promissory note lingering on the end of it. We smile at each other and I proceed to the closet.

I collect my stockings, dress, etc. and place them all on the bed, dropping the shoes on the floor beside and then sit on the edge to begin dressing. I look up and see you are sitting on the window seat, fully clothed, watching me intently. For a moment I am a little self-conscious but then I remember the intimacy of watching you dress and the faintly erotic twinge it gave me. I smile flirtatiously at you and lower the towel, coyly exposing more cleavage and my back.

You grin as your eyes flicker over me and I know you are taking a mental photograph. I select a stocking, raise my left leg, and slip it over my foot, slowly extending it up my leg to my thigh. I select the next stocking, raise my right leg, and slip the stocking lingeringly up my leg. It is incredibly arousing, this reverse striptease, and I find myself thinking about later this evening when the stockings will be removed.

I carefully avoid eye contact with you but I can see you out of the corner of my eye. You shift slightly but I know your eyes have not left me. The bra is on my left. As I turn to reach for it, the towel opens, completely exposing to you my back and the top of my buttocks. I remain turned from you and put on the bra, deftly hooking it behind me.

I glance at you over my shoulder with a smile and you chuckle softly.

I slip my panties on and stand to slide them into place. I remain standing as I clasp the garter belt around my waist. I turn toward you as I bend forward to clasp the garters to the stockings, knowing this gives you an exemplary view of my ample cleavage. I raise my eyes to you and find you shifting your gaze between the stocking tops and my cleavage. Our gazes meet and my breath catches with the intensity of your look. I can almost feel the realization that I am dressing for you, sink into you.

I straighten up, our gaze never breaking, and stay still for a moment, feeling your eyes travelling me, and then reach for my dress. I open the zipper at the back and slip the dress over my head. It falls into place and I slowly walk to you. You reach your hands out to me when I am mere steps from you and I turn my back, telling you in that universal ‘couple’ language that I need you to pull up the zipper.

The back of your fingers graze the skin of the small of my back as you grasp the pull and raise it as slowly as if you were lowering it. You lean forward and place a soft kiss between my shoulder blades and slowly stand as you raise the zipper the remaining inch.

“Thank you,” I murmur and then I feel your breath in the nape of my neck and it makes me shiver. Goose bumps rise down my neck and along my shoulders.

Goose bumps,” you whisper, “thank you.” You brush your lips against my spine at the edge of the dress and I feel your lips trail up the back of my neck and then to the right under my ear. You trace the line of my neck with warm, soft kisses to the curve of my shoulder and then gently press your teeth to it. I shudder and close my eyes with a sigh and you place a reparatory kiss there.

You place your warm hands to my neck and slide them down, over my shoulders and away, as if to dispel the goose bumps. My eyes flutter open at the break in contact and I sigh as I move away and sit on the bed to put on my shoes.

I slip my foot into the left shoe and you crouch in front of me. You take my ankle in your hand and place my foot on your knee and fasten the shoe. I slip into the other shoe and you do the same and then place my foot on the floor. You slide your hands up my legs slowly as though to smooth the stockings and spread your fingers up my legs until they reach the stocking tops. You trace the top of the lace around to my inner thigh and slide your hands up slightly.

Your fingers rest on the bare skin of my inner thigh close enough that I can feel the heat of your hands through my thin panties, but you don’t touch.

Our eyes lock, I can see the restraint you are using to keep your hands in place, and it arouses me further. My lower abdomen clenches and I ache to tilt my hips forward. I think you see it because you inhale deeply and say, “Two hours and then we are back here.”

I nod and you slip your hands from my legs and stand, offering me your hand.

I take it, stand, and you step to me, sliding your hand along my forearm to my waist and around my back. You lean forward and kiss me so softly that I can barely feel it but the slow, lingering return of your lips to mine is so deliberate that I feel it deeply everywhere else in my body.

You draw back slightly and we smile. Your hand in the small of my back, you guide me to the stairs and we leave to make our appearance.

In the car, you place your right palm on the top of my knee with your fingers draping forward down the front of my leg. You slowly pull your fingertips up my thigh until they reach the lace of the stocking and then curl your fingers under and trail the tops of your fingernails back down, slowly uncurling them as your palm reaches the top of my knee once again. The repetition is mesmerizing. Contrasted by my need to touch you; to feel the press of your body against mine, it is arousing in it’s minimalism.

When we arrive you open my door and hand me out of the car, closing the door behind me. You place a hand against my cheek and trace my cheekbone with your thumb, curling your fingers under my jaw as you trail your thumb down from my ear to my lips. Your rub your thumb gently along them and then down to my chin, pressing my chin up to you, and slowly lean down to kiss me. As our lips meet you press me between you and the car and I feel your growing arousal. My nipples tighten and I run my hands around your waist and up your back.

“Two hours,” you whisper, “and then we can do something about this properly.”

I murmur my assent and we make our way inside.

You stand behind me and take my coat and suddenly I feel exposed; as though you are undressing me in this crowded room. I become slightly self-conscious that everyone can see my aroused nipples and know what I am thinking. I glance down and see that they are not as visible as I had feared. You follow my gaze and smile.

“I can tell,” you tease, “but I don’t think anyone else will.”

“Well, good,” I reply, “it’s not for them.”

“Nope,” you smirk, “just for me.”

We mingle for the next couple of hours casting knowing glances at one another when we are apart and exchanging subtle but lingering caresses when we are together. Both of us enjoying the anticipation.

I am standing at the bar when I feel you standing behind me, your body grazing my back. Your breath cascades down the side of my neck giving me goose bumps that harden my nipples.

“It’s time to go…”

I turn and look up at you. “Are you sure we’ve ‘appeared’ enough?”

“Absolutely,” you say and you hold up my coat.

I grin and turn around for you to help me don it and feel your hand in the small of my back, guiding me to the door. I love when you do that; it’s such a proprietary and protective gesture.

We talk quietly through the drive about the party, the people, and conversations we had when apart. Your hand returns to its previous mesmerizing path along my thigh, as though you are gently reminding me of our purpose.

I put my head back and close my eyes, letting the sensations travel this time. I feel your touch resonate through me, travelling up my thigh and across my abdomen. My nipples tighten again and my vaginal walls clench briefly. It makes my hips twitch and the next time your fingers trail up they cross the lace to my inner thigh and curl down my mound before trailing to my knee. I shiver on the third passing and look at you. You smile but never take your eyes from the road.

When we get inside, you remove my coat and I again feel like you are undressing me, but this time, I welcome the feeling. I turn to you and we kiss slowly and softly at first but quickly the kisses deepen and we are soon wrapped tightly to each other. You trace my jaw and neck with kisses and my eyes close as I inhale deeply, letting the sparks travel through me. I drop my head back to encourage your path and you continue to my clavicle and follow it to the other side of my neck and up to my ear.

I am suddenly overwhelmed with the need to touch you; to feel your skin against mine, to explore your body. I slide my hands down from your back, around your waist and then up over your stomach to your chest, pushing the suit jacket off your shoulders. You shrug it off and drape it on the chair next to us. Next, I remove the tie, my eyes never leaving yours. I can see the flicker of arousal at having me undress you and it arouses me further. I toss the tie on the jacket and begin unbuttoning your shirt. When the first two are undone, I lean forward and kiss the exposed skin at the cleft of your throat and clavicle. You sigh and I continue unbuttoning you, kissing each new section of skin exposed until I reach your belt. Two more buttons to go but they are tucked into your trousers.

I begin to undo the belt and you hold my hands. I look up at you questioningly and you smile and turn me around. You begin to kiss at my hairline and trail slowly and deliberately down my neck and spine to the top of the dress. I feel the tug of the zipper being engaged and your lips and breath against my skin all the way down to the bottom of the zipper at my tailbone.

You slide your hands up my back and push the dress off my shoulders; it pools on the floor at my feet. I step out of it, turn, and realize that the disparity of you being mostly clothed while I am mostly naked is powerfully erotic. I step toward you and run my hands flat up your stomach, under the shirt and then over your already hard nipples. You shiver and I take great delight in knowing that I am getting to you. I lower my head and flick the tip of my tongue over the left nipple. It elicits a delicious moan from you that runs right through me to my pussy and it clenches in anticipation.

I press my teeth against your nipple and your abdomen clenches beneath my hand and you run your fingers through my hair. I suck the nipple into my mouth and run my flattened tongue over the edges. You tighten your fingers in my hair and moan, “Oh… yes.”

I suck the nipple further into my mouth and press my teeth firmly into your

pectoral. I then trail my lips across to the other nipple, repeating the pattern and eliciting a similar response from you. You cup my head in your hand and draw me up to kiss me. Your take my hand and step away. Your eyes drink me in for a moment and then, without a word, you lead me up the stairs to the bedroom.

You seat me on the edge of the bed and crouch in front of me. You grasp my ankle and place it on your knee and undo the shoe. As you slide it from my foot you caress my calf and kiss the inside of my thigh. You drop the shoe, place my foot on the floor and repeat the same with the other shoe. With both shoes removed, you stand and place them on the floor at the end of the bed and turn back to me. I part my knees so you are standing between my thighs, and reach to unbuckle your belt. This time, you don’t stop me.

I undo the belt and the final two buttons of your shirt. You remove your shirt and drop it to the floor as I trail my hand down the zipper, feeling your erection beneath. I press more firmly and your hips buck slightly and you exhale hard.

I slide my hand against you, back up to the trouser button and slowly undo the button and draw the zipper down. I slip my hands between the trousers and your hips and press them down and they fall to the floor. Your hard cock is now fully exposed to me and I literally salivate at the sight.

You reach down and pull off your shoes and socks with the trousers and nudge them aside with your foot. I slide my hands up the front of your thighs to your pelvic bones and then across your abdomen. I curl my fingers and gently retrace my path with my fingernails. I lean forward and you shudder in anticipation; it makes me want to prolong it so I kiss the crease between your groin and thigh and then repeat on the other side. You moan in frustration but I know you enjoy it so I continue my ‘torture’. I kiss your stomach, your pelvic bones, the gentle curve between them and your abdomen, and down the creases to your balls — never touching your balls or your thick, bobbing cock.

Eventually, the delay is more than I myself can take and I flatten my wet tongue and draw it over your balls and then up the underside of your cock to the head. I swirl my tongue around the rim and then wrap my hand around the shaft, pulling it down slightly, and press the head against my tongue. You run your hands through my hair again and I feel the insistent pressure in your fingers. I resist, tease the hole with the tip of my tongue, swirl my tongue around the head again, and then press it against the roof of my mouth as I slide you to the back of my throat.

“Oh… That’s it…” you moan.

I open my throat and tighten my lips around the root of your cock and thrust you into my mouth until I gag, drenching your cock in my saliva. I pull back, suck hard on your cockhead and then take you fully again with your hands gently pressing my head forward. Your cock is throbbing against my tongue; my nipples are almost painfully distended and pressing against the bra insistently. My pussy is drenched and aching.

You know what fellating you does to me, and you reach down, pressing my bra under my breasts, freeing my aching nipples. I continue to plunge your cock into my wet, hungry mouth, and slowly draw it out, varying the sensation between my tongue and the gentle scraping of my teeth. You tease my nipples mercilessly with your fingertips until I am sure I will climax from it.

You slide your hands from my nipples to my shoulders and press me back toward the bed. I release your cock and look up at you. You kiss me, placing a knee on the bed between my thighs, and continue to press me to the bed until I am lying back and then you trail your lips down my neck to my nipples.

You suck first one then the other into your warm, wet mouth, and my back arches, pressing them further into your mouth. Your tongue alternates between flicking them and swirling against them. I moan helplessly and you hmm against a nipple. The sensation drives me mad and I hear my breathing become ragged.

You kiss down my body to my abdomen and then kneel on the floor. I look down at you and our eyes meet. You hook a finger into the side of my panties and pull it aside, exposing my drenched pussy to you. You look down at my swollen lips.

“Mmmm,” you murmur, “and you haven’t even cum for me yet.”

I feel your warm breath against my clit and my hips tilt, aching for you to touch me. You smirk and lower your head. You tongue my anus and tease my labia until I am writhing and then, you delve your tongue into my cunt.

“O god, yes!” I cry out and you press your tongue into me over and over again. The pressure of your tongue delving into me pulls my lips open and rubs my hood back and forth over my clit. I moan repeatedly and run my hand over your head, heightening the awareness that it is your mouth pleasuring me.

You finally flick your tongue over my clit and a wave of pleasure rushes through me. My hips buck and I climax almost immediately. You abandon my clit, knowing this will keep me aroused and sensitized, and watch my pussy spasm over and over again.

Blind with lust, I am aware only that I need to feel you inside me.

“Fuck me,” I hear myself and it sounds almost like a plea.

You stand, grasp my legs behind the knee and raise them up. In one thrust you bury your cock in my cunt.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I shout.

“That’s it,” you growl, “cry out for my cock.”

I wrap my legs around you and you reach down and hold the panties aside as you thrust relentlessly into me.

My awareness that lust has also taken you, drives me over the edge and I am soon very near another climax.

“Yes,” you whisper when you see it, “drench me.”

My abdomen ripples and clenches and I feel my pussy clasp your cock as my climax surges through me, drenching you.

You stand very still, your cock hard and still buried in me, while I regain my breathing. Then, you reach down and release the stockings from the garters and slip the stockings off my legs. You slip a hand beneath me and undo the garter belt and remove it.

My breathing somewhat controlled, you slowly pull your cock from me.

“No,” I whimper

You grin and reach to remove the panties. “These have to go, too.”

I lift my hips and you slide them down my legs, tossing them aside.

“On your knees for me.” Your voice is low with arousal and it sends a thrill through me. I turn onto my parted knees, offering you full access to me. You run your hands up the back of my thighs, over my buttocks, and down to my hips. I feel your hands grip my hips and my legs begin to tremble in anticipation. You slowly enter me, your cock pressing deeper and deeper into me until I feel your thighs pressing against mine. You pull out just as slowly until your cockhead is resting between my lips and enter me again with the same deliberate slowness. It is an erotic contrast to the pressure of your hands at my hips and the anticipation of the thrust that will match that grip, builds a climax in me once again.

I press back to you instinctively and you begin to thrust into me. I match every thrust by arching back into it and you are soon breathing raggedly and taking my pussy hard and fast.

You reach to my clit and rub your fingers over it and around my lips and I gasp at the unexpected attention to my sensitive nub. You rim me with your wet thumb and then with your middle finger. I arch to that as well, with a moan and you slowly press your finger into my ass. I moan loudly and the image of your cock replacing your finger overwhelms all other thought.

“Take my ass,” I whisper, raggedly.

You moan and for a moment I think you didn’t hear me but then, your finger slides slowly from me and you pull your cock from my pussy. I feel the round, wet head of your cock against my anus and I tilt my hips back in invitation.

Cathy’s Introduction

Cathy was a 19-years-old prime cunt. All over America, younger girls were having sex, visiting clubs, and dancing on stage or in live sex acts. Everywhere the new sexual revolution was taking hold.

She had sucked off two football players at age 18. She liked the thrill of sex and the taste of cum. She derived pleasure from giving pleasure.

It was exhilarating to her to feel a cock grow in her hand or her mouth. She loved the tingling feeling she got when her bare tits pressed against a man’s bare chest. She let them feel of her natural 32C tits and play with her swollen, larger-than-usual clitoris. It could grow to two inches when she got really hot.

Cathy’s submissiveness, very white skin, and blonde hair made the black men try harder to fuck her. Word got around to D’Andre about the hot 19-year-old blonde who loved to suck and fuck.

D’Andre caught her at a teen club. He walked right up to her and asked her to dance. She loved to dance.

Cindy was wearing a black micro-miniskirt with a black taffeta petticoat that caused it flare out. Her legs were clad in blue hose. The strappy black sandals with six-inch heels made her legs look very long and slender.

They started dancing. D’Andre put his hands on her hips taught her few moves and sexy movements with her hips. Then they danced close. She let him pull her body close to him, and she pressed her C-cup tits against his chest. She loved it. She loved his scent and all of the sensuality he exuded.

He took her hand and led her outside to his car. It was dark. He got in the back and motioned for her to go around and sit down. Once inside he put his arm around her and drew her close. She had never had a man take her and manhandle her in such a way. She moaned as his thick lips touched her lips.

She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to snake inside. She sucked on his upper lip. His mouth was so wet. She moaned. She loved the taste of his mouth.

The kissing got very frantic as Cathy became very aroused. He pulled out her tits and started sucking her nipples.

Cathy pulled down his zipper. His 10-inch cock popped out and stood up. He broke his kissing.

“Suck me, baby!” he said.

Her mouth had to stretch to close around. It was only the beginning of Cathy’s body being stretched to accommodate her lovers. Her head started bobbing up and down.

She will need some training at sucking cock, D’Andre thought.

“Oh! D’Andre! I have never seen a cock as big as yours,” she moaned.

“Let’s do something,” D’Andre said.

“Do what?” Cathy asked.

“Here, lay back.”


D’Andre pushed her skirt up and pulled her hose and thong off. She spread her legs as he lay down between her warm smooth thighs. He took his cock and slowly moved the head up and down over her hungry, wet cunt slit. Cathy kept her cunt shaved. Her cunt lips were swollen and her pleasure tunnel was dripping wet.

He pointed his cock at her love hole and pushed. Cathy’s wet cunt released and then squeezed down hard as D’Andre’s cock pushed inside.

“Oh Shit! Baby! Fuck my cunt. Make me cum baby,” Cathy cooed.

“You going to get the full load, baby,” D’Andre hissed.

“That’s right baby. Send those swimmers inside my cunt. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me! Make me your momma,” she said.

He fucked her for 30 minutes before he released a huge load.

“Oh shit! Baby! That was so hot,” he said. He pulled out and watched his cum gush out of Cathy’s tight cunt when she sat up. She looked at her first ever creampie and looked back up at D’Andre and smiled.

“I know a club that you would like better,” he said.

“Ok!” she agreed. Cathy was hot for D’Andre. She went down to fellate as he drove.

D’Andre wanted to get her worked up before he made another play for her hot white cunt.

They drove to the club which as all black. About a third of the girls were white. They were all dancing with black men. D’Andre bought her a drink and encouraged her to down it quicker than she would have.

She felt hot and sexy. She felt sexually aroused. She stagger backed, but D’Andre caught her. She started dancing with D’Andre and then another man broke in, and she started dancing with him. Hands started groping her. Her tits were pulled out of her loose top and manhandled. Fingers rolled her nipples between their fingers causing her to swoon.

Someone pushed her over and dry-humped her ass. She could feel his hard cock on her tiny ass crack. He lifted her skirt. She felt his cock play with her clit before pushing inside her sopping web love tunnel. Cathy came. He pushed in and out for a while. Soon she felt the thick hot cum splash against her silky cunt walls. He stood her up and kissed her deeply. They broke up.

D’Andre took her hand and led her to the back. He opened a room which was small and had a bed in the middle. D’Andre directed her to use a bidet in the room. They kissed as D’Andre undressed her. He laid her back and took off his clothes. She started sucking on his cock. D’Andre lay back and enjoyed the hot sucking. He encouraged her to go deeper and deeper.

“Suck it harder, baby! Oh! I love it. Let it go deeper. I love to feel your throat, baby. Suck it, baby. That’s it!” he coached her on.

He pulled her mouth off of his cock and kissed her for about 10 minutes. His kissing went down to her neck, leaving large red whelps. The whelps were a precursor to the body art she would soon get. He kissed her tits, sucking her nipples hard and squeezing her breasts hard, too. He kissed and sucked her breasts, leaving more large red whelps.

Cathy moaned.

His body crossed over hers until he was on top. He was careful not to put his weight on the tiny girl.

Cathy looked down. She could see a space between their bodies. His cock was pointing directly to her face. His balls were dangling down, just touching her pubic mound. They looked heavy with cum. A clear drop of pre-cum dropped down onto her clitoris. They started kissing. His tongue pushed deep into her mouth and over her tongue. She tasted his juices.

She felt something touching her cunt. It has warm. It made her body tingle. D’Andre sensed her arousal and reached down and rubbed his cock head over her cunt and clit. She was super wet. Cathy came hard.

“Oh! Shit!, D’Andre that feels so fucking good. Baby! Keep it up!” she moaned. D’Andre kept rubbing his cock on her clit. He could feel her clit growing and growing. She had an unusually large and long clitoris. He concentrated on her pussy lips. Her cunt was dripping with womanly wetness.

“Hold my cock,” he whispered. Cathy Ann reached down and held his fuck tool.

“I’m going to push. Guide it in, baby!” She did as she was told. It was just like guiding her vibrator into her cunt. She knew how to do that all right! Their kissing continued as D’Andre pushed. She felt her cunt open and a wonderful feeling overcame her as her love tunnel opened up for his fuck tool. Her heightened senses focused in on his cock head sliding up her baby passage. She squeezed down with her cunt muscles. It only heightened her pleasure.

Cathy came again. Her orgasm was harder this time. D’Andre started the in and out rhythm of raw animal fuck love. Cathy’s cunt was pouring wetness coating his cock head and leaving a slick sheen up his shaft.

She looked up. The ceiling was mirrored. She saw his black body with her tiny, white arms and legs attempting to encircle him. It’s looked so forbidden … so taboo, she thought. Cathy had no regrets. That thought only enhanced her approaching orgasm.

His fucking got deeper, but stayed at the same speed. Soon he hit bottom. His cock was pushing against her cervix. Cathy could feel his nut sack slapping just below her cunt and ass. She had no idea anything could go that deeply into her tiny body.

Her senses were overloaded with the feeling, sight, sound, and smell of love.

He increased his speed. Cathy instinctively starting thrusting her hips up to meet D’Andre’s hunches. Her cunt had a natural squeeze. D’Andre could feel his cock being squeezed tightly. He felt his pressure building. He had to strain hard to keep from depositing his nut in her cum bank. He slowed his pace to prolong the pleasure. He wanted to keep near a release without actually climaxing.

“Oh! Baby. Fuck me. I love it. Fuck me baby. I want you, baby I’ve never felt anything so good. Fuck me harder, baby. Oh Shit! I’m Cuming,” Cathy moaned.

Her cunt squeezed D’Andre’s cock harder. She started trembling. A wave of emotions, centered on her clitoris spread out over her body. She felt that she was caught up in a vortex of emotion. It was the deepest orgasm she had ever experienced!

D’Andre could not hold it. His cock exploded. Hot sticky jizz flooded Cathy’s hungry cunt. Cathy came once again, sending her to new heights. Her orgasm started in her clit and spread out all over her body. It was the most wonderful sensation she had ever felt. Her skin tingled. Her back bowed up. Her hips tighten causing her cunt to squeeze tightly around the pleasure tool in her body. She felt the semen splash against her sensitive, wet cunt walls. He kept squirting hot cum in her. Some oozed past her cervix and got inside her womb.

He collapsed on top of her. He wanted to let his weight pin her down. It was his way of asserting his dominance over her. They lay there for a while savoring their afterglows.

He pulled out. Cathy looked down. His cock was coated and dripping with his white cum. She could feel the hot jizz pouring out of her cunt onto her asshole. A small amount stayed in her womb. The swimmers began spreading out looking for her egg to fertilize. It was the first time she feel the sensual feeling of cum in her cunt. She loved it.

“Hey, baby! Your cunt is full of my love jizz. Do you know that?”

“Yes, baby!” Cathy said. She was thinking about how good it felt. It was her introduction to hot black sexing. She was hooked!

“Come here and suck-clean my cock,” D’Andre ordered her. She got up and went to her knees and sucked his cock clean while her eyes looked up at his face. Cathy enjoyed D’Andre’s cock with the taste of cum mixed with her cunt juices.

Cathy cleaned her cunt in the bidet in the room. He pulled out an enema apparatus. He filled it with warm water. He bent her over his lap and plugged it into her ass. He never asked her if she wanted it. Cathy was submissive and did not resist. He filled her until she could no longer stand the tightness in her tiny tummy.

“Now take a shit,” D’Andre said. He repeated the procedure twice.

“Get dressed!” he ordered. She quickly dressed.

“Don’t wear colored hose. I want to see your white legs. I’ll keep the panties, too. If you do wear underwear, only wear a thong. I love to see your hot ass,” he told her.

Cathy started to fix her hair. Her hair was a mess, but he stopped her. D’Andre wanted her hair to show that she had been fucked.

D’Andre took her hand and led her back to the open club. This time D’Andre walked away and left her alone. But she wasn’t alone for long. A man started dancing with her. He kissed her and pressed his cock against her wet cunt.

Cathy responded by reached down into his pants and grasping his cock with her little hand. She started stroking it.

They began kissing passionately. His hands grasped her orbs and squeezed. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

They began dancing again. He turned her around and pushed his cock against her bare ass.

Another man broke in and started sucking down her neck. His mouth went to her breasts. He sucked each nipple until they were hard and wet.

He turned her around and bent her over. She felt his cock enter her cunt. He withdrew and the first black man pushed his cock in her gaping wide cunt.

“Oh!” Cathy swooned. He fucked her a while and stood her back up. He turned her around and kissed her. Then he led her down the hallway to the same bedroom. When the door closed he held her and kissed her deep. Their mouth exchanged the hot wetness of oral love. He undressed her and placed her in the doggie position.

The black man, who was a complete stranger, put his cock on her cunt and pushed. Her cunt released and allowed him to shove all the way in.

“Oh! Fuck me, baby!” Cathy cooed. She loved the feeling of a cock in her cunt. He started a rhythm of in and out strokes. Cathy came. Her cunt squeezed down on the man’s love tool. He came in her cunt. He pulled out, leaving her cunt gaping open and dripping white hot jizz. He fell back on the bed exhausted.

Cathy basked in her warm afterglow. It was not as warm as the afterglow she had with D’Andre. She cleaned up in the bidet and went back to the club.

She danced and kissed the men. Four times she walked to the back room. Four men fucked her one at a time, and they came in her each time. Cathy came each time.

When she got home around 5 a.m., she could still feel the warm glow of cum oozing out of her womb. She thought about the possibility of a pregnancy, but the thought of being pregnant caused her body to tremble. She was a natural-born breeder.

Cathy’s 18-year-old sister, Marci, came into her bedroom. She crawled into bed with Cathy, who told her about being fucked eight times.

“Did they cum in you, Cathy?” Marci asked.

“Yes! Here look,” Cathy said showing Marci her cunt.

“Let me taste it,” Marci said.

Cathy spread her cunt and let Marci taste the black jizz seeping out.

Marci rolled over so Cathy could reciprocate. Cathy and Marci sucked and stroked their clits until they fell asleep.

Cathy’s Mom, Norma

Cathy’s mom, Norma, was divorced and quickly learned she had no means to pay the taxes on her mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans.

She started dating and soon the hot mom was going out with black men. They introduced her to black sex. Then she met Roy. He became her pimp. She was good at whoring and quickly made enough money to buy a Mercedes Convertible and sexy clothes, pay her taxes, and fix up the mansion in that order. To Norma black whoring was more than sex. She loved and craved the black love stick.

Norma would often come home with two or more black studs and fuck them until dawn. She made no effort to hide her lifestyle from her daughters, Cathy, then 19, and Marci, then 18.


Cathy knew that it was OK to come home at 5 a.m. after a date. Since her first date at age 14, she always stayed out until early morning.

Norma spent time with her daughters talking to them about their sexuality.

“Sex is the most wonderful experience you will ever have,” Norma said. “The size of the penis matters. When you feel a black man’s penis enter your pussy, you will know it is much, much better,” she said.

“A woman is made to fuck and give pleasure,” Norma said. “A man’s hormones in his semen will be taken into your body and make you into a woman.” Norma smiled and lit a cigarette. She crossed her legs letting her bare cunt show.

Norma didn’t mind showing her cunt which kept hairless with a Brazilian.

“Don’t be afraid to let your man put his semen in your cunts. That’s the best way to go — bareback without condoms,” she said.

Cathy and her sister, Marci, often were awake all night listening to Norma moaning, laughing, and taking black cum. The girls often saw their mom fucking one or more black studs on the patio or around the pool. Cathy even walked in on Norma on her knees sucking an enormous black stud in the kitchen.

Fucking black was normal to Cathy and her sister.

Her mom’s studs hit on Cathy and Marci often.

“I love to see them hit on you girls. You will be fucking black soon,” Norma said. She was right.


Cathy and D’Andre met again and again. She often spent the night with him. He continued to fuck her and cum in her hot cunt. She never asked him to use a condom and D’Andre never offered to. He introduced her to his friends. She started dating every black man she met. She preferred the older men in their 30′s. She went out on dates four nights a week.

She got pregnant. She wasn’t sure who the father was. She didn’t care. She was slightly apprehensive at first, but then she never expected the reaction she would get. Her mom was happy and proud of her.

“Oh! My baby! You are pregnant! I am so happy for you. This is a wonderful time for a woman. Your body will be changing, and you will feel so sexy,” Norma said.

Marci was curious and wanted to talk about it.

“How did it feel when he came in you?

“It felt wonderful!” Cathy swooned.

“Did you know the moment you conceived?” Marci asked.

“It’s all about the risk when you believe you will get pregnant,” Cathy said. Cathy explained all about pregnancy risk sex and how wonderful and sensual it was.

Cathy Ann’s boyfriends congratulated her. Her girlfriends, who had been fucking black men, hugged her. They told her how much they envied her. Cathy loved the attention and respect she got. She had reached a new level of being a black cock slut.

She loved the feeling and sexuality of being pregnant every day of her pregnancy. She was craving cum and getting more cum than ever. The male hormones lingered in her body. She was absorbing them; and in turn, the male hormones were changing her in other ways, too. She became addicted to male hormones. Her momma hormones made her feel great. She loved the changes coming over her body. When word got around she was pregnant, the men flocked around to fuck hot the pregnant mom, Cathy.

Cathy started walking around the mansion nude. Her belly was beginning to develop a nice momma pooch. One of Norma’s boyfriends caught her in the kitchen late one night.

“Hey baby! I heard about you been black bred,” he said. He put his hand behind her head and drew her face close to his face. He kissed her passionately and deep. Cathy started trembling and moaning. He turned her around, bent her over and shoved his cock in her cunt.

As he fucked her, he rubbed her pregnant belly.

“Hey baby. That young cunt is so fucking tight. That’s right! Squeeze my cock with that tight cunt, now! Fuck my fuck stick, you little bitch whore!” he said while pounding her cunt.

He dumped a large load in her cunt.

She loved the attention. She was hornier than ever. In her fourth month, she went to a clinic and did what she had to do and got a checkup for STD’s. She was clean.

After that, Cathy never had the slightest fear of pregnancy risk sex. The pleasure of bareback unprotected sex was overwhelming to her. That feeling of knowing that her womb was fertile and the sperm she was taking would make her momma egg grow was exhilarating to Cathy. Pregnancy risk was the greatest sexual rush of all.

She quit school and took a job in a liquor store in the black section of town. She wanted to be closer to her favorite club. She drank, smoked, and bought skimpy, revealing, sexy clothes. She met some of the dancers in the nearby sex clubs. They gave her pointers on sexy clothes and moves and turning tricks. Cathy wanted to be a dancer, too.

She started getting sexy tattoos on her pretty white skin. She paid for some of them and fucked for more sexy skin illustrations. She got some sexy piercing, too. She soon found out those black men loved women with hot illustrated and pierced white skin. She wore clothes to show off her skin illustrations, too.

Cathy meets Tyrone

Tyrone looked at Cathy walking into the club. She was looking back at him. She walked up and stood at the bar. The bartender waited on her immediately. She turned to play a game machine on the bar. She wiggled her ass as she played the machine.

Tyrone doubled back to hit on the hot blonde.

“You like to play games?” It was Tyrone. Everyone called him Ty.

‘Not you, Heidi.’

Last to leave, you halt in the doorway, my firm tone stopping you instantly.

‘Come here. Close the door.’

‘Yes, sir’. I hear the slight tremble in your voice; you know you are in trouble.

Obediently you shut the door and approach my desk. I watch you carefully, setting my features into grim disapproval as my gaze lingers its way up your body from your white-socked calves, over your firm thighs to the hem of your short skirt, then following the buttons on your blouse to your breasts where the outline of your nipples can just be determined — your bra must be very thin, very sheer. I meet your eyes at last and you blush and hang your head, clasping your hands behind your back and standing up straight so that your breasts strain against the fabric of your blouse.

‘Do you know why I called you back, Miss Presswood?’

‘No, sir.’ You dart me a quick glance and hang your head again. I only call you ‘Miss Presswood’ when you’re in trouble.

I stand up, taking the long wooden ruler from the desktop. My penis is beginning to swell in my trousers but with your head down, you won’t notice it. I move to stand behind you, slightly to one side. You make to turn your head, but I stop the movement by touching the tip of the ruler to your cheek. You flinch slightly.

‘Face the front, Miss Presswood. Hands by your sides.’ I stand very close to you. I can sense you trembling. My penis is straining now, aching. ‘You are a disgrace, Miss Presswood. Your skirt is far too short for modesty, it should come to here.’ I touch your thigh an inch above the back of your knee. ‘Instead it is all the way up here.’ I run my finger up your soft skin to meet the hem of your skirt. My finger is about two inches from the junction of your thighs. I move it a little higher. I can feel your heat. I leave it there and say, ‘What have you to say about that.’

‘Oh, sir,’ you gasp. ‘I’m very sorry, sir. It was all I had to wear today.’

‘Was it, Miss Presswood?’ I move my finger up and down, just a little so it brushes your underwear. Very smooth. Damp. You give a little whimper. I remove my hand and take an audible breath through my nose. ‘Were all your other skirts dirty, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir,’ you whisper.

‘Then you must be a very dirty girl, Miss Presswood. Are you?’

‘No, sir. I mean yes, sir.’ Flustered you blush again.

‘Let me be clear, Miss Presswood. Today you are dressed in a skirt that is far too short for decency and a blouse that is at least a size too small. I detect lipstick and rouge. And if I am not mistaken, perfume.’ I lean very close to your silky dark hair and, taking it in my fingers, smell. ‘Perfumed shampoo and also perfume on your skin.’ still holding your hair, I put my nose to the nape of your neck. ‘Frankly, Miss Presswood, you look like a common prostitute. Is that what you wanted?’

‘No sir,’ your whisper now is barely perceptible.

‘Do you know what prostitutes do, Miss Presswood?’

The merest shake of your head. I’m holding it quite firmly in my fist now. I use it to turn you round and hold your head up to look at me.

‘Then it is time you learnt so that there will not be a repetition of this disgraceful exhibition. On your knees.’

You look uncomprehending but I twist your hair and exert enough force to set you on your way to kneeling. Unbalancing slightly on your way down, you clutch my thighs for support. I let the ruler fall to the floor with a clatter that makes you start, but when I release your hair and unfasten my trousers your look turns from surprise to outright shock. You seem frozen, petrified like a rabbit in headlights.

‘Prostitutes, Miss Presswood, perform fellatio, amongst other things. Or in their parlance: suck cock. You, Miss Presswood, are going to suck my penis like a cock-hungry little slut, and once you have learnt to perform that task to my satisfaction, we shall turn to the rest of your punishment. Listen carefully. You will take down my shorts and use your mouth and tongue on my penis and testicles. You may kiss and lick at first but quite quickly you will take the tip in your mouth and suck. While you are doing this, you will moan with pleasure — I like my whores to sound appreciative. Do you understand?’

You nod. I slap your face, not very hard.

‘Yes, sir,’ you mumble, not taking your eyes from the bulge of my throbbing penis trapped within my cotton shorts.

‘Good girl.’ at these words, a quick smile flashes across your face and the welling tears subside. ‘Be a good girl, Heidi and suck me.’

‘Yes, sir.’ Your reach for the band of my shorts. As you start to pull them down, I put my hands over yours and stop you. You look uncomprehending, almost fearful, as if you’ve done something wrong.

‘Beg, Heidi,’ I say. ‘Beg for my big penis like the cock-hungry little slut you are.

You beg.

‘Please, sir, oh please sir, please let me suck your cock.’ You nuzzle it through the fabric. ‘Please, sir. Please. I need to suck your cock, sir. Please. like the little slut I am. I want it.’ You kiss it through the cotton. ‘I need my mouth filled with hard cock, sir.’

I release your hands and you tear down my shorts. My penis is free and rampant. You clasp it in both hands and moan. Then you look straight up at me.

‘Please, sir,’ you say very calmly and seriously. ‘Please may I suck this magnificent penis. I promise to be such a good girl.’

I nod and you suck. You make little whimpers of satisfaction when I begin to thrust and shift your hands to my backside, crasping and clawing as I begin to fuck your face in earnest. When I come, it feels like a fountain erupting from my balls. You drink it all and don’t stop licking until my penis is clean.

‘Thankyou, sir,’ you say. ‘I hope I have been a good girl.’

‘Yes, Heidi,’ I say. ‘A very good girl. I tug you to your feet by the hair, but quite gently and smile indulgently at you as you beam up at me. I slide my hand under your dress onto your rump. You freeze.

‘What’s this?’ I say, feeling the warmth of your firm round buttock. ‘Are you wearing a thong, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir.’

Then you must bend over the desk, Miss Presswood, and prepare to be punished.

You bend, pressing your upper body against the polished mahogany. I take down your skirt and thong in one smooth motion, revealing your plump little arse and smooth-shaven cunt. My penis is sticking straight out again, and it twitches at the sight. I put the head against the lips of your wet cunt.

‘This will be a most severe punishment, Miss Presswood,’ I thrust my penis straight into you, all the way. You are hot and tight and wet. I tell you so, leaning forward to whisper in your ear, ‘You have a very tight little cunt, Miss Presswood. Such a pretty little cunt.’ I withdraw, then slam into you again. ‘So very tight and wet.’ And you moan as I fuck you with long, brutal strokes. ‘Are you sorry, Miss Presswood?’ I gasp as I fill you with my full length again. You just whimper and nod your head as best you can.

I press my hard stomach against your taut, round young arse, reach underneath you and tear open your blouse, scoop your beasts from your skimpy bra and fondle them. As I brush the nipples, you come explosively, your cunt tightening on my hard penis and you shriek. As you subside, I pull out, still erect. You moan and beg, cry out with alarm as I return, but this time to your anus.

‘No, sir, please, sir. Please fuck me in my cunt sir –’ Your pleas are cut short, turn into a little scream as I force into you. i put my hands on your wrists, holding you down. You squirm beneath me on the desk, grinding your arse against me. Three strokes is all it takes and I come again.

Once I have recovered, I withdraw and you kneel and clean me again with your mouth and tongue. I feel my penis stiffen again and I allow you to suck me to a third orgasm.

‘That will do for today, I think, Heidi.’ I say after your tongue has removed the last traces of semen for the third time. But understand that I shall be keeping a close eye on you and will not hesitate to punish any further infractions even more severely.’

‘Thankyou, sir,’ you say. ‘Thankyou for teaching me to be a good girl again.’ I watch you as you dress and leave, holding the door for you. A girl in the corridor outside catches my notice.

‘Miss Di Ruffia! A word with you please.’

‘Not you, Heidi.’

Last to leave, I halt in the doorway, your firm tone stopping me instantly.

‘Come here. Close the door.’

‘Yes, sir’. My voice trembles. I try so hard to be a good girl but I know I’m in trouble.

Obediently I shut the door and approach your desk. You watch me carefully, setting your features into grim disapproval. Your gaze lingers its way up my body from my white-socked calves, over my thighs to the hem of my too-short skirt, then following the buttons of my blouse to my breasts where my nipples peek through the thin fabric of my bra and blouse. I meet your eyes at last and blush, hanging my head, clasping my hands behind my back and standing up straight like a good girl even though it makes my breasts strain against the fabric of my too-tight blouse.

‘Do you know why I called you back, Miss Presswood?’

‘No, sir.’ I dart you a quick glance and hang my head again. You only call me ‘Miss Presswood’ when I’m in bad trouble.

You stand up, taking the long wooden ruler from the desktopand move to stand behind me, slightly to one side. I turn my head to follow you, but you stop the movement by touching the tip of the ruler to my cheek, making me flinch. I face the front like a good girl, I hope.

‘Face the front, Miss Presswood. Hands by your sides.’ You stand very close to me and I tremble. My cunt is wet, aching; my thong damp. ‘You are a disgrace, Miss Presswood. Your skirt is far too short for modesty, it should come to here.’ You touch my thigh an inch above the back of my knee. ‘Instead it is all the way up here.’ you run your finger up my soft skin to meet the hem of my skirt. My legs nearly buckle and I have to bite my lip to stop from moaning. Your finger is about two inches from my sopping cunt. You move it a little higher and say, ‘What have you to say about that.’

‘Oh, sir,’ I gasp. ‘I’m very sorry, sir. It was all I had to wear today.’

‘Was it, Miss Presswood?’ You move your finger up and down, just a little so it brushes the seam of my underwear. You must feel the wetness. I give a little whimper. You remove your hand and take an audible breath through your nose. ‘Were all your other skirts dirty, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I whisper.

‘Then you must be a very dirty girl, Miss Presswood. Are you?’

‘No, sir. I mean yes, sir.’ Flustered I blush again.

‘Let me be clear, Miss Presswood. Today you are dressed in a skirt that is far too short for decency and a blouse that is at least a size too small. I detect lipstick and rouge. And if i am not mistaken, perfume.’ You take my hair in your hand and raise it to your nose. ‘Perfumed shampoo and also perfume on your skin.’ Still holding my hair, you smell the nape of my neck. I feel your breath on my skin. ‘Frankly, Miss Presswood, you look like a common prostitute. Is that what you wanted?’

‘No sir,’ I can hardly speak.

‘Do you know what prostitutes do, Miss Presswood?’

I try to shake my head and say i just want to be a good girl buy you’re holdimng my hair quite firmly now. You use it to tug me round and pill my head up to look at you.

‘Then it is time you learnt so that there will not be a repetition of this disgraceful exhibition. On your knees.’

I don’t understand but you twist my hair and exert enough force to send me on my way to kneeling. Unbalancing slightly on your my down, I clutch your thighs for support. You let the ruler fall to the floor with a clatter that makes me start. But when you release my hair and unfasten your trousers, I freeze.

‘Prostitutes, Miss Presswood, perform fellatio, amongst other things. Or in their parlance, suck cock. You, Miss Presswood, are going to suck my penis like a cock-hungry little slut, and once you have learnt to perform that task to my satisfaction, we shall turn to the rest of your punishment. Listen carefully. You will take down my shorts and use your mouth and tongue on my penis and testicles. You may kiss and lick at first but quite quickly you will take the tip in your mouth and suck. While you are doing this, you will moan with pleasure — I like my whores to sound appreciative. Do you understand?’

I nod. I don’t know what to say. All I want is to be your good girl. You slap my face. Tears well.

‘Yes, sir,’ I mumble, not taking your eyes from the bulge of your throbbing penis trapped within your cotton shorts.

‘Good girl.’ The welling tears subside and I smile as joy floods through my body. ‘Be a good girl, Heidi and suck me.’

‘Yes, sir.’ i reach for the band of your shorts. As I start to pull them down, you put my hands over yours and stop me. I don’t know what I’m meant to do differently and look at you half-fearful, half-wondering.

‘Beg, Heidi,’ you say. ‘Beg for my big penis like the cock-hungry little slut you are.

I beg. Somehow I know just what you want me to say.

‘Please, sir, oh please sir, please let me suck your cock.’ I nuzzle it through the fabric – it’s so firm and big! ‘Please, sir. Please. I need to suck your cock, sir. Please. like the little slut I am. I want it.’ I kiss it through the cotton. ‘I need my mouth filled with hard cock, sir.’

You release my hands and I tear down your shorts. Your penis is free and rampant. It seems so huge! I clasp it in both hands and moan. Then look straight up at you.

‘Please, sir,’ I say very calm and serious. ‘Please may I suck this magnificent penis. I promise to be such a good girl.’

You nod and I suck, making little whimpers of satisfaction when you begin to thrust. I shift my hands to my backside — so muscley!. You begin to fuck my face in earnest.i take as much of you as I can in my eager mouth, using my agile tongue on your head and shaft. When you come, it feels like a fountain gushing into my mouth, down my throat. It tastes salty and sweet. I drink it all and don’t stop licking until your penis is clean.

‘Thankyou, sir,’ I say. ‘I hope I have been a good girl.’

‘Yes, Heidi,’ you say. ‘A very good girl.’ You tug me to my feet by my hair, but quite gently and you smile indulgently as I you beam up at you. I am your good girl!. You slide your hand under my dress onto my rump. I freeze.

‘What’s this?’ you say. I feeling the warmth of your strong hand cupping my round buttock. ‘Are you wearing a thong, Miss Presswood?’

‘Yes, sir.’

Then you must bend over the desk, Miss Presswood, and prepare to be punished.

I bend, pressing my upper body against the polished mahogany. You take down my skirt and thong in one smooth motion, exposing my plump little arse and smooth-shaven cunt. I feel the head of your hard penis against the lips of my wet cunt.

‘This will be a most severe punishment, Miss Presswood,’ You thrust your penis straight into me, all the way. You are hot and hard and you fill my tight cunt. You lean forward to whisper in my ear, ‘You have a very tight little cunt, Miss Presswood. Such a pretty little cunt.’ You withdraw — so cruel! — then slam into me again. ‘So very tight and wet.’ And I moan as you fuck me with long, brutal strokes. ‘Are you sorry, Miss Presswood?’ You gasp as you fill you with your full length again. I try to answer like a good girl but all that comes is moans and whimpers so I nod as best I can.

I feel your hard stomach against my taut young arse. You reach underneath me and tear open my blouse, scooping my breasts from my skimpy bra and fondle them. As you brush the nipples, I come explosively, my cunt spasms again and again on your hard penis and I shriek. As I subside, you pull out, still erect. I moan and beg, cry out with alarm as you return, pressing your penis to my anus.

‘No, sir, please, sir. Please fuck me in my cunt sir –’ My pleas are cut short, turn into a little scream as you force into me. It hurts! You put your hands on my wrists, holding me down. I’m helpless and squirm beneath you on the desk, grinding my arse against you. Three strokes and I feel you flood me with your come.

Once you have recovered, you withdraw and I quickly kneel like a good girl and clean you again with my mouth and tongue. Your penis stiffens again and you allow me to suck you to a third orgasm.

‘That will do for today, I think, Heidi.’ You say after my tongue has removed the last traces of semen for the third time. But understand that I shall be keeping a close eye on you and will not hesitate to punish any further infractions even more severely.’

‘Thankyou, sir,’ I say. thankyou for teaching me to be a good girl again.’ You watch as I dress and leave, holding the door for me. A girl in the corridor outside catches your notice.

‘Miss Di Ruffia! A word with you please.’

I pout! I was your good girl! But I don’t say anything or look round. You never play favourites.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


It was Friday night. After a very hard day’s work, it was time for some real relaxation. During the long working hours of the day, Di and Olli had massaged seven gentlemen each and all, to their desired satisfaction. Both Di and Olli, although nearly exhausted, they ended the day very satisfied with the work they had done, knowing that all their clients had left their premises more than pleased.

After their official working day which they believed they had accomplished to perfection and standards they had aimed for; in return, all their clients showed their satisfaction not only with compliments but also with the generous tips they had left on top of their payments. There were hugs and more praise for a massage well done by most of the clients; some even promised that the next time they are in town they will surely call again. Then there were those who fortunately of unfortunately, and which they were in the majority that they asked for something extra.

As the last clients left, they rested for a few minutes before they soaked themselves in a hot bath. It gave them new strength and inspiration for what they had prepared themselves; a night of pleasure and relaxation. They were waiting for that moment when the time was right to go out for the night, with two specially chosen clients. After the hard work of a non stop working day, they were looking forward for their evening adventures, the second night in their first very profitable week.

Massaging so many naked guys during their long working day; watching so many hard cocks ready to explode while others exploding, had made their appetite for some quick sex or a hand job, or a touch to their hot leaking pusses. At times both the masseur and the recipient were feeling the heat of sex, even becoming uncontrollable; but both ladies kept their professionalism. One way or the other, all clients had exploded during those moments when the ladies were massaging them, especially during the body against body massage, with the exception of one, who even shot his load during the first hand massage, followed by a second time later.

Watching some of their clients loosing their hardness as they had blown their load earlier during the body to body massage, made the ladies feelings for some sexual satisfaction rather more urgent; but they knew what their priorities were.

Di and Olli after they prepared themselves to perfection from head to foot, left early to arrive at the separate hotels, where their clients were staying. They made it a point that they will not leave them waiting, not after they were promised that they were going to be there on time. The arrangements were made the previous day as both Di and Olli had chosen these guys for special reasons, when they asked for special extras back at their hotels. As a matter of fact, both ladies thought that those two clients they chose; had the right credentials.

At last they were out on the street and on their way to the two different hotels where they agreed where their meeting venues were. It was a great night, the sky was full of stars and they were wondering how many starts they were going to see during a night of hot sex. They knew that their chosen clients had some good control on their intimate parts, which meant great hot sex. That was what gave them the edge when they asked for something extra and why the ladies accepted to entertain them.

After their first night adventures earlier in the week, where they had enjoyed some very hot sex, the preparations for the second night were much relaxed, including their own selves. As soon as they arrived at the consecutive hotels they were both welcomed by their waiting friends who invited them for a drink before they went to their hotel rooms. With their clothes shed the foreplay soon started, going from a blowjob to sixty nine, getting themselves primed up for the actual act of hot sex while their bodies were already primed up. Both Di and Olli were well educated in the art of making love and the control of the male orgasm. The real sex really started in earnest. Their clients already knew the ladies rather intimately, so it was relatively easy to participate fully and enjoy the pleasures the ladies themselves offered. In the end they were more than satisfied.

Half way through the evening, they dined with their clients separately before they went back to their hotel rooms. There they had participated in some very aggressive hot sex, which really satisfied both the clients and the ladies themselves. There were no restrictions except for the use of condoms.

After their sessions ended, they left the hotels and their tired clients and made their way to meet each other at an agreed rendezvous, from where they picked a taxi back home. They arrived rather late from their last encounters of their day. They were dead tired, so much so as soon as they arrived they closed the door took off all their clothes and jumped on the same bed hugging and kissing each other. But so tired they were that they were asleep within minutes.

They didn’t even care to know how much money they earned, together with the extras. Their second sexual evening of hot sex was a great success. They enjoyed that wonderful evening where they were in luck for the second time. The sex was fabulous; terrific. It was as good as their first a couple of days earlier with instances better than what they had enjoyed on their previous experience. This was their second successful evening, were they had satisfied their sexual hunger.

Most of their clients had asked about extras, some specified perfectly what they expected; maybe even meeting them later in the evening. Both Di and Olli were looking forward to such meetings, but with the array of clients coming from different European countries and even from other continents, the choice was difficult. They were looking for those who really wanted to enjoy making love while entangle themselves in the pleasures of the flesh; not to forget getting healthy clients. They were not after a quick relieve; or from some ladies point of view, take the money and run.

There were males whom the ladies felt they were too rich, but looked rather too macho; others looked calm, handsome and easy to communicate with. Therefore both ladies searched for clients whom they knew they would have a great time with, both sexually and friendly feelings. They wanted to return back home with their sexual tension and inner feelings under control.

They chose those one night dates from Thursday’s clients. They booked them after they were sure that they match to the already set credentials, like being educated, calm, the way they acted during the massage, especially when they were enjoying the body to body massage. The ladies wanted to enjoy as also, to please.

They felt right when they were having their body to body massage with the female totally naked using her body to massage the male. During that period all males becomes extra active with their hardons wanting to explode, especially when they tease them, as they massage their pussies against their manhoods. If they survive and they will not blow their loads quickly they will be eligible and on the list.

The control they had on their prostate was fantastic and they managed to control their ejaculations perfectly; that was their guarantee to an opportunity of spending a long night pleasurable sex with either Di or Olli.

Olli never sent a client back without making sure that he had blown his load. If not, she will give him a free blowjob. Di’s client also controlled himself well and so when the massage was about to end she lowered her pussy against his hardon; then she start moving back and forth with his cock embedded between her usual swollen lips, until she hear him moaning as he gets ready to explode; to Di’s personal satisfaction.

The excitement grew stronger when both Di and Olli were about to leave home. They were dreaming about what they were expecting to take place inside that hotel room. Will it be as good as what had taken place during their first time?

When they got to their respective hotels and entered within the confines of the hotel bedroom they were welcomed in both instances with a bottle of champagne. Before they had even tasted the slightly yellowish bubbly Olli was already naked down to her panties, while Diane was enjoying the taste of the bubbly while her client had started to massage her shoulders going slowly down to her breasts. From the position he was in, Di was pressing the crack of her ass against his already hard member.

The clients they chose were those whom the two ladies thought they were well disciplined with an incredibly shaped body. Naturally, the ladies also loved the organs the males possessed. After all, that’s what they dreamt about as much as the very hot sex they were hoping, they were going to indulge in to satisfy their sexual hunger.

But both Di and Olli were ending their working days very sexually excited especially after every day’s hard work, massaging those well off clients with their hard cock mostly hard all the time during the actual hard cocks pussy massage.

From those who had called to make an appointment, there were those who were lucky enough to be accepted for a massage. Probably there were many who called and politely they heard a recorded message that the day’s spots were already booked; please try tomorrow morning after 08:00hrs. The money, although it was important were not the only issue. The main issue was the satisfaction of their clients.

Both Di and Olli wanted something more than the hard work of the day even though every day had a happy ending. They also wanted that something more, or better that something extra. After a hard days work there became the need to satisfy their sex hungry bodies, preferably away from their place of work.

When the ladies made their individual calls before they left their quarters, their clients confirmed and they were waiting at the bar. The unfortunate situation that time was; that their clients were staying at different hotels, so they could not swap clients half way through the evening, like what they did on their first night out.

Everything went well. The fucking and the love making was something they both enjoyed, from the very moment the doors were closed. The dinner was excellent and the extras at the end, were also generous; not to mention the compliments they received for both for the massage and the hot fucking. “This is best fuck I ever had.’ Olli’s client whispered during dinner.

Both Olli and Di had agreed that there will be no work the following day, Saturday. They had enough after nearly a week of hard work and had made enough money as a matter of fact much more than they ever expected; so their decision was, to have a free day, which meant no work; just relax and no fucking. After last night they both ended with slightly sore pussies.

It was close to ten Saturday morning when the doorbell chimed. Both Di and Olli were still half asleep and wondered who the hell was outside ringing the fucking door bell. Di was preparing breakfast and Olli had closed herself in the bathroom doing her morning obligations.

‘Who the fucking hell come this so early in the morning?’ Olli shouted from within the confines of the small room.

There was no answer as Di was already on the way downstairs to see who the hell was there. As she opened, she came face to face with a beautiful elegant lady.

‘May I come in, please? I know that you won’t work on a Saturday, so please excuse me. It’s not possible for me to come during the week.’ She nearly begged.

As Di invited her in and the lady explained the reason of her visit, she asked her to take a chair and wait a few minutes until they get themselves together, have breakfast and become decently dressed as they were not expecting to receive any clients. Satisfied, their first female client sat down; picked a magazine and started to turn the pages, Di ran back upstairs. She found Olli fixing their breakfast, continuing where Di had left off, earlier.

As they finished breakfast thy prepared themselves for the massage which both hoped it will be the first and the last for the day. Fedora, as her name was, was in her late forties. She was an elegant woman, well dressed and well kept. In a nutshell, she looked after her health in every possible way; including that she frequently attends some sports centre.

Fedora had explained to the ladies what she was expecting and that she was hoping for something more than what she had already sampled and enjoyed during previous visits to other massage parlours. She wanted to ask prolifically but decided to be reluctant, not to say too much; even though her hopes were high.

With relish, she took off her clothes until she was totally naked, usually rare for a woman to expose herself fully infront of strangers. While she was undressing, the ladies appreciated not only her forwardness, but also her beautiful shaped body.

‘Are you ready to lie down madam?’ Olli asked.

‘With delight my dear.’ She politely confirmed as she stepped on a stool with her back to the massage table. She rested her bums firmly before she lifted herself on the padded cushion. As she got in the sitting position, she lifted one leg not bothering that her vaginal lips were on show with a precise trimmed pubic area.

Then she turned slowly and lay down on her stomach while lifting the second leg. In the meantime both ladies had her favoured oil ready and while Olli started from her feet, Di laid her hands on her shoulders. They worked professionally together, until it was time for the body to body massage. As regards the first part the satisfied lady complimented them on the way they conducted the massage.

As their client lay on the floor levelled cushion, both ladies covered the back; all the way down to her feet with oil, including the area between her legs. Then they oiled themselves in the same manner. The massage with the ladies alternating was another success and she promised that she would be back when she feels that her body is ready for another relaxing contribution.

The lady’s satisfaction with what they had offered, she thanked then and both ladies thanked her back for her forwardness, even though she arrived at their door unexpectedly. They felt very proud that she had enjoyed their handy work and they will be proud to have her back again, ready to please her.

‘There is also something really special; which we like to perform on a certain part of your body; we are hoping that you will enjoy it too.’ Di explained.

‘Am I not ready yet?’ She asked surprisingly.

‘You asked for that something extra, about which you said you had indulged yourself in some research.’ Olli made the lady remember.

‘Yes that’s right. But I was expecting that you automatically will try that.’

‘Sure we were going to do; but naturally we want your authorization as this will involve your intimate areas. We have to say that we experienced those moments as few times and we are sure that you will enjoy them more than what you are expecting.’ Di answered. ‘Let’s relax and then we start.’

So after a few minutes of relaxation and while they enjoyed a drink together, they were ready to go to the most awaited session which both Di and Olli had never performed before on any other clients, since that moment from the time they left the island.

‘So please settle yourself on your back, then relax, close your eyes and we will be ready to start again; how about that?’ Olli instructed.

‘You are the bosses and I’m just your victim. I will better make my comments when all, it will be finished.’ The ladies never asked her name but when they realized that they did not even ask, they asked and then they knew that her name was Fedora.

‘Good. So Fedora; this part of the massage is very intimate and the first time could be, a little bit, maybe shocking, or embarrassing. It may induce some type of feelings; you probably know what we mean.’ Di tried to be sort of careful, how to explain such a delicate performance.

‘Well that body to body massage had already caused and erupted many; you know what. There was no problem! I have enough information and I’m looking forward to what I think and hoping is coming. Don’t keep anything back, as maybe that is what in the end, was my goal. If my expectations will be fully satisfied… no more comments. I commit myself to anything.’ The ladies were ready and with a look at each other’s faces, they precisely understood what that lady of culture was after.

As Fedora was lying down on her back, the ladies produced a couple of rather thick cushions; one of them ended under the lady’s ass, while the other was to be used by the masseur.

As she set herself on the cushion, the lady opened her legs as wide as they could while she pulled them back towards her body. When she was ready to enjoy what many times she thought and read so much about; and which most of the times it happened after she laid down to sleep, alone in her own bed. She many times visualized such a situation while she touched and satisfied herself and her sexual emotions with her own fingers. She was not a loner, and along the years she had a variety of selected males with whom she satisfied her egos, not to mention a few women from within her own circle, especially in her student years.

Olli settled on the other cushion while she helped the lady position her legs, resting the feet flat on the surface of the massage bed. Her legs were wide open and her swollen vaginal lips were entirely exposed, even with that short tuff of pubic hair; which was proof of how much she cared about her body, especially her own intimate areas.

With the recipient comfortably settled; Olli settled herself with her legs wide open and resting against the lady’s inner side of her knees, precisely as a precaution. From then on Olli was in control and she was going to stop the lady from being able to close her legs at ant time from then on and especially when her blood would start to really boil.

A good look from Olli’s side was enough to know that the lady was ready. It was at that particular moment and not before she was about to start, that she covered her hands with oil, making sure she was ready for the first touches of the tantric massage.

Fedora, while waiting for the first touch to happen felt very comfortable with her legs wide open, her pouty lips separated and juices were already flowing. She was already hot enough, even though she was anxiously waiting for that first rub. Her eyes were closed, while she wondered what was coming next. She was lost in a sea of dreams, hoping that at last she was going to let her most intimate part of her body in the hands of two unknown ladies. She was anxious to explore and find out, if what she had learned was real or not.

The first touch took place and where the least she was expecting it. Olli’s flat hand touched her pelvis, just over the area where her clitoris was. Slowly and lightly the palm of Olli’s hand started to move over her skin in a circulated movement. With not too much pressure her hand continued to move and massage the area while building more pressure within her red chakra. Her hand continued to flow on the skin, just a little away, from not touching her clitories. It took Olli a few rather short minutes before she moved her fingers downwards, where with two fingers she started to massage Fedora’s perineum.

Slowly and conscientiously she used her fingers meticulously as it massaged that little space between her pouty lips and her ass hole. She used more oil to increase the feeling and to easily control the right tension on the very sensitive parts, around her pubic area. As Olli felt the tension building within Fedora’s red hot chakra she increased the pressure on her clitoris. That was Fedora’s first explosion. There were moans and her body trembled on the massage bed with a push against Olli’s knees, but the pressure from Olli’s side, Fedora’s knees did not close.

‘How was that? Did you enjoy it?’ Di who was close by asked Fedora while she was following the way Olli was massaging her. It was then that the door bell rang the second time.

‘I could never believe how this first orgasm could be so strong. We are still at the beginning of the process; I’m wondering what will happen later?’ Fedora asked surprisingly.

There was no answer except that Olli moved two fingers between her swollen lips; from her clit down over the perineum when even one finger went further downwards. It was an excused false move that hit her rosebud. But the lady made no move or comment for the unexpected interference. She knew what happened, but she did not leave any evidence that she felt it happening. As a matter of fact it was expected, but Fedora knew; that it was done deliberately.

The perineum massage was making Fedora rather too excited as her love juices increased in their flow. It became more abundant which wetted the anal area or better there was a continuous stream flowing down over her rosebud, the extra ending on the cushion.

Slowly, Olli with the palms of two fingers, one on the inside and the other on the outside, very lightly she grabbed one of Fedora’s pouty lips. With a very light pressure she started to move the palm of the fingers up and down along its’ length, slowly increasing the pressure. The feelings within the lady’s body had started to multiply rather too quickly, while she was wondering if she was already in the heavens. The activity within her red hot chakra was getting stronger and stronger and that volcano between her legs was actually erupting.

The more Olli increased the pressure of her fingers moving along the short length of her client’s vaginal lips, the stronger the excitement building inside Fedora’s body was soon leading her to nowhere else; except to an expected huge orgasm, far stronger than the previous one. Olli realized what was happening so she moved her fingers to the right lip which she continued to massage during which time the lady’s body was overtaken by another orgasm which probably was the third or the fourth of that morning.

Olli did not stop what she was doing, but she lifted her knees and put some pressure on the lady’s inner legs to increase the pressure and keep her from closing them. Fedora enjoyed for the first time a real tantric massage. She was feeling very relaxed with her hands behind the back of her head while still trembling and moaning. She could not believe how delighted she was with the professional way Olli was conducting that so much dreamed about, massage.

The heat continued to increase as the lady’s body started to tremble soon again. Olli kept her fingers busy, getting closer to take her clitoris between her thumb and her index finger. The lady became hotter and stronger, tremors were flowing from her red chakra through the whole her body. She resisted and tried to relax, while she held on and continued to enjoy the pleasures of that very intensive massage; she so many times had dreamed about as she masturbated herself.

Olli also felt her inside feelings increasing and her vagina getting wetter and wetter. She concentrated on her two fingers working on the lady’s engorged clit, as the middle finger of her other hand was pressed against the ladies rosebud. There was a shock at the touch of Olli’s finger against the lady’s anal entrance; but she considered it and accepted as part of the actual exercise. Fedora just relaxed and continued to enjoy what she was receiving.

Olli’s fingers were moving away from her clit. The middle finger entered the lady’s vagina searching for her G-Spot. As soon as she hit her G-Spot there was another strange shock and the fire within her sex hot chakra increased. Olli, very slowly and lightly started to massage Fedora’s most sensitive spot. The final part of the massage had commenced with the lady’s sexual activity became fully activated. An immediate orgasm flushed through her body and Olli pressed the thumb against the lady’s clitoris while the pointing finger inside her vagina was massaging the other end of her clitoris which is the G-spot. With the two main spots being massaged from the inside and the outside; the lady’s body really exploded.

Her anal opening started to pulsate as her sphincter started to open and close with the activity, sucking slowly Olli other finger into Fedora’s ass hole. As she felt the tension growing Fedora started to lift her ass of the cushion whereas she continued to moan with one orgasm fading into another, as more of Olli finger ended inside her anal tube.

She cried and shouted as she tried to close her legs. Olli held her legs wide open as her finger went deeper into the lady’s ass. ‘Ohhhhh fuck… I never been so hot. Wowwwww… aaaaahhhhh… aaaahhhhh don’t stop… don’t stoppp… fuck me with your fingers… fuck me… fuck mee. I need a man… I need a man with a big cock now.’ Fedora continued to shout while her body was totally engulfed in one the most intense orgasms she ever experienced.

Olli wished she could have had a male waiting for that special moment. It could have been not only an interesting show but the orgasms that could have followed would have led to share in a nirvana. But Olli did not stop. She even intensified the vaginal/clitoral massage. The pressure on the lady’s body intensified. Her body trembled and rolled on the cushion but she did not give up. She resisted the temptation to stop Olli from keeping her fingers working.

Fedora with her eyes closed she was still lost in a continuous orgasm while she was being watched by Diana who was massaging, or better masturbating her own pussy, while watching Fedora wriggling her body as Olli continued to push her finger deeper into her ass.

At that moment the doorbell sprang to life again and Diana walked away to check who the next intruder was.

Fedora did not stop enjoying those intimate pleasures which until that day were unknown to her, except in the books she read. She continued to enjoy the most beautiful massage she always wondered and dreamed about. The orgasms never stopped. Liquid was flowing constantly out of her vagina. She continued to shout and cry while Olli continued. Many times she asked for a hard cock; but there were none available, not even an artificial one.

The intensive orgasm which continued blocked her senses and it was then that she relaxed in her own dreams. Slowly, Olli pulled her fingers away from her clitoris; her G-Spot followed by and slowly taking off the finger from her ass.

Very slowly she pulled herself away from between the lady’s legs and left her to relax until she was ready to wake up. At last; after some very long minutes later, she started to return back to her real world. They looked at each other for a little time until the lady took a deep breath and gave Olli another look.

‘Wowww… I never had so many orgasms at one go. At times I felt like being in heaven. Maybe next time I will bring one of the male friends. Hey, I never thought I’ll go so crazy and wild.’

‘So, you it seems that you have enjoyed it beyond any of your expectations?’ Olli asked.

‘The way you performed what you have done to me, it was beyond what I ever expected. I never believed that it was going to be so intensive. At times I was so lost in the heavens that I couldn’t believe such pleasures could ever be enjoyed. Thanks sweetheart. Can I have a shower? I’m totally covered in oil and sweat.’

‘Do you think you need some help; I mean we can shower together if you have no objections?’ Olli offered.

‘Yes, I would love that; thanks.’ The lady accepted Olli’s proposal and they just enjoyed helping each other in the shower, where even a few touches took place which set the fire on again.

Before the lady was about to leave she gave Olli some three hundred Euros; without even asking any questions. It was a hundred more than what she had been asked.

‘You will see me soon; maybe I will even recommend you to a couple of my friends.’ A few kisses on the cheeks and off she went as happy as if she had won a million Euros.

Their next client was another lady rather younger with an incredibly looked after shaped body; about 5ft 6 and an hour glass profile. A pony tail of her wine colour painted hair, endowed the upper part of her body.

She was welcomed by Di, while Olli was still massaging Fedora’s vagina. Her name was Corrine, very strange for Greece but she was born in the States. Di guided Corrine towards her own massage parlour and as she entered she started to hear a lot of cries and moans from the other room.

‘What is happening; what are all these noises… Is there somebody getting fucked?’ Corrine asked.

‘Not exactly.’ Answered Di. ‘It’s just part of a massage; rather a female massage.’

‘What do you mean? It seems that who is there, she is more than enjoying herself. Is it something like some real hot fucking?’

‘Corrine, you have already asked about our different types of massage. That is the third part, even though I did not elaborate about it. I emphasized about the hands massage and the body to body massage. What is happening in the other room is the tantric massage; it’s about… massaging the hotty zones.’

‘Must be very interesting and erotic, with all that moaning; I’m wondering what the actual feelings are. Do I have to pay extra … as I like to have a try.’

‘Well until now it wasn’t on our program. We only started this week and with respect we were not expecting any females to call. So, for today if you want to try it, you can have it for free.’

‘Woww… thanks. So where shall we start.’

‘Take your clothes off and we start.’ Corrine did not take long to get naked. Her one piece dress fell to the floor as the zipper at the back went down. Her shapely breasts were just naked underneath the dress. No supports were needed and her nipples were already as hard as they could get, pointing outwards.

‘No bra.’ Di asked.

‘With the summer heat, I prefer the cool feelings and the movement of the loose dress or tops against my hard nipples. I feel very sexy and as you see my tits look great; especially from a male’s point of view. You know I like the male attention; I had always been a cock teaser, but mind you I like to have an aggressive male in my bed too; somebody who really knows what a woman really needs… I don’t fancy quick shooters; you know what I mean and I don’t like disappointments.’

‘Sure I know… I may recommend the right one; if he is still in town.’ Di felt embarrassed with her final comment. ‘Sorry… about that last comment; I shouldn’t have mentioned persons. It was unethical, sorry but I was carried away.’

‘Don’t be; I would like a strong man who knows how to please a woman; but although I tried a few contenders, those who really made an impact were not too many. Many times it’s not the actual act but even the good talk; the caress; the respect to my body; it’s not just to be fucked… it’s everything combined. Now what about this guy; what is special about him?’

‘You have to be in his bed to really… .’ Di stopped half way. She wanted Corrine to dream about this Sam.

‘How can I find him? Does he have to like me?’ Corrine cut in.

‘Do you really like to meet him?’ Di asked, somewhat excitedly.

‘Only, if he is available?’

‘Does he live close by?’ Corrine very excitedly asked while she started to take off her very tiny G-String, which barely covered her slit. Her ass was also perfectly shaped as much as was the rest of her trimmed body, a proof of her work outs, both at home and at the Gym.

Di got on line on the first press of the button. Sam made some small talk with Di and was pleased that everything went better than expected. Quickly Di asked about his whereabouts and was elated when he confirmed that he was still in town.

‘Sam, are you free this afternoon/evening?’ Di asked.

‘I’m still free; really after the heavy week, you know, going to Thessaloniki and not to mention all the other commitments; I thought I would have the rest of the day for myself.’

‘So, was the panty collection, still there?’ Di asked.

‘Are you alone?’ Sam asked.

‘For your information, dear Sam; I have a very exquisite lady, who after I will massage her body in three stages… you precisely know what I mean; and after I explained and she heard what was going on in the other massage parlour; she thought that she needs a very exquisite fucker to satisfy her ego and cool the heat I am going to produce within her body. Her exact words were “she doesn’t want a quick shooter”.’

‘She seems very, very interesting. Did you advise her that she will end up with three sore holes?’

‘Fuck Sam; I think she got some experience; hopefully she wasn’t one of your victims.’ Di answered.

‘What time she will be available?’ Sam asked cutting of, the small talk.

‘Within a couple of hours she will be on the way; hot and ready.’

‘Thanks sweetie and keep the good work. I’m proud of you both.’ Sam did not wait for an answer. He just broke the line.

The first part of the massage went without a hitch. The body to body went perfect except it made Corrine so hot, especially when massaging each other’s pussies against each other. Corrine became wild and she seemed to want something more. The third had not yet started, therefore Di settled Corrine on her back in a position as if she was alone with her legs wide open waiting to have a baby. Diane with her hand covered in oil started the tantric massage very slowly.

Corrine’s blood was already heated up, not only with the workout but also dreaming about the pleasures she was anticipating she was going to enjoy. Between her legs, love cream was flowing. The body to body massage had increased the carnal hunger to get fucked, touched, massaged and masturbated. The heat was incredible and while she was very anxious to find out what was next she relaxed and started to understand what was special about this third part.

The two women kept looking into each other’s eyes while they were both massaging their pussies against each other’s legs. The heat was building up. Their eyes watching each other were full of desires; even for each other. Corrine moaned as she felt her first orgasm flowing through her body. She pressed her pussy harder against Di’s leg, dreaming of what it would feel like if she can have her pussy sucked by this woman she never knew before, even before two hours earlier.

She got a liking for her, and was wondering what she, Di was thinking. Di’s pussy was also hot. This Corrine was hot. Does she like pussy; but she asked for a real hot dick? Questions could be asked, but the answer came quicker than she was expecting.

‘Are you into women, if I may ask?’ Corrine asked.

‘I prefer a good fuck, but as you may know when you live with females, especially when you are studying, sometimes you get carried away.’ Di answered.

‘It means; that you had a taste?’ Corrine indulgingly asked.

‘Yes; one can say so; even more than a taste.’ Di answered.

Corrine couldn’t restrain her ego and so she pressed her pussy harder against Di’s pussy while she started to massage it until the heat started really boiling. Di, did not want in any way to jeopardize that sort of human bond which just grew between them; even though that before two hours earlier, they did not even knew each other. Therefore Di collaborated with Corrine, while she was totally lost enjoying her own orgasms.

Di was waiting and perfectly knew that Corrine was waiting for the next part. At that same moment she was also wondering through her dreams what Sam would look like. Can he satisfy the sexual hunger which was building within her body; Corrine thought. Therefore Di settled her on her back, opened her legs as wide as she could; bent them at the knees with the feet settled on the sides of the flat cushion. Her ass was elevated on a cushion, for Di to have a better access to her vaginal area.

With a stick of KY Di sat on a cushion between Di’s legs. Greasing the palm of her fingers with her right hand, she started getting the signals as her hand touched the pelvic area. Di’s hand moved in circles increasing the pressure against Corrine’s freshly shaved skin, the feelings of pleasure started to increase. She stayed tight, watching Di’s face while enjoying the little itches which were growing within her sexual organs.

As the massage progressed to Corrine’s pouty lips, Di’s fingers, one at a time moved slowly to the bottom of the inner valley and around the opening of her vagina. By then Corrine body was already on fire. Her clitoris was next, and between the thumb and the index finger she executed the clitoral massage while looking forward to massage her G-Spot; while with her other hand she was playing with the hard nipples; rolling them and squeezing them.

Corrine was already in heaven. After the next set of tremors, Di moved her hand away from Corrine’s breasts after she gave them a very hard squeeze which sent Corrine’s body into a multiple orgasm. Di did not stop, but her index finger was pressed against Corrine’s rosebud. Her ass lifted off the cushion as she felt the intruder, but was disappointed that it did not intrude further in.

Di was not ready to push. She just circled the palm of her finger; lightly massaging the love juices which flowed out of her pussy cascading down over her rosebud which automatically lubricated it. The finger circled while the other fingers of the other hand continued to move slowly downwards over her chest towards Corrine’s vaginal area. The pointing finger started to intrude through the little opening until it was fully embedded, moving around searching for the erogenous zones. Slowly, slowly she found her G-spot and immediately Corrine reacted. Her ass lifted and her vaginal muscles contracted. A high note of a moan escaped from between her lips. Her eyes were closed as she was finding it difficult keeping her legs wide open.

Di pressed the sides of her knees against Corrine’s, pushing them and holding them as wide open as she could. The tension was increasing as also the intensity of her orgasms.

Di activated her thumb as she started to massage Corrine’s clitoris in combination with the G-spot inner massage. Corrine’s hands grabbed Di’s hand and tried to push it away as the last fresh orgasm felt too strong. At that moment Di pushed the other finger up to the first knuckle into Corrine’s asshole. She swore with the shock. ‘Fuck you Di; I wasn’t expecting you to put your finger in there so quickly. That’s too private. For fuck’s sake take it out.’ She cried.

But Di never took no for an answer. ‘You haven’t met Sam yet. Just wait.’

‘What the hell do you mean?’ Corrine asked totally mystified.

‘In an hour’s time you will find out. He’s the most handsome guy you could ever meet and the best fuck you can ever get. One more point. No woman could resist him. Be careful, a look into your eyes and your panties becomes not totally wet but drenched.’

‘Fuck; what this myth about this panty collection, then?’

‘You better ask him.’

‘Fuck Di, please finish me. Now I really want to meet this guy more than I ever dreamed.’

‘First put your hands under your head and don’t interrupt. Within these walls I decide where and when I touch. You came here to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and nothing more.’ Di nearly shouted.

With Corrine’s legs back in position, wide open, Di continued what she had already started. Her right hand’s fingers working simultaneously on her clit and G-spot while the middle finger of her left hand, was more than half way inside her ass. It did not take long before Corrine was crying and shouting, as the fire flowing out of her activated red chakra was flowing from one into another. It was flowing upwards along her body, like wild fire through her veins.

‘Fuck Di; I don’t know if I can I take more… I don’t know. Aaaaaahhhhh fuck Di…yessss more… more… harder… harder.’ Corrine cried and shouted for more as she tried to close her legs. Her body, trembling, lifted itself off the mattress a few times, probably with every strong jolt from her chakra. But Di was ready to make a stop to any of Corrine’s interferences. Her legs stayed wide open while Di continued to massage the area within her asshole as her finger was kept active. It was moving in and out of her anus. The orgasmic explosions did not stop, but Di’s other fingers kept her clit and G-spot properly activated.

At last Corrine grabbed Di’s hands and pressed them harder against her crotch. Her body was totally taken over by those last multiple explosions. Her hand gave away, her legs stretched forward as she laid herself. Her body still trembling; lost in nirvana.

Di pulled herself away and walked towards the nearest bathroom, at least to clean her hands. On her return Corrine was still lost in a big dream within fantasy land. She was there stretched on her back, her legs slightly open and her tremors started to wane and vanish slowly; but she was still enjoying those special moments she had never experienced before, in her life.

Di cleared most of the extra things which were lying around. She liked to keep the place as clean as possible with used towels etc sent to the washing machine and the clean ones kept in place for the next occurrence.

At last Corrine started to stir slowly; her eyes slightly opened and closed again. She was wondering, trying to remember where she was; what happened; where she had been. In which heaven she had been ascended to. She tried to remember those short moments when she felt so far away from her EARTH; the place was heavenly; indescribable.

‘Where…have… I … I… bee… beeeennn?’ Corrine tried to try to find out where she had been.

Di waited until Corrine could come back to normality. She just kept moving around the place until Corrine lifter her head of the mattress.

‘Welcome back. Don’t ask where you been. You will never find out, but you can go there as many times if you like and feel; or maybe even experience different pleasures. If you enjoyed them so much, try again, maybe next time you will have a different experience. Maybe Sam can send you there too. He’s quite an expert!’

Corrine did not comment. ‘Can I have a shower?’

‘Sure… I’m waiting for you to do it together.’ No more questions were asked. They washed each other not to mention that they washed each other’s intimate parts too. Feelings started to awake again as their fingers searched around for each other’s arousals.

After they dried each other with more touches, Di took her back to the massage mattress. After changing the cover Di laid her down on her back and immediately got on top of her body in a sixty-nine position. Corrine was slightly shocked but she was hot enough to be the first to push her tongue into Di’s pussy. Both of them started sucking on each other’s pussies, licking and sucking on their flowing juices. In a few minutes their bodies erupted into a huge orgasm which they both enjoyed.

After that they put their clothes on and were ready to go their separate ways. But before, with a big smile Corrine asked again about the panties collection which according to the myth Sam has collected from his virgin devotees.

‘The panty collection was the talk of the campus during Sam’s years at Thessaloniki. I believe; that there were approximately around 300, but not all came from the virgin ladies Sam had fucked on campus. There were others that were collected during the summer holidays, when Sam worked in the tourist trade… mostly in top class hotels on different islands. Naturally they all had blood stuck to them as evidence of the lady’s virginity, which naturally was broken by Sam’s masterpiece itself.’ Di explained from the information she had collected.

‘Wowww. Is he the same Sam… it must be him.’ Corrine answered.

‘Do you know him?’ Di asked.

‘When I was at the university in Athens one of the subjects I studied was geology and the lectures were delivered by a female lecturer known as Madam. From the rumours circulating around, this Sam was compelled to spend most of his weekends studying at her place, when she was lecturing in Thessaloniki. According to certain information or according to the legend, he used to service her, as “how they used to interpret the story”.’

‘He may give you the fine details.’ Di answered.

‘So he is the one. I heard he was living on an island… an island I will be visiting in about two weeks, accompanied by two French beauty experts, ladies of course.’

‘I did not say so; so please don’t implicate me.’ Di stated.

‘Don’t worry. I know how to tackle such a situation. Thanks for everything.’ And with that last comment, Corrine left three by one hundred Euro notes and before she made her exit she gave Diana a kiss on her lips. ‘Until the next time; I couldn’t wait.

Relaxed after Corrine had left, Olympia and Diana got together in the dinning room to have some lunch. They both were hungry, and both wanted some real time to relax after those ladies had taken most of their mornings and their real energy.

‘Di what the devil did you do? Was she so hot?’ Olli asked.

‘Don’t ask. She was so hot and wild that after we showered together we ended up eating each other.’ Di answered.

‘So it’s true what I heard. Did you send her to Sam?’ Olli asked.

‘She’s in need of a very good fuck. I’m sure Sam will set her up.’ Di answered.

‘Did she leave any payment?’ Olli asked.

‘Yes; she left three hundred Euros.’

‘She must have the money?’

‘We may get some free toiletries and cosmetics next time. She represents a couple of French companies.’

‘So she makes a few Euros, does she? What about us, how much did we make?’ Olli asked curiously.

‘Well calculating what we have done this week I think we have quite a few thousands.’ Diana said.

‘Sure. Approximately we massaged twenty four different guys each; not including today’s, and not to forget those extra nights. That should total, including tips at two hundred and fifty each about 12000 Euros. We have also made 2000 from those two evenings and another 550 Euros today.’ Concluded Olympia.

‘That’s impressive compared to what we had last year, plus the hardship on our families.’

‘That’s true; so what do you think we will do when we are back at university?’ Olympia asked.

‘In my opinion our studies should get priority. Well, we have five weeks plus to go before the university open its doors. I think we will work another three weeks as we are and then stop. We also stop all the advertising. Therefore during the next three weeks we choose maybe twenty five to thirty good clients; give them the details so when they like have a massage or other services they can contact us by an SMS. I am sure that they will keep us happy with a few massages every week; I calculate about six to eight each; a couple of nights on the town and nothing more. What do you think?’ Diana tried to set a decent scenario.

‘If we can do it, it will be more than enough.’ Olli responded.

‘So you agree?’

‘Sure. We can save a good deal of money and have enough to pay for all of our expenses; remember money is everything; we only have to be careful that we control them. First things first; in the end we don’t like to end up as whores.’

After they agreed they started preparing some food and some small talk about how hot both Fedora and Corrine had made them.

‘No man has ever made me so hot. But this Corrine; she was wild and crazy.’

‘So that’s why you went down on her, sucking each other?’ Olli asked.

‘How do you know what I have done?’

‘You told me, but I had already watched you on the viewer.’ Olli answered.

‘Fucking shit! Were you also feeling and massaging your pussy?’ Di asked.

‘I was fingering myself, not just touching my clit; not to mention that like you, I tasted my own juices. Maybe it could be a good idea if we continue were you were we had stopped.’ Olli described how hot she became not to forget that her pussy still leaking just like Di’s.

‘You better get a hard cock and get fucked.’ Di suggested.

‘Not a bad idea. I am sure I am in need of a hard cock. How did she taste?’ Olli asked teasingly.

‘She tasted sooo gooood, I could have spent more time eating her pussy.’ Di teased back.

‘What about this evening? Shall we go clubbing?’ Olli asked.

At that time the door bell rang; for the third time. ‘Who the fucking hell is here at this time of day?’ Diana asked. ‘Better go and have a look.’

Olympia went down and as she opened the door, she was shocked. There was this tall Adonis ready to walk in, even without an invitation. He nearly pushed Olympia out of his way and went through the door slightly lowering his head, like if it was his own property.

‘Good afternoon.’ He gave Olympia a good look, sort of like examining her body. ‘I think this must be the right place. Shall we start?’ He sort of concluded, while examining her body from head to toes.

He was about six feet four; perfect weight for his body and well trimmed.

‘Emm… It’s Saturday afternoon.’ Olympia tried to send him away.

‘Relax… I knew what day and even what time it is. Where is your mate… what is her name … Olli.’

‘I am Olli.’

‘So the other must be Di or Diana? Why don’t you call her? I need both of you here. Well sorry… I haven’t introduced myself. My name is George and two of my best friends this week came here for a massage. One of them had even enjoyed something extra. I became very intrigued after I heard the nitty gritty details. Call your friend and we start.’

At that moment Diana walked in and so after a very quick introduction he started to strip naked. Both ladies got stunned and stayed there standing just watching him peeling his clothes.

‘Well; maybe you want to ask about payment. Let’s say that, that’s not so important at this very early moment; but; it will become very important later; which means, that if my expectations will be accomplished; you will be, well rewarded. May I also make one other situation clear? I know your rules… but today they will be all broken. No more questions asked. Can we start?’ George asked very politely.

Both Diana and Olympia were shocked with the intrusion of this Greek gentleman who intruded himself on their privacy, unexpectedly. Olli showed the way and Di followed behind to the first room where within seconds all the rest of his clothes were off. The two masseurs shockingly noticed that his member was as hard as steel, pushing his briefs outwards. Di presented herself to pull down his briefs and as it popped out it flowed backwards against his pelvis, with a bang.

Olli was all eyes looking and measuring his manhood inside her brains. She could not contain herself. Juice was flowing between her legs, seeping down along her inner thighs. George lay down on his stomach with both ladies getting ready with the oil. Within seconds they started applying a film of oil before they started to massage his well trimmed body. They both realized that George was crazy about the look of his body, so he must be a member some fitness centre.

Both Di and Olli had removed their overalls underneath which they were only wearing just a g-string with no bras. Watching such beautiful naked bodies George became more relaxed especially as the ladies turned their backs, letting him enjoy a great view as they discarded their G-strings.

Di started working from the neck while Olli from the opposite, working on his feet, ankles and toes. The time was passing and George although very excited, was rather uncomfortable with his manhood which was still hard as it was mashed against his pelvis and the cushioned massage table, while lying on his stomach.

Time never stops and it continued to roll while they were wondering where this charade was getting them in. Olli started from the head and Di from his feet after they asked him to turn over on his back. Looking at that huge looking hard monster, it was making both ladies more than wet, but also scary. They had never come across suck a long and thick cock before, although Sam’s is not that small either. Di was wondering what they should do next, so she took the bull by the horns.

She moved fast along the right foot until she was massaging his inner thigh. Her hands were flowing sweetly on his skin until she got his sack into one hand and with the other she straightened his hard cock upwards.

It looked just massive. Holding it with a small hand, it felt gigantic. George was not shocked with what Di had done. In George circumstances it was a normal situation to ask to be sucked on demand. He may have even expected it to happen. Moving her hand up and down a little without messing the foreskin with any oil, Diana lowered her mouth and with her lips she pushed the foreskin backwards until she had the mushroom head totally hidden inside her mouth.

George was both shocked and elated. He was not expecting that these two gorgeous ladies were going for it from the very beginning, especially feeding on his cock with such a small looking mouth. Feeling Di’s mouth moving up and down while with her hand she was playing and rolling his nuts, it was sending George in the heavens. ‘She was some very good fucking cock sucker,’ he thought.

But Di pulled her mouth away and continued with her work. Olli noticing her mate’s sudden activity, she took over the sucking while she continued with the massage as if nothing else was happening, except what her hands were doing.

By the time the ladies ended their work for the first part of the job, they took a few minutes break, where they offered George something to drink. He opted for a coffee. Therefore while they enjoyed the coffee there was some small talk with a few jokes that livened the atmosphere in the room.

The second part went perfect with the ladies alternating. A couple of times they shared his body with their bodies until they made him turn on his back. Di took the first go and soon she started with a show of her pussy as she pushed her ass backwards and forwards giving George a close shot of her wet hot pussy. With her tits, she massaged his cock; something which the two ladies had never done to any of their previous clients. They had serviced dozens during their first week and all of them felt satisfied. George was different and both of them smelled the money.

George was elated watching those pair of hot lips getting so close to his eyes. He wanted to lick them, touch them, feel them; but they were totally covered in oil, not to mention the natural juices which were flowing outwards, from between her vaginal lips.

Olli was waiting to take over but Di had other ideas. She turned around and as she slid on his body her face came too close to his. She looked into his eyes while she stopped. ‘Hi George! Are you still down on earth; or somewhere else?’

‘What did you say?’ George answered.

‘Forget it George.’ Her body moved as she was sliding, her chest all covered in oil, against his chest. With her pussy, she was trying to tease George’s hard cock, which every time it slides between her pouty lips, her body trembled as much as George’s did.

At last she made it. The head of his dick got caught between Di’s swollen pouty lips and with some quick movements of her body, she stuck a direct link. The head of his cock got caught directly within the entrance of her vagina. She pushed her body slowly backwards, until the head was all the way in, filling her vaginal tube to the maximum.

George was shocked. He wasn’t either expecting that she was going to ride him during the actual massage as non of his friends ever mentioned that such an activity had taken place. Only he was confident that he was going to fucked them both later, even though that the rules for their clients were different.

But once Di managed to get his penis all inside her hot volcano, George did not complain. It was what she decided even though he was not yet ready for an early fuck. The sudden connection increased the tension within his groin and he started to control it, something he always thought he was good at. But Di quickly knew what was happening, and as quickly as she could, pushed her body backwards, filled herself with his massive cock and as quick, she emptied back her pussy.

The ladies gave George a few moments to relax until Olli took over and played the same part. But at that time he was ready and he could not believe how good the ladies were. They made him fuck them as they got his hard fucking tool inside their hot and welcome pussies. They moaned and cried one after the other as with the heat they had flowing through their bodies, the orgasms followed.

Their body to body massage continued with the ladies alternating with one another. One was massaging the upper part of George’s body and the other massaging his legs with her pussy as she was sliding forward and backward along the length of his legs. The movements of their bodies made George’s cock harder and as much as they wanted him to fuck them, so much he wanted them to enjoy the pleasures of his manhood.

While Di continued working on his body, moving her pussy against his hardness; Olli had to visit the bathroom.

‘Hi George… wowww, I never had such a hard big dick up my little hole. Emmm do you like to fuck me?’ Di asked as she blocked his mouth with hers. She continued to manoeuvre her body in a way that she got his big cock aiming at the entrance to her vagina. On her first attempt she managed to get a direct hit as it slipped itself all the way until it was totally buried inside her vagina.

‘How do you like that George? Emmm it feels so goooood inside my tight pussy. Emmm … George, don’t cum yet; I like you to control yourself, please. Aaaaahhhhhh George…uuuuooooo feels sooo good and sooo big. Just relax and enjoy George.’

Her mouth stuck back against his, while her vaginal muscles grabbed George’s hard cock as tight as she could shrink them.

‘Does it feel so good George? If you be a good boy and don’t cum too quickly I will let you fuck me again.’ George cock was fighting. It was on the verge of exploding, but Di was not helping either, by squeezing his cock as hard as she could, inside her vagina.

A couple of more squeezes, a few strokes in and out and she pulled her pussy away and left his sex juice covered cock waiting on his pelvis. Olli returned from the bathroom were she went on a nature’s call.

Di was around and watched Olli getting on the bed ready to straddle George as she opened her legs; one on each side of his head. She descended her freshly washed pussy slowly against his mouth, expecting his tongue to start licking the tasty sex juices which were still freshly leaking out and going straight down in his mouth.


The feeling of George’s tongue moving around her vaginal lips immediately sent her wild in a delirium of carnal pleasures. The moment Olli was waiting for had arrived. As she felt the tip of George’s tongue against her vaginal entrance; it was enough to blow her fuse. She started to moan and shout while she pressed her vaginal entrance harder against his mouth, with his tongue jammed inside her vaginal entrance.

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