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It was truly a miracle, baby. You, my darling, my Shirley, and I actually had an entire night safely alone together, one time only; a once-in-a-lifetime gift that just fell in our laps, unbidden. What a wonderful thing it was.

I know you remember every detail, just like I do; but you asked me to write it all down as a story, so here it is. And, just to heighten the thrill of it, I’m posting it on this story site for thousands of people to read, and no one will ever know if it’s true or not. Only you and I will know that it is.

You were flying to Atlanta from L.A. for a principals’ leadership conference, and your midafternoon connecting flight from DFW was cancelled. A huge storm system had shut down the airport. The next seat wasn’t available till the following morning.

It was no problem, really; you’d only be an hour late for the opening session, and the airline was paying for dinner and a hotel room. After contacting everyone who needed to know, you found yourself with a free night, on your own – and you were in Dallas.

You emailed me, your hands shaking a little. You felt quivery inside, knowing we were about to meet in person for the first and probably the only time. You punched “Send,” and sat back breathless.

I’ll never forget that email – I saved it, anyway.

“I’m at the DFW Sheraton, room 522, till tomorrow at 11 AM. Would you like a private belly dance — for real?”

I emailed back:

“Gimme 30 minutes.”

I instantly hightailed it to the DFW Sheraton, which was right there at the airport. I brought a few items with me.

We both feel the same for the next half hour: thrilled, frightened, quivery with anticipation, obscurely embarrassed…

Then we realize; even coming close to our fantasies was going to be a big order.

Gonna try, though…

We both shivered at the same moment, me in my car, you putting on your costume.

I knock on the door of your room, my heart in my mouth, trembling.

You open the door. We stand there, just looking at each other, for a few seconds.

“Hello, Howard.” You’re wearing a robe, but I can see a hint of something beneath it – something interesting. It jingles.

“Hello, Shirley. You’re even more beautiful than I expected.”

You blush. “Come in,” you say, your voice quivering just a trifle. You’re barefoot, and I see that you’ve removed the polish from your toes – for me, I know. For me. My cock jumps up like it’s on springs.

I come into the room, and you put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob, close and lock the door, and you put on the security chain too; then you turn and look at me, blushing again. I step forward, lifting my hands, and you melt into my arms. I feel the costume beneath your robe, I know what it is, and I shiver as I hold you and caress your back.

I hold you, my own eyes closed. Beyond dreams, beyond fantasies.

I squeeze you, feeling your magnificent breasts against my chest at last. I kiss you in front of your ear, on your neck, on your shoulder. You sigh and pull me closer, and after a moment I kiss those sweet soft lips at last.

“Dream come true,” I whisper as our lips part.

“Yes…” We kiss again, longer this time. I am lost in your mouth and in your arms. God, you’re beautiful – and so warm…

We have lots of time. We sit down on the couch together and just snuggle for a while, talking quietly. We know there will be ecstasy to come.

I tell you how beautiful you are, more beautiful and delicious than I had dreamed. I love to watch you blush. We kiss for a while. You tell me how good I look, and how you love my deep, soft voice and my gentle hands. We kiss some more, unhurried. I hold you close, and you snuggle into my arms. We kiss still more. I caress your generous curves, and you feel my stiff cock against you, smiling knowingly as you circle your hip against it.

Yes, you are taller than I, and I am older than you. And it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all.

We kiss some more.

“Sit right there,” you finally say. “I’ve been planning and practicing and hoping for this for a long time.”

I look at you, thunderstruck, hardly believing it, my mouth hanging open as you rise from the couch. “You mean… You really…”

You smile knowingly again. “Just sit back and watch, Howard. I have so much to show you…” You giggle then, and the sound is enchanting.

You go to the CD player, and in a moment a familiar song begins to play – Loreena McKinnitt, “The Mummer’s Dance.” I groan softly. You slip the robe from your shoulders and pose for a moment; I recognize the Neutral Pose from the belly-dancing show I sometimes watch.

You take my breath away, a vision of sexual enticement and temptation. You’re wearing a classic belly dancing costume – a half-bra hemmed with coins and a matching band, low around your generous hips, with diaphanous silk panels falling in graceful curtains to your bare feet; and one heavy gold ankle bracelet. No glasses, not today; and no makeup or lipstick, either.

Your bra is too small. It’s overflowing with barely-contained, pale, quivering breast-flesh. Your beautiful tits – God, I so want to see them bare – are wobbling liquidly as you move, swelling out over your bra and jiggling, bare almost to your nipples. Your pale, soft belly is so bare and white, and the flashing jewel in your sweet navel sets off the outfit perfectly. One beautiful leg peeps out from your skirt, and you pose your lovely bare feet so prettily…

After basking in the heat of my staring eyes for a long moment, those pretty bare feet shift subtly on the carpet and you begin to move.

Your eyes are closed. I watch you falling into the music, letting it tell you how to move — your hips, your back, your breasts, your thighs. You sway like a bough in the wind, like a wave on the sea; I am hypnotized by your rhythmic movements, and you haven’t even begun to dance yet.

Your lovely, curvy arms begin to weave a sinuous pattern, and one pale hip suddenly snaps up, making your belly and swelling tits quiver. It snaps up again, and again, and now you are dancing, wriggling sensuously, your movements growing more complex, following the jingling, thrumming Middle Eastern beat. You are moving in an erotic dream, fully into the music, letting it move your body. Snapping your hips, rolling your belly, shaking your tits, wriggling to the exotic, rhythmic music. Your eyes are still closed.

You lift your lovely hands beside your face and begin to shake your shoulders. The effect is devastating – I have to consciously press the base of my dick to keep from cumming in my pants. Your luscious pale tits are on the point of shaking completely out of your belly-dancing bra, your overflowing teats wobbling liquidly as you bump and wiggle.

And then I see that your pretty hands are shaking.

I’m rubbing my fly. My cock feels like a hot log. I watch you unbelieving. No way I could ever be this lucky, this blessed. You are so sweet and lovely, so nervous and brave, and you look so God-help-me unbelievably FEMALE and SEXUAL…

You turn, and I watch your God-let-me-touch-it bottom quivering in time to the music as you deliberately make it snap and jiggle and bounce. Your pale thighs peek out from the slashed silk teasingly, your beautiful bare feet shift and arch, your belly undulates and ripples and rolls in waves that seem to slide up and down my swollen dick like sweet girlish fingers…

You are beginning to move more suggestively, crouching and grinding your hips in a frankly sexual pumping, still belly dancing. I feel a hot thrill go up my spine from my balls as I realize – you’ve adapted your belly dancing to make it a pussy-show fuck-me dance… and you’re going to strip for me.

I feel the sweat break out on my brow. My own hands are shaking. I can feel my dickhead, swollen and inflamed…

You turn and twist and wriggle and pose and shake, and I stare and rub myself till you unfasten your bra and say, “Why don’t you JACK OFF TO ME, Howard?”

You know what those words mean to me, and what they do.

I open my pants, pull down my shorts, and pull out my thick, stiff cock as you drop your bra and let your tits hang bare in front of me. “Oh, God,” I moan, and take my dick in my hand and begin to stroke. You smile and swing your tits gently as I watch. “Yes, Howard, just like that. Stroke it. Jack it to me. Make it feel good… I want to make you feel so good…”

“Ungh,” I say eloquently.

You giggle and shake your hanging tits faster, making them waggle, and then you stand up straight and begin belly dancing topless. You give me a blatant, obscene, indecent, and entirely nasty titty-show, shaking and tossing and swinging your big teats outrageously, bending over and dangling them bare, lifting them with your hands and letting them flop, bouncing them up and down. Your expression is curious – feverishly excited, but blushing and nervous. You press your tits together between your arms, close your eyes and turn your chin shyly into your shoulder – and shake and waggle your sweet titties lewdly. “Do you really like my big floppy tits?” you ask shyly, knowing how those words in your sweet mouth would affect me.

I’m stroking feverishly now, my dick wet and shining, my eyes bugging out as I stare. “Ggg,” I say, then choke out, “God, I love y-”

My eyes roll back in my head and I jack faster; you just pulled your skirt down.

I’m staring at my Shirley, so sweet and bare, naked from her sweet, pink face to her pretty pink toes, wearing only an ankle bracelet (which drives me nuts). You are so pale and perfect, so soft and curvy and NAKED…

You smile, reach toward the coffee table, and put on your glasses. “How’s that?” you whisper, simpering a little.

You know you look good. You can see it in my face. I’m jacking like a crazy man, my mouth hanging open stupidly as I stare at your face. Your face. Then my eyes move downward as I jack, pumping desperately. “I’m gonna shoot,” I grunt out, my voice grating, my face red and congested with my oncoming express-train orgasm. My Shirley is posing for me, as bare as a baby…

You’re giggling, blushing, and posing prettily. You wriggle a little in nervous anticipation, and your tits quiver so sweetly… “G-gonna shoot,” I choke out again, jacking furiously.

You face me fully, and your face holds an eager, avid expression. Watching me, you place your pretty hands behind your head, then you spread your pretty bare feet wide apart. Then you crouch low and stick out your bare, wet pussy. You know that that’s my favorite pose…

“Go ahead,” you say. “Shoot it to me, Howard. You’ll give me three or four more before morning…. Come on, Howard, squirt me that big load of cum…”

Then you watch me, grinning, and begin to bounce on your heels. “I’m your naked fat girl, Howard! I’m your jack-off slave and all I want is to make you shoot to me! Jack off to me, Howard! Ooo, look at my big tits and my shaved pussy!”

And I grit my teeth and frantically jack my bare dick to you, and I shudder and shoot my wad while you watch and wiggle, feeling it blast up from my balls like an explosion. I must have looked ridiculous – grimacing, tongue between my teeth, eyes squinting and staring, fist flying up and down my swollen, red cock – and my sperm, spurting and dripping and pulsing out of my dick, flying in the air, drooling over my pumping fingers, as I jerk and grunt and jack harder.

You work harder, too, wriggling and jiggling as hard as you can, shaking your big bare tits wildly, hunching your bare sloppy pussy obscenely, giggling happily as I spurt and strain. Squealing in delight as you work to drive me mad and shoot my brains out. Shaking and jiggling just to make me cum harder… I spurt till I think I’m going to faint.

Maybe I do a little. You’re sitting on my lap, still naked, and your lips are on mine. My cummy hand is on your bare white thigh, and my other hand is sliding up your smooth bare back. I lift my face to yours, and you kiss me. I feel your bare tit with my sticky hand as our tongues meet again, already old friends.

“God, I love that,” you whisper between kisses. “I love it so much. You really do think I’m beautiful and hot. God, I love watching you shoot. I could pose naked for you forever.”

“I wish you would,” I breathe back. “I want more.”

“Oh, I’m not done yet,” you smile. “I’m going to give you a NAKED show next.”

I shiver. You stand up, and my cock begins to rise already. The sight of you, unclothed, is the most moving and compelling and hypnotic thing I’ve ever seen. You, the dignified and proper school principal, are my secret Internet virtual lover – and, unknown to anyone but me, you are Beauty and Sexuality and Innocence and Sensuality. The Creator who made you for me – I have no doubt of it – designed every detail and line of your body, and every turn and secret of your mind, for my joy and pleasure – just as he made my kinky, perverted mind, with its odd mix of tenderness and raw lust, real protectiveness and fantasies of public exposure, just for you and your pleasure.

I’m meditating on your perfection as you bring us both cold drinks and a bowl of Chex Mix – my favorite snack, you minx. I love watching you move unclothed.

It’s so much fun to just sit there and chat and munch a bit with you, with you sitting there naked beside me. I’m still fully dressed, though I haven’t bothered to put my cock away. “Have you had dinner?” It suddenly occurs to me to ask. I, for one, am hungry.

You blink. “No,” you say. “No wonder my tummy is rumbling. Well, I’m not dressed to go out…” You giggle.

“How about room service?”


“And when you check out, pay for that in cash. You don’t want two dinners showing up on your MasterCard bill.”

“Ooo, that’s a good point. Okay. Now, where’s the menu? There was one by the phone…”

An hour later, after a lovely dinner – it was only seven o’clock – I make myself scarce in the bathroom while you call whatshisname. Don’t want him worrying or even thinking about anything out of the way… It seems to amuse you to talk to him while lying naked and wide open on the bed in front of me, but I kiss your bare pussy mound and go into the bathroom.

When I come out, I find you masturbating. I watch you for a second, looking up at me longingly, fingering your luscious wet pussy, tits rolling on your chest. I get on the bed beside you. “Here, let me do that.” I slide my hand over yours, and you take yours away. My hand is on your bare, smooth pussy, your wet, swollen lips under my gentle fingers. I stroke you gently, and you roll your hips upward and moan.

I pull you close with my other arm, and your arms go around me automatically. You close your eyes and nuzzle my chest as I feel you, exploring your most intimate secrets, sliding my finger around and around in your liquid hole, sliding my finger back and forth on your bare, sweet clit. I massage below your clit, stroking the hidden roots of it, hooking my finger down to dig in behind it, rubbing you deep.

Your nipples are pouting. “Please suck us,” they say – so I do. I suck and tug at your sweet titty-tips till they’re sticking out stiff and hard, still feeling your hot, meaty cunt with my busy fingers.

“Oh… Oh, God…” Your mouth is on mine now, hungry, eager, and I feed you my tongue, fresh from your tits. “God, that feels so good… You DO have magic hands…”

Two fingers now. You’re humping your ass rhythmically, pumping, fucking your hips involuntarily, automatically, as your sensations grow more and more intense. I play your pussy like a violin, lifting you to the height and then pulling you down again, over and over, till you’re gasping and shuddering. “Please make me cum, Howard… Please… I need it so bad…”

Not yet. I know what you like. I move my hand further downward, and my questing, wet fingertip finds your twitching asshole. I rub it gently, and you twist in my arms and gasp. I move a second finger into your pussy as I slip my fingertip into your anus and move it gently around and around…

I hold you close and give your clit that gentle but firm rhythmic pulse and slide that I’ve found you like best. I kiss you deeply and squeeze you to me as I keep it up, relentlessly, feeling your pussy and probing your ass, teasing your clit, digging into your bottom. driving you farther and farther up the slope, toward the cliff. You struggle, but I push you harder, and harder, deeper and slower, and as you grunt and whimper softly, I push you over the edge and throw you into the fire, rubbing you intensely, gently, deeply all at once.

I hold you while you convulse and jerk in my arms, making it last, marveling at the quivering, beautiful bare body in my arms, adoring you, loving that I’m making you quake in ecstasy, fulfilling you, making you cum like it’s the first time.

We snuggle for a while after – but you, you insatiable bitch, are soon ready to resume your exhibition. You’ve noticed that I grew an enormous boner as you came naked in my arms, big surprise.

We go back into the sitting room – the airline sprang for a suite – and I take my place on the couch. This time, you want me as naked as you, so I even take off the cross pendant that I wear every day.

I’m sitting there on the cushions, my clothes on the floor, my dick in my hand — and you’re standing there in front of me in nothing but your anklet.

I wonder what you’re about to do now…

You’re stroking yourself, your lovely hands feeling your whole bare body. Your cheeks are pink, your eyes bright behind your cute glasses. You’re shivering with excitement. “This is so much FUN!” you exclaim, your perfect tits quaking. Your pink knobs are still in the “on” position, fat and erect. “I can’t believe I’m really doing this – and I can’t believe you love looking at me so much!”

“Oh, baby…” I begin to stroke myself, my cock standing up quivering-stiff in my hand. “You’re the most beautiful – the hottest – ” I try again. “The most sexual – I just don’t have the words,” I stammer. “You’re every dream I’ve ever had, come true, Shirley. You’re the one I’ve always hoped I’d find, and never have.” I gulped and gasped, jacking off to you hungrily. “I’ve never even seen a picture as hot as you, baby,” I gasp, “Except YOUR pictures. You make my dick ache for you, Shirley. Never wanted any girl so much… “

You’re still just standing there, barefoot and bare naked, in nothing but your glasses and ankle bracelet – and I’m jacking my dick off to you feverishly. Just standing there, you’re going to make me cum.

I tell you so. “I’m going to cum to you just standing there,” I say. “Oh, baby – that’s all you have to do…” I’m staring at your face. Not your tits or your pussy or your pretty bare feet – I’m going to shoot to your beautiful, blushing, frightened and thrilled face.

You smile, and begin to dance again. “Don’t cum yet,” you whisper. “Wait till you see what I’m going to show you.”

I squeeze the base of my cock again and try to calm down. My cock is wet and throbbing-hard, my dickhead swollen and red and supersensitive.

Suddenly you turn and put one pretty foot up on a chair behind you, bend double, and look back at me from under your bare leg – and you giggle. Once again, I’m jacking like crazy and fighting to keep from shooting.

Your heavy, perfect tits are swinging bare, and you’re showing me the intimate underside of them, making sure they’re never still – and your big, delicious pale bottom is on blatant display – and your swollen wet pussy is gaping open, pink and glistening – and your cute pink asshole is winking at me…

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” I gasp.

You giggle, still looking at me from behind your dangling tits. “You will,” you say. “But now -”

You stand up, turn around, and begin wriggling – just showing off your body as lewdly as possible, shaking your tits, bouncing your belly, humping your hips, jiggling your ass, a kind of amalgam of belly dancing and fucking. “Right now,” you go on, your voice shaking as you move, “I want you to look at me naked and jack off to me and love the way I look and the way I move. I want to feel beautiful and hot and sexy and admired and wanted. I want to watch your face and your eyes as you shoot all over me. I want to be your jack-off girl, Charles. I want to be so hot and sexy and beautiful that you shoot your wad just from looking at me…”

You’re rolling around on the floor now, waggling your tits, pulling your knees back, showing off your naked crotch as wantonly as you can. You hold your pussy open for me and work your cuntmuscles, talking dirty the whole time.

And so am I. Never thought of this in my life, but we’re having a conversation as you pose and I jack off to you –

“Look at my cunt, Charles. It’s all bare and wet and open for your cock…”

“Oh, b-baby… Stretch it wider… Ungh, yeah…”

“Does your dick feel good? Am I giving you a good STRAIN?”

“Oh, baby – you look so good – oh, do that again!”

“You mean THIS?”

“You’re gonna make me cum…”

“Not yet! You haven’t seen me with THIS yet!” You produce a big, ripply dildo.

Squirming naked, showing off your big bare tits and hairless, wet pussy, kissing and licking a big nasty-looking dildo. Of course you know that that’s going to make it even harder for me to keep from cumming. You giggle as I fight to hold it back.

Suddenly you sit up and take the base of my dick in your hand, squeezing it, digging deep down to the hidden base and squeezing. You’re helping me keep from cumming, pulling me back from the brink…

Making it last longer.

You aren’t even done posing for me yet. You show me your open pussy, your pink asshole, your soft swinging tits, your perfect bare ass, your pretty legs and feet, and then you show me all over again – crouching, kneeling, squatting, standing, bending over, bending back, wiggling and shaking everything you’ve got for my pleasure as I stare at you and jack off like a crazy man, hardly believing my eyes. So bare, so beautiful, so aroused, so eager to display yourself for my strain…

I’m gasping and struggling to keep from cumming. You giggle and say, “Close your eyes.”

I do. “When I tell you to open them, I want you to count to ten, real slow, before you cum.”

“O-okay,” I stammer.

A moment passes. I’m stroking my dripping cock feverishly, wondering what I’m about to see.

“Open and count to ten.”

I open my eyes. You’re sitting on the floor in the Chinese splits, your legs in a straight line, wide open – and you’re leaning back -

And you have the dildo up your asshole, and it’s buzzing, and you’re holding your pussy open and massaging your clit. You giggle, quavering a little, and shake your bare tits. “Better start counting,” you squeal as you start to bounce.


Your tits are bouncing and flopping outrageously. “Don’t you dare cum yet,” you simper. “And don’t look away.”

“Ungh… Two…”

You torture me mercilessly as I struggle to remember the next number, posing and shaking and twisting in ecstasy as you rub your bare clit.


Pretty bare feet…

Your face is distorted with your own strain, bouncing on the dildo in your ass and rubbing your clit… “Nine…”

You grunt and stick it out and shudder, on the point of orgasm…

“Ten! Ungh! Ungh!” I’m puffing and blowing and squirting semen all over you as you stare at my face and my spurting cock and cum yourself, shuddering, tits quivering, mouth open in passion….

We snuggle for a while afterward; I cuddle you, leaving the cum on your bare body, rubbing it in a little, kissing you while I caress your sweet smooth skin.

“Did you like that?” you ask softly. Your smirk betrays you.

I chuckle and squeeze you, and you giggle. “I guess you did.”

We just make out for a while, kissing deeply, feeling each other, enjoying the closeness and the intimacy. I kiss your pretty feet and make you giggle, and I kiss your sweet wet pussy and make you moan. I kiss your wonderful breasts, fondling them, playing with them, kissing and sucking your sweet nipples, and make you sigh and squirm. Soon I’m feeling your pussy again, and you’re nuzzling my chest with your smooth cheek and whimpering as I stroke and caress your darling opening. I play with your wet lips and massage under your clit, I slide my fingers in and out and all around, slippery and exploring, feeling every millimeter of your delicious wet lips and your tight, swollen clit, gently, slickly, making you get lost in the sensations and spread your bare, soft thighs even wider. You open yourself to me completely, and I slowly bring you to the peak, and hold you there as you shudder and jerk and cum in my arms.

You murmur softly as I hold you afterward, and you snuggle close in the warm afterglow of an orgasm in the arms of a man who adores you – and you notice that my cock is stiff once again. You caress it gently, nuzzling my chest again – and then, you slowly begin to move downward.

In a moment, you’re kneeling beside the couch, kissing and stroking my hard dick as I watch you, moved to the heart. You look into my eyes as you lick my bare, wet cock, sucking up and down the sides of it, rubbing it on your soft cheek, eyes dreamily closed. You kiss the head lovingly, and then, with your soft eyes on mine, you slowly open your beautiful, sensuous mouth and slip your soft lips over my dickhead and begin to suck.

Oh, Shirley. You are so good… You slide your mouth around and around on my swollen dickhead, slurping on it, sucking, licking, working the sensitive rim with your lips and cheeks and tongue, sucking my dick expertly, giving me maximum friction, maximum wetness, maximum pleasure. You slurp and suck on my dick for long, long minutes, working harder the more excited I get. I’m gasping and shivering, and you’re sucking me deeper, working your lips down the shaft, massaging behind my balls and teasing my asshole with a gentle fingertip. Soon I’m groaning as you work your throat muscles on my bare dick, your sweet lips pressed into my pubic bristles. You’re swallowing my dick and working hard to pull out my cum, teasing my balls and pulling back to work on my bare, sensitive dickhead with your eager, wet mouth, loving the moans and jerks you pull from me as you make my dick feel like a telephone pole about to explode.

“I’m gonna cum, baby… I’m gonna shoot my cum…”

“Mmm,” you murmur around my cock, and you suck faster, closer, wrapping your wet mouth around my swelling dickhead and working it, trying to make me shoot. “Baby, here it comes… Ungh…” You suck faster, rolling your head around and around, whipping my peehole with your tongue, scratching lightly behind my balls with your nails… “Here it comes…”

My dick begins to shoot in your mouth. It feels like liquid ice and fire geysering out of my dick, spurting so hard it’s like it’s coming up from my feet. I expect you to pull your mouth off it and make a big show out of catching my load on your open mouth, as I’ve written about so many times – but no, your beautiful mouth is wrapped around my dick, your soft hand holding my balls, and you’re slurping up my semen greedily, a drop or two leaking from your beautiful mouth. Your eyes are closed, and you’re sucking so sweetly, so intimately, and I just keep shooting and shooting and shooting in your sweet mouth – you look so beautiful with my dick between your lips…

We look into each other’s eyes as my dick is still spasming and spurting in your mouth, and I see your love there, and your pleasure at making me shoot my brains out. You finally lift your mouth from my dick and say, “I know you wanted to see me with cum all over my face, but I just had to taste it – I wanted to eat it all, Charles. I wanted to savor every drop and make it last as long as I could.”

“Thank you,” I gasped. “God, you’re good… Just like you said.”

You giggle and slip back into my arms. I taste my cum on your mouth as I hold one heavy breast in my hand and kiss you.

“Now what?” you whisper. “It’s not even midnight.”

“I’m going to eat the most delicious pussy in the world for an hour or so, and then I’m going to fuck you,” I say matter-of-factly.

“Ooo! Want to tie me down? I brought rope…”

I grin. “So did I.”

In five minutes, we’re in the bedroom, and you have both wrists tied to the bedposts, your arms wide and high; your knees and ankles are tied back to spread your pussy wide open before me. You’re totally helpless, and I can do whatever I want with your luxurious, soft and bare body. I decide not to gag you; I want to hear you try to talk while you cum. I want to hear you beg me to let you.

I climb onto the bed, between your legs. The fearful/eager/helpless expression on your face is priceless, biting your lip with your pale, plump thighs spread wide and your big tits and wet, shaved pussy on blatant display. “How unladylike,” I say with a grin, and you giggle nervously.

I get comfortable between your legs, and I lower my head to inhale the sweet scent of your open, glistening pussy. So warm and funky, so feminine and animal and intoxicating -

My first taste of your darling cunt. Tart and sweet, spicy and fruity – Shirley’s pussy, the sweetest in the world. I lave and lick your wet opening with my tongue, kissing and nibbling at your soft pussy lips, tugging at them gently, then digging deep in your hole and pressing my squirming tongue against your sensitive bare clit. I saw at it with my tongue, I lap at it, I wrap my pursed lips around it and suck it while I tongue-whip it and rotate my lips around and around on your pussy.

You’re squealing and grunting and working your hips, struggling, helpless to close your legs or stop me or slow me down. I eat your pussy hungrily, rooting in it, slurping up your sweet juices and forcing you to make more. I fuck your pussy with my tongue, I hold it open with my hands and lick it all over, I suck on your clit mercilessly, and I force you higher and higher – but I won’t let you cum.

Every time you get to the ragged edge and I feel that little jerk and quiver when you’re just about to go over – I pull back and let you come back down, just a little, just enough so you don’t cum right then – and then I go back to working on your bare, open, hairless pussy and driving you crazy.

Soon, as I wanted, you’re pleading with me to let you cum. Begging me not to stop as I push you toward the edge, two-fingering your cunt as I suck and tongue-whip your clit. After teasing you a little more, I finally bear down and work your clit and pussy hard, and stick my thumb up your asshole just as you slide over and start to shake. You cry out, and I work your asshole and your pussy deeply and expertly and devour your swollen clit as you shudder and jerk and whimper and grunt and groan, and I keep you cumming for what seems like a full minute.

But I’m not finished. I won’t let you go and I won’t let you rest, and you have one orgasm after another for long minutes, cumming and shivering and cumming again, helplessly – and you finally understand the difference when you’re tied down; you can’t stop me.

Just as you’re peaking in one shatteringly intense super-orgasm, I move up and slide my big cock all the way into your pussy. You look up at me as if in agony, your face twisted as you are gripped by the intensity of it as you cum all over my dick the first time it’s in you, feeling my big, thick shaft opening you up as you’re orgasming and squeezing, fighting it even as you want it to go deeper and deeper.

So tight, so wet and slippery – so big in your hole, filling you up so full – I embrace your bound body and we fuck, pumping hard, deep, in and out, in and out…

I fuck you for as long as I want, any way I want; pumping it in and out hungrily, slowly, sliding in and out and looking into your eyes as you struggle to fuck back at me, restrained by your ropes… Slamming it in hard and fast, making your tits fly up and bounce wildly, making your whole body jiggle and quiver, making you cry out and cum, again and again…

It’s fun to watch you cum; you make such nasty, sexy, anguished faces. I love to watch you looking up at me desperately when you’re on the edge, biting your sweet lip and shivering – and when you’re going crazy naked, jiggling all over and shaking in a super-intense orgasm, tits wobbling, hips working, pussy gushing, beautiful mouth open in ecstasy. I experience that pleasure many times before I let you go.

I untie your hands and tell you to hold your pussy open as I fuck you, then keep holding it open while I cum all over it. I love to see your pretty hands pulling those sweet red lips wide, and I jack off onto your open hole as you encourage and tease me. After three big, stringy spurts all over your wet red cunthole, I slide my cock back in and give you the rest all over your cervix, spurting hard with my dick buried in your sweet wet pussy as I mercilessly massage your bare clit. We shake and cum together again, mouths open and tongues fucking too. We revel in the sloppy mess between us, where I shot my sticky cum all over your bare pussy and then fucked you deep, smearing it all over us and savoring the gooey feel of each other’s bodies. Then we just rest, still connected, still messy, holding each other and breathing deep. Nothing between us but sweat and cum. So relaxed, so close, so intimate and safe and loved.

I finally let you up, but before I untie you, I cover you with creamy lotion and rub it in; then I untie you and give you a long, luxurious lotion massage, caressing and rubbing and relaxing every square inch of your beautiful body. Soon we’re snuggling naked under the covers, warm and bare and lost in the moment. We set my phone alarm for an early hour – we want to make love some more before you have to fly out.

And you go to sleep in my arms for the first and last time, and we walk together even in our dreams.

My cellphone goes off, playing “Tubular Bells,” the theme from “The Exorcist.” It’s 5 AM.

You blink up at me sleepily, warm and naked in my arms. “Good morning,” I whisper. “Take to wake up and make love.”

You smile. We kiss, and agree that we need to deal with morning breath…

After we wash and brush our teeth, I make coffee in the hotel’s machine, and we snuggle on the sofa. You are still deliciously nude, and so am I.

“Careful with that coffee,” I say as I put down the two mugs and sit down. “I don’t want you to burn those beautiful big tits.”

You look at the mugs doubtfully. “Which one is mine?”

I grin. “Either one. Three sugars, and a big dose of Hazelnut Creamer,” I say. “They’re both the same.”

You sip and smile. “Sweet,” you say. “Like you.”

I grin. “No, that would be you.”

We sit in silence for a few minutes, just gazing at each other.

“I can’t believe it’s really you,” I say.

“I know. I feel the same way.” You put down the mug and look at me.

I look back.

In seconds, the coffee is forgotten, and we are in each others’ arms, hands moving, mouths entwined. You are so soft and warm and bare…

Back to the bed. We kiss and love and caress for an hour or more, no hurry, just enjoying each other’s love and intimacy and tenderness.

We make love, again, and then again; I take you in your pussy, in your asshole, down your throat. I cum in your mouth as you suck me lovingly, eyes closed in ecstasy as I spurt gushingly in your talented mouth. I kiss your pretty feet as I pound into your pussy. I caress your beautiful ass and reach around and play with your tits as I fuck you from behind. We play for hours.

We snuggle and make out a little more afterward, cum and saliva and pussy-juice drying on our skin. We murmur words best forgotten. We touch, and we cling together, and we cry a little. We have two hours left.

We know what comes last; the shower. You can’t have my scent on you, though it doesn’t matter so much going on to Atlanta as it would if you were going home.

I watch you step into the brightly lit, white-tiled stall and shiver; you are so bare, so pale, so curvy and quivery and vulnerable and warm…

I get in after you, trembling, naked.

In a moment, I’m looking at the only thing on Earth sexier than your nude body – your nude body, wet and glistening all over. My dick feels like a telephone pole. You are the most beautiful and the hottest thing I’ve ever seen or touched in my life.

We soap each other tenderly, with our bare hands – the feel of your pretty, pale hands on my body is so sensuous, so loving. The feel of my own on your smooth skin touches my soul – it feels like I’m touching yours.

You’re gently soaping my hard cock, your soft, slippery hand sliding on it…

I lather your big, heavy, gloriously pendulous and loose teats, reverently; they are so big, so perfect, so beautiful, so tender and sensitive – it’s like handling your heart, and I am gentle, loving, and ravenous.

I lather your back, your belly, your bottom, thoroughly and lovingly – I smile as I run my soapy fingers through your sweet creases, caressing your plumpness with passion, cleaning you oh, so carefully…

You give up to it and close your eyes as I soap you all over. Your beautiful, smooth legs – your pretty feet (you giggle as I soap between your toes) – your smooth, broad back, your big, white ass… I have you bend over and I take my time soaping your bottom with my soapy fingers, thoroughly massaging your sweet pussy lips and your squeezy little asshole with my slippery fingers.

You turn around. I soap up your sweet, bare, bald pussy, for long, long minutes. Your eyes are closed as you lean back in the shower, your white body gleaming with water and slick with soap. You crouch slightly, opening your thighs to me, and I’m slipping two fingers inside you, moving them around, exploring your hot, swollen, dripping-wet vagina as you twitch and whimper above me.

Your nipples are at the level of my face, your big tits swinging free and wet. I take one in my mouth, sucking gently, and you gasp and sigh and open your thighs wider. I love the sight of your lovely bare feet, wide apart, on the tiles…

I finger your pussy gently, then harder, and you shiver, your nipple pulsing in my mouth as I suck. I’m rubbing your bare little clit, making you jerk and whine.

I stand up. You’re taller than me, and this time it works to our advantage; I move in close, holding my hard dick at the entrance to your wet pussy, and you slowly crouch…

I’m fucking you against the wall, sliding my cock in and out of your wet, bare hole, your wet breasts against me, your mouth on mine, as you open up and half-squat for it, rolling your cunt forward, taking me in. The warm shower is on both of us, and we are lost in sensations and in love. I look into your eyes as I fuck you, and you look back. We see each other’s hearts.

I begin rubbing your clit – and in a few moments, we’re both close to the edge. I know what you like: “I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna shoot in your pussy…”

“Oh, yes, give it to me – shoot in me…”

“Nnngh… Gonna cum…”

I’m scrubbing your bare clit as I pump in and out. “M-me too…” you gasp.

Deep kiss, desperate hands, slippery and wet –

We cum together, moaning, whimpering, half-words of love gasped and grunted as I unload in your grasping, squeezing pussy, feeling my sperm squelching out and running down your legs as you cum all over my spurting cock. Again and again I thrust deep, my jetting cum blasting into your tender wet fucking hole.

We hold each other for long moments after, still connected. Slippery hands on soapy skin, wet hair in our faces, pink cheeks, breathing hard…

“I love you so much.” There seemed nothing else to say.

We rinse, then dry each other. We suddenly aren’t speaking much. Time is short.

As we dress – after a few more minutes of caresses and wondering looks – you say, “I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“So do I. But I’m so glad we had this.”

We move together, fully dressed now, and I hold you once again. “This may be our only time together,” I whisper. “But we can keep this forever.” After a moment, I add, “Have you ever seen “The Bridges of Madison County”?

I met Paul and Dan, a gay couple, online in 2009 on a gay social site for chubs and their admirers. At the time I was a 22 year old 300lbs. 6’0 submissive bottom that liked to occasionally post dirty pictures on such sites but never truly considered meeting anyone offline. Paul and Dan are two guys that are rather large themselves, though they are much more masculine and strong than I am. My body type could be compared to that of a girl’s, with large breasts, ass, and hips.

After chatting with the couple off and on for some time, we eventually fell into a regular schedule of talking online. Every day when I got home from work I would take my clothes off and plop down in front of the webcam to entertain my two virtual guests. The webcam sessions started off relatively innocent, with some basic masturbation and occasion. As Paul and Dan became more comfortable with me, our webcam chats because dirtier. A dildo was soon incorporated and before I knew it I was their personal bitch, toying my hole for their amusement.

We went through about five months of these daily webcam sessions before they eventually suggested that I should come visit them. There was no confusion about what the visit would be for — they made it clear that if I was coming to see them they were going to use me in every way imaginable. Having never had a sexual experience before, the thought of meeting up with these two to live out my fantasies excited me but I was extremely shy. We exchanged a healthy amount of dirty e-mails detailing exactly what we would all like to happen during the visit. After much planning I was finally ready to meet up with them. Time off work was planned, plane tickets were purchased, and I was off to get fucked!

When I arrived I quickly made my way to the hotel to prepare for the coming encounter. After I was finished I phoned them to let them know I was on my way. After a quick taxi ride I found myself in front of their house. I nervously walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. The door immediately swung up and I was told to come inside.

As soon as I stepped through the door I was greeted by two pairs of hands groping me. Paul worked his hands up under my shirt and started to squeeze my tits in his large hands. Dan wasted no time as he pulled my pants and boxers down and proceeded to pull my fat ass cheeks apart to expose my hole. “You want this asshole filled, piggy?” Dan asked as he plunged his thick finger into me.

“Yes sir.” I replied in a soft, shy voice. They commanded me to take off all my clothes and I obeyed.

“Bend over that sofa and show us that shithole, bitch.” Paul ordered me. I complied, sticking my butt up in the air and clawing at my ass cheeks in an attempt to open them wide. The two horny men gazed at my hungry hole as their cocks began to grow.

Paul moved in closer to get a better look as Dan announced he was going to get a toy for me. When he returned he was holding a fairly large dildo. “This will loosen him up nicely.” he said as Paul moved aside.

Dan squirted a liberal amount of lube on my waiting hole and the dildo. He then slowly pushed the head of the dildo into me. “This slut is already ready to go!” he exclaimed after seeing how quickly my ass accepted the thick rubber cock. He rammed the dildo in and out several times before pulling it entirely out, leaving my hole gaping. At this point Paul was already moving in to position for me to suck his cock. He didn’t say anything but instead simply forced his dick past my lips and into my mouth. This was my first time with a dick in my mouth but it was absolute heaven. Paul has an average-sized cock, however it is quite thick. The girth stretched my mouth and jaw to the limit as he began to push deeper into my mouth.

As Paul was slowly pushing my head onto his dick I suddenly felt Dan grab my hips from behind. He rubbed the head of his cock on my butthole for a moment before sticking it in. Dan was much more aggressive than Paul, who was still gently fucking my mouth. Dan was beginning to pick up speed, going deeper with each thrust. After a few minutes of this my ass was easily swallowing the entirety of his large cock. The two continued pumping me full from both ends until Paul eventually broke the silence by announcing he was about to cum down my throat. As he said that he placed his hands on the back of my head and forcefully pushed my down until I was swallowing the whole thing. Moments later he was spurting his lovely semen down my throat. After he was finished cumming he pulled his cock out and rubbed the tip on my lips to clean the remaining jizz off.

Paul then went into the other room as Dan continued to plow me from behind. “Get that face down in the cushions.” Paul said as he lunged over my ass to push my head and shoulders down into the cushioning of the sofa. He gave me some more good thrusts before finally groaning as he pushed balls-deep into my orifice and shot his load inside me. After he pulled his cock out he grabbed both of my ass cheeks and spread them wide to see what he had done to my hole. “Good bitch.” he said as he smacked my ass and then walked into the kitchen. I laid there satisfied, ass still up in the air and filled with cum, as Paul and Dan prepared lunch while discussing what they wanted to do with me next.

I am your typical sissy bottom guy who loves mature men. My proportions being large, club me into the BBW category so only the daring types can enslave me. Mature men in the age group 35-60 attract me. Only young guys with very huge dicks are an exception.

This is about a naughty adventure of mine which happened in a residential area in New Delhi. The hormones in me were raging and I was dying to get sissified. I called up my regular mature top and asked for a date. He responded with a yes but said that he had a top friend with him. I agreed for a 3some. As luck would have it, the person (who is also a top) who owned the place was at home. That made a 4some. We arrived at the place on designated time. I was sent to the bedroom to cross dress into a white skirt and a pink top. I had brought along my favourite black bra and panties along with stockings and a pair of heels. The owner’s wife’s make up kit was there in the bedroom so I used that. I dressed up and called them all in.

WOW, was there reaction on seeing me dressed up. They never expected a sexy fat whore in front of them. The ample proportions of my breasts and my huge ass cheeks sliding to and fro made their eye balls pop out.

I was made to serve them drinks. As they sipped on their chilled whiskies I slowly started unzipping them. These men were long and thick with manly bushes around the pelvic region. I started giving long licks to their balls. The man smell coming out of their cocks made them groan in pleasure. They started to get wild and rough. My head was held in firm grip and they started face fucking me very roughly. Their huge dicks were choking me. Tears came out of my eyes. I did not like being humiliated like that. I resisted and told them that I am leaving since they did not know how to behave with a lady. I called them names which further enraged them. That proved to be my undoing.

The owner of the place called his servant inside. Two of them grabbed my each of my legs and the other two my arms. I was thrown onto the bed. My hands were then tied with ropes to the bed poles. How helpless I felt at that time. I really was scared.

Then they roughly tore of my panties and my top. I was there naked and tied up. They started to undress themselves completely. I was surprised to see even the servant disrobing himself. It now occurred to me that I might be raped by 4 men.

Now, I had one dick mouth and a tongue in my ass hole. My nipples were pinched very badly. The dick in my mouth was fucking my mouth like a pussy. The man came very soon. My mouth became flooded with his thick cream. I could not drink it all so it was spilled onto the bed, my face and body. Meanwhile I had my asshole lubricated enough with all the licking. I do not know who but somebody applied a gel in my hole to lubricate it very well. I could not see my fucker when he inserted his thick penis in my tight ass hole. I was being mercilessly ripped apart. Another penis meanwhile had entered into my mouth and I was now being ravaged like a lifeless sex doll.

Soon I could feel my ass being filled up with thick semen. I could feel it dripping down my hole into my thighs and bed.

The 4 bastards fucked my ass and mouth one after another. They all fucked me twice. In total I was ass fucked 8 times that night. My hole was like a slippery wet tunnel. My whole body was drenched in semen.

Now they took me to the toilet where I was made to sit on the floor. I was confused but soon my confusion was eradicated. They all started pissing on my face, in my mouth and on my body. I tried to close my mouth but was immediately slapped and forced to drink their urine. When they finished, I was made to clean their dirty dicks. I could taste my own ass on their dicks.

They all laughed, called me a randi and left the bathroom. I lay there on the floor humiliated and ravaged. I wondered what will happen next. I felt my small dick; it was like a rubber band hanging down. Exhaustion overtook my senses and I drifted into semi-sleep.

What happened after that is something I am too ashamed to write. Next time maybe.


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So, I was standing there looking at her. I was not sure what to do but I felt the intense urge to follow her rules, mainly because it meant I could get another release.

“So… I just, I just take my pants off and… I mean, right here?”

“Yes, and we’ll do this right. Walk back to the entrance, walk out and ring the bell.”

She followed me to the door, “Now out with you, I will close the door and you knock. Let’s do this how it will be in the future. You will not see me or hear me but you should know, I only open the door IF you have removed your pants. Simple as that.”

She closed the door before I could say anything. What am I doing here?? And even worse, why am I deciding with myself whether I should remove my pants? 4 pm in a hallway where basically anyone could come along. It was dead silent. So I thought but after the door closed I could pick up random noises from all the other apartments. TV noise, people talking somewhere, the typical stuff you’d hear where people live. NOT the place where anyone would undress… Fine, she said only pants, that somehow calmed me down and besides, I really, really wanted to get back in. The though of her monitoring me… Oh, who cares, I blamed it on sex drive and being male so I knocked and undressed…

The door did open, “Come on in.” I followed her and we walked right back where we were before. “You would usually place all the shopping things in the kitchen and place them where they belong. Don’t ask me, search and find it. If you feel that your excitement is going down, you need to come and see me. Explain your situation and ask me to help you with that.”

Ok, I guess the milking thing was an exception, now it was the ‘excitement thing’ and not an erection or boner. I didn’t care and my excitement was beyond excited.

“I see there is no problem there. Fine. Now go to the milking station I showed you before,” pointing her finger at the small table with a metal bowl on top.

I kneeled in front of it, oh boy was I excited. First time naked in front of her, it felt like I didn’t even need to touch my dick. One more word from her and I would have erupted.

“Very simple, you do it very, very slowly. This is not a sex table, this is to get all of it out. If you walk back home, I want your pants to be without a tent until tomorrow. Remember what I said, you feel it coming out, you move your hands on your head and you let it all out for me.”

I looked at her, “But it will not come out then? I mean, that’s why you manipulate it, no?” I sort of copied her and did not say jerk off or rub it or cum…

“It will. You will not have an orgasm but it will come out and that’s what I want to see. If you do it right and if you behave yourself, you may earn things such as a proper orgasm. Keep in mind, you will be healthy if everything is drained, an orgasm is not a requirement.”

What? Damn… That sounded like the first time I made out with a girl, no touching and I came in my pants. Oh well, that was fun too, never not touched it during an orgasm but I so wanted to do what she said. I started to stroke my cock. I remembered her words, very slowly. It was mindblowing, every movement up or down was like a small climax. She grabbed a chair and sat right in front of me. I looked up, I could see her cleavage and maybe even more than I ever saw before.

“You will ask in the future but since you are trying so hard to follow my rules, I will allow it this time. See it as your first award. You may look at my breasts through my shirt to properly drain yourself. Yes, very slowly, rub it very slowly… Stop! Show it to me.”

I removed my hands and pointed my dick directly at her. “Very nice. I see you are on your way. There seems to be a drop coming out. Take it off with your finger, I don’t want it to end up on the floor. What does it taste like?”

I looked down, saw the drop of precum glistening on my head… I was supposed to tell her what it tastes? I moaned and to this day I still don’t know why. Maybe it was because she ordered something and I wanted to follow. In my current state, that’s all I wanted. I stuck my finger in my mouth. “Salty…mmhh….”

“Very good. It is very, very good that you didn’t mind. I was already starting to worry that you won’t like it.”

I ignored that and continued. My breathing became heavier. “Slow down a bit. We want to give enough time for your system to be ready.” Again, no clue what she meant, I looked at my glistening cock being slowly masturbated by my right hand and then at her breasts again. Even though I could see much more than a bit of cleavage, I was in heaven. I so wanted to touch them, taste them… My mouth opened, partially because I had to breathe heavier but also because I pictured myself licking them…

I started to moan heavier, I was getting close. “Remember, hands off and on the top of your head.” She rubbed my back and continued to encourage me. “Yes, that’s it, prepare yourself, let it all out, don’t disappoint me…” She has moved closer to stroke my back and I could smell her, see her cleavage even closer… That was more than I could handle.

“Ohhh… I… I… I am… ohhhuhhhh…”

“One more, come one, one more, I can see it, you are so close to pull away and let it all out…”

“Uhhhh… ohhh gaaawwwdd….”. I yanked my hand away, she grabbed them and placed them on my head, her hand was now massaging my buttocks, we both looked down… I saw my cock twitch a bit, then stop and while it was hanging above the bowl I felt an orgasm coming, I moaned.

She held me in position, both her hands on my butt, she guided my dick above the bowl while I was moaning and shacking… “Yes, that’s it, let it all out for me… goood boy….”. I felt my cum slowly coming out, I saw the first glob oozing out, my cock twitched uncontrollably one last time, a huge wad landed next to the bowl but it remained still then and it looked like a water faucet slowly running cum…

She was now next to my ear, whispering, “Yes, good boy, let it all out for me, drain yourself…”

I fell backwards and was done. But frustrated beyond believe. It could have been the orgasm of my life but no, it just oozed out.

“See, that was very healthy for you. BUT, I told you, no mess. Look at that!”

She was right, the first twitch did send cum next to the bowl. Why a bowl anyway? What happened to good old tissues?

“Very simple, I would have allowed a regular release because you did so well until that happened. But that is not going to happen. And because you wasted so much of it, we need to make up for it. Lick it all up. By tomorrow it will be back in your system and we can have another try.”

What? Where was she in sex ed? Lick it up (yuck!) because it will be back in my system (huh?). Clearly, a yuck and a huh did not make me want to eat my cum or even lick it up. She apparently saw that on my face.

“You know I will not allow any other release until you have done that. And the bonus and rewards I have mentioned will also not happen. Think of the things you want to have as a reward. Think of them! And think how you will not be allowed to experience them.”

And yes, I was picturing them… Touching her breasts, going down on her, rimming, wow, I was almost insulted by my own perverted thoughts but she was driving me crazy.

“Yes, that’s it, you know you want to please me, you know you want to do whatever it is I want from you.”

She was right… I got back on my knees and leaned forward…


Copyright Oggbashan December 2010

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Fort Vauxrein was the worst Foreign Legion posting in Algeria. It was originally built to protect an isolated water hole on a significant camel-trading route. It gradually lost its purpose as other water holes on the route failed, making the camel route impracticable.

No one came. No one passed the fort. No one challenged its hold on useless desert. The only people who came to the fort were replacements for its tiny garrison. The posting was for the Foreign Legions misfits, not its criminals, but those deemed incapable of becoming competent soldiers. In the 1930s it had become an embarrassment to the French authorities in Algeria.

The only officer was a superannuated Ensign. He wouldn’t accept retirement because he had nowhere to go. The Legion had been his whole life once his aristocratic family had discarded him as unsuitable even for breeding stock. His only success in life was in persuading his superiors to keep Fort Vauxrein as a base for incompetence. He enjoyed reading in his library, drinking fine wine in moderation, and the luxury of sole command that had nothing to do.

The four sub-officers had shown, over and over again, that they had no leadership skills. The handful of the eighteen privates who knew how to load their rifles couldn’t hit an elephant at fifty yards. The Legion had equipped them with the most useless and ancient rifles in their stores.

Fort Vauxrein had guns. Plenty of guns. They had been hauled over the desert in the mid-19th Century and carefully mounted to command all the approaches to the Fort. Apart from the test firing on installation, they had never fired a shot, and shot was all they fired – grapeshot or solid iron cannon balls.

The soldiers drilled with those cannon several times a week. Even they couldn’t make errors with 18th Century muzzle-loading cannon. The fort’s Commandant wasn’t convinced. They loaded canvas cartridges filled with sand, rammed the cannon balls down the muzzles, stood with lit tapers and applied the taper to the touchholes. On Bastille Day and New Year’s Day something would happen because they placed a small sprinkling of powder on the cannons’ touchholes for the celebrations. The set of small flashes was Fort Vauxrein’s firework display.

Once a quarter the garrison fired real cannonballs. The sand-filled cartridges were replaced by gunpowder-filled ones. The sub-officers made sure that no soldier stood in front of the muzzles, and one by one the Commandant ordered the cannon to fire. They fired half the cannon in the morning, stopped for the midday meal and a siesta, and fired the remaining cannon in the early evening. The sand dunes around the fort showed deep scars caused by the cannon balls. The next morning a detail had to collect all the cannon balls and bring them back to the fort for re-use.

The fort had only one asset. It had a resident cantiniere, Anne-Marie. She was the cook, the barmaid, the laundress, the supplier of small items such as tobacco and sweets, and the fort’s whore.

No one knew how old Anne-Marie was. She had been a fixture even before the Commandant. She was a large, plump woman who admitted she had never been attractive even in the remote past when she was young. She had come to Fort Vauxrein long before the First World War because she knew she would be the only woman there. As the fort’s cantiniere she would have no competition for her trading activities and her body. At any other fort or garrison she would not be the whore of choice.

Alone of all the fort’s inhabitants, Anne-Marie had contacts with the local tribe. She traded with them, exchanging goods from the capital for fresh goat’s milk, vegetables, meat and anything else that the fort needed. She exchanged information with the tribeswomen to their mutual benefit.

Each time she wanted to trade she would take a couple of loaded mules and ride the third. Some of the soldiers felt sorry for the third mule, carrying Anne-Marie’s heavy body.

Anne-Marie was reputed to be the richest cantiniere in Algeria. The fort’s garrison spent almost all their pay with her, either for goods or for sex. Twenty-three men’s pay wasn’t a fortune, but that pay over many years had built up to a considerable sum because Anne-Marie’s prices weren’t cheap.

Each man could have a night with Anne-Marie once a month, if he could afford it. Almost all of them did. The sub-officers could pay for more than one night a month. Anne-Marie went to the Commandant’s bed every Sunday night.

Although her physical charms were very faded, her sexual skill in providing whatever each individual soldier wanted was legendary. After all, she had practised on generations of soldiers. For the past twenty years her skills were demonstrated in a darkened room. Anne-Marie, with the lights out, could be any soldier’s dream partner. In broad daylight in the desert sun, she could be his nightmare.

The sub-officers and soldiers of Fort Vauxrein had one skill that they had brought to perfection through repeated practice. They could paint. They painted the buildings. They painted the fort’s walls. They painted the rocks. They painted the fort’s horse drawn carts, the sand-wrecked armoured car that would never move again. This palled after a time and they began to experiment with murals. The inside walls of the soldiers’ quarters were painted with erotic scenes of imaginary women in lascivious poses.

The murals were painted time and time again becoming more erotic with every renewal. Any visiting officers were given a guided tour of the artwork and marvelled at what could be produced with the inspiration of the one elderly fat woman present in the fort.

Life at Fort Vauxrein had been the same, year in and year out, for dozens of years until two separate decisions were taken, far apart, but about the same time.

The French government decided that Fort Vauxrein should be abandoned to the desert. It was a convenient dumping place for useless soldiers but another place could be used. Resupplying Fort Vauxrein was expensive.

The local tribal chief had too many sons and his eldest son was worried about his inheritance being cut into too many small pieces for his brothers and half-brothers. The sons would become adult at twenty-one years. If one son inherited, any sons who were not adult at the time of the chief’s death were likely to perish from ‘childhood illnesses’. Any who were adult might have a ‘hunting accident’. If the inheritance was divided then the process of elimination might involve civil war before one could become undisputed chief.

The son, known as Ahmed the Reckless for his propensity to rush in where fools feared to tread, challenged his father to declare that the eldest son should inherit the whole of the tribe’s meagre assets and the large area of infertile land they controlled.

Ahmed’s father had never been convinced that his eldest son would be suitable to lead the tribe. Ahmed was a lightweight, even by the standards of his tribesmen who were always close to starvation. He was shorter than the tribe’s norm and lightweight in applied brainpower as well as body. Apart from being reckless, Ahmed had a chief adviser, Suleyman (known, but not to his face, as ‘the Slimy’) who had ambitions to be the real power behind the chief. Suleyman kept Ahmed’s bed supplied with a succession of willing women eager to be the mother of a child in line for chief’s son.

All the women knew they owed their chance to Suleyman, and reported exactly how Ahmed had responded to them, what his sexual preferences were, and anything Ahmed said that he shouldn’t. One of Ahmed’s repeated wishes is that some of the women would wear European clothing including underwear. So far Suleyman had been unable to meet that request but thought that it might be possible if Anne-Marie was approached through intermediaries.

The chief wanted to dash Ahmed’s ambitions so that a more suitable heir could be appointed and didn’t want Suleyman anywhere near the reins of power. The chief also knew exactly what his eldest son’s sexual preferences were because the women reported discreetly to him as well as Suleyman.

The chief told his son that he would consider whether Ahmed was suitable to succeed as chief of the tribe if Ahmed would successfully complete a challenge that his father would set. If Ahmed failed – he would be passed over for another. If Ahmed declined the challenge – he would be passed over for another. Would Ahmed accept the challenge?

Ahmed instantly agreed. His father sighed. Ahmed was being reckless, again. He should have tried to find out the terms of the challenge before answering.

“Very well, Ahmed,” the chief said. “I think you might need the help of your friend Suleyman. Both of you come at dusk. I will assemble the elders of the tribe and tell you, and them, the terms of your challenge.”

Ahmed saluted his father and left to seek Suleyman. Suleyman was not pleased.

“What is the challenge? What will you have to do? You have no idea but you have accepted? Suppose your father asks you to fly to the moon. You have already accepted the challenge. You would fail and your status as presumed heir would be lost.”

Ahmed tried to persuade Suleyman that the chief wouldn’t be so unreasonable as to set an obviously impossible task. Suleyman was not sure. He knew that the chief was wiser than Ahmed believed.

When Ahmed and Suleyman appeared before the assembled elders, Suleyman was worried. This could mean the end of his plots, his long-term plan to rule through Ahmed.

Ahmed was excited. If the challenge was reasonable, he was sure that he could succeed and become his father’s heir.

The chief announced the terms of the task that Ahmed had to perform. Suleyman carefully wrote down the chief’s words as he spoke them.

“Ahmed. The task I am setting you is to convince me that you might (the chief emphasised ‘might’) be a suitable successor to me when I die. You agreed to accept the challenge earlier today, didn’t you?”

Ahmed tried to produce a sonorous reply to match his chief’s formal words. It came out as a squeaked “Yes!”

“Very well. Our traditional enemies, the occupiers of our land, are the French. They are far more powerful than we are. We cannot face them in open battle so we must harry them when we can. We have to practise deceit, to act secretly, to strike and then vanish into the desert, yet what do we achieve? Our best and boldest warriors die to inflict pinpricks on the French that scarcely trouble them.

Your task is to do something more than a pinprick. Yet I am reluctant to lose more of our warriors. So…”

The chief paused to allow Suleyman’s frantic scribbling to catch up. He spoke very slowly and clearly so that every word could be heard by the elders and the wider population of the tribe.

“…without losing the lives of a single one of our warriors, nor incurring injury to any of our warriors, and without being humiliated in any way, you must take something from the French garrison of Fort Vauxrein that they are unwilling to lose. If you can do that, I might consider you as a potential successor. No more than that. A potential successor.”

Ahmed looked up at the repeat of ‘potential successor’. What did his father mean?

His father looked back at him.

“I said ‘potential successor’ because at present you are not. So far your life and conduct has not been suitable for a future chief. If you succeed, you might have changed my opinion of you, and more importantly, the opinions of the council of elders who will decide after my death, no matter what my wishes might have been in life, exactly who will become the next chief.”

The elders nodded. One of them stood up, walked across to Ahmed, and handed him a scroll.

The chief spoke again:

“That scroll contains the exact words of the task I have outlined. Your advisor has been scribbling unnecessarily.”

At same time as Ahmed was being told the terms of his task, the fort’s commandant was re-reading a letter he had received with the supply delivery. The letter told him that Fort Vauxrein was to be abandoned. None of its stores, armaments, nor equipment were considered worth saving.

The only item the authorities were concerned about was the fort’s magazine full of gunpowder. Gunpowder was useless to any other unit but it should not be allowed to fall into the hands of the tribesmen. The commandant was instructed to expend all the gunpowder without damaging the fort. The structure might have a future use, if only to protect the waterhole from the encroaching desert.

The next day was a Sunday. That day Anne-Marie set out with her three donkeys to the tribesmen’s encampment. She had some unusual items in her trade goods. In response to some of the women’s requests she had raided her wardrobe for the underwear and clothing she had worn many years ago when she had been comparatively slim. She also had a couple of mail-order catalogues of cheap women’s clothing. She could order for the tribeswomen, get the items with the fort’s next supply train, and bring them on her donkeys.

At the encampment she retreated with the women into the darkened ladies-only tent. There she produced her battered suitcase of ancient clothing. The women were disappointed. Even in their backwater they were aware that voluminous directoire panties, ankle-length slips, hobble skirts and Gibson-girl corsets were not fashionable however well made. They agreed to look after the suitcase for Anne-Marie and sat down for the real business of swapping gossip and examining the delights of the mail-order catalogues.

Their main item of information was the challenge that the chief had given Ahmed. They had the challenge word-perfect and had even written it down for Anne-Marie to take with her. None of the women considered Ahmed to be a suitable chief, almost all preferring anyone but Ahmed.

Who else might be suitable depended at first on the particular woman’s male relatives. The arguments were fierce but the majority thought that the chief’s third son, unusually named James after his maternal grandfather, was the best of a limited choice. Unfortunately James was still too young to succeed if his father were to die within the next two or three years, but after that? He would be their choice.

Anne-Marie asked if she could meet or perhaps see James. His aunt went to fetch him. At his age of nineteen he could still enter the women’s quarters, if more than one woman was present, without causing a scandal. Next year that would be difficult, the year after, impossible.

When James arrived the other women left, except his aunt.

“What do you want from me, Anne-Marie?” James asked in French.

“You speak French, James?” Anne-Marie was surprised.

“And English. I went to school in Algiers. So, what do you want from me?”

“You know of your father’s challenge to Ahmed?”


“And you want him to fail?”

“Of course. I don’t want to die. Being Ahmed he will probably fail anyway, but I might be prepared to assist in that failure.”

“And accept help?”

“Ah. Accepting help means accepting an obligation. It depends whether the help is worth the obligation, Anne-Marie.”

“OK. What I need is permission to continue to trade with the tribe. Until now it has been of mutual benefit…”

“…your prices are rather high, Anne-Marie, but taking into account the delivery costs and the ten per cent commission you pay to the chief,

not wholly unreasonable. If I were fortunate enough to become chief, we could probably continue the arrangement to our mutual benefit. It would of course expire when you do. You are not likely to live as long as me, unless something untoward happens to me…”

“…and that we will try to avert, James.”

“Very well. What do you suggest?”

“If Ahmed is going to take something from Fort Vauxrein, he can’t do it from here.”

James nodded.

“He will have to set up a base much closer, and there is only one possibility, the Well of Miriam.”


“If he were to be surrounded and ambushed there, he would have lost his challenge.”

“Also true, but that could be dangerous both for those unfortunate enough to follow him, and to those who ambush him, that is assuming that the ambushers will be Fort Vauxrein’s incompetents. They might kill one of ours by mistake, or worse still, one of their own. I wouldn’t trust any of them with live ammunition unless they were five miles from me.”

“James, have you considered any suggestions for making Ahmed fail?”

“Yes, Anne-Marie. Humiliation is one of the fail factors. Humiliation of Ahmed would be sufficient. I wouldn’t want any of our tribe humiliated even if they are led by Ahmed.”

“How could he be humiliated?”

“That’s where you can help.”

“Me? You mean me, personally?”

“Yes. You have an enviable reputation for sexual prowess that belies your, forgive me, appearance. Our women have learned much from you. If Ahmed is informed of your skills he will be determined to experience them for himself. If you can get him into an embarrassing situation, he will have failed his challenge, no one will be injured, and the way will be clear for me in a few years’ time. Do you think you could contrive that, with help from our women?”

Anne-Marie considered James’ question for a few minutes.

“I think so. If I could be ‘captured’ by Ahmed’s men and brought to the Well of Miriam, with help from the women with him, I have an idea that will humiliate him. I don’t think you had better know what my idea is. Can you arrange for the women to cooperate?”

“I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t even know that there is a plot. But my aunt can.”

James spoke rapidly to his aunt in the local dialect. He knew that Anne-Marie could understand him. His aunt agreed to help. He left the two women together to work out details.

Anne-Marie returned to Fort Vauxrein that evening. Unusually she asked to see the commandant. In his office she asked whether she could speak to him in private. The commandant raised his eyebrows and ordered the duty sub-officer from the room.

“What is it that is so secret, Anne-Marie?” he asked.

Anne-Marie explained what she had learned, the discussions with James, and produced the written details of the task set for Ahmed. The commandant laughed. From the drawer of his desk he produced the letter he had received ordering him to abandon the fort. He handed it to Anne-Marie.

“You see? Ahmed can’t take anything from us that we are unwilling to lose. We are abandoning the fort and everything in it except the gunpowder, and the authorities don’t want even that.”

“There is one item you and the garrison don’t want to lose…” Anne-Marie said slowly.

“…and what’s that?”



“Think about it, commandant. I’m the only person or thing that the whole garrison value, if only for the credit I give them between pay allotments. If Ahmed captured me, he would have met his father’s challenge.”

“But he doesn’t know that you are the only thing of value, does he?”

“Nor does his father, nor James. But if he were to capture me, he might try to persuade you to surrender the fort in exchange for my release.”

“And that letter gives me authority to surrender the fort. But then Ahmed would appear to win. That wouldn’t do. He could be an embarrassment to the authorities.”

“But if I escaped while the exchange was being negotiated? That would embarrass him.”

“It would. Can you guarantee your escape?”

“Yes, commandant. Everything has been arranged. I will be ‘captured’ at the Well of Miriam where Ahmed will be preparing to raid the fort. I will suggest that I could be exchanged for ‘something the French value’ up and to the fort itself because I am the commandant’s mistress…”

“Which you are, every Sunday night,” the commandant interrupted.

“…but he will want to sample my body before the exchange.”

“Will he?”

“Yes. He is being softened up for that now. The women who visit him each night are telling him how much they have learned from me, how expert I am, and by comparison they are mere beginners, and how he could reach undreamt-of passion in my arms.”

“Has he seen you, Anne-Marie?”

“Yes. Many times. He has also heard about me, and my skills, many times.”

“I hope, for your sake, that he is convinced.”

“I’m sure that he is. When he is alone with me he will discover that my skills include sexual bondage which I will persuade him to try.”

“I don’t think I want to know exactly what you intend. Poor Ahmed.”

“Poor Ahmed indeed. Once he is restrained, I will escape. Ahmed will have failed to take something of value, he will be personally humiliated, and no one will have been hurt.”

“And you have a trade agreement with James, the chief’s probable successor.”

“Yes, but if the fort isn’t garrisoned, I might have a problem getting my goods to the tribe.”

“Possibly not as much of a problem as you think, Anne-Marie. If your plot succeeds, I might tell you how you can continue to trade from Fort Vauxrein when the garrison has gone. But now, you have been alone with me too long for the garrison to accept. I will see you tonight?”

“Of course, mon commandant! For the usual fee.”

“Until then, au revoir.”

That evening Anne-Marie came to the commandant’s bed. She enjoyed her nights with him. Apart from being paid more than her usual fee, she had little to do. She cuddled the commandant to her voluptuous naked body, cradling his head between her breasts. She had to be careful. One night she had nearly suffocated him before his impotent struggles woke her.

His bed was the most comfortable in Fort Vauxrein and she could sleep undisturbed once the commandant had begun to snore softly. In the mornings she would roll over him, propping herself on her arms as he thrust underneath her. Her breasts surrounded his head as he tried to plumb her depths. She could barely feel his prick inside her but would encourage him with appropriate words as he came inside her. Another quarter of an hour of smothering him and she had earned her pay.

Sometimes while in the commandant’s bed she regretted the frantic pounding of the younger soldiers as they tried to arouse her to passion. However well endowed the soldier, Anne-Marie could accommodate his erection and wring him dry. But she would have appreciated the youthful ardour in a more comfortable bed.

That morning, unusually, the commandant asked her to stay once she had dressed.

“I need to send a message to the chief,” he said, “and you, Anne-Marie, are the only one who can take it safely.”

“What message?”

“I need to tell him that the army is intending to abandon the fort, that we are going to destroy all our gunpowder, and to ask whether he would consider a business proposal. At present, I don’t want to reveal the business proposal. I want Ahmed’s plot to fail first.”

“And I will try to ensure that the plot fails.”

“If you get the chief to agree, not to help you, but not to hinder, then you probably will. Ahmed’s own incompetence might not be enough.”

“I’ll need an excuse to return so soon, commandant.”

“Perhaps you’ve received a new catalogue? It doesn’t have to exist, just be the excuse.”

“That’s easy. I have several old catalogues that look right.”

The garrison was slightly surprised when Anne-Marie set off for the tribesmen’s’ camp with a single donkey. It was so unusual that they talked about it for most of the day.

At the camp Anne-Marie met the women who were curious about her sudden return. She explained that she needed to speak to the chief, in private, but that the excuse for her visit was a new clothing catalogue.

While the women pretended to be deciding on their purchases from the catalogue, the chief slipped into the inner part of the women’s tent.

Anne-Marie gave him the commandant’s message. She also explained how she intended to foil Ahmed’s task by allowing herself to be captured at the Well of Miriam, and then escaping.

The chief sighed.

“Is it such common knowledge that Ahmed is an idiot?”

“I know, and because I know, the commandant knows. You know. Most of your tribe knows. The women certainly know…”

“…the elders know. They and I would prefer James to be my successor. As yet he is too young…”

“…but he already has the wisdom that Ahmed lacks.”

“That is true. But Ahmed is of age. He must have some role in the tribe. We don’t have the useful post of village idiot.”

“With my help, and with that of your women, he might win that post.”

“I cannot be seen to help you, Anne-Marie, but I will tell my women to cooperate.”

“You do not need to do even that, O chief. They will do that willingly. They are irritated by Ahmed’s sexual demands on them.”

“Then I will leave it to you, and them.”

“Ahmed will take some women with him when he goes on his task?”

“Of course. He will take his large tent, his bedding, the long mirror in which he admires himself, and his women. He is stupid. For a raid you should take nothing but the absolute minimum, weapons, water and a little food.”

“Then the women, and his mirror, will be his downfall.”

“I need to know no more, Anne-Marie. I will send one of my elders with Ahmed to monitor his hoped-for failure. Good luck. But what about the commandant’s business proposal?”

“I know no more than I have said. He would like your agreement in principle to cooperation between you.”

“Then he has it. I would agree to anything that might improve the finances of our people. We have so little.”

“I will tell him. Thank you, O chief.

The chief left. Anne-Marie joined the women and explained her plan to them. One suggested a small change. If Anne-Marie were to be captured, it would be better if the women captured her. If she resisted the men, she or they might get hurt. The women’s capture would be a set-up and Anne-Marie need only pretend to struggle. Anne-Marie agreed. She asked that her suitcase of elderly clothing should be available near Ahmed’s tent.

She was surprised that the women already knew the day on which Ahmed would go to the Well of Miriam. She arranged to be riding close to the well, but out of sight of it, to a place where the women would ‘accidently’ find and capture her.

Anne-Marie left and returned to the fort. While she had been away the commandant had summoned the sub-officers and given them the news that the fort had to be given up and the gunpowder destroyed. He wanted the gunpowder to be used to widen the passes on the fort’s approaches.

The sub-officers arranged for barrels of gunpowder to be placed where they would meet the commandant’s intentions. It would take several days for the charges to be placed correctly.

Unfortunately for Ahmed’s advisor Suleyman, the several days to place the charges coincided with the time taken for Ahmed to move his raiding party into place at the Well of Miriam.

Suleyman went to reconnoitre the fort’s activities, crawling up the reverse side of a dune as a gunpowder charge was set off in the rock face supporting it. He was thrown high in the air, landing again in the soft sand, half-buried in it, but then peppered with falling rocks that cut and bruised him. His plight was observed by the chief’s appointed elder who had remained at a safe distance.

The elder had to assist Suleyman from his covering of sand and rock.

“You won’t tell the chief, will you?” he asked anxiously. “I’m not really injured.”

The elder didn’t reply but had to support Suleyman several times as they made their way slowly back to the Well of Miriam. Suleyman had to admit to Ahmed that his scouting had revealed nothing except the unexplained blasting. He undertook to return to overlook the fort tomorrow and then limped back to his tent to have healing salves applied to his wounds.

Fortunately for Suleyman, that afternoon the pre-arranged ‘capture’ of Anne-Marie was successfully carried out by the women. Brought before him, she admitted that she was the commandant’s mistress. Suleyman hastened to Ahmed’s tent, forgetting his injuries.

“O Ahmed,” Suleyman said, “Fate has smiled upon us. Anne-Marie, the fort commandant’s mistress, has been captured. We can exchange her for something that the French do not want to give up, and you will have succeeded.”

“Anne-Marie? Isn’t she reputed to be endowed with incredible sexual skills?”

“So our women say. It seems unlikely. She is a fat old woman.”

“I know that. I have seen her several times but the stories about her are legendary. If she has remained the commandant’s mistress for so long despite her appearance, there must be something exceptional about her.”

“Perhaps, O Ahmed, but she is a useful bargaining counter.”

“She will be just as useful tomorrow. She is not a virgin. I would like to know whether the legends about her have any foundation. Let the women bring her to me at midnight.”

“Are you sure, O Ahmed?”

“Of course I’m sure. Do it! You are dismissed.”

At midnight Anne-Marie was hustled by the group of women into Ahmed’s tent. They forced her to kneel before him. Two women put the battered suitcase of clothing in front of the long mirror.

“What is that?” Ahmed asked.

“In there are some of the tools of my trade, O master,” Anne-Marie said. “You want me to perform at my best, don’t you?”

“Silence, slave!” Ahmed ordered. “You are at my mercy. You women, leave us!”

The women left.

“So, Anne-Marie, you are mistress of all sexual enchantments, are you?”

“Yes, master, but I cannot show you the path to exquisite delights except in darkness. You do not need to see my miserable body, only to feel and experience it. If you could put out the lanterns?”

“Very well. What else do you need?”

“If you could undress yourself and lie on the quilts?”

“And then what?”

“Then you will feel what I can do.”

Ahmed put out the lanterns. Marie moved to her suitcase and opened it as Ahmed undressed. She joined him on the bed.

“What is this? You are still dressed, Anne-Marie.”

“At the moment. I don’t need to undress to start. I am your helpless captive, aren’t I?”

“Of course. We captured you.”

“Have you ever understood that sexual encounters have two types of joy, O master, the joy of penetrating a woman’s deepest cleft and the joy of being surrounded by her soft caress? The penetration is what most men feel. They do not think, or perhaps even give themselves time, to enjoy the woman’s response.”

“Perhaps not.”

“Then you have never experienced the sweetness of surrendering your manhood to a woman’s intimate caress?”

“No. Is there more pleasure?”

“Yes, if you accept that your penetration has two sides, the thrust and the response that the thrust produces. As you enter she accepts. As you thrust deeper she enfolds. No man can wholly enter into a woman. That is impossible. But I can give you an understanding of just how a complete penetration could be almost unbelievably overwhelming. Will you trust me to show you?”

“Why should I trust my captive?”

“Why shouldn’t you? I’m here, O master, in your tent, surrounded by your followers. If you were to call out, guards would come running, wouldn’t they?”

“Perhaps. It depends on the call. They wouldn’t respond to the noise of lovemaking.”

“But if you called for help?”

Ahmed was indignant.

“I would never need to call for help against a woman, slave!”

“Then your fears are groundless. You can let me show you what I can do. It means that you will have to surrender the initiative to me for a while.”

“Surrender? I would not surrender to you, nor to any woman!”

“It would only be the fantasy of surrender, a fiction, a situation that you could control at all times…”

“…and this would give me an unforgettable experience?”

“You will never forget it. But first you must give me permission to act. At present I am your helpless slave. I cannot give you the experience you wish for without pretending that I am your mistress…”

“Never. No woman of my tribe would dare claim to be my mistress…”

“Exactly, O master. They are too frightened of your power but sexual fulfilment is often reached by devious paths. You need to surrender your body to a woman to experience the most delicious ecstasy. Until now, you have always been the leader, the one who impales, the one who commands. But a woman can give far more if she sets the rules, she directs, she controls what and how the sexual congress is made…”

“You would control me? How dare you suggest such a thing!”

“It would only be the appearance of control. In such situations there are rules that the master sets. For example, if any time he were to feel that the woman is going too far, there would be a control phrase he will say. Once that word is said, the woman will stop immediately and the master resumes control.”

“What phrase is that?”

“Whatever phrase we choose. What about ‘Fort Vauxrein must be destroyed’? You would not say that phrase normally so I will know that is the signal for me to stop and release you from my control.”

“You are sure that this will bring me an experience unlike any my women have provided?”

“Yes, it will totally unlike anything they have done and completely irresistible.”

“Very well. You may proceed but mind, slave, that when I say the phrase you must stop at once.”

“Of course, master.”

Anne-Marie took a silk ankle-length half-slip from her open case. With it she gently stroked Ahmed’s body. His nose detected a trace of expensive Parisian perfume. Despite himself he became erect as the silk caressed him.

“Now imagine that this silk is the inside of a young woman’s thighs and that your manhood, massive though it is…” Anne-Marie stroked the silk briefly over his erection, “…has become the whole of you. All of you is penetrating between her soft yielding legs…”

She slid the silk over Ahmed’s torso. She was pleased that he responded with a soft groan.

“But as yet you have not begun to insert yourself between her lips of passion that are spreading to receive you…”

Anne-Marie slowly pulled the slip over Ahmed’s head and down to cover him from neck to his upper arms.

“Would it not be more enjoyable if her silken embrace surrounded your whole manhood, O master?”

“Yes, perhaps,” Ahmed replied.

“Then it shall. Kneel, please.”

Ahmed knelt on the quilts. Anne-Marie lowered the first slip until it covered from neck to hips, before she pulled a full-length slip down over his head, adjusted it around him carefully trapping his arms by his sides.

“As you penetrate her delights further you must also feel the tighter grasp of her silken self as she responds to your manhood.”

She lifted a corset from her case and wrapped it around Ahmed. She fastened the clasps at the front one by one.

“Can you feel her holding you more firmly? Can you feel her resistance to your thrust?”

Ahmed sighed slightly.

“Yes. The sensation is not unpleasant, slave. What next?”

“You need to penetrate further and deeper, far inside her. Please lower yourself.”

Anne-Marie helped Ahmed to lie on his back. She stroked his legs with silk stockings and then loosely tied them with slipknots around his thighs and ankles.

“There is yet more of your penetration that she can take, if you lift your legs, O master.”

Ahmed lifted his legs. Anne-Marie carefully eased her narrow silk-lined skirt up his legs and wriggled it up to his waist. The hem of her heavy long skirt hid even his outstretched toes.

“Now she begins to tighten herself around your manhood, ready to receive even more of you…”

She fastened the skirt’s waistband, tightened the stocking around his thighs and buckled the skirt’s hobble on his calves. She loosened the stocking around his ankles, folded up the bottom of the skirt under the stocking’s loop and knotted it, before lowering his silk-bagged legs to the bed.

“You have nearly reached complete penetration of her luscious body. There is one step more to achieve your whole penetration of her…”

She brought her voluminous silken panties over his face, stroking them gently across his eyes and cheeks.

“Can you feel her excitement?”

What Ahmed might have said was stifled as Anne-Marie suddenly stuffed a large fold of the panties between his teeth, wrapped a silk stocking over his encumbered mouth, yanked it tight and knotted it hard.

“Mmmph!” Ahmed’s gagged mouth struggled to speak.

Anne-Marie’s heavy body slammed across him. She rolled him face downwards before grabbing the corset’s lacing. She hauled each section of lacing tighter and tighter before knotting it. Ahmed tried desperately to throw her off but deprived of the use of his arms and legs he failed, slumping beneath her.

“Do you want to say the control phrase, O master?” Anne-Marie taunted. “It is so simple. All you have to do is say it…”

“Mmmpf! Mmmpf!”

“That’s not it. I have to assume that you are happy for me to continue with your penetration and sweet surrender to her silken embraces. She has nearly done.”

Anne-Marie stood up, walked away from Ahmed’s helplessly struggling body and lit the lanterns.

“I can see that your penetration isn’t yet completed, O master. A few seconds more and your surrender to her enfolding charms will be totally overwhelming.”

Anne-Marie took some silken scarves from the suitcase. She wrapped a long one around his head over his silk-encumbered mouth before tying it cruelly tight. She wrapped another scarf as a hood over Ahmed’s head, blindfolding him.

“You have penetrated her completely and yet you are not erect. That won’t do.”

Anne-Marie dragged the struggling silken bundle across to the centre of the tent and heaved Ahmed upright against the central pole. She lashed him to the pole, facing the entrance, with more silk stockings and scarves. She knotted each one carefully so that he would be unable to wriggle free of the bonds.

“Now you have penetrated and are erect. But you haven’t experienced the full sense of your surrender within her engulfing body. You need to see how you have penetrated so completely within her essence.

Anne-Marie removed the blindfolding hood and replaced the scarf around Ahmed’s head so that she had uncovered his eyes and directed them towards the tent’s entrance. She brought the long mirror and placed it to the side of the entrance so that Ahmed could see himself bound inside a long black hobble skirt and a tightly laced black silk corset. His mouth and most of his head were sheathed in pink silk scarves. He shook his head in denial.

Anne-Marie giggled.

“O, master,” she said, “now I think you have experienced something your women have never done, something that is completely irresistible, don’t you agree?”

“Mmmpf! Mmmpf!”

She rummaged in her suitcase to produce a placard inscribed in the local dialect – “Ahmed, Master of Women.”

She tied it to the tent pole above his head.

“As we are supposed to be enjoying the arts of love throughout the whole night, O master, the first people to enter this tent in the morning will be the women bringing your breakfast. They would want to know whether I have shown you something you have never experienced. Of course, once they have seen what needs to be done, they might wish to replicate it on you themselves.

Now, O master, I regret that I must leave you to the clinging embrace of your silken mistress. I have to return to the fort. Goodbye.”

Author’s note: “Amazon Bertha and Her Subs” is the second story in a sub/dom trilogy. The story is for those who prefer over-the-top fem-dom, forced-bi, biracial, nonconsent stories. This fictional tale will be a waste of time if you have another fetish. However, if you do like intense stories with those strong sexual non-vanilla themes, then I hope you like this one. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond, and please don’t forget to vote if you enjoyed the story.


“Heather! Do you want white or red wine tonight?” Rick asked.

“I’ll have white. Did you hear that noise? I think there’s someone at your front door. Should I see who it is?”

“No. It’s probably an obnoxious sales person trying to get me to buy something I don’t need or want like Girl Scout cookies. Just ignore it,” Rick hesitantly said.

The knocking got louder.

“You fucking piece of shit!” the mature black woman outside angrily yelled while pounding Rick’s door with all of her might.

“You better open this locked door right now or you will be sorry when I get hold of you! I am getting really pissed. You know what that means, you low-life scum bag!”

Heather could not comprehend what was going on.

“Why was this unfamiliar woman banging on Rick’s door in his Boston apartment saying such horrible things, and why was her lover acting so timid and strange? It was unlike him. I have to find out what is going on,” Heather thought to herself as she approached the door.

“Rick, I am going to find out who this crazy woman is and tell her to get lost before she breaks the door. Should I call the police?” Heather asked her lover.

“Heather! Please don’t touch the door! I beg you!” Rick quickly countered.

Unfortunately, Rick knew who was hammering his door. His body noticeably trembled because he was terrified that Heather would discover his dark secret. He did not want to consider the disastrous consequences of what that would mean to his loving relationship with her.

Despite his pleading, Heather unlocked the door. In rushed Big Bad Bertha, the 55-year old, 6-foot tall, 350-pound black Amazon from hell.

“Where is sub-boy?” screamed Bertha. “I’ve got a juicy creampie and I need him to service me! It is dipping out of my pussy, and the situation needs to be rectified immediately.”

“Who the hell are you and what do you want?” Heather asked in a forceful manner, shocked by the intrusion.

A hard smack to Heather’s beautiful face from Bertha’s left fist, to make it clear who was the boss, almost knocked her out. Heather’s glasses flew across the room and her nose started to bleed.

“There you are, my little sub-boy,” Bertha laughed, spying Rick in the corner of the room.

“What are doing hiding behind this poor excuse of a woman? Get your white ass over here at once. You know what to do. My disgusting husband fucked me a few minutes ago and dumped tons of his foul cum into my sensuous body. That despicable pig did his manly business so fast that he didn’t give my delectable pussy the physical satisfaction it needs for having to put up with him. Finish the job with your mouth, sub-boy. We all know how much you like my husband’s black jizz.”

Rick lay on the floor, dreading what was going to happen, especially in front of his beautiful 25-year old lover Heather. He was keenly aware of Bertha’s evil plan because she and her equally large Latina bisexual girlfriends Selena and Latoya had been doing this to him at least twice a week for the past six months.

He reluctantly opened his mouth while on the floor, closed his eyes, and stuck out his tongue as far as it could possibly go, licking his lips at the same time as instructed in the past in order to increase the wetness for Bertha’s large clit when she mounted his face.

“Use me as you see fit Mistress,” Rick reluctantly told her, as he always did at the beginning of these sessions.

Bertha took off her skirt and then her soiled underpants. The disgusting, revolting odour was so strong in the room that it was unbearable. Both Rick and Heather start to gag. Obviously, Bertha hadn’t washed her hairy cunt for many days but apparently the stench did not bother her because she was used to it. The gooey white creampie from her husband who had fucked not long ago started to run down her massive tree-trunk legs.

Bertha stood above Rick and quickly dropped her entire 350-pound carcass on top of him. She started a back-and-forth rocking motion with her dense forest of black pubic hair scratching, and then tearing into his good-looking face with every movement of her monstrous body. Rick knew he would get a serious case of razor burn from her barb wire-like pubic hair that would be impossible to explain tomorrow to the members of his company.

He had hoped that Heather, his close friends, and his coworkers would never find out about Selena, Latoya, and especially Bertha who was the oldest and meanest of the three. Rick feared that more than anything in his life. However, there was a storm cloud over his head, and deep down he knew that this degrading situation with the three fem-doms would eventually be discovered. Today was the day that his dark secret life would be revealed to his lover Heather.

If others in his workplace in Boston also became aware that Rick was willing to be sexually assaulted by three disgusting women on a regular basis, his coworkers would laugh at him and he would become the brunt of their constant teasing. Just thinking of the cruel names (creampie-guzzler, toy-boy, wimp, pussy/ass-wipe …) he would be called by his company’s employees every day as he walked the halls of his building when his unconventional personal life became public knowledge was too much for Rick to bear. Nevertheless, he was a willing sub for Bertha and her girlfriends. There was nothing he could do to prevent that reality. He therefore was at their mercy.

“Why aren’t I a real man like Bertha’s husband?” Rick thought to himself as he began to cry inside like the weak wuss he was even though his tiny cock was starting to grow in anticipation of what was going to happen in his apartment as Bertha sat on him.

Bertha’s puffy pussy lips completely covered her sub-boy’s face, and her fat gut was so huge that it blocked the natural sunlight of the room, and therefore Rick’s ability to see Bertha’s and Heather’s faces from his demeaning position on the floor. He could only imagine the horror on Heather’s face. She must be in shock.

Nevertheless, Rick could not protect Heather from what was going to happen to her after Bertha had her way with him. He just prayed he could breathe while being sexually assaulted and abused by this fem-dom as she face-raped him.

“You know what to do!” yelled Bertha one more time. “Get busy! I don’t have all day!”

While squatting over him, more of her husband’s thick cum started to drip out of her revolting pussy onto Rick’s exposed face. She made sub-boy lick her swollen clit with his tongue and lips. At the same time she stuffed his nose into her vagina to allow him to get a good whiff of her fermenting pussy juices and the leaking creampie from her disgusting husband. In this face-sitting position, Bertha liked to use Rick’s nose as a mini cock to get double stimulation on her ass and large clit.

“You are quite lucky today I didn’t get a fudge pack from my husband,” Bertha yelled out mockingly. “You know how disgusting that can be when I made you clean me up back there in the past even though we all know how much you enjoy eating my soiled ass.

“Suck it out of my cunt, loser. You are pathetic.

“Come on pansy ass. Clean it up! Keep going. There is plenty of my husband’s cum for you to enjoy.

“What, you can’t breathe? Too fucking bad. Keep at it.

“Go deeper with your tongue. Get all of his disgusting crap out of me. I will not need a shower later today if you do a good job cleaning me up.”

Heather was sitting in a corner of Rick’s apartment in a fetal position. She couldn’t comprehend what was happening to the wonderful guy she loved with all of her heart and hoped to marry in the near future.

Bertha saw Heather crying and whimpering like a little baby. She grabbed Heather’s beautiful long blond hair, pulling the younger woman closer into the action by yanking on its roots.

“There’s not much meat on you but you do have a pretty mouth, and I like toned young white girls in stilettos. You’ll do nicely. Since you’re here, I might as well put your lipstick-coated slut mouth to good use.”

Bertha took off her grubby blouse and then her huge white bra with its super-strong wire under support. The latter action caused two of the largest natural breasts imaginable to drop to the floor like sacks of rocks.

Okay my new fem sub-slut, take off your clothes. I give you permission to finger yourself while you are orally servicing me.

“My, what a nice landing strip you have. In contrast, your breasts are so small they are a joke. Are you sure you are not an adolescent teenager? Take a look at a real woman. Can you imagine what it would be like to have breasts as large and beautiful as mine on that slender body of yours?

“Start sucking my nipples to get them nice and hard. Let me show you how to do it you dumb broad. See how I want you to make them protrude from my body as you make them super sensitive. I want to hear your mouth suck my large chocolate tits like a vacuum cleaner at full power. Do you know how to suck breasts or are you a brainless fuck who has to be taught everything?

“You no longer will be using that cute little mouth of yours to suck Rick’s tiny white-boy penis. It is for my enjoyment for here on. Your mouth, cunt, and ass now belong to me.”

Heather was terrified of this older black fem-dom. She tried to put up a fight but the Amazon was too powerful for her, and Bertha’s grasp of her head was so strong that it was impossible for her to escape. At this moment in time something snapped in Heather’s mind like the trunk of a tree that had been suddenly hit by a blot of lightening during a powerful summer storm. Unexpectedly, she became sexually aroused by the degrading situation in Rick’s apartment which was so wrong on one level but so right on another.

Deep in her subconscious, Heather suddenly realized that she was no different than her former boyfriend who was presently lying on the floor willingly servicing Bertha with his mouth. No matter how beautiful and desirable she was to men, Heather concluded that she was just a nasty sub-slut lesbian, as Bertha correctly surmised, to be used by this dominant woman as she saw fit. Heather now understood and accepted what was happening to her mind and body. Not only did she desire to suck Bertha’s nipples as her new master ordered, she hoped she would be allowed to service the Amazon’s dirty pussy and ass later today as sub-boy Rick was enjoying right now.

Despite what was going on in her mind, Heather initially hesitated to place her mouth on Bertha’s breasts as ordered by the older woman because she had never done that to another female.

Bertha gave a painful wake-up slap to Heather’s pretty face with her open hand for not moving fast enough.

“You need to do a better job than that useless wimp on the floor eating my nasty pussy, if you also want to service me regularly in the future,” Bertha said.

“By the way Rick, how do I taste today? I guess you can tell I haven’t washed my hairy cunt in a week. I know you like it that way. Don’t forget to save some of the salty goo for my new sub-slut Heather. She’ll join you shortly after she gets my nipples nice and hard,” laughed Bertha in a mocking manner.

“Maybe I’ll take her home and use her some more this afternoon after I let my sensitive clit recover from its session with your willing mouth. My girlfriends Selena and Latoya are stopping by this afternoon. I am sure they would enjoy my newly discovered pristine “princess” the same way I intend to use her today. When the three of us are done with our new forced-bi fuck-toy, it’s likely her mouth will be sore for a week from its prolonged sucking of our juicy pussies, asses, and tits.”

“Heather, would you like my disgusting shrimp-dick husband to give you some of his cum this afternoon? He’s a piece of crap but after all, he is my husband. I suppose I should let him get some new pussy since he’s paying the bills. At least, it will be an excuse for me to reject the anticipated request by him to fuck me again tonight.

“Better yet, I think I’ll give you to my obese 82-year old father who has a nice 12-incher. It’s his birthday this week. You would be a nice present even though I imagine you won’t be able to walk properly for a few days after his massive cock destroys your little-girl cunt from one of his all-night sessions.

“You will become a real woman who can take on any guy after Daddy’s enormous cock remodels your pussy. You better hope he doesn’t knock you up when he fucks you unprotected as he likes to do. At least those tiny breasts of yours will become a decent size from all of the milk in them when Daddy’s black baby starts growing in your thin, snow-white body. Would you like to be Daddy’s cow?”

Heather was not sexually experienced for a woman of her age, and the largest cock she had in her vagina up to now was Rick’s measly five inches. As Bertha mocked her, Heather imagined what it would be like to have a really huge cock rapidly going in and out of her little-girl pussy, crashing into the back of her vagina on every descending motion, penetrating her cervix, and eventually depositing millions of its angry sperm fighting like savages for the fertile egg in her womb.

Heather had only seen massive cocks like that in porno films. Did Bertha’s black father really have a cock that was a foot in length and probably as thick as a beer can? What a strange, but wondrous experience, that would be for her delicate body. A 12-incher certainly would stretch out her pussy to the point where it would be difficult for her to have an orgasm from an average-sized man in the future.

Nevertheless, Heather no longer cared about Rick and his underdeveloped friends. She didn’t even care about having a baby from Bertha’s ebony father. Instead, she imagined her swollen milk-laden breasts, and wondered what it would be like to finally become a real woman in that department.

“Yes Mistress Bertha, I would like to service you, your family, and girlfriends. I can no longer remain here, especially after a 12-incher has its way with my pussy.

“Do I have your permission to cum now?” Heather asked.

“Not yet princess. Are you so stupid that you don’t realize that your Mistress always cums first? Do I have to tell you everything you dumb bitch?” Bertha replied in disgust, as she again smashed Heather’s mouth against the aroused nipple on her more sensitive left breast.

“Eat it bitch.

“Ooooh! That’s right princess. Grab my boob with your girlie mouth and suck it like the horny bitch you are. I like that. Get it nice and wet. You’re getting better at it.

“I knew you were a willing lesbo just waiting for a real woman like me to take charge. Rougher! Harder! Nibble on my extended nipple with your teeth you slut.

“Fuck yeah, bitch! Now you are getting into it. Faster.”

As Bertha started to reach her peak, she repetitively smacked Heather’s ass as hard and fast as she could with her hand to get her new slut to suck her breast with more intensity, as if she was a jockey wiping the horse under her to get to the finish line.

With her mouth glued to Bertha’s breast, Heather rubbed her clit so hard with the fingers on both of her hands to the point where her soaking pussy reached a fever pitch from the intense heat that had built up inside her body. She had never reached this state of arousal with any man.

Heather’s body started to shake uncontrollably. The thought of orally servicing Bertha and her two huge bisexual girlfriends later this afternoon became too much for her. Heather badly needed to cum. However, she feared having her orgasm before Bertha had hers because it was now clear that she must do whatever was ordered by her master.

“Please Mistress, cum now so that I can quickly follow you. I am so close. I will do anything you want. I am yours. Please! Please! I want to cum right now!” Heather begged the older woman over and over again in desperation.

“YEAH — THAT’S IT! OH, IT FEELS SO GOOD! NOW THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! YOU SUBS FINALLY ARE DOING IT RIGHT!” screamed Bertha as she finally experienced her powerful orgasm, almost suffocating sub-boy Rick who was laying on the floor as her entire 350-pound body smashed his head into the floor.

“Thank you for letting me cum!” cried out Heather as she quickly followed Bertha, rubbing her wet pussy as hard and fast as she could with her fingers, as if they were multiple small cocks gang-banging her.

A few minutes after the two women experienced their orgasms and had recovered somewhat, Heather addressed her new Mistress, “Do you want me to service Selena, Latoya, your husband, or your father next like the nasty sub slut you created?”

“You will do all of them, you dim-witted girl, before the day is out. I also plan on getting some serious money from pimping you lovely body to every horny male and female loser in the neighborhood. Maybe, even my homeless sister would like a piece of you since she is not getting any regular sex.

“Put your clothes back on. It is time to leave your wimpy former boyfriend. Next up is Selena and Latoya. My two girlfriends and I will turn you into a talented lesbian in the next couple of hours. When we are done with you, you will not be able to get enough of our enormous female bodies like the little sub-boy under me who is still licking my pussy.

“Isn’t he cute? Like a good boy, he continues to suck my clit because he wants my pussy’s narcotic nectar so bad. You can see how much he enjoys my sensuous chocolate body based on the good sized bugle in his pants. Notice that he doesn’t dare touch his cock when I am here.”

“You can stop now sub-boy. I had my climax and you satisfactorily cleaned up the creampie mess in my pussy. You can take care of yourself after I leave.”

Rick was relieved that he once again survived one of Bertha’s physical attacks on his face, even though his jaw felt broken and he was still having trouble breathing. The bottom of his head had already developed a large lump from the powerful intensity of Bertha’s Rubenesque body driving his head into the unforgiving hardwood floor during her climax, and his face was raw from Bertha’s coarse pubic hair.

After a recovery period of another few minutes, Bertha and Heather exited Rick’s apartment hand-in-hand, leaving sexually assaulted Rick lying on the floor covered with Bertha’s cunt juices and the residual cum from her husband encrusted on his bright-red face that was so good looking only 30 minutes ago.

As she walked out the door with Heather trailing her like a puppy dog, Bertha turned around and laughed.

“Not bad today sub-boy. My delectable pussy will be back in a few days for another enjoyable session with your mouth. However, next time you also will have to clean up Heather after I give her to my toothless father for an overnight session in his nursing home. I’m sure he will be able to give her a number of massive loads for you to orally take care of.

“Since Daddy hasn’t had pussy in a long time, his large balls should be filled to the brim with their old-man cum. Maybe, I will allow Daddy’s four nursing-home roommates to also have their way with my princess so that there is even more manly chocolate cum for you to drink and enjoy since yours is so pathetic.

“You are such a loser.

“By the way, Latoya is stopping by tomorrow morning. Because she seemed really pissed when I talked to her today, you better be on your best behaviour. I think she is on the rag.”

“You sure talk a lot of shit,” Ronnie chided as she took a long sip of her martini. Her eyes were deep green vessels that poured forth cool, unwavering judgment.

I was taken aback by her direct confrontation, and confused. I was a reasonably experienced date, enough that I at least knew how to be a little charming when I needed to be and very persuasive when I chose to be. But Ronnie had been combative all evening, and I was beginning to find it difficult and frustrating. I hadn’t made her laugh or even chuckle. But I had made her smile, just once; it had been like a reward that I had to win more of.

Ronnie was a judge (which might explain a lot, in retrospect), 44 years old, probably five-ten (six feet with the heels) and three-eighty, though I didn’t ask for hard numbers. She had advertised online as a professional woman in town on business looking for a man who could take her out while she was in town, show her a good time and “Perhaps I’ll allow you to give me a foot massage, if you are smart, handsome, charming, and have strong hands”, the ad had said.

The photo on her ad had stunned me. As taboo as it may sound to some, bigger, older women was my most favored sexual attraction of all. She had wondrous eyes and a cute, vivacious youth that seemed to shine forth through her, and she was slightly weathered and very rounded with age, which I of course found incredibly endearing. Her dyed-red hair was cropped short and was spiked, but its style was undoubtedly feminine, and the very red color very much became her.

Wild, unabated fantasies enthralled me as I had corresponded with her. I will admit that I was not interested in a relationship or anything of that sort. Not with Ronnie. This was pure fun, and I suspected that her ad implied that it was for her as well. Either way, I had felt compelled to make sure that I was the man she was looking for.

“Well, don’t you? Can’t you handle one direct question?” Ronne clanked her glass to the table firmly, and I stammered as I groped blindly for a response. She leaned forward, pressing, but her expression remained rather cold and lacked any real resentment. “You know, I’m so tired of guys like you. Mind you, you have your uses, as far as this kind of thing goes. But you think you’re such predators, and that inflates your little egos even more than they already are. You think you can just do what any women what you did with the last, but you probably can’t even please a woman properly.” Her voice was firm and masculine but undoubtedly woman.

“Wha—?” I began, my face scrunching up involuntarily as I felt my face flush. But she pressed on.

“And for all the self-aggrandizing and machismo,” she leaned back and held her hands up and out as she pointedly glanced around, “I ask to be shown a good time, and I get taken to my own hotel lounge? Classy.”

I felt humiliated and a bit crestfallen that things had suddenly taken such a bad turn. Despite a physical attraction so intense it was almost painful, we obviously had had a clash of personalities, or bad timing, or whatever. Here was my chance to sound thoughtful, at least, and perhaps do some damage control. “Well, I know women like to be wined and dined, but—”

“Fuck your conjecture.” She interrupted flatly, and took another sip of martini. She seemed about to put the glass down, but she paused, swigged the remaining drink down in a gulp, and began to gather her things.

“Hey, hold on. I’m sorry if this place wasn’t good enough for you. You should’ve said something sooner. I think you are assuming at least as much about me as I am about you, here, so I don’t understand why you’re so angry.”

“Oh, I’m not angry. I’m a judge; do you really think you could make me angry if you tried? This conversation’s over, okay? And so is this ‘date’. But you sure do look good, kid, so if you feel like shutting up and giving me a foot massage, I’ll be upstairs. Executive suite one.”

She stood and began to stride briskly toward the lobby and elevator. As she’d been sitting when I arrived to the date, I got my first real look at Ronnie’s huge body up close. Although she wore an ankle-length skirt, the full shape of her impressive hips and ass were apparent as they wobbled and jiggled a tantalizing pattern at me. Thick, strong-looking calves clicked heels into the marble floor as she strode, rather elegantly and gracefully for such a big woman. Her upper arms were big around as my legs and seemed to strain the seams of her collared button-up shirt.

God damn. So perfect and I’ve blown my chance. As though she read my mind, or perhaps because she felt my obvious stare boring into her, she turned suddenly and yanked my stare from her body and up to her eyes. I expected her to curse at me or flip me off, but, always defying convention, Ronnie shook her head and waved an arm at me to come on.

I barely remembered to pay the tab as I fumbled after her, embarrassed.


I should probably just go. I have been humiliated, and I don’t see anything good that can really come of this for me, I reasoned with myself at the elevator. What will we do? I’ll give her a foot massage and she’ll tell me to fuck off, now? But god, that ass! That huge ass and hips, and those calves in the stockings. I could imagine pulling those stockings off her calves and squeezing and sucking them and slapping them. I dreamed of taming this shrewd bitch, quite frankly. But she’ll probably just string me along, I surmised.

When the light of Ronnie’s elevator car finally hit the E for Executive and began its return trip, another man came to stand with me as I waited. I caught his eye and nodded curtly to him as I wiped a clammy sweat from my brow.

“She’s really pissed at you, huh? That your wife?” I almost started at the question, but I held my cool and gave a shake of the head.

“No offense, but she’s a little older, isn’t she? How old are you, if you don’t mind?”

The elevator dinged and as I fumbled for a lie, the man and I caught sight of a huge pair of black, lacey panties lying on the floor of the elevator. I felt my face go hot.

“Uh, you go on ahead. Have a good evening,” the man said, stepping away.


I realized wholeheartedly that I was being completely and totally fucked with. There I stood, her massive panty in my pocket, one hand rapping on her suite door, the other on my hip. I was half horrified, half intrigued, half angry, half horny, and completely baffled as I stood there. My intent, at this point, was to cut my losses and get the hell out of the situation (to avoid any further humiliation, I wouldn’t admit to myself), but first I had to have the last word. Even if she answered the door completely naked, if indeed she answered at all, I’d let her hear it and then leave, and I might toss the panties at her face in the process. It was an elegant plan, an appropriate forty-four stories in the making.

She opened the door promptly. She wasn’t naked. But she stood with her shirt unbuttoned at her breasts and sleeves but still tucked into her skirt, as though she’d been getting undressed. Her look was cold as ever, but she had cracked a wry, crooked smile at me.

I stepped into the room, and began to spout. “So did you make this date just to fuck with me, or what? I’m through with this.”

Ronnie closed the door behind me and lifted her shirt up over her head. Her huge arms and breasts wobbled heavily in the process, which I found intensely sexual, but I went on, determined to have the last word. “Wait a minute. You can’t just insult me and then just expect that I’m gonna do anything for your pleasure, lady. I’m outta here.” I started for the door, removing her panty from my pocket with the intent to return it.

But Ronnie blocked the door. Indeed, the width of her hips stretched nearly the entire breadth of the door; I would have to remove her physically if I wanted to leave. It was at that point that I realized how much bigger than me she was. She unbuttoned her skirt. It fell to the floor, and I stopped in place, my mouth agape. Her belly hung rested comfortably on trunk-like thighs that curved downward to stocking-covered calves that were almost as wide. The stockings were cuffed around the thickest part of her calves, accentuating the thickness of her legs further. Her round, massive tits hung heavily but snugly in her bra, which was lacy and looked expensive.

Without speaking a word, Ronnie approached me and roughly pushed me toward the bed. I staggered back and stood shocked for a minute, which was just long enough for the huge woman to barrel into me again. Her hands struck my shoulder with enough force to pitch me backward onto the bed. For a second I realized the absurdity of my situation, and I buried my face in the bed in a moment of consternation, and in order to push myself up to my knees.

But I felt Ronnie’s big weight on me. She crashed into my side pinning me on my back, and before I knew it, she had pushed herself ponderously onto me, facing my legs, with her huge ass in my face.

And what an ass it was. It was huge and dimpled and sagged just a little, but the effect made it appear as though she had more junk down there. She inched backward onto me, and she took care to position her big calves onto my arms, pinning them. She remained leaning forward, though, keeping her ass up off of me, but the crushing weight of her was already making it difficult for me to breathe.

“What the fuck is this? I—” before I could finish, Ronnie sat back, and what must have been a hundred and fifty pounds of ass came smashing down into my nose and open mouth. The bulbous cheeks engulfed my face, and I could feel the squishy heat of her pussy pressed right between my eyes. She stayed there for a few seconds then leaned forward again, and I witnessed her ass rolling like an ocean as she shifted forward. I thought of kicking at her, but she supported the weight of her upper body on my thighs, her arms locked. I was pinned.

“I’m so tired of this shit,” she sneered, finally showing some real annoyance. “You came here to fuck, I guess, but you had no interest in my pleasure at all, did you? Fucking hotel lounge. You see, women know.”

She brought her ass down onto my face again, harder this time, and kept it there for a bit longer, until I struggled to breathe. As I began to squirm for release, I felt one of her hands on my belt. Finally, she released me, and I gasped.

“Women know when you just don’t give a shit. You may have found that most are willing to play your stupid little kid games with you, and you may actually be convinced that they don’t know that you’re a conniving asshole that doesn’t give two shits about them.” She stuffed her colossal ass down onto my nose as she made her points. “But we know. Mostly women put up with it because they get lonely as they keep looking for someone who’s not a complete asshole and who might give two shits about how they feel or if they get pleasure from being with them at all. I think you should feel what it’s like to get fucked and be left unsatisfied.”

She smashed her ass down on me once more, with all her weight, this time, and she lifted her hands off of my legs and rested them on her dimply thighs. Her entire weight was focused on my face now, and I couldn’t breathe at all. Twist and kick as I might, I couldn’t dislodge myself. My head began to pound. When my body registered alarm at the thought of suffocating, it involuntarily jerked forward with all the strength in me, but to no avail. Ronnie only leaned forward and said, “Don’t you get it yet? Lick. Lick and I’ll let you breathe, so I can show you, asshole.” She smashed her pussy down onto me again.

I didn’t lick. In fact, I was near panicked. It took two more near-suffocating face-sits for me to compose myself enough to begin to lick the already sopping wet and boiling hot pussy in my face. Her lips and fat inner thighs fully ensconced my cheeks, and before long I was feeling chafed, sweaty, and rather beat up. Ronnie sat back and grinded into me, hurting my nose, but allowing me to breathe if I tried hard enough. I had not even noticed that she had finished undoing my belt and pants had pulled my cock out and began to stroke it.

As my licking began to take effect and I could sense that she might be close to cumming, Ronnie would pull her ass up into the air and shake it, moaning slightly but always maintaining control, her fat shaking all around. I realized that my head was pointed directly toward a mirror, and when she lifted herself off me this way, I could look up to see the massive ass reigning above me, wobbling and clinching in ecstasy.

She must have repeated the process for an hour, bringing me to the verge of suffocation beneath that magnificent ass while she brought herself just short of cumming time and again. Her exclamations grew louder each time she raised her ass off my face, and I could see her pussy gripping and spasming, teased to the verge, frothing wet and creamy.

I hadn’t even noticed that she’d loosed my cock from my pants until I suddenly felt her soft, quick strokes on it. She didn’t please me with her mouth, though I wanted it so badly; it wasn’t before I was hard as rock.

“At least you’re good at that,” she remarked as I licked. “It’s probably better than a cock shoved in your throat, don’t you think? Is that what you wanted to do to me tonight? Men think we get something from that. We don’t. So lick more, asshole, and you can see how it feels for someone to not give a fuck.” At that, she scooted herself forward just an inch, and when she pressed herself down onto my face this time, her asshole was directly on my tongue. I licked and darted my tongue in and out, working to earn the privilege of a breath.

But this time, my breath didn’t come. Her asshole pressed down harder and harder onto me, and I felt myself becoming a bit light-headed as the heat and lack of oxygen began to take its toll. My nose must have been inside her asshole now, so forceful was her weight on it.

I realized that she had spit on her hand and was wetting my cock, and I gasped gratefully when she lifted herself off of my completely. I lay red and breathing heavily, getting my composure as I looked up at her. She towered above me, standing at my feet, and for a moment I stood appalled by the savage look on her face. She was flushed deep red, obviously relishing in taking her pleasure. I felt a relief that it was over.

But Ronnie grabbed my ankles, one in each hand, lifted them, and dragged me toward her. I slid on the bed, and she stepped forward over me, her column-like thighs over the backs of my knees, my feet in the air and her giant bulk between my legs.

There she held me for a second, looking down at me, her face vicious. I was still woozy from lack of oxygen, but I understood her when she said, “Now you can see what it’s like to get fucked like a girl.”

She grabbed my cock, which was still throbbing hard, at the base, pulled it down and between my legs till it hurt a little, and squatted down on it, finding her pussy with ease. We cried together in pleasure as her wetness squeezed down the entire length of my erection. I could feel the tip grinding into just the right spot—for her.

And so she had me, on my back, bent almost in half with my knees against my face, and she bounced her huge pelvis down onto my cock, her ass driving all the weight of her onto my shaft with each thrust. The bed yielded along with us, facilitating her fucking me, easing the ride a little. She fucked me hard, as a strong man would, and the slapping sound of her ass on mine must have been heard throughout the entire floor of the hotel. She kept a consistent rhythm that had me feeling the approach of a serious orgasm within four spanking strokes.

When I could, I looked down to see my cock slamming in and out of her—or was it the other way around. I felt completely emasculated.

“Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!” Ronnie cried with each bounce, and I could feel her pussy begin to grip me, tightly. I felt a pervasive, constant pleasure deep inside me, and I felt my orgasm coming on strong. Just a few more strokes–

But Ronnie suddenly stood, braced herself on the wall with one hand, and coaxed an intense, bursting orgasm from her clit with the other. Her pussy loosed a wet splatter at me as she came, and then the remains of her squirt showered me in a hot rain as it dripped from her inner thighs. Her giant pelvis shifted and bucked above me, sending her fat wiggling and jiggling.

“Aaah-hah-haah!” Ronnie exclaimed. She continued to bounce her ass and thighs as she exhaled sharply, catching her breath, still cumming. Then he stood fully upright and ran her hands through her hair. “Now that’s how you fuck, boy,” she exhaled breathlessly.

The sight of her dripping and flushed above me was more than enough to make me want to get my satisfaction. I began to stroke myself, staring up at her, taking her all in. But she dropped down on top of me, stopping me.

“No way,” she said firmly.

“What? That was amazing, I—”

“Put your clothes on.”

I sat dumbfounded for a moment as my erection subsided. I looked at her for a long while, and she returned my gaze unflinchingly. I tried to insert some kind of sentiment into that look, some innocent confusion, but as she had all evening, she rejected that sentiment as false. And she was right, of course.

When I finally did stand, she retreated to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I lingered for a moment after dressing myself, considering some kind of peace offering and just wondering what in the world to do with myself. I’d never been quite so frustrated in my life, and I wanted so badly for Ronnie to give me some kind of chance to alleviate that. But her head appeared from the bathroom door, and her look was stern as ever, her eyebrows raised.

“You can goooo nooow,” she sang in a bitter tone.

I never saw her again, and I certainly never told anyone of our encounter, but I’ll never forget the amazing lesson she taught me, and with so few words.

I can still feel his hands… I can still feel all of their hands… My dreams still take me back to a time when I was loved… when I felt that I deserved to be loved…

I stare off into space more often that I should with this thought. It consumes me, this desire to be loved. When I look around all I see are couples and weather they are happy or not, they are still together. I can’t help but believe that this, any of this would be better than the emptiness that consumes my life. so now as I sit here and look around I can’t help but ask myself how I got to this point… what happened to me… I don’t think that I’m anything like most of the women who are sitting in this room, waiting for the little bell to ring signalling the start of my first and I hope last speed dating experience. I have drug my best friend along even though she is as much my opposite as the rest of these women. The bell rings to get our attention.

“Hello, ladies, and welcome to The Match Club. For those of you who are familiar with us you know how this works, but since I see a few new faces in here I will go over how this works.” As I look up I can see the face of the man who is addressing us… he must be the publicities director… He looks about 25ish… beautiful green eyes and bright red hair. As I catch myself staring he winks at me… no, it must be something in his eye. You see men don’t wink at me, they wink at my friends… but never at me. “… and now that we have gone over that let’s bring in the men…” SHIT, I feel like I’m in school again and missed the big tips for a test I was so busy staring at him I didn’t hear what he said…

As he turns towards the door a group of about 25 men walk in ranging in age from mid twenties to early sixties… Liz (my best friend) leans over from her table and hisses, “You owe me BIG time for this” With another ding of the bell… it begins.

By the mid-point break I have met men ranging from 19 to 50 and I have come to realize that the young guys are here to get laid… not a bad thing… but I’m thinking about more than just sex wild passionate sex, the kind you know you haven’t had in years if ever… my thoughts are always really good at biting me in the ass… As I go to light my cigarette there is the flick of a lighter in front of me. I look up “Thank you” It takes me a moment to realize that I’m looking at the Publicity guy. I can tell that he is about 6’5 heavier set… and to me anyways… drop dead gorgeous.

I feel a tap on my shoulder, it’s Liz… “I’m tired of this, I’m going to go to the coffee shop up the street, meet you in an hour?” I nod to her…

He smiles, “So it wasn’t her idea to come here…” I feel heat flame by face and flare in my eyes (one of the personality traits of being a natural redhead) he looks into my eyes and smiles when he sees the rage in them, “Hey, Kat, how’ve you been”

The blood drains from my face. as I try to regain my composure “Hey, Vin”…

I find myself looking up into the eyes of the man with whom I had planned to share a life. Suddenly I couldn’t breath as all of the hurt and pain I had felt from losing him, from hearing about his life erupt inside my chest. I could feel the colour of my eyes changing, Vin caught a glance at them before I shut them to try and force back the tears I had finally thought myself rid of. “Kat,” he placed a hand on my shoulder, “Kat, you look like you’ve seen a ghost…”

I took a deep breath, in an attempt to regain my composure before responding. “Haven’t I, Vin?” I could hear my voice cool and calculated, not at all like my voice had ever been where he was concerned. Inside my head my mind was screaming out all the words I wanted to say to him I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU HURT ME I WANT TO KNOW WHAT WENT WRONG I DON’T WANT TO LIVE WITH THIS EMPTINESS EVERYDAY…”I mean I haven’t heard from you in years. I… I have to go now, Vin.” as I turned to walk away his hand on my shoulder tightened slightly.

“Kat,” his voice now a horse whisper, “I… I need to…” to hold you, to have you back, “to talk to you. Can we go somewhere to talk?”

I couldn’t breath, how long had I waited to hear his voice. How often had I tried to get up the nerve to pick up the phone, “I can’t right now, Vin, I have to take Liz home.”

“I’m off in 2 hours, can we talk then?”

I felt like I was dreaming, I had waited 5 years to hear him say this to me, I had to wonder if I was dreaming, “Look, Vin, my cell number is still the same.” I walked over to my car and grabbed a pen, “This is my address, I’ll make us a strong pot of coffee since I have a funny feeling that we’ll need it.”

He took my business card and looked at the address on the back, ” I will be there as soon as I can.”

“Look, Vin. Maybe you’d better call me before you get out of the car.”

He looked at me puzzled, “Why?”

“I finally got my lap dogs. One of them is an Alaskan Malamute and the other is a wolf husky. They are gentle giants to people they know, but I am their person and they will kill if they think that I am in danger.” at the look of shock on his face I added, “There are very few people who come to see me after 7, they may be suspicious”

He laughed, “Point taken, I’ll let you know when I get there.” He leaned in to kiss me.

“Vin, please don’t right now…” my mind was screaming my hormones were on edge I wanted him to kiss me, it had been so long though I was afraid I might ravage him in the parking lot. He caught the glint in my eyes.

“You’re right, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

After he left I picked up Liz and dropped her off at her house. When I got home I was met by my two housemates with tails wagging. “Well, guys, we’re going to have some company tonight. No eating the best lover I’ve ever had, OK?” My question was answered with doggie grins. I went into the house to get ready for his arrival and then I waited.

Please watch for the next instalment

Leslie Carrick was full of herself. But how could a teacher, a tutor proceed in such a despicable manner and behavior the way she’s done so far? How is it that a tutor who is supposed to be an example of a mature woman and teach values to the younger generation? Had she lost all control of her status in life? Was Willy that attractive to Leslie? She thought so and he thought she was as well.

While driving her roomy Suburban with tinted windows down the streets, not a soul could see where her hands were placed. If she was able, she would have had the automobile on remote. She would have figured out a way to slip her fingers down between her thighs and finger her pussy and hold his cock all at the same time.

Thinking outside the box wasn’t easy here. She had to keep control of her vehicle. She didn’t just crave his masculine reality; she hungered to swallow it, digest it, and she felt like she could adore his manliness for hours.

Forget the idea he was her pupil that was in the past or was it actually? Everyday, when he’d walk up her sidewalk, down the street, or even out of his house from that day on Willy was a new and revitalized man. Hopefully he knew what to expect from now on. As long as he did his work and behaved himself and she did too, they would become intimate.

In fact the idea had begun to cross her mind that maybe she should find work for him, get her due, and relocate Willy to a new tutor. It wasn’t as if she was going to short herself of great sex from a young man who had the vitality of a young buck trying to fight for leadership in a pack.

He didn’t sleep a wink for days. He thought about her all the time. He studied hard, he got hard, he jacked off hard and he cummed hard just thinking about the lucky rewards he would receive. A sexy naked Mrs. Carrick was a fantasy and a reality for him.

“Willy, if there was a way for us to make love right now, right here sweetheart I would do so with you. You’re a wonderful dancer sweetheart. I’m so glad I came out and ran into you. I’m feeling great. Are you feeling great too? I see how excited you are and that’s a beautiful looking penis, especially as hard as it is. If there was a way for me to lean down and lick it right now honey, ohhh god I would do it in a heart beat.”

“Then drive faster if that helps. Where are we going to go, to your house as usual?”

“Oh god no dear, I thought we’d go to your house, so your wonderful loving parents could see us fuck like horny rabbits!” Obviously kidding and she laughed at her reply she continued to say, “We are going to go back to my house, straight up to my bedroom, and you’re going to undress this weary body and do what you do so well to me. I want to see all of that vigorous fired up passion poured into my body. Oh Lord Willy, I want to tell you how awesome and gorgeous your hunk of meat is in my hand. I want you to touch me everywhere right now baby!”

“Right now, right here? Where can I feel you at?”

“Anywhere that big heart of yours desires sweetheart.”

Willy turned sideways and thought about feeling her up. She expected him to do that. She expected Willy to try to cop a feel. But unexpectedly, he did much better. He did one better. He went south, dipping his thermometer from his left hand underneath her panties. His eyes popped out of their head. She was soaking wet. Her panties were moister then a dish rag after being rung out. She was horny; she had dripped profusely, but never gave indication that she was that horny.

He looked at her as if he was about to ask the question, “Why haven’t you told me you were that turned on Mrs. Carrick?”

She understood his surprise and without him saying a word she answered his thought, “Because I needed to make sure I didn’t lose control of the steering wheel honey. If we didn’t get home, you and I couldn’t make love to one another.”

It was the best response she could think of. His teeth glistened and she was overjoyed. She felt his hardness again, just as they pulled up her street. Her eyes pooped out of her head because his cock had thickened itself. She thought it was as bog as it could get. It had grown more and she became even hornier.

“Do you know what to do from here Willy?”

“No what’s that? Well yeah and no, I’m not exactly sure. Well yes I think I do.”

“You need to treat me like a real woman. You need to make sure you are gentle but very sexually mature as well. I’m telling you this because now is the time to step up to the plate and be a real man. Act like you’ve made love the right way many times. I want you to address me like you’d think two mature people would address one another and have great sex with me. However, let it be known I want to make sure you understand that I want to be fucked like an animal is fucked, but with respect honey. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Mrs. Carrick, I think I do.”

“And one last thing, call me Leslie for now.”

“Okay Mrs. Car… uhhh, Leslie. Oh wow, that’s cool and umm erotic. Calling you Leslie is making me hornier and even more attracted to you. I already think you are uhhhh, sexy Leslie. I already know I feel that way, but ohh my god, I want to make love to you so bad you can’t understand.”

“I want you to eat me out Willy. I want you to lick the living daylights outta my breasts. I want you to suck them, tantalize them. Tantalize my tummy, tantalize my twat, and tantalize my ass and legs too. I want you to feel my vagina and how it is right now by putting your massive silo in it, all the way to the very end of it. I want you to feel how wet, how soft, how moist, and how it feels inside. Here we are finally. I’m going to pull inside of the garage, and we’re going to go straight upstairs sweetheart.”

They walked into her house from the door coming from the garage. She didn’t turn on any lights, and softly under her breath she said, “Damn, ohh fuck.” She was sensing intense urges coming on. They both banged into chairs and walked up the hallway to the stairs. Practically running up them, they got to her bedroom. She switched on a night light so he could see her. He finally saw an interpretative look on her, which said one thing.

She was desperate. She was desperate enough that the monster growing within was ready to explode immediately. He hadn’t seen her that way all evening. He could have ejaculated right on the spot, but would have let her down. He didn’t want to do that of course. He worked hard at maintaining his sexual presence.

His tutor although she lost a lot of weight, was still a little large but that did not matter. He couldn’t stop his carnal urges that brewed inside and he finally realized she was not just his tutor. Not just the woman who six years ago was a massive overweight woman, but now had a sexy figure! She had sexy ass curves he wanted to bite into. She had tits which were noticeable and sexier then ‘fuck’.

She didn’t even have to ask him. He knew what she wanted. He was conscientious to the hilt. He surged with a horny craving and she knew he did. She wanted it in her hand and better yet in her mouth but she waited for him to continue undressing her in an adult like manner.

He proceeded perfectly. He smiled, held all desires in check, studied her beauty and she took notice of his eyes and facial expressions. All of it was a compliment in her opinion. He was a true man among men.

“Remove all of my clothes. Touch me carefully and slowly. I want to feel your hands run through my hair, around the back of my neck too honey, and over my cheeks as well”, she said very quietly to him. How she said it all sent current through his loins.

“Touch my sides here” as she gently took a hold of his hand and grazed over the sides around her breasts. “Yes, just like that Willy. Oh dear, you have no idea how horny you make me feel when you touch me there like that. Now do that on the other side too and slide your fingers down towards my waist. Ohh honey, ohhh baby, that’s perfect. You’re so, so talented as a lover. I love how mature and grown up you are. Take off the rest of my clothes. We both need to be naked. Let me take off yours too. I have to touch you, feel you, and kiss that manly chest of yours. Oh God I have to kiss it and do so many other things to you. God touch my pussy. Feel the hair around it and how wet I am.”

“Oh man, Leslie, you make me feel like a king. I feel like I don’t deserve you. You are so gorgeous. You are a goddess. Oh, I don’t know how to say how beautiful you are. Oh my god”, he exalted. “I want to show you how much I love you. What should I do to show you how beautiful I think you are?”

“Caress my stomach Willy and bend down and kiss it too. Show me how much you love my body. Show me, feel me there, and kiss it too sweetheart”, she continued to say in an exasperated tone of voice. The desperation was awe inspiring.

Just as he finished caressing her irrelevant little stomach he remarked, “Touch my cock Leslie! Please hold it in your hands” while they both stood eagerly naked in the middle of the dark bedroom. Barely able to see each other due to only a night light, their eyes adjusted well enough eventually to see the beauty of the other as it should be when making love. ******* It was romantic. They each felt the quixotic feelings between the other emulating like mad. To one another, in different ways, it was a steamy, hott, arousing, and extremely intense period.

“I’ll hold it, but you should realize a woman desires deep, loving tenderness and not just hardcore thoughts and actions sweetheart. I want, uhhh no, I really have to feel that I am adored a lot. I love your piece of showmanship. It’s beautiful and right now it’s amazing”, she said softly while caressing his upper body, then sliding her hands down over his stomach and then back up. Her eyes focused in on his eyes and saw how nervous and excited he was too.

He looked at her and saw that she was happy. He saw her cheerful smiling eyes. She was at peace as she began gliding her hands lower and lower and she looked at his unbendable cock suspended outwardly and pointing up at her face once she looked down at it.

Leslie Carrick quickly looked up and mentioned “You are a real man Willy. There’s no denying that fact. I can’t be anymore honest about that. I can’t be any prouder to be with a man such as you honey.”

“Thank you”, he said anxiously. He didn’t just want her to hold it. His heart, his blood pressure, and everything else that resonated from within him, raged inside as he repeated to himself, “Just fucking hold my cock. Oh god what’s it going to take to hold it?”

But he maintained somehow and before she grabbed a hold of it and surprised him finally he grabbed a hold of her and hugged her hefty frame within the confines of his arms. She felt a full-grown Willy she hadn’t ever seen from him before.

“I knew it Willy, you are a man. For someone who’s probably dieing to make mad passionate love or wild sex, you are going nuts. But so am I. I want it, I want you, I am, oh hell sweetheart” and she dropped to her knees as she slipped out from his hug and swallowed his raging membrane inside of her mouth.

“Oh fuck Leslie, that is wow, ohhh shit yes I love it, I love it!”

She looked up with his cock stuffed in her mouth and not only a portion of it. It was all the way in it except for his balls. She wasn’t capable of those too. He didn’t give a damn. His head went back. His eyes closed. His back began to arch. His arms started to stretch out some and he cried out, “I love this woman! Let it be known she is as sexy as any woman could ever be.”

He said it loud enough that anyone in the house could have heard it. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

She eased off his cock that surged with every ounce of cum he thought he had. She only sucked it about a third of the way down on it. She sucked off his tip and then she’d go deeper giving him the impression she was going further and further down. He wanted to be sucked completely off, but she didn’t want him to loose it and gush in her mouth.

Finally she couldn’t stand it. Leslie stood up like a crazed woman. She was primed and she felt he was more then that.

He showed an amazing amount of patience and she couldn’t hold off. She was going to explode in an amazing orgasm he would see for years to come. Never had he seen anything like what he would experience with this unfulfilled woman. She gave him something special and she would give him memories forever cherished.

“Lie down because I have to make sure you are totally happy. I know I’m going to be because I’m gonna scream like you’ve never seen before in your life honey. Oh god baby, let’s fuck the devil out of each other!”

“Oh yeah, heck yeah I’m more then ready. Am I on the bottom? Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes you are. You’re the stallion and I’m gonna ride you honey. I’m gonna ride you hard baby!”

“Damn, shit yeah! I think I can make you proud. Ride me as hard as you want. I’m more then ready.”

She straddled his nice adult figure with one leg on one side and a leg on the other. She pushed her hair back and kneeled straight up. Her breasts rested on her chest and he looked her over and back at her face. He smiled and held his own cock. He had some pre-cum and she looked at his hands and leaned down so she could have it rubbed on her tits and her hard nipples.

“Ooooohh, aren’t you so sexy Willy. You are so fine. Yes you are. I love it!” She smile, rubbed her nipps a little with the pre-cum, and giggled like a young lady. He thought it was funny she behaved like that and laughed also. He was too horny to goof around. He craved fucking her.

Just before she jumped on it and hid his cock up her canal, she tickled the tip of it and spun a couple fingers around it. She grasped it, leaned down, and then kissed it.

“Say good by to him sweetheart” as she climbed aboard and it was lost. It went so quickly down inside her hole that both wouldn’t have to last long in the arduous task of building up to an orgasm.

She began to slowly but swiftly fuck his brains out. She was going at him as he went hard at her. He watched her tits bang and bounce from here to there. Going in circles or front to back, he delighted in their unquestionably fuller and limber fashion.

Finally her eyes closed as her lids clenched the upper cheekbones. She was urging on her own orgasm to come on strong and release all juices. Her shoulders tightened up, her stomach clamped up, and her pussy tightened up just as she was ready to blow.

His hands held her tits and felt that supple large beauty he wondered about so much more often since reacquainting himself with her. He loved them so much more and her nipples soared with madness.

“Oh god, he yelled out oh yeah. Yeah, oh shit yeah!”

“Oh, ahhh yes, ohh keep at me Willy. Keep pushing into me baby! Oh that’s great, yes, super; oh yes. Oh yes baby. Oh god yes, yes, oh yesss!”

She kept repeating the same thing and he kept screaming back as the two erupted and he plowed hard into her and she pushed as hard back into him. She felt his exploding barrel propel and gush as his cum overflowed inside her.

She pushed and pushed as she cummed hard and screamed even louder. He was terrific. He made her feel beautiful that evening. She was incredible how she made him feel like more than a man. She made him feel as if he had done what he did a million times over.

“Oh god damn Willy you fuck like a seasoned pro sweetheart! I have never been as blessed as I am right now.”

“Oh shit, oh my god yes, yes”, she screamed out.

“What, what’s wrong?” He didn’t realize she was having after shocks. He had no idea he might have caused her to have another couple of orgasms just after her main one. “Oh honey, wow, oh wow honey” she smiled and closed her eyes, but continued to express her feelings and emotions. You’ve made me have more then one orgasm. You deserve at least another opportunity to cum in me or at least let me suck you off or jack you off or something like that sweetheart.”

“You were absolutely beautiful Willy! I can not tell you how perfect you have been tonight. You have been absolutely the greatest a man could be. Honestly I mean that too.”

He was beaming like he hit the 24 million dollar jackpot in a state lottery. He was even more proud of himself because a woman, he admired and desired gave him the grand compliment.

“Thank you, thank you he said and he blushed. But I completely, without question couldn’t have enjoyed making love with anyone else then you. I would treasure the day, no actually I treasure this night, but I treasure the day I am able to make you as happy as I did tonight.”

“I hope so too Willy. Let’s only talk about how beautiful all this has been. Let’s talk about how beautiful each other is and feel free, yes feel absolutely free to do whatever you feel like doing with me. For that matter, stay as long as you wish too. I have to get you back to your car sooner, or later. Meanwhile I’d love your company. I’d love to snuggle and play around with you, intimately, tonight if you’re up to it honey.”

“I’m up to it Leslie. I’m more then up to anything you want. I think I’m yours forever. I think I’m probably your slave now.” He laughed and then she laughed with him. “Yep, I’ll do whatever makes you happy.”

“Really, she asked, are you telling me the truth?” Then she giggled. “I’m kidding. I’m only being your typical horny woman. I hope that’s okay.”

“Heck yes for it is. Why would a sexy, fun and well, a smart woman like you not be okay with me? You’ve made me feel like I’m on top of a mountain.”

She didn’t say thank you while she still kneeled over him. All she did was smile at him, her pupil she had beautiful sex with and lean down as her tits rested on his chest and kissed him sensuously on his lips for an extended length of time.

He instinctively kissed her back. He felt her boobs resting on him. They felt great. He felt her soft lobes residing against him and it turned him on just a bit. As that happened, she slid upwards to kiss him. As he kissed her back, his tongue slid inside of her mouth and she received it with a impressive reception.

“Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm” she said in a soft pitch. He continued kissing her with flurry. She took notice and replied to his tongue in a playful manner. Without too much struggle between their tongues each mumbled emotions and possibly looking for another lust venture. Then hands moved around on the other instead of hugging one another tight. She tried to grab his butt. He wanted to feel out her tits. Neither could was successful at that.

She stopped kissing, pulled away just above his face, smiled at him, and said “Would you like to make love again to me in my shower? I would love to feel you all over me in there. I’d love for you to touch me all over like we did earlier. Even if we don’t have passionate sex in there, I’d still love for you to hold me from behind and make love again. I’d still love to feel your cock against my ass. I’d still love to grab it and do wonderful things. But that’s only if you’d like to step in it and snuggle with me. Does that sound inviting?”

He didn’t even have to audible and answer to that question. She saw his answer. Slowly she arose from being on him. He then sat up too as she stretched out her hand. He looked at her breasts. She knew he coveted them. She was more then happy to oblige those desires. “I know, she said to him sympathetically, I see the look in your eyes. I’m so happy they make you feel that way. Come here, come with me honey.” They walked into her bathroom and she turned on another night light. She turned on her shower and turned around to face him.

“Here baby, shove your face in them. Have fun feeling them and their beauty. They are beautiful aren’t they? I’m so happy someone’s able to appreciate the splendor of these. Breasts, I know, they are great gifts aren’t they? Yes I know they are great gifts to a man. The right man that is. Here, have them honey.”

Nice kids on this picture Steve?… I take it they are your grand-children?

- Yes indeed. This is Mark and Kathy with their grandmother.

I was actually a lot more interested in the grandmother than in the kids. This picture had been taken during a warm day; the grand mother had a loose shirt with short sleeves and I was admiring the expense of her chest and arms. You could guess that she had large flabby arms, with some hanging fat noticeable underneath her left arm if you looked very closely.

- Is it a recent picture?

- Yes it was taken two months ago.

- Nice kids!

I could not really say “sexy voluptuous Lady…”

I was at a colleague’s home. I was currently working on a project in Steve’s town as a software consultant. And Steve, who was local, and I, were spending a lot of time together. I enjoyed working with him, we understood each other, bouncing off ideas and being very efficient as a team. As I was living in a hotel, I was never in a rush to leave work and Steve would often end up leaving around 7:00pm himself. But today he told me that his car was at the shop, his wife would come and get him and as a result he would leave earlier, around 5:30pm.

Around 4:00pm he received a call.

- Yes Honey?

- Yes I can be ready at the door in 15 minutes.

- No, no don’t worry. It’s fine.

And he hung up.

- My wife won’t be able to come later. She is coming to pick me up in 15 minutes. Sorry that I have to leave you.

- It’s perfectly OK to leave me… but I have an idea. Why don’t I bring you back home?

- That sounds tempting but I don’t want to disturb you.

- You don’t disturb me at all. Nobody is going to miss me at the hotel and I enjoy “cruising” the town in the evening.

Well that’s very nice of you. Thank you. Let me call my wife.

- Honey Mr. “Durand” has proposed to bring me back home. You don’t need to come and get me.

- No he assures me that it is not a bother.

- Yes I’ll thank him for you.

He hung up…

- She said she “owes you”!

We left the plant sooner than usual, around 6:00pm and when we got to his house, 25 minutes away, he asked me in for a beer. I accepted with pleasure, trusting that the invite was genuine. And that’s how I found myself in Steve’s home looking at his wife’s picture in between their grand-kids.

His house was a decent size house in a nice area; half the first floor taken by an open space with the kitchen at living room at angles with each other. Steve told me to make myself comfortable while he was preparing the beverages, and I did my favorite activity when in a new house, looking at pictures and posts on the fridge.

- Yes and this is my wife Janet in between them, the lady who “owes you”.

He was kidding. Still I was tempted to say “well I know what she could do to pay me back, show me more of this ample chest”. So I kept looking for more pictures of her. I couldn’t find too many and in every one it seemed like she had made sure nothing of her size showed. Given the size that I could guess in the kids picture, she had probably vetoed most of her own pictures. Too bad! But I could still see that she had a nice lovely face, with a double chin all around it.

Steve was himself a hefty guy and he certainly didn’t mind showing it. At some point he went downstairs to find the great beer he wanted me to taste, and while looking closer I found on the side of the fridge a picture of him bare top, with a really nice round beer belly which he seemed proud of stroking, like something very precious.

We had a good time, and he asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him.

- It will be very easy for me to do, just a frozen dinner.

I was a little bit afraid of “something very easy”. I was enjoying my traveling expenses with nice dinners every night and I didn’t really want to eat a frozen dinner. He sensed my reluctance and he explained.

- This is not a retail store frozen dinner. My wife prepares them and she’s a very good cook.

I was not sure whether I could accept the “very good cook” at face value but home made was certainly better than what I was thought at first. And I didn’t want to offend Steve so I accepted.

It was actually very good, so much for being such a suspecting fellow! Nice stew with mashed potatoes and beans, perfectly cooked and tasting great after 5 minutes in the microwave.

When we were done and after I helped him clean the dishes, I got ready to leave. He said

- Don’t you want to stay a little bit longer? I know my wife would love to meet you.

I would also have loved to meet his wife right then. But at 50, I was starting to go to bed early to keep myself in good spirits during the day.

- I will meet your wife another time. Tell her thank you very much for this great dinner, and that I’d love to meet her also.

- OK see you tomorrow.

The day after, Steve told me that his wife Janet was thanking me again and she hoped that I could come to have dinner at their house one day.

- Certainly, it will be my pleasure.

A week passed; we were very busy and didn’t have time to make any plans.

One day we were working at Steve’s desk and he stepped out for a short while. One minute later his phone rang and I picked up by mistake…

- Hello…

A nice sweet alto said…

- Hi honey do you have two minutes.

- Honey?

- I’m sorry this is Mitch “Durand”, I’m at Steve’s desk and I picked up the phone by mistake. You may have heard about me?

- I certainly did. I have heard about you a great deal. Steve really enjoys working with you, you know; he says you are very smart, and a fine and friendly gentleman on top of it.

- You’re making me blush, good thing you’re not here to see!

- Oh I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. It it certainly not meant this way. But I’m hoping you will come and have dinner with us one day…

- It will be my pleasure, I’ll definitely come… but here is Steve.

I handed the phone to Steve and I decided to leave them some privacy.

- I’ll be back in five…

When I was back Steve said.

- My wife really wants to have you for dinner. When can we do it? She would actually be ready if you could be available tonight.

- I guess we could wrap things up early.

- So it’s a yes?

- It is a yes.

He called his wife back to finalize the plans.

She was very ample indeed, probably around my age, 50 or so… 5.7 or 5.8, 320lbs wild guess! She had indeed a nice round face with a double chin, actually we should probably say a double face as this added fat was extending from ear to ear. Her hair was dark and straight, cut around her face and adding to the impression of roundness.

She seemed to be very strong, thick. She had a dark skirt going down to half her leg and a loose purple shirt with an wide circle opening around her neck. I could only guess the volume of her chest but it seems reasonable, reasonable meaning wide enough. Her sleeves were coming down to her elbows, covering her arms but I could see once in a while, these flabby arms which had attracted me on the picture. I could also get glimpses of her black bra underneath the shirt.

I spent the dinner trying not to look at her too much in a physical way but paying attention to her person instead. She was very friendly with a little bit of reluctance. I hope I don’t sound too vain but I was still OK looking at 50, lean and what is usually thought of as in good shape. I often find that overweight women tend to be intimidated by me at first. They may think that not only do I not find them attractive but even find them repulsive. That’s the message they get from society and I can certainly understand. Even without any thoughts of sex, for friendship’s sake I had to show Janet that not only did I not find anything repulsive about her, but that she was an attractive human being in all sorts of ways.

We had a very good time and I was asked to come back. After that I became a permanent fixture at their house and I was there at least once a week, sometimes twice or even more. And Janet quickly managed to warm up to me and feel comfortable around me.

I managed to see more of Janet’s body even though I was trying not to. Steve and I were indeed getting along great at work, and we were starting to become good friends. And if I didn’t want to covet my neighbors’ wife too much in general, I certainly didn’t want to covet my friend’s wife! But I couldn’t help it, and I was getting a more and more vivid picture in my head of what Janet looked like under her clothes. Sometimes at nights she would appear in my solitary dreams and I had to push her big breasts away… gently though!

One Monday as I was arriving at the firm from the airport, Steve told me.

- Mitch I want to ask you for a big favor. I hope you will say no if you don’t want to do it.

- Go ahead.

- Mitch, I’m leaving town next week for the company; they asked me on short notice. When I go anywhere, Janet usually goes to the kids houses but both kids are gone on vacation this week. Janet really dislikes being alone at home and she is embarrassed about it so she hesitates to ask her friends to go and sleep at their home, or have a friend come and keep her company.

- I think I see where you’re leading and I don’t think it could be a problem.

- Yes? You think you could stay with her for a week? My absence should correspond exactly to your presence here.

- Most definitely, it will be fun to be in a house instead of a hotel one week, and I’m sure Janet and I will get along great. Actually I can’t talk for her but I certainly won’t mind spending the week with her. One thing though… are you sure you want us alone in a house for a week?

- What do you mean?

- Well Steve you realize that Janet and I are both attractive adults, as least Janet is; and you know what happens sometimes when you put two people of different sex in close promiscuity.

He laughed….

- No… thank you for saying that Janet is attractive but she is not exactly a seductress, so I don’t see any problem.

- OK as long as you are fine with it, I’m fine with it too.

This was my hypocrite way of being able to blame him should anything happens.

- Well wonderful, I’ll let her know. She didn’t want me to ask but I know she’s going to be very glad to know your answer.

This week I went to have dinner with them once. Janet was almost tearful when she thanked me for staying with her during a week.

- You are very welcome. It’s going to change from the hotel, like coming back home every night. I will enjoy your meals. And we’ll get to know each other better without Steve around.

- Still I can’t tell you how much I appreciate.

Monday afternoon I gave her a call as soon as I was at the plant to confirm that I would be there after I was done working.

- Do you know when you will be there?

- Probably some time after 7:00pm.

- Would you mind coming earlier, more like around 6:00pm, before dark.

- Yes I’ll make sure to be there before 6:00pm.

I got to her home at 5:45pm and she seems relieved. We were not on a hug basis yet but she took my hand in her fat one, and kept it for a while with her other hand on my arm, and her nice green eyes locked on mine.

- Thank you so much for doing that Mitch.

- The pleasure is all mine Janet.

- Do you want a drink?

- A beer would be great.

- Why don’t you make yourself comfortable and I’ll bring it to you.

I sat on the couch, while keeping her in my sight, and she prepared our drinks while doing small talk with me. She came to sit close to me on the couch. It seemed like she was craving physical presence more than anything else. I was happy to give her physical presence but it could turn dangerous, so I had to watch out.

- Do you want me to show you your room before dinner?

- With pleasure…

- During the climb upstairs I was happy to follow her and get a better look at her big square behind.

- Here it is… Do you think you will be comfortable? I hope you won’t hesitate to come and ask me if you need anything. Here is our room, it’s right in front of yours. There is only one bathroom upstairs in the master bedroom. If you have to go don’t hesitate to come and use it instead of going back all the way down.

We went back down to have supper.

- Do you want a coffee or tea now?

- Would you have an herb tea?

- Yes I do.

She prepared the herb tea for both of us. At this point she seemed more and more nervous, constantly trying to say something, to do something. Finally she came to sit by me, this time even closer. Her big flatten ass was touching my thigh, and she was punctuating the conversation with her hand on my lap. I could have taken this as her coming on to me, but as I knew of her ailment it really seemed more what it was, night anxiety. I returned her touches while trying to remain calm which was difficult.

I put my left arm over her shoulder, and she welcomed it, getting even closer. At this point I could feel her heavy breast against my side.

- Are you OK Janet?

- I’m a little bit nervous, I take it that it shows?

- Yes it does. Can I do anything else for you?

- Holding me in your arms certainly helps a lot.

I took her right hand and kissed it. As I was holding her hand with my right one, I pushed my way further supporting her lower arm first and then moving to her arm underneath her shirt. I took a-hold of the fat underneath the shirt. Everything that I was doing seemed to sooth her so I kept massaging those fat arms gently. My eyes were often wondering to the start of her big breasts but now was not the time to grab them.

I finally asked her…

- Shall we go to bed now?

She sighed

- Yes, let’s go to bed.

We went upstairs in our rooms. After 15 minutes, she knocked on the door as I was already in bed. She only wore a sleeveless gown coming down to mid thigh.

- Are you all set, do you need anything.

I teased.

- I just need a good night kiss.

- I’ll gladly do that.

- She bent over me, and gave me a big kiss on the cheeks. Her boobs now free of any bras were hanging down dangerously close to getting out of the gown before coming to rest on my chest. She remained there for a while, letting the weight of her boobs on me. Finally she must have felt that it was becoming strange and she said.

- Good night Mitch.

- Good night Janet. Hope you have sweet dreams.

During the night, I heard her standing up and going to the bathroom but I slept very well.

In the morning she didn’t look very good.

- How are you?

- Just OK

- Did you sleep well?

- No, not very well, and you?

- I slept great but it’s too bad you didn’t sleep well. I have to rush but let’s talk about it when I come back.

I made sure to be there at 6:00pm.

- Good evening Janet.

- Good evening Mitch.

She was trying to avoid looking at me. But I managed to see and said.

- Have you been crying?

- No… and actually yes.

- Can I help you in any way?

- I’m not sure.

- Do you want to talk about it?

- I’d love to but I’m afraid you’re going to find me ridiculous.

- I don’t think so. Come, sit down and tell me.

We sat on the couch close to each other. I took a-hold of her hand and said.

- Talk when you’re ready.

- Well I really don’t like to be alone at night, and it is wonderful to have you in the house but even that is not enough. I’m not comfortable alone in bed and I couldn’t really sleep.

- That’s what created the tears?

- Yes, as you came in I was thinking I had to face another night this way, and I couldn’t really tell you.

And she started crying again.

I took her face in my hands.

- Why don’t we sleep together tonight? I certainly will like it. Do you think Steve will mind? Do you have any problems with that?

- That would be wonderful. And I know Steve won’t mind.

And a rainbow came through her tears.

- Let me wipe those last tears.

- And I licked her soft face gently.

She seemed embarrassed but didn’t seem to mind.

She was very cheerful the rest of the evening and then seemed eager to go to bed.

- Do you want a last drink?

- Only if you’re having one.

- No I don’t think I need one tonight.

- So let’s go to bed then.

- I’ll go get ready in my room and then will come. How long should I leave you.

- Come any time, I’ll get ready in the bathroom.

So after 5 minutes I went in the room and got into the big bed. When she came out, she had the same sleeveless gown she had the night before.

- Am I on the correct side of the bed?

- Yes indeed.

- She came in the bed after doing her last preparations.

- Do you want to read?

- No I’m ready to sleep.

- Me too.

And we turned off the light.

The curtains were fairly light and we could see the shapes. After getting used to it, I looked at her and saw that she was on her side facing me and looking at me with her eyes opened

- Are you OK?

- Yes very much.

- Do you want to lie on my arm?

- I’d love it but I don’t want to take advantage of you.

- No you’re certainly not taking advantage of me; if anything I am.

We both laughed. The atmosphere was getting flirtatious. We both got closer to each other. When she was comfortable, I stroked her thick shoulder and then went down to her arms. I was really having a fixation with those, loving to feel the fat close to the elbow in my hand. She was getting relaxed, letting her head fully rest on my arm. I could feel her breath on my face, her chest on mine, and could sense her crotch not very far. But soon she stood up and said…

- Sorry to disturb you, I forgot something.

She came back two minutes later and said.

- Do you mind if I rest opposite you and you can hold me this way.

- Not at all.

She did. She put her head on my arm again and moved her back and ass close to me.

- That’s it, I’m comfortable; now if you hugged me I’ll be as happy as can be.

I started by holding her arms again; she took my right hand. At this point I was fully hugging her. Our left arms were straight and mine was on top of hers. Her right arm was bent on top of her breasts; now with my own arm embracing her arm, it was also on top of of her breasts, or at least the big tip of her breasts. I could feel them lying down on top of each other with the side of my hand and arm. With the fabric on top I was not exactly sure what I was touching but it certainly was feeling great.

I also realized that with her moves in the bed, her gown had gone up and her ass was now naked against my briefs. My dick was now up and hard against her ass. She had to be aware of it. I didn’t think it was cool to make a move but I was thoroughly enjoying those sensations while at the same time trying to remain calm.

And then she started to snore. I hesitated about pushing my cock inside her but resisted the temptation. As my head was touching hers, I just kissed her hair and her ear gently. She moaned slightly in her sleep. It was tough but I finally managed to fall asleep.

We woke up around the same time as the sky was starting to lighten. We were still in the same position and we started to move around slowly, both of us or at least me pretending to sleep. She pushed her ass against me, and I kissed her shoulder. I don’t know where it would have gone if the alarm clock hadn’t rang. I had a meeting early and I had to go. I got ready and left her. She came to say good bye at the door and thanked me for this wonderful restful night.

- The pleasure was all mine.

And she gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

Back to her house around 6:00pm we ate and went upstairs as soon as the sun went out, around 7:30pm. I went to get myself ready and do some work that I needed to get down.

When I got into her room 30 minutes later with my boxers and undershirt on, she was sitting in the middle of the bed with her legs spread in front of her underneath the blankets and nothing but a black bra on top.

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