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Mana slipped off the ledge into the churning water of the cave, her tail firmly attached. She greeted her sister Quinara with a head bump and swam around her making a high keening noise that conveyed happiness to be back in the water.

Quinara motioned towards the land man who was treading water, his limbs moving in panic. Quinara smiled in anticipation and Mana nodded.

Mana broke the surface of the water as her sister reached the man’s legs, feeling her way up them.

“Jesus!” she heard him yell. He was the sandy haired man, the worried one who came looking for his friend. She looked around the cave for Danny, the dark soldier. He was standing on the ledge, fear pulsing off him with a sweet tang.

“Get away from us,” Danny said. Mana admired his nakedness and the long organ between his legs that had used her so well.

“You don’t mean that,” she said, using the full power of her yellow-green eyes on him. Her breasts bounced above the waves under her silky coral hair. “Come in and play with us.”

She glanced back to where Quinara’s dark head was below the water, stripping the man’s pants off. She used her hands to grip his erect penis with the little suction cups on her fingers. He moaned. She began kissing and sucking his balls and licking around and around the tip of his cock.

“Your friend is playing,” Mana said. “We won’t hurt you.” It was a blatant lie.

Danny clenched his fists, his cock starting to swell of its own accord. He watched Mana’s breasts peek out of the water and Quinara’s dark head as she sucked on Sam’s cock below the surface.

“Viens ici… Come, please,” Mana said, her voice a little unsteady. Her languages were slipping up again. She wanted this one badly.

Mana began to pump her tail in circles and she wriggled her upper body, unconsciously performing a mating ritual. She stopped in shock. She could not allow herself to mate in bond until her 100th tidespan. She definitely couldn’t bond with a land man without risking death from her people or his.

She wanted to take this one home with her and keep him in the depths of the ocean. Instead, she and her sisters would lavish him with his heart’s desires before he gifted them with his life.

“I..” Danny was wavering, his desire for her warring with his need to get him and Sam to safety.

Mana hummed a mersong in their high-pitched language, blending the call of the sparkling water, the sun reflecting off the glistening sea, and seagulls drifting on the wind. It was a song for sailors to come exploring and it had lured much stronger men than this soldier. Sam’s moans punctuated the air as Quinara worked on him.

Danny shuddered and took three steps towards the water until his toes were on the edge. Mana’s nipples sharpened to points and her sex tingled in anticipation of making him hers.

To her shock, the man clenched his fists and stopped.

“No.” he gasped, “Stay away from me, you… ” His eyes were glazed with a mix of desire and horror. He couldn’t bring himself to say what she was.

“Mer?” She reached out to touch his naked toes, singing in her language about what she would do to him if she had him in her bed. She sucked on the tip of his big toe then licked the space between his toes.

Impatient, Mana used her tail to jump above the water, grab Danny’s knees and pull him in. The water muffled his yell.

Deep below, she could see him struggling to swim up and tutted in annoyance that humans panicked when it would serve them to conserve their energy and air. She reached out to him. He gripped her arms, his eyes falling to her naked chest then widening as they dropped to her tail.

Mana cupped his strong jaw and sang to him of waters so deep the pressure felt like a massage as you moved, of places with no light where you used your ears and mouth to taste the water.

When she bent to kiss his pursed lips, she opened them and breathed air into his mouth. Her tongue tangled in his. She wove an air spell, something that Merpeople had very little power over, but it would last the night.

He smiled in wonder as he took a deep gulp of water and it formed into air in his lunges. He laughed. He looked wonderful with a smile. He was too serious above ground, she could tell.

She felt a momentary pang that he was to be their sacrifice for her younger sister’s Eventail where they would dance under mother moon and he would make love to a virgin. Then they would kill him, the blood of the earth mingling with the blood of the sea.

“Come,” she whispered. She had faith he would follow her as they swam to the surface.

Quinara and the golden man were not in the water any longer. When she and Danny broke the surface, they saw that Quinara’s tail was off and she was bent over a rock on the ledge of the cave. The man’s face was deep in her pussy from behind, and he was alternating licking her tight asshole and deep into her pink slit. His hands spread her buttocks wide as she knelt on shaky legs. Her heavy breasts were pressed hard against the rock. She held the edges and closed her eyes in rapture.

“Si! Oh yes! Please!” she was screaming and switching from land talk to Mer, gasping in high keening sounds that meant pain and pleasure found only on the earth. The man was so engrossed in his lover that he didn’t notice Mana and Danny, but Danny’s cock had sprung up upon watching her sister and his hands, seemingly of their own accord, felt Mana’s tits, squeezing them and brushing across her nipple.

Mana whispered in his ear as she felt for his hard length, stroking it.

“You like watching your friend fuck my sister,” she said, hoping she used the word fuck correctly like she had heard it from him. “You can have her and me both if you come with us.” Danny gasped as Mana lowered herself, kissing along his body and taking his hard cock in her mouth.

On the rock, the land man had licked Quinara’s asshole one last time, stabbing his tongue deep in the crevice between her cheeks. He leaned back to position his cock at her tight asshole and began to push his way inside. Quinara gasped in surprise and swore as he violated her tight, untried hole, pushing forward as he held her hips steady.

“Come on baby, that’s right, open for me” he said, groaning as his head popped through her opening. He waited, inching forward slowly. He was very large and Quinara whimpered then moaned as he reached around her to tickle the sweet sensitive spot at the tip of her pussy.

He groaned as he pushed further in her ass, spreading her cheeks wide, and spanking one with a sharp crack.

“Yes, oh yesss.”

Quinara was moaning, whimpering and shuddering. He began to move a little faster and harder, eyes closed in ecstasy as he forced her tight asshole wide open with his thick length. He pushed his whole cock into her ass and lifted her torso so he could play with her large, fleshy tits. He began pumping harder, grinding, feeling her tits bounce with one hand as he made her cum with the other.

Quinara screamed as he lost all control and rammed her hard, pulling fully out of her ass and then back in. She came with a sob, loving the pain and the sharp warmth of his hand on her clit. He pumped a few more heavy thrusts, then yelled out, convulsing as he poured his cum into her ass, claiming it as his.

He fell on top of her on the hard floor, his cock still jerking in her spread hole, his head buried in her black hair. He turned his head towards the ocean where Danny’s face was screwed up in ecstasy as Mana worked his turgid cock in her mouth under the water. She sucked and pulled and he gripped her head, her hair spilling upwards under his hand. He groaned and pushed deep in her throat as he came.

Mana smiled in satisfaction as she swallowed his salty semen down her throat. He’d follow them anywhere they wanted now. He was hers.

“Hey little one, it’s OK, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

His voice was soft and reassuring as his hand came up to caress my face. I settled next to him on my bed and let my eyes wonder over his body, he looked so sexy lying there next to me. My hands reached out at the same moment Joel reached out to touch me. His touch was so light it made my skin tingle. And then it happened, it was like something over took me, a raw passion building deep inside me, an animal instinct that I couldn’t control, a desperate need to be taken, to be needed. My body arched and I pulled Joel down so our bodies pressed hard together.

“I can’t stop this.”

My words were ground out as I pushed my body shamelessly into his.

“Then don’t try.”

His reply was only just audible as his lips crushed down on mine. My hands clawed at my clothes, I needed to feel his body pressed close to mine. I tried to ignore the pangs in my chest that were telling me to put my clothes back on to hide my self from his gorgeous eyes. I relaxed as much as possible, but whenever Joel would make a move down my body I would tense and pull him back up to kiss him. He soon realised what I was doing and stopped trying anything that he thought I would object to. I really appreciated that and once I knew he wouldn’t try anything I started to really come out of my shell.

I moved over his body, letting my fingers trail down his chest, my tongue quickly following. His taste made me shiver as I sucked his nipple into my mouth but suddenly I was on my back, with Joel’s hot desire filled eyes burning deep into mine. I whimpered as he teased his tongue down over my torso dipping slowly into my belly button.

“I want you Ryan… Please?”

I realised I loved him for asking, if I hadn’t loved him before I sure as hell did after he said those words. It was all I could do to nod silently tears welling in my eyes as I looked down at him. He smiled and my vision blurred as his tongue moved down over my cock, teasing that oh so sensitive place between my balls and my ass. I shifted my weight beneath him gasping out as his tongue found my little puckered hole. Laving me slowly into a trembling mess, Joel moved his tongue inside me preparing and relaxing my body for his envision.

Soon I was writhing and moaning as Joel worked one of his fingers slowly into my ass,

“Where do you keep your lube… Ryan tell me…!”

I reached blindly to my bedside cabinet, grabbing the tube of lubricant I kept there. Joel smeared a small amount over his fingers before adding two then three fingers inside me. My body was aching to be taken by this gorgeous man who was taking his time to tease and make me squirm. I was soon gasping and practically begging him to fuck me with my little whimpering moans. Soon I couldn’t take his manipulations of my body any longer; I pulled him up towards me kissing him roughly on the lips leaving us both breathless. My cock was pressed closely against his stomach and I started to find it hard to breathe as Joel started moving against me, causing me exquisite pain.

“Joel goddamnit please…”

His soft laugh reverberated against my lips as Joel guided his cock to my slick and ready ass. I tried to relax as much as possible as Joel pushed through the ring of muscle, he inched his cock slowly into my ass, moving just a little each time, letting me adjust before pushing deeper inside me. After awhile I forgot the ache and was soon moaning as Joel began to slide his hard dick inside my ass. He shifted his body to a new position and continued to stroke his cock inside me, his slick cock grazing against my prostate making my body jerk in an attempt to control my desire.

And then he did something no one has ever done, he leaned over my body, and as he slowly moved inside me he captured my face with one of his hands and gave me a soft and passionate kiss. I guess it might seem weird that no one had ever done that, I’d kissed guys of course, allot but never like that, never a kiss so tender and gentle that I could hardly breathe. As he moved inside me gasping deep into my mouth his body rubbed hard against my dripping hard-on and that was it, to say I saw stars would be an understatement, my body arched as I gripped the sheets below me. Gasping Joel’s name as I felt him shudder against me, pumping his seed deep inside me.

His weight felt so good resting on my body as we both relaxed in the aftermath of our sex. I found it strange that I didn’t move away into my own little world as soon as Joel had cum inside me. Instead I found my hands moving over Joel’s body, caressing his back in slow hypnotic movements. We seemed to find a certain moment when we both felt a little uncomfortable and moved simultaneously onto our sides; our bodies still meshed together.

“Will you tell me about it?”

Joel asked huskily as he traced the full length of my scar, running over my hip and down onto my ass. Trembles set throughout my body as my breathing slowed but my heart continued to pound against my chest. And then it was there, that crushing pressure against my chest, the overwhelming dark thoughts of that dreaded evening. I couldn’t tell him and yet I needed to, I saw it in his eyes and I felt it deep inside me. I rolled away from him slightly so I wouldn’t have to see the pity in his eyes when I related my tale.

“It was my best friends birthday, a group of us went out on the town to celebrate, to say we were just out on a drinking session wouldn’t really cover it, we had been drinking for hours, I was on one drink alcoholic one non alcoholic. So I wasn’t too drunk when we walked into the white heart pub. I went to get the drinks in; In short I noticed some guys at the bar and started flirting with them while my friends got more and more drunk. About an hour into our stay I got a call on my mobile from a friend who was out of town, I had to take the call outside because the pub was too noisy for me to hear what he was saying. I walked out of the pub but there were people there chatting so I moved around into the side ally…”

My voice faltered, not for the first time by any means but I nearly choked as I forced myself to run through every memory and relate it to Joel.

“I turned my back to the people at the end of the ally, concentrating on my phone call. The next thing I knew was John, the guy from the pub had a knife to my throat and my mobile was thrown to the floor, his voice, which had been smooth and seductive beforehand had turned harsh and evil. He told me what a stupid little fag I was for believing I could even think about having him. How naive I was, letting me know how everyone hated gay men, how I would never find anyone to love a little queer like me. His words brought every fear and doubt I had ever had into stark realisation. The knife he held to my throat pressed against my skin until I couldn’t distinguish whether the pain was just pain or whether he had cut deep into my skin.

And then I was on the floor, his words cutting me to the core; he ripped my trousers down and pushed his hand around my throat. I could hardly breath, the emotional and physical pain bled into one until the knife ripped into my abdomen, he made sure I felt every bit of pain he intended to cause me. He told me how he would mark me for life, how even if I ever got someone to fuck my tight virgin ass they would see the scars he had given me and would know I was worthless. He raised the knife to my cheek, all the while telling me how he would take my precious good looks and turn me into the freak I was so all the world could see. My mind and body had given up, all I felt was pain, long after he had gone and the ambulance arrived it was still like he was there, towering over me.”

The huge heaving breaths I was having to take between each hiccuping crying session became to much, I succumbed to it and let myself cry. When I awoke the sun had started to filter through my window, I knew instinctively Joel was no longer there and I wanted to curl into a ball and cry myself to seep once more. But once again I hauled myself out of bed and into the shower feeling the sense of loss and betrayal cut through me as I went about my daily routine on autopilot.

I had a scolding hot shower, my skin tingling from the heat and yet I shivered as I pulled on my clothes and headed for the gym.

The classes I had that day cleared my head a little but that numbness never left, I knew I wouldn’t let myself cry again anytime soon. I could still feel Joel on my skin, still see his eyes so deep with emotion and even after my shower I could still smell his scent on my skin.

When I returned home that evening it was all I could do to crawl into bed even though sleep failed me.

I moved away from the light emitting through my window pulling the pillow over my eyes, as I did so a small piece of paper crumpled against my skin. As I lifted the piece of paper into my line of vision, the doorbell rang and the piece of paper fluttered to the floor almost forgotten as I walked down the hall to the door. I guess I wasn’t really thinking anything when I opened the door, and there was Joel.

Thoughts and feelings crashed over me like a wave, all the memories of last night and the previous week came flooding back, and suddenly it was too much. I stumbled backwards and a strangled half cry escaping my lips, I tried to say something tried to tell him to go but all I could do was shake my head wildly. I started to back away as quick as I could, all too soon I felt Joel’s strong arms reach around me just as I started to fall.

“Ryan? For gods sake what happened? Talk to me… Please Ryan”

His voice was panicked and I couldn’t understand why he was acting as if he didn’t know. I didn’t have the strength to fight him, I should have told him to go away and leave me alone but I seemed to have a serious weakness where this man was concerned.

“Why are you here? Didn’t you humiliate me enough last night?”

I asked wearily as I picked myself up from the floor and headed for the kitchen.

“What do you mean? You fell asleep and I stayed with you, I kept my arms around you the whole night, keeping you safe each time you started to tremble with fear in your sleep.”

His words triggered something inside me that I hadn’t realised was there.

“You… you were there weren’t you? When I woke up… I was scared, I screamed and I… You were there.”

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t remembered that this morning.

“Yes I was there, you scared me Ryan”

His voice was deep and soft, green clashing with blue, as he looked me right in the eyes. I felt myself crumbling,

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment.”

I whispered just as Joel moved forward and wrapped his arms around me, lifting me into his arms as if I weighed nothing. I didn’t try to fight him as I knew it would be useless, so I just rested my head on his shoulder and let him carry me into my bedroom. When he had me lying down and pressed against his body I asked him where he had been all day. I breathed in his scent as he told me about his manic day, starting with a phone call at 6 this morning. He asked me why I was in such a panic when he had left me a note right here to say he was sorry. And it slowly registered as I started to protest that the little piece of paper lying on the floor might have been from Joel.

He moaned in reluctance as I moved away, his moan soon turning into one of lust as I leaned down over the bed with my ass pointing towards him to retrieve the note. I snuggled back against his body to read the note.

‘Ryan darling I will be back as soon as I can, I wish I didn’t have to leave you but work calls. Joel x’

The note was scrawled and as I read it slowly, tears pricked my eyes. I lifted my head to look into his eyes and when I did so a flood of emotion hit me, god how I loved him. As I tasted his kiss that I had been yearning for all day I knew then that I needed him to stay sane, I needed his touch, his smell his … His love. My head reeled as I realised how much I needed him,

“What is it sweetie?”

Joel asked softly his tone suggesting he already knew. I gave him a puzzled look as I shook my head signifying that nothing was wrong.

“Don’t pull that one on me, I know something just flicked in your head, I want to know what it is.”

How could I tell him the truth? I couldn’t, there wasn’t any possible way in which I could do that without a seriously bad outcome. And so I did the only thing I could do, I lied.

“I was just wondering when you were going to fuck me seen as you missed out this morning”

I said, adding a strong note of suggestion and lust into my voice, trying to disguise my fear of needing him. Joel sighed, half in lust and half in irritation, we both knew I was lying but I didn’t want to discuss it and he knew it. With a growl that made my entire being tremble with lust Joel flipped me onto my back so he was laying full length across my body. Joel’s fingers lingered along my jaw-line, his fingertips moved along my cheekbones, caressing each contour of my face, as if seeing me with his touch. His fingers moved from my face on a personal journey over my body, his touch not seeming overly provocative and yet making me shift under his muscular frame. My movements, causing delicious friction between our bodies extracting a deep guttural growl from within Joel.

My mind and body delighted in his instinctive reaction. I pulled him close to me, revelling in the close proximity of his body. Feeling my cock swell against my clothing, pressing against Joel’s thigh.

“My, my little one, aren’t we excited”

His words were patronising but his tone-exuded sexuality and lust. My hands moved over his body, somehow his shirt had already fallen from his body, leaving that gorgeous plane of muscled skin free of clothing for me to explore. My senses delighted in the feel of Joel’s heated skin beneath my fingers. God I wished I could tell him how much I needed his touch and just how easily he seemed to stir emotions within me. Why is it I can’t just tell him these things without being so scared of his reaction?

“Ryan what is it? I know you don’t want to tell me but please…”

His words jarred me, I knew I was being selfish in not saying what I was feeling, I looked up into his clear blue eyes, the fear of him going…

“I cant… Joel you must know I just can’t… I…” ‘I love you don’t you see it?’

Those words were whispered from my lips my body tense in preparation for him leaving… the walls closing down over my heart… I know I shouldn’t of said it, god knows what made me utter those words.

‘Why couldn’t you tell me that Ryan? Do you not see the same love in my eyes each time I look at you? Do you not feel it in each touch? I don’t know what you have done to me these past weeks but I feel like I have loved you forever.’

I let out my breath in a rush wishing those words could truly be spoken not just in my head. I looked up at him once more.

” You know I cant Joel, please… not now.”

Joel sighed in resignation seeming to know it wasn’t wise to push the point. His head lowered to my body, causing me to moan as his tongue snaked out to claim my hardened nipple. Our minds seemed to read each other’s bodies like a book, knowing exactly where the other needed to be touched or kissed. Extracting moans and gasps from each other as we tangled each other in our own web of seduction.

TO Be continued…


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Alli wasn’t sure if it was her nerves getting the best of her or actually something strange going on. Ever since her parents told her that they were going on that cruise, she’d been paranoid about being left home alone in that big empty house out in the middle of nowhere. They kept telling her not to worry. Only a few people knew that they were leaving and they were only a phone call away.

But Alli felt like someone was watching her those last few days before they left. For instance, at the shopping mall, there was a man sitting in the food court that she swore was staring at her. For an older man he was attractive with his long dark hair and stylish clothes but it was really strange the way he sat there a few tables away with his shades on. He didn’t even have any food; just a magazine and a cocky smirk. It was really weird. The man even seemed familiar but she couldn’t place the face. Later that day, she thought she saw him again in an SUV a few rows back.

As soon as her parents left that Saturday afternoon, Alli decided to sunbathe nude in the back yard but cut it short when she felt the eerie sensation that someone was watching her again. There seemed to be noises coming from behind the fence that she couldn’t explain. Sure, it may have been an animal but she wasn’t keen on the idea of finding out one way or another. She scurried inside clinging the over-sized towel to her body and locked the door from the inside.

That night Alli ordered pizza and tried to convince herself that it was only her imagination. No one was stalking her. No one was coming to kill her. No one wanted to harm her. The man in the mall was probably just some old pervert scouting out young girls. No one even knew her in this new little town her parents had dragged her to.

Alli sat alone in the dark watching television and eating pizza when the phone rang. She jumped and nearly dumped her plate on the floor. Shaming herself for reacting so silly, she reached for the phone.


“Hey, honey. It’s Dad. How’s it goin’?”

A sigh of relief escaped her. “Oh, fine. I was just watching some TV. I ordered some pizza but I’m about to go to bed.”

“You doing okay without us there?” he teased.

“Dad, I’m 19, I think I’ll be alright.”

“Alright. I just know you were concerned. That’s why I called.”

“I was over reacting. I’m fine. It’s just this new town and being in this new house. I wish we didn’t have to move.”

“You know why we had to move, Al. This move has done wonders for me and your mom.”

“I know, Dad. It’s all worth it,” she admitted.

“That’s my girl. You sleep tight tonight. And remember: we’re only…”

“…a phone call away, I know, Dad. Thanks.”

“Alright. Good night, angel.”

“Night, Daddy.”

Alli sat the phone down and her mind wandered. They moved to this rinky dink town to get away from all the stress that was tearing her parents’ marriage apart. Before the move, they’d found a marriage counselor here and began seeing him regularly. After only a few visits, they fell in love with that little town and packed their bags. They put a whole lot of trust in this guy in these short months that they’d seen him but they swear he’s changed their lives. Well, he’d changed hers for sure. She wanted to stay behind but didn’t want her only family to be 3 hours away. Her father found a job where he worked less but still got paid well. And her mother got a job that she actually enjoyed. They put some of their savings into opening a flower shop. It’s the only one in town so it was doing very well. Needless to say, they were one big happy family again.

Alli sighed and took the pizza box and dishes to the kitchen. She headed upstairs to shower before bed. She started to close the bathroom door and lock it but then felt silly. I’m the only one here. No need to close the door. Besides, it will let some of the steam out of the room so it’s not so foggy when I get out, she thought.

Alli was rinsing out her hair when she thought she heard the door creak. Her eyes darted to the door. She couldn’t see clearly so she rubbed her hand across the translucent glass of the shower door.

“Chester?” she called out on the verge of a panic attack and slid the shower door open enough to poke her head out. “Chester?!”

A shadow crossed the door. “Chester!” she screamed. The door creaked open a little more and she saw her mother’s cat stroll into the bathroom. “Fuck! Chester, you fucking asshole cat! You scared the shit out of me!” The cat scratched at the shower door. She calmed herself down and turned off the shower water. “I forgot to feed you. Okay, okay. I’m coming.”

After feeding Chester downstairs in the kitchen, Alli checked every door and window before heading to bed. She usually slept with her bedroom door closed, but since her parents were gone she felt the need to leave a light on down the hall and leave the door open to let in just a little light. Perhaps she was letting her nerves get the best of her. She didn’t care. She knew that was the only way she was going to get any sleep.


Alli lay sleeping on her left side when the intruder entered her room. A middle-aged man crept toward her sleeping body. He held a 4 inch piece of duct tape in one hand and held tightly so as not to make any noise, a pair of open hand cuffs in the other. Standing beside the bed, he looked upon her. Her long brown hair was almost completely dry now. She was beautiful laying there with her covers dragged down around her hip. Her little cotton nightdress was rumpled and twisted from tossing and turning. Her eyes, which he knew to be the most beautiful shade of green were closed tightly as she breathed deeply and slowly. She was in a deep sleep, he realized, and he knew he’d come at the perfect time.

The strange man positioned his cuffs around her wrists and in one fluid motion, he locked the cuffs, slapped the tape over her mouth and pushed her onto her stomach. Alli woke with a start and tried to scream but couldn’t. She could tell that someone was straddling her back but she couldn’t tell what was going on because she couldn’t see behind her. All she could do was thrash around and cry. She was only able to breath through her nose so her breaths became very labored and soon made her head dizzy from lack of oxygen.

“Sssshhhh…” the man coaxed. “Alli, you’re alright, my dear. You’re alright.”

Alli stopped thrashing suddenly. Her eyes wide with terror and her body stiff, she listened to the invader. She didn’t recognize the voice. How did he know her name?

“Alli, don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.” Her breath was still quite labored and he could tell she was having trouble breathing. “If you agree to be quiet, I will take off the tape. But if you disappoint me, it will go back on. There is actually no sense in screaming anyway. There isn’t anyone around to hear you. But you know that.” Alli began to sob again. “Do you promise?”

Alli nodded her head as she cried. “Do not cry, little Alli. I won’t hurt you as long as you do as you’re told.” His voice was sounded eerily calm and soothing. But soothe Alli he did not. The man reached down and gently pulled the tape from her mouth. Allie wailed with the removal of the tape and gasped for air, coughing and crying.

“What do you want?!” she cried out.

“Now, now, little Alli. You must lower your voice. You need to play by the rules or you won’t be very happy by the time I leave.”

Alli sobbed loudly into her pillow, unable to believe this was all happening.

“I will only tell you what I want when you calm yourself down,” he added.

Alli sucked it up and tried her best not to cry anymore. He was still straddling her and it was beginning to hurt so she knew she’d better cooperate.

“Now then. That’s a good girl.” The man began to brush her hair away from her face and comb it with his fingers down her back. “Just relax. Keep being a good girl like you are right now.”

“I’m going to ask you some questions, Alli, and I want you to be honest. I can tell when you’re lying. You don’t want to lie to me.”

Again Alli nodded her head.

“Are you a virgin?”

Alli let out a little sob as the reality of the situation set in. He was going to rape her. But first, he was going to humiliate her.

“I will get what I want one way or another, it is up to you how convincing I have to be,” he warned. “Are you a virgin?”

“No,” she whimpered.

“How many partners have you had?”

“Two,” she said.

“This isn’t so hard, is it?” He pushed her hair over her shoulder and began to lightly rub her back through the thin cotton fabric of her nightie. “Do you shave your pussy?”

She blushed from embarrassment. “Sometimes.”

“How about right now? Are you shaven?”


“Very nice. Did you give your partners head?”

“Yes,” she choked out softly.

“And did they eat you out in return?”

She took a moment to answer. “Sometimes.”

“Only sometimes? So you sucked dick more times that they ate your pussy?” His voice was only above a whisper now. “You believe that it should be reciprocated fairly, don’t you?”


“Your boyfriends didn’t think so. Why do you think that is?”

“I don’t know,” she said, barely audible.

“It’s because they were selfish lovers, Alli. And you are not a selfish lover. You also deserve an unselfish lover. She felt him squirm above her and then saw a black shirt land on the floor beside her.

“You’re going to be caught,” Alli said sternly.

“I won’t. By the end of the night, you won’t want to turn me in.”

His cocky behavior disgusted her. “Who the hell are you?!” she screamed.

“Ah ah ah… voices, Alli. I still have the tape. I’ll tell you what, if you behave, I’ll tell you who I am. Lie still.” He shifted above her and was now sitting beside her on the bed taking off his sweat pants. It was the first time she could see his face in the dimly lit room. It was the man from the mall, she was almost certain.

“You’ve been following me!” she exclaimed.

“Not as much as you might think. Only a few times.” The thought of making a run for it crossed her mind but she knew he’d catch her and her punishment wouldn’t be worth the risk.

He stood up and climbed back on the bed behind her, this time straddling her legs. “Pull your knees beneath you. Push your ass up into the air.”

“Please!” she cried. “You don’t have to do this, mister. Please, just leave me alone and I won’t call the police, I swear!”

“Ssshhh, little one. Do as you’re told. Do you want me to be a selfish lover or an unselfish lover?”

Alli cried softly into her pillow praying that he would stop tormenting her.

“Answer me, Alli. I will get what I came for and I will take it being rough or being gentle. You decide how. I’d rather be gentle so I can teach you what it’s like to be with a kind and caring mate.”

Alli couldn’t answer. Her mind was swimming and all she could think of was how much she wanted this to be a dream.

“If you don’t answer me,” he started. He pushed her legs underneath her and positioned her the way he willed. “…then I will assume…” He pushed her nightgown down to her shoulders and ran his nails sharply down her back, “…that you want it rough!”

“No! Please!” Allie wailed. “Please, don’t hurt me, I’ll do what you say!”

The intruder ran his hands over the scratches to soothe them. He hadn’t intended on causing her pain but he could see red marks on her back. “Good girl,” he said. “For that, you get a treat. He ran his fingers beneath the hem of her pink cotton panties. He slowly pulled them down her hips to her knees. “Lift up,” he whispered and urged her knees off the mattress one at a time and threw her panties to the ground with his clothes.

Her limbs trembled beneath his touch. The man urged her knees apart. “Relax,” he whispered. “Keep your head down.”

“These cuffs are hurting me!”

“I’ll take them off when I know I can trust you.” He ran his hands across her ass and she shivered. His index finger traveled down her crack and over her little pucker before finally arriving at her pussy. To his discouragement, she wasn’t as wet as he’d thought she’d be by now. He wanted her to enjoy what he was doing to her. He knew he needed to get her aroused, at least a little.

“Did you like it when those boys went down on you, Alli?”

“Yes,” she said under her breath, defeated. There was no use in lying about it. He’d know.

“I want you to think about how it made you feel when they slid their tongues up and down your pussy. Remember how it felt when they made you cum and clench your thighs around their heads as you orgasmed.” He cupped her mound in his hand and she jerked. “Could they make you cum multiple times?”

“I never came,” she admitted ashamedly.

“You never came? Were they stupid or just didn’t give you enough time?”

“They both stopped too soon.”

“I won’t stop too soon, Alli.” He heard her sobbing softly again. “Don’t you want to cum for me?”

“No,” she cried softly.

“Sweet Alli, don’t you want to know what it feels like to have a real man give you pleasure?”

“Please, don’t.”

“Yes or no, Alli.”

“I can’t,” she blurted.

“You want to. You’re just scared. Is that it?”

Through her crying he heard a faint reply, “I’m scared.”

A smile curled at the corner of his mouth. “But you can’t tell me ‘no’.” His middle finger on the hand that was cupping her crotch slipped between her folds and slid down the length of her slit. Again he could feel her tremble beneath her.

She bit her lip to keep her silence.

He checked her again for wetness and he concluded that what he did worked. She was getting turned on whether she liked it or not and whether she wanted to admit it or not.

“I can’t!”

The man slowly slid his finger into her tight hole and a moan escaped her. Ashamed and embarrassed, she pushed her face into the pillow and cried again. He began to finger her skillfully moving in and out of her, pulling out to lubricate her folds and tease her clit.

Her body defied her. She was sopping wet and whimpering into her pillow as his fingers worked. He pulled his fingers out and the next thing she felt was his hot mouth on her behind. He kissed and licked a trail that let to her little shaved pussy and he wasted no time getting down to business. He licked her gently at first, trying to get her to enjoy it. And finally she seemed to, despite herself. He could tell that she was slowly, and perhaps unconsciously, pushing her hips out and her ass up so he could better access her.

Once he could hear her muzzled moans more frequently he sped up his pace and began to concentrate on her little nub. Eventually, her head came up and was panting and moaning freely without reservation.

He pulled away briefly. “Now do you want me to stop?”

“Please don’t stop,” she said with alarm. She was too close to cumming for him to stop now.

“Ask me to make you cum.”

“Make me cum.” She was barely audible and her face was burning with humiliation.

“I said to ask. And ask nicely.”

“Please. Will you please make me cum?” she exclaimed with frustration in her tone.

The strange man quickly resumed his minstrations and soon after, Alli was grinding herself into his face as she rode through her orgasm.

“You taste so good. I was glad to see you just got out of the shower. It was like you were getting ready for me.”

“Stop it!” she screamed.

“I was paying you a compliment, Alli. Don’t be shy. I knew you’d taste sweet when I first saw you.”

“Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?” Alli cried.

“Now a moment ago you were loving what I was doing to you. And I’ll tell you who I am soon enough. We’re not finished yet. We’ve really only just begun.

“Allison Ashcroft,” he said as he moved off the bed and removed his boxers. His semi-hard cock bounced into view. It was bigger than the other two she’d seen, Alli realized. “Do you remember agreeing that oral gratification should me reciprocated?”

“Please don’t make me do that,” she begged. Fear coursed through her.

“Oh, Alli. You’re not being a selfish lover are you?”

A tear fell from her eye and down her cheek. “No,” she sighed.

“Sit up,” he said. She pushed herself up and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her nightie back down to her hips. “If you do well I’ll have another treat for you. But you have to make me cum.”

“I can’t,” she whimpered.

“What do you mean you can’t? You said you’ve given head before.”

“I never made them…” Alli swallowed. “…finish.”

“I see. But that’s not your fault, Alli. Listen, I’ll help you. And I won’t hold out on you and make it longer than it has to be. Just do what feels natural and I’ll do what I need to do, too.”

As strange as it sounded, she agreed with the man’s bargaining. It had been months since she’d given head and was already very nervous considering the circumstances. Even though she wasn’t sure why, Alli wanted to do a good job for him. She tried to convince herself that the only reason she would give it her all is to get it over with as soon as possible. She couldn’t bare the thought of enjoying herself.

The man stepped directly in front of her and put his legs on either side of hers. Alli reached out with her cuffed hands and wrapped her shaking fingers his cock. She began by timidly stroking him while he played with her hair. When she slipped the head past her lips and touched it with her hot tongue the man let out a deep groan and held onto her head to help guide her. He urged her into shallow strokes before speeding up into deeper, longer thrusts. “You’re doing very well, Alli,” said the stranger. His eyes closed as he mildly fucked her face.

Alli became more enthusiastic with her task once she realized how much he was enjoying it. She flicked her tongue against his cock as it pumped in and out and he began to moan.

“Keep doing that, baby. That’s really good,” he encouraged.

He began thrusting deeper into her mouth and hit the back of her throat a few times. Her gag reflex kicked in and she started to choke a little and panicked.

“You’re fine. Just relax. I won’t be long. Just keep doing what you’re doing, baby girl,” he panted.

Alli’s eyes were watering and she kept gagging now and again but she did her best to keep up. Then, she got an idea. She wasn’t sure how he’d react but she thought it was worth a shot. Her hands gently grabbed his balls and began massaging them.

“Fuck, baby. Yeah, that’s a good little girl,” he cried out. Suddenly he was pumping into her face almost mercilessly, holding her head in place as he entered the home stretch. She gasped for breath and struggled to maintain her concentration.

Without warning, he pulled back on her head and pulled out of her mouth. As he came, ropes of semen hit her cotton nightgown. Still holding her head back by her hair, he pumped himself dry, groaning and panting.

Finally, he let go of her head leaving her scalp was a little sore from his aggressive actions. “You get extra points. And extra pleasure for the good job you just did.”

Alli blushed.

He pulled the handcuff key from his pant pocket on the floor and removed the cuffs. “You’re a mess, let’s get this off of you. Stand up.”

Alli stood before him and he rolled the night dress up to her chest. “You’re going to have to lift your arms so I can take it off,” he teased.

But she wasn’t smiling. “I’ll be naked,” she said.

“No different than laying naked out by the pool, right?”

“You were watching me?!” she yelled and slapped him across the face.

His expression became stern and Alli was now very frightened of what he might do to her. Without a second thought she darted for the door. But she didn’t get but a few steps away. The man grabbed the nightdress that was still tucked under her arms around her chest and pulled her back causing her to fall to the ground. He sat on her legs to keep her from kicking and pinned her arms to the ground.

I arrive at your house just after dark, and I walk to your front door. I remove my shirt, then my pants, leaving me naked except for the tight hood on my head and the tight silky shorts that let my ass show out the bottom. I knock on your door and bow my head.

I’ve been thinking about the boy in your place. When I left a few days ago, you told me that you were keeping him all week because his parents were out of town. I’ve been imagining all the things you’ve been doing to him these past few days. It makes me feel really horny to think about this eighteen year old, tied up in a 60 year old man’s house, to be used by you and other men for whatever sexual fantasies they may have.

The door swings open and you drag me inside. It’s dark inside, and the heat is turned up really high. As you drag me through your dark home, I wonder where the boy is. You lead me downstairs into your basement. There are a few dim night lights on, slightly illuminating the room. The room is bare except for a couch, a mattress on the floor, a large television, and a camcorder on a tripod. There is a closed door at the other end of the room, and that’s where I assume you have our little boy.

You seat me on the couch, then go through the door and close it.

The tv comes on and I see on the screen a picture of the boy. He’s in a room, completely naked except for a tight cock ring and a collar around his neck that says “teen slave”. He’s blindfolded and standing with his arms tied to the ceiling so tight that he’s on his tip toes. I wonder how long he’s been tied like this. It looks as if you just shaved his body again, and I notice that having the hair removed from his cock makes him look quite a bit younger than his eighteen years of age.

The video plays for a moment, showing the boy hanging limp from the rope tied tightly around his wrists, he must have been tied up like this for a long time. I see you come into view on the tv screen. You walk up to the boy and take a ring gag out of your pocket.

Standing behind the boy you reach around him and lift his limp head to face the camera. Holding the boy still, you wrap the gag around his head and stuff the ring in his mouth, forcing his jaw wide. You tighten the straps behind his head which causes him to squirm a little as you latch the gag into place.

With that, you put one hand around the boy’s neck and your other hand snakes around his belly, reaching down to his rock hard cock. I assume you’ve been keeping the boy full of Viagra and amphetamines, I know you kept me full of them a few years ago when I was his age. I see you tighten your grip on the boy’s throat, and I watch as his face grows red and he gasps for air. I love watching you choke this eighteen year old boy, holding your large hand tightly around his throat while roughly stroking his hairless cock.

I watch as you choke the boy so hard that he can’t breath. As I watch on the screen, the boy’s face grows bright red. I see the boy begin to struggle and lose his footing on the floor. The boy shakes for a moment, and then I see his body go limp amd his head fall forward. The tv shows you remove your hand from his neck and slowly walk around the limp, eighteen year old body. As I watch, you begin to slap the unconscious boy hard on his ass, stomach, chest and face.

After a moment of this, you walk off-screen, leaving the boy tied up and passed out, still hanging by his wrists from the ceiling.

You open the door in the basement and walk over to me. It is then that I realize that I’m not watching a video, but a live feed that must be coming from the room you were just in. You come up behind me and attach a tight collar around my neck. It says “young slut” in big silver letters and I feel it being latched tightly around my throat.

With that, you lift me up strongly by my collar and drag me over to the door. You open it and throw me inside. I can hear the lock on the door being latched, and I know I’m locked in this room until you see fit. I look over at the center of the room and see the unconscious eighteen year old hanging by his arms from the ceiling.

My mouth begins to salivate as I look the boy over. I see red marks all over his body, some from your recent slapping, and some that look to be a few days old. I walk up to the boy and slap him hard on the face.

I see him stir, his body starts to move a little as he regains consciousness. I realize that I can do whatever I want to this boy. That’s why he came to your house in the first place, to be completely used, fucked, and gagged by an older man. The boy now has drool dripping out of his open mouth and down his chin.

As the boy drools, I slowly put my hands around his neck. I feel him pull away, but I remember in his email that he said he may pull away and that it should be ignored. I put my hands around his little throat and begin to squeeze. As the boy shakes and makes gurgling noises I feel my cock grow even more rock hard.

I hold my hands tight around his neck until the shaking stops and I feel his body go limp again. I assume that you are now watching the tv and can see everything I’m doing to the boy. It turns me on to think about you stroking your cock in the other room, watching as I choke this eighteen year old boy to the point of unconsciousness. I get on my knees in front of the limp body and take his little hairless teen cock into my mouth. Even though he’s passed out, his cock remains rock hard.

I begin to shove the little boy’s cock into my throat, holding his tiny little ass in my hands while I force myself onto him. Once I get his cock all the way down my throat I leave it there, feeling my gag reflex tighten my throat up on his small teen cock. Drool begins to spill from my open mouth, and I can feel it’s sliminess as it slides down my stomach.

After a few minutes of deep throating the boy, I can feel him begin to wake up. He is still blindfolded and I wonder if he has been blindfolded the whole time these last few days, or if he even knows he’s being videotaped. I let his cock fall from my mouth and I stand up facing him. I walk behind him and put my arms around his torso, feeling the complete smoothness of his hairless little teen body. I lean in close and whisper to him.

“I hope you like being used like a slave boy. The man who did this to you just might decide to keep you permanently if you’re lucky. Wouldn’t you like to stay here in this basement and be a sex slave for older men? I can tell you’re frightened, I was too when I was your age, but it will get better once you’re fully trained to serve him. Tonight we are going to work on your fear tolerance, it will help you get through some of the things I know he want’s to do to you.”

With that, I walked in front of the naked boy and again wrapped my hands around his throat. I watched as I tightened my grip, seeing the boy squirm and shake as I held his throat closed. His face grew red again and he drifted off into unconsciousness.

I heard the door being unlocked and I saw you enter the room, fully naked carrying a gym bag. You set it down in the corner and pulled out an ipod and headphones. As I watched, you put the headphones on the boy’s ears and pressed play. Loud, sadomasochistic thrash metal blared from the headphones and I knew that when the boy woke up, he wouldn’t be able to see and all he would hear would be the violent music blasting his ears. I then watch as you open the gym bag and pull out a variety of things. I see the big realistic dildo that I used before to throat fuck the boy, I see a few butt plugs of varying sizes, a bottle of baby oil, a long whip with little knots on the end of it. You then pull out a large penis gag with a tube attached to one end of it, a baggie full of pills, a length of rope, and arm and leg restraints. You set these things on the floor just in front of the boy and then grab me by the collar.

You take me by the collar and lead me from the room, then close the door and lock it again. You seat me on the couch and sit down next to me. The boy is on the tv screen, hanging limp from the ceiling with the ring gag causing drool to spill from his lips and down his chest and the cock ring causing his erection to just out in front of him.

“I’m glad you came over. This boy seems to really enjoy being turned into a slave. I’ve given him multiple opportunities to stop this, but he hasn’t. He must really enjoy being used like a little fuck toy. Let’s get high and watch him struggle for a little while, there’s going to be plenty of time to abuse him tonight.”

You set a plate in front of me that has amphetamines crushed up and separated into large lines. You hand me a dollar bill and I snort up a large line of speed. You then handcuff my arms behind my back and force me to my knees facing the television. I watch as the little hairless eighteen year old boy begins to move a little, and I know I’m going to have a lot of fun tonight.

To be continued…


Gamer Goddess Surrenders

As mentioned in chapter 1, this story is very online-gaming-centric. It uses a lot of concepts, vocabulary and acronyms from games, especially Diablo 3, which this story revolves around.

This chapter’s a little less voyeuristic than the first two, so I went with the Group Sex category. It’s just a recurring threesome. Could have been Romance, Erotic Couplings or even Loving Wives. I even gave thought to First Time, although ‘technically’ it wasn’t her first. I’m sure you, the reader will let me know if I got it wrong.


I had one last checkup with my doctor, and was given strict directions on how to take care of my wounds. I was forced to take the obligatory wheelchair ride, with a large escort. Dan, Jaime, Sandy, Maria, Angela, even Carolyn, Sheri’s Mom. I was kind of disappointed that Sheri wasn’t there.

Sandy leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Cheer up, handsome. How about a little smile. You’re finally free.”

I forced a smile and Angela grabbed my hand and gave me a squeeze. “Lousy timing asshole. All the excitement, and I’m stuck in Spain. Next time give a girl a little heads up, Ok?”

I laughed. “Sorry. What was I thinking? I promise, no more late night stabbings unless you’re no more than a couple of hours away. Deal?”

“No more late night stabbings period, dickbreath. Do I have to take you home and lock you in my attic, to keep you safe?”

“Maybe just on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” I told her, grinning.

“You know Tuesdays and Thursdays are Mark’s training nights.”

“Yes I do.”

She grinned, looking around at the crowd walking with us. “What are you saying, rotten man?”

“Maybe you and me should spend some more time together,” I teased.

She leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I thought you didn’t like Maria and me. Stealing your guys away.”

I grabbed her hand, holding it. “I’ve been an ass. You know my issues. Forgive me?”

Her smile was touching. “Nothing to forgive. Good to see you back. I think we all owe your girl a lot.”

“Tuesdays and Thursdays?” I chuckled.

“Right. I heard what she did to the last guy that messed with you. No chance I’m getting on her bad side.” She squeezed my hand. “Besides, you couldn’t handle this.”

I was loaded into the Limo, Mark driving again, with Dan, Jaime, Maria and Angela joining me in the spacious interior. I was still sore and tender, and looked at Dan. His face was a rainbow of bruises.

“Gotta tell you, buddy. The new look is an improvement.”

“Eat shit and die, asshole,” he laughed.

I had left Jaime alone, most of the last week, but the opportunity was too good. “Sheri tells me that one of those guys hit you so hard, he left you crying like an 8 year old. Tiny little girl beating the hell out of the bunch of ‘em, and you’re watering the alley.”

He blushed before responding. “Tears of laughter. Seeing you lying there like a little bitch, whining over a few pin-pricks, while you left your girlfriend to the do the heavy lifting. Just like in game.”

That got a laugh out of everyone. I was out of practice, on the losing end against Jaime of all people. What was the world coming to?

We talked a little about our latest business venture, which Dan, Jaime and Mark were all invested in. Angela handled Mark’s money and investments so the entire team was together for the first time in a week. I got updated on the status of our deal, with the papers signed, and first cash payments paid out, we were putting one of our guys on staff, and doing some deeper research into their technology. It had Jaime working with them on site, and Dan attending their staff meetings.

We hadn’t been this involved in a new business effort in years. Then again, $40 million was a lot of money. My share was almost a quarter of my worth, a huge risk. Oddly, I hadn’t given it a thought in the last week, even with all my free time.

We pulled up to the Carlyle, where I learned that Dan had moved me into one of their two-bedroom suites, with a remarkable view of Madison Avenue. I was a little nervous about the expense. Sure, money wasn’t a problem, but a couple of weeks there would probably buy a luxury car.

Dan reassured me the cost was reasonable, only around two grand, unlike the central tower suites which ran better than $8k a day. What a bargain.

Inside the lobby, I said goodbye to everyone except Dan who escorted me to my suite. He handed me my keycard, and gave me a pat on the shoulder. “Don’t strain yourself. Take it easy for a few days. Use the amenities here, you’re paying for them.”

“Office setup?”

“Complete. New gear, matching your old, Jaime configured everything. You’re good to go.”

I opened the door, and he stayed behind. I looked at him curiously, but he just grinned. “You got it from here.”

I walked past a small kitchenette and powder room into the luxurious living room. It wasn’t going to be too tough to stick it out a while. Beautifully laid out, tasteful furniture, fireplace, and a stunning view from the 12th floor. I saw a door to my left, and looked in to a fully furnished office. The bed had been removed, and dual desks had been installed, face to face, each fully outfitted with a computer station and 32″ monitors.

Back through the living room, I found the entrance to the bedroom. I opened the door and smiled.

“Hey sailor, in port for long?” Sheri asked, stretched out on the king-size bed.

She was wearing one of her new outfits, a cobalt blue lace halter style babydoll, that showed off her beautiful breasts to their best advantage. Mostly sheer, with flowery designs throughout.

“They’ll let anybody in this place, won’t they?”

“You don’t know the half of it. I had to fight off half-a-dozen sluts to keep you to myself.”

“You’ve always been a hell of a fighter.”

“Miss me?” she asked, squirming sexily.

“You have no idea, gorgeous.”

She laughed sweetly. “I’d say I have a very good idea.”

She got up, and slipped into my arms. She tilted her head up and I kissed her, softly at first, then more passionately, until I groaned under the pain of a tight hug. I’d have to remind her to avoid the actual wounds. Wasn’t worth interrupting the hug over.

“Pussy,” she teased, working my tie, and the buttons of my shirt free. I was dressed casually, clothing the guys had brought me for the trip home, so I wouldn’t be stuck wearing my tux.

My torso was completely wrapped, and she walked around me, her hands fluttering against my skin, her lips pressing against my back. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again,” she whispered.

“I’ll try not to.”

Her lips pressed against my shoulder, as her arms wrapped around my body, undoing my belt and opening my pants.

I had been told she was past her contact-with-males issue, but this was still surprising. She dropped to her knees, leaned over and untied my laces. She nudged my leg up, and pulled off my shoes, one at a time. Still on her knees, she pulled my pants down, leaving me in my boxers and socks.

Sheri drew me over to the bed, getting me to sit, and removed my socks. She ran her hands slowly up my legs, gently, lovingly. At my thighs she looked up at me. “You gave me this. This ability.” She leaned over and kissed my skin, tenderly.

I lay back and relaxed while she took her time becoming acquainted with my body. She avoided my boxers but a few minutes later her lips were on my neck, her soft body pressed against mine. My face was bathed in kisses, before her lips finally met mine.

I don’t know how long we spent there, quietly kissing, our lips joined, our breath one. Her tongue was gentle and tentative, then more forceful, teasing, battling, exploring.

Our lips separated, my eyes boring into hers. “I love you, Sheri.”

She grinned. “No shit, Sherlock. I think you’ve made that pretty obvious. The whole fucking city knows about it by now. The man who’d fight three guys for his girl, ending up half-dead in the hospital for a week.”

“If you hadn’t destroyed that one guy, I doubt it would have been newsworthy.”

She kissed me again. “I’m yours, big guy. What are you going to do with me?” She got up on her knees, and peeled off her top, sitting there in small blue lace panties. I started to rise, but she pushed me back down and brought her tits to my face. “The girls have been dying for this moment,” she giggled.

I kissed, fondled, and sucked away to my heart’s content. She appeared to enjoy it, moaning sweetly. Her nipples were hard, standing up proud, and received more than their share of attention.

Sheri backed away, and moved off of me. She pulled off her panties, then moved to my waist and pulled my boxers down. She was staring at my hard cock, and her hand moved forward tentatively, a single finger reaching out and touching me cautiously. She kept her eyes on it, lying down beside me, her fingers floating across my skin.

Her breath was loud, heavy. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and shivered. I held her close, my hand stroking her back.

“Relax, baby. We don’t have to do everything at once,” I told her.

She shook her head. “I want to. I need to, Steve.”

Sheri scooted down for a better view, her hand stroking me ever-so-slowly. Her grip loosened, and she curled her hand around the crown, her palm smearing my pre-cum across the head.

“It feels so weird,” she murmured. “An iron rod, wrapped in velvety skin. Hard and soft.” She looked up at me. “I want to do it. Can we?”

“I’d love to,” I confessed. “You’re sure?”


I’d love to say it was the greatest ever. The culmination of all my dreams. Perfection personified.

It was horrible.

She straddled me nervously, holding me upright. She lowered herself and as soon as my skin touched hers, she started shaking and was soon sobbing, crying inconsolably. I drew her down into my arms, and she pulled away, rolling onto her side, her back to me.

I left her alone for a few moments, before placing my hand on her shoulder. When she didn’t struggle, I closed in behind her, holding her. I didn’t say anything.

She got herself together and turned into my arms, pressing her head into my neck. “I’m sorry. It’ll get better.”

I hushed her. “We’re rushing things. Take it easy. I love being here with you. Don’t force it. I love you and I’m in no hurry. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you, Angel. Time is not an issue.”

“I…I thought I was ready.”

We cuddled, kissed, and I was surprised when she wanted to try again. It was only slightly better. I actually settled the head between her lips before she lost it.

After that, we stayed in bed for a while, holding each other, before getting up. I was suffering a pretty bad case of blue-balls, but wasn’t about to say anything.

We got dressed, and had a meal in the restaurant. I sent her off to the spa for some spoiling and relaxation, while I returned to the suite and checked on emails, trying to get a little work done.

She was in a great mood when she returned to the suite. She was glowing, laughing, and leaped into my arms, stealing a kiss.

“Game time?” I asked.

“Hell yeah! We need to kick Diablo’s ass in inferno. You’ve been slacking and we’re behind.”

She got comfortable, wearing a t-shirt and panties. I dressed in shorts and a jersey. Turned out she’d had time to get setup, had her home keyboard and mouse hooked up. Our machines where back-to-back, and we sat down, facing each other. If I sat up high, I could see her over the top of the monitor.

The guys were online, and Dan offered to sit out the final battle. He’d already completed it solo, and with a couple of teams. For the rest of us it would be the first time.

We started about 3 save points from the end, to get warmed up. Half-an-hour later we were ready to face the final nemesis. With all the issues we had getting there, he went down remarkably easily, taking only about 5 minutes. We worked like a well-oiled machine, the two cannons firing from a distance, while Cherry and I took care of the melee. We had to be careful, and timed our moves to the animations, warning us before each of his big moves, giving us a chance to interrupt them. None of us died. When he went down, we were whooping it up, laughing. The loot was nothing to brag about, but we’d done it. End game.

We bowed out of team play, and Sheri and I switched to our softcore alts, and went after him again. It was a little more difficult, with me running my Demon-hunter and Cherry playing her barbarian. It took a good 10 minutes, and it was close a couple of times, but we did take him down, talking throughout, planning our strategies, advising each other on our strategies and planned moves.

I was ready to do some hardcore farming, when Sheri insisted on a break. “We’re going to dinner,” she told me.

I was a little surprised. I thought we’d just spend some time together, relaxing but I realized my life wasn’t my own anymore. We got dressed, with Sheri taking only about half-an-hour to get ready. My preparations were simple enough. Shirt, slacks and tie, another dose of pain-killers. Turned out we had reservations in-house. We were escorted to a candle-lit table, where Sandy and Robert were waiting. They both stood and welcomed us with hugs.

Dinner was pretty amazing. The company was wonderful. Robert and I discussed what we did for a living. He was a lawyer, and I was stunned. The first lawyer I’d met that I could stand, to be honest. I even told him as much, and he laughed. He knew every lawyer joke ever made, and regaled us with a few. Robert was in mergers and acquisitions, and was familiar with the legal team I’d worked with on our latest investment. I knew that in the future, Robert’s firm would at least get a shot at working with me.

We lingered over our second bottle of wine and coffee. They were fun to be with, comfortable. I was feeling no pain, literally, by the time we were ready to call it an evening.

I offered to have them come up and visit, but Robert excused himself. He kissed the girls goodbye, and insisted I meet with him for lunch in the upcoming week.

Sandy agreed to join us, and we headed back up. I thought it was nice that the elevator operator, with his elegant white gloves, remembered us.

“Your floor, Mr. Jeffery?”

“Please,” I glanced at his nametag, “William.”

He nodded, tipped his hat to the ladies who were chatting quietly. In the room, we settled into the living room, and Sandy hopped on the phone, ordering champagne and a snack from room service.

I was sitting between the two beauties, when Sandy hung up the phone and pulled her dress all the way up to her waist before straddling me.

“So it didn’t go so well the first time,” she said nonchalantly. “What do you say we play around and see what she is comfortable with? We can work our way up to the big finale. Nobody here is in that big a rush are they?” She was grinding away on my lap, her arms casually resting on my shoulders, looking me in the eye.

“No hurry here,” I told her. I looked over at Sheri, “That alright with you?”

She nodded slowly. “I’m sorry…”

Sandy leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips, shutting her up. “No sorries, silly girl. We’re both ecstatic to see how far you’ve gotten. No need to go crazy the first night. Let’s drag it out.”

She sat back upright, and ran her fingers through my hair. “Now don’t think I’m selfish, but I figured maybe you both could play with me. Nobody seems to have a problem with that. Then anything you two want to do together can be an offshoot of that.”

I think my grin was answer enough for her. She turned toward Sheri. “That work for you?”

Sheri leaned against me, reaching out and running her hand down Sandy’s side. “I’d like that.”

“Good,” Sandy said. “The zipper’s on the back. Undress me for your man.”

Sheri stood up and moved behind her best friend. She slowly drew the zipper down, her lips brushing Sandy’s shoulder as it was slowly uncovered. Then she gripped the bottom of Sandy’s dress, and pulled it up and over her head, leaving her sitting on my lap, completely naked.

“Oops!” Sandy giggled. “I guess I forgot underwear. I hope you both will forgive me.”

Sheri dropped to her knees, her arms wrapped around Sandy’s waist. I wish I could see what was going on behind her. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, feeling the nipple harden. She had amazing tits, high and firm, smaller than Sheri’s but perfect on her body.

The doorbell to the suite rang at that moment. Of course. Sheri stood, grabbed my jacked and wrapped it around Sandy’s shoulders, then went to the door. A moment later a bellboy was wheeling in a cart, with a bottle of champagne, and a plate of chocolate covered cherries. Sheri signed for it, while the young man’s eyes tried to burn a hole through Sandy’s impromptu cover-up. She was leaning against me, still straddling my lap, her long, luscious legs exposed. Her head was resting on my shoulder, watching the poor boy. He walked the cart right into a chair, apologizing and blushing profusely.

As soon as he was gone, Sandy hopped off of me, shedding the jacket. She grabbed the handle of the cart that had been left behind, and started steering it to the bedroom. “Let’s go,” she laughed, “and two people here are wearing way too much clothing.”

In minutes there were three of us naked on the bed, cuddling and kissing, with Sandy in the middle. Sheri and I took turns kissing and feeding her, then kissing and feeding each other. If we spent too much time away from Sandy, she reminded us.

It was better. Playful, casual. Lots of touching and fondling, kissing and licking. Nothing overtly sexual, except for a lot of breast play.

I was achingly hard, and Sandy was kind enough to notice. “Did you try to blow him earlier?” she asked her cousin.

Sheri shook her head no.

“Well I’m going to. If you want, come on down here. Any time you feel like helping, jump in.”

With no more adieu than that, she squirmed her way down the bed, and took me in her mouth. Sheri laughed. “Looks like you’re pretty comfortable down there.”

Sandy pulled off with a loud sucking pop. “Twice a day for the last few, thanks to you. You’d get him all worked up, and leave me to clean up after you. Looks like you did it again. He’s ready to pop any moment.”

Sheri blushed. “Damn! I…I guess I should have helped him finish when I couldn’t go through with the whole thing.”

Sandy giggled. “No sweat. Good for him to get teased a bit. We spoil him too much anyway. We’ll finish this one off quick, and then we have the whole night ahead of us.” She gave me a lick. “Kiss it?” she said to Sheri.

Sheri leaned over and pressed her lips quickly to the shaft. She looked up at me, grinning, and brought her face down again, kissing it more slowly, several small kisses, working her way upward, until she placed a kiss on the very top.

Sandy moved in and did the same on the opposite side, her final kiss extended, her lips slowly opening, as she took me into her mouth. She bobbed up and down a couple of times, then pulled back, and pointed my cock toward Sheri.

Sheri was a little hesitant, but she kissed the crown a couple of times, her tiny tongue reaching out and running along the bottom ridge, making me moan. She looked up nervously, then smiled.

“Yeah, he enjoyed that. It takes a lot for me to get him to moan that way. I think he likes you,” Sandy said.

It took a few minutes, with Sandy doing most of the work, but Sheri did, at one point, take me in her mouth for a moment, before pulling away.

“Jesus, that was nice, Sheri,” I gasped.

She giggled. “I’m hardly doing anything,” she said.

“Maybe, but it’s you doing it,” I told her.

I was dying, and Sandy took pity on me. She sucked me for real, taking me deep, working her tongue. Sheri’s hand reached down to the base, moving up and down just a couple of inches.

“Soon,” I gasped.

Sandy kept going, and before much longer I was shooting in her mouth. She let me finish there, swallowing most, but letting a little drip out over the head and shaft.

Sheri’s fingers moved away, then one hesitant forefinger reached out and touched the milky mess, pulling away, then reaching back and coating it. She held it out to Sandy, who opened her mouth, and Sheri slipped her finger between the pretty girl’s lips.

Sandy sat up, and reached for Sheri, pulling her up so they were face-to-face. “Look at me, beautiful,” she said softly.

Their eyes were locked on one another, then Sandy leaned closer, until their lips were touching. I saw their mouths open, and their tongues pressing together. A few moments later they pulled apart. “Did you taste him?”

Sheri nodded her head slowly.

Sandy leaned down and placed her mouth over my cock, sucking me clean, then sat up again, and pulled Sheri’s mouth to hers. They kissed longer, eyes closed, holding each other.

“Is that Ok?” Sandy asked softly, as they parted.

Sheri nodded, smiling. “Hot.”

“Great. Next time maybe we’ll let you taste it a little more directly.” She hugged her cousin. “Do you think it would bother you to see him fuck me?”

Sheri was slow to respond, then whispered, “I don’t think so.”

“Then let’s get him hard again. I’ve been dying to feel that thing inside me.”

They played, and before long, Sandy had Sheri actually sucking me a few times. She pushed her away after the third time. “Not too much. I don’t want you getting too comfortable, too fast. That would mean less play time for me. And you owe me.”

Sheri, laughed, and after a few seconds, pushed her cousin away. “Share, piggy. He is mine, you know.”

God bless Sandy. She knew exactly what to do to get her cousin’s mind off the implications of what she was doing, and into a playful, less tense mood.

It became almost a tutorial after that, teaching Sheri how to do things better. “Look at him when you do it. They love that shit,” Sandy whispered.

Sheri had her mouth around my cock, and looked up at me. I tensed up in her mouth and she pulled away quickly. “He moved!”

Sandy laughed. “Of course. You’re driving him crazy. We better stop soon if I’m going to get any fun out of it, or he’ll come as soon as he’s in me.”

Sheri wriggled up the bed, and kissed me on the lips. “Was that Ok?”

I laughed, pulling her close and kissing her hard. “Amazing. You?”

She grinned, nodding. “I can do that. I think I can do that a lot.”

“Best girlfriend ever,” I told her, stealing another kiss.

Sandy climbed up to the other side of me, swiping a kiss of her own. “Almost time. You want to see something really naughty, Steve?”

“I’m certain the answer is yes. How naughty?”

“Very, very naughty. You’re sweet little innocent girlfriend is going to go down on me, getting me ready to take that monster of yours inside my itty-bitty tight hole.” She turned to Sheri, “Aren’t you, sweet cheeks?”

Sheri blushed. “This is kind of embarrassing,” she said softly.

“I would love to see it. I’ve been thinking about that constantly for the last few days. Please, for me?” I pleaded.

“You don’t think it’s…oh I don’t know…wrong? Perverted?” Sheri asked hesitantly.

“I think it’s amazing. I think it’s wonderful. Hell, I think it may damn well be the hottest thing I could imagine. Drive her crazy, and then let me finish her.”

Sheri smiled. “I can do that, you know. I can drive her absolutely crazy. Make her scream for release. Beg me.” She gave me a quick kiss. “Shall I do that for you? Take her to the edge. Over and over, deprive her of her release, make her squirm and plead. Then you can pound her into a little moist puddle.”

Sandy moaned. “Shit. I don’t need warming up anymore, I can do him now.”

Sheri crawled across me. “No way! You’re mine now. It’s my turn to be in charge.”

She did exactly what she said she would. It took her a good ten minutes or so, but Sandy was begging her, pleading, crying out for release.

Sheri climbed on top of her, in a 69. “Make me come,” she demanded of her cousin. “Until I come, you don’t get yours.”

I watched in awe, slowly stroking my cock, keeping myself ready for my turn.

Sandy obviously had Sheri’s number, and it was only a couple of minutes later that Sheri was coming for her cousin. Once she’d calmed down, she grabbed Sandy’s hips and rolled with her, so that Sandy was on top, with Sheri’s head and Sandy’s ass toward the end of the bed. Sheri looked up at me, looked at my cock, then at Sandy’s tight pink opening.

I moved up behind her and Sheri reached out a hand, stopping me. Her mouth opened and latched onto Sandy’s clit, making the beauty moan. “Please,” she gasped, “I did what you asked…”

Sheri’s head was moving, her mouth torturing her cousin. She looked up at me, her hand reaching out and grabbing my thigh, pulling me forward.

Sandy was trembling, moaning continuously. I guided my cock to Sandy’s opening, scant inches from Sheri’s eyes. I pressed the head in, waiting for the go ahead.

I couldn’t see what Sheri did, but Sandy tensed up, crying out, “Yes!”

Sheri gave me a tug, “Now!” she barked.

I slammed my cock in as hard as I could, and Sandy screamed. I pounded her hard, and felt her exploding around my cock, her pussy squeezing down hard, legs kicking. I watched her hands grab the headboard, the tendons on her arm straining, as her entire body went taut. I rammed my cock all the way in, grinding against her, and felt Sheri’s teasing tongue lapping away where I entered her best friend and lover.

It looked like Sandy was coming down, but she tensed up again, gasping, pressing back against me. I kept myself buried to the hilt, corkscrewing inside of her. “Ahhhh!” she groaned, before her body relaxed, slowly, as if we were letting the air out of her. A few seconds later she was lying down, gasping. “Holy Christ,” she gasped.

I slowly long-stroked her, enjoying her sweet body, filling the full depths of her pussy. I grabbed her hips, and pulled her up and back, to get better access, for a moment forgetting about Sheri down below. Sheri shifted with her, and I could look down past my cock on the out-stroke, and see Sheri watching my cock fill our play-thing.

“You Ok?” I asked softly.

She looked up at me and smiled. “That was intense. Too huge ones back to back for her. I think she liked that.”

I grinned. “Man, you really had her going.”

She lifted her head, and I felt her tongue flicking where I entered that tight little pussy. “Always. I’m not a total innocent.”

She was watching my cock again. “It doesn’t seem like it should fit. That doesn’t hurt her?”

“Tell her Sandy. Am I hurting you?”

“Fuck yeah. The best damn hurt in the world. You can hurt me like this all you want lover. You fill me so fuckin’ good.”

“I’m going to fuck you hard now,” I warned her. “I can’t help myself. You’re friggin’ amazing.”

“Pound me. Hammer that pussy,” she demanded.

I inched my knees forward, got a good grip on her hips, then put my hips into overdrive, fucking her as hard and fast as I could, hammering her, just like she’d asked.

She moaned, and started grunting every few strokes, the grunts growing in intensity and frequency. After a couple of minutes I was getting tired, but I thought she was close, and wanted to get her to come for just me. I leaned over her, gasping, feeling the tension in my thighs and abs. I slowed down a little, and finished harder, stabbing that sweet little pussy. I grabbed her by the hair, twisting it and pulling her head backwards. “F..F..Fuck m…me,” she gasped.

I felt the trembling in her legs, and I knew I had her. “Come for me,” I growled.

She whined, her voice getting louder and higher pitched, until she made that same “Ahhhh!” groan, and she came for me. Rather than stop this time, I fucked her through it, punishing that pussy, ramming hard and deep. When she was finished, I slowed down to a nice easy steady stroke, releasing her hair.

I pulled out of her a few seconds later, and rolled over onto my back. “Ride me, beautiful. Make me come for you.”

She moved slowly, her shaking leg stretching across my body. “God, that was good,” she told me, before she took my cock in her hand, and lowered herself onto my shaft. “Oh, yeah,” she moaned as she settled down.

Sheri climbed up next to me, her head on my shoulder. “You like it this way?” she asked softly.

I laughed. “I like it all ways, but that last bit took a little out of me. I needed a break.”

Sandy was rocking back and forth on my cock, a little smile on her lips. “You want some of this, Sher? It’s good. Really good.”

“Not quite yet. I’m enjoying this. Fuck his brains out, Sandy.”

Sheri got up and knelt beside us, her hands caressing her cousin. “This looks so amazing, watching you fuck him. I…I didn’t know it would be this hot.”

Sandy settled back on my cock with a wiggle, and started swiveling her hips. “I know. I can’t wait to see him on you. He’s going to go crazy.”

Sheri spanked Sandy’s butt. “We should have brought Buster. I wouldn’t mind a turn on you myself.”

Sandy laughed. “Who says we didn’t? Check the bottom drawer, left side.”

Sheri hopped up and ran to the dresser while Sandy rode me gently, easily.

Sheri was laughing. “When?”

“When we were setting up your computer.”

I looked over and saw my girlfriend strapping some webbing around her waist, and when she turned around, she had a substantial rubber cock sticking out in front of her. “Damn, we’re going to tear you up, girl.”

I looked at it with a little trepidation. “As long as that’s only for you two,” I said.

Sheri walked over, wiggling her hips, the artificial cock waving in lazy circles. “What’s the matter, lover? Afraid of a little backdoor action? I promise I’ll be gentle.”

I looked up to see if she was joking. She had a teasing look on her face that made me more than a little nervous. “We’ll have to see about that,” I said. “Nothing I’ve ever done, or had any inclination toward doing. Nowhere near drunk enough to even give it a thought.”

She laughed. “Don’t worry, baby. This is all for our little sex slave. Maybe a little for me, later, if she’s especially good.” She looked over at Sandy, “Lube?”

“Bedstand,” she answered.

Sheri walked over to the side of the bed, opened a drawer, and pulled out one of the biggest bottles of lube I’d ever seen. It was clear and half-empty. She popped the top, and in a few moments had her ‘cock’ lubed up. She climbed on the bed behind her cousin.

“My turn.”

Sandy lifted up and off my cock, then moaned as Sheri sank the dildo inside of her. She pounded at her cousin for a couple of minutes, then pulled out and guided my cock back inside. We took turns, only a minute or two each, and I honestly felt like I could fuck like that forever.

“She’s getting close again,” Sheri said.

I hadn’t noticed the signs, but a few seconds later Sandy was moaning sweetly, grunting on each stroke. I watched Sheri lean over for some more lube. “Let’s get this other hole ready. The little slut’s begging for it.”

Sandy gasped, and I felt her orgasm take over, while I stroked away inside of her. She groaned, and looked backward. “I don’t know, Sheri. That’s pretty big for back there.”

“You’ll love it. I’ll be gentle.”

Sandy looked at me nervously, biting her lip. “Should I stop her?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I…I’ll be Ok. A little scary. Nothing that big back there before.”

Her eyebrows pinched in pain, and she hissed. “Slowly!”

I stopped my movement, letting her get used to the new intruder. She lowered her head to my chest, with a moan. “Jesus, that’s huge.”

I could see Sheri now, moving back and forth slowly. “I’m going in,” she warned.

“Fuuuuuck,” Sandy groaned.

“All of it, baby. I knew you could do it.”

“Wait,” she gasped. “Let me get used to it.”

I felt myself hardening inside of her. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was. This was something totally new to me. Hell, anything with the two of them was new to me. I guess I’d led a sheltered life.

“Ok,” Sandy breathed. “Easy now.”

I started moving again, pushing up into her pussy, and I could feel the pressure from above, each time that rubber cock entered her ass. The feeling was intense. I pushed all the way in, letting Sheri do the work, and it was like someone was masturbating me inside of her pussy, rubbing the bottom of my cock from bottom to top and back again.

Sandy was looking into my face, and she smiled. “What’s it like?”

“Wild. I can feel it move inside you, rubbing against me.” I leaned forward and kissed her lips. “You like it?”

She nodded. “I love it. Once I got used to it. So fucking full. It’s amazing. You feel huge, with her inside me.”

She kissed me again. “Fuck me, Steve. Own me.”

I started moving again, and Sheri was pounding away, hard. Sandy’s head was beside mine. “Shit, she’s going to make me come,” she gasped.

I grabbed her hips, driving into her as hard as I could from that position, and I felt Sandy’s fingers digging into my shoulders.

“You’ve almost got her,” I told Sheri.

“I know. This is wild,” she answered, breathing hard.

I put my lips to Sandy’s ear. “Come for us, beautiful. Bring us together.”

She whimpered, and started grunting rapidly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she gasped, and then I was hanging on for dear life, as she screamed out, “FUCK!”

Sheri was laughing, smacking her ass. “That’s it. Come on my cock, you silly little whore.”

It was all too much for me, and I didn’t realize how close I was. I slammed my cock inside her, feeling the beginning of my own release. I squirted, backed out, and drove in again, emptying my balls inside of her silky warmth.

“Yeah!” I growled into her ear, and I felt her trembling, her orgasm rolling over her in waves.

She collapsed on me, and a few moments later, Sheri was lying beside us. “You don’t think you’re done, do you, my sexy little toy?” she asked, running her fingers through Sandy’s disheveled hair.

“Too much,” Sandy gasped. “Please, a break at least.”

Sheri giggled, got up and returned with a chocolate covered strawberry, holding it to Sandy’s lips. “You were wonderful. Here, for energy.”

Sandy smiled and took a bite from it, juices dripping down on my chest. She lowered her mouth and licked it up clean, while the rest of the strawberry was offered to me. I took a bite, all but the stem, and felt a few drops dribble down my chin. Sheri leaned over and licked it up. “God, that was fun. This is going to be amazing, isn’t it?”

Sandy laughed. “Easy for you to say. Wait until you’re the cream in the cookie.”

“Was it really that good?” Sheri asked.

“Unbelievable. Like a whole night of sex, wrapped up in just a few minutes. Wiped me out.”

“Really? Or can we play a little longer?”

Sandy rolled off of me stretching. “You’re going to have to kick me out. This is too good to leave willingly.”

Sheri crawled across me, her naked little body lying on mine, and she kissed her cousin. “I’ll never kick you out. Never.”

Sandy gave her a hug. “I know. I love you too.”

Sheri sat up grinning. “You made a mess. I expect you to clean it up.” She grabbed Sandy’s hair and started tugging her toward my waist.

Sandy whimpered a little, then her mouth settled in sucking and licking me clean. Sheri got off the bed, and headed for the bathroom. “A little sanitation for our other cock. I expect him fresh as new when you’re done, or I’m going to take it out on that sexy ass of yours.”

Sandy got me clean, and well on my way to another play session before Sheri returned, her strap-on in hand. “All better, but I think we can put this away for a while.”

She climbed on the bed, inspecting the job. “Not bad, I guess your ass is safe for a bit.”

Sandy rolled over onto her back, and opened her legs. “The cleaning’s not done. I’m still messy. Help me out, gorgeous.”

Sheri knelt between her legs, looking down. “I…it’s not too bad,” she said softly.

“Same man, different lips,” Sandy whispered. “Love me?”

Sheri stretched out, her fingers moving slowly. “Gentle, Ok?”

“I won’t move a muscle,” Sandy said. “Please, I need it.”

Sheri moved in, and I watched her face get closer. Her tongue reached out and brushed along the side of Sandy’s pussy. Our guest gave a little moan, and I could no longer see the contact as Sheri’s face settled in.

“So good,” Sandy whispered. “You’re always so good, Sher.”

Sheri spent a couple of minutes between Sandy’s legs, then Sandy was pulling her up her body, kissing her, hugging her tightly. “That was perfect. Thank you.”

Sheri smiled. “It was good. I could taste him and you.”

“Not too bad?” Sandy asked, nervously.

“No. Not at all. I…I liked it. A lot.”

“Enough to do it some more?”

Sheri didn’t even answer. She went back down and had Sandy moaning in minutes. Sheri lifted her head, grinning. “Naughty girl, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“A little extra taste. Want me to squeeze out some more?”

Sheri giggled. “I’m going to get it myself.”

She dove back in, her head moving from side to side, while Sandy moaned sweetly. “Get it,” she gasped. Her hands reached down, grabbing Sheri’s head, and grinding against her mouth. I saw her body shaking in a small orgasm.

She relaxed, and jerked her hands back. “Sorry,” she whimpered.

Sheri sat up, and her mouth and chin were a wet mess. “Don’t be. That was perfect. I love when you come for me.”

I never did get in Sheri that night, although the girls gave me a wonderful dual blow-job, and Sandy got a nice sweet missionary fuck that Sheri cleaned up afterward. Off of both of us.

Sandy called her husband, letting him know she was going to spend the night, and giving him a little update, promising the full blow-by-blow later. I was amazed at how casually she discussed what she did, and the look of joy and love in her eyes as she chatted with her fiancée. Sheri and I layed down beside her and started fondling her, making her beautiful body writhe. “God, Robbie, they’re touching me, touching me all over.”

We only played with her gently, and I suckled on her nipple teasingly, while she spoke on the phone. When she was done, she pulled me up for a kiss. “You two are so naughty. Teasing me like that.”

The nervous Nellies insisted on checking my bandages before calling it a night. Apparently none the worse for wear, but still getting me a nice dose of sympathy.

I slept between the two beauties, wondering what I’d ever done to deserve this new life of mine.

* * *

I woke in pain, with the booze and pain-killers worn off. My back was in agony, and I felt sore in places I didn’t even know I had. The girls took care of me, even giving me a massage, and fixing my bandages which had worked themselves loose during the night. We didn’t have any sex that morning, but we did have lots of cuddling and loving, and that was fine by me.

Room service delivered breakfast, and when it was done, Sandy begged off. She gave us both toe curling kisses. “Tomorrow night?” she asked.

“Open door,” Sheri told her. “Anytime. Right, handsome?”

“I’m not going to complain.”

Sheri giggled. “I bet not. You have fun last night?”

“Best ever. I can only wonder if my heart can take it, when I get all of you,” I told her.

“Soon baby. Don’t worry, I know CPR.”

* * *

We spent a relaxing day, going for a walk in the park, exploring the hotel and immediate environs, chatting on the phone with friends. We stopped by her house, and reassured her parents that she was doing fine. We stayed for an early dinner, and spent some time playing with Max. She showed me her room, which I’d only seen a little of over Skype.

“So this is where the magic happens,” I teased.

She laughed. “Where I lost my heart to the most wonderful man in the world.”

“Who is it? I’ll kill the bastard,” I growled, taking her in my arms and swinging her around.

She kissed me, blushing. “Do you really love me?” she asked.

“More than words can say. With all my heart, Angel.”

“Devil,” she reminded me.

“Only in the bed,” I told her. “Speaking of, you really are a pretty wild thing, aren’t you?”

She giggled, walking around me, her hand dragging across my skin. “Only for you, lover.”

“And Sandy,” I teased.

“Alright, only for the ones I love. You’re first now, you understand? Think you can handle that?”

“Patience. That’s all I ask. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

She giggled, her arms around my neck. “All I ask is the same. You’ve been so patient with me all this time, in game and out. Think you can put up with me a little longer?”

“I don’t know,” I teased. “I guess I’ll give you another 70, 80 years. But that’s all. If you don’t come around by then, I’m gonna start looking.”

She stepped on my toes. “You do, and I’ll take my toys and go play somewhere else. Including Sandy.”

“Alright, damn it. Ninety. Ninety years, that’s my final offer.”

She hugged me. “No. Forever or nothing.”

I picked her up, hugging her tight. “Fine. But I get to choose which side of the bed is mine.”

“Of course! It’s always the other side next to me.”

“Damn it, girl. Leave me some pride. Do I get to at least name our kids?”

She looked up at me, her eyes wide. “Do…do you really want to have children with me?”

“If at all possible. A house full.”

“Really?” she asked nervously.

I drew her over to the chair, and sat her on my lap. “Of course. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Raise a family together. Is something wrong?”

“I, I don’t know if I can have kids. There was some concern after it happened.” She looked on the verge of tears.

I hugged her. “Whatever we can do. If you can, great. If you can’t and there’s anything medical that can be done, we can afford it. If you can’t carry, but your eggs are good, we can have a surrogate. If not, we can adopt. Whatever. Even if we can’t have kids, you’re mine, Sheri, no matter what.”

She nodded, hugging me. “I haven’t thought about it much. I don’t know why. I guess it never occurred to me I’d ever be with a man again. Be part of a real, normal family. Not for real.”

“No hurry. You’re young. One step at a time, Ok?”

“One step at a time,” she answered softly.

Sheri gave me a hug, and looked up grinning. “Middle name.”


“The middle name of our third child. You can choose that name.”

“Are you always so rotten?”

“Absolutely. Completely spoiled. Not my fault. You’re going to have to get used to it. Blame Dad if you must.”

We returned to the hotel late, and retired to the bedroom. No gaming at all for once. We got in bed together, and our kissing and cuddling evolved into a wonderful evening of oral sex. She was cautious, and nervous, but by midway through my second erection, she was playful and teasing. She gave me a hard time about my own skills, telling me that she’d have to get Sandy to give me lessons. I guess she saw that hurt a little, and she swarmed over me, begging forgiveness, and telling me she was teasing.

“No you’re not, I saw what Sandy does to you,” I told her.

She blushed. “She knows me. She’s been with me for years. It’s different. I love what you do for me, I swear. Don’t be angry or jealous, please! It would kill me. I’m sorry, I was just teasing.”

“I’m not angry. Maybe a little jealous. Not of her, but of what she has with you. How well she knows you.”

She kissed me softly. “I know. Believe me. You don’t think I’m not a little jealous over your posse? Your complete and total faith and trust in them? The way they hovered over you? Even their damn women are in love with you. They’ve had you all their lives. How do I compete with that?”

I gave her a squeeze. “No competition. I love them. I’m in love with you. You are number one in my life.”

She nodded. “Ditto. I love Sandy. I probably always will. She and I are wonderful together. But my heart is yours. Totally. What I feel for her is a faint echo of my love for you. We have everything but the sex, and by the time I’m done with you, we’ll be magical together. I know it.”

She kissed me long and deep. “I love you. You love me,” she whispered. “Truce on our others?”

“Truce. Hell, what am I saying? It’s not truce, I accept her in your life without limits. Whatever you want, Ok? But no way I’m bringing Jaime into our bed.”

She laughed. “Spoil sport. Did you see the size of his hands? Do you think it’s true…”

“Rotten girl. I’m telling you, Maria would eat you alive, and spit out the bones.”

She sighed dramatically. “Alright. This bed’s too small for four anyway, and Sandy would kill me if I brought in any boy-toys and she wasn’t invited.”

She sat up and straddled me, leaning down and kissing my nose. “You know I’m teasing, right? I don’t want any man but you. Ever. The only man I’d even think of inviting into our bed would be Robert, and that would be for Sandy. So he could see me and her together. I know that turns him on something crazy. I’d never let him have me. I’m yours, bub. Only yours. Get used to it.”

“Good. ‘Cause I’m yours, too. Nobody else.”

“Except Sandy,” she reminded me.

“No. She’s yours. Not mine. You want her with us, I’m happy to do it for you. But that’s it.”

She giggled. “I know you like her. You can’t fool me.”

“I think she’s great. I love her, like I love my own. For what she’s done for you, and how she is with you. She’s a beautiful, wonderful woman with a heart of gold. Sexy as hell. Wild in bed. As God is my witness, as long as I have you, she’s an afterthought.”

“She grows on you,” Sheri teased.

I laughed. “What do you want from me? I love her, and love being with her. I’ll never kick her out of our bed. But, damn it Sheri, I’d be happy with only you beside me for the rest of my life.”

She wiggled on me, kissing my face. “You haven’t even had her ass yet. She’s a wild fuck. You can tie her up and use her hard.”

“Evil. You know you’re absolutely evil. She’s our toy. I get it. You’re the love of my life. Keep it up, and I’ll be tanning that cute little bottom of yours.”

“Mmm, she pinks up so nicely. You can get her to come just by paddling her.”


She laughed, hugging me. “God, you’re so easy to tease. She’s going to be married in a few months anyway. I don’t think Robert will let her play nearly as much after. So you best get your fill. In a while you’re going to be stuck with just me.”

“That’s all I could ever ask for.”

She cuddled up to me, kissing my chest. “You know what’s funny, Steve?”

“What?” I asked sleepily.

“I believe you. Jeez, I’m going to have you so whipped. Worse than Jaime.”

I chuckled, and swatted her rear. “Tell me about it.”

* * *

I had a morning checkup at the hospital, and was given a passing grade, and reminded not to overdo it. Sheri and I took a long walk in the park, walking hand in hand like the new lovers we were, even if we weren’t quite completely lovers.

Dan stopped by after lunch, and Sheri made herself scarce for a couple of hours while we did the work thing, including a conference call with the others. Too early to know much about our latest venture, but he was getting antsy and wanted me to get going and start researching new opportunities. He’d never been that pushy. I wondered if it was an effort to get me out of the game, and back in the real world.

I told him I needed a few more days, and within the week I’d start looking around, reviewing some of the proposals we’d been receiving, and start the networking up again. He seemed alright with that.

“No gaming yesterday?” he noted.

“No, a few hours this afternoon maybe.”

“You and Sheri good?” he asked.

“Perfect. Or almost. We’re working out some things. I think this time it’s for good. Third time’s a charm, and all that.”

Jaime cut in. “Maria says if you let this one go, she’s going to kick both our asses. You know how I hate when she does that.”

I laughed. “Yeah. I imagine there’d be a line she’d have to get in when it came to kicking mine.”

Dan jumped in. “No shit. I call first dibs. Make me go through that beating for nothing. Hell, I’d get back in line twice. Steel-toed boots.”

“Alright, tell me how you really feel,” I laughed.

“Ok, I will,” Dan said. “Jump on that now. Claim her, and don’t let anyone else even get their nose in the door. You’re so hung up over her, if you lose her, it’ll be 10 years of gaming before we ever get you out in public again. And the way she is over you? Fuck, dude, no way you’re ever going to top that. I get to be best man, by the way.”

The other guys all started yelling. “Asshole!” “Douche-bag, we talked about that!”

That was the end of the useful part of our meeting, and we got back to talking about important things, like soloing Diablo hardcore, and the new WoW expansion pack.

Dan left when the others bowed out, but invited himself over for dinner. Said he had some business to attend to. I told Sheri about the plans when she came home, during a little hardcore farming. She let me know that she’d already made plans with Sandy and Robert that we’d meet with them again. That spurred a short conversation about letting each other know what was going on, and ended in a cuddle-fest. I suggested Peter Luger’s, craving their porterhouse. We went to Lombardi’s, the renovated home of New York’s first pizza. Truth be told, I liked several of the simple walk up pizzeria’s better, blasphemy or not.

I was feeling a little nervous about seeing Robert, but he was the same charming bastard. When the girls took off for the ladies room, he leaned over to me. “It’s cool. Really. I don’t want you to feel weird about this. Whatever she needs right now. We’re good?”

Kind of surprised he’d even ask. “That woman of yours is the best, you know. Damn, you’re a lucky man. Heart of gold, easy to see why Sheri loves her so much.”

He laughed. “Ditto. Breaks my heart what Sheri went through. Believe me, I’ve heard endless hours of what she was before, what she went through, and how she was after. I was starting to think I’d never actually get to meet her in person. What you did for her, you deserve a fucking medal. I’ve never seen Sandy so happy. That makes me happy. I know you don’t have a thing for her, it’s obvious when they’re both around. When Sheri’s around, the rest of us are practically invisible. Makes it easy.”

Dan spoke up. “Alright, if the love-fest is over with, you guys want to tell me what the hell is going on?”

I laughed. “Shut the fuck up, Dan. This has nothing to do with you, alright?”

He put on a mask of disappointment. “Hey! I fought for her too!”

Robert and I looked at each other and laughed. “That you did,” I told him. “You’re golden in her book. Now leave it.”

I turned back to Robert. “You could help me with something. We’re still looking for some good investments. Tech and Energy companies preferably. Maybe Medical. We prefer second round venture buy ins, not seed money. Don’t need the risk/reward that entails. You catch wind of anything worthwhile, I’d love to hear about it. I could even use a good legal team to work with, if you know of one.” I gave him a grin.

“Robertson, Samuels not working for you? They’re good.”

“I’d prefer something local. I’m thinking of sticking around here. Making it home base. Plus I’d prefer working with someone I actually liked.”

“Damn, that narrows it down, doesn’t it? Rumor is you can’t stand lawyers,” he said with a chuckle.

“Almost always true. I think I’m learning to make some exceptions.”

“I’ll keep my eye open. Finder’s fee?”

“For the right opportunity.”

“What kind of numbers we talking?”

“Between 10 and 40 preferably. We could go higher for the right deal.”

Sandy leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “What kind of deals are you boys working out? Nothing illegal or immoral I hope.”

He grinned, while Sheri settled in between me and Dan. “Maybe a little bit of both. You remember I am a lawyer, right?”

“Oh, business? I was thinking something more along personal lines,” she said. “How droll. Talking about business, with two lovely ladies present.”

He laughed. “They weren’t present, and the subject is benched. What would you lovely ladies like to talk about?”

“Vacations. Cruise, all-inclusive, something lazy and decadent, with lots of down-time.”

I glance over at Sheri, who was trying to look innocent.

“Vacation?” Robert chuckled. “You’ve got a honeymoon in less than three months.”

“That’s a wonderful start!” she said. “I’m thinking summer, sunbathing, and as little clothing as possible.”

It was a fun chat, and had me thinking about whether Sheri and I would be married by then. I wondered how much time she’s need for a wedding. Damn, she was right. I was pussy-whipped already, and hadn’t even gotten any of the pussy.

We split up after dinner, Dan and Robert going their own ways, and Sandy going home with us. She was laughing. “You guys have to be gentle with me. I’m serious. I’m so sore now I can barely walk. Between you two the other night, and then how Robert was when I gave him all the details, I haven’t been pounded like that, since, hell, since ever!”

She stopped, and grabbed Sheri by the hands. “Please? I’m serious. A little gentle, tonight?”

Sheri hugged her. “I think I’d like to make tonight about me. I’m going to need your help.”

Sandy hugged her, “It’ll be perfect. It will. I know it. This is going to be ab-fab.”

I was seriously wondering what it cost to live like I was full-time. Doors opened. The elevator man knowing us, taking us straight to our floor. Limo service for the asking. The room immaculate. Anything we needed a phone call away. We were living large, and it was something I could get used to.

I’d been thinking hard about the Sheri problem. I had an idea, that I thought we might fall back on if necessary. I wanted to see if we could make things work naturally first. I took Sandy to the side and told her my thoughts, and she seemed to like it. As a fall-back solution.

We went to our bedroom, and got undressed. It was so natural, to watch both girls strip down to nothing, and climb into my bed. Fucking amazing bodies, one small and curvy, the other long and slender. Both sexy as hell. Shit, I was a lucky guy.

We started out with the cuddling and kissing, this time with Sheri in the middle. We moved on to some sensual touching and I grinned as I shared her tits with Sandy, lifting my head for a kiss from her, before we went back after Sheri’s perky little nipples. Sandy leaned over and playfully competed for a nipple, our tongues tangling. She lifted her eyes to mine, and the joy and happiness I saw there was heart-warming. “You’re the best,” I whispered.

She looked a little surprised, then grabbed my head and kissed me hard. “God, you’re so damn lovable,” she sighed.

We both went down on Sheri, and I demanded Sandy teach me some of her magic. She laughed, kissing me again. “You’re not jealous of me, are you?”

“Damn skippy I am! And you’re going to share your secrets, or any promises made about being gentle with you are out the door. I will tie you up and fuck the living daylights out of you if you don’t share.”

She giggled. “That’s a threat?”

I shrugged. “Best I can come up with at the moment. I am in bed with two gorgeous naked women. My brain is only capable of so many thoughts right now.”

“How about this? I teach you all I know about her, and next time we’re together, you do exactly what you said, and then some.”

“You’ve got a deal.”

“Good. First thing, get out of this bed, go in the bathroom and give yourself the closest shave possible, then use her skin lotion. Your face is like sandpaper.” She gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Take your time, I’ll only warm her up a little.”

Back in the bed, she made me open my mouth, and popped in a wintergreen lifesaver. “Now this is cheating a little,” she teased, giving me a little kiss on the lips. “Mmmm, fresh. She’ll notice. Not as much as those Altoids, but still a little advantage.”

The rest was an education. I learned. I was taught little things, like indirect stimulation, inner vs. outer lips, fingering essentials, top and bottom, variety, pressure, teasing, blowing, sucking, licking. They were both getting into my training, and I had to take a turn on each of them, with the other giving me added guidance. I was worn out by the time I’d given them each two ‘adequate’ orgasms. Then they teased me by giving each other one, showing me what it could be like with practice and a little more tutelage.

Fuck. I had a ton of ground to makeup. They played each other like maestros. They must have read my mind, and mobbed me, hugs and kisses galore. “It’s not a competition baby,” Sandy teased. “You’re wonderful, and there’s things that you can do that leave us completely out.”

Sheri nodded. “Your strength, for one. Feeling your big hands holding me so firmly. The direct way you attack. All good.”

I was rewarded for my efforts by another dual blow-job. I really could get used to those. The visuals alone were mind-blowing. Sandy had nothing but praise for the progress that Sheri had made in only one evening. I delivered my praise physically, filling Sandy’s mouth, with a little taste for Sheri at the end.

Afterward, Sheri sat on my face, while Sandy put her talented mouth back to work, getting me ready for phase two. I put my newly learned skills to practice, warming up Sheri.

When I was hard as steel, and I had Sheri moaning sweetly, Sandy decided it was time to put her to the test. I remained on my back, and Sheri nervously straddled me. She looked over at Sandy, “Patience, Ok?”

Sandy gave her a hug. “I’m an observer. I won’t even get involved. You’ll be fine.”

She wasn’t. I didn’t understand it, everything else was going to well, but I felt bad for her. I knew she wanted to, but as she pressed the head of my cock against her opening she started shaking, and I saw the tears in her eyes. I put my hands on her thighs, gently, for support, and she practically jumped off of me.

She sat quietly, curled up in a ball. “I’m sorry. I know I can do this.” She looked up at me. “I love you. I do. I swear to God I do.”

I didn’t reach for her, worried that I might upset her some way. “I know, baby. There’s no hurry. Whatever you are Ok with.”

She sniffled. “What if I’m never Ok?” she whimpered. “What if I’m broken?”

Sandy went to her, hugging and rocking her. “No, you’re not broken. Look at how far you’ve come. That blow-job was amazing. We can do this. I know it. If not tonight, soon. Nobody’s giving up here!”

Sheri nodded. “How about we try with me on the bottom?”

“You want to try again? Now?” Sandy asked.

She wiped her eyes and nodded.

Sandy fluffed the pillows, and laid my gamer girl back on the bed. We took a couple of minutes pampering and cuddling her, then Sandy moved between her legs. A couple of minutes later Sheri was obviously excited, and I took Sandy’s place. I rubbed my cock up and down Sheri’s slit, parting her lips, and she jerked back away from me for a second, then settled down.

“You Ok?” I asked.

“Go ahead,” she whispered anxiously.

I pressed my cockhead into her opening, and felt her trembling. I was tempted to stop, and let her settle down, but thought maybe once I was in, she’d get over the worst of it. I pressed into her, feeling her tight opening give, watching the first couple of inches slide in.

“Stop,” Sandy said, her hand pushing me away gently.

I looked up, and saw the tears rolling down Sheri’s face, her eyes clenched shut, teeth gritted.

I pulled out, and climbed up the bed. Sheri’s legs snapped shut behind me. “I can do this,” she whispered. “I can.”

I held her in my arms, while Sandy soothed her. “No, you’re forcing it, baby. It has to be good. You need to be ready. Accept him. Welcome him inside you. Not suffer through it.”

Sheri sobbed. “Why?” she moaned.

God, it hurt to hear her. So much pain, so much unsaid, with that simple heart-rending cry.

“Hush,” Sandy whispered. “We’ll get through this. I promise, Ok? Me, Sheri. I promise. You know I’ll never let you down. We’re all in this together. You love each other like nobody’s business. It’s going to be alright. Better than alright.”

She gave Sheri a long soft kiss. “I’m going to let him fuck me a while. We’re torturing him. I want you to relax, and when you feel like it, you can watch.”

Sandy pushed me on my back, and straddled me. She gave me a grin. “Plan B.”

Plan B was simple enough. We knew Sheri was a very visual person, a bit of an exhibitionist and voyeur. We’d play to that part of her.

I nodded, and closed my eyes as she lowered herself onto my cock. She rode me gently, rocking back and forth easily. Sheri rolled onto her side, her head on my shoulder. “It looks so easy. Why am I having so much trouble? I want this so bad, Steve. For us.”

I gave her a little kiss. “Maybe that’s part of it. You want it too much. It’s too important to you. Relax. Enjoy what we have. Play along if you want, but only what you really want to do.”

She nodded. “It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

Sandy answered. “No, sugar. Just the opposite. It doesn’t hurt at all, unless I take him too deep at the beginning. I need to get used to it a little, because he does reach the back and that can be a bit uncomfortable.” She giggled. “Luckily, our little pussies seem to adapt. When you two were pounding all the way in last night, it was amazing. No pain or discomfort at all. It just takes a little time.”

She rose up on her feet, and squatted over my cock, lifting and lowering herself, giving us the most incredible view. “He’s the perfect size, you know. Thick enough to feel great, without feeling all stretched out. Long enough to reach the deepest parts without poking a hole in the back. Fucking perfect cock,” she gasped, thrusting down hard several times.

She dropped back on her knees. “Get behind me. See what it’s like from there. You can see everything. I wouldn’t mind if you played with my bottom a little, just nothing crazy, Ok? It’s really tender.”

Sheri moved behind her, and Sandy winked at me, blowing me a kiss. “Sexy, huh?” she asked.

“God, Sandy, he looks like he’s stretching you so wide,” Sheri answered.

Sandy lifted her hips, giving me some room to work, and I thrust up into her, longer full strokes.

“Mmm, that feels great,” Sandy purred.

“All of it fits?”

“C’mon Sheri! He’s no bigger than Buster. You know that fits pretty damn well. Both of us.”

“He’s thicker.”

“A little. A wonderful, precious little. I love that extra little.”

I felt Sheri’s hand on my cock, just below Sandy’s entrance. Her fingers sliding against my shaft as I pushed upward. “He’s so hard.”

“Yeah. Isn’t that great? He gets like that for us. Hard like a rock.”

I gave her longer strokes, until she shifted, purposely letting me fall out.

“Oh, put it back in baby, I’m so empty! Put him back in me,” Sandy whined.

I felt Sheri’s hand guide me back home, and I hammered at Sandy hard.

“That doesn’t hurt? Hard like that?” Sheri whispered.

“Fuck no,” Sandy gasped. “Perfect.”

I pulled back extra far, popping loose, and Sheri guided me back in without prompting.

“Oh yeah,” Sandy murmured. “That’s great, when he sticks it back in. Feeling him open me up. Stretching me.”

I started trying to think of other things, distractions, not wanting to get too worked up yet. Not yet.

Sandy wiggled herself free of my cock, and held herself up too high for insertion. “Taste me on him,” she said. “Suck my juices off his cock.”

Sheri’s mouth engulfed me, sucking sweetly. I felt her moving up and down. “God, that’s naughty,” she said giggling.

Sandy laughed, “I know, right? Put it back now, I’m not done with him.”

She lowered her hips and Sheri guided me home for another minute of fucking before Sandy pulled off. “Taste me, baby.” She giggled a second later. “No, off of him, silly.”

I felt Sheri’s warm mouth again, and Sandy smiled at me. “Time,” she whispered softly, her face inches from mine.

She climbed off of me, while Sheri, sucked me, watching her friend. Sandy knelt next to her. “I’ve got an idea, want to try it?”

Sheri pulled free. “What kind of idea?”

“Naughty. Those are the best kinds. Keep him hard for me, I’ll be right back.”

She left us, and Sheri looked at me. “You two are up to something, aren’t you?”

I gave her my most innocent look. “Me? She’s the wild one. No, let me correct that. You’re the wild one, but she’s no Angel either.”

Sheri grinned, and gave me a quick suck. “Nothing bad, right?”

“Of course not. Speak of the devil…”

Sandy had a video camera and tablet in her hand. “Come here honey, we’re going to try something. You and me, hands and knees, side by side, Ok?”

Sheri looked nervous, but let her best friend guide her into position. “Hips nice and high,” Sandy told her.

It was an amazing view. Those two asses lifted up in welcome for me. God, I hoped this worked.

Sandy held the tablet between them. “Now watch him fuck me,” she said.

I held the camera up below my chin, and guided my cock into Sandy. She purred sweetly as my length slipped into her. “Pretty amazing isn’t it?”

“He slips right in, doesn’t he?” Sheri chuckled.

“Oh yeah. God, it feels good. Way better than that cold rubber. He feels hot inside of me. Hot and hard.”

I gave her long slow strokes, while listening.

“Mmm. So good, Sheri. I want you to feel this. It’s so damned good. Try it for me?”

Sheri, tensed up a little. “Now, like this?”

“Yes. Watch the video with me. Don’t think about it. Just feel his cock against you. Not even inside you, just against you. Can we do that?”

She was quiet. “Against me. Just the opening, right?”

“Yeah. Only the opening. Can we?”

She nodded. I backed away from Sandy who moved her leg, giving me some room. I straddled Sheri’s legs, avoiding touching her at all. I aimed my cock at her opening, with the camera capturing the close-up view.

“Look at that,” Sandy said. “Hard and waiting. Watch it. Watch him.”

I moved forward, my cock slowly coming in contact with her. She flinched for a moment, then held still while I slid the head up and down across her lips.

“God, that looks so wild. Teasing, opening you up. One nudge and he’d be in you,” Sandy whispered. “I’m so jealous. You have the prettiest pussy in the world. Sweetest too.”

“Mmmhmmm,” Sheri hummed nervously.

I moved up and down a couple more times, parting her lips.

“Look how wet you are, Sheri! You can see your juices on his cock.”

I pushed forward a hair, watching the head of my cock slowly disappear, her lips parting, then slide back out. Again. And again.

“Wow. Did you see that? How you stretched around him? That didn’t hurt did it?”

“No,” she said, but I heard the quiver in her voice. Enough. I pulled back out and returned to Sandy. I teased her opening, just like I had with Sheri.

“Oh, that’s so good,” Sandy whispered. “Opening me, teasing me. God I love it.”

I pushed the head in, then pulled it out a couple of times.

“More,” she pleaded. “Don’t tease me, let me feel it.”

“It’s just like in me,” Sheri whispered.

“I know. Exactly the same. He’s driving me crazy.”

I slid inside her a couple of inches at a time, rocking back and forth getting a little deeper with each stroke, until I was all the way inside. “Look at that,” Sandy said. “All of it. I’m taking all of that big fat cock.”

I stroked her, holding her hips and going deep. After a few dozen strokes I pulled out and she whimpered softly. “Shit,” she murmured. “Your turn, ready? Just the head again, Ok?”

“Ok,” Sheri said.

I went back to her, opening her exactly the same way, until the head was nudging in. She was holding perfectly still, but she didn’t jerk away this time. A few more nudges, and the head was out of view. I paused, leaning my chest back, and zooming in on our connection.

“He’s in you. Look! Can you believe it? How does it feel?” Sandy asked.

“Good,” Sheri whispered. “It looks so nasty. All that big cock trying to get inside.”

“A little more?”

Sheri nodded. “A little, that’s all.”

I pulled out, and pressed back in a couple of times. On the third stroke, I continued pressing until about an inch was inside her. I stopped.

“God, he’s fucking you,” Sandy whispered. “Does it hurt?”


“Can I have him back?” she asked.

“Just a little more, Ok?” Sheri asked.

Music to my ears. I back out a bit, keeping the head inside her, then pushed forward just that inch. In and out, trying to think of gameplay, getting a little too worked up. I pushed a little extra, and saw another couple of inches enter her. Almost half my length. I pulled back and heard Sandy giggle. “Look at that. How your tight little pussy clings to him. It doesn’t want to let go.”

Sheri chuckled. “Naughty kitty. He said he was going to pet it.”

“Very naughty. That’s the extra thickness. Not bad, huh?”

“No, feels good,” she whispered.

She whimpered when I pulled out of her, and went back to Sandy.

“Goody. My turn. You were hogging all the cock, rotten thing.”

I slid into Sandy, going deep on the first stroke. Playing at her opening was too much for my sensitive head. Nice easy strokes inside her were better to keep me calm.

I looked down at the girls and watched Sheri nudge her friend with my shoulder. “I wasn’t hogging. You had him a lot more than me, and he is my boyfriend.”

“Let me have him just a little bit, sweetie? He feels so good in me.”

“Just a little,” Sheri whispered, her eyes watching the tablet where my cock was sliding into her friend. “Only because I love you so much.”

“Oh,” Sandy moaned, pushing back against me. “I love you too. Love you so much, baby.”

Sheri watched a few more seconds. “My turn?”

“A little more?” Sandy whined.

“Who’s hogging him now?” Sheri whispered.

“But he’s yours forever,” Sandy said.

“My turn!”

I pulled out of Sandy, wrenching another sweet whimper from her, then returned to Sheri. I held steady for a moment, letting the camera stabilize, then pushed into her. Just the head to start with, then with a series of slow gentle nudges I had half my length inside of her.

“Halfway,” Sandy said. “More?”

“A little,” Sheri said softly.

I pulled back and pressed forward, enough of me inside her to start stroking. Back and forth I went, inching more inside until there was only a little light between us. She felt amazing. Definitely tighter than Sandy. Almost too tight.

“God, girl. You’re going to take all of it, aren’t you?” Sandy said.

Sheri nodded. “All the way this time.”

“You sure? That’s a lot of cock. I can take it if you want,” Sandy teased.

“My turn,” Sheri whispered, and I felt her push back against me, until her ass cheeks pressed against my hips.

I couldn’t help myself, and I let my free hand stray down to her back, caressing her. She flinched under my touch, then pulled forward and pressed back against me, hard. I felt the pressure inside her, where I bottomed out. She gasped, then started rocking back and forth on my cock.

Her eyes were locked on the tablet. “See. I can take all of it too. All of it.” She pulled away, exposing all of my cock, then impaled herself, grunting sweetly.

“How is it?” Sandy asked.

“Fucking great,” Sheri moaned sliding forward and driving back on my cock. “So fucking much better than Buster.”

“My turn?” Sandy asked.

“God, Sandy! I just got him. Give me a little while, Ok?” She was looking down at the tablet. “Look at that, will you? He’s not doing me, I’m doing him.”

Sandy chuckled. “Of course. You always were the wild one.”

Sheri giggled. “Is Robert like this?”

“Almost the same length. Not as thick. That thickness, Jesus, that feels sweet. You’ve got a keeper.”

“I know, right?” she chuckled. “All that, and a nice fat cock too.”

“My turn?” Sandy pleaded. “Please?”

“Fine. Meanie.”

I moved the camera down, and captured the image of me pulling out of her, her pussy closing slowly after I pulled out.

“Wow,” Sandy whispered. “You really didn’t want to give him up. I thought I could see your tonsils there for a second.”

“Oh, like you’re any better?” She looked over her shoulder at me. “I want a good shot of her gaping for you afterward.”

I laughed and drove my cock into Sandy, making her grunt. “Shit,” she moaned. “I thought you guys were going to be gentle with me.”

I grabbed her hips and pounded her for a while. “Opening you up, sweetness,” I teased.

Sheri giggled. “Give it to her. Pound the greedy slut.”

I did, fucking her hard, making her moan for me. I brought the camera down and pulled out quickly. Her opening was slow to close, a quarter sized black opening staying visible for a few seconds, before slowly shrinking away. I grabbed her ass and pulled her cheek to the side, her opening widening again, until I released her.

“See, slut? You’re pussy’s desperate for that big cock. Worse than mine,” Sheri teased.

“He went easy on you,” Sandy whined. “I couldn’t help it, he banged the hell out of me.”

I moved behind Sheri, pushing in slowly.

“Like her,” Sheri said.

I grabbed her hip with my free hand, feeling a little tremble, then started fucking her harder. Long deep strokes. After only a few, I knew I was in trouble.

“I can’t,” I warned her. “If I fuck you like her, I’m going to come. I can’t hold back when I’m inside you.”

She looked over at her friend, smirking. She gave her hips a torturous wiggle. “Do it then. Fuck me hard and come for me.”

I didn’t hold back, pounding into her, and I heard her first little moan. It was driving me crazy. I would love to make her come on my cock, but there wasn’t a chance in hell. I had to come. I was holding back on every stroke, but it was a lost cause.

“Fuck,” I groaned, slamming my cock into her with long full strokes. I looked down and saw her head resting on the pillow, her eyes closed, the tablet abandoned.

I drove myself in to the hilt, and let go, flooding her insides. She groaned, and I gave a series of short strokes, pumping out all I could. Sandy sat up and took the camera from me, moving back and capturing a picture of the both of us.

“Damn, you two are hot,” she chuckled.

I slid my hands down Sheri’s back, all the way to her shoulders. I held her and drove my hips against her, trying to get just a little deeper. I leaned down and kissed her shoulder. “I love you so much,” I told her.

She arched her back, pushing against me. “Mmmm, I can tell.”

I pulled out of her, and laid down next to her. “Damn that was incredible,” I told her.

She laid on her side, looking at me. “The both of us? Every man’s fantasy?”

“The finish,” I answered. “Coming inside you. Amazing.”

She smacked me jokingly. “Bullshit. Come on. Two hotties? Taking turns on them? That had to be epic.”

I lost track of my answer when Sandy’s mouth slid over my cock. “I’m not going to lie. That was pretty amazing. But getting to fuck the love of my life for the first time? Unbelievable.”

“Am I? The love of your life?”

“Stop fishing for compliments, rotten thing.”

She giggled, rolling over onto her back, and opening her legs. “You know you love me. Don’t be afraid to say it.”

I eased my arm under her head, and she wiggled onto my shoulder. “I LOVE THIS GIRL!” I shouted. “Happy? We’re probably going to get complaints.”

“If we didn’t get complaints from our little screamer two night ago, nobody’s going to whine about a little love shout.”

Sandy abandoned my cock, and shifted over between Sheri’s legs.

“Mmmm. See why I want to keep her? Isn’t she the best?”

“Best friend ever. Better than we deserve.”

“No shit. But I can make her come really good. That should be worth something.”

Sandy poked her head up. “Nice cock, too. You keep me around, you don’t get to hog all the cock now, bitch.”

Sheri laughed, grabbing her friend’s head, and pushing it back between her legs. “Don’t worry, slut slave. You’ll be getting plenty of cock. I’d never make you do without. You know that.”

I scooted closer, and kissed Sheri softly. She smiled, her eyes glistening. “We did it, didn’t we?”

I chuckled. “Oh yeah. We definitely did it. You’re alright?”

She nodded. “Better than alright. I was getting into it there, at the end. The start was a little scary. But the little bitch was making me so jealous, watching you in her, when you should be in me.”

Sandy climbed up from where she’d been, taking the other side of Sheri. “You always amaze me, girl. Always. Can you believe where we are now? Compared to just a few months ago?”

“It’s him, you know. It couldn’t be anyone but him.”

“No shit. If anyone should be jealous, it’s me. He’s stealing my baby, and you get the jackpot.”

“You have Robert,” Sheri whispered, pulling Sandy’s lips down for a kiss.

Sandy grinned. “Yeah, I do. Wouldn’t trade that one for anything. Not even your White Knight. God, I love that man.”

Sheri giggled. “We’re both pretty lucky, aren’t we?”

“Hit the boyfriend Lotto. Home-run. Luckiest girls in the city.”

I laughed. “Enough, you silly girls. Robert and I both know the truth. We’re the lucky ones. You two could have your choice of any man in the state. No way we’re deserving.”

Sandy surprised me by climbing on top of me, straddling my hips and pushing my shoulders down roughly. “You shut the fuck up! Don’t you EVER say you don’t deserve us. NEVER!”

I was stunned by her reaction. She dropped down and hugged me, squeezing so tightly I thought she’d tear my stitches. “Don’t, Ok? I can’t stand it. You don’t know. You have no idea what it was like. How much you’ve done. So don’t ever, ever say you don’t deserve us.”

I held her, stroking her back softly. Kissing the side of her pretty face. “Shhh,” I whispered, as she cried into my shoulder. “Don’t cry, please. You’re breaking my heart, Angel.”

Sheri had snuggled in closer, and her hand was caressing her best friend, soothingly.

“You don’t know,” Sandy sobbed. “You weren’t there. You brought her back. I didn’t think we’d ever get her back. Two fucking years I tried everything. God, I love her so much, and there was nothing I could do, nothing any of us could do.” She lifted her head and held my face in her hands. “You did it. Impossible, but you didn’t care, you did it anyway. Even tonight, you knew. You just knew. I…I love you for that. Fuck, I don’t mind saying it. I love you.”

I caressed her soft skin, kissing her lips softly. “I love you too. I’ve told her.” I glanced over to where Sheri was watching us, inches away, and saw her eyes shining. “What you’ve done for her, what you are to her. Even now, how you’re fighting for us. You’re the best, Sandy. Absolute best woman I’ve ever known. I love you to death.”

She sniffled, smiling. “No, I’m not. I’m not even a very nice person. I’m selfish, and rude, and mean.”

I smacked her bare bottom. “Don’t. I know your heart. Nobody who can love like you is selfish.” I kissed her again, more passionately, feeling the response below my waist. “I need to be in you now,” I whispered.

She smiled, and reached between us, guiding me home. She pushed back against me, until I was completely seated. “I guess you do like me a little, don’t you?”

I laughed, and turned to Sheri. “You’re right. She does grow on you.”

Sandy gave a wiggle of her hips, and giggled. “And you grow in me. I like that.”

I sighed, feeling her hips grind against me. “God, I’m so spoiled.”

Sandy laughed, rising up to a sitting position. “Nobody deserves it more.” She turned to Sheri. “Share the ride?”

Sheri looked nervous. “You think I can?”

“Yeah, but if you can’t, no big deal. We’re going to get there. We know that now, right?” She climbed off of me, and Sheri straddled my waist. Sandy turned around and sat on my chest, that sweet perfect ass of hers inches from my face. “Look at me,” she told Sheri. “Don’t even think about it. Let him in, and look at me, baby.”

Sandy reached down and held my cock, wiggling it in place, until I felt the head settle home. “Let me fill you, beautiful,” Sandy whispered and Sheri slowly lowered herself down.

When she was completely filled, Sandy hugged her. “I’m so happy right now. I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel.”

Sheri giggled, and the sound was wonderful. “Makes me feel pretty good to.”

Sandy chuckled. “I bet.” She gave Sheri a short little kiss. “I’m going to get out of your way now.”

“No!” Sheri whispered. “Not yet. Stay with me, like this. I want to feel your arms around me a little longer, please?”

Sandy nodded, hugging her, rocking with her, telling her how wonderful she was, how beautiful, how sexy. She giggled. “Robert would have a heart attack seeing this.” She stroked Sheri’s hair. “Someday, right? You’ll let him see us together? Hold me while he fucks me?”

Sheri nodded. “Of course. I’d do anything for you.”

Sandy pulled away slowly. “I want to see you two together, alright? I’m right here.”

She climbed off of me, laying beside me, head on my shoulder. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yeah, but I’m prejudiced. Most beautiful girl in the world. And she’s mine.”

Sandy giggled, and gave me a pinch. “Ours. I won’t even insist on 50/50, but don’t you dare lock me out.”

“Shame on you to even suggest that. Ours. But I get first dibs on all the good stuff.”

I looked up at Sheri, and opened my arms to her, beckoning. She laid down on my chest, and I held her. “Are we one screwed up relationship, or what?”

She giggled. “You don’t like it?”

“I love it. I love you. But no way is this normal. I’m lying here telling your lover I love her, and arguing over who you belong to. Talking about her fiancée and you two together.”

“Does that bother you?” she asked nervously.

“No. I mean, it probably should. I’ve not had the best track record with women, you know. Two cheaters who left me. I’m still a little insecure I guess.”

“If you don’t want me to, we won’t do it. He’s not going to get me. He’ll only be with her.”

“No. He should get to see you two together. It’s amazing. She’s going to be his wife. I want you to be with them, however you’re comfortable. Just remember that you’re mine, Ok?”

She sighed, pressing back against me as my cock continued its short, redundant journey inside of her. Her lips brushed my neck. “I love this, here, now, with the two of you. I can’t believe how wonderful it feels, you inside me, like this.”

Sheri lifted her head, looking into my eyes. “Can we stay like this? Love me gently just like this, until you fill me again? Please?”

I chuckled, hugging her. “Forever, if you want.”

After that, there wasn’t a lot of kissing, or talking. I held her, making love endlessly. She was completely relaxed, and I knew that the excitement level for her was nothing compared to much of what she’d done, but it was perfect, nonetheless. Joined and together.

The world was narrowed to the two of us. Eyes closed, feeling her weight on me, her body mine, my cock inside of her.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“Love you to.”

It was wonderful, but nothing lasts forever. I was ready for her. I thrust a little harder, deeper, hands on her delightful ass cheeks. “Coming for you,” I whispered.

She whimpered softly, pushing back against me for a few more strokes until I pushed in to the limit and yielded.

She hugged me, and I could feel her body shaking. She was crying softly.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I asked.

“Nothing. It’s perfect. I never thought it could be like this. So perfect. Thank you,” she whispered, brushing her tears away.

I chuckled. “You’ve got to stop crying. I thought maybe I’d hurt you.”

She laughed, her tight little pussy pushing my wilting cock out. “Get used to it. I’m a girl. I cry. It’s not a bad thing.”

Sandy bounced onto the bed next to us, grinning. “Man, that was great. I guess my job is done here. Unless you want me to stay. I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

Sheri giggled. “Your job is definitely not done. You’ve got some serious cleaning up to do. And there’s no way you’re leaving this bed tonight, even if I have to tie you down to keep you here.”

Sandy pouted. “All I get is clean up duty? Where’s the love, Sher?”

“Clean us up, and I’ll show you the love. Besides, when he wakes up hard, who’s going to take care of him? My poor kitty is already complaining about the beating she’s taken. She’s not used to this. You’re going to have to deal with him in the morning.”

She did. Twice. Sheri got clean up duties. I don’t know what they had against a warm washcloth. That had always worked for me in the past, but I wasn’t about to complain.

Hell of a way to start the day.

* * *

It wasn’t perfect after that. We still had issues. A couple of times she had to get on the phone with Sandy, and talk things out, before she could calm down enough for sex. Sandy came over at least a couple of times a week. We kept the suite for almost a full month, until I found a nice apartment for us.

I had a surprise for her. When we moved out of the hotel and into our apartment, I stopped her in front of the door. Her eyes got big as I dropped to one knee.

“Make me the happiest man in the world, Sheri? Say you’ll marry me. Let me take care of you forever. Please? I love you, and don’t want to live without you.”

I opened the box and held it out to her. I’d manage to finagle a ring shopping trip with her mother and Sandy. They picked out the setting, a simple solitaire, round cut. Less than three carats, nothing ostentatious. I would have gone with something fancier, diamonds on the sides, but I went with their advice. Not cheap, but considerably less than the cost of a month in the hotel.

Sheri dropped to her knees, hugging my neck, tearing up. “Forever. I swear. Forever and ever.”

I put the ring on her hand, and she was crying hard. I lifted her in my arms, and opened the door.

The room held about twenty of our closest friends and family. All my gang, her parents, Sandy and Robert of course. About a dozen of her long time friends. She was mortified at first, to be caught crying, but was soon running around showing off her ring. It was a wonderful moment, to see her like that. Happy, at ease with everyone, men and women alike. Glowing.

Dan laughed. “You just can’t take your eyes off her, can you? Sometimes I wish I knew what that was like.”

“Giving up your tomcatting days?” I teased.

“Hell no. Not ’til I find one like yours. I don’t mind the search.”

“Speaking of the search, how’s the other one going?”

He looked around cautiously. “Not much progress. It’s getting kind of expensive. You sure you want to keep going?”

“Every penny I have, if needed.”

He chuckled. “We’re not talking that kind of expensive. We’ll stay on it. I’ll let you know if we have any progress.”

Three nights later, I was staying up alone, drinking heavily. She was with them. I knew I said it would be Ok, but my stomach thought otherwise. It was unfair, I know. Robert had been so good about everything. I guess I’m just not built the same. It was eating me up. The phone rang several times, but it was never her, and I didn’t pick up. I fell asleep on the couch, watching some damn 50′s black-and-white gangster movie.

I woke to her holding me. I reached around her and hugged her tight. “You look terrible,” she said softly. “Did it upset you that much? He barely even touched me, nothing more than a friendly hug or caress. I swear.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “I know it’s not fair, but I hated it. Not knowing. I trust you, I trust both of them, but I couldn’t stop wondering.”

“Shh. It’s Ok. It’s done. He was ecstatic. Sandy was so happy it almost hurt. You did a kind and wonderful thing, but we never have to do it again.”

“They don’t want to?” I asked.

She giggled. “Of course they want to. I don’t. Not without you. Never again without you. I loved being there for her, but I didn’t like it. Being a sideshow. I thought I’d like it better. I missed you every damn minute of it.”

“I don’t want to be selfish,” I told her.

“You’re not. Robert’s different. He likes to hear about it. He gets off on it. Sandy loves sharing and teasing him. It works for them, but they’re not us. I could never do what she does, and we both know you’re nothing like him. Not in that way. It’s alright.”

“Were you naked?”

She nodded. “As a baby. He got an eyeful. I got her off for him at least half-a-dozen times, then he fucked the shit out of her for a good thirty minutes or more. I…I couldn’t go down on her after that. I think I disappointed them both a little. I just couldn’t. She got me off a couple of times, barely, but it really wasn’t about me. It was all about Sandy.”

“She was happy?”

“Delirious. They both were. You did a good thing. We did a good thing.”

I nodded. “That’s what matters most. I…I can bear it, I guess, if it’s that important to them. I understand if you ever want to do it again.”

“No. Not a fucking chance in hell. Maybe if you’re there too. I could deal with the four of us, but not without you. Don’t even ask me to.”

“I won’t. I’m selfish. I want you for me, and me alone.”

“And Sandy,” she teased.

“Ok. Sandy too. Sharing you with her is different, you know?”

“Of course. We all love each other. I don’t love Robert like that. I know you don’t.”

She hasn’t done that again. Not the three of them.

* * *

It was four months of bliss before we got the first nibble. Dan kept me updated, while progress proceeded on the first investment that Robert had located. We were at dinner, the four of us, Sandy & Robert, still newlyweds, and Sheri and me. I received the text from Dan. “Target acquired. CP Southeast corner. 15 minutes.”

I tried to act calmly, but gave my dinner companions my apologies. “Urgent meeting,” I explained. “Can I impose on you to give Sheri a ride home?”

Sheri was confused. “Urgent meeting? You never have urgent meetings,” she said.

“Rarely. I can’t miss this one. I really have to run. I’m sorry. I’ll see you tonight.”

I grabbed a cab and was dropped at the Ritz Carlton a couple of blocks away, making my way to the rendezvous from inside the park. The Grand Army Plaza, with all the horse and carriages begging for tourists was a great place for anonymity. The plain grey Ford pulled up and I hopped in the back. It was dusk, and the light was fading.

“Twenty minutes ago,” Mark said. “Dan is with him, Jaime’s on his way. Our resources have left the building.”

We took the Brooklyn Bridge and headed south to the Port Authority. As we drove up to one in a long line of identical warehouses, the metal garage door opened, and we pulled inside quickly. It lowered behind us, before the lights came on. Mark walked with me to the door leading to a stairwell. Dan was standing at the base of the stairs. “No information yet. We really haven’t tried so far. Confirmed ID. Definitely one of the four.”

A red light started blinking, followed by a soft beeping. I could hear the motor for the garage door operating above. A few seconds later, Jaime came walking down the stairs. He looked like I felt.

Funny how the women thought he was a big cuddly teddy bear. Grizzly was more like it. Dan moved in front of him and was almost bowled over as Jaime walked through him as if he didn’t exist.

“Don’t kill him…” Mark started speaking rapidly. “We need information.”

Jaime walked up to the guy, and slapped him on the side of the head hard enough to lift the guy and his chair off the ground, toppling him sideways. “I want him when you’re done,” he growled.

Dan had hold of one massive arm. “That’s not your call,” he said calmly. It’s up to Steve.”

It was not a pretty scene. Nothing scientific or calculated. Mark worked on the guy for a couple of hours, until we were certain we had all the information we could get out of the bastard. None of us were professionals in this line of work, but I believe we did an adequate job as motivated amateurs.

Dan was carefully taking notes, asking questions, repeating them in different ways, going over previous details, until he was satisfied. “Let Jaime have him,” he finally said. He turned and walked up the stairs. Mark picked up his tools and followed suit.

I stood beside Jaime, seeing the veins bulge on his temple. I almost felt bad for the guy. After over three years, I’m sure he thought he’d gotten away with it. Just a little fun, right?

“Go ahead,” I told Jaime.

We weren’t wearing masks or trying to disguise ourselves. This piece of filth would never identify us to anyone. Not in his short lifetime.

I knew Jaime was dangerous. He had a temper that had gotten him in serious trouble before. Getting him out of the trouble, once a long time ago, was how our friendship was originally born. What I saw scared me. For well over an hour Jaime ‘tended’ to our guest. He didn’t talk to him, didn’t explain, didn’t threaten. No hope for the future, for escape, for redemption. Not for this piece of shit. He didn’t use anything but his own hands, knees, elbows and feet. He must have broken half the bones in the guys body, methodically snapping his ribs one at a time with his boots. I refuse to describe what he did below the waist.

The guy was still alive, somehow, when Jaime moved the chair out of the way, and centered his victim in the large plastic sheet. He looked over at me, and even though I was feeling nauseous, I had to add my own signature to the effort. I unzipped and pissed on the fucker, in his face, taking my time, shaking off the last few drops.

Jaime folded the ends of the plastic in, and rolled it up. If he was still alive, it wouldn’t be for long. Suffocation was too good for him anyway. He took a roll of duct tape off the table and tossed it to me. I strapped the plastic closed, while he held it off the ground. He delivered one last massive kick, and turned away. We walked up the stairs, and he sighed. “I feel better, how about you, Ace?”

“Twenty percent or so,” I told him.

He laughed. “Yeah, that’s about right. It’s a start.”

* * *

I picked up flowers on the way home. I thought I’d be in deep shit for my abrupt departure, but I didn’t expect the reception I got. Sheri flew into my arms, making me drop the flowers to catch her.

“I was so worried for you. You’ve been gone for hours. I couldn’t get hold of you.”

I hugged her, my precious gamer girl, my wife-to-be. I didn’t say anything, just held her, until the tears stopped flowing. What she’d gone through. How close I’d come to losing her altogether before I even had a chance to meet her. How she’d suffered.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I love you, Sheri. More than anything.”

She clung to me. “Do you want to tell me what this is all about?”

“No. I’m not going to lie to you, but I’m asking you to stay out of this. Please.”

“I’m your wife. Your life partner now. You shouldn’t be keeping secrets from me,” she said.

I picked her up in my arms and sat down in the living room, with her on my lap. “Please. I can’t talk about this.”

“The wives are upset. Something bad’s happening, isn’t it? We’re not in trouble are we? Maria’s frantic.”

“No. It’s something we have to do. With luck it’ll all be over soon, alright? I don’t ask for much do I? Let this one go.”

She stared into my eyes, and slowly nodded. “Someday.”

“Maybe. I don’t know.”

She hugged me. “Take me to bed, Steve. I’m scared. I need you close.”

I didn’t tell her that I hoped in the near future, she’d never have to be scared again.

* * *

Five more weeks. Cost us well over a million dollars in all. Dan was funneling our company funds through two offshore accounts. I had told him to use my money, but he insisted on using the business, so everybody was paying in, almost $200K a piece for them. Angela had a cow, but Mark laid down the law, which he so rarely did, and she let it go as well. There was stress at the home front, with the impromptu meetings and hush-hush discussions.

The third one gave me nightmares. He was the worst of the perpetrators, and Jaime wanted vengeance in kind. “You like forcing sticks and bottles up inside little girls, you piece of shit? Let’s see how you like it?”

He didn’t, and I was certain his screams would stick with me for the rest of my life. Jaime was careful with him, not wanting him to pass out too early. The bastard suffered for hours, until one of the bottles broke. That didn’t stop Jaime. The fucker’s not suffering now.

A lucky break found the evil son-of-a-bitch who had taken advantage of her after she’d made her escape. We thought that was a lost cause, but we had a huge reward out, and the idiot had to boast. He was in prison, behind bars. That actually made it easier. Dan told me it cost less than $20k. Only an extra couple of grand to have “Child Raper” tattooed across his forehead. That scumbag suffers every day, reminded of what he did each time. He’s only in for three years, but he’ll never walk out alive. Never hurt anyone again.

The four of us met for a beer when it was all over. We didn’t talk about it, but we silently toasted each other. Dan was in a quiet mood, and ordered a round of shots. He lifted his. “To CherryBomb.”

We drank to my fiancée, and agreed never to mention the subject again. Five scumbags who’d nearly destroyed one young girl’s life, would never harm anyone again. I had no sympathy for them, none. I didn’t know if they left family behind, if they’d changed their lives for the better, if they regretted what they’d done. I didn’t care. They got what they deserved.

Time to move on.

* * *

It was only a week later, when I found out that someone had let the cat out of the bag. I knew it wasn’t me.

We were visiting Sheri’s family. Her father and Sheri had gone out to pick up dinner. I was sitting in the living room, when Carol walked in, took my drink from me, and sat in my lap, shocking the hell out of me.

She put her arms around my neck, and kissed me on the cheek. She hugged me closely. “Thank you,” she said softly.

I was confused, and started to talk, but she put her finger over my mouth. “Shh. I don’t want to know. It was a foolish, dangerous thing, but thank you. I won’t mention it again.”

My heart was racing, and I wondered how much had gotten out, and who knew. She could only be talking about our ‘equalizing’. We didn’t consider it revenge. We considered it balance.

Sheri acted like nothing had happen, but she was nervous that night, like she hadn’t been in months. I held her, until we both fell asleep. I knew I’d have to call the guys and see if we needed any kind of damage control.

When I woke Sandy was in bed with us. I had no idea when that happened. She was lying there facing me, spooning Sheri. When she saw I was awake, she gave a nod toward the bedroom door, and followed me out to the family room.

“She had a bad night,” Sandy said softly. She took me by the hand and sat me on the couch climbing in my lap and holding me. “We know, Steve. The wives, me and Carol. Not Robert. Not her father. Just us. That’s all it will ever be.”

“I had to do it,” I tried to explain.

She had tears in her eyes and hugged me tight. “I know. I don’t know exactly what you did, none of us do. We don’t want to know. All that matters is that five of the dregs of society will never hurt anyone again, and Sheri won’t be looking over her shoulder the rest of her life.”

This happened a few months after I moved into Oliver’s apartment. He had wanted it; I hadn’t felt very sure. I’d lived as I pleased for several years. In fact, I’d never shared a place with a man. More important, to me, then, domesticity implied dreariness. I didn’t think I could stay excited by, or exciting to, a man I woke up with every day. I also worried that my messy personal habits, my habitual lack of foresight, and the emotional chaos I took for normal wouldn’t sit well with Oliver’s quiet, methodical personality. To me, at that time, being a submissive meant something crammed into a few very intense hours at a time, after which I would flee back to my solitary footloose life. I wasn’t at all sure I had what it took to adapt to somebody who wanted someone more durable.

But living with Oliver had gone surprisingly well. Sexually, his tempo was different from mine, to say the least. My fuse burns in minutes if not seconds. His could sometimes smolder for days. I had to learn to trust that my needs would be well and truly met, but only when and how Oliver chose. I missed the excitement of the hunt for a new partner. I missed not being able to masturbate on impulse. I missed the color and drama I had known with some other men. Oliver dressed conventionally. He used bedroom words in the bedroom, but otherwise his speech was educated and courteous. He never raised his voice. He did not use–in fact would not tolerate–drugs. Ditto for pornography. He had no interest in costumes, appliances or toys. He didn’t even own a simple flogger. He just used his large hands and thick fingers, his belt, his ties, my underpants, clothespins, kitchen utensils, whatever might be around the apartment. (Once he turned me, arms tightly bound, upside down in the laundry hamper for savage cunnilingus.) He was physically powerful, and when he was good and ready, sexually tireless. There were times I lost count. I always slept deeply afterward. Little by little, I learned to adapt my restlessness to Oliver’s slower, steadier, and stronger pace. The longer I had to hold back, the more earth-shattering my release would be. It was the first time in my life I had lived with any kind of sexual discipline and, to my surprise, it had reinforcing as well as frustrating aspects.

Beyond the sex, being Oliver’s live-in slave led me to a new kind of pride in myself. I had to remember to pick up after myself and to do the household chores as he wanted them done, but I found I didn’t resent this. On the contrary, it made me feel useful to somebody. Up to then, I had never been able to feel that way anywhere in my personal life, only at work. I also discovered a previously-unknown inner reserve of patience. Oliver liked get me very aroused and then leave me tied and kneeling in a corner for two or three hours, “ignoring” me. I started to take a perverse kind of pleasure in it. I remember feeling almost high kneeling there and thinking, “Why, if he wants it, I could go on doing this forever!” It had always been easy for me to excite a man, but keeping a man excited about owning the rather worthless person I felt I was–that was new for me. With Oliver, I felt that my not-so-exciting inner self, which I had consistently fled by seeking excitement, had a place, too. He was the first man I was intimate with who seemed to want to know everything about me, the dull and confused and damaged parts as much as the sexually explosive ones.

I had a regular office job. Oliver worked on contract and he sometimes had substantial periods off, which was the case when this happened. On my working days we got up, I showered and dressed while he made coffee and breakfast, and we ate. Then, often but not always, he used me sexually in some quick, simple way–I’d kneel in the kitchen and blow him, or he’d throw me on the couch and jack himself off between my tits or thighs. That was our version of a “goodbye kiss” for the day. It always happened when I was just about to leave for work. (I allowed time for it). It excited him to make me go out tasting his semen or feeling it in my underclothes. I got to like leaving home that way. Sometimes when I got to the office I’d go to the ladies’ room and open my shirt or my skirt just to smell his cum warmed by my skin. I’d want badly to masturbate then, but I needed Oliver’s permission for that.

When he wasn’t working, Oliver would have a simple dinner ready when I got home. We’d eat, talking casually—he insisted that dinner be relaxed. After dinner came what, again quite unexpectedly, turned into my favorite moment of the day. We called it “confession” just to give it a name, but it wasn’t as gothic as that makes it sound. He’d sit, I’d kneel in front of him and put my hands on his knees. With my eyes down, I’d recite my challenges and failings during the day—in fact, any feelings I felt I should share with him. I had never done this kind of thing with a man, and at first it was difficult. I felt so self-conscious and didn’t know how to put things in a way he’d think made sense. For me, intimacy had always been physical, not verbal. But then I realized—Oliver never had to say it, it was just in his manner—that was the point: I was supposed to feel childlike and vulnerable. I was supposed to stumble around and look sort of helpless and trust that he would understand whatever I was trying to articulate. And I began to realize that I liked how I felt at those awkward moments. I liked it a lot. I felt little and protected, and at the same time, very daring. That is the most perfect mixture of feelings there is, and it had been a long time since I’d been able to feel it.

Of course, in confession I had to admit any violation of Oliver’s rules or instructions, even any temptations to violate them, but he made clear that I was to stick to facts and never try to use confession to get punishment started. Sometimes he’d punish me for something I confessed. But sometimes he said I was being too hard on myself, and instead of punishment would give me an exercise, like thinking of ten reasons, apart from sex, anybody should like me. That turned out to be better than physical punishment, because it prolonged the wonderful intimacy of kneeling at his feet and telling him whatever came into my head. I’d ummm and giggle and struggle to put into words things I had worried or wondered about. Sometimes, I’d burst into tears, which was (then) another new thing for me. Oliver wouldn’t help me with any of this. He’d listen silently (but I never had to look up to know how thoughtfully!—he was always all concentration in anything he did) and let me work it out at my own pace. He never questioned or contradicted or pointed out my inconsistencies. This time was for me. I always felt I’d be letting him down if I didn’t try my very best to reach—and to say out loud—the whole truth about myself, however chaotic or pathetic it was. Nobody ever gave me a better gift than that.

Sometimes confession would lead directly to sex, but usually not. That wasn’t its purpose. Occasionally, though, when I finished my confession, especially if I was crying, Oliver would ask if I was wet. If I was (and I usually was), he might suggest that I masturbate. It took me a while to understand that he wasn’t seeking excitement himself. He didn’t feel like sex right then (and he had always been clear that I would never get any charity fucks). He was concerned about me, and wanted to help me unwind. Before Oliver, I had never masturbated in front of a man who wasn’t aroused himself and who didn’t expect to get in on the action. It took me a while to get used to the idea, but when I did, like so many other things I learned with him, it made me proud that I could let go and do it. A sudden feeling of abandonment to this new kind of intimacy would sweep over me and I’d come quickly—if he permitted, several times. A few times he decided to turn me over and fuck me right there, but usually he’d just smile, tell me to lick my fingers clean, and then go do something else. Whether anything sexual happened or not, confession always made me feel light and restored—I had told Oliver everything, I was still in one piece, and he still wanted me!

One of Oliver’s rules, which is relevant to this story, was that I had to treat his cum with great reverence. If he came in my mouth, I was not to swallow unless he gave permission. If he came in my cunt or my ass, it was to leak out, run down my butt and thighs, and dry in place. I was never, ever to wash or wipe it off, or even to touch it with my fingers, without his permission. Sometimes, relaxing after coming, he would scoop it up on his finger and spread it gently on my nipples, or over my lips, like gloss. The first time he did that it took my breath away. I felt we had suddenly tumbled to a whole new level of intimacy, better even than fucking, because it was such an unexpected way for him to share himself. I had always loved the feeling of a man’s warm cum, anywhere. Oliver’s don’t-touch rule only strengthened that pleasure. It made me feel I was being allowed the privilege wearing my lover on my skin.

On the morning it happened, I dressed for work was usual. I wore a black sweater, with a dark red scarf knotted around my neck. Oliver seemed a little preoccupied at breakfast, so I assumed there probably would be no “goodbye kiss” that day. But just as I was putting my hand on the doorknob, he came up behind me. “Kneel down,” he said. I did. He pulled out his already stiff cock and began using my mouth. At the last moment he pulled out, stroked himself, and with a gasp sprayed jets of cum all over my face. Oliver was a big man and he came like a stallion. It handed in my hair, splattered over my glasses, hung on my nose, cheeks and lips, and stained my scarf and sweater. A few drops even fell on my purse, which I had set in front of my knees. In all, it was Oliver’s usual very thorough job. He had me lick him off. Then he leaned against the wall, breathing a little heavily, and said, “You can go now.”

I thought he must be joking. “Like this?” I asked.

“Like that,” he said.

I was flabbergasted. While Oliver used me roughly in the bedroom, in any other setting he was a perfect gentleman. When we went out he treated me like a princess. He would have taken a swing at anybody who bothered me. How could he want me to go out in public looking like this?

But he did. “Go,” he said.

I was dismayed, and I’m sure my cum-drenched face showed it. If he’d only let me clean myself up, I would have left for work with a singing heart because my lover had just had the pleasure of unloading on me. As it was, either I went out into the building, the elevator, the sidewalk, the subway, looking and feeling like some drunken slut, or I broke Oliver’s rule. I got to my feet slowly, stared at him, and when I saw his face was impassive, left the apartment.

On the way down the hall, I suddenly stopped dead. Cloudy patches on my glasses blurred my vision. Cum dripped off my chin.

I couldn’t understand why he was doing this.

I couldn’t take the elevator—OK, take the stairs. That’s it—just dawdle till it dries. I could take my sweater and scarf off. That might be skirting the rule, but maybe not breaking it. But what about my glasses? I couldn’t work without them. Both lenses were badly smeared. It would show all day. There was no way that wouldn’t be noticed at bitch heaven. There might be remarks–behind my back, there certainly would be. There had already been a crack or two about my promiscuity before I knew Oliver. Nobody grudged me the sex, but they’d think I must be drifting into some kind of odd mental place not to clean myself up.

Once in the stairwell, I leaned against the wall, still flabbergasted. This was unfair. Oliver could do whatever he wanted to me in private, but how could he ask me to shame myself with people he had never even met—people I had to see every day?

I raised my hand to take my glasses off, then hesitated. I had deliberately broken some of Oliver’s rules before, and taken my punishment. I wasn’t very afraid of him in the physical sense. Other men had put me through more than he ever had. But I respected Oliver more than anyone I had ever been with, and now I needed what only he did for me.

It finally occurred to me that this was a test. He wanted to know how strong my loyalty was. I needed to pass his test, to be able to come home and kneel in front of him with cum stains still visible on my glasses and proudly tell him how hard it was for me to hold my head up all day, knowing what people were thinking, but I did it for him.

At that moment, the landing door crashed open and a neighbor I vaguely recognized rocketed through it. He was obviously as startled to find me leaning despondently against the wall as I was to suddenly be face to face with him. In a rush of mortification I realized Oliver’s cum was still glistening on my hair, my skin, and my glasses. I threw my hands in front of my face and quickly pushed past the neighbor back into the hall. He said something I didn’t catch, probably worried about me, but maybe he thought the better of getting involved with a distraught, disheveled woman on an empty stairway. His footsteps faintly echoed away down the stairs.

I realized I couldn’t go through with it. I simply could not walk out into the city pretending I didn’t have cum on my face. I was too proud. Or to put it another way, too insecure. For a few moments I stood there in the hallway confused about my dilemma, and angry with Oliver for creating it. How could he do this? I’d submitted to everything he had ever asked, had never given him a reason to doubt me. This was going beyond the tacit limits in our relationship. I had a ripping feeling of regret that I’d ever moved in with him. If I’d kept my own place I would have a refuge, a safe place, where I could at least go and think it over. Now I had no place to go, except the office, or back to his apartment, and his rules.

I didn’t have any time to think, and I could see only two choices. One was to clean my face and glasses, go to work, confess that night, and take whatever Oliver decided to do to me. The other was to go back to the apartment right now, confess that I couldn’t go out this way, and take whatever he decided to do to me. I realized that I couldn’t get through the whole day with the sick, guilty feeling that I’d broken his rule, after he had obviously set up a test to see whether I would keep it or not. So the better choice was to get it over with. They’d have to get along without me at work.

I knew I was in for a lot of punishment. Oliver might be testing me, but I suddenly realized that he was also testing himself. He wanted to find out just how tough he could be with his disobedient slave. He wanted to find out how far he would go to make me regret not doing as he had ordered. That’s why he dared me either to violate his sacred cum rule, or to face what he knew I dreaded: the world’s silent, pitying derision. He expected me to break his rule. And he planned to follow through with the logical consequence of that. My punishment wouldn’t be the nice, companionable kind that led to an ecstatic fuck. It would be long and bitter, it would involve real pain, and it wouldn’t end with sexual release.

But . . . Oliver knew that none of that was what I feared most. What I feared was being made to feel like a rejected child. He’d been much better than other men at using sarcasm, coldness, and the occasional touch of degradation, because he understood my vulnerability. He did it, though only lightly, because he wanted me to know that he knew how much it could hurt. It had made me trust him, but now that trust was yawning like a black hole in front of me. He had given me so much help facing myself and living with my great inner heap of self-rejection. I had come to live, not for being fucked by him or by anybody, but for kneeling at his feet and telling him whatever I felt. I loved being allowed to dry my eyes on his pants then masturbate so he could watch me relax. If I never had any other sex life, as long as I had that, it would probably be enough. But the corollary was that Oliver had more power over me than I had ever given anybody else. He had become my rock, my hope of being understood by somebody in this world. I hadn’t exactly intended it, I’d just let it happen. Now, because of it, he was in a position to crush me, if he was angry enough. And why wouldn’t he be angry? Any master who set up a test like that, and who wasn’t angry with disobedience, would hardly deserve the title.

Suddenly, I was afraid of Oliver—gentle Oliver, whom I had always thought lacked the fire of other masters.

I started walking toward Oliver’s apartment, quickly now. I wasn’t confused or angry any more. I would do the only thing I could: stand upright before him, showing him I hadn’t touched his cum. I would say that I hadn’t broken his rule, but that I would not go out this way. And I would not apologize for it. It was my choice how to play the card he dealt. Let him now do whatever he had to. If I had to lick up a mile of his piss to get back to that blissful, tearful kneeling at his feet, then I’d do it. There wasn’t anything else I could do.

I heard a door open around the corner, then shut. The hell with it–one neighbor had already seen me like this, and there was nowhere to hide anyway. I would just look straight past whoever it was. I didn’t really know any of these people. What did it matter what they thought?

It was, of course, Oliver himself who turned the corner. He didn’t seem surprised to see me. We walked back to the apartment silently. He opened the door for me, and I went in. I turned in the living room and faced him. There didn’t seem to be any need to say anything. We looked at each other. His face was relaxed, but as hard to read as always. I don’t know what mine looked like, but I know I had never before felt quite as alive as I did at that moment. It was the first time in my life I had felt a relationship with another human being that was beyond craving and beyond fear. I felt ready for anything

“Silky, I want you to do a full sex evening with a friend of mine. OK?” George asked a routine question.

“Does full sex mean anal, too?” I was always a little worried about that, though I really liked it. Some guys are just not gentle, and sex in the ass feels really good if it’s done right, but not good at all if it’s rushed. In Porno movies I’ve seen lots of men shove it in; I don’t know how the girls do it, because I’ve got to be ready.

“Only if you want to… you know how it works. I never ask you to do anything you’re not willing to do. This one has a twist, tho’. There is a chance that you & he might run into each other in public, and so I don’t want either of you to know who the other is.”

“What do I do, fuck him with my eyes closed?”

“He would still see you, Red,” George smiled tolerantly.

“Oh. Yeah. Duh.”

“What I have in mind is to set ya’ll up in a dark room, where you both operate by feel. I’ll put you in the bed, naked, and then let him come in and feel his way. When he gets to the bed, he’ll strip, and then climb in with you. After a couple of hours, he reverses the process, and when he leaves, I’ll get you.”

I was intrigued. It would mean I had sex with a total stranger, and I wouldn’t ever know who he was. If George worried about our meeting, then any man I met anywhere might be the one I had screwed. He would never know of my green eyes or fire red hair, and I would know nothing about him. Fun!

So a few weeks later I was in a hotel suite, with the curtains closed and duct taped so there was no trace of light. I peed, left my clothes in the bathroom, and cut off the light. No fluorescence. No glimmer, no trace. Ink everywhere! Even when I went spelunking I had a flashlight!

I crawled into the bed without falling over anything. God, what would I do if the man hurt himself on the way? I’m not a paramedic, or even a Wilderness First Responder. And I had to keep the lights off!

Fortunately, that was not the case. I heard a door nearby, then footsteps. Fabric whispered, zippers unmeshed, a belt clunked to the floor. I felt the shift in the mattress as he sat on it, and then a double plopping as one shoe followed the other. Then he moved next to me, and his hand touched my arm. George had emphasized that no words would pass, so I just guided his hand to my breast.

His body heat warmed me, and his uncallused palm gently rubbed flatly across my nipple. His hand continued to my further arm, and pulled me. At first I didn’t understand, but he insisted and slowly rolled me onto my stomach. His hands sculpted my shoulder blades, and he massaged my trapezius muscles with powerful strokes. His grasp slid around to cup my lats, and then he thumbed each and every ridge of my spine. The tips of his fingers trailed the sides of my breasts as he went down my back. He knew how to touch a woman!

When he compressed the rounded globes of my ass, I was afraid. Was he going to try anal on me? I wasn’t near ready for that! What would I do? How would I stop him without saying anything? I knew I couldn’t forcibly arrest his actions. His strong thumbs pushed hard against my ischial tuberousities, the bottom of my pelvis.

He spread my stronzo with that motion, which was very pleasant, but still a little scary. His face touched the back of my leg, and he buried his lips in my crack. I expected a tongue, a rim job, an anal probe; instead he gently nipped my flesh, repeatedly, just at the margin of leg and ass. I began to flood. He continued to caress my cheeks, and I realized he was interested in touching my velvet smooth skin, in feeling my parts, every part from head to toe. With that awareness I unwound, and welcomed his embrace.

He passed my moist divide, and instead griped my right thigh. His vice-like hands crushed that limb, in a very pleasant way, as he worked down my leg to my foot, and handled that extremity with dexterity. He nibbled my toes, sucking my largest into his mouth in an open kiss. If I had had the elasticity, I would have returned that kiss in kind. I could only shiver and lubricate in response.

Now when he reached for my upper left leg, I invited his overtures, and spread my legs to give him better access to anything he wanted to touch. He replayed his downward travels, and I struggled to remain silent. I wanted to squeal in joy.

I became the aggressor, as I rotated to a supine position and explored his arms. I touched hairy forelimbs that were muscular and tight. No ring met my fingers – he was mine alone – he was devoid of watch or jewelry. I explored further north, and found broad tundra, filled with power and covered with fine filaments.

He ran fingers up to my neck, and then traced my jaw, and turned my head. Our lips met, and the eternal struggle began. Soft on soft, firm on firm, he entered my mouth with vigor and then retreated before my sally. Our flexible appendages entwined and each attempted to persuade the other to yield.

I braided my fingers into his full head of hair, an identification I could not miss. His mouth brought no whiskers with it, another marker.

His other hand slowly encircled my breast, exerting just the right amount of pressure to arouse me. His fingertips flicked across my nip, and he knew he was doing it correctly. I could already smell my own miasma, although I had long since been aware of the wetness from whence it came. Mixed among my aroma I noticed his: sun and wind and smiles and soap; happy memories.

The hand that had guided my oral connection tripped down to my collarbone, then along my arm, and pulled that around him. I mirrored my arms with my legs, so that I hung from him like a sloth, tho I was much more active. He continued to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation, or perhaps it is ‘susitation’ since it wasn’t a repeat. Gently he lowered his body onto mine, so that a whisper of frottage assailed my labia. He was large and hard and I was soft and wet.

He rolled and put a hand between us. His roving titillation produced an innuendo of touch from my knee to my labia. By the time he had repeated that move a dozen times I said a prayer of thanks that we still kissed, else I would surely have violated the rules and begged for manumission.

So languidly I thought I imagined it, one digit slipped within my folds. He found no barrier as the slickness I had produced was enough for an entire company of men. So another joined, and another and I impaled myself with delight. The impetus for my motion filled me to overflowing, and indeed, I overflowed onto the sheets and his hand.

Then he withdrew my pleasure, and I moaned with need. I could not keep completely silent. As I had hoped and knew inside my secret heart, he guided his manliness to my gates. I reached, and touched his lesser (?) head. There was a foreskin I could slide, and slide I did as he became the one who gasped.

Then all foreplay died, as he pierced me with his missile, and my orifice grew tight around his size. I could not see what ambient shade of abergine topped his shaft, but I could feel it move within me to my core. He was thick, and long, and lovely.

Again and again, he pulled back to take better aim, then landed in the bull’s-eye every time. Even Robin Hood could not surpass his feats. I wrapped my legs tighter around his, and loved the feel of his hairiness under my calves. His speed increased as he plowed deeper and deeper within my warmth, and I rose to meet him with all the urgency he showed to me.

His back stiffened under my clawed hands, and then he rammed so furiously I could not keep pace. I felt his discharge deep within me, and smiled a private smile into his chest with pleasure at his delight.

His motions pushed me to my own rapture, and I squeezed his penis with all the force my uncontrollable spasms could generate. My jactations nearly threw him from the bed. Slowly I regained my breath, and slowly his member dropped out of my introitus.

Again I was bold and brazen. I curled, fetal like, so that I could reach his dripping cock. I enfolded it into my little pouty estuary, and trilled his knob. I scavenged my own juices, and his, as I sucked along his noodle. At first it was hard, when it wasn’t hard, then it was easy when it was hard. My efforts produced a swelling of his organ that pleased me but was not its own reward.

That gift I gave him as I gyrated prone, and pressed my gluteals against him, inviting that which I had feared. I heard a tiny gasp as he understood my message, and again guided his missile, but to another orifice, one already tight, but loosened by my cumming so that I was ready for invasion. He stormed my beaches and claimed my anus for his own. Deep within me he pushed, and I propelled myself against him to take him in completely.

Over and over he filled my asshole, and over and over he slithered out. The angle with which he struck me differed from my vagina, but because I had reached a plateau of limpness, it stuck true. Soon I exceeded him in speed, and fucked my ass onto his dick with urgency. He strove to stay with me, but could not.

Could I have spoken, I would have screamed “Fuck me, fuck me, scopami!” But I had been forbidden. When I passed the point of no return, and clutched his maleness with all the power of my rectum, I pulled every sperm he had into my waiting darkness.

We collapsed, he above me, and we breathed each other’s air until our hearts were slowed (but never stilled). Eventually, he rolled aside, and the video of his entrance ran in reverse until the door closed and he was gone. My body wept tears of many sorts from multiple orifi.

I gave George a glowing report, and said I was ready for a repeat at any occasion.

“Some other time, perhaps,” he said.

Several weeks later, I was in comparative anatomy class, and had to ask Dr. Felder a few questions about the latest quiz. He stood at the podium, engrossed in another student, and I lightly touched his arm. It was a hairy forelimb that was muscular and tight. I sniffed in surprise, and inhaled the smells of sun and wind and smiles and soap. My eyes went wide, and I turned and walked away without a word. Some other time, perhaps.

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